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EX L I B R I S F O R E W O R D IN THIS YEARBOOK WE HAVE TRIED TO CATCH THE REFLECTIONS OF EVERY ACTIVITY AND STU- DENT ON THE CAMPUS IN ORDER THAT WE MIGHT REPRESENT THEM TO YOU IN THIS PUBLICATION. BUT MORE WE HOPE THAT THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOOK WILL MAKE YOU MORE CONSCIOUS OF THE WORTHINESS OF ARKANSAS STATE AND OF YOl ' RSELF. REMEMBER THAT A SCHOOL IS WHAT THE STUDENT MAKES IT. WITH THIS OBJECTIVE IN MIND WE PROUDLY PRESENT TO YOU: Arkansas State College Yearbook The 1947 Indian CARL OSCAR GRAVES Editor PALMER SMITH Business Manager DEDICATION TO THOSE COURAGEOUS SONS AND DAUGH TERS OF ARKANSAS STATE WHO SERVED THEIR COUNTRY IN ITS HOUR OF NEED, AND TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE WHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE, THE 1947 INDIAN IS HUMBLY DEDI GATED. THEIR SACRIFICES PRESENT A LASTING CHALLENGE FOR US TO GIVE OUR BEST IN PEACE AS THEY GAVE THEIR BEST IN WAR. Administration Classes Organizations Military Beauties Athletics Advertisements Snapshots ADMINISTRATION A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT DR. W. J. EDENS Arkansas State College ' s beginnin g was humble. But, its purpose was sound, and strong, and it has continued that way as it moved forward in serving the youth of our State and neighbor states. The lapse of time since its first days has been a testing period of 37 years, during which it has not faltered in its course. Its accomplishments have been myriad in training young people for useful liv- ing. Today " State College " continues looking to the future with the same cour- age and determination essential to any institution of leadership. It recognizes that a college is not just a campus, a group of buildings, a number of students, or a board of control. Arkansas State College is an ideal; an ideal with its mission of service, of life— more life. It lives because others have lived and are living to push on into the unknown so that the finer things of life may be discovered. " State " wishes for everyone who comes Her way rich and useful experiences so essential in living a life worthwhile. W. J. EDENS, President Arkansas State College BOARD OF TRUSTEES William Stuck President Russell Phillips Vice President Gordon Lamb Secretary WILLIAM STUCK One of the most vital administrative powers of the College is the Board of Trustees. The progress of the college is somewhat controlled by these five people. The members are not chosen by popular vote but by an appointment from the Governor. William Stuck of Jonesboro is president of the legislating body ot the Col- lege. He is a prominent business man of Jonesboro and is very interested in the welfare of our College. He was appointed to the board in 1945 by Governor Laney. Russell Phillips of Blytheville is vice president of the board. He became a member of the board in 1945. Gordon Lamb of Corning is secretary of the board. He is the only Alumnus in the history of the college to serve on the Board of Trustees. He is a success- ful banker and business man of Corning and he got his appointment in !946. Miss Pearle Davis of Forrest City has been serving on the board since 1921. Her twenty six years of service have been meritious ones. Senator }. Orville Cheney of Calico Rock was appointed to the board in March of this year, upon the retirement of W. L. Mack of Jonesboro. Senator Cheney comes to the board with proven ability as administrator, especially in the field of education. He attended State Teachers College at Conway and is doing graduate work from the La Salle Institute of Chicago. Registrar B. V. KEISTER Reg istrar B. V. Keister may be called the man of many trades. Holding one of the most difficult jobs on the campus; his jobs are numer- ous and his position is an important one. His first line of duty is to keep an individu- al permanent scholastic and extra-curricular record for each student who comes to Arkansas State College. Other duties that he perforins are President of Student Life Committee, Chairman of Athletic Committee, and Sponsor of the Senior Class and the Delta Omega Sigma fraternity. When he seeks diversions from these respon- sibilities, he indulges in his favorite hobbies- golf and singing. Dean Of The College DR. D. F. SHOWALTER Dr. D. F. Showalter, has been of immeasur- able value to the college, and has been instru- mental in its progress. Many students who have come in contact with the dean or had any dealings with him have found inspiration and guidance when con- ferring with him. He is acquainted with progressive methods of education followed not only in our state but all over the United States. Dean Showalter is well prepared to offer excellent advice to stu- dents who have vocational or academic prob- lems. Dean Of Women MARY ROGERS BROWN Id a responsible position, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown has been singularly successful. To this office come girls, who have problems concerning dormitory regulations, rules for various social affairs, conduct, etc. She is also a guide to those girls who live in Jonesboro and off the campus. Mrs. Mary Brown has been with the col- lege for a number of years; her influence is felt in the work of every department. She tries to help students gain command over personal re- sources which in turn brings about discipline of mind and spirit. Besides her duties as dean of women, Mrs. Brown is head of the department of Home Eco- nomics. Dean Of Men J. A. TOMLINSON T. A. " Ike " Tomlinson, has been the Dean of Men for the last four years. In this short time he has shown that he is capable of handling student problems with good judgment and sym- pathy. He helps the new student to adjust himself, and helps the old student tackle his individual problems and straighten them out. Along with his duty as dean of men, Mr. Tomlinson is head of the Physical Education Department and coaches basketball. BORIS ALEXANDER Instructor in Business Administration Ph.B. - M.A. RUSSEL H. AUSTIN Professor of Chemistry B.S.A. - M.S. - Ph.D. CLOMA BARRON A ssistant Libraria n B.A. - B.S. in L. S. ANNA BELL BEAL Instructor in English A.B. - M.A. CHARLES H. BONNEY Professor of Engineering B.S. in C.E. - M.S. FOSTER BOVVDON Temporary Instructor in Business Adm. B.S. BETTY BRIGGS Temporary Instructor in Chemistry B.S. COY C. BROOKS Instructor in Agriculture B.S. J U ANITA CALDWELL Instructor in Physical Education B.S. LABELVA CONNELLY Supervisor in Training Schiool A.B. - M.A. DURWARD F. COOPER Dirctor of Training School B.S. - M.S. PAUL E. COUCH Professor of Education and Psychology A.B. — M.A. - Ed.D. MAROARET M. DANIEL Instructor in Mathematics B.S. - M.S. EDNA MAE DAVIDSON Upper Elementary Supervisor B.S. - M.S. DELZIE DEMAREE Assistant Professor of Botany M.S. - B.S. - Ph.D. DEAN B. ELLIS Instructor in Mathematics and Physics B.S. - M.S. FORREST W. ENGLAND Instructor in Physical Education A.B. - M.A. DOROTHY M. FEN TON Librarian, Instructor in Library Science B.A. - M.S. W. Z. FLETCHER Instructor in Voice B.Mus. LILLIE GLASGOW Instructor In Training School Home Economics B.S. JEWELL HANNAH Instructor in Business Administration B.S. - M.A. MRS. BESSIE HOWELL Supervisor in Primary Grades A.B. - M.A. HOMER CARROLL HUITT Professor of Social Science B.S. - A.M. - Ph.D. ELMER S. JACK Instructor in Geography B.S. - M.S. " " " f ; j A } » f 1 1 - MABEL R. KRICK Assistant Librarian A.B. - B.S. in L.S. ELANOR LANE Instructor in English B.S. - M.S. REGINALD W. MARTIN Director of Music and Instructor in Piano and Theory B.Mus. - Dr. ot Mus. GRACE MATTHEWS Intermediate Supervisor of Training School B.S.E. AIRS. DANIEL FREDERICK PASMORE Instructor i)i Art Education B.S. DANIEL FREDERICK PASMORE Professor of Modern Language A.B. - A.M. - Ph.D. JAMES L. PATTY Instructor in Band and Piano B.M. in Mus. - B.A. FRANK WILLIS PLUNKETT Professor of English B.S. - A.B. - M.A. - Ph.D. LELAND W. PLUNKETT Instructor in English and Journalism A.B. - M.J. VIRGINIA PORTER Temporary Instructor in Chemistry B.S. WARREN W. NEDROW Professor of Biology A.B. - M.A. - Ph.D. HAROLD J. NICHOLS Instructor in Physical Education B.S. - M.S. MAJOR ERNEST RUBEL Assistant Professo r of Military Science and Tactics B.A. - L.L.B. W. L. SMITH Instructor in Mathematics B.S.E. - A. M. VERA S. SPEARS Instructor in Commercial Education B.S. - M.A. COLONEL KENNETH S. SWT ANY Professor of Military Science and Tactics B.S. 7 f At m o JACK W. C. VAN CLEVE Instructor ' in Animal Industry B.S. - M.S. HENRY ELLIS WHITE Professor of Agriculture B.S. - M.S. — Ph.D. ALLON WH1TT Temporary Instructor in Business Adm. B.S. LARRY WIMP Instructor in Mathematics B.S.E. - M.A. MARY GRIER Secretary to the Business Manager MRS. W. W. NEDROW Supervisor of the Cafeteria FRANCES PEAY Secretary to the President BOYCE COLE Accountant Faculty Members Without Pictu MARY MARGARET HAYDON Instructor in Music B.S. CLARISSA DELANO Instructor in Sociology A.B. JOYCE JACKSON Instructor in English B.S. - M.A. DALE PERKINS Instructor in Busines Administration B.S. - M.A. CALVIN L. WHITE Print Shop Manager Instructor in Printing LYNX ASHCRAFT Business Manager DORMITORIES WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALL DORMITORIES CARL WILSON CLASS OF 1947 OFFICERS Carl C. Wilson President Marjorie Dixon Vice President Susie Mae Baldridge Sec retary Wiley Bailey Treasurer James E. McCall Reporter SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The Senior class ot 1947 is approaching its graduation better oriented, intellectually and socially more mature than it was as a freshman class ot 1943. Under the expert leadership of our presi- dent, ]. L. Westbrooke, Jonesboro, Arkansas, we enjoyed the usual freshman parties and picnics, and experienced the freshman initia- tion which was very helpful in our adjust- ment. We were quite green, but eager to learn. As sophisticated sophomores we elected Charles Parker, Blytheville, Arkansas, as presi- dent. By this time we were well adjusted, in fact quite at home on the campus, having passed from the humble status of iniatee to the exalted one of initiator. We stepped into out places as upper- classmen and elected Freddie Stiles, Jones- boro, Arkansas, as president of the junior class. We sponsored the customary junior and senior prom. This year of work was completed and we were eager to step into our places of seniority. Carl Wilson, Augusta, Arkansas, was elected president of the senior class. Under his stable and expert guidance and with the cooperation of our sponsor we feel that we lit quite well into our places ol leadership and dignity. As we leave we take with us lour vears of treasured memories of social and intellectual activities, academic progress and everlasting friendship. RAY STANARD BARER, B. S. E. Cash, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: Education I. R. C. 1, 2, 3, 1: Pi Gamma Mu 1. ELJ EARL ABBOTT, B. S. E. Maynard, Arkansas Major: History Minor: Social Science and English I. R. C. 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4; Chairman ot Tenipor ary Student Council 4; Historical Society 1, 2, . ' 5, 1; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Senior Asst. in English 4. ETHEL S. ATKINSON, B. S. E. Evening Shade, Arkansas Major: Education Minor Home Economics I. R. C. 4; Historical Society 4. SUSIE MAE BALDR1DGE, B. S. E. Caraway , A rkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science and Music Delta Beta Chi 1, Pledge Captain 2. V. Pres. 3, 4; W. S. A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Secretary Sr. Class. WILEY BAILEY, B. S. West Helena, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Engineering Delta Omega Sigma 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4 Pi. OCE EUGENE BARBER, B. S. E. Corning, Arkansas Major: Education Minor: Physical Education CLYDE BARN HAM, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Physical Education A Capella Choir 2. 3, 4: Confederate Air Force 4. RALPH WILSON BRASU ELL. B. S. State College, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science MILDRED BRADING, R. S. Leachville, Arkansas Major: Education Minor: Business Administration GARNET BRADLEY, B. S. E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Education and Social Science Minor: Psychology A. C. E., 2, S, 4: B. S. U. 3, 4. REBA McCASLIN BRADLEY, B. S. E. Scotland, Arkansas Major: Biology Minor: Social Science Spanish Club 4; Sr. Asst. in Biology 4. BURK BRYAN BRINTON, B. S. E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Psychology Debate Club 4; Press Club 4: I. R. C. 3, 4: Kappa Sigma Nu 4. JACK C. CALDWELL, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Mathematics CAROL CARTWRIOHT, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Alpha Sigma 2, Pres. 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish 2, 3, 4. CHARLES KEMP CHILDS, B. S. Trumann, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minor: Business Administration Zeta Tan Zeta 3, 4: I. R. C. 3, 4; Ag. Club 3, 4. RUEL COLOGROVE COOK, B. A. Sm ithvil le, A rkansas Major: Education Minor: English Spanish Club 4, Wesley Foundation 4. IB 4f tttk CECIL J. COURTNEY, B. S. El Dorado, Arkansas Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Confederate Air Force 4. ROBERT CARTER DAVIDSON, Trumann, Arkansas Major: Education Minor: Social Science 5. S. E. WINIFRED LEE DIGGS, B. S. E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: Education Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 4; C. 1,2, 3, 4; Press Club 3. I. R. DON RICHARD D1TSLER, B. S. E. Gary, Indiana Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science A. Club 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE ANN DIXON, B. S. E. Paragould, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Social Science V. Pres. Sr. Class: Delta Beta Chi 3, Pres. 4; Ed i tor— Herald 4. WILLIAM OSCAR FINCH, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology Delta Omega Sigma 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med Club 2, 3, 4 MATTIE MAE FIN LEY, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Omega Pi 4; Les Artes 3, 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Pre C.P.A. 4. GLENN WARD FOX, B. A. Harriet!, Missouri Major: Social Science Minor: Spanish Spanish Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Pres. ot Soph. Class. BYRON EDWARD GRAVES, B. S. E. onesboro, A rkansas Major: Education Minors: Social Science, Physical Education (dec Clubs 1, 2: Agri Club 1, 2. CARL OSCAR GRAVES, B. A. Knobel, Arkansas Major: Biology Minors: English, Social Science Pre-Med Club Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4; Press Club 2, V.- Pres. 3, 4; Delta Omega Sigma 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4; Wes- ley Foundation 1, 2, V. Pres. 3; Historical Society 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4, Sect. 4; I. R. C. 2, 3; Sect. 4: Editor Herald 4: Editor-in-Chiel ol Indian 4; Sr. Asst. in Biol. 4; Spanish Club 3, Treas. 4; French Club 1, 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4. M. R. GRIFFIN, B. S. E, Dell, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology WILLIAM ORIEN GREEN, B. S. Manila, Arkansas Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Delta Omega Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. GRACE JENNY GREENHAW, B. A. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: English Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Press Club 4. OS MERLE GOODART, B. S. E. Hickory Ridge, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Education Delta Omega Sigma 1, 2, 3, Sect. 4. ROBERT LEONARD HARLAN, B. S. Cherry Valley, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science HOLLIS HAROLD HARLAN, B. S. E Sena tit, Missouri . Majors: Education, Social Science Minor: Physical Education WIN FRED WM. HALL, B. S. Cotton Plant; Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minor: Science Agriculture Club 3. NEWTON ODELL HAMMOND, B. S. Bradford, Arkansas .Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology Kappa Sigma Nu 3, 4; Agriculture Club 2, 3, 4. If jBp SpwP r XT] 1 j H JAMES OTIS HUBBARD, B. S. Success, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology and Education ANNIE RAE JENNINGS, B. S. E. Crossroad, Arkansas Major Social Science Minor: English I. R. C. I, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4 LEWIS HAYDEN, B. S. E. Piggott, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science " A " Club 4, Namvels 4. ANN GAROLYN HENDERSON, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Home Economics Minor: English Alpha Tau Zeta Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Home Ec. Glub 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. NORMA PEARL JOHNSON, A. B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Spanish Alpha Sigma Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; A Capella Choir 1,2, 3, 4. BETTY ANN KIRCHOFF, B. S. Paragould, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Delta Beta Chi Sorority 3, 4. CALVIN E. LAMB, B. S. Memphis, Tennessee Major: Chemistry Minor: Engineering Engineering Club 4; Delta Omega Fraternity 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4; Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 1, 2, 3. 4: Press Club 2. 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES E. McCALL, B. S. Portia, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: English Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Senior Class Re- porter 4; Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Club 4; Con- federate Air Force 3, 4. KATHLEEN McGEE, B. S. Broohland, Arkansas Majors: Business Administration; Psychology and Edu- cation Minors: Social Science and Physical Education Pi Omega Pi, Historian 3, President 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, President 4; Alpha Tau Zeta Sorority 3, Re- cording Secretary 4; B. S. U. 1, 2, 3; Magazine Rep- resentative 4; Vice-President of Junior Class; Senior Editor Annual Staff; Sr. Assistant in Business Ad- ministration 4. ZELMA MOORE, B. S. E. Beech Grove, Arkansas Major: Social Science and Education Minor: English and Physical Education Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4. BERTIS NIX, B. S. E. Ash Flat, Arkansas Major: Physical Educatoin Minor: Education Kappa Sigma Nu 4, Student Council Sr. Class. WAYNE D. PARKER, B. S. E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4; A Club Pres. 3, 4. RAYMOND WILLIAM POWERS, B. S. E. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: Education Pi Omega Pi 4; Historical Society 2, 3, 4. STANLEY PRIEST, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Minor: Business Administration Zeta Tau Zeta 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Historical Society 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Reporter 3. DORIS RAY RECTOR, B. S. Nettleton, Arkansas Majors: English and Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Omega Pi 3, V. Pres. 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, V. Pres. 4; Alpha Tau Zeta 1, 2, Sect. 3, V. Pres. 4; Sect, of Jr. Class; Reporter on Annual Staff. Sr. Asst. in B. A. and Engl. 4. EVA LEE RUEGGER, B. S. E. Waldenburg, A rkansas Major: English Minor: Music W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3. KERMIT RHEA, B. S. E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: Physical Education— Social Science Minor: Education Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4: I. R. C. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Namvets Pres. 4; Pre-Law Club 4. CARL L. RICHARDSON, B. S. E. Mountain View, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science I. R. C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. CLEFFA ROGERS, B. S. E. Lake City, Arkansas Majors: English — Social Science Minors: Physical Education — Education MARVIN T. ROGERS, B. S. State College, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CLAUDE LAPRELL SETTLEMIRE, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Music Minor: English Press Club 2, 3, 4: Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4; B. S. U. 2, 3, 4; Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES SKELTON, B. S. State College, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Zeta Tau Zeta 3, 4; Agri. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Fresh- man Student of Honor. MARTHA JANE STEPHENS, B. S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Education Alpha Tau Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CARLOS TUCKER, B. S. Huglies, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minor: Physical Education Kappa Sigma Nu I, 2, 3, 4: Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LEON W. UNDERWOOD, B. S. E. Piggott, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science A. Club 3, 4; Namvets 4. FAYE CATHERINE WALKER, B. S. E Paragould, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Press Club 2, 3. CHARLES WESLEY WEBB, B. S. LaGrange, Arkansas Major: Busines Administration Minor: Social Science Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; A Club 2, 3, 4. DONALD ARCHER WHEATLEY, B. A. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Social Science A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 JAMES H. WHIDDEN, B . A. Kenneth, Missouri Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science ALLON ZEB WHITT, B. A. Mars Hill, North Carolina Major: Business Administration Minor: History Pre-C.P.A. 4. FRANK WILES, B. S. Bay, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minor: Education Pi Omega Pi 4; Pre-C.P.A. Pres. 4. DORIS HARDY WILKINSON, B. S. E. Holly Grove, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Delta Beta Chi 2, 3, Sect. 4; W. A. A. 2, ? , 4; Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4. ALMA MARTHA WILSON, B. S. E. Augusta, Arkansas Major: Education Minor: Social Science Alpha Tau Zeta 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A. C. E. 2, 3, 4. CARL C. WILSON, B. S. Augusta, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Agriculture — Social Science Delta Omega Sigma 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; I. R. C. 4; Pres. of Sr. Class; Student Lite Rep. 4; Pre-Med Club 2, 3, 4; Ag. Club 2, 3, 4. SHIRLENE WINCE B. S. E. Walcott, Arkansas Major: English Minors: Education — Social Science Press Club 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2. ELVIS D. WRIGHT, B. S. E. Weona, Arkansas Majors: Social Science — English Minor: Education Ministers Fellowship Club 4. CLASS OF 1948 OFFICERS Charles Ridgely President Travis Neal . . . Vice President Imogene Joseph Secretary W. H. Perrin Treasurer Robert Wilmoth Student Life Rep. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY After completing three years at Arkansas State College, we can look back on them as being very successful years. We are also looking forward eagerly to next September when we step up into the senior ranks. In the fall of 1944 about 100 freshmen were enrolled. After three weeks of wearing green hair ribbons and bow ties and various other costumes that the upperclassmen said must be worn, we felt more at home at State. We had adjusted our lives to that of a college freshman and formed lasting friendships. Under the leadership of our president, Scottie Stidham, and sponsor, Dr. H. C. Huitt, we sponsored a number of dances, parties, picnics and weiner roasts. Glen Fox was elected president of our sophomore class and Dr. W. G. Shover was sponsor. From our class this year came the Home Coming Queen and many officers in the organizations on the campus. Carrying out the tradition of the past the sophomores sponsored Founder ' s day. In this, our junior year, our class is un- der the leadership of Charles Ridgley as president and Dr. W. W. Nedrow as sponsor. We have been active in both the social and intellectual life of the College and have been preparing ourselves for the positions we must fill next year as seniors. JANIE M. GIPSON Monet te, Arkansas BERNICE GIBSON Leachville, Arkansas JOHN HOGAN GOURLEY Paragould, Arkansas WILLIAM D. GUTHRIE, JR. Henderson, Nevada ELLIS DOYLE HERRON Paragonld, Arkansas CHARLES B. HINSON JonesborOj Arkansas VIRGENE HORN Jonesboro, Arkansas EVELYN HOUSTON Trurnann . Arkansas 1 ■Mil ft A i ARTHUR EARL LEE Hoxie, Arkansas ROBERT J. LEET Marked Tree, Arkansas JOHN E. MAHAFFEY Ravenden, Arkansas JOHN C. McADAMS Jonesboro, Arkansas ALTON McCANN Canalou, Missouri FRED MITCHELL Lynn, Arkansas LARRY T. MOORE Blythei ' ille, Arkansas STERLIN CLIFTON MOORE Salem, Arkansas y - " 4- I f , mm g f JOHN WILLIAM MURPHY Tuckerman Arkansas TRAVIS NEAL Lepanto, Arkansas CHARLES EDWARD NORTON Williford, Arkansas WILLIAM A. NORTON Marvell, Arkansas RALPH PARKS Rector, Arkansas KENNETH C. PERKINS State College, Arkansas WASHINGTON HUNTER PERRIN Pocahontas, Arkansas ELEANOR RIDDICK Walnut Ridge, Arkansas CHARLES DAVID RIDGLEY Rector, Arkansas B. F. ROGERS Jonesboro, Arkansas GWEN ELIZABETH ROGERS Jonesboro, Arkansas CHARLES ROSS State College, Arkansas DORA LOUISE SEXTON Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT H. SHANNON Jonesboro, Arkansas CAROLYN IRIS SMITH Swifton, Arkansas CLYDE SMITH, JR. Memphis, Tennessee ELBERT LEE SMITH, JR. Lepanto, Arkansas FRANK CAROL SPRINGLE Jonesboro, Arkansas ALLEN GRAY STAGGS Batesville, Arkansas JEAN STANDEEER Wilson, Arkansas C.LEO SWARENS Jonesboro, Arkansas ODIS FRED TAYLOR Paraeould, A rkansas MYRTLE TAYLOR Lunsford, Arkansas ROBERT H. WILMOTH Etowah, Arkansas F. M. WILSON Caraway, Arkansas LVDIA ROSE WHIDDEN Jonesboro, Arkansas CORA LEE WODRUFF Lepanto, Arkansas RUTH WOFFORD Senath, Missouri ROBERT E. BRIGGS Slate College, Arkansas ROY OWENS Paragonld, A)kansas EARL B. GLASGOW Trumann, Arkansas SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The Sophomore class began its adventur- ous college career as the greenest of freshmen in the fall of 1945. Reassured that our green- ness was a definite sign of life and offered possibilities for extensive growth, we suffered the remarks and superiority of upperclassmen cheerfully. Dr. Homer C. Huitt was our spon- sor and under his supervision we had two outstanding freshman picnics. Coveted awards were won on Honor ' s Day by several members of our class. This year we attained recognition as so- phisticated sophomores who have taken an active part and often the lead in all school activities. Under our sponsorship the Sadie Hawkins Dance was revived for the first time since the war and was hailed by all as a suc- cessful comeback. We are accredited with ar- ranging plans for the gigantic bonfire to be built the night before Homecoming, and in- cidentally suffered most at the hands of fero- cious, determined Freshmen who guarded the wood all night from attack by fire. Our able President is David Coleman of Jonesboro, whose ability has made the class spirit soar high for two consecutive years. This year our sponsor was Leland W. Plunkett, who has been just another Sophomore among us. Thanks to his personality and fun-loving spir- it we have not been lacking in fun and good will. As we look back over these two years we feel we have gained much knowledge not ound in textbooks but by friendly associations with one another. May our last two years be as uplifting and even greater in attainments. HERBER1 ADKINS Manila, Arkansas CHARL ES E. ALVEY Paragould, Arkansas RUDOLPH AM ANN Weiner, Arkansas DOROTHY APPLEBY St. Lcuis, Missouri ROBER1 APPLEBY St. Louis, Missouri JAMES A. BARNETT Jonesboro, Arkan s as P. C. BARTON Jonesboro, Arkansas ORAL BATTERTON Viola, Arkansas at Ok ! PATRICIA DUDLEY Monet te, Arkansas ROY DUNCAN Jonesboro, Arkansas WYMAN D. DYKE Newport, Arkansas ROBERT M. EDWARDS Manila, Arkansas CHARLES L. ELSLANDER Driver, Arkansas MARY BETH EVANS Marmaduke, Arkansas LELAND D. FLETCHER Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY PHYLIS FORD Hornersville, Arkansas RICHARD FRAZIER Manila, Arkansas CAROLYN FREEMAN Paragould, Arkansas GROVER H. FREEMAN Marmaduke, Arkansas BOBBY FRITZ Imboden, Arkansas MARTHA FUTRELL Vanndale, Arkansas GERALD J. GLASS Marvell, Arkansas AUSTIN W. GLENN Lynn, Arkansas KENNETH GRAHAM Leachville, Arkansas 1 ,8 31 BERTA LOU GRAMLING Paragould, Arkansas WALLACE E. GREENHAW Marianna, Arkansas CURTIS GREENWAY Paragould, Arkansas JOAN GREENWOOD Hickory Ridge, Arkansas JOHN B. GREENWOOD Hickory Ridge, Arkansas F. O ' NEILL GRIFFIN Jonesboro, Arkansas MONTE F. GRIMES Manila, Arkansas CARL GWALTNEY Walnut Ridge, Arkansas THOMAS D. KEISTER State College, Arkansas OLIVER C. KERFOOT Pocahontas, Arkansas DALTON H. LANCASTER Parkin, Arkansas CAGE C. LEWIS Paragould, Arkansas HOWARD LYBRAND Jonesboro, Arkansas IRENE MAGERS Dell, Arkansas VANITA MAHON T ' alley View, Arkansas JAMES MARTIN Brookland, Arkansas JAXELLE SIGSBY Rector, Arkansas CHARLES E. SIMS West Memphis, Arkansas SAMUEL E. SKAGGS, JR. Bay, Arkansas MRS. PALMER SMITH Jonesboro, Arkansas PALMER SMITH Jonesboro, Arkansas JOE SNODGRASS, JR. Pocahontas, Arkansas CHARLES E. STALLINGS jonesboro, Arkansas EDWARD J. STEIMEL Pocahontas, Arkansas MAURICE WINSTEAD Marmaduke, Arkansas HEL EN WOOD Wynne, Arkansas DOROTHY ANN WOOTEN Osceola, Arkansas MORRIS YANCEY Brockwell, Arkansas AVERA KNIGHT Black Oak, Arkansas MARY ALICE BENNET Walnut Ridge, Arkansas JAMES M. BEAIRD Kennett, Missouri THOMAS OBERLEY Vanndale, Arkansas CLASS OF 1950 OFFICERS Ned Penny Bruce Wilson Clifford Rotton Joe Melio Bill Fulkerson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter FRESHMAN HISTORY This year ' s Freshman class is the largest in the history of Arkansas State. Freshmen are usually regarded as an insignificant group of people, but that has also been altered in this post war era. One event that brought strict campus respect and recognition was the tra- ditional battle between the Freshmen and Sophomores. This battle centers around a pile of wood, better known as the material for a bonfire. The Sopho- mores built it and the Freshmen attempted to keep them from burning it. The attempt was carried out with overwhelming success by a sturdy group of ap- proximately eighty freshmen. Political races have been as exciting and hot in this class as in any place in the United States. The campaign for class officers culminated in the election of Ned Penny as president to lead us through our first year. The life of a freshman is not too hard. We heard all sorts of things that would happen to us, but after reviewing all facts and events, we find that we leave our status as freshmen with a bright outlook on the future. 5- j;K. r V DEAN H. ADAMS Monette, Arkansas MARY FRANCES ADAMS Knobel, Arkansas J. P. ADKINS, JR. Harrisburg, Arkansas ROY EDWARD ADKINS Harrisburg, Arkansas J. L. ALEXANDER Walden, Missouri ORIN VERL ALEXANDER Blytheville, Arkansas RUTH ANN ALEXANDER Wilmore, Pen nsylvan ia NITA RAY ALLEN La Grange, Arkansas WILLIAM E. AMMONS Jonesboro, Arkansas OMEGA M. ANDERSON Peach Orchard, Arkansas HENRY D. APPLEGATE Net tie ton, Arkansas ALVIN C. AUSTIN Black Oak, Arkansas GENEVIEVE AVIS Steele, Missouri JOE BALES Bono, Arkansas FREDERICK BALL Hardy, Arkansas THOMAS C. BALL Monet te, Arkansas ROBERT BALLEW Jonesboro, Arkansas THOMAS H. BARNES, JR. Monette, Arkansas MONROE BARRETT Jonesboro, Arkansas DOROTHY BAUER Jonesboro, Arkansas n r r ■ mm % Ilw S 1 ATWOOD J. BELL Jonesboro, Arkansas D. L. BENNETT Boydsville, Arkansas VICTOR BERGER Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES P. BIGGS Paragould, Arkansas JEROME BILLINGSLEY West Memphis, Arkansas ALGIE JACKSON BISHIP Blytheville, Arkansas RALPH BISHOP Cardwell, Missouri JAMES EVERED BOGGS Festus, Missouri STEVE P. BARS A Blyria, Ohio HELEN BRADEN Jonesboro, Arkansas KENNETH BRADEN Jonesboro, Arkansas WARREN G. BRADLEY Springfield, Arkansas MARIE BRADLEY Poplar Bluff, Missouri FREDRICA BRADY Alicia, Arkansas KATHRYN BRANDON Paragould, Arkansas ARVILL C. BRANNON Brookland, Arkansas THEODORE BREWER Joiner, Arkansas ROBERT G. BROCKMAN Tuckerman, Arkansas ROBERT BROOKS University, Missouri HARWELL BROWN Jonesboro, Arkansas 4 ' 1 GENEVA BROWN Manila, Arkansas BO PEEP BRYANT Brookland, Arkansas DAVID M. BURGE Nettleton, Arkansas HARRIET BURRESS Jonesboro, Arkansas NANCY BURROW Pocahontas, Arkansas JOE M. BURTON Jonesboro, Arkansas WALTER LEE BUTLER Keiser, Arkansas MARVIN B. CALDWELL Marianna, Arkansas GUS RANEY CAMP Portia, Arkansas JAMES CAMPBELL Imboden, Arkansas VERNON CAPERS Lake Village, Arkansas ORRIS DEVAUGN CARTER Paragould, Arkansas DONALD E. CARTER Rector, Arkansas J. M. CAVENAR Biggers, Arkansas ROBERT A. CHANDLER Jonesboro, Arkansas JOHN C. CHILDERS Alicia, Arkansas CHARLES M. CHIPMAN Violet Hill, Arkansas JOHN R. COBB Fredericktown, Missoiui ANGELA E. COE Newport, Arkansas JAMES D. COKER Alicia, Arkansas MARY FRANCES CRAWFORD Dell, Arkansas TED O. CRAWFORD Pine Bluff, Arkansas LAWRENCE CREEK Corning, Arkansas BILLY JOE CRUSE Pocahontas, Arkansas JEANNE CROWLEY Paragould, Arkansas CLEO CULVER Corning, Arkansas LEON CARL DAVIS Ravenden, Arkansas VIRGINIA DAVIS Corning, Arkansas WINFRED WALTER DAVIS Piggott, Arkansas TREZ DAVIS Hardy, Arkansas 1 i n f til J DELMER PERKINS DAY Datto, Arkansas BOB DE LONG University City, Missouri EDNA LEE DENNIS Fisher, Arkansas JAMES H. DICKERSON Senath, Missouri EXIE PETTY DICKERSON Arbyrd, Missouri MARTHA DICKSON Jonesboro, Arkansas DOROTHY DISH ION Wynne, Arkansas DAVID B. DRAPER Roanoke, Virginia LLOYD DUNCAN Kennett, Missouri CURTIS DUNCAN Kennett, Missouri A. C. DUNKERSON Monette, Arkansas VILLARD A. EAST Blytheville, Arkansas CHARLES R. ELLEY Steele, Missouri CHARLES KENT EVANS Jonesboro, Arkansas VIRGINIA EVANS Manila, Arkansas MAX L. FAIRLEY Osceola, Arkansas MARTIN FARMER Wynne, Arkansas ROBERT L. FERRALSCO Pompton Lakes, New Jersey WAYNE MILES Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT FISHER Lafe, Arkansas W T- Am A- 1 ... n Hi JAMES M. GILCHRIST Crawfordsville, A rkansas R. D. GILL Tyronza, Arkansas R. D. GILL Tyronza, Arkansas LUTHER GOINGS Hoxie, Arkansas JAMES F. GOLDEN Greenway, Arkansas ELIZABETH GOODLOE Jonesboro, Arkansas RACHEL ANN GOSSETT Trumann, Arkansas DONALD ROYAL GRAHAM Leachville. Arkansas BRUCE E. GREENWAY Paragould, Arkansas CHARLES D. GREGORY Piggott, Arkajisas SUE GREGORY Jonesboro, Arkansas JOHN GRIGSBY Alicia, Arkansas RAYMOND GUIN Newport, Arkansas STARLING GUINN Arbyrd, Missouri JAMES A. GREGSON Jonesboro. Arkansas O. F. GREEN Blytheville, Arkansas EDWARD R. HA AG Brooklyn, New York EDWARD J. HAGEN Paragould, Arkansas TRAVIS HOLCOME Bragg City, Missouri J. L. HOLCOMBE Bragg City, Missouri FRED O. HALL Reiser, Arkansas PATSY HALL Jonesboro, Arkansas SAM S. HARRIS West Helena, Arkansas L. B. W. HARDY Cardwell, Missouri RAY HARGROVE Black Oak, Arkansas MAX HARDIN Rector, Arkansas GLENNA SEE Rector, Arkansas CALVIN HATLEY Knobel, Arkansas HOWARD HAWKINS Mountain View, Arkansas GENE HAZEL Monette, Arkansas BOBBIE HOLLAND Lake City, Arkansas LOLIE B. HOPKINS Paragould, Arkansas JAMES M. HOPPER Logan, Alabama WILLIE G. HORNBECK Kennett, Missouri PAULINE HOUSE Dyess, Arkansas BRYAN HUTCHISON Jonesboro, Arkansas MAURICE HEATHCOCK Nettleton, Arkansas ALBERT L. HUTSON Ash Flat, Arkansas FRANK HYDE Parairould, Arkansas DAVID H. JAMES Pocahontas, Arkansas A i • jf ' ; f ; P i JP Jf " 355 i » MAURICE JEFFERES Dexter, Missouri LARNIE EDGAR JENKINS Jotiesboro, Arkansas JON IDA JOHNSON Piggott, Arkansas ALBERT L. JOHNSON Piggott, Arkansas LOUISE JOHNSON Piggott, Arkansas JOHN KAMP Zj ' if e ftorfc, Arkansas THOMAS L. KEELIN Datto, Arkansas JANICE KELLER Holwell, Arkansas JAMES B. KELLET Hoxie, Arkansas MAXINE KIMBRO Jonesboro, Arkansas BETTY KING Jonesboro, Arkansas VELMA KIRKSEY Black Oak, Arkansas SONNY KRAMER Collinsville, Illinois LEE R. KRIGBAUM Success. Arkansas CARL LACE Cherry Valley, Arkansas VERNON L. LACEY Delaplaine, Arkansas FREDDIE T. LAMINACK Morehouse , Missouri MARY LOUISE LANCASTER State College, Arkansas NORMAN W. LEE Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT E. LENTZ Paragould, Arkansas ■ • % J1 rf? T 1 Ait ■■nHHHHHHHHIMHHH P ' to y - W IT « L . 1 life 4k )OE LEWIS Success, Arkansas BEULAH LINDSEY Cardu ell, Missouri ALBERT L. LINTON Trumann, Arkansas NORMA SUE LOCKE Hardy, Arkansas MARION LOFTIS Pocahontas, Arkansas LOMAN LONG Brinkley, Arkansas ROBERT LUCAS Jonesboro, Arkansas JAYNE JOYCE LYBRAND Jonesboro, Arkansas RICHARD MAPLES McRae, Arkansas WALTER EUGENE MANNING Sedgwick, Arkansas TOM MARSHALL Leachville, Arkansas f i f 4 OSCAR MASHBURN Wynne, Arkansas As HAROLD MASON Senath, Missouri PAUL WAYNE MASON Senath, Missouri WILLIAM MATHES Jonesboro, Arkansas FRANCES McCOWAN Hughes, Arkansas J CHARLES W. McCULLEY CaruthersviUe, Missouri john e. Mcdonald Osceola, Arkansas - y JIB vvm. l. Mcdonald Pocahontas, Arkansas W ILLIAM C. McGINNIS Calico Rock, Arkansas ill I 1 Mi HANCEL E. McMILLON Paragould, Arkansas KENNNTH McWHIRTER Manila, Arkansas JOE C. MELIO West Helena, Arkansas JOHN E. MILLER Melbourne, Arkansas MAURICE MILLER Jonesboro, Arkansas KATHRYN MILLER Jonesboro, Arkansas MARIE MILLER Jonesboro, Arkansas BILL MYERS Walnut Ridge, Arkansas ARCHIE MYERS Portageville, Missouri COMER MITCHELL Paragould, Arkansas JOHN MIDRIFF Brinkley, Arkansas PAUL MILBRODT Joiner, Arkansas LOUISE MITCHELL Marianna, Arkansas DAVID MOON Bay, Arkansas RALPH MURPHY, JR. Bono, Arkansas BILLY B. MYERS Walnut Ridge, Arkansas ROBERT NEEL Manila, Arkansas DOROTHY NICHOLS Keiser, Arkansas HAROLD F. NICHOLS Bono, Arkansas JESSE E. NICHOLS Piggott, Arkansas DAVID J. NICHOLS Jonesboro, Arkansas BILLY NICHOLS Wynne, Arkansas NADINE NOEL Paraeould, Arkansas LUTHER NALL Brookland, Arkansas JOHN NORRED AUDREY NELL NORRID Steele, Missouri MARY JO NORTON Moro, Arkansas BOB O ' HERON St. Louis, Missouri MILLARD OLDHAM Helena, Arkansas RICHARD E. PARKER Wilson, Arkansas JIMMIE N. PARROTT Tuckerman, Arkansas DENVER PATRICK Jonesboro, Arkansas AVERY FRANKLIN PATERSOX Poplar Bluff, Missouri DORAINE PAYSINGER Ash Flat, Arkansas NED PENNEY Paraeould, Arkansas NEELEY PERRY Blytheville, Arkansas ROBERT DARDEN PETERSON Jonesboro, Arkansas FRED P. PIERCE Lake Village, Arkansas ROBERT A. PINCHBACK Leesx ' ille, Louisiana WILFORD E. POPE Hoxie, Arkansas 1 ;5T it n £ Ay JL ill ALBERT POWELL Marked Tree, Arkansas CALVIN POWELL Brawley, California WALTER PREWETT Forrest City, Arkansas B. J. PRICE Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT PURTLE Bhtheville, Arkansas JAMES RALEY Paragould, Arkansas MALCOLM REEVES Hughes, Arkansas L. J. RICE Marianna, Arkansas JAMES B. RICE Pine Bluff, Arkansas GEORGE RICKS Pompton Lakes, Neiv Jersey THOMAS G. RATTON Paraeould. Arkansas GEORGE ROWLAND Paraeould, A rkansas JERRY SALLEE Pocahontas, Arkansas JEEFIE SANDERS Williford, Arkansas BETTY SCHOLTZE T I alden b u rg, A rkansas BETTY SHOLZE Waldenburg, Arkansas LOYDE SCOTT Bono, Arkansas JAMES H. SCRIVNER, JR. Lepanto, Arkansas LOUISE SCRUGGS Jonesboro, Arkansas MAVIS SEARS Viola, Arkansas A. A. SHAVER Evening Shade, Arkansas C. H. SHAVER Evening Shade, Arkansas f 1 T 7 Ml MARVIN D. SHAVER Cherry Valley, Arkansas CALVIN STOGGSDILL Pocahontas, Arkansas If,:. Ail LEROY SHEFFIELD Paragould, A rkansas WILLIAM E. SHOFFIT Marianna, Arkansas I4 N JI DAIL SIMPSON Evening Shade, Arkansas JAMES E. SLOAN. Ill Black Rock, Arkansas 1 WW t 7 ALAN SMITH Memphis, Tennessee C. B. SMITH, JR. Paragould, Arkansas | GERALD G. STACKS Crawfordsville, Arkansas CLAUD STAGSDILL St. Louis, Missouri XORRIS STEELE Sedgwick, Arkansas MARIAN STEPHENS Jonesboro, Arkansas THOMAS STEPHENS Leachville, Arkansas CARL DAVIS Ravenden, Arkansas CALVIN W. STOFFLE Drwer, Arkansas MARCILE STRICKLAND Black Oak, Arkansas RUSSELL STRICKLAND Lake City, Arkansas RICHARD STRINGER Pocahontas, Arkansas it- m ■ r ■ Ah mm I AM PERRY H. STUBBLEFIELD Pocahontas, Arkansas MELVIN SW AFFORD Monette, Arkansas SHIRLEY SWAIN .S7. Paul, Arkansas ROBERT J. SWIFT Caruthersville, Missouri THOMAS SYLVESTER Blytheville, A rkansas REGINA TATUM Paraeould, Arkansas ALICE TAYLOR Etowah, Arkansas JEWELL TAYLOR Crawfordsville, A rkansas JOHN D. TAYLOR Jonesboro, Arkansas IMOGENE TAYLOR Paraeould, Arkansas RALPH TAYLOR Paraeould, Arkansas CONNOR TAYLOR Matrell, Arkansas BETTY TERRY JonesborOj Arkansas BELLE TRIPP Ripley, Tennessee THOMAS E. UHLMANSIEK University City, Missouri JOE TURNER ,SY. Louis, Missouri GAINES VANCE Black Rock, Arkansas RAYO ANITA VEACH Manila, Arkansas WILLIE FAYE VEACH Manila, Arkansas LEE WADDELL Manila, Arkansas ft Alt life MASON WAITS Mammoth Springs, Arkansas NORMA JOY WALLACE Monette, Arkansas FRANCIS J. WALSH Pompton Lakes, New Jersey LLOYD WALTON Monette, Arkansas GERALDINE WARREN Marianna, Arkansas JOHN C. W ATKINS Black Oak, Arkansas HULON WATSON Swifton, Arkansas BOBBY C. WATSON Osceola, Arkansas C. D. WATSON Keiser, Arkansas DARREL E. WAY Carlisle, Arkansas RETTA WAYLAND Jonesboro, Arkansas THOMAS WEATHERSBY Jonesboro. Arkansas WINNIE WEAVER Maynard, Arkansas GEORGE EUGENE WEIR Haw Arkansas LA VERNE WEIR Day, Arkansas EUGENE WIDMER Paragould, Arkansas JOHN C. WIGGINTON Marked Tree, Arkansas SAMUEL L. WILKERSON Bax, A rkansas JAMES E. WILKINSON Holly drove, Arkansas BETTY JUNE WILLIAMS jonesboro, Arkansas VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE CLASS IhMI 1 % ■ First Row: James E. Bailey, K. O. Bailey, Harvey H. Brinkley, Olen B. Cravens, Dale Evans. Second Row: Finis E. Griffith, John T. Hart, William B. Hubbard, Lewis L. Jones, James Murray. Third Row: Elias W. Patton, Nolin L. Steelman, Sam C. Swann, Carl L. Wilson, Voble E. Withen. EXTENSION CLASSES ELOUISE BENNER ERMA BOOKOUT JAMES FELTS GERALDINE FORRESTER BETTY GOLDEN BEN TOM GRIFFIN LUCILLE LANDRUM LUCILLE TAYLOR GRACE THRONE MARY THRONE ALPHA SIGMA OFFICERS Lydia Rose Whidden Freeda James Joan Greenwood Imogene Joseph Betty Jo Cooper Norma Johnston Grace J. Greenhaw Shirley Swain Mrs. Paul Couch President Vice President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Historian Marshall Reporter Pledge Captain Sponsor Alpha Sigma Sorority was founded on February 25, 1935. Dorothy Lea Lines, of Wynne, served as the first president, with Mrs. Adelaide Rogers Grafke as first sponsor. The purpose of this organization is to further the aims of Arkansas State College by fostering social participation for the attain- ment of culture and by encouraging educa- tional achievements. Annually Alpha Sigma selects a sponsor from each fraternity on the campus. Spon- sors for this year are: John Greenwood, Kappa Sigma Nu, J. W. Snodgrass, Zeta Tau Zeta, and Carl Graves, Delta Omega Sigma. On Honor ' s Day a medal is presented by Alpha Sigma to the most outstanding student of the Music Department, and at the same time a collection of books is presented to the library. Alpha Sigma patrons and patronesses are: Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mason, Dr. Paul Couch, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Pasmore, Mrs. V. C. Kays, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Ashcraft, Mrs. D. T. Rog- ers, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Plunkett, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Lutterloh, Miss Annie Camp, Col. and Mrs. Peek, and Dr. and Mrs. Homer C. Huitt. SORORITY First Row: Dorothy Bauer, Nancy Burrow, Bebe Coffey, Betty Jo Cooper, Betty Ruth Cooper, Martha Dickson. Second Row: Martha Gipson, Grace Jenny Grenhaw, Joan Greenwood, Norma Johnston, Imogene Joseph, Mary Lancaster. Third Row: Tica Robinson, Dibby Snellgrove, Marion Stephens, Shirley Swain, Cleo Swarens, Norma Joy Wallace, La Verne Weir. ALPHA TAU ZETA OFFICERS Betty Blackwood President Doris Rector Vice President Kathleen McGhee Recording Secretary Wanda Hutchinson Corresponding Secretary Fern Turner, Dora Louise Sexton Treasurers Ann C. Henderson Pledge Captain Mrs. W. W. Nedrow Sponsor Frances Peay Co-Sponsor Alpha Tau Zeta Sorority was recognized on the Arkansas State Campus when it re- ceived its charter March 3, 1937. Betty Fort- enherry served as its first president with Miss Eleanor Heuver as the first sponsor. Betty Blackwood who is now presiding, Mrs. Warren W. Nedrow, sponsor and Miss Frances Peay, co-sponsor with the assistance of the faithful members have guided Alpha Tau Zeta through its tenth year of existence. The sorority has many functions each year. At the beginning of the college year the members entertain with a tea for the new dormitory girls and faculty members. A dance in the fall starts the social season for this organization. The anniversary is cele- brated with a dinner and formal dance. Don Wheatley was chosen as the " Ideal Senior Campus Man " for 1946-47 and was pre- sented at the Anniversary dance. An award is presented on Honor ' s Day to the outstand- ing freshman boy by this group. The patrons of the sorority are: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Krick, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hol- land, Roy Sigler, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Barrett, Col. and Mrs. K. S. Sweany, Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Keister, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. England, and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tomlinson. SORORITY First Row: Mary Alice Bennet, Fredreca Brady, Bo-Peep Bryant, Betty Dean, Phyllis Ford, and Martha Jane Futtrell. Second Row: Berta Lon Gramling, Ann Carylon Henderson, Betty Jane Henderson, Evelyn Houston, Wanda Hutchinson, and Betty King. Third Row: Jayne Joyce Lybrand, Kathleen McGhee, Doris Rector, Dora Louise Sexton, Janelle Sigsby, and Martha }. Stephens. Fourth Row: Betty Terry, Clarice Wilbanks, Betty June Williams, Alma Wilson, and Helen Wood. DELTA BETA CHI OFFICERS Marge Dixon Susie Mae Baldridge Betty Cravens Francis McCown Irene Magers Raye Evans Doris Wilkinson President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Chaplain Historian Pledge Captain Delta Beta Chi Sorority was founded on February 11, 1935, the first sorority on the campus at Arkansas State College. Mary Eliza- beth (Hollan) Smith was the first president and Miss Martha Lou Lassiter, was the first sponsor. The purpose of Delta Beta Chi is like her flower, the Gardenia, to promote elegance, personality, grandeur, and stateliness, to its members. It stands as a living example of vir- ginity in thought, words, and deeds. Each year Delta Beta Chi sponsors dances, parties, picnics for her members and the other Greek groups on the campus. Be- sides this she gives an award on Honors Day to the best foreign language student of the year. During the summer the Sorority gives a convention for her members and her alumni. This year the convention will be held in Memphis on June the 11th and 12th. SORORITY First Row: Mary Frances Adams, Susie Mae Baldridge, Naomi Beasly, Paul- ine Bingham, Betty Cravens, and Mary Frances Crawiord. Second Row: Raye Evans, Janie Gipson, Sue Gregory, Dolly Jones, Kay Keith, and Betty Kirchoff. Third Row: Frances McCown, Irene Magers, Eleanor Riddick, Doris Wilk- inson, and Dorothy Wooten. DELTA OMEGA SIGMA OFFICERS Carl Calvin Wilson Wallace Greenhaw Evans A. Jackson Hubert Daughtery Avera Knight Bobby Wilkinson Doyle Herron President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Pledge Master Delta Omega Sigma, the pioneer and first social Greek letter Fraternity of Arkansas State College was founded in November, 1933. The Fraternity was built on the deep-rooted friendship that existed between five men stu- dents: W. F. DeLoche, Jr., Van Smith, E. L. Taliaferro, Jr., Charles Okey, and Bob Lind- sey. Each realized that a five man fraternity would be short-lived and potentially worth- less, and at no time was it remotely consid- ered that the membership of the group should be confined to the original five. Rather, each felt that from the original circle, a larger group could be built, thus launching a perma- nent organization which would begin initiat- ing new members as older ones became alumni. Fraternities were not permitted, at this time, on the campus, and for this reason Delta Omega Sigma could not function openly- all of which proved a handicap in selecting new members and having social functions off the campus. Charles Light and Leslie Speck were the next members selected, but by the fall of 1934 the membership had grown to the number of twenty, and plans were being made to petition the Board of Trustees for College recognition. On January 25, 1935 the petition was presented to the Board of Trus- tees, and on February 19, the following month, permission was granted by the Board of Trus- tees for the approval of Social Fraternities and Sororities to become active on the camp- us. Activities of Delta Omega Sigma Frater- nity for the year 1946 to 1947 were: Annual Summer Convention, Annual Fall Smoker, Pledges Dinner, Homecoming Dance, Sunrise Breakfast, Annual Spring Formal, and dinner meetings. FRATERNITY First Row: Charles Alvey, Bill Amnions, Wiley Bailey, Everett Branch, James Brickell, Lawrence Cook, Hubert Daugherty, Bill Finch. Second Row: Wayne Gibson, Merl Goodart, Kenneth Graham, Carl Graves, Bill Green, Wallace Greenbaw, Bill Hunter, Doyle Herron. Third Row: E. A. Jackson, Johnny Jones, Tom Keister, Avera Knight, Cal- vin Lamb, Bob Leet, Howard Lybrand, Franklin Mathias. Fourth Row: Alton McCann, L. T. Moore, Douglass Phillips, Ralph Rich- tie, Carol Springle, Fred Smith, Palmer Smith, Bill Tom Stewart. Fifth Row: Billy Thornton, Bobby Wilkinson, Carl C. Wilson, C. H. Wixson. KAPPA SIGMA NU OFFICERS James E. McCall Charles Ross Billy Ruddell Bert McEwen Jack Redus James Rice David Coleman Gus R. Camp John Greenwood Charles Terry Carlos Tucker Wyman Dyke Dr. W. W. Nedrow President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Pledge Master Historian Parliamentarian Corresponding Secretary Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Steward Junior Steward Chaplain Sponsor Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity was organ- ized in 1935 with Leland McCandless as the first president. Dr. Ashley Robey was select- ed as sponsor and remained as such until he left State in 1940 for another position. Dr. Warren W. Nedrow, then a faculty member of the fraternity, was selected to succeed Dr. Robey and is the present sponsor. The active chapter and the alumni chapter now have a total membership of 203. Kappa Sigma Nu presidents since Mc- Candless include James Bridges, Walnut Ridge; Winford Wyatt, Jonesboro; Orville Kellett, Willifard; G. W. Clements, Thomas- ville, Missouri; Caleb Davis, Braggadocio, Missouri; James Crockett, Jonesboro; Louis Frazier, Parkin; Tye Adams, Enterprise, Ala- bama; Charles Parker, Blytheville; Jimmy Ad- kins, Harrisburg; and Thomas Penn, Portia. Each year the fraternity presents a form- al Christmas Ball, a Coronation Ball in the spring, and several banquets and other social functions. At the annual Coronation Ball the queen of the campus is announced. She is usually selected by two outstanding stars in Hollywood. Every year, during the summer months, Kappa Sigma Nu publishes the " Keystone. " This fraternity paper keeps all active and alumni members informed as to the dates of the various social functions during the sum- mer. In July of each year Kappa Sigma Nu holds a two day convention. Last year the group convened at Hotel Peabody in Mem- phis with a record group in attendance. FRATERNITY ft O o ft 4 1 First Row: J. P. Adkins, Roy Atkins, Oren Alexander, John Bigham, Burk Brinton, Roscoe Brown, Jack Burge. Second Row: Gus R. Camp, David Coleman, James Dickson, Wyman Dyke, Roberts Edwards, Silas Ellis, Charles Ellslander. Third Row: John Greenwood, Billy Harmon, Odell Hammond, Bertis Nix, Wayne Parker, Jack Redus, Malcolm Reeves. Fourth Row James Rice, Billy F. Rogers, Charles Ross, Billy Ruddell, Prell Settlemire, Bob Shannon, Charles Sims. Fifth Row: James Sumner, Carlos Tucker, Lloyd Walton, Bill Weaver, Charles Webb, Dr. Paid Couch, Larry Wimp. ZETA TAU ZETA OFFICERS Robert Wilmoth ..... President Jerry Sallee Vice President Wayne Miles . Secretary Stanley Priest Treasurer Charles Watson . Historian Omar Green Pledge Master Hershel Hendrix Sergeant-at-Arms The history of Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity begins on February 9, 1937, when the organi- zation was granted a charter by the college authorities. Clarence Adams was made first president, and since then the presidents include James DeShazo, Viola; Charles Potter, Pine Bluff; Kelly Thomson, Cotter; Pete Wallace, Dell; Earl A. Harris, Tuckerman; Harold Smith, Jonesboro; Clarence Morris, Viola; Stanley Priest, Jonesboro; Joe Carey, Jonesboro; and William D. Dawson, Lepanto. Highlighting the year ' s social activities are the anniversary ball in January and the annual spring banquet and dance. Various other social functions are held throughout the year. Each year the fraternity selects a " Dream Girl, " who is formally introduced at the anni- versary ball and serves as hostess to the fra- ternity ' s social functions. In 1939 Billie Mas- ner of Monette received this honor; 1940, Dorothy Wilcox, Jonesboro; 1941, Lou Ann Banks, Delta, Colo; 1942, Virginia Dale, Jonesboro; 1943, Martha Richardson, War- ren; 1944, Jane Darr, Jonesboro; 1945, Vir- ginia Robinson, Jonesboro; 1946, Berta Lou Gramling, Paragould; and 1947, Cleo Swarens, Jonesboro. Each year, on Honor ' s Day, the fraternity makes awards to the most outstanding journal- ist and athlete. Persons chosen as the out- standing journalists are Clarence Adams, 1938; J. L. Swindle, 1939; Angus Rutledge, 1940; Warren Thornton, 1941; Ulysses McCoy, 1942; James Grimes, 1943; Clarence Morris, 1944; Flora Knapp, 1946; and Kathryn Ann Walk- er, 1946. The outstanding athletes were Or- ville Kellett, 1938; Ivan Busby, 1939; Joe Wood, 1940; and Paul Settlemire, 1941. FRATERNITY First Row: Jimmie Alexander, Robert Box, Kenneth Braden, Calvin Brans- corn, Daniel Burge, and Charles Cook. Second Row: Robert Ferralasco, Wayne Miles, Omar Green, Herschel Hen- drix, John Murphy, and Stanley Priest. Third Row: J. W. Snodgrass, Thomas Sylvester, Charles Watson, Bruce Wilson and Jernigan Yates. " A " CLUB The " A " Club is formed of men who have lettered in any or all of the various sports that are on the campus, principally football, basketball and track. These boys set out to enliven and further the sports mind- ed students at State. Each year this organization sponsors the annual Homecoming Queen. Several social functions are sponsored by this club during the year. OFFfCERS Benny Whilhelm Everette Bolton Don Wheatley Leon Underwood John Harris President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter WKm Front Row: Gene Hazel, Charles Coleman, Harry Cook, Thomas Martin, Bobby Wilkinson, John B. Dickey, Clyde Smith, Maurice Jefferies, Herald Kaffka, Clifford Rotton. Second Row: Coach Tomlinson, Coach Nichols, Robert Appleby, Schuyler Smith, Leon Underwood. Sonny Kramer, Benny Whilhelm, Jimmy Jordon, S. T. Johnston, Joe Melio, Coach England. Third Row: Tommy Uhlmansieck, Dick Phelps, Lewis Hayden, Don Wheatley, Verlan Shearbun, Dale Hudson, Everette Bolton, Pete Radison, Charles Fisher, and Howard Hawkins. AGRICULTURAL CLUB The Agricultural Club is the oldest or- ganization on the campus. It was formed in 1917 under the name of the Hoof and Horn Club. In 1927 it was changed to the Agri- cultural Club. It was in this same year that H. W. Hollard joined the faculty and became sponsor of the Club. This Club brings together in social meet- ings those men interested in all phases of agriculture. The programs consist of prac- tical and scientific talks. The Club has been very instrumental in promoting social affairs on the campus, es- pecially before the fraternities and sororities were organized. Marvin T. Rogers Odell Hammond Wilson Duke James E. Roberts OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Reporter First Row: James Dickson. James Roberts. Odell Hammond, Coy Brooks. Dr. H. E. White. Dr. Delzie Demaree. Marvin T. Rogers. Charles E. Norton, Billy Ruddell. Second Row: H. M. Julian, James Burrleson, James M. Beaird, T. Bailey, Rnel Richard- son, Maurice Starr, Richard Maples, James Smith, D. L. Bennet, R. D. Gill, Wayne Hub- hard, A. E. Lee, Warren Bradley. Third Row: George F. Brock, Adrian Sebastian. Mason Waits, R. Butler, Wilford Pope and Doraine Paysinger. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION The purpose of this club is to better understand the problems of children and to share experiences in teaching with the stu- dent-teachers. The primary department ot the training school is used to try out the dif- ferent ideas formulated by the club. Several social functions are sponsored for the mem- bers enjoyment throughout the year. Belle Tripp Mrs. Exie Dickerson Fleta Stone Myrtle Taylor Mrs. Bessie Howell Front Row: Mrs. B. Howell, " Scooter " Tripp, Belle Tripp, Mrs. Exie Dickerson, Fleta Stone, Myrtel Taylor, Alma Wilson, and Eleanor Wood. liaik Row: Garnet Bradley, Doris Kirksey, Juanita Williams, Geneva Brown, Mattie Aba- ston. Vanita Mahon, Helen Romines, Mavis Sears, Regina Tatum, Bobbie Holland, and Norma Williams. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Sponsor BAND This is the first time the band has been recognized since the end of the war. Students who are in the band are those who can play an instrument or who would like to learn to play one. The band plays for all the sports events of the year and any other event by request. James L. Patty Director 3 Dick Ballew, Clarinet; Joe Burton, Clarinet; Carl Loosie, Clarinet; Alton McCann, Trump- et; Billy Joe Price, Trumpet; Belle Tripp, Flute; Patsy Bittinger, Flute; John Greenwood, Trumpet; Frank Franklin, Trumpet; Jack Daughtery, Trumpet; Jimmy Jenkins, Trumpet; Franklin Mathias, Tenor Sax; John Hancock, Alto Sax; Betty Jo Cooper, Alto Sax, Calvin Branscomb, Trumpet; George Shedd, Baritone; Raymond Mills, Trombone; Everette Branch. Trombone; Ned Penny French Horn; Ray L. Guinn, V. Workman, K. Smith, Drums; Charles VanHook, Drums; James L. Patty, Director; Jack Cole. Drums. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union has been a prominent organization on the campus tor the past nine years. Its purpose is to act as a connection between the church and the col- lege. The goal of this organization is to en- list all the students in church activities. The Baptist Student Union provides a pro- gram of entertainment along with its spirit- ual guidance. Many social functions are sponsored by this organization throughout the year. OFFICERS Janelle Sigsby President Raymond Johnson First Vice President Betty Sue Terry Second Vice President Garnet Bradley Third Vice President Dora Louise Sexton . Secretary-Treasurer Betty Blackwood Reporter Jewel Hannah Faculty Advisor C. Z. Holland .... Pastor First Row: C. Z. Holland, Dora Louise Sexton, Betty Terry, Janelle Sigsby, Betty Black- wood, Jewel Hannah, Kermit Rhea. Second Row: Beulah Lindsey, Mary Alice Bennet, Dorothy Fox, Kathleen McGhee, Valda Earnhart, Audrey Nell Norrid, Fredreca Brady, Martha Futtrell, Garnet Bradley. Third Row: David Coleman, Glenn Fox, Raymond Johnson. CHORAL CLUB The Choral Club is a mixed chorus. Each year this group assists in the presentation of the " Messiah " at the First Methodist Church. This year they have been studying folksongs of America and abroad. Ma ry M. Haydon Director Front Row: Fleta Stone, Mattie Abstson, Clarissa Wilbanks. Jeffie Sanders, Mavis Ander- son, Wanda Hutchinson, Belle Tripp. Back Row: Floella Allison, Alma Wilson, Jane Whitwell, Mary M. Haydon, Norma Locke, Larry Moore, V. Workman, George Shedd, J. D. Coker. CONFEDERATE AIR FORCE The Confederate Air Force has just been recently organized. It was added to the extra- curricular activities just this year. However, it is one of the more thriving clubs on the campus. Its purpose is to acquaint people who are interested in flying or those who are taking flying with their contemporaries as well as with the machines they have to fly. The social activities include flying picnic, doughnut parties and the regular flying hours. OFFICERS Henry J. Dodd . President Ernest E. Jacks Vice President Harvey J. Midkiff Secretary Paul Palmer . Treasurer Front Row: Kenneth Perkins, Allon Whitt, John Hancock, Cecil Courtney, Ralph Bras- well, and Oscar Mashburn, Second Row: Ned Penny, Nelson Ladd, James E. McCall, Henry Dodd, Charles Elley, Harvey J. Midkiff, Paul Palmer, Billy Harmon, James Charles Mahon, Carlos Tucker, and Warren Black. Third Row: Ernest E. Jacks, Adrian White, and S. T. Johnston. DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club consists of students in- terested in debating— both intramural and in- tercollegiate. During the current year, debates have been held with teams from Ouachita College, at Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Arkansas State Teachers College of Conway, Harding College of Searcy, University of Mississippi, and Southwestern College of Memphis. James Brickell and Jernigan Yates won second place in the debate at Arkadelphia, and Douglas Bradley and Sterling C. Moore defeated the University of Mississippi and Southwestern College at Memphis. All members of the Debate Club have taken part in some intercollegiate debate. OFFICERS Douglas Bradley President fames Brickell Vice President Gerald Pearson Secretary-Treasurer Dr. F. W. Plunkett Sponsor Front Row: Donald Baker, James Brickell, Douglas Bradley, Gerald Pearson and W. L. Diggs. Second Row: Charles Coleman, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Kenneth Braden, Sterling C. Moore, Jer- nigan Yates and Thad Vance. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN This is the first time in several years that German has been offered at State. This Club was organized for those people that are tak- ing German, and those that are interested in the subject, so that they might become ac- customed to the language, customs, music, and different arts of the German speaking people. OFFfCERS Ernest E. Jacks President H. B. Yarbrough Vice-President Janelle Sigsby Secretary Nita Ray Allen Treasurer Front Row: Sam Harris. Annie Jennings, Jerry Haley. Janelle Sigsby, Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Dorothy Wooten, Charles Ellslander, Nita Ray Allen, Lloyd Link. Second Row: Patsy Bittinger, Ray Hargrove, Bill DeLong, Wendell Darr, Harry Holland, Kenneth Bearden, Glenn Hodges, Perk Day, Alton Hendrix, George Rowland, Frank Hyde, H. B. Yarbrough, John Cobb, Claude Sparks, Thad Vance, and Pauline Hubbard. Third Row: Charles Watson, Charles Sims, Edward Myers, Larry Jennings, Ohnie Hall. Bill Rosecranes, Charles Elley, H. K. Cook, Silas Ellis. John Huhrey, Wyatt Watkins, William Guthrie, Thomas Sylvester, and Calvin Stoffle. EL CIRCULO ESPANOL The customs, culture, dress, and langu- age of the Spanish speaking people are studied in this group. This organization seeks to pro- mote a keener and better understanding and interst in the Spanish people over the world. Several parties and picnics are held by the club each year. These activities include a Christmas party and visits to the Metropolitan Opera. OFFICERS Phyllis Ford ... President Janelle Sigsby ... ... Vice President Sterling C. Moore Secretary Carl Graves . . . . . Treasurer D. F. Pasmore ... ... Sponsor Front Row: Clyde Smith. Harriet Burress, Carl Graves, Phylliss Ford. Dr. D. F. Pasmore. Janelle Sigsby, Sterling C. Moore, Evelyn Hough, Kenneth Rhenshaw. Second Row: Behe Coffey, Glenn Fox, Betty Dean, Mary Alice Bennet, Carol Cartwright. Edward Haag, Imogene Joseph. Roy Atkins, Bernice Gibson, J. D. Coker, Mary Jane Hender- son, Jernigan Yates, Genevieve Avis. Third Row: Frank Rogers, Ruel C. Cook, Donald Baker, Jack Redus, and Harvel Brown. HISTORICAL SOCIETY The historical society was organized at State in 1938 and is of interest to all students who are taking history courses. Its purpose is for the students to come into direct contact with some historical information and data which includes the places they and the com- munities that surrounds the College. The historical society sponsors the College museum which is valued at several thousand dollars. Besides this the society sponsors several social gatherings during the year. OFFICERS Doyle Herron A. O. King Carl Graves Homer C. Huitt President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Front Row: Bob Appleby, Bob Appleby, Evelyn Hough, Virginia Davis. Annie Rae Jenkins, Ruth Wofford, Exel Dishion. Back Row: Elmer S. Jack, Marvin Shaver, H. B. Yarbrough, A. C. King. Doyle Herron, Carl Graves, Kermit Rhea, Leon Bowdon, Foster Bowdon, Dr. Homer C. Huitt. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club has been out- standing in its activities on the campus for many years. Some of the activities of the club are as follows: a party for the prospective members in the fall, contributions to the White Christmas Fund, supper meetings, pres- entation of a medal to the outstanding fresh- man home economics major on Honor ' s Day, and a party for the senior girls in May. OFFICERS Dora Louise Sexton President Betty Blackwood Vice President Betty Jean Henderson Secretary-Treasurer Ann C. Hnderson Historian Left to right: Audrey Nell Norrid, Jean Standefer, Evelyn Houston, Mary Jo Norton. Clarissa Wilbanks, Mary Jane Henderson, Cleo Swarens, Jeffie Sanders, Beulah Lindsey. Martha Jane Stephens, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown, Tica Robinson, Helen Wood, Dolly Jones, Betty Blackwood, Maud Adams Lawhorn, Kathryn Miller, Pauline Bigham, Gennel Osbourne, Fred- reca Brady, Imogene Taylor, Valda Earnhart, Dora Louise Sexton, Janice Kellar, Fleta Stone, Virginia Fullen, Geraldine Franklin, Vanita Mahon, Evelyn Hough, and Wanda Schaeffer. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais consists of students who are taking French or at some time have taken the subject and those who are interested in the course. Several social affairs as well as intellectual courses are sponsored by the club each year. OFFICERS Charles Alvey . President Grace Jenny Greenhaw . Vice President Robert Leet . . Secretary Mary Frances Adams .... Treasurer Front Row: Harriet Burress, Bob Leet, Mary F. Adams, Grace J. Greenhaw, Dr. D. F. Pas- more, Larry Wimp, Jolene Wilkins, Bill Fulkerson, Retta Wayland. Second Row: Shirlene Wince, Carol Cartwright, John Gourley, Fern Spurlock, Charles Alvey, Freda James, Lester Bruce, Elizabeth Goodloe, Doyle Herron, Davene Hiett, Thomas Weathersby, Helen White, J. Carlton, Dibby Snellgrove. Third Row: Howard Lybrand, H. B. Aycock, Carl Graves, Donald Baker, Oliver Kerfoot, Bill Cuartto, Helen Braden, Wayne Gibson. Fourth Row: Herbert Adkins. Billy Thornton, Francis Wilson, Herald Kaffa, Leslie Steph- ens, Carol C. Woodring, Robert E. Johnson, James Rice, Robert Linton, Robert S. Edwards, Bob Purtle. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club is one of the oldest clubs on the campus. The purpose of this club is to study seri- ously and discuss objectively international af- fairs, and to promote an interest in inter- national problems among the students of Ark- ansas State College. OFFICERS Kermit Rhea President Eli Abbott Vice President Carl Graves Secretary-Treasurer Annie Rae Jennings Librarian Homer C. Huitt Sponsor First Row: Ruth Wofford, Belle Tripp, Eli Abbott, Kermit Rhea, Homer C. Huitt, Mattie Mae Finely. Dorothy Dishion. Second Row: Kay Keith. John Webster, Exel Dishion. Leon Bowdon. Carl Richardson, Mark Roberts, Roscoe Brown, Annie Rae Jennings, Ray Baker, Mrs. Claude Brinton. Third Row: A. C. King, Carl Graves, Sterling C. Moore. Marvin Shaver, Elmer S. Jack, Travis Neal. W. H. Perrin, Bertrum Price. LES ARTISTES Les Artistes is composed of students tak- ing, or who have taken, an art course. Its meetings are devotd to art-craft work. Mem- bers are given the opportunity to get ac- quainted in an informal way and also to get acquainted more easily with their prospec- tive work by comparison. Each spring this group sponsors a formal art exhibit and tea during the graduation week. OFFICERS Doyle Herron Horace K. Cook Charles Elley Aver a Knight Charles Coleman Mrs. D. F. Pasmore President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Sponsor Front Row: Ralph Bench, Allan Smith, Avera Knight, H. K. Cook, Mrs. D. F. Pasmore, Doyle Herron. Charles Coleman, Charles Elley. Second Row: Beulah Lindsey, Betty Scholtz, Mattie Mae Finely, Davene Hiett, Norma Johnston, Eleanor Riddick, Dora Louise Sexton, Betty Blackwood, Audrey Nell Norrid, Valda Earnhart, Martha Futtrell, Betty Jo Norton, Mary Jane Henderson, Mary Frances Adams. Third Row: Carmen Scholtz, Billy Thornton, David Coleman, Ed Meyers, Adrian White, and Kenneth Hargrove. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Men ' s Glee Club of Arkansas State appears in Chapel and for other various social and civic functions of the year. This club like many other on the campus has been re-organized this year for the first time in five years. OFFICERS Wallace Greenhaw C. L. Holt Algie Bishop Janelle Sigsby Doyle Herron President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Pianist Director B. V. Keister Sponsor Front Row: Dale Garner. James B. Relict. Bill Beaird. Prell Settlemire. and George Sliedd. Second Row: Johnny Jones, Bob Dearen. James Wilkinson, C. L. Holt, Adrian Sebastian, Ned Penny, H. B. Yarbrongh, Frank Hyde, and Wallace Greenhaw. Without Pictures: Billy Joe Crews, Algie Biship, Tom Keister, Dave Connor, and Wyatt Watkins. MINISTER ' S FELLOWSHIP CLUB The Minister ' s Fellowship Club was or- ganized January 15, 1947, at Arkansas State College. This organization is non-sectarian and all ministerial students are eligible for membership. The purposes of the M. F. C. are: to offer an opportunity for the ministers to be- come better acquainted, to have more social contact on the campus as a group, and to facilitate better understanding and more tol- erance among the various religious groups on the campus. OFFICERS Rev. W. L. Diggs Rev. Carl Bunch Rev. Norris Steele President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Rev. R. C. Cook ... Reporter First Row: Rev. M. A. Cherry, Rev. R. C. Cook, Rev. Carl Bunch, Rev. Anil Brannon Second Row: Rev. Elvis Wright, Rev. J. C. Riggins, Rev. W. L. Diggs, Rev. M. R. Griffin. Members without pictures are: Rev. Norris Steele, Rev. Mauldin A. Ray. NAMVETS The NAMVETS is composed of Navy, Army, and Marine Veterans, and is one of the newest campus organizations. It was organ- ized to help veterans in solving problems which face them in college, and to foster a community spirit among veterans at Arkansas State College. This organization sponsors speakers of national importance on subjects concerning veterans, has an active committee to aid in se- curing employment for student veterans. One of the projects will be to offer assistance and tutor service for deserving members. The initial meeting was held January 15, 1947. This organization has a potential mem- bership of approximately 300. OFFICERS Kermit Rhea Bill Beaird Adrian Sebastian Sterlin C. Moore Rouse Harp John B. Harris Prell Settlemire Doyle Herron President Senior Vice President Junior Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Left to right: Mr. Boris Alexander, Doyle Herron, Sterling C. Moore, Kermit Rhea, Bill Beaird, Prell Settlemire, Adrian Sebastian, Dr. Paid Couch, and Dr. Delzie Demaree. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu, a National Social Science Honor Society, was organized at Arkansas State College during the school year 1935-36. Membership in Pi Gamma Mu is based on Junior-Senior standing and cer- tain scholastic requirements. OFFICERS Homer C. Huitt Kathleen McGee Doris Ray Rector Mary Rogers Brown Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Front Row: Coy C. Brooks, Dorothy M. Fenton, D. F. Pasmore, Kathleen McGee, Doris Ray Rector, D. F. Showalter, Jewel Hannah. Second Row: Mary Rogers Brown, Bessie Howell, Clarrissa Delano, Paul E. Couch, Dora Louise Sexton, Homer C. Huitt, Ann Henderson, F. W. Plunkett, Imogene Joseph, B. V. Keister, Valda Farnhart, Margaret Daniels, Mrs. Burk Brinton. Third Row: Carl Graves, Exel Dishion, Kermit Rhea, Elmer Jack, Travis Neal, Durward Cooper, Carl Richardson, and Ray Baker. PI OMEGA PI The Alpha Kappa Chapter of Pi Omega, a national business honor frater- nity, was installed on Arkansas State College Campus March 18, 1939. Since that time 107 members have been initiated. Membership is by invitation and is based upon scholastic and departmental requirements. OFFICERS Kathleen McGee President Ruth Wofford ... Vice President Exel Dishion Secretary Mary Grier . . . . . . Treasurer Mattie Mae Finley ... Historian Mrs. Vera Spears Sponsor Front Row: Ruth Wofford, Charles Ross, Mrs. Vera Spears, Doris Rector, Kathleen McGee. Charles Webb, Sarah Catherine Gasaway. Back Row: Foster Bowdon, Exel Dshion, Douglas Bradley. Frank Wiles, Marjorie Masters, Mary Louise Grier, Jewel Hannah. PRE -CP. A. CLUB The Pre-C.P.A. Club was organized on January 22, 1947. There are 52 charter members. It ' s purpose is to promote the interests of students of higher accountancy, to study the professional ethics, the current developments and practical problems encountered by the Public Accountant, with special emphasis on income tax problems and their relations to the public accounting field. Re- quirements for membership are that students be enrolled in advanced account- ing courses. OFFICERS Frank Wiles James C. Sumner Bonnard E. O ' Neal Grover H. Freeman Dorothy Fox F. O. Griffin Foster Bowdon Mrs. Vera Spears President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor Co-Sponsor Front Row: Foster Bowdon, Frank Wiles, Dean Adams, James Wilkinson, Betty Terry, Dorothy Fox, Mattie Mae Finely, and Mrs. Vera Spears. Second Row: F. O. Griffin, Charles Hinson, John Murphy, Leon Bowden, Allon Whitt, Elmer Skaggs, James Sumner, Bales Huston, Jesse Long, Curtis Duncan, David Nichols, Carl Wilson, Wesley Webb, Arthur Cooper, and Kermt Rhea. Third Row: Carl Gwaltney, Bonnard O ' Neal, Grover Freeman. Douglas Bradley, Ralph Richtie, and W. H. Perrin. PRE -LAW CLUB The Pre-Law Club was organized December 15, 1946. It is an organi- zation of pre-law students who are interested in entering the field of law as a profession. OFFICERS Douglas Bradley President Rouse Harp Vice-President James Brickell Secretary-Treasurer Gerald Pearson Reporter Harwell Brown ... Librarian Foster Bowdon Sponsor First Row: Roscoe Brown, Jack H. Burge. Harwell Brown, James Brickell, Douglas Brad- ley, Foster Bowden, Gerald Pearson, Frank Wiles. Second Row: Leon Bowdon. John Murphy, Billy Nichols. Kermit Rhea, Kenneth Braden, Dan Burge, Edward R. Haag, Sterlin Moore, Jernigan Yates, Arthur T. Vance. Members who are not on picture are: Howard Lybrand, John C. Watkins, Harry J. Holland, Evans Jackson. PRE -MED CLUB The purpose of the Pre-Med Club is to provide a social hour for the members to get better acquainted. The club also provides hours limited only to discussions concerning medicine. The club meets one night out of every month. Qualifications to belong to this club in- cludes a course in pre-med or you must be in- terested in medicine. Membership is limited to twenty. OFFICERS Carl Graves Dr. W. W. Nedrow President Sponsor Front Row: Retta Wayland, Doyle Baker, Carol Springle, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Carl Graves, James Campbell, Freida James. Back Row: Thomas Weathersby, Thomas Barnes, Jr., Douglas Phillips, Kenneth Graham, Johnny Jones, Charles Alvey, Carl Wilson, Melvin Swafford, and Wyatt Watkins. PRESS CLUB The Press Club was organized in 1929 tor the purpose of fulfilling the needs of stu- dents interested in journalism and to publish the Arkansas State College Herald, the col- lege weekly paper. The highlight of the Club ' s work is the Journalism Day which is sponsored by the club for the benefit of the high school journal- ism in the surrounding territory. This year the day was April 26. State journalists inspected the metropoli- tan newspaper plants in Memphis on May 2, to observe the principles and features of run- ning a big paper. OFFICERS Jack Redus ... President Billy Ruddell Vice President Evans Jackson Secretary Phyllis Ford Treasurer Front Row: Palmer Smith, Naomi Beasly, Evans Jackson. Catherine Walker, L. W. Plnnkett. Behe Coffey, Jack Redus, Grace Jenny Greenhaw, Billy Ruddell. Second Row: John B. Harris, Phyllis Ford, Carol Springle, Helen White, James Brickell, Valda Earnhart, James Dickson, Imogene Joseph, Denver Patrick, Bernice Gibson, Fern Spur- lock, Prell Settlemire, Betty Blackwood, Bill Thornton, Evelyn Hough, John Webster, Berta Lou Gramling, Tommy Westbrook. Third Row: Bill Green, Vester Workman, James Roberts, Donald Baker, and Doyle Herron. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation was organized seven years ago through interrelations of the three Methodist Churches in Jonesboro. The Wesley Foundation is a student or- ganization inclusive of all Methodist students and those who are interested in Methodism, seeking to provide for the spiritual, moral and social needs of the students. The Wesley Foundation sends delegates to the State Student Conference each year. OFFICERS Raymond Mills ... President Helen Wood Vice President Betty Dean . Secretary Lloyd Stetszer ... Treasurer Roscoe Brown Publicity Manager Opal Roberts Youth Director First Row: Opal Roberts, Ruel C. Cook, Elizabeth Goodloe, Raymond Mills, Patsy Hall, Lloyd Stetzer, Roscoe Brown. Second Row: Fleta Stone, Tica Robinson, Mary Lancaster, Mavis Sears, Rita Wayland, Harriet Burress, Mary Jo McLendon, Davene Hiett, Mary Jo Norton, Clarice Willbanks, Belle Tripp. Third Row: Gene Pope, H. B. Yardhrough, William Barnes, Jr., Harvey J. Midkiff, Bill Bnrk, James Wilkinson, Fred Danghtery. W. A. A. Women ' s Athletic Association was or- The Women ' s Athletic Association has ganized in 1935. The initial group consisted as its objective to promote sports among the of fifty girls, with Mildred Liddell as presi- women students of the college, dent, and Mrs. James Mason sponsor. OFFICERS Susie Baldridge Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Sponsor Front Row: Juanita Caldwell. Sponsor; Geraldine Warren, Jeanne Crowley, Susie Baldridge. Frances McCown, Louise Mitchell, Betty Cravens. Second Row: Berta Lou Gramling, Patsy Bittinger, Bo-Peep Bryant, Imogene Taylor, Eva Lee Ruegger, Bobbie Holland, Dorothy Fox, Nadine Noel, Tica Robinson, Helen Wood. President Jeanne Crowley Frances McCown Geraldine Warren Tames Caldwell INDIAN STAFF B. V. KEISTER CARL OSCAR GRAVES PALMER SMITH Sponsor Editor-in-Chief Business Manager First Row: John B. Webster, Asst. Editor; Kathleen McGee, Senior Editor; Dora Louise Sexton, Junior Editor; David Coleman, Sophomore Editor; C. L. Holt, Freshman Editor; and Doris Ray Rector, Secretary. Second Row: Charles Elley, Art Editor; H. K. Cook, Art Editor; John Harris, Sports Editor; Ruth Wofford, Organization Editor; Avera Knight, Art Editor; Betty Kirchoff, Reporter. Third Row: Carol Springle, Faculty Editor; Adrian White, Snapshot Editor; and L. W. " Tex " Plunkett, Advisor. MILITARY COMMANDING OFFICERS COL. K. S. SWEANY MAJOR ERNEST RUBEL Colonel Kenneth S. Sweany, commanding officer of the P. M. S. and T., came to Arkansas State College in 1946 as his first assignment since the end of the war. Colonel Sweany, was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from the United State Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., in the class of 1923. He graduated from the Command and General Staff School, Fort Leav- enworth, Kansas, in the Class of 1939. He served throughout World War II in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. At this time he was Chief of Staff, 41st Infantry Division and Commanding General of the 33rd Infantry Division of Artillery. He received several decorations including: Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal and the Army Commendation Ribbon. Major Ernest N. Rubel, Jr., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tac- tics, received his Bachelor of Arts Degrees at the University of Illinois in 1931. He received his L.L.B. at John Marshall Law School in 1934, and he is a member of the Illinois Bar. He is a graduate of the Field Artillery School, graduate of the Adjutant General ' s School. He served in overseas service during World War II in the China, Burma and India Theatre. Major Rubel came to State in 1946. Maintenance of the blue star, which denotes excellence, has been due to the untiring efforts of these men. All the responsibility of department rests on their shoulders. Arkansas State College Military Department has held the blue star every since it was organized in 1936. ENLISTED PERSONNEL From left to right: M-Sgt. Thaddeus Z. Sarser, Jr., in care of the motor de- tail; M-Sgt. George L. Broadway, assistant instructor, S-Sgt. Irvin H. Ferreira, in care of the supply detail; T-Sgt. Fred Bedson, assistant instructor; and M-Sgt. Paul S. Robinson, administrative director. The service rendered by the enlisted personnel is invaluable to the unit as a whole. These men keep the equipment, buildings, and records of the organi- zation in tip top condition. CADET CLUB OFFICERS RAYMOND D. HENLEY CHARLES A. TERRY PALMER SMITH Charles A. Terry Charles Hinson President Vice President Palmer Smith Avon T. Adams Secretary Treasurer The Cadet Officers ' Club was organized in Decem- ber, 1946. Any cadet appointed an offcer in the Corps automatically becomes a member unless he expresses in writing to the president of the club his desire not to he enrolled. The purpose of the club is to foster com- radeship, develop espit de corps, advance the profes- sional knowledge of the members and to provide a means for social activity. m iii L Top Row: Alex Fisher, Avon T. Adams. Clarence P. [ones, G. H. Ruffin, Thomas Oberley,- Charles Hinson, and Calvin Hately. Second Row: Hubert Daughtey, Charles Grube, Wyman Dyke, Wm. O. Finch, Jr., Oscar Faulkner. John E. Wolf, and Jack Mullens. Third Row: William Rhodes, Cabin Lamb, Wil- liam Guthire, Oral Batterton, R. D. Graham, Ruben R. Whitley, and Lemuel Baswell. Fourth Row: Charles G. Depriest, Jimmy Jenkins, Charles Hinson. Kenneth Graham, Billy J. Hughes, Bob Appleby, and Robert Parnell. SENIOR CLASS Front Row: Avon Adams, Lester Brute, Charles Terry, Alex Fisher, and Thomas Oberley. Back Row: Richard Frazier, H. M. Julian, Clarence Paul Jones, Wyman Dyke, Robert Parnell, and Ruben R. Whitley. This is the first advanced class of the post-war R.O.T.C. The members of this class will get their commissions at the end of the first semester of next year. JUNIOR CLASS This is the second advanced class of the post-war R.O.T.C. They will get their commissions in May of 1948. The advanced classes will go to Fort Sill this summer for summer camp. The camp lasts for a period of six weeks. MILITARY A. " BATTERY SECOND PLATOON MILITARY " B " BATTERY FIRST PLATOON " B " BATTERY SECOND PLATOON MILITARY BATTALION REVIEW GUNNERY DRILL MAJOR RUBEL POINTS OUT THE FINE POINTS ON A 155 MILITARY FIELD WORK AT A. S. C. WHO ' S WHO AT ARKANSAS STATE MARY FRANCES ADAMS BRUCE GREENWAY NANCY BURROWS Most Beautiful Girl Most Handsome Man Best Dressed Girl EVERETTE BOLTON " TEX " PLUNKETT Best Athlete Most Popular Instructor ROSCOE BROWN SUSIE MAE BALDRIDGE BERTIS NIX Best Dressed Boy Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Buildings Of Arkansas State College Nancy Burrows Pocahontas, Arkansas Mary Frances Adams Knob el, Arkansas ARKANSAS Wanda Hutchinson Ponglikeepsie, Arkansas STATE Martha Gipson Jonesboro, Arkansas ATHLETIC STAFF " FROSTY " ENGLAND J. A. " IKE " TOMLINSON HAROLD J. NICHOLS Football Coach Athletic Director Track Coach Basketball Coach BASKETBALL Coach J. A. (Ike) Tomlinson and his Arkansas State College Indians last March were crowned Ark- ansas Intercollegiate Champions by virtue of a 47 to 35 victory over the Arkansas State Teachers of Con- way. The Indians reached the finals by achieving vic- tories over the College of the Ozarks five and the Magnolia A. and M. College aggregation. Victory in the state tournament marked a hectic season for the Arkansas State Indians during which they knocked off some of the nations best college teams and lost to some weak fives. Last year the Redskins were rated as Arkansas ' best collegiate cjuintet after defeating all Arkansas opponents, but school officials decided against allow- ing the Tribe to enter the state Intercollegiate meet and they missed a chance to cop the honors. 1946-47 BASKETBALL SEASON SCORES State 26 Murry, Ky., Teachers State 53 Southeast Missouri State College State 54 Centenary College State 43 Murray, Ky., Teachers State 31 Southern 111., Normal University State 50 Washington U. (St. Louis) 67 49 56 59 72 58 State 36 Concordia Seminary (St. Louis) 56 State 49 Beloit, Wisconsin College 52 State 54 Beloit, Wisconsin College 62 State 55 Southeast Missouri State College 51 State 59 Arkansas College 34 State 40 Mississippi University ■ 29 State 42 Concordia Seminary (St. Louis) 54 State 81 Southwestern University (Memphis) 41 State 52 Memphis State Teachers 37 State 65 University of Mexico 45 State 62 Monticello A. and M. College 47 State 41 Bradley University (Peoria, 111.) 77 State 52 Southwestern University (Memphis) 42 State 50 Memphis State Teachers 60 State 49 University of the South (Sewanee, Tenn.) 42 State 52 Texas Wesleyan 54 State 48 Texas Wesleyan 81 State 71 Monticello A. and M. College 51 State 33 Centenary College 36 State 58 Memphis State Teachers 56 State 39 University of the South (Sewanee, Tenn.) 33 State 54 Arkansas State Teachers 47 State 39 Arkansas State Teachers 47 STATE TOURNAMENT State 49 College of the Ozarks 47 State 53 Magnolia A. and M. College 49 State 47 Arkansas State Teachers 35 NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURNAMENT State 60 Beloit College 75 FOOTBALL The Arkansas State College football team this past football season lost only three games out of a strenous ten game schedule and enjoyed the best gridiron season since 1933. Victories were registered over the Southern Illi- nois Normal University, the first time the Indians ever defeated the S.I.N.U eleven; Illinois Wesleyan of Bloomington, also the first time in football history State ever won over Wesleyan; Centre College of Danville, Ky., a small college known throughout the country for its famous football teams; and the State Teach- ers at Conway. Tie games were registered with the Monticello A. and M. College, who held the Redskins to a 13-13 tie; the Henderson State Teachers, who held the Indi- ans to a scoreless tie; and Evansville College of Ev- ansville, Ind., who battled with the Redskins to a 6-6 tie. Defeats suffered by State were to the Southeast Missouri State College of Cape Girardeau, Mo., who won 8 to 0; Xavier of Cincinnati. Ohio, who defeated the Indians 26-0; and Bradley University of Peoria. 111., who defeated the Tribe 26-2. mm CROWNING OF HOMECOMING QUEEN INDIANS IN ACTION INDIANS SCALP ILL. WESLEYAN A PARKER FOOTBALL F. W. ENGLAND Football Coach BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL State vs. Teachers STATE WON The One and Only THE 1947 HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Dor is Harding Miss Doris Harding, of Holly Grove, Arkansas, was chosen by the football boys to reign over the festivities of Homecoming Day. Her maids of honor were: Nancy Burrow, of Pocahontas and Mary Frances Adams, of Knobel, Arkansas. The coronation of the Queen took place just before the kick off of the game between Arkansas State and Illinois Wesleyan. The Queen was crowned by the Captain of the football team, Everette Bolton, and given the traditional kiss by the Co-Captain Virgil Ledbetter. The Queen and her maids reigned once again that night at the Annual Homecoming Dance sponsored by the Delta Omega Sigma fraternity honoring the Indians on their victory over Illinois Wesleyan. Service To All Points THROUGH — NO-CHANGE SERVICE TO ST. LOUIS CHARTERS — EXPRESS — BAGGAGE CONVENIENT :o: SAFE :o: ECONOMICAL GREAT SOUTHERN COACHES GENERAL OFFICES JONESBORO, ARK. SANDWICHES STEAKS AGGIE INN WANDA and KEITH WILLIAMS. Props. DRINKS PLATE LUNCHES Southern Auto Stores, Inc. Automotive Accessories and Parts Home Appliances and Household Items 245 S. Main Phone 4244 Jonesboro, Ark. Keepsake Clements ' Where you know the Quality " WATCHES — JEWELRY The Finest in Watch Repairing S. Main — Jonesboro " BURIAL PROTECTION FOR ALL " LANGFORD ' S MORTUARY Lloyd L. Langford. Owner JONESBORO, ARKANSAS PHONE 661 725 S. MAIN WE WELCOME YOU TO JONESBORO FLYING SERVICE SERVICES RENDERED Flight Instruction Charter Service Pleasure Rides Repair Service FULLY INSURED Dealers For Piper Cub — Cessna — Stinson CITY WATER AND LIGHT PLANT MUNICIPALLY OWNED AND OPERATED JONESBORO. ARKANSAS ; V HERBERT PARKER ' S Royal Pharmacy Phone 646 One of Arkansas ' Finest — and Jonesboro ' s Best DRUG STORES Rees ' s Inn THE SOUTHERN ROOM Now Available For Dinners, Dancing and Parties STEAKS — CHOPS — CUTLETS Home of the Three Little Pigs Nettleton Rd. Bill Rees, Owner Winning pause THESE MODERN BUSES OPERATE ON REGULAR SCHEDULE Between Jonesboro and State College " OUR CABS ARE NOW EQUIPPED WITH TWO-WAY RADIO " 44 CAB BUS CO. DIAL 544 FROM PATTON MOTOR COMPANY SALES SERVICE YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER SERVING JONESBORO AND VICINITY 17 YEARS PHONES 584—585 317—321 UNION MIDWEST Americas Favorite ICE CREAM EVERYONE DRINKS Royal Crown Cola BEST BY TASTE TEST Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro ' s Most Complete SHOE REPAIR SHOP Jimmie Reeves Shoe Repair Shop Jonesboro, Ark. S. MAIN PHONE 4815 ALAN G. PATTESON REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORDS JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Send It To YOU ' LL BE GLAD YOU SENT IT Arkansas Sales Co. YOUR PURE OIL DISTRIBUTOR Be sure with Pure AGGIE ROAD DIAL 2266 JONESBORO Jonesboro Roller Mill FEED SEEDS FARM SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 2231 Cor. Burke Union JONESBORO GROCER COMPANY ONE OF THE OLDEST WHOLESALE FOOD DISTRIBUTORS IN NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Look To The Future! Insurance IS YOUR SURE WAY TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES — SEE — Eric Rogers Son For All Kinds of Insurance PHONE 2961 WE WELCOME THE STUDENTS OF ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE COME IN AND ENJOY YOUR MEALS AT THE Court Square Cafe Main Jackson Phone 3371 FOR A COMPLETE LINE OF TOP QUALITY SPORTING GOODS YOU WILL FIND IT AT THE CRAIG SPORTING GOODS CO. 101 S. MAIN PETE CRAIG, OWNER JONESBORO. ARK. DIAL 4752 " SHOP OF QUALITY AND STYLE " HOUSE OF FASHION JONESBORO 502 S. MAIN PHONE 3246 SEVENTY YEARS OF LEADERSHIP GREGG FUNERAL HOME UNEXCELLED AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 566 JONESBORO WALNUT RIDGE MONETTE FROM COLLEGE TO HOME OWNERSHIP SEE BARTON LUMBER COMPANY JONESBORO. ARKANSAS McFALL Tire and Supply Co. 400 S. Main Si. YOUR Firestone STORE TIRES — TUBES ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HOME SUPPLIES AUTO SUPPLIES BUY THE BEST BUY Tinstone YOU WILL ALWAYS ENJOY A PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE AT OUR MODERN FOUNTAIN WE SERVE ONLY THE BEST City Drug Store 322 S. MAIN Jonesboro PROMPT PRESCRIPTION SERVICE ' YOUR HOME BUILDING HEADQUARTERS ' Better Homes FOR Better Living STUCK BROTHERS JONESBORO, ARKANSAS EBB PICKENS VERNON T. COVINGTON JIM LYONS JONESBORO SPORTING GOODS CO. " THE SPORTSMAN ' S STORE " Wholesale and Retail 212 Creath Ave. JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Phone 4532 HANDLING NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS OF ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT, SPORTING GOODS and FISHING TACKLE SVestef Auto 1 TORES , ••• ,- rs? « -.- CIRCLE ARROW It Points tnVWay to Cfh dtie t Va tgd JONESBORO TRUMANN SYD CAMERON, Owner Schoenfield ' s WOMEN ' S WEAR Nationally Advertised Lines Handled Exclusively COATS AND SUITS " Swansdown " — " Leeds " Dresses Franklins Doris Dodson Mary Muffet Joan Miller Paul Sargents Georgiana L ' Aiglon Paula Brooks FAN ' S LADIES TOGGERY Jonesboro ' s Smart Shoppe 318 South Main Jonesboro, Arkansas THE SHOPPE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS Fan Borodofsky, Owner Mrs. Gladys Mitchell, Mgr. MATH IS BUS LINES, INC. Mathis Trailways 326 South Church JONESBORO. ARKANSAS PHONE 2241 FOR BUS INFORMATION Blythevi I le - Jonesboro - Newport - Little Rock Connections to Texarkana, Hot Springs, Fort Smith, Springfield, St. Louis, Batesville, and Memphis JAMES BITTINGER General Manager t II II If Northeast Arkansas ' Finest Shoe Store JONESBORO, ARKANSAS 403 SOUTH MAIN PHONE 2161 LIBERTY CASH GROCERY GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES K. C. STEAKS Phone 3351 308 S. Main DELIVERY SERVICE TEASDALE MOTORS 14 YEARS WITH DODGE DODGE AND PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE DODGE TRUCKS AND COMMERCIAL CARS PHONE 2246 JONESBORO. ARK. 407 UNION CITIZENS BANK Of Jonesboro " A Service Institution " — Make this your Bank OFFICERS M. L. McKinney, President S. V. McKinney, Vice-President J. E. McKee. Vice, President C. V. McKinney, Cashier E. F. Mackey, Asst. Vice-Pres. HOT POINT UNIVERSAL WHIDDEN APPLIANCE CO. 108 E. HUNTINGTON AND 106 BURKE 3005 BENDIX PHONE MAGIC CHEF 602 MERCANTILE BANK Jonesboro, Ark. MEMBER F.D.I.C. METZLER MOTOR CO. GAS CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH OIL Sales and Service Phone 643 Jonesboro, Ark. SHOP AT WALL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE HOME OF THESE FAMOUS NAMES Jacqueline Shoes Berkshire Hose Carole King Dresses McGregor Sportswear Phoenix Manhattan Shirts Curlee Suits Dobbs Hats Bostonian Shoes Catalina Swim Suits JONESBORO, ARKANSAS FOR THE LATEST COLLEGE STYLES SHOP AT JONESBORO ' S LARGEST DEPT. STORE Compliments Of The Lone Star Company YOUR MAGNOLIA DEALER JONESBORO, ARK. Aggie Rd. Phone 679 B A h 4 K OF NETTLETON MEMBER F.D.I.C. NETTLETON. ARKANSAS " The Bank of Friendly Service " SINCE 1904 Central Chevrolet Company CHEVROLET! Chevrolet Passenger and Commercial Cars and Trucks Telephone 575 Union at Monroe — Jonesboro. Ark. " Thanks for letting us make your 1947 Indian " PHOTOSERVICE BURK BRENTON — BILL HUNTER — BILL SIMMONS

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