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EX LIBRIS Your 1941 Indian THE 1941 INDIAN NEWSPAPER EDITION Vol. XVIII Page3 Published by the Senior Class of Arkan- sas State College. An annual publication dedicated to the welfare of the institution. Billy Jowers Paul Settlemire Dr. Ashley Robey Editor Business Manager Sponsor Dedication We respectively dedicate this 18th volume of the Arkansas State Col- lege Indian to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Vernon Warr. They have devoted their lives to the welfare of this College and have served the institution faithfully and well thes e many years. Always loved by the students, they have long been affectionately known as " Mother and Dad " Warr to all their " children, " we, the graduates and undergraduates of Arkansas State College. 21116 MM Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Vernon, Warr TAIBLIE OIF CONTENTS Administration First Section Classes Second Section Physical Plant Building Section Organizations Club News Military National Defense Beauties First Society Section Social and Honor Societies Second Society Section Athletics Sports Section Snapshots and Advertising Tabloid Section THE INDIAN 1941 ARKANSAS STATE STARTED IN 1909 BY LEGISLATURE Intensive Building Program Begun As College Attains Se- nior Ranking " Little Rock, Ark., April, 1909 — After a stormy session in both houses, Act 100, in- troduced by the Hon. J. J. Bellamy, was passed by the Arkansas State Legislature and was signed by Gover- nor John W. Donaghey. The passage of this bill clears the way for the creation of four district agricultural schools to be established in the state. " With this short news story, the newspapers of Arkansas brought to the people of the state the account of the pas- sage of the bill that was to build for them an educational system. To the people of Northeastern Arkansas it meant the founding of the State Agricultural School of Jonesboro which developed later into the State Agricul- tural and Mechanical College, and still latter it became known, as it is today, as Ark- ansas State College. However, the passage of this now famous bill did not mean that the fight for education in Arkansas was ended. In- stead it had just ' begun, and the foundation upon which Arkansas State College has been built was wrought through only the hardest kind of fight, on the part of the founders and developers, a- First S ection gainst enemies that cropped up all through the school ' s growth. Anxious to get the institu- tion started, Mr. V. C. Kays, the first and only president the College has had, came to Jonesboro early in 1910; and with the aid of the Board of Trustees, appointed by the governor, opened the school for business in rooms above the old T. J. Ellis Jewelry Company. In the fall of 1911 the first administration build- ing and two dormitories, Lew- is and Barnhart Halls, both of which are still standing on the campus, were completed; and the school moved in £° its own buildings. In 1923 the State Legislature changed the name of the in- stitution from the State Ag- ricultural School of Jonesboro to Arkansas State Agricultural and Mechanical College. How- ever it was not until 1927 that a Doctor of Philosophy joined the faculty in the person of Dr. Newton H. Brown. Finally recognition came to the school from the North Cen- tral Association as a two year college in 1929. One year lat- er, the College offered its first four year courses, and in the spring of 1931 the first grad- uates completed their work. On January 17, 1931, trag- edy struck at the growing College when the Administra- tion Building, which had been in use since 1911, burned. However, this great fire re- sulted in the building cam- paign that brought R. E. Lee Wilson Hall, the present Administration Building, to the campus in 1932. This was followed with the building of two new dormitories, the Wo- men ' s Residence Hall and W. S. Danner Hall, in 1934, the Commons Building in 1936, the Military and Science Buildings in 1938, and the Engineering Building in 1938- 39. At the present time a new $300,000 Hangar and Physical Education Building is being Page 7 erected on the campus. Arkansas State A. and M. College was recognized as a legree granting institution by the North Central Association in 1933; and in the spring of this same year, the name of the College was changed to Arkansas State College which it still bears. The members of the Board of Trustees at the time of recognition as a four year college, and who were very instrumental in bringing it about were R. Whitaker, pres., Maurice B. Block, R. E. Lee Wilson, W. L. Banks, and Pearle Davis. Arkansas State College ad- ded an R. O. T. C. unit to its curriculum in 1936, and all male students were required to take two years of military draining. After completing his Irst two years in the course, " he student is given a chance to continue the work in order to be commissioned in the Re- serve Officer ' s Corps at the ?nd of his four years of study. Governor Bailey appointed Judge J. C. Johnston, West VIemphis civic leader, and Will Mack, Jonesboro theatre nan, to serve on the Board of Trustees in the places of Mr. Wilson and Mr. Whitaker, ooth deceased. With the mem- bers that were serving when Arkansas State became a four year College, these two men are still directing the affairs of the School. It is upon the shoulders of this board, pres- ident V. C. Kays, and the rest of the Administration that the responsibilities for the care and well being of the faculty, students, and the physcal plant of the College rests. To the indomitable spirit of the small group of people, who have led Arkansas State through many hard years, that the people of Northeast- ern Arkansas owe their thanks for the many advantages giv- en them through the educa- tion received at this Institu- tion. THE INDIAN Page 8 First Section 1941 WE MUST KEEP AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE CLEAR Young People Today Find That They Are The Preservers Of Democracy As you and I go about our tasks each day, we realize that rapid changes are tak- ing place in our American way of life. Few of us fully appre- ciate, however, the blessings PRESIDENT V. C. KAYS which we in this free country enjoy. It is difficult for us to interpret and evaluate the constantly changing relation- ships in the worl today. During the few years of our association together in college, we have tried to inculcate the ideals of democracy which will prepare us to appraise the passing movements of hu- manity and to protect our American institutions against the abuses of forces and mis- directed authority. Faith in the integrity and the strength of the individual will through unity of high jurpose furnish the necessary defenses for our democratic way of life. May we all do our part in the protection of democracy and the defense of our coun- try in this time of trial through level-headed think- ing and constructive action to the end that the worthwhile values of our democratic pro- cesses may be perpetuated. May you be happy and suc- cessful as you proceed with life ' s tasks and responsibil- ities. ll.C.1 THE INDIAN 1941 First Section Page 9 DEAN SHOWALTER Dr. D. F. Showalter has ably filled the position of Dean of the Faculty for the last four years. During that time he has been of decided worth to the College in attending to the details of adminis- tration. Besides his duties as Dean, he makes frequent trips to neighboring towns in Arkansas and Missouri to speak on cur- rent ' educational trends. In this way he keeps abreast of the practical high school problems. He is well acquainted with progressive methods of education all over the United States. He is well qualified to offer ex- cellent advice to those who are plan- ning to enter the teaching profession or any other field of activity. REGISTRAR ELDRIDGE Registrar H. E. Eldridge has been granted a year ' s leave of absence as he was called to serve in the National Guard in which he holds the rank of Major. His position has been capably filled by Miss Leton Adams. Many and varied were the tasks " Cap " was called on to handle. Besides keep- ing and individual permanent ' record of each student in the College, he served as head of the NYA, and he was consult- ing engineer of the College Next year he expects to be back at his old job. He will be sincerely welcom- ed by every student and faculty mem- ber. THE INDIAN 1941 DEAN OF MEN, HOLLARD H. W. Hollard, as Dean of Men, has the important task of supervision of the men of the College in their exitra-cur- ricular activities. In this way he helps them in making any effective adjust- ment in their college life. Mr. Hollard is the ideal person for this position. Known as the most pop- ular man on the campus, he always has time to discuss any problem which is brought to him. Acting also as head of the chapel program, he arranges each week for some sort of entertainment. He teaches in the Agriculture department and has charge of the dairy. DEAN OF WOMEN, MRS. BROWN Mrs. Mary Rogers Browns is probab- ly unique among Deans of Women in American colleges because she had as her predecessors her mother an her sister. She has carried on in the same high way in which they filled the po- sition and there is no doubt as to her success on the job. Mrs. Brown helps each woman stud- ent to prepare herself for later life by helping them to gain knowledge and to develop personal integrity. She is always ready to discuss any problem which is brought to her. THE I NDIA N 1941 First S ection Page 11 ACHATZ, MAJOR FRANCIS J. B.S., A.B. Professor of Military Science and Tactics ADAMS, BILL B.S.E. Instructor in Physical Education ANDERSEN, HOLGER W. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology AUSTIN, RUSSELL H. B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Agriculture BROCK, JAMES E. B.S., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Mathematics BROWN, MRS. MARY ROGERS A.B., M.S. Instructor in Home Economics and Dean of Women BULLARD, BERNECE B.S.E. Instructor in Business Administration and Secretary ttio the President COLLINS, RUTH B.S., M.A. Supervisor in Intermediate Grades in Training School THE INDIAN Page 12 First Section 1941 CROSNO, CHARLES DONALD B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Engineering DAVIS, JAMES WENDELL A.B., M.S. Instructor in Languages, Mathe- matics, and Physical Education ELDRIDGE, HARRY E. B.S. Registrar ELDRIDGE, MRS. HARRY E. B.S., M.A. Supervisor in Training School FRENCH, GUY B.S., M.A. Director of Training School GRANT, GUILFORD B. B.S., M.S. Instructor in Agriculture GRAVES, RACHEL B.S.E., M.A. Instructor in Education and Psychology HOLLARD, HENRY W. B.S., M.S. Instructor in Agriculture and Dean of Men THE INDIAN 1941 First Section " Page 13 HOLLARD, MRS. HENRY W. A.B. Instructor in Business Administration HOWELL, MRS. BESSIE A.B., M.A. Supervisor in Primary Grades in Training School HUITT, HOMER C. B.S.E., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Social Science McMEANS, CLYDE E. B.M. Director of Music MASON, JAMES H. A.B., M.A. Supervisor in Training School MASON, MRS. JAMES H. A.B., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education NEDROW, WARREN W. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology PASMORE, DANIEL F. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages THE INDIAN Page 14 First Section 1941 PASMORE, MRS. DANIEL F. B.S. Instructor in Art Education PLUNKETT, FRANK W. B.S.E., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English PLUNKETT, LELAND W. A.B., M.J. Instructor in English RIDINGS, LT. GUS R. A.B. Instructor in Military Science and Tactics ROBEY, ASHLEY B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry ROGERS, EMMA B.S.E. Instructor in Training School SCHWARTZ, HERBERT B.S. Director of Physical Education SHOVER, W. G. B.S., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Business Administra- tion and Economics SHOWALTER, DONALD F. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology and Dean of the Faculty SOMERS, LESTER A. A.B. Instructor in Music and Director of the Arkansas State College Band THE INDIAN 1941 First Section Page 15 SOMERS, MRS. LESTER A. Instructor in Music SWANN, BOBBIE MEALUS A.B., M.A. Supervisor in Intermediate Grades in Training School WALTON, SUDIE MAE A.B., MA., B.L.S. Librarian WHITE, HENRY E. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Agriculture WOMBLE, CAPT. WALTER E. A.B., B.S. Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics WYATT, WILLIAM H. A.B. Instructor in English and Super- visor of Print Shop ADAMS, LETON Secretary to the Registrar and Recorder NEDROW, MRS. WARREN W. Manager of Book Store and Head of the Mailing Division WARR, CLYDE V. Postmaster WARR, MRS. CLYDE V. Superintendent of Halls THE IND Page 16 Second Section CLASS OIF 119411 OFFICERS President Henry F. Metzler, Jr. Vice-President James R. Crockett Secretary Patty Lou Sanders Treasurer Henry S. Salmon, Jr. Reporter Felix Paul Settlemire FOUR YEARS OF COLLEGE BRING MANY MEMORIES Seniors Look Back At Their Early Days In Arkansas State and Reminisce Reminiscences . . . yes. As we look back upon our four years in Arkansas State Col- lege we realize the mistakes we ' ve made and the things we might have done. But that is not all we can see; think of those good times our class has shared together, and the humorous incidents, the all- important tragedies that seem so definite and disrupt- ing — but were lived through somehow. We entered school a little frightened, but were soon cur- ed by the freshman mixers and parties. Dr. D. F. Show- alter was our sponsor, and David Burford, our advisor. Early in the spring of 1938 we elected Horace Ball our pres- ident. Our sophomore year was one of readjustment to our college life. Like all others we found that some things we did our freshman year would- n ' t work again. Some of us took active interest in extra- curricula activities, others be- came " grinds; " all of us found that our college en- vironment had changed— our paths changing to suit our wants. That year we elected Homer Branan, president; Eli Abbott, vice-president; and Marian Smith, secretary. Mrs. Nannie A. Rogers was our sponsor. In school last year we fur- nished members for practic- ally every organization on the campus and had representa- tives on all of the major ath- letic teams. We followed tra- dition by entertaining the se- niors with the Junior-Senior Prom. Homer Branan was re- elected president with Phoebe Reasons and William Cureton our Student Life Representa- tives; Dr. W. W. Nedrow was our sponsor. With Henry Metzler, our president, and Dr. Ashley Ro- bey, our sponsor, leading us this past year, we have form- ed a powerful, though small, group. Most of us seniors have been active on the campus, and many of us have done credibly in our studies. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 17 WILLIAM EVERETT ARNOLD, B.S. Williford, Arkansas Major: Engineering Minor: Agriculture Y. M. C. A. 4; Engineers Club 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3; Ag. Club 4; Amer. Soc. of Ag. Eng. 3, 4. HAYDEN ERNEST AUSTIN, A.B. State College, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Social Science A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 3, 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Tom-A-Hawk 4. FOSTER BOWDON, JR., B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Chemistry and History Pi Omega Pi 4; Senior Asst. in Accounting. PRUSSIA DEAN BRAWLEY, A.B. Wiseman, Arkansas Majors: English and Social Science Minor: Education Pi Gamma Mu 4; I. R. C. 4; Historical Society Sec ' y-Treas. 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; El Circulo Elspanol 4; W. A. A. 4. TH E INDIAN Page 18 Second Section 1941 NORVELL JEWELL BRICKELL, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: English and Social Science Minors: Education and Foreign Language Debate Team 2, 3, 4; Senior Asst. in English; Pi Gamma Mu 3, Pres. 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, Pres. 4; Debate Club Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 4; El Circulo Espanol Vice-Pres. 4; Le Cercle Fran- cais 2, 3, 4; Historical Society 2, 3, Pres. 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. MARY ELISE BROWN, B.S. State College, Arkansas Major: Music Minors: Home Ec. and Education Press Club 2; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Beta Chi 1, 2; Pi Omega Pi 4; Pi Gammu Mu 3, 4; Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM GLENN BRUNER, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Social Science JUANITA LUCILLE CALDWELL, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: Physical Education and Social Science Minors: Education and Business Administration W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1; I. R. C. 2. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 19 THURMAN NATHAN CARPENTER, B.S.E. Williford, Arkansas s Major: Biology Minors: Military Science, Education, and Agriculture Zeita Tau Zeta 3 4,. ROSCOE KEITH CHITWOOD, A.B. Dyess, Arkansas Major: English Minors: History, French, and Military Science " A " Club 3, 4; Ag. Club 2, Reporter 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, Pres. 2, Reporter 3, 4; Engineers Club 1, Sec ' y-Treas. 2; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4; Press Club 4, Pres. 3; Dram- atics Club 3, 4; Asst. to Dean of Men 3, 4; Asst. to English Dept. 2, 3; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges 4; Scab- bard and Blade 3, 4; Delta Omega Sigma 3, 4; Class Treas. 3; R. O. T. C. Capt. Reg. Adj. 4; Herald Staff 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Annual Staff 3. GUS A. CRAIG, B.S. Tuckerman, Arkansas Major: Biology Minors: Military Science, Business Administration, and Education Zeta Tau Zeta 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, Capt. 4; R. O. T. C. Colonel 4; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges; Asst. to Dean of Men 4. JAMES RUEL CROCKETT, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Biology Minors: Military Science and Chemistry Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; El Circulo Espanol 4; Le Cercle Francais 2; A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Press Club 4; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Alpha Sigma Sponsor 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; R. O. T. C. Major 4; Herald Staff 4. 2111C THE IN DIAN Page 20 Second Section 1941 WILLIAM A. CURETON, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minors: Military Science and Biology Delta Omega Sigma 2, 3, Pres. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 1st L L. 4; Ag. Club 2, 3; R. O. T. C. Lt. Colonel 4; Student Life Representative 3. TRESSA LaRUE DeFIELD, A.B. East Prairie, Missouri Majors: Business Administration and English Minors: French and Education Pi Omega Pi 3, Treas. 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Alpha Tau Zeta 3, Rec. Sec ' y 4; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges 4; Indian Staff 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; W. A. A. 3; Orchestra 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Outstanding Shorthand Award 3. DONALD LOUIS FELLEY, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology and Military Science Senior Asst. in Chemistry; Zeta Tau Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4; R. O. T. C. Lt. Colonel 4; Le Cercle Francais 2. JACOB DOT FORTENBERRY, JR., B.S. Imboden, Arkansas Majors: Agriculture and Biology Minors: Business Administration, Education, and Military Science Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Indian Staff 4; Tennis Team 2, 3, 4; R. O. T. C.Capt. 4. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 21 OLETA MAE GIBBINS, A.B. Monette, Arkansas Majors: English and History Minors: Education and Foreign Language W. A. A. 1, 2; A. C. E. 2. BERNARD PAUL GRAHAM, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Education Minors: Mathematics, Business Administration, and Mil- itary Science Delta Omega Sigma 3, 4; Engineer ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Cheerleader 3, Head Cheerleader 4; Indian Staff 3, 4; R. O. T. C. Major 4; " A " Club 4; Historical Society 3, Vice-Pres. 4. KATHERINE GREEN, B.S. Manila, Arkansas Majors: Business Administration and Social Science Minor: Education I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Historical Society 2, 3, 4. ALLENE GRIFFIN, A.B. Leachville, Arkansas Major: English Minors: Social Science, French, and Education Herald Staff 3, 4; Press Club 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 1. 2 3, 4. THE INDIAN Pa ge 22 Second S ection 1941 MARTHA FLORIDE HANIFY, A.B. Poplar Bluff, Missouri Majors: Business Administration and English Minor : History El Circulo Espanol 1, 2; W. A. A. 1; Y. W. C. A. 1; Alpha Sigma 1, Treas. 2, Sec ' y 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Les Artistes 4; Indian Staff 4. JAMES RAY HAYNES, A.B. Pocahontas, Arkansas Majors: Social Science and Business Administration Minors: English, Education, and Military Science Kappa Sigma Nu 2, 3, Sec ' y 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Historical Society 3, 4; R. O. T. C. Lt. Colonel 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Softball 2; Senior Asst. in Social Science; Asst. to Dean of Men 4; B. S. U. 3, 4. MARY LEE HAYNES, B.S.E. Pocahontas, Arkansas Majors: English and Social Science Minor: Education Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 2, 3; Les Artistes 1; A. C. E. 1, Pres. 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3. GEORGE ANDERSON HOPKINS, B.S.E. Netttleton, Arkansas Majors: Social Science and Education Minors: Physical Education, English, Agriculture, and His- tory I. R. C. 4; Historical Society 4. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 23 RUTH M. HOPKINS, B.S.E. Nettleton, Arkansas Majors: English and Education Minor: Social Science I. R. C. 4. J. B. HUSBAND, A.B. Blytheville, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Agriculture University of Arkansas 1, 2; Delta Omega Sigma Honorary Member 3, 4; Ag. Club 3, 4; Intramural Award 3. EMMA SEDLEY IZARD, B.S.E. Forrest City, Arkansas Major: Music Minors: Home Ec, Education, and English A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Beta Chi 3, 4. WILLIAM CRAWFORD JOWERS, A.B. Newport, Arkansas Major: English Minor: History Delta Omega Sigma 4; Press Club 2, 3, Council 4; Choral Club 1, 2; Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Indian Staff 3, Editor 4; Class Reporter 3; Herald Staff 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 3. THE INDIAN Page 24 Second Section 1941 LILLIAN JANICE KING, B.S. Marmaduke, Arkansas Majors: Business Administration and English Minor: Education Alpha Tau Zeta 2, 3, Pres. 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Dramatic Club 1; Business Administraton Club 1; Home Ec. Club 1; Delta Omega Sigma Sweetheart 4; R. O. T. C. Honorary Major 4; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges 4. JAMES B. LAUDERDALE, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Biology and Education Delta Omega Sigma 1, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 2; " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 3, 4. HENRY F. METZLER, JR., B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: English and Military Science Kappa Sigma Nu 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, Capt. 4; Basketball 2, Sub-Capt. 3, Capt. 4; " A " Club 2, Pres. 3 and 4; Dram- atics Club 3, Student Director 4; R. O. T. C. Capt. Batt. Adj. 4; Class Pres. 4; Indian Staff 4. TOM PATTON MOORE, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Military Science and Chemistry Pre-Med Club 1, 2; Zeta Tau Zeta 2, 3, Treas. 4; R. O. T. C. Capt. 4; Le Cercle Francais 1, 2. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section RICHARD CHARLES NEAL, B.S. Parkin, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors : Education, English, and History Business Administration Club 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 2, 3, Treas. 4; Kappa Sigma Nu 4. VIRGINIA OWENS, B.S.E. Alicia, Arkansas Major: Home Ec. Minor: Education Les Artistes 4; Dramatics Club 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 4; Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES POWELL, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Military Science and Social Science Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Pistol Team 3, 4; R. O. T. C. 1st Lt. 4. JETER PRUITT, B.S. Stephens, Arkansas Major: Engineering Minors: Business Administration, Physics, and Mathematics Engineers Club 2, 3, 4. Page 25 THE IN DJ A N Page 26 Second Section 1941 RUTH MILDRED RAULS, B.S. Leachville, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors : Education and Social Science I. R. C. 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, Historian 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Historical Society 4. PHOEBE KATHLEEN REASONS, B.S. West Plains, Missouri Majors: Business Administration and English Minor: Education Alpha Sigma 2, 3, Pledge Capt. 4; A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Treas. 4; Choral Club 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3; Home Ec. Club 4; Indian Staff 4; Senior Asst. in Education; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges 4; Student ' Life Committee 3. BILLY REES, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Mathematics, Military Science, and English R. O. T. C. Capt. 4. CLIFFORD C. ROREX, B.S. Swifton, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minors: Military Science, Business Administration, Biology, and Education Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4; R. O. T. C. 1st. Lt. 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Baskeitball 1, 2, 3; " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Coronation Ball King 4. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section HENRY SANFORD SALMON, JR., B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minors : English and Military Science Zeta Tau Zeta 2, 3, 4; R. O. T. C. 1st. Lt. 4; Class Treas. 4. PATTY LOU SANDERS, A.B. DeWitt, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: History Alpha Sigma 1, Sec ' y 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Phi Theta Kappa 1, Sec ' y 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, Pres. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Honorary Capt. R. O. T. C. Band 1, Regimental Queen 4; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges 4; Senior Asst. in Business Administration; Les Artistes 1, Vice-Pres. 3; Or- chestra 1; W. A. A. 1, Pres. 2 and 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Y. W. C. A. 1; Maid to Homecoming Queen 4; Sec ' y to Student Life Committee ' 4; Le Cercle Francais 2; Class Sec ' y 1, 3, 4; In- dian Staff Adv. Mgr. 4. ERNEST SCHROEDER, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Education and Social Science Business Administration Club 2; Woodruff Award Winner 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, Pledge Capt. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Senior Asst. in Business Administration. FELIX PAUL SETTLEMIRE, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: Agriculture and Physical Education Minors: Biology, Education, and Military Science Kappa Sigma Nu 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 2nd. Lt. 4; " A " Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Sub.-Capt. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Indian Staff 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Class Reporter 4; B. S. U. Council 4; R. O. T. C. Cap . 4; Track 1, 2. Page 27 THE INDIAN Page 28 Second Section 1941 RUSSELL SHELL, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Engineering Minors: Mathematics and Military Science R. O. T. C. 1st. Lt. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 1st. Sgt. 4; Engineers Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3„ Pres. 4. JOHN LYLE SHELTON, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Minors: Biology and Military Science Ag. Club 1, Sec ' y-Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; R. O. T. C. Capt. 4; Asst. to Dean of Men 3; Stock Judging Team 4; Pre-Law Club 2. MABLE SHOWMAN, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science Minor: English I. R. C. 4; Historical Society 4. HAROLD L. SMITH, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. THE IND IAN 1941 Second Section Page 29 LEON C. SMITH, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Military Science and History R. O. T. C. Capt. 4. WARREN THORNTON, A.B. Bono, Arkansas Majors: English and Social Science Minor: French Press Club 2, 3, Pres. 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, Pres. 4; I. R. C. 4; Herald Staff 2, 3, 4; Indian Staff 4; Tom-A-Hawk Reporter 4; Debate Club 2, Treas. -Reporter 3, Sec ' y-Report- er 4; Student Life Committee 4; Senior Asst. in English; Zeta Tau Zeta 3, Historian 4; Alpha Sigma Sponsor 4; Alpha Tau Ze-ta Ideal Campus Boy 4; Choral Club 2; Who ' s Who in Am. Univ. and Colleges 4. ALGIE WALLACE, B.S. Dell, Arkansas Majors: Agriculture and Biology Minors: Business Administration and Education Zeta Tau Zeta 1. 2, 3, Pres. 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, Ag. Club 4; Senior Asst. in Biology. HARRY DONALD WARD, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Band 2. THE INDIAN Page 30 Second Section 1941 J. S. WILSON, B.S. Helena, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Minors: Mathematics and Agricultural Economics Am. Chem. Soc. 2, 3, 4; Am. Inst. Chemists 4; Senior Asst. in Chemistry; Indian Staff 3, 4. HAROLD L. WOODS, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: Social Science and Education Minor: Biology B. S. U. Council 4. MRS. BLANCHE DAVIS, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: English Minor: Education SENIORS WITH NO PICTURES THEODORE RUFUS BARNETT, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas REX CROCKETT, A.B. Biscoe, Arkansas JAMES MITCHELL JINKS, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas THEODORE MARCUS LIMBAUGH, B.S. Cooter, Missouri PHIL P. DAVIS, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas WILLIAM PETER PLEITZ, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 31 CLASS OIF 11942 OFFICERS President Louie Rodgers Vice-President George Booker Secretary Sarah June Daugherty Treasurer . Helen Sturdivant Reporter Ruth McBride JUNIORS TAKE AN ACTIVE PART IN CAMPUS AFFAIRS Class of ' 42 ' Sponsor Of First Founder ' s Day To Celebrate State ' s Birthday By looking through the Col- lege annuals and newspaper files of last year and the year before, one would find that since the entrance of the class of ' 42, into Arkansas State College, it has played a major part in all of the activities about the campus. There were two hundred and thirty stud- ents in the class when it ' be- gan to function as a body. Dr. Homer C. Huitt was selected as the sponsor. Toward the end of the sec- ond semester, after everyone knew each other pretty well, class officers were elected to serve out the remainder of the year. Homer McEwen was selected as the president. During the year three R. O. T. C. sponsors, two of the campus beauties, the Z. T. Z. Dream Girl of 1938-39, and a maid for Homecoming Day were selected from this class. Back again, as sophomores, the class was somewhat smal- ler than it had been the pre- vious year, but it was one that was well prepared to put to use the things that it had learned the year before. Mrs. Nannie Rogers acted as spon- sor for the year. Louie Collier had been selected as pres- ident, but due to illness he had to drop from school dur- ing the first semester; and George Booker took over his duties and completed them very well. The annual Dog Patch Dance was continued by the class. This group attempted an successfully completed the first Founder ' s Day cele- bration. This celebration was in honor of the people who founded Arkansas State Col- lege, and it ' was held on the birthday of the school. Now, as juniors, the class is under the leadership of Louie Rodgers as president with George Booker, vice- president; Sarah June Daugh- erty, secretary; Helen Sturd- ivamt, treasurer; and Ruth McBride, reporter. The class lost several members, as did other classes, when the Na- tional Guard was inducted in- to the regular arr y in Jan- uary. The first anriu } Junior Jump was given dicing the first semester, and the class sponsored the annual Junior- Senior Prom. THE INDIAN Page 32 Second Section 1941 BOBBY B. BAKER Maynard, Arkansas CLYDE H. BARHAM Jonesboro, Arkansas WILLIAM BENNETT Biggers, Arkansas GEORGE W. BOOKER Jonesboro, Arkansas BOYD L. BOOTH Caraway, Arkansas BUFORD A. BOOTH Caraway, Arkansas COY C. BROOKS Rose Bud,, Arkansas LEROY BROWNLEE Joiner, Arkansas EDITH BULLA Otwell, Arkansas MARIETTA CASTLEBERRY Paragould, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 33 JAMES E. CHISUM Jonesboro, Arkansas RAY A. CLARDY Jonesboro, Arkansas HERSHEL C. CLARK Jonesboro, Arkansas J. MARTIN CONDER West Helena, Arkansas LESTLE E. COOPER Jonesboro, Arkansas ELVA JO COX Holcomb, Missouri JACK DALE Marmaduke, Arkansas SARAH JUNE DAUGHERTY Hardy, Arkansas J. C. FISHER Monette, Arkansas MAX E. FRAZIER Newport, Arkansas THE JN DIAN Page 34 Second Section 1941 ROBIN GILL Dell, Arkansas JEWEL D. HANNAH Jonesboro, Arkansas PAUL L. HOFFMAN Valparaiso, Indiana FLO EDNA HOGUE Jonesboro, Arkansas ORIEDA HORN Jonesboro, Arkansas GENE L. HOUSTON Van Buren, Missouri ALVA HOWARD Balch, Arkansas WILLIAM T. HULEN Reyno, Arkansas FRANK HYNEMAN Bay, Arkansas PHILLIP ELMORE HYNSON Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 JUANITA JACKSON Jonesboro, Arkansas BILL JONES Fisher, Arkansas Second Section Page 35 HAZEL JOHNSTON Algoa, Arkansas BRUCE R. KNOWLTON, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas WILLIAM KOPP Jonesboro, Arkansas DAVID W. LAUDERDALE Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY SUNSHINE LILE Jonesboro, Arkansas RUTH V. McBRIDE Paragould, Arkansas BEN F. McCARROLL Marmaduke, Arkansas HOMER E. McEWEN State College, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 36 Second Section 1941 J. H. McGINNIS Calico Rock, Arkansas DAN J. McGUIRB Jonesboro, Arkansas MARILYN A. McHANEY Jonesboro. Arkansas ALEXANDER MORRIS MAYS Jonesboro, Arkansas WILBUR C. MAYS Stuttgart, Arkansas CHARLES R. MOYERS Jonesboro, Arkansas MABLE A. NANCE Jonesboro, Arkansas EUNICE E. RANKIN Jonesboro, Arkansas JANE E. RAULS Leachville, Arkansas LOUIE N. RODGERS Luxora, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 JOELLA SISLER Jonesboro, Arkansas MABEL SMITH Bono, Arkansas Second Section Page 37 FRANK M. STAGE Jonesboro, Arkansas HELEN W. STURDIVANT McCrory, Arkansas RUTH THOMAS Jonesboro. Arkansas CONNIE WALLACE Dell, Arkansas DOROTHY J. WILCOX Jonesboro. Arkansas LUTHER EWELL WILSON Augusta, Arkansas RICHARD C WORD Jonesboro, Arkansas JOSEPH E. WORSLEY Luxora. Arkansas For names of juniors with no picture see page 49. THE MPJAN Second Sect ion 1941 CLASS OIF 1943 OFFICERS President Edmond P. Hartsock Vice-President .... John R. Ahem Secretary Martha Richardson Treasurer Ira A. Sims Reporter Claude Pyle Page 38 CLASS OF 1943 CONTINUES ALL OLD TRADITIONS Hartsock Leads Class For Second Year As President. Shover Is Sponsor This year ' s Sophomore Class began it ' s college career last year, as freshmen, with a to- tal of two hundred and fifty- one members. Edmond P. Hartsock wa selected pres- ident during the early part of the second semester with Paul Allbright, senior, as assistant sponsor. Vnder the able leadership of the Faculty Sponsor, Dr. H. C. Huitt, the class took part in many of the major affairs □n the campus. Three of the girls served as R. O. T. C. sponsors and five of the mem- bers served on the Annual Staff of last year. Edmond Hartsock filled the office of president so well during that first year, that he was re-eleoted to that office tor this year. He has been an able leader, and a lot has been accomplished under his guidance. Mrs. Nannie A. Rog- ers was appointed as Faculty Sponsor for this year, but due to illness, her position was left vacant. Dr. W. G. Shover is now occupying that office. The Sophomores have been Dutstanding on the campus by their participation in both so- cial and scholastic events. Picnics, parties, and other en- tertainments have constituted a very pleasant year for all members of the group. Per- haps the most entertaining event was the " Dogpatch Dance " which was carried out in regular style and customs of " Daisy Mae, Lil Abner " comic strip. Prizes were a- warded to Billy Richardson, " Marryin ' Sam; " Ray Clardy, " Lil Abner; " Marilyn McHan- ey, " Sadie Hawkins; " and Rosemary Cooper, " Daisy Mae. " The second annual Found- ers ' Day Program was carried out, with some of the first promoters of the founding of Arkansas State College for guest speakers . Proud of the honors and achievement ' s it has gained this year, the class members hope to come back next year stronger and better than they have been in the past. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 39 RICHARD F. ADAMS Jonesboro, Arkansas JOHN ROBERT AHERN State College, Arkansas ELIZABETH E. ARMSTRONG Lake City, Arkansas HAROLD E. AVERY Prescott, Arkansas T. KIM ARNOLD Forrest City, Arkansas BEANARD B. BAILEY Jonesboro, Arkansas SARAH M. BARRETT Jonesboro, Arkansas HELEN M. BATTLES Jonesboro, Arkansas EMMA J. BENNETT Paragould, Arkansas KENNETH H. BENSON Walnut Ridge, Arkansas T HE IND IAN P age 40 Second S ection 1941 JIMMIE L. BLALOCK Bay, Arkansas SUNSHINE D. BOYD Paragould, Arkansas HEWLETTE ROGERS BROWN State College, Arkansas WILMA C. BUHRMESTER Jonesboro, Arkansas ILA MAE CAGE Fisher, Arkansas GUY B. CARDER Searcy, Arkansas MARY LOUISE CARROLL Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY F. CHASTAIN Jonesboro, Arkansas MARIDECINE CLARKE Steele, Missouri VICTOR KENNETH CLINE Paragould, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 41 RAY C. COLE, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas GORDON COOPER Lake City, Arkansas ROSEMARY COOPER Tyronza, Arkansas ANITA B. COWAN Manila, Arkansas EUGENIA CRAWFORD Blytheville, Arkansas JULIAN H. CRIST Jonesboro, Arkansas RALPH W. DOUGHERTY Pine Bluff, Arkansas FRANCES L. DOWLESS Monette, Arkansas HAZEL DUDLEY Jonesboro, Arkansas L. A. FITZGERALD, Jr. Little Rock, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 42 Second Section 1941 MARY D. FITZGERALD Blytheville, Arkansas EULAHGENE FLETCHER Paragould, Arkansas MILDRED F. FLETCHER Paragould, Arkansas LOUIS M. FRAZIER, JR. Parkin, Arkansas DANIEL A. GARNER Portia, Arkansas DOYLE S. GIBSON Brinkley, Arkansas JOE B. GIBSON Little Rock, Arkansas LILLIE GIDCOMB Leachville, Arkansas CLIFFORD LEE GIPSON Jonesboro, Arkansas RUPERT W. GLENN Bald Knob, Arkansas TH E IND IAN 1941 Second Section Page 43 ALBERT W. GRIER Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY LOUISE GRIER Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES GRIMES Piggott, Arkansas EARL A. HARRIS Tuckerman, Arkansas EDMOND P. HARTSOCK Poplar Bluff, Missouri EULENE L. HEATH Forrest City, Arkansas HAROLD L. HEATHCOTT Swifton, Arkansas LORENE HENDRIX Jonesboro, Arkansas WILLIAM A. HICKOX Jonesboro, Arkansas HAROLD H. HICKS Higden, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 44 Second Section O. L. HUTCHISON Poughkeepsie, Arkansas GERALD E. JOHNSON Pollard, Arkansas LESTER JONES Mystic, Conneoticutt WM. E. KILPATRICK Marianna, Arkansas B TTY JO KORSPETER Jonesboro, Arkansas CHARLES L. LANE Piggott, Arkansas BONNIE VEE DAWHON Pocahontas. Arkansas BUDDY JIM McCALL Portia, Arkansas ULYSSES McCOY Memphis, Tennessee 1941 CATHRYN McGAUGHEY Lake City, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Pag-e 45 SAM R. McGINNIS Marianna, Arkansas ELMORE M. McILROY Eleven Point, Arkansas ROBERT DEVON MACK Dearborn, Michigan JAMES DeWITT MATHIS Jonesboro, Arkansas VIRGINIA S. MEAD Manila, Arkansas FRANCES L. MERRILL Hoxie, Arkansas BETTY A. BARNETT MILLER Jonesboro, Arkansas LOUISE MOORE Newport, Arkansas SARAH C. MOORE Jonesboro, Arkansas SHELDON NELSON Pollard, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 46 Second Section 1941 J. MACON PARKER Paragould, Arkansas EDD CARROLL PERKINS Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES B. PETERSON Jonesboro, Arkansas JOHN- P. PICKENS Jonesboro, Arkansas VIRGINIA LEE PORTER Jonesboro, Arkansas LOWELL E. POUNDS Bay, Arkansas HELEN L. POWELL Jonesboro, Arkansas CLAUDE L. PYLEI Jonesboro, Arkansas DOROTHY RENSHAW Harrisburg, Arkansas MARTHA RICHARDSON Warren, Arkansas THE I NDIA N 1941 Second Section Page 47 SIBYL RICKMAN Ravenden Springs, Arkansas HAROLD D. ROBERTSON Rector, Arkansas ROSALEE ROBINSON Jonesboro, Arkansas ELVIRA L. SELLERS Hardy, Arkansas DELL C. SETTLEMIRE Jonesboro, Arkansas C. PRELL SETTLEMIRE Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY E. SHAWVER Round Pond, Arkansas EDITH SHEARER Brookland, Arkansas IRA A. SIMS Bassett, Arkansas BETTY MAE SING Maynard, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 48 Second Section 1941 HAROLD T. SMITH Jonesboro, Arkansas WANDA FA YE SMITH Bono, Arkansas ERNESTINE STAGGS Jonesboro, Arkansas M. GAIL STEVENSON Tyronza, Arkansas MARY LETHA THIEL Paragould, Arkansas G. MARION THORPE Jonesboro, Arkansas NORMAN M. TILLMAN Walcott, Arkansas TOMMY W. TULLOS Trumann, Arkansas RICHARD A. TURNER Trumann, Arkansas MARION R. ULMER Pocahontas, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 VERNON B. WARR Jonesboro, Arkansas GERALD G. WATKINS Jonesboro, Arkansas FANNIE LOU WOODS Jonesboro, Arkansas Second Section Page 49 LEE S. WOODSIDE Thomasville, Missouri Juniors with no picture. Robert A. Allison Gerald W. Arrington Lou Anna Banks Virgil Breckenridge Emmett H. Burk Frank D. Green Robert N. Johnson Claude E. Lynch Robert Franklin McMillan Omer Milkey William E. Park Alfred F. Thompson Walne Jack Thornton Robert Arthur Turner Elliott W. Williams Sophomores with no picture Warren C. Allison Maxine Ammons James W. Anderson James W. Arnold Barbara A. Banks Lee O. Bishop Mary Lou Bland Marzee Ann Cantrell Mrs. Ralph Childs Dewey S. Crow Blake M. Cureton Herman H. Dale Albert L. Fair Nolan L. Fox Randolph M. Graham Grace Harris W. Preston Harris Floyd H. Haywood, Jr. William A. Hickox Wilford G. Horton Juanita Huber Arrawanna Hyde Hester Mai Keller John Paul Ledbetter Dan T. Lynch Emmert F. McClellan James J. McGhee Helen P. Martin Burnice O. Moore George C. Moore Denver E. Nettles Ruth G. Overall Guy W. Pitts, Jr . Edith M. Randol Richard R. Washburn George H. Watts Lloyd T - Yarbrough THE INDIAN Seco nd Section CLASS Of 11944 OFFICERS President A. B. Weir Vice-President Nona Mae Morgan Secretary Mildred Pitts Treasurer Wiley Bailey Reporter Hettie Sue Rea Page 50 1941 FRESHMEN ARE OUTSTANDING IN ALL ACTIVITIES New Class Discards Green Caps, Elects Wier President, and Gives Party Discarding the traditional green caps for the spectacular red ones, the class of ' 44 en- tered Arkansas State College in a blaze of glory. No sooner had they found where orien- tation was being held than " Freshman Hell Week " began. Needless to say, this was most enjoyable to the upperclass- men who were tough enough to get any results. By some lucky trick of fate, the freshman class function- ed famously without leader- ship for the first; semester and six weeks of the second. However, on Marcn 5, 1941, the freshmen elected the fol- lowing officers; President, Buddy Weir, Jonesboro; Vice- President, Nona Mae Morgan, Faragould; Secretary, Mildred Pitts, Jonesboro: Treasurer, Wiley Bailey, West Helena; Reporter, Hettie Sue Rea, Jonesboro. Dr. Huitt is the freshman sponsor. The first and last freshman function was the annual freshman picnic, which was held at the College Gravel Pit and was enjoyed by all who attended. Throughout the school year numerous freshmen have been very outstanding in scholastic and extra-curricular activit- ies. The posting of the elig- ibility list ' s proved their scho- lastic achievements, and va- cancies left in the different organizations from the pre- ceding year were rapidly fill- ed. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 51 KATHERINE L. ABBOTT Maynard, Arkansas ROY C. ABBOTT Maynard, Arkansas MALCOLM L. ALDRIDGE Earle, Arkansas HELEN M. ANDERS Burdette, Arkansas ALLEN R. AUSTIN State College, Arkansas FLORINE M. BARKER Higden, Arkansas FRANCES D. BARTON Jonesboro, Arkansas ELOUISE D. BENNER Nettleton, Arkansas SAMUEL H. BLACKWOOD, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas VIVIAN P. BOWDEN Jonesboro, Arkansas THE IN DIAN Page 52 Second Section 1941 JAMES EL BROOKS West Helena, Arkansas JACK N. BURGE Nettleton, Arkansas JAMES A. BURNETT West Helena, Arkansas PAULINE BUXTON Pocahontas, Arkansas CLARENCE ELLIS BYFORD West Ridge, Arkansas ROBERTA CASTLEBERRY Paragould, Arkansas GEORGE B. CLARKE Beech Grove, Arkansas LESLIE COFFEY, JR. Black Rock, Arkansas GERALDINE COLE Jonesboro, Arkansas RAS JUNIOR COLE Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 53 RAY M. COLE Trumann, Arkansas RAY WARREN COOPER Paragould, Arkansas LEADA B. CORBIN Steele, Missouri ALEC J. CRASKA Utica, New York MONTANA E. CRAWFORD Steele, Missouri BILL CRIST Jonesboro, Arkansas CLAIRE CROFT Jonesboro, Arkansas OLLIE E. CROOK Parkin, Arkansas SARA CROW Jonesboro, Arkansas CLARIBEL CUPP Light, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 54 Second Section 1941 EVANGELINE CUPP Light, Arkansas DOROTHY MARIE DAUGHERTY Hardy, Arkansas MARY HELEN DAVIS Jonesboro, Arkansas THEODORE E. DOVE Knobel, Arkansas NANCY B. DUNBAR Rector, Arkansas MARY M. EDGIN Leachville, Arkansas WILSE A. EDWARDS Newark, Arkansas GEORGE E. ELMORE, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas CAROL FAKES McCrory, Arkansas CLARA G. FOX Manila, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 55 IMA JEAN FRAZIER Parkin, Arkansas MARY LYNN GALLOWAY Harrisburg, Arkansas DELMA I. GAUF Leachville, Arkansas DONALD E. GILBERT Jonesboro, Arkansas FRANKIE ANN GIPSON Monette, Arkansas MERLE A. GOOD ART Hickory Ridge, Arkansas CHARLES W. GREGG Jonesboro, Arkansas LOTTIE E. GRAMLING Walcott, Arkansas GEORGE GREGORY Jonesboro, Arkansas RUTH M. GRIFFIN Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 56 Second Section 1941 JACQUELINE E. HAGUE State College, Arkansas ELIZABETH E. HALE Nettleton, Arkansas N. JOYCE HALL Harrisburg, Arkansas F. BARNES HAMPTON DeWifct, Arkansas JONOLIVER HANDLEY Pocahontas, Arkansas LEONA M. HARBIN Leachville, Arkansas WILLIAM C. HARPER Jonesboro, Arkansas EARL C HARRIS Jonesboro, Arkansas NOBLE P. HEARNE Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY HICKS Higden, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 57 EVELYN HILDRETH Trumann, Arkansas JAMES B. HILL Rector, Arkansas SARAH JO HOBGOOD Monette, Arkansas MARILYN HUMPHREY Forrest City, Arkansas WILLIAM C. HURD Trumann, Arkansas ASA E. HUSKEY Trumann, Arkansas NINA LEE HUTTON Hoxie, Arkansas ERMA JACKSON Monette, Arkansas MARY J. JOHNSON Bassett, Arkansas PAUL JOHNSTON Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN P age 58 Second Se ction 1941 JOHN D. JONES Paragould, Arkansas DAVID C. KEATH Wardell, Missouri JOHNSON H. KELL Imboden, Arkansas PAUL J. KENNEDY Roe, Arkansas PHE MARIE KOONCE Blytheville, Arkansas EDWIN R. LAUDERDALE Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT W. LILE Jonesboro, Arkansas LOUISINE H. LITTLE Paragould, Arkansas JAMES R. LYONS Shippensburg, Pennsylvania freida j. Mcdonald Manila, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 59 WILLIAM BERT McEWEN State College, Arkansas FRANCES L. McGINNIS Marianna, Arkansas WELDON E. MARCUM Jonesboro, Arkansas JERELENE MASON West Helena, Arkansas HOWARD W. MEADOWS Walnut Ridge, Arkansas JAMES L. MLDDLETON Leachville, Arkansas MARY A. MILLER Nettleton, Arkansas HORACE H. MOORING Leachville, Arkansas NONA MAE MORGAN Paragould, Arkansas RITA R. MULLIN Colt, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 60 Second Section 1941 FRED NETTLES Piggott, Arkansas VIRGINIA D. NEWBERRY Light, Arkansas FRANCES K. NEWCOM Jonesboro, Arkansas GILBERT C. BRIEN, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY BELLE OVERSTREET Jonesboro, Arkansas JEAN C. OVERTON Roseland, Arkansas MAXINE PACE Pocahontas, Arkansas JEAN L. PARKER Hickory Ridge, Arkansas PATRICIA P. PAYNE Marked Tree, Arkansas THOMAS A. PENN Portia, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 61 GLEN E. PERKINS Tyronza, Arkansas KENNETH C. PERKINS Jonesboro, Arkansas MILDRED T. PITTS Jonesboro, Arkansas WILLIAM EVANS PLACE Gillett, Arkansas MARJORIE L. PONDER Walnut Ridge, Arkansas DOROTHY GENE PORTER Jonesboro, Arkansas VERGA V. PRATT Bono, Arkansas JAMES A. PULLIAM Harrison, Arkansas JIMMIE J. PURVIS Tulot, Arkansas HETTIE SUE REA Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN Pag-e 62 Second Section 1941 VIRGINIA RIDGE Lake City, Arkansas JEWELL M. ROBERTS Paragould, Arkansas LUCETTA RODERICK Marion, Arkansas. ERNEST GRAHAM RODGERS Black Oak, Arkansas CORA B. ROGERS Caraway, Arkansas VIRGINIA ROWLAND Paragould, Arkansas ANNIE RUTH SAMPLE Earle, Arkansas WANDA L. SCHAEFFER Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY FRANCES SELF Parkin, Arkansas CHARLES E. SHELTON Jonesboro, Arkansas THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 63 MARTHA L. SMITH Jonesboro, Arkansas SUE H. STRICKLAND Black Oak, Arkansas CONSTANCE V. STUCK Jonesboro, Arkansas GEORGE H. SULLIVAN Wynne, Arkansas MARJORIA F. SUTTON Viola, Arkansas DOROTHY JEAN TANKERSLEY Jonesboro, Arkansas DORIS K. TAYLOR Lunsford, Arkansas MARILEE TAYLOR Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT L. TAYLOR Monette, Arkansas CLAY W. THOMPSON Pocahontas, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 64 Second Section 1941 JIMMY F. THOMPSON Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY V. THOMPSON Hardy, Arkansas BOBBY N. TORIAN Weldon, Arkansas ' LLOYD E .TUCKER Monette, Arkansas FAY WANDA TURNBOW Smithville, Arkansas JUANITA E. TURNBOW Leachville, Arkansas BERNIECE L. TURNER Jonesboro, Arkansas MARY J. TURNER Bay, Arkansas CHARLES VanHOOK Jonesboro, Arkansas DOROTHY E. WARREN West Plains, Missouri TH E INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 65 BANKSTON WATERS Helena, Arkansas HELEN WATKINS Bono, Arkansas ALVA B. WEIR Jonesboro, Arkansas EMMA PRANCES WHITE Brookland, Arkansas MILDRED I. WHITAKER Hoxie, Arkansas RUTH M. WILCOX Jonesboro, Arkansas WARREN WILCOX Paragould, Arkansas DOROTHY S. WILLETT Hardy, Arkansas BETTY JO WINTON Piggott, Arkansas JOHN D. WOOD Forrest City, Arkansas THE INDIAN Page 66 Second Section 194i VONNA JEAN WOODS Piggott, Arkansas NANCY M. WORD Jonesboro, Arkansas Freshmen with no picture Billy Hampton Harold S. Norman Ray Upton Anderson One£:tLcI rv. ildlllo John D. Atkins Eugene R. Hart Joe N. Osborne Jack B. Atkinson Lewis E. Hastings, Jr. Johnny R. Osborne Loy T. Atkinson Howard W. Henderson James W. Pardew Wiley E. Bailey Lewis G. Hill Earl W. Park Annie R. Ball James Mack Hollis Harold Payton Roy W. Benton Glyn B. Hooton Olen Dewitt Peninger Charlotte Bloom Robert R. Hudson Archie Perrin Eugene W. Bonds Gordon W. Huffman Neal G. Phillips Afton Bradshaw William C. Hurd Don C. Pierson Eugene Bryant Hubert A. James Ofcto R. Rankin Ramond D. Byrd John F. James Oal O. Ring Tommy W. Cobb Bill T. Jessen Cucial Roberts James L. Cooper Clyde E. Johnson Ivan L. Russell James H. Coppage John L. Johnston Floyd L. Rutledge Cecil Courtney Max Kaplan Albert D. Sauls McAllen Cowdrey Pat D. Kelley Lee Roy Scott Fred C. Cox Leland G. Kiech Talbert Senter McEwen C. Darr Augustus Frank Lamore Duffie L. Smith Edward J. Day Dalton E. Lewis Gerald A. Smith Billy D. Dees Jewel E. Linam Percy E. Stuart Wallace E. Derryberry Jewell William Lowrey Ansel Sublett Gerald T. Dickerson Albert V. Lynch John T. Van Cleve Donald R. Ditsler William A. McClure Clyde E. Van Dusen Alene Downs Charles L. Martin Byron D. Wall Arnold E. Edens Calvin L. Massey Charles D. Walker Mrs. D. L. Farrar Earl E. Mayo Veon E. Wester Anna Lee Findley Ben F. Mills Donald A. Wheatley Carl G. Fowler James W. Montgomery James H. White Vernon V. Frazier Emmett L. Moore Melvin E. Whitehurst Billy M. Gaither Clarence E. Morris Elliot W. Williams Glen R. Gardner Tom F. Nease J. Ogden Williams Earl Graham Jesse L. Neill Rex L. Wilson Kenneth A. Graham Filly June Newton Lee Wimp Ruth L. Hamilton Tyrell Y .Noblin Loice T. Young THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 67 TRAINING SCHOOL UNDERCLASS OFFICERS DENVER CLARK BRYAN GLASGOW HAROLD PERRY P. C. BARTON Pres. Jr. Class V.-Pres. Jr. Class Pres. Soph. Class Pres. Fresh. Class First Row: Hazel Howard, Francis Johnson, Norma Jean Buhrmester, Judd Chapin, Peggy Barbee, P. C. Barton, Elza Wainscott, Junior Craft, Katherine Winters, Laveda McGarrity, Betty Jane Blackwood, Melba Smith, Helen Sanders, Honey Lyle, Floye Etesary, Mary Kath- ryn Justus, Rodney Ritter, Monroe Barrett, Leon Bowdon, Billy Gibson, Harold Perry. Second Row: Rita Perkins, Anna Nell Thomas, Mary Helen McGarrity, Glenda Mae Martin, Billy Finch, Denver Clark, James Gam mill, Rudolph Ritter, Martha Barton, Pansy West, Bobby Owens, Myra Shaver, Mary FJoise Lamberth, Dannie Roberts. Third Row : Richard Davidson, Calvin Davis, Joy Eason, James Martin, Harold Autrey, Fred Buhrmester, Billy Autrey, Bryan Glasgow, Lemuel Baswell, Cecil McKinney, Doris Autrey, Mary E. Barrett, Bonnie Lee Cole. THE IND I AN Page 68 Second Section 1941 SENIOR CLASS HAZEL P. BURDYSHAW I. R. C. 4; Com ' l Club 4; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Reporter 4; Class V.-Pres. 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Baseball Capt. 4; Home Ec. Club 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2. MILDRED L. BURDYSHAW I. R. C. 3; Com ' l Club 4; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Home Ec Club 2, 3. JACK CASTLEBERRY French Club 1, 2, 3; Com ' l Club 3; I. R. C. 3; Orchestra 1, 2; Glee Club 3. CARLE F. CLAYTON Class Pres. 4; Com ' l Club 4; I. R. C. Reporter 4; Glee Club 3, 4. DORIS MAE COOPER Class Sec ' y-Treas. 3; Com ' l Club 3, 4; G. A. A. 1, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Basketball 1, 4. N. EUNICE FUTRELL Class Sec ' y 4; Com ' l Club V.-Pres. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; L R. C. 3; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. T. PAULINE GIBSON I. R. C. 4; Home Ec. Club 3, 4 ; Com ' l Club 4; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. EARL B. GLASGOW, JR. I. R. C. 3; Basketball 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Com ' l Club 4. DOROTHY LEE GREGG Class Treas. 1, V.-Pres. 3; G. A. A. 1, 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Com ' l Club 4; French Club 1, 3. KATIE R. HAAG Class Treas. 4; Glee Club 4; Com ' l Club 3; Home Ec. Club 4; G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Section Page 69 PAUL E. HAYNES I. R. C. Pres. 4; Com ' l Club Pres. 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Basketball 4. JOAN E. JACKSON G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Club Sec ' y 4; French Club 3, 4; Com ' l Club 4; Glee Club 3, 4. MARY E. McCOY G. A. A. 4; Basketball 3, 4; I. R. C. 4. CHARLES A. MITCHELL Basketball 4; Com ' l Club 4; Ag. Club 4. IRENE MURPHY Com ' l Club 4; Glee Club 3, 4; G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. B. MARIE ROBERTS I. R. C. 3; Basketball 4; G. A. A. Treas. 4; Com ' l Club Sec ' y 4. ROBERT H. ROBERTSON F. F. A. 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Reporter State High Examiner. BILL TURNER Com ' l Club 4; Basketball 3, 4; I. R. C. 4; Reporter State High Examiner. V. RUTH WATERS Glee Club 4; I. R. C. 4; Basketball 4; G. A. A. 4. JACK B. WEST Seniors With No Picture WILSON DAVIDSON JESSE LEE MOSS THE INDIAN Page 70 Building Section 1941 THE INDIA N 1941 Building- Section Page 71 THE INDIAN Page 72 Building- Section 1941 THE INDIAN 1941 Club New s Page 73 f, A " CLUB Only those men who have earned letters in major varsity sports are eligible for member- ship in the " A " Club. These boys seek at all times to enliven and further athletic interest on the campus. Each year this organization sponsors the annual Homecoming Queen. This year the " A " Club gave an award to the organization that had the best exhibit advertising the Homecoming football game. Several socials are given by the group during the year — such as a dance, a bingo party, and a picnic. OFFICERS President Henry Metzler Vice-President Paul Settlemire Secretary-Treasurer Paul Hoffman Reporter .. Roscoe Chitwood Sponsor Coach Wendell Davis Front Row: Coach B. Adams, B. Graham, J. Lauderdale, Paul Settlemire, H. Metzler, T. Penn, C. Lynch, Coach W. Davis. Second Row: J. C. Fisher, R. Chitwood, B. Knowlton, J. D. Fortenberry, E. F. McClellan. THE INDIAN Page 74 Club News 1941 A CAPPELLA CHOIR State ' s A Cappella Choir is well known over Northeastern Arkansas. Each year Mr. Mc- Means, the sponsor, has requests for more performances than the group can possibly fill. Among the places the A Cappella Choir has sung are Jonesboro, Paragould, Corning, Trumann, Earle, West Helena, Helena, Marianna, Brinkley, Forrest City, Wynne, and Osceola. OFFICERS President Jane Rauls Vice-President Helen Sturdivant Secretary .. Sedley Izard Sponsor Mr. C. E. McMeans Front Row: Betty Hale, Frances Barton, Rosalee Robinson, Sedley Izard, Claire Croft, Connie Stuck, Mary H. Davis, Jane Rauls, Ruth L. Hamilton, Charlotte Bloom. Second Row: C. Hurd, M. Conder, Barbara Banks, Helen Sturdivant, Ruth Wilcox, Jean Park er, Phoebe Reasons, J. D. Mathis, U. McCoy. Third Row: A. Austin, Betty J. Korspeter, Marietta Castleberry, Dorothy Tankersley, Het- tie S. Rea, Bebty J. Winton, Roberta Castleberry, Marilyn McHaney, Prell Settlemire. Fourth Row: H. Austin, W. Hickox, G. Arrington, G. O ' Brien, J. Wood, C. Moyers, M. Al- di rite, THE INDIAN 1941 Club News Page 75 AGRICULTURE CILUIB The Agriculture Club is the oldest organ izatlon on the campus. Formed in 1917 under the name of " Hoof and Horn, " the " Ag Club " has functioned regularly to this date. It brings together in social meetings those men interested in all phases of agriculture. Its program consists of practical and scientific talks. Every year the " Ag " members sponsor a Christmas dance and a formal banquet. Its initial social gathering is the fall picnic. OFFICERS President John Shelton Vice-President .. Roscoe Chitwood Secretary-Treasurer — Coy Brooks Reporter Leroy Brownlee, Jr. Sponsor Dr. H. E. White Front Row : K. Benson, L. Hutchison, C. Brooks, R. Chitwood, J. Shelton, Dr. H. E. White, E. Worsley, I. A. Sims, E. Wilson, A. Wallace. Back Row: Buford Booth, Boyd Booth, Prof. H. W. Hollard, R. Johnson, L. Brownlee, W. E. Arnold, E. M. Mcllroy,, H. Meadows, Paul Settlemire. THE INDIAN Page 76 Club News 1941 ASSOCIATION IFOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION The study program of the A. C. E. for the school year 1940-41 is " The Development of the Whole Child. " A mothers club of the patrons of the primary department of the Training School meets with this group. By using the primary department of the Training School as their lab- oratory, the organization has, been able to carry out many new ideas. There have been several social functions that contributed materially to t he lives of those who participated. All who are interested in the study of the development of the lives of young children enjoy reading the club ' s literature and working with it in their plans. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor ... Juanita Jackson Connie Wallace Robin Gill Lily Gidcomb Mrs. Bessie Howell Front Row: Montana Crawford, Robin Gill, Maridecine Clarke, Juanita Jackson, Mrs. Bes- sie Howell, Francess Dowless, Connie Wallace, Mrs. Wendell Davis. Back Row: Nancy Dunbar, Juanita Turnbow, Marjorie Ponder, Ila M. Cage, Dorothy Warren, Jewel Roberts, Leona Harbin. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News Page 77 ARKANSAS STATE IMIISTOIRIICAL SOCIETY This society, known as the Arkansas State College Historical Society, and in the third year of its existence is of interest to all students. Its purpose is to learn the history of various towns and communities from which the students of this College come. It is of particular interest to history students, however, and even to some who are not in school. The club collects documents,, other data, and historical relics which may help to determine the history of this section. This collection is housed in a museum. The cases were a gift of the class of ' 38. Parties and picnics are held at various times during the year. One banquet is sponsored by this group. OFFICERS President Lester Jones Vice-President Bernard Graham Secretary-Treasurer Dean Brawley Publicity Chairman - Norvell Brickell Sponsor Dr. H. C. Huitt 7 f). Front Row: B. Graham, L. Jones, Cathryn McGaughey, Dr. H. C. Huitt, Dean Brawley, Mabel Showman. Back Row: N. Brickell, R. Cole, J. R. Haynes. THE INDIAN Pag-e 78 Club News 1941 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Union on this campus was organized in 1938 with Gus Ray Ridings as its first president. Its purpose is to act as a connecting link between church and college. The aim of this organization is to enlist all students in church activities. Last year State College was host to the State-wide Baptist Student Union Convention. The B. S. U. provides a program of entertainment for students. Many parties are spons- ored by the Baptist students throughout the year. Each Spring, a formal banquet is given. Several outstanding speakers have been brought to the campus through the efforts of this group. OFFICERS President Orieda Horn 1st. Vice-President . Martha Richardson 2nd. Vice-President . Marion Thorpe 3rd. Vice-President Rupert Glenn Secretary Rosalee Robinson Treasurer - Harold Woods Reporter Lester Jones Director Roger Skelton Front Row: Mildred Pitts, M. Conder, Sara Moore, Paul Settlemire, Orieda Horn, L. Jones, Rosalee Robinson. Second Row: Martha Richardson, H. Woods, Marion Thorpe, R. Skelton, J. Wood, Grace Harris, R. Glenn. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News Page 79 CIMORAL CLUE. The Choral Club is a mixed chorus. Each year this group assists in the presentation of the " Messiah " at the First Methodist Church. There are no restrictions for membership except the ability to sing. Director C. E. McMeans Front Row: Jewel Hannah, Jean Parker, Roberta Castleberry, Mary H. Davis, Frances Barton, Connie Stuck, Claire Croft, Ruth Wilcox, Rosalee Robinson, Sedley Izard, Betty Hale. Second Row: Phoebe Reasons, Marilyn McHaney, Mary E. Brown, Maridecine Clarke, Helen Sturdivant, Jane Rauls, Dorothy J. Tankersley, Ruth L. Hamilton, Betty J. Winton, Hettie S. Rea. Third Row: C. Moyers, H. Austin, M. Conder, Barbara Banks, Betty J. Korspeter, Marietta Castleberry, G. W. Arrington, U. McCoy, Prell Settlemire. Fourth Row: A. Austin, L. Brownlee, G. O ' Brien, J. Wood, M. Aldridge, C. Hurd, E. Wors- ley. THE INDIAN Page 80 Club News 1941 DEBATE SQLIAID The Debate Squad is a group of students interested in promoting debating — both intra- mural and intercollegiate. During the current year, debates have been held with teams from West Memphis Teachers at Memphis, Tenn., Harding College at Searcy, Ark., Southeast Missouri Teachers at Cape Girardeau, Mo., Southern Illinois Normal University, at Carbondale, HI., Murray State Teachers College at Murray, Ky., Union University at Jackson, Tenn., " Ole Mss " at Oxford, Miss., Mississippi State at Starkville, Miss., Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tenn. and St. Louis University at St. Louis, Mo. Robert P. Pleitz and Norvell J. Brickell won first place at the Mid- Winter Tournament at Murray, Ky., and first over St. Louis University. All members of the debate squad have taken part in some intercollegiate debate. OFFICERS President Norvell Brickell Vice-President Warren Thornton Sponsor . Dr. F. W. Plunkett Front Row: Dorothy Tankersley, N. Brickell, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, W. Thornton, Ernestine Staggs. Back Row: F. Stage, R. Glenn, G. Carder, Frances Newcom, B. Knowlton, C. Hurd. THE INDIA N 1941 Club News Page 81 DRAMATICS GROUP The Dramatics Group is composed of students and former students of (the speech div- ision interested in amateur play production. During the second semester two three act plays " The Mad March Heirs " and " In Old Virginia, " were presented. Sponsor Dr. F. W. Plunkett Front Row: Mary Lynn Galloway, Charlotte Bloom, Dorothy J. Tankersley, Frances Newcom, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Ernestine Staggs, Frances Chastain, Helen Martin, Virginia Owens. Second Row: Mabel Nance, N. Brickell, W. Thornton, Dorothy Wilcox, Sunshine Boyd, U. McCoy, Patty Payne, Jackie Hague. Third Row: R. Glenn, H. Metzler, R. Chitwood, B. Bennett, C. Hurd. Club News 1941 IEL CIRCLLO IESIPANCIL El Circulo Espanol was formed to forward the work of students enrolled in Spansh. Regular meetings are devoted to advancing interest in the Spanish language and literature and in the customs of peoples of Spanish speaking countries. Several parties and picnics are held by the club each year. At Christmas time a party was given, with the entire theme dealing with the Mexican Christmas. Page 82 OFFICERS President ... . Mary B. Overstreet Vice-President Norvell J. Brickell Secretary Ruth L. Hamilton Treasurer Constance V. Stuck Sponsor Dr. D. F. Pasmore Front Row: Martha Richardson, Dorothy Tankersley, Carol Fakes, Mary B. Overstreet, Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Anne R. Sample, Dean Brawley, Ruth L. Hamilton, Dorothy J. Porter. Back Row: J. Crockett, N. Brickell, Hettie S. Rea, U. McCoy, Sunshine Boyd, Mary H. Davis, D. McGuire, R. Glenn. THE INDIAN 1941 Club New s Page 83 ENGINEERS CLUIB The Engineers Club promotes interest in all types of engineering. This organization brings its members in contact with engineers and engineering processes and materials. Several outstanding engineers from different branches of engineering have talked for their programs. Visits are made to telephone companies, power plants, and manufacturing plants in order to study the mechanisms into which engineering might come into practice. OFFICERS President Russell Shell Vice-President Ralph Dougherty Secretary Claude Pyle Treasurer Gail Stevenson Sponsor Dr. C. D. Crosno Front Row: D. E. Gilbert, J. Wood, B. N. Torian, A. Austin, W. Bailey, Dr. C. D. Crosno, R. Shell, R. Dougherty, C. Pyle, G. Stevenson. Second Row: L. S. Woodside, G. C. Moore, E. Byford, B. Graham, Earl C. Harris, W. E. Arnold, Chester Harris, E. Hynson, B. Waters, I. A. Sims, B. Clarke. THE INDIAN Page 84 Club News 1941 IMERAILID STAiriF Made up of members of the Editing Class, plus feature writers and Technical Supervisors, the Herald Staff puts out the College paper each Thursday afternoon. The Editing Class functions on a rotating schedule that makes each member editor in turn. Each week the editor of the week appoints his staff from the remaining class members; thus the Herald Staff members get practical work in editing, printing, and managing a newspaper. Several inspection tours are made each year to numerous newspaper plants in this sec- tion. Sponsor William Wyatt Front Row: P. Hoffman, B. Knowlton, Ruth McBride, B. Jowers, H. McEwen. Back Row: W. Thornton, R. Chitwood. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News Page 85 HOWE ECONOMICS CILUI The Home Economics Club has existed for some time on the campus and has been out- standing in its activities. Each year it gives a party for all prospective members. It contributes each j ear to the White Christmas fund. In May, it honors the Senior girls with breakfast held on the Sunday before graduation. Meetings are usually informal suppers held twice each month in the Home Economics rooms. The club serves as hostess to visiting clubs on various occasions. OFFICERS President Betty J. Korspeter Vice-President . Edith Shearer Secretary-Treasurer Marian Thorpe Reporter Joella Sisler Historian Mabel Nance Sponsor Mrs. Mary R. Brown Front Row: Juanita Jackson, Mary L, Grier, Nancy Word, Mary E. Brown, Mrs. Mary R. Brown, Betty J. Korspeter, Marian Thorpe, Phoebe Reasons, Mabel Nance, Helen Anders. Second Row: Orieda Horn, Wilma Buhrmester, Martha L. Smith, Mabel Smith, Dorothy Warren, Joella Sisler, Sunshine Lile, Edith Bulla, Robin Gill. Third Row: Wanda F. Smith, Sara Moore, Mary L. Carroll, Elvira Sellers, Phe M. Koonce. THE INDIAN Page 86 Club News 1941 Billy Jowers Dr. Ashley Robey Paul Settlemire . Editor-in-Chief Sponsor Business Manager Top Row: Bob Lile, Asst. Advtg. Mgr.; Virginia Porter, Organizations Editor; Oreida Horn, Asst. Mounting Editor; Phoebe Reasons, Senior Editor; Dorothy Wilcox, Art Editor. Bottom Row: Lou A. Banks, Secretary; Helen Sturdivant, Secretary; Earl A. Harris, Snapshot Edtior; Gus Craig, Social and Honor Societies Editor; Juanita Caldwell, Women ' s Sports Editor. THE INDIAN 1941 C lub Ne ws Page 87 Patty Sanders Henry Metzler Paul Hoffman J. S. Wilson Advertising Mgr. Assoc. Bus. Mgr. Assoc. Editor Mounting Editor Top Row: Pete Wallace, Asst. Mounting Editor; Malcolm Aldridge, Asst. Mounting Editor; Bruce Knowlton, Junior Edtior; Sunshine Lile, Index Editor; J. D. Fortenberry, Index Edtior. Bottom Row: Martha Richardson, Faculty Editor; Mary D. Fitzgerald, Sophomore Editor; J. B. Husband, Sports Editor; Dorothy G. Porter, Freshman Editor; Constance Stuck, Freshman Editor. THE INDIAN Page 88 Club News 1941 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CILUIB The International Relations Club is a part of the national organization of the same name, headquarters of which are in New York City. This group holds round tables discussion on world affairs, world problems, their causes, and effects. Each year the club receves from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace a number of the most recent books on world affairs as well as two bi-monthly magazines. Several entertainments, picnics, and parties are sponsored by the club at intervals during the year. OFFICERS President Ruth Rauls Vice-President Norvell Brickell Secretary-Treasurer - Lester Jones Sponsor Dr. H. C. Huitt Front Row: Elva J. Cox, B. Graham, Phoebe Reasons, L. Jones, Cathryn McGaughey, Dr. H. C. Huitt, Dean Brawley, Mabel Showman, Juanita Caldwell. Second Row: F. Stage, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, H. Austin, G. Carder, K. Benson, N. Brickell, J. R. Haynes, W. H. Thornton. THE INDIAN 1941 Club New s Page 89 LIE CERCILIE fRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais is composed of students taking French and also those interested in the subject. Several parties and picnics are given at intervals during the year. A French moving picture " Carnival in Flanders, " was sponsored by the French Club this year. OFFICERS President — Warren Thornton Vice-President : LaRue DeField Secretary .. Mary L. Carroll Treasurer Sara C. Moore Sponsor . . Dr. D. F. Pasmore - r. ft t V f v. Front Row: Virginia Porter, Lou A. Banks, LaRue DeField, Warren Thornton, Dr. D. F. Pas- more, Cathryn McGaughey, Dean Brawley, Mary L. Galloway, Frances Merrell, Eulene Heath. Second Row: Orieda Horn, Mary L. Carroll, J. Gibson, Sara Moore, J. R. Haynes, R. Chit- wood, Ruth McBride, Mildred Pitts, Mary H. Davis, Elizabeth Armstrong. Third Row: B. Jowers, D. McGuire, S. McGinnis, N. Brickell, H. McEWen. THE IN DIAN Pag e 90 Club N ews 1941 LIES ARTISTES The art club " Les Artistes " is composed of students taking, or who have taken, an art course. Its meetings are devoted to art-craft work. Members are given the opportunity to get acquainted in an informal way and also to do various kinds of art-craft work. Each spring this group sponsors a formal art exhibit and tea at Commencement time. A sketching-hike and picnic, and student teas are also included in the year ' s activities. OFFICERS President Dorothy Wilcox Vice-President Rose M. Cooper Secretary-Treasurer Jewel Hannah Sponsor Mrs. D. F. Pasmore Front Row: Mary Fitzgerald, Jewel Hannah, Dorothy Wilcox, Mrs. D. F. Pasmore, Mari- decine Clarke, Pat Lawhon. Back Row: Robin Gill, Floride Hanify, Connie Wallace, Frances Dowless, Virginia Owens. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News P age 91 MEN ' S GIL IE IE OLD lb State ' s Men ' s Glee Club appears in Chapel and for various civic functions during the year. The Men ' s Quartet, made up of Charles Moyers, Gerald Arrington, J. D. Maithis, and Mr. C. E. McMeans, assists on the programs. The Quartet makes several trips during the year. Director C. E. McMeans Front Row: G. Arrington, M. Aldridge, M. Conder, A. Austin, E. Worsley, J. D. Mathis, I. A. Sims, C. Moyers. Second Row: W. H. Hickox, C. Hurd, H. Austin, G. O ' Brien, L. Brownlee, J. Wood, U. McCoy, Prell Settlemire. THE INDIAN Page 92 Club News 1941 THE ORCHESTRA The College Orchestra is open to all students of musical ability. Under the direction of Mr. Somers, the Orchestra has played with the Jonesboro Choral Club in presenting the " Mes- siah " for the past two seasons. Music is also furnished by this group for presentations of the Dramatic Group. The Orchestra has also played in student recitals and presented vesper programs in a number of local churches. The annual Spring Tour of the Orchestra includes a number of high scho ols in North- eastern Arkansas. Selected members of the Orchestra compose the string ensemble which has played at various banquets and receptions throughout the year. Members of this group are Jane Rauls, Prof. Lester Somers, U. McCoy, Mary L. Grier, Dorothy Daughenty, and C. Moyers. Director Lester Somers Front Row: Prof. Lester Somers, C. Moyers, U. McCoy, C. Gregg, J. Lyons. Back Circle: Mary L. Grier, Dorothy Daugherty, A. Austin, A. B. Weir, J. Wood, Hettie S. Rea, D. C. Keath, LaRue DeField. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News Page 93 IP II OMEGA PI Since the Alpha Kappa chapter of Pi Omega Pi, national business honorary fraternity, was established on the campus of Arkansas State College, March 18, 1939, it has had steady growth and has caused students in this field to work with new enthusiasm. Following the custom of other national commercial fraternities, Pi Omega Pi, this year, is awarding honors to one outstanding student in the business administration department. The name of the person winning this will be engraved on a plaque which will be hung in the lobby of the business administration department on the fourth floor of R. E. Lee Wilson Hall. OFFICERS President Patty Sanders Vice-President Janice King Secretary .. Leton Adams Treasurer LaRue DeField Historian Catheryn McGaughey Pledge Master Ernest Schroeder Sponsor Mrs. H. W. Hollard Front Row: Boyd Booth, Mary E. Brown, LaRue DeField, L. Rodgers, Janice King, Patty Sanders, R. Washburn, Catheryn McGaughey, Jewell Hannah, Buford Booth. Back Row: Mrs. H. W. Hollard, F. Bowden, E. Schroeder, M. Mays, Dr. W. G. Shover, Leton Adams, Miss Emma Rogers. THE INDIAN Page 94 PRC-IVIED CLUB Arkansas State ' s Pre-Med Club meets one night each month. The purpose of the organ- ization is to provide a social hour for the members and to act as a means for them to become better acquainted. An annual Bingo Party, Christmas Party, and Spring Party are high lights of the year ' s social gatherings of the club. Membership to the Pre-Med Club is limited to twenty. OFFICERS President Ed Worsley Vice-President : . Louie Rodgers Secretary-Treasurer Flo Edna Hogue Sponsor Dr. W. W. Nedrow Front Row: M. Parker, N. Tillman, Orieda Horn, J. Gibson, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Ed Worsley, A. B. Weir, R. Lile, Martha Richardson, J. R. Ahern. Back Row: Sunshine Lile, S. McGinnis, Flo E. Hogue, P. Ledbetter, Joella Sisler, L. Rodgers. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News Page 95 PRESS CLUB The Press Club is composed of students who are taking Journalism, those who have taken Journalism, or those interested in this field of work. The high light of the Club ' s work each year is Journalism Day, sponsored by the organization for the benefit of the high school journ- alists in the surrounding territory. The Club inspects a metropolitan newspaper plant each year as one of its regular features. This year a dance was sponsored by the group following the basketball game between Arkansas State and Henderson State. OFFICERS President Warren Thornton Vice-President Hazel Johnston Secretary Ruth McBride Treasurer Ben McCarroll Reporter Paul Hoffman Sponsor William Wyatt Front Row: P. Hoffman, Ruth McBride, B. Knowlton, Mary D. Fitzgerald, B. Jowers, W. Thornton, Martha Richardson, Virginia Porter, Sunshine Boyd, Helen Martin. Back Row: W. Bennett, Ernestine Staggs, Prell Settlemire, S. McGinnis, G. Booker, J. R. Ahern, U. McCoy, L. Jones. THE INDIAN Pag e 96 Club News 1941 TEIE STATESMEN The Statesmen are a group of students who know their " jive " — both sweet and hot. They play for all the large dances given on the campus. This year two of the boys in the band did a little composing on the side. Charles Moyers composed two pieces " Alpha Sigma Sweetheart, " and a " Study in Tenths. " Bill Hickox wrote a swing number, " Serendipity. " The band plays for dances in surrounding Northeastern Arkansas and Southern Missouri towns. Every two weeks on Friday afternoon they play a half-hour program on station K.B.T.M. in Jonesboro. Director Charles Moyers Front Row: Charles Moyers, Saxaphone, Violin, Chimes; Bob Ahern, Saxaphone, Clarinet; Barnes Hampton, Saxaphone, Clarinet; G. W. Pitts, Saxaphone. Second Row: Donald Gilbert, Guitar; Buddy Weir, Trombone; Charles Gregg, Trumpet; Bill King, Trumpet. Third Row: Bill Hickox, Bass; Charles Van Hook, Drums; Hettie Sue Rea, Piano. THE IN DIAN 1941 Club News Page 97 STUDENT Ell EE COMMITTEE It is the responsibility of the Student Life Committee to approve selection of dates for planned activities. From the dates selected is drawn up the school calendar, which is thus available for consultation at all times. Senior Class Representatives: Patty Sanders, Warren Thornton. Junior Class Represent- atives: Martin Conder, Ruth McBride. Faculty Members: H. W. Hollard, Dean of Men, Chair- man; Mrs. Mary Brown, Dean of Women; Leste. - Somers, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Wendell Davis, Herbert Schwartz, Dr. H. C. Huitt, Major F. J. Achantz. Lester Somers, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Martin Conder, Ruth McBride, H. W. Hollard, Patty Sanders, Mrs. Mary Brown, Warren Thornton. THE INDIAN Page 98 Club News 1941 WESLEY FOUNDATION In January of this year, (the Wesley Foundation was organized through a Campus-Church Relations Committee set up by the three local Methodist Churches. Its work has just begun on the campus. The Wesley Foundation is a student movement embracing all Methodist students. It is the Methodist Church at work in the college community, seeking to provide for the spiritual, moral and social needs of students. The Methodist Student Council for this group directs the religious activities of all Meth- odist students. This council meets once a week. The Wesley Foundation Council has taken an active part in setting up the Student Relig- ious Activities Council, made up of representatives from all the organized religious groups, through which the first Religious Emphasis Week on the campus was made possible. An all Methodist party was sponsored by the group this spring. A delegation was sent to the State Methodist Student Conference at Conway. OFFICERS President A. B. Weir Vice-President Paul Johnston Secretary-Treasurer Helen Sturdivant Director Mabel Martin A. B. Weir, Pat Lawhon, L. Brownlee, Helen Sturdivant, Pauline Bowdon, Mabel Nance, C. Harris, Mabel Martin. THE INDIAN 1941 Club News P age 99 W. A, A. Women ' s Athletic Association was organized in 1935. The initial group consisted of fifty girls, with Mildred Liddell as president. Mrs. James Mason was the sponsor and she is still serving in that capacity. The aim of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to promote interest and competition in intramural sports among the women students of the College. A girl who earns 500 points is awarded an intramural letter. A special award is given to girls who earn letters four years. This year such awards go to Patty Sanders and Juanita Cald- well. Each year a trophy is awarded to the member of the club who has received the most points while taking an active part in the intramural program sponsored by the club. OFFICERS President Ruth McBride Vice-President — Patty Sanders Secretary Mary L. Grier (1st semester) Juanita Caldwell (2nd semester) Treasurer Robin Gill Sponsor — Mrs. James H. Mason First Row: Wilma Buhrmester, Joy Sutton, Mable Nance, Patty Sanders, Ruth McBride, Mrs. James Mason, Mary Clarke, Robin Gill, Sarah June Daugherty, Juanita Caldwell, Pat Lawhon, Joyce Hall. Second Row: Juanita Jackson, Orieda Horn, Patty Payne, Jimmy L. Blalock, Nina Lee Hutton, Dorothy Renshaw, Joella Sisler, Mary Johnston, Ruth Overall, Dean Brawley, Dorothy Warren, Maxine Pace, Carol Fakes. Third Row: Dorothy Daugherty, Eulene Heath, Sunshine Boyd, Jewell Hannah, Helen Anders, Mary L. Galloway, Jewel Roberts, Frances Chastain, Rita Mullin, Ernestine Staggs, Anne Sample, Marjorie Ponder, Mary L. Grier, Edith Bulla. THE INDIAN Page 100 Club News 1941 Y.M.CA. ' Y.W.CA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Sponsor OFFICERS President Janice King Vice-President :. Connie Wallace Secretary Sarah J. Daugher ty Treasurer Grace Harris Reporter Sunshine Boyd Sponsor Miss Sudie M. Walton 1 i Z. at y m. 1 m J 1 • A. ' Front Row: R. Glenn, Boyd Booth, Buford Booth, M. Conder, Dr. H. W. Andersen, E. Harris, R. Chitwood, L. Hutchison, L. Rodgers. Back Row: L. Jones, G. Carder, C. Roberts, K. Benson, J. Wood, W. E. Arnold, L. Brownlee, B. Clarke, C. Neal. Earl Harris . ' . Lee Hutchison Charles Neal Martin Conder Dr. H. W. Andersen THE INDI AN 1941 Club N ews Page 101 Y.M.CA.-Y.W.CA. The Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. are among the oldest organizations on the campus. For many years they have served to enrich the social, spiritual, and intellectual experiences of the students. The organizations sponsor a variety of activities each year. The Y ' s serve to co-ordinate the other clubs and groups of the campus in the annual White Christmas event. Seventy- five dollars and a large amount of groceries were turned over to ifehe Child Welfare through the White Christmas during this past year. The student mixer and the student-frolic sponsored annually by the Y ' s serve to get students acquainted. Each year these organizations bring outstanding speakers to the campus. These speakers are outstanding in their work, and they include such people as Tom Curry, former travelling secretary for the Southwest region of the " Y. " Also Fern Babcock and Carroll Moon, regional secretaries, have spoken here. The new sponsor of the Y. W. C. A. is Miss Sudie Mae Walton, who took the place of Miss Bernice Livengood. Dr. Holger Andersen is still sponsor of the Y. M. C. A. Front Row: Jean Overton, Dorothy Daugherty, Eulene Heath, Sunshine Boyd, Pat ' Lawhon, Janice King, Miss Sudie Mae Walton, Maridecine Clarke, Mary Fitzgerald, Connie Wallace, Sarah J. Daugherty, Edith Bulla, Elvira Sellers. Second Row: Betty J. Win ton, Patty Payne, Jewell Roberts, Juanita Caldwell, Mabel Nance, Dorothy Renshaw, Joyce Hall, Nina L. Hutton, Robin Gill, Dorothy Warren, Maxine Pace, Carol Fakes, Mary Johnston. Third Row: Ruth McBride, LaRue DeField, Juanita Turnbow, Cathryn McGaughey, Virginia Ridge, Orieda Horn, Anne R. Sample, Frances Chastain, Rita Mullins, Ernestine Staggs, Grace Harris, Montana Crawford. THE INDIAN National Defense Page 102 1941 CAPT W. E. WOMBLE MAJOR F. J. ACHATZ LT. GUS R. RIDINGS STATE ' S ROTC LOOKS AHEAD TO FIFTH BLUE STAR Major F. J. Achatz In Command As Corps Works To Keep Its Excellent Rating Excellence is the goal of the Arkansas State College R. O. T. C. unit, and Lb has been achieved in every inspection of the corps since 1936 when it was organized. Major William E. Corkill was the first commander at State, and he was assisted by Capt. John L. Lewis and Capt. Bonilace Campbell. Under their direction an excellent corps was formed in a re- markably short time. The officers served again as head of the corps during the 1937-38 school year. David Burford was appointed as Cadet Colonel to command during drill. In the spring of 1938 Capt. Campbell was promoted to Major an d sent to the Army War College in Washington. Capt. Francis J. Achatz was sent to replace him for 1938- 39. Clark Hetherington was Cadet Colonel that year. The same commanding stafl served at State in 1939-40. In the spring of 1940 the first regular four year graduates received their commissions as reserve officers in the Reg- ular Army. Paul Allbright served as Cadet Colonel. This year both Major Cor- kill and Capt. Lewis were sent to the Regular Army, and Capt. Achatz was promoted to Major and put in command of the corps. Capt. W. E. Wcmble and Lt. Gus R. Rid- ' ngs are his assistants, and Gus Craig is Cadet Colonel. The corps also has a pistol team which competes with alleges all over the United States. They have a very good record. Also in service at the Col- lege is a detachment of en- listed men. These men keep the equipment, buildings, and lecords of the organization in rjood condition. THE INDIAN National Defense 1941 Page 103 JANICE KING PATTY SANDERS MARIDECINE CLARKE Hon. Major Hon. Colonel Hon. Major First Row: Chitwood (Cap .), Metzler (Capt.), Graham (Major), Felley (Lt. Col.), Craig (Col.), Haynes (Lt. Col.), Cureton (Lt. Col.), Crockett (Major), Settlemire, F. P. (Capt.). Second Row: Ledbetter (Corp.), Harris W. P. (1st Sgt.), Harris E. A. (Sgt.), Cureton B. (Corp.). THE INDIAN Page 104 National Defense 1941 ' Hi- 1 , .V, " " : » 1 ! : 3 i [■■■Mi Hi i jmi Ell " Eli m 1 Mill f I 1 SSS fSf f ££l First Row: (Corp) Huskey, Goodart, Par dew, Graham, E. D., Dove, Clark, (Sgt) Peterson, Smith, C. A., (1st Lt Shell, (2nd Lt) Burk, (2nd Lt) McEWen, H. G., (1st Sgt) Adams, (Sgt) Gibson, J. B., Blackwood, Harris, E. C, Smith, G. A., Darr. Second Row: Perrin, Bailey, W., (Corp) Warr, Nuitt, Jones J., Lynch, D. T., Cole, R. M., Hudson, Edwards, (Corp) Hartsock, (Corp) Smith, H. T., Johnston, P., Perkins, K. C, Gai- ther, (Corp) Cooper. Left to right: G. W. Pitts, C. Powell, Capt. Womble, T. Senter, G. C. Moore. THE INDIAN 1941 National Defense Page 105 i JL. " SB . ■ jm ' q 1 i i sn I I ■ ■ " ■ w ■ in mi h p|tt- - i ■ ■ ill % ■ V • ■ .ft ' | f ' " ' " ■ - ; I ■ 1 First Row: Courtney, Burge, (Corp) Moore, G. C, McCall, (Corp) Glenn, (Sgt) McGinnis, (2nd Lt) Hoffman, (2nd Lt) Lauderdale, D. W., (Capt) Rees, (1st Lt Carpenter, (2nd Lt) Rod- gers, L. N., (1st Sgt) Frazier, L. M., Johnson, G. E,, (Corp) Gibson, D., Lauderdale, E. R., Edens. Second Row: Bonds, Cline, Shelton, G. E., James, J. F., Craska, Day, Johnston, C. E., Phil- lips, Wheatley, Hill, D., Henderson, Gregory, Marcum, Kelley. Pfc. R. J. Lewis, Pfc. L. G. Mitchell, Sgt. Paul Campbell, Tech. Sgt. E. L. Gaines, Sgt. T J. Campbell, Sgt. L. C. Skari, Pfc. M. J. Frost, Pfc. A. E. Snodgrass. THE INDIAN Page 106 National Defense 1941 First Row: Norman, (Corp) Ulmer, (Corp) Mathis, Turner, (Sgt) Jones, L. E., (1st Sgt) Till- man, (2nd Lt) Worsley, (2nd Lt) Kopp, (Capt) Shelton, Osborne, (1st Lt) Powell, (2nd Lt) Park, (2nd Lt Stage (Sgt) Heathcott, (Corp) Washburn, (Corp) Gipson, C. L., (Corp) Watkins, G. Coppage. Second Row: Byford, Rodgers, Mills, Kiech, Neill, Crist, B., Tucker, Wilcox, Mooring, Smith, D. L., Sullivan, Pulliam, Stuart, Waters. First Row: Dickerson, Senter, Scott, Gregg. (Sgt) Pitts, Aldridge, (2nd Lt) Mays, W. C., Mr. Somers, (Capt.) Fortenberry, (2nd Lt) Moyers, (Sgt) Hickox, Wood, J. D., Weir, A. B., Austin, Abbott, (Corp) Parker, J. M. Second Row: (Corp) Settlemire, P. C, Coffey, (Corp) Nease, (1st Sgt) Ahern, Lyons, (Sgt) Garner, Lile, Hearne, Van Hook, (Corp) Cole, C. THE INDIAN 1941 National Defense Page 107 First Row: Broks, (Corp) Fitzgerald, (Corp) Tullos, (Sgt) Hutchison, (Sgt) Pickens, (1st Sgt) Dougherty, (2d Lit) Word, (2d Lt) Knowlton, (Capt) Moore, T. P., (1st Lt) Rorex, (2d Lt) McGuire, (2d Lt) Wilson, (Sgt) Grier, (Corp) Brown, H. R., (Corp) Brownlee, (Corp) Crist, Rankin, Cole, R. J. Second Row: Perkins, G., Penn, Pearson, Taylor, McEwen, B., Gilbert, James, H. A., John- son, R. N., Cooper, R. W., Atkinson, L. T., Elmore Torian, Montgomery, Atkinson, J. D., Crook. First Row: Pleitz, Purvis, Lane, (Corp) Sims, (lstt Sgt) Stevenson, (2d Lt) Mays, A. M. (Capt) Schroeder, Woodside, (1st Lt Salmon, (2d Lt) Frazier, M., (Corp) Harris, C. R., Settle- mire, D. C, Middleton, Pyle. Second Row: Arnold, T. K., Yarbrough, Barnett. THE INDIAN Page 108 National Defense 1941 First Row: W. S. Aycock, C. H. Barham, W. C. Blalock, E. Bolton, G. H. Caldwell, T. Cald- well, C. S. Clark. Second Row: V. C. Crafton, P. P. Davis, H. A. Detrick, M. Duncan, C. B. Forrest, J. H. Franklin, C. D. Garrett. Third Row: O. Hammond, J. H. Hyatt, M. Jamison, B. Jones, P. D. McCulloch, J. H. McGinnis. Fourth Row: J. A. Morris, T. E. Osmenifc, L. Price, J. Rowland, F. Snellgrove, R. Swarens. GUARDSMEN GO TO YEAR ' S CAMP In the middle of January, 19 4 1 when the National Guard was mobilized, approx- imately forty students from Arkansas State were included in the group. Nearly all of the first string basketball team and many of the tracksters left for their year of training. The loss will also be felt next year when the football team re- ports for the season. The departure not only af- fected the athletic teams of tre College ' but vacancies were also left in many of the or- ganizations on the campus. Mid-year elections were made necessary in many groups to fill vacated offices. Early examinations were given to the group of Guards- men to allow them to finish their first semester ' s work. They will thus be able to con- tinue after returning for the second semester next year. THE INDIAN 1941 First Society Section Page 109 Kappa Sigma Nu Coronation Ball King and Queen 1 1 DOROTHY GENE PORTER CLIFFORD ROREX Attendants J. D. Fortenberry Ollie Crook Mary Thompson Hettie Sue Rea THE IND IAN Page 110 First Society Section 1941 Popular Mabel Smith THE INDIAN First Society Section 1941 Page 111 Vote In Sara Carolyn Moore THE INDIAN First Society Section 1941 Page 113 THE INDIAN First Society Section Page 114 1941 Was The Martha Richardson THE INDIAN THE INDIAN First Society Section Page 116 1941 Selection Dorothy Gene Porter THE INDIAN 1941 First Society Section Page 117 THE INDIAN Page 118 First Society Section 1941 Beauties Dorothy Wilcox THE INDIAN 1941 First Society Section Page 119 THE INDIAN First Society Section Page 120 1941 1941 Sarah June Daugherty THE INDIAN First Society Section Page 121 1941 THE INDIAN Page 122 Second Society Section 1941 AILIPIhA SIGMA OFFICERS President Patty Sanders Vice-President Sunshine Lile Recording Secretary Floride Hanify Corresponding Secretary Nona M. Morgan Treasurer Robin Gill Historian — Dorothy Wilcox Marshall . Hazel Johnston Reporter Martha Richardson Pledge Captain Phoebe Reasons Sponsor — Mrs. James H. Mason A. S. SUPPORTS CAMPUS SOCIALS Alpha Sigma Sorority was founded by eight girls on Feb- ruary 25, 1935. Dorothy Lea Lea Lines, of Wynne, served as the first president, with Mrs. Adelaide (Rogers) Gafke as first sponsor. Patty San- ders is now president and Mrs. James H. Mason sponsor. The purpose of this organization is to further the aims of Arkansas State College by fostering social participation for the attainment of culture and by encouraging educa- tional achievements. In September, Alpha Sigma welcomes all new girls with a tea; and during commence- ment week, a tea is given complimenting the senior girls. Each spring the pledges of Alpha Sigma are intro- duced at a formal dance. Alpha Sigma chooses, every year, a sponsor from each fraternity on the campus. This year the following were chosen : Jimmy Crockett, Kappa Sigma Nu; Warren Thornton, Zeta Tau Zeta; and Louie N. Rogers, Delta Omega Sigma. A medal is presented an- nually to the outstanding student of the Music Depart- ment on Honor ' s Day by Alpha Sigma, and at the same time a collection of books is pre- sented to the library. Patrons and patronesses of Alpha Sigma are: Mr. J. H. Mason; Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Pasmore; Mrs. V. C. Kays; Major and Mrs. F. J. Achatz; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McMeans; Mrs. D. T. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Plunkett; Dr. and Mrs. Paul Luterloh; Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Somers; Captain and Mrs. W. E. Womble; and Miss Annie Camp. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Society Section Page 123 SORORITY First Row: Martha J. Booker, Geraldine Cole, Claire Croft, Eugenia Crawford, Mary D. Fitzgerald, Jean Frazier, Robin Gill. Second row: Jacqueline Hague, Floride Hanify, Hazel Johnston, Phe M. Koonce, Sun- shine Lile, Catheryn McGaughey, Frances McGinnis. Third Row: Jerelene Mason, Nona M. Morgan, Frances Newcom, Mary B. Overstreet, Mil- dred Pitts, Dorothy G. Porter, Phoebe Reasons. Fourth Row: Martha Richardson, Mary F. Self, Constance Stuck, Helen Sturdivant, Dor- othy Tankersley, Dorothy Wilcox, Ruth Wilcox. No Picture: Ruth L. Hamilton, Helen Martin. THE INDIAN Page 124 Second Society Section 1941 AILIPIMA TAU ZIETA OFFICERS President — Janice King Vice-President . Ruth McBride Recording Secretary LaRue DeField Corresponding Secretary Sarah J. Daugherty Treasurer Juanita Jackson Historian — Eulene Heatfch Pledge Mistress Orieda Horn Sponsor Mrs. W. W. Nedrow NEDROW IS NEW GUIDE FOR A. T. Z. Alpha Tau Zeta sorority was recognized on the Ark- ans as State College campus when it received its charter March 3, 1937. Betty S. For- tenberry served as its first president with Miss Eleanor Heuver as the first sponsor. Janice King who is now presiding and Mrs. Warren W. Nedrow as sponsor with the assistance of the faithful members have guided Alpha Tau Zeta through its fourth year of existence. The Sorority has many var- ious functions each year. At the beginning of the college year the members entertain with a tea for the new dor- mitory girls and faculty mem- bers. A dance in the fall starts the social season for this organization. The anni- versary is celebrated each rpring with a dinner and for- mal dance. Mary E. White, 1939-40 president, was selected by the faculty as the most outstand- ing senior girl and was gran- ted the Wilson Award for that year. Warren Thornton was chosen as the most ideal cam- pus boy for 1940-41 and was presented at the anniversary dance. During the summer the annual convention is held in Memphis. The alumni and members meet here for a general good time and to make plans for the next school year. The patrons of the sorority, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Barrett ' , Mr. Roy Sigler, Mr. Clyde Knight, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Shover, Lt. G. R. Ridings, Mr. H. W. Hollard, and Mrs. H. W. Hol- lard, charted member, are special guests of the members at the anniversary dance and dinner. THE INDIAN 1941 Se cond Society Section Page 125 ■SORORITY First Row: Elizabeth Armstrong, Emma J. Bennett, Dorothy Daugherty, Sarah J. Daugh- erty, LaRue DeField, Hazel Dudley, Eulahgene Fletcher. Second Row: Mildred Fletcher, Betty J. Hale, Eulene Heath , Orieda Horn, Juanita Jackson, Ruth McBride, Virginia Newberry. Third Row: Virginia Porter, Hettie S. Rea, Rosalie Robinson, Edith Shearer, Mable Smith, Wanda F. Smith. Fourth Row: Majoria Sutton, Mary Thompson, Dorothy Willett, Betty J. Winton, Vonna J. Woods, Charter Member: Mrs. H. W. Hollard. THE INDIAN Page 126 Second Society Section 1941 DELTA BETA ' CM OFFICERS President . Jan e Rauls Vice-President . Sedley Izard Recording Secretary Betty J. Korspeter Corresponding Secretary „ . Mary L. Carroll Treasurer Sara Moore Historian Mary L. Grier Town Reporter Nancy Word Herald Reporter Katherine Abbott Pledge Captain Connie Wallace Chaplain Frances Barton Sponsor Miss Rutth Collins D. B. X. PROMOTES MANY FUNCTIONS Delta Beta Chi Sorority was founded on Feb. 11, 1935, the first sorority on the cam- pus at Arkansas State Col- lege. Mary Elizabeth (Hollan) Smith was the first president and Miss Martha Lou Lass- iter, first sponsor. The purpose of Delta Beta Chi is to encourage closer friendship, promote social and cultural development, and to make Arkansas State College a greater institution. Each year the Sorority spon- sors a no-date dance at the beginning of ithe school year, and an anniversary dance m February. The organization also sponsors numerous par- ties during the year. A con- vention for active and alum- nae members is held each summer. An annual award is given to the organization pre- senting the best chapel pro- gram of the year. Patrons of Delta Beta Chi are Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hickey, Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Crosno, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Parker, Miss Emma Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Gu y French, Mrs. E. L. Whitsitt, Miss Olive E. Westbrooke, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trout , and Major and Mrs. H. E. Eldridge. THE INDIAN 1941 Second Soci e ty Section Page 127 SORORITY First Row: Katherine Abbott, Frances Barton, Deronda Bird, Mary E. Brown, Mary L. Carroll, Marietta Castleberry, Roberta Castleberry. Second Row: Rosemary Cooper, Frances Dowless, Carol Fakes, Mary L. Grier, Joyce Hall, Juanita Huber, Marilyn Humphrey. Third Row : Sedley Izard, Betty J. Korspeter, Louise Moore, Sarah C. Moore, Helen Sims, Nancy Word. No Picture: Connie Wallace. THE INDIAN Page 128 Second Society Section 1941 DELTA OMEGA SIGMA OFFICERS President Billy Cureton Vice-President . . Paul Hoffman Secretary Hewle tte R. Brown Tieasurer Louie Rodgers Chaplain — George Booker Historian Martin Conder Sgt. at Arms Roscoe Chitwood D. O. S. FOUNDED IN WINTER OF ' 35 With five men as a nu- cleus, Delta Omega Sigma, Arkansas State ' s Pioneer Fra- ternity was founded Jan. 25, 1935. It came as a result of an informal meeting held late in 1934, in one of the guest rooms of Danner Hall that had been turned over to one of the original five while he recovered from an appendec- tomy. These first five men knew that in order to have a suc- cessful fraternity, they would have to take more men into the group; so they at once went to work to add more members to the organization. With the fraternity thus en- larged, they began work in earnest to gain recognition cn the campus. Charles Light, one of the new members to the organi- zation, drew up the consti- tution. Light ' s knowledge in this field proved indispen- sable, and the constitution that he drew up and pre- sented to President V. C. Kays and the Board of Trustees, still governs the Fraternity. Under the leadership of capable presidents — Charles Light, Paul Chambers, Eddie Heath, Lloyd Hancock, James Ramsey, and Billy Cureton, with C. E. McMeans as spon- sor — the Fraternity has done its part in the promotion of activities for better scholar- ship and social surroundings on the campus. For the past five years, Delta Omega Sigma has spon- sored an annual Homecoming Dance. This Fraternity spon- sored its first Spring Formal on April 27, 1935, and has continued to do so ever since, the dance being given on Easter Eve of each year. For the past three years, the Fraternity has set aside a Scholastic Fund, to be in- creased each year, through which some student may find a means of borrowing suffi- cient funds to aid him in gaining his education. THE INDIAN 1941 Se cond Society Section Page 129 FRATERNITY First Row: Malcolm Aldridge, George Bosker, Jimmy Burnett, Hewlette R. Brown, Roscoe Chitwood, Martin Conder, Daniel A. Garner. Second Row: Merle Goodart, Bernard Graham, Edmond Hartsock, Paul Hoffman, Bruce Knowlton, Lester Jones, Billy Jowers. Third Row: James Lauderdale, Robert Lile, Ulysses McCoy, W. C. Mays, Louie Rodgers, I. A. Sims. Fourth Row: George Sullivan, Norman Tillman, A. B. Weir, Ewell Wilson, Ed Worsley, Honorary Member: J. B. Husband. No Picture : Wiley Bailey, Robert Hudson, Joe Osborne. THE INDIAN Page 130 Second Society Section 1941 KAPPA SIGMA NU OFFICERS President James Crockett Vice-President J. D. Fortenberry Secretary James R. Haynes Treasurer Paul Settlemire Pledge Master Sam McGinnis Historian Richard Adams Parliamentarian John R. Ahern Senior Steward Louis Frazier Junior Steward Harold Heathcott Corresponding Secretary Louis Frazier Sgt. at Arms Harold Heathcott Chaplain Prell Settlemire Sponsor Dr. Ashley Robey K. S. N. SPONSORS NEW FUNCTION Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity was organized in 1935. Leland McCandless was first pres- ident of the organization. Dr. Ashley Robey was selected as sponsor and has served in that capacity since then. The active chapter and the alum- ni chapter now have a total membership of one hundred and ten. Kappa Sigma Nu presidents since McCandless include James Brides, Walnut Ridge; Winford Wyatt, Jbnesboro; Orville Kellett, Williford; G. W. Clements, Thomasville, Missouri; and Caleb Davis, Braggadocio, Missouri. Each year the fraternity presents a formal Christmas Ball, an alumni New Year ' s Eve Banquet, and a summer convention. Last year the group met in Jonesboro for the convention. This year for the first time Kappa Sigma Nu sponsored a Coronation Ball which is to be made an annual affair. At this dance the queen and king of the campus are an- nounced over the local broad- casting station. Four rep- resentatives are chosen from the independent groups and from each social organization on the campus. Their pictures are sent to judges, and the decisions are announced on the night of the Ball. This year the campus queen and king, Dorothy Gene Porter and Clifford Rorex, were chosen by Earl Carroll and Hedy Lamarr respectively. THE INDIAN 1941 Se cond Societ y Section Page 131 FRATERNITY First Row: Richard Adams, Robert Ahern, Jack Burge, L. A. Fitzgerald, J. D. Fortenberry, Louis Frazier, Max Frazier, James R. Haynes, Second Row: Harold Heathcott, Lee Hutchison, Gerald Johnson, Buddy J. McCall, Homer McEwen, Bert McEwen, Sam McGinnis, Henry Metzler. Third Row: Charles Neal, Thomas Penn, John Pickens, Clifford Rorex, C. Prell Settle- mire, Dell Settlemire, Paul Settlemire. Fourth Row: Vernon Warr, Bankston Waters, Honorary Member: H. W. Hollard, Faculty Member: James H. Mason, Honorary Member: W. W. Nedrow, Faculty Member: W. G. Shover, Honorary Member: W. E. Womble. No Picture: Louis G. Hill, Dan Lynch, Emmert McClellan, Frank Thompson. THE INDIAN Page 132 Second Society Section 1941 ZIETA TAU ZIETA OFFICERS Fresident Pete Wallace Vice-President Gus Craig Secretary Earl Harris Treasurer Tom Moore Historian Warren Thornton Sgt. at Arms Ollie Crook ZETA TAU ZETA STARTED IN 1937 The history of Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity begins in 1937 when ' the organization was r ranted a charter by the Col- lege authorities. Clarence Adams of Jonesboro was made president that year, and since that time he has been suc- ceeded in chronological order bv James DeShazo of Viola, Charles Potter of Pine Bluff, Kelly Thomson of Cotter, and Pete Wallace of Dell. Highlighting the year ' s soc- ial activities are the anni- versary ball in January and the annual spring banquet and dance. Other varied so- cials are sponsored by the organization during the year. Each year the fraternity selects a " Dream Girl " who is formally introduced at the -mniversary dance and serves as official hostess to the 1 fra- ternity ' s social functions. In 1939 Miss Billie Masner of Monette received this honor. The following year Miss Dor- othy Wilcox of Jonesboro was selected to succeed Miss Mas- ner, and she, in turn, was succeeded by Miss Lou Anna Banks of Delta, Colorado. Zeta Tau Zeta has as its mision the promotion of better relationship between the sor- orities and fraternities on the campus. Each year, on Honor ' s Day, the fraternity makes awards to the most outstanding sen- ior journalist and senior ath- lete. Journalism awards have been bestowed upon Clarence Adams, J. L. Swindle, and Angus Rutledge. The organi- zation has chosen Orville Kel- let, Ivan Busby, and Joe Wods the most outstanding athletes. Guy French serves as spon- sor to the fraternity, assisted by Coach Bill Adams, alumni member, and Dr. George Brock and Dr. Homer Huiitt, honorary members. THE INDIAN 1941 Se cond Society Section Page tg FRATERNITY First Row: Nathan Carpenter, George Brock, James Chisum, Kenneth Cline, Gus Craig, Ollie Crook, Donald Felley. Second Row: Joe Gibson, Barnes Hampton, Earl A. Harris, Noble Hearne, Gene Houston, Dan McGuire, Robert Mack. Third Row: Tom Moore, Gilbert O ' Brien, Macon Parker, Archie Perrins, William Place, James Pulliam, H. S. Salmon. Fourth Row: Harold Smith, Frank Snellgrove, Warren Thornton, Gerald Watkins, Dick Word, Bill Adams, Dr. J. E. Brock, Dr. H. C. Huitt. THE INDIAN Page 134 Second Society Section 1941 PI GAMMA ML OFFICERS President - — - ------ Norvell Brickell Vice-President Kathryn McGaughey Secretary-Treasurer — — Leton Adams Sponsor - Dr - H - W. Andersen P. G. M. SPONSORS SOCIAL IDEALISM Beta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, national honor social science fraternity, has been in existence since 1934. It was formed for the purpose of impressing young people with social idealism, to train them in social thought, and to en- courage them to think straightly on all social ques- tions. Its motto " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, " is an epigram that is well known to everybody, an one to which the organization tries to live up to at all times. The organization has a pro- gram for the society as a whole as well as for the local group. Beta Chapter has a monthly meeting which is pleasantly divided between the consideration of current problems and sociability. It makes the Woodruff Award yearly to the Junior College student who does the most outstanding work in the Soc- ial Science field. It partici- pates in the yearly trip to the Juvenile Court of Memphis and aids the social conscious- ness of the campus life. THE INDIAN 1941 Se cond Society Section Page 135 SCIMOILASTIIC SOCIETY First Row: H. Austin, P. Dean Brawley, N. Brickell, C. Brooks, Mary B. Brown, T. LaRue DeField, Jewel Hannah. Second Row: J. R. Haynes, Sunshine Li!e, Cathryn McGaughey, Mable Nance, R. Pleitz, Ruth Rauls, L. Rodgers. Third Row: E. Schroeder, Mable Showman, H. Smith, Leton Adams, Mrs. Mary Brown, J. W. Davis, Mrs. J. W. Davis. Fourth Row: G. B. Grant, Mrs. H. W. Hollard, Mrs. Bessie Howell, Dr. H. C. Huitt, Miss Bernice Livengood, J. H. Mason, Mrs. J. H. Mason. Fifth Row: Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, G. R. Ridings, Mrs. D. T. Rogers, Dr. W. G. Shover, Dr. D. F. Showalter, Dr. H. E. White, W. H. Wyatt. THE INDIAN Page 136 Second Society Section 1941 SCAIBIBAIRID AF ID BLADE OFFICERS Captain J Gus Craig 1st Lieutenant . Billy Cureton 2nd Lieutenant F. Paul Settlemire Sargeant Russell Shell LOCAL COMPANY CHARTERED 1938 M Company of the 7th Reg- iment, Arkansas State ' s chap- ter of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, is an outgrowth of an Officer ' s Club, that was formed at the College. It came as a result of the untiring efforts of a group of cadet officers who wished to make their club a part of a national organiza- tion. Under the guidance of Major Wm. E. Corkill, and led especially by Cadets Grover Ashley, and Francis Ray- mond, the " Officer ' s Club " presented their credentials to the Installation Board of Scabbard and Blade at its an- nual Summer Convention held at Los Angeles in 1938. The Convention members passed unanimously on the petition of the local group for a charter, and Arkansas State ' s " Officer ' s Club " was accepted to become affiliated with Scabbard and Blade. In the fall of 1938, Major T. S. Crockett came to th campus and officially installed the unit as M Company of the Seventh Regiment ' . Clark Hetherington was elected as the organization ' s first Cap- tain. Since that time James Ramsey and Gus Craig have served in that capacity. The first annual Scabbard and Blade Formal was given in the spring of 1939 with cnly officers and non-com- missioned officers of the corps, and thir dates, in- vited. Alt ' this dance, right after the Grand March, the first pledges to the Company were announced. Since that time the same custom has been the method of announc - ing the second semester pledges. Each year the Company gives a series of smokers and dinner dances. This year it sponsored a traveling Basket- ball team, the major object of which was to bring a clearer knowledge of Military affairs to the people in the different localities in North- eastern Arkansas and South- eastern Missouri. THE INDIAN 1941 S econd Society Section Page 137 MILITARY SOCIETY First Row: George Booker, Roscoe Chitwood, William Cureton, Ray Clardy, James Crockett, J. D. Fortenberry, James R. Haynes. Second Row: Paul Hoffman, Homer McEwen, Charles Moyers, Louie Rodgers, Clifford Rorex, Paul Settlemire, Russell Shell. Third Row: H. W. Hollard, Capt. W. E. Womble, Ewell Wilson, Ed Worsley, Charter Member: Lt. Gus R. Ridings, V. C Kays. THE INDIAN Page 138 Sport Section 1941 STATE ' S VARSITY TEAMS LOSE BUT PLAY GOOD BALL Inexperience Causes Defeats When Ar- my And Injuries Take Veterans Coach Bill Adams is to be congratulated upon his abil- ity as a real worker and his development of a hard play- ing football team. To begin with, he lost the majority of his first string men via grad- uation and had to bulid his team this year from the few remaining veterans and a group of newcomers. Due to a great number of injuries and a few bad breaks, the team this year did not make as impressive a record, on the scoreboard, as did last year ' s team. Their playing, however, was as fine as could have been possibly expected. The number of games lost this year makes a dwarfism of our victories, but, never- theless, we did have a hard playing and fair fighting team throughout the season. FOOTBALL QUEEN AND MAIDS This year the Indians elec- ted two Homecoming Queens: Bonnie V. Lawhon, a sopho- more from Pocahontas, and Helen Sturdivant, a junior from McCrory. The maids of honor were Patty Lou San- ders, a senior; Babe Jackson, a sophomore; Jean Downes, a freshman; and Mary Belle Overstreet, a freshman. The Queens, and their court, were recognized offic- ially by Captain Henry Metz- ler just before the game with Austin Peay Normal College, when they were presented to the spectators as the rulers of the team for the season. Tha-t night, at the annual Homecoming Dance sponsor- ed by the Delta Omega Sigma fraternity, the Queens reign- ed once more — and honored the Indians with their con- gratulations on a well-earned 13-0 victory over " The Gov- ernors. " CHEERLEADERS This group is responsible for the student enthusiasm shown at all of State ' s ath- letic events. Their job is to teach and lead the students in their yells and cheers for the teams of State College. Bernard " Cracker " Gra- ham, a returning veteran, was chosen as Head Cheer- leader. Other members of the squad were Ed Worsley, a for- mer member; Pat Lawhon, a former member; and Phe Marie Koonce and Carol Fakes, both freshmen and new to the team. BASKETBALL Coach Wendell Davis had a rather hard time of it wi ' th his basketball team. Due to injuries, all his first string men were not on the floor all the time they were here, and then the National Guard took away part of his squad and left only a few men for him to work with for the duration of a hard season. Captain Henry Metzler was one of the steady ball players that Coach Davis had left after the National Guard beys left, and " Metz " played the same regular, steady, and fair fighting game he has played for State in the past years. With the coaching ability of Davis, the exper- ience of a couple of the vet- erans, and the good spirit and cooperation of the re- mainder of the squad, we had a ball team that was sur- prisingly good considering the circumstances and the disadvantages against which we had to work. THE INDIAN 1941 Sport Section Page 139 Capt. Metzler Coach Adams Sub-Capt. Settlemire tin Dick Ballew Everett Bolton Harold Callahan Hal Detrick THE INDIAN Page 140 Sport Section 1941 Don Ditsler Managers Bill Jessen Billy Kelso Babe Lauderdale " Stormy " Lynch Ban Lynch Red McCarty " Donk " McClellan THE INDIAN 1941 Sport Section Page 141 Leon Mabrey •Viola " Morris Johnny Osment " Hot " Osment 1 t- 4 - 1 ti 1 r V . c - THE INDIAN Page 142 Sport Section 1941 HOMECOMING CUEENS AIM ID MAIDS Mary Belle Overstreet Pat Lawhon Helen Sturdivant Patty Sanders CHEERLEADERS Phe Marie Koonce Pat Lawhon " Cracker " Graham Ed Worsley Carol Fakes THE INDIAN 1941 Sport Section Page 143 Co-Capt. Metzler Coach Davis Co-Capt. Bolton Ray Clardy Don Ditsler Dub Fisher Johnson Kell K. Perkins N. Phillips THE INDIAN Page 144 Sport Section 1941 E. Glasgow Tommy Perm Donnie Wheatley David Keath 3 1 John Pickens Dell Settlemire Paul Settlemire Lloyd Tucker Warren Wilcox Lee Woodside THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 145 OUR ADVERTISERS On the following- pages you find the names of the business men who helped us put out this annual by their active monetary support. Without them it would not be possible to present the 1941 Indian. BARTON LUMBER CO. Jonesboro, Arkansas When You Fail to Consider Quality, You Buy Disappointment THE INDIAN Page 146 Tabloid Section 1941 r ! Photography for 1941 INDIAN by MODERN IPIMGTO SIMOIP 318 S. Church Telephone 3156 THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 147 State College calls you To four years of enjoyable living And the best college training available Together with preparation for a good job. Enter in July, September, January, April, or May. Here to serve you ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE Jonesboro, Arkansas Covers and Binding for the 1941 " Indian " by BECKTOLD COMPANY St. Louis, Missouri THE INDIAN Page 148 Tabloid Section 1941 THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 149 Home Owned Piggly Wiggly Stores And Markets HOT SPOT BAKERY Complete Food Service — Ample Parking Space We a ppreciate your business. HOWARD C. STUCK, Owner THE INDIAN Page 150 Tabloid Section 1941 For the Home you will surely build one of these days, remember our ONE-STOP Building Service £V£WrM6 PERTAINING TO SW MO LUMBER f JONESB ORO, ARK. We are members of a great organization of over 200 department stores; therefore our unlimited pur- chasing power assures you of that ideal combina- tion of dependable service and dependable mer- chandise at lower cost. Metzler Motor Company Still Wants To See You Chrysler Plymouth Sales and Service Gas Telephone 643 Oil Jonesboro, Ark. IND Tabloid Section THE INDIAN Page 152 Tabloid Section 1941 THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 153 MAKE Wall ' s Dept. Store Your headquarters while attending Arkansas State College. Included in our complete stock of clothing for both men and women are the following nationally advertised brands: Paris Fashion Shoes Bostonian and Mansfield Shoes Humming Bird Hose Catalina Swim Suits McGregor Sportswear Enro Shirts and Pajamas Carole King Dresses Phoenix Socks Dobbs Hats Curlee Clothes CITIZEN ' S EAlMK OIF JONES BO RO " A Service Institution " Deposits Insured Under U. S. Government Insurance Plan " Make This Bank Your Bank " OFFICERS R. H. Wall, President M. L. McKinney, Active Vice-Pres. Clyde Knight, Ass ' t Cashier S. V. McKinney, Vice-Pres., Cachier Gerald McGhee, Ass ' t Cashier J. B. McKee, Ass ' t Vice-President C. V. McKinney, Ass ' t Cashier Willi am Springer, Asst. Cashier THE INDIAN Page 154 Tabloid Section 1941 MODERN ' - SKILLFUL « COURTEOUS SEE — Our Campus Agent — OR — 226 Union St. Phone 666 T. H. " Buck ' Pryor — Mrs. H. L. Hickey — J. E. Parr United Agencies, Inc. INSURANCE Fire — Compensation — Auto — Liability Surety — Fidelity and Fiduciary Bonds Phone 2286 Jonesboro, Arkansas Class Rings — Sorority Pins — Fraternity Pins " COLLEGIATE GIFTS OF DISTINCTION " Watches — — Diamonds H. T. PURVIS SON, Inc. " Arkansas ' Finest Jewelry Store " Jonesboro, Ark. WEAR, BEAUTY AND FIT IN of LARKWOOD stockings Larkwood Hosiery Bar Jonesboro, Arkansas CAMPUS TOGS SPORTSWEAR ordonflktthews Frierson Building THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Sectio n Pa ge 155 THE INDIAN Page 156 Tabloid Section 1941 7 f J ,1 -ij. F,rs?n,aT.c} V. THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 157 SNYDER DRUG CO. Packers of Staple Drugs Makers of Snyder ' s Remedies Jonesboro, Ark. Paint Glass Wallpaper— Art Supplies JACKSON PAINT AND SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Jonesboro, Ark. DISTRIBUTORS Kraft ' s Products Dairy Maid Baking Powder Gold Medal Flour Chiffon Maid Flour Del Monte Foods Gold Medal Meal Albatross Flour Blue Horse School Supplies Miller-Crenshaw Company Wholesale Grocers Packing House Products and Produce Established 1922 Jonesboro, Ark. THE INDIAN Page 158 Tabloid Section 1941 D. CANALE AND CO. Wholesalers and Importers Fruits, Nuts and Produce Memphis Jonesboro Newport II Compliments of City Water Light Co. Municipally Owned and Operated Jonesboro, Arkansas 1 TEASDALE MOTORS Dodge -Plymouth Sales and Service Dodge Trucks and Commercial Cars JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Phone 2246 407 Union THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 159 THE INDIAN Page 160 Tabloid Section 1941 THE INDIAN Tabloid Section 1941 Page 161 J?cua P iar naaf r TO PHOHfS 147 4tt DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY The Finest in Watch Repairing CLEMENTS JEWELRY STORE Phone 2166 326 So. Main Compliments of PRINCESS CAFE When You Want Flowers for Any Occasion Corsages Bouquets Cut Flowers Plants CALL GRAVES ' GREENHOUSES Phone 3777 1100 W. Monroe Ave. THE INDIAN Page 162 Tabloid Section 1941 Jonesboro Grocer Company Wholesale Distributors Betty Jane Flour Staley ' s Syrup Grand Prize and Tast-Good Food Products Sixty-Four Years of Leadership Gregg Funeral Home Unexcelled Ambulance Service Jonesboro Phone " 566 " Walnut Ridge Monette M ADAMS DRUGS " Saoe Ai. you liuif " PHONE 838 WE DELIVER WALGREEN AGENCY TELEPHONE 538 THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 163 THE IND IAN Page 164 Tabloid Section 1941 THE INDIAN Tabloid Section Page 165 1941 BANK OF NETTLETON Member F. D. I. C. Nettleton, Ark. " The Bank of Friendly Service " SINCE 1904 " Time To Think " Langf ord ' s Burial Protection FUNERAL and AMBULANCE SERVICE Dial 661 THE INDIAN Tabloid Section Page 166 1941 House Of Fashion LADIES READY TO WEAR AND MILLINERY Distributors of SILK and BLAIR ' S CERTIFIED FLOUR Pur year Grocer Co. 101 N. Main St. Phones 637 and 638 Jonesboro, Ark. Kenward ' s Greenhouse Corsages Cut Flowers Potted Plants " Flowers for all occasions " Phone 2661 Jonesboro, Ark. THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 167 THE INDIAN Page 168 Tabloid Section 1941 Our Service The greatest service that is possible for a distributor is to sell merchan- dise of such quality as contains the maximum food value for the price invested. THORPE-McCAULEY- LOVE COMPANY Wholesale Distributors MARSHALL FOOD PRODUCTS MERCANTILE BANK Jonesboro, Arkansas Member F. D. I. C. PATTON MOTOR CO. R. H. PATTON, Owner Jonesboro, Arkansas Dealers For Mercury and Lincoln Zephyrs Renewed and Guaranteed USED CARS THE INDIAN 1941 Tabloid Section Page 169 THE INDIAN Page 170 Index Section INDEX 1941 Underclassmen with no pictures or only in military pictures have names listed on pages 49, 66, 104, 105, 106, and 107. Their names do not appear in this index. Abbott, Eli— 16 Abbott, Katherine— 51, 126, 127 Abbott, Roy— 51, 106 Achatz, Maj. Francis J.— 11, 97, 102, 122, 136 Achatz, Mrs. Francis J. — 122 Adams, Bill— 11, 73, 132, 133, 138, 139 Adams, Clarence — 132 Adams, Leton— 15, 93, 134, 135 Adams, Richard— 39, 104, 131 Ahern, J. Robert— 38, 39, 94, 95, 96, 106, 131 Albright, Paul— 38, 102 Aldridge, Malcolm— 51, 74, 79, 87, 91, 106, 129 Anders, Helen M.— 51, 85, 99 Andersen, Holger W.— 11, 100, 101, 134 Arkansas State College — 147 Armstrong, Elizabeth— 39, 89, 125 Arnold, T. Kim— 39, 107 Arnold, William E.— 17, 76, 83, 100 Arrington, Gerald W.— 49, 74, 79, 91 Ashley, Grover — 136 Austin, Allen R.— 51, 74, 79, 83, 91, 92, 106 Austin, Hayden E.— 17, 74, 79, 88, 91, 135 Austin, Russell H. — 11 Autrey, Billy— 67 Autrey, Doris — 67 Autrey, Harold — 67 Avery, Harold E. — 39 Aycock, Wm. S.— 108 Babcock, Fern — 101 Bailey, Beanard — 39 Bailey, Wiley E.— 50, 66, 83, 104, 129 Baker, Bobby B.— 32 Ballew, Rudolph R.— 139 Bank of Nettleton — 165 Banks, Barbara A. — 49, 74, 79 Banks, Lou Anna— 49, 86, 89 Banks, W. L.— 7 Barbee, Peggy — 67 Barham, C. H.— 32, 108 Barker, Florine M. — 51 Barnett, Theodore — 30 Barrett, Joe E. — 124 Barrett, Mrs. Joe E.— 124 Barrett, Mary E.— 67 Barrett, Monroe — 67 Barrett, Sarah M. — 39 Barton, Frances D.— 51, 74, 79, 126, 127 Barton Lumber Company — 145 Barton, Martha — 67 Barton, P. C— 67 Baswell, Lemuel — 67 Battles, Helen M.— 39 Becktold Company — 147 Bellamy, J. J.— 7 Benner, Elouise — 51 Bennett, Emma J. — 39, 125 Bennett, William— 32, 81, 95 Benson, Kenneth— 39, 76, 88, 100 Bird, Deronda — 127 Blackwood, Betty Jane — 67 Blackwood, S. H. Jr.— 51, 104 Blalock, Jimmie L. — 40, 99 Blalock, W. C— 108 Block, Maurice — 7 Bloom, Charlotte— 66, 74, 81 Bolton, Everett D.— 108, 139, 143 Booker, George W.— 31 ,32, 95, 105, 128, 129, 137 Booker, Martha Jean — 123 Booth, Boyd L.— 32, 76, 93, 100 Booth, Buford A.— 32, 76, 93, 100 Bowdon, Foster Jr. — 17, 93 Bowdon, Leon — 67 Bowdon, Vivian P. — 51, 98 Boyd, Sunshine D.— 40, 81, 82, 95, 99, 101 Branan, Homer — 16 Brawley, Prussia Dean— 17, 77, 82, 88, 89, 99, 135 Brickell, Norvell J.— 18, 77, 80, 81, 82, 88, 89, 134, 135 Bridges, James — 130 Brock, George — 133 Brock, James E. — 11, 132, 133 Brokaw, Billy— 31 Brooks, Coy C— 32, 76, 135 Brooks, James E. — 52, 107 Brown, Hewlette R.— 40, 105, 128, 129 Brown, Mary E.— 18, 79, 85, 93, 127, 135 Brown, Mrs. Mary R.— 10, 11, 85, 97, 135 Brown, Newton H. — 7 Brownlee, Leroy Jr.— 32, 76, 79, 91, 98, 100, 107 Bruner, Wm. Glenn — 18 Buhrmester, Fred — 67 Buhrmester, Norma Jean — 67 Buhrmester, Wilma — 40, 85, 99 Bulla, Edith— 32, 85, 99, 101 THE INDIAN 1941 Index Section Page 171 Bullard, Bernice — 11 Burdyshaw, Hazel — 68 Burdyshaw, Mildred — 68 Burford, David— 16, 102 Burge, Jack M.— 52, 105, 131 Burk, E. H. Jr.— 49, 104 Burnett ' , James A.— 52, 107, 109, 129 Busby, Ivan— 132 Buxton, Pauline — 52 Byford, C. E.— 52, 106 Cage, Ila Mae— 40, 75 Caldwell, Harry— 108 Caldwell, Juanita— 18, 86, 88, 99, 101 Caldwell, Tancil— 108 Callahan, Harold — 139 Camp, Annie — 122 Campbell, Major Boniface — 102 Campbell, Sgt. Paul— 105 Campbell, Sgt. T. J.— 105 Canale, D., Co. — 158 Carder, Guy B.— 40, 80, 88, 100 Carpenter, Nathan — 19, 105, 133 Carroll, Earl— 130 Carroll, Mary Louise— 40, 85, 89, 126, 127 Castleberry, Jack — 68 Castleberry, Marietta— 32, 74, 79, 127 Castleberry, Roberta — 52, 74, 79, 127 Chambers, Paul— 128 Chapin, Judd — 67 Chastain, Frances — 40, 81, 99, 101 Chisum, James E. — 33, 133 Chitwood, Roscoe K.— 19, 73, 76, 81, 84, 89, 100, 128, 129, 137 Citizens Bank — 153 City Water and Light Plant — 158 Clardy, Ray A.— 33, 38, 137, 143 Clark, C. S.— 108 Clark, Denver — 67 Clark, Hershel — 33 Clarke, George B.— 52, 83, 100, 104 Clarke, Maridecine— 40, 75, 79, 90, 99, 101, 103 Clayton, Carle — 68 Clements, G. W.— 130 Clements Jewelry — 161 Cline, V. Kenneth— 40, 105, 133 Coffey, Leslie Jr.— 52, 106 Cole, Bonnie Lee — 67 Cole, Geraldine — 52, 123 Cole, Ras Junior — 52, 107 Cole, C. Ray Jr.— 41, 104, 106 Cole, Ray M.— 53, 77 Collier, Louie K. — 31 Collins, Ruth— 11, 126 Conder, J. Martin— 33, 74, 78, 79, 91, 97, 100, 128, 129 Cooley, H. M.— 126 Cooley, Mrs. H. M.— 126 Cooper, D. Mae — 68 Cooper, Gordon — 41, 104 Cooper, Lestle — 33 Cooper, Ray W.— 53, 107 Cooper, Rosemary— 38, 41, 90, 127 Corbin, Leada — 53 Corkill, Lt. Col. Wm. E— 102, 136 Cowan, Anita — 41 Cox, Elva Jo— 33, 88 Craft, Junior — 67 Crafton, V. C— 108 Craig, Gus A.— 19, 86, 102, 103, 132, 133, 136 Craska, Alec J. — 53, 105 Crawford, Montana— 53, 75, 101 Crist, Bill— 53, 106 Crist, Julian H.— 41, 107 Crockett, James R.— 16, 19, 82, 103, 122, 130, 137 Crockett, Rex — 30 Croft, Claire— 53, 74, 79, 123 Crook, Ollie E.— 53, 107, 109, 132, 133 Crosno, C. Donald— 12, 83, 126 Crosno, Mrs. C. D.— 126 Crow, Sarah — 53 Cupp, Claribel — 53 Cupp, Evangeline — 54 Cureton, William A.— 16, 20, 103, 128, 136, 137 Curry, Tom— 101 Dale, Jack— 33 Daugherty, Dorothy M.— 54, 92, 99, 101, 125 Daugherty, Sarah J.— 31, 33, 99, 100, 101, 120, 121, 124, 125 Davidson, Richardson — 67 Davis, Mrs. Blanche — 30 Davis, Caleb L. — 130 Davis, Calvin — 67 Davis, James W.— 12, 73, 97, 135, 138, 143 Davis, Mrs. J. W.— 75, 135 Davis, Mary H.— 54, 74, 79, 82, 89 Davis, Pearl — 7 Davis, Phil P.— 30, 108 DeField, T. LaRue— 20, 89, 92, 93, 101, 124, 125, 135 DeShazo, James — 132 De-trick, Hal A.— 108, 139 Ditsler, Donald R.— 66, 140, 143 Donaghey, John W. — 7 Dougherty, Ralph W.— 41, 83, 107 THE INDIAN Page 172 Index Section 1941 Dove, Theodore E. — 54, 104 Dowless, Frances L. — 41, 75, 90, 127 Downs, Jean L. — 138 Dudley, Hazel— 41, 125 Dunbar, Nancy B. — 54, 75 Duncan, Marion — 108 Eason, Joy — 67 Edgin, Mary M. — 54 Edwards, Wilse A. — 54, 104 Eldridge, Harry E.— 9, 12, 126 Eldridge, Mrs. Harry E. — 12, 126 Elmore, G. E. Jr. — 54, 107 Essary, Floy— 67 Fakes, Carol— 54, 82, 99, 101, 127, 138, 142 Felley, Donald L.— 20, 103, 133 Pinch, Billy — 67 Fisher, J. C— 33, 73, 143 Fitzgerald, L. A. Jr.— 41, 107, 131 Fitzgerald, Mary D.— 42, 87, 90, 95, 101, 123 Fletcher, Eulahgene — 42, 125 Fletcher, Mildred— 42, 109, 125 Forrest, Cloyce B. — 108 Fortenberry, Bettye Sue — 124 Fortenberry, J. D.— 20, 73, 87, 106, 109, 130, 131, 137 Fox, Clara G. — 54 Franklin, J. H. — 108 Frazier, Ima Jean — 55, 123 Frazier, Louis M. Jr.— 42, 105, 130, 131 Frazier, Max E.— 33, 107, 131 French, Guy— 12, 126, 132 French, Mrs. Guy — 126 Frost, M. J.— 105 Futrell, Eunice — 68 Gafke, Adelaide R.— 122 Gaines, Sgt. E. L. — 105 Galloway, Mary L.— 55, 81, 89, 99 Gammill, James — 67 Garner, Daniel A.— 42, 106, 129 Garrett, C. D.— 108 Gauf, Delma — 55 Gibbins, Oleta — 21 Gibson, Billy— 67 Gibson, Doyle S.— 42, 105 Gibson, Joe B.— 42, 89, 94, 104, 133 Gibson, Pauline — 68 Gidcomb, Lillie — 42, 75 Gilbert, Donald E— 55, 83, 96, 107 Gill, Robin— 34, 75, 85, 90, 99, 101, 122, 123 Gipson, Clifford L. — 42, 106 Gipson, Frankie A. — 55 Glasgow, Bryan — 67 Glasgow, Earl B. Jr.— 68, 144 Glenn, Rupert W.— 42, 78, 80, 81, 82, 100, 105 Goodart, Merle A.— 55, 104, 129 Graham, Bernard P.— 21, 73, 77, 83, 88, 103, 129, 138, 142 Gramling, Lottie E. — 55 Grant, Guilford B.— 12, 135 Graves Florist Company — 161 Graves, Rachel — 12 Green, Katherine — 21 Gregg, Charles W.— 55, 92, 96, 106 Gregg, Dorothy L. — 68 Gregg Funeral Home — 162 Gregory, George — 55, 105 Grier, Albert W.— 43, 107 Grier, Mary L.— 43, 85, 92, 99, 126, 127 Griffin, Allene— 21 Griffin, Mary— 31 Griffin, Ruth M.— 55 Grimes, James — 43 Haag, Katie R.— 68 Hague, Jacqueline E. — 56, 81, 123 Hale, Elizabeth E.— 56, 74, 79, 125 Hall, N. Joyce— 56, 99, 101, 127 Hamilton, Ruth L.— 66, 74, 79, 82, 123 Hammond, Odel— 108 Hampton, F. Barnes — 56, 96, 133 Hancock, Lloyd — 128 Handley, Jonoliver — 56 Hanify, M. Floride— 22, 90, 122, 123 Hannah, Jewell D.— 34, 79, 90, 93, 99, 135 Hanson Engraving Company — 145 Harbin, Leona M. — 56, 75 Harper, William C. — 56 Harris, Chester R.— 66, 83, 98, 107 Harris, Earl A.— 43, 86, 100, 103, 132, 133 Harris, Earl C— 56, 83, 104 Harris, Grace— 49, 78, 100, 101 Hartsock, Edmond P.— 38, 43, 104, 128 Haynes, James R.— 22, 77, 88, 89, 103, 130, 131, 135, 137 Haynes, Mary Lee — 22 Haynes, Paul E. — 69 Hearne, Noble P.— 56, 106, 133 Heath, Eddie— 128 Heath, L. Eulene— 43, 89, 99, 101, 124, 125 Heathcott, Harold L— 43, 106, 130, 131 Heinemann Dry Goods Company— 150 Hendrix, Lorene — 43 Hetherington, Clark— 102, 136 Heuver, Eleanor — 124 Hickey, Harve — 126 THE INDIAN 1941 Index Section Page 173 Hickey, Mrs. Harve — 126 Hickox, William A.— 43, 74, 91, 96, 106 Hicks, Harold H.— 43 Hicks, Mary — 56 Hildreih, Evelyn — 57 Hill, James B — 57, 105 Hobgood, Sarah Jo — 57 Hoffman, Paul L.— 34, 73, 84, 87, 95, 105, 128, 129, 137 Hogue, Flo E. — 34, 94 Hollard, Henry W.— 10, 12, 76, 97, 124, 131, 137 Hollard, Mrs. H. W.— 13, 93, 124, 125, 135 Hollingsworth Cleaners — 149 Hopkins, George A. — 22 Hopkins, Mrs. George A. — 23 Horn, Orieda— 34, 78, 85, 86, 89, 94, 99, 101, 124, 125 House of Fashion — 166 Houston, Gene L. — 34, 133 Howard, Alva — 34 Howard, Hazel — 67 Howell, Mrs. Bessie— 13, 75, 135 Huber, Juanita — 49, 127 Huitt, Homer C— 13, 31, 38, 50, 77, 88, 97, 132, 133, 135 Hulen, William T.— 34 Humphrey, Marilyn — 57, 127 Hurd, William C— 57, 74, 79, 80, 81, 91 Husband, J. B.— 23, 87, 129 Huskey, Asa — 57, 104 Hutchison, O. L.— 44, 76, 100, 107, 131 Hutton, Nina L.— 57, 99, 101 Hyatt, J. H.— 108 Hyneman, Frank — 34 Hynson, Phillip E. — 34, 83 Izard, Emma S.— 23, 74, 79, 126, 127 Jackson, Babe— 138 Jackson, Erma — 57 Jackson, Joan E. — 69 Jackson, Juanita — 35, 75, 85, 99, 124, 125 Jackson Paint Company— 157 Jamison, Mack — 108 Jessen, Bill T.— 66, 140 Jinks. James M. — 30 Johnson, Francis — 67 Johnson, Gerald E - — 44, 105, 131 Johnson, Judge J. C. — 7 Johnson, Mary J. — 57, 99, 101 Johnson, Robert N. — 49, 76, 107 Johnston, Hazel — 35, 95, 122, 123 Johnston, Paul — 57, 98, 104 Jones, Bill— 35, 108 Jones, John D.— 58, 104 Jones, Lester— 44, 77, 78, 88, 95, 100, 106, 129 Jonesboro Grocer Company — 162 Jowers, William C— 3, 23, 84, 86, 89, 95, 129 Justis, Mary K. — 67 Kays, V. C— 7, 8, 128, 137 Kays, Mrs. V. C— 122 Keath, David C— 58, 92, 144 Kell, Johnson H.— 58, 144 Keller, Hester Mai — 49 Kellett, Orville— 130, 132 Kelso, Billy— 140 Kennedy, Paul J. — 58 Kenward Florists — -166 Kilpatrick, William E. — 44 King, Bill— 96 King, L. Janice— 24, 93, 100, 101, 103, 124 Knight, Clyde— 124 KnowLton, Bruce R. Jr.— 35, 73, 80, 84, 95, 107, 129 Koonce, Phe Marie— 58, 85, 123, 138, 142 Kopp, William— 35, 106 Korspeter, Betty Jo— 44, 79, 85, 126, 127 Lamarr, Hedy — 130 Lamberth, Mary E. — 67 Lane, Charles L. — 44, 107 Langford Mortuary — 165 Lassiter, Martha Lou — 126 Lauderdale, David W.— 35, 105 Lauderdale, Edwin R. — 58, 105 Lauderdale, James B.— 24, 73, 129, 140 Lawhon, Bonne Vee— 44, 90, 98, 99, 101, 138, 142 Ledbetter, John Paul — 49, 94, 103 Lewis, Captain John L. — 102 Liddell, Mildred— 99 Light, Charles — 128 Lile, Robert W.— 58, 86, 94, 106, 129 Lile, Sunshine— 35, 85, 87, 94, 122, 123, 135 Limbaugh, Marcus— 30 Lines, Dorothy L. — 122 Little, Louisine H. — 58 Livengood, Bernice — 101, 135 Lutterloh, Dr. P. W.— 122 Lutterloh, Mrs. P. W.— 122 Lyle, Honey — 67 Lynch, Claude E. — 49, 73, 140 Lynch, Dan T.— 49, 104, 131, 140 Lyons, R. James— 58, 92 Mabrey, Leon C. — 141 McBride, Ruth— 31, 35, 84, 89, 95, 97, 99, 101, 124, 125 THE INDIAN Page 174 Index Section 1941 McCall , Buddy Jim— 44, 105, 131 McCandless, Leland — 130 McCarroll, Ben F.— 35, 95 McCarty, Albert R.— 140 McClellan, Emmert F.— 49, 73, 131, 140 McCoy, Mary E. — 69 McCoy, Ulysses— 31, 44, 74, 79, 81, 82, 91, 92, 95, 129 " McCulloch, P. D.— 80, 108 McDonald, Freida — 58 McEwen, Homer E.— 31, 35, 84, 89, 104, 131, 137 McEwen, William B.— 59, 107, 131 McGarrity, Laveda — 67 McGarrity, Mary Helen — 67 McGaughey, Cathryn — 44, 77, 88, 89, 93, 101, 123, 134, 135 McGinnis, Frances L. — 59, 123 McGinnis, J. H.— 36, 108 McGinnis, R. Sam— 45, 89, 94, 95, 105, 130, 131 McGuire, Dan J.— 36, 82, 89, 107, 133 McHaney, Marilyn— 36, 38, 74, 79 Mcllroy, Elmo M. — 45, 76 Mack, Robert D.— 45, 133 Mack, Will— 7 McKinney, Cecil — 67 McMeans, Clyde E.— 13, 74, 79, 91, 122, 128 McMeans, Mrs. Clyde E. — 122 Marcum, Weldon E.— 59, 105 Martin, Glenda Mae — 67 Martin, Helen P.— 49, 81, 95, 123 Martin, James — 67 Martin, Mabel — 98 Masner, Billie — 132 Mason, James H.— 13, 122, 131, 135 Mason, Mrs. James H. — 13, 99, 122, 135 Mason, Jerelene — 59, 123 Mathis, James D. — 45, 74, 91, 106 Matthews, Gordon — 154 Mays, Alexander M. — 36, 93, 107 Mays, Wilbur C— 36, 106, 129 Mead, Virginia S. — 45 Meadows, Howard W. — 59, 76 Mercantile Bank — 168 Merrell, Frances L. — 45, 89 Metzler, Henry F. Jr.— 16, 24, 73, 81, 86, 103, 131, 138, 139, 143 Metzler Motor Company — 150 Middleton, James L. — 59, 107 Miller, Betty Ann Barnett — 45 Miller-Crenshaw — 157 Miller, Mary A. — 59 Mitchell, Charles A.— 69 Mitchell, L. G.— 105 Mock, Reba— 31 Modern Photo Shop— 146 Moon, Carroll— 101 Moore, George C. — 49, 83, 104, 105 Moore, Louise — 45, 127 Moore, Sara C.— 45, 78 85, 89, 111, 113, 126, 127 Moore, Tom Patton— 24, 107, 132, 133 Mooring, Horace H. — 59, 106 Morgan, Nona Mae— 50. 59, 122, 123 Morris, Allen — 108 Morris, Clarence E. — 66, 141 Moyers, Charles R.— 36, 74, 79, 91, 92, 96, 106, 137 Mullin, Rita R.— 59, 99, 101 Murphy, Irene — 69 Nance, Mable A.— 36, 81, 85, 98, 99, 101, 135 Neal, R. Charles— 25, 100, 131 Nedrow, Warren W.— 13, 16, 94, 124, 131 Nedrow, Mrs. W. W.— 15, 124 Nelson, Sheldon — 45 Nettles, Fred— 60 Newberry, Virginia D. — 60, 125 Newcom, Francis K.— 60, 80, 81, 123 O ' Brien. Gilbert C. Jr.— 60, 74, 79, 91, 133 Osment, John — 141 Osment, T. Eugene— 108, 141 Overall, Ruth G.— 49, 99 Overstreet, Mary B.— 60, 82, 123, 138, 142 Overton, Jean O— 60, 101 Owens, Bobby — 67 Owens, Virginia — 25, 81, 90 Pace, Maxine— 60, 99, 101 Parker, Herbert — 126 Parker, Mrs. Herbert — 126 Parker, Jean L.— 60, 74, 79 Parker, J. Macon— 46, 94, 106, 133 Parr, J. E.— 126 Parr, Mrs. J. E.— 126 Pasmore, Daniel F.— 13, 82, 89, 122, 135 Pasmore, Mrs. Daniel F. — 14, 90, 122 Patton Motor Co.— 168 Payne, Patricia P.— 60, 81, 99, 101 Penix Cleaners — 154 Penn, Thomas A.— 60, 73, 107, 131, 140, 144 Perkins, Edd Carroll — 46 Perkins, Glen E.— 61, 107 Perkins, Kenneth C— 61, 104, 143 Perkins, Rita — 67 Perrin, Archie — 66, 104, 133 Perry, Harold — 67 Peterson, James B. — 46, 104 THE INDIAN 1941 Index Section Page 175 Phillips, Neal— 66, 105, 143 Pickens, John P.— 46, 106, 130, 131, 140, 144 Piggly Wiggly— 149 Pitts, Guy W. Jr.— 49, 96, 104, 106 Pitts, Mildred T.— 50, 61, 78, 89, 123 Place, William E.— 61, 133 Plietz, Robert— 80, 135 Plietz, William P.— 30, 107 Plunkett, Frank W.— 14, 80, 81, 88, 97, 135 Plunkett, Leland W.— 14, 122 Plunkett, Mrs. Leland W.— 122 Ponder, Marjorie — 61, 75, 99 Porter, Dorothy Gene— 61, 82, 87, 109, 116, 117, 123, 130 Porter, Virginia L.— 46, 86, 89, 95, 125 Potter, Charles— 132 Pounds, Lowell E. — 46 Powell, Charles— 25, 104, 106 Powell, Helen L. — 46 Pratt, Verga V.— 61 Price, Lloyd— 108 Princess Cafe — 161 Pruitt, Jeter— 25 Pulliam, James A.— 61, 106, 133 Purvis, T. T. and Son — 154 Purvis, Jimmie J. — 61, 107 Puryear Grocery Company — 166 Fyle, Claude L.— 38, 46, 83, 107 Ramsey, James — 128, 136 Rankin. Eunice E. — 36 Rauls. Jane E.— 36, 74, 79, 126 Rauls, Ruth M. — 26, 88, 135 Raymond. Francis — 136 Rea, Hettie S.— 50, 61, 74, 79, 82, 92, 96, 109, 125 Reasons, Phoebe K.— 16, 26, 74, 79, 85, 86, 88, 122, 123 Rees, Billy— 26, 105 Renshaw, Dorothy— 46, 99, 101 Richardson, Billy — 38 Richardson, Martha— 38, 46, 78, 82, 87, 94, 95, 114, 115, 122, 123 Rickman, Sibyl — 47 Ridge, Virginia — 62, 101 Ridings, Lt. Gus R.— 14, 102, 124, 135, 137 Ritter, Rodney — 67 Ritter, Rudolph— 67 Roberts, B. Marie — 69 Roberts, Cucial— 66, 100 Roberts, Dannie — 67 Roberts, Jewell M.— 62, 75, 99, 101 Robertson, Harold D. — 47 Robertson, Robert H. — 69 Robey, Ashley— 3, 14, 16, 86, 130 Robinson, Rosalie— 47, 74, 78, 79, 125 Roderick, Lucetta — 62 Rodgers, Ernest G.— 62, 106 Rodgers, Louie N.— 31, 36, 93, 94, 100, 105, 122, 128, 129, 135, 137 Rogers, Cora B. — 62 Rogers, Emma— 14, 93, 126 Rogers, Mrs. Nannie A.— 16, 31, 38, 122, 135 Rorex, Clifford— 26, 107, 109, 130, 131, 137 Rowland, John — 108 Rowland, Virginia — 62 Royal Pharmacy — 161 Rutledge, Angus — 132 Salmon, Henry S.— 16, 27, 107, 133 Sample, Annie R.— 62, 82, 99, 101 Sanders, Helen — 67 Sanders, Patty Lou— 16, 27, 87, 93, 97, 99, 103, 122, 137, 142 Schaeffer, Wanda L.— 62 Schroeder, Ernest— 27, 93, 107 Schwartz, H. B.— 14, 97 Self, Mary F.— 62, 123 Sellers, Elvira— 47, 85, 101 Senter, Talbert— 66, 104, 106 Settlemire, C. Prell— 47, 74, 79, 91, 95, 106, 130, 131 Settlemire, Dell C— 47, 107, 131, 144 Settlemire, F. Paul— 3, 16, 27, 73, 76, 78, 86, 103, 130, 131, 136, 137, 139, 144 Shaver, Myra — 67 Shawver, Mary E.— 47 Shell, Russell— 28, 83, 104, 136, 137 Shearer, Edith— 47, 85, 125 Shelton, Charles E.— 62, 105 Shelton, John Lyle— 28, 76, 106 Shover, W. G.— 14, 38, 93, 124, 131, 136 Shover, Mrs. W. G.— 124 Showalter, Donald F.— 9, 14, 16, 135 Showman, Mabel— 28, 77, 88 Sigler, Roy — 124 Sims, Helen I.— 127 Sims, Ira A.— 38, 47, 76, 83, 91, 107, 129 Sing, Betty Mae — 47 Sislre, Joella— 37, 85, 94, 99 Skari, Sgt. L. C— 105 Skelton, Roger — 78 Smith, Harold S.— 28 Smith, Harold T.— 48, 104, 133 Smith, Leon C— 29 Smith, Mabel— 37, 85, 110, 111, 125 THE IN DIAN Page 176 Index Section 1941 Smith, Marian — 16 Smith, Martha L.— 63, 85 Smith, Mary E. H.— 126 Smith, Melba— 67 Smith, Wanda Paye— 48, 85, 125 Somers, Lester A.— 14, 92, 97, 106, 122 Somers, Mrs. Lester A. — 15, 122 Snellgrove, Frank— 108, 133 Snodgrass, A. E. — 105 Snyder Drug Company — 157 Stage, Frank M,— 37, 80, 88, 106 Staggs, Ernestine— 48, 80, 81, 95, 99, 101 Stevenson, M. Gail— 48, 83, 107 Strickland, Sue H.— 63 Stuck, C. A. and Sons— 150 Stuck, Constance V.— 63, 74, 79, 82, 87, 123 Sturdivant, Helen W.— 31, 37, 74, 79, 86, 98, 123, 138, 142 Sullivan, George H. — 63, 106, 129 Sutton, Marjoria— 63, 99, 125 Swann, Bobbie M. — 15 Swindle, J. L.— 132 Tankersley, Dorothy J.— 63, 74, 79, 80, 81, 82, 123 Taylor. Doris K.— 63 Taylor, Marilee — 63 Taylor, Robert L.— 63, 107 Teasdale Motor Company — 158 Thiel, Mary L.— 48 Thomas, Anna N. — 67 Thomas, Ruth— 37 Thompson, Clay W. — 63 Thompson, Jimmie F. — 64 Thompson, Mary V.— 64, 109, 125 Thomson, Kelly — 132 Thornton, Warren— 29, 80, 81, 84, 88, 89, 95, 97, 122, 124, 132, 133 Thorpe McCauley Love Company — 168 Thorpe, Marian — 48, 78, 85 Tillman, Norman M. — 48, 94, 106, 129 Torian, Bobby— 64, 83, 107 Trout, Fred— 126 Trout, Mrs. Fred — 126 Tucker, Lloyd E.— 64, 106, 144 Tullos, Tommy W.— 48, 106 Turnbow, Fay Wanda — 64 Turnbow, Juanita — 64, 75, 101 Turner, Berniece L. — 64 Turner, Bill— 69 Turner, Mary J.— 64 Turner, Richard A.— 48, 106 Ulmer, Marion — 48, 106 United Agencies — 154 Van Hook, Charles— 64, 96, 106 Wainscott, Eiza — 67 Walgreen Drug Co. — 162 Wall ' s Department ' Store — 153 Wallace, Algie— 29, 76, 87, 132 Wallace, Connie— 37, 75, 90, 100, 101, 126, 127 Walton, Sudie Mae— 15, 100, 101 Ward, Harry D.— 29 Warr, Clyde V.— 4, 15 Warr, Mrs. Clyde V. — 4, 15 Warr, Vernon B.— 49, 104, 131 Warren, Dorothy E.— 64, 75, 85, 99, 101 Washburn, Richard R.— 49, 93, 106 Waters, Bankston— 65, 83, 106, 131 Waters, Ruth— 69 Watkins, Gerald G.— 49, 106, 133 Watkins, Helen— 65 Weir, Alva B.— 50, 65, 92, 94, 96, 98, 106, 129 West, Jack B.— 69 West, Pansy — 67 Westbrooke, Olive E.— 126 Wheatley, Donald A.— 66, 105, 140, 144 White, Emma P.— 65 White, Henry E.— 15, 76, 135 White, Mary Ellen— 124 Whitsitt, Mrs. E. L.— 126 Whitaker, Mildred I.— 65 Whittaker, R.— 7 Wilcox, Dorothy J.— 37, 81, 86, 90, 118, 119, 122, 123, 132 Wilcox, Ruth M.— 65, 106, 144 Wilcox, Warren— 65, 106, 144 Willett, Dorothy S.— 65, 125 Wilson, J. S.— 30, 86 Wilson, Luther E.— 37, 76, 107, 129, 137 Wilson, R. E. Lee— 7 Winters, Katherine — 67 Winton, Betty Jo— 65, 74, 79, 101, 125 Womble, Capt. Walter E.— 15, 102, 104, 122, 131, 137 Womble, Mrs. Walter E.— 122 Wood, John D.— 65, 74, 78, 79, 83, 91, 92, 100, 106 Wood, Fannie Lou — 49 Woods, Harold L.— 30, 78 Woods, Joe— 132 Woods, Vonna J.— 66, 125 Woodside, Lee S.— 49, 83, 107, 144 Word, Nancy M.— 66, 85, 126, 127 Word, Richard— 37, 107, 133 Worsley, Edward— 37, 76, 79, 91, 94, 106, 129, 137, 138 142 Wyatt, William H.— 15, 84, 95, 135 Wyatt, Winford— 130

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