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DilAH B. ELLIS LIBRARY ARKANSAS STA i ' E UNIVERRHT •••♦♦ •. « « « »J z JVrkattaas Jiiate College LIBRARY t v -:♦ ❖ 5 I GIFT OF % ❖ f £ Mrs. E. L. WMtsitt X ❖ ♦ I III I IS 21110 A He. Ro„ UP 433 The pages that follow attempt to depict the spirit of progress that has charac- terized our college since its incep- tion. It is with the hope that the college of the present may continue in this spirit that we present this Yearling. IN M EMC CI AM It singeth low in every heart We hear it each and all — A song of those who answer not, However we may call; They throng the silence of the breast, We see them as of yore, — The kind, the brave, the true, the sweet, Who walk with us no more. John W. Chad vick ■DEDICATION In looking forward to a greater Arkansas State College of the future, we realize the achievements of the former students of the institution. To those alumni who have laid the solid foun- dation for the building of a great educational center, we dedi- cate the 1933 Alumni Association members, with the leader- ship of an executive committee composed of Dolph Smith, Jr., president, James Young, vice-president, Adelaide Rogers, sec- retary-treasurer, and Elton Rieves, Alta Moyer, and Roy Keller, are completing a membership drive that will enable them to es- tablish a student loan fund. By next year, the loan fund will be in oper- ation and will help the development of Greater Ar- CONTENTS Way back when the Aggie School had " Labor Day " once a week, and students worked in the kitch- en and on the farm, the foundations of the present Arkansas State College were laid. Literary so- cieties were the chief diversions of the students; pie sup- pers and box so- cialshelpedto while away the long week ends. 191 5 1 COACH 6KAN WON A NO w HtS SQOAO » INHABI- TANTS OP BAfcNUART ton jfte QUEEN 1924 Th MACK, i pocb Run NEfc OP j T c CHEV- ; fcotET ! THE ONLY | WAY TO i OffT TO i to WW : QUEENS 4 ! WAV 0ACJd I WHEN feet " " " » WMEeE WlOWAM STACTEO. ON TUB j! 5t Cbu» ten 4. m ACOf I! AGGIE CARNlVAU, AN OLD IW5T ITUT- ION AMfcMA BAStfET- (MAS A FEM I NlNt? PAS- TIME IN ! 1910 FOOT SAUL H£ ROES, mR L »AW IN OW WA5- assistant COACrt (016. ALUMNA WHO HEWp- CO W»TH 6EBSHIP 7h H weee OOAlLL AS or Mus EOiTH poe. whom 7AC MALJL " CHAMPS " (917 CO-EOS MAIN AN A ROMANCE PAC B AT HLHTES IN A ' COUNTED AT THg CU2CL in ion A SQUAD THAT mMB history AU 7A€ A60)£ I9Z4 EC0 6 " CAP ' Jh Far R It T € D A y The campus on the hill today displays eight splendid buildings and a num- ber of faculty cottages. Several hundred students make use of this educational plant year- ly. The completion of R. E. Lee Wilson Hall marks a great ad- vancement in the growth of Ar- kansas State College. Senator Carawau Visits Arkansas State Aqris Warm up for a hot Chapel procjram Alumni return forMoflfcelk qame,and Mel son ams looks all reader fhe Oelebra- tion Sam and that Waoj i« « Rose and Hortense help feeep the Inn open.... . little Dr. Pasmor Shows us how Helen and her Portals of A.S.C. Soak and a STOP Robinson Uismasler tool? Soda -thai Wa ioo v Elb€h1 CrOSS fione olher OTr Einslein Shows her- how Joe demon- slrales ' fn Campusli-ij ldb» i,, ... and th« old Road Juniors 1ata1he flower Chain d1 Senior SwjnOj out Maroaral hands the Senior presidertls robe 1o Maqee Bourl and f t-om loves sweet dream , Triple Threap t t • • Rat? Studies Som«1hm j besides Women Seniot- u in Caps and " .Cjovsins .... 8a11er4 ' c lines up for dedication ofthe Service Stone in Macj Look art iKai Engineers fool iliiMiii ilium i Yeah, ihere are Ids of Carts abound ihc Cam pus " who ' s thai Us1 hiqM (?u1h e Sue? ' and Paul R. Coeds bare 1heir I UJS " 0ea1 Hehdr Show ha ScKool So ' mH Freeman Harris , Eatle While Ft-aaig asfes ' Chahd ler for o no -breafe .. 8es5 " fhwea+.J Cop i, Goin.9 mij ivusier ( ? 1ta dart Aliman ? Wope,(fou aren ' t Saeinq Ihincjs... • Ihlhelnn •••«•• • t » » • (?ompm 6lcc+ioh bcf,9|oH|; »••«•• • Lasi uears Stock!. champs whal fine calves 1 « «. « ( • Our . Fi-osh ' learns What , its all about % % «•»» Have Old uon Kansas? R.E.Lee Wilson Hall in Pecember III - IM| Chapman is a -tyf i«l • ' h inlhart whrte q i- up » • • • lit tm Le1s be a mile. QUieier in1he readinq room, „ please, itititt Whala life-) WHecia Slide, sleei , 1he Queens of Ihe Cam pus on irirluSliot daij So help us — ihese CoedSi " owVn I . doin ' „m Nelson looki ifl oh French class Plunke11 en jo js Grand Hgjgl; nt «i«tt Sure rwff, Curi ns? Bull Sessions !» »»»» • fubanfc Says lltKII Ids his personality shine forth for the benefit or e earliV Cameraman %».%»» ' •«« Full oust THE YEARLING In Lee Wilson Hall the auditorium is complete in every detail, with its two grand pianos, indirect lighting, excellent stage, and a seating capacity of 960. Below, members of a physics class are shown at work in the general laboratory. Desks are the newest in design ; other equip- ment is ample. Page twenty-one £11:10 The library in the Wilson Hall has a seating capacity of 140. Over 9,000 books and periodicals are on the library shelves now. The stacks have a capacity of 20,000 volumes. This library is a depository for gov- ernment publications. Page twenty-two THE YEARLING Shining home economics equipment arranged in unit style is a fea- ture of Wilson Hall. Zoology students are hard at work in the general Biology laboratory, where ample space is provided at well-designed tables. Page twenty-three Splendid typewriters at convenient desks are a part of the equip- ment of the commercial department in Wilson Hall. Advanced biology students use modern microscope table-lamps in their research. This light- ing is better than dayligh t for microscopes. Paf c twenty-four THE YEARLING Grand pianos are used in all music studios in Wilson Hall ; a typical studio is shown here. The Wigwam is a favorite place to meet and eat at Arkansas State College. Page tweyity-five tMSfi 1 THE YEARLING NEW RESIDENCE HALLS ALE TC LE LLILT AT ARKANSAS STATE CCLIEGE Two splendid four-story residence halls of fireproof construction will be rushed to completion this summer on the Arkansas State College campus ; each will house 132 students. On the east campus the men ' s building will be constructed, and the women ' s building will be placed on the west campus. Reception rooms, lobbies, utility rooms, and apartments for the care- takers are included in the specifications. Trunk and baggage space will be provided, as will adequate locked closet facilities. The exterior of both buildings will be practically the same ; the brick and general construction features will be the same as in Wilson Hall. These dormitories are to harmonize in appearance with this new admin- istration hall, and will be up-to-date in all exterior and interior appoint- ments. Page thirty-five ADMIN ISTEATICN THE YEARLING Purjc thirty-eight TEE CEESIEEST HE§SACE " Divine discontent " , that feeling of dissatisfaction with the medioc- rity of self, makes possible the objective of the student or community, which is not the inculcation of opinion, but the spiritual culture and ele- vation of the individual to higher life ideals. Progress cannot be attained through the self-satisfaction or stolid contentment of the individual, the college, or the larger communities of human life, but only through the recognition of one ' s needs and the dedi- cation of his whole being to their attainment. " The drudge may fret and tinker Or labor with sturdy blows. But back of him stands the thinker. The clear-eyed man who knows. V. C. KAYS. Page thirty-nivc THE YEARLING ECACD Cr TRUSTEES ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE, JONESBORO r MR. R. WHITAKER, President MR. W. S. DANNER, Vice Pres. Hon. J. J. Bellamy, of Smithville, introduced the bill into the 1909 Legislature that created the four district agricultural schools in Arkansas, and was placed on the board of trustees of the Jonesboro school by Gov. George W. Donaghey, who signed the bill on April 1, 1909. Mr. Bellamy, who served as representative from Lawrence County in 1909 and 1911, was first president of the college board ; he resigned from the board in 1912, and was succeeded by Senator R. Whitaker. J. B. " Dad " Lewis was vice-president of this original board and president in 1912. After a varied career, " Dad " settled near Jonesboro to farm, and acted as president of the State Farmer ' s Union Association for two terms. He resigned from the board at Arkansas State College in 1913, and was succeeded by Clay Sloan, a Black Rock lawyer and bank- er who remained with the group only for a short time. Dr. 0. N. Hammett, formerly of Paragould, was secretary of the col- lege board until 1912, when I. C. Leggitt, also of Paragould, took his place. Dr. Hammett was a member of the Executive Board of the Farmer ' s Union. A cotton and rice planter, W. L. Banks of Smithdale, has served continuously on the col- lege board since its beginning, with the exception of 1916-17. He was appointed by Governor Don- aghey in 1910, and has had the interests of the college at heart ever since he was elected vice president in 1914. Hon. C. E. Bush, Antioch, was the State Sen- ator from White County, and the committee sent to interview President Kays about coming to Page forty THE YEARLING MR. W. L. BANKS Jonesboro. Senator Bush is now living in Little Rock. In 1911 H. M. Cooley, Jonesboro attor- ney and counsel for the college, was plac- ed on the Board of Trustees; Mr. Cooley acted as secretary until 1914, when he re- signed from membership. He was fol- lowed by J. A. Blackford, also of Jones- boro. Senator R. Whitaker, appointed in 1912, has been a board member continu- ously, and president since 1914. He is senator from this district and a promin- ent planter. W. S. Danner, Clarkedale planter, suc- ceeded Clay Sloan in 1913; he has served continuously as secretary of the group for a number of years. I. C. Leggitt was followed in 1914 by J. L. Connor, merchant and planter from Augusta, who remained a member until 1917, when James A. Home of Paragould was appointed. Ernest Chaney, repre- sentative from Woodruff County, was ap- pointed to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Banks ' temporary withdrawal. Lee Wilson, banker and planter of Wil- son, took Home ' s place on the board in 1917. He has contributed heavily to the institution, both in money and service. Mr. Banks returned to the group in this same year. MR. R. E. LEE WILSON No further changes were made until 1923, when Miss Pearle Davis took the place left vacant by the death of J. A. Blackford. She has been an active work- er for the institution since her appoint- ment. MISS PEARLE DAVIS Page forty-one THE YEARLING DEAN €E THE EACULTy DEAN E. L. WHITSITT Dean E. L. Whitsitt has been one of the members of the Arkansas State College faculty since the early days of the institution. Many men and women of Northeast Arkansas have found inspiration and guidance in the words of this dean, who is often called the " trouble shooter of the faculty " . Students and faculty members alike share in this dean ' s work; he is called upon to act as adviser to extra-curricular groups as well as to those regularly scheduled on the daily program. Dean Whitsitt has been instrumental in the progress of Arkansas State College. DEAN WHITSITT Page forty-two THE YEARLING REGISTRAR ■ 1 REGISTRAR H. E. ELDRIDGE From registration day in the fall until final examinations in May, students come into almost daily contact with H. E. Eldridge, college regis- trar. His multitudinous duties keep him busy constantly, but he always has time for a word of advice to those in need of it. In a ballot for " most popular man on the campus " , H. E. Eldridge would run a good race. From the first grade on up through the faculty, everyone at Arkansas State College has a good word for " Cap " . REGISTRAR ELDRIDGE Page forty-three THE YEARLING DEAN CD WCMEN DEAN NANNIE A. ROGERS As Dean of Women at Arkansas State College, Mrs. Nannie A. Rog- ers is a part of the daily life of the women on the campus. Sne is also a guide to those women students who live in Jonesboro and off of the campus. Mrs. Rogers has been with the college for a number of years; her influence is felt in the work of every department. Her home on the campus, known as " The Elms " , is one of the most attractive features near the college. DEAN ROGERS Page forty-four THE YEARLING EEAN Cr MEN DEAN H. W. HOLLARD Dean H. W. Hollard plays an active part in the lives of the college men at Arkansas State; his influence is especially felt by the men living in Lewis Hall, where he and Mrs. Hollard make their home. Dean Hollard is especially popular with the members of the student group; as a member of the student life committee, he has been influential in the good management of college dances. Mr. Hollard is sponsor for many campus organizations, and has a sympathetic view toward the re- quests of the students. Dean Hollard handles the problems that confront him in line with his dut ies as dean with greatest skill. He is considered an ideal by most of the students at Arkansas State. DEAN HOLLARD Page forty-five THE YEARLING FACULTY NEWTON H. BROWN, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Engineering C. E. McMEANS, B.M. Director of Music Instructor of Voice MRS. NANNIE A. ROGERS, M.A. Principal of Training School EMMA ROGERS, A.B. Mathematics in Training School H. W. HOLLARD, M.S. Instructor in Agriculture EDGAR F. VESTAL, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Biology D. FRED PASMORE, Ph.D. Head of Department of Foreign Language MRS. C. G. BROTHERTON Instructor in Piano Page forty-six THE YEARLING T tCL ' LTy H. E. ELDRIDGE, B.S. Engineering- and Registrar BERNICE LIVENGOOD, M.A. Instructor in English MARY WATTERS, Ph.D. Head of the Department of History DEAN B. ELLIS, M.S. Instructor in Mathematics D. F. SHOWALTER, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Education MARY P. BABCOCK, M.A. Instructor in Latin SEARCY E. WOOLDRIDGE, B.S. Instructor in Art F. W. PLUNKETT, Ph.D. Head of the Department of English Page forty-seven THE YEARLING PACULTy E. L. WHITSITT, Ed.M. ALICE STEVENSON, B.M. Dean of the College Instructor in Violin MARVELLE MEADERS Public Speaking and Expression CARL W. STROW, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Economics and Sociology ASHLEY ROBEY, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry NELLE SIMPKINS, M.A. Critic Teacher ELEANOR M. HEUVER Librarian and Instructor in History JOHN R. PATTY, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics rage forty-eight THE YEARLING ADELAIDE ROGERS, B.B.A. Commercial Subjects ELIZABETH FAIRBANK, M.S. Instructor in Home Economics and Physical Education GUY A. FRENCH, B.S. Critic Teacher, Training- School MRS. H. E. ELDRIDGE, B.S. Critic Teacher in Social Science Training School J. L. HAGUE Plant Engineer CATHERYN SLAUGHTER, B.S. Assistant Librarian MARGARET W. WINTERS, B.S.E. Secretary to the President ELIZABETH BRADY Secretary Page forty-nine THE YEARLING GLENDA LIDDELL, B.S. HOMER McEWEN Critic Teacher Caretaker JACK DALE, B.S.E. Instructor in History Physical Education Pa ye fifty CLASSES THE YEARLING CLASS CP 1933 Charles Magee President Lucille Stotts Secretary Mary Emily Armstrong ....Reporter Dean E. L. Whitsitt ..Sponsor MR. MAGEE Senior Swingout and other happy Commencement Days make the last days at Arkansas State pleasant ones. Memories of Senior Holiday and class parties are a part of the good things of 1933. 1933 Parje fifty-two THE YEARLING ARMSTRONG, MARY EMILY Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Phi Theta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; Herald Staff 1, 2, 3; Editor Herald 1; Yearling Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Editor Yearling 4; Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3; Debating Club 4; Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary Little Big- Three Press Association 3; Who ' s Who 1, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 3, 4. ALTMAN, JANE Jonesboro, Arkansas Not degree candidate. Dramatic Club 1, 2; University of Missouri 3; Class Play 2. Major, English. Minor, Social Science, French. Business Course. 1933 Page fifty-three BOWEN, ADA CAROLYN Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Dramatic Club 1, 2; Class Play 2; Pep Club 1, 2. CARROLL, WILLIAM Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Le Cercle Frangais 1, 2, 3, 4; Presi- dent 2; French Play 1. Major: English. Major: French. Minor: Social Science. Minor: English, History, Latin. 1933 Page fifty-four THE YEARLING CARRENS, MRS. MATTIE S. CASTLEBERRY, ELIZABETH Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Candidate for B.S.E. Dramatic Club 1, 2. History Club 4. Major: Social Science. Major: English. Minor: English and Mathematics. Minor: Social Science. 1933 Page fifty-five THE YEARLING FERGUSON, H. L. Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Jonesboro College; Debating Club 4. FERGUSON, MRS. H. L. Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Jonesboro College. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. 1933 Puf c fifty-six THE YEARLING FERGUSON, EDYTH GARNES, H. S. Nettleton, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Candidate for B.S.E. Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas- Summer sessions, 1921-1932; Educa- ketball; Glee Club 1, 2; " A " Club 1, 2; tion Club 4. Y. W. C. A. 1. Major: History. Major: English. Minor: Science. Minor: Social Science. 1933 Page fifty-seven THE YEARLING GREGG, MARIAN Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Phi Theta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearling Staff 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Herald Staff 2, 4. KELLER, HAROLD Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Sub-Captain 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 4, Sub- captain 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President " A " Club 3; Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearling Staff 4; National Guard 1, 2, 3, 4. Major: Social Science. Major: Science. Minor: English, French. Minor: Social Science. 1933 Page fifty-eight THE YEARLING Page fifty-nine THE YEARLING KNOX, ALFRED Paragould, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Phi Theta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearling- Staff 2, 3, 4; Editor 3; Herald Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President Press Club 4; President Little Big Three Press Association 2; National Guard 1, 2, 3, 4; N. C. 0. Club 3, 4; Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2; Who ' s Who 3, 4. LAMB, OLVA Bono, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Galloway College 1, 2; Summer Ses- sion, University of Arkansas; Dramatic Club 4. Major: Social Science. Major: Social Science. Minor: French. Minor: English and Mathematics. 1933 Page sixty THE YEARLING LITTLE, HAROLD MAGEE, CHARLES Jonesboro, Arkansas Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Candidate for B.S.E. Dramatic Club 1, 2; " A " Club 1, 2, Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Captain track team Agriculture Club 3; Y. M. C. A. L, 2, 2. 3, 4; Secretary Y. M. C. A. 4; National Guard 2, 3, 4; N. C. 0. Club 3, 4; Offi- cer N. C. 0. Club 3; President, Law- rence County Booster Club 2, 3; Class Officer 2; President Class 4; Member Student Life Committee 4; Business Manager Herald 4. Page sixty-one THE YEARLING MERRYMAN, C. J. MORRIS, MILDRED Senath, Missouri Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Candidate for A.B. Harding College 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Officer Dramatics Club 1; Author ' s Club 1; Home Economics Club 3, 4. Education Club 1, 4; Officer Education Club 4. Page sixty-two THE YEARLING NEWCOM, MRS. IONE NORRIS, JEWELL Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Candidate for B.S.E. State Teachers ' College, Cape Girar- Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4; Eduea- deau 1; History Club 4. tion Club 3. Page sixty-three THE YEARLING PUCKETT, JAMES ACE Cash, Arkansas Candidate for B.S. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 1, 3; Manager Football ' 32; Basketball 1; Baseball; Glee Club 1, 2; National Guard 1923-1933; First Lieut. National Guard; Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHNEE, HAROLD Jonesboro, Arkansas Not candidate for a degree French Club 1; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; National Guard 1, 2, 3, 4; Non-Com- missioned Officers Club 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Who ' s Who 1. Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics. Business Course 1933 Page sixty-four THE YEARLING SMITH, HARRY STOTTS, LUCILLE Bono, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for B.S.E. Candidate for A.B. Dramatic Club 1; Agriculture Club Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas- 1, 2, 3, 4; Manager Basketball 4. ketball 1; Class Officer 4; " A " Club. Page sixty-five THE YEARLING STUCK, MRS. BESS Jonesboro, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Randolph-Macon 1; Phi Theta Kappa 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4; Officer of Le Cercle Francais 4 ; Member Stu- dent Life Committee 4. TYRE, BLOCK Wynne, Arkansas Candidate for B.S. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Agri- culture Club 1, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; National Guard 1, 2, 3, 4. Major: English. Minor: French. Major: History. Minor: Agriculture. Page sixty-six THE YEARLING WHIDDEN, MARGARET WISNER, RALPH Jonesboro, Arkansas Knobel, Arkansas Candidate for A.B. Candidate for B.S. Hillman College 1; Le Cercle Fran- Engineering Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Press cais 2; Education Club 3; Commercial Club 1, 2; Second Lieutenant National Club 4; Class Officer 3; Yearling Staff Guard 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 1, 2; Y. 4; Y. W. C. A. 2; Beauty 3. M - c - A - h 2 3. Page sixty-seven THE YEARLING Page sixty-eight THE YEARLING CLASS CP 1934 Lyman Barger President Wade Henderson .Vice President Violet Fox .. .Secretary-Treasurer Helen Mack Reporter H. W. Hollard Sponsor MR. BARGER A spring prom and a class play are the chief extra- curricular activities of the Juniors at Arkansas State. Loyalty to the college and participation in campus ac- tivities are the two things that all members of the Class of 1933 have in common. 1934 Page sixty-nine THE YEARLING Page seventy THE YEARLING Page seventy-one THE YEARLING Page seventy-two THE YEARLING Page seventy-three THE YEARLING Page seventy-four THE YEARLING Perryman, Floy Reid, Leon Plunkett, L. W. Riddle, Kenneth I Roberts, Carlton Sanderson, Marvii Pa e seventy-five THE YEARLING Page seventy-sir. THE YEARLING CLASS Cr 193(5 Earl McWherter President Leslie Speck Vice President Marguerite Ratcliffe ....Secretary H. B. Thorn Reporter D. F. Showalter Sponsor MR. McWHERTER Sophomores contribute their part to campus activi- ties with dances and picnic; members of this class are interested in everything from green caps for freshmen to Einstein ' s profound theories. 1935 Page seventy-seven THE YEARLING o H Mi, ! O 1 1 35 ABERNATHY, ROSE AGEE, KATHLEEN ARNDT, MARGUERITE BENTON, W. A. BOURLAND, VIRGINIA BROWDER, VAYDA BUTTRY, ALTUS WINER, LOUISE B. BOBBITT, RUTH CALLIS, MILDRED CASTLEBERRY, GRACE CATHCART, CATHERINE Faye seventy-eight THE YEARLING Page seventy-nine THE YEARLING ELDER, HARMON ELLIS, HELEN ELLIOTT, JOHN ESSARY, NEAL FRIEND, EARL GREGSON, FRANCIS GELVIN, SUE GIBBONS, ALENE GRIMES, GLADYS HANCOCK, VERNON HARRISON, JOHN HAMILTON, BERNECE Page eighty THE YEARLING HAYNES, MISSOURA HAWLEY, GENE HIETT, ATHERTON HIMES, JAMES HODGES, HAROLD HORTON, STELLA HUGHES, RUSSELL HUTCHERSON, RUPERT JOHNSON, JAMES M. JOHNSTON, MILDRED JOHNSON, EVERETTE JOHNSON, HOWARD ... ft i 7 4 .fe 1 r Pafire eighty-one THE YEARLING JOHNSON, ERNEST KOPP, ROSALYN LADD, EDITH LAMBERT, ARMOUR LAMB, NOLAN LAUDERDALE, CONSTANCE LATOURETTE, HARRY LATOURETTE, PIERRE LEE, IRMA LONG, LORA McCANDLESS, LELAND Mcdonald, frank Page eighty-two THE YEARLING McKAY, ROY McWHERTER, EARL McGLASSON, MARGARET MATTHEWS, LOUISE MATTHEWS, WILLIAM MATTHEWS, MARSHALL MELTON, BETH MOYERS, SCOTT MORGAN, LESLIE NELSON, R. A. NORMAN, LESLIE OSBORNE, V. B. CM A J IP si ' d k Page eighty-three THE YEARLING Page eighty-four THE YEARLING RHINE, MARGARET RICHARDSON, SCOTTA RICHARDSON, RALPH RODGERS, EUGENE ROBB, PEYTON SCARLETT, LOUISE MAY SCOTT, LINUS SIKES, RUTH SISK, ALMA SLOAN, LARRY SMITH, HAROLD SMITH, LILLIAN Page eighty-five Page eighty-six THE YEARLING Puye eighty-seven THE YEARLING SHELBY, CHARLES I ' lii c cijjlit ji-vir h t THE YEARLING CLASS Cf 1936 Marion Milner President Harry Chiles Vice President James T. Bridges Secretary Louise Barlow Treasurer Lois Cantrell Reporter James Gooch, Eathel Norris ... . Sgt. at Arms Dr. Mary Watters Sponsor MR. MILNER Green caps do not keep freshmen at Arkansas State College from participation in college activities. A " Dutch Dance " in the second semester and a more formal dance in the fall were successful features of the freshman program. 1936 Page eighty-nine THE YEARLING Abernathy, Dave Alford, Dale Archer, Howard Barlow, Louise Bates, Ray Baw, Virgil Bock, Charles Bowen, Helen Bowen, Lillian Babcock, Cecil Ball, Octavius Barnes, Irma L. Bennett, Mary C. Blackwood, Sterline Bobbitt, Faye Bowman, Louise Bittle, Juanita Bradsher, James Page ninety THE YEARLING Bradsher, Wanda Bratcher, Virginia Bridges, James T. Buckley, Mary Byars, Spencer Byrd, Paul R. Cantrell, Lois Caple, Annie K. Carrigan, Richard ( % a " 1 tit J lilt iIMi Brinkerhoff, Aileen Brown, Dewey Buchanan, Birchell Cameron, Clair Campbell, James Campbell, Homer Carville, Richard Castleberry, Frances Catledge, Irene Page ninety-one THE YEARLING Page ninety-two THE YEARLING Douglas, Faye Dudley, Faye Edmonston, Wallace Fiscus, Edith Finch, Boyd Fleeman, Nell French, Harry Freeze, W. M. Graham, Wilma j ii L g 1 ■si - fa 41 English, William Farr, Charles Farrar, Jewell Fowler, Dennie Fowler, Mary Frazier, Howard Grant, Alton Gray, Harmon Greenhaw, Helen Page ninety-three Green, Cecil Gregg, J. B. Chiles, Harry Gooch, Jim Gogue, Berna N. Hague, Virginia Hartin, John Hardin, Raymond Hatcher, Wright iii fcft ft w Be Griffin, Lon Gill, James Goforth, Lowell Haley, Ivie Hall, C. 0. Harris, Helen Hayes, Blanche Haynes, John Hazlett, Boyd h ' aye ninety-four THE YEARLING Page ninety-five THE YEARLING Jimerson, Anne Johnson, Bert Johnson, William Kelly, Lambert Kemp, Woodrow Kennedy, Joseph Langford, Lloyd L. Langley, James Lauderdale, Grace Page ninety-six THE YEARLING Page ninety-seven THE YEARLING McKnight, Martha McMahan, Hester McElroy, Frances Milner, Marion Mock, Leola Montgomery, Troy Murray, Gertrude Napier, Florence Newton, Helen Medows, H. J. Melton, Maurine Miles, Ruby Shaw Mooring, Imogene Morris, Rudolph Murray, Sr. M. Patricia Norris, Carnie Okey, Charles H. O ' Roark, Frank Page ninety-eight Page ninety-nine THE YEARLING Porterfield, Reeder Pratt, William Pride, Joe Purdy, Katie Purvis, Hoyt Pyland, Elvis Rea, Roy Reed, Wm. Reese, Frances Prince, Gilbert Pruitt, Ruth Puryear, Bob Ramey, Preston Raspberry, Wm. Ray, Mary Robertson, Frank Robertson, Walter Robinson, Margaret Page one hundred THE YEARLING Robinson, Troy L. Rose, Melvin Ross, Owen Sample, Willis Sewell, Garland Scrape, Horace Shrum, Berlyn Shell, Ina Shultz, Wilson Rowell, Otie Rudy, Celeste Rutsky, Alvin Secoy, Doris Shaw, Wm. Schroeder, Wm. Sikes, Mabel Simmons, Virginia Singletary, Alfred Page one hundred on e THE YEARLING Skalsky, Augusta Skinner, Ralph Sloan, Emily Speer, Janice Spikes, Jennie Lee Stanfield, Ruth M. Strong, Hannah Jo Swepston, John Swinger, Everett Smith, Fred Smith, Robert L Snider, Charles Storey, 0. H. Stewart, Frank Strickland, Ishmael Swinger, Welza Taliaferro, E. L. Taylor, Zeek Page one hundred two THE YEARLING Thompson, J. A. Thompson, Thomas Thweatt, Bess Tucker, Elma Tull, Edmund Walden, Clifton Watson, Jean Watson, J. William Weaver, J. D. J A Tinnin, Clint Tomlison, Carl Townsend, Richard Wall, Bryant Watkins, Mrs. Jerry Watson, H. S. Wheeler, Rex V. Wheelis, Marie Wilkins, Keith Page one hundred three THE YEARLING Williams, Billie Williams, Dorothy Willis, Kenneth Wood, W. J. Woodside, John A. Woody, Albert Page one hundred four TRAINING SCHOOL Complete from a kindergarten to the twelfth grade, an accredited train- ing school is maintained as a part of Arkansas State Col- lege. Experienced super- visors guide student teachers in the work of this dep ar t- ment. HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Page one hundred six THE YEARLING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS I ' aye one hundred seven THE YEARLING HIGH SCUCCL SENIORS jones, evelyn lesmeister, warr] McAllister, Ellsworth mooring, wya sn TT NEFF, ALVA NUTT, GERTRUDE PHILLIPS, IRENE RANE Y, VIVIAN Jt A Page one hundred eight THE YEARLING HIGH SCHCCL SISKIN WARD, DOW WISNER, JOHN WRIGHT, WOODROW Page one hundred nine HIGH SCHOOL JUNICLS Page one hundred ten THE YEARLING HIGH ICHCCL $CPtiCMCM$ Bates, Robert Barber, Ellen H. Brandon, Nancy S. Davis, Guy Dodson, Wanda L. Edwards, Vergil Gibbon, Jack Green, Andrew Greeson, John Johnston, Billie Mooring, Genevieve Nisbett, Frankie Walker, Johnnie West, Harold Weaver, Lucy Mae Hi Jr J n rv V .{? r Buzick, John Campbell, James Copeland, Lucille Fox, M. J. Graham, Ellsworth Hall, Hugh E. Harris, Frances Herringer, Albert Johnson, Catherine Nunnally, Helen Sanders, Woody Scarborough, Sophia Page one hundred eleven THE YEARLING Adams, Jason Ballard, John Bridger, Floyd HIGH SCHOOL PREIUHEN m Davis, Claude Haag, Dora Huggins, Woodrow Poole, Hester Richardson, Billie Stuck, Howard Clements, G. W. Coke, Marjorie Davis, Marian Kays, Victor H. Langford, Juanita Lauderdale, James Trantham, Madge Whitsitt, Maxine Williams, Jacob Willcockson, Win- ford Winningham, J, F. Page one hundred twelve THE YEARLING SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Bates, Joyce Brandon, Billy Campbell, Ruth Detrick, Esther Dodson, Oneida Dickenson, Mary C. Graham, Randolph Haden, Patty Sue Hooker, R. C. Showalter, Alan Strow, Malcolm Stuck, Genevieve Weaver, Edith Witherspoon, Anne Page one hundred thirteen EE ATI EE ATHLETICS THE YEARLING TCCTCALL SEASON 1932 State.. .60 N. W. Miss. Juniors State- .. Hendrix 26 State.. .26 State Teachers State. . .. Magnolia 15 State- .12 W. Tennessee. . 6 State.. .. Monticello 13 State. . .. Ouachita 13 COACH JACK DALE Arkansas University All-Southwestern Conference Fullback, 1930 National S. A. E. Award, 1930 Facing the most difficult state schedule ever arranged for Arkansas State College, and also meeting able opponents from Tennessee and Mis- sissippi, the 1932 edition of the Indian team completed the season with a record of three victories against four defeats. The Indians opened their football season with a practice session on September 5. Sixty-five candidates answered Coach Jack Dale ' s call, as he began his second year with the varsity. He was assisted by Earl Darr, former Arkansas star, as line coach. State, led by Captain Bill Hendrix, opened the schedule September 23 by trouncing the lighter Northwest Mississippi Junior College eleven, 60-0, under the Jonesboro floodlights. Graves scored a touchdown on the first play, and the score mounted rapidly. The Indians met their first reverse at the hands of the Hendrix College Warriors in the second night game of the season at Kays Field, 26-0. Although State men gave a good account of themselves, Hendrix used their experience and weight to defeat the Indians. Page one hundred twenty-six THE YEARLING YELL LEADERS 1932-33 Jim Theriac Lyman Barger Roy McKay State Teachers ' College fell before the wrath of the Indians on Kays Field on October 7, with the final score 26-0. Speck, fleet-footed Indian halfback, scored two touchdowns in the first quarter to give the Indians a 12-0 lead. Graves added two more markers in the third period to com- plete the rout of the Bears. After three weeks ' rest, the Indians made their first trip ; Magnolia A. M. took State ' s measure on October 18 to the tune of 15-0. The un- daunted Indians invaded Memphis the following week to defeat the West Tennessee Tutors 12-6. State trailed until the last half, when a de- termined rally netted the Indians two touchdowns and the victory. The annual Armistice Day game with Monticello A. M. was won by the Bollweevils, 13-0. Both teams were hampered by the intense cold, and State was unable to check the power plays of the invaders. State closed the season by losing to Ouachita College on Kays Field, November 18, by a score of 13-0. Again the game was slowed down by cold weather, and the Indians were unable to wage a winning battle against the heavier eleven from Arkadelphia. Two men were named in the All-State selections. McWherter, In- dian center, played brilliant offensive and defensive ball the entire season to win the place of center on the second team. Goss, hefty Indian tackle, was named on the third team. Page one hundred twenty-seven THE YEARLING THE $CU4D IT ' m e J " Letter men : Hendrix, Lamb, Belgard, Keller, Goss, Swepston, Mar- cellus, Shelby, Thornton, McCandless, McDaniel, Lloyd, McWherter, Mac- Queen, Graves, Winters, Horton, Buttry, Hawley, Storey, Speck, Bogan, Lilly. Puckett, Manager. Reserve men: Halpin, Slusser, French, Gray, Koury, Woodside, Dalton, Green, Cravens, Singletary, Baw, Himes, Pender, Carrigan, Car- ter, Campbell, Johnson, Daniels, Tyre and Sanderson, Asst. Managers. SCHEDULE, 1933 Sept. 22— University of Missis- sippi There Sept. 29— Hendrix There Oct. 6— Ark. State Teachers There Oct. 13— College of the Ozarks Here Oct. 20— Open Oct. 27— Magnolia ..Here Nov. 3 — Southwestern or Rus- selville Nov. 10 — Monticello There Nov. 17 — Ouachita There JHr ' f 7 Captain Bill Hendrix Pane one hundred twenty-eight THE YEARLING 4 0L Gene Hawley Back Earl McWherter Center John Swepston Tackle Altus Buttry Back Harry Belgard End Victor Lloyd Guard John Marcellus Tackle Page one hundred twenty-nine THE YEARLING Page one hundred thirty THE YEARLING Kenneth Daniels Back Charles Shelby Guard John Halpin Back Donald MacQueen Center Howard Pender Tackle James Campbell End Cecil Green Center rS A. Pa re one hundred thirty -one THE YEARLING Page one hundred thirty-two THE YEARLING Coach Jack Dale, Manager Harry Smith, and lettermen. Front Row: Jimmie Himes, Twinkle Starr, Harold Keller (C), Reginald Cooper, Coburn Thornton. Back Row: Wendell Davis, Von Mullen, Leslie Speck, James Lang- ley, Elbert Pickens. THE $CA§CN Immediately following the close of the Indian football season, the first call for basketball players was made by Coach Jack Dale. Captain Harold Keller Page one hundred thirty-three THE YEARLING Keller, forward Thornton, forward Himes, guard In response, some thirty-five aspirants answered and the Indians began cage preparations for the season with the largest squad reporting that ever represented State. The Indians opened the season with a rough 30-25 victory over the Trumann Independents on the Trumann court. The following week the Indians, twelve strong, departed on their annual northern trip. The Southeast Missouri Teachers of Cape Girardeau took a game by a 36 to 23 score. The following night the State squad was entertained by the St. Louis University five in St. Louis. The Billikens walked off with a 45-19 vistory, by displaying a brilliant passing game with which State could not cope. Weakened by the loss of three varsity men through scholastic ineli- gibilities, the Indians opened their state schedule the first week of the second semester with their State five defeated by the A. M. squad 66-35. Starr, center Speck, forward Mullen, guard Page one hundred thirty-four THE YEARLING Langley, guard Cooper, guard Pickens, forward at Monticello. The Indians showed their weakness to be greenness and lack of height. The following night State fell before Magnolia A. M., at Magnolia, in a rough, hard fought game, 41 to 32. One week later the Indians played their first home game, entertain- ing Magnolia A. M. The visitors scored a thrilling 41 to 32 win, tally- ing many points in the final three minutes of the hectic game. The Indians made another downstate trip, invading the courts of Ar- kansas Tech and Little Rock Junior College. The Indians displayed ex- cellent passing and shooting to defeat Tech 41 to 34. The following night the Indians easily defeated Little Rock Juniors 54 to 34. State next entertained the Little Rock Juniors by again decisively de- feating them 63 to 34. State used brilliant pass work and defensive work to easily gain victory. The following night State closed their season by losing a bitter 84-27 contest to Monticello A. M. on the Armory court. The Indians were no match for their taller and more experienced opponents who displayed a brilliant passing and shooting team. Davis, center Smith, mgr. Puckett, mgr. Perry, mgr. Page one hundred thirty-five Captain Osborne Joe Hornberger, middle distance ; Osborne, dash ; Remley, pole vault; Keller, middle distances; Nelson, dis- tance; Harvey, jumps; McDaniel, weights. 7 : m L THE SEASON Only two track meets were participated in by Arkansas State .in 1932. Captain Joe Horn- berger led State against Cape Girardeau and Southwestern; both meets were lost by the local team. At Memphis the score was 88 to 38 in favor of the Lynx; Cape Girardeau tallied 86 points to 34 by State on the Jonesboro field last year. Page one hundred thirty-six THE YEARLING Thorn, middle distance ; Knight, middle distance; Graves, field events; Horton, field events; Montgomery, middle distance; McCandless, field events; Marcel- lus, weights. Graves and Nelson each scored in the state track meet at Conway. Graves took second place in the broad jump and fourth in the high jump; Nelson was second in the mile. Vardaman Osborne is 1933 cap- tain of the spikesters. Page one hundred thirty-seven MILITACr THE YEARLING COMMANDING OFFICERS Harry E. Eldridge Captain James A. Puckett First Lieutenant Ralph Wisner Second Lieutenant NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS First Sergeant Hansel Winters Sergeant Harry Belgard Sergeant Virgil Baw Sergeant John R. Halpin Sergeant Bert Johnson Sergeant Harold Keller Sergeant Charles Magee Sergeant Homer MeEwen Sergeant Orville Murphy Sergeant Jennings Wood Corporal Lyman Barger Corporal Wade Henderson Corporal Melvin Horton Corporal Alfred Knox Corporal Nolan Lamb Corporal William Matthews Corporal Hosea McDaniel Corporal Leslie Speck D. A. R. AWARD Page one hundred forty Privates, first class: Anderson, Sam; Buttry, Altus; Cockrum, William L.; Connelly, Herbert H.; French, Guy; Harvey, Gerald; Hig- genbotham, Gene; Himes, James; McCandless, Leland; McKay, Roy; Montgomery, James; Murphy, Mart; Ray, Pat; Sanderson, Marvin; Tem- ple, Douglas ; Thorn, H. B. ; Thornton, Coburn ; Wisner, John C. Privates Anderson, Joe ; Bogan, Raymond ; Campbell, Homer ; Cameron, Linual ; Carter, William ; Cooper, Reginald ; Cooper, Tollie ; Cox, J. E. ; Dalton, Ewing; Daniels, Ken- neth; Dodson, Minot; Farr, Charles; Frazier, John; Gill, James; Goss, El- bert; Graves, Marvin; Hamner, Craig; Hutcherson, Rupert; Johnson, James; Latourette, Pierre; Lilly, James; Mac- Queen, Donald ; McWherter, Earl ; Medows, H. J.; Mulhollen, William; Moreman, Walter; Osborn, John; Pickens, Elbert; Rea, Roy; Schnee, Harold; Scott, Linus; Starr, Claude; Strow, Henry; Swepston, John; Tur- ner, Jack; Wisner, Gaylord; Deloache, W. F. Honorary Colonel ROSE ABERNATHY Elected by the Battery, 1933 Par e one hundred forty-one THE YEARLING N. C. C. CLUE Organized 1930 Captain H. E. Eldridge, Honorary Colonel, Lieut. James A. Puckett, Rose Abernathy 2nd Lieut. Ralph Wisner, Sponsors. Orville Murphy President Melvin Horton Vice President Lyman Barger Secretary The purpose of the Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club is to study problems pertaining to military training, and to build up thorough under- standing between the commissioned officers, the non-commissioned offi- cers, and the men of the battery. The club plans and directs the social functions of the military unit. Members: 1st Sgt., Hansel Winters; Sgts. Belgard, Baw, Halpin, Johnson, Keller, Magee, McEwan, Murphy, Woods; Cpls., Barger, Hen- derson, Horton, Knox, Lamb, Matthews, McDan- iel, Speck. Paye one hundred forty-two THE YEARLING Page one hundred forty-three CEGANIZATICNS THE YEARLING A 1 AGRICULTURE CLUB Founded 1920. Mr. H. W. Hollard, Sponsor Vardaman B. Osborne President Mart Murphy Vice President Ace Puckett Secretary Leslie Norman Sgt. at Arms Member of the American Red Cross Society The Agriculture Club brings together in a social meeting college men interested in the many phases of agriculture. Both practical and scien- tific talks are included in the programs. Members: Howard Archer, Ray Bates, Raymond Bogan, Octavius Ball, Virgil Baw, Bill Custer, Lannis Chunn, Randall Davis, William Eng- lish, Lowell Goforth, Alton Grant, John Hartin, Paul Henderson, Boyd Hazlett, Russell Hughes, James Himes, Melvin Horton, John Jenkins, Bill Johnson, Everette Johnson, Joe King, Joe Kennedy, Ben D. Love, Leslie Morgan, Orville Murphy, Mart Murphy, Charles Magee, R. A. Nel- son, Carnie Norris, Leslie Norman, Frank O ' Roark, V. B. Osborne, John Osborne, Elbert £ 7 Pickens, 0. C. Pickens, James Puckett, Voris S J • Poe ' Esle .v Remley, Ralph Richardson, Troy Rob- j ti r t W inson, Melvin Rose, Preston Ramey, Owen Ross, 2yW BiU Schroeder ' Claude starr - willis Sample, ■R TcC M Leslie Speck, Charles Shelby, Harry Smith, Gar- land Sewell, Carl Tomlinson, Block " Tyre, Wright Hatcher, Horace Scrape, Earl Wilson, Keith Wil- kins, Coburn Thornton. fiitjc mic Ii n ml ii il fnrtji-si.r THE YEARLING HCME ECCNCMIC§ CLUE Organized 1921. Miss Elizabeth Fairbank, Sponsor Catherine Cathcart President Alma Sisk Vice President Mildred Morris Secretary Cleta Whitaker Treasurer Member of the American Red Cross Society The Home Economics Club serves as a means for social activities among students of home economics and other college women interested in this field. The programs are both practical and entertaining in nature. Members: Irma L. Barnes, Juanita Bittle, Vayda Browder, Mary Buckley, Catherine Cathcart, Ina Crockett, Faye Douglass, Edyth Fergu- son, Wilma Graham, Berna N. Gogue, Gladys Grimes, Norma Holt, Rosa- lyn Kopp, Mary Lacy, Catherine Long, Lora Long, Marie Long, Mamie Magers, Naoma Magers, Chalmers Martin, Fran- ces McElroy, Margaret McGlasson, Beth Melton, Maurine Melton, Mildred Morris, Gertrude Mur- r ay, Florence Napier, Euritha Osment, Marguer- ite Ratcliffe, Virginia Ray, Frances Reese, Otie Rowell, Celeste Rudy, Alma Sisk, Lucille Stotts, Letha Toles, Cleta Whitaker. Page one hundred forty-seven THE YEARLING " A CLUE Organized with the founding of the " A " . Jack C. Dale, Sponsor Hosea P. McDaniel President Vardaman Osborne Vice President John Halpin Secretary The " A " Club is an organization aimed at promoting good fellowship among athletes and at keeping the " A " sacred on the campus by allowing no other letters to be worn at State. All men wearing varsity letters are eligible for membership. FOOTBALL MEMBERS Belgard, Bogan, Goss, Sanderson, Hawley, Horton, Hendrix, Tyre, Keller, Graves, Moreman, Thornton, Lamb, Winters, Puckett, Speck, Mac- Queen, Swepston, McKay, Buttry, McWherter, McCandless, Shelby, Lilly, Marcellus, Lloyd. BASKETBALL MEMBERS Winters, McDaniel, Thornton, Lamb, Himes, Keller, Lauderdale, Ferguson, Stotts, Cooper, Davis, Mullen, Speck, Langley, Pickens, Starr. TRACK MEMBERS Graves, Keller, Remley, Horton, Knight, Lit- tle, Osborne, Nelson. Pit ye one hundred forty-eight ENGINEERING CLUE Organized 1924. Dean B. Ellis, Sponsor Jennings Wood H. B. Thorn Roy Rea Helen Mack .... President Vice President Secretary . Sponsor Engineers unite in a club to promote interest in engineering work and to plan enjoyable social gatherings. Programs are both technical and practical in nature; social affairs of the club are always especially successful. Members: Dewey Brown, Cecil Babcock, Birchell Buchannan, Charles Bock, Harry Chiles, Richard Carville, Herbert Connelly, James T. Bridges, Joe Pride, Harold Mantooth, Marian Milner, Ewing Dalton, Henry Hitchcock, Frank Stewart, Roy Rea, R. D. Skinner, Elvis Pyland, Harry Smith, Alvin Rutsky, John Hallabough, Edwin Pratt, W. M. Reid, Dennie Fowler, J. R. Halpin, Frost Willis, James Montgomery, Albert Woody, Gordon Hill, Bob Puryear, Rector Cave- nar, James Theriac, O. H. Storey, Harry Latour- r — — — - ette, H. B. Thorn, Linus Scott, Lon Griffin, Elmo Cole, Robert Smith, Frank Robbins, Ivery Cole- man, Rex Wheeler, Thomas Thompson, Charles Farr, Douglas Temple, Vernon Hancock, Frank Sloan, William Wyatt, Ralph Childs, Harold Hodges, Phillip Koury, Homer Campbell, James Langley, Howard Perry. Page one hundred forty-nine DRAMATIC ACT CLUB Organized 1927. Miss Marvelle Meaders, Sponsor Wade Henderson President Lyman Barger Vice President Kathleen Agee Secretary Harold Keller Sgt. at Arms Member of the American Red Cross Society The purpose of the Dramatic Arts Club is to foster a greater appre- ciation and knowledge of drama. Programs are made up of one-act plays and musical numbers. Members : Kathleen Agee, Lyman Barger, Sterline Blackwood, Lillian Bowen, Virginia Bourland, Wanda Bradsher, Virginia Bratcher, Gladys Buck, Mildred Callis, Annie K. Caple, Frances Castleberry, Grace Castleberry, Norma Cornelison, Frances Chapman, W. F. DeLoache, Charlotte Dicus, Velma Eubanks, Violet Fox, Harry French, Helen Harris, John Harrison, Gerald Harvey, Blanche Hayes, Wade Henderson, Ather- ton Hiett, Anna S. Hughes, Ernest Johnson, Mildred Johnston, Margaret Jones, Harold Keller, Alfred Knox, Olva Lamb, Constance Lauderdale, Grace Lauderdale, James Lilly, Dorothy Lea Lines, Hardy Little, Doris Lloyd, Dorothy Matthews, Martha McKnight, Scott Moyers, Charles Okey, Marcia Owen, Helen Phillips, Ruey Phil- lips, Imogene Pittman, Mattie Poison, Ruth Pruitt, Margaret Rhine, Scotta Richardson, Mar- garet Robinson, Harold Schnee, Virginia Sim- mons, Lillian Smith, Janice Speer, E. L. Talia- ferro, Bess Thweatt, Donna Townsend, Bryant Wall, Jean Watson, Dorothy Williams, Charles Wilson, Judith Wilson, Charlotte Wooten. Pa( e one hundred fifty THE YEARLING LE CEKCLE fCANCAIS Organized 1929. Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Sponsor Leland Plunkett President George A. Clements Vice President Mrs. Bess Stuck Secretary William Carroll Reporter Member of the American Red Cross Association The purpose of the club is to encourage a spirit of fellowship among French students and to create a deeper interest in the life culture and ideals of the French people. Reports on topics of current interest con- cerning things French, songs, games, and conversation, constitute the us- ual programs. The meetings aim to develop the literary, social and lingu- istic abilities of the members. Members: Bobbitt, Ruth; Campbell, James H. ; Carroll, William ; Clements, George A. ; Con- ner, Paul ; Elliott, John ; Finch, Boyd ; Gregson, Francis; Hague, Virginia; Haynes, John; Kessi, Richard; Majors, Madeline; Majors, Mildred; Mathes, Mary E. ; McConnell, Clyde; Pender, Howard ; Plunkett, Leland ; Porterf ield, Edwin ; Porterf ield, Reeder ; Stamps, Robin ; Strow, Henry ; Stuck, Bess. Page one hundred fifty-one THE YEARLING EDLCATICN CLUE Organized 1929. Dr. D. F. Showalter, Sponsor Marshall Matthews President Wilma Jones , Vice President Beatrice Rose Secretary C. J. Merryman , Reporter Member of the American Red Cross Society The Education Club proposes to enable prospective teachers to get acquainted and to develop a spirit of cooperation. The programs include helps for teachers and numerous other features. Several social affairs make the work of the club varied. Members: Glenn Blansett, Tollie Cooper, Reginald Cooper, Lois Cantrell, Hilda Davis, H. S. Games, Missoura Haynes, Wilma Jones, Elsie Lyle, Ellwood McDaniel, C. J. Merryman, Bea- trice Rose, Mrs. Ethel Katrosch, Mrs. Lottie Wat- kins. Page one hundred fifty-two THE YEARLING DEBATING CLUE Organized 1930. Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Sponsor Gene Higgenbotham President Floy Perryman Vice President Frank McDonald Secretary Sam Anderson Reporter Member of the American Red Cross Society Development of interest in debating work is the aim of the Arkansas State College Debating Club. Practice in debating and programs on cur- rent topics make up the regular work of the organization. Intercollegi- ate debates are sponsored by the club during the second semester. Members : Mary Emily Armstrong, Sam Anderson, George Bader, H. L. Ferguson, Claude Hall, Gene Higgenbotham, Stella Horton, Audrey Lawson, Leland McCandless, H. J. Med- ows, Earl McWherter, Frank McDonald, Floy Perryman, Leon Reid, Fred Smith, Ruth Sikes, Hansel Winters, Ralph Wisner, Jay Woods. Page one hundred fifty-three THE YEARLING CCMMEPCI4L CLUE Organized 1931. Miss Adelaide Rogers, Sponsor Louise Barlow President Helen Bowen Vice President Rubye Lee Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Winter . Reporter J. E. Cox ■ Sgt. at Arms Member of the American Red Cross Society The Commercial Club was organized to create an interest among the commercial students in activities pertaining to their work. At each meet- ing there is a program having to do with vital topics of American busi- ness. Members : Louise Barlow, Helen Bowen, Bill Cate, J. E. Cox, Thomas Davis, Edith Fiscus, Ernest Graham, Frances Thomas Gregson, Elizabeth Hornberger, Ann Jimerson, Rubye Lee, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Wyatt Mooring, Tom Secoy, Howell Thompson, Margaret Whid- den, Woodrow Wright, George Lacy. Page one hundred fifty-four THE YEARLING iii chapter cr III CCTA Installed 1932. Mrs. C. G. Brotherton, Sponsor Miss Alice Stevenson, Advisor Roselind Dale President Marguerite Ratcliffe Vice President Mary Cummings Treasurer Constance Lauderdale Secretary Mildred Johnston Historian Member of the American Red Cross Society To promote the best in music and drama ; to live a life of service ; to seek and develop the highest type of womanhood ; these are the aims of the Phi Beta fraternity. Rush parties and a banquet for the national president comprised the social calendar of the musicians. Members : Mrs. C. G. Brotherton, Elizabeth Chandler, Mary Cum- mings, Roselind Dale, Eleanor M. Heuver, Mildred Johnston, Constance Lauderdale, Hattie Mae Palmer, Evelyn Patter- son, Virginia Ray, Marguerite Ratcliffe, Genen- dal Dye Starr. fo } ' Freshmen members : Helen Greenhaw, Eve- [yne Hollan, Dorothy Lea Lines, Doris Lloyd, v ' nfi Helen Phillips, Virginia Simmons, Maxine Stall- V - cup, Janice Speer. Hi Associate members: Marvelle Meader Adelaide Rogers, Searcy Wooldridge, Glenda Lid- dell, Bernice Livengood. Page one hundred fifty- five THE YEARLING HISTCRy CLUE Organized 1932. Dr. Mary Watters, Sponsor Von Mullen President Thelma Thomason Vice President Linual Cameron Secretary-Treasurer The purpose of the history club at Arkansas State College is to pro- mote interest in the study of history and to aid in the establishment of a historical museum. Programs on foreign countries are worked out by club members. Members : Linual Cameron, Clair Camer- on, Roe Caldwell, Elizabeth Castleberry, Billo Duty, James Gill, William Haynes, William Mul- hollen, Von Mullen, lone Newcom, Jewell Smith, Mrs. Herma Shepherd, Hannah Jo Strong, Thel- ma Thomason. Page one hundred fifty-six THE YEARLING III THETA l 4PP i Organized 1930. Dr. C. W. Strow, Sponsor Atherton Hiett President Roselind Dale Vice President Mary Alice Stuttle Secretary Maurine Thorn Treasurer Henry Strow Reporter The aims of Phi Theta Kappa are to promote scholarship, develop character, and cultivate friendship among both men and woman students. An average of B is required for election to membership. Members : Rose Abernathy, Mary Emily Armstrong, Roselind Dale, Violet Fox, Marian Gregg, Atherton Hiett, Wade Henderson, Alfred Knox, Walter Logan, Helen Mack, Marshall Matthews, Margaret McGlas- son, James Montgomery, Leland Plunkett, Henry Strow, Mrs. Bess Stuck, Mary Alice Stuttle, Chauncey Denton, Harmon Elder, Harry French, Eve- lyne Hollan, Anna Sue Hughes, Dorothy Lea Lines, Lora S. Long, Madeline Majors, Mildred Majors, Hortense Parker, Beatrice Rose, Charles Shelby, Larry Sloan, Bryant Wall, Margaret Winter, Charlotte Wooten. Page one hundred fifty-seven yCUNG WCMEN ' I CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Organized 1924. Bernice Livengood, Sponsor Beatrice Rose President Mildred Johnston Vice President Roselind Dale Secretary The Y. W. C. A. cooperates with the Y. M. C. A. in promoting religi- ous feeling on the campus. Members take an active part in the Sunday evening vesper services, and assist in the annual student mixer. Members: Juahita Bittle, Ina Crockett, Roselind Dale, Edith Fiscus, Missoura Haynes, Blanche Hayes, Evelyne Hollan, Mildred Johnston, Dorothy Lea Lines, Leola Mock, Madeline Ma- jors, Mildred Majors, Maurine Melton, Chalmers Martin, Ruey Phillips, Ruth Pruitt, Marguerite Ratcliffe, Beatrice Rose, Jennie Lee Spikes, Alma Sisk, Ruth Sikes, Bess Thweatt, Charlotte Woo- ten, Dorothy Williams. Page one hundred fifty-eight THE YEARLING yCLNS MEN ' S CHRISTIAN AMCCIATICN Organized 1924. Dr. Newton H. Brown, Sponsor Wade Henderson President Lyman Barger Vice President Charles Magee Secretary The purpose of the Y. M. C. A. is to promote the growth of religious spirit on the campus. It sponsored, with the help of the Y. W. C. A., the student mixer at the first of the year, and has alternated with that group in the regular Sunday evening vesper service. Members : Sam Anderson, Cecil Babcock, Lyman Barger, Ray Bates, Martin Bierbaum, Lannis Chunn, William Custer, Chauncey Den- ton, Gus Frazier, Lowell Goforth, Wade Henderson, Melvin Horton, John Jenkins, Harold Keller, Lambert Kelly, Joe Ken- nedy, Richard Kessi, Alfred Knox, Ben Love, Charles Magee, Leland McCandless, Frank Mc- Donald, Earl McWherter, Orville Murphy, James Montgomery, R. A. Nelson, Vardaman Osborne, Floy Perryman, Leland Plunkett, Preston Ra- mey, Carlton Roberts, Melvin Rose, Horace Scrape, Lesli e Speck, Zeek Taylor, Douglas Tem- ple, Jennings Wood. Page one hundred fifty-nine ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE GUY FRENCH, Director Violins: Virginia Hague, Bernece Hamilton, Ruth Mary Stan- field, Fay Clardy. Cello: Bertha Hague. Pianists : Helen Ellis, Ruth Pruitt. Bass: Clifton Walden. Horns: Frank Sloan, Elmo Cole. Clarinets: Joe Petty, William Haynes, Reeder Porterfield. Saxophones: Chauncey Denton, Harry Latourette, Earl Mc- Wherter, Robin Stamps, C. B. Wood. Trumpets : Andrew Brady, Virgil Baw. Trombone: 0. V. Dillon, Gilbert Prince. Percussion : Douglas Temple. Page one hundred sixty THE YEARLING ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE D4ND GUY FRENCH, Director Cornets : Dale Alf ord, Andrew Brady, Edward Cope, Craig Hamner, Richard Kessi, Warren Lesmeister, Edwin Porterfield, Walter Rob- ertson. Clarinets: William Haynes, Joe Petty, Reeder Porterfield, R alph Skin- ner, Jacob Williams. Saxophones: William Custer, Chauncey Denton, Lambert Kelly, Earl McWherter, Harry Latourette, Robin Stamps. Horns: Elmo Cole, Frank Sloan. Baritone: Ellwood McDaniel. Bass : Jack Kincaid, John Ed Hartin, Clifton Walden. Trombone : Milton Alsey, 0. B. Dillon, Gene Higgenbotham, Gilbert Prince. Drums : W. F. DeLoache, Douglas Temple. Drum Major: Virginia Simmons. Sponsors: Mildred Majors, Madeline Majors. Page one hundred sixty-one THE YEARLING MEN ' S GLEE CLUE C. E. McMEANS, Director Front Row : Robin Stamps, J. D. Weaver, Vardaman Osborne, Hor- ace Scrape, Albert Woody, Lyman Barger, Edwin Porterfield, Floy Perry- man, Lambert Kelly. Second Row : Henry Strow, Preston Ramey, William Carter, Gar- land Sewell, Phillip Koury, Harry Chiles, Reeder Porterfield, William Custer. Third Row: Randall Davis, Esley Remley, Clint Tinnin, Howard Frazier, William Watson, W. F. DeLoache, Wade Henderson, Virgil Baw. Page one hundred sixty-two THE YEARLING CBiCP lL CLUE C. E. McMEANS, Director Front Row : Ruth Pruitt, Mamie Magers, Helen Greenhaw, Wilma Graham, Helen Ellis, Margaret Rhine, Blanche Hayes, Mary Alice Stuttle. Back Row: Vardaman Osborne, Lyman Barger, Robin Stamps, Grace Lauderdale, Constance Lauderdale (pianist), Dorothy Lea Lines, Virgil Baw, W. F. DeLoache, Wade Henderson. Choral Club assists in concert work in Jonesboro and has been a great asset to Arkansas State. Page one hundred sixty-three THE YEARLING 1933 yC4CLING Mary Emily Armstrong Editor-in-Chief Wade Henderson .... Business Manager Alfred A. Knox, Jr. Associate Editor Helen Mack Assistant Editor Ralph Richardson Assistant Editor MARY EMILY ARMSTRONG Editor Mi I Jl Mary Louise Wade Art Editor Harold Keller Feature Editor Violet Fox Index Editor Leland Plunkett Humor Editor Margaret Winter Club Editor ■ S fx Lyman Barger Associate Business Manager ' f F " S V Claude Starr Sport Editor Charles Wilson Snapshot Editor hit Page one hundred sixty-four THE YEARLING 1933 yEARLING The aim of the 1933 Yearling staff was to record in black and white the outstanding events in the college year, and to show the progress of the college in its twenty-one years of existence. Your enjoyment of the book is our measure of success. Hope you like it! WADE HENDERSON Business Manager Marvin Sanderson, features, Marian Gregg, features ; J. E. Cox, sports; Mrs. H. W. Hollard, art; Bill Matthews, art; E. L. Taliaferro, clubs; Frances Chapman, snapshots; Janice Speer, index; Bryant Wall, index; Margaret Whidden, senior editor; Hattie Mae Palmer, junior edi- tor; Rose Abernathy, sophomore editor; Charles Okey, freshman editor; W. F. DeLoache, freshman editor. Mounting Staff: Leland McCandless, Beth Melton, Marguerite Ratcliffe, Alma Sisk, Ger- trude Murray, Grace Lauderdale. Typists: Judith Wilson, Edith Fiscus, Louise Barlow, George Lacy, Rubye Lee. Page one hundred sixty-five HARMON ELDER, Editor ARI 4N$A$ STATE CCLLEGE HERALD Harmon Elder Editor-in-Chief Atherton Hiett Business Manager Charles Magee Business Manager second semester The Herald is a student publication that apears twice each month during the regular college year. The popu- larity of the paper has tripled under the management of the present staff. It! Am Ml ■ML 1 n Staff members: Alfred Knox, Maurine Thorn, Gertrude Murray, Margaret Winter, Mar- ian Gregg, H. B. Thorn, Leland Plunkett, Hattie Mae Palmer, Louise May Scarlett, Mary Eliza- beth Mathes, Bess Thweatt, Mildred Johnston, Frances Chapman, Eleanor Lane. ATHERTON HIETT, Business Manager Page one hundred sixty-six PRESS CLUE Organized 1929. Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Sponsor Alfred Knox President Donna Townsend Vice President Mildred Johnston Secretary Since its organization by Earl W. Brannon four years ago, the Press Club has endeavored to create an interest in journalism and in the college publications, and to serve as a medium of better understanding among those interested in journalistic pursuits. It keeps in touch with the Press Clubs of the A. and M. Colleges at Monticello and Magnolia through their central organization, the Little Big Three Press Association. Members : Mary Emily Armstrong, Donna Townsend, Mildred Johnston, Lyman Barger, Henry Strow, Harmon Elder, Wade Henderson, Bess Thweatt, Margaret Winter, Alfred Knox, Eleanor Lane, Helen Mack, Charles Okey, Leland Plunkett, Gertrude Murray, Mary Elizabeth Mathes, Hattie Mae Palmer, Frances Chapman, E. L. Taliaferro, Maurine Thorn, H. B. Thorn, Claude Starr, Scotta Richardson. % Page one hundred sixty-seven THE HANDBOOK INDIAN SCHEDULE (As filled in the Student Handbook) Sept. 5. Nothing important. 300 freshmen enroll. Sept. 6. Freshmen feel at home because of the gentle scent at the Animal Husbandry Building. Sept. 7. Hosea bought a book, so half holiday is declared. Sept. 8. Grub improves. Sept. 12. Hosea sold his book, as his scholastic standing got too high. Sept. 13. Dr. Brown chats at the burning bush. Oct. 3. Lyman Barger running for an office! Oct. 9. Sweetly sing the calves at break of day : Dr. Plunkett he doth lead them, while Doc Robey feeds the hay. Oct. 16. Dr. Showalter wakes up three freshmen and eleven upperclass- men. Oct. 17. Lamb answers a question in history. Thornton nearly answers one. Oct. 20. Perryman wears a tie. Oct. 21. Perryman has a date! Nov. 7. State vs. West Tennessee at Memphis. Unofficial holiday. Pleasant time for all those accounted for, and better for the rest. Nov. 23. Dean Whitsitt surprises students by talking at chapel. Dec. 6. Dr. Robey : " If an old man can walk ten miles in one day, how do you make paramentholbenzine? " Dec. 12. Cap introduces a maneuver in chapel. Dec. 21. Themes bring new high prices; " A " guaranteed for two bucks. Jan. 13. Frosh learn the meaning of comprehensive. The dean stands for a nine-hour day six days a week. Jan. 13. (Later) Rat Schnee dreams he sees the following sociology questions. I. Define : rollo, moocher, cigarette bum, All-American skunk. II. Trace the history and development of the rollo chart, giving its founders and principal adherents to its cause. III. State your theories on: A. S. C. redheads; their appeal as con- trasted with that of platinum blondes? Cite examples. IV. Name Arkansas State ' s four leading Romeos. Discuss in re- gard to lines the following: Granny Knox, J. Wade Henderson, Froggie MacQueen, Atherton Hiett, H. B. Thorn, Bill Custer. V. If you had a text, what did you do with it? Page one hundred seventy THE HANDBOOK! Jan. 16. Second semester opens; Biercy Bierbaum returns, and is Miss Horn delighted! Jan. 18. Freshman gets up to recite the following program in chapel but is restrained by a hard look from the center section. (What she would have said :) HENNA IT Then she was despised ! On every street men looked at her with scorn ; Contempt was in their eyes and hope forlorn. Then she was ignored ! At every dance she saw her friends ' disgust, And, turning ' way, deplored herself as dust. Now she is admired. On every street men stop to watch her pass Infatuation in their eyes for this unusual lass. Now she is the cause At every tea for women ' s envious glance, And every bitter word that they advance. Who is she? My dear, why don ' t you guess She dyed her hair a year before the rest ! Jan. 25. Einey Strow informs the campus that there were but two " A ' s " made in economics, and he made them both himself. Jan. 26. Henderson sold his Studebaker to Barger because of high cost of courtin ' . Jan. 30. English department adopts 8:00 o ' clock padlock ordinance. Feb. 4. Annual staff gives drop-in ; Roughneck Barger and Palmer mop floor and dust off radiator. Feb. 8. Zero weather again. Hurry calls for alcohol. Feb. 10. Pug and Rose have a fight. Feb. 11. Rose spoke to Pug. Feb. 12. Pug and Rose make up. Feb. 13. Mr. Kays drives a dog out of Wilson Hall. Dean Whitsitt helps with dog driving. Feb. 20. Ben Love swipes a pie. March 1. Balmheart Hall borrows skates. March 2. Balmheart girls eat from mantels. March 3. Fat Martin sings " Take me in your arms ' " . March 4. Dr. Strow ' s agin it! April 1. No foolin ' ! This is all of the Diary! Page one hundred seventy-two THE YEARLING cAiss Itvcngood I did not do ii I b zi Dorothy told you thai lie. — o%5, she didrit. - Jnen its just iolk; she was the on y one who saw mQ there . « I AWII II I CCLLMN €r WANTS, ETC. ent incumbents intend to settle in Oklahoma and raise sugar beets. — " Poss " Thornton and Harry Smith. Notice — No one is allowed to talk above a stage whisper, whistle, sing, or play seven-up in the Li- brary, except at back table. Please do not use the newspapers for un- necessary purposes. — Miss Elea- nor Heuver. Notice — All those interested in se- curing the erection of new $50,- 000 tennis courts and electing me to a permanent snap in the home town meet me at Kays Field at 4:30 this afternoon. — Raymond Bogan. Fair Warning — I am going to pub- lish a three volume autobiogra- phy telling all about my adven- tures in New Mexico and Colorado modeled after Boccacio. — " Moon " Mullen. Wanted — Invitations to Balm- heart Hall. — Richard Baremore Kessi. Wanted — As big appropriations for State as President Kays gets for Rockefeller ' s Coal Oil Col- lege.— E. L. Whitsitt. Wanted — Eleven Husky Indians to boot the pigskin, also a new athletic department. — V. C. Kays. For Sale — " Compendious Catalog of Prof ' s. Jokes. " Greatest book of the year — masterpiece of a dec- ade, and sensation of the century. Get this list and learn when to laugh. Make A in English 103; chemistry; American history and French. — Apply Guy French. Wanted — Social secretary. Duties will be answering invitations, etc., taking all my examinations, and keeping my wardrobe in or- der, so that I can devote my full time to dramatic affairs. — Son Wilson. For Rent — Fine law office (12x9) in Bono, Arkansas, together with good pine table, two chairs, map of U. S., picture of Thos. Jef- ferson, and large spittoon. Pres- (Continued on page 177) Page one hundred seventy-three ' k e dean ' s gonna stop gambling e first -thing you know , he ' be trying to make us siudenis stop too fe cs ph losoph . fare all gag dogs. What kind of a dog are you J$ree ift ' ny ihere are we ' ll never do. tie ' I I never drink nor smoke nor chew. 1 [jalpo made three mistakes this year ? MM BoNOFlRt Jo.l - BoNOF f!E tjo . 1 - EUt» CLUB DflNCI 3 e the honorable men of State, in order to attract more attention, to make more no he, to blow the be flows, so that we may better display our Ood- given ialents ,do estab- lish the Grand Si end Out? ' Tom Kefler- Worthy Chan- ce for and cusfodia n of t he MA. Be It o ins. Oubb DeLoache Lc man £ arg zr Oranny ffnox Henry Jtrow Virginia Ray Edith Ferguson tf.B.TTiorn.Jr. Jim Oooch Martin dierbaum Scott a Richardson 6uy rrench 0 We ' re not so old were get fin ' gray We still can knock ' Ten tfmas a day, f?alph CWisner- Chief Knocker. ( In apse nt a thank Heaven) Gravy Graves Moon Ma ft ins Puy lf f nferj pee wee l ' tt e, 3 ffy Mntthewj B.L.Talia-ferro doze More man Red Anderson Welbby Benton Char lie Ma gee Son Wifson Y L3a0 « ICOUQS Our Fa iwiON Plate we eej t-he mmv ' ,) ( INOlftMQ (1 ,1 4 L il I MOftT TifAVELFO f PRO o = " THE WOJRLO » • ? uT NOT JL foe60Tli£! N v ' ' L- Peoo P THAT JL 4 ft 6 A gLlM G US EVIL HI THE YEARLING {Continued from page 173) Wanted — Seven Juniors to help us run the YEARLING next year. Grafters need not apply. — State College. Wanted — One Rhodes Scholar- ship. Also copy of Herald tell- ing of my great touch- down and proving my ath- letic record. — Marvin Graves. Wanted — More students to hold up. — Jonesboro Police Department. Wanted — More graduate work in campustry. — Harold Ratz Schnee. Notice — Wi ll raffle a New Franklin First Reader. Book in good condition, as it was sent to me as a Val- entine and I have never used it. Chances from 1 to 30. Buy a ticket — you may be the lucky man. — Charles H. MaGee. Wanted — A Debating Team. — Dr. F. W. Plunkett. For Sale — First class line; have married and settled down. — Claude Starr. Wanted — Position in Bryn Mawr. My specialty is Journalism for girls. — J. Wade Henderson. Wanted — A graft in English. — Tex Plunkett. Wanted — A larger freshman class for the coming year. — Helen Mack. Notice — Chapel and Physical Ed. Courses will be offered to all students next year. — Mr. E. L. Whitsitt. Wanted— The Earth.— Tom Kel- ler. Wanted — A few compliments for this edition of the Yearling. — The Staff. V MMHB Page one hundred seventy-seven THE YEARLING Page one hundred seventy-nine THE YEARLING No odor No shrinkage No fading UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE " Raises the Standard " Tom Chandler, Mgr. Phone 955 T. J. ELLIS COMPANY H. T. PURVIS, Manager " If the gift is lasting the sentiment is lasting. " Class Rings, Pins, Fraternity Emblems Jewelers Optometrists 44 years of Satisfactory Service HEINEMAN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE We are members of a great organization of over 200 department stores ; therefore our unlimited purchasing power assures you of that ideal combination of depend- able service and dependable merchan- dise at lowest prices. Page one hundred eighty THE YEARLING 1111 till I llll I BANK OF NETTLETON Nettleton, Arkansas " The Bank of Friendly Serviee " 7l 1 1 1 I M I I I I 1 1 M I I I I I I 1 1 I I I 1 1 II I II I I 1 1 I II I I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I I I Jill I llll I I MM I I III III 1 1 III HIM llllll III I I llll PURYEAR GROCER hilt til RECIPE And you have the Young Man ' s Taste in Clothes VARSITY-TOWN CLOTHES $20 and $25 Z. T. Matthews Son For Young Men ' s Stylish Clothes Home of Peacemaker and White Goose Food Products LEADERS IN FOOD VALUES M III Mill I I Page one hundred eighty-one THE YEARLING JEST HE ' P YO ' SELF Piggly-Wiggly Home Owned by the Howard Stucks GREGG FUNERAL HOME Jonesboro, Arkansas Demand the Best and Receive LITTLE PIRATE PRODUCTS BETTY JANE FLOUR COOPER TIRES Over Two Hundred Items are Packed Under LITTLE PIRATE BRAND Each One Guaranteed By Us JONESBORO GROCER COMPANY " The House of Friendship and Service " Page one hundred eighty-two THE YEARLING Athletic Outfitters for State College and North- east Arkansas Your Friend GLOBE DRUG STORE GUS NASH, Proprietor COMPLIMENTS OF PETERSON ' S BAKERY " Makers and Bakers of Good Things to Eat Sammoiis Printing Co. I Complete Office Outfitters | Printing and Engraving 239-241 Union Street JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Jonesboro Hardware Company Wholesal e and Retail Hardware and Mill Supplies PHONE 110 400-402 Main Street 320-322 Church Street We Want Your Friendship Page one hundred eighty-three THE YEARLING OUR SERVICE The Greatest Service that it is possible for a Distributor to Render the Public is to Sell Merchandise of such Quality as Contains the maximum food Value for the Price Invested. THORPE-McCAULEY-LOVE CO. WHOLESALE ONLY JONESBORO LAUNDRY AND | DRY CLEANERS j JONESBORO, ARKANSAS c Lyman T. Barger Campus Agent Patronize Home Industry DEMAND STAR PRODUCTS We Specialize in Fancy And Birthday Cakes STAR BAKERY SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY R. W. Roberts Agent Jonesboro Arkansas Page one hundred eighty-four Wait a minute — — Deliberate You may be going too fast - Don ' t skip the pause that refreshes OVER 8 MILLION A DAY ba-io IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS The Cocoa-Cola Bottling Company JONESBORO, ARKANSAS JACKSON PAINT AND SUPPLY CO. Paint - Glass Wallpaper - Art Supplies Wholesale and Retail Jonesboro Arkansas I Hill Minimi BARTON LUMBER CO. JONESBORO, ARKANSAS ' When you fail to consider Quality you Buy Disappointment ' I I MM I I I III I I III I Ml I I Page one hundred eighty-five THE YEARLING CITY WATER and LIGHT PLANT Municipally Owned and Operated JONESBORO ARKANSAS " THE WIGWAM " Home of the Arkansas State Indians and Headquarters on the Campus for the Best in Things to Eat ' You Boost Your College and You Boost Athletics When You Eat at the Wigwam " Page one hundred eighty-six THE YEARLING Langford ' s Mortuary AMBULANCE Phone 120 Phone 120 Animal Husbandry Department Arkansas State College JONESBORO, ARKANSAS CATTLE Jersey Holstein-Friesian Angus SWINE Poland China Duroc-Jersev Arkansas is building up her livestock by the use of Purebred Sires. Now is the time to put your herd on a better paying basis by the use of a sire bred for production and type. Page one hundred eighty-seven THE YEARLING Mfiiwest v i mj|iiiun . y DAIRY PRODUCTS PURITY ICE CREAM Wholesome - - Nutritious - - Delicious You Can Buy Midwest Products at the Wigwam PATRONIZE YEARLING ADVERTISERS! Their Support Helps to Make the Publication Possible iiiiiMiinir Page one hundred eighty-eight THE YEARLING DAN PRINTUP STUDIO Photography and Engraving for the j " 1933 YEARLING " 1 was done at I DAN ' S | Jonesboro, Arkansas f Page one hundred eighty-nine THE YEARLING Page one hundred ninety THE YEARLING INDEX —A— Abernathy, Dave — 90 Abernathy, Rose— 14, 78, 124, 141, 142, 165 Adams, Jason- -11 2 Administration and Faculty — 37 Agee, Kathleen— 78, 150 Albright, Mildred— 106 Alford, Dale— 90 Altman, Jane — 18, 53 Anderson, Joe Lee — 70, 141 Anderson, Sam— 14, 70, 153, 159, 171 Archer, Howard— 90, 146 Armory — 32 Armstrong, Mary Emily— 52, 53, 123, 153, 157, 164, 167 Arndt, Marguerite — 78 Auditorium — 21 — B — Babcock, Cecil— 90, 159 Babcock, Mary— 47 Bader, George — 153 Ball, Octavius— 90, 146 Ballard, John— 112 Banks, W. L.— 41 Barger. Lyman— 69, 70, 122, 140, 142, 150, 162, 163, 164, 167 Barlow, Louise— 90, 154, 165 Barber, Ellen H.— Ill Barn— 28 Barnes, Irma L.— 90, 147, 173 Barnhart Hall— 16, 33 Bates, Joyce — 113 Bates, Ray— 90, 146, 159 Bates, Robert— 111 Baw, Virgil— 90, 128, 140, 142, 146, 160, 162, 163 Belgard, Harry— 87, 128, 129, 140, 142, 148 Bennett, Mary C— 90 Benton, W. A.— 78 Berry, Imogene — 106 Bittle, Juanita— 14, 90, 147, 158 Bierbaum, Martin — 159 Biology Laboratory — 24 Blackwood, Sterline l7, 19, 90, 150 Blackwood, Mamie — 106 Blansett, Glenn— 152 Bobbitt, Faye— 90 Bobbitt, Ruth— 78, 151 Bock, Charles— 90 Bogan. Raymond— 20, 70, 128, 130, 141, 146, 148 Bourland, Virginia — 16, 78, 150 Bowen, Ada C. — 54 Bowen, Helen — 90, 154 Bowen, Lillian — 90, 150 Bowman, Louise — 90 Brading, Finis — 106 Brady, Elizabeth— 49 Brady, Andrew — 106 Bradsher. James — 90 Bradshei, Wanda— 91, 150 Brandon, Billy— 113 Brandon, Nancy — 111 Browder, Vayda — 78, 147 Bratcher, Virginia — 91, 150 Brown, Newton H. — 46, 159 Brown, Dewey — 91 Bridges, James T.— 89, 91 Bridger, Floyd— 112 Brotherton, Mrs. C. G.— 46, 155 Brinkerhoff, Aileen — 91 Buchanan, Birchell — 91 Buckley, Mary— 91, 147 Buttry, Altus— 78, 128, 129, 141, 148 Buck, Gladys— 150 Buzick, John — -111 Byars, Spencer — 91 Byrd, Paul R.— 17, 91 — C— Callis, Mildred— 78, 150 Cameron, Clair — 91, 156 Cameron, Linual — 70, 141, 156 Campbell, Homer — 91, 141 Campbell, James— 91, 131, 151 Campbell, James — 111 Campbell, Ruth— 113 Cantrell, Lois— 89, 91, 152 Caldwell Roe— 70, 156 Caple, Annie K.— 20, 91, 150 Carr, W. E.— 113 Carrens, Mattie S. — 55 Carrigan, Richard— 91, 128 Carroll, William— 54, 151 Carter, William— 79, 128, 141, 162 Cathcart, Catherine— 78, 147 Carville, Richard— 91 Castleberry, Frances — 91, 150 Castleberry, Grace— 78, 150 Castleberry, Elizabeth — 55, 156 Castleberry, Rex — 106 Castleberry, Ray — 110 Castleberry, Mary H.— 113 Cate, William— 106, 154 Catledge, Irene — 91 Cavenor, Rector — 92 Chandler, Elizabeth— 17, 79, 122, 155 Chapman, Frances— 19, 150, 165, 166, 167 Childers, Wilgus — 92 Chiles, Harry— 89, 94, 162 Chunn, Lannis— 92, 146, 159 Clardy, Fay— 106, 160 Clark, Gerald— 92 Clark, Hershal— 110 Clark, Delia— 113 Classes — 51 Clements, Alma — 70, 151 Clements, G. W.— 112 Clements, Paul — 70 Cockrum, William L. — 79, 141 Coke, Marjorie — 112 College Club— 29 Cole, Elmo— 79 Coleman, Irene — 92 Commercial Depai ' tment — 24 Collins, Paul— 92 Page one hundred ninety-one Conner, Paul — 151 Connelly, Herbert— 92, 141 Conrad, Charles— 107 Cooper, Tollie— 68, 141, 152 Cooper, Reginald— 79, 133, 135, 148, 152 Copeland, Lucille — 111 Cornelison, Norma— 17, 92. 150 Cox, J. E. — 79, 141, 154, 165 Craven, Mildred— 92 Crockett, Ina— 92, 147, 158 Cummings, Mary — 92, 155 Curenton, Opal — 79 Custer, William— 79, 146, 159, 160 — D— Dale, Jack— 50, 126, 133, 148 Dale, Roselind— 79, 155, 157, 158 Dalton, Ewing— 92, 128, 141 Daniels, Kenneth— 128, 131, 141 Darr, Earl— 126 Danner, W. S— 40 Davis, Claude— 112 Davis, Guy— 111 Davis, Hilda— 95, 152 Davis, Marian — 112 Davis, Noble — 71 Davis, Pearle — 41 Davis, Randall— 92, 146, 162 Davis, Thomas — 154 Davis, Wendell— 92, 133, 135, 148 D. A. R. Award— 140, 143 DeLoache, W. F. — 20, 92, 141, 150, 162, 163, 165 Denton, Chauncey— 92, 157, 159, 160, 161 Detrick, Esther— 113 Dickenson, Mark C. — 113 Dicus, Charlotte— 79, 150 Dietsche, Sr. M. Paula— 92 Diggs, Clarence — 79 Dodson, Minot— 92, 141 Dodson, Oneida — 113 Dodson, Wanda L. — 111 Douglas, Faye— 93, 147 Dudley, Faye— 93 Dust, Sr. M. Georgia — 71 Duty, Billo— 71, 156 — E— Earnhart, W. A.— 113 Eason, Ray— 113 Edwards, Homer, P. — 110 Edwards, Vergil — 111 Edmonston, Wallace — 93 Elder, Harmon— 80, 157, 166, 167 Eldridge, H. E.— 17, 43, 47, 140, 142 Eldridge, Mrs. H. E.— 49 Ellis, Dean— 47, 149 Ellis, Helen— 80, 163 Elliott, John— 80, 151 English, W. M.— 93, 146 Engineering Bldg. — 30 Essary, Neal — 80 Eubanks, Velma— 17, 19, 20, 71, 150 — F— Fairbank, Elizabeth— 49, 147 Farr, Charles— 93, 141 Farrar, Jewell — 93 Faulkner, Javine — 107 Features — 115 Ferguson, Edyth— 57, 147, 148 Ferguson, H. L. — 56 Ferguson, Mrs. H. L. — 56 Finch, Boyd— 93, 151 Fiscus, Edith— 93, 154, 158, 165 Fleeman, Nell— 93 Floyd, Namah— 107 Fowler, Dennie — 93 Fowler, Glenn— 110 Fowler, Jeanne — 113 Fowler, Mary— 17, 93 Fox, Violet— 69, 71, 150, 157, 164, 174 Fox, M. J.— Ill Frazier, Howard— 93, 141, 159, 162 Freeze, Ruth— 17, 71, 171 Freeze, W. M.— 17, 93 French, Austin — 107 French, Guy— 49, 141 French, Harry— 93, 128, 150, 157 Friend, Earl— 80 — G— Games, H. S.— 57, 152 Gautney, John — 107 Goforth, Lowell— 94, 146, 159 Goss, Elbert— 15, 127, 128, 130, 141, 149 Gooch, James— 90, 94 Greenhaw, Helen— 93, 155, 163 Grimes, Gladys— 80, 147 Gregg, Marian— 58, 157, 165, 166 Graves, Marvin— 16, 17, 71, 128, 130, 137, 141, 148 Grant, Alton— 93, 146 Gregson, Francis — 80, 151 Gregson, Frances — 154 Griffin, Lon— 94 Griffith, Alma— 110 Gogue, Berna N.— 94, 147 Gelvin, Sue— 80 Gibson, Buster — 107 Gibbon, Jack— 111 Gibbons, Alene — 80 Gill, James— 93, 141, 156 Graham, Ellsworth — 111 Graham, Ernest— 107, 154 Graham, Randolph — 113 Graham, Wilma— 17, 93, 147, 163 Gray, Harmon— 93, 128 Green, Cecil— 94, 128, 131 Green, Andrew — 111 Greeson, John — 111 — H— Haag, Dora — 112 Haden, Patty Sue— 113 Hague, Bertha — 110 Hague, J. L.— 49 Hague, Virginia — 94, 151 Haley, Ivie — 94 Hall, C. O.— 94, 153 Hall, Hugh E.— Ill Halpin, John R.— 71, 128, 131, 140, 142, 148, 174 Hamilton, Berniece — 80 Hamner, Craig — 72, 141 Hancock, Vernon — 80 Page one hundred ninety-tivo Hardin, Raymond — 94 Harris, Frances — 111 Harris, Helen— 14, 17, 19, 150 Harrison, John — 80, 150 Hartin, John— 94, 146 Harvey, Gerald— 72, 136, 141, 150 Hatcher, Wright— 94, 146 Hawley, Gene— 18, 81, 128, 129, 148 Hayes, Blanche— 94, 150, 158, 163 Haynes, John — 94, 151 Haynes, Missoura — 81, 152, 158 Haynes, William— 72, 156 Hazel, M. W.— 72 Hazlett, Boyd— 94, 146 Heindselman, Donald — 95 Helms, Louise — 95 Henderson, Paul— 95, 146 Henderson, Wade— 69, 72, 124, 140, 142, 150, 157, 159, 162, 163, 164, 165, 167 Hendrix, A. L. — 95 Hendrix, Bill— 72, 126, 128, 148 Henson, Marshall — 110 Hinson, Mary — 110 Herringer, Albert — 111 Heuver, Eleanor — 49, 155 Hiett, Atherton— 81, 150, 157, 166 Higgenbotham, Gene— 72, 141, 153 Hill, Gordon— 95 Hill, Mary G.— 72 Himes, James— 81, 128, 133, 134, 141, 146 Hinshaw, Harold — 110 Hitchcork, Henry — 95 Hodges, Harold — 81 Hollabough, John — 95 Hollan, Evelyne— 95, 155, 157, 158 Holland, Vivien— 73 Hollard, H. W.— 45, 46, 69, 146 flollard, Mrs. H. W.— 73, 165 Holleman, Garland — 95 Holt, Norma— 95, 147 Hooker, C. C— 113 Hornberger, Joe — 136 Hornberger, Elizabeth — 95, 154 Horton, Melvin— 73, 122, 128, 137, 140, 142, 146, 148, 159 Horton, Stella— 81, 153 Howell, Marjorie — 95 Hubbs, Imogene — 95 Hudgins, Owen — 73 Hudson, Hugh — 95 Huggins, Woodrow — 112 Hughes, Anna Sue— 95, 150, 157, 174 Hughes, Russell— 81, 146 Hutcherson, Rupert — 81, 141 — J— Jamison, Bobbie — 95 Jenkins, Floyd — 107 Jenkins, John— 95, 146, 159 Jimerson, Anne — 96 Johnson, Bert— 96, 128, 140, 142 Johnson, Bill — 146 Johnson, Catherine — 111 Johnson, David — 110 Johnson,, Ernest — 82, 150 Johnson, Everette — 81, 146 Johnson, Howard — 15, 81 Jqhnson, James M. — 81, 141 Johnson, William — 96 Johnson, L. S. — 87 Johnston, Mildred— 81, 150, 155, 158, 166, 167 Johnston, Billie — 111 Jones, Evelyn — 108 Jones, Margaret — 96, 150 Jones, Wilma— 73, 152 Justice, Mayo — 113 — K— Katrosch, Mrs. E.— 152 Kathrosch, Ethel— 96 Kays, V. C— 14, 38, 112 Kebl, Davis— 59 Keich, Florine — 59 Keich, Kathleen— 113 Keller, Forrest — 96 Keller, Harold— 58, 128, 133, 134, 136, 140, 142, 148, 150, 159, 164, 171, 175 Keller Roy — 5 Kelly, Lambert— 96, 159, 162 Kemp, Woodrow — 96 Kennedy, Joe— 96, 146, 159 Kessi, Richard— 73, 151, 159 Kincaid, Jack — 110 King, Joe — 96, 146 Knight, Paul— 137, 148 Knox, Alfred (Granny)— 20, 60, 124, 140, 142, 150, 157, 159, 164, 166, 167 Kopp Rosalyn— 82, 147 Koury, Phillip— 96, 128, 162 — L— Lacy, George — 154, 165 Lacy, Mary — 147 Ladd, Edith— 82 Lamb, Nolan— 17, 82, 128, 140, 142, 148, 171 Lamb, Olva— 60, 150 Lambert, Armour — 82 Lane, Eleanor — 96, 167 Long, Lora— 82, 147, 157 Long, Marie — 97, 147 Love, Ben— 14, 73, 146, 159 Lyle, Elsie— 87, 152 Lyon, Louise — 97 Langley, James— 96, 133, 135, 148 Langford, Juanita — 112 Langford, Lloyd L. — 96 Latourette, Harry — 82 Latourette, Pierre — 82, 141 Lauderdale, Constance— 82, 150, 155, 163 Lauderdale, Grace— 96, 148, 150, 163, 165 Lauderdale, James — 112 Lawson, Audrey — 96, 153 Lee, Irma — 82 Lee, Rubye— 96, 154 Lesmeister, Warren — 15, 108, 161 Lewis, Hall— 34 Library— 19, 22 Liddell, Glenda— 50, 155 Lilly, James— 97, 128, 130, 141, 148, 150, 174 Little, Hardy— 150 Little, Harold— 61, 148 Page one hundred ninety-three Lines, Dorothy Lea— 96, 150, 155, 157, 158, 163 Livengood, Berniee— 47, 155, 158, 173 Lloyd, Doris— 20, 97, 150, 155 Lloyd Victor— 87, 128, 129, 148 Logan, Walter— 17, 157 Long, Catherine — 97, 147 — M— McAllister, Ellsworth— 108 McCandless, Leland— 82, 128, 130, 137, 141, 148, 153, 159 McConnell, Clyde— 97, 151 McDaniel, Ellwood— 97, 152 McDaniel, Hosea— 73, 128, 136, 140, 142, 148 McDonal, Fred— 74 McDonald, Frank— 82, 153, 159 McElroy, Frances— 98, 147 McEwen, Homer— 50, 140, 142 McGlasson, Margaret— 83, 147, 157 McGuire, D. J.— 113 McKay, Roy— 18, 83, 127, 141, 148 McKenzie, Dallas — 97 McKnight, Martha— 98, 150 McMahan, Hester — 98 McMeans— 46, 162, 163 MacQueen, Donald— 128, 131, 141, 148 McWherter, Earl— 77, 83, 127, 128, 129, 141, 148, 153, 159, 174 Mack, Helen— 15, 69, 74, 149, 157, 164 167 Magee, Charles— 14, 16, 52, 61, 140, 142, 146, 159, 166 Magers, Mamie— 97, 147, 163 Magers, Naoma — 97, 147 Majors, Madeline— 18, 97, 151, 158, 161 Majors, Mildred— 18, 97, 151, 158, 161 Mantooth, Harold — 97 Marcellus, John— 97, 128, 129, 137, 148 Martin, Chalmers— 97, 147, 158 Martin, Norman — 97 Mathes, Mary E.— 97, 151, 165, 167 Matthews, Dorothy— 97, 117, 150 Matthews, Louise — 83 Matthews, Marshall— 83, 152, 157 Matthews, W. M.— 20, 83, 140, 142, 165 Meader, Marvelle— 48, 150, 155 Medows, H. J.— 98, 141, 153 Melton, Beth— 83, 147, 165 Melton, Maurine — 98, 147, 158 Merryman, C. J.— 62, 152 Miles, Ruby Shaw— 98 Milner, Marion — 98 Mobley, Charles — 110 Mock, Aileen — 74 Mock, Leola— 98, 158 Montgomery, James — 74, 137, 141, 149, 159 Montgomery. Troy — 98 Moreman, Walter — 74, 141, 148 Morgan, Leslie — 83, 146 Morris, Mildred— 62, 147 Morris. Rudolph — 98 Morring, Imogene — 98 Mooring, Genevieve — 111 Mooring, Wyatt — 108, 154 Moyer, Alta— 5 Moyer, Scott— 83, 150 Murray, Sr. M. Patricia — 98 Murrav, Donald — 14 Murray " Gertrude— 15, 98, 147, 165, 166, 167 Murphy, Mart— 84, 141, 146 Murphy, Orville— 14, 74, 140, 142, 146, 159 Mulhollen, William— 84, 141, 156 Mullen, Von— 74, 133, 134, 148, 156 — N— Napier, Florence — 98, 147 Neff, Alva— 108 Neff, Mazie— 110 Nelson, R. A.— 10, 83, 136, 148, 159 Newcom, Mrs. lone — 63, 156 Newton, Helen — 98 Nisbett, Frankie — 111 Norris, Carnie— 98, 146 Norris, Eathel— 89 Norris, Jewell — 63 Norman, Leslie— 83, 146 Nunnally, Helen — 111 Nutt, Gertude— 108 — O— Okey, Charles— 98, 124, 165, 167 Organizations — 145 O ' Roark, Frank— 98, 146 Osborne, John— 99, 141, 146 Osborne, Vardaman— 10, 83, 136, 146, 148, 159, 162, 163 Osment, Euritha— 99, 147 Owen, Marcia— 99, 150 Overall, Jean— 99 — P— Patton, Wilma— 84 Patty, Dr.— 48 Palmer, Hattie Mae— 74, 155, 165, 166, 167 Parker, Hortense— 10, 84, 157, 171 Parker, Charles A.— 99 Parsley, Milliard — 99 Passmore, Sonny — 10 Pasmore, D. F.— 46, 151 Patterson, Evelyn — 84, 155 Penix. James — 99 Pender, Howard— 99, 128, 131, 151 Perryman, Floy— 75, 153, 159, 162 Perry, Ruppel — 99 Petty, Joe— 99 Phillips, Helen— 99, 120, 150, 155 Phillips, Howard— 99 Phillips, Grover— 110 Phillips, Irene — 108 Phillips, Lewis — 110 Phillips Rucy— 99, 150, 158 Physics Laboratory — 21 Pickens, Elbert— 99, 133, 135, 141, 148 Pickens, O. C. Jr.— 99, 146 Pittman, Imogene — 99, 150 Plunkett, F. W.— 16, 47, 153, 167 Plunkett, Leland— 75, 151, 15 7, 159, 164, 166, 167 Poe, Voris— 99, 146 Poole, Hester— 112 Page one hundred ninety-four THE YEARLING Poison, Mattie— 84, 150 Porterfield, Edwin— 99, 151, 160, 161, 162 Porterfield, Reeder— 100, 151, 161, 162 Pratt, William— 100, 149 Prince, Gilbert— 100, 160, 161 Pritchett, Bill— 110 Pride, Joe— 11, 100, 174 Pruitt, Ruth— 100, 150, 158, 160, 163 Puckett, James— 64, 128, 135, 140, 142, 146, 148 Purdy, Katie— 100 Purvis, Hoyt— 100 Puryear, Bob— 100, 149 Pyland, Elvis— 100, 149 — R— Ramey, Preston— 100, 146, 159, 162 Raney, Vivian — 108 Raspbery, Bill— 100 Ratcliffe, Marguerite— 77, 84, 147, 155, 158, 165 Ray, Mary— 100 Ray, Pat— 84, 141 Ray, Virginia — 84, 147, 155 Rea, Roy— 100, 141, 149 Reed, Charles— 109 Reed, Maysel — 84 Reed, William— 100, 149 Reese, Frances — 100, 147 Reid, Leon— 75, 153 Remley, Esley— 14, 84, 136, 146, 148, 162 Rhine, Margaret— 85, 150, 163 Richardson, Billy— 112 Richardson, Ralph— 85, 146, 164 Richardson, Scotta— 85, 150, 167 Riddle, Kenneth — 75 Rieves, Elton — 5 Robb, Peyton — 85 Robey, Ashley — 49 Roberts, Carlton— 75. 159 Roberts, Fred— 110 Robertson, Walter— 100, 161 Robertson, Frank — 100 Robinson, Gene — 109 Robinson, Margaret — 15, 100, 150 Robinson, Troy— 101, 146 Rogers, N. A. — 44, 46 Rogers, Adelaide — 49, 154, 155 Rodgers, Euerene — 85 Rose, Beatrice— 84, 152, 157, 158 Rose, Melvin— 101, 146, 159 Ross, Owen— 101, 146 Rudy, Celeste— 101, 147 Rutsky, Alvin— 101, 149 Rodgers, Gale — 109 Rowell, Otie— 101, 147 — S— Sample, Willis— 101, 146 Sanders, Woody — 111 Sanderson, Marvin— 15, 75, 121, 128, 141, 148, 165 Scott, Linus— 85, 141, 149 Schnee, Harold— 16, 20, 64, 141, 150 Scrape, Horace— 101, 146, 159, 162 Scarborough, Lavell — 110 Scarborough, Sophia — 111 Scarlett, Louise— 85, 166 Schroeder, Wm.— 101, 146 Secoy, Tom — 154 Secoy, Doris — 101 Senior Swingout — 68 Sewell, Garland— 101, 146, 162 Showalter, Alan— 113 Showalter, D. F.— 47, 152 Shultz, Wilson— 101 Shelby, Charles— 88, 128, 131, 146, 148. 157 Shepherd, Mrs. Herma— 75, 156 Shaw, Wm.— 101 Shell, Ina— 101 Shrum, Berlyn— 101 Sisk, Alma— 85, 147, 158, 165 Simpkins, Nelle — 48 Simmons, Virginia— 17, 18, 101, 150, 155, 161 Singletary, Alfred— 20, 101, 128 Sikes, Mabel— 101 Sikes, Ruth— 85, 153, 158 Skalasky, Augusta — 102 Skinner, Ralph— 102, 149, 161 Slaughter, Catheryn — 49 Sloan, Emily— 102 Sloan, Larry — 85, 157 Slusser, Charles— 128 Smith, Jewell— 156 Smith, Douglas— 110 Smith, Fred— 102, 153 Smith, Robert L.— 102, 149 Smith, Harold— 85 Smith, Harry— 65, 133, 135, 146, 149 Smith, Lillian— 85, 150 Smith, Dolph— 5 Snider, Charles— 102 Spikes, Jennie L.— 102, 158 Speer, Janice— 102, 150, 155, 165 Speck, Leslie— 77, 86, 127, 128, 130, 133, 134, 140, 142, 146, 148, 159 Stamps, Robin— 86, 151, 160, 161, 162, 163 Stanfield, Ruth M.— 17, 102, 160, 173 Starr, Mrs. Genendal Dye— 79, 155, 171 Starr, Claude— 86, 133, 134, 141, 146, 148, 164, 167, 171 Strong, Hannah Jo.— 102, 156 Strow, C. W.— 48, 157 Strow, Malcolm— 113 Strow, Robert— 11C Strow, Henry— 15, 86, 141, 151, 157, 162 167 Strow, Thomas— 109 Stotts, Lucille— 52, 65, 147, 148 Stuck, Mrs. Bess— 66, 151, 157 Stuck, Howard— 112 Stuck Genevieve — 113 Storey, O. H.— 18, 102, 128, 130 Strickland, Ishmael— 102 Stewart, Frank— 102 Stevenson, Alice — 48, 15 " ) Stallcup, Maxine— 86, 155 Stuttle, Mary Alice— 86. 157, 163 Swepston, John— 102, 128, 129, 141, 148 Swinger, Welza — 102 Swinger, Everett — -102 Page one hundred ninety -five — T— Taliaferro, E. L.— 102, 150, 165, 167 Taylor, Zeek— 102, 159 Temple, Douglas— 75, 141, 149, 159, 160, 161 Theriac, James— 86, 127, 149 Thweatt, Bess— 17, 103, 150, 158, 166, 167 Thomason, Mrs. Thelma— 76, 156 Thorn, H. B.— 17, 77, 86, 123, 137, 141, 149, 166, 167 Thorn, Maurine— 86, 157, 166, 167 Thompson, Thomas— 103, 149 Thompson, J. A. — 103 Thompson, Howell— 20, 86, 154 Thornton, Coburn— 76, 123, 128, 132, 133, 134, 141, 146, 148 Tidwell, Laverne — 110 Tinnin, Clint— 103, 162 Tomlison, Carl— 103, 146 Townsend, Donna— 86, 150, 167 Townsend, Richard— 103 Townsend, Louis — 86 Toles, Letha— 109, 147 Trantham, Madge— 112 Trantham, Ethel— 109 Tucker, Elma— 103 Turner, Jack— 87, 141 Turner, Opal— 110 Tull, Edmund— 103 Tyre, Block— 66, 128, 146, 148 — V— Vestal, E. F.— 46 — W— Wade, Mary L.— 164 Ward, Dow— 109 Walden, Clifton— 102, 160, 161 Walker, Johnnie — 111 Wall, Bryant— 103, 150, 157, 165 Watkins, Mrs. Lottie— 87, 152 Watkins, Mrs. Jerry — 103 Walters, Dr. Mary— 14, 47, 89, 156 Watson, H. S.— 103 Watson, Jean— 103, 150 Watson, William— 103, 162 Weaver, Edith— 113 Weaver, J. D.— 103, 162 Weaver, Lucy Mae — 111 West, Harold— 111 Wheeler, Rex— 103, 149 Wheelis, Marie— 16, 17, 18, 103 Whidden, Margaret— 67, 154, 165 Whitaker, Berniece — 87 Whitaker, Cleta— 87, 147 Whitaker, R.— 40 Whitsitt, E. L.— 42, 48, 52 Whitsitt, Maxine— 112 Wigwam — 25 Willis, Kenneth— 104 Wilkins, Keith— 103, 146 Willet, Constantine— 110 Willcockson, Winford — 112 Williams, Billie— 104 Williams, Dorothy— 104, 150, 158,, 171 Williams, Jacob— 112, 161 Williams, Nelson— 14, 20 Wilson, Charles— 20, 76, 150, 164 Wilson, Earl— 104, 146 Wilson, Judith— 104, 150, 165 Wilson, R. E.— 41 Wilson, R. E. Lee Hall— 13, 16, 19, 27 Witherspoon, Anne — 113 Winer, Louise B.— 78 Winningham, J. F.— 112 Winter, Margaret— 87, 154, 157, 164, 166, 167 Winters, Hansel— 76, 128, 132, 140, 142, 148, 153 Winters, Margaret — 16, 49 Winters, William— 104 Wisner, Gaylord — 141 Wisner, John— 109, 141 Wisner, Ralph— 67, 140, 142, 153 Wood, C. B.— 87, 160 Wood, Lettie— 87 Wood, W. J.— 104 Woods, Jay — 153 Wood, Jennings— 76, 140, 142, 149, 159 Woodside, John A.— 104, 128 Woody, Albert— 104, 149, 162 Wooldridge, Searcy E. — 47, 155 Wooten, Charlotte— 87, 150, 157, 158 Wright, Woodrow — 109, 154 Wyatt, William— 104, 149 Wyche, Drew — 104 — Y— Young, James — 5 Y. M. C. A. Bldg.— 30 Y. W. C. A.— 30 — Z— Zoology Laboratory — 23 Page one hundred ninety-six THIS BOOK IS NOT TO B3 TAXiIN FROM THE LIBRARY. ADDDlD3QSqfl5S

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