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L W i 217 -' X fx 3 ,L :fi , 1 X. fx' X XX y ly 1 k A 5 x , 'X , ., NV X' ff A, 4 I , , f X U X , f ., 'rv V- I f' f .V i K x T .AX Y K X , Jim Of , ! l fx 1 , , if!! T 1 -:fi .- 7 ,X ,fl fx? X . 1 5 ni,,fE lr' 5 X , 1 X f x f f'1!fl x., ". 1 . bww f A W Wifi, , W ., , , fig I M1417 , ,wfwfw , 'UJMA M . J C95 ff ,MQ 4 f V am LQ! 1, L OK rj 'L GL UL ' ' if ' WJ 6 kb, " QQW 35 ,NNQAl mKwwmw3JammSwYbmk Om , 5 A95 D X- Qifbf CL Q mum gm Blmw aww WQMQAMUEMAMW gQ9,UXQMOJxQymwxmwxXmvG,.k iw, wi ww ix ' X, -4' f 1, X ,k,, . r 4 f Q.. -I ak f 1' x X in f 1. X NX 1' x X Q X: ,., It K N ' R ,- ' P' ,vc X , v 1 0 f X 1 5 ri N ' 'X' 5 N ' . X - , K x -A , 1 .f , x ,,',. s X' 1 E I 1 5 , f 4 , 1 f Q ' , " 1 4 4 X 1 . X 4 , . n V The Road tofSaccess is through AHS -Y, .",- ek! , x , A f 'ly M , Q l Mb VLLfLe, Y 274344 QLLN -Vw9Q-A-- CL- M A ffwwk ikwm new X5 U-'wx' X'-Ax QL ill 3 f VLC 1982 PORKER Arkansas Senior High Sehool Texarkana, Arkansas WMA S X M M s Xl NO Q 0x 1 fd-J NNW NA wx Qjy ' jwqk QNX lfgcgirjsg l Q15 W N A ,X We Y QM UJJWX Q NN N552 in Q' ff Our Halls Pave the Way H QQ' Xl 5, W3 X lifwilx W 5.36 X 7-5? ?iSf9f5' ,A 1-QE! 5, -ii--Q ip fa 4' ll? ' X".np iw 74, :lava Arkansas STATE LIN l , . ,gk I ! ,,,,fw-""' K 4 M , ,-4 vxff ,J 1 I I 1 Q QQ SUCCESS IS 7-6,600 .AM 636' QS Pavs Wt' -'Y Qs' ' JT We will have these moments to remember V S ff E PW wi' Z K-4 . 'Yi Q ' . y ?'f Q22 5-1 A 1' ff nsxx J K, Q X. 'Sf ff? J' Z 1 H , -'q i fik , J 4' ff We will have these moments to remember 6 ,,,,,, e 23a ' emi Q7 Q -Z 4:67 , Q ' jf V, ' M . 7 , V if! 1 f 5 j Q 5 W Vf WW f' V, :F X ef 4 , 1, l ef ,i 2 U' Q-lllf ! 'Q fr ,,,,,,,fw"" aW,,,,,.,,,..vwfw Though summer turns to wmter . XY X: And the present disappears Wlll echo through the The laughter we were glad to share ' '1'r ' ' h,AA rf 1 M - Q Q. ,Q.Z., 33:1 I Zlv A 5, ,iv ,ii V ' I ,L . 1' ,Z' 2 ' '---"' W ,f 7 ' V e r if" Qi ,-V f 'Q ." g Y - ,W When other nights and other days , M lee e X Muay, sf' Y ' , , , , '45 JM, V, WH ,f , ?I'?'7'2'S'E5112' ff M H ' , J 7 ,, M, .. :,, W May find us gone our separate ways L We will have these moments to remember. 0 M1W,9 WWfHbWWWN M Mn Senior Favorites ....................... 31 Porker Queen ......................... 46 355452 and Maids 553755 Organizations ......................... 55 ffifff Sweetheartsllleaus 25223 Razorback Band ...................... 106 55555: ...eo..e.......o118 ports ............................... 129 dministration . . . . ...... . . . . . ........ .170 acultq .............................. 173 Senior Class .... 186 w w u w u w w ww FIFTIETH BOY HND GIRL GOVEBNONS SCHOOL Lon Webb Jon Carey k Nt vu '-L1 Derwm Tumer k .. 4 XX e - Allson Gore Ronnie Edwznds n w n n D s Evelyn Yeager WW 'hun-f John Parsons Geoff Long E s Eddie Hill - lst Team All- Conference Travis Jackson - lst Team All- Conference Andrew Mack - lst Team All-Conferenceg All-Southwest Arkansas Team Dan Richard - lst Team All-Conferenceg All-Southwest Arkansas Team Casey Williams - Leadership Award - Footballg 2nd Team All-Conference iHon- orable Mentionj Lisa McClure - Arkansas Female Athlete of the Year Jay Kennedy - Fighting Heart Award Jeff Fomby - 2nd Team All- Conference il a wa X i 3 an W! I-I PBESIDENTIHL CLHSSROOM FOR YOUNG I'-IMERICHNS Favorable circumstances befall those who create them. We are on the road to Creating some very favorable circumstances and beginnings through the halls of AHS. l , " H ' i , l -Cs in-wr' X l 1 Monica Clements Greg Garrett Katherine McClerkin Carol Duke ,ofa ra . :vi Clay Roberts Kathryn Harrison Freeta Nelson Torrie Drewery Tracey Dean "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." Regional Science Fair lUinne Grand Science Prize UJinner Chuck Porier Representative. International Science and Engineering Fair. Houston H f-Tw ill ,s In the field of observation. Chance I favors only the prepared minds. "All Tournament Team" f x f lk' , 4 , . Jukka Pokkinen Kathy Howell aug!-Wu, Mark Myers Steven Holt , is Lynetta Tipton 16 Centenary Quiz Bowl Altemate Member James Johnson Robert Sanderson 0 v 1:3 rovx Jeffrey Hood Jeanette Trdmmel Susan Matthews Second row Jon Myers errence Green. Michael Wrlght Anthony Tlbblt SENATE Youth Program ,4,,Mm,,,, MHTH. HIUHRD The Annual High School Mathematics Contest Winners Wag ,XM I i Jukka Pokkinen - Senior Nancy Hinshaw - Sophomore Tyshawn Thomton - Sophomore First Place Second Place Third Place 1982 Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Leadership Semi- ' nary Candidate. . . x -'R . . fimwfefiifiis li-55' mimi, E fi, -gi 3. ?--rg. ' fl. get , nnnnnrm nf-f, g zfii. I . PLL! f ,H ti, . , -, wg i lliilll. . 3 .. si m wwilil e f 'l iii ,5? f -,ff s, - Q, , " - ' ' "' 'Eg ' Lashon Jamison William Maloney Arkansas Voice of Democracy Winner. Contestant - Wash- ington, D.C., Voice of De- moc racy. , i Gifted and Talented Program GIT Project Bridge Sophomores: Amy Cigainero, Karen Randall, Ann Sava, Shannon Wright, Brent Bull, Brad Davis, Martin Delese, Nancy Hinshaw, Caroline Minnick, Trey Schroeder, Kevin Sullivan, Lynetta Tipton, Je: Voyles, Tammy Lott, Mike Matthews, Anne Sanderson. Juniors: Jackie Hayes, Jeff Mackey, Greg Maxwell, Tracie Culver, Robin Hubnik, Manndy Shoffner, Kimba Stroud. Seniors: Tracey Dean, Bill Togers, Robin Skinner, Michael Wright, Geoff Long, Solvi Zuckerman, Derric Giles, Nedra Upton. Gifted cmd Talented Program Received State Grant The AHS Gifted and Talented Program received a grant from the State Department of Education. Mrs. Pat Harris, the instructor, conducted classes in room 209 during 4th and 5th periods this year. Only three grants were given in the entire state of Arkansas and AHS received one for S2l,500. The developer grant is known as BRIDGE tBlending Resources In Dif- ferentiated Gifted Educationj. The major objective of this program is to integrate the regular classroom curriculum with the GXT program. Some projects with which the students were concerned: medical studies, politics, law, genealogy, film making, the Razorback Beauty Pageant, and the study of local Mrs. Harris history. M3 iii! GT Sponsor UTSTHNDING HBTISTS These students have been selected the top three artists by their fellow art students. " 1 i Ronnie Edwards a K l Q ' ble E I I 'A,, auYsfo , ' 'W X ,f Q lf! lfebtr- 5 , Danny Diffenbacher Pam Landes gi ,uv-UQ , fi, RIVER EDUCATION WINNERS I I wnhno - Sophomore ff Place pictured: Ivey - Sophomore Place Mrs. Mary McPherson Mrs. Billie Williams Mrs McPherson and Mrs Wil- National Council of Teachers of CLC!! sf. T' ' Mr. John Dempsey Arkansas Environmental Conservation Teacher ofthe Year Coach Jim White Arkansas Athletic Director of the Year l Mr. Allen Binne Mrs. Emmy Gamble Mrs. Josephine Beck DECA Chairman ofthe Board Tgxarkanaq Arkansas' Southem Arkansas University Editor's Note' AHS facult . ' . ' - Y hams conducted sections at the - Teacher of the Year members, as well as students, are selected for various honors. Not all fac- Mathematics meeting early this ulty members or students have been noted at publica- yeaf- tion time. Seniors Elected the First Semester NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Q V 7 5 bf!! xg Gary Duncan Sharon Easley Ronnie Edwards James Emerson fs Hollisha Ethridege Michelle Everett Teri Howard Mashalle Martin Terri Miller Frank Shamlian Robin Skinner Corina Soper ,L Y xi il ul 'N if QP V' FQ vt . , - ,, Q 1 .,.,,.. . M . L R -ss , g20SCZ' xmfgnb W' Og f- 0 ff"'fjifffjf" ' -'., j ..f-f ' ""' if "" ' 'A'4 3 if S-Q I :Q fy S 'W' A0 3 A0 Ot he anion Claws On one'sjourney on "The Road to Success" being selected for special recognition is an ex- citing experience. Whether it is being chosen by the Razorback Varsity Football Team to be a member of the Homecoming Royalty, being selected by the Razorback Band members as Band Royalty, being elected Senior Favorite by members of the Senior Class, or being named Porker Queen or Maid by a team of professional television executives, it is a signal honor and life seems richer. How rich you are in memories Of gay and happy hours: In lasting friendships made within These ivy-covered towers. Rich in dreams, those golden dreams Of vistas stretching far - I wonder if you know, young friend, How very rich you are. FIRST RUNNER-UP and KELLY DUKE HIIIHRD Debi Jones Director: Kimbell Stroud. Other Contestants: Niki Odom, Bonnie Woodruff, ,lan Halliburton, Dawn Watson, Carla Glenn, Veronica Byrd, Dawna Stotts, Tracie Oliver, Deb- bie Wilburn. Second Runner-Up Mandy Shoffner Fourth Runner- Lb ,lanet Henry Third Runner-L11 Dorie Foster 23 41 eee e g W , fgmm-f:'. a fl? 4 f--ffmezffiymf qw . I A f eee e 1 1 2 , x ,V ' W 'f 5 A Zh K, 9 ' x M , M H 5 2 3 yf Q 'fe , V i , f e ,Y he if ,.. 'W J ' A' 57 , nr f ,I-W ' .A v V in Vw M A- , wx ' Ur I f W f"' 3 Qgfrffh ?"e e X ,ple e 40.7, I .0 'ar fi ' 1 V V , , 6 A , 5, ,, f ,, V J., W V , V VW 4 2 M Winfred Fulce 'lux Q 7 We ESM H omeeomfmg Queen Shevlleea Kendwleks if' af me ,I uf hi W4 Av '.,.,'4 Ge 'M we mm 'abfmww 'M'-4. wx "N, "SM 1 su, 1 EL 4 at Y W , 's me 9 ff Kgkwl Q f ug, I M aid - Melissa Brace Escort - Tony Yarber 9 A Escort - Steve Barnes M aid - J ennzfer Patton it wow M aiol - C yiitliia Vaiiclerslioe E soort - Oiueii M ofrela 'wwf ' at fi ,A Wa Q, Ji Escofrt - Casey Williams Maid - Colette Williafniso ff 'Y jf iv ,i 0 . ,, i, Mafia - Kathy Yafrber Escort - Eddie Hill 2 zi W-ga, f?i.f'i .wig fr Escort - M ai'sli all Williams M aid - Debra Yoiwig Queen: Rachel Morgan Escort: Tony Edwards BAND ROYALTY N vi ff ' ' 7 k ?'1Wjqi 3?gg y efff Mr' I 4 , 4 44 My x V, y.'g',y e A E W , 'WQf e" r We or ' W 7, e L ' 1 me in W f A m nav- uxmm K V, , 2 uni-nn ,wwwewmnamnmz 1, 1 f Y Mn- ,Amman-z' Pr Torrle Drewery Escort: Dennis Clznvnley Kellie Lambert Escort: Tivn Allen 1 , 4 i, -vs 3- 1 . -- N! ,lr no 0' N . ff l L -LIQ- Vickie Parks Escort: Wendoll Donelson Donna Keele Escort: Greg Donelson ,M Debbie Wttburrz, Escort: Tracy M cKr1fight Debra N 'tous Escort: Marion Glass Q 4 4 4 ,. ,V W Carol Comer Escort: Lars Ragrtot Lisa Wotrdlaw Escort: Scott Cupp MQ W ts M OS T POPULAR GIRL Evelyn Yeager M OS T POPULAR BOY Eddie Hill M OS T T ALEN TED GIRL Rachel Morgan MOST TALENTED BOY Tony Edwards MOST ATHLETIC 2 atm ,K V ,,,V 3' ar .V f y Av,, ff?-if! is , k ' ..,i'A-1 A A7 1 , , ' 1 F , , , ,,,, QM 3, i mmf . ,W n mf V 'I ff fp WNV wif A -'ffl 'ff-51 Vi 4, 4, ' W - 2 Wi?- 1 A7 4,4 Lv 9' "3Y"' , Q " Y KA .-.W ialm gg, , Y I .zf 1? 421 A f ?4,,,f4 f L3 itsffzgjj! ww, qw, ',,wf. , 'mkalfk' "' F RIENDLIEST GIRL Melissa Bruce F RIENDLIEST BOY Kelvin Trotter CLASS JESTER GIRL Claudette Sinclair CLASS JESTER BOY H erky Williard MOST BEAUTIFUL Kathy Shedlock Q, ,,,:K,,, I , V, kr M OS T HANDSOME Tony Hunter BEST ALL AROUND GIRL Jo Anne Floyd 4Mff,LfL.'1iw 4 . 2 BEST ALL AROUND BOY David Boyles MOST SCHULARLY GIRL F reeta Nelson MOST SCHOLARLY BOY Andre Watson MOST ACTIVE GIRL Carol Duke X K MOST ACTIVE BOY BUfBann 39 C U T ES T GIRL Mary Ashby ' af? CUTEST BOY Ricky Sims NICEST GIRL Shuriel D. Hardy . ,N 0 Gyn . NI CES T BOY Bill Rogers BEST DRESSED GIRL Marsha Bruick W . , 1 BEST DRESSED BOY Lust're Harris GIRL MOST LIKELY T O S UCCEED Cynthia Vanderslice KAR BOY MOST LIKELY T O SUCCEED Geoff Long 43 SENIOR CLASS FAVORITI MOST ATHLETIC BOY Dan Richard MOST A THLE TIC GIRL Darnesha Deaver MOST BEA UTIFUL GIRL T0 rrie Dre u 'eljv BEST ALL AROUND BO Y Reginald Mc'Elr0y BEST ALL AROUND GIRL Lee Ann McDonald MOST TALEN TED BO Y Derwin Turner MOS T TALENTED GIRL Vickie Parks NICEST BOY Chuck Porier NICEST GIRL Michelle Everette BES T DRESSED BOY Jay Gray BEST DRESSED GIRL Glenda Thompson MOS T ACTIVE BO Y Randy Stewart UNNERS- UP CUTES T GIRL Kathy Yarber MOS T SCHOLARLY BOY .Inlm Parsons MOS T SCHOLARL Y GIRL MlI.S'l'l1l'll Martin CLASS JES TER BOY Che! Biggers CLASS JES TER GIRL Tammy Maxwell FRIENDLIES T BOY William Maloney GIRL MOST LIKELY TO S UCCEED Katherine McClerkin MOST POPULAR BOY Jejj' Fomby Horace Tolberf TELE-IMAGE, INC. DALLAS HOUSTGN March 8, 1982 Ms. Lillian Bjork Texarkana Ark. Sr, High School 15th S Jefferson Texarkana, Ark. 75502 Dear Ms. Bjork: To say that selecting your Senior Beauty Maids and Queen was a difficult task, is a very large understatement. The Selection Committee, comprised of several recognized television and broadcast professionals, could never agree on the top nine candidates, let alone the single most beautiful girl of the Senior Class. Therefore, we beg your indulgence, and ask that you name all nine young ladies, whose pictures I have mailed under separate covers, as Senior Beauties of the Class of '82, Each has her own beauty, and we cannot say that one is more beautiful than another. To the winners we say uCongratulations!H To the other beauties,- who submitted photographs, we also say UCongratulations!u because at one time or another, you were among the finalists for one or more of our judges. The only agreement our panel had was that every candidate for Senior Beauty would look good on our studio monitors. Sincerely, 1 f t X Y , 1 1 . o 5? 5Q6ZiLf if Robert L. Schiff Chris A. Nicolaou 2225BeHHneRoad.Sune321ElCanomon.Texas75006El214245-3561 s- d' S sw Q A X X 1 H, . s, I Wh, W 1 1 Q 2 i 4 .Q i L A I :VA -, 14'- :, E 'Sgr f V r 4 A25 ,si 3' 1 , ,,. Q ,. .S . 1 v , . Afhwgl rf 9+ Q. I ky' f 1 n I N. W . I fk 2 'Q QQ 43, VV, - - . I ff? l.f w J? ? 75-xv , 4 .y I QA, Q ," 4 U ' f , vw wh ' PORKER MAID Lisa Clement f if ' 1 wal' ff ' Movie ,W ID va Jax ,. A Q. W ws, + 57 ? 'fi 1. A ,Q if Mt f H wp ,, Ei M' 7 ,, fa H f 5 1 ,iv , X 21 Q! W, 1 K 4 QM, 5 X df "X GZWS' wflz, ,, , g ff' f' MW ,M 1, ' 'YM' 35' MQ? M fy i 'Z ? H ag gg J. A , 1 I YA + f A 'Lili' 5, V. M w , We if ez, Q 5: I z ,, : EV I V, fu ,W S1 N0 if y I 2 er f -,a 5 . if 3 fi" E, f ,WNW WW 5 A ngiffvkf in ,M , I f 1 f town! I , 75, Vie I I- ,j if ss fx? . -, iw, Gwen H obsogz PORKER wwf ,111 WT a "' Q . ,all an M M E nf 6 1 'JW whip 5 K' L' ' Z ORGANIZATIONS THE ROAD T0 SUCCESS IS THROUGH A.HS BEAUS AHS students have the oppor- tunity to become involved in group activities. Whether the student is interested in commu- nity service, political activities, cultural pursuits, environmental awareness, career orientation, or a special interest group there is an organization available. More than 30 organizations are active on our campus. Student Council . . . NHS ........... AFJROTC ... Art ........ DECA .... Delta .... FBLA... FCA ... FFA F HA .... FTA ...... HERO .... Key Club .......... Le Cercle 'Francais . Los Espanoles .... Mu Alpha Theta .... Snaps . .Z ........ . NIKE ............. Teenage Republicans Young Democrats .. Environmental ..... Library Club .... VICA ....... SAC ........ Rodeo Club . . . We can't all be captains, we've got to be crew, There's something for all of us here, lf you can't be a highway, then just be a trail: If you can't be the sun, be a starg It isn't by size that you win or fail, Be the best of whatever you are 57 59 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 ....84 86 88 ...90 91 94 96 98 99 .....l00 .....l02 .....l04 1 1: Q I K V ff x 2 N 2 SAN ,J if Student Council Officers President- Geoff Long Vice-President - Travis J Treasurer - Kelvin Trotter Secretary - Tracie Culver i 1982 fl STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council Sponsor. Mrs lane Is the punch too strong. Greg? Senior Representatives- Top row, from left to right: Jukka Pokkenin, Greg Gar- rett, Tim Wright, Chuck Porier. Jon Caery. Bottom row, from left to right: Kathy Yarber. Torrie Drewery, Gwen Hobson. Cindy Walker. Kelle Phillips. Terri Miller. and Carol Duke. Halls brlbcs tho voters. af of V 2, I 'bw ,W-, f-,,,, . , gi .,,,,, . , 'I' WU' 1?- 411 W . . jf 17 , - 58 Maru llnno spoon foods llau llau hor lunch. Saphomoras Boprosontatlvos -- Flrst row: Torrl Goodwin, Tracy Stroud, Carollno Mlnnlck, llristln lllvrlck, Tonu Sharp. Socond rom: Rnno Sanderson, LaShan Jamison, Tammy Lott, Holt!! Garrett, Karon Randall, Shorrl Dowd, and lloughntlna Metcalfe. Juniors Representatives - First row, from loft to right: llau Sparks, llau llau Smith, Illmball Stroud, and Dana Forgson. Second row, from left to right: Darla Foster, Maru Hnn Buchanan, and Clndu McClure. Third row, from left to right: Evette Rkins and Dale Faulks. Junlors walt patiently to make thclr spoechss. f--su Coach Graham ls amazed bu tho bomb flro. Aww ,Ag an . ,N 4' f 'Hg' Q f A ff "3 E Q ff, gs.-1 an Af ' 4 W . T' ' 5 tw wa I fig, Q Q' J' .f Q ...W ,W ,L ,S--W .. .K .M , Tl I , A . 'D ' 'Y 71 if jg 7 Qi ig 'f 1043 F E' , , i "' ,XA ' , , 1 X,,, - Z' H' "Y, f f M- Mf Q is A "V ,fggfu f 135 1 1 A f .a ,., ,h I"1.I' I-1-11 ., 1 LI VITY -iw mln 5 Mrs. Josephine Beck - Sponsor Marsha Bruick - Sec.-Treas. 12229 Sandra Bullard ' H'll 60 Eddie 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY XX lg Q5 Becca Berry -- Soc. Chair. Susan Candelaria Geoff Long Chuck Porier - Pres. Becky Martindale - Soc. Chair. Lisa Clement Katherine Mc Clerkin Biff Bann - V. Pres. Lori Webb - Soc. Chair. L Mary Harder 1 Tony Edwards Lisa McClure Lisa Phillips Cindy Smiley Andre Watson William Maloney Rachel Rivers Gail Treas xg, vaio, it i S 2 A, fi t A - . .f'i5ii f ' H 0- fi.. fx: Nr , 1 , in , ,,i.iis ,J,i I -s as ,, ' Kevin Wright 111-Y--v-4 ,M FFCEIZI NClSOl'l john Pgirgong Robert Sanderson Donna Se-wi-ll 'L s Kelvin Trotter Cathy Walker Cynthia Vanderslice Evelyn Yeager , .. ,sn H "W, , 1 A fi Z " . , , - M : jr Y F 3 1 3- JM"mW-xx' ' W 'Q ,fl W' Q ,, 7 L ,W W4 1 In 5- ggiwewmgwy xii ' 1'---1551, if 'ff 1 : ,Z 3 ' . -s ,ww ,.. 1 M Wfww fl A Fw an fwlur-"W f Q .4 1 W. 2 ' ww f in " , Mm f' , I 4 ,,gv,: W sagww M 9 J ww . aww 64 -'sl www Ngvm. , wwf, 5 . , HRT CLUB '59 , fyi, -vw Af, hiW 4ff it we M zz H A MRA: it 4? Mm 14 wr . W, ,W .W W ' Q pr f, ' I aww ' 'ff f ' .f V 4' I fb vh W Aa ,hf EW' 4, Ronnie Edwards Georgia Millhcnm Danny Dieffenbacher Peggy Keil Kennith Sewell Pregidem Vice-President SecretaryfTreasurer Front row. from left to right: Lustre Harris. Georgia Millhand. Eddie Parker. and Joey Cook. Middle row: Chris Rizzutte. Mary Rucker. Solvi Cuckerman. Gina Wright. Ronnie Edwards. Back row: Karen Howard. Karner Gram. Martha Mosley. SEQ, . ont row: Veronice rd, Mary Lee. and bbie Jones. Middle wc Michele Jenkins. ii Belk. Teri Baker. ris Doleshal. Connie essir. and Jeff Fom- . Back row: Keneth well. Mike Cooper. ark Saulisbury. acie Hall. and Vin- nt Eason. Ewbf-f U Tommy Binns Recording!Secretary WR tlgm I 1 . J 1 i ' Hr I I ! F4 l nm HRT CLUB 'Y Front row: Robert Haygood. Donna Clift. Back row: Cindy Hen- sly, Pam Blanton, Lori A Cook. and Rosieland Mitchell. DISTBIBUTIVE EDUCHTIOIN IFC' 1' OFFICERS: Bobby Pope - President, Shell! Beckham - Vice-President, Virginia Penny i Secretary, Stacy Letterman - Treasurer, Susa Nielson - Reporter, Julie Powell -- Parliamentar ian, Jimmy Holder - Officer at Large, Dalli: Cummings - Officer at Large. Teresa Nailing, Presby Martin, Robin Collumn, Andrew Wimbly, Stan Morrison, Isaac Collins, Lewis Smith, Norman Thomas, Brian Nailing, Tammy Haer, Tony Thompson, Fred Shackleford, Lance Owen, Mark Kelly, Brian Prudomme, Jena Owens, Jeff Butler, Jimmy Holder, Wesley Penny. CLUBS OF HMEBICH Charles Adams, Leonard Wesson, Shannon Allen, Shelly Beckham, Jay Flicks, Todd Bardsdale, Troy Jackson, Michael Lybarger, Anthony Washington, John West, Mike Copeland, Ricky Sims, Teri Price, Vicki Carrol, Paula Johnson. Cyndi Vaughn, Kelly Richards. Roy Christenson. Jerry Anderson, Vir- ginia Penny, Deann Weeks. Susan Neilson, Paul Clayton, Jeff Hensley. Mr. Binne Mr. Shipp SPONSORS ,Wa 51 5- 5 wx '-'R' . B 5,79 Donnie Walton, Roger Burks, Barry Malone, Tony Timmons, Donnie Maddox, Paul Silvey, Mike Page, Kenny Martin, Tony Buchanan, Shawn Fifield, Ray West, Shelia Lindsey, Stacy Timmins, Bobby Pope, Julie Powell, Terry Eaves, Dallis Cummings, Ken Payne, Stacy Letterman, Hank Wilson. Q f I .,, - f wg, - 1 -1 , ,f 9 iw A f A 'ZVV Y 'Q' F11 f 7 5 fw,f I ., "'r74g f in " U, " 'rv A fr . b'- F ff . if ta I rg. 4. 'Y i'-in ow U A. haw ,' . g 'P qi! fr, X Q '45 'Q .C ei A n V V mm ' L 1 ,, le J? f my f 2 3 f ,f , , W , A V, 9? W 4 L 0 ff Z" iyvgi ' A , v A f' , ,,,, f I - X I Ma Qg,gaLfW N X V A? . 35' ' ' . 'W ' Q , f T NWN . . A if if 4 V Y QVN I' " .f x 3 it Ml' , A R ' my , 'L i 3 I Q wp., T1 Q YK! -' a I A1 ox' X Q 1 ,Q v A QQ fy Wm Z WY if I IWW THE DELTH CLUB The purpose of the Delta Club is to help youth become responsible citi- zens through service project by aiding the community and school. Sponsors Carolyn Willis. Sharon Canida. Monique Williamson. Carolyn Woods, Trinia Warren. Stephanie Cason. Schiela Johes. Chiquita Lewis, and Mrs. Bryant. l t 5 cf i may l Mrs. Bryant Mrs. Hubbard l - 4 ,,,. ....- ttf. :sf 7- "" "' 'A' , in ---f """ X . , ' - .- V r .Q . if l,, 7 1 HC Royalty and Escorts tion. l A i ,::".-f""' -5, ,i Honored at pre-Homecoming recep- Hononng the Homecoming Royalty with a tea was an event of the first semester. K C Q . il v ft aah Ak H as X ? N. w 1 x Q K . - at IH! L 9. 3 ,, ' , W ,k,, , K ,, I Q '-1. ni M 4 m , 11 " GW Q-+:f1.nLnMf M.. f .' -,. f fc, W W' "1 wb , . w ina' M 1 V W? W , ,W ,Aww 'f , , 'A b 43. ,, I 4, ,. W' ..h,M M 4 k Y , faewmw f ' , ,,-M ff ww 70 , 1 ,m FBLH SIUEETHEHI'-IT FIND BEFIU .Inq Gray Kathy Shedlock S455 A. u mx. I we 5 I. 'N a .4 MM- . f ww :Mia s we 44 Q MAMWM A wx rv' L- vvv' " 5 z 21 'fa 2' , j,5.55g::,1,.J.:, , ' I ww ' ' ,, N -' , , 2. J I ff , ,fa 7 , 2, 7 . XKW if Q Q V R2m115?a'2f FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIFIN HTHLETES SILIEETHEHBT HND BEHU Corinn Soper 72 . Reggie Mitchell i FELLOWSHIP OF CHBISTIHN HTHLETICS im Crawford. Corina Soper. Torrie Drewery, Geoff ong, Robin Skinner. Cindy Smiley. Kevin Greenwell. 'onna Sewell. Patti Hickman. 1 kie Parks. Teresa Brewer. Dareneitscia Deaver. Kym erson. Janett Roberts. Willie Jackson. Mashell Martin. nny Standoakes. V J se Shuffield. Chris Porier. Melissa Arnold. Jennifer bett. Becky Brooks. Shannon Wright. ' i .gt 4 .. 3, f x X . My I ' . W Tw OFFICERS: Scott Black - Vice-President. Dennis Chum- ley - President, Mashell Mar- tin - Treasurer. Joni Page - SPONSORS: Mr. Mike Cherry. Mrs. Bette Mills. Horace Tolbert. Reggie Mitchell. Andre Watson. Andrew Mack. Lisa Mc- Clure. Zora James. Freeta Nelson. Kathy Yarber. Susan Smith. Secretary. 2 ,ff 3. L 1 A' 4. ULU? .ee,. . MQ, XX C , . Af., .I Y. Q . K "Q" . ksr. X A 3 ,f V . 5 . -. . ..:l'm,.. X AW Gail Treas. Robert Crit- tenden, Evelyn Yeager. Charley Pitchford. John Parsons. Melody Low- ., A ery. Charles McCorkle. ,,... Mary Rucker. 5 . va Roger Towers. Wendall Donelson. Allen MHFY Anne BUCh21UaU- Herman HCTIKCS Caldwell. Jackie Hayes. Kolby Nix. Niki Odom. Carla Glenn. Mark Wren Donna Rutledge. Shelly Kay Hatfield Lori Lile. Judy Sherman. m 'W if 4 N - iw if I V X up f 'Q ,,f, Al? 4 ,f, A4 ff 1-fi? H :ral M W 4 8, ,, Mw4,,W, ' L '?i,', 3 i 45. Wap, fi 'M .gf ,f 4-1 M r I fi- , ,, , Ng. wimx' M. V-' H f ' Q -uf 1 i y ry. , ,A33.,,f4. , , M ' 3 Q " 5 Y , 1 71 M 'f MW, M.. , 2 2 ? M 2' 33? T " f' 3 42, KJ T 44, 4"l?5.f, uf 5 f-. A f"3ffif 1.9 iff' .fy , Wil 1+- i Mf jf qi .f I V ini J V 4. . 1 21 4 1 f Q 'W,,i:iT.! Q,-A 1 'k'f , AMA 1 -'Q 4 JL 3 , " A f1'J 'K Q. 35' H -M 1- A 'I MA - 'Q 2E? 2 J ,Q . ' 12 , flfff w ,, , 4 -if 1 -5 ,If .4 xi .V '7 3 7' V L' gy' J' :AV V ' iv ? A 6 ., ,- ' 4, ,f Z if , ' , 1 - P ' ww w wf f if ? " ' f "Xb ' 5' K L 3. I QW? fl 4 ' A ge ' W , gf- ' M - , My " ,AV avg 5 53527 ', Vg, 2 T.: G 'A ,,,, 1 3, ff! Tv? P. y e H2 w -.wi .fgmw V i ,fi Q 'T dial -wifi!!! "'L Hx 'Q - ,M 64,93 fy! :gf , ' f , . v L- I li I .., , , hwy 4 ,,J'?'mi,, . .- ' W f', 3. "f 1 , A .v f . S P , ,f , -7, , ' gif. f f 53,3 fn! 'sv ix? , 1, ,faq f 'ft ' e 3, ', -Q, if 2--,, fi A ' ,V , ., 4 . , h .6..T' , ,Kal ,4 - A "5 .V f ' 'Eid' K .4 af.: , Z ,Q ' - 4 '34 ,' , Q' 1' I ,Lck J :"9'f1j-ov .I 1 55-sg pr' 'V k , ': , n ' 4 ' iff' P - s pfJ14."Q 2 xi I .. 1 :C s 5 1 FUTURE FHBMERS OF I'-IMEBICH - EBSQ K y XULH "', E e f aff: -IW.. is - MX V tx if . 2lAT'51g, f, it J is t . i 'A' 'V f Y 0 's 1. 'CTIL1 - Steve Boyce. Tracy Case. Jimmy Carmack. George Turner. Skipper King. Casey Herrington. Terri Baker. Frand George, James Emerson, Tammy Price. OFFICERS Easley. Dennis Perry. Kevin Greenwell. Valynda Birdwell. Terri , Rhonda Fett. Kerry Grice. Rusty Green. Paul Dean.Jeff Colbert. Honea. Jeff Reynolds. Mark Stevens. Ken Spears. Percy Ragland, Carmack. Darrell Dawson. James Cigainero. Officers: James Cigainero - Sentinel. James Emerson - Reporter. Valynda Birdwell -- Treasurer, Steve Boyce - President. Dena Wheat - Secretary. Teresa Brewer - Vice-President. SPONSOR Teague. Mark Yadon. Gaye Penny, Wendell Satterfield, Jack Whatley. Hensley. David Wardlaw. Steve Martin. Gary Self. Shawn Cree. Eric Floyd Williamson, Larry Meredith. Mr, Sammy Bray is f M .,,, 1 44 ik , W L Q f H f -Y f, 1"1fZ.5 , H f fm: A ,wi - wt -i-N,::-1 1' A . , . 9 A V4 VV 4VilLiVV LLhz V KLVEV Q QQ wg 555345 iw my ga ff .ai 5 62510 FUTURE HOMEMHHERS OF f-IMEHICH AKE I 1 NM Rf o K' fo ' iz Q rf 3 Q b i ' V ff, Q Ok xo A X332 fi NEW U Melissa Arnold. Maria Chavez. Teresa Beadle. Cynthia Owens. FHA Sponsors Style Rachel Huntley, Carolyn Woods. Jeanette Tramel. Schiela FHA C0-HOSIS Style Sl'l0W HI TCC fOI' DiS- Jones. Mrs. Bryant. Tammy Richardson. and Martha Williams. trict Meeting Mrs. Bryant Sponsor Models - Tammy Richardson. Carolyn Woods. Eheilalones. Martha Williams. Ginger Kite, Mickey ragg. Mrs. Bryant. Kimberly Bryant, and Calvin Faculty Members Enjoy Christmas Luncheon and Reception viitchell. rl is X , N. . 1- js E .si s 'G 3 A .tl 'SR was 's ,-as An outstanding event of the first semester for the faculty members was the FHA Christmas Reception and Luncheon. Beautiful Christmas appointments i 3 l 1 f transformed the FHA Department into a Christmas Party that gave everyone that "Christmas spirit." . , . , 1 FTA SWEETHEART Rachel Morgan 79 yf Wi? gfkrrf IAA ziffi. ii f' Officers: Rachel Morgan - President. Cindy McClure - Vice4President. Lee Ann Mc Donald - Secretary!Treasurer. EH Sponsor Mrs. Mills out me FUTURE TEFICHERS OF HNIEBICH Q .1 K 1' ffixx ' f ,, lurzynu ,3- uasnu: 15 n -naman ,s umm: Lf 9 g Front row: Cindy McClure. Rachel Morgan. Evelyn Yeager, Lee Ann Mc Donald. Terri Howard. Joni Page. Lisa Phillips. Middle row: Melody Vance. Francie Cigainero. Lee Ann Wardlaw. Connie Chessiar. Tracie Culver, Pattie Hickmin, Carolyn Wood. Back row: Rachel River, Donna Sewell. Cindy Carlton, Katherine McClerkin, Mashell Marton. Susan Smith. Sandra Chiles. P H 3, EW 3 1 2 V fig S 3 1 , , fbi ,,i, i , fr, s s i E wf Q E, X12 f V wmiimu M , ..,, , yi il! f ' H W bv '77 , i f 5 ' ff ,M My , 2 W ,, g n - , f i '55 f mi wwf W? , , E 3? f ,V K A f f aw 3 , ,V J xx fm? E 25 " in Q 9 n, 4 ek vw ff 4 J f, 1 r Y HERO SIUEETHEHRT HND BEFIU Chris Pomdczter Chris Bizzutti Q? iw? Offieers Chris Poindexter Reporter: Teresa Moore. Treasurer: Sheila Fries. Secretary Chris Rizzutti Vice President: Lisa Jones. Vice-President: Lisa ne Bland. President. pad' Santa Rodney!! i xx a '4 f ' ' X ':Z5,.r if 'JUS'-www? 'A' ,V f' 'P s- 75 V M , , X ' C a As-5" ,I - A fwlegffa' 1 4 -5 :V"",,.7 ,, ',rm,5..g ,V 'Q -,"'H ff 1' f ,gi 4 - 1 ,' ',f V M , '35 wZ'7,,l3" , ., f pure, ., ' 1 'Mi 59557 1-5 ' - ' Q. g itll- xg, . ,.,,3,,V.F5.: A ,V S -' V' ip 1 V14 'i ' ' I U 2-w2.5:f , ,f' V , ' A V 'Y' M5--"if?T V .. Vt 2 w 1 , AV 'IC iffy. If V G+? ,e , ' VVw'wfX4'V, W f,' ' ff 352 , 'Q , . 2 ' 'V V3 au J ,V AV 1:7 gg by ir, .qv ,, 522 4 in , if f 'J ski-5, ,, 3.15. Gut., w Q , ",,, 'A -V Qf25'q,Q.'Jf,g P 5 V- V RA ,V ,MQM 1,5 Q :gy , fe- ' V:IYx15 " ',fV'4." . 'W . ' ,, je-'ff' 'lnggzv' .1 4 V A V 4' M t.-Lxn --r 7 NV Vdggvz an 4 ,yff .. V, .ft ., ,V-A , V 7 V M aww ,sf wma ,, 1 4 ' -, ' 1- ,, , M, v rf' ',f,.-, ,Vg ,rn A wg,-TV, .M lf , e,."' : , '. Li" 1, 'Vywl ' ,,: L fx' .X V , In -v VV., . VV 4 V' gm? QQ, - ,, in 4'f sh- :. -. -M ,.V , - ,wiajv V ,,,,1s,., nh A. ,,,- , V f ',4qg,4' V A V -, f W , 3 ,331 ,A qi ,U , 1 wg A f ' A1-V wa en . ' . , , ' ' . w, Q3 . 4 .fr,1LQ" . 4524451 aw- a"V' , A l i , W , -slgrv e 1" 15 a- , -, ,ry Q, aV'1fgz'Q Vi"-V 1 ' 42351 f' :1. 'Vbwfii' ' If 'fa V45 , i.f,L,"'-, VV A HQ,- ,gg if " I . nd " 1, aw, , ,fm f, MMV. .f-W V ' ,J gn- :VV ,- ,az , 'tis-, ' .ff Q57 V ,fi I 4 " 19553324 I UW A A' 3' "V Q f . L2 ,W ,Vfiffwff , 1 , f if V r, .f V I ff . -, ,Vw Q 5, V. , ,W 512 4 'A . - 7 W2 4595362 wgfaaf f fi- -V if 4 ' V., ., yr .1 ., ,gn 1- 4 W 1334, ,V,5:'f,. I m ' 'm1gi"'2 ' wr 1 ' S?vvff'.,, f 1 s 4 ' A ww ,V , V, 7321455 ' 'N m 1 . V 4.fVfua?:9VVwff ,fa M Z ,VL.,,VVV gwwfji up IL ,+V C c ' f v V KEY CLUB 2 Key Club. a service organization. has sponsored its third annual blood fe. President William Maloney was pleased with the success of the drive. ling doughnuts before school is the main money-making project. N.J :k Row: Charles McCorkle, Robert Sanderson. Chuck Porier. Biff Bann. eg Pardue. Front Row: Tim Wright. Greg Garrett. Dick Andrews. Danny iffenbacher, Herky Willard. 'k Row: Mark Wren, Greg Qualls, Jimmy Haw, Joe Andrews, Mark Low- , Dennis Schoen. Kolby Nix. Frank Clingan. Front Row: Robin Foster. Jim irews. Roger Towers. Allen Caldwell. Mike Beth, Donell Ross. 411 Back Row: Sponsors- Mr. Lollies and Mr. l, Floyd. Front Row: Sergeant-at-Arms - Joe Andrews. Vice-President - Tony Hunter. Secretary - Clay Roberts. Treasurer- Bobby Bruick. President- William Maloney. Back Row: Keith Garrett. Greg Donelson. Front Row: Clark Jones Steve Sattertield. Kevin Daniels. Y ' ' Back Row: Eric Trotter. Charles Ambrose. Justin Westmoreland. Front Row: Yarcus Lewis. Mike Matthews Brad Davis. Back Row: Jody Caldwell, Brian Steed. Brad Thomas, Bill Varner, Jeff Hart, Gary Jones. Front Row: Paul l-luckabee. Reese Shuffield. Trey Schroeder. Chris Porier. Mike Thomas. Jeff Voyles. 83 84 LE CEHCLE FBHNCHIS Robert Sanderson Carol Duke LE CIRCLE Fl'-IHNCHIS .e Circle Francais is a social organization dedicated :ntertaining its members and guests. Sponsoring a ii-formal Christmas dance for the entire Student fly, the members began this year's festivities. This ter dance was a "first" and was a success. In March Sadie Hawkins Dance, also with Student Body ticipation, offers the opportunity for the loose Daisy Ps to catch an Abner and pay a visit to Marryin' 1. The Spring Foreign Language Festival, co- nsored with Los Espanoles, offers the opportunity njoy an evening indulging in delectable international sine. In the academic area, French IV students tutor he elementary school. l French Club Officers Lisa Clement, Presidentg Cynthia Vanderslice. Vice President Katherine McClerkin. Secretaryg Robert Sanderson, Treasurer, Patti Hickman and Debbie Juniors and Sophomores, First Row: Beth White, Rich Payne. Rodney Ray. Herman Henkes. Second Row: Shelly Kay Hatfield, Janis Clements, Mary Anne Bucha- nan, Michelle Willard, Clay Roberts, Paula Brocker. Donna Rutledge. Third Row: Karen Poynter. Traci Oliver, Niki Odom, Kimball Stroud, Carla Glenn. Kay Sparks. Fourth Row: Millard Formby. Mandy McCul- loch. Kahn Vu. Nancy Hinshaw, Traci Stroud. Jones, Social Committee, Mary Anne Fricks. Sponsor Seniors, First Row: Solvi Zuckerman, Sabine Amstad Nico Dekker Jukka Pokkinen, Lars Ragna, Robert Sanderson, Katherine McClerkm Second Row Lisa Clement, Cynthia Vanderslice, Greg Garrett, Cindy Bair Third Row Debbie Ashcraft, Rocky Sangalli, Lisa Phillips, Carol Duke Herky Willard Patti Hickman. 4 ' an Y' 5 4 , 1 5 I 3 Bi w 5 W 4' '24, ,, gwwl nu f - ff a W iQ :QL g , gr 1' ,...-v"Z,,,,..n' '1 'nz ' V 'Uma " """'f'- , . N t l R Los esnnuotes Officers: Social Committee: Mary Harder and Susan Smith. Vice President Bill Rogers, President: Terri Miller. Secretary-Treasurer: Melody Lowery. + 'Aki' 'F , L Judi Jones Sponsor Row: Tonya Neal, Pepe Molina-Navarro, Lars Ragna, Jocelyn Hobson, Teri Mark Wren. Front Row: Renee Traywick, Sherri Steward, Donna Maxwell, Everett. Kelle Phillips. Belinda Short. 7 f 5 Row: Allan Caldwell, Herman Sewell, Jeff Gladden, Derrick Threadgill, Jeff Hood, Sava, Angelia Deloney, Shelial Jones. Front Row: Sandra Eason, Mike Merchant, Phillips, Wendy Greathouse, Darla Parks, Jeanine Wallace. 35 X Mm' W. 1 R. v 9 A .' at i i wa ti m.f',g,.: D Q., V .wa i Q' -we 'V .fxvk 'K fi . 1 yi W ,. kv 1 .-Wx.. 0 .Q ,BH .. My-uf '. V! V' K, , , 'f , "Gal, K . N, 8 in Q, -' 5? , , .,, L ,- K if . - . -vw -JP ..- A 5 I . V E x g L. .. X a 352 - we-'SQQ5 . ...V 5 if .WMV 7 1 MU I-ILPHH THETI-I SUIEETHEHHT HND BEHU Gary Thacker 88 Hhcmh Vu , N. --is . MU HLPHI-I THETH Mu Alpha Theta is a national High School and Junior College Mathema- tics club. It provides an overall view of math related subjects, and gives a bet- ter understanding of mathematics ofall fields of study. SPONSORS '. Larry Witherspoon Mrs. Billie Williams Bn 1: f1l'tl+'t,,v .L chef. asf. 'S ' ir' GMT' " 'Y' f-is my-vivo X it gn C gifs! , it . . . 2 F F fa iii X-R he i ' x , r ,, xnxx ..,, ., .. gig K ug . 19, , ..g, ' .. 5 A gssg V F a if any q 7. OFFICERS: Chuck Porier- Secretary. Robert Sanderson - President. Linda C. Lockett - Vice-President, Debbie Wilburn - Treasurer. :nail Jeff Ortega, Jukka Pokinnen, Travis Jackson, Jimmy Moore. Chuck Porier, Robert Sanderson. Chris Porier, Clay Roberts, Debbie Wilburn, Cindy Smiley, Rich Payne. Linda Faye Lockett, Millard Formby, Linda C. Lockett, Lynette Tipton, Kelly Wright, Khanh Vu, Kim Smith. Rodney Hall, Daphine Camley, Sabine Armstad. Gary Thacker. 89 1 6, if , M f f Ev A 'Q if W 6? in T f, 1 , , FMZW' S ,I ' 4 254, R , .ff 5 3 4 L 5 S f .M J 6 is , , 5, .Q H f ' K ft lmfvl 5 'A , YQ,-za if ,ag Qu f f 4 4,.",:.' f K W in 4 4 K Iwi 4 if fy , jr 1 XZ L WY? 4 I 0 " N, J' he 7 'fb ' 1 ,fa W f 41. ff .. , , -y X g, , waz , , Q, :g H , f , f f ff I 4,, A " I L ..,W,,, tg .,A. , Hero Club Co-Sponsors Style Show ot Federation Meeting Models - Sonia Walker, Rodney Price, Chris Rizzutti, Chris Poindester, Teri Swanger, MickeyB ragg, Cynthia Martin, Tammy Naxwell, and Donna Mack. HHS Qrgonizntions have varied I'-lctivities Nike Group slay busy with, activities z if in 'mf Qu ' 2 Mi ffi., rssyy sss iiii i , Vyiirry. "..i ,, Ari' . rrrr s syes, serr f ierr B " "ei ' 'errri -he ereerrr jay 5 f ,,, QQ, W,,l, 7 m 1 ili .r,yy41 rrrir ,,r, L 3 N 12' el W' ' ' 3 W ., , -v 42259 Y 41 WW 4 W if iff . ,+s,, : f, ,, 1 ,, ff . 4,, ,, .. , -, U A.., H . , I , is ,, '- ' H . ra, i Q.: ff, 2 ff W if Wg, f av u 14 sf Xe me page s W is , ly wg, 'Y A", jr ' ,,. v W w,?f,,,:w ' Wil, :,l 'fg'f'f'.j5'W5"7', .,f'f'ffW J " . if f f if if , rknzz 5412545 f, f W , ,W 11 ,Q Y 'Z W!! K' 4 Q M 3' .2 'L fig 5 J J 2 ' A 5555? H' W4 57 if , s ,I is r 4: 'Aff U we H 4' A? 7 are , M W , 39513 Ii if N y ff' I W1 Carol Duke - President Cynthia Vanderslice Peggy Keil - Treasurer Susan Candelaria Alison Gore Vice-Pres. Corresponding Sec. Recording Secreta Mrs. Beth Sullivan Mrs. Beverly McBride S SWG' NIHG OFFICERS EH? EVCIIC Aliim. JIZ Mary Anne Buchanan. Jr. Dana Crabbe. Jr. Tracie Culver. Jr. Dorie Foster, Jr. Kathryn Harrison, Jr. W H05 AvAiLABuz-. I is xv' ,,,...,.w , , -312, Pi Q N f 1: t S . . .5 S Kellie Lambert. Jr. Lori Lile. Jr. Michelle Love, Jr. Cindy McClure. Jr. Jackie Nash, Jr. Q X N Qs f ,li Karen Pointer. Jr. Niki Odom. Jr. Donna Rutledge. Jr. Kay Kay Smith. Jr. Kay Sparks, Jr. Kimball Stroud, Jr. Cindy Bailey. Sr. Shelly Beckham. Sr. Melissa Bruce. Sr. Connie Chesshir. Sr. Dallis Cummings. Sr. Tracey Dean, Sr. 1981-82 NIKE CLUB Shelly Hatfi el Darla Debbie Tome F . I - - f 1 ,Q lf' Q ' C lx I l ,fi . x hge 'vu' 5. Hobson. Sr. Debbie Jones. Sr. Katherine McClerkm Lisa McClure, Sr. Terri Miller, Sr. Rachel Morgan, Sr. Page. Sr. Virginia Penny. Sr. Kelle Phillips. Sr. Lisa Phillips. Sr. Sighle Pickett, Sr, Rachel Riverg. Sr, Chrig Rizzuth, Sr, HP? ia Sewell. Sr. Cindy Smiley, Sr. Cindy Walker. Sr. Carol Whitt. Sr. Evelyn Yeager. Sr. Leigh Anne Wardlaw Dawn Wilhite. Jr. Jr. 4 W W Michelle Willard. Jr. Melody Vance, Jr. Chiquita Watson '81 -'82 NIKE Initiation 'war H+ J N-Q j' . Coordinated Career James Hardin, Kenneth Boyd. Tracy Williams, and Mitch Puri- foy spend hours working in the greenhouse. It pays off because many beautiful plants are raised. Tree planting time for the CCE ers Beautifying is the name of the game' fl Ylixx . 1 David Clark, Mr. J. T. Monroe, Doug Williams Bobby Walters Jim Charlto Russell Kennington. David Clark, Doug Williams, Bobby Walters, and Jim Charlton. James Dixon Mike Henry Virgie Hil ton, Leon Featherson Steve Casey and Perry Hanson Texarkana Chapter 3, X H a 'Q' in is. any The Coordinated Career Education, Texar- ana Chapter, was organized this school year. Vith a membership of 35 this group has gotten ff to a good start, and they have accomplished many things. Working in the greenhouse, the members have grown and sold many different lants to school and community patrons. An- ther worthwhile project has been making wind lhimes and duck note holders. These three SECRETARY TREASURER rojects thus far have made over S 1 ,000.00. and TC members are expecting to raise much more. SPONSORS Virgie Hilton Steve Casey 3 nv F ,ffsfx J h Front row: Steve Casey, Mike Henry, Perry Hanson, Lester Philyaw. Jerry Jefferson. Second row: Susan Mr. Anthony Cauthorn. Diane Bland, Virgie Hilton, Lori Harris, Joyce Hampton, Annette Adams, Tracy Williams, James Dixon. Back row: Ned Bumett, Lonnie Kindrix, Donnie Kendrix, Donnie Floyd. George Edwards, Leon Featherson, Ira Daniels, and Bobby Fulguim. 'af as B 52271 . in 1, PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT James Dixon Mike Henry if ..., f , 5 :f.,, f I ,,,V Al A r , 1 My 4 an ,H ,A . E 5 s Z 4 42:-f 1 gf, 5 1 ' rw' 5 , , ,w ' 35 W -,g fa f , Q ' 1 5 ' ,. , 5 H V X 4 2, "EW f ' ' 5 3 2 , fe.,.m' ,.,-.f i f . E , 5 LH, .Q V, , , f 9 29' 2 YOUNG DEMOCRHTS SIUEETHEHBT HND BEHU Claudette Sinclair Greg Garrett Est r Riga J' R534 fp D vwlaf-fl, . , Back ROWZ Michael Wright. Vincent Sava' Second Rowj Back Row: Donna Givens. Mr. Goeller. Jackie Hayes. Claudette Sinclair. Mr. Goeller. Belinda Short. Third SCCOHGIROQN1 Eugene WHUCQVS- LvrigLile- Third ROW Row: Teresa Brewer. Rachel Rivers. Toni Sharp. Front Diiphiinle CZIFUICY- Shawn lliialcl- Fourth ROW SUUGI Row: Jo An Richardson. Tracy Richardson. TYSOH- Ann SGW- TFCSSH TUVNCIY fp up the Good Work ' I UNG DEMOCRATSl 1' r E I '4 U, X. I lntzatton has gotten oft to a sizzling start I, to the work of V P for Colleges Mike Ross ' . f PQ- ' P torl-hgh Schools Tracy Dean Mike hasset J X xx .ls pace by preparing tor registration booths lr 154' P ycoltegelntneStatefortneFallSemester He - " ing hardto estabIisnaYDctubon everycarn- 1. ' 0 d to add over 2,000 new Young Democrats to V' ite membership r Dean has already helped to organtzea new :hool Club in Clarksville lt's exciting to see lrt made to get young students involved ln ratlc politics. . Arkansas delegatesln norton atthettationaltoung Democrat Con- vention In Philadelphia. AHS student Tracey Dean at the convention with delegates from Pennsylvania and North Officers: Greg Garrett - President: Tracey Dean - Carolina' Vice-President: Melody Lowery - Treasurer. tNot Pic- tured: Monica Clements - Secretary, Cindy Smiley - -- State Committeel. ung emocrat Committee et Jan. 16 in Texarkana C.: epresentattve Beryl Anthony. who also ls co chairman of the Young Democrats ol Arkansas Board ol s, wtll be keynote speaker at the State Committee meeting ofthe Young Democrats of Arkansas set ' 16 at the Kings Row lnn ol Texarkana eeting will begin at lla m and will be hosted by 'r County Young Democrats, Arkansas High D Young Democrats and LuAnne Dean ol ria, who is also on the YD Board ol Advisors ny.anatto fney ,is sefv .rights Sefa ndtermtnthe ccpart ,,ggiX Q ' X tates House ot Representatives He was elected Fourth Congressional District in 1978 and was riwlthout opposition in l98O M A Y Y 4 .- X 4,24 I ' Qu. .. 12 2 1' wwf fiwfw' , A Q .H , . AWA' I ,,,L M fn! Q, ' A ,W 1 "y?Qf:4.'Q4af' Z - .A V.-an . . F, ' x s ...., . .31 x-: - Vg f u ,xg af , L. rf fb if ,. mf K A K P We Wt 4 S. K fit. X- an N Tv'---v gif? . 1 'X . x 1 LIBIIHM' CLUB . 3 -. ' 5 '-,l, , x sg. s X, ex XSH X X s 2. - Y .5 . i an in 5 Front Row: Leslie Adams, Martha Williams, Theresa Baker Back Row: Sandra Tyson, Nesha Coker. Debbie Howard. Deb- bie Johnson, Theresa McCown, Kathy Yarber. xl li i. A Mrs. Mc Gee Sponsor Left to Right: Gerry Pierce, Carol Matth- ews, Paulette Woods, Frank George, Col- ette Williamson, Tonya Walls, Traci Oliver, Steve Barnes. Diana Kinsey in N 1 frfilv ,v,,.f, ,A W W 1 --. QW A Www ww' M487 , MW, HM? E, 53 Q Q , , m, 1 ,. Wh , my -' , ff wh M f - i M 6 " x M 4? mm 9 wr 1 L X' 2, Z iv! ? fm. W aff XW6? M ,,,W,, mm-av V1 M I' ' w -. Q MBV' W ff 'Wu , ,W gf if , f I , ,,g I ' Y 4' W f V ., , ,, , , A I j , r. aff M , ,,,, 'Nw ,Q f ' , . M, M 5 , M ,, y ua ?'S...x. VICH CLUB Paul Smeltzer, Sheri Musgrove. Tammy Combs. Chet Biggers, Connie Taylor, Levita Lane. John Paul Jones, Shari Hudson. William Oswald, Joe Fowler. Connie Green. Nathan Wright. Brian Shores, Steve Howard. Pat Goodman. Tandy Han- son, Wendy Elliott, Van Harland, Darrin Reed, Ronnie Bowen, Bruce Brooks, Steve Moore, Kim Morrow. Rodney Aumiller, James Cigainero. K2 JS ...eb , -M, J' Q L 'F.:.z.'90l0l, V . . JS 'Ri '2- Eenee Fatherree, Diana Dudley, Candy Davis. JoAnn Collins. Shannon Little, Jodie ord Sherrie Freeman Liz Bivins Sandra Howard Denise Trembla A uonette . . , v Y- q Nalker. Sandra Houck. Lisa Stout, Mrs. Jeanne Lee. Mrs. Jeanne Lee Sponsor Mr. Archie Miller Sponsor tif Becky Kegley. Willa Haynes, Sherri Adcock, Sharon Jones, Zena Halter, Rosiland Mitchell, Renee Lisenby. Tammi McDowell, Norlene Hayes, Cynthia Owens. Mrs. Jeanne Lee. it Mr- LOIHCS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SPONSOR Tamar Young Chiquita Watson STUDENT HDVISOIW COMMITTEE We Miss Hughey FIRST SEMESTER wg. K T 'P f Faculty Members enjoy SAC luncheon. SECRETARY TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN Darla Packs Vickie Stewart Donnell Ross PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARYTREASURER Stacy Timmons Torrie Drewery Liga McClure SPEECH CLUB omcens " r ws Hi: 5' P5 Qs If SPONSOR C' Mrs. Ross Henderson. Jr. i .v , ui 5 My ,C , iffy is I REPORTER PARLIAMENTARIAN SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Shuriel Hardy Chuck Humphrey Wendy Elliot ,,,, ,N .AL-75 103 M Wir mfr ks "', ""' 9 , ,I H ,ug my LA... ,, gf ,, my me k if ,if '5 diff -H wig my ' " is , W5 RODEO CLUB SUIEETHEHBT HND BEHU Dena Wheat and David Chandler RODEO CLUB The most recently chartered club on campus - The Rodeo Club. W? 4, as .4 Officers: Laura Taylor. Marvin George. Dena Wheat, Pam Landes. xi 7' Dena Wheat. N 1 Z fi fi! A We if 5 J I Q a ,M Q , V Lf., g qggif 4 Q 6 42 ii Rodeo Club: Pam Landes. J. T, Wright. f 2 .ff K , - ,W , ,, 5- - ,.i. , --, ,ff 5 V . ., ,i,-1,13 A 'l ,aff if H , k ,, ty T 2- X 4, J ig' 1' , .. ?, ,ir .. '2.. in T ii T. re. . V ' V ,," I ff ' ' - Jackie Rymer. David Chandler. Rusty Green, Linda Weaver. Donna Hebert. Lois Mcjunkins. Valynda Birdwell. Teri Swanger. .. mmm if a 47'-'Mr vga X ref for T4- C 923fv,!'fgif,fli1z 'w'3"?535' I 'r UL. li 'BEE 105 A iii. X! I ,Q 1' . V45 im f , , jk' ,+ ' :fc , 'ff' f ,m,y.f' ' I a MB. and MISS RHZOHIBHCK BEND Tony Edwards Rachel Morgan UJOODLUINDS MIND DIRECTOR Mr. George Gamble ff I V M-msg srunem DIRECTOR Tony Edwards PERCUSSION "'55'5m"T l ,M RRND DIRECTOR Mr. Robert Williams -- ---' WWMN ff-1.1" -WWfW-- Nw' ' ' -- A Qqtqg ja gm Q - x ,X f Ft ' ik 'gzrx f- A ,X . ax I . .1 pw X N X-x- L :.. .... Q iii x fiqm I is S h S' l X 1' S A 4 , Q ' 5: sq, GK My 2 Q - R 2 si , L X 1, l' iii if , , LW rv KM. -fig' , ix - vg " ' fer' '- g. 110 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SGCBETHIW cmd Tony Edwards Tlm Allen Susan Candelaria B C I'-I 0 N U D N C I L I I 1 FIRST HLL-REGION BHND itting: Claudett Sinclair. Debbie Wilburn, Lori Lile, eborah Nious. Tracy Hall, Lana Hawkins. Lynnetta ipton. Standing: Lars Ragna, Jon Myers, Kevin Cox. endall Donelson, Dale Faulks, Tracy McKnight. mmy Moore, Tony Edwards. STHGE BHND Rachel Morgan, Wendall Donelson, Dale Faulks, David Shipp, Michelle Love. Tony Edwards. Debbie Stewart, Dennis Chumley. Brian Nailling, Lisa Wardlaw, Kevin Cox, Kevin Lambert, Juan Johnson. Scott Cupp. Tim Allen. Becca Berry, Katie Hardeman. ,l ...n..- I-ILL STHTE BHND Left to right: Tracy McKnight. Lori Lile. Tracy Hall. Jimmy Moore. Tony Edwards, ,ww SECOND HLL-REGION BEND Debbie Stewart, Shannon Wright, Jackie Nash Susan Candelaria, Becky Brooks, Dawn Watson Daphanie Carnley. Kim Mackey. Don Rogers Ricky Cottle. wasted F E H T i Lu fsn I Le l er UJ I B L E R fx- n J U 3 O M l'l i R C , Y h 1' C P 1 2 M e n If I' J 5 0 H -YN Torrie Drewcry. Carol Caver. Cathy Harder. Susan Townsend, Debbie Wilburn. Vickie Parks. SENIOR MHJOBETTE SENIOR MHJOBETTE CFIPTHIN Ml'-IJQBETTE Torrie Drewery Debbie Wilburn Vickie Parks X- v ,Q .,-'15-,A,,:'5 A ' -V. fi' W -39' " 'K -is , 4 Ag W 5' ""' " "" xg V'wa'v"" - f 1.U'Q.'?1D-NLLW ..49" 2 lLl"'i'l F' ie'KUb..,,r :far V513- .he Q J . N Q if J Sitting: Wendy Greathouse. Debbie Saulsberry. Donna Scott. Standing: Jessalyn Stucky. Latonia Turner. Sharon Yarberry. Linda Weaver. Jennifer Corbett. Susan McGregor. Dawn Watson. RIFLE CORPS Chrissie Mcjunkins, Chiquita Watson. Phillis Watson . MSR .if t ,Ee-wi .wkfffw R SENIOR FLRG Cl-'IPTRIN Linda Weaver 114 ,Sku- l3l5QifSlaf1s1ing Sitiginggrouiistaysitfusy Pkseiiting pfogmagfm virinusfiiivic ,fcomniuriityland f K , '1 urCl1VQrgariizaLiQr1sLin'Q1e Four State Area. Theyfgive willing and graciously oftheir timfind., VV l 1 E A , First row: Susan Candelaris, Derwin Turner. Mary Rucker. David Dowd, Torrie Drewery, Katherine Harrison, Mary Ashby. Evelyn Yeager, Trey Schroeder. Susan Matthews. .lon Myers. Rachel Morgan. Melody Vance. John Ward.:Second row: pickVAndrews. Tim Wright. Wendall 1' Donaldson. Herman Hinkes. Geoff Long. Tony Edwards. ' 1 ' f ' 5 ' I ,EQ V ,Directo r ' lentsi ,,,,,,,,, ,1a, I t ,,,, Z, , QW, ,,,,,, ,,,,,., , , ,,,,,, 4 , at at as s aaaa at as al Mrs. Betty .Io Monroe ff' Y age,"-4 i' sf Q4 214 Qaida: if V, 1982 SENIQR CLHSS PRESENTS T00 MANY DATES MRS. PAT HARRIS A.s'S'!. Dirvfmr DEBBIE I-'OREMAN Slllclvllr lJI'r'I'I'luI' fn Paul wfwgapf RUSSELL PAYANT EY SUSAN CAN DELARIA C'1lrnl,I'rI MIKE COOPER A ' T F'f'Yf1 WILLIAM MALON Mr. Millar' 1, f I W TIM MORINE Irvin KATHY HOWELL TERRI MILLER Mry, Millar Eleanor MR. MIKE SHEETS Dircfvmr LISA C LE ME N T Stlulwll Dil'Ul'fUl' DEBBIE JONES Louannc' I I L A RS R A G N A Nnrnmn SUSAN SMITH Miss Jonczv ,Q-1. 'Wino-if SHEILEEA KEN DRICK DENNIS CHUMLEY Aim' CHUCK PORIER Max Howard gm A fl' 0 , Ns .. 5 M Qi. mn 5 A 3 2, , ,gg g I v 1, ff ff ff ,H K 4' ff Q ff 3 ff , if M, tlllhiq - ff? - Agwfswg, w-,gg My fly? fm mkvpmp ,,, fxxxxyxkxg , f I 5 I , s I . if w U sua, 1 "sv, J 53 if , 'i I-P off itifiw ,v ,., '19 Q. V '44-Q, lun ip, 2, gy: ' 6 ' s-an V ,V K, my . ILL' ' i 2 a tg ' , QIQ ,M,A ha 'rv .yr ,N 'S . gi 'UQ lg' ?-" ' H- ' , U ll' . 9 32 ggwww 3 I U O -as xg , Iflillfl. I W .K 'X li EW ,gr- Q I XS .mm K '81 RED .IHCKETS ,, , x '82 Lisa Clements XX' A Mafy Harder x X Xi XJ ev 2 . X V . ' X' 'n- A 3 KN-5: 5 ' ' Xi'Y 4 v ilkiliig I -K Zi. . x f -MRM, M6 iw E: ,s 'Tl Q M in ff IH i 15 F r X5 1-i ..--... ,,L:L.,1A-my K , , 5 A Fa. f-. - rv. 1 ,f 'Ui 2 .:- - -chill jak' ' idk -.-.wa -nm A .Wu-.3 , 6 gn-..-M V 7 V, 'fi -.auf-.wqq 'uf' ir v ,Zin T, A rg nw, , -.3 g M 4 J' We 1 vw- 21 ' Qs, ,fiflf fl , j' f, , 1 4, ' 1 1 ' . 81 ' Hn-ffm l I rf- ' hw dl 'Q 1' 5, , U A i rw, 2 ww if 1 ,, ,i,,V,, nf J0Arme Flvyd Shuriel D. Hardy CHEEBLEHDEBS '82 Gwendolyn Hobson Teri Howard ww., A ,335 1 , .-.4 V ,,. - Www! fwgwf .G - f1"3'k?'-9" Q 'tx , ' f .... . 8 .M M, 1-ww! I :S - x, - ,e A a M AMW? x IR! NN f if :gi- f 'Q 1-v P TS ff " k -1 W ix l 3 Katherine McClerkin Lee Ann McDonald Kelle Phillips Evelyn Yeager if , 1 was -QMQNMQ wa. wxQwiMN.sw1-ws-xfwwnteqrfpxxxvmm ' mf-siwmmmvsww .w -X saw xu gg. Q55 fr-1'-kilns: iztjhtamms. .,L.'ll0ln1':1g?'1 , w-Mita--A X 'asm Vx nv' Q " Ai , 5 it ax 35' U 'ik 6 .Jn K IK A fs 'U .G iw- ,,, ww. E, S , . j r, ZQJQ il- ,QWWW .W Vyfh an S 'wh Y Z , f 5 ff W ,,, , W , f 'W W f Q xg, f X fi' M , I ,,,, X, , MP' Jeff demonstrates the proper way to shave. We're Number Fourl? n,.....r Typical AHS faculty meeting. NNW AN-N. SPORTS Cn the Road to Success there are al- ways victories and defeats. Success is not measured by victories alone: there are also wins in defeat. There are some de- feats more triumphant than victories. Long after the thrill ofwinning a game had faded, lessons learned along the way serve one for a lifetime. Dependability tfollowing throughl. team work and cooperation, and self-discipline are qual- ities necessary for sports participation. and these are qualities for true and lasting Success. To live as gently as I cang To be, no matter where, a man: To take what comes of good or ill And cling to faith and honor still. To do my best and let that stand The record of my brain and hand: And then, should failure come to me, Still work and hope for victory. To leave some simple mark behind To keep my having live in mindg If enmity to aught I show, To be an honest, generous foe, To play my little part, nor whine That greater honors are not mine . . i, at if ,'i 'V M -iffr H , .1 I 2,7 wa 21 ss' M5 hu. e , 4' 1 ,F ,-.- .W fi? A' H, ,, gf 3 ,,,, ,, ' ' L - A , "!' " 1' W W izwfw Q16 as ,pw Af ig 4 f r-31. ,,,,, i bg 420 'wk' 'Nia David Easley Rex Stone Billy Bock Roy Walker tx ..., l U XJ 4, 1 rf gin if . A nr-'CT ,gif ANN Coach Phillip Brasher Head Football Coach Jim White Coach'Marve Register NW fflrfll l J . i x t vi :N 16 ii J . ,EN . ,t.,.w fi -. f i , i v ,, STEVE BARNES - JON CAREY - S Hogs Kicked By Mavericks Saying that the A.H.S. Razor- backs played poorly against Mar- shall is a great understatement, al- though they lost three fumbles and had three interceptions against them. It is simply that the Mavericks were bigger and stronger than the underrated Hogs. In the game, Porker Q.B. OWEN MORE- LAN D threw 17 times for 8 comple- tions with 3 interceptions, but he also scored on a 7 yard sweep play around left end. The Mavs bested the Hogs in total offense with 390 yards to the Porkers 241. The Mavs had 364 ofthose yards rushing while the Hogs had 149 of theirs passing. Scoring for the Razorbacks was made possible by a 20 yard ramble by senior fullback CASEY WIL- LIAMS and MORELAND. On WILLIAMS' T.D., A.H.S. went for the 2 points on a pass but it slid through the hands of the Hog re- ceiver. KOLBY NIX had the PAT on MORELAND'S run. Also, senior ANDREA WAT- SON had a 42 yard reception on a great effort on his part, having to turn completely around in the de- fender's face for the grab. Defensively for the Porkers, ANDREW MACK had a few bone crushing tackles on the Mavs big fullbacks, VALENTINE and LONG. MORELAND,going both ways at Q.B. and safety, also had some good tackles that saved the Mavs from first down territory. QQ-Q-23" DAVID BOYLES - Sr. JEFF FOMBY - Sr. WINFRED FULCE - S 54,61 JAMES JCHNSON - Porkcrs Drop Heart Breaker In this year's great rivalry, a team called the A.H.S. Porkers showed the courage and determination that a team needs to have to win but unfortunately bad breaks on the part of A.H.S. caused them to fall short of a Z-0 record against un- beaten Texas High 2l-20. It was A.H.S. fifth straight defeat in this series. The Bengals dominated the first half with 13 first downs to A.H.S.'s 3. T.H.S. went into halftime with a 14-0 lead. It seemed that the Porker defense just wasn't up to par in the first half. In the second half, the Hog offense came out fired up, scoring 3 T. D.'s with Kolby Nix hitting all but one PAT. Eddie Price scored one touchdown on a ll yard scoring strike from Owen Moreland in a spectacular ef- fort by Price to reach the end zone. Travis Jackson also scored on runs of2 and 7 yards. Johnny Standokes recovered one fumble setting up the first T.D. by Jackson. Eddie Hill also made a fine catch off of Price's hands and carried it 13 yards to set up Jackson's 7 yard burst. Jackson was named the Hog's M.V.P. Defensively for the Hogs, Raven Lewis deserves great credit for chasing Irving Atkins 44 yards to stop a touchdown gallop. Once again, students, you need to congratulate the players after every game, because if this game is any indication of how they will play the rest of the season, they should be EDDIE HILL - S 'Z Bild g-,.-A--"""f 10-1. GREAT JOB, TEAM! WILLIAMJACKSON-Sr. .44 Trojcms Stop Playoffs For Porkcrs It was do or die here on Friday night for the Hogs as they were eliminated from the playoffs by the Hot Springs Trojans by a close score of 21-17. It was the Hogs sec- ond straight league loss. The Tro- jans had not beat the Hogs in Razorback stadium since 1972. Arkansas High fell to 4-5 of the season and 2-2 in the league. The Razorbacks went 68 yards in six plays in the first quarter and Owen Moreland hit Clayborn Pree in the end zone for a 27 yard T. D. In the second quarter, Moreland led the Hogs on a 12-play, 52 yard drive only to have it bogged down at the 14 for Kolby Nix to boot a 31 yard field goal, making it his 4th field goal of the season, making the score of 14-10. Raven Lewis retumed a Tro- jan punt to the Hot Springs 28 and Moreland hit Eddie Hill on a 14 yard gainer down to the 14. Three plays later Owen plunged in from the one to make it 17-14 with 1:49 left before halftime. Nix was successful on all PAT's. Defensively, for the Hogs Perry Jackson, Kirk Boch and Johnny Standokes had great show- ing forthe college scouts. Moreland punted 5 times for an excellent 44.2 average. EDDIE PRICE - S CLAYBORN'PREE I E Parkers In Playoffs Uncertainty, butterflies in your stomach, doubt- fulness, call it whatever you want to but the A.H.S. Porkers held everyone in suspense for four quarters and one overtime here Friday night as they out- lasted the El Dorado Wildcats 21-20 to gain a berth in the 4-A State Playoffs. It was a great effort by tl1e Hogs who scored touchdowns in the lirst and second quarters. The victory puts their record at 5-5 to tie them for second place in the Conference with El Dorado. At halftime the score was tied 14-all. Later the Hogs had a 10-yard T.D. ramble by Travis Jackson called back for holding and Kolby Nix's 33 yard lield attempt went wide. El Dorado ran out the clock with the score tied. ln scoring Moreland passed 31 yards to Eddie Hill in the first period. In the second period Moreland scored on an over the top 2-yard jaunt. Then in overtime Moreland hit senior split end Claybom Pree on a six yard T.D. play. Nix was successful on all PAT's. El Doradois overtime extra point was wide enabling A.H.S. to win. Other offensive standouts were Eddie Price with several good blocks enabling the running backs to gain yardage. Defensively, Raven Lewis played his position well, just as Kirk Boch did. Andrew Mack had several bone-crushing tackles also. Steve Bames was thrown out of the game, but he is not to be faulted because he was just doing his job and taking up for his team and showing the intensity of the game. A.H.S. had 15 lirst downs to El Dorado's 9, they also bested El Dorado rushing 191 to 142. More- land had 124 yards passing and a 40.7 yard average on 4 punts. Alter the game Coach White commented "This really feels good. It was about time we got a break, we'd been on the other end of the stick for the past two weeks. We knew this game was probably going to be close because we wereplaying a good football team." Also after the game, Coach "Boogie" Brasher lifted senior cheerleader Shuriel Hardy on his shoulders and did a dance new to this school. Doc Walker was so happy he even smiled and congratu- lated the players. GOOD GAME PORKERS. LET'S GO ALL THE WAY TO STATE. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. DAN RICHARDS - Sr. Bugs TONY SOLOMAN - Sr. Hogs Crush Hornets It was the Hogs second shut-out vic- tory posted by the Hog defense and also the largest total amount of points ever scored by a Razorback team, 51-0. Casey Williams scored on a 9 yard run in the second quarter, Kolby Nix booted a 33 yard field goal and Travis Jackson nabbed a 32 yard pass from Moreland. In the third quarter Wil- liams scored from 10 yards out only to have the PAT missed by Nix. More- land then scored on runs of 37 and 1 yard out. In the fourth quarter sopho- more Robert Easter rambled 15 yards and " Dog Killer" Willie Jackson scored on an 8 yard jaunt. Defensively, Johnny Standokes blocked a 43 yard field goal by David Bobbitt. Tony Solomon intercepted a pass from Bryant's Mark Akers after it bounced off Jeff Fomby. Richard Canida also intercepted an Akers pass at the Hornet 25. Keith Garrett recov- ered a fumble on the Hornet 37 to set up Moreland's 1 yard ramble. The Hogs bested Bryant in first downs 13-14 as well as yards rushing 210-100. Moreland threw the pigskin 14 times for 5 completions for 89 yards with 1 interception. He also punted 5 times for a 42 yard average. WAY TO PLAY RAZOR- BACKS!!!!!!!! MARSHALL WILLIAM KIRK BOCK - Jr. Porlccrs Slip Post Mt. Pleasant In a hard fought battle of both defen- sive teams, Arkansas High edged Mt. Pleasant, 7-3 on Kolby Nix's spectacu- lar 24 yard field goal with 16 seconds left. It was a slow game with A.H.S. blocking a Tiger punt in their own end zone in the first quarter to go ahead 2-0 on a safety by defensive end Dan Richard. The Tigers didn't score until the third quarter on a 30 yard field goal to put M.P. ahead 3-2. It remained that way until the fourth quarter. Nix booted his field goal. Then, with the clock ticking down A.H.S.'s Jay Ken- nedy sacked Tiger Q.B. Michael King in the end zone for another 2 pointer as the buzzer sounded. Kennedy de- serves great credit for his sack as does Nix, who undoubtedly had butterflies after missing a 3 pointer in the T. H.S. match-up. A.H.S. bested M.P. in first downs with ll to the Tigers 7. The Tigers had 122 total yards to the Hogs 119, al- though Moreland was sacked eight times for a loss of 45 yards and a lackluster showing by the Hogs offen- sive line. The Hog defense showed little famil- iarity ofthe one that allowed Marshall 41 points. They played with great en- thusiasm and showed great quickness. Students, faculty, and everyone come out and support the Hogs in their efforts to improve their 2-2- record. TONY YARBER - Sr. fl PERRY BREWSTER - J l .4 I'. 137 RICHARD CANIDA - J RODNEY DIXON - Jr. Parkers Shut Out Benton Not only was the air foggy in Benton, but the Panther of- fense was too, as they were blanked by A.H.S., 10-0. The Hog defense could not have played any better against an offense that was ranked highly by reporters. AHS had 16 first downs to the Panthers 6, and the Hogs also had more total yardage with 294 to Benton's 134. The Hogs scored all of their points in the second quarter on a T.D. jaunt from Travis Jackson from the 3 yard line, and a 21 yard field goal by Kolby Nix. A.H.S. also had several more impres- sive drives only to have them cancelled by fumbles. Owen Moreland had a 51 yard punt- ing average on the night, and Casey Williams had a 54 yard run on the first play from scrimmage only to have it called back for an illegal block by the Hogs. Williams had 65 yards on 14 carries, as did Eddie Hill, who had his best game of the year so far with 96 yards on 10 carries. Moreland had an excellent night passing against the highly rated Panther defense with 6 completions on 9 at- tempts for 71 yards. Clayborn Pree and Hill had catches of 14 yards each and a great defen- sive effort was produced by Johny Standokes who had an TOMMY CARLTON - J MONTA IRVING - Jr. interception to hault a Benton drive at the Hog 18 yard line. GREAT EFFORT TEAM ON A CONFERENCE WIN!!! I' PERRY JACKSON RAVEN LEWIS - Hogs Crush Woodlawn In the first game of the Razorback football season, the Porkers rushed past Shreveport Woodlawn, 28-14. It was a spectacular showing of offense as well as defense. Hog Q.B. Owen Moreland com- pleted 4 of6 passes for 125 yards, with two touchdowns. Tailback Travis Jackson scored twice also on runs of3l yards and 26 yards. Andrea Watson was on the receiving end of a 39 yard pass from Moreland as was Eddie Hill with a 66 yarder from Moreland. Kolby Nix was successful on all PAT's. The Hogs bested the Knights in total offense with 350 yards against Woodlawn's 140 yards total offense. The Hogs had the first game jitters also, fumbling 7 times and losing 5 of them, and had 10 penalties for 127 yards against Woodlawn's 5 for 55 yards. TRAVIS JACKSON -J DONNY LLOYD - J MARK LOWERY - Jr. lllntson Chapel Edges Hogs After two consecutive shut- outs A.H.S. was defeated by the Wildcats 16-14. It was the Hogs first conference loss against 2 wins and they fell to 4-4 for the year. A. H.S. played poorly in of- fense losing to an in-state team for the first time this year. Travis Jackson scored his eighth and ninth T.D.,s of the year on runs of 15 yards and a 2 yard jaunt. Kolby Nix was suc- cessful on all PAT's. Defen- sively, sophomore Keith Garrett recovered a fumble at the W.C. 26 to set up Jacksonls 2 yarder. Senior linebacker Jeff Fomby in- tercepted a Wildcat pass and ran it back 8 yards. Right before halftime, Moreland hit Clayborn Pree on a 46 ard bomb onl to JAMES MOORE - J MARK MYERS -J Y Y have it dropped by the race horse receicer. A.H.S. had 11 first downs to the Wildcats 10. Also, the Hogs bestedJW. C. in rushing 107 yards to 101 yards. Moreland com- pleted 8 of 16 passes with 2 inter- ceptions for 110 yards. He also punted 5 times for a 40.1 average. A.H.S. had 6 penalties for 38 yards to W.C.'s 3 for 25. KOLBY NIX - Jr. 1 ,, 'V rrrr - A MARK SALISBURY - Jr. KENNETH WELLS - Jr. I X 514+ ,, rrr 1 KENNETH TAYLOR X N ,4- M, u..L fhewmiafn VERTIS WHITE - Jr. A " I A Wm M ---v ". VVVV, ,, V',V M . V , W.. 5 , FQ ar M , ,,,, - , ,,,, , - ME- , I , ,M f.f. L V' '...V,V 3uL:g,kJ ,Ur - ,V - V ,,,,f ,I pq - ,W , 1 F, - ,JW f: , f, , . '.., ., p. , H i f f 1 if I, , f. W M ff u . ,ff n,,, ,,,.... , ,I V ,, , ,r, M. - IQ' 1 h W4 W S my if H? , 5 V " ,, l l f ' ,g'fwyg --laiufl ' "HH 1981 FOOTBALL SCORES A.H.S. 28 ...... Texas High 21... Marshall 41 ..... A.H.S. 7 ...... Southwood 30 .... A.H.S. I0 ..,... A.H.S. 51 ....... Watson Chapel 16 Hot Springs 21 A.H.S. 21 ...... W. 5 ARDY H USE X5 . G X! ao Q V if mgfiiliwui . SQ Va X! . 14 R ,f Y H k ya Q xg M Q 2' 33 , , ' -- 3 ,ef -L . ef QR ll ' ,,,,4,g' Z :X Ziff? f uk N mms ,A J 'I 1, .x, . U ' .- I, 4112: g,, v. ,kg -N-:H+ Asif '1 1: -. I9 J 3 f-1 525 ' 7 475159 Q1 J5. Lf im 1 " 'W F ff few Y' 'Q xx fine 'W 5 L-vff:5-- E A 5 4: 5- 5 .. Q 3 x x IN N QQSX ii S ,R ix ? E 'ilu f Tl i 6. 'NE S: f W 5 . ,L iii ,gif i 3512 9 . 'gNa.....--'.f4' w 3 4 J Q6 a Y l Kelvin Trotter Howard Wells Earl Wynck Senior Junior Senior oach R x Stone And Th . . asketball Squad llllly i 3 S f 1 i Q oach Rex Stone - Shelby Irving, Robin Foster, Glen Scarbrough, Randy McClendon, Mike Calloway, Mike Hopkins, ark Wren, Gilbert Burton, Kirk Bock, Clarence Powell, Derrick Threadgill, Chester Henderson, Greg Walter, Raven ewis, and Tommy Siau. 13- 've '-'Marg 3 . w , 'V 5 1 f Q1 I WS gf f ifl i 5 1 - , stant Coach S ndy Reed Co ch Mar Rg er 6 img Sw gg uf 9 3 N ' Q g,.nv"', , ..,. H. ..,., W .w.Mm,,,9g ,, ,-my , W, , ,,,,. ., ,- l M w i'- "?7,, , Wi' ' . Wah 2 ,...m1.i . Y , 4 J 3 f f 7' V' " , fs 5' . 5' .Inf .""""'-...f rx 5 "' .-:S --. ---f ' it f W 7 ' ipuvxv J.-,,,,,,,, r ' X ' 5 X 1 ii? 5: 'K Q li --I Iv' ' fu-g-an-.p Q I 1 ,, an 3 ff ' 'll QM- . S Ti ff' raging W A ,, ju I N , A , Q s 3 X sw X S N MQ ah '7 - ,. , f . n .- N ,i a J. . A A if ' X Q ff' 6 i 5 W i N-'Q MSVXX gasfim' W a9 1-ju ,,N,,......---. ,..,,.,,....--v-fs 3 3' E? R s.-3'-.ff R ,.-- g . ..... ,.. ,--S - ,,,, ,,,.., A, .....- .- ... .1 ... - ',,'.-u-sm ff'-- ,,,...,,. ...A ,..,--- 7.1- , A12 11 ,., Nz 5, 3 K' ,fy Y . 'ww 1- , , +4 , ..,,: 2.1 ' ,V ,f..W.f mm , ,fm 15" H f 1 ed, i ,,, ,x ....,,, L ,4, mn j. ,, A if ' i inns!! D kj . 'N Q :I i X a I N a 35 5 iff' W Mmm? W... ...,.,..,,.. I X ,:' A f f , A",f 1 w ff I I ,. , 5 -4-' X .-.M ,, "J S: f, 5 5 9' Jeff Fomby Coaches Billy Bock and Isaac Floyd m aw 2.: ' . xi iwf iw k,,..., i ' L: L. 'ze 'W Doug Hanning Mark Adams BHSGBHLL INFIELDERS Front row: Brad Davis, David Mullins, Greg Wallace, Steve Satterfield, Brian S Back row: Mark Lowry, Jeff Fomby. Greg Ashby, Mark Adams, Tommy Siau, Bock. . f f i Ps F5 L. SHN' sf?-Fifa! 'ima ,f ., ,V . . .fs in QW i Tx sallwlfeef , 5, Owen Moreland Greg WHUZICC Lloyd Smith 1982 PITCHERS Front row: Greg Ashby, Jeff Fomby, Danny Drabble, Paul Huckabee. Back row: Mike Matthews. Lloyd Smith. Owen Moreland. Clark Jones. Benny Connors. 1 Q , di if , 4 Vi' I 1 X 6 ft! CSV...-3, Front row: Justin Westmoreland, Steve Satterfield, Brarl Davis, Keith Garrett, Paul Huckabee, Brian Steed. Bacl- row: David Mullins, Mike Calloway, Mike Matthews Clark Jones, Tommy Siau, Greg Ashby. Front row: Doug Hanning, Bobby Bruick, Paul Huckabee, Keith Garrett, Justin Westmoreland. Back row: Benny Connors, Mike Calloway. Lloyd Smith, Owen Moreland. Clark Jones. Monte Irving. Manager Clarence Powell M-qapnlff VHBSITV BHSEBHLL -kil- -.. I l N lRodney Aumiller Senior Biff Bann Scott Black Derrick Giles Senior Senior Senior Robert Sanderson George Waddell Tommy GOUCY Coach Easley Senior Senior S0Ph0m0Ye 'f ,Z 4 If W V Q,m,,,, ,V 2, Q ll Q , , I 4 5 fa . V 1 " 5 , . In X N ik , --N " 1 -.,w I lil!! Cindy Bair Dennis Chumley Terri Howard TENNIS 1982 Tony Hunter Pepe Molina GCOFBHI Milham wan! ik, Q94 v --Ag., Q li 'H 1 'funk Front row. Greg Dixon. Donny Meadows, Reese Shuffield. Back row: Dennis Schoen. Jim Andrews. Chris Porier. Gary Jones. aj Katherine McClerkin 's W' Peggy Keil , 1 pez? 4 X 5. 3 MA 3 J 'Q Cynthia Vanderslice Dick Andrews Coach Phillip Brasher A .effiy , b . ' V W 5. l fp 1, . ,....i., . ,, Seniors Anthony Brigham, Mi- chael George, and Stacy Price were consistent winners through- out last season in the jumping events. Brigham cleared 7'0" in the high jump to set a school rec- ord: George sailed 23'l0" in the long jump to lead the state, and Stacy Price proved his versatility by winning the Arkansas high school decathlon championships. Other tracksters who were relied upon to score points were Jeff Pope and Ed Parker in the dis- tance events, Michael Peavy and Orlando Clark in the relays, and Harold Thomas in the sprints. 162 get . -Y v v ,hh H w:.1-M-.-.Y Y., Y t...,...,,,, ' ""v'w-...., h ..., ""W'M""-'M--W-L-.l.Z" 5 GTR TBHCH 1982 'U' 42 HHHH CENTIIHL CONFERENCE RUNNER-UP 1981 HHH!! STHTE RUNNERS-UP 1981 Coach Roy Walker -.v........,......,, . W , Lv..-.......' "rr" 14..- P' --tien- , -,......... a,,,,,, ,mg mu, ' w, f W ff.. W..,,,..' 'N-WNIV, 1:-, --.. f ,, muh- "f---.. 'VK - ......,,......,...,,-.., - ,,, M up ,, , , ,.-iw: 7- tit i , t ta ...Q--5-Lim Usually a slow starting team the Razorbacks finished third i three consecutive meets behin Texas High and Marshall. As pa of his strategy, Coach Walker en ters his team in Texas meets earl in the season before unleashin them to Arkansas competitio Proving themselves in these 198 meets were Michael Hill clearin 6'l0" in the high jump, Floy Raytield winning the 800 meter and Harold Thomas and Mario Glass combining in the sho sprints. HRLF-MILEHS Tony Burton, Vincent Eason, Floyd Raytield, Greg Berry. I r v ivvv ,,. ,,,, ,.- xii' -06240: 'ii wth! MILE HND TIUO-MILGBS nthony Burks, Darryl Berry, Kenneth Taylor, Jeff ladden, Arthur Withers, Mark Peoples. 4 , 4. ' K A v-ww --.f .W ,...,. . -1 5, 'a -. , , f - A ' Q .A ' Q HIGH .IUMPEBS Mike Carter, Donny Lloyd, Travis Jackson, Michael Hill. 7. ...W H. ...M .pi . i..n' QUHHTEH-MILEHS Johnny Davis, Torrence Reeves, William Trotter. Richard Canada, Gerald Owens. N-it 4. 1' 4 gqbn' ' 4 at . NX -fn a ' .M nr -- . SHOT HND DISCUS Jerry Page, Rodney Price, Jeff Hood, Dan Richards, Perry Brewster, Alan Stiles. i W" ww, . SPBINTEHS Front row: Robert Thompson, Kenneth Grady, Daryl Davis, Maurice Owens, Eugene White, Greg Donelson. Back row: Robert Easter, Harold Thomas, Reggie Mitchell, Willie Matth- ews, Marion Glass, Gerald Owens, Travis Jackson. 164 ia E .at LONG .IUMPERS Front row: Johnny Davis, Rodney Price, Travis Jackson, Rodney Dixon. Back row: Donny Lloyd, Reggie Mitchell, Dan Richards. ..--....r... 'NET Q!- a I f, 1- i snnmrens V rrr' It I Gerald Owens, Harold Thomas, Reggie Mitch- Q " iii A i W ell, Robert Easter. v, K ., ,',, ,i I I LM van Q, X 7'W K 5 Nix sf ,xx l4L W xi Q ar" Lisa McClure Glenda Thompson SENIOR SENIOR Durnesha Deaver Cindy Carlton SENIOR SENIOR if kg, , , A f I , 1 U A , -J F4 ,az .+w5'i Q , Q Q - I Y X f, N . -Q f Ay .1 .af sag! I 9 XX' Y X if 5X X -r' 1 Q l I ' Q "FL" g E E Lnneunee nnrs ron srunem mam English lll l l, l I 'l l,'l 'ill gggg 'NX 7 llltwisnfgill fl . j ' K f ' 4 X Sherri Steward Q-f' 4' CHarrisJ Aw E English III English lll Robert Bruick fHendersonJ English III l W if gg . 'X' M1 fn Michelle Willard I CThomtonJ Y, ll . Q I S Monte D b o QM llsJ i9n.mnf2 D W palud alggangsof' ll Q Z! - W i lll 4 Michelle Willzlrd fFricksh Lars Ragna K f Uonesj Y -E 4"' ' -f English Composition -'Q - i 'A , .J - atv 9 English Composition' A Evelyn Yeager fBeckJ 2l'll0I"5 ' ' English IV mm fm. Wi if. f ,, WWW I x X N I, 5 3 . K Q, y f 'A Oral Communication Chrystal Gibson CHendersonJ y Mary Harder ' i I fHowardJ Corina Soper - QB-iorky English II 5i,,, lzomoreri English II 1 Amy Cigainero tHugheyD General English English II English II E I W Tracy Stroud CGreenJ Wiflj, I -' w x I f 4 Angela Deloney wiiiie Matthews mubbafdl fmffw Kim smiiii 1Wilsonl ,, f" - 47 E- K gs ali 5 if I HDMINISTRHUON Returning to his Alma Mater in the role of high E. ec d' ect e to I school principal, Ross B k 1r ed th tal' h school operation wit this year he assume nel Mr. A. P. Cox, Jr. Mr. Ed Goodson Dr. Jack Harrison Mr. Kenneth Hethn Mrs. Leon Sanderson Dr. A. D. Smith Mr. Lynn Thomas Rev. C. K. Yarber Board of Education As students travel the pathway to success,there are answers the needs of all students. Members of the always individuals in the background who are "paving Board of Education work tirelessly to make excel the way" so to speak. Behind AHS students are a lence in education a way of life for 1,341 AHS stu group of dedicated citizens who give freely of their dents. time their efforts to provide a school system that Mr. James Smith Business Mgr.! Financial Supervisor diflllill M .. .. s p Mr. Wendell Watson f ' Maintenanceffransportation Supervisor kt ww-1 ali'-sv 5 wma., lm" W y rw L. f A... A M f 5 1 .,. y fi E HHS HDMINISTBHTIUN ""V"'G 'Hema' Mrs. Jack Bradshaw HBKHNSHS HIGH SCHOCI. STI'-IFF Mrs Mrs. Martin Filogamo Mrs Frances Stewart Mrs DaV1d P0196 Mrs. Nell Brown Bookkeeper Mrs. Debra Banks Athletic Funds Secretary Mrs. Debra English Cafeteria Secretary Mrs. Martha Johnson Administrative Assistant Mrs. June Little Administration Secretary Mrs. Linda Moon Bookkeeper Mrs. Barbara Smart Bookkeeper Mrs. Juanita Brown School Food Director STHFF OF SUPEBINTENDENT DePanme"t HTHLETIC DEPHRTMEN Mr. Jim White Head Coach Football Athletic Director Mrs. Kathleen Bell Head Coach Volleyball Gymnastics Mr. Billy Bock Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Mr. Phillip Brasher Varsity Football Varsity Tennis Mr. Mike Cherry Head Coach Boys' Basketball Mr. David Easley Varsity Football Golf Mrs. Glenda Miller Red Jackets Cheerleaders Physical Fitness Mr. Marve Register Varsity Football Head Coach Girls' Basketball Mr. Rex Stone Varsity Football Junior Varsity Basketball Girls' Track Mr. Roy Walker Varsity Football Boys' Track ,,,..4smw-Afailm VISgt. William McConnell AFJROTC I, II, III, IV Mrs. Allison Coble Department Chairman Shorthand I Typing I, II Mrs. Sandra Furlow Office Machines Typing I Accounting I Mrs. Lela Harrison Typing I Office Machines Coach David Easley Health Miss Jan Latimer Health Coach Marve Register Health HEROSPHCE EDUCHTION BUSINESS HDMINISTBRTION nepnnrmem AFJROTC I. II. Ill. IV Mr. Terry MacQueen JET Record Keeping Typing I Mrs. Beth Sullivan Accounting I, II Typing I X N enucnrlou if OB HEI'-ILTH FINE Ill'-ITS DEPHBTMENT HRT Mrs. Jo Morgan Mrs. Jeanie Art II, III, IV AFI I, II MUSIC DEPHBTMENT 1 ffm, , Vnfiii , . .M I yi , .VV A , K WN.. 9 I I 9 LD! A W ITE W .Z Mr. George Gamble Mr. Robert Williams MVS- Betfy JO? MOUTOC Stage Band Assitant Band Director, Marching Band Madflgal Singers Music Literature Chorale Singefs Marching Band Mrs. Mary Ann Fricks Mrs. Judy Jones French I, II, III, IV Spanish I, II, III Q 4 , 12 I Mr Lf-INGUHGE HBTS DEPHBTMENT Mrs. Josephine Beck Department Chairman English Composition English IV Mrs. Lillian Bjork English IV Journalism Mrs. Elizabeth Green English Il Mrs. Pat Harris Gifted and Talented English Ill s. Bernice Henderson English Ill Speech Mrs. Martha Howard English IV English Composition Mrs. Carolyn Hubbard Mrs. English II English IV Miss Linda Hughey English II Mrs. Sandy Lane English III Mrs. Juanita Larry English II Mrs. Bette Mills English III Betty Jane Thornton English III 4-0 9' R lr jfs fi P .1 x V' '45 Yi' Xi , Q Mrs. Cam Wilson English II G! if a atm ii ,-i 4 NIHTHEMI-ITIC DEPHI'-ITMEN Mrs. Jennifer Bates General Math Algebra I Mrs.' Frances Rogers Trigonometry Geometry Mrs. Beverly McBride Algebra I, II General Math Consumer Math Mrs. Mary McPherson Algebra I, II Calculus Mrs. Betty Stuckey General Math Algebra I Mrs. Marguerite Wells Algebra I General Math Geometry Mrs. Billie Williams Trigonometry Geometry Consumer Math Mr. Larry Witherspoon Department Chairman Geometry Algebra Il SCIENCE DEPHBTMENT Mr. Mike Cherry Biology I Mr. John Dempsey Biology I Zoology Mr. William Dempsey Department Chairman Physics Photography Mr. Tony Hartman Chemistry Mr. O. W. Lollies Biology Mr. Mike Sheets Biology I Chemistry I Mrs. Kathy Sherfey Biology Mr. Robert Stuckey Biology :PI-IRTME SOCIHI. STUDIES Mrs. Juanita Bass American History World History Mr. Jimmy DeMoss American History Personal Adjustment Mr. Isaac Floyd American History World History Mr. Robert Goeller American History Current Affairs Mrs. Kathy Gross World History Economics Mr. Jessie Keeton World History Black History Susan Sanders Sociology-Psychology American History Mr. W. T. Stevens American History Personal Adjustment Mr. James Ward Department Chairman You and the Law wut Mrs. Barbara Walker American History American Govemment SPECIRI. STUDENT SERVICES RV MEDIR Mr. Jimmy DeMoss B A.V. Coordinator RLTERNRTIVE CENTER .... Y' Mrs. Emmy Gamble Miss Debra Scott GUIDRNCE COUNSELORS Mr. Ben Knox Mr. Don Kyle Mr. Robert McDonald X L MEDIR CENTER RESOURCE CENTER SRFETV PROGRR Mrs. Carolyn McGee Librarian 'QRS' V f nv' 4 Fx? ... Q . '58 ,f Y is X 1 ...,, - 'V L f ' , , 'I Mrs. Barbara Long Mrs. Betty Potter Mrs. Francene Franklin RIVER SHFETV TRHINING .44 yi., Mr. Eldrew Dansby and Mr. O. L. Pearson in . Qfnffg 1 ,M f I S X ' 49, Z .7 4 an a Q 0 Mr. Marve Register VOCHTIONHL DEPHRTMENT fx i f 6 f ,en v A SA n. Mr. Keith Anthony Mr. Allen Binne Distributive Education Mrs. Cindy Bowen Cosmetology QM.-Q, .yv RR Q - ,..,....-...f -Q S Mr. Sammy Bray Mrs. Winona Bryant Mr. Mark Burger Mr. Jim Cargile Animal Science Home Economics, Clothing, Auto Body Welding Aide Agriculture Interior Decorating, Foods WM Y. ix 1 'fi Q W. Mal E VOCHTIONH Mr. Robert Collins Mechanical Drawing I, II Architectural Drawing Ms. Cynthia Crisp Occup. Home Economics I, II Mr. Alvin Harris Welding Mr. L. E. Holmes Building Trades Mrs. Pat Lach Coordinated Office Education G.O.P, Mrs. Jeanie Lee Cosmetology Shawna Matthews Employmentability Coordinator Mr. Archie Miller ICT Mr. Henry McClemens Auto Mechanics Mr. Troy Monroe CCE Mr. Bob Rash Assistant Vocational Director Mr. J. D. Ryther Vocational Director DGPHBTMENT t M W f 42,34 .W tg H 4 I 6 X Q a s it gl 2 N ' i if 'L e 1 54 mf t at dx . .." T, 4v,-' V ,,.. H" ' It S I tiff i e ,M W 1 152,129 ty J fi fh 'Q' f 58: 'QSM 2? QQ ' Q GZ, teie 41 Y S, Qgilim .Q It what t V Mr. Jerry Shipp Mr. Harold Terry MF- Lloyd THFPICY 1 sy KX J, Distributive Education Electronics Gf21PhiCS AHS 1 -i N Mr. Ronald Schmiege Director "Leonard Bemstein' Nelson directing the Razorback Band in a Auto Mechanics stirring rendition of "Jingle Bells." r.. Bryant and her FH Aers entertain faculty at Christmas luncheon and reception. BOOK and The DOC The 1982 seniors express their feelings and bid farewell to their teachers who have helped "pave the way" and who have lead them and walked with them through AHS on their f'Road to Successf v Don't know much about history. Don't know much biology. Don't know much about science books. Don't know much about the French I took. But I do know that I've leamed a lot. And I know with all the things I've got What a wonderful world this will be. Don't know much about geography. Don't know much trigonometry. Don't know much about algebra. Don't know what a slide rule is for. But I do know one and one is two. And because of times spent with you, What a wonderful world this will be. Senior teachers bid farewell to the Seniors of 1982 Believe in yourself. Believe you were made To do any task without calling for aid. Believe without growing too scornfully proud That you as the greatest and least, are endowed. A mind to do thinking, two hands and two eyes Are all the equipment God gives to the wise. Believe in yourself! You're divinely designed And perfectly made for the work of mankind. This truth you must cling to through danger and pain The heights man has reached you can also attain. Believe to the very last hour, for it's true, That whatever you will youlve been gifted to do. 9f1vw?"w"'-Q ' Swm JWWM 90P'5""" A-T iw infer' , ,M .av 186 if X MW '58 IWW SENIOR CLIISS OFFICERS Fritzi Nelson, President Cindy Bair, Vice President Hqm Jefferson, Secretory-Treasurer 4 ,M SANDY ADKINS TIM ALLEN Stage Band '80-'82g Marching Band '80-'82, All-Region Band '80, '81, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, Solo and Ensembles '80, '81g Kindler Award '80, Environmen- tal Science Committee '81g Band Council Vice-President '82. SHARON DENISE TIMOTHY MARK ADAMS ADCOCK Baseball Team '8lg Building Trades Future Business Leaders of America '81, '80-'82. SUNDAY ALLEN ROTC '80-'82, PTSA '80-'82: French Club '81, ROTC Drill Team 'Sl-'82g Model Rocketry '81-'82g Office Aide '82. RICHARD ANDREWS Key Club '80-'82, Spanish Club '80, '8lg Golf Team '80, Tennis Team '81, '82g Madrigals '82, ALICIA RENEE ARMSTRONG Teachers Aide '8lg Red Jackets '81, MARY ANTWINE IIE::lur52Farrners '81, '82, HERO Histo- DEBBIE ASHCRAFT Red Jackets '80, French Clut '80, '81, '82, Homecoming Committee. RODNEY AUNIILLER Golf'8l. '82, VICA Club '82. SCARLETT LYNETTE ARNOLD AHS Singers '80, '81, '82, Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82, Powder Puff '81, Prom Committee, Homecoming Committee. MARY ASHBY Red Jackets '80, Junior Varsity Cheer- leader '81, Student Council Represent- ative '80, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, Office Aide '81, Powder Puff '81, Girls' State '81, Varsity Cheerleader '82, Madrigals '81, '82, C.O.A. '82. CIN DY BAIR Red Jackets '80, French Club '80, '81, '82, Gifted 8: Talented '80, '81, '82, Future Business Leaders of Amel'ica '81, '82, Future Teachers '81, '82, Ten- nis '80, '82, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Powder Puff '81, Teachers Aide '81, Student Council, Sr. Vice-President. 1 WILLIAM EDWARD BANN IV GXT '80, '81, Key Club '80, '81, '82, Spanish Club '80, '81, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Golf'80, '81, '82, Boys' State '81, Powder Puff Queen '81, Quiz Bowl '81, National Honor Society '82, Mu Alpha Theta '82, Speech Club '82. i KENNETH ATKINS "KAVEY" Junior Varsity Football '80, Var sity Football '81, Carpentry '82 Teachers Aide '82, Track '82 Outstanding Young Man '82, I tice Machine '82. CIN DY BAILEY Future Business Leaders America '80, '81, '82, Red kets '80, Student Council Repre sentative '80, Nike '81, '82, Pow der Puff Escort '81, COE '82. , JO ANN BASSETT JCT '81, '82, V1CA'82. CINDY BEAUFORD Homecoming Committee '80, Teachers Aide '80, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Future Teachers '81, Fu- ture Business Leaders of America '81, '82, COE '81, '82, Delta Club '81. x STEVE BARNES Varsity Football '80, '81, '82, Track '80, '81, Ark. High 51,000 pounds Club, SAC '81, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82, Future Teachers '82, Outstanding Young Man '82, ALLEN BASHAM Track '80, DECA '81, '82, Track '82. REBECCA BERRY Stage Band '80, '81, '82, Marching Band '80, '81, '82, Band Council '80, '81, All-Region Band '80, '81, '82, Solo 8: Ensemble '80, '81, '82, St. Louis Spring Trip '80, SAU Math Contest '81, Powder Puff '81, National Honor Society Social Chairman '82, Who's Who, Society of Distinguished Ameri- can High School Students. TRACY LYNN BERRY Speech '82, Track '82, Outstanding Young Man. CRISTI BEASLEY Speech Club '82, FBLA '82, PTSA '82. SHELLY BECKHAM French Club '80, '81, Band '80, Flagette '80, Mu Alpha Theta '81, 3rd Place Science Fair '80, Counselor Aide '81, Nike '82, DECA Vice President '82, Wh0's Who, Prom Committee. TOMMY BIN NS FFA '80g OHE '81g AV Media '8lg Library Club '81, Young Re- publicans '81, '82g Art Club '82g Inner Club Committee '82, Of- fice Aide '82g Razorback Staff '82g Porker Staff. SCOTT BLACK Junior Varsity'Football '80, '81, Junior Varsity Basketball '80g Varsity Golf '80-'82g Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80-'82, Vice President '82. CHET H, BIGGERS Art Club '80g I.C.T. '81, '82g VICA ,81 Pr -d V82- TERESA BRIDGETTE i es' en BIGLOW VALYN DA S. BIRDWELL Red Jackets '80, '81g F.F.A. '81, '82, Powder Puff'81 3 You and the Law '8lg Typing I '81g F.B.L.A. '82g Speech Club '82g General Office Practice '82g Teachers Aide '82. ALLENA BOLTON DAVID BOYLES Spanish Club '80g Gifted and Talented '80, '81g Bass Club '80g Junior Varsity MILLARD STEVEN BOYCE Football '80g Varsity Football '81, '82g Powder Puff '8lg Boys' State '81.g Teachers Aide '82. DAVID WAYNE BRANDON VICA '81, '82, Welding I '81, '82, Agriculture '81, TERESA G. BREWER Varsity Basketball '80, '81, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '80-'82, PTSA '80-'82, Spanish Club '81, '82, Junior Varsity Basketball '80, '81, Powder Puff '81, Future Business Leaders of America '82, Future Farmers of America Vice-President '82, Young Democrats '82, Coopera- tive Office Education '82, Razor- 'back Booster Club '82. MICKEY BRAGGS Marching Band '80, '81, O.H.E. '82, Outstanding Young Man Award '82, Speech Club '82. GWEN DOLYN ELLEN BRAINERD Gymnastic Team '80, '81, Red Jackets '80, '81, Young Republicans '80, '81, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, '81, Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82, Teachers Aide '81, Powder Puff Escort '81, Future Teach- ers of America '82, Homecoming Committee '82, Prom Committee '82, Texarkana Junior Miss Contest. SUSAN ANNETTE BROWN Art Club '81, '82, Speech Club '82. MELISSA KAYE BRUCE Mu Alpha Theta '81, Young Demo- crats '81, Girls' State '81, Office Aide '81, '82, Nike Club '82, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '82, Porker Staff '82, Razorback Staff '82, Home- coming Royalty '82. JIMMY BREWER "JlMBO" D.E.C.A. '81, Electronics '82 Baseball Team '82. BRUCE HERBERT BROOKS MARSHA BRUICK I Spanish Club 80' Red Jackets' 80 81' VERLIN STEVE BRUCE 82' Mechanical Drawing 82. Future Business Leaders of America Amenca 81' Student Council Repre- sentative '81' N.H.S. Secretary- Treasurer 82' Razorback Staff '82' Porker Staff '82' Homecoming Com- mittee 82' Prom Committee 82' lnner Club Committee 82. Y i , . 1 32 "W i - 1 ' . Zi . . , Auto-Mechanics '81, '82, Speech Club '81, President 82, Future Teachers of M - 7 - - y - v v - v, A75 Q q 1 7 1 H 7 , X at 1 l 1 ft M Y ' A l A N fit A SAN DRA LEA BULLARD Library Aide '81, '82, Teachers Aide '81, Attended T.C.C. '82, Who's Who Among American High School Students '82, Na- tional Honor Society '82, Hero Club Vice-President '81, VERONICA BYRD t f ,jf , -f ' 5 kt fa i,tliieoii2 is , 5 g i l , ,t iff l':, - A JON CAE RY Boys' State '81, Auto Mechanics '80- '82, Student Council '81, '82, Home- coming Committee '8l3 Varsity Foot- ball '82, Who's Who Among American High School Students '80, '8l. SUSAN TERESA C AN DELARI A Student Council Representative '80, '81, Spanish Club '82, Program Chair- man '80, President '81, Marching Band '80-'82, Nike '81, Secretary '82, Solo and Ensemble '80, '81, Band Maid '80, Homecoming Committee '80, Prom Committee '82, National Honor Soci- ety '81, '82, Girls' State '82, Madrigals '82, All-Region Band '81, All-Region Choir '81, Chorales '81, Band Council Secretary-Treasurer '82, Spring Trip - si. Lduas '80, KERVIN "MAGIC" BURTON Auto Mechanics '81, P.T.S.A. '81, Speech Club '82, Baseball Team '82. MICHELLE CABALLE RO Gymnastics Team '82. ANDREW CHEATI-IAM R.O.T.C. '80-'82, VICA Club '81, Speech Club '82. DENNIS CHUMLEY Band '80-'82, Stage Band '80-'82g and Escon '80-'82, Key Club 80-'82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80-'82g Band Camp at I1-isu 'swszg Southem Arkansas University '80, '81, P.T.S.A. '80-'82, Gifted and Talented '80- '82g Homecoming Committee '80-'82, Who's Who Among American High School Students '82, 4 First Place awards at Solo Ensemble '80, 8 First Place Solo and Ensemble '8Ig Band '81g All-State Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Powder Puff '8lg Teachers of America '81, Band Council '82, Track '80, U Math Contest '82. J l CINDY CARLTON Varsity Basketball '80-'82, vVolleyball Team '80-'82, Track Team '80-'82, French Club '80g Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes '80-'82, Mu Alpha Theta '80, Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, Environ- mental Awareness Committee '81, Homecoming Committee '82g Physics Club '82g Young Democrats '82g Gifted and Talented Program '80-'82, lst and 2nd Place Local Regional '80-'8lg 3rd Place State Science Fair. DAVID CHANDLER Art Club '80, Welding I '8lg,Welding II '82, Future Farmers of America '82. ' lt xi I r X LISA JEAN CLEMENT Red Jackets '80, '81, Captain '821 Gifted and Talented '80, '81, French Club '80, '81, President '82, Homecom- ing Committee '80-'82g National Honor Society '81, '82, MONICA CLEMENTS French Club '80-'82, Gifted and Tal- ented '80, '81, P,T.S.A. '80-'82g Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '81, '82g Future Teachers of America '81, '82- Young Democrats Secretary '82. v CONNIE CHESSIR Red Jackets '80-'81, Outstanding Red Jacket '82, Spanish Club '81, Art Club '82, Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82, Fu- ture Teachers of America '81, '82, Reporter for F.B.L.A. '82. FRANCES CIGAINERO Red Jackets '80, '81, Homecom- ing Committee '81, '82g Prom Committee '8Zg French Club '81, Future Business Leaders of America '82, Future Teachers of America '82, VELMA COLLINS TAMMIE COMBS SAC '80g I.C.T. land II '81, '82g VICA '81, '82. VIOLA LEE COBURN NURMA COLLINS I I MIKE COOPER An club 'scrszg Gifted and memed MICHAEL COPELPEN D, '80,'8l: Key Club -80: Young Demo- Jumor Varsxty Football 80, 81 crats '80g Talent Show '8l. DECA '82' ROBIN COLLUM Future Farmers of America '80 '8lg DECAI'81g DECA II '82. JOEY COOK Art Club '80-'82g Future Bus ness Leaders of America '82. CHARLES P. COTTEN III Marching Band '80g Solo and En- semble '80g Auto Mechanics '81 VICA '81, '82g Powder Puff '81 A.F.J. '82: ROTC '82. JERRY CRAWFORD ll, JIMMY CORBELL JEFFERY CORBETT Ag. Mechanics '80g Drivers Ed. '80g Gifted and Talented '80g Environmen- Plant and Soil Science '8lg Horticulture tal Awareness Committee Vice- '81g Animal Science '82. President '81, '82g Science Fair Winner '8l. ROBERT B. CRITTENDEN, JR. Future Farmers of America '80-'82g Junior Executive Training '82. DALLIS A. CUMMINGS Little Rock Mills '80g Future Business Leaders of America '80g Teachers Aide '8lg Office Aide '8lg Powder Puff '8lg Nike Club '82g DECA '82g Future Teachers of America '82. JOEL CRANE Future Farmers of America '80- '82g Carpentry '8l: Speech Club '82 KIM CRAWFORD Gymnastics Team '80-'82g Fel- lowship ofChristian Athletes '82. RICKY LADON DAVIS DARENEISCIA RENE DEAVER Varsity Volleyball '80-'82g Var- sity Basketball '80-'82g Girls' Track Team '80-'823 Advisory Committee '80-'823 Hall of Fame '801 Powder Puff Football '8lg Delta Club '81, '82g Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '81g Fel- lowship ofChristian Athletes '82g Homecoming Committee '82g Prom Committee '82g Future Teachers of America '821 Na- tional Women's Track Award '82g Student ofthe Month in So- cial Studies '821 Senior Play '82. JEFF DAVIS Junior Varsity Football '80, '8lg VICA '81g Speech Club '82, .IOHNNIE RAY DAVIS CHRISTINE DEBRA DOLESHAL Transfer from Fountain Lake High School. Office Aide '82g Art Club '82g Teacher Aide '82g Varsity Cheerleader '80g Beta Club '80g Varsity Track '80. JEFF DONAL DSON Junior Varsity Football "80g Junior Varsity Basketball '80g Varsity Track '80-'82g Key Club '80g Gifted and Tal- egged '80-'82g Young Democrats '81- TRACEY A. DEAN Young Democrats Secretary '80, President '81, Vice-President '82, State Convention Delegate I8l, National Convention Dele- gate '81g Gifted and Talented '80-'82g Foreign Language Festi- val '80, '8lg Sadie Hawkins Committee '80g Prom Committee '82g Homecoming Committee '82q Spanish Club '80-'82g French Club '82g Who's Who Among American High School Students '811 Powder Puff Escort '81g Nike Club '81, '82g PTSA '81, '82g Future Teachers of America '82g Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes '82g Porker Staff '82g Razorback Staff '82g Project Bridge '82g Carter-Clinton Headquarters for Campaign '81g Quiz Bowl '82g Presidential Classroom '82. DANIEL ALVIN DIEFFENBACHER Art Club '80-'82g Fellowship o Christian Athletes '81, '82g Boys' State 'S2g Who's Who Amon American High School Students '81g Key Club '82. GARY LYN DUNCAN Junior Varsity Football '80, Junior Varsity Track '80, PTSA '80-'82, Razorback Booster Club '80, '82, Boys' State '81, Future Business Leaders of America '81 , '82, Junior Executive Training '82, Fall and Spring Conference '81, '82, Track '81, TERRY EAVES DECA I '81, DECA II '82. TORRIE ANN DREWERY Majorette '80-'82, Band Maid '80-'82, Gifted and Talented '80-'82, Student Council Representative '81, '82, Senior Play Orchestra '80, Nike Club '81, '82, Presidential Classroom '82, Band Council '82, Junior Miss Contestant '82, Speech Club '82, Madrigals '81, '82, Powder Puff '81, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '81, Future Teach- ers of America '81. CAROL ANN DUKE Student Council Representative '80, '82, Junior Class President '81, Miss AHS Pageant '80, Gifted and Talented '80-'82, French Club '80-'82, Red Jac- kets '80, Homecoming Committee '80- '82, Nike Club '81, President '82, Girls' State '81, Gym Theater '81, '82, Y-Teen State Officer '81, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents '8l, Young Republicans '82, Fu- ture Teachers of America '81, '82, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, Porker Staff '82, Razorback Staff '82, Prom Committee '82, Speech Club '82, Inner Club Council '82, Presidential Classroom '82, Y-Teens '80-'82, Quiz Bowl '82. TONY EDWARDS Art Club '80, '81, Band '80-'82, Stage Band '81, '82, Madrigals '81, '82, Band Council '80, '81, Solo and Ensemble '80, lst Band All-State Band '80, '81, All-Region Band '80, '81, Powder Puff '81, Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, Gifted and Talented '81, Best Soloist '81, Best Eri- semble Kindler Award '81, National Honor Society '82, Band Escort '82, Band President '82. TINA ELAM GEORGE Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82, Cosmetology '81, VICA Treasurer '81, COE '82. SHARON M. EASLEY Future Farmers of America '80- '82, Sweetheart '82, PTSA '80- '82, French Club '80, Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, Mu Alpha Theta '82, Young Democrats '82. RONALD WAYNE E DWAR DS Art Club '80-'82, PTSA '80-'82, Four States Fair Art Show '81- '82, Govemor's School '81, SAU Math Contest '80-'82, Honorable Mention, Four States An Show '81, 2 First Place and Best of Show, Texarkana Area Art Show '80, '8l. HOLLISA ETHERIDGE Junior Varsity Basketball '80g Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Environ- mental Awareness Committee '8lg VICA '82. VICKIE EWIN G Future Farmers of America '81, '82g Speech Club '82. WENDY S. ELLIOTT Future Farmers of America '80, '81g VICA - Drafting '8lg VICA '82g PTSA '81g Oflice Aide '81, Sgt. at Arms '81, '82g Speech Club '82. JAMES PAUL EMERSON Marching Band '80, '8lg Future Farmers of America '81, '82g SAU Math Contest '8lg Mu Alpha Theta '82g Speech Club 82. MICHELLE M. EVE RETT Transferred Student '80g Spanish Club '81, '82g Powder Puff Foot- ball '81g Red Jackets '81g Varsity Cheerleader. COLLINS FERGNSON SHAWN S. FIFIELD MICHELLE RAE FETT DECA I '8l3 DECA II '82g Speech Club '82. JEFF FOMBY Football '80, '81, '82g Baseball 80, '82g Homecoming Commit- ee '82g Art Club '82g Fellowship f Christian Athletes '82. RUSS FORMBY Epeech Club '825 VICA '82g TSA '82. JOANNE FLOYD Red Jackets '80, '81g Varsity Cheer- SID FLANAGAN leader '82g French Club '80, '8l: Delta Football '809 ICT '31, ViCC-PH-!Sid6l1! Club Treasurer '81, '82g Homecoming '82g VICA '81, '82. Committee '8l, '82g Who's Who '8lg C.O.A. '82g Student Advisory Com- mittee '82g Class Favorite '80g "79 Cheerleader." DEBORAH ANN FOREMAN Student Council Representative '80g Spanish Club '80g FBLA '81, '82g COE '82g Who's Who '82: Young Republicans '82g Home- coming Committee '82. GREG FOSHEE Junior Varsity Football '80g Var- sity Football '8lg Powder Puff Coach '8l. RODNEY J. FOWLER SHEILA FRIES ROTC '80, '81g Teachers Aide 'Sly HERO I '8lg HERO Il '82, VICA '82. A , . WILLIAM FYOCK. Ill GREG GARRETT Key Club '80. '81, '82: Spanish Club '80, Young Democrats '80, State Convention '81, President '82, FCA '80, Powderpuff Roy- alty '8l, Who's Who '81, Home- coming Committee '8l, '82, Pres- idential Classroom '82: Speech Club '82, Future Teachers of America '82, Student Council '82, Prom Committee '82, Inner Club Council '82, DENISA RAE FUN DERBURG Gifted and Talented '80, '81, '82, Gym Theater '81, '82, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '80, FTA '81, '82, French Club '81, Young Dem- ocrats '81, '82, JET '82, FBLA '82, FCA '82. WIN FRED FULCE Junior Varsity Football '80, Varsity Football '81, '82, Auto Mechanics '81, '82, Powder Puff Coach '81, Outstand- ing Young Man '82, . X ' f '.' 2 : ' 8 e jlwbv - M F . A .-.- - w " , ' 'W' in-1 ' CURTIS RICHARD GARNER PTSA '80, '81, '82, lst Place Local Science Fair '80, En- vironmental Study Area '80, '81, President '82, Satellite Committee '82. LEONIA CAROLYN GEORGE RENE D. GERLACH CHRYSTAL GIBSON VICA '81, FBLA '82, Teachers Aide '82. SPHFUSYI Club '301 FBLA '3l. 'SZL C0-E. '81, '82, Speech Club '82. DOUGLAS EARL GOODNIGHT JAY KURTIS GRAY DECA Club '8lg Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '82g Homecoming Committee '82. SHERMAN DERICK GILES Mu Alpha Theta '80-'82g FTA '80-'821 Student Council '80, '8lg Golf '80-'82g Homecoming Committee '8Ig Gifted and Talented '81, '82g Young Demo- crats '82g Speech Club '82g Spanish Club '82. PAT GOODMAN VICA '81, '82g You and the Law '80. SHANE E. GREEN Cosmetology '81, '82g R.O.T.C. '82. KEVIN GREENWELL Future Farmers of America '80-'82g Gihed and Talented '80-'82g AHS Bass Hawgs '80-'82g Rodeo Club '80-'82g Varsity Football Manager '80g DECA '8lg Student Council '8lg Project Committee '8lg Porker Staff '82g Razorhzck Stalf '82g Young Republi- cans '82g Fellowship Christian Athletes '82g Future Teachers of America '82. ALLISON GORE French Club '80-'82, Student Council '80g Gifted and Talented '80, '8lg Future Teachers of America '81, '82g Art Club '8lg Who's Who Among American High School Students '8lg Gov- emor's School '8lg Razorback and Porker Stalf '82g Nike '81, Secretary '82g Young Democrats '82g Homecoming Committee '82g Junior Miss Pageant '82. CONNIE LYNNE GREEN French Club '80g l.C.T. '8l, '82g VICA Club '81, '82g Homecom- ing Committee '82g Prom Com- mittee '82. ' s ,, ZENA HALTER Cosmetology '81, '82g VICA Secretary '81, President '82g Fu- ture Business Leaders of America. PAMELA JEAN I-IAMLETT PAUL STEVEN GREGORY JAN E. HALLIBURTON Transfer Student '80, '81g Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '82g Future Teachers of America '82g PTSA '82, TANDY CURTIS HANSON Future Farmers of America '80, '81g Industrial Clubs of America '82, Sgt. at Arms '8lg You and the Law '81g Economics '82g Drivers Ed. '81g Speech Club '82. VANCE HARLAND Future Farmers of America '80g VICA '81, '82g ICT I and II '8l. ANITA WILLIAMS H A M LE TT Future Business Leaders ot America '80-'82g Future Homemakers of America '81g Teachers Aide '81, '82, DOUG HANNING Junior Varsity Football '8lg Speech Club '82g Track Team '82 SHRUIEL DENEEN HARDY ed Jackets '80, '81, Varsity heerleader '82, Student Advi- ory Committee, Secretary '81, 82, Powder Puff Football '81, Epanish Club '81, '82, Speech lub '82, Joumalism '82, COA '82, Prom Committee '82, Delta Club '82. WAN DA HAYES MARY PATRICIA HARDER Red Jackets '80, '81, Captain '82, Spanish Club '80, Secretary '81, '82, 2nd Place Geometry Contest '80, Mu Alpha Theta '80, '81, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, Homecoming Committee '80, '81, '82, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, Nike '81, '82, Na- tional Honor Society '82, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '82, Prom Committee '82. RAY HARDIN AFJROTC '80, Electronics '81, '82, VICA '81, '82. 5 . MARGARET HENDRICKS MARY HENDERSON Marching Band '80, '81, '82, Solo and Ensemble '80, '81, French Club '80, FBLA '81, '82, Rifle Corps '81, '82, Joumalism '82. LORI HARRIS DONNA HEBERT Powder Puff '81, FFA '82 Speech Club '82. af gy: -I PATTI HICKMAN Marching Band '80, French Club '80, '81, '82, PTSA '80, '81, '82, GIT '80, Homecoming Commit- tee '81, '82, Who's Who '81, Speech Club '82, Prom Commit- tee '82, Future Teachers of America '82. MIKE HILL Varsity Basketball '80, '81, '82, Varsity Track '80, '81, Baseball '81, All Conference Basketball '81. JANET CHEREE HENRY PTSA '80, '81, Marching Band '80, Homecoming Committee '80, '82, French Club '80, '81, Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82, Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, Speech Club '82, Future Teachers of America '82, Young Republicans '82, Junior Miss Contest '82. PAUL HENSLEY ROTC '80, Chess Club '80, DECA I '81, Speech Club '82, Auto Mechanics '82, PTSA '82. REBECCA LYNN HILLAND X , GWEN HOBSON Red Jackets '80, Junior Varsity Cheer- leader '81, Varsity Cheerleader '82, Student Council '80, '81, '82, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, '82, Math Con- test '80, '81, Spanish Club '81, '82, Math Club '81, '82, SAC '81, Nike '82, Junior Miss Pageant '82, Prom Com- mittee '82, PTSA '80, '81, '82, C.O.A. '82. 1 I i 5 E 1 54' gl Q 1 1 vt 5 3 EDDIE M. HILL Junior Varsity Football '80, Var- sity Football '81, '82, Junior Var- sity Basketball '80, Varsity Track '81, '82, Spanish Club '80, SAU Math Contest '80, '81, '82, Gifted and Talented '80, Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Who's Who '81, MITE Engineering '81, All Four States Area Football '82, Boys' State '81, Student Curriculum '81, National Honor Society '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82, University of Arkansas En- gineering Program, PAUL HILL Auto Mechanics '81, '82. KATHERINE HODGES MARY ANNETTE HOLLINS ROTC '8lg Office Aide '81, '82. Volleyball 80 81 SAC 81 Powder fi, Q"""Y T TONY HUNTER Key Club '80, '81, '82, Spanish Club '80, Varsity Tennis '80, '81, '82, Gihed and Talented '80, '81, Bass Club '80, Vice-President '81, Key Club Vice- President '82. ZORA JAMES Student Advisory Committee '80. '81, '82g ROTC I '80g Home- coming Committee '80, '81, '821 Future Business Leaders of America '811 Delta Club Vice President '81, President '8Zg Powder Puff Football '81, Future Teachers of America '82g Prom Committee '82g Who's Who '82g Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82 K I M SC HE N A JEFFE RSON Homecoming Committee '80, '82: ROTC AE I '80, Class Rep- resentative '8l: Social Commit- tee '81g Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82g VICA Class Reporter '8l1 ICT I '8lg ROTC Publicity Committee '823 National Young Ladies Association '82: Delta Candidate '82: Powder Puff '81. VONCILE JACKSON speech Club 'szg sAc '82, DEBRA LYNN JOHNSON Spanish Club '81g Teachers Aide '81g Future Business Leaders of America '82: COE '8Z. WILLIE ARTHUR JACKSON Junior Varsity Football '80g Varsity Football '81, '82g Future Business Leaders of America '8l. fs tat N I sxi so snayli 1 W , . I A K i s , gg yyyyttl 1 , g I :Q 1 3 4 lil , JAMES JOHNSON Junior Varsity Football '80g Track '80g Varsity Football '81, '82g Powder Puff Football Coach '81g Mu Alpha Theta Club '80, '81g SAU Math Contest '81, '82g Future Business Leaders of America '82g Who's Who '82g Out- standing Young Man '82g SAC '82. limi' LOVELL FITZGERALD JAMISON Junior Varsity Basketball '80 'SIL Key Club '80g Powder Pu Cheerleader '81g Outstandin Young Man '82g GT '82g FH '82g Teachers Aide '82. FRE DRICK JESTER ,a 11, ,,,,.,.N 4 ,Q tw . DEBBIE JONES Marching Band '80, '81, Ma- jorette '80, '81, Key Club Calen- dar Girl '80, Student Council '81, Nike '81, '82, Mu Alpha Theta '82, French Club Social Chair- man '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82, Homecoming Committee '82, Prom Committee '82. JOHN JONES Carpentry '8I, ICT-VICA '82. f,ae.m, 4, MARGARET JOHNSON Art Club '80, '81, Spanish Club '82, Who's Who '82, Four States Art Show '80, '81, Texas High Art Show and Ar- kansas High Art Show '80, '81, Arkan- sas Art Show '80, '81. PAULA GAY JOHNSON Marching Band '80, '81, Solo and En- semble '80, '81, Flagette '80, '81, Young Democrats '80, '81, Future Business Leaders of America '81, Of- tice Aide '81, DECA '82. 'U' if! S...- PEGGY KEIL Tennis '80, '81, '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, '81, '82, Red Jackets '80, French Club '80, '81, Stu- dent Council Representative '81, Nike '81, '82, Future Teachers of America '81, '82, Art Club '81, '82, Powder Puff Football '81, PTSA 2nd Vice- President '81, Nike Treasurer '82, Porker Staff '82, Razorback Staff '82. H 1 ix A W.: SHEILEA JANETTE KEN DRICK Red Jackets '80, '81, SAC '81, '82, Delta Club '81, '82, Teachers Aide '81, Red Jackets Aide '82, Future Business Leaders of America '82, Homecoming Queen '82. LISA JONES Marching Band '80, '81, Flagette '80, Captain '81, '82, St. Louis Spring Trip '80, Mu Alpha Beta Club '81, Band Council '81, Young Democrats '81, Teenage Reporter '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '81, '82, Prom Com- mittee '82, Office Aide '81, Au- xiliary Camp '81, OHE Vice- President '82. JOHN KARNOWSKI ROBERT ALFRED KESSELL Auto Mechanics '81, '82g Speech Club '82, VICA'821 PTSA '82. D A V I D KN O X Junior Varsity Football '80, Var- sity Football '81 . JAY MITCHELL KENNEDY Junior Varsity Football '80, Powder Puff Coach '81g Varsity Football '81, '82, Office Aide '82g Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82. PAMELA DAWN LANDES Homecoming Committee '80, '82g Fu- ture Fanners of America '80, '81, '82, Rodeo Club '80, '81, '82g Spanish Club '81, '82, Art Club '81, '82g Young Re- publicans '8l, President '82g PTSA '81, Powder Puh' Football '8lg Speech Club '82 TOMMY KENNINGTON LEVITA LANE AFJROTC '80, PTSA '80, '81g Office Aide '81, Teachers Aide '81, Industrial Cooperative Training '82. DIANA LYNN KINSEY AFJROTC '80, '82, Chess Club '80g Future Business Leaders of America '81g Library Aide '82g Teachers Aide '82. REBECCA KROLL AFJROTC'80g OHEI'8lg OH II '82: HERO Club '81, 82. AN DY LEWIS lFuture Business Leaders of America '81, Future Teachers of merica '81, Teacher Aide '81, owder Puff Football '81, Future armers of America '82, Office Aide '82. DEITRICH LATANJA LEWIS Homecoming Committee '80, '81, '82, Spanish Club '80, Future Business Leaders of America '81, Delta '81, '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, Junior Executive Training '81, Future Teachers of America '82, Prom Committee '82, Who's Who '82, Mu Alpha Theta '81, Powder Puff Football '81, Senior Play '82. MARY LEE STACY LETTERMAN Art I8L II 8a III '81, '82, '83, An Club DECA '81, Treasurer '82, Physical ,82 , Education Manager 82. SI-IELIA LIN DSEY ROTC '80, DECA '81, '82. GEOFFREY A. LONG Sophomore Class President '80, Young Democrats '80, '81, '82, Football '80, Track '80, NLTC Delegate '80, GXT '80, '81, '82, lst State Science Fair '80, French Club '81, '82, Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Presidential Classroom '81, Fourth Place Intemational Science 8: Engineering Fair, Madrigals '81, '82, Gym Theater '81, '82, Secondary Cur- riculum '81, Student Council President '82, National Honor Society '82, Boys' State '82, Arkansas Govemor's School '82, Delegate to Southem Association of Student Council Convention '82, Who's Who '82, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes '82, Project Bridge '82. BRENDA LEWIS HERO Club '81, '82, Speech Club '82. LINDA LEWIS Future Business Leaders of America '81, Power Puff '81, Speech Club '82, OHE '82. LETITIA C. LYLES Red Jackets '80, '81, Delta Club '81, '82, Future Business Leaders of America '82, Student Advis- ory Committee '82. AN DREW CHARLES MACK Football '80, '81, '82, Track '80, '81, '82, Powder Puff Cheer- leader '81, Gymnastic Manager '81, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes '82, Future Homemakers of America '82, Homecoming Committee '82. MELODY LYNN LOWERY Spanish Club '80, Vice President '81, Treasurer '82, Young Democrats '80, '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '80, HENRY LOU DERMILK '81, '82, Powder Puff '81, Arkansas High Art Show '81, '82, Prom Commit- tee '82, Gymnastic Team Manager '82, Four State Fair 2nd place 8a 3rd place '82, Art Club '82, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes '82, FTA '82. t ' w r,,: r V,g SUSIE LYONS Red Jackets '80, '81, PTSA '80, '8l', '82, VICA '81, '82, Future Farmers of America '81, '82, Teacher's Aide '81, Speech Club '82, Young Republicans '82, Fu- ture Teachers of America '82, Homecoming Committee '82, High School Rodeo Club '82. DONNA MACK Girls' Basketball '80, Teacher's Aide '80, HERO '81, '82, Pow- der Puff Football '81, Speech Club '82. MICHELLE MAHAFFEY WAYNE MADDOX PTSA'80,'81,MarchingBand'80,'81, FFA '80, '81, '82, Sentinel '80, Treas- Solo 8: Ensemble '80, '31, Rifle CUFPS urer '82, High School Rodeo Club '80, '81, Environmental Awareness Com- '81, '82, Welding '81, VICA '81, mittee '80, French Club'80, '81, Young Speech Club '82. Democrats '80, Red Jackets '80, Speech Club '82, DECA I '82. CHRISTINE ANN MARTIN T.B.L.A. '80g Marching Band 80, '81, Concert Band '80-'82g '.T.S.A. '80-'82g H.E.R.O. '82. L. MASHELL MARTIN Euture Teachers of America '80- 82g Student Advisory Commit- ee '80-'82g Homecoming Com- ittee '80-'82g Fellowship of hristian Athletes '80g Red Jac- ets '80, '8lg Mu Alpha Theta ath Club '80-'82g Delta Club eponer '82g Delta Club '82g rench Club '8lg Who's Who mong American High School tudents '8lg Seventh Annual athematics Contest at South- rn Arkansas University '8lg Red Captain '82g Gifted anc '82g Treasurer of Fel Athletes '82 BARRY MALONE D.E.C.A. '80-'82. WILLIAM EDWARD MALONEY Student Council '80'-'82g Key Club '80-'82g Gifted and Talented '80, '8lg Mu Alpha Theta '80g Homecoming Committee '80g Spanish Club '80, '8lg Powder Puff Announcer '8lg National Honor Society '81, '82g Boys' State '8lg District Convention of Key Club '8lg Young Republicans '823 Inter Club Committee '82g Key Club President '82g Speech Club '82. CYNTHIA MARTIN R.O.T.C. Drill Team '80-'82g R.O.T.C. '821 H.O.E. Photog- rapher '82, MARY MARTIN Spanish Club '80g Teacher's Aide '8l: HERO Club '82. TIN KATHRYN ELAINE PRESBY MAR D.E. 1 'sog 12.15. II 'azz soumem MARTINDAI-E RegionlVice President '82. Speech Club '82. C H ARLES MAXWELL Football '80g Carpentry '82g Out- standing Young Man of the Year '81, ' KATHERINE MCCLERKIN PTSA '80-'82g Red Jackets '80, '81g Homecoming Committee '80-'82g French Club '80-'82g Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '80-'823 Future Teachers of America '81 , '82g Gifted and Tal- ented '80-'82g Nike Club '81, '82g Jr. Varsity Cheerleader '8lg Var- sity Cheerleader '82g Powder Puff '81g French Club Secretary '82g National Honor Society '823 C.O.A. '82. BECKY MARTIN DALE French Club '80g Red Jackets '80, '81g Nike '8lg Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82g Future Teachers of America '8lg National Honor Society '82g FBLA Vice-President '82. SUSAN MATTHEWS Marchinb Band '80g R.O.T.C. '80-'82g Girls' Pop Ensembles '81g Homecom- ing Committee '82g Madrigals '82g Fu- ture Business Leaders of America '82g Drill Team and Model Rocketry Club '82g Public Relations Officer '82. CHARLES MCCORKLE Gifted and Talented '80, '82g All- Region Band '80, '8lg All-State Band '80g Powder Puff Majorette '80g Key Club '80g Young Republicans '82g Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '82. MATTIE MCDOLE Basketball Manager '80g Volleyball Team '80-'82g D.E.C.A. '8lg Powder Puff Football '82g Teacher's Aide '82. TAMMY MAXWELL Red Jackets '80g SAC '81, '82g Powder Puff Football '8l1 Delta Club '8lg Teacher's Aide '8lg HERO Club '82g Speech Club '82 LISA ANN MCCLURE Varsity Volleyball '80-'82g V sity Basketball '80-'823 All Tc nament Atlanta '80g Track 80-' lst Conference High Jump 2nd place meet of champs H Jump '80g All Conference '8lg State 'Sig All Tournament A High '8lg lst Place Statell- '8lg lst Meet of Champs ' State Pentathalon '8lg AK. A lete ofthe Year '8lg Powder I '8lg Nike Club '81, '82g Gi State '8lg National Honor S4 ety '81, 'SZQ French Club ' Speech Club '82g Counselm Aide '82g Fellowship of Athletes '82. REGINALD MCELROY Junior Varsity Football '80, Junior Varsity Basketball '80, Spanish Club '80, '81, '82, SAU Math Contestant '80, '81, Varsity Basketball '81, '82, Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, UofA MITE program of Engineering Attendee '81, Boys' State Nominee '81, Student Advisory Committee '82, Mu Alpha Theta Math Club '82, UofA TRME of Engineering Inductee '82, PTSA '82. LOIS MARIA MCJUNKINS PTSA '80, '81, '82, Marching Band '80, '81, '82, Stage Band Aide '81, VICA '81, FBLA '82, Speech Club '82, Young Repub- licans 82. LEE ANN MCDONALD Red Jackets '80, Gymnastics '80, Pow- der Puff Football '81, Junior Varsity Cheerleader '81, FBLA '81, Home- coming Committee '81, '82, Varsity Cheerleader '82, C.O,A. '82. BRAD MCDOWELL Art Club '81, '82, FBLA '82. X. I TERRI LYNN MILLER Red Jackets '80, '81, Captain '82, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, Spanish Club '81, President '82, Powder Puff Football '81, Drama Class '81, FCA '82, Student Council '82, Young Re- publicans '82, Who's Who in American Cheerleaders and Pep Squad Captains '82, Nike '82, Homecoming Committee '82, Prom Committee '82. GEORGIA MILLHAM Transfer from Ohio, Art Club '82, Fu- ture Teachers of America '82, Tennis Team '82. REBECCA JEAN MCGUIRE JOEL MILLER AHS Bass Club '82. CYNTHIA MOORE TERESA MOORE REGINALD MITCHELL Jr. Varsity Football '80, Jr. Varsity Track '80, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes '80, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, '82, Who's Who '81, Varsity Football '81, '82, Varsity Track '81, '82, Boys' State '81, placed in conference Track '81, Outstanding Young Man '82, 2nd place in 880 relays '81, 2nd state relays '81. JACKIE MIXON Red Jackets '80, Homecoming Com- mittee '80, '81, '82, Student Advisory Committee '80, '82, Jr. Varsity Cheer- leader '81, Spanish Club '81, Who's Who '81, National Young Ladies As- soc. '81, '82, Prom Committee '82, ROTC AEI '82. 5 eau- STEVE MOORE Future Farmers '80, '81, VICA Club '82. OSCAR OWEN MORELAND III Jr. Varsity Football '80, Base Student Council '80, Red Jackets '80, Spanish Club '80, Homecom- ing Committee '80, '81, '82, HERO Club '81, Treasurer '82, Math Club '82, Prom Committee '80, '81, RACHEL MORGAN Marching Band '30, '81, '82: 171382119 '80, '81, NIKE '82, Solo 8: Ensemble '80, '81, '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, '81, '82, All-Region Band '81, Madrigals '81, '82, All-Region Choir '81, Stage Band '82, Band Queen '82, Miss Razorback Band '82, Drum Major '82, Junior Miss Pageant '82. TIMOTHY DEWAYNE MORINE French Club '81, Mu Alpha Theta Club '81, '82, Outstanding Young Man '82. District Champs '80, Vai Football '81, '82, Baseball District 8: All State '81, S Runner-up Baseball '81, Base '82, Oliice Aide '82, Fellow of Christian Athletes '82. BRIAN NAILLING Marching Band '80, '81, Stage Band '80, '81, '82, Solo and En- semble '80, '81, St. Louis Spring Trip '80, DECA '82. FRITZI NELSON Sophomore Vice President '80, Red Jackets '80, Mu Alpha Theta '80, '81, Homecoming Commit- tee '80, '81, '82, Student Council '80, '81, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, FTA '81, '82, FCA '81, '82, Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, Delta Club Secretary '81, Powder Puff '81, National Honor Society '82, Presidential Classroom '82, Senior Class President '82. JULIE KAREN MORPHEW Marching Band '80, '81, '82, FBLA '81, '82, Spanish Club '81, '82, Future Teachers of America '82. SHERI MUSGROVE Animal Science '80, I.C,T. '81, '82. 5 ef'-.w V A, ,,,, , T, SUSAN E. NIELSON Future Business Leaders of America '81, Deca Club Reporter '82. SARAH ANNETTE NIX Young Democrats '80, Vice President '81, Spanish Club '80, '81, Homecom- ing Committee '80, '8l, '82, Prom Committee '82, Sadie Hawkins Com- mitte '80, Environmental study area committee '80, Candy Cane Commit- tee '80, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Teacher's Aide '80, '81, Mu Alpha Theta '81, FBLA '82, Young Republicans '82, C.O.E. '82. TONYA GEANICE NEAL Marching Band, Solo and En- semble '80, Teacher's Aide '81, FBLA '82, Spanish Club '82. TAMMY LISA NEWSOM FBLA '80, '81, '82, Spanish Club '80, COE '81, '82, Young Repub- Iicans '82, Homecoming Com- mittee '82. WILLIAM ALLEN OSWALD BRENDA OWENS ROTC '80, DECA '82, KEVIN OAKS Transfer Student from John Jay High School, San Antonio. .IEFFERY C. ORTEGA Transferred from Arizona '80g Young Republicans '81, '82g A.V. Media '8lg Joumalism '82, Yearbook Staff '82. KAY PALMER Red Jackets '80, '81g Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82g Teacher's Aide '81g Powder Puff Football 'Sly Cooperative Office Education '82g Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '82, GREG D. PARDUE Gifted and Talented '80, '81g Key Club '80, '82g Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes '80g Young Democrats '81, '82g Carter-Clinton Campaign Headquar- ters '815 Carter Advance Team Head- quarters '8lg DECA Club '82g Miller County Young Democrats '82g Track '82. LANCE OWEN Agriculture '80g P.T.S.A. '80- '82g DECA '81, '82. JONI LEIGH PAGE Flagette '80, '81g Marching Ban '80, '81, A11-Region Band '80 '81g Solo and Ensemble '80-'82 Spring Trip to St. Louis '80g A Club '8lg FTA '811 Four Stat Fair Art Show '81, Honorabl Mention '81g Drum Major '82 Band Council '82g Nike '82 Prom Committee '82g Homecom ing Committee '82g Razorbac Staff '82, Porker Staff '82. JENNIFER PATTON Class Secretary-Treasurer '80, Student Council '80, Spanish Club '80, '81, Red Jackets '80, Nike '81, J.V. Cheerleader '81, Future Business Leaders of America '81. DONNA MARIE PENNINGTON Band '80, '81, Young Democrats '80, Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, French Club '8l. VICKIE ELAINE PARKS Flagette '80, Band Maid '80-'82, French Club '81, Majorette '81, '82, Delta Club '82, Who's Who Among American High School Students '82, FTA '82, Band Council '82. JOHN D. PARSONS Mu Alpha Theta Math Club '80, '81, Chess Club '8lV82, PTSA '80-'82, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, AFJ- ROTC '80-'82, TCC Piano Contest lst '80, Arkansas State Music Teachers Assoc. Festival, Superior '80, Arkan- sas Govemor's School '81, Arkansas Boys' State '81, National Honor Soci- ety '81, '82, Who's Who Among American Hlgh School Students '81, Local Science Fair, lst Engineering '81, Regional Science Fair, lst Engi- neering '81, Air Force Award '81: Army Award '81, Navy Awand '81, State Science Fair, 2nd Engineering, Arkansas State Mus. Teach. '81, As- soc. Fest., Superior '81, TCC Piano Contest, 2nd '81, Inter Club Commit- tee '82, Chess Club President '82. RUSSELL S. PAYANT Transferred from Wurzburg. Germany. VIRGINIA ANN PENNY Young Democrats '80, Candy Cane Committee '80, PTSA '80, Nike '81, '82, Teacher's Aide '81, Mu Alpha Theta '81, Who's Who Among American high School Students '81, DECA Club '82, DECA Secretary '82, Prom Committee '82. AMY ELIZABETH CARLAS ELAINE PEOPLES PHILLIPS SIGI-ILE PICKETT Volleyball '80, '81, '82, Track '80, '81, '82, Basketball '80, '81, '82, FBLA '81, Office Aide '81, '82, Delta CIub'8l, '82,SAC'81, Powder Puh' Football '81, Con- ference Champs '81 in volleyball and track, Teacher's Aide '81, NIKE '82, Future Teachers of America '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82, Who's Who '82, U,S. National Track Award Winner '82, Homecoming Committee '82. CHARLEY AN DREW PITCHFORD, JR. PTSA '80, '81, '82, A.F..I.R.O.T.C. '80, '81, '82, Drill Team '81, '82, Model Roc- ketry Club '8l, '82, Library Aide '8l: Deputy Squadron Comman- der '82: Office Aide '82, Speech Club '82. KELLE GWEN PHILLIPS Red Jackets '80, '81, Gymnastics '80, '81, Student Council '81, '82, NIKE '81, '82, Young Republicans '81, '82, Spanish Club '81, '82, Social Chairman '81, FCA '81, '82, Homecoming Com- mittee '81, '82, Powder Puff Football '81, Varsity Cheerleader '82, Future Teachers of America '82, COA '82. LISA DIANE PHILLIPS Red Jackets '80, '81, Young Demo- crats '80, '81, SAU Math Contest '80, French Club '80, '81, '82, Homecom- ing Committee '80, '81, '82, Environ- mental Study Area Committee '80, Mu Alpha Theta Club '81, '82, National Honor Society '81, '82, NIKE '82, FBLA '82, Prom Committee '82. BOBBY POPE Key Club '80, '81, '82, Powder Puff Emcee '81, DECA '81, President '82, Speech Club '82, Inner Club Council '82, DECA delegate to national Con- vention. CHARLES JAMES PORIER Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Future Teachers of America '81, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '82, Key Club '82, National Honor Society President '82, Student Council '82, Boys' State Delegate '82. MARVIN PIERCE Jr. Varsity Basketball '80, Var- sity Basketball '8l, '82. CHRIS POINDEXTER Track '80, Auto Mechanics '81, OHE '82, Photography '82, PTSA '82, CHARLES DAVID PRESTON Marching Band '80-'82, Work Crew '80, Chess Club President '81, Presidential Welcoming Committee '81, Stage Band '82, All-Region Band '82, Powder Pud' Band '82g "T-Bone" Players Convention '82. TERI LYNN PRICE Gifted and Talented '80, Young Democrats '80, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, Marching Band '80, '81, Flagette '80, '81, Student Council '80g Solos and Ensembles '80g Stag Band '81, Future Teachers of America '81, Future Business Leaders of America '81, DECA '82. RODNEY LAVAUGN PREE JULIE POWELL Basketball '80-'82, speech Club '82. v I CHARLES RODNEY PRICE ROTC '80, '81, Track '81, '82, FCA '81, Office Aide '81, PTSA '81, '82, HERO '82: Speech Club '82 BRIAN E. PRUDHOMME Spanish Club '80, PTSA 80-'82, DECA '81, '82. ROBB IE LEE RANKIN TAMMY LYNN RATCLIFF PTSA'80-'82: Spanish Club '81, '82g Future Business Leaders of America '81, '82, Art Club '82, J.E.T. '82. RONNIE A. REED Football '80, '81, Welding '81, '82, VICA '81, '82. .IOANN RICHARDSON Student Council '80, Red Jackets '80, '81, Young Democrats '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '81, '82, FHA '81, FBLA '81, '82. FLOYD RAYFIELD DARIN REED Football '80, '81, Track '80, '81, '82. FFA '80, ICT-VICA '81, '82. RACHEL ELAINE RIVERS Spanish Club '80, '81, Red Jackets '80, '81, Young Democrats '81, '82, Home- coming Committee '81, '82, FBLA '82, ROSALYN RIVERS NIKE '82, National Honor Society '82, Prom Committee '82, DAN RICHARD TRACY ANN RICHARDSON Student Council '80, Red Jaclw '80, '81, Homecoming Comr tee '80, '81, PTSA '80, '81, ' Gifted and Talented '80, Frel Club '81, Young Democrats ' '82, Future Teachers of Amel '81, FBLA '81, '82, Porker S '82, Razorback Staff '82, Por Ad Collector '82. ' BILL ROGERS G!T '80, '81, '82g Football '80g Varsity Football '81, '82, Spanish Club '81, Vice President '82g En- vironmental Science '8l, '82. ROBERT MATTHEW SAN DE RSON French Club '80, '81, Treasurer '82g GIT '80, '8lg Golf '80, '81, '82g Key Club '81, '82g FTA '81g National Honor Society '82g Mu Alpha Theta '81 , '82, Who's Who '82, Boys' State 'Sly lst place local Science Fair '80, '81, lst Grand-Intemational Science '80, '8l. CHRIS RIZZUTTI Red Jackets '8lg Young Democrats '81, '82g FBLA '81, NIKE '81, '82g French Club '8lg Art Club '82g HERO '82, Vice President '82. JANETT DIANNE ROBERTS Red Jackets '80, Spanish Club '81, '82g SAC '81, '82: Speech Club '82g Mu Alpha Theta '82g DECA '82g Home- coming Committee '8l, '82g 2nd place talent show winner '8l. 15' DONNA SEWELL Red Jackets '80, '81, Outstanding Red Jackets '8lg Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, '8lg French Club '8lg NIKE '81, '82, Who's Who '82g Future Teachers of America '81, '82g Future Business Leaders of America '81, '823 Homecoming Committee '81, '82g PTSA '81 , '82g National Honor Society '82. KENNETH W. SEWELL Powder Puff Cheerleader '8lg Art Club '82. MARY RUCKER Choms '80, All Region '80g Mad- rigals '81, '82: ROTC '8l, '82: Art Club '82. ROCKY SANGALLI French Club '80, '81, '82g Home- coming Committee '82g Sadie Hawkins '81, '82. 'U , KATHERYN ANN SHE DLOCK Spanish Club '80, '8lg Red Jac- kets '80g DECA Club '81g Ohice Aide '8lg Future Business Lead- ers of -America '81, '82g Home- coming Committee '82. PAUL SILVEY Spanish Club '80, '8lg Teacher's Aide '81g DECA '82. i ,gi Q if FRED L. SHACKLEFORD DECA Club '80-'82. FRANK B. SHAMLIAN Mu Alpha Theta '80g South West Ar- kansas Teachers Math Contest, lst in Geometry '80g SAU Math Contest '8lg Speech Club '82g World History Stu- dent ofthe Month '82, ii RICKY SIMS Football '80, '81g Powder Puh' Maid '8lg DECA Club '82. SHARON SIMS Student Advisory Committee '80-'82g Red Jackets '80g Homecoming Com- mittee '80, '8lg Future Business Lead- ers of America '8lg Powder Puff '8lg Delta Club '8lg Spanish Club '81, '82g Mu Alpha Theta Math Contest, SAU '8lg SAU State Math Contest '81g Teacher's Aide '81g Mu Alpha Theta '82g Who's Who Among American High School Students '82. BELINDA KAY SHORT Red Jackets '80g Homecoming Committee '80-'82g Marching Band '81, '82g Powder Puff '8lg Spanish Club '82g Young Demo- crats '82. ERIN SIMS Marching Band '80, '8lg Flaggette '80, '81g French Club '80g Teacher's Aide '81g Future Business Leaders of America '82g Cooperative Oliice Education '82. PAUL CLIFTON SMELTZER CT '81, '82, VICA Club '81, 82. JAMES THOMAS SMITH CLAUDETTE SINCLAIR Marching Band '80, '81, '82, Majorette '81, Band Maid '81, A11-Re, ion Band '81, '82, Young Democrats ' ', Home- coming Committee '82, Sol and En- semble '82. ROBIN SKINNER Gifted and Talented Program '80, '81, '82, French Club '80, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Mu Alpha Theta '80, '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '80, NIKE '81, Future Teachers of America '81, '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, Gym Theatre '81, '82, Speech Club '82, Prom Committee '82, Project BRIDGE '82. CYNTHIA SMILEY Red Jackets '80, Miss AHS Pag- eant, 3rd Runner-up '80, contes- tant '81, Gifted and Talented Program '80, '81, Band '81, Na- tional Honor Society '81, '82, French Club '81, '82, Powder Puff Football '81, Homecoming Committee '81, '82, Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Girls' Choir '81, NIKE '82, State Committee Representative for Young Dem- ocrats '82, FCA '82, Junior Miss Pageant '82. LAVERNE MARIE SMITH FBLA '82, Speech Club '82, J.E.T. '82. LLOY D SMITH Varsity Baseball '80, '81, '82, Gitted and Talented Program '81, '82, French Club '81, Environmental Awareness Committee '80. ROBERT SMITH TONY-SOLOMAN Jr. Varsity Football '80, Varsity Football '81, '82, Track '80, Powder Puff Coach '81, Auto Mechanics '81, '82. JOHNNY STAN DOKES Football '80, '81, '82, Homecom- ing Committee '80, Track Con- ference Champs 8z State Champs '80, Runner-up '81, Track '80, '81, '82, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '82. . , ....f,a4f1za::a1s9-M-ww-mA.:', SUSAN ANNETTE SMITH Red Jackets '80, '81, Student Advisory Committee '80, '81, '82, Delta Club '81, '82, Girls' State '81, Homecoming Committee '81, '82, Future Business Leaders of America '82, Spanish Club Social Chairman '82, KEITH SOLLEY Spanish Club '82. 40" L ' 1 , ,?A N 3, ANTHONY STEVENSON 4-H '80, '81, '82, ROTC '80, '81, '82, 4-H President '80, '81, Electronics '81, '82, Civil Air Patrol '80, Kappa League Secretary '80, Teen Conference Club '81, DEBRA STEWARD CORINA SOPER FBLA '81, Treasurer '82, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, JET '81, COE '82, ABBY STEELE Homecoming Committee '80 PTSA '80, '81, '82, FBLA '81 Secretary '82, Young Republi cans Vice President '82, CO '81, '82, FTA '81. JERRY GLEN STONE ANDREA STRCKEY ed Jackets '803 Future Business eaders of America '8lg Future eachers of America '8lg Dis- .ributive Education '82g Student Advisory Committee '82, RANDIE SAM STEWART SHELLY STOCKTON Basketball '80, '81, '82, Powder Puff V-I-C-A Club 'SL '82s I-C-T, Secre- Cheerleader '8lg Volleyball '82, iafl' 'BL '82S FUIUTC Farmers 01 Speech Club 'gg' America '81, '82, DAWNA STOTTS Young Democrats '80q Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes '80, '8l: Future Business Leaders of America '80, '82: PTSA '8l, '82g Powder Puff Football '8l1 Teacher's Aide '8lg French Club '8l1 Young Republicans Treas- urer '821 Speech Club '82. BREN DA STUCKEY ALMA DENISE SULLIVAN SHARON ANNETTE SULLIVAN LAURA LEE TAYLOR Future Business Leaders of America '8l. '82g V.I.C.A. '8l, '82: Speech Club '82g Young Re- publicans '82g Future Farmers of America '82: Future Teachers of America '82. JAMES THOMAS TERESA ANN SWANGER Teacher's Aide '80g Miss AHS Pageant '80g Oftice Aide '80, SAC '8Oq Red Jac- kets '80g AHS Booster '80, '81, '82g Homecoming Committee '80g P.T.S.A. '80, '81, '82g Future Farmers of America '81, '82g F.F.A. Booster '81, '82g Ag. Mechanics '82g O.H.E. '82, BETTY ANN SWINT GLEN DA THOMPSON Volleyball '80, '81, '82p Basketball '80, '821 Track '80, '81, '82g Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, '82g Delta Club '8lg Spanish Club '8l. '82: S.A.C. '81, '82g Powder Puff '8lg Office Aide '82g Council Aide '82, Homecoming Com- mittee '82, REMONA THOMPSON TIMOTHY AMBORT TAYLOR Jr. Varsity Football '80, Jr. Var- sity Basketball '80, '8lg Varsity Baseball '80, '8lg Homecoming Committee '80g P.T.S.A. '80, '81, '82g Powder Puff Homecom- ing Maid '8lg Varsity Track '82g Foreign Exchange Program '82. CLARA THOMPSON Council Aide '8l1 Powder Pu Football '81g O.H.E. '81 g Spee Club '81, '82, D.E. '82. 5 ANTHONY DALE TIMMONS Art Club '80, '81, PTSA '80, '81, '82g DECA '81, '82. HORACE DEWAYNE TOLBERT Varsity Football '80, '81 3 Spanish Club 805 SAU Math Contest '80, '81, '82, Minority Introduction to IEngineering Program '81, Mu Alpha Beta '82g Who's Who Among American High School Etudents '82, Student Advisory ommittee '82, FTA '82. TONY THOMPSON Basketball '80g FBLA '80, D.E. 1 Hot Springs '81, D.E. California '81, D.E. 2 '81. STACY LYNN TIMMINS DECA Club '82, Secretary '81, State and national level competition '81, Civic Consciousness project, state and national '82, Speech Club '82. JEANETTE TRAMEL FHA '80, '81, President '82: Art Club '80: Basketball '80, '81, '82. All- Conference Basketball '80g Teacher's Aide 809 AFROTC '81, 2nd Lt. '82, Leadership School. LOIS TRAWICK MICHAEL TIMMONS JERROD TOWERS Football '80g Track '80g Welding '81, V1CA '81, Speech Club '82, Boxing Team '82, R.O.T.C. '82. KELVIN TROTTER Jr. Basketball '80: Varsity Bas- ketball '8l, '82, Boys' State '81, Who's Who '81, SAC '82g Spanish Club '825 National Honor Society '82, Student Council '82, Treasurer, Mu Alpha Theta Club '82g Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes '82. REGINALD TYOUS Carpentry '82, Outstanding Young Man '82. GAIL TREAS Jr. Varsity Volleyball '80, Varsity Vol- leyball '82, Science Fair '80g Regional Science Fair '80g Environemntal Awareness Committee '81, Mu Alpha Theta Club '8lg Powder Puff '81, FBLA '82g National Honor Society '82. DEBRA TRICE CYNTHIA VANDERSLICE French Club '80, '81, '82, Red Jackets '80, '81, PTSA '80, '81, '82g Homecom- ing Committee '80, '81, '82, National Honor Society '82, Secretary- Treasurer Jr. Class '8lg Fellowship of Christian Athletes '805 Gifted and Tal- ented '80, '81, FCA '81, '82, FTA '81, '823 Prom Committee '82, NIKE Club '81, Vice President '82, French Club Vice President '82g Tennis Team '82, Runner-Up Conference Singles '80, '81, '82g Student Council '81g Who's Who '81. CYN DI V AU GHN FBLA '8lg DECA '82, Future Teach- ers of America '82, Young Democrats '82, CAOA '82. 7, H M, ,,,. , W 5 G5-x l l - 1 DERWIN TURNER Marching Band '80, '81, '82, Band Representative '80, '81, All-Region Solo and Ensemble '80, All-Region Band '80, AHS Mixed Choir '80: Spring Trip to St. Louis '80g Boys' State '81, Govemor's School '81, All- Region Choir '81, Who's Who '81, French Club '81, Madrigals '8l,'82gStageBand'8l,'82g Out- standing Young Man '82. GIT '80 '81 '82' Homeco Committee '80 '82' French '8lg Mu Alpha Theta '8lg Te: er's Aide '81, '82g Project B '82. NEDRA UPTON . , , n , . C r lia 2' AQUONETTE WALKER Future Homemakers of America '80, VICA '81, '82: Cosmetology!President '81, Cosmetology!Vice President '82g VICA Sweetheart Finalist '8l. C I N DY W ALKE R Student Council '80-'829 Red Jackets '80, Teacher's Aide '8l: Fellowship of Christian Athletes '81g Nike Club '82g Homecoming Committee '82g Prom Committee '82, Porker Stah' '821 Razorback Staff '82g Future Teachers of America '82. GEORGE WADDELL TERESA WAGGONER Golf Team '80g French Club '80-'82g . , g Young Republicans '82, Future Busi- Fuftgj Farmers of Amenca 80' weld' ness Leaders of America '82. mg ' CATHERINE SUE WALKER Varsity Basketball '80, '81, Fu- ture Business Leaders of America '8l, '82, Environmental Study Area '8lg Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, '82q Spanish Club '81, Executive Training Program '82, National Honor Society '82. SONIA WALKER French Club '80: PTSA '80-'82g Powder Puff Football '8lg Future Farmers of America '81, O.H.E. '82. GREG WALLACE DONNIE R. WALTON Bass Club '81, '82g Electronics I '8lg D.E.C.A. I 'Sig D.C.E.A. II '82. Electronics II '82. SHELIA MARIE WASHINGTON Homecoming Committee '82. LIN DA WEAVER Razorback Marching Band '80, '81, '82, Flagette '80, '81, Flagette Captain '82, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Future Farmers of America '82, Future Business Leaders of America '82, ANTHONY W. ROBERT SCOTT WARD WASHINGTQN Spanish Club '80, Tennis Team '80, D.E.C,A. I '81, '82. '81, '82. DEANN WEEKS Marching Band '80, '81, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America '81, DECA I '82 DENA LAWAINE WHEAT Red Jackets '80, PTSA '80, '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '80, '82, VICA Chapter 2 '81, '82, Young Re- publicans '82, Future America '82, Future America Secretary '82, '82, Teacher Aide '82, '82, Future Business America '82, Mu Alpha Teachers of Farmers of Rodeo Club Speech Club Leaders of Theta '82. , 1 A 'ssrzfpf 1 AN DRE WATSON Junior Varsity Football '80, Junior Varsity Basketball '80, Varsity Football '81, '82, Mu Alpha Beta Math Club '81, '82, Powder Puff Football Coach '81, National Honor Society '81, '82, Mite Program '81, Who's Who Among American High Sch Students '81, Boys' State Car date '81, Fellowship of Christ Athletes '82, LORI K. WEBB Future Homemakers of America '80, Treasurer '81, lst Vice- President '82, Gifted and Tal- ented '80, '81, Who's Who Among American High School Students '81, Govemor's School '81, National Honor Society '81, '82, Girls' State '81, Young Democrats '81 , '82, Environmen- tal Awareness Committee '81, '82, Nike '81, Spanish Club '81, September World History Student '82. If s CAROL ANN WHITT Who's Who '81, FBLA '81, '82, NIKE '82. DON WILLIAMS Jr. Varsity Basketball '80: Li- brary Aide '81, '82. 1. DANNY WHITE speech '82. JACQUELINE WHITE Teacher's Assistant '82. , 551, fr: 1 1 X 2 LAURA WILLIAMS MARSHALL WILLIAMS Jr. Varsity Football '80g Varsity Foot- bali '81, '82, Jr. Varsity Basketball '80g Fellowship of Christian Athletes '80, '81, '82, Powder Puff Coach '81, Weld- ing '81, '82, Homecoming Committee '82. wr-pw ROBERT WILLARD Marching Band '80, '81: Stage Band '80: Football '80, '81, Track '80, A11-Region '80, '8lg FCA '81, '82, Tennis '8lg Key Club '82, French Club '82. DUNCAN WILLIAMS Carpentry '81, '82. COLETTE EVETTE WILLIAMSON Red Jackets '80, '8lg Homecom- ing Committee '80, '81, '82g Vol- leyball '80g Future Homemakers of America '80, '81, Powder Puff '81, SAU Math Contest '81g Mu Alpha Theta Math Club '81, FBLA '81g Student Advisory Committee '81, '82, Future Teachers of America '81, '82, Teacher's Aide '81, French Club '82g Library Aide '81, '82. BONNIE SUE WOO DRUFF Young Democrats '80, Cos- metology '81, '82, Teacher's Aide '81, V.I.C.A., Vice- President '81, President '82g Of- fice Aide '82g Inter Club Commit- tee '82. MARTHA WILLIAMS Future Homemakers of America '80, RONALD WILLIAMS '81, 2nd Vice-President '82, KEVIN DOU GLAS W R I G HT CATHY WOODY Football Manager '80g National Honor Society '82g Future Farmers of America '82g Math Club '82. TYNAH WILSON AHS Choir '80, '82, Teacher's Aide '81, Office Aide '82, PAULETTE DENISE WOODS Red Jackets '80, '81g SAC '80, '81, '82g Powder Puff Football '81, Delta Club '81, '82g Home- coming Committee '81, '82, French Club '82g Library Aide '82. ANTHONY RAY YARBER Track '80, J.V. Football '80, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes '80, '81, '82, Powder Puff Coach '81, Homecoming Committee '82, Varsity Football '82. EVELYN LOUISE YEAGER Homecoming Committee '80, '81, '82, Red Jackets '80, PTSA '80, '81, Gifted and Talented '80, '81, Junior Varsity Cheerleader '81, Varsity Cheerleader '82, Fu- 'ture Business Leaders of America '81, Future Teachers of America '81, '82, Vice-President '81, Nike '81, '82, National Honor Society '81, '82, Madri- als '81, '82, Girls' State Dele- ate '81, Powder Puff Football 81, Fellowship of Christian Ath- etes '82, Who's Who Among rican High School Students C.O.A. '82. MICHAEL RAY WRIGHT French Club '80, Chess Club '80, Vice-President '81, '82, AFJROTC, Logistic Specialist '80, AFJROTC Drill Team '81, '82, AFJROTC, Per- sonnel Assistant '8l, AFJROTC Model Rocketry Program '81, Officer '82, Squadron Commander '81, Home- coming Color Guard '82, Art Club '80, '81, Gifted and Talented '81, '82, AF- JROTC Leadership School '81, Young Democrats '82. i TIMOTHY WRIGHT Junior Varsity Football '80, Madrigals '81, '82, Key Club '82, Homecoming Committee '82, Student Council '82, Joumalism Photographer '82. 1 ls W ox. 'W'lnu.., +3-fi, dv-'V' KATHRINE SHUNTINA Y A RBER Red Jackets '80, Gifted and Tal- ented '80, '81, Delta Club '81, '82, Mu Alpha Theta '81, '82, Student Council '81, '82, Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes '81, '82, Future Teachers of America '81, '82, Young Democrats '81, '82, Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students '82. DEBORAH ANNETTE YOUNG Red Jackets '80, '81, Delta Club '81, '82, French Club '81, Pow- der Puff Football '81, SAC '81, '82, Library Aide '82, Future Teachers of America '82. MICHAEL LOONEY RUSSELL KENNINGTON aiw an Our Halls Pave The lllcw For Many Exciting Mr. Bill Dempsey and the Physics students build the AHS Satillite Receiving Station. Computers and electronic games were given as prizes during the first Elec- tonic Game Toumament. This event proved to be an overwhelming success. Yes, sponsored by Science Department. Vocational students become skilled workmen through actual daily experience. Mr. Keeton and his Black History classes host a sumptuous banquet for the faculty. This event is always an outstanding hap- pening ofthe year. 4 ra . ,,,,,,, ,, ,. WMM ,EFT - 'imma oppenings The Talent Show sponsored by the Stu- dent Council was an entertaining event of the second semester. Prizes were awarded for First, Second and Third place winners. The Intemational Up With People group presented a program which appealed to both students and faculty. Music, dancing, and various costumes made for an exciting, vigorous program. The charisma of this talented group of young perfor- mers was definitely felt by the audience. CThe Student Body had a note of thanks and appreciation from this Up With People group for the reception they had received from the AHS studentsj. as HHPPGNINGS FOB SUCCESS V MSQHJITFV B X FHQLQ TP N. AHS Faculty Basketball team de feated the Texas Tiger Faculty t capture the trophy in this excitin contest The Sixth Annual Science Fiction Film Festival sponsored by the Science Department featured Flash Gordon, THX-1138, and Creature From The Black Lagoon. Pop and popcorn was enjoyed also by the audience 5,9 81 ' Fofeijn Luanjvvvje- Festivd-I Hpril ao SPON5orQd by L-6. Cereals. Fvancafk Los Esfrmioies FQALtLUaQj Francis avid. SP4-N5 C.ufSlne. RAL0,-f,-e.4,K Qmfeitfv' 0 U FncH5 55na5 -Iighlighting the activities of AHS for a veekly TV feature on the Arkansas Edu he responsibility of Miss Hughey' and airs. McPherson. Advising and giving chnical assistance are Mr. Nelson, Mr 5ill Dempsey, and Mr. DeMoss. SPOTLIGHT COMMITTEE :ational Television Network NIP! ' ... 3, Ja ff .43 .,1 , f" 4- f SENIOBS HND .IUNIOBS INDUCTED I-IT NHS SPRING CEREMONY JUNioR INDUCTEES Leslie Ann Adams Daniata Beasley Eunice Deloise Biddle Robert Wayne Bmick Monte Keith Dobson Dale Lamonte Faulks Kenneth Ray Gill Rodney Leon Hall Katherine W. Harrison Shelly Kay Hatfield Herman Lanier Henkes Andrew Mathis Hill Robin Renee Hubnik Kellie Lambert Lori Ann Lile Mark Allen Lowery Leonard M. Myers Jon Harvey Myers Darla Parks Leonard Ratley Clayton Roberts Donna Rutledge Teresa Rymer Debra Saulsbury Dennis Schoen Gary D. Thacker Melody Vance Chiquita Watson Roberta Watson Debra Wilbum Michelle Willard Mark Wren 237 NETHERLANDS Nico Dekker - Foreign Ex- change Studentg Art Club '82g French Club '82g Young Re- publicans '82, SWE DEN Henrik Hagelin - Foreign Exchange Studentg Swedeng French Club '82g Speech Club '82 SWITZERLAND SWEDEN Sabine Amstad-Foreign Ex- Karin Arvidson - Foreign change' Studentg Red Jackets Exchange Studentg Band '82g '82g Math Club '82g French Chess Club '82g French Club Club '82g Chess Club '82g '82g Math Club'821PTSA'82. PTSA '82. SWE DEN NORWAY LHTS Ragna - F0fCiEl'1 EX' Solvi Zuckermann - Foreign change Student: Marching Exchange Studentg French Band '82g French Club '82g Club '32, Spanish Club '82. COLUMBIA Bemade Frieri - Foreign change Studentg Spanish O '82. FINLAND Jukka Pokkinen - Fo Exchange Studentg Fr Club '82g Math Club '82g dent Council Represent '82g Gifted and Talent: Chess Club '82, if W y vw 'M,,,fi, j am' 4 'S , .fb ,, , ' v ,mg f A 'ln V Q. , .Km ,- Q 1- K -....,.,, nhl Ll Vf ff 5: 4: cams: SM M ,,..,g,fv: , . 1- 7 ,diww 1. ,123 'V . ' in 4,4 'lm' 'G' Wh 1 1 lgyf 75,a4glzf'f a x I .1 .wi A X "-A 'WL NX w, Jim Andrews Joe Andrews Chris Anthony Billy Arterbury Paul Ashbrook Annette Adams James Adams Jimmie Adams Leslie Adams Michelle Adams Evette Akins Pam Allen Shannon Allen Brenda Anderson Jerry Anderson X R m mn:e mv- uufammw rm -- H, un nun: -rv an max-Qu-nnnnnuu-1 A-1-n La Creta Beckham Terri Belk Darryl Berry Mike Beth Terri Baker John Banks Todd Barksdale Teresa Beadle Danita Beasley Eunice Biddle Liz Bivins na Louise Blizzard Kirk Bock Morten Bosterud Ronny Bowen Michael Bowles James Bradley Darren Brewer Perry Brewster y Ann Buchanan Tony Buchanan Anthony Burks Donna Burnett Ned Burnett JelT Butler David Byrd Allen Caldwell Wiley Calhoun Billy Callahan Paula Brocker Joyce Brown Kena Brown Angela Browning Robert Bruick Ja, 5 5 I 6 A 22 H? M a 5? .Q 5 W v 5 'K ' 'ififfv E ,ZZ EM MU? 9 elif by fl .wg ,, ,,., . M 9. in 1 4 2 R1 . " I 0 . , . J ' L-f 1 f::24'ge:Wi1p. .4-m X' my gg:-will 'al :nl- , '5 ,W fx i,,MV 4 Hi, 19' M., if W Q ia Carla Glenn Julie Gollwitzer Daphena Grady Karen Graham Wendy Greathouse Tom Franklin Jay Fricks Bobby Fulgium Theresa Gaither Eddie Garrett Charles Gehrki Frank George Kenneth Gill Donna Givens Jeff Gladden Dennia Green Glen Green Myrtle Green Terry Green Jeff Griffin Tammy Haer Rodney Hall Tracey Hall Cedric Halter Carolyn Hamilton Robert Hanson Jerical Hardeman Lisa Hardy Mary Harper Kathryn Harrison Susan Harrison Shelly Hatfield Jimmy Haw Betty Hawkins I 3 u if m. . 1. V Herman Henkes Kim Henry Mike Henry Jeff Hensley Paula Hickey Jeff Hicks Andrew Hill Virgie Hilton Rhonda Hobson Kim Hoffman 1 Cora Hawkins Lori Hawkins Lisa Hawthorne Jacqueline Hayes Norlene Hayes ....,,...........,...1 , ' N' -NN 5' E RYA mv A , VV: V V '3a, 1 we u 21:1 F Wanglef J 'ulrxalibigf Monta Irving Lisa Jackson Perry Jackson Travis Jackson Charles James Jerry Hollins George Holt Burl Hood Jeff Hood Mike Hopkins Debbie Howard Elizabeth Howard Lasanya Howard Robin Hubnik Rachel Huntley Jackie James Cedric Jefferson Jerry Jefferson Michelle Jenkins Alice Johnson Regina Johnson Sandra Jones Schelia Jones Teresa Jones William Jones Y 1 ! ,L '25 ,i Z '95 Elizabeth Martin Steven Matthews Donna Maxwell Cynthia McClure Theresa Mc Gown mfg , 5, K 4 at , 'EE Michelle Love Mark Lowery Robert Loyd Christy Lumpkin Mike Lybarger Jeff Maekey Donnie Maddox Pam Maddox Royice Marucci Calvin Martin Shirley vIcFadd Troy McGaugh Dearl McPeak Tracy McPeak Donnie Meadows Kelle Melton Cheryl Michener Rosieland Mitcl James Moore Willie Moore ,Al 72' 'IC 71 5. 1-J 'El ,K 3, , ', V+! ,, fx: 4, K A, uw ,fsfl lk, rx ' i wif' f gif s Karen Poynter Taylonia Pree Tammy Price Michelle Prickett Jerry Qualls Mark Peoples Mike Phillips Shari Phillips Terri Phillips Debra Pickens Chuck Pierce Gerry Pierce Johnny Pierce Shannon Porier Clarence Powell Michael Qualls Leonard Ratley Greg Rattler Jennifer Ray Rodney Ray Johnny Reed Ronny Reeves Jackie Reynolds Anna Rhodes Gwen Richardson W, .A 9 H.. sign v Sherri Steward Debra Stewart Vicki Stewan Gary Story Kimball Stroud Leah Simpson Mary Slyter Cindy Smith Karen Smith KayKay Smith Lewis Smith Annet-te Solomon Randy Soule Kay Sparks Clint Staggs Jessalyn Stuckey Connie Taylor Kenneth Taylor Gary Thacker Frank Thomas Norman Thomas Valencia Thomas William Thomas Derrick Threadgill Roger Towers Susan Towensend William Trotter George Turner Thala Tumey Paula Upchurch Melody Vance Teri Walker Mary Wallace Tonya Walls Greg Walter Chiquita Watson Dawn Watson Jeff Watson Phyllis Watson Howard Wells Kenneth Wells Terry Wells Caldonia Wesley John West Ray West 1, Clara Walters John Ward Leigh Ann Wardlaw Trina Warren Chuch Wason Jaynie Williams Kenneth Williams Sylvia Williams Monique Williamson Carolyn Willis Misti Westmorelanc James Weston Beth White Vertis White Debra Wicker Debbie Wilbum Dawn Wilhite Michelle Willard Angela Williams Cynthia Williams Tamar Young Mark Youngblood Hank Wilson Carolyn Woods Mark Wren Gina Wright Randy Yother fa 'mf F ! 3 , 7 'W Z .Q E 5 v W p img " Mr Mac Queen and the JET Uumor Executive Trammgj group leam CXCII mg thmgs and have expenences that wxll be valuable 1n the busmess world Goeff Long IS presented the firstL1fet1me PTSA membership ever glven to a student. M big i SOPHOMOIIE CLHSS OFFICERS Greg Hshbq - Secretory-Treasurer Nancy Hinshaw - Vice President Clark Jones - President Marcus Abraham Kelley Adkins Vikki Alford Greg Allen James Allen Greg Ashby Dennis Baker Kaye Baker Pam Bames Mark Bamett Debbie Beth Kelvin Bishop Diana Bland Linda Blank Pam Blanton ti , ,, Jyl 2 X , J 1: If j B ' W , kkbh ,gy :ww I , , , Q' xy Sandra Allred Charles Ambrose Waymon Anthony Keith Armstrong Melissa Arnold gffi , Lf lg. "Pak, -'K 'NH MW James Beckham Ruthie Beed Clifton Belvin Tammy Bennett Robert Berry 4 NN his X N K QW gb 352' s'ffS'S sa it 23 "4zumsY .A Q aj.. 'Si' ff! Af.. .Q Q, U ....-.. 4.-4 , my if 1 1 my V. 5 C3 I 2. M1 ff if sur ,go 'E l 5651 1 I m f i 'F si x vo ' 3 A ' A, ? 3' 55 'Q 1' X 3 rw X , X -1. , F is Q. I 'Q' I. , , f bi x A wi ,QS f' 'X' A 2, M ,M ,M 'W 3f?,,? ' QW? ,F ,. 4 A fy, ff 53 ip .1 E if , ,,,, A ,:,yg.,j' .fb ,K 413, ' A , A ., up X , N ,' .-v..,wQA. -,,-' .A S 43 ', - J 3 ht , r ' v Y Q iff w . ,"".,'.-:Lf ' W.,-if f 'J . 14 A, 'F . I ig, H If li 1 an 'x Q15-4 Qz, ., Q 1 V mx l Kr Q 3 1 1 9 -.ia Ni 'fi' gust sr .8 1 fix! gg Q.. James Peeples Gaye Penny Stephaine Peoples Tanya Perkins Dennis Perry 2 1 Q J ! , ' Y 0, 5 A at li K asf f Rhonda Plant Chris Porier Tom Powell Martha Powell Jesse Procella Randall Rankin Cindy Rateliii' James Raybom Marilyn Reed Ricky Reeves 268 Dung Phan Lester Philyaw Ang Phung Melvin Pickett Carl Pierce ,- Mitchell Purifoy Margaret Putman Rebecca Qualls Steve Rambo Karen Randall Torrance Reeves Jeff Reynolds Lana Reynolds Lynda Rhodes Samuel Riles Scott Rutherford Anne Sanderson Nicole Sartor Steve Satterfield -Nendell Satterfield xy. 1, Gary Self Rontyna Sewell Toni Sharp David Shipp Delanna Shipp X , swf X is if if , , 2 I 5 Nate Robinson Dorothea Rose Sharon Ross Velvet Ross Mary Russell Lanora Sava Glen Scarborough Robert Schroeder Donna Scott Donna Scott .J Xi in 'IH' 'Sf :E PCC -9 3' Clint White Eugene White Ollie White Susan White Jot Wilcox ..,, ' 011"n YU' F wg , .1a:.,v Ricky Willimas Stephanie Williams Suzy Williams Tracy Williams Willie Williams 1 , ,K fl l , Daniel Wilkins Doug Williams Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams Linda Willimas X ill V his 4 I , M I' 5-7 i I ,,, ,,l, X j I ' Kelly Wright Shannon Wright Kristen Wyrick Mark Yadon Sharon Yarberry Floyd Williamson Terri Wilson Bernard Winfield Jimmy Woods Judy Wooten 'iii it LK 4 4"" Garvin Yates Janet Young Z Q I S W '-2,-,.:1:25'f" In, W , WKA, yy - LmnmA, V IV, , A A Kevin Lambe Sophomores have two more years to travel the AHS Road to Success . . Clark Jones was elected President of the '81-'82 Sophomore Class - during Stu- dent Council elections. 274 . . . With every rising of the sun Think of your lie as just begun. The past has concealed and lruried deep All yesterdays. There let them sleep. Concern yourseb' with but today . . . Concern yourseU with the school years ahead. Plan and meet thein with joy not dread. There are two more years to travel the AHS Road to Success. H VEHH LIKE NO OTHER 'IEHR 1981-82 OUR l'lf-ll.l.S Pl-IVE THE IUIW Hnother uear of school daus began lugust. From being individuals going our Leparate waus we again became citizens uithin The Halls of HHS for a purpose -to urther our education, continue old friend- hips and make new ones, enjou our lives lau bu dau, establish our own identities as worthwhile and responsible individu- ls, and become united for life as we join e ranks of all HHS alumni. ehind the scene activities are many before the first day of school . . . SC officers spent days fpreparation forthe new year. . . Razorback Band Members . . . Red Jackets. . . Football layers . . . are only a few involved in pre-school activities. Although registration was last spring, students still wait patiently hoping to get a schedule change. Jackets practice to get ready the first Pep Rally and Red Game it or Razorback Band members spend long hours prac ticing before the actual opening of AHS S Secretaries and office aides are ready for the bell to ring. Mr. Graham says, De- finitely no schedule changes now! Happy to be back at AHS for another year is reflected in these bright. shiny Students waiting for the doors to open. faces! :Mica-.4-J 1 x , ,,-j, slwhvl ,,,,, I A -My I Wy, VV L! H 'ti W, ,,,,,, -A WMW,. A,,A W ,,,, V H ' " 1 M Q nnzonrsncn smnn V ' f s is evident during the week preceding the HOG-Tiger I WM '40 " gameg although the Hogs did not win, we are reminded of Mr. Nelson's announcement over the p.a. to the Student -- ' "" ' V ri ' Body before the game and we did not lag in SPIRIT - in AIAIA -I , V VVVVV7I,, 1' ' "We date people across the State Lineg sometimes we even ' ' "I'ltf V marry someone across the Line, and once in awhile we ,, ,,,, ' l - i f I ' ' 'N ' even move across the State Line." . -4, , .V vkf. .- - ' W ,ifl 5 jf " ' ,M .,.. , fit' , E ' t 'la A www V , """ .J S T b fl Q n I r ,Suzy W my Q, f,, ,M,. , n 4,,T i ii T 1 .J " K-2157 f Mic NIKE HND HGV CLUB HOLD HNNUHI. INITIHTIONS 276 if The beauty, charm. and body beautiful o this year's new members is unsurnasse in the annals of history. Nike Clowns Again Roam The Halls This is the Key Club's "Miss Piglet." 5 sf' kiwi K K. X., My K X M .E 59195 faf' V 5f"'b Q - n gl' ' :HMI "1-' K! T 1aL,? f'-4 IH f va vryv s - , 5 'iff Qv.xv-K'-'N nxnw ' QA 1 Q 4- Q ,CQ Q 3, 'LS N W, Q X 1 , J, 0-I ,N 6,1 Q51 Ao' -dh.-vq f f,fX 1, ,' ,ff ,M W, rfiifv 31" xg? W fl SUPER STHBS CHEERLEHDEBS COHCHES FOOTBHLI. PLHVEBS BHZORBHCH BEND BED JHCKETS Senior Class President, Freeta Nelson presides at the election of Senior Representatives. + as CLHSSES ELECT STUDENT COUNCIl if K v Campaigning for Representative, candi- dates present their promises to the Junior Class. Students woo voters with musical enter- tainment. l flfrkxl fem .Mofvffl M S s Principal Nelson spoke to the Senior Class and com- mended the class on attitude and mature behaviorg he added that he felt the Senior Class set a good example which had gotten the Student Body offto a splendid start. The Senior Class's sense of responsibility had been the guiding spirit. Mr. Nelson commended the activities and work done before school began and work still being ac- complished bythe Student Council under the able direction of the president Geoeff Long. f? 'iw' Q pf wr Q S Q REPRESENTHTIVES 'x ,,., , X 3 . .. Q 59 g if f - 1 Z 5 Y 'X . S Q :is gl lections over, SC PRESIDENT Goeff Long nd Representatives find time to "take over" at Pep Rally. l it . l-Si Juniors watch the candidates and listen to entertainment and speeches with varying degrees of amazement and amusement. Q53 l 5 s Sophomores offer a social drama soliciting votes from the Sophomore Class. bOPH Transforming the gym Homecoming Activities These workers seem to b ciding what to do next. for e 'del Rachel Morgan is crowned Band Queen pre-game ceremonies. Band Maids relax the game. BEND RCW-ILT? Band Queen and Maids are waiting to be presentec to the Student Body. 1 The Home- coming forms at 6th and Laurel precedes State Line ing at the I office. Qxvx 5 WS W Q 9 5 ia? i ww , , X 3 K. W M Q, HOMECOMING '81 Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores decorate the gym. Mrs. Wilson and her Sophomore crew diligently work on the Sophomore Wall. f f ' is l E W 2 S l l l .Ak of W has ' Vu' 'mwxa ,,,,,, , 'M ,. A r . Q 1 as A 99414 mf 0 V . X NSW Castles" is the theme of the '81 Homecoming 'S .. " M E SUCCESS . . . RQVHLTV I-IND cunmmous 'Exif i Homecoming Queen and Maids pose for a picture . . . pretty. Mrs. Bell presents the trophy to the AAAA Conference Volleyball Champions. V my --WWMM TIUINKIE DH? EV r fi? .I " .fi j' 5 1 'V' I Q' f' TIIJINHIES Super Razorback Cheering Section - filled that 'ole Razorback Spirit. Hogs Rally at Night. HC WEEK FILLED WITH RCTIVITIES ..xQM IT J SV fm fx 5 A-., vw ,, Ml: I Qi. E SSN' In Eh. ,Q Q ' K Q EQ- lx ...N WESTERN DRY WINNERS I Hoss Cartwrlght Graham Clml Eastwood Nelson. CRRZV HRT DR? WINNERS z 7 -it'-.1 mx e DECEMBER Beverly Byers Mike Merchant Jimmy Moore wr -rw! iw 0181- W n SEPTEMBER Martina Delese Debra Hoffman Johnny Lewis James Peeples Ann Sanderson OCTOBER Karin Arvidson Marsalee Hendricks Tammy Lott Kimberly Smith Cindy Vance NOVEMBER Amy Cigainero Tommy Goller Jukka Pokkinen Kevin Sullivan Khanh Vu JANUARY Chuck Ambrose Nesha Coker Anselia Deloney Renee Walton Kristen Wyrick VIERICHN HISTOIW WORLD HISTQIW STUDENT OF THE MONTH xi, M 'V Pictured: Lambert Lumpkin ,KV I DECEMBER Denisa Funderburg Charles McCorkle Chuck Porier FH? ,IX JANUARY Ronnie Edwards Holli Etheridge Diana Kinsey Derwin Tumer SEPTEMBER Frances Cigainero Frank Shamlian Lori Webb OCTOBER Cindy Bair Becca Berry Lisa Phillips Sheila Washington NOVEMBER Jay Gray Freetta Nelson Kevin Wright We are sorry that we do not have space to feature other So- cial Studies Students of the Month. . . Secunty SQVIIIQS Assoclatlon Six Convenient Locations to Serve You PHONE 214-aaa-6561 TEXARKANA. TEXAS MT. PLEASANT, TEXAS DOWNTOWN - SIXTH AT OLIVE STREET 0 805 N. MADISON STREET OAKLAWN - NEW BOSTON ROAD AT N. ROBISON ROAD 4400 TEXAS BOULEVARD ATLANTA. TEXAS CENTRAL MALL 0 207 WEST MAIN STREET Mfmnsn BX- FT'--LI Emi E-S-lv dllllllg 'if Sw iQgAg'gUg'g BELK-JONES Downtown and Central Mall Complete Line of Truck 81 Trailer Parts MARMON TRUCK 81 TRAILER OF TEXARKANA PHONE 501l772-3779 HWY. 71 SO. NIGHT PHONE RT. 1, BOX 566 AB GARY GREEN 2141832-1037 TEXARKANA, ARK. 75502 RUSSELL GREEN 501i773-5358 M56 Compliments of Depositions and Typing P... LOGAN ELECTRIC P.O. Box 444 T kana. Texas 75504 College Hill Drug "Your complete drug store" Walgreen Agency Gifts, Toys, Rx's Sundries, Greeting Cards for Delivery Service Phone: 772-6969 Corner of East and Dudley Congratulations to the graduating class of 1982 ll! STATELINE AT ARKANSAS BLVD. T OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK PHARMACY HOURS: MON.- SAT., 9 A.M.-9 P.M., SUNDAY, 10 A.M.-10 P.M. 0 COMPLETE PHARMACY 0 NAME BRAND COSMETICS 0 COMPLETE DRUG DEPARTMENT 0 HOUSEWARES DEPARTMENT I AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES 0 CAMERA DEPARTMENT 0 FISHING SUPPLIES FOODS DRUGS 0 NAME BRAND GROCERIES 0 FRESH PRODUCE 0 IN-STORE BAKERY 0 CHOICE CUTS OF MEAT 0 SEAFOOD DEPARTMENT 0 FLORAL DEPARTMENT 0 DELICATESSEN YOUR TOTAL FOOD GS ALPHA BEl'A 1 ,,-' -Q, .II. ' Q Il: l "9"f ' .fe:?1i5fgi1 lf? 5571 isis- 9 , y Z f ff 'W f ' , I , I I NWS :L 4 f Q X f, ya Z + I ! f ' ff I 7 9 'I' I f I X A f X ' I I I A -T A i ' 1 X lf - Compliments of North American Tank Car GATEWAY OUR DEALER INSURANCE FRASER SALES AGENCY AND SERVICE zeoo JEFFERSON DLUMBING - HEATING - AIR Pio- 80,1905 COND'T'ON'NG' TEXARKANA, AR-TX 75501 P.O. Box 930 1501, 774-2787 :ard and Hazen , Texarkana, Ark. 75501 Q214, 792 8511 Phone 774-5185 BASIL A. RODGERS BUSTER L. FRASER OWNER BRYAN K. RooGERS HOME PHONE 772-3094 Compliments f 5025N hSt Ii ARKANSAS HIGH and E.M. PIERCE CONST. C0., INC. Both winners Both building Texarkanais futu azwam TEXAR A FUNERAL HOME TEXARKANA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HILLCREST MEMORIAL PARK 3515 Texas Boulevard R E yi I -a g "-. ..-If , I' an IIII X R - +f:gj . .I - K "" 4 ' " st- f2ff51f,.,- -fi "Our Family Serving Yours" BETTER than GOOD Central Mall West Entry CORN DOGS FRESH LEMONADE COLD DRINKS EAST FUNERAL HOME TCI!- , 9' " V AL Na? -Y ' Y V JN-' Q V A K f . ,K x R if I 'I I' - -A4 we "B ' , ' 0 L ' i ,.-. qjxtuh :I J 8 Aff ' I 5 -V 1 jf ful I r X r . In 120 W. Sth Since 1898 793-3141 iii:-r H ' ww E LZ' 9 1855 I W' LQTITTLT SY 1 rnvzjuji-I I fy. .- 'T --,T::?: X. 1-"":'..: --'f-.:-- X - ,f ,fjiiif--' 3? ug-Z-Sggg 5111315-5' f ' -reef! gf FSSJ? lair? .V A A f f f QEEQ .fg. , , "" f- ' '-- ------ . 4 congratulations, graduates for a wise move in the game of life G THE 332355 TIRE CQMPANY Cooper 'ruuss Everything you want from a store an I X- I , lx . - Q ' i' . , , . . ' wha, Sf r"" . . . 3 - , 1 . in 'fail . V e ,gif .. '1 :isis 6 o r 'zif z: Q . fiiiiis1f f iw g - f Y - ..-1. iw.-'T iT2 X , fl Q9 , sl." 1 .ali ian .1.55i:'uf.3ifiQ1:l4lgwiaiif3af 35th 81 Jefferson Texarkana, Ark. "We Appreciate Your Business" Commercial Tire Services, Inc. 1407 Texas Blvd. ik Texarkana, Texas Phone 794-2103 Jerry D. Smith T ' 1 Res. Phone 774-6923 K 2 9 c ggi? PEPSI 'DIET HW TUE 'lfjlfgiijllglig , ,.iz251-113115:13115:rgrgzlgzrgzrgzrgzrgzrg be :a'."a".1.r'.".".v'.":"."."."."."." ' ' ' 1 . CHANAN ENTERPRISES, INC 3001 Stateline, Texarkana, Texas 29 Congratulations Seniors You're the greatest ever Compliments of Patterson's Studio and Camera Shop 222 West Third Street Texarkana, U.S.A. 75501 Compliments of Q ?4zf1'ajfB'60f24 K mme' 422 Oaklawn Villa 832-3515 Texarkana, Ar Congratulations to the Class of 55198211 Compliments of Buhrman-Pharr Hardware Co. Household Accessories, Toys, Farm Equipment and many more. Retail Store - 620 E. 3rd Phone: 774-5882 Go Hogs Go! Compliments of COWPUINGVVYS Don's Glass Shop O 1101 East Street Don Lawrence - Owner as g' Flowers For All Occasions 773-6939 Qaitgzm 'A gfoubt 1201 Arkansas Blvd. Texarkana, Ark. 75502 Phone 501 -774-9401 U S and S Supply Company "Complete Outfitters for Your Car" Terry and Roberta Gaither: Owners Designs by Chele 217 East BFOHCI St. Phone: 772-T251 Texarkana, Arkansas 75501 HART'S Cut Rate Drugs Compliments of 223 E. Broad Phone: 773-6766 Where Spending is Saving Texarkana, AR 75502 . DuRwooo swANGER, R. PH. WQOD PHAR Home of Superscription LENWOUDIMSDICAL CE Ken and Marion Fomby 1400 COLLEGE DRIVE PH. 792-8296 TEXARKANA, TEX. 75503 C,7i6son Sharp V OWNED AND OPE RATE D BY: Gwnff ggiffif Durwood and Chelious Swanger G. Sharp Music Company THE OUALITY STORE BALDWIN G WUFTLITZER PIANOS B. OFQGANS 415 STATE LINE 792 66 TEXAFIKANA U SA 793 24 300 Z7 M,05wjM,5,W,,Z zc .51 J eip? 352256, 544444840247 4 . 7553975 K, Q, 726 72115 mme fp 5' , X WZQOWS fwdyfffw M'mZfQf55 Zlmqlfu - A AQ? ff' ,x5rLf,i7Zf'f! A 15VBV'6f'c!6 QZSSQ, Q2 -7- A Wsbdfv ,Qfzf'f2r0',z55 53155 QdC'c"j50""?5 L fwzfmg 5700 z170fZ'Jf77Z.4-4,61 f fifiwwiiaffu !l1lA5fs55QK4df44!O A W j., 1 1,1 4 .K L wr- ...M A7 'f H V . , . -...- --. W., , 6 v' I v-- ' lx .f X -' l Mirhael-Brittnn Qllntlyiera 4056 SUHHERHILL SQUARE ' PH. 12141 794-0050 IEXIRKMIA, TEXAS 75503 ?!,?Di9v g'Zdd02d', '7ne. SHEET METAL 84 ROOFING CONTRACTORS Established 1932 P. O. Box 926 TEXARKANA, ARK. 75501 703 E B d St Dial C5015 773 650 I FROM Zum "Say lt VWth Flowers" gouquef .ggzridf ' Quality is our Trademark zsoo EAST srnssr 82 SOUTHTOWN SHOPPING CENTER TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS QD PHONE 773- H John and Pearlie Walt G Owners IEEE 301 Congratulations Seniors May You Always Have The Best In All Walks Of Life J o H N 'LL omcs MAcmNes fr suppuss SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS - SUPPLIES 1402 Main Phone 793-2161 GO HOGS GO!! Holiday Cleaners 3202 Texas Blvd. 1710 East 9th Texarkana, TX Texarkana, AR Nlonogramming - Alterations Leather 8t Suede Cleaning Kings Row Inn Motel and Restaurant 4200 State Line Texarkana, Ark. 75502 501-774-3851 A great place to sleep A great place to eat Tom's Jug House 127 Arkansas Blvd. Phone: 722-2491 Griffins Furniture Appliances TV The one-stop store for all your home decorating needs. 301 Jefferson Phone: 772-8255 Books and News 301 State Line Ave. 794-7691 "We Appreciate Your Business" Commercial Tire Services, Inc. 1407 Texas Blvd. sf? Texarkana, Texas Phone 794-2103 Jerry D. Smith Res. Phone: 774-6923 Compliments of Walsh-Lumpkin Drug Co. Congratulations Class of '82 Trinity Baptist Church Blackman Ferry Road 773-2323 Bible Study 9:45 Sunday Joy Explosion 7:00 Wed. THE BEST IS YET TO COME Compliments of 2715 N. State Line 8. 2615 New Boston Fld. Q 1 rl- Beech Street ifirst Baptist Church We care about YOUTH! 305 Compliments of 'Yuur Complete Jewelry Store" Cfggkbell 85 Central Mal 12141 832-LOVE Texarkana, TX 75503 Compliments of DOUG'S HORN SHOP 1803 Waterall Phone: 794-9637 Compliments of '-"' - - "-'-1' T -'1"'- ""- ' -:ws 1 .- - -"' if 1155 - a-,THE -QTHER ,BROTHER Trust Your Car to the 1 B'?"f ,',xJl',....a,,...., ,,,,,....,,,.,.4. x,.....,.f- fl 'R ' ASX. , ...., ' -. h Experlenced Pro William Kemp Body Shop .,.V ,.4..: ...:..., 5 gif i X 'Q' Expert Palm 8t Body work ' - "" - 'Z - - - ' F'beV Qlass Boat R9P3'f 1 1, H . ln The Quest For Boov sHoP The Besfcaff Usf' , 4, , .fn -E ' " lg I' 1- - .1 ' 1 - ' if f".,,.S,,s yeg'gA-,AI a .' Automobile - Boat 772-1911 773-0771 224 East 8th 'k 1' 1 Foreign Cars Free Estimates Excellent Color lpaintl Matching ' Take Pride in Our Work Insurance Work Welcome ' Wrecker Service Compliments of 9 ART SUPPLIES 1302 STATE LINE AVE. Texarkana, Arkansas 75501 Texas Ave. T.V. Center Jake Lingo 2401 Texas Blvd. Magnavox Texarkana, Texas Sales Phone: 794-3788 ARTEX ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Service Jerry L. Peavey Texarkana, U.S.A. Quillins TV Service Congratulates the Seniors of A.H.S. 316 East 4th Phone: 772-0611 Texarkana, Arkansas Let's Go Hogs! Compliments of Iefnelers 114 West Broad Texarkana, Texas Phone: 794-7681 Ieah carpenter debbieiames 4044 Summerhill Road P.O. Box 6629 Ph0nel2141Y93-7419 Texarkana, Texas 75501 Compliments of College Hill Shopping Center 810 East St. Texarkana, Ark. Ph. 772-2821 -1, rxkxfx 4010 State Line Ave. Texarkana ANDY'S wants to be your favorite family restaurant Open 6 am Daily for your convenience Compliments of L .Ju-L. GANG. fl'-M MMD UUO 9 JMB' UU9:V.Qj1,XQkQX fygfmk W c1f,QCkl!wvw-QJMMQ JLXWWQ W4 BMA jwvdm, wel-be QHNPMNMM lame jjjgakgcukcggsgq. ,, X9 M8302-flq-A JUKU5 pw Sw01Ufv54fVQM-BK. XfQQg,Gg,N 4-QWQJLJXQM .f3MJvw.m,Qex. K7 9,5-QQ' GAS LIGHT GIFTS 89 Central Mall Texarkana, Texas 832-6711 ,f"X..- I A' 7 . ,M ,x 1, M, - 'Nagy' Compliments of Glass Pharmacy 3 10 "Go, Hogs, Go!" Razorback Ready Mix Jim Clements, Owner Phone 773-4731 Washington 84 Oats Streets A 15 55 fkw new ,gg v -,Hx jg' fi-3 M-A K M K A I V y 1 it 3943, .rw f :-,N, .1, 1 ,KL W1-:ff . ja L , 3 55-W, ""wQ:1gf?ye' 'Q'ag?jp , 43, .X 4 My X NA ,, Q f' ' Jwf 1 ,wifi P 000004000 000 0000000000 ,Q rl 4 1 3 Hifi' 'Wg 3 Q L ,, f WW 42 Q . , .. . ,.. 4' 'VMWL' :M ' f- L ' ,,,,, M MN I. V' -f m, "" -N Q, . -- ,V , . ""'?'fW w . I H V4 , V ,,,, ,, ,, , , . , ., , V ,,,y, ,,, U .,,,.. , VA . . .V lv .V lt Pays to Buy Good Shoes CIN!! 1916 SM, 9 Downtown 121 East Broad Texarkana, Ark. 501-774-2729 Congratulations Seniors May you always have the best Compliments of GENERAL ELECTRIC THOMAS APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO., INC. GE Authorized - Dealer Sales - Service - Parts Lynn Thomas - Owner Prompt Efficient Service Sales 8- Service Ftoom Air Conditioning Ranges - Refrigerators Dishwashers - Disposais Washers 8- Dryers Televisions 905 East St. DIG' 7729930 Texarkana -- YYVVY - , H8-R BLOCK THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE 602 Wood St. 305 Westlawn Dr. Phone: 772-5751 Phone: 832-3136 SEARS 9961 Central Mall Qduring tax seasony Congratulations Seniors '82 THE LINE AND HOOK "We serve the best catfish in town, Always fresh, never frozen." 110 E. 36th St. W. G. 81 Pat Forrester, Owners Texarkana, AR Phone: 774-3716 .exam Congratulations Seniors From Texarkana Community College . . .-e H, ,f x- tf'?5' - -wp my 2. .f- -wi 4- V -V V' K new W, yn, K, ,Styx ...: , Q K L h it K ,yu . Q a . K, , K. K -it Y ' 'figk x- Eg - -' , K K 'T K 1, 'asf-W ,xsfguf 'TE' f f""5 "' -1" - ' Z- ' ' - C his . Ska -- we 3 , f , . R45 5 KfK.1K. KKi K ., , KKK? 3 KK KK K. VK ,A , .3, 1,,KK Kg is ,AK KK K K K 1. - K , Kg, Q ix.K:--K. . YKKK KK KKK M mlm- , - -' - sh. - Quik-.,4a,. .:':M ?'sr"?r'l1:uQ is 'A 'f "Serving the educational needs of the Four State Area since 1927." UFTIH' lll71Xlf'l'lAftIfHIl'lI und b CCIIINSAND wllllAMs 104 EAST BROADX772-2765!OPEN 9:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. CENTRAL MALL!832-4568!OPEN 10 A.M. - 9 P.M. Greenline Equipment Company Jounoene P.O. Box 2390 - 1701 E. 9th Street Texarkana, Arkansas 75502 Phone 772-6904 Affiliated Food Stores, Inc. Townsend's Food, Inc. 1711 East 9 St. Texarkana, Ark. A. D. Schnipper Meat Co. 1002 Wood Street Phone: 794-5671 GO HOGS GO! if ,r'-'f' 'sv'-" d I ,,4..'-' I t 4 , ' 'N - ' k ,0 a j'f,t A Shur-Sak Foo s ENDURING SURESTAR EVENING BREEZE Open 7-11, 7 Days THE DIAMOND STORES Phone: 794-9043 68 Oaklawn Village 4149 K-Mart Plaza 204 East Broad Compliments of Logan Electric Compliments of Reggie's Hair Cuttery 302 Arkansas Blvd. 772-1976 ' 5 Compliments of Vlva S I Flowers The Point Jr. 422 State Line Ave. 1301 Arkansas Blvd. 774-7251 774-4147 3810 State Line Ave. Phone: 774-4250 Sterling Store 498 800 East Street College Hill Shopping Center Texarkana Arkansas Compliments of Name WM' op Texarkana sa S Insurance Agency y 1203 Arkansas Blvd. ' After h'lhJfl7.ffff 3:2-8101 Duality Offset Printing Service 772-0795 316 H PRINTING Jami Corbett's Beasley COmplim9ntS of 4038 Summerhill Rd. Cambell Phone: 792-2761 66 Trucking ATHLETIC SUPPLY 201 Oats colvlPANY Phone: 773-6638 2324 Texas Blvd. Ph 793 0628 Miller Bowie Farmers Assn. 1007 W. 3rd Phone: 794-3631 Photographs you will treasure. Weddings Commercial Portraits Copies Oil Coloring Deluxe SfLIdi0 T 3011kE. asghk Color Lab exar ana, r. Bill Stone - Owner phone: 772-9961 2906 County Ave. 772-5381 ,ww Imon .V 0 R Chevro et 4545 North State Lune I AIZVV OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Over 100 Years of Community Dedication and Service 311 Main Phone 794-6135 318 AZ- ,Q656rfff64 fvf' Af' PM-19 7Kf ' - i I 5599 .91oQn'J,vFnQoiAaiLfQiZmd mm! and 'M 'KYUMCJ' cu, Oxud. Mn O' 5Md'IQwLG0Q'f,T3'gQ3MQww "ff-'f9"vf X M M mfg 'mw ffwwamdi-ima? ,awww ,www Jaw?-D bm - jf'-M0-QQQWWQQ .54-AG-u ft-Q-0M'JLo. Q Q5 TCSKARKANAVQJ-A13jxdfHwKX 0 ,jim ocA-coLAm 333 BO TLING comgggn . 5 z1wgimw mMf?Q? Ends? Www' + gmmmw, fffiju Jul- C4091 Wwlmue ' -SLU w +mffw w .7.w0,x- Sa Jcome pn 511-Ld-1, .2:6w1dQ?,MH+'- 2-'wxfpqwwxfm QM? mggmfhwemlswwgffw adm. A+ I 1 A m,QQ,,., um 'bf . ua! Qui' ' ww Qu x9'fTf8nQ,,Q X A AGMAHM Coke Adds Life... :bo Jnalpk KVM Md L to the Class o 1982 5 If H 59 950116 Ci. Q 5,184 jig 316354 I COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK American Express Gold Card-Member Bank Your Money Manager MEMBER F.D.l.C. Park's Diamonds Jewelers CHERISH FUREVER 5M D , P muse nr LUGGAGEB 49647 Central Mall .838-9933 Los Eslianoles 1981-1982 STUDENT COUNCIL President - Geoff Long Vice-President - Travis Jackson Secretary -- Tracie Culver Treasurer - Kelvin Trotter Senior Junior Pres. - Fritzi Nelson Pres. - Dana Crabbe V.-Pres. -- Cindy Bair V.-Pres. - Robin Hubnik Sec.-Treas. - Kim Jefferson Sec.-Treas. - Niki Odom Representatives Representatives 1. Jon Caery 2. Torrie Drewery 3. Carol Duke 4. Greg Garrett 5. Gwen Hobson 6. Terri Miller 7. Kelle Phillips 8. Cindy Walker 9.Tim Wright 10. Kathy Yarber 11. Chuck Porier 12. Yukka Pokkinen 1. Evette Akins 2. Mary Anne Buchanan 3. Dale Faulks 4. Dana Ferguson 5. Dorie Foster 6. Cindy McClure 7. Kolby Nix 8. Kay Kay Smith 9. Kay Sparks 10. Kimball Stroud Sophomore Pres. - Clark Jones V.-Pres. - Nancy Hinshaw Sec.-Treas. - Greg Ashby Representatives 1. Sherri Dowd 2. Keith Garrett 3. Terri Goodwin 4. Lashon Jamison 5. Tammy Lott 6. Roughntina Metcalfe 7. Caroline Minick 8. Karen Randall 9. Ann Sanderson 10. Toni Sharp 11. Tracy Stroud 12. Stephanie Williams 13. Kristen Wyrick Tbeflwflf I sm JQMQUJ MMMwmwMWtLOUfLW Ha?uQQ LQQJPQKQBQUWLQOUWMWWUUMQ wkmlwww gLM w Ujiodm 1 Omg Kiwi Uw,,?QW,w XLQJQMQMD Www O bg. ww dwbgfuwgcwxff cent Qgkgiww E M uC55wlfQFRAwSQ1el3jQlf50lp Wiilikw wma ,af wpfw - DQMJL wuuCL529m67LQkk wwvmufvvw wwwm-M MM J ,Q+fvwff2m +RJWfLQJWJQ,QJy Www QLQQQM UW QM wUO73fQ?' QTXZQ 0 m Q ff 9J Q94 fav!! iiiqpm Q1f1+W5 330KQ5Q:'33I5 VQSGNQJ East Texas State Universlty at Texarkana offers courses at the junior, senior and graduate levels. ETSU-T serves students of all ages and backgrounds and provides a curriculum that prepares ' people for occupations and careers. Our surveys of recent graduates indicate that better than 80 percent apply their skills learned at -.'l.f'x.5'1.f' ' W.-" .jwlrp r Qi. P- Qs if 'ff' i ' . 1 FgiW431 6 HK?3V'.Q ETSU-T in their present jobs. ejg7E C 5 ffl . .' fi mul For a catalog and schedule of classes call the Admissions Office 838-6514 or 1-800-442-8244 in Texas. Congratulations, Seniors Future Business Leaders of America SPONSORS: Mrs. Furlow Mrs. Coble Mrs. Harrison Mrs. Lach Mr. MacQueen OFFICERS: Marsha Bruick - President Becky Martindale - Vice-President Abby Steele - Sec retary Corina Soper-Treasurer Connie Chesshir - Reporter 1981 NIKE 1982 JUNIOR NIKES SENIOR NIKES E.A. K.P. C.B. J.P. M.B. N.O. S.B. V.P. D.C. D.R. M.B. K.P. T.C. L.S. C.C. L.P. D.F. K.S. D.C. S.P. L.H. K.S. T.D. R.R. S.H. K.S. T.D. C.R. R.H. M.V. M.H. D.S. K.L. L.W. G.H. C.S. L.L. C.W D.J. C.W M.L. D.W K.M. C.W C.M. D.W L.M. E.Y. J.N. M.W. T.M. D.P. R.M. cn. so C.V. P.K. Ae Gifted and Talented Sponsor: MRS. PAT HARRIS Compliments of Young Democrats Go, HOGS, Go Future Teachers of America Congratulations, Seniors 7 tlne ot the standard features on a Lamborghini is now available for your car. ALPINE car audio systems audio center Texarkana? Sound-King Corner of College Drive 8 Stateline 793-2866 Congratulations, Seniors of '82 SPEECH CLUB Bi Hutqgmphs ' MMM 01 JG3 WW M My WW W OL 2E MSEQUWW QM AAG? ,JQQWQU GQWWP 55355 gf? agar? . iff! W? Qs ag ?f54ig' 53,3 di 363553527 W .QA .-" I, ' 1 . CBO Od? cg Q tp Of QQXQSWAQXQ ' KW f' x "' 51 633055 N KWAXS3 'NV-VCSQJISNL adjvqxist Wxvf' Q7 Fikaqgxouxwoilm S660 QM WWW M5956 WP ,Q WXW-3' 'W QCXIB-CX ww 7 7 claw SVN ffffyfx WH ' qw wwf! vogowgmmvmg ksvffnl 9' Hsfm 1 WW 'A 'NOQQXA F ..nwwCN.V0WX' X 63291 M NJWCFQDWM65 mwffmffm ,WSGWXWWO ew-SW WWQQWW 'WWI M WL Hutogmphg S f 3 WMM AW 1 ' L86 Mx adn, 1 W Www My Vt '3 - 70,1 'wwf ffplf Becky, j 'M' WP? 502110 KT Wwe evxjewed f ww ,Q W 'mWANawwL+w5? MW My . 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Suggestions in the Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) collection:

Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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