Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR)

 - Class of 1962

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Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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, W gwff 0597 Wg 09' pw w ,dw W . NVQ? if ' EK A 3952 X . CFS b ORM? QWO fymfkygei ,UDOW X5 , W---'-'gM6i4+5?QQTfmoNMWb , E WF?" 6' K in . G32 Jeff bw' may 'qv 3 ff? fi! 'U ff 15 M 2.6 aiafwwyj I WM ? 5 RZ lg PfQfffW+f C . g 1223 ,,LM,f Qczlim E-S fo 5 53363335 ,gflfffbwlfwm ' A5 aww? Lb 7,911 f1lCb.13Q.1w5.1uwlc,Q,,,, f 5553, 1,,m., WLBCWQ ZmLwcwuM fwffnfi 0' Q f NW ' Vw WW wfjsifmfi? ff Mm A XP My , 925513 55,,5,f,,f1,fW QT 9:1 if JM mf QWN My X swf' Twff 3 ' 3,w3 274 gf go RM 0 WN W mf A KW N'Q+bifJNW'X5 Q OSU f IJ 45000 HQ. B' Twuqrsf gi' W! 'ff-X Oy XX gb 'QQ-,GQ if 1-9 4 , : ! V ' -'bfi gn? ,Sv 51 'f' Ny no N0 f1WC1X Qx i ? A CNA 5 . Q ' It f i Hut . . - 1 , V miff' - 9 ' VX V - 5 L X Q" HL 'A N Q D3 E U 5? 53" i 0,0 V b X Lb jg ' j YL f V FQ Q U5 of Qx XJ M W 05 0 ' - 0 5 A Cf U92 ' Q0 my? R? 0 fb f .fi '59 w '35 'OOXP3 . ,f, f, ,. . ,.., V. 4., . - .-,' 4. ,, 3. N , . . . , , , , .r .X 1, , , HM ,. V . . . , .Q M ,, 9 K . .... ,:,, .V L, , - 1 7" ' 7 'WW ' ' ff :UI J f . "" . f I ,Q f f , A , X 1 up 61 , lm ' ,4', 'XJ Q, ' N A l ., If - - I, ,573 f ,V ,J H -, V, A 1 1 . NJ 1 5 . 'f V 904 ' 1 I A f 1 Nu X f f ,Q QL LQ fffpff J f 4 x ky X . I .X 1 I I, ,-if I , I tj. K ., 1 J ,Lei f - ' ,sf J' F4 X X ' V x Qi, ' l V ,Q fx! ff' ,bf 4 g , V --. I v , , X5 xx L V, XJZZ-If fcfflln 5' if KZJW' N fs V' X ' I' V f' A 147424 i . .., 1, ..- MM I ,f Wigan f ,W M , w ww Qffjyjfvw W 1 43- ,5f7wfWf77 , f 4: nv ' ' Qs" -4, NP iff J' , X X Y ...N W ' W up O- X MEyA,,.f'f9Au,, , ff I Q9 4 , 7 film f 'E wflL5,4 i- fy, , A ,' 5 J 5 V.. X, . J ap-V ,Q .,,, -N N . 1 I . 4 , km1yJ0M1ff7'WM41QM,,e+.L,7M,g, glnailwomby aa'-Pcqel x I 7' , c ., r ,"vk'L P134-.KCLL 4. ,-'f ff I , , f Ziff' iff Q M- 5 J JL 1 1, Q, x l M9290 For his wrlhngness to serve and take part in the activities of AHS, for his interest and loyalty, and for his congenial qualities, we the Senior Class of 1962, with sincere admir- ation and appreciation, dedicate the PORKER to THOMAS ELMORE wt M W Pmfwssfifsfsb . M J 2:13 V o9wl9i39i'll5g'pi W iYQvifWw i Confenfa V - , X. E ,f NJ . v , . " 1 n - 2' , . ' V s , x ww L . Administration --- ..... -- V 4 1 K PORKER,Staff --- ..... -- 10 X seniors 4 -........ ....... 1 3 - 'K Juniors ....N. ....... 4-3 ' ' 1 Sophomores - ....... 59 2 Personalities ..... ...... - PORKER Beauties -x Homecoming ......... ....... Who's Who N......... ....... - r Cheerleaders ..... ....... H 0Il0l'S .......... ....... Organizations 2 Clubs ....... -, AMR? Music --- W MWA Senior Tea . ,ul Senio Pl y vc A,,v-Q Snap h 1 Us Football - A , ' . ok Rx Basketball 0 Track --- M 2 Golf .... Dilwv Advertise JD, 19:51, P .X T3 5333? 23232 ------- 113 114- ------- 14-1 14-7 74 ------- 75 81 88 103 108 N2 T W 32 33 fi 122391 1633 MW 9' A E 5325 ss F I Assistant Superintendent A .xdvfminidfrafion A Wendell Watson Edward D. Trice Superintendent Zzzarcl of gjcfuca fion i First row, left to right: Dr. Karlton Kemp, A. P. Cox, Joe Lavender, Dr. W. H. Richardson, E. D. Trice. Standing John M. Fricks, Harrison Grace, Gerald Goff, Wendell H. Watson, Nunn Goodlett. Page 4 L4, 7.7, , i., Y .fgclminidfrafion Ana! jacuhg K. B. DAVIS, PRINCIPAL Page 5 I " M7 ?g??E222z'fs52??,i0+'55: -f f r?QgSfi'.'SZ3iZfSf?g3'i - , as Q.. L V ,.., viggg2:zizszES Q -. .,., flli' if: .-senate -f'fiX1i?2EiiS? . 2? K fffaii ,Hf.2i?Z iii ' L 5 K as wi "--- v 'ig-"1 .:g cg- A x jp . :A ri Q t Mrs. Geraldine Atchinson Ralph Atkinson Mrs. Stafford Beck Mrs. John Benson Business Band English English, Journalism Mrs. Frank Bjork Horace Broom Mrs. James Callaway Mrs. Charles Conway Guidance Counselor Boys P.E., Basketball American History, Girls P.E., Red Jackets International Relations y Z a l l Mrs. Minor Couch Mrs. E. A. Croxton Thomas Elmore Millard Formby Librarian English English, Spanish Physics, Chemistry Page 6 Charles Hancock Mrs. Ross Henderson, Jr. Mrs. Manson Hendren Math English, Speech Study Hall. General Science E. K. Holder Mrs. Belly ,lo Hurst J. C. Johnson Auto Mechanics Music Agrivullure ea... Mrs.'R. E. jones Bill Jurney Mrs. Emily Lancaster Plane Geometry, Biology Algebra, Head Coach Biology Page 7 .lesse Holcomb Mechanical Drawing. Applied Math Jimmy jones Driving, Assistant Coach Mrs. William McGuire Study Hull. English Troy Monroe Frank Parker Richard Ramsey Mrs. Fred Rohken American History, Typing American History. Secretary Government World History Berle Ryan J. D. Ryther Mrs. Ayline Sturdevant Mrs. Ray Waters Business, American History Distrilmutive Education Latin Home Economics Wai Harare! fNot picturedl Leo Giles Physical Science, Biology Doyle Young Coach, World Hislory Page 8 AQ I want mine now before the crowd comes. T3 A wr 4 Our guidance oounseior??? s x lm Z" . 1? 5:5 I fl Quit that flirting, Mr. Han- cock. vw 5 3 Starry-eyed. gsm .wing sb No cheating. Don't run. 1 .,.,,,, I X, M V Rv X ay. 'lu ' i ' fi 4 H" lla: x .lic-,,, pg - 6 5 A -2 :. - QE Eiwmarzw RSD gg asS:?35:f,.::: 7 Qgysmi x vi M, 5 H Q '15 K . 3 mv. :wi v .fm . V... c w W1 eager rf. MQW, ag 2v1-:'.: 1 5:5 -'.: E 1:2 -:-' iqwgp A , .,,1 -1 ' ,.,.,,.:. Q , ' io' W , Q -mwg kr yrjrg, fl 1 'K - iffy: gig ,x Ji 1' 2 3 5s:L,:'iliBg Q 2 W L Qi No escape fr o m Sing Sing. Yes - .fvwml G Q-A 'T 'el -V as' 'E ' sa MNA. 'UDB' 55.05 f 'o goo 4 x f 1 'ieiavsoo , Deaf N315 '. 'Voss ao qoov xqbv. YORK?-8. We 'nope eoio-5 it as noob as 'de wie 0930196 got, ogevoet. oi one good woes., ooo naive ' os, -ga-we 'oeeo caoooroo 'm oo. WDA, resxeuioet 933 oY- ab 1001' a-11ox1aX oem oi 0 'W 'o ouxorioe- 'oad 'Saw We xoooo +3 0 100 Xo 5 and xv fze 'ooo a. oo ooo 'oo 'Toe as ion 'one hobo. 'age woe 'icon oo-A . 'oe obai , 6 not 'na 'cams one A ecooeix e ooooo 'nose vox gears GX-Q oi if -do 'do-ol 'CW 'GO in ore, ao 1' YOY-'ki-it 'o a iovt 'ifyvooow 'Goo 'ix a.XX, its. 3309!-, aoooal aio aXN,. We 'da moo 'Goo Qr'moSQaX, 'oeacro -dino oofooerabeo vwdo oe. said oooogot Bowl ovqofg goo Siooerebg qoofs, YOYVGIESY- Y,-DYYOYU5 ie' we Po Q9 1 0 MTS- Bj01'k llarv Hodde Rosie Hodde Cheryl Clayton Sponsor Editor Editor Managing Editor we WOFLQI' Catherine English ' Business Manager AD COLLECTORS: First row, left to right: Donna Swindler, Mary Tate, Kay Beasley, Jerry Coopwood, Mary Hodde. Rosie Hodde, Betty Stewart, Pat Derrick. Second row: Elizabeth Sims, Peggy Toland, Bobbie ,lean Caskey, ,lory Gard- ner, Joanna McGehee, Catherine English, Carol Turney, Edwina Meek, Betty Davis. Joe Neal Oliver. Third row: Glenda O'Farrell. Charla Relthford, Alicia McClure, Paula Anderson, Polly Weaver. Billie Jean Cox, Patty Patterson, Barbara Coffee, Johnnie Green, Lyn Clayton. Page ll Mike Keyton Melvin Gray Trudy Stewart .lack Stanley ' Ph mv h r Sports Sports Typist 0 Erap e ST Irene Holmes illustrator Irene, Jack, and Trudy at work. Cheryl, Catherine, Mike. and Mel seem to he working hard Q!7LLl0"LA. n n , n 5 Ted Bounds Johnnie Green JOIIH WilSOH ViccHPresident Secretary PTCSId6I1I Page 14 MIKE ADAMS-Speech Club, Bmd OLEY ADAMS-Speech Club, Future Tradesmcn CHARLES ADCOCK-Student Council 60- 61, 61-62, Latin Club 59-60, 60-61, 61-62 Consul, Science Club 60-61, 61-62, Razorback Staff 61-62, Band Sgt. 59-60, 2nd Lt. 60-61, Ist Lt. 61-62, Reading Seminar 59-60 Boys' State 61-62, All- State Band 59-60, Stage Band,Senior Favorite ANTHONY ADKINSYT Club 59-60, Foot- ball 59-60, Senior Favorite Runner-up LOUIS AlNSWORTHfFuture Teacher 61- 62, Latin Club 60-61-62, Science Club, Americanism Club, Band, Science Fair Winner, Senior Play Committee MICKEY AKENS-Chorus 59-60, Future Tradesmen, Band 59-60-61-62 Quarter Master, All-State Band 60-61 AVIS AKIN-Future Homemakers GARY AKIN-Future Tradesmen 61-62 PAULA ANDERSON-Future Homemak- ers 61-62 WILLIAM H. ANDERSON - Future Tradesmen 61-62 CHARLIES ARMSTRONG-Future Farm- ers of America, secretary, Medical Club LINDA AUSTIN - Science Club 61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60- 61, Americanism Club 61-62 GARY BARROW - T Club 59-60, Basket- ball 59-60-61-62, Future Farmers of America, president, Senior Favorite BOBBY BARTHOLOMEW - Speech Club 61-62, Band 60-61-62, Senior Play Committee BARBARA BAYLESS PAT BEASLEY - Future Teachers 61-62 Future Business Leaders of America 61, Red Jackets 60-61-62, Future Home- makers 60-61, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59-60 Cheerleader MARTY BECK - Science Club, Speech Club, Science Fair Winner, Band Of- ficer 3 years, Stage Band, All-State SHIRLEY BELL - Future Teachers 60- 61, secretary, 61-62, president, Speech Club 60-61, 61-62, Spanish Club 60-61, 61-62, reporter, Red .lackets 59-60-61, Future Homemakers 61-62, Reading Seminar 59-60 RALPH BLAGG - President National Honor Society 60-61-62, Student Coun- cil 59-60-61-62, Latin Club 59-60-61, Science Club 60-61, Americanism Club 61-62, Sports Editor Razorback Staff 61-62, T Club 60-61, Football 60-61, Track 60-61, Basketball 59-60, Reading Seminar 59-60, Boys, State 60-61, Quill and Scroll, Senior Invitations Commit- Ee 61-62 Senior Favorite and Runner- P SANDRA BLEVINS - Latin Club Science Club 60-61-62, Americanism Club 61- 62, Band 60-61-62 Officer, Advertising Manager Razorback Staff 61-62, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59- 60, Quill and Scroll RODNEY BOLT - Band 59-60-61 TED BOUNDS - Vice-President Senior Class, Science Club 61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, T Club 61-62, Football 59-60-61-62, Homecom- ing Escort, Science Fair Winner 61, Senior Invitations Committee, Senior Favorite and Runner-Up EDDY BRADDOCK - Student Council 59-60-61, Latin Club 59-60-61, Science Club 60-61-62, Americanism Club 61- 62, T Club 59-60-61-62, Football 59- 60-61-62, Science Fair Winner 60-61, Junior Red Cross Representative 59-60, One year scholarship to Texarkana College in Texarkana College Science Fair SHIRLEY BRANTLEY - Speech Club, Secretary and Treasurer D. E. NANCY BROOKS LEIGHNORA BUCHANAN - Future Teacher 61-62, Latin Club 60-61-62, Chorus 61-62, accompanist, American- ism Club 61-62, Senior Favorite Runner-Up MARTHA BURNETTE - Future Teacher 61-62, Future Business Leaders of America, 60-61-62, Chorus 59-60-61, Fu- ture Homemakers 59-60-61 LYNN BURTON - Speech Club 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Band 59-60- 61-62, Reading Seminar 59-60, Driving Club 59-60, All-State Band 60-61-62 ANN CADDELL - Future Teacher 60-61- 62, Latin Club 59-60-61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Future Tradesmen 61-62 re- porter, Junior Red Cross Representa- tive 59-60 HAIDEE CALHOUN - Red Jackets 59- 60-61, Future Farmers of America Sweetheart PEGGY CANNON - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Office Assistant, Driving Club DAVID CARROLL - President Junior Class 60-61, Student Council 60-61, Latin Club 59-60-61, Library Club 61- 62, Americanism Club 61-62, Football 59-60, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Favorite Runner-Up BILLY CARTER - Student Council 60-61, vice-president 6162, president, Science Club 60-61, Speech Club 61-62, Spanish Club 60-61-62 S,enior Play, Homecom- ing Escort, Junior Red Cross Represent- ative, Senior Invitations Committee, Outstanding Student of the Month for November, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Fire Marshall, Senior Favorite JAMES CARTER - Future Tradesmen. KATHY CARTER - Latin Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Choral- ettes 59-60, Singing Belles 60-61, Ra- zorback Staff, Reading Seminar, Quill and Scroll. Senior Favorite BILLY BOB CASEY - Science Club 60- 61, Track 59-60-61, Football 60-61, Sen- ior Favorite Runner-Up BOBBIE JEAN CASKEY - Future Teach- ers of America 60-61-62, Latin Club 59-60-61, Future Business leaders of America, 60-61-62, Science Club, 61-62, Speech Club, 61-62, Office Assistant, Red Jackets 60-61-62, Americanism Club 60-61, Reading Seminar 59-60, Science Fair Winner 59-60, Library Assistant 60-61, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Senior Play Committee, 61-62, Parker Ad Collector, 60-61-62. ROGER CHISM - Speech Club 61-62, Junior Prom Committee, Americanism Club 60-61, Reading Seminar 59-60, Parker Ad Collector, Driving Club. Latin Club 59-60, Football. CAROL CHRISTILLES-Future Teachers, Future Business Leaders of America Speech Club. ROGER CITTY - Latin Club, T-Club 60- 61, Football, Track 61. 1 DALE CLARK - Future Tradesmen, 2 years. GAYLE CLARK - Speech Club 61-62, Chorus 3 years, Future Homemakers 60-61. PAUL CLARK - Future Tradesmen, .lun- ior Prom Committee, Library Assistant 59-60. CHERYL CLAYTON g National Honor Society 2 years, Student Council 61-62, Spanish Club 60-61, President 61-62, Office Assistants 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60, 60-61, Chorus 3 years, All State Choir, SATB Quartet, Girls, Quartet, Girls' Ensemble, Americanism Club 61- 62, Parker Staff, Managing Editor, Senior Play, Reading Seminar, Quill and Scroll. JUDY ANN CLINCAN-Future Teachers, Speech Club, Chorus, Spanish Club, Library Club. BARBARA COFFEE - Future Teachers 60-61, Treasurer 61-62, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America, 2 years, Chorus 59-60, Vice President 60-61, Razorback Staff, Columnist, Porker Ad Collector, Reading Seminar, Quill and Scroll, Senior Favorite. CLENDA COLLINS - Future Teachers 2 years, Latin Club, Future Business Leaders of America 2 years, Red Jackets. BETTY COLLUMS DON COOK - Vice-President of Future Tradesmen. RONNIE COOK - Speech Club, Senior Favorite. GARY CORZINE - Americanism Club, Future Tradesmen 61-62, T-Club, Foot- ball 3 years, Track 59-60, Reading Seminar, Library Club, D.E. Club. JOHNNY COWART - Latin Club, Future Tradesmen. BILLIE JEAN COX - Speech Club, Fu- ture Business Leaders of America, Band 3 years, Parker Ad Collector, Senior Play Committee, Reading Semi- nar, .lunior Prom Committee. HERMAN COX - Latin Club, Science Club, Americanism Club, Band 3 years, Science Fair Winner. CALVIN CREAMER - Science Club, Fu- ture Tradesmen, Reading Seminar. BETTY CROW - Future Business Lead- ers of America, Americanism Club. SUE DAVIS - Science Club 61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Spanish Club 60-61, Band 59- 60, Senior Play Comittee. LARRY DAVIS-Latin Club, .lunior Prom Committee, Football 59-60, Homecom- ing Escort. Senior Favorite. REBA DAWSON - Future Homemakers. TENETTE DEES - Future Teachers 61- 62, Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Band 59-60, Librarian. PAT DERRICK--Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Science Club 61-62. Speech Club 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60, Americanism Club 61-62. CAROL DODGE - Chorus 2 years, Future Homemakers. LOUISE DOUGLAS - Futures Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Office As- sistant 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Future Homemakers 59-60. RALPH EARHART - Future Tradesmen 60-61-62, Chorus 2 years. GERALD EATON - Speech Club, Future Farmers of America, Sentinal. WILLIAM EDWARDS - Future Trades- men 61-62, Football 59-60. LINDA ELLERY - Chorus 3 years. WANDA ELLIOTT - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Speech Club 61-62, Chorus 59-60-61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Medical Club 60-61. ROBERT ELMORE CATHERINE ENGLISH-National Honor Society, Secretary, 60-61-62, Latin Club 58-59-60, Science Club 60-61, 61-62 Sec- retary, Oilice Assistant 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Americanism Club 61-62, Porker Stall, Business Manager, Senior Play, Girls' State, Science Fair Winner 61, Reading Seminar 59-60, Quill and Scroll, National Merit Schol- arship Finalist, Po-rker Ad Collector 60-61-62, Senior Favorite Runner-Up. ALICE FARRAR- -Future Business Leaders of America. JUDY FERGUSON - Future Teachers 61- 62, Latin Club, Red .lackets 59-60-61- 62, Cheerleader, Senior Play, Reading Seminar 59-60, Chorus 60-61-62. JIM FOSTER - Americanism Clubi 61- 62, Football 61-62, Track 61-62, Senior Play. SHIRLEY FOWLER DORA FREEMAN -- Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Chorus 69-61. JOHNNY GERRALD PEARL GILL - Chorus 3 years. DOROTHY GOSSETT MELVIN GRAY - Student Council 61-62, Science Club 60-61, 61-62 Vice-Presi- dent, Office Assistant, Band 59-60-61-62 Captain, Razorback Staff Feature Edi- tor, Porker Staff Sports Editor, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59- 60, Boys' State, Science Fair Winner, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, All-District Band, Stage Band. Senior Favorite. CHERYL GRAYSON - Latin Club 59-60- 61, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Red Jackets, Band 59-60-61 Ma- jorette 60-61, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59-60, Junior Red Cross Representative 59-60. JERRY GREEN - Latin Club 59-60-61, Speech Club 61-62 Reporter, Football 59-60, Senior Play Committee. JOHNNIE GREEN-Future Teachers 61-62 Secretary-Treasurer, 'Secretary-Treas- urer Junior Class, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Office Assistant 61-62, Future Homemakers 61-62, Parker Ad Collector 61-62, Basketball 59-60-61, Homecoming Queen, Senior Invitations Committee. Senior Favorite and Runner-Up. LINDA GREEN-Red Jackets 59-60, Future Tradesmen 60-61, Junior Red Cross Representative 59-60. SHIRLEY GREEN+ MARGARET GREENE - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Red Jackets 59-60, Future Tradesmen 61-62. KATHY GROSS - Transfer, Chorus 61-62, Shorthand Award 61. RONALD HACKETT-Speech Club 61-62, Future Tradesmen 60-61-62. DAVETTA HAMILTON - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Speech Club 61, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Future Home- makers 59-60-61-62, Band 60, Senior Play Committee. 1' GARY HARRISON!Basketball 59-60. PEGGY HARRIST - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61. CAROLYN HAYES - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Band 59-60- 61. RICHARD HAYGOOD - Science Club 61- 62 Treasurer, Future Farmers of Amer- ica 59-60-61 61- 62 Reporter. ,IERALD HENRY-Americanism Club 61- 62, Band 59-60-61-62, All-State Band 60-61. DAVID HERRINGTON - Science Club, Future Tradesmen. MARTHA HICKERSON-Future Teachers 2 years 60-61 Treasurer, Science Club Red Jackets 59-60-61-62, Chorus 2 years, Future Homemakers 61-62 Songleader, Americanism Club 61-62, Future Farmers of America Sweetheart 60-61, Senior Play Committee, Science Fair Winner 60, Cheerleader, Junior Prom Committee. MARILYN HICKMAN - Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Driving Club 59-60. MARY LEE HODDE - National Honor Society 60-61-62, Future Teachers 60- 61-62, Student Council 60-61, Latin Club 60-61-62, Office Assistant 60-61- 62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Americanism Club 61-62, Razorback Staif, Parker Ad Collector 59-60-61, Parker Editor, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59- 60, Quill and Scroll, Girls' State, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Favorite Run- ner-Up. ROSE MARIE HODDE - National Honor Society 60-61-62, Future Teachers 60- 61-62, Student Council 60-61, Latin Club 60-61-62, Office Assistant 60-61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Americanism Club 61- 62, Library Club 61-62, Razorback Staff, Parker Ad Collector 59-60-61, Parker Editor, Senior Play Committee, Read- ing Seminar 59-60, Girls' State, Quill and Scroll, Junior Prom ' Committee Senior Favorite Runner-Up. KATHY HODGE - Latin Club 59-60-61, Science Club 60-61, Red Jackets 59-60 Chorus 59-60-61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Reading Seminar 59-60, Home- coming Maid. BOBBY HOGUE - Science Club 60-61, Speech Club 61-62, T Club 59-60, Foot- ball 59-60, Track 60-61, Senior Favorite. IRENE HOLMES-Future Business Leaders of America, Speech Club 61-62, Parker Illustrator. RAY HOLMES - Future Tradesmen 60- 61-62. SHARON HOOVER - National Honor So- ciety 60-61-62, Future Teachers 60-61- 62 Student Council 59-60, Latin Club 58-59-60, Science Club 61-62, Office Assistant 60-61-62, Red Jackets 59-60- 61-62, Cheerleader, Americanism Club 61-62, Razorback Staff, Reading Semi- nar 59-60, Quill and Scroll, Homecom- ing Maid, Girls' State, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Favorite. EDDY HOUSE-Speech Club 61-62, Read- ing Seminar 59-60. ROSE MARIE HUBNIK MIKE JACKSON - Chorus 59-60, Future Tradesrnen 60-61-62. WALTER .IEFFCOAT - Science Club 59- 60, Americanism Club 61-62, Football 59-60. BYRON JOHNSON - Band 59-60, Science Fair Winner 59-60. SUSIE KEITH EVELYN KENNEDY FRANCES KENNEDY - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Chorus 60- 61, Future Homemakers 59-60, Driving Club 59-60. MIKE KEYTON - National Honor Society 60-61-62, Future Teachers 60-61-62, Latin Club 58-59-60-61, Science Club 60-61-62, Spanish Club 3 years Presi- dent 60-61, Razorback Staff, Editor, Parker Staff, Photographer 60-61, Sports Editor 61-62, Football 1 year, Basket- ball 60-61-62, Senior Play Student Director, Science Fair Winner 3 years, Reading Seminar, Quill and Scroll, National Science Foundation Summer Science Institute, Band 62. JIMMY LAVENDER-Medical Club 60-61, Latin Club 59-60-61, Razorback Staff, Advertising Manager, Americanism Club 61-62, Band 59-60-61, Reading Seminar 59-60. DON LAWRENCE - Future Treadesmen 60-61-62. LINDA LAWLER - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Future Homemakers 61-62 P-ianist, All-State Choir 61-62, Chorus 59-60-61-62 Pianist, Girl's Ensemble 61-62, Senior Favorite. ELIZABETH LAWS-Future Teachers 61- 62, Spanish Club 60-61-62, Historian 61, Americanism Club 61-62, Band 3 years Drum Majorette 61-62, Majorette 61, All-State Band 60-61-62, Science Fair Winner, Reading Seminar 59-60, .lunior Prom Committee, Parker Ad Collector. BENNIE LEEYFuture Homemakers Treas- urer 61-62, Choralettes 59-60-61, SATB Choir 61-62. BOBBY LONG- Future Tradesmen 60-61- 62. SYDNEY LUCKETT-National Honor So- ciety 60-61-62, Future Teachers 60-61- 62, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Science Club 61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Spanish Club 4- years, Secretary 59-60, Office Assistant 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-62, Americanism Club 61- 62, Razorback Staff Feature Editor, Homecoming Maid, Reading Seminar 59-60, Junior Prom Committee Chair- man. ALICIA McCLURE - Future Business Leaders of America 2 years, Office As- sistant 61-62, Porker Ad Collector 61- 62, Basketball 2 years. TERRELL McDOWELL - Future Trades- men 60-61-62, Future Farmers of Amer- ica 57-58-59. JOANNA MCCEHEE - National Honor Society 60-61-62, Future Teachers Re- porter 60-61-62, Latin Club Reporter 60-61-62, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Office Assistant 60-61, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Americanism Club 61-62, Razorback Staff Club Edi- tor 61-62, Parker Ad Collector, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59- 60, Quill and Scroll 61-62, Homecoming Maid, Girls, State, Cheerleader, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Favorite. JOYCE MARKAM JIMMY MARTIN A Speech Club, Future Tradesmen. BUTCH MASSEY-T Club 61-62, Football 60-61-62, Homecoming Escort. DANNY MATTHEWS-Future Tradesmen, Sergeant-at-Arms, Football 59-60. GARY MATTHEWS - Speech Club, T Club 60-61, Football 59-60-61, Basket- ball 59. Senior Favorite. PAUL MEDLEY-National Honor Society Vice-President, Science Club Reporter 60-61-62, Chorus 59-60, 60-61 Vice- President, 61-62 President, Boys' State, Science Fair Winner 61, Quill and Scroll 61-62, All State Choir 62. SHARON MIDDLETON-Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Spanish Club 60-61, Americanism Club 61-62, Band-Librarian 59-60-61-62, Medical Club 60-61, Driving Club 59-60. RICHARD MILLER - T Club 61-62, Foot- ball 60, Track 61-62. QUINTON MINER RONALD MOON-Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Future Tradesmen 61-62. GRANT MOORE - Latin Club 59-60-61, Science Club 60-61, Band 59-60, Science Fair Winner 60. SUE MORROW - Speech Club Vice-Presi- dent, Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica Historian, Future Homemakers of America, Red Jackets. JOHNNY MURDOCK - Student Council 61-62, Science Club 60-61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Americanism Club 60-61-62, T Club 61-62, Football 59-60-61, Track 61-62, Senior Play, Homecoming Escort. FAYE MURPHY-Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Library Club 61-62, Red Jackets 60-61, Future Homemakers 59-60. BEN MYANE - Future Tradesman Presi- dent 61-62. CAROLYN NAPIER - Library Club 61-62, Future Teachers 61-62, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Future Homemakers 59-60, Basketball 60-61-62. Senior Favorite Runner-Up. GARY NOLTE - Class Officer President 59-60, Student Council 59-60, Latin Club 59-60-61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Razorback Stall 61-62, T Club 59-60- 61-62, Basketball Manager 59-60-61, Senior Play Committee, Reading Semi- nar 59-60, Quill and Scroll 61-62. Senior Favorite Runner-Up. JIM NORTHCUTT - Science Club 61, Speech Club 61-62, Spanish Club 60-61, Football 60-61, Golf 60-61-62, Reading Seminar 60, Library Club. CARLA NOTTINGHAM - Latin Club 60- 61, Abericanism Club 61-62, Basket- ball Manager 60-61-62, Senior Play Committee, Library Club Secretary 61-62. SUE ODOM GLENDA 0'FARRELL A Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Future Hornernakers 59-60-61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Porker Ad Collector 61-62. JOE NEAL OLIVER W Band 59-60, Junior Prom Committee. PEGGY O'NEAL-Future Teachers, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61, Secretary, 61-62, Teachers' Assistant, Future Homemakers, Parliamentarian 59-60, Americanism Club. JERRY ORR - Future Tradesmen 60-61, 61-62. PATTY PATTERSON - Future Teachers 60-61, Future Business Leaders of America, 60-61, President 61-62, Office Assistants, Red Jackets, Razorback Staff Exchange Editor, Po-rker Ad Collector, Senior Play Committee, Reading Semi- nar, Quill and Scroll. Senior Favorite Runner-Up. BUDDY PHILLIPS-Speech Club, Future Tradesmen, Senior Play, Senior Favorite. JACKIE PHILLIPS A- Future Tradesmen, 2 years. JERRY PHILLIPS RAYMOND PIERCE-Speech Club, Future Tradesmen, Senior Play Committee. DAVID POPE-Science Club, Speech Club, Chorus 60-61, 61-62, Band, Senior Play Committee. SHELBY PORIER -M Latin Club 59-60, Science Club 60-61, Americanism Club 60-61, Band 59-60'-61-62, Stage Band 59- 60-61-62. ROY SANDRA POWELL-Future Teachers, Oilice Assistant, Red Jackets, Ameri- canism Club, Razorback Staff, Reading Seminar. SANDRA JEAN POWELL LINDA PURIFOY - Spanish Club 59-60, Treasurer 61-62, Chorus, Secretary- Treasurer, 3 years. CHARLA RELTHFORD-Chorus 3 years, Future Homemakers, 2 years, Parker Ad Collector, Teacher's Assistant. LINDA REED - Latin Club, 3 years, Sci- ence Club, Red Jackets, Americanism Club, Cheerleader, Medical Club, .lunior Prom Committee. RICHARD RHOADES - Latin Club, Foot- ball 59-60, Junior Prom Committee, Library Club. JAMES ROBERTS - Speech Club, Future Farmers of America 3 years. PAT ROBERTSON - Latin Club 59-60, T Club, 61-62, Football 60-61. CLARA MAE SCOTT - Library Club, Future Teachers, 60-61, 61-62, Future Business Leaders of America, 60-61, 61- 62, Chorus 59-60, President 60-61, Razor- back Stafl-Assistant Business Manager, Reading Seminar, Quill and Scroll. JACK SIIELTON-National Honor Society, Vice President, 60-61, 61-62, Science Club, Americanisrn Club, Vice Presi- dent 61-62, T Club, Basketball, Boys' State, Science Fair Winner. HORACE SHIPP - Library Club, Senior Play Committee. ELIZABETH SIMS w Future Business Leaders of America, Secretary at Cen- tral School, 61-62, Future Homernakers, Band 59-60, 60-61, 61-62. RODNEY SINCLAIR LINDA SISCO - Future Business Leaders of America. Senior Favorite and Run- ner-Up. BARBARA SMITH-Fualre Homemakers, 59-60, Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica, 59-60, 60-61, Future Teachers 61-62, Speeach Club 61-62, Teacher's Assist- ant, Chorus 3 years, Girls, Ensemble 61-62, Girls, Quartet 60-61, STAB Quar- tet 60-61, All State Choir 60-61, 61-62, Library Assistant 59-60. SHARRON SMITH - Future Teachers 60- 61-62, Latin Club 60-61, Library Club 59-60, Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Speech Club 60-61, Amerieanism Club 61-62, Reading Sem- inar 59-60. GARY SPEARS - Future Tradesmen-Seo retary Treasurer 61-62. GLEN SPEARS - Latin Club 59-60-61, Science Club 60-61, President 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Band 59-60- 61, Science Fair Winner. PEGGY SPENCE - Future Teachers 60- 61-62, Science Club 60-61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Spanish Club 59-60-61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Band-Sargeant 59-60, Senior Play-Student Director, Girls' State, Reading Seminar 59-60. KATHY STANFORD - Future Teachers 60-61-62, Junior Prom Committee, Latin Club 59-60-61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Captain 62, Razorback Staff Columnist, Senior Play Committee, Reading Semi- nar 59-60, Quill and Scroll. JACK R. STANLEY - Future Teachers 61-62, Latin Club 59-60, Science Club 60-61, Speech Club 60-61-62, Ameri- canism Club 61-62, Band 59-60-61, Razorback Staff Managing Editor, Porker Staff Photographer, Senior Play Committee, Quill and Scroll, Science Fair Winner, "What Freedom Means To Me" speech winner, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Favorite Runner-Up. BETTY STEWART - Future Teachers 61- 62, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Vice-President, Speech Club Secretary 61-62, Office Assistant 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Parker Ad Collector, Senior Play Committee, Girls' State, Reading Seminar 59-60, Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative 59-60, Library Assistant, Junior Prom Committee, Cheerleader, Senior Favorite. TRUDY STEWART-National Honor Soci- ety 60-61-62, Reporter, Future Teachers 60-61-62, Vice-President 62, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Science Club 61-62, Spanish Club 59- 60-61-62, Office Assistant 60-61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61-62, Captain, Razorback Staff Columnist, Porker Staff Typist, Senior Play Committee, Girls' State, Reading Semiar 59-60, Qu-ill and Scroll. JERRY STOUT - Future Tradesman. PHYLLIS STROUD-Latin Club 60-61-62, Americanism Club, D. A. R. Good Citi- zen, Senior Favorite. DONNA SWINDLER - Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Americanism Club, Porker Ad Collector, Reading Seminar 59-60, Junior Red Cross Representative 59-60, Driving Club 59-60. ORETHA TALLEY LINDA TAYLOR - Band 59-60-61-62, Uni- form Detail, Senior Play Committee, Dance Band 60-61-62. ALBERT THOMAS - T Club, Football 59-60-61, Homecoming Escort. JOHN THOMAS -- Spanish Club, Razor- back Staff, T Club, Football 60-61, Quill and Scroll, First Place - discuss - State Track Meet 61. PEGGY TOLAND-Future Teachers 61-62, Latin Club 59-60, Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Speech Club 61-62, Parker Ad Collector. PHILLIP TOMMEY-Speech Club, Senior Play Committee. STEVIE B. TORRANS - Spanish Club 60- 61, Future Tradesmen 61-62. LINDA TUBYFILL - Speech Club, Amer- icanism Club. CAROL TURNEY-Future Teachers 61-62, Future Business Leaders of America, Reporter 61-62, Red Jackets 61, Future I-lomemakers, Secretary 60-61-62, Parker Ad Collector, Senior Play Com- mittee, Reading Seminar 59-60, Senior Favorite Runner-Up. WAYNE TYE4Future Tradesmen, Basket- ball 59-60-61. JUDY WADE - Speech Club 62, Spanish Club 61, Future Homemakers 62. JANE WAGONER LINDA WALKER-Future Teachers 61-62, Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Office Assistant 60-61-62, Red Jackets 60-61, Future Homemakers 59- 60, Americanism Club 61-62, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59- 60, Junior Prom Committee. JOHNNY WARDLAW - Speech Club 61- 62, T Club 61-62, Football 59-60-61. POLLY WEAVER-Future Teachers 61-62, Future Business Leaders of America 60-61-62, Future Homemakers 59-60, Parker Ad Collector, Reading Seminar 59-60. JAMES WESTFALL - Latin Club 61-62, Speech Club, President 61-62, Ameri- canism Club 61-62, T Club 61-62, Basketball 60-61-62. Senior Favorite Runner-Up. MARY WHITEFIELD - Future Teachers, Speech Club 60-61-62, Chorus, Librar- ian 59-60-61, Band, Razorback Staff Editor, Senior Play, Quill and Scroll. PAT WILKINS - National Honor Society, Treasurer 60-61-62, Future Business Leaders of America, Treasurer 6061-62, Science Club 60-61-62, Future Home- makers, President 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, Band, Secretary-Treasurer 59-606162, Reading Seminar 59-60, Re- gional Band 61. OLLITA WILLIAMS-Future Tradesmen, Driving Club. JOHN WILSON - Senior Class President, ' Sophomore Vice-President, Student Council, Speech Club, T Club, Football, Homecoming Escort, Pharr Award, Senior lnvitations Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Favorite Run- ner-Up. LUTHER WINKLE - Latin Club 61-62, Junior Prom Committee, T Club 61-62, Football 60-61, Track' Manager 61, Basketball 59-60. Q Page 40 t MIKE WINKLES - Speech Club 61-62, Band 59-60-61, T Club 61-62, Football 61-62, Track 61-62, Senior Play Com- mittee. ANALYNN WOOD - .lunior Class Vice- President, Student Council 60-61-62, Latin Club, Band 60-61-62, First Lieu- tenant, Homecoming Maid, Senior Play, Reading Seminar 59-60, Junior Prom Committee. Senior Favorite and Run- ner-Up. STEVE WORMINGTON-Student Council 60-61 -62 Treasurer, Latin Club 60-61-62, Science Club 60-61-62, Program Chair- man, Speech Club 61-62, Americanism Club 61-62, T Club 59-60, Football 59- 60, Reading Seminar 59-60. Senior Fa- vorite Runner-Up. JEAN YOUNG-Future Teachers 60-61-62, Latin Club 59-60-61-62, Office Assistant, Red Jackets 59-60-61, Americanism Club 61-62, Razorback Staff, Senior Play Committee, Reading Seminar 59-60, Quill and Scroll. Senior Favorite Run- ner-Up. DENNIS YOUNGBLOOD-Future Trades- IHCI1. LINDA YOUNGBLOOD - Cheerleader, Teachers, Vice-President 60-61-62, .lunior Class Secretary, Student Coun- cil 59-60, Future Business Leaders of America 61-62, Red Jackets 59-60-61-62, Razorback Staff Typist, Parker Ad Col- lector, Homecoming Maid, Reading Seminar 59-60, Qu-ill and Scrolls, Senior Favorite. HIV: kvff NTIW f SENIORS NOT PICTURED KEMP DUCOTE MELVIN FAVRE uk , STANLEY GERALD JAMES HICKS MELVIN HOBSON GARY KILLIAN JOHN OATS JAMES RAMSEY BARRY WITTENBURG LOUISE WILBURN GEORGE YOUNG RILEY MARTIN BOYD RICHARDSON MIKE SHROYER P I W 1 W J f IA" , ,gf X553 if C f C Page 41 ' x x X I N w B X fd. If ll II fl ' , .-.. 4 ., 'KPJ JEYTZE ,, ,, :.,A. . ig Lf? . ws: X ,M gffm , ,.- : ' M515 - ,zgfwgyi -sis " , he VWQEX N fgggzfi- V -'SZSSQV .- 'ft -'-'-' iwms ffwis E Q VMi?3? 'Wig ? ' Ziimhi 'ZH 9 71 ine-uf '- - . .Q grwim Ri SQ df fa: f ' im 5:23 7 -3 ' ' K M1 5 'I :3fE5f1if'5? X Y . 5 A ' 535' :Q W i'. fg Y y ,.,. H ' fi, aaa , 5 ,M -,Aww m X 4 ' EE 535-2 ig k .-..-. 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Thomas Kay Thomas Barbara Thompson Renetta Thompson Suzanne Torry Tommy Vanderbilt Vernon Vickers Lynn Ward Nietta Watt Gary Watts Joanna Whittlock I ' ' w p Phanae Willis Billy Wilsmann Carolyn Wilson Pat Witt Janie Wolf Judy Works Tommy Works Ginger Wright Dennis Young Leslie Young Lyle Young Barry Crahbe '27 W The Secowd- Senior 'Plmsj Mr. Elmore poses for the second senior play while reading the script of the first. E '- ' .,.,,.- E iiagvjf 4 :.-: - w k 75' W' ni Mary reads the scriptg Billie ,lean tries to absorb it. Marty and Kathy prepare for the "soggy Lynn seems to think that one of Shar- SCGIICH. on's lines is too risque. Judy and Trudy support Jack in his part. Martha persuades Jack to read rather than act out the last scene. "x NWN ww M 025 MMV ,JICSJQJZ WM 'K 31 '. '. , . .,,,..F5 ug -L W4 R4 tvs- a U, ..5.'L,P:.,,L .' I. V245 .1-.,r. 1: .1 M ,7:,- - 4: .-, .Y,..r- A, , rg? V -Qs" IL, -' .- K, -J' 'Y- 'H ' ks:"Q'5' .1 ' 'L.eL,ig3,'5 AW Lf. .- -.wr - . 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E. .g g. 5 W , ,E :.:,: ' "" Margaret Comett Ricky Couch Eddie Cox Ruth Craw Sandra Crawford Linda Cupp Ricky Dagenham Mary Jo Daniels Bette Davis Danny Dilliard Bonnie Dodd Evie Dorsey Jimmy Dossey Larry Dowd Linda Durham Janice Eades Joe Eades Wayne Elkins Teddy Eve Tommy Everett Billy Fornero Elizabeth Fowler Claude Franklin Dale Fuller Ralph Fuller Kathleen F uzy Jo Ann Garland Joyce Gay Jackie Giles Travis Giles John Gillham J im Gilliland 1 Dana Goodrich Linda Gordon Harrison Grace Jimmy Gray bsasetgggebwp .rwiwqxe awsx v w wawggggigk eegg , L4 E 5 Z' 4 'Sv gi if 5 1 gg SP, - " 1 .,.,, ., g::2.:::::-2:Q,-2:5:5:e:5gf5g2:gg5:::::-' . '. . 2 ,1 1 . 645 'I -:lg1i3z' g David Green Margaret Green Ronnie Greer. Linda Griffith Patsy Griffith Sherry Hamilton Jackie Harrison Janice Harrison l , ,fr J . A I, Susan Harville Vesta Helbel Diana. Henderson Richard Henshaw Patricia Hensley Rosemary Hensley Ruby Hensley Garry Herring Maly Herrington Wanda Herrington Joan Hervey Judy Higginbotham 9 1 Larry Hogue Lois Hopkins Joan Hubbard Doel Hunter Noel Hunter Bonnie Jamison Dale Johe Roberta Johnson Ronnie Jones Ricky Keller Judy Kittrell Jen-y Kinslow Trudie Langston Carol Lavender Shirley .leffcoat Milton Jones Susie Kemp Charles Kinsworthy J ack Laws Mary Jester Rejahna Jones Kenneth Kennedy Ronnie Langford Jimmy Laws Gale Lee Sandy Littlej ohn Tommy Longnecker Jim Lummu S Windell McDaniel Linda McFerrin Bruce Malcolm Gloria Markham Glellda Maflln Mauldin K Patricia Littleton Retta Lockwood Dianne McBiay Julia McCutcheon Nancy McLeod Sue McWilliams Barbara Malar Delbert Martin Diane Medellin ' Jimmy Miller Cindy Miner Linda Moon Brenda Moore Dan Moore John Moore Peggy Morgan Rex Morgan Billy M0l'riS Peggy Neel Wanda Nolte Ginger Owens Sharon Owens Orelia Parker Lamanda Parsons Duwane Patterson Wanda Pedron Gale Pierce Kenneth Polk Marilyn Powers Dwight Price Mary Purifoy Anna Quisenberry Norma Ramsour Don Reaves .J Vivian Reed Harry Reid Frances Reinheimer Jimmie Roach I.aDonna Robbins Bruce Robertson R0b6rt Ruth Melva Rutherford Billy Sanders Bobby Saucier Martha Sewell Anita Shahan PCEEY Sharpe Larry Shaver Sue Short Gloyd Simmons Martha Smart Judith Smith Paul Smith Judy Spradlin Carolyn Stewart Chestene Stewart Ben Sullivan Ruth Sullivan Linda Tatom William Tefteller Lewis Smith Louise Smith BCUY SWHICY Mary Steele Royce Stewart .lean Stickney Linda Sutton Karen Swan , Xi 5 if W is 59311- - 3 ..., Sis .,,.,:.t - :-V- at ,S S I Sandra Templeton , J James Terry J im Terry Jean Thomas "" 1 "" ' -: -.--: , ----'- ' "-I,-glgI'gI,I5E,v:v .' . fI2E:,2:Q'SWSin-3GQEIIEZEIIZ,2525522-E:-g-,E-rg: lyk Egfr "" ..s:.-g ,wt f Q, .. 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'nb X "XXfXX'XXXQW X X 73 F WH REPLY TO ATTN OF: SUBJECT: +1 W 4 + 92 la. 4 HEADQUARTERS ' " UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY il E"l"f?' 1 coLoRAoo 4 alas 1 DFENGfCapt Powell 18 January 1962 To: Misses Rose Marie and Mary Lee Hodde Parker Editors 14-21 Locust Street Texarkana, Arkansas Dear Rose Marie and Mary Lee, Members of the editorial staff of the Academy's yearbook, Polaris, have asked me to thank you for the privilege of selecting your Porker Queen and her four maids. The selection procedure was as follows: fifteen freshman members of the yearbook staff screened the thirty-one entries and selected fourteen finalists who in turn were voted upon by five senior members of the staff. The five final judges were as follows: Cadet Robert M. Carn, Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, Editor Cadet Stephen C. Mettler, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Activities Editor Cadet Gary D. Lentz, Redlands, California, Social Editor P Cadet Arthur W. Cillson, Edison, Ohio, Photographic Editor Cadet Robert W. DeBerry, Sumter, South Carolina, Class Editor The five seniors, voting individually, made the following selections: Queen ..... - ,..... 9551 Maids ..,... ht-- 54615 fin orderl 95416 95419 9553 The Polaris staff has enjoyed making a slight contribution to y our year- book and trust that your publication will be a success. C PowELL cape, USAF , Officer in Charge, Polaris "MAN'S FLIGHT THROUGH LIFE IS SUSTAINED BY THE POWER OF HIS KNOWLEDGE I Page 75 P0rkerKQueen Joanna Mcflehee Q? Page 76 aw WQIQ M Mg? 0 h . Page 77 Elizabeth Laws Page 78 Martha Hickerson M :S ..-. .-.- - -I.: .-.- g 3 , ..... - . Q '-d..g:.5g::5:55:f.Ng,-,:,:gig,g:g2 - ESQ- " P -Q-- ., my ,,,, , -1 W ,. -,- S if w B. Q Q Page 79 Linda Reed Qitpwzwy gy? aiu vi wwzz ww X -- .5 4 1 4 s 92 wY 2EH.W'5 'MV' HN? 'fi 72 F fQfi! 5 ,Mr S Page 80 Linda Youngblood S f . If--T". "U jc' fm Hg.-7 5 1'-" ai ww-1 , ,f .M A J .X V I I n W P q 81 V N Wx if' '4Vi3?55K? A Q W Hfz.4,aMf5:w2sQ M' ,gf ' Z ,,. 1,1 r 'g Q Miss Johnny Green Homecoming Queen Miss K Q O 'lor' of' 9 95014, Miss Joanna McCehe Miss Sydney Luckett Q D Pqas 'M-,.eJ 9 C 9 O "War-J 'Dol' The Homecoming Court Crown Bearer Lynn Coopwood " x 3 5 E it ,A Page B7 ' l-In Q' ' 'I f ,1f,- -4.-' - . , ' - -" ,nf 5,2 ,Af I v ' - . .I . ',:,.-. -.,y- .' U, . -' . .W ,QQ -,.a,'g.,, ,,,:...f4 Q, -, -. .fr . ff.,-. ."'f ha" qv: yo V5 5 ,A fn .,' U +413 , www .af Q. ,, 'Q f ' , .- A' v r ,- '. 3425 . "'. K- A . -..,,' k :,,. . 5. 127.1 ' -Q ' 1' :.- ,iff -'.'- A .,- 'V 4 L4 .. . .4. ,-.-.Q .wg-. 1' -a,- .',.'g, . --f- .rw . 4..w"1: My H ...'- 1 . 1 Q ' 5 , f.1.'.,u,- --, -,... .. 3A,A,....v 'Qu ' . .' ' - W Y. . if ,nf f-" y, .- ' . , -. ' '. " ' x- - '. , f..-.1 . - 'Z-.. ' , gk, .. Q. , .:., as -V-." - .'f"4' ., . "- f., ,K ..,1v. sn. '- .. .454 ,.,,,3,: .13-4, 1 ' -' D .-,-,' 1 A31 4-'-.' f' ',f, ,4' 53 ',g,V..,,. .Q,g'1f,?t' 'Lf-ir --ff, f -1 Ara'--, ,.-fi -f-v.s' rag.-. - v -4 . 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Lx.. -1, , . . -QA., -9- . ,ff-,. . .xg A., an ..,, f ' -' .. 12.1, , ".g,P:"f-vgi., ff,-L .g,fapir'v' " 'L 94. 6 . -v . f V N., Q 45,5 - . .-. . , . ff ffl49'f""..4 " Q51-fl ."f "5-1. ,'f'f V -. w.fq9y,ifw 5 g-f .Q -:Jr V-Q .'-fl! k ,Sf Q. '...L?f1n'7X,g P 'I' . E2 'Xf' ' , Q P 'K ffca a. 't g., 1:--uw" ' ' 'f ,'4 L ,. .,. ., - . , , , , .-' ., '9"',g'? A, f,.-,v,.- 'V ,x .V Ag. 44435 ,i1,1. .. 4 . , i- Q., ' .f ., Q ,,.f aw-.4,wxL. Q . .M . -, .,- ., hir - ifusg 'L' T- " -, 'Vg 'W'n..,f' gs ki E Q3 gi f 63 if Qi 'M xi! R 5' Qi - QQ Billy Carter Buy Must Likely To Sncce ,:g.. k M Girl O'. Q' 322354 + f x E I 5 ,Iii f eg I 115i 1 iff 3, Q ,L 3 in ,gs Y . gf ' M W2 .iff SX. A' ff f M if sf 2 FQ fgx Y :s.:.:g,'E-' 2 -" H : -I sf: fs 3 i i fm? 6:5 'N 5 sl H, 3 Y V s 5 . ' 'Zi My If 1 Us dl b Joanna Ur-Cchce Mm! Popular Girl 3 MR X X fw -1 fps :: 1 E 5" 2 1.1, s " fr , 2 wen-vw ,WMWM M Km .r 2 Y! 4 WWQQ' f-ff., 3 ? W 'WWA ,, f J WW wx ' lmvwmmwswwmuw, 11-0-nm-......,.,,,,m V midi? v A Q . ,-.w,.s,, .. ., ,.,. , ff A ,z- .... - af, 5.195 ! X 1 - wr aff Q: . 'iw 3, m W X -Ag QF , 1 , Ne-ug mile I 'P umlx NI H Bobby Hague Best Dressed Boy ,W:Lm,,.,,,,,.m,V,,W.,. .. ,,,h 41 i Egusmmm-, , 5 f.llLlI'lf'N M1104-k mst Tulf-ntfvml Huy Linfh I.'1Wlf"l ut .Ile ml 2 flfff ,mn ll 'fS"1" 7' WWW Ralph Blagg Boy Most Likely To Succeed enior auorife Mary Lee Hodde Most Active Girl Catherine English Girl Most Likely To Succeed Sharon Hoover Best All Around Girl Steve Wormmgton Most Active Boy Johnny Green Most Popular Girl Ted Bounds Best All Around Boy Most Popular Boy unnefj la Rose Marie Hodde Most Active Girl Linda Sisco Most Beautiful Girl Anthony Adkins Most Handsome Boy David Carroll Cutest Boy Analynn Wood Cutest Girl Carol Turney Best Dressed Girl James Westfall Friendliest Boy Patty Patterson Frienclliest Girl Gary Nolte Best Dressed Boy J ack Stanley Most Talented Boy Leighnora Buchanan Most Talented Girl Carolyn Napier Most Athletic Girl John Wilson Most Athletic Boy Jeon Young Sweetest Girl Billy Bob Casey Class Jester Cheerleaders , lr oanna McGe EE 2 1 5 i 2 E 2 E 2 , yi hee Judy Ferguson 7 ,M Q 2 X Pczqe 104 ...- ...Y. Pat Beasley Sharon Hoover Martha Hickerson Linda Youngblood Betty Stewart Page 105 Linda Reed 6AeerAcw!em in .fgcfion 33,4 .Sjweeflwaff N'-NN annum Miss Haidee Calhoun 4 f. 6 W5 4: ff' ,E - 'iY'f'ifz"'?1-L, 4 'f -Li 't - .Y f vi l 4 'is it I 3 X f --T.. l i 5 ii 1 i - --' HulMe5 if fr Y .. X Wafiona! Werif .silofarddila Enagdfd I Catherine English Melvin Cray Scholarship can be shown at Arkansas High School in many ways. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation administers a program which shows it not only locally but also nationally. The NMSC accomplishes this by giving a test, nation-wide, to juniors in the spring. This test forms the basis for those students attaining an exceptionally high grade to receive a scholarship applicable to any college in the United States. Two students here scored high enough on the test to become semi- finalists and then finalists. They were Catherine English and Melvin Gray. Their scores in the 99th percentile enabled them to advance this far. Cor- roborating scores on the Scholastic aptitude test and a long information form are used by the NMSC to determine the recipients of scholarships given to only the top 2f3 of the top 1'Zn of the seniors in the nation. The annual staff wishes to express its congratulations to Catherine and Melvin in addition to the best of luck ffrom intelligencej to those who will take the test in the future. The ones who qualify deserve the honor. Page 109 PAUL MEDLEY MELVIN GRAY DICKIE ADCOCK OW , gate JACK SHELTON RALPJH BLAGG Page 110 'SE-1 5, Qgsh A CATHERINE ENGLISH ROSIE HODDE JOANNA MCGEHEE .fdrlfanfsaa ,xgiafe MARY HODDE SHARON HOOVER PEGGY SPENCE TRUDY STEWART BETTY STEWART Page 111 X onora janv! ,xgwcuf 5 OA xd Q9 'fi f 509 2500 Q5 Q-it Ne- S9 -Q9 Cb K9 8,60 Q0 Q oo, woo 634' 584' 959' SQ QQQ, 600 Billy Carter Outstanding Student fo X09 Qkz' R JO XOQQQZO Ozafyi? 1137 6 4? V' A70 0001 80 C00 N' 25 as V601 Q7 659 Q99-09 66' been ew Qt Q35 Page 112 GAVWWAMM 5':-itg-,4 Billy Carter President .gzwlenf John Thane Mr. Thomas Elmore Steve Wormingtnn Vice-President Sponsor Sissy Sharpe Secretary Page 114 Treasurer ounci The Student Council is primarily a Service Organiza- tion of students who are elected by their fellow students to serve as representatives in matters of concern to the entire school. It is a training ground for leaders and followers. lts activities include managing school assemblies, spon- soring Christmas programs for the needy, landscaping the school grounds, arranging special days, revising the Stu- dent Handbook, and managing the Sportsmanship Program. f First row, left to right: Billy Carter, ,lohn Thane, Sissy Sharpe, Steve Worminqton. Second row: John Wilson. Ana- lvnn Wood, Cheryl Clayton. Patty Patterson, Norma Simmons, Lyn Clayton, Linda Brown, lo Ellen Miller, Richard Harper. Gary Sutton. Mr. Elmore. Third row: Ralph Blagg, Tommy Clark, Melvin Cray, Charles Adcock, Dana Good- rich, Kent Stanford, Johnny Murdock. Page 115 Wafionaf .iwlonor List-iv "ff 1996, 'H ' "" Q if 3 ,g 'S ki Q 1 55,5 Q Mrs. Stafford Beck Ralph Blagg Paul Medley Sponsor President Vice-President From left to right: Rose Marie Hodde. Maw Lee Hodde, Joanna McCehee, Paul Medley, Mike Keyton, Jack Shelton, Trudy Stewart, Sydney Luckett, Mrs. Stafford Beck, Catherine English. Sharon Hoover, Ralph Blagg, Cheryl Clayton, Pat Wilkins. Faqs ll6 Sociefy 7 L Pat Wilkins Trudy Stewart Catherine English Secretary Treasurer Reporter The National Honor Society gives recognition to outstanding students in our school. lts purposes are to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to pro- mote leadership, to stimulate a desire to serve, and to improve the character of all high school students. The National Honor Society encourages the ex- ploration and development of those qualities in students. 'Straight A" parties for students who make all Ais on their report cards are sponsored by the National Honor Society. First row, left to right: Clara Scott, Donna Swindler, Peggy O'Neal, Betty Stewart, Johnnie Green, Kathy Hodge, ' ' ' U S . Ph ll's Stroud, Barbara Aaron, Sue Patty Patterson, Sandy Blevins. Second row. Sharron Smith, Peggy pence y 1 Morrow Pamela Nolte Carla Nottingham, Tenette Dees, Vera Melunkins, Richard Harper. Third row: Steve Worm ington. ilean Young Joy Gardner Shirley Brutlrum, Ronda Carpenter, Sandy Powell, Norma Simmons, Ann Otwell. Patty Patterson. Anil Caddell. Syhil Nash, Louis Ainsworth, Melvin Cray, Charles Adcock, Lynn Burton. Fourth row. Glen Spears. John Thane, Lonnie Powers. jblfbtfe lad' el'6 li 422223 A , z 'e.'f -1 Exile P 3 '11 ,,.. 11, ' P 223' b e A r o at 51 J Mrs. Hendren Shirley Bell Linda Youngblood .lohnnie Green Sponsor President Vice President Secretary President 2nd Semester The Arkansas Senior High Chapter of the Future Teach- ers of America is a unit of a nationwide organization which encourages young people to cultivate in themselves qualities of personality and character conductive to successful teach- ing. It provides members with information about oppor- tunities in the various fields of education. Front row. left to right: Carol Christilles, Glenda Collins, Johnnie Green. Peggy Spence. Judy Ferguson, Kathy Stan I. . . .V y ord, Rosie Hodde, Linda Walker, Elizabeth Laws, Betty Stewart. Svdnev Luckett Second row' Sharron Smith- Barbara Smith, Clara Scott, Polly Weaver. Barbara Coffee, Joanna Meflehee, Shirley. Bell. Sandra Powell. Carol Tur: ney, Ann Caddell. Carolyn Napier. Third row: Tenette Dees. Jean Young. Peggy 0'Neal. Louis Ainsworth. Mike Keyton, .lack Stanley. Man' Hodde. Trudy Stewart. Leighnora Buchanan. Linda Youngblood, Pat Derrick. O! America uve 'Sw M-"'T5T"' Rarbara Coffee Joanna NlK'GCllEf' Put Carris Shirley Rutrum Treasurer Reporter Historian Pzlrlianlentariau Membership is open to any Junior or Senior student who has a C average. who maintains 110 honor points, and who is approved by the plub sponsors. During the year each member has the opportunity of teaching in one of the elementary or junior high schools. The main social event of the year is. the annual Christmas banquet. First row. left to right: Carol Ann Click. Carol Jones, Jerry Coupwoorl, Jn Ellen Miller. Judy Coopwood, Kay Beasley, Pam Nolte, Shirley Butrunu. Pat Carris. Patti Nledellin. Sefond row: linda Dyer. Sheila Russell. Olena Crom- er, Nancy McDowell. Carolyn Peavy, Carolyn Sutton. Lin Hall, Linda Hawkins, Linda MvNatt. Sissy Sharpe. Third row: Janice Bryant, Kay Thomas. Judy Works. Sybil Nash. Lina Davis. Joy Gardner, Norma Siniuxous. Pam Press- woml. Jurly MvCarley. l.imla Russell. ff! gufufe ja BJITLCLIQ I h Ben Myane Don Cook Shirley Brantley MSpdii,siorer President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Designed especially for D.E., D.O., and trade students, the Future Tradesmen is an organization to promote a spirit of workmanship and to increase knowledge of business, in- dustrial, and civic organization. The club strives to de- velop character, thrift, and leadership among its members. Several activities are planned throughout the year for the club. Each year delegates are chosen to attend state and national conventions. A scrapbook is kept during the year to record various club activities. 1 Danny Matthews Alfllrigigfl Sergeant at Arms First row, left to right: Bobby Long, Butch Anderson, Jimmy Martin, Shirley Brantley, Mr. Ryther. Second row: Bobby Treece, Don Lawrence, Don Cook, James Carter, Jerry Orr, Mike Jackson, Ray Gene Holmes, Ben Myane, Bill Edwards, Ralph Earheart. Third row: Terrell McDowell, Wayne Tye, Danny Matthews, Jackie Phillips, Ronald Hackett, Johnny Wardlaw, Calvin Creamer, Melvin Hobson. Fourth row: Ronnie Cook, Harold Fuller, Mike Hughes, Gary Aken. Fifth row: Johnny Cowart, Jerry Lewis, Gary Corzine. Truman Campbell, Rodney Sinclair. Uf .xdmerica Mr. Holder Erby Harris Gary Spears Dale Clark Sponsor President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Auto Mechanics Chapter The Auto Mechanics Chapter of the Future Tradesmen of America teaches boys about cars and their structures. The boys overhaul engines, straighten dented fenders and bodies, and paint cars. During the Christmas season they repair broken toys for the needy children of Texarkana. First row, left to right: Billy Sullivan, James Ramsey, John Oates, Jimmy Martin, Paul Clark, Jimmy Worming- ton. Second row: John Akens, Luther Holder, Gary Spears, Chuck Reeves, Oley Adams, Douglas Baker, Bill Garri- son. Third row: Chuck Jones, David Herrington, James West, Erby Harris. Fourth row: David Robinson, Mr. Hold- er, Richard Goodson, Vern Vickers, Ralph McJunkins, Danny Stewart. unior Cfaddica .. ,O ,-ffy. ' nr l l Mrs. Sturdevant Charles Adeoek John Thane Joanna McGehee Sponsor Consul Consul Scribe The Latin Club strives to carry out the purpose stated in the Junior Classical Creed- "To pass on the torch of classical civilization in the modern worldf' Each program presented by the Latin Club was planned to give a better understanding and appreciation of Roman life. Through these programs Latin Club members received not only pleasure but also an under- standing and appreciation of Roman life. f 49 Jo Ellen Miller Tommy Works Quaestor Tribune First Row, left to right: Sherry Hamilton, Sandy Blevins, Darlene Benson, Linda Dyer, Judy Spadlin, Kaye Wagnon, Orelia Parker, Kathy Martin. Sandy Littlejohn, Melissa Mabray, Mary Dugan. Second Row: Roberta Johnson, Jimmie Bridges, Tommy Winham, Willian Teftella, Danny Dillard, Virginia Wilson, Betty Stanley, Trudie Langston, Edna Dyer, Sherryl Citty, Sally Angel, Joan Holmes, Teresa Ramsey, Rita Lockwood. Third Row: Teddy Eve, Lewis Higginbotham, Donna Keck, Janice Bryant, Vesta Hebei, Mike Smith, Travis Giles, Tommy Longnecker, Sue Hall, Jeanne Tye, Linda Tatom, Linda Brown, Bonita Smith. Fourth Row: Shelton Ragland, Timothy Cotten, Ronnie Brock, Dwuane Patterson, Dwight Price, Dana Goodrich, Ray Leavelle, Pat Hutton, Ella Jean Smith, Donald Haltes, Carolyn Young. Fifth Row: Jim Beck, Ronnie Janes, Wayne Elkins, Joe Wilson, Larry Dowd, Don Cooper, Aggie Stroud, Mike Turner, Rodney Ellis, Eddie Cox, Dennis Young, Davil Cooper, James Gray, Lonnie Powers, Bruce Robertson, Chester Gray, Yvonne Greene, Joe Dyson, Troy Gray, Ron Young, Richard Kittle. 80,9112 - C First row, left lo right: Caylene Renfro, Sheila Russell, Vicky Brown, Ricky Dagenhart, Billy Dempsey, Jerry Coopwood, Judy Coopwood, Jeanie Arnold, Suzanne Choate, Richard Harper. Second row: Charles Kensworthy, Douglas Scott, Jim Gilliland, Muncy Harris, Carol Ann Click, Rose Marie Hodde, Jo Ellen Miller, Anna Quisenberry, Ruth Craw, Lin Hall, Joy Gardner. Third row: Bruce Malcolm, Charles Ainsworth, Kay Thomas, Susie Kemp, Janie Wolfe, Mary Lee Hodde, Joanna McGehee, Sandy Powell, Phyllis Stroud, Larry Hogue, Pam Presswood. Fourth row: Billy Brock, Kent Stanford, Lin da McNatt, George Caven, Sybil Nash. Tommy Works, Leighnora Buchanan, Linda Cupp, Richard Reynolds, Roger Citty, Lyle Young. Fifth rofw: Steve Wormington, David Smith, Bill Oberthier, Phillip Beshear, James Westfall, Buck Huckahee, John Thane, Jim Terry, Bob Nichols. R. llif'iil l First row, left to right: Brad Reynolds, Evie Dorsey. Judy Kittrell, Sissy Sharp. Linda Reed, Kay Beasley. Pat Carris. Kathy Stanford. Second row: Charles Adcock, Louis Ainsworth, Herman Cox, Jean Young, Shirley Butrum, Ann Caddell, Jean Stickney Page l.'Z3 IJQQCA James Westfall Sue Morrow President Vice President Mrs. Henderson Sponsor are taking speech. During the year several worthwhile ects and many events were held by this very active The two speech classes presented the annual one-act to the sophomore, junior and senior classes. Amon The Speech Club is an organization for students who proi- club. plays g the First row, left to right: Mary Whitefield, Shirley Bell, Pearl Gill, Peggy Spence, Wanda Elliott, Bobhie Jean Cas- key, Sydney Luckett. Judy Clingan, Shirley Brantley, Carol Christilles, Johnnie Green. Second row: Gerald Eaton, Steve Wormington, Johnny Murdock, Jimmy Martin, James Roberts, Eddy House, John Wilson, Riley Martin, Ronald Hackett. CM N Betty Stewart erry Green Secretary-Treasurer Reporter most outstanding activities planned by the Speech Club members Were: a tea for the faculty, a beauti- ful Christmas party, and a formal spring banquetg future plans include a picnic at the close of the year. AHS First row, left to right: Judy Wade, Linda Austin, Carolyn Napier, Linda Turbyfill, Betty Stewart, Sue Morrow, Peg- gy Toland, Barbara Smith, Irene Holmes, Gayle Clark. Second row: Bobby Bartholomew, Jerry Green, Johnny Wardlaw, Bobby Hogue, Mike Winkles, James Westfall, Lynn Burton, David Pope, Ted Bounds, Billy Carter, Phil lip Tommey. mericanifim Mrs. Calloway Mr. Ramsey Spunsor Sponsor Sponsor Mr. Monroe MT- Ryan The Americanism Club strives to build better citizens. ln this club the students are able to acquire knowledge of the mechanics of government. During the year several guest speakers were presented. Membership in the club to any student who has taken First row, left to right: Jack Shelton. Wanda Elliott, Peggy Spence, Phyllis Stroud, Cheryl Clayton, Catherine English, Pat Derrick, Sydney Luckett, Betty Stewart, Linda Walker, Elizabeth Laws, Pat Wilkins, Donna Swindler, Glenda O'Farrell Griffith, Betty Crow. Second row: Glen Spears, Ted Bounds, Kathy Hodge. Carla Nottingham, Tenette Dees, Peggy 0'Neal, Jean Young, Marilyn Hickman, Linda Austin, Rose Marie Hodde, Irene Holmes, Sharron Smith, Mary Whitefield. Third row: Eddy Braddock, Walter Jeffcoat, Leighnora Buchanan, Joanna McGe- hee, Sandra Powell, Sharon Middleton. Mary Lee Hodde, Linda Reed. Fourth row: Lynn Burton, Gerald Henry, Her- man Cox, Louis Ainsworth, James Westfall, Johnny Murdock, Jimmy Lavender. Jack Stanley, David Carroll. CM ,c fl fix - ...sw cf.:-Q xwrl- Lonnie Powers Jack Shelton Patty Patterson Patti Medellin President Vice President Secretary Treasurer or is taking American history and has maintained a B average in it. Throughout the year programs are given to emphasize the strengthening of youth for the future of America. Pat Garris Reporter f First row, left to right: Jane Parsons, Mary Oliver, Claudia Miller, Cheta Mooneyham. Judy Coopwood, Pat Garris, Kay Beasley, Shirley Batrum, Judy McCarley, Patty Patterson, Patti Medellin, Barbara Royal. Brad Reynolds. Second row: Lin Hall, Joy Gardner, Judy Cox, Nietta Watt, Edna Kennedy, Pam Nolte, Janie Wolf, Barbara Kiefer. Linda Russell, Terri Tackett, Barbara Aaron. Third row: Kay Clowdis, Sheila Russell, Joyce Edmondson, Janice Christenson, Janice Bryant, Donna Keck, Lynda Hawkins, Norma Simmons, Donna Plant, Pat Lansdell. Vera Mae McJinks, Ann Otwell. Linda Dyer. Pat Rutledge. Olson Cromer, Lina Davis. Fourth Row: Jerry McAfee, Tommy Clark, David Davis, Larry Powell, Billy Wilsmann, Hollis Seifritz. Dale Dailey. Dennis Young, Billy Dale Sams. Richard Harper. Sybil Nash. Fifth row: Larry Bunn, Billy Brock. Dana Goodrich, Terry Smith, Paul Roberts, Richard Stone. Lonnie Powers, John Thane, Tommy Wlorlcs, Leslie Young, Bill Oberthier, Lynn Ward, Jerry Horn, James Perkins, Rodney Ellis. I Red Jacket sponsor, Mrs. Conway Red Jacket captains, Trudy Stewart, Kathy Stanford K ' Q ., Xl x Middle Row: Suzy Torry, Marie McGee, Edwina Meek, Terri Tackett, Judy Coopwood, .lo Ellen Miller, Linda Not- tingham, Carolyn Sutton, Linda Dyer, Mary Oliver, Susie McCurdy, DeAnna Jeffirs, Patty Patterson, Pat Carris, Lin Hall, Back Row: Cleft to right! Pam Presswood, Sheila Russell, Joy Gardner, Judy Works, Sissy Sharpe, Carol Polk, Ronda Carpenter, Lina Davis, Sybil Nash, Lou Phillips, Linda McNatt, Judy McCar1ey, Linda Russell, Kay Thomas, Shirley Butrum, Patti Medellin, Kay Beasley. Page 128 The Red Jackets is an organization open to all Senior High girls. Its purpose is to promote loyalty to the school and to support the cheerleaders in their work of stimulating the school spirit. The Red Jackets composed of 77 girls and 2 captains have the distinction of being known as one of the best pep squads in the state of Arkansas. With their red and white shakers and uniforms, they are also most colorful: Left to right: Captains: Kathy Stanford, Trudy Stewart. First Row: Suzy Torry, Edwina Meek, Marie McGee, Terri Tackett, Carolyn Sutton, Patty Patterson, Shirley Butrum, Jan Young, Bonnie Jamison. Second Row: Sue McWilliams, Margaret Green, Rejahna Jones, Jeanne Tye, Jean Stickney, Cindy Miner, Linda Sutton, Sheila Russell, Linda Tatom. Third Row: Sheryl Citty, Donna Cockran, Gloria Markham, Sherry Boyd, Mary Purifoy, Joan Hervey, Jo Ellen Miller, Melva Rutherford, Linda McNatt. Fourth Row: Kathy Allman, Sharon Owens, Susan Harville, Mary Oliver, Chestene Stewart, Karen Wagner, Patsy Griffith, Linda Dyer, Sue'Brown. Fifth Row: Kay Beasley, De Anna Jeffirs, Patti Medellin, Lin Hall, Kay Thomas, Joy Gardner, Judy McCarley, Lina Davis, Lou Phillips. Sixth Row: Diana Henderson, Mary Jo Daniels, Evie Dorsey, Frances Reinheimer. Gail Lee, Pam Presswood, Sissy Sharpe, Sybil Nash, Linda Dur- ham. Seventh Row: Roberta Johnson, Joan Hubbard, Anna Quisenberry, Linda Russell, Diane Medellin. Darlene Benson, Susie Kemp, Carol Polk, Jean Thomas. Eighth Row: Pat Garris, Judy Spradlin, Trudie Langston, Kay Wagnon, Judy Works, Marilyn Powers, Ronda Carpenter, Betty Birtcher. Ninth Row: Judy Coopwood, Susie McCurdy. Linda Nottingham, Judy Kittrell, Jean Wommack, Sharon Witt. jufure Ollielfllft QPJ Jane Parsons Vice Presiden I Pat Wilkins President Carol Turney Secretary Helen Callahan Parliamentarian .,,., .-1211 2 .:. . ' I ff Zffwwg 7 3 Q13 EEE .gags .g:. ' ---- -- ,,.. , 52.5 Q. Q --.- , ..,::... -- ., .:: Q X ' :ti I M :aww 9 ,,.,' -V .1-Zizq,:i2,1 Bennie Lee Reporter Treasurer W ' - ' E GQQLL. A . H is ., Martha Hickerson Song Leader Mrs. Waters Sponsor Linda Lawler Pianist X ., ,V 'wth ,Lf Peggy Sharp Historian Martha Smart Song Leader O! Am erica NOT PICTURED: LINDA PLUCKETT PAT BEASLEY .IUDITH SNIITH NANCY COOK ANN WELCH DAVETTA HAMILTON KATHLEEN WARD MARTHA HICKERSON ANN RAYBURN BENNIE LEE MAE GILBREATH ,vw r "l 5 1 El x ya, , R V iz? uw .ew First row, left to right: Betty Carroll, Linda Herrington, Glenda O'Farrell Griffith. Johnnie Green, Clara Scott, Linda Lawler, Jane Parsons, Eddie Meek, Carol Turney, Pat Wilkins, Paula Anderson. Vivian Reed. Wanda Harring- ton. Second row: Gloria Thomas, Gail McGough, Carol Bullington, Loretta Ard, Ann Parsons. Mary Ann Works, Sue Short, Ruby Hensley, Shirley Bell. Third row: Charla Relthford, Sandra Crawford. Shirley Jeffcoat. Lois Hopkins, .ludy Wade, Peggy Sharp. Susie Cherry. Helen Callahan, Ruby Hensley. guiufe Ctl'l'l'lel"6 Charles Armstrong Mr. Johnson Cerald Eaton ViCe.Pregident Sponsor Sentinel The Arkansas Senior High Chapter of the Future Farm- ers of America is a unit of the national organization. The local chapter is a busy, active group, attending county and district livestock expositionsg learning more about animal First row, left to right: Cary Barrow, President, Judy Barrow, Jr. Sweetheart, Haidee Calhoun, Chapter Sweetheart Mr. Johnson, Sponsor. Second row: Richard Stone. Vice President, Charles Armstrong Secretary Joe Kelly Budd Treasurer, Richard Haygood. Reporter. Gerald Eaton, Sentinel. Gary Martin, Parliameritarian. Thoinas Cherry, Stud- ent Advisor. Page 132 Of .Am erica Gary Barrow President judging in this manner. The FFA Chapter has a shop where the members work to learn skills they must know and more about agriculture. The Future Farmers have also made many articles for the school. First row, left to right: Gary Barrow, Judy Barrow, Richard Stone, Charles Armstrong, Joe Kelly Budd. Richard Haygood, Gerald Eaton, Thomas Cherry, Gary Martin, Haidee Calhoun. Mr. Johnson. Second row: Jimmy Roach. Curtis Adkins, Gary Killian, David Davis, Ken Liles, Larry Collums, Larry Bunn. Third row: Paul Smith. Mike Turner, Happy Grace, Richard Beavers, Fred Whitson, Ronnie Reeves, Mike Auck. Fourth row: George Creamer, Bobby Wardlow, Enrie Merrill, Jimmy Harvin. James Satterfield, Arthor Dawson, Kenny Hartshorn. Jerry Hickey. Carlton Satterfield, Mickey Harmon. Page 133 jufure udinedd Mrs. Atchison Mr. Parker Mr. Ryan Patty Patterson Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor President The Arkansas Senior High Chapter of the Future Busi- ness Leaders of America is a unit of the national organiza- tion for students majoring in business education. The purpose of the organization is to develop strong, aggressive leadership, to create more interest and understanding in First row, left to right: Barbara Smith, Johnnie Green, Glenda Collins, Carol 'Christil1es, Patty Patterson, Betty Stewart Peggy 0'Neal, Carol Turney, Pat Wilkins, Elizabeth Laws, Donna Swmdler. Second row: Faye Murphy, Polly Weaver, Peggy Toland. Betty Crow, Trudi Stewart, Linda Youngblood, Linda Walker, Peggy Cannon, Marilyn Hickman, Louise Douglas. Third row: Alicia McClure, Carolyn Napier, Clara Scott, Barbara Coffee, Linda Lawler, Sharron Smith. Tenette Dees, Sharon Middleton, Irene Holmes, Linda Sisao, Glenda 0'Farrell Griffith, Alice Farrar. Page 134 casa em America Carol Turney Betty Stewart Peggy 0'Neal Pat Wilkins . 5 Reporter Vice President Secretary Treasurer the intelligent choice of business occupations, to develop character, and to participate in cooperative effort. Members enjoyed many various activities during the year. Sue Morrow Historian Left to Rightjfirst row: Carolyn Wilson, Betty Carroll, Mary Oliver, Edna Kennedy, Carol Jones, Cheta Mooney' ham. Eddie Meek, Pam Nolte, Nancy McDowell, Jerry Coopwood, ,lo Ellen Miller, De Anna Jeffirs, Barbara Roy- al, Claudia Miller, Kathy Martin, Suzanne Adams. Second row: Vicki Brown, Joyce Edmondson, Nietta Watt, Olena Cromer, Pat Lansdell, Mary Brooks Tate, Carolyn Sutton Linda Hawkins, Candy Corzine Charlene Cermask P t r y es 35-Y Suggett, Vera Mae Mclunkins, Mae Gilbreath, Linda Herrington, Carol Bullington, Bennie Gunter, Sue Brown. Third row: Brenda McGee, Julia Bryant, Sheila Russell. Patti Medellin, Carole Jean Polk, Pam Presswood, Judy Works, Kay Thomas, Norma Simmons, Donna Plant, Ann Otwell, Delores Cherry, Carolyn Peavy, lyvonne Green, Kay Clowdis, Z . Mrs. Couch Sponsor ,,zz4m,, CAL Dickie Rhoades Carolyn Sutton Carla Nottingham President Vice-President Secretary The Library Club is composed of student library assist- ants selected by the librarian. The library assistant check books andmagazines in and out, shelve books, prepare new books for circulation, prepare bulletin board displays, and keep the shelves in order. At regularly scheduled meetings the members receive instructions from the librarian and plan projects and social activities. First row, left to right: Faye Murphy, Carla Nottingham, Carolyn Sutton, Dickie Rhoades, David Carroll, Mrs. Couch Second row: Carolyn Napier, Kay Beasley, Clara Scott, Rose Marie Hodde, Betty Stanley, Ginger Owens. Third row: Lonnie Powers, Candy Corzine, Peggy Sharpe, Elizabeth Fowler, Susie Cherry, Julia McCutcheon, Ruth Craw Page 136 jufure .szienfififri of .America ' 1 l Y Y l S Melvin Gray Catherine EIlgliSl1 Mr. Form my Glen pears Sponsor President Vice President Secretary Richard Haygood Paul Medley Steve Wormington 'Frmmrpr Reporter Program Chairman First row, left to right: ,lack Shelton, Melvin Gray, Sue Davis, Peggy Spence, Carol Ann Click, Pat Derrick, Syd- Luckett Catherine English Linda Reed Pat Wilkins Sandy Blevins, Gaylene Renfro. Second row: Charles Ad- neY 9 - r v , cock. Ray Leavelle, Lonnie Powers, Trudi Stewart, Sybil Nash, Barbara Kiefer, Linda, Austin, Sissy Sharpe, Donna Keck, ,lane Parsons, Brad Reynolds, Charles Ainsworth. Third row: Glen Spears, Terry Smith, John Thane, David ' ' ' ' 1 " ' d . J . P kins. Paul Med- Smith, Richard Haygood, Steve W0fm1Hgt0H, Eddy Braddock,Mike Kayton. Ted Loun st ames er ley, Reed Mobley, Bill Oberthier, Richard Harper. loanirik Mr. Elmore Cheryl Clayton Sponsor President ,sw Linda Nottingham Martha Starkey Vice President Secretary Diane Medellin Shirley Bell Gary Sutton Treasurer Reporter Parliamentarian First row, left to right: Trudy Stewart, Sydney Luckett, liams, Cheryl Clayton, Peggy Spence, D'eAnna Jeffir: Cochran, Diana Henderson. Second row: Mr. Elmore, Sue Davis, Nancy McDowell, Helen Callahan, Donny Davis. Cox, Gary Sutton, Linda Nottingham, Lina Davis, Barbara Peavy, Delores Cherry, Diane Medellin, Linda Purifoy, Starkey, Jean Stickney. Fifth row: Danny Witcher. Lynn ter. Billy Joe Fernero, Don Reeves. Elizabeth Laws, Carol Ann Click, Kay Bowman, Judy Wil- Joan Hervey, Bonnie Jamison, Sherry Boyd, Donna Kay Davis, Joyce Gay, Barbara Bowman, Ann Walraven, Betty Third row: Sharon Owens, Brenda Johnson, Billie Jean Marlar, Jean Thomas, Betty Birtcher. Fourth row: Carolyn Sharon Middleton, John Bickly, Olena Cromer, Martha Ward, Billy Wilson, Joe Bowden, Mike Keyton, Billy Car- Qui! an Sm Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists, which recognizes outstanding achievement in either the business or editorial side of journalism. Those eligible for membership in this organization are students in the upper third of their class who have dis- played their devotion to these ideals through outstanding work on The Razorback or The Parker. The purposes of this organization are to advance the ethical standing of professional journalism in instilling in the high school journalist a keener knowledge of an apprec- iation for his field, to promote unprejudiced thinking, to secure forceful writing, and to encourage high standards of scholarship among students. First row, left zo right: Jimmy Lavender, Paul Medley, Jack Stanley, Mary Hodde, Mike Keyton Rosle Hodde Sharon Hoover. Patty Patterson. Second row: Cary Nolte, Sydney Luckett, Cheryl Clayton, Catherme English Kathy Stanford, Trudy Stewart, Martha Hickerson, Clara Scott, Jean Young. Third row: Melvin Gray Dickie Adcock Sandy Powell, Joanna McCehee, Linda Youngblood, Ralph Blagg, Barbara Coffee. Sandy Blevms Mr John Benson sponsor. Page l39 we KCLZOPLCLCL The Razorback, our newspaper, is published monthly by the journalism class. The members of the class work as a unit to make the paper the best possible. They strive to write about the news in school and to present interesting articles for the students' enjoyment. The Razorback also offers experience for those students interested in the journalistic field. Left to right: Jack Stanley, Managing Editorg Jimmy Lavender, Advertising Managerg Mike Keyton, Co-Editor: Mrs. Benson, Sponsorg Mary Whitefield, Co-Editorg Clara Scott, Assistant Business Managerg Martha Hickerson, Business Manager: Sandra Blevins, Advertising Manager. Page 140 uf' Standing left to right: Cary Nolte, Assistant Club Editorg Charles Adock, Feature Editorg Ralph Blagg. Sports Edi- torg Melvin Cray, Feature Editor: Seated: Patty Patterson, Exchange Editorg Sydney Luckett, Feature Eflitorg Shar- on Hoover, Feature Editorg Joanna McCehee, Club Editorg Not Pictured: John Thomas. Sporta Editor. Standing left to right: Columnists, Barbara Coffee, Mary Lee Hodde, Jean Young, Sandy Powell, Trudy Stew-art, Rosie Hodde, Kathy Stanford, Paul Medley. Seated: Typists - Kathy Carter. Linda Youngblood. Page 141 sy, 4 1 1' r 1 wi, ' , , V I ,H tw . 5 Im, Wwmafhfg gif ' fun, '- - tea. 'L-4 f 'aw f rom 2, A .,,,, .,,... ' , -1. -7311 , --'-'V Y A ' X X to t' " ' .,., ,,,, , ta Q XJ at if "5 N ' ' . ' , W gifwgts is ig fi ' ' ' C it inmewng fa-My mwwus wwwwwnHHx5Wgfaaw'xaawiw Zfziwfnizfz QE 1 Q53 is 555295: Szsitamffz-.itzizwsipi -f:-fs-1-:- :-fffa'f, xkvgi 1' wWH3?4GQ mmurmgggmkmwggfgamwwmi , , , Band Offzcerss First row, left to nght: Charles Adcock, lst Ltg ieiifilzzs 41 XV' W iiw , - - - Analynn Wood, lst Ltg Sandra Blevlns, Reporter and Librarian: Mickey Akens, Quarter Masterg Pat Wilkins, Secretaryg Linda Hawk- 'Hiffiifb fn-1 km' .,.,.. - - - - . ' ffjxzggggg l ikqgfr - -'-' f ms, 2nd Ltg Sharon Middleton, Librarian. Second row. Janice Bryant, gt Head Librarian: Ray Leavelle, 2nd Ltg Lyn Clayton, Sgtg Mel Gray, :mst .... - - - - 955515 :iff ,gm s Captamg Julia Bryant, Head Librarlang Marty Beck, Asst. Quarter 5? li - Sz f i , H f 4,5 KJ Band Captain Melvin Gray Drum Majorette Elizabeth Laws Mild Assistant Drum Majorette Beverly Berry Page 142 A Jiii J iff E First row, left to right: Jane Parsons. Norma Bamsour, Vesta Hebel, Barbara Keifer, Betty Stanley, Lynn Burton, Jeanie Arnold, Eliza- beth Laws. Second row: Pat Wilkins, Linda Cupp. Julia Bryant. Lyn Clayton, Orelia Parker, Janice Christensen, Sharon Middleton, Lynda Hawkins, Nietta Watt, Sandra Crawford. Ginger Owens, Virginia Wilson, Ricky Hall, Janice Bryant, Edward Carter. Ken Liles. Third row: Analynn Wood. Sandra Littlejohn, Kathy Martin, Sue Taylor, Beverly Berry, Linda Herrington. Bette Davis, Nancy Cook, Elizabeth Sims. Larry Hogue, Linda Taylor, Karen Swan. Retta Lockwood, Judy Barrow, Joe Dyson, Barry Crabbe, Joe Wilson, Her- man Cox, Terry Smith, Shelby Porier. Fourth row: Sherry Hamilton, Sandra Blevins. Barbara Thompson. Lona Walker, Brenda Johnson, Donna Keck, Leighnora Buchanan, Jimmy Perkins. Jerald Henry. Ronnie Brock, Bob Coline, Butch Clark, Carl Long, Bob Nichols, George Vaughn, George Creamer. Howard Shirk, Charles Adcock, Frank Cherry. Mike Shroyer. Jimmy Shull. Back row: Billie Jean Cox, Jim Terry. Tommy Jones, Jimmy Gray. Tommy Clark. Ray Leavelle. Mickey Akens. Billy Brock. Marty Beck. Price Citty, Jesse O'Neal Majorettes-Judy Barrow, Linda Cupp. Virginia Wilson, Ginger Owens. Lynda Hawkins. Lyn Clayton. Page 143 KRS' Eh an N y '3 ,wwf 1' w wnoissux --f-A M ' Y . I E F 5 5 E if Ygngrwy g A565 ,M 3 3 5 , ,Q 3 . Lf EL E. V X UA , Clzoruzi First row, left to right: Kathy Cross. Jerry Coopwood, Betty Carroll, Sandra Templeton, Carolyn Wilson, Helen Callahan. Brenda McGee. Second' row: Lyn Clayton. Joyce Propps, Pat Lanedell, Cale Clark, Judy Smith. Sue Worm- ington, Elizalieth Fowler, Loretta Thomas, Ann Welch. Tlzirrl row: Leighnora Buchanan, Lois Hopkins, Carolyn Stewart, ,lanie Wolfe, Linda Brown, Sue Short, Dianne NlcBay, LaDonna Robbins. Jennie Hickman, Linda Gordon. Page 145 Omce Miafanfd Left to right: Trudy Stewart, Alicia McClure, Betty Stewart, Peggy Cannon, Mrs. Robken, Linda Walker, Jean Young, Norma Simmons, Sydney Luckett, Linda McNatt, Sandy Powell, DeAnna Jeffirs, Joy Gardner, Mary Hodde, Linda Davis, Catherine English, Cheryl Clayton, Vera Mae McJunkins, Johnnie Green. ea ing eminar First row, left to right: Danny Dillard, Jeanie Arnold, Anna Quisenberry, Marilyn Powers, Evie Dorsey, Bette Davis, Betty Stanley, Carolyn Stewart. Second row: Dwight Price, Judy Kittrell, Ginger Owens, Linda Cupp, Linda Brown, Lyn Clayton, Don Reeves. Third row: Bruce Malcolm, Jean Stickney, Ruth Craw, Carolyn Whitefield, Billy Joe Fernero, Jim Terry. Not pictured: Ricky Couch, fimmy Laws. enior ea Lzqfl ro right: Johnnie Green. Paula AIHICIYGUII. Linrla Sisco, Carol Turney. Sue Davis. Pat Beasley, Shirley Hell. Linda Lawler. Page 147 Left to right: Pat Wilkins, Clara Scott, Bennie Lee, Mrs. Waters, Martha Hickerson Left to right: Carol Dodge, Nancy Brooks, Sandra Jean Powell, Rose Marie Hubnik. Page 148 Left to right: Charla Relthford, Peggy Harriet, Doro thy Gossett, Avis Akin, Glenda 0'Farrell Griffith. Left to right: Judy Wade, Shirley Green, Davetta Hamilton, Martha Burnette Neal. .-an IV! ,... ,mx 5- .9 .. I N., ff 'slr 'xwg I 'i15yN,,ggs S .WWW N-M..,mM '., 13 . X el'LL0l" C31-ter MHTY Bill Taylor Vivian Parker Leighnora Buchanan Ted Bounds Ella Rose Peters "Slim" Wiggins g?0 e CLZB v Johnny Murdock Cheryl Clayton Pete Lewis Lana H enzlerson 1 Judy Ferguson Billy Bob Casey Poodles" Skinner Mr, Viggo,- ,it ofa S A 7 fu, ff, ? if M ig lk l A ff 7? 'QM 311' IW ffmgsjvfifif Jim Foster Analynn Wood Hflfnm Dllfqlwl Shirley Mitchell ,sang fltaaggy ,.tmaiM?WwWq,,, , was r 1 T- i-,7921s'4'- ssiivfdid , ' . i. ,,, seems NL -' wafiislll Mff lwa- ff- . M gr , ,sur f J,wf .' f ,L julrlggzl 75331 ski? , I J, Rsrgfiiwa Wise I sr We 574161 Z UW N t' J i Us Y . g,t!Hs,,fv4f6j svggfgo ' fM.sw,,vr4, we 7W"'Ii33"i7"!rE'5'3:f ' , -'lFSx1l'x7ff1V1'f!-f rf . ES J iishl f 1359, igliu-7, 4- Jr,-iss ' ' ' ' ":Lsa1sf.,6agaf W fi 'gf-', My il 11770 3 ' xo 1 'f 1 J-1r"sT!r1V,4gCy7QfPQ " i' f' fvsg'vff'rf4Mai1Z'Z4sa , ,. 'sifjEff',"511f4f' -fi '15 r C " 3, 1?-C . , ' S ttiti Catherine English , I U Buddy Phillipg Ma Mfwfwll encor ag ommcffeed Uwe Vivfvf First row, left to right: Pat Beasley, Mike Keyton, Student Directorg Peggy Spence, Student Directorg Davetta Hamilton. Second row: Thomas Elmore, Directorg Bobbie Jean Caskey, Sydney Luckett, Elizabeth Laws, Cheryl Grayson, Linda Taylor, Tenette Dees, Carol Turney, Sue Davis, Linda Walker, Carla Nottingham, Trudy Stewart Sharon Hoover, Martha Hickerson, ,lean Young, Sandy Blevins. Third row: Marty Beck, Dickie Adcock, Phillip Tommey, Jack Stanley, Mary Lee Hodde, Billie Jean Cox, Linda Youngblood, Ralph Blagg, Joanna McCehee, Clara Scott, Sharron Smith. Fourth row: Louis Ainsworth, David Pope, Jerry Green, Gary Nolte, Mel Cray. Rosie Hodde, David Carroll, Mike Winkles. Ronald Moon, Kathy Stanford, Albert Thomas, Louise Douglas, Horace Shipp, Patty Pat- terson, Bobby Bartholomew, Pat Wilkins. 1 I . "Sh0ut,' "Them Big Fellows Get Everything 'Allard Ain't It Hardw ' J w v f 1.1 Aba-Kadabra - Please and Thank You" Page 152 'LWhat'd I Say" ulohnny Be Coodv "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea" V "VVhen you get home - Look "All For The Love of a 6'Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun" for me H.I'11 bg in the Win- Giflv d0W,, "Miss Flossy Murdock-Miss Page 153 '6Runners-up??,, America? ? ?7' j amigar cened af "Senior hopefuls order invitations." "But, Mrs. Robken, I am sick. Please let me go home." Mrs. Robken and helpers sort mail. '4We see you, Mr. Davis." Dont drop the pot Jimmv Speech club members refresh themselve and faculty "Romans without their togasf' Page 154 Home Eco. girls decorate showcase window for Thanksgiving. Student Council members dvtrmute the annual Christmas tree. ,A g o A a Whig? .!4CfLUltle5 Music students build set for Jr. High Svhool opei efta Inf' f' .Q H if niffif fig' is fl' ' Nw f Ja, JK ' HE Q. R 236 ig? W9 -3 w is ,S , 755 ,fi gl- : Tj ii ,Q t im, '1 44 1441? -afa if 1' X Zfiskh M Feverish activity hefnre the Senior Tea. og e ia never ofa! af fail. 69 jefkmn "Venite Adoremus ! " "Sing along with Mel." Band blasters blow at basketball game. F0rmby's frenzied fanatics. "And it will be more powerful than the mega- ton." Page "Will the real Miss America please step forward " 6'Cet busy, boys." Clean-up crew after S.C. variety show. Speech mem era an guedffi Eve if up af Clif-idfmaa pa fy if ji fi '4Twistin' and a 'turnin' and a 'steppinu Mrs. Henderson whoops it up. 'Nightie Martin and friend" "Don'r., Jerry!" 4 2 it Ruger :lid win the drinking contest! had This if a real live "Pa er S p "Mrs Henderson. Can't I have sec- DOH-', "Just a very little, Mrs. Hendren." :gr 4 1 , 25 XX st . 'KMiss Adams and date" I 1 3 x ' , l , RA ll , 1: .ll , 1 2 v -Q. 5, :vm - e S 2+ . 1 5? is 1 6 i X531 'tx xg H Q, E X Q9 gfk x 5. 'gf s ., 5 'R' Y i 5 'V' I x A if . Q, 4 I xl my? 5 EQ 5 I X 54 'Vi 4'Miss Legs of AHS" 'AMr. Winkles en joys all that goes "Come on, Gang: let's yell!" :sit EQ! araaled, ,Zia pafiea, an omecoming are a LUCL 0 A 2 af y f i Y -wg-,Gr wgfsrff ia? 'fktritkiigz Q-'E " 1 Q! qw Mfr X:9f.,yn . f . 11,+?'1 f Y 5 Lzfsllflit ' -A H :Xe Yet K' ,Jul 0-PX1fQs014TXMS'Y '5- . , - . , Q kay E Q 51, 55 it 'llllbw l ' 29 ? Q , f N sgmqfrx gsm-:G-Q X SQQ V i I gi N3 'a 3-1 f v- Our majorettes can "Twist.', W .. it , wee HW A W. A. ,Q ,WML ,.,,.,,, .. ..v,:,,,fA,. H ,,., :E ' la 0 -, .. jim, ,,,, .,... . ' :M ' Q U 2 wigs:-mtgivfi - ' Qin , Wf uitf W5 . .Wm 1 fl? gf ,.t,.W:W,:,..,,,,, F mm Q wpify 4?-Z-.W U .- , gzxlisyg' " 1, -- .... ...V :..,.,5g2 W ssisggggggg iss: ---- 5 -..-. 1 rw' S .-.-. : a- wiwwsaezf mwwwif sw f' .5m:ws102E:f1332l'w w2:mQw2f2t's?ewiR -' -: wifi:wfsggdsfiiiiwzEwggigigiiih BMW W Q5 Eiatfiitiowwiriw Sd y :- .. S? 3:5:::E::: ':- wi l wmsgitff fifiszw-,. U5Tf'5f5:4US:'3f"'Q5555551155' v':A1f?3?fft,:5H92Rt?f - :'g:g- g:', gmfawm hwggw f.,.q,3Q5ff ggggwww.. Mmm Wm -W arg M gmgigg U: 5735551 ' Miss: 4: ' 5 fZ::55fP5 X MQW W, MK M W., Wtwaw ,sw , mm 3 X syzsfwflsw?-:': :ri Qfizgiigfgizi Red jackets' captains Trudy and Kathy 4 Uur Royal family Page 158 Catherine English and N.H.S. friends. Red Jackets sing carols as they hring gifts for the White Christmas. CAri:ifma:i - Carogi - loarfiezi - - CUIJ 34011 .740 SHOWJ Cline Vera Mae and friendf. sf' 5 'K f 1 "Don't throw that snow-ball! Get to work on the annual!" That glorious week! N0 School! Page fig no ,,.gW"'N .gg You'd never believe it, but it is the A.V. Room! Oh, Queen, your slip is showing!" giuenb - - ,gnifiafion an .gznior Wag "Friends, Romans, countrymen, we have come to bury the Warriors, not to praise them." Mrs. Beck and NHS'ers plan initiation. Throngs attend College Daze. Page 160 ,SQIJJQIILS all jaw el"5 lfU0l" 611161 Auto Mechanics boys again assist the Toys for Tots campaign. Typing coach Parker explains which is the type- writer. Robertson, Rhoades, and Gray seem confused. Preparing homework, no doubt AHS friend and coach - Coach Jimmy Jones. I A V... ..., , A "'-- W o V I v ,, f.., F .2-ie., Lme ans! flze aafranauf fiiaeecl Ly wwf,-W., IN 2411? Wai? Efgfscds uve and the astranout is over Zanze bar on the 2nd orb THEN: Time in NOW: its flight. Senior girls work as secretaries in elementary schools. ...W.,,, ff? , :ner-.3 . 411535. 'N N Lfjlqff 4 . :f','f'35 -.. W z 'v . , ,QW , 1 gun H 1 ',.:,,. . - .f. .wwf wife" w '3 is ' if Ki '41 'fl Q V. 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Page 164 '15 Fooflmll ..,,:"" 1 NM 03 V 'ilu- Runixivj T4-55 V 1 .fdfkdficb b T25-1hWf ,dis Dnedasx uvu..mLEJU2'wmdo- Abgtvhaf-de 11211 UllgIf9AglL1uN5 W' HW wfs10,ef421wz0.m+. we has Bwreksovilotux Left bvzfwetluc cxmdmie fm., AHS'epk313,g,.e brafw S4-qwvl-.ak 5m YW a9.,l1:m...,,f Mwapf 5-.3 N Football players at Homecoming I Page 167 H BXLL KUKNYN , Psxhkixo Ditectoi Head Yooxhah Coach 0 J IM My a 'ON E S, L in C e Coach e 6 CRACK BROOM, Bashexhah Coach and Bachhehi Coach Do YLE YO UN C , B Te am Coach Page 168 . f ,sf ' - 'V ' ' Eg w gi , 1 g gi 1 , a 51 i A A fi alias, A X Reed M0bley,JuniOr'k1' Curtis Adkins-Junior' Gary Martin-Junior' Eddie Odom-Junior' ' ' ' A 1 2 Q, H11 . S 'ffggih R fl 4 Y . Q iw' ' 'ffzisn' . ,wi " NTL' f U Q1 ,WARXL 'ff' flaw, kmxigy 211:55 ,X , . gin-yigfgp 1 W. , M.,D ,W K. " ,Q H X U K I- . A ' fl ..-3 1 , 7 V 61 J V Q 1 , -,vb Q Qiifi f ve: uw 4 1,232 M ' ':g- , g wi 1? Page 169 , f f ' Billy Dale Sams-Junior" John Wilson-Seniorf' Q ,L 1. "ZL'1s. W' 153' ww l 55161 1 " -' gin- .gag-I" ', I 'Ez " 50 , Q fx.-9 V. 1 M MM. A V 7155-Yi fmfva? ..,..: ..-.. , .... : -J.: :. 7 Wsigvjggg :Q-wg -252.21-' ' ::gg-5--255 . Ifi.I:..:-,I-ii3I15,.,:, .".-' . it :'s2:'.:E Sag t f 1 ' '--'- :s .,.. . - . an JS, A ' u P E A Butch MaS5gyYSenj0r'H' Tommy Vanderbilt-Junior"' .JQN w Jdhn Wardlaw-Seni0r"" Hollis Seifritz-Junior' IL 0E '1 5 M J W Page 170 Eddie Braddock-Seniorw' Johnny Murdock-5enior"' Gary Corzine-Senior' "' C e n t e r A J' Tommy Works-Junior' 9 n e u L l I, l Albert Thomas-Senior' 5 David Cooper-Sophomore "'. .V , X. 5 '-". u n"' zz. f fy in? -v.. V hmmm +4 .A l .-v- 1 if ..,.:. s ...,. a- ..., . '.,-,. .,-v,,.. 1 A, , ., "" "'2"'-" 1 5 ' r A Ag 5' ,,..-- l L Page 171 ' Ted Bounds-Senior' Billy Bearden-Junior 61- f L A 5 Duwane Patterson-Sophomore' LYIC Y011I1g-J unior' Tommy Whitehead-Sophomore Joe Kelly Budd-Junior' 2 ll- f e X If 4 - A ' W.. Page 172 Harrison Grace-Sophomore' Lex Morgan-Sophomore 64. f A 61- C A ci Teddy Eve-Sophomore M. 61 ,. J 5 Bobby Wardlaw-Sophomore 61 C L f Page Teddy Miller-Sophomore I I 53,633 J ack Laws-Sophomore X 5:3 ku ' Q A Q 1 53, Jerry Kinslow-Sophomore C Jimmy Clark-Sophomore we if f W :, Ls. ' VEgiwuz , , . ww A " k - 'ilfgai 36 Q SIL n Q 1 Bruce Malcolm-Sophomore Frank Buchanan-Sophomore S 3 if - l X 5 1 , Phillip Gray-Sophomore Page 174 John Wilson, 1962 recipient of the Pharr Award, receiving trophy from Coach Jurney. Team managers, Kent Stanford and Mike Winkles, whistle while they work. Page 175 Hogs' number one booster, Jack Hardy, Jr Sams picks up yardage against Texas High as Murdock i625 prepares to chop down an opposing halfback. Braddock and Corzine move downfield. Vanderbilt and Martin try to capture ailoose pigskin fumbled by a Tiger. M2 Patterson, Wardlaw, and several Porkers smother North Little Rock Wildcat ball-carrier. Lonesome Tom - Vanderbilt that is M W 7 V., ,., u A L, ,X , ,A .L X -. ,Viv M V , ,V A r .W , , , .. K , - , , , r x , . N A K .E Gary Martin and Duwane Patterson stop a Wilclvat fr x K, 'K Tl' in In-4 pr I i ,ergo 'igilgw i M wa-gi, Ted Hounds, Rutvh Massey, and two other Porkr-rs pile up several Yvilficrati f , W-Xa om North Lillie Rock .lohn Wilson pr:-pare-s to takn- on ss-wral Wilcluats Mobloy takcu aim to throw a long onv. I 3 ff Ut? 4 5' 7' 1 KD ,K xx "'V Ab 1 fx, X M g fi: tj. I Q 'EQEPQ Q, is aofao W DOH e BYQO 8 Young Razorbacks in action 111' his 2521 ,313 ,M y ag? at llli il Ill uni' ual' mv f X 'Y YV 5 Gary Watts Tommy Works Managers: Jimmy Bridges and Jerry Horn Page 182 5? if 55' .: El S iw u we :- WN, . uw S' uw , U fesggri 5532: ww WA W, QQ: .-15 .z 1-41 "It's my turn now! i'Hi. Mom ! ' Page 185 QI' 6 , From left to right: Coach Horace Broom, Kay Bowman, Johnnie Green, Barbara Bowman, Ann Oiwell, Linda Plun kett, Maureen Ward, Vera Mclunkins, Pam Presswood, Carol Bullington, Barbara Royal. Donna Plant, managerg Mrs. Charles Conway Coach Conway and Coach Broom watch girls practice. Page l8E5 Loft to right Barbara Huwxuan, Ann Otwell, Vera Mcjunkins. Pam Pressvvood. Barham Royal Page 187 Left to right: Maureen Warcl, Johnnie Green, Carol Bullington, Kay Bowman. Linda Plunkett Page 188 7-fL,0...L1,E. 7 gifg v l Q. me K - , . .. Z3 First row: Leonard Bland, Richard Harper, Gary Sutton, Mike Winkles, Roger Citty, Teddy Ev Travis Giles Tim Hutson. Second row: Coach Jones. Delbert Martin, Edwin Perry, Bob West, David Cooper, Bo , John Thomas, Teddy Miller. Third row: Billy Dale Sams, Johnny Murdock, Happy Grace, Phillip Beshear, Phillip Gray, Richard Miller. Page 190 0l'l'll9Af0 5 'W im KW, -r .K V , at -jf H , . 'Yr 4 fn -W """ l " First row, left to right: Billy Dale Sams, Leonard Bland, Johnny Murdock. Edwin Perry, Richard Harper, Gary Sut- ton, Mike Winkles, Roger Citty, Teddy Eve, Tim Huston. Second row: Sonny Whitehead, Lonnie Powers, Phillip Beshear, Richard Miller, Happy Grace, Delbert Martin, Coach Jones, Bob Vest, David Cooper, Bobby Hogue, John Thomas, Teddy Miller, Dennis Young. Third row: Freddie Calhoun. Bill Garrison, Mike Turner, Kenny Hartshorn, Lyle Young, Gary Martin, Phillip Gray. unior Uardify ,R 'V ,1 Left to right: Coach Jones, Lonnie Powers, Ronnie Langford, Lyle Young, Gary Martin, Kenny Hartshorn, Mike Turner, Freddie Calhoun, Ronnie Goldman, Lon Cushing. Bill Garrison. W N X S3 ps N Q fi RN -. Are they running the 50 or 100 y Lkth bdyp Ts he throwin W g the discus or pointing out a jet? N EMF' ' , "'Nwfwf1M1-VV f'w':vWw , ,. rfwhf '- V V ' N, .,. .M , 2 if Vw . ,V ,L , ,V , if 1 ,S 5 ' M, U R -viii, RN - Rf. xg? k ' f ' L'-'fV'trlz!1.v12'f'f1kQ vw?" 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VV:sss,V ws V , ,- Rf 1 V J VX nw A , ' 'V J , 5, Ky, LY I ..,,. , swfli k w tN,,a,:g2iXEti.Jk,,:?A.g3H 1, YV.: ,y 3 JU, nl, , ! : 50.7 V iv 0 ., , M 'w4J,4 :,:y :4, M K ,V-1155. ,. A ...J V, -nf 'X , .,, ' 2 V I ' fix' ' Y" 2 'Tn 1. . 'M .N sjljs-5 sv if njv-Q' . W ,V Y '- AJP f :Mggpf q.5Q.W'fV,gi1,:.V : V W awww - J , , . ,V 3 , -. , .- ,MQW .ab , sk X , yr .gi a3 , ggfQ.,f I L yjzf . 3,XLf UNI! X Sr fd' v V .... X uf 1 V ,. ' - ,gfyku 1234, 'K ,, V. wg ' - f1Tf'f-Wm' - L' LQ' V lv adv , Y, J, X ,Lf-,,J J V I " ' A ya, 4 X Lg ,.-kb! V1 J' Tommy Works QXU, X NV ffvs , ,jf , Un f. , . ,,,., . , E22 ,Q lv sg ,avi 3 0 W ff is -. .. .. :M -.:: ' wg ,N Q vi 1 Y :Q 'V , . 'V 253231. V ff fw. Vfy,1g,q2g2VV 144 2. A fiijlfy A 55551 -H Y iiffif ,Igpw , 'fm i2iiH3Wf, QV Tifbfwv V ' S65 E Q my W, A f?2X 1.1E2QWPw?w :Mn , f WEBQK' 42 g '-' 5.Vgm,u V1 ' 7 If nw ggi-' K -Q, :?Mgg,gz91.xQ5gg,wUg, 3 A - H f . 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COX Complimenfs of I I06 Hazzel 3-4I5l Home Owned SIMMONS DRUG and 224 Main Operafed 3-4123 JOE TURNEY GUS KENNEDY Morons SHOE STORE Shoes for +I1e KITTRELL Enfife INSURANCE AGENCY Family 826 S+a+e Line I23 E- Broad 2-4I59 2'955I P 196 Handy-Dandy Foo-cl' Sfore l20l Division Avenue Phone: 22-7723 Sterling's Family Shopping Cenl'er" Free Parking Easf Sfreef a+ Dudlev Ray Swiher, Manager and Design Louie's Flowers 2423 Sfafe Line Parwin Chemical Co., Inc. 6l9 Spruce, Texarkana Jefferson Coffee Shop Open Day and Nighl' Bel-fer Foods - Popular Prices Texarkana, U.S.A. Complimenfs of Billy English Phone: 3-aolz Alumnus Mrs. L. C. Garfh, Owner Complimenfs Lafesf Fashions of The Criterion ll7 E. Broad Dial 23-3732 Boyd Tackett I32 Hefiiduillefs JIMMIE'S TYPEWRITER HOSPITAL 0 Main 32-I 222 Page 197 Flower Fashions by Willella Floral Designer and Decoralor Ferguson The Florist Teiarlcana, Arkansas Phone 2-498I or 23-2266 A. 81 W. Root Beer Drive-in 3009 Slafe Line Phone 33-2982 Complimenfs of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kennedy Vivo's Flowers "Qualify Flowers Ar+isfically Arranged" 422 Slare Line Avenue Dial 2-4l47 McCartney Flower Shop lsABEL'S Flowers 0 Gills Ho'l'el McCarl'ney Building Texarlcana, Texas FOX TIRE COMPANY l60I New Boslon Road 3-594I 81 32-302l H cl O Deluxe Cleaners ammon rgans 8' l-UU'1d"Y George H. Beasley 92: Bowie ry Texar ana, Texas ll D S i l 1 2l7 W. B d Sl' Pics: 53953 935 9 5 Massa Fhone: 32-276l Page 198 R. F. Smith 81 Sons Ranch Rouie 8, Box I76-A Texarkana, Arkansas Hardware Phone: 22-6737 22-9859 PAINTS - PLUMBING SPORTS eooos WESTERN STORE iii East si. 2-9333 Go We5+e,n Texarkana, Arkansas J. H. Haralson 3024 West 7'I'h Phone 3-7443 i Compliments of Massey's Shoes I 323 E. Broad 2-9I4I HUCKABEE'S GLASS WORKS I I630 W. I5I'h 32-6401 ConIee's Texaco Ser. Sta. Camplimenfs 3223 State Line of Phone 33-4I I I Texarkana. Texas Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Baxter K T F S Compliments i4oo on your Dial Baptist Book Store Music and News Survey Proved Your Christian Book Store Texarkana's Number One S'I'aI'ion 2 I4 EGSI' Broad Phone: 23-345I Page 199 T 2 i 1 Ofamfi L1,0-Wye, CQSH. u BUHRMAN-PHARR HARDWARE CO. Home of B.P.S. Paint Retail Office - General Office - 3rd and Ash - 2-5882 3rcl and Laurel -- 23-3l22 STERLING'S "Family Shopping Center" Free Parking East Street at Dudley Dial 22-3769 HARTSHORN TILE COMPANY Tile and Marble Confracfors Since l923 Richard L. Harfshorn 903 Beech Res.: Pho. 32-4968 Texarkana DUKE'S BEAUTY SALON l40I State Line Dial 32-5483 or 33-l63l Texarlcana's most exclusive TWITTY N U RSERY Everything For the Yard' "First Qualify Plants a Specialty with Us" hal' Slyllsl Phone 3-6062 Dallas Hwy CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF '62 SHOP OUR STORE AND KEEP HAPPY Telephone FRASER FOOD STORE 22-228l 300l Jefferson NIXON UPHOLSTERY BETTER WORKMANSHIP - LOWER PRICES - EASY TERMS PHONE 2-591 I Page 200 A. D. Schnipper Meat Company Compliments ot Ralph Bros. Laundry 81 Linen Rental 2l2 Wood 23-35ll l002 Wood Meat Processing Sugar Cured - Hickory Smoked Hams Compliments ot Wade, Wade, and Associates lnsurance Towles Drug Store Your Walgreen Agency Compliments ot 3l7 W. 7th 32-27ll 6l9 Main 3-5l73 Texarkana Funeral Holne Compliments ot 602 Main 24 Hour Shoe Store Ambulance Service IO2 East Broad Phone 2-82 I 2 Page 201 n Jack Davis Pump House Quali+y Pumps do WML QWWLZAQKQLQ W aww - J, 2 , swf fmifrnw 406 s+a+e Line 2-6353 fl 0, f' ' , 5' if be gui Ruclyji? Burgess Larkotex Surgical i Manufacturing Company 002 Olive 3-8321 Compilmenis A Friend ,ifffliff 4, fz2M:"a!g- .mi-f-Q' .130 4'1fU'ee A Compliments of Tennison Brothers Dial 22-2733 921 E. Broad Incorpora+ed Texarkana, U.S.A. l 1 ' P 202 F. W. OFFENHAUSER 8m CO. I vi Insuronce - Bonds if ' 2 ni HM r Y la . 6 I 11,131 , Since 1882 - M' fe I if g fe QFAN5 In in fl t lv' H 4 It ,F a 112'-ci? r .li Nfl ,f rx' " 5 f LL r 2 , X3 fe'Q,.f i Q rg. QM' ,. M 4 , L, J. Q' .A ,Q LL' J fi alll V i-of all Phone 3-5115 1 ' Texorkono I 2023 E. 9l'l'1 S+. Ph. 2-6342 Buff Geddie Boehmer-Holtom Day and Nile Wrecker Service Motor Co. Lion Service Slalion and Garage I620 New Bos'l'on Road' Dodge Tweedy's Rental Service "We Renl' Mosl' Every'I'l1ing" I303 Magnolia 32-02l I Darl' - Lancer Peugeof - Renaull East Funeral Home Sixih and Olive Slreels Texarkana, Texas Eslablished I898 Page 203 KIine's Dress Shop Dis+inc+ive Apparel For Women Dial 2-7972 or 22-567I I I5 E. Broad Pecan Joe's "Famous For Home-made Candies" 4I3 E. 7'I'h Sfreef 22-9793 CompIimen'I's of Momon Furniture 81 Carpet Co. 200 E. Broad 2-5932 O.T.A. Insurance, Inc. 2306 S'I'a+e Line Texarlca na, Arkansas J. C. Penney's 200 W. Broad 3-5311 Complimenfs of Charco's Drive - In 2605 New Bosfon Roacl Phone 33-3074 CARGILE MOTOR C0 3 I4 Olive Phone 2-6 I 46 i u-uni Page 204 OUR BANK AND THE COMMUNITY Our bank is fypical of fhe way a bank helps ifs communify in many respecffs. Members of our sfaff, officially and unofficially, fake an acfive inferesf in maffers of local concern. And we help fhe communify by sewing fhe financial needs of our neighbors. We fransfer funds, safeguard savings and valued arficlesg lend money af low cosf for sound' purposes: offer counsel on money maH'ers- In shorf, we help fhe communify fo enioy convenience, safefy, and economy af eifher of our fwo locafions- May we help you? 10502112325 gi full-service bank 9 The State National Bank Of Texarkana CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 53,000,000 ESTABLISHED I896 Main Office - Broad and Sfafe Line Avenue Norfh Sfafe Line Office - 28l0 Sfafe Line Avenue Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion Page 205 E. Broad p Phone: 2-642I Texarkana Venetian . Blind Co. Wright Brothers Ph. 32-l023 23ll H Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors Compliments ot JIM BUCK MILLAWAY ALUMNUS Compliments at Dr. W. D. English Dr. Ellen English Alumni Leavelle Esso Station Floyd Leavelle Phone 2-6563 East and Dudley Compliments ot Southwest Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation Eost 9th St. Rd. Phone 22-2743 P 206 6 TYPEWRITERS CASH REC-BISTERS ADDING MACHINES Sold - Ren'I'ecI - Repalred PICKENS TYPEWRITER SUPPLY 307 PINE STREET 3 5862 COMPLIMENTS OF Walsh Lumpkin Drug Company WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Texarkana, Ark.-Tex. MILK 'J' Q Vmry vnonucrs BORDEN'S ICE CREAM Phone 3-4I69 IF NO ANSWER CALL 32-423I P 207 Ueckerl"s Jewelers CompIimen'I's of Diamonds - Wafches S:Iverware-China Mrs. Mary Lee Murphy 2 I5 Main 3-7272 DAVIS REXALL PHARMACY Phone 2-5I05 Corner 6+h and Walnuf Texarkana U.S.A. W. N. GLASS. Owner NELSON PRINTING CO. 220 E. BROAD 2-5I7I HACK'S JEWELERS II3 W. BROAD 3-768I LocIcwoocI's New ARROW GRILL II2-I I4 Eas+ 5'I'h 65-75c Lunches 6 A.M. - I2 P.M. Complimenfs of CompIimen+s of DILLARD'S Acme Auto Parts INC. 36I4 New Bos+on Road IIO E. Broad 22-2755 3-SI94 Complimenis of Ihe Bes+ Wishes Texarkana CarI's Esso Oaklawn Bank Service Center Offering CompIe+e Banking Services 5I3 E. 7+h 2-4632 28I8 New Bosfon Road 33-3I3I Page 208 I Compliments ot Magneto Ignition and Supply Co. 2306 B 4l2 W. 3rd 3-7I94 I . Royal Crown Bottling Company oulevarcl Phone: 32-l3l2 Andrew's Amoco Service Station Compliments ot Miller County 7th and Hickory 22-9006 Farm Bureau KCMC Radio l' R cl' Compliments Qually a lo "Voice ot the Twin Cities" ot Alpha Building Inc' Compliments ot 2702 State Line Avenue A 8' W Root Beer Phone 22-8255 9th and Hickory Owen College Hill Pharmacy WALGREEN AGENCY Phone 22-6969 80I Dudley Prescription Specialists Thomas Xtermin G'l'Ol'S 322l North State Line - Phone 32-3724 or 32-7087 JIMMY TATOM - Home Ph one 32-72OI f I Page 209 415 It 'E XX 4 X 2 BEN ,f Q -ff Y., ' igpegf X- I een I.. ,,- Q' 'XX " x , o S11 LX I .K f -N ig. X 9 -3 f' K 9 X , Aj! MIZELL ff PONTIAC Tex Congratulations - Class of '62 our ho GS OI' May the Future Fulfill Y P F S UCCSSS an cl Happiness The arkana National Bank Member Federal D eposit Insurance Corporation PRYOR'S FLOWERS "Say it with Flowers" 9l I Main 33-3l79 or 33-3l7O INTERNATIONAL BLACK'S MINERAL AND ESSO CHEMICAL coRPoRATloN SERWCENTER Dial 22-00I2 200 E. 7th P 210 PARK PLAZA Good coolcs agree! Fine Food Swimming Y 9 ,. H Playground 2 Cys:-+ beai, N. I wys'-'67'7l'8 Flameless to In S EI "+ F 0. , K 7II E. 7th 22-2767 pf,.il1f',2,'sui1Q -J'-59" every time! Southwestern Electric Power Co. Lofton Pharmacy 7th and Waterall Phone 3-453i - Free Delivery - Compliments I. D. Cherry of Gulf Service Otis Carter zo: Hickory 2-9563 Compliments of Compliments Otto's Drug F O l2l E. Broad and Sth and Hazel . 2-4:49 2-7743 J- M- 5m'fh PRYOR'S FISH 81 OYSTER MARKET 2203 Slate Line 32-l I33 RAGI-AND , 3I I-3l3 Main Office Equipment Company Phone 3-6135 Pg 211 Wommack's Men and Boys Wear l04 W. Broad Phone 3-6l I5 Ed Malcolm Mobil Gas Service 24th ancl State Line Compliments ot Betty Newberry Rehkopt Mattress C 207 West Street Phone 3-6762 Compliments ot L. E. Holmes, Jr. "A Friend" Contractor Texarkana Cotton Oil Corporation 600 East Broad Compliments ot Complimems Bell Communication Qt Service HOLIDAY 510 E. 8th 23-l77l FASHIQNS Compliments Compliments of of College Hill l'l. E. R hk l' 81 C . e op 0 Food Store LEE COLLEGE HILL VARIETY STORE 205 Dudley Ptlone 22-7833 age 212 'T Air Conditioning - Residential Compliments ot Heating Commercial TEXARKANA R. R. Feagins E L K S Heating and Air Conditioning Phone 2-5648 Lodge NO- 399 29Ib Locust Texarkana I' Motor Port Cate When Dining Be Our Guest Two States Cottee Shop Highway 67 Nom, 824 W. 7th 3-496I 22-9071 BOYD'S INC. THE REXALL STORE Only The Best Dial 3-4I7I aol Main Texarkana Title and Abstract Company, Inc. Texarkana, Texas Steaks - Fried Chicken - Sea Food La Casa Rosa Featuring Mexican Foods M mber: Phone 33-230i Alvii5f5A-liirilgli I32I State Line Texarkana P O. Box I832 Hazel at State Line Compliment!! SMART O, I PRINTING COMPANY Dial 3-4322 I I6 E. Broad Phone 67 GRILL MM, WE NEVER CLOSE Page 213 R ' pull -J 'W' P ix . at yn J BELK-JONES CO. Texorkonds Shopping Center 401 E. Brood LEE'S P 214 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. 3001 ST t Line 3 7172 ST ERLING ST UDlOS 81 CAMERA STORE 324 Pine 3-8522 ' 1 1 i 1 l i CCLLINS AND WILLIAMS Fine Apparel For Men ond Boys JAMES COLLINS 0 DAVID WILLIAMS nqg. Epmd? , WWII PHONE 22-99II DIMM IIN9fUTYI1?yqIlNA,ziS.A. I WIA gjtviovd 0 EU X Qu CIMW XAJ1iXQI?jI!,,f5'! jwlvq' DJJ' M6 Wf1f'CfIf THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY I NJ 3 IQ3qI3e32NPc3v on XX NJA Q X QL J V K' I N. ' I YS '. XJ NSN- X Y ' N my xx ,J X' If A J s I I I VY. A IE' x ,Y Y NY xx I I I 3-6165 DEMPSEY BUILDING MATERIALS EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER 8I6 STATE LINE 23-2I7I LOIS MARTlN'S - GIF T S - 9 ' 2207 S+a+e Line Drive Inn 34233 7+h and Hickory FRANK'S STEAK HOUSE 323 E. 7+h 23-3422 Compiimen+s of THE CHAIN STORE 209 Wainui' 23-3826 TED THOMAS BARBER SHOP The Bes'I' Hair Cuf in Town BERT, FRANK and TED S 8- S Supply Company 2I7 E. Broad' S+. Texarkana 'v'?' www my - Jy M 0 T E T0M'5 XR? Wheel Balancing X 1 Brake Service 2 I5 Beech 2-7858 32-433I 904 W. 7+h S+. THE EMBERS 3524 Sfafe Line 23-29l2 HAROLD'S LAUDERDALE'S DRIVE-IN CLEAN ERS H4 E. BROAD 324 Hickory ""'P"PQi-f J? W I ' Bw f ,. .W , Q Q 'ii - ..:. z f l Well, d0n't just stand there. do 2, w ,t y something. Cool, cool water. Dig that crazy beat. Jgh! Whats this punch? Five little 'Twinkle Toes." What a motley crew! ls Billy reaching for thumb tacks or lVlSzM's? 1.23.4-. step. fiiwat SSW v Q 5 Did they really have to use hand cuffs? Baby, it's cold outside! l Q fa 2 W , 1 4 34 4 kWJ?JP' f , 152.1 V n,2A gpm-'WW bk t . f..,,.A . ,Q A ' UA. 'N' BN-GJUC5e413fL,dlQlJ L BMW' Minwfgw , cw Affw XQWKVJ by Aiwx. MMM? fzfxfgjfifwizfgfgwmw WfJffZftW"MW ifif M fade WMM Zbfafzwti WW JWWWW 'Zf'W'l gfA,LM,Zg,,7, ,Qffwf MMM gl 3 ii gfmb Q93 eww? , M We JL X 7 SO Q 5 if Q A 33 S 1' M M325 wwgifww QW? afw J' 'ff' W cj fMiWQ,,,'f .1+ J JJ jf W Mffff M ww nbJn ,f pvyllfifgw ! JLQp"iff"jA,f'iM, Q M! rcfyf Cf Mjiwwn W'fJL, fy ,Q IQM 'fb rf 'PU 331 FJ41YfY-ff' MJ' f Wff'?f'J QM! W PM Wg ,+V 6552 W1 fwiwwoiffij F, Ffh by J' f Q Mila W fywpyvjj EX QQQHWSD 7Q.6b+xgX?'i5 M KWWL MMWX

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