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 - Class of 1960

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if fe D? 1 4 ,J1 q 9 473 ,. J 'fl M h Z lf, I , .nj -"' ' Aff! ,, V ,, , , f"A ' 'A M I.r1f.4ff7f - N fe,afVwff 'MM Q S1 I J A A I X s VE 3, X, f 1 5 .- V fb 4 f A f ' P C7"L.0!lg,,,m, I Nj, ' fi . 1 4, 5 pllya 'I' Z JK -J- L' ,QHAAWINWLK R k A ,Nl up I W vt X ,-,., v Nha 7 1 , J-1',?T.y,gv,, k,.f,K,J,.t,,,..,CiK4ffrD w',,,C'L,uH L Mui. 6: XA ' 'jf ' W W ,.. A- M ,.. ' U .,- 1 1 .' x cgi LL .- Si ' Vrrkv L Aw .. ' "N,a,f-ff-Q,vl,,.4, L1A iM fm I F , Mi! uf f L: ,LM L -L19 i V- ,,f W af' M?fJJ"QVf'jWfWfWfy M f .WW ,gifgjipmgff I 1 md J , fi I wpf' ,M ,W my QL fi4:ffx4 V .Of AV' SJW ff' lf' ' WWW ,,, ff' , W M M ifwgw ,gf m ' ' ' wwmrr' Ze porter W jvxallana, .xdrl-andaa Page I Q' , Q ' i, ff! I-IS wp.--, -ww -mr- Qibevbcafion or all the limes SIIG has listcmrd to our plans, or all her lJUl1l1S8liIlg and CllCUl1l'i1g.f6l1N7lll. lor all her help and llIldCI'StLlllllil'lg, NY I Christina Rogers "4-, the Seniurs of VI60. deflirrulu our Purkcr lu: .SLM Administration Organizations , , W. Remember --,, 7 Student Productions Royalty WW, ,, ,WY ' """ "N of Cjonfenfd Senior Favorites , G Sports .,,,,t,,,i, Senior Class W, Junior Class , Sophomore Class Ads ,, ,nm A .' yo 4' T' :- n '4 Page 3 l""' " """"" ' 4 9 I 410 55 65 TT 91 125 159 175 187 -F 3. -H- . . -...-.,.vw..- V---.W My "' limlwarml D. 'llrivr Wendell W'ats0n SlI17l'f1'7llt'IlliP7lf Assismnt Szzperizzlmzflvrit oarc! of glalucafion Sr-rzrrfd, lv!! to right: Dr. Karlton Kemp. A. P. Cox. Joe Lavender, Dr. W. H. Richardson. E. D. Trice. Standing lohn M. Frirks. Harrison Grace. Gerald Goff, Wendell H. Watson, Nunn Goodlett. acuay K. IE. Davis. Principal nfm.,f,f-,,.w.f.r.., x f- mm, , ,H Principal K. IS. Davis and Assistant Prinvipal Jimmie Wilsnn anticipating their 1960 Purker James Wilson Assistant Principal Driving - 'XJ ,V :J . 'Lil 7,1 K , ,v 1 1 ,rf .', , if 4 f . . ug 1 K ' J I x , 1 , J. frm w m AQ! ,KLN f w M xxlli N , f A X nf ,- F s W 'N MUN X XJ P M V, Mrs. Lillian Bjork English, Journalism NE' Q, .331 in Riga df? ,L 4' Hflfiga Q -BY' ig Q Q A ik 1 Q 3 we f 2-5: E ,J ,Ai , H B fi a Q iii mee., 5 W. a .wi Rf i' fN 'F2fQl5,'.ZQf2?i.fg:1iI3 ' if ff' -f ff ' :- TAi31':K1-I'i,?r, :S-4'ia-Jaffa: -191' IS -1--P Q M., ' f a 7. - . .. ' - 55..:5EE.':CE-J'55 5ii3C+5..:ZZk 'fix jj Q. , 1 , , , 1: E 13- Te' 9-3' if sg- .fee SW 1. 1255. 5 L ,:- . - v., i,'-v,ffN312f :gm Maasai? ifL"ff'ff'V ,wi ,. :Fi iii-5257552.15522 film ., V -ff- use X , A. Zwxffgyg 5,- 5 . 4 . . .V . ff -' f - ig ,-i " fy . Q, 11:55. '- wqg5if1?fQ2iw fa . 1.a'wraw.w1"r Fe iii- sEV'ii.LQQT'3 X , if - 1' 'df jlfiii 2 in i i 1 L Wiwv?-f.gifi ' , 225121, af ' '1 Glenn Eades Science Hx -.vuuuur f - 1 W "" ' W"-'U """"""' "' ' r' ' W" " " Atchison Ralph Atkinson Mrs. Josephine Bef k Business Hand English . I yen fl N, ,Lx 1 Horace Broom Mrs. Hazel Conway Mrs. Wanda Dickens llasketball. Boys P. E. Girls P. E.. Red Jackets Business wana, Thomas Elmore Millard Formliy Charles Haneom lx Second Semester Chemistry Applied Math English, Spanish Page 6 -W -f'- - v-V - - - v -ff- ---W ----,-- - ---H,,,,,,,,.,7-.-.....,..Y.,..---..,,...-....,.,....-,..,....... Mrs. Bernice Henderson Mrs. Geraldine Hendren E. K. Holder Mrs. Martha Howard English. Speech Home Economics Auto Mechanics Spanish, English First Semester Mrs. Sue Huff J. C. Johnson Mrs. Zula Jones Andrew J. Kerr English Agriculture Plane Geometry, Biology World History Paul Kirkpatrick MTS- Emily' LHUCESIGI' Mrs. Betty McGuire Earl Oxford American History Biology Study Hall. Biology Algebra. Assistant C0aCh Assistant Coach ' Page 7 lg.-. l. I 1 E A . Q 4 i 1 i a 1 1 3 1 ll E 1 1 1 i i 1 l J Mfg, Mary Surg Paddggk Nliss Claudia Pennington Raymond Powell Fyping. Amerim-an History Librarian Driver Education Head Coach John D. Rateliff American History ,Al'l'lC1'lCHl'l GllV8l'HIll6lll Nlr-. Cliristina Rogers J. ll. Hylher Vlrs. Ayline Sturdevant Mrs. Vola Vickers fluitlunve llistrilmtive Education l.atin. English Solid Geometry. Algebra Applied Hath Nlrs. liay Waters Nlrs. llixie jordan Vlrs. Hurry Muflrosson Home l'lf'0I10I1ll1'S Secretary Music Supervisor Page 8 Not Pictured Norris Edwin Mil Is Chorus Earnest XVor4l Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Betty Ray Head Bookkeeper Miss ,lune Stone Assistant Bookkeeper Mrs. Bonnye Powell Secretary' Miss Nelda Miller Secretary Olngdlfl izafiond AQZ 5 6' Q Q 1 MOOL, C590 l ' QV' 414, f, 47 0 ff V1 Vw' ,Q I 75 AW . mi j 1 KX! M if fy ' a r x,,.,, .giluclenf Counci tl' !,f -Xnlirei Adt-or-k Nlike Nlr-llnire lliune lflrorl Dick llolrertson l,fl'Sidl'Hl V11-rf-Prr'siz11'r1l S1'r'r1fIar,i' Tn-zz.w11n'r Claudia Penninffton i 2- Sponsor rllllli Student Council of Arkansas Senior High School is primarily a Service organization and as such. it is the link lit-twer-11 the student body. administration and faculty. The four officers of the Student Council are: president. vice-president. secretary. and treasurer. These officers are nomi- nated liy petition and elected by the entire student lmody during the last quarter of each year. A weekly meeting is held each Tuesday during activity period. At this time any representative is free to make suggestions regarding pupil welfare, participation in school affairs. or problems of common interest. Several standing and temporary committees are appointed hy the president. H 'QV' Svatwl, left to right: Jimmie Wllll8ll1S, Cary Nolte, Ralph lllagg, Eddy llraddoek. llick Robertson, Diane Elrod, Arlmrey Adm-ook, Mike Mirfluire, Linda Youngblood, Sharon Hoover, jane Nleasel. Slamlirzgz james Boatman, Billy Carter, Delbert Plante, Duke Harris, Billy Mallet, Miss Pennington, Charles Jacob, Linda Sowards, Eddye Addington, lo Wilkins, Wanda Gray, Analynn Wood, Diana Martin, Ann Lauderdale. -..JL --uv-uv Wafiona! ,jwlonor ociefg Duke Harris l7I'l'Sl.I16'Nl ,-3532+ 936 5 fr -Q 'Wh-3 if? Xlr Beck Sponsor Jimmy Williaxnf. Linda Sowards Linda Roberts VIAFI'-1,l'!'SffI6T1I Sr'r'rf'tary Reporlvr fhe National Honoi Socletx a national huh sthool organization, was established to encourafve students to Cultlx ate in themselves the qualities of character leadership seluce, and scholarship, and to recognize individual achieuments in these fields lhe National Honor Society sponsors the Stralffht A parties Un en for the students xx ho make all Als on their report arcls Candldates for membership in this oiffamzatlon. who are elected hy vote of the entire faculty must have a full B as erafm in all courses. Stanfling, fait In right: Mrs. Beck. Sponsor. Duke Harris. Diana Nlartin, Dirk Robertson. Charles Jacob. Bill Tate Larry Spence. .linnny Williams. Sealrfrlz Jenni Crimes, llrenda llonse. Carolyn Coodson. lliane Elrocl, Linda Sowarqls Linda Roberts Wuvvv' -ifv-WYYMHY , , .X4l"LCl,l'lff6L5 4'4,u,.g,: ffm - 'bf' Nw--.-r Hrs. Hendren Mr. NVil5un Currie Stewart lllfll Rum Sponsor Sponsor l'rvsirlf'11t I rr S114 ,fr The 'lic-xarkana Senior High Cliupter of the Arkansus Student lfrlun-atimr Assm-iutimi is a unit ul at Statewide organization which seeks to em-uurage young people to eultixale in them- selves the qualities of personality aml character Concluvixe to Successful lvaeliing. It alsu provifles Q r l"irx1 Now, left In right: Ken Kensluw. Currie Stewart. l,iml4i Ruherla. Ellen llarlxn lllenda House Mem d Spears. Jimmy Williams. Svroml Row: Sue Chisni. Sue Herne-Iey, Him Sue Edwards. Srimlra Carter, luha Iateman llarlrura Sanders, Mary Shuptaw. ,lunly lirnwn, Diane lilrml. ffamlyn iliuhhe. ,Nnilu lemon Nhesy Wallaee T Lf Huw: ,loan Christillem llurlvara 'l'hurman. Mary lh1ffule,,lnyr'e Alnnea Shirley Xlunlwnneiy Linda QIIIIYIIOIIS Ve d Trent. Pal Coffee, ffurulyn Comlfun, Pal Reid. Xlurgu llunler. .lully llzirnef. Nlary Xll lmlrllz Row lllelx Romer Nun, flhurlex 'lihn ' sun, jerry Kennedy. Wesley llrsunl. Nlux Henry. llelnurrl Rnhin un I iulfi Norton luclv e llrencla 5ewell. , ' . Af?- gclucafion Mociafion CR 'frm' L if ' Ellen llarliman .lilnmy Wlilliams Xlelimlu Rivers llremla House .SI'l'fI'fIZl'j' 7 rvaszzwr Parl1'an1f'11larif1r1 llisforian its lIlf'1lllI6I'S xsitll specific' i11l4v1'1uutiul1 ulmut up- portuniticvs in xarious liolfls ul efluc-utiun. Mem- lwrsllip in the group is ups-n to any student in tlle junim' or svnior Classrs who is approx efl lwy tht- vlulv sponsor after 3 per9onal intffrriew. , -s ,Q x , , , K ., ,... , .l . .M f , 4 f. .. f- .MM Hu ' fr f., wf-wS::+fsf'f-14" 54.1 ' FM 1 " ww' -fel inn-ity' ,."r'r"'WgH.-fa-.,h,.,,' -4 "NW W- +f'ff"f"P -!f""': 12916 if F1-l'.Yf Row, lv!! lo right: Xlr. James Wilson. lxlilflllii llull. lilcmla Hinshau. l.enda llEll1'llCl0I', lletty Hylyiske. Cora flrnw. Susan Phillips. Helly Rea Gilliland. Ann Lauderdale. Nlrs. HCI1llI'llll. Swuzzzl Row: ,Indy Avanfte, Charlotte llllltlllllbfillll, llatrivla Heicl, Kay Uumlley. ,lean Starks. Sally lluy. llulmy Atlllllli. Veneta Mrlhlalns. Francis Holley, -.. is ..u. M, ' vw "' " vm W Y nm blfblfe 0l'l'lel'l'l6L QP5 fi-'RW5' 4'-f if ,als A-J' , mvqil K I. MQWQWAIP' 'MQ' L 'W f,g,.:kkh ,tu 'x-h Nlrs. Hendren Nlrs. Waters llarhara Sanders Brenda House Sponsor Sponsor Prcsirlwit Hr-0-Prfggidenp 'llhe Future llomemakers of Ameriva is a National organization of girls studying homemaking in high schools of the United States and Territories. As an integral part of the homemaking program. FHA provides opportunities for students to have additional experience in planning and carrying out activities related to liomomaking. The over-all goal of the organization is to v "i"'l J Margarette Arnold P Secretary X M First Row. left lo right: Mrs. Waters. Sponsor. Carol llI'2lllllllCI', Marie Halter. Linda Hannibal. llelen Haygood, Missy Wallace. llrendu House. Barlsara Sanders. Ellen liarlunan. tfarolyn Cralmlse. Anita Fenton, Melinda Rivers, Judy Barnes. Svronrl Row: Linda jackson, Carolyn Reinhardt, Fran Long, llarlwara Myane. ,lean lligginholham, Lillian Nall. Carol Whatley, Pat Reid. Ernestine Watkills. llarlvara Vestal. Third Row: Edrene Downs, Mary Ducote, ,lean Owens, Betty Hailey, Sue Hensley. Sue Chism. Annette Cromer. Fozzrlh Row: ,ludy Peavy, Betty Rayliorn, Ouidamae ' Oswald .luanita Treeee, Linda Waddell. Ellen Adriork. Ann Bauer. Fifllz Row: Jeanne Cherry. Evelyn Hickman, . "lv tr atrieia Coffee. Veda Trent, l.inda Smith. jackie Flaherty. llarluara Tihlmit. ljovita Towler. Alice Rose, Linda Huckahee. i -nik r A of America -.K Amaryllis Wallace Peggy O'Neal Linda Walker Helen Havvood Treasurer Parlianzenzarian Historian 1 X' Reporter help individuals improve personal, family and community living. now and in the future. Each year, members of local chapters develop a program of work including projects and experiences which will help them work toward the eight purposes of the organization. The local program is based on personal. family and community needs. First Row. lefl lo right: Mrs. Henclren. Harlwara Smith. Polly Weaver. Peggy Hudson. Linda Wlalker. Marfrarette Arnold, Peggy 0 Neal. llarlmara Counts, Ruth Maxwell. Scfonrl Rauf: Alice Patterson, Judy Lamb. lilavetta Haiiiillon. Nlartlla Burnett leanne Weav Cl l O'F . ' ' , . er, , ema arral. Kathrine Dodd, Doris Mewhorn, Janet Nelson. Third Row: Sue Morrow. Carolyn Napier. Carol Turney. Souise Douglas, Pai Beasley. Wanda Harrison, Elizabeth Simms. Sally Day, IW 1 in ,,,, 'iq -v-w-v,v-- vi- Y .li ta., cm Seated, lejt Io right: Gail lloyd and Miss Pennington. At IvVIH'Il77'tIf'fZ Charles .lavola and Melinda Rivers Spears. Standing, left to right: ,Nulirey Adcovk. Linda Huvklebee. Wanda Cray. Mike Nlvfluire, Linda Holton. Cora Crow. Carrie Stewart. Office Assistants in the main of- fice answer the telephone, distribute bulletins. run errands, escort visitors around the building, etc. The Library Club is a club composed of student library assistants. The students show their interest in their school library by checking books and magazines in and out. shelving books, preparing new books for circulation. pre- paring bulletin board displays, and keeping the shelves in order. Membership is obtained through selection by the One swf berts, Marcia Seated, left to right: Melinda Rivers, Mrs. Jordan, Secretary, Carrie Stewart. Standing: Linda R0 Kemp, Barbara Thurmond, Dena Taylor, Helen Haygood, Lulu Griffith, Martha Bull, Gene Dicky, Karen Dudley. i g lac! jacleffs Mrs. Conway Linda Sowards Carrie Stewart Miss Pennington Sponsor Captain Captain Sponsor The Red Jackets is an organization open to all Senior High girls. lts purpose is to promote loyal ty to the school and to support the cheerleaders in their work of stimulating the school spirit. First row, bottom no top: Linda Sowards, Pat Beasley, Ann Lauderdale, Haidee Calhoun, Catherine English, Joanna McGhee, Louise Douglas, Cathy Hodge, Martha Hickerson, Margaret Green, Sharon Hoover, Kathy Stanford, Gail Thacker, Judy Elrod, Susan Phillips. Second row: Davetta Hamilton, Phyllis Collins, Charlene Lee, Linda Green, Syd- ney Luckett, Karen Belk, Mary Hodde, Linda Austin, Rosie Hodde, Trudy Stewart, Jean Young, Abbie Collins, Ann Rankin, Brenda Beck. Cross row: Jo Wilkins, Camille Morris, Carmen Medellin, Carolyn Yates, Carol Harvey, Linda Reed. Third row: Carrie Stewart, Donna Swindler, Sandra Thomas, Sandra Powell, Linda Youngblood, Ann Cad- dell, Gloria Martin, Cheryl Clayton, Bobbie Caskey, Shirley Bell, Jeanie Angell, Barbara Santifer, Paula Addison, Jane Measal, Cora Crow.'Fourth row: Betty Stewart, Judy Ferguson, Peggy Putman, Linda Martin, Francis Holley, Janet Westmoreland, Sandra Friday, Linda Walker, Ann Ferguson, Judy Schmeider, Pat Young, Pat Derrick, Mar- cia Kemp, Betty Gilliland. Page 17 7-F- 1 I l l I l i l s l l l I i 1 l i i r L f l F V P006 , .W 5 Q X 5:3-if l we xy Dick Robertson XJ Wesley Bryant l'rr'xzf1Imzt Vive-prvsiflffnt The Speovli Club is the organized group of students enrolled in the speech vlasses. A worthwhile project is chosen at lhe beginning of the year and worked on Mrs. Henderson Sponsor J Seated, left to right: Phyllis Collins, Phyllis Phillips, Dick Rolrerlson, Wesley Bryant. First row: Juanita Treece llarahara 'l'hurmond, Judy llarnes, Mary Ahles, Jackie Flaherty, Jean Hamilton, Ilrenda House, Sandra Deliong, Mrs llenderson. Carolyn Cralrlre, Ray lllonlgomery. Sf'l'IlIl!l row: Linda Moore, Rita Sue Edwards. Shirley Montgomery, ,lean Christilles, Annette Cromer, Judy llelk, Johnny Yarlmerry. Frankie Cornish, John Haltom, James Williams James Lee. Third row: Uuidumae Oswald, Lloyd llland, John 'l'aylor, llill Muflairlxle, Claude Williams, Charles Thomp son, Gerald SIUHQ. John Fislier, Jimmie Read. Mgr ----e---ew-q-'gp--ww --f- ----Y --Y fy -V ...v.,.,...,,-,.,, ..... ,,,--.,,, A fir" l l l Phyllis Phillips Phyllis Collins Secretary-trcaslzrffr through various money-raising projects. Several socials are held during the year. I Reporter 1 l 4 1 l 1 i i 4 l l l 3 l A-,n all 1 4 First row, left to right: Pat McGee. janet Nelson, Fran Long. Linda Pankey, Carole Kroenke. Linda Hannibal, Ann Ferguson, Linda Martin, Brenda Beck. Semnrl row: Pat llearden. Rebecca Hircher. Peggy Harless, Rachael Bircher, Jeanie Angell, Carolyn Yates, Charles George, Charles Hudson. Third row: Mary DuCote. Ellen Lunnnus, Steve Ty- A rone, Windy Shope, David Potter, Roger Marshall, Jerry Stewart. Fourth row: lllllllly 101165, .l0h1'1 GCOfgC, Neal V Points, Hamp Moffatt, lVlike Etlwardes, Quintin Flaherty. Max V21I1tlCIiSllCC. , ,'?? . . W'-' "s ' mericanidm Nlr. Jglftllglnsileliff The purpose of the Americanism Club is to make the students aware of what democracy and Americanism are, to educate them in the duties and rights of an American, and to make them conscious of the dangers facing demo- cracy and America today. Mr. Paul Kirkpatrick Sponsor Seated, left to right: Judy Brown, Helen Haygood, Melinda Rivers, Larry Spence, Bill Tate. First row: Diana Martin, Joan Oats, Barbara Vestal, Carrie Stewart, Linda Roberts, Joy Robinson, Twinkle Welch, Sue Young, Pat McGee, Carol Whatley, Missy Wallace, Brenda House, Mary Ables, Brenda Sewell, Pat Maxwell, Mr. Rateliff, Spon- sor. Second row: Judy Pfgavy, Nancy Perkins, Barbara Sanders, Ginger Whatley, Veda Trent, Linda Simmons, Linda Smith, Barbara Thurmond, Robert Lavender, Delbert Plante, Dick Robertson, Harvey Nelson, Charles Matlock. Third row: Shirley Montgomery, Margaret Royal, Mary Shoptaw, Pat Reid, Jeanette Nance, Crystal Winchester, Gregory Lurry. Kenny Schnipper, Derryle Pickard, Mike Woods, James Williams. , AA--Auld r,,.,.,,.-, , ., 4-----i v, ,.,. -. ., CM Bill Tate Larry Spence Melinda Rivers President Vif6.I,,,,Si,1en, Secretary Helen Haygood Jucly Brown Treasurer Reporter First row, left to right: Pamela Daniel, Jamie Grimes, Julie Bateman, Ann Ferguson, Prissy Corzine, Carolyn Good- son, Diane Elrod, Sandra Carter, Mae Francis Keller. Anita Fenton, Gail Boyd, Sue Chism, Sue Hensley, Betty Bailey, Jerry Gardner, Bob Carr. Second row: Jean Higginbotham, Pat Coffee, Margo Hunter, Annette Cromer, Ann Bauer, Jeanne Hall, Charles Jacob, Kelly Dickson, Duke Harris, Jack Giles, Bill Caller, Borden Campbell. Third row: Mary DuCote, Linda Hannibal, Gerald Martindale, Wesley Bryant, Aubrey Adcock, James Boatman, Jerry Kennedy, George Jordan, Mike Keller, John Fisher. ,....h. .,,. , -. W, aw. -mg' H - -' it ' """"' ' ' '-""" ""' ' ' jufure udineria ,,,,, t ..lz, C w.. I Vw ' 2 - Mrs. Atchison Mrs. Dickins Helen Haygood Linda Simmons Sponsor Sponsor President Vice-President , ,-,' is ,-.,-: We r'f'f'4'fi , H"t,Q"fY?:f ' The F.B.L.A. is a national organization for those students who are ' looking forward to careers in business. One of its chief objectives is to develop strong, aggressive leadership so that these future business women j, may participate more effectively in the business and community life of 2 Q t Q as t a . 3 . X rf- Q at K is S 45 'xr 1 if W e ire? is J . sl r 4 1 - . - 6 , J ks,-,ve, . is Hi vvlb 565 ft.-, , yj Mrs. Paddock A, ' Sponsor " r sf I f : 'A f rw 7,1 First row, left to right: Sue Chism, Sue Hensley, Barbara Vestal, Missy Wallace. Linda Simmons, Helen Haygood, Paula Norton, Nancy Perkins, Sandra DeLong. Second row: Ella Malin, Pamela Daniel, Judith Jones, Joy Robinson, Twinkle Welch, Janice Freeman, Gail Boyd, Anita Fenton, Carolyn Goodson, Melinda Rivers, Ellen Adcock, Re- becca Birtcher, Third row: Carol Crammer, Alice Rose, Mary Ables, Cloria Goodwin, Judy McDonald, Jeanette Nance, Julie Bateman, Linda Pankey, Jean Owens, Linda Hannibal, Carolyn Reinhardt. Fourth row: Martha Derryberry, Joyce Jones, Judy Belk, Barbara Sanders, Linda Smith, Veda Trent. Ann Bauer, Judy Brown, Pat Maxwell, Betty Bailey, Pat Reed. Fifth row: Jeanene Cherry, Judy Peavy, Joan Christilles, Jamie Crimes, Carole Kroenke, Barbara Tibbit, Juanita Treece, Jean Higginbotham, Lovieta Towler, Cloria Herring, Linda Huckabee. Olga em America Nancy Perkins Paula Norton Missy Wallace Barbara Vestal Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian which they will one day be a part. Members learn how to lead and partici- pate in group discussions, preside at meetings, work effectively with others in a democratic society, and participate in activities which con- tribute to the development of desirable leadership qualities. First row: Jane Measel, Pat Young, Brenda Beck, Jeannie Angel, Earline Cryer, Janice Nichols, Betty Parker, Christine Tucker, Jo Wilkins, Linda Martin, Camille Morris, Elizabeth Jones, Betty Wilson, Martha Works, Barbara Jeans. Second row: Carolyn Yates, Mary Ann Huckabee, Clara Martin, Betty Gilliland, Lenda Batchelor, Edythe Addington, Elaine Laney, Pat Maxwell, Betty Mahaffey, Melba Letcher, Mary Whitlock, Clara Martin. Third row: Gail Willard, Jo Ann Clark, Carol Harvey, Gene Harris, Joyce Leavelle, Jerry Howell, Nina Pennington, Janice Brown, Mary Tidwell. Fourth row: Janet Westmoreland, Peggy Putman, Joan Starks, Ruby Laro-se, Sherry Ingram, Judy An- derson, Katherine McBay, Patricia Reed. Fifth row: Francis Holly, Gloria Martin, Judy Wright, Ruby Adams, Ven- ita McAdams, Abbie Collins, Annette Black, Brenda Fincher, Carolyn Chambers, Brooksie Karaz, Faye Golden, Pat Smith. I.,--.W--F--W-A -.----W-YV.-W ...V . ,',,, . , - H- .c,v,,m..,.,.,-,.,. ., ,,, ,W ,,,,WwYv,-WW,,,Www,n,, , H WW wmv, E unior Cfaaa i 5 r r J i E i E t z ll F l l Billy Mallett Robert Giles President Vive-President The Latin Club is chartered by the Junior Classical League, a national organization. The Latin Club's purpose . is to encourage among the young people of our country an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, language, Mrs. Sturdevant I Sponsor F F 1 v J I n F . s f. r . . l 1 r r V l V l First row, left to right: Analyn Wood, Betty Gilliland, Violet Nelson, Shirley Butrum, Kay Beasley, Sandra Friday, Martha Rayburn, Patrica Garris, Kathy Hodge. Second row: Brad Reynolds, Kathy Stanford, Sissy Sharp, Lynn Stroud, Jean Young, Bobbie Jean Caskey, Judy Ferguson, Ann Caddell, Judy McCarley, Beverly Berry, Linda Reed, Lina Davis, Jimmy Perkins. Third row: David Carroll, Martha Bull, Sandra Smith, Gail Thacker, Judy Schmieder, Charlene Lee, Louis Ainsworth, Shelby Porier, Charles Adcock, Ricky Hall, Terry Smith, Johnny Cowart. Fourth row: Herman Cox, Johnny Yarberry, Eddy Braddock, Ralph Blagg, Jimmy Lavender. James Perkins, David Moon. Fifth row: Jim Shull, James Purifoy, Gary Nolte, Kenny Schnipper, Glen Spears, Mike Moss, Jack Stanley, Grant Moore, John Wittu. .......,,n.n. MW, , ,- , , M AAAW, V mr M-MY W MALL-Am Am 'mg mm o ,W ,www ,v t ica oaague Barbara Santifer Diane Hulvey Secretary Reporter literature, and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. First Row, left to right: Robert Giles, Barbara Santifer, Pat Reid, Peggy Toland, Doris Mewburn, Cheryl Grayson Anne Lauderdale, Ellen Barkman, Catherine English. Judy Barnes, Sharon Hoover, Diane Hulvey, Billy Mallett. Sec ond Row: Wanda Harrison, Judy Giddens, Marcia Kemp. Melba Jones, Joan Oats. Dathy Carter, Barbara Bickley Third Row: Paul Scott. Charles Crowell, Bryce Clayton. Denton Jones. Mrs. Sturdevant. Bill Tate. Fred Markham Ken Kinslow, Mike McGuire. Pearl Gill. Page 25 1 ""'qllulr- - - -f r Ioanirik p flats V .W 15 , .r is Karen Dudley Sandra Smith Sydney Luckett M86 Ff2iIlCiS Keller President Vivo-President Secretary TWGSUVGT The Spanish Club seeks to promote an interest in foreign languages. lt is composed of students who have studied Spanish in previous years and those first and second year students en- rolled in Spanish classes during the school year. The purpose of the club is to improve the understanding and speaking of Spanish among high school students. Its activities include monthly meetings during activity period and the celebration of an American day in April. Several social activities are also planned throughout the year. Mrs. Howard Ginger Whatley Sponsor - Reporter First Row, left to right: Sandra Smith, Mae Francis Keller, Sydney Luckett, Karen Dudley. Second Row: Sandra Thomas, Twinkle Welch, Joy Robinson, Elizabeth Ann Lowe, Sue Davis, Bill Stanley, Carmen Madallin, Phyllis Collins, Sandra Carter, Carrie Stewart. Third Row: Sharon Middleton, Billy ,lean Cox, Charolett Thompson, Gene Harris, Diane Elrod, Janet Dunn, Pat Bearden, Trudy Stewart, Linda Sowards. Fourth Row: Katherine Spence, Louise Keller, Linda Purifoy, Francis Holley, Lynda Adcock. Fifth Row: Dick Robertson. Steven Smith, Derryle Pickard. John Fisher, Mrs. Howard, Mike Keyton. , 4 H , Ad, ,AV Km A JMMMA YYYY A Y W V Y Y rj if Wecbca! 1 4 1 Mrs. Rogers Charles Jacob Bill Tate Jerry Thomas Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary i 1 1 The Medical Club was organized six years ago for the purpose of supplying vocational infor- mation for students interested in a career in the medical field. The programs consist of speakers Q l 1 practicing in medical occupations and films concerning these occupations. I Q 1 l I N i 1 l a 4 Kneeling, left to right: Charles Jacob, Jerry Thomas, Bill Tate. First Row: Joan Oats, Joy Robinson, Marcia Kemp, Twinkle Welch, Sue Young, Carmen Medellin, Nancy Perkins, Ann Ferguson, Phyllis Colling, Mae Francis Keller, Karen Lowery, Pat Maxwell, Christine Tucker, Mrs. Rogers, sponsor. Second Row: Jane Measel, Barbara Santifer, Charlene Lee, Judy Schmeider, Linda Dagenhart, Sandra Smith, Genie Dickey, Crystal Winchester, Diane Hulvey, Linda Martin, Marie Halter. Third Row: Jo Wilkins, Prissy Corzine, Jami Grimes, Suzanne Owens, Gene Harris, Paula addison, Janice Freeman. Fourth Row: Jim Hooper, Jaxk Giles, Duke Harris, Gail Boyd, Mike McGuire, Ca- mille Morris. Fifth Row: Wallace Bailey, Delbert Plante, Larry Spence, Charles Crowell, Jim Purifoy, Garland Grace, Brenda Beck. f L, , , -4............-......t..Ld-A f an , , r L? . . -,P .- gi k Al 1, f- f , - , lr is i Mr. Formby Hr. Eades Larry Spence Sponsor Sponsor President The Science Club is a local unit of The Science Club of America, an organization devoted to the advancement of science. lts purpose is to increase ci ence First Row, left to right: Bill Tate, Sandra Carter, Brenda House, Jimmy Williams, Larry Spence. Second Row: Nancy Perkins, Ginger Whatley, Sue Young, Twinkle Welch, Ella Malen, Mae Francis Keller, Jack Giles, Crystal Winchester, Diane Hulvey, Pat Maxwell, Charles Ray Duke. Third Row: Bill Carr. Kenneth Spears. ,limmy Chambers, Wallace Bailey, Tommy Frazier, Duke Harris, Dick Robertson, David Caddell. Fourth Row: Mike Woods, Delbert Plante, Garland Grace, George Jordan, James Boatman, Kelly Dickson, Bob Carr. L A- l I CAA is iw 'TH' 'J J , m"' . asfiwgz. g lf C on Jimmy Williams Brenda House Sandra Carter llill Tate Vice-President Serretary Reporter Program Chairman knowledge of science, to learn to perfect skills in science, and to understand the importance of science in life. First Row, left to right: Marcia Kemp, Carmen Medellin, Barbara Santifer, Genie Dickey, Sandra Smith, Linda Da- genhart, Anne Ferguson. Phyllis Collins, Sandra Keith. Second Row: Mr. Formliy, Steve Young, Charles Crowell, Suzanne Owens, Judy Elrod, Veneta McAdams, Lynne Stroud. llrenda Burton. Third Row: Jim Purifly, Doug Watts, David Potte , .Jack W t M'l ' r a ers, lton Jones, Judy Schmeicler, Charlene Lee. Clenda Henshaw. Mary Warfl, Mike' Mr'- Cuire. L? -ff--'fm v' ' ---1--.--We----Y---W, -,--V,. .,, ,,,,,W,,, --www-wvv-Y Www -vvkw ir jufure ju eamenl "Nr"3""' Dan Marshall Jackie Ward Mary Almles President V1'fP41'rf'sifI0nt Swrrerary l6fI"l,6lfl,ilU8 6!bLCCLtL0l'l Vlembeislup 1n the Distributise Education Orgamzation 1S llmlted to those students recularly enrolled in distributive courses This oroanlzatlon has as lts ma1n objectlve the promotion of a hetter understandin between the school 'incl the eommumtx Mr. Ryther Sponsor Karen Lowery Reporter Qi James Thacker Sergeant At Arms First Row, left to right: James Thacker, Mary Ables, Karen Lowry. Jackie Ward, Dan Marshall. Second Row: John Fisher, Pat Coffee, Pat Mathis, lina Stout, Judy Belk, Joyce Jones, Sue Edwards, Billy Raven, Rex Ramsey. Third Row: Sammy Jeans, Allan Hartshorn, Jackie Lary, Stewart Beall, Gary Brooks, Wayne McWilliams, Lewayne Wilbum, Charles Matlock, James Lee. Fourrh Row: Cyrill Hubnik, Jimmy Reed, Bill Whitefield, Kenneth Woodruff, Mac Vanderslice, Marty Ketchum, Kelly Dickson, Gerald Ballard, Charles Wanye, Johnny Morehead. f , W ., W. , w... i ,,, , . W of America W- s, mm J I 'W' i l John George John Dee Hill Johnny Stewart President Vive-President Serretary ..!4bLf0 eCA6ll'llCff N09 l fhe Auto Mechanlcs Club has as its main Q objective the promotion of the knowled e of mechanwal deuees Mr. Holder Quinton Flaherty Sponsor Reporter gn-eva.. l l l I l 1 First Row, left to right: Lowell! Jennings, Gerome McCoy, Jimmy Wilson, Kenneth George, Sonny Grant, Dale Tim- mons, Bob Baker, Dennis Smith. John George, Benny Thompson. Second Row: Earl Ray Cates, Kenneth Meadows. Charles Hash, Charles Rateliff, Tim Bowman, C. C. Sewell, John Beckett. Third Row: Jimmy Harless, James Lamb. Johnny Stewart, Troy McCaugh, Earl Patterson, Billy Cubbage, Mike Mahurin, Boyd Craig. Fourth Row: John Mar- tin, Leon Morrison, Bradly Smith, James Horne. Ronnie Mills. Drew Avance. Mr. Holder, John Dee Hill, Arnold Mr'Knight, Quentin Flaherty, Wayne Wheat. ' ' ' -, A.-....,.......-J .....-rv-.-.-.......,.,...,.......V. vw... V.-.,,,,,,.N,- ,,..,, v 'YW' vw 1 -P V Y V f k 5',, 'K--my QJ Er' ... ef we it , 'Z ie s wfmlfwrvifii Earnest Mcllowell President l QQ: ai'g fi l as ig, f if Xlr. Johnson Sponsor jufure armerfn of America , -,. ,. W,,,, . ,,ff f :,V 1 -- m, ' 'i s f at 2: a "' xg' A rm 11 ez in wggzfex k a? mfs PF V , f ,, 1 X X' A 1 A ' s 1 in Wayne Tackett Cyril Huhnik Sefretary Treasurer The Future Farmers of America is an agri- cultural organization which teaches the mod- ern farmers to keep up with our present-day methods. Ronnie Taylor Reporter ' al' .,,.,, f in, V y i V ,VAL if 4-.f..ajf"' ,- il'- wv Q A 5. Johnny Yarberry Sentinel First Row, left to right: Hr. Johnson. Sponsorg Ernest fllvllowell. William Sullerlielml, llonavan Hughes, Urvul Hurlf son, Cyril Huhnik, Wvayne Tackett, johnny Yarherry. Sl'!'0lld Row: lfliurles Brown. .lames Roberts. Cary Barrow, Tommy Davis, llavirl Jones, Cary Killian, Terrell Mvllowell. Ronnie Taylor. Tliirrl Row: Ilernaril Halvomlm. Cary Arm- stronff, Richard Ha Wood. .limmie Vvorniinfrton, Roclne Sinvlzlir, llo 'cl Rl1'llZ1I'llS4lll. Wa ne Ballon. P- i- ra Y .9 Q Page 32 l Qui! an SP0 The Quill and Scroll Society is an international honorary society for high school journalists, which recognizes individual achievements in the journalistic field of busi- ness and writing. The purposes of this organization are to advance the ethical standing of pro- fessional journalism by developing better journalists, to promote unprejudiced think- ing, to secure forceful writing, and to obtain high standards of scholarship among students. E Its members are senior students in the -upper third of their class who have done outstanding Work on THE RAZORBACK. First Row, If-ft In right: Ella Nlalin, Sandra Carter. Nlae lfrauvis Keller. ,Nlissy Wallace, Pat Maxwell, Linda Roberts Svrond Row: Curie SmuarL Sue Hendey,lHane Uubey.linda Snnmons Kkwgann RoyaL Pat Rekl Thbd Row Tommy Frazier, Helen Haygood, Sic Chism, Cenger Whalley. Ken Kinslow. Page 33 V, l l v l E l t i l r l l l l E. l l l E. L l KA 0I"LL6 The Arkansas Senior High School Chorus is composed of students who enjoy music and singing. Under the direction of Mr. Willis they study music theory and singing techniques. Advanced students make up the Singing Belles and Singing Gents. Kdoradffed Front Huw, left to right: Linda Lawler, Uarhara Smith, Carolyn Reinhardt. Catherine 'l'idwell, Martha Hickerson, Barbara Jeans, Martha Burnett, Kathy Carter. Seronrl Row: lleverly Eve. Sharon Klivliael. Virginia Whitehead. Linda Hannibal, Jo Ann Clark, Alice Nall. Linda Agnew, Ruth Maxwell, Clara Stott. liettye Parker, June Oswald. Thin! Row: Carol Ann Dodge, Earline Cryer, ,Iudy Ferguson. l.inda Fllery. Sandra Carroll, Linda Waddell, ,luanita Treece, Ella Malin. Michele Moore, Cheryl Clayton, Kathy llotlge. Gayle Clark. Carol Crannner. Fourllz Row: Mr. Mills, Mary Whitefield, Janice Mcl3ay, Juanita Jackson, Annette Cronnner. Wanda Dean. Onidamae Oswald, Brenda llurton. Charla Relthford, Bennie Lee. Margaret Crose. Ann Ferguson Page 34 O L....s,A,...,,,,.., , .ng v- --e -- '-f- -nf,---.v-vv.n,.......w..,, ,,,,. ,, ,,, W Y rn l Cltoruzi inging A ea Front Row, left to right: Marie Halter, Betty Rybiski, Mae Franves Keller. Sandra Carter, Mary Ward. Barbara Thur! mond. Lula Griffith. Betty Lawler. Frances Robertson, Linda Sowards. Ginger Whatley, Rose Medley. Second Row: Mr. Mills. Linda Purifoy, Lynn Stroud. Shirley Montgomery. Julie Bateman, Pat McGee. Brenda Putman. Pat Bearden. Jeannette Nance. Genie Dickey. Charlotte Thompson. Brenda Robertson, inging enfri Front How. lv!! Io right: Delmer Nnwlin, Billy Donley. Paul Medley. ,lim Suhooley. Mike Jackson, Lloyd Bland. Mike Nlose. Ralph Earhart. Gerold Stone. Jerry Gardner. Sffrond Row: Nlr. Nlills. Delbert Plante. Paul Smit. Leon Green. Larry Alford. Stephen Smith, Leroy Campbell, Bython Watkinf. Hill Stanley, Page 35 V..- i P E l 5 r 5 E i L E i l ! I i E i R I E s 5 1 F i E E i l K. P 1 , E . , i V T 6 L. .lanii Crimes. firyxtal WvlIl1'llPFl6l'. W, ,Y ,,1, ,wmv ,,, . ,,?,,.,, .4 , ,,..,,. W, -.,. .... - ....,......-.,..r.,..,.,,.....,.w-.-..,..f-,.,--,f.n-...-.-Yv Ofkcerd CLZOPLCLCL ruin aio? First Row, lvft to right: Elizabeth Laws. Leighnnra Bucannan. Lynn Burton. .limmy Williams Charles Thuinpslm, Charles 4X1i1'1wk. 5111111111 R11144: llill Carr. lfrlyel Addington. aforefferi 1 Crystal Wilchester. Mary Jordan, Diane Hulvey, Jami Crimes, .ludy McDonald, Edye Addington. i i V I E l x 1 r ? I 1 L..- -Y----ff --- --ln-W .-. ., -f V-,, , V V - - --ff-vm -f------M gif a Safe iff' Diane Elrud , Diana Martin Melinda Rivers 1 , Linda Roberts Linda Sowards Carrie Stewart Crystal Winchester Ogri .Qafe Q Jack Giles Duke Harris Bill Tate Jimmy Williams Page 38 ma ing eminar The Reading Seminar composed of sophomore English students taught by Mrs. Stafford Beck is a guided reading program including a wide range of classic and contemporary literature. Students electing to read beyond minimum class require- ments meet at least twice monthly during the second semester to discuss writing style and purpose, plot and character portrayal of hooks currently being read. St TD and Front Row, left to right: Annalyn Wood, Sandra Blevins, Catherine English, Donna Swindler, Cheryl Grayson, Peggy Spence. Stwolzrl Row: Alice Patterson, Barbara Coffee, Rose Marie Hodde, Kathy Stanford, Sharon Hoover, Judy Fer- guson. Third Row: Elizabeth Laws, Patty Patterson, Linda Youngblood, Cheryl Clayton, jean Young, Billie ,lean Cox, Clara Scott. Fozzrllz Row: Trudy Stewart, Mary Lee Hodde, Shirley Bell. Sandra Powell, Leighnora Buchanan, Joanna Mt-Cchee, Barbara Bickley, Kathy Carter. Fifth Row: Pat Wilkins, Steve Wormington, Linda Lawler, Cary Nolte, Sydney Luckett, Melvin Cray. Pat Lee. Sixth Row: Mrs. J. C. Beck, Calvin Creamer, Lynn Burton, Mike Key- uun Bahd1lHagg Charks Adcock Page 39 1 4 1 l t . l l , K- M u'1'e?XjA!i 4 K: ,' fi .y 1. , ,, A ,M W . , Q- , l 3' Y 'N K L A M ng! I 1 ,N . wk, t ftxm., A- M3:V,,,,""- 'l Vu 13 in 5-'mx ,K s. qt? A W 4 . A' ' v X4 .A my Ja- '- Aw., ,il ,149 N ,X X- - , , +4 4' L" wh v,, ,'V'M1' ., ,4 , ' , AJ' Jw ',,. ' 4 i - ',, ' ,!'v'w, ,vu ' ,if . Q ' I ' 1 fy . Kby- , 2? ri-2 f". :,! W- ' ,.- ., X . . . A, N , 1 K -' 95 R- - ' . ,.' ',,.,, -Lp. wi i ' 'Q -7' ' x. w f V . , W ',' Q -- ,A 5' ff , M . ,Av .V . sL,.'. ' 1,9 V - ' f Q ., . 'A f v--wx "1 f. . .. My X- , . . x , -N ,H y . ' x J'-1 . B i ' R 11 r M fl I ',l xv " v., A, ,.-'fl " A -r wfyn ,YJ-Ie-043' , ' .ff - N, 5, Q .A " ., v. y ,-gg . ' .S J, ' - Q V51 , v - yi ', t 4' 'l ' Q, X' 'uk A hx. . A ., .4 AV.- ,l,,1. . .,I I 1- ' . .fy .f V 4 ., . - V, ' ., , .x . , ,. g , QV. 'w,f, If - J , ',":4' W. , , 2" . , ' , g QQ1, 1' xx.. m.J, , W., ,, - rf 'A-1, .M X R .. 'H ' Q . - 4. . , ,. ,. W . . .w-A .' Eff ' , p - - ' I ""' Gff 2 ' ,fl 'N 91' .' - 1 . ' !"- 1 . - 1 . ,. " ' v- '- ff fx .--Vw.-" .,g.,f' . , - . 7 ,. ' . 'A ,, ' 1 A xv-. ,.. Ar 1 .A x Q. ' 7 ' UAA1. . X ' 3' v 3 A.. , '-, i, 7 4,-,gf , M ,R , . V , ..' . ,- - . , W A : 11 1. + M - ef .g qi ' W' ". -v-, 'X' ' H A 1, I A Y Q, Q, A 1 an-V wi.-' nt ' fl 'Rip W -Q 4 i- -: g 'j' - n .J Q f ,- r" 144, , 2 ' -1 f ' ', "5-E3if!"'."'-4-A s ' 'Iftv""'L -'S' gn-if jk f :K ,, ,. U ,. H IV .N - f H 1--V 4'- .- ,ness -1- Y, 1 .L a 1. I i . Y. - - ,Z rp .. fa , 1 , A , ,P A ., A ' n' .1 f ' v . 1 1 , ,V ' -W .W f I. 4 "Z" if ' f r. ,- -Jr k - , - . 3 1? ' . 'H-f 'X' -'Q L-1 ' " , cf ji "' " .w""fI. " 7 - ' , . Y- My " fu I 4--.. If .. ', A nf-f ' - Y . h. ,- ' , , ,: " 'f 9' , -F. Y A 'e '1 gy ' ' - 'ni u , , . .. , 3, .- ,, - - ,f,, f - . ,-'.'- if . ' ' ' , sv 3- f, .- , 41 ,Q 1' ,.1 , , I t v..-L-F , ' ,pt ,,,'fA-f., .1-.",J,,vK wi, . g ,. ff A , t ,..,,.:5r3--N- f -my Q: . , --.4-, ' . . :f.-,. r, I. 1 .H 1 , 1 4, .Mgr ," i -1U'.1c Jvfi' im , K f ,.,y - ,-4 -, "- . ,, . I, ', . ' ....,. iff 7 fr,' " V 1 r ,i, I N. s 'U . ' - , . Q' -, - , 1 V ' J ' 'H f.. "J I' X 1 4 . P' v 1 Iv - 1. ,- , H' 1, . W, 3, .3 ' , 'f1'lg'f1 'Q' P-'P v . 'MV' "1 la' i 1 K.: , wi' ' 'N ' 'ff' 452 4r..i ,f 1-1 z., ':K.': 'Q-fr ' ' vu nj-, '. " ' pf ,fd 1 '-v, 0: . Y' v ."-X ,. . , . C . , vt ' Pi, V , 5 KW!! S' Al: .1 HQ- 2 Au' f "I " . 43" ' 1 tri, '."',' ' V.. 2 . .- .QV rv' ly. .I 55... .41 I. ' ,J ..' lv- Q'-v A, D v N t . D, . , Sgr, -. ,. . ' X I 4' r . WA. .'. N i 'L M' " . r ,h ' . . Q vk V ' . : -- ,, ,ZQ: , 1f."'f71",UTI 4,5 ', ff - -,i,fg'1'f' :,.' 15 . ,, f gf' -g, if ' .Q r"Ld--1-H-I X , 1 4 F T 9 ' C Ei, en? i l Fquvwvnm. ,gnu-'nY,.Vv v.Y...,,..., ,,,, , L . ' We the Parker Staff invite you to come with us and review L the year in pictures and in words. 1 r l , i t r A Our school year began September 2, as the school buses arrived and, - 3 , -an if I r the parking lot began to fill. F V t L 5 1. F w I V f AHS students were re-united after 3 month's vacation. L 5 I Pcqe 42 After casual greetings had been exchanged, stu- dents rushed to their first period classes where they listened attentively as Mr. Wilson, Assistant Principal, read the scripture and made necessary announcements. . 11 QV Lockers were asslgned and at once students began 'i' to fill them to overflowing as they would remain all year. , ,--4 Rooms were filled with smiling faces of eager students???? All went their separate ways--some to the never forgotten study hall . . In the office Mrs. Jordon and her office assistants began work. i V """1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 r L E s , , I F r K 1 , L E r' , some to the hand hall w r v some to the mystifying chemistry lab . . I r n some to intriguing mechanical drawing . . r 3 . s r I u. i I 5 r L r v Q some to biology class . . L..-A......- - ... -WHL ,,,, - , 4 f'-. , ...vw ......, ...V - some to typing . . , 9 S E s, ls I,-..... some to the cooking de- partments, and . . . 11... After a long and tiring day the stu- Page 45 dents relax at Lee's, and . . . 5 rw some to the sewing department. the teachers compare problems at Teachers' Meeting. . -W -WV-Y., ..,,. . . - ,, F in ww im V W W V Vw As a helpful gesture to the sophomores Aubry Adeock. Student Council president, conducts an orientation as- semhly. A few weeks later nervous students are seen seated on the gym floor awaiting their turn to campaign for a class office. After speeches are made aml votes are east students return to Class Names uf Class offivers are announced and they meet with their to await the results. teacher spunsurs In plan activities fur the year. I I ...vii , i l. l - .I t I Mrs Rovers and Brenda discuss various eollegm. Mr. Davis appears well pleased with all l rut ia: mme 'i u u . . . ,,, 4 ' . mg L fi ..-1. u t t w The Hed Javkets also practiced faithfully. For many weeks the football boys prac'tif'ed diligently. On the afternoonf before home games AHS students formed a parade led hy the cheerleaders and wound round town. Spirits ran high at morning pep rallies. '-1 3 4 I A l 1 4 i 1 1 1 l ? ! I 1 i 1 1 i l 1 i l 2 1 i u 5 1 l Nlany students piled into buses lo attend out of town games. No matter where the game,attendance was good and the per- formance of skill and sportsmanship presented by the Razor- havks was tops. The AHS Band was a great asset throughout the football season. ' . 1 , ,, ,....,-.,,,,.,, ,,.........1 V l r ? l l l l n l 5 l l t l l L r I t v t L n. i, P. r l 9 n l l t E 2 P l l X. l 4 i if L l L r l 2 l i v t i l F E r, l....A,.,-n , , W, ,L ,I R' M1 iq" AHS students greatly enjoyed the monthly edition oi the RAZORBACK. The Singing llelles looked very attractive and sang beautifully as they made their first appearance lmefore the student liody. -,qw L The Latin Club pre- sented a clever and interesting play each month for its mem-- bers. This was a common svene for several days after the arrival of the telephone booth. l'Anybody have a tlimff?', :Xt the end of the nine weelw the "lll'Z1lllSu of AHS gathered for El "Straigl1t A" party given liy the National Honor Sovi- CIN. .., v-,,w.YV,Y..Y....-, ..--, I royalty . . . Then tame one of the most exciting moments of the school year-Anita Pen- ton was announced Football Queen. Many preparationx were Illklllf' anti then came the "Ilia" day. The minute arljugtinents. FM ei tl their ewortf marie laft After a lleautiful homer-oining 4'Cl'PIllHIlf the Queen. Xlaitls, and their Escorts pore for pictures., 1 The Cheerleaders also paused to pose for a picture. And our faithful photographer ran from one end of the gym to the other capturing on film just the right posee for the PORKER. l y-rm,,,,,v ,,,,,,,,,,. , ,, . ,,.. V .V.V . ,, W, ,,, ,N ., , ugh, ,,,, , -. ,,...g--Vw V . Y ..-W ,-., ,,,5..,.,,, , Y , , V. ,. -Y Y -.Y--Y--V Y-V --Y V. -..,.4 i l l l l l l F i l l l r 1 r l I l v 1 I i f L l 2, I, 1 F l l L l L l l 1. L n t L i, 2 ,.. l Q Another Event of the year was the talent show sponsored by the Student Council. The Student Council also sponsored a HWhite Christmas" which made possible food and toys for needy families. Seniors enjoyed the beautiful tea given in their honor liy the senior home economics girls. ,.. H. Fig. v The Speech Club members seemed to be having: a wonder- ful time at their Christmas Party. Just before the school closed its doors for the Christmas holiday the Band, Chorus, and Student Council united to present a beautiful religious Christmas Assembly. ,,,,,,-.,,,,,,A, ,nkdu ,, ..............-, ,MM ---M . ville. .,1...... ,gem . , e , .V , xv- .--. .. Here you see an Minside-out" view of the seniors looking into the upstairs showcase trying to de- cide which invitation to cast their vote for. And now a scene familiar to us alle-a student burning that "midnight oil" for semester exams. The basketball boys spent many hours after school practicing. Page 51 AHS students received a rare treat as they listened to Governor Faubus as he addressed the student body. The Ameri- canisln Club headed by Bill Tate, presi- dent, and Mr. John Rateliff, sponsor, were responsible for this assembly. T :WZKQQ1 -411.11 5 .vm .. V .,-, -Y - S t t it i t t LVM . 3- , saw Y RW :gi K ,.,..W """ cj' If ' A ' 1 if ,W N.-,..,.,,,, 'Y di A I f VM, f MFQMAVWI 'M . V pf- V W. 'ww YZVA M ' ' ' ' if V ii' fi ,fj'Z'f 1,-',ff?'. fr K 'SYM' I R I S I ,. mg! ,asf 7' Nh , I 1- My 15" H'-ef f,L, -2 , ' v S, lim' , .. ,af - y S it y it it y if M t. - ' 'V' W' X i few' 'ff 3,-W.. Al W , , --in .M L.. M- '-- neil., ,fm 'V if ..f"": A Students will never forget the uhlizzardw of 1960 with its 4- inches of snow. We regret that we must stop here, but there is a deadline to be met, however, we of the Porker Staff hope you have enjoyed this addition to the Porker. Before we leave you, we would like to present a few preview shots of things that will happen before the year is over. Weeks before the Senior Prom senior girls plan their outfits. Senior students garbed in outfits for Senior Day, await bus. Page , ,-..4........ Final scene: Seniors don caps and gowns for graduation. 0l'l0l"5 Pictured above are the Winners of the Tenth Annual Mathematical Contest Sponsored by the Mathematical Society of America. They are Qleft to rightj lst place, Larry Spenceg 2nd place, Charles Chro- wellg 3rd place, Genie Dickey. Aubrey Adwvk, Rotary Charles J acoh, Ronny Good Citizen Good Citizen January FCIJTUHYY Aubrey, Charles, and Duke were chosen to be Rotary Good Citizens by Mr. Davis and a commit- tee of teachers. fWe re- gret that those for the months of April and May had not been chosen by the time of our final dead- line.l Duke Harris, Rotary Good Citizen March Pictured left Lo right are the first place winners of the Science Fair. Melvin Gray, Botanyg ,lack Stanley, Medical Sci- enceg Grant Moore. Electronics, Marty Beck, Zoology, Charles Jacob, Physics, Chuck Crowell, Chemistry: Paul Scott, Mathematics. X , 4-7 F Wu- ,,,,,,-, , J? Genie Dickey-"I speak for Democracy" Veda Trent-Betty Crocker Homemaker Diana Martin-D.A.R. Good Citizen Contest Winner Contest Winner Delbert Plante-National Merit Scholar- Dick Robertson-National Merit Schol- Paul Scott-National Merit Scholarship, ship, Semi-Finalist arship, Semi-Finalist Semi-Finalist J National Honor Society initiates new members Ur. First Row, left to right: Margo Hunter, Carmen Medellin, Sue Hensley, Aubrey Adcock, Sue Young, Bob Carr, Nancy Perkins, Sandra Carter, Missy Wallace, Carol Whatley Pat Maxwell. Paula Norton, Helen Haygood, Genie Dickey, .ludy Elrod. Second Row, left to right: Charlene Lee, Suzanne Owens, Wallace Bailey, Martha Bullg Mrs. Stanford Beck, spon- snrg Garland Grace, Twinkle Welch, Delbert Plante, Ginger Whatley, Paul Scott, Crystal Winchester, Jack Giles, Richard Tyson, Linda Simmons, .lack Waters, Marcia Kemp, Mike McGuire, Tommy Frazier, Charles Crowell, San- dra Smith. Jim Purifoy. Not pictured: Gerald Martindale and Wesley Bryant. .gzzclenf lgfoofucfiond , if K fV0p"Q?Qx . ,l 'ff W if ' f X 'f-'UE ' E55 45 KN X-if P 55 l M T' I i I I l I A l R t t l B I r E E i E E I t l V l l 5 s F l . 4 E i . , E Q V E I r L... ,.-, ..-..........,..vf -Y -W - v -. ... Y ,Y , , . ....v,-.-.- W ,i W.-. .., .. . Y ---f -www '-fr' f ------v ---- -T: Y v ,,,,- Y , Q, .,,,.,,..,...,,.,,, V F '--m--v----- ---1 PORKER STAFF Editor in Chief ..,H,,,, Diana Martin Sports Editor t,,,,,,,,,,,,. Bill Tate Business Manager A,,,,, Diane Elrod Assistant Business Manager ,,,,,, Harvey Nelson Advertising Editor -, Robert Lavender Assistant Advertising Editor E ,,v, ,, Carolyn Cralwbe Typlst H s,,,,,,, WU, - Gail Boyd Photographer , ,W Duke Harris Junior Editor ,U W, Genie Dickey lllustrator ,,,,, ,, Jeanne Hall Diana Martin, Editor l jim 19 6 , Gail Boyd, Bill Tale Page 56 Duke Harris. Jeanne Hall, Genie Dickey Ad Collectors: left to right: Sandra Carter, Missy Wallace, Carol Whatley, Maroia Kemp, Ellen Adcock, Linda Martin, Diane Elrod, Susan Phillips, Barbara Santifer, Mary Hoddie, Rosie Hoddie, Mary Shoptaw, Anita Fenton, Abby Tur- ley, and Paula Addison. 6 0 POIALQI' va NP' Diane Elrod, Harvey Nelson, Carolyn Crabhe, Robert Lavender. Mrs, Frank Bjork, Sponsor. 1 ,....nJ l I I lf + f l l l l 1 l l l 1 I A r V l i i I I L i --- --- - ---7 -f--- ----Y---v---...............m --M-v -in -v.-W - -v.-vw, ,,,,.,V-V .,--1-.- .., W, W . , , jim ww .ff-I ....,,,, 3 Mrs. Frank Bjork SI10f1'S0f Ginger Whalley and Linda Simmons, C0-EDITORS, as they evaluate one of the monthly editions of the leased P ,X L fy! ,s- COLUMNISTS Diane Hulvey and Limla Rolierls discuss l'u1 Maxwell and Margaret Royal. FEATURE EDITORS, look items for the 'Teckin' Porkerv. on eagerly as Pat lluifl. 'l'Yl'lS'l', gaily perks out story. Page 58 L....-,. -, . - aw., ,.., , an A,h,..,-,,,,.,,.,A,M,,AAA,,, GZOPAGCL ----.-- wuqpf- --Y-W Discussion of circulation and ex- change of the RAZORBACK is carried on by Sue Hensley, Sue Chism 1CIRCULATION MAN- ACERSJ , Mae Frances Keller, and Ella Malin IEXCHANGE MANACERSJ. Sandra Carter and Missy Wall- ace, BUSINESS MANAGERS, lend a hand to ADVERTISING MANAGERS Helen Haygood and Carrie Stewart as they mail copies of the RAZORBACK to advertis- ers. I is I i 1 I ' 4 ,- 4 A 2 I . I I 3 Page 59 SPORTS EDITORS Ken Kinslow and Tommy Frazier compile data for the sports page. . 1 4 1 5 , I I 5 : I i I 1 -4 1 I J 1 5 4 4 1 1 ri, ,.,, A -E I, mug ...- an -va.-W. v.v....,.v-... . - Bill Tate Wesley Bryant .i.,.Err.2grr.:,,.. ,, . , .SSQV WDJ 'L , -- rgorfgit 'k.?""" SP sw ' WI .11 r.': --111s ., Q., V '-Ac., sri figs' . ,rs Charles Jacob ga Ken Kinslow P Q -so mr -an .r , -'Q fsf 72 152555 rrrrsgfieeis .. do My .. so ooo f M. ms- '- if .f-'-'- or ?irYQria'f. r ,Spa,15,2g2'rso A . ,. 4 or mrrrzy. r fi :yo oro22oomfwvf p r ai: fgis rrrsrrizoag fibiifisiitfii fill f, ' '5 E4'lTlif?FfZl34s9EU:3-f w1rf1'3wg,zgrv. .., aYa:5dj?7F2Lf5z 'figs ii 1 vjj3Qigj?,1ij,' or ' ,z '74iZfjf2'i 1 Jeanne Hall '-'wwf'-r v- - r W - ,..,- .. .H-'vw -- - . --v--r-f---y,- r- ---W r-- ro-1.---yr-F - av -.-. - . - -.. v 'sowsnfam ro xg L ' 9 , , . .. ' ' "V os W 1 W 2 .. r zaegovgir rr . rr 2 rr . fi . ff 4' fu -.K "Sf ,V 'v, W' ' M 015 rf'-if .gi Yi E--r. , lf.. 'Q , r.' 'fr '5 ': ',, u:- f or to W- 'V Barbara Thurmond Barbara Sanders Duke Harris -izfegggriir efrrrofssoo.s.rr.orrrLr:,5 r, W in Q53fsoworeffsfofffiisriaa - er l -llr . , 4,33 ' in ' U ii ' 72 e encor ami we nr l . y predenfd B -A John McGuire we fofyllc Onde llll a A Bob Nickerson ee.eeeea.eaaaeeeell.l Bill Tate il Oriole Byrd ...,,,e,,,,rev Barbara Thrrrmood Katinka Katzenpheifer ...e,.. Barbara Sanders V Skid Werling ...,,..r.., ., ,r,.r,. Duke Harris ' Parsimonius Jackson "Parsy" ,,,, Wesley Bryant Doogie Deane ......,.......,... Charles Jacob Sylvester Butterfish ...........,.. Ken Kinslow - Jeanne Han Bill Caller Linda Sowards John McGuire Mrs. Phllo Pratt ,,e,,,,,l,,,, Miss Wilella Wylie ,,,,,..e.,,, Finchley St. John ..,..,....... Gurney Maddox .................... Bill Caller Mrs. Adelaide Burkeleigh-Banks ..,. Pat McGee Doreen Burkeleigh-Banks ,. ,,,, Ginger Whatley Betty Hartford ...,,v..v,,....... Diana Martin Pat McGee i '42 A 2 3. W .. ri r -1 . - fs rw' wif' i Ginger Whatley Linda Sowards Page 60 Diana Martin .ani i i enior ,gferg Commiffeeo POP67 G5flfl,l'l'le7 an .gage Pell! First Row, left L0 rigltt: Diane Elrod Nancy Perkins Mae l+',-ance. K ll II I H, , A ,Student direcmrj, J d B G Swv d R Z ,lb V ,Qs e ser. een dwood, Paula Norton, Judy Barnes Stanley, Delbert Plan':e5lStlf3:llIQ difgggjnn 0Wf,XJCilgiQEl'KCHllCIly, Cfharles Hudson, Derryle Plckald, Jerry Gardner, Bill I"09l"CLl'l'l6 an M5 QPJ First Row, left to right: Janice Freeman, Sue Chism, Sue Hensley, Missy Wallace, Carol Whatley, Linda. Hannable Second Row: Tommy Tiffin, Pat Reid. Tommy Roberts, Linda Simmons, Ken Kinslow. jcLef6 unc! padded? First Row, left to right: Sue Young, Missy Wallace, Sandra Carter, Ann Bauer, Carrie Stewart, Prissy Corzine, Mary Shoptaw, Gail Boyd. Second Row: Carolyn Crabbe, Margaret Royal, Aubrey Adcock, Dick Robertson, Jack Giles, Tommy Fuqua, Jerry Gardner. enior ea The annual Home Economics Senior Tea was held December' l0. 1959. The Arkansas Senior High School girls of the Home Economics Department under the supervision of Mrs. Ray Waters entertained their parents, teachers, school admin- istrators, P. T. A. officers and other members of the senior class. The decorations and refreshments were prepared by Senior Home Economics Girls. ............,..-. ,. - ,-. ,, , ,. A- ,,., ,-A,A,A-M v .,.-...v-.-v--...,,...,,,.....v .w enior ea --.1 I 1 of First Row, left to right: Ellen Barknian, Linda Jackson, Anita Fenton. Alice Rose. Betty Bailey, Betty Ann Lowe, Carolyn Cralibe, Mary DuCote, Ernestine Watkins, Mrs. Waters, Ellen Adcock, Carol Whatley, Missy Wallace, Barbara Vestal, Margo Hunter, Jean Higginhotham, Rachel Bircher. Svronrl Row: Etlrene Downs, Verna Vickers, Pat White- hurst, Prissy Corzine, Veda Trent, Evelyn Hickman, Evelyn Cook, Carol Kroenke, Frances Slroup, Barbara Sanders, Frances Robertson, Peggy Harless, Joyce Lacefield, Bebecra llireher. Ouirlamae Oswald. Brenda Robertson, Linda Agnew, Linda Huckabee, Lillian Nall, Judy Peavy, Martha l,Jerryl1erry. I t if Page 63 l 1 1 4 1 l 1 l 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 .1 1 ...A enior ea gg linen irc." f ' 3' flinaii 'iv' 4 m""h',1,, f 7 f, ,,. L r V .pq l, H ,-., fl 4 Q ai I . A, so 094' 5 First Row, left to right: Cynthia Rogers, Brenda House. Linda Waddell. llrenda Sewell. Sue Clrism. Sue Hensley. Caru- line Hensley. Jean Owens, Judy Barnes, Pat Maxwell, Uarltaru Nlyane. Ann Bauer. Jean Hamilton, Melinda Spears, Carrie Stewart. Second Row: Willie Dean Emfinger. Gwindulyn Preftidge. Carul llratnmer. Juanita Treece. Linda Treeve, Jackie Flaherty, Phyllis Phillips, Pat Reid. Betty Lawler, Lnveta Tuwler. llarluaru Tilnlmit. Janice Freeman. Annette Cromer, Judy McDonald. Fran Lung, Linda Smith. Pat Coffee. Judy Teague, Helen llayguod, Judy llrnwn, Marie Halter. xX N, f X s W, X fx fi 7,4---fxgi x 5 -2-T? 3 w "U f ' Q 0, X 6 x Z' ,nz rv Q NF' X f x L.........,--- . 1060 LAUREL WVAY BEVERLY Hxnns, CALlFoRNxA January 6, 1960 , W A dal " X Y Miss Diana Martin S Editor, The Porker Senior High School Texarkana, Arkansas S Dear Miss Martin: This has, indeed, been a most pleasant though exceedingly difficult task. All of you at Texarkana Senior High School are mighty fortunate to be blessed with such a wealth of beauty. Please congratulate the winners for me and extend my best wishes to the entire group of lovely young ladies. With best wishes to you, The Porker staff, the faculty and student body of Texarkana Senior High School. Cordially, alll!- Inu' 'fa EOb C'q ff' 2: ,Q -nigh V Q ' Ca l"0Kgll 920045011 ylltly CLb0l1ClKJ J f H K. 4' 9. viii: ,E In 'M' 'if' if Q' wif? 3 ,xxx K - V .K fhgim I , g A . GZEHVJQ QOLUIJJ A L ff K, 14,gi4fQ 25315 ,, W zum 2 7, K A A www We Wm ,1- frzfcf J gf 3, Q -,,.--w..,V-, ...Y.,V,, -.,.v,... ,. Miss Diane Elrod Page 73 Ng Miss Gail Boyd cf Vdghl l i n V 3 v F F l E I I l i l P if i I f F. e i T i l n V w n l r r r i L I i Phyllis Phillips Margaret Royal Page .Mm Viet" VI ' M Wallace dx Lf3.CNJ .ggnior java fri V Q o b n' 12,9 A w -if 'Q 'QW 'CTD Nlml Handscmle Page 78 f' S? Q,,j,x 15, A sk , , . + 1 " X K wi Must Beautiful gvrfaaa, ME! fuk 2 U 34 - fs 7 ' 1 E ,J 1 ' 1 KW 2 if?" M" .5 Tfigf 3 M 9. X 1 gi 'f V A 0 I i' , n ' r 9' 495 5 Q m h h ' T , A f V if-s A L L z, Q . f i V W., G WY ef pw 4 'ii Q QQ? QM 424 if at 3 . ff' :Q T? nw I' I lim fl Bn Iiwl Ilwwflrl ffxrl fe-5 ' s-G 1 , . I E Page 79 QIYLAIQJ if iii if ,M 33, if .W ,. ,,,, if .ug,,, L , 1 ' f ? S. ik! s iw 1. ,H - ki A :,, ,Q . K , . 53? 3525 Q-3:2 ii? -. KY? an 'E 'fs fm' mi s 'S ? i 3 Qbyk N 1 K 25? fi 1 ii - . ,Iv 4' Y fr? 1 'Qi 1 if Aw ww 'A mn mg 2515? 1 tix, if :W ,QL iii? Q' -14 gf , if rf E Qi: QP' M i x sv. I 2? if-, fs., 1: if , Ti M5 5gQ,2' 23,35 2 E J: 5 ri' 5 4 'z 'M A gig r i ' S.. f., 5 gf 5 3 .S if I r 1 E -F QQ gi if U 35 ii 3? if if J ie if if EIA 5. lx 4 , , Mp,- ill Biip 5 f' IU 56' EA 151 is in F3 Q24 :wk ,754 , f 5 1 fit 'fr W, wmv fflwvwz 1- Wffbii ' . ., ,,... , .. ,. , A M H .7 1 1 4 x Q 2 f H " 2 is 5 K im Eg 'vt ,is 5533! ,' mg 7'--wwwilii eww-ff -A-fl ,pw ' if gif, L fi , ., 1 f , ,W-fw.g'fg?'fg,g,,,vf,gg,4m.Q SW1,-M ,pdf I Q1gyfw,'5',fxPf.Qvw4w Ig-fi' 42 'lr 4 Li, 1' .VY , . . RJ XA wi Q "fn We ,B . ' fl Tfiwf 2.1 A M, n 3- y,v2QM,.lk . 2 -uf , s 4. 3-- 2 yu--Ag Q ,1- Q, -'x":3m , -' A 591, ' .ii,,.p, 5 f u fy , .,w1'.1 ,. 1 , , . ff. 13, L, x ,,3.,,, ,W ,LW 2, A QSM- 5 , Q . - . 1,1 1- k ,A 1 W ,, Aux, , 4 'Q .2 www ' in 1 iii? 'fn -, 7, 1 ,X ,Y X 4 ? qi as 11' M3 , ,ff " W ,M wi . A my i aw 1 3 , X X si ,. L. 'A 2 gk ?fT - A 9, ,......,, ff s 2 2 fr . ,bv-v"w 'Q 4 gm , " .W , , . mpwwcm -- wl.. --Av A f 59,2 21 V 7 xi, ,iasri f fr- if wgmg Wxfissd- -f .iff iff I 5 If an ...I F I I X v.. I Q .. 1 Q 4 5 ' fl ' 3 .ef L f s a , 4, if 90' 0' X X P4 Q 1 P , - N, X .. I . KX ' A I X gs i A E1 :fig : .M -w , , , .Q S5 ' '13, ' I :-Q if K , Q 'ww 4, I .-,f A K A A , f""-r- T Ar X 3 X' ' an 3 Q A "T, A. 4 "' 1 ,. , Q 'T' w ' 5, J M ff ex 1,71 V. ,QQ at " 16 A l A 1 .v ' wx, K W 4 ' Lu , iw 'W ff " ,- F' fuk - Q A Q. A 'V 53 ff gi sv f qs, V A. L ., 4 11' f' 4 if x,m. ' . v s wwe: f K l P vat-?f 'L ' nf 4151 'H , ' Q- if if "mv 2 yy, g 1, Q -sg ....., ' . Q ,-L, X, W 39 y W? Q 6161 .K 2 1? , if ,A . Q ry A y ,Q in is L 5,1 ' 1 'I y X is 5 uf 5 fa if E , A , , X , , S, . 2 4 W fb 6 ,E , f 9 if Y 0? ww? 2 X, if gf 5 1 fs! 2 gif as if L R51 A. Q25 Uwifyy- Wi in , Qfglr 25 if 3 in Xi ig :gm F 3 gs f if sg iffy if ,L Q S YK 2? if Q , 5 2 Q K . And , -- mags, sf - QF?" W fr' ii? .Si ' Q if Y 2, W. ,ag vw I sw f W4 fa. - -I H? , m Ti 5 N as R3 Q55 'El' 8 T571 5 'T-2 1 if ,lm .......a1 'L Qu ii Q K , i ,K N, 'W sy, 'N Nl. ' - i 'tif' Q - 3? 'A ' 1 ' K if M 2 9 nazi " fiigiig, ww ,f"'- Q t-Qb""'mA"-'f---.. Friemlliest Buy lfriemllicsl Girl ' Z " , fg afar' :Hart page 85 avbrnmj . i9Fs:p-Igf,-Z-Qtr WQQWQIGW4 .5 - J 1 If lk 42' 1 1 Q1 2 5 Z ak if . . nh . .gif ,.. si 'fx 9 1 " . 'Q ' k -19. x ggi, , ff . A 'iw ' W . - , .- 353 .V -1 ,7 . g f K z il?-If , 3 . .L r,,, f ig l W . .A - Q MW s 41 K Y -- Kf--figs 2 2? gif? 11 fig E 9. - if-2 275? 'mga k -:,,. ,f3r3 X 3 f , f ,gg , ,'.1 A 5 - Q. 'Wei ,Z . , if "li if T A ' , fsfsi ,ef . , . .- ff gg LE 5, Q 1 '- H A - .2 572 ,. A g gi iglv ggzl ' if .Q V E - 551 , S .. ,,,, . f . 5- . J ai Q1 -' K f ' w i: ' : 2 , V A 1 I ' 1 . 5 . P ,. J if V gi? 125 A f , 37 L ,L.,,f' -- .9 - ,ag .,,,. , Zf- V 5 ' 1 Ulf? f .- egg ' 3 .fi li I ,V I 5, 5 55' - Q ' Q . we ,ga ., 1' W.. f W ,W rv, K. ,Q ,, 1.9, 'aff , Q miieliiilwd bw Liz, . f i ffm ,Q ,w,r ., Sf! i , kg, 11 , M 'i , 3 Oki AN L M 'rg P a f f 1i . E7 wus, 5 1. I M, 1 rg-, gi' It ,J A ff X' . Q iwi gj1 ff 7 Az' T r Q", , T. 5, 'I T 1 ' 1 3 .. , gig ' f ':'?i 3524 Q-on X 2 ink 53 'W LT Qi tx rf v 5' ii 'fd ,N gm 13? 5 ' six W 'gig f' . 1. in fm., Q 1 '51 MA-WW,,, .wk I mf .ana ev," XL ,,,f ar. 4-NM, V511 Life W: fffw .,.L'g.'..':fe'l fi ' E Q ' W 'Q' E, X. A ,. ' , Q-, 14 K I T L 5 H Most Popular Girl --,--vw - ---W Y Carol Whatley Most Beautiful Joy Robinson Best Dressed Girl Diane Elrod Most Active Girl enior auorife unnera- P Richard Tyson Most Handsome , ,..w-,1 Hamp Moffatt Best Dressed Boy Prissy Corzine Page 89 Linda Sowards Duke Harris Aubrey Adcock Most Popular Boy Most Active Boy Best All Round Girl Best All Round Boy 1 I . Ina Stout Girl Most Likely to Succeed James Boatman Cutest Boy Garland Grace Frienflliest Boy .. M..-.- ..-Www -Alwlmv-V v ww Brenda Robertson Most Talented Girl Paula Norton Most Athletic Girl Wesley Bryant Most Athletic Boy Page 90 Max Henry Jean Owens Clasx Jester Sweetest Girl Bill Tate Boy Most Likely to Succeed Sandra Delong Cutest Girl Amaryllis Wallace Friendliest Girl jfmfd QB QW' S5 W V ," -, 'ICQ A-I J-hir' . 2 ' 51 'Y -Hs 1 f J f W A tw , 1 Qu 4, in 3,5 'S ', .LQ gg' t " . 12' 44 'I w , 'ssh' Y v 3.4, Q 1 f' fn' ' ' ,, 3' V H 'nr 'ff V 5 wg gy Y , , . WM in Y ,A 7, , 'f M, f x ff SW ' - if A M 1 I 4.5 1 , . "fy 4 Q A fr-A if 1 -S 5 3 1 4 , f,,g,fff H 'Lg' Q ,af I Q I if arf I ' iz Q , A . , 1 , ! .. 5, , . if lf Z V ASW 2 , ,fi A F 4,, y , ' ai fi ,, 5 5 Y wi w. 4 , 'O 'yr' L s his if? f Pi .sn Hi , s 2' 1 Q 4 , ic ginxf fi- ,,q,,,g Q f on 'L vt 'mf 1 a,, Q iff S' v l 0' ' I f ,. l - f 9 in Ik . . , f . S fm ' iw- 4: xv. f ., ' .- at . ,y . , 'Us' ' ' n 1 ' 61.8 , ' M . W' fr. 3' . 'A' 1 ' W. . . Q4 . 4,-W' - Q .,-' f. ,E ,.. .K q -f ne-J 'ix f J . v ' N. 5 . -a M. A ,fa -. . -. - gL ..' 5 "?' V H"m ' .M I 274 V . . 5 .. . M, 1. . 2' Q f, : ' , , . 4: a V ,L . -f ' 5 .i , 1 . - M - 1 A 3 .N A sv. GH 5 'E wwf? .J 6 X . A, .E Q .x B ' ,Ai 4. M A- , ,gurl I K 4 r ' ' 'fl ' w uzifi V nw-at mf! 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Assistant Coach Earl Oxford Page 94 Assistant Coach Paul Kirkpatric ek :fir 'J v 4 wr- .Qs -Q V 's :Q--'N ' . 92 , 4 f ,I ' K 5 A 'Aw . 2 - , "',.f. - ff- 1 R :E 'L " f' , . 744. ' ' 1 .f r ,' A K. y ,. L ,,.k , , I Wi, gvli'.g.,N Q 42 7 A -fi , ,L 'r 5? js - 2' rm' ' 'S arf. '.'24 'J' . ,rf 1 ,mr f JE Y Q s " ' ' ,r 1 g -fy 13 ' ww '- ,, -f ., -r . 1. , LM, Q .. W -' " M. was f' 7 . V+- '- X' ' 1' Mi f .War 1: ,. vi. 'wil ' Q A W W f .fm 4 , QM ..L ,,. ,. - L, A? ,, .iw Z1,A3,y5rf,,.i,jQ.. 'f??r5fi5"'1'i1,fff - J., ,L , .L.,,f.,f,,?i Afqkki , , , ,, V' as - - W 1 5 , . " L 1C',yr.f. Q-M1 :, A ' W61g -, , i , 'L im JQJ,'g:5 . x? YL 5 "Sinai 'zo 'W H was Q, ' MI 'J' 'A . f. 4 X Q N 5 K E L. 'lg R -L51 Fixx! JJ' , ,th N , .L , ig: 'r' ,,,fH,' lrgaix Q , ,gigzh t H I 3 2? Zoiivqga'2i'?E5ff2 Zf9'ffif'??f??iA1.p42rfw?fv 1' fff:uyg,?,k51351g',,pF,ggYiifqgg' Sgilgffl. 'L-pq 'iam '5?'fwrHE1..5,..CMi4 l JaCk Watersta' Mike Roherlsnn Guard Emi Honorable Mention 'f"'wf John Martin Larry Youngblood "1 . End Enff Page 95 wr.. Q sf ' ,fl M. Rf s 4, f - X-.:.'. 1wfQ2f 1f -. W in M- ... . .:,M,,4xg1, . . 15531 112' -?- ' 5 Q Wgsf-'fr or 'L . Q 'Z 545 Ji' .1 A ' K' xr Q' '!"'f A! Aff' P1154 Gerald Martindale Tackle Znrl Team Dl'fl?ll.Y!' v or r r vp ,e.v'Hf A ,,. . Af 5 S? 4 I Arr, , LQ, K Robert Davisw' "" F ull back Honorable Mention 4 4 w 4 i 1 1 1 1 v . I I 4 .4 4 A .1 W v 1 1 1 1 I 1 4 w , Bernard Rulxinsonla Rivhard Tysonl gk End End Honorable .lflention llzmorablv ,Wention ,gl- jack Giles Haffbarlf 71: 4,4 ,V M' lfihofvi X .. I Wesley llryarltlkgm ,lim llllE1lHlTSl'!4:E: ::: Neal Pcri11tsz:'l'll Tavlflf' Guard Guard lst Team fl!-f!'I1Sl' Honorable .l16I7,fI:0l1 Honorabff' .llwztion Page 96 Larry Copeland -- jr. gi' David Potter - Jr. H: Mike McGuire - ,I Guard Quarterback Quarterbaclf Honorable Mention James Uoalmun Sr. bk Jerry Thomas - Sr. ':""" Roger Marshall A- Jr. Quartffrbark Center CEVUPT Honorable Mention Page 97 4 1 i J ,...-.H T, ,Y W I 5 P P I r l L 1 E E k ? r E E L I l i .U-6 Bobby Love - Jr. 'ic Yvincly Shape Alr. Pk Jim Hooper -- ,Ir- Halfbarlr Halfbarlf Fullbacl: Aubrey Adcock - Sr. 'M' George Jordan - Sr. 'W Hill Tate - Sl'- Halfback Halfback Ceflffff Page 98 L.,,,,..k A r ,A -AM A Charles ,lacolw g Sr. 'mg Mike Eclwardes M: lst Team Offense F ullbaclc lst Team Offense Martindale, Pointe. Bryant. and Tyson look on as Coavll Powell shows ,lim Chambers how to tackle. Page 99 Managers: Jerry Gardner, Ronny Philips, Borden Campbell. R A4 if 77 .Clam Q- Q l" 1 FU' M1535 ls! Row, Left to Right: Harvey Furlow. jimmy xV1ll'llllIlgi0Il, Paul llowell. Eddie llraddock, James Bradford, David Carroll. Dick Rhodes, Richard Henk. Steve Wormington. Znrl Row: John Wilson, Luther Winkle, Jerry Green, Bobby Hogue, Johnny Wardlow, Gary Mathews, Cary Corzine, Larry Davis. 3rd Raw: Max Stock, Anthony Adkins, Roger Citty. Edward Shanfish, Ray Matthews, Mike Keyton, Robert Giles. Page 100 1, ...-ff' Q, , Y - Bernard Robinson hauls down a Ft. Smith Bark. Bill Wkillun Starks Ilie line against Pine lllufl, Mike llalwards is off on another ninety yarrl sprint against llall Hi Page 101 Get that tackle Neal! ,,.,,.q,,,,7 ,,.,, M,,,, .,,, ,, ,,, L....,,.,, . ,Y .V . Y. v..,. ,. -. L., 1 w P l E E R v w i Y A - " im: E VMLQJ CQCJSSET I3-7 TEXAS IZ-I3 DINL BLUFF 6-ZO HALL Macaw I3-O How' smawcss Z6-O LITTLE Qocx G -7 Pom Smm-1 7-I6 LL DODADO id-IQ IDABLL 57-IZ EJLYTx-MLLL Z7-C' N. LITTLE. QOQK IA-IA DL QUEEN Z8-I3 L ,L LLLL LLLLL- L LLL.LLL-L,LL,LLLLLL,,LLLL,LLL,,...............LLL.LL -11-7 g f gaalfefgaff I L 3 m Q Page 103 jf ggi .,,..,r..,.,-..-Y.,,,,... ..V, ,W , ,,.-,.-Y.. .,....'. ........,....,,-..- ....+.,.......,..,...v- YW-, ... .... .,-,, , , , K ......,,..-.r...v.v. F r I A I p. t Head Coach Horare Broom and Assistant Coach Earl Oxford. P F l l Q i t, f F I l e l I f, P l X: V F F E I r r I V. 'W Left to right - Manager Borden Campbell, Jerry Stewart, Kenny Schnipper, Milton Jones, Doug Watts, Pat Lee L , E- Gerald Martindale, Hamp Moffatt, David Potter, Larry, Youngblood, Robert Lavender, Tommy Frazier, Gary Bar- E row, Manager, Gary Nolte. F Page 104 K , , -A Mg-MM4,-A ,-,, wrt..--. . ..Yv.,.v.. .vw ---nw Y. 1,57 , ,.. ..-....., 1 4 Robert Lavender Pat Lee Gerald Martindale 1 V i Q 1 1 ! 'I l 4 2 4 Milton Jones Jerry Stewart Larry Youngblood Page 105 4uq!g....W .. - .rm . V v .. -v -. ..-rl. N. -4-q-+--,---W W- V---.lvl N Kenny Schnipper Gary Barrow Mike McGuire Tommy Frazier Doug Watts David Potter Page 106 ,..-..pq-q.x,.,,,, ,,.4,,, ... W.,.Y- A W, . 5 I Z Bryce Clayton MAGNOLIA 53-I3 VAN BUQEN Z4-31 TEXAS 2969 TEX A5 A5-56 HALL x-MSF: 50-58 MST SDQINGS 55-34 N. LITTLE Qocnc E55-A 9 EBLYT HEVI LLE 47-54 SLYTHEVI LLE 58-59 MAUD A7-52 LQ.. CENTRAL Z5-Z8 Hamp Moffatt EL DOQADO Z6-AA PINE BLUFF 57-63 N. LHTLE 12002.50-711 LTSEEW EY 4594! FT SMITH Z956 HALL men-x 45-'SI HOT SFJQANSS 31-55 TEXAS A8-55 FT SMITH-I Z6-A5 DTNE BLUFF 46-6l LQ. CENTI2AL59'76 EL DGQADO 511 -59 i WI' Q H 3 ? 5 T Y i i 1 4 I 3 1 4 4 Q Lg di x J , L.. ,,,, -..LM .,.. L... , , ,. ,..,,....,,,,,.,,, , , L, L, Lee tips one in. Martindale blocks a shot. Youngblood clears the floor for the hall. Potter goes in for a lay up Lavender tries for a re-bound. M U V 3 I, 'sg Q 95351 1 5 gi? N-C4--"",,., inf -..."'.-'5 ,s a' .1 ' F' gy: W f .J v J if 1 f xl X QE 'Z' Ui fx R? Vx. - 9 , ,4 . vm. f,, V li fig! Ag ' YI. , ,R xr, Ti Qi ,Y N!-4 2 Ti-3 , 3 Xa fi 'JS ...Q-iv 3 Jackie F laherty LEVVISVILLE. Z9-Z4 VAN BUQEN All-52 JAMES E50w1E 55-58 EIAYWQQTE4 AZ-51 HQDE Z9-Z5 I-IQDE Z7-Z6 ASMDOMAQ 5A-52 EMMET AZ-Z9 X, Q. E0 of Ik PX Q if 4 5 X 5 1 ESIQKNKELY 55-Z8 GIQEENBIQIEQ-40112, Asuoowm All-55 EMMET 115-Z6 QUEEN UTY 5559 PQJAMES Bovvns 57.42. A-Mzxuo 114,25 i'NAi5HVlLLE 116-Z4 nmsuoowm 55-AO Page I 1 ,.,.v--rar-K-r--Y "'-' -- W " ' " " Zac M I My , V-t v- 1 ,j fry,- sf First Row, left to right: John Evins, Larry Adams, ,lim Purifoy, Bernard Robinson, Victor Harville, Aubrey Kilburn, Jerry Clark, Charles Jacob. Second Row: Mike Edwardes, Cliff Robertson, Doug Watts, George Jordan, Wesley Bry- ant, Bobby Love, ,lack Waters, David Potter, Richard Tyson, Ronnie Phillips, manager. M V C, fi-15, 3, 'I ,as 'af s Q' ,. " -an 'B asin gi -, si ' 5 . :ai iff l-'KA NWN, . Sprinters: left to right: George Jordan, Mike Edwardes, Charles Jacob. Page 114 i left to right: Mike Edwardes and Charles Jacob-broad jump. 8 v A by . . lf, "'l iz" Z" ' rd L H . ' Q 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 Q s t ohm- discus. 5 w 4 1 1 1 4 3 1 1 1 A 1 I E 3 1 1 2 I f 2 1 i I 1 4 .lu I 1 ,, . tn, . t John Evins pole vaults as Larry Adams watches. if ,, K 1, 5 ' V 4' " ffm' 1 1 rdiigpinfy 59:31 slew'-4 , Mew, 5 A ,, v 4 1 an 1' sw A 'MVC - Q V -ff. ff if 1 . 4 f fir wp. ,F . ,fc , ,v.u,w.. . s s David Potter demonstrates form on the high jump. Af' QA .... Yin-. 1. Ln Hs- Wesley Bryant watches Jack Waters throwing the shot. Bernard Robinson and Victor Harville running the hurdles. ,ww ,www ,,, NW-x.. Left to right: distance runners: Jim Purifoy, Aubrey Kilburn, Bobby Love, Cliff Robertson Left to right: relay team: Charles Jacob, John Evins, Charles Jacob, Jerry Clark. Page 118 Tommy Frazier '1'o111u1y Fuq ua Kenny Schnipper Page 119 Mike McGuire ,lim Chambers was presented the F. E. Pharr award at the Football Banquet by Coach Powell. Mike Edwardes and Wesley Bryant were co-captains for the 1959-60 season. As always, Jack Hardy boosts the Razor- hacks. 1 fw gzi ' """" "W" .. , S., if 2' Mike Edwardes-First team offense All-Stateg All Southern Wesley Bryant-First team offense All-State. ff .Slate Page l2l Charles Jacob-First team offense All-State. Gerald Martindale-Second team defense All- State. !, ,A A. ,1.ahlhL.L, ' """I I H.. i 6' 'i CM The T-Club is an honorary club consisting of boys who have been awarded a varsity letter in any school sport. The club meets regularly during activity period. lts purpose is to create enthusiasm for participation in sports, to stimulate a desire to render service, and to encourage worthy leadership and development of character in high school students. ka' ig. A i -3, -.ab f J, ,. 0' First Row, left to right: Neal Points, David Potter, Victor Harvell, Mike Edwardes, Jack Giles, Gerald Martindale. Second Row: Tommy Frazier, Wesley Bryant, Steve Young, Windy Shope, Bernard Robinson, Jimmy Chambers, Jerry Thomas, Ronnie Phippips, Bordon Campbell. Third' Row: George Jordan, Jack Waters, John Evins, Larry Cope- land, Jerry Gardner, Tommy Fuqua, Richard Tyson.Fourth Row: Mike McGuire, James Boatman, Jerry Kennedy, Bill Tate, Charles Jacob, Jerry Stewart, Larry Youngblood. ,.,,, , ..-.,. , Page 122 .,..........n....................... 'Qi 'R 4 D18 Cl-MMD V3 S W K KQACZ 1 ' 4 SA N -1.- " 4 Q S J1 ,yffuh Mi -as l00l"ff5 Ellie!!! We would like to conclude th1s sports section w1th a resume of the' 14959-60 sports season Wxth a season that included six wins fives losses and one t1e our football team proved to be a strong contender 1n every contest. Before a standing room only crowd the Razorbacks played with every ounce of stamlna they could get only to have the winning touchdown nulled by a penalty in the last seconds of the game agalnst the cross town rivals. Final score 12-13. The Hogs started many of their games as the underdogs and came out either with a victory or Wlth a feellng of having played fine football. The chmax of the season came on Thanksgiving Day when 14- seniors played their last game for AHS agalnst De ueen. These seniors sparked and the Razorbacks proved to be deflnlte leaders ln this game The boys basketball team, however, was not quite so fortunate with a 3-21 season. The girls had a very good season with an 11-6 record. The track team and golf team had not yet begun their action when the annual was completed. However, our track team of 1959 was an excellent one, as they went ahead full steam to capture the state championship. In helping our team to win, John Evins set a new state pole vault record last year with a jump of 12'2". Most of the participants in last year's team are returning this year and the team promises to be one of the top teams in the state. Our golf team, too, shared in the state honors when they captured the 1960 state championship. Once again some of the same boys are playing this year. Athletics at Arkansas High School has come a long way and is still climbing, thanks to our coaching staff, the participants, and you, the student body. Sports Editor Page 124 .,,,,,'x,...- r.. W .-v--Y..-. wg. V . -..W -....w,,,,.,.,7. .... .. ,. ..,,. ,,w. ww..- ,,...,. .-. ,..,. ,.... , ,,.,,,,.,..,..-,.., ,,,.,,.,,,,,, 0 - .1 . . 3 7 . . ' 9 . Q 0 'F0"vI!'!W'l"7IWw"l'IW"" --" WWW' U . JAMES BOATMAN ,,.,,, President JERRY GARDNER ,, ,, Vic?-Prvsidffnt entoid CARRIE STEWART NW-, Secretary "1 Q .x Y.-V..,.w v-0. v--. - Future Business Leaders, Future Homes makers, Future Tradesmen - Sec- retary-Treasurer, Student Education Association, Speech Club, Basketball 58, Driving Club. AUBREY ADCOCK - Americanism Club, Latin Club, Library Assistants Club, Student Council - President '60, "T" Club, Football '58 '59 '60, junior- Senior Prom Committee, Junior Class President, Senior Invitations Com- mittee. MARY ABLES - Americanism Club. ELLEN ADCOCK -- Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders, Porker Ad Collector. LINDA ACNEW - Driving Club, Future Homemakers, Choralettes. LARRY ALFORD - Band, Chorus - President '60, Chorus - Secretary '58, Track '58, Americanism Club. BETTY JEAN BAILEY - Driving Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Americanism Club. WALLACE BAILEY W Science Club, Americanism Club, Medicil Club. BOB BAKER - Future Tradesmen. 8, ...,..n. -......,..- . ...L ...4-.-g.. .. . ........ Jlyvqt- ,-,v' --NINE. - - . JERROLD BALLARD - Future Farmers, Future Tradesmen, Speech Club. ELLEN BARKMAN i Future Homemak- ers, Student Education Association - Secretary. Allied Youth, Latin Club, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. Red Jackets, Cheerleader. JUDY BARNES e-- Americanism Club, Future Homemakers - Pianist, Stu- dent Education Association, Latin Club. Red Jackets, Speech Club. JULIE BATEMAN - Allied Youth Ameri- canism Club, Future Business Leaders, Student Education Association, Latin Club, Singing Bells. Choralettes. ANN BAUER W Red Jackets, Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders, Americanism Club, Driving Club. STEWART BEALL -- Americanism Club, Future Tradesmen, Chorus. JEAN BEASLEY - Driving Club, Chorus, Future Homemakers, Americanism Club. WAYNE BECK - Latin Club. 1 . A, ,.................4......., ,,,., L, W? v-...-,-,,- K W.. Y. tin: , -. -'V' 'H Q- 'sehr U' t . , J ig, ,IUDITH BELK E Future Homemakers, Student Education Association, Allied Youth, Americanism Club, Future Tradesmen, Band, Future Business Leaders, Speech Club, Senior Play Committee. RACHEL BIRTCHER - Future Business Leaders, Speech Club, Basketball '58 '59 '60. Future Homemakers. REBECCA BIRTCHER - Speech Club, Basketball '58 '59 '60, Driving Club. JAMES BOATMAN - Football '58 '59 '60, Track '58, Americanism Club, Student Education Association, Science Club, "T" Club, Allied Youth, Student Coun- cil, Senior Class President. TIM BOWMAN - Future Tradesmen. CAIL BOYD - Allied Youth, American- ism Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Medical Club, Spanish Club, Porker Staff - Typist, Homecoming Attendant, Library Club Junior-Senior Prom Committee. JIMMY BREWINGTON - Americanism Club, Allied Youth, Driving Club, Fu- ture Farmers - Reporter '58 - Treas- urer '59. BILLY BRILEY - Future Tradesmen, Speech Club. 1 CHARLES BROWN-Future Farmers ,IUDY l3R0WNAAllied Youth, American- ism Club, Reporter, Driving Club, Future Business Leaders. Future Homemakers, Student Education As- sociation. Red Jacketst, Office Assistant. WESLEY URYANTiAllied Youth, Anter- icanism Club, Driving Club, Vice- President '59, Latin Club, Speech Club, Vice-President '60, "T" Club, Secretary, Football '58, '59, 60, Hon- orable Mention '59, All-State. Track '60, DAVID CADDELL--Americanism Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Allied Youth. ISILL CALLER-Allied Youth, American: ism Club, Science Club, liand, Chorus, Senior Play Cast. UORDON CAMPBELL - Americanism Club, Basketball '59, '60, Football '60, "'l"' Club. HILL CARR-Band '58, '59, '60, Science Club, Allied Youth. All-State Hand. HOU CARHA-Science Club. Americanism Club, lland '58, '59, '60, Dance lland. Xlliefl Youth. -32 ""'-H'-'F' SANDRA CARTER Allled Youth Amer nam m Club Student Educatlon Ae ocratlon Choralette Secretary SID ll'l bella Spanleh Club Treae urer SCIENCE Club Reporter Red jatlxet Qulll and Scroll Porlxer Ad Collector Razorback Staff Bueme 'Nlana er Ad Colleetor Sophomore flae Secretary ,lunlor Senlor Prom Commlttee ,IINI NIY L HAMBERS Latin Club S01 enee Club T Club Football '38 19 60 Honorable AICIIIIOU 60 IEANFBE CHERRY Amerlcanl nl Club Future Humemakers Future Ruelnee leadere Red Jackets Teachers A 1 IHHI SUF CHISM Amerlcamsm Club ltuture Homemakers Future Buslness Lead Qurll and Scroll Razorback Staff f11LLll3IlUl'1 Mana er Allled Youth IU KN IHRIS FILLES Amerlcanr m Club lruture l u mess Leaders l' uture lrade men 51l6I'lLC flub Speech Club 1-xr C0111-LE Amemanl m Club Allred Youth lJr1v1n Club Future Buslnese Leader Future Honlelnalxers, Future lradesmen Student Educatron As:-,o tldll0fl Lrbrary Club FVELYN COOK Llliilll lm nd 58 59 60 DFIVIU flub PRISQY COR7lNE Allled Youth Latln f lub l'uture H1PUlCmHlxCTS lVledlCal C lub Red Jackets Co Captaln Soph omore Vlce Pre :dent Speeeh Club Junlor Clae VICE Presldent Cheer leader JUIIIUT Senlor Prom Comrmttee ' . ' s , , t '- S, , ' , s, X g x 0' cf l . C 1- -q L , -V Z Q Z . . v SV v , , '. ' , Q ss l 1 g Y y r . 1 j 5, . ,b - . ' W , ,. . . . A , 3 , ,- , it v , , , t . .- , I . , . . , . l L I i . .S , , , s 1 - 7. . ., , ,. . 9- 9-F . . . A f , , . ers, Student Educatlon ASSOCIBIIOH. , . , 'f 2 : . . I l ' lf ' ' 's ' . . , 1. M 1 1 w Q, ,. I N . I. y , , . . , , , ,, , L , . 1 ' - , 5 , or -' 1- . , , t s, ' f, S , ' - , . , u A ' ' - ' ' S. 'a I , 1 . , . . . .f . , A . , , . . . , - , . , ' ., , , A . ' Q, - Q - ' S w A 1 w .S i , D , - . CAROLYN ANN CRABBE-Cheerleader. Red Jackets, Porker Staff, Porker Ad Collector, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee. Choralettes, Speech Club, Fu- ture Homemakers, Student Education Association, Allied Youth. BELVA CRAIG-Driving Club, Chorus, Future Homemakers. CAROL CRAMMER-Driving Club, Fu- ture Business Leaders, Future Home- makers, Spanish Club, Chorus. ROBERT CRITTENDEN - Americamsm Club. ANNETTE CROMER-Driving Club, Fu- ture Homemakers, Latin Club, Speech Club, Medical Club, Chorus. PAMELA DANIEL-Band '58, '59, '60, Al- lied Youth, Americanism Club, Driving Club, Future Business Leaders. SANDRA DELONG-Solo Twirler. Band. Speech Club, Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders, Library Club. MARTHA DERRYBERRY-Allied Youth. Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. Red Jackets, American- ism Club, Driving Club. W ' "' "c""'r"""' " W ' """""""'1U!!' i I 4 t 1 J , . ' s-.T In ff' "W " ' """"' Y""""""' EDRENE DOWNS-Future Business Lead- ers, Latin Club, Red Jackets, Office Assistant, Future Homexnakers. MARY DUCOTE - Americanism Club, Driving Club, Future Homemakers. Student Education Association, Latin Club. Red Jackets. Spanish Club. Speech Club. CHARLES DUKE NIIKE EDWARDSwFootball '58, '59, '60, All-State '59, '60, All-Southern, Track '58, '59, '60, Latin Club, Speech Club. SILE ElJVl'ARDSAAllied Youth, Driving Club, Future Homemakers, Future Tradesmen, Student Education Asso- ciation. Speech Club, Chorus, Medical Club, Americanism Club. WAYNE EDWARDS - Future Farmers, llasketball Club. Track, 1Dell High Schooll. DIANE ELROD-Girls' State, Porker Ad Collector, Band, Majorette, Homecom- ing Attendant, Alnericanism Club, Student Education Association, Span- ish Club, Library Club, National Hon- or Society, Student Council, Treasurer '59, Secretary '60g Porker Business Manager. WILLA DEAN EMFINGER -- Driving Club, Future Homemakers. Q' W 'f' .' ' ,,',V, w..,,,.-9' JOHN EVINS-Football '59, Track '58, '59, '60, "T" Club, Americanism Club. Science Club. ANITA FENTON-Allied Youth, Ameri- canism Club. Future Business Lead- ers, Future Homemakers, Student Ed- ucation Association, Red Jackets, Homecoming Queen, Porker Ad Col- lector. JOHN FISHER-Aniericanism Club, Fu- ture Tradesmen, Spanish Club, Speech Club. JACKIE FLAHERTY-Driving Club, Fu- ture Homernakers, Speech Club, Bas- ketball '58, '59, '60, QUINTON FLAHERTY Basketball, Speech Club, "T" Club, Auto Mechan- ics, Vice-President, Future Trades- men, Reporter. TOMMY FRAZIER-Latin Club, "T" Club, Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Staff, Sports Editor, Ra- zorback Ad Collector, Basketball '58, '59. '60, Golf '58, '59, '60, JANICE FREEMAN-AAllied Youth, Fu- ture Business Leaders, Future Home- makers, Medical Club, Band Lt. '58, '59, Dance Band '58, '59, TOMMY Fl,Ql'A-Golf '58, '59, '60, Latin Club, Allied Youth, "T" Club, Basket- ball '58, 9 ,, of . JERRY GARDNER Amerlcanlsm Club Sctence Club Track Manager Foot ball Nlana er T Club Semor Class VICE Presldent Cholus Llbrarlan Secretary Allled Youth IOHN GEORGE Football 58 59 Speech Club Future Trade men Presldent T lub NIARGIE GILBERI' Future Homemalx ers Spanlbh Club JACK GILES Basketball U8 59 Foot 58 9 Tram T ub Amerlcanlsm Club Nllxed H outh Latm Club Sclence Club Student Educatlon ASSOCIHIIOH Boys State Nledlcal Club fAROl..YN COOIJSON Nllled Youth Amerlcanxm flub luture llulnes Leaders Student Etlllldllllfl Xsocxa tton Latm flub Natmnal Honor SbClElV Red Jacket Cheerleader lun1orSenxor lrom lommnttee lurk er Staff ILORIA COODYN IN Drum Club Span lsh Club Atrlertcantbnl Club l'uture Homemaker l'uture llusmeis Lead e Red ,lanlxet KENNEIH COREF band 68 9 FO Allred Xouth C XRL XND LRAI E hIllCIlC3Il1 tn I lub l uture l'ar1ne1 Set retary Medxcal Klub Suence Club Allted Youth 4 9 9 9 - , U as ,, - - D r , - 7 l 7 7 , . , , . - r , , 5 w K 3 -A 97 C K fl' '. ' .eg fi ... 1 - 5 , r- , . - - , , - ., , r , , .t U af ball , 5 , 60, tk, Cl . f . . - I 1' ' , l . fl a 1 , T . 1 . . 1, . t , . xx . .. or 'x s q. " 'S I , 'l S' gs ' Q, " 1 Sf 5 - - ,. , ' F , . ' S, ' . 1 ' 1 ' J " ' J , i . A , - K l 6 1 . - ' g . . ' - W '7 i 1 - 3 5 ' 5, . - rs. ' ' S. l F . ,, , .. ., . . f ,- ' . . 0 . 1 , . , I A , . lr f I Q -I " 's l . 1 fs. f 9 A . ' , . 1 ,..,,,, , A. ,., . ,,-...a.L....a.,, hall' ,,,,., Q W... W, ...., r -f...,..v - ,Y,,., -. .V .v.,.Y..........,,... JAMI CRIMES-Allied Youth, American- ism Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Student Educa- tion Association, Medical Club, Na' tional Honor Society, Treasurerg Student Council, Band, Lt., Majorette, Co-Captain, Porker Ad Collector. MARY MARGARET GROSS - Allied Youth, Americanism Club. Future Homemakers, Red Jackets. JEANNE HALL-Americanism Club, Lat- in Club, Porker lllustrator, Band. .lunior-Senior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast. MARIE HALTERiDriving Club, Medical Club, Future Homemalvers, Red Jack- ets, Chorus, Choralettes, Singing Bells. JOHN HALTON-Allied Youth, Ameri- canism Club, Science Club, Speech Club. JEAN HAMILTON--Band '57, '58, All- State '58, Driving Club. LINDA ,IO HANNIBAL-Allied Youth, Americanism Club, Driving Club, Fu- ture Business Leaders, Future Home- niakers, Song Leader, Student Edu- cation Association, 'Red Jackets, Speech Club, Chorus. PEGGY HARLESS-Driving Club. Speech Club. I.-v--V-.-Y---..v.w ---V --v- --..-V v We - v V Q l I t l L i t r t V t I F I l s E r l l l F l t t V E l I i t R t L....,.-i. DUKE HARRIS-Allied Youth, Ameri- canism Club, Medical Club, National Honor Society, Presidentg Science Club, Student Council, Band Officer. Boys' State, Porker Staff, Senior Play Cast. HELEN HAYGOOD-Basketball '58, '59. Americanism Club, Treasurerg Future Business Leaders. Presidentg State F.B.L.A. Secretary, Future Home- makers, Reporter, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Advertising Manager and Ad Collector, Office Assistant. j. P. HAYXIAN-Football '58, Chorus. NIAX HENRY-Allied Youth, Student Education Association. Americanism Club. CAROLINE HENSLEY-Basketball ,58. Driving Club. Future Business Leaders. GUINDOLYN HENSLEYsBasketball '58, '59, Driving Club. U SUE HENSLEY - Americanism Club. Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Student Education As- sociation. Quill and Scroll, Razorback Circulation Manager, Red Jackets. GLORIA HERRINC A Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. EVELYN HICKMAN-Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. LAVERNE HICKMAN-Allied Youth. Driving Club, Future Business Leaders. ,IEAN HlCGINB0THAMFFuture Busi- ness Leaders, Americanism Club, Fu- ture Homemakers. JOHN DEE HILL-Football '58, '59, Fu- ture Tradesmen, Vice-President. BRENDA HOUSE-Red Jackets, Science Club, Secretaryg Allied Youth, Amer- icanism Club, Future Homemakers, Vice-Presidentg Future Teachers, His- torian, National Honor Society. Speech Club, Office Assistant. CYRIL HUBNIK LINDA HUCKABEE-Future Honiemaki ers, Library Club, Future Business Leaders, Driving Club. CHARLES HUDSON-Football, Track, Chorus, Future Farmers, Speech Club, Future Tradesmen, Americanism Club. 15 VU, V., V. 9 DONOVAN HUGHES-Future Farmers. DIANE HULVEY-Razorback Staff, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Ad Collector, Latin Club, Reporterg Band, Report- erg Majorette, Allied Youth, Medical Club, Science Club, Americanism Club. WIARCO HUNTER-Latin Club, Science Club, Americanism Club, Student Ed- ucation Association, Driving Club, Red Jackets. LINDA ,IACKSONfFuture Homemakers. CHARLES ,lACOBwAllied Youth. Amere icanism Club, Student Education As- sociation. Library Club, Presidentg Medical Club, Presidentg National Hgnor Society, Science Club, Student Council, 'STU Club, Senior Play Cast. Senior Favorite, Football '58, '59, '60, All-State '59, '60, Track '58, '59, '60, Senior Play Cast. SAMMY JEANS-Future Tradesmen. BOBBY JONES-Latin Club. Science Club. Speech Club. JOYCE JONES-Americanism Club, Driv- ing Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homeniakers, Student Educa- tion Association, Future Tradesmen. T--v- --V Y-Y . ,IUDITH ANNE JONES-Driving Club, Future Homeniakers, Future Business Leaders. Future Tradesmen, Ameri- canism Club. GEORGE JORDAN+Football '58, '59, '60, Honorable Mention '59, Basketball '58, Track '58, '59, '60, Allied Youth Americanism Club, Latin Club, Sci- ence Club, NTU Club, Vice-President. MAE FRANCIS KELLER-Americanism Club, Driving Club, Spanish Club, Executive Council. Treasurer, Choral- ettes. Singing Bells, Historian, Razor- back Staff, Exchange Editor, Ad Collector, Quill and Scroll. MICHAEL KELLER-Americanism Club, Driving Club. POLLY SUE KELLER-Medical Club, Driving Club, Future Homemakers. Red Jackets, Choralettes. JERRY KENNEDY-Basketball Manager, Track Manager, Allied Youth, Ameri- canism Club, Student Education Asso- ciation, Science Club, HT" Club, Medical Club, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. KEN KINSLOW-Allied Youth. Ameri- canism Club, Latin Club, Student Ed- ucation Association, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Razorback Staff, Sports Editor, Ad Collector, Quill and Scroll, Senior Play Cast. CAROLE KROENKEfFuture Business Leaders, Speech Club, Chorus. 'T v 1 1 29 .IJ I 4 I 1 7 i 1 1 1 4 i A , J I l 1 I on S I . A 1 l t l il 'x 1 l 1 1 I l 4 l 3 4 4 1 ! A 1 ...J JOYCE LACEFIELD JACKIE LAREY-Future Tradesmen. ROBERT LAVENDER-Basketball '58. '59, '60, Track 153. '59. '60, American- isni Club, Allied Youth, HT" Club. Latin Club, Student Education Asso- ication. Porker Advertising Editor. ISETTY LAWLERVFuture Homemakers. Red Jackets, Chorus, Singing Bells. Mixed Chorus. LINDA LAWLER-Allied Youth, .Ameri- oanism Club, Future Business Lead- ers. Future Homemakers, Office As- sistant, Porker Ad Collector. Red Jackets. FRAN LONG-Aniericanisni Club, Future Business Leaders. Future Honiemaliers. Band. Speech Club. l!E'I"l'Y ANN LOWE--Driving Club KAREN LOWRY ELLEN LUMMUS-Future Homemakers, Speech Club, Future Tradesmen. GEREGORY LURRY-Basketball '59, Sci- ence Club, Latin Club. BILL McCASKILLfBand, Speech Club Americanism Club. JUDY MCDONALD-Americanism Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Home- makers, State Band, Band, Majorette. PAT MeCl'IEf---Allied Youth, Americanism Club, Driving Club, Future Business Leaders, Speech Club, Chorus. BILL MCCEHEE-Americanism Club, Sci- ence Club. JOHN MCCUIRE-Allied Youth. Ameri- canism Club, Chorus-Pianists, Mixed Chorus, Singing Cents. ARNOLD MCKNIGHT-Future Trades- men. .Y..grn -.. ,,.. - ,,, .. s V i , l r F D ,lvl tm, ...A ,, gi' my NSY , ,M 1' fl V A .1 .gif MARY .IO McMURRIAN-Driving Club MIKE MAHURIN-Future Farmers. ELLA MALIN-Razorback S t a f ffEx change Editor, Porker Ad Collector Future Business Leaders, Future Home makers, Choralettes, Driving Club. Rai orback Ad Collector. DAN MARSHALL--Future Tradesmen President. DIANA MARTIN-Allied Youth, Anieri canism Club, Driving Club, Student Education Association, Latin Club, Na tional Honor Society, Student Council 4Vice4President, Junior Red Cross Representative, Porker Editor, Girls State, D.A.R. Good Citizen '60, Junior Senior Prom Committee, Red Jackets Senior Favorite, Senior Play Cast. PAULA MATHIS-Future Business Lead ers, Spanish Club. PAT MAXWELL-Quill and Scroll, Razor back-Feature Editor, Razorback Ad Collector, Red jackets, Driving Club Medical Club, Americanisrn Club, Sci ence Club, Future Homemakers, F ture Business Leaders. LILLIAN NALL-Americanism Club, Fu ture Homemakers, Chorus. JEANNETTE NANCE-Allied Youth . Americanism Club, Future Business Leaders, Junior Classical League, Chor- alitts, Singing Bells-Vice-President, Mixed Chorus. RONNIE MILLS-Basketball '58, '69, Fu- ture Tradesmen, Allied Youth. HAMP MOFFATT-Speech Club, MT" Club, Basketball '58, '59, Track '58, '59, '60, SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY-AmeriCanism Club. Student Education Association, Latin Club, Speech Club, Singing Belles. PATSY MOONEYHAMfAllied Youth, Americanism Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Future Tradesmen. LINDA MOORE BARBARA MYANE-Driving Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Red Jackets, Senior Tea. HARVEY NELSONhAllied Youth, Amer- icanism Club, Latin Club, Annual Staff, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. all PAUIA NORTON-YA1nericani5m Club. Future Business Leaders-Treasurer, Student Education Association. Span- ish Club. Basketball '58, '59, '60, All Distrivt '59. All-Nashville Tournament -r nfl. JOAN CATS-Latin Club, Future Home- makers. Aniericanism Club. Chorus, Nlealiral Club. Band. Scienve Club. QUllJA UAE USWALD-llriving C l u b, Speerb Club, Future llumemakers, Cluvrus. JEAN UWENS-Futllre Bllrllltfsw Leaders. Future Homemakers-Songrleader, Red ,lat-ltels, Driving Club. LIN IM PANKEX EAHI. l'A'lVl'EliSUN Ftmtluall '57, '58, lisllure Tratleslnen. ,IUIJX PEAVYA-V-Allied Youth, American- isnn Club, Driving Club, Future Busi- ness Leaders, Future Homemakers, Red Jackets, Spanish Club, GARY PEDRON-Allied Youth, Ameri- t1iiIllSI1l Club, junior-Senior Prom Coma mittee, Band, Driving Club. NANCY PERKINS-Allied Youth. Amer- icanism Club, Driving Club, Future Business Leaders-Secretary, Student Education Association, Medical Club, Red Jackets, Science Club, Junior- Senior Prom Committee. Cheerleader. Basketball '57, '58. PHYLLIS PHILLIPS DERRYLE PICKARD-Americanism Club, Driving Club, Spanish Club. DELBERT PLANTE-Football '58, '59, Track '58, '59, Chorus, Student Coun- cil, Science Club, Americanism Club, Medical Club, Speech Club. NEAL P 0 IN T S-Americanism C l u b, Speech Club, Football '58, '59, '60, Track '58, '59, '6O. BRENDA PUTMAN-Allied Youth, Amer- icanism Club, Future Business Lead- ers, Choraletts, Singing Bells, Red Jackets. REX RAMSEY-Driving Club, Future Tradesmen. CHARLES RATELIFF-fFuture Trades- men, Chorus. ..,-. .W Y .. .,,....,....,. .5-.. .,.. 1. -Y. i . BETE J e-A ture Hofhemakers, A A nior Tea. JIMMY REE - e... 'fl PAT REID-Red jackets, Future Home- makers, Junior Classical League, Sci- ence Club, Allied Youth, Senior Tea. Student Education Association, Junior- Senior Prom Committee, Americanism Club, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Staff. CAROLYN REINHARDT-Chorus, Red Jackets, Driving Club, Future Home- makers. Future Business Leaders. Sen- ior Tea. Medical Club. iVIELlNDA RIVERS-Red Jackets, Amer- LIN icanism Club-Secretary, Library Club -Vice-President, Girls State, Razor- back Staff-Club Editor, Allied Youth, Future Homemakers, Future Business Leaders, Student Education Associa- tion, Office Assistant, Medical Club, Dgiving Club. DA ROBERTS-Latin Club-Vice President, Allied Youth, Student Coun- cil, National Honor Society, American- ism Club, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Staff, Student Education Association, Cheerleader, Red Jackets, Girls State, Office Assistant, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. TOMMY ROBERTS-Band, Americanl ni Club, Allied Youth. BRENDA ROBERTSON-Driving Club, Future Business Leaders, Chorus, Sing- ing Bells--Pianist, Senior Tea, Mixed Chorus. FW' " "U 5 1 CLIFTON ROBERTSON---Allied Youth. Medical Club, Basketball '58, Track '59, '60, Science Club, Latin Club, Americanism Club. DICK ROBERTSON--S t u rl e nt Council Treasurer, Driving Club, Science Club, Speech Club-President, Student Edu- cation Association, Spanish Club-- President, Americanism Club, National Honor Society. FRANCES ROBERTSON-Driving Club, Future Business Leaders, Chorus, Sing- ing Bells, Senior Tea, Mixed Chorus. BERNARD ROBINSON-Football '58, '59, '60, Honorable Mention All-State '60, Track '58, '59, '60, Student Education Association, Homecoming Escort, "T" Club, Future Farmers. CLIFF ROBINSON-Allied Youth. JOY ROBlNS0N4Allied Youth, American- ism Club, Future Business Leaders, Medical Club, Student Education As- sociation, Spanish Club, Porker Ad Collector, Red Jackets. .Iunior-Senior Prom Committee. CYNTHIA ROGERS-Future Homemak- ers, Americanism Club, Senior Tea, Driving Club. ALICE ROSE-Band, F ut u r e Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Spanish Club. 4 A i I 1 4 L...-nd l i F 5 F P I 'E 1 -6 t V L F 1 l r V t L..,.,i.. ,. , ,QW . .,-.. v .,, -.,. ,W W- I MARGARET ROYAL-Allie d Youth. Americanism Club, Student Education Association, Latin Club, Library Club. Razorback Staff, Feature Editor, Home- coming Maid, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee, Quill and Scroll. BARBARA SANDERS-Latin Club, Future Homemakers - Reporter- President, Americanism, Future Business Leaders, Student Education Association, Red Jackets, Band. PAUL SCOTT BRENDA SF.W'ELL+Americanism Club. Allied Youth, Future Homemakers, Student Education Association, Future Tradesmen, Latin Club, Driving Club. PAT SHIPP MARY SHOPTAW--Library Club Officer, Red Jackets, Student Council, Sopho- more Class President, Ad Collector, Spanish Club, Student Education As- sociation, Homecoming Maid, Allied Youth, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. LINDA SIMMONS-Office Assistant Fu' ture Homemakers, Red Jackets, Bas- ketball '58, '59, Allied Youth, Student Education Association, Future Business Leaders-Vice-President, Americanism Club, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Ad Collector, Razorback Staff-Editor, Jr. Red Cross Representative, .lunior'Sen- ior Prom Committee. DENNIS SMITH ,-.-X, --. V .,,, bw, ,..,.., 1 LINDA SMITH-Band, Future Homemak- ers, Future Business Leaders, Ameri- canism Club. STEVE SMITH-Spanish Club, American- ism Club, Chorus-Vice-President, Al- lied Youth. LINDA SOWARDS-Chorus Vice-Presi- dent-President, National Honor So- ciety Secretary, Student Council, Span- ish Club, Red Jacket Captain, Girls State, Spanish Club-SecretarY- .lun- ior-Senior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast. KENNETH SPEARS-Allied Youth, Amer- icanism Club, Science Club, Band. LARRY SPENCE-Allied Youth, Basket- ball '59, '60, Science Club-President, Americanism C l u b4Vice-President, Medical Club. BILL STANLEY-Band-Captain, Chorus, Mixed Chorus-Officer, Americanism Club, Allied Youth, Spanish Club, Stage Band. CARRIE STEWART-Office Assistant, Americanism Club, Future Homemak- ers, Student Education Association- President, Red Jackets Captain, Quill and Scroll, Razorback Advertising Manager, Spanish Club Vice-President Library Assistants Secretary, Girls State, Secretary-Treasurer-,Iunior and Senior Class, Allied Youth, Razorback Ad Collector, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee. ,IERRY STEWART-Speech Club, Amer- icanism Club, Driving Club, Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Allied Youth. INA STOUT-Future Homemakers, Bas- ketball--Manager, Future Tradesmen, Allied Youth. FRANC IS STRUUP YY.-XXNE TACKE'l"l'-Ftlture Farmer - Secretary. llll-L 'llA'l'EfFootlla1ll '58, '59, '60, Allied Youth. Aniericanisln Club President. Latin Club, Medical Club Vice-Presi- dent, National Honor Society, Science Club Program Chairman, NTU Club, Boys State, Annual Staff-Sports Edi- tor. Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast. CORA TAYLORgllriving Club. Future Homemakers. JOHN TAYLORM--Speech Club. Driv- ing Club. RONNII-I TAYLOR Future l'l3l'lll6TSYRC- porter. JERRY THOMAS-l.alin Club. Basketball '58. '59, Football '58, '59, '60, HT" Club. Scienre Club. Allied Youth. JUDY TEACUE-Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. Band. CAROLYN THOMPSON-Latin Club, Red Jackets. CHARLES THOMPSON-Student Educaa tion Association, Arnericanism Club, Speech Club, Band-Lieutenant, Dance Band, Chorus. Allied Youth. BARBARA THURMOND - Americanism Club, Future Homeniakers, Student Education Association, Speech, Chorus -Secretary-Treasurer, Singing Bells. BARBARA TIBBIT-F u t u r e Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. TOMMY T I F F I N-Americanism Club, Driving Club, Football '58, Homecom- ing Escort. DALE TlMMONSAFuture Farmers, Fu- ture Tradesmen. LOVYETA TOWLER-F u t u r e Business Leaders, Future Homemakers. ,IUANITA TREECE-Future B u s i n e s s Leaders, Future Hometnakers, Speech Club, Chorus. VEDA TRENT--Americanism Club, Latin Club, Future Homemakers, Future Bus- iness Leaders. Student Education As' sociation, Driving Club, Allied Youth. Office Assistant. STEVE TYRONE-Allied Youth, Drivin Club, Speech Club, Football 758. RICHARD TYSON-Football '58, '59, '60, Track '58. 359. '60, Latin Club. "T" Club. NIAC VANDERSLICE-D r i v i n g Club Americanisni Club, Future Tradesmen. Speech Club, Allied Youth. BARBARA VESTAL-Americanism Club. Future Business Leaders, Future Home- makers. Chorus, Choraletts. Senior Class Favorite. VERNA VICKERS-Basketball '58, '59, '60, Future Homemakers, Future Busi- ness Leaders, Allied Youth. LINDA WADDELL AMARAYLLIS WALLACE-Office Assist- ant, Quill and Scroll, Allied Youth, Americanism Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Home- coming Maid, Porker Ad Collector, Raborback Business Manager, Razor- back Staff Ad Collector, Student Edu- cation Association. JERRY WARD-Americanism Club, Driv- ing Club, Spanish Club. IEYTHON WATKINS-Chorus, Band Span- ish Club. Americanism Club. EARNESTINE WATKENS TWINKLE WELCH-Cheerleader, Allied Youth, Aniericanism Club, Future Bus- iness Leaders, Student Education As- sociation, Medical Club, Red Jackets, Science Club, Spanish Club, Porker Ad Collector. CAROL WHATLEY-Porker Ad Collector, Allied Youth, Americanism Club, Fu- ture Business Leaders, Future Home- makers, Red Jackets, Choralettes, Sing- ing IJelles4Secretary, Office Assistant. VIRGINIA WHATLEY-Future H o me - makers--Parlilnentarian, Library As- sistant Reporter, Quill and Scroll, Spanish ClubvReporter, ,Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, Razorback-Co-Edr tor. Singing Belles-Historian, Chora- lette--President, Driving Club, Red jackets-Treasurer, Americanism Club. Science Club. WAYNE WHEAT-Future Tradesmen. I 1 I i I I i 4 A 4 1 1 4 i I 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 I 4 1 4 I - 1 3 I 3 1 i 1 , -, i I t 1 i I 1 I 4 fl J . ...,.,,V--,Y ,,.,, Y ,. . .., ,.V,...,,,, , BILL WHITEFIELD - Allied Youth, Fu- ture Tradesmen. PATRICIA WHITEHURST - Driving Club, Future Business Leaders, Fu- ture Homemakers, Red Jackets, Office Assistant. SCOTT WHITLOCK - Allied Youth, Band. JIMMY WILLIAMS - Americanism Club, Latin Club, Student Education Asso- ciation-Treasurer, National Honor So- ciety-Vice President, Science Club- Vice President, Student Council, Band, Drum Major, Boyls State. BEN CORNETT Page 154 -F-w-,-Ti- -Y - v-vw-. W LARRY WILLIS - Band, Dance Band, . Medical Club. NORWIN WILSON fAllied Youth, Track, Band. CRYSTAL WINCHESTER - American- ism Club, Band-Assistant Drum Maj- or, Majorette Lt. Band Officer, Stage Band, Latin Club, Medical Club, Sci- ence Club, Girls' State. MIKE WOODS - Americanism Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Band, Dance Band, Allied Youth. SUE YOUNG - Cheerleader, Annual Staff, Latin Club-Secretary, Medical Club, Science Club, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Red Jackets, Student Edu- cation Association, Americanism Club, Allied Youth. KELLEY DICKSON SENIORS NOT PICTURED BILLY CUBBACE ROBERT DAVIS HEYL GARDNER BOBBY GILL JEAN HAMILTON ORVAL HUDSON DAVID LACEY GARTH MCCLURE BENNIE McCURRY IRIS SUE MARKHAM JOHNNY MOREHEAD BENNIE POTTS LaVERNE SCOCCINS ANITA SEWELL EDWARD THOMPSON CLAUDE WILLIAMS KENNETH WOODRUFF Page 155 NAME Mary Ables Aubrey Adcock Ellen Adcock Linda Agnew Larry Alford Betty Bailey Wallace Bailey Jerrol Ballard Ellen Barkman Judy Barnes Julie Bateman Ann Bauer Stewart Beall Jean Beasley Wayne Beck Judy Belk Rachael Birtcher Rebecca Birtcher James Boatman Gail Boyd ,Jimmy Brewington Billy Briley Charles Brown Judy Brown Wesley Bryant David Caddell Bill Caller Borden Campbell Bill Carr ' Bob Carr Sandra Carter J immie Chambers Jeanene Cherry Sue Chism Joan Christillas Bill Clayton Pat Coffee Charles Colbert Evelyn Cook Prissy Corzine Carolyn Crabbe Bclva Craig Carol Crammer Robert Crittenden Annette Cromer Billy Cubbage Pamela Daniel Sandra DeLong Martha Derryberry Kelly Dickson Edrene Downs Mary DuCote Charles Duke Mike Edwardes Sue Edwards Wayne Edwards Diane Elrod Willa Emfinger John Evins Anita Fenton John Fisher Jackie Flaherty Quinton Flaherty Tommy Frazier Janice Freeman Tommy Fuqua Heyl Gardner Jerry Gardner John George Margie Gilbert Jack Giles Bobby Gill Carolyn Goodson Gloria Goodwin Kenneth Goree Garland Grace J a.mie Grimes Mary Gross La Verne Hicks Jeanne Hall Marie Halter BESETTING SIN loud voice meekness her age quietnws smoking her initials blond hair cowboy boots older boys Jr. College girls glasses freckles chubbiness chewing gum reading lewd novels curly hair Coach Broom English red hair outspokedness sarcasm '39 Chevy long hair height blushing police record voice skinniness Bob Bill gullibility shyness height wrecks sisters wild ways tallness white shoes absences grades make-up calories natural curls big ears fingernails meekness flirtatiousness broken heart Motor-Port Cafe skipping school fairness big brother superiority complex bar bells stealing boyfriends school chubbiness shyness flirty ways dwadling flat jokes temper grades basketball humming gum unchaperoned parties chewing pencils gossiping worried look timidity warm hands laziness walk boys A 'kssons rosy cheeks Maj orettes peroxide wrecks' driving make-up REDEEMING VIRTUE sense of humor niceness ability to lie about her age Charco's grin sweet ways muscles cigars glggle grooming voice giggle pleasantness eyes circulating said novels likeableness trusting Rebecca crazy jokes white teeth artistic talent clothes black hair Donavan Gary's sister way with babies good grades good nature managexing music music understanding ways football blond hair dancing broad jump "model" worker pleasing ways Prissy's cousin brown eyes friendliness new cars quietness dimples good hearing blonde hair horses band falling in love smile religion red hair drawing ability engagements athletics speedy, typing recess 81 lunch boat rope skipping eyes personality brain basketball switchblade long eyelashes hair baby face bicycle convertible track smile Wilbur's little brother reserved ways neatness big brown eyes clarinet cows easy going laugh hair sense of humor Decker SECRET AMBITION elephant trainer have a steady girl work in beauty shop own a zoo find dinosaur bones in yard catch up in typing pass physics to sing live on "rice" farm go to the Hut contact lens naturally curly hair Santa Claus chemist gain weight Broadway bubble dancer frog woman join the band gain 15 pounds learn to bowl owner of Child's elecronical engineer bookkeeper not to blush 5 packs a day sing bass fool proof method for cheating not look like Bob not look like Bill teacher teacher ride horses own wrecker service sword swallower rich Sz lazy be short make money ring on finger first woman on moon Academy Award Winner marry R. 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Toni permanent toy faotory blown up circular circulator usher bubble head bends tooth paste advertiser Miss Ark. chicken farm children Dr. Shock bookmaker nudist colony lung cancer laryngitis trainer of Baltimore Colts marry a twin marry other twin Yale prof. janitor bow-legged nervous wreck Alka Seltzer lazy brick on head counterfeiter ring in nose Editor of Mad Jewell Stauffer demonstrator stuck-up 0..J's beauty lotion Vogue cat-nip ed payblayufb elavator shoes on the run broken leg peroxide Slenderella sewer Mr. Universe of 1965 calendar maker jerk Charles or Bucky sew-sew 12' 6" sp"oiled" garbage man mannikin grease monkey caddy bald bum judge at Miss America contest Injun Warrior own tricycle ski-cat Minnie Mouse tenderfoot motor cycle cop Lonely Hearts Club Sunday School teacher carpenter branded 21-23-21 red haired kids fat lady in circus old fossil 12 kids NAME John Haltom Linda Hannibal Peggy Harless Duke Harris Helen Haygood J. P. Hayman Max 'Henry Caroline Hensley Guin Hensley Sue Hensley Gloria Herring Evelyn Hickman Jean Higginbotham John Dee Hill Brenda House Jean Howell Cyril Hubnik Linda Huckabee Charles Hudson Orval Hudson Donavan Hughes Diane Hulvey Margo Hunter Linda Jackson Charles Jacob Sammy ,leans Bobby J ones Joyce J ones Judith J ones George Jordan Mae Frances Keller Mike Keller Polly Keller Jerry Kennedy Ken Kinslow Carole Kroenke David Lacey Jackie Larey Robert Lavender Betty Lawler Linda Lawler Fran Long Betty Lowe Karen Lowry Ellen Lummus Gregory Lurry Bill McCaskill Garth McClure Bennie McCurry Judy McDonald Pat McGee Bill McGehee John McGuire Arnold McKnight Mary McMurrian Ella Malin Sue Markham Mike Mahurin Dan Marshall Diana Martin Pat Maxwell Ronnie Mills Hamp Moffat Shirley Montgomery Patsy Mooneyham Linda Moore Johnny Morehead Barbara Myane Lillian Nall Jeanette Nance Harvey Nelson Paula Norton Joan Oats Ouidamae Oswald Jean Owens Earl Patterson Judy Peavy Gary Pedron Nancy Perkins Phyllis Phillips Derryle Pickard Delbert Plante Neal Points ,4pgg,,,,,4uy.,....gT.,, . v- -t-H -. -nw vv-,..-Y, Ys--- W. 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A 8 kids erector set prof. beatnik boss7s knee leader of toy soldiers wig maker preacher grandma 3rd degree burn Hot dog stand washed up false teeth lynched electrocuted asylum wanted criminal saddle sore marriage radio announcer carried away highway menace umpire 2nd Emily Post driving instructor mermaid joker "Gone With the Wind" hermit tent revivals manage junk yard embalmed opera have little Patsy cracked negative train conductor snake charmer hooked principal fallen arches Little Lulu old maid 6 daughters San Quentin Kalamazoo drowned doctor living happily ever after 2nd fiddle expelled prohibitionist . , ........,....,.....h... . ,, , ...,, ,... ,A ---J,.-.--N NAME Brenda Putman Rex Ramsey Charles Rateliff Betty Rayborn Jimmy Reed Patricia Reid Carolyn Reinhardt Linda Roberts Tommy Roberts Brenda Robertson Clifton Robertson Dick Robertson Frances Robertson Bernard Robinson Clifford Robinson J oy Robinson Cynthia Rogers Alice Rose Margaret Royal Barbara Sanders LaVerne Scoggins Paul Scott Anita Sewell Brenda Sewell Patricia Shipp Mary Shoptaw Linda Simmons Dennis Smith Linda Smith Steve Smith Linda Sowards Kenneth Spears Larry Spence Bill Stanley Carrie Stewart Jerry Stewart Ina Stout Frances Stroup Wayne Tackett Bill Tate Cora Taylor John Taylor Ronnie Taylor Jerry Thomas Carolyn Thompson Edward Thompson Charles Thompson Barbara Thurmond Barbara Tibbit Tommy Tiffin Dale Timmons Lovieta Towler Juanita Treece Veda Trent Steve Tyrone Richard Tyson Mac Vanderslice Barbara Vestal Verna Vickers Lirlda Waddell Amaryllis Wallace Jerry Ward Bython Watkins Ernestine Watkins Twinkle Welch Carol Whatley Virginia Whatley Wayne Wheat Bill Whitefield Pat Whitehurst Scott Whitlock Claude Williams Jimmy Williams Larry Willis J Norvin Wilson Crystal Winchester Kenneth Woodruff Mike Woods Sue Young BESETTING SIN hitch-hiking brief case getting kicked out of class quietness ' ? ? ? ? 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Copelin Nell Connell Ronnie Johnny Wayne Cook Cowart Dickson Carol Ann Dodge Kemp DuCote Bill Edwards Wanda Delton Melvin Valerie Harvey Shirley Elliot Erwin Favre Fisher Furlow Fowler - --Y - '-rr . .. - ---- I, .4 f. ,Q Dora Freeman Johnny Gross Ronald Hackett Richard Haygood Carolyn Hayer Bill Henderson Roy Jerald Henry Marylin Hickman Melvin Hobson Irene Holmes Rose Marie Hubnik ,lack Hudson Michael Jackson Walter Dennis ,leffcoat Betty Jewell David 'Jones ,Iudy Lamb Bennie Lee Bobby Long Carolyn Longan Alvix Lynn Riley Joe Martin Gary Matthews Mary Mays Sharon Michael Richard Earl Miller Ronald Moon Delma Nowlin Page 186 Linda Youngblood Joyace Oakes Jerry Orr Pat Parker Jackie Phillips Celenda Puritt James Ramsey Elizabeth Ranken Boyd Richardson James Roberts Jackie Rymer Janie Severn Paul Shipp Douglas Shroyer Rodney Sinclair Joe Emith Michael Sheffield Orelha Talley Henry Tittle Linda Turbeyfill .ferry Tyson Jane Wagoner Frankie Westbury Charlie Wilhite Haymong Williams Deana Wiley Linda Merle Wiley George Wood .limmy Wfmrlnillgtoll Vo! I Qgl' 3 455 "e S X l X bk O I If? XX lgqf ,fqli 5 1 , I 4 Q W ' Xe! QQ' x 4 SOUTHWEST RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE CORPORATION East 9th St. Rd. Phone 22-2743 COLLINS AND WILLIAMS Fine Apparel For Men and Boys 104E l'B d Ph 229911 T k na U.S.A. Complimen'I's of A Complimenrs of HUCKABEE'S GLASS C. R. ANTHONY'S WORKS A Mobile Glass Service" "Your Family SI'ore" Texarkana, Arkansas Phone 32-604I STERLING STUDIOS 324 PINE WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE HAD A PART IN THIS FINE ARKANSAS ANNUAL We a'I' SI'erIing's are pleased Io have served and assisfed 'Ihrough our cameras in Ihe preparafion of fhis 'fine yearbook. We sincerely hope 'Iha'I' iI' brings pleasani' memories Io each of you down 'Ihrough I'he years. If our phofographers Ienrcl 'I'hemseIves 'Io Ihis end we will know 'Iha'r our iob was worfh while. YOUR NEGATIVES WILL BE PRESERVED IN OUR FILES TEN YEARS TO FILL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS GRAPETTE BOTTLING COMPANY I5I0 NEW BOSTON ROAD PHONE 3-4922 Page 189 F x I w w V ,,guq,,.. V H . Y.V. ,. V .., Y W, .,., af .W if 9 by Wm ww' wif MWM Compu M Of W af' Jw 'W NEWQLW WW THE VW TEXARKANA NATIONAL BANK E , Capital S750,000 oo eral Deposi+ Insu Best Wishes from THE MELODY SHOP L 204 East Broad I "Music fo ll g I L. - - .J ,-. ,.,,.....,..,W.,wW -W V--- --- -- -vw ---- CARGILE 4 MOTOR COMPANY Complimenfs of C0mP'imen"'5 of JUNKIN LUMBER CO. CAMP SIXTY SEVEN Texarkana, Arkansas BIZ E- 991 Phone 2-568i Complimenfs of Complimenfs FauIkinbury's Market of I80l E. 9141 Qualify Mears A+ BURGESS Lowesi' Prices PARK PLAZA MOTEL Larges+ -- Newesi' - Finesi' Air Conclifioned Swimming Pool Room Phones - Radios TEXARKANA LIVESTOCK COMMISSION TEXARKANA STOCK YARDS Soufh Lelia Phone 32-224I J P 191 LAUDERDALE'S Furni+ure Q Appliances Visi+ Your II4 E. Broad Carl J. Lauderdale 4 Offen LEAVELLE Esso STATION Y Floyd Leavene 800 Dudley 22-29I2 Easl' and Dudley Sfs. Phone: 2-6563 RAINEY'S CHIC MILLER-BOWIE BEAUTY SHOP COUNTY-FARMERS now, W. Broad ASSOCIATION 32-807l 32-3046 Phone 2-9202 5l2 E. Broad TWITTY NURSERY TOWLES Every+hing For The Yard "Firs'f qualiIy.plan+s YOU' Walqfeen A99nCY a specially wlfh us." 3I7 W. 7+h 32-27" one 3-6062 Dallas Hwy 6I9 Main 3-SI73 ROBBINS MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKERS, LARK 8. Me. I 7+h and Main Phone 3-5I2I BAXTER MOTORS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH I2 I 8-1220 Texas Ave. Phone 3.7082 I Texarkana, Texas P 192 Y WY nr VY, H , , , , ,, ,. ,H , ,.., -,-.- J. N. SHOPTAW Pulpwood Dealer m 522 Wood 22-2214 Comflmem J. c. PENNEY's 200 W. Broad l2l E. Broad 8: 5+h 8: Hazel 3 53" 2-4I49 2-7743 ' Complimenfs of HARDWARE C0. KRESSES 306 Main 33-I I74 II6 W. Broad 3-554I Compimems TERMINIX co. MASSEYIS SHOES ZOI3 Boulevard 323 E. Broad 2-9l4I 3-9874 P 193 W ,LY- COCA - COLA I 1930 New Boston Road 3-6165 H 0 L S UM B R E A D "Un+ouchecI By The Bakers Hands" 7II Peach 3-5643 Compllmenh JOHNNY WALLACE ACME Auro PARTS 8' SON 36M New Bogen Rd D-X SERVICE STATION 3-5.94 ' 12:3 Easi 9+h 2-8383 Complimen+s C0""'PIImen+5 of of BEASLEY'S MUSIC CC. MOMON FURNITURE 309 E. Broad 8 co' 22-276l 200 E. Broad 2-5932 P 194 320 JIMMIE'S TYPEWRITER HOSPITAL Main Complimen+s of SMITH TIRE CO. 9l8 N. Bosfon Rd. 1960 F h ll T Ph. 3-4782 Bes+ Wishes PETERS 81 SON ,,,,,,, GLASS ' lI23 Texas Ave. MEN SHOP Ph. 3-43I2 CompIimen'l's of C""'P'i'ne"+S REI-IKQPH MATTERESS of 3-6762 RAYMOND SCOGGINS SKEET EDMONDS CLEANERS 2II Reading Ave. Ph. 3-75II 1 1 L, il i DR. PEPPER - 7 UP I "Frosty, Man, Frosty." 3001 Sf. Line 3-7172 Complimen'rs of R I L E Y ' S sPoRTuNG Goons Co,,,P,i,,,en,s 220 W. 3rd 3-747I of TEXARKANA n FUNERAL xl E ' HOME W 1 602 Main Phone 3-4l26 24 Hour Don't Hip, Sandie. Ambulance Service I P 198 Complimenfs of RALPH BROS. LAUNDRY 81 LINEN RENTAL 2I2 Wood 23-35II SIMMONS DRUGS Dependable Prescripfion Service -k 'A' 'A' Free Delivery Dial 3-4I28 224 Main BEST WISHES! PICKENS TYPEWRITER SUPPLY 307 Pine SI-reef Phone 3-5862 SOLD -- RENTED - REPAIRED Complimenfs of CITIES SERVICE CENTER 60 I Easl' 7I'I1 Complimenfs of W. J. MILLER NELSON PRINTING CO. 220 E. Broad 2-5I7I Pg 199 gg-, ,W -WA ,,,,, W , , L M :W -I ' 153 455 'Qi K If 'Ii 56 EARL'S OIL PRODUCTS Paving Con'rracI'or 3-6I I9 904 W. 7I'I'l GARLAND IMPLEMENT CO. Harvey A. NeIson, Mgr. JOHN DEERE TRACTORS which is the donke Q I62I E. 9+h Ph. 2-7271 Y' HAROLD'S CLEANERS TOMS TRACTOR Say CongraI'uIafions 324 Hickory SENIORS 2-8I26 2'5 Beech N858 Complimenfs of G 0 0 D Y E A R SERVICE STORES Complimenfs of TILSON 81 COMPANY INSURANCE TEXARKANA NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Ph. 33-3I56 Pg ZOO BORDEN'S MILK I ICE CREAM 3I23 Sfafe Line Phone 3-4l69 If No Answer Call 32-423l Q I ,. Q , .I '.". :': ' is J? ' N fur fan. 49 -ax 4, 1 3 f V Sweet Innocense Imdm In 5 msmous AWA f' CRITERION II7 E. Broad W Page 201 , l L...., , , F. W. OFFENHAUSER 8: CO. INSURANCE - BONDS Since 1882 Phone 3-5115 Texarkana Catching Flie 32 Z . 'f 45 .af Q3 ' 4 Yv 5? ff 5 .,,. ggsffgg, is 1 " f7f 'gi5jf1f 'E',E Ah.. L,, rm - .V fr", 1 V-mm - P 202 A. D. SCHNIPPER MEAT COMPANY 1002 WOOD Meat FOI' - M EATS we D Processing Freiiz DEMPSEY BUILDING MATERIALS Every+I1ing For The Builder 8I6 Si'a+e Line Phone 23 2l7I Compliments of TENNISON BROTH ERS INCCRPORATED Dial 22-2733 921 E. Broad TEXARKANA U.S.A. N W P 203 BOEHMER-HALTOM MOTOR CO. DODGE 8: RENAULT I620 New Bos+on Rd. K T F S I400 on Your Dial JEFFERSON Music 8: News COFFEE SHOP Survey Proved I00 S+a+e Line 2-722l Texarkana's Number 'I S+ F JACK DAVIS a 'on PUMP HOUSE QUALITY PUMPS Ph. 2-6353 l406 S+a+e Line Complimenf of H. B. WREN Amoco olsmlsurok ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING COMPANY Botl-Iers of Royal Crown Cola-Upper 'I0-Dite Rite 81 Nehi 2306 Boulevard Ph. 32-'I3'l2 P 204 Sewing The O DOWN TOWN 4-Sfafes 40I E. Broad Area O OAKLAWN 2826 New Bosfon Rd. ALLEN FABRIC CENTER C0mP'ime"+S 325 E. Broad 2-7321 of THE GLADY'S BEAUTY SHOP STORE 504 W. l2'H"l 3-7l2l 209 Walnuf 23-3863 Complimenfs of STUEART GROCERY 523 E. Broad 2-7l62 Pg 205 ,pun V., W-, l V s l 1 1 Day an-d' Nighi' Regisfrafion Phone 2-455I FOUR STATES BEAUTY COLLEGE IZIVZ Easi' Broad Sfreei' Over OH'o's Drug Beaufy Service To The Public One-half Price Complimenfs Mrs. Chris Benson Howell, Owner of Bows woMMAcK's INC. SOI Main Ph. 3-4I7l Men 8' BOYS Wea' I04 W. Broad Phone: 3-6l I5 HACK'S JEWELERS II3 W. Broad 3-768l BAPTIST BOOK STORE Bibles-Chrisiian Books Church 8: Sunday School lies LI ' Supp K S 2l4-2l6 E. Broad Ph. 23-345l DRESS SHOP Women's Compliments Ready of T0 POLAR BEAR Wea' laos E. 9+h 22-7352 CIo+hes H5 E. Broad Ph. 2-7972 MOTOR PORT CAFE When Dining Ou'l' Be Our Guesi' Highway 67 Nor+h 22-907l Page 206 ig' nf 1 ,n 5 A ' . 1 1 I' F A 1 'R LV-'xl 'lf '1' 7 A if ai! gi J' g y jj . ,gif ,iw , A usa.-heh I M f, fm' , YM hpx ff X 1 ij f VW.. , W 45AL ER,, QEQTRIC VM u, 114 u . 1 xv' A- if , All ' Y fv E 6: Zig, flfl K fix, W QQM ANY A M QQ ,217 - :Ulf ' SL, 'fLLgvE A ,fu Y. J - jf I ' Elqiilicical Contractors X ,i,,,, I -4,1 My K JEquipmenl- 81 Supplies X - Q41,ULAA'QrU U sim-lickofy Dial 22-1052 W R ber When? X V FJ QA 9 EARNES1' GoonsoN I . . , MOB I LGAS 5 'ml. X 720 Dudley Ave. u uEcKERT's Jswsusks Age Silverware-Chinaware 215 M 37272 RAGLAND OFFICE EQUIP. Everyfhing for 'fhe Office "Ari Mefal Equip." 3II M i 3-6165 PQ 207 bww W' b :W 0 Z A N M 0 T O R S LINCOLN a MERCURY I324 Texas Ave. 3-5I35 FOX TIRE COMPANY I50I New Bosfon Rd. 3-594I 8: 32-302I Complimenis of SOUTHWEST PRINTER 8: PUBLISHERS INC. 308 E. Broad Slee in Beauties I Phone P g - 2-4222 B E L L 2-4323 COMMUNICATIONS 2 Way Radios 23-I77I 3I0 E. 8+I1 P 208 RUBYE'S Congralulalionsl lnferior Decoraling Shop - ll02 Sl'al'e Line Klttrel Texarkana, U.S.A. Insurance , Agency I , 3l8 Pine Complimenls of Phone 3-9532 Tommy Killrell Dick Carr Bgb McDonald , William Clark Kay S Jewelers Service Sfalion "Home of Regislered Diamonds" M'39n0lla Pfoducls Accessories lI5 VV. BI'OElCl Pl1. E. 7+h CALL YOUR DEPENDABLE F.T.D. FLORIST Collins Floral co. will McCartne Flower Sho l' u ' y P I Pryor's Flowers H 4 Cross Flower Shop Vivo's Flowers , Raney's Flowers Federal Compress , Leo Theater 2I7 Pune 33-3682 81 Warehouse Joy Drive-In T 8' P 8' EZlTg2IBeH Tracks New Boslon Rd. 3-4362 Page 209 Fl-..v-Y--l- --W V , V W.,,,,,,, , ,, -W V v U F x v A J :J l in UWA J , KcMc Radio WESTERFQJJ 'ygjlim l230 L 0 98 FM f 'T win Voices of Texarkana" i OILX B. L. Wood, Manager ..S ,h D5 il a , 0 OU we P fy , ii gest . . . JJ ull' K h ,S Qimufj' Compliments of ' Q a+ in vqbll Cook Butane Gas ' ' if 0 xa a, In s 8 f Je 0 if Equipment Co. ' WM Phone 22-2759 I - Sirliil rniture Co. Blevins Company I l2ll Leke Drive welding "Your General Electric Appliance Dealer" 2 I 04 East 9+h Bruce-Terminix Co. Inspection on Requesl' Loc kwood's Arrow Grill Phone 2-5092 Open 6 A.M. To l2 Midnight i Texarkana' U,S,A, 506 to 75C l..LInCl'l6S SeI'V6d ll A.M. to 9 P.M. Air Conditioned Compliments of Ell'0d'S Millinery And.-ew'5 Amoco Mrs. W. M. Elrocl, Proprietor . . 823 Duclney Service Station phone 2.3101 7'l'l1 8: Hickory 22-9006 Pl'lCe 8 Tye Congratulations, Seniors Furniture Guy's Orange i 2l7 West Broad 3-5082 7+l1 and Alive ii i i , Page 210 L....-...Q - I W. S. Dickey Clay Co. Vitritied Salt-Glazed' Clay Sewer Pipe Not Attectecl by Sewer Gas or Acids Texarkana, Tex.-Ark. Charco's Drive-ir. 2605 New Boston Road Phone 33-3074 Compliments ot Four States Grocer Company Smith 0il Company 934 State Line Open 24 Hours CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS "Always Going Your Way" 402 State Line Phone 2-5 I63 A-'I Auto Parts and Accessories 2300 East 9th Texarkana, Ark. Champ Cole Body Shop Wheel and Frame Work 2020 East Ninth Street Phone 22-3032 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. "Have A Pepsi" 80l Hazel Phone 22-243l Compliments ot Lois Martinls . . G'tt Sh R. E. Hlgglnbotham ' op 2207 State Line Phone 3-4233 "Eat At The Red Barn" Hi-Way 67 North Lois' Beauty Shop l505 Garland Phone 2-6629 Page 211 ' 5. I 1 3 1 1 i 1 I i 1 1 a 4 1 1 1 1 1 i 3 1 -W U-, Y- - -V-.. Y ,. 7- .nn wvf-My Speech Club '6BeauIies" Before I don't believe a word of it! After: McCaski11 Complimenfs of Complimenfs of Electric 102 EAST BROAD ST. Company Phone 2-B2 I2 A ,. , h, .1 L V 4 . X, Nefi' A Sports Edftor snowballs the Porker Editor. 'P ai Page 212 Al-Ai.-.......f.,, .A,,.,. ..,A.4. ' A , ,M ng,,.,,-L:,. Y ,r-sim, I , . H245 WE "-Jfx , W -fy-.. 'PL' .f 4 ly? SK 1 .5 ,r fi ' E21 2? .ig 1253 329 . pq' fi L 9 .al Q., .fine F ni., Pt A. :- ,Hg-ff vf 11 ?'f??M gram ., vi 5 PM hr s sl. 'a 5 Mr Mwffw x 26 X MMWQ? HM' W WW wif" fm E J N J QMMM fwfwgfwjgfw A Wy' Aw df jg? Jw! 5 in , : Q ,f.ff Q' R jqw, fxyj 6 L Q my 3 E QW, QQQQQ yggWQf QW gyf 55925 E X G fl N 'ix 5

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