Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR)

 - Class of 1950

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Arkansas High School - Porker Yearbook (Texarkana, AR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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VL Olftl' Clftgfi 86l5f8I'l'L OI' 81' P86118 6Lg6lLl'L5f If 8 5 3 l"0lftJ!g f5f6U'LC!f5 Olflfl' ' l'l'L t 8 861155 P0 -Qdsnuuv' W..- N 'til' 0I"l,U6l OH, M S.. V ' V- V ,I V V :I-.:g:I .Ir 1, f,y,,'-f I--'rs j--gin 1 f- Vg, i ,I ,Q-iw., I,,.,a,g.g :--uf' V- .1 --f 1: ', ' 1.1.-.III I.-N-":.f:,g.5.--.,.. .,,. ,....I.,II V... ,V ,-,-.V.Aw-,IW-.. ,-Ig-- I f-...MV X 1 it if Y I V A .Q 4,...V V-' ' . -- - -I , V31 Q 7 - g 8 A U ! Q ,. ' 'wg V . , -- -4 ,. -ff fI 10' I ,, ,Y ,. I - .fi -' lu- ' '-., I 'C ' 67,15 A Z A . -" '- ' ' H- " '- '- J' .'.V.V,' . , All I II I I ,. .- ., ,V V .V- . V ' , ' . ,f. , I I I , I . - VV WQYQL . I - ,I II' 1,1 . ,- in .I I ,I -iv ,I , vs., " . 1 . .I V I, V 5: y: :I l -. mv., -- 5 K-I I ,,- II A, 4 V A ,uf-,I I - iv-If .- VI-I V , - 'i11V...- 1 V .V V- I. .I-'rf . VIE ,Z-'1-,I ' ' I-un . glw I Vvffmw- Q-V - ,-I- .I V- I.. , A . s V Z v' ' ' - "'-1'- ' ' ,I.I,- .7 I - J - 'L 1, .- 4 yi: , I ff 'Q + Vf 12' fT7Zf' : 'L-"" "'l A 'jx " :' -- ' X, V V ' 119 VV V .,. , I H V v , ,. .4 plz " If: 4 'yt W pall Y..-. ,A.-- I 3. : V - Y ,fi . . g : Ill -I I N ' ' g w L. ' 33:5 232 lt: If V .Y ---,.. 'K' . :. : I '11 - A' ' ' if We: I-J I W 2 -u """' " K .- --.. .. - V --- V - -I V ,,.-... V . --VV , ,, , .,,. -, 7-7 -..- - , - - Q 5 -- . ,, .U H.. W Q I . 1 ' I lil iff: 'F ' ' --1 nn. ' I 'S ' 1 4 f mi ' 'A :'f, I Q N ..... f V -' " 142 - 7 'Wu 'v ,. ., Mn- J, ,.,,,.u.sL x aq-I H- ' - UV." '--"-"'J '-' '.-E' l..wD-11:-,1 -, 1 ' 1- 1 -,A.'..'n, . - . . ' Hx ,Z If it en I er, e our wafcla n Qdeuai , . -- ., . ,,,, V , Q. . ' , V , , in . - J 1. , - -- 1.-' mv. . . ',:, -- - p.Q ,, .' . .' P'--:jx N-.-,s'.'- , ,qp 4 , , .h. A -I ,J K I Hai! fo flzee, our .xdfma mafeg .A andad, ,Alai . 1-- ,, 4' - . , , I, ,Q 1. A ,- ' .vqaL Mg., ., ,. N , 4 h- x L.. ,- . - :- 1' '- -"f V: V I. ' "' ". e' " 'ug Y .539 YQ' - V :again '95 A . A af !- I V -' nil ' 1 ik: .,. fl i A J Q -X-fx fX-IX Jxvfk Presenied by the Senior Class of Arkansas High School Texarkana, Arkansas A W X 42 'Z- ?' ff 4 ,,.. W if 7 Z 47 ?.- Z . I J""Xf"RZ"K!"Xj"kj"Xj"'X A5 A , J--Xa . ' lf 1' -5" .-' 6 .w 1 4 A .,-'11' F ' , I N U 11" xi" F T , I I I if P. 5+RHY"'RN mw- , . E M. r a X 4a ml r in- Q '?ig: ' , 'i-ig.-1--.1 gk Ediior-in-Chief Rita Burgesg As8ociate Editor , N Charles French N 4' I Business Manager Martha Peek ssistant Bus. Mgr N Bobby I N 1 . X4 + Poland A 'N Pedelflftflg 0 1950 Slim, This is an annual production with our school as its setting The many classrooms spacious halls auditorium and campus will forever remain in our memory as the stage on which we played a part to make this a three year production we all cherish 6 6lI'6LCfeI'5 In the progress of our play we first found ourselves entering the scene as a Sophomore taking bit parts and then after two years of hard work forts with the aid of the faculty as directors and parents as prompters all phases of this production have been successful 5 The plot began last fall and developed against a back drop of changing seasons Across the footlights passed an exciting and successful athletic season continuous Club activities fun filled Senior Plays and Operetta and the fine scholastic records made by so many of the students Our plot is only one phase of a continuous drama l'0gl'6lI'I'L ofed Our purpose is to spotlight our phase of this drama. As you reminisce through the pages ot this program only you who have lived the action can see backstage and remember the little things that made those days so dear to you. And always from page to page is that invisible tie we all feel-that of loyalty to our Alma Mater. May THE PORKER be the program you ll always keep from the play youl always remember.,.,.. -.A,..-1 .. ,.- Q- .iv .- A becoming a Senior and taking that soughtlafter lead. By our untiring ef: W1 gi c Hi MR K B DAVIS Prmc1pc1l One person .-1111 forex r rem rn IP cur mem rv :ls 'He one who has done mucn 0 m -ce fur yefrs rn hrqh scfm ol 'ruprv 'rd re v rdmq ones Th1S srncere and ccpcrble leader hers Veen ne QUIGITA., lrcxrr' Pehmd C111 phase of s he 1 hfe and Has never fcrl-ed to ke cr perso nl 1n'eresf In each sfuden' HIS UDSDIIIST1 dev 'ron to 'he school has been .Ln efer present msprrc iron 'C students cmd 'eochers drke He hc: Crea ed wr nm us He deslre to wont ro reach fhe qocrl Cf hlqh rdf-Pls 're h s xep befcre us 're has qxven strenefn o our forth and couroqe o on dr crrrs To thrs mun Mr K B D vxs .-Je CIf9C1'U elv and dmrrrnqy dedlcflte thrs nnucl Page 5 ,M Q, 'Rf-' -View 'Ra W-' 'ik w, .J 0' V 1-I "" -.sf -A.. . 4,2 4' C' L sr ' N Q , u N 'JM , N , . 51 . . ' 'x ,K ' V xx u J A A fx . ,- . ' A ' ,Y , - . .mq V , 4 . f 'I ' 1 , , , , - 1 4 I , X . . . . W1-EA 1 fp , -Vw ' X ' ! ,. E' "fin , .. -' r ' x ., M K ' n , - K , k .L . n V A ,F-AX 1 ,Y--Y . 1 ' f ' 'f ' N - . .. A ,xx ' - v 'I , . , V, , I 4' 1' , ' -I X ' 'Q ". X I N. ff , 4 4 , M L, f 4 V ., Q s. ' .ff ' ' s , , , . , . S Qt F' ' g 1 ' Q r f 2 v ,b , , , 2 Q. , ' I . . . Y V I . .M fe P . W 7 h f L, Q A V ' m 5 K " ' , 1. ' xx JL. WPA ' Q , A .1 , , A H 9 W ' ' 4 . ,A A I -1 7 ff 4 ' -ff -' ,K uw 1 A fy, ' . - f Hg:- X 9 'aw -N" ' , " ' , K . lf-r 9 X. -q -Mfi.f.fQ. ,.p,g, ff, . . Wi, 3, xv- ,L '- z .- A ' . ,. -'rfvxx - 4' 'Y nw ,-' '---KN V , 1.. ,..-If V A Q fs-.1'-451. le' ,Q I , Y ' 1.,,-4 'Z kiwi . ,1'f,f,, ., , x -1L.fey,. s I, w.,., A .5 , ,-,Ax . M., K I, y A 'f' .- M wr RQ-Ti 'J Engl? ?-':-,:- ,. 1, bw ,, 'arf " .Q, . .,LfAw ' 1, 1- I xl ' 'F J ' Vgzffffj ,.-.,fl,1ii, , ' 7f?'gg.l1- 4' ' -' we Q Nr- iff, ' H' fx.-' 95..- g -LJ' -4 ,gf ,f A:g.: ,W. gi: z A- 4- -- ,fslg f':,ffL 4, . I , , A, X X x 4 K, R U 1 . Q - " . ' , , V, - 1'1" - ..-, X 1 - - CAMPUS czuzs .jfze EDiI'8Cf0I':5 X X NV Nz.. X ' L X XX 59 , xx y I " v XX fag? 'I 4 :L-. . ,, .E . N' C-".-1.31 f mx ,A .v,-1?-:t,i,..,,i. I' j , Y T ' 'x ., Z'5':'.-aiw 1- A,'f2f :, ,..,.-fjn gg, I M f f',f.P-4.11" Q.. 'wisffi-fJ2',+ , lj f ,xfvf - 1' ..,i'ii," iH'-53-bfiff? f, 1. , C' 79, ' . ' A"1':'.-5, 'Y 'YL' ' -':f , 'T' ff-Li 41-. 27 y - 1'-I-2 - fin' ' "'1'F'l wtf.. ,. 1 if fP1?'fih53f4x1t41i4'Q?E'- J 9,53.4f Il pi?-iii., g5:t, ..3fv-,'511:i::q imf j H 45.5,-gxi ,yr ' :' .-7. ' :,-',-f' .': +'1 , ' ""-' ff 1'."" ."'5'.,q 621. .-',,+::"Ti,,gt y I' if.-,1. E ' .-wa:-., .fu ,f 4 ag- Higwi ,a'-sw:-f ' , ,' f if P 7-f f"f"2:+'+5'f"Lv,:-. ,- ' I ff 7 f.-Qr,?1'i1:....'- " .5 9452.-.,,"g3',,. ..-' ff ',,?r1hyQ,-f- U--f.w'3ff+ x v- J, if - T I' 1 A-1-:Y ,-- Ya- .- Q fg , , 1 ' f-52.33-.j1.1.5.,!,J 1 A I I .' '-.2 ff' - J ' ,.,, 1.41, W ... A W f-12, x. fe1:f2:sfff.'?f, x xx Q,,Lg-f::2'?1'f1:1g1'3Z2. If -," V1 ,,'4'5':--ini-?L+-,f -'-f4'.?J::Eff'1f-.1 1 -+f'1,-14" 1 - 17' , V V 4, 1. if ?::,g9lif'gL,:1f 'xxx ' I--.v-,Qi-,-'FI f.,.'..'- -'-' - - A f ' ' 'P. 5+RA1hn.N -Q, ,lf -g " 1 ,W -1 . -Y --Q., ' Yu.- " ,vy- V ,vf-iff: . L ga g! 'f' -sl -xg . -ifjr TSI: s. - " ' ' -'S:-A:a- ?k-z:-- ,, H. C ---V K. a ...Li , - .. .' . .. ' 3 ' ..L': ij 3 352, , . . 5- t- .' 'ii 9 ' Q: V X15 ' .a.': gx I -nf ij1'i"x ,n 1 - I 'g " 'cj ,. . . -31: ra l' . -j::g ..: K S.: 1.-fa f .,. 'lb L..-1 x .A 1:3 I try' an A , , .., - .- .. 5,9 ,Ll..T-1. H B Wren Pearson Walsh Dr H E M rry Earn! of gyucafion DR 'Q Pg8 Trevor Ccven W Q Bur s Harold Sm th W 'Q . . rx 9 r .m if 112 sa, , i . . . u 'QQ 5 i 'Jw IIC Emu am 'Quhlu 18164094 Rb A mr?- offxci. o -nit sugei KFNA P-RK?-Ns 1 E1-FR t B y hlgh Soho e W M LOCKE 'Y e uden sas Senior Arkansas end to th he medluw ne Psrlcan 'Yer-arlcana, Students al le asure e chool , thr0ugh t latlonfv upon t e Su 0 1 ine Dear t l a re the hlgh s " y congratu hool ear l with many 'E the s lendl choo tu nts oi 'Yorker , o the c ar, fthe our hrg s c oo , 6 the men h ei' dd s o igh s m en lb e h e e anot s o 1 lon our un '40 oss ha e ic as een onpllsh nt d rl ch tra t body o men and yo s not been ately o acc recor ou, he tuden great group of ou smncerely reg that it ha for ne to K ov! each of you 'urban larger share ln our actlvlt s t e Senxors, sa l sa 'Farewell ay e new horlmons of o ortunlty challenge and lnsplre the best that ln yo y interest and love will iollo ou throug out the ears a ead o t ose o will return the hlgh school ne ear, l look for-dard with pleasure our con lnued e owship and -dor togethe . hay each succeeding y ar see our beloye hlgh sc ool become ore earl the lde school -- ere every stu ent can grad into Qlll, roduct e c t mens lp -- the an has s may ever e n hel ing, bo e de lra e cltlme s of o r Denocr . Sincerely y rs, VW! OT 3 girls becon Page 9 'il . M. Lock Superlnben n at ' nw- f 1 f . P-S ff! if f' J : Q -x ' f f gf if n St od ff' ol l s p to fb ' n W de oi n h 'il l y ts i s y 9-5 . 'Yh s b good ye me t a 'ill r to p d d an d' t' i ' h l. 'i t s i h h l are a 'I vs s - 1 ' ret p l n ' gt 11 a -g le . 'Yo h ' l d y y ." lk th pp is ' u. M vi y h y h . 'Y h 'dh to gd? y to t 'i ll K r e d h n n y al win d p lv l 'l h p 1 b o p W ys and s bl n u acy ou de t ii VHUW lbov L 0 IUANITA BALDWIN Voccmonczl Inlormcmon VJ 2 CHARLIE MAY CHAPEL Secretory to the Supl ' 1 MRS VERNA DE LONG Enqllsh MRS LUCY ELLIS Mcthemcmcs L J CAROL IOYCE IONES Asst secretory to Sup! 1, rf I - 1 Lg, I sjaflftdg Page I0 l HENRY O BELL " Scxence W E COURTNEY Busmess Admxmstrcmon KATHRYN DON!-LAM Iourncxhsm Enqllsh I HU 414, MRS RUTH FOMBY Mcthemutxcs Spcxmsh W E MCG D1SYY1bUT1V9 Educ Educcmon Veterans Coordinator MMD -. Y ,Cf A' +P " E ' L ff' A' A an 5 XY 1 C, fi Q ,'7 L1 ,l 'Pl 1' f , V- LL 1, U 5' A , r "G - If W t ::f' A. : v' N " r ' Q V , . MF .. f l fl 4 Liv. . . A I . I lf V 5 I a--.N jam f Y' MARY ALICE MEIGS LEON PENSE ,.., Secretary to Prm ipcl Head Coach Physzcczl E' uccmon MRS BILLIE PITTS Hxstory Typmq OGERS MRS RUTH SMITH ens Physical Educatlon Llbrcrlcn DNA STOKES Sclence ,Ux pilxlkx WALLACE VAN SICKLE Director of Music f 1'0"- Z ei I 111411. I MR WALLACE PITTS Government Hlstory Physxcal Educotxon Asst Coach MRS AYLINE STURDEVANT Lctm Enqhsh YJASVVXOJ lb L L VLMVLI UWM! IN MRS. W. E. WI-IATLEY Home Economics 9.1 xx Empty ,Lx 1-s fn DONALD RAY MCAHTHUH Twilight and evening bell, And after that the darlc! And may there be no sadness oi farewell, When I embark. Crossing the Bar Tennyson el'LLOI" Kfdliid OXACHPZ5 vm Yi CHARLES RAMSEY Presrdent Charles Ramsey presrdent oi the Semor Class rs one of the most out standmg personahtres 1n school In hrs Iunror year he was 1n1t1ated rnto the Natlonal Honor SOC19lY of whrch he IS now Presldent He has served as Home Room Presrdent for the past two years was a member ot the Student Councrl rn h1s Sophomore and Iuruor years and IS Sports Edttor of the Annual Charles was named Iunror Rotarran for the month of October and was elected by hrs classmates as Student Mayor for a day of Texarkana Arkansas He 1S a three year letterman rn football and starred m Center posrtron He was named as A1lD1str1ct Center and was chosen honorary Captarn HIS foot ball honors were furthered when he was qrven honorable mentron on the Htqh School All Amerrcan team IOY ARMSTRONG TRAVIS COULTER hge H Secretary Treasurer Vrce-Preszdent f-4 .A l 43 - fa F, S 1' R . enior 61,55 CLARICE ALLEN Porker Staff IOY DALE ARMSTRONG Vice-President of Sfudent Council, National Honor Society, Razorback Staff, Porker Staff, Quill and Scroll, Radio Club, Office Assistant, Horner coming Sponsor, Senior Class Offi- cer, VJho's Who. VIRGINIA ARTERBURY Home Economics Assistant, Lunch Monitor, Library Monitor MARVIN AVANCE Radio Club. Soanish Club, VIDA BARNES Porker Staff, Razorback Staff, Presi- dent of Ouill and Scroll, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Home Economics Assistant, Lunch Monitor, Library Club. ERMAGENE BENSON Choir R J, 35' QE-9 if-.f llr Secretary of Future Tradesrnen of 'W X Arkansas. 4' f r .1 ' 7 A f Gi I 1- 50 . b MILDRED BIAGIOLI - Q Future Teachers of Arkansas, Allied , Youth, Latin Club, Choir, Operetta, 4 .W 1 Library Club. ' mfr MARY RUTH BLALOCK 38 ROBERT BROOKE Football '48, '49, Track '49. IOYCE BROWN MARVIN BRYANT Football '49. RITA BURGESS Treasurer of National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of Porker, Assistant Editor of Razorback, Quill and Scroll, Secretary oi Allied Youth, Home Room Officer, Senior Play, Home- coming Oueen, Who's Who, Library Club. 'n f 4"-5,5 110 CD- Z' 4"'l ' rv , x I fr..- lik ,.-,QQ w enior 64155 ANITA BURKE Home Economics Assistant MARILYN BURNS Secretary of Student Council, Nation- al Honor Society, Porker Staff, Band. Future Teachers of Arkansas, Allied Youth, Office Assistant, Operetta, Who's Who. lACK BUTLER Future Tradesmen of Arkansas UVALDA CALLEY ', , ev ANN CARNEY '1 . ' li National Honor Society, Razorback Staff, Spanish Club, Office Assistant, Home Economics Assistant, Who's Who. National Honor Society, Spanish I I ' 'Q Club, Office Assistant, Home Econ' omics Assistant. , H , . IWW. . Y f ' ' it e IIMMY CARTER Allied Youth, Football '49, Track S '48, '49. 50 , 'AQ' - v JM ' AN A CART Band, Allied Youth, Operetta X ORALENE CASTLE K 5 ' v l .1 K- .,"L HELEN CAVER J I Library Club, Allied Youth, Senior Y' y Play, Razorback Staff,'Spanish Club, t J ' , Who's Who. A l : HAYDEN cos Allied Youth, Football '49, '49, '5O. Track '48, r MARTINE COLLINS klx National Honor Society, Band, Fu- ture Teachers of Arkansas, Allied . ' Youth, Spanish Club, Operetta, Sen- ljtl ,f ior Play Cast, Home Economics As- Q sistant. P 1 2 '9'i ' f l IIM COOK 'J' l Football '47, '48, '49, Home Room V Officer. l f '- ' Al Page 16 , I ff' 1 4 .5'fL!fCl1,n 4 X Qlystw lieu, Q 'FN Q 1 rr Q o ' , . ll A Q +G-'L V2 Y Q-it CARROLL DAVIS IOY DEATON D A Band, Future Teachers of Arkansas, 'L " Office Assistant, Dance Band. 4 f PAULINE EARGLE Band, Future Teachers of Arkansas, Allied Youth, Secretary of Radio Club, Spanish Club, Operetta, Cheer- leader '49. LEONARD EDDY President of Future Teache of A Choir , :Hn , enior 64154 IAMES CORNETF TRAVIS COULTER Student Council, National Honor So- ciety, Reporter of Allied Youth, Foot- ball '48, '49, Home Rccm Officer, Senior Class Officer, Whos Vtlhc. PATSY CRAIN Future Tradesmen oi Arkansas. NANCY CRANK National Honor Society, Porker Staff, Business Manager of Razorback, Ouill and Scroll, Allied Youth, Span- ish Club, Office Assistant, Senior Play Cast, Homecoming Attendant, Library Club, WANDA CROWELL Allied Youth, Spanish Club, Horne- cominq Attendant. LARRY CUNNINGHAM Treasurer of Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. 50 W -ra . N Y , , Q Q5 'i SZ ,gs 'C?' ,J V11 I kansas, Radio Club, Spanish Cl BILLY ELLIOTT National Honor Society, Band, Radio Club, Spanish Club. MARGARET ELLIOTT Home Economics Assistant if Page 17 i an-,Y enior KLM X ALICE ELLIS Allied Youth, Spanish Club. Senior Play Cast, Homecoming Attendant, Library Club. 1 BOBBY FERGUSON Band, Allied Youth, Senior Play N Cast, Dance Band, Who's Who. JOE FINCHER ,yi F I 2 Gi , R . IAMES FLOYD 5 ' 00 Band, Auied Youth ' ,. 'O' ' -- Qu 9 WILLIAM FLOWERS Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. BESSIE MAE FRANKS Library Club , f . , I r , ,Q . IAMES FREEMAN g J Allied Youth yif if ' 'I . 3 . CHARLES FRENCH t H Student Council, Assistant Editor of s At A, V the Parker, Razorback Staff, Ouill W' l- " ' ' and Scroll, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Spanish Club, Home Room Oi- ficar. Operetta, Senior Play, Who's Who. 5 x .3 6 IOHN FURQUI-:aoN Q ,Q Bond, Student Council, Latin Club, 7' ,. , 4:-' Library Club. J W Ae- DOROTHY GILBERT Senior Play, Homecoming Attendant. ALBERT GIST 4. National Honor Society, Razorbcxk Staff, Band. Allied Youth, Latin 1 Club, Senior Play Cast. x ,Q NOEL GRIFFITH Future Tradesmen oi Arkansas. P 18 f age Y' ,f 3,316 ff '- fix p l enior KLM IAMES GLOVER 'A L 5 "' Track 19 BETTY HALE Student Council, Allied Youth, Span- ish Club. 'ZX BETTY ANN HALTOM National Honor Society, Future Teachers of Arkansas, Spanish Club, 2- 21 Choir, Home Room Officer, Senior ,Q f is Q Q J Play Cast, Library Club. eww- ...T 1 Y HMMY HAMM v Vice-President of National Honor So- , city, Editor-in-Chief of the Razorback, X , VicePresident of Ouill and Scroll, 'lf f V tn., X President of the Radio Club, Latin ' - l?"f9f Club, Home Room Officer, Senior 4 I ' V Play, Cheerleader, Who's Who. 14 ? IOEL HARRIS Track. 8 A R. L. HARRIS R , 3 3 Allied Youth, Football '49, Track. 1 0 , ag , M .f ' X If If .1 fl'1',' V I J 7 . ft, ., LV - s. L 1 Y 50 l Q R pr-V , v I . A -EFTX Z i 6 tw ,, : , .U Q V-' u wt 1. I ,.,. 1 , r wgi, ls, it ' ? 4 "' iii? 4 flat' 0 0 ' " M1 s A . 1 "' .ft + 'avvi 1 '- H ' V, aka- ' if . -4 9 W, I f FAYE HAWTHORNE I Lunch Monitor BEN HILL V, 5 Choir. A"-3 C. T HINSHAW ' ' f National Honor Society, Football '49, . 41 '5' v F ' 'tl I Track '49, Home Room Officer. ' ' , t -' N Q-.- CHARLES HODDE N- , ' Band, Vice-President of Allied Youth, Y f -q' Radio Gub. I ' . N 9. x Y I 5 ' , 601' it TUDY HOPKINS Choir, Homecoming Attendant ., ,Q THERMON IEWELL tr? -if Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. wwf' Page 19 X l-t one but '35 enior Cfddd ' ' lEAN IOHNSON Spanish Club. Choir. LOUIS I ONES Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. lEAN KEITH Band, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Op- eretta, Home Economics Assistant. WILLIAM KEMP Football '49, Track. GUS KENNEDY, IR. Football '48, '49. DAVID KIRKLEY National Honor Society, Band Offi- cer, Senior Play Cast. I 4 ' . o 'T 'Q 5- er seI9 Cav LA T'- BC bev- Ydlle. L. - E QQ 3, . if f .NV TACK KNOTTS Cheerleader '49. ALWYN LINDSEY Football '49. IMOGENE LINDSEY Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. GENEVA l.I'I'I'LE'I'ON Home Economics Assistant. CYNTHIA LUTER Porker Staff, Allied Youth, Home Room Officer, Office Assistant, Op- eretta, Homecoming Attendant, Li- brary Club, Who's Who. EVA LEA MCADAMS Radio Club Home Econmics Assist an Page 20 -Q i f ' if .- 1 'vw X r..x-, 4 'Ai T -4-:-' lla ,X rg enior gfddzi EDITH MCCASKILL f 2 do Allied Youth, spanish ci-lb, Library rl' . .5 .V X Club. .. ' ' WAYNE MCMELLON Football '49, Basketball '48, '49, '50, f Physical Education Assistant, Who's is 25 I I Who. M . MURRY MARTlN Band, Allied Youth, Dance Band, . I s 'z ' '- 1, N I 1. B, MILLS 'X eq v-Q Drum Major, Allied Youth, Choir. ' 7 1 Operetta, Who's Who. , vf' '97, I-J fir iymw I I f' Q f 7 f Ki , Q . , - .Jw 1 M' M 4.0 9 I ' 1' ' t, f 5 1 V COLLEEN MITCHELL Home Economics Assistant. ERRY l as a 6 I M TCHELL if ' 7 'Y " 50 W 4 M Q... ' ,.. . ,j v 'Q', , U4 , 5 -. . if us. ., .6 Z at 4 WJ LOU MITCHELL Future 'lb-achers of Arkansas, Allied Youth, Home Economics Assistant. HERMAN MOORE Allied Youth, Golf Team. H. C. MOORHEAD IR. Football '49, DON MURPHY Ouill and Scroll, Band, Radio Club, Spanish Club, Office Assistant, Op- eretta, Senior Play, Golf Team. SALLY SUE MURPHY Allied Youth, Spanish Club, Oper- etta. ' W .uf MARYLU NELSON Y, National Honor Society, Porker , ' E 1 G f Band, Office Assistant, Cap: Y, :buf Band Sweetheart, Dance Ba . , ' , Jjx' 'E' l I Page 2 Mx' J ,.f" 1 ,,ff" li is t .v ii su 5 , ' A X ' 4' -X x 4 QQ W 6' enior C6155 SARA NELSON Radio Club, Physical Education Asv istan', Home Economics Assistant. BLANCHE OCHSENBEIN Band Sweetheart, Allied Youth icr Play. HARRY OCHSENBEIN Student Council, Allied Youth, Ser- geant-at-Arms oi Radio Club. IOYCE ODOM Choir PEGGY O'NEAL National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Choir, Tumbling Team, Oper- etta, Homecoming Attendant, Who's Who. BARBARA ORR Student Council, National Honor So- city, Porker Staff, Secretary of Ouill and Scroll, Allied Youth, Operetta, I Senior Play, Library Club. QI l Q' .far .J 1 flilfgdggj, rs Y' , Sen- f5 Y I an 5 4-.. R 3 ' 3 PAT OWEINS Band Sweetheart, Allied Youth, Sen- ior Play. MARTHA ANN PEEK Secretary of National Honor Society, Business Manager of the Porker, President of Allied Youth, Radio Club, Choir, Home Room Officer, Op- eretta, Senior Play Cast, Cheerlead- er, Who's Who. MARGARET PHILLIPS Allied Youth, Lunch Monitor. IOYCE PIERCE National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Library Club. BOBBY POLAND Assistant Business Manager of the Porker, Band, Allied Youth, Senior Play, Cheerleader. LINDA POOLE Ouill and Scroll, Band Sweetheart, Allied Youth, Operetta. Page 22 N 1 -ss 'Ab ol heaft 14lRlA'I4l9IE1Phys1cal Edu and eLevev, sod ahcl weav , he.vcY' . GENE PRICE Future Tradesmen of Arkansas, Bas- ketball 49, '50, Physical Education I. W. PRICE Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. IIMMY OUINN Razorback Staff, Quill and Scroll, Al- lied Youth, Spanish Club, Football 49 Basketball '49, Physical Educa- tion Assistant, Who's Who. CHARLES RAMSEY President of National Honor Society, Porker Staff, Allied Youth, Football '47, '48, '49, Home Room Officer, Physical Education Assistant, Who's Who, Senior Class Officer. L C RATLEY Future Tradesmen of Arkansas. KENNETH REAGAN . Allied Youth, Latin Club, Truck. Page 23 FRANCES POPE Allied Youth Senior Play Cast ' BESSIE PRICE Allied Youth Library Club 50 ZVLLOI' BOBBY ROBERTS Nauonal Honor Soclety Oulll and Scroll Band Lxeptenant Spanlsh Club Operetta Dance Band Whos Who NORMA IEAN ROBERTS Natlonal Honor Socxety Alhed Youth Lunch Momtor 5 lERRY RUSSELL Future Tradesmen of Arkansas THEADO RUSSELL Asslstant Busmess Manager of the Razorback Alhed Youth Oulll and 5 08 E' CCC ve.a,b Scroll Sl JOYCE SILVEY Natlonal Honor Society Allled Youth V1cePres1dent of Radio Club Home Room Oiflcer Offlce Asslst ant Homecommq Attendant Whos Who BOBBY IOE SIMS Band Future Teachers of Arkansas Radxo Club Senior Play Q Q' .ggi 4 STEWART SKINNER rga1'er Qc 9:-s. FRANCIS SMALLWOOD Football 49 Basketball 49 Track 49 Q gg. LQVERNE smmt 1' l txon Assistant WINN SMITH " LEONARD SMI'I'H Natlonal Honor Society Latm Club Football and Basketball Manager 49 Track 49 50 Phys1calEduca Band Spamsh Club Ofttce Asslst an ,a C: T ,, VIRGINIA SPENCE ,..., Home Economxcs Assxstant Page 24 I ,J I J N1 x ll, 5' J x. ' Kfcm 'Xxx , . I ' A ' N , ' I . ' I ' A Y s X 3421952 I EAST A A A Vg was L kt . . P 'S i t , T rm 1 1 V U , , . ' ' L as I , . I . 1 . 4 , . ,, Q 91 'T 'Q' A T A - J iw : .V 'es f J , 50 ,. A 5 A if e: JL - L . lf U B A ll ' S ef' T L? t ' I T , B F 'is 1 lfy Q .A A 7 Q ft u D f I fl l I I Q V L M A r 48, , so. ' 'T N Sw' v1 Y ' 'nf I' I 1 4' I ' l I T. I ' I ' I . by f ' t K. F, -A '-3 ' W , NI 'Y' J r, - r'f"g"'vi-is -f... Q F 23 ' E r 'fi 'i I W ' - ll 1 .ag- enior C4155 BILLY STAGGS Band, Allied Youth, Spanish Club, Who's Who. MERLE STONE Allied Youth, Radio Club, Home onomics Assistant, DORIS STOREY National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Band, Allied Youth, Office Assistant, Senior Play Cast, Who's Who. PAT STFLAYHORN Ec- National Honor Society, Porker Staff, Band, Spanish Club, Dance Band. LARRY TANNER Band Captain, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Home Room Officer, Operetta, g Senior Play Cast, Dance Band. .. 9' 5' 9 ' Q, JIMMY THATCHER ' 4- " f Q Band 9 .gum A 1- 'A ' ' if t all fm COY TOWRY Student Council, National Honor So- ciety, Future Teachers of Arkansas, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Spanish Club, Choir, Operetta. LOUISE UPCHURCH Band, Radio Club, Choir, Otfi sistant. DECKER WADE Allied Youth, Football '49, Basket- ig, W5 ce As- ball '49, Track, Physical Education ' ' 3 Assistant, Who's Who. WILSON WALLACE X' Football, Basketball, and Track 5 Manager. R t GENE WARD I I Radio Club, Football '48, '49, Basket- 5, 1' ball '48, '49, Track '48, '49, Physical VJ i Education Assistant. 1' , 3 J T4 I BETTY SUE WATSON X A J , , Tumbling Team. L ! J I k JU aj A LJ f J' fi' fge25 A " ll PQ .' I is 2 5 vga.- -s C-.3 4-,Q enior CKQJJ 'Hier word s , CLAFXA. 'NHT 'SY Llirxry Cup hey' S rn' Ley ALEC WILLQRMS K Band, Allied Ycuth, Pziiz Club, ma es 'nge U07 t ivkllul. C - THELMA 'WORKS Ailiwfl Youfh, Tumlgliiig Team, Physi rfzl lfriunricri Assis' 11.2 Homo lf A A V Lnirirs Assisfzrif. 7 HAF.RlET 'FREN R : , Band, F'u1urQ TG-f1Ch6YS ff Arknxszi v Y Allied Youth, Radio Club, Spcmsh ffluls, Hlflllf' lifrnm Offifr, Opfwrft 1, Che-erlefirior. ,M Q I Look of the birdie, Cook. -W .,, , -fir . .. , YC... P,,..,e.. I! Iizig 'WNW' 4-8 Xie ie i1i1?::Fei:. is por: Cf lil? YU-Y-'l TOMMY YADQN 1 5 y Presideni of Student Council, Fcct- g hull '48, '49, Basketball '48, '49, '50, Vv'ho's Vifiic. ofldifll G1 J ldfdmenl We the Senlor Class of 1950 be1ng fully aware of the fact that our length of stay rn thts school 1S drawmg to a close and realtzmg that many thmgs rn our possessron w1ll be of ltttle value to us henceforth bemg possessed of sound mrnd and good health do leave these valuable possessrons to those who may benef1t most by them We do hereby make declare and publrsh thts our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Brlly lack Prather w1ll my dark corner of Berry s Tavern to Mr Bell knowmg he w1ll make as good use of 1t as I d1d Cynthza Luter w1ll my ab1l1ty to go wlth a d1tferent boy every nlght to Szssy Turner C T He-nshaw do hereby w1ll my love for utter buggmg to Moon Mullrns Albert Grst leave my crgar to Elrzabeth Albrrtton Travrs Coulter bequeath my legrble handwrltrng to Ola Ann O Neal lzm Cook w1ll my ab1l1ty to play touch football to Clyde Haal: Iames Cornett w1ll my golf playrng ab1l1ty to foe Crow who I hear IS very good at 1t Pat Strayhorn do hereby leave my l1kable persorallty to Nancy Cheatham Tommy Yadon bequeath my love em and leave em techmque to Wrlbu Howard Gene Ward leave my tall tales to Irrs Porter Francrs Smallwood w1ll my ab1lt1y to always tell the truth to B111 Claughton Charles Hodde bequeath my excellent c1t1zensh1p 1n band to Lynn Davrs Robert Brooke do w1ll and bequeath my t1tle as Romeo Robert to Don Barton Ioy Armstrong Wlll my steady r cord to Margaret Odom Anna Carter leave my many secret loves to Nell Lamb Kenneth Reagan w1ll my careful dr1v1ng hab1ts to Pope Walsh Bobby Ferguson w1ll my talent for tel11ng Jokes to Dzck Edwards Charles Ramsey take Rrta wrth me Hrta Burgess take Charles wtth me lack Knotts w1ll my perfect attendance record to Gerald Iohnson Brlly Ellzott w1ll and bequeath my flute to Tommy Black who Wlll be lst chatr tn band lm sure Iames Glover leave my mousey vorce to Ray Crowson Irmmy Quznn gtve my ab1l1ty to wrtte sports stor1es to lack Iernrqan I I B Mrlls w1ll my good manners rn class to Hoy Warren We Paulzne Eargle and Salley Sue Murphy leave our outstandrng school records to anybody wno can qua11fy I Leonard Smrth Wxll my fl1rtat1ous ways to Lerghton Ward I Wrnn Smrth bemg of sound m1nd and body leave my curly ha1r to any lucky g1rl Page 27 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 . 1 1 - 1 I1 1 I, . . , - . I, , . I 1 . . 1 1 1 1 - I, , . I . . . . . I I ' I 'J I . . , , . . 11 1 1 11 . 1 I r' 1 1 s I, , . I1 1 1 . I - . . . . 1 I I ' I I n ll ll I I . 1 1 I Q 1 1 v ' I, , . I, , . I, , . I, , . I, , . I, , . I1 1 1 1 1 , . I, , . I, , . , . . , . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 - 1 1 , Charles French leave my clxet to Gus Camp Don Murphy w1ll my posmon as OIIICG attendant to Mary Snead Wanda Crowell bequeath mv popular1ty w1th the teachers to Kaye Davrs Clara Whrtney leave my gym shorts to Mary Engledowl V1rg1n1a Spence take my love for the A1r Force w1th me Gwendolyn Prather bequeath my roller skat1ng abllxty to Lowell Holt Bobby Roberts w1ll my clarmet to Carolyn Prather Freddy Pnce bequeath my burr haxrcut to M urry Martzn I W Prrce leave my freckles to Frank Harp L C Ratley leave my love for Amencan I-Ilstory to Thad Stanford Norma lean Roberts w1ll my Max Factor make up k1t to Charlotte Iones Ierry Russell bequeath my Charles Atlas books to Brlly Beauford Joyce Sllvey w1ll my eff1c1ency to Lou Strayhorn LaVerne Smrth leave my Iohn Robert Powers reduc1ng set to Mamre Hendrrx lean Kelth bequeath n y band bus techmque to Patsy Parrott Wrlham Kemp leave my new lmproved economy slze Ton1 to Bethel Larey Dodd Eva Lee McAdams bequeath my pretty red ha1r to lack Wrllrams Imogene Lmdsey w1ll my shyness to Beverly Bellus Herman Moore leave my d9S1I'9 to become a golf pro to my slster Marqre Peggy O Neal bequeath my ever ready pep to I K Gray Carroll Davrs bequeath my attent1veness 1n classes to Buddy Mzller Dav1d Kzrkley leave my magnetxc personal1ty to Elsa Dryer We Patsy Cram and Coy Towry leave our plot of ground on the north slde of school to Alma Io Orr and Iennre Carol Needham who love to fl1rt wlth boys Wayne McMellon leave my graceful ways on a basket ball court to Roger Rrce Ioyce Brown leave my car to Frances Woodruff Bessre Franks w1ll to Barbara Norwood my bookkeeping ab1l1ty Betty Io Hale w1ll my ch1ld1sh ways to Bobbre Stone Betty Ann Haltom w1ll my typmg ab1l1ty to Dan McClure Wrllram Flowers leave my shortness to B111 McGill Iarnes Freeman w1ll and bequeath my good grades to Troy Monroe Iames Floyd leave my kmd heart to anyone that needs 1t R L Hams leave my paper route to Bobby Lewey I Ioel Harms leave my well-groomed ha1r to Shelton Ealcm Page 28 I, , ' . I, ' , . I, , ' ' . I, ' , ' ' . I, . . ' , . I, , ' - ' . I, , ' . I, ' , I - ' . I, ' I , , ' , - ' ' . I, Alwyn Lindsey, will my ability to win little deer at carnivals to Edward I, , ' ' ' . I, ' , ' . I, ' ' , ' " . I, , , I, , . I, , ' ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' ' . I, , ' . I, , ' ' . I, . . ' , . Faye Hawthorne wrll my freckles to Jeanette Beeman Ben Hill wrll my terrible temper to Clyde Santrler Thurman Iewell wrll my guttar to Tommy Burns ludy Hopkins leave my ab1l1ty to r merrber things to Ginger Benson Dorothy Gilbert bequeath my J welry to Mary Frances Arterbury Noel Grrliith W1ll my pipe and Bull Durham to Elmer Caudle lean johnson will my big eyes to Ioan Worley Martha Peek leave my frxendhn ss to Pee Wee Parsons Harry Ochsenbein w11l the remalning b1t of my samty to Kenneth Webb Blanche Ochsenbein will my loves lack Knotts and dancing to Mary Cecil Ha Harriet Wren w1ll and bequeath my witty ways to May McGaha Stewart Skinner leave my A in Physics to Lynn Eakin Helen Norwood leave my posrtion as presrdent of the F T A to anyone dumb enough to want rt Thelma Works dymg from mental exasperauon do hereby bequeath my cousin Earlene to my poor teachers Hayden Muscles Coe w1ll my n1ckname to Mr Courtney Bobby Poland will and bequeath my love for adventure in the woods to David Sain We Nancy Crank and Doris Storey leave our neatness rn dressing to Margaret Io Wilson and Patsy Williamson Alec Williams bequeath my buslness to Charles Mudtord Curtis Kelm leave my love tor trips to V1rg1n1a to Lawrence Orr loyce Odom leave my neatness to Iris Porter Colleen M1tchell will my abrlrty to g t along wrth everyone to Betty ue Phillips Margaret Phillips w1ll my vim vigor and v1tal1ty to Gladys Blevins Billy Staggs will my love for playlng paper dolls to Donald Rankin Linda Poole leave my Journalistlc ab1l1ty to Mary lean Beggs Barbara Orr bequeath my nickname B B to Nancy Shults Ioyce Pierce leave my sewmg ab11t1y to Madge Cochran Gene Pr ce w1ll my positron as u her at the Paramount to Billy Meeks Larry Tanner take my cornet wrth rre tn hopes ot a Be Bop future Bobby lo Simms take my bottl of Hadacol with 'ne so l Wont bl W away jimmy Thatcher bequeath my tardmess to Bobby Harnmaclc Louise Upchurch leave my femrmne ways to Gloria Blair l Betty Watson leave my beautiful hair to Eva Lee Barley I age 29 l, , ' . l, ' , ' ' ' ' . l, , ' ' . l, ' , ' ' e t ' ' . I, ' , 'e . l, , ' ' . l, , ' ' e . ll. l, ' , ' ' . l, , I ' ' ' . . . l, I , ' ' , l, " " , ' ' . . l, ' V , ' ' l, Decker Wade, take my love for Virginia Peltrey With me. I, ' ' , ' . l, , ' . I, I I ' , ' " e ' , S l, i , ' ' ' s r ' . l, " . ' . , e ' r ' ' o . l, ' , ' . I Merle Stone w1ll and bequeath my love for danc1ng to Noma Edwards I Pat Owens w1ll my stralght A report card to Clyde Sm1th We Frances Pope and Margaret Elllott leave out ab1l1ty to catch husbands to anyone capable Alrce Ellrs bequeath my Angora sweater to Nancy Mrlrtary because Fred says 1t bothers htm Marrlyn Burns w1ll my ab1l1ty to get by to Brlly Temple Martrne Colllns leav my love for a cornet to Ioan Tagart V1rg1n1a Arterbury w1ll rry wtllxngness to work to Patsy Parrot Irmmy Hamm leave the bookkeepmg answer book to Sue Burrus Marvm Avance leave my alertness 1n Engllsh Class to Dorothy Baskett Mrldred Bzagrolz leave to my teachers my slster lane Ermagene Benson leave my long hatr to anyone who has the pahence roll 1t up every nxght Vrda Barnes leave my ab1l1ty o blush at the proper ttme to Wayne Terrell We Mary Ruth Blaylock and Anrta Burke leave our sweetness to ROS19 Hrclcs and Le-la Mae Reed lack Butler bequeath my gorgeous eyes and eyelashes to lane Davrs L valda Calley w1ll my beaut1tul complexxon to Ioan Wesbroolc IIITIITIY Carter Wlll and bequeath my ab1lt1y to sleep tn Government class to foe Scott Wzlson Wallace do hereby leave' I I ' I' Larry Cunnrngham bequeath my ha1rdo to Baker Coulter Ioy Deaton w1ll my grand rranmba playmg abtltty to Steve Powell Sara Nelson w1ll my ab1l1ty to get an engagement r1ng to Nancy Schmerder Gus Kennedy leave my car to Brlly Meeks H C Moorhead bequeath my cowboy boots to Rrchard Smrth Ann Carney wtll my tmy watst to Betty Baldwrn Oralene Castle w1ll my s1ncer1ty to Frances Woodruff Leonard Eddy wrll and bequeath my love for books to Iohn Sarls Geneva Ltttleton leave my quret vo1ce to Mary Lee Stone Blame Sweetapple bequeath my sweetness to Brlly Stone Lou Mztchell leave my cute clothes to Betty Phrlllps Edrth McCask1ll leave my abtllty to chase boys to Bobbre lane Hudson Clarrce Allen w1ll and bequeath my lovable ways to lack Iernrqan Theo Russell leave my love for myself to anyone deservlng Ioe F mcher leave my story telhng ab1l1ty to Martha Davzs I Martlu Nelson leave my beautttul brown eyes to Beth Andrews Page 50 I, ' ' , e . I, ' , ' . I, ' , ' ' . I, ' ' ' ', I , ' , . I, I ,I ' ' to I, ' , ' ' t ' . I, , ' . I, " , ' ' ' . I, Helen Caver, will my nickname, Smokey, to Rosie Hicks. I, ' , .... .. I, ' , ' . I, , ' . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' . I, ' , ' ' . I, ' , ' . I, , ' . cmior C2155 Oyicem Q SL .1 1 T 7"'7 V TOMMY BLACK Presxdent 'T' HERMAN HAMILTON V1ce-Preszdent 6? BETTY SUE PHILLIPS Secretary Page 31 ff' , I L F A 1 'M X w -,,,f 5 ,bm "'D' 1' V Elizabeth Albriton Mary Frances Arterbury A 'N A ,mr S? Belly Baldwin Don Barion Q . I . jlgrerlywjmr Mary lean Beqqs MY Tommy Black Gladys Blevins av C' . I 1' - ,fl X oznior 661,55 I 4 Ioan Brooks Wanda Burke Sue Buxrus Elmer Ccrudle Nancy Cheatham Bill Claughton Page 32 ra Q: I1 Q' It A. L. Crawford ! X - " ,L . 1 y JK f . , ' I' A, R g 1 , 'V ' I, 1, I 1 -1-rw! A 'J' Kaxyfbdvis rf" J L l f J' 5 HN -Y ll f 6 lane Davis Lynn Davis Elsa Dryer Orace Edwards Barbara Eldridge Barbara Evers omior 6f6l.'55 Q 3 9 Wg , -T? . S--K E Tommy Farmer Mary Cecrl Hall 'Q K Herman Hamilton Bobby Hammack, Rosey Hicks Wilbur Howard Page 35 Roy le .iqan Karneha lones Nell Lamb ML K aiu L2 nf f f' X Bobble Iane Lynn N45- A K.. 0' fv :ah G , 3, .- f J-Q Charlene Iones "' xg. V M .. was ' I L X 'fo A M Q7 Ice K1ll1an 'gr N Lavell Long -21 Be tha Magee Q lftl'LLOI' 0,1555 Mlldred McCullar Charles McMellon Troy Monroe Marq1e Moore Charles Mudford B1ll1e lean Mulllns I age 34 Wim "Q -Qs- V 'kk .ab 39 4.1-f,v gs' fwlyde Santrfer Ienrue Carol Needham Margaret Odom Patsy Parrott Earth P111 ya v Irrs Porter Carolyn Prather Leia Mae Reed ohn Salhs amor and " "' lane SCOQCJIHS 5,445 706,06 Nancy Shults yla Smrley Rrchard Srmth Bobby Stone Page 33 WA 3 and W Iohnnie Sutton Elsie Turner Roy Warren "5 Z, x H u eStmW 44 L 3 I Q Q? an f JE 9' J? 0,9 OWLOPB 61,55 LCQPJ 4f JERRY BROWN Presldent LAWSON WALRAVEN Vlce-Preszdent Page 37 'xs H 'ww M Z SUE IO SEGREST Secretary 1 2, r V L? JZ, V ,, . 'jx' D ' ,g-ff, K LN W , ' f. -P1 4. F 7- 4 f ga 4 . 4 I f as 4 'H " jqfs 43 . I, R y 'W 'Mp' :V .un ANNA.- X wb , W J .xy '11 Glen Barker Ginger Benson Leo Brian Viva Buhler Paul Edwards Q3 1, I , 4- V' -:: f"'1 V , I Q 5 ' r.'N Ieanette Beeman Dorothy BC1Sk9l lane Biaqioli Sherman Brimer Ierry Brown Ray C rt Baker Coulter I Fraze Melba Furquerso E 3 -l 0 0 0 ,. ... I9 ly . f . Rf- N 57 ' A VV I Iimmy Garnerw Us A. J' ' is-3' f ' , Morris Hale B ' XJ .. 1 I i 4 if z , s f- f B or gs 'v of '4 ' ': J I A Y I Larry Henderson x ' I f A-A ' ff Q me f' ' Charlotte Iones Page 38 Raymond Braswell '9Qr 'S , i Q. dv 1 B ,- C, f, ' f W 'B ge q -a 1., A ,urgbar g fr sl ' in f 13 'V 4 L' 'flfw :Q , , . v W, QL f H fl Q ' . 'Q H1 ' L. B. L 3- , G. 0 M 9 f YQ 6 I , l r "P-f-' Q Qi l Ni B . 6' .. lx- , . 2 he --am r .. 'I T, , ,vw io ' , y '5, 2 an V C I. K. Gray Clyde Haak ' Maxine Hammond Roy Harris Dcrcihy Hilton Brlly Hubbard Thelma Iones Shriley Mays I 72 . 2 Q f' q, 5 Q 1' Qi v 3 N 7 X , May McGaha Bill McGill Billy Meeks , t "f ip 3 C S .EN ff S 'E I' Nancy Military Alfred Missildine Francene Moore If " f J- gl , , 53, - - t ' x. ul f I .. af- '- 9- 1 ' if . 'vt """ ' Q A f ft ' I W, ' arqaret Morgan P e Robert Norsworthy ' W . I A A 4 Y f AX. P Q A, bb 01' I . I V J I '- -.4 X, Barbara Norwood Kenneth Ochsen in Ola Ann ONeal EY f l :re 1 A ll 4 WW if S-bl l V , fpfp n ' Gd A K A ' Z ' lu,-ef' X x if fi 5 W J ,A j Q 1 'fun Q sl 1 Q fri: " A MW! W N , ,., 1 ' 7 jj J . J Alma Orr Robert Pa mer W ary lane arson Q S. lr 1 ur ., 1 ?- -r 45" K .So omore , . Q. :rs r ' X C - n .. " X ' ty 5 'C' 6 W 'D J t K 11 1 I I I ,ll 5 ll I, I Q34 - I Q KJ ' X it I , ' '1- . , , Virginia Pelfrey lerry Peyton Carolyn Pope K li, . 'I L ' ' 1 ' A ' 3 91 :. 5. ,S 2 a .. W 1 js ' I, . ,Y-1 -1 N' ,I 'lv Steve Powell ?i Gail Reagan V 6 rw 1 " " S JWUJ7 -L r V . ,ff A K ,J yy .2 . :iran K . Q ' ' I , up Nancy Schmeider David SCOQQUIS Sue Io Seqrest A 'Ili " ts N 4 Y . " ' 'F' W1 , AT' -2 5 ' -' "- f . " L' Patsy Shaw Mary Snead Norma Wayne Stewart T' U Page 39 A v 'iam I ' il x-QW? - ,,fjVji"3t'k'1"1 . 9 Biff' I 't . ' Q.. . Alvan Sullivan Ioan Tagart Shelby Tanner 4.1 ' 'i tat r v I 1 7? ' Wayne Terrell Doris Thomason Wayne Tibbitt ul , X ' 4 , '1 . ' t -, Y . t . Edwin Tucker Larry Vann Sue Vest . J 1' yf K Lawson Walraven Myrtle Ward Kenneth Webb Mary Olive Wallace Iohn Killian David White f60Z1!.q 9 -' - AdL,i,,1J,2p421jmf?-i,7?4 7 N , L .1 ' " ,-" 1 5' ,, , . . - ., 'if ': g. I -I I. all IUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Beth Andrews, Eva Lee Bailey, Margaret Beasley, Iames Braddock, Marion Cherry, Henrietta Clements, Vera Colmer, Dean Cor- nelius, Ioe Crow, Martha Davis, Edward Dodd, Lynn Eakin, Mary Louise Ford, Donnie Harrell, Earl Henderson, Mamie Hendricks, Naomi Herrington, Donald Higgingbotham, Lloyd House, Bobbie Hudson, Herman Iennings, Io Gail Iohnson, lean Iones, Martha Iones, Bethel Larey, Dan McClure, William McCormack, Mary Evelyn McElroy, Charles McMellon, Billy Meigs, Herman Miller, William Miller, Iuanita Missildine, Mary Louise Moore, Otis Moore, Paul Mosley, Ann Pasley, I. W. Peavy, Mary Frances Perry, Betty Sue Phillips, Iimmy Phillips, Ioe Scott, Lewis Sewell, Grace Shoemaker, Clyde Smith, Ietta Smith, Iulia Smith, Ruby Smith, Thad Stanford, Iane Steitler, Bea Stewart, Billy Stone, I. E. Sullivan, Leighton Ward, Iames Wilhite. SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES Betty Adams, Kenneth Anthony, Iimmy Ashby, Neita Avance, Doris Poker, Billy Beauford, Rachalene Black, Mary Brazell, Billy Ioe Brooks, Gus Camp, Madge Cochran, George Corbett, George Creamer, Ray Crowson, Leon Cutshall, Le Roy Davenport, Delores Dennington, Mary Dodd, Luther Douglas, Shelton Eakin, Nona Edwards, Charles Elkins, Mary Engledowl, Ioan Evans, Gwendolyn Evins, Evelyn Fant, Billy Ioe Gibbons, Ted Gladden, Darrell Griffith, Ray Guynes, Roger Gwartney, Beth Haile, Carol Henry, Lowell Holt, Billy Ray House, Dorothy Howard, Iames Hulsey, Iack Iernigan, Betty lean Iohnscn, Luke Kemp, Nancy Kite, Bar- bara Knighton, Bobby Lewey, Eugene Long, Bennie McElroy, Thelma Miller, Roy Nicholas, Iean Odom, Lawrence Orr, Ray Perkins, Sidney Peterson, Iuanita Prestidge, Thomas Puritoy, Don Rankin, Roger Rice, Clyde Roberts, Herbert Rogers, Billy Rutherford, David Sain, Vernon Schmeider, Iackie Sewell, Ioe Shurtleti, Fern Skinner, Neilson Stoltenborg, Steve Stone, Thelma Thomas, Wilma ToTrnsend, Mary Olive Wallace, William White, Roxie Wise, Bill Young, Page 40 bf Mt ww pfag i 4 nw ,V 'Q R . . vu. V , f:'?: 2 ORN :Af 0 The purpose of the Student Councll lS to secure by every means w1th1n 1lS power qentlemanly conduct and thought ul observance ot school requlahons on the part of the student body and to promote harmontous relat1ons between teachers and puolls The orqantzatron consrsts ot two members from each home room one elected by the students and the other one appomted by the teacher A pupll must rank as hxqh as C tn at least three full subtects wtth no fa1l1nq grades to be ehqrble for membershrp Nomtnatlons are made on the basrs of char acter scholarshlp SGTVICG and leadershtp rn school act1v1t1es Seated Marilyn Burns Charles French Alfred Mrssrldme Orace Edwards Harry Ochsenbem Vrrqmla Pelfrey Mary lean Belqs Kamelra Kay Tones Tommy Yadon Betty Sue Plulhps Betty Io Hale Coy Towry Wayne Terrell Barbara Kmgh on Standmq Mrs Aylme Sturdevant Trcrvls Coulter Ioy Dale Armstrong Barbara Orr Ioe Crow Gmqer Benson Ilmmy Phrlltps Nancy Schmerder Clyde Haak Baker Coulter Iohn Furqueron Buddy Mrller bn 1 IOY ARMSTRONG MARILYN BURNS V1cePres1dent TOMMY YADON SSCYBYUYY President , . - , A ., I , ' - . , W Q - A n ,. 4 - 5 1 '. , .,. 'R K l I Y ' . l - t - ! V s :L -. . 4 1 . A A 4, ., 1 -4 , Y I A 1 l 1 I . U I I . , . l . . I I I I 4 ' l A I I x E I ,any I "Y xX CHARLES RAMSEY Preszdent l IMMY H AMM V1C6Pf6S1d9Hf To be lmtlated mto the Natlonal Honor Soclety is one of the greatest honors that can come to a hlqh school student lmtxatzons are held bl annually one at the end of the flrst semester lmtlatmg only seniors cmd the other one at the end of the second semester admxt tmq only Juniors These 1n1t1at1on ceremomes are the most 1mDres we ones ln school Students admltted to the Society are Judqed on four prmclples-Character Scholarship Leadership and Service Natiunal Z5unnr Surwtg nf SPIHIIUHTQ Srhuula MARTHA PEEK Secretary RITA BURGESS Treasurer --1 -T-A A-Q-L LJ QW! 17 1 1 Seated Mrs Ellls Coy Towry Barbara O r Leonard Smlth Nancy Crark Peggy ONeal Marllyn Burns Albert G1st Marylu Nelson Dons Sorey Ioyce Sllvey B1lly Dean Elllot loyce P1erce Martme Collms Standmq Norma lean Rchers C T Hlnshaw Betty l-laltom Ann rney Ulvada Calley Rxta Burgess Charles Ramsey Martha Peek l1mmy Hamm lay Armstrong Dav1d Kmcley Pat Strayhorn Bobby Roberts TTGVIS Coulter Mr K B Davls Page 43 A8 ,u.l eq B- Q ff of gzmff 2 9 4 -an J' .f 'Www' u jf! QP, 'f l WT'-A l .flu Af V I5 " 453- 4:03-llbqlyrfor w 541' ,,, ilfmmtwg uv E I K I :G-4, i 'ua 0 ws. 'Y-s"e l -6-f' ,lv A L 'P'!'rIp,.,vI s fjgyn' 'Ll 'W 'Q'-.X ff62rfr" VIDA BARNES JIMMY HAMM BARBARA ORB Preszdent Vxce-President Secretary Treas ur-or Lvl? 375' 0, -of 't"'wl V of 31bqJ4fS,,I , J,gv4u-' ,,,, + The Ouxll and Scroll rs on Internatxonal Honorary So czety for High School Iournalxsts The purpose of the So clty IS to encourage more and better writing and to rec ogmze outstandmg work done by a number of students rn the held of Iournallsm gh! 1 ' 5 WT-.f v xii' bi NKJV! Q Wffirqp , Sponsor Mxss Kathenne Donham Members Ioy Armstrong Vxda Bames Rrta Burgess Nancy Crank Charles French Ixmmy Hamm Don Murphy Barbara Orr Linda Poole Ixmmy Ouxnn Bobby Roberts Theo Russell Dons Storey . I I. -- gn- Q, E ', ' Y f 1 Q , 5 '- , 1 tl f .A X .I ' '3-:T I ' 'Q ' 'T'-u . 1. ' ' l It - ' , -V, f, , iz ' ' -.l :J -V ' . ' . III . S L., , - ' an , - if I Ia.: A , , .'-' I:I, ,. If I 1'-Nfl." . " , Q, r diff! ' Ig 2 ' " -MI .-gt WL' ' I u ll -' A - ' Ia.. ,fo- ja-,gg-:fire R 0: 'I , 1 4 r g, , ,,. ,Q I y7,,7,,,l?,,II I II I I ,,-, . I. V , , -. . ' r- 4- -, w . -.., I, ,L-. ..,, - I- I ,- I. IQ-.,I,,ft..I,I,,, ' " "N ' . "?'+E5ff-ff 7:"T'. - - ' ' . 5 1'-'vi '24-,:' , 1g"n,1lf.I" g., ., ,415 ' . Y.-,,,,f.. f' ' - QI:-r ,,III ,. if-1, an ' " 4- l'-' J---. , 'L - -- -. - ..4 5 r' . l.v , 1, .. " - ,, , ,, sq. , - -- '-..1- - I' -9. l 1' 1 f Isrigf. .1 . I "' 1415. I W-1. '-z., - ' fx?'f" V ' -"J ?f'4f',-- '.-,' '.l. " "" ' .J"""a,'3b"-'?"iffL 1 3':,,,vt.1 Q" . -, I .-.' II IJ:-"A .4'g'A .,1 InI .v u .. - ,A I,,,n 1. I .I I, ,I . - .M f ,:,...""' r ' ,Q - ' ' -:v- . "' ' 'n , - , ' - :I 'ep 6" 15 , M.--'::w'1-Effort ' . ill.. r ' 1 .g r - '--wry: , ft, - -'E A lif e. N, QW I , I, I.,IIIIIII I ' .. l ". m y . . "lx-5. ' ' ,.:frJ:tIA,, . III, ,II P I I '5 I I., - 1 4 'Q ' A ,. I-7 . ,rI,l I . . "ani, . - . I . ' . . I 1'1" I 'V E I 7,1 ' I l ' 4 V' ' .1 F- .' ' .- " ' '-- 5"." ' -l r - . ' . -' ' , . ,. 4 V' A - - ,. at 1 -fr' '- - - ls - 'lf A - . " Q f. ' A., 1".i?"' l'- "A -'-""4' .' ... I' I . I .Ig - ., ,,, ,-A ' I Hr-.."7 ' 1 1 1 is IL + 1i."I ' ' ' , ' ' ff .. , 1-14 -' . 1 1 . " . -5-'QQZ-'9-"' - -1 . - . . RITA BURGESS Editor-in-Chief Ute er fi MRS. W. E. DeI.ONG Advisor 14. 0 , C 3 I 1 S Charles French Associate Editor Cynthia Luter Senior Editor Charles Ramsey Sports !ZrAer 3 'P if MR. W. E. COURTNEY Advisor Marilyn Burns Features Icy Armstrong Organizations MARTHA ANN PEEK Business Manager 40 1, It Bobby Poland Assistant Bus. Mar. Z SJ up '- '3- sx 1 Y W A A Nil Nancy Crank Mildred McCu.ller Dvvis Pat Strayhorn Vida Barnes Snapshots Junior Editor fxnzzr Eiztcr Art E'ii!fr TYPISY in 'Y '-U Barbara Orr Typist X aw J" y4':,K' LN Q05 qrr pry c l che 6 C helN1 Lcd Qc ie 1' ' O 1950X!YQnxfx0IS mms? -..A iinxw ' V- Lx' ,ff ' X n. I -5 1. ,MR Ms if W 7 -' U qi ' 'X :N 1 Published Monthly in ' by the a Iournalism fi' Class 1 , j Arr ff ZLM7 KAY DAVIS ANN CARNEY VIDA BARNES Feature Editor Society Editor Exchange Editor I 5 A 4. If -- ' J .... fy A A JS hr'- N 'E ICY ARMSTRONG IIMMY OUINN HELEN CAVER Afurring Editor Sports Ed1fCI Circzifaficrz Manager w.,-1 HLIA f'UH'QS2,L'.7 MISS KATHEYN DCNH. THEO RUSSELL Af'f'1SY'1f1! f-'riff Spcnscz Assisiont Bus, Mar. ' I y ,I I 1 NANCY CRANK Business Manager L 4 jufure ja erimen of .APAGHJGJ Standmg Mr W E MCGUIIQ Ioe Scott Tommy Burns Gene Prrce Larry Cunnmqham L C Rat ley Ierry Russell Thermon Iewell Elmer Caudle Seated Wrllram Flowers Freddxe Prtce Iames Wzlhrte I W PTICG Iames Braddock Lloyd Iones Noel Grxfhth Lewts Sewell Patsy Cram Erma gene Benson Helen Norwood HELEN NORWOOD IAMES BRADDOCK 'f' Dresrdent Vrce-Presxdent The F T A Club IS composed of Dlstrlbutrve Educatlon students that learn and earn m that they spend a half day m school and a half day at a productive Job In ad drtron to valuable hours of experxence on the Job the average mcome of these students durmg the school year IS near the S500 mark The purpose of the club ns to provxde for the discovery and development of talents and an outlet for them m busmess and socral OCTIVIIIGS Meetings are held at least once each month A number of soclals have been held durmg the year The big event of the year IS The State Conventxon held thls year in Little Rock Aslde from xts social actrvrtles the arms of the P T A can best be expressed by therr creed Page 47 ER MAGENE BENSON Secretary 1 A LARRY CUNNINGHAM Treasurer F T A CREED I Belleve In honest labor and earnest endeavor In servlce through leadershlp In cooperatlon of each and every worker In trarnlng of the mmd the development of character and mastery of the body That the achxevement of a true worker reveals hrs Ideals and fxnal a1ms That the supreme reward of a real craftsman ts expressed by Hlm who looked upon his work and sand It IS very good , D 'H I I students and students taking Auto Mechanics. They are it f 'P'-ni i Alhed Youth the largest organ1zat1on 1n Hrgh School has one hundred and forty mem bers Under the gu1dance of the sponsor Mr W E Courtney the organ1zat1on has had a very act1ve program Dor1s Baker Betty Baldw1n V1da Barnes Dorothy Baskett Ieanette Beeman Mary lane Beggs Beverly Bellus Gmger Benson M1ldred BlGq1Ol1 Glorla Blaxr R ymond Braswell R1 a Burgess l'4ar1lyn Burns :ae Barrus 1mmy C r e Y tr C .1 l 1on C err FIN Cam? IFS lane Davxs Kay Dav1s Elsa Dryer Pauline Eargle Barbara Eldrldge Charles Elkms Ahce Elhs Barbara Evers Tommy Farmer Bobby Fe guson e F l ry Loalse Ford am s F mes Freeman Cnarles Fren 1 1 my G rrer -1 'mort G15 e l- o '1 rrxs ra r yu y r U 1l rscn r Kel MEMBERS Cynth1a Luter Bobby lane Lynn Bertha Magee Murray Martin Sh1rley Mays Edlth McCask1ll Mtldred MCCu1ler Mary lv'cElroy May McGaha B11 MCGlll rles NcMellor' B1 ly MGIQS Ngncy Mll1lCfY Buady Mzller Lou Ann M1 che 1 y lwon lfcrman Moore rgxe core y L u1s Moore n Mu o Ne n rn Sf"'lI IU C Venn l 1 tsrnhcln Arn C Ne gv OlNe Barbara Orr Pat Owens Robert Palmer Mary lane Parsons Martha Peek VIYQIHIG Peltrey Margaret Ph1ll1ps Lmda Poole Frances Pope lY1S Porter S eve Powell Carolyn Prather Bessre PTICE Charles Ramsey Gall Reagan Kenneth Reag Norma lean Reber treo Russell l 1n S lwancy Scnmredrr kerncr Sthmrea D vtd Scoggms e C 3 ,IDS JD sv S1 w 'NI n f Shults lov e Snvey R by S'n1'h ,dm will S B1lly Staggs Bea Stewart Norma Stewart Mary Lee Stone Merle Stone Dorls Storey Larry XGHHGT Shelby Tanner Wayne Terrell DOYIS Thomason Coy Tovvry Edwm Tucker Srssy Turner Sue Vest Dectcer 'Nade- Delores Warrel o n Je bro K Alex W1ll1arns lf tsv VVI l1 rnson W nd W1lson P x1e VVISG E rlene Vlorks Them' Works to n XVorley -l1rr1et Wren VI Lee Baney har ene Iones Nancy Chea 'tart' LLIED YOUTH 0' is fjMjfv af. J Presldent RITA BURGESS CHARLES HODDE A Tfeusurer Vfe-Preszdent The TRAVEipiilj1-TER Allied Youth ew is a teen-aqe organiza- tion designed to help young peo- ple learn the facts about alcohol and face the social pressure for drinking. It is an organiza- tion that knows youth, that speaks youth's lanquaqe, that wins youth's interest because it is positive and it works. BOBBY FERGUSON Photographer x' .1 btflftfe QGC 8115 0 IWLQPLCQ nf- ,Z LEONARD EDDY President Z' F 1rst Bow Wayne Terrell Roger Fuce Leonard Eddy Martha DUVIS Second Row Coy Towry Mrldred B1aq1ol1 Beth Andrews Martme Collms Marllyn Burns Mlss Iuamta Baldwm .Alma Orr Betty l-laltom Vlva Buhler 1:7 Thlrd Bow Bobby Hammock Alvan Sullxvan Bobby Slmms Harriet Wren Paulme Earqle 94711 55 as Q 5 WAYNE TERRELL Treasurer ALMA ORR Secretary MARTHA DAVIS Vlce-Freszdent lhe Futu e Tec Che-re f Arnerlca lS a statew1de crqamza tlch of hlqh 5 hccl Qtudents whe are mtereeted m the teachmq r at estcn Thms craamzatxort IS sro uscrea by Mlss luamta B xldwm The general a Q of the FTA are to recrutt mto t a 111113 aut ltled hlqh SCflfOl r nd C lleqg students to elevate the ff 101 hma rn Seton and to further llll rr ve The attltude ff stud me t ward teach na as a prcfesslorl Page 50 K I Q 7 , ! jd I ' . -',, ' r ,fl I ,: 1 . . A v ' . , I 1. - - - . .a ' 1 , 27 . X , Y M , I 1, , 'i - A ,J -tflhlg E li rx ,X - f S 5 Jr A . ' ' A x N f ' ' Q. ' . 1 1 im' . . . , ' ' ec: li :LQ .iff 1 a , 2' , , e stiuidards t the ,r if ' " ,J vfe ' - :Q ,, Q ., .1 a Cv , 1 Q. 9 -te., iv 1 .Nh MRS. SIDNEY SMITH Sponsor Henrietta Clements Norma lean Roberts Bessie Price len nie Carol Needham Grace Shoemaker Betty Hale Betty Sue Watson lean Iohnson Ietta Smith Clara Whitney Mildred McCuller Bessie Franks Cynthia Luter Ioyce Pierce Betty Ann Haltom Nyla Smiley Kay Iones Bar bara Orr Coy Towry Bertha Magee Mildred Biagioli Mrs Sidney Smith Martha Peek Vida Bames Alice Ellis Nancy Crank Helen Caver Peggy ONeal Edith McCask1ll Vzr gmia Arterbury Betty Sue Phillips President Betty Sue Phillips Vice President Iennie Carol Needham Secretary Treasurer Bertha Magee Reporter Vida Barnes The Library Club is composed of members of the student library staff. Its purpose is to improve the library service of the school- to stimulate reading interests- and to promote staff loyalty. Duties performed by the monitors are: aid- ing in the selection of books, circulation of books, library housekeeping, mechanical prep- aration of books, mending, care of periodicals and newspapers, bulletin board and display work, clerical work, reference work, cataloging and order work. OE Pdf? Page 51 Frrst Row Sandra Tackett Bxll McG1ll Gerry Teasley Nyla Smrley loann Loper Owen Krrkley Norma Sue Landes Rrchard Arnold Steve Powell Baker Coulter Roger Gwartney Second Row lean Atlcmson Dor othy Hrlton lane Braqrolr Mary Cecrl Hall lrmmre lo Bealle Robert Palmer Brlly Paulson Sarah Grrshom Davrd Whrte Natalre Hoffman Ray Perkms Florence Works Thrrd Row lohn Hodge Mrs Sturdevant B1lly McManus Kenneth Ochsenbeln Davrd Orr Gus Camp Tommy Black Wxlber Howard Leta Io Taylor Not rn Prcture Garl Reagan lean lones Betty Walker MOTTO LABOR OMNIA VINCIT OFFICERS Presldent Baker Coulter Vrce Presrdent Steve Powell Secretary Ioan Loper Cagldflll ,J6lI'Ll,:5A f A MOTTO EL EIERCICIS I-IAC? MAESTRO Presrdent lean Iohnson Vrce Presrdent Martha Davrs Secretary Treasurer Marvrn Avance Fxrs Row Netxe lean Odom Be y lo Hal Mary Jean Beqqs 5 lf M ,ky P ulrne Earqle Harrle Vlren Coy Towry Second Row Mane Spxros Betty H lorn l n 1 hnsor' Burrus Nancy Sn.1ls Elrzabeth Albruton Thlrd Row Davrd Scoqgrns lohn Sallrs K in 5 M f' oth, Barstce ' Halle Mary Frances Arterbury Bea Stewar Nerl Lamb Brlly En t Don Murp y Fourth Row Ola Ann ONeal lames Wrse Martha Davr Patrrcla Mote Roy Narren ha ra acl ms Esr Dryer Pat Sraylcorrr Martme Collms lxmmy Qumn Frfn RON Charles French Grace Fd wards G crae crbett Mrs Rath Pom by Clyde Roberts Iohn Nxper Bobby Roberts Morrrs Hale Tecra a Eddy lfarvrn lxvance U .-. Wm- -1... iw- as-null... mmm "'w""" . r. - . - r ",, u .. .. , f t , .t , it e, , a. ar .. , a , t , . . , t at , 9, V ., , r T , ' . ' : ' ' , ' , e. e'n P1 ey, lflzy fxjfliil, Dar " f ' -tt, Be.h ' A I ' ll' - L- . , ,, t, M, . o., .. . . . , .R , . , 7 r.. ,. ,, , . . , bl . . - A -- , A 9 . T A A, ' Y: ', .' ,ecC.,, - , , , , , .. l I '. A , . V I , . ., 4 , , . 1' 4 M W ,,, ,Q .-1 , I , , . X K 5. t . X t . t , , . Q l" J' .t x- ' 1 , V! . .. .I ffwxf.-,V - ' 3. ' ft- ,. , " fx , N 'L " 'W r v. -5, L V , , -, ,gg i -,. I H1660 Cf A e5 IIMMY HAMM IOYCE SILVEY HARRY OCHSENBEIN PAULINE EARGLE Presrdent V1cePres1de-nt Sergeant at Arms Secretary MISS IUANITA BALDWIN Qponsor The Radro Club IS a new add1t1on to our school curnculum thrs year It IS composed of students 1nterested 1n speech and other rad1o techruques The arms of the club are to promote better programs over the rad1o to encourage student part1c1pat1on on programs and to develop w1th1n the stu dent the ab1l1ty to speak correctly and dlSl1I1CllY Slnce the school has weekly rad1o programs we feel the Rad1o Club makes the programs more mterestmg and helps acquamt the publ1c wxth the var1ous act1v1t1es of the school. Page 54 Nw afrmoneerb Y B Pot Strayhorn Bobby Roberts 'Wrtbur Howard. Second Bow: Maryto Netson. Bobby irst ow: ' V ' B. MM , X y Dedton. Ferquson, Lorrxl Tonner, Bobbw' 'XA-Ummcck' Mum! Mmxm' X' X 5 O 2 tx r xx fewer O I pm K o ooh wx. -4 J ,ua-ff" 0 irst Row: X. .MiHs Merrnon M1 er Raymond BYGSWEH S e ONeoX Nome E words, Louise Upchurc Grnqer enson drthd DGV15 Second Row: Leonard y David W ite, Lynn u rn Bt ty ubbcxr Ben xB Mote, Beth Andrews, Xudy Hopkins Coy 'Yowry Betty Ann Hdttorn and Mnored n N r y Urrdrv Peoqy r Petrerndn Derr n obrxson M rns Patsy 1 c rn De o es o ce orn Xeon bo Peek DGvrd Scoqq Mart Broqxoh pxonrst MR. WALLACE VAN SICKLE Director . If V b: X I A fam-, 'I' 'fs-Q ' Rv QJZOPAQC - MARYLU NELSON BLANCHE OCHDLlYDLlN A I. B. MILLS gan! Drum Major daily- 5-7g,, K ,Q .Y-,s A Bb if J .M -f-3 f ,1 --ix, .-,l Jahe Q fm-A 'Mgr haw, U7' ' PCQK an . s-JK- v Kap: If i -5 at com 'N Q il0lqT3' 5111.5 I 1-ta, ,Q A-rs in-1 sf. gacg an flze Qian! 5255175 M V.-if-5, Tw '-5,,-NN .., R N XX N 'fx 5 Kg!-'N f ! , 1 BILLY IACK PRATHEH Tackle I I. x ' -x I v TOMMY BLACK End gl XX N WILSON WALLACE Manager V X o X . ' 4 Q H. C. MOORHEAD Back IOE CROW Back I - X l U ui: J 5' 6 4 I ' I w ,G Q, I GENETUWARD Gqard N gv ! yxl .xx fs A ff? " if --" ,.v HAYDEN COE Back 5 X I CHARLES RAMSEY Center L f I X N 'W rf I '..f , ,, ff f X LEON PENSE f ' Coach 4 41 X WALLACE PITTS Assistant Coach N ,QI A - 4' I P IIMMY CARTER Back i GUS KENNEDY IIM COOK Guard Tackle X MARVIN BRYANT End 1 1 . li LEONARD SMITH Manager X i Q . I , , I 'ff' Q A ,- - TRAVIS COULTER Back X W TOMMY YADON DECKER WADE Back Back GENE W 2nd A trxcf 5 MARVIN BRYANT End S CHARLES RAMSEY Cenier Honorable MGUYIOH Llttle A11Amerxcan Honorary Captam of Al1D1stnct lst Team IIM COOK Tackle 2nd Team A1lD1str1ct GUS KENNEDY Guard 3rd Team All Dlstrlct 2nd Team A11Sicrte TOMMY BLACK End 457 BILLY PRATHER Tackle 3rd Team A11 DISTIICY DECKER WADE N Back lm TOMMY YADON Bock lst Team All Dxstrxct f-E1 HMMY CARTER 1 Back ii yfffhx HAYDEN COE A f if Bock f T IOE CROW Bock I H C MOORHEAD Bork TRAVIS COULTER Back 31d Team A11 State I . fl 4 :Y , K L .I al I, ff' in . ' nf - ' i ., i . A ' I l jif C. . Or HL! 52" L73 Ixqv 4-" 1, ,Q-X -., Vg fri , 4, A V ' 'A '71, ff V, K . i X M A , ' 1 ,4 M 'A . . f ' f yxw C H in 1-Q sir '-my 5 . N Q. A ' "1 ax., A ,i M' 5 126g X 1 T ' . V7 I , , , X! J:-'fa yk , I 0 V Af cf , 5 - 5 K ' f, Y Y x f . .. .... ROY IERNIGAW FRANCIS SMALLWOOD Bock Guard JIMMY QUINN End 539 THAD STANDFORD End CLYDE SMITH ' ' Back U GERALD IOHNSON ' Bock T ZWY' HINSHAW Back I' , 'Y .!1.u ! 1 ' I . 1 ' 1 I I l V . Q, 1 I fl C. . i , 1 , ' ' I ! I I. HARRIS Guard RAY CROWSON End l ORACE EDWARDS End IACK WILLI Tackle J vi? ROBERT BROOKE Back IOE KILLIAN End ALWYN LINDSEY Guard JU S24 ao 'F' 3147 E Quan as yt! 157 IAPS 5' as as 37 Z, WQZOPAECA 6Z FITST Row L on ra S'n1In Man cg r lce Crow Francis S'n rwccd Hayden C Decker Wade llmmy Carter R T Ha YIS C T Hrnslnaw Reber Br oke lacy: Wrllxarns Wxls n Wallace Man qer Second Row I-1 C Moorhead Baker ault r Tr v1s Coul' r Marvm Bryant Clyde Smlth Roy , rnrqan Alwyn Lindsey Gus Kennedy Thlrd Row Coach L n Pens llm Cook Thad S anf rd Tae Kxllran Ray Crow cn Tommy Black Gerald Iohnson lcmmy Yad Cn rles R nes v Ilmrny Oulnn Bllly Pra Her Gene 'Vard Ccacn Wall P115 MM -fi 0 0l'VLOf'8 qua, in Frrst Row Sh on Akm Alvm Su 1V lyde Llaalf Roy I rnxq n Kenn H Reaq n I K Gray a ner R'1y Car er Izmrry Hulsey Second Row Cofr H Wa lace Pl s Ierry Brown Tommy Farmer Ixmmy h Roy Nrcholas Roger Rlce Wayne Terr ll Alfred Mxssrldme Vernon Scnmxeder Lawrence Orr Donald Hear ot om Charles Elkms Bllly Temple Buddy Mlller Page 69 85lftl'l'L9 O .SZLZJOVL NASHVILLE 0 RAZORBACKS O Arkansas Highs Razorbacks bl W wo golden opportunities to score in the late stages of the game but held the high flylng Nashville Scrappers to a nothing to nothing deadlock The Porkers scoring chances were set the scatback ability of Iimmy Carter and the puntmg of Hayden Coe Slippery ground hindered both teams but the Hogs seemed to get the edge on the fumbles NORTH LITTLE ROCK 7 RAZORBACKS 7 Little Rocks North Siders came from behlnd to tre the score seven all Texarkana outplayed the Wlldcats for three quarters unt1l an intercepted pass set up the visitors lone tally A Wildcat scooped one of his own fumbles out of the air to score the touch down The Hogs scored in six plays from their own thirty eight yard hne Decker Wade took a North Little Rock punt on hrs own 38 yard hne and took It to the Wildcats 35 A Iohnson to Black pass was completed to Hayden Coe to the 2 yard l1ne After a trult less attempt through the middle Wade scor ed on an end sweep vw ' f ' 'iff The Porkers exhzbrtmq some oi their Ime defensive tactics ' ' t up by the driving ability of H. C. Moorhead, - - - - - . Coulter hits pay dirt Utter an 85 yard dash. MAGNOLIA 6 RAZORBACKS 18 Red cmd White represented both sides in this gridiron clash, but the Texarkana boys came through with flying colors. The Arkansas Razorbacks made their bid for the district champs with this victory over the Panthers. H. C. Moorhead scored twice for the Porkers. Travis Coulter played his best game of the year with an 85 yard dash to pay dirt. CAMDEN 6 RAZORBACKS 7 Coach Leon Pense's Razorbacks came from behind to slap down the mighty Carn- den Panthers to a 7 to 6 count. The Porkers fought for one whole quar- ter before giving up a touchdown to the Panthers. The Hogs certainly did not like the thought of a defeat and showed it the last half when they came back with a bal- anced all-rounded attack. The Razorbacks simply outlasted the Camden Panthers and surprised them with a left-handed Statue of Liberty pass from Stanford to Black. HOPE 7 RAZORBACKS O For the first time the Razorbacks went into a game on an even basis but dropped a badly needed district game to the Hope Bob- cats, a district rival. The Porkers received a blow just after the half when "Red" Ward was slightly in- jured. Later Gus Kennedy was hospitalized with a badly pulled knee. Travis Coulter, Hog back, missed the game because of a broken nose. The Razorbacks had very few breaks and failed to cash in on any of them. SMACKOVER 0 RAZORBACKS O Smackover's Buckaroos played for a break thai they never got in a do-or-die con- test on water-soaked Buhrman Field. Practic- ally every time Smackover took possession of the ball their punter went into action. The Bucks hoped for a fumble by a Porker safety- rnan and a recovery by a speedy back or end. ' In every quarter the Razorbacks started a drive but never hit pay dirt. PRESCOTT 6 RAZORBACKS 37 El. DORADO 19 RAZORBACKS 0 L1 tle lrrnrny Carter l35 p und scatback ran fi ld to celebrate l-lorre mrra ln t e corset Carter cored 24 pornts Crow sccrea o polnts and Wad scorea 7 C ter oroke l os rn the same play tw ce W1 h n two rrmute to score from the Prescott 47 and 49 respectrvely th last nlnute of play th porkers scor d on a 4l yara pa s from Yadon to otton pentalty FORT SMITH 7 RAZORBACKS 7 Texarkana Hogs threw a haymaker rnto Fort Smrtts Grrzzlres for the fourth t1e ot the season Texarkana scored sev n mnutes deep tn the it st quar er after lolnson had led the Porks from mld held Wade scored the extra pomt The Grtzzlres rrade a Qo yard noarch to knot the score The dr1v was led by Buddy Moore all state back Page 08 Buly Ballard turned loose a powerful aer al attack aqarnst Texarkanas Porkers Th R zorbacks kept the W'1ld ats trcrn sccr na h frst halt but he ettcrts of h Bal lara Garhnqtcn cornbrnatron whtpped th Razcroacks three touchdowns TEXAS TlCERS 32 RAZORBACKS O lerry Norton lead the Texas Txaers to a cru hrnq 320 vtctory over the Razorbacks Only hree trnes rn the '34 years ot and rrvalry betw en the schools has a Razorback eleven taken such a drubbrnq The s ore was not much to remember he la t game for but Arkansas root rs al o ren errtber rt s not who won cr lost but how we played th qc ne The Porkers that have played for A tcr I la ttr e ludc Rober Brcc-ce ar vm Bryant lrmn y Carter Hayden Coe lrrn Cook Travrs Ccu ter R L Harms C T Hrn shaw Gus Kennedy Alwyn Llndsey H C Moorhead Brlly lack Prather lrrnrny Oumn Charles Ramsey Frances Smallwood Deck er Wade Gene Ward Tommy Yadon 41 T. , O , T . , . his, wtf , A s . co . ' A ' Ah 3 ck Q - y e T a '. c ., - - fs ' w f .2 l 1 4 Q . , e . ar ' ' H V ' ' Q 9 ' I 3 -v i 'I 1 :C . . A Q H , l. -s , ' ln e r ' e - e ' s . Wade, but it was nullified by a backfielddn- , , , 7 Q , t A . 1 k 1 , , L 1 A 9 Q c lc t t X s , e s s . . 3 1 . . . , ' ' 1 A A 1 f 7 , e 'r V. ' A e xr' . . N fuel s 'rx inc -1: 1 X l M - N lf lA '1 C N I 1 l 1 4 Al 1 1 I . W . . , 1 , . . , . . - , J , , . . . . . t x A ' ' . A e A I I - I - . I A u !f?a4AeL'Aa!f y l I Basketball Squad Kneelmg I W Peavy Gene Pnce Decker Wade Standzng Kenneth Anthony Ierry Brown Tommy Black Tommy Yadon Wayne McMellon RAZORBACKS COMPLETE MOST SUCCESSFUL CAGE SEASON SINCE 1942 Coach Leon Pense s Arkansas H1gh Razorbacks f1n1shed 1n a h1gher DOS1 t1on accordlng to state stand1ngs than has any other Porker team sxnce 1942 Throughout the year the Parkers were usually underdogs But the hustl1ng hard f1ght1ng crew advanced as far as the State AA Quarter fmals 1n L1ttle Rock The Razorbacks went 1nto the State play offs as heavy underdogs Accord 1ng to most sports wrxters tme Porkers would fall as easy v1ct1ms to the Lavaca Golden Arrows but the fmal score was Arkansas Hugh Razorbacks 49 Lavaca Golden Arrows 43 In the quarter f1nals the Razorbacks met the rmghty Ionesboro Hurncanes The game was nxp and tuck the entlre game W1th only a very few seconds to go the score stood 49 to 50 1n favor of the red and whlte Ionesboro stole the ball and was headxng for a perfect crlp shot In desperatxon Yadon fouled the player IH hopes he would m1ss the free throw But hxs hopes were ln vam The score at the end of the game was as even as they come- 50 to 50 Razorbacks ga1ned a three po1nt lead but lost 1t and fell behlnd by one po1nt The fm al score was 54 to 53 Even 1n the d1str1ct 7W tournament the Razorbacks were underdogs but probed ,.f themselves by takmg an X easy 70 36 vlctory over the A kadelph1a Badgers for the d1str1ct crown In the 1950 season the Por kers won I5 games and lost Coach 12 mls Asslstant Coach LEON PENSE WALLACE Pms Page69 . . 1 - - ' - Q ' In the overtime period the , l U Al .N I I t 5 ' ' ' U s . V I. I If T -ec" , r ' - 11 U 4 I x X - axe S! .K 5' 19 X , ' 1 10 X F ' u ' 4 J X6 H N 25 A13 S xv, V' I 7 4 'ff -ff ' il IQ if KS 2 4 ,ff 1 Us PLZC R '- LAP' 4 -n raft Fxr t Row VV1lson Nallcce Lawrence Orr Ilmmy Carter Deck r Wade Tommy Purxfay Sherman Brlmer I E l1van Herm n Mlller Ray Crowsan Ray Carter Steve Po vell and Billy Hubbard Secona Row Ioe Crow Hayden oe VJ xyre Terrell lack Iermaan Baker Coulter Clyde P-laak B111 lVlCG1lr Ioel Harr1s Orace Edwards ard Ierry Brown Tlnrd Row Lecrnard Smuh T ddy Glodden Jernon Schmreder lxmmy Garner Tommy Black Gus Kennedy Ray lernlqcr and Alvln Sullrvan Fourth Row Herman Hamllon l W Peavy I1rnrr1y PL11lllPS Iohn K1ll1an Ice Kll han B1llylVl1qs and Bxlly House Not hown rn pxdure Dan McClure VV1lllGm McCormack Blll Whne Wxllram Kemp Don Ranl-cm Donald Hlaqlnbotham and Kenneh Anflanv 009 , swf- COACH PITTS COACH PENSE 66119 jd K lm ' Q54 6 QQPACLCJQPJ 'ig may J GAS AX 1 'IS wi ww VM MARTHA ANN PEEK YQQAET V- If-K . " -1"'v5f3'a-.5 . 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' mfzzvi., ixllf 'hr-:O his ?'fP'5T1 :cnc ga " 4 ' E 5 I , - ' 2. , 121- 8 A NV " f . .. A, , 51,1 V, I - '1' m ' l 7 f , ,f . , Y i W rf .4 f ,L Ai A . lx N, -m 1 I ' ' A -,,,,::". - . gm A I 'J' ,.' . "--1 .' A112 em' 1 X " - 3. 1 I A4 ' Q 1 A " z La :fied 'ffl icaks-new, thzfs f ' ' I. B. . 'A K y EQ: lc:-ks fx .-.'t 'nl E1-'s get iiy VL 4 '- Z1r- "a A f' V ' E515 :'?:x,xc" - ' truss cs 2 shining N ' Q A SPH. r Z, - 3' . a' ' ' . Q ' , , 9.-Q, . . 1' A .4 ,H 1? W, Vz4,,,Jvfm1,!,,,,,, ' Q .',,,,, a ,- -li' She walks in a room and their hearts are a fluher ' Some try to. speak but can only stutter. ' "Baby-doll I qo for you Here's where I meet my Water- oo. , , r .V 1 .. 3 J r ,af ,IA ' mm 0 .ff How does xt feel to have females stare At each httle wave m your dar lm hour? It must be great to be hke you You re the cutest fellow we ever knew' ,pil gynf za Jufer Culeilf K Q 'i s +P: 55: 9 ahh? lecler 171111141 Ciuledf Z? y 'Q A' . Gr H -. X X . , in C J . . . N, ' I . :Af - ft .D . I V."-E , -1 A ' .I -,'-'.': 11 , 3 , . x 5, .F 5 .. f .' , fy '. - -X gt .Ir 1 U 'V J, xv.. iii. .v 'f' 'L - , 1 -. A 5 ' 5113, -- it, get . ny , xlixu . .- k ,, . r ' - V ' ,A Q zS:'j'f. j'.-QV.-. iff. y -,-Qc ff Q ' Q.,-z A...11,y1-- 3, wi..-A.. A Y., 1 on wtf, , 131,321 . r l I' ,r, . ' 3-1219 '-Fug,-1, fl '.f'.,'f'-,' 13, . 1325- - .5-..':,f, . X EQEYX, :.,.,, Q n -Q.-:ffl . . in -I .gf in was ,- 'Q .' .,-, A- I-'pl 'Q A 1 f , 1 - ai -f l 'VW " V -ll- " ri. ., '- - 'f "'."-"ff 'L -KY' - 1- ,H 122, 5:'7'f-'ln -V: ,,5sf:L?'M - 0 We in ?' as 41 -,IL " 'I .f' 'ff' Her days are spent in giving- not receiving The secret of her charm is in I believing , Thgt the way to have CI friend is- To be one. ,L ., -' i K marlAa Rael, Wai Rim! 16' , SQA" Could you forget kindness laugh ter and fun? Forget the dear warmth thcxts sent from the sun? iillluf Forget some one whos mild as Q lamb? Then youll never forgel one limmy Hamm' .-""'.:" lr' ill 5'-'su .- V91 VFJH. :si vu. HVLIYI-y .!4!amm, Wo!! popugzr 1 1 I x . 1 , ,ff . . . , ' ' . f . X 4 if T T T I A ff f i, J 1 r W K I X ,, ,Q ' I 5' i .4 ar ir 4.. K f K , hgxf' mx A 5 t 1 S. sr k , K' - rn, ,,. ' 1536! S ll 222 fi '1111111Hf'ii'?" " ,ls 4 ' ' J -..-,J-" 2 xi "' I ., , 'jsp -- t , ' , -- . 1- ""f71iT1Q"'- - ' -"":ji2g:3:-gfy.-7 '. , 5 "4 1 fa A. I 'fq,SS1i.:1L.g:gIgQ.f.f . . . . - . ,. . tu V t I, ci ...-.1. 1 . .. f 4 '-,. 4- .-- l',,:, v. -1- -:-I 5-3. -,:..:"4gZ.-- - Ag L. 4 S ' 1 ' V: ,' ff"-'Q-f I-.SAV TN- . -.-.-.-'J-'I-':..., '- , - ' is, ,, "" 711f??5'55,g-., ' ffl, :TS . fm. ' E71 IS CH' es 'n H m dem 'xd m sccxa wlurl H shmq smlle rd NEC scmeness Add a lc c cdr 1' prmess nl" 1- Durmq the Season of 49 Ramsey was steadfast on the lme In foo ball ne made a real fme center But m frxendshzp and work hes also a wmner 'll-ff' ,,. 4 15 J .jazz Jgrmdfrong, at L! ga Y' AWK K LZ.-gn-q ir i Clara! pamdey Et .xdifgmncf gg Lfa g4rge.M, Wat .fdcfwe 'N L4 i 'f CALII' 0.4 jfPnCA, WO! .fddllll y A . 21' -f -.Il v A .,, ,,.,..,..-.-., l , - 1'-41,3 1, - When Ritds gone from Senior High be reynerr ered av n kwcw why? Bet S es c worker Uwd pu rc no e '1 vw A 01' 'H' Hes 9 -N1 cmd knows wczy VHS9 S0716 I-'S Hell ke Lo ms f .,.L.,b -4Q"x 'I-r 3' X Swe t and mnccent as a daxsy The ype qxrl never to oe calted azy Ioyce s wmnmq Nays and many sm: s W111 take her on he fame road for many m11es if'-2' 20 ogce .gidfefb f mol Qgfvefl f Succee jlylfrfl kyj 174 f' aff' fb- Travls kind words Hxs many thoughtful deeds Make hlm the type boy That always succeeds ok 41-"V -....4"'. 1 java Coufhr, My Was! :salary to .guccual r I - . T A I' A . .- D z I 4 N ' 'Ie . 1 5 , , ' , A ' 1 C ' , 4 L- 4 1, A 5 . P, I . I y ' Qi' 5 ' 1 o LJ 1 Q pf, V 1 1 .91 4 1 .a a ' f 1 . A i . , . I 1 Q J! ' , 75. , . 4 . 1" 1.4 .Zend Eorey, at .Zuma Z" -ui'7' rr' . A I x t I X, ,, ,,.-. ,' . 2' .szzggig KU! arena! My I -dvi' We 11 always remember Dons For bemg so styhsh cmd neat From the top of her shmy harr To the tlps of her tmy feet ekfff- Clcthes make the man the crrrc braqs nt mn the case Staqqsp Though his duds' may be the talk of the town Its his marvelous charm hat gets him around. ,N N , . 'H ' 1",' wir' en we pelc 0' a femt athlete Lie en Caver Just cant be be-at Shes on the ball andf loaded w1tH humor Shes destmed to use-thats not 1ust a rumor 'UW N! Y? MMM' w,ff't YB .s J-xwuuwn. Fate gave Tommy the wlll t w1n If he should lose he starts over aqam In hte as m football hell be the same He ll pull for the team and forget about fame unix.. 9 .JQIQLI1 6auer, Wo! .xgf!LLfLc f 'ls in jzmmy yacJon, Wat .x4fALfu: Z? fl "'-,A -f' ' -- f"2'T'P. J" Q 7 'K Wh , s a . .a'e , V ,l A ' I I S? " ,E Qi R ' 'fl ' n effv lfsb. , l v fx , 9' 50 1 4 ' QI' .N I ,ff B f h ,E . , 'fi-azz' --f' H "f N g.Q..z'1: .xr rf X .ft Y . O I A -n qt v rf, i " , . I If ' IJ s hs . ' t an f v xl " vu F A , A ' o Egg? f W f .jfrfafzozu 1?- I N ,. x. Myne W Weffn, mo! jzrfafzoud 9 wi 4 . as skies- thfnfs Peggy O'NeG1. "If her eyes me blue If she-'s smiling all the thct's Peggy O'NecI, Sweef personality-full ny- ThGT's Peiey O'Nea1. s P gr V r mm A ketbxll team An hee, qot v' m ke quls Gtr IY1 Che SW wlmc from own ev S whiie- of rcsccl- 5--I' Pcs T 4 , ' V ' ' v . - - .4 '- , I f . 1, ,., u' b fx Y - l ea , 0.4 I ' f 4 1 1 '- I , , W 'Vue 1, H V 1 K 4 . MA , X W Y 1 ' 11- He' A H-fci A Q or iize 13-15- A ' A . - h , d '. .'.1f11 it 11. 4 C wh . . ' tixfse liiq 1, 'U , ,I R hr ' ' e e- xv K 'X xx - ' - ...V-, 5 vuwgx A -..J-. ,. 'ft . ' : ,i .V-35 ' L: . .2 1 T-""'+ff: ! ' 1 f ' -:t........ gg I f f Qpzzpzz: '- :. -5 . , 'ff - . I QF es 4, J .K 5 x . . . , I , ..--. k 5, 1' ' ' A A H ' 1" c o A ' ZZ: .-1 Ann C n ,I KI' N qu 'J os L oL1,bl lo's of J y lo o world N ys he mn s e nd best A N o r cr w are he-Glen bles XJKMWX iff! Carney, weefeif 49nlT" Q-.dx Bobby IS one of lhose chosen ew Who belong to that famous N H S crew ln lnqh school h1S horns won hm fame As m llfe hls clcxrmet w1ll g Wllh bls name EM? mark, ljfadd mudzczan af' gf Z? y gergudon, C-Zu! edfer 04" kj Xi zmmy umn, Cya!! peel - .- ' . ' 49 1 . v -1 I ,,a Bobby IS loaded Wllh corny Jokes But when he tells em 11 tlckle folks Hope and Costello wlll both Iurn blue When Ferqy s lop qoqmmn IH 62 .... :B 'Q Sxmple thmqs ID cz poem: way WYIIHQ Comes exsy cr o y lxke Oumn W1'h oll h1s talent he wlll surely w1n 3511? 044 09 . , Ax, I 1 lv f C f M f If ' l 7 ,Q ' It must be nice to be able to sczy A -,',-Q! 'z' - f' f ho Q. W 4' ' .A l l . . 4 u Y, l ' . - U I - - ' " . .Q .. ' 1 ' ,' If . "!! - x XX - V - I ' '- ' l . o 4 1 N Q 3 of lfl,gALl'Lg A COMIDELIRIOUS MYSTERY FARCE IN 3 ACTS Drrectors W E Courtney and Kathryn Donharn Bndqet Mulquoon Betty Ann Haltom Krm Waller Tommy Upton Levr Hackett Gus Iones Peachre Iones Otto Swartz Drana Dalhart Marrlla Dalhart Krtty Prke Iona Prke Ghost Grrl Ghost Man Larry Tanner Dav1d Krrkley Bobby Ioe Srms Bobby Ferguson Martrne Colhns Don Murphy Martha Peek Frances Pope Nancy Crank Dorrs Storey Ahce Elhs Albert Grst Juss- h-ff' Frrst Row Mrss Kathryn Donham Martme Collms Alxce Elhs Betty Ann Haltom rrances Pope Nancy Crank Martha Peek and Dons Storey Second Row Mr W E Courtney Bobby Fe quson Albert Grs Don Murphy Larry Tanner Davrd Klrkley and Bobby Ioe Srmms Page 91 75 L ON we-vQ?'X CYxD"-VX N P EN bsawe Hr-N Q0 N1 XNB 'W Whit .3 is 1 iff' H uw- .ir-fn W MQW A-TN Pass 50994 - I AJ! hbh ni' A v 6 '.f?Q . ' wi 1. f f" 5A 2 'U l - 'aa V ' H L 1 ' . ' -A ' V ' Q L Af ' , bf, r ' 'X .M K-Q.. .a dl, gy x 'Q X , N I' ' H' n - '- ,xi a I ' B .41 . H' 2 "' 4 .uhh ""' E 4 5 V 3 , O A ' ff . I M W -iv ' , K 1 Q ' IW ' X ' I 1 V ' X 5' ' f lr-. w .Q kb . ff W . - '. '- .. L ' ' ,fr , ,wmv ,F g VJ V ', S 5 Q . s IA' V 5. ff 'MJ .X . -s I f J.. 1 Agri h , 'I - . . ,JT lr, I I I-fn qs' 4 V I 51-,L-' 'nv Y' A 11 I ' " 1' ' ' 3, W l '5 ' 3 - . ' - 4'-Q I 1 I , . ' , 4 .' J .fl f ' ' ' i wrnn -4, . , . x .. 641,55 lg I9 ec? Berng a reporter on one of the top news papers has Jts advantages Recently I was assrgned to cover the openrng of the new productron The Buttercup In that asslgn ment I got thrrll and pleasures that I hadnt counted on When I walked 1nto the lobby lookmg for the manager who should he be but Charles Hoddel Charles told me that he had become owner of the threater Just three years before He told me that several of our 1950 classmates were workmg rn th1s play asrde from therr regular work and that he would be glad to show me around Out front sell1ng ttckets were Clarzce A1 len and Anrta Burke w1th Carroll Davrs as doorman I admrred the tr1cky posters and soon found Charles French deserved credtt for them Just as tn h1gh school On h1S staff were Pat Strayhorn Bessre Franks and Paulme Eargle I-Iandrng out programs were Brlly Ellrott Wanda Crowell and Leonard Eddy Stand mg at the entrances of the arsles were Larry Cunnmgham and Gene Przce who Charles sa1d were very good ushers It was t1m for the play to start hghts dxmmed curtam about to be rarsed musrc swelled from the p1t and I saw I B Mrlls swtngrng the baton Wllh h1s pretty blonde wxfe Martha Peek at the prano I d1dnt rec OqI'11ZG any of the mus1c1ans but no-yes rt was Bzlly Staqgs wlth the Cornet Ioy Deaton playmg the marrmba Iohn Furqueron wrth the trumpet Curtls Kelm pumpxng the French Horn Irmmy Thatcher Wllh the barrtone and Davxd K1rkley solorst The curtam rose and there was Bobby foe Slmms leadrng man wrth Marllyn Burns a h1s leadmg lady It was a good musrcal show wttn Just enough drama mlxed to grve rt the appeallng touch There was Coy Towry lea l1ng the chorus lme wrth Eva Lee McAd ams Mrldred Bzagzolr Oralene Castle and Patsy Cram as her team mates Durmg the mtermrsslon I was rn the lobby gettmg comments on the play I tap ped a gentleman on the shoulder and start ed to ask h1S oprmon when he sa1d Vzda Barnes how rn the world are you? I hear you re a reporter on the Samt Lours Crrcle I was surpr1sed to see Travrs Coulter now presldent of Sherwrn W1ll1aIns Pamt Com pany and h1s date Cynthza Luter secretary to the well known lawyer Tommy Yadon To my left I saw a group of men talk mg I walked closer and recerved a hearty H1 k1d from Decker Wade H C Moor head and Leonard Smrth Leonard told me that he was manager of the pro football team that Decker and H C played on I asked about some of the other krds we had graduated w1th Wayne McMellon was bas ketbal coach at our old A H S Irmmy Cart er Hayden Coe and Wmn Smrth were track stars I was so exclted over rneetrng so many people I knew that I almost forgot my as stgnmentl They all sa1d favorable thrngs about the play and I moved on to the next QTOUD Anna Carter was standrng by the water fountaln I knew sho could get me up-to-date on the back matters She sa1d she was run n1ng a Lonely Hearts Club w1th Iudy Hop kms as assrstant manager They sa1d bus1 ness was thrrvmg and that some of our frxends were customers Robert Brooke lack ' 1 - .v . . - - , 1 , . . . 11 11 . , , 1 - ' . - I , . . 1 D C s. ' ' 1 1 I 1 . . , . 11 J ' 1 1 . 1 - , . . 11 1 . ' 1 . . . I I . . ' I ' I . - 11 . . 11 - 1 1 , , . . ' . I , 1 1 - ' I . . ., - ' 1 e - . 1 1 ' . . . 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 , 1 1 . ' . I I . . I 1 . . , , I ' . . W 1 Butler and james Freeman I soon learned that Ioy Armstrong and Son Peek had made the grade and were lrvmg 1n a duplex wrth Nancy Crank and B1ff Hart Rrta Burgess and Charles Ramsey have a ntce home rn Lrttle Rock Arkansas R1ta st1ll ftnds t1me to draw and sells her dress desrgns to A I-Iarrrs 1n Dallas and Charles 1S owner of a sport ng goods company there C T Hrnshaw and Blanche Ochsenbern went through college together and from the looks of thrngs m1ght go through l1fe together Francrs Pope and Don Wood have a cosmettc f1rm 1n Alabama Larry Tanner and Wrlson Wallace now doctors have a partnershtp ln the Tanner Wallace CIIHIC Thetr nurstng staff surprlsed mel' Remember all the grrls who told Mtss Stokes that they were gomg to be nurses? Well they were I found that Dorothy G11 bert Ermagene Benson Imogene Lrndsey ma lean Roberts and Margaret Phrllrps as X Ray techn1c1ans We went back rn to see the rest of the play Smce there were a few mmutes be fore curtatn t1me we were enterta1ned by the Honey Harmony Quartet w1th Pat Owens now the Wlfe of Brlly Agee a preach er Marylu Nelson whose husband 1S a C P A Lrnda Poole now a model and Lourse Upchurch well known vocahst The curtatn was ra1sed and there was for goodness sakes tt was hm Cook play1ng v1lla1n wtth Leonard Eddy as D A trymg to frame whom? Ann Carney and Iames Floyd' Boyll Remember the ttmes they had 1n book keepmg class way back tn '507 The play was over and Charles suggest ed that we go back stage and meet the pro duct1on cast Th1s seemed a good 1dea to me because I was sure Id meet someone else I knew Sure enough there was V1rgm1a Arterbury as head seamstress wrth Geneva Lrttleton Colleen Mrtchell and Besste Przce as helpers The young man w1th nearly all of h1s ha1r torn out was the producer I supposed Great day Alec Wrllrams strll a b1g shot I see There s Harry Ochsenbezn prop man Cl heard he has a grocery store now D I drdnt have much t1me left so we hurrted on through After the theater closed we walked over to the httle dugstore across the street 1n order to phone my story 1n Runmng to beat me to the only telephone was Irmmy Qumn my rtval phon1ng hrs report on a basketball game When he came out I phoned my story to my edttor Irmmy Hamm and then return ed to my frtends Helen Caver and Edzth Mc owners of a large crgarette factory and are th1nk1ng serrously of openlng a clgar factory The demand betng so great they felt they must I heard musrc and looked toward the Juke box only to see Don Murphy james Cornett and Herman Moore golf partners It seems that they are an organtzed team w1th Marvtn Avance manager Berng wtth so many of my fr1ends re rmnded me of others that I hadnt throught of m years What ever happened to Margar et Elltott Then I remembered that they were l1v1ng tn lapan Sara Nelson and B1lly are ln Germany where Btlly IS a correspondent By the way who owns th1s place? Wrl ham Flowers and guess wlfom he has for dance band three n1ghts a week? None other than Ioe F rncher and hrs Ftncherettes Alwyn Lmdsey Wrllram Kemp H L Hams and and Helen Norwood were nurses wlth Nor- Caskm were Sitting Qt my booth. They are 1 I ' : , ' . - I I I ' ' . I ' - ' I I Noel Grzthth Remember Betty Io Hale? Well she IS vocal1st and a good one too I found that several of the kxds were school teachers now Bobby Roberts was a professor of S 1ence at Fouke Umverslty Betty Haltom was typmg teachmg at Ogden Tech and lean lohnson was Span1sh teach er at Grxm School The profess1ons vaned greatly Ben Hrll Thurman Jewell and Ioel Harrrs preachers Mary Blaylock Lou Mztchell and Ioyce Brown had an Ant1que Shop 1n Cahforrua Martrne Collms and Bobby Ferguson were IH the photography busxness wlth Uvalda Calley as model I looked up and saw Barbara Orr now a number one drrver for Irmmy Lynch s Death Dodgers walk1ng 1n the door She of fered me a r1de down town so plac1ng my down I not1ced several stores Gus Kennedy Ir s shoe store Dorzs Storey s dress shop and Betty Watsons beauty shop Barbara told me Gene Ward was runn1ng Reds Da1ry Home of Fmer Da1ry Products and Theo Russell was hrs head yard man Thelma Works was manager of a gym for women w1th La Verne Smrth Ioyce Odom and Faye Hawthorne as top ass1stants We arr1ved at the airport 1n t1me to talk a mlnute over a cup of coffee We walked 1nto the Axrport Cafe and were shown to a table by wa1ter L C Ratley Those cute waltresses behlnd the counter were Gwen Prather and Clara Whztney There were sev eral other people ln the cafe I heard two women d1scuss1ng a book that one had wr1t ten Be1ng a reporter I naturally had a nose for news and went to mtroduce myself I saw Ioyce Prerce and Ioyce Szlvey to my surpnse Ioyce S1lvey sa1d she was presx dent of the wr1ters club and Ioyce P1erce sa1d that she had Just sold her newest book It was t1me for the plane to take off Bar bara sa1d god bye at the gate and l walked to the plane wrth my mlnd full of wonder1ng about my next assrgnment The pxlot Ken neth Reagan and co prlot Ierry Russell were leanmg out of the w1ndow talkmg to the alrport manager Albert Grst Taklng my seat I began to get comfortable when I heard the stewardes comlng down the axsle tellmq everyone to fasten h1s safety belt for the take-off When she got to me I looked up and there was V1rg1n1a Spence She sa1d he would be back to talk to me 1n a mm ute When she came back she had her fel low stewardess Merle Stone They sa1d there were several people I knew on the plane Immedlately I began to look around and sure enough th re was Bobby Poland Owner of a large Cham of tounst courts I walked I stopped to chat a second and soon found was head of a br1ck contractmg company and had Freddy Prrce and I W Prrce as two of hls top brlck layers Francrs Smallwood and Iack Prather were engaged rn a conver satron They looked up and spoke to me tellmg rne that they were partners ln a large nlqht club company Harlan Pope and Iames Glover spoke up and sa1d they had a Super Market 1n Florlda As I walked back to my seat I saw Sally Murphy and lohn Kezth buyers for a large clothmg f1rm 1n Texar kana No trxp IS complete wrthout the goss1p department Hornet Wren and Alrce Ellrs were talk1ng about the1r husbands to be The dancer Peggy O Neal was argu1ng w1th her manager who turned out to be lack Knotts The plane landed and I went to my of f1C9 to get my next assxgnment, wh1ch 'turned out to be cover1ng a tr1p to the moon by rocket In only hoped that lhlS next one would be half as emoygble GS the ICIST - - f - l 1 1 ' ' ' s ' ' - , . . . - 9 life in her hands, 1 accepted. On the Way over to talk to him and saw Stewart Skinner. 1 I I I I . 4 I . I LVATLI, T521 STufq.l 5uS a 901' Rb UO C 830165 LT5 Pam: "5 .gif 11' 'QAUQH1 Yarberry s Super Market Everyday Low Pnces D1al 2 5881 1223 County Ave Stacks 81 Estes Barber and Beauty Shop A1r Condltloned for Your Comfort Phone 2 6441 820 State Llne Forrest M Campbell D1str1butor CITIES SERVICE Texarkana U S A Phone 2 3051 Home 22 1166 'rExAR KAN,-Q. Ladies Apparel COMPLIMENTS HINSHAW MOTORS 2203 East Nlnth Texarkana Arkansas Dxal 2 9400 KAISER FRAZER Complete Service Department COMPLIMENTS or CHATTERBOX COMPLIMENTS OF Potters Fme Foods Thxrteenth 8: Magnoha Texarkana Texas Phone 3-4188 The Ellte Cleaners CASH and CARRY 23rd 8: State Lme Ave Texarkana Texas Phone 32 1863 Mrs Verna Bryant Owner I 0 ' 1 I . . ' I Gasoline - Oil - Tires - Batteries OF COMPLIMENTS OF Phil Dunklin Motors Authorized Lincoln - Mercury Dealer Complete Furnishing - We Specialize in Wool Floor Covering Maman Furniture 81 Carpet Ca. 200 East Broad st. Dial 2-5932 P Music Headquarters 309 East Broad ClOMl'I.I NIENTS OF 1 COMPLIMENTS HOLMAN KITTRELL INSURANCE 621 Pecan D1a1 2 6189 WOMMACK S Quality Apparel for Men and Boys TEXARKANA MAGNOLIA BEST WISHES FROM J J Newberry Co 5c l0c 25c Store 110 112 114 West Broad Street THE COFFEE CUP Seventh and Hazel Earl s 7th Street Service 904 West 7th Street Phone 3 6119 Four States Livestock Comm Co Earnest Hunter Nlght D1a1 3 5757 Ben Hunter Nlght Dial 2 8946 Offlce D1a1 3 9762 South Lella St Texarkana U S A or ' 1 O M Denson Walker - Foreman, Ark. - 187 COMPLIMENTS OF FOUR STATES GROCER COMPANY F o t a d Walnut TEXARKANA U S A COMPLIMENTS OF The Orange Bowl E t B oad Ph ne 2 4013 Q. Plug In I m Always T Reddy Yes slr low cost electric service as ovolloble 24 hours 0 day FAS AND flfffklf CUNPJNY GIFFORD HILL 81 COMPANY INCORPORATED CONTRACTORS d Gr 1 P TEXARKANA DALLAS COMPLIMENTS OF Federal Compress 81 Warehouse Co TEXARKANA U S A If ts BORDEN S ItsGot To Be Good A lg! , I ? P 4 I r n n O I , 1 n Q I . I I Manager - T. R. Coulter, Jr. as r 0 - I I Sand an ave roducts I I FOUR WAY HAIR CUT Sl 50 Gulf Refmmg Co Products W C Dudley 8: Son D1a1 2 6113 Texarkana U S A MGYIIIBIIO Bedllfy SPIOP D1str1butor Phone 2 8472 410 State L1ne Royal Cleaners 8 Hotters OF John A Murzlcos Ramoge Brokerage 418 State Lme Ave 81 Commlsslon Co Fume Cleamng wif 9 0 5" pb como? McWlIIlams Stotlonery Co Texafkuna Machmefy' and Supplymg Every Offxce Need supply Company 222 West 3rd Street Phone 3 6013 Incorporated P O Box 233 TEXARKANA U S A TEXARKANA U S A Snrnwm Wnums Punts The Same Famous Qual ry E erywhero A voun EALER TEXARKANA PAINT COMPANY T R Coulter, Manager 223 Pune Street Phone 3 5139 - i O O I . , 0 ' , Q u n . O O I I A I' 0 2 to - ' .1 'uf ' .4 1 me - ' I I l 1 I O 0 . O i l ------- ....... -..-------------------..------ I . . I ... Y . . ' xixmq 'WY' N0 Poll mmf f Really Sol1d w1th the Coke crowd POLLY DEBS super duper styles are out of th1s world they re box offxce no woofm' GUS KENNEDY S SHOE STORE Texcnrkono s Largest 123 Eost Brood COMPLIMENTS PALMER S Market 81 Grocery 1738 West 7th COMPLIMENTS G E TANNER 701 East Broad DILLARD'S Texarkana's Fmest Dept. Store Phone 22-2755 110-112 E. Broad OTTO'S DRUG STORE 121 E. Broad 5th 8x Hazel Texas Furniture Co. Compliments Of 'G vGQf8f29mL 400 W. Broad Dial 3-6432 L . 2 . , J First In Furniture 1 102 East Broad Page 101 H. B. WREN DISTRIBUTOR PAN AM Petroleum Products Fme As They Come TEXARKANA U S A COMPLIMENTS OF Emily Hat Shop 111West Broad St. TEXARKANA, TEXAS Congratulatmns and Best Wlshes For the Success of Each Graduate County Ave Grocery Mary Burgess Owner KLINE S Dxstxnctlve Apparel For Women P D Baxter Motors Plymouth Chrysler 1218 20 Texas Ave TEXARKANA TEXAS Texarkana Stockyards South End of Le11a St D1a1 32 2241 Wellworth Stores Sc to S5 413 15 East Broad D1a12 9372 Texarkana U S A 1106 KIRBY DIAL 2 7933 GUIER S STUDIO cog, 'f0u Your School Photographer I a I , . . . I O - u I 1 xlllllll Q 1, 9+ ., 95,6 - 'S p - 'T 'f' 5 6 V' 115 . - gg ,M ff F . of - ' , . . . Walsh Lumpkin Drug Co. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Texo rko no, Ark Tex COMPLIMENTS OF The Style Shop 7022 Free Parkmg MABRAY CARR GROCER COMPANY 1 - 523 Who esale Grocers 0 t and Wood Dial 2 712 TEXARKANA U S A Compliments Of Buhrman Pharr HARDWARE COMPANY Texorkono U S A Bowie County Motor Co 624 W 7th Ph 32 1240 TEXARKANA U S A Owend and Operated by BYRON D HEFNER Texorkono Iron 8. Metol Co Scrap Iron Metal Pecans Furs Phone 22 2132 Texarkana Moore Tlre Appllonce Cushman Motor Scooters The Cupboard Arkansas Fmest Restaurant The best olace for your partles D1a1 2 7431 We Dehver or 2 5054 Colllns Florol Co Plants Weddmng Bouquets Funeral Desxgns Mrs D S Co111ns 1723 County Ave Mrs Otto Forehand Texarkana Stondo rd Polnt Compony Complete Pamt 8: Wall Paper ServiCe TEXARKANA U S A lage I0-1 , . . . TEXARKANA, U- S- A- The Finest in Sea Food and Steak I ' N State Line Paint and Body Works Painters - Trimmers - Metal Workers 106 West 26th Street TEXARKANA, TEXAS Phone 3-5691 Bob McCullough Williams Supply Co. CROSLEY CARS Sales 8: Servzce 2100 W 7th Phone 3 7731 Model Cleaners Home of Thur Clean Dry Cleamng 411 Hazel St D1a1 2 8433 1907 1950 BEN F SMITH Dry Goods Company 43 Years m Texarkana IF ITS NEW ITS AT SMITHS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE SUCCESS OF EACH GRADUATE College Hull Pharmacy LELAND R BURGESS COMPLIMENTS OF 902 E 9th Jlmmle s Typewrtler Hospital J M Whlte Owner Vxctor Addmg Machmes Repau' Servlce Smxth Corona Typewnters Texarkana U S A D1al 32 1222 COMPLIMENTS OF S H K R E S S W Igua na ' qyv ' V 1 ' unnnuu g n 1" 'Khin-irfil Your Modern Musxc Store Page 105 I I Pic 'n Pac Gro. 81 Mkt. . ' ' .S ' . COMPLIMENTS Lo vllllfd 1424 State L1ne COMPLIMEN TS Blevlns Co Welding 2204 East Nlnth Phone 2 3956 Mayo Hawley 81 Co Realtors Insurers State L1ne at 5th D1a1 22 2727 TEXARKANA ARK TEX CQMPLIMENTS McClure s Cleaners IN TEXARKANA ITS VIVA S FLOWERS 422 State L1ne FLOWER PHONES Day N1te 2 2147 2-4148 22 1258 COMPLIMENTS BROWN MILLER C0 Rambow and Amencan PICKLES LICENSED DEPENDABLE 'We Kxll Em Mulls Pest Control 911 Senator St D1a1 22 2575 TEXARKANA U S A Every Job Guaranteed COMPLIMENTS Knotts Grocery 15th and Texas 'Hill DIAL 203 IAS? IROAD CHQ-wus 24541 Page 106 - -n Y nga I , OF I OF - ' OF - I F 5 5 A i . . . I ' - OF I . OF I IZ' 9 The Texarkana Natlonal Bank DOVE BUICK CO STUEART STORES St N 1 523 East Broad 1304 T aSA St No 2 517 Buchanan ROYAL CROWN Bottling Company Bottlers a NhB Pg 107 V 0 em er ' su 'o Sales and Service Ore 0- " ex D ore . - of R y 1 Crown d . ge COMPLIMENTS OF THE BORDEN COMPANY Grade A Pasteurxzed Mllk TEXARKANA U S A Joe s Barber Shop 218 State Lllle TEXARKANA ARK GRAY S The Fr1end1y Store Men s and Women s Ready to Wear Use our Budget Plan No Interest No Carrylng Charges 210 East Broad St Texarxana Ark Drugs and Drug Sundnes The Rexall Store 3rd St at Maln Lacy s Flne Foods 901 East Nmth Morrow 81 Blevlns LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO South Leha Stockyards Phone 3 7261 McCarloy Motor Company Hudson Automoblles Sales and Servzce 802 State L1ne TEXARKANA ARKANSAS Arcade Food Market Leo Ochsenbeln Our Speclalty Home Baked Pres and Cakes Phone 2-6123 2 6124 814 State L1ne Creekmore Motor Co , Inc Dodge Plymouth FINE MOTOR CARS Pme at Fourth THE SHOES YOU LIKE TO WEAR ARE lillf Page 108 BOYD!S, Inc. I - ' . . . Q X i . 1 1 ISfM15EL'S jbweri -- Hotel McCartney Bldg., Texarkanh, Texas TENNISON BRGTHERS I nco rpO roted Compliments Of B E L K J 0 N E S YOUR FAVORITE SHOPPING CENTER 401 Eost Brood Texorkono Ark Ph 22 2201 22 2421 Page 109 Whether or not you are ready 'ro grasp the opportunutles that come to you may depend largely on your SAVINGS ACCOUNT Have one Keep It Growing THE STATE NATIONAL BANK OF TEXARKANA Member Federal Deposxt Insurance Corporanon WHISTLE DIQIT n Dreyer Motor Co A w Your Fnendly Ford Dealer PLUMBING HEATING COMPLIMENTS OF AIR CONDITIONING DIAL 2 5185 TEXARKANA ARKANSAS Texarkana Cotton Oll Corporation 600 East Broad Fairview Grocery Where Pnce Qualxiy and Servxce Meet Hospltalzty Is An Art Coke Makes It So Easy Texarkana Coca Cola Bottling Co CONGRATULATIONS To the Texarkana Arkansas Schools on Thenr New Building Program Serving Schools nn 4 States wlth ' Sanltary Supplles and Equipment ' Floor Maintenance Materials RED RIVER CHEMICAL COMPANY INCORPORATED 1619 Sp St eet Post Off ce Bo 1152 TEXARKAN A TEXAS I I DOIIIII lilll Alllhlllf 09 Ull CDC! CO!! COIYINV IU I - 0 I ruce r i x J Get Better Grodes By Usmg Better Poper Use Sngroy s Premium School Supplues Wllllams Candy Company Compluments of Dr Pepper, 7 up Bottling Company McCulloch Appllance Co FLECTRICAL APPLIANCES O1 UECKERTS JEWELERS Complnments of ARKANSAS LQUISIANA COMPANY More Quality For Your Money Everyday Low Prnces al 'ww . , , Distri u ed by I I 7 T I T k Texas 102 ive Street GAS ' a N. 1 r, ,avwf I A I Y I I I X I -4 ' -, ', -Q' YL Olftl' CLty5 86lf5f8I'l'L OI" QI" I'86lI'8 6l96lLl'lZ5t f 8 5 g FOIA!! y :5f6ll'L6Lf Olflfl' ' VVLH, 61,15 f Q yedfif P0 '3'ilhuIn"' Iam 0I"lfU6U" OVLZMQ S -.. ,, mv .-- V , 1, f ,, ,gn -W, ,:-.--.ga7-.4,gw- --. .N--...v-gnnv,.v.y.M, V., 1 " ne fa!! ,g-' 'M " A .if ' 4 ' up .1199 1' ' Php- ,p 'P ' m'.",1f --Wu, A" rf iff'-. " '1-,jg ' ' ' 'fi 1 " 'll' , , 1 at 'Yfv 'UNK-Y 'Q...,,,, ,. f "-n. f' -Ay , V7.1 get-V V K '4p.:'?:g3-4v,...-x If v' Y Y ' I, ,,, . , 7. I . , ,. H ,,., Ek ,X M6 .QM . A 1 1 1 3-Af 7.5 592 , E.. lm, - ,,,I,,1:,.L,.,,,, L., - ' ' ' ' - " -. -'Y 1' ' vfX ,.".. 4 ' V' " " :'f..--.H YN, ws' , hm gif, f ' ' F ' - . I3 8 Olffl' lllaffCAf'bU0l"CZ, . .. V- . . V . A , -- -x wha an-.-f.: 'A ' ' . ...,-1. 0 .-4 3? '-,-:fi 'M '--A I' A 'Q " H an 1' -wuz ' '. 4 'Um' 'N 'fab'-:!.' ".'f.5-" X V 'fn Q A " 3 , 4,-.y. ., , ,- , - . 1' A ' Judi! fo flaee, our ,xyfma Wafer, A mm, A! flag! If va R- A . A , V - , A . . W X nfl' ' xx 'S 'Q' K 1. 4 ' -- ' " x M K ' ..

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