Arkansas City High School - Mirror Yearbook (Arkansas City, KS)

 - Class of 1955

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YHE THURCHI PRILSFNTFD BX I955 SENIOR CLAS ARKANSAS CITX S ARKANS AS CIT S ENIOR HIGH Y KAN SAS l Y , , - , J- A '1 . . 1 Y - . - .L L. . A v , . I . , . g I 'I ABI E 01+ iUNlhNlS rk ight Iwlitoriil St 1 r lg,lllII'lNlllLl10Il Sli I zmlmlw IOIIIIIIIIILC lii 1 B1 hath 111 ll islxctblll Queen Sow St xte I hurletulers Ili-Qs Officers Deli ite e Ibs tx Ionteet Winnerb I iuultx I ootlmll Iootb 111 Uueen I orensics I uture I lrmers of 'lmeriei Future Nurses Llub I irlb Xthletiu Xsboci :tion Iirls State bo Unlors Iunior Senior I rom I Lttermen Nhrror Staff Operettd Orchestra I ep Lluh Irinters build Quill and Scroll Scholarship Winners Senior I lay Seniors Shorthand Llub Sophomores Speech Inlay Student Council Symphonic Qhoir lennls Irack I sherettes I lcena O 3 I 7 1' UITOH 'IJAAI I 'flls !H'4Hlpy lil s ss f I 5"ff1I1 1 Il Hy AH, 01714 Ill- H HY Sou, SUM11 ll-N 1 1 1 r 1 1 r 1 1 I ,J A I , n .X lf' 1' 'a .I iff ------------------------- 51 RRI." ' " .Eff ------------------------ 55 x ssw A' I ' ' ----- - ---------------------- 36 ini -------------------- -------------- 1 17,51-R are x 1 ----------------------------- "S, T6, T7 ai I a --------------------------- TI, T7 I ------------------------- - -------- on L -- t .- ------------------------------ Li, .Li ia i --------------------------- 7, 125, 331 i -------------------- f --------------- 58 Drill 'l um ----- - ---------- - --------------- 45 ilk" I ' i ' ----------- ------------ Q IO, 66 'ia' 1' --------------------------------- 1, 5, 6 V ------------------------------- 712, 73, 7-1- ' I , ---------------------------- 70, 74 -' I -- ------ ------------------------- - - 59 f ft .- .1 ' -- --------------------- 62, as I . ' ' ---------------------------- 53 ii "s ' iz' ------------------- ----- 6' L J ---------------------------------- rr lf --.--------------.--------------------- ao Good Girl Citizen --------------------------- - - - 2-1 lli-I -------------------------------------- 11-9 J ' --------- ------------------------ 2 5-30 1 - -' - 1 -----------------------.----- 24 ,- --------------------------------- -- 68 ,' I' ---------------------------------- 39 , f ...... ......-..---.-----. ----ro I ' --------------------------------- 42, 43 ,. , . . ------------- ----- -------.---- 1 5 7 . - -------------.-------.---.----- 56 . f - ' ' ------------- ------------- - 30 A' ' 1. .......,.. . ....................... 67 g ' ......-.---.------------f---------- 7-24 ' . ' ................... ..--------- 6 4 f ....--- ------------------------ 3 1-36 ,' --------------------- ----------- 6 l ' ' ' ------------------------------- 38 . , . ----- ' ---------.--- ------ - -- - In , . ---.---------------.- -.---- - ----- ---- 7 8 ----------------------------------- --- 79 ----------------------------------41.0 I ..............-------.- ------ 5 0, 51, 52 , ' 11, .. -,hh 4' 4, ' IMA!!!-.'lI-., " ,,2,, Qu SCHOOL RO E BEDS Our school yearls represented by the growth of a rose lhe school buddxngs representthe rose beds ln whxch the flowers grow Each yearthe Sophonunes as new buds enter these rose beds and start thelr growth f knowledge and connnue as the rose, untd they leave as Senlors As every rose must have a stem so must a school have teachers xCllVHlCS are necessary to a student as leaves to a rose Because the rose lb pretuest with lts nunmrous thorns,so the school has beuer splrlt and unlty wlth sports -1 ES N ,ASIUM AUDWONUM GYM gr Y e U V x ' Q- ,, h fy, t l 1""'El ' f 4 el. P' Q' I 17 I, J. I , ' l fl U'-.av DAISY AMES Secretary BEN CLEVELAND Mechanical Drawing Assistant Football Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Assistant Track Coach A H. I. CLARK of Schools High School Principal E RNEST EDUCATORS 4 A. F. BUFFO EL Printing Ark Light Production Printers' Guild Sponsor FLORENCE GOFORTH .-f Counselor, Salesmanship Social Science Y -Teen Co -Sponsor Junior Class Co-Sponsor 1 0 .Nj :ng . . f ' . Sie Q 5 1' 'J I 1 1 r-. 1-4' ..-,xv A. L. CURRY Social Science Director of Athletics Senior Class Sponsor .-4.- LA CHRISTENSON Librarian Y -Teen Co -Sponsor Sophomore Class Co-Sponsor '- EDITH DAVIS Physical Education G. A. A. Sponsor DR. I. I. VINEYARD Superintcndant BARNEY GETTO Commerce Junior Class Co -Sponsor ORE u.LE GREGORY Physical Education Sophomore Class Sponsor Pep Assembly Chairman Q LAURENCE HULL Music, Messiah Symphonic Choir Senior Class Co- Sponsor CARL JACKSON Social Science Football Coach Track Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Sophomore Class Co-Sponsor 6? sal Q, .V mln' ROBERT HAGGARD Social Science Salesmanship Distributive Education MARTHA HANSEN Home Economics Y -Teen Co -Sponsor LAWRENCE HANSEN Auto Mechanics Senior Class Co -Sponsor ERNESTINE HERRIN Physical Education Junior Class Co-Sponsor 'Hs - av ...J x I S 2. if' f ti' I 'nw I D I if VERA KOONTZ HELEN LYONS Art HOYT PIPER Mathematics H1-Y Sponsor Junior Class Co- Sponsor Language Y -Teen Sponsor Senior Class Co- Sponsor PAUL REID Social Science Biology Concession Stand Sponsor ..5.- . 5 ii z atb GAYE IDEN Science Senior Class Co- Sponsor RAYMOND IUDD Social Science Usherette Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor Drill Team Sponsor Student Council Sponsor Cheerleaders Tennis Coach Senior Class Co- Sponsor ! J 2 BASIL THOMAS Speech, Debate Play Director Forensics Senior Class Co- Sponsor Student Council Co-Sponsor DON VALLIERE Commerce Shorthand Club Sponsor Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Tennis Coach v .ms ' fu . ,Q I .E 7 MARY ROARK English Journalism Ark Light Quill 81 Scroll Y -Teen Co -Sponsor Junior Class Co-Sponsor L, O, STINEMETZE Biology Hi-Y Co-SponSOr PAYE WALLACK Mathematics, Ps Mirror Sponsor Y -Teen Co-Sponsor Student Council Co- ART SNELLER Industrial Arts junior Class CO'SP0Il50f VERNA STUTEVILLE Typing, English Finance Secretary Junior Class Co-Sponsor Y-Teen Co-Sponsor YCIIOIOSY EDNA WHEATLEY English Junior Class Sponsor Assembly Sponsor Sponsor - , Sophomore Class Co- Y Teen Co Sponsor Sponsor MARY M. WILLIAMS MARY WILSON English . Senior Class Co-Sponsor Bookkeeping' Forensic Co -Sponsor -6. AUGUST TROLLMAN Instrumental Music Pep Band Sponsor Assembly Co -Sponsor HAROLD WALKER Agriculture F. F. A. Sponsor Senior Class Co- Sponsor S MS. Af ' 'Amt "N IDRS F Pictured ln the Mirror are the Senxor Class Offlcers HOWARD BLENDLN Vxce esldent SUSIL WRIGHT Student Councll Representative BUDDY SHOEMAKER Presxdent MLLBA RLE ES Secretary Treasurer 353' A Senxor can be compared to a rose when ll IS full grown Dur 1ng the year the Senlors have been good leaders and as the full grown rose falls apart to start a new l1fe, so the Semors depart to begm preparatlon for thelr new careers 1 QI? 7.x 'N A Q05 ABSHER, HAROLD ADMIRE, PEGGY ALEXANDER, LESLIE ANDERSON. DOROTHY ANDERSON, VIOLET ANSTINE, IERRY ARTHERTON, JAMES ASHLEY. MAR!-ENE AUSTIN, ALAN BABER, BURCHIE BACHELOR, JUDITH BAKER, DONALD L. luv X 4. A-X 1'7" ABSlll'1ll, llAHOl.D - Boys' Pep Clubg lli-Y 2,3. ADMIRE, P1-IGGY - Shorthand Club 35 Biology Club 1. Al,l'fXANDlfR, l.lCSLl1'1 - Band 1,2,3g Orchestra 1,2. ANDERSON DOROTHY - Chorus 1,39 Nlessiah 2,35 O er- etta 2gSymphonic Choir 3gY-Teams 1,2,3gGAA 1, Lettereg 1. ANDERSON, VlOLl'lT - Choms 2,35 Messiah 2,35 Operetta 2g Symphonic Choir 35 Y-Teens 1.2,3g Biology Club 1. ANS'l'lNl'I, jl'lllllY - lli-Y 1, l.ettermen'! Club 35 Track 1,2g Football Nlanager 1,23 Conference Officer 1,2,3g Biology Club 1. ARTlll'IR'I'0N, JAMES - ASlll,l'1Y, WlAlll.l'INl'1 - Pep Club 1,2,3, Student Council Rep. 33 Drill Team 2,3g Usherettes 35 Student Council 3. AUSTIN, ALAN - Band 1,2, Sextet 2g Orchestra 15 Student Council 2, Track lg Football 23 Conference Officer 1,2, Speech Play 3. BABPIR, BIIHCIIIE - Pep Club l,2,3g Drill Team 2,39 Ushercttcs 35 Y-Teens 1,2,3g Debate 3, Shorthand Club 3. BAClll'fl.Oll, ,Il7lllTll - Y-Teena 1,25 Conference Officer l,2. BAKER, DONALD - Boys' Pep Club 2,39 Chorus 35 'Vlessiah 35 Lettermen'B Club l,2,3: Track 2,35 Football l,2,3g Class Vice-President 25 Biology Club lg Conference Officer 1,2,3g Boys' State 2. ..3- 1' 0. N :Q 53 agp. 8'5" BALL. ORA BANISTER, ELIZABETH BAY5. SY1-VIA BILYEU, RAYMOND BALL, ORA - BANISTFR FLIZABETH Pe Club 123 Drill cam 3 - I . 4 - P 5 . 5 T 5 Chorus 2,35 Operetta 25 'Messiah 2,35 Symphonic Choir 2,35 Ilsherettes l,2,3, Head 35 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Student Council 1,35 Assembly Committee 15 Conference Officer 15 Forenscis 25 Speech Play 2. BARNES, SlllllI.l'1Y - Chorus 1,35 Y-Teens 2,3. BARTON, GARY - FFA 1,2,35 Secretary 3. DAYS, SYLVIA - Band 15 Y-Teens 2,35 GAA 2,3, Lettered 25 Conference Officer 1. BlI,YlCll, HAYNIONIJ - l3lT'1'l,l'I, WAYNE - lli-Y l,2,35 FFA 15 Biology Club 1. ULASS, JOHN - Chorus l,2,35 Operetta 1,25 Messiah l,2,35 Symphonic Choir 1,2,35 Hi-Y 2,35 Secretary 2, Vice-President 35 Class President 25 Conference Officer 35 Boys' State 25 Debate I5 Quill 8 Scroll 35 Ark Light Staff 3, Editor. Bl,l'lNDl'fN, HOWARD - Chorus 25 'Messiah 25 Student Council 35 Track 2,35 Class Vice-President 35 Basketball 'Slanager 25 Conference Officer 1,2,35 Boys' State 25 Speech Play 3. HIJOOUWOHTII, PATSY - Chorus 2,35 Messiah 2 35 Oper- etta 25 Symphonic' Choir 2,35 Y-Teens 25 Shorhhanci Club 3. BUSWl'lI.l., DAIlRl'll,l, - Chorus 2,35 Rl8SSi8h 25 Operetta 2, 35 Symphonic Choir 2,35 Hi-Y 2,35 Track 25 Basketball 1. BllANCll, GILFORD - Boys' Pep Club 25 Chorus 1,2,35 Uperetta 25 Nlessiah 15 Hi-Y 1, fi BARNES, SHIRLEY BARTON. GARY BITTLE, WAYNE BLASS. JOHN BLENDEN, HOWARD BLOODWORTH, PATSY BOSWELL, DARRELL BRANCH, GILFORD 95" an 'C' A I BURK, BARBARA CART ER, DONA LD CLEGG, DONALD COGGINS, SHIRLEY BURT, DELORES CARTER, 'JAMES COGGINS, Lows COOK, DELORES LL Q' 9- - BURTON, MAX CARL. CAROLEE CARWILE, IUANITA CHAPMAN. RAYMOND BURK, BARBARA - Pep Club 35 Drill Team 35 Chonis 1,2,35 Operetta 1,2,35 Messiah 1,2,35 Y-Teens l,2,35 Future Nurses' Club 3. BURT, DELORES - Pep Club 1,25 Chorus 2,35 Messiah 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3. BURTON, MAX - Band 2,3, Vice-President 35 Orchestra 1,35 Student Council 35 Track 2,35 Conference Officer 2,35 Football 35 Basketball 2. CARI., CAROLEIC - Band 1,2,3, Twirler 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,3, Vicbldfesident 35 Messiah 1,2,35 Y-Teens 2,3, Student Council llep. 35 Class Student Council Rep. 25 Conference Officer 1,2,35 Biology Club 1. CAl1Tl'lll, DONALD - Chorus 2,35 Messiah 25 Lettemien's Club 2,35 Football 1,2. CAllT1'1ll, JAMES - Band 1,2,35 linsemblc 25 Orchestra 1,35 Messiah 1,35 I,ettemaen's Club 2,35 Tennis 1,2,35 Student Council 2,3, President 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Class Secretary- Treasurer 15 Boys'State 25 Conference Officer 1,2. CAllWll.1'l, J1lANl'l'A - Pep Club 1,25 Messiah 2,35 Chorus l,2,35 Y-Teen 1,2,35 Ark Light Staff 3, Solisiter. CHAPMAN, RAYMOND - Football 2,3. CLEGC, DONALD- COGCINS, SlllRl,l'IY - Pep Club 15 Y-Teens 1,25 Ark Light Staff 3, Advertising Manager. COGGINS, l,OW1'QL1. - FFA 1,2,3. COOK, DELOREIS - Moved here Senior year5 Future Nurses Club 3. 110- fb "CJ" 3' as Tx 3 he if -. I 1 1 'O CURTIS- ZERLENE czAPL1NSK1, BESSIE DEMPSEY. KENNA ELLIS- PATRICIA ELROD, DARLENE FLUIS, LEON FOILES, SILAS GABBERT. JERRY GEE. JANELL GEIST. LELIA GHRAM, DONNA GILBERT, STANLEY CURTIS, ZFIIILI-INI-I - Chorus 15 Y-Teens 3. CZAl'I,INSKl, IIHSSIFI - Band I,2,3, Twirler l,2,3, llead 3, Quartet I,25 Orchestra l,2,3, linsemble 25 Operelta l,2,35 Messiah l,2,35 Y-Teens 2,35 Conference Officer 35 NlirrnrSlaff 3, Typist. DICNIPSICY, KPTNNA - Pep Club I,2,35 Drill Team 2,35 Y-Teens 2,35 GRA l,2,3, I,eitered l,2,3g Conference Officer 2,35 Ark l.ight Staff 2,3. ELLIS, PATRICIA - Chorus lg Operetta I5 Messiah 13 Symphonic Choir lg Conference Officer I5 Future Nurses' Club fl. I'II,IlOIJ, lIAIll,l'1NI'l f I'cp Club l,2,35 Drill Team 35 Chorus I,2,35 Operetta l,2,35 'Nlessiah l,2,35 Symphonic Choir 2,35 Y-Teens l,2,3. I"I,I'IS, I,l-fON - Iianfl l,2,35 Orchestra I,2,35 Choma Ig Messiah l,2,35 Ili-Y LI,3, Secretary-Treasurer 3. I"Oll,llS, SILAS - l"l'N l,1Z,3, Ilmsident 3, Student Council 35 Conference Officer I. GAIIIII-III'I', ,IICHIIY - Ili-Y 2,3. Cl'll'l, ,I'KNl1I.I, - l'ep Club l,2,3, Secretary 35 Drill Team 2,35 Y-'I'e4-ns l,2,35 CNA I5 Conference Officer 1,35 Uiology Club I5 Arla Light Stuff ffl, Ifxchange Vlanager 3. GICIST, l.l'QI.lA - I'f-p Club l 2,35 Drill Team 35 Vshercttes I,2,3, GAA l,2,fl, I,ett1-ri-fl l,25 I-'ulure Nursm-s'Club 2,3, Vice-l'resirlf'nt 3. Gllllfhhl, DONNA - llep Club l,25 Clionw I5 'Messiah I,25 Y-'I'eens 25 Biology Club I5 Future Nurses' Club 2. GII.IIIClI'I', S'I'ANI.I-XY f Iloyn' llep Club '25 Chorus 2,35 Opera-na 25 'tic-ssiah 25 Conference Offirr-r J. --Il ll ah- Rx x is A '11 GILES, ELIZABETH GOCHIS, WILLIAM GRAGART, MAX GRAVES, RICHARD HAGAN, BARBARA HAM. GARY HANAHAN, LLOYD HARGER. HARLEY fn B- Y? GOEE, MARGARET GooosoN, GLORIA GUILINGER, ELAINE HADDOCK. LOUISE Cll.li5, l'Ql.IZAI3l'I'1'll - Pep Club l,2,35 Drill Team 2,35 Chorus 2,35 Operelta 2,35 Symphonic' Choir 2,35 Y-Teens 1,25 GAA lg Conference Officer ,25 Biology Club 15 Speech Play 35 Forensics l,2,3. GOCIIIS, WlLl,lA'll v :NS 35 Messiah 35 Symphonic Choir 35 l,eltermen's i l,2,3g Tennis l,2,35 Student Council 25 Football 2, ,ag Basketball 1,2,3g Conference Officer 1,25 Boys' Qtate 2. CUFF, N'lAllGAl'll'lT - Chorus 1, Y-Teens 3: Biology Club 1. GOODSON, Gl.0lllA - Chorus 1,35 l'shcretteS 2,3, 'Messiah 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3. GRAGAHT, MAX - lloys' Peo Club 25 lli-Y 1,2 Treasurer 25 Chorus l,2,35 Vlessiah l.2,35 Symphonic Choir 1,2,3, Boys' State Alternate 2. GRAVPIS, lllCllAllD - lli-Y " I.ettermen's Club 2,35 Track 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3g Boys' State 2. GUll,lNCl'Ill, l'll,AlNl'1 - Pep Club l,2,3, Drill Team 2,35 Chorus 15 'Messiah l,2,3g Y-Teens l,2,35 GAA 15 Biology Club 1. l'lA1l11UCK, l,UlllSl'l - Y-Teens l,2,3. SIQGAN, BARBARA - Chorus 2,35 Messiah 2,35 Y-Teens , ,3. l1A'Vl, GARY - FFA l,2,3g Conference Officer 3. 11ANA1lAN, LLOYD - Lettermen'B Club 2,35 'Hack 1,2,33 Football l,2,33 Basketball lg Conference Officer 1. llAHGl'Ill, llAlll.lflY - Boys' Pep Club 2,35 Hand l,2,35 Orchestra 1,25 lli-Y 3: Biology Club 1. 2.. Y' is fr. Y' su, Y-54' i HARPER, MARGARET HARRIS, HASKINS. VIRGINIA l1A'1'C1'1ER, ALBERT 11.M1171'.11, '11."1l1f1A111'i'1' f1'vpClu11 1,113 Chorus 1,23'v10ssiah 23 Y-Tor-ns 1,2. HN111115, j1'111'I'11 - Chorus 132,13 xlf'Sf'llii1l 1,LZ,13 Sym- 1'11lllI11l'fi1'IU11' 3QY'111i'l'Il5 1,2,l1. 11,-Xl1111SUN, 111'Q11N1C1'i - Choms 1,233 Upvrettu 13 X16-ssiah 1,23 Y"11l'l'lIh 13 1"uturv Nursvs' Club 2. 11fXblKlN5, 111'IYK111,Y - Pvp Club 1,2,li, 1-indncv Chairman Z, Vic:--1'rr-sirlont '13 llrill '1'Pam 33 Chorus 13 Uperetta 13 114-ssiah 1,2,'1, 1'sh1'r0ttr's 2,33 Confervnct Offirrr 23 Y-'1'c'ffn'+ 1,'.Z,.l3 lliulogy Clnh 13 1'-lllllff' 'Yursr-s'C1u1J 2.3. HASRIN5, Ylllfllxili -- 11031 Club 1,2,.13 Drill Team 233, Nlajorctlv 33 Chorus 1,2,33Upcr1'tta 1,.1,1, Xlcssiah 1,2,'!3 Symphonic Choir 1,13 1'shr-ri-ttes 2,33 Y-'ll-f-ns 1,133 GAA 1gStu414'nt Count 11 '13 112-Inu' l,1uartz'l 2,33 Confervnre Hffirer 32 51101411-iW1 1111111 1: Biology Club 13 Xlirror Half 7, Senior lirlitnr. 11N'1'C1l1.11, 11,111 111' - Boys' Vt-p Club 23 Chorus 1,2,33 Upe-rvtln Q3 Nl:-sr-uuli 1,23 Symphonir' Choir 2,733 Ili-Y 1,2,3. l1"1'1'C111'il1, 111'i1.111Q11'1' - Ilamii 12,33 Chorus 1,23 lli-Y 2,13SpP0f1i l'1ay 2. IIAYS, 1'A'1'l1IC1."1 - 1'1'p Clulv 1,2,33 Messiah 132,113 Chorus 1,2,I1, Upervttu 1,113 Symplmnir Choir 1,2,33 Y-Teen:-a 132. 1111-5.11, SHARON - 1'cp Club 1,2,3, Finanrc' Chairman 33 Chorus 1,2,133 Xlessiah 1,2,f13 Oprrvtta 1,2333 Symphonic Choir 2,1'1Q Y-'IR-1-ns 132,33 CNA 1,23 Confcrcnrv Officer 33 lliology Club 1. 111-ZAHNIAI, 11UC1A111 - Chorus 1,2,i1, Hessiah 1,2,33 Upvrvtlil 1,2,33 Symphonir' Choir 1,2,33 Tennis 1,2,f13 Student Council 3, Vive-I'rs-si41vnt3 lfoutlxall 1,LI,l13 Ilaskcthall 1,2,33 C1ass1'resii1cnt 1Qfi0IlfCl'f'Y'lCP11ff1CCl' 3. 11111-'1fN1A11l, NORHA f llanml 1,2,IR, A:-isisltunt Nlajorette 3, Student Counril 11951. 3, '1'riu 13 Urvlir-Stru 1,2,33 Oprretta 23 'Jessiah 1,23 Y-'1'1'0nm 132,33 CAN 13 Student Council 33 Dance Quartet 2,3Q Conference- Officer 1,2333 Speech Play 23 Ark Light Stuff2,33Circu1alion 'Manager 2, Feature liditor f13'1'Iirror Staff 3, 11lYf11SlQ Uiolngy Club 1. 1111N'l'111I1K, j"1N1C1'i f Chorus 1,113 Messiah 132,33 Ilshcr- EIIPS 331'-Teens 1,2,33 Biology Club 1. -.131 HARRISON. BERNIC15 HASKINS, BEVERLY HATCHER, DELBERT HAYS, PATRICIA HEAD, SHARON HEARNE, ROGER HEFFNER, NORMA HENTRICK' JANICE ii is Ts. fi 1- St C' HINDS, ANN HULL, VERN HUTCHINS LARRYL HUTSON, FREDERICK IA JOHNSON, BEVERLY ,ll I f','JBs HOOVER, VELMA HOUGH, MARILYN IIUMMINGBIRD, DAVID HUMPHRIES, DELBERT IIICKICY, WI'lSI,I'fY - Football l,2. IIIND5, ANN - Y-Teens 2,35 Biology Club l. IIOOVICII, Vl'II.NIA - Y-Teens 2. IIOIIGII, NIAIIILYN - Pep Club l,2. IIUCIIICS, DON - Boys' Pep Club 25 Ili-Y 2,35 Biology Club l. IIlfI,l,, VICIIN -Chorus 1,25 Conference Officer I5 Biology Club l. IIIIVIMINCBIRD, DAVID - IIUNIPIIIIIICS, DI'II,,BI'lRT - Ili-Y l,2,35 Student Council 35 Conference Officer I5 Speech Play 3. IIIITCIIINGS, LAHIIYI. - FFA l,2,35 Track l,2,3: Basket- ball 2,35 Conference Officer 3. IIIITSON, FIIICDICRICK - Boys' Pep Club 25 Track 15 Football I, Ili-Y l. JICNNITII, PATRICIA - Pep Club 1,25 Chorus 35 Operetta 25 'klessiah 35 I'sherettes 35 Y-Teens 1,35 Biology Club I. JOHNSON, IIICVFIIILY - Pep Club l,2,35 Drill Team 2,35 President 3, Assistant Vlajorettc 35 llsherettes l,2,35 Y-Teens l,2,35 GAA 2,3, Lettered 2,35 Football Queen Attendant 35 Debate 35 Girls' State Altemate 25 Conference Officer I5 Shorthand Club 35 Nlirror Staff 3, Feature Editor. 14- .1 in , S Q A, by , . if KENNEY, IAM JORDAN, lll'illTllA - Chorus 2,39 Messiah 39 Symphonic Choir 2,3g Y-Te ens 12,33 Conference Officer l,2g Short- hand Club 35 Biology Club lg Future Nurses Club 2,3. jl'Dll'I, DORIS - Chorus l,3g Y-Teens l. KAlll.l'IR, 'MARY - Chorus 2,3g Nlessiah 2,35 Symphonic Choir 35 Y-Teens 2,3g CAA lg Debate 3g Spe ech Play 39 Biology Club l. Kl'fNlllllCK, DPDDY f Track 2, Manager lg Basketball 'klanager l,2g Conference Officer 23 Ark Light Production Staff l,2,35 Printerg-1'Guild l,2,3. KFNNI-fY, JANHCS H l.ettermen's Club l,2,3g Student Council 3, Finance Chairman 35 Track l,2,3g Football l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Conference Officer l,2,3. KEY, WAYNF - lland 2,35 Chorus 2g Hi-Y 3. Kl'l"l'lll'.l.l., VlllGlNlA - Dand l,2,3p Orchestra 1,21 Fnsemble 2g Nlessiah l,2,3g Y-Teens l,2,3g Student Council 2,33 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2: Conference Officer l,2p Girls' State 2g Future Nurses' Club 2, Mirror Staff 2, junior liditor. KlVl','l"l', IIOWARD - lloys' Pep Club 25 FFA 2,3g lliology Club l. Kl.OXlN, lll'SSl'fl,l. - Boys' Pep Club 2: lli-Y 35 Con- ference Officer l,2,3: Soeech Play 3, lissay Award 2. KOl'l'l'fR, JOHN - Conference Officer 2. l,A'NlIll-Qll'l', GORDON - Dand l,2 35 Orchestre l,2,3, Trio l, Quartet 23 'Messiah 3: Stutient Council lg lissay Award l. l,AN1flllING DONALD - Chorus 2,32 UDHCIIH 2, Messiah 23 Symphonic Choir 2,3g Tennis l,2g Basketball lg Speech Play 2, Nlirror Staff 3, Photographerg Ark Light Staff 3, Photographer. .-15-.. IORDAN, BERTHA IUDIE, DORIS KAHLER, MARY KENDRICK BUDDY ES KEY, WAYNE KITTRELL V'RGINIA KIVETT HOWARD B is Q.. s Q'--f' 3 is LANGDALE. ROBERT 1-AZ-El-LE, JAMES LIND, DANIEL LOUTHAN, GEORGE LOVE, MARY MANSON. FRANCES MARSHALL, ALBERT MARSHALL, LOIS MARTIN, CLEOTA MARTIN, GARY MAST, DOROTHY 'McCORGARY, MARVIN C5 Q" 1' I 1.ANGDA1,1-Q, 110111-l11T - 1li'Y 2,35 Ark Light Production Staff 1,2,3. I,Azi11.i,i:, Jmiiis - 11oys'1'ep Club 2,39 Track 2,3. LINIJ, mxiizi, G czhfmis 2. l.Ul"l'1lAN, 12120111115 - Chorus 33 1.r'!termen's Club 1,2,31 Track 1,233 Conference Officer 2, Football 1,2,3. l.UV1'i, NIAHY - Y-Teens 1,2 3: GAA 1,2,3, Lettered 152,33 Conf:-renmr Hfficer 33 future Nurses' Club 2,3, President fl. xiewsux, 1911.-'INCIQS - Y-Teens 2. MA11S11A1,l,, Ai,m1n'i' - imma 2,3g Ckchestra 2,35 Chorus 2,a: PM 1. 'VlAl1S1lAl.1,, 1,015 - Band 1,2.3L Orchestra 1 2,33 Chorus 35 'Messiah 1,25 lfuturn- Nurse-s'C1ub 2,33 Y-All-ens l,2,3. x1AnTiN, c1i,iioTA E Chorus l,2,3g xi.-,sigh 1,21 Y-'reens i,2,3. 'k1A11'I'1N,GA11Y -Chorus 1: Track 1,2. MAST, DUllU'l'1lY - Y-Teens 1,25 Shorthand Club 3. MCCOHGAHY, 'MARVIN - Track 1,25 Football 2,35 Con- ference Ufficer 2,35 Biology Club 1: Ark Light Production Staff 1,2,3. ..16.. 5 , ls' 3 4' l MCCORGARY, MARY McDOWELL, LeeROY MCMULLIN, FLORENCE MCNUTT, RUBY VICCOHCARY, MARY - Pep Club 25 Biology Club 15 Future Nurses' Club 3. McDOWl'fl.I., LBCHOY - Boys' Pep Club 25 Chorus 1,25 Operetta 1,25 Messiah 1,25 lii-Y 1,2,3, President 35 Student Council 15 Conference Officer 1,35 Biology Club 1. NlclN'l'Il'1E, RONALD - Biology Club l. NlcKlNNl'IY, l'llY1.LIS - Pep Club 15 Chorus 1,2,35 Operetta 1,2,35 Nlessiah 1,2 35 Symphonic Choir 152,35 Y-Teens 1 2 35 GAA 1' Student Council ' Confere ce 5 . , 15 n Officer 1,25 Debate 35 Forensics 2,35 journalism 2. McMI'l,LlN, l"1,0lll-QNCF - Band 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,35 Messiah 35 Y-Teens l,2,3, Secretary 3, Worship Chairman 15 Conference Officer 1,25 Biology Club 151"uture Nurses' Club 2,3, Secretary 3. 'VIcNl7TT, RUBY - Pep Club 25 Chorus 25 'Vlessiah 25 Y-Teens 2,35 Conference Officer 3. Nll'Il'1FOlll1, YVONNIQ - llsherettes 35 Y-Teens 1,2,3. MEl1'illS, WlI.l,lANl - Lettermen's Club 2,35 Student Coun- cil 15 Track 1,23 Football 1,2,35 Ilasketball 1,2,3. Ml'INl-1P'l'Il'l, ,IACQUl'1l,IN1C - Chorus 125 Operetta 1,35 Messiah 1 2,35 Symphonic Choir l 25 Y-'feens 1,2,35 Con- ference Officer 1,2 35 Shorthand Club 35 Uiology Club I, Vice Pl'CSidChf5 Student Council 3. Nil'IYl'Ill, WILMA - Pep Club 15 Y-Teens 2,3. Mll.l,l'lll, JAMES - Boys' ,Pep Club 2,35 Track 2,3. HILLS, DAVID - lli-Y 15 l,ettem1en's Club 2,35 Tennis 1,2,35 Student Council 15 Basketball 1 2,35 Class Student Council liepresentative 15 Conference Officer 2,3. ..l1.. 'fe QE, 'vase MCINTIRE, RONALD MCKINNEY, PI-IYLLIS MEFFORD, YVONNE MEIERS, WILLIAM MENEFEE, IACQUELINE MEYER, WILMA MILLER, JAMES MILLS, DAVID A . 6 5 'fix GA-A T in-. MOLDENHAUER, DAVID MORRIS, DONALD PALMER, RALPH PATE. ROBERT POORE, NANCY PRATT, DONNA PRESTON, MALCOLM PRICE, WAYNE Agn Q' in 4-gs MUSSON, ELAINE OWENS, VON PATTEN, LARRY POOL, WAYNE MOLDENHAIIIQR, DAVID - FFA 2,3. MORRIS, DONAI D- l3oys'l'ep Club 2,3. MLTSSON, ELAINE - OWKNS VON - Chorus 1,2,35 Operetta 1,2,35 Messiah 1,2,35 gymphonic Choir 35 Y-Teens 1,35 Biology Club l. PALMER, RALPH - Boys' Pep Club 2,35 Chorus l,2,35 Operetla l,2,35 Messiah l,2,35 Symphonic Choir 2,35 Track 2. PATIC, ROBERT - PATTEIN, LARRY - Boys' Pep Club 2,35 Chorus 1,35 Messiah l,3. POOL, WAYNE - Fl-'A l,2,3. POORIQ, NANCY - Chorus l,2,35 Operetta l,2,3g 'Nlessiah 1,2,35 Symphonic Choir l,2,35 lfsheretle 2,39 Y-Teens l,2,35 Historian 35 Conference Officer 35 Scholarship Ark City lligh School '2,3. PRATT DONNA - 'Xlessiah 35 Y-Teens l,2,3. PRESTON, NlAl.COl,Nl - lli-Y l5 Conference Officer 15 Shorthand Club 35 Biology Club l. PRICE, WAYNP1 - Chorus l,2,35 Boys' Pep Club 25 Operetta 25 'llessiah l,2,35 Symphonic Choir 2,35 FFA 1,25 Biology Club l. ..18.. REED, IOANN REEVES, MELBA REID, SHIRLEY RICHARDSON, DONALD ROUNTREE, DARLENE ROWAN. DOROTHY lll'l.ll, IUXNN - Lllurus l. Xlvs-xml: l, Y-'llrr-nz-Q l,,f,'lg flunf:-rr-m r' llff1fl'l' l,Q,l, l uluri' Nur-rw' llfukf lp. . , N Ill-.l,Xl.b, Xll'l.ll'K V- f.l'1nruri x,-,.l, lll'f'l'f'lld l,.f, xll'N"lHll l,l,.lQ 5vluplmn1r' f.l1uxr l,Q,.l. lxlwrz-ltf-N l,L,'l, l'lf'f'ns- l,2,'5, Yur' Prrslllz-nt 2, 'Nlumu l.lldll'IIHlI1 'll Null:-nl lluun- c'1l 'lp Class Sern-'tary' ip fllfls' Slain- Q. llllll, NHHQIVLY lldnll 1,j,Kg lvrulnf--lm lQ,l, Nluflvnl llxre-ln-r l, H-'le-vns l,Q,+, H351 QA, lvllvrwl I,ll, l'rx-sx- llm-mt X, Flulle-nl fluuncxl l, fl-xnfvrvnlw flffxrvr llfllfl5' Nan' Xltvrnntn- Q, Xl-W l,s:4av Xwarrl l. lllllllll 5, l'llYl.l l5 Kfhurus l,Q,l, IH-p lllulv JJ, Ups-rm-ilu 'lg Nlvssmlm l,2,lL Svmplxnnlm lflmlr K. Y-'lk-vns 2,33 Fpe-I-vll l'ldv l. llli llNllll5H'N, IJUNRI ll r lluvw' l'v-51 flulm L. llx-Y 2,3g Flulla-nt lmunvxl 4. l'rdrk l: llaskn-llmll lg lfunfr-rr-nve llffuvr 2, lluvs' Fl-uv Nllrrnalr' 1. lrl, lmlml l'rrMlu1lluh Fluff l,,f,l, l'r1nl1-r-.. r,,,,l1l l,2,l, NL-s rvlflrx l. lllll Nllllrl-, ll'Klll.l,Nl'. - l'0p f.lulr l,lL llrlll llvam 23 Y-'l'1'1'nm l,Q,lgfQur1f1'rr-l1m'PUffxmrr l. lllll'wXN, llKlIlfl'I'llY Flmrllxanml l.lul: l. lfulurn' Nurs:-s' Cflul1ll,fl. llll55l' l,I . llllN'Kl.ll - llunnl 2,31 Hrrlxr--tru R, Null, l.2,3g fllmrus. l,2,fl, Up:-rs-tl.: lpjfl, XI:-N-amh l,2,fl3 Snnplmmc flmxr l JJQ lll-Y l,2,lg lluys' 5la!P 115 lhlkllll and Sr-rull '35 Nrlg l.1gl1l Stuff Il, lll1'lll'lf'N5NlEll"l8g1'l'- SANlJlllS, .IUHN -- 'l'ru,r'lc l,2,f4g lwmtluall l,2,Ilp l,1'tle-r- mvn's Club 3. 5fQllll"l"l'lllllllfflilfll, lllllllflll' - Ili-Y 2,Il, S1-crelarv 3. SKQfVl"l', f1l.."lY'l'ON f- Slll',llWf7UD, l,Ul'lS f Chorus Q,3g Nlnssxah 2,35 Symphunir fflmlr 2,215 l"l"-K l. 119.- fa Y RHODES RUSSELL sfjurwlgmnncma RQBLRT 5HERwQoD, LOUIU Q- we ,. t ,, A 41 VN X., " ,Q 1' 1- an ' ,vs G' SHOEMAKER, BRILEY SHOCK, ROWENA SHUMATE, DELENA SICKLER, FLOYD SMITH, GLENN SMITH, IIMMIE SOWDEN, MERRY SPARKS, HERBERT STACY, VERA STANSBARC-ER, DONALD STARKEY, RODNEY STRAH, CHARLENE 5llfl1'lX1AKl'll1, 111111 1,1 fllmruw 2, l1'1tf'rvvv1'r1'N lflnlv l,2,'1g franglg 1,.I,l1g I-'mltbull 1,2 .1, Iiusln-tllull l,LI,1, Clds-4 l'rPs1flf'nt 1, f1lr1'1fl'1'f'HC'f' llffivr-r l,'l,7. S11UUK,11M1i1,'Q'1 llrp 1.11111 1,L,1,X1vw1.1h 1,Q,i1pf1lm--rur- l,1I,1g Nvvngxlmnmr l,l.'ll1' 1, Y.'l',-1-rm-4 1,l,-11 lhrllogv lllulw 1. 9ll1'N15xl'l' 11111"N A -- Y-'1'f-1-na l,l,ig f,'1'X 2. S1f21xl,1'11, 1111111 FN11'1'll, fll.l'.N'N Ntuflefnl llwunrml 1g 1.1-llc-rmPn'S Club 1.1.11 l'r'nn1r4 l,2,1g lffmtlnl-lll l,2,'1, Hu-xkclhall l,2,3. 5Nl1'1'l'1,j1'VlNl1l'1 f llwvnl l'f'p lllub 1,15 111-Y 2,f1g Urology fflulw 1. SUVn1Jl'.Y, Nll.llllY -- 1'vplIlub 1,2,1, lll'1lllllF5Y112,l1,flliflfllfi 1,2,I1g Uperf-tts 1,.I,'1g X11-ssxah l,l,'1g Symplmmcr 1111011 1,2,3, arfompanxst 1, Y-'1'0e'ns l,2,'1, CAN l,2,f1, I,r-Littrell 1,2,'1g Student llouna-xl l11'prf'-uznlallvf' 'ig Assvnxbly flum- 11111100 3, flhaxrnvan 'lg f1:mf1-rr'nm'f- Hffuvr l,J,f15 llmlngy Clulf 15 Xlxrror Staff '1, llusiness Tlanager. Sl'-KHKS, 1111111111111 -Qfllmrus 1,513 Haskr-xhu11'i. STACY, Ylfllfir - l'vp fllulf l,2,f1g lbrlll Tvum 2,I1g MAA lg Conference Offirer 1. S'1'ANSl1Kl1fQl'111, DUN Nl,ll l1nnfl l,2,'1, Ur:-lmmfstru l,2,f1, '1'rHr1c 1,2,3g Crmferenrr' Offir er 1. S'1'f1l1Kl'lY, 11f'll1"Jl'1Y A Hanll 1,2514 'I'rin 1, Sa-xt:-I 2, Urr'l1r's-:tra 1,2,'1,Prns1f1enn'1gN1f-Hsiuh 2,f1, S1111 -111, C11M11,11N11 - 1'r-pfIluh 1,233 flhvvrlr-acl:-r l,2,'1g CAA 1,2,3, lvtlerml l,2,'1, Ark Light Hvporu-r 33 Stu-11-nl Council 13 11-anvf' Quarter! 1,15 llunfvrvnrr Uffuvr l,2g Debate 13 1'orPnSxf's 1,29 Spevrlx Play 125 I-lssay -kwanl 2, VFW Goodwill Tour lo Nlcxivrrg Quill K4 Srroll 11,113 lliulugy Club 1, Svcrvtary lg 1-futurr xl1l'?iPS'flll11J 2, Sf'f'rf'mry 2, Xlirmr Staff '.I,3, Assnslanl liflilnr 2, I-Minor '1, Ark 1.1ghl Staff 3, Sports lidilor. ..20.- Gx x Q6 ? T7 ini. SN. -3. -ov' 1-0' .X in ' '5- 15 STRAH, CHARLOTTE SWEELY, RONALD TAYLOR, ALLEN THARP, DICIE THOMPSON, ARNOLD THOMPSON, DAVID THOMAS, EARLINE THOMAS, NANCY TIPTON, CAROL TIPTON, JACK TRENARY, JAMES UTT GAIL STRAII, CllAlll.0'l"l'l'l - llep Club l,2,35 Cheerleader l,2,3, Head 35 CAA 1,2,3, lettered l,2, Serretary 35 Stu- 4' dent Counril 25 Dance Quartet 2,35 Conference Offirer 25 Q ZS' 7 Girls' State Alta-mate 2g Speech Play 25 Quill S Scroll 2.3: Biology Club lg Nlirror Staff 2,fl, -Xrtist 2,35 Qmrthand Club 3. SWl'il.l,Y, ltflNAl.ll - Chorus 35 lli-Y l,25 Student Council l,25 lravk l,2,3g Football 1,25 Basketball lg Conference Uffifer 1,23 'Krl Light llrmiuetion Staff 1,2,3. 'l"KYl,UIl. Al.l,lHN - 'I'llNlll', lllCll'Q - Chorus 1,2gN1essiah lg Y-Teens l,3. 'l'llllNll'StlN, Nllxlillll - Chorus 2,3. 'l'll0N1PSfN, UKVIU - lloys' Pep Club 25 FFA l,2,3, Sec- retary LI,Vir-e President 35 Conference Offieer 2,3. 'l'llON14S, FIMILINPI - Y-Teens l,2,3. 'l'llU'llAS, NANCY f Hand 1,2,3g0rchesu-a l,2,3, Ensemble 2: Chorus 35 Symphonic' Choir 35 Y-Teens l,2,35 Future Nurses' Club 35Shorth1-Ind Club fl. 'l'll"l'flN, CUIUI. Q Vsherettes 2,35 Y-Teens l,2,35 Student Council 25 Conferenve Officer l,25 Biology Club 1. TIYVTON, ,IACK - l,etlem1en'S Club 2,35 Student Council li Triivk l,2,3gl'oothal1 l,2,3. Tll PN RRY, KIAVIFCS - l"I'T, GAII, - Chorus 35 Y-Teens 2. .-21- Q TT", 21" E: 4.- 127' 51 1""'S f ANSCHUYVER, ROBERT VORIS ANN WAGGONER, TERESA WALKER, SHARON WARRNGTON RUTH WATKINS IEAN WATTERSON, VIRGINIA WEBB, JAMES VANSClll'YVl'Ill llOBl'Ill'l' - Chorus l,2.3: Oneretta 15 Messiah 1,25 gymphonir Choir l,2,5 l,ettem1en's Club l,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Football l,2,35 Conference Officer l,2. VORIS, ANN - lfsherclles 35 Y-Teens 2,35 Debate 3. WACCONICH, TI-IIIHSA - Vsherettcs 35 Y-Teens 25 Short- hand Club 35 Xloved here junior year. WALKl'1ll, SHARON - Pep Club 35 Drill Team 35 Chorus 112,35 Upereua 25 Xlessiah 2,35 Psheretles 1,2,35 Y-Teens l,2. WAHRINUTUN, llll'l'll - Chorus 25 Y-Tcfns 25 Nloved here junior year. WATKINS, jl'1."lN - Xlvssiah '45 Y-Teens l,2,35 Conference Officer X. WATTHRSON, VIllClNlA - Chorus 2,35 Y-Teens 2,35 Biology Club 1. WEBB, JAWIHS - Boys' Pep Club 21Chnms 1,2,35 'Messiah 112,33 SYmI'h0niC Chffil' 35 I-'IAA lv'-1,35 licportnr 2,35 Student Council 25 Conference Officer l,2,3. WllAl.lIY, Dl'lI,llHll'l' V l"l'A 2,3, Treasurer 3. WllISTl.lfll, llOBl'1ll'I' - Boys' Pep Club 25 Chorus 35 'Jlessiah 35 Ili-Y 2,35 Football 35 Biology Club lg Nlirror Staff 3, Photographer. WHITE, CL'NYI,I-INF - Chorus 2,35 Operelta 35 'Vlessiah 2,35 Symphonic Choir 35 Y-Teens l,2,3: Conference Officer 22 Biology Club 1. Wlllrlqlf, IHKYUN - Pr-p Clulm l,2,35 Chorus l,2,35 Hes:-aiah l,2,35 Symphonic Choir 35 Y-Teens 1,35 lliology Club 1. .-22... WIDNER. ONA WILSON, SANDRA WOOSLEY, LARRY WRIGHT, SUSANNE wmwrzn, om - wusow, stxnm - Y-'iw-eng t,:,s. wiNr1oAnNi3n, KAY - l'ep cm, ra, mm 'Ik-am 3, Chorus 1,2,3g Operetta 1,2g Nlessiah 1,2,3g Symphonit' Choir 1,2,3g Y-'I'eens1,2,3, Social Chairman 2, President 3, GA-K l,2,3, lettered l,2,3g lfontball Queen 3, Conferenre Officer 1,3g Debate 35 I-'uture Nurses Club 35 Ark Light Staff 3, Circula- tion Xlunager. WINIYJN, NATIIANA - Lsherettes 2,3g Y-Teens l,2,3g Conference Officer 1. WOOSIIZY, lAllllY - lland l,1Z,'4, President 35 Orchestra 13 llafilcetlmll 1,23 Conference Officer 1,ll. Vvlllfilll, SLS -KNNF - Pep Club 1,2,1, Stunt Chairman 3, llrill Team 2,35 Lsherettes 2,33 CAA 1,2,3, lettered 1,2,3, Vice President 35 Football Queen Attendant 'lg Class Vive President 1, Student Council Representative 3, Con- ferenre Officer 1,'.I,3, Girls' State 25 Debate lg Forensics 1,25 Speech l'lay 2,3g lie-may Award 23 Quill S Scroll 2,3g lliology Club 1, President, Nlirror Staff 3, Sophomore Editor, Ark liight Staff 2,3, Assistant Editor 3. fll'iCl.l'lll, fll'lNl'i - Bovs' Pep Club 2,33 l"l"A 12,33 Stu- dent Council 'lg Conference Uffieer 2. 11l.llUN SCllNl'Il,l,l'i - Vloved here senior year. llAYW'lllD, JANIS f Pep Club 2,35 Drill Team 2,35 Chorus 1,2,3g Operetta 2,'N1essiah 2,33 Y-Teens 2. ll0l'Sl'T'SlAN, lllCllARD - KllUl"l', BAIIBARA - Band l,2g Klehestra 1,24 Choms 1: Uperetta 1, 'Vlessiah 1,25 Y-Teens 1,25 GAA 1,23 Student Council Representative 25 Biology Club 1. SllOl'lNlAKlCll, Ill-il.l'iN - 'Nlovcd away sophomore year, 'Nloved bac-k Senior yearg Hand lg Urchestra lg Y-Teens l,3g Biology Club 1. ..23.. K WINEGARNER, KAY WINTON, NATHANA ZIEGLER, GENE SCI-INELLE, ELDON HAYWARD, IANI5 HOUSEMAN, RICHARD KROUT, BARBARA SHOEMAKER, HELEN ADAMS, III'll'I'lF -- Chorus 2,3g Nlvssiah 2, l.etterman's Club l,2,Il, Track l,2,3g Football 152,31 Basketball QQ Conference Offirs-r 'L 5' srxioris Noi tu. n nm li.-KNlII,TON, JVNIC - Chorus .lg 'iioved here senior year. llllODl'QS, llANll'il, - Chorus 3. RHOTON, RONALIJ - lli-Y 3. STONF, IIONIA - Chorus 2,3, Nlessiiih 2,3, Y9l'l'Pr15 3: Biology Club l. WILL THEY EVER GROW llpl Seniors BELOW: Hill Guchis, jerry knstine, Bob VanSchuyver, Stanley Gilbert, Ronnie Swee- ly,Alan Austin,I,arryl llutchins. ABOVE: Xiarvin 'XIcCorgary, Roger llearne, Don Candidate. Baker, Nancy Poore, Candidate, Kay Winegamer, GOOD Cllil. CITIZEN: Ginger llaskins, 'Isle of Paradise' was the theme of the 1954 junior- Senior prom. The auditorium gymnasium was decorated in nile green and brown with palm trees, a grass shack, an island, leis, and many other decorations depicting a typical Hawaiian scene. Decorating co- chairmen were Liz Banister and Charlotte Strah. llerb jimmer- son':-5 band fumished music for the evening. As juniors, the '55 senior class raised funds, for the prom, by holding an all school party, the Kjunior Shindig' which included dancing, booths, and a program. A HAWAIIAN DftNCl'I:Shirley Reid, Painist, Kay Wingamer, Libby Giles, Singersg Charlotte Strah, Ginger Haskins, Charlene Strah, Nomian lleffner, Dancers. N01 Pictured: Susie Wright, Nlerry Sow- den Playinglfkuleles. 5 . 'Sf' L'.uv1 , Q,-rg, I ..24T f tr Shown painting the Bulldog, a project of tht- seniors in Student Counril, are prhlxrlilixvfii llllnislvr, ffhurlf-nf Slfiih, Norma lieffner, Howard ljlendcn, Ilelen Shoemaker. WfX'I'CllINfl: Xlclba RCCVUS. 5l1Sif' Wright, Ilclbcrt Ilum- phries, Don Richardson. Below is the scene of the annual din- ner held before thc- Winfield-Ark City' basketball game, to disvus:-x sports- manship. Attending from Ark City are: ll.j. Clark, llrinripalg ILC. Judd, llep Club Sponsorg lim Carter, fludvnt Council Presidcntg Charlotte Strah, Charlene Strah, Cheerleaders. Bev johnson, Vera Goodman, Sponsor: Don Baker, Stanley Gilbert, are finishing the entrance to the Isle of Paradise. A scene from the 1954 Junior-Senior Prom. UNIORS P O x Him 5'3" ' Pictured 1n the Mirror are the ,Iumor Class Offlcers HAROLD 'VILLLETT Presxdent BILL GODFHEY Student Councll Representatxve WARREN KOELLER Vlce Presldent CAROLYN JOHNSON Secretary Treasurer 5' 1' fllw 25- A ,Iumor can be compared to a rose when lt IS IH the stave be tween a bud and a full grown flower The ,Iumors have started to blossom out llke a rose, and are begmmng to show thexr leadershlp, as dlsplayed by thelr work on the Junlor Senior Prom x vw -'-'vu 1, .1 .-Xbslter, Rtrllard Adznns, Gloria Atlarns, Ntna VV nlen, lmvltl n - Ad rv I ,,. 1 iq .-Xtltlersott, Rutlt I af 1 I 4 ,, X ' I W Q ,N Anderson, Sharon , . " 5' ' " - Allbllllt. Gene a an ' 7 Q g Q-. Arnett, l..1rry -L " J, ' ' Artnrrton, snaron 4 t Z b 7 X I Atklns, Betty rf' Q" ' ' 1 Ulu' FF Atkins, Jeannette 5 4 ,Q 9' Atklns, Merrill - " . 6' -' 4 " ,' I Barclay, Maudte 4, 1 , - f ' -f. - Barker, Gerald A v ' M Barker, Harold ' , 1 ' l ' ' 1 Bilyen, Letlta Blttle, Thomas , 3 - ' A - 0 I- Blass, Mary Ann 'nz .' A 5 . 1 ' ' Borror, Mary ' ' ' 5 Bowman, :Lam , , , .. f rx 5 l Bowser, Donna ,E V Brooks, Kay ., KJ " , 3 f Brown, Sandra 3' 5' - , rj 1 Bryant, Delbert ' ' 37 Busby, Kenneth U , V I 3 V V X .31 Butler, Joe Cameron, W ,nda Campbell, Betty Carlson, Margaret Carr, Ronald Clltifilllllll, ine 'AS ,vs ,: , - ,- 'V' Clnsltolm, Bea C.,llflSlell5Lll, Marlene ff' , Clark, Don "' 'P 'Vg Q qv Clark, Joe Q 7 X h Q -.- i 1 if f-1 Clodfelter, Ray , -. ' 4, -1 Coggins, Leslie Q 4, A K , Vs.. Colglazier, Patricia , "1 'X' W- l Conner, Viola Q X W' ii Conroy, Jeannette 1 1 ffl Cook, Patricia Cotter, Betty Coupe, David Cox, Mary 126- Crampton, Ruene "X Tl -9, 9 Cudd, l.:rrry Curless, Bill 3 A 1 Dale, Richard A J sl' ' Daulton, D .vid ' "" .L ' 1 Daut, Bill - y ,J 4 ' - H1 N f P' 'f 1 A 'l J ' f Davison, Peggy ., 2 3 Day, Violet 3 E , Deskins, Deanna . , - V ,y oervm, cgfiwi 91 ' A' is ff' Dickerman, Rose " ' in " ,.,,,. O 0-019-'gr v,,,,ag.1 I , , Q . ' is ' " ?'o, L Dixon, Jim -.9 I 1, .3 ggi 1, 5- Dowler, Nancy ,A 3 ' Fi" Downing, Larry Q-5 J Lagari, Gerald Q ' ' Eastman, Annette - lb, 3 A, ' 'G wr England, Leon V nd 7 . , 4 , Erdman, Fred iz, , 1 Q -3 Foiles, Mary Q Foltz, Joyce N 4 '- J Fortson, Jessie -4 , 'iv 4!v 4 J .. .ar ' tc? Q ,ui Frizzell, Glenda Gann, Kenneth Gardner, Conny Gay, John Gillock, Danny 'S .1 41 S, .fx 5.1. , 1 -, ,.. r . . 14,7 J Q ' Godfrey, Bill Godfrey, Iona K Goodfellow, Mary Io Gregg, Don Griffith, June v ,1' ' Hall, Henry 5 Harman, Ann is " Harp, Bob e f W Harper, Julie Hartman, Jack I' ffhrf a '75 if Ji' 5. 49 J' Hatcher, Dorothy Hatfield, Nancy ' , -I is Hathcoat, Tom 5 Henderson, Jim ' " - Hni, Jim ' ,'Y Himes, Virginia Hockenhury, Jack Hopkins, Bill Houseman, Wayne Howarth, Carol 1.34. X 1 I . ,, 4 .MW Q 'J' ,l . 9 l If 1 . , v , A I .5- 15 . x s F, -0 I 1, 5 llumbolt, Danna llunter, Ray Jarvis, Mary Ann Jewell, Rebecca Johnson, Carolyn Innes, Brenton Jordan, Beverly Keefe. Eddie Kennelly, liarle Kirnsey, Don Koeller, Warren Krout, Barbara Kulins, Bill Lallrnan, Martlia Lazelle, Barbara Lee, Frances Leland, Gary Lemert, Barbara Leitourgeon, Dan Linnenkohl. Kaye Linville, Kay. Lodge, Marcia Logan, Pat Loomis, Patricia Love, Paula Majors, Martin, Martin, Martin, f 40 - .J V 1 . , I Q .. . ' .. H , F3 ,J I X J ,A ,,,,' t 0 6 , - F2 T wila Jerry Rita Robert McCord, Floid McDowell, Donna McElvain, Linda Mclntire, Karen Matney, Jim 0 f5 MCN utr, Kenneth 0 ' s 52 Y fl .J-Q W, . D , 5,- , 4' Miller, Melvin Moffitt, IO Ann Mosier, Treva Mullett, Harold Nauss, Dick Neal, Janice Olvera, Margaret Perkins, Patsy Pickering, Barbara -23- Pingry, Darlene -if .ul A I. . hi -, ' - ef' - 2 K v eu- .,, as -4 ' A '-' ff: f 1 Q 4, th.. sr , .V Q 1'-ap' . . 0 'r nt' . A. 41' iff. .. l'ittser, David 7'E'4 -aa' l'-bill, fNlllL.lfL'Ll llnrdntf, Inn i E L 0 . P - Orrick, Sharon 1 K 1 I Rzrdt-tn.rt'lngr, C, ry ml l. Rahn, A.n11aht'llt- '4 ,5 -,, 5: 7 llzirikestrziw, lioh , - Reece, Carrol " '7 A Reynolds, Leanor gi A K , fi A Rinehart, Hn hard 'i' lx ' ' 'Z ! 'fr I 'Q' . . Roan:- 7 '7' 'Pi , fs 15 f- S. , , ,-v I 1 ., qu 151' ,- 17 Roberts, Pat Sanders, Anita Savage, Fred Saylor, Larry 31.- f Avi! n Scnnelle, Margaret 'E 45 X 5 E I: , Selah, Jack Sherwood, Janet Simons, Norma Simpson, Vera Sims, Larry 0 , XY 1 .3 3 'dv .lk , 3' 'J' gs .if A 14, ' O iii '31 9.9 ll 4-1.- ' 1 Truxal, Charles Vann, Beverly Virden, Gary Waldorf, Joleta Walker, Jerry Walker, Mary Waltrip, Paul Werneke, Eddie White, Bob White, Esther Siner, Janeene Singletary, Martha Slaven, Mona Smith, Darlene Smith, Marianne Smith, Sydney Smock, Gene Somers, Marlene Sommers, Gerald Spurrier, Ralph Staley, Wayflfl Stark, Tom Steele. Ioan Thompson, Carol Toms, Beverly 59' ie, 'w r 1 ? 4- 1 -3 ag 'fl i .1 C, 136 Q ,Q , fzk ii riff? Y in 1 1' 1' A. , . A I ,,. J Woods, BEISX ,S ii, Wright, Jvc Q '49 K Yau , Lora Lea 5 Wliiiu, 11111111- 1? W, 1 ' Avi: 1- Wiiimml, earl Wilson, In Allli Wood, Audrey Woodard, 5a1idr.1 JUNIORS NOT l'IfjTURlQlD iilllllllll, YlYli1ll lJ11x1f, 111113 lJ11111.1vy, Bill 131-111ry, Bill Hines, Gurv llnhhgird, k3Jl'OlYll l5L'llllllQ,L'l', B1-11111111 Landes, l,.1rrv lXlJl'llllCL, Cfarnieii Fxliurris, l'l11l lk'L'l'l4lllb, ulirmrd 5ClllCl, Guru Towlcs, Russell Welton, Bill '1w'1's1, Jerry WllllZiIIlS, Leon l Winners of the Forlnightly f'lub jun- ior 1fsSay roritesl, ulmeriran 'ily ln- v0s1n1en!', ure: jack Solan, Svcwnclg Sharon fJLllllx, lfirstg Ilrlly flutter, lhirfl. Sliarrm alvi won vlluirrl in the vllalrirl rwmnlvml. llavh year 'KCIIS Semin -lvlf-gan-s to thi' 'National jnurnalifam ffmiw-ritiun. 'Ulm-nclinu thc- 4-'mm-n!1f111 in Nlinne- pulis, 'ilinni-sum, in N353 were: Charlotte Strah, john lllass, lion Russell, Susie Wright. y, LJ 7 parl11i1ia111ig in Ei Thiirsfluy 111 0 rn i n assvnilwlv 1lrr': Syrinvy Smith, f,vnrg1-l,u11!lizi1'1, llarnr-v Ge-1111, llurlrura l.e1n1'rl, llrs. l"l11re-nce Gofmlh, llowurfl lilvn- den. Vera Simpson, Nan1y Poore, ani laula Love, rem-ivefl l00 dollar scholarships this year from the American Legion. 1130... -Ii111llill,'l'un1llitlle, Wayne Key, arr- vxpr-rimvnting in chemistry class. Painting linom Tl are me-nibr-rs of Nlrm. lflurenu' Cofnrllfs runference, QIVXNDINC: jim llenderson, Terry Slcward, Tum llalhcnax, Slm4'I'l'lJ: llilry' l'lUil0S, llill Kuhns, ju Ann uffitl, lliirbara Pivkering, joan Sxeele. OPHO ORES Pictured ln the Vllrror are the Sophomore Class Offlcerb IXJN EMICH Secreiary Treasurer ROSALIVD VOLkLAND Student COUHCII Representauve IOHN CARY Presldent STEWL BLTLILR hee Presldent -31 to a rooe when just a bud Once thm bud has ffrown and opened ul e It can never be a agaln No the bophomores can newer re lxve the good tlmes they had as the buddmg scholars of tomorrow X 1 fx 5 A Sophomore can be compared , ' D , bud ' is 5. .7462 H, l 'Q . ' --0 I, Ahsher, Pl1ylliS Alsip, Jacqueline Anderson, Cecil Anstey, Dale Arnett, Leonard .4, 'a Ar Asbell, William Atkins, Raymond Baird, John Baldwin, Lawrence Barnes, Nictor Bartlett, Dale Barton, Charlotte Beebe, Patricia' Belden, George Belew, Anita Bilyeu, Lois Bilyeu, Virginia Blakey, Mary Blatchford, John Borel, Leverett Bowman, Lois Bridges, Norma Brooks, Janice Brooks, Marilyn Bruner, Roberts Buckle, John Burkhart, Patsy Burr, Gene Burris, Donald Bush, Beverly Butler, Stephen Buzzi, Robert Byrne, Richard Campbell, Phyllis Careathers, Kent no 1 I , , 'I x " fi' 9 Carter, Janice Cary, John Casida, Joy Cassaw, Charlotte Coburn, Edson 1 -.321 Coffelt, Elaine Coggins, Harley Coggins, Sheryl Conner, Alvin Conroy, Phyllis i T," .l'xs' fl A Ax l .vt rs 4 Q. ,Q U I 017, Cook Gerald Cookerly, Sid Cotter, Mary Cross, Darlene Cushman, Mary -v . ,- i"4 I if 'Ni lm ' . 'X 0 ' - ' -9 .-.- .- Q Q 4 'Q I v J 5 . 5 Darst, Roger Davis, Tslornia 1' Davison, Judith Deal, Aunalee 5 Dempsey, Carolyn ,L 4- - ' 9 6 Dickerson, Judith Dickey, Eugene Dikeman, Marilyn Dixon, Jerry Dorman, Robert R ,,. Yu A f: i Ag Q fc Dowler, Sheryl O 'Q "J - . 4 Dunbar, Kenny , ,, ..- 3 5 'G' Duncan, Buel AJ . Q 9 fi I Emigh, Donald Z , . tty. 3 ,N Z . Evinger, Don ' fr 3 Law. 1 I ,121 1, r , - . , X I. , 4' ' 7 , v-L -',f ai Ju ids Fadely, Norine Fleming, Larry "' Fresh, Loren Fulcher, Joseph ,- Gage, Peggy Sue A .4 in -Q' v' X ' I x 3 0 f J' 4- iff' an ,gli .af -.- Ng r N. ,f - nip . .1 5- g. . 4 Gee, Ronal Q- - ., , ,, Getto, Marilyn " E " 'J' Gilmore, Twila ' ' 5 Glasgow, Gary Goswick, Patsy 'N Graves, Jerol 7 er 4- 4, 1 Greenwood, Ruth Arm " "- , -- Greer, Roy '. Lt 1 ', 3 " Grose, Don V 4. ' " '. Haas, Della -8 ft A I 1 ,X f'u E V K nan, Eivee A - A A Ham, Gale 'T ld . 4 ' " Q Harger, Larry ,, , ' ,'1 Hargrove, Patricia -- K Harp, Deryl l J L lx , - Hatfield, Gary 53 4 1 1 Hathcoat, John .3 '21, 1 j, 7 Q Heck, Ruth K' I 5, ,, , .. ,1 1 f- I ,V Q 'xv' , He se , sharon 453- iw, 2 F I X .V i Hewitt, Mitchell ' -. 2'7' :X .IE Holloway, Louise llousenran, Delores llowell, Gary Hudson, Carolyn Hunter, Patricia Ibaeh, Paula Jackson, Orville .1 ' B- Zn' j' V A Q Johnson, Norma Z J gf -' Jones, Donald ..4" I ' fl X Jordan, Larry I VD. --4 x' X J Kahler, Virginia , , I -K ' 96' Kappel, Jane ' 2 " " J "' .L Kelley, Kaye K f . '. - Kennedy, Peggy Keown, Karen If J r . I Kinslow, Judy U ' .., Gm Lambert, Marilyn ,g - r: M Lampkins, Phynis " gf. Lewis, Jim ' ' , A , Lockard, Allen sk P -,- 4 ' .Xu Loomis, Gerald " : 'W 9 no Lord, Thomas -Q1 1 .. I Lovell, George F f 2 , Martin, Haskell Pj! n nf Martin, Judy " f I ' ' wg at Q M fx 1,157 3 ' Mason, Patricia '- 7 "' . 4 Mason, Richard ' I L, Mast, Mary Mathiasmeier, Judith ' . gb' 'X' Matoy, Frances V 3 asf.. ,., , F A 1' Q, V: Viv jp . A n , Jr "' Mayfield, Bniy T, . L Mefford, Dale ' V , ya Miner, Arlene 4 5 Q f,, J B ,, Miner, Marilyn 9 A-ta ' T' 5,1 IX ,' V Mills, Margaret E 5' - ' v-40118 s ffff ' B2 -f- , as Q v ' 'Pi Morris, A. I. P , ll I ' L Morrison, Timothy ' , il , Mott, Carol 'I ' Q Murray, Patricia N ' ' ,., X McCallister, Barbara gf M 1! -'A X xt DL -34- McD0well, Beth McFarland, Jimmy McGaugh, Bessie McGaugh, Jessie O'Laughlin, Kenneth .. 1 V 'x 0 -A -0 l 1' X N..- JI . ,.. Palmer, Delbert Pappan, Gary lhippzizl, whirley ' T 3 -, . -.-n Parkhnrst, Karol JL . - I V 1' Plninpt, lfiiyillr A Y is Q y I I S I ljllhll, Delores I v R Pond, Lloyd " ' ' L Pool, James '1 ' - 4, A , ' Rahn, Jesse ' r " " I 'f' " Rains, Barbara si ' kiwi' ,I . ::-. . "' A Reasor, Sharon Reed, Doris - Reid, Charles 'smog 'S' Rnndle, Ray Rnndle, Vixian Rnssom, Vernon Schroeder, Judith Scott, Joyce 7. ' Reynolds, Dorothy JV Reynolds, James ,al ,Q 4 M 2 ff Rinehart, Sonia , ,, in -. , Robertson, Loyal '? f' 11- Robinson, Patsy .. ,r Rogers, Edna ,,. , Rowan, Doris " 13 4 as ' 5 , , '09 LL A1 pw. ., ' cp V o A ,A J , X W 1 z fi I A, 4' Shepherd, Eilene ' "" 'N yd 3 5 -' Sinclair, Gary w -4 -- L Smith, Ronald N7 ' Sowden, Tommy 1 5 M Q rw s sparks, Janet J -fha it , Q -fi Q- 'D Stone. Carol Stover, Gerry Stover. ISIYY Stuard, Larry Sullivan, Alvalon Swisher, Calvin Thompson, Elizabeth Trantham, Jimmy Stalnaker, W3YU9 Stewart. T errY ' Q Q, f N . 7 1 .O .. a 'W rx -as -s .Q sf 4,54 13 -Q Trent, Doreen 9 4 ,L , Un, Bonnie 'mg . ,, Van Winkle, Nancy I Q Q' "' A 9 Volkland, Rosalind -A ai ew W wr -. 5 Walker, wnnam 5- A 4, . t X., 'J 'a -Q if -- 'a 0 3' ef . , 4 -as i' ' . ey if '1 if if ,vi , P- K' fl if 5' , 4 V u .4 .', 4 ,I- l 1 I' ' 'Q fx" - Ware, Barhara Wchh, Shcrrylin Wells, Gaye Null Wentworth, Ray Whaley, Larry White, Carol While, Wanda Whirworih, lire Wilson, Don Wilson, Orman Wincinger. Berry Wolf, Andrea Wood Richard Wynd, Jarnes Ziegler, Judv Zimmerman, Peggy S!iinmlS, l hillip ling:-rs. Merry Sowden, chaimian, Sydney Smith, and Xlargaret Xlills, the ass emhly committee, and their I- . sponsors plan :he assemblies. The 'I'AI,LI'1S'I' Singing Christmas Carols at Dr. Vine- yard's house are, FRONT ROW: A.j. Nlorris, Don lmes, Larry Whaley, Larry Downing, john 'fary, Gerald Owens- BACK HOW: Nirs. Faye Wallack, Phyllis Absher, Paula Ibach, Xluryna Niatoy, Virginia Kahler, Nlary Blakey, Frances Nlatoy, Nlarilyn Dikeman, Ruth Heck. i .-, A mpgs 'Q Working in study hall are: Richard Collie-n, jim llunter, llaylene 1 and SIIORTEST: Cecil Anderson, 4 feet 10 inches, Bud Shoemaker, 6 feet 5 inches. derick These Girls pose during the 1954 Round-Up Week in their cowgirl outfits QRGAN ZATIONST H Plctured ln the Wllrror are' 911 AS P011 PS F' F' A President Cll ARLOTTF QTRAH Head Cheerleader ,Il'Vl CAR I'l' R Student Founc1lPrf-sxdenl 117 llANlSTl' R lleacl Usherette Orgamzatlons and act1v1t1es ln Ns' a school can be compared to the X X leaves of a rose Organlzatlons , forawell balanced V are necessary 'X W X school program as leaves are for I7 ' orgamzatlons cllffer ID SIZE and my a flower Both leaves and X X amount f --34 Y , ll? ' . f ' I . Ja Q 1 f 4 ,QR l I- f 1 i . , 3 x I x ' :4 . g l U V i x - I . lx I ' N Ll A ,Lt XQ- Yi 1iX3,"j.xX?XTu. I , . -AX 5 ' X X , -, 'x 1, -fl ' ' " , . 1 L f ' L x'l . . . . . lv ' D i 19 FROYT ROW: Rosie Volltland, Ginger Haskins, Norma Heffner, X1elba Reeves, lim Kenney, jim Carter, X1ux Burton, Virginia Rittrell, Carolee Carl, Charlene Strah, Nlrs. I-'aye J Wal ark, sponsor. SHIOND ROW: I,iz Banister, Roger earne ohn lass llelhvrl llum hrits Don Richardson ll , .l U' if. P 'H ' A , Gene Ziegler, Silas Voilt-fs, lloward lilenden, Susie Wright, GOVERNING GRO Student Council is an organization in which an elected group of stu- dents meet once a week to present and discuss ideas for the immrove- ment of our school. This helps to bring better coo eration between the students and, faculty in pre- serving and improving the standards JlNl CARTER Student Council President set up in our school. The membership t-onsists of the high school principal, the faculty members, one representative from each class, conference, and all school or anizations. A president is electeffby the student body each spring. RAYMOND ,IUDD Student Council Sponsor Nlerrv Sowden, Basil Thonias, sponsor. RACK HOW: Vlnrlene Xshlvy, jackie- Nienefev, Niarguret Nlills, llarbaraheim-rt, im Purdue, Kenny Gann, Sid Cookerly, Barbara Pickering, Carol Stone, fgeorge Lovell, Hill Godfrey, Hob White. NUT l'If1'I'I'Rl'1IJur:-Gerry Stover, 'iiildrvd llool. r A Student Council project is buy ing 8 school Christmas Lree Shown decorating it are Ginger lla:-skins, Nlerry Sowden, 'Margaret Nlills, Carol Stone, 'ilarlenv Ashlty Kenny Gann. UFFlCl'iRS are, SlC.'k'I'l'ill: Susie Wright Seen tary, 'Helba Reeves, Sorial Chairman. SFAIND- ING: im Kenney, Finance Chairmang jim Carter President, Roger kiearne, Vice President. 1 i- 'fi Mkt, . - f org . ..33... - . ,..--1 Q4 W f if' , N., , pk X 5. 2 fb , .ii 6 ' , ldv" I 'Te ,l i ,fl in gi 'Q N N UAL AUTHORS FRONT ROW: Norma Heffner Typist, Charlotte Strah, 'Hake-up Artist: Ginger Haskins, Senior Editorg Charlene Strah, I-Iditorg Nlary Ann Jarvis, Sports Editor and Assistant Editor. BACK ROW: Bev johnson, Feature liditorg David Allen, Assistant Sports Editorg 'N1erry Sowden, Business Manager, Susie Wright, Sophomore Editor, Bob Whistlu, Photographer, Norma Simons, Sales Vlanager. NOT PICTURI-1D are: Bessie Czaplinski, Ty istg Conny Gardner, Photographerg Don Lambring, Photographerg Betsy Woods, j unior Editor. The MIRROR, our school yearbook, reflects a year of school life. Charlene Strah was selected assistant editor of the 1954 MIRROR and then G CIIKRLICNIC STRAH Nlirror Editor became editor of the 1955 book. Staff members were chosen fsom those who filled out application blanks. Mrs. Faye Wallack is the sponsor. The staff spends many hours outside of class time writing stories, takin pictures, md drawing up a dummy 05 each page. Funds for the MIRROR are obtained from activity tickets, sales, and the Senior Play. This year the Vlirror Staff had a room of its own. Working their during 3 C a study hour are Bessie Czaplinski, Meny Sowden, Charlene Strah, Ginger Haskins, Bev Johnson. ...39.. FAYE WALLACK 'tiirror Sponsor David Allen and Bob Whistler are deciding on a picture for the Nlirror. ' w , Q, , I3 'I 7 V ' 1, . , . . ,. . . - f- ld, N1 th 1,311 an, Vlury Horror Pat loomm linda 'Nic lliljlgxghlilfgffiiwiillig.Wfl:lHlfii,iif1'li'l,a llizllijalstgileisljrglgl-alll:ll Fllavain. alias' .lff ngi00dff'llUW Xldrv Blass Qydney qmilh ROW: Janice llendrich, Nlarlene AshlCY, Beverly Haskins, Nathana Winwfl, Marcia lod 9 BAQ lb Rpm? Jlwle glnfflgl Nancy Poore, Ann Voris, Beverly johnson. THIRD ROW: lj-ldtf Nlathlasnmlprf udyl i"1hn,,ff"0 Mild Eihereney Norma Simons, Carol Tipton, Yvonne Vlefford, Vlelba Reeves, llaslda' ln the Venter 'S l' 'Za H amster Burchie Reber, Liz Banister. FOIVRTR ROW: Nancyllat- DAIN TY DIRECTORS 1 RPL lfsherettes is an organization oomposcd of thirty- tlree girls who wear gold uniforms and assist at the school plays, basketball game-s, thc- opcretta, the Coronation of Queen Alalah, the Me-ssiah and all other main attrartions of the cit . These girls are carefully selfrf-tml by the sponsor, Raymond Jurlfl on the basis of scholastic and trait rvcorrls and personal uppf-zirzmrze. 'l'hf'y are guiflcrl by the hcarl ushcrvttar, lililalmeth Ranister, who was 1-hosen assistant hr-url usherettc: f in her junior yr-ar by the sponsor anfl promoted to head v usherette in her senior year. Norma Simons was assistant head ushf'rr'tt1- this yoar. 'Vll'i'N1Dl'iRS OF TIIPI SYHPHUNIIQ l.HlJlk1 are, FRONT ROW: Violet Anderson, joAnn Nloffitt, Darlene I-jlrod, Nancy Van- Winlcle, Trevi! X102-iier, Carol Reese, Gayle-ne White, 'l18ry Kahler, Von Owens, Darbara Burk, judith Harris. SECOND ROW: Pat Colglazier, Lavon White, Deanna Deskins, Dauna llumbolt, Anita Sanders, Kaye Linnenkohl, Sandra Woodard, Phyllis 'N1c'Kinney, Pat Dloodworth Merry Sowden, Liz Banister, Kay Winegarner, Libby fliles. THIRD ROW: Rowena Shook, Phyllis Rhodes, Mary Cox, Nancy Poore Nleloa Reeves, bue Lhapman, ',1ary Ulass, bydney bmith, Nlarcia Lodge, Pfilene Shepherd, Pat Hays, Nancy Thomas, Sharon Read. RACK ROW: Louis Sherwood, Wayne Pool, Ralph Palmer, Don Lambring, Dill Daut, Dill Gochis, John Dlass, Roger llearne, Don Russell, Gene Smock, jim Webb, Darrell Boswell, Gene Bartlett, Larry jordan. NOT PlCTl7Rl-ID are: Betty Atkins, Jeanette Atkins, Bertha jordan, Gary Rademacher. MELODY MAKER 0 f iso -Au. THE!!! The Symphonic Choir is a singin group which gives a concert eacE spring, participates in the O eretta, special programs, and enters the dis- trict music contest. Choir members are chosen from the choms classes by the director. Members of the junior girls' sextet are: Kaye Linnenkohl, Jo Ann Nioffitt, Sydney Smith, jim llill, Accompanwli 'WHYY COX- WNY Cox, 'Mary Ann Blass, Sandra Woodard. -4 MERRY SOWDEN Accompainist ,Jn 3 Director ,N fn 1 ff ,W f .1 I 1 . A. 5 'f ," NPA' f. vit X k - 1 " X l- f LAURFINCE Rl LL 1 Q fn- ,J t bf uAi'x1ow nun ,f Pr-y llnl, xi-Uiisor Z .K 'F ' C ,YN UFl"lClfli9 are: ll:-v llaskinvi, Vice President: . , . , ,. , in-tl I-mlinsun, l'resi-le-nt: Janvll CEE, 5t'i'r0tary 'l'rs-asurerg Blzfl' l'-lqll-'Y .lilllN5UlN Suaie- Wright, Stunt Chairman: Nlarlvnf- Ashlc-v, Student l'xl'f'lUl'll""'ll"n' Council lleprvst-ntativv. The- Pep Club is u groufm of girls organizecl to lentl Any high svhool girl may join. 'ifvnihers must we-ur F31 and enthusiasm to al home football and basket- tht- proper unifomi, 1-:insisting of at imurplu corduroy ii' l ganies. Thvsf- girls perform before football skirt and golrl wvskit, and zlhirlv by tif' rules of the- games and decorate the goal posts. organization. The Pep Club has many varied activities invlumling lluymontl ,Iutlfl is the- Pvp flluh sponsor. the operation of the game concession stands. I-'HUNT ROW: Margaret Harper, Mary Ann jarvis, Pat Hays, janet Sparks, Mi-in-y wood, Sharon He-ati, Phyllis Rhodes, Rowena Shook Lavon White Ka P linnenkohl Annette- url 'Martin Nina Mlanw Karen Nlrlntire KM I W y J Y I R I-.astman Sandra Brown SI- KONI! HOW Louise Holloway 1 ene Shepherd I7-frlenv Pmgry B2 ly AUKIU5 u y Vlathiasmeier Beverly Toms Paula Love f I I AN I , 1 'S' 3' A1-.1 l"ll0NT ROW: Betty Wineinger, Dorothy Reynolds, Wanda Kennedy, Sheryl Dowler, Twila Gilmore. BACK ROW: White, llcloris Harper, Doreen Trent, l'hyllis Absher, Virginia Iiilyeu, Nlarilyn Dikeman, Sheryl Coggins, Judy She 'lin Webb Carolyn Dempsey. SECOND HOW: Vivian Ziegler, jessie Nlcflaugh, Barbara Ware. rr? y . llunrllr-, Phyllis Phillips, juy Casida, Paula Ilia.-h, Peggy BOOSTERS 'l'he Pep Club and Drill Team are being led in a yell during a time out at the Winfield - Arkansas City basketball game which was played before a full house. i e mm An annual activity of the Pep Club is marching in the Arkalalah parade which is shown below with the cheerleaders leading the group. .U l fx I It , , The Pep Club operates the ' :, game concessions. M left is 'W 8 Crowd at the concession Stand in the auditorium gym- nasium during a basketball game. .431 1-w 26 7 5 v " .xv 1 VY 1? Q .X I 1 I-'HUYI' RWW: Nlarilxn fmlto, snplirvrnorvl filmrlvnr' Nlfdll, l,f"w-rt, Junior: fflmrlotlf- N11--il, xvni-'rg Iirth I m Yffllflfl llvlorf'-4 Pluxh, xophnnmrr-. IKXVR IIHW: ll-irh-iri juni r l IEC PHO E l r 'I ORS .Nt dw hs-ginnina of fuarli si-hool vr-ar, .ill sopho- In AH umm., Ur Mhvn ,,thl.rwi,,, more-s, intf-rf-ste-rl in living ai 1-lim-rlffarle-r, 1-me-r an ,p,.,,ifi,.,L 'I'h,.y HMS! ,l1,id:- by .1 f'llYUlIliill0ll rnnlffsl r-onrllivlvrl hy thf- Sponsor. TTU' xo-I of mlf-s re-ueinling thvir f'on1lur't Pc-p flluh l.llf'Il holds ki slurlf-nt sis.:-ar-nihly to r-lf-vt two, on auifl Qff yhvir jobs us c'hm-r- f who hold offirf' the rmivaiinrlvr of llllfll' high sr-hool le-ml:-rs. days, unless ilisqiizllifif-rl hy the- sponsor. Ii. IQ. juchl is the- I'lH'Pflf'2illI'f Those six frheerlvarlfrrfs, two so Jhomorfrs, two sponsor, juniorS, anfl two Seniors, must illleflfl all pravlires, and Peep Club nwetings, and appr-ar in proper uniform qjHMqIaf3'f"f1.l 5THAH' Nea, ghecrlemier Ihr, rhrffvrlf-a-lvrs -arf' Shown forming thr- lmtv-r ml" whilf- ing Pi yvll. 1-4- lrwiil- STEPPING STR UTTERS Une of the special numbers uf the ririll team was the boogie drill. They usf-fl pub ple canes anil pom- poms. The Drill Team, a newly formed marching group, was organized last year under the- rlirec-tion of R. fl. Juild. The team, composed of 36 girls, wears golfl satin uniforms anil white ma'orettc boots- 'l'hey rlrill at the half time of football and basketball games, parades, and other s 1-vial times. They prartice long and harri to develop the higili strut wliieli nizikes them outstanding. 'irginia Haskins is the Drill Team Majorette. Assistant Nlajorette. FIIONT ROW: Sharon Walker, Vt-ra Stacy, Barbara Burk, Marlene Ashley, Kay Winegamer, Libby Giles, Vir inia lla:-ikins, majoreueg Janell Gee, Bev Johnson. jan illay- Wiirii, lilaine Cuilinger, Burchie llaber, Susie Wright. SECOND ROW: Nlarcia Lodge, Nlary Horror, Lois Bilyeu, Bev Haskins, Kenna Dempsey, 'Merry Sowden, Lil Banister, l Thi- drill team is shipwn doing the circle drill at tlw half time of a baslwtliall game. v,75 VIRGINIA HASKINS, Nlajorette Bev johnson is Lelia Geist, Darlene I-Ilrod, Bessie Nlcflaugh, Treva Niosier, Carol Nlott. BACK HOW: Roberta Bruner, Norma Simons, Karol Parkhurst, Rue-ne Crampzon, june Griffith, 'Nlary jo Goodfellow, Betsy Woods, Sydney Smith, jamie White, 'Margaret Carlson, Uauna llumbolt, Ann llarman, jackie Alsip. 9? 'J FRONT ROW: Karen Keown, Libby Thompson, Andrea Wolf, Sharon llelsel, Dorothy llatcher, Betty Cotter, Carol Ho- warth, Leon Fluis, Virginia Kittrell, Bessie Czaplinski, Nancy Vanwinkle, Gaye 'Veil Wells, Carol Stone, 'Nlargaret llills, Fred Savage, Ronald Carr, Gordon Lambert, Wayne Key, Rod Starkey. SECOND HOW: Florence McNlullin, Gary Hines, JoAnn Nloffitt, Niarilyn Getto, Sharon Anderson, Ruth Heck, Cora Lea Yates, Sharon Reasor, Norma lleffner, ,lim Hill, Albert Nlarshall, Shirley Reid, jim Carter, Lois The Arkansas City High School Orchestra, under the direction of August Trollman, meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and altemate Fridays. A special group plays for AUGUST TR0l.LNlAN Orchestra D irector. is Band and RODNEY STARKEY Orch estra Pre sident .46- oil Nlarshall, A. J. Nlorris, Niarilyn Lambert,dIoe Fulcher, Janice Carter, llalph Spurrier, Dale Nleffor, Paul Killblane George Belden, 'llax Burton, Carolyn johnson, Lloyd Pond Larry Harger. BACK HOW: August Trnllman, director' Delores Cook, judy Kinslow, Peggy Gage, Carol White jane Kappel, ,Ian Siner, Carolee Carl, Nlarilyn Brooks, 'Margaret Schnelle, jan Neal, Gene Bartlett, Gerald Cook, Don Stansbarger. v v 1 a MAGNIFICENT the school plays, Operetta, the Arkalalah Coronation, and other special events. The main oh'ec- tive of the entire orchestra is play- ing for the annual Messiah. S FRONT HOW: Virginia Kittrell, Student Council Re- presentive, Carolee Carl, Vice President, Rodney Starkey, President, Nancy VanWinkle, Librarian, Sharon Helsel, Librarian. Sl-:COND ROW: Dan Russell, Goat, ,lim Carter, 'Vlax llurton, Stage 'Vlanagersg Carol llo- warth, Coatess, Shirley Reid, Student Director, Betty Cotter, Secretary. FRONT ROW: Sharon Helsel, Carol Howarth, Bessie Czaplinski, Karen Keown, Marilyn Lambert, Lois Marshall, Florenre MCiMul1in, Nancy Hatfield, Sharon Anderson, Sharon Reasor, Norma lleffner, Nancy Thomas, jim Hill, Shirle Reid janice Carter Carol Stone Cora Lea Yates Y 1 1 1 1 Marilyn Brooks, Carolee Carl, Detty Cotter, Nanvy Van- Winkle. SECOND ROW: 'Margaret Mills, Peggy Cage, jane Kappel, Carol White, Andrea Wolf, Larry Amett, Ruth Heck, Ruth Greenwood, Bill Asbell, Ralph Spurrier. TlllRD ROW: judy Kinslow, jan Neal, Virginia Kittrell, joe Fulcher, Leslie Alexander, Bob White, Mary Blakey, Darlene Cross, Della Haas, joe Butler, Leon Fluis, Ray Clodfelter, Lloyd MUSICIANS Pond, Gene Bartlett. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn johnson, Max Burton, Dale xiefford, George Belden, Larry Woosley, Harley llarger, jan Siner, Roy Greer, Marilyn Getto, Larry Harger, A. j. Morris, jim Carter, joAnn Moffitt. FIFTH RUW: August Trollman, director, Mary Cotter, Delbert Hatcher, Paul Killblane, Don Russell, Gordon Lambert, Gary Glas- gow, Richard Byme, Victor Bames, Gaye Nell Wells, Libby Thompson, Ronald Carr, Albert Marshall. BACK ROW: Rod Starkey, Gary Ilines, john Baird, Delores Cook, Gerald C00k. T0rn Sowden, Don Stansbarger, Leon England, Wayne Key, Robert Harris, Robert Trexler. 'Die Arkansas City lligh School Band, under the direction of August Trollman, pla s for all athletic events, assemlilies, concerts, and contests. The Band meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and alter-nate Fridays. Some of the trips the group took this year were to the Kansas State l-'air at Ilutvhinson, the Sedan Fair, and the Arkalalah booster trip. Pep Band members playing at a pep assembly are: Florence McMullin, Harley llarger, joinn Moffitt, Bessie Czaplinski, Leon England, Carolyn johnson, Don Stansbarger, Shirley Reid, Gordon Lambert, jim llill, Rodney Starkey. 5 5- FRONT ROW: Libby Thompson, Goatessg Norma Heff- l1f'l', Student Counril Rvpresentiveg Larry Woosley, ljresident: Carol Howarth, Librarian? lletty Cotter, Secretary. BACK ROW: Roy Greer, Stage Manager, Bob White, Student Director, Max Durton, Vice President, .lim llill, Stage Manager, A. j. Morris, Coat. LARRY WOOSLEY Band President .-411 Q 1 k TWIRLI- H9 R aren Ikeown Besqledc Zaplms 1 BCQSXP Kzaplmskx farolee H93 TWU er Farl xklfllyfl Brooks Ihe Band ns shown marchmg xn the annual Arkalalah parade H- ll ll X XJ 1' -v-3 f-1 dill -48- ,A aw ' y. JA' X jo Ann Nioffxtt Band N1Hj0l'f'Ilf' Band TWIFIC rs no rhospn bw th: band dlrector Any Sophomorm glfl, who plays a stnng lnqrument m the Orchestra, m ly try out, provldxn CrP1sdv1rn1y t dvr uaxng twxrler Tha m xjnrc tu- 18 rhoscn f-xc h yr- lr by the band n1f'rnbr'rS- . 5 :J .4 1, y 'J X .A 4 V, F Vw - 1--S 83 f .. . . 4 ' ,gf-X A N ,A . Q K5 il f -Q' iff y I - y X- , J . N . - if -3 - ' , H- ij- V - V wk - U ' ,auf , If ri Y . " th ' zxra r' lrff by ' ,rut A ' M ,1 D .. ' . ' - ' 'U 1 . 1 B, .v , , v FRIE DLY FELLOWSHIP ffxtix l Y 1 Spf: s ik-u Q 1 Y' FKIHIXE I ez ROY HLDUWF II Yrvsx E mum, X f n fhrxstx m 'ks-.4 fl itxon mu -. rxdlntdxn, md Lxtulf throu hout the wchool .Amr rommunnx hz h K-llIlddIiS of Chrlsuan c ara trr r 1 an: X Ifenx work together 1n mam miss 0 n 1 Nr hlf 1 r nn 1 ifimr 1 r 's r v 1 ulns P s Gun HX Ixmmlf' N mth Jarrell U svxvll In Hlcharisdn on Rxuhardbon Dr n Hughes jf-rrv Cdbhert 4 I 4 'NJ Q7 -1"'r. ,car ,v- 19 -49 .Qi V 'w, f Q s- , , f Sli-'k'I'liIl: Imhrw HIJNN, X11 v' P'rf-Nil'-111, Irv- K 5 Huy Xlrliuvn-ll, Pr:-swfvvzr. Nl,'xNIll'wf.g Hhh HIY' PIPVH Nr-hlffe-rxif-1 iwr, Nl-w l'4'I1lI'k. I 1-fun h1lllN s H -Y, nh Hr AI'rr'4 r'rp Uvlhv-rt Hxmzphrxws, Nlufivnl Vuln- rll H prom- 4 ' , L- ' in-Y ' :wi ni H Hi-Y is ai hramvh of thx- Ye 1 12 'a Q 'Q ,-,:'1'z ' for high sr-llmml l It hc-lim lhvm to wrf-utr-, v " " z 1 1 2 , K. . v, ' Y, 'Q hi , 'X ',. '. he ef' ' . Th ' H'-Y . i '-' ' 1 5 ' ' 3 ' ' ' 1' fit'- " , FRUNVI' NNW: l31'lbv'rI Humphrivx, I,f'vRm X1f'DOM'PH,HU!r'fIliPCl' Spunsorg gh Hlzss, 1401, fwin-I-kr-r, IJ Llafk. srccguxlm maxi: 1-' 1 .' vhl-z la- , Hu-har!! 'xn.'hPf, H111 Un-if 1' ', H11 lx I y, jack 5 hm, Hu. '-P11 ' K1 '. Nick li' K: K . ' 4714 ,I fi-' , I +I ' ' IU . D . A X , , v , 4 , , . ? E 5 gf ' Y ' ' YS' K f " ,, if I, . f Q- K- - 3 1 2 Y 1 T 335' I , 2 4 4' TV ' ' 'gg " I-1 9 A ."- Q SX M -1 1 'Q K I ' ' " . 4. L ' , T" 9 , ' 14 ,s , 5 , ,,, - A X M . .' fl' ' , f. 2 ,, J "' +1 , ' " :E A ' 1 I 4 A 5 v , ,lI"Ylllll5, F'llOfN'I' RUW: julie Harper, Vlargare! Carlson, Colglazier, X13f'lPIl e Clin'- llune- Griffith, llurlenv l,lDL'!TY, lluvnv ffrdmplorl, Sandra Vvilsfin, fileuilai lrlln-ll llr-Mn, Xnne-ltr' lwlslmdn, Xririalwlle' Hahn, lrllvunur lleynolils, Xnilil S4lIl'll'TY, lrtlm llilx u ll' H flv l flm J' NNI' ll:-lu Mkins, Xnn Harm-in. SFQIIONID HOW: Wil-lre-l Pool, llirls-uri, jan Mn:-r, fltll' l llfwi in li:-tri Cotter, Cor-1 Ira Yates, X1-xridnne Smith, Jo -'xnn IL:-vm-rly l'-mis, l-sth:-r Writ: l 1' ml' lliiffitt, Put lumiiis, Shar-in Ouirlv, je-lnnvttv Atkins, Par livlrl, Rf-Sf' lllrkvrm-lr1 JK Q, SOPIIUNMJIIY-S FRONT ROW ltarol Pnrkhurst, Sheryl Dowler Marilyn Brooks Della Haas, Phyllis Absher, Judy 71e cr Doris Heed Twila filmore Frances Nlaloy, Eilene Shepherd. QPYOND HOW Norma johnf-Hn, jarltie Alsip, 'Vlary Nlast Dorothy Reynolds Ruth Greenwood, Virginia lxahler Marilyn Dxkeman fharlotte Brown, Beth McDowell, Anita Belew, Carolyn Dempsey I-lame Cuffelt, Xlary fotler Betty Wineinger, llarhara Ware UMR ROW Rudi Heck l,0is Rilyeu, Shvrrylin We 1 Nlvalnn Sullivan 'irlent Vliller, juwly Xlarlin, Nanny xdflulll e Weggy lu-'nneay Paula Ibach, joy fjasiilzi, Iyayv ks-llr-y Andrea Wolf Norma Miss 'hy is llu km-un progrum irer tor uf the lxunsus llwtriet of Y WI A 'Members of Y I'eens at one of the bi-monthly meetings. talk ...52-. PI' l"l"l'l'lll'i 'Yl'llSl'l5' SP1 NSUH5 are: Nlrs. james lllll, Hrs. lfthel Cochran, and Nlrs. fgrm-e llowell, not pir- tured, all registers--1 nurses. I-'LURI-fN'Cl-1GOFURTII Sponsor FRONT ROW: Neill? Atkins, Treva Vlosier, Sharon Nrtherton. SECIUND ROWg Paula 17 HELPFUL HEALER ' Y-'I"I'l'Hl" YVHSFS'Ol-'FIfIl'QllS are, SEATED: Nlary Iiove, President, I-'lorenr-e 'V1cN1ullin, Secretary- Treasurer. STAVDING: If-lia Geist, Vice President, Pal lmmniis, Corresponding Sv-crexarv. Future Nurses illuh meets twife a month to acquaint prospeetive nurses with qualifications for the voration. Only juniors and swiiors may belong to this organization. Some of their at-tivities Ponsist of giving teas for their mothers and prospective members, and giving eye IPSISQ Thi- sponsors are three registered nurses, Vlrs. I-'red Cockmm, Mrs. James Hill, and Mrs. Grave Dowell, Mrs. Florenve Goforth is the school sponsor. 1 Irv' li ' an ca 4 V q'wf"X l ,....7X, Lois Marshall, Peggy Davison. BACK ROW: Florence Xldlullin, N1ary N1cCorgary, I-Nrances Lee, Dorothy Rowan, jan Siner, Delores Cook. l -4 S -r-.- ,35- Ark l.ight Sponsor ,ii X7 Q FRONT ROW: kiharle .0 Strah, hports liditorg Susie- Wright, 'HBHHKCFC Juanita Farwile, Afi't'Cl'liSinR Asslilaflll Kily Assistant I-fditurg john lllass, lfditorg ,lanell liver, lixrhangf- Winvgurnt-r, Kf'FlIl5l hvinpsvv, llll'CUlHlilIIl Xlanagvrsg Dun liditurp Norma Ile-finer, lfeature lfditnr. li.-KCK ROW: Shirlvy l.i'iN1l'VUlK' l'l1"ff1tIl'UDllf'f' N01 I'lf'U1f"d- Cog gins, Advertising Klanagerg Dun llusst-ll, lluSint-ss R0 ING REPORTER JOHN BIASS Ark Light Editor The Ark Light, an ACIIIS lui-montly publica- tion, vontuins svhool nrrws written by tho Ark Light l'ldituriz1lStaff. It include-s four pages with the editor in vhargc- of tht- front pageg feature f-flitor, svcond pagt-3 .assistant vditor, tllird pageg and sports editor, bark page. An vxt-liairign 1-flitor Pxclitirigos papers with otlivr svliools while' tlif- fire-ulation manager distributvs tlivm in ,"lfIll5. .'Mlvf'rtismrieI1ls are sold by Lhf- ad nianagers who give the money t-ollevtt-d to thc- business niainager who is in vhurgc- of the Mk l,igllt's expenses. The pliotognaqilic-rs teikt' pivtures for tlicpapf-1. All stuff nic-riilivrs work us rfvportvrs, writing stories of inttfrvst L0 the- studvnts and vomniunity. VARY ROARK Busy writing stories to meet a deadline are Susie Wright and TYPin6l fi Story is Don Russell- Vliss Rourk who is always busy John Blass. answering questions helps Norma lleffner and janell Gee with writing problems. ,nv Mgr" e-rry Flwvf-r, Dun filark, llnlu lianpzifalf' arf' liunning off Ihr' Ark l,ipzhl un the Preparing to run off thr' Krklighls tqmking fupx Ulm is printing lin UH- l1nf,- rvlinllvr pre-55 urn 'jun Hifhgrdggny are Tram lllithrualy Ronnie' 5mm-ily rvpa-. liuwf kv-nilrivk, 'Xlarvm Nlrfiuruary. Urmanlxilr-ran. HHN lilfillKlillSUN Production Xlanager llim- yrk Ligln l'r-nlmivtiurl stuff lids ilu- important job of printing Ulf- sf-llrml mpm-r wllii li worries nu! vvfzry twv wi-f-ks. lu qualify llmr tlw stuff, il rn:-mlmr must liave' lwu yvursuff'xp1'ri1fl1c'1- in printing. 'l'l1v- stuff f'fHlSiSIS of lion lii4'l1.irfl'+or1, prwluflion rnanagi-rl lluil Keflwirivk, limwtxpv furvmaui anfl .iris forrvrnzui, Nlurvin 'Vlf-flurgury, mukf-up furvrnaxn: Hub Lungflzilz-, Ivrc-e-as forvrmmz liunnil- Sw:-J-ly, fore-. mang ,Ian-k Ilm'kv'nln1ry', iliivf Qtf-rf--nypf-r. K"ll'lI'lI'li, lion Clark, jim Dixon, Him Gillm-k, f,url llliitforri, linotypf- mpc-ratorSg liivlmr-lynn, lu-nflric-k, lxuigllalr-, Nlwffjurgary, Swvffly, llor-kv-riliury, llliitfuril, llflflifr Km-ff-, 'Ibm llailllr-out, pri-sf-me-rig unfl Ulf,-ir .1-asistzirils. PAPER P BLISHER Kfvffllvr, ,lark Dun fflfxrk, 'Qc-rrv Ftuvvr flarfmllue-rs, llathcual. I-'HUNT HOW: K. l-'. llizffu, spnnsurg Warrrn llfvvkvnburv, llvmuic- nw:-1-ly, Vlarvin Xlffmrgary, Iiuiiily Larry lflvming, Kendrick, Don liiCl1armls0n. SECOND HUW: Eddie Ketfll, Bobby Langdale, Orman Wilson, Carl Whitforcl, Q I 5, Q r 4- ay' o -Q i QQ J lllfll Xl-irrisnn, Can fli Will: jim Dixon, Kent Sinrlair, Gary' Stover, Tom A. F. BUFFO Sponsor ,- ,. qv no 'T' WILLFU L RITERQ 3 ef an "7 Q 'Cb ,-, f -IU' ,...! fi i OI ILL AWD SCROII NlF'Nll'3FR9 are FRONI' HOW Susre Ann arvrs N11-rry Sowden ohn Blass Nhss 'llary Roark Wrlght Charlotte 'ilrah Charlene Strah BACK ROW Vlary sponeor Don Ru-seell ns not pnrtured Qnll and Sr-roll IS a nauonal honor NIAHY HOARK Spon sor Don Russell Susxe Wnght Charlene Strah and Charlene Slrah are looking over 8 Quill and Scroll magazine somety for hxgh school joumalxoto. To be amembcrof thus orgamzatlon a student mum be ln the upper lhxrd of his class, and have done some -56- outsmndm JOUFDSIISUC work Only umors an Qoruors are elxgnble I P members 'Ihey mum be re- commended by the publxcallon advisor, dnl approved by the ex:-fu txvc serretary An annual pro ev! of the honor sorlety IS that 0 putun the senior pxctures ln the multlp Ox on he second floor of the hlgh sehool f g Ashe PHOVT NOW A f' Buffo Qponaor Charles Trenarx Warren Wal n HAIR ROW llud ke-ndnck Pddxe keefe Don llllmfr Prry 71eg1Lr Roger IS wser farl Wlntffrl Hrman Hnthardson kent Carruthers Drn Clark Gerry Stover PAT VER PRI 'PERS Fha Prmtere. Culld IS an honorary pnntmg club for students ln hlgh school and junlor college who h no a speclal Interest ln prlntlng The organlzatlon was formed m l9:0 lts mam objectxve IS to provlde an adrhtlonal outlet for the energxes of the more advanveml studente and to explore further the posslbllltxef. of the pnnung lndustry llach year the gulld sponsors an mx blotler desxgn contest, and an intramural basketball toumament The elub also ongmatcd and mamtams a photography laboratory, and awards four prlntmg letters annually Pictured at the upper rxght I9 Bud kendnck Pnnters Gulld Vxce Presldent HCl0Wl11l'Ill9 'N F' Buffo, onsor Plrtured at the lower rxght are the guxld officers Bud Kendnck, Vxce Pre-mdent Pddxe Keefe Treasurer Young Qnodgrass, Secretary and flharlea Trenary Prealdent Not plrtured are Don Richardson, Public Relatxons Chaxrman and berry Stover, Student Counml Reprebentatlve At lower left are RlCh'il'd Ruch Bud kendnvk Carl Whltford, Charles Trenary workung ln the photography laboratory -57... SPEC1 SPEAKERS ll -PQ .y, ,1 -1 FRONT ROW: Xlary Kahler, negative: llurchie Baber, affirm- livfi Bill DHUI, GSW llHClCm3ChCf, affirmative: Ann Voris, ativeg jan Sine-r, negative-3 Basil Thomas, Debate Coach: Hffirmativeg Don Lambring, negativeg llichard llinehart, Phyllis Xlchinnev, Norma Simons, negutiveg Kate l,innen- altrmateg Bev johnson, affirmative. Xlary jo Coodfellow kohl, affirmative. siicioxli ROW: lxny Wim-gamer, nega- also debated the first part ofthe season. Debate has ber-ome ac-tive again in ACHS after a lapse of two yearS. It is under the direvtion of llasil Thomas, 'lhe squad consists of lfl students composing three affirmative teams, two negative teams, and an alternate. Resolved: 'That the federal overnment should initiae a olicy of free trade among nations friendly to Sie United States' was the deilmate question this year. The dehaters did very well oonpeting against seasoned debaters. Prae- tim-ing and doing researr-h only outside of sehool hours mms a disadvantage for the beginning squad. Through the season the ACHS debaters won a little over a third of their debates and if the split decisions had been given them, their wins would have amounted to one-half of all debates ent ered. These debaters, in gaining experience, learned to do extemporaneous qieaking and also gained a feeling of vonfidenm- ciiring the season. Basil Thomas is both Debate Coach and Forensic Sponsor. Bill Daut, Gary Rademaeher, Basil Thomas, floaehg Phyllis Participating in a practice debate are llon Lambring, jan Nlcliinney, and Norma Simons display the seeond place Siner, Ann Voris,and Burehie Haber. trophy they won at 6 toumament at Anthony, Kansas. ,oe Libby Giles, Sharon Quick, Phyllis Rhodes, Dramatic lleidinllsi Barbara Burk, Burrhie Haber, llumorous Read- ings. If- "5 Susie Wridit, Vlsnuscript Reading: Richard Rinehart, Extem- poraneous Speaking: Nancy Thomas, lnfomiative Speakingg Vlargaret Schnelle, Manuscript Reading. A DID CO TESTANTS Pictured left to right ere: Betty Atkins, Bur-chic Baber, Extem- poraneous Speakingg Eilene Shepherd, Original Oration. Basil Thomas is sponsor of all the groups. 59- Studunts in Forensics participate in indi- vidual speeczh and drama events. They work on mlays, readings, and emotional speeches. The forensic- r-ontestants participated in the District and Ark Valley contests and also the State, if they quali fied. Those pictured on this page attended the Distriet, Ark Valley, or both contests. Not pictured are Phyllis Nlrliinney, Origi- nal Oraiong and N1aryKahler, Extemporane- ous Speaking. Th F e sic one-act play was 'Dark Wind.' The characters C Ol' n ' N s Gra song Russell Kloxln, included: Norma Simons, . ur e y jerry Stevensg Kaye Linnenkohl, tured, Ann Voris, Nurse Bates. fo ' 'UQ Nurse Fleming. Not pic- lH'il,UW: Ilill Gnchis, Nlary Ann Blass. Three l.ittle Nluielsz Nlelba Reeves. Don Russell, Nanlti-Poo, bows tu llill llaut, the l.nrd High lixecutionr-r. l.iblEJY Giles, Kaye Linnenluohl, FRONT ROW: john Blass, Melba Reeves, Kaye Linnenkohl, Don Russell, Roger lleame, Libby Giles, Gary Rademacher. SECOND ROW: Bill Gochis, 'Mary Ann Blass, Bill Daut. LAURENCI-I HULL Director vt' X". "4 ,Tiff 1 0' ul, THE IKADO 0 PIC R PQTTA C AST N anki-Poo- - - ----------- - - - Don Russell Co-To ----- - - Roger Ilearne Pish-Tush- - - ----- John Blass Pooh-Bah - - - - -Cary Radanacher Ko-Ko - - - - - ----- - Bill Daut Yum-Yum -- - -- Kaye Linnenkohl Peqm-Bo - - - - - Melba Reeves Pitti-Sing ---- - - - Libby Giles Katisha - ----- --'Viary Ann Blass Mikado of ,Iqian - - -- - Bill Corthis At left are JIXI lllI,l, and SHIRLEY RIGID, 'Vlikado arcompanists. The Chorus of Schoolgirls and Nohlemen, at BUTTOVI l.l-ll-'T by steps: Sydney Smith, Nancy Vanlfinkle, Von Owens, l,avon White, Judith Harris, Darlene lilrml, 'Vlary Kahler, Sandra Woodard, Jeannette Atkins, Violet Anderson, l'lt Colglazier, jnknn Wloffitt, Rowma Shook, Betty Atkins, Bertha jordan, Nancy Poore, Nancy Tho- S man Al l'l0'l'TOVl Rlfilllz Nlareia Lodge, Anita Sanders, Dauna llumbolt, 'Mary Cox, Sue Chapman, liilene Shepherd, Pat Bloodwotth, Kay Winegarner, Barbara Hurk, I,iz Hanistvr, Vlerry Sowden, Ralph Palmer, Louis Sherwood, Darrell Boswell, Gene Smoclc. NOT PICTl'lll-ID: Deanna Deskins, judith Dirkerson, Sharon Head, Phyllis 'N10Kinney, Treva Nlosier, Wayne Prire, Carol Reer'f', Phyllis Rhodes, Gaylene White. john Bla ss f ary Rademacher, Bill llaut. tv Cast members FRONT HOW Kaye Ixnnenkohl llbby Basxl Thomas dlrector Alan Ausun 'Mary 10 Goodfellow Fnles Suaxe Wnght Phyllxs Rhodes Vary lxahler FMFK llovward Blenden HOW Delbert llumphnes Hxchard Rxneharl Russell lxloxm 'Hrs lflhel Savage l' any 'Slac- 'Vlrs Paddy Florence effre Hanm al Dr Emmet 'Vhss Wxlhelmxna Samuel Savage Tltus Qav e l1Iv Belle avage Applymg make-up on Lxbby Cxlea Charlene qtrah wlth qusxe Wnght looking 'Susie Wm ht Llbbw C1 es lxa e Llnnenkohl P yllls Rhodes Alan Austm llubsell Kloxln Delbert Ilumphnes Mar jo Goodfellow ioward Blenden Rgchard Rmehart Mary kahler THE C RIOUS SAVAGE fix.. Pxctured at left rs Basxl Thomas Speech play dxrector The scene at rx ht Included Qusle Wnghl Kaye mnenkohl Ru: ard Rmehart Delbert llum hrxes I P Llb by G11 e -61 AGRIC LT URAL ASSOCIATIO F F A OFFICERS ARE FRONT ROW dent jnm Webb Reporter Davxd Thompson Vxce Presldent Har unxor Coggms Senunel old Walker Adv1sor Sdas Follee Pres: et Treasurer Gary Banon Secretary BACK ROW Delbert Wha 'Ap -imp we-9 '?'W-R SILAS FOILES HAROLD WALKFR Presxdent Advlsor The Shop Exhxbu whxch the F A Chapter entered at the Shown by the ACHS milk marhme purchased by the F P A Hutchmson Suite Farr are Bud Ghramm Sxlas Foxles john Blass Delbert Whaley l adams! -621 FRONT ROW Ronald Mkms john Haxrd Dob llun! 'Vlarvm fox, john Wnlson fary loltvr larry Warrxnglon SP COND ROW Fary Nhmson llmmy foalley Ronald Ham Delbert NH IRONT ROW fene- lleglcr Cary Ham Deryl llarp Ray Wenlworih Ceorge luvell jam Nlcfarland john Blalchford larry Whaley DHVIA Nloldenhauer SP COND ROW Don Grose Loren Fresh llaskell Nlarlxn Wayne Webb Wayne Oestmann Cary Cotlob Davnd Lord BKCR ROW Lester Nhtcnell lhchard Duncan kenneth Baxter Nell Brown Robert arrmgton lldon Fastman Don Waldschmlclt. Slalnaker llarold 'Vlullett llarley Foggms jesse Rehn kenny Dunbar Butch Walker BACK ROW Howard Klvelt leslne Foggms Cene Ansune Raymond Alkms Tom Lord Wayne Pool Rxchard Rmeharl Buel Duncan ,J .-63-. 1' . 3 .ab '1 Q cl FRONT ROWI WHY CC-X.Belty Cotter, Carol Howarth, Ruene Haskins, jolt-ta Waldorf. BACK ROW: Barham Krout, Joyce Crampton, Barbara P1ckering,Glenda Frizzell, Twila Vlajors, Foltz, Ruby Nlcxiutt, Bev johnson, Barbara Lemert, 'Mary Sandra Brown. SECOND ROW: Nlildred Pool, Becky Jewell, Hurrgr, Gary Leland. C073 L03 Yates. Peggy Admire, Charlotte Strah, Ginger SPEEDY SCRIBBLERS Shorthand Club meets every two weeks to work for a goal of perfect understanding and perfection of shorthand. Their motto is, "To write as fast as aman qmeaksf' Only shorthand students are eligible to join. A Shorthand Club pmject is priming a newspaper, called the "Scream", entirely in shorthand for the benefit of the club mem- bers. Contests are held to give the students practice, and experience in shorthand. noxgvi-xLi,1r:n1e 3.4 ,Ponaor f SHORTHAND CLUB OF'- I-'ICI-IRS are: Sandra Brown, Ark Light Repor- terg Don Valliere, Spon- sor: Betty Cotter, Scream liditorg 'Mary Borror, Sec- retary Treasurer: ' Carol llowarth, Presidenlg 'Mil- dred Pool, Student Coun- cil Representativeg Ginger Haskins, Program Chairmang Ilarbara Lem- ert, Vice President. ..64... 'il-X NE il IQ-r iiii B r.. Shown at a Shorthand Club meeting are, FRONT ROW: Joyce Foltz, 'Vlary Borror, Sue Chapman. SPIC- OND ROW: Mildred Pool, Carol Howarth, Cora Lea Yates, Barbara Lemert. .G l x FRONT ROW Suaxe Wn ht Sylvta Ba s Betty Atkms Mary Bla ey 'Vlart-ha Lalman jamne hxte Barbara Ware Mary Cotter Carolyn Dempsey Twlla Majors Paula Love SFCOND ROW oan Steele Barbara Lemert Judy Kmslow Sheryl Dowler Judy Zxe er Mary Love Nomxa Sxmons Libby Thomp son joleta Waldorf Bea Chtaholm Charlene Strah BACK ROW Audrey Wood Carolyn Johnson Shxrley Retd Kenna Dempsey Kaye Lxnnenkohl Mary Ann Jarv1s Vlarxlyn Getto Carol Stone Bets Woods Sandra Brown NOT PIC TUR D Beverly johnson Merry Sow den Charlotte Strah Kay Wmegamer Sharon Artherton Deanna Desktna Mu- cna Lodge Paula Ibach Vxr ma Kahler Peggy Kennedy Marpret M1 s fo 1.1 EDITH DAVIS G A A. Sponsor SHIRLEY REID G A A Presxdent AGILE ATHLETES G A A. OFFICERS are SEATED Shrrley Reid, Pren am. STANDING Charlotte sn-h, seem-fy, Mm, Sowden, Student Councxl Repreaentatrve, Suaxe Wnght, Vtce Preaxdent, Charlene Stxah, Ark Light Reporter. Playmg Basketball are Barbra Ware, Sharon Anheu- IOD, 'WHY AMI JIPVIS, Mary' Love, Norma Sxmona, Betsy Woods, Lelta Gent. Gxrls Athletic ASSOCIHIIOD IS an orgamzatlon formed to bulld character and slull nn sports Any gurl ln high school who IS interested ln 1ts acuvxtxes may om G A.A meets every Mond after school ,The gtrls partlctpate ID many dx ferent outdoor and xndoor sports. Tournaments hlkes, and lcmcs ze some of the orgamze acttvxtxes w tch hel contnbute polnts toward earnxng a letter which IS the goal of all C A A. members. -65- S L P f',. ix. ., ' by In 2' , C ... A K ' , l . ,, ' 1 :I : ' ,. . I F MEMUR BLE MERITS lf ' N . x qv SUSIE WRIGHT Girls' State BILL GOCHIS JOHN BLASS Boys' State RICHARD CRAVES Buys' Sllllf? VIRGINIA KITTRELL Girls blaze MELBA REEVLS Girls' State LIS BANISTER was cho- CHARLENE STRAR won sen to attend the Kansas the V.F.W. essay award - University Leadership a trip to Mexico as a Day for girls. Goodwill Ambassador. T .66- HOWARD BLENDEN JIN1 CARTER Boys' State DON BAKER DON RUSSELL ROOM FOR O E MORE R 4 '3 3 ps SEATED: Don Richardson, Susie Wright, Burchie Baher, Thomas, dig-gcgofg Merry Sowden, Ronnie Mclntire, Russell Carol Tipton, Bessie Czaplinski, Virginia Kittrell, Phyllis Kloxin, McKinney. STANDING: -Shirley Rei , Don Russell, Basil SENICDQ :KY if ' inf' is PLAY POP y- -- MotliJer--- ,loey------ Trot Rose - - - C AST - - ----- - - - Don Richardson Teensie Rose-- - janey -------- jimny ,Iohn - - - - Miss Winston-- - - Betty ------ Geor e - Mrs. iziafife' f - - - Rescued Woman- - - Ph llis McKinney lzonnie Mclntire - - Vir inia Kittrell - - ---- Enrol Tipton Bessie Czqnlinski Russell Kloxiu Merry Sowden - - -Burchie Baba -- - - - Don Russell - - - - - - Susie Wright - -- --- . Sirley Reid -67 Room For One More, a full-length comedy, was given as the l955 senior play directed by Basil Thomas. No matter how hard it was to make ends meet, Poppy and Mother Rose oould never say no to a homeless child. But ,Ian , their latest acqmisition, was some- what of a roliiliem. When Miss Winston, from the home arrives early to take ,Ianey back, she wouldn't go so the children voted to let her stay. ,limmy john, a problem child who wears braces, comes in from Miss Winscon's car and he too is soon taken into the fmtily. 'lllen tragedy strikes. Poppy dies of a heart attack and the family has to pitch in to keqp the household S01 . Mleganwhile Jimmy John, after several expensive operations, can walk with only a trace of a limp, but he learns ofthe fmnily's had financial standin . He decides to run away only to be found by the kiss and brought back. Then like a sudden burst of sunshine,fortune Sniles upon the family as the play ends Other menbers of the cast are joey, Trot and Teen- sie Rose, Mrs. Biddle, Betty and George her childreng and the rescued wom m. ERIT 4? o me ack ockenb Bill eiers FRONT ROW: B'll H k' , Pl M , Bud Shoemaker, Clurtis Rdamglllax Burton, Bl:lJyVnnSchuyver. , , 5 I , ,ar -5 V9 BACK ROW: Russell Towles, Tom Stark Conn Gardner, Kenny Gann, Marvin McCorgary, Donnie Baker, Bill Godfrey. BENNY CLEVELAND Assistant Football Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Assistant Track Coach 'Q C ARL JACKSON Football C oach Track Coach Assistant Basketball Coach R. C. ,IUDD Tennis Coach DON VALLIERE Basketball Coach Assistant Tennis Coach Assistant Football Coach -681 SPORTS 1--ar Pxctured m the Mlrror ar George Louthm Football jlm Kenney Basketball David Mxlls Tennxs, Rxchard Graves, Track XX -69.. Sports can be compared to the thorns on the stem of a rose A school has better umty 1n sports as a rose does wxth IIS thorns When one IS 3dmlI'1I'lg these flow ers he must be careful not to be pricked by the thorns so the students must be cautlous xn thelr attntude, to prevent bad sportsmanshlp V 4.31 'J 1 Mgt' K z2f'5iik , ' ,r -'LQ' , I Zi: " ""2'.. ' N. .1 Q A r . N. -rs .Q ' .,....""-'Q 1-vc 1 -H1 1 , v J 4f""'N 'r Q X 0 X, l s fi, 7? l 0. GALLANT GRIDSTERS GA N LORD SMITH ADAMS CARL JACKSON Head Football Coach f Q ff Vs . , or rw: .xdiq I ,fa . 524,53 . , ,, f' 4 4 ,,:..rt.'3 v-is f 5. all . "iw-, 1. ' "7" I f - ' if Al The 1954 football tean had a oonsiderdzly good ear with four victories, four defems and one tie. '1'he fact that the 1953 teun had been state champs ut a lot of pressure on the boys and the new coach. Elowever after a slow start the tezn started playing together and finished, with a better than average season, in a tie for fourth in the Ark Valley standings. STOVER KE ' A5'mQh1if 4, , K Jn.. Y' I 'f 'YQ I STARK CLARK ATKINS -1 A k C' ---- 0 C ff 'lle ----- 3-21 Aik:i::: sill ---- 0 w'f.hill'N.nh ---- 12 10. 1 Arkansas City ---- 14 Winfield ------- 13 10- 8 Arkansas City ---- 0 Wichita West ---- 21 10-15 Arkansas City ---- O WCIIUIBIOU ""' 10-22 Arkansas City- ---13 P11 D9l'9d0"' "' 10-28 Arkansas City ---- 21 Wlchlla E851 ' ' ' 20 11- 3 Arkansas City ---- 47 NBWKOUFI "" ' ' ll-12 Arkansas City ---- 20 llutchmson ' - 26 EY GOCHIS LOUTHAN MCCORGAHY The Bulldogs opened the season with their tradi- tional gane with Coffeyville and ended up on the short end of the score 60. Ark City's defense was good but several fumbles hurt the team when they were thremenin the Coffeyville goal line. The secs ond game founi them bein diut out by a strong Wichita North team 12-0. irtie Dillion the state's number one quarterback ran md directed his team to victory. ln the third gane Ark City eked past Winfield 14-13. Once again fumbles hurt them but their defense held to save e game. Wichita West handed Ark City its third loss 21-O. West, who evmtuall won the Ark Valley title threw up a hard runnin offense md a rock wall defense. Dave Dunbar, aa Ark Valley halfback, lead the Pioneers with two touchdowns. Ark City really proved itself when it held Wellington, the potential number one team in the state. to a 0-0 ..72-. .g GANN SANDERS GLORY IN GAMES feng 'S n y. r i COOKERLY HOCKENBURY GARDNER In I 1-'M' RAKRSTRAW TOWLES Kay Winegamer was crowned 1954 football queen at the Arkansas City-Hutchinson game, November 12. Susie Wright and Bev johnson were her attendants. At halftime the band formed a heart while the Pep Club Drill Team formed the letters A. C. Escorted to the middle of the heart were Kay, escorted by jim Carter, Student Council President, Susie by john Blass, and Bev by Richard Graves, 'Vlelba Reeves presented the envelope, containing the queen's identity to Bud Sloemaker, game captain. He then placed the crown on Kay's head giving her the tra- ditional kiss. Nielba handed her a bouQuet of gold mums and Sharon llead presented her a gold football from the Pep Club. Following the crowning the band and dfill team each did an effective drill to close the ceremony. CHAPMA BUR TON 4 fd "'ls MEIERS VANSCHUYVER HANAHAN lea' tie. The game was hm fought all the way with both teams showing tremendous strength on defense. Agains El Dorado the Bnlldo s ot an early lead and had no trouble holding the ailscats scoreless. A very exciting game was with Wichita East which Ark City won 21-HJ with Curtis Adams kicking the three extra points which decided the game. It was close all the way with many good offensive plays as well as goal line stands on defense. In Ark City's last victory they romped the Newton Railroaders 47-7. The Bulldo s really showed their strength on both defense ang offense with ,lim Kenney running four touchdowns for Ark City. ln the final game of the season it looked as though the Bulldogs had the game cinched until Hutchinson co leted two desperation passes to beat than 5-20. lllyhis loss seaned to be cmised by a let down in the second half when Hutchinson scored three touchcbwns. DUNCAN TlP'l'ON . D BAKER -.-lg 's ' , V ggi., N Ben Cleveland, Don Vslliere, assistant football coachesg Carl jackson, head coach. Bud Shoemaker was elected captain of the last football game. if K ,,, 'T-l , ' " ' 4 i -qua .-.73.. This year the Bulldo s placed two of their players on the All Ark Valley eream. Jim Kenney fullback, was chosen for this honorary temn for the second straight year while Bud Sloenaker, tackle, advanced from his lam year's honorable mention position. Shoemder also gained a Spot on the All Central Tean. 5. J If .A Wlfz' - 1 .1-41, l 4, 'A .4 I 'V-is V ' f' y " x If Y I 4- J . 1 .I . 5 A A- ,. 1,4 , - -, 1 J -, .1 . 'z' ' 1 .,1.I, 4 - ll-11 Q' '1 I 5 ,i L M M-i"'i 1 Un in Jw ' ' 1 ' +6 L 3 Q i l C lx du -L Members of the A football team are, FRONT HOW: jim Kenney, Geor e Louthan, john Sanders, Fddie Flark Connv Cardner Tom Stark, Russell Towles, Bud Sho:-maEer, l,loyd llanahan, jack Tipton Warren lxoeller manager. Sl-ICUNIT ROW: Curtis Adams, jark llovkrnbury, Glenn Smith, on Halter llol akeitraw Sid Cm-kerly, Kc-nnv Gunn, Bill 'lk-iers, joe- Clark, Nlvrrill Atkins, liill Foifrvv manager ll-XC it HOW Coach lfallierl-', Holi Yanbchuyver, 'Marvin Xlvllorgary, 'llax llurton, Duel Duncan I'om Lord jerry Stover, llill Gochis, Ray Chapman, Coach jackson. 1' - ..:4 -.- .V .. -- - A--W H.-. --, -..-- .- ..-.. Q ., 21... '1..'Y..'4.' -' - uw' 7 't .,L", ,- ' ". -.'I"' , ' -A :Q " '-7 ":'1?.. V . ' P r f I .. --44 42.-5 tif, M,-,Z ,.. Jiigr- Lxilrf- .. f , -L'-'e i A '4 ,' -4- 'V A ' Members of the 'B' football team are, l"RUN'l' ROW: Gary rlauieiu, nuuiu nuns. Mu., t...-.-., .. McNutt, Steve Butler, john llathroat, Gene Burr, l,arry Sims, kohn Cary. SECOND ROW: Pl! Roberts, Ronald Smith, BillBan1ett, llob Buzzi, Roger Darst, ayne btalnaker, Gerald Barker, Lawrence Baldwin. BACK ROW: Coach Cleveland, Richard Nl8S0n, ,Ierrv Loomis, Ronnie Gee, Tom Hathcoat, john Buckle, lloh Whistler, Don llmigh, l.arry llargtr- Football Queen attendants and escorts are: Susie Wright, A , john Blass Beverly johnson Richard Graves, Kay Wine- P1Cfured.brlow are: Beverly johnson, Kay Wmeglmer, and garner and Jim Carter Suue Wfllhz' CO PETI G CAGERS ll ao 132 jim Carter ,Iim Kenney In ow' 30 David 'Vlills Glenn Smith 925 l Bud Shoemaker Richard Graves Aurstnnt Conch Benny Cleveland Russell Towles james R eynolds lm Lawn Id4 ARKANSAS CITY 1954-55 Wlnfleld Hutchmson Wnchna East Wlchlta West Wellmgton Newton El Dorado WE TH EY wlnfleld Wmchxt a North Wxchlta Wes W1 clut a Last Newton Wellxngton El Dorado Alustant Conch Head Coach Curl jackso Don Vellrere jack Ho kenbury Hull llopkms Gary Dlvxl TH EY 2 ARK VALL LY LEAGUE TEAM Wlnfleld Wnchna West wld'lll8 North El Dorado Arkansas Clty Wlcluta East Hutchinson Wdllngton 23 x .J vl Q , 34 ' X.: , xxfxp' " 4 JC' I J. . . 6 l 'E 1 l it git, 'L ' WE W L "' ----.---41 52 -- -- ....-- 53 64 " --------15 1 Wichita North ----- 62 65 Hutchinson ---.-- 52 48 Newton """" 13 3 ' - ----- 46 32 - ' ----55 71 ' ' -----10 6 " ' ----- .49 44 ' - ..... 37 69 ' ' ---- 9 7 ' ' ----- 50 48 ' ' 7 ----. 44 55 ---- -- 9 7 ' --- ---71 49 . ........ 39 49 ' ---- 7 9 -.. .... -.43 56 ' - .---- 89 55 ' ' ----- 4 12 -------59 48 ----...62 63 ' --- -- 4 12 ' --- -- I I5 ln the llutch flame llich Graves, 34, is jumping while liud Shoemaker, 33, and jim Carter, 20, are ready to receive the hall. Pictured below is jim Carter receiving the sec- ond place- trophy, won by the Bulldogs in their own invitational tourney. Jim Kenney lays up two more points in A.C.'s 89-55 win over Wellington. l'h. gingeljulldog Fa ' ' Se rs are in their h uddle b efore B Bev johnson, senior, was crowned 1955 basket- ball qucen he-fore the Ark City-Wellington game, February 26. Charlene Strah and Susie Wright, seniors, were her attend- BRIS' Followin the B Sante, the Pep filub Drill Team carrying paper hearts, the Teen candidates, and t eir escorts entered the gym. After the drill team omied a large heart, the auditorium was darkened, with the separate hearts glowing under black light. The three candidates walked into the heart and ,lim Carter, ame captain, placed a gFowin crown on Bev's head. Tlie lights were then turned on, re- vealing the queen to the audience. judy Martin and Judy Mathiasmeier, usherettes, resented Bev a gold basketball necklace, and a bouquet of red roses. All the nominees were jim Carter was selected the WJ!! inspirational Player. also given red rose core sa es. Efter the ceremony, Beit Charlene, and Susie were escorted by Bud Shoo maker, Richard Graves, and jim Kenney reqpec tively to a throne on the stqe from where they viewed the game. fild l .Ag Seated on a throne made of purple and gold hearts tendant, Bev johnson toumamtnt trophy. are Charlene Strah, at- basketball queen, and Susie Wright, attendant. SENIORS: David Mills, Bud Shoemaker, Hammy Smil.h, Richard Graves, jim Carter, and jim Ken- ney are pictured with the third place regional 77- Gravee has the ball while Shoemaker, 33, Smith, 25, and Kenney, 32, are ready to rebound. CE E T CHAMPS Q'5'o I ro? - Srvfvx .4262 Q.'Zv20:0:01'. 7533x432 . . f3'1i':-tw c'x':2Q?e'x 1-ave.'.'.'v,'.ww'-' -Qg5SooQ0,q 7800010494 sessgozszofofve 95:Q?:4:.95 N I 'QTYTZZSS 02f5Ivfo' ' X X I . The Arkansas City High School Tennis Team started the 1055 season as defending Ark Valley Ch' ms, having won the title for the last three years. Themlgour returrun lettemien who have a lot of experience behind Siem are jim Carter, Bill Goehis, Glenn Smith, and David Mills. Last year Carter won second place in the state. This year's svhedule matched the Bulldog llac et- eers with the following teams: Ponca City, Wigliita East, Winfield, Wichita Wea, Au sta, I-fl Dorado, Hutchinson, Wichita North, and Musildgee. Don Valliere is assistant tennis coach. R. C. JUDD Tennis Coach Glenn Smith, jim Carter, Godfrey, jerol Graves, Bill Rakestraw Dave Dnulton jun K ROW: jimmy Hill, Bill Hendqson, Bob Bulzi, David Coupe Danny Gilloc C? - 4 "' ' lx N l .A 'Q- ii FRONT ROW: Conny Gardner Bud Shoemaker, Lloyd Hanahan, jack Tipton, jack lfockenbury, Kenny Gann, Russell Towles, Tom Stark, Bob VanSchuyver, Marvin McCorgary, john Sanders. SECOND ROW: jim Kenney, Curtis Adams, George Louthan, Bill Daut, Kenneth McNutt, james Stewart, Larry Cudd, Richard Graves, johnny Hath- coat, Steve Butler, Larry jordan. THIRD ROW: Max Burton ' Lazelle, Merrill, The Arkansas City Track Team who finished second in the kk Valley las year, had a good team for 1955. The rv turning lettemien and the events in which they participa- ted are: Curtis Adams, dashes, Robert VanSchuyver, javelin, 'F l Watching Rus s Towle! broad j Schuyv maker. ump are Bob Van er and Bud Shoe- Ready to run are jack Tipton, Rich Graves, Curtis Adams, and Jack Hockmhury. i "lf . , i'11B?'i TRAi'fi2ms3iERS jump. aw A la Atkins, Gene Bartlett, Ronald Smith, Gene Burr, Bill Bart- lett,wlerry Stover, john Cary. FOURTII ROWz Don Wilson, Jim ynd, Duel Duncan, D. J. Palmer, Jerry Loomis, Gerald Barker, Charles Reid, Ronnie Gee, Don I-Qmigh, Richard Mason, Larry llarger. BACK ROW: Larry Landes, Larry Whrley, Tim Vlorfison, gayne Stalnaker, Tom l,ord, Raymond At ins, oe ark, i kerl , ' a f'e1d, Bernard lsminger, John Buckel, james 5owd.n',iI,m,lE,. C00 Y Clary H tl Tom Jim Kenney, javelin, shot put, and jiscusg Max Burton, ole vaultg Richard Graves, 80, high and low hurdles, Shoemaker, high jump discusg jack Tipton, 440 5 Bud and and 8803 jack Hockenbury, mile, and Russell Towles, broad L. J. 'WIX Bxrton, pole vlulter Ben Cleveland Assistant Coach FRONT ROW Charles Manney Onnan W1lson Steve Wrxght. SFCOND ROW Roger Durst Lsrryl Hutchms Gary Howell ACHS had a young and inex erienced olf lean for 1955, asthe dtermen ad gradumed after win- ning most of their maches in 1954 One senior, three sophomores, and three freshmen composed the lean coached by Charles Sewell This was Mr Sewell s first yea' with the Bulldogs. ,801 CANINE BBERS it ' ' ,. ' Xl T' gf ' if

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