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MIRROR preqented THE SENIOR CLASS of 1954 ARK XNSAS LI TY KANS XS The by - , ARKANSAS CITY SENIOR HIGII TlN"1 N , xv fx rx? Vi NI S e'S "X Q: mwt A UICWSLL Ufl ' u fx L ff I MDN 1 L v iff X x m I N fx xfx ' 4 UH ' HW: , 1 4 f W V 1 1 'V 1 X V Y Y lklil ' Ul' lI'X . J J 1 . 1 K Xiviz ...tion . .. ..,..,..,... .,. ' Link KUQLQLN X11 Nqrwvi P'f.1'. . . . . .,...... ...,. ' Umiwr 'Iwi' . ir? Llgnr f'.1itw::.11 CAI! ,,,,.....,....' X1 j,,NyK., , W 'NJN IQQTXZ F'm.1.qtinx1 ull! ..........,.. il fgfylpg - Xr'131-ff Y4 i1Zuri,g7t xfx",ri.w1',.:', ...,., ,..... X Q -LH' f, I f4.1.,i .,......,.....,...... . . . .1H'i X1 ,wg 1477 , I4.1Nf,L-twill .........,.........,. "-V Wm, 11,-4 figs" tZ.11Q1:c'c'rt ........ .... . . fi, 5 UU51t.x,g5., E Fw-xr' itixfwws .....,.........,..,,.., H 5,1 A ily In Emyv fue .,,..............,....,. Q g-,,,U,, ,Jil f fH'CfiC.liL'fS .............,. ,..... l , fjmlf ,mf q 41.18,-rwffic . ....,........,.. II, M ,QA ,IE A 4u..' Picfxi ................,,.,,.. x ,,,U,Iig17,i3 X Inxulru ..............,......... .4-I ,.,,,, , Qty! H if . 5.111 ........ .,... . . ..,.. 'f-' Xt-,1l,,y., M, If-4'tfwi'1','LLt'CH ......,, ,..,... . .'. ' x. 3 - .- :fx 1" . AQ ..---.-----4-'----'-'- - F Nbg 'f'::I ' . Q: fmt -ipxrrc-rs at my .f ,....,.... if . x 1- I g..,,,L fg Girl? .4.::.Qe.i" -1.ww4i.1t:-w.. ........... L, l,,l,1, I , I Lyi.,:'Nm'e ..,.,..........,....... 1' 1rl,Ok.-I-K 3 xmlf ........,...........,.,..... 1- y,!,,rt , - ............. ........... ' ' ,l.,I,,--h ' THE P RPLE D GOLD I A. C. High has ever gloried in the Purple and the Goldg ' And her banners ever waver in the sky her colors bold, For we win all kinds of victories in football and debate, In basketball no better can be ,found in all the state. A Q Y -2 During sii long years of High School we learn our lessons well, But on the field of battle we certainly can yell, And our shouts are e'er united, with Echoes from of old, Till the town.resounds with glories of the Purple and the Gold. When our high school days are over and we labor in the world, Our A. C. H. S. banners in our hearts are ever unfurled, And there's never sigh or sadness when we turn to memories old And renew those days of gladness 'neath the Purple and the Gold. ,54fs ALMA M TER Knowledge is power, and schools are the instruments of knowledge. Arkansas City Senior High School is the power that the stu- dents and faculty through the years have made it. It represents the joy, sorrow, and indif- ference of each class that walks through its halls. The High School in the 70's and 80's offered two courses, Classical and English. The High School course was divided into three classes, junior, Middle Class, and Senior. In 1880, the total enrollment was 80 with a faculty of three teachers. On june 5, 1880, the first Commencement for a graduating class in Arkansas City was held. The graduating class consisted of five members. They had studied in their Senior year, physical geography, algebra, rhetoric, bookkeeping and history. The first graduating class out of the present high school building was in 1923, with an enrollment of one hundred and ten. Today the enrollment and faculty of Arkansas City Senior lligh School have increased con- siderably. The faculty members qow number thirty-three, and the enrollment has increased to six hundred and fifty-five. Four distinct types of courses are offered. Commercial, General, Agricultural, and College Preparatory. Many subjects have also been added. ACHS has won many. honors and suffered numerous defeats, in past years, but the spirit of the school has never faltered. It is this spirit that has triumphed in '53-'54, ..4- The year 1920 saw a dream commence to unfold -- a far-seeing sportsman's vision of what is now Curry Field, home of 1953"s state champion Bull- dogs. Conversion of this area from a dumping ground flanking a murky creek to a field suitable for football was no light task, but through the combined efforts of city officials and responsible persons of the school district, it was shortly accomplished. Soon after, the seed was sown which spectators now recognize as beautiful turf. Previously nameless it was officially christened Curry Field in honor of Amos Curry, director of athletics for the city school system since 1928- Perennial improvements included the erection of the field house, and the replacement of wood bleachers with steel bleachers of greater seating capacity. ln the near future, we hope the field will be further improved by a more substantial lighting system and improved press facilities. This year, the successful football season saw the stands filled to capacity for the first time. GRIDIRO GROUNDS C GE COR ER Observing its eighteenth birthday this year, as are many 1954 seniors, is the Auditorium-Gymnasium. Built at a cost of 180,000 dollars, the spacious brick building seats 4,000 people. The first municipal event to take place in the auditorium-gym was the Coronation of Queen Alalah V. Since 1936 the building has been used on many occasions, and is rated as one of the finest gyms in the stare. As the scene of all high school and junior college home basketball games, the gym has produced many thrilling spectacles. The gym is also used by the physical education c asses, and the auditorium has a special classroom used by the health classes. Civic clubs sponsor programs given in the audi- torium at various times during the year. The building is owned and operated by the A.C. school s stem and employs the work of two buiiiding engineers, Harry Burnett and Bill Davis. ln the near future, a parking lot will be cleared directly behind the autidorium-gym to accomodate .persons attending events held in that building. lie zz.-'.::. I E Another school year has come to .in end and for everyone an important SIC? has been taken. lt seenis that only yt-str-rri.iy every- one was beginning his e-tlircatiori in yunior high, and found it difficult to imagine .ln in- troduction into the adult world. The fun and good time such as assemblies, band, orchc-se tra, and sports, that were experienced are still a part of junior high. bounded in l9l", the Arkansas City junior High School now has an enrollment of 'OU Students, and employs Z9 faculty members. The junior high offers a fine athletic pro- gram which includes, track, football, basketball, tennis, and golf. Two hands, an orchestra, chorus classes, and glee club classes make up the fine music department. Stutlent Council is the principal organization. R PA T A D FUTURE ... .,.., -......, -.-- I .-6. The future of many of the ACHS students lies in the Arkansas City junior College. The citizens of Arkansas City have a college to be proud of. The students are most fortunate, also, to have such backing by the town's people as well as their faculty. The junior College is far from being all study and no play. The history of the junior College presents records of the top teams in basketball, football, tennis, and track. ltach October some Sophomore coed is chosen Queen to rule over the annual Arkalalah celebration. Later in the year, another Sophomore is chosen to reign as Athletic Queen. The event which attracts the eye of most high school students is the Tigerama. This is a formal dance held each spring in honor of the graduating high school Seniors. This year ACHS students are on the out- side looking in. ln the next few years the continuing success of this junior College will rest On the shoulders of many of us. May we give it everything we have to make our junior College a better and more pros- perous place for all. 10 ERNME T GALAXY 3.1 ll. 1. Clark has been in the Arkansas City school system for 27 years, advancing from Principal of the Departmental Schools, to an ACHS teacher, then to ACHS Principal. Mr. Clark attended Emporia State Teachers College, Pittsburg State Teachers Collezze. and Kansas University. School board members are left to right, TOP ROW: Allee, P. W., Burton, W. E., Woods, R. L., Hutchinson, Guy. BOTTOM ROW: Ross, Gailgiiroves, Frank, licroyd, G. L.: liarlougher, ll. W. gg T ME ORABLE ME TORS X'Iil,I.X C. -XYIFILIISIVY uttennleil Oklahoma Iniversity, Groves City College in IIl'T1l'1SVlVi'll'lId, Columbia I'n1versity in Nev. York, and Yorth Iiastern of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where she received ai Ii.-X. Degree. She has taught Ifnglish and Speech in -KCII5 for one year. She sponsors forensirs. N. I". llI'I'I'U receiveml his ILS. Ilegree at Kansas State Ieaehers College, hrnporia, and his NLS. Degree at Columbia Iwniverstty of 'Yew York. Ile has been printing instructor in KCIIS for seven years. lit- sponsors the Production Staff of the Krk I.ight,, Printers Iiuilil, anrl ,Iunior Iligh I'ienI Iyiiers. I'fl,l.-X C. CIIIII5'IiIi'YSlW attentleil Southwestem, Kansas State leathers College, hmporin, Pittsburg State Teachers College, and Kansas State College, Manhattan. She sponsors Y-Teens, the sophomore t-lass, and is on the fait-ulty Courtesy Cornrnittee. .-KNIUS I.. CI'lllI't' tear-hers irnerivan history and constitution. Athletic ilirertor, and sponsor of the senior class, he attentletl the College llII'iI'I1flOl'1ii an1lKunsas l'niversity. Ile has taught 31 years in NCIIS. I'lI7I'I'Il ,IUYCIC DAVIS rereivctl her degree from Kansas State Teachers College, Ifmporia. She also attended Wisconsin, Greeley, Xlissouri I'niversity, and the I'niversity of Arkansas. She sponsors the Girls' Athletic- Association. IKIIICI-1 IFIIIIIIN attentlt-il Kansas I'nivr-rsityl Wiehita I'nt- versity, Xlissouri I'nivr-rsity, anal Warrenshurg State 'licarhers College, Nlissouri. Ilaving taught social science in ACII9 for three years, he is Ilasketball Coach, Track Coach, Assistant Ifoothall Coach, Co-sponsor of I.ettermen's Club, and sponsor of the sophomore elass. ELLA CHRIST ENSON RUTH FESLI-IR AMOS CURRY BARNEY GETTO ,Q .. tw. qv- he lII"I'lI I-'I'i5l.I'fII attenmletl Southwestern anml Oklahoma lni versity. She tearhes hiology, three hours each tiny. She has taught for eleven years. II.-XIINIIY fZI1'l"I'lJ has taught Q-oninierrial eourses thtrt.-en years. Ili- rereivetl his Nia:-itz-rs in IQ39 from Kansas State 'I'eac-hers College at Pittslmrg. Ile sponsors the junior class, and is on the Statistirs Committee, and -Mhletv' Cate Comn iittee. I"l,UIIl'fNCI1 flUIII"UII'I'II atteiiilr-tl KCIIS .intl gra-luateil from Wivhita Ifarst. She has taught in 'XCIIS for five venrs. She obtained her .-MII. Degree at Southwestem, and hz-r Degree, from New York I'niversity. She sponsors Y-Ieens, the junior vlass, anzl is on thi- Iiuimlancre Committee. XI."t. he lu YIIIIK IIUUINIAN tearhes shorthnnrl, untl typing. S also the finaneixll sevreturv of the srhool. Iler other iolis are being heanl of the Pep Cluh eonressinn stantls, junior Class sponsor and Y-Teen sponsor. Iluving granluutetl from Uttovsa, sh e has taught in KCIIS two years. Vlil.l.A C, ANIJICRSUN A. F. BUFFU IilJI'I'II j If Li Hi ICNC ,Ii tiUI-'URTII VERA GUUDMAN , DAVIS IZRICIC IJURBIN G-J if TYPE E1 900' S-I I n IIIIIII II fvIII'I,IIIII ri-I 1-1w'1I his IIA. iivurvc- Irmi Ixirkx- I in qi han-5.1-, We-5 oy In and 'Nor 1 x1IIm-, Nilwwniri, .lnii Iris NIH-.ivr uf I,-Iuxnliuyx fr'-ui IIN- axis s mf, s. du 1 In A I iiixvrxllv nf XII-fwniri. 'X spnniw-r HI IIN- snpiiuixiure' iluhs N1 vr A Nha'-l 11 5 mil -if tin- IH-5. I,IuIi, In- In-IN lnuulit imys'5iIuys1f.iI 1--Im .ation , N1, 5,1 , th, gymphun ll' VZIIX INF IH" V"-U"'- in also a mor sponsor and is the Amsvmblyf m lr fhurman IIIlIII,III' IIUQI,-'IIIII ti-:win-:N 'Axim-ri: in Iiir-tory. IIs- IN A vu mnwr in lIlv' XI IIS wymlf-ui liiis vu-.U. Ilv- r1'r1'iv1'-I Inis , H5 an .5. .ui-I NL5. wivgrz-us from IIIcIuImmu N. N NI. II1- uisn - Sh? an,.n,jf.d Kansas lznivprsity alta-ri-If-if Smiliiwv-st'-m Slate- 'IW-an-Ii:-rs ffnlir-gn ulIInri1nl. lm . . . - I rv- 1 4 - ' vc-rsi v 'x'- . She is . . 5 - s-n 1- ass. I XIIIII' XIII. II'KN5I- 'Y mmm- In 'XVII5 liuw M-ur to lvurii uulu vm-1 I1-ml' N. IIs' rn-I 4-ive-II Ins II."I. Ili-yr'-v from flkldhmma X, 1 I. - ... , ' . Dpgret. from linen X. -X NI. -in-I Ilxf NI.'x. from K.ir1'-Q-15 Smtr- I'1-:wins-rs Iirfllr-av y ' ' 1 4' ..i. r n' .u ora: u nivrrslty f I'i!lNInurL:. II:-15.15--sumri-l.iv. xpfiriswr. -. - ,,,,,n,,,r5 I ,. . I jhp .r pa, pr ' ' ' ui I-nl fn - a 1 1-mar-hr-:-4 tvnnls 'VIr udfi XII I'II X II INFI' N rf-1 1-iw-:I Iivr vI1-pri-1' frum 'Nurlixvu-stvrn Q, . V' -'- -- "a, in -Ki Nmu' I,wIi1'gl',.!IIwi,IlIiI-liifrniu. 5I11-lu-.n'I1vsfuuiIs,vinlillngi, Hum- nursing' and Imilil' Iixiliu in XCIIN. 'K first vf-ar -, , 1- - Il 30, ap"-a- rs ILIII-ge In mils ii,1'riiivI'l, NIH' wp-,ri-if:rS YAI'1-Prix. 1-v. I ,. 1- - , lu 1- "1-dnl, 4, y and I pl-U15 . ' nm 51 -. . - " X fs art in AIQIIS lhv grade sfhuu s IIKI I IINNSIIN iltlvnril--I Kanxzm ilutv- I4-.irhvrs 121,111-gv uf Q , - I' 1- I-. I :iii-ir1.x, IPLI.nImm.x Inivr-rsilv, un-I I.uInrmIn Iiniw-rwtv. II' Imw Iuupixi iii U,IIN -vvvii xr IFN, III- ix gulf rmuii dnfi -QI A' ' - . . I - P- I 'mu-,sity ii .if lim-s fin-rim-rrv. ' tlsbur 1 I 1-nnsylvania. Having, taug tin AIIIIS for f-i '-z N 1- -1 -L aim and s ia 'sI1. f - f ,- A- '-" - I IINI NI'INI' Ill-.HIIIN r4-r'i'lx'1-ii In-r iI4-gre-4' from Y nl S E Nponsnrs X Ipenx' NYM:-, Nizmimllim. NIH- alifwu zittvnuin-:I Wisfmislll I Miva-rslly, ' Q I ' " I 'rmuu ' I' 'IU hc5I"m if "W XII-Ii-vm, Wivryrxsin, ilIl'I Ilrpluru-In Fllill' Ii:-zulu-rs flullv-ge, ni ' - " 'A " ' " N I - - in IIN' Junif-r hiflh and " f,r4-1-If-v. II:-SVI'-N if-.uhmy wi-nu1rpIivNl1'.lI VIII!!-IIIUII ami I Q' 'Y ' I If' . is . ', yr-a cf ivan' inf ri -Allin flux-.4-s, shi- tr-411 Iws N--v4'ntI1 .mmf 1-ighlh ymfif' malii. " ' ' I IiYII.I.I'i KiRIil,IJRY RHIII'.IIiI' IIACNIAIIIJ I.,'KWIiI"NfiIf HANSI-QN MARTHA IIANSHN Il.KI.I' IIANRUN I-.RNIiS'l'lNIp III'.IiRI'N IiIIARI.IfS IIINI IIIfIf GAYI2 IIUKN lqAy51UN1J 41, gimp VI-QRA KfmuN'I'f IH-QI.liN LYUNS LUIS MQNEIL qv 1 CllAlll,l'5 ll.Nl.-Kll-Ill attenmie-il Kansas State 'feathers Collegi- of lfmporia. llaving taught biology in ACHS for one year, Nlr. Nlaier sponsors the Nlirror, the senior class, lli-Y, and is onthe Guiiianre Committee. llOY'l' llllllili attended l'. C. l.. N., and Southwestern of Winfield, kansas. lle has taught for thirty-one years. Ile sponsors lll-Y .Intl is t'li?lifllhll'1 of the statistirs vonimittee. NHRY llllillli teaches lfnglish and joumalism. She atteniletl Kansas State 'l'e-achers College of limporia anil the l'niversity of Wyoming. 'feuching in .-'CCHS one year, she sponsort-il the Ark Light, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, and the junior class. W. N. SNl'.l.l.l-ill attended Pittsburg State 'l'c-arhz-rs College of Kansas. Ile teaches woodwork anal machine shop, unil sponsors the yunior class. kl'lLl'S'l' 5. 'l'lttbll,N1AN tlirvets the ,XCH5 lluncl, the junior high bantl, junior eollegt' hauil, gramle svhool hantl, and instructs other music' organizations. lll' att:-nileil l'arlg College anti kansas State vlli'K1'l'lfYl'S College of l"IlIlN!l'll'l. Xlr. 'l'r0llni.ln is on the asse-nzhly ionxmittee. lIAllUI.l7 WRI,KCll received his ll. S. Degree from Kansas State College at Nlanhattan. lle also attended l-'ort llayes State Teachers College. llaving taught agriculture one and a half years in A. C., he sponsors I".l".A. WAIER,CHARLES R. PATT5R5UN,LOUE sNFLLER,w.A. TROLLMAN,AUGUST wARREN,MARY WEBBER,CLWT l-'NYI-I WM,lgKCK utten-leil Pittsburg Stateleurliers College, Columbia l'niverSity uf Yew York, anil the l'niversity of liulurnnlo, at lloulnler, llaving taught ,gi-ow:-try' in M'llS for i-levi-n veurs she sponsors X-lr-1-ns, the sophomore- 1-lass. the Slum-nl l oum'nl,'1-f,onimilt1'e'. Xlklli' llhlllllff attentletl Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas State 'l'eat'hr-rs College, lfrnpona, and Kansas State l'eaehers College, Pittsburg. She has taught sophomore lfnglish and stutly hall in Milli one vear. lll.l'Vl' Wl'.lllll'ill is -i grzuluatr' of llorlchurst College nf Kansas City, Xlissouri. N native of Arkansas City, Nlr. Web- lner tearhes social scienee. lle is football roarh, assistant basketball voaeh, and sponsors l,ettermen'a Club, the sophomore vlass, Student Counril, and is a member of the athletie Committee. l'fllNN Wlllf.-Vl'l.llY has taught Pinglishin ACHS for 25 years. She is a Y-'l'een Sponsor, and sponsor of the iunior class. Vliss Wheatley received her A. Nl. Degree at Kansas Univer- sity. Xl'XllY N1AllCAlll'i'l' Wll,l,lANIS has taught English in Arkan- sas City for IT years. She attended Halter Vniversity of llulnlwin, Kansas, the l'niversity of Kansas, and Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg. She is Chairman of lioth the liest Citizenship Committee, and the Foraisies Committee. Nliss Williams sponsors the senior class. IHPER,HOYT ROARK,MARY WALKER,HAROLD wALLACK.FAYP WHEATLEY,EDNA WHJJAMS.MARY Q l - A 45 X les 5 giCi,.4, xg, lx? qv Q af.. T, 4 ' its ilhai - .,,,, SEN IORS When our high school days are over and we lnba' in the world, Our A. C. I-l. S. bnmere in our hearts le ever unfurled, And there's never sigh or sad- :leu when we :urn to memories 4, And renew those days of glad- nen 'nenth the Purple and the Gold. GRCLE U Dmggsidtlif QYCK VA I-so ce Presi f f 4 t M ,. K, KITTEIJ LOUDERBACK JANE GATES Student Council Representative Secretary ...Q .V I l n is "IIiNI'I'I. IIIII -Ill-.X.1,.I,I. III MFNIIIIQI, IIIIIQN f I:I.I w, Nlv.-,111 1 IsIIII I I I I. xml- 1 1, I, lu. I'IUfl'f1NIk'N 1. fl If I-I II'I""f-1 I- I9IIxI.Il. III I I v 'Xrivxv IQI IlLr1!1nI1 Im xx: I-Ilmwv I I'z'1 IIIIXNI IIIIII I II'III" I IIII 'I I- If IIIII II I I I I ICM, 1. 'Huff I. IVXHRIIK. :XXI -WSH Lg U!,K,n,lm1' K ,L I U15 1. y.1I-U. INUMAIII. IINIQIQXIIVX -- .MX m,I1! I NA.: x I 1, 4. a :wmv IX, ix zum. LI101 3. 'Km-:I iv! E'.wm.x K 1:-, mmm I II IIII"I' I II'IIII I' I-I I III I I wtf, ININISIII, IIIXIIIIX -- II 1I'w If I I I I I mx NIIMRIJNI-R. IIARI A - xi.-Nm 4. I-11-W 2, IWI1 I I I I"I"1- I I II' IIIHI' I M' I I I.rkm.NU,,1'1'q. Xrl I IIIII IM 1'-vrrlr I, N1lr:w N: Hr I X-mr. I".-Im X111 I I X ,, I :,'I" 9, X-,--. I Iz., It mx KIIIKHIII. uw I- - NIuu"i11rm-NLn1r"k1.lf, I I I I I I , , . I'lIA III, .IIKIINII - N I IXINIIUII, Iilll -- XrIxI11I1l 1. m I IQIII pf.-1I,If,..,. -.Im 1, II X I I I I II I I III III' V ' , , I'I'.w1.-.f1,I'w, I NIIVHIIK IILI' K :IIN w. KRNI' IIII IIII,I. .MINI II. I. IW, Ii-XIxI'R, RIII.-X 4 IIKI X1k,.KRIINI'R, IUKRI .X ISM XIIINIIIII, IfX'NIC I IIINIIL1I',IIIII III.M IxNIII IQI II RIO NNI, IIUXI ISUNIII I I , IIFIIQISIIIQN I4lIV1I'I I , III YI RII IHVLNI I4 XIRL INII II' IIIVI e I ll 'I N4rII'1x'I'I 1 I IMI.. If.:v: ' 'xv I 1 I lncrwrf- 4 III P- 'II NI: lm' I-I"1'4 'l'f"' ' '-I"' I Iii-KP".I'Xfx IKE- Ink, I I+ Xrfic-nrfm1r1I1 1,'.,11f r 1' . III' ' . fwrrufil I,.',i ff,-1 411.1111 1 KE mm I..IrI I1.v,,rrI,.1, I,.', . 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'MR' ai -if n -nr 'af fx fy ffi- Q 3435: "A ? 9 ' af' U' Q' R Q-- QR' 5 Ei 0-ss N S -Q. 7 wish - S NORTH, lACQlfl:l.lXl'f UVlfRl'ilfl.T, l.UlflSl'i IARMLEY, TOM l'liRlClO, lll'iRKl,llf RVIS. BILL RAl'ilfSTRAll, BILL NORTH, ,lACQlfl'il.lNlL - Y-Teens l,2, Devotion Chairman 'sg lianfl l,2,3g G.A.A. l,2, Secretary 4. OVHRl'ilil.T, Lfllflbli - Operetta 2: Messiah 1,2,E, Y-Teens 1,21 Pep Club l,2,5, Drill Team il,Asst. Maiorette Eg Chorus 1,31 lfsherf ettes 2,3. OWENS, Bl-IA - Uperetta lg Messiah l,2,3g Y-Teens 2,53 Isherettes 2,5. PALMER, WARREN - Printer's Guild 1,2,3, Vice President 31 Student Council 2, Basketball 2, Ark Light Production Staff l, Press Foreman 2,1 PARMLHY, TOM - Track 2, Messiah 3, Biology Club Treasurer 2, Band 1,2,33 Orchestra 2,33 Mirror Staff 3, Asst. Sports Editor, Ark Light Staff Eg Dchate 1. PERICO, BERKLIE - Student Council l,2g Football 1,2,3, Band 1, Lettermc-n's Club 1,2,3, Secretary 5, Golf l,2,5, Basketball 1,2,3g UWIZNS, Bl-IA PALMER, WARREN PICKPQRING, lillGliNli PLUSH, MARILYN Rlil:VliS, ll-lRRY RPQINKING, BARBARA PICKLRITNKL, lfl,Gl1Nli - Track 1, Printers Guild 2, 3, Biology Club 2, Ark Light Production Staff l,2,3. PLUSH, MARILYN - Messiah 1,2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3g Student Council lg Pep Clluh l,2,3, Drill Team 3gChorus 1,2,3g Symphonic Choir 2,3. PljRVlS, Bll,L - Operctta 3, Messiah 3, Band 1,2,3, President 'mg Symphonic Choir 2,55 Chorus 2,35 Contest Ensemble 2. RAKtes'1'RAw, Blu. - Track 2,3, Operetra 1,2,3, ui-Y 1,2,3, Pres- ident 35 Stage manager 1,2g Band l,2,5, Contest 1,2,5, Orchestra l,2,3, Mirror Staff 5, Sports Editor 3, Stage Manager for Speech Play REEVES, JERRY - lli-Y 1, F.F.A. 1, Ark Light 2. REINKING, BARBARA - Messiah 2,51 Y-Teens 1,2,31 Chorus 23 Pep Club l,2,3, Drill Team 3, Mirror Staff 3, Typist. All State Football End 3. ..20.. X, RICE. 'SHIRLEY ROBERSON, BILL SANFORD, IOANNA SCHAMAHORN, RITA SHEPHERD, CHARLES SHERBON, JIM RICE, 'SHIRLEY - Moved here senior year, Messiah 3, Y-Teens 3, Pep Club 3, Chorus 3. ROBERSON, BILL - Track I,2,3g Football l,2,5g Band I,2,3! Orchestra 1,2,3, Lettermen's Club 2,3. ROLLINS, WINDLE - Operetta 2, Chorus 1,2,3. RUCK, RICHARD - Track 25 Printet's Guild I,2,3g Hi-Y 1, Football 2, Ark Light Production Staff 1,2,3. SAMFORD, JOANNA - Operetta 1,2,3g Messiah I,2,3g Y-Teens I,2,3g Pep Club 1,2g Chorus 1,2,5g Contest Ensemble 1,33 Symphonic Choir 2,3. -.21... ROLLINS, WINDLE RUCH, RICHARD SEATON, BILL SHANKS, DON SIMPSON, SHIRLEY SINER, jON SCHAMAHORN, RITA MAE - Pep Club 1,2. SEATON, BILL - Operetta 2g Chorus SHANKS, DON - Track 2,35 Football 1,2,3g Chorus 3, Basketball 1,2,3, I.ettermen's Club 2, Vice President 3. SHEPHERD, CHARLES - Track 1, Messiah Ig Boys State: Basket- ball lg Chorus I. SHERBON, JIM - Messiah 2, Boys State, Clerk of District Court, Band I,2,3, Contest 1,3, President 3, Conference Officer 2,3. SIMPSON, 'SHIRLEY - Y-Teens 1,23 Pep Club 1,2g Drill Team 3. SINER, ION - Hi-Y 23 Band 1, Boy's Pep Club 2,3. M if 7' .. 'vlzpv J ,,. .1 L K 'Q' S-.... M...- its tif BAZIL, j0liN MURTUN, PAT STOCKTON, RUGI-QR TRENT, LLOYD BISHOP, ANNA MARTIN, DOI.l.Y liAZll., j0llN - Truck lg Football lg l".F.A. 2. NORTON, PAT - Symphonic Choir 51 Opcretra 3. mi-iks, 'Nlll.liS - nays Pep Club 3. ul..-kllf., jAc,k - sronkrow, ROGER - TRlzNT, l.l.UYD - Football l,2,3L Basketball 11 Track 1,",3' l.ettt'rmen's Club 1,2,j. MAVIS, llll.l. - l3oy's Pep Vluh 1. Wll.SUN, WAYNE - 'A- 5. MYl-QRS, NILES 5l.ATIi, JACK xmvis, mu. uirsox, kmyxii lllSllOP, ANNA - Y-Teens l,2,7sg Pep Club l,2,3, Drill Team 5g .2.A.A. lg Mirror Staff 53 Ark Light Staff 2,13 Asst. Bus. Mgr. 2, Bus. Mgr. '13 Quill .1ndSCroll 23, President 3, Arr Award Z. MARTIN, DOl.1.Y - Y-Teens 33 Moved here senior year. SEMURS NOT PIC.'lI'RlgD ADAMS, THELMA - Moved here sc-nior year. EDWARDS, BOB - Moved here senior year. HARRIS, DELBERT - Messiah 31 Hi-Y 2,3, Pep Club 1: Boy's Pep Club 33 Chorus 3, Ark Light Staff 3. ll0l.I.lNS, WI-QSl.liY - Chorus 5. MCKERRACKER, MARY - Furure Nurse's Club 3. MZHICKTENO MELVlN - Golf 1,2,3g Football 1, l'4oy's Pep Club 3 SCHOLL, MARGARET - Moved here senior year: Operetta 3, Chorus 3. ... We 2 'I 'wk - ,A I 115' 11 ' , .' .9 J ' ' I ii. O Q . .flil llOR HUNURQ 49- "4" '37 sq! Q C' Several dependable students were selected to serve as office assistants. They are left to right, TOP ROW: Sue Gibson, Paula Craig, Virginia Butcher, Sondra Clhalfant, Mary lfrancoeur. HO'l"l'OM ROW: Anna Bishop, Peggy Lawson, Gary Dowler, iara Lord, janet Holden. Rhodema llollowell won the V.F.W. Essay Award - a trip to Mexico. Because the Best Boy Citizen is not chosen until the last week of school, you may apply your favorite photo, of the citizen, in this space. Qhirley Simpson won a 1100 scholarship from thc American Legion. The assembly Committee works with faculty members to plan assemblies. The committee is Kay Linnenkohlgfiail White, Chair- man: Suzzie Wright. 26- Maudie Daulron won a S100 scholarship from the American Legion. Daphne Dillard was selected Best Girl Citizen. Diane Guyot and jane Gates were the other two candidates. U55 SDSJM' v- xy- ,- -S' ' VIRGINIA Kl'l"l'RELL Secretary Do WQN 34151,-R nhimt I CAROL EE CARL Student Council Rep. 4 ,.w x' " Q- yi 9- 3 --e if 4 .C Biffle, Wayne lllenden, Howard Clegg, Donald Curtis, Zerlene i ff '? rv' s I , 4- F, 'Q ' I f 2 .Y . K 3 ' sf rl bsller, li ielmrd Adams, ifurrns Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Yiuler Andrews, Rosetta Anstine, jerry ,, 4-go, 376- Arrherron, ,lame-:. K 3 Aufflnv Al-H1 ' Asliely, Marlene , g lla'-W" lluffhlf' . J t Maker, Don ' 4 'I 4-N ' . - Hall, Om l,ee ' .Ri TS 1 ,- D . 'w J ,M . 1 . 'A Q7 3' i r Q . . V, fl - 5' ' ' '7 ,Y X 1 ' ' vf' S rt '., ' 1 4 1 . 4 ,' Q' liurk, llarbara Q , 'Mi Hun, Delores B ,.,ff- 1 K Burton, Max ,Q 3 Carl, Girolee ' .' ' Carwile, Juanita ' 5 Chapman, Raymond J , Q I . 1 41 X A M T3 2 A Ii 4 ' ' 3 ' 76 Ls .3 , . 1, 4 ' X - Q W 3 f' x fx Elrod, Darlene . b - gg ' s "' I ' Ji' . , Ghram, Donna 'Z gig, Giles, Elizabeth W x Q, . Gilbert, Stanley Yi? ww 228 Graves, Richard Guilinger, Elaine Haddock, Louise Halrmrk, Shirley Hanrn, Gary Hanahan, Lloyd -23- Gochi s, Bill Goodson, Gloria E "-9 1 any--8' 'a- - 45 -. .J '1- N25 lkuusrer, lx lmaberh llarncw, Qhirley ltirton, mary liilvru, Myrtle- 0 'Q 2 -- i fi X TP Fluis, Leon Foiles, Silas Gee, janell Geist, Lelia i 5 I 'fe I ,-A 'f v- r l ., -v .J llloodwortli, Pal l4r.xm'l1, lyi Hurd Brooks, Kay ' .Ju ,Tran Czaplinski, Bessie Dempsey, Kula Edwards, Lucy .v ,-1 -2 -'Q lx " 73 1 -jj- K - 'A T ,'-f Heflner, Norma ' A Hegele, Louise 'D A 'T " l Hull, Vern gy - re- johnson, Beverly 1' jordan, . Bertha ., s- L 'J 2? r - K ' . f H 1 511' ' ' x , - Love, - K Mary " " 6 15' Manson, v y pf Frances ' ,., . E - f ,N ' "' s., 'K . I- A Mast, Dorothy l X - ' 5: U 'S McMullin, Florence McNutt, Kenneth 7 " 'z "' - 'af .- 5 4 7 .f , Y- "9' I , llask1ns,nevc'riy Haskins, Virginia Hatcher, lielberl Hays, Charlene Hayward, janice Hearn:-, Roger Qifai -Q X ,2 l y A 'fp as 'XX' ' If X Kivit, Howard Lambert, Gordon Langdale, Robert Lazzelle, james Lind, Daniel l,outhan George , , -z " I W A ,e 1, .. 1 7 . -3. V f e, Meyer, Wilma Miller, james Moldenhower, David Musson, Elaine Owens, Von Pappan, Sue 429- 5. 'I v 'Q T Hinds. Ann Hough, Marilyn Hug es, Don Ig? ' -, -. Hummingbird , David llumphrie s, Delbert ,. Hutchins, Larryl Hutson, Fred 1 N , -'vs - K J ?' 1 7 , S L A 2 .R ' - 'ff if NX V FZ: Q r L f , Q., J s. Mcflorgary, Mary ,Q McDowell, LeRoy r Mclntire, Ronald. sfx Mc Kinney, Phyllis -.Q-4 1 , Mefford, Yvonne Meiers, Bill Menefee, jackie Tw KW , . A gf, R , I 1 'JT --1. ,A Nw-1 X. A Shoemaker, Bud Shook, Rowena 6 ,QT 1 -. 7 'ef Strah, Charlene Strah, Charlotte at K 1 .2 A1 5.-. 14? - x tt. . 'K . . Reid, Shirley "' Richardson, llon . .7 , J ,, . A, JF Rutter, Latherme ' ' ' I , - N ' I 1 r I r I 3 4 xj, " ," .8 , -2' ' 'X - m4 If - I .fgi 9 I 'S 'V ID I R . , x - -1- 25 X fw , fx lv J, If, 5 ' . If! , ,I QA A ,Q W 2- Thomas, Earlene L Utt, Gail Van Schuyver, Robert l'uol, Wayne Vtvore, Nanay l'ratt, Donna l'rltC, Nlaync Reed, ,lo Ann Reeves, Slelba 'TA -at j ,fx ,, R X In ., l 'fi 4-,... Sowden', Merry Stacy, Vera Stafford, Carol Stansbarger, Don Starkey, Rodney Steckman, john x ,. I" rt tx blg,v vv A, ,. A 's Webb, jim Whaley, Delbert White, Lavon Williams, Barbara Wilson, Sandra 'iii . 5122 "1 'lv '-7 -vq,,l it Rhodes, Phyllis Rowan, Dorothy Roundtree, llnrlene - x. rg fu- 1 if 1 1' gl 1 .. ty - 4- C K ., 'CIT-K 1' J ' f QQ' .A f A Voris, Ann Walker, Sharon Watkins: jean 1' K.- 6 'iv- Sanders, john Sfhifferdeclter, Robert Scott, Clayton Sherwood, Louis I-ji l fv ' -3 at 4 'S Sv 4? l D Thomas, Nancy Thompson, Arnold Thompson, David Tipton, Jack fn- fsf' U ,, ' ,L Whistler, Robert ,,, ' 1 , ' A 5, tt L.,A. as Q' l llis, Pat Muff, Niargnrci Hagan, liarhiira nz, tv' Watcrson, Virginia White, Gaylene Russell, Don -Q.. 'vsN 11 Aix S .4 L rigor! N .ix 'P ri 'rr 'ive lhiclielir u y Blass ohn Uosvwel Darrell foggins unior live len 4.1, A. V Hoover, Velma Jenner, Par Kayhler, Mary Kloxin, Russell Parzen, Larry Tipton, Carol Harris, Judith Hentrick, Janice These picrures illusgrare the work that goes into a prom, and also :he finished product. These pictures are of the 1953 prom. This is always a iunior class proiecr. UNIUR HO ORS Nancy Poore recexved a scholorshxp of S100 th1s year from the Amerxcan Legxon Charlene Strah was chosen for her dependabnhty to be an nffuce ass1stant UNIOR SNAPS Vlrgluxa Kxttrell and Bessxe Czpllnskx pause for P1CIUfCd below IS the typical ACHS class room f g S afgcg band to dlscuss the laws: composed of those who study those who pretend a ew mmu e happgnlngs to study and of course the ones who sleep x ul L 'W : , - .1. t . . . . . - xt , , . . 9 . 1 1 1 ll-.. L41-.rIpu'e inn' , ' e -Al---, . , lnr Fmzlxsh class must b ,Q 4, SOPHOMORES K F! 1,,, ,V 'Jw lessons well. . Dliqsixlongyearsof R Highselwolveleunout 1 BARB3g:idgnt Vicg pr:gg'e1L?N xsxx X KAY LINNENKOHL Secrezazy 117' ,.. .,,-v 1 N s A 1 5.-fl u A ,-1,-uv5 l .. , . . ,lf--s.of-3r- n.: - Jr 1 , . 5 . . zu' . s Z Q 3 ' - ' - 5 Y.lA', " ,.-5.1 KW' A . 'jf' A 5 ?,, . l Q . 5 ,W ,QI 1' .4 V..-4.. A+ wyar, Y , 5 fm. Y .h X I , , ' , in ' 3 '6 ,A- H I W .R x'.'1'V- ,, wi,-"f,. 1 ,Ziff xc f ' ' u 4 r , - 'Y 2 -33- ,'.x- .,. A -, -4 1 , 4 I ,vqxx . 1 ., . n . -. 'xwf - C-.--,-L .21 1 CONNY GARDNER Student Council Rep 1 9 9 I '55 -4 li 5 . by -9- 'I A X.f --Q- Brown, Sandra Bryant, Delbert 'fi f"r Christensen Marlene Clark, Don Clark, Eddie J , 3 , '-v-1' ,Y --4 I I4 ' 5 1 -3' wr X ,i 1-l Hittle, Thomas .T . 4 'D A 3 A Coggins, Leslie 47 ve 5 . ' S -. ,, :X 4.,1y-rigsx iv . "Mi " .mst Atkins, Betty Atkins, Merrill "SE -3 bf' 4 1 .' v sow? . 'A ' -, 'S' 9 -sv' P5 5 3 -S4 I Cotter, Betty Coupe, David Ab5her, Richard Adams, Gloria Allen, David Anderson, Sharon Anstine, 41181495 Arnett, l.arrv , rs. i 'vs N 2 Campbell, Bette Carlson, Margaret Carr, Ronald Chadwell, Mona Chapman, Martha Chisholm, Bea 4 5 'ar .J 5' M'-ng , ..,,.1u I Crampton, Ruene Dale, Richard Daulton, David Dawson, Peggy Deskins, Deanna Diclrerman, Rose ,Y 54.- lS.xrCl.iy, Maudit- liarlter,l1erald liilyeu, lrt-ne 1' -j' ,f fi ' v Blass, Mary 1 Horror, Mary Bowman, Sam A 'fi Bowser, Donna .X ,EU 'Z' f -av . ,4 C, 4 -gs , ' ' -1 ' "9 ':fi?i'if 9 U A " ' 1 'T' T , X 1 945 v A Colglagier, -57 Patricia 5 . -f Conner, Vxola I Conroy, Jeanette 7 , Look, Patsy sigh. 3 X Cox, Mary Cudd, Larry Curless, Bill .'. 1' V' ,Sf , .7 ff UN 9, .X , n 'Q . ,., og vx f a'. Q , " X ,f l 7,,,,,, 1' . V-5 A" fx v-, ,A fi nc: 4 . 2 -,J Q 3 -e 'l ee X. 1 ' 'F 1 - Foiles, Mary Gay, - john ' " Genrry, ' 4 muy 'v ,V 3 fa, ., Harper, If 4 julie Q X- . 4 1- Hartman, 1, . lad' Q.. Harcher, Z v Dorothy V v ' A S Qu - ,Z Henderson, jim P -4 . Q vi' "5 ' - 1 'Q C 5 'Z .' mme, ,A 4, lllrlrsrin, l'rarilr llicksrm, jerry llisrnuke-s, Ann llrxon, jirnmy llrwxlr-r, Nancy llunlavy, Hill I .. 1 ., has v- Lr. A-if ,, G , , G ,,, A Mr, lfasrrnari, Annette ' ,Q linfliimly lfon lzagain, Gerald . ' li' manv lfcll vv letrerolf, Gerald nur , ' 'I L , S 5- ., 2 , - , '7 4 N. Y H' 4 K5 U 'YN i .. v 4 .f 1 tr P ' 1 5? ,F ,f 9? J 'W , in S rf' x lx Grifferh, june Hall, Henry . "' Harnby, Lou lirra 7 Hamm, Norman H Harman, Ann -' Harp, Robert K 3 .. 'T 1 2 2 -E li V- 4 . 4 J Q -.ff X i .V X , of '- 3 ,- ," 65511 . .x - ' 2? , -' y - Humbolr Uuana Hopkins, Hill r J i Qian 'hC1l an"S"-V llowdn ' dw 5 Jewell, Rebecca fri Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Brenton jordan, Beverly Keefe, Eddie Kimsey, Don Kocllcr, Warren essay, 1 'V X ,Qur- Folrz, joyee Fortson, jessie Gann, Kenney Gardner, Lonnie W i v , Q 0' -J .-9' .iq I 4 Hill, Jimmy Himes, Virginia Hines, Gary Hockenbury, ,lack fin ii' 3 -'ind ' '-s- -.4 Gillock, Danny Godfrey Bill Godfrey, lona 'U Hatfield, Nancy Hathcoat, Tom 'Q rv Q li' If 1 't .1 Martin, Rita Martin, Robert 3 1 S Morris , Larry Morris, Phil Mullen, Harold J V Krout, Bari'-ara b 1, fm , ,, "" 'W' mhneiiiii ' ' ' A- l..illm.m, l'.LlgC'lI1' ' . QQ,, Nlartiia Q Q5 Q leach, lunicn at S g, lfram ix X 4- L 4' I V ' Linnenkohl, Kay . 1-f-H1-1-Elm , l,inville, Kay , l.emcrt, arlwaru Ilodxr, Hamid 'I 7231" H Loomis, Patricia l ' Pa ' 4- Ifwp' ljapli' f0!4-in, ' 4 Y- Mayors, Iwiia . -J 1 V' Martin, jerry 3 1 ! n I 1, l IF -3 3 ll ' :T v 'vi g. X Q J ' - fl ' Mclilvain, Linda gvv A - Mclntire, Karen if ka Q: :vs McNutt, Kenneth 3 'Q A fx , Miller, Melvin S A Moffit, jo Ann .-Q ,.x" I 'T' Mosier, 'l'reva , V 1 - 49 x A f X .-.5 Q: f I U A l ' h H42 " Q 4 , 4 . 4 -r. w " ' J -- - 5 . "9" I ,Y , x l X 5 4 , . A -9 ' 5 :b iierliing, Patsy ic cring, Barbara Olvcra, Margaret ' , -J ' I Pingry, Dorovthy "' 4 '? Pittscr, David .xi , K - A N di - Q ,a Pool, Mildred fy gulckv illamln p d ' ' ' Cece ,arc 7 ur uc Jimmy Rakesiraw, Bob fi 1 J' X Y NL Reynolds, Eleanor Roberts, jeaneanne Sanders, Anita Savage, Fred Sentcl, Gerald Selan, jack 136-. :""1N.1 .I 4" I 0 .,. . I f .ur -s. ,ii Martinez, Lonnie McCartney, Ray Mcllowell, Donna Nauss , Richard Neal, Janice , .. N... ? A A . " .J- -nf 1,333 5 i Q J 'Y gg ' ' x Stilley, lilizabeth Thompson, Carol Tobias, Gary I' in Wemeke, Eddie White, Bob .1' .J 5 "4 -Q Q' i Q Sommers, Gerald 4 4? a--if ,f If Z-1 if Wh y Y I' FO i s de, jack K Sherwood, janet Simons, Norma Simpson, Vera Sims, l.arry Siner, ,Ian Singletary, Martha Slaven, Mona , ' n Smith, Marianne I, Smith, Suzanne 1' ' I "' Qx I v- 7 .A 1 ' y - a '77 e-- , J T A Truxal, Charles Vann , Beverly 3 , 4 " in Virden, Gary l f Waldorf, joleta -gp Walker, Jerry Q H-If Waltrip, Paul I 0 I 1. 0' J' "" . . . 74 ,. Q. KHXY. 1 'ri i if '- A A. . Y at Woodard, Sandra ' l Woods , Betsy Sharon Mary jo Joann Annabelle .37- . ff 'T 1 ' I .. ' ,I -. 1 I I 1 Smith, Sydney Somers, Marleen av ff' P: r . X 4 Spurrier, Ralph Steckman, Clarles Stewart, Donna 4 X os., 111. '3 ' 1:1- 'Q' .., Q btewart, james Toms, ', ' " Beverly 5 Q , i Towles, -- Russell I' . f" , , 1' 3 4' C , . White, Esther , , A , " White, I . b ' ' ' Jamie ' whirfofd XJ Carl 5 Williams, Leon 5 Williams, Opal Q -1 Williams, Sherrilyn A... , Wood, Audry 7 .- 3- Wright, joe Yates, Cora Lea y.. . 'N I nr' ,4 OPH SNAPS Miss Williams' sophomore linglish Class studies English Literature. Carolyn johnson and Mary Ann Jarvis, both sophomores, realize the importance and advan- tages of the high school library as they seek information for class reports. Leon England walked on crutches several months, when recuperating from a foot injury. Is sophomore English really that interesting? Hoyt Piper's math classes find business arithmetic interesting and not too hard. ORGAN ZATION S During six long.years of High School we learn our lessons well, But on the field of battle we certainly can yell, And ou: shouts are e'er united, with Echoes from of old, ' - Till the town :esounds with glories of the Purple and the Gold. 'ix Q- , 's II' XE I II 14 I II I IIN If 7!I' rr I IICWXI ITIIIX Il,,,,,,- f I..1.NZ'lHx. Inw- v lhulvx-, Nw.I l'nq!'v V11 'Eu R INDI! XL., M- H I'fvX -"'l. Ix,'t1v1I mf f Z1.x.w,I1Z:.l'w:lII' u1"::.w. IIN- PLIFPOSQ' ot thc' SUluIl'Ilf C mmc'iI is to I't'I'ft'Nf'!II IIIC' inte-rc-xt of LIN' cfnrirc- xLu.Ivm zw.Ijv .uni KIM' I.luuItx O! KIM' SLIIUOI. IK is to Iwlp wrinlu vI.-xc-r I4-mpc-r.1liu11 Iwrwcc-11 tI1.1x ImIIv .UNI tm' I.1n'uIry to thc' CIIII that our xclmul umy pre'- scrvv its Irkllitiorms of CXc'c'IICm'c .m.I Ccwntinuc' pu 4-xcnfII In .1lI Iines of vIIuc.1xim1.1I Cmicavor. IIN' :rzf-:urn-rsI1ip Cow-isis wt thc- pre-wiIIc-nt c'Ic'n'Ie'II iw tI14- stu+Ic'r1r IxmIN in thc spring, thc' principal ot thc' nigh suI1ooI, :wo fucuIty IIfC'IIII5lxfS, .I ffApI'f'5C'nlJ' Ilvc' from c'.u'I1 uf tht' I5 IIHUQ' n'I.lxs0x, Irnm c'.u'I1 org.mi7.1tI0r1 of Ibn' sc'ImoI, .1nII fmm 4-.1c'I1 cunfc-rm: L c-. 2.1.2 H5 I-IIXI' YNIIIAII IiV1'N11NI1C,IlI'I' qfZl'II'VIf K r1znzr'zII'rfx1f1'r nI Ntmfrrzf fHl4Pl1I!Xf'1lYlNrlY 3 T ,A 5 's. COU CIL GOVERNS ACHI FRVYI' RKUIA: IL-rr zu rigI1t-'I'wm Ihvis, I'I:1I I.og.m, Im ilI1L'Y,I.II.lTIUIIL' 4xr.xIx, Karen N14-Imirf-, IWICQK ROW: Kgrleerx NI.1s-un, I5i.xm- Cyuyor, NIIIQQ imizh, -Iam' lhxu-fs, Ihrtmrq 'vI1IIi.u:Is, C..xruI 'I'lI'lL7f1, NI.1rcI.x I.mIgc, Bill KIKICH I.uuIIL-rInxuIc, Iiwnnk II-'wuIm-II, IMIL- I' km.Ix1s XI,nn NIINIIII, Ii-mic iwxm-Icy, jin1W1-Iwb, ffcmny MIDI3I.If RUWZ IiI1u.Icnx.1 IIUIIUWQAII, Yxm I.-mi, Nhrmn K1Ar.il1m-r, I1": IIIIY fun-, IMVIVI I uupc, Im fI1.1pm.m not Deal, I7.1pI1nc I3III.1r,I, lv.xII White, XIIl'I.1lI1l.l Kxlrrz-II, puturvi JG 42 IRRUR HOLD MEMORIES TOP ROW: Virginia liou IIIAUQ.'xf'lflJllrl5l1Uf,AfIlbI Photographer. N1llHl3l.lf ROVJ: Kitten Assistant lftlitor ,ind Assistant lfeature liditorg Virginia l-Littrell, junior lfditor llarbtira Reinking, Typistg Henri llrewer, Artistg lit-vc-rly linswell, Assistant Business Manager: Ciharlotte Strah, Assistant Artist. llCVI"I'UN1 ROV: Shirley Flick, Sophomore liditorg Paula Craig, I3 M i Feature liditorg Gail White, Cio-Feature I-'ditorg Daphne Dillard, litlitorg Diane Uuyot, Senior lfditorg jane hates, llusiness Nl.m.i,gerg Ann Hines, flopy Rea The Mirror is the school year- book. It represents one year of each student's school life. The Mirror is a Senior Class project. Daphne Dillard was selected edi- Tlie staff draws page dimiinies lor the annual. st-r, llliotograplic-rg Xounp Srwdgrass, llgirk Room l'o ' liill Rilxestravs, Sports lxditorg lk-ggi l..iwson, Head Q o 3 J .SEQ l.outierlxiclx, llcuiii Typist: Charlene Strah, uinmy lleaderg Sondra Chtilfant, Lo- Cfliarles R. Maier ffwnstn Q Q tor, and Lharles R. Maier WHS sponsor of the publication. The staff began compiling the annual in May of 1953. The book WHS completed March 15. The pliotugrapliers must also be 'monkeys' to carry out their Q llllllllp, ix'sl4glHTlLIlIS lydphne Ijlllaxd Ifriitor 'lie Staff holds its I'f"gUl,1f mg-4-rings on Wed tiesday evenings, :xl la ,xv JAH? UAIQN, Ilcmi f'l14'cr- Iemicr. liarludm l.umcrt, sophonmreg illhlflxllltl Stmh, yunmrg jane lflll'S,SCll1UK' E PEP BOUSTER A Q - - - ,Al ,.. f - .- xrqx x ductal rm NlIQQl'XlN10Il nt th: xpurwor .mi hw .1XN1st.1l1ts. H14 Izvh . clcLt10u .wx .ill the r,u1lvr1r .-mn. Iwo wwvlwv YVUYCS . ' ' ' '.. . u. . " u 1 . lsr or thmr huh wruool Lixw. unluxx by thc Qrwrw , ' ' -- -. H- ,v pr.1CKicL-s, .lttvmi .IH Psp i lun 'rw-vtinux, Ln- IU probcr uniform .N spa-Cifiv? by the- Sporxswr, .mi Jiufc- lm' .1 glvvn set ot mln-N k'UDk'L'fIl1HL' run lust mx Ami OH hor or hm you .ls Chc'vrIn-.1x1cr. ,Km :ui- vieor iQ .xppoirwtui hx' thc' prirxcitwl Q-.lfh vc-.1r. R.1y:m1n.l C' judj ix spurmmur u 'will the IH p Vlul III. yllftfll xiars X, . . wku .. -.421 SUN - L Y ihirlvy' l'llfk, Pop x1.liUfL'llC. irlcn Imudcriuck, sg-niwrg fllmrluna Str puniorg Yuzic Smith, sophormwruv 6 lul EE. 1+ 'lhe Pep Club is an organization whose pur- pose is to stimulate enthusiasm anil allil color to athletic events by half time ilemonstrations. 'lhe members operate the concession stand,the profits of which are usetl to benefit the stullent boily in general, through financing some all-school project. :Xny stuilent may become il member if he adheres to rules anil regulations of the organiza- tion. own .xt thi- lt-ft 18 tlii- X1ari,hingl'eiif.luif Ihe Pep f.lul- officers founl :felon are, lront row, left lu right- I.ois jacobs, Secre- tary, lit-vcrly llasltins, l''e fhairinan l' ul C r i Xi Pre silentg Marilyn llantla Presillt-nt. luck row: Diane Guyot, Stunt C hnrmin Yam liortl, Stull:-nt f ouncil Repre- NL'fllllllVi' DRILL-E TERTAI ERS BACK ROW: Zelda Colburn, Mary Fran- coeur, Betty Lamb, Janice Waggoner, Anna Bishop, Bena Brewer, jorene llockenbury, Nancy Wentworth. MIDDLE ROW: Rhodema llollowell, Karleen Mason, Barbara Reinking, Maude Daul- 3 Marilyn Hantla Pep Club President ton, Mitze Lechner, Louise Overfelt, Shirley Lamb. FRONT ROW: lflaine Hockenbury, Marilyn Plush, Paula Craig Diane Guyot, Marilyn Hantla, Lois Jacobs, Sara Lord, Darlene Dickson, Shirley Simpson. 4 . f I I: . v I 9 G Of '- li 'Q J "3"J'-' .- J Q: 4 6- ' X , l T ' . 5 - Qu ' - 'Q Sr ' 15 I i . Q 0 Ylirbfxl lifllk, lvfr rn riglir llill Nlnvis, lmlf- lwans, vlnhn luwufer, Inq- Xlmlre. lm: mix, Nilas I-miles, brit K HMV l,.ini', 'Lirre-n lomfs, Young Nnotiyrass, 'Larren lhilfrer, -lon Ronnie Klclntire, Ralph l'aln'er, Harold Atvsher, llnwarcl Qinf-r, Niles Xfjpers, llill Kr-cl. X1IlilJl.l IUN loc' lewis. Kivett, Nl-ix lvragert, Larry l'atten, -lim lrenary, Albert smnlvy lnhn-on, Ivan l'.ilt7, leill llislmir, liill rlmett, L-.Irv llarcher, liavid Thompson, Gary lflarton. lohn Blass. The lloifs Pop Club was organized this year. The mvmhcrs do not rnnrch for pc-rforrnancc-s, hut sit with the rc-sr of thc- orgariiziition at games. They help our in the Conn-ssinn srancl also. I-'KONI' ROW, left m righti Ronin Kunlvcle, llrvn Richardson, l.eRoy Klcllowell, Ronnie Rhoren, Ronnie iweeley, ,limmy Smith, Gary Hamm. N1llJl1l.l1 NW. Kobe-rr Whistler, junior Coggins, lion Hughes, 'lJfT'CfS lnxzzellc, Hob Langdale, x - .- 1 . . 0 , ,Q QP 'f. v, A Rx , K . I Stanley Gilbert, Russell Kloxin. H.-XLK RCW: Wayne Price lion Morris, Charles Sanders, wlirr Miller, Gilford Branch -lim Webb, Gordon Lack. w I I . , ,. xA ,I,.n ,T ,I --Q.. , -. .4-., , I 4.1 . .,..4. -. . X s I V 1 1 my ' 'Tiff ,Y-Aff . " 617. f'L..Q I,-: lg ,LL 2 4,1 ' ' ' .L? K ? A'r- ?- ' 5 , 'fe P24549 . ..:"'4Q ' T ' fl' 5- 1 ' X 1 '. ' 'v N 1 - Y " 1 1 . I rt A Q . i , ' Q.. X, 2 in I 4 nv K' T .X. i N I - A' 2 I 3' I i -. ... .X nm 'Q -A -. 3 Q E 4- -Cl gl J , , .. .. .,L, I ' ' Q I 1 I Y ' ,.4. . .,, v n 2 9 g ' A Q WA '. 4 Q 9 '9 . Q L 55- Z 1- f - , . Q ,,, N W V K -I Q I ,QL ' I . I '- -' '- 1, me ,575-ff .Q Q f"'f g! 1. If fx' ls , I T Q f' I 4 Li 1 .I .L.. """"1' " "' ' . gulf., I . J'IT"'T'T"f'g ffflkfu 'L I I A - X V,3f"Q.. I L-A'T'-' D4' , .' X "X - XE X .R, . , ' X1 jg -G il Qv1 1,, :.."- gp GU., 25 f s 1 V U X 0211. ' f Q ' 'krif a Q. - "' ' N -H nidl' M ' of ' .05 13 vw. ' -.Q ,7' fn: 'H YW L . , , . H Q ' - A ,A 3 4 if! ggi 6 2 'H' J QQ Mx . f . A 'ff '4 ' ' L . -,- ...Q . . . " T A ' . ,. ..,, ..,... , 1 QQ! is. .' v T ' W at -V - 1 4 3 . , . - T' IN "D i t - - 1 -v s I fbqys. b Wifi V f " fm, V 4 Q ' 9 Q r g ' 971' 4, . , f" . jf-- ' +::i"' ' " , .ii I 41.3 """"" 0 . ' fX tx? Q2 er 'q In dl 4 '-+4 I 1 'r M L- P s H' 1 'I f' Il., X M' l .A NGING SYMPHONY E? AZ: XX X xi M NCHEE I LES Hi CHAR Director The Symphonic Choir gives a concert each spring, goes to contest, and participates in different pro- grams. Members of the Symphonic Choir are: FRONT ROW, left to right: Betty Atkins, Sue Chapman, Suzzle Smith, Kay Linnenkohl, Kitten Louderback, Pat Barker, Paula Craig, Joanna Samford, Shirley Flick, Virginia Haskins, Marilyn Plush. SECOND ROW: Ann Williams, Sue Wilson, Phyllis McKinney, Jack Selan, Rohn Blass, Gary Rodamaker, Don Russell, Clif ord Breedon, Roger Hearne, Mary Smith, JoAnn Moffitt, Carol Yarbrough. THIRD ROW: GAIL W A HIT CCOmpaniS? Sue Huffman, Merry Sowden, Barbara Burk, Elizabeth Banister, Rosetta Andrews, jim Estcp, Dave Circle, LeRoy McDowell, Darrell Boswell, Don Lambring, Gail White, Diane Guyot, Ann Hines. FOURTH ROW: jan Siner, Mary Blass, Mary Cox, Max Gregart, Bill Purvis, Don Shanks, jay Woodard, jerry Waltrip, Wayne Price, Charlene Hays. BACK ROW: Deanna Deskins, Marsha Lodge, Sue Gibson, Kay Winegarner, Sydney Smith, Marilyn Hantla, jackie Menefee, Donna Stewart, Charlotte Hansen, Melba Reeves, Nancy Poore. . . nr 5ffl35'9':g, W ' A' Y' Q in X 1 1 'iz' 4 3 v fir' ' . .fs I 4 L A .l 1 - , lc J J , THE FURTU QE TBI I ER The Cast of Characters for the annual :XfillS operetra was as follows: FRESCO, Ballet Master of the Livonian Grand Opera . . . . .... . . .Clifford Breeden COUNT lil-IRHXOWSKI, lommandanr of the Secret Police . . . . . -Ierry Waltrip FIRST :lLQlfN'l' of the Secret Police . . . . SECOND AGI-QNT of the Secret Police . . THIRD ALifiN'l' of the Secret Police . . ALMIR, 'l'lKl.'XR, Lieutenants ...... VQANDA, VERA, Ballerinas of Opera. . IRNA, of the grand Opera liallet ....... C.-XPT. I-.-'lDISl-g'xlTS, of the Royal llussars SANDOR, 21 gypsy musician .......,. MLTSETTE, a gypsy fortune teller . , , . . . Darrell lioswell ..................RalphPalmer Wayne Price . . . Don Lamhring, David Circle, john Blass i Sydney Smith, Pat Harker Kay l.innenkohl, Sue Huffman ............Nlarylllass . . . . . . Gary Radamacher , , .lily Woodard, liill Purvis . . . . . . . . Melba Reeves BORIS, N1usette's futher ......... . . ......... Nlax liragert VANINKA, Xlusette's mother ............... .............. K ay Winegarner KlNlii. POMPONI, prima donna of the Grand Opera ..,,..,,,,, Libby Giles, Diane Ciuyot liALl.lfRlN.'XS of Royal Operil ....... - ......... Kitten Louderhaclt, Sondra Chalfant, Shirley Flick, Margaret Scholl, Sharon Walker, Pat Colglazier, Marilyn liantla, Norma lleffner, Virginia Haskins, Rosie Andrews. fo " 8 CI. L. HINCHEE Director . . . Music ..... Accompanists Overture ,,,, Band Director Scenery .... Carpentry . . . Programs . . . . .C.L. ilinchee . . . . Victor Herbert Gail White, jim Hill .. . A.C.H.S. Band August Trollman Newman's and Miss Vera Koontz ...............ArtSneller , .Young Snodgrass Gypsie lovers added a joyful spirit to the operetta. Double casting for some parts made it possible for more talented students to participate. 3 I. "wp 'u ffiQ ri r.uj'11!g Qt., 11 I 'it v jf n g, 4 5 1 lfveryone in journalism participates in the distribu- The business ot the paper is cared for by Anna tion of the papers, every two weeks. Bishop, Business Manager, andthe Add Staff. K WS BEHI D TEWT ln the fall of 101' .1 school paper was sug- gested and the first issue was published No- vember l of that year. Miss Pauline Sleeth, by whom it was started, gave the paper its name, .J V: ""' ' - , t-ic. . Tllli ARK LIGHT. WK I 7 " The purposes of the paper are to: 1. Give f MQ motivation to the study and teaching of linglishg f -'TZ :Z 2. Provide means of communication between Nw-f """"' the school and communityg 5. Foster school gl spirit, 4. Provide means of making announce- "N- mentsg 5. Round out the printing course, 6. A Help to socialize the school. ,L 4 D ,- -.-...Q +s..x.,. , -U-'15-Q, HL .Y Q-N 4 ' 'N' 5 J age me S . 1 .i - 'Ms l'flDlTORlAL STAFF, left to right! FRONT ROV: Virginia llutcher, Exchange Manager, lzlaine lloclcenhury, Reporter: Shirley Flick, Feature Editor: jerry Ziegler, Editor: Daphne Dillard, Circulation Manager: Lois Jacobs, Reporter: Beverly lioswell, Assistant Ifditor. MIDDLE RUWZ Maudie Daulton, Reporter: Rhodema llollowell, Reporter: Miss Mary Roark, Sponsor: Peggy Lawson, Sports Editor: Anna Bishop, Business Manager. BACK ROW: Dale Steiner, Advertising Mana Pr: Delbert Harris, Reporter: Marion Deal, Solicitor. The monkey hefd by Peggy Lawson is substituting for Tom Parmley, who was unable to be present at the time this picture was taken. Tom is Assistant Sports Editor. ,.,. jerry fiegler, ffditor Mary Roark, Sp onsor X. s Q 31 , ' w ' Q 1 'E "2 Q- 4, . J. . I ,. 2 S I - 4 sf- i l .to I at Ai, J' u E 1 ,f"1:lf"' ' " L jf, 404 Q : 5 Ik 7, 2 r 'L ily 477 1 A, . 5 3 ff, . D V Q ' X .W T , Ha- t ' f Y A . . 1 . " . 1 - zsg, ' ' , ' A iw. A ' ,4 -34- . I , - . 35155 Q 423 f I 7 Q 2':j'ff '- 121' 5 a ' . ' Z was .F I v 1 1' 2" .1 1 , - ,LV A - 1. wo' K '.-- J 6 TUIL C0i TQ ERYATIO lS'l' ' The national association ofthe Future lfarmers of America was originated in 1028. Kansas was the sixteenth state association to be admitted to the national organization. The Arkansas Cfity chapter obtained its charter among the first in the state. It is active and self-supporting, having sponsored trips to the Hutchinson State lfair, the State Convention, fertilizing programs, machinery repair, and other things. Stanley johnson FFA President FIRST ROW: Lyle I-Qaton, Bill Arnett, jim Webb, David Thompson, Dennis Waldorf, Mr. Walker, Stanley johnson, Kenneth Czysplenski, Dwight Haddock. SECOND ROW: Gerald Sommers, Bernard Iseminger, Leslie Coggins, Delbert Bryant, jerry Martin, Larryl "f O Dennis Waldorf, Vire President: Harold Walker, .fldvisorg Stanley johnson, Presidenlg Hill Arnett, Treasurer. ISACQK ROW: jim Webb, Student ffounril V' Representative: David Thompson, Secretary. to right, PRONI litmg Harold Walker FFA Advisor Hutchins, ,Gene Anstine, Dave Moldenhouer, Bill Dunlivy. Harold Muller- THIRD ROW: Silas Foiles, Gary Barton, Delbert Whaley, Lowell Coggins, joe Clark, Howard Kivett, Ivan Fultz, Eddie Llark, Wayne Price, Gene Ziegler, Gary Ham. T., 5'-' -K. ,.. hi ,A- Iiach year as .1 community service -" - proj ect, members of the Future v,,,,x 4 Farmers of America dip over a , gm thousand sheep. 0 Silas Foiles won the Cowley 051-'O County fitten and showing contest A B with his Ayrshire cow. Larryl Hutchins won second place at the Kansas State Fair, with his Q-.. Q 5 C U15 U J Q l-'lllS'l' HOW: Kenny Dunbar, George l,orell, Daryl Harp, l-OSBIUS. lla Raymond Atkins, john Blatfhford, jess Hahn, Nlr. Walker. 'l'llIllD HOW .ak I 5 :WS 11. r qx I 4, 'P Q 0 Q 'Vi :' 'SU 1' D - . 9 :Q ' is 6 : Wayne Stalnaker, SECOND HUWQ Gail llam, Don Crose, Leroy Walker, Harley DUHCOI1, Jim Nlfllafllnd. TWU Lord. l, .-1 3, fat lamb. lle also won the Cowley County Grand Champion award for his fat lamb. Charles Hill, postmaster of Ar- kansas City, presented members of FFA samples of the postal stamps commemorating the twenty-fifth an- niversary of FFA. skel Nlartin, Loren Fresh, Wayne Webb. Hay Wentworth, Buel arry Whaley. w .1 b -I rl' 'Q 'L 2 " ' gf' I' 4 N. y 1 uf? '-om., - 'I a ' . 5 4 ATHLETE' Lettermen's Club is an organization in ACHS which is open for membership to any boy who has lettered in any branch of ACHS sports which in- clude football,basketball,tennis, golf, and track. The Club elect officers and hold an initiation each fall. The sponsors are appointed by the administra- tion. This year Clint Webber, lirice '-"' ii- Durbin, and Louis Patterson were the sponsors. The Let- termen's Club takes charge of the con- cession stand at various road-show at- tractions. An overnight fishing trip is held T IO annually. The Club meets regularly. lt has been a school organization almost since the beginning of interschool athletics. Very little is known of the history of the club, since no record has been kept of the meetings or get-to- gethers. Q ll is -J ' . 'ff' I l-li'I"I'liRMliN'S CLUB OFl'ICIiRS ARE, left to right: jim jim lis tep Lettermen 's Club , I ' . Pres :dent wp listep, Presidentp Don Shanks, Vive President: lierklie Perico, Secretary-Treasurer: Tony Tipton, Student Council Representa- TOP ROW: Tom Bossi, Rex Marsh, jim Weston, jan Chapman, Bud Shoemaker, Kenney Gann, Robert Van Schuyver, jim Clin ron Vie bb er Lettermen's Club Sponsor '2 Carter, Bill Roberson. MIDDLE ROW: Phil Mitchell, lrvin Wahlenmaier, Dale Evans, Ronnie Houdek, jack Borror, Curtis Adams, Don Carter, Glenn Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Davis, Lloyd Trent, David Circle, Jim Estep, Don Shanks, Berklie Perico, Jay Woodard, Dick Watson. f TOP ROV: Raymond Xlayfield, Gordon Longahach, Warren Palmer, llennis Stover, Don Richardson. Nlll5lWI.lz RCW: llanny iiillock, Carl Whirford, lfddiu The Printers Guild is an honorary printing Club organized in 1950 for Printing students in the high school and junior college. 'l'o become a member one must have a two-year minimum average of 'li' in the subject of Printing. Its prime objective is to provide an additional .Pj KCT. . P I Q 1 Q iF .1 fn 'fgv Keele, liuddy Kendrick, Mr. Buffo. l4U'l"lUN1 ROW: jerry Ziegler, Cvene Pickering, llarbara Head, Richard liuch, Young Snodgrass, Charles lrenary. dents and to further explore the possibilities of the printing industry. The Club originated and maintains a photography laboratory, awards four Printing letters annually, and sponsors the intramural basketball tournament and a blotte design Contest each year. wutlet for the energies of the more advanced stu- Warren Palmer Printers Guild Vice- President TOP TY PESETTERS A. F. liuffo Printers Guild Sponsor lJRlNTlfRS Cilfll.lJ Ol-'FICll'.RS WHO Alilf Plfi'l'l'lilfl3 AT Tllli IKU'l"l'0N1 Llil-"l', art- from lcfr to right: SliA'l'lil7: Warren Palmer, Vire Presidentg Charles Trenary, Treasurer: Dennis Stover, President: jerry Ziegler, Secretary. STANDING: lion Richardson, Athletic Dirertor: liud Kendrick, Sergeant at Arms. PlCfTURl'il3 AT Tlllf l.UVliR RICfll'l' is Raymond Mayfield at thc linorype. ,AI f I CH RACTER B ILDERS lll'Y Ul"l"lC,liRS ARE, left to right, FRONT ROW: Max Ciragert, Treasurer: Bill Rakestraw, President: flerry Ziegler, Vire President. BACK ROW: john Bass, Svcretaryg Dale lfvans, Student Council. The Hi-Y is the Christian organization for the boys of the high school. It is sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association. The purpose of the organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and Community high standards of Christian character. This year the organization had 35 members. H At the upper right is Bill Rakestraw, Hi-Y Pre- sident. At the bottom right is Hoyt PiPer,Sponsor. FRONT ROV, left to right: Bob Schif- ferdecker, john Blass: jerry Ziegler, Bill Rakestraw, Dale Evans, Max Gragert, Delbert Humphries. MIDDLE ROW: Ronald Carr, Donald Russell, Bill Keck, Robert Whistler. Mr. Piper, Bill Kuhns, Boh Langdale, Bill bod frey, jerry Dickson. BACK ROW: Don Hughes, Irvin Wahlenmaier, Leroy Nic- Dowell, Gary Tobias, Wayne Blttle Albert Hatcher, jerry Gabbert. :W n Q I KANSAS CITy Beverly Boswell Y Teen President CHRISTIAN FOLLOWERt LN f The Y-Teen Cabinet meets every Wednesday noon before the Thursday meeting of Y-Teens. Members of the Cabinet are left to right: FRONT ROW: Nancy Miss Helen Lyons Y-Teen Sponsor Wentworth, Nathana Winton, Beverly Boswell, Melba Reeves. MIDDLE ROW: jackie North, Gail White, Bena Brewer, Peggy Lawson. BACK ROW:, Mary Borror, Kay Winegamer, Shirley Thompson, Sharon Head. Seniors left to right, FRONT ROW: Nancy Wentworth, Beverly Boswell,Caryl Staley, Charlotte Foust, janet Holden, janice Waggoner, Betty Lamb, Sandra Trout. SECOND ROW: Barbara Boswell, joanna Samford, Paula Craig, Shirley Flick, Sue Huffman, Kitten Louderback, Mary McKee, Pat Barker, Sondra Chalfant, Sara Lord. THIRD ROW: Virginia Butcher, Bena Brewer, Diane Guyot, jorene Hockenbury, Louise Overfelt, Marilyn Plush, Elaine Hockenbury, Marlene Young, Shirley Thompson, Darla Baumgardner, Louise Brock, Ann Williams, Peggy Lawson. BACK ROW: jackie North, Maxine Hentzen, Gail White, Daphne Dillard, Barbara Reinking, Karleen Mason, Bea Owens, Mitzi Lechner, Marilyn Hantla, Anna Bishop, Rhodema Hollowell, Charlotte Hanson, jean Lacquement. 77" 1'-. .4 rx X NNW tiki , left to right: Myrtle liilyeu, Larnl Tipton, Meyer, liurchie Haber, Phyllis Rhodes, Yelma Hoover. HOW lzinicf' Hendrick, Hr-try Witt, fc-rline Kurtis, Qharon Walker, 'IHI-ll-,l,, left to right Violet .-Xnilerson, llornthy Mast, Mary l.-we, lleienn slitimitt-, Nliirley lmrnes, si-lviii Exits. I,i:iz-3 miles, iiinell Klee, hosetta Xnireus, Xue lappan, HOW Illft, it-ft to right: jimriitn l..1rwilz-, Nt1Y!il!'tlVNllSUI1, l'!'l'll1.l jnr-lain, lmrtiarii Hagan, lwvtena Shool-:, llarlene Merry Noutlen, Nisir- Wright, 'Xnn Hinds, hail ltt, Wilma lwiinltree, lhnna lirahn-n. Shown at the left are a few members of the Y-Teen Music Committee. Other committees are: Program Committee, Social Committee, Service Committee, Publicity Committee, Membership Committee, and Finance Committee. ROW ONl'., left to right: lharline Thomas, Gloria Lioodson, Barbara Williams, Yvonne Medford. ROW' THREE, left to lilaine Kiuilinger, I arolee Carl, Kay Wincgarner, Donna tight: Lucy Edwards, Neva jean Watkins, Virginia Kittrell, Pratt, Bessie Czyaplinski, judy Bachelor. ROW TWO, left jackie Menefee, joan Reed, Beverly johnson, Frances to right: Itlorence McMullin, Gnylene White, Mary Kahler, Manson, Nancy Poore, Melba Reeves. Delores Hurt, Ruby McNurt, Lleota Martin, Virginia Haskins, vff 3 us I U- Hl"I'IUN1 ROV. lan finer, Marv kimmltelltwn, Xl.xrth.i lnill- womi, liehecca jew:-ll, .inn ll-ltnnm, Paula Love. TOP man, Kay l.innenlohl, Mary lilrws, -lrmnn Moffitt, -lanice RUN! Mary -Iarvis, Nydrwy Nmith, Carolyn ,lfYhnQnn, :Xuilrv Neal, Mary Lox, llarbara l,emert. MlI7lDl,l: HOW: Opal V001 llfanna Ueskins, ,leanette Conroy, Mona Lhadvs-ell, Williams, Vlessie lfnrtson, Nuznnn Yminh, Cora lea latex Sandra Vnminrtl, Marcia Loilge, lietsy Woods, Barbara Marv llniles, Mautlie llarclay, Violet.. Waldorf, ,lane-t Sher- Pickering, ,lnann Wilson. Z?-17:4 NX l"RON'I' ROW, left to right, Mildred Pool, Rita Martin, Dar- lene Ping'y, Ruene Lrampton, Bea Lhisholm, Larol Howarth, june Griffith, Kay Linville, -lean Roberts. MIDDLE ROV, left to right: ltleanor Reynolds, Karen Mclntire,Sandra Brown, Margaret Larlson, Viola Conner, 'lwila Majors, Betty 1 I lfr . ji hotter, lilizabeth Stilley, Mary Smith, Margaret Olvera, Patricia Loomis, Annette lzastman. BACK ROV., left to right: Nancy llnwler, Betty llutler, Nancy Hatfield, Dorothy Hatcher, Mary liorror, -loyce l'ultz, Iona Kinclfry, Virginia llimes, Rose liickerman, Donna Mcllowell, listher White if IJAI'liN!' IJII I.."KRI5 Nmtt- Vonvnuissionc-r of Insurance Law, cr CQAII, WHH In C ity Nmyor 'FIM SHIQRISON Clerk of Ilisrricr Cnurr CHARLES SHPPHARD Scare Dairy Commission 3 GIRL' A D BOYS STATERN TWC D ICANN STATE UFFH IES Nrufients picture-ri nn this page vw-nl wCr1rl"-. or I40y's Mare. 5- DIC IN XX -XYNCTN NIIRI xK1IUi ji-.RRY ZIIpGI.f-QR Stare Printer in X. IUIANI- CJ YCYI imre Nenator lnavuy er PHX! LCWGAN C ity Treasurer Chnrf of I 0 e Cxts Pcwtmaxter Lawyer County Deputy Nherxff wi-:aim ,A f1 ,xx Q, ,,,.Q . s' + ,ef C., in JOHN LANG Liry Engineer CRAIL I-ach xear the semor class of AC Hb presents a plav vuth Characters chosen from thxs class The money ra1sed from th1s proyect IS used for the pubhcauon of the school annual This vears plav The C,-lass Nienagerne had only four characters if THE GLASS ME AGERIE Ihe Mother P -XI I A LRAIC Her So! JUI NIOORI Her Daughter SONDRA LHAI PANT The ientleman C a1Ier JPRRX XII CJLPR Jnector MRS N I'I.LA C ANDI- RSON Busmess Advxsor MISS MARY MARGARPT WILLIAMS IIUSIHCSS Manager ANINA BISHOP Advertxsmg 'Manager SHIRLLX I'LILIx MOORI KIPGI PR 'X A-7 l llc NL llmlus "Nlan.1nd In xllfllllll' Daw' l7unul1'ipf'rarLzal9e llulz Ulanc Cuywl l"x'dr'm'ia ........ I 11 lianxeter A nastasio ....... lhck Watson Lorenzo ....... . jay Woodard Mrs. flmold llatfis frlddwj C lmrlt ne Ntrah Mrs. lfranklxn Van Knight fArc'btPI C lm xrlotte Sttah rllynp Ylvt.-vns . . . . Rosario Diaz . . joan Millvr . . Pat Whilnvv . . . Carlos lflonfs .... Lujm lhaz Dv Flores juanilo Flores . . . Pablilo Flows . . . . Gladys Gladstone . . A Young .Han .... Tlw Children . . . The Musicians . . Uanrrtrs . . . . . . . PNT ROV, left to right lax l Lmer Nlarsma l emer I cslle I ernt t IYTIITIX a trip, john Dale jarvis ONIJ OV c t to ng t sea Rttlmrd xnt mart, Diane Guyot, Rena Brewer l xrry Arnett N let to X15 Jon n1brln5,l:1yVLoodard,l xula f rant Non lraf uxlf ant Nusle nfl 'mt Unk Nlatbo xr: Hamster, Charlotte Strah Ii M lx RUN! L t to ng Marx Jn Hantla err 3 trip, Clifford Breedon 'Nomm Heffner cllblfl Hatcher Albert Hatcher Del bert Hatcher, Charlene Strah LDITH JOYCE DAVIS LIVELY LASS E ' k1.A.A., Kansas Girls Athletic Association is an organization which was formed to build character as well as to develop skill in sports and anyone who is enrolled in a physical educa- tion class is welcome to join. At the end of the year, letter awards are given to the girls who have earned the required number of points. tien- eral requirements to be fulfilled for each award are based upon scholarship, sportsmanship, games, posture, health and hygiene. C9.A.A. ClFl"lC.l-,RS are left to right: IJRUNI' RUNS: M.xry Jeanne McKee, President: Barbara Williams, Student Council ,fy Representative. BACK ROW: Jackie North, Secretary: Peggy I ' ' i J " . 'dent Wx ,ff VW Ex K.: G. A.A. Sponsor Lawson, Ark Light Reporter. Ann llines, Y u'ePreS1 nl... I iN 3, ' LGWIB Q W ff" , 'K r O 'AARY Ji-QANNI-QMCKI-1 G.A.A. President S. Gloria Adams, Mildred Pool, Duana Humbolt, Kay Linnenkohl, Betty Atkins, Sharen Artherton, Sondra Brown, Betty Butler, Bea Chisholm, Martha Lall- man, Betsy Woods, Marsha Lodge, Mary Jo Good- fellow, Carol llowerth, Mary Lou Horror, Jessie Fort' son, Beverly Jordon, Beverly Toms, Carolyn Johnson, Norma Simons, Karen Mclntire, Virginia Waterson, Mary Ann Jarvis, Donna Grahmn, Mary McKee, Ann llines, Daphne Dillard, Peggy Lawson, Nancy We-nt- worth, Jacqueline North, Barbara Williams, Merry Sowden, Charlene Strah, Charlotte Strah, Suzie Wright, Lelia Geist, Kena Dempsey, Shirley Reid, Sylvia Bays, Mary Love, Sharon Head, Melba Reeves, Beverly Johnson, and Kay Winegamer. However, the distance between the camera and the object in the picture below, prevents the identification of its mem- bers. X 2 Q i :sv NSF A 5 I fag?-f ' 0 I 1 fxfhf Az: I s Q1 Q N x , N MH X 11' S Richard Rineheart, jim llill, jerry W2ll!riP, llena l.ibby Giles givesadramatic reading. Brewer, and Marilyn llantla made up the cast for the one-act play entitled 'Wonder llat'. OR TURS The forensic squad for 1954 consisted of twelve high school students coached by Mrs. Yella Cf. Anderson. The picture at the right shows Susie Wright and Charlotte Strah. Susie gives a dramatic reading and Charlotte gives an informative speech. Vlzl.LA C. ANDl1RSUN 'c fn L 5-1 A Y l I n 'F 1 4' V., TO Tllli RIGHT ARE: Phyllis MeKenney - standard oration and Charlene Strah - humorous reading. BELOW, left to right are: Barbara Pickering - dramatic reading. Margaret Scholl - humorous readizg. Elizabeth Banister - humorous reading. in B- 0 SPORTS A. C. High has ever glorieil in the Purple and the Goldg And her banners ever waver in the sky her colors bold, . For we win all kinds of victories in football and debate, ln basketball no better can be found in all the state. Spring Sports -1.. W1 X X - f an N " W J: -5 r wk! w It fr - N ,A N l X, 7 ,xii fi Ne J' , 545 " i' jx J - xX :H X A Q fi 'i 3 f 9 fe -s Q' m '4 W' . 2 fe-f E' 'A' :I . l u 1 X lr fL..,,k TATE CHAMPS, A thirty year dream come true is the description given the 1953 Bulldog football team. Ark Valley and State Football Championships were only a wistful vision seen by students in ACHS. Fifty-nine players, three coaches, and an enthu- siastic home school converted this vision into an unforget- table reality in 1955. lt was a rainy night, September 18, when the Bulldog squad traveled to Coffeyville for the first game of the season. A 7-0 victory for t.he canines was rhe outcome of that gridiron battle. On Friday, November 15, certainly not an unlucky day, the Bulldogs cinched the State and Ark Valley titles by downing Hutchinson 34-0. The AC team not only displayed a commendable winning record but also a winning spirit and sense of sportsmanship. ACHS, indeed proud pf the Bulldogs, sponsored an all-day celebra- tion, which featured an assembly and all-school party, follow- ing the Hutchinson game in honor of the team and their coaches. "tif ' w ,.. . f L. Q 4 of . -A ',, XIAHLENMAIER ' ,gig HODGES W I . WOODARD v ' .., - ' ' R ,ig . , l ' if gh T 252 ' 1- A Kirks., VM ,-.:'. 5. .' , - 3191, 'fs-fx f'i'H,5::3., es. . M , ,l . -, if u f TIP TON TIP TON SMITH SHO EMAK ER VAN SLUYVER A, 'g V9 5, ,-4.1,-'. . . 'Q , 4.4rwf'h-1 e. .JM -'l 2 4,4 M ,M I-:'n,yr9 'J J. HORROR P ERICO " oocms KENNEY BAKER HAMM ik WATSON ALLEY T00 Several ACQH5 foorhull players were either naniecl on Herklil' lerico, 'Ian Chapman, Dick Watson, and Phill All Valley, All Scare or All Aniericnn teams, or given Mitchell. lierklie Perico received honorable mention on honorable mention. Those recognized as All Valley are :he Prep School All-American Team. lic-rklie Pc-rico, jan Chapman, Dick Watson, Phil Mitch- These ratings are given annually by various news- ell, jim Kenney, Curtis Arianna, 'Iom Davis, and jim paper polls within the state. lxstep. lihose receiving recognition as All State are ' I 1 -fzffry 'ver 5- ' pi?-""'f'3ilv'1f " , , ,I , 5 v .- '-vihfllf . f-' 'rl' 0 " is -'YY lr!! 4 fi, 1 ',. rf' fl ' if V 1 'fa ' vi' Q-'35 'Q ' 1 'V Hill X ,qw- A I A P, 251, . J f . x GY-1-1 'K . LJ ami? r aim A X .A 9. ,. 3,-. 1 ,,.'W8,,"1' ' V-7 f I4 ' . . ,N gg ' , . r- 9.1 . u-Q' 4 oe' BOSSI ROR IAQRSON TOXKI. HS i.: LOUTHAN STARK MITCI1 ELL ADAMS TRENT ESTHP PATTERSON GMJN WEBBER DFRHIN ""!' CHAPMAN DAVIS SHANKS MEIERS ,IAN CHAPMAN was one of the finest bull handling quarter- backs and passers the State has ever had. ,llli Kl'fNNl'iY, despite H tremendous string of injuries, battled his way to the position ofa top fullback. lll'li'l'lS ADANIS 'lf Ark City can put Admins on the field, they'll have a team", was the comment made by 'think lid- wards, Wichita North lligh roach, about the terrifir running halfback. DICK WATSON, canine center, combined with lfhapman for six complete games without a fumbled hand off. JAY WOODARD, one of the toughest defensive tackles, suffered early injuries that possibly cost him Yalley ratings. Bl'iHKl,ll'l l"l'flillfU, an end, received honorable mention on the Prep School All-American team. lle was noted for his state's leading pnnting average and sterling all round play. BIIAI, ItItlll'1llSON, a senior guard, was extremely valuable for he was also able to play tackle. lll'll Sll0l'lN1AKlCli is a 6'5", 201 pound junior tackle. After the Wichita lfast game Bud was selected 'l.ineman of the Week' bt' '-he KANSAS CITY STAR. CONNY GARDNI-QR, a sophomore, served as team manager. Due to a head injury, he lost a year of play, but much is expected of him in the next two years. GLENN SMITH, 'Hammy', was a great junior quarterback and should prove invaluable to the team next year. ROGER Rl-QARNI-I, shifting from quarterback position, played guard this year. A junior, Roger will have an opportunity to see a lot of play next year. BILL GUCHIS, a junior fullback, displayed his ability well in 'B' games and defensive assignments in 'A' games. JERRY WALTRIP, a senior, proved to be a strong reserve player. Bll,l. N1l'illIliS, a junior quarterback, was an exceptionally calm passer and could he a good spot player next year. PHIL 't1ITCHEI,I, was a key man on both offense and de- fense. This senior guard was especially valuable as he could also play the tackle spot. DON BAKER was a junior halfback with a driving high knee running action. JACK TIPTON, a junior center, although small is a born linebacker with a sense of where to be at the right time. TOMMY DAVIS, W. T. D. of ACHS, was a senior end and the fastest high school boy in the State. He showed three year's action as a first string end. TOM STARK, a sophomore halfback, teamed with lrvin Wahlenmaier as the finest double safety combination. The two players made more yards off the opposing teams than the opponents did. RUSSELL TOWLI-QS, another sophomore halfback, displayed signs of future talent with an 86 yardjpunt return against Winfield. IHVIN WAHLENMAIER, a senior guard and defensive half- back, took his place as one of AC's hardest tacklers. His tackling played a major part in the victory over liast. l.AllllY NlUlllllS, ri Sophomore guard from l'il Dorado, will he ti tough line prospect in fixture Years, MANY l'lllilAS, a fast sophomore guard, makes the most of opponent's errors. This fart was proved in several 'li' ganies, fiilli' llUWl,l-,li, a senior reserve guard, added much tothe squad's balance and power. jl-ililti' ANS'l'lNl'. served his second year as one of the unsung student managers. llis juli plays a major part in a tr-am's success. ,HN1 l-IS'I'lil', the team workhorse, probably played more niinutes than any other member. lle was always best in good hard football. DUN SIIANKS was one of those boys possessing exceptional talents. Don was always in the path of opposing ball carriers, despite a painful shoulder injury. DON CARTER was a junior halfbaek with lots of speed. fle might be next year's kick-off man. ALAN Al'STlN, a junior end with little experience, greatly improved his game later in the season. GORDON LUNGABACH was another senior reserve end who was bucking for one of the strongest positions. KEN N1cNl'TT, a sophomore end, with his size and team Spirit should make a valuable man in future years. HOHIN Kl'NKI.I-I, one of the good retuming junior backs, was a fine squad player. 'NlAllVlN N1ciIOItGAllY, a junior reserve end, was another great team man who displayed signs of future talent. TOM BOSSI was one of the finest small players in the line. He was a seniorlguard who displayed great speed in leading wide plays. TONY Tll"l'UN teamed up with Davis and Perico to give a combination of the three best ends in the Valley. A 175 pound senior, he provided the high point of the Hutchinson game by his defensive play. KENNY GANN was possibly the fourth best end in the Valley. A 180 pound, 6'4', sophomore, he shows signs of being a leading end. JACK HORROR was a senior who substituted in outstanding fashion at guard and tackle position. llis game at Winfield was an example of the depth in team spirit that brought about an undefeated season. l,l,OYD HANNAHAN was a junior end whose practice spirit and late season defensive work will enable him to replace departing linemen. llOBl'iRT VAN SClll,'YVlfl'l,a guard, showed drive and the desire to be a great player in his first year of football. JOHN SANDERS, a junior guard, has proven himself to he a rough defensive lineman in all phases of play. TERRY STEWART, a 180 pound guard who proved hard to move in scrimmages, should be a strong regular in '54, HILL GODI-'Rl-IY, a sophomore student manager, whose hard work was valuable to the squad, can't be over estimated. JOHN HODGI-15, a senior reserve tackle, lacked only years of'experience to break the regular lineup. 3' v I V- N' X-1. Q k I, 'U-' ff, i 'V' -. , I 1 jan Chapman, quarterback, Clint Webber is head football Tom Davis, end, was also was elected team co-captain. coach. He is assisted by Brice elected team co-captain. He is jan is a three year letterman. Durbin and Louis Patterson. a three year letterman. GEORGE l.0lf'l"l'lAN, a junior tackle, was one of the fgggegg bil! men in the league- Should be outstanding as a senior. TOM IIATHCOAT should be a strong right halfback in future games. lle shows fine left handed passes and defensive play. GIQRALD BARKER, H sophomore guard and halfback, has the speed and drive to become a valuable player. 1'lf'fRRlL ATKINS, a hard fighting sophomore guard, will be striving for a starting position next year. IACK HOCKPINBURY was a sophomore halfhack who has fine possibilities in offensive play. N1l'1l,VlN MILLER WHS H 200 pound sophomore whose playing should prove valuable to future teams. LLOYD TRFINT, a senior fullback and three year letterman, ranks as one of ACHS's finest defensive ball players. I-ID CLARK, 3 s0Dhomore fullback, should prove valuable in backfield play in future years.. JOE CLARK, H Sophomore guard, needs only experience to be a strong linebacker. CHAR LES SIMMONS, a junior whose team spirit was of RONNIE SWICELEY, a junior team spirit this year. value. center, was another reserve reserve, added much to the 9-18 Arkansas City 7 Coffeyville 9-.25 Arkansas City 20 Wichita North 10- 3 Arkansas City 21 Winfield 10- 9 Arkansas City 13 Wichita West 10-16 Arkansas City 13 Wellirlgwn 10-23 Arkansas City 6 ElDorad0 10-30 Arkansas City 52 Wichita East 11- 4 Arkansas City 53 Newton 11-13 Arkansas City 34 Hutchinson The team practices at Curry Field each evening. Gail White was crowned, 1953 football queen at half-time ceremonies of the Arkansas City- Newton game, November 4th. Her attendants were Mary Jeanne McKee and Diane Guyot. Each candidate was seated in a convertible driven by her escort. Gail was escorted by Ron- nie Houdek, Mary Jeanne by Mike Smith, and Diane by Marion Deal. At half-time the band led by Ann Hines and the drill team led by Shirley Flick marched onto the field. The candidates were driven to the 50 yard line and then escorted to the center of the field where the crowning took place. Co- captains for the game, Bill Roberson and Don Shanks were given, by Conny Gardner, the envelope containing the queen's identity. Paula Craig, vice president of the Pep Club, presented Shanks with the crown, and he in tum placed it on Gail's head, giving her the traditional kiss. Gail was presented a gold football by Marilyn Hantla, president of the Pep Club. Roberson then took a bouquet of gold mums from Karleen Mason and presented them to the queen along with a traditional kiss. Following the crowning the band played "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", in honor of the queeng this ended the ceremony. The team is supported by the students, faculty and town. The team usually receives a huge farewell to out of town games. -If - s. pl". Ig. v-X by v v4 17.5 GAIL WHITE Footblll Queen MARY JEARNKJMCKEE DIANE GUYOT A ttendant Attendant 1. -76-f f , N SQ 5 'W Q X .-.,,.-Q MARY JEANNE MCKEE Basketball Queen Attendant DIANE GUYOT Basketball Queen 1 ' lm A ef 1 x Q KITTEN LOUDERBACK Basketball Queen Attendant RCU After a season of thirty-two wins and twelve losses, the ACIIS Basket- ball Team won third place in the Ark Valley League. This record is the highest set in ACQIIS since 1936. The team also broke both the school and the valley scoring record, when the team made 83 points in one game at the regional tournament in Winfield. The 'An team set the best record of wins and losses since I9-if. The local cagers were beaten twice in a season, by only one team - Wichita North, the State Champs. The Bulldogs won the invitational tournament in Arkansas City, and received third place in the Winfield regionals. TOM DAVIS DAVID CIRCLE NDBALL REBOU DEH IAN CIIAPNIAN RONNII2 IIUIIDIQK JIM KENNY ALL ARK VALLEY W L W I. North 25-2 I5-I Newton I9-5 I2-4 Ark City 14-8 IO-6 East I2-IO 9-7 Eldorado IO- I 2 7 -9 Hutch 8-Il 8-8 Winfield 8-I4 4-I2 West 7-15 3-I3 Wellington 6-15 4-12 -78-. RECTIPY RU TY RECORD . li Rll-.R ,l. HOPKINS IA GRAN' .tx Q 2 an Chapman was select- ed the Nlost Inspirational Player. Two Milli basketball players have been recognized on All-Valley teams. liach season sports writers and sports Commentators within the Ark Valley select a first, second, and third All-Valley team. l'l'iis year 'Yom Davis was named on the second team, by both the Wichita liagle reporter and the KFBI reporter. Bud Shoemaker was named on the third team by the KFBI reporter. BUD SHOEMAKER DAVID MILLS REX MARSH ....... S kl S mor h l st e n 1-1s1 tortl 11 P s1 00 was 1 1-1 tors N P11 under n l 4 R1 s tllltl 11 111 11111- p,tll'1lP C K ' 'N s1n111r so-Ca en quarterbark ftht tr-am s the est enstve 1 aver 111' 1 11 s 1 ss a w as nel 111 e 1111o11e11s 1 s1 1r n ' 1 11 1e mt n rt eptlu LH 'N RN rea s er so 1 if I ln r f' It 'N lu I dnl? K l Wdh 1 s are 1f the teams rebounds lon s n111r e 1 t e p1s1tt11111f1tu1.1.r1 scnmr w s 11 ways a mr wor 11- 1111 1 s ooter V ' s exteptxonal 1 aug 11 e b1und for hls s1ze Nxvll lllll l'lx td wo n111r wa-.the ey 1 11 x1 a -11r1tw 1 never -wav 111 s 1r1 P NlAllNll was one uf the hardest worktng players 11 he squad htandlng 6 llex showed much 1111pr11xe111enl durtng hu three VPHIS 1111 the lc-are rw l semor was ca et the hard:-1t1lr1ver1n the -krk Talley bv h1S opponents and was the most Consls tant storer e also 0 St e st oo retort or mo'-lt ee throws made 111 one game ID possesset te quttkest han s on te s uatt av11 a ll senxor was also the most 1mpr11ve1 shooter N -KIVUN a jumor stantxng 6' teamed very we w1th Russell lgowles on a press and pos-aes-1e1i a remarkably good change of pate lNl kl"NNY a good rebounder has an unusual amount of abxlxty 1m Jumor shou l prove even more valuable to the llulldogs next year lll Ylll l 5 a 6 "'jun1or proved to be the best fa er on the squad lle dnd a very capable 1011 of h11l1l1ng 1own e post for the ll squad IN1 IAHTP ll the best free thrower on the squad made- 1011 stralght free throws on Nlareh 10 durxng prattxne A Juntor thxs year ,ltm stands 6 l' lle should prove valuable to the 54 55 squad Ill ll SHUI' Nlrikrll the most xmproved player on the squad llefl the school record for the most fteld goals made 1n a HFMBFRS OF THF ACHS BASKFTBAI L Tl' AM ARI- ll' FT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW UYIIS Adam Rex Marsh Ronn1e Houdek, Itm Carter Glenn Smuh, md Russell Towles. QFCOWD ROW lj2Vld Llrclc, lan Chapman, Don Shanks Tom Davts Iierklxe Penco gamd 1 11 tmutshr st Iefenst 1st 1111 1 s it yt 1111r as 11 1-rv a1able 1 n 1-1 11rwar dllt ten e It hard v1 11pr1 11 1 11- 1 w e atc-r1al 1r 111 xt vear s tea s 1 ts on s11a1 mssts-aes rea 1fs1re Ntam mg 6 rv g 1 outstde 1-111111 NNT ' -4 p 111 1r1 1 1 ll ayer 1 wu use 1s 11111 fn s f :mu 9 next year Nl su111111111r1 -1 1- po-ssesses une of the s11ftest111111p shots 111 th11-1 area a 0' 111n111r was 11 very 11m-a11ent1oua art wnrkxng guard 1 was also 111 gow team man lx 9' sophomore 1 a11 exrel ent -xhootr-r 1 s 1 l.111ty t1 rt a assr-t t fulu teams l 11 1 1 or e 1 a 1 one of the better prospects for next yrar 't rv -1 phomore tary has a lot of learn sp1r1t 1111 dm 111 n at guard po'-11t1un and aways gave h1s opponents plenty 0 ompetltlon 6 juntor plnyet ver post 111n on e team s a very g 01 ts ootsr an 11l fme w1 for the ll team l Altllll lll Tflllklh one of the most natural shooter!-1 e team s unusual amount 1 a 1rs year player larryl a 6 jumor 1s an extepttonally potsed and smooth player llllll A 'VS a 6 l sophmnore proved to he u from rebnunder wxth a lot of sprtng lle I9 a good prospeft for next year ll D krxllllllf lt. Junxor was the teams 1h1ef stat1st1r1an who was alway husy keeptng re nrdrl nn eath pla er IW KRD llll DUN jumor was one of the most ffxrxent equ1pment managers w1t.h whom foarh Durbm has ever worked lle was always a hard worker and kept the squad th :lean equ1pme and Howard lilendon THIRD ROV Iilll Hopkms 1 kenny, kenny tmnn, Bud bhoc-maker, Ruhard Graves, and ll8Vld M1 s BACK ROW ack Hockenbury Merle Atkms, 14111 Myers, Gary l58Vl9, and B111 hochts larryl llutcht L... lll ll' .lb Vhllltlll, o'l ' :e , o dx h 1 1l1v1d11al 1 .."st '. llu l, 111 f1'5' 1111 11r, w11s1111f-11ltl11- 1 ' 1 .' ve rer f r th 6 h l, and ' . th - 1111: ' 1'i.t t re- p 1 1111-11 111 the Ark X 'levy and -ah1111l1l he l11r1! to .top ho 11 ht' stu l, huldtng the 1'1'h1111l rr'l1 d r1-1 rd Y m. 111r. lf ' . llllfllflllll t1ll'XNl'.5, a 41"l' 1111 , w1. v 1 1 re- JAN fll l XIX ', 3 1 : ll ' ' ' ' 11 1 , l1111 der nd played eqtnallv well at f ' fl ' l ' t r. wap b . def . gl f th - llulld g. , :1n1' 'as lt ' de 'l - l int a valt all pl IVF! h11 w1ll h l nys a':1g 1 to st 1 th 11 ts h1gl1-st .' -1 er. 11 f1 - '. 111. ja , V111 , t11'd th' srhool reurl for tl 1St 1 tr' ' ns l4Il.I lllll'lXlNi, one ofthe he-it s1ph1111111re pruspr-1 . the in .1 '111e. fli l, 1 H , . a 'l l- . . l 'l' llill is a lltt' SUNY ',', a 'l hustl , al: t1r'd the s1h1111l ret 1rd ve. 1.11l .' ,l ter. ft th - most te 1' pt 1n: l rmg 1 g' , 1111 l tl ' 's got lll ,ll 'IUWI l",5, a To 11 h11 1 ', 1s 11 v -ry 111 'k h s .h 1 3 J. l , a t1'l' we , h ll pl ' 1111 l sh1 ld ra r h . 111 n ' t. a lot 11 bl h 1. 1 ' l. - . ,llX1 I-1S'l'l-.l', it . ' , ki: l l ' d k ' d A 14 1111l XFN ' ' UANN, 11 t1'fl" I tl ', wa. h l1l bark 'luv to h . Qnlf I V10 , he wa ' l' K h ll I' - 1llness but developed rapidlyt11war1lth1-en1l11fthe year. Ile 1 S . .. ,. . . . . ' . lltl. ' llll ,11l'r1i 'rkmg 5'l l' se ' , 1 .1 -k ILIJCNN SN1l'l'll, 5' ' ' . 1' ' h l t1 llulld g .'111'd .11 1Lh1 ' ' -. -l'-' -p t. ' 1 . Il- . . l . ll 'X 1' , J . ' ' 1: 11 t -I -UI llHtQKl",Nlll'llY, a 5' . s l. Q . .R ' ', ' ' ' ' ' set. anl ha. th- a 'l 1 he a - l .. n re l'lkbNl ll-Xkilh, 11 ' ' V- ' ' ll l -, 1 ' HART. lHVlS1li1la got l pl f th ll tean th1:-1 year, nl 1s .1 .11' 11111 11 Y11 1 '-1fL , ffl- as -. R. '. ' " . llIl.l. IQUCIHIS, a 5'l0' jumor, was a g d te' il the DRY Clltlill, . 'r l h ' d. h . ' ' l ' . S .' f 'q '. ll "l, 5' ' , ' . . ' l 1' ' . : . llll.l, Vl.l'fll'1llS, a '2' ' , l 1- y , t th CI'R'I'l.' . ,l. , ' ' ' l 5' , ' ' ll . Ile wa j 0 l se -.h - d d' rrk ' . ' A V .. ' , V. . . .', . on J ' ', , , ' . th , ha an of ab'l1ty for f' t ' ' . J' , a 6'2' ' , lf - . . , ' A ' , ' 1 ' - mv ' 1 'L ' , ' 1 11 11111 .1 1 'I'Kl. fy ' ' .- , 1 . ' ' ' l ' th ' ' . 1 J ' J T ' ' I ' I, . i' . , v ,p i B . , . . ' ' " . . ' . s ' . ' 11' ' y 1 . ' , ' ' . llf ' ,CN 1', ' ' , . 4 e ' ' , K 4 I ' . A 1 , . V ' . pnti L , I i . . . .N ll Q . 'I ' ' V , lvm , . -. ' ' : L I s, ' , 'A I " R ' ' X . , .- U 1 . 'll . . ' ' : lt , s L 4 ' A .Z . ' . . ns' A . A A Y V Y ' . ' Ae l l I f I I .f 7 1 5 . I, I 5 - . Y 1 Dec l Ark Dec 4 Ark Dec ll Ark Dec l-I Ark Dec ls Ark Dec. If Ark Il an. 2 Ark jan. H Ark Ilan. ll Ark jan. lf! Ark jan. 26 Ark Feb. Z Ark Feb. S Ark I-ieb ll Ark I- eb IU Ark Feb. Z3 Ark lfeb. 26 Ark N1ar. Z Ark N1 I-M H li RS IU RIGHT Houdek, ji Patterson, I Lity City City City City City City City City City City City City fiity City City Ciity City OF 'THE 'A' BASKETBALL TEAM ARL LlfI"T . FRONT ROW: David Circle, Rex Marsh, Ronnie m Carter, and Glenn Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Louis assistant coachg jim Hopkins, jan Chapman, Don HRlf,l1 DlJRlilN, head basketball coach, has completed his third year of coach- ing the ACHS Bulldogs. Bringing the ueam through the 53-54 season with a league rating of third place. Coach Durbin is respected by his opponents, liked by his coaching staff and honored by his team. CLINT WIZHBHR, assistant basketball coach, followed his success as a foot- ball coach equally well as H team basketball coach. He helped develop many players who should prove valuable to future teams in ACHS. IDVIN l'A'l'lTiRFUN, assistant basketball coach, handled the undefeated C team this year, and was exceptionally valuable to the Bulldogs' success. 'His value to me as assistant coach has been immeasurable,' says Coach Durbin. jAN IJMPMAN and HERKLIE PERICO, co-captains, were elected by the basketball squad as outstanding leaders of the year. Their leadership ability was demonstrated many times during the season, anc they are very deserving of this honor. Diane Guyot, vivacious senior, was crowned 1954 basket- I I I I 45, Paigohg . . . . . . SH ball queen immediately before the main game March 2, when . . . . 43 Independence 28 the Bulldogs played the Hutchinson Salt Hawks. Attendents I I I I 50 Wichita Noi-gh S2 to the queen were Kitten Louderback and Mary jeanne McKee. I I I I 4" Winfield. D ' V E I I H Coming to the center of the floor from the north end of the , I I I 'O Wichita WCSII I I I I KH auditorium-gymnasium were the candidates and their escorts. . . . . SR Wellington . . . . 48 Diane was escorted by Nlarion Deal, Kitten was escorted by . . . . 44 Newton . . . 42 Mike Smith, and Mary Jeanne was escorted by Tony Tipton. . . . . 41 lilDorado . . . . . 46 Approaching the scene of the Coronation from the south end I I I I 5,2 Wichita I-Qa5iI I I I 40 of the floor were Marilyn llantla, Bena Brewer, Tom Davis I I I I 53 Hugchihsoip 50 captain, sara Lord, and Paula Craig. After the two groups . . . . 43 Wichita North 57 had reached the center of the floor Bena handed Tom the , . . , 5U Winfield. . . . . . . 43 envelope containing the queen's identity. Tom then took the I I I I fill Wichita WCSII I I 5' crovm from Sara, placed it on Diane's head, and followed ,, I I oo Wellington . . N43 with the traditional kiss. Marilyn and Paula then came I I I I 'O Iflljoiado I I I I I 59 fo:ward and presented the queen wich a gold basketball and . . . . 56 Wichita East. . 7-4 bouquet of red roses, on behalf of the Pep Club. . , . . 52 Newton . . . . . . 64 The queen and her attendants proceeded to the stage where . . . . 56 Hutchinson. . , . 35 they remained seated on a purple and gold throne for the entire game. Shanks, Tom Davis, Berklie Perico, and Howard Blenden. BACK ROW: Clint Webber, assistant coach, jim Kenny, Kenny Gann, Bud Shoemaker, Richard Graves, David Mills, and Brice Durbin, coach. ! A S , 'F i --X N W"lf1 W LE Ri LQLEIEERS QZLI C twelve players coached by Rm, mon Judd. Pietured in the ralcquct ic right are the six top players, not lis in nrder of team standing, and Vlr lull l y They are David kircle, Ronnie llou e ff' -lim ilnrter, Hill Gochis, Davi Ni f, Q and Glenn Qniith. J' 41 If - 1- I Q' f ,, 1 I 1 Q ff . . f 1' X fl' n 'i '5 .. ,f QN 4 ' f Q' P .Q -41 I1 I l' 1535, , 1 X l iff ' Om. liz - f , 55. wx 31 I 1 I V X .L fi' "' 1- 'Q , R ,QV f s AO, " " L fl" f X 'G 5 - -.2 9 xii? ll' Q 1 I X Q if fd' f' at I c -'1 5 f' ,901 ggi," i Other members of the ACHS tennis squad include 'Y ,Q X the following players, left to right: FRONT ROW: Jerry Waltrip, David Coupe, Dan- ny Gillock, Roger llearne. BACK ROW: jim Hender- son, Don Lambring. Y' WOOD Ar D IRO IELDERS Five seniors and their coach, Dale Hanson, made up the ACHS golf team. The five seniors were Berklie Perico, jim Weston, Mel Mzhickteno, Dale Evans, and Rex Marsh. 1 'B 1 , H ERKLIE PE RICO 1 HM WESTON L 4-Sr MEL M21-ucKrENo l S. ln? I' in I N tr illlf DALE HANSON ,xr , .!'! Golf coacb sf Q l DALE EVANS REX MARSH l Returning leltermz-n are left to right! FRONT ROW: liuil Shoemaker, Richard Graves. BACK ROW: jim Kenny, jan Chapman, '1'um Davis. E l.OlIISPA'I"1'l:RSUN Assistant fmuh Nxt 5 1 ,, 'Z SUPERB SPRI TERS URlCllf DU RBIN Track Coach Sl1fNlBiiRS OF Tlllf TRACK TIiAN1Wi-IRE: SPINIQHIKS: Logan, Phil, lilarkshz-rv, Terry, Nlitchrll, Phil' Roberson Bill' Davis Tom' Chapman, jan, llodges, john: Woodard, jay, l'armley, 'l'om' 'av ' - ' Watson, Dick, Thnmlon, Roy, Bossi, Tom. jI'NIUll5: Slansbarger, llonjlcflorgcvry, Xlarvin, Adams, Curtis, Boswell, Darrell, Austin, Alan, Yan Schuyvvr, Robert, lj8lII1Fl', Ralph, Kenney, jim, Ansline, X , , jerry, Sweelry, llonnieg llurton, Xlax, Graves, lin-hzml, l.ouLhan, George, Nliller, jim, Kendrick ' B Cl' Hutchins I,arrylg Sanders, John, l,azelle, james, Shoemaker, Bud, llanahan, Lloyd, Pate U v 1 Bob, Tipton, jack, lllenrlon, Howard, Kunkle, Robin, llaker, Don. SUPll0NlURl',5: Barker, Gerald Harker, llaroldg llnthroat, Tom, llockenbury, jack, Johnson, Nlarvin, Clark, I-Id, Cudd, l.arryg Towles ' ' ' ' ' f ' - K G ll' S'ms l,arr Q Staley, Wayne Russell, Davis, Gary, Vlarlin, Bob, Hopkins, Hill, agen, era r, 1 , y Truxal, Charles, Purdue, jim, Uixon, jim, Ylorris, Phil, lm Slourgeon, Dong Uaut, Bill, llunler, llob Nlcfiutt, Kenneth, Wright, joe, Steckman, Charles, Williams, Leong Waltrip, Paul. i . W l G+ -9 Sl less' v I .,. X, . I , ' A ol ., i . . ' ' g w r' 9 R+ ' -' fi - , L, V I I 4 ' AN' K, 0 v ' 1 1 - . " O w E - 1 V 9 1 - -.. 4 Y . x Y Q 'I :X l 'll 5 I

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