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'mwwfz Pfumzntad 521411112 flazm he 64 Jim vi FAVORITIC ACTIVITY? Second hour gym class participates in many activities during the year, some are fun and some are work. Exercises can be both! SWING HER, WILSON? Freddie Wilson and Bonnie Hedges had a lot of fun dancing at the social after the Winfield Game. WINDYY When Jerry Fife starts talkin? in Speech, Mr. Resch doesn t know what to expect! V . STUIJYING? Max Brown and Stanley Gilbert, you are sup- posed to work in Study liall, but we will all agree with you that it is lots more fun to read magazines. '31 A . Q0 .ct 'Q 'Y' ... ug 1 ":' . .- 5 3, 1 v 9 - f -wal ' ' gg "r 'T i I n ' - I"C"'1 3 -a m . 2 " 'w r' , Q 4. 'J-.L ,... vu 1 1... 4 W I - :gg P 5 3 S 5 an 1 L. . V VM HVNGRY, Ll-1T'9 GO GET A CANDY BART During all the excitement of a basketball game it is easy to work up an agvpetite. The concession stand, which is run by the l cp Cfluh, prevents anyone from starving. WHY SO SOLEMN? Come now, Seniors, it can't be that badl Shane Moore, Roland Christensen, Ivan Johnson, and Marnen Robertson found that, with the new Literature books, it was necessary to work Second Semester. e -.ff he 5, L I r '.l:A eam,.," ' s .Nl 11' , JI RRY VIN! YARD Superintendent of Pubhc Qghools J cl A High School Prmclpal T RAISE :Miss ta Chamng nn the lnbrary are Dr Vxneyard, Nevva lg C oo acre ry Sartm Edith Joyce Davis, Flla Chusrenson L Vfil l A. F.. EUFFO ELLA CHRISTENSON Punting Librarian Sponsor Printers Guild Co-sponsor Y-Teen Production Ark Light Pied Typers EDITH DAVIS BRICE DURBIN Physical Education Sponsor of G. A. A. Social Science Basketball Coach Co-sponsor Sophomore Class ORVILLE GREGORY Physical Education Co-sponsor Sophomore Class DAL E H ANSON Commerce Golf Coach 13- 'din WINTON CROWN A. L. CURRY Social Science Social Science Sponsor Quill and Scroll Chairman Athletic Committ Sponsor Mirror Director of Athletics Sponsor Student Council Co-sponsor Senior Class BARNEY GETTO VERA GOODMAN Commerce Commerce Co-sponsor junior Class Co-sponsor junior Class Co-sponsor Y-Teen Finance Secretary LEROY HARMON English, Mathematics Sponsor Lettermans Club Co-sponsor junior Class Football Coach Track Coach R. c. Juno Social Science Co-sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor Usherettes Tennis Coach Cheer Leaders -Y! 1.5. ...lit-. v ERNESTINE HERRIN C. L. HINCHEE GAYE IDEN Physical Education Music Physical Science Sponsor Senior Class C0.SP0n50f Senior Class Operetra Co-sponsor Student Council DAN KAHLER VERA KOONTZ HELEN LYONS English Art Language Co-sponsor Sophomore Class Co-sponsor Senior Class juco Basketball Coach Sponsor Y-Teen HOYT PIPER Mathematics Sponsor Hi-Y WILLIS RATZLAFF Biology Co-sponsor Senior Class Co-sponsor Student Council Sponsor Biology Club l, .-. -. - i . DONALD RESCH Speech, English Play Director Forensics Coach AUGUST TROLLMAN Instrumental Music 0 Iv' 'Q d 'HU R. l3Ifl,I.lf ROBERTSON llomemaking Co-sponsor junior Class W. DICK TURNER Vocational Agriculture Ccrsponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor F. F. A. IQIJNA WHIQATLY English Sponsor junior Class Co-sponsor Y-Teen Attendance Secretary MARY MARGARET WILLIAMS English Sponsor Sophomore Class Co-sponsor Y-Teen Assembly Chairman rs its if Q H5 ang . " TY? i .i' 3, xi . - , 5' NHVVA SARTIN W. A. SNIQLLER joumalism Industrial Arts Ark Light Co-sponsor junior Class W. I3. WAl.Kl'iR Vocational Agriculture FAYI-j WALLACK Mathematics, Psychology Co-sponsor Sophomore Class Counselor Sponsor F.lf.A. Co-sponsor Y-Teen ROBERT WRIGHT' Social Science Co-sponsor junior Class Co-sponsor Student Council I T N 1 ZA T1 0 N s 5' Sl' Xll ll li-rrv lltwtikin. Six. liruix., lim Villi-r, l'ri-xiii-nr. 4l'X'YlllYtr lc-rrx Ilollemiwntk, Yiti' Vrtwitlviit, Nkxrioric linrrv-1-V, iotial A lmifmhm, X1.lYllVf1 KM-xrtm, l'irr.ir1ia' 4 lmir' '1i.ir1,i-,mixxirrig ST DE T LEADERS itutlcnr Council is the letxilership lwtw.lj.' ot the- Qchonl. .intl rlvcting .in .ixQc'rnlwly progmirm L'0HIIIlllIl'l'. Uthcr It is hvrc- lhtlf thc' itlkxxe of the larullv .intl the- cntirn- prop-tix iricliiilvl Sponsoring umm rfcrcnitiori, Qocials, wtulent holy .irc representcl. Thi- group ix corripowcti"lIllIlliI .ill st-lmol pnrticw, .intl rt-.lvcorutirig thr tluh- of one member from each C0fIf6fC'l'1CP .intl thc- various rooms. 'lihc pri-silent, -lim Nlillc-r, was elclftfml by the othcr School organizations. The Slutlc-nt Council uns stutlc-nt lworly. 'lihr' othvr officers we-rc 4-lc-ctc-rl hy the rcsponiihle for conducting Cc-rtilin .ill xCl100lt'll'L'tlOIlK1 fiouncil. TOP RUKIS llori Arnett, ll.irultl ipahr, lliant' liuvwt. Karl:-nv Union, Shir- lev Reid. l.1neii.xt0i, Runnin'lloutielc,l3a'.'itfX1illx, liontllilf nrkins, Nllllblilj' ROW' Rvortinn l..irnlwert, l.vlc' lfaton, Nut- -viluson, Katherine l.ou- .lcrh.u'lvc, Pc-glgx' Lawson, f .irolec f url, EJYT1 l .1rswn. lmrv f haw, Glenn Smith. BOl'l'OX1 RIN: ll.irx'c--.' llockenburv, Normn iteiner, Nkirianna ,loneg Niarilvn Weston, .lim Hill:-r, lerrv Hollembcak, lic-rrv llcmlkin, Xlariorie Rixmiey, Dwight Avlinu. ll rv av lkherettes are selected by careful consideration on the part of their sponsor Mr. Raymond judd. He selects them by their scholastic, trait and personal appearance ratings. lt is an honor to he an l'sherette. l'nder the guidance of their Head Vsherette, lerry llodlcin, they are at the service of the public at all plays, basket- ball games, the operetta, and main attractions such as the Wayne King show, Navy Hand, Spike jones, and the Coronation of Queen Alalah. ln the 52-53 season there are Zl beniors., 8 juniors: and 4 Sophotnores. 33 GIRLS IN GOLD HAVK ROV: l.eli.xl1eist, Heverlv john- Shirley Powers, Vlovcc- Clark, Phyllis son, lzliznlyeth lkitiistt-r, Louise flverfelt. Hoyle. V 1 w lll ROV: Nancy Wentworth. il oren e -1TH ROV: llorothy NlcFarl.mt1,N1ary Hark- lloclcf-nhuP,', Virginia Hutch:-r,Sue Wilson, er, Cferrv Helm, Arlene Gilmore. ERD RIN: fnrolyn f ummins, Pam Hutch' inson, lzrma Lee Nlanney. Virginia liuw-ser, Nhrilvn Hnntla. rt l'll ROW: Karleen Nlason, Margaret ihea, Norma 9teiner,llontt.i llintonfilavisnolte, ZNIJ ROV Nlarlene fireenhaw, Donna Yhirlev lllick. Qracy, 5 lill ROX1: Shirley lladicke-,Sally Kittrell, lil WW: 'Ierry Hodkin. Miss Terry Hodkin, Head Usheretle was chosen to be an Usherene all three years in High School. At the end of her sophomore year she was qnppointed Assistant Held Usherette. erry was nuzomnrically appointed Head Usherette during her Senior year by Mr. Judd. lr? 2 'i,'2'1-2 E ff-353' 1 . E D A imvgmv ' 1 'Y 39 5 vi 'gr A 95' , B . a .gfl5!1- K' u 1' if r YQ- H ,P -1 'N i I rv SN PPY DRILLS TOP ROW: Vera Stacy, Lavon White, Darlene Rountree, Mary NAcCorgary,Delbert Harris, Jon Siner, Wayne Wahlenmaiet, Beverly Johnson, Jannell Gee, Libby Giles, Beverly Haskins, Merry Sowden. MIDDLE ROW: Kenna Dempsey, Joyce Austin, Charlene Hays, The Pep Club is an organization whose purpose is to stimulate enthusiasm and add color to athletic events by half-time demonstrations. The marching or- ganization consisting or .105 girls, practiced every morning at 7:55. This group was also seen marching in the Arkalalah parade. Duties of the Pep Club included decorating goal posts, having charge of pep assemblies, assisting in the crowning of the Football and Basketball Queens, and presenting the queens with royal gifts. This group took an active part in redecorating the clubrooms. The Pep Club-also operates the concession stand, the prof- its of which have been used to benefit the student body. The officers were elected by the students of the organization, with the exception of Marlene Greenhaw, Majorette, and Janice Upson, Head Cheerleader, who were chosen by the sponsor, Mr. Judd. Marilyn Hough, Darlene Flrod, Anna Bishop, Lois Jacobs, Zelda Coburn, Virginia Haskins, Burchie Baber, Rowena Shook, Wilma Meyer. BOTTOM ROW: Donna Ghram, Myrtle Bilheu, Pat Ellis, Lelia Geist, Juanita Carwile, Liz Bannister, Mavis Bolte, Susie Wright Phyllis McKinney, Marlene Ashley. It L. 2 lr '--0 an 41 OFFICERS STANDING: Nonna Steiner, Stunt Chm.g Margie Ramsey, Sec.: Mavis Bolte, Finance Chm. SEATED: Margaret Shea, Vice Pres.Q Gerry Helm, President, Marilyn Weston, Student Council. Head Cheerleader lamce bpson d cxdes when the Pep I luh vells ani what vell rs ugzel mx peppv cheerleaders lead our cheers a everv game and pep assemblv Bottom Bonnxe Hadgcs and jamce Upson Head C heerleader Nhddle ane C ares and klrren l ouderlwack Top Charlene Srrah and f harlorre Sarah PEP CLUB LE DERS X,.x Marlene lzreenhav. the Pep Club Valorem' leads the Pep C lub dunng xrs drllls .xr football games 1 W , , H, if . , 'iff . , f C' A . A L C- . - Q "Y, .. ' f . .' : I . " . . : ' lv 1 ' . 3 .If Ai -S .. . - A-1 AZZ MAKERS Barbara Ann Hrnes a yunxor rn ACHS was elected plccolo vrolrn pnano, alto saxaphone and srngs Her asslstant was Arlene McKee Twtrlers Sondra Chalfant, Junior Carolee Carol sophomore Ann llrnes junior Besse Czaplrnskr sophomore and Margaret Nlurrah lunnor were out xn front of the band at all performances Qondra was selected head twirl er by Mt Trollman Mr August Trollman began to teach rn ACHS rn 1944 after havmg tau t music rn Sedan for seven years, and Trollman rs the mstrumental xnstruc tor for the grade schools, yunxor hxgh and junior college, be side s hr school He spends long hours wo Allxson Whxtxker Davrd Cxrcle Daphne Dxllard Fred Smlth Ann Hrnes mg with the band, orchestra, ensem and Ronnre Houdek were chosen to play wxth the United States Navy bles and teaching music lessons Band They were selected because they were secuon leaders and es peclallv interested ln music 1 S A - n W 'F 'P . . Band Majorette by the band. Ann also plays the flute, in Faifffifw fm' thief Yeafs- Mf- 'R 1 - fi if -fx- ,Q 6 111 Q a.' ' I- 1 ,,.. , fi'3i':l A 1 . - ' : . . Q ' ' ' 1 1 1 Q 1 Q : -3 X' ' . V3 X i!?g,--'A' . L - ' Q ... ' ,Y 11 91 1 +Q- - " " -- Q ' 1 K 7 'I - D I 0 4- V' L' 'Q 6 1 Q' '1' Q '-"1 1 : .T ,.' ' '- - g-4 n l ' ,X X- R 9 5 .Q -4 A ix lfsxx Q- fx A fx .X X X , Y . 5 I. B X, X xi S , A xxx K Qfn1iss:n,'a's5i-WAQ 5 x in A - . """"?Flf!d6iu4z ' x 1 9 s l gt ,Q , .' 1 1 Wg fl s Q E v 'X ' ' " N" x X Q km s W yn L... ...A Q vx ,Y X H Vx f r e 5 , . G + mffyg Q, ff if 9 , 1 4 f 4 , all uutBt!usuzuL1u.Qax,c:...l5 I A B , 1 1 f V 3 Q -'Z 1 1 . ry Y -' rf , , ,fl .uw V li C ,S if CHRISTIA BROTHERHOOD Y,,.4d SEATED: President, Dwight Ayling, Vice Pres- ident, john Carson. STANDING: Treasurer, Har- old Spahr, Student Council Rep., Sam Carson Ronald Sloan, Secretary, is missing. TOP ROW: Henry Kirk, Delbert Harris, Max Gragert, jerry Ziegler, jon Siner, Ronald Sloan, Harold Spaht, Bob Green, jim Miller, Jerry Barker. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Kemper, jim Paris, Fred Smith, Dale Evans, john Carson, Ira White, Max Brown, Don Russell, Gordon Lack, Mr. Piper. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Maltby, Tom Baird, Kermit Ferrell, Dwight Ayling, Charles Watson, Bill Rakestraw, jerry Fife, jerry Goforth. The Hi-Y is a branch ofthe Young Men's Christian Asso- ciation. This group tries to create, maintain, and extend through the school and community high standards of Christian character. This year the group had 32 members. To raise money to send for the rehabilitation of Y.M.C.A.organizations in other lands they sold bulldog sweatshirts, scarves, and car tags. Every other year they have a Hi-Y, Y-Teen carnival Programs for this year were picture shows, panel discussions, and talks from business men ofthe community. BUILDS A BETTER ni TOP ROR Uerrx is-Im w .Km I vw x r rf-II, Pin" H N131-V umm t HH I K1 QNX x 1 1 'Hclrv amce I pson Yo N1HWI'I,i I In I1 4 X x 1 nnu 1 X4 Nur lurk:-r Marlene C-reen wa TOP I-IU-4 Nhlf Lx cu M " ormx x 0 ou 1 Uianc- fill I,mx.iz-r.-.1 U II if wl 5 The Arkansas City High School Debate Squad coached by Mr. Donald Resch was an out of school activity. Meetings were held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4 till 5. Members ofthe team were Beverly Bos- well, joan Ford, Daphne Dillard, John Blass, Suzzane Wright, and Charlene Strah. Because of the fact that all of the members were out for their first year, the squad did not go on many trips. TOP ROV: Barbara Burk, janell Gee, Charlene Hays, Shirley H almarlt, Jackie Menefee, Barbara Pappan, jean Watkins, Darlene Rountree, Burchie Ann Haber, Nancy Poore, Florence McMullin. MIDDLTC ROV: Nathana Winton, Juanita Ciarwile, 'llary Love, Carol Tipton, Nlyrtle Bilyeu, Gloria Goodson, Von Owens, Gaylene White, Janice Hentrick. BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis McKinney, Kay Vinegarner, Norma Heff- ner, lflizabeth Banister, Virginia Motley, Susie Wright, Mary Sowden, Rosie Andrews, Barbara Williams. DEB TE Suzzane Wright, Charlene Strah, Beverly Boswell, joan Ford. Daphne Dillard, Mr. Resch, John Blass. Lookrng over Ad lrsts are Jack Hale B111 Sanders udy Drllard and Bob Green members of the Busrness Staff of the Ark Light The Edrtorxal staff of the Ark Lrght had the Job of reportxng the school news through the br monthly publrcatron of the Ark Lrght The frrst semester staff consrsted of Joyce Clark, editor Jerry Wag goner, feature edxtor Jrm Choate sports edrtor Lela Mclrvm, busmess manager, Margaret Shea, assrstant busrness manager, Celeste Dore crrculatron mana ger, Judy Dnllard, ad manager, Jack Hale assrstant ad manager, Arlene Grlmore Brll Sanders, Bob Green, ad salesmen Celeste Dore, Lela McIrv1n Margaret Shea and Arlene McKee were reporters besrdes hav mg other dutres Approxrmately a dozen students from the frrst semester begmnmg class jomed the advanced class second semester Whrle Jrm Choate Lela Mclrvxn, Arlene McKee and Mar- garet Shea are wnun stones for the Ark Lrghr, Jerry aggoner and Celeste ore check the copres PRUDUCERS Workmg on last mmute detaxls are Joyce Clark editor and Mrs Sarun, sponsor v :J 9 . , - v 9 1 , - v 1 ' 1 . . . . . , Q , , , a u, E . OF THE WS The productxon staff prmts the school paper every two weeks The staff con srsts of the brg four and therr assxst ants The four are Productron Manager Fred Wrlson Lmotype Foreman Ronald Corkms Press Foreman Warren Palmer Make Up Foreman Charles Trenary To qualrfy a member must have two years of prmtmg There are now 35 members Therr advvsorrs A F Buffo Corlrxns Charles Trenary STANDING Ralph Palmer TOP ROW Jerry 71egler B111 Bishop Warren Palmer Gordon Longabach Mr Buffo MIDDLE ROW Raymond Mayfield Roger Bowser Don Rxchardson Young Snodgrass BOTTOM ROW Marvrn McCorgary Fred Wrlson jerry Goforth Rlchard Ruch Buddy Kendrick . ,, . ,, . . . : ' , 3 ' ' , 9 , ' 9 - , . Y Copy-reading the ARK LIGHT are: SEATED: Fred Wilson, Ronald , . I . : 'I 1 . . ' 1 1 l v ' ' Z . , . , 1 Y l . A Z U 7 Y 1 ' REFLECTORS OF THE YEA Looltmg over teachers prctures are Barbara llead Features l-drtor Sally Klttrell Assxstant Busxness N1 mags-r Phyllis Boyle Acuvrtles l'd1tor Klan lyn Weston Business Manager Fxammrng pxctures are Leon Turner Assrstant Sports Pd rm C hoate Qports Fd standxng Seated Peggy l awson Checkm copy are l7w1glltAyl1ni, ldltor Nlr Crown Sponsor Daphne rllard Assrstant l dxtor The Nlrrror our school yearbook rs a reflectxon of the students hrgh school lrfe Thrs publrcatron rs a Semor C lass proyect Wrth the help of underclassmen they present a revrew of theyear sactrvrtres Dwrght Aylmg was chosen as the 1952 53 edrtor The ed rtor and sponsor Mr Crown, elected the staff from students who showed rnterest rn the Mrrror It s the staffs duty to compile the prctures 1nd copy and put them together to make a complete revrew of the school year Gordon lack and ohn Lang photogra Checking Senror pictures are standing Terry Hodkrn Sopho phers more Fdxtor Seated Margre Ramsey Artist oyce Clark 1 """" Qenror Fdxtor jamce Upson Typxst Mrssrng rs Arlene Gil more Artist PEN SCRATCHERS urll and Scroll lS an organrzatlon for students who have taken part rn some yournalrstrc work a prevlous semester and are rn the upper thrrd of therr class ln general scholastxc standing Thrs group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each slx weeks perlod Durmg the meet xngs they learn of new and better yournal rstrc processes Two rmtxatlons are held each year and membershxp nn the organx zatron ns for lxfe Fach year they have two prolects one of whrch 15 puttmg the senlor PICYUICS m the multrplex located at the south end of the second floor hall Offrcers who are at present rn senxor hrgh are Presldent Phyllis Boyle Vrce Pres xdent ovce C lark Secretary Treasurer ohn Carson Busrly engaged ln fxnrshmg Qmll and Scroll business are left to rxghz TOP ROW John Carson, Jun Choate and Mr Crown BOTTOM ROW Rachel Olvero Phylhs Boyle and Sarah Gxlbert L X C Ql.H5Hl,w5 CJ New members who were xnruated March 17 are left to right TOP ROW jerry Zregler, Anna Bxshop Manlyn Weston Ten-y Hodlun Daphne Drllard Vrrgmxa Butcher Dwxght A lm BEOTTQOM ROW Lors Jacobs Judy Drllard Jerry Waggon er, Janxce Upson Maryone Upson Marlorxe Ramsey Bev- erly Boswell Quxll and Scroll officers are left to njut Vxce President, Joyce Clark Presrdent, Phyllxs Boyle Secretary Treasur- er john Carson he "We Shook The Family Tree," a three act laugh provoking comedy was presented on December 4 and 5, in the Junior High School Auditorium. A debate against drinking, beauty mud, the older brother appearing in shorts, an electric warmer, a date with the only boy in school who wears knickers added complications to teen age Hilde- gard's life. The entire play from publicity to make up, with the exception of directing, was produced by the students. ZND ROW: Kermit Ferrell, Jerry Fife, Fred Wilson, Joe Moore, Bruce Bittle. 1ST ROW: Barbara Miller, Jeanne Henricksen, Janice Upson, Patsy Burkhart, Marjorie Ramsey, Sue Law- son, Diane Guyot not pictured. PRODUCTION STAFF Publicity-Bruce Bittle, Richard R u s s el lg Business Mgrs.-Janice Waggoner, Rose Clifford, Properties- Jeanne Henricksen, John Hough. Make Up-Joyce Clark, Bena Brewer, Jeri Smith, Gerry Helmg Sound effects-Bill Simmons, Stage Manager, Donald Balsters. CAST OF CHARACTERS Jimmy Dolson . . . .... Jerry Fife Bob Dolson ...... ..... J oe Moore Hildegarde Dolson. . . .... Janice Upson Sally Dolson ..... . . . Marjorie Ramsey . . . . Diane Guyot . . . . . .Sue Lawson . . . . .Patsy Burkhart . . . Jeanne Henricksen . . . . Kermit Ferrell Mrs. Sherman . . . . . Barbara Miller Mr. Sherman ...... .... B nice Bittle Freddie Sherman . . Mrs. Dolson . . Ellie May . . Jill ..... Paige ..... Mr. Dolson. . . . . Freddie Wilson Discussing Make up are: Diane Guyot, Gerry Helm, Joyce Clark, "Where Are You Going, Freddie?" ask Sally and Hildegarde Barbara Miller. Fred Wilson, Marjorie Ramsey, Janice Upson. -lik., PIED PIPERS The Printers Ciuild is a school organization for lfach year the guild sponsors an ink blotter con- sturientr, who have special inte-re-at in printing. ICSC in memorv of Benjamin lfranl-tlin and Printing The memlx-rs must have at least .1 "ll" average lfducation Vleek. Also they sponsor an intramural .ind their .tim is to improve the process of print- basketball tournament and give trophies for the ing. top three teams. 4 Don Richardson Richard Ruch Warren Palmer Yound Snodgrass Bud Kendrick jerry fyegler Cordon Lotigaback I-red Vllson Charles Tren a Fl Tl Rl POLITIC IANV l ach vear three unior girls are chosen to represent AC H9 at Sunflower C irl s State a vt ek of governmental training held on the Kansas l nixersitw C lmpus Last vear this wonderful opportunitx vu is given to amce l pson joyceC lark and Terrv Hodkin Altemates were lrma lee Nllnnex lerrx llaggoner and C arolvnCumm1ns l l l Y 7 Y ' 7 . .. . I . D ,. . v ' 1 7 1 r ' ' FY- !! . .V ,- lf' v ' : ' " I ' i - J f , . .t. . 1 bl I 3. , K. , ,E ' . . K-In , . . t , V - , , . V . Y li: Y. J . V 'V ' ' ,V . , .. , I . , 1 .Q . y , I . . - . 1, 4 , 5-BQ GAA STANDS FOR f-nfangg E 'SK lxunsls kfrrls Xthletrc Assotratlon rs an organrzatron whuch was formed to burld character as well as to develop sklll xn sports hoth outdoor and rndoor Anv gul who rs xnterested m sports rs wel come to yorn lach Nlondav the grrls met after school rn the audrtorxum where thev partrcxpated m sports and planned thexr hrkes and pxcnrcs At the end of the yelr letter awards are made to the grrls who have eamed the requlred number of points NllS9 Pdrth J Davrs ns the sponsor of Q1 A A Enjoying a game of table tennis we flnd Kena Dempsey and Mary Love Dena Brewer Mary McKee Jacqueline North and Ann Hines Watchmg Elaxne Guxhnger play shuffleboard are left to nght Vera Stacy and Charlene Suah are all ready for an excxung basketball game C U O wwf. . . y .. ET- 1 1 t,.fx..bx., 1 f f . ,- A , as L, fi: ,, , "mi, ' ' V ' , - ' . . ' Z A 'IQ u . I - u - -e r.-4 - 'd. A r. 'Mn . 1 V - ' ' . 1 . 1 , . z . Y . ' k - n A Q L xc v n . . . . . . , Y , , . , AMA HEALTH Sl Posture nmprovmg exercxses are demon su-ated by left to nght FRONT ROW Daphne Dxllard Sue Gxbson Terry Hod km MIDDLE ROW Nancy Wentworth, and Joyce Rust BACK ROW Bettie Kmg, Dorothy Anderson and Muze Lechner Shown below are the officers of G A A They are left to ughr, seated Vice-President, Erma Lee Manney Preszdent, Illene Teter Standxn Student Councxl Representauve Peggy Lawson rk Lxght Reporter, Beverly Boswell Secretary Jane Gates Improving thexr table-tenms technn que are Barbara Wxlhams and Ioan Ford Ez my L THE SW TER BUYS Left to right! l.erov Harmon, Chuck Watson, Terry Membership in l.ettermen's Club is open to any boy ball, basketball, tennis, track, or golf. lnitiation anal election of officers is held each fall. The l.ettermen's Klub takes clmrge of the concession stanil at various night fishing trip. The following officers were electeil by the nic-mbers for 'Sli President, jerry llollembeak, er, Cihurk WritsongStutlent Council,l3.1vifl Ralston. The sponsors of l.ettermen's Club are l,eroy llarmon and llrice Durbin. llollembeak, llavitl Ralston, llarvey Hockenbury. i f .AX TOP ROV: Tony liipton, llerklie Pc-rico, Hill lzlrotl, lion Shanks, Tommy llavis, David Lircle, ,lay Woodard, Phil Nfitchell, Burl Shoemaker, lohn Hitchcock, Hill Roberson, Rex Harsh. N4lDlJl.ff ROW: Vhuck Watson, Dale lfvans, jim Weston, Tom Bossi, Ronnie llouvlek, jim lfstep, Rill Kiochis, Don Baker, jan Chapman, Bill Sanders, Leroy Harmon. FIRST ROW: Humbert Kincaid, Roger Bowser, Harvey Hocken- bury, Loytle Trent, jerry Hollembeak, fhuck Watson, Dave Ral- ston, Bill Hoods. who hns letter:-rl in any branch of ACHS sports, foor- roail-show attrautions .intl each year hollis an over- Vice-Presiilent, Harvey llockenburyg Secretary-Treasuv SONS OF THE SOIL l".l".A. is .issiicizited with the National lfuture Farmers of Arnerica. The chapter of 92 boys is active and self-supporting. They have held .ill four degrees of .ictive ineinhership,"Greenhand," "C'h.ipterl:armer,' "State l"arnier," and "American l".irnier." The group sponsored trips tothe Hutchinson State lfairg National lf.F.A. Convention, Kansas City, Harper Leadership School, and ludging trips to various cities. W. Dick Turner was sponsor. After six years in ACHS, he re- signed to take .1 foreign teaching job. He was replaced hy Harold Walker. Officers were: President, Gerald Mullet, Vice President, Bill Naden, Treasurer, Lyle lintong Reporter, Dwight Haddock, Student Council, Don Arnett, Sentinel, Stanley johnson, Secretary, Max Kloxin. u l''.A. Officers: Dwight Haddock, Lyle lfaton, Gerald Stanley lohnson Nlax Rloxin , Aw'- I " op-'riojv 0 ., 5' :To A :Q , gf b " 1 J Nlullett, Bill Naden, Dick Turner, sponsor, Don Arnett fijf' " '-3 ::f'jg,.R . ,.f',' Q wif i, ' TOP ROV.: Wayne Atkins, Robert Slaven, Bud Mcffamon, Gary Dowler, Lowell Loggins, john Bazil, Basil Bruner, Kenneth Czaplinski, Dean Gregory, Bill Amett, Gene Laingor. MIDDLI-Q ROV: Dick Turner, Wayne Price, Albert Marshall, Jim Webb, David Snook, Norman lfoiles, Gary Ham, David Thompson, Gary Barton, Silas lfoiles, lvan lfultz, Duane Patterson. BOTTOM ROW: Stanley johnson, Max Kloxin, Lyle lfaton, Gerald Mullett, Dwight Haddock, Bill Naden, Don Arnett, Gene Ziegler. Ann Bowles, Barbara Burk, Joyce Clark, Paula Craig, Caro- lyn Cummins, Judy Dillard, Patricia Ellis, Sue Gibson, Marlene Greenhaw,Shirley Hadicke,Marilyn Hantla, Virginia Haskins, Gerry Helm, Jean Hendrickson, lola Hildelland, Ann Hines, Sue Huffman, Nancy Hughes, Pam Hutchinson, Shirley Isbell, Mary Kimsey, Bettie King, Sally Kittrell, Sue Lawson, Erma Manney, Phyllis McKinney, Jackie Mene- fee, Barbara Miller, Virginia Motley, Marilyn Plush, Nancy Poore, Shirley Powers, Marjorie Ramsey, Melba Reeves, l Joanna Samford, Mary Sowden, Janet Stafford, Romona Strop 1 Janice Upson, Jerry Waggoner, Ann Williams, Sue Wilson, Kay Winegarner, Donna Winton, Tom Baird, Albert Hatcher Leroy McDowell, John Blass, Phil Buechner, Gary Chewi Dick Christian, Max Gragert, Roger Hearne, Wendell Jack- son, Dan Maltby, Jim Miller, David Palmer, Hill Purvis Don Russell, Fred Smith, Neal Smith, Bob Van Scheyler: Charles Watson, Allison Whittaker, Fred Wolf, Cvail White Accompanist. The Symphonic Choir, although only originated toward the middle of this year, was one of the out- standing groups in the high school. This sixty-five voice choir presented programs for various civic organizations and later in the year they gave a spring concert. They also participated in the spring music festival held at Winfield. The choir, since it was before the public so much, may well be thought of as one of the best representatives of our school. Mr. C. L. Hinchee was the director of the group. The Senior Boys quartet made appearances in assem- bly, contests and some civic organizations. The members of this group of entertaining singers have been together since Junior High. They are: Fred Smith, Dan Malby, Fred Wolf, Jim Miller. The Senior Girls sextette sang for civic organiza- tions, in assemblies and took part in the annual music contest. This group was formed when the girls were in the 8th grade and now as they are fin- ishing their Senior year, Gerry Helm, Donna Wenton, Joyce Clark, Janice Upson, Marlene Greenhaw and Pam Hutchinson have many happy memories of all the good times they have had singing. Q S P 0 R T S 1 S11 MHI'l.Kj'Il IlV6If0ll PQQTBALL QUEE N94 1. v llu' l"ff lwmrlmll Queen, Nhxs N1.lr1lyn Wewtnm, vum crownvzl lluring uhm- lmlt tlmr c'rrf'vrmn1z-xoftht llL1Ik'lllflS1 Nlrvnlverx of the Pep Cklul- pre-Srncrll thc- fx'uc'er1 wxrh .1 lmuquct nt mumQ lnl thc' lV.lllIIJfl,li Hull Iuurlmll nr'clcl.xcP .after she- lui lwr-vu lmwnrl lw lvrry llollem- lwcnllx. lllll' LlllK'4'l1 .xnll lxrr .x!te'nl.1nt-N vu-wa-,l :hr g.x:nc- flmr Hlkjllf In-rx' .1 1 nn- V!'Hll'll' l'.ll'l4C'.l .xl unc' vni ut' thc- flmr- lmll llC'll. in .ull Qclmul Qocml was 1IlK'f'l'1 .utter the ganw ln honor mf Quvcin xldfllyfl. Mtcnlinrx to Ihr' que:-n were Nlxxx Nlxlrlev lsbf-ll .xnll Klux l.m1cc- I pson. 'fl Kdlllp. N ' x . "' .. I ' . :NN JUICY , . 'u'- - - :s'n.v E,U. I, L' ,,l!.- ". '. ' 1-. -- vux'-v r Q nn. 1 . .Mrs-r w-ing ' unc-. Q .."n, ju. . '. r-cka' RPN' .' ' f' M ' A Cf' . ' HVPHW C' 4' 'I A A. .' lZU'f'H, ' X . ' .1 , 1- ' ' j.1 . ' .W '. ..lrx1 - -Q . 'fx ' ' ' - 1.1 -,. N 'K ', - ' A Q m X c- . C . f-nJ.1nt ' M '1 - -. . rio , um' '. t A .'W.1ggor ' . ASKETBALL anzke Upfon if 1.--Q .U up Co-Captain: Charles Watson, Harvey llockenbury, jerry Hollembeak. LEFT: Asst. Coach Brice Durbin. RIGHT: Head Coach Leroy Harmon. ASSERS The Arkansas City Eulldogs completed their 1952 slate with a 1-9 record and reclining in the Ark Valley cellar for the second straight year. lt was Coach Leroy Harmon's initial season at the Canine helm and the material was at low ebb. There were ten lettermen on hand, and all but four were juniors who had had but little act- ual game experience. One of those four was back after a year lay-off. The line was woefully undermanned, barely three deep at some positions. Senior linemen retuming for their last season were Bill Woods, 170 lb. center, Fred Smith, 190 lb. tackle, Dave Ralston, 187 lb. guard, and Chuck Watson, 170 lb. guard. Two hundred ten pound John Hitchcock was back after sitting out his junior season. He had lettered as a sophomore, but his effective- ness in this campaign was almost negligible due to inyurres. The backfield was somewhat stronger. The brightest spot was Senior fullback jerry Hollem- beak. Standing a mere 5'6" and weighing 147 lb., Hollembeak averaged close to a hundred yards per game. Harvey Hockenbury, another Sen- ior also broke into the line-up. He had very little previous varsity work. Hockenbury was a half- back. At quarterback was jan Chapman who had gained some, but not lots of experience the year before. Jan ran the team well, and handled punt- ing chores. When Coach Harmon came to ACHS he brought with him the split "T" formation. The Bulldogs went all the way with this, deviating only twice in favor of the spread. It was a long hard haul for Harmon and his forces, the only win being over Chilocco. And they were hard pressed to get that one. The boys looked good in spots but bad in others. Mistakes hurt plenty, especially fumbles. They cost several touchdowns that lead directly to more than a few of the losses. It was also a building year for the Bulldogs and they should be very strong in HSS." 'Rfk Nrlfc :X rk A rk Ark A rl-c A rk Ark Ark C. OF THE PIGSKI . -f . -1 - ,...,. 2 5 ' 9 Qi 9 v " . , ' . 7 Q 5 is f-1 i - - t S U - I 1 U Q i A.-1 5 .Q 1 , I Q' Q 'I' W -1 BB 47 7 -54p pi , i ' . . x x Q 5 I .-v-.-v----- . . ..-.- . , . . 1 pun. -..-4,--,----H--.-,+-------f-----------------in-H ---'W INV NN -lim Kc-nnvv, 4 unix A.i.vnx, 'Luren jonf-5, Ronnie ivnerley. llolw K ox, Richard Ruth, iirvgurx-. iwurggn- l,m1rh.xn, l..lfYR' lirown, llui Nhfv-'n.ii:L'r. I-UVEQIH 110.-. 4 lmrlcw iimmnnx, l.m 1 hxxpmar, VL-slr-.' llickrv, l.vln- Iirrningrr, Lili-nn Nmith, lornmn' lhxvix, liml Hcp, IiillN1eif-rx. , I lllll-if ELIN lunx' livmn. loin liosxi, linwXlCNf'.1l, llvrlxlic' lleriio, llill lioiwrxon, lliif ilofhis, liuy llmrmun, lin-vnon-l 1 lmpmqn, Kvorfon KJ 4l:fiONl' 1-103 , lohn llircliuvck, lrenf Smith, l7on Shankw, Vlerrx llollcmiwnnxk, Pick liaison. jay is A ooiignf, .li'n::tirl1t:'r'n,l3on, N., I ISUYIUN1 MOA Nlr. llnrmun, licnxii Loachg C lmrles Watson, lark Horror, ll.x.rve-'v lloclwniuiry, llill i lovin,ll.1viilll.1lston, lionif.1rellcrn.ni1ez, Phil Nlirchell, Nlr. llurlwin, .1sQisrantCo.1Cl'1i Bfwfrf 1 ' 2 1 ' i f f - x-:f..f'-ifvf .,- ilIV 13 Cioflvyvllli- Um illy li' f l11l0L'C0 Zi illy' U l'.l.lnr.1Xlo I3 firy lu uiltlllhl Nu. " lity 6 Winfic-l.l ZH fiiy 12 Wfllxngmn W ,ny 0 Wichita l'f.1sr2H fizy 6 Ncwwn 1-3 U '20 llLllLl1lll'iO!l2v flly yr - :aw-.43 -7? If .- '-if-S w I 5 . X 'w,- as . .x x A 1 2 Wgfs, 1- fa if if li fc. F Don Shanks IR lin Chapman IR Fred Wolf SR David Circle JR Bill Woods SR Bud Shoemaker SOPH Kenney SOPH Richard Graves SOPH Rex Marsh IR Harold Spahx SR 'X :V Ark City 43 . . . Ark City 34 . . . Ark City 24. . Ark City 33. . Ark ciry 35 . . Ark City 38 . . . Ark City 41 . . Ark City 30 . . Ark City 33 . . Ark City 42 . . Ark City 38 . . Ark City 40 . . Ark City 51. . Ark City 47 . . Ark City 45. . Ark City 41. . Ark City 58 . . Ark City 42 . . Ark ciry so . . TOP ROW: Bud Kendrick, Bill Gochis, Bill Myers, jim Kenney, Bud Shoemaker, David Mills, Jim Carter, Joe Moore, Larryll Hutchins, jim Choate. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Harmon, assistant coach, jim Estepg Rex Marsh, Harold Spahr, Richard Graves, Don Shanks, Glenn Smith, Larry Woosley, Mr. Durbin, coach. BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Houdek, Fred Wolf, Bill iflrod, Tom Davis, Herklie Perico, Jim Miller, jan Chapman, Humbert Kincaid, David Circle. Mr, Durbin, Head Coach, Mr. Harmon Assistant Coach. . . . . . . Parsons 68 . . .Independence 40 . . . . . Winfield 34 . . . . .Wellington 45 . . . Wichita North 57 . . . . . Eldorado 32 . . . . Emporia 48 . . . . Newton 40 . . Wichita East 53 . . . Eldorado 51 . . Hutchinson 39 . . . . . Winfield 42 . . . junction City 40 . . . . .Wellington 45 . . Wichita North 72 . . Junction City 43 . . . . . Eldorado 49 . , Wichita East 68 . . Hutchinson 48 BASKETBALL SWISHERS The 105.2-53 hasketluall season was .1 huilding year for Coach Brice l3urhin'sllu1ldogs. Coming through the regular season with hut five wins in 18 starts and in a seventh place deadlock in the Ark Valley was quite an accomplishment for the Arks. The roster listed six Seniors, only one of whom saw any appreciahle action the year lnefore. There were four lettermen in all, jim Miller, Sen- ior, and Berklie Perico, Tom Davis and lan Cfhap- man, all juniors. There was good Sophomore help up from junior High in the persons of ,lim Kenney, Richard Graves and llud Shoemaker, but the experience was just not there to cope with teams like North, East and Newton. Ark City victims of this thin year included ffldorado twice, Wellington, Hutchinson and non- league junction City. In the first round play of the Valley schedule the Canines drew a complete hlank, losing to every opponent although improving and gaining that much needed experience every game. They played Newton almost to a standstill one night Herklie Perico I R in the .Mid-Gym before fading in the final minutes, 40 to 50. In another thriller Hutchinson squeezed past in two overtimes in the gigantic Sports .Xrena in the Salt Clity. Then experiencing a bad night all the way around, the Bulldogs lost to 1f1Dorado hy some ten or twelve points. During the Christmas vacation they finally got going. In the lfmporia Holiday tourney they moved past lflllorado 58-32, only to lose out in the finals to the host school. A baffling zone defense coupled with a desperation shot at the end of the third quarter had a demoralizing effect on the locals. After shaking off an early season inability to hit the bucket, the Bulldogs came through with victories over Wellington, in a double overtime affair at home, and routs of both lflliorado and Hutchinson. As we said before, Coach Durbin was mark- ing time for 1053-54 when his junior and Senior squad should finish up high in the Valley rank- ings. Tom Uayis J R im Miller SR . iv' H umbert Kincaid SR x K Bill Elrod SR I . I 12. 4 , I dll -,gi f 5 I rr T Q 93" g .. t . l 4 TOP ROW: llolw kireeriwooll, llill Gochiw, lirxlnev Ymrkev, lkivid Hills, lerrvllnlrrip,l3:1vili'lar.i, Ur. -ln-lil, sponsor. llf'7l'li0Nl ROV.. lil:-nn Ymirh, 'lim l ixrrer. l5.xvi.lf ircle, llumlserr Kinuxiil,Ronniclloullck,liilll'lroil,l?ogf'rlle11rn. i "v A ,O The ACHS Tennis Squad won many sem as they cle- The Ark City Senior High School golf team hollis the fencled their rirle as Ark Valley Champions. Mr. R. CQ, Ark Valley ffhampionxhip and laSl VC1rIhCV WON C' Judd ig gheif Cough, Ark City lnvirazional. Their season starts xrounil the middle of March. BACK ROR: Jim Weston, lierklie pcrico, lim f hoate, Melvin Nlzhifkteno, Coach Dale Hansen. l"li0Nll Roll: lb.llE lfvzxns, Roger llowser, liex Harsh, Ward Hen- sley, llill Yxnilers. ,,.... 5 1 v-.---.----.-. -' .W 5 .-1 ' ,ix C-'ix N iw A A 15 4 v f 2 ad 55?-. N-2, 5 o,k" ,ll'liRY UUl"'0R'l'll ionferenec- Ufficer l, 3, lli-Y 2, '11 Ark 11011 1.111151 lonferr-new Uffiie-r Q, lli-Y 1, f, 11, Ark Light Light Production Staff 1, 2, 13 Press Foreman 2. 31 Boys State Prollut-tion itafl 1. 1, S, 1.1irori,i1 81.111 1, 171mrogr.ip1wr, Klirmf Alternate, im ff I , l'hormgr.1pher. DAN M0811 lonference Officer 2, 3, 1-'.lf.A. 1, 41 Football 1. 'IIK1 l,1i1-11N 14.if..'1. 1, 11 I-'ootlmll S, Clpf-rg-gm 1, R, 1 on I s .1 3 S If x I . -K , MARLFNE GRPFNHAVI Conference Officer 1, Pep Vlub 1, 2, 1J1X'IGHT11A1JD04IK F.l".A. 1, 2, 5. 3, Malorette 33 Usherettes 2, 3, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, Contest Ensem- bles 1, 2, 3, iymph0niCCl'lOl1' 5. RONALD GUILINGHR Pep Club 1, 2, 31 Hi-Y 2, Contest fin- s embles 2. IALK HALE Ark Light Production Staff 3: Band 1,2, 3. BILL HALL Operetta 1 SHIRLEY HADIK KI-1 C onference Officer 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Usherettes 2, 3, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3gOperetta 2, 35 Contest Ensembles 2, 33 Symphonic Cihoir 3. ROSETTA HALL Moved here Senior year. BARBARA HEAD Y-Teen 1, Speech Play lg Debate 2, Mirror Staff 3, Feature lfditor. 'Qw- gf A D4 3 'df' x ' f 9 .ag 3 ' 1 li Q uf' 'x lf? if V. ' xi I 'NJ sf' P 5 gg- . 'X t J ' -E1 ' 9,-Eu. 'f ,F . 4K 0 I 1 8-rs 'n x, C l lwff, F V -,. 14" ,v ,r flfvfj, -.-1' ' 5. I ,.:f"'.E .L f lr- N7 ,gt 3 14" -F if if f 3- 'I L in ---X 41.9 LJ 1 --Q if f V Q ll15N'Y'x ll-l,l.S Nlfwn-il hm-rc' luniur, Y-lzfun Q, 3 l51TYN"l x1l'Yl'15N l'wl14-rrrrex l, Q, H, Y-l'c'c'n l, I, F, U rand l. Q, 131 onte-sr linscmhlcs l, Q, i,Nvmphonic1hoir. K1.XRll,YN l1lfSli0N 1l.xsS Officer 53 1onfc'rt'nCc Uffini-r I, lg .Xl.l.lS1lY Xlllll.'KKl',R Hind l. I, EQ Orchestra 1, 1, ig 1 onrq-M ituriunr 1ouncil 4, lfinnncc- 1 hm. 31 llcp 1 luh l, 2, 1, Niurlcnz Nolox l, Q, R3 ivmphonic r hoif, 4 bouncil Rep. lg lkhere-tres l. 2, 1: Nlirror inf. 4, liusincss X1.1n- .xger 31 liootlmll 1fuc'c-n. IRA XXlll'lil" lli-Y l, I. 5. llililb XX1Tl.l" 1l.im1Tflifcr Q.1onfe-renee-Officer 2, 33 lim Q, g.flILl1l"NIf.l l, I, 5, Upcrerm 1, 1,1 ontvsrffnsemlwlee 1 onrcsz Nolos l, 1, 4. llovs Smtv. fflilzli WILSON 1 onfvrencc Uffiler l. 1, 31 lli'Y l, ll llrintfrw I4ll,l. XXUOIPN 1onfcr:-m1-Uffiu-r ig l.z-ttvrmcn 1 luh ig lmnn 5 Guild 2, E, 'lire-.asurer 'wg :Xrk l.i-ight Production ir.iff2,4,1iolf l, Z3 Ig lfngrlxiill 1' 2, 33 llnskctlwall l, 1, 41 lloyi Suu-. Speech Plav K. QA 1. SENIOR OFFICERS The seniom dill il fine iob in thc-ir las: class vlc-ciion hy choosing officers who showed the .ability to cooperate well with the un.lcrcl.aQ+.- men and also to set correct examples ro hz- followz-il in thc oncoming years. This years officere were-: l-'rc-si-lent-Cirralfl Klullerrg Vicu President-Dwight Aylingg Secretary-Trcasurc-r-Marilyn Westong Student Council Representative-Ronzilil fforkins. n ,ks A If S 4' 4 A262 David Circle Gerald Clark Zelda Lee Cobum Donna Cook Roy Cook Louise Brock Basil Bruner Virginia Butcher Sondra Chalfanr Carol Chaplin 4 Bob Cox Paula Craig Norman Crouse Kenneth Czaplinski Shirley Dale U K Ann Bowles Virginia Bowser Homer Brady Clifford Breeden Bena Brewer n ix T '-44 5 l . Maude Daulton Thomas Davis Marion Deal Darlene Dickson Daphne Dillard Terry Blackshere Mavis Bolte jack Borror Barbara Boswell Beverly Boswell Bill Arnett Darla Baumgardner john Bazil Lyle Berninger Anna Bishop Rosa Lea Dixon Gary Dowler Barbara Eaton jim Esrep Dale Evans .Ll 4, C F W- QLX Syl 5 Shirley Flick Joan Ford Charlotte Fousr Mary Francoeur Ivan Fultz X 'x I Ronny Gardner jane Gates Sue Gibson Henry Goddard Pat Green Bob Greenwood Diane Guyot Charlotte Hansen Marilyn Hantla Boniface Hemandez ke. Wesley Hickey Robert Hill Barbara Ann Hines Elaine Hockenbury Jorene Hockenbury Roy Hockenbury Iohn Hodges Charlene Holdredge .H vw' , .ffl me ' 1 wr 1. ,5' Q. Robert Martin Karleen Mason Bill Mavis Raymond Mayfield Mary McKee Joe Lewis Phillip Logan Sara Lord Kathryn Louderback Rex Marsh Nancy Hollis 4 Gordon Lack Esther Lacquement Betty Lamb Peggy Lawson Mildred Lechner Rhodema Hollowell Warren jones Patricia Keamey William Keck Larry Kemper Buela Jean Kendrick 4 Ronnie Houdek Sue Huffman Lois Jacobs Glen Jennings Stanley Johnson ,loanna Samford Bill Seaton Rita Schamahorn Don Shanks jim Sherhon Bill Rakestraw Barbara Reinking Bill Roberson Richard Ruth Joyce Rust Charles Shepherd Ruth Fhiflett Michael Smith Vera Louise Smitlh Young Snodgrass Berklie Perico June Petty lfugene Pickering Xi11!ilvnl"luQ.h liillv loc- Purvis David Snook Caryl Staley Bob Stansbarger Dale Steiner Jean Stockton P 1- , -za rlacquclirw' North l.ouixt- Uverfelr l-'lla llc'.10wt'i1s X! arren P .1lYY7CI I'om Parmlev Xlarv N1t'Kerr.icher Phil Nlitflivll llnrim' loc Nioore Donna N10-,iur Nlarpl-iret Nlurrrxh 'S 1, 'Q x e .i' - ,- , .i Q 8 'R , I 0 , . "AQ " ' A M s 11 Barbara Stone Alvin Stout Janice Thomas Shirley Thompson Tony Tipton Charles Trenary Sandra I'rout Norma Vickroy Janice W aggoner lrvin W ahlenmaier '- ' 'v X v, f-T 'Nlnrwvx il rn 9 V.-If' 'Q qt V", A N, I an 41' qi - 'l lay' NX ootliird ' fit- 5 fl 3. Helping 'lim Sherhon with his mech- icnl ilmwing i-, Nir. Sneller. ' i ll:-nniv .l .nlflnrt IMP A :WW ., .i.,. it A .l,irN..n i...,,,., twwrll 4' l.iLkie Xl hite lniil White KX .irrz-n NX illt nxt n inn Xl illinrns 2 it 1' f ' 21 it Q i ., -f 'vl.ivne 'lilsnn eng ll ilsun 'Ni.x.tienc Young f lerrv Ziegler YI, ll. :Xrnctt if '- mn mishap I I I ll X A I :X T llettv Iimtcher I.. , llelluert Harrie Tx - x , ' - Nlarze lxeefe ' fmfify Limb X . .K lohn l..1nA2 X 1" im xxx Gordon Lonpabach Cidry Niartin AX . Ib- , Shirley Pannell :, . i Shirley Simpson Q jon Siner The junior Class officers .ire from left to right, FRONT ROV: Secre- tary-Treasurer, Gail White-g Student Louncil Representative, Kitten Leu- derback. BACQK ROV: President, Xlike Smithg Vice President, lim Weston. 'N T' s. Z3 i ll And bou shall I pose N1 ones Hu! 4rlhur u by an you on your knees? ennison ones Fred Wolf une Pennington Melbfa lxeeves Ilona ferry Helm Arthur C rc-font I-red gmnh I bage women' I wgg Ixlged as 4 baby What a cbafmxng necklace Lady Vluxan Louisa Maryorle Ramsey 'SO jim Miller A k I ady Vivian Del ancy Barbara Mlllef Captain Kinski Wayne r ins C ooking partners, Janice Thom as and jane Gates, prepare u Tuna Casserole d hour homemaklng ff' :wwf WH' Typing for speed and accuracy .ri- -sitxr' in time tests in an essential part of Miss Goodman s sixth hour typing class. E. Q53-T' M., 'Ja 1 k. ring sixth P H 0 M 0 R E S an 1 . I J"- . . ' v 4 gk ' ,lf ggi-1-:Q 1 ' - :mi-. X !.n'ii . ,,, , Q , .4 1' 34 ' 2 Ui' ' " l"'wiv4 5 14 ' , iluu Xllvrs 'W' fn" ' Q-'pi ,D 'T' l,c'ullv.ll4'X.xl1-1r'r C, IN-ri-:luv l .wil 'lm if r Ymli-r Xi1.14-rum li iv-,n'!!.x ln lrvux -. le-:Tv Ynxtirn . -rg M M C- f .Mug Y 3 r in A ,. 251, i Plivllis Nxlilvv .-ll.m :lustin li.1rb.xr.x .luxrin llurchic- ,inn linoer vluililli li.xi'lic'lur x nirv Alrrlwrtoii l.nm-N ,N rtlu-riun Ciolem Xue Heal Myrtle llilveu Raymond liilyeu Leland liirrlc- lohn lilnxs -7 Q 2, - , - D. 'u ' - .-V f. . .1 ,- llon lialcvr l' li.c.xlwth .inn lkxnix Qliirlev Bamrs UAW llxrlon Yvlvioi lkxvs llowarxl file-nilun Gilford Bmnuh 'Wirlenc limnch Kay Brooks l..xr'ry lirovm UBI 2 4. - l philip Bun-rhner liarlwara liurlc Delores llurt Varolec fixrl Gene 4 arte-r rs -O 15 e Q 6- 4 N .1-. . .- ki. " fl ' 1 ,limf :xrter Juanita Varwilc Cfary C hew Donah C.oIlins Hcssic Kjzaplinski Kenna Lee l3empSc'y Darlene l'lroCl Leon I luis anell bee Lelxa DCIS! V 0 t b 5 M ' i i af real' ' ' - ' 3. l5onn.i Rihmm Nmnluv hilhcri l''tli Milf--. IMIT kim lux '.f.::i'.infr Croft 3 , . Q t I -A 1' f f I 'X ' "i ,. w. i I --9 3 -C 1 I l f . Jim Kenney james Kincaid Virginia Kirrrell Howard Kivetl Russell Kloxin l,Eirr1.iL.imu.1xorl K1.ix 4-rnxwrt 5-L if, f:.irl limxi s llc.in41r4-gory l' liiim' Kvnilingc-r 2 . ig-,. A X 'P pg T Beverly johnson Wanda jones llertha jordan Mary Knhler Hud Gerald Kendrick Louise lluilnloclc Gary l.lojwlllziniil1an Harley llurger Nlargurci H.irpf-r ,f , Delbert Humphries Larry Hutchins Rogena Hutchins Fred Hurson Patricia Jenner luilith llilfflh lic-vcrly Huslcini Virginia Haskins Albert H.i!cher Delberr Hatcher Marilyn Hough Richard House-man Don Hughes Yem Hull Dixie Humbolr liilhert Hatcher Sharon Head Norma lleffner lanice Hemrick Ann Hinds s 1 3, 1. Ev .2 9 -L41 1-F Q, ii- 5-'HT A i sf ' 9535 fi? ,. 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You made a splen- did beginning in your High School career hy choosing dependable leaders to represent you. Roger Hearne, President, jim Carter, Vice President, Susie Wright, Secretary-Treasurer, David Mills, Student Council Representative. 'lb Unusual-What, a geometry class actually studying? Work hard, Practice Makes Perfect? Well anyway, Bessie Cizaplinski and Gary Hamm, David Humingbird, Larry Patton, John Blass, and Shirley l.owmaster are working at itf Gary Chew!

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