Arkansas City High School - Mirror Yearbook (Arkansas City, KS)

 - Class of 1945

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Arkansas City High School - Mirror Yearbook (Arkansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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" ' 3QL4f'CffQf!f! Q 'l E fc'-' , lf F X .'-ug lxfl .,L,,7t'Y Y!! f ., 5 A KJ IS4-5' WMM lfrw-fwu, J ,,fKQ9O.fvvx.f. E ' N mwl ., , f,,zf1.:-wcff K f' .- ,, ,,J,-.ah 1, 3,,Af1,-GFE cf ff7f Jb.fz- ,,,V LJ QQD, 9 ' Hmmm S9 A, wuiwk ,U QM,Q,9Qf ,.g,,,,, Qgi J . S' " . Q : 3 EQ, 759-1.f..u fda, D 1- ljl-"'i-1,3 xA"L?-I-A, ffl,-.f Uf 1 -21 R X W! A Q, wif. . 1 fy., ,,,N?yx A ' ' 2g.,hf,Q,,., ix, gf! A f i2 if ff ik if-3,?' 2' r " Iv dv 'I " f --' "-A- Q1 ff ff 97 WSE? W! gjfgjyjffgji sl ff Q, WW WM QW WV if 1, RQ F at -pf' wg f L 1 A iff? m qi WWWW1 M6,Ei ' '4 ' QW E55 WW W!! W W E if if Wgimfisig MWMJL Drip Q, 37? W X 54 J5 iff M E MASQ Dil? Wjfgiwg 2"l+5Jff lf' X W WW I i 2 gg 5,. wfijx gy 2 pf , Q will V53 5, QNHQ xi Q EGG Qg'e'1?'E , 5 W 334355 5 Eiiwjji ,ff NXEQQ Qjjiypo iff? si ff Qi? zffifwifif i. WXff? Jbijjfyfff' 'f' Wfffdgz ZTWJQMQW www wi - Q? Q J ,ffwfgf 5550? Qwmwwfiylbfbgfza Mei 5 WWVYMW JR ' W if EWWMQQ 21 K WJQW iiijfif AX I ,ww , Wk f Q Aae,,Q,,,.,ff.' -:QA-1--cf F53 fi F 4 I M54 mwfb ' Wfwp Qwffpfjkm . Q W wfjiw? fiigis ji WMM 5?jE5!iI pm iff QQCZEN W Ei lggfmieiagigg E QW 5 5 A QQ-,,0xfL.J . 50512 Zf,Wz,m ik! fgfwvwfff Cy 'K My -v - ' A. 4.. 5 V 142.-I if l ?' Lyla . A7 ,' Q A f ,ff 15- ff' fl-' fwvw -Af -.V -. 1 ! ff-ff Qi E' I ,J !!-' """1-s'V"Vfi""ff ' f?" ?T75'i'g,x" V .---'n,cf14::Zr,jV,?,f IYQQQ, T7 I XJ A-1.rrf:4fA'1f ff-1 fyryll-'4'S4ff1f 1 3 ' '71-4fP.'G,.f Lf ' KJ Alg- fn-fit. K ' ' f 1. j' f' "r'ff7' f' H-1'l'f7"""1",A ff ' '9 s. 1 , ,ir ,J , . ,f vf' ,gr ,Cv,,f 3Q,Lf3---'16,-wc2'f7fj,x f- Wh: V Af' , jff3j?21-if -'fjjfyff ,515 If' A x , 75 " ff E' ff W W 3, Maj Y 4 R. 'Tiff ff Q ff, f 1. 4i,"'f,,1W'f+ 'MEZZ f- K5 Nr"-w 'Wx 'kr-4' .1-'ra ------,..ArQ. f nn M""aw, ....--,.....k ..:.,,:'u--mm, f ' -'ff--1-PA f 4f?K446AS Cffrr ,Alley Sauce! 7775 r ,, 0,566 7 WI: ' '85, lc A Forward For more than thirty years graduating classes have endeavored to publish an annual reflecting the activities and spirit of the stu- dent body. This year the staff has striven to carry on that tradition. We hope that in future years the student will find within these pages a true Mirror reflecting memories of high school years. In times like these, when nerves are heavily taxed, things of a lighter nature are priceless cures for overworked minds and bodies. The staff has attemped to make the 1945 Mirror one of those bright spots amid less agreeable instances of an extraordinary period. Instead of looking back longingly, or veiw- ing the present with alarm, let us move our ideals forward to times when the "Mirror" can once again be published on a permanent peacetime basis. So to this and every forthcoming grad- uating class with genuine, cherished pleasure this 1945 "Mirror" is proudly dedicated. V The Staff x .M W ,Q 'X I? K V W F P i i ,4- RKANSAS cm' SCHOOLS C. E. STJOHN, Superintendent O 215 South Second Str ect ARKANSAS CITY , KANSAS UH? 1945 To the Students of y igh School: I wi h s to commend you for the fine spirit you have shown during this year and to suggest that you continue to grow up in the normal way of life. Some work - some play, some time in School - some time at home, some time in making mistakes - some time in making amends, some time standing still - some time Willing progress. the Arkansas Cit H' I marvel at the progress pupils in high school make. Hero you are no longer little children, yet are not adults. You grow into young men and young women who are ready to tackle l:l.fe and its responsibilities. You assume obligations with e confidence that cannot be shaken. In war and in peace you keep the faith, in adversity you keep your chins u in success you are modest. pand So long as the American High School can have the youth of America, our country will be great and strong. My wish to you is ma , y your steps never falt hearts never ? E, '4 s its ' 5 P 5 S 3 k . P if 9 f P' L, F , s w ke v lf 5. 5 vi S if ,M Sul' 3 L F . E H We QW, er, may your quail, may you always look to the future and may your future always be bright. Sincer "'C. E. St. John Superintendent 1? " E. A. FUNK, DEAN. PRINCIPAL K. R. GALLE. IUNIOR COLLEGE-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Arkansas City, Kansas November 29, l944 Students of the Senior High School: You are deserving of hearty commenda- tion for the magnificent manner in which you, through your own volition, gave financial aid to the Mirror staff in its effort to meet the increased costs of publishing the l945 edition. The Mirror is an important means of perpetuating the tradition of our beloved school. It records your acts as you appear in the many and varied school activities during the happy, or perhaps the happiest, f f our lives Such a book will be a days o y . source of inspiration and pleasant memories in the years tp come. 1 believe you realized these things, and because you did, you have given your sup t unstintingly to the Mirror which is por itself one of the great traditions of the S h l. Arkansas City High c oo With best wishes to all of you, 1 remain Sincerely yours, I I E. A. Funk Principal EAF:DA - 5- I 'R , I ff-N ,O Q ff' LM M aaa, QWJ-066 4 ' i Health Journalism Social Science, ,fi fi!!-A ' I ,gf ,uw X K X6 Languages Art and Penmanship Physical Education English zlf cf- Commerce Industrial Arts i 9 i E 2 K, 5 Home Economics ,, ii bclence Biology Chemistry Commerce i i N Physical Education Speech, Latin Library, Financial Sec. Study Han E.7J7974w gwfw S. i Mathematics Spanish, English . 4 'fl- I x , , ami i X K , x . fb 049'0"'L4fql"'Z'V Gaiam Secretary English AWK UW'i'Q4MM' ff Jaw Sogial Science Music, Band Q Orchestra Industrial Arts Physics, Aviation ' 721, cp wwf 41:4474- Social Science I" ,sm 'Vw Ki . s,:,2,x EQ fx X ay -, Q ,..., www Wi-.!x,9.a.,.f Ang if yia,,,?-ffjg . fir? ,f , ,ff fm'P'5yff'As-:',-fw J s Q i ff wf'ff:Tf? ,f f,Qf4,Q'-ff f . A qkkq Ns Q, .,fvxffg,..1ff,ff?6'S9"i L ,5..W:,N'iL2i::.i? :ffk 17, 3 eniord William Allen Maryhelen Atkins Gloria Ausmus Mary Bailey Jack Barker Mary Lou Barr Vera Bartlett Betty J 0 Beck X La Vina Bechtel Lucile -Berry Thomas Billings Betty Blackburn Harriet Bogart Mary Bossi Elton Bowman Lucille Boyles Wanda Brachear Bob Brady eniorfi Vernon Brewster Janet Brown . Theodore Buckland 3 Betty Burk Glenn Burns -' Phillip Burns Velma Campbell Cornelirs Carter Jack Carter Wanda Christy Lillie Mae Clark Eugene Coffelt Francis Cooper l Clarestene Coyle Marjorie Crabtree Darlene Crain Ileana Crawford 1Norma Jean Creswell eniord Charles Crews Betty Dale Billy Jo Daniel Frederick Deering Robert Dellinger Rose Marie Dixon Wanda Lee Dixon , Joanne Dowler Don Duncan i Robert Duncan Norma Dye Y. Betty Eustice ' Maxine Fair Jeanne Farrar Arthur Fitch Helen Flottman F . Betty Jo Floyd Mildred Freese eniord Edward Galle Patsy Garcia V Barbara Garris V Donna Gilmore r, Deane Gilstrap Jack Givens 1 Don Glasgow Beverly Godfrey John Gorker Genevieve Goff Goldie Goff Phyllis Goff Floyd Gose Forest Green Hazel Green Betty Jo Greenwood Elizabeth Griffin Earl Grinnell ,.,. eniom Roy Hadley Wayne Harader Alberta Hainds Bonnie Hallmark J Darlene Hainpsten Marylou Harbin Doris Harvey Keith Hearne ' Charlene Hellweg K' - Ronald Holdredge Henry Howard x Rex Howe Naomi Hollingsworth Maxine Hollis Jean Howarth Donna Jean Hughes Joann Hughes Phyllis Jean Humphrey ,KW eniom Ann J anzen William Johnson Darlene Jones Jeanette Jones Rosalee Jones Donna Jordan Pearl Judd Michael Justice Clinton Keller Robert Kelley Dick Kelley ,v Elaine Kirkpatrick Charlotte Kitchens Charles Laughlin Donna Lawson J une Lewman Bonnie Longworth Patty Loyd eniom William Marrs Robert Marshall - h Beulah Marshall Betty Jo Mathis L Orwin Maxson ' Daymond McVay Raymond McVay Daryl Moore Norma Jean Moore Betty Myers l Marjorie Ann Nugen Lawrence Osburn Virginia Padgett , Norma Pappan - Robert Parker Lenna Payton Judith Peck A Frances Pierce 5 eniord Mark Porch Bill Pratt Leta Beryl Price Nadine Privett Iris Mae Rahn I Eula Rains Charles Rairdon Carol Rathbun Norma Richards Norman Rickords Sharlee Roach Arvilla Robinson Betty Rockwood Connie Rush Doris Schlesinger Ray Scott James Searson Joyce Sewell 'jar . .., eniord Rolla Sharp Eva Sherwood Lon Shields Alice Slaven Q Nellie Slaven Betty Smith Emmet Smith Marshall Smith Philip Smith Colleen Smock a Bill Sneller k Jack Stahl B' Dan Stark ,Q Doris Stover I Colleen Stuard William Swaim Esther Sweet Ernest Taton V- 1' Robert Williams eniord Joan Templar Charles Thiesen ' Marjorie Thomas Oscar Thomas Delbert Thompson 5 f Mildred Tibibetts 4 Raymond Tipton rj Dorothy Vickery ' Dorothy Walcher Helen Rose Watson Dorothy Wentworth Gilbert White Joyce White A William Winegarner ri' Belva Winslow t F Maxine Wood if LaVonne Young it .l p, X Q J L J Q hu-- ,-cw - V elif? ,FU V' ' ff" Q ff v-w-Q.-.---. is Eddie Peters ------ President Elwood Keller ---- Student Council Erma Marshall ------ Secretary 0 R f, M .i,:,,a . kv V-L L- , L, ! , Q- 4 Q, .. wg . . l ., . . W , q ,M-aw -f , . 4 MQ 3, .WK 'M NLM w, - -A ,t,,.,,,f,,s ,GM..w , My ' we H42 4 vs g w 2 ey f hi, M may .4 M5 will ,swf i-ww H' Jr 10 A s 111, eww 41 WQVQQHQ1 x its mf-15 " - W-4 sealing '- at 2 ,ng pl., , Mi. L s :ev Rig S- will 8 ' 32,14 1 vi , , 1-x f., V. .,., Q., + ,mi 'ifivv ,ug ..,,. 3 f lf lf? as B J ,M f 4 Row 1-Deskin, Barnes, McMillan, Purdue, Row 2-Towles, Carter, Stephenson, B. O1- Boyles, D. Boyer, N. Matthew, Craft, Ed- iver, Hamilton, Velta Griffith, Heer, V. Wil- wards. son, Fouts, Mishler. Row 3-Rhodes, Selan, McKeever, Jennings, ' Sallee, Stanley. Tilton, Morrison, Tubbs, Stockton. Row 1--Childs, Harvey, Jones, Cannon, Row 2-Baber, Harding, Points, Buckland Hayes, Hollembeak, Casselberry, B. Brown, B. Gilmore, M. Wilson, Wineinger, Belshe Bell. T. Oliver, DuBois. Row 3-B. Boyer, Finch, Smyer, Thomas, Gassert, Hollaway, Greenhagen, B. Crabtree, Rutherford, D. Wilson. 'Q l ix- , A ,fi .TN Row 1-Peters, Avery, Gilbert, L. Chaplin, Row 2-Ledeker, Crampton, Larkin, Pudden Danley, Tanquary, Martin, Curry, Ramsey. Yount, Mc Adam, Waggoner, Wagner. Row 34Schuchman, Kirkpatrick, Faris. Lar- rew, Gribble, Turner. Keller, Berry. Row 1-Gifford, Syfert, Sanders, R. Smith, Row 2-Ousley, White, Olvera, B. Ramsey, Gochis, Shaw, Mathews, Seagers, Splarks. Barton, Vaughn, Burkarth, Sullivan, B. Miser, Wells. Row 3-Evans, Adams, Wittenborn, Helms, Curless, Hughett. J. Miser, Herbert, Wright. L W' if I Jones Baker Row 1--Klofkorn, G. Baum, Wolfe, Hill, Row 2-King, Guilinger, Eld'ridg'e, Mishler, Watts, Posey, Gardenshire. Coburn, Loucks, Lewis. Row 3-Quinn, Iman, Gregory, Fry, Staf- ford, Koch. Row 1-C. Oliver,Yearout, Hunt, Hollibaugh, Row 2-D. Endacott, Velma Griffith, Cau- Pratt, Rine, Warren, Maltby, Eagan. thon, Meek, Hughes, Creason, Shiflett, Wat- son. Row 3-Gelvin, Ward, Claypool, T. Gilmore, G. Wilson, Tharp, Kelsey, Bankston. 5 A 'wif SCPH Vu- :.,,,, ...,,,,iw - -i ' ,gg .. ,gt . 1., MGRES ll it 'xflxl ll I ly, 3,1 X. Warren Gilstrap Loucks Clay Student Council President Vice Pres. Sec. J ewett, Ralston, R. Hawkins, Gossard Row 1-Schuchmanu Sharp, Tripp, Lee, Mc- Irwin, Follett, Roehl, Carter, Perkins, Pierce, Adams, Boswell, Longshore, Acton, Haslett, Greer, McAnally. Row 2-Bankston, Morris, Trexler, Watts, Haney, L. Hawkins, Zoellner, Dailey, Childs, Estep, Burt, Stovall, Pond, Gage. Row 3-Hampston, Prochaska, Yager, Sor- enson, Allen, Harp, M. Roberts, Fry, Milam, Rahn, Fortner, Honeycutt. Row 4-Burks. Stacy, Rutter, Rameriz, Evans, Utt, Houdek, Haslett, Reeves, Coggins, Ma- jor, Brown, Baum, Taylor, Griffith, Marnix Conley, Stuard, Myers, """1---uni l F595 fe. 'N JK Row 1-Miller, Baber, Marrs, Busby, Wahler, Tanquary, Louderback, Carter, Allen, Os- borne, Roberts, Searson, Ventris, G. Roberts, Godfrey, Baird, Stout. Row 2-Kelley, Angel, Ford, Stover, Run- yan, Burk, Benshoof, Watson, E. Thomas, Marshall, Wilson, J. Thomas, Cline, Maxon, Sneller, Musselman. Row 3-Hatcher, Clay, Englis, Barker, Will- iams, Trent, Buechner, McFarland, Robinson, Wald, Willhite, Weymouth, 'Cox, Waltrip, Condit. Row 4-Howard, H. Thomas, Hay, Estus, North, Stone, Johnson, Carrol, McQuigin, Lindley, Mills, Warren, Beck. Row 5-Webb, Dye, Stafford, Day, Cuilers, Parker, Bob Borchers, Richard Borchers. Row 1-Contreras, Condit, Mason, Blass Austin, Gable, Hartman, Gray, B. Thomasl Coulson, Bossi, Sanders, Sheldon, Mullet Rairdon, Varner, McKay. Row 2-Voorhis, Watson, Bazil, Morgan Gladman, Deering, Husted, Dale, Johnson: Rice, Careathers, Cameron, Justice, Tanner, Laughlin. v Row 3-Beck, Morris, Voorhis, Davis, Perci- val, Carmean, Maddox, Johnson, Bell, Brad- ley, Biglow, Robson, Endacott, Grazelli Clayton. Row 4-Pulley, Berry, Hearne, Gardener Gilstrap, Hickey, Peters, Loucks, Heskett Abrams, Thiesen, Hanahan. Row 5-McKinney, Krout, Mavis, Hinson, Fultz, Walker, Sleeth, Chaplin, Sanderson, Templar, Brown, Gragert, Mitchell. Mg ,,, ,T x lt il f" fi' W4 2, z,,,.,, N, ' ww +V, if ,DM A, fffvslyffg VM .V 1 WV,-',,. MW. 1. 9 r V -4" Km., , - -K, f,,.,L. ' .,.,, , YV 4 f... f: ff Q-,. -ww ,ww M 4 , ,uf J f35,yQM is 3' 2 rganlza tions W . ROW 1-Joyce Sewell, Mary Baileyf N0Y'm3 Row 2-Miss Edna Wheatly, Bob Husted, RiCh31'dS, Rose AUD Wolfe, QBTOIYH Hill' Dick Loucks, Phil Burns, Raymond Tipton, Mary Kay Bufkhafth' Betty Smlthf ZU2 A1111 Emmett Smith, Bill Clay, Jack Stahl. B. M. Zoellner, Janell Estep. Clark Row 3-Elwood Keller, Layton Chalpin, Eugene Coffelt, Raymond McVay, Bill Mitf chell, Bill Sneller, Ted Templar, Don Duncan, Phil Smith. Row 1-Jack Miller. Connie Rush, Esther Hunt, Daryl Moore, Edith Hays, Paula Pond, Tommy Deering. Row 2-Betty Ann Oliver, Peggy Sullivan. Row 3-Norman Smyer. Charles Laughlin. Lenna Payton, Betty Jo Floyd, Zara Zoellner, Raymond McVay, Ronald Holdredge, Phil Wanda Brachear, Erma Marshall, Miss Edna Baker, Jack Stahl, Arthur Fitch. Wheatly. -F' s l i 3 f YQ? W4 -JU Q 3 of Jack Warren. Row 2--Bill Ramsey, Jimmy Turner, Charles Thiesen. Ed Galle, Fred Fouts. Keith Hearne - President Marjorie Thomas - President Row 1-Carolyn Hill, Wilma Tanquary, Marjorie Thomas Bety Mae Hughett, Doris Schlesinger, Rosemary Edwards Row 2--Miss Edna Wheatly, Norma Rich- ards, Darlene Crain. Mary Ann Tubbs, Gloria Ausmus, Miriam Deskin. - Q. zz First Row-left to right-Faris, Bowman, Ha-rader, Gose, M. Smith, B. Marrs, Hatcher. Second Row-Voorhis, Mishler, Fultz, A. Johnson, Haslett, Eagan, R. Marrs. Third Row-Thompson, Quinn, Iman, Stacy, A. Thomas, B. Evans. Bill Marrs - President First Row-left to right-C. Stover, Acton, Gage, Sullivan, Oliver I i Sanderson, E. Tanquary, B. Pierce, Estep, B. Mar- Beulah Marshall - President shall, K. Barker. Irvin, Templar, Roehl, Longshore, Rice, Childs, E Marshall, Careathers, Follett. kins, Zoellner, Dailey, S. Endacott, D. Endacott Milam, Wilson, Austen, Vaughn, Padget. Second Row-Kelley, Bigelow, Baum, D. Marshall, Varner, Mc- Third Row-B. Thomas, B. Sanders, L. Hawkins, Conely, R. Haw- USHERETTES First Row.-Thomas, R. Jones. Campbell. Ledeker, Wahler. B, Williams ,Browny B. Oliver. Second Row-Wagner, Schlesinger. L. Berry, Crampton, G. Baum, G. Goff, Rush, B. Bossi. Third Row-Hasletb Pierce, Hill, W. Tanquary, Howarth, C. Coyle. Hughes. Fourth Row-Bailey, Eustice, Brachear, Sweet, Stockton, Hughett, P. Goff. Esther Sweet,-Head Usherette ff I THE ARK LI Fred Deering Editor Doris Schlesinger Associate Editor Rosalee Jones Sports Editor Joan Templar Feature Editor Rex Howe Business Manager Helen Calkins Sponsor First Row-left to right, R. Jones, J. Templar, D. Schlesinger, Betty Beck, L. Berry, N. Moore. Second Row-Gardenshire, Howe, P. Smith, B. Sneller, F. Deer- ing, Burkarth. N '49 irror .5264 Michael Justice-Editor Raymond Tipton-Asst. Editor Clinton Keller-Photography Marjory Thomas-Classes Doris Schlesinger-Classes Francis CooperACartoons Marylou Harbin-Calendar Charlotte Kitchens-Calendar A. E. Maag'-Sponsor Dan Stark art n H b' J t' ,M.Thomas, 1 First Row-left to right-Schlesinger, ar ln. us 109 Kitchens. t Second Row-left to right-Stark, C. Keller, Cooper. A. Maag, Tipton, AMX H M "lbw, .A-"' ,-f"N"d X ff x J N 52 1 p f1 V Em v 'J F,- 5 ,Qw- ., is f E Q f-1' if l, - Q. A I 5 if llllllx 4, Hg? .,, Cm Ausmus, G. Baum, Buel Beck, Bell, L. Berry, Brachear, Burk, P. Burns, Cannon, L. Clark, C. Coyle, Crawford, Dailey, Delinger, Dowler, N. Dye, Eustice, Farrar, Fitch,Floyd, Follett, L. Fry, Gar- denhire, Garris, Gochis, B. Godfrey, Greenwood, Herbert, Hughes, Humphrey, B. Jones, C. Keller, King, B. Larkin, Louder- back, P. Loyr, Bob Marshall, E. Marshall, McAdam, Meek, B. Miser, J. Miser, Moore, Morgan, Nugan, B. Oliver, Padgett, Peck, E. Peters, Richards, Rine, Rush, Schlesinger, Shields, B. Smith Stovall, Sullivan, Sweet, Tibbetts, Tripp, Wahler, Watts, D. Wil- son, V. Wilson, Wolfe, B. Wright, R. Watson. Louderback, Jones, Peck, Rme Orclzw fra NN J Xu C. L. Hinchee Director . Qi X , ' X Q! KAOPU5 First Row-left to 'right-M. Wagner, B. Burk, Rush, J. White, J Brown, J. Miser, Watts, Genevieve Goff, J. Hughes? B. Oliver, Meek, Points, R. Dixon. Second Row-Freese, N. Moore, Herbert, E. Smith, Ramsey, B Wright, Garris, Buechner, D. Waggoner, McAdam, L Clark, Warren, B. Larkin, Sullivan. Third Row-Harbin, Flottman, Hayes, B. Loucks, E. Peters, K. Lewis, W. Dixon, Harvey, Riohards, B. Smith, Pudden, Hellweg. Fourth Row-Goldie Goff, Price, Purdue, Maltby, Taton, Hol- dredge, Glassgow, M. Thomas, Floyd, Dowler, Eustice, R. Jones, Wolfe, Farrar. Fifth Row-Crain, Crabtree, Rine, Chaplin, Wittenborn, Houdek, G. Burns, Daniels. C PLO Connie Rush, lVIarj'ory Thomas, Norma Richards. T Mdfieffe Ernest, Taton, Barbara Garris, Ronald Holdi edge Roy Hadley 1 w 1 avi? 1 A f 0 Glamour Gal ....UG! Chief Grinnell Qwin it!! 45 Shorty Shields 45.55 , 5 v ' ll 1 in ' IO ' 'l 535 Whats wrong with this picture? Q H I ' 1 fif his I, n:u , X ll I w 1 n WW ul pl lub ,W wt I., 1 ff x K L K 4: f i my , we N' l .1 I A 1' . - .l A. - l P' ,I ww. ' "1'2 General Curry Y' i" 5 ' , 'Q Wi 5. ' K 7 ' ' ' . 1 , . SIWFL5 'QV 4 i f 42 ffrxiff , -3 sXQ,QL,.1,.,, ,e , ,L rf , - . i- .ff X-sjvffi-ev ,Q 3.yg,W lp! , " 4 'if' . H . . A , M, A ew "vi 1 f S ' 'Mplia LA t I ' , - L - Wjinliki, ,..k. - 1 1. 7, .7 f wqjfviguc-'Q , .1-Q . R x '. -lk x I -A k LA, A. I K- T . , 2. 1 JL i 1 ' -1-X at ff My f :ggi Y lk Y 4 A-if V A i? , .l feb iiwuylfjf' f , f f 1 - . Q--+V -1 K I H gf . gg A-'ff ' I V wfrm , ,, mil i 4 . as S if , 9 'QVQ E? To W- E ff ' i ,4 I 3 wr 'R gp Q ' 3? an '7 'Yi vt '01 if . V 1 L 1? . I jhk ' ialliif -ii i I 'f,...,F .Q a A "ffff , g-44+ f1f?23' f 4 fi if V nbl i i: ql zl :Eiga g"i'5 1 .-8.-if?'sh .'f ' e. . . ? ., E . l .Y 7 ,LJ,1Z 7..: E ,:. - E A ,.. A f- . I .. , A, . L. 4 , W -j ,'. 3 5 ,'-- iw V 2 A, wg? , 3 - My H, ga 'd?'ff g?v.:.gxn ' 3 Z, V k .V ik I gg,,,gg+,,qmm-..1v- "' ' W g ?-5 ,-iw V f L J ,.,', 1 i ff? A 554Qf 3 ,517 V ie iii: ,ka Y 9 . fi ?' 1f ' , fl "' . , - i'1i51ig ' 2 kv 2- ,, 7- 'Q .L wg- ' .S Ji ,R . 3 A g 54 Magii y , Hi iff 4 l j espmf. pf., First Row-left to right-B. Myers, R. J ones, Garris, Farrar, Floyd, R. Watson. Second Row-G. Maag, Schlesinger, Hughes, Harbin, Garcia, A. Maag. Third Row-D. Kelley, Hadley, P. Smith, Justice, Burns, Gose, F. Deering. I-IEADED FOR EDEN wa, Y? r an K L E, i 5 , 5. it , is Z EVERY FAMILY HAS ONE GEORGE BATSON THE CAST Penelope D ,D D E D EDoris Schlesinger Laura Reardon ,o,Mo,cMarjory Thomas Mrs.P'arkerco ,D,E, Joan Dowler Nana Reardon D, ,,o,ooJoan Templar Essieo-- ,H,, EM in fE,Lenna Payton Reginald Reardonfo Michael Justice Marsha Reardon D, ,, Judy Peck Warry Reardon, D cM,oDan Stark Mr. Parkerc . Bob Duncan Sherwin Parker D o,D,oFrancis Cooper Tod Galloway o,DDcoDeane Gilstrap Lily,?o, D Emo Darlene Crain Directed by Virginia Weisgerber S Afbei rehearsal 1? .wi i a E , w . W D' 51' EM S ,ra S' Q ,nw Y A orenri ica Row 1-F. Gose, B. Smith, R. Watson, Tate, Myres Row 2-G. Magg- V. Wilson, Justice S. Sanderson, Schlesinger Row 3-R. Hadley, Stahl, Holdrerlge, Fitch, M. Thomas, Floyd Row 1-Crawforrlv Eclwarcls- Deskins, Mathis- Myers. Row 2-Fouts, B. M. Clark, Buskland. ibega fe ogri , 0 Row 1+Stout, Tripp, Estus, Hay, Miller, Evans, Wineinger, Thomas Row 2-Goss, Clay, Peters, Parker, Day, Maxson, Musselman, Dye Row 3-Cullers, Templar, Dick Borchers, Mitchell, Bob Borchers, Berry, Glasgow Row 1-Haslott, Hastings, Burkarth, DuBois, Follette, Coggins, Gage, Coyle, Mclrwin Row 2-Blackburn, Campbell. Pond, Roehl, Richards, Acton, Hughes, Carter, Garcia, Fry Row 3-Tolles, Stovall, Hainds, Dailey, R. Hawkins, Austin, L. Hawkins, Marnix, Myers, Estep, Baum 7 y CAL - L 4. ... ,1,, PRINTING CLASS Clinton Fiske - Instructor WELDING McCord Taylor - Instructor Lon Shields - Linotype Operator NIGHT MACHINE 'SHOP W. A. Sneller -- Instructor IVV -. X 1 .W ' , 73 "' 3 "f -wr, A 1., ' 4 , VH' .K ' ' ' 'f 4. ' J ,-1'1" ".v Y,, , VV ,,., , .v., ,iw V ,, Q ,, V .V:i?,. VV 1V.i4f:VV'QkQV. VVVVVVVZ-1 .QV .. 3.VV5.VV . X f V 7 . wg .V .f , A ,n"f:.: " '1 ' 4 . A . ,.,- 4, I , ,M . ,V,,,, A f , , fb . N mn-. - ' . , 1' fl 1 5 , , , .v xl I- V-gf, m- f V f., , I f 1 jg V' ,f f' ' , VV f VT, V I V lf, .Y . 3-VV, , V X, V , X, f , -. . xv-1 .. . ,f ' f n . f ,ff f f .V Vi, 435: V VV V V V V V 'VV X I . ' V ff ' f , fiyzf' V VVVf sV, If 1 , , f-7.5,-V.,V VA. - ' 'V'-,gg Q' K -,Viv fx VZ' ,ff X17 K V ,, ' 4 Vx -- 1 - V 1-gf. ws- f ff ,ff , ' lx V ,- - '35,-ip - , L- J ff! 7 ff f ' X ",",afZA. 'V ' , ', 'T' ' ' ff f f 1' A ' iv ff J .1 g v -'f 'r' j V 1 Z 1 , i- ,fx I V. V V 'f' V 4 '.',.:1-1 4' ' , X , fl 4 VV - VVVg.,?3w 1' V N f V 1+ ' ' ,va f , . W f Jeff' I 'N X VI ,Vf7'V, ' V' V WAX f 1 f U , fr ' 1713 , , 1 ' ' XL f f J ,,. ' 1--f f Gf E V 4 5 -I , " f A H7 I , l V VV fy!! , ff ,f f f , I fm f I iz if ', ',f INV! f f ,f " ' N 1 f f f ' ,1 Y 'ffl f X 4 ,1 ' V ,A ,ff V u , y Vf I f f f f f ,- ff, , V!fV ' !,VV , lf' ' ,l 4- W f - I ,f ,f ,Lf ' j ' '- 1 A1 f y ' A f 1 X f ' . ' 1 , 1 f ,XJ 1 , . f ' ,f I Ma kk, 1'-if ' . -sr. , , . ' , . Q ' . p . vu --f V, A -F1-'ii 'Hg fp. ' f 7 . ' J x " , 3. - , -, . 'M' ' Z fl , f Ti. 1 ' ' 1 :M A - f f, ' f' ' - :wp-1 2-Q f J ' 1 72 . f 1 ff f .f I Z 1 f ,,,g--,H , a,,.V.-3.4 ,A , -, f Lk N f VI, in '2V::l!::VV'j.,1i:f, ., V sn-'uk V ,KL , V Z 3 ff 'i V, 115: -w ' rVV'V'.,f ji :5,VVx.vh,,P, " ' - in f?ff?'f1f1fkffW u -. ' f , 1 fa' f ,ff- ' ':7?5'ifMQLE9+Q,zQi1w' W' ETQH J h ff ff' ' 14 ff' fn- - , Q 2221 A ,ff N. :Rf Fig? ' '5igpf:.'Q. L 1' 'Lax'4si. -. - '. . .c -.- ,,- ry W f - , . 5 rj"-z-' 1 ww.: jf Ti .Lib VV ?VziV.gri'fL1Vg5Vg. in 5 . V V., -Vi Q,-. K3 V , X VV VV V pq .. V V Avi wgikc, :Vii??-gin 'Q 'Fd L1 ,fL.1'f V" . 'L ' ' " " 1 A ' , --LY -Q-5+ Phi!-f Aff? h -15452 -vw ' if ' H ' ' - ' W -4.1.5 l -5 -1 2 1.3335 if g ' ' ' , ., Q' ,,,-"Y, fi-,ELET ,'-5317523 ' '2s:ff:Q H ff"?'?' Mae, ww -1 A yi-,izm 'iieixiigiif V 2 V,- Mk ., , V ' ,' X Vi,:Yig1,?Ql4-2,4EVVri V:5i5:iq.Vf.zi Q 17? ' ' P iswkyff ,-'.,4zAfgf:sfPg5'F? 'J-1 . 7 . gf gg,-15 X 'Q-S1 nf'sfg,1V --Q5 X . 1 ':. '25-ZWg5'Fg: 332 V775 ' 'SE f ,qmfg f V .4-x ,g,.A-'y'-fr? f " u., ' ' fifllf 1-ff," rf Y'-dig!-V .F fiz.-"'7?2:: fi 'L 11? '5r'f.1f'5?QL7f ' 4 f f X -331 .fm -Mix -ig mfg? gm ,-F552-fs2f5?'f-'11 2, ff . . f512fs2a4..:ff+'? Pu ' " - 2 i':f2f,1a1', --. If --3133 1:73 J I ff V - X " 'w-54117 XL' ' VF ' 4lT!5hl5?J ,fy . 'Q A ' ' ,J fy- ,f f if . 'f'aT'f'.,i 'l M! , f . K jf ' q ' -if, , V, 35354-iiggfqfs,-,L ' , V , "Vik s ,Vu ,, 4' ,Q 5. 4' 'AK QQ.- f VA . 14.351 VT fi" eff!! 4' -, ,. V K ' "fig A ' I ,, 1 , .A V . VJ 1,-1 - mi , N. . .,. I N - , 1' J-1vvN .' 1 'ig' ' . , , "VR 4 A i r V l E 5 E I s s E L, t e Best Girl Citizen Betty Smith Best Boy Citizen Roy Hadley Football Queen Barbara Garris Basketball Queen Betty Burk , SADIE 1-IAWKINS WEEK dx 9 1 f Q e., QW' W' L. W gtg, '- ,bn ,WLLX fy X,J!7, 1 x 1 x . .72 Kg , 4.'g,L,-in V 'I - - K ff!.,,- "'e .x V ' R, X' ex '-,Q 5 . E, Q31 T' 'lass b w '-A I., . L2 I , , W . X f-'i HM I ,Y 4 7 4' v if 3 X I 1 x , yr fi l Q Q flap! jiwa lj 71 I, V , ' --47" y f ,M V 4 'i V 1 4 A , fiMe, 1,,f' ,f , ,fp ' . ,4 J Q X ffl- 5 ,vflvfflfiigrf Q' ff' ,I' ff W " i ' 'ff 7 C: I J , N , EI ui XNXR Lx ' ,ff 'iw-f. U K!! R x NX X , N w ff E X M 44 M 4 jx 'r xi 6 1,7 , 1 X ,af ff 1' .' Y 1, , 1 V Il! ffl' 'Q X I7 J' 6? Nh cn, .' ff ! f Mfr, , X W 'f ,ff "nl ry' I f A 1 'ls N Q' fn 431, f 4 If tin, McCutcheon. Deering, E. Stanley. Parker. Roy Hadley, senior, capably held down the quaterback position and as co-captian inspired, the team with his own confidence. His altertness proved the difference between victory and de- feat against North and East. Phil Smith, the steadiest man on the team ,honors for his brilliant work at lD31Slgge??Iii 131331216121 2513333227 center. A terror on defense this senior passed unerringly all season. the attack joofgaf First Row-left to right-Mitchell, Peters Galdner Howard Mar Second Row-Doyle Gilstrap, Dean G1lstra,p P Smith Taton F Third Row-Turner, V. Watson, Porch Howe Brady Gorker Fourth Row-D. McVay, Hearne C Carter Glassgow T G11 more, Thiesen, McKeever Hadley B Duncan Greg ory, Coach Barney Getto Mark Porch, although light, was one of the fastest men on the team, had plenty- of fight and determination on offense as Well as defense. He is a senior. Bud Howard, senior, called signals from his guard position. Fast and hiard- charging, he played most of his games in the opponents backfield. Cornelius Carter, another All-Ark Valley first team selection, proved ex- tremely valuable to the team as a speed-merchant halfback. A senior, he was a dependable defensive man. Bob Brady, a rangy, sticky-fingered, senior end, could always be counted on p to come through when the going was l tough. The team felt his absence when. I . 'QQ he was sidelined by injuries. 11 .5 1 Bob Duncan, first team tackle, was a senlor candidate for All-Ark Valley honors until a leg injury at Newton benched him for the season. Don Glasgow, the heaviest man on the squad and la bulwark on defense, proved his value by stopping many plays on the line. Don was All-Ark Valley first team tackle. Fred Deering, senior halfback, de- serves much praise for his fine ball lugging and excellent defensive play. A first string alternate, Fred could always come through when the going Bob Parker, guard. was one of the best reserves and saw much action. This senior brought fresh power to the line y prnp . . . when he was in the game. was tough. Ronald McCutcheon- senior reserve rppypr y tackle, was handicapped by lack of ex- r perence but came through in some of -e-y Q the final games when he was frequent- on r ly called on to bolster the line. ' f Bill Mitchell, one ofthe few S-opho- . A ff-4 mores who saw much action, pulled the Bulldogs out of several holes with T . t i his long punts. The opposition rarely made yardage around his end. ' l Robert Gregory. who as a 200 pound tackle got in several games, showed his power on defense several times. He will be back next year. Bill Gardner was another big sopho- more who held a guard position. He gained experience in several games and should be a big asset to next year's team. Charles Martin, junior center, dis- played accurate passing and good de- fensive work which should make him a valuable man on next year's line. Rex Howe, senior, a light speedy end, was a dependable pass receiver and de- spite his size. turned in good defensive games. Al McKeever was a rangy junior end who replaced Brady in the lineup when he was injured. He showed stellar de- fensive play and blocked hard at all times. Tom Gilmore, junior tackle, was a rugged second stringer who advanced to the first team after injuries put Dun- can out. Big and fast, Tom capably held down his spot in the line. .Deane Gilstrap, senior, although he did not see much action Deane fought hard. His spirit inspired the second team much. Virgil Watson, junior, was the fast- est man on this year's team. When he was in the game at halfback he used his speed on several occasions to give the Bulldogs a real advantage. Doyle Gilstrap who called the signals for the second team showed much promise for future years. A so homore, he will be back at quarterback. Eddie Peters, a speedy halfback gained valuable experience this sea- son and should be an important factor in next year's team. He is a junior. ennifi First Row-left to right, B. Sneller, P. Smith, A. Fitch, D. Dun- can, T, Billings, F. Deering, A. McKeever. Second Row-P. Currv, W. Es-tus, M. Selan, B. Mitchell, O. Thomas. B. Clay, R. Loucks, T. Deering, Judd. Winegarner, Brady, Larrew, J orden, Smyer. ei . Q ral' 2 APHA QQ Row 1 Row 2 KGJLQMQZ -Nicholson, Estus, Turner, Mitchell, Thomas, Sneller, Faris, Miller -Rutter, Pulley, Martin, Claypool, McKeever, Gilmore Chaplin, E. Keller, Hollembeak Row 3-Loucks, Smyer, Stafford, Gilstrap, Berry, Gardner, Larrew, Clay ' i 1, ,A as Q4 J S FX Sneller-Forward Thfomas-Guard Mitchell-Center Gilmore-Guard Turner-Forward Faris-Guard Martin-Guard Claypool-Guard McKeever--Center 4 X W5 f 346164 .SJQLLCI fe T X X: AW im f4 Row 1.-Wilson, E. Peters, Gilstrap, Gregory, McVay, White, Thomas. Row 2.-Swain, Green, Watson, G. Peters, Grinnel, Porch, Wat- son, Carter. SEPTEMBER i lady, 5-"Hey there, what cha been doin' all sum- mer? Boy! am I glad this is my last year of this old grind." Yep it's that Superior Senior back again with the Sophomores getting in his way and just enduring the Juniors. First Mirror Staff meeting. 6-We've still got those first-days-of-school Blues. 7-Bill Marrs heads F. F. A., Beula Marshall- G. A. A., Marjory Thomas-G. R., Keith Hearne- Hi-Y. 8-Play tryouts start today for the speech play, "Headed for Eden". Those week-end dates again! l l 11-- Esther Sweet appointed head Usherette. 12--First Girl Reserve meeting fortells a bang up year. 13-Cast for Speech Play announced. Con- dolences to the losers. 14-Really got into the swing of things with our first assembly. G. R.'s had a Watermelon feed to get acquainted. 15-Gala opening party at the Ranch house. Jammed to the rafters. 18-Marylou Harbin, Joyce White, Phyllis Goss- ard, Dot Wentworth chosen as twirlers. Con- gratulations, strut your stuff girls! I ! 19-Hot session for Seniors in elections for class officers. Also first Student Council meet- ing. 20-Mirror Staff announced. 21-Second assembly of the year revealed those lucky winners of the annual presidential cam- paign. You lucky kids! ! l 22-RAH! RAH! RAH! Pep assembly with cheerleading tryouts for hopeful little sopho- mores. Bulldogs tromped Deercreek there 19 to 6. 25-"Hey there Senior! got your Senior jewelry order in?" 26-Girl Reserves have meeting at Ranch House, fun for all. 27-Conferences finish election of officers. 28-"Gimmie my Ark Light" First of '44-45. Good Work Fred. 29-Pep assembly with sophomore leaders Dick Tripp and Bebe Jo Louderback, being shown the ropes 'by the old standbys, Judy Peck, Ros- alee Jones, Vincent Wilson and Becky Rine. Bulldogs tangle with Pratt there, coming out victorious 14 to 0. OCTOBER 2-Mirror cover drive begun by finance com- mittee of Mirror Staff. 3-Going to have two queens this year, Foot- ball and Basketball, recommended by Student Council and O. K.'d by students. First P. T. A. Social was enjoyed by all, especially the free punch and doughnuts. Ja, 4-Conferences have white elephant sales to raise money for a better Mirror cover. 5-Guess the '45 Senior class has started some- thing. Biggest pep rally A. C. ever saw was held with the band leading A. C. H. S. students to Curry Field. 6-Bulldogs win over El Dorado Wildcats 26 to 0 in first home game. 7-Usual couples at the De Molay dance includ- ing the new steadies Rosalee Jones and James McCormick. 10-G. R. impressive candlelight Recognition Service. 11-Speech play tickets going like hot cakes! Could it have anything to do with getting out of class to sell them? 12-School rally to promote student bond and stamp purchases. 13-Barbara Garris, pep assembly chairnam, introduced hilarious skit in pep assembly. New- ton falls before Arks there 14 to O, and it's Fri- day the 13! ! ! 16-"Activity tickets for sale, step right up folks!" 17-Yipee! ! thirty two new members for the .pep club. Yell all you new people. 19-Short skit advertising the speech play "Headed for Eden" was presented by the play cast. 20-Bulldogs trounce Augusta here 32 to 7. Also the B team finally got going defeating Chilocco 19 to 6. 24-Basketball practice started today. 25-Matinee performance of "Headed for Eden" received what every cast wishes for- curtain call. 26-Orchids again for play cast as the gave evening performance of "Headed for Eden." House sold out. 27-We gathered around the flag pole giving Bulldogs a send off as they left to beat Wichita North there 6 to 0. 30-"Nominations for best boy and girl citizens are now in order." 31-Hallowe'n-No school for a half day Hurrah. N OVEMBER--- 2-The 18 to 14 loss to Hutchinson dropped Bulldogs to second place. 3-State teachers meeting-no school-Yipee! I l 4-It's on again that Smith-Taton romance. 7-Joint G. R.-Hi-Y meeting concerning Prayer Week. 8-Best boy and girl citizens elected, Betty Smith and Roy Hadley. 9-Armistice Day program honored American service men in this war with LeRoy Bagby of Marines as speaker. Chorus sang to top off pro- gram. 10-The crowning of Barbara Garris as foot- ball queen, with Doris Schlisinger and Betty Smith as attendents was really something. Con- gratulations Barbara you sure deserve it. 11-Bulldogs knock Wichita East off Ark Val- ley throne by administering 13 to 6 defeat here. Say! whose Diane Danley's new steady? Better Mirror cover a reality as drive went over the top. What a day! l ! 13-The steps to the stage of the Jr. High au- ditorium have been repaired after Mr. Curry fell through them Thursday. 154Girl Reserves have annual Mother Daugh- ter Tea. 16-Book Week assembly presented by Miss Austin's conference. Juco student James Mc Cormick to service-Poor Rosalee, dry those tears. 17-Speech students to annual Enid meet. Pat- sy Garcia brings home first and Michael Justice gets second. The Swingarks and Chorus appear- ed at 'Chamber of Commerce banquet. Very solid kids, solid!! 20-Jimmy Gheen, world famous humorist from New York, spoke in second Lyceum pro- gram. 22-Gave thanks today in Thanksgiving assem- bly presented by the G.R.., Hi-Y and a special chorus. 23-Bulldogs were handed their second defeat by Wellington, 19 to 15, there at the annual Thanksgiving Day classic. Well Seniors there goes our last football game and it was darn good even if we did lose. The Thanksgiving De Molay dance came off with a bang that night. 27-Don Glasgow, Cornelius Carter, Phil Smith and Ernest Taton, according to the Wichita Beacon all Ark Valley line up were rated first team. Congratulations boys. DECEMBER 1-Bulldogs lose first basketball game of season to Wichita Cathedral 13 to 31. 5-Bob Brady elected president of the "A" Club at its initial meeting. 7-Ouch! Dental inspection. Swingarks and chours perform at bond 'rally where students bought services of school officials as book carriers. Raised 5590.000 in bonds. 8-Bulldogs lose first Valley game to El Dorado, 21 to 15. 12-Football players honored by Lions Club at their ninth annual football banquet. 14-A. C. G. R.'s entertain over two hundred and fifty girls from neighboring towns as they attend annual winter conference here. 15-Wichita North win from A. C. in overtime 35 to 34. 18-Handel's famous "Messiah" was given Sun- day bythe chorus. with student soloists, who did a swell job. 20--The Student Council received, in behalf of the student body, a framed pfrint of the Bill of Rights from the Cashiers, for exceeding the bond quota. 22-G. R.-Hi-Y present impressive Christmas Erogram. Newton defeated Bulldogs 26 to 23 ere. '25-Wonderful Christmas, and those presents and dinner! ! To top it all off a get to gether at Rose Watson's and Joan Hughes' Open House before the super De Molay formal Christ- mas dance. 27-Wedding bells again congratulations to Goldie Golf , AC.. H. S. Senior, and Jack Circle, A. 'C. H. S. '44. 29-A. C. noses out Wichita East 26 to 24 in their first win of the season. JANUARY 1-Happy New Year you all!!! 2-Oh nuts! school again. 4-"Now you see it now you don't." Clinton Keller. senior, and freshman assistant Barry McQuire presented an enjoyable magic show for assembly. 9-G.R., Hi-Y meetings. 10-4Senior class meeting announced tryouts for 'Senior play "Every Family Has One" to start 15. 12-Bulldogs win over Winfield 28-25 there. 15-Congratulations to Mary Helms. Junior, and Merle Johnson. Junior, Marriage. Bo'b Adams went to the Merchant Marines yester- day. Arkansas City Tuberculosis and Health Association brings Chest -Clinic here 15-20. 16-Patsy Garcia receives Scho larship from Phillips University at Enid, Oklahoma. Con- grats Patsy. 177Senior play cast announced. -Condolances again to the losers. 19-Ark. City takes bad trouncing from Well- lngton 60-26 on home court. 22-Senior class voted to graduate in caps and gowns. 23-Chrous and Swingarks have chili feed with Chef Hinchee presiding. Daymond McVay will sloon be Seaman 2Ic as he left for the Navy to- ay. 24-G.R.'s have all girl party. 26-Arks win from El Dorado there 25-24. FEBRUARY--l- 1-Jack Barker leaves, for the Navy today. Poor Betty Joe. 2-Bulldogs lose to Wichita North 34 to 35 in overtime. 3-President's Ball enjoyed by all. 5-We lose another male to the Navy. Ernest Taton. 6-G. R.'s start Heart Sister week. 9-Thanks again to Rotary Club for bringing M. P. Greenwood-Adams from Australia to speak to us. Bulldogs suffer loss to Newton 19 to 47. 10-Bulldogs defeated by Wichita East on home court 31 to 28. 14-Doris Schlesinger and Tom Gilmore chosen number 1 boy and girl of the Ranch House at Valentine's Day party. - 16-Sadie Hawkins assembly predicts the activi- ties of the coming week. Basketball squad lost to Hutchinson there 16 to 37. 19-"Oh happy day. happy Sadie Hawkins day." Senior Play cast presented hilarious skit for- casting "Every Family Has One" to be given March 1 and 2. 20-G.R.'s revealed themselves to their heart sisters at a party after school. 22-Football boys get their letters today. 23-Rotary Club speaker, the last of four, was Dr. Segar, a naturalized German. Thanks to the Sub Debs for getting us out of sixth hour, also for that swell pep assembly. Really must have pepped us up as we beat Winfield again 23 to 18. Or maybe it was our beautiful Basketball Queen. Betty Burke who was crowned at the half that inspired our team to down our ancient rivals. Congrats- Betty. 27-Lyceum presented by Dr. Carns. 28-Matinee of Senior Play. "Every Family Has One", was enjoyed bythestudentsofol'A.'C.H.S. MARCHl? 1-Senior play. "Every Family Has One", Went over with a bang at evening performance. 2-Orchids again to play cast for Their third per- formance. K v 6-Dads have their day as Girl Reserves escort them to the annual Dad and Daughter Feed. 7-Regional Basketball Tournament starts at Winfield today. 9-Sam Gratwell speaks in Falrmwork assembly. 22-'State Basketball Tournament starts today. 26-Girl Reserve and Hi-Y sponsilor Prayer Week. 27-We see the Schlesinger-Hadly romance .is still going strong with three years to their credit. 30-Forensics squad travels to Wichita and Law- rence for state meets. APRI 1-Happy Easter and April Fool l l ! . 6-De Molays crowned their Sweetheart at their annual formal Sweetheart dance.. 8-Girl Reserves went to church in a body to- da . 11YForensics Team goes to Ark Valley meet. 13-Annual operetta this year was a Musical Review. put on by the Music Department under the direction of Hinchee. . 20-G.-R.-Hi-Y carnival was really swell this year-Congratulation to the King and Queen too. 25-Speech classes have their annual Speech Banquet with food and speeches galore. 27-The band concert gets better every year. This one was really super. MAY-L- 3-League Track and Field meets. 8-G. Rfs have annual Mother Daughter Ban- quet. 11-Well senior this is our day with the gals in shorts and no school after practice for grad- uation. Activies included swimming, picnics. and of course the day the girls learn the art of playing snooker-if you don't get the drift you'll have to wait till it snows. 15-Girl Reserves honored their Seniors with farewell meeting. 17-Mirrors distributed means the Mirror party. We hope you all like what we've put our heart and soul into this year. Incidently our grades too. 18JSenior Program with wills and prophesies giving us the laughs yet lumps in our throats too. 19-Gang here's the last grade cards for we seniors-hope they're not too bad. 20-Baccalaureate was very impressive in our caps and gowns. 21-Graduation-word just canlt express it. Every- one had a super time at the dance afterwards. The caps and gowns topped off the occasion and remember that song "The Tears Flowed Like Winenl So long gang "God Bless us, every onen. 1'-5' 'rs lftt0gI"CL,9 Q, M I f 6 .Q K I4 jug ty 42 1 7' ,L Hx lx 3 ,K I 1,L X MH 2 'Ml ,QNAU LU I if I ' X X gb - Yff ' , 'P 1 f. . .f -, ,Ns Kg-l-KNf"g,iM f- wr: ' Y NA A TRN X, Ln! Qu? Y5 'aifx X' .xwi 'S-.. f-7 1 27 X t ' . NT--.- Qs fkx X Xxx 'N ' Luxlin-Q B.,-46,1-H .4 . i .Z4lfLt09I'Cl,l9A W giffwww MW M WW W w f .gwfffw f Q I Q .W WA cl-7 www rw W WWQM W f A L 7 OV QMLV' V MY TAg..E IS TQLD V61 57220 ' i , We QQVHHHEQLQIQYQ Q 25", f'MWf'-UMWHQ-.L A Jfwdww M jyyiw Misa an W 3? 3 5, W iii? Qi. Si i 0,f 4:fffvffff,,Mf W 7 ff'MQMJf'?ww X Qi Wk i.L'3f1,,Tv"" wx ff Q'i333?S"u W' WP R .uh . .....,--.-,,....,..-, .... -., - k Y A - - ,.. . , -- f -1+ -4 - 1 - -lfl "W ' ' ' H- '- 'A' "' A-""' A 'A" "L' " I f. 1 .,. 1 - ' u , i ,, H ..,, . V Q M A WW ,ffmffyffjf QW WM, Q yifyfwffvw cz-za,-.64 -1 'Mfg' WM R. Z' live? Z,.,.mf?56- W My W0 WWW' , ,,.,,,,,,0M:,, df .aww Zljfw-W E40 hw? 'MM7' Xi 54, ,K A XSWZAZZZX XZ'-Qbiujf: MW M74 mfg AWWA ,942 fwwg M M Qi ' K4-Lab! 66 Mjffggilww 320:-ggi M J Qigf 46 My Xiibw F Q50 wggz X iDX,'5xo N W iiliv YW Q? My ',

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