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ef '?NLsa-fp ,Qi-f f 01, -f - 7- fr-fzzdtsrvz-X9-'f1,f:rffftiif ?f1'-r'iv42?14-bfi? 'ff"1F"3Z'fil'f 'ev ,av -fx Ev 1' f , an-0 no -. -Ji' 499 1 N was Ak uw We ,.,. -af-0 " ,rw 4 'va J UWA ,900 4-if -xv A ,,,,. ,Y-921, -,fr -ng! 54-'f w-vpffw.-s.: f x QP" fm ,vw-1 . QI! A ' ,' , ,,,,, 'f ' .ww ff' ' V' f , ,.f,1, -- fu- C 4 ' -' V - . .. -, , ,. - .,t,s?. --. lf, - . .af '-"5" 'T-A f, A wx 'ig-H. ,, , , , ., - "1 1 I ' A . ra, ' 1 4 , , ' " . , '.'Vff'f' , , ,.., I A Y., . .,,z,. M , WJ., g V, , f . . ' 'P - ' ,Q-i ' ' :Va-.r 4, ' fu- . - . ,W A - ' ' .-,pf-day.. ,- fb ' , . .. , ,,,,.,.,, ,.,b x . 1... y--, f' I ,if , ,v , I' ' .,w. V Q J ,Nu ,H , , J K , .,, ,..i:sp':z -H-M '-V. ,,f-f -v ,, ,, .,.-' " : - ' . ,.. ,4 W ' M .' ' ,.,,. V , , "ivy-fw ' - , Q, 4 ,, I 'IA fi-V . ' . , . ' ,V . ..-V15 VV: . 1,119.3 ,s f V , i'.,.5,-,fb ..,-,. -mf-gjfv' .' , 4 7 1, L, -' f' 4- " ' ' V' F , L,.,,.,:j: fy 1,-if , 34,1 ., ff 1 N NJA, ,rg WA . A .fill , ,nz-'.-.-A ,, ' ,,.1,, . ' r ., , V - .,x - ,L F' I , 1 Nia, V Wy,-Q. 'V , - A f' - - si,-.-,1", ' L - ' 5 yr - I - I t ' :'A.a,,.-I vm.. '..: F . -1 ' ,Q f ,V 'ff-Jw'.':i.1 ,kk 31.1" K -..':" , .e,.- " , 'f4."':.Q' X " A .' ..- x , ' ,, -r 4' , +Fi.Y.,n,'9 ,,,, . ' H, ' xi ,z V 'f'f 1. ,ri , -x X ' R --V ' , U., PM ,gi 1,5 ', Q , 1, A 4 'auf' , N, A ,: 3,,r QF T . ... - USS ARKANSAS qcoismip WEST PAC '94 .""TTT 'xx 0 fir xx ,J Xxx xxxsssoo SHIP'S CREST - The crest ofUSS ARKANSAS was designed hy Barhara Ann Hyatt of Forrest City, Arkansas. Ms. Hyatt suhmitted her winning design ina statewide contest sponsored hy the Arkansas Navy League and judged hy the USS ARKANSAS crew. The crest incorporates features of the Arkansas state flag together with traditional nautical symhols. The center of the crest contains a profile of the ship. The four stars signify that this is the fourth United States Ship to hear the name ARKANSAS. The motto of the state of Arkansas is "Land of Opportunity" hence the motto of USS ARKANSAS is "Defender of Opportunity." The diamond-shaped figure, imprinted with the ship's motto, is an artistic rendition of the diamond on the Arkansas state flag, and signifies that it is the only diamond producing state in the Union. The fouled anchors and hraided line are traditional insignia of seafarers. ig. OMMA D1 G OFFICE , , xxxx 1, if Zig, ,,," x"" 5 my as I Captain Etnyre's press conference in Melbourne Captain Terrance T. Etnyre Captain Etnyre is a 1970 graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and was commissioned as an Ensign in july 1971 from Offi- cer Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island. I-Iis sea and shore assignments include: Damage Control Assistant in USS HAMMERBERG KDE 10151 homeported in Naples, Italy, Repair Officer in USS ENTERPRISE QCVN 6513 Plant Performance Evaluation Officer for the AIW prototype at Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit, Department of Energy, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Engineer Offi- cer in USS MISSISSIPPI QCGN 401, member of CINCI.ANTFI.T's Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board, and Executive Officer in USS LONG BEACH QCGN 91. In December 1987, Captain Etnyre assumed command of USS LYNDE MCCORMICK IDDG 81. Under his command, USS LYNDE MCCORMICK, as a unit of SURFACE ACTION GROUP BRAVO, participated in Operation Praying Mantis, the United States response to the mining of the Persian Gulf and the mine damage to USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS IFFG 581. Following command, Captain Etnyre became Special Assistant for Nuclear Propulsion on the staffs of COMNAVSURFPAC and COM- NAVAIRPAC, and senior member of the Nuclear Propulsion Mobile Training Team. Most recently, Captain Etnyre served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Surface Warfare, as the Aegis Cruis- erfDestroyer and Anti-Air Warfare Branch I-Iead. Captain Etnyre's personal awards include the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V, the meritorious Service Medal Ctwo gold stars1, Navy Com- mendation Medal C gold star1 and the Navy Achievement Medal. Captain Etnyre presents Sailor of the Year to MM1 Yeoman XECUTIVE OFFICER Z 5 Q , ' U Q 4 g Commander Quigley preparing for Flight Quarters Commander Miles C. Quigley IH Commander Quigley attended College ofthe Holy Cross in Viforces- ter, Massachusetts, and received his commission in l979 through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program. Upon completion of initial nuclear propulsion training Commander Quigley served in USS CARL VINSON KCVN 70D as Reactor Labo- ratories Division Officer and Reactor Controls Division Officer. His next assignment was in USS BIDDLE QCG 34D serving as Fire Control Officer and Missile Battery Officer. Following a tour as Plant Performance Evaluation Officer at the Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit in West Milton, New York, Commander Quigley served as Combat Systems Officer in USS SIMPSON CFFG 56D, during which SIMPSON completed a Persian Oulf deployment acting as defense picket for re-flagged Kuwaiti oil tankers during the lran-Iraq war. Commander Quigley next served as Reactor Electrical Assistant in USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN 713. During this period THEODORE ROOSEVELT was deployed to the Arabian Oulf in direct support ofcombat operations during Operation Desert Storm, and subsequent direct air support during relief efforts for the Kurdish people, Operation Provide Comfort. Most recently Commander Quigley was assigned to the staff of the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program in Washingttun, DC, as the assistant for surface nuclear fleet operational issues. Commander Quigley's personal decorations include the Navy Com- mendation Medal fgold starl and the Navy Achievement Medal. Commander Quigley overseeing an UNREP OMMA V . ,, ,fy ff V f fig I .V 9.0 'l 1 M, , I ig, ,, I ' My I I . 7 f i . p , ,V 1, f,:, , ,fy ., I 5 .f n , + ...f,ffff1,4fff" if ,1 V ,, wwf. . .A-"""w"' Z7'A'f'f .mf 1 ,,, ,MMM 1, . I fn, ,M Master Chief Chute's reenlistment at the ARIZONA Memorial D MASTER CHIEF MMCM CSWISS David M. Chute Master Chief Machinist Mate fSurface WarfarefSubmarine Warfare1 David M. Chute, joined the Navy in january of 1972. Upon completion of Machinist Mate "A" school he served five Months in USS JOHN F. KENNEDY QCV 671. He then attended nuclear power training. This train' ing entailed six months at Bainbridge, Maryland and a further six months in Ballston Spa, New York. This was followed by a sea tour on the USS ENTERPRISE QCVN 651 from March 1974 to August 1975. September, 1975 brought a tour of new construction on the USS TEXAS QCGN 391. The ship was commissioned on 10 September, 1977 and the then Machinist Mate First Class Chute was the leading Petty Officer of number One Engine Room prior to his transfer to Nuclear Power Training Unit CNPTU1, Ballston Spa, New York for instructor duty in November 1978. His tour at the DIG Power Plant was capped with his promotion to Chief Machinist Mate in October 1981. The next tour of sea duty took him to the submarine fleet in the USS SNOOK KSSN 5921 as Machinery Division Leading Chief Petty Officer CLCPO1 from june 1982 to November 1985. He completed this sea tour with duty on USS CALIFORNIA QCGN-361, from December 1985 to December 1987, where he again served as Machinery Division LCPO and as Reactor Training Division LCPO. He returned to NPTU Ballston Spa, New York and was assigned to the S8C1 prototype from january 1988 to September 1990. During this tour Chief Chute received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources Management and was Promoted to Senior Chief. His most recent sea tour began in November 1990 with his transfer to USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN fCVN 721, where he assumed the duties as Reacf tor Department LCPO following his Promotion to Master Chief Machinist Mate. While serving as LCPO for this 400 man department they were the first ship to earn a grade of Excellent during their March, 1993 Operational Reac- tor Safeguards Exam. Master Chief Chute came to the USS ARKANSAS QCGN 411 in November of 1993 following his selection to the Command Master Chief Program. CMC takes a break to pose -4 MISSIO A D I-IISTCDRY CDF USS ARKANSAS CCGN 415 USS ARKANSAS QCGN 411 is the fourth nuclear powered guided missile cruiser of the Virginia class. The nuclear propul- sion plant provides ARKANSAS with the endurance and capability to operate with other conventional and nuclear ships over extended periods of time and over great distances. The mission of USS ARKANSAS is to operate offensively in the presence of air, surface, or subsurface threats either inde- pendently or in support of sea lift convoys, high speed aircraft carrier task forces, Maritime Action Groups, or amphibious task forces. Because of her extensive command, control, and communications suite, ARKANSAS is particularly well suited for joint operations with units from other armed forces, both American and allied. To accomplish ARKANSAS' mission, she has been equipped with the latest technology and equipment. With a fully inte- grated combat system she has the capabilities to quickly detect modern high speed targets, perform high speed digital data pro- cessing and employ powerful weaponry. Weapons delivery can be accomplished against hostile forces by utilizing two multi-purpose guided missile launchers Canti-air, anti-submarine missilesl, two 5" 54 caliber guns lanti-air, anti-surface, or shore bombardmentl, two three-barrel torpedo tubes, two harpoon anti-shipping missile launchers, and two Tomahawk anti-shipping and long range missile launchers. ARKANSAS' most recent awards include: Battle Efficiency Award CBattle "END, Maritime Wllffflfv Excellence Award lBl8Cli "END, EngineeringfSurvivability Excellence Award QRed "END, Command and Control Excellence Award iGreen "END, Logistics Management Excellence Award lBlue "E"l, Type Commander's Mission Area Excellence Award for Electronic Wanare, Type Commander's Cvolden Anchor Award for Retention Excellence, Type Commanders Surface Ship Safety Award lGreen "Sul, and Chief of Naval Operations Surface Ship Safety Award. Headed bv the Chief Engineer, the Engineering Log Room keeps all of the auxiliary and nuclear divisions Working together as a team. The planning for all work schedules, major evolutions, and watch bills is accomplished here. The Log Room also handles all of the essential administrative tasks of the department, provides 3M Csupplvl coordination and computer support, serves as a storage location for technical data, and provides office and meeting space. , """n,,, 1 LCDR BOORUJY LT CALHOUN LT COLANDREA f,,,, V Q ,,,, f Z Z X ,, 4 , LT GLAZIER LT JQHNSQN LT REVELAS V W1 41,1 , I l 7 fn Z mil if 4' W , , Q 1 LT STEFFENSEN LT SVOBQD A , ,h, LTJG DELHERY ENS ELLER MMCM MCGUIRE ETCS CSWD MESSER Quality Control is the secret of success W f f , Q- ETC qswp PETT MMC QSWD MAGDALENG MMI CARTER ET1 JOHNSON 4u"5 'Lv ELECTRICIAN S MATE ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN MACHINIST S MATE f"' Q 3 A LTJC1 BOK LTJG HORNE ENS CASSAN ENS COX ENS HOFFMAN Reactor Trarnmg CRTD Drvrsron IS the frrst drvrsron that most nuclear trarned operators report to when they arrrve onboard the ARKANSAS Here they learn the basrc systems that make up ARKANSAS nuclear propulsron plants and learn about how to safely operate the plant Reactor Trammg rs also responsrble for the operatron of the Engrneerrng Technrcal Puhlrcatron Lrbrary and the Englneerlng Log Room Another role of RT IS to oversee the contmuous trarnrng and propulSiOH plant drlll programs that keeps veteran operators sharp EMCM HARRISON MM cooMBEs SIMPSON C ISWI MMC ISWD NEAL MMC CSWI 4 5 I A ETI BATTLES X La. Y L. MMI CSWJ BORK MMI Thomas at home in the office X! L A MMI DEALA I I Ml I MMI MILLER EMI SULLIVAN xf M XY'-L' f ,SJ -n 5 . Y iff , A MMI MORGAN f fum-L, Y MMI VANCENA EMI WALLACE ETI WIMPEY if 559,55 EM3 ANDERSON MM2 BARE MM3 BOWDEN ETZ BUEHLER EMZ BUSSE U' 'Y e Q Y x'1 EM3 CAMP MM2 CANTU Q, The neverfending schematic X214 EM3 CRAGO EM3 CROWLEY Vx MM3 FARMER 1 EW GRANT ET3 HARN EM2 HILDEBRAND EM3 HOULE 'I -4 Y 5 f v - MM3 KELTNER MM3 KING R Y WY There's no substitute for handsfon training ' A A MM3 KIRKLAND EM3 KRAMER 'Q 'ali R Y MM3 LEWIS ET3 LQQS MM3 MESA MM3 MOREHQUSE ET3 NELSGN 1 'W X 'Wm Y - h I V MM3 CTDONNELL EM3 PARKER MM3 SCOTT EM2 STEINER ET3 WRIGHT MACHINIST S MATE LTJG KENNEDY Mfl Division is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all mechanical components in the onefplant propulsion system. From piping, valves, and pumps, to turbines, steam generators, and the reactor vessel itself, the Machinf ist's Mates "own" a tremendous amount of equipment. The men of Mfl Division stand a variety of propulsion plant watch' es, and also perform the painstaking maintenance required to keep everything working in top condition. MMC fSWl MIZER an-N S? jf U Mm BLANKENSHIP The division officer is always right MM1 JGRGENSCN MM1 LQIBL MM1 SIMPSON v FMF.. Q x?1 MM2 AKE MM3 BAKER MM3 BAUERLE 551 Q MM2 BENDER MMZ BUTLER MM2 DONAHUE MM3 EDDY MM2 PARQUHAR MM2 FISCHER K Fm Q 1 Q , -J 8362: MM2 MATHENA MM2 PERKINS MM2 RABIDEAU I MM3 RADFCDRD MM3 RAMIREZ MM2 ROSENTHAI. Wil l Y my MM2 SMITH MM3 SPENCE MM3 VAUGHN 11 4, A '75 I MM2 GRQTKQPP MM3 HOHQLEK X Q.. XXNXwmWWm.W..xfdd'x gf J MM3 KLEIN KRANZ We only brake for pictures 57534, , 551 MM3 LANMAN MM2 LARSEN MM2 MANOLI FQ 1 Y X91 MACHINIST S MATE The mechanics of MfZ Division maintain and operate all of the propulsion plant equip' ment of twofplant. Consisting of two highly professional work centers, EM02 and RA02, these machinist's mates perform the same tasks as their one-plant brethren, but in the aft engine room instead. Standing watch and toil' ing over the valves and pumps that abound in the engine room, the men of M-2 Division fand Mel as welll also operate the ship's distilling units, which provide fresh water for the steam MMC ISWI LUCE I I LT SMITH plant as well as drinking and washing water for the crew. wail it Q new C I el S fi f I IL--H .. The Heartbeat ofthe Arkansas .Y f """'-r- It? MMI Rnaves MM1 ooLoBERo MM I 464 ad! 1 MARTINEZ MMZ cswp GUSTAFSON 1 Y MM3 ADAMS MM3 AREVALO 'l N MM3 FINDLAY MM3 GLEASON MMFN HINTON MM2 HUNT 'I -...ze MMZ SEALY MM2 SHEETS 1 I I u 5 2 .Q I NN MM3 BAIRD Z I ms, it I HL MMZ GRAY , 1 A if MMZ JDHNSON MMZ SINK V153 in :YQ I I Q MM2 DAY MM2 DICKERSON .Sf MMZ HENDRIX MM3 HINK Y' 64 MM2 MILLS SCHNEIDER I EFA' lasggw s Sys' 1 S I MM3 SLAVENS MM3 STILLING 'I Y 49 LTJG WAKEHAM The Engineering Laboratory Technicians CELT'sQ of RL Division are really mechanics at heart, hut with an added feature f they are spef cially trained in radiological conf trols and radio chemistry. Reactor Laboratories Division personnel monitor and control the water chemistry in the nuclear and steam systems of the engineering plants, They also provide radiological supf port for the other nuclear divisions. 4 Z MMC BAYER All Work and UO Pl3V is fOugh on the feet! NUR L is 0,1 gun MACHINIST s MMI GREEN MATE MM1 LCOMIS MMI ZONANA MMZ BURKE -V MMZ GAMICCI-HA MM3 JCRDAN X , MMZQSWJ CARRERAS Y xi! QWM2 GIACOMARRA MMZ JULAQ W J Y , fx, ll -J Ns MMZ DOUGLAS MMZCSWD FARLEY 5' 'eff MMZ GRANT MM2 HSIA ,, A 'Y Y 'V L 92. A . - MMZ LIEN MM3 MARTIN A NEA MM3 MCGINTY MM3 MILLER MM2 RESER 4 1: cz? ELECTRQNICS TECHNICIAN 'fi LTJG NICKERSQN ETC iswl HOGAN The Electronics Technicians C ET SD of RC Division go through more training than the men of any other nuclear rating after all reactor physics IS somewhat complex They masterfully monitor and interpret the parameters of the nuclear reactors and all their related systems and also maintain the complex control and instrumentation systems that allow proper operation of the reac tors Reactor Controls Division keeps the nuclear navy afloat il 'SW - A ET1 HALLSTEAD ET1 I-IOGT ET1 JQHNSQN mums V Q 'Fllqa V ET1 csWbKRE1scHER ET1 LAUDETTE E-I-1 SUNDWALL 2' A I R my as i N l l i i i . Y Y ET3 BLANCHAT ET3 BUCHANAN ET3 CASTINE ET2 DAVIS Que big, 'nappy famify ETZ FEICKERT ET3 HOFFMAN ET3 KIERMAN ET3 KING H Y 'Pm' 5.1. MW? X , lyk 'S "'.A ET2 LINN ET2 MCCLOSKEY ETZ MEGEE ET3 MENDOZA Y 47 ET3 MOORE L1 ET2 PAVEY Selffesteem runs rampant here X A gh ET2 NEWMAN :Hin 'if xv ETZ SCOZZARO We use the ubuddyfsystemn everywhere Y -1' we 2' bd 1 .fl g Yr ET2 SEVERSQN ETZ SHAFPER ET2 SHEPARD rm SHERMAN ET2 STAFFORD ET2 STALLINGS ET2 VIGANSKY ET2 WILSGN 'll Q15 '30 Reactor Electrical CREP Division maintains and operates the electrical power generation and distribution systems that provide juice for the entire ship. ARKANSAS' propulsion plants can make enough electricity to light up a small city' Nuclear Trained Electrician's Mates can be found standing watch in the plant, or performing mainte- nance on one of ARKANSAS' huge electric generators, circuit breakers motors or power switching devices. X LTJG GILBERT --,NN EMC cswy cssp DAVISCN EMl HERRQN EMI Cl-IANG EM1 CONKLIN X L . i l l I i r i E i LTJG KOTARSKI 1 ELECTRICIAN s Emi K1NcHEtoE mi LAIRD MATE YZ EL Y EMZ BURBANK EM2 CCNCOBY EM2 COTTS EM3 DEAN Q 4 K X And you thought we worked for a living! nfl EM3 DONOVAN EM2 DUDE EMFN EATON EM3 ELLIQT 3 Y W' uf ' Y S4 3 Y EMZ ENGLAND EMZ FLY EM2 GARCIA Mgmt K mmm Y L Z , lu... EM2 HAAS EMZ HALE Y EM3 HAVEN EM3 HIRSCHFIELD EM2 HGKE .4 ,, - . bd EM2 IOHNSON EM3 KENDALL EM2 MARTIN xl EM2 RAS, DAVID EM3 RAS, JEFF 311 EM3 STRADER EM3 TRUJILLQ EM2 TULLQCH ENGINEMAN MACHINIST S MATE I-Iello from the Enginemen and Machinist Mates of Auxiliary Division. Ai tae kee ers of hot cold water and air, we are always in demand by the remainder o t e P v crew. We are responsible for maintaining equipment from the lowest pump room ' ' d ' ' d' 'd d bilge, up to the ships whistle .... and everywhere in between. The ivision is ivi e ' f ork centers EACI EAO2 EA03, and EAQ4. EAO1 work center is up into our w , , , responsible for maintaining aft steering, stores conveyors, anchor windlasses, capf stans, weapons elevators, and the sliding padeyes. EA02 work center is responsible h ' diesel enerators small boats winches and for maintaining the s ips emergency g , , , the IP5 system, including the infflight refueling of helicopters. Work center EAO3 is responsible for maintaining the ships air conditioning and refrigeration system also the ice machines, and the prairie air masker system. Work center EA04 is responsible for maintaining the ship's laundry equipment, galley equipment, hot water heaters, reboiler, and A gang's favorite piece of equipment, the ship's whistle. So, as you can see from this list of equipment, the A-Gangers had a very busy cruise in the hot Persian Gulf. They supported the ship's many and varied evoluf tions, while we enforced the United Nations sancf tions against Iraq. Qur motto is, "If it breaks, we'll fix itll' MZ. doe teaches 'VQM3 Smith to repair the ice macnines , equipment while in the Gulfl , if I fb!! is ,N4 I MMC HMS MM1 YoEMAN ENi oHEH1R we s, '43 EN2 SCCTT MM2 GOODLCE MM3 BAKER M Good , tfvita v my NW! f ae N! I ,i , Z Y ... Y Q! , 1' ,,.. N! f Q ,Q LTI G RODGERS WE . .5 5- I I ENCS CANE EN1 GRISSOM MM3 SMITH J uf W we . MM3 ,SCHWARTZ MM3 OARDINER MMFA LUCAS FA CAMPBELL S se f Q MM3 MORAN MM3 CONROY MMEA RITTEN ,ff FA SPEARMAN MM3 NELSON MM3 RUSSELL NO PHOTO AVAILABLE QM-Im MM3 EBEN MMFN BALASZI ? f A M , f MMEA STEWART MMEA HUGHES NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Q X, fs FR ORTIZ EA HUCKOBY MM3 FISHER 4,24 f Q 5 45+ ENFN JONES FA CARTER MMER TURNER 29 MACHINERY REPAIRMAN HULL TECHNICIANS DAMAGE CONTROLMAN Sporting their trademark red hats, the sailors of "R" Division form the backbone of ARKANSAS' fire department. EROZ is the sheet metal, pipe, welding, and machinery shop. They fabricate metal fixtures, weld, braze, and machine parts to keep vital machinery systems in operation. ERO4 is responsible for maintaining four Repair Lockers, which are used for emergencies such as fires and flooding. They also train crew in Dam- age Control techniques, ensuring that all will respond rapidly to any casualty. ER09 maintains all of the Damage Control fittings throughout the entire ship. This work center is responsible for maintaining all water' tight fittings, as well as the fire extinguishers, ventilation systems, and fire hose stations. The deployment was a busy period for Repair Division. During a joint operation with the Royal Saudi Arabian Navy, the DCmen and I-lT's conducted training aboard the RSAS TAMAAK. Meanwhile, the MR's turned out numerous parts for Work centers all over the ship. The preparations made by the personnel of "R" Division determine the ability of the ship to sustain damage and keep fighting and save lives When something breaks people come to us R Division if Dcc PENDERGAST MR1 BECKER 1 A MMM' i , t fipi y L. HT1 OWCZARZAK I-ITI SCI-IOENBERG HT2 WADZINSKI HT3 KNIGHT HT3 Emo A N HTFN MoRRo W LTJG SEVERN l DC1 SANCHEZ l HT3 SCI-IWEIGERT4 SN NALL a it lg, I . .J g Y q 1 X K N , I ac an i 14 Y N , 2 1 , , X - fl' I f x 'A 5 ,,, it 8 'ul ' Vin? 1 'ie Q Q Q -L ug 1 N 9 YL FA MACE DC2 JURGENS MRI Becker instructing FN Mace on procedures to manufacture a new seat for a reducer valve 'W f , d Jaffa ? .W ffl, DC3 STANDLEY DC3 SHUKOVSKY -wang Nil K- 1 L.. DCZ RI-IINEHART DC2 THOMAS Q DC3 Hofheinz checking out tie NIFTI ' f, f ,rrrr ig r , f r,,., Q , 57, ff ,M ff :V HTZ Wadzinski design VU sandw C Qds a step Qadd CI' 7 , g R 1421, iw M , B4 Dcz SWAIM ? DCZ JASSO 'U DC3 ALSPAUGH mann DCFN HOFHEINZ FN LUNA FA CAREY 31 ELECTRICIAN S MATE Qi 43' NSAS' elec- The men of E Division operate and maintain all of ARKA t outside of the nuclear power plants trical power distribution equipmen a 4 U - This includes both the 60 hz system fthe same as the wiring in a house, and the special frequency C400 hzl equipment which provides power for ship s weapon systems. During the deployment tions to the ship's total readiness and habitability by making many impor- tant repairs. The Electrician's Mates of E Division were often called upon to perform corrective maintenance on the ship's four air conditioning units, which provide vital cooling for sensitive electronic gear Cand crew living spaces, tooll. To help the ship maintain its combat capabilities, the division also assisted in the repairs of a large motor that provides hydraulic power for the aft missile launcher. E Division personnel rewound two motors during the, deployment using the extensive rewind facilities in the "E" Shop. Overall, Electrical Division responded to over 1000 "trouble calls", ranging from minor comfort items to essential equipment. Every trouble call was answered by one of the division's duty electrician-qualified personnel. In addition to all of the above, E Division supported many of the ship's evolutions, including Flight Quarters, Sea and Anchor detail, and Under- way Replenishment. E Division provided many emergency personnel for the at-sea fire party. One final task for E Division was to ensure that the lighting for security and identification at sea were maintained. There were also some not-so- official lights required during the deployment. The division was called upon frequently to rig "friendship" lights, which crown the ship, spanning from the forecastle to the fantail. Based on the above, it is not hard to see how E Division personnel kept busy throughout the deployment. , Electrical Division made substantial contribu- W .1 n...,,.fg . Hz EM3 Pierce and EMEN Segovia safety check an extension cord before issuing it for use ENS I-IAZELWOOD v s if, 5 EMC DONATHAN EM1 Martinez burns out the old windings in ration for rewinding the motor - Q f! If EMI MARTINEZ EM2 SINGLETON EM2 SLOAT EM2 RIVERA NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 'aww gli 41 A ' EM3 ICRDAN EM3 BENNETT EM3 THRASH EM3 TACKETT EMEN GUERTIN I 4 EMP-'N PIERCE EMFN SEGOVIA FN MORELAND EA NELON AW H GDI Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was the first stop the ARKANSAS made while on deployment. The Shi ered Hawaiian waters on February 26, 1994 and went pier side that afternoon for supplies and tg make a few last minute preparations. During our stay in Hawaii, several ARKANSAS sailors had ch opportunity to refenlist at the site of the USS ARIZONA Memorial. E Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor is located on the southern shore of the island of Oahu, just westof the state capital, Honolulu. lt is a major U.S. military installation due to it's strategic location in the Pacific and is also home to CINCPACPLT as well as a large assortment of surface combatants attack submarines, and auxiliary ships. l Aloha ARKANSAS Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard NS 1 Q ..x. X X X N? X X X X HXXXX , XXQNXXX x x Xw X XQQXQ X X y is M y X Q FQ we XXX Sex' X Q X5 X x 'H' X w x X X X XXXX M X N N X-N N X X XEN x S . Q' XX XX X -'X XXXNX X N- AXXXXS y 3 X gay SRX XX X XX-XX L X 1 . X - H - X X- - XXXXXX XXNX X -1. S1 XX e e ik X X-XX X NX N. x N XvX X XXX Rs XX- is - 'X X LX' ef XXX, Xxx X X g , V. 3 X X, xx XXX XX S K X ,X X NX XX XXX X. QX , XX ,X X X ,X A X-4 X KS W X X' f- XMTXN :we x XXX Af- S fwwii NX-KN S w 0'-g s 9' N X 5 X xx X- we - Q Q -XX - X: Q sw-Q ww A A U X :X-X, X, X QXXX XXXXX XX- X xswxl sw X XXXXXXXXX- XXX XNXXX gg XXX X -XX N X-p X SX Meg K-Zg5,4,Xf , XS 3'..3 A Q f Xxw X9 X 3 Y X 5 1',xS?SSf 4' XQ?Q"N '- SS XSN X N X X X 1 gl :XX S , Xw.X Q v QWASASX, f AXX SX EfsfQfgSv2X'e -X N ' 'N XXX XX -X X wx Xw XX XXX X X 2 MX ewis- XX XX X .X X5 XMX .X . XXWN-V 'X rw fs MEX H .. -XS. X X- ' Q we w -Aw Xe XXX: X SXA: X ,ow .X- 1 NX-X, was XX K ,MS Q X w X ,S XX K X X -XS-Xe X XX 'X bmw. f X ,fi XX X is QXAS X SWS SNS XX X Y iv:-W X3 X f a! RW Xe XX QXX X A www X Xe X M XO QQ XA XM .Xe Xe SM Xe XA' K .iw x we -,N :X 4 XX--, xi we XS N Q XS XXQ -X --XX A S N XNXXQ XM V NXQX X X XXX X- -t X,.X X,,,,,XXy Q 5 .Xe :X XXNYNX me XS XX Q -X N- XQX-SW 5? X- Q A N A y. . X XXXXXXXWQQSXXSQXY 2 A A f w V-QX ix X-.X XWXNXX X X XX X , X XXV- XX XXXQ f by K X .XXXX-:wr X X. v X X X XS X f X X .h S XXX X NW e X X QXX A XXXXX -X iwv Q X ww XX XSPXXMX,- N TL . W X34 t - XX S5 XX NSR W XXX-3 mix Ni X ,gg 5 X A3XssX,.,ifX-N wX:XvN Q Q XXNNX Xe X X- XN T Sees X ' SX XX S XQXQQQX XSX X-AX ! A X e V1 XVSXY .Xe we XS X X ww Q XXXX W X-XX N Q X W we XX: ww X wx -.X X fy X Q K X X of X XXX-X. X XX X A S A N Q XX, Qt XXNN XQXX .XM XX XX , N NQXQMXX We XX N X X XXX X ,XA Q XXX Q w XXX: XXXN NVQ those , XX f. XX V X W Y X ' XX XS X - .X N' ' f XXW. X .W NY sm X www 3-'vfwwwa-wiv S X -X wwe X XX X X we X Xw w .XX NX wwe W ssgw X-, Xwgwgx ,X yy XXX X A -sit:--'X we W N XX X XX 1 X X f t Qs XS ewnw Q X XXX XX Xw X X 1 Q X, X,gXkxf XXXXFXXX X AN X X Xx XX NX X X x ,XX X A w Fw X X, XX X X Xt M. X wk AQ XXX x XS we X XMXXSS Q QGXXKXQ X ww- X- X XX X Nw X X X f Xf XX X X X A 4, XXw,XXe4XX5 - Q5 X W3 ' XXX X 'X we we X XX X' XSQj.XfwXX, X X X- XXXXNXX X, XX XWXXX XXX. XXwXts.Q,XXXXXXyQXmXX,X ANXXXXXXX SX X XQXKXXXNRXS .Q XX wx WRX. SX XX S XwN NO XXxXmSQsygmQ3NxQSfyX5 fb XXQ X XX 9 X NxX NXXNX X XX XX WXXXQXN, Q, X XX:,XX X XXwfXe,XXX,X X XXJNXX 5 XX wg vs + xXwQXXNQ Ke X X X Q X we X - Qfwww Y QXSQXQ: QVQNXS NJ We XVXMXNQQ sw fx N XX X X Q we X X Xxwgxw XXNQXXQNNXWX wwe WNXXM Sfspif X XX f X,XwX7 X X QQ X XX wx Xe QQ 'X XXX XX wi 1 -XXX KN Xe! X-f - Sw, awww X X X sk ww X X Q N Q W-XS XX f W X X fe we X N' N N XX, X X ,w5sX NWO XX, fx X XXXMXQQ we X b N www, S XX ww XXX XXX Q fQ5XXX QWSY XXX .XXW bm XXNXX ww Q Q A 'O XS, X Vw S v X A A - Xw s XX K 'X Xa X, ww w XX Xvwwq X X WXXX N3 So N XXXXY X N Xe X X X X w X X X XX W X XX 'OX X N - X 4w4,wXXffx X XX. X Xwxw X , f , X S X We K Xe. PX XyQiXOXeS ex X X X x, X- X XX 'Xe AM X fX 5 ef X X Xw XX. mek QA A X k NVQ Q x X F fXO , Y X f, XXWS5 Yf X N X X' XX5vXX4Xx 'XXAQNV ff x XSX A X X X X X ' no Xe ,X Xf es'wXQNXr JXXMX X X 'XfXffXefYeYi- 1 .X NN I Y X f X X S' fx X NW 'Q Nw Q, f y fX , Q XX X XX ix- NWN fwfwtisf ,s +5.'eVXW X X xsXX XXX, XX XX X XA XX txfXm X X X f X Q, XS Xsz X X X, XMXXX XX X, .XM A X X ,X S, x, X XX me X Av Q X XX xf ,fxf XX X XX -vfwk W X X Q Tv Xl fxfe XXQFXW X X 'XX we X Q we X, , Mx X y XX XXX Y X XX wXwX,XXwX, w X Xkxwwy MA XXX XMQ SXXX X A X XX XX - wif XXX XS XwXNs.Xwm ,XX X XXX XvfXX,3,rXe?fe2XXSfwifX,z,.X.Xt, fem? vis Nature at its best. Wnfwwmy " I .fi 4 XX ffXX X? USS CALIFORNIA BB44 MONUMENT f A Spouting Horn The creek feeds Hanakapii Beach. ,fs--f"""-' T , APA On the morning of Friday, ll MARCH 1994, ARKANSAS led the way for USS CARL VIN- SON QCVNf7Ol and USS REUBEN JAMES QFFG-575 as the Battle Group steamed into Yokof suka Harbor. Upon going pier side at Yokosuka Naval Base on the island of Honshu, we were located just south of Iapan's capital city of Tokyo. After taking on stores and spending a few days of liberty, we were underway again on Monday, l4 MARCH 1994. ". . . And a jumbo banana daquiri to gof, .54 ,Mat "l wond 'f A ' er 1 erosmith started out this way?" WW The Tokyo Tower ff Q X Qi.: Qnbulhhnnwulua Downtown Ryopongi "You better wash it down before we tell you what you just ate." 5 -r 5, Buddhist Shrine Traditional kimonos and wooden getta are still commonly worn in japan. 37 0 KO Hong Kong is a British crown colony bordering China on its southeast coast. With a total area of 412 square miles, the colony consists of three parts: Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. The colony's capital is Victoria. Although its climate is tropical, Hong Kong has two distinct seasons: Winter, which is dry with an average temperature of 59 deg. F, and Summer, which is wet with rain fall averaging 80 inches and temperatures of SZ deg. F. Hong Kong has a population of approx. 5,840,000 pri' marily of Chinese descent, chiefly Can' tonese speaking. 5 f I "' gms fwnm, ., 'Y Criental style home outside of Hong Kong Inside a Buddhist temple A Q S is The waterfront Hong Kong skyline Q, Zongman Grottos I GAPQRE Singapore is an independent republic in Southeast Asia belong- ing to the Commonwealth of Nations, and the capital city of the country. The country consists of a small island and several islets lying off the tip of the Malay Peninsula just north of the equator. Its total area is 224 square miles with a pop- ulation estimated at Z,5l0,000, making Singapore one of the most densely populated countries today. lt has a humid tropical climate with average temperatures of 79 deg. F and an average rainfall of 95 inches per year. The majority of Singa- pore's people are Chinese. 4 The MERLION View of Singapore from Sentosa Island 9 , W Of S ,Wi 3, .,.. M Q 1, i x Q ff ,---ff' 'T' , S- , H X , -Q 1 W y , I x -,M V ,L .N .VNV ex tg 9 K , 1: 5 ix ii L ,, , f - Q L. .K ,Z -, 3 x-M K' W M, 5 ces Q Z, , N ix Q5 Hia ,pe ZW, ff egg gf ,257 4. x " ' 6 , , M -' y 'si' b Q f .. Q N, I - -, 'm 1-,fm "ZF ff X ,mf ,ig , , . Y N ' . w 9 ' g eijlj 1 55" . N' 'mf f , Q ' . , - W' X f 1 , wifi N' - x ' ' Z .. N ,1 1 'xy . H -- -2, ip ff X, ,Qi sw f v m - W -f"' A ft - ,,,,,,, . i B" ig a B 3, ' Wigr mwwew-W 'W ' 10 4- 'Vmf 'f ft ' . ,. ., ...,... ' f 'KSN' i ,,,, , 1 XX :SX N fff V X t Q wg Xl, X x f X xx 4-xiii f f ' ' f Xi - x'X. wiv g ix ' M Q, i, " ,W 1 W' W xow 5'0efN ' ff fy a , - i i f e A Singapore party boat PERATICDNS Wig? LCDR B. FAULHABER The Dperations Department, JZ.. Q LT D. DIZON LT R. DIZON LTIG M. COONEY or "Gps," for short, might be described as ARKANSAS' brain. It is the Opera tions Department that does the planning, scheduling, communication, and coordination that makes ARKANSAS an effective platform. The Dperations Department accomplishes these tasks through the work of QC, CD, CE and Cl Divisions. iw , j ffw la., Dperations- Softball champions gf Dubai, 5 X s S Manning the rails f5 QW Mess cranking is tough! Flight quarters 5: I I 612 ,ily Z, ' K a ZZZK' LT Lochmann ENS james BMC Pavy Boatswain's Mates are responsible for the maintef nance and preservation of deck equipment and the overall appearance of the ship. The BM rating also deals with anchoring, small boat operations, replen- ishment at sea, and other cargo handling. Boatswain's Mates have a deck force consisting of more than 30 Seaman. BM1 Weathington if BM2 HHH The bosses meet -iw.. Y ,fffga ,f Y i ,, 1 Boatswain s Mate BMZ Wallace BM3 Brand GV BM3 Burnham Y Q' 4 li-4 BMI Powell 'UIQWQ BMZ Gandee r Y 5.551 I BM2 Serrano W l BM3 Cuellar 5+ BM3 Hawkins SR Conrad SA Goshen SR Hagen 'fffxgggg Y BM3 Keenan BM3 Thompson BMSN Banner Sea and Anchor Detail 5 Q Z 7,5 " SA Hankey Hart I-Ienfliflg ,Qui f i A f SA Brice Z f, SN Farris SA Haenze SN Herczeg SN Hirn BMSN Hooker SN Imbriani -Zi f fa 2 SN james SN Jewell i i 4 i SA josefs SN Joyce BMSN Kojo SN Kuhl SN Layton The real brains of OD Div. Preparing to go over the side X Q rr.... ,M-W N K rrr BM3 Hawkins sewing canvas Cargo handlers for vertical replenf ishment 4 7 t x ,W rf' S, i 'I . A JJ Mind Learning to drive is so relaxing BMSN Banner preparing UBJ 1 H! SN Carbajal working over the side Let's go find some work f SN Martinez SN Mgrggn SA Medrano SN Nmdmann SA Pafkef nmlnurnlhwwx 5 N ,,, I 47 E SA Sarracino if ,A SA Smith SN Smith SA Talavera SA Tracey 48 SA Webber SN Wilson i i A Wog Day, going through the ehutes SA Vowell 3 The chief actually working 1 SA Carlnajal at NWS i lx Small Boat operations Preparing for inspection .1 UL. I iw it .,.,..i,iiiirre- 1 1 Flight operations l1P1r.1tl11111 N 111 11111 1051 T11L 1111111 115 11115511111 11101 1111 1S1OI'1 IS to provide LK111QLt1L1I1 p1111655111g 111sp1ay 6va1ua11o11, and 1111111 1115511111111111111 of 116111116111 1216116211 informaf 111111 11111 11111111 61116 111 command 1o111ro1s1a1ions. OS 116 11511 111 11111 p1111c1pa111s 111 1116 fo11owi11g LxK1lL1r1l1I15 111111 181 511611116 11av1ga11o11 anti-sub' 1111r1111l11111 111111111 5u1fac6 op6rat1o11s, missile L1LtC115L 5111116 111111111211111116111 56211611 GL r6s6u6, tacf 111 11 111 1111111 615 11111 f1g11161fa11ac11fa11t1 submarine NN 111116 11111111 611111101 HE. III11-Q OSI Clark 031 Hartje S Y O51 RCCL1 11341 ENS Trout USGS 1511171 Rochefort 111-P! N. 051 Maxton OSCS CSW1 Evans OSI Alingas OSI P01116 WM 5 Q G51 S h to 1 QS1 CSWQ Troyanos GSI Weaver "'11'u. 1 -4 CLIN , 111 S351-sf s 1 Y W' Y vu.. 1 ,. C52 Douglas C52 CSWD Eamigh X XX Q "This better be REALLY important" X V11 ff Y f " 3 052 Levenson 052 Lyons V Y S53 OS2 CSWD Magers OS2 Palm 2 Y w 53 OSZ CSWD jumaoas OS2 CSWD Langeberg Mister Sunshine VV R552 Pcytnll "Let's see if we can sneak into the picture by pretending to work" i i Sl Y NJ E4 OSI Sanders OS2 Thomasetti 052 Whitfield Q52 B nks a vu X ni an :XM .. 1 N 6 Chin 'll TIN' TUTINN Un the table? Q 053 DCHHV OS3 Drake 053 Dubois "Q2wfSfXJf,:S0k!!!" V O53 l-lall 5alt water washdown shower, anyone? 'Y lf! Q. U 053 Higgins O53 Lang Men at work n - 'x The TL 'H5 gnu or Ol NOTf 'H',Y U53 Monrgoxm rx O53 Mosher 053 Sheppard Q2 5 A O53 Sn-cle OS? Thomason OSSN Brewster QS3 Singletary J CSSN Hernandez OSSN Ingram KW Q-- -g. A UFFX Kuhink EEEEEWWWV' ' -J I 2 GSSN Moffit GSSN Rezentes QSSN Schwartz HONLYH a hundred forty four days to go, guys. QSSA HQ-,bbs QSSA Hobson USSA Whiffen CSSN Toombs Z I Z I USSN Wilsterman ll QSSN Wojciak QSSR Sistrunk LT ohn on RMSN Bell enjoys the Wog Day fest1v1t1es The m1ss1on of OC d1v1s1on IS to provrde opera- tronal admrnrstratlve and emergency communica- tlons support for the sh1p They provlde a rapid means as well as relrable means of communrcatron to therr governments shops and famrlres at home. CC d1v1s1on also proyrcles world and sports news for the crew RMCS Arthur H159 "' 949, RXll Mt lltr RMI Palomakl SM1 Qwens Ill 5 "Pl 1 n I , RN13 Deckard RM3 Hart J S , . . . I l . , . . 5 7 X l . A 1 TN I 7 -. 'zfgjggh 2 ' Y Az ,L A T 'tt r s - Rutl .1 mn S lt " T , u -4 -- ' Q sy if v ' V IQII l mn RX12f1mIU ENs skeny l F4 RMI Eberhart 2 y , 'Wars T 6? RM2 Brown 1 'sl X ff! f , . M , RM3 Highfowef I f i SM3 Miller RM3 Poche RM3 Smart RM3 Williams RM3 Walker RMSN Bell RMSN Haflich SMSN Pearce RMSN Smith ?Ii RM2 Cammaclc leads the colors detail SM3 Miller maintains the starboard spotlight J fi 3 0 t v Q ,rl x A aw EW's operate and maintain the ship's ANfSl.Qf 32lVl3 electronic countermeasures system. They are the first line of defense against hostile threats to the . shop. The EW's main ohjective is rapid detection and . 'T ' Wa analysis of non-communication signals. They also have the capability to jam and provide false targeting to hostile radars. LTJG Hill EWG Roselleriy Y Y W M M w EW 2 ' 1 K0 llk Ewl Cfafi' EWZ Eszlari EW Miller 'lu EX,-Q Wall- EW3 Gonmllt v 'Y e x X L tronics XY'.irt.ire 'C 'Z EW3 Qkuna Technician ,W I X! , Q Hwhw, I r www? "Oh man, not another underway replenishment." , 4 M, Wx f fkf' W W4 Z -Q wwfym' - ' W,fW'f' y 'hm Q M -r MV' W, f Q . V f , . f f wif ,yugg "Q . A ' f ww ,S K ey ww - f ff My other job. Training a young S1 innocent EWSN. , ff Cryptologie Technician Intelligence Specialists I sa CT's maintain and operate OUTBOARD, which is used for monitoring various types of communications. They maintain various radio circuits, giving ARKANSAS the ability to coordinate all administrative affairs with the entire battle group and shore stations. LT Howard CTRC O'Dell X21 CTR1 Elmore Stallone has nothing on CTR3 West! ' WH A 2:4 Y ' Y ISI Sehro d e er CTR1 Satterfield CTRC Meow ,, CTA1 Cruz fllnk. CTOI Rasnic 'Q N i r sm, CTR2 l,eslCY Y'?- l1 I u If CTM2 Watson iv! 4' CTR3 Duncan '61 CTM3 Rommelfanger -Ji CT03 Webster CTMZ Wilcke CTM3 Conerly -..-.,,.w Several of the CTS gather at a Melbourne Pub to discuss the virtues of the ARKANSAS and another WESTPAC. ...Y 7 C-I-R3 West CTRSN Dacanay u bra. Y Q m CTR3 Dooling -.fl CTO3 McDermott mfg . X311 CTR3 Shannon CTRSN Fowler f 1 YECMAN QUARTERMASTER DMINISTR TIO AVIG TID The NAVADMIN or Executive Department consists of the Navigation and Administration sections, plus the XO,s support team. The Exec' utive Officer's personal staff includes the Chap' lain, the Public Affairs Cfficer, the Command Master Chief, the Command Career Counselor, and the Chief MasterfatfArms fChief of policel. At the divisional level, the Quarter- master's, or QM's, ensure the safe navigation of the ship, while the Yeomen fYN'sl and Person' nelmen CPN'sl provide administrative support. The Personnelmen can usually he found making service record entries or ucuttingl' orders, while the Yeomen turn out the Plan of the Day and type awards citations. 9121 ' firm NAVY MASTER-AT MAC M COUNSELOR ARMS ELQESEL E' PERSGNNELMAN W fu f ' ul. i LCDR JEFFERY LT REECE D. MORGAN RHODES ADMIN. OFFICER! CHAPLAIN NAVIGATOR LT EDWIN M. CARROLL CHAPLAIN LT GARY R. BATES LT SCCTT M. PEASE . Q A K s PNC cswy WILLIAM NCC QAWQ MARCQ M. PARMER A. SOAVE 'Qllkzymxat nm PN2 JAMES R. SPERRY PNZ CHRISTOPHER JACKSON AT WORK, AT PLAY SL THE AWARDS b'x Y I 41 x x 2 MUSH! WOOF!! NO PHOTO W AVAILABLE PN3 PAUL B. PNSN THOMAS P IIMENEZ BRAZELL SN FRANCIS I. SN MICHAEL 1. MEYER STRICKLAND I L 7 I A sr x-sf V 1 QM1 DAVID R. RISELY ming QMZ NATHANIEL P MORAN f QM3 ERMON A. BURTGN lam LY 457 QM3 HECTOR M. QM3 MARCUS T. HORNEDG HUDSQN NO PHQTCJ AVAILABLE L "f"'-- QMSN MICHAEL C. QMSA MICHAEL D' DAVIS POOLAW ' 1 NG PICTURE AVAILABLE YNC BARRY D. OGLE THE YEOMEN HARD AT WORK Q2 ay D HHH: YN1 FLOYD ERES YN1 GERALD P. YN3 RUDY PEREZ YN3 RICHARD BRADY CAMPBELL n ,113 ff 'S' f T -y v YN3 KIRK A' HINZE YN3 GEORGE R, KRAMER N l7lL Xl lUlxl N UNIITXI kkxlxl X N .lli f.- - ll .- . ' "S.1.-Xf EDICAL The Medical liepartinent is responsible for ensuring .ind maintaining the crew's liealtli. The Medical Departinent does this with sick eall and lay using Occupa- tional llealtli Programs. The Medical Ueparttnent oversees the following pro- grains: Hearing Conservation Program, Sight Conservation Program, Asbestos Surveillance Program, Lead Surveillance l'rograin, and Radiation Health Program. Physical examinations, immunizations, health record maintenance, and medical training for tlie crew are also performed by the Medical Department. HKU A KKK WRKV' I LT SAMUEL K. TSANO Y Ni! HM2 ROBERT A. WHITE Y HM3 ALAN W. CQLAYTOR x HMC CSWP KENNETH S. HAMILTON R Y 5 Q HM3 KSWXAWD EDWARD C. LITTLER HN TROY W. MURPHY n'fa'Sl l A N HM3 ROBERT P. BISSONNETTE 142 N W f SN fASON W. LUCAS ? V ? Z mf X "?'V W X I M, 2 ,,,., , .,,,, , WW 2 , Gif, ,f I X Z 7 lg , f M' f 1 A 1 , . , 5 wwf ,I 4 jig I W , X ff Z! W ff 4 W 5 Y Sk. 5 ' 07 , ,'f if " WLM' V' ,aiqvf 1 S I I QW , Z, WL f f THE MEDICAL CASUALTY ASSISTANT TEAM iw 1 1 1 W X, f, y f f X ff! f y ,T,,, Y X ,ff ff In WNW' K f WWW .zananmm A Z f , f V 1 of 7 W 7 wi AZ ' ' 517, f, f V4 V ritz-Y f , W' awww ' " , QW I Z f, fi Z f W W as f .V Aw f f W LW 1 W W V WNWY f W W , 'W . 7 ,M 0 w ,,W,,,n1 W ,MMM Im W Mx-Wm VM W ' f ,Q MN MW US X Mm, , fr QNW . f V v Z 5 1 W mf' f M JUST DCING THE MEDICAL THING ERSIAN During the deployment, ARKANSAS visited several ports inside the Persian Gulf. Among these were Al jubail, Saudi Ara, biag lebel Ali, United Arab Emiratesg and Bahrain. Our Sailors took advantage of the many shopping areas and other recreation- al activities that the Gulf had to offer. 1 fcntl, AL, , , , . N, . as wx., "7" lin-an gif 1 "l-ley! Who left the iron on ?" fActually, ARKANSAS just obscures a distant oil firel x i if il Q' fl' x 1 IIJ fqgffiy 'mis,42?f ffff ' WQQJQZ , 2 T f s- 1 l""'-- " 'wa WW. X , I ',', A 4122-7 ft lsir islf s ' 3 ' wh ' ravi' ,tt I 'VX 3 xii' V ,iv 5' 1 "-C f a- if' l , , ng is s it 'lv 5 X 1 'u V M -in 5 t .hw . an s,, mph xl! . ,J v 1 " f , 5 'rss mu'-'fa +48 , ng. P N , v U - . . 1 , .a' 1 3 -. I . 1 fi , if ,."""""""lJl! A -if 5 if , , f if Saudi Arabian missile corvette 614 Al Yarmggk i , .1 Hanging with security 6. Pg XL. Dubai's 18 hole golf course JK I Sd 1 L. 'J is Sl riv- QF? Q: il Whatdaya'mean it's their break time?! ' . 1 ,C ,'v I' UG, ' :be . 1? , .e I i ' 1 1 f , s L," 9 's2,.' 5 , I Y 51. 'Q ix 5-.,. -' " it MXN, ,D - . - ,, . , - W . 1 "W Y- N?"S-ZX! 113 " f1,,"'vI U-I 1 -745' 'A 'f ' A . ,V 'LHP ' fe? 77 A Y K-- - .. ', e-"'.'- . --7 -iff" - r if ' -',- ' T' 'ff-'L', ,. f :life I, ,J , , V --V N -,BA-,Z -,.Y .'-'z- I3-ft V. ' AEA153 ' "' L...A-V ' 1' . I FY? 4' ,- "This is the last time we take one of your 'short Y gin LLIIB . if il K5 Q Q 'ki' N i ' '-4' I' ' 'X V. "Hurry up guys! We still need one more to finisi V A " making dinner" - ? f. Ag it gff kf I iii. -:-A xof.-Z:--e' - GQLD. L ', --' I ' i i YJF'5'T ' 1 I ' I 1 . "f ' 1 if rib il v ' 0' 4-P11 'lx f i EIU' 'fr -Xml nuns wr If lx iiniier ix HOW mmque m Bahram 5 HALFWAV PARTY Cn 18 May 1994, the Ship's Halfway Party was held at the lnternational Seafarer's Centre in jehel Ali. Throughout the entire day, everyone enjoyed great food, and a wide variety of sports such as full court Baskerhall, Volleyball and "Water Football". There was also the "Gverfthe-Hump" cake cutting ceremony. Left: Qil Drums and Gas tanks explode and go ahla:e across from USS ARKANSAS. av' m 4 4 ,I-t" V h 7:1 "' f 4-ln in Left: I wonder what Captain Etnyre is thinking about as he'5 cutting the "0ver-thefHu1np" Cake? Y 'i t we -. say Right: UCI Swnim. DC3 .-Xlspnugh and DC2 Rhinehart are QTINHIII, out hy tht- Pm . I L ill -3.1 D Q - v A L. Pi 2 Below Left: Is it a failed attempt, or a High Five?? .J 1'-"' ,fit Above: CDR Quigley serving the Volleyball, definitely a candidate for the US. Clympic Team!! Right: GMC Kirk what are you looking at?? Below: lt looks like the Field Goal is good!! ,ag Top lt-tt: U53 lvlontgomery, SK2 Brumfield, GMG2 Glasper, llhll Bissonnctte. Bottom left: OSCS Rochefort, 0S2.P'3YfOni BM? Hawkins, O52 Banks, RM3 Wzilker, and 053 Higgins. 2? ' 1 O33 lliggins looking good for tht- crowd. hlcinlu-rs of the ARKANSAS' crew joint-tl guys from the rest of the Battle Group to form it rugby team. The team did well until Aiistrtiliii. Better luck next Illll x Xlt ll1ll.Xlr. lwiislmiiiiimhlr. ll-iw eil intl Xlhlf gfK'!ltt'N11f, Xillk 1 Ig..k. ARKANSAS' basketball team, the RAZCRBACKS, continued their winning ways throughout West Pac 94. They were unrivaled by both US. and foreign teams. The RAZCRBACKS were ambassadors of good will and sportsmanship from japan, to the Gulf, to Australia. Good jobs guys!! Brick? Not! OS3 Montgomery knocks home during warm-uP5- RAZORBACKS surround the ball carrier with Mf- Bushman making the tackle. OK, someone can yell break anytime. Traveling the world allowed many crew members the opportunity to golf in exotic surroundings. Many outings would have not happened if if weren't for MWR. Thanks!! FC2 Verschueren and STG3 Alvarez make a new friend while golfing. That's not the green, guys. FCI Kasten shows his winning swing. Softball gave the crew the chance for some friendly com' petition. In Dubai, the command spon- sored a tournament with fortyfeight hours of liberty as the prize. EW1 Kozlik shows his best side as he clocks one. Even underway, EW1 CYHTY Canyf NOP the Ski' hook from PC3 Brown. From fantail picnics to any sunny port, Volleyball provided many hours of relaxation. . T ' ' hborhood. EW1 Kozlilc better get out of MT- R085 5 H913 The X0 sends the set to MMCM Chute. CMB LT BELL ANTONI ' 151' Iffxjl 'xxx LT MCCARTNEY 5 ENS I-IANLEY FCCM SAPP X xx: GMM1 EMMETT 'Q L LNNElxs X1-XTE L LNS ln C LJ Divixi an the GMC s onboard USS ARKANSAS are rtqg mxiblt f1r tu o J inch D4 MK 45 Lightweight Gun Mounts, which -irt upttl 1 rimirily for shore bombardment and anti-aircraft KK irfirt We il 1 tilxe ure of 1 ZSMM chaingun and various m ithmt un pistols ind rifles Another one of our many duties 1 th ir ut iuility ill the ship s force for weapons handling. Even th 111 h ut ire ont of the smallest divisions in Combat Systems, ut h nt 1 lot oi responsi 1 ity F1 High GMC QSW1 AYALA GMC qswp BAYSINGER ACD .f KU' Tht 1111 1 n1l11 rlxl ret behind Mount 32 L LTJG TRAINOR Q6 GMG1 KING 'Wu Y V5 l orvioz BALL l Left: G 113 GMG3 MARSHALL GMG3 LONG W if GMG3 ERNST GMGSN ENGLISH - and load the M60 Machine Gun, MGI King Hlld GMGSN English show a Tiger how to operate 1 ik rx 1 51.2 'N :MK 5' ' 'rj L if ,f i 4" Q CD fl., Y 1 .Q ,5 ,SX 1 flax in S5 :N f - , Below: Once again Mount 51 redefines the meaning of UFIREPOWERH. Nil -X - "s..,,---nf 'n in fan 4. ,. -5 f" x L i 4. Ill? XX :V U' O 4 Q CU Z Q 39 Nc 2 an as 5 Q- CU Z Q Pit Z7 I3 UQ no F1 rn 7' on 'U 'U -4: F7 O :T D H JZ' U' fo :7 C 5 fb giwf f! f ,I ff, V Q XX4 Q f GMM1 GIBSON Gunners Mate Fire Control Technici in X .I - Q Missiles CM Division consists ofthe GMM and FC ratf ing. GMM's maintain and operate the MK Z6 Guided Missile Launcher, which is capable of firf ing SMZ lstandard rangel missiles and ASROC Canti-submarine rocketsl. FC's maintain and operf are the MK 74 Radar, which aims the MK 26 at a target and guides the missile with radio frequencies to the target. W GMM1 DAVISGN Washing off some of the dust from the g lf ENS ' ' L1 are XVallis, FC2 Buxman FC3 R. Barksdale, and FQ3 Parsing' incon, FC2 Salud, FQ2 ,M LTJG BUSHMAN ENS WALLIS 353 GMC CSWD KIRK rec Aviuss ? Z 4 ,., , X 5 FCI GREENE A , 9153 Fci cswl WATSON P""' y FC1Greene, EC3 Buxman and FC3 Forrest hard at i work on the MK 74 director. L W V n Y . GMM3 ALEXANDER EC3 LEITZKE if FC3 RINCON PC3 GLASER 5 if V GMM2 RUBANoyv1cE EC3 WALTER Davey jones, played by Chief Kirk with lots of spirit and enthusiasm, assists King Neptune. GMMSN CAMPBELL Q, -it GMMZ GLASPER FC3 BUXMAN 'fl' W i I Foz SALUD Pez BARKSDALE 4 7'- Chief Kirk, below, at his best- on the hunt for an EC! I f Pictured at right are Ctop rowl GMM2 Rubanowice, GMM1 Gib- son, GMM3 Alexander and GMMSN Campbell. lbottom rowl GMM2 Glasper, GMMSA Altizer, EC3 Persing and GMMSA Riddle- ' baugh. Left- While not cho- sen as the best, we thought EC3 Forrest t was a GREAT Ra- zorbaelc. it PICTURE NGT AVAILABLE FC3 BRGUSSARD ..l Gathering for another meeting, Cstandingj FC3 Glaser, EC3 Walter, GIVIM3 Alexander, and ECI Greene. Ckneelingl EC3 Rincon, GMM1 Davi- son, EC3 Broussard, FC3 Buxman and GMMSN Campbell. As members ofthe VBSS team CVisit, Board, Search, Seizure! LTJG Bushman and GMC CSWD Kirk review details before a ship boarding. Lord and Master of all he surveys AND HIS BOSS! 83 Y I Counxoixi as X ,I S I FIRE LT BOURASSA Y Q xii' f Q Q FCI CSWJ WARSALLA 'Win Y XY! V Yr Poi cswb KASTEN ENS ILSTRUP The Firecontrolmen of FC division are responsible for the maintenance, control SL operation of some of the weapons onboard ARKANSAS. From searching the skies with the SPS-48E, controlling the 5 inch 54 Clibef guns with MKf86, to defending the ship utilizing CIWS fabovel, and reaching out over-the-horizon using Harpoon and Tomahawk, the CF FCS put weapons "ON TARGET" to accomplish ARKANSAS' misSiOD- T 'W' Y, I FCI SARGENT FCI PARRISH 7-' 1 ILLA--1 Q N. , e V 9 FC2 QSWD Fez FISHMAN FCZ VERSCHUEREN KURDELSK1 FC2 CSW5 HILTUN FCZ Mark Fishman Cleftj, FC3 Glen Reyes Cmiddlel, and FC3 Adam Goode fright? kick back in Radar One. ri Q., i W, v J V 1 FC3 LYLES FC3 SANTIAGO FCZ BEBOUT FCZ HARRIS ,pn ww!!! FC3 REYES FC3 Tracy Broussard Kleftl looks at FC3 jason Knabb . MANH , FC3 GCQDE 1 ' FC3 HANSON 'nz i FC3 BROUSSARD FC3 KN ABB Mr. Hstrup does his impression of "ROBOWCG" 'Q ,gi Q: HUNREP FCZ Mark Fislimzm and FCZ CSWD Tctl E FC3 STEVENS FC3 CLAPI-IAM E A A A CAMERA SHY FC3 KELLY A Tomahawk Cruise Missile lifts off from ARKANSAS I0 destroy its target. I From left to right, FCI QSWD Perry Purisli, Fifi Kcvin l-vlt-N, H il klirrx Kurtlclslt i ' Vcrsclmt-rt-ii pissing tlwr rlic tm ur wt L 5 . V Y ., V v PC3 GRANTHAM Ftrs Tl mm.-is Sonar Technician i ,,,- CA division is comprised of Sonar Technicians and Torpedeomen who together maintain and operate the ship s ASW Canti submarine warfarel capabilities which include the ANfSQf53A sonar system, MK 116 under water fire control system and surface vessel torpedo tubes to uphold the motto of ASW: Sagire Classium and Destructum which means search classi and destruct. il '54 'NN lSurfacel LT Esswein ENS Kemball Cook STGC CSWQ Slye Torpedoman s Mate N' 'sf sm sy X1 TMT1 F ll a acam STG1 fSWl Gustafson STGI Carson STC11 CSWl Yamall A 'T Q2 'Q l U Y STG2 Mejia STGZ fSWD Poranski STG2 Haumwnd STU' 'blk-,N-U ' WY' , ? 2 Y .fi BAA I STG3 Gearhart STG3 Crisden STG3 Alvarez STU3 DL-uninck STG3 I-Iglmes TM3 Schouest STGSN Becker 'lk Q i N Fnllncam "Pumping it up n N DATA SYSTEMS TECHNICIANS K f Q 1 ugqpq R mo HARLEY ENS, MALooNAoo ICC ISWP MURRAY r fn 'W 1 v I ..,,. xXT.x. . S E I X 1 TZ ETC JENNINGS Dsc cswb PAVALEC ETC QSWJ PIATI' ET1 SCHUL 1 N' Q I W- ELECTRGNICS N ' ' i TECHNICIAN Y N ET V I Q ' DSI QSWD JEWETT IC1 CRUTCI-IFIELD DSI CSWI FRANZEN ETI TSW? MCGINNIS CC Division provides a diverse range of services for the Shipg our maintenance responsibilities include K Communications, Data Processing, and Navigational Data. Collection, processing and displlwmg OH-ac' tical information and general maintenance and repair of the Ship's Computer Systems are in uthelveryi p capable hands ofthe DS's. The ET's ensure that all the Radio and Communications Links, Navigatiotliig and Long-Range Radars are maintained at peak performance. The IC Men are responsible for Ships E INTERIOR Phones, Navigational Gyros, and Announcing Systems. Keeping these in Tip-Top shape REPS them on l CCIVIMUNICATIQNS their toes. With the support of CC Division, the ARKANSAS' Vifeapons can find their mark. ELECTRICIAN lICl 41 .j. CDS? .1511 f C J 90 ,3 P" 4 I 'lla 102 HQWE D52 CHADWICK D52 THIBQDAUX ICFA Foy in the Desert DS2 Chadwick playing Volleyball. ETZ KENNEDY iiqg, 'Y DS3 INGRAM E 'if Nl DS3 THORP DS2 BALDWIN ET3 RIZZO flmw -N W--4" -...fa T - A1 ET3 HARTSEIELD DSC Pavelec The King ofthe Burger Burners! Check out the Flash Gear! ET3 ANDERSON ET3 PETERSON N Q -rv W v ET3 LUV ATO X A f f P IC3 DETRGYE 103 HAEGELE IC3 BALQGH PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE D51 ODVIAR ET3 ZDEB Q 2 L? ICFA BALL communications gear in tipftop shape. FA FOY ICFA LANE XXA U7 '-I Cf? rw 3' C f-'T' F' T' rc rr "2 3 JC f"f 3' rt f 7 'U ut- fkbr f Q, 1 4 , 9 Q' da' 1 L - . 2- e 1 'Q 'f' 3 f 551' , , Y , Q s ' 7.5 ' ' , ' 'e' ,. ,, M I " ' " K -Q . 1 " "f"fg,, I ' V -fs ff.. 23 Wf- f . . ,L IU K --K MQ., W' 'ev 4' ., . K 1 N -911.9 f' W f "5 ,, X ,N js n W 1' f ., R., mf'-6-,A ,,,,L . . L, f- Q ff, Wi' '?Wif' """""f""f"' W" -r,, Q A- if J in W., W- fa ri - ww- Q., V WYf"":f" , 'W-, -' V. H - -' '-ir A V f .- --' Y f ', ' V -W ,-wma? f ' f a 1 ' f" ' I 3 ' ..-,, vm-V Mf7l'S3-'fy , 4' L ' !' , Q 'Q' -yy fi 1, SM' I M Iimi t 21455134 Above: Fwd MK26 Launcher, Fwd 5"54 MK45 Gun Mount. Left: Tomahawk Launch from Port Launcher. Below: STG2 Poranski and GMG3 Ernst Loading the ZSMM Chain Gun. I S :""-HI 'ps' 1 "'o..hM N "Wa . L f xx 1 ln angakwfwffa 15 ni Above: The MK 32 Torpedo Tubes. Below:DS1 jewett and the Tomahawk Missile Launcher, Above: LT. Esswein and FCCM Sapp SMILING lf, Above: FCI Warsalla, FCZ Harris and FC3 Kelly load the MK15 CIWS Right- The MK86 Fire Control S stems Below ? . . y . Right: The 5"54 MK45 Gun Mount. Below: SPSf49 and Dual jfs A l l l MK74 Fire Control Radars. ------,,J 'K .41 A l H -egg I Q. r 1 F ,Q ..., wmwwfwg 2' -iw iv e via' ,i Vs 2 f iff fi' 55 1, C' Ba. ls.. Ps... bfi. ogg I 1 I """"' wh. Left: TM3 Sehouest fills a Torpedo Air Flask. Above: Aft MK26 Guided Missile Launcher. Below: GMC Ayala, GMMI Emmett, GMMI Davison, GMG1 King, GMMZ Rubanowice, GMGSN English, GMG3 Marshall, and GMG3 Ernst participate in a Twenty-One Gun Salute on Memorial Day. ,nd 97 USTRALIA PERTH Perth is the capital of Western Australia, situated on the Swan coastal plan, on the southwest- ern seaboard of the continent. Perth was founded in 1829, and became a city in 1856. lt has a population of approx 1,728,000 Perth has a Mediterranean type climate, with long, hot, dry sum- mers and relatively short, cool, wet winters. Average tempera- ture annually is 65 deg.F with annual rainfall of 35 inches. tl 8 f 1 B . '77 ,ff ,J ,Mig - ,.4 ' f Z The ARKANSAS' Rainbow Departing Perth. IC3 H36 gele riding in the Stampede Rodeo l 1 . 'If -'21,-,ff 1 9 ' ' ,fa Q .-' I fl ' 'KIYQ -1 3 X .-u,l'-z: -'M'-4Si"""f ' A Kangaroo at the Perth Zoo uw .A , - -K, 1 5 qfffnlif 77" f, 'vm : J .v'f '.lr'.":f- I... A, f-Q-. eggs. My golf! 1T,:A."'v!3?"W' fllirafii-f An Albino Saltwater Crocodile The Perth Skyline USTRALIA MELBQUR E Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and, after Sidney, is the principle industrial and financial center of Australia. The country's second largest city, Melbourne is located in the extreme south' eastern part of Australia. Melbourne's population is approx 5,509,576 Melbourne also has a Mediterranean type climate with an average annual temperature of 58 deg.F and annual rainfall of Z6 inches. Melbourne Cricket Ground "Puffing Billy" Steam Train I T I i ' E -v .1 I n . ,, KJ 1 1 Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary I E. wi ? Menzies at Rialto Melbourne Botanical Gardens L 1 Y:""'Y' DEATH TO ALL WGGS. if Igiyx 0 I M Q QQ TEQMSTY X K, INN SUUEHQ AQAQK SUM? WW ff Q7 QQ 4 if L' 'F x-.J of P ' Q " 1 I '. I .14 Hundreds of sailors were welcomed into th I e rea ms of King NQPWUG HS ARKANSAS steamed out of the Northern Crossing the Li This ceremony dat6S back to the days when man thought that a ship which sailed too far out to sea would fall off the edge of the world. The younger members of the crew were given a very warm welcome into the mystic rites and solemn mysteries of the Ancient Qrder of the Deep. At the end of the day, only Trusty Shellbacks remained on board. A few of the secrets of the Ancient Mariners, tradition of the Crossing the Line ceremony are revealed on these pages. Shortly after the ship departed Australia heading for home, there came another opportunity to beCOme a subject of King Neptune. On 31 July, ARKANSAS cruised through Latitude 000 Nfl-Ongitude 180 E. As a result of crossing the International date line and the Equator sirriultaf HCOUSIY, all of the crew earned the right, on that day, to be known as "Golden Shellbacks . hemisphere and into the Southern on 26 june. During the . , t ne ' ceremony, Neptunus Rex and his royal Scribe, Davy Tones, came aboard to rid the ship of its cargo of Slimey landlubber Wtwgs Left, For Whoin The Bell Tolls ISICWOGD Schroeder heralds the arrival of King Neptune. All manner of demons and monsters were known to rule the waters near the Edge. Therefore, a special ceremony was called for to prepare the new sailors for the horrors that they might face if the ship strayed too close to the precipice. The tradition lives on, although in a form very different from the original. O-l Trusty Shellback CDR Quigley waits for the next hapless Wog. Left, Wogs on parade, L to R FCZ Persing, FQ2 Barksdale, FC2 Buxman, FC3 Glaser, FC3 Rincon FC3 Leitzke and FC3 Forrest as the Razorback! l , , - F A X ' , 'fi Y X I az , or lx - . , ae e1e 1' 5:34.4 2 - if !3'f,l , rrrr a' f"Wl ,ami - ,A o ,. 1.,,g,l of L.,,,. ,Q 1:-5 Q Q R G-Gwelpf CK 1 , Know gr that on L, ,L R IH L: . ' P' J -,sw 4 F5 arg: 5 v ll Il N i , 'J ' ' ' lr: l' 9 J , W, . lisa rv ' :' Q?-Y-' l Q.: jx ' J 'AY Avlr ' rrnssrh Ihr equalnr at Ihr IBUII3 rrihiun unhnarblhe lgff'-I J ' J - l . I' f rife , l 7' I as ar rflrarosage . f 1 , R- 1 - j.f:1g.ifiJ"1 Qiummzmhi 4 .SH 41 -, Q-.A 5, - ' . -fs A '1 R1 . o - ,viz A -- oi R gf4!,'g5Q3iiffN'P'jE1 is - K- Frey "- -r Q9 4 . Q! '51 A if HE iw' L,' wigs 'aww Ahftlf NJ,-9.5 - 1 '50 ill!! 1' 'jf'-' . M 'k l, 4 in-'J J:-f ,A Q 1 " W X! r' N Left- MMI "Gus-Ufiviziticn Uiisrzifsmi. fXimx'u- RMS Hart, having ai good time. Below -Cfnpr. ifrnyrc along with King Neptune' MSI Marsh, and Unvcx' .innu- GMC Kirk. 1 O5 "Service to the fleet." The corner- stone ofthe Supply Corps, and E116 motto of ARKANSAS' Supply Department. During WESTPAC 94 the Supply Department provided unparalleled service in support of ARKANSAS' multiple missions. From ordering, issuing, to tracking thousands of vital parts, to providing tens of thousands hot meals, provid- ing clean laundry, haircuts, and timely mail service, the Supply Department continued it's long standing tradition of solid service support. The payoff for all our hard work came in an unprecedented mis' QM X, LT. FC. Young Sfl Division Gfficer yvfm 5 sion success, and recogniti tainable ship in the Battle Cgirgslthaiiis. mam' haPPY memories of gucci nh friendship to guide us, WESTPAsCargd will serve as a yardstick for 4 come. years T0 5 LCDR R.S. Mosley Supply Officer A' f LTJG M. Balakas S-Z Division Gfficer SKCSCSWT W.j. Albers Departmental Leading Chief Petty Cfficer - ,D T 1 'fs LTJG B.A. Pellowski S3 Division Officer -W W-'-f"'1. , X '.1-2. u M7,,-f 1' ' V aa 'ix Q "U . 'V' f Q 4 M lb"-'f"' ' 4 ,,, ,M W " ' f , ff Q f W 'g 17ffiW,ff Afdfymzig :RWM , ,f f Zwffffff ff!'?fZ27Z??w ,,,, A , . , zmffw Sl pid . 107 Storekeepers riff!! Y Q7 Yr SKI CSWD Baker E' ills.: CTM1 Huff 5 SKSN Rodriguez ug: During WESTIUACV: 94, Sfl llivision toolc on the daunting t8SlC ofmalcf ing ARKANSAS the most sustainahlt- ship in the Battle Group, From nuts to holts to circuit cards, the men oi' Supplyfl did whatever was necessary to ensure ARKANSAS was battle ready at all times. This was achieved by ensuring inventories were up to date' parts were ordered, and arrangements were made to procure those parts. Complex preparations were made rg receive repair parts and other vital supplies during Underway and Vertical Replenishments QUNREIYS and VERTREVSD, and during each port visit, ln addition, S-l Divisional personnel served as the ship's accountants managing the ship's highly complex finances, and also coordinated storagej use, and disposal of all shiphoard llazardous Material. WESTPAC 94 was hard work for S-1, hut coming home made it all worthwhile. s fl' SKZQSWD Btumfield SK2 Hickey SK3 Mayer I SKSN Lopez SKSN Rnnnn SKSA Brennan Doing nn what we Ll0 best! l Q X ' M ' X . , XXX ,.c. Q . X Ska -we to M5 I -we i -- . 4 '54 -we-,M 'B V 5 1 1 ,L .xv I know that retirement message is coming any day. Q 52 LA 2? . , wists?-e SK3 Mayer lending a helping hand. X .,,, Z ,,,,,,,,,,k ,Q Q aw 5' 4' ' Q , I 1w,,13 SE if 1 '7' ,. r' Mess Specialist , ff V' , V af, , -5 MSCCSWXAWD DR. MSC W. Carinci Anspach The men of Sl continued their long standing tradit. of excellence during WESTPAC 94. From pf0Vidl0n healthy, well balanced meals, to remembering birfhda Sing running our relaxing fantail picnics, Sf2 answered Wheilgto er called. We also flexed our logistics muscles with over connected and vertical replenishments, bringing Onboard thousands of needed food items in order to emu, ARKANSAS remained "Cn time, on station, fully mis sion capable." Traveling the world allowed the men ofS.2 to show our inspiring culinary talents. By hosting lun. cheons and dinners in japan, Singapore, and Australia 1 ARKANSAS became an ambassador of goodwill, and prei sented a positive view of not only the US. Navy, but the United States as well. Through seeing exotic people and places, and doing the missions we have trained for, S.2 made many happy memories, but none as happy as those made coming home. evrm 1 F 'WH Y 'ii .HZ I - Q dnl MS2 Morales MSZ I-lays MSZ Miller MSZ Vargas Gotta make the donuts. "You will eat it and like it, right! ?" Chris are you all right? A IIAIJ f MSI Perlas MSI Fonseca MS3 Hill MS3 Elerick MS3 Bramble MSI Marsh MSI Tecson MS2 1953 ,sn I 1 2 '5 r 1 , MS3 Whalley MS3 Williams MS3 Panelli 2 'I 5 MSSN Anderson I S. ' Q MSZ jose giving service with a smile- Yi!!! GNU, SI KXSWJ LLIIHHQUI E SH2 Tiggs -,,.. IWK3 Umvcn rliXNI1:rf: ll DK1 Guerrero SHI Advincula SHI Forbes up HMM E5 N PCZ Rains DK2 Pryor SI-I3 Esprec hm V 1 s SH3 Raney PC3 Brown SHSN SW SHSA Eagles SHSA Flores SHSR Hamm 'N I! 7'- No l'm not open, l always sit here, ls that the best cut in the West? ic X Q Sf3 pulls together for the crew's benefit. X it R mn, at KK Congrats Brown, can l get a money order back on the ship? Smile now, because ifl don't get mail today you will be hurting, understandl? S-3 the DisbursingfSales and Service Division took great pride in providing our many services to the crew throughout deployment. Although we were thousands of miles away, we did our best to provide some of the amenities of home. Dis- bursing, laundry, barber shop, ship store, and post office all provided their service with a smile!! Q ' ' 0 N P3 5 l .f:,f,zQg'.f.,f,2i2': '," "'f"2' I 'fq f '4 Ak- Q43 l . f ,:pIw,g ',," j 1712-49:31. ,,.,, fb EM 0 Op. 1 ij Q ,','V - 5, W'W' ' f,', 4 , 1 ?'g3 "'fv,,f" 0 I iff?,P'Ff'5Z"5fe' ,,,' 1 ','- 1 if ' - f"f 'Z f',v f'.f:f l -,-v 1-an--J f'-,v .f'fp,64:f-1 7-,-QQ? .x 5 I 0 f I . "f'v', f ,f', . ,,,' . w ,'f'J,"- 5'P3:4w'L':'59.1-P" t ' 'e 'u ,Q-' I , ' ff lg lk ' -' 1 ARKANSAS reaching out to the world ,fr .4 NN .-' through Community Service projects At ,A '-Af L 3.2, XXQQQQ --w-4.4 :.,,,XJh wjrzzj,-ff" , . ,g,.-,.:5zi155,3-gp'ggy51'a :rggqgifww E',2:1f-:f:kr:25:3:':-:-'2 ,. Lrf:5fm,k':1nMa'. ,91,w.' ' 'U,-bk -1 " .jZL4f1bj'3H','f', 5' ,QM if -'ff-'I ff. wwf weiatiurfs-M1 -5: -' f , ' 4P,':-1-,-'-ir:-iff'553' ,M 1' Imp-' A 1 if t ig a ' "nh fj "Wifi L ' 1 j 1 2 ' '11.15,-ingiwviiew in4fv11:v15:1:ll:1-2-24:2,225 L ' ki'-A-my27QHqiG1:fi1,'L'i , 17217791-2515 '3wf:Y3!:Q2'4Qf ' v' ,11:1':j:z1:gL:, 15,55-41:,uszwlrvvjf:1p22:1n-M.,I:-gg.-L r ses J "'i1sr11f33'?EB?i2fE5i22E5Ev?5f?5F" ' N 3 i252i:3Iii253z22 jf f Hgfjf , J' xx flu' 7 ,JT ,-"W" ,,.'f:,rf ' I 1 l,,"N",2 Wx xxxxx q XYQ- 0,8 6' Q,sxxyx Ev xoiw ' ., .ty- xx Q '. 41 it X D ..S"' , - . . . I f 5. ci' O2 , -I 5' f 1 f '0"' eg ' 0 f ' 0 " 4 9 1 I v A f f " Q Q 1, I I f x 1' I - ' I xxx' it sea, the crew performs the daily challenging tasks of the American blue jacket, but in port they are U.S. Ambassadors of good will. Fifty eight sailors volunteered over 430 hours to help the children of these distant lands. From the smiles on both the sailor's and chil- dren's faces, it's difficult to say who got more out of these special projects. ARKANSAS participated in seven community relations projects during our deployment including: - Stripping and repainting a fence surround- ing a school for the mentally handicapped in Hong Kong. - Repainting the interior and a fence sur- rounding a Hong Kong day care center. - Repainting the interior and constructing a rope play set for the Gravenhaven Children's Home in Singapore, run by the Salvation Army, a project lasting two days. - Troubleshooting and repairing a lighting system malfunction at the Singapore Boy's Brigade. - Erecting an outdoor shed, stripping desks, and tying down over a hundred newly plant- ed trees at a Christian community school for children in Rockingham, Australia - Field day Cspring house cleaningl of a chil- dren's hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Project Hand-Clasp . 1.. .L .fi 'iafgisggsiiig ,Q , an A. R , S is 1 ixxlfigi af 'Ci S f +R "BE-,Q Q A 'iff R 5 '-ig . QXXXX ' 53344. .sxxy X 0 O ' i f f -,fs ogmhl 'u 1 x V H.. Xxx ssy,o .." Ny f ,gssxxyx X f i C, -X i s 1 I QT., Q QQ!-1 f 1 .IGP Z4 lj 1 O6 0, ' I ' 5 9 1 I 9 G .5 5 f 0 lg 0 K A Q, j ! l N -" 1 I 1 X xxw' I ,sm ..-fin. N :i:f1..:-f ff ave- -.K c Y. 1 j -1-lf, ,-., f,, iv ' ' S .. . ,lk 1 "2i7f.:1, 15,55 ' 'Xi -p:I:117!t2f':'1f: ' .1:-2:1if-:f1:?:7:?e':f:-Q-1-:G .i,- 7 4 3121515:2riliqii'?f3?E1?1ErE15v5:fi',.. . ' Z'I4jfgl'I'l'T'li'.C2411I-B."-l'I ri' .-A' 51? .-.,,-.- , ,, - g .jffcgzlrlz :gg 5,3 'E' .- 3 Izr:.:-1':- '5?i1'f':i ' .7-, , ki? T11 1 :L-aff-,jj Q ... ,452 it 6? -41'-7'f'5f-, 31'i2iifTfITf'3f' T "' , 51 'l53lfT55?3E5fflfffffflfffilf,fffffifffigifli Eiilflfz- L5 "fx, e.i.l.'1?:1r1L:Ei-IfrEl:'17:112'tE:-.-:QE25215 A 2 1 x-:QU ,-4 Af., -zfff: ' -, 1 was-QW" "I: - ' '.-If-C':T'1v1'f. s'!'Q-:.u:i', H' 4' 4 :+.-:4-:- , - 1. ' 11:-i-:71f'-5-i+:1.- S , ri ., ., ' K . .N , . K i Wg 1 Qfifi-f1'12f221.i:1 Cf 'X X- X " . X T11 lrif- z, , ix fx XXQ j, '4 1 M 2 l .fy .sf " , ,. 3-4' +..L..-- K' , f f ',.,,,1 K, m a y ,fy-g,51,7 X- X f Z f was .t , Nf 5 , ,l I, 71 , " e f , , WW, ft .' 1 V 'Vet Z f W-by ffwfff f ff Q ,Wg ARKANSAS sailors arrive early for a day The men who made it all happen. of work. SMQW W F ,EFT W!! .ITH- ff'R.'l'l l'l'l amxaus socam ron ras rmscmu Of mum su smxswu an cxggg W The fence and the sign looked a lot better when the ARKANSAS left. Y ,:... f ' K W K W ' ' r :STS 174 ,df ' 1 Q t' , X ' T T I l,,ii..3-il S 4g.f7 ,f 'iff xxx, - ls,,'!7, f I ffLQ+ x A 1 ,I j fz fagf WWGHGS7 I 5 Q f f Q, ' KW ff 5 Xxee s Wy, A aw" 'W l ofi T f T M f Q' if uf' ,WWC - X , W A X X 4 5 T, ' WM , ' ll.- H MM! 5 f gli ,r 1, 2-,shy V t Q X. S l MWMQ 4 2 M1 'K' , V , ' ' 2 ' , if M ff 1" "3 if "I VV ' T 2 ' m e-1' t mmlllmlf it is. Making the nursery ready for new horns. left: , , DC1 SW, Thomas, BM3 Keenan, SA Haenze Bottom lriiirifi iiiifhoccswy Pendergrasf, SA Poolaw, OSZCSWP Langebufg' 111.51 S-- 5 J 5 4 1 I USS ARKANSAS STATISTICS ! Z UNREPS: BOATS LAUNCHED: DAYS UNDERWAY: FLIGHT QUARTERS: PATIENTS TREATED: MILES TRAVELED: CIWS ROUNDS FIRED: 5" GUN ROUNDS FIRED: CREWS SALARY: MEALS EATEN: OTHER SHIPS BOARDED: GALLONS OF FRESH WATER MADE: COMBINED CREW WATCH HOURS STOOD: HOURS: WESTPAC BABIES: MAIL DELIVERED: MAIL SENT: DRILL SETS RUN BY ENGINEERING: GENERAL QUARTERS: LIBERTY PORTS: GALLONS OF PAINT USED: WORSHIP SERVICES: QUARTERS: CMORNING MUSTERD DOLLARS SPENT IN SHIP STORE: DAYS: YEARS: 15 50 128 161 916 41,929 7358 396 56,200,000 293,000 8 6,100,000 388,059 16,169 43.7 13 45,043 17,124 111 27 12 1,500 336 168 5270,583 L.- 2 IP- M The following peraonnel completed qualifications for aurface warfare pina: N 63: .g."I'-DEX Surface Warfare Cffic Sf LT Mike Johnson .4 LT Greg Colandrea fbi! f' 1, ggi wwmmm "' if' LTJC Brian Dellowaki A VW :TY ky"i0 .mx U wp' if 'i .X , '- F .K 4.53 fgdf ill? Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist CTD1 Frank Ei more EW1 Jeffery Kozlik CTM2 Joseph Watson MM2 Day Cyainmicchia FC1 Joel Kaaten DC2 Dhilip Jaaao DM1 Dandy Meddera ET5 John Dizzo CTD5 David Duncan OS2 Cuy Deyton lSl Todd Schroeder TM1 Frank Fallacaro ET1 Jerry Schultz GSI Alphon Clark FC2 Chad l'lilton DMZ Kermit Brown DS1 Anthony Jewett DC2 Larry Dainea CTM Julio Cruz Slvll Billy Qwena CTD1 Jerry Satterheld Say Cheese!" IGER RUISE For 7 days, as the ship travelled from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to Alameda, California, we were host to brothers, sons, fathers, and friends for a phenomenon known as a Tiger Cruise. Qur 122 guests were treated to a small slice of Navy life underway. We also provided entertainment by demonstrating dam- age control equipment, conducting weapons firing and scenarios, and providing the opportunity to actually steer the ship. Many of the activities were open for participation and a lot of Tigers joined in! The Carrier Air Wing provided an air power demonstration that was beyond compare! A large num- ber of Tigers even achieved "Lifetime Honorary Razorback" status, which meant some studying also. As the Tigers and their sponsors walked down the brow in Alameda, there were smiles and good mem- ories for all. HT3 Knight demonstrates equipment some ofthe ship's rescue 5-1' AMW' . DSI Iewett and his dad, Raymond, arrive for rhe cruise DCI Sanchez training a group of "Tiger Fire-Fighters" Q...- 4 .--.44 -..- X -' Mr ll--- ..- A me f - L .:'fx.i.Jl 1 r 1" H I A 1 V A N .1 119 .- we -ei Q, 'Q L3 if C 1 5 ! W 01 Zwamlwg lflzw It Certificates or awards were given to all the Tigers at the end of the cruise. Here Captain Etnyre con gratulates two Tigers as the crew and other Tigers look on. Y A 0 2 vm.. ,mi ,,,,,,,, 4. I , U 1 v ? -4 7 ' X its fs. f '4 DC3 Hofheinz explains a perifjet eductor to several Tigers MR3 Macc and HT2 Wadzinski give a demonstra- tion of pipe patching LST TICIP T10 Q, 1 1 2 fc ! I , ' 0 ,' 49x ' ff. 1 ,,. , We Y 'Q 'ZS' , 1 fl , V ,W n . ' ff ? 5 rf 4 1 q 2 ,, , ,, X2 zzz: , 436 4 I Ahgnbamsqnv v- Ll: ,-4-1-A......., . xx L, 'Wx J' H .A B w M il 1 3' : an M mn., fl ' - vi f , 'V . ' 'f I . fh 5 4 I. gi A ,M V V ' Q' -,ES I. 3 1 A 1- ? ' Q , n' - be E ' ' Q 1 Qg 1 Q 'N :I E , q ii, 9' - , Jw XJ? 4 6' 5? 1 , 'Q "gg R , 4 Q.. E ' v I ' i mg f ff? 1 ..,' WI W . 4 A 0 x ' , L 4- f' 44 Wow tlmfx Ll PIC! I I Stars of love. f T Q X X 1 . 'Q I 3' .-Q1-M, Q W 4-I :' Y"Wn :vA-. Lct's go find your father. is 4 , 1 , 5 0 4 ' .af -X 'W -. 1 W 1 X K x "" x f N -Q 5 4 Q 'f A ' - 2 ,, - f X if ff W v " V ' x . A 4 " ,, i ,, . N ' .4 I - , fi K 1 SW. . x , , 7 x ji 5- 1 V' if-,rw .1 I r X - ' N 'V K, ' c ' . 4 "' A 31 , S I ' ln- .4 W 'E exit 1 - J Thcy lwrtcr lx' rcznly In gn. I'm coming, dear. ' :N 7, Q Wives wait anxiously on their husbands return. S is I ,, Q It's a lot better waving hello than goodbye. Did they say Liberty Call? , fr ,zz ' fi I Mfr? ,i The wives prepare to rush the brow. A 7-f 'F P .4 l 5 , I K W, 5 71 X " .L rfw WT lnwc you, daddy. I h 'QM Cam we trade hats, daddy? ! , .1-I xf f ' lr! 141 N rd IcmlWL'l1ull1L' 31 +- I ffm. T i i f' ,- 5 A I . v 'aff ' L fn' .y- 5 lv, A 'Klf' s not my fhult l have duty. ' "I missed daddy." "I know son." Love is reborn. ,,.,..,,,f, . 1 , W ' Q W n 1 , ,A , n ,, ,,,,,,.. , x , A J , L ,V Vg .- W,.M..h,,-....,w-T v M47 , f Wf M , H f K ff ,.,. ,.-Mfwfff .vm , ,W , .W,,,.M,,,.,,W,,.M Z1 M, f A -V 3 1, 4, - 1, ' 5 3 Y ff . ..- if ' f , ' WW I ...W I . I V X , ' -, .,....,,,,-M1 Mommy loves daddy too. Just hold me' 3 4 ' 9' Tha, Tha, That! All Folks!! GSI RCW Edward Maxton Pfil f 1957'lu1y7,1994 IN MEMORIAM US1 Roy Edward Maxton was bom on O8 April 1957 in New York, New York, and died on O7 July 1994 of cardiac failure in Perth, Australia. He was well known to the crew and officers of USS ARKANSAS as friendly and outgoing, and to the men he led as caring and compassion' ate. He will be deeply missed and remembered by all whose life he touched. He is survived by his wife Gloria M. Maxton of American Canyon, California, and their four children Margarit Aracafe f 25, Melissa Montesa - 18, Mwangi Metodo - 17, and Roy Edward jr. - 10. STAFF EXECUTIVE EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR TYPE SETTING AND LAYOUT ADMIN COMBAT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING OPERATIONS SUPPLY CDR MILES QUIGLEY LT ED CARROLL LT DAVE GILBERT I-IMZ ED LITTLER GMMI PHIL DAVISON GMG3 JASON LONG MR1 STEVEN BECKER MM2 JASON SINK OSZ JAMEY CHIN BMSN JOI-IN FARRIS SK2 SEAN I-IICKEY A special thanks to the many crew members who submitted pho- tographs, plus the following people, who also contributed to the produc- tion of the Cruisebook: MM1 DAN LOIBL EMI MIKE WALLACE RP2 JOE PUFFER SKZ ARCI-IIE BRUMFIELD MR3 SCOTT NALL 4'--...J-ff P1 au-misc Conn - XY 1 MARCEL i ui QLIP INE Ml ni A SOUR! 81858 ff"- lllIIlllIllIlllIIIIIlllIIIllIIllIlllllllllIllllllllll--- . 4 --' qu O K4 Qu 0 Bahrain, mba:- 'QY '5'9 sauailixrabia 9 gf: April 28 Hong Kong , ss- MaI'Ch 19-23 Jebel Ali, UAB May 16-26 ,O June 11-14 , S, 9' lngapoz . ' 0 Marg:h21 X ,q..Apr112 5 .ll Q., 4 9 I 5 no Perth, Australia 9 July S-10 ' Melbourllefm July 16-22 0.5132 O00 I .Alameda, CA Departed: Feb 17 Return: Aug 15 ' cm 'SL Pearl Harbor. Hawaii February 26-28

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