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lnfhffg Q 4.4 -Q- '11 v 1-J-,, ' 'i'f .- '4' L . 4 ,X f 1 I1 ' ' ,.s' . M- n:3.,.' , f, 1 -, V rf., ,- --1 . , . . ' wtf? fqp. .:'-ff m ' ' - gvgf, ,fijffj - ,I ' f '.'::fg.' ' T-, V . U " ,, N :fix-- ,': - - - .J-'Q' 4 l-ry. 'Y.A::.,,.5k 1 ' jx V I 1.-0lfw.,,.,31f. ' ' . gfj k I -V A .'-, -+1 -v 1 Y' .1 , ,. . ., L-A. , Q' ,- . ,MJ ,,,.lu QA - b.g:,,.t. ,- x I :Unix 3+J,,f.':yg':!39"-,C,wl'-,!Xx,u.g2qo":e f +' A2e,fAs.g14g,Qe1s5+gr!f, SVI?-f - 5- .q43',,v.?':1,,.b..,Av'-U-,,, fi , .' A 51 ...'-' , -,,, I-1,-L '1' A ,-- QQ'-' , 15,5 ..":-? " 'M "Q-'vZ?'?fiTfF 1 Y 1 W v ,at , 'L fb .. 4 I, fr 4 , '5"'w'-?y,1q.i9" ' gtvnj. ' I 4 ,L-fuQ'i' 2 , If Tn' .f ",-n'-"- -4. . 1 , e uf .Q 1 ,23 :sc ' my ,.f -. ,gr X 1 ,c-, gy -if -51,5 S, , '..' -.-39? nf'-" 5 mf -. I. QE,-,,,,.. . L v X, , 1 P ...- Pertarnlng to an Gfg3H1Z3t1OH or Instltutlon. A Place in Which Such Records Are Preserved. ARCHIVE: Public Reccrds K7 r P if 1 , fw,., KN If f 75? the Men and Women of the State of Arkansas and to the Crew Members of the Sh1pS Both Past and Present That Bear Her Name ARKIVES is Dedicated to The Executive Officer Commander Gary L. Weerts, USN Commander Gary L. Weerts enlisted in the Navy in 1958 under the Nuclear Field Program. While serving aboard the submarine USS BLACKFIN CSS-3321, he was selected to attend the University of Kansas under the NESEP program. Following graduation in 1964, he received his commission as an Ensign via Officer Candidate School. While at OCS Commander Weerts was selected for the Nuclear Power Program. Following nuclear power training Commander Weerts reported to the USS SALISBURY SOUND CAV-135 as Electrical Officer. Following the decommissioning of the USS SALISBURY SOUND CAV-135, he reported to the USS BAINBRIDGE CDLGN-251 in 1967 for duty as M Division Officer and then as Main Propulsion Assistant. ' In 1969, Commander Weerts enrolled in the Ordinance Engineering Curriculum at the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey, California and received his Master of Science in chemistry in 1971. Commander Weerts subsequently served aboard the USS LONG' BEACH CCGN-91, USS SOUTH CAROLINA CCGN-371, and served on Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet staff as Nuclear Program Officer and as Ship Material Coordinator for the nuclear carriers NIMITZ CCVN-685 and EISENHOWER CCVNF69J. 7 Commander Weerts was born in Paxton, Illinois and is a 1958 graduate of Farmington Community High School, Farmington, Illinois. He and his wife, the former Penny Payne of Prairie Village, Kansas, reside in Virginia Beach, Viriginia, with their son Alan, and their daughter J ori. Commander William R. Burns, USN CDR William R. Burns, Jr., is a native of Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1967. CDR BURNS was initially assigned as Weapons Officer in USS GALLUP CPG-851, a unit of the Market Time forces in South Vietnam. He subsequently obtained a Master of Public Administration degree from the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University and then completed department head training at the Naval Destroyer School. CDR BURNS returned to sea as Operations Officer in USS MEYERKORD CDE-10585 and then as Commanding Officer of the USS UTE QATF-761. After a brief tour as a Junior Officer detailer, he was ordered to training in the Nuclear Power Program. Following qualification, CDR BURNS was assigned as Main Propulsion , Assistant in USS Long Beach CCGN-91 and subsequently as Nuclear Type Desk Officer on the staff of Commander Naval Surface Force Pacific. CDR Burns relieved as Executive Officer of USS ARKANSAS in October 1981. He wears the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star as well as various unit and service awards. CDR Burns is married to the former Barbara Newman. They have a daughter Bobbi and a son Billy. - ,-.,- V -gfn w1pf,v-1dl'1u1sug:-x'x'Q'v1Y-'I?'43K-r:'r"4-v-v"" .!""1"" 1 The Commanding Officer Captain D. S. Read United States Navy Captain Dennis S. Read graduated from the ' 1959 From 1959 United States Naval Academy in . to 1963 he served on the USS PICKING CDD 6855 as a deck division officer, then as Damage Control Assistant and Engineering Officer. Captain Read was selected for the Surface Nuclear Power Program in October 1963. Following one year of training - six months in Bainbridge, Marylandg and six months in Idaho Falls, Idaho - he reported to the USS ENTERPRISE QCVN 655 in November 1964. While serving in the Engineering and Reactor Departments, on the USS ENTERPRISE, he made two deployents off the coast of Vietnam and participated in reactor plant refueling. In August 1967, Captain Read began a two year program at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California and received his Master of Science in Operations Research in October 1969. After serving as Engineer Officer aboard USS STERETT CDLG 315 from December 1969 to May 1971, he reported as the commissioning Executive Officer of USS COOK LFF 10835 in May 1971. From August 1973 to January 1977. Captain Read served as Reactor Officer on the USS ENTERPRISE. Prior to reporting to the ARKANSAS CCGN 415 PRECOMUNIT in May 1979, he served as Commanding Officer of the USS OUELLET CFF 5 T . 10775 from July 1977 to December 1978. Captain Read was born in Everett, Washington and is a . 5 4 1 ' 1955 graduate of Hilo, High School, Hawaii. He and 1 his wife, the former Donna Josephine Blair of Elmhurst, Illinois, reside in Newport News, Virginia, with their daughter Holly, and their son Drew. 4 l WWW V V V , - A - - A -" E "Y "" ' H' Y ' began nn completion out of o Heading reached Baton The TONA The ship 11 e ' Renamed J, to the f- - , 1913. 4 submarine ' S Key West, 6 i ?-ef: ,Q . ., 1156, 1-1. ,.,-.W W.- nh.. , z,T.n-,-- .,-Q, -4- gf? f in A 3,,,,'.L., .4-Mfr... I f ..-W. ,mg-fq L- .. F, , , .1 Q, , ,., Z... , . A, ...,o-o,,, ,K iraq, 4 r .. iitxx L V lei 1 0 on or O !' ,ng 0 A "" KA" O o w In, f , Q o-Q A . 2 ,iifdb , X . . fwxw 3-i ' X I3 1 5- 0 fe ive-'gif 5fLf5E?1CID fig OE i -1' xx O L. 1 ,Q,rrNr,s..,,, ,X ,K I 4, X, . r QQ Q ,gg A-:alive-f " ,ff XR 0 " o " ma, O Y .,, , k 'xx .. 4. gfjvj' f aff, xc, 6390 ,,,,, -e X ' Y' -1' , '54 A O, 45111 4, f Mme O . V , 'ff ' , ,gg-,MN - 0 I - UN 1,31 .XXX ...L .-flf-G-1" I - ,ww . , - f A 'PP'-K E ' " , ,, ,, ,, ,,fm,fW,,W ,,,,,, ,, . MW fffff,ffff,,ff, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , -Fw, V,., , W fwwf ,,'fWwwww,Wf , , ffff , ,,fA ff 'Hi h Seas Bikini atomic the Fleet witnessed Tr fa' - i , After prepared a vessel in V , ' sunk on July Baker test explosion ' fthe oldest z active service 8 l 3 W4 K if WWW , l ,fl hi-, Ziyi fy f , ,V-f- Mrs Dale Bumpers, the WlfC of ARKANSAS senator Dale Bumpers, was given the honors as the ARKANSAS was off1c1ally launched The Present USS ARKANSAS CCGN-411 Significant Dates 1. Congressional funding Authorized 1969 2. Construction Authorized 1971 3. Keel Laying 17 January 1977 4. Launching 21 October 1978 5. Sea Trials 24 August 1980 6. Commissioned 18 October 1980 On January 17, 1977, in the Newport News I Shipyard, construction of the USS ? ARKANSAS CCGN-41D began. As steel plates l and metal cables were welded the ship grew to a length of 585 ft. and a displacement of 11,600 tons. l Q 43 il 1 ,Q l 10 l 4 7Y, H Y, Y Out to Take on Texas The USS ARKANSAS Razor Backs v P i s 5 Some well conceived strategy and a determined physical effort by both sides made for an evenly fought contest. Everything is bigger in Texas, however, and on this day so was their score as they edged the ARKANSAS 9-6. 2 My f-5e.4ff"' ' ,, -lg , , '9' . Qi . 4. -4 ,Q 1. Q N i 1 ,.,, f ,7 Qz,4B'7ejpf,L 'bw if v ,Mew -- ,,,, X... K fxyk B1 Q vw -f - jr-MM O The crew of the ARKANSAS took timeout from their precommissioning unit routine to take on the crew of the USS TEXAS CCGN-391. This rampant geographical rivalry was extended to the recreational fields of Norfolk Naval Base. The rivalry was enhanced by the arrival of cheerleaders from both the University of Arkansas and the University of Texas. Mr. .Conine, below, gets mvolved in Pubhc Affalrs as two visiting cheerleaders get a first hand account of life at SC21. 12 V The first watch is manned. PLEASE PRESENT THIS CARD TD MARINE SENTRY AT GATE VISITORS PASS THE BEARER AND MEMBERS OF HISIHER PARTY ARE AUTHORIZED TO VISIT ABOARD THE NAVAL STATION, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA ON 18OCTOBER1980, PLEASE IJISPLAY TRIS CARD ON WINDSHIELU An ARKANSAS fan decked out in short sleeves advertises his support for the Navy's newest ship. 4 vm-, 1 V' f.':z:.':-.. rv- nv:-v--V: --r 4 an-'sw in 1 T4 ARKANSAS made ready to enter the fleet. Spitshined and shipshape 1 leak Xi!- The Day Approaches . . . The friends and families gathered and the flags unfurled as the the ship and crew went on display. i 4 l I l , l Commissioning Gctober 18, 1980 On October 18, 1980 a large gathering of dignitaries, officials, relatives, and friends of the ARKANSAS turned out to cheer as the ARKANSAS became the Navyfs newest guided missile cruiser. The Honorable Bill Clinton, Governor of ARKANSAS Crightj, and The Honorable Dale Bumpers, U.S. Senator, Arkansas gave praise and challenge to the Officers and crew as viewers of all ages looked up to America's newest fighting machine. s 17 gfe fpzoapecfiue Commarzahn-g Uffcez, C9ff?ce'u am! cfwen zequeaf Me E onoz ofyouz frzeaence at Me commmionirzg of Qlnzfed cgfatea C9650 ARKANSAS CCGN 417 af dVo'zfof5 dvavaf Station, f?iez 12, c!Vozfof,Q C-Mqqinia on cgafuzday, we Eiqgfeenfg of Ucfozgez nineteen gufzcfzed ana, eigffy af elieuen o'cfocf X illz ,EK SUBJECT: COMMISSIONING PAGE: , With a new generation reminding us our responsibility for America's future, the crew stood proud and professional as the USS ARKANSAS assumed its role as the "Defender of Opportunity." Captain Read took command as "Up With People" brought a festival zest to the proceedings. Naval history was made as the Boatswain piped and the crew boarded the fifth fighting ship to bear the name ARKANSAS. SUBJ ECT' BERMUDA PAGE' I 'WL Located 568 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, N.C., Bermuda is a cluster of about 130 coral islands. This floral paradise was named for the Spaniard Juan De Bermuda who first sighted the islands in approximately 1503. Bermuda was a popular port as the ARKANSAS crew became involved in it's number one industry: tourism. Bermuda's economy is one of the few western economies to boast no unemployment. - SUBJECT: RIO DE JANIERO PAGE: "Christ the Redeemer" stands 30 meters from head to toe and overlooks Brazil's cultural and commercial center. Rio, the capital of Brazil from 1922 to 1960, curves around Guanabara Bay. At the bay's entrance rises the granite cone of Sugar Loaf. The ARKANSAS made port in Rio on June 1-4, 1981. ,., ,, H SUBJECT: MISSILE SHOT PAGE: "TO BE PREPARED FUR WAR IS 0NE OF THE MOST EFFECTUAL MEANS 0F PRESERVING PEACE." - George Washington This successful missile launch is representative of the ARKANSAS' ongoing dedication to the successful completion of her mission. ALL hands continually train, applying their skills in a professional manner in order that the ARKANSAS may be a most effectual means of preserving the peace. l 1 22 1g Q SUBJECT: JAMAICA PAGE: This island of ornate fauna and diverse culture hosted the ARKANSAS during the spring of 1981. The island, originally settled by the Spanish, was taken over by the British in the 1660,s. The beaches and tropical climate provided the crew with a refreshing respite from the rigors of the sea. -7 SUBJECT: FUTURISTIC IMPRESSIONS PAGE: The past and the present give way to a collage of futuristic images. The f CIC and the metallic multicolor glow o human figure participating in the helo- crash drills bring one instantly into the modern Navy, where progressive technology and mechanical innovation enable the modern fleet to preserve the traditional values and principles of freedom. 4-14 -L A Th treated to this towering geyser of salt senses. water created by shot 79l5. It was a sight, ose fortunate enough to be topside were sound, and shock that totally consumed the . 2' ff- ' F' SUBJECT: SHOCK TEST PAGE: ALL HANDS BRACE FOR SHOCK. The crew worked and waited around 1 the clock, securing for shock during ' the day and finishing off the fantail at night. Boat loads of civilian technicians and endless rolls of l 2 bubblewrap are just two of the 2 memories that will linger from the ,,e' K T A A , I winter of 1982. The crew patiently it l waiting for the seas to calm made good l I and ready to be the first. 1 l I 1 t 1 i l All of the efforts invested in the shocktest were rewarded as the Q ARKANSAS became the first l l nuclear-powered surface vessel to be shock tested. l I i E l E T I v f 5 ,l1l 1 1 l l H i l 2 3 l 26 A 1 i " l li SUBJECT: FT. LAUDERDALE Truly a navy town, Ft. Lauderdale always extends a hearty welcome to the ARKANSAS. Ft. Lauderdale with 165 miles of navigable waterways is known as the "Venice of America." The city was named for Major William Lauderdale who built a fort here in Ii SUBJECT: KEY WEST PAGE: During the winter of 1982, USS ARKANSAS anchored off the coast of Key West, Florida. The crew had several chances to go ashore and explore the island. From the home of Ernest Hemingway to the many establishments where he and his cronies exchanged ribald banter of vast treasure resting on the ocean floor, the crew experienced the great cultural and historical wealth of Key West. ,..-l SUBJECT: ARKANSAS RAINBOW PAGE: The ARKANSAS, pictured here at the end of a Caribbean rainbow brings to mind the many, many people, places, and events that bring vibrant color to the haze-gray backdrop of life in the fleet. SUBJECT: PUERTO RICO PAGE: Puerto Rico, the smallest and most easterly of the Greater Antilles, is located approximately 1,000 miles southeast of Miami. Puerto Rico has commonwealth states with the United States. The inhabitants possess all of the rights and obligations of U.S. citizenship with the exception of voting in national elections and paying federal taxes. l 4 I f f The Traditions wg ' ' Q Www ' f ' -0, fi , xl I 1 7 4 :if f' ffm ,W V SUBJECT: CLOSING COLOR PAGE PAGE: 32 The USS ARKANSAS CCGN-415, launched, commissioned, and underway, continually readies itself to sail into the future, finding along the way her own place in history. l 5 A N 1 .:" 'XXX N f f Q 9 'Qx--5' Qoxfqx f 'QZ3 Ao 5649 li f 05 Yxo 9, .X Q . 0 Q39 0472, 'O 9 , 'a 0 ., dn ' 1 0. 'tx X Q 5 I ,I xx xxxxx I xx G A - Xyx sseo The crossing the line ceremony is one designed to test the character of h t e polywogs and to determine if they are worthy of the title of Shellback. The Arkansas Wogs crawled through the muck and kissed the baby so they too could earn the respect of King Neptune. 'KQ- .,, ,,,--,,.,,.k... Crossing the Line On 23 May 1980, the USS ARKANSAS QCGN-411 crossed the Equator at 41 " west longitude for the first time. Hundreds of polywogs were initiated as Neptunus Rex paid the Arkansas a visit. - H r mfg J!! e mmm m me ' e"f We commend the soul of our brother departed, and we commit him to the deep. May he rest in peace. urial at S621 Farewell ,-P Fl rg! 1 If 71 4 ,. 21 ,pg Kd A-4 ' 1- ee-----H---I-'Iiiilillllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiililillll ' ' ' l Div. OD DIVISION: Back Row: SN D. Morey, SR T. Williams, SA R. Durkit, SA M. Shaw, BMCS J. Morseberger, LT A. Cunningham, SN T. Richardson, SA R. Riscol, SN D. Hively, SN M. Hardy i 2nd Row: SN J. Binkley, SN D. Joyce, SA R. McGuire, BM3 C. Jenkins, ENS D. Hulse, MIDNf 3 Thurneysen, BM1 J. Stout, BM3 R. Chandler, SN D. Riley, SA J. Ellison, SN D. Ivy ' Front Row: SN S. Jones, SN J. Moran, SN T. Lewis, SR R. Holmes, BM2 L. Dugan, BM3 R. Sharpetta, SN R. Chambers, SN C. Loftus QZZSSC new 7 7 .1 If X y ""l"W' ...LT ff'f7' , "Tiff "Tj , I . 'f .' fff .p' 1 ,L q ,Q va' "s, f .,, .3 f, 1 " f 'f ,- '-.... . fd r+-Q31-'f, ' f , 4 . . 'iff' ef- 6-' A , QM- .- r. " '1f'wf -4-v - 1 ' .,fJ..iZf., ,l, Rr ,ff ,I L.: HT' V. 'r. M an - ,, s. . Nigznll - ,aj , .L .I , I , TESVHTH-' 143'j5, if-A-f r'-' -4' ... N, X1 ,U "V i"fQq' "" ""'1- i',"' Q' ' rd i ,.,,,?n4 J we Kimi, KU ,gl af. H, .. 1 ,,,,.n. 'TA' 'KI . ,.,, f., ,..,, K h. .. . f ,, .. , ,, .' 1 V fix., Mil , J' A ". . 'j gr ' I l " v 'f -- +41 e vu., f,., 4 V, , ... ' ' H ave ho and grit your teeth! First Divison Works to get the Arkansas e shipshape. .,,-,Y,.-,,,,,.. GC iv. , ,. 4 F ' 'sg jig v if X 1 Ili' :.' ' I, 'L '. OC DIVISION: Back Row: SMSR Woodman, RM3 Szymanski, SM3 Brown, RM3 Clark, RM2 J. Wine, SMSA Royster . Q I' Front Row: RM3 J. Huddleston, RMI Clary, SM2 Peterson, SMC Wilson, SM3 D. Loring, RMI Ellor K sw,-l ,, CTO? Leftl SM2 Peterson and SMC Wilson work the signal bridge, while Radio CBM- tom Leftj gets the message. SMI Teague Spells his message with hand signals. M wg,,!,w , Div. OI DIVISION Back Row OSSN D Schneeman OS3 S Marett OS3 J Watkms OSSN T. Routson OSSNJ Shumaker OSZC McChesney OSSRR Abdll ' ' 3rd Row OS3 D Katona OSSN Stmson OSSN P Roberts OS2 M Fxsher LT R Holman, OS3 R.Wrigh1 OSSN D Powell OSZA VanWormer OS3 D Sabo ' 2nd Row OS2 J Hooks OSSN W Wllll3mS OS2 G Thompson OSC R Chasse OS2 D. Devore,0SSNJ Rmgs OSSN E Mulllns ' Front Row OSSN A Crlpps OSSN G Spangler OSSA O Donovan OS3 H Nlchols, OS3 L. Will, OS3 R. Tapra .-h .gave K.. i........, ,., aagpn r Us 0.5, s fe' is A' A 12 I f O"0' P 'l " G", f . 1 , ,ff .44 gbovel OS3 Nicholas charts a course OP Rlghll OS2 Fxsher tracks a contact. iff -., .2111-I,-, wg, 1 -,, vwnwq I ' X Sb ' ' ""-'1?iwrg-fv--,--e19vQq,7,,,a,'vugA . DE Div. . lu -U: OE DIVISION: Back Row: EW2 S. Nelson, EWSN P. Sanders EWI B Williams YN2 ,,,, ' - , 1 es Front Row: ENS J. Flynn, LT J. Zamorski, EWC D. Douglass EW2 Nelson fTop Leftj and EWC Douglass lBottom Rightj work on the 43 sophisticated electronic warfare equipment. Div. . Fx .L S ' f--1..5l5,- :- l 5 lh' A . A l . . ON DIVISION' MIDNXI Reich QM3 Wessman, QMC Pipkim, QM3 Wevami QMSA Robinson F811 af' 42 i.-xboi-ci QN13 w cssman IHRCS a look into a scope. BL i 'll0mi 0313 Wcyani ligurcs his position. v--"""l Q' WW? f v6 CAboveJ SN Siders takes a bearing. . fBottomJ LT Tournas and LTJG O'Connor man the bridge- :ff my Q mi' S-l DlVlSION,: Back Row: SKl Rice, SK3 Hilliard, SK2 Lewis, SK3 G, Greer Front Row: SKC Cantada, SN Steuerwald, SN Moody, SK2 Mullins, LCDR Garot SC i., 1 :A ' 'P ,ff X7 M ff af :gl , 1 V, A f ff f .1455 f ' , ff ldYW h f ' f 'in ,Lf X , if , fi Division 55,5 , , f .' - , ,-,,Tm:- d T L ft , SK2 Mullins CTop Rightj, SKI Rice C.Bott0m 553 i1:ri1dnS1NaSiteidIerw?1lciQBottom Rightj, work with their S-1 Shlpmates to keep the ship supplied. 'D , I xi 7 1 l ao- v.,.,... 1 1 Q Mmnxxnmhww.. X , 1 -, ,,,,f f M 'gym -w 'ff7?"'M -Q Q-Q 40' --Q-ff" L -1-1 L-ig. 'wud LCDR N. J. Schmitt Suppl V, , , , 1. X, , i, LCDR O. L. Gar0'f ML , ,, -- - ----Q f- -s f ---- -.-.-- - -- ..-- ... - ..f--.f,-.-..--, nil Division S-3 DIVISION: Back Row: SI-I3 Jones, SH2 Sands, SHSN Pettijohn, SHSR Smith, SH3 Hagarty, SH3 Hupfer Front Row: ENS Olson, SHI Perrin, DKC Domingo At Your Service DK2 Sapero ITOP Rightj doles out the cash and the shiP'S Ser' vicemen provide the goods. i I 'R 1 1 Division . S-2 DIVISION: Back Row: MSSN M. Brinson, MS3 G. Stewart, MS3 D. Patrick, MS2 Drury, MSSA Jabrocki, SN Walker, SR Philpot 2nd Row: SN Render, MSSA R. Deberr , MS2 K. Spear, MS3 Lannen, ENS Carruthers, MSCS T. Inskeep, ENS Lipa, SN Cotrell, MS3 R. Bauer, MS3 Bowers, MSSN Petersen, MS3 White, MS1 Pico, MSI Evernham, FN Clarke Front Row: SN Desjardins, OSSN MacLaren, SN Murphy, OSSA K. D'Auteuil, SN Ross, SN Anderson, OSSN P. Kicklighlcr, SA Lester, SN Doles, FN Milan fe f i XIX II dxlTwnl ll nd N15 PJll'lLIttT R X S 'I-I if 1 x ,gf v "Q . ',, . map :he 1'-wi fn 121: :able D OP ISIN! and the mess cooks .. -, .- -Y ----... ,., ,: -f, f- 'rf---'-""' ..., ,,,, , ,,,f,ff, X Vwft-fws M CA DIVISION: Back Row: STG2 Rowe, STGI McSpadden, STGI Vickery, STGSN Geus, STG3 Madi STG3 Schaetzl, TM3 O. H2116 F1-0n1Row: STGC S. W. Risinger, TM3 Turner, STGSN Samples, STG2 VanHooijdonk, STGSN Longo, LTJG Howard X CA Division ., Geus fT0p Leftj monitors his console. TM3 Hale ITOP Righty, perfotrms nance On the torpedo tubes while fellow shipmates man the sonar Cqulpmen ' N I I H" --'T f-L-1---A---Y . Y - . - f- .L H-, , ,, ,. Y "' CO DIVISION: Back Row: GMG3 Moore, GMM2 Murphy, GMM3 Banks, GMSN Vliet, MIDNX3 Bouika, GMM2 Meadows Front Row: LT Wilder, GMG3 Snedecker, GMG2 Purcell, GMG3 Becker, GMGI Ubertaccio, GMG2 Slaughter, GMMSA Liner, GMGC Bailey , 9 C0 Division x ,f ,YQ ff 591 B x , if was - - 4, S e cl i , Yi N ff, X f 5 , l GMM2 Archer fTop Rightj and GMM2 Knox and LT Wilder fBottom Rlghtl work on the sh1p's ordinance. 0 PM i CD Division .S DS 0 sl. 6 4 S Q ll CD DIVISION: Back Row: DS2 Pires, DS2 Masagna, DS2 Dunn, DS2 Slocum Front Row: DS2 Lee, DS2 Sowada, CWO2 DeWinter, DS3 Scarborough, MIDN f 3 Dudenhoeffer ,I -.,,...., "Cq,,,N'. i is I is , Xu mm 41 ' .Bi . . 5 X O - . 5iOCUn1fT Z' 1 op Right! and DS2 Dunn QB ' ' - DDD, ,, mmm Rlghlj join their CD Division mates working on the ship's data systems. .I -- .-.4.-A-.nanny-9-1-wvi.,,,f.ggg--rf 3,.,,-. .- ,- ,-.--'f-Mfr'-"1 5 'v-'T' -WMM' "'+'1'1j'-S' '3f'f'3" CE DIVISION: Back Row: ETI Miller, ET3 Staffieri, ET2 Jabczynski, ET2 Eaton, ET2 Hosier, ET3 d . iilniriscilwz ETI Lichtenberg, LT Lydick, ETI Gelmeau lam ,.., f --L, . k 'th E1-I Miller ffop Righty and ET2 Hos1erfBottom Leftj wor wi CE Division 4 Q., i Electronics Technician fETJ the other ET'S. ii! CF Division h I I CF DIVISION: Back Row: FTMI Wiggins, FTMI Flynn, FTMI Edwards, FTM2 Mikolowski, FTG2 I-Iering, FTG2 Stiles Front Row: FTM3 VanNata, FTMI Spotts, FTCS MacCord, LTJG O'Connor, FTMI Stine, FTM2 Burkholder 1' ig 52 FTM2 Mikolowski monitors his Consolg. X 1 f 0 ' I i 1' L DIVISION: Left to Right: MM2 Jordan, MMI Stevens, MM2 Morey, MM2 Zawadzki, LTJG Oldani Division Machinisfs Mate CMM! J 5 f v r i i QW Clockwise: MM3 Seitz fTop Leftj MM2 Morey MM2 Edlel' MM2 Cadwell Man L Div i 4 aww 7-, 9 ' , n i I s E n N 1 i I 5 5 P A 5 I i 1 I ! wr K ls l -W 2 4- A Engineering 'W LCDR C. D. Savage LCDR R. P. Perry I Kidd HTFN L G ntRow HTCL Ballard MRI C Ragaza FAJ Plldnen HTFN rdy'HT3J'WC1d0n K Wilson HT! Merritt HTC R W' ' - . llllums Division MRI Ragaza CTop Rightb and HT2 Winegeart help the HT's make the repairs. i Division FE WHY' EM GQ l Interior qv Ionimuniculliuns Electrician UCI 4'3" hm "ri at , 3 W' ..,,. vs , ' X lu 3 Q fb I 5 , 5 , ,-1 , ,V L , , f 2 2 1 f 1 H ,LQ new 21,5 lu, , I f, . l I Z L 'Vi gr, V! 'nfrjlwz C 0 ' f f f I 2 gf, 4 i 'M , fr X, EV W J y Z 17 f ,, , I .fr X. W .. I - If I N , I , I 'I - I ' W WI? I , A mf? i ' ' . f' f' 7 I W ' ,MMM f ff! fw,:2Qy1,. U ' Liv .. f f gt, f f f, ,f ' ' , V . , , -. ff x ,, 42 " "' ' ,,,, , . , f A J ,, A g I A J, 4 N ,mf I ,M ,M V , Z I I , , . 5 if I W ,WV IW! , , . 2, K 6 ,fy- C f v fbgi . , . . , ., ., ,,W,,,,fW s, , , ,I gf f gf: gf., iw E DIVISION: Back Row: EMI Hutson, IC2 D. Hancock, EM2 J. Rose Dunphy, EM3 King, EM2 Minahan, EM3 R. Morin, IC2 R. Knight, MIDNX3 Reiff 2nd Row: LT M. Davis, IC2 D. Bruning, EMI Debruler, EM2 J. Renwick, EM2 Geisler, IC2 G. Brack' EM lfl, ZB, Baxter, EM3 Sheehan, EM2 Newell EM2 Deaton ICFN J Haney EMCS W Hane 7 9 ' 9 ' y Front Row: EMI L. Goerke, EM3 Lasalle, EM2 Henderson, EM2 L. White, EM2 Manis, IC3 Goodo, IC3 DeMeester, EMI B. Cleland, EM2 D. McRobbie, EM3 R. Rose , EMI J. Zera, EMI Rudolph, EM2 R. I mwnws-,...A...,,...... . . electrical e vw 'x'5I'U 3l0I1g with his fello I -1:1 E qmpmem. W e ectricians tends to l N , l 'nv' iq. . I I I I I Division I I o'o l RC DIVISION: Back Row: ET3 Radford, ET2 Ensminger, ET2 Fotier, ET2 Bauvier, ETI Turner, MIDNXI De p 2ncIIRow: LT Drakeley, ET3 Graff, ET2 Tracy, ET2 Granada, ETSN Pernick, ET2 O'Neal, ETC Lebeau Front Row: ET2 D. Schap, ETI Slingerland, ET3 M. Schallberg, ET2 S. McRobbie, ET3 J. Platt, ET2 Davis I ff I if f ,Q I . f 1017 N I Wir .ww I I I I II I I I I I I , F ' d Stevens ITopJ lake a break. MCRobb1e and ETI Nowak IBottom Leftb work down below. Omer an I s . ll IL. Division awe tj? M DIVISION: Back Row: MMI Nosbisch, MM2 Valco, MMI Miller, MM2 Cooke, MM2 Burford, MM2 Guisewite, MMI Reese, MMI Light, MM2 Snellings, MM2 Rothwell 2nd Row: LT Martinez, MMCS Schmitt, MM2 Lucas, MMI Safrit, MMI Duck, MM3 Quinn, MM2 Benner, MM2 Larson, MM2 Stumpe, MM2 Homoki, LT Conlan Front Row: MMC Phillips, MM2 Luebke, MMI Robertshaw, MM2 Gore, MM2 Scotnicki, MM2 Farrell, MM2 Ray, MM3 Medford, MM2 Lynch, MM2 Kretschmer, MM2 Woodbury I l 1 i .fowl tsuaw, rarrell, Stevens To R' . . -1, . Slon tends to the Ship,S engineiring. lghtl take time out as CR1ghtJ M Divi- Ga ff I ' -A-'-11. -,-........ A DIVISION: Back Row: LT Thorp, MM3 Kuehne, MM3 McClure, MMFN Kitzweger MMFN Milroy M Dobbins, MM3 Grant, MMV3 Ballard, MIDNXB Ridings Division E Front Row: LT Raup, MM3 Tesauro, MMFN Dowling, MM3 Foppe, MMI St ' MMI T ' . 5 MM3 Barnhill, MMFN Bawidamann, MMC Cherry ran' mile, EN' Dam' MaCl1lnISI'S Male IMMJ A Division personnel keep the ventilation flowing. DiviSion T DIVISION: Back Row: YN2 Cooke, MM2 Edler, MM3 Treece, MM3 Pantess, EMFN Appley, MM2 Crockett, ET2 Casey Znd Row: ETI Harms, MMI McPherson, MM2 Cunningham., EM2 Bowman, MM2 Herndon, EM2 Schwalick, MM2 Janes, EM2 Blackburn, EM3 Brown, LT Allen Front Row: ICI Beard, ET2 Doughty, ET3 Brock, ET2 Weideman, EM2 Shepard, MM3 Engeman, YNI Mercer, MM2 O'Neal, MM2 W. Kitchen ,ff E, fi 5 f, V Zi '-Zi 50 LT AllCf1ITop Lefty and YN1 M - , engineering training. ercer CLOWCY Rlghll help T Division with f X I ff Ma I ffm ' f X, ,,,,,N M yi' ...1-"""' H DIVISION: Back Row: HM3 Jackson, HM2 Moore, HM2 Charles Front Row: HMC Hitchcock, LCDR Henbest, MC, SN Sayers Own fx ..-- 'W-n., f Division Dr. Henbest CTop Rightj checks an x-ray. ,hiv HMC Walkup Reups LCDR Henbest, MC Medical llllm LCDR Potter, MC ,T I I H P W 'X-LL1 A 3 wq if I Ac' Www! YNSN Gibson supplies the ink. PNSN Gregson muslim 3 Smi Division PN YN . I 'R' , ""I "fi me FL5 Adams sells some Stamps. I I l l I I I 4 X DIVISION: Back Row: YN3 C. Mitchell, YN3 R. Gibson, PNSN K. Gregson, YN3 A. Rossi, YNSR F. Hall, ' MAI H. Russell, LT L. Madinger, CHC, PC3 D.. Adams, PN3 V. Wright, PN2 E. Leonard, RPI P. McLaughlin Front Row: EMCS G. Frazier, YNC D. Sprull, MAC R. Smith, YNI J. Jackson, PNC T. Rigg, NCC R. Whip-- ple, FTCM R. Martin W W 4 'W w,-W1 N Special Evolutions fl ' 9 X in Hereas Looking at You WAIQIK TV2 f' ff'- 'U'-:Q i mug ssndaf --+,+ 5 . rr fi 2 X 'K' '25 WM M: E I . , f Z V '7 fir, ,, '- X . " X, ,. Q , yay, I, 'Q' -- A . V., , 5 1.11 7 f?.,,,,:z V '24 ff ,, -. M - M z, f ,, ' ,ff , , wg 53.43. my 'rf' ,V . V . ' P '. '- 7 ,WW Y all i ,, ,Q X, I f, , fi fm, We" ' 77? 4 aw., f .I f . y 1 ,A if "v f fa f b ' " "VV ff ' A., 3 0, A :Q ' W 5 ' fi ,ox 'VM If Z! f,eJ'fx .if Q 'ZF f' Wi '- 'f' A ' f fr A S- , ,, ,yf ,f aww' ,4 X Ar r fx lpn 5, , V f Q1 wg. i Q' w, ,A em , Mix f 4, ' 4 ff H" 4 - ' QQ . - 4 V ' ' ' We ' - ' . v ' ' f -wa M Aa.. ,,.: f:,JM:.Qv,am ' , ",Q,.. - Q in ,.l,......-. ., ,......xh..q..La- -LL-A , .L , , lf eq ' The USS NIMITZ lends the ARKANSAS a hand sending a helo for vertical replenishment. The large copter hovers not so high above the ARKANSAS foclsle. ..,- ,I A 55 The helo operations, whether for personnel transfer, mail delivery, or vertical replenishment, give the ARKANSAS a chance to demonstrate its versatility. The ability to accommodate the helo gives the ARKANSAS another dimension enabling her to better B carry out her mission. The safety ofthe aircraft and crew is in the hands ofthose who man the flight quarters. Whether in Salt and Peppers or Summer Whites, the COE inspection is the time For the crew 1 I e -"e ' to get themselxcs shnpshupe. if rf The chan ein the season brings a change in the 8 sailor's uniform. All hands turn out for the Commanding Officer's inspection. ,hm Yi 5 .' . -Q , if' 3 'Nflf -Q l lo A l l THE popping ofshells andthe smell of powder fill the air on the ship's fantail as members ofthe Crew qualify in the use of small arms. The Gunner's Mates supervise the activities: instruitlng She crew, and insuring safety regulations are strictly en orce . ENS. Olson takes aim during his turn at the firing line. i A r W I FAM FiI'C 5 ffl! 1, 1 A T i v. Q 5 'Q L if s 1 41 Q iii 'Sir V me R 1 1 v 1 5 li 1 3 l In the land of Hemingway and sunken treasure. running was l U a ast resort. The same was true when a group of officers from the USS Arkansas QCGN 411 hit th - e beach, on the island of Key West, Fla. The Arkansas. anchored for tests off the Florida Keys, sent its wardroom running team ashore to participate in the 4th annual "Last R " esort marathon, a series of running events that included a marathon, half-marathon, and 10-kilometer race. Fourteen of the Ark's fleet runners went ashore to cruise the historic streets of Key West, striding past the home of Ernest Hemingway and the hangouts of his ribald cronies, where stories of the vast riches piled on the ocean floor were common banter. Ens. Bob Blunt led the razorback pack finishing l4th, out of over 250 competitors, in the 10-kilometer run with a time of41:08. Lt Bob Holman also stood out from the crowd finishing the half-marathon, approximately 13.2 miles, in l:49:O0. Twelve other Arkansas officers participated in the 10- kilometer run finishing from 40th to 202nd. The real winner, however, was charity. Key West civic charities received over S1500 from entrance fees paid by A the 250-plus entrants who assembled from the four corners ofthe United States to compete. Others from the Arkansas who participated in the 10-kilometer race were: Capt. D. S. Read, Cmdr. W. R. Burns, Lt. Cmdr. Leon Garot, Lt. John Smith, Lt. Lee Geanuleas, Lt. Gene Allen, Lt. Al Tournas, Lt. John Thorpe, Ltjg. Jim Crawshaw, Ltjg. Ken Raup, Ens. Bob Oldani, and EHS- Jim O'Connor. The tropical climate drew heavy beads of sweat from those who straggled back to the ship. Earlier, 42 runners had dashed into the Cuban sunrise to challenge the heat and hills of Guantanamo Bay Cuba. It was all a part of the First fand lastj USS Arkansas CCGN-411 Guantanamo Bay 4.1 Mile Run held July ll in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The runners, striding and struggling with the Cuban mountains on one side and the Carribbean on the other, competed for both team and individual -titles. Athletes from five ships participated in the event. The USS Arkansas, USS Kidd, USS Sampson, USS Joseph Hewes, and the USS Spartenburg County were represented in the race. "The race was basically designed to give everyone a break from the rigors of refresher training,'f Ltjg. James O,Connor, the Arkansas' special services officer, said. When asked if he felt the race had been a success, O'Connor responded, "No question about it." There was also no question about the success of the Arkansas running team as they captured the team title. The times of the first five finishers from each ship comprised the team's total score. The first five razorbacks finished the 4.1 miles in a total time of 1 14.03. The individual title was won by MIDN3 f C Kevin Powca, currently assigned to the USS Joseph Hewes. Powca turned the race into his own private summer cruise crossing the line in l9:07. Top finisher was Ltjg. Robert Blunt who came in at 21:42. i The race featured a special category for COS and XOs. Cmdr. William R. Burns, QXOJ Arkansas, topped that group with a time of 30:20. The crew of the USS ARKANSAS is off and running. In Key West, Guantanamo Bay Cuba or on main deck out at sea, the crew turns out to I'U,I1. Fighting the heat, the hills, or the surf at sea, the razorback runners accept the challenge, nr, W s J, -v film ,, W ..,...., Y, The picnic is a non-working party that always draws a crowd. Several eager eaters volunteer for seconds. ,,r ur' Us P Ara A LV' 15 ,gy limi W' K xi i A f M M W 4 f zfpyu, V. if f ff , ,, f ww ,f :,, 6 W W Wfw, ' f ,- - ff"f7'l 0 f l at f 1 AM viz! MV ! Q, T""""" . 352,15 Q ,N Q Q ML X M., ki, , V t 5 Z. .V 5 h . 155, , . Q In a welcom e break from the daily routine, the smell of hamburgers cooking on the grill drifts about the main to get the chow outside deck. The Mess Cooks go all out for a picnic on the fantail. ! ' OS2 Fisher enjoys lhc vioxx. The picnic gives thc shipmzilcs il chzincc lo socialize, minglc,z1nd chew thc fail. All hands are more than willing to fall out for the outdoor meal. The tables lined with Condiments turn an ordinary day into a holiday. . S ' f 1 Powell kicks baCk- , div-jx,g',yg,.q - V , , -'::1ef54gf,f:f-'?" 1.5-5' Vg-'tfifiiig -- ,-4, -5-If El, , .4 ,Q.g-ff-,H Y 5: -Q-,jr ' -I ' ' , ..f':,.'-4 .fvv-1-"x4',f,.w'-f. ' - . ., , -,.v,f4,- ,-H. 1'1" flitin, , gi- Lt' -1 81 Kit, ff '---nu-T511i"lPl37l'!1T-t-. Muster on mn Job Q Z s E ' s ex K 'F 2 rl k 41 Q AM N X Q Vg ww y5Wf1wy X X X ' Q 5 XX , . ff' q V' Y QQ Elf 735-lf" 5fSii.,- ,. 4- V f--gf .4 Fi.-',?fi:3gf?f,z1:-A'nl W , , f. J ,.,. L13 : .5541 , : ri 923325:-52 zzgnazy.-fs ff . gui 3,--.L--. 551-ff-:gig-.,:ac743V,,gf5g,g1::,:'Ffhy.:2:4: :ff-ff - f A - - - I - ' , ' fm-' -,.,,-if 1,1-. ff: ':i' H , .W vw: Y ., .-V ,fx 5 H Q ' ' ' ' " ' :Qpf?-'31Ei'3!,w?'L'-522343 H , , ' - H 1- W1 'LQ-Wm.: wife, .1-Lfpaygfsgfv-+w9gsn4f:'::f:'g1. aw mf cami: f:- ,'.:'-i'f2,,4s+'-za-. :-,M 'mx-. 1:1-Qiwi-fdvg 1131- 511:-:X -A 1 - 1-4 " f -fan 2-iasasf-f ,:,ff2Sg1f:-'iw ,inn :za 4s,f':e.Q2?wf?lfim?:e'55224573445-xgxfi2ff2ff-h?:2::r:,-e":?2'a:l::i3f-ehgf'.::fffeia+f:Swv-wiscf9-:ww f.--A 1, ,,-,, ., .l .4 .,. ,.,,-.1 ,,,. . ..,,, .,,, ,.-.,f- ,.,.-fi, N, -mm-1 ,.--1-2-4.--qx, w.,g.....1,.. K V , , , -,,' . ,,,,..f,Q--.,-..,,1--4,,- ,. ,A - v- - .W . -- - . ,,.. V .MY n . - X -,. - . , .. ....,.,,.nl.fn:n,..n-,',f,,'k 1" " 'V ff ,V Z , x 'W Z -f 'xx-: JM -Q . ,,.,, ., xl X -,f.,,1:f. ,X f'1fZfW-S" X"?,?:'jJE'f X N7 ff' "5 ju ff 42 "ff 1 A "' -D - -' 'K -. ra-,V 1,1543 ig21'.1fl--w2fPr'5-X-'-Q44-:Q?:i:'--f'. Q- - ,, .. ,Nz A .., W .1 v..,:fx-394-:A-atev-rams-2w.f1fgi'3, vifzfff,,zfzww:nw-+Q:--:waz-ff.41-Q. X Qeiiff1:3,',jg1.. qw-1-gr..-5..,...-,L-qfiyg-dn.Egg -fiifg.-5-,?,,w,2',x.f.:W,y,.l,v.,.L,.x:QT-Y. X r A Z, ,, f if in.-5.P5R,xgigQM2l? Liigwj :viz-'M L21 FL' ...ffm 1-154fi:'3-ir 1-if vlbrsfff .P':rS5vF--Sis Nr, - - ...- i 3, .....- 4,,,, ..... . .....,. us. Irv --. L.. W 7 W QQ f ,f fa qw w fbh - - - .,. --.......,:n:....--. .-,'-X I .ff - I ,.'35:l'7i: yi :Fri ' E ga :Za-ff f 14 X fp, eq V'-ff , 7 Q ,, 2 ' - V f .H- .. . ,, , , Hu ...A WN.,-.s. M. if xA fn ,X nh Q W W, 1. hen: N 4 in --..- wx! xr X w. .f f in . K he Arkansas 1 I V 08:3 ..'v,,.- N . U ,7-....:,,.. ,. v"f'ws1Ti: gf '5'fn,tfY'fi+ A--"-vip'- 1- 1 V-4 V-1 -gh 1-jg' -4- W-: AVj.k,Vx-i..,,,..,-.,:- .5 ,wa .. ,-'1iA4,.hA . - 'I ' fi' V.-7' ." " ' LM' h--.- ,7'r' A I. 7 " Y -f g-..,,""? 'K"",...g-., ."" . ,, , f X -'gg' '-W -,- - '..' r' ,, ,V Y ' "-'L-'a 'I 'Q f f -, --, 'K -..""' - -.-, - . .. P if-F 87 The Arkansas shows its true colors as the flag fliCS- 11' Colors Several views ol' our national ensign which prevents the Arkansas' sailors from losing sight of our objectives: to protect the principles and people of America. i f I 4 I wk 's Zi f 4 1 J Qi. Q . 5 -' 'xp-., ' 4 1, '-nw," f 11' K r .19 ,Y - - ' 1., ., ., ' -, . . f.,'. r , - - a J 1 , ..- 4 HQ- A -f -..,:-Q3 'r - 4 , 5 x xxx x Xxx Faces About the Deck - k L fag Qiigcaffmf an ma ' ' ' f ' f , . ' ' .Qi-f-:,ElL2fQ2a4:Fj'ZQfigrang:iff?L2a1H,J1:.1- 3-fy - , - - f ff -, 1 f f k:f:if"'::?aL-Q l',.:rCYQ2 5::?s15?-43-'4s':y:'155221-'gg-5.13.ix.E:-31:47-E: E -5 - f 'A 'H' 1---:f' A,-L,,m.4.1::C:e::2.' 12:15.-22,1 iz '- The shipmates of the CArkansasJ gathered on the sundr' eh 'd LnL L fantail for an aft ' ' f ' ' ernoon of hdppx combat und spirited confront it'o 1 1 n. t.-,...,,, The smokerswerea 'I 1 fe t 'A ' ' we come relief from the dttily routine. ln the end 1 all those who partici at d f p e raised their hands in victory. en , , . X ..: -.--u-.1 -f'--' -'-" ' SMOKIN When the tlme was rlght and the spirits high, the Arkansas, athletes would come out Smok1n. 7 4 1 ' 1 - 4 4-4 - - - - 1, '.f.,, ,',:,,,,,. ,fs r mf . ...t... 5.,.Af 4 1 1 ,f , , v K w I , v: ,Q il E A mf' ' xg, ,K V , 2 li 1 1, U yr ,1 1: H P 5 U II V 2 gl W ls gg Q , W., kffff 2, Vasa E 5 ,, . X ' 79? QLy,:,f7 'Zigi ,j 5 , rw' 136 1 ?3.,'gr,. , bf 1:5 .1 mf, ' 2 ,.,, 5 ,jg yi 5 5 V More Faces I 4 CALIFORNIA QFFIJR Lrlo Lrlo LTJG Rohan LTJG Am s. . LTJG Robert J. Keanu t..t A R A LTJG William H. Rum R LTJG Mark W. Parodies LUG Dean R. Podrackyi LTJG Lewis E.. Stewart LTJG Daniel A. Tansey LTJG Richard W. While LUG Janna W. Zazutek ENS lack E. Cloud 'ENS Benny D. Canine ENS .larrm'S. Crawshaw ENS Gerald J. Kiehne 'NATIVE SON ARKANSAS lblntlre Sml Mlwll Michael E. BLANCHARD YN2 Robert D. COOK YNI John A. MERCER lC2 Marla K. SMITH BM2 Jeffery A. STOUT OSSA David K. NICHOLAS SKSN Russell A. WASHINGTON SA Scott WESSMAN MM3 Walter R. YOUNG ALABAMA EM2 Geor e T. ROBERTSON ENI Hardy RUSSELL FTM2 Charles L. WIGGINS HT2 Jessie L. WINEGEART ARIZONA ICI Donald MARSH MM2 Curtis E. MUDDIMAN HM2 Brian WHITING Enkilleering Cmfllbil System Elliineerlng Engineering Combat System Engineering Engineering Supply Operations Operations Engineering Supply Combat System Combat System Engineering MM2 SK3 MM2 RMC FA EM l FTG3 . MM2 HTFA MMCS STGI MM2 HTC EM3 ET2 MS2 BMS EMFN DSC HT3 FA STATE Connecticut New York Maryland Texas Pennsylvania New York Indiana Ohio Kansas Virginia New York Illinois Florida ARKANSAS Pennsylvania Minnesota William O. BOWLES James E. CHAPMAN Christopher J. COLETTA David P. FAY . Robert P. FOUST Douglas W. HEALEY Darrin 0. HERING Timmy L. KITCHEN Michael D. LACEY Richard R. LODGE Phillip S. MASSIE James R. MCKlNLEY William E. PIERCE John T. RENWlCK Michael W. RITCHEY Robert J. SCHULTZ Patrick M. JSISLER Richard E. SMITH Michael L. UEHLING James M. WELDON Leonard W. WILLIS FT ,ANKFWVNE .I EPART G... OFFICER LCDR David L Jones LCDR Carter D Savage LCDR Nicholas J Schmitt LT Jefferson D Atwater LT Scott A Bauer LT Charles E Beck LT Frank E Cohee III LT William S Craighill LT James L Francis LT Lee A. Hawver LT Richard D. Hedelund LT Howard H. Hood LT David G Ruscitto LT Christopher J Scoppa LT David D Winters LT James S Zamorski LTJG Gene E. Allen LTJG David A. assay LTJG Timothy J. Collier LTJG .James . . COMMANDING oFr1'1cER our DENNrs s READ HAWAU EXECUTIVE UFFICER DEPARTMENT Combat System Engineering Supply Administration Engineering Engmeermg Engineering Engineering Engineering Combat System Combat System Medical Engmeermg Engineering Qperations Qperattens Engineering Engineering ' 2. - e-a 'eii' ' . V V .5 . +7 . L , ,,- - 1 U. ..,,f, -,1-tie,2.1,A.,-43,,f.f,f..E-pew:-,rf---.few-J' , , ,V 1 I .,k, Q, ,L .. 55-5, ff-- STATE Virginia Massachusetts New York North Carolina North Carolina Texas Maryland Rhode Island Wyoming New York Texas Michigan Massachusetts New York Ilhnois New Jersey Pennsylvania virginia Michigan Illinois ,A ,., .cr,,.,.L..- 1-,..?'v -S '-5.-.4101 f.f'::1:2w fffi '- ' V - f er- ' ' fix- --'3:,'JJfa:,.L ,-tiff ? 1' ' H . , 4-533,-,S-f-eq: Sf' f ',.,- 1 -f,Q,7fe'L'iS3'?"'i1Isi,gE"- Lf . " 5 fffi 7 ,f W-1:-f.f , f f ,.. .YQLQQ1-Lg :,.w.,v.,ft, ' Q, fZsi,f,'?f ' 3? 'Edge 5? ' "?7i4iw ' "3 ' if 'L-' ,. ...,.,,l-4:1 i s---seam.. I J. " " ' 1 W ' . I if fi f 1Qf,f,,1eg"1.gz'fe-L." J -2- x -- - 1+ eff- . f-is '-N"--' ' ' - ' e' CDR GARY L. WEERTS ILLINOIS LCDR rh0maS'E.P1ichm omissions T Wisconsin . - . 'ug . ,-.. f.'s... -.. 1 A41 ' ', f-S,vf. Jfiifi e' -14 ' ' . Ln X :gag 1-ff. Q . fi-,,-Rf. . . V -i ' . 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J O3 Gus Paul Officer-in-Charge Editor Ifliiftfgfalgsnn Y I fx O lxs L O fs x- s 0 5 s, 1 ..... w vs ' vs V Q- THOMPSON ADB gilfgrgbcg MM1 Jame wh, WRJGHT SA Randgs- WASHINGTON CHA, CLEC I - MMC PWM A- CHERRY RMU Richard A, JC3 Demand L. HANCOCK I JQJLLEBREW D53 Jhhn R. HARRISON I MMC John R. CGDON SA Cmay D. JENKINS A FTMZ Jeffery, C, KEIPE I WISCONSIN MMZ Stevie L. MARTIN HTFA Carl W. ET3 mm RQ MAY - DREBENSTCDT EM3 erm J. MCJNTQSH I EN3 Gordon GQ FUGATE MM3 Righgyd A, SHSN Michael G. HUPFER NOTESTEIN l ET1 James A. FA David E. ROSS I UCHTENBERG MMCS John M. SCHMITT ET2 PSM AQ REED MM2 Randy T, SEITZ . MM2 Steven J. WAGAR OSSN Graham H. SN Byron J. WEIGELT Qhe hyehemhey depart Renewing behind the ship they helped of freedom One by one they depart making with them mhe nurture, hmm, md refine mme a powerful and mphignhcmed memories and samiefacnion of a job weh done. One by one the defender plahkownemrs depart. ...a 71 F 2 1 S x .li ,,,.. I ,lx M I I , A "" t ' u .X A 1 n 1' 4 Y . 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