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1- S..-.Y W -, - Cog. If Lf70'f'55 ,n"ff'fvfw i W l -'k K - M, N ff as Q l986 Cornerstone Table Cf Contents High School ....... 18 Student Life ..... 20 Sports ........... 34 Organizations .... 50 People .......,.. 62 Elementary . . .... 80 Ads .,..... . . . 122 Arkansas Baptist School System glu- 73,1 5354.1 nw ,, A gm ,'vCiJf?Q,.1'-3,-.... M., . . A Vl,,f+7f.,., 5:5-Y:.,..,,, -f,gQ3g.m?' La,-,Q?g:::.:r ' ' "fu1',t1' - rlfjgn-:'Qn?.TQ,'1,M. SKS"-1-. .f,",g' v 'TT - 9' ' V ' 'MM-f.f,'w,.f 1 M'f"f' V. ,-f' 5 4 One of the most significant aspects of the 1985-86 school year has been the completion of the Arkansas Baptist School System with the addition of our first senior class. While it has been exciting to witness the growth of our school system, it has been even more exciting to exper- ience the growth in our individual lives during our years at A.B.S.S. Through our faithful fulfillment of daily re- sponsibilities, our commitment to the completion of a difficult project or assignment, and our sub- mission to the authority that God places over us, we discover that we are gradually being con- formed tothe image of Christ. An important part of our education is learning to seek God's direc- tion in every area of our lives. We have chosen our school verse, Isaiah 40:31, as the theme for the 1986 Cornerstone. Because of God's promise we can look confidently and patiently to the future waiting upon God to ac- complish His will in His time. fy wg ft' ,as 'aw 1 -f1v,. ilwmfx -531 eff' fl '32 ' Kvkii' 3 ' - I cf? -...R .,. .- ' f.' -K.f4.- L, .ff L: f"'-as-'aH"5 1- 'rv f----W if .kvkei-'raQ'Q:"3" 1 -.QL 'iff' A 'f it x Q. 1 xg gi' L -wx' .- -.. , 1 But they that wait upon the Lord . . . 4 fit .- V li "bm 8 A mi-,vm in Xl- L gg iw NNZEEYQ .EMFLE 2 543 ' A f 'ff jlf' i fff- is : :1' rq.g. fx- L -' -Aft -5' ', 'f - 25 ' aaa: , i f ,. ,S af: f2,g5 95 + "f f" .Fi-z a, .Quit K ., A, , , J iff 1 gi l 1' 5 EG? F54 . fs.-'eta Q' if, , -1 If --1 ".,.-11 -' .V -55,3153 A 1,5 ,. 1 i21v'f.2rSQ 'J 4- XQYW T x -4 , --av: A4353 .- ' 5'j'1,Qv,', 141' - . fiiif?-55. , 1 fifiiigvg '7' "f,l:7:'fi2 Q5 ft .. E 1- cfxlf' . X ps -Q fs 3521? 'j' ' v .f 'ufbf-., gg- ' I L eig5w'zfQi,'5 ' f V. gag: , a -,fr 1 .rv W - Y, ,. V , ' I a. I lnyidfgg 4 fu' M Z '1.,f'f"ff' , - 4. ' f .lr 'hai -3. J' f . y .-N ,-ln, as 'Q Y-.1-li :F Q L. f we 1-3 ' 5 J AW' - f -,Lf 'A Q' 'k Sui. sub? ' s Sffflgm, . R -:gp 'fbiil' .f ' A , If rg" 5, H '59 A '-J' ' 1 ,Q -V . . X. W . ,. 4 if 4 'w . L. ' ' . , f 'av V, +55 f "W"""f"'. X 44 Q3 Q rn: K "iw - ,""A. t fu. ' .Q ' -'f 1 , Jwli ,f , , " . if Y . V f ' ,. f1..Se.V - 'Ea 14:-,. v L 5 . x F ., r 4 'iq y'- W' ' ' n. "e - :A , . Q A F. hr, " ,J-M-. ,a .- . -'F' M"'ffi " J: X if ,. ' 15' 1' ' , ' - V . -..4. sv. , r , H -Ha " M V -. . Z, i ,.. X V'-A Q' ' 'VV' , V , .-2' Sf' , K' '- PW-'1.fY"'Vf3Q9f7 - ' ' , 1 ,aaa . 1 ' ' '. J 'Q A 'Q 6 1 , , v , :fl ', ik. , A we, A. X i ua A 'fm , V ' . fi .. Mm ' ,- K Q1 ' , V ff az- , ' 4' af A X 1 x 5: , " H5 ws , , Q fr' 'f V Luigi' 8' W f M D V V 'V Eg' -nm nh A 3 Hn 3 ' , .' - ,, x: . , Efea , , , . , 2 f ' ' 1 ' f ' ,N '- ynyyff .ammgg ,G f . V K ,RK , f.. ...1 vsj :Sigh y,wA1,,kh,I.5 M , , . ., ,ymfql ' 'f'-ff' if , . V ' . 5. M , .-J, , 1 .539 Q 5 1 , 0 af B, 2 SX., 1 , 1 . J vu M . Si l k A y Lu I ' , if E5 if ' , ' ' 3, EW f,g6a:H"5If X .7 . - I - 2.1 ,gan sg. jg? x jg' , -W ,Tw . 3 X 71' I k W , F ? . gd l 5:41 H f.,,, . M , V ig, .4 Q ,, 1- 1" A f ,'gY W - h gf ff J ag.,,?--wg y , 4, Q t3f.ff ,, A , Tifwxx ,g, , 1 " ' , 'il feb? -Lf WTITV 3. , 4 V 'V' ' . X46 X ,R 4 if w ? u. M, N ' V " QA .. " ' .3 Q' sf , - ' f .z J? M its ,bf ,, , , . , ,, M H Y V kg? K V MN V My . A J 4' , H . 1 'Y Q W, M . A' X .IL , ., W '-i V .5 ' X, w ,,, M n W ,5 'Hif 'K ' . N, w y +, I .,- 'ff ' 1' 4 sf if-E I A ,Je 3 u . Q f f . ,ii N- l 1 .X ,-,, . wf ,, . , V I E ' - ,' '-. 2 Q' , f .e W, 5, if -If I - 2 A f 1 5 . Y' ' 7' ill l Q 5 1 i :se 1 , -7 , .l L 'rg 5 s ,Kei-S k w U5fVgs"e R - vibe, . . ,f.,f : - iii -1- " -1 9-F s. A - uf l '.j"f 1?' 7 X ii 51116 wr 1 1 - 'gif-A x -J Mix!! fa Y ' , :J ,,.' if Q - f' lr. 5 ' , . ,K V . . fr X. ky t x 'I' ts- 3 Q16 'Q Q x U A 1 1' 5 E 1 ,fur- "x. X,-w fl ' I: :E ,go 1. Vw' rlfi " rs "', .- 0 'Q -1 -. ' li 1 . , . - I ' gg i'lj,,L. 1. -Mi. ., 1 . 5? 'Hifi "fa ' ' .4 ,-1 F-f' ' A 1 f .nfl 1 A -XC. 1 1 ,, , ., ,- , ,, fp 4 A - 'Y N ' . ' 1 E ' I xse' ie 'ix . l . A4 'Yost' 4 'Nd ,i . if " yivr' f" 1- w 5-ess r ax they shall mountA 5 1 up w1th wlngs as 1 - eagles . 1 l k : 'S - 1 ni- W nf S 1 ,221 . , ' 'I-X! ' 1 . :gf if -Q 'fm-,tk -.N AQ , V -fp.1'.'. " , ' l-' I lf. ., , , 'fe ,f 'i W A , x, 1, 5, .1-ti . .H vc" ' 1 - ' W- V nf Q . . if V .A Y UL. .J ,A , ' i' F, ' , f, 1, , , , .1 ' ,I , r V ,-5, -fm ,, -1 ,. . , 1 , ie LN ,,,j 41- - A My ' H e 'M rn., '-Y V ' "Z - fg.g,.'."' we-K " . 1- -' ' U A .K va-. .. E ,K 1-ew, ,A T K' if , 5, ' ' f -v.,:w.,, ,l 'e A 'A ' " 2 ' " "fry, g - fe- ,Q -Aff 5i,,,:g,.,56,u.h gp, k,.:Q.,-,k ., . Zlfjwfyfirh,zu-ifwhs-..x,.,. 7:73,-w-.Fix .L3,,,,,Htw. 052, - . :wif , Q 5, . e, ,.., , -,nn 1 - i ,,,,, y Q 2 , ,,,,',,sf,1,, V, ,.,,, 3 R' A l ' 'e e--, --f W" n fee- ' ' f 'K , 9'--+L. W: U- ' M e ' 1' ' Jdffl. ' - 2 4, - 2 ' , va - l ,e e If .,, V 2 ,el-fee. - . ' . -4' ,ff ef V . 3' 'fm ,F 5' Q- ' ' 3 ir . ,u,, fvllej '-43' .V 'A T. V ,-2412 "iii K f ., ' . ' A f if . v-emki Y A X Y ivfu . ,-1 ,fail-igiwfqsiw may ln . I-ni M -,E 'i'1a"Q-Me. A N- ,Nu 'WJ W' 3 -f-4'-4.5 ,QA ' 3' -L .. . 5' V W" 3-'r , ' fn 4' V f". , if .- p ' . ' ' -4 7.6 f 5 , - ' L F" N' , 1 , ' . . .- 1 . . 5- '. f e ' . ' - " ' 'Q' ' , L f- f' ,.1 -1 N- -ee-wg, .. e . ,..V- if Q' -'wiv'.:f..-germ-4,3-f-e,kf - 6 J- -.3 1-, , l . ' t N - -- .. - ,, - , 'f , . A . .. Q, -r- ' ' "-i 7455! ' -4. 1 V Tl ' f ' "3'4,?f", ' ' L" 'leg-A-I .- rw . " J 'QI , A - 'NQQW ,, 'A it ,life A: j 'x ' . K V 1 4 - zaii- 'A. 1 'i.'f':"yfqi-il. 9,94 i K YEHM., ak '. ., 3355 1 " ' V f 'H-' 1-1,4 ,Q 5 , . 4 ' 'Cha J ff , s v ' ' 1 wg: - 1 ' . 5-"4 vw h , ,Q , ' J. A 1 -'L -' A fl - 3- - W f:,.W,g 75: .2 'Q 4 5 X? T f ' f' ' , Y ' " f 1- Q 'QV' iw 'fi vw '-' Q- .Q-5' JI 15' -1 - V '. - if' 2 L. .. '- ' - ' Z + i',,.f 'V , A - W ,QA Hwy X---f..M,,. f r fe "E, J V' K as AA . K M A PM AWN E af' X ,. gxwqw., ft' A Mw,..Xw 'W ,y'-- ' ai J N sa V PW, ,AM v 'f- - f M. , iw' MM 1 F L -e '4 H il P lr , R J . .. , .W ,i , 3 V -f A f - Wh 'TA - f ' , .- .- A ., , -EV - wh: ,, " "inf sf 4 W ww v gb' , A ke- Q -437 ,B dn . My A .1 V . rggw lgwwug Fm. , 4 I 1 Q P ' fi: , .- .' mf- V 3 ' Q' 'mf ,vu i 'N - frguizfg, ,,,C1gwi"'? 2 , ' : wwf' 15" " ' ' ag hw Wi fan. A. A ' -wif' 1 , W M ,W nw , AQHW-gmwi. ,Qi 36 ,- 5 25 fa? 6 hu 9, ,qi-A , f, .r '-'Q F Wg .+. .za E .rn ' -, .X ,- ki -1 -Q , " wx P,- G u . F! S 'Q S, ' 1 Q-g 4 O' ,a 6' they shall run and ,F not be weary - -, A ,.. ix .5 x .5 K Qi? i H57 TER.. ' V r -f 'f.-'f.,,,,' 4' Il 4 1 ' 1. -f 5-' j:v,',-.wwf-JI - f P :- .:- ggi- - ff' 1' ,. A 9.4.-if-1, ' ,"'v.'.g.1 " ' 1 V ge - -N ' " -Abi :, V, an-1. fs -uf . , -V 3 'G ff' REQ? V . E' ,f,,, . fu fix v ,..u . -, ,. 'v 2 , ,,,.,, -any W f , .Q ,Q . N, , 4 gg V- M ,. , K --uf, 1 QQ.. wif' ...ff - 5 sm? V ,. f 1 f?fW55 'ar if ,gn , .,,, M - H . M . .QQ r . ff' fa NT , p e 3122 s ' V 9 J X ax 'QKQWQ 9' in my Qi i 1' W 31-ASV' .aiiig d 14 if , M JF :'. 5 K Lf -L . 1 W4 mv f' -- if 25, 1-t w ,Q-f2fwi?f-3 i.ik3.,iii..i1'LLf,JNT?"P! ' "9m...f Ov 'Q 'SV ,is Q .. ,ag ws. 395 AV .,. 'E O 1 522 if 41 ff' F a.P": 3, 1. 115 - 'S 'Ls ,Ki IL ,hs-i 1, -7427 I au! fr I, Er A n., , 'xpfxif FQQQQQHN , Q-.fig Q fy 1:n'..fQj"iZg5" if ,N ',3f1. ' TRW ' 1??92M-f.'W'?Ef3?Q KGQCL-V , in "3 uf- .X ' LJ .V ' ,.- LQ ,hil- - .v -3 Q A fT?1s5f 'ii 'W L Q x v I jx 5 s a ... ,fr i' 'Q . A 'W - is fs i they shall walk and not faint. 5 81 4' Q u if - V 4 ' - ' hfw gn 9935 ,., g,g :Q '?,QQ"'1 s Nr U g'fi1'.,, zlg' F nn, ' 4 Q Y .ff :Q 'fgsf fi iii 's'f1"5gm "QQ VO' Q, g 5 .- , 3,1-2, +I. 4 1 -,f-E "4 ' f ' 5, 1 v .- A L ig 1 f V1 - .Qi ,ff -. 1 ,gifs 'JQQ Q Q 34 4. V :K 5. 4 7'5" "ia fs? , A A 21 ff, , Q. fwftf, 'M S . if 'ff 313- if , Q ' Xf'-if -F V,- Q.. 5-' 1 ,fs V 6. Q 'fk' Q44 ,4!?1,fa4.!. 4 v"f:'Q. fs? as ki 2. - X Nw ' 5, A 4: -Q 32 j:2is.m v ' . ., 12 - - a .gd ' - ,V gf i . ff. . e , , 1 2 :YL t Q f,.i 4 ,7 1" .7 .QQ -, '- ' " , V 'M Qliks ef EJ' 1,1 Q hw:w I .1 1 : ' , "ffl .um , 1, X In pi vii' y - f"f2 f-WPS ' 1 14-S ,"f' 3 l ,Q .. g. 'Que er ." e U . , 4 M ' ' ' lf V 4 5 V i 1 I 1 3 l A f Q E Eigj wr 9 9 34' S 'Sw i s I nan te I If 94 4 I Q ,Q , Q A Z i ' X 7 i fi! 6 ' - I l 4 X , ' :P av eg -32. 5 lr, - " SEE A gJ """"' MRS. KRODELL 5 i E. A FTS J it 35 ,, :V f- 3 .Q r, ,DCd1C3t1OH fp ' , Qy The 1986 Cornerstone is lov- ingly dedicated to Mrs. Carolyn 5 Krodell, onur "school mom," for ii - , ij ' - her commitment to the Arkansas 'A Ai Baptist School System and to QE Christ. t vii: 31' U Qui' limi- Qff"1"'r"" .....,,., m.v..aQ.t.'..m ,V as 1 5 dministration Mr. Ed Rogers Mrs. Carolyn Krodell Superintendent Office Manager A. -it Mr. Steve Hill Mr. Sam Tolleson Business Manager High School Principal f.iw3Q..s:Q3g .sw-sf Mrs. Stacey Williams Mr. Paul Bunger First Baptist Principal Briarwood Principal I fs' l I ' 5 ldv z . 5 I Q School Board Dr. George Schroeder, Mr. Don Rice, Mr. Jerry Horton, Mr. Terry Elliott, Dr. John Wright, Mrs Marilyn Simmons, Mr. Gary Heathcott, Mr. Richard Hill, Mr. Danny Ables, Knot shown - Calvin Hagan, presidentj is ii! V -5: me K , . X if , , x Sf I 'C7 41:6 ffice Staff Mrs. Karen Grubbs, Mrs. Sue Hill Mrs. Lisa Jones, Mrs. Bessie Westfall High School W Student Life SS X' -s X CGMMITMENT Miss Vivian Simmons Mr. George Schroeder Sr. High Who's Who Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good Works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 DEPENDABILITY Miss Lisa Wamsher Mr. Robbie Buie DETERMINATION Miss Becky Daniel Mr. Jasen Chi ENTHUSIASM Miss Allison Barg Mr. Louis South FRIENDLINESS Miss Jeanette Rackley Mr. Marcus Bozeman 9 HELPFULNESS Miss Angie Hoggard Mr. Joe Jackson my ' COMMITMENT My Miss Christy Cannada Mr. Jeff Skinner Jr. igh Who's Who COMMITMENT - Commiting oneself to do the will of God "no matter what." DEPENDABILITY - Doing what is expected of you in all situations. DETERMINATION - Purposing to accomplish God's goals in God's time. ENTHUSIASM - Expressing with my spirit the joy of my soul. FRIENDLINESS -- Showing kindly interest and good will toward others. HELPFULNESS - Being ready to serve at any time. DEPENDABILITY DETERMINATION Miss Michelle Jones Miss Miska Tolleson Mr. Jason Collins Mr. Bruce Singleton ENTHUSIASM Miss Hallie Faulk Mr. Michael Griffey FRIENDLINESS Miss Leigh Ann Rush Mr. Mark Colbert HELPFULNESS Miss Julie Miller Mr. Bryan Jennings Q if 'Wi' 2 5 1 "' fy, 1 F' ,.-L31 V V W Ai .A I V, 21.51 ' MJ 'Q ,W , , if , .3173 ,sk 1, 1 A 'Q :""!" jj' VY A 5 AQ' 4 Auf . N- -rw 'wlwl6I1'l!F"?,, ff . -V-W .V V fwgfga ' "I ii Q. ' i?"x Q 'A L f j M y an px 1 4 t-. if af, 7? - nu' 52' .Qt Spirit Week Everyone looks forward to Spirit Week each year in prep- aration for Homecoming. For three days we dress up and get spirited for the big game. This year we had "over-size day," "dress-up day," and our classic "red, white and blue day." We capped off Friday afternoon with a loud, spirited pep rally. iii 30 7 gy, Ji. , my W 7 x ,, HMI Aww :hh x is 1 xx wx fix Sfy ' 'V .' X , ff3",Qi , V Y. f N ' , J .4 , I L A Kfj 'f?' 3? is E J w 55 ,g Q is X :X 52355: S 4 U wi L1z,. . V, - LX,, A A,.A J Q Iifxlff. , Mui., :im 1g71gq:gg.9255,,2i,-gf .E , ,. v,A. .7,,iEM , 5 AM .ir - n y tk I 'kkii Y 5 5 5, 5 , ., X'-. ,rf x .K , Q K f 10th grade-Calli Simmons escorted by Kirk Babb 9th grade-Michelle Jones escorted by Michael Covington 7th grade-Julie Miller escorted by Brian Howell Homecoming Court 10th grade-Ashley Thurmond escorted by Louis South 8th grade-Kipp Shankle escorted by Drew Proctor 9th grade-Hallie Faulk escorted by Mark Colbert 8th grade-Suzanne Jarrett escorted by David Vanlandingham 1 asf C V X 7th grade-Miska Tolleson escorted by Jason Collins :TT 431 XC' Sports The ABHS eagles varsity boys basketball team, coached by Mi- chael Forehand, enjoyed a winning season this year. The eagles placed 3rd in the Christian Classic Tourna- ment held annually in Joplin, Mis- souri. During the tournament the school's single scoring record was broken by Kyle Whatley who scored 35 points. Sophomore Brad Johnson became the first player to dunk dur- ing a game against Trinity Christian from Jacksonville. The team has worked together this year in many ways, and has grown spiritually through their devotions before the games. ffirsl rowj Mark Tabor fmanagerj, .lasen Chi, Scott Needham, George Schroeder, Bruce Singleton, Jimmy Dooley lsecond rnwj Robbie Buie, Robert Welborn, Brad Johnson, Kyle Whatley, James Walden, Stacin Dawson .AQ S 4 R 5.- 5: 91 3+ 3? x'!T .W ' V v 9 'f K 1 jfw MQJ .4 .Aa 'Il' The varsity girls basketball team had its best season ever this year with 12 wins and only 4 losses! They achieved their goals of playing well as a team and winning their division of the Christian Basketball Classic Tournament in Joplin, Missouri. Winning that tournament was the highlight of the season. The Lady Eagles had an exciting 3 point win over Calvary Christian in the home- coming game. It meant a lot to them, especially to the three seniors and Coach Cook since this was the last home game of the season. This really was a special year for the Lady Eagles. 4 tfirst rowl Laura Howell, Lori Schroeder, Shana Maclntyre, Coach Cook, Faran Mille St ph W ll T Miller tsecond rowl Kathy Arrington imanagerl, Vivian Simmons, Krista Tolleson, Lea P h ll ouse Jenny Corbett Becky Daniel Rachel Courtney fmanagerl ,W aw 3? , .,,A L-,XM-Nw jk A, MH W: ' , ' ' '.':.. 1. ' u-0 The junior varsity boys had a good season this year. Even though they did not win as many games as they had hoped, they enjoyed the competition. One of the highlights of the season was when the eighth grade members of the team won second place in the St. Patrick's tournament. This has been a good year for the junior varsity boys to grow together both spiritually and as a team. Jason Collins, Bill fp nit? '1 ef 1 flirst row? Drew Proctor, Mark South, Scott Jackson, Michael Coving J J R Wh tt k ' ' Walther, Mr. Tolleson, Mike Griffey, John Venabl J T M t W1 1 Sim ,,, qfirst row! Jim Babb, Matt Jcaklc, Brian Jennings, FaberWhilc, .lay Harton, Aaron Circle, Jeff Tincr lsecond row! David Beasley. Keith Hazelwood. Bret Horton, Coach Forehand, Todd Miller, Brian Howell, Shawn Studdard 1, div' ,f-.4 'w ,fi M - Vw This year's JV girls combined a positive, God-glorifying attitude, a winning spirit, and a love for the game of basketball. Because the ju- nior varsity team is just in its second year they played only four games, but won all four of them. Under the leadership of Coach Cook they had a fun, successful season. tfirst row! Meredith Hill, Jennie Hearn, Jennifer Layne, Anne Schock, Kerry Tompkins, Robyn Howard Lmanagerb tsecond rowl Julie Layne, Angie Berggren, Kendra Harper, Coach Cook, Angela Plant, Heather Greathouse, Jennifer Festa I tmtnm li' ff V f 7' ,bi " , iff j" -,Z.""'H"fw 2-cf' .1 iii. , ' . ' ffl- 'S .. .2-'Beg-, rf- ' t ,' 'A .' .' - 'v4f.:a!?lgiQEQ41f" , X llirst rnwl Mark Colbert, Louis South, Vance Nebling lsecond rowl Steve Trummel, Trey Stacy, Kevin Jacob, Michael Lindsey. Jeff Skinner, David Braswel, Jasen Chi, Mark South, Michael Covington, Andy Clark lthird rowl James Walden, Bruce Singleton, Brad Johnson, Kyle Whatley, Robbie Buie, Bill Walther, George Schroeder, Sam Barg, Chris King, Mark Tabor, Kirk Babb, Marcus Bozeman, Coach Forehand This year the ABHS soccer sea- son was moved from the fall to the spring. As the Cornerstone went to press, plans were being made for the Eagles to participate in the city soc- cer league. This would add more games to the schedule and provide a higher level of competition for the team. ABHS is looking forward to an exciting and successful soccer season. The ABHS tennis team is now in its fourth season. Most of the play- ers on the original team are still playing for ABHS. As these last few years have past, many who started as beginners are now accomplished tournament players with state rank- ings in open and novice play. tfirst row? Jasen Chi, Chris King, Sam Barg. Kevin Huchinjson, Kevin Jacob, Marcus Bozeman tsecond rowj George Schroeder. Mark Wyatt, Brad Johnson, Brad Collins, Kirk Babb, Coach Forehand Uirsl raw! Lori Schroeder, Coach Forehand, Belinda Dudley lsecond row! Teresa Miller, Ashley Thurmond, Vivian Simmons, Calli Simmons tthird row! Allison Fulenwider, Stephanie Woell, Michelle Greathouse, Kimberly Huching- son, Michelle Jones The girls tennis team was made up of mostly high school students but there were two eighth grade members, one of which was Kim- berly Huchingson, the team's iil player. Although they were just starting when the Cornerstone left for the press, they were looking for- ward to learning a lot and having a great season. Now it is time to talk about the Jack Nicholaus, and Arnold Palm- er's of ABHS. In the 1985 season the top players, Ron Whittaker and Drew Proctor led them to an unde- feated season. This year the team lost a few players, but gained many new ones. They played eight match- es against different teams around the city. Most of the matches were played at Rebsamen Park golf course. Whittaker, Bruce Singleton, Brad Johnson, Mark Colbert, Drew 5 . AW Hirst rowl Dana Hastings, Mandy Mobbs lsecond row! Shannon Davis, Meredith Hill, Suzanne Jarrett, Christina Boatright Ithird rowl Shannon Barber, Meredith Leggett, Mr. Thurmond, Janelle Blankenship, Sara Dougan A new organization appeared at ABHS this year, the Pep Club. The Pep Club made posters to promote interest in the Eagle games and were present at each home game, supporting the Eagle basketball teams and helping the Cheerleaders promote school spirit. The varsity cheerleaders this year were very fortunate because of their ability to work and cheer as a team. With their rough schedule of games so close together, they encouraged one another and grew together as friends. One result of their hard work is that they received an honor- able mention in the cheerleading competition at the Christian Classic tournament in Joplin, Missouri. Their hard work and giving of their time has helped in making this year a very spirited one. l Q l I E l Hirst row! C.C, Bailey. Christy Cannada, Ali Barg tcaptainl, Calli Simmons tsecond rnwy Michelle Jones, Jennifer Sternberg, Miss Priddy fsponsorj, Ashley Thurmond, Hallie Faulk foo-captainl ,slimy Wm Sh Bk p Shankle, Caroline Deloney lcaptj, Mrs. Boyd tsponsorj, Robyn Duncan, Angie Ada ken, Margot Barg Q00-caplj, Julie Miller, Meredith Williams, Miska Tolleson. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders found that being a cheerleader re- quired a great deal of time and was quite a responsibility. They put forth a lot of effort to be the best that they could be. The cheerleaders enjoyed leading our school during pep assemblies, games and other school activities. They helped make 1986 a high-spirited school year for everyone. W, N, , 'W ,Ag N Vi: W ' V ,M W, I fe ' x u A 4, 3 0 V.. .. , K 'Q ' Q Grganizations nnual Staff The Annual Staff is a group of students under the leadership of Miss Karen Stokes, our sponsor, who have tried to make this year's annual the best ever. Sell- ing ads, drawing layouts, typing copy, taking pictures, and mak- ing decisions all proved to be a real challenge. Through all the hard work, we know that we have done our best to make the 1986 Cornerstone a yearbook of which each student can be proud. Lisa Wamsher Editor 5 rr. ryr H QL, iff H tfirst mwj Jeff Skinner, Krista Tolleson, Allison Fulenwider, Wendy Elliott fads editorj, Doug Malmstrom. fsecond row! Leigh Ann Rush, Vivian Simmons Qasst. editorj, Michele Laakman, Liana Wamshcr, Kathy Arrington. Cthini rnwp Lisa Wamsher Leditory, Miss Stokes fsponsorj. Band -fob-at ,ist ,.,V:' 4 K ' ,".- , I L fl X. l ' .-.,, ' i' alll.: fa. 'gf gi ! an xx qw' if X we X xi A i Hirst row! Morgan Smith, Chris Gachot, Courtney Williams, Scott Jackson. Jim Babb, Anne Schock, Stephanie Woell, Jennie Hearn, Darla Defoggi. Angie Berggren, Caroline Clark tsecond fowl Matt Jeakle, Rachel Courtney, Greg Ambrose. Bill Walther, Chris Cline, Mark Trotter, Louis South. Mr. South, Mark South, Terri Riggs, David Vanlandingham, Dale Walden, Lenny Aronson, Jeff Tiner. Knot shown- Emily Beasley! This year the band grew in size and sound. We helped promote school spirit by playing at the home basketball games. Our con- ductor, Mr. South, really encour- aged everyone, which helped us expand our capabilities. Emily Beasley Beta Club All Cm lie Jew 'f fm? The Beta Club is an organiza- tion of high school students with above average grades who have a desire to help their school and their community. This year the Beta Club has organized the Honor Roll to recognize students with A 8a B averages. The Beta Club also raised money to buy stoles for seniors graduating with honors. Becky Daniel President ffirst row? Laura Stanley, Lisa Wamshcr, Kelly Arrington, Faran Miller, Angie Haggard. tsecond rowl Doug Malmstrom. Jon Hynes, Bobby Thompson, Scott Needham ftreasurerl, George Schroeder, Robbie Buie. Qthird rnwl Vivian Simmons fvice-presidenlj, Mrs. White lsponsorb, Becky Daniel ipresidentl, Jennifer Sternberg fsecretaryj. ,, is Christian Service Club YSHQ- xuaxn i rx K K .9 X is-SR . fx . ,V XMNNAM, -sz L -N . , S. . . ,. mawmf S' - tlirst rowl Aaron Circle, Jim Babb, Michael Thompson, Julie Miller, Angie Adams, Christina Boatwright, Meredith Hill, Kristy Carpenter, Dana Hastings, Nikki Northern, Shannon Davis, Mandy Mobbs, Kipp Shankle, Suzanne Jarrett, Jeff Tiner, Matt Jeakle, Faber White tsecond row! Jennifer Jeakle, Caroline Clark. Laura Terry, Beth Watkins, Darla Defoggi, Shannon Barber, Angela Welbourn, Carrie Wilson, Stephanie Moudy, Shannon Fletcher, Terri Riggs, Jennifer Hutchinson, Meredith Leggett, Meredith Williams, Toran Laser, Katie Studdard. Lee Major, Leigh Ann Rush, Kerry Tompkins lthird rowl Lettie Laakman, Ella Ball, Janelle Blankenship, Heather Grcathouse, Jennifer Festa, Peggy Buchanan, Ruth Kwee, Anita Ball, Jenny Corbett. Ashley Stewart, Jennifer Grice, Courtney Williams, Robyn Duncan, Hallie Faulk tsecretaryl, Miss Stokes tsponsorl, Chris Gachot, Jennifer Wigley, Kimberly Huchingson, Angie Berggren, Anne Schock, Jennifer Layne, Julie Layne, Margot Barg, Wendy Elliott, Suzy Sun. Miska Tolleson, Christy Cannada ttreasurerj, Angela Pierce, Melanie Brown tfourth row! Chris Hynes, Jeremy Lowrey, Daniel Caldwell, Todd Miller, Scott Turner, Brett Horton, Brant Snell, Roderick Williams, John Venablc. Michael Lindsey, David Braswell, Keith Hazelwood, Michael Covington, Mark South, Jeff Whitlow tfirst rowl Stephanie Woell, Randi Coleman, Ashley Thurmond. Jennifer Sternberg, Ali Barg, Calli Simmons, Teresa Miller, Krista Tolleson, Becky Daniel tvice presidentl. tsecond fowl Shelley Ragan, Kim Epperson, Rebekah Court- ney, Tris Groome. Leah Prince, Michelle Greathouse, Rachel Courtney, Lori Schroeder, Vivian Simmons, Shana Maclntire, Angie Haggard, Faran Miller tpresidentj. tthird fowl Lisa Wamsher, Liana Wamsher, Kim Powers. Doug Drawbaugh, Chris King, Cameron Taylor, Chris Cooper, Darian Ross, George Schroeder, Brad Johnson, Louis South, Joe Jackson. Mark Tabor. Jimmy Dooley, Michele Laakman, Karen Akana, Jeanette Rackley, Kelly Arrington. vtacqgrvn-rv ' gs- ,x X X K ,,1s This year's Christian Service Club has really grown from the previous year. People participat- ing enjoyed the "activities', of the club. Because this is a service club, the students chose a teacher to encourage, surprise, and gen- erally do things for during the nine weeks. All of this was done secretly, of course, because at the end of the term the students would 6'reveal" themselves to their teachers. Faculty and stu- dents alike benefited from the fellowship. r Faran Miller President , . i 55 it eViXhiir'EE"T"fi'l' if i 'zz S rpiieiirf 135' wmw .,k. rgqsr mn -is., ,- Ensemble f '6Daybreak" ensemble is a se- lected group of high school girls chosenfto' represent our school through song. Thiseyear, for the first time, we met for daily prac- tice during a class period. We performed often for church, school and community groups, The highlights of the year were singing in Christmas Chapel and performing our Spring Concert. it it Allison Fulenwider ,af is , Q. 'tfirst YOWi Jennifer Festa, Michelle Schinncr, Vivian Simmons, Courtney Williams tsecond raw! Jeanelie Raelcley, Heather Neaves, Rebekah Courtney, Allison Fulenwider tthird row! Ashley Thurmond, Mrs. Cornelson, Jennifer Grice, Jon Hynes FCA - Boys it V .,,,. ,. X 473. . KE, gifs. f 'I l Hirst rowl Mark South, Jimmy Dooley, Jason Collins, Vance Nebling, Louis South, Jasen Chi Qsecretaryj. lsecond mwl Michael Covington, Ron Whittaker, John Venable, Mark Tabor, Coach Forehand tsponsorj, Steve Trummel, Michael Griffey. Mark Colbert. Kevin Jacob. tthird rowl Scott Needham. Bruce Singleton, Robbie Buie, Robert Welborn Qtreasurerj. Brad Johnson tvice presidentb, Kyle Whatley. George Schroeder fpresidenlj, Slacin Dawson, James Walden, Darian Ross. -Q-Q The boys chapter of the Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes at ABHS tried to carry out the FCA purpose: "To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the chal- lenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the churchf' Our meetings were a mixture of fun, sharing, and learning as we grew together and in Christ. George J Schroeder President FCA - Girls lt is exciting to see the begin- ning of an FCA chapter here at ABHS this year: As a dedicated group of athletes and coaches in- volved in the ABHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes, our goal is to serve the Lord through nutur- ing and encouraging personal dis- cipling and offering evangelistic opportunities to those whom we influence. Vivian Simmons President 1 tfirsl rowl Christy Cannada, Anne Schock, Julie Layne, Heather Greathouse, Angie Berggren, Jennifer Layne, Kathy Arrington, Teresa Miller tsecond f0Wl Ashley Thurmond, Becky Daniel Ctreasurerl, Faran Miller fvice-presidentb, Coach Cook lsponsorj, Vivian Simmons Cpresidentj, Laura Howell Csecretaryj, Calli Simmons Cthird :owl Kerry Tompkins, Jennifer Festa, Stephanie Woell, Rachel Courtney, Michelle Greathouse, Kelly Arrington, Krista Tolleson, Lori Schroeder Library Workers V' lfirsl rowl Nikki Northern. Terri Riggs. Mrs, Babb. Mrs. Hobbs. Meredith Leggett, Darla Defoggi lsecond rowlChris Cline, Scott Jackson, John Venable. Darian Ross, Stuart Schofield. Stacin Dawson, Vance Nebling, Michael Covington. Scott Malstrom Library Workers are "little elves" who help the librarians. We work once a week. We shelve books, work at the circulation desk, and write out those embar- rassing overdue notices. We keep very busy. Being a library worker is fun! Ella Ball iii Prayer Club The Prayer Club met on Tues- days and Fridays. The members of the club shared requestsg and the leaders, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Grubbs, led in prayer. It was a special time for the students who participated as they shared their needs and blessings with one an- other. Wendy Elliott r Hirst row! Wendy Elliott, Christy Cannada, Faran Miller, Michele Laakman, Angie Hoggard, Michelle Jones, Emily Beasley isecond rowl Jennifer Wigley, Joe Jackson, Mr, Lewis, Mr. Grubbs, Robbie Buie, Jennifer Festa if i Student Council 25.-f Hirst row? Bryan Jennings. Hallie Faulk. Rebekah Courtney. Jennifer Sternberg. Jeff Tiner. tsecond fowl Leigh Ann Rush. Lori Schroeder. Jason Collins. Courtney Williams, Shelley Ragan, tthird fowl Angie Haggard tviee presidentj, George Schroeder tpresidenll, Kelly Arrington tsecretaryl. The ABHS Student Council is a group of dedicated students who represent the many students in the school. The representatives organize school activities such as fifth-quarter fellowships and homecoming events. They also help the teachers and staff to un- derstand the students, needs. The Student Council is sponsored by Mrs. Judy Starrett. Leigh Ann Rush Ninth Grade Rep. C 4 s x 51 i -Q People wx X I XX n 1 1 ' A ' High School Facult Mrs. Janet Boyd Miss Karen Cook Mrs. Kelly Cornelsen Mr. Michael Forehand Mrs. Tracey Greene Mr. Doug Grubbs fgf-xr' NX -,..- Mrs. Kim Harper Mrs. .Ioan Hearnsberger Mr. Dave Lewis 64 fi fi' "1 gf' f l. if 5.1 ..- r W 2 - 4 -s ' fflf We Q . ,. ,, .Q , , 1 'l ' Lf,i,w1v,'fr Y Mrs. Margaret Mercer Miss Ann Priddy Mr. Dan South Mrs. LaWanda Spann Mrs. Judy Starret Miss Karen Stokes Mr. Terry Thurmond Mrs. Jeannie White Mrs. Kay Williams 65 'i ' Q Semors 'The Senibr CIzfSs lbf spe Qiai fbC?Q1ause wefare tIieVHrSt graduatingfci aSif 6FiAfBIiISfTHis hasQ begn la yearuf excitementj harg1 xAgQr lQ and ?antici1i5affbnZf AS the j?g-:ar pfogresgedg a feQ1ing of 1 c1o sene 5s g1cvglopec1fgaamongM uSg and 1alt ho1Qghfwe Ioigked tfqryygard tq gr adiuai ioni,Lw19 QQisI1edtgat.Q1imes that We di'd' 1hof, hzivefto 1eave gJu1Q stfhdbl clasimagtesg qrejpentain thatffthe aizadftniic and spiritual?ifi?:tfi1cfi61if wQ ijaygf: rgceiyemj has-Lpreparedf usfor 'the future. Godzhzis aireiidyfbldssfid us mgxaywaysiiand we know that v HC,VSZi1lQgC0,IlIiIil1Ej:jt01T1ifCC'LLf21i'fd Slesi, iii the yeags ahegd. ?? -I Skghroederryl, .5 k:.' .. , ,J I i , r kb Class Qrestidgpt, ' W , ,, A Z ,gf 4755 y f f if - :V -, M .L ,MLAHfwfmzgwwv::h411,Z,LL George Schroeder, Mffrqsxdeptg g3g5an5gSgz3gmQg1gg Vyzq-LPre31dentg Rebitkahf Cqurtneyg Segretgqgga , K ,, .H my WJ' - f , . - fy ,,,,.- QM ,ww M Mwwfhmvf' mf .1 T..-Q, se , , W Q 1 JR t 1 2 E 1---dv Karen Akana r "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more paing for the former things are passed away." Rev, 21:4 x 5 i t Q -1- 3 is , - , l . 3 1-ff-" X 'v Emily Beasley "But rather seek ye the kingdom of Godg and all these things shall be added unto you."e Luke 12:31 N .X f f , t ,,,. ,. M i f 5 Rebekah Glonrtney "Love bears all things, believed all things, hopes all things, endures all fhingsfllove never fails," l Cor. 13:7-s 5 ' i f ag' 5? , fensggk einafiiefi i rt iii i. f'T1'Ic grass .wit,l1ereth,A and the fldwer thereof falleth ,gl - f'V-k , AG' A 73:77 3 V iy 'ffycan do all things through Christ wliieh strengthen- I y M L V eth friS3?75Phil,4:lL3yi L if if , I away: butithe word ofthe Iiord endureth foi:Qever.ffLl r F i it if' ' 'L ff A Petf 1124525 2, W M f J iTris Crodmeif' v trte J ' Q f v Joe ,J2CkS0n r r ' A "That at the name of -Jesus evcrykneefshouhil-bow,' ble: and he knoweth them that trust in himff Nahum . . . gand that every tongue shouldyconfess that Jesus A Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Fatherf' Phil. Write Lara igaigoodga strimhhold in ,gigs dqyyof pm- IE7 0 ,y A l ' ' 2:lO:l1 4 e fi i SCottiMoure5r t i lferdn Mosley if5i Kind whatsoever ye do in word or deed, dd all in the I "And be ye kind one togndther, tenderhearted. for- mime 6? the ,Lord Jesusggiving thanks iq God and giving one another, even as God for'Christ's sake M the Fgther by him."c01.3111i it t hath forgiven yox1.T'Eph.4:32 l ,, f KristitlFiilleii?fi? lhll i'Greaier love has no 0IlEhIh8.flif1liS.,g1QfVQQQBQXQQF this life-foryhis friends.f'EfJohxf3l551311 Wifi: , is i K ..k, I flfhrogigh desire alman, having sepairatedjhimgel seekexhlandi'intermcddleth wighrallfggqisclqnpf gig, 4 5 i r ,Scott Needham "And whatsoever ye do,-do it heartily, as togthekdrc grid not unlo,men.f'VCol. 3:23. A f - i it 5 i 5 T r . Leah Prince l l"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing V 'them in the name ofthe Father, and ofthe Son, and lol' the Holy Spiritf' Matt, 28:19 l x l - , . l Q l, Vivian Simmons 'I have been crucified with Christg it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me: and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Gal. 2:20 F ,fb l fen- l l , Lisa Wamsher frust in the Lord with all thine heartzand lean not hto thine own understanding. In all thy ways ac- qowledge him, and he shall direct they paths." rev. 3:5-6 . if ' Jeanette Rackley y t t ",. .. let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, 'even the ornamentlof a meektand quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price." l Pet. 354 . ' - rafwt t e .Steve Trummel l i l 'ty K 2 V V EQ. 5 Geo ge Shliroeder t ". . . that with ful! courage-now as always Christ will be honored in my ody, whether by life or by death. For me to live is hrist, to die is gain." Phil. L20-21 in K 5 E . E gp, 5 r l ' .limes Walden , "Q . . forgetting what lies behind arid- straining for-, . ."Fight the good ght of fi ithg take hold ofthe eter- ward to what lies ahead, I press on toward thekgoal . nal life to which A u werelttalled when you made the for the prize of the upward call offGod- in Christ L Jesus? Phil. 3:13-l4f y J y g i Miko. if' , WW Y l i 'i Kyle Whatley "Do you not know that those who run in a race all V run, but only one receives the prize'?'Run in such a way that you may win." l Cor. 9:24 good confession i the presence of many witnesses." l TimQ 6:l2 ' L K 2 5 t g l ijarliwyatt i "And we know t tall th ngs work together for good to themgthat lo God. to them who are the called according to his'purpose." Rom. 8:28 -Lit ig! i es lv Juniors Kelly Arrington Ali Barg Robbie Buie Scott Cooper Jennifer Davis Stacin Dawson Jimmy Dooley Doug Drawbaugh Damon Elkins Becky Gatliff Kim Hess Angie Hoggard 70 Jon Hynes uniors Peggy Lee Doug Malmstrom Shana Mac lntire Farran Miller Vance Nebling Darian Ross Louis South Tim Stankevitz Laura Stanley Jennifer Sternberg Eddie Stover 71 Sophomores Kathy Arrington Kirk Babb Kristen Beauman Marcus Bozeman Jasen Chi Randi Coleman Brad Collins Chris Cooper Rachael Courtney Russell Croom Allison Fulenwider Jennifer Gasaway Michelle Greathouse Michelle Griffey Mary Gusewelle 72 Jason Hackett Karl Honomichl Kevin Huchingson Brad Johnson Sophomores f"" 1""7 K in x 45' A .f H-f 252' ""' R9 for Liana Wamsher Mark Whatley Stephanie Woell Aaron Wright Chris King Michele Laakman Robert Law Teresa Miller Blaine Munsey Heather Neaves Kim Powers Shelley Ragan Lori Schroeder Calli Simmons Morgan Smith Ashley Springer Steve Stone Mark Tabor Cameron Taylor Ashley Thurmond Krista Tolleson Julie Viner 73 Freshmen C.C. Bailey Sam Barg Brooks Bradley David Braswell Christy Cannada Mark Colbert Jenny Corbett Mike Covington Amy Daniels Doug Diggs Wendy Elliott Hallie Faulk Jennifer Festa Shannon Fletcher Jennie Freeman Jennifer Grice David Hall Kendra Harper Christian Hastings Jennie Hearn Robyn Howard Laura Howell Kevin Jacob f Jennifer Jeakle 74 X? Freshmen Michelle Jones Lee Major .I.T. Meister Liann Miller Stephanie Moudy Pat Parr Phillip Rackley Bard Reinmiller Bryan Ross Leigh Ann Rush Michelle Schinner Jeff Skinner Bruce Singleton Mark South Ashley Stewart Katie Studdard Suzy Sun Kerry Tompkins Mark Trotter John Venable Dale Walden 75 lghth Greg Ambrose Leny Aronson Ella Bali Margo! Barg Janelle Blankenship Angela Borggr Steve Bradshaw Shannon Brekken Andy Clark Caroline Clark Chris Cline Jason Collins Shannon Davis Darla DeFoggi Caroline Deloney Belinda Dudley Robyn Duncan Chris Gachot Michael Griffey Kimberly Huchingson Scott Jackson 76 N. SNK Ron Whittaker Courtney Williams Meredith Williams Eighth Suzanne Jarrett Lettie Laakman Toran Laser Jennifer Layne Julie Layne John Lett Michael Lindsey John McDonald Jon Mills Angela Pierce Drew Proctor Terri Riggs Anne Schock Stuart Schofield Kipp Shankle Steven Snow Trey Stacey Angi Swain David Vanlandingham Bill Walther 77 Seventh Angie Adams Jim Babb Daniel Baker Anita Ball Shannon Barber David Beasley Christina Boatwright Melanie Brown Peggy Buchanan Lori Buie Daniel Caldwell Kristy Carpenter Aaron Circle Sarah Dougan Lane Gettys Travis Gray Heather Greathouse Jay Harton Dana Hastings Keith Hazelwood Meredith Hill Brett Horton Brian Howell Robert Hussman Jennifer Hutchinson Chris Hynes 78 v , Seventh Matt Jeakle Bryan Jennings Ruth Kwee Suzanne Lake Meredith Leggett Jeremy Lowery I Stephen Majors Julie Miller A Todd Miller 'ff' Mandy Mobbs wr , Nikki Northern Rob Richardson David Rogers Lindy Rush Brant Snell Shawn Studdard Laura Terry Michael Thompson Jeff Tiner Miska Tolleson Scott Turner Beth Watkins Angela Welbourn Faber White Jeffrey Whitlow Carrie Wilson 79 Nasa, Na+. CSM-M QQ?-W - 3 I ,339 If . . g - 53 W K ' 3 --Q51 walk - I 'E ff, x . , if ' 1 Elementar 'Sl Lower Elementar The Arkansas Baptist School System has lower elementary schools at Briarwood, Maumelle and First Baptist. In the lower elementary grades emphasis is placed on reading and other im- portant basic skills. Students also learn how to develop proper rela- tionships with their peers, their authorities, and their Creator. Nea .11 n X JZQLA pper Elementar In the upper elementary grades students meet with new educa- tional challenges. They gain broader knowledge and under- standing to equip them for higher educational experiences. Most importantly, they learn to evalu- ate all learning in the light of God's Word. J og-A-Thon The jog-a-thon is an annual event which the elementary stu- dents always look forward to. Al- though it involves much hard work, it is a lot of fun. This year our jog-a-thon was a big success and provided funds to expand the ministry of ABSS. W , , " . ""' , ' . M - i.yy l ,Q f ' , . M u v flw f',f 1 I fm-g x f l., nh, ' tl, t if 5 ' ' .xx . ' ew wg? ff - I 1 I , V M If Y ab 7 ' ' "1 . - ' f - ' 'frr, H W - , k gi I , 5.1 s'f.:,'f1 i 1 'flow 1 - Aff. , I ,, 2 A 1,71 ' ,ig I L yyy 5 , to I Y Q - - K, -K if 'S . Q' , 'LL 1. R Fall Festival The Fall Festival is an event that takes place in our elemen- tary schools each October. It is a time of parties, games, eating goodies, and just Hclowning around." Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indians abounded as we remembered the first Thanksgiving. Homeroom moth- ers worked hard to make certain that every child was treated to a real feast. Each class also had a special time to thank God for His many provisions and blessings. . A fag i A 'lee ' as A Christmas The Christmas season provides a time for our entire school sys- tem to get together in celebration of the birth of our Savior. Each division of ABSS participated in our special Christmas chapel by providing a variety of festive and sacred music. Afterward each class had its own Christmas par- ty. Basketball The Briarwood Bulldogs are represented by two basketball teams - a fifth grade team and a sixth grade team. These teams create a lot of excite- ment and help promote school spirit at BCS. 6th Grade: lfranl rowj Jason Roach, Brent Nicholson, Kim Laser, David Covington, Drew Drinkwater lmiddle rowl Jason Sheridan, Brett Landgren, Eric Grable, Neal Fendley, Jonathan Holt, Jeff Sparks Itop ruwl Coach English, Coach Bunger Knot shown - Paul Blumreichj .t as ' X 'Q 5 t, . tr X ta sst tt I B , J 33 ' 5 3 5 '6 E 6' gc DS Sth Grade: tfront rowj David Hardin, Heather Horton, Tom Leggett, Ben Wilson, Matt Hargett thick rowj Carmen Schmidt. Jessica Ward, Hodge Wagnon, Coach Bunger, Jonathan Emerson, Scott Mclilhaney fnot pictured - Lara Collinsj Under I2's: tfront rowl Joel Thompson, Chris Coleman, Adam Stone, Josh Rogers, Elizabeth Clark lmiddle rowl Scott McElhaney, Jason Sheridan, Michael Dunaway, Hodge Wagnon, Tommy Leggett, Doug Webber, Mac Mercer Ltop rowj Coach McEl- haney, Coach Mercer Under I0's: lfront rowl Barrett Nicholson, Paul Muse, Michael Anderson, Jeremy Gannaway, Mack Hinson, Jason Koder tmiddle rowl Ty Henry, Ryan Ables, John T. Wagnon, Jenny Carroll, Craig Dunn, Steven Smith, Drew Butler, Brad Adams ltop rowl Coach Nicholson, Coach Ables, Coach Anderson, Coach Dunn, Coach Smith Under 8's: :front rowl Trey Cobb, Jonathan Carroll, Ben McCall, Reagan Binns, Stephen Alexander, Nathan Livers lmiddle rowl Michael Parrish, Nathan Wagnon, Clay Henley, Bryan Reddilt, John Stuckey, Adam Heathcott, Lee Greeson iback rowl Coach Stuckey, Coach Dalby Soccer The elementary soccer teams are made up of sut- dents from both First Baptist School and Briarwood Christian School. Students in grades 1-6 are eligible to participate. These teams represent our school system in the YMCA soccer league. Under l0's: tfront row! Jonathan Bricker, Thomas Wallace, Tu Tran. Michael Melton, Paul Wilkerson, David Wood, Jason Jowers lmiddle row! John Schroeder, Alan White, Mallhcw MCCYGW. Michael Dunavant, Lyle Henley, mark Stacks. Sally Mercer, Sam Phillips, John Madden lback rowl Coach Mercer Under 8's: lfront rowl Wesley Butler, John Dowell, Kyle McCraw, Maul-iew Smi1h,Bl3kg Nicholson lmiddle rowl John Paul Smclko. David Venable, James Fell, David Dunavant, Chris Blevins, Jason Williams, Laurie Branton lback rowl Coach Ledford, Coach Wil- liams 89 Y' Sixth Mr. Bunger Paul Bunger Micah Berry John Blair Paul Blumreich Suzanna Dean Jason Edmonds Eric Grable Melissa Hall Jennifer Jarrett Brett Landgren Jenny Lawson Scott Malstrom Kimberly McKinley Brent Nicholson Joey Patterson Jason Roach Johanna Schock Kristin Skinner Jeff Sparks Crystal Weaks Doug Weber 91 'TTY ." x , 3 l l 1 l J l Slaeey Pence Luke Ramsey Jasmin Sheridan Kim Smith Ambnda Swilley Sixth Miss Pegg Sharon Pegg Kirsten Brekken Mike Brown David Covington Brian Cunningham Chris Darby Carla Donnell Drew Drinkwater Susan Elliott Kreg Garland Mark Green Beth Greeson Jason Harper Stacy Henry Jonathan Holt Jason Hudson Jason Jacob Kimberly Laser Rebecca McAlvain Jennifer Myers 91 Sixth Mrs. Singleton Amber Singleton Jennifer Barnett Jerra Beasley Olga Comstock Todd Davidson Jason Dickerson Donnie Felgate Neal Fendley Jeff Keeling Chris Long Felicia Norwood Stephen Ramer Erik Stone Stephanie Sykes Craig Tanis 92 Jason Walthall Stephanie Young Q Fifth Mrs. Barker Ann Barker Paxton Brinkley Ceci Cannada Deah Dillahunty Michael Dunaway Christopher Easterling David Hardin Matt Hargett Michael Harrison Carrie Hearnsberger Jennifer Hobbs Heather Horton Scott McElhaney Mac Mercer Melissa Miller Hannah Morse Timothy Morton Jonathan Peng Carmen Schmidt Jeffery Tsai Hodge Wagnon Jessica Ward Angela Webber Benjamin Wilson 93k Fifth Miss Hagan Shelley Hagan Melissa Bates Joy Blankenship Jeff Bonney Christopher Braese Page Casey Kristen Chapman Chris Coleman Lara Collins Missy Covington Christina Cunningham Katie Dowell Reagan Duncan Chasity Edmondson Amy Fincher Tammye Hall Michael Harrison Leah Hennington Chris Hess Lee Ann Hoggard Suzanne Jones Scott Kelly Tom Leggett Brian Sternberg Adam Stone Amanda Walther 94 wif-"r l r E 1 a . x 3 r L A X ILX R fs 1 , X 1 Af t to - mi 8.4 :until ,RXXP ,Q fa n 1- if vttv Z M? V fl l air ff Ed!! Q ' ' R li' E3 F25 X Fifth Miss Wilbourn Chris Wilbourn Kelley Baas Susan Bonney Kimberly Brown Brooke Butler Stephanie Carr Jeffrey Coney Amy Davidson Lisa Dooley Jonathan Emerson Natalie Griffin Jason Hall Robert Hixton Robyn Newberry Amy Peace Kimberly Scale Eric Shepard Chris Sinkey Joel Thompson Robin Thompson Bryan Wigley Amy Wood 95 Fourth Mrs. Bailey Nancy Bailey Brad Adams Jenny Alexander Mark Alexander Leah Ashcraft Melissa Bettis Richard Binns Mandy Buie Jenny Carroll Paul Diggs Amy Dunahoo Brittany Edwards Jason Elam Benjie Hearn Lyle Henley Briana Jennings Chris Keeling Jeff Kuykendall Courtney Martin Holly Michael Carrie Miller Megan Montgomery Paul Muse Joe Phelps Jennifer Schwarz Jon Whittaker 96 Fourth Mrs. Binns Elizabeth Binns Jennifer Browning Jodi Carlton Elizabeth Clark Stephen Dehan Kerri Fendley Teresa Foung Dan Heard Max Heathcott Ty Henry Stephanie Hill Laurie Howell Regan Johnson Ellen Madden Julianne Martindale Michael Milton Josh Rogers Brendan Rowland John Schroeder Summer Shankle Courtney Smith E-mei Trie John Wagnon Robyn Walker Jay Watkins Mandy White 97 Fourth Mrs. McCrary Lisa McCrary Ryan Ables Bryan Alexander Sharon Blair Mandy Easterling Holly Francis Matthbw Hammons Julie Haywood Cam Jones Jimmy Newberry 98 5 S W Amber Osborn Timothy Oswald Marc Stacks Dinah Vandiver Jarrod Zweifel :ky sy .-xv' fi t I l vi ,K i,, ni f if ' f l ie tl 2 il in ' Third Mrs. Adams Penny Adams Eric Asbury Kim Baily Erin Bertram Drew Butler Michael Dunnvant Craig Dunn Trey Hagins Paul James Katherine Jones Jason .lowers Ryan Lavender Chad Lengyel Paul Lewis John Madden Liszt McElhaney Sally Mercer Stephen Smith Melissa Snell Paul Onema Rachel Osborne Brooke Singleton Kyle Tanis Tu Tran Beth Weber Paul Wilkerson 99 Mrsq Basis Jane Bass. f Jenny Boblett Jason Brown Timothy Carr Jolee Coffey Amanda Angel y John Eelgate Stephen Freeman Jeffrey Fuller Casey iG ross' Mark Harrison Melissa y Johnson Treva Justice Sam Laser Anthony Luistro Brett McCormick T00 Keith McCormick Shawn Newberry Wesley Raney Heather Seavers Donnie Sowell ... X 1' I Jason Van Pelt Alan White Nancy White Benjamin Wyatt if ,ff V 'X-.r I ! , rf f WSE """k t , we Selig H-4. Holly Tidball Thomas Wallace David Woell David Wood Misty Wright Third Mrs. McElhany Amber McElhaney Michael Anderson Amy Berry Aaron Birdsong Stephen Boccarossa Jonathan Bricker Camille Butler Nathan Circle Wade Coulter Bridget Dickerson Cindy Fagan Lori Grant Mack Hinson Meredith Horne Kristin Lavender Nicholas Livers Katherine Martindale Matthew McCraw Blake Palmer Nathan Smith Rachel Stahler Christopher Stone 101 Second Mrs. Courtney Sarah Courtney Trey Cobb Jacob Coulter Nikki Dawson Will Deloney John Dowell Ashley Dunahoo Rebekah Greene Lee Greeson John Harcourt Daniel Hardin Jan Hearnsberger Jacob Jones Jeremy Jones Kristin Kelley Ashley Lampkin Jenna Lui Ashley Michael Elizabeth Milton Leslie Munday Casey Pierce Maureen Schmidt Jay Stroud John Stuckey Jason Williams Heather Wright 102 .it A Hg C C H V I r ,iw I A 54 i gi L .N e..,, my , ia J , "' "' ,1g29'Q'J QQ, Z M, M ,WA 'J ,, W M ,J if ' IT , W if y My V me ,A ,lr.,, . V , W - 1 Q . A 1 ,N 'L ,. M5535 M53 W5 X s,,,. , 'Qr Z, " Q '-13 L,V Lf lii '15 5 ery- . Second Mrs. Smith Nancy Smith Sarah Ashcraft Spencer Blasingame Mark Brace Kim Dickerson David Dunavant Ashley Edwards Jeremy Gannaway Clay Henley Sarah Hobbs Jennifer Hosey Jason Koder Nicholas Lord Matthew McClard Stephanie McLemore Leah Mercer Mandie Nash Michael Parrish Anne Marie Pyle Bryan Redditt Mary Linda Roberson Bryan Smith Scott Southern David Venable Amy Wallace Courtney Wilke 103 Second Mrs. Webber Linda Webber Bethany Baker April.Berry Laura Blair Christopher Blevins A Amber Brandon Emily Bowden Tiffany Byrne Amber Basiey Nicholas Engel James Fell Amber Hamilton Sara Osborn Jason Reeves Amanda W Rounsavall Jerome Tsai Jenny Webber l Melinda Williams 104 ffxat V - Rebecca Williams Jennifer Wingfield 'A f 'sr-sr in, w M? l i , First Mrs. Berry Jennifer Berry Amy Bettis Robbie Braese Matthew Browning Amy Dunaway Ashley Faust Philip Gray Chrissy Greer Kristin Hargett Adam Heathcott Chau Hunyn Nathan Livers Russ Martin Kyle McCraw Bethany Peace Sara Peeples Daniel Schroeder Jennifer Smith Gentry Stocks Rebecca Thompson Ryan Thompson 105 Fir t Miss Faucett Judy Faucett Meredith Asbury Megan Beard Justin Bertram Alison Bloom Wesley Butler Beth Dahlgren Jennifer Dickerson Ross Glover Sarah Haynie John Hussman Courtney Lengyel Sarah Morse Shannon Rice Paul Rogers Buck Smith 106 ffm . .X Wx S f,-. 1, ..1e.' .1 .Eff S 131-, ,.1xgf" 1, M fs, , .. .--1. '- zk. Q. V .,,k. . K is .. li .. .xl . is I a' fa. -'ca ss- . - - -A Q. Q as xo. if , ,M QQ .59 3 . J 3 ek .. , . f . . 5. . . ..,. . .. . . - .- , , X s X ako N1 N 5 s Si ix Q Q Maw is AQ s i sfEg.M: f:es:i1ea Wwr .-J N J XQXB as K if K f ,S SQ af r K gy N N I N Q Q My-f . ,aa-. X X -J .. ,N.,. fi . 3 K A f 1 s 1 XX! X Y -13' M First Miss Lee lndia Lee Reagan Binns Dayna Brinkley Jonathan Carroll Megan Circle Jennifer Dalton Ashley Eoff Egene Fu Laura Gannaway Mikey Landrum Jason Marks Bret Munson Alison Payne Stephanie Prater Benjamin Shankle Stacey Smith Jennifer Speas Jessica Squires Elizabeth Thomas Matt Thorpe Nathan Wagnon 107 First Miss Melton' Stacee Melton Stephen Alexander Amanda Benham r Allyson ' Blasingame 'Michael Carter Patrick Henry Jacob James Mariah Johnson Ben McCall Jennifer Miller David O'Dell Carson Prince John David Robertson Melissa Singelton Allen Stanley Ellen Terry Tara Turner Caristiana Ulmer Michelle Walthall Amanda Watkins Stacey Webb wa N443 A 'Y 'Y' gg? K t I T? K fxtf' s First Mrs. South Cheryl South Laurie Branton Amy Brown Christy Cooper Jennifer Doss f Andrew Felgate Donna Gatliff Araizu Janati 7 Stephen Johnson Ryan Kirkland Jett McAlister Greg McCormick Katey Miller l Adrianne Nelson Charlie Patterson Tara Pounds E l John Paul Smelko Amy Starrett Joseph Wilson J 109 Mrs. Brown Angela' Brown Parker Ault Ben Butler J.J, Coleman Tina Dickerson John Disarro Suzanne Duncan Faith Fincher Edward Fu Carrie Furr Matthew Grant Lyndsey Harris Brad James Daniel Mallett Rachel McClard Joshua Osborn ,J Melanie Pigg Allison Powers Wesley Anne Russell Parker Smith Jenny Tidball 110 af Mrs. Cobb Judy Cobb Joel Baker Erin Behnke Lesley Bridges Lindsey Coleman Seth Cottingham Amanda Dietz David Donnell Amber Gordon Luke Green Kambiz Janati Holly Johnson Jennifer LeBoeuf Courtney Lewis Aaron Luistro Jason Medford Jessica Raney Philip Sherrill 'l'l'l Mrs. Jacob Judy Jacob Joslin Ashley Lundsey Cooper Laura DeHan Lyn ,Dillon Michael Knight Brie Mader Rob May Allison Miller Elissa Reardon Lori Shrader John David Turrentine Trey Wofford l'l2 QQWI rv i sssbi K-5 Mrs. Lochala Susan Lochala Troy Braswell Ginger Bryant Lindsey Crowder Holly Edmonds Andrea Gibbons Rhett Gore Rob Hallmark Matt Henry Lynn Hill Ben Holman Alicia Hurt Kerri Kimberling Lindsey Little Erin Marks Amber Mowery Eric Penny Barry Rush Joey Taylor Katie White Andy Wilson 113 Mrs. McGee .Ianith McGee Breck Birdsong Paul Brown Guy Byars .lohn Carlton Lindsey Daniels Drew Dees Amy Gannaway Kurt Garland Kerby Goff Russell Hall Bradley Hamilton Bonnie Hosey .leremy Lord Dale McDaniel Matthew Paulus Kristen Smith Nora Wells Mandy Wiedower John Williams Brandi Wood 114 ,J All i i s . ix fr' 13 I, Mrs. Stahler Beverly Stahler John Barnett Jonathan Berry Corrie Browning Leslie Dalton Christopher Fletcher Rachel Greene Ben Griggs Julie Hardin Tiffany Hinson Richie Houlihan Ryan Johnaon Bonnie Beth Martindale Jason Moss Justin Palmer Liberty Parks Courtney Perrin Michael Phelps Chad Roberson Erin Scherer Colby Waggener 115 K-4 Five Da Mrs. Davis Sue Davis Erin Baas Sarah Cox Jessica Cranford Heather Fowler Scott Greene f Kimberly Leister Katie Majors Nikki McDonald Lindsey Morton Ben Nichols Ekoko Onema l Adam Prince Andrea Redditt 116 Wes Thorpe ' 5 l K3-4 Five Day K :ii-N' A isir za., : .sg ff Q VAI' X Mrs. Pride Anita Pride Lindsey Bettis Anthony Bucolo Aaron Burt Kari Drinkwaler Holly Dunn Hayden Henningsen Alicia Malone Timothy McCall Allison McLemore Stephanie Purcell Leslie Vervack Blair Wallace Jared Williams Benjamin Witcher Kevin Yeh 117 K-4 Three Da Mrs. Baker Susan Baker Rachel Ables Brad Alexander Justin Carroll Josiah Cobb Eric Fell Alicia Hinton Jaime Luistro Jeffrey Neal Rachel Riggan Melissa Staples Adam Varnell Daniel White Amelia White Matthew Whitley Nathan Wilson 118 N, 4' f i We E 5 ll 5. l lb S l Q Three Da i Q ll Q ai!!!- 15 'Q --3 'Q 7""k-., X v X a s 'gf I , t if if GS f xx jg li. ' .L ri? 5 I . - ,., f . .pr lm, 1 ij? ,, FBQENX N5 'F 0 0 os1riCl1 uff limb' ella l l l 4 l Q r l i Mrs. DeHan Helita DeHan Laura Adams Beth Barber Matthew Bell Jeff' Breeding Leah Dulhaney Sarah Matthews Michael McAteer Julie McMahan Virginia Miller Amanda Novack Brooke Oliver Jennifer Shivers Nancy Lynn Stone Anne Turrentine Rusty Yarbrough 119 K-4 hree Day Mrs. Horne Myra Horne Aaron Anderson Amanda Bates Megan Berry Matthew Elkins Allison George Sean Gore Brittany Gray Jaime Hecht Kirsten Henry Courtney Hill Benjamin Johnson J im Phillips Cynthia Rowland Bo Schwarz Jennifer Tipton 120 ' lf' ?fLi55i5'lk55i-2:L k ,::L- if k ' I 1' 'KJ 7 A. t,,.L,,.,.t.L, L f . . 11-.2vgizzgsfifrsiefm:eQr1Lg55:.i5W.,534 , . . , , ,,..,.. s,.. ,,.t. L L S. .. L. ,L..,:s,.:,..W,,lM ,.u,,,W , - - f 11 12 -I--ww'fi1-Ss?1d:E'X9b-1s.:1- 1gQS1r1.tss-sf Ex xvw i - -.1LfLess:sL:e.vLssee1s?2:-:faux-2-g,Qwem.1-.i1-.sg4s..- R 4- fwisi1ff--lf:RRp- ' ' 5+ ieit e X N N 3 r i W x N 5 J Ex gi Q, L 5,5 X Y ,S .. . . Q-. ze. A., .Ly . -- if f o r 1 Q 1 li Ls L 3 ess E335 X l ,- K 4 Three Da Mrs. Michael Cathy Michael Katie Carter Patrick Dahlgren Stephen Eoff Matthew Fulmer Sally Hobbs Jennifer Honea Caleb Horne Paige Kinslow Scott Lampkin Katie McCann Justin Payne Michael Peace Lauren Puckett Timothy Wallace Katie Young 121 r 2 'N F Genus Guys Ads BURGER KIN f4M!'.vu?x , '4 -'- q. I g.'- A .vi ' ' 'Q ' , lil 5 '.-:IV 11121 RODNEY PARHAM ROAD LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 72212 227 6112 UIGKEII llllllll Market Place 11121 N. Rodney Parham Little Rock AR 72212 Bring Yearbook In For l0'Zi Discount JOHN PAGE CONSTRUCTION 8009 East Legion Hut Road Mabelvale Arkansas 72103 C50lJ562 8969 Barbara Rawls C501 D224-4679 SONSHINE FLOWERS AND GIFTS 10300 Rodney Parham Colony West Little Rock AR 72207 Lower Level LaVERNE S Full Beauty Service - Retail Salon Cosmetics and Skin Care Electrolysis 666-7933 1807 N, University Ave. Little Rock 72207 'Kgttys ' 5 O Silk Flowers Arts Crafts Needle Work Custom Framing 5820 Asher Avenue University Shopping Center Little Rock AR 72204 501-565-6586 Q V .:,'oo 1 I-Z.-,:.. 'n . , ' ...Tl ' 0: A gr: ':lIl:ns:E5.. . ,, ' In? :l :zlu . I? - ...:. W . J 9....::z':: s A 9 , , AR I l o Q 7 'L PT O l 4 Carpentry-PaintingRoofing-Decks CONGRATULATIONS ' av EMILY! We are proud of you. smcmmumd Mom Little Rock, Arkansas 12207 501-225-7588 gg "TCBV" 9.5525 Cgpwngam M 17ueCountryS Bestlbgum 1i s 1 's : I-2. 1 'S O 0 ' nuances ' ' aooooaaloa SNELL Prosthetic 8a Orthotio Laboratory 3924 W. MARKHAM LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72205 FRANK SNELL, PRESIDENT CERTIFIED PROSTHETIST ORTHOTIST 501-664-2624 IINTG ATHLETIC 5917 wssr 1 2TH STREET urrus nocx AR 72204 .. THOPHIES 9 SCRLD1 PR LNTINL 0 li77HRLN'C .LAD HO N'OCRA.HMl.N'C Central Arkansas Athletic 8a Casual Wear Center Specializing In Athletic Clothing Shoes MON - SAT and equipment for - TENNIS - JOGGING - - BASEBALL - SOFTBALL - SOCCER - AEROBICS ETC. 372-2218 SP A 9 6 , 412735 E W i 'Wir 1 I .1 1 fl 1 : V CYQEZCB RBCZII1-73 YI7 302 N. Shackleford Little Rock, AR 72211 224-1811 1 , , 'f 1 Bagels 8L Such Little Rock AR Tuesday-Saturday 10:30-6:30 Sunday ' 1-800 N. Pierce 666-1649 10:00-2:00 LLAC JEWELEFSQ FINE DIAMONDS I Market Place Shopping Center 11121 Rodney Parham Road Little Rock, AR 72212 6011224 0666 CONGRATULATICNS Arkansas Baptist School System From A Good Friend Dr James E Shuff1e1d arms 10020 Rodn y Parh Road L'ttle Rock AR 72207 15013224-5647 QHHCY 66 1060 1030Rd yP h Cl yW t 2255595 -gajmgmyggmplyfuagpn. . -l1Tr'i to.. 4. f " 'emma .own SUNDAY BRUNCH U 1 I jg G ' 1 g. .........s:1'::-...L-' ...... 1 " ir " -5. I 11 Q 'U 1-:Nav 4 3 """h'i:nI ,vu-x ' ..rr.::J ' -1 n l 9 n .. . .1 I A 13 Dellcxous Items Q Served Each Sunday From 11:30-2 P.M. - 9- .. '3 Chxldren R Adults Under 17. ,, mu 7 mu t un mu ILNCII no nrxwu 1 F F NSY FARNAM 'ITIL RULA A8217 S622 e am 1 , Ng A ,pensions X 'S 5611 Kavahaugh tb, 96' 1- Amy and 0 o ne ar am o on es I: :I CORNERSTCNE CLINIC CONGRATULATES THE ...I CLASS GF BEST WISHES SENIURS' h d tf pp d t yg d k 2T thy221 ' 86 C If n therefore purge himself from these he s ll b l t h t f d th t d EIVIEZ!-I VVUIYLDVVIDE Any Size Any Weight, We Deliver Your Important CCI I US Shipments On time, Around the Its as good as there L IeR ',Ak,7 202 50 372-7366 1 , 1 I wo d Agams 0142510 7 Frsfghr Bldg. 1 J UUGI Baptist Church 746 Smdw pm nugwwoa sm: cam Unen Ultnsuade Smodtlng Ani Quitting Suppl!! All Ganga BRIDAL AND GROUP SPUJIALORDERS A thadnd Ylklw-kill! lladhc Dealer M009U'lll Ing Senior Sdlar Sllljacnlag 'mD'sLf',':.w'.Sa2.WGm mm "Home of Bnnrwood Chnuuan Sc oo!" 6711 Wall Markham I Ia och Arkanau 205 1 i 66-0378 0 9 ' a ' o a a I m I IC I Compliments Of DR. JIM PHELAN anim BORDEN'S OF BORDEN ARKANSAS opef' Jer. 29:1 l Congratulatlons Llsa We Love You' MOTHER 8L LIANA 3 "For I know the plans l have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a h Shggfgzgeqslloppes Markham 84 Shackleford Little F1ock,AR 72211 l501l 224-4624 PULASKI BANK AND TRUST CONPANY THE SATURDAY BANK Pierce at 'R' Sheet 661-7711! Rodney Parham cd Shocldefofd Road. 661-7890 Third ct Broadway, 661-7840 Member FDOC MILUCN DQLAR CLUB M NBER u sz an rzclzznnhgz Q1 trnprachc Qlznlzr . paul: gn R. WINGFIELD MARTIN REAL ESTATE 2nd L CENTER 0 E 22 -ss 0 Fun gi L A L. 722115 5'LW9ig:4 U?g0' 229555 Ll 124 V 0 mo MEN s sHoP -A D Oxxford Clothes 7EOQlQSl Q, Southwlck Clothes Hlckey Freeman LDJQ 1 375 3241 Jv osfveerneoolers Pr Fa z 1215 BRECKENRIDGE DRIVE I 1 ar . C r The Paint That Covers Th First Baptist Custom Blending School Accessories Wallpaper Complete Line Of ? Free Decorating Assistance The Stuckeys Visa And Mastercard John Sherwin Williams Barbara 600 S. Broadway JOl1n EI'lC Little Rock AR 72290 501-375-7371 W" cc ' r C 0 Total Color System E21I"Ll'1,, We Love You O O I O Let us em: your next pmy 'f L p,:" A Q M1Ch-861 Kaz fu 55085 ' lgaffgia Cheese dz Hors d oeuures World s Most Famous Cheeses 1515 Market Street Work:225-0292 7 Rod vP h R . C fav-IT Little Rock Ark. 72211 A I H A 224-1337 IP QQ .S-':::s.:,,'Q vig' 't ' V bvhzfo Q i .psf . ,Ns ss: S 4 4 'S' u' ' 6 og 5 94-Er' 4 AL, ffohnxg 4 1 :gage l Tr div' sunccn 'f K ,s'24"t KING wig ' we -4-"1 You're Invited for Q freewhopper Iol1li.isEJ S1l16lxJ1.1HAN ll f TH Comp mm' O EDWARD A SALAZAR N. I ' f'-.Ala g IL! X C 'w L 5' . 1, E: r JA I. :Y 757 . ff vit' x 1 9 'jk ' " .9 00 nn at m ood aio L I Laila oc Ak 1 1 ' . s' .G 0 . o , . ,, -Sf' gases . jf-t. 9 nfl. ' ,641 ' o .s on J 0 .,6. .H Q .9 Us 'JJ' 7-4 .t 'I' . fl - R' J -4. .fax 5'.'g-173.-S' If qi f . 3 '-3 'T' n Vi 'ikfni "':5i1J'a1f.': " 2-.a - +- ef. "'?'.'12ii-i.f"f'?'ff, A . -5 A , ,-w. vz?'..4,Y"-.'. ' .-va4.1h'T s .::-U' . - .. ... ,qu any ':',,. 'f:1f,:- ' ' ' "' S -' . . I 'UA 'A' '- ' -'. " ,. . ' I H G, '.' .-"..-fl 0 "' 3 . - ' if :--"-' ' - ' 'f-'- -.1 -.- '... f . . T'-I". "gg .2 bzsfff 'W' ,':'j""2" gym. ' I .." " . Q - . .1g"" an ' 40.2 e.-5-'J - 0' ' ' -1 R -1, ., ...Q 4 v I.. Q 4' .4 , ' 'U' h : J, ,. ' P . . ' x A A.. I .M S . .,4 ,. .lr o 0 Q Q I I ARKANSAS BAPTIST HIGH SCHOOL FIRST BAPTIST SCHOOL First Baptist Church 7 Little Rock First Baptist Churchf Little Rock 62 Pleasant Valley Dr. 62 Pleasant Valley Drive Little Rock, AR 72212 Little Rock, AR 72212 Grades 7-12 K-4 Thru 4th Grade K - ik ARKANSAS BAPTI T SCHOOL SYSTE BRIARWOOD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL MAUMELLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 120 Millwood Little Rock AR 72205 Maumelle AR 72118 K 4 Thru 6th Grade K 4 8a K 5 K J J Olivet Baptist Church First Baptist Church f Maumelle 6711 West Markham ' Comphments J 1m Morns QW ga an Rlcha d T S th 'th Assoc ated Bank g Co po at'on d T I h ' k 72201 LOU 374-8822 Another great year for ABSS' The E111OttS Terry, Kat1e Jo, Wendy 84 Susan I 31 e IIIIK RIAJIIIY Parfpam an ' f - mi U Chairman ofthe Board Sml i in r r 1 Suite 800 T Bl g p L I R A k o O O TTRAN SPORT FULLER A D SONS HARDWARE True Value Out of State WATS 800-643-8204 In sm.: WATS 800-482-5669 Local 15011 455-2231 GENERAL COMMODITIES CARRIER ICC MC 155130 PO Box 8902 Little Rock AR 72219 .noe Yfiaflfalue 7311 Base Line Rd. Little Rock AR 72209 fOfficeJ 562-2346 9815 W. Markham Little Rock AR 227-4440 Custom Tailoring 8: Clothing E , M L -J Market Place l.'ttIe Rock, AR 72212 Ph 225-6025 TOM MILLER SALES ENGINEER MOTION INDUSTRIES INC 4525 HOFFMAN ROAD WATTS 18001 482 9662 KARK TV Little ROCK Congratulations Scott We Love You' P o Box 9998 Bus 15011 565 3116 Mom And Dad LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 72219 RES C5011 225 3403 ,S Al, 'S V' A -,I Alteration en8cWomen E I ' .Tlx -' 7 -I I l Q V '-1 11121Rodney Parham I' I I one - - - -- . Jess Askew C: Co Inc Re-olforss 224 1700 A 8122 cantrelllrid. - 'Little Risck' RONALD D LLLLLL HARDIN d L'ttl R k AR 72205 224-9100 of 1s ?Z'Jw ED GRE THOUSE 227 6335 ' 9 Arkan'sas Drgestrve Drseases C11n1c 107 Medical Towers Buil ing 1 e oc , BUILDINGS RENIODELI DESIGNS DRAFTING senvrce 06031 A . Gmdrell DRUG CO Little Rock AR Phone 663-6368 We Love ABHS ANN SL CAROL 7524 Cantrell Rd. TRAILER 8L TRUCK EQUIPMENT, INC. CHESTER D. MERCER BOB HICKS C5015 562-6295 0 1 f800J 482-9484 P.O. Box 4007 0 7609 Asher Ave. ' Little Rock, AR 72214 First Federal of Arkansas Insured, convenient Family Banking Fam ly Banking services include t d 'r n 9' Q 4 Q FIFSI' 8' Federal of AFKUIISUI' oct t BHC llooltfottosc 0 ' 7 0 0 0 i . . . : - checking, savings certificates of deposit. Individual Retirement Accounts. Auloma H d home, auto, and personal loans. . fe? CUM .9-1 p MQ' 5 A unique new 'E , conccptl' lu Q 1 Q ..... i. ,hm 1 ' special occasion l ' sit . 1 Q 'ln Ut ' Ol 1225 Breckenridge Dr. Suite 203 L1ttle Rock AR. 72205 225-1343 JAMES W YOUNG, D.D.S. U Family Dentistry Rental Gowns jewelry 5: Accessories "Putting lt All Together 1 ca 4 Rculul C Heights" N. GNN 'SCJ-7500 MEIZED70 RPM WITH DE4'7f R -7 2, 8-WK FLOW PROBLEMS? WE PROVIDE DESIGN ASSISTANCE FOR VIBRATION AND BLASTER SYSTEMS ASK FOR NEW PRODUCT LITERATURE BEAT THE PROBLEM NOT THE BIN' QUALITY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS AIR BLASTERS 5 SIZES HANDLE PROBLEMS NOTHING ELSE WILL TOUCH MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS FOR BINS HOPPERS CHUTES SCREENS RAILCAR VIBRATORS AIR AND HYDRAULIC POWERED I2 VOLT TRUCK VIBRATORS EXTERNAL CONCRETE VIBRATORS DUAL ROLLER PNEUMATIC DESIGNS FIT STANDARD ERACKETS ALL PRODUCTS MADE IN USA NVQ MANUFACTURING INC P.O. Box 3824-T, Little Rock, Ark. 72203 501-374 7416 ' Telex 53 6450 United States Of America 0 A cc n ' X 'ff 1 I I I lf . - ,A , ' ' 0 INDUSTRIAL VIBRATORS lv . ' PNEUMATIC. HYDRAULIC, ELECTRIC af . ' ' ' ' O O . - -3 f At ' L . CGNGR TUL TIO CLASS Trust 1n the Lord w1th all th1ne understandlng In all thy ways acknowledge hlm and he shall dlrect th th JIM AND LINDA WYATT 9 heartg and lean not unto thine own CONGRATULATIONS' A IIIKILIIESIKES I3lLI'UPJEE3fF' ESCIIICJCJJL ESSIESUFIEDQ CLASS 1986 JAMES D STUDDARD, M D 250 Doctors Park Bu11d1ng 9600 L11e DFIVS Llttle Rock, Arkansas 72205 225 9905 Annette Hester Patsy Hossler Office Manager Offlce Nurse OF GQneco1ogy 4- E - AQ MUURE DILLMAN S T1re and SSTVICG Centers 300 N Unlversxty Ave Park Plaza Shopping Center Little Rock Ar 72205 medic- PHARMACIES E DISCOUNT LEADER Med'c Pharmacy IHC. 5901 West 12th Stree L'ttIe Rock Arkansas 664-3907 Med'c Pharmacy No 2 Inc 6221 Asher Avenue L't1Ie Rock, Arkansas 562-3740 Med'c Pharmacy of Bfvanf- 'UC- P O. Box O Bryant Arkansa 847-3596 Med'c Pharmacy West, Inc. 11524 Rodney Pa ham Road L'ttle Rock Arkansas 224-0303 Where There Is No Vzswn The People Perzsh Proverbs 29 18 J H EA JACK HAZLEWOOD CQ f dum mv W . ' EXfNNCnlfl.lSTlC .KSSfPCl.NTl43N "ll hr nw - r - If nn-vrrfovfh K THE HAGAN AGENCY IINSURANCE 1501 North UDIVCFSIIY Sulte 600 Llttle Rock Arkansas 72207 ASSOCIATES AND STAFF Mark Bremer Ed Carey J1m Crowson Cralg Edwards Phll Engllsh Brenda Ga1nes Weldon Grabel Edward J Green Jr Calvrn E Hagan Debb1e Hagan M M Bubba Hagan B1ll1e Jean Haydon Joe Herrrman M1ke Johnson Heady Nezhadpour Carol Steenberg Jan Stewart Randy Terry I your drwmg rs good our rates are better Please Call 664-44 74 F or Sermce A Comparatwe Quote Bill Deckard J. Bill Harris f . . . , Or Milf: au, , Y XmA.1 A il. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Arkansas Baptist High School Seniors AND George Frederick Schroeder 1 - -' 'll an x . . .., Q4 2496 'w.,.x 4' "v'A.fg,Q'- Gaoasz T. scmzozozn, Mn. ,,oc,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, OPHTHALMIC MIDICINI AND SUIGUY hoo LIJ, paw, JOHN za. STUCKEY, Ja., o.D. 'mu ml www fw- orromznv "Ll I' "' mu """" ENGINE Q HEBUILDEHS LOCALLY OWNED 8 OPERA TED SHORT BLOCKS LONG BLOCKS Crankshaft Kits and C Ilnder Heads Llfters CII Pumps Gaskets FACTORY REBUILT OI Q oat' ...z:..1f.'-' FAST SERVICE' We Stock Both Forel n 81 Domestic Par s 81 Engines 0Pf 26 Ex I 800 ro 500 pe MONDAY CHECK 'W 664 21 77 2905 S Cedar Just South of Asher 0 , X ' '- 0' .8 Vg . u I . o ' Q . ' ' Q. ' 6 So 4'4- . 2 'Q 'O in - '- W Q 0 . 0 Q g4g:S?:.f.1ggfo 'lc ,Q7 M' N Years r ence U OLR mon - MR. THURMOND S HUMEROOM CLASS GF 389 l CONGRATULPETIUNS SENIORS Little Rock's First Baptist Churoh h l l l l l Worship ServicefSunday School Insight l Sunday 9:30fll:00 wednesday szsol- 7:15 l You're Always Welcome l l l l I Th k M G d Love In All My Remy r nce Of You." Phil. 1:3 MRS. WHITE'S HGMEROGM " '..: -"' T "', ffff?57i5if ,.., 2 b"' g 0 2 21 I f ': 1 1'4 44" 1 e fgef N 5'-fzxg .-'- ' 1' A GD' 0. -A11'ff1A1Q f l "5 ' --, ' W E B - f- 2' 15 Q Aid es S . ek'-5 wx E09 mrmw swoam, borsrook- ffifwxff CTOFTNC SHS, f'OrrQf'1 furmfure, CR?-Er6f"Q avec Trellis Square 10720 N. Roqney Parham Rd Phone 227-6189 Hours 9:30 To 5:30 E COA, SERVICE f , , . TWW? Wk I 0RdyPh ! L RKAK 72207 225 8221 225 8182 E J ELLIOTT OWNER A MINISTRY OF CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST :QQ 82: -- F1 ELLIOTT'S MOBIL 2 ,5 1010 R d 'ttl MR. FOREHAND'S HGMEROOM I .il UNIGRS - CLASS OF '87 Y z . I f ,I ig . V 7 I 'L A ,Y . 4 if h I 4 . w. I . ' - jf? , N V -. fx 4: 'kg . , f ,, Ng x . if W I X f XS A 1 X , I 3 ' '4 f ,, -' x . j Y Za T ' 7 'J , 1 .Hb 5 4 X' 5 X ' ' K . 'Y ' " A f , J L A ui K , 'L xv I , 5 -A K 7 'N 'iv 3 ' ' 5' 'I , ,r ' Y f' v 1 6 F Compliments Of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OPPELO BURN FREE MINISTRIES Doug Grubbs Pastor Congratulatlons Class Of 1986 Class Of 1987 Class Cf 1988 Class Of 1989 h t i 7 A C ris ian Couns ll g Mmlstrles MISS PRIDDY'S HCMEROOM , I K You: Key To Hyoveul-cs L Pm-.Imam-cs 9 ranklin Engineering Co. nc. N. LITTLE ROCK 501-771-4170 1-800-272-5665 Crystal Hill Rd. at I-430 N. Little Rock AR MEMPHIS 901-362-7504 1-800-238-7500 SPECIAL SYSTEMS INCORPORATED 6208 Lindsey Road Llttle Rock Arkansas 72206 l501I490-1458 MARKET PLACE PHARMACY OPEN Monday-Friday 10-10 Saturday 8: Sunday 10-8 225-5056 LATE TOM BRAESE JEFF CORNELSEN All types of llro protectlon equipment Complete deslgn and installation ROB LIVERS Mm W QQ? wWw3WQ?i EA Cas WWE, A iQw30JV 5 WM Q51fiQl 86Qjj?'WQ T QQQIQURQ Electronics OUTDOOR AND IN-HOME AUDIO-VIDEO SYSTEMS FOR YOUR LEISURE WE HA VE OUR OWN IN-STORE SERVICE DEPARTMENT 8208 CANTRELL CANTHELL HEIGHTS CENTER 227 4837 HEALTH HOME CAR BUSINESS oueless Nmomwuoe uddleston REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Servmg Llttle Rock Slnce 1975 8625 W M kh R k 72205 T I h 224-6881 224-6882 Thanks for your business urs- - - - A , Nahonwvde IS od you Side BHlDonneH I O . ar am Suite C L nl oc , Arkansas ' e ep one or 94 L R k R cquel C ub O rmngxcn Dme, Lame Roc , R 72207 ' Phono I I k IN 1 , . I1 nlumsvoe :mn och Arkansas I IBS! 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'B , ' i With the ending of another school year. we often look baek and know that the friendships we have developed. the exper- iences we have shared. the knowledge we have obtained. and the spiritual understand- ing wc, have gained have changed our lives and helped to prepare us for the years to come. Through these exper- ienees of the past. we see the future with new understanding because we know that God has a plan for our school and a will for each of our lives. It is my sincere hope that the I986 Cor- nerstone is a true reflection of the Arkansas Baptist School System: its principles. its stan- dares. and most importantly. its belief that .lesus Christ should be the most influential part of every aspect of our lives: for Hli is the Corner- stone. Lisa Wamsher liditor

Suggestions in the Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) collection:

Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 120

1986, pg 120

Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 116

1986, pg 116

Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 116

1986, pg 116

Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 42

1986, pg 42

Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 27

1986, pg 27

Arkansas Baptist High School - Cornerstone Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 149

1986, pg 149

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