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ARKANSAS DIARY i $ssl m m Ira SHi -., " -... ' , ■ raifl Wm ■HPI -- ' , " . ... ' : Hi Bll lll 1 REPUBLICS XJ « , ' 8 E A •■ i o I o r s je IATKA,- .- 75 :? ' S«_» t—-, a .- , ( V»™— knit. 1 • :iix«i4unu V H v. saxim nmiTn V , « 1 ' I 4 r .riu.!ll»u«K ' V • l --5. " " M T H-J —t2 ' 4S FtB T- Jo Kff ' " «- u —.u™ ' ,— ,. ' W Uli ' 8 e» " (A 4r W AJUT ' iCru «JC -= V U u( i-ilb . n H. | ■ [Ml ■ Mm U M.l..f -cr ■M..W " " I I . r T II A I. I PACIFIC OCEAN Compiled from the latest information to 1938 RjxklaHddangtri bria ire Irrrl harr bin omtOrd fre- tful chart Fer such dmxl tr rharu of tararr icair Na ' u ' ai Scale I 21.912 9 5 ' " ' Lt » VOYAGES OF THE ARKANSAS DURING THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN COLOMBIA I 1 ° v U ,, s DEPARTED DATE Portland, Me Nov. 11, 1944 Panama Canal Nov. 19, 1944 San Pedro Jan. 20, 1945 Pearl Harbor Jan. 27, 1945 Ulithi (via Saipan) Feb. 10, 1945 Iwo Jima Mar. 7, 1945 Ulithi Mar. 21, 1945 Okinawa May 10, 1945 Guam June 12, 1945 Leyte Aug. 20, 1945 Okinawa Sept. 23, 1945 Pearl Harbor Oct. 8, 1945 ARRIVED DATE Panama Canal Nov. 17, 1944 San Pedro Nov. 27, 1944 Pearl Harbor Jan. 26, 1945 Ulithi Feb. 7, 1945 Iwo Jima Feb. 16, 1945 Ulithi Mar. 10, 1945 Okinawa Mar. 25, 1945 Guam May 14, 1945 Leyte June 15, 1945 Okinawa Aug. 23, 1945 Pearl Harbor Oct. 4, 1945 Seattle Oct. 15, 1945 z - - y • I r ■i U.S.S. ARKANSAS PACIFIC WAR DIARY U. S. S. ARKANSAS PACIFIC WAR DIARY 1945 Editor Lt. H. A. Wilson Editorial Staff Lt. R. H. Gilman Lt. (ChC) G. J. Clark Lt. (jg) L. W. Hayman Lt. (jg) R. W. Callan A. Glassman, Y3c Photographic Staff Lt. (jg) W. R. Pierce R. E. DeVall, PhoM2c T.V.Michel. Sic Art Staff K. J. Lewis, RdM3c W. S. Senogles, Sic ■fr ■HE Editor and Editorial Staff wish to make special mention of the accumulated work of the Photographic Staff which made this book possible. None of the pictures in this book may be reproduced without permission of the United States Navy. FOREWORD i HIS book is for the men of the USS Arkansas who sailed her out of Boston Harbor on Nov. 7, 1944 and into the Pacific and who brought her back home a year later. It is a photographic record of life aboard the US Fleet ' s oldest battleship during the last year of World War II and of the operations in which she took part. There is no room in this book for such words as " brave, " " gallant, " or " heroic. " These words have been so cheapened by ad-writers and the like that they have lost all meaning and proportion. Rather, describe the Arky and her men as an outfit that went to war and into battle afraid but willing, realizing full well the sui- cidal power of the Jap, yet determined to do their part to make the A llied victory final and complete. They were gripped with the terrible conviction that the more smashing the victory, the longer the future would keep the peace. For the man who re-reads these pages after the war, many things will be recalled: the prickly heat, the monotony, the dysentery, the long days and nights spent at General Quarters and Air Alert stations. He ' ll remember, too, the companionship and the silent understanding that comes only among men who have gone through great danger together. He ' ll remember how the beer tasted at Guam, how the gun crews played pinochle and acey-ducey during intervals between firing, how he sang and shouted himself hoarse on Aug. 10, the real V-J night, how the American girls in Honolulu looked. He ' ll remember how he felt that January morning when the ship sailed westward out of Long Beach Harbor, how he felt at Okinawa when he heard the news of President Roosevelt ' s death, how big the lump in his throat was when he first sighted Puget Sound on his way home. Above all, he ' ll never forget that he fought the war on his ship, in defense of his country and her ideals. He ' ll never forget that war is the dirtiest and most hor- rible business a man can engage in. And remembering all this, he ' ll always be a fighter ... for peace, for his home, for his democratic rights, for his country and his fellow-man. Lt. (jg) L. W. Hayman F§ ' ■■ ,-. " -».•« COMMANDING- OFFICERS CAPT. ROY SMITH OAPT. W.R. SHOEMAKER CAPT WH3 8ULLARD CAPT. L.R Dt8TEIQUER CAPT STANFORD E.MOSES CAPT RIDLEY MH.EAS CAPT FRANK LYON CMCR 3M.8AUM OAPT. AMON BRONSON OAPT. HAYNE ELLIS CAPT. OS. FREEMAN CAP " . G.8.LANDEN8ERGER CAPT. P.W.FOOTE CAPT R.R ADAMS DAF- R B OOFFEY CAPT J S BARLEON OAPT W H PASHLEY . OAPT. J.L HALL CAPT. C F BRYANT OAPT F RIOHARCS CAPT. M OREAfi ZiPJ. WAOE D« EESE 912- -1916 1915- -1916 1917- -1918 .919- -1920 1920- -1922 1922- -1924 1924- -1923 1926- -1927 1927- -1928 1929- -1930 1930- -1931 1931 - -.932 1932- -1933 1933- -1934 1934- -.933 1936- -»37 938- -1940 A 1940- -1941 - P -1943 f 543- -1944 944- -I94« 1945 J jV«f ff i H (rf lHttiaHf f ' ii ( ' j ' fcet CAPTAIN WADE DeWEESE, U. S. N. COMMANDING OFFICER 1945 CAPTAIN GEORGE M. O ' REAR, U.S.N. COMMANDING OFFICER 19441945 COMMANDER P. M. BOLTZ, U. S. N. EXECUTIVE OFFICER c r U, » - : ■ • - li Ai, CAPTAIN, EXECUTIVE OFFICER, AND HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS STANDING— Lt. Comdr. R. G. Reutershan. Communicaticns; Lt. Comdr. F. A. Blackwood, Engineering; Lt. Comdr. R. F. Barry. Navigation; Lt. Comdr. W. W. DeVenter, Gunnery; Lt. Comdr. M. S. Erlanger, Supply. SEATED— Comdr. J. B. Yarnall, 1st Lieutenant: Capt. Wade DeWeese, Commanding Officer; Comdr. P. M. Boltz, Executive Officer; Comdr. R. A. Freyling, Medical. LT. COMDR. W. L. HUNT Gunnery LT. COMDR. W. E. DARDEN Conslruc ion and Repair Former Heads of Departments " 7 m LT. COMDR. M. I. HURLEY Engineering COMDR. D. S. ROBINSON Chaplain LT. COMDR. S. S. HATCH Communications Arkansas Log v- 25 January 14 January 17 September 1910 1911 1912 1912 January 1914-1916 1917 21 May - 25 July 1918 25 July- 11 Nov. 1918 21 November 1918 1926 1927 1932 1934 June 1941 August 1941 7 December 1941 August - October 1942 November 1942 February - April 1943 July - September 1943 Oct. 1943 - Feb. 1944 April 1944 6-18 June 1944 25 June 1944 July 1944 15-17 August 1944 14 September 1944 7 November 1944 17-19 November 1944 20 January 1945 7-10 February 1945 16 Feb. - 7 Mar. 1945 ARKANSAS keel laid. Launched at Camden, N. J. Commissioned, with Captain Roy C. Smith as Commanding Officer. Carried President Taft to the Panama Canal for his inspection of that project. Served as flagship of Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Commander in Chief, U. S. Fleet during occupation of Vera Cruz. A battalion was landed from the ship. Furnished the Guard of Honor for the funeral of Admiral George Dewey. Served in the Atlantic Fleet. Served in the Grand Fleet. Witnessed the surrender of the German High Seas Fleet. Modernized and converted to an oil-burning ship. Joined the U. S. Pacific Fleet. Returned to Atlantic Fleet and became part of Battleship Division Five, serving as flagship of the Training Squadron. Acco mpanied first U. S. Army landing forces to Iceland. Present at meeting of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Church- ill at Argentia, Newfoundland, when Atlantic Charter was drafted. At anchor in Casco Bay, Portland, Maine. Escorted two large troop convoys to Scotland. Escorted large troop and supply convoy, furnishing reinforcements for Allied landing and occupation of Morocco. Escorted two troop convoys to Morocco. Served as training ship for Midshipmen, U. S. Naval Academy in Chesapeake Bay. Escorted two troop convoys to North Ireland. Joined U. S. Naval Forces in Europe for impending invasion of conti- nent. Participated in bombardment of Normandy, supporting the landing of Allied troops. Bombarded Cherbourg, France, in support of Allied Army attacks, leading to capture of that port on following day. Joined 8th Fleet in the Mediterranean. Participated in bombardment of Southern France, supporting the landing of Allied troops. Returned to Boston Navy Yard for overhaul. Underway from Boston for Casco Bay and, three days later, for Pan- ama Canal. Proceeded through Panama Canal to join U. S. Pacific Fleet. Underway from San Pedro, California, U. S. A., for Pacific forward area. Anchored in Ulithi. Participated in bombardment of Iwo Jima, supporting the landing of U. S. Marines. 18 August 1945 23 Aug. -23 Sept. 1945 23 September 1945 15 October 1945 Arkansas Log (Continued) ft Anchored in Ulithi. Participated in bombardment of Kerama Retto and Okinawa, sup- porting the landing of U. S. forces. Anchored and dry-docked at Guam. Anchored in San Pedro Bay, Leyte, P.I. Captain Wade DeWeese, U. S. N., relieved Captain G. M. O ' Rear, U. S. N., as Commanding Officer. Anchored in Buckner Bay, Okinawa. Underway from Okinawa for United States. Arrived at Seattle, Washington, U. S. A. 10-21 March 1945 25 Mar. - 10 May 1945 14 May - 12 June 1945 15 June -20 Aug. 1945 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION EXPENDED AGAINST THE ENEMY (WORLD WAR II) MAIN SECONDARY A. A. OPERATION BATTERY (12 " ) BATTERY (5 " ) BATTERY Normandy 819 94 3508 Cherbourg 58 Southern France 470 87 1644 Iwojima 1262 1702 435 Okinawa 2646 3240 2835 5255 5123 8422 MILES STEAMED EACH WAR YEAR (WORLD WAR 11) December 1941 to December 1942 December 1942 to December 1943 December 1943 to December 1944 December 1944 to October 1945 35,316 31,196 29,780 37,849 134,141 U.S.S. ARKANSAS (ABOUT 1912) COAL BURNING DAYS DECK LOS— REMARKS SHEET ARKANSAS Friday 16 February 191(5 0-4 Steaming under boilers 1, 2, J, and 4 on course 331°(T G), 331°(PSC) at stan- dard speed 14.5 knots (233RPM), enroute IWO JIMA, VOLCANO ISLAND In accord-, with COMPHIBGR.ONE movement order A105- 15 ANNEX D, In company with CTG52.1 In cruising disposition 653, with OTC (CTU ' 1.9.1) In TEXAS, guide In ESTES. De- gaussing colls are energized and set; ship 13 darkened; condition ZEBRA Is set below the waterllne; and the regu- lar cruising watch Is post Av. R.P.M. 239.8 R. E. MOTTERM, Lt . U.S.N. 4-8 Steaming as before. 4 4 Increa speed to 16 knots, (PolRPMl . 447 Changed course to 034°(T8cG) . OT PTPSC) . 1(0 Changed course to 039°(T G), 039° (PSC) . 0600 Went to General Quarters for bombardment of IWO JIMA ISLAND. 0bl5 Commenced steaming on various courses and various speed3 to proceed to assigned fire support area. 0706 Launched plane - -0 to s tarboard. Pilot, Lt.(jg) F.B.TRUEMAN.U.S.N.R. ; Passenger, 2nd Lt . R.R. BARTON, U.S. M.C .R 0729 Commenced steaming on various courses and various speeds to conform to fire support area, west side of IWO JIMA. Av. R.P.M. 208.8 PACIFIC OPERATIONS IWO JIMfl.. LANDING CRAFT GO IN AT IWO BEACH Following the days of blasting by the heavy units, the assault waves hit the beach under cover of our fire. The Jap gunners are still po- tent and effective, but the amphibious craft never waver as they carry load after load of Marines from the transports to the beach. V MOUNT SURIBACHI— THE ARKY ALTERS ITS FACE Our special target was Mount Suribachi, a dead volcano rising starkly at the southern tip of the island. The laps had it fortified with railroad guns, AA guns, and observa- tion posts peeped out of hundreds of pits and crevices. We gave Suribachi plenty of hell with our main battery for days. One of the biggest thrills of the whole Pacific war was the moment when the lookouts reported that the American Flag was being raised at the top of the mountain — the now immortal scene of the U. S. Marines hoisting the colors. ARKY BATTERIES DESTROY GUN EMPLACEMENTS The crew of the Arky had a grandstand seat when we moved in to within 1700 yards of the western beach of Iwo Jima. White bursts, similar to the one seen in the foreground, were a familiar sight. The minesweeper at the right was one of many which cleared the water for landing forces. FIVE INCH GUNS BLAST BEACH Smoke and flame roll skyward as the secondary battery works over pin-point targets to demolish Jap guns and demoralize enemy troops. Transports in the background are ready to send Marines ashore when the bombardment is completed. KAMIKAZES!! Jap suicide planes, the Kamikazes, the " Divine Wind " boys were the most dangerous weapons the Japs had during the last months of the war. The Arky ' s real taste of their power came on April 12, 1945, the heaviest Jap air raid of the war, when hundreds of Jap suicide planes came in to break up the naval assault forces that were battering Okinawa defenses from the sea. M i THE SKIES DARKEN WITH SMOKE FROM AA FIRE, AS THE KAMIKAZE (CIRCLE) GLIDES INTO THE SEA THE UNERRING TRACK OF AA FIRE, SEE ]UST ABOVE WATER, FINALLY DOWNS THE KAMIKAZE (CIRCLE) BEFORE HE STRIKES TIRED PILOT RETURNS, LANDING ON " SLICK ' 1 AFTER HOURS OVER THE TARGET FLIGHT QUARTERS!! Hovering over the targets, the fly-boys in the OS2U ' s directed the fire of our main and secondary batteries during the Iwo Jima and Okinawa operations. Without their accurate spotting, the efficiency of shooting would have been greatly re- duced. A SPLIT SECOND BEFORE PLANE IN MOTION LEAVES CATAPULT FLAG MAN GUIDES PLANE TO THE RECOVERY SLED iin " : : ' HOISTING ABOARD— THE RADIOMAN LEAVES HIS COCKPIT, RIGGING LINES TO GUIDE PLANE ABOARD ON THE ALERT — A lookout (above) sweeps the morning sky for enemy planes. All hands (below) stand by for action to starboard. k - " " Vv- v$c ' ■5 " GENERAL QUARTERS at Okinawa. Her No. 1 Turret trained and ready to fire, her crew at General Quarters, the Arky prepares to fire on the Jap-fortified Naha-Yonibaru line. THE WOUNDED ARE HOISTED ABOARD— Groans of pain and anxiety accompany the hoisting aboard of these survivors from an LCI hit by a suicide plane. This picture was taken at Kerama Retto, an anchorage formed by a tiny group of islands to the west of Okinawa, where we rearmed and refueled. It was quiet during the day, but at night it was " Kamikaze Junction. " SPRAY AND GREEN WATER SWEEP THE BOAT DECK THE TYPHOON ' S FURY SUBSIDES Bud pert Hon $ ANGRY SWELLS OBSCURE THE U. S. S. NEVADA : ki TYPHOON! No less fearsome enemy than the Jap, the typhoon struck as we swung at anchor in Buckner Bay, forcing us out to sea. We headed west into the East China Sea, and after three days returned with only su- perficial damage. Less fortunate ships and men were lost to the sea and the storm. ;f 3 $ 5P - j: 5F% ' : « - FUELING AT SEA IN ENEMY WATERS— (Above) We receive fuel oil from fleet oiler while cruising at 12 knots; (below) a destroyer comes alongside us to receive fuel. • • V ' I ' w THE 40 ' S CHECK FIRE— Smoking bar- rels, stacks of empty shell cases, tired men: the lulls between repulsing the Kamikazes were brief. PORTS OF CALL BOSTON After firing hundreds of full service rounds on the beach heads of Normandy, Cherbourg, and Southern France, the Arky ' s guns were replaced as part of the Boston Navy Yard overhaul. New fire control instru- ments were installed and necessary repairs and alter- ations were made to give the Arky additional offensive power for her forthcoming operations in the Pacific. HUGE CRANES HOIST THE OLD RIFLE OUT OF THE TURRET HER TOP PLATES REMOVED. TURRET SIX IS READY FOR REGUNNING RIFLE W PATIENCE AND SKILL ARE REQUIRED TO HANDLE THE 50-FOOT GUN- 10 FEET LONGER THAN A RAILROAD BOXCAR MUZZLE FIRST, THE NEW STARBOARD RIFLE ENTERS THE AFTER END OF TURRET TWO i : v " v %J . ■ w •• _ fc :• ' W = te g BUJmW ULITHI s i This was Ulithi, our fleet rendezvous for both the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns. In this quiet anchorage in the western Carolines, we saw a Kamikaze hurtle through the sky and smash into flames on the flight deck of the U. S. S. RANDOLPH, four thousand yards off our bow. In the hectic days between the two campaigns, we rearmed, provisioned, and topped off on fuel, and still had time for a few hours of recreation on Mog- Mog, a tiny green island in the Ulithi atoll. Cocoanut palms, thatched huts, a Mela- nesian burial plot, all set against a back- ground of green sea and white coral. We swam, drank beer, and hunted for shells. i • SJ i GUAM HEADED FOR THE BEACH— Landing craft furnish transportation for our crew when the time comes for a few hours of recreation at Hoover Beach. Her huge tanks flooded with water, the floating drydock submerges to receive the Arky. Shortly after this picture was taken, the drydock rose gracefully in the air lifting our ship high and dry. I It was a long hike along the white coral sands of Hoover Beach to the recreation center, but the precious and long-hoarded beer at the end of the road tasted all the better for it. V MRS. JOHNSTON, FIRST LADY OF GUAM, ENTERTAINS Everything from Chamerro dances to stateside swing was part of the program presented by Mrs. Johnston and her students from Washington High School, plus a gang of talented G.I. ' s from the island. Her assistance to W. O. George Tweed ( " Robinson Crusoe, USN " ), now well-pub- licized, Mrs. Johnston remains a gracious and unaffected lady. THE 49th SEABEES PRESENT - - -! Smiling girls from Guam and Hashmark Harry highlight the show, as the 49ers, ace N.B.C. outfit, perform against the background of our " Forecastle Theater " screen. LEYTE GULF OUR SAILORS GO NATIVE AND HUNT SHELLS ON CROWDED SAN ANTONIO BEACH V-J NIGHT!! No Fourth of July demonstration could compare with the show of rockets, flares and searchlights the beach and ships sent up when we heard the first news of the Jap sur- render on August 10th. i ir rnwYiP v i ' illV l ni ' iiiJi ' NVi v.v i.tiir. A i m - 1 v ■ 1. 1 11 B 1 E 1 ■ 1 ' ! ' J u st; WV?7 IU|{NK -•• zjm The Philippine in- vasion made the sleepy town of Tac- loban the focal point of Army and Navy activity in the Leyte-Samar area. The pictures at the right portray the everyday life of the village. • r i m ' ■r ; ' « w ' ' lit MELODY AND MAGIC ---FILIPINO STYLE Aided by his three talented little daughters, the world-travelled Pro- fessor Paz holds the crew mystified. The troupe dances and sings, and makes the forecastle a scene of amazing legerdemain. SAILORS BARTER WITH HARD-BARGAINING FILIPINOS SONGS AND SLAPSTICK Featuring a barroom trio and a Hawaiian guitar player, Tacloban based Coast Guard sailors caper through an evening of 4.0. entertainment. OKINAWA GUNTO THE ARKY ' S MEN LAUNCH A PEACEFUL INVASION — Relaxing amid the rubble of houses and gun emplacements, we wandered over the rolling green plains of Tsuken-Shima. On this second trip, we saw the deadly results of our main-battery pinpoint shooting. NAGAKASUKU-WAN— Hun- dreds of ships of the U. S. Fleet anchor in Buckner Bay, formerly called Nagakasuku-Wan, and re- named in memory of Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, who was killed during the Okinawa in- vasion. IAP BEACON — Our recreation party inspects the lighthouse on Tsuken Shima. Main battery shells from the bombarding units demolished the houses but failed to penetrate the thick con- crete base of the beacon. SILENT BATTERY — Perched on the breach of a demolished coastal rifle, Lt. (jg) L. L. Clardy, turret three officer, checks results of a direct hit by his guns. RAZED TOMB Arky sailors, curiosity aroused, peer into Okinawa concrete burial vault. BAKA BOMB — Once a serious threat to our troops on Okinawa, this Baka Bomb is rigged for study and inspection. In Japanese " baka " means fool. DEVASTATION — Partially wrecked houses and debris cover land- scape battered by naval gunfire. s MARINES OCCUPY NAGASAKI Detached for temporary duty as part of the original Nagasaki occupation force, Arky Marines are shown leaving the ship, and displaying Jap military trophies. PEARL HARBOR AT THE CHANNELS ENTRANCE- PEARL HARBOR DEAD AHEAD ALOHA OE - DIAMOND HEAD AS SEEN FROM THE SEA WAIKIKI BEACH- FLEET SAILORS ENJOY ITS SURF -HOME IS THE SAILOR. HOME FROM THE SEA! " NAVY DAY IN SEATTLE Hi HHflHBHH HHHMBM Ba ■HO UHHI MOUNT RAINIER FROM PARADISE VALLEY— The Pacific Northwest is the gateway to home, and the " Arkansas Travellers " see Rainier National Park and the Majestic Peak on their homeward journey. PLAN DAY r Scrub Down AH Weather Decks - $HjJ O BB53 A1-1 U.S.S. ARKANSAS O (50-wn) at Sea. 19 June 1945 PLAN OF THE DAY FOR THURSDAY 20 JUNE l t The Officer of the Deck will follow the customary dally routine. 3515 Call hammock stovers, boatswains mates, mess cooks, and Ship ' s Police Petty Officers. 0530 Call Idlers - Serve coffee. 0600 Up all hummocks. Scrub down all weather deck3. 0615 Sound mess gear. 0630 Pipe to BreakTast. 0800 Turn to - Ship ' s work. Seven (7) hand workln - party report to the Supply Officer for dry « vision breakout. fle ' ue ing MAN DAMAGE CONTROL CENTER WITH GENERAL QUARTERS CREW! LAUNCH PARAVANES ! MESS COOKS STAND BY FOR DAILY INSPECTION C. P. O. ' S ENTERTAIN CAPTAIN AND EXECUTIVE OFFICER AT DINNER Sjfn lAtepnc Mwm PETER PAUL KONOSKY, COXSWAIN, USN THE SMOKING LAMP IS OUT — KNOCK OFF ALL GAMES — KEEP SILENCE ABOUT THE DECK mine SPe ' imce ALL ENGINES—AHEAD STANDARD!! TACTICAL SCHOOL ON THE OPEN BRIDGE FOR ALL DECK WATCH OFFICERS! THE LAST POWDER BAG IS LOADED INTO THE BREECH HOLIDAY ROUTINE Boxing matches and a beard contest make Sun- day underway a pleasant day. Sjs% w SHIP ' S SERVICE This activity operates the ship ' s store, soda fountain, laundry, tailor shop, dry cleaning plant, barber shop, and cob- bler shop to help make the Arky a complete floating city. ' MESS GEAR " — The galley cooks ladle chow from the coppers onto the serving pans. " PIPE TO CHOW " — The chow line moves past the Serving Station. ' CHOW IS DOWN " in the Messing Compartments and in the Wardroom. NEXT TO LIBERTY CALL, mail call is the most popular tune aboard ship. COMMENDATION • TDewwnendafamA Cai pes So: c {D im?ne nclaMc»i± " FOR INJURIES SUSTAINED ... " In an inlormal ceremony, the Executive Otticer awards the Purple Heart Medal to ollicers and men shortly alter the Okinawa Campaign. BRONZE STAR MEDAL Lt. Comdr. Michael J. Hurley, U.S.N. (Gold Star in lieu of Second Bronze Star Medal). " His application, steadfastness, and perseverance made it possible tor the Engineering Department to answer all calls made upon it during these protracted operations. " Lt. (jg) Steve J. Pepelnjak, U.S.N.R. ' Tor heroic action in removing an unexploded Japanese Bomb from the hold of an LST which that vessel had received when a Japanese plane crashed into it. " William G. Duffy, BMlc, U.S.N. Charles J. Weil, Cox, U.S.N.R. Benjamin R. Ruff, Cox, U.S.N. James L. Huffman, Cox, U.S.N.R. " As members oi a tour-man volunteer crew under Lt. (jg) Pepelnjak s command, they boarded the LST and, working with dimmed lights on an unfamiliar type oi bomb, removed the missile and, in the interest oi speed and satety, lowered it over (he side info 25 lathoms of water. " DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS Lt. (jg) Frederick B. Trueman, U.S.N.R. Lt. (jg) Fletcher L. Elmore, U.S.N.R. Lt. (jg) Gerald L. Killion, U.S.N.R. LETTER OF COMMENDATION FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER Lt. (jg) John V. Shute (SO, U.S.N.R. Jesse W. G. Meadows SK(D)3c, U.S.N.R. " . . . Outstanding showing in the Independence Day " Extra " Cash War Bond Sale lor which this ship was congratulated by Commander Service Force, Pacitic Fleet, and Commander Battleship Squadron One . . . " AIR MEDAL Lt. (jg) Frederick B. Trueman, U.S.N.R. (six Gold Stars in lieu of subseguent Air Medals). Lt. (jg) Fletcher L. Elmore, U.S.N.R. (with four Gold Stars). Lt. (jg) Gerald L. Killion, U.S.N.R. (with two Gold Stars). Donald M. Torrance, ARM3c U.S.N.R. (with two Gold Stars). Joseph L. Pitts, ARM3c, U.S.N.R. (with two Gold Stars). Stephen G. Belitrand, ACCM(T), U.S.N. William F. Weber. ARMlc(T), U.S.N.R. John Kovach, AMM2c, U.S.N.R. PURPLE HEART MEDAL Lt. Comdr. Willard W. De Venter, U.S.N. Lt. (jg) Richard L. Warren, U.S.N. Lt. (jg) Ernest W. Tyler, U.S.N. Norman G. Sheinart, FC(0)2c, U.S.N.R. Rayfield M. Anderson, Cox, U.S.N.R. Jack V. Varness, FC3c, U.S.N. James J. Lynch, Sic, U.S.N.R. Pasguale R. Nardone, Sic, U.S.N.-I Leo Turgeon, Sic, U.S.N.R. Edwin O. Buck, Sic, U.S.N.R. John J. Stanish, S2c, U.S.N.R. ACHIEVEMENT IN TWO OCEANS — Navy men call these decorations " Fruit Salad, " but they represent a tangible record of performance. MESSAGES FROM OUR COMMAND MESSAGES FROM oOT COMMANDS SEPTEMBER 19 " PROM: TO: YOUR p B ADMIRE C ? w«« these c0 THE ESCORTING OF , „£ A T1ANTI Pfi0M: AD WfiA 7 T - ■ BRYANT ' I ' A «r. ' SAS U Nov . ON THE SVE OP y nnc „ C « ATMW1C pi J° m MP PR « THI3 r— ;r:r --• -« " -r - PUSNTY OF AC nlV ISIO ' ; AFTER A JOB ARKANSAS « ttWBD BROADCAST A,, us pUSNTY OF WELL DONE ,URSELVE3 TO WHEN YOU GO ON 1„E UTMOST BUT NATURE- TTI SHIP DIVISION ,n,nYS BY SHIPS OF BAT1 TROOP CONVOYS wTt „. YOU , IT TUE THE ESCORT-- - 3 REALLY « BlJT »« » ° F " L GOT SAFELY ACROSS THE GERMANS AI NEARLY THE L YOU ' ' " OAT; 0 . £ 1 f.v c bi Ds ad, irai " IM1 T Z • ' o;: " £C. ;o r 36 w. " c » c FROM: TO , « " IO «„ PfiA ,, CISC0 P «BS3 ASSOCIATION P fiT 19 FEBRUARY 1945 — - «« V0LCAN0 I3U s : s awd t - r ««« h,. MroED 0N ™» -HIBIO US CORPS . . A Z J UNDIN ° S " « « " »««»» » U WES ,,, m op ™ ■ " -« » BV H SHIPS, " " WW - - - PACIPIC PLE AND SUSTAITOD -w BoJir :;: ic :™ s 3 the isuw p ° — «- « " . ' ■■-.. m YOR,, „. s . s . T 7 s - -».. ,3.3. AfiK . GENERAL OF THE ARMY GEORGE C. MARSHALL FLEET ADMIRAL C. W. NIMITZ 21 MARCH CONGRATULATIONS ON CAPTURE OP WO JIMA WITH APPRECIATION OF THE IMPORTANT SERVICE IT WILL BE TO US IN THE FUTURE AND DEEPER APPRECIATION OF THE GALLANT SAC THAT POSSIBLE. " ITZph INFANTHY DIVISION HEADQUARTERS :TH W HBKANSAS IT -ILL BE TO u- ■■ — IRIFICES MADE BY THE MARINES TO MAKE - APRIL 19 " 5 THE H,TS TTH INF DIV J E INSIDER A MOST P ARTICUUARLY GUNNERY AND «» " " wW A ND OTHER EFFECTIVE DAYS »ORK. . STALLATIONS KNOCKED OUT BY NA BE USING RETURN TRIP «« TAREN IN LAST ». -S HAVE F0H Y OUR FORMATION PRISONERS OF PUNI SHMENT THEY ARE RECEIVING. MESSAGES FROM OUR COMMAND FL EET ADy.rnA- :■ " ■ S. N AV y ' ' ' . : - W.1 9 HA, VICTORY 0VEfi SOURCE OF MUCH „ " °« G A«ZED J» BSIST •tic 0N FICK » man mm Co - ' G T rio.v s ANOTHER HAKD j 0B , rp ««INE3E enemy IN THE UBtf£ R HAS T dHCE ■ 3Ai GOOC -o« FOR 1 __— — oviR yllrt SI liUT B«« " INS? IRA iT lO« T- : D3 tf£ H 0?S pf •■: PEAR ADMIRAL J.L. HALL.JR- TO : ARKANSAS 10 MAY 19 ! I AM PROUD TO HAVE BEEN ASSOCIATED IN ANOTHER OPERATION WITH THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF MY FORMER COMMAND. I WISH YOU CONTINUED GOOD HUNTING UNTIL THE JAPS JOIN MUSSOLINI AND HITLER. S. P W " v ' O op OSEAT irirr uTioNs t ° the suocEssroL — — — n c ;:;;;:i co fis - - « - -onal conctuut o ::i A t::; IN m cowwtos -3 I. THEIR ACCOMPLISHES JT- LT THE MEMORIES op TH0SE Qp J ' LE? US " " VERENT RECOLLECTION OF OUR COMRADES WHOSE SACRIFICE HAS G, MUSTER From Row JONES, G. B., Sic FLOOD. E. P.. Sic MARTIN. R. F.. Sic BOWEN. B. H.. Sic SMITH. G. A.. Sic ORACH. R.. TClc BEVERLY. N. O. Sic CHARITY. E. L.. GM2c MILLER. G. A.. GM3c POTLASKY. S.. Cox Second How PULITANO, P., Sic POWELL. A. A.. S2c LAURSEN. A. M., Cox CHERRY. L. E.. Sic Ensign BECKER. M. D. 1ST DIVISION Lt. CRAIG. R. W. GRIFFITH. T. L., CTC POSTON. L. F.. BM2c REESE, C. Sic THOMAS. O. J. Jr.. Cox FISHMAN. G„ S2c Third Row BASSLER, L. T., Sic BLOUIN. H. L.. Sic LAWS. C. Sic HALEY. E. L.. S2c JOHNSON. C. Sic PUJALS, F. R., Sic SCHECTER. S. B.. Cox LUKER, R. L.. Cox PILGREN. E. G.. Sic VAMPATELLA. B. P., Sic GILBERT, R. P.. S2c ZIELINSKI, C. C, Sic SALAGA, M.. Sic Fourth How AKERS, K. C, S2c HOUSER, F. T.. S2c ANDREWS. L. W.. Sic PRICE. L. J.. S2c EHMAN. S. W.. Sic GRUTKOWSKI, M. L.. Sic SCHNELL. F. J.. Sic EBERT. O. A.. Sic CARR. W. R., Sic VAUGHAN. J. C. Jr.. S2c CASSIDY. T. J.. Sic HADDOCK. F. O. Sic FISHER. H. C, Sic ALLIHISER. W. S„ S2c 2ND DIVISION In Front BULLARD, C. R.. BMlc Front flow SANDBERG, A. W., BM2c RUFF. B. R., BM2c LEE. A. B., GM3c DOYLE. J. J.. Cox WEIL. C. J„ Cox ROBERTS, L. A., GM3c GAZIOR. W. V„ Cox CREVIER. R. A., GM3c SHARP, D. A.. TClc DE VITO. V. N., Sic HUFFMAN, J. L., BM2c DAVIS, N. M.. TClc DE VALL, R. E„ PhoM2c Second flow McGARRY. J. J., S2c RILEY, J. A., Cox SHIPP, G. H., Sic GUTHRIE, F. L„ S2c SMALLING, A. T., CTC Lt. (jq) PEPELNJAK Ensign CLARK, D. J. HUGHES, J. K., Cox COCHRON, D. L., Sic HENN. R. E.. S2c SHOWERS. M. S.. Sic Third Row HAMMOCK, F„ S2c STEWART. J. D.. S2c BATES. C. D„ S2c GOODWIN, W. D„ S2c SMITH. W. E.. S2c OBANHEIM, W. J.. Sic RICE. R. K„ Sic BOKLAGA, W., Sic HUBBARD, W. H„ S2c DERRENBERGER. J. P., S2c GEORGE, D. R„ Sic FALING, K. W.. S2c LEARY. J. P.. Sic PERANDO. J., Sic GOLDMAN, A., S2c MILLER, L. W„ S2c GLOVER. R. W.. S2c PARKER. J. L„ S2c WILSON. P. L„ Sic DARR. K. H.. S2c Fourth flow ETCHISON. C. L.. S2c FINNERTY. W. K.. S2c HOVEN. F. R.. S2c VACCARO. F.. S2c PUTMAN. C. A., S2c KELLY. C. L., S2c BAGLIVI, N. P., Sic LYNCH, G. F., Sic ELLYSON, D. G., S2c KELLER, G. J., S2c SIMMONS, A. E., Sic TURNER. C. W.. S2c GREIS. G. G.. Sic DANIGER, A. J., S2c DIDGSON, C. R.. S2c Missing From Picture CROCE. L. F.. Sic 3RD DIVISION Front Row SHULTZ. R. O.. BM2c DUFFY. I. A.. TClc STALNEY. W., GM3c CRADDOCK. B. N.. Cox SZUFLITA. E. A.. Cox RONDELLI. D. J.. Cox BOYER, J. R., Sp(A)3c NEUENSWANDER. L. J.. GM3c ZYBURA. I. I.. GM3c BINNS. I. Jr.. BM2c Second Row HYMAN. D., S2c HAACK, F. E.. S2c DENTINGER, P. L.. S2c DAWES. H. I.. S2c M1NICHIELLO. A. A.. S2c LI. (jgi CLARDY. L. L.. USNR MILLER, CC(jq) USNR GOLLA, V. G. S2c ELDER. G G.. Sic CUNLIFFE. H. R. Jr.. S2c DONMOYER. I. L.. S2c BOWEN. H. A.. S2c Third Row DIAL. I. A.. S2c OSWALD. H. I.. Sic LESLIE. S. A., Sic KRYWORUKA. I.. S2c KURISKO. G. F.. S2c COOK. I. M., Sic BOWMAN. P. E., Sic RICE, I. F.. Sic DELL. C. W.. S2c LAUER, A. R.. S2c ODOM. R.. S2= SCOTT. W.. S2c SCHEEL. D. R.. S2c FETTERS. B. R.. Sic SPENSIERI. F.. S2c GUILLORY. A. G. S2c Fourth Row DILLOW, R. B., S2c DAVIS. M., S2c ZYKS. C. A.. Sic JOY, W. H.. Sic MURRAY. W. F.. S2c SEIGLER. L. C. Sic SERIO. A.. Sic GUZMAN. E.. Sic GARVINE. W.. Sic BOSCHETTI. C. O.. Sic PEDRICK. E. B.. S2c LAMPMAN. G. F.. S2c FISHER, I. A., S2c Fifth Row REYNOLDS. N. V„ S2c SMALLFOOT. E. R.. Sic NICOTRA, S. I.. S2c WALTERS, L. B., Sic FINK, C. C, S2c BOWEN, H. A.. S2c GWINNUP. W. W.. S2c ZIEMBA, F.. Sic McINERNEY. S. T.. Sic SALEMI. P. T.. S2c MAYNARD. I. E.. Sic LOMSKI. A. T.. Sic PAV1LS. A. I.. Sic Missinq From Picture TUCKER. I. B., Sic NEWMEISTER. L. I.. BM2c « Front Row VILAND, S., S2c SMITH. C. S., Sic CHANDLER. L. T.. S2c DERR. R. C. S2c GUNTHER, O. R., S2c BRANIFF. F. J.. Sic LABONTE, E. I.. Sic BARRETTE, E. D., S2c HERON. C. F.. S2c RIVADENERA. J. L.. S2c SEGUIN. J. M., S2c DODD, T. A., Sic HALE. P. E.. GM3c Second flow NOWLIN. W. W., Cox DODGE, E. R.. Cox McMAHON. I. N., Cox FRECHIONE. J. J.. GM2c LAKE. G. W„ BMlc EVANS, L. D.. BMlc 4TH DIVISION Ensign CLARK. B. M.. USNR Lt. (jq) MacALLISTER. J.. USNR COBB, J. G.. CTC NIEMAN, L. W., GM2c KON1CKI, I. A., GM2c DEBARTHE. W. H.. BM2c KNOWLTON, J. S.. GM2c FAIRCHILD. W. G.. GM3c Third Row HENNESSEY. G. M.. Cox DIGNAZIO. I. A., Sic SCHNELL, O. I. A.. Sic GUINAN. T. F.. Sic POZDA. S. M., Sic SITES. W. H„ Sic KEIDEL, E. H., S2c KIRBY. T. W„ Sic MELENCHICK. P.. S2c RODABOUGH. L. C. S2c KNIGHT, S. T.. S2c MILLER, E. C. Sic PIKE, H. E., S2c LEVASSEUR. C. L.. Sic SHAW. C. S.. GM3c Fourth Row LITALIEN. A. J.. Cox HOAG. C. M.. Sic REYNOLKS, C. M„ S2c McDonnell, j. r.. sic FOGARTY. I. F., S2c NELSON. J. O.. S2c PERIGEN. U. E., S2c POSTON. J. B.. S2c SPICER. C. F.. S2c HAMILTON. H. M.. Sic ALLEN, S. E.. Sic BRASSARD. J. G.. Sic COLSTON, J. F.. Sic HENRY. W. R., Sic POQUETTE, R. R.. Sic DEL RUSSO. A. R.. S2c Missing From Picture BRASHER. G. G.. Sic KINKEL. R. E., Sic Front Row SQUYERS. L. L.. Sic LAJZO. J. N.. Sic KNUTSON, R. L., Sic OTT. M. W.. Sic PUSKAR. J. C, Sic SIRCO. A. A.. Sic KOOP. A. F.. Sic NEWBERRY, C. A., Sic BRUTTI, A.. Sic GRAY. D. L.. Sic AMBROSINI. L. A.. Sic Second Row GRESSER, F. F., S2c HOUGH. M. D., GM2c JENNESS. V. V.. GM3c DOMANICO. I. P.. GM2c BEEM. E. C. TClc CRANE. J. I., GM3c GUENTHER, R. H., BMlc GUENTHER. W. J., BM2c TOY. H. R.. Cox ESSEY. S.. BM2c PONTILLO. D. A., Cox 5TH DIVISION MALUCCI. F. I.. Cox SICNOR1. J. T.. Cox Third flow Lt. JOLLY, E. D. LONERGAN. ]. W., Cox ALLEN. F. N., S2c HUPCZEY, J.. S2c SMITH. C. K.. S2c BASCUE. A. S.. S2c HOLLANDSWORTH. M.C.. S2c STORY, M. R„ S2c PRICE, D. Cm S2c STEELE, G. T., S2c WEBB, V. M., S2c GUZMAN, J. J.. S2c SOCKO, I. A., S2c STANTON. C. S., S2c HAY, W. B., S2c Top flow GELIS. A. P.. S2c CAMPBELL. W. B.. Sic D ' ESPOSITO. A. J.. S2c MORELAND, E. L.. Sic ERV1N, W. T., S2c ROSE. J. G., S2c SOMMERFIELD. W. J.. Sic ALBA. H. F„ Sic COX. J. W., S2c EDWARDS. R. D.. S2c SAPP. J. F.. Sic BROWN. G. W.. S2c FURTADO, C. E.. Sic HICE. J. N.. Sic WHITFIELD, E. T.. Cox WHITE. W. H.. Sic Ensiqn ANDERSON, H. C. Fourth flow Missing From Picture BRYSON. D. T.. S2c WELCH. J. D.. S2c SMITH. D.. S2c KELLY. W. C, S2c KIBBILIER, E. J.. S2c SIEPIERSKI. E. I.. GM3c SHINKUS. F. M.. Sic LEPINSKI. S. I.. S2c 6TH DIVISION Front flow ESTEPP. C. C, Sic WAWSZKIEWICZ. S. F.. Sic MORGAN. T.. Sic DEDOMINICUS. R. S.. S2c SULLIVAN, G. H., Sic HANSON, C. L.. S2c BAILEY, J. F., S2c SPAGNOK, A. L., S2c Second flow ESPOSITO, P., Cox McVEIGH, L. B„ GM3c WEYL, K. M„ Cox BAUDIER, J. J„ TClc BUJOL, R. S., BMlc Lt. (jq) PIERCE, W. R. LA PALME, R. E., TClc WALTERS, O. C, BM2c REGAN, G. R.. Cox WONN, H„ GM3c HILL, N. F., GM2c BUETI. D. I., Cox Third flow BENNETT, E. R„ Sic M1ER, J. R., Sic HUNNICUTT, L, H„ S2c DICKINSON, H. L„ S2c LOWERY, E. E.. Sic KEANE, R„ Sic DOUGHERTY. J. F., S2c MILLER. G, R.. Sic FERENC. E. S.. Sic GAIEWSKI. W. C. GM3c SNAVELY. R. C. Sic SWANSON, F. W„ S2c FOLLECK, J., S2c CASTEEL. W.. Sic Fourth flow TURY. E. O., Sic SPAULDING, E. A., Sic GUILLORY. W. R.. S2c DICKSON. G. L., Sic HORTON. L., Sic PARKER. R. A., GM3c WRIGHT, G. L., Cox LOUDENSLAGER, V. W.. Cox McCAW, J. C« Sic JOHNSON. R. S., Sic DEAL. G. P.. Sic SPREEN. C. Sic GREENBERG. M.. S2c MACHA. L., Sic GRUBE, N. C. S2c Filth Row SMITH. H. V., Sic LOFT, C. E.. Sic MARADA. L. A.. Cox STROM, C W.. Sic GOFF. P. F.. Sic BRZOZOWSKI. R. A., Sic BULLOCK. H. M.. Sic BETTANO. G. R.. Sic BECKNER, E. F., Sic WALTERS, G. E.. S2c Missinq From Picture LEVVINTRE, A., S2c MURPHY, H., S2c f ft VIrf 111 tWHWfe 7TH DIVISION Tirsf flow WILTSHIRE. O. C. S2c COTCAMP, M. C. Sic ECKERT, R. W.. Sic WEBB. G. R., Sic WALTON. D. J.. Sic DUGAS. R. I.. S2c PONTE, J.. Sic GAGNON. R. A.. BMlc PYLE. G. A.. CGM GADZIALA. M. W.. Sic COSTA. J. D„ Sic SEARS. W. C.. GM3c CAGLE, C. B.. S2c SIEPMANN. D. L.. Sic SANDERS. A. C. Sic WELCH. G. C. Sic SCHILLING. W. R.. Sic Second Row SCHMIDT. D. H.. Sic YOUNG. A.. S2c ESHLEMANN. L.. S2c TAYLOR, W. W„ GM3c BROWN. I. I., GMlc CRITES, E. W.. BM2c BENOIT. A. E.. Cox Ensign JOSEPH. J. B.. USNR Ll. (jg) TIVENER. W. R..USNR Ensign BURTON. J. B., USN HUDSON. R. A.. Cox MANCUSO, S., Cox MALLOY. T. J.. GM3c RUBIN. E. A., GM3c GROVE, G. M„ Sic BOLOGNO. N., S2c DAV1TT. J. V„ Sic DUMAS. B., S2c BURROUGHS, I. L„ S2c WILKINSON, T. J„ Sic BROUSSEAU. L. M„ Sic Third flow HALL, A. I.. S2c RAINWATER. P. H„ S2c ROGERS. L. C, S2c STENSON. L. B„ S2c BURDGE. L. S„ S2c GARRETT. G. R.. Sic CALO. I„ S2c ELLIS, H. G„ S2c HARRISON, J. I., Sic BUTTIGLIERI. C. A.. Sic DUDLEY. E. N.. Sic MORRISON. J. H.. Sic LONE. O. S2c JANIS. A. J.. Sic WALLIS, H. B., S2c DI GUISEPPE, R. D„ S2c Fourth Row HAMS. D. E„ S2c CHAPPELL, R. R„ S2c SMITH. N. E.. Sic NINK, L K„ Sic MATTHEWS, G. F„ Sic CARDULLO, P. S.. Sic ANDERSON. C. W.. S2c KACZMERAK, H. I„ S2c EDWARDS, J. F„ Sic LUDWIGS. F. J.. Sic CHAPMAN. F.. S2c GORMLEY, J.. Sic CAREY. C. R„ S2c GIBSON, H. J„ Sic PULOS, T„ Sic MORRISON. J. F„ Sic Top flow Mcelroy, k. l„ S2c MAHLER. N. F„ Sic BELACASTRO. J. J.. S2c TRIMMER, B. T„ S2c SZKLANY, E. S.. Sic KNOLL. I. F.. Sic JENIGEN. C. K.. Sic HENDERSON. J. P.. S2c McNAB, R. A., Sic GUTCH. J„ S2c BARTIMORE, L. D.. S2c SPONSLER. E. G.. Sic MEYERS, W. J„ S2c NEERING. R. A., Sic CHURCHILL. E. J., S2c OLSZEWSKI. E.. S2c PONTIUS. I. E.. S2c WINTERSTEEN, S. M„ S2c CABE, H. W.. Sic BROADHURST, O. D.. S2c LAVRIGATA. V„ Sic Missing From Picfure MACHESKA. P.. Sic LUDWIGS. F. J.. Sic LAMBERT. R. A.. Sic LUKE. T.. Sic BURTON. J. R.. S2c WATERFIELD. I. L.. S2c BRAINARD, K. J.. Sic WIESEN. R. P.. WALLIS, H. B.. TANCO, C. N., Sic MONIZ. T. S„ S2c WHITNEY, L. P.. S2c DESHAIES. L. B., S2c S2c S2c 8TH DIVISION, 1ST AND 3RD SECTIONS S2c . S2c Sic Front flow BURLINGAME, J. H., HALL. M. D.. Sic SCHUCK. J. C, Sic CHAUFFEPIED. L. J. PETTERSON. Q. G CRIDER. S. E., Sic HALEY. A. J., S2c BRANDAU. A. F„ S2c CAROPOLO, A., S2c CALANDRA, F. M.. S2c DEPIATRO. H. A.. S2c CHAMPA, J.. S2c Second flow FERRITER. F. D.. Sic BETZ, A. E.. Sic ROGERS, A. R., S2c PACE, M. W.. Cox FREEMAN. T. L.. BM2c VANNOTE. J. R.. BM2c DEWALD, B. L.. GMlc ORTNER, W. P., GM2c SANDAGE, J. L„ GM3c SHELLUM, O. H„ GM3c GAVIN. J. S.. Sic ROGERS, I. E.. S2c PATTON, J. M.. S2c DERR. J. Jr.. S2c Third flow ROCCO, H„ S2c DI MATTEO. J. P.. S2c FICKUS. S. L., Sic DAVIS, R. O.. Sic TISHLIAS. H. H.. S2c BASCH. H. F.. Sic SHAFFER. C. W.. Sic Lt. BARRIE. R., USNR DRINKWATER. L. E.. S2c ECKMAN, C. M., S2c BOWMAN, F. D.. S2c SHARPE, V. J.. Sic GRAVES. W. T.. Sic CULVER. H. A., S2c DAVIS. H. J.. Sic DOUGHAUTY. O.. S2c Fourth Row DERR, H. A., S2c DENDLER, H. C. S2c LEWIS. G. E„ S2c O ' BRIEN, I. W„ S2c ROE, E. T„ S2c FENNER. W. E.. S2c ENGLISH. E. H.. S2c McGONIGLE. W. J.. S2c DELGADO, G„ S2c FRIED. F. E.. Sic SUGGS. L. S., S2c EHERENMAN. R. L.. S2c GRAZIANI. C. L„ S2c KIRK, J. L., S2c ELLIOT, W. E„ S2c PERO, R. C, Sic BARTHELS. E. F., S2c MARTURELLI, D. F., S2c Missinq From Picture TURGEON. L.. GM3c FOSTER, C. A., Sic BENGIER, S. E.. GM2c CARSON. F. M., S2c MAXSON, R. C. S2c SMITH. A. L.. Sic ELLINGSGARD. W. C. S2c 8TH DIVISION, 2ND AND 4TH SECTIONS Front Row LILLY, E.. S2c RODRIGUES. R. L., S2c DESLA0RIER, L. A.. S2c PARKER. C. A.. Sic SANTELMO. A. M., S2c ETHERIDGE. S. J., S2c HALL. W. J.. Sic KRIPPER. J. G.. Sic FARRY. F. J., S2c KLIEN. R. L.. S2c Second flow CALTABIANO. I. B.. S2c CALABRESE. H. S.. S2c BERNHART. T. J. E.. S2c KAPRKA. W.. Cox MAYNARD. C. W.. Cox SPERLONGA. D„ Cox HARTIE. H. L„ BMlc MAGGIO. P.. GM2c PATTERSON. A. M„ GM3c GAUL. J. S.. GM3c ROBINSON. C. L.. S2c COTTRELL. C. W.. S2c LABEREE. R. P., S2c DORISH. J.. S2c Third Row BRYANT. C. E., S2c WAEGER, E. J.. Sic QUINN. F. W.. Sic DE WALT, C. W.. S2c DEVER, J. A.. S2c BURKETT. I. V.. S2c Lt. (jg) MILLER. W. K.. USNR Ensign DALE. J. C, USN FOWLER, C. E„ S2c BRINKLEY, L., S2c LABONTE. R. J., S2c DUFFY. A. H., Sic DUGUIE. L. W„ S2c FIGG, D. H.. S2c WELLS. I. C, Sic Fouith Row WELLMAN. L. W., S2c VAN HORN. L. L.. S2c KEMP. K. A.. Sic PERRY, W. E.. Sic CAPONE. E. C. Sic CULLEN. S. J.. S2c GLEATON. I. S.. Sic ROGERS, B. V.. Sic ROZENSKI, F. J.. S2c GROCHOWSKI, F. W., S2c McMAKIN, C. W„ S2c DUCHARME, W. A., S2c POTYRAI. C. H.. S2c TYBURSKI, I.. S2c DOMAGALSKI. R. R.. S2c ROLF. W. H., S2c PENA, F. A., Sic CARBONE. J., S2c FRICK. H. E., S2c KOHLER. M. P.. S2c Missing From Picfure Lt. (jg) CONLEY, P. H„ USNR KONOSKY. P. P.. Cox STEIGERWALD. C. C. CGM 9TH DIVISION Front How KOERNER. F. X., Sic JOHNSON. W. F., S2c CRAFT, E.. S2c PALMER. W. R.. Sic CROWE, F. E.. S2c ELMORE. H. L.. Sic ROBERTS. D. E., S2c KLITZNER, M., S2c BRUNI, D. J., Sic RUTH, H. T., Sic SEEDERS, E. D., S2c DURGAN, I. H., F2c KRIEG, S.. S2c Second Row EARP, T. J., S2c TUCKER. H. W.. S2c GARDNER. E. L„ Sic THOMAS. V. B„ Sic IZZO. M. J.. S2c LANCE. A. D., GM2c RYDEN, W. D., GM3c RAULERSCN, L.. GM2c GAVALA. P., GM3c McKAY, C. J., Cox SOLDATI. A. V., Cox SWIGER, H. A.. Cox LOWRIE, S. K.. S2c KRAUSE, J. R.. S2c SELLERS. H. G.. Sic DUDAK. I. F.. Sic BROWN, D. P., Sic Third Row ZUKOWSKI, L. S„ Sic BELK. S.. Sic BROBST, R. S.. S2c STUTTS, R. C, Sic LI. (jq) ZIPPERSTINE, I. A. Ensiqn BAILEY, J. B. Ll. (jq) TYLER. E. W. Lt. (jq) JENNINGS. B. T. POPE. S. J.. CGM STALLINGS. J. R.. S2c GIANTONIO. A. I.. Cox DELBONIS. T.. Sic DAROSCEWSKI, C. T.. S2c Fourth Row KARPUS, J. F.. Cox SORENSEN. D. W., Sic COBBLER. L. E.. S2c TREVILL1AN. A. P.. Sic IAGGER. A.. S2c ARNOLD, R. M., Sic OWENS, W. J.. Sic JOHNSON. J. L.. S2c VANCE. M. T.. Sic KOLLAR. J. E„ Sic MAHER. T. W.. S2c BROWN. J. L.. S2c DABILLIS. H. T.. S2c LYNN. F. J.. Sic DUNCAN. C. E.. Sic KURZ, O. J.. Sic WILLARD. W. H., Sic Missing From Picture DAHAL, E. W., GM2c CLARK. E. I., Sic DANI ELS, A. J., S2c GRAY, G. W„ S2c LEWIS, R. W.. Sic BROBST, R. S.. S2c KELSON, G. J., S2c ROWELL, H. G„ GMlc ELLIS, J. J.. Sic PULSKI, L., Sic Front Row SNOW. M. L.. S2c NEWBERRY. L. J.. Sic MILLER. D. J.. Sic CLEMENTS. E. R„ Sic COLEAIN. H. A.. S2c WENDOLEK. A. F., S2c BANICKI. A. R.. Sic GOODWIN. E. B.. Sic SCHAEFER, R. E.. S2c DAGASTINO. S2c DAMBROSIO. S. I.. S2c MOULAISON, F. A.. S2c ODELL. C. Sic MARTINO, C. L.. Sic Second Bow OWENS. I., S2c CURRY. W. H., S2c GRAY. J. C. Sic WINTERS. L. C. S2c STILL. H. A.. GMlc LANAHAN. A. J.. GM2c GRIFFIN. P. I.. BMlc HENSLEY. W. H., GM3c PAWLOSKI, I.. Cox A 10TH DIVISION SEIDERS. R. G.. Cox FOINER. F. H., S2c MARTINELLI. O. GM2c JONES, J. P.. S2c PEART. I. B.. GM3c OAK, L. N., GM2c WRIGHT, H. A., Cox BAKER. D. W.. Cox ZYKOWSKI, J. F., Sic Fourth How FLEISHNER. R. J.. S2c DAWSON, G. V.. S2c CRONISE, J. L., S2c COOK, P. W.. S2c Third Bow ECKBERG. L. V., S2c DANIELSON, R. C. S2c CHRISMON, J.. Sic DECKER. C. M., S2c ALFONSO. J. J.. Sic SORENSON, K. T.. Sic LAUER, R. L.. S2c JOHNS. M. L.. S2c AMATO. S. M.. S2c CARDY. R. H.. S2c DELUCA. S.. S2c PICKERING. H. W., S2c FREE, L. E.. Sic POLLARD, R. M., Sic HAVER. H. J.. S2c MISSERA. I.. S2c SHEEHAN. P. W.. S2c LI. (jq) JACOBS, R. A. Ensign KING. W. Lt. (jq) DUNHAM. F. C. Ensiqn SEIDEL, L. MAISTRELLIS, J. G., Sic STEVENS. C. C, S2c FREDERICKS, R. G.. Sic ANDERSON, J. B., S2c HUTCHISON. R., S2c GILBREATH, D. F.. S2c LENNARTZ, J. M.. Sic ROMAINE, P., S2c SUTTON. L. F., Sic Missmq From Picture CARVER, D. K.. S2c ABLE, R.. S2c YOUNG, F. H„ S2c WOLFE, V. L„ S2c MARINE DETACHMENT U.S.S. ARKANSAS • GROUP PICTURE 1. PFC 2. CPL 3. PFC 4. 5. FMCpl SGT 6. PFC 7. CPL 8. PFC 9. PFC 10. PFC 11. CPL 12. FMlc 13. CPL 14. PFC 15. PFC 16. PVT 17. PFC 18. CPL 19. 20. GYsgt lslLT 21. 22. Capt IstLt 23. 24. IstSgt SGT 25. PVT 26. PFC 27. PFC 28. PFC 29. PFC 30. CPL 31. PFC 32. PFC 33. PFC 34. CPL Front flow WESTBROOK. H. C. .. Gainesville. Ga. FAMBROUGHT, P. E Nashville, Tenn. KLAWITTER. L. D. Minneapolis. Minn. CLAPP. T. W. Jr. ._ _ Plum Tree. N. C. STEWART. Frank H. Johnstown. Pa. BOYD, John C Washington, D. C. GARMUS, Ralph D Canton. Ohio BALL, Darrell St. Albans. W. Va. HAMMOND, Richard H. Boston. Mass. TONGES, Stanley E Cincinnati, Ohio CHANDLER, Howard Conway, Arkansas KRISTOFKA, Alexander __ Patterson, N. J. Second flow MAICHRYC, Daniel Cleveland, Ohio THOMPSON. Joseph M Westford. Mass. OLSEN. Harry W Buffalo, New York TINGLOF. Iver A Hollywood. Florida CUCHEL, Enrico Brooklyn. New York REDDING, Walter C. Jr. Asheboro, N. C. BRIGGS. Frederick H. Marlboro. Mass. MEYER, Charles A Aliquippa. Pa. HOWELL. John R Larchmont. N. Y. RAMSEY, Norman P Baltimore. Maryland RESTAINO. Ernest R Brooklyn. New York ZITNIK. Albert River Rouqe. Mich. ULICNY, Joseph S.._ Pittsburgh, Pa. DUTIL. Robert P Berlin. New Hamp. PULLIAM, Francis R. Missoula. Montana SHUMATE, George L Butler. Kentucky POWERS. Harold L. Pound, Virginia Third Row CROCKETT, Richard X.„ - St. Albans. L. I. SLATER, James L Dunbar, West Va. WASHBURN. William G Richmond Hill, L. I. POTTS. Edward Woodside, L. I. KUCHINSKY. William G. _ - Shenandoah, Pa. 35. PFC 36 PVT 37. PFC 38. PFC 39. CPL 40. PFC 41 PFC 42. PVT 43. PFC 44. PVT 45. PFC 46. PFC 47. PFC 48. PFC 49. PFC 50. PFC 51. PFC 52. PFC 53. PFC 54. CPL 55. PFC 56. PFC 57. PVT 58. CPL 59. CPL 60. PFC 61. PFC 62. CPL 63. PFC 64. PVT 65. SGT 66. SGT 67. PFC 68. SGT 69. PFC CAPOZZOLI, Edward A Flushing, L. I. WOOD. Elmer L. ._. Shelbina. Mo. CHATHAM. Richard A Philadelphia, Pa. BELLAMY. Walter T. Church Hill. Tenn. HJORT, Willard A New Enoland, N. D. ROBERTSON. William F. Jr._. Boston. Mass. WEBB. Jewell T. Jr. Akron. Ohio WILLIAMS, Ernest B. Jr. Scooba. Miss. FRAME. David C. Salt Lake City, Utah TIMMONS. Aaron S. Corinth. Mississippi SEIBERT. Edward J. Carneys Point. N. J. ROBERTS. John A. U. Kearny, New Jersey MARCUM, Warren L St. Albans. W. Va. SAFERIGHT. Charles G. Pocahontas. Va. TOOMEY. Edmund A... Boston. Mass. Fourth flow PAISLEY. Donald R Mt. Vernon, N. Y. PARRISH, John M. Needles. California SHIVLER, Charles E Memphis, Tenn. PLATTE. Albert C Richmond Hill, L. I. TESTER, Rufus M Elizabethon. Term. SPRUFERO, Anthony P. . Staten Island, N. Y. HOWARD, William F Ford Gay, West Va. TULEY, Douglas G Rochester. N. Y. WAGNER. Frederick A Plymouth. Conn. CAVALIER, James J Oak Harbor. Ohio LAPP, Albert E. Elyria. Ohio DASHIELL, William P. Jr Salisbury, Maryland TORPEY. Joseph T New York, N. Y. HASENAUER. Carl J Pottsville. Pa. WITHERS, John G. Jr Oakland. Calil. BOECKLIN. Georqe E Richmond Hill, L. I. ARSENAULT, Joseph L Lawrence, Mass. PHILLIPS, John C San Raiael, Calif. HOLT, Artie G. Jr Burlington, N. C. CONNELL. John R. Florence, Mass. Missing From Picfure DEAPO, Joseph R Syracuse. New York I I ft I I A " DIVISION Front Row SLOAN. C. P., MM3c COMITTO. C. J., MM3c MacMURRAY. B. J.. MoMM3c MISO, J., MoMMlc VACCARA, F. M.. Flc DZIUBA. J. J.. MoMM2c SHELTON. R. F„ MM2c COFFMAN. C. L.. MM2c DAMIAN. A. F.. MM3c KOMOCAR. I. F.. MM3c SNEDDEN. V. E., F2c CORDERO. J. R„ MM3c Second Row TyGRETT. H. T.. MM2c DONCH. C. F.. MoMM3c MASCOARO. A. J.. MM3c ANDERS. H.. Flc GAINES. J. P.. CMM Ensiqn RYAN. J. D. LI. (jq) KIELY. T. M. Ch. Mach. BEBONT. E. L. MARTINO. N., CMM JUSTICE, R. R.. F2c SNYDER, T. S„ MM2c MAYNARD. J. L„ MMlc Top flow LUPARDO, J.. MM2c BECKER. R. H.. MM2c STEEL, S. A., MMlc KREIS. E. L„ MM3c STEVENS. L. C. MMlc IAKOWENKO, M„ Flc BRODERICK, G. J.. F2c HASSIOTIS. D. G.. F2c GOLDEN. E. B.. F2c OSTERHOFF. W. F.. MM3c " A " DIVISION Front flow SCANAPIECO. A. M., MM3c HEGARTY. T. C. Flc DAVENPORT, C. C. MM3c CAMPANELLA. D. A.. MM3c ANDERSON, T. R., Flc TIPTON. C, F2c NEILL, D. D., MM2c GUDE. E. J.. MM3c MacARTHER, N.. MM3c PRASHNIAK, F. E., Flc Second Bow HENDRIX. B. J.. F2c HOLMES, S. W„ Flc GAINES. I. F., CMM MARTINO, H.. CMM STRONG. F. W.. CMM Ch. Mach. BEBONT. E. L Ensign RYAN. J. D. Lt. (jq) KIELY. T. M. DE ROMANIS. A. J.. Flc GUY. L. R., F2c GORDAY. A. S.. MM2c Third Row NEUGEBAUER, P. C. Flc MOTTL. I. A.. F2c BELL. H. S.. F2c POTTER. A. E.. F2c POETH. R. S.. MM3c SHEPHERD. R. L.. MMlc NOTH. F. A.. MM2c LATTIG. W. L.. MMlc GINOCCHIO. L. P., MM3c OGDEN. I. K.. MM2c VINING. K. J.. Flc ST. GEORGE. F„ MM2c Missinq From Picfure HOOKER, J. N.. Flc KOCEL. T. A.. MoMM2c r- s " B " DIVISION Fiont flow HALL. A. L. Jr., WT3c WHITSON. E. H.. CWT CONTOS. P.. WT3c LUTZ. J. H., F2c McINTURFF. O.. CWT CARRIERE. E. M., Flc KOZLOWSKI. E. J., Flc SHAFFER. C. R.. CWT LANDERS. G. F.. Flc KABALA. E. M.. Flc SUGDEN. R. I„ WTlc MAGEE, W. L., Blc GEE. R. F.. Flc SELBY. H. E., Flc BERGMANN. G N.. Flc CAPPELLACCI. A. A.. Flc Bear flow CAMPBELL. R. W.. WT3c Second flow GREGORY. G. W.. F2c DENGATE. H. A.. Flc AUSTIN. M. L.. Flc HAYNES. H. J.. WT2c HOFFPAUIR. L. I.. F2c HULLETT. B. L.. WTlc GAHAN. T. M., F2c PERRY. G. F.. F2c LOMAN. I. A., F2c GROTE. E. E.. F2c TERRELL. J. I.. WTlc Fourth flow TURNER. I. D„ Flc KENT. O. S.. WTlc PICKETT. J. I.. WT3c CALLAHAN. F. W., Flc SKAGGS. H. C. WTlc SIMMERMAN. G. D.. F2c BLANKENSHIP. W. B„ MM2c MORRIS. I. H.. CWT IVEY. V.. CWT HENDERSON. F. J.. F2c AMERLAN. R. I.. WT2c CHRZANOWSKI. H. J.. WT3c HON. G R.. F2c LEE. J. E.. CB HELMUTH, J. C. WT3c LOWRY. T. WIDGER. C. C. Ensiqn BISHOP, W. P.. WT3c FRY. G W.. WT3c SAFFORD, J. F.. Ensiqn LI. (jq) NEVISON. H. L. MARTIN. P. D., B2c SNYDER. J. A.. WT2c Third Row BOWCOCK. C. S.. Ensiqn McBRIDE. R. R„ WT2c HALE, F. J.. CM Missinq From Picture MURPHY. W. P., WT2c ARNOLD. R. J.. CWT LANNI. V.. WT3c ;...-;■- ■ ' ■■■■; ■:•■ ' ' •■■.-.. ,v - . ■ " B " DIVISION Front Bow MARTIN, L.. F2c STUBBS. K. D., F2c MICHELS, D. J.. F2c DEVINE, C. F.. WT3c Second Row WAGONER, L„ WT2c HENSLEY, A. S.. F2c CROUSE. C. W., WT3c FLEMING. H. J.. WTlc LEO. D. H.. WTlc CARR, W. L.. Flc BURRIESCI, A. C. Flc SCHWARTZ, E. B., Flc HAUSMANN, H. E., F2c DAMON, H. O.. WT3c CHORDASH, A. S., WT3c Third Row CODERRE, F. V., WT3c ERNST, R. E.. Flc GROVER, W., F2c ARTHUR. G. R., Flc BAUSINGER. J. E., Flc SUMNER, G. H.. Flc KALINOWSKI. Z.. Flc DUNCAN, D. G., Flc KRIEGER, R. L., WT2c RZEPNY, J. S„ WT2c PHINNEY, C. L., Flc SETSER, E. R„ WTlc Fourth flow LEE, J. E., CB MORRIS, I. H., CWT IVEY, V.. CWT HALE, F. J., CMM WIDGER, C. C. Ensign SAFFORD, J. F.. Ensiqn Lt. (jq) NEVISON. H. L„ USNR Ensign BOWCOCK, C. S.. USN WHITSON. E. H.. CWT ARNOLD, R. I., CWT McINTURFF. O, CWT SHAFFER. C. R.. CWT Rear Row SMITH, W. F., WT2c HANSEN, N. H.. WTlc FREY, E. H., F2c LUCK. B. W.. WT2c GRESS. E. F.. Flc SPIVEY. I. P.. WT2c GARRETT, T., F2c SIMPSON, V. B„ F2c MAHAN, S. N., F2c PERKINS, H. L„ WT3c WILBURN, E. C, WT3c Mcdowell, p. m„ wt3c MYERS. C. W. C " SIGNAL DIVISION Fiont Bow Second Row Third flow SCHMIDT, D. J.. SM3c TESTANI. R. A.. SZc STEIN. S. I., Sic WITT. M., SMlc VICCHIO, A. A., SMlc Lt. ADAMS. I. L. Lt. NORDMAN. E. POLICASTRO. J. L„ Sic ROGERS. G., SM2c CROWELL, T. C. SM2c DUNN, J. K„ SM3c BAUR. S. L.. Sic MAZYK. S. C. SM3c BAKER, J. R.. Sic FRANK, L., Sic LABBE, A. P.. Sic Lt. (jq) BATES. A. MEYERS, J. E., SM3c WILSON. J. J.. Sic Lt. GLATFELTER P. H. INCE, J. L.. SM3c SYKES. E.. SM3c HOGAN. J. F.. CSM ASTLEFORD. C. A.. Sic PLANT. I. H„ Sic ALLAIRE. R. L.. SMlc BATSON, W. N„ Sic MESSERSMITH. W. A.. SM2c HUPERT, G. F., Sic Missinq From Picture STEINBERG. H. J.. SM3c MOLLENHOUR, P. D., Sic BLANTON. B. B.. SM2c ' " C " RADIO DIVISION Front flow LALAK, F. S., RM2c BUCKMAN. J. J.. RM2c CRAIG. B.. RM2c SCAPICCHIO. A. A.. RT2c HILL, W. D.. RTlc HOWARD. C. R.. S2c ROCKVOAN. F. L.. S2c PLANK. D. M.. RMlc LEVER, R. C. RM2c ROBERTS, G. F., S2c Second Row Mcdonald, e. b.. RM2c MACK, R. G.. RM2c BORNFRIEND, A. W„ Lt. (jg) SPAULDING, A. H., Lt. REUTERSHAN, R. G., Lt. SMITH. G. E., Lt. CLANCY. J. P.. Lt. (jq) MELIA. J. A., Lt. (jq) HARDCASTLE, W. R.. CRE RICHARD. J. V.. S2c CROWELL. L. W., RM2c Third flow BROOKS. R. R.. RM2c FULMER. F. D.. Sic LAUGER. I.. S2c SARGIES. A.. Sic RUCKER. W. H, Sic D ' ONOFRIO. T. R„ RM3c POWERS. P. S., S2c MERCER. C. R., RM3c LEMMO. J. J.. RM3c SPAIN, C. T., S2c MULCAHY, R. R., S2c SACKS. M. M., Sic MYERS, R. L.. S2c Fourth flow SCHENK. C. T.. Sic STEELE, H. B.. Sic HANSEN. R. R.. RT3c BUNCH, R. E., RM3c KUBER, J. L.. RM3c MERAGLIO. J. A.. RM3c MORSCH. J. R„ RM3c MOORE. T. E.. RM3c SANDERS. R. R., Sic SAUNDERS. A. K.. Sic JOHNSON, D. O., S2c Top flow CROSLIN. E. P., Y2c FOX, C. O. Sic FERNANDEZ. F. F., RT3c MEEK. F. B. E„ RM3c LONIGAN, B. V.. S2c ROGERS, F. V., RM3c SANDERS, A. T., Sic Missing From Picture SEARLS. G. R„ RTlc BARTLETT. D. M.. RT3c 9HHHBHBBB MIMMM MMl C-YEOMAN DIVISION Firs! Row SPIOTTO. M. A., Y3c ENDICOTT. H. M.. Y2c SCHULTZ. R. H.. Sic GANDY. W. H., Sic EPPS, J. M.. Sic GLASSMAN. A.. Y3c CODY. T. J.. Ylc Second How KROLL. F. Jr., Y3c LANGSTON. M. Y.. Y2c SCHWARTZ, J. H.. Ylc BENKER. L. L.. Y2c STEELE, W. S.. Y3c Lt REUTERSHAN. R. G. (Communications Ollicer) Lt. (jg) BLAZER, C. A. (Division Oliicerl ALTON, R. L., Y3c WALLENBORN, R. J., Y3c MORTON, R. T. Jr., Ylc FERRINI, L., MaM2c COFFIELD, W. T„ Y2c Third flow MUSUMECI, A. J., Sic MADDEN, ABE A., Ylc KING, J. L., Y3c OVERSTREET, T. H., Y2c ROBERTS, C. A.. Y3c CRAWFORD, E. J.. RM2c SUNDSTROM, L. F., Sp(X)3c SCHULTZ. W. H., Sic KOTARSKI, V. K.. S2c CHANEY, J. S., Sic HANEY, W. J., Sic Fourth Row MORAN, E. A., Y3c GERCHMAN, J. J.. Y3c CARDEN. M. J., Y3c HEALEY, C. J.. Y3c FRAZIER, C. N., Sic DECKER. W. M., S2c LEATHERMAN, J. E„ RM3c RESCHKE. K. W., RM3c OWEN. J. D., RM3c STANEK. F. J.. Y2c DUVAL, C. S., Y3c Missing From Piclure DEWEY, R. T., CY CROSSLIN, E. P., Y2c COURTWRIGHT, H.C., MaM3c BARKER, J. L., Y3c ENDERS, R. C. Y3c DOUGHARTY, O.. S2c GWINNUP. W. W.. S2c " E " DIVISION Front Row McSHANNOCK. D. F., EMlc FREER. W., EM3c EICHLER, D.. F2c BORGEL. J. E. C. Sic HARRIS. J., EM3c KERR, A. D„ EMlc RANSOM, C. S„ Fr.. EM3c BARDEN, I. E., Flc JOHNSON, M. L., EM2c RAMSEY, P. A., EM2c STARKEY, E. N.. EMlc SUMMERS, R. R., EM3c STRICKLAND. G.. EMlc RANSONE. H. M.. EM3c CAMPBELL, G. M„ EM3c PICKEL, G. C, F2c GILLESPIE, R. F., EM2c PROCTOR, C. A., Flc WANAMAKER. E. S., Flc HAWK, I. E. Sr„ EM3c Second Row DURK, H. E., EM2c JOHNSON, B. R„ Flc HEARN, C. W.. Flc SAVARD. C. F., CEM HUDGINS, L. M., CEM Ch. Elec. MANES, H. W. Lt. (jg) HUMPHREY. L. R. Lt. (jq) WILLBERN. A. D. McCORD. J. W.. CEM LAWS, R. P.. CEM RATEKIN. R. D.. F2c WEINBERG. N.. Flc BROWNING, E. V., EM3c Third Row LOGUIDICE, T. J.. EM3c STREETER. R. B.. EMlc HIRT. V. R.. EMlc SIMMONS. W. E., Fr.. EMlc BREWER, J. L., EM2c ARMSTRONG, R. E., Fr., EM2c RAMSEY. J. S., EM3c LULING, F. J., EM2c MENSY. A. P., EM3c MORGAN, R. G.. EM3c SENTER, W. V.. EMlc SPENCER, H. R., EM2c HORNER, W. J., EM3c GAUDET, J. J., EM3c BREADS. R. D.. EM3c DAVENPORT, H„ EM3c STANHOPE, R. C. EM3c ZAVARELLA. A. C, F2c SHEARER, R. A., EM3c NASTALE. C, EM2c MULLINS, K. H., EM2c HAMMOCK, H. G.. EM2c Last Row PARSONS. T. L.. EM3c HARVEY. C. W.. EM3c CLICK. C. E.. EM3c RAINWATER. H. A.. EM2c WRIGHT, J. H., EM2c ROSBURG, L. C. EM3c AGINS. R. L.. EMlc MARTIN. C. A.. EM2c HENLEY. J. H., EM3c BOWERS, W. G., EM3c REINICKE, F. R., F2c DAWSON. G. R.. S2c SANDQUIST. H. R.. EM3c HINSON, D. G.. EM3c KILEY. J. F., EM3c Missinq From Picture EVERMAN, J. A., EMlc PIKE, J. C, EM2c WING, G. R., EM2c NANCE, M. A., EM3c REIS, W. C, Flc HAEMER, T. J., EM3c am ■IMfti H -t-i » DIVISION Front flow ROWBOTTOM. H. J.. FC2c LANG. F. A.. FC2c DEVOY. W. J. A.. FC2c STEINHILPER, C. F.. FClc WALLACE, R. T., FC2c WALL. R. H., FC3c MARSHALL. J. R.. Sic MARCUM, J. E., FClc DAWSON, D. W., Sic MARTINEZ, P.. FC2c SMITH. C. D.. Sic LEAK, C. E.. GM3c JONES. I. W„ FC2c VEDDER, N. H.. FC3c BASSELT, B. O, Sic MARTIN, J. M., S2c CROWDER, G. E., Sic NEIL, C. E„ S2c Second Row THURSTON, E. F„ FC3c BOTTITA, L. S., Sic LAGONIA, M„ GM3c GAGLIARDI, A., Sic LA ROSSA, A. J., GMlc WOOTEN, R. J., FClc Ensign BROUN Ensign KOSATER Lt. (jg) AHRENS Lt. (jg) LANKEWICH Ensign BOOKER EASTER, W. K„ FClc GASKILL, E. P., GMlc STARZYNSKI, N. P.. FClc WARD, J. E., FClc VLK, J. F., FClc KEATING. P. F„ FC3c DAVIDSON. H. A.. FC3c DAKOTA. F. T., FC3c GRANT. R. H„ Sic Third Row MORRIN. F. E„ FC3c DUBUC, R. G„ FC2c YOUNG, J. B., Sic OWENS. A. I.. FC3c KATZ. B., FC2c MURPHY. D. E., S2c TALBOTT. L. E.. FC2c HATTEN. P. C. FC3c PERRY, W. N., Sic EVERLING. L. L., S2c TOOHEY. W. J., FC3c CRAWFORD, V. E.. FC3c STONE, E. S.. Sic FLYNN. R. A., GM3c BURNETT. C. W.. GM3c HOFFNER, H. N.. GMlc WILSON, J. W., GM3c McMANNUS. J. R., Sic CHISTENSEN. P. A., Sic HADERER, H.. FC3c HARRIS. R. W.. FC3c ZIMMER. B. J.. FC3c SMITH. R. J.. Sic Fourth flow LUCHANSKY, P.. FC3c HERBERT, N. H., FC2c ANDERSON, A. M.. Sic HEDRICK, B. S., S2c WINKLER, F. N.. FC2c TURNER. B. P., GM2c McCaffrey, q. w.. sic BYERS. J. F.. Sic FAGAN, R. F.. FC3c DABNEY. L. R.. Sic SOIKA. E., FC3c McENERY. J. I„ Sic MORENZ, E. C. FC3c CROMER, C. A.. FC2c LENTZ, F. J„ FC2c SAWICKI, E. T„ Sic MORGAN. E. R.. GM3c MYERS. R. L., GM3c HOLBROOK, R. K.. Sic DRAZDOWSKI, T. J.. FC3c SAWTELLE. G. N„ S2c BEELER. I. I.. Sic Missing From Picture KAPELCZAK. E. F., CFC WILSON. R. W.. CGM VANESS. J. V.. FC3c GILL, J. R.. Sic VAN PERNIS, R. J.. Sic PRASKY. I. I.. Sic Mcdowell, m. a., sic KOZAK. L. J.. Sic " H " DIVISION 10c t .!» .fOc 3c LOCk 00c : i w First flow DOORNBAS. R. I., HAlc CANGEMI. V. J.. HAlc GOWINGS, D. D.. PhMlc WALKER. J. T. Jr.. PhMlc Lt. (DC) SMITH. R. K. Lt. (MO DOSTAL. L. E. Comdr.(MC) FREYI.ING. R. Second flow LAWLESS, T. E.. PhM3c PUCKETT, S. H., S2c ADAMS, H. W. Jr., PhM3c YOUNG, E. L. Jr., PhM2c WASHLER, J. M., PhM2c CABALLERO, H., HA2c FAIRBANKS, P. D., CPhM McKINLEY, J. E. HAlc Third flow Lt. (MO HELM, R. C. Lt. (DO CAMPBELL. W. B. PERLBERGER, M„ PhMlc HENNING. L. J.. HAlc BUCHANAN, P. P., PhM3c LIPMAN, M., PhM3c DOLL. C. W„ HAlc CAMERON, D. I., PhM2c O ' BRIEN, J. M., PhM2c O ' NEILL, T. R., HAlc GALLAGHER, R. L„ HAlc YACK, R., PhM3c DAVIS, F. A., PhM2c II. 1 I I T I I I " DIVISION Front Row BURNS, L. A.. S2c SPERLING. G. H.. Sic BUSSARD, R. P.. S2c McMILLEN, D. A.. Sic RIVERS. E. S., Sic FARLEY. J.. Rdmlc WOOTERS. J.. Rdmlc DENTON. E. E. Jr.. Sic SENOGLES. W. S.. Sic MICHEL. T. V., Sic McNAIR. C. B.. Sic ETTER, J. E.. Sic Second Row WARD. F. M.. Rdm2c STIDWORTHY. K. G.. Rdm2c LERNER. M.. Rdm2 c McCONNELL. R. C. CRdm Lt. OATES. T. L. Ensign WETTON. E. M. Lt. REYNOLDS. R. B. Lt. Comdr. MOTTERN, R. E. Lt. (jg) CARVER, R. A. Lt.(jg) CLARK. IS. Lt. WILSON, H. A. Ensign KELLY, J. D. Ensign McGLEW, M. T. FINN, F. A., Rdm2c BYGNESS. M. D„ Rdm2c Third Row FINLEY. A. R.. Rdm3c KLIEN. L., Rdm3c LEMON, C. L., Rdm3c REDDY, T. W.. Rdm3c LEWIS, K. J.. Rdm3c MUNCHICK. J.. Rdm3c McMANUS, M. J.. Rdm3c EASTERLY. C, Rdm3c BONACUMN. W. T.. Rdm3c LUDWIG, M. W.. Rdm3c SMITH, B. J., RT3c RISVOLD. M. E„ Rdm3c JANECKO. E. R., Rdm3c CARTER, L. L.. Rdm3c PIGG, J. W.. Rdm3c HARRINGTON. L.. Rdm3c WILSON. R. A., Rdm3c ALGE. F. J.. Rdm3c BITTNER. D. E., Rdm3c ROHATS. S. J.. Sic MOORE, J. B.. Rdm2c Fourth Row CALE. R. H.. Sic LATINA. A. L.. Sic JA1EN. L. A.. Sic SNIEGOWSKI. E. W.. Sic THORNTON. J. H., Sp(A)lc K1MAN. J. P.. Rdm3c SPROTT. R. L.. Sic BUCK. L. H.. S2c KELLY, A. J.. Sic HARNYAK. J. J.. Sic RUCKER. A. L.. Sic SAMMONS. L. H.. Sic MONAGHAN. J. P., Sic BACKENSTO. D. E., Sic SCHWARTZER, J. L., Sic BARTUS, S. W.. Rdm3c CRISS. R. W.. Rdm3c FILL C. L., Jr., Sic ADAMS. J. L„ Sic Missinq From Picture ADAMS. H. A„ Rdm3c BROWN. A. L., S2c BUNCH. J. L„ S2c LAFFEY, D. J.. Sic PICKETT, J. McP.. Rt2c REDDING, J. E., Sic VERICKER, E. I„ Sic WATTS, I. M„ Rdm2c Front Row KURAS, E.. S2c BIEGEL, W. P., Sic KIMBLE. W.. S2c LAPINE, E. A., Sic HANLEY. R. E.. S2c CRANDALL, W. M., Sic Second Row LAW. E. T.. Sic NARDONE. P. R.. Sic BULLARD, W. D.. Sic SOLCHENBERGER, J.W.,BM2c Lt. HODGES, J. A., USNR " L " DIVISION Ensign COLLINS. T. G.. USNR BAKER. H. W.. S2c MacMILLAN. R. E.. Sic LUSCAN. J. T.. S2c DUGAS. W. L„ Sic Third Row INMAN, B. C. Sic BEARDEN, J. M.. S2c ROSCUP. W. M.. S2c CANTRELL. B.. Sic FESTERMAN. C. Jr., S2c MATHER. S. C, Sic COX, H. R„ Sic Fourth Row SMITH. J. F., Sic DANIELSON. E. H.. Sic BURGESS. H. M.. S2c HELMAN, J. E., Sic LAWRENCE, A. J., Sic CRAIG. L. J., Sic LYNCH. I. I.. Sic EBY, I. A.. Sic BARNES, L. J. Jr., Sic DOSS, I. M. Jr., Sic BUCK, E. D.. Sic Missing From Picture Mcdonald, j. e.. Cox r d% First flow SAMPSON. J. H.. MMlc NORDEN. H. J.. MM3c TAUBE. A. H.. MMlc Second Bow BLOOMFIELD. E. M„ MM3c HALL. EL.. Flc MYERS, P. N.. Flc ECKERT, F. H„ F2c SHAW. G. E.. F2c SHILLING. S. H., Flc GIBSON. D. E.. F2c Third Row SEARCY. W. S.. MMlc WISE. E. E., MM3c MEANS. H. A.. MM3c VAUGHN. C. H.. MM3c HALL. S. M„ CMM Ll. (jg) BODES. H. M. Ensign WHITE. R. L. NOGGLE. R. S„ Mach. " M " DIVISION GRADY. I. I.. CMM FRAME, W. J„ MMlc SHELTON. W„ MM2c FRANK, R. J., F2c GILLIS. E. D.. F2c Fourth Row McGOVERN. R. I.. MM3c HUNTER, K. C, MM3c KOPKA, A. T.. MM3c SMITH. I. H., MM2c PAYNE. D.. Flc HOPKINSON. A. E.. F2c MORGAN. W. F.. Flc BAKER. W. W., Flc RODGERS. E. F., MM3c SMITH, E. D.. MMlc MASICK. V. C. MM2c BARSZCZ. J. P., Flc KELLEY. R. E.. MM3c FOLEY. W. F., Flc MILLER. F. E.. MM3c AVERY. R. E.. Flc PULINSK1. W., MM3c PHILPOTT. D. F„ MM2c Fitth Row HORTON, A. S.. MM2c FAINT. R. L.. Flc TURNBULL. R. H., MM3c SMITH. T. T„ MMlc WILDE, E., MM2c GALLANT. O. J., MMlc MISTELE. V. A., MMlc HILL, J. E.. F2c SMITH, E. C, MM3c KING, I. W.. MM2c FOURNIER. R. P.. MM3c CRONISE, J. L„ F2c LAMPMAN, G. F., F2c ZIMMERMAN, P. C, Flc BINGMAN, H. I.. MM3c HERMAN, W. I.. Flc Missing From Piclure BOST, L., Flc FJELSTAD. D. R.. MMlc " N " DIVISION First Bow Second flow Third Row RONGLIE. D. V.. QM3c DE NATALE. A. R.. Sic TWICHELL, H. R., QM3c HANLEY. J. J. Jr., S2c SHARKEY. F.. Sic ADAMS. T. M., QM3c HUTCHINSON. W. W., QM3c WEST. F. C, Aer. Mlc GARRISON. R. E.. S2c HANEY. J.. QM3c Lt. (jg) CAMPMAN. G. F. ALBERT. D„ Sic WALDRON, M. D. E.. QMlc Lt . Comdr. BARRY, R. F. Jr. McATEE, A. L.. CQM HIBBARD. J. M.. Sic LOYD. L. E.. QM2c TENNYSON. A. J.. QM2c BARTLEY. C. E.. QM2c KASSNER. K. M.. Sic HILL. V. P., QM3c FITZ. R. H.. Sic ELLIS. J. H.. Sic LYNCH, T. M., Sic QUINN. G. E.. QM3c CONLON, F. X., QM3c Missing From Picture ABRAMSON. J. W., Warrant Boatswain pn BWp " R " DIVISION First flow Third flow BRAY. A. E„ S2c GAGLIARDO. F. S.. S2c TORRANCE. H. E.. SFlc BIEDENBENDER. H. O, SF2c SMITH, R. R., SF2c SULLIVAN. P. J., Sic CORNELL. E. J., S2c LONG. C. D., SF3c RUTKOWSKI. R. S.. S2c PISCA, F. L„ SF3c BOYD. I. F., SF3c ZIELINSKI. J. A.. Sic MASCIANTONIO. A. A.. M2c BONNESEN. G. P.. Cox DUFFY. W. G.. CBM PRUETT, T.. SF2c STRINGHAM. S. M.. Plrlc RUYMEN. T. J., CBM BARNETT. O. SF3c KONICEK, C. E.. CBM Fifth flow MARTIN. N. A.. SF3c LANDT. W. M.. CBM SMITH, D. E„ SF3c CERESNAK. F. F.. S2c CRAMER. J. E.. M3c WEBSTER. O. V., SF3c CALHOUN. D.. S2c BEWERLE. J., CM2c SANDERSON. B.. Sic MATHEWS. T. W.. SFlc JAMES. M. H., Sic SYDENSTRICKER. R. M.. CM3c SLATE. J. H.. M3c GODUTO. P. M., SF3c ELKINS. J. L.. CM3c Second flow YOURELL. W. J., SFlc Ensign FREDRICKSON. F. L. Lt. (jq) HAYMAN. L. W. Lt. (jg) CALLAN. R. W. Lt. GILMAN. R. H. Comdr. YARNALL. J. B. Lt. (jg) HORN. G. D. Lt. (jg) PRIESTER. W. R. HELLER. L.. S2c TRAVIS. E. B„ Sic BUREAU. R. D.. SF3c PIGNATARO. R. S.. S2c Fourth Row PURCELL. C. E.. SF2c MUSGRAVE. T. R.. CMlc SNODSMITH. F. L.. S2c PARKER. H. B.. S2c SAZAMA, E. J.. SFlc PADGETT. R.. SFlc SHELTON. B. E„ SF3c GALLANT. A. A., SF3c BALCERKIEWICZ, C. J.. S2c DALEY, G. E. Missing From Picture BROWN. E. B.. CSF GAGNON. W. I.. SF2c Ensign PICKENS, J. L. O ' DELL. D. W.. CSF ROSE. L. M.. Pm3c McCLANAHAN, H., CBM IRELAND. R. D.. CSF WRIGHT, C. L.. BM2c McGOVERN. J. G.. CBM ASHTON. K. S.. Carpenter HEFFELFINGER, M. J.. Sic REED, C. R.. Sic DONNALD. D. L., Boatswain ZIMMERMAN. W. T.. SF2c HELMLING. R. H. R " BAND Front Row LOWE. M. S., Mus3c PATTON, J. K., Mus2c NEWVILLE, W. H.. Mus2c DERSCH. I. R.. Music VRABLE. F.. CMus CAPANERO, J., Music TUROFF, J., Mus2c OLSON, C. E., Bgmstr2c LOHMUELLER, C, Bqmstr2c Second Flow JORDAN. S. G„ Music SALTARELLI. E. A.. Mus2c KROMELOW. T., Mus3c BROWN. E. F.. Mus3c SOLT, J. E„ Buq2c NELSON. A. W.. Mus3c KELLY. B. C. Mus3c PIGOTT. H. C. Mus2c Top flow Mclaughlin, e. h.. Bugic GINOCCHIO. L. R.. Mus2c LUCKHURST. J. P., Mus3c AUDETTE. E. N„ Mus2c SMITH. R. S.. Music ROSEN. Cm Mus2c FIELDS. I. Em Mus3c • JSflS SBETVv S " DIVISION — STEWARDS BRANCH FRONT ROW W. CALDWELL, ST2c; J. W. RICHARDSON, ST3c. SECOND ROW S. H. MALLORY, CK3c; W. B. GADSON, CK3c: L. A. DARIE. ST3c; O. BLACKBURN. CST; LT, (JG) J. V. SHUTE; LIEUT. M. S. ERLANGER; W. C. THOMPSON, STlc; C. N. PRESTON. CK2c; H. J. COLEMAN, ST3c; M. D. SIMS. ST3c. THIRD ROW H. J, WILLIAMS. STMlc; L. W. WILLIAMS. STMlc; W. BRADDY. STM2c; L. BAKER, STM2c; J. C. FOSTER, STM2c; L. SANDERS, STMlc; O. BANKS. STM2c; F. C. CLARK. STM2c; J. COVING- TON. STM2c; L. L. DERRICK, STMlc; H. BROWN. STMlc. FOURTH ROW R. BROWN. STM2c; N. I. DUNCAN, STMlc; J. A. BRAWLEY. STM2c; W. J. WELLS, STMlc; B. F. BROWN. STMlc; Q. P. WILLIAMS. STM2c: C. K. BANKS. STM2c; O. BOWLES. STM2c: W. W. HUBBARD. STMlc; W. RICHARDSON, STMlc; C. HARRIS. STMlc. MISSING FROM PICTURE G. BEARD. CK2c; I. C. ADAMS. STMlc; K. M. GAMBLE. STMlc; D. B. JONES, STMlc: M. H. LONG. STMlc; F. RIDLEY. STMlc; J. SCOTT. JR., STMlc; L. L. SMITH, STMlc; A. STITH, STMlc; I. E. ANDREWS. STM2c; G. BARRETT. STM2c; R. J. BROWN. STM2c; J. RIGGINS, STM2c. " S " DIVISION — COMMISSARY BRANCH FRONT ROW S. C. BAXLEY. SClc; M. J. BOWMAN. SC3c: S. J. FRITZ, SC3c; W. C. BRUGGEN. SC3c; R. L. WALSER. SC2c; T. D. MOORE. SClc; F. KACZOROWSKI. BKR3c; C. J. LANGE. SC2c: H. SCHOONAERT. SC2c; I. J. COY. BKR2c. SECOND ROW A. S. PEDERSEN. CCS; F. L. REALE, SC(B)lc; J. P. CHABOT, SClc; S. SNYDER, BKR3c; CPC V. C. BUSH.; LIEUT. M. S. ER- LANGER; LT. (JG) J. V. SHUTE; S. WYCISLAK, BKRlc; G. M. MORGAN, SC(B)2c; A. L. DELK, SClc; F. B. HUNDLEY. BKR3c; C. E. WHITE. CCS. THIRD ROW A. O ' DOOD. Sic; E. MARIGNY, JR.. Sic; G. W. KEELER, BKR2c; P. J. BLANCHARD, BKR3c; C. F. BENDER, S2c; G. A. LALETAS. SC2c; J. FETSKO, JR., Sic; F. SWINK, SC2c; H. G. KOYN. SC3c; J. G. BARNES, SC3c; E. J. KLEMANN. SC3c; E. N. BROOKS, Sic. FOURTH ROW D. H. DOXZEN. S2c; W. R. SMITH. S2c; R. C. DEPEW. S2c; H. LEE. S2c; J. C. HOLLOWAY. S2c; J. SZCZEPANEK. S2c; M. E. PACZKOWSKI, Sic; C. F. IMONDI. S2c; R. J. HUBBARD. S2c; P. S. FETTERMAN. S2c; A. SWARTZ, Sic; J. A. PLACE, Sic. MISSING FROM PICTURE L. J. GANDY. SC3c; A. A. LETOURNEAU, SC3c; A. W. LEACH. Sic; J. I. LANE, S2c. " S " DIVISION— STOREKEEPERS AND SHIP SERVICE MEN FRONT ROW J. B. LAWSON. SSMLlc; M. E. BALARGEON. Sic: C. E. STANCH.. SSML2c; J. A. BOLDUC. S2c: I. E. RUTH. SK2c; J.E.CATERINA. S2c: T. MILLER. Sic; I. F. BIRD. SK3c; L. J. FAGAN. SK3c; R. L. BAKER, JR.. Sic. SECOND ROW W. H. FREEMAN. SKlc; T. L. FULLER. CSSML; F. L. WELCH. CSK; CPC V. C. BUSH; LT. (JG I. V. SHUTE; LIEUT. M. S. ERLANGER; ENSIGN W. D. MOON; I. D. BUTLER. CSK; M. K. BENNET. CSK(D); W. C. MANGRUM. CSK; J. L. BRAZZIL. SKlc. THIRD ROW M. J. BATZA. S2c; S. D. BREWER. Sic; F. ISAAC. Sic; J. W. G. MEADOWS. SK3c; J. J. SHONK. SK3c; L. M. COTTEN, SKD2c; J. C. ZOLDAK. SK2c; C. G. LIPPITT. SK2c; I. E. EGGERS, SK3c; M. A. MITCHELL. SK3c: T. L. McELVEEN. S2c. FOURTH ROW H. T. FLY. S2c: F. B. LENDACKY. SSML3c; F. SPENSIERI, S2c; D. M. MORGAN. S2c; P. J. ELLIS. S2c; H. G. SELLERS. Sic; N. J. CHRISTMAN. SSML2c: B. H. CORNELIUS. S2c; H. BOICE. S2c; F. D. O ' BRIEN. SK2c. FIFTH ROW R. E. DUNKINSON. S2c; R. L. RIGBY. Sic; M. A. MENARD. SK3c; L. VANCE. SSML3c; H. C. STANLEY, Sic; F. R. MARTINEZ, Sic; I. STAFFORD. SSMBlc; S. J. RANDAZZO. SSMB3c; E. E. HING- SON, SSML3c; J. T. DERAMUS. SSMTlc; J. I. KREITZER, Sic; L. J. MUILENBURG. SSML3c. MISSING FROM PICTURE H. A. McGILVRAY, SKlc; H. H. PAHL. SKDlc; R. F. HELLER. SKVlc; I. A. DEL GIORNO. SK2c; E. J. BOLEJAK, SK3c; H. M. MILLER, SK3c; J. W. GUTERMUTH, S2c; O. L. WHITE, SSMB2c; L. F. CICCHETTI. SSMC2c; G. A. SHAW, Sic; J. F. BAILEY. S2c; R. H. BILLS. S2c; E. E. LOWRY. Sic; P. R. NARDONE. Sic. Front flow WILSON. L. H.. AM3c PELHAM, A. O.. Sic RUSSELL. R. S„ AMM3c PITTS. J. L.. ARM2c WEBER, W. F., ARMlc ' V " DIVISION Second flow SHAWGER, F. S.. AMMlc SENAPE, V. M., PR2c BELITRAND. S. G., ACMM Lt. (jg) KILLION, G. L. Ensign MILLDRUM. W. W. Lt. (jg) ELMORE. F. L. KOVACK. J. Jr.. AMM2c TORRANCE. D. M.. ARM2c Third flow GLASS. S. L.. AOM2c FALCONE. P. J.. AMM3c GIENKE. R. A.. Sic MARATEA. G. A.. Sic MARTIN. J. F.. Y3c WILSON. R. D., AOM3c HIRT. J. C, MM3c _j : . in t h LvUj " ■ ' Hv ■ _ - %, I| | • •■ ' 1 , - ' 2t VOYAGES OF THE ARKANSAS DURING THE WAR IN T ' T " F i HI 1 flL x X Li A1N i •«. -..■ I PftrtUnrf Ma. 12 14 4 2-23-41 1-2-42 124 42 2-11-42 3-6-42 New York, N. Y. 12-2743 Norfolk. Va. 12-2 8-43 5-44 Iceland 12-25-4 Aigentia, N. F Nc-rfolk, Va. New York, N 1-1444 New York, N Y. 1-1 1 -21 42 Boston. Mass. Y 1-19-44 Banaor. Ireland . 1-2844 2-11-42 Portland. Me. Bangor, Ireland New York, N. Y. Portland, Me. 2-3-44 New York. N. Y. 2-1 4-44 8-44 f 1-44 7-44 | 3-44 8.44 3-28-4 4 Portland, Me. 4 Boston, Mass 32 4-1 Norfolk. Va. U New York. N. 7-26-42 New York. N. Y. 727-42 4-8-4 sT V Y. 8-6-42 Halifax. N s 8-8-42 i Boston, Mass. 4-1844 Bangor, Ire la r Bangor, Ireland 5-13-44 Greenock, Sc d 4-2 Halifax, N. S 8-9-42 Greenock, bcc N.I s t. 8-17-42 f. 9.4.42 51 5-, d S.1 - 7 - -1 - -- -- New York N Y 9-26-4; Halifax. N 9-29-42 6-6-44 Halifax, N Greenock s. 9-29-45 0-16-42 Normandy Plymouth, Er 6-18-44 Plymouth Enaland 6-18-44 Scot. 10-10-4! New York, N. Y. 10-21 -42 -42 i -42 qland 6-24-44 Weymouth. England 6-24-44 ] 1 New York. N. m Casablanca, IV New York, N. Norfolk, Va. New York, N. Y. 11-3-42 Casablanca. Mor. 1129-42 New York. N. Y. i-l 2-1 Weymouth, England fc.- ' .ib-44 Cherbourg- Weymouth b-ii s -44 Weymouth, England 6-2744 Banqor, Ireland . 6-30-44 r- Y. 1 2-43 Norfolk. Va. S43 Vow Vr,rV N ' 1-3-43 1-26-43 2-19-43 ■ 3-11-43 ■ 4-12-43 ■ 4-28-43 5-27-43 10-5-43 0-17-43 Bangor, Ireland -4 4 Oran. Alg 18-44 Taranto. I eria 71 0-44 1-44 7-44 544 9-44 1-44 4-44 1-2 ! Oran, Al Taranto, 7- alv 72 8 Y. 2-3-43 Casablanca, Mor. taij 8-6-4 4 Palermo, Sici 4 Southern Frar y Casablanca, Mor. 2-27-43 New York. N. Y. New York, N, Y. 4-2-43 Casablanca, Mor. Casablanca. Mor 4-19-43 Now Vnrlr N Y Palermo, Sicily _ . H-134 Southern France _ 8-174 c« B-i 8-1 8-5 :■ _ . New York. N. Norfolk. Va. New York. N. Y. 5-26-4: Norfolk Va f i o-4-i : New York. N. Y. Boston, IN Portland, Canal Zo 11-7-44 Portland, Me. _. . 11-8-44 Y 10-8-43 Bangor. Ireland Me- 11-1044 Canal Zone .. 11-20-44 11-28-44 2 Bangor. Ireland 12-1-43 New York, NY. 12-11-43 ne 11-224 4 San Pedrc , Calif. - B _ — — — — — — _ „ __J 11111 ■ M W 1 " T i r " ' V£ I w 7=1 k 4 J0bM w, fe| .■ 1 ' I b ¥ s A .$ " L wi«ton. .a J? 1 Ponk, •jr s. Joan - T Jr » C Cn -,l i 2 ■f " - -- u - X_. -- -■ -- -- Ji - " ••jiu par; I As ' . ' S„ -- f i ' . T,n. " T t 7n TAT il.mWftW wv J?r n. ■ s. ' y y ' = i 5 j j i- t=: rs? IhliliniM WWIili Wnij infill PI VSf ' T-V Vi 1 5 ' 1 ' - T m 1 ! — 1 Norfolk - ■5 i 1- v 1 ■ — S=: CHm Ch«T7 Poinl ..... n«W i i -- _. — »; V - Jr) rrr |PM Ml i i i k s ! ■ — % i i (? N- S i tapMh i i 1 r- i ,»,.» ■In i i i la, ■ . i r i »-_- 3 ' " i i i i ■- toyW ■ kl ? A r s " i i i i - ' -- ■ ■ ' !3 v l 3 tiVf - j 1 , ■ i -r Vi . ' t _ ( ■J in S, i i , N N , . • " ■ — L. i ? m • - ' e , ♦ " T " 1— W 5 V ntfAM r -f • ? V " , ,v . A ' r -- ' • i i bnl- i p;J tf a Mi J S£ •.4 i i • HI -1 .5? ' «W«h||||| ■frM

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