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f- wx, - 1 i., , .4 uf . ,yn-fx Ili ' ' X X , u - K .1 ln . ' .I x P ' I t -. vb I v , . 4 , Q Ii 1 1 3 -Q X. I , In ' x - I T 3 fx. . Q 4 3. f 4 i a 1 Uv! x I ff ,L y af 2, 2 9 I . v ' ,f I ' V , J .Qi-V - X .1 f wg ' 4 . 4 , , A- USS ir' 'k ARKA rl-X . , J VW A Qihfjp-x 7 f"-+ :Q Z E K S 0 x Q lf- 39 , X-MJW S S ntaiaaaiueazie ig., 'Y 7 1 A W 'P 3 X ff' PICTORIAL REVIEW 9944 34th N me' 1 Pinellas Park, FL 34555 , 1944 'ills pvflffffzlvf D '27'-ff , FW- . Q92. lflw! ff. ,gp- , 4 fx , K . . . ,QA vc- , , -f f ' " V ,, Y I , I V - A' I w I . ,At i 5 1 - ' ' ,V - V R ,- , A i g .:- 1- - 'W -A ' ""-""' ' 4 fy f 7 mfxvxv- A L4-A f g-aicnhnsukf 'AL--1,412 "Um ' 77 A' W iw-.M ------ ------A------Af --- f G " ' g 3 1 1 1 v Q w 1 U.S.S. ARKANSAS - 1944 B.-1 .L X Foreword The seventeenth of September marked the thirty-second birthday of the U. S. S. Arkansas. To relate the many and varied duties of this ship during the past third of a century would be a voluminous task. Her log is replete with salty and seasoned stories of cruises, campaigns and invasions. The many pages written into the history of the U. S. Navy by the Arkansas are in- numerable. The long list of officers and men who tread her decks is legion. This pictorial review is compiled has a keepsake for all those officers and men who have served aboard this, the oldest battleship of the Fleet, during the recent invasion of Normandy, the bombardment of Cherbourg, and the invasion of Southern France. Their courage, friendliness, and response to duty made possible this bright and recent chapter of the U. S. S. Arkansas' history. We sincerely trust all present members of the Ship's Com- pany will gain, from perusing these pages, a renewal of that spirit of comradeship enjoyed aboard the Arkansas. May this edition keep alive long after your naval career has drawn to a close, the happy days in the good ship Arkansas. ' THE CHAPLAIN All the illustrations in this book are reproduced from Official U. S. Navy Photographs released by the Bureau of Public Relations, U. S. Navy, for use in this Pictorial Review " 2 3 if -A' CAPTAIN F G RICHARDS Hr 'k 4 H+ A 1 'A' V 4.1 s.1 ...... - ..... - - at Commanding Officers Following is a list of the officers who have had the honor and great responsibility of commanding Battleship number thirty-three. The dates are not exact, only approximate: RoY C. SMITH . . VwiRJSHOEMAKER VV.ll.CL BULLARD L. R. DESTEIGUER STANFORD Eh.h4OSES RIDLEY MCLEAN . FRANK LYON. . AMoN BRONSON. . IIAYNE ELLB. . 1912 1915 1917 1919 1920 1922 1924 1927 1929 CAPTAINS 1915 1916 1918 1920 1922 1924 1925 1928 1930 G. RICHARDS . C.S FREEMAN. . CliB.LANDENBERGER P.VV.FOOTE. . RHIIMADAMS.. R. B. COFFEY . . J.S.BARLEON . . VV.lI PASHLEY . . tI.L.IlALL,jR. . C.F.BRYANT . . . . 1943- COMMANDER G. M. BAUM, 1926-1927, during modernization. 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1936 1938 1940 1941 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1937 1940 1941 1943 if .,.v-,,, 44.1 ,--,---v.vv v - - 4. W' -..-w-.a-f.n1,-mg.:u..xJ.Q1,-n.........-1..W- , - 1114 - M-an-uv-,nw . ' 'Am' . :wmv W? yx .- U.S.S. ARKANSAS - White Fleet Days U x lx Jx lx Jx 4x 1x4vLv1 i f':'.":X6f'.".'J'v'X.vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ARKANSAS HISTORY The first vessel of the United States Navy to bear the name Arkansas was a steam-driven single screw vessel of the vintage of 1863. The second was a turreted monitor, commissioned in 19025 the name of this ship was changed to Ozruk in 1909. The present and third Arkansas was built by the New York Shipbuilding Company, Camden, N. It was christened as such on 14 January, 1911, by Miss Mary Mapon, daughter of the late Representative Macon of Helena, Arkansas. The commissioning took place at the Philadelphia Navy Yard at 1420 on Tuesday, 17 September, 1912. Captain E. A. Anderson, Captain of the Yard, at Philadelphia turned the ship over to her Hrst commanding ofhcer, Captain Roy C. Smith. At the time, she and her sister ship, the Wyoming, were by far the most powerful battleships in the world. Commissioned but a few months, the Arkansas started to inscribe her name on the pages of his- tory. In 1912 President Taft took passage in her to inspect the Panama Canal. In 1913 her crew established a coaling record at Naples, Italy, tak- ing 687 tons of coal aboard in a single hour from the collier U. S.S . Cyclops. That same year Turret Four established a record for this type of gun that has never been equalled. In 1914 during the occupation at Vera Cruz a battalion was landed from the ship with casualties of one man killed and seven wounded. At the time she flew the flag of Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Commander-in- Chief, United States Fleet. , v In January, 1917, the Arkansas furnished the Guard of Honor for the funeral of Admiral George Dewey. I The Arkansas in World War I . In july 1918, the Arkansas left the States for Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. On the trip across the Naval Af- fairs Committee of Congress were passengers aboard. The Arkansas joined the Grand Fleet in Firth of Forth on August 1, 1918, relieving the Delaware. She reported to Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman, Commander of the Sixth Battle Squad- ron of the British Grand Fleet. Only three days after her arrival, while on maneuvers with the Fleet, an enemy submarine was sighted and fired upon by the Arkansas. On 21 November, 1918, she witnessed the surrender and dissolution of the German High Seas Fleet under the terms of the Armistice. In 1919 she acted as reference vessel for the first trans-Atlantic flight, being made by Naval Aviators. HIGH LIGHTS In April 1919 she received from the State of Arkansas the handsome silver service which now may be seen in the Captain's cabin. She underwent modernization and was com- pleted on 21 November, 1926. In 1927 she es- corted the HMS Renown with the Duke of York aboard, into Colon, Panama. In 1931 she searched for and stood by the disabled submarine Nautilus. In October of the same year she carried Presi- H 12 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v1K.----v----------Jxaxggfgng x1 Jx ILJK xx 1x 1x J 'k ------v--v..v .v........,.,,,...,.., . .,....... 'A' dent Hoover and party from Washington to the Yorktown Sesquicentennial Celebration. In 1932 she was ordered to report to the West Coast and join the United States Fleet. In 1934 she be- came the flagship of the Training Squadron.. She has now relinquished the fiag, but continues a unit of the Atlantic Fleet, in Battleship Division Five under the Command of Rear Admiral Carleton F. Bryant, U.S.N., her former com- manding oliicer. I Many officers of the Navy have had their first sea duty aboard the Arkansas. When World War II broke' out, the Arkansas was assigned the important duty of convoying men and supplies to the war fronts of Europe. This exacting task was performed without the loss of a single ship.. And now after thirty-one years of active service, the Arkansas inscribed the brightest pages of her his- tory. As a unit of our first line defense she took active part in the Invasion of Normandy, the Bom- bardment of Cherbourg, and the Invasion of Southern France. There is little necessityto ex- patiate on her brilliant performances during these engagements for such is the purpose of this pictorial review. Let it be said that the latest chapter of her history was the greatest. A Her traditions and achievements are as glori- ous as any ship among the navies of the world. She continues Hin all respects ready" for duty. The thirty-second anniversary finds the Arkansas able and ready to execute the command "Carry- on P' THE CI-IAPLAIN xlxrvvwvvvwvvvvvwv--vvv vw-vvv 4x1 is LT. CDR. W. F. MCLAREN LT. CDR. P. M. BOLTZ LT. CDR. R. F. BARRY, JR. LT. CDR. M. J. HURLEY Cunrzegf Ojicer 7st Lieutenant Navigator Chief Engineer -9' . Ay - o ' . iw... ..... . .. I... . ,Q -....-.........M!L LT. O. W. FRASER LT- S- S- HATCH Suppgf Ojiggf Communications Ojjlicer YQ! Y 0, ' 1 ' if Fir' - ..X..S: N N . -f LT. T. J. FALLON COMMANDER S- SARGENT LT. CDR. R. C. PARKER, J Chaplain EXKCUZZU6 Ojfcer Senior Medical Ojioer . QW LT. W. L. HUNT LT. W. E. DARDEN LT. E. E. NIEBUHR Asst. Cunnegf Ojioer Asst. Damage Control Ojicer Asst. Engineer 9 14" 'T E+: -1w.:f...., .m.k-....-.- V -qui., ... , - ' fuel'-ales-f,--ff x VFP"-'f"' ' , -wifi'-Efaigwxf'-' aff., Z N H Y Y W -V , W-mm, ,, , P x xp -L 9 " . A Sw. x gm. , it L ' X ,N . ix E X f-yilu wh. 1 Ni X J "fs as ii S ,YS Q N. w W Wx. A - ' -Mx 5 MF" 'k - M 'MT X ew . S .f Q, 1 X A uc X s 'I' xy . L v I ml ' - Ku . ' .V is .Q 17 -3:1 31-,, X X Lg .QQ i W W, ,p ww: ' . fgfv iv x LX xl 'W' 1+ A.4..n. ,,,7,,n. , wa A a , y., X . , yyy. , ' f'Vf . . fFz'r5t Row -Y Lt. NI. S. Higgins, Ens. H. L. Nevison, CPC Robinson, Rdo. Elecul. C. Kowalewski, Lt. A. B. Cvnaedinger, Lt. L. L. Clardy, Ch. Carp. L. C. Richey, Elect. HAY. Manes, Lt. H. A. VVilson, Lt. E. E. Heavey, Mach. F. Hale. iftfecond Row - Lt. S. Hatch, Lt. T. Fallon, Lt. Cdr. lN4.,I. Hurley, Lt. Cdr. YV. F. lXf1cLaren, Cdr. XV. S. Sargent. Capt. F. G. Richards, Lt. Cdr. P. M. Boltz, Lt. Cdr. R. C. Parker, Lt. Cdr. R. F. Barry, Jr., Lt. O. VV. Fraser, Ch. Machxl. H. McElroy. A-Tlzird Row -- Lt. H. London. Lt. H. R. Brost. Lt. W. L. Hunt, Lt. A. Locke, Jr., Capt. Allen, Lt. E. E. Niebuhr, Lt. VV. YV. De Venter, Lt. VV. E. Darden, Lt. L. C. Dostal, Lt. F. H. Gouge, Lt. R. E. lvlottern, Lt. Pepper. -klfozzrllz RMA Ens. G. I. Dumas, Ens. F. C. Dunham, Ens. H. M. Bodes, Lt. R. H. Gilman, Lt. A. Hodges, Lt. P. H. Cvlatfelter, Lt. R. YV. Craig, Lt. B. E. Bachinan, Lt. T. R. Hopkins, Jr., Lt. A. M. Ferres, CPC V. C. Bush, Lt. E. E. Stephens. -kFQflh Row M Lt. P. Clancy, Ens. R. N. Nelson, Lt. G. D. Horn, Lt. E. D. jolly, Lt. Ljgl A. Bates, Lt. C. Brafford, Lt. C. E. Smith, Lt. E. R. Sanford, Lt. R. C. Helm, Lt. S. L. Kahn, Lt. P. H. Conley, Ens. R. A. Jacobs, Ens. A. YV. Bornl'i'iend, lins. R. Bradshaw. E. E. Mallick, Bos'n D. L. Donald, Ens. E. A. Guarino, Lt. A. E. Stangel. -1- Sixflz R0wfLt. XV. R. Pierce, Ens. A. D. Wfillbern, Ens. YV. R. Pricster, Ens. M. C. Contildes. Ens. W. R. Tivener, Lt. C. F. Campman, Ens. T. M. Kiely, Ens. C. A. Blazer, Lt. L. T. Reeves, Jr., Ens. VV. Stribling, Ens. lXfIacAllister, Lt. Cjgl D. Ortego. Ens. S. P. Hills, Ens. B. Ahrens, Lt. P. Charam, Ens. H. Grimes, Ens. G. C. Talley, jr., LL. R. K. Wfood, Ens. A. Melia, Ch. lNIaeh. V. H. Wfildfocrstcr. E 3 ax v 5 E1 x . r . , -ni 1 lf s f l vm JX IS 12 lk IS JK IXJXJKJ fy4x1 'x1x1x1 x1x1 Iklgyxlxvvigxgkgxjxvvevvv11X?xwlv1vv?11" GUNNERY DEPARTME M , , V g f . X it gym. , K ,I ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, , , M H 0 , ,Jann ' 'mv' 1 A L n , use w w f!! J' 5: K 5, . ' 5 vm: -,4rys ,,,,,,.. an Jw V951 X V W. . F6 4+ ill Alvar- ww 1st DIVISION -AfFz'r5i Row - Repehinuekhf., GlNl3,f'e, Oraeh, R., ClXI2,ie, Clements, H. L., TCljie, Holland, G. IV., Cox., Briand,J. B., GM2,f"e, Kurpius E, D., BMIXC, Charity, E. L., CNI3,f"e, Helle, B. D., BNI1, "e, Soboeinski, F., CNI2, le. uk Second Row - Slota, G., GlVI3,f'e, Frazier,,I. E., COX., Reese, C., Slfc, Pilgren, B. G., Slfe, Vampatella, B. P., Sl lie, Beverly, N. C., Slfe, Seheeter, S. B., Slfe, Poston, L. F., BlX12fe, Blower, K, T., Slfe, Potlasky, S., Slje, iv Tlzfrd Row - Laursen, A. hi., Cox., Luker, R. L., Cox., Bowen, B. H., S1 ,,ll "e, Grutkowski, M. L., Slfc, Horswill, A. E., Slfe, Bradley, YV., S2,ie, Lt. R. YV. Craig, Dudak, F., S2fe, Andrews, LNV., Sl,"e,Jones, G. B., S2,le, lWelVIurtry, L. R., Slfe, Akers, K. C., S2,f'e, hlartin, R. F., SI, ie, Smith, C. A., Sl, ie. if Fourth Row - Ens. E. A. Cvuarino, Houser, F. T., S2,f'c, Pulitano, P., Slfic, Ebert, O. A., Slfe, Fishman, C., S2 'e, Bodtke, R. YV., SZJAC, johnson, C., S2,"c, Sehnell, F. J., Slfe, Fisher, H. C., Slfe, Imondi, C. F., S2,'e. -Af Fgfllz Row - Blouin, H. L., S2 Ve, Beeler, SJ., Sl, ie, lNfIiller, G. A., Slfe, Laws, C., S2,f'e, Boatner, R. L., SZJIC, Pujals, F. R., Slfe, Bassler, L. T., Slfe, Priee, LJ., S2, ie, Thomas, OJ., Slfe, O'Gara, H. V., Slfe, Flood, E. P., S2 ,.it'l A e, Fitz, R. H., S2,'C, Pulaski, L. B., Slfe, Doyle, F.,, Slfe, Salaga, hi., Sl, ie, Smith, R. Slfe, Grifiith, T. L., CTC. t xv1xv1g vm?xgxv1yv1xvzxvzxvzxvzxwzxvzxvzxgxvmvzxvzxvfxv gxv1xv1xv1xv1xv1 Y v W v xv, xv, v xv, xv, v Y xg xv vi xvgg XY1 f 12 f , X , - l I +- Li -------- -fa- g -M. -A CD 4911. 1,4 Q it 1, 'I-ir. T' n.,1 r if' 2 -V ,,,H,,'g, I' "W-'Q-f-" -- A ww-. f . . r y K . . ,s lg r c ' s.-.4 A' N- ' ' 'ii ' r A . f -. ' ,,,..,.- Qi" pk X . ' " "2 Q it A, ,.L Q .V S ii 'S ' 'S , ., L, n 'Q .wxg I I X . 2nd DIVISION "Turret Two will ire to portl' !! - the most familiar words passed during the invasion, and the most welcome to the men in the second division. We were proud to be a main battery division and now that we had the chance to prove we were Utopsil, there just werenit enough targets to go around. One intrepid soul printed, t'You name it boss and we'll hit it" on top ofthe turret for the benefit of the "Bridgew. Both parts of this bargain were kept, and at HCease href' Turret Two had poured more steel into the Normandy Beach than any turret aboard. We can,t forget how we blew the 'cbloomersn off our arch rivals - Turret One. , fFirst Row - Lee, A. B., GM3fc, Siepierski, E. J., GM3fc, Duffey, W. G., BM1fc, Mott, H. L., TClfc, Sandberg, A. W., Cox., Weil, C. J., Cox., Kiefer, A. E., Cox., Crites, C. 'W., Cox., Huffman,J. L., Cox., Davis, N. MJ-, GMZXC, Ruff, B. R., Cox. if Second row - Goldman, A., S2fc, Dunkinson, R. E., S2fc, Rigby, R. L., Slfc, Graham, R. L., SZXC, Rice, R. K., Slfc, Lt. Cjgl, S. Pepelnjak, Wilson, P. L., Slfc, Francione, F. A., S2fC, Lyons, G., Slfc, Perrando, J., Slfc, Robbins, R. F., SZXC, Simmons, A. E., S2fc, Leary, P., Slfc. iv Third Row -Ens. R. Bradshaw, Crevier, A. R., Slfc, Devall, R. E., Slfc, Bolduc, A., S2fc, Cochran, D. L., Slfc, Bomba, L.J., S2fc, Walls, R., SZXC, Devito, V. N., Slfc, Showers, M. S., S2fc, Gasior, W. V., Slfc, Macheras, T.J., Slfc, Aldrich, D. N., S2fc, Schwartz, D., S2fc, Roberts, L. A., Slfc, Ellison, C. L., SZXC, Zielinski, A., Slfc, Smalling, A. T., CTC. if Fourlh Row - Fortunata, L. P., Slfc, Obenheim, VV. J., Slfc, Baglivi, N. D., S2fc, Shipp, G. H., Slfc, Kreitzer, J., S2fc, McGarry, J., SZXC, Hughs, K., Slfc, Boice, H., S2,ffc, Andruczyk, J. A., SZXC, Doyle, J., Slfc, Riley, A., Slfc, Lynch, S., S2fc, Thrift, I., Slfc, Baker, H. W., SZXC, Boklaga, W., S2fc, James, M. H., Slfc. f x 1x Jx xvlx 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x ix Y lx 1x 1x 1xgx 1x 1x Jx Jx Jx 1x?xY1xg Y vzxvi t 4 i' Jx ly Jx Ju 1x 1 4x Jx Jx 1x 1x xx 1x Jn Jx 1g lx lx 17 Jx lx 1x gg 1x lg Jx 1x 1x xx Jn 4x Jxvgnv Sf Q T Y T 1 6 6 T 7 T i 6 T T i i 1 1 6 T 6 1 T T T T T T 7 1 T T 7 T 3rd DIVISION The Th1rd D1vxs1on has the d1st1nct1on of havlnff two of the most lrnportant spots on the sh1p aj The passageway by the 1ce cream bar b That sect1on of the Quarterdeck where the hberty party as sembles and leaves the sh1p Both 1nvas1ons found Turret III and the Th1rd D1v1s1on very bus1ly engaged 1n I g1v1ng Hltler a poke 1n the nose and CQJ gettlng beh1nd h1m and g1v1ng h1m a good k1ck 1n the south' -Af Fzrsl Row Soldatl A V Cox Cook J M Slfc Bxnns F J Cox Schultz R O BM2 c Borgel, E S2 c, M1H1Ch16llO A A SZXC Oswald H Slfc Zyks C A Slfc Mclnerney S J S2 c Zybura GM3 c fSecond Row Elder G G Slfc Sperlon a D Cox Szufhta E A Cox KOH1CCk,C E BM1fc Lt Qgl L L Clardy, Lt Qgj W R P1CfCC,M1llCT C C CTC Duffy J A GM2fc Gorney C GM2fc Levesh, W GMZXC Stalney, W GM3fc if Tlzzrd Row LCSIIC S A S1 c Corrente H S2 C Lomskl A T Slfc Salemx P T S2fc Maynard Sl C Gallogly J J SZXC Flnk C C S2 c Garr1do,J S2 c Srnallfoot, E R S1 c Zu-:mba F S2 c Pav1ls A S2fc F1lk1ns H F Slfc Nuenswander, L J S1 c Dunne E P S2 c Armando A K Slfc if Fourth Row Gevakos W S2fc Glbree E P S2 c Re1s W C Slfc Bowman P E S2fc Lorenzo A N Slfc Roskoxaskl V Slfc, Bartlett D M S1 c Harmlton J P Slfc Bowen, H A S2fc Smelser M E Slfc Davls M S S2fc Cantrell B S2 c Isaac, E S1 c Boschettl C D S2fc Craddock B N Slfc if Not zn the pzcture but zn the Dzvzszon Hunter,R H S1 C Newmelster, L J BM2fc Tashlxtsky R S1 c Rxce J F S2fc Snodsrnlth F S2fc McKay C J S1 C Rondelh D J Cox, Ryder, W M S2 c Tucker I B SZXC Walters L B S2 c NJ 14 v v v v vxvlxyifxixv v v v v v v v v v v v v v vxyixr :Kyiv JXJXJXJ I I JX 18 lk IS lk lx 1x,1xv1x,A.1x, v1Xv1v,1 v -X,1xv1x,1s,1 x 1xv1xv1X,1v ,X.1Xv X. - v v - v v v v v - v 4th DIVISION This is the team that manned Turret IV in action off the coast of France. At one point when we were firing salvo after salvo, one Gun Captain asked his powdermen if they were getting tired. HBrotherN, was the reply, "You just keep that plug swingingll' He did. That is the kind of teamwork that makes a 4.0 Turret. -A-Firr! Row M Biegel, XV. P., Sl, c, Shaw, C. S., S1 fic, Keidel, E. H., S2,fc, Fairchild, W. G., Slfc, Braniff, F.J., Sl lc, KN'ilson, R. T., Sl, c, Pauley, H. E., S2,7c, Brassard, G., S2fc, Martinez, F. R., S2fc, Saulnier, L., Slfc. -A' Second Row - Cobb, G., CTC, Frechione, J., GM2fc, Kumisarek, J., GM2fc, Konicki, A., GM2, c, Lt. Gnaedinger, Ens. lNIacAllister, Hennessey, G. M., Cox., Lowery, T. A., BM2fc, Evans, L. D. BlNIl.'c, Guinan, T.F ., Sl lc, Dodge, E. R., Cox., Litalien, A. J., Cox., ir Third Row -Brown, D. P., S2fc Hamilton, H. NI., Sl, c, Rodabaugh, L. C., SZ, c, Schmueskle, T. F., S2fc, Sanderson, B., Slfc, Allen, S.F.. Slfc, Pozda, S. M., Slpc, Pelham, A. D., Sl, .fil c, Shaw, G. A., Slfc, Brasher, G. G., S2fc, Spicer, C. F., S2fc Kirby, T. YV., Sl, c. -gr Fourih Row - Barrette, E. D., S2fc, Henry, W. R., Slfc, Colby, H. E., Slfc, Brobst R. S., S2, c, Levasseur, C. L., S2,ic, Hale, P. E., Slfc, Fogarty, J. F., S2fc, Randazzo, S. J., Slfc, McCabe H. J., Slfc, Maratea, G. A., Slfc, Cicchetti, L. F., S2,f'c. 15 2 ,. . - .f ff "X-' '5 V I ir s FQ' A ' . Q. - "'fe+1: . ? --. . -- e- 'ef-J-g qgr s r-1-' fi i'fZ'ifYf:"'f7"9'M' '-NTTL77 , . V---.W -fl' - H., B as-1 1 ,jj ""t"'4"""""L't""':'m "WM" "MA" 'W' " " ' A A " ' ' ' A ' ' ' Sth DIVISION The above men represent the Fifth Division. At General Quarters they man Turret V, which has two twelve-inch guns. A very popular division, all lines either ori inate or end ' f h h pastime was to line up in our Division. g in our part o t e s ip, in fact, the German prisoners first try at the Navyis favorite ,, Fz'rstRow-Whitfield,F..T.,S1fc,Gienke,R.A.,S1fc,To ,H.R.,S1f ,s 'h o.D y c mit , ., Slfc, McElvaney, T. W., Slfc, Malucci, F.J., Cox., Webster, O. V., Slfc, Crane, J., Slfc, Jenness, V. V., Slfc, Hibbard, M., Slfc, Pontillo, D. A., Slfc, Sienori, J. T., Slfc. -if Second Row- Lonergan, W., Cox., Ferrini, L., Cox., Essey, S., Cox., Esdorn, H. D., BMZXC, Guenther, W. J., BMZXC, Guenther, R. H., BM2fc, Ens. H. Grimes, Lt. E. D. Jolly, Hughey, B., CTC, Sharp, D. A., TC1fc, Lance, A. D., GM2fc, Hoffner, H. W., GlvI2,fc, Beem, E. C., GMZXC, Domanico, P., GM3fc, Hough, M. O., GM2fc. if Third Row - Bryson, D. T., SZXC, Koop, A. F., Slfc, Faison, F. I., S2fc, Gallant, A. A., S2fc, Welch, D. S2fc, Campbell, W. B., Slfc, Knutson, R. L., Slfc, Brutti, A., S2fc, Moore, F. W., S2fc, Ott, M. W., Slfc, Shinkus, F. M., Slfc, Lajzo, J., S2fc, Hay, W. B., S2fc, Puskar, C. Slfc, White, W. H., S2fc, Kuehlman, E. F., Slfc. if Fourth Row - Moreland, E. L., Slfc, Brown, G., SZXC, Kelly, W. C., S2fc, Sirco, A. A., Slfc, Lauricella, A. S., SZXC, Furtado C. E., S2fc, Stanish, J. J., S2fc, Sapp, J. F., S2fc, Rose, J. G., S2fc, McMannus, J. R., S2fc, Kroll, F., S2fc, Roscup, W. M., S2fc, Bowmand, A. J., S2fc, Gray, D. L., Slfc, Hice, J. N., Slfc, Sieka, T. F., Slfc. K , . . , .,,. H -V. , - 'wg 'V "' txzxzxzxx Jx 1x 1x1x1x Jx xx Jxzx Jxzxlx xJx1x1x1x1x1x1xJx1xJxJxJx1x vvvwvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-wvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvv sw 4.-- 4. , , 6th DIVISION if First Row - Giantetti, R. V., S2fc, Wright, G. L., Slfc, Esposito, P., Slfc, Pignatard, U. L., SZXC, Bullock, H. M., S2,f'c, VVeyl, K. M., Slfc, Goff, P. F., S2fc, Mitchell, B. D., Slfc, Benjer, C. F., S2fc. if Seoond Row - VVonn, H., Slfc, Berish, N., S2fc, McVeigh, L. B., Slfc, Schwartzer, J., Slfc, Brzdzowski, R. A., S2fc, Lynch, T. M., Slfc, lX4organ, T., Sl, C, Lagocki, S., S2fc, Lewentre, A., S2fc, Miller, G. R., Slfc, Moulaison, F., Slfc, Ferenc, E. S., Slfc, Cajewski, W. C., Slfc. -If Third Row - Sullivan, G. H., Slfc, Loudenslager, V. D., Cox., Lod, L., GMZXC, Earickson, E. M., TClfc, Pinger, V. F., BM1fc, VV. O'Brien, CTC., Ens. E. L. Boatner, Lt. VV. P. Bernton, Smith, D. VV., Bhllfc, Cline, H., Bh42,j'c, Baudier, J., GM2fc, Walters, D. C., BM2fc, Bujol, R. S., BM2fc. -if Fourth Row - Spreem, F. C., S2fc, Reagan, C. R., Slfc, Lowery, E. E., S2fc, Bueti, D. J., S1 ,.li c, Deal, C. P., S2fc, Johnson, R. S., Slfc, Mondike, R. L., Slfc, Strom, C. W., Slfc, Creenberg, N., S2fc, Horton, L. F., Slfc, Lott, C. E., S2fc, Macha, L., Slfc, Meyer, Slfc, Sutherland, C. F., Cox. if Fgfth Row - Casteel, W., S2fc, York, H. J., Slfc, Bullard, W. D., SZXC, Cray, C. W., S2fc, Marada, L. A., Slfc, Bettano, C. R., Slfc, Spaulding, F.. A., S2,'c, Estepp, C. C., S2,'c Miller, D. J., Slfc, Wawszkiewicz, S. F., Slfc, Parker, R. A., Slfc. x1x1X!x1 f T. l 'lth DIVISION Yes, this is the Seventh Division. We're the gang you stumble over every night in the starboard aircastle. That's our home, beside our guns. The Normandy coast on June 6, 1944 felt the punch of our battery First among the ARKANSAS offensive strength. The harrowing hours off Cherbourg, however, was even more unsettling than they might have been, we had to sit that one out. We had a big time again August 15, 1944 and the defenses of Provence Coast were the worse for the occasion. Who says there is no Turret Seven? Get the word, Mack. f First Row - Kline, C. S., Slfc, Marino, A. T., S2fc, Brousseau, L. N., S2fc, Sears, W. C., Slfc, McCarthy, C., S2fc, Belcastro,J. J., S2fc, Burgess, H. INI., S2,fc, Testani, R. A., S2 c Malloy, T. J., Slfc, Keating, E. J., Slfc, Eckert, R. W., Slfc, Haerer, S., S2fc, Harrison, J., S2fc, Lambert, R. A., Slfc, Morrison, H., Slfc, Morrison,J. F., Sljc, Russell,J. E. S2,.fc, Walton, D. J., Slfc, Davitt, V., Slfc, Buttiglieri, C. A., S2fc, Mollenhour, P. D., Slfc, Lavigata, V., Slfc, Dudley, E. M., Slfc, Schilling, IV. R., S2,f'c, Macheska, P. INI.. Sl c Garrett, R., Slfc, Schmidt, D. H., Slfc, Ludwigs, F. J., Slfc, Cardullo, P. S., S2fc, Wilkinson, T. J., Slfc, McElroy, R. L., S2fc, Myers, IV. J., S2fc, Wlhitney, L. P., S2 C, IYaller W. R., Slfc, Heller, L., S2fc, Grove, G. N., S2fc, Calo, I., S2fc, Bureau, R. D., S2fc, Tanco, C. N., Slfc, Pontius,J. E., S2fc, Szkalany, E., Slfc, Lee, H., S2j"c,Janis, H. A., SI, C. -k Sir ond Row - Fetsko, F., Slfc, Borroughs, L., S2fc, Lone, C., S2fc, Pyle, G. A., GM1fc, Brown, S. M., GM2fc, Farnsworth, L. E., GM1fc, Brown,J. I., GM2,f'c, Kania, P. S., GM2 c Ens, F, C, Dunham, Jr., Lt. W. L. Hunt, Lt. T. Brafford, Ens. W. R. Tivener, CBM McGovern, Benoit, A. E., Cox., Gagnon, R. A., BMIXC, Bullard, C. R., BIXII, C, lXIancuso S., Cox. if Thira' Row - Clark, E., S2fc, Taylor, W. W., Slfc, Rubin, E. A., Slfc, Hall, A.J., S2fc, Seipman, D. L., Slfc, Ousley, C. C., GM2fc, Hudson, R. E., Sljc, Jenigen, C. K. Slfc, Brewer, S. D., Slfc, Gutch, J., Slfc, Costa, D., S2fc, Legault, W. L., Slfc, Grant, R. A., SZXC, Deshaies, L. D., S2fc, Depew, R. C., SZXC, Hatton, P. C., S1 ,,"i c, Sponsler, E. G. Slfc, Churchill, E. J., SZXC, Cabe, H. W., S2fc, Myers, R. L., Slfc, Ponte, J., S2fc, Sykes, E., Slfc. -Af Fourth Row - Moniz, T. S., S2fc, Burton B., Slfc, McMillian, R. E., S2fc, Neering, R. A., S2fc, Gibson, H. J., Slfc, Lane, J. I., SZXC, Gormley,J., Slfc, Knoll,J. F., Slfc, Luke, T., Slfc, Matthews, G. F., Slfc, Browne, E. C. sift, Kaczmafeks, H, J., szfc, Mahler, N. F., sifc, Chapman, F., szfc, Puios, T., S1fc,Nink,L., sifc, Smith, N. E., szfc, Gaaziaia, M. w., s1fC,Bfa1ue.-d,K.J., SIZXC. ' i , R., S2,f"c, Hansen, P. P., S2,lc, Foy, 1 li I n l ll l 1 . .r . W P I I v 1 A l f E l l l l i 1 -if t T N. I l ll l , k I l rw , X i l 'Y S is S, 5 . r A t 'rl lf lt if J-wffjt-f-+-4 fy' Q F- ez. 3 ,lf mg,-ze fi ig i twang Wlthilii if Ng 4.3.5 S E.5 .35 , - fe? S get I Pa w l Q XS em if 8A DIVISION Proud of sharing with the secondary battery, the honor of being the first to open fire on the Normandy beaches, and disappointed in not having a chance to fire on the beaches in Southern France, we are made up of men from every walk of life who came to do ajob, and we are credited as having done it honorably. Although we are just a handful in comparison to those who participated in the invasions, we were partly responsible for the safety of our ship from hostile planes. if First Row - Sharpe, V. G., S1 ,if'i c, Gavin, S., Slfc, VVeiner, J., S2, c, Ortner, W. P., GM3fc, Freeman, T. L., BMZXC, Gill,J. P., GM2fc, lvlaggio, P., GlW3,fc, Konosky, P. P., Cox., Bell, H. H., S2 ,,il' C, Shoeck, W. F., S2fc, LaBonte, A. J., S2fc, Hall, W. J., S2fc. if Sec- ond Row - Pace, NI. VV., Cox., Sandage, L., GM3fc, Vannote,J. R., BM2,f'c, Curtis, W., BMIXC, Ens. G. C. Talley, Lt. M. M. Peacock, Lt. R. E. Mottern, Ens. R. N. Nelson, Stone, K. J., GM2IflC, Dewald, B. L., GM2fc, Maynard, C. W., Cox., Bengier, S. E., GM3fc. -k Third Row - Graziani, C. L., SZXC, Crider, S. E., Slfc, Farry, F. J., S2fc,Jasley, E. C., S2fc, Galitzky, B., S2fc, Martorelli, D. F., SZXC, Fried, F. E., Sl,f"c, Shaffer, C. VV., Slfc, Drinkwater, L. F., S2y"c, Fulmer, F. D., S2fc, Parker, C. A., SZXC, Perkinson, R. E., SZXC, Smith, A. L., S2f'c, O'Brine, XV., S2y'c, Quinn, F. M., S2,f'c, Roe, E. T., S2,fc, Santelmo, A. M., S2fc, Haney, W. J., SZXC. -lr Fourth Row -Halkyard, F. E., S2 ,." c, Tishlias, H., S2 ,,'f lc, Maxson, R. C., S2,f'c, Marker, F.. V. H., SZXC, Fly, H. T., S2fc, Frick, H. F.,, SZXC, Fetterman, P. S., S2,f'c, Graves, XV. T., S1,f'c, Calhoun, D., S2f'c, Grochowski, E. W., SZXC, Colich, R. R., S2fc, Gaul, S., Slfc, Patterson, A. M., Slfc, Goulet, H. A., Slfc, Brinkley, L.,S Zfc, Derr, H. A., S2,fc. -A' Fyfth Row - Wellman, E. W., S2fc, Parker, H. B., SZXC, Kripper, G., S2,fc, Hubbard, R. J., S2f'c, McMakin, C. WV., S2fc, Betz, A. E., Slfc, Etheridge, E., S2fc, Bryant, E. T., SZXC, Rolf, W. H., S2,f"c, English, E. H., S2 ,fil c, VVells,J.C.,S1 ,.f" c, Potyraj, C. A., S2fc, Haley, A. J., S2fc, Kirk, L., S2fc, Vendetti, A. A., SZXC, Reddy, L. W., Slfc. if Sixth Row - Kaprka, YV., Slfc, Hall, M. D., S2,f'c, Danielson, F.. H., S2fc, Lilly, E. B., S2fc, Bevis, C. E., SZXC, Kohler, M. F., S2fc, Ducharme, W. A., S2fc, Turgeon, L., SZIXXC, Rogers, B. V., S2fc, Davis, R. O., SZXC, Tyburski, J., S2fC, Peterson, G., S2fc, Shuck, J. C., SZXC, Caltabiano, J., S2,fc, Calaudra, F. M., SZXC. -k Seventh Row - Canopolo, A., S2fc, Candalena, J. M., S2fc, Kemp, K. A., S2,fc, Patton,J. M., S2,'lc, Conine, H. L., S2fc, Chestnut, H. B., S2fc, Pero, R. C., S2fc, Cottrell, C. W., SZXC, Pena, F. A., S2fc, Davis, H. J., S2fc, Waeger, E. J., S2,"c, Fowler, C. E., S2fc, Cooper, G. M., S2fc, Basch, H. F., S2fc, Rocco, A., S2fc, Brown, R., S2fc, Calabrese, H., S2f'c, Van Horn, L. M., S2fc. S3154 v v vxrv vxyxrxv v v v v v v v - - JXJXJXJXJL :Sri v v v v v v v v v v v JJXJYJXJQ 19 l I 1 ' 8 B D I V I S I 0 N The 130 men of 8B Division spent the summer of 1944 off the French Beachheads protecting the ARKY from the Luftwaffe by manning the 40 MXM Battery. There they learned to love two songs - "I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down" and 'fOh, What a Beautiful Morning." In the steadfast performance of duty amidst dodging enemy shells and bombs, as well as the blasts of the turrets, they gave supporting fire to the A.A. barrage that downed two enemy planes near at hand. Those results were far superior to that of the main and secondary batteries whose men claim a sea gull and two barrage balloons. if First Row - GriHin, P. T., BM1fc, Wilson, B. F., GM1fc, Hartje, H. L., BM1fc, Rowell, H., GM1fc, Gardner, E. K., GM3fc, Steiger- wald, C. C., GMlfc, Dahl, E. W., GM3fc, Hensley, VV. H., GM3fc, Wright, H. A., Cox, Haroutunian, H., BM1fc. -A' Second Row - Klitzner, M., S2fc, Earp, T.J., S2fc, Owens,J., S2fc, Martinelli, C. A., GM3fc, Oak, L. N., GMZXC, Kszywiecki, M.J., GM3fc, Lagonia, M., GM3fc, Amato, S. M., S2fc, Arnold, R. lXI., S2fc, Raulerson, L., GM3fc, Gavula, P., Slfc, Still, H. A., GM2fc, Pettiecord, H. R., GM2fc, Pawlowski, J., Cox. -k Third Row - Ens. R. A. Jacobs, Lt. F.. F.. Heavey, Lt. S. L. Kahn, Lt. W. W. De Venter, Lt. P. H. Conley, CGM S. J. Pope. if Fourth Row -4Marti, H. P., Slfc, Mitchell, lxl. A., S2fc, Berry, A. H., S2fc, Greene,J. L., S2fc, Karpus, J. F., S2fc, Jagger, A., S2fc, Cardy, R. H., S2fc, Tutoky,J. E., S2fc, Starner, R. H., SZXC, Belk, S., SZXC, Latray, W. R., S2fc, Fredericks, R. G., S2fc, Krause, J. R., S2fc McCaffrey, C S2fc, Stanley H. C , S2fc Ceresnak, F. F S2fc, XV lf V. L , ., , . , ., o e, ., S2fc, Kollar, F., S2fc, Holloway, C., S2fc, Plant, J. H., S2fc. -If Fyfth Row-Lowrie, S. K., Slfc, Behrens, B. O Slfc Odell C Slfc Clark E D. S2fc, Tucker, H. W., SZXC, Young,J. M., Slfc, Miller, R. K., S2fc, Wlendolek, A. F., S2fc, Gardner, E. L., Slfc, Izzo, M. J., S2fc, Missera, J., S2fc, Schaefer, R. E., SZXC, Pickering, H. IV., S2fc, Balcerkiewicz, C. J., S2fc, Colgain, H. A., S2fc, Wilson, R. D., SZXC, Anderson, B., S2fc, Zykowski, F., Slfc. if Sixth Row - Rutkowski, R. S., S2fc, Lennartz, IVI., SZXC, Chrismon, S., S2fc, Kimble, G. W., S2fc, Cobbler, L. E., SZXC, Martino, C. L., Slfc, Sheehan, P. IV., S2fc, Pollard, R. M., S2fc, Cartrette, C. H., SZXC, Stevens, C. C., S2fc, Salvatore, J. A., S2fc, Cook, P. W., S2fc, Deluca, S., S2fc, Roberts, D. C., S2,f'c, Lauer, R. L., S2fc. -pf Seventh Row - Munchich, J., Slfc, Aurich, T. R., SZXC, Sellers, H. G., Slfc, King,J. L., S2fc, Giantonio, A.J., Slfc, Wlillard, IV. H., S2fe, Ruth, H. T., S2fc, Thomas, V. B., SZXC, Sorensen, K. T., S2fc, Chitwood, IN. C., SZXC, McEnery,J. J., S2,f'c, Carr, V. G., S2fc, Free, L. E., S2fc, Peart, K. B., Slfc, Snow, M. L., S2fc. -k Eighth Row - Newberry, L. J., SZXJC, Mulcahy, R. R., S2fc, Alfonso, J., S2fc, Clements, F.. R., S2fc, Seiders, R. J., Slfc, Palmer, W. R., S2fc, Olander, W. S., S2fc, Wfinters L. C. S2f T 1 ll' A ' , , c, rexe ian, . P., Slfc, Gr1Hin, J., S2fc, Young, F. H., S2fc, Gutermuth, W. J., S2fc, Delbonis, T., S2fc, IfValowick, W' S2fc Stutts R C Slfc if Ninth Row Dawson G V S2 G d- 'J X J 7 ' 'J - ' 'I , . ., XC, ob wyn, E. B., Slfc, Baker, D. W., Cox., Lewis, R. IN., S2fc, Sands, VV. P., Slfc, Zukowski, L. K., Slfc, Krapes, G. L., Slfc, Maistrelis, G., S2fc, LaBow, J. E., S2fc, Sorensen D IV S2fc Curry VV H S2 fc Swiger H A C B J ' 'a 1 3 ' 'J 1 9 : - A -3 OX., FOYVH, L., SZXC, Conley, T., S2fc, Ryden, W. D., Slfc, Patterson, B., S2fc, Klingel, R. J., S2fc, Schrieber, R. L., S2fc, Vance M P S2fc Cicone G D S2f , . ., , , . ., c. Men in the division who are not in the picture: Giordano, A., S2f'c, Wiknik, H. W., S2fc, Bruni, D. J., S2fc, Owens, VV., S2fc, Etchells, A. E., S2fc. 2 0 A A ,,,gL .-... . . .4 KA f-xv'- ae -'-1--A E 1. .Qi 'G 'K' nas: .--vi...--Y-ivvvvvvvvvv-vvvrvvvvvvvvv--v--v1- 5 N 8C DIVISION 1 First Row-Saulnier, T. J., Slfc, Brown, D. P., SZXC, McCabe, H. J., Slfc, Fleischner, R., Slfc, Seeders, E. D., SZXC, Lt. H. R. Brost, Mower, K. T., Cox., Pulaski, T. B., Slfc, Guice, M. H., S2fc, Miller, D. J., Slfc, Moulaison, F., Slfc, ik Second Row - Caterina, E., S2fc, O'Gara, H. V., Slfc, Gaumond, R. L., S2fc, Dudak, J. F., S2fc, Hutchinson, R., S2fc, Haver, H. J., S2fc, Brobst, R. S., S2fc, Gray, G. W., S2fc, Fraley, W. W., S2fc. ik Third Row - Craft, E. J., S2fc, Gray, J. C., SZXC, Ourado, G., S2fc. Not in picture - Conti, A. V., SZXC, Kelson, G. T., S2fc. xJg1x1x1y1 iz..- - - v - - - - v v v v v - - v v v - - - ,XJ-J 4-.A. - .lxvlxv vlxvlxyxvlxvlxvlxvlx x :X JC, 21 H4 ' uf. -1' .H ...Mi-1 ,LQEQEQ- .. J thi: ' 9.563 14 ""' Q MARINE DETACHMENT if Firsl Row - Shumate, G. L., PFC, Cavalier, J., PFC, McCallister, M. E., PFC, Clapp, T. YV.,Jr., Cpl, Straley, L., Cpl, Chandler, H., PFC, Lapp, A. E., PFC, Phillips, E., Cpl. t Second Row - Smith, D., Pl. Sgt., Chittick, H., Gy.Sgt., Widestrom, C. B., Sgt. Maj., 2nd Lt. C. A. Meyer, lst Lt. H. E. Fuller, Jr., lst Lt. L. T. Cahill, Nealon, D. J., Pl.Sgt., Fitzgerald, A., P.QSgt.j, Donnelly, J., Sgt., Zito,J. P., Sgt. -A' Third Row -- DiCostanza, VV. A., Cpl., Holt, A. G.,Jr., PFC, Tester, R. M., PFC, Browne, F. L., Cpl., Jankowiak, C., PFC, O'Keefe, E., PFC, Marcum, WV. L., PFC, Kinsey, YV. V. P., PFC, Sprufero, A. P., PFC, Fambrought, P. E., Cpl, if Fourth Row - Hammond, R. H., PFC, Platte, A. C., PFC, Chatham, R. A., PFC, Davis, E. C., PFC, O'Connor, I. J., PFC, Kuehinsky, VV. G., PFC, Moniodes, E., PFC, Capozzoli, E. A., PFC, Bachand, R. C., PFC, Howard, VV. F., Pvt. -A' Fyfth Row - Garmus, R. D., PFC, Dury, C. H., Sgt., Brunetti, L. J., Sgt., Slater, L., PFC, Gosk, J., Cpl., O'Keefe, YV. F., Jr., Pvt., Brawley, "Jn HD", Cpl., Libby, R. B., PFC, Mansfield, G., III, PFC, Long,J., Cpl. f Sixflz Row - Miller, F. E., PFC, Nadrizny,J. A., Pvt., Venezia, F. J., Cpi., Boeeklio, G. E., PFC, Wfoodbury, A. v., Cpl., Deapo, J. R., PFC, Fofeheo, B. L., 3 4 Wfifff fliffw Pvt., Brown, G., Pvt., Franko, H., Jr., PFC, Taylor, R. YV., Cpl., YValton, H. YV., PFC, Bennett, H. J., PFC, Anneheim, F. H., Cpl., Koren, E. L., Sgt., Kavanaugh, YV. J., Sgt. -A' Sfventh Row- QL Williams, R. J., PFC, Williams, D. L., PFC, Torpey, J. T., PFC, .A1'SCI'l3.Ulll, J. L., PFC, Dailey, D. w., QB' PFC, Toomey, E. A., PFC, Rose, B. J., PFC, An-ey, 1. A., PFC, Redding, w. C., Jr., PFC, Cuchel, F., Sv PFC, Stewart, F. H., PFC, Strain, G. S., PFC, Powers, H. L., PFC. v -.1 v v axvlvvhvfxv - v v - - vxaxvlxued- v - vfevfsvxd Jeux. - - vxdxv v v v v - - v v vlvvlxa H , TB 'I' K:-:-,Av v - - .:X:s.Js-1 - - - - - .. ,XJXJXJXJL1 - .. - .. -eexfsaxv - v xgxgxvl - - v - -'Q f gigs Sfigisg .,, , X, V 7 r, , FIRE CONTROL The :CFU Division is Composed of: 1. Fire Controlmen, who are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment which controls the fire of the shipls guns. They participate also in the operation of fire control equipment. 2. Gunners Mates, who are in charge of the magazines in which the ship's ammunition is stowed. 3. Yeomen, who handle the clerical work of the Gunnery Office. -A' Fin! Row - Sheinart, N. G., FCO2,!'c, Gresser, F. F., S2,fc, Supernovich, H., GM2,fc, Kennamer, C. C., FCO2fc, Steinhilper, C. F., FC2fc, Morrin, T. E., FC3f'c, Harris, R. W., FC3 f'ft" C, Drury, R. F., FC3, ,f'i c, Gaskill, E. P., GMZXC, Dawson, D. W., Slfc, Kunowski, S., FCOZXC, Wall, R. H., FC3fc. if Second Row QSea!edj - Klene, G. F., GMZXC, Kapelczak, E. F., CFC, Listar, S., CGM, Scott, C. C., CFC, Lt. L. T. Reeves, Lt. F. H. Gouge, Ens. S. P. Hills, Lt. H. London, Ens. B. Ahrens, Thurston, E. F., FC3fc. -k Third Row CSeatedj - Keating, B. F., Slfc, Gill, R., Sl, "t' c, Villanova, S., FC3, c, Flynn, R. A., GM3,fc, Dybowski, C. A., FC2fc, Vanness, V., FC3fc, Ward, E., FC2f'c, Soltis, J., FC2,fc, Martiney, P., FC2 ,.lii c, lvlarcum, E., FCZXC. if Fourth Row-Deshotels, D., GM1fc, Dillon, T. B., FC3fc, Easter, W. G., FC2f'c, Estabrook, H. P., S2,fc, Dabney, L. R, Slfc, Olson, M. V., FCOlfc, Yatsko, M. J., FCOIXC, Tresselt, E. W., FC2,f'c, Brown, A. E., FCOZXC, Wilson, YV., GM3,f'c, LaRossa, A., GM2fc, Davidson, H. A., Slfc, Stoltenberg, R. V., FCOZXC, Stauffer, P. M., FCZXC, Leak, C. E., GM3,f'c, Wallace, R. T., FC2fc, Haw, N. S., YZXC, Young, B., Slfc, Dubuc, R. G., FCOZXC, Tipton, C. L., FC2fc, Drozdowsky, T. J., Slyc. 1 Fjth Row fS!andz'ngj - Morgan, E. R., Slfc, Talbott, L. E., FC3fc, Krolik, E. G., FCO1fc, Vernot, E. T., SZXC, Larsen, C. A., FC2,f"c, Knowlton, S., GM2,fc, Owen, A. J., Slfc, VVilcox, P. M., FCOZXC, Lang, F. A., FC2fc, Sojka, E. H., FC3fc, Bordeaux, V. H., FC3,ic, Jones, XV., FCO2,f'c, Fagan, R. F., Slfc, Cate, O. B., FCOlfc, Peugh, D. W., FCIXC, Luchansky, P., FC3fc, Enders, R. C., Y3,fc. -A' Sixth Row Q.S'tandz'ngj - VVilson, B. J., GM3,fc, Herbert, N. H., FCO2,fc, Medeck, P. C., FCOZXC, Rowbottom, H. J., FC3fc, Kozak, L. J., S2fc, Spidle, K. E., Slfc, Zimmer, B. J., FC3fc, Kibblier, P. J., S2fc, Bottitta, L., Slfc, Koski, R., Slfc, Devoy, W. A., FC2,Xc, Logan, D. I., FCO2fc. if Seventh Row - Burnett, C. W., GM3fc, Hill, N. F., GM2fc, Parker, C. E., Slfc, Lanahan, A. J., GM3,fc, Turner, B. P., GM3,fc, VVright, L. R., FClfc, Winkler, F. VV., FCOZKC, Stewart, T. E., FC2fc, Munno, W. R., FC3fc, LaBelle, H., FC2jc, Morenz, E. C., FC3,n'c, Kimmel, R. F.,, FCO2,fc. 'tx1g4x4 g4x lx y1x1x1x: vgv y4x1x x4x1 y1x1x4x1x 1x4t 23 v kkJX Ax lx Ax Jx 1x 1 1x4 x1x1x1x 1x Jglxkxv Y x 1x xx 1x IX 1x 1g 4x 1x Jx 1x 1 IX 1 vlxvlxv v Xvlxvlixvlxvl v ' ' ' vvvvvvvvvvvvvv Y.'N! t xswvl V ARKANSAS AVIATION UNIT The aviation unit of the c'Devil Shipn Arkansas is a group of men trained to help keep "The Eyes and Ears of the Fleet" in good condition. They are trained as pilots, machinist mates, radiomen, ordnance, and metal- smiths, each with a specific bit to do. Aside from the duties of aviation, they must also perform their regular shipboard duties as expected from any sailor. The pilots of this unit are also fighter pilots, having flown Spitfires over the Normandy Coast, each flying twenty or more sorties spotting for the guns of the HArkyl' as well as shooting up many targets on their own accord. The enlisted men of the unit were responsible for the perfect condition of their planes. A We are proud to be a member of this unit and also to be serving aboard the Arkansas. V DIVISION if First Row -Torrance, D. M., ARM3fc, Alexander, R., AM2fc, Hoehl, E. G., A S, G., ACMM, Ens. F. B. Trueman, Lt. H. Hammersmith, jr., fSenior Aviatorl, Lt. Cjgj R. E. Doyle, CAsst. Senior Aviatorl, Davenport, C., ARM1fc, Antonavage, A. A., jr., AMM1fc, Shawger, F. S., AMM2fc, -k Second Row - Wilson, L. H., Slfc, Weber, W. F., ARM2fc, Kovach, J., Jr., AMNIZXC, Martin, F., Slfc, Falcone, P., Slfc, Russell R. S., Slfc, Nicholls, R. M., AMM3fc, Imondi R. A. S , , , lfc, Kozien, F., Y3fc, Skapura, QI. C., AMM3fc, Pitts, L., ARM3fc. A xlxlxlslxlgJ-1xl-lxlplxlxJ-IxJxJ 1-1-1,1u1.1u1x1-1 1 1 OMZXC, Belitrand, vvwvvvikl -vvvvvvvvvv, vvvvv lx 1g lxgx 1x4 gg-x1t rv- ,Q .,,, NAVIGATICN DEPARTMENT ww i sf ' ' i i I V' if . ' :fini-. T W 'fnzfs . U A - ' - r1ir1"fiis. -Aiw- I , . ,:,,wW . ,,, 5 V 'L i A f Q . 1 4'rf"Yfw .4 in . I Y i' V - f , - 3' - 364' V ' ' V , ' . G t ' A f p ' .,. 4. V, , - I X . -4, -,J A . pf N .. J . ,, v es , . Q 'si t , - - . 4 2- - if . - ' f in ...S 1 . .Q . ,U Vw, '-2'r,,.221' ' X , Y 'K Y . 1 'V Akgiylgglzfv' Wa,g,Qg..- 1 , , 6 I C' 9 , if ' .wil I A L J Q- V t --.,,g.. , 4 f fa , Y , , i x I - 1. K . Q. A. ..., ,,. ' . Xl 22445 N D I V I S I 0 N UN" Division is that part of the ship's company which determines the ship's position while under way and assists the Officer-of-the-Deck both at sea and in port. It is composed of Quartermasters, Quartermaster Strikers, an Aerographers Mate, and a Yeoman Striker. -nr First Row - Ferrucci, A., QlNfI3,'c, Hottee, NI. E., QhI3,'c, Sherrill, K. E., QlXI3 'c, Wlaldon, M. D. E., QMZXC, VVest, F. C., Aeroglfc Lt. G. F. Campman, Abramson, VV., QM1,fc, Caffee, B. H., QlN12,ic, lNfICCoy, P. C., QM3fc, Lambert, C. M., Slfc, Stoddard, E. L., QM3 ic. if .S'ev'on11' Row--4Hanak, P., Sl 'C, Loyd, L. E., QMS, C, Carden, Nl. J., S2 C, McCauley, R. M., S1,f'c,Agner, W. A., Jr., Slfc, Kelley, E. O., QM3 c, Conlon, F. X., QMBIC, Lord, T. C., QlN'I3,'c, Tennyson, A. Jr., QMBXC, Bartley, C. E., Slfc, Hill, V. P., Slfc, Cowgill, F., Sl, C. S.: A , ,MH ., , G , ,-, f ,41 . .- sf ,M f 15 n ...fam nf. , it . , , 4,,.v.i . . .-. rf will 5 . fu.. 'wir' V , ,f is 1 ' - 92: f w 5 , .- '13 . tw cv I V ' . i , , . , WWW 1' ' frff ff 'iff f NHNXQXX . 'V -,. fn 5 I ' ', f I ' X ' ' Q' Z . i 2:23 H. 3 f U . gy! M 'zz' . 1 ' f P- rv ! ' Q M if ff - A - ,f Y , -. 'ls' . W f J . - .if f Q no 5. 'exif ,W f 4 f' S . L D I V I S I 0 N ' A "Ln Division is composed of those men whose battle posts are at the ship's Lookouts Sta- tions. Although modern inventions have tal-:en much of their responsibility, the "Eyes of the Ship" are still important to any vessel at sea. if First Row-Welch, G., Slfc, Law, E. T., Slfc, Anderson, R. M., Cox., McDonald,J. E., Cox., Lt. Cjgj E. R. Sanford, Solchenberger, J., Cox., Buck, E. O., Slfc, Doss,J. M., Slfc, Banicki, A. R., Slfc. -k Second Row - Lawrence, A.J., S2,"c, Berry, M. E., S2fc, Berry, A. M., Slfc, Lapine, F.. A., Slfc, Clickner, YV. E., Slfc, Stallings, R., S2,fc, Dugas, W. L., Slfc, Craig, L. J., Slfc, lX1ather, S. C., Slfc. -k Third Row - Romaine, P., S2fc, Smith, F., Slfc, Smith, Wi. R., S2fc, Nardone, P. R., SZXC, Solt, E., Jr., S2fc, Quinn, G. E., Slfc, Helman, E., Slfc, Lynch, J., S2fc. 25 l l F 2' tw- t Yi ' .. .. - -ku-f-'H . Q:. a5s.. , ef ! U 1 , -fm-a - . . ,, ww f. " '4'7:41':' ' , .. . ,. ..-... . af -- ' f 'f ,515 , G -f -K 135 ' fn A -"f'7E'.r '., i,..,,A 1'-.15 -Lf .. -'5' 'ft 'W' "5 3" " 7' ' bf ' fe e ' v-4 -'H heyy' f '- ' " ' ' ' A Y 'Y Q at ,.1.:.....x. 4- '2!11 'itu- .f . f + 1 f - tsset .see H he ' ' v 1 IX. IX I t f x 1 IX 1x,1x, . ,x,1x1x x,1x,1X,1X.1Xv vlxvfxv v v v - v v Jxvfxrkvfxv Jxvfxvlv v - v v v 'AJS' JXv'xv'X-'N-fXJx-!Xv'l'- Tv v ' COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT IND U3 C DIVISION 1 Flifif Row-Craig, B. C., RM3fc, D'onofrio, T. R., RM3fc, Crosslin, F.. P., Y2fc, Harris, D. J., RT2fc, Massenburg, R. G., Ylfc, Nance, C. B., RM1fc, Hogan, F., SMl,uc, Madden, A., Ylfc, Nourse, G. H., RT1fc, Ramer, G. W., RT2fc, Sullivan, A. N., SMZXC, Endicott, H. M., YZXC. if Second Row - Vicchio, A. A., SMlfc, Biggs, D. S., CSM, R. T., Dewey, CY, Ens. A. VV. Bornfriend, Lt. Cjgj A. Bates, Lt. S. S. Hatch, Lt. Cjgb G. E. Smith, Lt. R. A. Kennedy, Ens. C. A. Blazer, Ships Clerk D. R. Russell, Thompson, C. A., CRM. if Third Row - Leber, D. M., RM2fc, Moore, T. E., S2fc, Poole, B. H., Slfc, Ferreira,J.J., RM3fc, Roby, C. L., SM3fc, Labbe, A. P., Slfc, Bost, C.J., RM3,f"c, Lemmo J. RM3fc, Cody, T. J., Ylfc, Camera, A. A., Slfc, Thomas, E., Slfc, Mohler, C. F., RMZXC, Lalak, F. L., RM3fc, O'Kane, L. F., S2fc, Stroup, G. E., S2fc, Langston, M. T. Y3fc, Mullis, R. K., S2fc. -k Fourlh Row - Dunn, K., Slfc, Owen, J. D., Slfc, Lautsch, E. G., Slfc, Steinberg, H.J., Slfc, Musumeci, A., Y3fc, Glassman, A., Y3,f'c, Dorish,J., S1 ,,ft'l c, Messersmith, W. A., Slfc, Crawford, E. J., RM3fc, Ogozalek, S. A., Slfc, Mazyk, S. C., Slfc, Duffy, R. H., S2fc, Sease, D. L., Slfc, Reschke, K. W., S2fc, hlorsch, R., S2,f'c, Lever, R. C., RM3fc, Coflield, W. T., YZXC. s 7 9 tx1x1x1yJxJx1x1x xJx1x1x x1xJx x1x1x1x1x x1x1x1x1x1 x1x1x1x1x1x1x t 4x ix 1x4x1x1x4x1x4 vvvvvvvvvvvvvtvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvv-ivvvvvvv gl. ,iii . Q - I Tl. Za W I a , , . w . .V .,., - ,..fv-19,33 ,,.,, A, S ,S ,-M . .- .,fa,,--,,-,.-,- ...ww -ww.- -- A we if-W-W--.-we A as A V """'v-"""' 'W' ' ' g"r"r"'-'--'Q' 'P ' H --- L... -YfV- ..-.Mb-. . . - ,.........L-..- W.. A 4 L49 , Y A ,.,... . .,. .- . , Y. .....,........ . .... a.............,.,...... l r .. ll J f J ,,. 2 .Q iff 0 1 .-:ff 'Q fi 1. -Q" ff t-3 Eff C DIVISION CCon.D -Af First Row - Schwartz, B., Y2f'c, Plank, D. M., RMZXC, Searls, G. R., RTlfc, Millard, W. H., RM1fc, Morton, R. T., Ylfc, Schmatz, L. K., Ylfc, Overstreet, T., YZXC, VVitt, M., SM2fc, Allaire, R. L., SM2fc. -Af Second Row -- Sturtz, G. A., RMlfc, Merson, W., CY, Lt. Cjgj P. Clancy, Lt. S. S. Stephens, Lt. S. S. Hatch, Lt. Cjgj P. H. Glatfelter, Lt. Qjgj A. M. Ferres, Ens.J. A. Melia, Fisher, L. J., CBM. -A' Third Row -Policastro, R. L., Slfc, Rogers, C., Slfc, Nowlin, S. E., SM3fc, Ruggieri, D., Y3fc, Crowell, T. C., SM3fc, Tyberg, I. F., SM3f, Mack, R. G., RM3fc, McDonald, E. B., RM3fc, Merson, W., RM3fc, Richardson, H. E., RM3fc, Golba, J. V., RM3fc, Gerchrnan, J., Y3fc, Carter, R. E., RT3fc, Marot, N. H., Y3fc, Vitale, J., S2,fc, Myers, E., Slfc, Naylon, D. J., RM3fc. -lr Fourth Row- Leatherman, E., RlVI3fc, Barker, L., S2fc, O'Neal, P. I., S2fc, lnce, L., S2fc, Brooks, R. R., RM2fc,, Bunch, R. E., RM3fc, Doerfer, R. C., Slfc, Kuber,J. L., S2fc, Rogers, F. V., Slfc, Lonigan, B. V., S2fc, Heflelfinger, M. J., Slfc, Meek, F. B., RM3,fc, Lewis, J. D., Y3fc, Schmidt, D. J., Slfc, Crowell, L. W., RM3fc, Blanton, B. B., SM3fc, Noll, R. L., Slfc. f x IK ,x,1x,1x,1xv1x,1 , , vxvfxvf , , , v - vfxvlxdxgxv Y - v Kgs:NyxvfxdX..zX-fx.xx,zxfx.zN..fx..fx.fMJXJv.fX.1Xv - - - .. - vxgxvhv v v v -XJ i I0 T . . . , - ' ' , , . .. , A - ,. .LX ' ':. ...' , . ..,.,,. ,f ...-V 1 -0'--'P f' ' """'A' "1.' "' 'A"""" . A . , . , Ea ...en-.4.,a.....-..., , . . . -. V, f.. 'WMM V ., ,-- .,.w.4- - -.-s--fW-- -- .2 -. -- . 4... ef' . 7-, M ,I V. , W 2, 0 -gm' -, L, 1, ..-qv ff. ..,,ff::'9-3 'E-L52 -.1-5 - ag- H2351 ' rf' 'Mt , , Y, ,. , -:......f'.A.. 'F ' ' . N AK--3i5iS"' ' 1 A- -- -- - '- 1-fi e 1 . , T' M" , Kr . ..... L:' 'X 1 . . - ,... f. - . A 1' f r -x v A W' ,fs -,-11 12 ,'gf'.f-Fx ' f - - f 'tn f ' " f " - - "'f1- ......g1::4-:aa.E.4.,...4..,....d....---4,,,..,,,. ,,....s.........--,M-A-n---- - . -' 'Q . . -,f J- 1"'l...a essuegiarg .. i -fmgspgr-:ff5:wf.:4-- fuii'-few-1---f-1f:i?i'f'f:feA ' " ' "7"'m"'Tt . f. 4 NMMA C S I G N A L SIGNAL GANG - IT HAPPENED OFF FRANCE: Viccmo wore five life jackets + STEADY DASH Biggs dug a fox hole in the dog house - SHHHH, that plane might hear you - LABBE, '4Cne trains, three tank, one spitfires and a trucksf' e- ALLAIRE gained ten pounds eating K rations, PINKY lost ten - 'CTurrets four, five and six will Fire again W where did the CHIEF go?" W- WITT, ftWho sh'tole my watermelon?,, -alt wonlt be like this when I make CHIEF."-LOUIE, c'Tyberg looks same as Q0 years ago in front of Chinese laundryf'-MCROWELL, "Ah reckon ah'll have'ta raise yo'allg ah'se got fo, acesf, - POLICASTRO, c'Let me up, he didn't give me a chancef' - VITALE, "Tomorrow D Day, Tomorrow Sick Bay? - MR. GLATFELTER, c'Has anyone seen my helmet, life belt, jacket, 45, boots, etc..?', - BARTHOLOMEW BENNY found a violet in Ireland - PARSON ROBY, "I wonder how toe nail polish got on my collar." - RoGERs, 'gAnyone know where I can get some fish hooks and a reel for my leave?H -1- First Row - VVitt, M., SMZXC, Sullivan, A. N., SM2fc, Vicchio, A. A., SMIXC, Hogan, F., SM1fc, Allaire, R. L., SMZXC, Tyberg, I. F., SM3fc, Nowlin, S. E., SM3fc, Dunn, K., Slfc. if Second Row - Blanton, B. B., SM3fc, Crowell, T. C., SM3fc, Ince, L., SM3fc, Roby, C. L., SM3fc, Schmidt, D.J., Slfc, Policastro,J. L., Slfc, Sease, D. L., Slfc, Lautsch, E. G., Slfc, Steinberg, H. J., Slfc, Vitale, F., Slfc. -k Third Row - Messersmith, W. A., Slfc, Dorish, J., Slfc, Noll, R. L., Slfc, Rogers, G., Slfc, Labbe, A. P., Slfc, Heffelfinger, M. J., Slfc, Lt. Cjgj A. Bates, Asst. Sig. Off., Lt. P. H. Glatfelter, Sig. Off., D. S. Biggs, CSM, Ogozalek, S. A., Slfc, Mazyk, S. C., Slfc, Plant, H., S2fc, Meyers, E.,S1fc. Absent: Stonehouse, A. W., SM3fc. i y Jn 1g lx 1x 4x 4g Jn 4x lx 1x 4x 1x 4x 1x IK lk: t 3? .I W, 1. - ' ,if 'lggfli A I A - .fi A ..,. A fr A We -1 - AAAA .... M .... - -.,-... K DIVISION Contrary to all rules of good seamanship, HKU Division may rightfully be referred to as the 'fEye of the Ship." The nights are never too dark, the storms never too violent, or the fog never becomes too thick for the electronic beam of RADAR to pierce. Although we are one of the junior divisions of the Ship, we are striving to attain or even surpass our motto - 'CDO A Good Job? If we prove a success at this, then we trust we will be as successful in gaining the esteem of the whole Ship. -Af First Row-Schwartzer, L., Slfc, Chibnik, M., Slfc, Sullivan, L., RdM2fc, Farley, J., RdM2fc, Slater, C. H., RdM2fc, Wilson, R. A., RdM3fc, Cole, R. H., RdM3fc Bygness, M. D., RdM3fc, Criss, R. W., RdM3fc, Morgan, G., Slfc, Scott, H. L., RdM3fc.-if Second Row - Woodard,J. G., RdMlfc, McConnell, R. C., FC1fc, lNatts, INT., RdB42,"c Levangie, A. D., RdM1fc, Lt. E. W. Woody, Lt. B. E. Bachman, Lt. T. R. Hopkins, Lt. Cjgj A. Hodges, Lt. H. A. Wilson, Mays, L., RdM1fc, Hoopes, L. T., RdM1fc, Thornton J. H., SpCAQ1fe, Olsen, B. J., RdMlfc. -Af Third Row - Munchick, J., Slfc, Alge, F. J., RdM3fc, Lerner, M., RdM3fc, Laffey, D.J., Slfc, Verricker, C.J., Slfc, Gard, R. NI., FCZXC Lewis, K. J., RdM3fc, Moore, J. B., RdM3fc, Haugen, A. E., RdM3fc, Bonacum, W. J., Slfc, Ludwig, M. W., S1fc,Janecko, C. R., Slfc, Pigg,J. W7., Slfc, Easterly, C., Slfc, Lemon C. L., Slfc, Jolin, L. A., Slfc, Peterson, W. H., RdM2fc, Finn, F. A., RdM3f'c. -k Fourth Row - Long, R. W., Slfc, May, B., Slfc, Perry, A. J., RdM3fc, Corning, D. A., RdlVI2fc Latina, A. J., Slfc, Phillips, S. J., RdM2fc, Sneigowski, E. M., Slfc, Klein, L., Slfc, Kiman, P., S2fc, McNair, C. B., S2fc, Arrigotti, M. F., Slfc, Gill, C., RdM2fc, Harrington L. T., Slfc, Courtright, H. C., S2fc, Ward, F. M., RdM3fc, Sutton, M., RdM2fc, Stidworthy, K. G., RdM2fc, VVooters, L., RdM2fc. n Not in the picture -Taylor, C., RTlfc, Finley, A. R., RdM3fc, Lawrence, E. F., S2fc, Lewis, G. C., S2fc. sg. is? w 1 L. Y E b .iv n i l J! if 5, 1 la Y x E F' 5 s I M '1 .rc 'J i 1 Tb F ,, 5 ' ju? I j 1 s 4 .5 kin 2211.5 Mil 4, iq. g':gI l t xjx 1x4x xJx 1 lx Jx 1x 1x1 , Xyxvlxv v Jxv' 53 ff. 1 5 G7 is ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT A DIVISION Clst and 3rd Sectionsb -A' Firsl Row - Clanville, R. H., lX1lNfI3,f'fc, Prachniek, F. E., Flfc, Healey, C. J., Y3,f!c, Brooks, B., CMM, Duddles, R. VV., CMlN1, Lt. D. N. Osburn, Ens. A. D. VVilburn, VVildfoerster, V. H., Ch. Mach., Steele, S. D., MM1,!'e, Comitto, C. J., lN1lX13,,'c, Kirby, B. F., N11-3,fc. iv Second Row - Vi ning, K. J., Flfc, Snyder, T. S., lVIlVI2,f'e, Maclkiurray, B. YV., Flfc, Crouse, L., F3j'c, Kabala, E. F2fc, Sloan, C. P., Flfe, Hegarty, T. C., F2,'e, Davenport, C. C., lXlM3fc, Scarapieco, A. M. MMBXC, Holmes, S. VV., Flfe. f Tlzird Row-Donch, C. J., lX1oMM3fc, Jakowenko, M., Flfc, Carnpanella, D. A., MM3,fe, Neill, D. D., lX4M2,7e, Poss, L. VV., lN1M2f'C, Rainey, A., lVIlN41fc, Cude, E. J., MlNl3fe, Coffman, C. L., lNlM2,f'c, Haion, H. E., lXlM3,lc, Ogden, F., MMZXC Schwartz, H., Y2,.ffc, Osterhoff, YV. F., lVIM3,'c. if Fozzrlh Row - Gordaz, O. S., MlN12fc, YVeiss, R., MoMM2ffe, Kocel, T. A., IVIONINIZ 'c, Cranney, J., lNfIM3,'c, Luttig, W'. L., MM2 ,,'l ' 0, Collins if T., MMZXC, Shepherd, R. L., lX4Ml, C, Laska,J., lVIM1,,7c, Gallant. O. J., lX4Ml,fc, Tygrett, H. T. MMZXC, Compton, YV. D., lXfIMl,."c, Hardernan, P. L., lN4M2fe. X1 1x1 x1 xxx 1x1 xJx1x1 x,x,X, X1 Y-vvvv v vvvvv vvvxxvvvkwvvvvvv x1x --vv ,ll f ' f 3 . ,nil - .11 5 . fl ,-1 LL. 'avg . -1 r g. . j ,' Q wg. 'J A d pkg Q xv1xv w1xv1xv v1 1 , J 'M g T 3 0 . , A . 5 i M - ,. , ,x ,x - x,x,1x,1xJx.A. - Jx.1 f 1 ,"" 1 M' v - T v v -1 v'Xv'R!Yv1X-.lX.!Kv1QN.!N!X.!N.fNZLXXTIxZK.lX,1XvlX.!Xv'Xv'N.!XvfYv viii -lxvlx! l 4 . , I t ,lf A DIVISION C2nd and 4th Sectionsy iv First Row-Stanek,F. S.,Y2 c, Klemens, S.,MMl c, ReilJer,C. M., Ml-ljc, Richards, M.C.R., MM1.fc, Ch.lNfIach. V. H. XVilClfoerSter, Lt. D. N. Osburn, Ens. A. D. W7ilburn, Maynard,J. L., MMl,.f'c, Swanson, R. E., Nlhll c, lNli5o, J., lNloNIlXIl. c, Stewart, C. E., Mlvllfc. if Sfffond Row 4 Stevens, L. C., lNf1Ml c, Shelton, R. F., MM2 c, Shore, L. M., lN4N12,H'c,St. George, F., MM3flc, Knouse, NI. E.,lN'lM2 c,Schrader, E. P., MM2, c, Lupardo,J., MM2,,fc, McHorse, M. M., MoMM2f'lc, Dzuiba, J., MolNlM2 c. if Third Row M Freek, A., lN'IolN1lVI3,f'c, Neugebauer, P. C., Flfc, Clifford, L. C., F2,lc, Kornacar, F., F2, c, McArthur, E. N., MM3,fc, hlayberry, J., MM2fc, Holton, G. O., NINI2 c, DeRomanis, A. J., Fl, c. if Fourth Row e- Becker, R. H., MM2fc, Mor- beck, D. A., NINIZ c, Noth, F. A., MM2 c, Conner,J. XV., NIM3, 'e, Poeth, R. S., lvIMS3,fc, Schultze, J. F., Nil-3,'c, Hooker, N., F2 C, Cook, H. L., M1-3,'c, Vaceara, F. M., F2,fc. gxvlxvvvvvvyX:'vvvvv'x:XJV:x:X:vvvvvvvvvvvvvv A , I Y . B DIVISION if Fin! Row - Schwab, F. J., F2fc, Caderre, F. V., Flfc, Bollinger, L. VV., F2fc, Hall, A. L., Flfc, Chordash, A., F2fc, Crouse, C. W., Flfc, Carr, W. L., F2fc, Summer, C. H., Flfc, Helmuth, C., Flfc, Kozlowski, E. J., F2fc, Blust, C. L., F2fc, Wilburn, E. C., Flfc, Fry, C. W., F2fc, Selby, H. E., F2fc. -Af Second Row - Austin, M. L., Flfc, Lee,J. E., ChBmkr., Arnold, R. J., CWT, Whitson, E. H., CWT, F. Hale, Mach., Ens. T. M. Kiley, Ens. H. M. Bodes, Ens. W. Stribling, Ivey, V., CWT., Scaller, C. R., CWT, Mclnturff, O., CWT., Soltis, H., CWT. if Third Row - Rejhan, Z. P., Flfc, Magee, W. L., B3fc, Piatnick, E. R., WTZXC, McGuire, J., WT1fc, Gaines, F., MM1fc, Paynter, W., WT1fc, Scott, J. A., ST1fc, Leo, D. H., WT1fc, Kent, O. S., WT1fc, Hansen, N. H., WTIXC, Morris, I. H., WT1fc, Marrs, C. R., WT1fc, Willons, T. W., WT1fc, Wood, A., WTlfc. -A' Fourth Row - Perkins, H. L., Flfc, Shambo, V. B., WTZXC, Ramsey, E. C., WT2fc, Sugden, R. J., WT2fc, Martin, P. D., B3fc, Hulbirt, B. L., WTZXC, Terrell, I., Wt2fc, Haynes, H. J., VVTZXC, Blankenship, W. B., M2fc, Fleming, H. J., WT2fc, Skaggs, H. C., WT2fc, Thomas, A., WTZXC, Rzepny,J. S., WT2fc, Contos, P., F2fc, Derino, C. F., Flfc, Lanni, V., Flfc, Loguidice, T. L., FZXC. -A' Fyfth Row -Wagoner, L., Flfc, Dignozio, D. F., Flfc, Spiney, P., WT3fc, Smith, W. F., WTZXC, Drazenovich, M., B3fc, McDowell, P. M., Wt3fc, Price, W., WT3fc, Krieger, 1-l.L., WT3fc, Boyd, C., WT3fc, Murphy, W. P., WT3fc, Snyder, A., WT3fc, Amerlon, H. J., WT3fc, Campbell, H. W., Flfc, Schwartz, E. B., FZXC. t Sixih Row - Cairiere, E. C., F2fc, Romano, I., F2fc, Colby, R. J., Flfc, Damon, H. O., Flfc, Coulter, L. E., F2fc, Myers, M. W., Flfc, Luck, B. W., WT3fc, Morrone, A. E., F2fc, Parsons, T. L., F2fc, Gee, H. F., Flfc, Crzancowski, H. J., F2fc, Brumm, F. A., F2fc, Kiley, J. F., F2fc, Demaso, E. T., Flfc, Mascara, A. J., Flfc. t 52052 xv"v'v v - v v v - v- Kvlxvl J'v'X:'v"v v v v v Jxvlxv v v v v v v v v .. v v v v v v v JYJSJX-fv - v v - :ii JL' f .4..4nq-'14-uk y4x 1x1yJx 1x vwvvvtvvvv x1x4x1 1x1x1x1x xJx1x1xJx4x1x 13 x vvvvvvvwvvwvvvvvvvvv v rx, "P if E olvlslon -A' First Row - Murphy, D. F., F2,7c, Campbell, G. M., ElN'I3,f'c, Heinz, R. E., F2fc, Ransom, C. S., Flfc, Mensy, A. P., Fl ,.f'l c, Gillespie, P. F., ElVI3,fc, Davenport, H. F., Flfc, Freer, VV. F., Flfc. f Second Row - White, O. L., Fife, Pike, C., ElN13,'c, Bigham, P. C., EM2,f"c, Savard, C. F., CEM, H. M. Manes, Elect., Ens. H. P. Hatcher, Div. Off., Ens. H. L. Nevison, Movie and Barrage Balloon Officer, E. Jarrel, Elect., R. H. Fisher, CElNI, E. Barclen, Flfc, Nance, F2,fc. -Af Third Row- Wfright, J., ElN13,'c, Haemer, T. EM3, c, Nastale, C., EM3,Vc, Everman, A., EM2fc, Senter, W. V., EM2,"c, W'isenbaker, C. R., ENI2, c, Bailey, D. E., EM2 ,rli c, Hammock, H. C., EM3fc, Hunter, G. R., ElVI2,f'c, Simmons, VV. E., ElVI2,'c, Hirt, V. R., EM2,fc, Los, P., EM1fc, Dennison, P., ElN4l,f'c, Kuhn, C. M., ElVI2,c, Ransone, H. NI., F2,"c. if Fourth Row-Johnson, K. D., EM3fc, Ponton, A. J., EM2,'fc, Armstrong, R. R., EM2,fc, Click, C. E., EM3fc, McShannock, D. F., EM2fc, Wfard, W. A., EM3,'c, Duscharme, R. F., EMZ,7c, VVing, G. R., EM3fc, Rainwater, H. A., EM3fc, Strickland, G., ElNl2,tc, Spencer, H. R., ElNfI3,fc, VVarrick, H. O., EM2fc, Henley, M., EM3fc, Erny, A. G., EM1,'c, Talton, H. H., EM1,fc. 11 Fyfth Row - Hammack, H. T., EM3fc, Harris, J., EM3fc, Harrison, A., EM2,f'c, Turco, J. A., EMZXC, Mullins, K. A., EM3fc, Eichler, D., EM3fc, Martin, C. A., EM3fc, Seeley, R. V., EM1,'c, McCvilvery, L. N., EM2fc, Morgan, E., EM3fc, Ramsey, P. A., EM3f'c, Browning, E. V., EM3,'ic, Starkey, E..N., EM2fc, Sutter, H. E., EMlfc. f x1x IX x1K,1Kv1X,1Xv v Xv1X:V.1XrXv'?N.!X.1X:ev v v v v v v1Xv1Xv1k,1x1 1 t 33 .. 1 Q Q 'OXZIAIN "I 'HDHAHH 'UVENN "1 'QPIIM 'O mm "N H '-IQHQPQUS 'www "H 'H 'IIHQUJHL 'vfzww "1 'A 6 VE 'WZLI "H 'H 'SJQLUQCI '91 l.:l "'1 'H 'lulffsl 'J ZNN "N 'D 'UEQINH '3 INN "Cl 'EI 'IIUUIS '9,f'lNN "M 'Jule-1:1 '9,f'ZNN"D'H'U!A1I 'Q 1Nw"H'f'U0SdwHs'v INN "9 'H 'UQSIQIN 'Jil-1w"21'f'Swvu11M'v,f1-rw "H 'I' '-IQDIIUNX '3f'INN "CI 'N 'UQOH '3 INN "H 'CI 'PEISIQIJ 'U' INN "S 'M '53-'E-98 - H1021 'llf'W:l 'V' 'TWZNN "D 'EI 'LIULUS '9x"dNIf'NI "EI 'H 'QSEAX 'UENN "QI 'EI 'S-IQSPOH 'UNZNN "M 'U01I9llS '9,f'ZNN "I 'gl 'PI99CI0S 'OWZININ "V 'H CJQJOLIJQQG '9 5:1 "N 'J 'p.1eAxoH 'ofgd "A 'MOG 'OIICI "3 'H CAHQH 'ofzd "N 'd 'sJ9AN 9I99LlS -H1021 Pfilll 4 'O 'ZH "1 'M 'www-IGH 'O ZNN "S 'V 'UONOH 'vfzww "I 'M 'SMH 'Www 'O 'A 'PI9!SPN '01 Z-IN "F 'H 'UUMH 'O ZNN "M 'D 'UOSJQAI 'vfzww "V 'L 'HUGH 'vfzww "1 'QUMQ1 Of , - 'ZH 'I' 'vdwmlo 'www 'LL 'L 'wuws 'O 'ZH "1 'V 'PFIGIOH 'O VVV" Qww "N 'H 'PIQULHOOIH 'OXZH 'H 'V 0U!d19CI'9V fV"' aww "9 'IPAOH 'O ,VV' ZH "1 'O 24-JUUMH'OfQwN"M'v1SU!1f1H --12021 PWWS 4 'OXZH "I 'H 'uw 'A0D9N 'OXIH 'H 'H 'JQEUJHOH 'OFQNN "H 'f'19uPP!:I'9f'EININ "H H 'www 'OXZH "V'!vS9wf1H'0!zH "MT XEUUICI '9,If"'9NN "V "I 'AUQJ '3,"I:I "H 'DWIULIEUEA '9f'IgI "D 'H 'JQWUH '9f"QNN "H 'MNH '9f9NN "V 'H SUVQN 'WQNN "HI 'fiLlU9D3INI '9fEIXIIfXI "HI 'CI '110dIILlcI "MH W!! 'V 'NND 'H 'H '95I-mil 'NND 'CI 'H 'MCUQCL 'S9UmCI 'I 'D 'SUEI 'IIQWUBD 'I' 'H 'VI 'NND "f'f'14P121O 'NND "N 'D 'HBH -WYWS' 'V' -uogspxgq uyqw 1noq1gM 919qMAue S903 Apoqou Sugmouq ug uog19e5s1112s 50 101 I2 sg 919141 'gaugqsuns pue me u9do Sql ug :vom Jo 199dsr2 Aq1Ie9q 9q1 svpel qof sgqa apqlyy 's9ugBu9 ugeul skdgqs 9q1 s91r2.19do pue sugmugeul uogspxgq NWN 9ql NOISIAIG W 'A 'X A .,f,, A , fs 1 'HQ fi 9' i A ij Q 5 3 X Wy f 4 " r'x rAx rAx r'x 14 rAx rAx fAx rF f'x rAx f'x A rAx 14x fAw f'5 f"N f'N I N 1 R rAx rAx A A rAx 14x r'x :A ri r X fx ,.x r X 4 N! if Nr Nr if xr Xri 4 r Nr xr xr if xr NI if if X1 xr xr xr if Kr 4 . . if CONSTRUCTION and REPAIR DEPARTMENT R DIVISION The "R" Division is the construction and repair unit of the ship, composed of carpenteris mates, shipfitters, metalsmiths, pattern makers, painters, some boatswain's mates, a few yeomen and the band, with the First Lieutenant and his assistants in charge. At general quarters, we man repair parties for the purpose of damage control. If any repairing has to be done, we do it. Our motto is uYou bust 'emg we fix 'em.', During the bombardment of Normandy, while bombs dropped about and shells whizzed around, the HHatch-Happyl' boys repaired broken water lines, vents, etc., and the "Horn Tootersw bolstered the crew's morale with sweet tunes on the quarterdeck. -1- First Row - Sopelak, E. F., S1,f'c, Martin, N. A., Slfc, Cochell, VV. S., Muslfc, Margolis, S., S2fc, Long, C. D., F2fc, Smith, R. R., S2fc, Helmling, R. H., S2f'c, lVIiller, T., Slfc, La lvlartina, J., SSMB3fc, Hingston, E. E., Slfc. -k Second Row - Monize, R. A., CSF, Cook, W. H., CBM, McGovern, J. G., CBM, Forstner, S., CBM, Bo'sn. D. L. Donnald, Ch.Carp. L. C. Richey, Ens. E. E. Mallick, Ens. W. R. Priester,Jr., Lt. R. H. Gilman, Lt. VV. E. Darden, Lt. G. D. Horn, Colter, L. H., CSF, Barnes, H. C., CSF, Vrabel, F., CMus., Ireland, R. D., CM, McClanahan, H. L. VV., CBM, Wright, C. L., BM2,fc, Ruymen, T. J., BM1fc, Whitney, F., BM2fc. 1- Third Row - Welch, W. V., SSMLSXC, Vance, L., SSML3fc, Stafford,J. H., Slfc, Swick, A. S., Sifc, Fagan, L. J., Slfc, Kittredge, E. G., Slfc, Lawson,J. B., Slfc, Goodwill, V., Slfc, Deramus,J. T., Slfc, Hoffman, E. R., Slfc, Miller, H. M., SZXC, Holcomb, R., CMZXC, Mathews, J. W., SFZXC. 1 Fourth Row - Muilenburg, L. J., S2,fc, O'Brien, F. D., SK3fc, Christman, N. J., Slfc, Pigott, H. C., Mus2fc, Fuller, T. L., SF2fc, Fields, E., Mus3fc, Matheney, VV. G., Flfc, Belshaw, W. D., Mus3fc, Leonard, M. P., SK3fc, Brown, E. F., Mus3fc, Stancil, C. E., Slfc, Hirschberg, G., Mus1,f"c, Newville, W. H., Mus2fc, Kelly, B. C., Mus3fc, Prendergast, S. P., Mus3fc, Saltarelli, E. A., Mus2fc, Audette, E. N., Mus3,fc, Dersch, R., Mus2, fl' c, Kromelow, T., Mus3fc, Luckhurst, P., Mus3fc, Ryan, G. G., Mus3fc, Jordan, S. G., Mus2fc, McLaughlin, E. H., Buglfc, Turoff, J., Mus2f'c, Patton, K., Mus2fc, Indseth, B. A., Muslfc, Menard, M. A., S2fc, Riley, O. L., Slfc. f FU'th Row - Schuman, D. E., Sifc, Lendacky, F. B., Slfc, Landt, W. M., SF1fc, Morrill, W., Mus3fc, Laird, R. T., Mus2fc, Brown, E. B., SF1fc, Napoli, A., Muslfc, Padgett, R., SF1fc, Caponero, J., Mus2fc, Gruber, C. A., SF1fc, Ginocchio, L. R., Mus2fc, Reilly, T., Ptr3,fc, Lowe, M. S., Mus3fc, Lynn, VV., PM1fc, Rosen, C., Mus2fc, Porter, L. A., M3fc, Nelson, A. W., Mus3fc, Biedenbender, H. C., SF3,f'c, Lee, D. W., Mus3fc, Hutton,J.J., SF2fc, Lohmueller, C., Bgmstr 3fc. if Sixth Row - Heidkamp, W. F., SF2fc, Hunter, R. H., Slfc, Musgrave, T. R., CM2,fc, Fay, R. S., SF3f'c, Brink, R. E., SF3fc, Lunger, B., Mlfc, Masciantonio A, A., M2fc, Araneo, J. P., Mlfc, Young, M. G., Ptr2f'c, Rose, L. M., Ptr3fc. -A' Seventh Row - Roth, N. H., SF1fc, Pruett, J., SF3fc Wilcox, L. M., Ptr2fc, Frye, E., CMZXC, Turk, J., Ptr2fc, Zimmerman, W. T., SF3fc, Elkins, L., CM3fc, Bolen, G. L., PMlfc Oyen, M. J., SF2fc, Kittrell, E. A., CMI ,,ftfi c, Thomas, L. P., SF1fc, Stringham, S. M., Ptrlfc. if Ezlghlh Row -Johnson, A. E., SF1fc Weaver, F. L., FZXC, Dool, W. S., SFUC, Yourell, VV. J., SF2fc, Shelton, B. E., S2fc, Torrance, H. E., SF1fc, Crammer, J. E., lVI3,f'c Sazamg, E,J,, SF2fc, Wallenborn, R.J., S2,ffc, Cotter, R.J., Flfc, Schwartz, L., S2,fc, Prado, L. S., 3 c Bonnesen G. D., Cox., Goduto P. M., S2fc, Mangram, H. E., CY, Boyd, F., Sl, ft'i c, Reed, C. R., S2,t'c, Halsted, K. L., PtrS,fc, Rzl.2ikw1wgg,Hl?l,, EE,i ,, Jill Slate, J. H., M3,fc Purcell, C. E., SF3Xc, Spiotto, M. A., Y3fc, Fudge, M. E., SF2,lc. ' I F XIX ,XIX,,Jx,x,g1y1x1x1x1xJx1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x x1x1 xgx4x4x1 y1x1 x4x1yJy1x1n1x1x1 vvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvw-vvvvvvvvw vvvvvwvvvvwvvvv 35 l 5 sa WT ' ....,. 'K I . -Y . ,. ,. .. 'sl I 'iff ,fl MEDICAL DEPARTMENT H DIVISION -1 S1'Hz'ng - Stewart, D. R., HAIXC, Perlberger, M., PhM1fc, Fairbanks, P. D., oPhMqAAp, Lt. R. K. Smith, qoop, Lf. qjgp R. o. Helm, QMCJ, Wfalker, T., PhM1fc, Gowings, D. D., PhM2fc, O'Niell, T. R., HAlfe. -if Standing-Doornbas, R. J., HAIXC, Cawley, W. E., PhM3fc, Kay, B. F., PhM3fc, Washler, M., PhM3fc, Choate, M. D., PhM2fc, Meyer, J. R., PhM2fc, Badger, C. W., Pl1M3fc, Lipman, M., HAlfc, Yack, R., HAIXC, Moore,J., HA1fc, Thorsness, W., PhM3fc, Brady, A. G., PhM3fc, Durant, R. J., HAZXC, Masterson, F.,.Pl1M2fc, Gallagher, R. L., HA1fc, Flynn C E HAIXC Young E L Pl1M2fc Hose D L Pl1M2fc Lowell, W F HAUC Lt Cmdr R C Parker Lt. L. C. Dostal Lt R K Smlth Lt QQ R.C.Helrr1. Jiifx f'-"xx ,LQ , iw., THE Docrons ll- ll' 3 ' '7 3 L7 ' '7 3 3 ' 'J 3 . ., . . . . . . , Jr.,. 7 ' ' ' 3 ' fl? V.. - , L+-, , ' 'A ,'.,. ..-aipl.:'..ti1f:-.Li-.Z -an-unwise :gpg ...- , iifvi' SUPPLY DEPARTMENT A "" ' ' its I 've , , . . lv ' Q J . ,fl . as ll if -1 S "ff .afgl I Eg! ak' t I is . 2 X . Q ' 5 at X S DIVISION -Af First Row - O. B. Gibson, SK2 ,.f" 'c, Cooper, R. S., SC2 fc, Schoonaert, H., SC3,Vc, lN1oore, T. D., SCIWC, lN1organ, G. M., SC2,f'c, Chabot, P., SC2, fih' c, Blanchard, P. J., Bkr3fc, Pederson, A. S., SCIQC, Coy, l. J., Bkr3,i'c, Keeler, E. S., SCZJC, Wlycislak, S., Bkrlfc. -A' Second Row - Fritz, S. J., S2 lc, Bowman, INI. J., SIC, Baxely, S. C., SC2 'c, Nolan, R. J., SK2, C, Delgiorno, A., SK2,fc, Kaczorowski, F. R., Slfc, Koyn, H. G., SC3,'c, Lange, C. J., SIg"c, Waggoner, C. A., SCI ic, Swink, F. A., SC2,c. iv Third Row-Walser, R. L., SIXC, Pahl, H., SK2 ,.f' c, Bennett, M. K., CSK, Butler, D., CSK, VVelch, F. L., CSK, Lt. P. Charam, Lt. R. K. Wood CSCJ, Lt. O. YV. Fraser, CSCQ, E. Robinson, CPC, CCSTD C. E. Wfhite, CCSTD XV. C. Mangrum, CSK L. lXfIahler, CCSTD Lance. if Fourth Row - Vaughan,J. C., SIC, Parks, H. J., SC2 c, Klemman, E. J., SI c, Holt, A. L., Bkr3t c, Minor, G. L., BkrI,f'c, Meadows, W., SKZXC, Freeman, W. H., SKI 'c, Garland, T. L., SK3,'c, Heller, R. F., SK2,'c, Vaughan, F. A., SKI,'c. iv Fyfth Row - Delk, A. L., SC2fc, Swartz, A., Slfc, Snyder, S. 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Ria, 55: S21 iii , gf? 25' ..., iff. Nl? Mi' 5 Q , , y. s l ! I ,vm-, Y. . , ,, A ' i 1 V -WW ,. I. .,.. ,r . ,.-. .. is , i5J5sTi,7?i7-'rl-.ii-, 1 1' Q31 Jil 'kwa-.A.1 -.--... - v - , v Y MWE WERE THERE " About mid-afternoon, Tuesday, September 17, 1912, a brand new battleship, the pride of the Fleet, was commissioned amid much ceremony and speech-making. Many Hne things were said about her and many fine things were predicted of her. Thirty-two years later, after a flawless ca- reer, though still more or less unstained by the rigors of war, and despite the pessimistic pre- dictions of fcDoubting Thomasesn and arm-chair strategists, the U .S.S. Arkansas entered active com- bat and received her Baptism of Fire. After more than a quarter of a century, the 'CArkie'9 made those fine predictions come true. It was early Spring, the eve of the greatest invasion of all history and the Arkansas was an im- portant part of that greatest Armada involved. As one privileged to have been a part of that gal- lant ship's crew, let me relate here a small part of what I saw: When we started into the channels leading ultimately to the landing area, we were all keyed- up to a high pitch, and then, when D-day had to be postponed for a day because of unfavorable seas and weather, we were left hanging high and dry in an emotional pitch, having steeled ourselves for what was to come. As the weather opened up and, once more, we began to move toward the landing area, gathering ships as we went, we be- came accustomed to the electric tension in the air. We were in a constant state of alertness those few hours previous to H-hour, for we were passing through heavily mined waters all the time. As H-hour drew nearer, there was a marked and every turn of the engines brought us nearer to, we knew not what. Over in the east, there was only the faintest hint of approaching dawn. At last, what had appeared to have been an unusu- ally high horizon, and toward which I had been steadily training my binoculars, began to take on definite shapes and outlines, and I realized that it was not more water, but the coast of France - Normandy. When the sky finally began to get lighter, it did so quickly. The old saying, "The hour is al- ways darkest before dawn," is certainly true, and I believe that particular hour is the darkest I have ever witnessed. During the blackest hours just prior to early morning light, our bombers began to come over in drovesg so that there was a steady hum of engines overhead. Though we could not see them, the sound was a comforting one. There were hun- dreds of them. They had been bombing the beachhead area heavily for twenty-four hours prior to our arrival. quietness about the ship, for it was still very dark, 'I'HE ARKY tgvg vvvvv vvvv vvvvv v,,vv.v.v.,.,v,vvvv,v,vv v vvvxxgt ,M , ,AL my . a ,pa iii' i..i A .i , X l 1 mug - 5 i.-Ex ,f -f 1 . ' ' E4 ' 1 ..--V. -.-,, 'T J .X .k.X. : 'Ni' x xx li x mi: x X x x XX Q- Nix ' ,rg Xe x Q SKY ,xx xx Nix XXX S N x X xv as .ASN LQQNX x N: Q fx M' FQEQQQQF N wif. ' -.-,,,,m , EQFL -.-. Wi SdX.4X.fv-vvv-vvvv Thenight, black as pitch, would be pierced periodically by tracer fire from the beach - Ger- man AA fire, visible from quite a distance. Ig- noring this and the heavy AA bursts that threw flak among them, however, the bombers came on, dropped their 'fsticksw and went back for more. As the bombs hit the beach, the entire horizon would come ablaze with light, like the bright red sun coming up. Time after time the bombers hit, mercilessly, steadily, unerringly, till it seemed there was not a square inch they had missed. All this was not confined to the beach alone, for we witnessed dogfights in the air, not being able to see the planes, but by watching the straight, then arching, then sharply-falling lines of horizontal tracer fire. Many times we witnessed a plane- go down in a spectacular mass of flames, then the subsequent blinding explosion as the fire- ball struck the ground. One marine standing near me, watching the bombers, work, said fervently, "If anyone ever makes a crack about a 'dog-face, again, heill have me to whip!" And that was representative of all our feelings, particularly after the troops began to hit the beach. During those long, tiresome, sleepless vigils we were to keep, when normally, grousing would have been at its best, there was a marked absence of fatigue. We had only to think of those heroes so few yards away fighting the toughest kind of a battle, and the gripe was killed at the outset. By the time we had gotten within five thou- sand yards of our firing position, the sky was bright enough to see the beach clearly, and make out the cathedral spires and larger buildings. When we reached our firing position, the sky was quite bright, though the sun had not yet made its appearance. The high cliffs to our left loomed ominously nearby, and to our right, the beach head was still caught in shadow. We had not yet had our HBaptism of Fire." However, it was soon to come. No sooner had we reached our anchorage when a large well of foam appeared just off our port quarter, about six hundred yards out, from which arose a high column of water. Shell splashes! We had begun to receive fire from the beach. Judging from the size, the guns firing at us must have been seventy-five millimetre can- non. Shortly after the first splash appeared, the report came up, 'fSplash off stern? I looked M Zig' -1.5. , 7 .if 2L.,,,-':., ..,.,-J-., ,M 1 - ,:twgr-- z- 3-.ig - -, Tb" 2 5 X.-, . -"'i1'4A..ff13-f fg s .45 L lu-j. fav, fl,g,s,,.g I 5.31-,"if-gin. ' y 1- , . I . A If -vip fyj, ' 1 I -'t- A f' f - . ,. , . , , , MS-eg, f 'ata . I K ,...,. v -------J-ds.------.1-J-.J-.Ji . . back and saw a white circle of water settling back into a maze of concentric circles, with a small cloud of black smoke hovering above it. Regu- larly, then, the splashes were reported all around us. It was quite plain that we were being strad- dled, and we were more or less apathetically wait- ing for the Hthirdi' salvo that would spell a hit. About the time I was getting ready to give voice to the query, f'Why donat we fire?',, a tremendous blast from our port secondary battery answered my unspoken question. I remember then passing the word down through the phone circuit that the x,, A Y-vvvvvvvvvvv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J V ..-at . -........nH i ll .Z"'f "-'wvw7"" 1 'AVV j Y lg 1 2" t gr ' " 'VIAf"'7""--.4..gQfl,Qg1L,fQW,....,NA,. LNMQ. is - K Y f --W ---- M-.. . ., . , ,,.- .,..V - . ,, L3.,7-N,:.,, ,Y -1-'H:f:f-1 -fum.,-,.+.u-fq-4, ww f , ,...',.,,::...,.,,,,2-lt:-, V V. 'f ll- P O . .A x 5 A 81 U . ' Q Y f....f.-4, ,,,., M... . . 1 V u ' ' X V wh- I ' ' -' ' -' Qdensfif mt, , , -,W , 1x4 -S A ., mmwb, K M.. ,. . v---v----------------v-'k X-4vvv-vwwvww-vvwvv Arkansas had at last fired her opening salvo into this war of Shickelgruberls. Through my binoculars, I could see occasional gun flashes from the crests of the cliffs, just aft the port beam. As I trained the glasses over to the area of one Hash, I saw a great cloud of dirty gray smoke and Hame burst, which I later learned had spelled the doom of that battery. We were to see all of them blasted one by one out of existence. Later, as we moved nearer to the beach, we could see the twisted remains of the guns and the piles of rubble that were the shattered pillboxes. I happened to glance at the main batteries and noted that they were training to port. I moved the crews to the leeward side and shortly after heard the word passed, mln one minute the main battery will fire to port !'l A few seconds later, the entire ship shuddered as the big guns thundered their reply to the paperhanger's boast H. . . To- morrow the world I" We were prepared for a shock, having experienced main battery firing in practice. However, we had neglected to take into consideration the extra powder charge that ac- companies service ammunition, and we were in- deed literally raised off our feet. .jr ..,, THE ARKY Our target was a heavily fortified gun em- placement. After the first spot, the word came back from the spotting plane that the target was destroyed, and so it was to continue throughout our firing - mission accomplished. A small coastal village, bristling with enemy ammunition dumps, antiaircraft batteries, tanks and troops was to feel the impact of our fire. An inland city was to be fairly blasted out of existence for har- boring enemy troops and supplies. Deadly ac- curate was our fire, and devastating to Nazi troop concentrations, tank columns, fortified houses, and ammunition and fuel dumps which we were called upon to destroy. So accurate, in fact, that from our radio transmitter room, where the oper- ators had been monitoring German broadcasts, came word that a Nazi broadcaster had dubbed us the HDevil Ship," and that the Luftwaffe were out to wget usf, We were to later learn that they were quite serious in their threat, for the repeated air attacks made upon us were quite often the cause of some hair-raising experiences. I I shall never forget a little side show that was performed before our admiring eyes by a plucky little destroyer that had chosen a war all of her own with an enemy observation post and gun em- placement just at the crest of the cliffs off our beam. The "Can" was incredibly close to the beach, moving parallel with it like a scrappy little dog, stalking back and forth, looking for a fight. Each time the shore battery would open up, the can would reply with everything she had, from five-inch batteries to twenty millimetre machine guns. Someone, watching the scrap, said he would bet even the skipper was out on the bridge, shooting with his forty-five, and it looked just like that. The shore battery scored several near misses ---,------v----v-.AJx.vv,4 5-'V4V15-,-.vwvvw-vvvwv-vv l. .QX 'A' ,Ffh . ., -I ' me - ' 'gnu' - g- I-,A---A-4.-... Vgfkfigfi ' ' iv. 1 . V iff' ' A if . , I 1- Y gm-M fire-'mu ,Zu I HQ' Ig.-I..-'mx I ilsgmmg .F- 47 Q ,M S V YA?"-'1-4 '-m I P' + I I I I 1 'I 1 1 I I I I i I K I. 1 - I I I 2 I ' ii -- I K I 1f 4 'I I I I I I ig ji K E If I tg :E 1? I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1g 12 1? K '1 I I I I f K fr C 'E I I Qf 47 45 4? 45 nt X 2 I5 Ji 4? 45 Je 15 I K if 1n. ..4-.-....L... around the can, but still she fought on. At last, upon orders from the group commander, the can was obliged to move out and let the larger ships take care of the target. This the destroyer did most reluctantly, it seemed, and even then she continued to spot for the big guns, pointing out the target with tracer fire. During D-day, the antiaircraft gun crews were spectators, little more. However, the first night they well-earned their pay shooting at repre- sentatives of the Luftwaffe. just at evening twi- light, our alert was high-lighted by aJU-88 drop- ping out of the sky, across our port bow. A few seconds later, the ship was shaken by a near miss just off the starboard beam, estimated to have been a thousand-pound bomb. Gur guns and those of ships around us were blazing and few of the planes lived to return to tell any tales. It was this night that we downed the two planes gener- ally accredited to us. One of the most awesome sights I believe I witnessed during the operation was that of the underwater mine fields near the beach being ex- ploded. It looked like solid areas hundreds of yards square were being cast up from the sea amid a pall of smoke and flame, accompanied by hun- dreds of sharp, staccato explosions. After the mine fields had been set off, and the beachhead area heavily bombarded by naval gunfire and aerial bombing, a dense, heavy pall of dirty gray smoke clung to the shoreline. It was under and through this dirty-gray cloud that our first troops hit the beaches. From then on, the multi-varied assortment of landing craft moved past in a steady stream. Off to seaward, the big transports and supply ships, with their many barrage balloons, or Hrubber cowsf' hovering above them, con- 'gfNJSlN-J'Jxvvvvvvgvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-vw'vvvvv3yv1xv1nv1nv1y'g5y tinued to move toward the beach, until by the sf "fe" IQ.-'f?31fi"'5'i3lQ'l-if f,,,,.1Q:' f-L-. 31 3 -'Q ,g V 52713 3133623 11 1 .i -' i f-aff.'EiifffY't - s -- .aff if is e ' J f i fre , , , ., ,i , 1 . J' 'K -7. ,L V 'Vs' . t '. - 'I .. V t 12513 .5-ga' gn . fourth day they had by-passed us and were fast becoming emptied and sent back for more. Invariably troops passing close aboard would wave friendily and shout remarks like 'fGive 'em helllw, ffSee you in Berlinln and "Save a few for us!" They are great fighters and gallant heroes, and deserve the well-earned ovations paid them. It was dusk of the ninth day that we experi- enced one of the most harrowing experiences of the entire operation, and here the officers and crew unanimously averred, 'fThere are no atheists in foxholes - or on battleships, either!" just as the sky was growing dim, a spine-chilling sound, difiicult to adequately describe, filled the air all around us, terminating in a large splash just off the starboard beam. It sounded like an ear-filling whistle, sans the shrill whistle sound, or like a gigantic rush of air. Unconsciously, we all hit the deck and hugged it, bracing ourselves for the ex- plosion. At last, a thousand years later, when it did not come, we cautiously looked up and saw thousands of tons of water settling back down. Needless to say, the crew were painfully alert the remainder of the night, and not at all in vain, for, I 'k ----J-.1-.------v.A.1i Xvlvvvsvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ,,,,.,,.. ..,.-..+.f, , W , , ,L , A . V Nfx xr I Nr xr xr xr XI Nl Nr XI fNrX1xfNfxfNfNINfXIXfxrX fx! xfx Nr xr xl NI NINWNI Nr xl xl Nr X qx 'I 1K 11 'E tx 'I ,.,K -,,..,1,-V, Wh MMM It 1, ,vgugy-,M , , -,--M,,-, -, -if----'---rg:-A W'-W .V -.V,...Z,.'T...,g,:v,.,..,-.....,3.ggJ.2gI...a....f.,-L.1.,a,,f rv- r- -----f--' -M"-N - 'f ' " if fi +I 'E tx 11 C 41 +I C C 1K C 11 +I 'I fi C f ': ': u 'K 'S 1: K C 11 'K 'K 'I 'E ': Q C 'K C f tx Wi C 'Z 1 E C C fi ,1',,,,gg-,H W fqlgil ----q ,.,-F . - ' I I . , 4. ' .-,. .,-x-..-i-and ,Y f ' " ' gps,-,,,,.,, . . F555-tif .53 , 7'Y"T 'I'-JK.--------v-v-X:X:-- E ---v-----.1r.'i' no more than an hour later, we were dive bombed. What an uncomfortable, uncertain feel- ing that is! Hearing a diving plane come closer by the second until its engine reaches an ear-splitting intensity, and still not be able to see it, is not recommended for relaxation. Such was the case of Hour" dive bomber. He dropped his bomb, missing us by just a scant few yards just off our starboard fantail. Each night we were regaled by displays of tracer fire and AA bursts described best, I sup- pose, as being like a Fourth of July celebration. Almost every night Jerry came over and dropped flares all around us, many uncomfortably close. We witnessed -Ierry's Hpathiindern tactics, and could see the tracer fire of our destroyers in the outer screen firing at Jerry's UE-boatsf, with the tracers describing slow, lazy arcs across the water. And there were submarines, for we could some- times feel the ship shudder as she sensed occasional depth charges dropped by the destroyers. Une impressive sight was a very large Tri- color flying from a shell-blasted building in the little coastal village whose name I may not yet reveal. I wonder if I fully appreciate how those Frenchmen, so long denied the right to fly their beloved standard, feel upon once again seeing it fly over their homeland. It was a very fitting picture and a nice one to remember as we left the scene of the invasion coast for other parts where we could again strike at the enemy. Qur wait for another opportunity was not 3 long one, for, soon after we left the Baie de la Seine, we were called upon to assist in the bom- bardment of the port of Cherbourg and thereby assist in the capture of that city. The task was a brief one, but not without excitement. Many near misses struck quite near us, and we were re- galed by demonstrations of smoke-laying by plucky destroyers that moved uncomfortably near the coastline. Two ships of our company were hit and suffered personnel casualties. When we with- drew, the harbor batteries had been silenced, and we received a heartfelt message of congratulations from the doughboys for another job well done, Yes, the f'Arkien made all those predictions come true, and she will continue to do so until the final battle is won. New, Hner predictions arg being made for her. We, of her crew, feel in- finitely closer to her, and endeared to her for hav- ing gotten us through safely. t 5 ,N ,g.fx:g,yx,A,1vg'.. v Y -. v v v v v1'v1'v'Xv' X -----..--v:sJX:v---,x,c,c,u ,x, K I x I x I x f tx f K f x 1 x 1 x f 'x I x f x I K f K f K 1 x f K I K f K I x f 'x I ,,,,, .V .- 5. L. Lf., . ,L . X I- -M-,,,,!..........w....,-., Y. .ug-Q-un--..,,,-,Qf-rv-.'w...,,, - ll' r tx r tx I x r k I K f tx f - , ... Q, ,- W f -- V -t - Y ----V--MA -a----M---:lj-A-3---M---7 , , ........ dr..- ,,,...., 5. K 'I 41 +I I Xxx H 17,41-Qx,b.,,, - Xxxx ,iw f,?ff5EXif?y'QMQ:w Zyip . aw: . N Q . Qx X if xwx 5 K AF' . , 1? gf , ZX X iii f Q L' , A-Q -tafg 1 'x Q - A N X x -QQ V ixilvfxxiwlffri-JV. fi M X613 1 Vik ,g if fr Q 'wvfws 6' Silva A S wx 'f X - - XX -x-L H I P wif. 'ENN ANG Q x . A x , S. Q M xx Xxx N k m, I . MASX, , Yaws ,XS ,QQ L XX -' A UI -A -s o A, W li- 4K C 'I 1K 4K +I C 11 f W.. , .b PJMH, r Vx ,nw . .W -, K f. -x , ,.,, X . ' V ,.., - .. ,, Q. . K - . . , A H M -S -N--M ,, I .,,' f , L ww, my-4:19,--N ' gyjr e'2""" M'-31 f"?EQ14.f-fx? .V ' . ..--.,9f'sg5"""T"" T Q' ""g ,, NSY" I ' - 'I 4' WR.-.N NU 1' K J Fw- A' " wig, -.Q-an4ln,Q fs-:".Lsv?'fi.-51. " A .W ' x '1'Y"f'l?f:ffv5f A wf .hqqf ,. , xv. . f, 4,1 Y , - .F -- was 'xv -. .,, ' , . X, A X W fwyww ll' ll' .j.. M,, ,-, 1, MWX l .xxL' X-:SX x eg. K x ,S- A 9' Xa . ffm' N fr MAIL CALL X M 4. ll' xr Nr Nr Nr Nl xr 1x 41 42 4x 42 ': tx 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 I tx f 1: fi f ': 1: 1: 42 lx f ': 1: 1: : ': 41 41 41 f 4 4 K l K PRISONERS fvva "WE I-IIT AGAIN I " X xlvvvvvvvvvv x4x4x1x1x 4x1 i 6 1 1 T 6 T 1 1 6 6 1 1 6 1 1 i 1 1 T T 1 T T T i 6 i T 7 When the Arkansas left the Cherbourg Penin- sula many believed that her role had been played in the European Theater and that she would gracefully retire from the combat stage. Such a suspicion was soon dispelled as she set out for the Mediterranean area seeking new conquests and Nazi objectives. It was mid-August. Again she headed another armada-parade. The destination was the coast of Southern France. The show was a good one, following the pat- tern of the Normandy invasion - moving up to the coast in the night closely trailed by an im- pressive armada of invasion ships and landing craft from many Allied nations - watching our roaring swarms of heavy and medium bombers blast coastal defenses and enemy troop concen- trations until our turn came to open fire. This time, however, we fired before we were fired upon, possibly because the coastal batteries which were our targets were too stunned by the shattering aerial bombardment to open up on us. The Arky's first target was a large battery of case- mated heavy guns, at short range. She plastered it with a smashing barrage of twelve-inch shells until it was neutralized. Next came the landing beach. She drenched it with high explosive' from her twelve and five-inch guns, frequently throwing in a twelve-gun salvo from her main batteries to pep things up ashore. Our last designated target was a good-sized coast town, an important harbor, and Nazi headquarters area. Again our twelve-inch shells 1x1 1x1x 1x4x1x1x1x 1x4x4x1 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv quickly reduced much of it to rubble, fires and shattered buildings. Some Nazi prisoners we later took aboard said the naval bombardment was the worst experience they had ever undergone. Following D-day the Arky stood by to act as artillery for our troops ashore, but the Nazi usuper-men' and their motley assortment of slave soldiers from conquered countries either sur- rendered or Hadvancedw backward so rapidly we had no further opportunity to fire at them. Need- less to say, the whole crew enjoyed this shoot. Getting shelled doesn't seem so bad when one can hand it back as we did on D-day. No enemy shells came close this time. Once again the Arky came through without a scratch. Although she was in the ffhot spot" and expected plenty. At night she retired from her close-range position and consequently was not bothered as much by enemy planes as she was at the Normandy beach. Gur AA gunners got in a little target practice at the few planes that did come over but they weren't lucky enough to bag them. The whole show was beautifully timed and executed, clicking smoothly with perfect team- work between the combining Army, Navy and Air Forces of several nations. A couple of thrilling sights - big squadrons of heavy Liberator bomb- ers coming in at low level, dumping tons of ex- plosive all over the beach within a few short seconds - watching the French cruisers and destroyers having a field day celebrating their big moment of triumph, slashing away at targets up SIS xlx 1x 1y1x 1x v yxvlxv Jxixlxkv v v v we-1 'k x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x4x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1 wvvvvvvvwvvv--rivwvvvvv W! f ,vw x 1x lx Jx 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x zxgxkxgxlvl X 'J '51 "W Q X N ' f L S , . X. x Ti f .. ,,..,grW 'J . -Q ' M .M4x,j.,.3.iNNi "' 1x jx Jn 1x 1x Jxgkvlxvlxyxvl y J5X.,4x 1y1x,4y1x 1x 1x 1x fxv v Y v v v .ef f- V X .gh N--f 'L M, , 4, f '-4. A rm, , g gf ,ff 'Zh 'wx Q fm f 4- qu f , fl x x 1x fx Jx xx 1x 1x xx 1x 1x lx 1x 1x 1x 1x lx 1x fx 1x jx lx 1x Jxgxgxgxgxvoyx 1x 1 56 ':X.A:x1X.1X:XJX.. - v Js.AJxJ vie, ,X and down the coast with every gun blazing almost continuously. New twist to the Arkyas adventures was a considerable number of Nazi prisoners she picked up from one of our destroyers who, in turn, had acquired them from a landing Craft. They trooped aboard, bedraggled, dirty and obviously happy to be out of the war. YVe cleaned them up, x 1x1x1x1x 1x1x1 1x1 5 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv fed them, and later landed them at a port where they were taken off to a prison Camp. The prisoners were interesting, as were the various ports the Arky visited, but as this is being written, the unanimous and most immediate in- terest of all hands is a new type of invasion -- the invasion of a port in the U.S.A. CHURCH FOR THE GERMAN PRISONERS t k,x,x yJx,x,g, x1x1x4x1x x1x1 x1x1 x4x1 Qvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv fi .3 xl ,. if 'Q . if ,Z ii 2 iii 4 l , Q .F 'i ,. V il i i . E 2 3 1 . 4 ,A ,, t Jx lx 1x1g1x1x 1x1 vvvvvvwvvwr-wwvwvvvvvvvvvvvwvv-vwvvvvw li V.-.ef in-.1 fauna-my-nv ,mm-v. ,inxwwvn unc. ,wsu zszwnaa. 2 1-.A-may -' jGhSrEu1wv-Q 5: vaus.,,,',-, -1' COMMENTS OF OUR COMMAND june 77, 7944. Commander Assault Force desires me to express to ships of fire support orce in his Task Group his appreciation for and gratification with the assistance rendered by them ef- fecting the beach landings. To the above I add a Well Done to all hands. A ADMIRAL KIRK. june 25, 7944. Though badly handicapped by poor spotting conditions ashore and serious threaten- ing by efficient enemy batteries, you gave a fine performance of greatest value to the Army at a crucial time. All ships did their full duty. Well done! ADMIRAL DEYO. june 30, 7944. I send to you, all your oflicers and men my heartiest congratulations on the record you have made in this theater. The accuracy and power of your gunfire support made a decisive contribution to the initial assault and the advance inland. The bold and violent attack upon the Oherbourg defenses was a fitting climax toyour visit to France. It has been an honor to command such ships as yours, and in your future operations I can wish you no better luck than that will to uphold the standards you have set in the Battle of Normandy. ADMIRAL KIRK. August 6, 7944. My heartiest congratulations to you and your entire organization for your splendid achievement to date and my best wishes for your continued success. ADMIRAL STARK. August 77, 7944. "Successful assigned initial phasesa' of operation have been made possible by excellent performance of duty in actual operation by all concerned. Well Done! We must now bend every effort to land follow-up troops and supplies with maximum rapidity and support ad- vance of Army. The gunnery perfection of BatDivFive produced the heavy punch which assisted materially in breaking the crust. The firing of your command refiects great credit upon the Naval Service. To you and your command a Bon Voyage. ADMIRAL HEWITT. September 5, 7944. We are on our way home after a job well done. When you go on your well earned leave relax and enjoy yourselves to the utmost but don't boast and donit broadcast any information of a technical nature. While these invasions have given us plenty of action let no one belittle the escorting of troop convoys by ships of BatDiv 5. The battle of the Atlantic has really been a battle. You not only saw to it that the troops got safely across the Atlantic but you saw to it that they were landed safely in enemy held territory. That is a record of which we all can be justly proud. After our overhaul there will be more for us to do. The Germans are nearly out of the picture. With the help of BatDiv 5 the Japs will be eliminated. ADMIRAL BRYANT. sk V-,Av v v - - - Y - - v Y v v - v v - - v v v , v - v Js.A.f.1svlXv1s.AvA.1v:K.A.1wx:- JN., -k 58 , vvvvvvv 'A' 4x 1x 1x 1g 4x 1x 1y1g1x xx Jx 1 -.1 LJ X: -J K: Xvl -J XJ il X: K: K: 21 Q X: XJ X: Xvl x.1 xvl xvl X.1 x,1 xv' xvl Xvl xvl x.1 X.1 xvl xvl xvl X, v v - v - - v v v v COMME DATIO MAS -I ,xx NK .l I Q K .,.,,,,, , ..,v,...- .X.. . ,,..fT,.Y,, , ,,f,, I , .AW ,Q ' A, 1, fun Pri :J . ,M ,Q Mig.. 15' A I , 5 5 s I Z 1 i . I , kwwgxg n1x1x4x1x4x1 x1x1x1x1y1x1x1x1x1x1x4x1x4x1x1X1x1x1x1y1y4x1x1x1x4x1x1y1x1x4x4x4x,x,x1x1k1XJ 59 at, A4.- 09 ui' wp' YQMQQ mms K 565 50 M S904 S95 :rams mm' 40 6 U S '5- gk 6' :smug lin A0108 ISVM INEHUNLBI ANI SdfHS31L1V9 A551318 Ni vs mm moan , -wiping pu! --'lawn' 'H W no-fins: vu. A ' M ,Q My Pgyv. ef ,-'SS 52,43 +3 .ff 'W-I 6' -P "" tvs 03' 'fp 'Q .fb 1 V' 'NX ,+.44,4i'gb'QfbJJxKg6p,,Q Q 0 w sf 'mx E "1-Q'-.ffxi-ff Q oo? Q .wif 0 . sp 'dl-9 ,iff wfp 4' NW 5 can Y I' .fm y'Q,f,5'i: aqkgbdsb R S aio' we Q A k O Pm. X an .Q f ss Q M b ,.,,jZg V, A? og ,w,,ij,:g:,v ull' Q 2 my ,FJ yi-3 Q 6, gi 1. g f, WIN. qn""h it 'buf' fv'Y Q 'fgvybggaay 49 fgvwuwuvwm "h,,,,,"fp:",""4,,"""w.1,,:" Qfvvkliz A ff sw S+ 0,9 09' Wwrusvmwwm 'Q+4ffQ1L" fW'Zk'Q iff Q waz aff. 0, ',.Z:':Q,'u:114 ' OQKBQ 1,4 5 QQGZN Wagering: - ,. ,po 0 , K X A baJ.!0':a01KE:1Elzn5,,:f"gL4yiX ,,,5,1Y2i2QQ?X "m ,, V, 1 ,Q 4 Exams, 63193 xiii, 4963, Q QQ- QQ T813 X Q Ms, ":'fQ':, 232.1 ,,2Xw1'a1'gx3w -f X Q3,v,,fa QW 'H- J fa N , "fvw1?,1fgg?2'kK7 , ,X x,gf'42"fa 9 W kt am kg Q3 ax Q96 Q ,K I 0 .q'WJ5:'fZ'fv 45 0 9 Q" 49" G We 76 'W M4 3' ..-. 4' Shiv-.:'b "Qfz:fQ W' v x9 ' ,D X lo 0 '94 41 '50 0,3 0 X " ' fogmfw. 'X X .Q ge ,. P X0Qcil1,og9 X .94 any mm J 0640 6,0 .ui :woman is fx 4 wvn busswwo Q 59!19lWg go uunaruxwg 'B M wsoqposaq uenusmn qzqpg fEl3N0 .LV UHHOSHHHD Y TIHHS SAIHQMVM 51 4 fr , A ' ' - - Q 1- -2-rf'i:" " A -'-, a t - . . ' A 'W-.Nm-inmuvw A J M N H Mwvww, "f ' A Q if --2 v--v-,vv-- - - - .--.--,--.A ..,,,,.,..........v , , , -.Av-V 1 i FLASHES FROM THE PRESS y june 26- A.P. - Lt. Weldon james, U. S. NI. C. - panzers dead, and scattered the German Army miles Q ,W The U.S.S. Arkansas with Captain F. G. Richards of from everywhere. il Newcastle, Me., and Washington, D. C., commanding, I , moved close in-shore today and pounded the daylights It IS a pleasure thereforefo pass on a typlcal and A, out of German tanks and mechanized forces converging apparently umeporteifl exploit of the arkansas' In the for a Counterattack on American Army units near days before the Americans took TF6VlCI:CS, she gave a Carentan. 40 minute walloping to the town, lobbing over 62 of ' her high capacity, and nine of her armor piercing, 12- Shore fire control parties of both the Army and inch shells. The plane spotter reported good results Navy, far inland, furnished target designations by but complained that there was entirely too much flak radio. The Arkansas, some 12 or more miles away, coming upon him from the northeast corner of the arched overasteady, deliberately aimed series of salvos town. Next day the Arkansas got Trevieres for its from its 12-inch uns. tar et a ain. There was 'reat activit in the town S 8 S 8 Y , ' t fli ll , t l d t ff d h' IJMS Barone, one of the British members of the ra C 3 OV? mo Orcyc es an S a Cm as mg to and from a big stone house, presumably German head- bombardment force undef the Command of Rear quarters. Many houses are down but far too many still Admiral Carleton Bryant,of Bangor, Me., joined in the . , n i I , are standing for such an enemy center. action with her far-ranging six-inchers. A f h A k d h B N bl This made the Arkansas, gunners mad. In 43 y rlglhe gupso tg: T Ziggy inh t C 6 Ona failtedilp minutes they planked down 125 rounds from their fs and Own mm S1 C io S1 FO t C target area O Owing 12-inchers, stopping now and then to ask the spotter- the play-by-play designations of the Ere spotters. pilot how things were going Air observers reported eminently satisfactory' re- After the Salvo, with an ,cup 700 right 400,, Spot sults - hits all over the area, tanks and other vehicles from the lane the were blanketin the town In no blasted, troops blown to bits, and a wide dispersal of . p 3 Y. g ' 1 f- time, the cheerful pilot reported no more flak at all, what was C t' thank you. At the half-way point, rather after the 68th 1 The Texas also moved in with the Arkansas and the round, he reported the center of the town blotted out, Bellona, but remained a disgruntled and indignant by- most of the buildings elsewhere, except in the north- stander. The ostensible reason was to save our bi , east, flattened with a scant half dozen dama ed struc- E 8 , 14-inch shells for targets farther inland. There is a tures still standing, the streets filled with rubble, the hard suspicion aboard this flagship, however, that our headquarters building gone. . . . . . h Jovlfil Admlfal was Pang mcg to anot Cr State of The Arkansas boomed away again spotting over to Maine man, and particularly to the Arkansas, which he , dl b h d d the northeast. When she stopped there was very little 3 fon Y remem ers C Once Comman C ' left in the burning rubble, least of all any sign of life. 4' Int has come to my attention, too, through sources c.GOOd Shooting, the departing pilot radioed. ,ch u considerably less subtle than the grapevine, that the was a pleasure. The place looks demolished? M sailors and marines over on the Arkansas are sore. Q Here they have been ramming that old battleship of theirs into every sort of fracas down and up these coasts, blasting away for dear life these last eight days, and what do they get back on the news broadcasts? Nothing but how the Texas, of all ships, blew the forts apart, knocked the flak towers down, stopped the That's the sort of thing the ships of this bombard- ment force - including HMS Glasgow and the French cruisers Georges Lqrgues and M ontoalm - have been doing along with a lot of other good ships big and small. Anyway, the Arkansas as you can see has been right in here with the Texas all along. PIX v v v v - v v v v v v v v'v'Kv'N.rX.1'v'Kv'X. v - - v v v v - .. - -'.'X.'xr',1v,1x,zNyg,N, x 1x 1 x 1x 1x 1x 1yJx 1x 1x 1x 1x Jy Jx 1x fx 1x 1x fx fx 1x 1x ly 1x 1x lx 1x lx 1g Jx Jx 1x 1x ,X Jx ix fx 1x 1x fx 1x 1xv1X:XJ v v JACK HALEY H0 M. 5 1 if X J fi W mv, 1 4 S 14 f Z. f S 1 fi X V f"X 1 s x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1xJx1x1y1y1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1y1x1 v vtvxvmgx1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x4x1x1x1x1x1x1x1 1 .. 5 - ,ff 7 1 n 4x 4x lx 1kvlxgxv'Y:kv'xv'Xv'Y7Xv'XgXv1k 1X 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x fx 1x 1x zx 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x fx 1x myx 1x 1xgX,'XJK7'?i"J RECREATIO vw tv Z, x ,K X V .gg , , -nr' , . -. -x ,. -ML. --ax , fr ,"' 'Y . 4. fs. . --,r I .4 IS IS IX IX IS IQ IX IX IS lS1S1XlS1!I!1K IS IXIS1X1Y1S1X I x1x1x 1x1xJx IK 1X,1Kv1Yv'Xv'Yv'Xv'xv'xv'ixv - -. v v W v W v v - f v v v v v v v v v v v vixvlxvlkvl v v W v v v v 63 41 1 I x xxvxx xx-xx xx xxvxx xxvxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx IRV NGBERLIN SHO if M 0 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt vvvvw-vvvvvvwvvvvvvwvvvwvvvvvvwvvfvvvvvvv-,Tv 64 v'x.'Xvxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xxvxxgxv L, L v l 1 gf Y, V1 ! 'cs s i' i v A x q 5 . U 'rf IV W N l 4 1 -SZ , 5 Q O ,gqif i if Ll 1 ,4 4 ': rl fx T. O. METCALF COMPANY BOSTON

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