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3 se Q, 94 A 'S E Q 3 i1 99 E JE Q S 5 -Ai P '45 3 P13 Q 21 51 :T4 Q E. 1. if F B ,Q 'iz 5 ,. E? 2' pf if i 9 E aw 5, 'E E S f 2 1-. E -n 5 if 5 'S Pr 52 -z if 5 if 95 if 3 L 5 ic E 1: E 5 S! Q ,.x . . ., ,.N v . Y' , - . .ffil ' -.ii - 5 W 'T-PHL" ,.' 1 oi ' Q 2 ' - n - ' xx 'f' 5- 4 Nm , v , ,Q 1 4 r o QRS .LAB L. ,gg ,iq MK X . xv, " uw.,-f ,Y 4 1 ' 1 n , 3 I. - P The School 'Year like ' ir 9 Seen By . 11" iii. ' ' F: u 'Hug VTQQ-5' Fi:- y.'. 'X .n 4 .4 ,nie 5, 2.2 ' ni" 'O .'E1,Q5C ,--gm n.' 'fffaqfg . Q: -' "-4.1.12 4 M1 -. K. Q H ,.1, - -' .- PAQ THEARK 'n it 6 k 'P 0 Q li- P A 1 D 0 0 ' X' .Publiifmd By ' " ArkacleIpI1EaA High Scum: I .g1,9,",I N . 1" mg I3 .,, - - A , J iff . JA, iq .:,.-gm,-1 J' 'G' Et". . Q' Y-32 .Vi 7 1. F-gil r' ax'- 1- , fx , .4 - Q ,.- I ff 44 , av ,- f'l 1, ,av 5, lv.. Yah? '30 4 I 1 . '-3,15 P' 1 , 4 M 'av D Q jr 5' H 4 eff , a ' V.-1, Q his W. .iii . X, t, 1. : ,XG W -fy.. ,- :,., q I 1-'IE-. 1' A ' iv" gg i- V "ff'339, " 'Mi Q ,.. ' ' 1 1 .71b'w , .5-, . A, , . , Am N '.x "M k . .,-. +, My 'Q w 1-r TL. v .wx H 1 w ar, rg , 11, M' if M F E' E ,,,, -1' ' ', V, , QQ, ' m"' A nil- ' "TF 'L ,PP . 1-32. 5595" ,, ,, .. 1 wsu' in A S , .,. H . 1 r .11 Scif . 5. i 1, .S r, ,, -4. - '45, EE 1 r 4,!. .g, in ,l u Q, Foreword . .h r:::::::::::::::::: :::: g3::::.1-fu-:::.f::::::e our years in high school can be compared to a trip on Noah's Ark. As Freshmen we-Mare all packed for entrance into the Ark, not knowing exactly what exper- iences await us. As Sophomores we are in the Ark during the hardest period of' rain, wondering whether the ship will carry us through. As Qluniors We stand on the deck, with the sun's rays breaking through and in the distance we can visualize our diplomas. As Seniors we march triumphantly down the gang plank into a new World, nevertheless realizing that new jour- neys await us-Bon Voyage. r::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::.f4-:.r:::::::::::: - 'Tick A S 15 g - n p ' vi - , , we 1 J Q pp , -5 Y-3, i 4 i 4 ' I., .iff . l + A -1 5 4 fi' w -' ' --e '-fi -at -' 1' '-" . im, ffl -X , K L-. ' 5' a-1,,,Y4'1'wUG?-T 4 3 5 A X " .ii - A ,. A ,Q JNL A lg fs.. Jg jx.. Jgyg Jgrlyrfgmgg .Ak Jx, 4 t'JL'1LX Yea.,-A 5t1J'1t,JS'1XYf4'Ki1'Sl1S'1X,f1KQ1'N- AY-A dA Af-Acfx aa' , - ' :Fr ' . M ' ' L DEDICATION 0 Mrs. Frank Gerig, Secretary of the School Board, teacher, friend, and guide, we dedicate this volume of The Ark in sin- cere appreciation of her voluntary service and inspirational guidance. I S I. Faculty- II. Classes A III. Features IV. Activities V. Athletics ----,.--A-.q:----A ,vv ------ -----:rvv- ,.-1 1 f1,'1W"' '11 11 .,1jQ ' '1-gif: ,WM W I. ' 1 13111. ,l 11 1":11111' 5 -1 11' 5-H' ,. -1. , uxx 31' 111.I1Q1" . .1 113 wi 1 -N' xxxxx -7221511111 U ' 1 15515 H 115 N r Jr ga - 1 A1 I 'vu N p 1 11 mf 11' ME 1, 'FW '1 15554 ' 1112? 11 Lqiivl A 4 1 Hxlilllki 1 Mr, 511,171 111111111, , . 1 3111 L 1 3111 1 ' 137 p"11'EiA 1115 311' M 1' ' ,L11F111i'11H' 1 1 'M111111 1 -'11U. M my 11' 11 1 I W K 3511 nf . .fm 1 1 , , ,.1, 111 1 Q1 v1 F1' ' 15511-' 1 1, 1, 16. 111111.. 1 . 1. 1.1 ,,. , 1 1, . : "111.. 1111 '. ' 11 - 1 .. 11 11 1' . 1 11,311 1-:zv 11--1' 11,113 3 111 'F ' 1 'f-311 JU' 141 113 ' M7 Ml 1 11'11?'f: sa 35 11 1" 5' I if 1 1-1 h. V 11 '19 1 W-1 'W 1 3 11' is ii . . . . A FACULTY N . 'J 'HZ 3.3 -"Q:-3? . 33.1 Q A.. .i,, . 1 .f ...Q VIE 7. .gy A.,. "4 a i fx 15, HQ: - f . Q, L, .Q ' . 4. -Eff: Q,-.1 ' xf-555! -N n as c? .v ...Lk .ski- "STN ' , N gm .I ---34 Q-:fab ,NE ...B M -fi? A 1.---f -xg.. . , z u -45115 .- .A ,G '1 K- 44 ' E' ? Z,.. .. .. x 1, 1 r. A 25 .. ,YA ' S531 Y ri .-'X mi 1 5? , wf. Ji V L ' 'L fx AEE , ,gg .. Y ' . :fi ni, Q . . M ...fs Ae-'ri .aifm ' . ' 1 H .vs . ,ia-is 1 , , .Q - - l .xr-x -'MJ-!. 'X ,Q.""x ' 4122 1.3 - W.- Mr. L. M. Goza Superinnendentz, 1919 Mr. Neill McCaSkill Manual 'Training and Me- chanical Drawing, 1937 Mrs. Mattie B. Clark English. 1920 lvliss Mary Elizabeth Worrell Commercial, 1940 Mists Amy Jean Greene History, 1929 Miss Clara Young Latin and English, 1940 Mrs. R. B. Thomas Dramatics and English, 1917 f U. X "1 X 1' X I Mr. V. L. Huddleston Principal, 1920 Mrs. Logan Davis Secretary to Mr. Goza, 1937 Mr. J. O. Burns Band, 1940 Mrs. A. N. Thomas Librarian, 1939 Miss Eleanor Warren Home Economics, 1939 Mr. Hallie Matlockifi Science and Math, 1937 Mr. George Emoryzii Coach and Math, 1935 Called into the Army at mid- year. Succeeding them are Mr. Barrelle Addis, Science and Math, and Mr. Harry Tolleson, Coach 3-llll Math. i ' ff 'f-TjjE3L'-f'j'L'4,,v,"igf"l,.'7Cie"1lTf'? 55524 Qgzjfsfffifjiiff r R ' ,,..t.,....... ALMA MATER fW0rds by Miss Alberta Harrington, lMusic by Elsie Mae Eppsj Our High School Alma Mater, We sing to thee today, To offer thee our homage And love and loyalty. Our love for thee is not concerned With building, brick, or stone: But for thy spirit and ideals We give thee praise alone. In years to come, in memory Q Of happy hours spent here, We'l1 oft' recall our student days, O, Alma Mater, dear. V E SQ Q ' 7'. . S ' 5 ff Q' e Q " 4' 'E' " .. Y ' . -5 W'-V41 A' L " U ' MQ. gig N. ,W S ' ' ' H I ' ' . 'K L ' V ' -1 We if A . "" ,l . . ,J a ' , . . ' V ,, X. , V - J, lg gg, Jw, jg Y - .fxkiw r 4 Q - -J,-5. j ig Jg jx fx yx Ig JL lx wiv '+2fNi .. -' -' Y 'W ' ' ' WIQZLYJL Jijx W , X P 4 , .. jx 49,5-Jg Jg ,rg jx ZS Y Y 1 1 vixl i Y Q, .4v?eg!!kl..i,,::H. -'Y 1' 'Y 'A kkxx: ,.,., A ILYML JL1x1Ji,vxf1gl1Xv1xY1xz jx If 1 5 VW f i 7 i v 1,4..,- . ' .. -,... ..., .N -.. Freshmen ,l5.-- W- ... , S E -A-R-KJ "' T Q -W X --4, v. e fe SS i 'T-'27 4 E 'K . K 3 e k 1 3 my - , ' ' "-LA - zzz o V o fe S W f e QS ' " e . fe l" CLASS OFFICERS President . . Belvagene Crowley Vice-President , Tom Tglleson Secretary . . . . Sue Robey ' Reporter . . Ed Daugherty Sponsors . .S Miss Young Mr. Tolleson x ' , LOUISE BELL LOIS BOYD H' QTER BROYLES JOE CALLAWAY III MARY :Sz MARTHA CARTER JIGGS COPELAND GARLENE CORN ANNETTE COX BELVAGENE CROWLEY EDWARD DAUGHERTY JOE DAY VERNA SUE ELLIOTT MARGARET FREEMAN MARY ALICE FREEMAN ELMER GANN DOROTHY GLOVER MARGARET GLOVER MARGARET GREEN BILLY HALLIBURTON MATTIE JOHN HATCHER ANN HARDIN RUBY JO HEWITT STAFFORD HERBERT PHILLIP HORTON " S .ff XX "!' QR-Q55 f, X 1 XEQEX, " K1 ix 1 A- 5 fy XX Um, X X HM ' 1 xx X , NIE? 1 M 1 X , M X rv K ini, xvli . f I V Ny . .,,. "Y HREF!-,f-Q,M-',,,fX. H ' , , , Y , ,,,.f Vx Y HILDA HOWELL GENEVIEVE HUNTER BOBBY INMAN JAMES A. JONES LLOYD KING ELOISE LAVENDER DAPHN E LEDBETTER JEAN LEFLER FAULINE MARBURY EMMA JANE MCGUIRE CHARLOTTE MILLS JOE MOORE MARY JO MORRIS DOROTHY MAE NASH MARY CORNELIA PARKER MARY LOUISE PATTERSON DORIS ANN PENNINGTON HELEN PHILLIPS RUBY DELL PIERCE HELEN PORCHER SUE ROBEY ADA JEAN ROSS EMMA JANE SHEETS NORMA GRACE SIMS xv ,-N., 'N fx, ' -- - gf MLEALQ SAS I X x IS X ,fx ,pg 45 A, ig Jw.. jwgvj'-..v,gwJgvw1gw,zsY JN. !v.:fY,1i,!Y,1X'vJX If Ig ,A-L ,1x,fx'jlL',z-AL,-'1Yyxv,'O',-. A lf, ,AWJX JXYIN-.fx-J'-IIS A 'A -jx WMI FRESHMEN NOT HAVING PICTURES IN ' RAYMOND ALLISON CLEO ARNOLD JAMES ARMSTRONG J. T. BASS CERIL BISHOP IRENE BI'I'I'LE DALE BREWER MARY JANE BRADEN JACKIE BROWN HOWARD CALLAWAY JOHN BILL CALHOUN A. D, COOK IMOGENE CAVER ELDRIDGE CURRIN GUY DEATON JACK EARL J. C. ELLIOTT BILLY JOE FLORENCE HAROLD LLOYD FRANCIS J. R. FRANCIS MARY ALICE FREEMAN GEORGIA LOU FULMER BERTHA MEADE GRAY DAVID GREENROOS WALTER GWYNN WILLIAM HAMILTON LUCILLE HARDIN WILLIAM HELMS JAMES HELTON RUBY JO HEWITT TERREL HONEYCUTT PAULINE HOWELL CHARLES I-IUFF LOUISE HURST ELOISE LAVENDER MARY M. STUEART WILLIAM GILL SUITOR LLOYD TAYLOR CHARLES E. THOMPSON MARTHA JANE THOMPSON AMY SUE TODD TOM TOLESON MELBAGENE TULL BERNICE WHITE CARROL WOOD MARY RUTH WILLIAMS 'ARK" BETTY BROOK OWENS GEORGE PARKER GLADYS PEEPLES DAVIS PENNINGTON LEORA POSEY COLBURN REYNOLDS HENDERSON ROGERS HAZEL RUSHING BOBBY SELLARS MARRON SHEHANE AMES STALLINGS JANUSA JONES USH SIMONSON LLOYD KING ' .A ARJORIE SOSSAMON MARGORIE LEE JAMES LONG HUGH LOOKADOO NELSON LYNN CHARLES MCCLAIN INEZ MCGHEE CARLTON McKENNON MARIE MARBURY GEORGE MAURER L. B. MAY ALVA MITCHELL JAY JOE MORRIS RUBY FAE TAYLOR FRED THOMAS MARY JANE TODD CATHERINE WARD ROBERT WATSON NEIL WELCH CLARENCE WIEMAN JAMESS WILLIAMS ALBERT WILLIAMSON DALE WILSON ORVILLE WRIGHT Y V Jx Ji JS vii QS , lk. . jx yi ,lglfgijgwgggx Jg'1g"Jgv1xfJg zgrygjyxvggfggrfgifgzfg-gs. gg lgWfgv1gi,,gf,g'YygY 1xVJxY1xWJxW,'Xv1gYV1xY yx xx 71212 rig zxrzxg-Is. lg, I- -1- I V Y L - - 1 . In aff j iff lf, dv, J VV J J I 5 fl! yf f' ,f I of J 4 J .if , 1' U! ' f f. f J . f - J ,A 1 f ' f f H f ,if , ,f , f I, J 5 X 4 X f f' ff! , . 5? P ff: if ! f X of , , n . ff . . .f f f .f 2 1 . fl fl ff' 1' ' .f' X f X' ff ill' J ' . 'J S ' '- - W- -f f' X X, A .47 1 J' W .ff J 7, J I 2 I r vlllfiff V., -jr 4 Lf' ' EE A- kr! , - fi I A T' 'Ti' ,- .ff --.- f.,-WMl'-- V , , A ' if " f' Q I 5 5 L I . A ' f d J Xi' V, ' X' 4 J 'F ' 1R K I If : K If -5 A I , .cl fl fl ," ' : X' ' 6 I I V gd I ! f ,f 'W ' S I f' I 1 V I. S X. y , of I, I, WM.. S XM64 I I , . ,' f f if if - f 'rf , ,f f ,f I X X I ff 7 f ,V '.:J 0 f ,ii X' E! in X K 4 If X ly f 'If 'lf 5 if lf jg Q: I V V. ff: , f 'Af J A df F' A 4 ll , ff J f r 4 41" Q' 1 4' 6 he . .f If , ' sf fy - el . If gf 1 , . if 41 J A ,X fl ,X 1 If if f 3" fi J I If Q I.. if " af! J 'A Q xx if A ,gi f ' . . f ' 5' N 1 if A I .S Q , ' f J J ' ,J d ,v I' f f ,r' ' ""' ' ' " 7! X 4' I K 0, w 6 if ' f ' . 4 df, J!! I X M 'f 1 f?', la H - 1 ' - Q. 1 if V Vi . xv mm num 1 -5' Q' V .v,fX,vJKwjkT!kv!Xv!Xv!X, 1 .5 Q I - - - - ll CLASS OFFICERS President . . . James Loderick Goza Vice-President . . Maxine Pennington Secetary . . . Jean Flory Reporter . . Betty Harrell Sponsors . . Miss Warren Mr. McCaski11 GLEN ALLEN FRANCES LENA ATKINS JANE BLEDSOE J ESSIE BRADLEY SYBIL BROWN CAMILLE CARSON WILMA FAYE COLWELL HELEN COX PEARL CRAIG SUE DAILY SAMMIE LEE DAWSON KAROLYN ELMS JEAN FLORY MAXINE FRANCIS CATHERINE GLOVER JAMES LODERICK GOZA CATHERINE HARDIN BETTY HARRELL X xxx , -, SN 'iffxxxqxf lf RYE X. Irv fy A KXKTXNQ wx ark vi. L A . I LLLL , , 1 ,, T TTYY ,X ,,T,,.Xg, M A In , ' MARY HART SARA HEARN MARJORIE HERRINGTON BETTY JANE HOLLAND EVELYN HUDMAN THELMA HUDSON PEGGY JEAN KEY C. J. KIMBROUGH NELLIE KINGREY DAVID LAMB GERALDINE LEATH GENNABETH LEE FLORA MADDOX JAMIEL MATTAR WALTER MAY WANDA MAY MARY RUTH MCCALLUM JAMES MEDLOCK - 4 ..v. v- "--,.,., 1"x -'..,..-f"K Y'--.,,vf - ,,--"'X'..,..,.f""-N. .-fxx. ..vv -fx'X-.-.f-'N'N-..ff"tN'+- fflx?-1-fs? f. ,f- - ,N ,Vx 'X A ,X ,fx hpffxx- , , W. A , , , -'-Y L, , .. V,--.,,.ff1,.T5ffg.,. . . H. ,, ,Eg jg 2s. JN-..v1s. JN. .zxzg zgfg jx Ilgfx- JS-lY,fNM1Y lxjk' AS A., 4xj,A, yxflx. Qyg-fx. W Jxlfg fx 'jg jxmzx WIK V IXQ-'N-IIJXYJX jx 'ITN' SOPHOMORES NOT HAVING PICTURES IN ORA BRADSHAW P. W. HODGES OLAN BRIDGES JOSEPHINE HOLDER HOWARD BUCK KENNETH HOWELL DICKIE CLEM HASSELL HUNNICUTT JAN CROW BILL JAMESON PAULINE DANIELL MICKEY JONES BETTY JO DUKE EARL KAUFFMAN ROSS DUNCAN JIMMY LEGGETT DAN FINGER PETE LODEN PAULINE FRAZIER JAMES MCELHANNON JAMES FREEMAN FLORINE MCKINNON MURREL HARDIN EUGENE MCQUEARY MORRIS HARNESS CLYDE MEADOR PAULINE HELMS EMMA JEAN MELTON HARRIS HERRON GERALD MERRITT GARL NEEL A FRED PARKER CECIL PERRY MINTIE POSEY WARD RAMSEY VERNA ROBERTS R. S, RUTLEDGE FREDERICK SHAW CLARENCE SHEHANE W. H. SHEETS G. R. SHIRLEY ALLEN STROTHER HENRY STUEART IRIS THOMAS CHARLES THOMPSON N ROBERT NASH J. B. PENNINGTON MAXINE PENNINGTON BILL ROBEY HAROLD SMITH OLENE SUGGS JOYCE THOMAS FRANCES THOMPSON GAINES THOMPSON ROSS TURNER LA NITA WALFER MARY ELISE WALTERS MARK!! PAULINE THOMPSON LOIS TRAVER MARVIN WALLIS JOHN WARD DUB WELLS HUGH WILSON ESTES WITHERINGTON CLIFFORD BLOOMFIELD RAYMOND BLACKWOOD MAGGIE MAE DANNIELL LOLA NETTIE FRANCIS MARY ADALYN JOHNSON MARY FRANCES LOGAN FRANCES MCELHANNON DOUGLASS WESTERMAN Nr I V ,XY fx' jx lg 1X7 'jx ,xx JN 5 A A A A ,X1,xYzxYJgWJx ,gpg vfxyzxzfx-Jxvfs. Jn xx AN- 15 - A Y .ik-',k-J,'j-i' Jgfyxrzyvlxzfgzzxvfgnjx Jxrfy yy-A lx li ,fx .lk IN Juniors fb JMR .am x . 5:1 M I in 5 3 "gT5:...,, VYVV L ARK R . iw, -gsm A 39 3 1115, 61255284 S Z ,fx,fxwJxvA,A,AvfxvA,yxvJx .,A-A,AvAvA AsA,ArrrAwA,AYA A gsfxwfxvfx-fg,JxwfgvfxvfxTJyr r y PI'eSidCI'1t . . Vice-President Secretary . Reporter . Sponsors . CLASS OFFICERS . . . . . . . Ned Chadwick . . . Emily Newberry Patsy Blevins . . Cecil Cupp . Miss Worrell Mr. Addis MAURINE ALLISON ODESSA BECKMAN EUNICE BLEDSOE PATSY BLEVINS J OSETTE BOULLIOUN BONNIE JEAN BRASHEARS FRANCES BRASHEARS ZANE BREWER HERMAN BROYLES LUCILLE BURNS VIVIAN CALLAWAY NED CHADWICK MARY LOUISE CLARK NORMA JEAN CLEM GLADYS COOK MAMIE SUE FEIMSTER LaFAYETTE FRANCIS DUNCAN FLANAGIN THOMAS GRAY MARGARET GERIG EVELYN GREEN MARTHA FRANCES HARRIS IIATTIE LAVELLE HAYES JOSEPH HERBERT ROSAMOND HEWITT RUTHIE HOLDER ANNIE RUTH HUNTER ALITA JACKSON LAVANA MAE JOHNSON RACHAEL LEE 1 fig fx A Q, in ! A 'I .Q K .X - Rx K 9 1 A,,,f-L- ,A ,N ,, , mv., ,J S-jfxxu iv, .N V MILDRED LEOFFLER HOWARD LIGON BILLY LOOKADOO BOBBY JEAN MAY MARY ALICE MCCASKILL MARY ATCHLEY MILLS EMILY NEWBERRY JOHN PATTILLO AUDIE ROBERTS MAXIN E RYAN ANN SHEPHERD DELL SIMMONS EUGENE SIMONSON MABEL SOUTHERLAND DOROTHEA SWEARINGER Y.-14 XX .EQ , x -L 15- ,K-V ,S Ig A yxgyxflx-Jgglg 1s,v1xW,fgw.!g A! iggi,-g'1g' ,g'jg'V,1gf1'xY1gYJx Yzgfzsvfg fx' yxlzg Ixvyx xx Yygwlgrrgk -I5 LA RUE TAPLEY MARY LOU TERRELL ARLINE TOLLESON MARTHA TURNER Y DOROTHY WILES A ANNE CULLEY YATES GLORIA YOUNG CECIL CUPP HELEN DeLAMAR I fwfr, ' V " N - 5 , 1 X ' lf.: I an X Q x I - ,, LEON DAWSON .:.:: I T Q ' A-ggi, . . I- -" '-'-s' - 1 - i I . JUNIORS NOT HAVING PICTURES IN "ARK" LORENE ALLISON ALBERT ANDERSON FRANCES ANDERSON JULIA ANDERSON HOWARD ARNOLD PAULINE BASS RAY BERKIMEYER HELEN BISHOP 'FCHARLES CALLAWAY EUGENE CHANNELL HELEN DIXON CALVIN DUKE BILLY ROY FEIMSTER BOBBY FINGER WALDON FRANCIS B. J. FREEMAN M. C. GOLDEN TEVIS GREEN JOSEPH HERBERT WALLACE HILL JOHN AMOS HUMPHRIES FLORA MAE KEENER CLAYTON MCGUIRE NEIL MATLOCK ROBERT MAURER GEORGE MEADOR HERMAN MILLER. BILLY MOCK DERRELL NANTZE FRANKLIN O'BAUGH 'With National Guard WINFRED PARKER BILLY PENNINGTON ESTALEEN PHILLIPS CHARLES POWELL BILLY RHODES SAM SAVAGE MARY CATHRYN SUITOR GLAIJYS THOMPSON .Ion DEAN TOLLESON J. P. TUCKER LOREE 'IUCKER PAUL 'IWEEDLE FRANK WALKER BILLY WATSON CARLIE WRINKLE S Y . V S ,lx W gfy A Ii wg. gx lg Jg gg yy jg fxvzx-lx fs. xx :xx xg-Jijx Jxwyx Ix is lx A 46 gk ' ,rgfggiggjzgfjglygi Jgvyxxyx. Jgvlzx -lg F ,rx W ,Qyx 'jyi A gg jx ,fx fs JN Seniors I 1 I ARK M y i A 1 . .,.,. .. . A . V' ' ..... . . 1 Q w,A,Jx,JxJxvAvA,A-Avfxw I fee, ,f ig,AvAvA,A,A,AvA,A gg' 1 1" A " 1.-,,,...,,f"-Mfrs 4 Vg i ,Q I Pi' President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Reporter . Sponsors . CLASS OFFICERS . Wiley Caldwell . . . . Betty Pack . Betty Lowdermilk . . Daniel Grant . Miss Greene Mr. Huddleston N ,IX A A gg ' zu. jg jg lxig Ig JS, fgrggrkivv-fY,-1S.JX,1YYJX lx-jg' ' zxifx X'jJC',1Xi,'Xwj-X YZXYIS,1Xf1iUxvJi A , lN-,,Z"-wJN-,,1X-1'L-Z'N- A-'xv' LOIS ALLIN DER Badger Staff '41, Student Council. 'Someone you know: Someone you won't forget." JOHN ANDERSON "A" Association '39, '40, '41, Student Coun- cilg Football '39, '40, Basketball '41g Boy Scout. "Oh sleep! It is a. blessed thing, Would that there were more of it." ANN ARNOLD Treasurer Student Council '40, Secretary Student Council '41, Honor Society '41, Badger Staff '41, Cottage Club '39, 4-H Club '39g Glee Club '38, '39g Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class '40g Student Council. "Always a pleasing manner and A winning smile to everybodyf C. F. BATSON Student Councilg President Student Coun- cil '413 HA" Association '38, '39, '40, Foot- ball '38: '39, '40. "You may reognize him more on the field than in the class room." JAMES BRADLEY Student Councilg Transferred from Hot Springs '38. "Oppressed by two weak evils, Classes and work." GEAROLD BRIDGES Student Councilg Boy Scout, "Short, but sweet, For inches do not make the man." NANCY BROWN Student Council, Dramatic Club '40, '41g Glee Club '38, '39, Transferred from Cam- den, Arkansas '40, "Quite reserved and demure, A friend of Whom you are sure." MAGGIE J. BUCK Student Councilg Glee Club '41, "She has a sincere pride and an optimistic spirit that is admirable." I 4 I X X H' ll DDQ f l , , , ll, 'l fit . f R534 l ,yy I l 'glix , X i X CX V' IJ, Xi x U i' - V' ' A ' JOYCE BYRD Student Council. "A kind girl With a kind heart." WILEY CALDWELL Student Council, Honor Society '40, '41, Secretary Honor Society '41, Ark Staff '41, Badger Staff '41, Dramatic Club '40, '41, Thespians '41, Journalism Club '40, '41, Quill and Scroll '41, Debating '41, Glee Club '38, '39, '41, Junior Classical League '39, '40, '41, "A" Association '37, '38, Treas- urer Junior Class, President Senior Class, Track '38, Contest-ant in Boys Quartet, District Meet '41. "Business and pleasure Combined into a great personality." VASCOE CARSON Student Council, Badger Staff '41, Jour- nalism Club 41, "A" Association '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, Eagle Scout, Football '37, '38, '39, '40, '41: Football Captain '40, Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, Basketball Captain '41' Track '37, '38, District Track Meet '37, '38 "All great men are dying, I feel bad myself." BETTY CRAWFORD Dramatic Club '41, Cottage Club '40, '41' 1 4-H Club '40. '41, Reporter 4-I-I Club '40' Glee Club '41, Student Council. "Here ls your chance, boys She's an A student in Home Ee." n RICHARD CUTLER Student Council, Boy Scout. "When good luck knocks at the door, Let him in and keep him there." MILDRED DAWSON Honor Society '41, Cotttage Club '39, '40, 4-H Club '38, '39, Glee Club '38, '39, Stu- dent Council. "Time will never be Heavy on her hands." DONALD DIXON Student Council, 4-H Club '37, Boy Scout. "Friendly, modest, clean life, The rest of him is hard work." MARY CATHRYN DUNCAN Student Council, Honor Society '41, Bad- ger Staff '41. "She is gay and gladsome, And has a laughing face." J N3.,,,.fr-.N ,I f--., Q I ,fs-L-z .X ,X A . -..f l ' FLORA FRANCIS Student Council, Cottage Club '38, '39, "Earnest efforts will lead the Way To great achievements." OLEAN FRANCIS Student Council, "Abreast of the best, Ahead of the rest." VERNELL FRANCIS Student Council, 4-H Club '38, '39, Glee Club '38, '39. "Nothing small Will be her aim." LOIS GLOVER Student Council. "Fair and Softly goes far." ' SCYBLENE GLOVER Student Council. "Whistle and work, Refuse to shirkf' DANIEL GRANT Student Council, Reporter Student Coun- cil '40, Honor Society '40, '41, Reporter Honor Society '41, Ark Staff '41, Badger Staff '40, Dramatic Club '39, '40, '41, Treas- urer Dramatic Club '41, Thespians '41, Quill and Scroll '40, '41, President Quill and Scroll '41, Journalism Club '39, '40, '41, Debating '40, '41, Glee Club '39, Junior Classical League '39, '40, '41, Reporter Jun- ior Classical League '39, President Junior Classical League '41, "A" Association '38, '39, '40, '41, Eagle Scout, Reporter Junior Class, Reporter Senior Class, Track '38. '40, Tennis '39, '40, '41, Contestant in Boys Quartet District Meet '39, '41, Vice-Presi- dent Journalism Club '41, "If it's a gentleman and a scholar you seek, You have found him." BERNICE HALTOM Student Council, 4-H Club '37, "Men who have a great deal to say Use fewest words." CLIFTON HARDIN Student Council, Badger Staff '41, Drama- tic Club '38, '39, '40, '41, Thespians '41, Journalism Club '41, Glee Club '38, '39, '41, Boy Scout, Yell Leader '40, '41, Glee Club in District Meet '39, "He is still in the age Of his romantic tendencies." X Y X XX? S X N .1 A f L,-N..J -,,,wJ,1x,-,,f'-. -,fXX,,,..fX -'XXV -'X " ' ,jg XX lfgvlgnvfxiiygwjx, Yyxkyx ,JR ,IN S-fr--fs t-----N164---if-J .,,ii -fiaa A..-,x:A C. A,A CA fxwfx-fx g A if N'--' . . , , V ' . is CLIFFORD HERRON Student Council, Boy Scout. "A wise head On young shoulders." EDWIN HEWITT Student Council, Glee Club '41, "One who has every right to succeed." EMMA JEAN HOLLON - Student Council, Badger Staff '41, Cot- tage Club '41, Glee Club '38, 39. "Character is the diamond That scratches all other stones." ROSELLA HOSTETLER Student Council, Cottage Club Glee Club '40. "What she will to do or say Is done without delay." '38. '40, BILL HUDDLESTON Student Counicl, Honor Society Vice-President Honor Society '41, Badger '39, '40, '40, '41, Staff '39, '40, '41, Dramatic Club '41, Thespians '40, '41, Journalism Club '39 '40, '41, Quill and Scroll '40, '41, Junior Classical League '39, '40, '41, "A" Associa- tion '37, '38, '40, '41, Eagle Scout, Basket- ball '40, District and State Contestant in Latin '39, President Thesipans '41, Re- porter Junior Classical League '39 "I am like an awning, I put them all in the shade." CURTIS HUGGS "A" Association '38, '39, '40, '41, Reporter Freshman Class '38, Football '38, '39, '40, Basketball '37, '38, '39, Student Council. "Life without women is a bore, With them is is a tragedy." OWEN IRBY Student Council, Transferred from Mt. Holly, Arkansas '41, heart is in his work." PORTER JACKSON ' Student Council, Ark Staff '41, Glee Club '41, "Quite at times, noisy at times, Always a jolly good fellow." X lk- ,N 4-5..fxjxklgjgjgJX1'x1g,xg1gJgYJSY4A-4-'x.,!X,fX-fX'1x"!x','xi' , f 'f ,fgni,r'iW v- ANNE SUE LEE Student Council, Secretary Student Coun- cil '41, Honor Society '41, Badger Staff '41, Dramatic Club '38. '39, '40, '41, Secretary Dramatic Club '40, Thespians '39, '40, '41, Vice-president Thespians '41, Yell Leader '39, '40, '41, Secretary Junior Class '40, "A face with gladness overspread, Soft smiles by human kindness bred." MERTIE MARIE FLOYD Student Council: Transferred from Dan- ville, Arkansas '40. "Swift to hear Slow to speak. Slow to wrath." BETTY LOWDERMILK Student Council, Honor Society '41, Badger Staff '40, Dramatic Club '40, '41, Secre- tary Dramatic Club '41, Journalism Club '40, '41, Cottage Club '40, '41, Secretary Cottage Club '41, ,Glee Club '38, '39, Sec- retary Freshman Class, Secretary Senior Class, Yell Leader '41, "If you want a friend, You must be one." ERNEST MALCOM Student Council, 4-H Club '40. "He was never lacking in energy." CLARA MCCASKILL Student Council, Cottage Club '40, "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy." IR EN E MCDONALD Student Council. "Deeds are better than words Actions are mightier than boasting." LOTEEN MCGHEE Student Council. "Believes in doing, not talking." J A. MCGUIRE Student Council, Boy Scout, Track '38, '39, '40. "Earnest efforts lead the way To great achievements." 1X Y V jx 1 jx jg 1-gvyx.-yyr-ZX-i2 v ' fx- ,X ,sxwzx ,X ,fx ,X ,X ,X lg yx xg 1 X SARABETH MCMAHAN Student Councilg Journalism Club '40, '41g Cottage Club '38, '403 Glee Club '38. "Please the eyes and ears, The work is half done." JACK MOWREY Honor Society '41g Ark Staff '41g Badger Staff '40, '4lg Dramatic Club '40, '41, President Dramatic Club '41g Thespians '40, '4l: Quill and Scroll '40, '41g Reporter Quill and Scroll '413 Glee Cub '41g Libra- rian Glee Club '41: Junior Classical Lea- gue '39, '40, '41g Student Council. "Ever loyal and ever true, To do the task he has to do." HERBERT NEEL Student Council, Glee Club '39g Track '37. "Men, like bullets, Go farthest when they are smoothest." BETTY PACK Treasurer Student Council '4lg Honor So- ciety '41g Ark Staff '41g Dramatic Club '41g Journalism Club '40g Quill and Scroll '413 Vice-president Quill and Scroll '41g Vice- president Senior Class '41g Tennis '40g Student Council: Transferred. from Dick- son, Tennessee '39. "Serene, resolute, and still, Calm. and self possessed." OPHELIA PARKER Badger Staff '40g Dramatic Club '38, '39: Journalism Club '40, '41g Cottage Club '38, '403 Secretary Cottage Club '40g Student Council. "Never finds a stranger, Never finds a worry." ROWLAND PATTILLO Student Council: Reporter Student Council '40p President Student Council '41g Honor Society '40, '4lg President Honor Society '4lg Ark Staff '41: Badger '40g Dramatic Club '38, '39. '40, '4lg Reporter Dramatic Club '40g Quill and Scroll '40, '41g Debat- ing '40, '413 Glee Club '38, '39, '40g Secre- tary Glee Club '41g Junior Classical Lea- gue '39, '40, '41g President Junior Classical League '39g "A" Association '39, '40, '4l: President Freshman Class '38, President Sophomore Class '39g President Junior Class '40, Tennis '39, '40, '41g District and State Plane Geometry Contestant '39g Boy Scout. "Tis better to be rich with friends. Than friendly with riches." CALVIN PORCHER Student Councilg Junior Classical League '39, '40, '41g Band '39. "Success will surely come To one as faithful as he." OTTIE POWELL Student Council. "An equal mixture Of good humor and good sense." lilly lli l A f""frQ.,:::- . ,Xh 5: 1g ji lg 1x Q ,ig y'x'1yV,A.-1-xgzxwzx-,.JY,,1x'-'fx fx RODERICK POWERS Badger Staff '41g Boy Scoutg Band '39 '40, '41g Student Council. "My heart is whole. my fancy free Run along little girl, don't bother me." ALETHA ROUNTREE Student Couucilg Glee Club '38. "I serve while others give excuses." BARBARA RUDOLPH Student Council: Badger Staff '41g Drama- tic Club '38, '39, '40, '41g Thespians '41g Journalism Club '40, '41. "Deep thinkng yields but few words." HARRIETT RUDOLPH Student Council: Honor Society '40, '41, Badger Staff '40. '41g Dramatic Club '38, '39, '40, '4lg Thespians '39, '40, '4l3 Journa- lism Club '38. '39, '40, '413 Quill and Scroll '40, '41g Secretary Quill and Scroll '41g Vice-president Thespians '40g Reporter Thespians '41g Glee Club '38, '40, '4lg Vice- president Glee Club '41: Junior Classical League '39, '40, '41g Entrant in play at State Festival '39g Poetry entry at State Festival '40. "She has a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute." LAVEEDA RYAN Student Council. "Traits like here are more valuable than gold." EVELYN SHANKLES Student Council, Journalism Club '38, "Think twice before you speak, Then say it to yourself." CHRISTELL SHEPHERD Student Council: 4-H Club '38, '39. "Never idle a moment But thrifty and thoughful of others." VIRGINIA ANNE SIMON SON Student Councilg Vice-president Student Council '41g Honor Society '41, Ark Staff '41g Badger Staff '4lg Journalism Club '4lg Quill and Scroll '41g Cottage Club '403 Transferred from Guntersville, Alabama '39, "Successfully doing her work in a quiet manner." x Nr A v , js, , ,X jx lg , A ,ug 'lx jx 1-gzx. jtix fxfjgjygijxrfy jxfyx fgrfgjzxvfxylxgrfgjygrzgryx, xx 1x'J-g'Jxj1'g',gw1gjJx,-.fxyfx 1-tvjx-1-..Y1xY,1xYJx Jxzzxgxzxxrzxgzx,-fx LELA SLOAN ' Student Council, Vice-president Student Council '40, Ark Staff '413 Badger Staff '391 Dramatic Club '39, '40, '41g Thespians '40, '41: Journalism Club '39, '40, '41g Glee Club '38, '39g Yell Leader '39: D. A. R. Rep- resentative '41, "Everybody likes li-"I, She is worthy of their liking." PAUL SLOAN Student Councilg Badger Staff '41, Jour- nalism Club '41g Glee Club '38g "A" Asso- ciation '413 Eagle Scout, Basketball '40, '4lg Track '38g Golf '41, "Do right, and fear no man. Don't write and fear no woman." MARY CATHRYN SMITH Student Council, Glee Club '38. 'Softness of smile indicates softness of character." GERALDINE STORY Student Council: Dramatic Club '37, '383 Cottage Club '37, '38. "She is her own self I Who could be more.' KATHERINE STORY Student Councilg Dramatic Club '37, '38: Cottage Club '37, '38. "Gentle in manner, Strong in performance." FAE DEAN THOMASSON Badger Staff '413 Student Council. "A pleasing countenance Is no slight advantage," 5 HOWARD THOMAS Student Council. "He is a well-made man who has a good determination." DOROTHY THOMAS Student Council, Treasurer Student Coun- cil '41g Honer Society '41g Ark Staff '41g Badger Staff '41, Dramatic Club '37, '38, '39g Journalism Club '39, '40, '41, Quill and Scroll '41, Cottage Club '40, '4lg Glee Club '37, '38. "Dependable, joyous, fair of face, A girl who will fit in any place." gh. JN. ,wg 4N.,1x..m..,1x.aN.1x,w-1g1w.1v-Jw.,fN.:1x4x.,xJg,wg.zxr1vlK ,rNM,fx..,s.,zN.,'x.1g,axsA.1gyy,fX,g,'g,,g1g,xx1x1x.1X1k W' "'i:.2 O xx X ' r w ,ily V ,., - , t i - Q 4 l .C J as i T ' Y f ' f e' 5 C 1 EMMA SUE THOMPSON Student Councilg Cottage Club '40. i'Thou has no sorrow in thy song, ' No winter in thy year." EVELYN THOMPSON l l Student Councilg Cottage Club ,40, '41g 4-H l Club '38, '39, '40, '41. "Character is the diamond That scratches all other stones" MATTIE SUE TUCKER Student Council, "Successfully doing her work In a quiet manner." JACK TULL Student Councilg 4-H Club '37, Good character, A A valuable asset to any life. PAUL TURNER Student Council. "There is no success But through a strong, clear purpose." ROBERT WALKER Student Council: Ark Staff '40, '41g Badger Staff '40g Band '39: Football '39, '40g Quill l and Scroll '40. '41g Honor Society '41g Track '40g "A" Association '39, '40, '41, "If someone doesn'L kill me, I'1l live 'til I die." GLEN WELCH Student Councilg Glee Club '38, '41g Bas- ketball '40, '41, "Think twice before you speak, Then say it to yourself." JOY WHALEY Honor Society '41g Badger Staff '40g Dra- matic Club '41g Journalism Club '40g Jun- ior Classical League '39, '40. '4lg Vice-presi- dent Junior Classical League '40g Student Council, "Where worth and merit meet." I -P K T A , li is Ji jx lg lg lx. lgvliv?'i?yx-Av v-1'-Q4 EA-A it jtvit 5'xs5xX1Af.ATAi1x1A.CAe'A.iA A-A CA of-,v-A-71'-1' lv- ' HAZEL WHITE Cottage Club '39. '40g Student Council. "Ii is thf' steafy, quiet, plodding one WL.o wins the race." MARJORIE WILLIAMS Cottage Club '29, '40j 4-H Club '40, '41g Prrsiccut 4 H C nb '4'J' Secretary 4-H Club '4lg Glev Club '38, '391 Student Council. "A SCI12 and ". smile has this little girl." EDNA WOOD Studcnt Councilg Cottage Club '39, '40, "To say little and accomplish much Shows the character of greatness." MI LDRED WOOD Cottage Club '40, '41g Vice-presiclent Cot- tage Club '41Q Student Council. "A studen t-whats better?" Gs TOM GILL WRIGHT .Student Council: Dramatic Club '39. '40g i Bov Scoutg Football '3'7g Basketball '38, '39 '40g Track '08, '39, '40, '4lg "A" Association. ' "I'd rather be "Wright" than presi- I dent." I 1 4 I E., L Q' iw -, s-L, L, 1. My 1 'Q' .W V X 1' f ' v-MQ., ' , M 1 , ' nn s , 'Ui 4 ' 'smnons NOT HAVING PICTURES IN MARK' Roar BARDWELL W 'FRANK GLINGAN f CLAYBORN FRANCIS NELL GWYNN w. E. ROGERS . 'M bers X' X" Q ce . M-sm.. Q! 11:1 4 R gm -wp .4 ., 'R '. - Nl , "idx:-k'QbP W if ,1-. ' ' 'T 'x" ,,!""4'1E, .' GERA1.DINEjRYAN N 'HARRISON RTERLIE' R BUDDY STEPHENS RALPH YOUNG ROGER YOUNG of National Gua.rd'callQd into Army. aj,"'v4-,. 3 - HEMMW5-"4,,9'iL, 5.1. M 3 Q ' 1' I , M4 1 W I A , 'Qi - I 7.331 3 in ' .Sa A" W ,-,Q A L. -sv ',v Q, , 'Q B-'Lv . . .V NF K , v FEATU RES ". AQ- fiiz 2 .y: -wrgvq '4 , 1 ,Q M -x ' I mv 1 , F. 'x ' A 1 rf-. E 'I r' n r 4 .Q ., ,S . - 'YQ 'gi f t T' . Qi ,, , . ., -I.,-1 , , 3, .r if Y 3 aa., , za.:- , f . J 'Q-'em .J .w 1 as X 'I v.'.' ,X 50255 1,5 - 1 's "j,, Wm if F .uri 'swf 4.--5 4. .f.., 3' 1 -41 .mv fxxx I' . ,Nr X- a I N .., ,R xg. H., fr' TQ-.. X I l ffxkx' . ' 1' ' 'N-., X. it XX, -f ' ' :fl X 5 . X. 5 , L .vyx -fx' ax-X X .Vw X v I' X. 'I go QR , I xx N. -nk XA ms xxxx wk gl 1 1 SIN ,VTX-.,.' Lmw, ,ff-T.,',-'ff-L ,fm f', ,fix y'-X Af ., 4-- Tf 3. T' " M , , X.. -.1 2 x X J ,V . N-x xg, , l - X x A txm...-AK-,, . -' M- ' " 'J N- X A 'W' MOST POPULAR BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME C. F. Batson Betty Lowdermilk Betty Lowdermilk N21 Chadwick WHO WHO .Q Rowland Pattillo - Typical A. H. S. Boy MOST DEPENDABLE MOST STUDIOUS Daniel Grant Patsy Blevins Virginia Anne Simonson Daniel Grant N ,f 1 ,X -3 5 REX -QQ - D XR XJ ,NF -Xxxx In xx Fri X X I L A, N-.X . Q: l Xfke K x Ei Ye X lf NDR' il if 4 we we xxx M Xiu X qw, K3 5 lb X lf.. y..,fQ53x ., , ,,,,,,w,,,l.,+W, A,N. f-A- ..A. .uv ,,,Ae,,,,,,fN1,l,, X, r-,ZH-,B-,xv I ,xg ,f-.- ,fx ,fx F, ' 1-,,-,,.f'1.e I ,fx e , fx'-N5-,,,'X,4-M4,"'x,s JW X ,fNxV ,,f'x4 , fxx ,-"x,, ,, '-X., A , fx-,Q W ,'K, .,,f x.fQ,f x,.,,.f-Q, ,fe4'ffXQlL-Nlfl, fxT.1f-M -..fx-I. . ' Jfxefgf ...fwx,,vx, L-f-xlfx-..,Q,f .I,,,fN..j'Lf' A -,'f',.fv..,l.L. fx.- 1"- . , - , - Y u 1 I W I 1 y , N. I H. l 1 ee 9 MOST VERSATILE ' BEST DRESSED IZ muland Pamtilln Patsy Blevins Helen DeLamar Cecil Cupp N Q00 , WHO' WHO Anne Sue Lee - Typical A. H. S. Girl CUTEST BIGGEST FLIRT-BEST ATHLETE Sam Savage Bobby Jean May Betty Jane Holland C. F. Batson is S H tm. .uxjsn Jgjxyx ,zsg,g,fg1x,lx Jxnfxafxxxafklx lg X fa, .QV f f Www " X Y ' as 'L A H .W , " f as V gy. .xt at '11 ' .1 X , 4. - ' 5' y 'z i'-2:5 ....g ML V' .R ' y .A ' . Q'g. 2.f..z'a . I , . ' ' ' 1 . . . U wp' 4 M . .xg ' 4 ' 'G v ' ,Ig K V Jgayxwyx jg ,L fxvygizx ,fx .fx JK fr- fx Q , mf M ,M . . , ,. . , . , -. L..,. . , . .-. 4 Financial Statement -of- THE ARK t A . Published to comply withpAct of Congress bf Aug.. 21, 1968 at ttnn 6 0 - l 1. F 1.331018 DEB.-ITS Printing, Engraving, Binding ....v.... - ...,,....,.... . S999,999.09 Loss through 'fdeal" Pattillo ,.... ...... Spring Suit for riditor ....w,. -.-W .,...,,. 33.03 Pencils for Cale ar Editor .....................,. .33 Erasers for Calendar Editor ...... .........,..,.. .66 Two barrels of India ink for Walker .,....... - ...... V y 111.11 Four barrels of ink remover for Walker ...-m 222.22 Hair restorer for Editor ....... -.. ................,...,,.,.... . .59 Taxi fare for Caldwell to Cherry Street.-..-- 333.45 Red Ink for Business Manager ...,..,.,.......,,,,. 4.44 Ark Staff's bill at Nichols' ,1,e ,...,.,, ,,,,,,, , ,- 444.33 Bail, to get Asst. Bus. Mgr. out of jail in Little Rock on business .... ..... . ................... 5 0.00 Total .... ......... . .... - ......... ..., S 1,010,101,011 ,. C R E D I T S fl If Sale of Annuals . ................. , .... A ....... .. ...... ......... S 6.32 Sale of Activity tickets ................. --.--.--.---- .... . 1.18 Sale of Advertising ...... ...... . ........... .. ..... .. ...... 8.88 Graft in Who's Who Competition ....... - ........... 10.10 Donations from football team ..... .... .... - - -- .01 Total ..... . ..... . ........ ..---.-- S 26.49 'FTOTAL DEFICIT ........ ....... S1,010,074.52 0 'Paid through generosity of Editor, Bus. Mgr., and Asst. Bus. Mgr. if 77.07,? . A ,, .L ., L M.. Gif u .1 ml if Q W' ' 'W , A 3 T I V I E S . - . . afn .ffvawg 4 V L., 'S '4'e'f ,. Y 2, fi! 2 Q am .ga "tx vw" . 1 , ,v - -wif ,E-. 1- ' li A25 , . 5 EF a 14' 21 ' rn .. ,gt , N E . ' WI s' gg Q. '.fg1Hf 'V 4 - ,. '2 ..-A . . E 4 4 1 ' fa ,5.,. ' I 'L A-1" 'flxfl 1. J 4 1. 'r .N . hvyuu, Q , ss, pf in ER -. ,ILQF '- 'iid-W' - f EJ fQiFi f9W5 -- r :I ' vu L. +1 5 A 56. , .-1. -f--.' 3Qf,,wg,, W., .,, .1 .,.,.xf' , ser, YL ggf ...M - 4 : N K ,gs 'jg .fgryg vjgvlgvjg yxvf- fX-1 Q ex ejkgjtvk-jtwk wjtiil ,t'5t,!ki,x QA 'AwA.A A-' STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER President ......:. ROW1aI1d Pattillo Vice-President . . . Lela Sloan Secretary . . . Anne Sue Lee Treasurer . . Betty Pack Reporter . ........ Daniel Grant SECOND SEMESTER President . . .... C. F. Batson Vice-President . . Virginia Ann Simonson Secretary . . K . . Ann Arnold Treasurer , . Dorothy Thomas , Reporter . . Ned Chadwick Sponsors . . Miss Greene Mr. Huddleston The Student Council, which has its purpose to be the central unit around which the entire system of extra-curricular activities is built, was organized in 1926, making it one of the oldest organizations in Arkadelphia High School. The members of the council plan the home room ana assembly programs, over- see all other student activities and meet once each month to discuss their work. Y I , YN A jx xx, Yyx 'fax Y - 11 ,llv - ig A. Y fx fxwjg Jiyizx Jxvlx-Aviv. l2 ,gg jtflg-'Y:!fvJf-I: it yg'jtv1gi1xl1x.YyxL'z'-QJK OIY-JV--JN' f-IX-lg jg Ig -- -1 --fA Jann:-H ' --my---A -r -V I I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY K V I HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President . . ..... Rowland Pattillo Vice-President . . . Bill Huddleston Secretary-Treasurer . . Wiley Caldwell Reporter .... Daniel Grant Sponsors . . . Miss Greene Mr. Huddleston Harriett Rudolph Mildred Dawson Betty Lowdermilk Joy Whaley Jack Mowrey Mary Cathryn Duncan Anne Sue Lee Ann Arnold Betty Pack Robert Walker Dorothy Thomas Virginia Anne Simonson The Arkadelphia High School Chapter of the National Honor Society was or- ganized in 1925 by Mr. A. S. Turner, principal of the high school at that time. The charter making it officially a chapter of the National Honor Society was granted in 1926. Fifteen per cent of a graduating class is eligible lor membership and members are elected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. This year the local chapter had the honor of being host to the State Honor So- ciety Convention which was held April 18-19. Members of the Junior Class who were initiated at the convention are: Patsy Blevins, Josette Boullioun, Zane Brewer, Ned Chadwick, Cecil Cupp, Helen DeLamar, Margaret Gerig, Bobby Maurer, Mary Atchley Mills, Ann Shepherd, Dell Simmons, Anne Culley Yates, and Gloria Young. -,xr xx 1 ARK STAFF Editor-in-Chief ....... Daniel Grant Assistant Editor . . . Leia Sloan Business Manager ..... Rowland Pattillo Assistant Business Manager . . Wiley Caldwell Art Editor ......i . Robert Walker Activity Editor .... . . Betty Pack Assistant Activity Editor . . Dorothy Thomas Class Editor .... Virginia Anne Simonson Calendar Editor . ..... Jack Mowrey Sports Editor . . Porter Jackson ,X S. 'M LU ,, X, NA xx .ky 1 L Y" 'sf' t U nw '-x X v. fs x w -. , +. l X N ,ff sux fires, piss , sqm wx mx xr- X I yr 5 K, "-X:l - il S X r I 4 XX x X Xylx XS X XL1 'gm K X x J A x ....4NX 'V N f - xx My ,. INA. ..., , JM ,. , F 0 QXX 0 A x r RN Q, . . gtk QXN 5' NQ., X Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . . Business Manager . Assistant Bus. Mgr. . Sports Editor . . Assist. Sports Editor 'Feature Editor . . Assist, Feature Editor Society Editor . . Assist, Society Editor Art Editor .... BADGER STAFF Bill I-luddleston . . Cecil Cupp . . Paul Sloan . Thomas Gray Vascoe Carson Duncan Flanagin Roderick Powers . . Gloria Young . . Dell Simmons Helen DeLamar Harriet Rudolph Assist. Art Editor .... Jack Mowrey Reporter .... Mary Alice McCaski1l Reporter . . . Ann Shepherd Reporter Reportt r . Reporter Reporter Reporter Typist Typist . Ty pist Typist Typist Typist Typist Sponsors . Camille Carson . Clifton Hardin . . Margaret Gerig . Anne Culley Yates . . . Wiley Caldwell . . . . Ann Arnold Virginia Ann Simonson . . Dorothy Thomas Mary Cathryn Duncan . . Rosamond Hewitt Fae Dean Thomasson . Emma Jean Hollon . . . . Miss Young Miss Worrell I ,r,f.Vk f ,N - .off x,Q.4 -,f'ix,,"' '-XNA1'-.-,xX- .,,, -' rs...--"ff-I., ,W ,W 7,4 Lg. W, if Q 'A , A Ds, A ,fxw Ig fx V Jsmgfx -4'X.1KwJX.r JN--fx -'X-jxpfxe' -1'gl1gfjlLf'1NX Wjx-:jx A Y, fkwfxwfxgyx Vr rifgvvlk Y ., ,f- f i, ."" ' . ,. K. 3 t - I THESPIANS OFFICERS President . . . ..... Bill Huddleston Vice-President . . Anne Sue Lee Secretary . . Gloria Young Treasurer . . Dell Simmons Reporter . . . . Harriet Rudolph Sponsors ........ Mrs. R. B. Thomas Miss Doane, Miss Warren Rowland Pattillo my Wiley Caldwell Josette Boullioun Cecil Cupp Jack Mowrey Ann Shepherd Lela Sloan Duncan Flanagin Daniel Grant SENIOR PLEDGES: Barbara Rudolph and Clifton Hardin. PLEDGES FOR 1941-1942: Glenn Allen, Zane Brewer, Norma Jean Clem, Pearl Craig, Margaret Gerig, James Loderick Goza, Catherine Hardin, Betty Jane Holland, Bobby Jean May, Mary Atchley Mills, Emily Newberry, Sam Savage, and Anne Culley Yates. The Thespians is a national honor society for high school dramatic students. The local chapter was organized in. 1931. Students who have been able to meet set stan- dards of acting, st-age management, costuming, and directing plays are given member- ship. This year the Thespians sponsored National Drama Week in the high school and were host to the E1 Dorado 'Ilhespians for the annual Thespian Banquet. In addi- tion to supervising the Faculty play, "The Ghost Flies South." they presented "The Charm School," a three act comedy. ,N A A ,fy Jx lg W.,-y A JN -:Av A ,, ,-lAx'Jg Ig lg Ig :gtg 1-,'Jg A Jgbx Jx-Jgwilzg .ag Jn 48 gsj gg., 4'sJ4'g'gs ' ,e."1'giJxiJgY1gf L1gVgx,'1x 'ggmjfxvyg Yzgggx .ig gs IN . 1, . . : , QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS President . . .... . Daniel Grant Vice-President . . . Betty Pack Secretary . . . Harriet Rudolph Treasurer . . . . Cecil Cupp Reporter . . Duncan Flanagin Sponsors . . . Miss Young Miss Worrell Gloria Young Jack Mowrey Wiley Caldwell Thomas Gray Robert Walker Ann Shepherd Helen Dclamar Virginia Anne Simonson Bill Huddleston Dorothy Thomas Rowland Pattillo The Quill and Scroll is an international honor society for high school journalists To qualify for membership in the organization, a student must be a member of either the "Ark" or "Badger" staffs, rank in the upper third of his class. and furnish an ex- ample or recommendation of his work to the national secretary of the society for ap- proval. Arkdelphia's chapter of Quill and Scroll was installed in 1937. This year's candi- dates for membership were initated at the annual press banquet at Little Rock, March 21. . . uh km X Q4 KA A. A .1-. ,x. js. fx. ...fgrf-, is, IL .fxngfgcyx YA n1gQ,ISv15g ,A.,Y1v 1'v.4 ,f2:',g l,x fyx. ,IXQ-'Q IX 'zxzlxx 'jxv ,X V ,mmvlx A nj-X nfkpfxw !K,,,vJX7- DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . Jack Mowrey Vice-President . . Bobby Jean May Secretary . . Betty Lowdermilk Treasurer . . . Daniel Grant Reporter . . Wiley Caldwell Sponsors . . . . Miss Doane Mrs. R. B Thomas The Dramatic Club, with a membership of 70 students, is one of the most ac- tive organizations in our school. During the year the members have met each Thurs- day evening, giving plays. talks, skits, and occasional musical numbers. In addition to taking several plays to other towns the Dramatic Club supervised the Senior play "The Late Christopher Bean." N, . A Y V , ,, lg A A A-,X A ,X-,X jg gift ig lg xg Jglx ygfjg jg jg xg lxf,-J ,wJ4g'Jg' Jgjfxwzxvfx A '-IN-llvilxflklfx 'IX' A "'Xf1YPS,1x . JN- DEBATING, 1941 Affirmative . . Rowland Pattillo Affirmative . . . Daniel Grant Negative . . Wiley Caldwell Negative . . Joe Callaway Alternate . . Thomas Gray Alternate . . Camille Carson Alternate . . Betty Harrell Alternate . . . . . Phillip Horton The debaters got a late start this year and began work only a week before the Henderson invitation tournament. Nevertheless both t-he Affirmative and Negative teams won two out of three debates. During the whole season the team debated ten times losing only two debates. Teams debated were Pine Bluff, North Little Rock, Mal- vern, Magnolla, Friendship. and El Dorado. The Question for debate was "Resolved: That the power of the federal government should be increased." I 'fi X - ,.. ,fx .1-... js. Jw., A .fgvlx lg is Jn,-IKJVYWJX f'XWJX"'x JXYQQ 'J'x.. njefgvllxvrjg lxvlx vzgjgz Jxizxjjg lx A ,X?,g1xY1N. ,fx yxr , V Q 'ff rw T' " - 'K J OURNALISM CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . . . . Cecil Cupp Vice-President . . . Daniel Grant Secretary . . . Rowland Pattillo Treasurer . . Ann Shepherd Reporter . . . Thomas Gray Sponsors . . Miss Young Miss Worrell Patsy Blevins Jack Mowrey Wiley Caldwell Emily Newberry Camille Carson Barbara Rudolph Helen DeLamar Harriet Rudolph Margaret Gerig Ann Shepherd Clifton Hardin Dell Simmons Bill Huddleston Virginia Anne Simonson Betty Lowdermilk Paul Sloan Sarabeth McMahan Dorothy Thomas The Journalism Club was organized to sponsor and encourage journalistic inter- est among t-he students. Any student is eligible for membership, but it is primarily for members of the "Ark" and "Badger" staffs, This club meets once each month with its sponsors. Membership in this club is one of the local requirement-s for Quill and Scroll membership. . A ik -lg-'A jg 'jx yy ygvfg IL 'lx' jg' 1s.'1x Y1xY'.fgv4x.?,lw W IF :ect-zz fcfx -fee AvA1Ai A .AQXBA QA ,'-1'-IJY fXe,A,eA . 1 LW, Y JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE President Vice-President Secretary Reporter Sponsor . Wiley Caldwell Pearl Craig Belvagene Crowley Helen Dixon Karolyn Elms Mary Alice Freeman Bertha Meade Gray Thomas Gray Ann Hardin Catherine Hardin OFFICERS Daniel Grant Sue Daily . Patsy Blevins Bill I-Iuddleston Mary Adalyn Johnson Alita Jackson Geraldine Leath Rachel Lee Jamiel Mattar Charlotte Mills Jack Mowrey Rowland Pattillo Jane Bledsoe Miss Young Calvin Porcher Ada Jean Ross Harriet Rudolph Norma Grace Simms Mabel Southerland Iris Thomas Billy Watscn Joy Whaley " Anne Culley Yates, Gloria Young ' -1 The National Junior Classical League is an organization for students interested in the study and educational value of Latin. All members must be Latin students making an average of A or B. The Arkadelphia Chapter of Junior Classical League was organized in 1938. It is affiliated with both the state and National Organizations. Representatives from A. H. S. attended an Arkansas Southern District meeting of Junior Classical League in El Dorado, November 2. S 1- , Kills ills . fin ,fy I , . . V Q wi JN- lf .1-gp .kN..l,fgf ,1x..W,.fxl--.. W Jxlf-gjzx "'1gY3x pie. j1s. Iggy fAv?5g Q7 ....,,.,4...u:......,,.,.. , W, ... .l.,.., D 1 ,...,4,,..m:.w...,,,r...-r.a.u,.f.t,,.,,m COTTAGE CLUB OFFICERS President . . ...... Dorothy Wiles Vice-President . . . Mildred Wood Secretary . Betty Lowdermilk Treasurer . Evelyn Green Reporter . Dorothy Thomas Sponsor . . Miss Warren Frances Lena Atkins Pauline Bass Carletta Bergstrom Jane Bledsoe Jesse Bradley Camille Carson Mary Louise Clark Mary Clingan Betty Crawford Belvagene Crowley Sammie Dawson Helen DeLamar Fauline Frazier Dorothy Jean Glover Margaret Green Charlene Hatchley Hattie Hays Mary Hart Ruby Hewitt Betty Jane Holland Emma Jean Hollon Lavanna Johnson Peggy Key Mary Frances Logan Geraldine Leath Pauline Marbury Wanda May Frances McE1hannon Mary Alice McCaskill Charlotte Mills Mary Louise Patterson Gladys Peeples Esteleen Phillips Helen Phillips Mintie Posey Sue Robey Ann Shepherd Marjorie Sossamon Evelyn Thompson Arlene Tolleson Loree Tucker ' LaNita Walker The Cottage Club, organized in 1937, has as its object to form a connecting link between home and school: to train leaders among young women for home and com- munity lifeg and to furnish opportunity through our organization for social activities. bl L . -f, L . J L . , MSE 5, Azgnlg A xg A Jxzfxvlxvfgwzg JXVJX fs.Jx.1x A .fxgg gs. gs, ,fs-. -A sgfg ggvzgfggigglysvzgvlx li ,zgrggvfg egxfyxslyg 'zxi lgglx ygbffi- JL .lu , President . . Vice-President Secretary . Reporter . Sponsors . Frances Anderson Billy Jean Crawley Pauline Daniels Maggie Mae Daniels Harry 'Fite La'ayette Francis Nell Gwynn Fred Hardwick George Harkrider 4-H CLUB OFFICERS . Hassel Hunnicutt Eunice Bledsoe . Marjorie Williams . Frances Thompson . Mrs. Wise Mr. Owen Josephine Holder Thelma Hudson Glenn Hughes Ray Hughes Bill Jameson James McElhannon Charles McCaskill Flora Maddox Lena Posey Minta Posey Winfred Parker La Rue Tapley Glen Thomas Charles Thompson Evelyn Thompson J. B. Tucker Paul Tweedle J. D. West fgv YwJgiJfN.w.Ig jx.-jx fxvlgvlg ,gvjg jg ,gig Jynjxnwjgrlx. lk ,fx IX fgwyyvfxvfg 1gW,,Zxw2'x ,xg-fx Y fx V ,xx W IN. fXw,XY1xv,1g,,x wjx, ,hx Jx GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President . . . Gloria Young Vice-President . . . .... Sue Robey Secretary-Treasurer . . Mary Atchley Mills Librarian .... . . Jane Bledsoe Maggie J. Buck Martha Frances Harris Mary Adalyn Johnson Camille Carson Mary Hart Peggy Jean Key Betty Crawford Karolyn Elms Jean Flory Lafayette Francis Iivll Gwynn Rosamond Hewitt Betty Jane Holland Rosella Hostetler Lavanna Johnson Mary Frances Logan Doris Ann Pennington Mary Lou Terrell Martha Jane Thompson Melba Jean Tull OAK NP V ygx1x.JgJgJgjx1XQJg'yxY1x1N,-jgZgfgjxyxygfgjxygyg,A gi1iY,s'41g1yg1,g'Y1giJLYJg:1x 1x4zNxvfxW1xY'1x:yx '1gl1QJx lx li .IK IN President Reporter Librarian Wiley Caldwell Cecil Cupp Ed Daugherty Clayburn Francis BOYS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Clifton Hardin Edwin Hewitt Bobby Inman Porter Jackson . . Cecil Cupp Rowland Patstillo . . Jack Mowrey Jack Mowrey Rowland Pattillo Joe Dean Tolleson Glen Welch V Y fxJg5j'g2gyg,!x!sgg1g1N.1sJL2ilSJ'xIS!YJY7YlgjX' ,X -,X fx'-,X 'jxwfx jfx Y,.lgL1'Li1x j,XV:Jg-f fx QA 'jx 'gsm ffxjjx Yfywjx fjxfyx-1 Scoutmaster V. L. Huddleston Assistant Scoutmaster Jimmy Lowdermilk Senior Patrol Leader Johnny Wells Scribe Phillip Horton Eagles Franklin Anderson Glenn Allen Charles Clark Jiggs Copeland Cecil Cupp Daniel Grant Billy Huddleston Bobby Maurer Lloyd Taylor Johnny Wells Jim Lowdermilk Life James Elms Neil Gentry Clarence Wieman Star Duncan Flanagin Carl Hoffman Philip Horton Charles Mathews L, C. Nichols Rowland Pattillo Scott Savage Otis Turner First Class Joe Callaway Allen Finger Harold Sellars Stafford Herbert George Maurer Bernard Hart Orville Wright Alfred Norville Bob Young Second Class Jimmy Alexander Jimmy Dick Anderson Bobby Finger Dan Finger Billy Hatcher Fletcher Logan John Allen Logan Sonny Wilkerson Ralph Marbury D. B. Meador J. A. McGuire Sam Savage Jack Thomasson Jack Wallis Craig Wilcox Tenderfoot Eilly Allinder Harold Bardwell Chares Cunningham Jimmy Crittenden Graydon Dodson James L. Goza Billy Halliburton Bobby Hardin Olan Mills Joe Moore Joe Charles Owens Roderick Powers Bobby Sellars 1 H I' --X -X ' -X ss 1, -N X v, 1 Ni., -.X ,' . rv-,. fx! D'-N --o '-e ' 'x ' ffl 1 1 i '- ' Y 'X-'A l X, x , ,,,, 7 , ii- 7771 David Steel David Lamb Ross Duncan Kr-11 Howell Bill Harrelson Dickie Clem Henry Stueart, Scoutmastel' Jack Stroop George Moore Bfirrello Addis Sm-outmaster Second Class Tf'I1dffI'f00t Neil McCaskill Hassel Huimicutt Terrell Huimicutt Bill Jameson Harry Fite George Parker Glen Hughes Scribe Winfred Parker Ray Hughes Charles Ray McCaski1l George Parker 0 Medford McCaski11 Qcoutmaster MY. Ed BI'1,lI'lSO1'1 Tenderfoot, Gearold Bridges Joel Callaway Bill Peery Glen Thomas Carl Turner Harold Turner Scribe Russell Hardaway James Carter Sowell Elster Kizer Fred Thomas Johnny McAnally Johnny McAnally J. D. West Scoutmaster Arthur Gray bcribe Richard Cutler Lxfe Eugene Simonson Star Rush Simonson Second Class Richard Cutler Tenderfoot Raymond Beene Virgil Burks Kenneth Calhoun Ralph Calhoun Howard Calloway Clifford Herron Harris Herron R. S. Rutledge Lowden Simonson Jerry Taylor J. P. Tucker Leo White X Y i IN lx , i Ji 7,2 Yjg r iyi iygn Wyx i Y H -- -- - lg yy lg jg xg yy jgvfgyxwzxrygijxrgg fx ",'i ',1"X 5I",t jk '2I1Jxi A 'X11QAgAlvx:A fxlfx- JXZJX-'X-fx A -.,.- ...-,......, ,. ATHLETICS YELL LEADERS Sam Savage Clifton Hardin Suv Leu Betty Jane Holland Bgtty Lgwdgrmllk Ward Ramsey mot in picture! , ,- -.K , 1 -.fax ' 3 , XX X x.,, i . r--- 'f N xv N . .K gn M x . 1,7 George B. Emory Vascue Carson C. F. Batson Howard Arnold Neil Matlock Coach Fullback Tackle Quarterback Center Captain C0-Captain Captain Elect Sub-Captain-Elect FOOTBALL With a squad of 28 players, only six of whom were seniors, Coach Emory had the job of building a team, capable of playing' one of che hardest schedules in the history of our school. It was an accepted fact that Fordyce, Benton, Texarkana, Cam- den, Smackover, Nashville and Gurdon, all had good seams, and many were the best in the state. Curtis Huggs Robert Walker John Anderson Roy Bardwell Henry Stueart Halfback End End End Tackle I I 1 fr H His.. f 1 Lf, ., in Ad- gr- NN ,N .X A --X ga , f " X. V, C ti,-, X. N 1 , t t i 4 w w 4 Albert Anderson Bobby Maurer Billy Lockadoo Joseph Herbert Clayton McGuire Guard Guard Halfback End Guard The Badgers outplayecl both Blevins and Carlisle, but were only able to get draws from each. After taking it on the chin from the "big" teams they came up against Gurdon. which had, as always. a tough team and the Badgers weren't given an outside chance. However, they outgained the Go-Devils all through the game. and were leading, 7-2, until the jinx got them and Gurdon got loose for a score in the last seconds. On the whole it was a season of good experience for the underclassmen and big things are expected next year. -l1q-1-- --g--- f 1'- --.K . Y, . . -an-,.,.. v . W- .Mum Olen Bridges Billy Harrelson Charles Rose Frank Anderson Tom Tolleson Halfback End Halfback Guard Halfback for -'f .C xx ,fu-if f FQ X N ,,n,,,, AVA, jgvlg jx.. jg Jxh,-fx Jgyzzg fg, 1x.v,fxi,fxv1N. Jxvfi IX l'K,J"'-Qffw' ,gig-YA A,-XY,-, ,xwfgrlxx ,ggi-Ig fly ' JXjyX?Jxf1x.v',xgvjgj1x r J'xf-'X IXH fx - -4 Kenneth Howell Derrell Nantze W. H. Sheets Allen Strother James Long Center Guard Tackle Guard Halfback FOOTBALL RESULTS Badgers ,77...,,,,,.,,,,77. 0 Fordyce Y,7, Badgers .,,,......,. 0 Benton Badgers 0 Blevins ,,,,,,,s. 0 Badgers ......,. 0 Texarkana Badgers ,,,r,,,, 0 Camden ,,r,,, ...,,,,,, Badgers A,..,,A. 6 Smackover Badgers ,,,,,... 0 Carlisle ,...,,. ,,,,,,,,, 0 Badgers ,.s,.... 6 Nashville Badgers ,,,,7..r 7 Gurdon Ward Ramsey Billy Watson Gerald Merrit Dickie. Clem Trainer End Tackle Tramer Ilnrry Tolls-son Vascoo Carson Howard Arnold Paul Tweedlc Billy Mock Cozwll Captain SENIOR BASKETBALL Thx' Baldgl-rf had I1 flood season this year. winning choir slmrv of the baskctbnll gzlnn-s. buL the bvsb part of it is than seven of time squad of 111110 will be back next year, The Cilg'l'l'S lost somv very close games and gave a good fight to :several of the better Le-uxns of the state, Neil Matlock Billy Lookadoo Sam Savage John Anderson Paul Sloan ,ag Jw. lg jx. lg f41X'1N.vJvvf,Y,fgv1x jg! ygryx jx fx ygjt X ,stu-j,,4,g4yx,11N,v1gvgXvfx.v1g fxrfgijgryxwyxvfx-jxfzx xx IX IX JUNIOR BASKETBALL Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Meador Wood Daugherty Turner Inman Rogers Calhoun Welch Tolleson SENIOR BASKETBALL RESULTS ,, ,,,, M25 Gurdon , Y ,,,, 16 Gurdon ,,,s,, 7 Y 7,22 Sparkman H25 Patmos Y ,45 Fordyce ,,,,,,,39 Prescott ,, 21 Carthage M36 Delight 7 , L29 Camden ,, ,, 33 Sparkman ,, ,, ,,,, 21 Gurdon , 26 Camden Y , , ,e,,, 27 Prescott A ,, . 15 Friendship , , ,,,, 24 Gurdon , SAAC Tournament ,,,, ,W21 Magnolia District 9 Tournament ,, W, , ,,,,,, 22 E1 Dorado v b X V A 3, 718, vlx Vyx zgv ivyx 1,7 -ix gg 1,"4g1,gw,, jx ji-ilk- jx. IL xg lLlgllN. Jx zxwgx gg A lg ',g' ,gi ,flgvlski zxa-lgyxwfxlyglfg 'Y 1X :Dx jzg 'zgfyx 71s. iJN.i,1gYgff. W IN, . .... . Lg... ...t I 4 Jan Crow Rowland Pattillo Daniel Grant Paul Sloan GOLF AND TENNIS Both members of the golf team had experience from last yeai-'s team and by the middle of April, this season, they were undefeated in matches with 'Fordyce Little Rock. and El Dorado, and still had four more matches to play, in addition to the Conference. District, and State golf tournaments. Sloan will graduate, but Crow has two more years. Pattillo and Grant have been the tennis team for the last two years and are the team again this year. They have been doubles champions of District 9 for the last two years, and won the Southwest Conferences doubles championship last year. Pat- tillo also won tihe conference title last year. When this annual comes out they may have successfully defended these titles as well as won more. FLASH!-April 26. won both medalist honors in singles and team honors in the dis- trict nine tournament held here, and the tennis team won the doubles championship. This permits both teams to enter the state tournament. .xkmgfx J? 'S 1x.,zg1N.4'k-'K A ,,,n.a4v'g,"g,fx..,1n. .1N..1-'N-,fY1'-JY mf.L,jx.h swszi"ts4N-,a.,.e...x'k1x.1x,g,v,1XJx,fs.nw-.!w-1'-1k1N-1YfX ' is " 4 . I , ' I ll P ff' f ' ' E R -W Q W +C'-ke , Y r' ' .ga ' fl A , a .... A A. A- W i- e 251 ' . eeee if . -X S - " or is 'C i F ' ' ' ' 1 'f 4 x Q V . X D D ,V , H . . , , .N ...M . . ..., f-a.i-Lp. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Monxday, Sept. 16-Mac oils the doors of AHS for the classes of 40-41 for the fifteenth year in his career. Tuesday, Sept. 17-We meet ten minute classes today. No wonder everyone wants to take commercial. Wdnesday, Sept. 19-Rumors of a thing called "Student Activity Ticket"3 wonder what it is or where it is? Friday, Sept. 20-End of the first week and is everybody happy about the whole thing. Bright AHS student said, "Just 35 more weeks of school." Badgers meet Red Bugs at Fordyce today for the first game of the year. Monday, Sept. 23-We're getting used to it by now and it isn't so bad after all. Couldn't say for the football boys. Tuesday, Sept. 24-Nice pep talk about being in home room by Miss Greene. A1- so a little matter about the programs. Wednesday, Sept. 25-Spanish capes, old men, Latin music-Georgia Balarina. thrilled the students with a program of Spanish and Mexican music and dances this moming in chapel. Dano Thursday, Sept. 26-Dramatic Club gets off in a big way with "Curse You, Jack n." Friday, Sept. 27-Thespians meet and make big plans for the new year after an address by President Huddleston CBillJ. Monday, Sept. 30-The end of the first month and what a difference in AHS. Two new classes and a new picture machine, OCTOBER Tuesday, Oct. 1-Seniors meet today and elect Wiley Caldwell president. Other officers are: Betty Lowdermilk, Dorothy Thomas, Daniel Grant, and Betty Pack. Wednesday, Oct. 2-New picture rrachine in chapel and does it go over big with the students? . Thursday, Oct. 3-Plans are being made by the Student Council to attend the annual AASG convention at Conway, Oct. 11th and 12th. Friday, Oct. 4-Editor Huddleston struts his stuff with a nice edition of the R today. Large crowd goes to Benton to watch the mighty Badgers face the ers. Monday, Oct. 7-Ark Staff have their first meeting this afternoon and make big plans for a nice: annual this year. Tuesday, Oct. 8-Still we have those "pep" talks about Home Room Programs. "Just be patient, there will be a time for all of you." Wednesday, Oct. 9-Chapel! iThat's alll. . ::p4::::::::::::::::::::::ac::::::::: . Compliments of B. W. McCORMICK CO. Your Department Store STYLE AND QUALITY MERCHANDISE For High School Boys and Girls O Arkadelphia, Arkansas . Q 1 X lil X A Senior at work. 7. Don't disturb them. Sue. Gossiping. 8. Porcher's plane is grounded. This isnt the girls' glee club. 9. His and Her Royal Highness. How did that get in? 10. Professor McCorkle and class. Smile, John! 11. Robert and the River Rats. A familiar room to History students. 12. It's not big enough for you, Bostic 13. Three Seniors studying for finals. sw AVA Ag jx, .xx gg Jw. Jxvjywl-, ,xg Ar jgVyg ,Jg-1gv.!STwXiK?k,K-ij 'TyyQ,1g1ysJ1x.' .lxwl Yzgix fx 'jxgjx V jx A fgvygzxvyx .1,vw.:f2w.-Q .. ,ff A V - V V - QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQC I C Merchants 8z Planters Bank 8z Trust Co. ARKADELPI-IIA, ARK. o "The Bank of Friendly Service" 0 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ,...,.t.1.,, .Lymwd-Q - 1g ,ga A A Jg 1x'Jg'1gQ4g 1g'Jx' fx. Jwgwzxvfsnjgxpafgllsaf 6 .-..- ff. Yfxjygflxf 1gY1s,j,+gl.Akv1g'4xj,1g A Y A Z1-.. 7 1gvlS CALENDAR Thursday, Oct. 10-Journalism Club organized and elected Cecil Cupp president. Warning to all who are going to Conway: "Be up at 4:30 a. m. if you want to go." Friday, Oct. 11-Large delegation goes to Conway for a big week end. Monday, Oct. 14-Just a blue Monday! Returned from Conway. Had a big time. but are we tired? Tuesday, Oct. 15-There was a little hint about numbering books in Home Room. Wednesday, Oct. 16-No teachers! Therefore. no school! Conscrlptionl Thursday, Oct. 17-Club meetin' day. No Dramatic Club, however. Friday, Oct. 18-Three things today! ill Badgers nlay Texarkana: 123 BADGER comes out, 133 Picture about the first century of baseball during the last period. Monday, Oct. 21-We had a new student in sdhool todav. A nice little brown and white dog who loves to visit Miss Greene in History Class. d Tuesday, October 22-Nothing but a program in Home Room this nice and rainy ay. Wednesday, Oct. 23-Jimmy Heagen played in chapel this morning. Students sure enjoyed his popular piano. 'I'hursday, Oct. 24-Six AHS students and Mr. Huddleston go to Tulsa, Okla.. to attend the Southern Association of Student Government Friday, Oct. 25-Badgers meet Camden there tonight. We're still rootin' for you. Monday, Oct. 28-We hear fine reports from the delegation which went to Tulsa. 'I'hey sure had a big time. fSo they savl. Tuesday, Oct. 29-The origin of Ha1lowe'eu is he theme of this morning's Home Room Program. Wednesday, Oct. 30-Miss Doane's pupils present "Halloween Pranks" ln chanel. Rowland, are you so sure that all of these Ha1lowe'en nranks are so necessary and that the Arkansas Power dc Light Company paid the large sumlof S48 for lights broken last year Thursday. Oct. 31-Junior Classical League goes to El Dorado to attend. the Southern District Convention. O COMPLIMENTS OF BILL AND BOOTS NOWLIN Your Furniture Dealers 0 9 Q - jx 4 A. is. A js is ,xg jg Jxvgxrlg yx. gg JgY,x'g4fLV1xWzXv,.!Y,1S lifk- v rx. Jxgfg-1x'Jx,,fxQ1x,,1v,1X,A'1xQxfjxfA fxv,x,,A.f1x,,1v,-1'Xf-'X 1x"f' .oo--:root---1:-:rooc --------- -- ------ ----A- 1 ------ - 4:---:AOC Il II H II II U For . . . H E H 0 EXPERT CLEANING H Q o PRESSING ll gg Q DYEING Q ALTERATIONS ll II o HAT BLOCKING H H H E SEE THE CADDO CLEANERS E EE . ll H H :: ll u H II ll ll ARKADELPHIA, ARK. ,. -E -5 'mr Sq fZ I gg CADDO CLEANERS 0 :,...::::::::: :::::::::-::::::::::: . 'X -Tx, W N XQs W l QR U Xa l xl x HX . Xb. or Nb.. , X, X s 1' A xl Xyw M W sm- A ,sf X ,f .. ,fm +, ,rw ff'-. "NN -X K . . , ., , .f Ars, -'G ffxx .. .-' 'N- Af X' Z . , . .X K X x X f, ., . . f- X fx 1. No, thats not the team! 2. Arkadelphia conquers Fordyce. 3. A future Budge or Tilden? 4. You label this one. 5. John "Pot-Shot" Pattillo. 6. Freshmen with suckers, as usual! 7. Look her in the eye, Vascoe! 8. Hop-skip-and-jump. 9. Getting ready for Gurdon. 10. D. Grant finishing a ferocious fore ha.nd. AY ISA 1x18-JgJgjgjx1x1g1g1g1g.xx.fx1g,fg fggxyxjv !LY Y - , - Y - f - - f tv v' ' ,Q Y1Xfe- xx ,xv lLYlX lg ,Silk Y1yv,x,Y,x i Jxryx-JX , IN- 1X-1X,JXf,-'X -JY-fx jx .l2-- v---------- --, ..... ::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::: -"' A- -"A '-'. 0 H lb lb lb lb IP 0 In lb lr nm I ll 0 lb ll wl tl tl ll ll ll mn mr ll ll mn ll mr mr ll il ll lb ll P I I V ll lb IN il ll li lb il tl U li ll lb ': 4 Nl li H ll il 0 ll tl ll li ll lb IP ll U lb ll il H ll lb ll ll H lr IP lb lb tl ll II lb JUST A MINUTE . . . And the school bell rings. Grab the keys, turn the switch and step on the starter! You've made it . . . because of the dependability of your-- CHEVROLET You can ALWAYS Depend on Your CHEVROLET To Make the Grade! Exquisite luxuries found in no other cheap car, with sterling performance and at so low a cost. DeLAMAR MOTOR COMPANY 0:::::3:,,::::,,.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4 -..... - ....- ----9 'V fa XX V ,fx lg -xt , ,lr ,, r i 1 . F' ' 5,1 " ' H G - M - . 7 T . ll' Wfrve . 4 ,. fxf-r- 'sf wwwma . ' .J K' 5 L -A fs. A Jw, A .fx ISWIK A14-X fy JX xg-.zgvzg 1-Xj4gY " iQ'yx'J-.',g' A v Af ,xlfxfygjlx Afjxz -,A A ' A 'A ' A 'A -A Y Y Y .Y Y Y Y Y Y YY .T-Y, - - wi ..-, eff . . . , Q.. .si--ing 'I we-.-,nc -.1 . M-w, ' CALENDAR . NOVEMBER Friday, Nov. 1-New month and old man winter comes with it, but it gives the girls a chance to show off their new winter togs. Monday, Nov. 4-Just another blue Monday. 4Especially for the football boys who met the big, bad Buckaroos Fridayl. Tuesday, Nov. 5-Can you imagine Doc Batson getting to home room on time and being on the program all in one day? Wednesday, Nov. 6-Mr. Huddleston breaks the news-Teachers' Meeting and no school Thursday or Friday. You surely heard no moans or groans. Monday, Nov. 11-Armistice Day. Too bad we can't make peace with the teadh- ers. Tuesday, Nov. 12-Last week in this term and everybody is running around getting last minute reports and doing last minute things. Wednedsay, Nov. 13.-Books are good friends according to the chapel program this morning. It would be nice if we didn't have to study them. Thursday, Nov. 14-Seniors get an invitation to attend Senior Day at Ouachita tomorrow and therefore make those nice mid-semester tests today. Friday, Nov. 15-Senior Day. Seniors go to Ouachita and have a big time. Out- standing attractlons were the Girls' and Boys' dorms. Football boys go to Nashville. Monday, Nov. 18-New quarter begins today. Tuesday, Nov. 19-New home room programs since the quarter changed. Wonder if they'l1 be any better? Wednesday, Nov. 20-0-0 score in a. nice mud battle with Carlisle today. Thursday, Nov. 21-Mrs. Wright brought some of the students from the other building for a program the first period today. Friday, Nov. 22--Badger comes out today with the Honor Roll for last quarter. Twenty-five in all. Monday, Nov. 25-You try writing a calendar. Tuesday, Nov. 26-Where did it go? How come? There it is and there it ain'tl Bo-Bo, lhe magician, amazes everyone in a special program this morning. I O COMPLIMENTS OF CARTERS MEN'S STORE Clothes for Men and Boys 1. I fi 1 5 -fs: ,g1gJgfxygjg1xfx,fx1,1g1x1g1x.-fx1xJN,,fXJx1x.JxfX fx-A41XL1x.'j1x...w1x?1x,v1gQ,xjJxj1X,yxw.fx'YA 'fkfyx yx.f,fxj1g xx IX lx- .E2lZ1ZIZ3I2233Z3',:::CZZCZZZZIZSZZSSZCCZSC "" llltlittiittiillit . IE EE IE IE E E T EE MURRY FUN ERAL HOME IE EE ARKADELPHIA, ARK. IE IE 1: ' EE :E The Murry Burial Protection EE Covers Clark County if Like the Dew EE E :E ' EE EE TELEPHONE 206 E El IE .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .xcccxczccc::,:::::::::::::::qy .::::::::::::::::::::::::::: EE 41 'E IE ll EE El ll , gg 55 3 Fuller s Drug Store EE COI1'1p1iII1eI1tS of Nyal Service Drug Store I IE IE EE EE EE El 0 9 E: Rubye s Salon EE EE E :E :I EQ Pangburn and Whitman's EE of Beauty Chocolates IE I :E :: 55 EE J RUBYE STUEART EE E, o IE El EE EE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS EE ll E ' EE EE lr . EE EE EE 4, l ,, Er 1: Arkadelphia, Arkansas :E :E 6th igz Main -, Phone 8 tl ll E EE EE WE DELIVER EE EE ll ll IE fl U0 ' 0.c::::::,c:,::::::::::::::: J, X fxq I in-x.1SX,x fy-fggsx -, e. !. -A - V. sz , N w L' x fkl' 1' xx 5 X X.. 5 Fiftten-vard penalty for holding, Bet- 6. George B. and Tom. ty, 7. Does Buddy always work this hard? Riding the bicycle. 8. Student Council Exhibit. "Doc" and "Little Henry". 9. Prof, Addis and adinirers, The make-up committee. 10. Culley. who is she? Not u hangover-just the end of the 11. "Mahatma Ghandiu Walker. term, 12. Five minutes 'til one. 4, 5 QNX X Q? 5:4jqlj:f'rlj: 5j:w 22"-,, e,teAAgX 55355511 jteeftfjt sjtejbrfi Q25 .::1::::::::::::b4:::::::::oooc:JoQoc:r:oc: . :: H H U ll Il It Il 1: II I: li 4, U nu H In ., Our Place Is 'OUT Place 1: il W 1: fl 1: ll Il " 4+ ll ly U II 1: H II . na SE fi :I -i fl ll gg ll U ll gg ll U :: -- H fl H L U ll 4l ll H N I C I I O W ll ll ll lr ll ll ll ll ll II ii X Q .. ll H H ll ll lr II Q Q .. ll ll ll H H ll ll Il Il U Across the street :I II Where you can retreat If ll 3 For refreshments, sch001 1: Supplies and good eats. 1: Il II ll ll I .. I1 ll U ll ll Ll Q I - gN . A A A li v ,A W IL . ,, A e A W Jg'1g 15 Jxvgg Qvzxhvgxvlxr lx,-lvvlifk YJ' ,V ."lll '7 " - J'-'X-If Jkfftw Jg'Jx' Jgwlg' fx ' .fx lx A Yzyzig gf, fx-Jgkfg 15 A-Y-5 ,-fi-w'V,1"-' 1-' - - f' ' " ' ' ' ' T s anis lax Nm... . ., . ..,..-.... CALENDAR Wednesday, Nov. 27-Homecoming Day. Betty Lowdermilk is crowned Queen. Fine weather, fine field, fine game! fOnly we lost, 8-7!J Thursday, Nov. 28-Thanksgiving Day-no school! t ts Friday, Nov. 29-We come back to school today with a hangover and lots of pro- es . DECEMBER Monday, Dec. 2-P.-T. A. sponsors a hot lunch service in both schools. Tuesday, Dec. 3-Basketball is the big talk now. Wednesday, Dec. 4-It sure is hard to wait for Christmas. Thursday, Dec. 5-Hobby case sure has a nice display. A Who's Who contest by pictures of their childhood. Mrs. Clarke walks off with the best one. Friday, Dec. 6-Lela Sloan is elected D. A. R. representative in a special Senior Meeting. Also BADGER day. Monday, Dec. 9-Twelve more shopping days until Christmas according to a cute sign posted on the bulletin board by Robert Walker. Tuesday, Dec. 10-Home Room teachers remind us that it is our duty to buy and push the Christmas T. B. Seal sales. Wednesday, Dec. 11-Picture and play in chapel to encourage the sale of Christ- mas Seals. Thursday, Dec. 12-Club meeting day. Cottage Club this morning. Friday, Dee. 13-Bad Friday. Glee Clubs practice together today to get in train- ing for the Christmas pageant next Wednesday. Monday, Dec. 18-These girls are sure getting nice to their respective boy friends. Could it be that Christmas is only nine days off? Tuesday, Dec. 17-Basketball boys are going at it in a real style now. Their first game is with Gurdon Friday. Wednesday, Dec. 18-Annual Christmas Pageant in chapel. Tableaux by stu- dents from kindergarten to seniors. Music was furnished by the glee clubs and the girls' trio ' Thursday, Dee. 19-It was announced that Coach Emory and Mr. Matlock Will not be with us after the new year. Uncle Sam wants them. ttt::l::J:::r:::1::::::::l:::::::1::l. H Citizens National 0 Bank na H Sollcits thc Accounts of Compliments :T High School Students nv ,, of Open an Account Now and N Ge we H1-be W'-He YM-nf H Hardman Lumber H jf . Company ll nu U 3 X ff Member Federal Reserve System nu 3 Member Federal Deposit Insurance 5 . " ocrpcraticn 3 li '1::::::::J::::r:::pc:::::::1::1:::1:yJ .::::::poc:::pooq::::::x:::::ooQ:JQ OUACHITA COLLEGE Enrollment, 630 Member, Association of American Colleges 0 Free tuition to A. H. S. Graduates 0 Summer term begins June 2 Fall semester begins September 8 For catalog write: Registrar. Ouachita College Arkadelphia, Arkansas Q, 1- if - , --X so of SR: , fl is 11 1 ,111 1, ,- . ,. -, ., ,l 11 1. , ,V 1 1,1 1 V F 1 1 l I V V l n - - - I 0 ' ' 111 Williard Lloyds the targetyg 121 These Freshmen keep turning up: 131 Wait- ing for a streetczu' 101' just a car?Jg 14 Capt. Carson posing for publicity picturesg 15l On your mark-get setg 161 Take clown that umbrella Jack, it's nog. rainingg 171 The niaiclsg 181 Breaking in a wild bronchog 191 History 12 books. Tsk! Tsklg 1101 Bench WklI'ITl0l'SQ 1111 There ain't, no sech animal: 1127 Imagine! Camille with her mouth open. fSal'Ci1Sl11lQ 113+ Surely t,hat,'s not Wileyg 1141 Teeing oifg 1153 Take off that mask. Rowluncig 116 IL's a hold upg 1171 Neophites: Lee, Pack and Thomasg 1181 Mrs. Nicholsg 1191 More neophites. ff., I' I-IAAANEAAA Afg ,. -lg , AS ---:bc--:l:---'- --'-- -- fx AVN. 1, A A jx jxfixffxvjx, ,rg Wfx . ,-- ,- , ,.,, ,.,,, :pq --q:,-1-:pq--10004: :Doc 104: J. Photography in this Annual By Thompson's Studio Y Ngt AO d Reprints Will Be Made at a y T th Futu e z , , K ',fx'. e saws-fltx N A gg Jgg 'xg vyx v lg A fx JN ,, f.',I Alyfgx Ig 157 Jxvig Y Jgfygrlg zgrzgvyx Qfgx .rg gg' gg A '15 g11gf4g?gf,s,1Jg Yygi Jxfgxv Jgvfx V ls,-xg Yzx? gg 'A '.fx.v1x. fe f1gY'.fgY,N. ,Z I , , . . ,villirv-,af M- f... .. , mf., rw--e va-N . 1 .. -'Ji -- ..-- - ,l , rw-...ada-idx. CALENDAR Frlday, Dec. 20-School t-urns out for the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. JANUARY Monday, Jan. 6-Returned to school today after a great vacation to find two new teachers to go through- the new year with us. Tuesday, Jan. 7-Miss Greene starts the new year off right by making some resolutions and then gives a nice test to impress them. Wednesday, Jan. 8-Heads. Big Heads? Fat I-leads? Soft Heads or what? Rev. S. A. Wlles spoke to us in chapel about HEADS. Thursday, Jan. 9-The basketball boys are getting a taste of the new coach. Friday, Jan, 10-Primary election for Student Council officers for the second semester. Who's going to get what? Monday, Jan. 13-Grant and Batson win the primarv. Now for a little mud sllnglng before the final election. Tuesday, Jan. 14-New student from El Dorado. His name is Buddy Duke. Wednesday, Jan. 15-Student Talent and campaign speeches in chapel. Still wonder who ls going to be elected. 'I'hursday, Jan. 16-Flash! Batson wins the election. Triple header in Dramatic Club tonight. Friday, Jan. 17-Dance at the Community Club sponsored by several of AHS boys. It's also BADGER. week. Monday, Jan. 20-Just a warning! History projects are due tomorrow. Badgers play Patmos here tonight. th Tuesday, Jan. 21-Just the results of the game last night. 29-25 in favor of em. Wednesday, Jan. 22-"Professor Quiz" Caldwell had an interesting time in chapel. Thursday, Jan. 23-Badgers play Prescott there tonight. Friday, Jan. 24-Mrs. Goodloe and Mr. Elms are to head the Faculty Play as announced in Thespian Meeting. We win that Prescott game 39-37. Monday, Jan. 27-Carthage defeats Badgers in a close game on our court-22-21. 0 t Q 0 0 Compliments Compliments of of NEELS' GROCERY FLOWERLAND 4 c--:rc-1001:-:vooooc ----- ---:rc ---- -A----- -- -A------ -- - - -- ------ -v ----- ----:v4:--91::,- ...... 90-004: HENDERSON STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE JOSEPH A. DAY, PRESIDENT OFFERS A. B. and B. M. DEGREES Prepares teachers for the public schools and provides splendid opportunities for students who plan to enter other professions. Graduates are accepted in professional schools and advanced in- stitutions. MEMBER OF AMERJQCAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS COLLEGES Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools as a Degree Granting Institution CATALOG ON REQUEST we 5 'T V ' .-'Sf' 1 ' ' ' t A f ' Q jfffiiffffw 'I M-'mf A ' . ' 4' V ' , , I f ' ' ' . K -X -. ' . ' X V, , ' N 6 N5 '-Q-12.1 ,ltgsixugg Q" t , E N Y , . 1: . , L1 my ,fm. .i Ex :Q- , ,, - X--x 'w,ls f, 1 150 -- , V ggi 1 ,Igv , ., , f K - y f . ' E -X TMJ xg j' !i1. jx-Jkt? ' 'lg ' H W lg w ravgvgfxg 1' V - - 1 i X 2 ,g "ff Y ". , i . f1g.YJiY2LY,1x -,ff-Q gs, -Afgifg Afx gg JNL' L "iw Nm--UTM' " - ' f ,,.f E 'xi 2,9 M , - "K W TJ ' Q 2-2 T fy. X5 , v i., ' Ae ' we 'T ,xl A l,4., . .. - :Lg R :O D313!C PlCCZ g I Y U K 0 N MILL sl GRAIN Co. "Most Modern Flour Sz Cereal Mills in America" YUKON, OKLAHOMA, U. S. A. I Over 40 Years Millers of These Fine Flours YUKON'S BEST - - GOOD LUCK QUEEN OF WEST ' PRIDE OF OZARK 1. OUACI-IITA'S BEST SUREGOOD VERIFINE WESTERN STAR an: CRESCENT O Every Sack Guaranteed O W. D. TOBEY WHOLESALE CO. Q LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR 1 ARKADELPI-IIA, ARKANSAS is . afff 'P ' . 1 Q. In A . . m. 55 X ,wk A. 1, xx. ,se Jgvjx fxvixrlx ,xg Jgjx. fggx ,.fx.,gJgVjN..vJ'g yxxzx IX ,Hw.L4x.fjg,Y,v-x'1xhv1xv,xx. WJXY,-S zjxifx 11XY1x,Q jxv1s.v,fx,1g 'jx Yfgfxnlx ,JX C1IZ IlillCt1:PCCl21i31iT7TI1 T2I11ll12 0 0 In Sincere Appreciation for the Patronagpe of Arkadelphia. High ROYAL and C0-ED THEATRFS Cecil Cupp, Owner Q . ::::::boo4:::::: ::::. --A .21 12:11. .W H 1? ll Ll STERLING'S 5c and I0c Store gg ' 0 jf Compliments I li oi Where Prices Reach Their w Lowest Level :P Andrew Widner l lf U ll ll li I I Headquarters for School if ' Supplies I It Il lr Q ZIZ2I2btI33:IL:Ih13II2i1tCl:::, CALENDAR Tuesday, Jan. 28-Dimes! Plea. for the "March of Dimes" in all Home Rooms. Wednesday. Jan. 29-New Student Council officers inaugurated. They are: C. F. Batson, Virginia Anne Simonson, Ann Arnold, Dorothy Thomas and Ned Chadwick. Thursday, Jan. 30-We just now notice those nice History projects we handed in last quarter. Some of them are pretty nice. Friday, Jan. 31-End of month. We play Camden there and the BADGER comes out. FEBRUARY Monday, Feb. 3-Start a new month with a new exhibit in the hobby case, Ab- raham Lmooln sponsored by Miss Greene. Speech Class elected Jan Crow president 13-11. Tuesday, Feb. 4-Junior basketball boys bow to the Sparklers of Sparkman ? Wednesday. Feb. 5-Very interesting program in chapel. Do you know what it was Thursday, Feb. 6-Dorothy Wiles, president of the Cottage Club went to Little Rock to make plans for the annual Home Ec Convention Faunt Smith was the prin- cipal speaker on the program in Journalism Club. Friday, Feb. 'I-Badgers meet the Blue Devils of Carthage tomorrow. Monday, Feb. 10-The beginning of Drama and National Scout Week. A special play was given in honor of Drama Week. Tuesday, Feb. 11-Debate team organizes and the big event is the Invitational Meet at Henderson. Wednesday, Feb. 12-Scout Court of Honor in chapel. Thursday, Feb. 13-Blue Danube Singers in a Lyceum program. Opera, Comedy, and drama. Friday, Feb. 14-Thespians have their annal banquet. The troop from E1 Do: rado is their special guest. Monday, Feb. 17-Badgers face the Curly Wolves of Prescott tonight. Tuesday, Feb. 18-Just the results of Friday's game. 36-25 in their favor ' High School Books and School Supplies Careful Attention Given All Prescriptions Filled at SLOAN'S DRUG STORE O """"""""'l ELK HORN BANK 8z TRUST CO. Arkadelphia, Arkansas SINCE 1884 I A BANK OF' STRENGTH AND CHARACTER O STUDENTS AND FACULTY ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE! I Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 'L 'Q CALENDAR which makes us even. Black robes, glasses, books, umbrellas and Honor Society pledg- es parade around today. Wednesday, Feb. 19-Even Honor Society members are initiated this morning in chapel. Thursday, Feb. 20-Tennis and Golf teams organize. Friday, Feb. 21-Camden comes to Arkadelphia to play the Badgers today. Monday, Feb. 24-They say March is the windy month, but today is a little ahead of the time. Tuesday, Feb. 25-Home Room. Wednesday, Feb. 26-Henderson popular orchestra in Thursday, Feb. 27-We celebrate the day by going to Friday, Feb. 28-AHS girls turn in their sweaters for MARCH Monday, March 3-New month and a new Who's Who der who is going to get who? chapel this morning. History class as usual. the Red Cross. contest was held. Won- Tuesday, March 4-Harriet Jane Rudolph presents her graduating recital. Nice party afterwards. . Wednesday, March 5-Editor Grant reminds us that it is about final to get your picture in tile annual lf you want lt. "If you have any stray snapshots at home, bring them along." Thursday, March 6-Day of days for the seniors. Today is the party. A nice program on Patriotism and then all the ice cream you Friday, March 7-Debate team goes to Fordyce today for a nice Monday, March 10-Honor Society starts the annual School many children do you have? How old? And what are their b1rthdates?" of questions. Tuesday, March 11-'Final election for Who's Who. Wednesday, March 12-Ouachita Band in chapel and a little knitting by Miss Greene. r 1 Thursday, March 13-Badgers wind up their annual Gurdon. We lose 30-22. annual P. T. A. can eat. little argument. Census. "How is the usual line pep talk about season today by playing l ' ' 5 0 ll 0 LE Compliments E U Compliments H E of Qf ll 55 United Insurance Craig Motor Co. :: Agency Your FORD Dealer Q S A' T' GOODLOE' Manager 1: " Arkadelphia, Arkansas ll , 5 ., II R E ' . Y A AWA Y Jxvfx xx ,xx Y wZkv1g K1-XYJXZJX ,1x.Yf- IX-- xx, AVYJX-yx 121-xvzx ,fy-fx. .fx Jgryxzfx Y A fxvyxvfx ,Xwfg ,fX.m1XYJX,4 .iiiiitiliiiiiilllZllilitttttillilii Iiilliilillitittitiiiliit. ll :I I: Q . . YOUR FIRST THOUGHT 1: UALITY ' OUR FIRST SERVICE II 'E I YOU WANT ..... S T Y L E " WE OFFER THE N EWEST STYLES FIRST 5 II ll 'I 1: " 1: Penneys is Not Only Among the . I :Q " ll ll 1: But is the Largest Dept. Store in the World, Under More ll 11 Than 1,600 Roofs. EE 'F ll , a ' " A . ' 5 ' - I kt 1 K J 1: I: JiC.PENN'EY COMPANY,..jn',c.- 1: 4 Arka,delph a's Largest a d Most omplete Department Store " ,Pxi:::::::::::::f:::::::xx' ,P::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::0 ll 4' 1: ll ll 4' 1: 1: ll " ll ll " 5' :I :I II COMPLIMENTS 1: 1: ll ll I I: 1: " ll . ll if OF THE if Securlty Abstract 5: ll ' ll 1: ll " 1: 1: if ALVA HARRIS EE EE Agency EE EE ELMFR J. FRANTZ, MGR. Il Il il II 1: " 1: ll Il II 11 II 1: And the 1: 1: , 1: 1: if 1: 1: 1? 11 II II 1: " ll ll II 5' II Ph N 19 II one o. 1: BURIAL ASSOCIATION if 1: 1: If H If Arkaaelpnia, Arkansas II I: ll ll 11 PHONE 123 II 1: II 11 1? II ll I' ll 1: II " ll 1: ll 1: 1: 02:2,x::::::::,::::::::::,:2:0 0::::::::::::,::::::,:::::::::d' ,g ,. ,, A ,., Jxyg A Jg JL zyryx IL xg Ik 1xY4XY1gY4g.f1gv.A- 2 t'1g'4s..'.A'4g"1g' l11xY1xi1gj1g'f1gv1gY1xY'1s.Q1x 'lg gg 1giJgY1xY..r'x'4f n.4.......-....---......-....... N.. . , .... - CALENDAR Friday, March 14--Freshman edition of the BADGER comes out. Sue Robey gets a nice write-up in the People's column. Monday, March 17-Track season gets underway with a nice group of runners, strong men, efc. Tuesday. Mar. 18-You write one today. Wednesday, March 19-Student Council officers go to Bradley to give a few pointers on organizing Student Councils. Thursday, March 20-Honor Society memmbers of the Junior Class are 811- nounced today. Thirteen in all. For them: no cutting corners, no back talk, Mr. and Miss to all old members and a few other things. Friday, March 21--Journalism Day in Little Rock. Twenty AHS students at- tend. Lots of girls go to attend the Home Ec convention tomorrow. Monday. March 24-Please refer to March 18. I'm tired after a big week end. Tuesday, March 25-Home Ec girls start to make dresses for another project. Miss Greene also announces that this is the closing day for the Scholastic Contest. Wednesday, March 26--Peake High School Choir sings in chapel under the di- rection of Mr. T. P. Martin. Thursday, March 27-Lyceum Program. Ritz Trumpeteers give many interest- ing instrumental numbers. Friday, March 28-End of third quarter and final tests ln History classes as usual. Monday. March 31-Seniors meet and elect Dorothy Thomas as maid to march in the coronatlon ceremony at Henderson's Senior Day. APRIL Tuesday, April 1-April Fool's day and did we get fooled! Senior Day at Hen- derson instead of the annual Senior Picnic. H Wednesday, April 2-Mr. Goza, the gu'ls' glee club, trio and boys' quartet in h l. c ape Thursday, April 3-The Thesipian play is getting under way in a big way. Compliments Compliments of Joe B. Thomasson CURTIS ECHOLS . Tax Assessor County Clerk gf , h J I ' ' I A K W ""'L1 it ,ji-2,51 In AA 1fnQ,'L1tfQ!xf Lil'-e','C2"",-A115553 ijt' 5? T5 .I21II1t!11II1tZ1lZ1tI21IZZ1tZZIZ2!tII1 . ll Q II U T tl H CLARK COUNTY LUMBER CU. LI " 1: :I - :E U 12 " 1: JOHNS-MANVILLE ROOFING 3 ,, BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT I, ll as 1: SERVICE :Q II li 0 X ll U H Il an x " PHONE 165 ,, II II na n ll ll II ll .PlCC1tIl1QCCLtII1EIZ11CCtIIZIZZ IIIiliilliliiitiliiilillai .xx33:::::::::::::::x::::::C::::::::::::::-- ::::::::::::!y tl n II an I, In 5 EE ,I TEMPLE COTTON OIL MILL H li It Manufacturers of I1 lu H ll COTTONSEED PRODUCTS AND QUALITY FERTILIZER H ll ll I " Q ll II " 1I " 41 II 'I 1 II General Office: Texarkana 1: ll EE 55 1: Arkadelphia. Arkansas ll EE 11 11 Tl ..Qoooooooc:::::::::1:::::::1:::::pooo1:::::roooc:::p4:::1::::bc:::::::::::. "l . nr 5, lf' wil A seam? ' Y ' ' -' 1 U X. W y L'Lk 1. ke V I 1 .gc . -'vL J 'i it 915152 W., V WM. N ,X ,WW ,Sw .gy ,.gE.,.a.. A .J K . V E , V 1 l . ., sf 1 .4 Z, A ,Y T N xgkk r-fgq5...,.a,.,--gs. . X. " 'Qu ' - 'V , Q wx ,- .1 1- U --D. rs .:"'.'.Nt5 N, uv ' E QA N' l . . . ' g. W Y r wig. 'rig . -A ' ri T NJ- rj ,fairs-Y 4 ' gf X 28541 Ji Jigg' ggi JyzJxY1gw,Xj,'gv1s. .ayflx 'A '1x',yw3,x f .1-. - Y- -- W ' , - ' Y K" V- A g W - K -,. I, cf L' -A swf," tv CALENDAR time is posters gidggyhalgpgl gENothing at AHS. The district meet at Camden and a good Monday. April 7-Tennis and golf team had a nice time with Little Rock Sat. Tuesday, April 8-Students are working at Miss Greene's every night to make for the Honor Society Convention. Wednesday, April 9-Henderson popular orchestra in chapel. Thursday, April 10-Club meeting day Journalism Club and as usual, Dramatic Club. Friday, April 11-Boys' quartet go to Little Rock to compete in the State Musi- cal Festival. k Monday, April 14-Beginning of a big week. The Honor Society Convention this wee . Tuesday, April 15-Program on Hobbies in home room. Wednesday, April 16-Miss Greene gives instruction about the convention Friday and Saturday. Thursday, April 17-The lull before the storm. Friday, April 18-Honor Society Convention today and tomorrow. That's enough said. Monday, April 21-AHS is calm and collected after a big time over the week end. Tuesday, April 22-Tennis and Golf teams play host to the teams from Little Rock. it Wednesday, April 23-Film on Chemistry in chapel. You guess who had charge of . Thursday, April 24-Junior Classical League plans a big program for chapel sometime. Friday, April 25-Yours truly signs off! The ARK starts on its long voyage to the printers today. O 0 O O O Compliments Compliments of of County Treasurer Shenff 4. V, . gi We ' ' 5' wav,-,,.A.-1xig,X,,X41-.11-' sAiA4AsAiA f-:A 'JN-f1'X 7-'X 'fx'-'N' wr 21 2 . oooc- ----- A-oc---zpooa? ---- :booo4:----A- :pc- 0 n nu ll ll II an Compliment-s of H wl Il J. H. LOOKADOU nu H Il H WI Il 0 It H 3 ll 0 .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Q V,::33:::::::::::::::::::,::t:1. U U II U IP U II II II 55 LIDE 8a STUART 55 gg EE Compliments :: . I: U 41 uf ll ll il lb U lb 0 1: Ladies Ready To wear :: il lldred ewberry as ae aa ll Gifts Il Il Ladies Ready to Wear ll ll II li Cards Il H IP U II II 12 II - ll U ll . Il II Il 0 . ll U U IP II EE Il H Phone 502 U 1: phone 245 7th and Clinton QE Arkadelphia, Arkansas U II II U U U II ll ll ' ,rf 1 1 1 gi 1x71-g7,',i,gv,,:fgYJxYJg-lx 1gY1g,vJ5, IL-.lg Jg 2E xy ,lg gg Lux. Jgpf. 4YgN.v1xv1gY,,s,Y,sLW1gY1xYJgJgYlyrzgvfy zxl ,1xl1g'1yl,g4Jxj1y fs.. 15 ,fy 11 11 ---- AA--- ---- ----- -:soc-oc: 11 11 .3232::::::::l::::::::::L:I::::::: v.v..-- Y .....-. ..-- Y 11 71 1? 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 e 1, jf Caddo Hotel and 11 ll 11 11 1 - 11 Coffee Sho 11 E. W. McCla1n Bros. 11 p 11 n 11 Federated Department Store The Hospitality House TQ 1 11 11 11 0 11 ' 11 11 .1 11 11 The Home ot Red Goose Shoes 11 We Specialize in Sunday 11 It Takes Leather Night Dinners H To Stand the Weather with 11 ll 11 11 Excellent Food and 11 e Service 0 11 11 1I ll 11 11 I1 11 I1 .2233I::::3:313:33333:II2232:21 .' "A- 2:3:33331::3:2l22Z::2: ll I1 1 11 11 11 11 Compliments of II 11 11 ' 11 ' I1 1 Arkadelphla 11 11 Cleaners 1 Compliments 1. 1. of :E There Is No Substitute For 11 1 11 11 Experience QI , 1 1: WILL LEE S 1: PROMPT PICKUP AND DELIVERY 1: SERVICE 11 1 11 Drug Store 1 1 1: Tailoring I 11 11 Prescrxptions Filled 11 Hats Cleaned and Blocked 11 1' 1: With Care 1, Steam Pressing I, 11 if Eighth and Main Phone 159 6 . 1: Cecil Brown, Prop. 11 11 11 11 11 ll 11 11 I1 '-::::::::::::::::::::vc::::l::::: .b1:::l:::::51:::oc:::r4::1::::nooo: ik, A . ,. X W ' jx 'A ,fy L'-YZ-vxflx ilk YZN-QIXVYYXJ4 . 'A -yggvx ' ,xw,,xxe.Y9'ur YJXQ,-L A 'lxzyxv H W v 'lI::::: A----- A ---- ----A A :boo 'lr-v YY., ,,-9o4:-,,14:-,,, ----, Afkadelvhla Blevins on Co. Hardware Co. f Since 1888 Y m . 0 Itfs a Better Buy - Y tat. Blevins" All Kinds of Hardware I 0 0 Phone in K Phone 64 lie: ::::t,,3-::1, ,:iT:-,,:::l. Q:A, -AA-A37-t::TA:::,t::,..O 0 5 The Ark Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the advertisers in this Annual for the part they have played in helping 'the students of Arkadelphia High School to have one of the best, year books in the history of the. schooL ' 0

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