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jizmfpfa ........ Aww' ..,.... jpg' ...,...... ....... ........ dwg? ,,........ imma ...,.......... ........ I I MW . J.. The 1987-88 Sun Devil Spark ..v,gfj4i1fg W V' Q 1'-yy. ,f,.1-.V CQ 1988 Sun Devil Spark Patrick Schweiss Editor-in-chief Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Volume 61 tudents at Arizona g State University have ' ' always been noted for Y their ability to meet people and make campus seem more like "home" Whether it was academics, sports, clubs or just plain fun, there were plenty of opportunities to get involved in campus life and meet other Sun Devils. At the beginning of the school year, students showed their support for ASU football by camping out to buy tickets. Rumors that the tickets would sell out caused students to get in ploce for involvement line up to 20 hours before the tickets went on sale. They met other fans as they camped out, watched TV and eventually re- ceived an extreme sunburn. Students had many chances to get involved in campus ac- tivities. Social, academic and service clubs set up booths on the malls to attract new mem- bers. Students were seen in groups everywhere on campus, talking, studying or socializing. All in all, the 1987-88 school year was a good one for stu- dents to DIVE IN to campus life! l t. W .E Q is if . u X 8 'Q ff' . -.rf"'f'w .4552 L .J"""N. . ff' T .4 9' I . it its Its ' ving in was easier 'lg for some people v 'than others, as Marco Bijanic shows his "Incredible Devil" spirit. Body painting became one of-the ottest ways to show your spirit, especially dur- ing excitement of the Ne- braska game. Wglhron s of eo le f Zvait iours llor lghe digit.-I0 purchase the , scarce student season foot- ,ball tickets. Due to last year's Rose Bowl season tickets 5 . 9' U K -4 t .I- David Leeds faster thaneany Y .V-7?l,41 Firm , Q ", ll,3.,q R48 .I vl lu 1.35 - "A A ' if MH. -ga 'N ki 1. Z N55 If ' " wtf Z r . t" -fc. .iq Q, - fc .. ,HM ' ,,?.v V M1 LL :RK I. . rj? 6 A , I A -1-' 21 A ., , , X . J, ,M , K mg ,X zuhyxt . .4 - K ' Hgh' iii., 4 5 Iii' ""f'3'l K -"-" J ,,-,jarp 3, dk- 4 ,w ' 1 IW- " ' in .1 ff'-I ,.f 1 . - o -E . -Q ' -' -Y. - ,M ,tml 2, ,Sl wx 33 1 VM - lf..'tMx '- Vsiwml ,uf , ' W, Xbrx M, X -if-' ws Q "Nw A Rah-GQ. f Castle .glib . . 1.1 1 - my . .'S f , ,Avi-.p 5 . 5, ' 9 '22 ff.. fgx ,ff E Q" . lf", - v 'Q-. E' Y' M. f uk? f, x 1, ,G 4 'ra 'K 4 ,Y jlzfffzw, "" 9 ,J S , 1. nfgjgi Hi TA Q' 3 . A ' fie.'i,s.3'fZSV gg ' , 'wi 1 X if , X . , va? , Q i , 1 ik. 9 :ff T54 K A vt 1 "fu 3 ' I l 'Cf ' ,. ' 5' M 5 'li' -X 41 ff: -A . - ' 13' H . '91 5 K I f:m':3Iuvf,18- I u-', '.",-rf' 0 A A f f x W. X f 51. fv- ?S?'A'ae M... .- :kg 'xx " '- sffggsv 'Egg W I... Q ith such a large and di- verse student body here at ASU, there was quite a variety of ac- tivities for students to partici- pate in. On any given day Sun Devils could be found enjoying a the- ater performance, attending a lecture by a prominent speaker, catching movie in the MU or taking on an intramural chal- lenge. A campus-wide activity put on by the Greeks was Greek Sing. Held each spring, this was a combination of skits and mu- sical routines presented by fra- ternities and sororities. Many ASU students attended this event each year. oround compus Mock Rock was a populuar student event. Held in October, this airband competition attract- ed acts like imitations of Billy Idol and janet jackson. Mick Iagger captured first prize at the concert. The Red Eye Special was hosted by MUAB this spring. The event, held in the Memorial Union, was an evening of games, casino gambling and movies. Anyone looking for some- thing to do here at ASU was usually not disappointed. With the Wide variety of organiza- tions putting on events, nearly every weekend there was some- thing interesting and different for students to DIVE IN to! Q fter winning the A. W a t e r m e 1 0 n Busl, the crowd shares the team's success by displaying the Tri Delt victory sign. The Wa- termelon Bust is held annually to help benefit the charity, eing "saved" by BBrotlier fed Smack, Paula Dvcarlo feels the power run through her body. Brother led and his wife Sister Cindy tried to move their evangelical headquar- ters to ASU, W was the t was a year of change and new trends at ASU. In September, Pope Iohn Paul II stopped here on his V world visitation. Cver 75,000 people attended the eu- charistic service held in Sun Devil Stadium. ASU also was visited by the roup U2, who began their worqd tour in 1987. They were the first musical group to donate money to the statewide attempt to recall Ar- izona Gov. Evan Mecham. While students were vaca- tioning over the summer, there were many changes on campus that suilprised them when t ey returne . The Coke machines all had been replaced by Pepsi, and McDonalds opened a fran- chise in the Memorial Union, ASU was the third campus in the U.S. to have a McDonalds. Construction was all over campus. The library was being expanded and several new buildings were being built. Stu- dents returned to find a lar e pit in the middle of Cady Mai. There were changes in aca- demics. A new catalogue with stricter general studies require- ments greeted freshman and a plan was in the works to raise requirements for out-of-state admission. It was the year at ASU -- the year for changes, expansion and a collage of once-in-a-lifetime events. U gn .i A 1. " . N, V. ..--ww-ww-.."' f if AA., i V l w A ,Jfzl-'Sy 'C' 'P Shamway Lo Bnan O Mahoney fter ste in off the plaFr?e, gripe john Paul II is reeted by Phoenix's ishop Thomas O'Brien . The Pope came to Phoenix in September while on his nineecity American tour. dorned with shining Sparkys, Pepsi machines re laced the red and Waite waves of Coke. Pe si won the campus cora war by beating Coke out of the vend- ing contract. Section design by Tim Hall Section copy by Carolyn Pye WW It was the Year 7 8 Student Life Division va. at iv etting the most from the college experience was the goal of the majority of ASU stu- dents, and they reached that goal by DIVING IN to everything they did. The torture of studying was sure to take it's toll on the sanity of the average student. Now and then students had to cut loose and escape the role of Joe Student, ASU and Tempe provided the means for the breakout. If night life was your thing, Tempe nightclubs had the answer. Dance clubs like Utopia and After the Gold Rush spun the latest in Top-40 dance music, new-wavers bopped 'til all hours at neon- studded Grafitti's. Premiere was a great place to strut your stuff while dancing on the roof under the warm Arizona skies. Jazz, reg- gae and rock 'n' roll buffs quenched their artistic thirst at hideaways like Chuy's and Long Wong's. The great American escape, the movie theater, was another typical tension reliever. The Sun Devil 6 had a wide rangeof the year's box office hits, while the Valley Art and University Theater dollar tick- ets were a favorite among the tightly-budgeted. Movies in the MU Cinema were a great Way to take a break from a grueling study session. X Being in school was made more interesting by keeping up on the latest fads and trends. Gelled, moussed, sprayed, chemically sunkissed hair was a favorite when worn with a tan and stonewashed denim. Sitting at the Cady Mall Fountain, observing and comparing fashion notes was a quick brain relaxer between classes. Involvement in the campus and its student, faculty and staff helped compress the mind- boggling numbers of people and make ASU less of a lonely place. The opportunities for friendship and fun were there for those who wanted to DIVE IN and enjoy some of the best years of their lives. U Student Life Editor: Tim Hall Student LifeD s n As leader of the ASU community, President 1. Russell Nelson opens the Homecoming festivities with a speech at Old Main. Wednesday kicked off the celebration with various speakers and the tra- ditional lighting of the "A" at night. In the shadows of the Homecoming bonfire, cheerleaders jon Husselman and Malurie Bauman capture the spirit of the Sun Devil Safari. The bonfire, held in the river bottom, featured the cheerleaders, marching band and football players on the eve of the big game. HEADVEN1' E OFYUUR E s A f A rom the beginning events on Sunday to ASU's victory over Oregon on Sat- lay, the 1987 Homecoming, Sun Devil ari, offered many chances for stu- its, alumni and parents alike to DIVE and get involved at ASU. iomecoming festivities began with - annual tennis classic. The official koff ceremony was Wednesday after- Dn, November 4th, followed that eve- ig with a concert by the reggae band 1 Zand the lighting of the " " on "A" vuntain. Throughout the week, other ents included Athletic Day, Comgne- on Day, and pre-game parties. K ZP radcast live from several of the events. Another major event was the Home- ning Ball, sponsored by ASASU and r Student Alumni Association. Over J people attended the ball, the largest turnout so far. "We made sure that as many people on campus as possible knew a out 1t," said Terry Reisner, director of Home- coming. ' There aren't many dances that everyone on campus goes to, so we made sure to get the word around." "Also, we saved the crownin of the king and queen until that niggt. This attracted many of the alumni members, and it also gave the court a chance to get to know each other on a really even basis." This year's king was Tom Dom, a se- nior political science major. Melissa Soza, a junior psychology major, was crowned iueen. en mem ers were cho- sen for t e Homecoming Court, from which these two were crowned. "The reason why we chose this 'L nv"'! 1 Layout by Tim Hall -. vf 'ci SQ: fi .Ng X 4' .NNN David Leeds Do the Limbo Rock! Senior finance major and member of the Homecoming court, Margie Carrol executes the limbo in Safari style during com- petition day. Other events included a Tarzan-yell contest and banana eating competition. i theme," Reisner said, 'tis because ASU is like a jungle. Peclple go on safaris for whatever reason. s freshmen, students can look to 'safari directors' - those who know a lot about ASU - so the are not lost in their safari. It's the Acfj venture of Your Life." The theme was also part of the Home- coming Parade on Saturday, which had a variety of awards and entries. The over- all best float was awarded to Kappa Sig- ma and Alpha Phi. Ocotillo Hall won for best residence hall float. The best float conforming to the theme was awarded to Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Phi Ep- silon. JU - Carolyn Pye Brian Kirmse Taking a break from the action of the Home- coming Ball, this ASU couple enjoys the atmo- sphere at the Sheraton Tempe Mission Palms. The ball was one of the most successful in ASU history and featured the crowning of the king and queen, Tom Dorn and Melissa Soza . Waving to the spectators, an elated queen Mel. Soza is accompanied by the king Tom Darn. S1 and Dom were crowned the previous night at Homecoming ball after a week full of Safari eve1 Surrounded by the natives, Sparky peers over palm trees in the jungle of this winning nomi: for best float. This float was designed by the jc efforts of the men of Kappa Sigma and the mon of Alpha Phi. Brian O'Mahc I Brian Kirmse Layout by Tim H1111 Sparky junior takes a breather from all the coming Parade's excitement to pose for a picture with the "grown-ups." He was just one of the hundreds of spectators who tumed out for the "Safari" parade. Showing ASU pride and spirit, the Sun Devil Marching Band cheers for the football team after the Devils score at the Homecoming game. 'P f , gs 74 .L 'df' -' ,f NX X if 2 5 .Nut Brian O' L44 ow fpe w Brian O'Mahoney Parading in the adventure of your life, these Mariposa Hall residents ride in and on their float, the Queen ofthe jungle, while promoting ASU spirit. Homecoming 13 .uv V32 - Mahoney V",-, v,v P Y 'I 79-1 V :Av V1 v v v., 1 - -1 4- L 7 P '51 7-iv A 4 ,AJ V74 .1 Q VV-I 4 rv F Lv fr v .x vw -.A 'lw'!A- V., A w ' V-'J1'c7hq4rVAf'Jvqvqacq-xavpq A "V-72A4'lV.xAf"N-l:v4,AL l-V.,V' w!v7h7.JcAvrpqq4v.qf'L,aA7 '74i4q4h:,J'J7'n-VC 3, 7 714 37 7? A44 'VP' gg' A-I A v V1 FV!-A7PV 4 Q' -1-27"-14 A74-r'4'x"x--14 4"'4-"4 P1 Y'-A -I rLv7Lv-yk!"'7c3J-CVv,5,b ,VV-,lil-v7qL LAFVrV 4 7 Arqtr-V4vrAv4f!"v 7qvAL, 'A-n'.xf-v'xrA'x vb'-SPV AVL-1 LAFL-Al' "4"""4A4rvq"'JVrr7A4V 9 L TC-1"'.f"xcr-V-V9' x 741-3ph44,,tq!'4J 5Av"vz-vvnvnvlh 1, I' 11 t-A675 L 4 V 47.74, QQNIVA r 'vr-A -ah' 1 'IK 's V 7 V dc V C 4 Q A Z ' x 4 A If V Y' 4 at B7 'Y A t sl ,F X V V 4 Y. Y 3 5 7 A L rv : ,I L LT' Nl '7 r v 4 7 T .1 l 4' : V . P 6 Layout by Toni Amodio and jerry luliano -1 - - . Brian O'Mah0neyfDavid . S 3' ' ' 51' S N .L few, ,... ..m,,.,...,,.M ,, In-,JI-Y "M ' V . 'fi 'V KPN , ' "' M" .Q ff 5 Q , 5"Q 75 E - sg 2 Q: :-- ,J-1.4"-Q vl b 'h gf' , S. A3 if 4. A, .5 5, 52. V MW QL L A . if L 'f x 'Jfqv K4 .. X 3 5" -H... I 531 gg f-'Q V i - W A 1' L ff W I-:WW 1 G Q ww f K 25 6 Brian O'MahoneyfDavid 14 Nitelife I verybody needed a break from the stresses of studying, term papers, and the thought of what was due in the next day. Students at ASU nd that escape in the wide array of htlife Tempe offered. They had the ortunity to DIVE IN to their every ulgence! empe offered something for every- 's taste, from happy hours to dancing just hanging out. Premiere, a three- el establishment, featured top-40 hits yed by a live DI. Sun Devil House catered to crowds weekdays as well as weekends. Danc- and drinking were not the only to indulge in at the Sun Devil fl House. People could play pool, video games and shop at the Bare Cover shop located in the comer of the nightclub. If hunger was a problem, there was a food sevice area serving things like pizza and hamburgers. After The Gold Rush had two dance floors with one overlooking the other. Gold Rush also had a live band playing in a different area. People could play pool, video games and eat at Greasy Tony's food area inside the nightclub. Utopia was a big club with a cozy atmosphere. Its customers were com- prised of about 80 percent ASU students. They played mostly new music with some 60s and 70s top songs. Utopia cat- of dance music. ITHEA HENTII GOESD ered to ASU's clubs, fraternities, and so- rorities for their functions. They had a state night in which they choose a state, such as New York, and then gave away airline tickets to that state. When students felt like just hanging out, Dick's University Drive-In was the place to do it. On any given day or night Dick's boasted a crowd of people eating hamburgers, chicken, fish, fries, and drinking sodas at low prices. Dick's was also popular because it was like the old time drive-in food hangouts. D - Mary Muehl Brian O'MahoneyfDavid Leeds "Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows" entertain a dance crowd at Chuy's. Chuy's is one of the few bars that still features live bands. Playboy Bunny Rocco Liace models his costume as a finalist in the Utopia Halloween contest. Night clubs were a popular spot for Halloween festivities. Sharing a dance at Utopia, fPage 141 sophomore business major janet Knievel and junior engineer- ing major Kraig Brink are caught up in "nitelife" action. Formerly Surprizes, Utopia offered a variety ' 1 C74 -144'- vcq CQV QDVYQ7 fa V7 BGA V 1 1 ,g,ALv,4-lc AVTT V1,q7V , -,.bl',g,vL ,731-Lp. 'fbcv V7 BrianO'MahoneyfDavidLeeds ,A W' VL A 4, -Iqvl. A 4" Q U students "feel the rush" at After the Gold at P J 7 -in A 9 V 7 7 'J V 70" hduring ladies night. Theme nights appeal to 4 V AFV' 3 g,",f'," vb A 4 4 A ' variety ofcrowds that frequent the night clubs. c f' 3 4' f 5 ,I 3 7 U' V 1 V' :7g'1,,3b:79LAV4g-?"':'57f'i4,,7,,.A,4q,5jAq'lA..sff,, ,wvvr441'5!'vA',-lqcvlvvrdsl! v1F,'.5V1,,454qLvg-7r,14C-1 j ":.saf7A-asvavvr-L4".n.s1'A'Nv-x vv V4 rr. vt' A40 V I. V 1 ""'A1.p-rg Ad ACP' 'LV 4 AA . v 1.4 4- v 4 L 'V P A44 rvvrLvF,, , hvLv"A,LLfA4L4vCvcLvqv,y 1- A4444 4'-A "A"'L7..g :.r'4,'.9'A4i? . 4' it-D-I A . 4-a..n - -1 1 A' 1' l 1llx'f fu' 'Jn1,r "Nl-l,l,xlf- 11',. - s , .. 1 xnxx ,gt ,Ugg ,x1l,,,x lftf' N - - ' x -NljxIfI'1st,3'J,jlaTf?N: N I"- vm is vo, R10 -: :LJ -V x,N N-,f-. - slz,,X I- X f-"'N,' ', t'J,'1, X f' UWT, x ,'xN N xl N, ,'g,Xxl f,-.lj xv -lxI1z,I,1f'1gq,x, xQ,,-,lx,X -" 'X' 'fxxtslkwl N'x1',', f -M ll-LH ,ax ",x.V'xV - i ,l'x yxl' x 'IQNNIXI fx, eh X lx'l' l..t lx fl, l,,xll,1 f it A I 0 I I I I . ' 1 X ' Slow dances offer the perfect opportu- nity to get close. Lynne Enright, freshman cultural geologist major, and Cary Sher- man, graduate, enjoy the atmosphere of a popular night spot. Rockin' Freddy's pro- vided the comfortable surroundings. Z V 15x I : s I II '- j'li'l', I, , - 3613 fl P ' 'JP :spicy ,:xl, lx, 1 N 4 .ixxc 1,l',,x 2- X ,-X. lX,l-N 'fx xl X- I xlx Q Lxly,I1',l,x', 3' xl.-lx, X, IX N Xl ItNl XM lIXX,l X Il," "gf sl X IIN l,,x,,,yIl ,sl yd NXxNlxxxx','l:,',X-:f'xg:.' 1- - X- - iff I- , Q, xrxfNr:lQ,'f 1 ,stint - - f- , - X- 1 -fy '-'N' 'N'Ll1" X' Film' 1 I, t "W "xx,:lx,X'LX7':':':XLi 'll I' 1x"fLx',' -', X51 l'f'.' :xL:x,fQlgl QN'tf::7pf,xlX,,, Xl -'J 1 1- I ,LII-'X:N'fx.i':x'rNxl-N XV-'1' N'fl'!xcX1 -X Itflxflx if x -cxx lx-Nt ffl-fxrf' - --f--'-X-sl,l-'i1'5'N by-1 -1 ' 'Q' to 1 I-1'a 1 V u's,,UN'U I 1,!x",m'1!l ,'-N2'- xx: N s " " lx-llfxl' lX'sx1VVx-' xlfsnxnlf-' N", x'-'l-' 1'.Nx'x'i,,x :1xlxl,7T,N:xili1lx' ' lXi:7aX:,s1lxy' ,ly - ix -,, ---,,,tNt -lx xp..- J1, , ,ix ' ' f 'lx'i'fu'-VSA!r'.'lx'NL:,'t:lfx'Lsxcg''Rf' LN xx.-V ,,u3t'x,x1l-' ,:,'N,11,'-livfxTjszfx-Ixifxgmfgl, :.,x-,Le'fG..'l:',: xX'l,.l.'s,Nlx 1x"...l'Nl'x1i- 'lr 1-,,N, xv, 'zx,,lNfvl'1 1lX,lN X'-,X lx x ff' -xx! I f'llX"g"1'xlxl'.. x"l'1 -' lXxxl'- . Nh' Q2,fl.-vial'-'xl,fl.jLl'7,-',j fllxrfsvx-XyP.lLN:wIJ..':x,3b",x1',,:i,,f-tix rx.. xNXsNvg xx .-x 1- F' x'.'N.l-',1,,l1l..lI-XHINXxl,xV1',-x,XLll':l5,lyfiiy Brian O'MahoneyfDavid Leeds Brian O'MahoneyfDavid Leeds vffvwwshgffn LVIW Q I 4 Avwaaavhvfna K. 57 v?4V-x-SAV" ,A ,s LV 't"'f'-4.11-.t,AorA lb '?,...s.,p4 ,gh -5 lata ,n ,at 'M ki' re P we-vfebfbbsn vvque 2-4v.,.Vr-Q-g-4 pcv bash 7"X"'iC?vi"g-7v1'x'N,,"P 'sz 'ij' bsffw,,c4,1k,,,,QA.rl'-vvvv-,7A"1 W 1 J Vabqqqv dar x- v t 5 ,E .,vv:- .1 ve 'lv 9-ivi r- ,..,.zf-1 4, 7"'V -1'xV-JV bv! V V 5 Fx 'c Y4.r4rA,,,VgLAv44 'ffg3'ML'::V,,4mftv?vqv4,.,!.,. 'mff"'4bA4tf 4-A K-'7v7'4ts3"NA g, 45- 7 'fitvv b-V1-'rw A '14 QR, vcevfnp ..':,.3'vA:- I 4L7vvbcvAa, Lf,b.x4cf-qt, A474 fv"tV:.VLvvv4'x,f'c" :r Afvfavh fvv VCYJ. Y. Cf7qVAV ' by Affb 5ncb 4- a'.x CAS sal' 94 3.v?fsfv The Sun Devil House is a popular place that pro- vides entertainment every night of the week, Pa- triotic students join in singing the National An- them. F c Brian O'MahoneyfDavid Leeds Students unwind at The Dash after a long week of studying. The Dash, on Apache, was a great place for food and fun, featuring margarita specials and Mexican eats. A crowded dance floor is a common sight at the Sun Devil House, ASU's number one night spot, located across the Salt River bottom, attracted many students. Layout by jerry Iuliano and Toni Amodio Nitelife 17 5-2 s M N sq, gt, efswmg ai 5 s gsffgagijs sa .stasis mt he P it if A at A at G? if asa as fp W W Q 3 W Q wi if as as it sz lg to Ge A as Q vt A if A f ts, , 'W F S Q ,S -.V M Q Q is We W A V at e at T as Ml at it S if s as a T 515+ W get W, as wr 15 36 Q3 K Q is 'Ei gist wg? Wan ,ll if 4? Q k U .. s " ' f ' - l 1 l l wi V gy Q? is V et mg 56 A QM if 'Q W A A W A is ,fit is ' 'E sv is qi 3 ea W 9 tg-2 sz , ' J' L, my ,wi ,af J f K - . ' WA ,G+ '44 i!3f,m'a,12'r, QED abd 'L" t. ss' 'QS' ii If li. Egg is A31 75, Q52 A da, is W U 5,6 'F A af , me if Ji Efghfi A , a A 'tv fb W T gffti 'fem if 6 v lb if wi - A t , V Rf 14. MX' it ,st 2, ,f li 'P' , ' ' , 5 Q 31 VJ W r ig , ,gi MQ Hb M T5 4-I fb, 41, .W QA je ,. "1 K ep 'W ' 73. ag, P51 M . w Q fra K , , . - ff-J 4 , f. 3 Q tag at ,f "W 1 A wg 552 Qs? Wi 'Z' , 39' 5 H G' ' pf y 92 K 'W Qt' QQ ,i ., ga 25 itil iv 17 29 Q5 we aemw Q3 Wgyff 3, as t, Q, V5 1 This is better than a sand box! This ASU Sun Devil plays in the "ooze" of Oozeball and becomes completely covered with a second layer of skin. A sideline cheer is chanted by the Oozeball cho- rus line as the teammates prepare to DIVE IN to the mud. The Student Alumni Association sponsored the event to raise money for the Arthritis Foun- dation. Layout by Tim Hull 8 Oozeball f . tie A Ysixfft , nw' X 1 'sr gf, .x etsiii ' c, l 'W ' i ' ill. uf A 4. - ,fit "' 3-.A ' V f t if Q N421 A ,.. I Brian O'Mahoney Brian pring. At ASU this word brought 'about the feeling of greener grasses :und campus, lighter note-taking in sses and darker tans on everyone. As re as the sun shone a little warmer in xrch, the Student Alumni Association gan its annual fundraising activities. In ring 1987 its efforts went towards rais- g money for the Arthritis Foundation, ident Alumni always tried new ideas get students involved, and this year ey set up shop out on Cady Mall arrassing" anyone who looked like ey would like to participate in a rather ique event, one which proved itself to a terrific way to beat the heat. The ent? Oozeball, of course. This had to be the most outlandish 'm of volleyball ever developed. Two tms, composed of 16 people brought high energy competition to a volleyball court comprised exclusively of mud. Eve- ryone spiking, jumping, diving, and most times sprawling in 18 inches of Arizona's finest chocolately thick, wet slimy mud!! This year 12 teams participated in two rounds of play. The quarter final matches were held at Minder Binders, one of the sponsors. Each team kicked in a 5520 en- try fee to participate, "a small price for a good roll in the mud . . . " One week and nine teams later the finals were held on Saturday afternoon, attracting some 100 spectators for the finale. "Oozerules" re- quired that the three teams play a round robin of the best out of five match. The Pigsuckers, led by Todd Wurtz, took on Carey Graves' Sigs from the Sigma Chi house. Then the Slimeballs DEFINITELY N0'I' GOOD CLEAN FUN took on the winner of that match to determine the champions. After a day of frolicking and flailing, the Slimeballs came out on top defeating the Sigs. Each team received T-shirts to capture the spirit of the afternoon and the victorious Slimers were treated to a complimentary victory party at Minder Binders. The real winner, however, was the the Student Alumni Association for raising over S300 for the Arthritis Foundation. Carol Grene, the coordinator for this event, said she looked forward to hosting it again in spring '88, adding she an- ticipated greater team participation. "As long as there's mud, there will be Oozeball."U -Scott Troyanos Oozeball 19 ,W Q YQ Y x I fi., .. 5- 'K - fr 1 Mm. Q HU' 7 " fi' 'kh' ,rf 2' 3 if is f " fi fbi 393 mga. , L ..A, h If K 4 A5 in 3584 ff 24 ,e f ,H 53,4 Adil Z 'K gg T K - A - , 1.3235 , 1455+ at , ,J 'fl -fig., wi. fwf ..,- :Q gk K ,y."" . ,N f'1"'f2u' I . ' if 4 wiv- An. I V 3, WORLD T R if ' .. 1 W-1415 STARTS ll E It wasn't a great way to start a world tour. But it came to a thundering finale as the U.S. leg of U2's world tour came full circle at ASU. ' U2 kicked off its 1987 world tour in the University Activity Center April 2, with Bono, the lead singer, falling off the stage during rehearsal. Hours before the concert, doctors stitched his chin up and sent him to greet a psyched-up crowd. The bad luck wasn't over yet, though. About halfway through the concert, Bo- no lost his voice. But in the usual U2 tradition, thousands of screaming fans took over lead vocals, and the UAC rocked. Ticketholders for the second show April 3 held their breath while waiting for the verdict on Bono's vocal chords: canceled. But any real U2 fan would have known better. After putting the UofA concert on hold, U2 appeared in full force with fully rested vocal chords April 4 - exactly 19 years after the assas- sination of Dr. Martin Luther King - the very date U2 made famous with "Pride Qln the Name of Lovejf' Things finally clicked for the second concert, and U2 left fans and critics alike wondering if two nights before had been a bad dream. Bono's voice was as forceful as ever. He and the band gave their all in what I out to be an intense, energetic inspirational concert. For almost two hours, they proved unusual ability to sound as good, if better, live as they did on tape. But, then, that's what audiences expect of U2. Bono encouraged audience members to participate in the concert by asking them to sing and clap along, and by bringing an audience member on stage with him to dance. And while the Time Magazine photographer set the band up for a cover photo Bono gave a quick lesson in guitar chords to a young au- dience member who kept the crowd crooning "People Get Ready." Many fans had been surprised that U2 didn't cancel its Arizona tour after Gov. Evan Mecham's recission of the Martin Luther King holidayg had they known about it, they said, they would have joined the boycott many other groups did. But they said they didn't know about it until they were already here, so they decided to make the best of it by donating 55,000 to the Mecham recall campaign. "The people of Arizona are wonder- ful," Bono told the cheering crowd be- fore performing "Pride." "I know you won't forget this great man." U2 left thousands of fans feeling uplifted after what could have been a disappointing world tour kick off. The tour's conclusion Dec. 19 and 20 at Sun Devil Stadium was nothing short of spectacular. Eight months on the road proved helpful in getting things rocking and rolling more smoothly. The two shows of 70,000-plus crowds were filmed for an exclusive U2 world tour movie. Although Bono still may not have found what he's looking for, he gave ASU exactly what they wanted. D - Dana Leonard With or without it - U2 lead singer Bono, who suffered vocal difficulties during the first show, enlists the help of his eager audience. Although the album came out only days before the concert, the crowd knew all the lyrics. Photo by Brian O'Mahoney U2 Concert 21 22 Concerts Ruger IT Rock Legend Grace Slick dazzles the audiencj Grady Gammage in a performance with her h Smrslxip, Slick, who has been in the music bb mas over 20 ymrs, ronked ASU with Star:,l11p like "Wv Built This Cz'ty"and"Nntl1ingfs Gnrmu S Us Now". Quizzed on test material by interesting date possibility in line. Ext itetnent begins to mount. Spent week's grocery money on tickets, Not upset: some things worth starvation. Sleep totals 12 hours for four days. ti'y,i.-writer malfunctions halfway through term paperg test ina- terial incomprehensible. 'l'he big day: term paper finished 20 minutes before deadlinep tests drag on endlessly, Tension rises, Traffic jam caused by overzealous concert-goers. This is getting bad. Left phone number with frisker at the door, Date did not appreciate. Actizvity Center crowded and stuffyg hard seats threaten halt of circulation to vital organs and limbs. When are they going to start? The lights dim, a hush falls over the crowd. Sud- denly, out of the dark, an accoustic guitar begins to Roger Duhe A jam session Starship style - lead singer Mikki Thomas jams with Starship guitarists to the bands hit music. The performance received mixed reviews from concert-goers as the band played to a half-full house at Grady Cammage. Untouchables guitarist takes the spotlight with a solo in the MTV Showcase Concert sponsored by the Memorial Union Activities Board. The band out of Los Angeles was popular among college stu! dents across the nation and was featured in the traveling MTV entourage. Layout by Pat Schweiss DIARY OF A CIUIQIRT ADQICT whine. A spotlight brings the stage to life and the UAC znbrates with the crowd's roar. Fans bolt thankfully out of the cruel seats and stand, screaming, singing, clapping and iatternpting tot dance in their tight quar- ters. But no one minds . , . the music is loud, intense, perfect. the weeks worth of tension that knotted stomachs only five minutes ago is escaping, lost in the joyous cries of anxious fans. For two hours, time is non-existent, Worries and thoughts are temporarily suspended. The band is kina' in slowly bringing back reality with a slow, mellow song. When the lights go up, the crowd remains, their ringing ears adjusting to the sudden quiet murmur that fills the air. Peace . . . at last. U 4 Dana Leonard David Leeds Drumming up the beat, the Llntouchables' per- cussionist pounds out the latest in new wave mu- sic. The concert attracted thousands of ASU stu- dents as it capped oft a day of MTV promotions. Concerts 23 .,., Brian 'N Xli r 1 JW - fb l J , Brian Kirmse Brian Kirmse Serenading the audience, Level 42 lead singer Mark King shows the crowd that it's all running in the family. Level 42 was the opening act for Tina Turner's world tour. "We Don't Need Another Hero," Tina Turner tells the audience as she sings her No. 1 hit song from the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thundvrdormu Turner's tour was touted as the last of her career. Layout by Tim Hall Concerts 25 Having the crowd under his thumb is Ho Malliam performing as Mick Jagger. Howie won 87 MMA Rock contest by giving a rousing imitati he excitement flared at Palo Verde as Sigma Pi, in conjuction with W.A.M QWholesaler's Advocating Moderationj, brought ASU's annual lip-sinc compe- tition, Mock Rock, to ASU. Acts such as Prince, the B-52's, Billy Idol, The Rolling Stones, REM, janet Iackson, and brother Michael Jackson performed as part of an effort during Alcohol Awareness Week to demonstrate healthy drinking habits and the effects of bad ones. Mock Rock gathered almost 2,000 students to the lawn between Palo Verde Main and Palo Verde West. Alongside the multi-colored stage lay a compacted truck that been driven one fateful night by two people who had been killed by a drunk driver. Also por- trayed were pictures of dozens of other 26 Mock Rock This "nasty" boy dresses up as janet jackson to lip-sync. janet, aka. john lamina gave one of the most memorable performances ofthe night. Bob Castle cars that had been totalled in fatal ac- cidents involving drinking. The sullen displays didn't hamper the fun. Mock Rock had its second most pro- ductive contest in as many years. It was an event where students could come out and mimic their favorite band or singer. "Hot, absolutely hot," said one au- dience member when speaking about REM and the song "It's the End of the World and We Know It." Although they didn't take a prize, Mike Konz, lead sing- er from Delta Sigma Pi, said, "We want- ed to represent some real music, truth, knowledge, and a good time." Howie Malham, portraying Mick Iag- ger, won the contest with "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones and said that this was the second time they were out there Shamway MOQK ROLK: NEXT BEST THING- T0 Riltlllj doing it. "We just love the excitemer and the fun." Billy Idol, another big winner, too second place with "Rebel Yell," playe by Keith Fredrickson. "I love Billy Idol. couldn't help but not doing it when found out about the contest." The bands performed without havin paid an entrance fee. Dave Andersor campus representative for W.A.M., sail winners and the audience received T shirts, hats, neon beer displays, mirror and the grand prize were round-trip tic ets to anywhere in the continental U. Anderson also said that W.A.M. donatet about 552,000 to other groups on campu to help alcohol awareness. lj - Scarf Troyunos Q w at fy f' if f jf " :X .. , oi Y? Q, fyfx F41 i F 'U' 'fr' i 3!'Y'rf Q yr-i1'n . , mfr u-'vs-r"v f mfg-1r'z'I'M"r'F Q 1rrf1,1?p7!'f irrffvpfffp 'YTTPRVM N4 ff?-r"r MH' Rf- 'ff-,ff M 'fr c frvrffdsfvi- wrfm f '1"r'rres 'P' ' Yffrwe " i f,nrr1?11"1'?.,,f-ire., ' r 1- 274,919 'Hg 1 fff,-WH? 'Y 79,1 'Tr rt? T1-fr, Us f' r rx? Y. 1-r?r'g1'r:11qT-g vffrfax ru 3 ii l rr vw f P9 'rf n-ter! , 2i':rw1Pf "?17'f1,1'7f'! -n?f,1?r'!,?-g'1r, r V ?f"1?,'y'!',"s,f5?'Y 7? ,Y Yxivf Qe"1P?-e Jen ,q fu rf-r?K:1n",-:rf isrnf' :Y-r "3" 'T ' 'Y' 1 rr! 177 i'f1frf'6?,Hvr rr'-:five rrfgvfiyfufn QM N' !:f1'rn'f'c'r f',t'Y'!f'f 193113: r fur: ?Q:,P1YfT1,2?: if r,gvr1v,'1 1 Q 11 rue Y? 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V 9 ,Q 1139? 1 1 7-fr P1?'I'1 M! -3 31.. ,s rr'P,v YM-. P--1 ,.Jv-..". 3-11.33 .'3v'Z.fI'F'n if ,7ff'f1'Y". ,W v , ..r,,, Bob Casf Watching over the Mona Plummer Aquat: Center is freshman lifeguard Felicity Ashbeck . Tr aquatic center was a favorite spot for students 1 take a break and get a quick tan. Brian fn' r1'r1pn"r-n-rap A A T P, .1 1' 'ra'-f ,N fn rr 1' 1-.,',,ff-1 ff 1' rj, yfr-r'vx YT '!:r.,'yy!q5nyr1 Q r1q"'r:f Wag gif, ,Q tw? -is 'tg-g",.f,,gr.r rv V113 pin fs'T'l.1'f'l"f'V1hj,.f-.1"'Y'f5f1f'fPxlfsfv F5 qv sf,-Q -tr-tn"r,q ff 1, 1 ser vanv 1,-in if -we fqeiifriq-twra.ywt,.ft,a rwrrp'Y ff - - -g,,4H ,, 1 'P- gpg, 77 ",, 1-i",q Q1 QP YY. qq1,,,M vi' ', 'tr?'H"1' pf! .1 1 r 1 N-q"1", ,r v rn' YG ya -Q v 1 YM' ffffp.-nv 'M' 1 v1".,f'r," fn fs 'int' 6,4 'mv' vt' Wg 1rvfs,"tvn""'t"at 1f'rfre?x,1n!'t M Y' yr WP A . ii 8 A mgrgf, 4'rwrtw-Mgtpk.+t A l t., ,,t.. , X v+ wff'- Nffw P3 Nr at 'F M t 177 rf! 7 V137 " 'fr M! 'F -ff' '7Tt'F,?'!' rf? 'NY' 1 -1.-fn 1' vaffgfwx M'Y:1'q'y1f7!9'f9 YY ff 161 1-'nh 4 fr fqr'f'f,',f,f' -wg", ,iq nfwr r MH' 'P 'tba-4 'mg -if Mr r' P 4 1,5 fir Q., 1, ynffqx Mxn- 4 'nf rnirgiv rt 1"'11 Y.ry1r?f,q,?'rtRq- 1 W ff fqfiea was twqtfql-gc 'l?i!f'371p'7' 10: a up tr F ,. 7gftl1w'fwf25A,qt l 'rr W ,, 7 'H TH if -11""'rt n 1 YM' 'Ny-v 1 r Q fre' fl", ywp 1 vim' 'f f1",,'r,1 ttsi -11,7 f1,11'r?" f',q- rw 'qv v?f1',q,,+lf,Yw,1vy?P 11 'f' ,Q ,332 1- gy' 1 r'r1f.,n,,,r 1 r 7,911 'gm' ysqnwtglffr ru 1 ?f1H', 'f?,,Qv,qi MQ p1.,f,,tf,41,m ,iq ,My.,.,4ftH'y,,,'g4,ing, 71, life., Layout by Lorna V. Penaloldi. ,Wg ff' 257734: iff' P :few if ' v V ' f . f rf " ' 11" 1 vt 'f .Tint va 'I In 1113 ff! Tubing was one of the summers i,1P,q17 ff11f'1' YS gig' cool down and relax. Almost every? 11 V 1843311 1' Y? 'QQ' 1",'7,,FfY'Wi?-fl' 4: ?7,51y'l','g summer you could find hundreds of is ul' digg: IQ' ,T ':Y:ry:1f1: R1 fn, Q9 ,Jr 973 down the Salt River. 4,7 ty qffgyfqf 74 '1Q'I!'?, .Jfg-'ilflk 170' 'fb' 1105, Q, Combining leisure and exercise at the aqfl 7' fn 'WH 77,'f"'7 fn Tv' ,ggi fi ,fig center is part of an Arizona summer. Paddling 3: ,gg 1, M' if around the pool tones the thighs and is a great way ,V gg to cool off after hours of sunbathing. ug if 'J' , 'N Tp, ',,i 4 Q' if 5 gi YY"9',7?,'fi35g 1. M'-t ry-52,1 ff r My Q, . llllttels 3 Yr ff P v Viv eff ' ,s.. 'r 11' 91321, I 'F ii'i j't+f"r r'5r4"1twff?'Q 1 """'1 "fl at q '-1Q'.'.',1:J::'f11IZJ1,'f,g . 7 V., 7? ,HM 1,54 71 77: 9' '7'1'P', 'P' ' A fr Ldv 1333 f,2J:,"L, "' 4 . A-fi 17' if 'fav gf W ' 55 ."i 'P -,Tv 1-:yr 'r trawl 'W' fr 757 If 2' 'QQ W V-T 1 ' ' K' H Bob Castle Slllll weltering Phoenix temperatures usu- ' ally caused most students to take off the summer, heading home to see nily and friends. Every year, however, ire than a handful decided to stick iund and see what Phoenix had to er. Summer school, tubing and hang- g out rated as three of the most widely Jsen activities. While summer school wasn't exactly 1, many students enrolled in courses yway. Summer sessions allowed stu- nts the advantage of smaller classes, 2 chance to get ahead or catch up with iool work. In any case, balancing sses and a job was twice as difficult ring the summer because everyone lnted to kick back and relax. Professors pected a lot, asking their students to lm a semester's worth of learning into a few short weeks. Brain damage cer- tainly would have resulted if it weren't for afternoons and weekends. Afternoons and weekends were times to get away and remember what summer really was about. Many students could be found poolside, perfecting a tan or tubing down the Salt River. Tubing in- volved a group of people, a large cooler filled with drinks and an equal number of tubes. Floating down the river meant basking in the sun, letting the cool water wash over you, braving rapids and toast- ing the good life. Other variations of this included water skiing at Sahuaro Lake or crashing into the manmade waves at Big Surf. The summer nightlife provided just as much entertainment in an equally casual manner. Pool parties, barbecues, dancing and eating out were some of the more usual things to do. One of the most pop- ular places to eat at was Dick's Uni- versity Drive-in. It was packed at all hours of the day or night as students from all over Tempe cruised-through and munched on the unbelievably cheap hamburgers and fries. Eating at Dick's or any one of the numerous restaurants was a great way to kill time while waiting for a seat at the air conditioned movies, or getting into Devil House to go dancing. Despite the heat, the summer months provided plenty of things to do and ways to cool off, making Tempe a hot spot in C0 IT H01 NG S men tus ITIOFG WayS thafl ODE OVEI' the Summer. G - Helena Tselos Summer Fun 29 ,,- W, V ff-f- if Y r -f '14 ' 'I 'v L'4"A4'hAJ'L"f:q 45 Av"Lv4'.s"4 4"'.x"v7L 7 5 pq A CL 7V, 7 V V4 .4 Vr -uv"5r',,,,' V ,,,."vrsv rgl' "alt 7'-vs-4-1"lv"if fvfvlz. Lvv Q4 v4'1vixb 1- ""z."-V""x'-A", vA"'- " 74 7-5 7-1V'4v A 'Vw 74L""'t4'l'l rx 5A,AAb quiet-,L J 7'7vV'7-ytqbc ,afy HQ t. 4'v fs 4 -l 4 " 'ffl 1 " s-14 '-if 7 ' 7 r 477 Y' 'ft 5 " 7vv . J 7ALyx A75 Alf Lr,4AcV ,-74'-54441 FV UTA 4 1' L A 5,-V r,.,:vvv4v'1L,,v,,-IL-14v,V4, ns'A.sL vt A v-lv v'Lv V A 7 A ' ,P v1 rv v4,44,7'1f4b..,J'Nn7r ,vcr PP-'AA A54 PV 44174 ,L-I 3 D 44'-revue z.'l4vv ',"",.-17 7.4-Xl-"7f,bAg-AWI'7l"AAL7v7v 7f'AV7"Af!'y,3T!'Av7q.'-'I' LANIF Lg C V lx L A X. LAJALQIA7 W T rs,'N-x'ar-v"r f-5" L'dv4'f'x:t.Aqt'V4l:. GA-lJ4y'!'LJL'.l 4 4 vitae 9 j rl-1v.J4VAV vhyf Pu P: Special thanks to all ofour models that helped us with the "trends" feature: Michele Fink, Debbie Thomas, jennifer Harlan, Robie Kakonge, Kimberly Perham, Vicci Broadus, Tina Deines, Brent Gear and Rarnin Bledsoe. Thanks also to the busi- nesses that made the feature possible with their donations. Made in the shade - this circle of "shady" characters models trendy eyewear. Sunglasses, particularly Ray Bans, were a must in the hot Arizona sun. Sunglasses courtesy of Pacific Eye's 474' I 1 its Rhonda Beach Spuds McKenzie gets around! Budweiser's famed mascot, Spuds, moved off the liquor shelf and into the fashion world, as seen on T-shirts and sweat- shirts of all kinds. Clothing courtesy of Pacific Eye's and T's. joking around in the studio, Tina Deines and Brent Gear show off their Guess? attire. Guess? clothing set a fashion statement all across the nation and was easily recognizable by the triangular label. Outfits courtesy of MGA. Layout by Pat Schweiss " he look, the style, the flair . . . ASU was a ' melting pot for trendy fashions along the malls a well as within the classrooms. Men sported a range of hairstyles from the flat Ip to the long-haired look of the 60s. Women's yles ranged from long to short, straight or armed. Accessories were a big hit this fashion 'ason. Stylish belts, big bows, and sporty atches were a few among the many "hip :cessories. Stylish belts included wide ather ones with big buckles as well as f oth sashes tied around the waist. g bows were everywhere - ' rls' hair or attached to dresses ' open-backed shirts. Banana airclips and "scrunchies" ere also fashionable air accessories. They 'ovided an option to the andard "Plain lane" any tail. Sporty atches ranged from astic watches with fancy 'aphic designs on the faces classy looking brand name atches like Gucci and Seiko. Brand names played a key role the ASU fashion scene. Men id women alike wore labels like rvis, Benetton, Polo, Forenza, CA joe, Guess?, ESPRIT and nmy 'Z. In any one day in in Devil country one vuld find the styles and ends of this day and ge.I:1 Rhonda Bea h - Sui-Lin Stacey Chen king a moment to strike a casual pose, jen- ?r Harlan sports a trendy hairstyle, all pulled in a "scrunchie," while wearing an ESPRIT ardinated outfit. Oversized mock-turtleneck eaters were fashionable as the temperatures w cooler at ASU. This ensemble courtesy of 7RIT. Rhonda Beach I'l"S IIOT! l'l"S NOW! IT'S IN! Trends Oversized argyle sweaters are perfectly hot fash- ion items for Vicci Braadus as she models a Benet- ton ensemble. Outfits like these were perfect for a night on the town. Clothing courtesy of Benetton, 5' fi E W J Rhonda Bea K ,,..f-- The excitement of owning a Suzuki Samurai tends to elevate spirits! Samurais were popular vehicles for the adventurer. Samurai courtesy of Earnhardfs Suzuki. Denim iacketfjean combinations are comfortable for Michele Fink in any casual affair. The look of denim was fashionable among both guys and gals at ASU. Rhonda Beach A Layout by T0niAmodio and jerry Iuliano A -Q il V W fs . 1 -.2 , '7 L, , K W R, ,X -at , , C ,X cl V , 'LS N5 Q A is t gi -- Lu .1 '7 m 7 'ire . .2 . W ' ki Q xf -+ u f KX r r".e f' s K' 5 S st . 4 Q' Q9 ,e CJ L A' 3' A if , 5 i 'A s A mwc.- ... .,.. , .,,. . ...,.... ....,. . T A Ab' Ji gl- x, L W? V Q ty V VV ,se X5 A A Y ,. 1... ... . fx ,A sf ' A 5 " T Q' 1, F' Dana Leonard f xi V 3 F. V 'X W V M ,., x . Q V -L 'Q fi fy , li V it . 3. 7 .4 4 gg 4, I Q X B BN irv g A tx M X ,32WTrends4fc . A f 4 l I I ,Q in I . A N V ss. K g 0 Q ff. .3 tx N .1 - '7 N 'rf' A 9 V xr I J ', 1 -'X ft xr L xy X! I X X A 'X X, L bm. t.. rn 0, X 15 N If 2 . .X .. .. ,cc A. t 3 TEV- as X no 2'3- H M3 fs. 7 ...f 4 Y Alix if ' 7, x w JW Y' - K A ck La- A V, I I X 4' A A is fa 3, 'W' f "X V A M- , -' , . V A 'V J ll I 'X I 4, 4 V K 3 4 ,7 Nm N7 is ,, A U1 , NN. 5 V A 5 L, w ,M 0, , A V Q if r , , W ,L '- - rv ,,,, .' ' I l r fs Z Ay, Q iw W D r, gk A cr x 1 2' V 2' , , A L 5 if 5, ki J M5 f 3 if , ' 'gay f 1 Mft is VJ 4 S 7 'C f L 4. 4 f W5 'P Vw B if A, F -s Z is .Q 1 tt' X - Fi vi Q9 A L 7 as -4" 7 ,Q .. .fi all Q X, fx N 33, A fs ' - xy x it 2' E' re 'sf al L, fi ,Dy gs sg .. ,NJ K? Students show the latest look in casual sports- - ,I Q, M i wear including denim, jackets, sweaters and pull- an my JA if over sweatshirts from MGA and Benetton. Colle- 'S' ' A .B glate styles ranged anywhere from ultra S A A 1 Rhonda Beach conservative to risque. Leaning against their shiny new Fiero, Ramin Bledsoe and Debbie Thomas show off their con- versation piece. Pontiac Fieros were the "hot" wheels for many jet-setters. Piero courtesy of Sun Pontiac. Rhonda Beach Trends 33 nr .. ,... V. ,Y . ,,,,. , .,...,., ,, .L ,. 4,....-,vw A g.,-.l'g.Jg,.,b.14 1,44 A. '-1."brv'2.g-s ,,!'Jv4,VL4'rv44,-5' " cxAa.r'ivr ,.::1:q!3c::'Ivi'lc A "v"""w4' rl-"'V weve 1. 1-44. Lb 4. 47 L, f,4g ,AA 34 ATYVQ A AVBL V 3 3 f Q QALJ 94 yf LA CL Lf ,Vp A1 AL APL, 1' 1 4. QQ, L Q' Nlf14 I 4 .x DJ v '-AV Q7 445,45 sv 4' Cv xy f 4' A v 4 c .x 7",,".svz. v41v4,v,. " A V 7 L 71.51 1 harvaqo-,hacgvr 4' ' 'SVI-'Ia 11' 4 7 791, T VA' 7'VL.4: A, LAVf"33VL if-V-31-1.9 ,L4',v,4V7Vl J?-y.ll"4Lv7'Yf rAVfhLNlff"' i"c.',.. I-75 bp7gVg-wr 1"VA44 7 -631 Vfgf sv'VAb"5f v4,4"4. :V-Avrh VAACALT 7 Arr-J' :VL I 4.- g, '7 At the Clairol Pizzazz booth Strzw' I.fIlLIt'lll11ll of Kutters Hair Salon gives business major Arii1Miller a makeover. Clairol and many other companies set up shop while the MTV Showcase came to the MU. Taking that needed rest, political science major Kelly Pittmari looks at a magazine to pass the time. The Rendezvous Lounge was a great place to take a relaxing break. k, so maybe it was my own fault that I was running late one morning. I'll admit I didn't expect the study session the night before to last quite as long as it had. But that's another story. So anyway, I was late to class and I hadn't had breakfast so I couldn't really see straight. I had to eat before I could even think of dealing with QBA. So I made a pit stop to the MU, thinking maybe l'd grab a quick bite and be on my way. But once I got inside I was faced with an array of decisions that I just couldn't possibly deal with at 7:30 a.m. Was it going to be the bagel with cream cheese from Bake 'n' Take, an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds, a croissant from the Delicatessen or maybe just a cup of cof- fee from the Coffee Tree? So I was just standing there looking in my wallet to see if I had enough money 34 Memorial Union Sponsored by Pepsi to get something from each when the guy with the intense blue eyes in my art class came up and asked if he could copy my notes from the lecture on famous impressionists. Who was I to say no to the next best thing to Mark Harmon? By this time I could really barely see straight, and of course it wasn't just my empty stomach calling my brain. But I bravely followed this specimen of hu- man perfection down into the basement of the MU, where we all-too-quickly made the copies he needed. On our way out of the copy services office, Mr. Wonderful insisted on repay- ing my kindness with a one-on-one vid- eo game in the activities center. When we said goodbye and went our separate ways, I realized I had complete- ly missed QBA. Since I had an hour before my next class I decided to take advantage of the quiet lounge and get Tj. THE FOR FUN AND FR some last-minute studying in before ri calculus midterm. So I went back upstairs and took quick look at the lost-and-found board see if anybody had found my cat, Gan' nobody had, but somebody found 13 keys. I didn't know until then that I h lost them. After a quick check on the "ln the Iv Today" list I discovered a guest speak was about to begin lecturing on U policy in Nicaragua. I rushed upsta just in time for the introduction. By the time the lecture was over occured to me that I had missed r calculus test and I had not yet accoii plished my original mission of eati breakfast. But it didn't matter becau now it was lunchtime and there was even larger variety of restaurants open choose from . . . D -Daria Leonard ---- - --- - In Layout by Tim Hall The Memorial Union is the place were friends meet and students study. Inside there were many things for the students to do in which to pass the time before or after each class. Playing pool is just one of the many things offered in the lower level of the MU. Other activities in- cluded video games, howling, watching TV, typing a research paper or just a relaxing meal at McDonalds 3? at 6 Vw me f45,g,'7?ag ze f 'ff QV New QQVQQA-if AWAY? if M2 fglinwlawi ,, M? 5, to 'Q 5' 4 px X 3 WoT?soredl5i4Pe'1!S4, F' QPQQQ. 4 g, 4 L if L 5'n,,x .. 7 p 7 Enjoying a bite and a brew, this tailgating crew parties in the sun before the ASU-UofA game. The group consists of fleft to rightj Gary Vieth and alumni Don Fournier Q'83j, Charlie Sinnurd f'83J, and Marty Falk Q'84j. Sun Devil fans' favorite slogan is displayed by this group of game-goers. Recreational vehicles were popular in ASU lots prior to kickoff, pro- viding home base for many tailgaters. Layout by Pat Schweiss 4,4 4 V '4 Va. cnia J . 4V',A'4 fb' r F Q A49 L ,Au Aviv .VU 414' 4 :VL fbq74 'J 14" 36' Cfailgdting' v 4 L 7 P .7 15 V 7 C M7 1 If '1 Lv Lv,J g, Lg, P V 'vs -" 4"...4" JN-1. QA, Tl ,f, ,Frei ,rivet mv-W V v ,. . A..,,,,.,. ., w i ul 5 L . NZ S Nm, Brian Kirmse QP v,,Vv1v4,.4 GTV L, vJQ,CA',Q4vaFb5f 'D Q H V4 Q phi Brian Kimise ctr , 14V5VPV 5-fgvtaaffy-x t Qc A in 1-4 9 Iva .K27"4'arvg Sun Devil spirit is a family affair! Husband and wife George and Evelyn Atwood, whose son attends ASU, set up a picnic on the lawn adjacent to the University Activity Center. A picnic in the sun is the most popular form of tailgating. Dick Van Dyne, jean Van Dyne and Bob Bloom "chow down" their "energy" to face their No. 1 rival, UofA Wildcats. IIIY t's a ritual as old as football itself. Perhaps not as divine as the compe- ion but surely as frantic. Tailgating at 5U complements Sun Devil football ce french fries with a Big Mac. Hours, sometimes days, before kickoff otley mixtures of RVs, Broncos and ation wagons laden with rowdy fans, at dogs and a few light beers litter Tem- :. The parking lot behind Palo Verde Lain is transformed into a festival round sprinkled with squat beach chairs and barbeques with each collaps- able picnic table sprouting its share of diehard football boosters. "We came out here all the way from Nebraska to watch Big Red mash the Devils, we sure wouldn'ta missed er for nuthin'," said one grinning Comhusker fan. The fans came from all over the nation as well as within the state. Said one Tucsonite up for the rival game, "I've been making this joumey for 14 years, Brian Kimise ..sf.l,h4 V I' V5 VV-I lu- I've got friends and we make a party of it every year." Rain or shine they come out and talk about the game or local politics, usually with a glass of grog in hand making less than pensive gestures, all in the name of college football. C1 -Scott Troyanos l Tailgating 37 -l:.,t1gq',vV g4yf'5AC 9 r 5 4 v , A,"v -1 ,,74..,,74s. ,.s"2"'7r' f 1- ,, Y' ,vV7sl 4 'At'A.s?'v FA 4-OV 'A L-f.a"" ry' 1.16.8 1x54 ,A '.,cL-lv. f Vs AA v -v V49- Assisting in tackling a UTEP ball carrier fresh- man free safety Nathan LaDuke 1291 gets a piece of the action. Laduke made his break at ASU during his first year, chalking up 47 tackles with one interception and forced fumble. ASU newcomers enjoy food during orientation week. The series of week-long events involving both students and parents is the primary step in becoming acquainted with the nation's sixth largest university. Layout by Tim Hall 38 Freshmen fb i pr' 1 , y fa V' f xg, I Q Bob Cas HHS their . W gm, ...mar ' ' We TJ. Sokol Running down first base line, freshman pre-law major Ieff Martinez, enjoys an aftemoon of in- tramural softball. Intramurals and extracurricular organizations provided camaraderie for all students as well as providing an outlet for freshmen in- volvement. All wrapped up in her studying freshman dance major Stacey Welker utilizes the atomsphere of the MU Rendezous lounge. Hitting the books was the key to academic success for the first-year students as they tried to cram as much knowledge as pos- sible into a hectic first semester. -we-,. ,. ,A ,. Qifi - -I T.l.SokolV KING TIIE RIS D MEETING CHALLENGE W ongratulations! You successfully sur- .f vived freshman year at ASU! That's v small accomplishment, take a few inutes and reflect the impact this mo- entous occasion will have on your life. For one thing, you are now officially . fExcept, of course, if you're on ac- lemic probationj The priviledge of pre- gistration is now yours. Remember try- g to arrange a schedule around a list of asses, 85 percent or so of which filled J sometime in March, that gave you the heduling flexibilty of cast iron? The Jubles aren't over now, but from now 1 you can have a head start on solving em. And gone now are the days of nau- rating disorientation that comes with 'ing surrounded by 40,000 unfamiliar, emingly hostile faces while you search ntically for some kind of sign to direct u to the class you are now five minutes late for. Was the classroom in this wing or the one you just came out of? Yes, now you can truly be cool instead of just playing the part while hiding your campus map inside your State Press, looking quite swank while your eyes darted frantically behind your newly purchased Wayfarers in search of some kind of landmark by which to situate yourself. tMaybe they should have of- fered Map Reading 101.1 You learned to adapt by living in a dorm suite with five other people who had different tastes in music, decorating and clothes, not to mention lifestyles. Buying Walkmans fWalkmen?J for all six of you may have proven useless, but it was worth a try. And maybe mistaking your roomate's "junkyard edition" of wall hangings for true dumpster material caused tension for a while, but after you chased down the garbage truck, re- trieved then and removed all traces of Domino's Pizza, relations began to im- prove. Not only did you learn about human relations, you probably also leamed how to tell when upperclassmen were pulling your leg just so they could laugh at you. But you figured them out after the third time they pulled the fire alarm while you were in the shower. The crowd waiting outside enjoyed it, and you got a few dates out of it, too. One thing you can remember that you leamed your first year in college that you'll never forget, though, is how to , v have fun. Freshman year was just the 2 beginning of the good timesm rf are -sf" 'rv' ,4, ,jf V vt'-"1 -Dana Leonard V rgr vc-A ., .av-a,,6af.'?. 1"'A.A'-9 v,3LA3 vslsu'V'xVfV4--TPI Ac a4.AVj,,1,.74,,:a QL .I'1qf,:,1 344 A' -.avcvgbv ","41,v""j 1, 4 f 54" T' tv ,y .. . 4. 4 .4 nyvz-4" -1"4V4'.vL4" 4 r ,,,4'M'l? fl-7 .V ga Af? 44: nd I. Russell Nelson said, ' ' ' "Let there be growth." Then chainlink fences became common- place to ASU, detours became familiar acquaintances and bulldozers dug by twos. Throughout campus during 1987-88, tractors tore into the earth and the steady hum of working cranes whistled through the malls, The Arizona Board of Regents allo- Cady Mall disappeared this year to make way for "The Pit." The Hayden Library expansion will add 97,000 square feet of space to the' library, enough to accommodate about 375,000 more books. The proj- ect is to be completed by February 1989. A couple of hard workers put the finishing touch- es on the new Student Services Building after spending months in the hot summer sun to finish the job on time. The Student Services Building is a three story, 100,000 square foot structure that con- solidated student services into a single convenient location. DAY A I N 7 '7 i 54 AlN'lr- vi- w 75,5 14" 1-- 4. 'C V vvh f' Q47 v L7 rr vrL'bV PVTL 'avr V'1g,,.'z.QvA , :- i'4"'9 Fir.: 4A"cAvc c v V Y' 4 4v..x,gl'4v'x"LL4 AQ 4 7IS-7 A v Jvc!"-,4rb,,r 47.4-r, qyQsj'7-51,7 levi' dbg .:"c -1 ' A cated S100 million for new construction including a behemoth student affairs building, multi-level parking structures and expansion of the Sun Devil football stadium. Perhaps the most marked pres- ence symbolizing growth was the library expansion project, aptly dubbed "The Pit " Beside Hayden Library, traversing the defunct Cady Mall Sr West Lawn, up to the doorsteps of West Hall was a gigantic life , nga, gan Kimxse 4 Q Q Layout by Tim Hall V 'TVA 'V L- 1 5"'1'N Agfa-iivf-u:.'J'1i,,"'5i.4L'x4 Tljvqr' Artcbbv VQ 4L7.lA 4 A 'ljgglq-V51 P44 .5 LATG 'CPC B4 4 Cl-.1 v A V -4" " 'cl' 4 '1 i. c 14 vc ..,vwV .qvqs ,Psa 46 E,xplansmnfSonsctr6ctnon 7 .771 V A A A2 Q. ,, s 4 RL A sl v -I 4vLZVvgvc,, 5 Alf A 5 3 AA if A fy r. A 7 QA v,Lc A7-xvclfqv-1,-iJ4vvLvq L 5 1 D Y'Vx4 7' ACA!-- 144- ., Af. li. L-J-Ijyf ,V L 4 S L-IM 5-swf www vii- r!fa2i,,1,?grty'a,g age U W135, :.- -1 .-f- al- ,. .-in 20-foot crater. "The Pit" was eventue to be filled with a two-story und ground library to be connected to 1 lower level of the library. As with a new construction, this building woi increase the volume of resource matei and study space, in addition to allow: ASU to boast one of the largest u versity libraries in the U.S. D -Scott Troyunos f , ,,., .. vw ..e'svz. .fe fr ' 'fr if ,, . , fx ' - , ogx l Brian Kil :-tagff' ff'fv9 e f vans, 'T A Rn? r. fs ft ,fi W f fm! KN QKLY' Wy Q -.iglvsy R 3- Kgs? L' 1 3, VA 'rf V, , A W 3 A , A, J , A J L X ., v -fm A sf y ss X, eg X, I W A V 'Y JN 6 .1 7 L, f 4 X A 'J 33 v as I -' Y ,wt ' K Q af ' . , PEMAMQM3 sly-,wfi,L1"efJi 'bb 9,N'7fxffs 5'1,,x',E5, QLALSPLA 4 sa A 5, N K5 7 ir YN 54' V -.3 P iv X 'E S' Q in A ,W V ez ,P ,X 9. TW A 5: M 7 J V V W ?Mf"'W?,, if vos, Mriaysefa cifvffr IP V Hdwgwlvlq Ewa . MV V MZ Ng fi ,, -A ,W in M WV if ,3 J V by an P- 'N t fl 2 ir ff -3 was A 9' Q N ef ki' 'N 'f L '5 ff so S I y as ms KD' I L fi A al va 5 A if A gs 'f 4 4 . . . , , 41 Ji Js 'mi K' Q? ,V Vl11b0llZlIlg construchon on campus, two cranes - M, ,, ,ts Tv N e erected to help speed up the progress of the A 'V E Wy. "ll Q, Q? A 7 -w Fine Arts Complex. The 130,000 square foot A ry N2 aj W? YT A V3 mplex will house the Galvin Playhouse. v, 'J l 3' Q '27 'A "3 Q Brian Klrmse R V Q, 7 3, 'Ng l 1 1 l I S we 5 nj as gi V -2 A' X 2 A Ax Q, V f, X :QQ 5- 8, 'si ?.....-.R. Ka. ,,l. ., .. , ,.,,,,. Jy.,cs,,.,L....Q,..A DQ , ..hh A.M. N . .V 'I 7 L A 7A Y- 'J 7 'Q F' A? f 4 4 4 '7 af: "rf-v4bf4i,7' env, ebb-IPv7 7:-cl"fqQ'1 1..A.x,gi4'-7A"17rf474l-'rv . -, 4,1 f' ,L -,nl-as '71, XJ' at 1, V PV v L, 4 4 4 L A ,. 1. yn X. if V4 'I-:Vac rr Vt' 7 ,ig-L""AA h'1'lV Lv v- .,,s1 ts sc v4s,,L,, .,. 1 V Av 34? sv C V V ,J , vars: '1 4 44 V4 t, 7 .x 57rd .371 is 'I ,gc VAL? VAT' 7 I' '1 It LN! if p. ,V :rx,!L-vjsv.. T V hphv 'll' L4 'Q 5 -N 9 L nf- "Vs.wUfvc A ' -I A .TV A rNLA,3!'V-AAL'-I tS"'v47 r- S44 V4 A V 'V-A v4 L QAQA ' 4vhAq4'xfvc rs V '1v4A ,gs gh L AV4 Av A 'T' P LA rf V .VM 'SLAL :- L73- v 15' T 5 'C K L' 5 4 A by ,- 7 ' v 1. 7 lc " Clockwise lfrom top righti: Ion Bon Iovi, Ma- donna, Depeche Mode and Paul Simon. Hot acts from 1987-88 made henominal im act in the mu- P P sic world and soared up the record charts, selling out concerts and record albums. '11, , Layout by Put Schweiss RM Photo Service lnc. john Stoddart IISIB he old fared as well as the new in music in 1987, with top hits from both tried-and-true artists as well as newcomers on the music scene. Almost everybody released a new al- bum. Bruce Springsteen's "Tunnel of Love" hit the charts in the final quarter of the year, Michael jackson re-emerged with a "Bad" new look and another string of top 40 hits, The Grateful Dead hit the road with their first album since 1980, Madonna took her "Who's That Girl" tour around the world, as did U2 with "The Ioshua Tree." Metal and pseudo-metal bands like 42 Music '87 Motley Crue, Poison, Ozzy Osborne, Whitesnake and Bon Iovi topped the charts, proving that leather and mousse attracted screaming teen-agers and big bucks. Youngsters shared in the music in- dustry's economic benefits, as teens like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany were assured of emerging from puberty rich and fa- mous. 9-year-old Sharon crooned "Dear Mr. jesus," a song about child abuse that introduced her to the charts. A not-so-young newcomer was Bruce Willis of TV's "Moonlighting," who re- leased a soul-o LP that included the hit RM Photo Service L Q Y' X . Herb T AR W ROC RAPP ROL "Respect Yourself" with the Pointer Si ters. Most critics agreed he should aba' don thoughts of a musical career ar stick with sitcom. Los Lobos gave the late Ritchie Valei a No. 1 hit with their re-make of "l Bamba" about the same time George N chael created a fervor over his song ar video "I Want Your Sex." The year combined the best far worst, of the old and new, creating musical collage that was sure to ho something for everybody's taste.E1 -Dana Leonard Clockwise lfrom top leftl: George Michael, Prince, Run DMC and Whitney Houston. All artists proved instrumental in the music world with top 10 re- leases in rap, dance tunes and love ballads. df , RM Photo Service lnc. leff Katz t H' c 1. V Az .. rfxi-Av v:'2-:f'd?4'-'44 A P, 4-.srqg V443 .c,v4'5t'v4-"' '14 v v v ' 5 V47 'C vw- r 3-as V-XvH"'V?Ac, :fav igorvrvyvboi my cV:,vwV'3'faf-34 ?"b-Wave. 'l r- 'lfvv Q74 v-iff 7 5 J- '1 fvbaav vz.,,4-'14 'xg-4.4 fi J4.v?"f-,'Jvv4-v:,5A f:flLvf'ovA4..iAvAvv Lthr L?l",Pf'7gNQ, iv VF'-1'-3 fg vf"i vaaf' 'rf -2"4f',, '7pf"f,.l?Sv7vr5' A , 44 NJAQA14 in-RM'-Ph6loger9lcelpc.A rf-345 VV T44 C bf' V qwl ,.?.XK'vgv'Yk4s4C.Xifs'7 r.,r,3f"7V"5fDfs' A AY'AQ.3afV..xvv?r4aV.x,it"3f'+.1pv.gLf, M71-A7 vvAA4Az.'zVy..g4fsv V-:Vi-vv Q '05 -1 Q Y' vc :sr Y' 'Q-z.. .tx 'rf' 4 A4 4-77 A if' C Ag, '? Q .34 A Tm r-'f,:Lvc,"':',?'s:t,f7'+f4vV ,Q jak! 51.-.EL g-LV sw 2' .. 4. 'Y' vu A . 4 ,Q 6 BQVLA v A A it " sf AQ .JVQV usjLV8Z:q4Q 5vZ reno 'iran "'?4vrf" Cf- we " RM PhotoServicelnc. W 6 1 ,Q A V gm -5 A X' L V Ly 'I L, ii A 'S 4 L. ,3 A ' sa S5 yi km-ii .3 in A '7 V34 ,Vvvvfiv rrbfugpx, FL APV74-1,,vAv,-VL.47v4,. qlls!-x4?,lw 184 LmCi1:?i, -SVL-.L7 V fx Af7 C4 BIUBIIBIISTEBS ollywood offered a plethora of mov- ies in 1987, many of which were destined to become cinema classics. From humor to drama to horror, two hours in a dark movie theater guaranteed an escape form the drudgery of life. One of the hottest and most talked- about movies of the year was 1'Fatal At- traction," featuring steamy performances from Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. This flick aroused, humored and fright- ened audiences while delivering a mes- sage of the dangers of infidelity. Brian DePalma's gripping '1The Un- touchables" brought Al Capone and the law face to face, illustrating the gore and brutality that was Capone's trademark. Robert DeNiro gave a brilliant perfor- mance as Capone. Reminiscence of the Vietnam era was apparent with the emergence of "Platoon" and "Full Metal Iacket," both highly praised for their interpretation of the lives and problems of soldiers in Vi- etnam. On a lighter note, it was a good year in comedy and action movies as well. Eddie Murphy's "Beverly Hills Cop II" was an instant box office hit. Murphy also re- leased 1'Raw," a stand-up act movie. And the new james Bond, Timothy Dal- ton, was unveiled in "The Living Day- lights." Steve Martin proved that hum needn't be vulgar with his witty, tenc "Roxanne" starring Daryl Hannah az "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" w' Iohn Candy playing the annoying 3 irresistible dork. Although Michael I. Fox's match- with Ioan Jett in "Light of Day" w gloomy, his "Secret of My Success" 1 ceived rave reviews. Hollywood in ge eral shared Fox's secret - it was sucessful year in movies. D -Dana Leonard 51.7, LAL .Ya -lvv 9. 1 AL' ,7 dk, vcfgvprh Ax.. L . .F -in IP" V 'V' Q, v.xdf1f'7 'kfgkf 1.434 V'Ah"l4f' Jgsiivr-7 .zvvr-ca' Ac-favvv. I.zs7,,44v,' ,bf4f-ici' .I-A4-.iqv 'C-lvl-v'-4 Y-L. pL'Lv 7A3V?,11' 1. 4 I-uv s 7 -' xp. ""I 'I LY'LvV7f..1sJ.1 Kvv Vcqiyrs ,-tvqg, Li-V Cf., vltifvvv VJ Liv .L..,747l-,qA4ENV,3'T' 4,, -4.vMoY'les87Ae-Vygfcffx ,va Y. v as :fc AL L,77'vv,s"'-3 vf LA kxrA'f..,,'3 A' V ifsr-L Vg- VP 47,34 A Fav '1 C. 4Pc7fA'x'l- 4 V574 Al'r+'4'!,"ix2'54crr- '..S1v.."bv -.i7...4.iP"'b V6-xv 5' P'ifA4r .L. . And rew Schwartz Saigon 1968. Buck McGriff iWiIIiam Dafoe! and Albaby fGregory Hines! are plaincothes military in- vestigators assigned to a case involving a series of murders of Vietnamese prostitutes. Q Roland Neveu sw. A young stockbroker, Bud Fox lCharlie Sheen! , forms a dangerous friendship with Gordon Gekko fMichael Douglas!, corporate raider in the box office smash "Wall Street." Their friendship will become a mockery of mentor and aspirant, professor and student, father and son. Andrew Schwartz john Clifford From the bestselling novel by Bret Easton Ellis, "Less Than Zero" starred Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey and Iami Gertz. The three starred as friends finding their way in the fast lane on the fastest track of all -the disengaged, super-affluent young lifestyle L.A. has to offer. "Broadcast News," a romantic comedy set in the world of television news correspondents, stars Hol- ly Hunter, William Hart and Albert Brooks. This movie was on most of the critics' best of the year list of 1987. Layout by Tim Hall Movies '87 V XA, X -.1 "'fw,'2'fi?xp f- ?-QV VVK' ?C QL :,Vl3'fX iyfvbfv i, 'Ke 'FVQQ -svvc pf Afvf QAN if V4 C 4 v fav-4 v PA :Afi- r ,ILAQ 44's 13144 '7 A yt JL,-4.5 vias if V .3 f:VV7A Y 1' VY' Ay 45 'vV'T.3 7 r Sr VAAQ 'Sf xA ,., v-ri 4 'fwiqw v,m.g,fNv fiyffx ,rfb sa aff? g, W3 ? vrd A we '7 kv 4 Y ,t ,,, , . , r ,. , t, , ,, 7TT.,?,, 'A L'14,'l,,,""75,4-'J L"-YL 4 'NBL 4 5 C -3 L A , . LJ!-vvv 44 VC 44 zz. Q4 'L' 1 v if '4A.s4.,?La!fc1v7v.b4'!"?l' V'- LQA IS-7Y"gQ,Y.5r K' 4.3 f f,1'3 ru fx 4 4 L A 1. I' -1 4 4- 'P A ,'ALV4A,V'1VvAV1V '4,V s.,A.,"4vy4,,v !vf'4-iq, 4t".s".1 ,-,'4v,,Ar,-9' V' AP: A 1 441-1-,r" "var-""," 17" 4 Avy?" P Ac 1,vf1 PAAFV4. V 4 ,v"Y,-17,154 4413.1 I-7 79-1v44LfA!'1wI! , 'L L 4 4x5 1-4 nf, :dr tv f1l.'75f44c"'4, y.bAl"Lf',L,,-n I.. hcl-4, cr: A ,L Vail.: .ani- 1-lv 4'-IL" 444,14 .. Bnan Klrmsc Giving a tour of campus, Brian Ulingvr takes pas- sengers Luurrn Fleishman, Tony Stripe, Arran Gnick and Marry Chaikmz for the ride of thier lives. The name of the sketch was "Tramtrak." Impersonating our very favorite courtroom com- mentator, 1effSmalIidge shows us the new Doug Luellan hairstyle, 46 Comedy 101 Sponsored by jacoby and Myers Layout by lim Playing the English punk-rocker Derek Sm!! F4'Illm'5 torments the audience with his farce. Comedy 101 took place weekdays in cinema. l' r 5 l Brian . ' he e Comedy Show, w by a local edian of the form omedy 101, had been ASU for about 4 years. Members of the medy troupe worked each week to ing the hour-long show to the Me- orial Union Cinema each Friday af- rnoon. The usual format for the Farce Side as a half hour of improvisation or etches by the troupe, and then a half troupe. Some of the that appeared were Burt Emmet, Mark Cordes and for- mer ASU students David Spade and joe Scazzada. This year members of the Farce Side Comedy Troupe tried many new things including new musical and audio-visual techniques. Eight members plus a crew made up the troupe. i y,, V if C R C I M P U I D I A C I. A R 0 U Formats for th y Sho clud- ed jokes and sk of ASU admin- istration and policy, presidential candi- dates and Arizona politics. "We like to make a farce of anything," said Brian Ulinger, director of the comedy troupe, "We'll try anything once, and if we get away with it, maybe we'll try it twice." D -Carolyn Pye Condoms on Credit: Tony Stripe, Slzamn Reardon and Brian Ulingvr laugh it up in the routine "Sorority Express." Comedy 101 was a great way to liven up the noon-time hour, A 1 L . A .3 4 . 1,3 ., 9 72122 l , 7 . vZ".1f,1Q, I'-T li 1 671, ,V F u Q-Araif 7 4 P-4 4, Q 4 4 ' :LL a,r.1 L. 4.c.",, A"4,'1 yt?-2 vb 5,114 7f1V-1 77'4 3 gvtqy fig- L1'Q 4 Ag '41 . - U' b .s v. -1 Vvg7Q7 v-'34 ,,'g r- 4 9-0 an 4,,re4"'A4 "Q".s".x'v l' 4VL744'1 84 lv I Brian Kirmse ,K , Q, , 4 7 r 1 ' 'L ' 4 'I 'L L , '- 4 4 V " 1' TQ 4 VP ,QL VAQV tl' , 4 L . P Y' QU '14, V2b1441.V Q 1,7947 l""' qs. P r 44,-if V at-rar-,x " '4f:vg"f": A ,fin 4:.,"'.,"v? nv A-.x L,ce -I-1' v ,uc " as 7 C"1:7Lyv L 1-4 D AA V4 4,1741 4 'av :ff x44-r-.x 71,4 as 41.-l' Ac. JL 4 4, 4 V A V 1' '1 'ac' v'qc"Al:.hv'C1 r12?r4'i has 5 yt , V, . -..,. , .- 7.1 , .. 1 Y 7 1, ,"c:,:1'V cb, 1-A s5f03vffd:byJuf,5bNMNyvfe, A ,." 4' 4- ',cAn -Q qtfv- Pvlvm- '1 wg. fiff' " ,, fd xp fi? , f 'af if YL , f ry ' f1-L . . W 3 ' 1 M if ,wavm i -423534 E15 Lilith.-2 as--,-is: rms f 1 ww, MW, ga, W ., , , ,avg-,1 used to be a common phrase: Airplanes are actually much safer n automobiles." And while questions :ing over the safety of air transpor- on became a subject of much atten- 1 in 1987-88, airplanes remained a nl part of the lifestyle for the inde- ident students who chose to attend leges across the country from family l friends. In fact, without air travel U students from the North, East, and 1-West might have been forced to to home. Instead, of family at ASU with flight home during hol- used air trans- es and all a greater un-V Tif N V1 :erm 1' .,-i- i1:ewri,v1,.1f ,M-z,f - . f Lgmgegggst if ts'.sS114e7es41Pg1H51,121 .:1,.y,,.f f ,'1f?fs-Q14 ref ' iwffsiiefiif' A f " their worldly belongings to and from school at the beginning and end of the year, and some elected to spend their Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks home also, if cheap flights could be found. But Christmas vacation, which almost eve- ryone spent with family and friends, was an especially emotional time. Following sometimes months without seeing the people one grew up around, a trip home after a long semester of classes and a X, ,,.,, i i,,..,,. ,. , Qs-illvn fnsmff- - ilu . 8 Y R B 0 r E E N 5 M E 5 F 5510 l A lasik Eliififkz :?ggQ35fEg -,1 1 --f, K-wtf' -f,-ffm -' - --f' .xr ,-ws, again. Leaving school by way of Sky Harbor Airport was not nearly as bad for some students as arriving home to crowded airports in cities like Denver, Chicago and New York. Parents and friends meeting planes were seen nationwide causing public displays that were often quite emotional. Students well-adjusted to campus life and busy schedules stayed occupied over marathon week students were ing traumatic, however, partly because airports at holidays are often much like zoos and also because, as Thomas Wolfe once said, you really can't go home mporary jobs, or looking forward to another semester of inde- pendence. lj c -Kay Olson Shamway L0 , . , , , ,, , WA . Z, , nz, A .4 A . rg-QAPDA Yaqvb if ix-awww-,1'?? Jr. sal?" basis w wr V sf r V- '7 g, A R V 'fr . A we v A V V 'L A Q4 it -Q Q6 as Q . va f1,x7f'j'c?E"9'3if4islb JAQDVV 1cq""lt,v 44 ,,P:.n'n43'm3W?tss-. V 12 A A , ,aa 1 im y 4 qw .5 V 7 A L 9 Y K iw 51 -2 ,fs n s 52 V ' Ti fe yd 3 '53 3 A 1, fn' R7 V if Y' A by 3? ' A +1 V 9 Y' V 'Q A ef ,Q V A 5 Y A A -A D V fi A K 4 4 9, 1, ,Q , A 3 .. 4 4- .4 V vt' 17 -3 7 V . .,,. Q A' Z A 5 U ance is an art form enjoyed by many, but truly a wpreciated by a remote few. Although ancing at night- clubs on weekends was an excellent way to alleviate stress, this did not qualify for the more sophisticated, thoughtful dance performed by ASU Dance. The students in ASU's dance depart- ment, whether they sought bachelors of arts, bachelors or masters of fine arts or any of the above with an additional sec- ondary teaching certificate, were edu- cated in the many aspects of dance, not just the movements. Dance students had to have a thorough understanding of music, choreography, idokinesis, improe visation and pedagogy, not to mention knowledge of dance istory and produce tion. Dance students may have been conf sidered a step above the rest, as they not only had to deal with bookwork for their education, but the strict discipline of dance training was well. Dancers had to learn the erfect balance of time between class wor and physical workouts so as to stay in top form mentally as wel physically. Performance plaved an important ' in the education ofthe dancer, and A dance students performed their fair sl of productions, with four major conc in the dance studioftheatre and one Gammage Center, plus several infor' concerts. Also, the ASU Dance Repert Company toured Arizona with per mances and lecture demonstrations. -Dmm 1.l'l7!IL1VLf 50 ASU Dance Sponsored by Taylor Freezer Salas rs Cowlinflmage Enterprises "Tarot Trump," based on paintings by Max Beckman, was choreographed by associate dance professor and Assistant Dean ofthe College of Fine Arts Sybil Haskvy for "Images in Motion," Dancers are Christine Galicki, Dvhra Mains, Tom jonathan Root and Kathryn Bavrgcr. A radio conversation between William Buckley and Phyllis Shaflvy inspired dance professor Arm Ludwig to choreograph "Have You Ever Met A Woman Who Wanted To Be Pope?" The work was per- formed in the fall concert, "Images in Motion," by Tom jonathan Root and Lucce DePalo. james Cnwlinflnmge Enterprises Lee Ferguson Performing the ASU Dance departments senior concert, "On Our Way Out," are Cindy Dufault, Patty Mdlitlll and Lori Smith. The dance, titled "A Glass of See Water," was choreographed by De- cember graduate jcffvry D. Amiis. Layout hy Tim Hall 4, .7g',Y -'Q vlbV,' -.,5gV'l",wi 'LAC-1' 4 TQVYPCVA ravaqqavq 7"a"7,.qc,.a1 '91-I !",'. 7f'i4h- ,-, ,A Aqzaahvv ,,,,-14:4 VV ra-afar 4-44,1-" ,..,.sv-v,,,'l avavrr-I-4V.x.x I' Aaav vA"41"4.1Vv.aLhV"VtY'g w14""n 'Q A'-fb"v 1- ,yv 1 tn., 4 C rmwg-4-v :Gmc fr ,,Lf 4A2,Qae 5 A J-Spgnsprf? QT hir Fke ebSQleY, L J l'Ahc -l'47.Q!u'1vi'l.A.-14ZLr- 52 Lectures Spansored by Pepsi ,vw Sundi 19 ith the 1988 presidential nomina- tion campaign in full swing, ASU is right in the midst of it as various ell-known politicians, political writers d other prominent personalities gave 'tures on campus. One of the most interesting combi- tion of speakers was Pultizer Prize nning author and columnist jack An- rson on Sept. 9 and G. Gordon Liddy, io has been credited as the master- ,nd of Watergate, Sept. 29. Being on tposite sides of the political fence, there is no love lost between the two men, te-ring a broader view of the political Jrld to the students. "This is great for the students," said iy Roll, director of the ASASU Lecture Sundi Kie 0 ii' :xW't' i'tfJs 6 ,de W .f 'fi Layout by Tim Hall G. Cordon Liddy addresses a standing-room-only crowd of ASU students and faculty. Liddy spoke about his experiences with the Watergate scandals and lite and politics since then. In his annual visit to the University, Walter Cmrikitv takes the time to visit with journalism classes, Cronkite relayed the "tricks ofthe trade" as he was checking on the school of journalism that bears his name. fi a V12 . ii, XS, ,f af .V fi' ' 5 f .os fa., David Leeds . . g, Series. Anderson broke the story of the sale of arms to Iran. Liddy drew one of the largest crowds at ASU for a lecture this year with about 1,000 students. "Liddy was the most popular," said Roll. "The kids lined up to tell him how great he was." Mark Russell, syndicated columnist and political humorist, offered a lighter look at life and politics. He kept the 400 or so students chuckling over endless jokes about Mecham and many national politicans. "Don't worry about it," Russell said. "Governors are supposed to be funny. As we've seen in recent history, it pre- l E CT!l.ll E 5 E .55 pares some of them for the presidency." But the list didn't stop there as speak- ers such as Sarah Weddington, world- renowned author Alex Haley, F.G. Rog- ers and William F. Buckley Ir. spoke on various issues. Also included was the World Bank speaking on issues of the Third World and Latin American debt as well as the Cousteau Society highlight- ing the Gulf of California. Author john Updike was another well-known person- ality to make an appearance at ASU in March of 1987. "The lecture series is getting bigger and better," Roll said. D -Lt'sIivAi1dersm1 Lectures Sponsored by Pepsi M2 NAA A, kgs: tix fb gyms A A Syajggwgw Sag asv 'Sf te We i. ' se 'Y ,, A-1 V M U r . X112 - E ii I X, Sb A to ,. kk L .t ,V he X Qi M, at rr sg a if ee 'tie FH :sf 57 ff ge? as He' eww, M . Qty, K W gtk of 'F -, A T ir .,. 30 t fs - "When he had hair it was very, very ugly," screams Mildred flulie Brinkerl, in a scene from ASU Theatres production of The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, with Iini Brozen. A bit of 50s nostalgia is brought back to life by members of the cast of Grease, The play rolled into the Lyceum Theatre with jenny Richter, Russ Wendt, Greg Nuber, Angela Sirnitzes, Dennis Burges and Gretchen Geiger. Layout by Pat Schzeeiss Lyle Beitman Lyle Beitman -,-i-,r,, .siiiiiiifigi gg. . ,, . , . - , s, f-'M' if A-'wifi--'fs . ii, if.:-in--f, is it-,.f f- 1:1 f- , , f f vt- . -,-we J,ue,11i4s ,..smt,y sf 5251 Sigssgeilfag 1 estiisizsiii i me taxis ww Afixi fI59Fi46zs'l ,vssziesri-za t ' .z,tf2,e,.11, , ' sz.. rr -eve' 'll,3f'l2i5l'if'7:l ,, :exif :Q 1: - 'f-:wif ,, H::isS'lsfi wzesszsrzsrz. :tiff In ariety is the spice of life and ASU's theater presentations were full of flavor. Writers' works from the Renais- sance to Russia were performed along with topics ranging from satire to history to murder. The Mandrake, a play by Niccolo Machiavelli, was adapted and directed by theater professor William Atkins. The Mandrake was regarded as one of the 54 Plays Sponsored by Pepsi finest Italian Renaissance comedies and forced the audience to laugh at a corrupt world. Audiences were kept chuckling with the presentations of The Dolphin Position by Percy Granger, ASU playwright-in- residence, and The Secret Affairs of Mil- dred Wild by Paul Zindel. Productions like Grease and Letters to Harriet Tuliman presented history in a u :gn T R mi 'rls s A1 I v new light to many audiences, while thi ASU Theatres final selections offered 1 very a wide spectrum of entertainment john Guare's murder mystery Landscapi of the Body, Aleksee Arbuzor's Do Yoi Turn Sornersaults? and a play for all ages Snoopy, rounded off a season of variety a its finest. lj -Leslie Anderson Qs E Lo :namwav L0 xb- A . What a dame! Lucy CKutic McFadzenJ rises above Sally fMary Averisonj, Peppermint Patty CKathy Schmitt! and Woodstock KK. Darren Fritz? as she is attacked from behind by Snoopy KSCOH Withrrsl. The production focused on "retaining some vivid childlike qualities," according to director Don Doyle. Shamway Lo Snoopy's at it again! Snoopy, played by Scott Withers, Qcenterj steals the show as the ensemble looks on. Other cast members included left to at rightj Katie Mclfadzen tLucyy, Troy Michael iliiafns 'Y Y. AAA' 4 3' V C V I' W1- ALR' AAA P73 Have-'1-up AQVV v"P.s' Van tLinusJ, Kathy Schmitt tPeppermint Pattyj, K. Wm v 4 ta 4. 2 4 Y 4 ,E rd 4. - ren Fritz Qwoodstockj, Mary Avensdh amd: 7 MichaclD.j0r1csQCharlie Brownyg W? it V V V Q 'C -3 7 5 3: f A jM4s?'57g4-laid: VN: QF' A5 BAA? N6 VV9 A , 'F' S5943 if 93 Ev ff L, as 5"'S,..m 53? -as 'xr' at I WQQEQ, V wi A la spmsmabpepst ,. vy ,v,, f'nV,q",.,L3b'y9' vx'.,v"a- ffl M Q 1 '57 Rodion, a crusty old doctor, played by Tony Hodges, laments on his love for Lidya, a patient of his whose cheerful vitality is irresistable. Hodges is currently working towards an M.A. degree in the- ater. Lidya, a former actress and a patient of Rodion, played by Louisa Bvilmz, sings out her love for Rodion. Beilan is currently working towards an M.A. degree in theater. Layout by Lorna Perzulosa at?'-5 Qi wars! ,wa Agn MMQMAQA, Peg? sf? a''ffv me W1 vfqa M gN3'Qfg,3?wv'31'3' A rw 4, rin ' wrt YAP' ws'5,,3,,'i'5f.:Nwwz cave ?,,4,as'ae,f'4:.wfgs varieisawlas K' Awspvqifaxfqa, Aifwavyaaevegfvsrvive visa cf--' gaaivgwvaagseheymai rfgyfdg i5rfj1q??wsA?33t5vQVvgmfi'a?"if'f "gF,,,lu3wq,wrVwbsiqbwaaaxrvaeq :Riff Ttsilifwwsasiwrvbzv v.,sY'j'a"' 3'fswVmf2,?9.,x'a43"2vAof-3Y'Pi?,b'ine an A we yeas? Wav sf?Vcr+4 alive-Bea by gaghikgviqwegsawg fs wg' vial! -isle V4 4995444 QQ Vg by-.L5't?Q?f'f-gdwdvftwwtifg hp rt Assvpragffxay Agana-cgsyasrrhsim as uf Y ,.s? ,,3ft,A1f.,:.?'f"'A"l 'Bi AVQAW WW ,gn SF 86'x.,vmV ful- we ,vsp ,V Q' Lafta fra '.:.+ff?.af-1 A paws A L A is Q, 1.5951 Ang ?QP5f-rgV4'm'wQ?,gsr.zA 45 P Af-S46 y AWK v A .X S' v' V 1- y v Q-24.1-f 5' ,v'lf""".,,t. vflshilip 'Wg' A, AA?-. v.. ! J wp. div, NV c V' 'N xx' l s"1'5',,av'-'ryflvvivasnvffva Avffkbvrhvhasavavraan thif'7"? 5,9vbp""?Q-.qfc,,.3,r-f3'v3'5lN'r ?.Af,fX?,,PM1Q?rq4f,v? 6,4-44 455994.55 ,A-3 ?Pf- 'Ke 4,94 V vs-and, ri fs-.eras-,,i,-1 vv? V is A N' f rr94f'7vg5f"g7vs"1 1. rvtl 1'1"-4.xV,.s9-fs. 4 vevfvlfvrf 'ri-A 2f'aNVc4"'irJ'F,sf'v Q V t.-Vv'1t l c :.'3w,,,2"tA mm iggpg 'J Gifs UA E ik is f A g A 'U A Q, 1: -1 "Do You Turn Somersaults?" directed by john Freund comes from a contemporary Russian rep- ertoire, an autumnal love story set in a sanitarium on the Baltic Coast. Brian Kirmse Brian Kirmse Do You Turn Somersoults Plays 57 'L 9 H ll Il 8 his year, some of ASU's biggest fans were the smallest ones. Kids were seen everywhere on campus, and espe- cially at athletic events. "The games are really fun, but I can't always tell which team is which," said john Cortaro, a 10-year-old ASU football fan. Cortaro came to five of the home football games this season with his fa- ther and his 3-year-old sister, Shara. "Shara is too young to really know what's happening," their father, Dan Cortaro said. "I think she just enjoys being around the crowd. After all, she was born in New York City. I'm hoping to raise a family full of ASU football fans." Cortaro graduated from ASU in 1970. Some of ASU's young fans had in- teresting experiences at the games. "I was babysitting my niece the weekend of the Homecoming game, and l really didn't want to miss it," said Donna Young, a junior psychology major. "The only tickets I had were in the student section, and these guys were offering my niece alcohol. They got kicked out of the game." Many of the parents who brought their younger kids to the games had the scary experience of losing them in the crowd. "I don't think there's any worse feeling than looking around and not being able to see your kids," said Dave Patten, anl alumnus of ASU who often brought his son and daughter to games. With the young fans adding a variety to ASU's group of fans, it was no wonder that going to each game was a unique experience - for the older and younger fans alike. Young fans were seen at al- most all the football, basketball and baseball gamescj -Carolyn Pye Brian Klrmse L 'f 1 Ave ba. ,. - y-:,vt'lv4l P!'4,f4q 'var-44: 'ijaqg Enjoying an ASU football game, 2-year-old Kcllen Ealing gets ready for the Sun Devils to score a touchdown. ASU's biggest fans weren't only col- lege students, they were kids of all ages. Waiting in line at the KZZP tailgate party are Regan Pvlzvr and Ryan Pelzvr. KZZP gave free hot dogs and soft drinks to ASU fans before each football game to help boost their team spirit. 11 V5 wg P vaveraava. 'ls David Leeds Layout by Tim Hall , 1 ' x 'tcftznzv Lr- K .1 Vi vt' Ln- qqijgnaa, f"14,.,4l-3.7 4 'C 'S L 4 vvff- vjya L5 -lg V '1..47z.r43'fA3'af'1v, -2 A N-f'Lrxiv'LVAb'7p5 Qfvn, v 'L AQV74' -1"'a'fc.V,-'J'7Vcr PL J7LrL-'7 V gh Aq',,,1C4 ALWLK- .ye-pd-fp gvv vit vff""4i'4,,gfl. V4 4'-'qv'-... 4 -'K-sf 4- 7 4- afr- 4 A .QAAVTVQF A V A 4 F58 'S sB1 esthlla s, ,, Q g, 1- A A lf rv ,5pi'nsSre4-by lIQev?ls'31dzfbcqLeS.i 7 if 7cr.g'-..4 -Vf"".,A"Jr?" ..""l . .scar- A V - vrl' 4 X l" 'W V A 4 YW. L: A "4q-aff: Q. X W1 ?"..z 'Q fb,-2ww4v,,,A,,.+w Aw wvgsv ?'vr1nv:u4,gfgg,A,,fnx. efgsah 35:1 vw -g 9't"'b4 wg P Q F4 1- .2 1' -S Y? A 5 r V Q, if ir K' wiki .lv VY .Q +1557 ri .1 V -:SAV-A tvlwrz' rl-K QXQQAQAAQ Q VCVVY4 gkavyvy Af A ?Y'y,fV a.,., "-1' V54 1 '4'3'V,gg-.41 5 Katy 44.64 ss V4 f V Q 4:-,'KL'1'vV: BA v v ,Agua vi' I-.adv 4.4744 4 At. inc! '55 vfqv-X '?,5bvL4f'A W..-vv V TPA: 'x!'g,AC 'simif LK gf 4.1 ASU Q Blggest Fam 59 S'U071S07'f'Lf by Del 119 Advafates Layout by Tim Hull l 1 Monument Valley is a wind-worn land located on 1 the Navajo Indian Reservation in northeastern Ar- . izona. With its awesome pinnacles, arches, l monoliths and spires, it is not surprising that this ' land is often referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of i the World." l i Arizona Office of Tourism Havasupai Canyon, at the western edge of Grand Canyon National Park, has numerous waterfalls scattered along the blue-green waters of Havasupai t u u Creek. "1 Northern Arizona's beauty is magnified when she is dons her white winter cloak. The San Francisco 'P Peaks, the highest point in Arizona, are a won- . derland of winter sports and unusually beautiful scenery. Arizona Office of Tourism All 0llA'S DIMM DI 'Ill UI n Feb. 14, 1912 Arizona became the 48th State of the United States. On Feb. 14, 1987, Arizona celebrated its 75th year of statehood. A number of things took place to cel- ebrate thc Diamond jubilee, including ' the publishing of a couple of books, the 4 5, I, burying of a time capsule and a parade. ,v 7 vs ' ASU's Dean Smith wrote one book vgr if while ASU historian Noel Stowe and Beth Wey composed Arizona at 75 in tl, 1- V4 "A"."Qonjunction with a conference on Feb. gt V 7 'A 7 v 'L The conference, titled "Arizona at 75: 579 C 'galil' 3' .fl1t6'Next 25 Years," was sponsored by 'J y 4 lv 5 . . 5 A lp P 7, zASl31s,Pubhc History Program and the 'gf' V 4 ' -I WXEZQIH Historical Society and focused 21? A 3 -w -. . . ',il.1 at V 4 ef 9 q1'l'A1f?zQ11atd,4?'4elopment since its state- s- v 4 " ' 5 5 U , ,hoocbih 1,9162 as well as its future. The 1fh1LA7Aug,F4,vcvP7A l.e 4"'r-"rf" 445' -1"',s 4 l 'jd F 4 4 4 Q, P 4 L 1 ff g, 4 ,I , 4 L4 L 4 A ,A-lL,F4144,,,,.,,",,-14 iv-I 1- A x1- 4' 4 . 7 4A5'4V lv . il F 4 5, Spgrfmr dbytllarix gm, " F V -5 5 1 4 4 v T 'l 4 T y A L . . u Nfhsg 5 M.. wa- sl D Aziz., U. ?'K.,L 1..,.'1s: conference featured five scholars who completed major studies on the 20th century southwest. At lunch former gov- ernors Raul Castro, lack Williams, How- ard Pyle, Paul Fanin and Sam Goddard shared their memories of Arizona's past and their visions of its future. To help future inhabitants of this state get a clear picture of life now, 1,000 Arizona school children put together a list for a time capsule. Included in the capsule was Bon Iovi's "Slippery When Wet" album, a mechanical heart, a skate- board, VCR, divorce papers, a freeze- dried pizza as well as a simulated one using rubber toppings. Also included were photos of the most important men and women along with a TV set with Bill Cosby's picture and a model Ford Thu derbird turbo coupe. But kids weren't the only ones c cerned with time travel, as Gov. E Mecham led a birthday parade by 3 tracing the steps taken that day in 19' by Arizona's first governer, George W Hunt on his 43-minute walk to the st' capitol along the then unpaved Wad ington Street. "It's a great state," said Cathy Lyer who watched the parade with her year-old son, Danny. "I don't thin could ask for more from this place." -Leslie Anderson e,W,qe 'la fi? ,, -..' 1 , "gig 'Y 'f ape'- .i 5 , . .,:,p' .l:,Q'i" ks-.L L k f ex' 4' Q. Wu, 1 i ' f Ag KH' " n- s ' i . X- 3 9 4 w 1 " ff . if If .. MW ...LHT Arizona Office of Tourism ska -Y we 1 .A .- , '5 R Rainbow Bridge National Monument, at 309 feet high, is the world's largest known natural bridge, ' , I' , ,fu located on one of Arizona's most popular water play- , f 2 W , 1, l grounds, Lake Powell. -M e iff- 1 S Montezuma's Castle, located approximately 60 miles ' "' g ft 3 vii, north of Phoenix, is one of Arizona's top tourist at- i, if A,.A2 W V ' 1' , f- Q V ,V Y ,ggi V tractions. The castle is constructed chiefly of adobe and ' 'ii W , MQ ,Q - ' ' " . was built in the side of a mountain. 1 - , h , , .?,. 1 dw gf Q .,.v . f L, V Qi .. ,ffiaf . 4 ,- i -at or ,. H . . gf 'R A 1 "T,..Q.z 5 " 4 r its rf '-'ff 1, - as-if f 'sf' ' . 1 . K If in H- ' ' i l J Roger Dube la., eww 0 vkqrwf ,gQuv'ie?q,ga.ig5 L A I 7 iv iii' H? flwq A ihi Q4 QVJQL Lvvvi Q. C .my L Lv, iv Q3 Af? tqvaf' gq V ' v we gg' pvc if N3 QL C V V Q Q cgi f ' fx, avg' LM Y' c?QL-yqv I .' '3' 'Ci' B .avg Alvin Agvvxsirnb . .4 -if .,-air ,. - 4 I L T, V? Um! My LA 'kiwi 'X A w"'x.,??vf-LNxB'Ld C A r- .. trtapil vfqvil' 1 z,v"'e"ffa.'4 V - ,vhs V Ads' ffwvvjr 'tu rn' V vfjvaaqfn, ??VM5c5,.-I-4in, 4 :- ive-q77CV meqvf' A r Arizona Office of Tourism Arizona's 75th 61 '74 Sponsored by Ramada Inn rl: 'tv 04 AF: 44 Fas 7 L 'J 4 gb Q75 V4 V17 :v'L va.: an 4 n- ' Itvv-qaavgi 'Q 4-AVF3 -r-"'-'vcr-T L-lg-y,4V 177-ilu T nvcfx .AL-Y" byirn T-a Qvv Ev I4 f . ,vu r qs ,A,A,,,vva,v,.v,., 'KT'-I-Vt-"'-fa. u.x"e4-4 "4'.xr-v' 5 v 7 1- ftnjvl-4-1 .,!'Jv4"Lvvv4",f'-c"vv 7 L, V Q Af 1 VP Avtrrvtq 1 at 'fu -QA, v"Av,J4, 'Lt-1. VV: fa I-Lf 4 Q "4 "7A .x LAT, 1 ,acl-vn,.-'V 4 avvz f Al. 75 rl-'Q 3 ATP r-TLV V DVI-vc L 'I L-A V 'T 7 7vJf.L:v'Vrv5.s"' 'TAB-:I A '04 L V41 43V A ,v, what, v,x".x""L'r-'A 62 Tempe - The City Sponsored by Systems Marketing, Inc. Nicole Be a clown. This young vender at the Tempe and Crafts Fair sells balloons to fair-goers ages, Layout by Tim 1 l rizona's fourth largest city and the city many Arizona State University udents called home was Tempe. Tempe had a wide array of things to J, see and be proud of. From shopping 1d eating and drinking establishments parks and cultural attractions, Tempe as a city of variety for students as well . its residents. Mill Avenue, in downtown Tempe, e location of Hayden Square, boasted ores like Espirit, Benetton and Pen- 1ins. The Spaghetti Company had spe- al dinner prices on Sundays for stu- Announcing the arrival of the Phoenix Cardinals, the City of Tempe proudly shows its support for the NFL's newest team. After months of rumors, Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell decided to move his team to the Valley and ASU. Music fills the air with entertainers at the Tempe Arts and Crafts Fair. The fair offered an array of crafts and music and has been a Tempe tradition for over 10 years. Nicole Carroll rusvul s ,nor or GHTAND AY dents presenting their student IDs. Mill Avenue was also the spot where twice a year the Mill Avenue Merchant's Association sponsored an outdoor arts and crafts fair which featured all types of art, pottery, crafts and live street en- tertainment. Something for residents of Tempe to be proud of was the Hayden Flour Mill on Mill Avenue which was established in 1871 and was the oldest continuously operating business in the state. This year Mill Avenue went through some major construction of the street itself and sidewalks. Most of the changes were for easier pedestrian and bicyclist access. Tempe also provided movie theaters, parks, ball fields, tennis, raquetball, nightclubs and restaurants galore. Virginia Thompson, city clerk for the City of Tempe since 1968, said that the city wanted people to come to Tempe instead of going through it to get some- place else. "The city has so much to offer. Tempe will take care of anyone's wishes." D -Mary Mcuhl R54 5 v L 41 A N if I LV A7 ,Q 1.c"A"-1" v V vnv, TLV -1 av, vh"'L"7c- 7 v .4,Y.,L4'.c 'A A1 " I-av Al-V""'v L V A ', Ar.7,,4!.'1Lg-15" vvqvagvvqqvgvv ..s.,AAL V7 -?v,.v.x4v1 V v5TFmP"f1'2TfP91.C5VA6g 'ts -1 -- L"""4""'4 'V 1 t 7 V Qfon5breribyS1styqns A51rkeqlgJn6 V A 4 V 1' "v.."7-.--:s--.'f vv 'ff- QL .4 97V X LV 2' VV A! v5vU",,-,, ,F v1Ape bv,v,y14 7C7hDhv7'g'c 'JVV qt-74 5 g- 7 D Abc7,P1A',4 4 v ?"""4 '.A7T,""'. a ""v'v e-ravf. L f' 47' 57,,A 7 q"vA,-if-J QAVAA ,44Q'.A. r4,.-4:1-"-S",-14'-'44 51:5 ?.,3 4-4-19,4L'1 Ll. 4 A be F 144 ,, -'Avo '14 L1 4. vg v A 1 A p 4 3' " '44 'Peng J'-'l1'?le,,C'5t :ft L A., V P Y, +44 'xr ,, ., vsfvfkwfgfbvsefwfsewvkgffvsfjne A 4. ". -. ,- ..v"4 s4'5,AL 1- Cum". Shamway Lo Sister City Friendship House, also known as the Hackett House, was once a bakery in the 18805. Today, the Tempe Sister City Corporation operates a vistors' information center and gift shop in the very room that was once William Hilage's bakeshop. One of the newest and brightest spots in town, Hayden Square gave downtown that needed touch of class. Hayden Square housed many elite and fashionable stores, nightclubs and restaurants. Layout by Tim Hull iiij Q' f 1-.. r host talked-about buildings in Tempe. hx L Ct 1' is-r'1"'v4t4A fr? y Af C WIFI -fL7f Q5 7 4 7' 'ffqqqb fvy V4 fa? l"Lvl-,,Lt-cgi-4,,:,,vhv 7A,,vx,,A1!,v3:Alf:' 7, V945 'atv . ,V v ,vrv 7 AA:-A V1 44 4 'ave vrv-I Af-,f'4."v '- 7 44945 vgqgft T 1 f.,V4"Lg'L'lvA3 ky ,cv Vhv F47 ,A rt nf'-'VV V 4 V, 'ct,"t-J 'It VA:-QC, 4 i,v-1cV"4l."-I J P r4,,vf'4. 1v'l-:dia . . ,V asf. :Fw .44 Pr- fk focus on a new time, this sculpture, designed ny Goo, is one ofthe highlights of the City Hall 'pyramidf' The City Hall pyramid is one of the v t Bob Castle 26 Land of Confusion Mecham captured state's attentiong Impeachment first in Arizona's history It was a year of blunders, violence and tragedy in local, na- tional and world news, much of which left the average news- watcher or reader distraught, con- fused and occasionally, humored. Leaders gave us insight into the fact that they, too, are human and prone to their share of mistakes. Arizona politics was no excep- tion. From the time Evan Mecham took office as Arizona's 17th gover- nor Nov. 5, 1986 until his impeach- ment April 4, he stirred up con- troversy, raised eyebrows and hair and graced the front pages of Valley newspapers almost daily with scandals and outrage. Mecham blamed the press for the bum rap, his critics blamed his mouth. Regardless of who pointed the finger at whom, Arizona receiv- ed national attention for its con- troversial governor. Mecham ap- peared on both CBS's H60 Minutes" and ABC's "Nightline," in both of which he was grilled and emerged blaming the media for not looking at the "positive" aspects of his administration. The Pontiac dealer had attemp- ted unsuccessfully four times to be elected Arizona governor, the fifth time was the charm. Five days after taking office, Mecham began upholding his campaign promises by rescinding the Martin Luther King holiday, which he claimed had been declared illegally by his predecessor, Bruce Babbitt. The recission upset many, causing cancellations from musicians and conventions scheduled to come to the Valley. The cancella- tions resulted in an estimated S23 million loss to Arizona's ?99n0mY- ,,,,, N In February, Mecham Watchdog Committee chairman Ed Buck, an- nounced plans to circulate recall petitions in four months. In june, the recall campaign went into full swing. In September, Doonsebury car- toonist Gary Trudeau enraged Mecham with his series of cartoons poking fun at him. Although Mecham threatened to sue Trudeau and newspapers that ran the six strips, those promises never pann- ed out. Complaining that the press focused only on the negative as- pects of his administration, Mecham supporters sent a pro- Mecham tabloid to an estimated 1 million Arizona voters, and a letter was sent to conservatives nation- wide, asking for donations to raise 51.2 million to help Mecham fight "the militant liberals and homosex- ual lobby" behind the recall move- ment. Mecham denied his connec- tions to the letter. Mecham aide Sam Steiger was charged with extortion in October after he allegedly threatened a parole board member's job if he did not vote to keep the board's executive direc- . tor. Later D o n n a Carlson, another aide. left her posi- tion because of alleged death threats from Mecham's appointed Prison Construction Chief Lee Watkins. Attorney General Bob Corbin launched an investigation in Oc- tober into a S350,000 campaign loan from Tempe lawyer and developer Barry Wolfson that allegedly never was reported. The investigation led to Mecham's in- dictment Ian. 8 on six felony counts of perjury, fraudulent schemes and filing a false contribution report. His brother, Willard, who signed and filed Mecham's campaign statements, was indicted on three felony counts. On April 4 the Senate convicted Mecham of illegally borrowing 580,000 from the state's protocol fund and ob- structing in- vestigation a death threat. cham's from office, State Mofford role of momentarily Arizona's 4 Susan Schumanfst C2351 WG? TALK? L5 If Mecham was smart, he would resign and save the taxpayers money, instead of using it towards impeachment tri- als and recall elections. -janet Iaslcowski, junior CLI don't think Mecham is a bad person, just a bad p o l i t i c i a n . Politicians have got to have a bet- ter relationship with the press. Mecham's is more like a cat-and- mouse game. -lennifer Hunt Lg It's just a dream, isn't it? -Mike Caruso LL He wouldn't be up to his ears in this stuff if he ad- mi t t e d h e w a s wrong in the first place. -Lisa Houde ccMecham equals Oral Roberts. -Rebecca Burch, junior 68 News-Bedlam Bed la m A backward glance at Arizona politics No Arizonan with a TV, radio or newspaper subscription was free from the daily wave of news about the latest state of disorder on the 9th floor of the capitol. What began as a governor-citizen battle even- tually led to friction within the gov- ernment system itself. Although the Democratic criticism leveled against the governor was expected, it wasn't long before Republican leaders requested Mecham's resig- nation to prevent further embarass- ment to the party. Some of Mecham's staunch si porters claimed the GOP's ab. donment of the governor was pa mutiny. But those Republicans vs disagreed with Mecham's actii believed the good of the state w more important than party loya and the only way to improve state's suffering image was to si a new governor - which is exam what they did. EI Shamway Lo The woman responsible for the validation of 300-plus recall signatures, Democratic Secretary of State Rose Mofford became act- ing governor of Arizona when the Mecham impeachment proceedings began. The force behind the Mecham Recall Committee, Ed Buck transformed what be- gan as the Mecham Watchdog Committee into the powerhouse that gathered sufficient signatures to force a recall election. iq fl gr. 1' I Although Mecharn was eligible for a state- In hopes that a new press secretary would appointed attorney, he opted to hire his improve his relations with the media, own. Lawyer Murray Miller is preened and Mecham imported Ken Smith from Califor- wired for a TV appearance in defense of the nia to replace a harried Ron Bellus. governor. deff? " D lack BeaslevfState Press avid Mclntyre ILLQIKL A NL- HLACK Q M QMW Qfgyv 0 Y exam 2.1.05 QQ Man with Mission Droves of Arizonans fill Sun Devil Stadium Valley basks in warmth of first papal visit After months of planning by the cities of Phoenix and Tempe, the Catholic Di- ocese, the media, area merchants and papal fans from all over the state, Pope john Paul Il made a much-awaited ap- pearance in the Valley Sept. 14. Al- though the expected crowd of 500,000 to watch the papal motorcade fell short by about 400,000, the evening mass at Sun Devil Stadium attracted a crowd of 75,000, the first capacity audience during the pope's US. tour. From the time the pope's chartered Shepherd I touched down at Sky Harbor International airport, john Paul had scarcely a spare moment to think. After disembarking, he was whisked away in his made-for-parades Popemobile, com- plete with bulletproof glass and lots of waving room. His first stop after his brief scenic tour of downtown Phoenix was St. Mary's Basilica, where he addressed a smaller-than-expected but still excited crowd of worshippers. He then met with members of the Catholic Health Association and visited sick youngsters at St. Ioseph's Hospital. After a number of minor appearances and a brief lunch break, it was off to Veterans Memorial Coliseum to be honored by a group of more than 16,000 Native American Indians and, finally, the mass at Sun Devil Stadium. In most of his addresses, the pope touched on some of the issues concern- ing today's society, particularly Catholics, such as abortion and eutha- nasia. In keeping with the theme of his tour, he stressed mankind working to- gether to attain its goals. U The chance to photograph the pope is a rare one. Thousands of Arizonans dragged cameras out of the closet to get their own priceless photos, as amateur and professional photographers were perched at every possible place the pope appeared. 70 Nt ws Min With A Mission FW 1 tg Lost in the moment, llieyear-old Dmnirzit' Bmzimfilwus clutches his rosary as he listens intently to the mass delivered at Sun Devil Stadium. A gift that keeps on giving Emmett White of the Gila River Indian Reservation gives the pope an American eagle feather that had been given to him by a friend in Washington, DC. 1 i I Pool Ph0to Spectators line Central Avenue for a glance at Pope john Paul II as he rides by in his "popemobile." Because the crowds were much smaller than expected, almost eve- ryone had a front row seat. News -v Man With A Mission 71 'flirt And how appro- priate to celebrate the feast here in the city of Phoe- nix, which bears the name of an ancient symbol often depicted in Christian art to represent the meaning of the victorious cross.1, -Pope john Paul - II I Cb The security, made the wait re- ally long, but it was worth it to I keep the pope from being shot. I drove two and a half hours to get here, and I have to get back to Flagstaff for class tomorrow morn- 51 -Kathy Parretto, NAU student ing. - g I don't know - I don't even know if, he speaks English. -Evan Mechazn, , I when asked what he would say to the pope upon his arriv- al. LL He's the rock of our faith. -Iulie Weckley, Phoenix teen 72 News - Pope john Paul ll Tears well up into the eyes of Phoenix teen lulie Wecklvy as she joins thousands of other worship- pers in prayer at the mass. The pope and his entourage prepare the eucharist for communion. Over 600 priests and 500 lay peo- ple served the communion to all present in 17 minutes. Sun Devil Stadium was transformed from football field to outdoor cathedral for the papal mass. The mass attracted 75,000 people and caused lines lit- erally for miles around the stadium. Brian N de'- Q W1 ls -Lf , ,Q r, -y rlal Brian rj! J' 54 on A-.. 5 CEQTHJ WE TALK? some terrorist doing something while we are steaming at 20 knots ggcind of slim . . . -From a letter limni' written by Christo- pl1crDvAngrlis, one of 37 sailors killed in the attack on the U.S.S. Stark Cb I'm neither a bear nor a bull. Right nhow I'm just 3 c icken. -Charles Allman, editor of a financial rzcwslcttvr, wlivn thc stock nmrket plunged LLI think the crash tof Flight 255D could have been helped with proper mainte- nance. Teri McCor- mick, senior 74 News - Tragedy Hits Home Tragedy hits home Plane crash claims ASU family U.S. sailors killed stocks crash On Aug, 17, one of the worst crashes in the history of aviation claimed the lives of 154 people, including some from ASU. All but one passenger aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 255 en route to Phoenix perished in the crash shortly after takeoff from Detroit. The lone survivor, 4-year-old Ce- cilia Cichan, the daughter of the late ASU botany professor Michael Cichan, lost both parents and her only brother in the crash. The first Tempe police officer to die in the line of duty met his fate in September when Tempe resident Martin Curran led police on a high speed chase that resulted in both Curran's and Lt. john Bradshaw's deaths. Curran had broken free from an arresting officer, stolen his gun and taken a hostage when Bradshaw came to the aid of his fellow officers and was shot. Brad- shaw had served 20 years on the Tempe force. 'V' 'Q' Q,,,,q-as L ., .. V.. -- as--new ,L 'ww is The Dow jones industrial aver- age dropped 408 points, the largest drop in history, on Monday, Oct. 19. Some called it a "crash," others called it a "meltdown" and others called it "Black Monday." What- ever it was, it stripped S500 billion from the market value of U.S. se- curities. The effects were felt na- tionwide. In March, the United States be- gan playing a semi-active role in the war that had raged between Iran and Iraq for 7 years by de- fending 11 Kuwaiti ships flying American flags. Two months later, two Iraqi missiles ripped into America's U.S.S. Stark, killing 37 crew members. Iraq claimed the at- tack was a "pilot error" and apol- ogized, but tension continued to grow as mines said to have been laid by Iran clogged the Gulf. In- cidents rose alongside the tension and hostility. news briefs The largest reduction in arms history came as a result of December's U.S,fSoviet summit in Washington, DC. The two superpowers signed a treaty banning 2,000 me- dium and short-range mis- siles from Europe and Asia. Wide World Photos M .wmv-ants. Scandal! Leaders fall from grace If nothing else, 1987 was the year of the scandal. From religion to politics, some of the nation's most - and least - illustrious citizens learned a lesson in notoriety. And many of them capitalized on their mistakes, providing a publisher's dream of material for autobiographies, mini-series and center- folds. The incidents forced Americans to step back and re-evaluate their values and goals and to scrutinize more closely those they chose as leaders. American television viewers were . ,. J' - 7' flszi' U' iv QP F as KW' 4, Q. treated to Hollywood a la Washington, D.C. when 29 witnesses came forward to testify at the Iran-Contra hearings. The hearings were some of the most-watched programs during their 6 days in july, gaining viewership of an estimated 55 million Americans. The key witness was Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, who was accused of diver- ting "illegal" funds from Iranian arms sales to Nicaraguan contras. By the end of the hearings, some viewers saw North as a hero while others thought he was a villain. A Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart found out the hard way that seek- ing a presidential nomination meant a cutback in privacy. After challenging the press to follow him and investigate his alleged promiscuity, The Miami Herald revealed Hart's supposed weekend in Bimini with Florida model Donna Rice. Heavy press coverage and criticism forced him to bow out of the race, vowing not to seek the Democratic nomination. But he changed his mind and announced his candidacy once more in january, while Rice picked up a modeling contract with No Excuses jeans. TV evangelist lim Bakker admitted partaking in carnal sins with church secretary jessica Hahn, but expected the hush money he paid her to keep him in good grace. When she spoke up, he lost his floundering evangelical em- pire, his wife, Tammy Faye, tearfully forgave f him on national televi- , as g 1? sion while begging not f tr to be left destitute.. In Ma the meantime, Hahn 5. 'v h i s 47 ' in i? claimed she had been violated and sold her story - not to mention her body - to Playboy magazine for S1 million. The American justice system itself wasn't free from critical eyes. In an attempt to fill retiring Supreme Court Iustice Lewis Powe1l's shoes, President Reagan recommended Iudge Robert Bork, after weeks of Senate committee hearings, Bork was rejected. Reagan's next choice, Douglas G .w"V,M., X. Ginsburg, nixed himself after clamor grew when the fact he had smoked marijuana was revealed. Seven months after Powe1l's resignation, the Senate confirmed Andrew Kennedy to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although some lives were un- doubtedly ruined in the year's scandals, the media thrived on them. And they definitely made in- teresting headlines. 4 Wide World Photos GENE WCS T LK? CG who is it up to to decide on the name of the foot- ball team? Is it the people or is it the owner? I think the owner possesses that right. By the way, are there any cardinals in Ari- zona? -Ioe Fox, ASU junior LL Fijis need to be made an example of. They are eve- rything a fraterni- ty shouldn't be. A pledge shouldn't be afraid of vio- lence when he's really looking for brotherhood. -Steve, ASLI soph. LLI think it's a shame that a wom- an with as much i n t e g r i t a n d k n o w l e dl g e a s Marianne Iennings was not backed up by the ASU a - ministration. I be- lieve that this is a sad indication of ASU policy treat- ment of their em- ployees. -Leslie A. Hobbs 78 News - Campus Controversy Campu Controversy ASU fraternity gets the boot Representative resigns after clash lt was a year of change in many aspects of campus life at ASU, from construction to ad- ministration to social life. The expansion of the campus affected everyone who had to deal with detours, dump trucks and dust. But it was a symbol of the constant change involved in a growing university. The administration worked hard to wel- come newcomers, specifically the St. Louis Cardinals, to ASU. Phoenix had long been in the market for a professional football team, and ASU and Phoenix battled to the end to cater to any prospective team's needs. Sun Devil Stadium won as the home field for the new Phoenix Cardinals. Sun Devil linebacker Stacy Harvey ma headlines when he was allowed to pl although faculty athletic representati Marianne Jennings had declared him q ademically ineligible. ASU President I. Ri sell Nelson overruled Jennings' decisi leading to her resignation. The Phi Gamma Delta CFIID fratern came under fire for hazing violations, though they were initially suspended a campus organization for two years, t were allowed to remain an official fratern but were forced to evacuate their house a move off campus at the end of the spri semester. D -4 -Iii .f..i K ,lk , 5 ,, xy . , K r .A 1. X a Ii. -a - A ,, if r A r ,,., W St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell an- nounces his team's plans to move to Tempe. The decision came after months of negotiations with Phoenix and other cities in the nation. The new Phoenix Cardinals were scheduled to be- gin the 1988-89 season at Sun Devil Stadium. Taking it all in stride , faculty athletic rep- resentative Mariunne Iennings discusses the Col- lege of Business' request for her resignation as associate dean. The request came shortly after she resigned as faculty athletic representative when President Nelson overruled her decision on an ineligible football player. Although the Fljls were awaiting suspension for hazing violations, they continued to recruit pledges for the 1988 spring semester. Late in january, administrators decided not to suspend the fraternity for two years as originally planned but instead put them on probation and requested them to move off campus in the fall. L! lack Beasleyffltate Press News - Campus Controversy 79 laik Bea ltxfStatc Press 80 Academics Division ' "'m-we-""' .. ,, 5 ' 68 ' I. itting the books, cram- ming for three days straight, passing up a party o camp out in the library. . . if any of these scenerios sound familiar to you, you have prob- ably spent some time pursuing the academia of Arizona State Uni- versity. Every year thousands of stu- dents leave their Sun Devil alma mater with degrees ranging from agriculture to architecture and everything in between, students that have mastered the art of studying and written their share of research papers. ASU saw a push for academic excellence in 1987-88. Stricter ad- missions standards, campus ex- pansion, a growing curriculum and new general studies require- ments fostered the ever-changing demands of education. The uni- versity also hosted a variety of top-notch professors and instruc- tors who catered to the needs of students and offered the insight that went far beyond any book knowledge. International recogni- tion was brought home as Rita Dove was honored with ASU's first Pulitzer Prize and Micheal Malin captured the MacArthur award and accompanying recog- nition to campus research. Four assistant professors were chosen for the prestigious Presidential Young Investigator Award while a multitude of colleagues were honored with research grants and awards for outstanding work in their respective fields. Academics, however, did not stop in the classroom. ASU fea- tured one of the best internship programs in the nation, placing students in their field to gain the experience necessary to launch a successful career. Students were able to DIVE IN to the job market and get a taste of hands-on train- ing before diving in to the "real world." F Section Editor: Kay Olson Academics Division 81 Professionals bring crucial experience to prac- tice periods. Fine arts students were exposed to experts from all areas of the arts including dance. Susan Copeland concentrates on her work for an ASU art class. While creating art works was sat- isfying at completion, the hours put into prep- aration were always long ones. Students of the arts Share a special ou saw them everywhere on campus, but there were actually few of them. They were the ones lugging artwork and mu- sical instruments around, or fine-tuning their bodies for a theatrical or dance performance. They were ASU's fine arts students. Increasing the visibility of the fine arts college was the goal of Mark Stark, pres- ident of the fine arts college council. He said although there were only about 1,000 students enrolled in the college in 1987, those students represented a wider array of interests and talents than any other college at ASU. "We have students here that take part in all aspects of the arts," he said. "There are music students, theater students, dance students, and all kinds of art stu- dents - painting, drawing, fiber arts, sculpture, photography . . . " Stark said the fine arts college became part of the university about 25 years ago, and the fine arts college council came into being about five years later. But he ' 4.3 Fine Arts Dana Leonard Sundi Kjenstad said relatively little was done to incre exposure of the college during the I quarter century. "Fine arts is down at the bottom ASASU's funding for college counci he said. "My motive is to bring it u the top five in funding, so we can pu some beneficial programs for our s dents." The new fine arts annex, under cl struction in 1987, was expected to h increase university awareness of fine z students, Stark said, because it would in a more central part of campus, direc north of the music building. "Not only will students from this c lege be closer together, but students fr other colleges should recognize us, a we should recognize them," he said. "I believe this college has a lot of 1 tential and it's a great thing for ASU know fine arts students have a lot talent." E -Dana Leonard I I i, 4:? a' 1 N, 'Er .Q .Q ., 352 1,.,. mf- ' fits? we iv 1' N ww, 1 wig. ft! 83 if ,I :.1UL,'-,N"' 'jgm , ,s lxgf'-gg ,x"1 X.n,7','W,x,f...wi' sf .- x"s'.-"',f-':'fa-E 'fx 'if Y I, 5 I lfxff':',-X, xr,-,N "' "0 7 i,,vJ':s"w.-'ZIP' -. Xi K 3 -. w ., ,J lx! Q .1 xt-X151 -W, heir M Kr 1 IKM." ff, 'sy'-x-, if fm I xlx.-xnh X xv' ,,. I yi, Qwwlgn' ,, ..- .wif g-f'w."" iff., .?'f'm' "' fi M, ,.. xx"-11,22 a",'Q"k 3, '16-of 4""xf'H, mxlfg '1?1ifi,.,'zx,,3.l I fiifsr il' to ifxfiiimf-.,mX X 7 4:5411 es. if W , mlgf xlftgf kiwi, wif H- ""yw'i:" fx tm S .. ,Nitin ,-I'?:,,- bMC'i"v--3..ri' few Csyigsqigfmwlimx ' 4' N15 "' 9 S. an ixxx rN"' -.. In - fi, fllrifgiijlfffsf tha illchf-f Sm If , ax, aj., 'x'iNtxg,S5ix-ilx' gli ,rad 5 j,:i"yIm"'1 Ny! 'ini " irfx-vi ws. 1 sfx'fci.-gfdwlxi -.r ,I fpxt'-.r 5. MISX Xu, willy "-ii'-nik I, N U,x - H A of ,, ' 'H -. ,tx gi , T,-1 K is ,Q 1 - YM Aw, .. 1 . :V -XfLf'i1f,i fl 1" wif-"V V, wicrx xg' , ,if , ...,i KA.. 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The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, under the direction of acting dean George Beakley, offered very competitive practical programs while continuing its award- winning research. Photo by Todd Green 1 ,,, 'fxff wixfnb , N,gl,iL,..,!N:a4 vw -f K! ,a I, ,wi 'AH Ibn ,Q ,."',3,v fp-r'f..'f'xf1sfm"".1'Q, L1 r x,,"f 3-N,-uiif.-ff' v',.w!,,,X,,.jM ,wh lynx' 'N -'Gu nf,,3"'l if fl ,i:i"'.,5i'Ly,f-:Ls.N1, f' "'f.. I,-I -'M gqzftfhff Q, - ws-.1 Q lm 'QW ,+-awgmfgfk. .xfv,f:"2f'.21,',,-J"f ,Xfh,simx!Sw12lM,Xi. xfggrfxfi .AMA mul. ve,-x, .,,,,E,H-pyfafglf-.,,, Nfl V311 -ft,-','Zt,v ,Iwi I .J,1f1.,- " lx -f W! ,S PN 1 'I gh, iid! xv' fiixrxlf ,l-.vadfmff 4 A , 1 f Q 33 1 1 " 7 if? 4 W ,ag , f ,W 7 5 iflw, f .' ' 1 ,,,, , -V f:,f4e,15f "Good evening, Arizona" Futures are on the I ive minutes until air time: a show to be helpful in landing a job in the script has mysteriously disap- TV industry. peared, a camera is jammed and "I've learned all about putting a show the sound technicians are work- together, how it works behind the ing furiously to re- store the system. Three minutes: the script's been found, the camera I've learned all about putting a scenes," she said. Although she hoped to work in front of the camera after graduation, is working sporad- ically and the show together, how it works behind the she said that work- ing behind the sound's working SCEITES. r scenes gave her a ...kind of. Bla" Holt' Semor thorough back- Five . . . four . . . . 1. ground on the me- three two one: "Good evening, welcome to the Horizon show!" Perfect! As part of KAET Channel 8's program- ming, "The Horizon Show" offered broadcast students the chance to learn firsthand how to deal with the expected and unexpected in the world of live broadcasting. Blair Holt, a senior broadcast major, said she expected the experience she ac- quired through working to produce the Capturing the perfect "shot" is all in a day s work for TV camera crews. Senior Greg Thomas and sophomore Rudy Cusillus are broadcasting majors working at KAET. "Sound" professional experience was gained by broadcast majors who intemed at KAET. Senior Dana Fisher gained hers by running the control panel. 86 Public Programs chanics of live broadcast shows. Students were paid to learn all aspects of the business, from technical work to production to sets. The deadline pres- sures and Valley-wide audience made the program more true to life than a classroom experience ever could. cj - Dana Leonard ,Hfwf NWN" 4 Shamway Lo ",.,"'-. ,wx 1 Q7,"j",jftsmx",f1s 1 i", 1-.,, ,xf!"', '-':"f,:g"':'f-,iffy ixf gb HN I W- x xl X'v S' sf? 'Ss N -fN!A all s gf-5 f..." v.,j,'xv,!'MX If "" K, y fu.. 4 ,x,x, V., x wr, 4' XNIW fn! I lx N' SxfV"'X ' vadgxs,-fx, K ,Ki , ,,,.,xl fs'-f,.., Vw-Xjfxn islwfx, 'XM ...i'sf.J'4'f.-5 ' ext ' 1 ,lXi,,xl,,x, fr, V' F,,,., I I " fff5:,'s?l-xsxf1,i :i,,1.5-Q an-il,-51.t"'1 I-0 1' 1 -rw' v l','N.,,-s. wi , s, nf " fVI'2 "'-"N -I NV., 'S N1 5 if G, -ff fx,1h't'x igffsx I--5 xlfa ff,-.N f,.,,lfgg,1 9' .ff ,4- .X if f 3 I .M 3 ,A ! '-, .vj Qfgfwfxfffg 7..'fj'ff..f 4. ffl? ffl , .- fx sxvix ,, ,K fy I -mf I if' fxmfxxflflffs riff: 1E'9fCf'1.Jgz 4 X 5 Xl' fit lx' ad, .., -.., s 5 I tml5l'b,W, 4' x' Nfl ,.3,xlmg,,a my fgi., lip- t 3-.11 mul. - 1, S H-fr - xl: ""l'x!"X5?x. 'wff'..f,-sc-A g I N. IX fx i M it tlmihshgixffxxt piwlk ,'N",,'.!,'L u,'5rgt...,!lQ.,, , 4 Ixxl-s xflhxfi f efxlijffj.,-.fjfi ,Nj ff..2l-.1 .. 'mix sn, 2Xf"'ii l1?f'71"sf," fl Z-UI' 'fz'7ffl',"3'i I M. ... l2:Kf,x'xv9Ti sllifx ,""fg5N"'Q4' s 'XX' , I-.glxfn 7 I Y'l5 X 5' fy N X sl I 5 5 ll "'5X wt ""' l X g 5 wlxfgxw L"s".f '-.t,'1,As, X'-?rX'xl ,lkxl if-Q Iwf,x"-.x"'ff -Ni f'1xx-XINI?-ff"f,1 ff' ":"'Q'fw.':-..x1',,.."'. X, 3."gf--fX,,gm,X fX"XiN"""'- 'f'x-1.3 ,XX,lx'-.qf-.ess ,Q N xx fs! 'sf C-xft, 5 "' vi i'P f His' XI., 'rx f"x xy I y..,u.. f'f,.x '- 9 , xg 5 "' Q. 'xg-'l",,1'3s,:'..xl. wt-.-:i,:2..,:s.,,-M, S., "'K'.t",f"-9,"yZ'uffsi4 22-,f'1J-'G-' gn- 1, ...""f,xi,1 2,3 ,,S xxx ,N INQ- x',xI:,X ,nr W 1 fl sf-f mrs sf 43 '+I situ, ' nksk 1 , , 5 1' I, ,slE's'ix!y Mast! 5. If lf.l'CZf?!fi"f.1'3 ,Lf gl mix! Kim, s: .f1I"g,,N l"'is, nb- ffffsiift-. If S ""' "-15 fx ..Q,J.f'f,w',wg,s..,'f!.f fi1"g'l '-lfkxgt 'g"'x Nl f ylff' 'K f':.,s' :Y Lf gxx' ,ff,.Xl.J'E.-','s8,sig .. ,s:x,"Dx.7,-x'2,i.. is xg N xt.. rx-,Qy-"xi 'Q x'x NI ' ,ff l,,x, x, zfx ..,w N, .nf-info t if-.,"-is v'nfx" K r-- A-. ,f .I Q' srgx 'IXQ l -.X X, ,xflxs-I s .3f:ig:,':fxf..Dfx".V rs.: -.x,x ,1','4." f f "4-If-1" ,g'N"r S X 'Q was xl "!lQ"X-'81, xS"f.If,X':xfxxl-gx, I-nv x 'br LQ' :Liz ,""1l"':3 "' I w .,r ..!x wifi wlxi. fbi., xg XIX , ' " ""I'?xffexx'i'-SX fxC"'t if "-,fi I-' '- X lyx fn f :VXI "-I- 3 tx' fx 'VXI 1 'xx' -" :ix glxf- 'Ig is .-NH, .NH1311' X -N ! X :R g 'K gf' sl lx " v,,:yl1 JA-.1 1' 's',,'kQs Q: X' iff: 'yi' 1,,,lNx ,xl -.x,w,':,Is,,:x,S,,,,, v Katharine Graham, pub- lisher of the Washington Post , addresses questions from stu- dent journalists. Professionals in the journalism industry of- ten brought their expertise to ASU classrooms. Nw Dana Involvement through internships lournalists work at a fast I I I l ryn Kemp, journalism major, works as a re- 'ter through an internship at the Scottsdale Prog- s. Students applied for the internships through College of Public Programs and were selected a competitive basis. rlter Cronkite shows his approval during a visit ' :he ASU journalism department. Over 200 col- es bid to have Cronkite's name on their pro- mg he chose to endorse ASU's. n addition to receiving practical ex- perience, students in the College of Public Programs also had the op- portunity to get on-the-job expe- rience in several different types of intern- ships offered. The Walter Cronkite School of journalism and Telecommunication of- fered many such programs, including in- ternships at the Phoenix Gazette and Ar- izona Republic . "If a student has the required qualities and wants an internship, they will prob- ably get it," said Dr. joe Milner, internship coordinator for the College of Public Pro- grams. journalism interns worked at news of- fices of various valley newspapers eight hours a week for one semester. They also met frequently throughout the semester with journalism professors to give their opinion of the program. Students received three hours of journalism credit, plus they S were paid at least minimum wage for this time. The interns at the Gazette and Republic were assigned similar duties of a reporter. "We'll have orientation for them the first week of the semester, and after the first assignment, we'll let them go at whatever Sundi Kjenstad Dana Leonard speed they can handle," said Paul Schatt, internship coordinator at the Republic. "After three to four weeks, we usually for- get that they're interns because they do a good job." Schatt said that some of the best interns could be hired immediately at the end of the semester in which they worked for the Gazette and Republic. All of the interns received newspaper experience and good clips from a reputable paper, which could help them when later applying for jobs. "Students got a chance to get really known by a group of editors. People move around a lot in this business, and someday a student may apply for another news- paper and somebody there will recognize their name," Schatt said. "It's a real opportunity to find out about the job of a reporter without taking any risks. Students get an opportunity to meet other people in the business, and they can see their lifestyle. It's an excellent way to see if this is the correct career choice for the future," Schatt said. U -Carolyn Pye Steve Mounteer spent time working as a pho- tography intem at the Arizona Republic. Besides gaining three class credits, students gained invalu- able experience. Public Programs 89 Live-aid from music, Surviving by I I rocessing of music involves more of the brain than any other sensory function. It may seem hard to believe that hearing is such a complex system of reactions, but Barbara Crowe steadfastly stood by this statement. She should know. Crowe was elected vice president of the National Assoscia- tion for Music Therapy and for the last two years was the director of ASU's pro- gram. ' Music Therapy originated in the 1950s to treat schizophrenics and the severely handicapped. The ASU program, in full operation for two years, treated a much wider variety of people and illnesses. Crowe said although music may be the most abstract of the arts, it also is the most structured. And it is flexible enough to train a client to deal with increasing levels of frustration. Patients were trained to allow their minds to focus on the natural vibrations of sound. Once clients began to show responses to sounds and rhythm, instructors worked with them on fundamental counting skills, motor coordination and sensory integration. Patients did not have to have musical talent or skill to benefit from music ther- apy. A portable electronic device called 90 Fine Arts an omnichord allowed various musical sounds to be made and repeated by pushing a button. Crowe said she could make "virtually anyone musically suc- cessful on minutes, in seconds," with this tool. Music therapy was not claimed to be a cure for anything, Crowe said, but when used in conjunction with medication and other therapies, it helped give patients, such as schizophrenics, "reality orien- tation," allowing them to interact with reality, not hallucinations. "Music is real," Crowe said. "The sound waves are really there." Crowe and her associates worked one day with a group of elderly people, help- ing draw them out in social interaction, and another day with mothers and their small children. "The ideas we give them here can be utilized by them at home . . . it is a be- ginning," Crowe said. "I began because I have a real love for music and I wanted to do more with my major for people, I wanted to put it to use," Crowe said. "And the program here is well accepted by area residents, it is a beneficial resource ASU offers." D - Scott Troyunos Layout by Noel Steinegg Playing around, junior Ken Drummond assists Se Brady on the omnichord. The electronic music c vice was used to generate sounds and beats tl' were used in therapy. E A.D- surprise, caused by the flowing of a shaken shows on a music therapy group mem- s face. The group, led by Barbara McGill, senior, this game to rock-n-roll music by Michael the mirror in an observation room, studies her son's progress with Ken Drummond. No ordinary mirror, Sean Brady takes a break from therapeutic play to search for Mom. His mother, behind . . . ,TIA X413 - Roger A. Dube W... ,im Roger A. Dube ,ssrreer Ichose music -'f i pw therapy as my major 'i because I'm a musician and I wanted to hel people throug music.,, Ken Drummond Muszc Therapy 'fr 1 T diva FP if 11' I, - X w. U- X I , 1st-l,.x1,-x.. xa-,Xx N NY, x, .., If 11 xl -.x ,-.5 s. .xx,lx,s1,l ,Cu 11,1 .,-x,flx Llsi.b -N 1.3.9 'l:l- I:'alx'ia'-I' 7 fxls I 1- 'f 1','f -Xl-.,,N,xlk,s,X X, xy, , tix' sI. ,X 1,,' I s.,"f,. XJ !N,xfLv7,Kf.f L.. -'z I'-if-1-1,1 x1ny-.s'x,flQ- N-, ,..:, Q sail' Nfijzsg -xiffxzx wx ,f- , sl 'flziq ,,"l'1l.x telxi ,j,,7Ll-.,, Tux'-X N N" ' U10 -,,fclx'lNV ll - N '..." 1- .,- ,:.fl ,, lgll , xx 111'- f,1x4 lf' XIX' VKNNI Vex'-'x" 'IA' "'-'4' lx: 1 tix-.4:ly,',lS-.,,Xw ., 1..f"u. ftffj is-. s.l,3y1xs,',s, ' SIN' x'sl:s'lx'x -',x'z,-g4sx. J ' l-fs' x flfxf' 'I f"Q ds P,:x1'l,fGg..'74 ,-"'l'-' 'fix-L lQl'LWQ'P'gJ'f, ,.5x,l fl'q'x1xlx- ,,l, "'lx,' "..' xxl1,,,w'-.lxlv ,,,1.-.array " 1 X'X--xllx X-xx ?"'l'T:x'1:"f Ls-fx-,,,.,,,,cJ 'N' f I ltr ' sf l,l s I-,N l,,,,'xx'x1xl -xl lsxli-,Ns xxx It ',1x '.fx'f'N'- IX - lg, -A--IXJ Viv, c Yxci . K 4 if lfxff It -,Nts sxfv .. x'. 41 sXI Major X Y tx ' ' lx, X ,,'1 ,,x1xy,x..I -g,:x:,' "fl,-I" xx : I" ix-LlN:rg4llx:s fxlxf- 1I'XfXI 'sb x'Ix'X'x 1,' A 1,,J'1c'.',"f.x' 1 ,tx ,lfx fisfxflxlxvz xl' N' x" 'Kilim fxl- , 1- .. Mimi?-16 l'Xi' rj1sxi1-'ffl,- ,X-.. X, IN S x I ,,xlxf, ,X l3'l,, -X N I, X lx NN" x'l'N Jflfzfjs' :x':11'1xX7X'-ff," tuXyNVg,'f0' A " -NWN 1 'C"""" 'li' xflx3'J ',fx XX, x ,,f, 1 on, , Jfwtr.. '1 5-. x' W ' N . N- 5-X,x"'1u'.5'D' Xl.-X' XQ X ,x-X 'N-1'-fxxifluf fx lzixllix, xx: , , f ,xXu'x'X.x1Lx-1,:, 'ffl' 1,1 fx: . ,X -,-fx, ,os-xx 7-nv 1'x:..y ffflff, 'N xl N z1'- ' ' s 1 X -1, -r,-xix, xi'-:lx F 1c',X',,'-x-v 1, -' x,1f 1-. 1-1 ',j...,,,c1N 'Q'-Nx'xxlxx'r...1 ' xrl,l-' 'tix' Q' ION f- I X,xJ-lx,,-fix I - i , , A X cyfx!f'.x,1x'x,- -l'1,fN 4 .xiii xxx .' - .,:"-'-FineA:tg- 9 xx-xxx--.1-lgxxsv -, Q. ,X..,x. 1- -- Y , NJ!! "'xrf f, ' cxgf-fJ,1 ,fc We 'X -.,Nx 5 " '.f'.l X'. V. s xx 5 1' X f ou get to see things you wouldn t o erwise notice Michele Fink 3, 12 .xf C. ks -P '1' .,, Q- , . 5 NN 1'-".'Ifs7 UTI." 'JI .Zi if I Lx 1. . . if Lwlth Biology lab 5' y .ff - 'xl , -7. lx . . fs th PI TL - . . J: .H .g. vsl ' x '4 Bob Castle A small primate skull is only one of the many wondrous things to be encountered in a Bio 100 lab section. Bio 100 expands the knowledge students have about the living world around them. Iunior recreational studies major Michele Fink examines a cactus on "A" Mountain, studying the characteristics that allow it to survive in a desert environment. The field trip is one of two that Bio 100 students take to leam how plants develop to survive in their particular habitat. Layout by Kay Olson 92 Liberal Arts With show-and-tell science Seeing is oes playing with pill bugs, bee- tles, and frog parts make your heart beat faster? Do hikes up mountains in 100-degree weather to study the intricacies of cacti send a chill of excitement up your spine? If so, Biology is the class for you. Most students took Biology 100 be- cause it was a science course with a lab and, most importantly, the credit was required. But many students were sur- prised at how relevant and interesting the labs were and found themselves ac- tually enjoying the work. The labs, once a week for two hours, were designed to follow class lecture and help students better understand the topics discussed through hands-on experience. A couple of the experiments were not for the squeamish, as they involved ob- serving isopods lalso known as pill bugs or wood licej and dissecting frogs. Gen- erally, however, students found that dis- covering what the insects liked and see- ing a frog's internal organs wz interesting if not fun, and the smell 1 formaldehyde was ignored. Two field trips for beginning biologis consisted of observing plant life, or meant a hike up "A" mountain while tl other required a bus ride to the Dese Botanical Gardens. Examining cactl and other desert plants for characteristit necessary for survival in the Arizona ei vironment was one way to become f. miliar with scientific experimentation and observational methods of thinking A common response from students - even many life long Arizona resident was, "I never really noticed before ho well equipped a cactus is for the heat." The experiments, all relatively simpl helped explain to students what lectu: notes and the textbook were trying 1 prove, and managed to catch many stl dents' attention in the process. D -Kay Olson Roger Dx 3 +-"'vQ"7 175 VX-"F 'x':..tNfxiK'Nx'f,"' xfm A1X",',NX,51.,,: .!xx,N'X ,-x,- Nfx"f4 .fl -Xlx Xl xfifs :i-,l,xj1N- ,fx-sif N x5 X f f, ,.s,-,Lx ,1,,i ls. x Nt ,J f X'-1 'V' 1:7f:"3' Iunior broadcasting mdior ffUIi'l'i' 5-"K...YN' N11 Nfilffliliil disciisscs ilu' tim-r points of wiitcrfowl aimtoniy with his Bio 100 lab class. 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Planning for the future Students have . 7 magination, ingenuity and hard work were the key elements of the ASU College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Un- like some book-based programs, ASU architecture students got a chance for hands-on experience before entering the fast-paced world of design. Students did a variety of public service projects, including work for the Phoenix Community Alliance and formulating design guidelines for low income hous- ing. "The origin of the Rio Salado Project was a student project in the school of architecture almost 15 years ago," said Tim McGinty, assistant Dean of Archi- tecture. The project finally was vote and defeated in November 1987. Urban-design students submitted posals to influence the developmei the downtown Phoenix area. Advai architectural design students studied ther development of the state ca mall area. These opportunities were only prestigious but gave studen chance to see how they would func in their field after graduation. The learning process in the Colleg Architecture extended far beyond classroom in helping the stud' achieve their creative goals. D - Dana Leonard A a s ..,. r ., . . g....ca9 Deborah D, Displaying that perseverance pays off are juz Robin Friedman and Ieff Decker. They knew it many hours of dedication to complete the reqi amount of credits needed for a degree in a tecture. ,T f f--Y 1 mtv' EX ,fs 5 in An easy touch and precision is what Ethan Hine is displaying. The building of models gave archi- tecture majors a realistic view ot' what a structure would look like. Kicking back to flash a look of satisfaction is architecture major Kyron Brimmer , Long weekends of sleeplessness created serious study habits. my ,Q Roger Dube LLBeing a graduate student, I expect more from this school than just preparation for I one's field. I want to gain more knowledge than I can in the real j world. ' 2: vw ymbv :al Q-, 'X - x xfX s 1 N- , ...Xf z 'I I x Ill! 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II lX""1.:,lx"'Jx" nm -I .f fx ,xl , fi'-ff..':1:j,1'x'w-'fl INN-, X f,X,,,Nv '1xf,x'X,P-Nl..i' 27,113 ..3,l,,li jxNx1" -x-K'- Xx'a" 2'f'1""" -gg I I X' I-El, Q-1.ixl'QQ'Qj1c ,l'xlx!,x,, X.-.Ir i'-..' w' -4 x x X lxzyi , Tfgfxf. '-- X'!"""6"3'Nl'l:, X "' ...X :LIwS...xQ,f'+.,,I"', I-J' X Irv.. ilk glxfxx "PX " .-"J 'rw "x x'XN 1 lx -:X 1 1 ' 'fC If,-.233 ":xN7 WI in vw xfwn ls'I'l',' ' nv' :xl'i:"'xx:'x V" N -' - -r xi if, NxfNj-xgx,'2T-- ,xxlv 'N 1 ,,,f-fVg"Ujli" Xwx I" f.CIl1 ns1njlBfl2i,'S-ffl al U illfnf' 'y X4::lfxX5l.-xl, l,l- ' y"K,Xr'x,,..,N,x1. , f,N 1 ll' .lx1x4,""x.'3x xx xX , ' ,M ff Wir' , 2 i i '-1 MNW 3 .yvf-tri' Listening for the beat, Tracy King, .1 junior in the .1 basic part of nursing, and using muh nursing program, chocks another nursing student's pationts allows for plenty of practirc. blood pressure. Taking and recording vital signs is Helping professions provide Caring for the espite the fact that nurses ap- pear to help cure only people's physical ailments while social workers concentrate more on the emo- tional and environmental aspects of life, students who trained to become profes- sionals in both fields practiced their skills in much the same manner, Both pro- grams involved hands-on training in the community and up-to-date classes con- cerning modern problems. Nursing students honed their skills in the areas of medicalfsurgical, maternity and pediatrics, observing and assisting nurses at community hospitals and clin- ics. They also concentrated on commu- nity health by visiting schools, corpo- rations, patients at home and in intensive Shamway ln care. Nurses learned to treat the whole patient - emotionally as well as phys- ically - instead of treating just the symptoms. Social work interns in the Direct Prac- tice Program prepared themselves for their field with clinical, administrative and community practice. "The program is career and goal oriented rather than task oriented," said Margaret Roark, secretary to the pro- gram's director, Clay Dix. Students worked through an agency that allowed them practice in planning and administrative details. U -Mary Muvlil and Nicole Carroll Offering assistance over the phone, senior Bridget Brannigan serves the community while fulfilling her social work internship, ASU's social work pro- gram placed its students in various fields according to their area of expertise. Bandaging a dummy, junior Vicki Clvvvnger prac- tices her nursing skills on an unresponsive patient. Before treating humans in need of special emo- tional considerations, nurses-in-training concen- trate solely on their practical skills using man- nequins. Layout by Kay Olson Nursing and Social Work 97 its fffiih ,ff-1 ffi K' A 1. Learning by teaching Graduates were simply O I eing a graduate teaching assis- tant did not only involve grading papers and passing out assign- ments. It more closely resembled a regular job, except, in the TAs' case, they had their position at the school as well as their own classes to handle. Jennifer Phillips, a TA in the journal- ism department said applying for her position was like a regular job interview. "I had interviews with some of the teachers in the department and I sub- mitted some samples of my work," she said. "I had good work experience be- cause I worked for a newspaper for four years in Davenport, Illinois." "The department needed a TA and they knew I had done some teaching," said Linda Foard, a TA in the photo department. "These positions are very sought-after so I feel pretty lucky." Both Phillips and Foard received waiv- ers for their out-of-state tuition as well as their pay. The waiver was one of the benefits that Phillips and Foard appre- ciated. Phillips worked in the department 20 98 Graduate College hours per week every afternoon. She al- so made time to proofread and grade papers one to two hours a night. On top of this, she found time to keep up with nine hours of graduate level class work. "I've really learned to be organized with my time," she said. "You never seem to get ahead. You're always just a bit behind." Foard worked about 20 hours a week also. Some were class hours and two were her office hours. "I put in 10-15 hours a week outside of class as well as attending TA meetings," Foard said. Philips and Foard, on any given day, prepared lessons, graded assignments and made sure the classes ran smoothly. "I like encouraging students and giv- ing them new ideas," Foard said. "The class is tough, but it leaves the students with a new vision of photography. I wouldn't trade the experience for any- thing." D - Mary Muehl ii. Sundi Kj ,QVC . 'ff '1 it Wil--.a-.wr-' Sundi Kj The dummy is well cared for, as jo Gibson, te ing assistant in the program, shows student B Chung how to regulate the flow of an intravei fluid connection. Instruction in all the finer p of patient care provides the basis for excel nurses of the future. Demonstrating the moves, modern dance TA ry Rea shows her class the steps to a new nun Execution of steps, especially in modem dance, be crucial to interpretation. Layout by Noel Steinegger Sundl Kjenstad x - - 1 N511-.m1f':, 'J ,X ,-:rx X..--,x-X, :xr Nff'-fiigfxff' -,NxLL.u .,fQ's x'l" 'I-..'afx ,1 e H S , - ,,.-Y lx, 'iff N1 x"f ..Nlx...x", ,I s, , ,, , '.f'i'zx:C'V:,' Cx 1 - xslNN 'DN N1 fexlxzf-'xxx' ICRA' ,si 1, N X- -.... ,,,f,x,'x! ,ruin , -4, l1"'!lN N ,X,. 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Student Teacher Wi. -. 33l':- nas?-HL sq,g,4,xh'f1,.Q K vw"'f.f-fx a Q "1I"l-:Q gffwf Jf 1 "v-C71-, 'I xl s" I nv if I 4- 111' Q 'N - N 3' 55.71211 ie, lilx eil..." xi? sg gs j',aKl,' 'lf .."w' f I Nx- J J' .Q g+.'2'ffs4f. 100 dhgwif ,vt ,fv f' lub-JN ls' f',,.,S,'f:xl1 tLSfsQ,'.f,fl 'lf 1'- A 'm1'fPIfN 'Lf .Isl N4 z'uf::5?,, "'5'f,fs1'u 51 , 2 24T.?f 1- 5 : time, Cathy Dahlquist hands out test forms pencils to students. Results from this test were l to evaluate and council the students as to t they still needed to work on. Roger A. Dube Q-ll Research enhances education, Projects predict peak he College of Education spon- sored several projects that were designed to enhance the per- formance and proficiency of future ed- ucators this academic year. The Sally M. Berridge Substance Abuse Endowment was a multifaceted research project made possible through an anonymous gift of S125,000 to the College of Education to support research and education in the area of substance abuse by youths. "Regrets and Priorities at Three Stages of Life" by Richard T. Kinnier and Arlene T. Metha was a study which received much press attention not only in Ar- izona, but across the country. The School Personnel Evaluation and Learning Laboratory QSPELLJ was a proj- ect that examined the link between in- structors and programs to student achievement. One of the branches of SPELL was the Teacher Prepration As- PM J Brian Kimtse sessment System QTPASJ which was de- signed to assess the skills and knowledge of students in the Professional Teacher Preparation Program. Many phases were involved in the program. It first asked for feedback from previous graduates on how well ASU's program prepared them for their career. Undergraduates were given assessment tests to see what they were learning and more importantly, what they were re- taining. Students were given their formal student teaching placement in their se- nior year. SPELL and other education research projects ultimately boiled down to one thing, as Dr. Nelson Noggle, director of SPELL, said: "We're here to help the students. They'll be teaching kids in our schools someday, and we want them to do a good job." cj -Brad Hartman An eagle eye, Dr. jim Bell watches Penny Elden, a student teacher, at "play" with her students. Ob- servations and evaluations were a key part of the research done on educational improvements. Education 101 dvising companies for credit . It was well worth the magine having the opportunity to advise a large company about its most viable marketing strategies, to tell the company executives which areas needed improvement and which didn't. Imagine the feeling of power you would have - all before you graduate from college. The dream was reality for students of MKT 351 - Marketing Intelligence. They not only played an important role in area business, they also earned college credit. Students formed five to seven member teams which worked together to collect information on sponsor companies. Sponsors paid about 81,000 each to fund the projects. After gathering information through mail, telephone and personal interviews with 350-400 sources, the teams entered the results into an IBM computer and used a special software package to an- alyze them. Each team wrote a 75-100 page report Buried in paperwork, Professor Dave Gourley and a group of students, Becky Howe, 1effPerius, Brenda Tang, Debby Cooney, Mark Rukavina, and Tom Graunke, study a computer print out. Computers are used to analyze data collected by the students. Questions and answers were a very important part of marketing research. Seniors Khaled Helou and Mark Peterson dig through the many survey responses they received. Layout by Noel Steinegger 102 Business on their findings and then made an oral report to their sponsoring com- panies. Some of the sponsors included the Intel Corporation, which had the stu- dents conduct a cost of operations study, the Arizona State Fair, which wanted a demographic study of fair- goers' likes and dislikesp and the Ar- izona Hotel-Motel Association, for which students determined why many Arizona inns were not mem- bers. The class required 100-120 hours of outside work per student, but most students found the experience to be well worth their effort. "It's a demanding course," said marketing professor, Dave Gourley. "But, it's a tremendous opportunity for an experiential learning situation where the students work with a real- world sponsor for a whole semester." Cl Hi iii i 'ws il HMM W .V 4 my I ,Y ,, I, ,W, s X' i 1 4" "V ' '., 4- , ' I ' V ' : "' . U 3 . 1 ,:" ,' 1 .. . '- , ,L . -' - p Q f -5 1, ' .. X- ,s L 3 1 ...hi ,, ,,-3,'.,x ff.. Luis? , ,1c. k,':,.tl5p-pl n,gQf,gfM ity, 1 lx-',,,V!,i. XI' 1 I. A prize winning guest . . . Over 250 people gathered at the Scottsdale Conference Resort on October 29 for the Economics Club of Phoenix's annual dinner. The club, put together by the Dean's office in the College of Business, held a press conference and recep- tion to honor special guest, Milton Friedman. The Nobel Prize win- ning economist presently holds the position of Senior Research Fellow at Hoover Institution QStanfordJ. The entire evening was conducted by candlelight due to the heavy storming that knocked out power. Friedman showed his exuberance when the power was restored just as he began to speak. E xw .- '-vvfg A ...ef The class teaches them marketing as well as giving them hands-on experience. -Dave Gourley Marketing Professor X lnx ".' fthe I!"','t -. E-vfgyt ,wyl'.f371"1!, ,rj X.. 6C1L"f K, ,iff 'X ff V' ' . f,4i,,,k:',xQ..f,x'A xfizw' ffl 'x"v' it X 1 .Q ,N r1x"'-wx gil e X f.e'x'-1f""'4sI..."'st -"' nf ff' xwfp- ,Xiu gfx,,,Xx,.... 'ifxfWj1Xx!xfJX P'TiV"""': if t-',s"'f5'txx 'x"':i' J' ,Cf -5---' Niall' Q xXx?" INx3" x N - ,gv'I ke. 'Slim--331-Q 'Q "i ".:-fz,f,.f fffa ."xfp.'x',"Lx-1' 'far-'fue ff' ,sys xx.-x ,..Nf, fNf"X,'g'N!""N.'xf X3fx"x bf 'T' .'f,...""' ,"'xf x' ,x tsinf, sf -l,,,iN.:i:iVMv- :Q Xi ggi,-i3'if.'1,,w,s-' - x s ' ' -'Syl tg.. .n 0,- l.C1L':."iff'..',".,1 3 "1f'1K'1i:1"s""' EN!! !..:"S?Klw'f,XL 'w,N:!Xlxs'x1l gf X E..i5',,l ff "WJ: iw' ft? fl, tl'jfT"" '-'f-'ji L"Xfe1 --sswzpazw N'Lxlx?fhi,'NfLf", :1xjx"x'jlf fx ,fxbff ,l'x,:.If: 'fi ages? "'1 'if' MN' 'tin f!l,NZts,,!,glMfX 'fs 'Ni fRN.1"','3..,,','f f fkfxf I' f 'Q' "1 "0,:!'V"' '-:xfxxX"'7Xfg1 ,ig ff '-. --- ..-X, fx 1-, l'm,.,-,gy-X48-,f"X sf, frxfi fa, Xfxni " Q .ff,f,x!!N valet., xx ff N f S, ...Ig 5 'X -1 2 xcs. 1 N'-.f x 'lgfw ixfmfxfg 5 XI, fix!! xmling "1 fx Xi' "S-gy"-. 'XX fx? XJ' ww' I rf .ff .., xnxx fy-X2iX.,l! xv -f'2f""-f I-ez 'NWNIK Jxm xt",f'E""if'fi"".,A"", ...Xxwg :E .-fwkgftxf A -xg--51 'V' x x - i X!"-X" 'lbtrxif i, X .f fwvt-2 e, l'X " Xwx if ,L A 1, . 4 sf 'fi " f I N' W M I f K 1 rw-'!X.n,xiNi N W M X X, vu!! ij-ef fx! :'s:.,f fx! X - YT ,, X I ,. t ilxfflxfflf .NOElSte1rlegger , X- X X X-. .. 'X I R K W -ff x , I ASUMediaProduction iftxffuf fX'xNN"Q f A H , X ,W X, M ,X 'ee' fi Q if 'L at f ' Wt ij " f fi-wg ""' g Rx f .N-I 2' si. fx f,,.!Ubfx,E-af MM. , 1 ,,, W. wx '.MiNf'?ui1n??g 103 t v , - in K" 'QU' T -iff fl eff Learning through experience is crucial to com- plete understanding of the law process. Law clinics and externships provided practical experience as well as a public service. 104 Law externsmps Programs benefit students Clinics and externships open mong the various services available at ASU, the law school offered some that ben- efitted both law students and Valley res- idents. For the potential lawyer search- ing for practical experience, as well as satisfaction in serving the community, two programs offered a provocative ed- ucational opportunity: the law school clinics and the externship program. The law school clinic was a place where law students could go out into the world of law and help out where they were needed. The externship program placed students in offices like the Mar- icopa County Superior Court, the Cor- poration Commission, the State Legis- lature, and over 30 other various offices in the Valley. In this exchange, students had the opportunity to learn about the mechanics of an organization as well as gaining three to 12 hours of credit. But credit wasn't the only attraction of these courses. In the law school clinic students gained satisfaction in working on actual cases with real clients. The students, su- O I pervised by the faculty attorneys, ga advice and represented their clients court. Students also had a chance prosecute criminal cases with the M. icopa County Attorney's Office. In bc clinics, the students were allowed to E pear in court under special rules of t state and federal courts. After a studs had been in law school for three 5 mesters, he was allowed to practice the clinics. These cases were not li Matlock. As law student Steve White 1: it, "The cases can become extremely tir consuming. It's in most situations wl' we want to do, so it takes precedent on classes." The clinics at the College of Law ha served for many years, offering free leg services to the poor with criminal ai civil problems. Besides the experience seeing the client get help, law stude Bruce Peterson said the clinic also ga' him "what initially draws a person law: the satisfaction of watching the pr cess of law serve its function." D - Scott Troyunos i l T Nicole FRAlDS:The AIDS reality In 1981 America first heard about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. At that time it was believed only homosexuals contracted it. Soon it was discovered intravenous drug users also were getting it. People began to die. In 1981, 25 cases were reported, by 1987, more than 26,000 people had died of AIDS. Then society began to panic because it became clear that nobody was guaranteed im- munity from this dreadful dis- ease. As a result, AIDS victims were treated with the same caution as medieval lepers. People feared such casual contact as handshaking and breathing the same air as AIDS patients could spread the disease. The public de- manded something be done to protect the safety of the uninfected - who wanted to stay that way. "AIDS poses a great chal- lenge to the legal system in balancing the needs ofia frightened public with the rights of those people who are infected," said jane Aiken, an associate professor of law. Aiken conducted in- depth research on the impact of AIDS on civil liberties through an ASU faculty grant. Recommendations ranged from forced regis- tration and mass quarantine of AIDS victims to education programs targeted at high risk groups, Aiken said. Others included mandatory testing for employees and marriage license applicants. The problem with testing, she said, was the inaccuracy of the tests. The test may indicate an individual's exposure to AIDS, but not prove the virus' activity. Only 10 to 30 percent of the 2 million people estimated to test positive for the AIDS antibody would Associate Professor lane Aiken eventually come down with some form of AIDS, Aiken predicted. Denise Heap, co-chair of the Lesbian and Gay Academic Union at ASU, said pressure was felt by the gay community concerning "PDAs" - public displays of affection - because of the AIDS scare. Police were more apt to arrest gays and the courts were more willing to prosecute, for sod- omy was illegal in Arizona, as well as in many other states. "Some of the legislation has anticipated the problem of discrimination against those persons with AIDS and persons perceived to be at risk of having AIDS," Aiken said. Many of the proposals re- flected a misunderstanding of the disease and created a threat to civil liberties, she added. "These people are dying!" she said. "Their homes are being taken away from them. They are losing their jobs. They are being told they can't go into supermarkets. "Ignorance and fear make a vicious combi- nation. Some of our attitudes toward this disease are pretty medieval." Aiken believed the best way to prevent the spread of AIDS was through education of the public, meeting the objectives of public health protection and retaining civil liberties. D - Scott Troyanos : :x:':1'l:,SLx1X: 9 up !f.,x --N 1,1- . IZNTQ zflxqgw-.. -N1 1..x,,x I, I' lxlsljsf ,Q 1-AIX lla tfxxxf, Q 1' 0 Bs , I 'x 1 N xt 'll' K N'X,x:'vv 07' ' 'ls' f :.7s.,'x uifgl-js VJL' l 53- 'l""r: Y'-91.5 'xl 'Sify' ld,q' x 5 X J' al! 'S "' 'U 5 5 , ' Q 'N as ' '71 5 ,s s 'g"g 's s'- s Sislmllv .X I L1'7'tf'if-'7 rr'-ri , ,S 'ss,'N-3'-. -av.. 5,5 lg ,gl 'I ,KN ' s 1 A ' Pl W N I 5 s I 3 , I 5 55 ,S j lx! '5-. ' 'T si' - w ' 1 - .cf- x"x7 J' xx I 15,1-i Y . 4' is 1 ii". , 5 W! -. 'I :Wt L11 ..'v,z',, 96 'cg ll 'szli N' ,' 'as' 9- "" 'X 0 '-I... ' ,"x'7'5V"::,'ffl3ij9 I ""wT151".f' .Va P, :l"'vxl'y-.Isp "3 '.i'E'sYi-,Y:"1 .' -if ag .f ,wif-5.5 KV' ff- fl' 'J' 1 f ,-I!!-47,1 J xsti' r. g,5:. 9:5 . 0-9 3 P Q ,qv P"s..! yL',513q:.g-,1 . I S 3 an lv 1, ,W 1:6 "122'5 lg 'I 1 9 I- an 5 d ,asf -.5 fxlggs lnsisip, 1597: al lx 9 'kigffl Bl 'J sf-av Q gig uv lc! 11:18 go, L. f.. f. :puts :ki 1 EQ' 9351!-f',-Q:-1 , I '.f1VhIslfJ7-s , -yy" w-f,-- S xp ,ass 'xgzl flfwsci' " 19' S is ' I ,lf 175- T Is"if-5"-Ill! 'Q-"S : ss T21-:AI ' A . Av- S A f-.'1'.1!fx":.f 7 s 4:i'."11kk 1- Y L9 .Its ft 1 ol is -ng., stag, Q15 ls l,'Q?' I I -9,s"'l's"' Q 5,1- lf"' lf'-il19':1':.5l gg! 'S fs if . 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She is in the first block of the professional teacher program, ag! David Leeds slits rt if it vie N XX mkowlxca 'Nt Kg at . " '-:r.:c"WL.:i.:5z?55?i.-X: 1 7 34''fQ5??1i35i2ff2h3gQf' -r ' f -. V aft. .. ' :s. - Frsgaqg-1.i' . , rtfat ' fs. 2. ' .gt t Students teaching students . . othing beats the room - exchanging notes, tell- ing jokes and whispering gos- sip. The bell rings and they find their places as a borderline tardy dashes through the door scrambling for a seat. It's a typical high school classroom with one noticeable exception: a not so com- mon teacher. These students were being taught by a senior in ASU's Professional Teacher Placement Program. Education students entered this four- block Qsemesterj program as juniors. The first three blocks were spent in the class- room as an observer, learning from watching. The last semester was spent as an actual instructor, learning from ex- perience. Shelley Webb, a math education ma- jor, described the less obvious rewa: by saying, "You go over a lesson tv three times - then it clicks - they 1 derstand. lt's the best feeling!" "Many long, hard hours go into cl. preparation, and it's really rewarding, doubt about it," said Paul Lowes, a h tory education major. The program was mutually benefitti for the high school and the educati student. The school received enthusiaf instructors, the student teachers gaiij invaluable insight into their fields wl' the students in the schools were rewa: ed with a change of pace and the c portunity to have a college student in 1 classroom. -Nicki Carroll 'xx 4 1 W ,X Senior history education major Paul Lowes teaches a government class at Coronado High School. He enjoyed beginning each class with an integ Z t esting story relating togithe day's leg? son. t t ' xu l J 4 . rterrs Q 1 sssrrr . -g if t Q g in Q K liziii. z- ref: Q 106 Education David L ,vm "x'f.- 1 t Wxt ... IX f f ,.gX"isxiX.E,f"x,.k:..f ,.-. , xsxgx, 2, Ti'-3' l7'J'fx1f'U ff"x'.:'3"t.ff MV' ?xwf:'?iN:1lt"':'5x,jTf 21,5 'xx 10,1 xl, N I "Sli-"ff'ItsQ'j, fQf..NxlXmf"!,1N-'?.,,l x iXY,".?l17s.f:1,',: i-f:"L:L'1'.f1'Jxi,-Q, 5.1 1- . Q. f"',? 31,1-:.:xi .-,N in sl "-,V 1 NL-'i .1-ii:',x3'lix,x-.,X,,,xxl . Q., lx, ,sgxlua ifl 1 fx!! "1-.,X"'-.S -'N 7Qw:",M.f':'.Q:'r'-+-.!"-,fx Kxff,-Ixlm-lNExl'XIN 'Ry'-,x,,'XX,x--J-,E -"fJ'f"l'1Q"+'N'5 Vx axle:-. fsxfl jgxf.. tmvxr-f,vt ' X .1-Ig 3 I -wwx -" , Lxklw N XIX! X3 Q.. z,x,w,,f'.. W-, X'+rN 'Knox t" SN iu'wz':"E m..w4'.,,' 1."4,,,.,. f'1"fIfxl"fX""sl N N W x I X' -' -2 x xl 1 Xfllfglilyfyxfmrv fx" ffntlf-'., x ,,. UINN 31,-Q -M .ff 'P '-s,11.- xmilutx ' xx ix-,,,gx,.fs,t Rixm-"SXX"l 'X' ki, ix xl ...EX"','?x, -.,'s,f Xx"'g , X, -QS' I I'-.g""-'K lyke-'I 3 X xl wwa ' f 2"""+-xx l' xi x -.., ylgrxxfrkfv ,.. 9 N1 fl,5!,'M.:xfk,,,x ,il Cui" X"-"'Qfx flfv-tt" tw Wx .s.lxm'1.iXiNl."!-fgsfxll 5 k'1fg.:r ','Jc17FT' ,ex ,wt f, K. gg., f fnlx fwlxx ,W iN!!! t"'x't"" xlx IKIN P'f'M1.:",-.L N f "'-1 f El-ff ""-.'uX...-Nraxf f,x':!,ftl4.K"-L1,.ux.. Q fy My fi' if..f?f.f,rw ff whiff,-wlx,"fSt."..i'w f ff' " 5 1, Lxfxf IN Nzf-,lf-ff, '!"lifX"'x'N 'fii 5 XI,-""'g-.f lyfgr f..., N11 1-f ., x S N fxxix fffu Him .4 W 8, I.-.I fwxgx xlx!! K I -.X ai 'v,Xf-!f'l,:lf,ylxgf - lf,fw.,iv'- ft"P L' "f ,'rE'X"'Q, 'L X wr aff ,.u, ,X -ffxfgxfmylz' ..?'X,,. 'M P'I'N5fl5"x:x,f fx 1 1 ,X X ivujf-,f-u','t?x',s,. 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They ,,, are really cool.,, f xlo A - f aiu ., X 'a I ' ,A-XM .V Kr,: i :M gt, ,wx , ., .e., A W X , at if -Lznda Torres sopho- of ,N 'f C X C ' thellg G28 realll' more, Coronado High School T , nior mat e ucation r CM ebb . She attempts to N f W f Qt'-f'l'ff 1. A , K 1 .jx-H f R a 1 ri, X ,' ,gl ool algebra enloyable 'X f Nr Q, "3 1 " to f 2 understandin l ' " f 'ff l' " N fxixl '. t g' 'Q xlff 5-. " W' x Nfl' x . N, ., a N x 5 1 f X . ,fr 1 f 'HQ E-'w -'W ' :ddr fir... xxffjyxrf nk!!-..Er lhntl lrmt jf jf! ,J f I, X If! ., W It Fxijxxi S157 f W,W-A W :Je fa, ,2fi'Edg6alrJopf!t10 , ,-ijfn'-N ,.I.,mE l .'w.iXkgx,flX'I' fx ' ft ft-wfxxf V' A Q - t . YQ , ,,je,fefx,i ,xxxit w.'n'Q.'xN,kL5 ,"rNfS"", Award-winning research, Achievements abound, ASU's faculty was simply The following information is compiled from exerpts ofArizona State University Report of the President. All photos are courtesy of ASLI News Bureau. The Sun Devil Spark gratefully acknowledges their support. cience can be as creative as literature or art. just ask Michael Malin, ASU professor of geology and planetary science expert. In june 1987, Malin was one of 32 in- dividuals recognized for their individual creativity by the Chicago-based john D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The MacArthur fellowship's no-strings- attached monetary award has been described as "part Nobel, part Irish Sweepstakes." It's almost like winning the lottery - without having to buy a ticket. Malin's award was in the amount of S240,000 Through 1992, the ASU scientist will receive to use any way he wishes. Malin, 37, has been an ASU faculty member since 1979. He now finds himself in a bit of a quandry, albeit a pleasant one -- he has a bundle of money and no time to spend it. Malin's time for the next several years is already parcelled between a variety of long- term, federally funded research projects. The ASU scientist heads a team that is building an innovative camera to ride aboard the Mars Observer, NASA's next reconnaissance of the red planet, scheduled for launch sometime in the early 1990's. The instrument will provide the most detailed photos of Mars ever taken from orbit Malin also is a .X principal in- vestigator with the U.S. Antarctic Research Program, the NASA Outer Planet Data Analysis and Planetary I Geology programs, an annual and the S 4 8 , 0 0 0 National stipend Science .L 108 Faculty I Foundation's earth sciences division. addition, he is developing new concei in computer-intensive image processii modeling, and graphics. While the excitement of receivi nearly a quarter of a million dollars, 1 strings-attached, is substantial, Malin especially pleased with the prestige tl comes with being a MacArthur Fellow "Scientists aren't normally thought as being creative in the same sense as tists or writers, probably because ' have to work within specific sets rules," he said. "However, most of thc are defined by the laws of nature Although the scientist's creativ may manifest itself in forms mr x X different from those the artist or po X science, nonethele XX can be an effect outlet for individi creativity and novation. Ma has proven it. -lj ,-- jRobert Ellis, former general manager If KAET and recently appointed ssociate vice president for university elations, was honored by the Pacific flountain Network for his work in Public television. Ellis received the 1987 loard of C-overnor's Award for in- ,ividual achievement. illohn Cowley, Galvin Professor of 'hysics and director of ASU's iternationally-reknowned Facility for ligh Resolution Microscopy, was elected for the Ewald Prize from the In- arnational Union of Crystallography for utstanding contributions to the science f crystallography. 1 Norman Dubie, professor of English nd author of 13 books of ontemporary poetry, was hosen to receive the pres- lgious Ingram-Merrill oundation Award in friting poetry. Kathleen Church, pro- zssor of zoology and . espected expert on nromosome arrangement nd movement, was nam- :1 Sigma Xi National Lec- f irer for 1987-88. Sigma i, a national scientific research society, nnually selects outstanding speakers 'ho work at the frontlines of science to Jmmunicate their insights and excite- nent to scholars and the general public. X ,K lThree scholars in the humanities won :lease time awards to produce book- ength studies in their respective reas of in- Q terest. The 2hOlarS were Etsuko Obata Reimen, associate professor of foreign languages, for work on the cultural gnificance of ideographs created in tpang j. Gray Sweeney, associate pro- essor of art, for a study of Thomas ole's influence over the landscape ainters of mid-nineteenth century mericap and Emily Umberger, assistant rofessor of art, for a project focused on me art and architecture ofthe Aztec npire. Mary Vasquez uality classroom teaching is personified at ASU by three professors se- lected for 1987 Burlington Northern Foun- dation Faculty Achieve- ment Awards. Jonathon Rose, professor of law, Keith Shriver, assistant professor of accounting, and Mary Vasquez, associate professor of foreign languages, were 'iti selected for the awards by the University Promotion and Tenure Committee in recognition of unusual effort they devoted to the quality of their students' classroom learning experiencesp their high scholarly standards for course con- tent and student performancep their direct impact on and involvement with studentsp and supporting information and nomina- tions submitted by students. With the honor, each received a 52,500 cash award. The professors are characterized by the high standards they set for their own performances in the classroom. fi "You ought to teach ' students how to be rigorous, methodical and analytical in their thinking," Rose says. "You need to teach them how to identify problems and to see a variety of ways to solve those problems." Shriver posts his philosophy of teaching outside his office door: " The student is: - the most important person on the campus. Without students there would be no need for the institution. - not a cold enrollment statistic, but a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own. - not someone to be tolerated so that we can do our thing. They are our thing. - not dependent on us. Ratherg we are dependent on them. - not an interruption of our work, but the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them. They are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do. so." Keith Shriver Vasquez has similar feel- ings, but she states them in a different way. "It's very special to me to have a chance to share with stu- dents a language, a literature and a culture that I love so much," she says. "We aren't all lucky enough to be able to enjoy our work, and I think I'm very fortunate. I'd like to stimulate my students to reach for excellence in themselves. They can do itp every person has the capacity for excellence in something," she adds. "I would like to help awaken in my students that desire to reach for excellence." I3 Iondthon Rose , Professor of Law, was a recipient of a 1987 Burlington National Faculty Achieve- ment Award. He and the other award winners eamed this honor by being a favorite of students and faculty alike. Layouts by Nicole Carroll Faculty 109 1987 Presidential Young Investigators: Left Front, james Typurczy, Ph.D, Right Front, George Wolf, Ph,Dp Left Buck, Harindra Fer- nando, Ph.Dp Right Buck, Mark Henderson, Ph.D. IG he history of scientific dis- covery is brimming with examples of innovation and insight nurtured and harvested from the fertile terrain of I active, sagacious young minds. As ev- idence consider: At age 23, Issac Newton presented the world with the methods of cal- culus - basis for much of modern mathematics - and wrote treatises on the spectral composition of light, the fundamentals of optics, the law of universal gravitation, and the basic laws of mechanics. At age 22, French chemist Louis Pasteur's work in stereochemistry led to new ideas concerning o tical isomers, molecules wi mirror-image atomic stru tures. While in their 20's, nat ralists Charles Darwin ar Alfred Russel Wallace spe years on separate around-th world scientific expeditior Although obtained yea apart, observations on tho voyages contributed to eai scientist's concept of natul selection as a dynamic bi logical process - the corne stone of evolution theory. Although modern-dz Newtons, Pasteurs, 4 Darwins may or may not e ist, certainly it is not hype bole to state that many br liant young researche currently work in laboratori . ' and classrooms at acaden' centers throughout the n tion. But keeping them in a ademic settings has been problem, so strong is tl monetary lure from industrj A The National Science Foul , dation's Presidential Your Q, Investigator Program was d signed to counter that lure I helping universities attrat cultivate, and retain outstan ing young scholars wl might otherwise pursue no teaching careers. Since the program's incey tion in 1984, PYI grants Cupt S100,000 per year for fi' years, coupled with dolla for-dollar matching funi from private sources have kept mo than 500 talented researchers near ti beginning of their careers on campus. To date, 11 Arizona State Universi professors, including four 1987 winne: enjoy PYI support for efforts to extei the frontiers of their individual dist plines.,D u. -courtesy Research magazine 110 Faculty l jetiring Arizona Senator Barry M. dwater joined the faculty in the ng of 1987 as the occu- t of the Barry M. ldwater Chair of .erican Institutions, .ch was established at zona State University in 7. Previous holders of chair include the late 'man Kahn of the Hud- Institute, Carol Weiss -larvard University and ell Gibson of the ,versity of Oklahoma. ipurred by widespread BarryG simism about America's public lcation system, ASU elementary lcation professor Frederick Staley 'ised a model project. Funded by a ee year, S450,000 National Science indation grant, the project involves elementary and junior high schools in iwestern Maricopa County. Staley is ping the schools develop and in- duce programs to promote scientific l technological literacy among all dents, not only the few who will go to careers in science, mathematics or gineering. n April, 1987, ASU scientists Iohn ence, William Petuskey, Michael Ceefe, and R.I. Graham, along with a m from Bell Laboratories were the it to photograph the atomic structure 1 superconducting material. Engineering professors Murray D. kis ftopj and Darryl E. Metzger werj received two of the year's most :stigious honors at the Alumni sociation's 1987 Founder's y dinner. Sirkis was named stinguished Teacher of the ir, and Metzger received 2 Faculty Achievement lard. l'he tribute at the dinner in- rated that during his 18 ars at ASU, Sirkis was in- umental in redesigning re electrical engineering i sses and became a favorite long the students. An internationally promi- nt researcher in the field of at transfer engineering, etzger was honored for his htributions to the improve- Ent of the performance of ldwater pplause is not something one generally hears at a news con- ference, but when ASU professor Rita Dove and President I. Russell Nelson stepped into the Alumni Lounge of the Memorial Union on April 16, 1987, applause broke out not on- ly once, but three times. The two dozen or so reporters and photographers can be forgiven this lapse in journalistic dispas- sion. They already knew that they were there to meet Dove, who had, just a few hours earlier, become ASU's first Pulitzer Prize winner - and Arizona's first Pulitzer Prize winner outside of the field of journalism. On that day, Dove joined a list of Pulitzer Prize-winning poets that in- to the 1960s as they migrated from Ten- nessee to Ohio and raised their family. Dove began working on Thomas and Beulah in 1980 when she was living in Berlin, and the process continued in "bits and pieces" after she was hired to teach poetry in the ASU creative writing program in 1981. "lt came in spurts," Dove said, "main- ly because it was a long story that was being told in parts, and I couldn't break it up." With the help of a Guggenheim Fellowship, she worked on the book during a year off from teaching in 1983- 84, and that summer, an ASU Faculty grant-in-aid enabled her to go to Ten- nessee to visit relatives she had never met. UQASUJ is extremely supportive," she said. "I think I'm really lucky, privileged to be in an environment such as this. ASU has been very supportive of me. The English Department has been wonderful. My colleagues are wonderful." cludes names such as Carl Sand- burg, Edna St.Vincent Millay, Robert Frost, W.H. Auden, Robert Penn Warren and Stephen Vincent Benet. Her life has changed forever, and she said she knew that on some level, but it hadn't really taken hold. Not yet. Her prize-winning book, Thomas and Beulah, is a connected series of lyrical poems loosely bas- ed on the story of Dove's maternal grand parents from 1900 l 1 xy, Dove cautions her students not to write with prizes in mind. "If you love the language and you discover what 'it is like when you use language or try to use it so well that it comes alive, that it seems three- dimensional, then that in . .L 1 ,f ,I f Q4 bo-jet engines' I , K.,-- - 1 'Q' Faculty 11 1 itself is the joy." D -George Cathcart ,-xffii,-,W .1,ls xfzxllx N- f 1 NN TGLKSA Y I x fit-1 -ff,tJ,- 'yi' fN"Wlf 1X lx..l-:,x,, X-K 'IA - ,I -il- 4 ,xt 1 ,xJ1i'Ji Nf lx ',X xffx fs. x x 1 Q , s xfl- 4 l I I ,GJ ,ifx I- 1 I " xt :T it ,117 .0 3-' I In :ic 'gi x " rx UQ: x.i', xf 1.5, QQIX 5 N . Ilisxtxrl 5' 'x' I .x,,Xf'xf-7x', xi, i: Cf'Xc"'is 1 7.1",' fX'zx""' K x xk 1 x"l x"" ,xr ' Betty Turner Asher, PhD fa WX , I Vice President Student Affairs 'L xl7 v in' , Brent W. Brown, PhD University Relations B , V x Vice President of .gi , ,S , 43, , I:3ls1k'IteI,l3: lx' Q ,D -h ,ffgxi , X ,A 1- C. Roland Haden, PhD Vice President of yy Academic Affairs if-P1 Henry C. Reeves, PhD Yr ','x glzff' Mitzi' 'f Vice President of Research .-x --- f I xlxfl YC: ' 1 X11 l-xI , I- Sf! :',fl.xN 1'-lk'-'i'f'f., X Q Victor M Zafra, MPA Vice President Business Affairs ' 1 'H ' N 1'-I f - All photos courtesy of Conley 'ftxx 'x,-.yxxr1 ' " !4I'. gifszy als-mgnauw 1 Prxx 1 ll 'NTI ..1x I - KI IIN 'lxII, .1 X 1 is 1 KK' N ' ix'n,lX'V l1'1. x'-,xxx"x."1x. IX: ,ff Gerald McSheffrey, DI PCD Vice President of , ASU West 1 Campus overflowing A S U expands Wea! o west young man . . . ASU West, that is. With the continual migration of people to the Valley of the Sun, the need became apparent for an alternative upper education facility. The population at ASU had the campus splitting at its seams. Besides, the east valley campus was hardly convenient for residents of other parts of the valley. And though community colleges picked up some of and sciences, business, education, engi- neering, nursing, public programs, and social work. The branches, temporarily housed in loaned facilities in northwest Phoenix, got their first permanent home with the construction of the ASU West library, completed early in 1988. The library, the focal point of the 300 acre site at 4701 W. Thunderbird in Phoenix, had a 10,000 student capacity. The 100,000 square SU West Montebello offered an alternative to e Tempe campus for students from the west ie of the valley. The campus gave residents e opportunity to pursue higher degrees than ey could have at local community colleges. your by Noel Steinegger the slack, they didn't offer the advanced degrees of a university. So in 1984, ASU began instruction at off-campus sites, and by 1987 offered over 300 upper division and graduate courses, with degree programs in arts foot structure was just the beginning of the westward expansion. The next series of permanent buildings were expected to be complete sometime in the 1990's. D - Dana Leonard ASU West 113 . A qv, Tracy Cox dlves nn to a successful season Cox 15 one of the Pac 10s top dxvers and part of the competltxve pride that is Arxzona State Umversxty Bnan O Mahoney 114 Sports D1v1Q1on X' , 'J , E ' L X..- . . V X Q ' ' " . N x , , H .. X ' suv, J.- N x x x X x. t was a year of chal- lenges for Sun Devil athletes: challenges to remain at the top of Pac-10 and national intercollegiate rankings. Known for its excellence in the sports world, ASU faced competitive challenges and established itself as a top contender in all athletic events. Coming off the 1987 Rose Bowl victory, Iohn Cooper and his team of gridders confronted the chal- lenge of maintaining their cham- pion status. With the loss of sev- eral key players to graduation, Cooper relied on the talents of a young team and proved to be suc- cessful in their Pac-10 attack, win- ning the Freedom Bowl in Coo- per's last season as head coach. Fans camped out overnight and stood in line for hours to get sea- son tickets for the nationally rec- ognized Sun Devils. A record- breaking crowd of 71,000 people showed up to cheer for their alma mater on September 26 when the Sun Devils faced the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 104-degree Arizo- na heat. Men's gymnastics was put in the spotlight when Paul Linne re- ceived a perfect 10 for his high bar performance at the Southwest Cup. Tracy Cox was noted na- tionally as one of the top colle- giate divers as she turned in con- sistent high ratings for the women's diving team. The ASU baseball team, under the direction of 11-year coach lim Brock, won the Western Regional and advanced to the College World Series. Sun Devil archers achieved national merits with their championship team and be- came a recognized sport at Ar- izona State. Mary Littlewood and her lady Devils proved to be a threat to opposing women's soft- ball teams. The University's 19 intercolle- giate teams accepted the chal- lenges of their competition and excelled to reach success while providing excitement for the stu- dent body. The teams, the fans, the games and the hype were all a part of the pride that comprised Sun Devil sports. E Sports Editor: Deborah D. Cook X XX X X, ' Sports D Sponsored by Infercolleg ate Athlet i t --, 'lt .X v-et? i " fr I ,rf wg 't:.'fiL j,,,! Q , we 'f 1 sas., A If Wfi is , r f .Q . . , A .1 .. ififsei-was-?':tf:1l5 1 .sw were ' a Sf sf! ' on Traci 31' .1 .e-1-. 'L -- - ' feng 03155,-a .g1gf-'.-- 1 :gm 'S-I Malafle H ix' . W' -:'i' . f mules '73 r-,.u"!,dl--at C f 1 JPY' Us a 2 lf ti. Third 1 t f , 1. 5.-Q f Du 3 H 9 Graf Q to Q man, Jeff ,wk in x -. gy -. y t, , Elgart. ff C J- f' Q M.,-arf,Q2atfw 1 rg if fi?- 5. ., 1. -Naam 2. V s so " tti5t"f I' i .. kgs 1 taser ef 0 'SQM'Si5Yiwa" -. aii5Zl.gifgH"f1 I gif iT?iiil' e. ' ff ,- Mfg.. V h tt f. at testi X se w ' 'V ':. :r. x, iiheerleaders i , . . i '25 '- tm--V-,f iat .df t in Motion Eighteen energetic people bring new meaning to the word "spirit" 116 Cheerleaders Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics , - 3, , 0 nt Ro w f Howard J'!'1L l.' ':2. thi- 6 'V - inf, rw... Rai? , Kathleen . - it 't nce in a while at a foot- ig gball game there would be tame' an annoying lull in the action either because of a close first down measure- ment, an unfortunate injured player or an occasional wan- dering beachball on the field. Fans' eyes wandered around the stadium looking for some- thing exciting, something de- parting from people painted maroon and gold, coeds clad in devil horns or ever-present spirited brawls. Many binocu- lared eyes eventually wound up focused on the area of the field closest to the student section, the second main event, cheerleaders in motion. Consisting of 18 of the most energetic people on the field, nine men and nine women, the cheerleading squad brought new meaning to the word "spirit," Each Sat- urday, with more enthusiasm than the week before, they were out on the field during the football games whipping the crowd back into a froth when the game began to slow down. Stunts and jumps, dancing and chanting, cheer- leading was a thankless but much admired skill. George Hughes, a 170- pound freshman, had a cou- ple of words about whether the team appreciated their ef- fort: "Sometimes during a touchdown the crowd starts a chant and we start doing stunts like the monkey whip, we start getting crazy . . . and i 3 4 f it X 1 Brian O Mahn pretty soon they're psyche and you know the team gf psyched." Marliss Staley, the squat coordinator, said, "I doi think the guys get enou credit it's one thing bench press 200 pounds times and then rest, but wh you have to lift the girl a balance and throw her . . . i tough." . Each girl had a male pa ner who she trained wil They got together for abc 10 hours to perfect their rc tines which had as many 20 different chants a dances, as well as at least ff stunts. Krista Adell, the team's 4 captain, said that in additi to traveling with the footb team they did promotion around the greater Phoe: vicinity and performances Cady Mall, before it becam pit. Probably the toughe but not the least gratifying tivity involved with che leading was the practice, s Greg Graff, senior finar major. "Being out there is rea tiring, like the day game had against Nebraska back September," he said. "It v hot, but it paid off when I the crowd and how re pumped they got 1 crowds are great." El ,ll-.iTT - Scott Tmya nos lilii-1 the midst of the halftime show rthy Robinson demonstrates her lbbly ASU spirit. Brian ,f -lx ' .,'- 1 G M X ,fa i f 's girl ll l A -. f y lf' ' Q Wf': m 56' , uf W. A af' .4 Sparky has got spirit, as everyone knows, and so does senior Chad How- ard. Howard brought life to the Val- ley's favorite mascot every week in front of 10,000 screaming students. Bnan l Brian O'Mahoney "Rah, Rah, Rah!" shouts 4-year-old Rashad Thomas as this future Sun Devil Cheerleader imitates the moves of his idols. Intensely focusing on the moment, Monet Valdez silently roots on those Devils. Layout by Sui-Lin Stacey Chen Cheerleaders 1 17 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics ww Y ictory: Paul Lium' is f X, embraced by his trainer following his dismount from the high bar at the Southwest Cup. Linne received a per fect score of 10, the first-ever by a Sun Devil. In an attempt to score, Bob Dom brozuski runs into the awaiting UC Riverside catcher, During the season Dombrowski hit a one-out double in the 10th inning of the Arizona game to give the Sun Devils a victory be- fore 6,095 fans at Packard Stadium. a 'fa ' iff? . 4,4 'F' -il - H Pver the top, Cen Itvlzrismz clears the eight. This heptathlete from Tempe nished fourth in the seven-event Jmpetition at the Pacific-10 confer- wce meet. With a dramatic pose, freshman Molly Carperlter concludes her floor exercise routine at the NCAA Mid- west Regionals, Carpenters perfor- mance along with ASUS five other freshmen greatly contributed to the Sun Devils' victory. Shamway 1.0 Striving for extra distance, Clyde Duncan jr. flies over the sand doing the long jump. He was one of seven who represented ASU at Penn Relays as a member for the Sun Devils Mens 4:4100 meter relay team as well as in the long jump competition. Bnan O'Mahoney waiting the fall of the basketball, Irk Becker and Tarre Isiull fight with 2 opposing California Bear forward ' position. Becker came on strong fvard the end of his freshman sea- n scoring in double figures twice. ah received the Outstanding Ac- emic lmprovement Award. your by Sui-Lin Stacey Chen Brian O'Mahoney Up for the block, Tracey Barberie pre- pares for the opposition. Back for her fourth season as a starter, the versatile Barberie plays left or right outside hitter. Brian b'Mahoney Year In Sports 119 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics And it's a sack! Defensive end Trace Armstrong sacks Miner quarterback Pat Hegarty. Armstrong had three sacks for a loss of 21 yards on the day. Brian O'Mahoney The Devils Tally Up Wins Versus Non-Pac-10 Foes ASU roiis over the competition while building confidence in out-of- 120 ASU vs. UTEP feacificflllinois Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics conference games. Going down for the play, inside linebacker Stacey Harvey makes sure that Pacific's Vernon Hadnot is brought down. Harvey had three un- assisted tackles and two assists in this, his first game of the season. On the run, tailback Vic Cahoon c ries the ball through a hole agai: the fighting Illini. Cahoon had f carries for 15 yards with his long being an 11-yard gain in this gams A. 45 hree out of the four non- conference games of the sea- son had many things in com- mon. Some were good, some bad. The Sun Devils won all three games, which was good. The Sun Devils opened their season against a Big-10 op- ponent, defeating the Fight- ing Illini of Illinois 21-7. A strong defense and encour- agement from team members helped to pull junior Daniel Ford out of a dismal first half to hit 10 of 13 passes for 195 yards and two touchdowns. Although the defense let some big plays through amid various other mistakes in the first quarter, they came back strong after the first TD of the game by the Illini. The de- fense, led by seniors Shawn Patterson and Greg Clark, forced four fumbles and in- tercepted three times for a to- tal of five takeaways. The first home game, against Pacific, brought with it 70,021 people and another win. But even with a 31-12 'Fi IIP. 4 1 1 44 Brian O'Mahc victory over the Pacific Tigr and TD's on their first tw possessions, the Sun Dev were not satisfied. Injuries plagued the S' Devils during the 1987 seas and the UTEP game was exception, especially with 1: career-ending neck injury sophomore Bernard Ioni Senior Darryl Harris miss his 2,000 yard rushing ma during that game due to knee injury. It was a day 1 the underclassmen and ba ups as freshman quarterb Paul justin took over for F halfway through the seco quarter. Also, sophomore vid Winsley took over for injured Harris at the end first quarter. The Sun Devils swarm? defense, led by senior Tr Armstrong with three qu. terback sacks, held UTEP 22 yards rushingcj -Leslie Anderson f lg . - ss eetst N A , Ql ' A y r -g ' gizx "3-'ZW' At the start ot' the ASU- Pacific game, Aaron Cox had passed ID Hill on the all-time ASU career receiving chart. With two catches for 24 yards, Cox has compiled a total of 2,000 yards. He was 149 yards shy of second place. Also, Cox only needed 11 receptions to tie No. 4 Doug Allen on the career passes caught list. Fighting off the grasp of this Illinois defender, tailback Darryl Harris strives for that extra yard. Harris had 26 carries for 108 yards with one touchdown. This marks the seventh time Harris broke the 100-yard mile- stone in his career. Layout by Sui-Lin Stacey Chen ASU vs. UTEPfPacificfIllinois 121 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Fighting to bring down Nebraska running back Keith jones, senior Eric Allen tries to force him to the ground. Allen and the other Devil defensive backs limited the Nebraska offense to 95 yards through the air. Seeing open field in sight, senior fullback Channing Williams concen- trates on making a long gain. Wil- liams kept ASU's hopes for an upset alive with some key shift yardage gains. 131' -f Brian O'Mahoney few With Nebraska leading 21-14 late in the third quarter and the Devils' hopes for a victory shrinking, senior noseguard Sau- lt Sapolu caused Nebraska quarterback Stl ve Taylor to fumble. This turnover led to the Sun Devils' third touchdown. 122 Nebraska vs Arizona State Sponsortd by lnttrtollegiate Athletics Xia KM m e X, In pursuit of Steve Taylor, cornere bac Eric Allen and inside linebacker Drew Metcalf attempt to contain the Nebraska thrower. Taylor kept the Devil defense busy as he racked up 217 yards in overall offense. Layout by Andrew F. Fischer Brian i Brian Driving down the field, back Darryl Harris prepares to the oncoming tackle. Harris, the 1 second team all Pac-10 and honorable mention A.P. American, rushed for 110 yards two touchdowns. VC as a clear warm afternoon, h the temperature register- at 91 degrees. The sta- .m was awash with "go ld" pom-pons and the den spirit of the 71,264 rctators, the fourth-largest wd ever to witness a reg- r-season football game in 1 Devil Stadium. The air rated with excitement and icipation of the meeting of No. 2 Nebraska Cornhus- s and ASU Sun Devils. 2 fans were far from dis- Jointed as a war waged on field. It was one war ASU uld not win, however, as 1 Cornhuskers prevailed 28. 'he Sun Devils won the t down battle Q23 to 229, orded 78 total offensive ys to Nebraska's 71, led in ssession time Q30:38 to 225 and committed less lalties Qfive for 40 yards to braska's nine for 661. The vils passed for 200 yards npared to the Cornhus- s' 95. However, Nebraska ltrolled the ground attack h 364 yards to ASU's 191. those yards for two touch- downs, increasing his career total to 1,953. Each team lost three turnovers, including two major fourth quarter in- terceptions thrown by Ford. ASU punted five times to Ne- braska's four. While Nebraska recorded three quarterback sacks, ASU had only one less with two. Cornhusker quarterback Steve Taylor tore up the de- fensive coverage with quick feet and natural athletic abil- ity. He rushed for a total of 122 yards. "He's QTaylorl a great ath- lete," senior cornerback An- thony Parker said, "but we let the defense down. We missed some big plays." Head coach john Cooper agreed. "Our tackling was very poor and our contain- ment was worse," said Coo- per, "but our defensive line personnel missed a lot of practice because of injuries." The Sun Devils played hard and were close, it was their first loss of the season. E o Close . . . And Yet So Far Away No. 2 Cornhuskers take Sun Devils on hed 26 times for 110 of roller-coaster ride. iior tailback Darryl Harris pushup ritual. Brian O'Mahoney Brian O'Mahoney Raised into the air by the Sun Devil cheerleaders, ASU mascot Sparky cheers the fans on before he prepares to do his Nebraska vs. Arizona State 123 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics lf' Anthony Parker, a four-year starting comerback, was named as one of the na- tion's best punt retumers. Parker had his longest Qand lastj punt retums of the year, 39 yards, against Washington State. Torn ligaments plagued the Devil powerhouse as a re- sult of the tackle on the retum. 124 ASU vs Washingtonfwashington St. Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Sun Devils are number one! Shawn Patterson beams with ex- citement after tackling Washing- ton State running back Steve Broussard in the end zone for a safety. The ASU defensive power- play on third and 14 put the Dev- ils ahead 19-0 in the middle ofthe second quarter. Meet the ASU attack! Sun Devil defensive end Rick Zurnwalt puts the crunch of University of Wash- ington running back. Layout by Andrew F. Fischer Sun Devils lost their ihting, killer instinct" and 11 it their first Pac-10 game ainst the Washington skies. After a 17-0 shut-out the first half the Devils ne back to net a total of 14 .nts. However, the Huskies ne back strong with a ichdown of their own to 1 the contest 20-14. 'They obviously wanted s game a lot worse than we l," said head coach John oper."They out-fought us r whole way." l'he Sun Devils ended the ne with low numbers on r offense with only seven at downs, 14 yards rushing, 7 yards passing for total of- ise of 131 yards. But what the Devils didn't in the Washington contest, ey made up for in their 38-7 n over the Washington ite Cougars in front of ,341 fans at Sun Devil Sta- im. Senior tailback Darryl .rris led the attack as ASU registered 512 yards in total offense, 307 in rushing and 205 passing for 24 first downs. "Our fundamentals im- proved," defensive tackle Shawn Patterson said. "We gang-tackled, we swarmed around the ball and we put pressure on the quarterback. I think we got back the feeling of domination." junior quarterback Daniel Ford turned in a solid per- formance by completing 12 of 21 passes for 174 yards, one touchdown with one inter- ception while cornerback Eric Allen had two interceptions, one for a 92-yard touchdown and set a school record of 129 total yards of interception re- turn yardage. "It was a blowout. ASU's defense played real well," Cooper said. "They definitely are a better football team than they were against Washing- ton." D -Leslie Anderson Taking a dive for the tackle, fresh- man strong safety Nathan LaDuke 1291 attempts to stop a Washington advance. LaDuke racked up impres- sive statistics in his first year as a Sun Devil. Meet the ASU attack! Sun Devil de- fensive end Rick Zumwalt 1353 puts the crunch on a University of Wash- ington running back. .ml vis. uskies Intimidate ASUg Sun Devils Conquer Cougars in the End Devils take Cougars 38-7,' Uut- fought by Washington 27- 14. ASU vs. Washingtonfwashington State 125 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics fafaea l is Following a hand-off from Nathan LaDuke, defensive back Lynn james runs a reverse on a UCLA punt. This 46-yard return took the Devils to the if Bruin 35 yard line. Iames transferred 1? , -1 to Arizona State from Southern Methodist after the NCAA suspend- ed its football team. Concentrating on accuracy as well as distance, Alan Zendejas kicks one of his three field goals, adding his best effort to the Sun Devil cause. Brian 126 UCLA vs. Arizona State Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics :mpting to pass for the two-point version, Dan Ford is tackled by LA outside linebacker Melvin son. Ford started 10 of 12 games season after playing second fid- to jeff VanRaaphorst last season. With the pigskin under a tight grasp, Darryl Harris rushes for a gain with the blocking help of Fedel Un- derwood. Harris had six carries for 40 yards on the day. "' he day was dreary and grey but spirits were bright as the rain soaked 2 sellout crowd of 70,491 io arrived at Sun Devil Sta- im to watch the battle for a 'se Bowl berth between the n Devils and the UCLA uins. ASU fans were not :appointed as the Sun Dev- entered the locker room at lf with a 9-0 lead. But the n came out for the Bruins in e second half as UCLA ent on to win the contest -23, ending Sun Devil ipes for a Rose Bowl berth. l'We played real hard and is effort was there, really bd," said third-year head ch John Cooper. "Our de- se against the rush was al good. However, that put ssure on the injury-ridden ondary." "Their quarterback picked apart with five 10-yard sses," senior inside line- cker Greg Clark said. UCLA quarterback junior my Aikman had one inter- ption the entire season until Strategically running a pattern, Aaron Cox prepares for the john Walker pass which consequently was a 30-yard gain. This play set up Zendejas' second field goal. Layout by Sui-Lin Stacey Chen Bob Castle Brian O'Mahoney junior college transfer jeff Mahlstede raised that total to two. Mahlstede was pressed into starting duty at free safe- ty because of a career-ending injury to Bernard jones. It was Aikman's first interception in 137 pass attempts. "He was an outstanding quarterback," senior Shawn Patterson said. The Sun Devils made some impressive totals also, includ- ing committing no penalties for zero yards. Junior punter Mike Schuh had one of his best days against UCLA by punting seven times for 388 yards Q48.3 yards per puntj. The Devils lost some mo- mentum in the beginning of the second half when UCLA scored twice in three posses- sions. "lt's natural to lose some momentum after the other team scores," Clark said. "It fthe lossj lets us down a little. We have to try to put it be- hind us." U ...lil-i - Leslie Anderson he Winner Takes It All The Sun Devils drop key game to top notched Bruins despite racking up some impressive totals. UCLA vs. Arizona State 127 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics omecoming Overshadowed by Diminishing Bowl Berth Devils defeat both Uregon opponentsg fail prey to the California Bears. .7 , kll i jx ' i ' 1' th! Yfif E,-4 wf.,,j 1 ' gm" 1 .t ju g 1 1. ' ,,E 'fa 4 f t e' W 'La ' Q " ' A ' W" ' iee, Senior quick guard Randall McDaniel compiled impressive statistics as a two-time All- American and two-time All- Pac 10. McDaniel was named ABC Sports player of the year for his performance during the Nebraska game. 128 ASU vs. OregonfOregon StatefCalifornia Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics 55: ,omecoming was a natu- for the Sun Devils, desiipite diminishing bowl berth chances following the loss to UCLA. The Homecoming victory of 37-13 over the Oregon Ducks was even sweeter for junior quarterback Daniel Ford, who did not throw an interception. Ford had his best day against Oregon, completing 15 of 22 passes for 229 and one TD. Ford had his day in the Tempe sun, but inconsistency with the passing game was a nemesis, as seen in both the win over the Oregon State Beavers, 30-21, and the loss to the California Berkley Golden Bears, 38-20. The Sun Devils lost a crucial bid for a major bowl game as they were beaten soundly by the Bears. The game with Oregon State shared the spot with Nebraska for the most passes intercepted in a game, a total of three. A second intercep- tion of Ford turned into a 90- yard touchdown for the Bears. "We were just awful . . . We were beaten in every phase of the game - offensively, fensively, and in the kic game. We didn't block, I or rush the ball well. game wasn't as close as final score indicated," head coach john Cooper a the Berkley game. The loss of four of AS top defensive backs w three-year letterman Eric len, as the lone veteran, depleated secondary gave 255 yards and three toi downs in passing by Erik ' helm in the first half age the Beavers. However, ' helm managed only 84 y. in throwing in the second against a determined ASU fense. The Devils stai three true freshmen in nickel package. Eric A continued his rise in the l 10 in the number of interi tions, with an average of per game. He had one in Oregon State game a chalked up the first Sun D touchdown in the Califol Berkley game with a 35-5 interception. El p -Leslie Anderson 5 H S I Courtesy Debbie Weathers, I 3 ,sf '7 Pl v I? . I l if 1 gl' if t 1-A vii' I Q Brian O'Mahoney - Shamway Lo Slanting over the left side for a four- yard gain, California tailback Tyrone Moore is dragged down by ASU's Pat Taylor . Putting the pressure on, Trace Arm- strong takes quarterback Erie Wilhelm down during the third quarter. Arm- strong caught Wilhelm in the endzone for a safety. Bringing the play down with force, senior S awn Patterson is determined to bring this Oregon opponent to the groun . Oregon's Latin Berry carries over right guard to the 42 yard line with no gain. With a high five, Chris Garrett con- gratulates Aaron Cox on his winning touchdown against Oregon. Cox tal- lied a total of five touchdowns for the season. David Leeds ASU vs. OregoryOregon StatefCa1ifornia 129 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics evils Fight to the Finishg Neither Team Budges Arizona State and Arizona Wildcats battle it out in tense rivalry game ending in a controversial tie. I f Wiz? ive and a half years in a screamed the head- lines. f'The game was a tie, but Arizona State lost," claimed commentators. The Sun Devil fans left Sun Devil Stadium relatively quiet and stunned after Gary Coston kicked a 30-yard field goal for Arizona with two seconds re- maining to give Arizona a 24- 24 tie after ASU apparently had the game won. Alan Zendejas kicked a 40- yard field goal with 2:45 re- maining to give ASU a 24-21 lead. Arizona's chances ap- peared dim when ASU cor- nerback Eric Alan intercepted a pass at the ASU 31 yard line with 1:21 remaining. But the Devils were still three yards short after three plays and lined up for a punt on their 38. ASU let the clock run down as junior punter Mike Schuh muffed sophomore center Ed- die Grants' snap. Schuh tried to kick the ball on the ASU 13 yard line. After a missed pa: Coston was called in tl game. Arizona had 20 first dowi to ASU's 14 and gained 35 yards total offense to 22 yards for the Devils. "I feel a lot of pain for Mil fSchuhj. I tried to tell him th we still love him and he great," Ford said, "He's goir to torture himself a lot mo than he should." Although it wasn't a los there was still pain, frustr tion and the hollow feeling leaves in your stomach. Tl tie was especially hard on tl seniors, like Greg Clarl Shawn Patterson and Aarc Cox, who left without ev. defeating the Wildcats. "We didn't win, we lost senior linebacker Greg Clai said. "I don't know what hal pened out there. Ending tl' season this way puts a daml er on everything." E -Leslie Anderson Brian O'Mahoney 130 ASU vs University of Arizona Sponsored by Intercollegzute Athletics Seeing an opening, Daniel Ford com- pletes the pass to tight end Gary Knudson at ASU's 40 yard line, for a gain of 6 yards. At the end of the second quarter ASU led 14 to 13 over UofA. Bob Cas' Plowing past the Wildcats, AS wide receiver Auron Cox drove ho 62 yards and one touchdown in fp tie against UofA. 'Q' -A Brian O'Mahoney Sacked at the Arizona 30 yard line, Wildcats go down as defensive end Pat Taylor takes control for a UofA loss of eight yards. Taunting the UofA bench, placekicker Alan Zendejas shows Arizona up with the kick that brought the score to 21-13, ASU favored. Inside linebacker Greg Clark, who concluded his ASU career with a 17-tackle performance, had an overall season record of 141 total tackles, 80 of which were unassisted. ASU vs. University of Arizona 131 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics owl Victory Sparks Devil Finale ASU 'S 33-28 win over Air Force Academy - dubbed a "not so easy game" - ends season on a 132 FREEDOM Bowl. high note. g e want to win the Freedorrt Bowl and end the year onga high note," said quick guard Randall McDaniel in a press confer- ence a day before competi- tion. Then, hours later, as the final gun ended the fourth quarter, McDaniel's words became prophecy as ASU de- feated the Air Force Academy 33-28. This was not a spec- tacular victory, but as the score suggests, a hard-fought game. Air Force aggressively charged into the game utiliz- ing their successful running play wishbone offense. Quar- terback Steve Letnich capital- Shake Um'! Tailback Darryl Harris, the seventh- leading ground gainer in ASU history, fights off Falcon cornerback Kreg Pi1lko. Harris had his best game of the season against Oregon State as he carried 36 times for 190 yards and two touch- downs. Dominating Defense - Inside linebacker Stacey Harziey brings down Air Force fullback Andy Smith. Harvey had a season with 77 tackles, 47 solos and 30 assists. lie started in three games, garnered two tackles for a loss of three yards, recovered one fumble and deflected a pass, f.l1.lf014f by Pai Sclizueiss Spoiisoreii by Iiitercollrgirite Atlilelics David Mclntyre Shainway l.o ized on the option with spr and judgment. Letnich X Air Force's leading rushen the game at 102 yards. On the other side, the m evenly-divided Sun Devil tack watched Daniel Fr pass and hit 16 of 30 tempts. He gained 272 ya in the air and the award the most valuable player. "I'm extremely proud Daniel Ford," said coach Io Cooper. "He hasn't hac great season, but he ha great night. That play be the half was the biggest p of the game and he called The play Cooper was ta ing about countered a l yards, ending the quarter with a 20-yard Alan Zendejas field goal bringing the score to 14-27. Air Force replaced Letnich in the fourth quarter with the smaller quarterback Lance McDowell who charged up the offense, burning up 150 yards in their last two pos- sessions mounting 14 points in 7:09. According to defensive tackle Shawn Patterson: 1'We couldn't let up for a minute, or we'd be in trouble. I think we showed a lot of team unity and strength . . . and we never let up." D - Scott Tro unos IA 1 WVR: A "For me, I know my role in this game is to go out and not make mistakes, to perform within the offense," said Dtllllvvl Ford. ASU's No. l quarterback started and finished the 1987 season, playing in all 11 games and starting for nine of them. Ford was named most valuable player in the Freedom Bowl. IZ .lu 5 ,zillll .-of' iff? Om 5TA i f' :zum D35 ff' I at? it QXXN Q i 'I tl' v. v ,-w j lb X hull. mth' Celebrating his first touch- down, fullback Kirk Wvriiiurf is congratulated hy center .Eddie Grant on an awesome play. Wendorf came in as third on the team in rushing and ac- cumulated 241 yards on the ground, He played all ll con- tests, serving as backup to full- back Cliaiiiiirig Williams. Spoiisimd bu liztirtivlliiiatt Athlitifs Brian O Mahoney Determined to drive this one home, Kirk Weridorf QZOJ makes the 20-yard touch- down. This was his first touch- down this year, second as a Sun Devil, his previous being during the 1985 season. Layout by Pa! Sulizvriss W: n the night of December , after a 33-28 Free- Bowl win over Air Force, -ad football coach lohn ioper told his team that he d resigned his job "and will ke another one shortly." tat other job was at Ohio ate University in Columbus, aio. This open statement me after weeks of "no com- ent" by Cooper regarding e job opening Ohio State. "Hell, any- ne you lose e like of a thn Cooper Ju're disap- Jinted," Ath- tic Director harles Harris iid. "But I tow the nature l the industry. hn has served rizona State ell." Cooper left with a 25-9-2 'cord in three years and tree consecutive bowl ap- earances, including the Hol- ay Bowl and the Sun Devils' rst Rose Bowl appearance. he ASU band made light of te whole affair by teasing ooper with Michigan State's ah how I hate Ohio State" tant and then marched in irmation that spelled C-O- O-P-E-R. Six days after john Cooper left for Ohio State University, Harris named Cooper's de- fense coordinator and assis- tant head coach, Larry Marmie, as ASU's 19th head football coach. "I've worked 22 years as an assistant to get to a point like this," Marmie said. Marmie had been an assistant at M o r e h e a d State, Eastern Kentucky, Tul- sa, North Caro- lina and Ten- nessee before coming to ASU in 1985. Marmie had a total of six bowl triumphs, four at the Universi- ty of North Car- olina Qtwo Gator, one Blue- bonnet and one Sunj and two at ASU QRose Bowl and Freedom Bowlj. In the past eight years, Marmie's teams were 6-2 in post - sea- son bowl action. "They wanted a big-time coach and they got one," wrestling coach Bobby Doug- las commented. "They just don't know it yet." Cl l.l1l.l-- - Leslie Anderson ead Coach John Cooper Resigns Post Freedom bowl finds Cooper's last stand as ASU head coach accepts post at Uhlo State, Larry Marmie takes over Devil helm -1-QQ..- Y TA 7 -Y 1- " "I" 7 .. -- -Ihr - , L-. Courtesy of Duvall Photography SUN DEVIL FOOTBALL. Players: Leland Ad- ams, Eric Allen, Trace Anrnstrong, Darrell Banks, Eric Berry, Kent Bostrom, Keith Bowen, Robby Boyd, john Burdick, Vic Cahoon, Greg Clark, Scott Claypoole, Aaron Cox, Eric Crawford, Rich- ard Davis, Paul DeBono, Rodney Dillard, Bill Doverspike, Mark Duckens, Chris Dugan, Mike Everitt, Ron Fair, Floyd Fields, Kelvin Fisher, Mark Foley, Daniel Ford, Bob Frenkel, Chris Gar- rett, Eddie Grant, Darryl Harris, Stacey Harvey, Mark Hayes, Andy Ingram, Lynn james, Randy jefferson, Greg loelson, Brett johnson, jeff john- son, Terence johnson, Tony johnson, Paul justin, Todd Kalis, Dwayne King, Scott Kirby, Tim Kirby, Gary Knudson, Tom Kohrs, Andre Lacey, Nathan LaDuke, Tim Landers, Doug Larson, Chris Lewis, Geoff Lord, Ieff Mahlstede, Kerry McDaniel, Randall McDaniel, Ryan McRenolds, Drew Met- calf, Robert Navia, David Neumore, Shawn Pat- terson, Steve Puryear, Mike Rasp, Tod Rehner, Greg Rice, Mike Ritter, Dave Santisi, Saute Sapolu, Mike Schuh, Dave Shughart, Michael Simmons, Steve Spurling, Ieff Sturdivant, Corey Suttles, Pat Taylor, lerry Thompson, Mark Ting- stad, Craig Torosain, Fedel Underwood, Bobby Valdez, Scott Veach, Richmond Vincent, Iohn Walker, Iimmy Watkins, Kirk Wendorf, Ieff White, Channing Williams, David Winsley, Scott Wood- ford, Alan Zedejas, Rick Zumwalt. FREEDOM BOWL 135 Sponsored by Intcrcollegzaft Athletics Brian Kirmse Concentration is the key as junior Kristi Nore sets a ball while freshman outside hitter Kelly Plaisted watches in an- ticipation. Determination defers defeat as sophomore Tracie Kisro 1133 and freshman Tina Berg join forces to block an opponents shot. Both girls were back-up players until injuries moved them into starting positions. L+. GEISOI1 Takes Players For A Ride Volleyball team reaches NCAA tournament despite player injuries. 136 Volleyball Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics oller-coaster rides can be exciting and fun. They can al- so make your stomach fall to your knees and leave a sink- ing feeling in your heart. That was the basic feeling for fifth-year head coach Deb- bie Brown for the 1987 vol- leyball season. Even with the loss of two- time All-American Tammy Webb, Brown was able to start four veterans including All-American senior Regina Stahl, junior outside hitter Christy Nore, senior outside hitter Tracey Barberie and sophomore middle blocker Sue Nord. The other two starting po- sitions were filled by junior Dawn Meidinger and fresh- man outside hitter Mindy Gawell who proved to be in- valuable on offense until her season-ending knee-injury in 32. Bob Ca the sixth match of the seas: against Oregon. Although the Devils starti out with a No. 12 rankin they soon fell out of the tc 20 after a loss to UofA. Tl Devils struggled to hold 5 even win-loss record overal but had no luck on the roz Q0-51 and had to come fro behind to bring up their coi ference record with big wii at home over USC ar UCLA. Those wins move the Devils' record up to 12 overall and 6-6 in confereni play. It also put them back the rankings at 20. The Devils were back in tl running after defeating Q15- 15-11, 15-9j 20th-ranked C lifornia even though they lo to fourth-ranked Stanford. I -Leslie Anderson Spiker makes sparks fly, as soph- omore Sue Nord does what she does best, kill the ball and the opponents optimism. The mask she is wearing was to protect a broken nose sus- tained earlier in the season, She had 44 kills and hit 488 in matches against NAU, USC, and UCLA. Last ditch effort by sophomore Noelle Fridrich as she dives for a dig to save the point. As a freshman she tallied 98 assists and 134 digs. :rick wall couldn't do better, as homore Tracie Kisro and junior Un Meidlnger block an aggressive ze at close quarters by their ad- sary across the net. Meidinger led Devils in blocks with 41 through st of the season. put by Andrew F. Fischer , . Shamway Lo David Leeds Kirmse Retuming starter, All-American senioi setter Regina Stahl 15' 7"j proved ef- fective in the lady Devils' attack, par- ticularly in the Texas A8rM match where she had 52 assists. She held school marks for most assists in a match USD, season 11,4501 and career 14,1021 Volleyball 137 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics . .2-fv' V. .. Ulf 4 hi I at unning With the Spirit of a Winning Team Women record high rankings while men 's team pulls through 138 Cross Country Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics shaky season. hile inexperience and plagued the e s cross country team, de termination and a team spirit helped the women improve as the season progressed. The loss of Dan Fisher, Steve Preston and Fred Her- litz left head coach Ken Leh- man with an inexperienced squad for 1987. Led by the lone senior jeff Smith, the men had a very up-down year with many inexperienced un- derclassmen running for the team. Although the men placed in the top 10 in a cou- ple of competitions, including a 3rd place finish at the Uni- versity of California-Riverside f. . tliz Invitational, the men place 10th in the Pac-10 champ onships, compared to the 5th place ranking last year. The women, led by seni Laura Lemena started out tl season strong with a secon place team score, at the U' Riverside Invitational and e ded up in a fourth place ' with Stanford at the Pac- Championships. Sophomores Dawn A rigoni and Kim Matthew provided solid performano as the Sun Devils second ai third place scorers. D - Leslie Anderson Q . A Practice makes perfect for team- mates Launz La Mmm and Duron Ar- rigoizi. Both top runners, l.a Mena finished fourth at the ASU invita- tional while Arrigoni peaked in with an eighth place showing, Tearing up the track during practice are freshman Todd Lewis and soph- omore jcff'Smifl1, Both lewis and Smith joined the ASU squad with high honors. Lewis was a two-time all-state performer in cross country and track while transfer student Smith earned All-American honors. gmxopq J f l' V 1812049 Mit'-Q David Mclntyre - ,www :R X so 1 iii? 'sv '54, " 3. to grg. W ' w e .lf 4, -, jx., David Mclntyre . Breaking for a briefing, cross coun- try members concentrate on Krn Lvl:- man's discussion. 1987438 was Lehmans' third season as assistant track coach in charge of distance run- ning. Luyout by Dclroruli D. Cook Cross Country 139 Sponsored hy lr1h'r'coIIt'gilzto Athlvlu WOMEN'S TENNIS 140 Team Photos Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics ASU vs. OPP. I 9 Grand Canyon O 9 New Mexico State 0 . 9 Northern Arizona 0 7 Colorado 2 5 Pe erdine 4 0 U Efliami 9 4 Trinity 5 0 Stanford 9 2 California 7 4 Clemson 5 4 Brigham Young 5 8 Pepperdine 1 5 USC 4 2 UCLA 7 9 UTEP 0 9 New Mexico 0 6 Arizona 3 3 UCLA 6 3 USC 6 8 Gustavus Adolphus 1 3 USIU 6 if Grgnifcarlyon gg Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information 2 Sisncgjlxia 7 WOMEN'S TENNIS. Sitting fleftlr Pam Min-asou, Lisa Haldas, Elke Schaumberg. 9 UNLV 0 Sitting frighflr head coach Sheila Mclnerney, Therese Arildsen, Kristi McCormick, 6 CSLB 3 Carol Coparanis. Standing: Laura Glitz, assistant coach Becky Callan, Beth Smigel, Elise Richman, jill Hamilton. I MEN'S TENNIS ASU vs. OPP. 9 Grand Canyon 0 Washington Cal Poly Pomona US International UC Santa Barbara 9 0 9 0 6 3 8 1 7 San Diego 2 6 UCLA 3 7 Cal Irvine 2 6 Wisconsin Stout 0 5 Fresno State 2 I 5 Aubum 2 5 Michigan 4 8 Arkansas 1 7 Auburn 2 9 Tulane 0 3 LSU 6 4 SW Louisiana 5 2 NE Louisiana 5 9 UTEP 0 2 California 7 1 USC 8 2 UCLA 5 4 Stanford 5 4 Arizona 5 1 UC-Long Beach 5 2 Stan ord 7 1 California 8 3 Arizona 5 - . . 3 ' '. 5 1 j','m Conley PhoIographyfASU Sports Information MEN'S TENNIS. Assistant coach Ford Oliver, Grant Adams, Doug Sachs, Mike Holten, Ken Kuperstein, Andy Roediger, Todd Lee, jeff Karp, jeff Wood, head coach Lou Belken. Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information 5 . . GOLF. Head coach Steve Loy, manager Iohn Economos, manager Gregg Vincent, Joe Bedetti, Cesario, Scott Ogorek, Bill Mayfair, Tom Stankowski, lim Strickland. MEN'S GOLF I PLACE TOURNAMENT 5th Butler National lst Southwestern 3rd Stanford Fall 4th Robertson Homes lst San Francisco 5th Michelob National 7th john Bums lst Rafael Alarcon 4th Henry Homberg 2nd Stanford U.S. 3rd Fresno State-Pepsi 4th Sun Devil-Phoenix Thunderbird Toumament 2nd Pac-10 Championships 16th NCAA Championships Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information WOMEN'S GOLF. Kneeling: Heather I-Iodur, Missy Farr, Pearl Sinn, head coach Linda Villstedt, Danielle Ammaccapane, Eve-Lyne Biron, Carol Berger. Second Row: Amy Fruhwirth, Libby Akers, Pam Wright, Lia Tanselli, Tish Certo, Dina Ammaccapane, loanne Cross. WOMEN'S GOLF PLACE TOURNAMENT 2nd Dick McGuire lst Nancy Lopez 9th Stanford Fall lst Trojan-Bruin Desert Classic 6th Lady Aztec lst Arizona 5th Patty Sheehan 2nd Lady Sun Devil lst Pac-10 Conference llth NCAA Championships Conley PhotographyfASU Sports information WRESTLING. jim Sinadinos, Terry Kelly, lom Rodriguez, lulio Moreno, Rudy Ramos, Zeke jones, Chip Park, Rob Eiter. Second Row: Shawn Tribioli, Derek Taaca, Croft, Dan St. john, Glenn McMinn, Mark Mansfield, Paul Bronstein, Tommy Ortiz, Wayne Sharp, Jim Graham. Third Row: manager Dave Deville, volunteer coach Noel Loban, Rod Sevem, lom Gressley, Mike Davies, Umar Butt, Travis Fagen, Don Frye, Tad Weaver, john Ginther, volunteer coach Eddie Urbano, head coach Bobby Douglas. MEN'S WRESTLING ASU vs. OPP. 44 Northern Arizona 3 38 Weber State 0 37 Fresno State 5 28 Cal Poly San Luis 6 25 Iowa State 17 30 Oklahoma State 9 29 Indiana 9 13 Bloomsburg 24 34 West Virginia 9 26 Northern Iowa 10 24 Minnesota 1 0 34 New Mexico 12 27 Cal State Fullerton 15 28 Oklahoma 6 20 Bloomsburg 18 15 Oklahoma State 25 23 Fresno State 15 42 Cal Poly San Luis 6 Pac-10 Toumament lst NCAA Toumament 9th Layout by Andrew P. Fischer Team Photos 141 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics un Devil llllen Faoe Trying Season Cagers place eighth in Pao-70 following a season of ups and downs. Fans, Zonles help boost Brian O'Mahont-v Up and over the defense -- center li1i'i't'Is1'i1li takes it to the hoop against OSU. The Sun Devils lost to the Bea- vers 71-86. A moment of relaxation is iust what ASU li-ill girl, it-nnifer Simpson, 3, tlatighter of noinun's head coach lulienne Simpson, in-mls to reliex e game anxiety. She battled the season of ups and downs right along with the re-at ofthe team in their vftorts for vtClnt'V 142 Men's Basketball Sponsored hy Iiitvrcollcgiati' Athletics team spirit. he 1986-87 men's basketball season was disappointing for the Sdn Devils as their 11-17 record left them in 8th place in the Pac- 10. There was, however, promise in their spirit. As Coach Steve Patterson summed it up: "We werenft satisfied with the year that we had, yet l feel it was a good year, too. Gur players worked as a team. The kids played hard and they played well." Players Steve Beck and Arthur Thomas scored the highest num- ber of points with 533 and 391 respectively. Beck took the role of team leader while Thomas added excitement to the game with high-stepping antics on the court. Both players gave ASU fans something to be hopeful about, and kept opponents at bay as the key to the defense as well. The playing time on the front court was shared by Tarre lsiah, Mark Carlino, Alex Austin, and Mark Becker. Austin and lsiah ran opponents down as the lead forwards. The 1986-87 season marked the end of the Sun Devils' pro- bationary period for recruiting vi- olations and started the 1987-88 season on a positive note. As a result, the coaching staff could actively recruit more dominant players to fill the holes caused by departing guards Steve Beck a Bobby Thompson. Team skills and strategies we refined not just by Coach P terson, but by able and comr tent assistant coaches Kei Hughes, Rob Chavez, and l-If Livsey. All four men offered valuable experience and adv to the players as well as addi professionalism and quality. Crowd support also playec crucial part in the Sun Devil si son. The organized "Zonie were student fans who came c in full force to show their Af pride and spirit. Zonies sat in t student section and wore gc shirts, gold hats and Spari masks. Each Zonie could pickl the Zonie package before gani This was evident as the Zon' were often lined up in droves the games. Other fans incluc alumni, families, Sun Angels ai high school students. All were hand to cheer the Sun Devils. While the win-loss record i peared to be low, the Sun Dew had other things going for the Coach Patterson said, "Our s son last year meant complet the past and I was proud of team." D -Helena Tselos 'Wm f... .AF if Brian O'M.iho Battle of the BIG men - ASU's Mark Becker' grabs a loose hall from Oregon State's Earl Martin, Becker, a freshman recruit from McClintock High School, proved to he a vital part of the cager's offensive attack, huck- eting l-1 points on the night. Pointing out the strategy, head coach Stew Przttvrsmi consults his team during a time out, ln his third year at the helm, Patterson, known to most as a disciplinarian, stressed the importance of pressure defense. Brian O'Mahoney Xwxy, 'N' Brian O'Mahoney Moving the ball upcourt, senior guard Stem' Beck tries to out- maneuver U of A's Keri Lnftmz . Beck was top scorer of the game for the Sun Devils with 26 points. Layout by Frank Garciiz Men's Basketball 143 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Sun Devil spirit is addicting! Four- year old Rnslmii ililionms, a "baby Zoniew demonstrates a combination break dancejfloor exercise with his aunt Sin' 'I'imz1r. Audience involve- ment, particularly the "Zonies," played a vital role in the success of the ASU squad. Moving fast and low, Stew Beck pro- tects the Lone by playing tight de- fense on Oregon? David Cirlcy. Beck outscored Girley 22-7 in the Sun Devils' 62-70 loss to the Ducks. Lflklfouf by Frizizk Garcia Brian Brian si Arthur Thomas was one of the most valuable players in colle- giate basketball as he set the Pac- l0 on fire with a string of 13 con- secutive double figure scoring games. Possessing outstanding leaping ability at a reported ver- tical jump of 46 inches, which Y brought out his high-stepping an- tics on the court, Thomas was ' ' named to the United Press Inter- Q national "Small America" basket- In ...A ball team for players under 5- -l foot-ll. 1 I l - 1 Brian O'Mal On the fast break, Bolvliy Thompson an open spot and slips ,past Wash 144 Meng Basketball ton's Eldridge Rccasrzcr. hompson only outscored Recasner 18-10, but Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics 01lf'f9bOUml0d him 21 Coming out on top, Arthur Thomas goes up for the jump shot over Stanford's Eric Reveno. Thomas' teammate, Mark Becker, assists by blocking out defenders. Photo by Brian O'Muhoney. X gl 1 Looking toward two, fourth season senior starting forward Rollin Cummi- lif advances on her opponent, Con- nolly was named the most valuable team player and second leading Sun Devil scorer. Brian U'Mahoney Keeping close guard on the back side, first season freshman Frmz Cillk defends against a tough Trojan op- ponent, Ciak, who missed much of the season due to illness, proved strong on the boards as well as being an aggressive forward. Battling for the inside layup, Muna Lumeli puts two points through the hoop. l.omeli excelled as an all- around player with strong statistics as a rebounder, scorer and assist leader. 146 Womens Basketball Sponsored by Intercollrgiuttf Athlvtirs Bmn eelings of ASU pride, spirit and competition kept the Lady Sun Devils looking to- ward the future despite a 10- 17 record and many departing teammates. Top players Sherry Poole, Robin Connolly and Patti Peppler once again displayed :heir talents as they ended :heir collegiate careers as the :op three scorers for the team. Both Poole and Peppler fin- shed the season with over 100 points while Connolly was following close with 394 points. Other teammates who :ompleted their stay at ASU ncluded Libby Ripp, Rhonda Noolery and Mona Lomeli. Remaining players Lisa ones, Fran Ciak, Carolyn Dhoff, Kim Hackbarth, Steph- inie Osburn, Rosalind Moore, Stephanie King, and Penny Nilliams also played well in :heir respective positions. ones and Ciak, although not 'egular starters, were prom- sing freshmen who showed a great deal of potential. A highlight of the season Nas the Dial Classic, hosted by the Sun Devils. The Sun Devils 99-62 win over favor- ite Oral Roberts University started things off on a positive note, followed by a second win over Utah. The team it- self reached some highs as Poole and Connolly reached the 1,000 point mark and were the team's leading rebounders as well. Assistant coaches Peggy Hall and Carmen DeKoster were named as part-time bas- ketball coach and graduate assistant coach respectively. Both women brought knowl- edge and professionalism to the job, and helped Coach Iu- lienne Simpson in many ca- pacities. Coach Simpson gave the team her best and left them with skills that would help them in the future as she re- signed from her ASU post af- ter coaching at ASU from 1979-1986. Her post was filled by former University of Oklahoma head coach Mara McHugh. E -Helena Tselos pirit Keeps Lady Cagers Competitive Women 's basketball team completes decent season despite downfalls. Bob Castle Outjumping her USC defender, Lisa jones goes to the hoop for a key shot. The addition of jones added depth to the backcourt situation. Adding excitement and speed to the guard position, Rosizlliiil Nloore actively covers her Oregon opponent, Moore was a strong point guard for the Sun Devils. Laifoill Ivy Froiik Gllltlll Women's Basketball 147 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Extending to full form, Mike Zerrilln executes a crowd-pleasing perfor- mance on the rings. Zerrillo was a vital part of the gymnastics squad, capturing high rankings on the par- allel bars, floor exercise, high bar and still rings. Holding his poise and keeping his body straight, Boli Welt prepares tc initiate a complicated maneuver or the rings. Wolf filled Mike Zerrillo'1 shoes on the floor exercise and ring: after Zerrillo suffered an ankle injury Y V l I S GEIITI Stars Shine 4 lv Ca i 5935 r 1 'f' , - it 1. rift ASU retains top 70 ranking missing NCAA berth - 148 Men 's Gymnastics Siinizsnreil lru liziermllefqiati' Athletics champs rebuild. 'Y yy if W twig..-. ' 5 ii 'ag' V '.lQW'7' V '--'- ,f Jejgaix it Eff. SU men's gymnasts began the 3987 season with visions of a second consecutive national title. Coach Don Robinson led the defending champions through a season plagued with injuries and was faced with rebuilding a young team. The Sun Devils began, their season on the road and placed a disappointing second in both the Hawaiian Invitation- al and the UC-Davis Invita- tional. Despite peak perfor- mances, ASU suffered a loss to Houston Baptist and fell to Oklahoma. Although their score was not enough to beat the Sooners, it was enough to put the Sun Devils among the top 10 scorers in the nation. Coach Robinson and the gymnasts returned to Tempe and found victory on their home mat as they upset No. 3 California State-Fullerton. The Devils took their success Bri.1nO' iiwi it on the road as they beat Brigham Young University where jerry Burrell scored a 9.9 on the floor exercise. As the host of the South- west Cup, ASU finished last. Despite the disap- pointing finish, history was made. Paul Linne was the first Sun Devil to score a perfect lO. The defending champi- ons finished second in the conference after faring well in the Pac-10 champion- ships, adding highlight to a rebuilding season. For the first time in 14 years the team did not qualify for the NCAA meet, however, three gymnasts - Burrell, Linne, and Moses Dungca A represented ASU indi- vidually. Cl -Sill-Lin Stncrii Clivn Bob Castle Newcomer Ramiy Scott rounds out his routine on the parallel bars. As CI freshman, Scott established himself as ti miitentler on both the high and parallel lnirs. Bali Castle A running start is all Irrrhw Burrell needs to begin his floor exercise, which qualified him for All-America honors. Burrell, Paul linne and Mike Zerrillo represented ASU at the l987 NCAA Championships. Sophomore Paul Linm' earned the first-ever perfect score of 10.0 on the high bar at the Southwest Cup meet. This performance was more special due to the fact that it took place be- fore his home crowd at ASU. .. Y -nl Bria1iO'M.il1tmei Mens Gvmnastics 149 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics .tww-,, , 'lf 45 n lthough the ASU n's gymnastics team be- n t e 1986-87 season with disappointing loss to six- ne defending national ampion, Utah, the Sun rvils overcame numerous uries and qualified for the SAA championship meet. Opening the season ranked ih in the nation, the Devils ere disappointed by more in just the loss at Utah. Go- g into the meet, All- nerican Michele Hanig- arg was red-shirted for the :son due to an interverte- il disc problem, freshman d former national team rmber Heather Carter also cl to miss the meet. During 2 meet, sophomore Karli ban injured her knee on r second vault and missed 2 remainder of the meet. iwever, one good outcome ulted: Senior All-America ari Mann was named Pac- gymnast of the week for icing second in the all- iund competition. .Jrban's absence was felt ten the Devils lost to Okla- ma despite Suzy Baldock's :ond place in the all- fund. Nith the return of Karli Ur- 1 and other injured gym- sts, the Devils out- performed Oklahoma and Nebraska to win the Heart- land Invitational. Baldock im- proved her record with an- other second place in the all- around. The meet provided the competition the inexperi- enced team needed. After defeating California, the Devils finished second at the UCLA Invitational in which freshman Heather Car- ter placed first on the balance beam, boosting their record to 7-4. Urban placed first on the balance beam helping ASU to second place in the Southwest Cup. The Devils finished the regular season with a record of 11-7 after defeating the Utah Utes during the seasonal rematch. Going into the Pac-10 championships Baldock led the conference on the uneven bars with her personal best of 9.75 and was tied for fifth best all-around score. Outstanding performances by freshman Kim Zulea, Baldock and Mann led the Devils to an upset victory over No.1 Utah and No.2 Oklahoma at the midwest re- gional, capturing a spot at the NCAA championship. lj -Sui-Lili Stacey Clzrii ndividual Performances Make Team Stand Out ASU women gymnasts turn in top-notch standings to qualify Devils for NCAA Championships. STATE . . The thrill of victory! Marika Li'Sii'ur shares the excitement with teammate S1li1l'iA!lH7IH when ASU's NCAA Mid- west Regional Championship victory is announced. The lady Devils de- feated Utah to cap off a strong sea- SOD. Brian O'Mahoney Womens Gymnastics 151 Spodsored by Iiitercollegiatc Athletics SU IVIatmen Pin Dovvn No. 5 National Ranking Sun Devil Wrestlers Qualify for NCAA tournament' turn in top stand! ' 152 Men's Wrestling Sjmrisnrcd by Intercollegiate Athletics 4 7 ven with the loss of two All-Americans, three Pac-10 conference cham ions and four starters overall, the ASU wrestlers still posted their highest national ranking ever in the top 10 at the beginning of the 1986-87 season. There were a cou le of rea- sons for this, including a trio of All-Americans made up of sophomore john Ginther at 177 pounds, junior Mike Da- vies at 190, and junior Rod Severn at heavyweight. Ginther was the Sun Devils' first-ever freshman All- American. Although a number of wrestlers were freshmen or redshirted for the 1985-86 season, that did not slow the Devils down or dampen the optimism of 13-year head coach Bobby Douglas. The Devils started off strong by winning their first four matches before being de- feated by the national cham- pions, Iowa State and fourth place Oklahoma State. They were both good and im or- tant matches for the Devils. "This was the tou hest schedule ASU has ever Trad," Douglas said. "There's no doubt about this. We'l1 be meeting the top four teams in the country." During the mid-season the Devils hit a slump, partially caused by the loss of Ginther to injury for two months, but peaked again about two weeks before the NCAAS by winning their fourth consec- utive Pac-10 team title along with numerous individual ti- tles, including Mike Davies Pac-10 wrestler of the y and Bobby Douglas as Pac- coach of the ear. The Sun Devils qualif nine wrestlers for the NC championships in Colle Park, Md. Freshman Zeke jones, ji ior Chip Park Q126J, jun Glenn McMinn 11345, fre: man Dan St. john Q14 freshman Tommy Ortiz C15 senior Wayne Sharpe Q15 sophomore Ginther Q17 Davies 11903 ana Seve QHWTQ all participated at ' NCAA championships wht the Sun Devils placed S overall, shattering early s. son hopes for a top three f ish. "I was really disappoint and I'm by no means satisf' with our erformance Douglas said? "Circumstanr did not let us reach our tential this year. This ig great team. Even when ost we didn't give up the b tle." Davies laced third 1 ASU, with Eevern at sixth a Ginther at eighth. All wi named All-Americans 1 gacing in the top eighth. Bc avies and Severn we ranked in the top five nati ally throughout most ofl season. "I think our best years z ahead of us," Douglas sa "My goal was to be No. That hasn't changed." U -Leslie Anderson " lu- M Zitwj lzgyw A ,, ,V,V 1 A A, A ,WZ, W Z.. . ,, ., 7, , , , df, , r J -fm' X . 1-3 ,YEA W , ,fi V ,si-sfrqwgw-: T M , Ns-, , iff' , W ' -gr n f Brian O'Mahone V Consistent hard work, head coach Buliliy Duzzglas is in his 13th year as head coach at ASU. Douglas and his teams have won nearly 75 percent of their matches. Brian Brian O Mahonei Using all strength for his last year, senior Wayne Sharp, at 158 pounds, placed third at the Pac-10 Champi- onship. Sharp contributed to a best of nine wrestlers in the NCAA Tour- nament. After being redshirted, junior Mike Davies was ready to wrestle for a chance at a national title. Davies fin- ished third and finished the season with an impressive 40-7-l record. Another Win! Redshirted as a fresh- man, Zeke juries battled jerry Garcia for the No. l spot at 118 pounds. Conquering, he earned the Pac-10 Champion slot with a 29-6-2 overall record. Layout by Frank Garcia Mens Wrestling 1 53 Spuizsiireii by Iizh'rt'nIIeg1'ate Atlilt tn - . Ae' '- -flag . , wsistaee. s t :S if.. . .w--ru-r i g 4 - 5 - 3 f .1 its reef t iff - , .. . Sas wages- -iw'-1 , gs-ri ' .' gr gi . 105 . mg' 5 f gt- 3,3 '. .' r5'7, ' gl"aftv,f?? I :- sa341,,-, - ' 5 , fi . - ', 4 it - ., -asf ? x- - -' fl fr .Q " " ff:, f I A f. 4 4 -' - ' f . . . tr Q- f-at cgi 1 . it -' 1 ' ' 'ii 952' jk' -- -"ff-'iff , 1 '- ,.,,,z'."fgqs,.e, ,, , -J' 1,-t 9 ' - versa . . -4,5 x . -1- val- V r-' 1.4.- .ass .- im- gf c a E. .gfn L, 'i--J 1 we-Q, -may t Q si, we xa ri 'eff I 'r ' ' :"'-if'f'- . X -. ' - ., I..i.ri'. -5.5-Haitian-'Y H354-ffiagi 911159 '-iwqlwy.: ' fit ,, 'gf zz .Uv gifgi' 'Z iiigbirizr .-1 .v if - ' - -' r- --sewer -are . my , . Pi- f-1 'ta-2 aa. X -.a,r:f-Q...-1 .,. rv 5 .bm L 111 1' f. .-1. - ka?-:3af.Qt4 f t W me .,... qgrf,-1 ' Q'fi?'i'59--1: . 4. ... . 14 A As a third place finisher at the 1986 Pac-10 Championship in the 400 IM, senior Brett Rose, works to recapture all-America honors in that event. With a gasp of air and much de- termination, sophomore Todd Merrill practices his breast stroke. Merrill placed 10th at the National College Association and third in the Pac-10. asa- . 'NYM . 5 0,9 I as are V J' .t idk . ifk' K -- ip .. it . 9. 'Q ,. 'V' Qs' 4. . npr ,- - I 'ff . f' . " W K . t K, W .T tn. 'v,4,,f -' 4 f 9 if, ,.f4:',j-fy i il., K rf Brian O'Mahon iving into Superstar Season individual and team efforts bring championships to the ASU swimming and diving team. 154 Men s Swimming and Diving Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics he men's swimming and iving team had a successful eason with several outstand- ing individual and team per- formances, according to 12- year head coach Ron johnson. Spring semester began a se- ries of victories for the ASU team. Early season wins against New Mexico Univer- sity, Southern Methodist Uni- versity and Air Force along with an impressive Sun Devil victory over Texas paved the way for a Sun Devil finale. The team went on to finish the season 7-3 in dual meet action, third in the Pac 10 conference meet and 10th in NCAA championship action. Ieff Whitham was named . umnwn sn' A TIIIFM43 I Nf fl ' Athlete of the Year at ASU fo his performances in the wate and was an Academic All American with a 4.0 GPA Whitham held the team re cord for the 100 backstroki and was an NCAA finalist. Peter Boden earned toy breast stroke honors for ASU Boden was a member of thi U.S. World Championshig team and a runner up in the U.S. Open. Four-time All-American 11984-871 and 1984 Grea Britain Olympic team swim mer, Andy Iameson set ar ASU career best mark in the 200 butterfly in 1987 with a 1:45.40 performance. lj -Carolyn Pye e word "butterfly" means more n just an insect to Andy jameson , 0 ranked No, l on the ASU team the 100-Butterfly. The former gland National Swim Team mem- and USA Olympian was a finalist both the 100-yard and 200-yard terfly at the 1986 NCAA meet. Academic All-Star Terri Baxter ex- ecutes an excellent season which in- cludes breaking ASU swimming and diving team records. Baxter qualified for the NCAA finals in both the 100- meter and 200-meter breaststoke . At the NCAA meet, she broke the ASU team record for the 100-meter breast- stroke with a time of l:03.4. - . eeeeeft -1-,fee W 1,:t .. . A i ' 1 S A ,,t- ,. A ' gg g tie e S 6 A W . - Q ar 591' up as . vf., . ,.. f we ' L----1 USA Swimming Olympian and Na- vtional Champion breaststroker Peter Shamway Lo Baden works hard for his title. Brian O'Mahoney Bob Castle Showing off his winning style, Layout by Sui-Lin Stacey Chen Men's Swimming and Diving 155 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics ave", UWA in fig, Power and speed take Carolyn Mills to the finish as she leaves her op- ponents behind. Mills' strong free- style stroke placed her in the top 10 list for both the 50 and 100 freestyle. F ' LLVV . ai any Q 1 Qu Q'Qa4u 1 ' Y.,f"w e ' K "fj'f9!!' mr' f' f,' 'G' I! at ' f - ,, agus W K ,rr f , N ' N I Q ,I , 1 ' L , ' A ' Wei 1 + I f ' ,hmi ,, ,Q L V Ay G ,gr a fy' V I - fig . l F ff sl"A . - . ,, ,p ' 1, j .-A - ..-, ,fl W., x " '!t,,if., r fiffu' 3 - "fig -.r-cr N , ' -A f-', .- -' -W' -- , ' " . 'W 6, , ,, ,, SLT, U.-:'?:' , Tw M I , f"'ff' " ,.:M.1a1 6 -, we - f W' V .fl Q- f rw! 'ft 'ef' wig I..1g4'3gf?51f" '. ze -, V f f' " A"'j5'gfi3W.?" 'N ' .Alvin , Q ' ' i fl,jf1fif-wg , . , . - ff 1 A N A Bob Castle Brian - f w 1 1 0 ,t tg 0 r 0 , . K Y Tiff 4' All - ' 1 ' - :sag fir-Fi Sssgiiwifief'-S?" e t - I te Q 1 - , ., 5. 'ff f?'e15we ,yi fit .V ' A ji, .ani '1'Ql'lF ?3'i' 1' J: , ,1 3 1 if 0 vi Tl I, ,ei I 'L i .JH ,sg S: r v .ar 1 . . 5 9 'Q' XM A M . ' wi JF' S ss' ' l 'E TN Nw V ws. Q if K, s 1 sl.z lv V lag' 'M "WN 'swf wife 5,1 . 156 Women's Swimming and Diving Sponsored by Intercollrgilzte Athletics 'z-R -V . Lgiijfzv-Q'ie-5 ef VX nails.. ,, 4- Q -. v -" Qs. S i M.. .twain fi ..,?w"" wav? W 1 i i 1 Bnan O'Mal Concentrating on pulling he into a third All-American title a berth at the 1988 Olympic final senior Terri Baxter. At the N meet Baxter broke the ASU tea cord for the 100 breaststroke wil time of 1:03,4. SU's women's Swim- g and diving team began . eason with an impressive 1 against USC and contin- l to defeat many other npetitive teams, including lthern Methodist Universi- University of NevadafLas gas and Arizona. The ASU m was one of only two ms to defeat the Wildcats. 'eamwork and comarader- were big factors to the m's success, as were the in- idual talents that com- ed to make a winning rn. Seven women earned All- ierican status for 1987: ssy Arlington, Carolyn ls, Stephanie Lister, Beda rvaag, Terri Baxter, Chris- 1 Erlen and Tracy Cox. 'he women's team secured rth place in the Pac 10 at . t,t,t t,t,t, ,ttt C . t.Z, NN the championships held in Los Angeles. Lady Devils then went on to the NCAA meet in March where they placed seventh. Several team members set new ASU records at the NCAA meet. Senior Stepha- nie Lister broke ASU's record in the 100 backstroke. Senior Beda Leirvaag also set a new ASU record with a time of 2:03.18 in the 200 individual relay. Our four seniors fBaxter, Leirvaag, Lister and Coxj were the biggest key to our success," swimming coach Tim Hill said. He added that all the team members were big contributors to a success- ful season.U - Carolyn Pye is Z r ,Q .wif K .J -- ,. if ' -- . .r ,g 7. .-c K ,af ,,,- V- ' Se - Brian O'Mahoney e eniors' Talent at NCAA's Lead to Records Tracy Cox receives All-American with Seniors breaking records at NCAA meet. rv95 1 41" P Backstroking her way into a top fin- ish is senior and two-time All- American Beda Leirvaag. Leirvaag set the ASU career marks in 1987 for the 200 individual medley f2:03.18J and 400 individual medley Q4:17.21j. Brian O'Mahoney Sophomore Missy Arlington, in her first season at ASU, earned All- American status in 1987 in the 800 free relay. Arlington holds the ASU career best marks in the 100 and 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly. Women's Swimming and Diving 157 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletzcs i , fidfeif , -.iltiaxfjaf 4 le'-'1',"j'A..1 mi, W 3315, ga 4 -fe t,. 4 . 4 if-f v's,1z.,t fi-Mi, .1165-1 -f -651:-'iq if 'V -i v, g5?, tim: ,,.,,ga.:z.5-..Las5g,a 15585: 5,s'gq,3:5ig3im,, f.g.g,..., ' ' sf itil?-SP''i1fis7?7E'l'.,'3'i C-'Li?lEh":,1 11.1-Q-ftiaeiafff " ' Q' Q1amiaef1faaaa.::?3f,fgSf- f -A vwlggg 1, . jj5'!,w , aftasz ta . gigpfssiiif ga -'Pg 15.5 135'-2323 2:1535 Eifiifyf , . rarer,-7, ' f .a-are ff: .-may -tHr, ps., c f-'Q -fn, ,-217.1 fears . ff. 1 ,- weea szz-f i 'L "? v.',fJv'L3f2: L?Lf .. rXL':." i?:!-T2 f-at -av. xc' e ' ' 'ifir -,,wfrI:f-Wa".3.- -1 ag'-a f"o.-Ixus .i . f.:-ef' f-.5Q:f1::f'.Ea eg: .ve -. f, -M97 M ae-1 ...Y-,ate ' tg,-f,Q,,'.e.ws1a'1fit?af aiwiiiai ' 1 YQ Y 'glgff2i:fe.1vLR293t5' t ip this Qeiitllrf' ,. ffiisH.t:f,:e5ii+ 'iistwaraisQ.wa.?f1s 'wwf anim,,v3??tg4a,5Qiatu,:i1aaige. a:,lTei-St . 1 Y f. i.uf,f ,I , vw- 4:4 p:,.w,fQ'f ,1,t1f,,, sig 1' :M tf.5U7aYf,:af,1a1Yu'f"tf 3 ii-IW , , . , get , , , ifwu-256' Kf ezaitrefftlfflii. 1 1' 1 :jx as iff lyk? a.7,d,gg:e,ZM5,2gi tm- ffa .. 1 W, -Qwt ft ' 4. W ,f',,zi'te.-i"1' we . f,. 1 --megs?-f,f,f 4..:-tgI:a4w,sf2mas: -' fum ' t A . rwff": G ,wie':"'1"::s afs -2vw":Z'fs:':,a 2 grifpf 12.21-riff21:'f.aii2f:-.JM ' 1 ,wfi-Y -fiffff ,wifi 'iff' 1 .,. - z- 12, M 4.2 X ffimi fi-K 8:51-V' 211535 1' 22,5 Qg.. :ggfgeg51wa3,:g?...jJ51: Y .M Hs., ,. ., . -ati: f. ,L ,ers-..'4. --'ff . J 1 V eg by i' lfgc- 23:4 'I '- ., .. ,v M4--, fm .. ,.-za-.,'.--151'-i. ' - 1 W 1-W .ip r--,av:v.,x. s,w,k2,--fvifefafc 1.-f .f-fn E .-gU:Z"f',a1t1 -I '-23: PQ 511' '.1tt,'4:-131. "tw fligifqg " ?3'1lf?ii1'T' lisuffvejy 33225151199 gif' i93f.fe.f.'f'w 81:55 , :dvfrif-1 X i'12J7T5'i tg:.a3ixQa. ffligtakgpfv 5- P,, ,, x 1 '..-Lafaiiaaiiziz5:5,f'e.laeafwafv 1 it ifiq 1- .,i-.M -1, ... ww... I-R K v -1 212:21-1.1' ' 1. -MM P533 , i,,,,.,ci wi, 1, , s,,,m?g...,?.,gg 33,51 332, . 11. , - is . - v,.,i..r iw H gggeiiali --'11 ,semi 2111111 ta. nys, 1 tTf.we7l'?f 'F 'KW ,H if S.:'t12'v'f,'f1Tf,1'-fig? 'es 2+-1l2H?i5S-N? . in Mg A V . s 'ease .aw new faagrt' 33 K ,ss iw , ,. .X .. . . ?tL-4.11 U-N .,.. 7.-V .,,. .A ijfff JI 'ff ' .4 -ya, '. ggaffg grit A ' twig.-'f .ea2fa.a,iZ-I Q- iiq- 'ful m. ,Nj ff"4i1j. W .. . 17ifXZ.ffvEL. ..ff,',it"'qf,aJj ,:'..,-gi.Q1- -1 f"1'1iEit-iflpfif if 375 .f"5.'l" , '1 ITS " " 'N Jiffif 1 1 ,1 i ' -':.-,ti .,f-vga: ifff,1T11ff-'fsfcqfgfftgfiig Q., fa . .U V. ggi,--feezgi-fa -y . J :gg-A-fvssf. 1 an TZ? ,fiieflftflifsgstlf ' eeognition Sought By Badminton Team Years of national titles make Fishers team worth watching. 158 Badminton Sporlsnred by Iritvrcnllvgiufz' Athletics adminton was a big sport, according to freshman Liz Aronsohn, But Liz was from Sweden where badminton was one of the more popular sports. "So many more people play it in Sweden," Aronsohn said. "A lot of people play throughout their lives. It is a big sport." Head coach Carol Fisher wanted to see badminton get more attention from the American public at large. "We've won national cham- pionships year after year and no one knows," she said. Assistant coach and former doubles champion Nina Lolk, originally from Cop- penhagen, Denmark, agreed with her ex-coach and team member. Lolk began playing badminton 15 years ago. "I get frustrated that people at ASU don't know about badminton," she said. "Most people don't realize that it is a serious sport, not just played at picnics." In the U.S. badminton was classified as a Class A spol will become an Olympic sl in 1992. "There should be m coverage with the adclitiol the Olympics, and that hopefully pick up intere Lolk said. ASU had one of the stro est badminton programs the U.S. with national chi pionships in 1981, 19 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 Fisher produced 24 1 Americans in only th years. These included T Carmichael, Ben Lee, Mary F1 Aronsohn, Hughes, and three-time tional single titlist Chris jo Fisher knew the Uni States was still behind the: of the world in badmintor closing the gap. "People dd understand that we workl ally hard, in conditioning 2 weight-lifting," she said. ' just as tough as any ot sport." D -Leslie Anderson Lunging for the lob, three time All- American Ben Lee saves a crucial shot. Lee was a member of the 19S7fft?hampion .iynen's doubles team at the collegiate na- tionals and runner up in men's singles. Layout by Deborah D. Cook, photo by Brian O'Mahoney. ' 'et. , I 5 3 . ' -'-' wi . fl 'x, - . 1 ...:wl:tgug,,gQ11 '..- fiffw' 16... 53 E' 25. if ,, ...At .... . -. . 11' , fzilf , to .513 -q L' 'LW M it l ff .e i . ..M ...,. H 1 'E W' '43 ' WT' - 4 ' M. HIM.. , Y ,K 160 Team Photos Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics BASEBALL ASU vs. OPP. 2 Cal. Poly Pomona 0 2 Cal. State LA 1 1 Loyola Marymount 2 1 Cal. Riverside 1 1 Texas 2 2 Southern Cal. 4 0 Cal. Northridge 1 4 UCLA 4 2 Hawaii 1 2 Azusa Pacific 0 6 Arizona 0 1 Nebraska 1 0 Stanford 3 2 Grand Canyon 0 3 New Mexico 0 1 California 2 1 UNLV 1 1 Southwest Ms. 0 1 Pepperdine 0 0 Oklahoma St. 1 0 Florida St. 1 l Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information MEN'S BASEBALL. Front Row: Linty Ingram, Tim Esmay, joe Thomas, Mike Burrola, Bob Dombrowski, Mike Benjamin, Brian Dodd, john Finn. Second Row: Dan Rumsey, Bill Schorr, David Cassidy, Eric Patterson, Scott Hutson, Dwight Thomas, Steve Mariucci, Tony Harris, Freddie Combs, Third Row: Hitting Instructor jeff Pentland, junior Varsity Co+Coach Kendall Carter, Tony Mattia, Blas Minor, Tim Spehr, Mike Schwabe, jason Bridges, Ted Dyson, Martin Peralta, Cordy Farmer, Sports Medicine Terry Cummings. Not Pictured: Head Coach jim Brock, Karl Emiisch, Matt Shiflett, Lloyd Ransom. WOMEN'S SOFTBALL ASU vs. OPP. 6 Arizona O 0 UCLA 2 2 Oregon St. 0 2 Oregon 0 0 Califomia 2 2 New Mexico St. 1 0 Cal Poly-Pomona 2 2 Minnesota 0 2 South Florida 1 3 Pacific 0 1 New Mexico 0 0 Nebraska I 1 Oklahoma St. 0 1 Santa Clara 0 1 San jose St. 0 1 Utah 0 0 Adelphi 1 0 Texas 6zM 1 1 Oklahoma 0 1 Oklahoma City 0 1 Kansas O l Penn St. 0 l SW Louisiana 0 1 South California 0 1 Stetson 0 1 Winthrop 0 I Virginia 0 1 Western Illinois 0 1 Maine 0 1 Eastern Michigan 0 1 Temple 0 I San Francisco 0 1 Texas-Arlington 0 1 Nevada-Reno 0 1 CS Fullerton 0 1 US Santa Barbara 0 ARCHERY PLACE TOURNAMENT lst Atlantic City Classic lst Intermountain Intercollegiate lst US Intercollegiate Championships Yr t.. 'F Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information WOMEN'S SOFTBALL. Front Row: Part time Assistant Coach Andrea Sinohui-Wikarski, Linda Neely, Dina Buccola, Stephanie May, Sheila Winchell, Yvette Baltazar, Karen Fifield, Michele Gravatt. Buck Row: jodi Rathbun, Kathy Escarcega, joelle Wilkerson, Becky Stevens, Donna Stewart, jodi Miller, Lisa Mahl, Cheryl Persinger, Head Coach Mary Littlewood, -, .. ... .. -LW ,, V W., ,e-, My 'QL ,,, , 1' 2E'E?E.f: " A711 fi, 115' T-, '57,,..,,fu Q, '..,E,,,"'?': "'f"Tf.' 'f gffifi dig ei J 1 ' Q. ' 3, t .'t - if . fi' A ' ..,. is . , W , ,S ' j Q -, 1, ' ,. .. f A f . I V , I, , - S' X- I' lj 5 'i - is Ymifil ll M 5 T ' L 5' - 3- I - , 1 ,,. arte. ,t S . 5, f- e- I ,Q " Q . , f it , I I 2 . I it i - 'mf - , tip L, I 4. W t -'7rtW"t2fi .sft ' Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information ARCHERY Front Row: Peter Ellenoff, Mickey Dye, Erin Leach, Becky Ligget, Michael Bergenneier. Second Row: Bret Hamilton, Dan Donley, Cope Bailey, Shane Curtis, Kristin Schwartzkopf, Head Coach Sheri Rhodes. Buck Row: Don Crain, Thomas Richard, Brian Bagley, Mark McKinney, john Meloling. . Conley PhotographyfASU Sports lnfomtation WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL. Front Row: Dawn Medinger, Regina Stahl, Sondra Larson, Noelle Fredrich, Debbie Lynch, jenny Halack, Mindy Iowell. Second Raw: Christy Nore, Merry Ellen Boom, Tracie Kisro, Sue Nord, Tracey Barberie, Kelly Plaisted, Tina Berg. Third Row: Assistant coach Sue Woodstra, Head coach Debbie Brown, Trainer Ioanne Dunnock, Assistant coach Steve Schlick. WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL ASU vs. OPP. 3 Grand Canyon 0 3 Oregon St. 0 1 Oregon 3 2 Arizona 3 3 Northem Arizona 0 0 UCLA 3 0 Southem Cal. 3 3 Washington St. 0 3 Washington 2 3 Grand Canyon 1 0 Stanford 3 0 Califomia 3 1 Northern Arizona 3 3 Southern Cal. 0 3 UCLA 1 3 Washingtom St. 0 2 Washington 3 3 Califomia 0 0 Stanford 3 0 Oregon 3 3 Oregon St. 0 Conley PhotographyfASU Sports Information MEN'S BASKETBALL Front Row: Uvonte Reed, Emory Lewis, Mark Becker, Tarre lsiah, Mark Carlino, Alex Austin. Second Row: Assistant Coach Rob Chavez, Graduate Assistant Coach Dave Kleckner, Head Coach Steve Patterson, Bobby Thompson, Steve Beck, Shaughn Ryan, Mark Mclntyre, Mike Redhair, Tyrone Mitchell, Arthur Thomas, Part-Time Assistant Coach Herb Livsey, Assistant Coach Keith Hughes, Head Manager Neil MacDonald, Conley PhotographyfASU Sports lnfomiation WOMEN'S BASKETBALL. Front Row: Manager Vikki Lee, Sherry Poole, Fran Ciak, Kim Hackbarth, Penny Williams, Libby Ripp, Rhonda Woolery, Robin Connolly, Manager Kim Robinson. Second Row: PartaTime Asistant Coach Peggy Hall, Head Coach luliene Simpson, Patti Peppler, Stephanie King, Lisa jones, Stephanie Osburn, Mona Lomeli, Carolyn DeHoff, Rosalind Moore, Assitant Coach Linda Raunig, Volunteer Coach Carmen DeKoster, Graduate Assistant Trainer Marie Finnamore. 1 MEN'S BASKETBALL ASU vs. OPP. 97 Hawaii 72 66 Houston 83 85 Brigham Young 91 78 Texas Christian 96 67 San lose St. 66 76 Northem Arizona 54 63 Mississippi 76 106 Manhattan 66 69 Oregon 77 75 Oregon St. 81 51 UCLA 61 62 Southem Cal. 66 72 Washington 81 80 Washington St. 64 65 Stanford 69 61 Califomia 53 67 Arizona 82 54 Arizona 66 71 Oregon St. 86 62 Oregon 70 69 Southem Cal. 62 67 UCLA 64 71 Washington 70 66 Washington St. 62 65 Califomia 71 92 Stanford 97 76 Washington St, 60 83 UCLA 99 1 - - I l I WOMEN 'S BASKETBALL ASU vs. OPP. ' 99 ORU 62 79 Utah 60 ' 69 Long Beach 196 Layout by Andrew F. Fischer B3 Tulane 68 75 New Mexico St. 93 104 Denver 44 72 Texas Tech 68 70 Oregon 84 72 Oregon St, 90 78 UCLA 85 62 Southem Cal. 87 95 Washington St. 83 78 Washington 64 77 Stanford 92 86 Califomia 80 97 Northem Arizona 80 55 Arizona 72 58 Oregon St. 75 82 Oregon 83 66 Southem Cal. 93 78 UCLA 88 65 Washington 85 62 Washington St, 75 77 Califomia 95 81 Stanford 71 67 Arizona 77 Team Photos 161 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Taking the lead off first base, soph- omore Iohn Finn keeps his eye on the pitcher, ready to retum to base. Finn was second on the club with 22 steals out of 25 attempts and was named the most valuable player. -- swam: ,f . WV 'W 1 162 Baseball Senior Mike Berijanzin earned all- tournament shortstop honors as well as most valuable player hon- ors for his performance in the West ll Regional Tournament. He hit a home run in each of ASU's four victories, including the game-winner in the eighth inning against Pepperdine. Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Brian 1 Adina-X Head coach lim Brock , at the helm for 16 years, has led ASU to 14 ap- pearances in the College World Se- ries. Brock stresses the importance of baseball intensity and believes "if we aren't playing with a great deal of intensity, we aren't playing a very good baseball team." Brian Fans wave their brooms at the li game of the Califomia-Berkeley ries hoping for an ASU sweep. 'll Devils did just that by winning game by a score of 10-7 espite a number of nor injuries, the Sun Devils lshed the 1987 spring base- l season with their 14th Jearance in the College mrld Series, where they re ousted by rival Oklaho- State 8-3 and Florida te, 3-0 in the elimation nd. Jnder 16th-year head ,ch jim Brock, the Sun Dev- earned the CWS berth by eating Southwest Missouri te 9-5, UCLA 9-3, 3rd- ked Pepperdine 4-2 and TLA 14-4 in a 4-0 winning eep of the West II Regional irnament in Tempe. This s ASU's first post-season Jearance since 1984. The Sun Devils were car- i into the West ll Regional irnament on a high wave intensity after three dra- tic extra-inning wins over tured senior Tony Mattia's 20th home run of the season, a second-place tie with UCLA in the Six-Pac Conference and the largest home crowd since 1984 with 7,745 fans attend- ing. Arizona State finished the season with a win-loss record of 40-25 overall and 16-14 in the Pac-10 Southern Division. During the last of two eight- game winning streaks, en- compassing the West ll Re- gional win, no opponent had scored more than five runs against the solid ASU pitch- ing staff in one game. The Sun Devils were "small in stature, but big in heart," according to Coach Brock. "They don't know the pride they've given me." E m In Stature all Big In H eart Sun Devils cap successful season degnainipatffniegjxgg- ..+.- with 14th appearance islseason-ending series fea- -jim 5 Sim O'Mahonev Baseball 163 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics . 164 Baseball Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics In fi Delivering to the plate, junior Mike Schwabe works toward a complete game win over Califomia-Riverside. Besides tallying one in the win col- umn, Schwabe added five strike outs and one base on balls. As the lone hurler on the staff not to throw a wild pitch, he shared the most valuable pitcher honors. Brian o'l Firing the ball, second baseman Esmuy works for an out in a ga against California-Berkeley. Esrr fielded 950 and took part in a tea: high 52 double plays. This senior v named to the All-West II Regio Team after an outstanding show in four games. igi w of M, tttt N fm ,Aff t t he A of ro... A -:xm -4-, -A f - I , 1 Brian OfMah0ney 1 Brian O'Mahoney i , 1 Y A 4 N N, Ad., ,af , :fn 1 . ' J was ,... A , . y fgg K. X 53? avian t, , Senior designated- hitter Tony Mattiu came through in the clutch by hitting a game-winning grand slam home run with two out in the bot- K tom of the ninth against A Stanford. ? . Baseball 165 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Iodi Rathbun 1191 takes the lead off base for an advance of the Lady Devil attack. ASU captured the opening contest of the At-Large Regional, beating U of A 5'3 as Rathbun drove in two runs. Ng Brian O'Mahoney That winning pitch won sopho- more Donna Stewart her 12th game of the season in the Houston Classic. Stewart won eight of 12 decisions in addition to eaming four saves. Enjoying a break from the action, outfielder, Yvette Baltazar watches the Devils at bat from the dugout. The ASU squad captured top rank- ings in Pac-10 tournament action. 166 Softball Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics With a look of satisfac- tion Kathy Escafega watches a teammate at bat as she stands on deck. The Sun Devil cen- terfielder was the second leading batter with a bat- ting average of .385, in- cluding 5 hits and 28 mns batted in. Brian Brian O'Maho E L was much easier to recruit the tter softball players 17 years o, according to ASU softball ach Mary Littlewood. Since most major universities quired softball teams, the com- tition for players, both on and ' the field, got tougher. How- er, that did not stop the Sun fvils. ln the spring season of 1987, th two All-Americans and five urning senior starters, the Sun vils posted a 41-15 win-loss 'ord and an NCAA regional irnament win that secured a rth to the NCAA national tour- ment in Omaha, Neb. The Sun vils were ranked in the top 10 ing! into the tournament in na a. "The regional win consisted of two-out-of-three game win er the UofA Wildcats, who re ranked above the Sun Dev- going into the regional tour- nent," Littlewoo said "We yed the UofA six times and in in all contests." The Sun Devils qualified for ' regionals every year since U joined NCAA competition Jut five years ago. 'lt was crucial that we sta ed me for the conference dougle- ader against UofA," Lit- ivood said. "We had to come m behind in the second game, but had we lost, we would have had to fo to Tucson, putting us at a real disadvanta ef The Sun Devilzs lost the first round to UCLA 1-0 in extra- innings at the NCAA national tournament in Omaha. They lat- er fell to Fresno State, 3-0 in the second round of double- elimination. UCLA was runner- up to Texas A8rM. The offense was the strength of the team and one of the strongest offensive teams Lit- tlewood coached. Senior Iodi Rathbun was second team All- American at first base and had a batting percentage of .573, set- ting a team record. Senior Kathi Escarcega was named to the first team All-American and All-Pac West conference choice in 1986. She went on to play on the gold medal USA team at the 1987 Pan-American games. She was all-conference in each of her sea- sons at ASU and had a career batting average above .300. The Pac-10 was strong in soft- ball with such powerhouses as California at Berkley, UCLA, UofA, and California, all of which were ranked in the top 10. The Sun Devils came out with a 6-4 win-loss record in the Pac-10 conference. U - Leslie Anderson SU Pac 10's Underdog Slaughters U of A Wildcats Coach Littlewoods extra efforts in recruiting brought a winning season to the Sun Devil softball team. Brian O'Mahoney Brian O'Mahoney With a soft look of confidence for her team, coach Mary l.ittlt'zeood smiles in approval. Littlewood ex- pressed her excitement about hosting a regional and being matched up with the Arizona team. Preparing to make the tag, second baseman, Karen Fifield anticipates the throw from her teammate. For the season record ASU won its first six games before falling to Texas A8:M. Layout by Frank Garcia Softball 167 Sponsored by Iiiicrcollegiaii' Athletics X x - -"io Brian O'Mahoney Pulling the lead, freshman distance runner Kim Mathews was an all-state performer in track and cross country. Mathews was a contributer to ASU's success toward the NCAAS, the women's team season best of 45.20, two-tenths of a qualifying mark. With a perfect hand-off, freshman Clyde Duncan Ir. gets a head start in the relays. Duncan was one of 14 ASU athletes to compete for the year's conference championships. Layout by Frank Garcia 168 Men's and Women's Track Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics U track coach Clyde Dun- , was not easily discour- ed. Although the 1987 n's and women's track ms had unrealized expec- ons, they were running in right direction. 'he 1987 season had its h and low points. ASU's n opened the season with tories over Texas-El Paso, w Mexico, Colorado State, l Drake. Like the women's m, however, the men fell nrt to Nebraska in their first et. But the women did be- with impressive victories rr Drake, UTEP, and Col- do State. 'he men's team continued h ups and downs through- the season, as they de- ted Kansas, San Iose State 1 NAU, but lost to Cali- nia, Florida and UofA. As pected, the men's team was ninant in its sprints and rdles, but Arizona, with its ength in the distance ents, defeated ASU in Tuc- i. Taking the 4 X 100 relay, e vault, 400, 400 IH, 200, ple jump, 4 X 400 relay, and I meter high hurdle, ASU l fell short of the Wildcats by a score of 85-78, but de- feated NAU 97-64. The women's 1987 season brought track victories against Texas Tech, New Mexico and CS-Hayward. Losses to Cal- ifornia and Florida didn't af- fect the women's enthusiasm, as three school records were set last season. In the 100 meter high hur- dles, Lynda Tolbert broke the ASU record several times and set it at 13:13. Michelle Harp- er dropped the 1500 meter time to 4:19.18, and another women's victory came in the form of Gea Iohnson, who's 1987 Heptathalon was 5,115. The men's track team also set a new school record with Andrew Parker. Parker, who finished fourth at the NCAAs, set the 110 meter high hur- dles at 13.51. In the first year the wom- en's 8-4 season left Coach Duncan with something to be proud of. Duncan's goal of re- building the teams into a na- tional power appeared to be on the right track. E - Brad Hartman unning Keeps Team Right On Track Enthusiasm pulls track team through a shaky season I Brian O'Mahcney Clearing the bar, freshman Gea john- son performs a record holding jump on the high bar. Iohnson scored 5,350 in the two-day seven-event competition to qualify for the NCAA's Championships in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Men's and Women's Track 169 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Men's Tennis 170 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Aiming for the sweet spot, soph- omore Doug Sachs joined the Devils in the Spring of 1987, bringing with him second place in the NCAA Championships. Sachs was a two- time finalist in the National Amateur Tournament. Concentrating on the ball is senior and returning third year captain for the Devils, Andy Roediger, Roediger, who had the number one spot in the season for singles, was the semi- finalist at the National Amateur Championships and doubles semi- finalist at the National Amateur Hardcourt Championships. Layout by Andrew F, Fischer Brian Brian O' ae 1987 season was a turn- ound year for the ASU's en's tennis program as the in Devils achieved a rank- g as high as 14th. The Dev- finished the season with a win-loss record of 16-13 ith two tournament wins. iey defeated Wisconsin ate Q6-OJ, Fresno State Q5-11, V Kiyusuaba Q5-3D and Au- rrn C5-21 to win the Nevada- ls Vegas Tournament in 'bruary. Both sophomore 2n Kuperstein and Doug tchs posted big wins over gher ranked players to help e Sun Devils capture the ti- The second tournament tn was on home court at the hiteman Tennis Center as e Sun Devils played host to e Reebok Invitational. The evils defeated Michigan, Ar- ,nsas and Auburn for the ti- e. Individually the Sun Dev- , did well as Sachs was nked at 53, Kuperstein at 38 rd the doubles teams of uperstein and Andy pediger with Sachs and Ieff ood ranked among the champion's top 50. However, in conference play the Devils did not fare so well with a record of 0-9. "We have a tough confer- ence," Belken said. "We are going to have to take some losses." Conference competi- tion included USC, UCLA, Stanford and UofA. Accord- ing to Belken, one must con- sider the past 24 out of 27 national champions have come out of the Pac-10 con- ference. Although the Sun Devils were ranked in the top 20 the majority of the season, they did not secure a NCAA berth. However, Kuperstein, of Scottsdale, represented ASU at the NCAA championships. He recorded a 20-10 overall record at No. 1 singles po- sition during the 1987 season. He was the first Sun Devil to compete in the NCAA tennis championship since Gary Donnelly and Todd Nelson played in 1982. D - Leslie Anderson Returning a tricky volley, sophomore Ken Kuperstein uses his skill that seeded him ASU's No. l singles position. Kuper- stein had a season record of 19-9 and was ranked No. 32 nationally. Gam Improves With Turn-Around Season Trying year talleys impressive tournament wins Men's Tennis 171 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Concentration along with having a ton of talent helped freshman Lisa Haldas enjoy an outstanding fall sea- son as a prominent figure in the line up for the Grand Canyon and New Mexico State matches, Aiming for the sweet spot, All- American Carol Coparanis compiles an 18-9 record. While paired with Laura Glitz they went 15-5 and fin- ished second at the Pac-10 Invita- tional. Brian O'Mahoney Eye on the ball, sophomore Laura Glitz shows off the style that eamed her singles bids and a final of 11 wins out of 24 matches. These final scores paired her with senior Carol Coparanis to the Pac-10 Invitational. Back to the line for the hit, fresh- man jill Hamilton returns an oppo- nent's volley. Seeing limited action on the court, Hamilton collected 10 doubles victories and a pair of singles triumphs. Layout by Andrew F. Fischer 172 Women's Tennis Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics ix' 0 Q' ,W-X.g'.g? yNx .0 ,Q ,l 5 0' sl O f gf g ,Q ,O f 0 0 0 4 0 f ,920 af' o' 4' 4 f , ,A 0 Q o , 0 o 6 1' n' n f 't'.o".1"o"o'z4 V ' 4' a"v',-' 4' o 4 ,Q ,l..s.,s t,0..s. 6 fz10',l"0' 0' Q' C I e 4' v' a" 1' 0' 1 f z.O, ,D .5 'gs 58 I 0' Q' st' X' Q .9 .15 K x U 4s,:xtgX N xxx whe year 1987 was a definite hallenge for Coach Shelis Mclnerney. In her third year of coaching tennis at ASU, she came back onto the courts with five returning seniors to post a 15-12 win-loss record for the spring season. One of the major highlights of the year was the dramatic win over USC, five matches to four, that came down to the last double match. Another positive note was the win over the UofA Wildcats. "It always feels good to beat your rivals," Mclnerney said. The women's team finished fifth place in the Pac-10 with a re- cord of 3-7 in conference competition. Senior Carol Coparanis and sophomore Laura Giltz both earned singles bids and were paired in doubles play at the NCAA Championships. Dur- ing season play Coparanis compiled an 18-9 record, Shamway Lo while Glitz won 11 of her 24 matches leaving her with a record of 11-13. As a doubles team, they went 15-5 and fin- ished second at the Pac-10 In- vitational. Glitz and Coparanis rallied for the No. 1 spot most of the season fol- lowed by seniors Kristi Mc- Cormick, Beth Smigel, Ther- ese Arildsen, and Elise Richman. The Sun Devils were ranked among the top 20 throughout the entire season, rising as high as 13th before finishing at 18th. Mclnerney said the one goal she had for every season was to improve on the previous campaign. "We will keep the same at- titude we've had for three years and that is to get the most out of our ability, com- pete hard and have fun," elters Ace Challenging Season Mclnerney said. U Women 's tennis succeeds in face of fierce - Leslie Anderson -4-0..,.a,--N M ws, With a smile of satisfaction, senior Therese Arildsen shakes the hand of her defeated U.S. Intemational o - ponent. Arildsen won the six straight sets. For the season she posted a 1 -8 doubles record aired with senior Sheri Norris. Rilgsen remained un- defeated in singles matches of the season. 3 I A , , David Leeds Women's Tennis 173 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletzcs Wedging himself out of a tight spot, sophomore lim Strickland, the 1986 Pacific Northwest Golf Association men's cham- pion, hopes for a good roll onto the green. With great concentration in his eyes sen- ior Billy Mayfair, the 1986 US. Public Links Champion and two-time All- American, observes his tee shot. Mayfair was one of the nation's top amatuer play- ers. Q af' if 'W v fab ,yt 5 .A 1 Shamway Lo Though deep in sand, sophomore Bill Wood gets himself out of trouble with a good wedge shot. Wood, a transfer from Oklahoma State Uni- versity, was the first to win two Iowa high school state titles. Layout by Andrew F. Fischer ,, rf' if- ifffc :ZS- "" cv" Chu R Shamway Lo . .st .5 , 1 HQ, 1 1 a R R . 398511 "2 I 1 I ' , Q K 1 'Y , I glg ..., ,.,T11V,. W ,,. -'-1 ' fi? 1, Senior Billy Mayfair qualified for the British Amatuer, played in two 1987 PGA events lPhoenix Open, Colo- nial Invitationall and was named player of the year in the Pac-10 first team all-conference for his third successive season. He also won the Sun-Bowl's All-American Golf Clas- sic and has compiled nearly 20 top- 10 finishes. 174 Men's Golf Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Nr ,1- 4 a -in 'K . 1 fu- I Shamway '.,. Y . a..r 'r 9 1 41 I .. A . ' A' ea, . f , If l fm, 1 ' I V 1 l h J - Shamway l lrst year coach Steve Loy ce called golf the ultimate lividual sport. "As a golfer u reach individual peaks of :cess that you can't find ywhere else," Loy said. Senior Billy Mayfair was a rfect example of this indi- iual success. During the 87 spring campaign, May- ,r earned All-American nors for the third year in a N and compiled nearly 20 3-10 finishes. "It's nice to know that you ve someone like Billy who ll win every time," said nior co-captain Tom inkowski. Stankowski had lumber of top-10 finishes in 87. Iunior lim Strickland mded out the field of re- 'ning All-Americans with ir consecutive top finishes mg with three top-10 col- giate finishes. 'I think it's very feasible it we will win the National , L... " Tzzw... . 4 Championship and dominate the Pac-10." Loy said. The Sun Devils were ranked sec- ond in the Pac-10 and 16th in the NCAA. Greg Cesario also helped the Sun Devils finish second and among the top four in six consecutive tournaments. Cesario's skill and experience led him to eight collegiate top 10 placings. During the 1987 campaign the Sun Devils won the Southwestern Intercolle- giate and San Fransisco In- tercollegiate. In addition, they finished third at the Stanford Invitational. "I try to be the best in eve- rything I do, which is why I chose ASU and why they chose me," explains Loy. "I will not settle for anything else, and I believe this team can go a long way." - Leslie Anderson -t wt- xf. . Q. v ls- -f .K it .. wt 1 MMM'-1. wg t"""Ni-niivxat, ,cs ,W Shamway Lo olfers Reach Personal Peaks Individuals compile impressive A conference wins Advancing onto the green, senior Scott Ognrvk, who saw extensive playing time in 1986, watches his chip shot. His top performance in 1986 was a 24th place tie at the Butler National Invitational. Putting to finish up the round, jun- ior Tmn Stankowski sees the hole in sight. Stankowski, who won two tournaments in 1986, the Butler Na- tional lnvitational and San Francisco Intercollegiate, compiled six top-10 finishes in his first two years, Shamway Lo Men's Golf 175 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Brian O'Mahoney With a look of satisfaction, fresh- man Amy Fruhwirth executes a pleas- ing performance. Fruhwirth was one of only two freshmen competing in the NCAAS. She eamed a pair of top 10 finishes in eight outings, plus an 11th place at the Arizona Invitation- al. Layout by Pat Schweiss 176 Women's Golf Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics Consistency in her swing brought national recognition to senior Danielle Ammaccapane. Ammac- capane has claimed over 20 top 10 placings during her collegiate career. 3 5, 5 2 z Brian Eyeing the ball, freshman Dina maccapane lines up the shot. capane was one of two freshmen competed for the Sun Devils in NCAAS. Her highest finish in a third place at the Arizona tional. : ASU, women's golf was a iily affair. joining the ASU iks in the 1987 season was 'shman Dina Ammac- iane, younger sister of for- rr national champion nielle Ammaccapanep and ssy Farr, sister of LPGA Iyer Heather Farr. Both shmen held their own, 'ning top six positions the :ire season. "The freshmen fm to do fine and they seem iased to be there," seventh- ar head coach Linda Voll- dt said. vlissy Farr captured the :jan-Bruin Desert Classic in r first-ever Sun Devil ap- arance. Dina Ammac- Jane finished in a tie with mmate Pam Wright with a nulative average of 308 at 3 NCAA championships t spring. Senior Danie le nmaccapane finished sixth t year after leading the irnament by one stroke go- g into the third day. Danielle Ammaccapane d 10 collegiate victories en- ing the 1987 NCAA Cham- rnships, including the 1985 :AA individual crown. The iior from Phoenix led her im to a Pac-10 conference ampionship in the No. 1 ot and won the U.S. Public iks title in the summer of 85. She had in excess of 20 J 10 placings during her llege career. She was followed by team- who finished among the top 10 on the leader board in 70 percent of her sophomore ap- pearances. The cotland na- tive had eight top 10 finishes plus a win at the 1986 Pacific est Conference. She earned first-time all-conference allo- cades two years in a row. So homore Pearl Sinn rounged out the top three with six to 10 collegiate fin- ishes including third at the 1987 Nancy Lopez Invitation- al. She was followed by fresh- men Dina Ammaccapane, Missy Farr and Amy Fruhwirth. "This is the most depth that I have ever had here at Ar- izona State," Vollstedt said. The Sun Devils were ranked in the No. 1 spot most of the season with team tour- nament wins at the Nancy Lopez Invitational, the Tro- jan-Bruin Desert Classic, the Arizona Invitational, and the Pac-10 Conference Champi- onship. Arizona State placed among the top four in the past three NCAA champions ips and had a dozen consecutive top 15 finishes in the national cham ionships. In 1987, the Sun Devils finished 11th. Plus, the Sun Devils won con- ference honors three times in the past four years and had a total of nine conference crowns over the last dozen seasons. E winging Into Action With A Devilish Pride Individual wins and conference honors result in crowns for the ite sophomore Pam Wright -f 'S lun... 3 B ain O'Mahoney f Brian O'Mahoney Showing good form, sophomore Pearl Sinn swung her way into a half dozen top collegiate finishes in her career. Sinn recorded four top 10 fin- ishes including a third place tie at the Nancy Lopez Invitational during the season. Womens Golf Team 177 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics rcners Receive Recognition First place titles in tournaments make ASU archers dominate the Pac-70 conference. 178 Archery Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics A V .ihj t t,i - I Shamway Lo Keeping watch on her team, head coach Sherri Rhodes spots the action of her archers. Rhodes has tutored more than 70 All-Americas in her 11- year tenure as head coach. Rrght on target, senior business ma- jor Thomas Richard checks his score. Richard was a two-time U.S. Cham- pion and All-America in 1987. Layout by Andrea' Fischer n the past 11 years, ASU aimed 27 of 33 Intercolle- iate Archery, Team titles, making it the most dominant archery program in the coun- try. The 1987 archery season brought another opportunity for archers to break records, capture titles and claim vic- tories. This year's women's team consisted of Mickey Dye, Erin Leach, Becky Liggett and Kristen Schwatzkopf. A1- though their number was small, their ability certainly was not. Winning every match, Dye and Schwartzkop were All-Americans for the second year. The men's team was led by archers Mark McKinney, Iohn Meloling, and Thomas Rich- ard. The 1987 men's and women's teams finished first in the nation. They were joined by Cope Bailey, Rob Nicholson, james Swanson and Michael Bergenheier, who also earned All-America accolades. The Sun Devils host three tournaments in 19 beginning with U.S. Wo Team Trials, Ianuary 6- The other two affairs were ASAA Indoor Champic ships, February 12-22, 6 the ASAA Outdoor Interc legiate Championships April. Leading the archers to v tory were 11th-year coz Sheri Rodes and Assist Coach Rick Mckinney. E tutored more than 70 1 Americas at ASU, coached U.S. national team at the 1' World Championships, 2 she coached the U.S. tean the 1987 Pan Americ Games in Indianapolis, Inc The archery team, Rhd and McKinney brought Te pe national recognition. expected, ASU reigned C these three events as wel the rest of their season.D .lil--Q -Brad Hartman "isa-v-.Q' ha...- E, il a . ff r' 1 Q .- 1 X h M, A 1 ft' ' .r T g L Y l Physical education junior Becky Liggett , a fouratime All-America archer, was a consistent high shooter looked to by her team- mates for her team leadership. She displayed her talent early on, as she was named to the All- Southwest team her freshman year. Preparing for her next shot, Kristin Schwartzkopf reloads her bow, Being the youngest member of the team and a previous All-America, Schwartzkopf was a top target for contention. With a keen eye and steady arm Erin Leach pulls for the score. Leach, a team top shooter, was a college na- tional champion and Southwest Re- gional Champion. Shamway Lo Archery 179 Sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics MEN'S GYMNASTICS ASU vs. OPP. 2nd Holiday Invitational 2nd Aggie 270.20 Houston Baptist 276,25 272.60 Oklahoma 280.10 273.45 New Mexico 275.70 4th UC Santa Barbara ln- vite 3rd UCLA Invite 273.45 Cal-Fullerton 270.65 275.85 Brigham Young 264.70 4th Southwest Cup 276.80 California 276.95 joe lispinola, Neal Gallant, Nnk llafel, Scott llohman, Ilanl linne, Indy Newman, Christian Ko l1rianO'Mahoney Randy Scott, Kevin Singer, Howard Hteere 273.45 New Mexico 278.45 4th At the Pac-10 WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS ASU vs. OPP. 180.8 Utah 188.5 181.5 Oklahoma 184.45 183.25 Washington St. 172.45 182.5 Oregon St. 183.25 185.10 Nebraska 184.9 185.8 California 178.35 185.6 UCLA 190.1 Southwest Cup 186.15 UCLA 187.05 188.75 Utah 188.15 180.4 CS Fullerton 168.8 186.0 Arizona 186.5 188.4 Alabama 190.9 Pac-10 Conference 188.45 UCLA 186.1 NCAA Midwest Regional 189.0 Utah 188.60 NCAA Championship 184.0 Georgia 187.9 Conley l'hotographyfASl1 Sports lntorniation WOMENS GYMNASTICS. Mrrfilwrs Bob Castle, Suzy Iialdonk, Kim Zulla, Mnhelle Colavin, Karli Urban, Heather Carter, Marika 1 1-Hn-ur, Mifhele llanigsbt-rg, Molly Carpenter. Nut l'itl1oi'i1 llead Coarh lnhn Spini, Assistant Coaih l isa In-is, Colette Anderson 180 Team Photos Sponsored by Iiiwrcollegiate Athletics BADMINTON Final Standings Women 23 Arizona State 11 George Washington 8 Howard 6 Stanford 4 Princeton Men 23 Arizona State 7 Howard 4 Lowell 4 Princeton 3 Standford Mixed Arizona State Stanford Howard George Washington Duke U. Coarh Carol Fisher Setiiriii Ron' Assistant Coach Cathy Gonzales, loel Kiernan, Trary Holmes, Conlev l'hotographyfASU Spur BADMINTON. Fniril Rini' David Shaw, Ron Estes, Karl Knudsen, Tom Carmichael, Chris logis, B X Lolk, Linda Frenfh, Mary llran Hughes, Kellie O'Br1en, Saniay Malde. M1iN'S GYMNASTICS. Mrllllirrs Mnhael Alwn ker, l'aul L astalrio, Gregg Curtis, lit urgo Dial Sandi, hde, I r . - A , , E2 4 Y V Q .. W I ft J, 3 Q .. A Q5 l IL' 7 f I t " ' ',,, . A . f Y 1 A C A ', ,I , 3, 'f , , . ,wliji . as , a a. W- ' I 71 I lit . I "' ,lv 4 51 5.4 ii, A . 1 j . u . ', Y ig! I' U 5 ii g ' .E Q , 5. i,,, ,:.. -6-matt V , r' . I V. , , A ,,,. 1, 6 , In ' T "' A' Q ., ' I N E, 5 .44 . . ,,.A :,2, ri "AA ' ,:., - , 4 ' I Conley l"hotographyfASU Sports Information WOMEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING. Mt'mlit'r5 Missy Allington, Amy Bush, Shari Countryman, Sue Dytlewski, Shannon Earle, Sharon Ifggert, Christina Ifrlan, Natalie Ilansen, jennifer I.indner, Carolyn Mills, Susie Mortenson, Denise Ofonnor, Nancy Osborne, jodi Quas, I.e1lanni Reichmuth, Bente Rist, Nancy Schlueter, Adrienne Schuessler, Myra Shaw, Susan Shiflett, Marie Sluka, Marie Snyder, Kim Staab, Mithelle Thompson, Collette Vandeherg, jenifer Wimmer, coaches Bonnie Bergsma, john Gadbois, Brian lloffer, student associates Dale Ftnyre, Beda Leirvaag, Stephanie Lister, Brandi Suttle, Rohyn Benincasa, 'lracy Cox WOMEN'S SWIMMING ASU vs. OPP. 122 UCLA 146 132" Southern Cal. 136 97 UNLV 76 at the US Open 111 Northern Arizona 56 128 SMU 112 72 New Mexico St. 43 134 California 134 at Texas Collegiate 478 Texas 825 20 Stanford 93 51 Arizona 89 68 New Mexico 51 at the Paca10 1003.5 Stanford 1452 at the NCAA Texas 648.5 K n V 4 - i ' i .3 ,I an n-,-! . iv, Q ,ua , lx A '1' -A 1 .XJ 1 ,. Mx., P, A , v..A . . , , . Q it F 3 j .t . f N - V. ' I' 11, M MEN S SWIMMING fi, h 1 , - , K JI- , f , : A ASU . OPP. Z 6 I - T 1 an -f 1' ' W . UCLA wit A - ' ' 4 ' ', V i v ' at 5 th C1. rrp: ljk f K, It! b y di ouulelrrtva . it 4 7 , I r j i 5 - Vi Air Force . , L , ,, Q .: ef- , j f r Q , 3- 3.5 4 New Mexico sr. 63 v A l ' ' ,T - ,, I -. '. QA- Stanford in R 54 - Arizona ., 'Q ,W rs- 4 , 4 "1 - " - A 'PP 5112 New Mexico Conley l"hotographyfASU Sports Information MEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING. Meiitlirrs' Ross Anderson, Bill Bass, Scott Benesch, Mark Biegel, l'eter Boden, Neil Bradley, Geoff Brishin, Dave Burgess, Yan Cardineau, David Fix, Eric Fuchs, Dan Fuller, Dave Fuller, Chuck Gabrean, Tom Grady, Eric Hammeren, Paul Howe, Chris jantz, john Kovar, Mark Landry, Nate Lazar, Claudio Majewski, Paul Mangili, Todd Merrill, Mike Noonan, Rich Schinnick, john Sholl, Rick Southerland, Marc Strauch, Chris Tull, David Tyler, Gerhard VanderWalt, Curt VanNess, Eric Wilhelm, Steve White, assistant coaches Scott Brackett, Eric Geerts, Scott Lathrop, jeff Whitham, Danny O'Donnell, joe Slezak, Chris Zickert. at the Pac 10 4 Stanford 750.5 at the NCAA Stanford 152 I VS 53 60 37 76 51 as 29 66 94 srviu 136 41 48 65 64 115 43 125 4 0 115 374 - -, CROSS COUNTRY. Fruit! Raw: Laura LaMena, Dawn Arrigoni. Secund Ruw: jeff Smith, Todd Lewis. NUI Pictured: Kathy I L. jarvis, Amy Komitzky, Monica Marquez, Kim 1 Matthews, Kim McKay, Donnajean Pier- , antozzi, Daniela Seifert, David Ebbert, . A 3' ,WJ ,S Kendall Fink, Brian Higgins, jason Kaplan, . '-"' f - Kevin Kein, jeff Smith, David Spargo, Chris 11 I Webb, coach Ken Lehman. ' sallam, 3 SRIZUNJ WOMEN'S I ' STATE ann fi? TRACK MEN'S AND WOMEN'S TRACK AND . J I , T: "' FIELD. Members: Dawn Arrigoni, jacinta Bar' . 4 W . - 4. - - N - ' i - ,,, Q W -4 tholomew, jackie Belzner, Mette Berger, Tra- it M 3' 0646-4 cy Bt'u'vel,ils,l:enlrtlifer Coqtinghamillfa-mmika fgos- K ' x ' ter, ic e e arper, oinette o mes, ea V K .5 1 ,Q ' ,,,, 1 ... .Y ,Z-gf ASU Vs' OPP- johnson, Cathie Koss, Laura l.aMena, Monica v-viii n 1- ..... A 77 New Mexico Marquez, Kim Mathews, Kim McKay, Don- ' '92 W . "5 65 Nebraska najean Pierantozzi, Monique Robinson, Les- ' V 'K - Q- lie Stephens, O'Megalyn Thomas, Lynda Q." 1, 5 A . 98 Texas-El Paso Tolbert, jen Van Horn, Shirle Walker, M- .fr t , at -P t - y fi- . . f i- 108 Colorado State Charmaine Williams, jackie Zaccaria, Chad . 3 . 3 ttRlZ0ll4 . .,,3,:4-,- sm! Ag ' is f-4 7 , .a 67 California Burnett, Chris Cameron, Dwayne Culpepper, -4 ' 6: r '34 " - " ' Cl de Duncan jr, David Ebbert Dan Fisher i i 7 ' 'I 89 CS Harwood shirwn Flood Mike Fuck Mark Cersten, I 5 - t- . . A. ' 81 Arizona Shannon Goodman, Sean Greene, Mike "31XQ,,'iwl f , ' 84 N0l'fl10l'I'l ATIZOHB Harberson, Fred Herlitz, Kirk Hooten, Kevin 'L' -Wi Q 1 , 2 ' 5 1 A Kein, Edward Lovelace, Tim Mackey, Bernard . ifr L '- Q Mathis, jeff Mulli an, Lance Null, Andrew t .. , S ,, my A N 3 . ' A Parker, Mark Phillips, Carl Porambo, Robert 6 5 7.1 y t X . 4 F- Rucker, Shaughn Ryan, Mark Senior, Scott . -'f 5 ' it j' 1' shin, Mark 516616, Barry Smith, jeff Smith, - . 5. - , Darren Viner, Chris Webb, Mike White, Bob David Mclntyre Wicks, Tom Woods. Luyoul by Andrew F. Fischer A Team Photos 181 Sponsored by Iiztercollegiaite Athletics -.---.-1.i-..- Sun Devil Marching Band members play an 'important part in the enthusiasm at ASU football games. The student cheering section roared with chants of A-S-U accompanied by the musicians, who usually painted their faces as par! of their pride. Brian O'Mahoney 182 Organizations Division r!f"""' s ,off if' "55.52f' Miffp. .,., Mm if is X X5 ki ii1 KJ ii D l sit l n a university setting of 42,000 students, it was often easy to be- come "lost in the shuf- fle." For the average student this may truly have been the case, however, for most ASU students life went far beyond the classroom. Most students took an active part in one of Arizona State's 350 organizations. Sun Devil organizations en- tailed a variety of interests. Whether it was political, religious, special interest, social or activity orientated, members found a ha- ven of belonging in the organ- ization atmosphere. Some stu- dents utilized the groups as practical experience for a future career, some stood up for what they believed in, and some just wanted to take an active part in their alma mater by getting in- volved. Organizations truly created the cohesiveness of the ASU commu- nity. Groups. on campus catered to the university as a whole rather than just their members. Booths and activities by the fountain and on the malls constantly displayed the efforts of such organizations. Thanks to the efforts of several different organizations, particu- larly ASASU, 1987 saw one of the most successful Homecoming celebrations in Sun Devil country. Increased attendance at all of the events supported the work and organization of the Homecoming committee, Student Alumni Asso- ciation, Student Athletic Board and many others. The parade, one of the longest in ASU history, fea- tured more involvement by other groups on campus as well as a larger crowd of onlookers. It was a big year for politically active organizations on campus. The hype surrounding the scan- dals of Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham provoked many students to take a stand on issues, partic- ularly in the recall effort. ASU organizations hosted a wide variety of events throughout the year that engulfed the entire campus. Whether it was task or social orientated, students found an outlet for their interests and became more than just a face in the crowd. C1 Organizations Editor: Elizabeth Larson Organizations D1 ision 183 ASASU EXECUTIVES. Kar Kunusvk, Prcsidcntg Ioliri Fvvs, Act ities Vice Presidcntg Will Daly, 1-cutive Vice Presiclcntg Vinci' Mica Campus Affairs Vicu Prvsident, One lucky roll of the dice will br one lucky gambler an array of pri during Las Veigas Night. Thv eve held during orientation wr-ck, v co-sponsored by ASASU and MU and featured comccly, food and ga bling, Lllklflllll by lack! Y S sg Q Ti. VW 5 if H fa' Q Z f 3 92 fu '4- 414, Aiwa y , . ' v , y ,,, , I wh! ' . ., 'V iv ' in V . EW ""'44- 4 Shamway I.o ASASU 185 Spmzsorrd by ASASU Q-Q Q 1 4 r" . fy mm1L ,. xx! 2 1 .vf Addressing the student leaders at the Insuring Tomorrow conference, Secretary of State Rose Muffnrd gives her tips for success. ASASU spon- sored the event in conjunction with the Sun Angel Foundation. Mofford was on hand in one ot her busiest years during the reign of Governor Eziaii Mfuliaiii. The royal court - llomeeoming royalty is presented at the opening day festivities. "Sun Devil Safari: The Adventure of Your Life" was the theme of ASASUS record-breaking "coming home" celebration. Dr. Imuii Shell, Dean of Students, presented the court which was made up of Me- lissa Soza, Marissa Hallarv, Margie Carroll, Patriu' Calviaiica, Eva Bmuwi, Kevin Amirrsuu, Tum Dum, Kevin Ful- ler, Brad Huvstis and Sw!! Nevis, Q, . 5 i ll: i Q , M f is . yy' ls Brian 186 ASA?-"You" Siiuiisnmi Ii-if A SASL! I 5 - a.-ati' A nga. i I A - wwe, V , t' ' My starts twat' tw f W f as? ' ' '- K-W' ' .- ' .. . . 4 1 4 iff .- . . 1, . ...M . tw.,-i ai. as df ff ' A' V' ..- ...f l A ff' 5 'tt fr' e I an-. . ssociated Students of Ar- izona State University was ne main government and service rganization on campus. In ad- ltion to working with local and ate governments on education- and tuition issues, ASASU also rovided many types of activities nd services to students. The football ticket sale policy 'as an issue that ASASU faced mis year. After students camped ,it in line for up to 16 hours and lany came back empty-handed, SASU and the athletic depart- ient worked on finding a new olicy. ASASU members work- lg on this compared policies 'ith other large universities and ecided on a mail-order policy. In addition to being a repre- fntative voice for ASU students Case, and Alex Haley, author of "Roots" Another project that ASASU worked on this year was the In- suring Tomorrow Conference. Co-sponsored by the Sun An- gels, this was an educational con- ference at ASU designed to deal with a variety of contemporary issues, including the Wall Street crash, AIDS and the 1988 pres- idential elections. A new project this year was Town Halls. Organized during fall semester, this was a chance for minority students to meet di- rectly with ASASU officers and let them know what they wanted and needed from ASU. In addition to the new proj- ects, ASASU also worked on the usual services that they provided ff campus, -,-,,,? each year. Includ- SASU was also governmental ody for students i the campus o m m u n i t y . SASU was com- osed of four ex- :utive officers, enators from ach college, Jmmittee heads nd numerous olunteers. The I mate, presided ver by Excutive ice President Iill Daly, was in aarge of han- ling ASASU's udget. They also allocated lnds to campus organizations nd oversaw the election process. Students had a variety of ways r contribute ideas to ASASU's olicies and goals. Each college I the university had a council, 'hich met separately to generate leas and discuss policies. These leas were then taken to ASASU y the college senators. In addition to working with -gislative matters, ASASU also rovided numerous social, cul- iral, and educational programs Jr all ASU students. Volunteers ave many hours on various pro- rams to contribute to their suc- ?SS . One of the most visible ed- cational components of ASASU 'as the Lecture Series. This rought many speakers to cam- ps, including Sarah Wed- ington, the winning lawyer in e Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Karrin Kunasek ed in these were the Bike Co-op, the Legal Assis- tance Office and the Safety Escort Service. These and other student services were su- pervised by Cam- pus Affairs Vice President Vince Micone. Concerts, Intramurals, and Homecoming, among other things, were the responsibility of Activities Vice President Iohn Fees. Fees worked closely with Homecoming Director Terry Reisner, and many volunteers for a successful 1987 Homecoming. 'tWe're all extremely pleased with the way Homecoming went this year," said Karrin Kunasek, ASASU President. "ASU as a university is still young, so we don't have a lot of traditions yet. But we're working on making Homecoming one of ASU's ma- jor traditions." Kunasek, as supervisor of ASASU's public relations depart- ment, strove to make students aware of ASASU and its pro- grams. "It's a great way to get involved at ASU," she said. "ASASU isn't just for the exec- utive officers. It's for every- body."U -Carolyn Pye . .-f . ,ex -1 cert 6 8 Discussion 'groups part of be-I coming a student leader. Todd Mortensen ipategfin a morrow through its various Layout by Elzzabeth Larson ASAS-"You" 187 Sponsored by ASASU i Lui ' 188 Organizations Sponsored by lu Iitsu Club Up and around the back - S Haws throws Matt Roberts in the " spinner" technique. The lu Iitsu C taught members to be aware am think quickly in all situations. Brad O Brad Students gather around as Potente explains a technique to fell lu Jitsu members. Stretching and ordination exercises were indul1 by members of other sports. The flying side kick could ti away any attacker. jeff Baker uses form to develop the maneuver. Layout by Elizabeth Lurs Arm twists put the attacker at the victim's mercy. Through physical contact in a group environment, ju jitsu students were able to perfect an art that could benefit them in other areas. Stretching and concentration exerf cises begin the day's lu Jitsu session. Members were able to develop them- selves at their own pace with the help of professional instructors. . F p J... 3 A Brad Tebow tw .-l- Brad Tebow lu jitsu Club 189 Spmzsurmi by lu litsu Llub Attacking from the rear can be dan- gerous! Ju Jitsu Club members are instructed to execute such moves as strikes, punches, blocks and kicks. A knife attacker goes down! Brad Tebow throws Sensei Michael Brownlie using a "Kote Ceishi" move to ward off his attacker. ,of u -I' at IA 1 , . A". ... -. 1 Af ' J., - X , .yy . - 3.1.3 ' ,. . f , Wffff. -, .. ,"-ul. , 14'-'r b ,MW ' A Q Jiri? 'L .Q f?'r' Qm ww ' A - i ' hen past students of ASU were asked, "What are your fondest memories of ASU?" they usually paused be- fore answering. Ju Jitsu Club members, however, if asked that same question, would probably point immediately to their club. They spent a mini- mum of six hours each week together Qthree hours each Monday and Wednesday eve- ningsJ and sometimes more for optional Saturday workouts and social gatherings. "One of the most prominent features of our group is the strength of our friendships," said Brad Tebow, Ju Jitsu pres- ident. "We spend many sweat- drenched hours together in our workouts and many evenings together for social activities and even some out-of-town trips." Past Ju Jitsu member Cheryl Carney put it best when she stated, "I think we're so close because Ju Jitsu has so much physical contact." "I am not sure that physical contact from strikes, blocks, re- straints and throws endears the attacker to his opponent, but after the technique, when he pats his partner on the shoulder and helps him up off the mat, the friendship is strengthened," assured Tebow, The purpose of the Ju Jitsu Club was the instruction of the martial art Ju Jitsu. The club co- existed with the beginning and advanced Ju Jitsu classes of- fered by the Physical Education department. Since then more Roger Dube martial arts classes were added. The Ju Jitsu class itself encom- passed strikes, punches, blocks, kicks, escapes, restraints, throws and falls. The under- lying theme of the class was self-discipline. A new member, Andrea Kastner, added that Ju Jitsu taught her "to be aware and to think quickly in all sit- x -W V Brad Tebow uationsf' The club designed its activ- ities to serve the typical stu- dent. New members who never participated in sports found they could develop themselves at their own pace. Members re- cruited from other sports found a challenge in the stretching and co-ordination exercises. Ju Jitsu advisors Sid Joseph and Michael Brownlie provided the martial arts instruction crit- 190 Getting Physical J J ical to the club's purpo: "They work us hard but there always a payoff," claim Tebow, "Ju Jitsu can spell headach muscleaches, and butt-achel laughed David Flores, new Jitsu member. "But it can sp pride, achievement, and sense of accomplishment to who participate." "One aspect of the club tl has pleased me the most is hc well the women in our cl achieve their goals," sa Tebow, "In most competiti sports, women are segregat from men. ln Ju Jitsu Ch women and men learned a workout together. Some these dedicated ladies are f cellent athletes by any standa and put their male counterpa to shame. "The men and women wc very well together and I belie that both sexes get similar be efits from the club." Paul Kowan enjoyed t coed challenge of the Ju Jii club and said, "Ju Jitsu h been mentally and physica satisfying and some of the gi are kind of cute, too." "l have to agree with Pau gleamed Tebow, "I marri one." D -Ju Jitsu Club Sponsored by Ju Jitsu Club Man Rob 9 if f B d T bow ju jitsu Club 191 Sponsored by In Jitsu C1141 N.. I Ki: apkin perfection, is the key . .. xy Goitrzz and Leo Werncr keep that ight in mind while creafmg a teapiece. Their "brainchild" was te during the MUAB Pumpkin Qing Coriiest. 'Y :fl r , Q , , K , K K, eil' 4 . V 4 I ,,,: . ... 'iff -- ' 11 ' Q- f' l ,l f H. 4 ., f , If f I' 5 A 1 f ' works both realistic and ab- stract for iSflld9Y!lfS' erifioy- ment. With la wgekly program in the Rendezvuqg Loymge, the Culture andlllhrts Clim- also helped keep the etween the more andthe traqlitionall fine ar ts.l miit onlyfservedfitu- dents with many tastes, italso f dif- hshmajor. "lt's a group any- ef lone-can pal1f1icipateillin." l art? hl ll --'Ka2Ols6i1 il A .13 " 2 f ll 2 Variety Abounds 1 93 S1101 ' Teasing up a new look, "Mod Maid- en" Leah Mille models a new style compliments of MTV, This was one of the many events planned as part of the Untouchables concert at ASU. Enjoying their MUAB friendship, Lynn Vazvrcck and Mary Gilbert take a break during a movie intermission. "laws in 3-D" was shown at the MUAB Fall Orientation Week Splash Party at the Aquatic Center. Brian ' F. . ,wh L., 4.1 Bringing cultural and fine art ac- tivities to ASU students is one re- sponsibility of Rosalyn Munk . Here she is busy at work as co-chairman of the MU Activities Board. innume- A, 5' -..J---Q-u.,, Brian Kirmse Rockin' ASU at PV Beach are The Untouchables . They were part of the MTVXSPIN College Tour that hit campus Oct. 7, 1987. 194 MUAB Sporisomi by MUAB T. '?Y"1 Taking a break from his game, lack White, international billiards expert, points out some of the fin- er aspects of pool, White was on campus during an exhibition sponsored by MUAB Special Events. The Untouchables jam to the beat! One of MUAB's biggest events was the MTVfSPlN Con- cert after a day fuli of uncanny events, including hairdressing MTV-style. L ayout by Par Sclzweiss MUAB 195 Sgwrisivmi by MUAB Elida Barrandey, Andrea Villasenor Hidalgo, eg' Et 196 Sponsored by Hispanic Conziocatimz , at A U.f, is -t .. V , ., ,, ,,,,?L ,,L, VAV, , , , J A,,AL gyv ,,,, .- V Vi Q ' f WW .W ew " ' Jffiixfigliifiig t ff! iii' --,J -. ,t ' I in f jlfgggrtaii .fi mt Q A t Z " fee? 1 - J s - 'af - fp arms sf eginning in 1983, His?- panic students at ASU sought to develop a program which would promote higher education within the Hispanic community. They desired a means of expressing gratitude to family and friends who were instrumental in their ed- ucational triumphs. The ve- hicle they chose was a His- panic Convocation ceremony modeled after that of the Uni- versity of Southern Califor- nia. Since its inception, the His- panic Convocation became an integral part of the com- mencement experience for Arizona State University's Hispanic graduates. The grad- uates were recognized for their achievements in an in- timate and familial atmo- sphere which allowed the graduates family and friends to share in their educational successes. Along with the accomplish- fi M. ments of the Hispanic Co' vocation came the Lc Diahlos ASU Alumni Assoc ation. Los Diablos was de. icated to providing financi assistance to outstanding Hi panic students attendir ASU. Founded in 1984, tl Association was guided l the philosophy that the futu of the Hispanic communii depends upon encourag. ment to today's Hispanic co lege students in their pursu of excellence. , Continuing increases i higher education costs all the growing number of Hi, panics attending state univei sites mandated the develof ment of consistent an reliable financial aid rr sources. To this end, the Lt Diablos Scholarship Prograi provided full time student ti ition to Arizona State Unive sity only. D -lll -Hispanic Convocation I Q ASU Media Productio Proudly displaying his certificate of cor vocation, luliau Marquez completes his fi nal step as a student at ASU. Student were encouraged to share their educatione success with family and friends, Brian Kirmsc 'FE' t Qi - swim Appetizers are always a hit at Los Diablos gatherings. Monica Alvarado helps herself to the banquet honoring ASU's hispanic students at the Univer- sity House. Convocation is an exciting time for all ASU hispanic students, Graduates were presented as role models that higher ed- ucation was not only a worthwhile goal but an attainable one, Layout by Elizulwltli Larson ASU M mlm l"rodi1t'linm Dream Alive 1 97 Sporzsumi by Los Dialilns . . . , K 5 mmf we f 4'.f-it'f' - i. ' 1 ' 1 gl... ' .az .bf no 1,25 , . .Ag-rag , f - , a, V.-. ig . 1,7 ,z' It f z 4- , 1 If . fl. 5-if tad., - ff - . .-, v 6' .-VT 'K ' If ' ' . " 5" If . . ' .I 5 kt, . -'NI A U jg., ,sf 'A ,i V," 7 we ' r t didn't take long to spot a Devils' Advocate on cam- pus. They were easily recog- nized by their bright smiles and positive personalities, oh - and they were usually walking backwards. Giving tours was a small portion of what the Advo- cates provided to the campus. They were the student am- bassadors to the summer, out- of-state and fall orientations, as well as special events such as FamilyfLeaders, Senior and Iunior Scholars Days. Devils'Advocates was an honorary comprised of dili- I -In gent volunteers. The rewards were more often personal than public, as senior Kim Felty contended, "I'm really proud to be an Advocate. It gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with other people and make their road a little smoother." The group's ambition was to generate enthusiasm and create positive feelings about ASU, How deep did their pride go? Well, rumor had it that their blood ran maroon and gold! U - Nicole Carroll 198 Advocating ASU Sponsored by DeUilstAdzfocates Presenting a pair of ASU sweatpants, Tom Dorn and lcnnifer Ingram address stu- dents and parents at the opening orien- tation session. Other speakers for the night included ASASU President Karrin Kurmsrk and ASU President I. Russell Nelson. Gathering a group together fc campus tour is Drew Diedrich. Du the summer, campus tours for inc ing out-of-state students and t parents are popular. T.I. 3' I 1 -we If .. yn 'f ' . ? f . , 4 iffiaiha ,I . , . K J 'A . I- 1 s.. N ' 'Bw s Y ., .. ' 'M N L ff Devils' Advo 1 1 K f',Wfq,,g xmrw' levy, awopwmi -I 1- 'ana-f fa-w.,,,,,, M , Devils' Advocates Q 'tj a inishing a campus tour with stu- ents and parents, Guy Roll leaves his roup at the steps of the Moeur build- ig. Devils' Advocates give two carn- 'us tours daily, except on vacations nd weekends. ayout by Pat Schweiss Devils' Advocates "Ask-Me" assistants, Todd Mortensen and john Fees, give information to passers-by at the Devils' Advocates booth during Orientation Week. Stu- dents and parents were directed to workshops and seminars every day of the week-long initiation to cam- pus. S .ewmgr , ca,.t,,e I t ,,,,,,s,, ,.,,.. t ....,... ER Y Organizations 199 Sponsored by Devils' Advocates 200 Organizations .E.A.C.H. acts as a switchboard for ll ASU organizations. Johanna reiser, R.E,A.C.H. personnel, and enise Heap, LGAU president, dis- uss the organization brochure put ut by R.E.A.C.H. 3 Kan fl AW tl Mg. , i 1f2a:n1fz ii 'll f,l' ASU Sim Kumi V me W UQIGQE i . 5. - - Q. David Lee' 4 J David Leeds Maria Martinez is a proud member of R.E.A.C.H.. Martinez was on hand at the R.E,A.C.H. party in December, celebrating their move from the Me- morial Union to the new Student Services Building. David Leeds , V h .7 Gym, ag9 .f"" S - fi' ,sm . cs ,. f 1--. . A,,.5'5e'JV - .S , f 1 . I , k. ,I ,,... g . . I, U., ' 'I l Q' . ' F",-F231 M' 1 ' .3 Gigi A -'H . X .. , . , a ' 15 b 1 , 1- U 1 '- 1 . r lp, U, J - .wx . .4 ,ev ' " ' , av " . ' "' '. . V ' ' ' -4+.ff?f"?f -f ' W ' ' ' S W ' VW' .,... ' , c E.A.C.H. was a group :of paraprofessional students who managed an information, resource and referral desk in the Office of Student Life. It consisted of over 40 members dedicated to improving the quality of student life. In the spring, R.E.A.C.H, expanded its services to manage the Student Organ- ization Leadership Center and functioned as hostfhostess for the opening of the new Student Services Building. Advisor Paul Biwan noted that, "the expan- sion has increased the numer- ous opportunities for R.E.A.C.H. members to devel- op leadership and management skills while continuing strong programs that assist students." Such programs included: facilitators responsible for pre- senting leadership workshops, a leadership skills series, a co- sponsored student activities fair, the continuing exit- interview program, trouble- shooting and assisting students with problems, providing infor- mation on over 300 student or- ganizations and providing in- formation on campus resources and facilities. -Shelby Smith David Leeds On hand to welcome guests and fill out name tags at the farewell office party are Lisa Jaffe and Scott Rieth. R.E.A.C.H. entertained guests from the university and organizations in the relocation celebration. R.E.A.C.H. president, Shannon Duncan flower left pagei assists ASU students behind the R.E.A.C.H. desk in the Student Life Office. Duncan and her staff provided insight to in- quiring minds looking to get involved at ASU. Layout by jacki Yee REACHing Out To ASU 201 Sun Angel Foundation President Bob Davies poses momentarily be- fore a meeting. Davies and the Foun- dation were instrumental in making a variety of improvements in and around the university as well as pro- viding scholarships for academics and athletics. Speaking on his own behalf and that of the team's, Sun Devil cor- nerback Anthony Parkrr addresses the audience at the football awards ban- quet sponsored by the Sun Angels. The banquet honored ASU football stars and their achievements in the sell-out season. Layout by Pat Schweiss ,fir- iff Brian O'Mahoney SUN ANGEL FOUNDATION. First Row: Harry Rosenzweig, Chairman Emeritus: Wally Caywood, Vice President: Andy Tomlinson, Board Memberg Harry Cavanagh, Board Member, Mal Straus, Board Member: Brent Brown, ASU Liaison. Second Raw: Dan Mardian, Vice President Chairman Electp Mike Maloney, Board Member, Fred Homes, Secretary: Rudy Campbell, Chair- man: Bob Hobbes, Board Member: Solly Sol- lenberger, Board Members: Kemp Biddulph, Board Memberg Charles Harris, Athletic Directorg Bob Davies, President. Not Pictured: Bob Duckworth, Treasurer: Bob Stark, Board Member, I- I NW If 10' ,- aw i . ., -'ff . . - . ' .ia r J' "' ' , . .A . I .' 1- ",'.v4ifi"f""??, 'l -V ' W' 'af-Z. I - ' " 4, ., . -ff ' 2' ' "w . .xv hw, A f ,, ' -' SU's Sun Angel Foun- dation celebrated its 40th anniversary this year and began many new projects in addition to regular activ- ities. The foundation was started when, 41 years ago, the Tem- pe Bulldogs of Arizona Nor- mal School were defeated 67- 0 by the Arizona Wildcats football team. The Sun Angel Foundation began as a boost- er club for the ASU football team, cheering ASU on to many victories. The organiza- tion has since expanded to grant academic and athletic scholarships and to raise funds for university improve- ments. The extra money they raised went to a variety of causes designed to help im- prove ASU. Part of the funds raised went to the non- revenue-generating sports at ASU. "Several universities have had to cut sports like badmin- ton or rugby that don't make money for the school," said Bob Davies, president of the Sun Angel Foundation. "We want to keep those sports here at ASU." A 90-member special events committee sponsored other events, including Insur- ing Tomorrow, a spring work- shop in which speakers came from all over the country and lectured on topics chosen by students. This activity was al- so sponsored by the National Leadership Network, a group of exceptional ASU students and ASASU. The Sun Angels sponsored a golf tournament and track classic to raise scholarship funds. "We're expecting a big turnout in the track classic this year because it's an Olympic year," Davies said. "The athletes want to stay in condition." The annual Foot- ball Awards Banquet was an activity that raised mon while recognizing ASU's bi football players. Another project was t Sun AngelfASU golf cour: The land, located betwe Scottsdale Road and Fi: Street, was left to ASU by Z izona Public Service. Karst Soldheim, owner of one the largest putter manufacti ing companies in the nati QPing Manufacturingj, don, ed S2 million for constructi of the golf course, which vt scheduled to be completed October 1988. The Sun Angel Foundati also sponsored improveme to Camp Tontozona. In dition to paving the road t led to the camp and buildi a new parking lot, the S Angel Foundation provid more cabins and recreation facilities, like tennis cou and pools. In addition, they sponsor a variety of scholarshi They sponsored a fifth-y scholarship for athletes w had used up their eligibi and still had a year or m left to graduate. The Foun tion sponsored a S350 sch arship for the outstandi student in each college at university. Students w chosen for this scholarship the individual college which they were enrolled. In addition to these sch arships, the Sun Angel Fo dation donated money to ASU marching band, and 1987, they donated S1 mill' to ASU's Speech and Hear Clinic. Their contributi benefitted almost every partment at ASU. "People at ASU let us kn where money is needed," vies said. "Then the Sun gel Foundation puts it toge er." D -Carolzn P20 202 ASU's Angels chip onto the green puts Dean of idents Dr. Leon Shell in an oppor- ie spot to sink a putt. The Sun lgels hosted golf and tennis tour- lments to raise money for schol- ships and are now in the process of nstructing an ASU golf course. 'fir Shamway Lo if A ' ' 41 o i l X, 'QR 5 V, ? 5 llsl , 1-SQ .95 'T' Organizations 203 Carr i OU' F7onl R0 v i -g Cathy Saunders, 204 Organizations 15" Brian 1 is NASA ning Miss Indian ASU 1987-88, ina Cook works to represent Native ricans at ASU. Cook, a 19-year-old entary education major, is a mem- rf the Navajo Nation's Deer Water -year old Sky Mountain Bear vis- SU from New Mexico during the ve American Culture Week. This By event included topics represent- lwe integrating cultures among In- tribes across the nation, yn, , Dressed in his native feathers, Mike Pavel of the Native American Student Association participates in the Pow- Wow in Sun Devil Stadium. The event was one of the largest gath- erings of Native Americans in the west. Layout by Pat Schweiss Q - - 1 - Brian O'Mahoney . , QQ ? - '45- fb ., , Q, W ir , --9 ' V iv f, :v, .--- -"Lf 4 v ,eff 5' . .1 4 U ' 4 .e . I... r- f A .,,3.t,9.5eit-,,9,,q - xx W- V-4.45 - ,iw . F.-A H . -5 1 L V A ' 'iv' 1 f' 1 ' .W f ' ,af - ffl . .,. 1' ft' 9 5' . 11- Af-' -13 I -', w' I- . 4 W 1 , ,. , , . a'at'e'e'h. Arriving at a university the size of ASU can be a frightening ex- perience for even the most seasoned of students. For Na- tive Americans it was a par- ticularly trying time. Leaving the nurturing reservation to strike out on their own in the reality of ASU has been termed "the ultimate culture shock." Speaking English pri- marily for the first time in their lives, they searched for companionship in faces of confusion and identity in a crowd of indifference. The Native American Students Association, a support group that tried to bridge the cul- tural gap, provided academic and social encouragement to its 40 members. NASA president Bobbie Yazzie felt they filled a critical need at ASU, "We all had dif- ferent values learned within our own tribe. We tried to prepare students for different attitudes." These differences ranged from behavior to the unspoken social faux-pas. Making this transition while keeping treasured tra- ditions intact was a primary goal of NASA. They held var- ious fundraisers in anticipa- tion of the big event - the Pow Wow. Throughout his- tory, these dances symbolized spiritual beliefs or provided plain enjoyment. During the summer, over 3,000 Native Americans from across the country came to ASU to share in the celebration of these customs. Different tribes gathered for a convocation of ideas, cultures and a re- affirmation of the pride that has kept the Native American spirit respected in our coun- try, and NASA alive at ASU. I-Ia'go'o'eh ni'e'. E 1-l-.ill - Nicole Carroll il.-........1..l.. Combining Cultures 205 . - .K H 1 1 .x Q I avh fk K Att' I ' 92 ' '. X . I .-' 'I , 1 .iTt'J. .da'qg. ,l',.,,-'i f .f , .-, ig . . ,J ' , ip A. W, .U 'N -' T .P v' et's face it -- no matter how old or independent students feel, moms and dads are going to worry. It's some- thing they will never outgrow. How can they feel comfortable with a geographical gap sep- arating them from their ASU student? There was a special group on campus designed to address these very relevant concerns. The Parents Associ- ation provided personalization to the ASU campus for hun- dreds of parents across the country. Families' initial contact with ASU staff, alumni and fellow parents carne during the Sum- mer Send-Off Program. Twen- ty-six functions were held for over 1,000 participants in all corners of the country to an- swer questions, quell anxieties and provide communication with families sending students to ASU. Tailgate parties and road trips to football games provided recreation and pro- Dressing in the appropriate style, Christina Torres of the Student Alum- ni Association supports the SAFARI theme of the Parents Association. moted unity within this hard- working group. The Parents Association members volunteered 1,715 hours or 214 eight-hour days of their time, pledged over 55150,000 towards the new Stu- dent Services building, and awarded nine scholarships to ASU students. In addition, they co-sponsored a successful fam- ilyfleaders day, SAFARI ASU, which over 800 high school leaders and ASU families at- tended. The day included in- formational workshops, perfor- mances by the ASU jazz Band, a student-leader safari fashion show and a gymnastics team presentation. The Parents Association pro- vided much needed support for parents nationwide, making the choice of ASU a comfort- one for parents and stu- able dents alike. D - Nicole Carroll VX. XJR l l tu y-- . I -ny. Shamway Lo The Orientation Barbeque, co- sponsored by Parents Association and Undergraduate Admissions was a great opportunity for new students, Attracting the attention of parents and students, the men's gymnastics team performs a difficult mount dur- ing LeadershipfFamily Day. The ASU Concert jazz Band kec things on the light side as they p vide musical entertainment for 1 parents and students. tail sift:-it t",f.a,v, fw"Qe. JN t W .. 4 .waht NC 1 t ul K- . , aa F v. ,, . ms,--Jr kv. 5 0 y: . 391, 5.9 if lx' T' L .... Ay A . ' 1 is' 'ffl as well as old, to get acquainted with K A , A each other and their campus. , 0. . ' f2,!,Q4,.-- 1 I . ' . ,- ig1'q5,,g jr Layout by Tina Amodm c ' 1' ,: 206 Apr'ARENT Pride .. . '5 q v N 'K ,. 2. pr-f., ,,,, Devils' Advocates Todd S1 Mar Mike Van prom Organizations 207 I I , ASU STUDENT FOUNDATION. Front Row: Di-mse Martinez, Shivauu Wagner, Bonnfg,A'Mend0ze,,E1Iyn Stein,,lApyil Moore, Tanna Chqlas, James Duncan, Males Meiixidre, Second Matthew-'Ortega Ben Loya, Kelly' Carroll, Maggie Appellie. Iolyn Watford, Cathy Higuera, Laura Tamevon, Mark Hiland Third Raw: Kirk Kokosx I ka, Mike Bennin Michael Goddard john Kelliher, Karen Gazzola, Eva Bowen jeff g, , ' , Lowei Ngil Giuliano. Brian t le notes at the re Student Founda Loya Muff which leaders from C011 leaders Brian l Q l n I ' 208 Organizations ASU smvrim mmm ONE THOU SAN D OrJLr Brian s 4 4 V 1 , i, T give ae' ' A asa X . .. xyktl V. - 9 . ,t,., Q . N rg, '1 aw i Nl FL ,S ti.. " rt 1' T i 4, rf " in Q , 4 H 1 1 I , ,..,: -- Shamway L0 ,:.. , - ' ' W ,I V. , 7 ' ,,,. , ,V ' ' 4 -V V t- ,,... ' I I I Utudent Foundation, P whose purpose was to cognize and promote lead- ship development on cam- ls and to raise and reward holarship funds to deserv- g ASU students, consisted 35 student leaders commit- :l to the betterment of ASU. A special accomplishment theirs in 1987 was the an- ial Campus Leadership Nards. According to advisor Neil Giuliano, student organ- izations and student leaders from 10 categories were rec- ognized for their "outstanding contributions to the campus and to their or- ganizationf' In addition to this, Student Foundation experienced two additional successes. They raised 552,000 in their annual golf tournament and hosted 170 students during their an- nual leadership seminar. Other activities and events saponsored by Student Foun- ation included a tri to Camp Tontozona, a college leadership scholarship pro- gram, social rprograrn, weekly meetin s an an endowment fund o?S16,500. E -Shelb Smith Layout by Ramon Wallace A chip out of the bunker is all it takes for this Student Foundation member to put the ball on the green, The foundation raised 52,000 in the annual golf tournament which fea- tured students and ASU officials. Receiving a check from Proctor and Gamble for the leadership seminar are Student Foundation members lane McVey, Laura Tameron, Mateo Alejandre and Dr. Leon Shell QDean of Studentsj, This was all part of the corporate sponsorship program, Promoting Leadership 209 Brian O'Mahoney Relaxing after a band extravaganza, flag corps member Kelly Evans grins with approval. The band, under the direction of coach Robert Fleming, fea- tured halftime conglomerations of music, choreography, flags and dance. On the sidelines at a basketball con- test, danceline member Vicki Law- reriu' awaits the countdown for showtime. The pep band and dance- line brought their talents indoors for the enthusiasm of ASU eager fans. 210 ASU Band Hats off to a sideline show! The ASU danceline performs a halftime routine to the beat of the marching band. The 20-member entourage pol- ished several show tunes ranging from pop to Broadway. Brian Brian O'Ma 4, 1-.. 4. 2. Y- M WT Lffn W , 4X M W 5 ,Q 4. K ,far we 'i ff we , th a look of concentration, pic- ! player Robin Swanson belts out a e as part of the Sun Devil "La nba." Pop tunes were a big part of marching band repertoire which, ig with choreography, was mem- :ed for every performance. Brian 1 , Kirk Mason rout by luck: Yee s :ft Organizations 211 N 212 ASU Band iv V wgw-M. Brian O'Mahoney Shamway Lo ND' . .,.2-V X ..: ' 'V" A w t- .11.-1 -:,-' f T-'If-3' . , 'V"' .. :V1 V',, 5 1 rf V "" 5 ' ' t' 1- A' J 5. embers of the ASU Sun Devil Marching Band executed several fine perfor- mances this year in their sup- port of the football team. n addition to traveling to An- aheim for the Freedom Bowl this ear, the ASU Marching Bandy also hosted the annual Fiesta Bowl Battle of the Bands, in which some of the best high school bands from all over the coun- try competed for the national championship. Band members also got many Sun Devil fans stan'din and cheering for the ASU football team during the home games. More than 300 eo le marched, in the ASU band this year, including members of the danceline, twirlers and flag corps. The diversity of majors, interests and back- ground gave each band mem- er a chance to meet a wide Poise is part of the show as Cherie johnson holds a perfect position. ASU's band proved to be one of the best in the nation for both musical selection and showmanship, Shamway Lo variety of people. Band mem- bers practiced every weekday and all day Saturdays during football season to perfect their halftime performances. Membership in the ASU marching band was not all work, however, each Decem- ber, the marching band held a formal banquet for all its members. Out- standing band members were honored by the band director, Dr. Robert Fleming. Flemin has directedg the band for 1 4 years. He strived to recog- nize each band member for his or her efforts. "They're an in- c r e d i b l e bunch," Flem- ing said. '1Each one of them has individual qualities that add u to make a wonderful and taljented group." -Carolyn Pye ASU flag corps stands perfectly still for a pause between halftime tunes. The girls added glamour to the per- formance with their synchronized maneuvers. Sparky's at it again! Imitating flag corps member Winona Blackfeather, ASU's mascot IChad Howardl gets in on the halftime action at the Wash- ington State f ASU game. Layout by Elizabeth Larson Beat This! 213 -65 A f ir: A Q g .I .., v ' 1 , , A' ... vi . ' ' ,. s JS.,-'kk ' W .f -' 1 'A' rv'f,,.,1' 4',gl','t'- K, 4' 'ff' Af. .AN V... V . JU. ,'A!',f4 . 4. be A A, i - -, .. ,gn ,.-'I M ,v . K ' its .-f. ' 1 ? it ' Law! A nwzu.. 5, t ty! 3 , olden Key National Hon- or Society recognized and encouraged academic ex- cellence in all undergraduate fields of study. The society prompted members to achieve high academic goals and to strive for continued success. Academic advance- ment in itself was upheld and honored as a great achieve- ment. The Arizona State Univer- sity chapter was active both on campus and in the com- munity. Golden Key worked with grade school and high school students in various service projects and with oth- er honor societies on campus in publishing a semi-annual professor rating booklet, a listing of the honor students' recommendations for the top campus professors. The honor society was also involved F Rene Willekins Enjoying a chuckle with the Golden Key National Honor Society is group advisor Dr. Robert S. Goyer. Goyer worked with society executives to see that academic advancement was up- held among ASU honor students. Looking over the agenda for an NHS meeting are Brian Thorpe, senior French major, and other members of the organization. Membership meet- ings were held at the beginning of each month, four in the fall and three in the spring. Layout by Pat Schweiss 214 Honors Unheld Sponsored by Golden Key with its honorary members, prominent campus and com- munity officials, and worked in conjunction with local cor- porations in a fundraising program designed to award more scholarships to mem- bers at the chapter level. They also hosted regular social functions, and participated in both regional and national conventions. The 1987-88 academic year was especially productive for the chapter. Membership in- creased to over 650, and the group successfully completed many projects. Since first chartering in 1982, member- ship steadily increased, and Golden Key became the larg- est campus-wide honor soci- ety at ASU. D -Barbara Fliszar ,FN Brian Ki rlden Kecy president, Barbara iszar, con ucts one of four semes- meetings. "I have enjoyed my two ars with Golden Ke , and was es- :ially proud to lead, our member- ,p during this year," said Fliszar. 1 honorary breakfast is enjoyed by mmunications co-chairperson isanrz Barry and executive vice pres- ent Christopher Campolongo. Mem- rship to the organization was sed on overall grade point average d junior or senior standing at t e iversity. 1 A s Brian Kirmse X WN f 'wx Z Y 'q,zi.v1v'A J, f W5 , vr In I Brian Kirm Keynote speaker Dr. C. Roland Haden, ASU Vice President of Ac- ademic Affairs, presents his views on the role of honor societies in the uni- versity at the annual fall reception. Two national scholarships were awarded at the reception based on scholastic achievement and collegiate merit. 5.1 S N -A Organizations Sponsored by Golden Key 216 Organizations It's all fun and games! Decked out in his usual volleyball apparel, Hugh MCCulCl1Fll enjoys a break in the ac- tion. The Volleyball Club could be found entertaining crowds while competing during women's volley- ball breaks. Up for the bump, Richard Wall pro- tects the ASU court from the oppo- nent's attack. Competition ran tough in Devil-land as the men went on to be top contenders in extra-curricular action. Layout by Elizabeth Larson A v' Q..-ff ' Brian A view from below After a div- ing smash, Iamey Kurbat combats the attack from the floor, hoping the op- position fails on the return, I vs.. O Brian O M "I've got it!" Volleyball Club capta Dana Sammons gets a piece of t action on the court. The highlight the men's season was their victo over No. 1 rival UofA. wauwff Hz, C C - - - Brian O'Mah0ney it . ,A.A , , 't 1- 'T "'A ' ' ' "'Q' -f ' ' 1, QYY .fn J 4: aff ,rf Bob Castle ction on the court was intense and tension was high as the crowd sat intently watching the ASU Men's Vol- leyball Club in action. The seven-year-old group was building a reputation while earning recognition. Excitement ran high throughout their successful season. The team finished 12th at Collegiate Club Na- tionals last spring and swept their matches against the UofA during a home and away series. The men's vol- leyball club also qualified to compete in the Santa Barbara Collegiate Invitational with 24 of the best collegiate teams in the country. El -Nicole Carroll Bumpin' lt! 217 Q? lr PAW F .+ in Z 4? ' V ,,,L " The 4-way team completes a ,4,,, f v i g f W ., . 1, d O u gh nutn formation' Part of ' 3 "'V wi N , , the main runway and the ramp at -,., 'l l Vym, Coolidge Municipal Airport could V V ' be seen 8,000 feet below the free- H A ' falling skydivers. ,, ,WWW tltou l 'W - 'Ziff t t' t A 1 I , ,,., fry., . Lk l ,,,. ' ,, 4,'f ' 3 ' 1 V,'o 2, N V V , u to , . l A 3, , V W Wwmw i Q u l ,lul l t , by V4 , ,V 15? f ?. V ,,., lxigeillflliiff 9, 'bi' t - , , Af " ' A . I V V , V 2' J' I , A ' , nf' rug, , IA x W If ad. ,KG l F In? 1 Kurt SeptonfPhoto America Skydivers perform a formation known simply as a "round." Mem- bers ofthe formation are Roger Wood, 1,300 jumps, Sven Henrich, 450 jumps, Scott Herndon, 350 jumps, and Bob Walker, 350 jumps, Exiting a Beechcraft D-18 over Coo- lidge are ASU students Scott Herndon, Sven Henriclz, Bob Walker, and Roger Wood. The jump was in preparation for the Valentines Day Money Meet at Skydive Arizona in February. Layout by Elizabeth Larson Kurt Septonfl'hoto America Kurt Septonfl"huto America 'he team makes the transition to an opposed diamond" just before separa- on and deploying their parachutes only ,500 feet above the ground. The team ompleted 12 different formations on this ne Skydive. 4 l I Organizations 219 Sponsored by ASU Skydiving Cluli ,C W, ' 1 LW' ,, www' ' K fra , 'luv- ' V ,fff 'idfgf' 7 ., M f Q, ' M ,. ,,., , , I L ,,,, ' .gif v I ,, 74 .2 , M I 'V f 6' y A ,. . wwf ? f , K ffm ' nr: f , 4 , V. --ff ' ,, ' ' k 1 5 , , " " If ,M , , aff fr f ffffvrzff wwf " , :" I " . K ie f ' A WW ,. ,, 5 , , fl 'Z-: , ,, ,J gig f Q V, we ff 5 -, W Mp, I . ,, 7,3 g ,:jj,WM'Lm 5" mf I iw 'M l ' -V ,,.,, ' ' . I ' "" ef! ' H H 'M' .z. ' YH 'f ' Jffygw fs ,3551IEff:7.Q""ff,IyI' 5 . ' -, we ' 1 , A "' 1- , mg, H9414 Qi M an fs? Q 54412133 w R , - , V F . ,5 .,A. if in ' A' '25, L. , Q if V 2' as 't 1 - . ,, ,Q Jai 4 JY x , ers fx 'G M I rt' 'lv' . . gy fn. Q v ,- ng ' ' 4 , , ' . f 1 R Q A ,,3,:d,y J. fs.. Q I' . . A H Q I .. H: Q Y .gg mais ' 1, SU's soccer club season lasted from October to April. The team had a rigor- ous practice schedule this year, which led them to many victories, including defeat of UofA and NAU. The club was established at ASU 10 years ago. This year, they had players from all over the country, including Mich- igan, California and Florida, as well as team members from around the world, like Ger- many, Denmark, Mexico and Turkey. In addition to practicing twice a week and playing games on Sundays, members often got together for happy hours and parties. Flyers post- ed around campus and pub- licity through ASU's Intramu- ral Department encouraged students to join the soccer club. One of the main goals t the soccer club members wa to become a varsity team. B cause of the weather allowir practice year-round and tl talents of the members, tl team believed that they cou' be one of the top 10 colleg soccer teams in the country. -Carolyn Pye y Y X, HW -?'-ZMWF 'fc ' arms helps Martin Gillian gain trol of the ball. The soccer club well in all areas of competition, A bounce off the chest and u i l' ticularly in its victories over and rival UofA. Wedging his way past defem ASU's Rosly Shariff finds an c shot. The move led to an ever Sun Devil goal. 222 Soccer Sets the Pace Shamwa Sponsored by ASU Soccer Club Bob Castle "Iii Qv Mb JF tk Q aww-41" 0-- l Bob Castle Making the kill on the open shot, Dun Ramsey boots a power kick for the ASU attack. Ramsey and the rest of the soccer club have hopes for one day establishing an intercollegiate team at the university and believe ASU can be one of the top contend- ers. Ahead of the pack - Piotrek Wrobel dribbles downfield as defenders trail behind. ASU's intramural field played host to the Sun Devil Soccer Club and its opponents. Layout by Pat Schweiss r Bob Castle Organizations 223 Sponsored by ASU Soccer Club 224 Organizations It's the kickoff! This group of grid- ders kicks off an intramural football game. Flag football teams encom- passed many ASU Greeks and or- ganization members to provide ex- tracurricular involvement at' the university. Victory is sweet! A touchdowr Phi Delta Theta puts them on to this intramural contest. The cor tition created camaraderie among facets of Arizona State. .nent 1 it ll pl ami ,J i In H1 Quenching their thirst after a l day of competition, these athletes set to slam some Gatorade. Gator was one of the many sponsors of Sun Devil intramural program. Layout by Elizabeth Lur: Ns., 5 Y.-.1 Q,-if Tug of war is the last leg of com- Up and over the hurdles goes one petition at the games. Iuliette Moore, ASU Superstar. Olympic contests director of the intramural program, is were included as part of the overall responsible for coordinating all legs competition. of athletic events. T.I.Sokol Ina- .' .2 ,rf . -",. ...w af . - 1.1 s .. . ' ' wr y' ,, wf at - .,,,gi" 5 J , fs, . 4 .I 310. V A .'-5 vp ,gf i t - 1 0 . J 2, '4""' ' ' it-mmf - - r .af .f"f.'.,f ' Q - ' ' ' sr , .. , J-Y an iv 1 SU got a facelift, or at least the be innin of 2, durin the 87588 sciool ir. Hardqy any art of the tool was exempt fiom expan- n and the recreation depart- nt was not an exception. In ry there was the ground- 'akin for the Student Rec- tion genter, to be finished in 90. This was a major step' for the reation program, w ich in- ded the intramural program. 'I'd like to offer more class- and we'll be able to once the N rec center is open," said lette Moore, assistant direc- of co-recreational activities. "The new building is going to have a tremendous e fect on the program." Intramurals took place throughout the year, inc uding such s orts as badminton, vol- leyball? softball, gcolf, flag foot- ball, pool, bas etball, rac- quetball, cross country, powerlifting, bowling, horse, tennis, free-throwing, arm wrestling and melonbal for co- rec, men only and women only. Other forms of recreation in- cluded informal recreation of pinochle, poker, checkers, chess and music. The ASU Wheelchair Athletic Club par- ticipated in regional and na- tional wheelchair games in archery, table tennis, weight lifting, swimming and track and field. Student participation was es- sential to the success of the pro- gram. "There were those people that seemed to participate in everything," Moore said. "They're almost an extension of the intramurals program. People like that really ma e the program work. They inspire others with their enthusiasm."lI-I -Leslie Anderson Intramurals Competing Devils 225 Trying to recover the ball are the ASU rugby players as Brian Fowler is tackled by UofA defense. The UofA team was unable to capture the ball on this play. . Q . w 1. ' K1 ' I nn. Lak .. 1, ,J fu, lay! wi -chi" "' " ,ta,,f. N ' i f ' sau- -- - .1 N 1- :if Ii-SL: x Y.. df? 1 8 iq . . - Xl 1 1 V ' ,V ,.,, . . M. tl -' . jg .A , .. fx, - 3 1 fter its reappearance to essary facets of life to create ASU in 1984, the rugby team celebrated a season of strength and determination. Sun Devil rugby stars proved to be powerful as they tri- umphed to a 16-4 record. For the first time in five years, ASU beat archrival UofA Wildcats. The Devils also claimed four trophies in the Arizona Rugby Football Un- ion Tournament. The Rugby Club began in 1975, headed by Barry Carter. It was based on a constitution created by the team players. The club, not solely based on sports, encouraged other nec- its well-rounded member- ship. The constitution re- quired its players to carry a minimum of 12 credits for the season in which they partic- ipated. In addition, the home team hosted a party after eve- ry game in honor of the vis- iting team. This promoted a flavor of camaraderie. Having strong players mentally, emotionally and physically -- enabled the rugby team to fully reach its potential. E-I - Jodi Wallace .. .... .. . Qs- 41. . ' , .ai 5- Roger A. D Ouch!Eric Thru!! is tackled bya UofA Victory is sweet for rugby plays player after kicking off for ASU. Rug- After losing to archrival UofA for I by fans were treated to a wild contest past five years, these players ce between the rival teams. brate their 12-9 victory. Layout by Put Schwviss 226 lt's Back! ff 2 " 421 L ,flf -V -J ?-25 " - - Q 'wb J 1 4 Roger A. Dube Roger A Dub? SNOW DEVIL SKI CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS, Fran! Row: Geoff Beeiget, Dave Cakieche, Travislbunon, Claigeflllickson. Second Row: Bemstein,,gBrad Goodman. Jeff Phillips, johnitlarfinkel, Matt Carroll. L 1 f 228 Organizations Sponsored by Snow Devil Ski Club 1 ie' QC W, Brian I Ski Club members enjoy each oth- er's company at alparty held at pres- ident Erzc G enn's ome. Parties after Sun Devil football games were pop- ular social events for club members and created cohesion among the 500- -m b ' ' . plus er organization Brian K Loading the bus for a Thanksgi ski trip to Utah, ASU skiers pre for a four-day adventure on slopes. The weekend took a stra twist, however. Due to the lac snow, the group spent most of trip in the resort. " YL ? Wt 1 as g - N UW: dwg? I WV, W,g.,s.-'-' qg x M 'Asif 2 . - ' t. " I J 'P ' ' yf , "' - .- Q. 'fs-ff as 'A . ' 4 ' ' ' 'il L .5 .JV ' ij P-f '.. f -, 32. ' ' 3- V ' . , -- ff , 1 - , . " - . , K ff' , .1 . iii 1' It h w x-. if -4 .4 ugly' lthough the main pur- pose of the Snow Devil Ski Club was to provide low- cost ski trips to its members, skiing was by far not their only activity. This year, the club had over 500 members. They spon- sored an annual trip to Salt Lake City, Utah over Thanks- 'lf . giving, and a trip to Stearn- boat Springs, Colorado over Christmas break. They held weekly meetings at Utopia nightclub to inform members of the club's activities. "The meetings are more so- cial than anything else," said Eric Glenn, president of the club. "There isn't anyone up talking for a long time. It's a good way to get to know some of the other members." In addition to meetings, the Snow Devil Ski Club also sponsored a golf tournament, barbeques, and scavenger hunts. Also, they usually had parties after each home foot- ball game. Another trip sponsored by the ASU Ski Club was an an- nual beach trip to San Diego in Iune. "That trip is really a blast," Glenn said. "It's a great place to go right after getting out of school." Of course, the ski club members were also planning some additional skiing trips. Possible future trips included Lake Tahoe over spring break and Telluride for a three-day weekend in February. "About 50 percent of our members are beginning skiiers," Glenn said. "This organization gives people the chance to learn to ski and get some tips from others. But we like to do other things, too. That's what makes our club grow." U -Carolyn Pye Toasting the club's success, this group of "party animals" make the most of their free time. Parties, weekly meetings at Utopia, ski trips, and Iune trips to the beach are all part of being a Snow Devil. Packing up their skis for the expected snow of' Utah are senior construction major Mike Roberts and sophomore fi- nance major Iohn Roberts . The Ski Club took five busloads of students to brave the slopes over Thanksgiving break. Layout by Iacki Yee Brian Kirmse - On the Slopes 229 Sponsored by Snow Devil Ski Club "'C'0""i '7Q.9-AC Zgmfiaz T5--:IRQ C g,ge.- 5'.,5::.. me ' r-Amie rv- G: -L:,' cg x3:.13'?.--9' C :L 7' 4 T592-2 ffl?-117 3:.1?LQ 12.11.5255 Em' DQ GCSE? 11333 aazqcm O2. c" 2' m:,-Trng fa---.5 E4f:"4t Brit:-,mm ca-ff-,xv ,mcg 3. Pffnisv QC-'ff-'FEE -twin CIFQLLW 'o:,:rq 'TUg:'Gx4 9iCEE.s -3 :eww -,?5"Q. 5i5"m3,, 3. .-,nh - 5. m 6522.922 remitvf -Q v, -. I 0 ,Q Q3 fl-Q -1 vi, Q15 :ro Q le' O gf . O m f, C Y' gg U U' -4' Q" ,Qx '31 K Brian Kirmse ASU Pre-Law Club members party with the Snow Devil Ski Club to cel- ebrate the Sun Devil's victory over Pacific. The two clubs became broth- er and sister organizations as they hosted many events together. ., 3 J? in U . tyyti i M ti.y t 4 N ,ga 4, J' 4? 'li 5. .M 9 -' W. ,, Brian Kirn 'S t- i 43 '75 f'. Qijif , .1 3 Brian Kirn Ii isting ASU's football team, Pre- ! party animals join in the fes' ties of yet another club event. is Rwd, Eric Glenn and Bryon Mor- were caught up in the action of celebration, f -- v f Mani' Il fiy.Y'jf"i"' -w-VX .V , .3 V' i"ifJ:'i?fl 99115 . 11 fl 1 V 4 . V qu, 3'i'i,1u3 ,ii S ' Baffwils Bmw V vK"',t,E I it . . K- Brian Kirmse Organizations 231 1 in f 1 i 1' -1. ,. ,,'.- kk A . -- . .E x . 5" ,, ,. A 1 er ' if -A O an J 1 1 tp 1 1 T paw rn 5 ' if 1 1 ,ir .1 , ' y Lg . , . -H 'A . K ' K x 'jk . Xl - 1W ' 1 m ' rr h:'1 Tk h 1 m11' I , ALPHA KAPPA PSI.,,Fro11I Rnzv: Steven Brady, Mark-Devin Vvrdein, Rtmald Civlwlr, john Davis, Mark Sthmitt, David Yorita, Edward Caldwell, Acleel Rahman, John Lenczycki, Emmanuel Mantis. Smwmi Rum: Bob Sutton, Glenn Zelnin, Kay Maynes, Amy Billen, Steve Cairo, Pete Ziebron, Cary Chapman, Richard Heim, Doug Deimrk, Paul Miers, Van T. Dam. Third R12w:Cici Larrterman, Angelique Lecme, Dana Spray, r'Helen Slane, laura Traifoff, Brenda Targ, Karen May,'Erin Rr-nus, 'Laurie Schultz, lntricia Aldrich, Demise Clark. Fourth Rauf: Sandra Cameron, Lori Session, jennifer Memmel, Lon R, Fett, Adulio Ramirez, Heidi Sfhneiderman, Kim Meek, Lisa Boraw- ski, Karen Ferra, Danelle Knigte, Suzy Torian, Lauri Loveridgp, Ronald 1, Knsmack, Pamela S. Athinson, Marta Alambrav. Fifth Row: Timothy I. Graves, james lymrsg 'Bm Heerema, Kirk Viay. Mark Ruhlman, left' Oehm, Brian jones, Tim Nichols, lance Timothy Boone, Dave Binsiol-1, Robert Morken, Robert T. Brabson, l Brown, ' A Arm-:trnng Laurie Sl'l'0ll1f Rim: Beth Waine R. Heap, Bill Rauiiey, Lee Gear lll, ll, Scott Evans, Daniel Row: Chen April MORTAR BOARD. Fmnl Rnu' Marcel Dalmario, Alisa Corsi, Fvanna Sweeney, Pam frank, Patrjgk Mcwhqgtqr. Ellynftein. Srcn1ir,1,Rou': julie Kwon, PeteDimas, V Nlyhrlcverg, Scott K, Sprinkle, Richard Uanlel, 161 Cnnradi' " 232 C7l'gi'llll7illlUllS S,l7tUISlll'l'li by Alpliiz Kaypii Psi "I wish I were " a 'Greek peror? ,flduliilm R11111i1't': perfori' pledge Skit untitled "I Wish I W in front of arrives and otlwi' ple of Alpha Kappa Psi. Pledges 1 urged to participate in all even ensure group unity. Mark-Di-vin 1- Marlt Devin Socializing in a huddle, Mark Stilllliff, Matt Wviidrll, 'I'i111 Nivliuls and Dam' Biiisfivld enjoy the first event of fall rush. The barbecue was held to get active:-1 acquainted with the new rushees and make them ft-el at home in the Iota Xi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. Going in for the tackle, Ti111 Nil and 1111111 Lt'11t'zycli'i attempt to t down Ti111 lli'i'1'v111i1 H121 in a matt' at Camp Tontozona, liziiuiif 1111 Pal Sulizu. Mark Devin Verileio ,. ' , '1'2 ' "'-: Q, W4 fl -si' ' 4 . . W Wim l g fj , ounded in 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was the na- tion's oldest and largest pro- fessional business fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi was dedi- cated to the following objec- tives: furthering the individ- ual welfare of its members, fostering scientific research in the fields of commerce, ac- counts and finance, educating the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals, and promoting and advancing the college institutions and courses leading to degrees in business administration. Here at Arizona State, the lota Xi Chapter was actively involved on campus for 16 years. Members were encour- aged to develop qualities of leadership, while maintaining high scholarship and profes- sionalism. Following thisphi- losophy created a meaningful educational experience for the brothers. Alpha Kappa Psi encour- aged excellence and promot- ed integrity in striving to achieve its objectives, giving its members the added edge needed to becoming success- ful business leaders, -Alpha Kappa Psi Marla Devin Verdeio lt's Business! 233 Spoy15on'i1 Ivy fllflllil Kajlpil PSl ,sr 4 i 2 2 bpd-A "i..,,,, 1 4 This Bud'5 for you! Spuds McKenzie fjirn Stone, vice president of market- ing for Pi Sigma Epsilonj directs traf- fic on Cady Mall to the marketing fratemity's booth where Spuds par- aphernalia was being sold by the or- ganization. Brian Kirm - 234 PSE Concept Sponsored by Pi Sigma Epsilon P I 1 1 l 1 P rr. , fr - a "iT"', . it ae, , if' h VA K Ah :W ', 5 r 5. , . x .,, ,H . fl, , " W- f,i"1:,,- f - ' if .' ' , M Asp N it , , , j 1 x- ' Di Sigma EEsilon's Greek letters QP EJ were not msen at random. They have J distinct connotations. On under raduate level they nd for grospective Sales Ex- tive 5 at the alumni level, fessinnal Sales Executive. The E structure, designed by men o were looking far ahead, braced three membership isions: undergraduate, edu- or, and professional. A lrth division was recently ded which encompassed U alumni. The original concept of ASU's marketing fraternity in- cluded only the sales area, but as the years passed this concept was broadened to encompass the entire marketing mix. To- day Pi Sigma Epsilon is iden- tified as one of t e greatest im- pact forces in the nation to motivate college students to en- ter marketing and related fields."q -Pi Si ma E silan Vt. 2' 'L sif- Brian Kirmse Handing out flyers near the foun- tain, Pi Sigma Epsilon members work on selling Spuds gear while selling themselves. jim Stone portrayed Bud's original party animal in an ef- fort to attract hoards of ASU stu- dents. Layout by Elizabeth Larson SPUBS 1- 5lqma 236 Organizations Sl70PlSt7!'l'tl by Phi Alpha Dvltu Phi Alpha Delta at happy hour . pre-law members Lorraine Bvilan, Sur lucksmz and john Tivrrirssmi enjoy E social aspect of the fraternity at Sid Warehouse. Group cohesion stemnl from the social ties made while me' bers worked in their profession. c A Dan l 3 92 i ,eyelids I I . L K , nr yn: .. I if A 1, ff ' U H' 1, J i r hw, If I ' - , ' ' A " f I ' fl . 9 '- o- 9- - , - -ri, ' . ' I 1 v ' at 'lv' ,J 'T , 'v If , he ASU Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta sponsored a riety of activities this year signed to prepare its under- aduate members for the law hool application process ,d to give them information i different law schools. f'It's a complicated applica- vn process," said Dan Lott, 1b treasurer. "Most of the -ople who join want infor- ation on that." The club had meetings eve- two weeks, with speakers each meeting. Speakers are usually ASU law school aduates. "We tried to get a variety of speakers who were involved in different types of law, like corporate or tax law," Lott said. "That way our members could be exposed to the many types of law that they can practice later." Another activity sponsored by this organization was a practice law school admis- sions test each semester. In addition, Phi Alpha Delta held LSAT preparation courses throughout the se- mester. Parties and social events also were part of the organization's activities. The club members were al- most evenly divided between those who had definitely de- cided to apply for law school and those who were still de- ciding. "A lot of people Want to be exposed to pre-law," Lott said. "We try to give them information on under- graduate classes that are good preparation for law school." Because there was no spe- cific major required to apply for law school, there was a variety of members involved in Phi Alpha Delta. "lt really adds something to the organ- ization to be able to meet many different people." -Carolyn Pye n 4.1, tt, 1, ?itm at S '11 Q , KM S .. wi"- Elizabeth Larson I I I Need information? Phi Alpha Delta - provides information to interested passers-by during Pre-Law Day at ASU. Club members answered such questions as which law schools are best, what classes to take in prep- aration, and, of course, how to get into Phi Alpha Delta. Layout by Nicole Carroll I Paving the Way . . . 237 Sponsored Ivy Phi Alpha Della My ' A , t i. ii - f . 'zzltt if . ,ar 25, .Liu wif y ag . A -V if ,f .:.. 2 ' -if- ome say bigger is better. But when it came to the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, president Warren Brown didn't agree. "It's not the quantity, but the quality of our pledges and members that make the fra- ternity," Brown said. Phi Beta Sigma had only eight members on the ASU campus with five to 10 pledges. However, the frater- nity was an international or- ganization. As one'of the eight Black Greek-letter Or- ganizations, Phi Beta Sigma had a membership of over 450,000 with over 700 chap- ters throughout the continen- tal United States, Switzerland and Africa. Although the fraternity had not been extremely active in campus affairs in the past two years, Brown was trying to change that. The fraternity formed intramural teams, participated in intra-fraternity games and had set up an an- nual "step show" to be held every October. "Stepping," a traditional dance that is part of Phi Beta Sigma heritage, was often part of the many community activities the fra- ternity was involved in. "Our purpose is to serve mankind," Brown said, "Our unity of purpose is to help anyone we can. If you need us we'll help you. We're not dis- criminatory or anything. We don't just help minorities, but anyone who needs our helpfi-1 J -I.i's1ieA11dcrsur1 id i Phi B 238 "Stepping" Into ASU ursurmi Ivy Phi Bram Sigma n 3 Phi Beta Sigma A "stepping" exhibition outside the MU brings the excitement of Phi Beta Sigma to the ASU cam- pus. President Warren Brown joins the brothers in the dance that be' came a trademark of the frater- nity. Sigma Doves relax in the shade and an atmosphere of fellowship and fun. The Phi Beta Sigma little sisters took an active role in the success of the fraternity as they joined the community service projects sponsored by the men. Layout Ivy Elizizlwth Larson KT! K x , Z Phi Beta ating for scholarships, the Phi 3 Signias work to raise money for 'holarship fund sponsored by the ernity, Teen-age students benefit- from the generosity of the or- ization. - Phi Beta Sigma Fun from all over - The Phi Betas and their sister sorority, Zeta Phi Beta, take a break from the Creek Show in San Diego. Members of both organizations from all over the world assemble as part of the celebration, 240 Organizations Sponsored by American Turkish Assocmtion NE Deborah D. 4 'ws 'N' . , 5-ss"'w . 'H in r . W. fr fir! 4 7he main goal of the American Turkish Association was to increase American students' areness of Turkey and its cul- :. This year, the club had about T members, which included fam- members of students in the or- ization. Membership is open to anyone o wants to meet Turkish peoi ," said Alex Haywood, the :'s treasurer. "Were not a re- ous organization. We like to do things." Lome of the activities sponsored the American Turkish Associ- rn this year were an annual pic- . participation in civic events 'says . ,.. . ' 7 .Jw :irgb sv J H5899-'ii' .V I .. gy 4' K f'f'i",..1 J - it , j - .tak , ,, W . .ir f . 5, 4, , fya , Neff F' ' Q like "Hello Phoenix," the Phoenix Youth Festival and an annual ban- quet. ASU faculty and administrators were invited to the banquet in ad- dition to club members and their friends. Turkish food and enter- tainment with an intemational flair were part of the event. Another activity planned was to show two Turkish movies in the Memorial Union Cinema. One was a cultural movie and the other was a drama made in France, but about Turkish culture. "We'd like to make this a yearly event," Haywood said. 'It's just going to depend in the student response, .sauna-at ,A sp, as ,.VV EW 2 551.1 ,,.,. I borah D. Cook though." The American Turkish Associa- tion had been at ASU for five years. "We would really like to build up our membership and student awareness of our organization," Haywood said. "Since so many people graduate or move away each year, we want to form some continuance from year to year. Our membership has been increasin each ear since the club was starteg at ASyU." U -Carolyn Pye we The American Turkish Association is a family affair! After an afternoon of fun, the group takes time out for a portrait. Hungarian dances are popular among the association. While the girl demonstrates the proper steps, fellow association members look on. Layout by Ramon Wallace 5 s 3 Deborah D. Cook Increasing Awareness 241 ' i - sms Sponsored by American Turkish Association O V. lj-df. ' . . 'ff-Qi H 'f"". - ' - 1 1 f 4: v he Shift' Press, Tempe's largest daily newspaper, increased circulation to 21,000 in 1987-88. Fall semester, the State Press featured a larger entertain! ment section with more national news and interviews with celebrities. "We started covering national entertainment headlines instead of just what's happening on campusf' entertainment ed! itor Greg Krzos said. "That adds more of a balance." A unique feature this year was the "Family Album," which con- tained features on the Brady Bunch, Partridge family and are ticles on what the stars of these and other popular shows of that time had been doing lately. Another new feature of the State Press this year was an in- creased opinion section, which covered a wider range of topics. "A lot of people like to respond to the editorial section," Krzos Said. "This section tries to print as many editorials as possible from what they receive." State Press staff members spent anywhere from 20 to 40 hours a week working on the newspaper. "Nobody really minds because we are all learn- ing important skills while we're working," said Krzos. U -Curelipz Pye Sean l. Sean L 242 Reporting ASU nnds of friendship grow stronger spite the tension and stress of a adlint-. Marty Sawrzupf puts his n around fellow State Presser Ivssft' mn after a long days work. il 1 lpiztistx lllll'S':M,illllb1 , N y Surrounded by pictures of football players on the wall, sports writer Chris Dtll'St'Nll turns to the process of osmosis to remedy his writer's block. Perhaps by holding the ball in his hand, ht-'ll be able to score a catchy leadsin. lEti:xl5sisj1xs1lt1ll'lli1A'l1xg srl S2 'W iw., U5 I 5 ' 'ssl .rely A r- 'A ' gf ' j a -r" P , N---w----.., i, ' I , . 1, nl v 4 ,Q ..., M 4 ,si fha l V ,A vi: 1 X 7 ,Lt - ,--,fra-1 . . W I4 ,,i .. .4 ,fx , s 0 is b .9 . .4 4, -' is . at , r fi I we b as as I ,-, N - ,MQ-Qzl'1'.x, 2 . f E :J fri!-Q ,gl . vs, 'WK M' ME, Sean I., Mohr ,ps we V 44-il A t at 5 ,Z Hitting the books with a buddy makes study times a, little easier. ', Although each ,floor often had organized activities -- they quiet times were cften stu- dent favorites. .V ' Brian Kirmse 244 Residence Life Division Sponsored by Residence Life here else could a col- ege student get home- cooked meals without lifting a finger, have access to sand volleyball courts 24 hours a day, and meet other stu- dents sharing the ASU experi- ence? In an ASU residence hall, of course. A wide variety of residence halls attracted an even broader range of students. Residence hall l1v1ng was a place where students could become involved at ASU Their involvement in hall council floor charters and floor meetings were among the opportunities available to residents Hall council planned hall wide special events all year long Each floor of every hall drew up a charter of rules for the floors residents to follow Floors also planned activities for the students to participate in These floor planned activities ranged from Spaghetti Company dinners to tubing down the Salt River with other floors Dorms were the center of life for many students Living so close to other students allowed resi- dents to establish a sense of family and a home-away-from-home. Creating this home-away-from- home atmosphere was as easy as decorating their rooms with mo- mentos from home or that had personal significance. Residence halls also gave stu- dents the opportunity to meet some of their closest friends. Meeting new friends was easy in a dorm One could meet friends at hall sponsored activities or just by cruising down the stairwells Some people were lucky enough to live with a very compatible roommate who had the potential to be one s lifelong best friend Residence life at Arizona State University saw a change in pro gramming this year as the depart ment sought to unify the students and entire entourage of on campus living Residence halls created oppor tunrties for residents to DIVE IN to the action at ASU Residence Life Edrtor Steve Krzcun Residence Life D ision 245 Sponsored by Reszdence Life f c c I RHA-RAs- Working Together To Complete The Picture ' fff' A :K . if I , Residence Hall Associ- ' f 2 and Resident Assistants kg' lished a new unity in M v -88. "Working Together " 'Q J e The Picture" was the e e if nd the efforts of the entire eschelon of residence life - RAS, DAS, RHA, hall directors and the Residence Life Office. The campaign catered to the needs of ASU residents and provided a cohesion among the on-campus stu- dents. Part of the new program was to initiate more frequent and varied activities for the residents. Events such as "the world's biggest sex party," the Manza- nita carnival, trivia contests and volley- ball tournaments offered the perfect so- Residence Life has changed a lot of concepts - we have become more geared Planning events for residents d not stop in the RA's room, Lu Lauvy, RA at PV Main, takes her w to lunch in the cafeteria. An incre in events was part of the campaig Residence Life to unify RHA-1 and the residents. to helping and counseling than discipline. Vvtfmfi g '-W" i .?, -Winston lones A V' M l Af Cholla RA A is cial opportunity or stress outlet for l, K o r" li , those "I'm-going-off-the-deep- i Q a,. end-because-of-studying" kind of Ig -1, nights. Along with the additional activ- ities came a restructure in resident assistant concepts. The program emphasized counseling more than discipline, according to Cholla RA Winston jones. "The key is getting to know all of the residents and making them realize that you are there to help." With the initiation of the new program came a new unity among the entire on-campus environment. "Working Together To Complete The Picture" proved to be a worth- while and successful venture for Residence Life. D AQ... sl . -Pat Schwciss 246 RHA-RA's Spmzsnml Ivy Ri'sidc'f1t't' Lift' David L You can't beat the heat! Kathy St and Tom Blakely enjoy a talk an tan at the RHA Splash Party hel the Aquatic Center. The event kic off RHA Week. Pat Schweiss Strumming a tune, Manzanita as- sistant hall director Sandy Naatz en- joys the surroundings at Camp Tontazona during the annual RHA- RA retreat. Naatz, a graduate student in counseling, said the retreat, held prior to the fall semester, was used to train RAS and motivate the entire staff for the upcoming year. RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIA- TION. Front Row: Bryan A. Watson, Billy jo Merritt, Mark Winfred, Todd Sulzdorf. Second Row: Tracy Stump, Tanya R. Shay, Eric Rosen, Theresa Amado, Claudia Kamhi. Layout by Pat Schweiss it 1' T ASSISTANTS 1987-88 RESIDE Cholla Apartments jacqueline Thomas, Chris Ashley, Debbie Zipnick, Michele Mallory, Kellie George, Mary Ann Borland Craig Gold, Debbie Bajema, Deana Gehle, Chris Dukes, Craig Matthews, Christopher Hale, Diane Marie Leech, Adam Risch, Timothy Burr, Winston jones, Vince Killian, jim Brainard. Hall Director: janet Ellison Assistant: jim Rychner Manzanita Hall Monya Pehlivanian, Pete Yarnevich, Holly Armstrong, Deborah Molique, Tabatha Swiger, Claudia Kamhi, Diana Hall, Maura Lansing, Brett Goble, Cathy Higuera, Elizabeth Ruzzier, Traci Langston, Teresa Fontana, Angelica Villa, Karen Bertko, LaTonya Harrison, Bryan jackson, Richard Overholt, Tone Dumke, Kim Papscun, Mark Winfield, Casey Denny, Mark Gordon, Michael O'Neil. Hall Director: Todd Sulzdorf and Residence Hall Personnel Assistants: Scott Meier, Sandy Naatz Mariposa Hall jackie Hoover, Mark Gaida, Don Schillinger, Michael Gross. Hall Director: Patrick O'Rourke Assistant: Ann Sutherland-johnston Irish Hall Kyle Hagen, john johnson. Best Hall Stacy Clawson, Tracey McConnell, Rocky Diltz, Leonard Snyder, Paul Pyrz, Tammy Travis, Wendy Shaw, Viviana Bimbi, Teresa Schuster. Hayden Hall Tom Sipes, Brad jones, Michael Goddard. Director: Michael Herrington Assistant: Mary Beth Olszeuski McClintock Hall Pam Frank, Kristina Retrum, Zandra Perry. Hall Director: Michael Herrington Assistant: Lori Severson-Gates Sahuaro Hall Lou Lofredo, Tammy Kane, Denise Corrente, Vince Micone, Lisa Molique, Rich Forbes, jennifer Ryan, julia jauregui, Vern Hershberger, Billy Merritt, Greg McQuaid, Thomas Macias. Hall Director: Nancy Hall Assistant: Matt Steinkamp Ocotillo Hall Sharon Vosmek, Michelle Lazovich, Tom Hope, Terry Reisner, jason Topp, Nathan Turner, Craig Dickinson, Ken Mahar. Hall Director: Patrick O'Rourke Palo Verde East Ann McGallagher, Diane Wood, Kim Conklin, Dawn Young, Lynne Abel, julie L'Ecuyer, Leigh Hanchett. EastfWest Director: Kimberly Clauss Assistant: Ellen Sheehan Palo Verde West joseph Omen, jeff Lepley, Nick Nicholes, Rich Lundeberg, Greg Stanton, Dallas Eubanks, Pepe jose Velasques. Assistant: Doug Van Ommeran Palo Verde Main Diane Williams, julia Neill, Michelle Dittfach, Debbie Olshefsky, Karen Nickerson, Amy Schwelling, Laura Lacey, Patrice Cabianca, Erin Wells, Andie Poisner, Laura Hewlett, Kim Lau. Hall Director: Lee Ann Coulson Area Coordinators: Deb Sells, Dawn Williams tw, , K, . .HM .W . L f x 4' , A I fy Z l 4- 2 a 4 ,.fz.Agg , " A 4 ,L , M 'E' J, M 1 ' f w ' 'ff' -5: '52 ff ' I if f-4+ 11+ 44222 f ! B' 4 57 cf vwffkvr, 'LZ M 5-:fuk ' ' . ' 'f ff'Ww ' H fn!-5 ff uw, 7? ff. Wa. V . QV I Q- "' -. Q-M i 'N ,, , at M . , ' 'L' 1-go' 'vw uw? W ? Q. x .mmo- Q -up 5 Ak. ' f X S -1f . ,Q:' f '25 ff , Q 1 pffifx M W, 1. 5' I , f A A 1 ' 1 .. - " ' , vm -e'g ,V M , L fiffii, 5 H 2" "1 " , a fs , ' V ., N , ,, ' K SVN , ffl' NW. an 1'-ua A room with a view. Residents in Man- zanita were treated to a glance of the campus like no one else. The 15 floors of Manzanita give it the honor of being the tallest building in Tempe as well as a local landmark because of its unique ar- chitecture. Photo by Dave McIntyre V i Pn- arrow TIME nts living in residence halls year had a variety of ces in the hall cafeterias just meat and potatoes any y different foods to please most finicky eaters were of fered. Sahuaro, Mariposa, Palo Verde East, West, and Main, and Man- zanita all had cafeterias within the hall. Students living in these halls were required to purchase meal plans. Center Complex, Ocotillo and Cholla halls did not have cafeterias, so students living in these halls had a variety of options. They could fend for themselves, purchase a meal plan and eat in any of the residence hall cafeterias or The Club, or purchase a Cash Value If The faod is really cz lot better this year. Molly Morrison card, which allowed them to dine in any cafeteria or restaurants in the Memorial Union. Sometimes students had trouble making it to meals because of class or work schedules. In an attempt to meet more students' schedules the food service office increased the cafeterias' serving hours. Sahuaro, The Club and Palo Verde Main all extended their dinner hours until 6:30 each evening. "The food is really a lot better this year," said Mariposa resident Molly Morrison. "Last year I was eating a lot of the same stuff all the time." U - Carolyn Pye Serving up a hearty meal to those who eat in the Palo Verde West dining hall is Elsie Drecsler's job. Food services offer a variety of dishes for those looking for anything from meats to veget- ables. Contemplating the day's cui- sine, freshman Melinda Sheridan digs into a nutritious meal of jell- O and toast. Deciding whether to go back for seconds or not is the matter at hand for Gus Lopez in the Palo Verde West dining hall. Layout by Stephen Marvin THE BIG MCDVE v. eck-ins to the residence .K sed to be remembered by 1 staff and resident assis- " . as mounds of paperwork. A le three or more residents chec e in at once. Last fall, Residence Life made the pro- cess easier by installing computers in- terconnected with each hall. Instead of having to contend with pa- perwork, desk staff could simply enter a student's ID number, and all the infor- mation the student put on the residence hall application came up, including roommate and hall preference, and hall assignment. The desk staff entered the student's check in date, and the check in I . v ,I A '-"' ept five different forms 1 Q ff Computerized check-in could be beneficial if we all knew how to use it. ,, Andre Miller process was complete. In addition, the computers aided Res- idence Life in making room assignments to students with similar majors, interests, age, and ethnic background. Most of the staffs from each hall agreed that the new system made check- ins much easier and more efficient. De- spite the new efficiency, many of the D.A.s' surveyed disliked the system due to lack of training andfor breakdowns. "Computerized check-in could be ben- eficial if we all knew how to use it," said Andre Miller, a D.A at Cholla Apart- ments. U - Carolyn Pye Friendships can even begin while waiting in line. Ioan Pollack and Michelle McKenna tote their scattered belongings while wait- ing for check-in at Manzanita. x ri a 71 I . , 4 l .. l - H t . .. , in 'S 2- ' 'T W, 'BEST HALL A1. Front Row: Yvonne Palermo, Donna Burk, Dawn Skoda, Wendy Shaw. Second Row: Dennie Grams, julie Kay, Bone Fas, Valerie A. Barker, Leah R. Earl, Natalie A. Cox. BEST HALL B1. Front Row: Becky Richardson, Jacqueline Motter, Dawn Piegari, Sherry Petrie. BEST HALL A2. Front Row: Cindy Mclntosh, Candee Colwell, Gina Powell, El Gatto. Second Row: Molly Kaiser, Angela Mauvizi, Bonnie Tatom, Debbie Schoenberger. Third Row: julie Gatesh, Kathleen Abrams, Deanna Ianiszeski, Teresa Schuster, Donna Bruner. Fourth Row: Verlene Lomatska, Heather Lusch, Cricket Sullivan, Jamie M. Sachez. BEST HALL B2. Front Row: Lisa Birenbaum, Kris Mar- shall, Lisa Sprin er, Shannon Fox, Second Row: Carol l-lillegas, Kathqy Sue Wolcott, Kris Knapton, julie Ann Zimmerman. hird Row: Yvonne Venetz, Tianne Kum, Heather Schmidt, Demetria Baker, Stacy Clawson. Fourth Row: Mara et Plumle , Marie E. Carragher, Lori Pfab, jennifer Phglips, Jodeflf Caretto. BEST HALL A3. Front Row: Liz Yoder, Betsy Wellek, Rhonda Stutzman, Nancy Arbaugh, Chris Flannery. Sec- ond Rowz Patti Newberry, Barbara Allen, Cheri A, johnson, Carrie Himelfarb. Third Row: Ruriko Hatakeyama, Ana Barker, Rebecca Ayers, Debbie Staggers, Kathlene Warren. Fourth Row: Colie Mason, Rachel Givan, Eilis Murphy, Tracey McConnell, Rebecca Palacio. BEST HALL B3. Front Row: Vivianna Bimbi, Tracey Kyle Drake, Heidi Maxson, Amanda Christy. Second Row: Kari Parris - Lough, jennifer Kummer, Teresa Campbell, Christine Muniz. Third Row: Annette Gehling, Martha P, Villaescusa, Cheryl Bess, Sara Risseeuw, Nichelle R. Piller. Fourth Row: Candy A. Enos, lanell M. Larson, Luara Fox, Angie Sennev. "N---...,,,,M. ....,.. .v The struggles of checking in are experienced by jason Wolk while moving in to a Manzanita room. After a long hot summer Dave Boduch and Bob Niemeyer carry the essentials in for life at Manzanita. Layout by Stephen Marvin TJ. Sokol TJ. Sokol 21 5. A . 4 ,L if 9 . 1 I A , N va A .mi K 4 . Jwwrf 'T' Q 55? tg .5 .tv "' we .- as A . ltr? me ilet . I if . ,, ,st ' ' . ' ' i., - 3 Q, Q N 9 ' F as K - .. bw A ' ri. 501401 The Big Move 253 Sponsored by Residence Life Layout by Nicole Carroll Students find sunbathing after class to be relaxing. Palo Verde Beach was the place where many friends chose to chat with each other. I BEST Cl. Front Role: Steve Burchett, Byron Aragon, Steve Hopkins, Mark joos, Steve Potts, Dalton McCombs, Filip Steiger, Second Row: William Underwood, Paul Doi, Chris Lacey, Matt Kisl, Lee Roy Llamas. Third Row Thomas McCarty, Craig Thompson, Erik Lind, Gregg Hoshida, Douglas Terry. BEST C2. Freril Role' john Treeful, Tom Balek, jim Torrence, Pat Patterson, Ronald Simeon, jeff Anderson, Second Row: Barry john- son, james Rawe, jon Wasserman, Frank Szymanski, Rocky Diltz, Lowell Vandekamp. Third Rott" Patrick Mulready, Paul Haupert, Pierre, Tony Kniffen, Marc Borton, john l.iotta, Pete Mitchell. BEST C4. Fmrit Razer joseph Passanise, Mike Sampaga, Chris Thom- as, Greg Zele, David Clark, Gonzo. Seemitl Rnze: jim Taugher, Bill Brandt, Michael Donniger, Per Trellevik, james Obrnad, Warren Pierce, Third Row: Paul Pyrz, Eric Friedman, jon leweke, Scott, Brad Kelly, Brad Heinrich, BEST C5. Fflllll Role: George Pauli, Chuck Keyler, Dave Fox, john Drago, Dan Fremont, Leonard Synder, Gabe Castillo, Ken Adleson, joseph Crawford. Second Role: Scott West, Bob Spillane, Mike Ward, Courtney Toliver, Chris Muzzy, Greg Kohout, jim Hillyard, Edward junod. IRISH B. Front Row: Tim Kallmer, Ignacio Encinas, Tim Hattendorf, Don Reed, Rick Morgan, Chatham Kitz, Mike lfrost, Ivan Rigor, Stwmid Row: Chris Dicken, Hideki Manome, Ron lfry, Alan Helener Brad Eilsor, Rich Sorenson, jack Palmer, james Gifford. Third Row: Owen Kerr, joseph Heilgenstein, john johnson, jose Valenzuela William Simpson, Ryan Budisalich, Will Rau IRISH C. Front Rtizv: Kevin Wharem, Sean O'Connor David Belchefl. Kyle Hagen, Chris Compolongo, Andrew Mangan, Tom McMahon, john Scanlon, jon Watcher, Todd Peapenburg, Pat Mosher, Chris Benson. l any friends gather to watch Muck Rock Palo Verde Beach. Manzanita freshmen Hl7U7'Sl'7'1UI1f and Kristrrz Scliroedvr enjoyed ing the show together. F Brian Kim IAKING RIENDS e week before classes began rked the start of the sea- n for making friends. New dents piled into ASU's ls - some of them know- ul. This was one time in life a ed to be the most challenging. y student who lived in a residence especially those who roomed blind, ' just how scary that first week I. . . 1 1 be It took confidence courage ism and a little wit for a student to uce himfherself to total strangers. rrifying as it could be, the rewards many and sweet. 2 ice began to break by getting a atible roommate. From there, a stu- :ould go to floor meetings, dorm or parties to meet their peers. joining is of interest offered an opportunity lendship with people who had the goals in mind. As the semester iued, acquaintances built to friend- Cl -jodi Wallace Friendships 255 Sponsored by Residence Life Layout by Tina Amodio Students learned about all types of sexual devices. Displaying the uses of "elbow grease" is RA Adam Risch. An ounce of prevention . . . Craig Gold, Cholla RA, demonstrates the proper way to prepare a diaphram. ' David Leeds 2951 it 'rj Mig Hwwfniiig' F ' QVKA ,lfiiiiii . r VW . ' k ' . A , fa," YV - .1 5 . '."" . 1 . ir lil f ' bib' 1 gf Q if I r '. . "F fx I . ....w" ,J IW Pei it if , CHOLLA FG l. Front Row: Kim Baker, jeanette Searry, Terry Hu- isman, Mary Ann Borland. Bark Row: Brian Gilmore, Dave Whalan, Vince Killian, Barb Beach, Nancy Kremer. HAYDEN 1. Frunt Row: Terry Kaitschuck, Todd Wyckoff, Don Alix, Todd TeVelde, Marc Chauvin, Terry Fujii, Adam Liebi Bobby Brooks, Edward Van Hayden, jeffrey Wodard, Eric Lohmann, Tim Berger, Wake Torbenson, Bob Alcazar, Tom Eesley, Brad jones. MCCLINTOCK 1. Frunt Row: Darlene Reed, julia Ohman, Kim Hutchinson, Sandy Little, joyce Perry, Donna Bain, Kathy Depew. Svrmid Raw: Carmen Stahmer, Sandra Molina, Shawna Marotte, Liz Aronsohn, Nancy Bilardello, Susan Lynch, Angela Henry. Third Row: Kathy Tulloss, Victoria Ruppel, Leticia Villa, Helen Quintero, Emilie McLaughlin, Stephanie Maiurano, Wendy Martinez. Fourth Raw: Michelle Richter, Tamara Broadbent, Diana Mohr, Kelly Hinman, jennifer A. Witsoe, Zandra Perry, Chandera Riley. HAYDEN Z. Front Row : David jarrard, Tom Sipes, Tim Trainor, Magic Morton, Shawn Bryan, Dennis Willson, josh Gardiner, Ken- neth Garcia. Second Raw: Tom Sobel, joe Pluta, Steve Brady, john Herring, john Davis, Richard Lauria, Michael Nimsger, Eric Es- peland. Third Row: Grant N. Sines, George W. Gregg, Tyler K. Madia, Chris A. Miller, Stephen W. Yurick, D, Ryan Morris, james Wenhart, Geoff Conklin. I' ll i MCCLINTOCK 2. Front Row. Pam Frank, Chihilo Hasegawa Carolyn English, Heidi Messinger, Danita Mathis, Kerri Doherty Second Row: Stacy Koenemann, Rosemary Gard, Melinda Slaysmar julie Weiss, Carol Lawrence, Kelly Brand, Beth Knapp. Third Rau Sonia Sotelo, Angela Martinez, Odie Enos, Ronda Hitt, Suzann Belzer. Fourth Row: Robin Knapp, Lisa Steiner, Laura Francker Laurie Smith, Suzanne Dolima, Dawn Polomsky. HAYDEN 3. Front Row: Tom Torretta, john Cao, Dan Deonfsky Kart Squire, jeff Comtois. Second Rau" Bob McLean, Chris Connelly Peter Corturo, jose Saenz, Peter Henke, Mike Huber, Micheal God dard. sw s is is :' ' we gfgffsflieshfffs f . ii wifes APPEAL was supposed to be an gnment for a class out to be the biggest 1 of the year. Cholla ent Assistants Tim Hale, Michelle Mal- Adam Risch felt students were misinformed about sex or just too embarrassed to find out information. Therefore, they decided to have a special presentation on sex and birth control de- vices. Residents of both sexes were asked It Was a program that was hard to present due to the nature of the material, however, the staff handled it ontraception conversation holds the attention of sident Michelle Colavin, Men and women were tcouraged to ask questions and get involved with te sex party. Wonderfully and it Was a huge success. ,, -Adam Risch to participate in activities such as putting a condom on a banana and dividing into teams for a Sex Bowl Quiz. "The turnout was excellent and by the end of the presen- tation most people had a better perception of sex," said Adam Risch. D - Tina Amodiu Sex Party 251 Sponsored by Rcsidwzcc Lift EASY LIVING ere did we get those first pressions of college life at stay with us for our 1 ntire lives? What things ers we wrote to our parents, 1 over the phone to our girl- iends and discussed with our room- mates? The first and everlasting impres- sion thousands of first year students away from home developed from their new living quarters was always the same. One week before school began, students jammed residence halls around campus for the first glimpse at their new home away from home. But what happened when they were in? What did all those anxious folks feel? Sonja Delagado, an exchange student from Panama, said about her room in Cholla: "The rooms here are really big, I was surprised, from what I heard about other suites, I guess I got lucky with two rooms - a living room and a kitch- enette." Students agreed that they liked the increased amount of choice at Cholla. They could choose from one or two bed- room suites with three various sized bed- rooms, or if they preferred privacy they could rent a studio. Another convenient aspect at Cholla was the ability to choose roommates. Over at Sahuaro, the residence hall on Old Row, there was quite another story. Although the rooms were smaller, each had a set of bunkbeds, two desks and dresser drawers, and sometimes a short- age of hot water on Monday mornings. Sahuaro Hall had benefits other halls did not. Sahuaro was a three-story coed hall opposite Old Row, which meant week- ends got a little crazier than over at Chol- la. The differences in halls were relatively minor, like the fact that Sahuaro offered a meal plan and Cholla didn't. Cholla, however, had a choice of room and roommates and Cholla was closer to campus. These differences could make a shaky semester seem more promising.D im- - 5501: Troyanos Catching some rays is popular among Cholla 258 Easy Living Sponsored by Residence Lift' ,ayout by Tina Amodio Tlinging frisbees for fun is a popular pastime nmong Sahuaro residents. Sunshine and grassy ields lured many a student from more academic aursuits. .Max Q 7 l ' , 1 - asker -me ' .1-fr W f s e g . ' . ,,.- "' t 112 T +2 " "' STNFXE? ' igjofw:-:f s F - Xe 4 P 'Z ' M K L W -"T15'.525i"i I Q 5' '. ' . . . A , f - '- ' i. 2 Maxx' R' rf' 53875. ,,.-t'm',,e- .ft , 11 ,K 2335 . nfs- SRM .-st: Q .aX.t.w ' CHOLLA HALL AB1. Front Row: Kevin Adams, jeff Boston, Scott CHOLLA HALL AB2. Fran! Row: Kathy Haley, Liz French. Second CHOLLA HALL AB3. Frunt R0w:Iay Yowell, joe Broadhurst, Missy Robinson. Raw: Kim Eldred, Ted Friedl, Brandon Friar, Mallory, Chuck McWethy. CHOLLA HALL AB4. Front Row: Lisa, Kristen Maddas, Kathy Roye, CHOLLA HALL ABS. Front Row: Chris Ashley, Dena Welch, Ker- CHOLLA HALL AB6. Front Row: David Hughes, Leona Zamora, Yvonne Powell, Carmen Rael. Second Row: Timothy Burr, Judd stin Vickery. Second Row: Ron Sanders, Michael Chester, Theodore Kathy Hill, Rachel Hyman. Second Row: Robert L. Puchalski, Rod johnson, David Bahl, David Figueroa, David Leeds, Mitch McCoy. E. Pride, Phillip Cordora. Gainer, john Fauela, Matt Rankin, Charles Brandt, Adam Risch, BURN IN ' Wim there were just too to do. School English papers, lab so much walk- line, buckets of dirty laun- dry, dinner and late nights out. Once in a while we had to yell, "Stop! I'm getting off the world for a few hours!" What could a person do to es- cape the tedious rigors of college life? There was one special event here at ASU, perhaps the reason many of us came to the Valley of the Sun - power tanning. Abundant sun made tanning the eas- iest and most relaxing diversion from campus life. It offered academically shocked students more than just a few ff I can come out here, look Crt the sky, the Water, the I- palm trees and forget about finishing my math assignments. Iczckie Pinkerton hours of sacred peace poolside, lost in thought to the rhythm of Oingo Boingo on the Walkman. It also brought students together at a com- mon meeting ground. "I like to come out to see all the guys in their little flower patterned jams," one sophomore lady claimed. "I can come out here, look at the sky, the water, the palm trees and forget about finishing my math as- signments," another student said. E1 f Scott Troyanos Fixing her hair, Amy Powers, a freshman marketing major, sits with her friend Lisa Parkinson, a freshman psychology major while discussing plans for the upcoming weekend. CHOLLA HALL AB7. Front Row: Michelle Vogt, Moira Casey, Cindy Lane, Sheryl Azbill. Second Row: Deana Gehle, Ken Foster, Barry Chase, Rick Morey, Craig Redsteer. CHOLLA HALL CD2. Front Row: leannene Pin- ion, Noelle Kaneshiro, Saundy Whitehurst, Trichelle White. Second Row: Ieffery Sounart, Dan- iel Cheke, Lucas Loukedis. ..v-5, Brian Kirmse 5- , -L-.ngfq ,fqqwi S- - 1 , ,,A,..,... ,s' - 'F-or - '."Sv"z,:gif ,fr H . . . M.. - s i-, .- '.'Ie.:, , .A -.. .f"?z"-,:,- -Q '- I 1..L:fr-i"'-7" ' ' A S L, , .-., . A I-f 'Q CHOLLA HALL AB8. Front Row: Cheryl jason, lane Roth, Angela Dezort. Second Row: Michael Reilly, Felicia Hernandez, Paula Killian. Third Row: Wintson G. Iones, Keith 1. Stewart, Kelly j. Loomis. CHOLLA HALL CD3. Front Row: Craig Gold, Tracey Dyer, "Bert Berkholdern, Peter Marx, Lisa Cutter. CHOLLA HALL CD1. Front Row: Mark T. McCol- drick, Laura L. Mika 8: Gonzo, Kathy Ko, Cheryl Adamson. CHOLLA HALL CD4. Front Row: Meiko Yama- nobe, Holger Ericsson Ill, Belinda Dangerfield, Debbie Zipnick, Teresa McEntire, Melissa Martin. Second Row: Tami Hall, jose Castrillon,1im Luczyn- ski, Shawn Weiman, Nick A. Salerno, Lara McGowan. , n 'S-1'-Ufll . ,reg .vs f- . ,K Freshman Lisa Rana catches up on some home work while leisurely wad ing in the pool. Layout by Steve Krzrun X.. QQBA' Q 47' i. ' Brian Kirmse Burnin' Up 261 Sponsored by Rcsidcncc Life . I I M 12, f i"W'i5Qf 5 JW fp ,. ,, ,, ,, , , ,,,, , ,W . M W W ww, , W Y , flw ,Aw-..,n ,,,x ., I-4' 'ix fb ,V N , ,, 'A ..ff ,Y 'G .. M f m 26 M M ,iw Ml " Q' am Wm L fu , , N ji, ' J I ' QL .l"Q it hmmm.. '-W ik 4 , A 1 5 "E 2 ,Map-4-+-W ,v 'M Layout by Tina Arnodio "Hayden Hall is that way," says Meagan Donahue, while working a late shift at the Center Complex main desk, located in Best Hall 3. 'lt'e tt' 4' 'Gm V - .. - ' ' 1 -R A e --u ies, - gr -s '-"'t"""""" "" WA M 1 - k 5 ,A ec, . S- , ., . , f- . Q -A ,, . .. . .. n -A . new w i g ? - . '- -A to -- ' for -. , r - T ff 1 . L. c ps' 'GW ' ' L ' xfffh " tt ,, kt! ', . 4' .. T ' .wt . E' A 1 ' ' f , ggyxlgl I ' B Q fl ' K I 3 ' .Q t . ap i ' ' 'Fi 13' l lp' vt . L . 'A 1 P f' lt it " T is . L , T 7 1 1 ese . ., L i i Q, B nts. M f ew. . . . f . N e 1 Q E ,I 3 , '1' V ' ue- .5 rj t r e If gl , .5 29533 .. ' g X X N. ' 'X JK, f 5 'W 5, A H tl 'gg W A 'L 'L r , F L l ' t X. K 2 f Q . . . .L 'lv X A F' S 4 2. 0 - W I - Q 41 t'tt ig at . 'titzztrztz ' .1 , k 3 V ,W Ax X, A ,ees 3 4: . 75 - f . - L , . .t f ,. -A A -1 r -fee - f ".a-1 "f" ' ' . A t .5 P f . " ' ' se,s g Q .. if if "ll ' eeee i f S S lv . ' L , ki -K J t ef t i K .vkb kkik W 5 1 -.wx 4 , iff E . ldv, K XX - O C Y '. 5 'J V bf ' .43 ' K we f if ' L. . . -,A 1 . at A f K . -1 eq.. Q 1 ,ax ea Q. Y v 3 l ' t f N .- ,MQ Y 1 5 34 , . J . .kjx gg 1 ,K A . xl A' r 'lg Ar. rg In ,, if ,,. K gb' .. wr V: .tfffeft . fr: -. ,aj in ,.. J . . ' gg. a -1- wgrcllii SAHUARO HALL Al. Front Row: Ben Fishman, jerry Pieczynski, Don Cardona, john Roberts, Evan Porges, john Walker, Dave Kolar, jay Anderson. Second Row: Paul Richardson, jeffery Minor, jim Kenyon, joshua Hemlehen, Chris Cocalis, Paul Cassidy, jim jarvis, Tom Macias. Third Row: Shawn Lnas, Matt Ellis, john Locklin, Dave Smith, Mike Rothweiler, Dan Hamrew. SAHUARO HALL B1. Front Row: Aldo Bottalla, Robert Taryoz, Ken Davidson, Thomas Ryan, Tim Donnally, Dave Daumit. Second Row: Robert Lancendorfer, Craig jackson, joe Ramsaver, Troy Sanders, jose Hoffman, Gunner Pederson, john Marriott. Third Row: Chris Tieman, Scott janovsky, Mike Sumner, Darren Forster, Brad Clem- ent, Rico Walker, john Kazmer, Erich Slothower, Greg Schulte. SAHUARO A2. Front Row: jeannette Myroniak, Debbie johnstone, jeannette Champaigne, Lisa Somerville, Karen Olson, Kris Brown, Second Row: Scott Ryerson, Kyong Kang, Robert Frank, jennifer Bom, Chu Nhut Bumette, Gary De Long, julia jaurengui, Third Row: Bryan Low, Matt Hokanson, Scott R. Gold, Satchmo Lang, jaff McFadden, Carl johnson, Greg Wilson, Glen DeBusschere. SAHUARO B2. Front Row: Shannon Roberts, Russ Korcuska, Steve Book, Keith Evan, Chris Clifton. Second Row: Yoshihiro Miki, Dan Hawes, Scott Hower, Paul Willette, Bob Pitts, jamie Hollen. Third Row: Greg McQuaid, jeff Mandyck, Mike Marquet, Greg Bindle, jeff Westling, jason Anderson, Warren Apel, Scott Peterson. SAHUARO HALL A3. Front Row: Susan Skowronski, jamie jamburri, Amy Sitver, Kris Zeilmann. Second Row: Kristine Lisknoli, Amy Powers, Nicole Napolitano, Roberta Enderle, Gina l-lassel, Nancy Floyd. Third Row: Lorie Garcia, Lisa Ryan, Debbie Mitchell, Renee McNeil, Sally Audustine, joy jenkerson, Ann McDenery, Carrie Constandse. SAHUARO HALL B3. Front Row: Missy Nagel, Christine Pitts, Stephanie Melgreen, Sheila Connolly, Vanessa Hughes, Wendy jordan, Stephanie Decker, Raquel Rhodes, Elena Regge, Denise Corrente, Annie Blakes. Second Row: Michelle Winple, Katy Barcus, Kim Kynfrey, Candy Whidden, Rene Miller, Linda Bohm, jill Gladis, Lisa Toben, Lisa Parkinson, Amy Cobbs. Third Row: Linda Arpy, Linda Penn, Katherine Sellwood, Terri Anderson, Kim Franklin, i Pam Mullet, Leslie Speedie, Donna Long, Kris Harris, Renee Bmason, Kellie Mellor, Dana Boudart. DA's DQ IT ALL! the far corners of the res- nce halls, beneath stacks news and piles of file fold- behind computer screens its there existed an animal offices. This rare breed was and soul of university beauracracy, the muscle and teeth that tore into the literal miles of academic red tape. Student desk assistants. All the mail that was sorted, rooms scheduled, letters labeled, mailers mailed, inter-office memos muttered, and calls taken were received, sorted and stamped by desk assistants. They were everywhere! Be- cause of the tremendous use for student financial aid and the university's need to accommodate the thousands of students with their millions of problems, the uni- versity employed students in hundreds of critical positions throughout the cam- pus. Being a residence hall desk assistant was no easy task. It took patience and the ability to handle people in a calm, sensible manner and still be able to get their work done before the next person's shift be- gan. Thankless, yes. Fruitless, No! Cl -Scott Troyunos Desk Assistants 265 Sponsored by Residence Life V YEAH, DUDE!! BQNQ H xl HERE: 'Tl me UCLKYK nu me ' Nx0RNxNQ'!l f A ' ' X 1 X X f I N 5 A K X X 1 ' ARE VES YNXQHTS X ff E W X X X I 1 I , X L X TLKX A Xi L Q ij S 1 'I MX Q XX X sl ' SES. X U if Xi ' ' . 'if Q N 6 4? 55, kk I - 11 W X X A -.Xfg - :vii-, . X. X X .x-X J Q Y V X 'Xniygx QQ xi x ' X Y f X M xxkl. 2 Q X X 5 N S K XX' -xkxlx ' 1 O X X I . X X X X X X r 'A yi .xx. X kkxkh 9 ki X :gXXXXXX,x5w XKOQXS X KN x X 1 X XXXQ X N X J X X - ff' X- XX X 'X X WNXNNX X 5 gg QX Y X 1 l iv K X Q ' X S X X ,x ' xx SSX X: 'XS Y 3 f 'QX1+0 ' '. v ? GSW Nmwxww S X f ,X A XX X , ' XX 4 X I Q f x,,x M5353 X X. ,X sy ' X X X f f' f X ' f Q 552221 - 1 NO :XX-' I ' E XXXf-"'--M"'--'NWN' X W " W Ns W x ' - X E X SXXERXXX 1 XXX I we XXX' ' ' , I i "-'X X z.: -Xu,-X. X xg - X XX . fm M K X 1 QT 1 f X X WX?- X .NX if , -' ' .- :ammg X ,XX-XS ' QQ X XXX X 89 5 - - . , X ' X X1 X XX X X XXXX fs.S!Xliw f X migi' xx lj x XX SNQXX :I X , X XX ui.. X .' XSS -:ph-5, :sas Xk NX SS X W Mfg X '-"-' Q MWAXVXAX X 2 , 5 .I X S X W f-- NSA X X if .1 iw' YS Vg ' I Oi' i xXx A AI pq.. X XS 5 1 1 X ff. .':. ' y X XX XX X 5 X .- ., X i L15 X Y X X ' kit ,XSNXX N '--., X r iF, XXV I N X X S X 1 .-, XwX 5 X F N55 XXX D' X X ' X '- - A X S X X X - xwxx Q XS XA! X 1 Xlgfx A .X Q XX Q S X ' A X X 55,5 - ,. X XXX X X X X , 1 X sry X X K - QQ 'mY N K 4 5 5 ' S N X-gs I , -' +P fi x is 'xiii f A 1 " if X ' - xx X X Si? ', I ' ,,-K v - X Q x xx Wk Ns , XXX- N XX www ,ws X 1 X X' ' A-.,, X XX 4 - Lf w X m XXX. A wgggggs . x 'lx WX XX XXX N V AXQXXSS A 6 i V X XX.X I ' -L ,WY J QR Y X - N " 9 ki 'ENXXXXQQQ X A 610 i 1 WM WWW Xx 7 a is SE YN X400 ' Z 0 x W' I 0 A LS U ll 7 X : liia' X 0 j kq9 r- in I X .X 3 Cp WX.. IBS X? E W M C7 ,Q 'Y---ms: -X XXX X X .XX--4 .Rn -XXwQ: XQX N XXNXX AA XXX, X N A g Xxx N XXXXQXXXX NXXXXXX XA ff1X1xXXX1 XM h x X 1' . E 7. " . 'x.... A' , Roommates . . . you gotta love 'emi The one thing that really bothers me about my roommate is how loud she snores at night! A funny thing happened once: I came home late from a party and was still kind of drunk. I didn't notice anyone sleeping in my bed and wound up sleeping with my roommate's boy- friend. It's not really funny when you think you're using hair spray, and it turns out to be bleach - compliments of your roommate. But it didn't end there -- he broke his bed then switched it with mine while I was out. I woke up with a sore neck all year long and didn't know why! My roommate is so lazy -- she drives zo Circle K from Cholla. f was 10 minutes late to my first class Jecause I was searching for my fa- vorite pair of jeans. I saw my room- mate in the MU - she was wearing zheml The most annoying thing about my roommate? Her boyfriend. My roommate was so ditzy - she didn't know how to use a manual can opener! The phone could be right next to my roommate, but if she's tired when it rings, she will run around the room in circles before she realizes where it is. Snooze alarms should be outlawed! My roommate's alarm started ringing at 7:00 a.m. and every ten minutes after that. He would finally get up, just when I was about to - and use all the hot water. I came home from work starving, to find my shelf of the fridge had been raided by my roommate and his friends. They ate S30 worth of food in one sitting! It's the little things that bother me -- he refuses to fill ice trays, leaves toothpaste in the sink, never gets the mail and lets the garbage overflow onto the floor! The most annoying thing about my roomate? His girlfriend. 'ALO VERDE WEST 6. Front Row: Mark D. Vi- luesnely, Mike Ianowski, Tim Abraham, Peter Gra- iam, avid Weinrach, Nick Nicholes, Michael .ieske. Second Row: Tom Thompson, jim Sine, ustin Frazier, Scott Fields, Glen Pronk, Art Eklung, Dale Gilbert, Erik Kopidlansky. Third Row: jeff viatt, Dan Saidel, Jason Rulney, Craig Simom- tqaard, David Wrilght, Philip Noto, Brett Hull. fourth Row: Ken asternak, Brian Dyer, Chris slunziata, Mike March, Ned Hill, Rob Fisher, Glen iawkinsson, Dan McNamara, Scott Ramsey. Fifth low: Mike Canada, Anthon Dzirzkowski, Bruce Varren, Ross Busby, Matt Zerchner, Bob Navia, Tom Sepic. PALO VERDE WEST 7. Front Row: Michael Palais, Dave Steiner, jeff Brinkley, Dave Waldman, William Greenfield, jose h Omen. Second Row: Kris Krisan, TJ. Sokol, Mljke Krents, Sean Brown, Ramon I. Wallace, Marshall Solomon, Jason Holmes. Third Row: Christopher Bucci, jeff Mar- tinez, Larry Hirose, Mark Koan, Mike Meyer, Ed Rierson, Mike Gaylen, Andy Gelle. Fourth Row: Michael I-lornhacher, Brad DeSa e, left' Matt, Aar- on Rothenburger, Eric Voldeny, lames Young, Gus Lopez, Daniel Wagner. FROM HELL 6 0'clock a.m. I wasn't ready up - that didn't matter, had a 7:40. There alarm, next came half an the snooze button. As I groggily grope for Coke, my senses are with the smell of burning and the accompanying screech of the smoke alarm. All right, this will not ruin my day. Cruising down Terrace to my calculus class a stark realization hits me - my roommate left the iron on. A momentary delay. I dash through the door five min- utes late to find my class taking a mid- term. I scrounge through my backpack for a pencil, realizing my roommate nev- er returned the one I loaned him last night. I'll get over this, who says you can't do derivatives with a magic marker. A quick stop by the MU for lunch, then off to work. I reach for my wallet to pay for my Big Mac and instead of mon- ey find a scrawled note, "hey man, I was a little short today, took five bucks, I'll pay you back Friday." Work went well, a little hard to con- centrate with my stomach announcing my hunger to the entire office every five minutes. On the way home I spotted my room- mate hanging out by the Cady Mall fountain, his borrowing had gone a little far - around his neck was my favorite tie, around his arm was my favorite girl. I returned home looking for a little solitude for studying and wound up looking for my desk under his dirty laun- dry. Realizing that I could no longer function without first feasting, I looked towards my refrigerator for salvation. Not only had every TV dinner disap- the refried beans I had hidden in far corner for a biology experiment been consumed. When my roommate exploded through the door complaining about his day, I had to laugh. He truly was the roommate from hell -Nicole Carroll Roommates From Hell 267 Sponsored by Residence Life PUTTIN' IT CN ganzanita hosted one of the ottest Residence Life fund- V :'2 isers of the year The ' li :'E ' ale Dance Revue. The vent, featuring the Dream eam Dancers, drew hun- dreds of anxious co-eds to 'fi' cafeteria. A small entrance fee onsi F-n "" of either two dollars accompa- nied by a can of food or a flat char e of three dollars. All profits went to air? the needy around the valley. As popular as the event turned out to be, it had some trouble getting off the ground. ASU administration withdrew its su port and funding of the prolect, citing tgat it went against the mora fiber of the in- stitution. The Residence Hall Association came to the rescue by providing initial funding for the Male Dance Revue. The final event proved to be successful by restoring students' faith in residence hall activities and raising hundreds of dol- lars for needy charities. U Bob Castle No laughing matter! Amy Hass finds humor with the leg on her lap, 268 Male Dancers Sponsored by Residmice Life 9' I X ka '5 af: Q I an -. f is fr' 'Lt Bob Who is that mystery man? Monique Dumuurh had a close-up view of a suspicious looking Chai' acter. MANZANITA 2. Front Row: Elizabeth Larson, Deborah Cook, Diane Montecello, Alice Peterson, Cathy Callahan, Cheryl Smith. Sccond Row: Stephany Wisiol, Vicki Capek, Stephanie Lott, Karen Rosenthal, Becky Davis, Suzanne Diaz, janet Steely. Third Row: Maura Lansing, Kris Hook, Sue Schroer, Deborah Molique, Lisa Converse, Nicole Milam, Valerie Minteer. MANZANITA 5. Front Row: Colleen Lambertos, Laina Dominick, Tammi Goldberg, Katie Nenninger, Kim Martinetti, Chrissy Bodam, Cindy Pondellick, jennifer Webber. Srrrnid Row: Felicity Ashbeck, Amber Arellano, Donella Dante, Amy Clower, jane Cook, Susie Platt, Cathy Green, Monya Pehlivonion. Third Row: Nancy Grant, Sally jones, Beverly Gaviati, Ann Peterson, jill Anthony, Elizabeth Boom, Rhonda Hudson, jackie Georgeson. MANZANITA 3. Front Row: Susie Schneider, Lauren Cizon, Patty Day, Krista Henkle, Sandi Martin, Nicole Rymarchyk, Second Row: Hilary Black, Angie Phlak, Dana Scherer, Cindy Cole, Lynn Cruika shank, Karen Farnell. Third Row: Cheryl Ricketts, joelle Brummett, Heidi Meisterling, Penny Frothingham, Amy Bevis, Gail Bimbaum. MANZANITA 6. Front Row: Tom LoVerde. Second Row: Mike Portill, Not ldentified, David Borsh, Neil Brown, Brian Higgins, Christophe Cordulack, Phil Zweig, Eric Delander, Monty Montoya, Third Row: Darren Wolf, jason Gori, Scott Morris, Herman Walker, Danny Marting, Not Identified, Paul Zemanek, j.D. Clark, Not Identified, Lee Smith. Fourth Row: Tyronne McCloud, Robert Wil- son, Barry Brown, Not Identified, Kerry Vance, Not Identified, Shaun Weider, Christoper Brehme, Mark Winfield, john Ellingson, jeff Sinai. MANZANITA 4. Front Row: Derrick Harris, Barry Doyle, Rob Much, Darrell Colman, jim Rush, Russ Robinson, Mike Deslauriers, Nick Strow, Srcond Row: Curtis Baumgarth, james Seymour, Ge- offrey Tan, Mike Gowing, Mark Gannon, Lorne Solomon. Third Row: Daniel Pollock, Lynn Weireicki, Greg Autenreith, Tom Mat- tingly, Greg Rizzo, Brett Dammann, Not Identified. MANZANITA 74 Front Row: Heather Satchel, jennifer johnson, Karen Bartlett, Linda Lipkin, Angie Havens, Mindi Hollander. Sec' ond Row: jill Purdy, Dawn DeSantes, Courtenay Shortall, Heather Van Gunten, Traci l.angston, jill Schwartz. Bob Castle . 43,1 Making a new friend, Vanessa Reurnun is introduced to a young gentleman dancer. Appearances can be deceiving - restrictions were placed on the dancers and the crowd to keep the evening innocent. Male Dancers 269 Sponsored by Residence Life A-....-is Bob 270 Male Dancers Sponsored by Residence Life wept off her feet, Manzanita resident Kristy oft participates in the excitement of the eve- ing. The Manzanita cafeteria came alive as ihibitions were lowered and temperatures eated up. The Dream Team Dancers provide a different kind of entertainment for their audience. Ready to roast marshmallows are Vanessa Reurnan, Eb- by Esrey, Christy Planting and julia Gardner. , in Q1 is R .fc i Bob Castle TAKIN' IT CFF ard social practices were d aside when about 100 ming women gathered in Manzanita cafeteria to par- he Male Dance Revue. Mod- e d inhibitions were kept to a "bare" minimum. Active participation appeared to be the key to the event's success - this was not a social occasion for shy people. lt was truly a "hands-on" experience that oc- casionally got out of hand. Women who began hand-delivering dollar bills to their entertainers' G-strings soon ad- vanced to putting their teeth to work for this task. The dancers seemed to enjoy the eve- ning almost as much as their audience, encouraging full participation. MANZANITA 8. Front Row: Steve Curty, Derrek Mellon, Greg Bertoldo, Craig Fitzpatrick, Brett Goble, Craig Hadley, Faust Gonzalez. Second Row: Mike Hecker, Brian Moure, Pat Peterson, Derrick Hall, Not Identified, Blake Humphrey, Robby Stephens. Third Row: joe Cobler, Chris Grubbs, Brian Shalman, Brain Oakley, Not Identified, Drew Tommarias, Kevin Connell. MANZANITA 11. Front Row: Amy Hass, Michelle Wackeen, Mia Felterman, Kim Berke, Diane Coe, jeanne Devito, julie johnson, Sandy Montoya, Second Row: Tracie Krah, Amy Dalsin, Heather Goebel, joanne Shell, Michelle Driess, Heather Flynn, Blair Hyde, Toby Tibbet, Mamie Schwimmer. Third Row: Erin Buhl, Lynnette Gamer, Mary Kennedy, Christine Bott, Angelica Villa, Stacey Mul- ler, Kim Hesse. MANZANITA 9. Front Row: Teresa Armijo, Wendy Silverman, Christina Banks, Christine Banks, Christine Barnard, Teresa Fontana, Holly Amistrong, Kristin Smith, julie P'Argiolas, Sharon Barry, Debbie Maguire. Second Row: Kelly Splitstoser, Tempest Mault, Stefanie Morrow, Lara Rithie, Michelle Borst, Mamie Danley, Kyra Farago, Michelle Dickerson, Cara Vogel, Kia Murray, Sue Kapanowski. Third Row: Yvette Nelem, Monica Marhoefer, Sharon Krakoski, julie Getson, Susan Krakoski, Lynn Zanelli, Ronda Surina, Taimi Benda, Suzanne Welsh, Andi Prather, Kim Danielson. MANZANITA 12. Front Row: Todd Frieman, Brian Lrowe, Scott Alexander, Bill Ewert. Second Row: john Artz, Chris Miller, joel Odish, Bill Spencer, Brent Barda, Dan Hinojos. MANZANITA 10. Rob Wallace, Dennis Dovala, Daniel Click, Tyson Williams, David Friedman, David Klimas, Brian Gustavel, Criag Palm, David Shaw, james Evans, Robert joy, jeff Kirshner, Eric Gregory, Alan Vanderploeg, Roger Bouvier, jeff Chalfin, Brad Vaughan, Dustin Barton, Adam Gdansky, jason Fishkind, james Totulis, Eric Grotenhuis, james McClure, Glenn Hardy, Todd Widick, jayson Kerster, Kent Thomas, Robert Ferrari, Carston Hohnke, Brad Diodati, Richard Maze, james Evans, james Book, Dean Malleberg, Mark V. Smith, Edward Wedell, Michael Huggins, Dave Wright, Peter C. Yamevich, Brian Ripka, james Gordon, Paul Argyrudoulos, DuWayne Rocus, Richard jack, Russell Bentley, john Howalt, Paul Howalt, Neal Weber, Steven La Bell, Lance Rosenberg, Steve Opdyke, Matthew Harrington, Steve Schaefer. Carl Kebman, Bill Hughes, Richard Dupere, Mitch Bradley, Russell jensen, William Settled, Anthony Marco, Greg Hollenbaugh, Robert MacDonald. MANZANITA 13. Front Row: Victoria Cano, jennifer Blank, Lori Reed, Not Identified, Not Identified, Kelly Hayden, Michelle Ed- wards, Beth Roth, Suzanne Sacptier. Second Row: Lynn Rosenthal, jill Wienberg, Maria Kmzella, Kelly Walsh, julie Kissleburg, jennifer Burkland, Lisa Soultao, jill Demarte, Laura Rondel. Third Row: Melissa Pass, Kim Pilot, Kim Dorso, Melissa Dolton, Lisa Smith, Stephanie Schmidt, Amy Bumberg. Caroline Schmidt, Tracy Shrimp, joanna Westhafer. Whiffing at a whiffleball provided fun and exercise for many students. Resi- dents at Cholla often put their green lawn to use for football, baseball and just hanging out. Layout by Tina Amodio MANZANITA HALL 14. Front Row: Bobby Mintz, Mark Reider, Kip Olson, john Holmes, Adam Melszen, Steve Russell, Owen Bradley, john Conaboy. Second Raw: Walt Freer, Troy Krizenesky, Michael "Rudy" Mlynek, Chad Kilray Dexter, Ken "Bubba" Stewart, joe Stanley, Eric Bohn, Todd Vogensen, Mark Allen. Third Row: Philip Buch, joe Blanton, Paul Strauss, Casey Denny, Ryan Knowlton, Park Wame, Mike Croatti, Dylan john Phillips, Vince Kuepper, jim Kurtz. MANZANITA HALL 15. Front Raw: Shelley Siegmund, jenny Briggs, Kristen Hartley, Gina Zappala, jodi Cohen, joanie Cun- ningham, jenny Pickaro. Second Row: Rochelle Marks, Nikki Dalton, Kathie Sullivan, Molly Hahne, Barb Gello, Alyse Smerka, Patricia Noonan, Third Row: Andrea Stockert, Lisa Bibello, Vickie Walraven, Cynthia Sieler, Karen Bertko, LaTonya Harrison, Sylvia Ethelbah. MARIPOSA HALL 1, Front Row: Lisa Krepps, Michiko Matsuda, Kimberley Thome, Stephanie Voorhees, Melissa Rupakus, jackie Hoover, Barb Tumbull. Second Row: j. Arthur Wicker, Daniel Rich- ardson, Cindy Vanderheiden, Franco Rovennati, Brett Hobza, Timena Vaivao, Third Row: Greinta Bartholomew, Rick john, David Thomas, Tuu Otisa. MARIPOSA HALL 2. Front Row: Randall Whitlock, Sally Scott, Midari Tsunemi, Steve Pamperin, Phillip Miller, Mike Brilleslyper. Second Row: Tony Raybum, Kristi Wyffels, Mike Hudson, Michael Gross, Nick VanderVoo, Michael Welbes. Third Row: Brian Camp- bell, Maraget Milliken, Zon Sullenberger, julius Erving, jim McMahon, Wayne Black, Keith Groat, Dan Peters. X L.. ,. .. i ' .. " is X A! - , .. el 1 -- i. f TQ. . '- ix', , .- 5 e ' K e , .k, w A-. ' 4 4 2' ff" ' F . ,. 1 rd . i 1 X1-i--1 t i 5 . i i t A 2 ss. . A he ., gg, V wi V 'gl L 3' fi 5 nr .g V i K" OCOTILLO HALL E2. Front Row: Dale Davies, jeff Forgang, M chael Thompson, Pedro j. Escalon. Second Row: Mark Pena, Rafac Anderson, Cliff Stewart, OCOTILLO HALL E3. Front Row: joe Windt, Den O'Leary, Sco McBride, Harold Wong Steve Eggemeyer, Daniel Schindele, jimm Paige. Second Row: Timothy Klug, Chris Wahl, Dave Sloan, Bo Lawrence, Geoffrey Wallace, Henry Walker, Third Row: Scott Beife Craig Dickinson, Rick Miller, Don Gibson, Ed Teschir, Mike Rey noso. SWEAT I rcise is important for many sidents for many different asons. Besides the numer- ous joggers and bikers seen . . .,l U's main campus, there were man udents that took interest in other forms of at-home exercise. The weight rooms and grassy fields near most of the halls were well used by the hall mem- bers. The weight room became a friend and a foe as residents used it to release frus- tration, get away from the real world, stay in shape or just work off a midnight pizza. The grassy fields became a prime place for such sporting events as a pick-up game of football, soccer, frisbee, baseball and many other exercise-oriented activ- ities. Both areas offered hours of enjoyment and personal satisfaction as they added yet another dimension to residence life at ASU. U - Leslie Anderson N0 pain, No gain! lumes Berg tones up by "hanging" around in residence hall weight rooms. One, two, three .. . push! Gary Bouch gets in shape working out with leg weights in the Cholla weight room. Exercise 273 Sponsored by Residence Life A sporting viewl Ocotillo freshmen Rebecca Nr and Linda Venner watch an impromptu volley match from an Ocotillo balcony. Amenities suc the volleyball court and swimming pool made C tillo a popular residence hall choice. David Mcl or OCOTILLO AB 1. Front Row: Amy Dixon, Carol Cotten, Kelly Krouser, Becky Epstein. Second Row: Susan Spexarth, Erlc Hartel, Chuck Wagon. Third Raw: Frank Sllvestrlnl, Matthew Mustaln, Bob DeLucla, Davld Sloan. Fourth Row: jeff Stlzza, Lance Holby, Eddie Flnster, Ho Chl Mln, Tom Tappen. OCOTILLO CD2. Front Row: Christopher Gllbert, lalra Lewls, Rlnaldo Bottlgllerl, l.lsa Rauna, Roberta LeBarlo. Second Row: Klm Marie Baler, Audra jordan-Weldon, Rlcki Miller, Kirk Hagen, Michelle Lazovlch. Third Raw: Anthony E. Brown, Chlp Weber, Clarence McAlllster, Kevln lullo Martinez Norlln. OCOTILLO A2B2. Front Row: Theresa Amado, Mellssa Chaney, Chrlstlne L. Butler. Second Row: Adrienne Henry, David Harlas, Mlchelle Brennon, Scott Darden. Third Row: Geoffrey Wallace, Chris Morris, Tom Hope. Fourth Row: Andrew Maul, john Ramirez, Scott Burgoz, Chrls Povlch. OCOTILLO C3D3. Front Row: Teal Clark, jacki Yee, Sharon Vas- mek. Second Raw: Stacey Barreth, Rebecca Norris, Michele Gameros, Llsa London. Third Row: Linda Venner, Michael Scarano, Klm Fan- nlng, Fourth Row: Rita Kovacslcs, Mark Elcher, Alex Loukedls. x l OCOTILLO AB3. Front Row: Louise Munroe, Corine Schaechter Brenda Thomas. Second Row: Anne Osborn, Sadie Madole, Erii Rosner, Anne Marie Kuban. Third Row: Kelly Krouser, Boland Tang Corey Schlueter. Fourth Row: Edward Piggott, Earl Shives, Bryor Watson, Steve Staniec. Fifth Row: loann Gauchez, Dave Madden jimmy Davis, Terry Reisner. OCOTILLO DE. Front Row: jeff Degnan, Marland Franco, Kelly Nolan, Kathryn Simpson. Second Row: Eric Hirshouer, Robert Kal lick, Rod Ridolfo, jon Langfitt, Third Row: joe Myers, Dave Schiller Steve Beykisch. Fourth Row: Kirk Rutherford, Paul Pyrz, Rob Gagne David Francisco. uning out" distractions was easy with a sunny f and a Walkman. Sophomore Beth Holmwood md bliss on a balcony at Ocotillo Hall. Quiet ies were both relaxing and recreational for res- nts. sl David Mclntyre THE CCLOR 0F MONEY Hall had it all then some. If playing weight- a cook-out tick- Ocotillo provid- ed the for your indul- gence. However, some radical residents just weren't satisfied, so they organized escapes. One such escape was an outing to the dog track. To these thrill seekers, the dog track provided the most excitement per dollar. Here is a writer's embellishment of one such adventure: It was a day like no other. Not just any other day, but D-day, dog race day to Ocotillo resi- dents. And they were off . . . to the track. With money falling out of the proverbial holes in their pockets and simultaneous- ly being placed on various pooches. Visions of granduer filled residents minds about all of the VCR's, microwaves, and economics texts they could buy with all their winnings! But then reality hit Hard! Many res- idents were forced to loan sharks, others sold the shirts off their backs. It wasn't a pretty sight. But then, out on the track making a final stride, passing the leading dog, was "Rukus Pooch" bringing home the big bucks for all the Ocotillo res- idents. They had finally won! Once again VCR's and micro- waves danced through the minds of these millionaire hopefuls. However the winnings were just enough to rebuy their clothes, pay off the loan shark and buy everyone a Big Gulp and a hot dog at Circle K. As they traveled back to the great dorm in the desert, they reflect- ed on the evening just passed, and all they won and lost while blinded by the color of money! -Steven Kricun Ocotillo Hall 275 Sponsored by Residence Life FREE TC BE comes more easily to to others. For most col- independence meant from mom and dad for their own hours about it. But for able to do things some took for granted, like showering, eating, dressing, etc. ASU attempted to make total in- depence attainable for as many of its handicapped students as possible through specially equipped residence hall facilities, mainly located in Palo Verde East and West. These adaptive rooms allowed students to feel the grat- ification of taking care of themselves with little or no outside help. Lowered closet racks, sinks, restroom facilities and adapted showers were im- portant to the personal success of those students confined to wheelchairs, as were the ramps and elevators not only in the residence halls but around campus. Blind students benefitted from Braille- coded elevators and door signs in the both the residence halls and . others buildings on campus. Because many of the handi- capped students lived in the same residence halls, there was a sense of community among them. But they were not isolated from the rest of ASU, and therefore were also part of the total community - as independent as any other college students.D -Dana Leonard 276 Handicap Services Sponsored by Residence Life Setting the pace, freshman zommunitations major Keith Ressnlaii troises while his good friend Scott Pressnlaii keeps up. Ressman was one of several disabled students at ASU enjoying the rollegiate atmosphere. Filing is only one of the many duties of I'V liast RA Aim Gallagher. Gallagher was very involved with RHA and a hit with everyone at the Camp 'llontazona RHA retreat in Payson. l7.iii.i l eoimrd Kicked back and relaxed, Hoskie Lorgo, a fresl C engineering major takes a break in the lobby 1 ITV. West. The facilities at P.V. West helped di abled students enjoy an independent lifestyle, Layout by Nicole Carrol if P as ? 5 ra! Q. . . i in- is 3 .,.. 'ri 35,- .YY As ' K Q i ,.,. ,ky 111. rs-,kill ALO VERDE EAST l.Imr1IRifzu tlxwy Cardvr, Anita Wi-ilvr, inn tlallaglwr, Ki-Ily l'rn-tlman, and I url I ugan. A L0 VERDE EAST 4. I'mHI Rum l'rart-y Mayv, Kelly Ali-xxx, vn-sa Dilli-hay, Karln Vurlinas, Hlnhn Korhu, and Donna uplalx Hmmlil Rim' Ili-atlwr Cnrlwtl, lrau-y Mann, Karvn vr gan, Ikurrn- Alla-n, Dvvll I'aIm'l1, lynnv Alu-l, and llvtsy uvk PALO VERDE EAST 2. Prim! Ruzi"Su1.1nnv Patmn, Molly Mitihn-ll, Trarie Dinniaio. PALO VERDE EAST 5. Prim! Ruw: julin- l'laib0rnn', Sandra Watms Laura Kaye, Tracy Cox, Laura Zawirki, lnrna Punalnsa Svumlil Run' Cuurtm-y Shcafv, Angie Yuung, Andrva Divtrirh, Iami Pnnipmmi Mlrhvllv lvfacias, Kimberly lin-nnvr, Wvndy Sargm-nt, IIIIVII Rum Karin Wa-lu-r, Lauri love.-lt-ss, Sha-lly lloogvmluorn, Moliasa Rulvs, I.aur.1 Wi-Ish, Kim Curklin. PALO VERDE EAST 3.I'm1iIRim' Kristi Fulk, Ka-rrin Ilmitnim, Starla Dill, Trary Watson. Svinml Run" judi Famrll, Wi-ndy Long, Laura Potts, Mary lanc Dt-lpin, Robyn Smith. 'Illini Rum: Anno Mundy, luliv I.'Evuy0r, Amy Swc-vt, Kvll Cnulvt, l.inta Cartl-r. PALO VERDE EAST 6. I'mr1l Rum. Claudia Inrt-na Mayurga, Char luttv Lynn llaught, Dawn Iulic Snydur, Roxana Baria Moran, Daph nv l'illcr. Simirlil Raw Irsllv Wllrox, Rmllanil Mmm-, Lynn Ifilwrt, Dawn Marlv Young, Rn-nov Marin- Hartun, Rita Snnnnvrs. Ihirif Rim' llrin M. Multlownoy, Marnie Passnn, Tvri lvn-rsvn, jvnnilvr lmpwn, I4-nniter Baldwin, lflilal' th Douglas. BESLT- n DRESSED oolvxs plants, hammocks, posters l rugs made a residence home. Personalized were the rage as students stereos, TVs and every sort to make their Some of the more slept seven feet high in home- made while the more "d0wn-to- earth" types used a single mattress or a futon. With limited space, imaginations worked overtime. Cardboard desks and milk crate bookshelves were familiar fur- nishings. Whatever the room size or style, residents found their own special way of bringing the comforts of home a little closerm' 278 Best Dressed Rooms Sponsored by Residrncf Life' Hummin' and a strummin' in a ham' mock is not unusual - unless it's in the middle of an Ocotillo room! Eric Hurtel spends some free time away from the classroom passing the day in his ham- mock. Life on a loft! Senior Louie Stafne begins her day at great heights. ig..,,,h-" 1 A ,Q-f Q! David Mclntyre Bombs away! Graduate student lerry Dwyer is armed for any occasion as a resident of Mariposa residence hall. David Mclntyre Best Dressed Rooms 279 David Mflmyre Sponsored by Residence Life an 1 W P' .- .W . H A' ,Af . , , g-?4 Second floor Hayden and third floor Center Complex gather together to enjoy the arrival of the Pope. September 1 marked the papal event on the Pope's 75,000 people to Sun Devil Stadium. Photo by Susan Sc uman State Press. amid N: v 1 h ,W 1 -1' 0 .zffnk ,M Q in ,gg t .vi if 1- his vu 51+ K 0 2 hes-,,,.fe4 1 'Sq w 'E Yi Aj , -fn johnson, Paige Mans, Kelly Willis, Kim Murray, Lora Miller, PALO VERDE WEST 1. Front Row: Paul Thore, Eric joslyn, Ed Alexander, Brian Holland, Lynn Avery. Second Row: Dan Berman, Fred Willis, Kin Chim, Kevin Hall, Chris Grasso. Third Row: Eric Tis, Erik Sparks, john Sommer, Abelino Barella, jeffrey Lepley, Fourth Row: Mike Dieleman, Lance Null, Steven Balthazor, joel Browner, jeff Denton, PALO VERDE WEST 2. Front Row: Clinton Otake, jeff White, Cloid Adams lll, Keith Laudenberger, Eric Land. Second Row: Nolan LeBlanc, Steve Reith, Craig Tolzman, Eric Kulvinskas, Kareem Abdule jones, Scott Keys. PALO VERDE EAST 7. Front Row: Andrea Chatwood, Karin E. PALO VERDE WEST 3. Front Row: Mike Rush, Chris Stnllurd, Brian Sedgwisk, lim Kraus, Brett Hofmann, Robert Eaglestone. Second Row: Roy Chancellor, Rich Lundeberey, Eckart Pape, Chris Votroubek, Richard Cypalby, Tommy jost, Doug Corona, Steve Baselice. Third Row: Richard Cho, john F. McLean, jeff Borowiec, Mike Bartko, Brennan johnson, Eric Oden, Tom Connick, Dan Gracyk, john Farrier. PALO VERDE WEST 4. Front Row: Brian McEvoy, Troy Tsosie, jim Eyke, Matt Mead, Steven j. Spadaro, David Moon, Second Row: Brian Myli, Paul lmhoff, joel Marcus, Pepe jose Velasquez, Adam Yee, Eric Huffman. Third Row: Greg Mattem, Wayne Gretzy, Allen Shrayer, Doug Hamis, David Brown, Cam Plum- mer, Eric Strait. PALO VERDE WEST 5. ffloor listing! Ronald Matthews, Chris Larson, jeff Amett, Christopher Callas, Tony Cates, joel Hawks, Scott Siford, Michael Cozzi, Allan Gumbinger, jonathon Schrader, Steven Brownley, Terry Amerine, William Eikenber- ry, Tom McDonald, Scott Thomas, Patrick Kittridge, Taat Hui, john Kelly, Peter Carroll, Daniel Martin, Michael Reed, Kyle- Bjom Nichols, jason Touchin, Cory Huennekens, jeffrey Ap- peld, jason Machamer, Grant Stewart, Kazuo Yaguchi, jeffrey Bymes, Eric Schaefer, Bob Lockrem, jeffrey Brouk, Eric Povilus, Karl Kuo, Keith Garza, Scott Crocmack, Brad Harris, William Nutting, Mike Herion, Fred Cartwright, Dallas Eubanks, Mi- chael Mandell, Paul Lantz, Scott Goddard, William Hoppe, Anthony Potts, j. Rose, Thomas Schwanberger, james Brown, Brian Deshazo, Scott Seth, Michael Berry, David johnson, john Bamo, C C C, .... .. t ,, .. Q ' sscsoc J, .t-- gl . . v " 1 g A 51 A ... ,v:,,.:.... i .. iz , A A . .,. if , Q ,. .. g ,. K, K E A I Z. 1.. AA ,, 3 , QF- 7 . Mug 1 'H r. - R B Q Q I K . . , S , 3 , . , It g. . . . if iw Q is -F ' .tg 'Lifts V' A , X . " 4 1 X " . ' 9 I ' E if i 5 - i Q R, w . . 1 . 1 if t raw 91 e"t 4 ' f . A E ' .A 5 -be 1 1? 5 Q o R " ii i' . Af 1, .asia 'wa p gf C, .ft - L, ' . .r 1 - . . ! I - -, ,- -1- X .Q t A Z ,.,. Ast. -4 131' J X l 282 Residence Life Sponsored by Residence Life T.j. Sc PV East-West Connection dance fers the ideal time to dance w friends and have a good time. Sokol Sokol LIFE'S A BEACH ybe we didn't have a real each, but the wide-open pace between PV East and West served quite well as a ch. e r-round carpet of lush grass on PV each served as a sun worshipper's mecca, frisbee-flinging playground and outdoor concert hall. It's the hap- pening place. There's always something going on. Ann Gallagher Scantily clad sunbathers from the sur- rounding residence halls set the tone for the beach, volleyball nets periodically set up led to some "way-radical" games, and the openness that had become so sparse because of the rash of campus construction proved to be a refreshing place for barbecues, football and good times. "It's the happening place," said PV East resident Ann Gallagher. "There's always something going on. D -Dana Leonard Lacrosse is one of the many activities that students participate in during the "East-West" Connection. PV Beach 283 Sponsored by Residence Life t tit 4 of ng all the comforts from home is lat most residents try to achieve when corating their rooms. S omore orky Scliaechter found pic V, rom agazines an attractive Waiipapey , for h or bathroom. Familiar surroun' ing? made home seem not so far away. Photo by Dave Mcliztyre. " " K . ag! M f af -1 ' A if qv' , 'Q 5 Q , V V 4 4 lf, K 5 2 A X , V K :V 2 . H My Q it es isl af Q 355 1 ' Q SAHUARO HALL D1. Frtmt Rnze. leff Vogel, Brian Van Roekel, David Reynolds, Chris Tipp. Simnriil Rim. Peter Mon, ason Funk, Walter McConnell, Dan Blye, Wayne Cochran. Thin! Row: Larry Wilbur, Chris La Voy, Rob Schuller, Mike Duffield, james New- house. Fiiurfli R014 : Lou Lufredo, Tom Preston, Kurt Graham, Mat- thew Adarns, Matt Davis, Mwrk Nelson. ,Wa Q t ,t "7?'Ns K, any - .K . ' . V, I x,. . . V F, ,gigia iif Hgh . rr, H f-igq - " -. . V.-in v .,' - r " .,','Vi5, l X' ' 'yi 9 7 W , 1 ' . r lf W . 1 ' r- ' g K. , ", '.ilLAp.N .,l:-s , E 5 -I f ' ,Y-'ik . G-H W Y 4 ,Y ,. i .A 455 r, if Y-.Q 'ft"-- 'f SAHUARO HALL D2. Front Row: Greg King, Chris Cote, Roy Anderson, Barnacle Bill Tury, Vince Micone, Brandon Crismon, Fat Tefft, Matt Mercer, Darrin Leak, Ben Mekki Hammouda, Steve Palermo. Sectmd Row: Dan Stone, Rich Behrens, Christopher Todd Freed, Kurt Smith, Scott Vroman, Eric Mclfadden, Michael Perry, Rob Halrimoglu, Matt Leuy, Thon Rossmanith, Charles Griffiths, Steve Callahan. Hiird Row: jay Menkin, Brian Ritter, jon Bell, Scott Cordon, Kevin Pasquarella, Ken Gustafson, lan MacDonald, Ste- phen Blais, lan Segal, Brad Chang, Greg Olen, l,arry Bird. M I I 'Y gg , ,Q ff 1 ' , 1, Ng. .W HM, .W if J' Q wx , W 'au-,,,1' B x x8 -X. L ,. 1 K Y. Q 5 Q, ,, " gs-r-M MN ' . xy 431 033.41 km ., I 0 pride 286 Greek Life Division 5' 'R sr -x :Rs a 'E+ ,mx .,. ,,g.-MB A K, ,...,, .5 -151. . 1w5Q,u,m.... I rizona State Universi- ty's Greek system meant many things to many people, but to the Greeks it stood for commitment -- commitment to a belief. Whether it was intramural sports, charity work or formal ex- changes, members of the Greek system proved to be committed to their house and the University. Perhaps the strongest belief of ASU's Greek system was the strong feeling of camaraderie. From the first moment of "rushing" a fraternity or sorority through the entire stage of being an "active," students came to know the true meaning of broth- erhood and sisterhood. Studying together, working together, living together and lending a helping hand soon became a way of life and built strong bonds within the Greek houses. Philanthropies played an im- portant role in the development of strong fraternities and sororities. Various charities in the Phoenix area benefitted from the efforts of ASU's Greek empire as they host- ed events with the sole intention I I of contributing the profits to a worthy cause. This year the Greeks raised approximately 510,000 for charities. Fraternity and sorority mem- bers also gave much of their time to community service. Vis- iting nursing homes and chil- dren's hospitals were just two of the ways ASU Greeks reached beyond the University environment. Another belief of the Greek system was social development. The houses sponsored and co- sponsored several formals, ex- changes, retreats and informal "row" parties to encourage so- cial interaction among all Greeks. The predominant social event of the year was Greek Week. Greek Week was the only time that every house in the Greek system came together for a mu- tual cause. Greek Week was a time to unite, work and play while still heightening aware- ness of the Greek lifestyle El Greek Life Editor: Bethany A. Deines Greek Life Division 287 Active Alpha Chi Omegas anx- iousl await Preference Nilght and the climax of rush week. he day after Preference parties is when the will welcome their new pledlges. their skit was Wizard of TJ, sokvl New Traditions orority rush was held for the first time off campus at the Registry Resort in Scottsdale, in an attempt to expand the sorority system as well as begin new Greek traditions. A total of 721 students rushed, and 584 women were asked to pledge. There were four rounds to sorority rush. The first round was an open house in which the rushees were entertained by the women of each chapter. They were to visit 12 different sororities for 30 min- utes each. Conversation throughout the open house centered on Greek life and what it offered. For each of the four rounds of rush, a form was prepared for the rushees to record the sororities they had visited and their thoughts about each of them. Round two began when the rushees had narrowed their invitations from 12 parties to eight parties. The women vis- ited the eight chapters for a total of 45 minutes each. During this time the 288 New Traditions young women were entertained by songs and short skits. The conversation centered on the chapter and its involve- ment with academics, social activities, leadership opportunities, and service projects. During the third round of parties, the ladies visited four houses for one hour. They either saw slide shows, skits, or sang songs. The members of these four houses showed the rushees the chapter awards, scrapbooks, and other special memorabilia so they could get an idea of the interests of the members. Finally, round four was "Preference Night." This event emphasized the se- rious side of sorority life and what it meant to the members. After all the ac- tivities, the rushees signed their pref- erence cards and the following morning picked up their bids to pledge a sorority, and their new Greek life began. D -Iane Griffiths 'Et if I g s i t Sherelle Kirkland Sherelle Kirkland D1 n r , She ell u 'r r : nthia Brown, Antoinette Farmer, Malissia Lennox, Natalie Payton, Maria Thompson, Tanya Holmes. a e Williams, Sondra le nife Mabry lh se Not P1 tu ed Cy Culture and Class he first national black sorority founded, Al- pha Kappa Alpha, was dedicated to bringing culture and tradition into ASU since they were first established on cam- pus. Strident in their efforts to support ex- terest in college life, the 17 women had fall and spring rush teas, enjoyed the annual AKA Sweetheart Ball and the tra- ditional Founders Day events, all of which aided in promoting unity and friendship. Being a sorority, they were also in- terested in serving women and the prob- cellence in scholarship, the sorority's reg-V Xyyg yyg, M lyegrrlas they iface. For that reason, they held warding philanthropic events llid asgveek-liggg health and beauty fair to support such things as the ions and help find solutions College Fund, the Educationa1y,gAd Special interest. ment Foundation and Job iiff fif of Alpha Kappa Alpha field of community service they struck at the heart of contemporary problems and promoted high ethical standards, work- ing in cooperation with the Crisis Preg- nancy Center to advance greater sexual awareness. In order to maintain progressive in- Princess. Layout by Kim Radke Sherelle Kirkland were continually highly regarded for their spirit and dedication to enriching the college experience and were certainly an added bonus to Arizona State Uni- versity. U - Scott Tro anos Homecoming is always an ex- citing time but for Eva Bowen it was even more special. She was selected as the 1987 Homecoming AKA pride is something to see and Cynthia Brown and Janelle Brice are only two unique ladies who are part of the house. Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first black sorority established at ASU. Culture and Class 289 Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha jumping To Hel hen it came to doing community service, Alpha Delta Pi defi- nitely knew the meaning of the word philanthropy. The ASU chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was one of four to be honored by its national office with the Superiority in Service Award. The ladies spent much of last year working for Special Olympics, sponsoring a child in India, raising mon- ey and clothing for a family at Christ- mas, sponsoring a clothing drive for the Newman Center and working with Delta Sigma Phi on "jail and Bail" in order to raise money for March of Dimes. In 1986 they also raised 34,000 in their annual Mcjump. Fall 1987 was Alpha Delta Pi's third annual Mcjump, a 12-hour effort on be- half of the 120 member sorority to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. While most students spent Sunday, Oct. 11 studying or sleeping, the ADPis were jumping in a space walk, seeking do- ALPHA DELTA PI. Front Row: Stacey Slifer, Geri Giajnorio, Angela Dezort, jeannie Miceli, Lillian Ciulla, Stacy Gower, Dawnn DiVito, Lisa Mann, April Speiler, Vanessa Bunnell, Nicole Burke, Second Row: Carrie Gerlach, Kristi Poore, Lisa McKinney, Kathy I-lieger, Danica O'Donnell, Tracy lensen, Lisa Tupper, Virginia Boss, Karen Knutson, Valencia Porter, Debi Speiler, Laurane Aikins. Third Row: Susan Guntermann, Tina Nigro, Amy Mannis, Meg Maghielse. Kelli Crawford, Cheryl jason, Sharon Barett, Trade Sayan, Barbie Porter, Shelli Miller, Liz Knowles, Danielle Silvas, Anne Dickson, Tari Trexler. Fourth Row: Kathryn Hartvigsen, Dana Rittenhouse ,Kristy Hartvigsen, Natalie Mucha, Allison Walters, Cindy Iason, Debra Bajema, julee lacks, Katie Burton, julie Stauder, Becky Kusche, Deanna Cardwell, Chrissy Redfem, Danna Reier, Bobbie Matthews, Sally Rosen. Those Not Pictured: Serema Arlotta, Lisa Bianchina, Melissa Costello, Penny Deihl, Kelly Ferrero, Michelle Gerz, Kelly Gessler, Mindi Goodell, Colleen Gunderson, Lori Hershman, Kelly jacobs, Michaela Kaigl, Lisa Martinez, Suzanne Matteoni, Lori Met- calf, Tiffany Mock, Cathy Muller, Elisa Perlman, Denise Rader, julie Ramsey, Marissa Rosenfield, Kylee Schroeder, Hillary Simon, julie Spomer, Mary Stephenson, Jodi Starr, Diana Thomas, Kristin Van Vlack, Lynn Wallace, Michelle White, Gwynne Williams, Jennifer Yarington, Alli Benn, Jo Bjomara, Courtney Blacher, jill Brown, Diana Chafey, jane Colmer, Kristen Dalton, lean Eby, Eby Esrey, Dena Fiorelli, Julia Gardner, Deanne Gessler, Heather Glenn, Biz Goldberg, Kristin Hamm, Ieri Hanson, Stephanie lvener, Molly Kesling, Carol Kilpatrick, Aimee LaForest, Bridget Layton, Debbie Minkin, Michele Molachek, Karla O'Donnell, Christy Planting, Va- nessa Reuman, Debbie Sheahan, Bebe Slotky, Tammy Swenson, Caroline Simmens. 290 jumping For Help Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi P nations. They also solicited donations in front of the MU and held other fund- raising events for two weeks, contrib- uting all proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House. The local event was so successful that they were even paid a special visit by Ronald McDonald himself. This was quite an honor, as Ronald booked his flight to Phoenix six months early in order to fit Mcjump into his busy sched- ule. While he handed out balloons and talked to onlookers, the ADPis contin- ued to jump in order to reach their goal of 510,000 Mclump was a special part of the Al- pha Delta Pis fundraising efforts. With Mcjump, they joined the other 130 chap- ters in contributing over S1 million to the Ronald McDonald House and continued their long history of dedication to the chapter's philanthropy. - Brad Hartman jumping for spirit is the name of the game when C Kilpatrick and Virginia Boss get together on the space vi These ladies helped raise money for the Ronald McDoi House during a 12 hour jump-a-thon. Taking a rest are Courtney Blacher, April Spieler and i Slotky after helping to raise nearly 510,000 for their lanthropy. Ronald McDonald himself took time out from his 1 schedule to help out the ADPi's and their annual Mclu Here he helps president Kristi Poore and Lisa McKi1 greet the many onlookers, 'R Shamwa Shamwa Kim l Layout by Bethany A. Deines Alpha Gam spirit is on top of the world as Heather Kingery gets a lift from a Lambda Chi at the Wa- termelon Bust. The sorority's uni- ty and enthusiasm was at a max when they helped start a new col- ony at San Diego. Painting all afternoon is the only way to make a lasting impression on Adelphi Drive. Kristen Bae works on the finishing touches of their AGD letters. The annual Walk-a-Thon gives the ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta, their parents and alumni a fun chance to help a worthy cause. All the money raised went to benefit the juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Shamway Lo Tradition Grows beginning that would never end was a phrase used often by Alpha Gamma Delta. This was an accurate description of ASU's chapter after being established on campus in the fall of 1986, by fall 1987 they had grown to 112 members. Alpha Gamma Delta had over 600 alumni members living in Arizona, but this was the first collegiate chapter founded in the state. The house was started as a colony in 1986 and attracted many different women who contributed to their sorority. Four Alpha Gams from ASU were sent to San Diego to help start a colony there. Within days 45 more ladies were sent to aid with rush parties and preference night. Everyone felt this was a great ex- perience for increased sisterhood as well as being a special honor, considering Brian Kirmse they were less than a year old. Many philanthropic activities added to Alpha Gamma Delta's uniqueness as a sorority. One of these activities was a walk-a-thon at El Dorado Park to benefit juvenile Diabetes during Parents Week- end. AGD members, their parents and alumni participated in this successful event. The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta participated in many all-Greek events as well, including the LA Relays, Water- melon Bust, Derby Days, Greek Week and Greek Sing. With their spirited arrival at ASU and many dedicated members, Alpha Gam- ma Delta seemed guaranteed a long and successful stay at the University and the chance for the traditions to continue. - Carolyn Pye ALPHA GAMMA DELTA. Front Row: Heidi Scheifele, Christy Kost, Lynn Cruikshank, Dianna M. Stepps, Heather A. Kingery, Amy Mabante, Susie D. Stein, Carol M. Wamer, Rebecca A. Priest, Cynthia L. Smith, Maria Bodamo, Daneil Colarich, Stephanie Liss, Sophia Georgis, Randi Wichansky. Second Row: Kari Lynne Chap- man, Elimbeth Baker, jennifer Ovemian, Ceina Wickey, Stacey j. Vogel, Beverly Whitaker, Vy T. Dam, Racheil Ruben, Michelle McGowan, Cameron Tate Wilkinson, Conna Christopherson, Susan Dahl, Stephanie Roehler, Kelly Keeling, Andrea K. Eisner. Third Row: Abby Cooksey, Tami jensen, Dristin Boe, Kelly johnson, Con- nie Cunningham, Lara Pile, Michele Foss, Lilly Lee, Marci Elmore, Eakin, Cathy Coffey, Melinda Sheridan, Alexis L. Tougas, K. Kelter, Lisa Leichtman. Fourth Row: Cynthia Miller, Dawn Merry Tune, Ellen Leland, jennifer Hayes, Lori G, Gragg, Diana McMillan, Shauna Sinay, juli Beste, Cynthia Cook, Laren L. Zuchowski. Fifth Row: Nicole Kate Scheffey, Cris Morris, Tammara jordan, Michelle Geiger, Lynn Vavreck, Sharon Maller, Sharon Baum- yellen Ullerich, Sandra Peterson, Lisa Shankman, Gail Wong. Those Nat Pictured: Kay Lange, Kimberly mblay, Laura Sanders, Theresa Bourland, Kelly Dessaint, Gretchen Roberts, Heather Pfeifer, Randi Richardson, Cami Gettrnan, Kimberly Daiza, George, Dia Wallace, Tracy Mohr, Victoria Piccola, Kelly Vicki Martin, Debi Soltis, Cheryl Miller, Kelly Quaranta, Baur, Ann Nitka, Suzanne Strait, Sara Chalupsky, Robyn Geri Gibbs, Lisa Wise, Katy Watson, jill Newham, Lisa Lauren Kovalik, Darcy Lieber, Denise Sain. arcelle Tre Tradition Grows 291 Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta ALPHA CHI OMEGA. Front Ruur: Kim Canter, Amy Osborn, Stacey Weber, Michelle Vijunco, Lindy l.ynch, Laura Warder, Penny Cigoy, Doanna Yarborough, jackie Guss, Kelly O'Neill, Rhonda Surina. Second Row: Penny Colo, Mary Beall, Trisha Carlson, Amy Bloom' beg, jill Tibke, jill Ormond, jenny Wilbor, Miriam Leffert, Krissi Oliverio, Kim johnson, jennifer Clarke, Stacy Berlin, Alyson Shaw, Kiane Levine, Suzi Kramer, Pam Fields, Teri Shoeneman. Third Row: Stephanie Frankel, Kathi Skuteki, Tammy Steams, Paula Stears, Mary Beth Sheldon, Tiare Lent, Elizabeth Owens, Susan Leib, Kathi Trestain, Susan Sharkey, Betsy Scanlon, Monique Bue, jennifer Glavin, Trisha Shedd, Lori Clark, Stephanie jones, Tahnee Schulz, jill Cooke, Debbi Manasse. Fourth Row: Cindy Fratarolli, Gretchen Nix, Amy Vonk, Michelle Kilcrease, Angie Cochran, Kim Cramston, Tiffany jackson, Susan Hallford, Sammi Ray, Caryn Perry, Tori Rudge, Kristen Cerwin, Kelly Kumlin, Kris Hickman, Heather Lam- bert, jenny Mills, Kelly Moran, Andrea Ager, Alicia Ransom, Nancy Taylor, Kathy Komatz, Kim Milner, Amy Carriere, Cathie Simpson, Taryn Sigholtz. Fifth Row: Kristi Heithoff, Liz Gottainer, julie Al- miro, jacqui Schesnol, Barbra Raglano, julie Graves, Lesley Schaefer, Stephanie Higgins, Mondi Christensen, Kelly O'Brien, jodi Wiedmann, Kristel Mayer, Kris Wise, Marlo Mullin, Michelle Lolli, jennifer Manske, Molly McGrath, Karen Miclllaney, Gaylin Difu, Amy Anzevino, Tina Ogg, Tina lmPolla.'Thuse Not Pictured: julie Applebaum, Tess Blackburm, Kristen Brown, Laura Brown, Suzanne Chmelick, jennifer Clements, Theresa Cooper, Alisa Corsi, Kelly DiBenedetto, Kelly Fife, jackie Guss, Sheryl Hughes, Sandi His, Chrissy Lowry, Christine Malone, Pam Mirassou, Susan Mortell, Kristin Nawrocki, Stephanie Peuer, Holly Phillips, Laura Smith, Melina Soltelo, Maureen Sweeney, Candy Wall, Elena Beard, Dana jobe. Tuxes, limos, formals what else but Alpha Chi Omega's an- nual Pledge Presents? Each fall the sorority hosts a formal dinner and ball where their new pledges are presented to the collegiate members, alumni and parents. The Frisbee Fling is presided over by head judge Diane Lauine. She informs Darin Woley and the other fraternity pledges of the events as well as determines which house has the most spirit. Before heading off to the Pledge Presents, Mary Beull stocks the limosine. Few events are as ex- citing as each year's formal. Brian Kirmse Frisbee Flinging ince the founding of the Zeta Pi chapter on September 25, 1982, the women of Alpha Chi Omega have experienced many things together. Alpha Chi Omega meant something different to each of its 70 members, the house attracted 53 pledges during fall 1987 rush. The A-Chi-Os worked hard to organ- ize the first annual Frisbee Fling, a series of events like frisbee golf and various types of relays in which all of the fra- ternity pledge classes participated in. All the proceeds from the Frisbee Fling benefitted the Alpha Chi Omega Foun- dation. The foundation, in turn, directed the money toward specific groups such 292 Frisbee Flinging Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega as Easter Seals, the chapter's national philanthropy. For the first-ever Fling, they set a tradition of success for future years by raising S2,500. Besides participating in the Balloon Launch with Theta Chi and Sigma Chi, and the sixth annual football run at the ASUfUofA football game, the ladies captured the most spirited award at the Watermelon Bust and first place at the Sigma Nu Relays with Pi Beta Phi. All in all, the ladies strived for success in everything they were a part of. By using their diverse backgrounds to their benefit, they created special meaning to the sorority. - Bethany A, Deines .S Q. 6 i ,f 'Y. Q I t is 'H N -pkg af' 3 u in ,Qs - wig is if xx, fuse' T-ef! ' 'I I Brian Kirmse Brian Kirmse Tradition he first chapter of Al- pha Phi was founded in 1872 at Syracuse University in New several chapters de- veloped which carried on the tradition of sisterhood and philanthropy. Alpha Phi's national philanthropy was the Cardiac Aid Foundation, and any money raised went directly to it. One of the fundraising projects was a Rock-a- Thon with Lambda Chi Alpha. Members from each house took turns rocking in chairs donated by Grantree Furniture in Mesa from 8 o'clock Monday morning to 5 o'clock Friday afternoon. Each member received pledges for the hours they had rocked. The goal was to raise 52,000 Alpha Phi continued to grow bigger and stronger every year. With over 120 York. Since then, U54 ladies more determined Bob Castle ALPHA PHI. Front Row: Kristen Peil, Kenora Martin, Cheryl Perea, Heather Tietsort, Elise Elsberry, Melissa Peralta, Lauren Berland, Robyn Auslander, Missi Robertson, Katy Maron, Andrea Thompson, Lori Loveless, Staci McDaniel, Lili Acosta, Suzanne Sautier, laura Randol, Stacey Wong. Second Row: Shannon Hayes, Marti Weston, Sheila Kuntze, Kari Voldeng, Margo Fekas, Debbie Liberante, Susie Moog, Kim Martinetti, Andrea D'Aleo, Wendi Nelson, Marilyn Gorton, Romina Banks, Patrice O'Donnell, Melodie Painter, Krista Hemdon, Tracy Miles, Lorri Garrett, Third Row: Karen Wise, Andrea Pankowski, Wendy Brochtrup, Gina Glazer, Michelle Bonar, Steph- anie Davis, Michell Bahon, Melanie Switzer, Laura Kalafus, Tricie Tingley, Monique Contro, Tami Hall, Karen Fendley, Rene Rodman, Angela Emmons, Beth Quaing. Fourth Row: Alison Nace, Maria Giillo, Lisa Pedersen, Christine Good, Mary Caroselli, Amy Besse, lean Williams, Teri Wetsu, Christy Rahn, Kari Metler, Ruth Meyers, Rhonda Iennings, Kristi Brome, Beth Wilbur, lolean Schultz, Kings- ley Brosnan. Fifth Row: Colette Wright, Lisa Campbell, Christine Buddecke, Holly Baird, Adili Lamp, Carol O'Rilley, Ianeen Cox, Lori Cox, jennifer McRae, Stacey Rosenbaum, April Love, Michelle Lipkin, Alison blaney, Stefanie Brand, Vickie Martin, Trish Strong, Pamela Weber, jennifer Makoff. Sixth Row: Melissa Ercoli, Angela Skintzis, Cathy Rothrock, Elizabeth Vialle, LleighfAnne Snow, len' nifer Isbell, jennifer G'Connor, Heide Riedener, Tiffany Taylor. Those Not Pictured: Tade Bua, lulie Caudron, Eileen Doupe, Pam Drain, Kym Gore, Kristen Loveless, Monica Millar, Ellen Morose, Terri Morris, Dara Mufich, Iana Riccardo, Sheila Rose, Laura Strope, Susan Tumer, Shawna VanDyke, Liz Burau, Candace Colwell, Kristi Gee, lulie Hill, Kristen Lucas, Lori Lux, Elli Ortiz. Rocks members and 54 pledges from the fall, the annual Pledge Presents was some- thing to see. Over 400 people, including parents and friends, attended the formal, held at The Pointe. Besides their strong pledge mother- daughter program, the Alpha Phi's par- ticipated in many social events. They joined Sigma Nu, Phi Sigma Kappa, and Kappa Alpha Theta for a toga party, and worked with Kappa Sigma on the Home- coming Parade. Traditionally, the house was a powerful contender at Greek Sing. Overall, Alpha Phi kept busy this year with a combination of service and social activities, all geared toward the common goal of increasing their sisterhood. - Carol n Pye Pure Alpha Phi power. Pitching a watermelon is not as easy as it looks but each team chose one strong sister to compete in the melon shot-put competition. Alpha Phi spirit can be seen at any and every Greek event. Get- ting the chance to sing their spirit songs and chants only gets the to win whatever events are planned. Layout by Bethany A. Deines Traditon Rocks 293 Sponsored by Alpha Phi I-lot Combinations ore than just pretty faces, the Chi Omega had attributes as di- verse as their mem- bership. As well as being busy with house activities, Chi-O's were active in other campus organiza- tions which brought a variety of per- sonalities to the group. Chi Omega prided themselves on be- ing down to earth and genuine in a house that fostered individual growth. Superior academic performance was prevalent among all members as exem- plified by Chi-Os leading ASU's soror- ities in securing top scholarships. They continually strived to hold the highest grade point average among all of the sororities. Actives and pledges alike enjoyed themselves while building a strong sis- Week. Each year they held an annual retreat for pledges and actives to get to know one another better, and they en- tered several intramural sports. Chi Omega co-sponsored the Beer Bar Bop Hop with Kappa Sigma, their brother fraternity. Chi Omega originated in the deep south and was founded at ASU in 1951. In honor of their southern roots they hold a Plantation Ball, their main formal of the year. Plenty of preparation and enthusiasm was needed to carry off this special function. The sisters of Chi Omega found strength in numbers as actives and pledges totalled close to 200 women. Yet, they seemed to always maintain a special level of unprecedented individ- uality that was visible to the entire cam- pus and community. Candid I terhood by competing in the Sigma Nu Relays, Watermelon Bust and Greek 1NiC0le C,,,,,,jj CHI OMEGA Front Rau' Am Bevis Lisa E loft' Lisa Schneider Candid ' '- Y f S f f Tricia Buzard, Nancy Grant, Beth Goyett, Aimee Uealer, Gina Rivas, Gian Bohlen, Kathy Pfab, Karen Gazzola, Jill DeMarte. Second Row: Christine Smith, Lisa Drum, Leslie Bottorff, Jonna Schur, Caterina Vasil, Mona Maupin, Stephanie Pollack, Shannon Daugherty, Tina Gresham, Trisha Gregory, Stephanie Elliott, Kelly Carroll, Lori Ukasick, Michelle Romick, Cynthia Collins. Third Row: Roni Brancheau, Stephanie Piper, Tanya Lodwig, Chris Wood, Christy Langford, Joey Pruitt, Debi Montgomery, Layla Sayegh, Kim Stakis, Crissi Moore, Julie Elliot, Kelly Reidenbach, Kori Deniro, Janeen Foreakre, Shauna McKallor, Jennifer Ankeney, Julie Moyer. Fourth Row: Michelle Preston, Julia Neill, Dana Nicholas, Kathy Morgan, Kourtney Troyer, Alisha Goff, Tammi Kampmeier, Jennifer Hight- ower, Marcia Pahl, Kristen Leibowitz, Monica Marhoefer, Susan Daily, Lisa Hewitt, Wendy Strode, Jill Moench, Jodi Wilmot, Wendi Walters, Marissa Taylor, Cindy Langford, Michelle Monge, Shelley Traw. Fifth Row: Kathy Beachemin, Tracy Grear, Missy Milford, Gretchen Engiert, Debi Feingold, Sue Amiintrout, Audrea Bloom, Sherri Orr, Lisa Rose, Sally Horaney, Tanya Bose, Amy Thomazin, Shannon Keller, Mary Avenson, Lisa Trent, Susan Hazlett, Linda Donaldson, Diana Trujillo, Jeanne Gustke, Margie Carroll, Laura Larwin, Kristen Harrell. Those Not Pictured: Dameron Allen, Brenda Bogar, Arden Boisen, Angela Bonacci, Leslie Bowen, Teresa Boyn- ton, Jill Cafferty, Tina Cag, Vikki Chambers, Kathleen Dault, Tiffany Dobson, Elke Downer, Gina Fail, Katy Englehom, Heather Hale, Lisa Handley, Lisa Hazelwood, Diana Heckart, Carolyn Helier, Mufne Herriman, Jule Home, Paula Humble, Erin Ireland, Tracy Jensen, Andrea Kaye, Tanya Kish, Gina Lombardi, Michelle Mahler, Kris Mikolajewski, Debbie Morlock, Michelle Neilson, Debbie Ol- shefsky, Klm Padgett, Janice Partin, Kristin Peloquin, Lisa Rhodes, Tara Rhodes, Heidi Schultz, Michelle Seery, Julia Stein, Marjorie Stone, Julie Swedberg, Emily Trask, Tara Vergamini, Angie Warnock, Michelle Warren, Katie Zyzda, Sarah Weigell. Cheswick Presenting the 1987 pledge class renews memories for actives and builds new ones for pledges. Chi Omega's hard work and lots of singing during rush pays off. On skit day voices were a little hoarse but smiles never died. Chi-0's catch the last great weather before Arizona's fall sets in. October brings the girls inside to Nobel to work on scholarships. - . Candid 294 Hot Combinations Sponsored by Chi Omega rm the beginning steps, the Tri Delt street nting takes shape. The ladies taped the design and worked for several hours to make it look fect. 1 I Y AM, David Leeds Special S ince Feb. 14, 1965 the women of Delta Delta Delta have been strong advocates of campus organizations. Their involve- ment led to maintaining a special quality of sisterhood, something all members valued. Tri Delta was well repr.fesefS,3tedf throughout the year with the and Greek system. Not only were mem- bers actively involved with a variety of clubs and organizations at ASU, they participated on Panhellenic Council, GARP and several different steering committees. As far as house events were con- cerned, the ladies held two formals each semester, joined several fraternities for some fun exchanges, and participated in the Watermelon Bust, Sigma Nu relays and Derby Days. Every year, as well, the isters Tri Delts were strong contenders for top honors at Greek Sing. Sorority life, however, was not always social fun and games. Over 125 colle- giate members and pledges worked to- gether to raise money for philanthropic events. 'lghey made sure the enthusiasm and spiriglevel was kept high. Tri Delta sfQportecfgachildren's cancer research by softball tournament and hieldlifgispecial pancake breakfast to raise funds for women's scholarhips. No event seemed to capture their spirit as well as the annual Sleighbell Day. Tri Delts shared Christmas love by deco- rating the Children's Cancer Hospital. Delta Delta Delta's dedication and love was very visible at ASU during 1987. This helped make sisterhnnd a true reality within the chapter. U - Bethany A. Deines Candid Color the spirit contest. I Q il ,ill-" I I . . - - DELTA DELTA DELTA. Front Row: Shannon Imberi, Stacey Shep- ard, Jennifer Reed, Lisa Underwood, Robin Swanson, Kari Andie Posner Debbie Schem el Se and R L Emilie Wheat, lami Pomponr, Denise johnson, Kimberly R K' l-I l T Worden Susan S r Dorso. Fourth ow: ns erme, racy tonach, Tamara Becker Heather Barefield Beth Nelson Kriss, Wendy Poage, Tina Ciudad, Kelly Dunagan,Lisa Lauren Browning, Elizabeth Kraus, Devin Moss, Amber Serwat, Mana Kate Laynie Giles, Iennifer Grieve, lissa Kundi, Karen Logan, Kendra Henshaw, Lisa Kennedy, Me- Cori McDonald, Tanya Nickolich, Kerry Nowicki, Diane Osgood, Dawn Owens, Cindy Peterson, Llsa Ramey, Reva Rubin, Stacey Schecter, Holli Schneider, Nancy Schroeder, Kari Tyler, Lynn Wallace. Ta-daaa! Lots of pride results from a hot street painting and hopefully a trophy as well. Lamb- da Chi judged the best designs in Layout by Bethany A. Deines Special Sisters 295 Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta S Makin he Delta Gamma An- chor Splash was a tid- al wave of spirit, money and fun. Tra- ditionally, the event was held by Dee Gee houses across the country to raise money for their philanthropy. Various activities, including a single elimination volleyball tournament and special ser- enades for the ladies, took place all week long. The climax of the event was the ac- tivities held at the aquatic center on Sun- day evening. The events included relay races, synchronized swimming, involv- ing six to 10 members of a team, an innertube race and a sweatshirt race. Phi Delta Theta took the honors of winning Mr. Anchor Splash while the overall winners were Sigma Nu in first, Alpha Tau Omega in second, and Phi Delta Theta in third. All the proceeds were donated to the Aid for the Blind Foun- dation. The total accumulated was DELTA GAMMA. Front Row: Kristen Cooper, Stehpanie Gould, Mericleth May, Laura Shultz, Christine Maskobi, Marcy Skendanan, Lelie Stevents, Valerie Walker, jeanne Sawyer, Brooke Kraml, Lisa Sheslinger, Candy Nelson, Michelle Tolley.Sec0r1d Raw: Kerry Grif- fin, Racheal Widen, Katrina Setzer, Stacee Goff, Gretchen Starr, Tiffany Rhoads, Catherine Wheeler, Linda Maas, Karen Rapp, Ann bockett, Heather Shelton, Danylle Wolcott, Kristen Rose, Emily Rottenberg, Tracy Marken, Patti de La Rosa, Kristin Strand, Third Row: Kelly Baird, Kelly Hemlund, jennifer Oberlander, Lauren McFall, Tashia Kuta, Kimberly Gohen, Carrie Wilhite, Kay Brinkley, Lisa Shelly, Lisa Peccaro, Christie Beavers, Kristen Benton, Ieanelle Cline, Lisa Campos, Marcel D'Amacio, Iill Fraker, Susan Matrick. Fourth Row: Mia Baker, Sara McAvoy, Stacey Anderson, Barrie Wcston, Anne Lacey, Blair Hyde, Iulie Shon, Robin Weiss, Ingrid Brain, Corrie Roswell, Linda Shelton, Jodi Haberman, lane Bednar, Kimberly DeCesare, Kimberly Cueny, julie Cramblet, Courtney Ma- nion, Susannah Holcutt, Adrienne Wright, jennifer White, jackie Kraft, Kelli Egan. Fifth Row: Kathryn Eastman, Ann Margret Kuchof- fer, Heather Melendez, jen Parsons, Lisa Palomo, Emily West, joanne Asquith, Sheri Shoredar, Kristi Peterson, Stacy Haymes, Jody Wells, Paige Bingham, Karen Peterson, Heather johnson, Kimmy Maus, Leslie Rippberger, Bobbi Bonthuis, Connie Duff, Dina Hall- strom, Megan Minnehan, Devon Robinson. Those Not Pictured: Karin Bagg, Karry Beuleiz, Dori Baniszewski, Share Berley, Cathy Cook, Iill Ccrbet, Michelle Corley, Tracy Daws, Dana Dixon, Lisa Douglas, Nancy Egger, Laura Tenken, Courtney Flynn, Shere Gil- lery, Susan Halladay, Sheri Hoeldtke, Gina joseph, Kris Kleespres, Megan Lacey, Kelly Marcardian, Laura Malout, Karin Manson, Pau- la Milton, Sandy Ponkeg, Karrie Rennick, Tris Richards, Margret Ruggo, Sara Shea, Stephanie Steitman, Phyllis Tope, Michele Touby, Kris Walton, Lori Welson, Iulie Young, Anne Yrastorza, Toni Eakes, Bonnie Fosser, Daun McClain, Iuanita Rhea, Stacey Rose, Cindy Stehr. Delta Gamma's spirit is something to reckon with. Through hard work and enthusiasm, these ladies helped bring f 1 home top honors from the Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust. ,k..,,3,. -.f . The football stadium is the place to be, and Mia Baker, Kathryn Eastrnas, Lisa Schlesinger and Kelle Eggurz know exactly what to look for. Delta Gamma always makes a strong showing and their successful Anchor Splash helped show ASU how much spirit their chap- ter has. Lisa Schlesinger paints the finishing touches on their street painting on Old Row. All the sororities were judged on how good their signs looked and the winning team won a trophy at the end of the Watermelon Bust. ,cs g 296 Making Waves Sponsored by Delta Gamma VGS S3,000, the most Delta Gamma had ever raised with the Anchor Splash. "We had a real good turnout," Shari Berkey said. "I think a lot of it has to do with some of the changes we've .nade this year." Anchor Splash traditionally was held in the spring. However, it was moved to the fall in hopes of raising attendance because there usually was too much competition with Greek Week. Another major move was changing the time of the main event. Previously, the swim- ming events took place on weekend mornings instead of Sunday evening. Delta Gamma had nearly 100 percent participation. Everyone was involved with either judging, coaching, timing, tallying or doing public relations work. Their enthusiasm and excitement helped make it a worthy cause to take part in. - Leslie Anderscuz Brian Kirmse Cheswjck Friends and Fun ormals, friends, phi- lanthropies and fun. That only began to describe what the Alpha Theta valued and participated in during the year. ln fact, since the Delta Epsilon chapter was colonized in 1959, the Thetas were a dedicated sorority involved with the Greek system at Arizona State. With over 120 active collegiate members to rely on, the 50-plus pledge class became part of the special Theta spirit. As far as philanthropic projects were concerned, Kappa Alpha Theta set no limits. They raised over 51,000 through house events alone for logopedics or women of Kappa Cheswick Photography David Leeds hearing impaired individuals. Further- more, the ladies were actively involved with the renovation of a speech and hearing clinic toy room for young chil- dren. Because everyone realized how fun working together could be, the Thetas involved themselves in many other events such as a "Bop-Til-You-Drop" dance for MDA. Muscular dystrophy al- so benefitted from their bike marathon to Tucson and the jacuzzi-a-thon which was a wild Creek bash filled with fun and spirit. -f Betlmlly A. Deimfs KAPPA ALPHA THETA. Fnnlt Run' jennifer Dickson Lauren Klrshner, Nlanfy Straeke Sandy Olsharl, Mary Hamilton, Susie Hensley, jennller Fasnllmv, Dina Cawthon, Melissa Mt'Nlltl, Heather Flynn, Darcy slain, Sonya Zaharennlr sl-rnrnl Row Kelly rnwnall, lisa Leathers, Kristy llenlt-y, Traeey McKinney, Came Wnghl, Knsty Weller, Heather Crime, Monica Vernon, Kem Boas, Susie Skinner, Ann Marie Herro, Heather Call, Trisha jackson, Nicki Chamey, Loretta Wooten. Third Row: Margi McMillen, joanna Chagra, Kim Cashman, Becky Gmpe, Laura Rinaldi, Lisa Wilson, julie Lyles, Stephanie O'Neil, Donna Schoenberger, Melanie Meese, Kelly Alexis, Tina Iacadie, jennifer Northcott, julie lnzovich, jan Rose. Fourth Row: Cathy Callicoat, Lori Loekndge, Sandy Chaney, Lissa Laird, Karen Baerst, Tami Wopenlord, Maura MeGlinn, Alesha Matthews, Blair Smith, Angelina Rahn, Laura Stover, Betsy Gambxl, Kim johnson, Nancy Shetko, Iodi Lammers, Shlvaun Wagner, orernlyn Bradley, Rachel knneaes nfnr Raw Kns Mena, Patty Kerbaugh, Sally Roberts, Kathy lawns, Stephanie Herebre, Sharon Philips, Barb Soener, Michelle Khnger, Alexandra Maddalosso, Leu LaChapelle, Maria Tsircau, julie Darland, jennifer Evans, Amanda Cook, AJ. Vicherman, Shelly Cochran, Holly Picket, Lisa Mun-ay. Lauray Stupey, Betsy Bullock, Katy Daly, Lisa Wright, Rachel McElhanon. Those No! Pictured: Kay Abrahanson, Karen Aekerr Shawn Anderson, Mary Are, Mariam naghaaaay, Chns sellnsln, lane Bronks, Leann srawn, lessrea Brunirnen, Tiffany Bycott, Glenna Clark, Kelly cnnnally, Polly cnnnlngnarn, Amy Curtis, Sarah Dick- ey, Tracey Dollar, Laren Dnpp, Susan Dre, Carolyn Farley, Sara Fenter, Whitney Fogt, Nicole Freeman, jodi Gallant, Mary C K Gerd M H 'll,laa I-'lb' ,Ssan BDSPHQS, aren ES, ify ami on U11 Bl' ISOIY U Hewitt, jennifer Hinfny, julie lacobson, Stacey Iohnes, Robby john- son, laura Kettleson, Tracy Knott, Kimberly Korcznski, Carolyn Krlz. Candy Krukas, Laura Uzcey, Ampy Lee, Rackel Lutes, Kelly Mallory, jennifer Martin, Elizabeth Massa, Sarah Maupin, Becky Muwell, Melanie Maxwell, Heidi Meyer, Katherine Neal, Lisa Nel- san, Mrenelle ornsrern lulle Pagnnrs, Stephanie Palmer, Karen Parris, Arny Peebles, Tarnr Penberzny, lnlre renlz, lulre Ann Peter' son, Shana Phillips, Glona Plxler, jodi Potts, Carol Riley, Kate Rose, Susan Rousen, Sheila Runke, Carolyn Ryan, lisa sansnn, slepnanre Satton, Leslie Schraek, Elizabeth Scan, Michele Sedor, Kathy Skel- ton, Anne srnnn, Lisa snper, Polly slernsaprr, lnar Stnller, srepnnle Story, Sheila Tunke, Mnnet Valdez, jennifer Varon, Tanya Waldren, l,on Weinberg, Sharon Whalen, jullanne Wllfert, Tami Willingham Thetas spotted the perfect guy at a Sun Devil football game. Their diversity and unity helped lead to a fun-filled semester. Layout by Bethany A. Deines Friends and Fun 297 Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta Friendships never die and Kap- pa Delta's Kim Higgvnlmtlza, Shelly Russo and Susan Shyviug give one another a special hug. These la- dies helped their team to a suc- cessful placement at the Water- melon Bust. Exchanges are all part of the fun of being in a sorority and Stacie Sharlz and Lisa Conyers had a great time at their "Somewhere in Time" party. Besides the many social events, Kappa Delta worked hard for their philanthro- pies. KAPPA DELTA. Paula Ackley, Gena Belanger, Lyn Berton, Martha Byrket, Megan Carpenter, Cheryl Cheney, lane Chipman, Lisa Conyers, Kari DAvis, Denise Dowlin, jennifer Driggers, Samantha Emma, Laura Englebrecht, Kim Fehrenback, Anna-Marie Gasaway, Krista Gibson, Allyson Haller, Kim Higginbotham, Donna Hunter, janet laskowski, Cathy johnson, Kris King, Viki Kmetty, Lisa Kolek, Cathy Lancaster, Dana Ling, Mary Linenfelser, Kathryn Lynch, Meaghen Mansfield, Ann Marie Marigliano, julie Mayer, Robin McNutt, Sheri Moore, Therese Mulligan, Lynn Narramore, Mary Ondre, Tallie Pardue, Raquel Pasquale, Lisa Pereira, Shelly Russo, Kim Salazar, Michele Schork, Susan Schyving, jeanne Semerjian, Stacie Shurtz, Adra Sorenson, Marie Stella, Cyndi Tomaszewski, Pam Tucker, Caryn Ursich, Steph Vaughn, Karen Walker, Tina Walter, Margaret Wilkinson, Kristen Wiswell, Holly Wolseth, lacque Young, Heidi Zucker. Unique Chances rizona State Univer- sity's Kappa Delta chapter was estab- lished on campus Ian. 12, 1952. Since then, unique philanthro- pies have contributed to Kappa Delta's individuality as a sorority and given the women special opportunities to raise money for charity. One of Kappa Delta's largest philan- thropic events was the Shamrock Proj- ect. This was an annual philanthropy started in 1986 which benefitted the Na- tional Prevention of Child Abuse As- sociation. This event, held on St. Pat- rick's Day, was an all-fraternity golf tournament and over 50 members from various fraternities participated. Sigma Phi Epsilon won the tourna- ment in 1987 after some close compe- tition from other houses. Kappa Delta members served as caddies and golf coaches. Future plans for this national event included expanding it to include alumni members from different frater- 298 Unique Chances Sponsored by Kappa Delta nities and fathers of present Kappa Delta members. Another event, which benefitted the Child Crisis Center, was a car wash with local alumni held each year. In 1986, the chapter raised over 51,000 to donate to the prevention of child abuse. Kappa Delta had a strong alumni or- ganization, with 435 alumni chapters across the country. There were over 100,000 initiated Kappa Delta members in the United States, and here at ASU there were 80 members. Everyone got a chance to meet at their biannual con- ference, held in New Orleans last sum- mer. Kappa Delta was awarded all-sorority intramural champions for both 1985- 1986 and 1986-1987. Other campus events the ladies participated in were Homecoming and the Lambda Chi Al- pha Watermelon Bust. - Ca fllllfll Pye Candid Candid .l Candid Layout by Kim Radio' Taking an outdoor shower is Susan Rocskt' after participating in a mud volleyball game. The Kappaflfiji game turned into more ofa mud free- for-all. Rush is always a hectic time but it is the most exciting time during the Greek year because the Kappas get to pick the ladies who will serve as the , houses future. Tl. Sokol it .wi ,Rn Brian Kirmse Cheswick Photography Take a G t did not take long to notice which sorori- ties had a lot of pride. Nearly 100 women were part of that feeling if they belonged to Kappa Kappa Gamma. What was so special about this group of ladies? One only had to take a look around. Because the Kappas represented diver- sity and individuality, each sister had the opportunity to contribute something unique to the sorority, as well as get involved with campus organizations. ASASU and Devil's Advocates were on- ly two groups which Kappas belonged tO. Campus involvement led to much community participation. Although the philanthropic events changed from se- mester to semester, every member will- ingly pitched in 100 percent to have suc- cessful fundraisers. They helped raise KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. Front Row: Kathy Nicoud, Danelle Senarighi, Mary Tretry, Stephinie Yost, Eve Treshitta, Justine Philip, Lori Stuart, Shari Kitchen, Donna Zannoni, Karin Shaghnessy, Amy Rudick, lane Brecheisen, Melissa Soza, Kim Swartz, Ianie Stelmach. Second Raw: Courtney Stull, Karen Nunnally, Becky Burbury, Deb- bie Gantz, Robin Clark, Cathy Reagor, Lynnae Villanueva, Robin Schaffer, juli Drusch, Gail Gagliardi, Marci Dow, Andrea Head, Heather Hall, Amy Modi, Maria Mitsanas, Kari Bollman, Pam Davis, Becki Rosenburg. Third Row: Kara Keenan, Erika Anderson, Robin Sago, Shelly Porter, j'lein Liese, Lesly Radtke, Shelli Bordeaux, Kristen Rufenacht, Beth Kaczynski, Kristen Brown, Micki Hannon, Duffy Lott, Kirsten Prochnau, Kim Mellicker, Kari Calhoun, Char- lotte Tang, Kristen Smith, Lisa Schwartz, Jodi Farrell, Alida Miller, Laura May, Ann Love, Llsa Klnatske, Melinda Tam, Fourth Row: Shell Radcliffe, Sarah Dillon, Susan Black, Kerry Milano, Lisa Kubacki, Lean Dietrich, Jennifer Hodson, Kelly Torok, Iulie Gus- tavson, Courtney Rhoades, Michelle Gary, Michelle Engel, julie Droon, Stephnie King, Sally lmemzan, Leah Lewis, Iolyn Watford, Gayla Grossnickel, Cheryl Sokolosky, Lesa Garrison. Those Not Pictured: Paula Aliano, Laurie Bazzano, Brook Besinger, Megan Bittner, Kara Borchers, Terri Bradley, Lisa Brientenwisher, Lisa Bushard, Ann Busey, julie Clark, Robin Clark, Dawn Clegg, Cheryl Cohen, Ann Dallas, Elise DeCleva, Gaby De Los Santos, Courtney Denton, Heidi Ehlert, Michelle Hagen, Tracie Hasse, Angela Her- bert, Ten-i Hoffman, Carolyn johnson, Dovi Iohnson, Maureen Keenan, Kate Kelly, Terri Klekner, Kim Krigsten, Karrin Kunasek, Vicki Lawrence, Marcelle Lovfald, Lora Mastrangelo, Dawn Mattox, jennifer Merrill, Cricket Mitchell, Keren Montandon, April Moore, Sue Murphy, Tara Murray, Gina Nestro, Veronica Newth, Erin O'Hayre, Liz Reed, Tiffany Riegel, Cyndi Romanoff, Suzanne Roski, Michelle Ruyle, Caryl Schultz, Paige Skanchy, Andrea Tameron, Lori Tameron, Brenda Tang, Debbie Walquitst, len Whiteman, Shari Wisher, Michelle Wipperman, Megan Womack, julie Ziemer, Carrie Zlockower, Kristina Miller, Katie Corbet, Kathreen Brackow, Vicki Capek, Kelly Chandler, Megan Devney, Chanin Dom, Hilary Fox, Kelly Goetz, Trisha Guerrero, Linda Lewis, Karen Lisieski, Amy Mackh, Lacey Metzger, Mary Moore, Amy Towell, Robin Under- wood, Lisa Weiland, julie Weymouth, Christine Wilson, Trish Wyl- lie. .money for the Arizona Cancer Center and participated in the annual southwest Human Development Aerobi-run. The Kappa Easter bunny made a spe- cial appearance at the Easter Seals Easter egg hunt. Philanthropic events were more than just working together, how- ever. They helped develop bonds of friendship that would last forever. Kappa Kappa Gamma wanted the en- tire Greek system and ASU community to know that they were all sincere, per- sonable women who maintained tre- mendous diversity. This was evident as they participated in such Greek events as Sigma Nu Relays, Derby Days, and Greek Week. It was easy to notice the special qualities they offered to the wom- en in their chapter. - Bethany A. Deities Take A Good Look 299 Sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma The success of the pumpkin sale ,N is evident as Tahnee Schulz and ,Mx Elsa Miller look for the perfect jack-o-lantern. Pi Phi Kendall jor- dan manned the truck and han- dled the sales. PI BETA PHI. Front Raw: Karrie Moore, jolene Brunacini, Cathy Dunavant, Chrissi Pellegrini, jill Fraley, Tracy Lonnes, Shannon Yocum, Kingsly Dewey, Tracey Nicks, tina Cardenas, Brooke Walk- er, Karen Koerper, Cathy Zafer. Sccnnd Raw: Mindy Allen, Susan Burch, Alyssa Gofonia, Pam Modzelewski, Lee l.yon, Caroline Ly- on, Shawntel Stabb, Alisa Calderone, Melisse Garrett, jill Wallraff, Ashley Haus, Lee Anne johnson, Kim English, Susan Wamer, Mindy McCarty, jennifer DePriest, Dieborah Primrose. Third Row: Lisa Carroll, Chalin Meagher, Sarah Story, Ann Body, Tracy Orrick, Courtnery Sheafe, Marci Mullard, Maryly Maguire, janice Babb, Susan Aulozzi, Stacy Sears, Nicole Fregosi, Gretchen Barton, Kim Chastain, Shelley Courtney, Sheridan Boone, Amy Davis, Melissa Heard, Beth Gammon. Fuurlh Row: Tricia Meyers, Sabrina Sisco, Teresa Foster, Tracy Gaffney, Miki Clark, Leanne Livermore, Michelle Rea, Leslie Dunagan, Megann McPhee, Liz C-osiak, jamie Barendrick, Marge Ellis, Amy Story, Michelle Schmidt, Wendy Da- vis, Chris Kieselbach, Ella Baker, Mindy Barbee, Yvette Reed, Deb- bie Zeschke, Ellyn Donovan, Stephanie Haack, jane Aulozzi, Lisa de Franco, jacquie Bonacich, jill Mozer, Maggie Appelbe. Fifth Row: Michelle McKeever, Lea Williams, Kerri Brockhaug, jennifer Hirst, Polly Steed, Kathy Pilcher, Lori Mayer, Amy Artique, Carey Carmichael, Marisa Standari, Pam Bacci, Casey Cotton, Vicke Feiner, Marla Glancy, Shannon Hamer, Denise Sarver, Amy An- spach, Anne Brashear, jennifer Stem, Kristen Galey, Sara Rowder, Liz Falor, Sarah Steffen, jubie Molera, Suzy Cilb. Those Not Pictured: Ann Auelmann, Molly Barlow, Wendy Bowne, Patrice Cabianca, Debbie Caven, Katie Collier, Tracey D'Agostino, Lisa Danielson, Leslie Day, Robin Friedman, joanne Goody, Shannon Hassett, Laura Herrick, julie james, Katy janson, joy jones, Kendall jordan, jodi Lagge, Nicole Lange, Gena Madden, Lori May, Kerry Miles, DeeDee Mulder, julie Neidlinger, Susie Petrucci, Tanya Ramsey, Nancy Sieminski, Lisa Still, Beth Woodall. sfia- Q-P15 -3' .Q 3 ..-Q5 Brian Kir A, ' Unselfish Hel id you take a look around? What soror- ity at ASU seemed to be just about every- where you turned? lt had to be Pi Beta Phi. With nearly 140 members and over 50 pledges, the Pi Phi's involved them- selves with nearly every facet of campus and community life. Panhellenic was directed during the year by Patrice Cabianca - definitely a member to be proud of. Other members, however, were very involved with other organizations besides Panhellenic such as R.E.A.C.H., Golden Key, Order of Omega which is a Greek honor society, and last, but certainly not least, ASU's Devil's Advocates. During the week of Halloween the en- tire chapter chipped in to make the an- nual Pi Beta PhifPhi Sigma Kappa pumpkin sale a success, with all pro- 300 Unselfesh Help Sponsored by Pi Beta Phi ceeds benefitting tle Make-A-Wish Foundation. They also showed their house unity by donating blood in the ASU versus UofA blood drive. Pi Phi's unselfish spirit was also vis- ible as the ladies sold Arrowcraft for Arrowmont, helped out with Special Olympics and the Golden Gate settle- ment. To continue the tradition of ser- vice, each year the pledge class sponsors a stair climb for one of the philanthro- pies. Pi Beta Phi is noted for their remark- able participation in anything they en- counter or get involved with. Since the chapter's colonization in 1965, the ladies have served the campus and community unselfeshly while always representing the house with love, dedication and uni- ty. - Bethany A. Deines an , f' t l i"anL,,,,...- Q. Cheswick Photogra 4 -4 ig ,t t 5 5 3 Brian Saleswoman Maryly Magu tries to convince a passer-by purchase a pumpkin for Hallo een. Pi Beta Phi along with l Sigma Kappa spent several dz on Cady Mall selling pumpkins benefit the Make-A-Wish founc tion. tn Kinnse Brian Kirmse T.I. Sokol Sigma Wheel of Fortune ets a last minute rehearsal for skit ga s dur- ing rush. The rushees woulyd soon enter and enjoy a short play about what is special to Tri Sigma. lill White washes out her paint brushes after helping paint the Tri Sigma street sign on Adelphi Drive. Tri Sigs earned spirit points for painting the most creative sign at the Watermelon Bust. Cheryl Bergeson, president of Tri Sigma, gets some extra help from Lambda Chi Scott McAdams while tryingmto heave a huge watermelon in a s ot-put contest. Layout by Bethany A. Deines T.l. Sokol SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA. Front Row: Traci Tsilis, Debbie Thomas, Tiffany Wood, Marie Bustos, Beth Deines. Second Row: Laura Scott, Ellyn Stein, Trish Oechsel, jill White, jill Hegedus, Ryn Moore. Third Row: Ellen Crafton, Tina Rhein, Iennifer Monnier, Andrea Greene, Kim Radke, laura Pilsbury. Fourth Row: Amelia Gross, Denise Martinez, Andrea Rucker, Michelle Dennis, Valerie Veeck, Cheryl Bergeson. Those Not Pictured: DeeDee LaMonte, Iudy Oklander, Gina Iimenez, Shelly Allen, Kim Stacy, Mia Horchler, Kristin Kuehn, Karen Brogan, Tracy Sable, Melissa Tafoya, Shannone Wassell, Amy Carpenter, Becky Adams, Lynn Zanelli, Lori Buchbinder. Back in Action reat memories, ever- lasting friendships, leadership potential, and tradition all led to one sorority . . . Sigma Sigma Sigma. In the spring of 1987, Sigma Sigma Sigma chose to recolonize the Beta Kap- pa chapter at ASU, knowing there was every reason a strong house could re- develop and represent all Tri Sigma ide- als as well as provide very special op- portunities for very special ladies. The re-colonization, which was organ- ized by national chapters and local alum- ni, began slowly but continued to grow as the months passed. The first recolonized pledge class consisted of 30 women who realized they had to look toward the future. These women focused on the advantages a smaller and newer house could offer. Cheryl Bergeson, president of Tri Sigma, joined the house because: "I liked the house and the peo- ple. There was no need to compare our- selves to other houses and there was a good opportunity for leadership. For ex- ample, every active has her own unique chairmanship." The sorority members worked hard at establishing new traditions. In doing this, they created new opportunities and group togetherness, while still retaining individuality. President Bergeson emphasized, "We're all individuals and we have no house stereotype . . . we're all very dif- ferent and form a melting pot this makes a strong house and builds char- acter." Hope, enthusiasm, friendship, and the desire to make their house special were the keys to the Tri Sigmas' attitude, as they worked toward rebuilding their so- rority and rejoining the ASU Greek sys- tem. -Helena Tselos Back In Action 301 Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma Crash in the trash! Exhausted participants rest in the left-over trash from the Watermelon Bust. Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored the annual event that captures the spirit of all ASU Greeks in a fun, competitive atmosphere. Greek Life Coordinator: Beth Kaczynski just clowning around are the dies of Alpha Delta Pi as they jc Ronald McDonald at the Mcjur festivities. The annual Mclur was held by the sorority to ra money for the Ronald McDona house. 5.- -1-l 7V, it Q63 91393 tt., V A little spray to cool off! Stu- dents use a convenient hose to cool off from the 100-degree heat at the Watermelon Bust. The event attracted hundreds of Greeks and onlookers. Layout by Put Schweiss 302 Greek Life Bob Castle Head tilted back, this Greek warms up for some serious spit- ting in the seed spitting compe- tition. The Watermelon Bust fea- tured several events in addition to seed spitting, such as watermelon roll, toss and bust. Brian Kinnse Hum Brian Kinnse B B i Brian Kirmse lac zzi Hopping acuzzi hopping for 72 hours was not an easy job, but some- one had to do it! The men of Alpha Epsilon Pi tackled their tub time with a fervor. jacuzzi-a-thon was three solid days of soaking for the APE's favorite philanthropic - UNICEF. Local businesses donated food, supplies and money totalling 553,500 to help the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi reach their goal. House unity and brotherhood has played a major role since they were gi var chartered in 1962. Events such as in- tramurals, Greek Sing, house parties and philanthropics built a comraderie among brothers and carried on the tradition es- tablished by the charter members. Housed on New Row, fraternity brothers enjoyed the feeling of home among their counterparts. What made this group of nearly 90 men special? Member Todd Stevens summed it up quite simply by saying, "lt's all the crazy Greek things we do!" .,.i,l-ls1 - Nicole Carroll ALPHA EPSILON PI. Front Row: Vincent Sexton, jeff Raskin, Brandon Oppenheim, Brad Grossman, Angie Morin, Craig Kay, Ken Reinstein, Adam Kulliver. Second Row: Mike Ehrlich, Rob Row, Howard Barish, Carlos Bartolomei, Marc Wichansky, jeff Fisher, Corey Hunt, Greg Paine. Third Row: Charles Vogt, Lee Silvemian, Dean Robins, Clark I-lemandez, jon Kierman, Roy Meshel, Matt Ratz, Guy Testini, Tom Freedman, Zachary Watkins, Brad Hom- merquist, Tim Martin, Barry Gross, Allen Stein, Mike Byun. Fourth Row: Andy Kaufman, Adam Weisberg, Scott Worthington, David Abes, Tony Garcia, jeff Berkowitz, Todd Stevens, Dan King, Kevin Sprecher, Todd Reid, Steve Liddy, Kelly Sharp, Matt Weber, Don Collet, Gary Nitsberg, Wayne Loy, David Walker, jeff Turell. Those Not Pictured: Ted Miskinnis, Michael Dorfman, Clayton Roberts, Andrew Goodman, David Ticktin, jeff Ludwig, john Halsey, Darryl Bowler, jeff Omstein, Charles Kyler, Paul Schifman, Craig Ballard, Tracy Hyndman, Steven Strauss, Peter Landman, Kenneth Lako, Michael Weiss, Scott Paine, Steve Bounds, jefferson Hildebrand, Robert Wilhelm, Ross Pearlman, Stuart Goodman, jonathon Malvin, David Dicker, Robert Kacer, Stephen Kelly, Robert Eisen, Gene Bohnee, David Cohen, Edward Ross, Scott Goodman, Ricardo Cohn, Randy Kinsbruner, Mike Glimeher, Rob Thikol, Carl Chavez, Gene Waxman, Doug Threedy, Lawson Bender, Danny Kaufman, it iding a helping hand, AEPi thers Todd Stevens, Scott Worth- ton and Dan King clean up the ernity yard. All fraternity broth- are required to share the duties und the house to make their hab- more like home. Brian Kirmse Shamway Lo Taking precision aim, freshman business major Dean Robins cues up the ball in a pool match with his fraternity brother Pierre Iauque. Shooting pool is just one of the many things Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers enjoy during their free time at the house. Roger Dube With a quick flick of the wrist, Brad Grossman flings the frisbee in the Frisbee Fling sponsored by Al- pha Chi Omega. The event, held on P.V. Beach, was designed to help raise money for charity. Jacuzzi Hopping 303 Sponsored by Alpha Epsilon P1 ALPHA TAU OMEGA. Front Rnw: Clay Tucker, Karl Meyer, Chuck Brower, jeff Penzone, Bob Carlson, jay Greenberg, Mike Buccino, Bob Chafey, Dan ringler, Spencer Gordon, Ted Curtis. Second Raw: Mark Sawick, Ken Whitley, Rich Grimm, Steve Keller, j.R. Cruz, Neil Catalano, Scott Goddard, Brad Anderson, Ken Myers, Peter Graham, Milo Kaufman, Kevin O'Connel, Scott Tonkinson T-lllhl Rule: Rick Glissendort, Steve Benz, Mike llatfield, jeff Serene, john Liott, Scott Lange, Tyler Marsh, Mark Collins, Dan Conner, Matt Kauffman, john Badalich, Scott Rothrock, Brian Vrooman, Brian Harmsen. Fourth Row: jeff Griffin, Bob Kersting, Dave Griffin, Todd Brooke, Lance Donkerbrook, Dave Puffer, Marty Harper, Larry Struber, Chris Shoplock, Mike Heron, jeff Cutler, john Craft, jason Donkersley, Greg Douthit, john Lindholm, 'llmsi' Nut Plflitrcdf Todd Alvarez, Adrian Ahmadzadeh, Rob Anderson, Chris Becraft, Bill Brown, Todd Brown, Tom Bugbee, john Clabeaux, Dreit Corradini, Daniel Cortez, Pat Costello, Dean Curtin, Chris Dietz, Tom Duensing, Chris Erne, Thom Farshler, Rob Fritton, Stan Godbehere, Randy Goldberg, Gino Hall, Nils Hammerbeck, Al Halvorsen, Scott Hill, Randy Inman, Geoff jones, Troy jones, Brian Marin, Bryan McGinley, james Muzzall, Brian Newman, Michael Orbert, Dave Peterson, Mike Pettit, George Priniski, Mark Rhone, Dave Rook, Brian Roper, Kevin Salerno, Matt Schmidt, Vic Scauola, Mark Thompson, Kent Veldhuizen, Todd Walker, David Walther, Carlos Williams, Rob Wirth, Omar Foster, Mike Goyarls, Dave Kerue, jim Torrence Togas, frisbees and ATOs. The spirit at the Frisbee Fling only serves to show how strong the chapter is. 5 Brian O'Mah 'Vu P. 5 , is 4- . X 4 P" A Long Histor n 1931 Alpha Tau Omega was first chartered under the name "lambdies," but 20 years later in 1951, it began to be referred to as ATO. ATOs, who were the first fraternity to organize themselves at ASU, participated in building the Phi Kappa Psi house and the Pi Kappa Alpha house, but they lived off campus in the largest property house which covered about two acres. ATO's 88 members pulled together with 23 pledges to raise money for their philanthropies. These men accumulated over 55,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association by sponsoring a three-man basketball tournament. They continued their charitable qual- ities by spending a day at the Boys' Ranch playing games and having fun while showing the young boys that oth- 304 A Long History Sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega ers really do care. Also, during Easter they arranged for the Easter Bunny to go to the local hospitals' children's wards to visit all the kids. Not only did the house get involved with fundraisers, but they participated in campus events throughout the year. The events included the Blood Drive, the Homecoming parade and Greek Week. All these activities demonstrated that caring and unity were characteristics and qualities the brothers of Alpha Tau Ome- ga possessed. Because of these activities, the ASU chapter received an oustanding chapter award from their national headquarters entitled "True Merit." They certainly demonstrated to the community they were a special group of men. W Shamzonc Wusscll Roger 1 .-tif tw' ,- .Yi Alpha Tau Baseball traditions are fun but not as speciai the ATO traditions. Alpha Tau Omega is the olu ASU fraternity. 'fl' Shamway 1.0 Keep An an. 14, 1977 saw the ASU chapter of Beta Theta Pi established as an off-campus fra- ternity. Within 10 years, they made large strides to increase their membership and their cohesive- ness. Beta Theta Pi was a smaller house but they felt they were closer to each other because of this. The house went from 15 members in the fall of 1986 to 62 mem- bers in the fall of 1987 with 15 new pledges. Because of their small size, they were able to get to know each other very well. The Beta's improvements were not limited only to increased membership. They went from being last place in fra- ternity intramurals to seventh place in the fall of 1987. The brothers participated in many all- Greek events. Among these was the Al- BETA THETA Pl. Front Row: jeff Novak, Rob Romero, Dennis Conners, Todd Gentry, Gary Fanning, Scott Hofer, Mark Hogan, Greg lohnston, john Simmons, Rich Larson. Second Row: Steve Siler, Rick Rademaker, Phil Caludilla, Hal Woodhead, Dave Schmies- kors, Malcolm Nakamura, Steve Sloan, Amnart Churuka, Justin Pederson, Paul Morgan, jay Hofland. Third Row: Mike Loske, Randy Ashenfelter, Mike Orr, Evan Purges, Andy Fife, Mike Wingard, Mike Nlikolich, Ken Waldner, jimmy Victory, john McLean. Those Nat Pictured: Mark Boyer, Matt McFarland, Rob Bowman, Brett Wood' ley, Win Ramhy, Roosevelt Larks, Dave Bills, Tim Lounds, lim Smith, Bradley King. Eye Out pha Chi Omega Frisbee Fling in October, where they captured second place. Another all-Greek event the Betas took place in was the off-campus Beer Olympics, which benefitted the Valley Big Brothers Association. This event was held with Tri Delta, Alpha Phi, and all of the off-campus fraternities. Everyone had a huge bash at the Alpha Tau Ome- ga fraternity house. To contribute to their togetherness as a group, the Beta's had many retreats, ex- changes, and formals. The Desert Boon- docker was an informal party, held with Sigma Pi last year, but it quickly became an annual event. With their combination of unique events and unity, Beta Theta Pi was def- initely a house to keep an eye on in ASU's Greek system. - Carolyn Pye Formals bring out the Beta's first class. Malcomb Nakamura, Phil Calzadilla and Greg Iohnstun will remember this night forever. When the Betas team up, there is plenty of time for fun. Their house has grown tremendously since their colonization. Betas will remember their col- lege days for years to come and the friendships will last forever. Their chapter is definitely a fra- ternity to look out for. Layout by Bethany A. Deines Keep An Eye Out 305 Sponsored by Beta Theta P1 Tim Lyon and Randy Swansiger accompany Kappa Kappa Gamma pledges Lisa Garrison and Kathie Nicoud on a special Deke evening on the town. It is always peak performance for this group. Moments later the perfect pyramid crashed, but the challenge of successfully accom- plishing it was worth every un- balanced second. Delta ii DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. Front Row: Todd Swansiger, Gary Petersen, Tim Schall, Dan Bodenski, jeff Tower, Scott Ohsman. Second Row: Ed Alexander, jeff Agster, Andrew Berg, Dave Syl- vester, Kevin Adams, Mike Gross, Kory Blythe, Doug Brown. Third Row: Tim Lyon, Chris Cummiskey, Ieff Yehle, Rick Cook, Bob jones, Greg Zugmier, Steve Balthazir, Karl Karg, Mike Fergeson, Rich Pike, Randy Swansiger. Thosc Not Pictured: lim Brainard, Scott Cleverly, Mike DeGrave, jason Douglas, Ieff Dunn, lim Field, Tim Fields, Bill Gammage, Rob Iames, Paul Larson, Loren Oliver, Bob Ryan, Charles Dubee, Tracey Hagner, Dave Poppin, Tony jabczenski, Don Price, lnvi Sabal. S ecial E I n the spring of 1985, the ASU chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was chartered. The Dekes were basically a new fraternity that offered energy and a fresh insight to the Greek system. Like all other fraternities, the Dekes also sponsored philanthropic activities. Their activities included a broom-ball tournament, pledge car washes and the annual bathtub races. Their efforts ben- efitted their regional philanthropies, in- cluding the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Spinal Cord Society. The 40 ac- tive members and their pledges managed to raise over S1,000. Besides participating in philanthropic events, the men of Delta Kappa Epsilon also got involved with many social ac- tivities within their fraternity and the Greek system. They held a Boxer Re- 306 Special Energy Sponsored by Delta Kappa Epsilon DEI' bellion, a 50s sc c a party with Alpha Kappa Alpha. The Boxer Rebellion was a function where all the members wore boxer shorts and competed for the most outrageous underwear. This was certainly one of the more interesting events that occured during the year. The Dekes also road tripped to the Berkely chapter to visit brothers in an- other city. Later they took off to Las Vegas with hopes of strengthening their brotherhood bonds. Delta Kappa Epsilon showed strong support for ASU by their tremendous involvement in ASASU. It was men like these that made the house a fraternity which added energy and unique oppor- tunities to participate in the ASU Greek system. - Sui Lin Stacey Chen TJ. a . .ll ii Delta Kappa Epsi Bob Castle Bob Castle Brian O'Mahoney Layout by Bethany A. Deines The water ballet line-up gets set up for their performance at the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash, Events such as these promote en- thusiasm and spirit. The game room at the Delta Sig house sees some action by Peter Sarnataro and Dr. Bombay, oth- erwise known as Brian Lahlum. DELTA SIGMA PHL Front Row: Kirk Zapp, Mark Schmitt, Mike Pappas, Glenn Zeldin, Mike Fortunato, Shaun Plummer, Mark Pazour, Adeel Rahman, Markham McHenry, Bingo, jimmy Bor- stiski, Stewart Haberle, Stephen Phipps,Reid Stromberg, Kirk Mon- roe, Heywood jablomie, Second Row: Weston Bush, Tyree Cline, Vince Fritzi, jeff Gilbert, Anthony Massahof, Sean Danieb, jim Yasus, Lee Barber, Eric Cooper, Mike Williams, Chris Salen, Nyle Marmion, Brad Davis, Ed McCullough, Scott Fitchett, Chris Spahn. Third Row: Thom Tobin, Mike Clabaugh, David Oberlander, Bryan DeLugo, Gary Sargent, Steven Shue, Paui Williams, Tyler Zagurski, Mark Daggett, Robert Kempner, Brent Siekman, Kevin Coodell, joe Haver, Steven Bivens, Alan Perlman, Bob Hutchinson, Loren Siekman . Fourth Row: Todd Cropp, Michael Ritter, john Elias, Tyree Cline, Fritz Mackey, Rick Schmidt, Pele Monterey, john Dresick, Brian Lahlum, Bill Karnes, Dan Piacguadio, Mark Domenico, Darren Phipps, Eric Papacosta, Donald King, Patten Traver, Bill Beasley. Those Nat Pictured: Thomas Abrahamson, john Ampriester, Eric Auslander, Chris Bidwell, Owen Blauman, Skip Brand, Bob Enright, Rod Gentry, Mike Gerlach, Tim Grove, Rob Hammersley, Bob Hart, Tom Hart, Steve Hassenger, Mick Helling, Dave Herzberg, Gary Holcomb, Fred johnson, Michael Kusick, Larry Newell, jim Norling, Robin Pearl, Rod Powell, Tyler Rhoades, jay Safro, Peter Samataro, Willie Schultz, Chris Siegfried, Pete Stark, Eric Starks, Chris Sul- livan, Rod Taylor, Todd Warner, john Weir, Dan Welch, Eric Wells, Dave Wolfe, Matt Broad. Different Bond here was something to be said about dif- ferentiation . . . Delta Sigma Phi. Every type of person was represented in the house and this individuality has char- acterized the chapter since it first came to the University in 1948. Whenever a house had a variety of people who still maintained common ties, it was bound to be successful. Before first semester even ended, Delta Sigma Phi had raised over 52,500 for their phi- lanthropy, the March of Dimes. It was not uncommon for the campus and community to witness the house's dedication and determination at such events as a cageball competition, "jail and Bail," Greek Fight Night and the various events planned with other fra- ternities and sororities. Delta Sigma Phi was a conglomeration of over 100 scholars and athletes, each contributing a unique personality. Be- cause of this, the house shared special bonds of friendship and brotherhood as well as providing opportunities for lead- ership within the fraternity. A common feeling the brothers of Del- ta Sigma Phi shared was that of pride in their fraternity and being part of the Greek tradition at Arizona State Uni- versity. With their enthusiasm and ded- ication, the house was sure to remain strong leaders on campus and in the community. - Bethany A. Deines A Different Bond 307 Sponsored by Delta Sigma Ph: Brand ew elta Tau Delta was a new face at ASU. They began as a col- ony, and, with the help of the other campus fraternities, they hoped to have their national office approve the charter by spring of 1988. Their goals, then, were to prove they were a strong fraternity involved with the ASU Greek system. Instantly, the brothers of Delta Tau Delta, who prided themselves in unity based on individuality, got involved with intramurals, homecoming and var- ious Greek events. They were deter- mined to show that although still a small group of brothers, they possessed the energy and enthusiasm to grow larger. All Delt members believed in the im- portance of doing things for the com- munity. Therefore, their philanthropic DELTA TAU DELTA. Front Rriw: lim Kronik, Gary DeCarli, Drew Diedrich, Greg Cutcer, Frank culver, Frank McKenzie, Michael Kel- ly, Alexander Fung. Second Row: Andrew Learned, Tom Yarak, Rich Wherty, Derek Risley, Tyler Grunden, Chris Matrines, Anthony Brucci,1eff Valley, Scott Dillner, Mark Gellterun, Dave Parker, Mike Marshall, Pat Lovell, Bud Bartel, Brad Leonard. Third Row: jeff Cayton, Kalani Philippart, Robert Kelly, Paul Larson, Tim Krupsaw, Tom Brennan, Craig Brandt, Rick Schroeder, Doug Klemme, Stud Larweth, Steve Katz, Dan McNamara, Rob Kilponen, Stuart Day, Greg Kenny, Skip Bailey. Fourth Raw: Frank Marinaro, Eric Wilmoth, Rick Morey, Roger Farmer, Tony Carriero, Richard Larrimer, Mi- chael Hornbacher, lim McNaul. Those Not Pirturml: Kenneth Ryan, Rick Brace, Eric Capranica, Greg Walaitis, Eric Schultz. 308 Brand New Faces Sponsored by Delta Tau Delta Faces events centered around Tempe-based or- ganizations. For example, they volun- teered for Tempe Home Services and helped home-bound and elderly indi- viduals with minor house repairs, gar- dening, cleaning or whatever jobs were necessary. They also helped the Tempe Center for the Handicapped and participated in volunteer fair work. Before the end of first semster Delta Tau Delta had earned nearly 51,000 for their philanthropies. Members worked very hard through- out the year to show the community they were a special group of people, but it was more than that. They were brothers for- ever and they were very excited to begin a new Delta Tau Delta chapter at Ar- izona State University. - Bethany A. Deines X ff f . Q Delta Tau The Coat of Arms of Delta Tau Delta is painted on the ground to continuously remind the brothers of what their house stands for. The Delts hoped to have their ASU colony recognized as a chap- ter by spring of 1988. Road trips are part of the fun for Delta Tau Delta. Their unique brotherhood quickly won the re- spect of the ASU Greek system. 1 r Lf i, Delta Tau Pure Gentlemen garden variety of ac- tivities existed for students to take part in from academic studies and social functions to scholar- ship and athletics. Whether your goal was to leave the university with a degree in hand and a career waiting or just become enriched by the collegiate at- mosphere, Kappa Sigma may have been the place to receive such a well-rounded experience. The fraternity earned its charter 14 years ago and since that time has become a symbol for the growing spirit em- bodied in the Greek system. Alan Povilaitis, president of Kappa Sigma, said beyond emphasizing social activities, campus involvement, in- tramurals and scholarship, their cordial and cooperative relations with other houses as well as sororities earned them somewhat of a gentlemanly reputation, truly an auspicious honor. aw ti Shamway Lo Kiiu Radko ' Each year, for 12 years running, Kappa Sigma took first prize in the float contest during Homecoming Week. ln the Di- vision ll banner division, in which Di- vision ll is made up of fraternities with less than 80 members, the house took first place. In order to inspire academic compe- tition and proficiency among the mem- bers each month, the brothers with the highest GPA were awarded "Scholarship of the Month" prizes such as intramural t-shirts. The overall phi- losophy behind the distinction was that a reward system was a better motivating method than punishment. Kappa Sigma worked hard all year long to maintain their good qualities and the opportunities provided in the house made it something special to be a broth- er. - Scott Troyruios KAPPA SIGMA. Front Row: Bill Seward, Matt Girard, Clifton Batch- elor, Allyn Povilaitis, Chris Gamble. Second Row: Tim Misch, Miguel Arias, Mark Hendricks, Jason Topp, Erik Markoski, Will Corbin, jeff Williamson, Martin Cassidy, Kris Reece, Marco Bilianic, jonathan Keck, jay Eckhardt, jay ji-nnison, George Stablein, Lupe Munoz. Third Rout- Michail Skaggs, Tri Le, Matt Zuschlag, Chuck Keyler, Kelly Dnimm, Peter Sabbag, Scott Burr, Mark Mekeever, Chris- topher Keegan, Dennis Keegan, Gregg lferry, Brian Stapleton, Zame Tabari, Charles Levy, Chad Hartman, Chad Forrest, Mike McKenzie, Ty johnson, Douglas Rouse. Those Not,'Piclured: David Boulineau. Stephen Booze, Robert Burwell, Todd Butterworth, Martin Cook, Michael Fenlon, Scott Flechsig, David Fopiano, Michael Grau, Todd Hahn, Scott Hegstad, David Hill, Craig Kantack, Ray Leavitt, Smart Leibowitz, Daniel Leslie, Iuhn Livsey, William Macliwen, lawrence Mackin, Eric Mallett, Michael Meister, Thomas Misch, Robert Pacheco, William Polston, Richard Rix'e77o, Paul Rosenfeld, Paul Seal, Scott Sharkey, Anthony Stone, Neal Thomas, Rick Sekersky, john Wolfe, Chris Alderfer, Mike Mott, Michael Safrin, The Church Lady makes sure everyone at the Kappa Sigma Hal- loween Party knows that the re- lationship between her and Hulk Ho an is strictly Elatonic. Todd Hagiz and Douglas oust' were the men behind the disguises. These two Kappa Sigma men are lucky enough to be the very first people to welcome their many guests at their Halloween Party. Checking the identification of lit- tle sister Boliliiv Sippcl are Brian Stapleton and Mike McKenzie. lust sit right down and you'll hear a tale Gilligan, alias Ty folnisori, gets whopped over the head by the Skipper, otherwise known as Charlcs Levy. Layout by Betlzamf A. Dvines and Pure Gentlemen 309 Sponsorvd by Kappa Sigma LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. Frou! Row: Henry Batten, Scott Mars, Patrick jones, Brad Millner, Robert Auza, Keith Faris, Wynn Trinh, john Quamme, Eric Scudder, Garrett A. Bible, Srunnd Row: Pete Pigott, Kirk Flemming, Scott Holland, Andy Baumer, john Vekich, Anthony Krueger, A.j, D'Agostini, john O'Donell, Cory Benson, jim Breeze, Gregory jackson, Scott Leeper, jon P. Veltri, Robert jeney. Third Row: Scott Lewis, H. Brian Hershinow, Sean Schwarzentraub, joe Theman, Ross Aaron Mark, Marty j. Higgins, George Hughes, Troy Rosenow, Michael Hager, Trent Ricker, joe Murry, Scott McAdams. Fourth Row: Chris Gayle, Leon C. Murphy, Paul Montanez, Kevin Sundem, joe MacDonald, Bill Kersey, Dave Beck- er, Tom O'Brien, Mike Todd, Chris Beach, j.A, Zarrilli, Dale Banks, Griff Kull. 'Ilmst' Noi Pictured: Scott Anderson, Richard Auerbach, Gary Baldas, Brad Barbee, Greg Bauer, james Beers. Michael Bicgen, Mike Birdsell, Oliver Blechnor, Bobby Bostic, joe Boza. Robert Cagan, Marco Cante, Scott Carroll, Duane Drape, john Evans, William Francis, Christopher Franklin, Mark Friedman, Sean C-oris, William Harmsen, Karl Han, Greg Herbert, john Hernandez, Wil- liam Kauerman, Michael Klatt, William McCabe, joseph Mt-ssha, Samuel Murray, Scott Nasser, john Neal, jeff Rannow, Robert Rettes, Bernard Rhoades, Brian Samp, Michael Sancher, Steve Sangerman, Brian Sawyer, George Steffens, Kevin Stockton, Dean Straub, Tom Tuherty, Daniel Walsh, Brent Wilcox, Melon Bust Mania n keeping with their re- quired philanthropic projects, Lambda Chi Alpha, residents of old row for the ninth consecutive year, host- ed the Watermelon Bust to raise money for Special Olympics. The "Bust" includ- ed events such as broom pushing relays, watermelon shot-busting, stuffing-a- melon-into-a-bottle contest, and a seed- spitting contest. These were only a few things the sororities competed in. A new distance record was set for the seed-spitting contest, Bob jeney, pres- ident of Lambda Chi said. "We got a winning spit of 22 feet," he said. Enquiring minds want to know what she did for practice! Over 12 sororities paid S100 each to get a piece of the annual Watermelon Bust Spirit Competition. The object of the competition was to get as many so- rority women psyched up for Saturday's events by awarding "spirit points" for Henry Batten holds up a winning tro- phy for a Watermelon Bust team. Teams were made up of all the sororities and they competed in various events and for the most spirit. Watermelon Bust coaches and organ- izers Greg jackson, Mike Birdsell, and Troy Roscnow try to organize the teams for the upcoming event. Events included a broom-pushing relay, a seed-spitting contest, and many more. 310 Melon Bust Mania Sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha those groups of women that generated the most fervor during the week. Tri Sigma and Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, and a host of other sororities painted fraternity insignia, letters, and their own Water- melon Bust theme designs on Adelphi Drive. Several sororities even gave the men of Lambda Chi special serenades. Let the spirit flow! Saturday's watermelon Olympiad took root in the morning hours, and by mid- aftemoon the roses for the day became apparent. The overall winners of the competition were from Delta Gamma, second place was Kappa Delta, and third place was taken by Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Kappa Alpha, while Alpha Chi Omega took top spirit honors. Eve- ryone was a winner that afternoon as over 31,000 was raised for Special Olympics. -Scott Troyanos Bob Castle 0 'Rs Qx ,vs " B . ' A - -+- . .. 1 1. , Q-' I " N t - .- . H 3. - tr -11... ' 1 ,,' -1Ef ,fsf. ,t E., 5 I K fe. 5, va . "' . . , S L Q if - . 3 0 , -t . - -- 1- s L H - as at ,er-. W. . ' .. ' K , A 6 ' elf'-lg e - A 1 ff . . . ,I . . :. -N' ., K 4 i 4. "wa: - fins B it , to B L5 117 .S I 3 f 1 , 'Q . 2' Y I ' e 'w r K x - I tgp uf: 'F 1t.:.t " at S ji 4 ' N ' . 'fr st. l A f A . it t iz . t we to r ' I h I ffl nz 1, V . STV Qt, . w e A .4 .tv .K i. at t Y 1' L . x in. e': -9 t ' Y' , " " ' ' , ' . i n 4:5 Mk , 1 g f. , AQ V. . v K1 ws. , ,lj-t t ' '-L- , I , -C .,,,,. b,-,L . .- L Ax... Brian Kirmse Brian O'Mahoney PHI DELTA THETA. Front Row: Blair Wamer, Brian Austry, Mike Kunt, Grant Marcus, Brian Wilson, Billy Ryan, Van Griffin, Rich Vanasek, jeff Saltzman, Brain Myers, josh Appel, Brad Bice, Rick Walle, jeff Fraley, Chris Roy, Devin Booker. Second Row: Trace Panlette, Rob McCutchion, Brain Huffman, Alex Clark, john Burtin, tom Almon, Chris Wehrle, jay Schneider, Scott Wehrle, Morgan Nevill, Brett Carey, Beau Bryant, jason Wesner, Gene Belvis, Mike Peterson. Third Row: Chef Dale, Steve Snorsky, Dan Isaacson, Ron Coleman, Matt McDaniel, Mike Kerr, Ron Edelman, Bill McKenzie, Mom Hoffsett, Kevin Tompkins, Greg Sederis, Mark Wlfe, Kevin Salk, Shane Palmer, Dan Delich, jeff Wells, Mark Liebricht. Fourth Row: Lance Bohne, Bill Wolter, Brad Rogers, Sean Ring, jeff Bohne, Tim Orshlen, Mark Caplan, Tony Palmari, jeff Angle, Mark Osgood, Dave Shipp, Rob Demaranville, Scott Charlton, john Keating, Tim Wells, Scott Kretz, Nick Verdoia. Those Not Pictured: Trace Arm- strong, Ted Bacci, Chris Batchelor, Mark Belcher, john Bivens, Brian Blush, Marty Boetel, Mike Bradley, jlm Brenner, john Casale, Pete Chalupsky, james Christ, Mike Clow, Dave Collinge, Victor Coukoulis, james Creamer, Mark Crissman, Tim Dagley, john Deitz, Dave Derby, Mike Devney, Rob Donahue, Sean Dunbar, Mike Ebert, Matt Engstrom, jon Enwiller, Steve Estemian, Mark Findsen, Tim Flanigan, Brent Foster, Keith Fredrickson, Chris Friemuth, Greg fry, Mark Giltner, Andy Goggins, Brett Hai-ing, Kevin Hoge, Todd I-Iomles, Kevin lsem, Drew jocsque, james johnson, Chris Kidwell, jim Kreber, Scott Layeux, Mike leRou, jim Lowry, Kirby Maus, Tom McCom1ick, Erik Merkow, Alan Moore, Paul Neal, Kyle Nerminger, Tom Newcomer, Ned Newcomer, jeff Oxley, Steve Rinzler, Ron Edelman, Dean Ross, Randy roy, jon Sachar, Chris Savrese, Tony Schwartz, Scott Spale, jay Templeton, Kevin Templeton, Mark Thatcher, Pete Umbreit, john Wade, Steve Welker, joe Gagliardi, Paul Gambs, Noel Lalley, Clay Straub, Brian Smith. Good Impression very fraternity had the goal of making a good and strong im- pression of the Greek system at ASU. Phi Delta Theta was no exception. After a somewhat question- able year in 1986, the Phi Delts worked hard to show the campus and commu- nity their good points. For 12 of the last 15 years, the brothers won the All-Fraternity Division I intra- mural banner, continuing their long tra- dition of involvement with extra- curricular activities. Flag football, vol- leyball, basketball and many other sports were dominated by the Phi Delts. Athletics, however, only scratched the surface of what the 110 members prided themselves in. They placed fifth overall in fraternity scholarship standings and the brothers. Greek system. Brian Kimise Layout by Bethany A. Deines Phi Delta Theta participated in several Greek philanthropic events. The pledges made a strong showing at the Alpha Chi Omega Frisbee Fling and everyone helped out with a Halloween haunted house to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Other members helped out on a more individual level. Several decided to be Big Brothers with the Valley Big Brother Association. It was important for them to share with young boys who needed someone to look up to and do things with. In everything Phi Delta Theta did, they attempted to maintain a special brotherhood atmosphere. - Bethany A. Deines Phi Delt Bill Ryan looks around de- spairingly to find a place to park his bike. Since the fraternity house is a slight distance from the center of campus, bikes are put to good use by Relaxing after class are Phi Delts Mark Caplan and Dean Ross. The brothers of Phi Delta Theta have worked hard to add to the ASU Good Impressions 311 K I Sponsored by Phi Delta Theta Fiji Charley Burklcy catches some rays on the roof of the ., . house. The letters on the roof marked the Fiji house for many years. The sacred star gets a special I polishing by Andreas More- .....,r,, .-...s... s......... . ' --n......., Ig """'.,.,,, ,t ......x....,. . Q s- if ff' S. ....... land. The star is only one of ft 2 several secret rituals kept by loyal Fiji members. Mitch Knothe prepares for a pass as he leads the Fiji team .,...... -...s.,........ .M " ,-... ,..- M, N a . , ...,,....,..,.. Aa: -A .......a, - ......,........4a.,,.- , . ,..., in a flag football game. Their ' - intramural teams will be on hiatus during the two year suspension of the chapter. if ' .4 , .4 firm 'C w. -rt-CM A PHI GAMMA DELTA: Fnmr Row: Mark Aston, Carl Roessler, Wade Ebert, Betty Wont. Second Row: Rob Reithman. Gary Melita, Willy Dicker, Pete Valenzuela, Chris Evjen, Ed Archuleta, Richard Snyder, Charlie Closson, Todd Ludwig, Kevin Schultz, Tom Melita, Mark Patterson, joe Andrews, Dave Martin. Third Rmv: Richard Astorga, Andy Moreland, Trent McDonald, Steve Livingston, Rich Schauwecker, Hans Kellner, Richard Gohl, Doug Darr, Robert Daiel- lo, Rick Chaffey, Sean Seckel, Bob Lutz, Todd Eischeid. Roof: Ken- neth Bulahan, Tom Grady, Mitch Knothe, Dan Gitomer. Those Not Pictured: Matt Anderson, Nick Autwles, john Ashton, joe Ashton, Richard Bendel, Terry Boersma, Paul Bronstein, Dan Costello, Bart Davison, Dale Douglas, Darrin Fonlk, jack Fox, jeff Frank, Matt Gaal, Bill Gordon, Kave Helson, Darrell Hoehne, Rick Horton, Brian johnson, Larry Kearsley, Dave Kime, Dave Livingston, jim Lucas, Monty Lutzker, Marty Mauch, j.B. Nelmark, Chris Payne, john Ransom, Mark Sagan, Paul Salcido, Matt Shelton, Barry Smith, George Smith, Greg Stanton, Micheal Thompson, Paul Fiffany, Rich Walton, Bill Van Zanten. Tradition fter 22 years on the ASU campus, the Phi Gamma Deltas, more commonly known as Fijis, lost their house on Adelphi Drive over allegations of hazing. All fraterni- ties signed a document at the beginning of the fall semester agreeing not to haze pledges. Despite the turmoil caused by the al- legations and investigation, the Fiji's participated in a variety of philanthropic events, said president David Martin. "We felt our service was worth more than money," Martin said. "We contin- ued to win the blood drive in house competition, which solidified our friend- ship and service to the university." 312 Tradition On Hold Sponsored by Phi Gamma Delta Un Hold The local Boys Club and retarded chil- dren in the Valley also benefitted as house members periodically took the kids to Phoenix Firebirds baseball games or Sun Devil football games. Fiji men aided the Phoenix jay-Cees with their annual Haunted House and they hosted a Halloween exchange with retarded children each year, entertaining the kids and passing out candied corn. ln the spring, the Fijis prepared to move off campus and re-establish the traditions and community service former members worked hard to achieve and maintain. - Scott Tro mms I Phi Psi Scott Tuzdra takes the honor of spraying his brothers during a spur-of- the-moment cooling off session. Hoses and water are the only way to beat the heat! Bob Parke supervises the activities of his buddies while maintaining his bal- ance outside the house. The Phi Psi's sponsor the Phi Psi 500 each year to raise money for their philanthropy, Layout by Bvtliuriy A. Dcincs Brian Kirmse I 1 X amxwunm W V l ' r , . I 'J' ff ' V ,Q Brian Kirmse Bob Castle otlut n April, the Phi Kap- pa Psi fraternity host- ed its 17th annual philanthropic event, the Phi Psi 500. The fraternity's week- long event, aimed at raising money for the student loan fund as well as gen- erating community goodwill, began long before the actual date. Traditionally, the 500 fundraiser had been a 500-lap com- petitive bicycle race where Phi Psis and bicyclists raced for a purse and the pro- ceeds went to a charity. Unfortunately, Tempe city regulations prohibited such an event. A few years before they had tried a 15- lap beach cruiser race but their response had not been overwhelming so the en- terprising Phi Psis, having kept the name, transformed the overall form. During the week of the 500, a 55500 scholarship was raffled off to a lucky student, as well as two round trip tickets PI-II KAPPA PSI. Front Row: Bamey Durham, lim Perse, Ed Ram- sauer, Rob Armstrong. Second Raw: Ron Schirm, Brad I-Ian-is, Tom Anderson, Dale Lee, Victor Napolitano, leffrey Buchanan, Greg Zele, Eric Atamian, Scott Hazdra. Third Rout: Tim Gauthier, Steve Koskeia, Stuart Schuman, Brad Hoover, Daniel Hernandez, Robert Parke, Keith R. Lohocky, Bryan I. Gershaw, Mike Rettus. Fourth Row: Ben Goodsitt, Joel Naumoff, Fayez Karroum, Tom Kerr, Bob Kerstead, jim Vivier, Russell C, Richard, jason Nelson, Scott Cromack. Those Not Pictured: Mark Boisseiain, Darrin Bnmelle, Tony Bruner, ron Cardella, Eric Cedarburg, Leif Cedarburg, Gerald Coffey, Chris Crain, Bill Crowder, Ben Dunlap, Keith Eckhardt, Rudy Evangelista, Brian Fidler, Bob Fletcher, Steve Fredhall, john Hale, Brian Harlan, Mike Heath, Mat Irwin, Shaun lenson, Ryan Keim, Bill Landis, Scott Lowry, Dave Luna, Doug McManus, Todd Merrian, Mark Parfet, Van Parfet, left' Richards, Mike robb, Dan Rowland, Marck Sawyer, David Swanson, Randy Vos, Dana Walters, Donnie Zabinski. l A ame to anywhere in the United States. An effort by fraternity and sorority members to help the Phi Psis raise 500 pints of blood fell short by a drop or two with the net product of 300 pints raised. They also gave away a coupon booklet in which they solicited campus business advertisement. Victor Napolitano, president of Phi Kappa Psi, organized the activities with administrative help from john Hale. Through their efforts they raised around 52,500 for the community. The frater- nity's hard work culminated on the Sahuaro band field, where the fraternity held an afternoon volleyball picnic that turned into a nighttime band bash. "We had some good people helping us set it up this year, and we had a great time pulling it off," Napolitano said. - Scott Troyunos Not just A Name 313 Sponsored by Phi Kappa Psi Self-Described he men of Phi Sigma Kappa were a self- described "unique" group. The 130 mem- bers were as diverse as the myriad of on and off-campus activities they partici- pated in. Phi Sigma Kappa members balanced philanthropic and social activities to create an interesting program. Two of their philanthropies were the Make-A- Wish Foundation and the Humane So- ciety. The Phi Sig litte sisters sold candy to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foun- dation, a local organization that grants last wishes to terminally ill children. The brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa sold pump- kins at Halloween along with the ladies of Pi Beta Phi. They raised over S600 Not the most glorious job but someone had to do the cleaning around the house. Louis "Sweet Lou" Stein takes his turn doing the chores. Pawning pumpkins is Phi Sig Robert Gibson . This Halloween fundraiser benefitted the Make-A- Wish Foundation by raising 5600. Peering over the courtyard is Anthony Valencia and Iarnie Corwin. Many of the functions take place below so it's best to get a view from the "ba1cony." PHI SIGMA KAPPA. Front Raw: Eric Anderson, Brad Humphrey, Louis Stein, Anthony Valencia, jason Wick, Scott Schlesinger, Al Sash, Second Row: Dave Dotts, Brian Bodemuller, jeff Fishman, Rich Peters, Keith Anderson, john Abbamonde, justin Crane, Pete Phil- lipi, Ira Feuerstein. Third Row: Brad Huestis, Dom LaBella, Ioe Drazich, Greg Spring, Dan Fogel, Paul Dellafiora, Scott Pollard. Fourth Row: Greg Siwak, Dan Leff, Iohn Jacobson, jeff Greer, Tres Glenn, Bruce Pfeiffer, A.I. Gates, DAve Yonco, Stu Gold, Bob Brandt, Craig Luckey, Steve Bracco, Scott Keppel, Cameron Shaffer. Fifth Row: Steve Kellos, Drew Iensen, Zubin Khubchandani, Matt Barrash, Rob Serra, Mike Gorden, Dave Wochner, Fank Nicholson, Rob Gibson, Chris Connolly, Andre Guerrier, Andy Walker, Ryan Knowlten, Todd Skenderian. Those Not Pictured: Mike Albrecht, Steve Azer, Rick Bosch, Brandon Bridwell, Gary Carlson, jeff Church, james Corwin, Chris Doyle, Andy Engerbretson, Rob Er- ickson, Gregg Kearsey, Steve Kuhn, Paul Messer, Nick Miliotic,Scott Novis, lohn Topalian, Scott Beladeau, Blake Berish, Aaron Birnbaum, Craig Bradley, Grant Brunner, Kevin Carnefix, Dennis Christianson, jim Crossin, Scott Decker, Hunter Fenwick, Dave Gregg, Dave Hendershot, Tom Hext, Mike Hoyt, Dave lbarra, Dave Keddie, Terry Kelly, todd Kingery, Ken Klade, Tim Knapp, Tim Knock, lim Makurat, Pete Martin, John McCutcheon, Bruce Oothout, Iohn Owen, Dave Patelson, Ralph Poirier, Ioe Sanseverino, Rich Schoonmaker, Tom Settle, Pat Shirley, Ben Siersma, Todd Smith, Matt Thraen, Eric Trevino, Mark Turay, jeff Weiss, Matt Zim- merman, 314 Self-Described Sponsored by Phi Sigma Kappa from the sale to benefit this foundation. They continued their philanthropic endeavors by holding the yearly sorority pledge volleyball tournament. Pledges from all the campus sororities battled on the court and raised nearly 551,000 for the Humane Society. Phi Sig members participated in a va- riety of social events, as well. Among these were formals, retreats, and in- tramurals. All of these activities contrib- uted to their cohesiveness and unity. Phi Sigma Kappa was established at ASU in December of 1949. Since then, they have continued to be a unique group. "We are such a diverse group. Everyone fits in," said President Brad Heustis. - Carolyn Pye 1 Brian Kirmse Brian Bob Castle Shamway Lo Tarzan Dave Campbell brings out the animalistic instincts of look-alike lanes. jungle fever overtakes Pi Phi's Gretchen Barton and Shari Strandberg. As usual, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha join in the celebration of Halloween. Active jason Schroeder shows Toby Chapman what pledgeship is all about. The bond of brotherhood will always bring Pete Duffy and Tom Radic back for more. Experiencing fratemity life the Pike way has many rewards. Bob Castle Gi ing Their All hat did the jaycees' Spookhouse, paint- ing the "A" and the Nick Bonocotti Paral- ysis Fund all have in common? They were all philanthropies that Pi Kappa Alpha, otherwise known as the Pikes, raised money for or helped out in some way. The pledge class, consisting of 20 men, took S100 from the chapter along with the money raised from car washes and other functions, put it all together and raised over 51,200 for the Nick Bonocotti Fund. They estimated that every mem- ber in the house raised at least S520 him- self to benefit this charity. During the Halloween season, the Pikes dressed up in costumes and worked the jaycees' Spookhouse. This provided extra fun for the members who David Leeds helped out and kids all across the valley benefitted from their antics. Since 1951 when the Pikes chartered a chapter at ASU, brotherhood and ac- ademics have always been promoted. Always spending time together at Big BrotherfLittle Brother events such as re- treats and rituals was highly recom- mended. Also maintaining high grade point averages was stressed in the house as they worked hard to achieve strong academic success. Like other fraternities, the Pikes par- ticipated in the intramural sports pro- gram. They had a large turn-out and generally placed well in the various sports they participated in, further ad- ding to their spirit and feelings of broth- erhood. - Shannone Wassail Pl KAPPA ALPHA. Front Row: Nino Duley, Rick Huestis, Ken Kozlik, Greg Zrinyi, Carl Randazzo, Michael Penn, Ray Liano, Michael Tester, Vince Axelson, Dave Campbell, Todd Podeil, Dave McMinn, Second Row: Chris jogis, jason Schroeder, Michael Hubert, Brian McGuire, Pat Murphy, Carl Essa, Erich Batch. Bill Waddell, Toby Chapman, Pat Wiele, Scott Kehm, Mark Diana. Third Row: Brian Gillen, Matt Klopp, Brad Waldrop, Mark Wolf, Chris Borst, Craig Lamp, john Malouf, Scott lsham, Bob Hart, Andrew hart, Michael Podany. Those Not Pictured: Dave Altman, jim Baka, joe Bames, john Barnes, Brandon Barrett, jeff Bertoiini, john Book- walter, Ron Bramlage, john Burdick, jeff Bruns, Scott Cacchione, George Capra, Mark Cohen, Brent Connel, Dane Dashney, Pete Duffy, Pete Ellenoff, Rich Essigs, Drew Evans, jim FArrey, Roger Fincher, Tom Franz, joe Fridkin, Dan Gottas, Rich Goldberg, Lee Gramatis, Brad Greene, Randy Guzman, Kevin Hardy, T.j, jackson, Chris johnson, Steve johnson, Vince Killian, Mike Kruse, Adam Lazo, Ed LeFevor, jim Levine, Mark Linsalata, Mark Looft, Rich Martin, Mike McCabe, Mike McConahay. Steve McDonald, Ted Mitsakopoulos, Tony Monnochio, Dave Moran, Tom Morley, Kevin Nichols, Dana Pack, Mike Parrillo, Wes Petterson, Steve Progar, Make Rukavina, Brad Serlin, Tate Shetterly, Dave Shugart, Bob Smith, Eric Spirtas, Dennis Sullivan, Ken Thompson, Kirk Thorne, Tim Tobin, Keith Ulinger, Don Warne, Rob Wasson, jon Wildenradt, Mitch Bradley, Kevin Duff, Russ Eiler, jonathan George, Mike Het'- fernan, jeff jacobsen, Ed Lightner, john Ochodnicky, Patric Camp- bell, Brandon Ducray, Shannon Erickson. Giving Their A11 315 Sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha lmpressve Year igma Alpha Epsilon' was the largest na- tional fraternity in 1987 with over 210,000 initiated members. Because of this, members were able to make many lasting friendships during and after col- lege and have brothers all across the country. The ASU chapter of Sigma Alpha Ep- silon was established in December, 1961. Since then, the chapter has been able to offer its members a wide variety of social and philanthropic activities. The brothers of SAE helped out a variey of different local and national phi- lanthropies. They raised an average of 53,000 a year for different projects. SAE members were involved in many SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Front Raw: john Doolittle, Mike Tuohy, Sean Minor, Brad Holmes, Sam Powers, john Rodman, Edward Francic Cole, jeff Merkel, Tom Altieri, Steve Urbatsch, Mike Tolmieri, Eric Axelrode, Craig Parkhurst, Brian Busey, josh Daniel. Second Row: Paul Scott, john johnston, Mike Sbrocco, Dave Pelatt, Shane Stickel, Bob Brockly, Bryant Coleman, john Hoss, john Schenk, Mike Smith, Third Raw: jerry Connelly, Tom jacobs, Craig Machem, Brad Paris, jim Miller, Rick Danis, Doug Sever, james Hotis, Tim Booker, john Bridgeford, Leighton Fisk, Rob johnson, Russell Fryer, james DeBragga, Shane Kanderis, Dave Locke, jeff Bull, Gordon Ball, jeff Kirke. Fourth Row: Todd Peterson, Scott McRobers, Brain Gattas, Ron Krippner, Rob Slattery, Pete Crockett, Caser Culpepper, Dan Sidell, jeff Nuzum, jim Kirke, Loren Gold, Keaton Merrill, Dan Sherlock, Mark Lukasik, Rick Landry. Those Not Pictured: Tom Sioberg, Stewart Smith, Rob Bickley, Dan Albert, john Rodman, Kurt Klingemtan, Tim Millsap, jonnathon Meronek, Clay Coffeen, james Cochran, Bob Dixon, Eric Northbrook, Ron Silverthome, Todd Tipton, Mike Finnegan, Chad Wagner, Mark Michna, Mark Grimes, Rich Mundy, Rob Smart, Mike Moses, Scott Covey, Dave Koch, Brian Carlin, Steve Nelligan, Trace LaBarr, Tom McAndrew, Steve Dunlap, Mike Dunlap, Rob Cope, jeff Stuck, Todd Rosholt, Bill Comella, Bill Miller, jim jacobs, Chris Cooke, Lewis Carpenter, Rick Harris, Sean Burke, Brandon Buck, Mike Strasser, Rod Wolff, Sean Daniels, Evan Northbrook, Bruce Amman, Steve Dark im Chiate Chris Bull Scott Smith Mike Stivers a Francis, different activities which contributed to their diversity as a group. Many SAE members were involved in Intra- fraternity council, the governing board of the Greek system. Other SAEs were involved in the Or- der of Omega, the Greek honorary so- ciety. This year, both the president and treasurer of Omega were men from Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. Their rounded experience was bal- anced by participating in several intra- mural teams including football, wres- tling and lacrosse. With their diverse mix of academic, social and athletic success, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was definitely a fraternity to take notice of. -- Carolyn Pye ,I , , , ,I y Shelby Ricketts, Paul james, Larry Crosby, Keith Covert. 316 Impressive Year Sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Quarterback Scott Roberts fades back for a pass and looks for a brother down field. It never hurts to do some extra practicing for the intramural games. SAE's work as a team both on and off the field, They are cur- rently the largest fraternity in the nation so their brotherhood is felt from coast to coast. Jthers stick together and that is how all the fun rurs. Their brotherhood reaches all across the intry with over 100,000 initiated members. Alpha Ph ore Than Effort ver since April 26, 1976, the men of the Mu Eta chapter of Al- pha Phi Alpha have joined together to form ASU's only IFC recognized black fraternity. '-'fi1r, Y The 12 members worke gether many philanthropic throu ,,igf? 2 - out the year. Monetary.. s made to the Needy Children's Fund, the Dr. Martin Luther King Ir. annual schol- arship, and the Mu Eta chapter minority student scholarship. The fraternity sponsored seminars about male-female relationships, sec- ondary education and drug abuse for the South Phoenix Youth Center. They also sponsored the Mu Eta chapter essay con- test in conjunction with Dr. King's birth- day. It was open to junior high and high school students, but the topic was cho- sen by the fraternity. The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha often visited the elderly at the Boswell Me- orial H pital, and helped prepare ages for the United Way ce or each week. The s , w as unique in many as- pects. It possessed a 99 percent grad- uation rate of its members and was rec- ognized nationally as an academic and service organization. The men were proud to announce Alpha Phi Alpha had 569 chapters across the country which encompassed over 100,000 members. U - Sui-Lin Stacey Chen Deborah D. Cook Alpha Phi Alpha ALPHA PHI ALPHA. Front Raw: Christopher Dukes, William Mabry, Leopold Noel Green. Second Row: john johnson, Ryan West. Third Row: Greg Williams, Randy Goode, Michael Mathis. Taking time out to relax after a long day are the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha. These men spent many hours donating man-power for several philanthropies. Layout by Bethany A. Deines More than Effort 317 Sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Remember Relays he ASU chapter of Sigma Nu was founded in 1951 and since their cre- ation, this house has maintained many traditions. Among the more well-known traditions is their annual philanthropic event, LA Relays. This year was the 13th year Sigma Nu sponsored the relays. Events began early in the week with a volleyball competition on Wednesday. Thursday was Spirit Night, when all the sororities on campus com- peted for points leading to the LA Relays championship. Friday night was Brother- hood Night for the members of Sigma Nu, and Saturday afternoon capped everything off with all-day events at the Sigma Nu pool. All the sorority members were divided into teams with two to three sororities per The ceremonial drink is received by Sigma Nu David Symms. The six-year old leather boot is tra- ditionally handed down from big brothers to their little brothers. i"W'7" Sigma Nu's Water Ballet team was a special sight to see at the DeeGee's annual Anchor Splash. All campus fraternities compete in various swimming contests to capture top honors at the Aquatic Center. SIGMA NU. Front Row: Travis Sumnels, Rob Hathaway, Charles Hopkins, Creighton Anderson, Kurt Penn. Second Row: Scott Neiowey, Mike Giese, Ted Verlee, Kevin Olson, Mike Gatt, Ken Gatt, Chris Davies, David Lederes, Mark Knight, Bob Hahn, Brad Vaughan, Gary Dean. Third Raw: Thomas Helms, Chip Kish, Blair Ashworth, Nick Foxhoven, jason Squibb, Todd Edwards, Mark McVey, john Castellano, Danny Kenney, jay Poplawski, john Cracraft, Christopher Walker, Duane Peralto, Chris Mucha, john Lund, Bill Nugent. Fourth Row: David Symms, Mike Quigley, Tom Raemisch, Mike Savoie, Phil Hyland, Chris Markakis, Tom Finn, Ken Rexrode, Kelly Farland, Brent Anderson, Doug Rhodes, Max Munson, john Robison, Brad Grannis. Fifth Row: Mark Blanchard, Mike Tobin, Alex Witherill, Rick White, Tom Callahan, joe Manzel- la, Tim Washbum, Bill Cusick, Kevin Dorian, Tylar Kolstad, Kent Nuzum, jerry Carlo, Cameron Kraychy, Greg johnson, Kirk Kokosta, Dan Simsiman, Greg Goetz, Steve Endres, Rich Distler, Mark Mari- ani,Steve Bertani, Darren Petrucci, Todd Zeras, Toby Davis, Todd Edgar, Marcus Skenderian. Those Not Pictured: Bobby Zimmer, Aar- on Devault, john Church, Brad Goff, jason Cagle, Craig Storey, jeff Barton, Chad Clark, Brad Cox, Dave Donnelly, Tom Dom, Tim Doyle, Blake Edwards, joe Fabian, Paul Furina, Dave Flecle, Tony Gregory, Rob Harrris, Rich Goag, Steve johnson, john Kelliher, Kevin Kuhner, Mark Lappe, Todd Marterson, Rod Mason, Scott Mason, Mike McDermitt, Greg Meidroth, Shane Pavitt, Brad Per- ozzi, Brock Robertson, Roady Shiel, Erik Smith, jim TBSYHTEK, Dan Ward, Peter Williamson. 318 Remember Relays Sponsored by Sigma Nu team. These teams competed in relay races such as a watermelon race, in which they were required to swim across the pool car- rying a watermelon. Other races included an innertube race, a sweatshirt and jeans race, and a bellyflop contest. Top honors for the day belonged to the team made up of Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Chi Omega, while Alpha Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Tri Delta came in second. The goal of LA Relays was to raise canned food for St. Mary's Food Bank. Each team went to houses in local neigh- borhoods to collect canned food for the Bank. Besides being a successful philanthropic event, LA Relays served to give the Sigma Nu's and the various sororities something special to remember in the years to come. Intimidating looks to scare any opposition cor from Mark Marian as he gives his best grimace a Bobby Zimmer looks on slyly. The Sigma Nu's ho ed the annual LA Relays to benefit St. Mary's Fo Bank. -Carolyn Pye David L David Leeds Bob: Brian Brian Kimise Brian Kirmse jiri , Layout by Bethany A. Deines A fooseball game is really one of the best ways to relax at the Sig Ep house after class. john Lightfoot practices his skills, aiming for the perfect shot. Special friends don't only in- clude fratemity brothers. joe Aillo gives their dog an affectionate head-rub to remind him what a special part he is in Sig Ep life. Going for a perfect throw is Darin Forester as members of his team and the competition look on. Sigma Phi Epsilon's pledge class was tough to beat at the Frisbee Fling. Roger Dube Defend the Honor hat else was there to do on a Saturday morning when the temperature creeped over 100 degrees? Sigma Phi Epsilon had the answer and decided to go on a bike ride. No, this was no ordinary little jaunt around town, it was, in fact, a bike trip to Tucson to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Sig Eps, with over 150 members and 24 pledges, began early Saturday morning. All week long the brothers col- lected donations and by the end of the ride they had raised nearly 53,500 for MDA. Their other philanthropic events in- cluded a dance-a-thon with Kappa Al- pha Theta and the ASU versus UofA blood drive. All of these events combined with Brian O'Mahoney Greek Week and Greek Sing, in- tramurals, and the bathtub races helped Sigma Phi Epsilon capture the honor of being ASU's 1987 Outstanding Frater- nity as well as the 1987 Outstanding Greek Organization. These awards re- quired a lot of dedication, love, and en- thusiasm on the part of the brothers and their goals included defending the titles against other houses. The question was how to do this. Sig- ma Phi Epsilon relied on 100 percent participation at all events and functions from the men in the house. Furthermore, they counted on diverse membership. Without a doubt, Sigma Phi Epsilon will remain a strong fraternity with much to offer and they will continue defending their prestigious honors. - Bethany A. Deines SIGMA PHI EPSILON: Front Row: Pete jenner, jeff Kirshner, jamie Hyman, jim Accola, Court Ryan, Ed Bauernfreund, Dean Walde. Setond Row: Andre Kelly, Steve Dashnell, Andrew Newman, Mike Printy, Andrew Lee, Brad Greenfield, Steve Hett. Third Row: Darren Forster, john Lis, Wolfgan Baere, Casey Littleton, Scott Whitney, Craig Summers, Ross Busby, Ken Ttalmer, David Maher. Those Not Pictured: Doug Hy ock, Rick Piani, Chaz Schand, Greg? Champion, Dave Shriener, james Abramowski, joselph Aiello, joe Alto ello, Gi bert Arcie, Ben Arthachinta, Michael Bakos, Mic ael Ball, Andy Banks, james Bennitt, David Benson, Timothy Berr , David Bouck, Sean Bueter, john Buruhem, Michael Bush , Christopher ganino, james Carlson, Christopher Carter, jonathan Casey, Garter Cha man, William Daly, Thomas Dean, erek Deatley, jeffrey Dohert , Michael Buffy, Chris Dupassage, Fred Parris, Michael Fladeland, Curtis Flowler, Gregory Freyberg, Brian Fries, Christopher Gammons, George Camer, Glenn Gaskey, Gino Gioga, Seth Goldberg, jim Goodail, Eric Gottlieb, john Gra , Mitchell Greenblatt, Duane Grischow, Scott Grom, Dave Gross, Alan Hanshaw, Robert Hareeck, William Hayes, Chris Heidelman, Michael Held, Douglas Henkel, Bruce Hichman, Grant Hillier, Tim Houik, Gregory Hrncir, jo n Humphrey, Peter jensen, Todd jones, Ronald jordan, Douglas Kelton, Sheen Khoury, Timoth Kings- ton, jeffrefy Klein, Michael Konami Brian Kraake, Steven jUlaga, Igarl Kuo, Scott Kur srst, Shane Lamb, Chuc Lee, jason bee, Nicholas Lepetsos, john Lightfoot, joseph Lis, Daniel Lococo, john Loomis, Andrew Lorenz, Bruce Madsen, Michael Malouf, Steven Marken, Donald Martin, Thomas Martin, james Maurer, Todd Mayo, Willian McAudle, Paul McCauley, john McCune, William Miller, Todd Modic, Gordon Monroe, Brian Montgpmery, Chris- topher Montgomery, Michael Moore, David Morris, Kennet Nance, Mat! Niemeyer, Eric Norris, Dean Odell, jacsques Orces, Trevor Orr, Trey Pfeil- sticker, Daniel Provo, Michael Redhair, Bryan Reid, George Reider, homas Reier, Brian Reilly, Terry Reisner, Dan em , Michael Reynolds, David Richards, Omar Rodriguez, Michael Rosati, lvfike Rucker, Robert Sanchez, Eric Scheinemtan, Curt Schiner, john Schmidtke, Keneth Schneider, Sanford Schulhofer, Randy Schwartz, Robert Seamans, Scott Sedgewick, Paul Seidman, Darow Se o, judd Shaft, Charles Shand, Doug Shermen, Daniel Siffermann, Brian gpiock, jeffrey Stacy, jeffrey Stewart, Robert St. john, Kevin Strombau h, Brenton Sumrall, Paul Thompson, Marc Thur, Kevin Tierne , Patrick Trank, Blake Turner, Timothy Tutag, Kelly Van Slyke, Gu Vick, Tyhomas Vochl, Patrick Vollmer, Matthew Warner, David Wheeler, jeff Wheeler, David Whitney, Gregory Whitney, john Wilson, Richard Yancey, john Yarbrough. Defend the Honor 319 Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon 320 Mock Rocking Sponsored by Sigma Pi SIGMA PI. Front Row: Paul Alessio, Loi Van Nguyen, Brian Pickett, John Achoukian, Russell Robison, Dave Marshall, Todd Tillotson, Keith Peterson. Second Row: Todd Siffren, David Humble, Aldo Croati, Philip Helmstelter, Chad Ellis, Bill Nolton, Mike Pressendn, Tom Connick. Third Row: Kevin Anderson, Ted Ballard, Andy Pedersen, Scott Griesman, Nicholas Konrad, Mike Croatti, Mike Warren, Alan Work, Roger Wendt, Brett Pepper, Fourth Row: Todd Schmidt, Mark Bmovich, Bruce Hausmann, Todd Abraham, Scott Hume, Lane Hoggatt, Tom Hope, james Kempton, Mark Bergmann, john Ramirez, Brett Coffman, David Brashear, Lance Wischmeier, Timothy Myers. Those Not Pictured: Herb Aguirre, David Anderson, Tony Angelo, jeff Barton, Mike Bean, Mrk Bergman, Scott Bostick, Walt Chrisman, Tyler Copeland, Mark Ferrell, Stephen Haas, Greg Heriman, Russ Homes, Rich Klaren, Randy Large, Steve Maciejew- ski, Paul Mnoogian, john McGinley, Rick Medina, jacques Munro, Mike Oreman, Will Robbins, Dan Rouse, TJ. Ruggiero, Todd Swan- son, Cary Vaspol, Mike Krigbaum, jared Nyman. ock Rockin hen thinking of Mock Rock, ideas of a good time, loud music and a large crowd to scam on entered the minds of many. That is if you were not a Sigma Pi. Sigma Pi started to organize this event two months prior and spent their time thinking of who would donate what, the turn out, try-outs, collecting backdrops and which charity would receive all the money raised. Everything went as planned with 10 bands performing in front of nearly 5,000 students. They raised about 52,000 for Students Against Drunk Driving QSADDJ. The brothers of Sigma Pi, collectively about 75 men, also helped in the ASU versus UofA Blood Drive. They were rec- ognized as the house with the highest participation as the Sun Devils went on to beat the Wildcats in this charity en- Rick Medina and Keith Peterson stand guard around the stage area at Mock Rock. Most of the se- curity, stagehands, and organizers at this large event were Sigma Pis. Basking in the last streams of limelight are the men of Sigma Pi. Mock Rock 1987 was a huge success and the proceeds went to benefit Students Against Drunk Driving. ww- .- ,W Q. . . , I y ll . fl! sl . , . , H 6 .7 S deavor, Some members took time out to tutor other ASU students, demonstrating the importance of academics.Other Sigma Pi's got involved with campus govern- ment as three members were ASASU senators who spoke their minds, but on- ly to benefit others and the campus com- munity. ln the remaining time, besides their usual socializing, Sigma Pi worked on several of the steering committess, par- ticularly for Greek Sing. Their spirit was clearly visible at Homecoming as they helped build a very impressive float. Since recolonizing three years ago, Sigma Pis were definitely back on the right track. They stressed a fun social life but balanced with strong academic achievements and community and cam- pus involvement. - Shamione Wassell ' rdugo Al Pimentel Those Not Dave Reid, AJ. Paplc, Carlos Ve , . Pictured: Ed Barry, Rob Bennett, Frank Borja, Wade Brandimore, lim Roger Du Roger Dube e is full of surprises and Mike Monge gets a at one from Scott Grubb. The Tekes looked for- rd to moving into their new house before the l of first semester where they would be able to d more exchanges. 'out by Bethany A. Deines Brian O'Mahoney Cantua, Barry Com, Roger Dube, Ion Olson, Robert Patrick, Matt Perrin, I.R. Richards, Mike Roan, john Salas, David Smat, Steve Titzler, joe Trevino, john Barnhill, john Guilonard, Michael Monge. Madonna will get a new look after Iohn Salas spray paints james Iuarez' t-shirt at the TKE-Tri Sig- ma exchange. The people and the walls were covered following their Grafitti Party. The best place to write is on the back where lim Tee caught Bob james . The t-shirts would always be something to treasure. Roger Dube Tekes Move Out ny time someone moves, there is ex- citement in the air. Tau Kappa Epsilon experienced this excitement after buying a new house on Broadway and College where 16 of their members would move tO. Although the previous owners fixed bers during the year. They planned a Halloween party with their little sisters, Pledge Presents, and a brotherhood re- treat to Mogollon Rim in Northern Ar- izona. Other fall activities included a members-only Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas party. For spring semester, the annual Red Carnation Ball was planned along with the interior of the house, cha ip,i1 1 W " 5 a .Q ..'22i - ' ities for Greek Week and bers planned to improve thg i tsi m e. 'K lso in the works were TKE members prepared to put in lants f kiiz ll-sorority pledge water grass, trees, barbeque grills, a vol .,,...,,.t.,:. .a ',., ....,.i Z .,.,...-...1 e leyball net so members and their friends could use the front yard for recreation. Not long after moving in the Tekes held an open house where members were invited, along with ASU faculty, Greek advisors, Student Life members, and others. Although moving kept them busy, this was not the only activity for TKE mem- In addition to social events, Tau Kappa Epsilon members did philanthropic ac- tivities to benefit the Valley Big Brothers. The brothers prided themselves in help- ing others and they have done so ever since their colonization in 1948. U - Carolyn Pye , Tekes Move Out 321 Sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon THETA CHI. Front Row: Troy Gombery, james Baum, Vincent Morscher, j. Michael Hoehn, Paul House, Luis Rivero, Smart Pam, john Scott Dirks, Michael Maxcotti, Victor Romo, Travis Provost, Kokie Duncan. Second Row: john Morey, jason Docek, joseph Faust, joe Ferrusi, johnny Dorsey, Keith McDonough, Sean Dwyer, jeff Hom, Frank Thomas, Michael Nalley. Third Row: Dan Blanchard, Dave Hill, james Casebolt, Paul Cox, Michael Anderson, Kurt Brasch, Gregg Young, jeff Novick, jaime Molera. Fourth Row: Chris Hendrix, Dave Schreck, Christopher Scoggin, Gary Blanchard, Kevin Gwinner, john Carson, Alan Michieli, Eric Kronengold, Bill Greene. Those No! Pictured: Gary Ahem, David Blanchard, Brett Caughey, Phil DeMund, Mike Gallagher, Todd Green, Mike Grieve, lohn Higgins, Ed Hurt, Dan Laux, Mel Mellohusky, Butch Mendez, Blair Minnis, Arnie S iker Rob Sweador Chris p , , Worret, Allen Young Marland Franco Matt Hanna David Shell. Halloween brings out such peo- ple as a volleyball pro, a ninja, Phil Donahue, and an artist. In reality they are Theta Chi's Scott Dirks, jerry Okafuji, Patrick Lynn, and Gus Duan. Flying around is president jeff' Horn at the Theta Chi Halloween Bash. These brothers always seem to have some fun in everything they do during the year. Solid Gpportunit nity and camaraderie. What better reasons to join a fraternity? The brothers of Theta Chi have provided these qualities and many other special opportunities in their house since May 16, 1953 when the chapter was chartered at Arizona State College. During the year, Theta Chi raised hun- dreds of dollars and used even more manhours for their philanthropic proj- ects. Such organizations as the Arthritis Foundation, the Phoenix jaycees, and the Marc Buoniconti Fund to help find a cure for paralysis benefitted from Theta Chi's unselfish support. Through hard work balanced with a fun, yet diverse, social calendar, the men of Theta Chi were provided with many 322 Solid Opportunity Sponsored by Theta Chi unique opportunities to round out an exciting college education. By encour- aging all members to take on a lead- ership position, every person had spe- cific responsibilities within the house to take care of. This, without a doubt, helped lead to a successful academic year and helped prepare members for grad- uation. With more than 60 active members Theta Chi was proud of everything it had accomplished. While striving to comple- ment their educations with leadership positions and involvement with the ASU Greek system, the brothers of Theta Chi developed close bonds of brotherhood - something that would last forever. I - Bethany A. Deines iiafcll THETA DELTA CHI. Fran! Row: Peter Doria, justin Ferrandi, Donald Leo, Craig Pozen, Dave Papadopolo, Evan Grossman, Ellitt Higa, Mike Willsey,Sec1Jrid Row: Rich Beaudoin, Chris Sullivan, Rob Sargeant, Steve Wilsowowitz, Dan Matthias, Michael Mayberry, Mike jarboe, Doug johnson, Dave Shin, Brain Liebman. Third Raw: jim Mansfield, Randy Suttles, Eric Ack, Toman Whiteaker, Gregg Walker, Michael Lamb. Fourth Row: Dave Bush, Steve Lawson, Mike Buenik, joseph Mirsky, Larry Weeks, Bruce Katis, Matthew Heileman, Rob Waldau, Kevin Glassco, Dusty Mathis, Rob Halford, Les Roy. Those Nut Pictured: Steve Brant, Grant Boroff, jim Campion, jeff Cooper, Erik Dexter, Tim Duax, Blair Dickerson, joe Ducharme, Andy Geller, john Goldsworthy, Howard Goldfarb, Mark Haldi, Alfred Hamilton, Kenneth Henman, Keith jacobs, justin Kent, Pete Lahey, Keith Leibowitz, Brett Loncares, Mark Mason, Thomas McDonald, David Mitchell, Chris Posley, Tripp Ridge, Glen Rundell, Mike Ryder, Mark Sheehy, Greg Snider, Andrew Stoneman, john Staubitz, Andrew Wasler, jeff White, Steve Wilson, Todd Wostowicz, Dave Wright, Chris Yontez, jim Sofranko, Bill Trankle, Scott Blanford, Dave Hamburg, Steve Patterson, john Chapko, Scott Peloquin, Dave Mitchell, Chris May, jim Mileti, Bob Ayersman, A Different Mold ver since their found- ing in 1961, the men of Theta Delta Chi have had pride in their individuality. These men were a group of diverse individuals, not a group of people built from the same mold. The bonds of friendships formed were based on mutual esteem and dependence on one another. Despite their individuality, these gen- tlemen worked together as a whole group rather than separate people. Eve- ryone in the house participated in phil- anthropic activities such as the cookout to benefit the Phoenix Boys Club. They spent the day playing football with the boys and established bonds of friend- ships with the kids similar to those that existed between the brothers of Theta Delta Chi. Bob Castle A large portion of the philanthropic events were spontaneous ones that ben- efitted the community, but some activ- ities were reserved to help their national philanthropy, the March of Dimes. Being a Theta Delt was not all hard work. They participated in several fun social events such as a Labor Day week- end trip to Rocky Point, a semi-annual two-man volleyball tournament, and the Boxer Rebellion. The volleyball tourna- ment was a competition open to eve- ryone, not just Greeks. The money raised went towards special prizes and tro- phies. By building unity through philanthro- py and social events, these individuals built a special and unique bond known simply as Theta Delta Chi. - Sui-Lin Stacey Chen House chores are part of the rou- tine when living in a fratemity house. Mike Ryder gets to use his talents to improve the living style at the Theta Delta Chi house. Blowing kisses to the crowd is the Theta Delt synchronized swimming team. They competed against other fraternities for top honors at the Delta Gamma An- chor Splash. Layout by Bethany A. Deines A Different Mold 323 Sponsored by Theta Delta Ch: mia!! 1 An intense tug-of-war contest is led by Lambda Chi Ross Mark. These Phoenicians worked hard all day long at the ASU annual Greek Games to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A true Greek leads the Spartan spirit. All the Greeks were grouped together in teams and competed in various events such as the notorious chariot race. Picture Thi . . . wenty-two fraterni- ties and 12 sororities racing Chariots, forc- ing down pizza, and dropping coins in five gallon water bot- tles. Do these sound like the activities of the average college student? They are if these students are trying to raise 510,000 in an annual eight-day event called Greek Week. Greek Week 1987, under the theme 1'Picture This," proved to be the high- light of the Greek year. Planning began seven months earlier to produce this an- nual event and carry it out without a glitch. Cindy Langford, a member of Chi Omega and the 1987 Greek Week co- chairman, said organizing for Greek Week began as school started in the fall. The 13-member Greek Steering Com- mittee held meetings every week to make sure Greek Week was a success. Greek Week began with opening cer- emonies, held at the Mesa Ampitheatre. The morning after the formal kick-off and dance, Greek games began as each house competed for points toward the Outstanding Chapter Award. Houses earned points through participation in events prior to Greek Week, as well as at 324 Picture This . . . the Greek games. The games included the annual chariot race, a five-kilometer run, a pizza eating contest, and Greek Sing held at Gam- mage Auditorium. Greek Sing presented the opportunity for Greeks to sing, dance, and act for the entertainment of an enthusiastic audience. Of the eight Greek games teams, the Spartans QPi Beta Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, and Sigma Phi Epsilonj went on to become the Greek victors. The purpose of Greek Week was to promote Greek unity and raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an or- ganization that grants wishes to termi- nally ill children. Over 512,000 was raised through various fundraisers, pass- ing the goal set at 510,000 Fundraisers included book and shirt sales, Greek Sing tickets, a coin collection on Cady Mall, and money from local sponsors. Closing ceremonies at Camelback Inn brought Greek Week to a close and honored winning teams, Greek Week planners, and a successful Greek year. - Brad Hartman Todd Green f State Press Todd Green f State Press It takes talent to race with boards strapped to your feet - some- thing these Gladiators didn't quite master, However, spirit was most important and this duo certainly had plenty of it. Safely tucked inside an inner- tube for one of the craziest Greek games is Pi Phi Kathy Killock . The Games required the Greek system to work together and raise money for one special philanthropy. Only pizza satisfies Kappa Kap- pa Gamma Gina Nestro after a long moming of fun and activ- ities. The day-long activities were only a small part of Greek Week '87 Layout by Kim Radke and Bethany A. Deines Todd Green f State Press Picture This . . . 325 Dreams Come True he lights dimmed and the audience, made up of family, friends and on- lookers settled back into the dramatic surround- ge Auditorium. On stage, Master of Ceremonies and Greek Sing co- chair john Wolfe opened with a song that kicked off the evening's festivities. Greek Sing was the culmination of Greek Week, a week of activities planned by fraternities and sororities to raise money for a charitable organization. In 1987, the Make-A- ings of Gamma philanthropic chosen was the Wish Foundation. This Arizona-based or- ganization granted last wishes to termi- nally ill children. Those who participated in Greek Sing enjoyed themselves and took home mem- ories of fun that would last for years to come. However, everyone involved also took the task of raising money seriously, as rehearsals for the spring event began in February and continued until the day of the event. "The purpose of Greek Week and Greek Sing was to raise money for a worthy cause and to show that the Greek system was more than just a social organization," said Iohn Wolfe, co-chair of Greek Sing. "It unified the system and the fact that. we helped terminally ill children get a last wish made everyone feel good, in addition of being proud of their contribution." Greek Sing was the grand finale of Greek Sing co-chairs Cheryl Pick, QKappa Alpha Thetaj, and john Wolfe, QKappa Sigmaj, host the 1987 all-Greek variety show. Proceeds of Greek Sing went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. An interesting view is seen by Heather Surber, fAlpha Delta Pij as fBeta Theta Pij Phil Calzadillu dips her. The fraternities and sororities were placed in teams and entertained a large audience at Gam- mage with songs and dance routines. 326 Dreams Come True Greek Week. Teams made up of various houses performed skits and musical num- bers for the audience. Six teams, which consisted of people from 33 houses, danced and sang, competing for the top three places. The winning musical numbers included the first place "The Quest," by Alpha Phi, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Tau Omega, and Alpha Epsilon Phi. In "The Quest," five ASU graduates went on a quest for their destiny. "Pinnochio and the Seven Dwarfs" came in second as members of Kappa Al- pha Theta, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Nu, and Theta Chi helped Pinnochio search for the meaning of boyhood. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Pi, and Lambda Chi Alpha placed third with "Traditions," the story of a director trying to save his career. The competition and commitment to- ward a final goal fostered a spirit that was hard to explain. Ianeen Cox, Alpha Phi social chairman, said: "We started off as seperate groups working towards the com- mon goal of helping people and that cre- ated a special bond. We became like a big brotherhood and sisterhood in reality. Our hard work paid off, both for ourselves and the Make-A-Wish Foundation." -Helena Tselos M.......-.da-r"""" QW "Rusty Goes to College" and is surrounded by beautiful Tri Sigma and Tri Delta ladies. The team of Sigma Chi, Tri Delta, Fiji, and Tri Sigma rehearsed several weeks prior to the night of Greek Sing. 1 A -f N it t Brian O'Mahoney It takes all kinds uf Crooks to put togvllwi' special routines and Ciiitlif jiisvii LAlphti Delta Pii and lniiiitlznii Dm' Wigniri Alplm Epsiiunj slum who they are as their tt-.lin sings behind tht-ni, A class act is pvrt'm'invd hy Vifki I.i1zi'i'r'iirw Mappa Kappa Cainnitij and Miirui Ciziitv Qluinhdn Chi Alphaj. Crt-uk Sing tmditioimlly caps wtf the Crook year with very spvrinl nwrnorivs. Iiiyuzat by Kim Radkc Dreams Come True 327 I Q41 ff' N J ' -,A fl W'-5 fi' A fi T S ",5:'fH? f' Q 'y 5' Alt'l X 5. 1 i 1-A f-4 we 5, f K fm 315 in A 7 ii ' il' degrees ad- heat of the 328 Students Division If ff 1 . gi ' ..i.av2t'5 5 ?f'R'xAQi K, 14455 Q i i Q1 typical ASU student did not exist here in the reality of ASU. De- spite people's precon- ceived notion of the ASU party school with only typ- ical Sun Devils, a wide variety of students existed at the University. ASU was like a miniature melting pot of all races, ethnic back- grounds and interests. No one person could be con- sidered a typical ASU student, just as no one type existed at ASU. But few categories catch a majority of students: Suzy Student, Mike the Carefree Procrastinator, Betty the Social Butterfly, and Ioe the Over- achiever. Suzy Student was the one who could always be found with her nose in a book. Whether it was a textbook, the newspaper, or a ro- mance novel, Suzy was always reading or doing homework. Suzy spent most of the leisure time in the library and the study lounge and rarely ever finished a project with less than a week left before the due date. On the other hand, Mike the Carefree Procrastinator was con- stantly pulling all-nighters to catch up on the entire semester of missed study time. He could be seen always finding an excuse not to do homework. Mike was al- ways typing a paper due by 9:00 a.m. at 8:55. Then there was Betty the Social Butterfly. Betty was Miss ASU. Betty tried to meet every one of the 43,000 ASU students during her stay here. She usually spent more than the traditional four years here due to the constant partying. At every social event, Betty was there - raring to go and meet more students. Lastly, there was Ioe the Over- achiever. He tried to get involved in every organization at ASU. He was president of student govern- ment, captain of the team, editor of the yearbook, treasurer of this, recorder of that. You name it, Joe was involved, sometimes so in- volved that his studies suffered. All-in-all, no typical ASU stu- dents existed here. No list of cat- egories could scope all of the stu- dents who attended the university. lj Students Editor: Randy Ripplinger , 1 Students Div s on o Seniors The end is just the beginning The years of hard work finally paid off, and the end was finally in sight - although it became apparent to ASU's graduating seni- ors and graduate stu- dents that the end was in reality just another be- ginning. The all- nighters, No-Doz and Mr. Coffee coffeemaker from mom had new meaningp although it had felt like hell at the time, it now seemed like life's most exhilirating experi- ence. Once the sheepskins were in hand and we en- tered the "real" world we looked back on ou college days with a kinc of wistful yearning to be snuggled into a corner o the library, studying with that special some onep to join in a heateo debate in a political sci- ence classp to read 35 pages of literature th night land morningj be- fore the test, to unlocl+ the secrets of the uni- verse ASU gave u the key, now we had t go find the right lock, Parting was such bitter- sweet joy. D Tamim Abdali, Mechanical Engineering 'E Q I Mohamed Abdelhafez, Electrical Engineering X . " Q Fareed Abouhaidar, Environmental Resources in Agriculture , Zain Ahmed, Computer Science T' Tom Alberts, Economics t A Khaled Alduhaish, General Business Administration Lorelei Alexander, journalism Samir Alhabboubi, Marketing Abdulaziz Alhamad, Management Kefah Alkhunaizi, Computer Information System Kristen Allen, Sociology Dennis Alonso, Political Science Saeed Alsadiq, Management Iawad Alsaleh, General Business Administration Saeed Alsulaiman, Electronic Engineering Abdali-Alsulaiman. i 'save ,r Seniors "ii i 5, ,, ,, fi I xii it C 1 gn, fs 1 - 13" iw Q if 5 Z c, .SAW if ri - ga it' 'nf' I -ts? 53 1 sf f 1-:ft1,.s,wiurw: ,-1 A Z lliv ,f,,V :" lg, 'K' V plh J ,, ,, ,,7fc lW'w ' A itcc if ' if 'fifs r -' .':' ' Y 2' a " 1 7 ty L. y t ' 'KQV , , r X hr ' v V : A, t . 1-f a ',,' ew: , - V W, AM' jl ,3 fi ,, , ' it , nfffr I f 5, is y ,. ,i-, jr gi. 0 , A . , . Q if S A 1 , - :cf i K , A55 . gl, ,f., E I a Wt els, ggi ft' , gf V -1 7 B We 'N 1 4 5 S... Patti Altman, Broadcasting Mohammed Al-zaidi, Electron Systems Nora Amavisca, Elementary Education Kamran Amjadi, Mechanical Engineering Kimiya Amjadi, Microbiology Eric Anderson, Finance Keith Anderson, Management Kevin Anderson, Computer Science Diane Anger, Accounting Freda Apple, Social Work Ernie Aragon, Mechanical Engineering Steven Arck, Purchasing Iames Armstrong, German fl-Iistory Carl Artopoeus, Finance Chris Ashley, Organizational Communication Richard Asmus, Broadcasting Benjamin Atencio, Education Administration Tracey Augustine, English Ieff Azares, Finance julie Bach, Television Production john Baiata, Broadcasting Cope Bailey, ArtfArchitecture Debra Bajema, justice Studies Mary Baker, Political Science William Baker, Accounting Sukumaran Balachandran, Computer Science Vickie Baldwin, Economics Arleigh Balizado, Sociology Sunil Banwari, Electrical Engineering Thomas Bartlett, Law Michelle Bartoo, Recreation Burton Bartram, ComputerfMedia David Bauman, Business Administration julie Beach, Teaching English as a Second Language William Beasley, Insurance Lance Beazley, Computer Science Marsadie Begay, Social Work Mary Begay, Social Work Marcena Beirne, Elementary Education David Belskis, General Business Suzanne Belzer, Psychology Leanne Bennett, Administrative Services Lori Benton, Marketing Laura Bergman, Merchandising Lisa Bessoff, Elementary Education Altman-Bessoff 331 Seniors One royal gal - ASU's own Sandra Chaney, corporate finance major and newly crowned Fiesta Bowl Queen, flashes a smile for the crowd. The 21- year-old model and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority member reigned over the festivities of the Fiesta Bowl on New Years Day. The Queen and her court fpage 2331 from left, Renee Scatena, Susan Radke, Sandra Chaney fQueenj, Tracey Nicks, Bethany Bassler. Donna Beyer, Pre-justice Studies William Bishop, Communication Gary Blanchard, Purchasing Summer Blanchard, Studio Art Michelle Blochey, Communication Adam Blood, Geography Ioette Bober, Nursing Philip Boddy, jr., Elementary Education Debra Adette Bogle, I-IistoryfGerman Studies Christine Bohlen, Finance Linden Bohrer, Air Transportation Management Jacqueline Bohusch, Architecture Paulette Bonvallet, Spanish Lance Boone, Accounting Lisa Borawski FznancefComputer Information Systems john Bord, Communication Terry Borrsma, Marketing Hanri Bouzari, Mathematics Eva Bowen, Broadcasting Richard Brace, Finance Craig Bradley, Accounting Kelly Brand, Nursing en, Organizational Communication Monique Branscomb, English Patti Brawn, Management john Bristow, Management Mark Brnovich, Political Science Vicci Broadus, Sociology Scott Brodman, Marketing Barry Brooks, Airways Science aff V21 2 VV- 6 . Q it ,f., e nf K 1 ' r Q hr as QU- a L Susan Steven Brown Construction September Browning, Accounting Kathy Brunet Accounting Suzanne Brungardt Communication joseph Brunsman Mechanical Engineering Stephen Buckley Marketing Diane Budd General Business Dennis Burges Broadcasting Karen Burgoyne Early Childhood Education Timothy Burr Economics Edmund Bushman Electrical Engineering Kristie Butler Anthropology Victoria Butler Elementary Education Umar Butt Marketing Stanley Bybee Industrial Engineering Tiffany Bycott, Management Annie Byjoe, Social Work Ralph Cabrera, Computer System Engineering David Cacchione, Economics Christina Cag, Computer Information System Guy Caiafa, Finance Mark Caldaron, Special Education Kim Caldwell-Meeks, Art History jennifer Callert, Marketing Manuel Camacho, Spanish john Camargo, Finance jim Campion, PurchasingjMaterial Management Christopher Campolongo, International Marketing Dawn Cancelosi, Philosophy Florence Cannelle, French Brown-Cannelle 333 Sernors Catherine Canter, Psychology Sue Capron, Elementary Education Lily Cardenas, Finance Deana Carey, Criminal justice Iohn Carhart, Finance Christeen Cartwright, Graphic Design Tracey Caruso, Psychology Brian Cekoric, Political Science Robert Chafey, History David Chambers, Civil Engineering Cheryl Chapman Music EducationfMusic Therapy Maher Cheaito, Finance Kun-Mao Chen, Decision and Information Systems 334 Canter-Dam Yuan-Chuan Chen, Electrical Engineering Yueh-Miao Chen, English Sondra Cheves Special Education Maria Choque, Spanish Literature Dominique Christin, Economics Thomas Chu, Electrical Engineering Esokwu Chukwudolue, justice Studies Ion Clark Sports Psychology Tim Clark, Aerospace Engineering Stacy Clawson, Communication Rodney Clements, GeographyfMeteorology Cathy Clifton, Economics Gerald Coffey International Management Daniel Cole, History Ioi Conrad, General Business Angela Cooley, Accounting Debra Cooney, Advertising Carolyn Corell Exercise Science Rick Cortabitarte, Economics Iames Corwin, Personnel Management William Costa, Political Science Scott Costi, Finance Jacqueline Cote, Communication David Cox, Music Education Tracy Cox, German Wayne Coy, Accounting Pamela Crawford, Spanish james Crossin, Economics Troy Curtis, Business Helga Daftarian, MicrobiologyfPsychology Sabrina Daiza, Psychology Van Dam, Advertising Seniors X ' 'fr' ' J ,pf Of' ' I It ,,,c i f ss, ' C Q t ' 'Q' 432, 1 A 'iii ' - ff , ., l .,,. ' ' ' ., -iiff M4 t . Ag X a fi Qt fre it ' ty fxxhlfrf j 6- Q95 ,il ' ,, if i fs , , ,Q ,. 6 ,Q I 8 . I5 9 N3 s K 6 .,,,. t 'msg' as 5 " 9 tg 4 x I, W6 ' ,,l' A 4 I 7 - V V, , - , tsl, V4 3 At , " , WY A r Y rttr r tv 4 st yi, F at Y VV V I ggi I ,f N! A .4 f 4 G l A 4 A , xx'- qt ,i 1 x if' 5 6 A s A ii gm , 445 42 , "' ' a xii y Charge It ASU students possess passion for plastic "Are you going to pay cash or muld you prefer to put that on ur American Express card?" the ,eslady in the black suit asked. .merican Express," said the busy iristmas shopper. A corporate executive high atop Jenthouse in New York called it ghtly, "cash is old-fashioned, :dit cards are easier to carry and identify if lost, and we can make a billion on the service charges." Visa, MasterCard, IC Penney, Sears, May Co., Goldwaters, Mobil, Texaco, AT8rT all have credit cards. Even places like Pep Boys, a small auto parts chain, were getting on the wagon. Why? Well, for students, using plastic money was a way in which to build credit in order to finance a car or house after college, as well as buy- ing clothes and useless knick- knacks while in school. But credit card cash was like Mo- nopoly money. For the student who had never used the cards be- fore, it could all be a big game. Buy now, never pay. "Oh, Mom and Dad will pay the bills." But there was a trap. When par- ents found out that the bills were more than they bargained for, john Thriftless may have started waiting tables at his favorite restaurant, in a heroic effort to pay back his debt. D -Scott Troyanos ,'lY' ' 5 ":,: . ht I XX C xxx' p Wi, .1 ,fzfreif I Roger Dube Richard Daniel, Physical Education Thomas D'Arcangelo, General Business Margaret Davidson, Elementary Education Marilyn Davis, Elementary Education Leah Deffigos, journalism jeff Degnan, Social Work jeffrey DeHart, Architecture Andrew Delorenzo, journalism Burton Deines, Advertising Margo Delk, DrawingfPainting Iacqueline Demme, Accounting Teena Dennis, Vocal Performance Deanne Denton, Therapeutic Recreation Gina DePinto, Organizational Communication Mark Dersch, Biology Daniel-Dersch 335 Seniors Q' Christina Davine, Broadcasting Paul Devney, Marketing Elizabeth DeWitte, Aeronautical Technology Ana Dewulf, General Business Administration Tamara Diamond, Advertising Ierry Diaz, Comunicationflustice Studies Martin Dickey, Computer Science Thomas Dickmann, Architecture David Dieffenbach, Airway Science Management Scott Dillner, General Business Pamela Dimitri, Marketing David Dinh, Accounting Michelle Dittfach, English Arthur Doglione, Finance Ieffrey Doherty, History it K f , - - Qzgsmeewf tiswfi-'1,ii was sweaters, fr Q steam, . ''f?iS52,152iii3?S5iiS' - . Q if fix jg'-ff' X . ' ,F 'K1,.", gs. vs ""' W-"1.n57"5 Jim icjaislyn V X " A,....f Q T 2, ,Qs ,-. l i ., x . I 3 yiipg t hfv ,al T.I. S0 Bronze bodies filled the stands at S1 Devil Stadium during the sellaout N braska-ASU game. Painted bodies lint a sea of gold pom-pons as the studg section jammed with chants of A-S- I 336 Davine-Doherty Seniors fi ' 1? , f iz' F A 5 I A' 'S .4 , 2 , f ' 3' 2 ,, X, IT , Z X at ,ff if V , H., F I gg, ,W S f kv' lx' if 4 A i F i f i ? ks' . JA ' ' 3 , X E 3' X Q Q Zi if N ' ' ' W Q -1' fi' -wr nr' gt. I ffif- , at - ' ' E iiiiiei,, V , tt 1 f I Il . . W +5 I J' j 2, -' F K Paul Doi, Busirzvss Adr111'rzi5trat1'm1 Lauren Dopp, Cmrxnzzuziuatimz Aleta Doroudian, Elc'ctr1'rz1I ElZXi7It'l'7'Z'7lg Nadja Dow, CL7!!lHllUliL'llIiUPl Kimberly Dubs, I'm'IilrfCl0tl1i11g Patricia Duff, Nursing Shannon Duncan, Irztvrpi-rsmzal Cummzmi john Dunne, Fimzuuv Ieffrey Duplicki, lusfiu' Studies Maria Echeveste, Spanish Mike Edwards, Gvrzvral Ctllllllllllllftlfftlll Michelle Eggert, Elwlzwzfary EtLllLit1fI'07l joan Ehlert, Auumuxting Loraine Eisgrou, Murkvmlg Penny Elder, Elmrzmziary Edunatiiw Peter Ellenoff, General Busirzess Andrew Elliot, juurrmlism joseph Ellis, Biology john Ensworth, Physics Gaylord Erickson, Electrical EIIXIVIIITFLVIX Dallas Eubanks,Io1mmlism Beverly Evans, Corrzrrzilzzmzlimz Steve Evans, Law Dieter Fabritius, Business Zhiqiang Fan, Cllvnziual Erzgirzcnirzg Nicholas Fappiano, 1Vll1!Il4fL1L'illVlII,Q Estelle Farrell, Biology Chris Faulkner, COUINIHPliCl1flUIlfstlfillltlgkll Kathleen Fawcett, Er1gir1v1'rir1gf1uz4rzzalism Ioaquin Fejeran, Ell'L'fVIvL'I1i Erxgirzvvrzdrg Dominic Feminella, Ma11z4fm't14rir1g Engimi Hug T1 tllrmlogy Frank A. Fender III, Computer Sciwzca' Carol Feng, Elvutrzfal ElIAQI'llt't'fillAQ Jacqueline Fergusson, Eduuatimzal Adnlirlstmtmn Mark Fessler, Mvcharzicul Erzginvvrirrg Richard Fife, Fifzmzcv Chip Finch, Pri'-M0dfCl1iId Dvzwfupnlvrzt Michael Finelli, Orgmzizntmnal Cllllllllllllifllfltlll Brian Finley, Murkvriug Vicki Fischer, Accozuzting Dustan Flanagan, ACL'l7lUIffHg Barbara Fliszar, Markrting Larry Flock, Eummnxics Timothy Floor, Eformnxius Mary Flynn, Nursing Michael Flynn, Markcting Mark Fogle, Econoniics Heidi Foley, Fnniclifllistoru Mark Foley, Organizational Coniniunication Stephanie Foos, lfconoinics jack Fox, Physical Liiucation Laura Francken, Music Composition Pamela Frank, Broadcasting Risa Frank, Connnunication Charles Franklin, Markvting Leslie Freebairn, Organizational Coininunication Kim Freer, Criminal justicv Diana Friedman, Biology Robert Friedman, l'sucliolog,u Wendy Friedman, Sociology Billie Froning, llcaltli Scicncv Kevin Fuhrman, Urrlicstral lnstrunicntation Wai Tak Fung, Marketing Chun-Cha Gagne, Markcting Marija Gajdardziska, Pliusics Cynthia Galcik, Purchasing Rita Gallagher, Markctiiigq Gary Gallicano, Biology Lionel Galperin, Political Scivncv Auanindra Gangapuram, Gvograpliu Cindy Garthe, Coniinunication Anna-Marie Gasaway, Political Scimicv Robert Gear, Gcncral Businoss Administration Andrew Geller, Busincss Irene George, Human Rvsourcc Managrnivnt Robert Gibson, Busincss Paul Gill, Graphic Design Liz Ginger, Plz-usical Education Sandra Glatczak, Spvcial Education Robert Goddard, Accounting Monica Godfrey, lnturnational Conzniunication 338 Flynn-Gould lin Goh, Businvss Kong Goh, Coinputcr information Systems Wendy Goller, lustici' Studios Andrew Goodman, lntvrior Dvsign Chris Goodman, Gcograpliu Wanda Goodman, Agriliusincss William Gordon, Lilioral Arts Denise Gorham, Political Scioncv Martha Gould, Elvinciitary Education Seniors 475 f feiii wfffifs F av, f '21, ,,VyA,!v ll lg ' i , xr l ag., Z, K, V7 Q I 5 fm , I ,I A, V A W c 542' . ,,c,c,, c 52 l My ivyi a ' ff .mlm , , Q cat, atey , ALVV W N , 4 yy ii" ' J y, fy W "tf ' X a Q 6 A B? y i V s an M if Av-5' L L ' L lii ' Ab G 'fi 4 K M, . L ll l 'i f , k allv' ,ff itl4i1i.'l',fI1fEllu - w , u W G 0 f Q V ' , ,1 ,Q if A' Q' x 'S-lx "?' L 'mai ,x Q 55,7 . 43 i -3 ,.,, kgs , ' - L '- V' ' Q G - i ii at F r 'J I- Q . A 4 . 3 pf-. lm Leonard Gray, Marketing Anne Greatorex journalism Patricia Grebel journalism Margie Green Accounting Susie Green Speechfiiearing Damian Greenberg Telecomrnunication Brenda Greene Elementary Education Karoline Greene Business Kimberly Greene Industrial Engineering Iudith Greer Nursing Brian Gregory Secondary Education W' Zl i losePh Grimley Law ' - Pamela Gromko Finance Michael Gross Organizational Communication ' Bryan Grossman Finance sun , . Liam: A ftff' . ,.... . .12 W .29 I E ECP 4 Anheuser-Busch :ry dog has his day - Spuds McKenzie had his year! ASU's favorite party mal appeared on everything from t-shirts to surfboards and posters to fping bags. Spud Mania It's a dog's life As this past year of dog- eat-dog days of studying and creative debauchery flew by us, a new icon was introduced or rather, forced upon us, as a symbol of decaying ideals and slowly dissipating limits of excess - Spuds MacKenzie. The small, cherubic English bull terrier with the black- spotted eye quickly became infamous as the "original par- ty animal," having its face plastered on posters, sweat- shirts and Bud Light commer- cials on campuses all over the country. The Spuds craze quickly became popular as the hounding vistage of the booze mutt could be seen every- where: shopping malls, surf- board and skateboard shops, Spuds Even made it to the State Fair as the only other stuffed animal given away be- sides the big pink bears. Spuds anthropomorphic twin even came to visit ASU once or twice. Perhaps there was some truth to the rumor that Spuds died while doing a surfing commercial for Budweiser. What with all the work, Spuds was probably dog- tired. And yet, there was one fa- tal tlaw in the story of Spuds MacKenzie, the dog who lived life as a true party an- imal hanging around the beach all day, scoping out lus- cious blonde beach babes, wearing nothing but lei's and a bow tie or two. All that tan- talizing nightlife promotion was dealt a heavy blow when rumor got out that Spuds, the cool party-goer and woman- izer, was actually female. This was only a minor set- back for Anheuser-Busch, on- ly a technical detail which they probably could have lived with land still haven't confirmedj, if they weren't dealt one final blow. The bitch got pregnant. Cl -Tod McCoy Gray-Grossman Seniors Richard Guffey, Secondary Education Theresa Gulbranson, Accounting Haijon Gunggut, Political Science Miryam Gutier, Management Jeannie Gutierrez, justice Studies Eric Gutjahr, Psychology Kevin Gwinner, Finance Kirk Hagen, Organizational Communication Kyle Hagen, Finance Robert I-lahnke, Electrical Engineering Technology Ian Hale, Graphic Communication David Halley, Elementary Education Audrey Hanson, Special Education Franklin Hare, Computer Science Leanne Harper-Moody, Mechanical Engineering Brad Harris, Finance Stephen Harris, Construction Betty Harshman, Interpersonal Communication Chip Hart, Electronic Engineering Technology Bill Harville, Organizational Communication Patricia Hay, Nursing Kraig Hayden, Economics Connie Heart, Advertising Stan Hecker, justice Studies Sandra Held, Textiles Everett Helman, Psychology Erik Hemp, Marketing Tamara Herbst, Administration Services Ruth Herman, Finance Donna Hermann-Nickell, Clinical Nutrition , f. I Qu rf., - 1:: Yiif C fs fu. I G Q SRF? Q 1 , is 'A.,: T cc A-, -G X hr' i E if i xi ii 5 3 X 4:-,-.3 p i 1 ni im 'ft F '3-fffs X 1 .fc L T Qf-X . f X . , Q J f- Q, . . , . , F 2 ,, g g p gg I tp F ce s it tccciccc i E I af A :It ia ghk p 1123 X 5 Crowded conditions on campus brought confusion and opportunity. More students meant inconveniences such as sharing a tram seat, but more chances that the bus buddy would be a friend. 340 Guffey-Hermann Seniors , i,c, ii :LZTPEWFTTWF f,'rA E .655 fi' 1- -9' any grit ,t . . iv- ' we ,A ' .,'3f,iv'Q,1., r" V 3 F 1- H W if '23 if ' ,L 2 K .Z X , , y ,M Y 'U ,, I " is 4 . f 4 y. if x if sr 4 Denise Hertzog, Psychology Robert Hess, MarketingfAdvertising Laura Hewlett, Economics Kevin Hicks, Finance Ronda Hill, Home Economics Carole Hilmer, Special Education Dorothy Hineman, Education Serisa Hirschfeld, Finance Laurel Hoekstra, Chemical Engineering Daniel Hoffiz, Law Deborah Hoffmann, Construction Iosie Holguin, Spanish Masahiro Honda, English Lisa Marie Hopkins, Business Administration 1 Michele Horney, Advertising joseph Horst, Marketing fi 1 ,,,tg 'til L 11, X . as: is . l ttyl, my A ,gzmfy Mindy Horst, Elementary Education jennifer Howard, Accounting Becky Howe, Marketing Shenghwa Hsiung, Psychology Michael Hudson, Geography Camarie Hull, Elementary Education Debra Hunter, Psychology Lou Huskisson, Administrative Services Abdul Husrieh, Electrical Engineering Phil Hyland, Organizational Communication Iulie Insidioso Physical Education Ezekiel Isais Aeronautical Engineering Richard Iablonsky Finance Sandra jackson lustzce Studies Record-breaking 42,968 students hit the campus, enrollment hits a high 1987 was a year of highs. Jne was ASU pride and the ther was enrollment. "Certainly ASU's accom- lishments of the past year, specially the Pulitzer Prize, he MacArthur Fellowship, nd the Rose Bowl contrib- lted to the attractiveness of his institution." said Betty 'urner Asher, ASU Vice Pres- ident for Student Affairs. ASU reported a total enroll- ment of 42,968 students for the fall of 1987. This was 1,428 more students than last year's total. That broke down into 31,133 undergraduates and 10,036 graduate students. The totals included 2,979 stu- dents enrolled in courses at ASU West Campus. So that still left 39,989 stu- dents on ASU's main campus to clog the malls, create long general studies requirements imposed this year for the first time, we consider the increase in enrollment a vote of con- fidence in ASU's continuing march toward excellence," Asher said. D lines no matter where you wanted or needed to go, keep the local economy healthy and fill up the parking lots. More than 11,000 of the fall 1987 semester students were non-resident. "Considering the increased -Leslie Anderson Hertzog-jackson 341 Seniors iii , , W ,,., M mm 2. .,, WM, f,..,W..- W H aw--fanfare N i W rw W.. ., ,-,Ma i ., ,.-- , ,A . a g E W - Qnffawv-I-M: ,. Waves were made in ASU's political Supreme Court, The mock fune waters during a protest against judge symbolized the defeat of his no Robert Bork's nomination to the U.S. ination. f I f nl l - l Bnan Ki , Q 3 Lisa jaffe, Psychology ...ti F jeffrey james, General Business ,E Q "' l W Wi i Melanie jancarole, Marketing A. gh T james jarret, Criminal justice 3 james jellison, Law 'L 2? ,I Q ' XQ s' 1 aal . so Q RS X ,X David jensen, Physical Education I is ' ' Q Nancy jepson, Special Education it .4 2? George john, Marketing , 5 3, 55.5- lil' Elizabeth johns, Elementary Education i f , l A 'P' y 'i Donna johnson, Organizational Cornniunication 5 if l li s if jennifer johnson, Physical Education ig Kathy johnson, Secondary Education Larry johnson, Finance 1 Patricia johnson, Biology N Tom johnson, Psychology si K 342 jaffe-johnson Seniors f ZF if r' -V 5 , ii gl T 'Y' - 1 ii? 1 A , f A2 Q Q if ,, K V: MTB 757.7 - V , I, ,j I f Qdiisi 've if E l L! Y . 4 I iw 'I A , ,, Qia- K Q I-J ...xml 2, I L I z f ,X f H ., I K if W , j 5,5 new t if vig i , A cf i Ng! i, Em tri? Nr if ew ,- Ji -,Z X K 77" We H, 'Z 5 ' 4. he N f' t iiA , rm El Victoria johnson, Comiiiuiiicatioii Katherine jones, Painting Sylvia jones, Mivroliiology Winston jones, Voiui' Pvrforiiiaim' Teresa jones-Schicker, Markvtiiig Sharon jordan, Orgaiiizntioiial Coiiiiiiiuiicatiori Eric joslin, Eloclroiiic Eiigirivvriiig Tcvliriology Ruddy juang, Coriiputvr Scivricl' Sharon judd, Accoioitiiig Edward junod, Ciziil Eiigiriovriiig Paul jutzi, Ioiarmllism Ali Kakavand, Biovrigiiii'l'ririg Tammy Kane, Commuiiiratiori Leif Karlsson, Ml1l'kt'llllX jeffrey Karp, Comrrizniicatioii Daniel Kasang, Eli'ut1'ic11l Eugiricoriiig Bruce Kaseberg-Bedore, Fi'i'm'Ii Emi Kaseguma Teresa Kasperbauer, liitwiiatiomil Markvtiiig james Kavanagh, Political Scioriu' William Keith, Child Druiiia Kevin Kelleher, PurcliasiiigfMim'rial Mariizgvmmit Alan Kemling, Elvftriral Evigirii'l'riiig james Kempton, Maiingoiiiwit Mary Kay Kennedy, Sociology james Keppel, Adzivrtisiug Steven Kersh, Mocliariicul Eiigiriovririg Kenneth Kessler, Industrial Evigiiiomiiig Marjorie Kessler, History Elizabeth Kettles, Socoiidary Edimztiori Masoumeh Kiahashemi, Psychology Ronald Kidner, Elvctrifal Eugiriovriiig Heekun Kim, Broadcasting Donald King, Rocruatiori Tanya King, History Rich Klaeren, Gviirrul Busiiioss William Kleis, Muriugoimwt Frank Klenner, Goiicrul Busirivss Henry Kloch, Maiiagcmoiit William Knaub, Roul Estuli' Ghassan Koutia, Mvcliuniful Eiigirivvring William Kozub john Krawshuk, Computer liiforriiatiori Systvms Lisa Krepps, Social Work Susan Krevitsky, Croiztizu' Writing johnson-Krevitsky 343 Seniors ll ll o ountam ASU's concrete on the butte becomes focus of controversy. The chameleon on the butte behind Sun Devil Stadium al- most found itself homeless in the fall when Tempe City Councilman Bill Ream pro- posed that the "A" be removed because of its constant deface- ment. Although the "A," which adomed the butte for almost 50 years, was supposed to be gold, its appearance changed period- ically - usually to the cycle of home football games. The changes were mysterious, usu- ally occurring overnight, with no suspects. The Student Athletic Board strived to keep the "A" gold, following each paint attack, SAB members were seen lug- ging gallons of highway-yellow Trevor Krill Marketin 1 8 Denise Krytenberg, Prevetraniarnffigribusiness Sheila Krytenberg, Purchasing Kathleen Kumar, TextilesfClothing Mihoko Kushida, English Dennis Kuta, Finance Eric Kwitel, Business Henry Lacey, Economics fFinance Melody Lachelli, Anthropology Iohn Laderer, Computer Information Systems Stephen Lagreca, Communication Michael Lambert, Computer Information Systems Scott LaMountain, Finance Ion Langfitt, General Business Traci Langston, Theater Daniel LaPlant, Manufacturing Christine LaTona, Finance Victoria Lawrence, Travel fTourism Shenen Leavitt, Spanish Mark LeBlanc, Industrial Technology Theresa Lee, Nursing Yuen Lee, Industrial Engineering Susan Lehman, History Steven Lenhart, Economics Dana Leonard, journalism Mark Leonard, Computer Information Systems 344 Krill-Lie Paula Leslie, Public Relations Hsiang-Ling Li, Electrical Engineering Rufinus Lie, Finance Wen Lie, Mechanical Technology Seniors paint up the butte to conceal yet another coat of stripes, pol- ka dots or what have you. ASASU proposed to monitor the landmark by posting signs near it warning would-be pranksters of the consequences: a S750 fine and f or four months in jail. After a few weeks of sus- pense and a consistently gold "A," Ream dropped his ple for the emblem's remov Whether the work had be done by vandals or spirit fans for ASU rivalsj, the p4 sibility of losing a tradition I a stop to the joy-painting - least temporarily. D -Dana Leonard 98.49 ev V A 1 K .fy 4 xv! I M 'x xggafp X923 W? .-ia, Twas the week before the big game agalnst the UofA Wildcats . . . and security was tight. Iohn O'Rourke, KZZP disc-jockey, helps out the Sun Devils by standing guard over the HA ,, Brian Kirmse Bob Lieb, Marketing David Lieberman, Real Estate Francine Liebert, Dance Anne-Lise Lilliebjerg, Special Education jeffrey Linden, Electrical Engineering Heather Linderman, Education Richard Linton, Political Science Todd Lippman, Marketing Wei-Cheun Liu, Engineering David Livingston, Finance Donald Lloyd, Early Childhood Education Gay Lloyd, Early Childhood Education james Lodge, Marketingflfinance Ramona Lomeli, Business Administration Lauri Loveridge, Marketing Cedric Lowmack, Photography jeff Ludwig, General Business Anhua Luo, Material Science Mark Lukasik, Aerospace Engineering Susan Lynch, Accounting Pamela Mabon, journalism jennifer Mabry, General Business Laramer Mace, Electrical Engineering Nobue Maeda, English Marilyn Maines, General Science Saadi Majzoub, Industrial Engineering Etsuko Maki, English Literature Michele Mallory, Economics Karen Malloy, Sociology Victoria Manni, Marketing Lieb-Manni 345 .I l Seniors Ahsan Maqbool, Eloclrical Engincuring Cynthia Marin, Eloctrical Enginvcring Addison Marks, lii1gi'iiccriiig Busincss Scott Mars, Eiizdronniciital Engincvring Christopher Martin, Broadcasting Ierilyn Martin, Education Peter Martin, Arcliitccturc Diane Martinico, Quanitatizw Busiin'ss Analyasis Sherry Martz, Nursing Michiko Matsuda, Financo Andrew Maul, Clivinical Engincering David Maule, Economics Sherri May, Elcclronic Enginccring Toclinology Carolyn Mayberry, Rccrcation john Mayo, Law William McBrayer, Matliomatics Bruce McBurney, Theatre Laurel McCarty, Broadcasting Stacy McCollum, Coniniunications john McCutcheon, Financv Meg McDonough, Nursing Mark McGoldrick, English Iames McGrath, Communication Ianice McGuire, Managomcnt Michael Mclntosh, Elcnicntary Education jason Mclntyre, Social Work Patricia McKenzie, Managcmcnt Lisa McKinney, Political Science Mark McKinney, Political Scicncc Garry McLain, PSlfL'ilLllllgyfpfl'-IllL'd Endora Medlock, Public Programs Ianice Medve, Communication Charles Meili, Accounting Harmony Melnychuk, Interior Design john Meloling, Electrical Engincoring Mark Mendelson, Psychology jerry Mendoza, Economics Teresa Menegay, Advertising William Meris, Finance' Marianne Mermis, Biomedical Heidi Messinger, Nursing Bonnie Metz, Acrospacc Enginccring William Meyer, Sculpture Kevin Meyerson, Goncral Buisncss Gang Miao, Gcnclics 346 Maqbool-Miao Seniors xx. , Y, ai 'E J f , 4 'td' ' Lula, N it E i , it 1 W , ll 8,5 i K W 5 .V , i - ,Av t f 'G . I ,f 1 AZ? 4 ,, A - War, 'alfffliizo Y 2 ,W ,M ,,,, , P ,a + ?, q Q lu- 1 . S' ,f Q Ii s 3 ir 5 :xv 'i , ' ii na- gf 1 sz .ff J V' .1 'A Fr 6 fi 4.11 V L i Q 'P' if 2 4 is y sf V. V, , 1., X A to . , ,fan :za ,F g - 'Wi Q . , Q45 , 3 nm EF ' l '77 I X Q ,J - li it, lf 6 "' . . rf ,ya ii' t x- X 3 ' XXX ' xx K . K :ii Q' my , , 4 ,i Z fx jimi.. 'ZN7 Patti Mielziner, History Andre Miller, Eronomics April Miller, Operations Management Dave Miller, journalism Kelly Miller, Elementary Education Lori Miller, Computer information Systems Scott Miller, History Margaret Milliken, Special Education Helen Mitchell, International Marketing Matthew Mittelstedt, Computer Systems Naomi Miyasaka, Asian Language Elizabeth Mohr, Iournalisrn jennifer Monnier, Sociology john Montero, Economics Robert Morken, Real Estate Image Meet Miss USA "Walking in Two Worlds," the theme of the 1987-88 Miss Indian USA contest, was an appropriate illustration of the plight of the American In- dian. Many American Indians live the lives of typical mod- ern Americans while carrying on the traditions of their fore- fathers, After graduating from ASU in December, Theodora Roanhorse, who was named Miss Indian USA in Novem- ber, relocated to Washington D.C. to travel around the country and carry out the theme of her reign. Roanhorse competed with 30 national contestants for a graduate scholarship to Penn- sylvania State University, a gold watch, a set of luggage, a mink coat and other prizes valued at more than 560,000 The 23-year-old nursing major said she was "shocked" at winning the contest, but hoped that "being a positive role model through my ed- ucation, I will be able to en- hance the image of the Amer- ican Indian woman."Q Seniors Mielziner-Morken 347 You ve got the look! Iirn Torrance, Bob Quattlebaum, and Mike Morlan pass time as Catherine Shemanski walks by. Keikhosrow Mosallaie, Bioengineering Homayon Mosleh, Electrical Engineering Sammie Mosley, Physical Education Mourad Moussallem, International Marketing Mohammad Mughal, Electrical Engineering Emad Mugharbel, Marketing james Mugo, Economic john Mulholland, General Business james Mumaugh, Photography Eilis Murphy, English jonathan Murray, Broadcasting journalism Cyndie Muschinski, Education Rula Mushahwar, Microbiology jonathan Musil, Finance james Myers, Finance K, 1 Q .Eg , Ly .. N xt V' Q ,f that I 5 348 Mosallaie-Myers Seniors X? "' ,m.., . li 1, , 4 ,,,, .f ' My W 1 . ' . 8 il! W an - fs . I- 33 K ,. f are m , 6' QE 4 ' -M r cs Y A ' 'M as ,, i5" 7' Jf. f , , "'," nr- ns qw 13 f f.,: Q I V 4'-Y' Q25 7' i , . 'M"'y ' C 'W , ' , A' . t ' x A 5 1 'il ' 'Y lm 1 , is , 37' ff Azz, if A f , cf 1 ca. l ,ii Q gc 4 4:2 ' 6 3 1 6 1 W ',f. . ti"fifw"1' 1 ln l W ' A 9. . . . we' I 0' V for d o ff? Z 3 6 , , E , X i jf g Michael Myers, Political Science Erik Myhrberg, Marketing Alan Myrick, Electronics Engineering Bassel Nabelssi, Electrical Engineering Masahiro Nakamura, Civil Engineering Ghaffar Namjou, Aeronautics Engineering Malcolm Neitzey, History David Nelson, Aeronautical Engineering Magne Nerheim, Electrical Engineering Nanci Newberger, Communication Edrie Newberry, Education Douglas Newman, Political Science Eugene Nez, Elementary Education Kok-Siong Ng, Electrical Engineering Patrick Nguyen, Electrical Engineering Patricia Niemi, Administrative Services Hans Nilsson, Geography Ulrike Noe-Verfurth Steve Nolen, journalism Maureen Nowicki, General Business Lucinda Nowicz joseph Nucci, Electrical Engineering Betty Nunez, Spanish Lorinda Nuvayestena, Physical Education Douglas Oglesby, History Scott Ogorek, Psychology Diana Okabayashi, Accounting Sonya Okamoto, Purchasing Debbie Olshefsky, Recreation Lisa Omundson, Finance Patricia Oogjen, Studio Art joseph Orpen, Economics Werner Osterhaus, Architecture Debbie Ostlund, Psychology Lori Ostroff, Special Education Michael Ostrom, Psychology Stacey Otte, Anthropology Cynthia Ovalle, Psychology Robert Pacheco, Communication Charlotte Paddock, Accounting Ioan Palecek, Organizational Communication jerry Paliga, Economics Costas Papaconstantinou, AccountingfComputer information Pankaj Parekh, Electrical Engineering Ario Pardee VI, Psychology Myers Pardee 349 Robert Paris, Management Kie Park, Electrical Engineering Cayla Parker, Marketing john Parker, History Margarita Parker, Real Estate LaGuinn Parsons, SpeecIifHearing Stephen Pascucci, Chemical Engineering Shailesh Patel, Marketing Carl Pautlitz, Finance Bambi Pell, Communication Luz Pena, Bilingual Education joe Penalosa, Law Sandra Pendorf, Law Maria Perea, Elementary Education Kimberley Perham, Communication Ieffery Perius, Marketing Diane Peter, Special Education Robert Phelps, Criminal justice Sherry Phelps, General Business Laura Pilsbury, Sociology Kimberly Pint, Commercial Recreation Cynthia Podolski, Agriliusiness Andrea Poisner, Organizational Communication William Poole Kristi Poore, Communication Valencia Porter, Secondary Education joseph Prentiss, Management Michael Pressendo, Organizational Communication Cheryl Prevendar, Psychology Andy Putman, Finance Amjad Qatarneh, Electrical Engineering Berhard Quek, Electrical Engineering john Quinn, Marketing Ron Radlich, Finance Pamela Raffield, Economics Adeel Rahman, Computer Information Systems Mushtaqur Rahman, Civil Engineering Nadendla Rama, Environmental Planning Anna Ramsey, TextilesfCIothing Ed Raponi, Finance Robin Rasmussen, Psychology Eajaz Rawoof, Industrial Engineering Sainath Reddy, Industrial Engineering Srinath Reddy, Manufacturing Technology Patricia Redenius, Commercial Recreation 350 Paris-Redenius Seniors 5 , Q y A ' 5: , , , i A 4 E y if ' I it an I K '58 fb! iii' fer, ,i in Y . X 1 in 4 J ' ea Z .. , .ai I- I I i , 3 X 1. I ,,, gg Q of ,oy - ia ii ' , ,, aa IQ! I if ,Q . ,gy 22? I Zzvv t W Q .Q 4 f , , - - 11" c ig E ,V - 2. if X i f , .Aix I G If , ""lt70 I i 7 fi Q.. it " s sg ,fi n X f . 5 x :- I l l I can't ride my bike here? An ASU policeman informs students of the new bicycle regulations on campus. Due to the increase in bike accidents at the University, lights and reflectors were required. As a result of con- struction zones on campus, "bicycle - Sean L. MohrfState Press zones" went into effect. ca I ' M lrt , ,L ' v I V' yi , ,, vel' 12' i se it ef, ' 6? L iff' 6 J 1 , WY -1-17, ,1 f V M., X ,X ,V y i. . 3 My c wc' X 5 fn iv! V Q, ve , 5, s 'Q 1 1, if 1' if ef ,,,' Av! f I Christopher Reed Political Science Beth Reid, Nursing Terry Reisner Organizational Communication Daniel Resch, GeographyfMusic Tina Rhein, Italian Douglas Rhoades Communication janet Ribble Electrical Engineering Karma Richard, Economics Craig Richards Psychology Eber Rice-Smucker, Social Work Larry Richmond Industrial Electronics Technology Robert Richmond Organizational Communication Luis Rivero, Business Dave Robbers, Management , si-WM, NN,M M Y .... . .tufts .m..,i,,,..,M,..,N,,.,,,,,..,. .,.. ..,a,..,,m,.., .69-.fafrc mY 4 -- W--'YM-wlkfrarffg-rfrrww Tvwim W, -m,.m- E '. W 5 5 Bernie Rhoades, Broadcasting ,Z gtll ,:,, ,.3,s, Reed-Robbers 351 Seniors q jodi R0lJlJil'lS, Prllfliftll St'i1'IIL'4' joan Robovsky, 'I'l1m1pvutic Rwrvafimz Thalya Rodgers, Pzlrdlusirzg Arnaldo Rodriguez, Micmlvimlugy Carolyn Rogers, El1'l!lt'l!ft1V'klf lfdzmztiun mmv, L7jruruI1m1sfP14rrlnlsiug Marzagwmrlzt Kimberly Rogers, Cnnmmrzzluztiml jeffrey Roget, Mmlwtirrg Martha Ronsman, FIVHLIIIU' Tyler Rosales, Eummn11'cs Debra Rosell, Physical Edzmztiruz Eric Roudebush, Mtwllmliull EHkQllI1'l'flllX Pamela Roundy, Hvulrll Suiwzu' Samantha Rowley, GA'OXft1jFI1AV Tiffany Roybal, English Anna Royse English Lawrence Rugel NltlIl11Xt'HIUIlf Mark Ruhlman Finauu' Eliseo Ruiz Elvufrical Richard Rushing Fim1lm'fEmmunics Kathryn Ruston Fllldllfl' Kimberly Ryan Broadcasting Audrey Ryberg Stltilltll Work joel Saleeby M1'r'ln1r111'ul Erlgirlvvrizriq Aram Salmasi tjlvffriuill Ergqirlcvrizzg Thomas Salo History Horlencia Sanchez Fimmu' Lillian Savic Filzancv Daniel Scarfo Mm'hm1'iual ElILQllIl'L'l'l7lLQ Catherine Schanz Clzvnzistry james Schickel Fllllllllt' Lynda Schmitz EL'Oll0I!1lL'5 Holli Schneider Psyclmlugy Sheree Scholar journalism Michele Schork Clnlliing and Textiles Greg Schubach Sj7t1lllSl1 Thorne Schubert Svmmiury Education james Schultz EllXlIIl't'flIIg Karen Schumacher Music 'I'l1vatn' Stuart Schuman CUHll!Illl!lCl1flUl! john Schwab luurmzlism Carole Scott lmiusrriul Tt't',lllllIUtQjj Raymond Scott History Masatoshi Sekino Murlwlirzg Sydney Selby Izzstiu' Stmiirs in-fix Yf"' Q5 ' 5 ef -I ,I , pg 2 . av f. A V f 'S 1 f 1 2, F , as ' 75.4 W' gif .Q -x' if 1, 'Q' if x l , X, 45 nr Q , 'Ar N M 'i ' . Ji K, -4, f ,, " ' K' fa , W I We , A 1 H 4, ,, X . fi' ,, , 'v ,9 ho- ,,' .71 5 l b WN 1 X Q -Q. it x Z4 Y if K B4 .Z 1 r , if . KA , l . .. . .,,, F 52.15 f ,W rf L' Murugavel Selvan, Imiustrial Erigirirrririg Rebecca Semler Graphit Diszgri janice Semmel Attuuritzrig Donna Senner Uriditlartd Rebecca Servatius Firiaritt Shuilesh Shah LItttr1talEr1gmeer1rig Galia Shapiro Sutra! Work Suzanne Shaulis Rttreatzon Colleen Sheehan Elernentarq Edutntiun Ataru Shimodaira l1Iettr1talEr1g1rittr1r1g Debra Shobe Edutatiuri rg M Thomas Short Ir Elrttrztal hrigirzuririg David Silverman Psvtliologq A Michael Simion Lmrirriuriztaliori Jessie Simon Iournalzsrri David lm-ds Ro alt Introducing the King and Queen ASU Homecoming King Tom Dorn was very involved in the Greek system all four years at ASU. A scholarship student from Lake Havasu, Ariz., Dorn became active in the Sigma Nu fraternity, where he served as pledge ed- ucator for a term. Within the Greek system, Dorn was pres- ident of the lnterfraternity Council and served on Greek Week committees. In addi- tion, Dorn was president of Devils' Advocates and was in- volved in the ASU Alumni Association. Dorn was a political science major, and his interest in gov- ernment led him to an intern- ship in john McCain's office his sophomore year. Upon graduation this May, Dorn hoped to stay in Phoenix, possibly working with gov- ernment relations in an Ar- izona-based corporation. Dorn worked on voter reg- istration drives here in Ari- zona. ln his free time, he liked Homecoming Queen Melis- sa Soza kept very busy at ASU. A junior developmental psychology major, Soza was involved in a myriad of ac- tivities. Soza, from Mesa, joined Kappa Kappa Gamma soror- ity her freshman year at ASU. In the past three years, she had served as junior Panhel- lenic representative and membershipfscholarship chairman. Soza was involved in many other activities as well. She served as public relations chair for Devils' Advocates and was involved in the Stu- dent Foundation. Soza was active in the University Sym- phony, the Sun Devil Dance- ine and the Lyric Opera The- atre's production of "Showboat." ln addition, Soza was in several honorary organiza- tions, including Psi Chi, a na- tional psycho ogy honorary. Soza was also a member of the Order of Omega, the Greek honorary, and Golden to waterski, play racquetball Key D and run. He was also a devout supporter of the ASU football team' -Carolyn Pvc Selvan-Simon C353 Seniors Sanjay Singh, Civil Erlgiriccritig Bahi Sinno, Mechanical Engineering jeff Sivak, lustiuv Studios gc Helenmarie Slater, International Business ' Stacey Slifer, Communication Nejib Smaoui, Mechanical Engineering Tamara Smith, Elvmantary Education X 5 Ieffery Smallidge, Psychology ! V:!VV , Daniel Smith, Economics 5 fb George Smith II, Aeronautical Technology ,iz " Stephanie Smith, Markvting y 1 'sr ff f- is X 1 1 .,, Karin Sneed, Finance aff-Y it A X jon Snyder, Finance I 'i'i T w Steven Sopha, Music y' N Kiffie Spangler, History .' Angela Sprouse Physical Education David Squyres, Gr'ographyfAnthropology Richard Standish, Finance Gregory Stanton, Photography ,f P' '4 ai. it In . . if T X i , ts, . tw -. he ,..' " , ' ifiifl ' iii? ' V .1 11,.:wf:: .,,,f-5 fix s , 9 1 sf' , Thomas Stankowski, Rvcrmtion . jaime Stark, English Mark Stark, Painting Wendy Steele, Conirnunication Ellyn Stein, Psychology Misha Stempel, Mathematics Thane Stenner, Finance Ieff Stewart, Communication Douglas St. john, Biology Larry Struber, T.V. Production Adam Studnicki, Economics up-, if 'itt t f w L f 't 155 , Q ,ti fn- ei D ft I Premium Entreprenuer Introduces a Devil of a Beer Even though it was consid- ered something of a novelty when it was introduced, Devil Beer proved itself to be more than just a passincg campus fad. The beer was istributed in places as far away as Yuma and Payson. Promoting itself as "Arizona's only premium beer," Devil Beer was the brain-child of Mike Mazursky and Mark Richmond. The original idea came from the Boston area, where a beer was already being produced local- ly. Together with Don Pat- terson, a student from the Universit of Califor- niafDavis brewing school, they developed a formula for the beer. After traveling around the country, it was de- cided that the S oetzl Brew- ery in Shiner, 'Fexas would brew the beer. Devil Beer was in the midst of some chan es. In addition to the original longneck bot- tles, the beer also appeared in traditional six-pack sized bot- tles, in an attempt to bring the price down. Due to pressure from unnamed parts of university, the original la- was set to be rep aced bj design which no longer picted buildings owned the university. G -Dar l Smith 354 'Singh-Studnicki g Squaw , . if Richard Suba ll, Finance Walter Sunder, Marketing Kim Swanson, Cornrnunication Evanna Sweeney, Finance Brian Swift, Finance Darrel Swift, Zoology Shehryar Taher, Mechanical Technology Iaime Tanner, lustice Studies Kent Taylor, Managernent Lynn Taylor, Marketing Wayne Teeters, Business Administration Brian Tegowski, Electrical Erigirieeririg Margaret Territo, Purchasing Dawn Thomas, Marketing Michael Thomas, Finance D'Megalyn Thomas, Accounting jennifer Thompson, TextilesfClothing Rhonda Thompson, Psychology Eric Thurston, Industrial Technology Douglas Toben, Business Adrninstration Tracy Tokunaga, justice Studies Veronica Torres, Accounting Kathryn Trestain,lournalisn1 Debra Troyer, Clinical Psychology Theresa Trujillo, Political Science Po Ling Tsui, Industrial Engineering Philip Tubach, Painting Ali Ayhan Tuncay, Electrical Engineering Andrew Turk, Political Science Aluina Turman, Advertising TJ. Sokol There's one in every crowd' The Devil Beer Man promoted his product while enjoying the ASUfUofA game Suba Turman 355 Its all ln the angle! Gammage Center for the Performmg Arts, when viewed from a different stance has a mystical aura. 356 Turner Watkins Io Etta Turner Speczal Educatzon Korl Dee Turner Anthropology Surachal Uamsukpharsal Marketmg Bnan Ulrnger Communzcatzon Pamela Urchlke Electrzcal Englneerzng Choosak Ushaha Buszness Admzmstratzon Apnl Valenzuela Polztzcal Sczence Mark VanMeter Wzldlzfe Bzology Debra Vano Marketzng Krlstln VanV1ack Organzzatzonal Communzcatzon Steven VanWyck Marketzng Bngltte Venator Amerzcan Studzes Todd Verch Industrzal Deszgn Todd Vessel Soczology Davld Vlar Polztzcal Sczence Iudx Villa Sociology Chrxstxne Vlcek Commumcatzon Deborah Vogt Englzsh Karr Voldeng, lndustrzal Technology Anthony Volpe Marketzng Larry Vondra Aerospace Wlllram Voss Bzology Kathleen Vyne Chemzcal Engmeerlng Dan Waage Psychology Shrvaun Wagner Iournalzsm Shirley Walker Crzmznal justzce Kenneth Walsh Czvzl Engzneerzng Toble Walsh Civil Engzneerzng Celeste Wanta Broadcastzng Yvonne Ward Nutrztzon Kathleen Warllng, Dance Therapy Kunberly Warmack Textzles Matt Warner Psychology Michael Watkms Spanzsh I . . I , I I I I I I I I I I . .l . , Amanda Vickerman, Physical Education , I I I I I . I , I I I I I - I . I . I I Susie Waureka, Social Work Andrew Weed, Graphic Design Robert Wegner, Political Science Michael Welbes, Industrial Design jack Weldon, Business Clayton Wells, Sociology Amber Welsh, Psychology Karen Wertheimer, Recreation Craig Westlund, Marketing P.K. Wheeler, Real Estate Jeffery Whitham, Electrical Engineering Kathy Wigal, Advertising Scott Wilcock, Graphic Communication Diane Williams, General Business james Williams, Materials Science Todd Williams, Liberal Arts, STP Albert Wilson, Agribusiness Kimulet Winzer, justice Studies Michelle Wippermann, Accounting Darin Woley, Broadcasting Guy Wolf, Iustice Studies james Wolfe, History Jeffery Wood, Computer Science Russell Woodmancy Caryn Worfolk, Architecture Kelly Wright, Psychology john Yager, History Vivian Yang Peter Yarnevich, Psychology Arturo Yeomans, Secondary Education jennifer York, Agribusiness Gregg Young, General Business joel Young, Computer Science Craig Younger, journalism Stephen Yurick, Industrial Supervision Laurie Zellner, Nursing Iian Kang Zhang, Accounting Michelle Ziegler, Real Estate Deborah Zimmerman, Agribusiness, Pre vet Mark Zinn, Economics Deborah Zwerner, Organization Communication ,giit Waureka Zwemer 357 nderclassmen Life begins at USA The rest of your life began right here . . . and what better way to begin it than as an ASU un- dergraduate. Whether you were here to attain career credentials or for your own personal ben- efit, ASU undergrads re- ceived all the academic and social challenges they needed to build a strong base for their fu- ture success. The friendships made and the wealth of know- ledge absorbed at ASU were priceless in the ASU student's drive to achieve lifelong goals There was something and someone for every one on our 42,000-plu campusp it was the sparl of intellectual curiositj inherent in an under graduate student tha made finding the perfeo mix of friends and class es easy yet stimulating It was all here for tht undergrads who chose tc make these three for fou or five or 101 years, some the best they could eve: experience. It was all a. matter of reaching ou and grasping it. lj Steven Abbit john Abboud Lynne Abel Kathleen Abrams Kevin Adams Leland Adams McCory Adams Steven Adams Sassan Afshin jose Aguilar Tina Aiello Phil Aiken Anthony Aklindon Naella Al-Aqeel lack Albert t cieyrteifitf plppy M 4 A W, , -v' -6- f , W4 1 B - 'If L gv Q H4 4' ak' , w. 'a' R , if ' X' IM? 5 A , V 2 x gy j la , .1 V , 1 , .J I X A K e , ' ' X X .' ,755 I - F X Q . user! .gs ' 3 t xv, 'U r X x."YlBx , x. l 2 ' "X I iv dv if Benny Alberte Linda Alby Roberta Aleman Ali Alhamood Sander Alisky Samer Aljabari john Allegretti Muaath Almutlaq Barbara Ambrus Keyvan Amjadi Tina Amodio Bret Andersen Erika Anderson jason Anderson Leslie Anderson Dolores Apodaca Christy Arnold Marie Arvizo Dennis Audorff Ame Austin Lynn Avery Eugene Awana Sheryl Azbill joey Baca Rhonda Bady Kim Baier Donna Bain Michael Baker Richard Balderrama Ed Balistreri Reyes Banegas Glenn Banks Candace Banning Cynthia Banning james Barash Andrew Barella Marc Barry Lynnette Bauler Andrew Baumer john Bautch Lyndelle Begay David Beich john Beilke Scott Belza Robert Benning Alberte-Benning 359 Llnderclassmen Football fever Students camp overnight for sell-out season Buying ASU season foot- ball tickets was an all-night event for many fans, because of the 1987 Rose Bowl victory and rumors that tickets would sell out, the line formed early in the afternoon the day be- fore tickets were to go on sale. By 8 p.m., there were 150 people in line. Slpirits were igh as students rinalyed hack- eysack, watched , and met new people. Groups went on food runs to satis y the late- night munchies, and Domi- no's Pizza came and took or- ders. Even a 10-minute down- pour didn't dampen the group's spirits. Some had the refuge o tents or slee ing bags, while others braved, the storm. Later, people fell asleep in line on lounge chairs, slee - ing bags, or the ground. Tillie line stayed intact, though, be- cause security kept people Riadh Bentaarit X Christine Bentley t Ross Berger A I " Robin Bernstein ,. ' jennifer Bietz Nancy Bilardello Melissa Bingmann Richard Bjomholm Elizabeth Boom Walter Borawski 360 Bentaarit-Borawski' Underclassmen Karen Bertko Becky Bertman Richard Blazer Ramin Bledsoe Ronnel Bobis Kimberlee Bolt Stephani Bolton Steven Bolton Ioel Beste Q juli Beste Amy Bevis Ella Bia Vito Bianco Lisa Birchett Hilary Black Kory Blythe james Bogie Linda Bohm Mindy Bono fig. 1 J V w 'A 4 Marianne Bertini .t , . V MX from cutting in line in front of slee ing fans. The ticket office opened at 6 o'clock the next mornin , but the line moved slowgf due to the unlimited amount of tickets available to each person. Many students and admin- istrators complained about the ticket process, and plans for a new policy were in the works for the next year, in- cluding a signup through pre- registration. "This whole fiasco was t football team's fault, not students," said Bobby Min a freshman business majt "They won the Rose Bowl 1. year. The ticket office shot ave had an idea that would be like this."U N -Carol nP e N . a.. ,f , ,,.. it Camping out is an all night affair. Late-night hours found students crashed in sleeping bags, surrounded by lawn chairs and coolers, waiting for the infamous student football tickets. ln' l V M a Q' it M . B as .A at f, M K Z V BK E45 43,32 4 6 , 'Nl X s 3 5 , K Teresa Border Kim Boster Susan Bowbeer Kelly Brady Robert Brandt Renee Branson Michele Braslow Marlaine Braun Ken Brendel Oliver Bresson Elizabeth Brewes Janelle Brice Dorothy Bridges Donna Briggs Benton Briner Ieff Brinkley Patrick Broderick Anice Brown Cynthia Brown Dawn Brown Neil Brown Warren Brown Tracy Browner Anthony Brucci joelle Brummett Q I Grant Brunner Kathleen Bryant Michael Buccino Elizabeth Buck Michele Buczkowskl Turning 21 For the flrst tlme in your l1fe you can act like a chlld . . . legally For many people thelr Zlst birthday IS a much antlclpated event. Among other things lt means finally Rachelle Buechler Gordon Bugg Erol Burghardt Manuel Bustamante Christine Butler Gary Buttler Elizabeth Bybee Tia Byrd Clayton Calvin Dan Campion Mary Campion Guillermina Cantu Casey Carder Audrea Carlson William Carlson Molly Carpenter Marie Carragher Daniel Carrington Daniel Carroll Nicole Carroll Patrick Carroll Peter Carroll Andrea Carson Karen Caruso Keith Casoose Richard Castillo Robert Castle Lee Cavittii Araceli Cecena Melissa Chaney V . E Q 5 . .Ri . ,,.. nv -5 x -QQ iiiii eseai 'iw 4 Q0 x Bradley Chang Tobin Chapman Shaelin Charania Paul Chaudhuri Matilda Chee Sui-lin Stacey Chen Richard Cho Asif Choudhery Lesia Chopko Dana Christoff Timothy Cira Tina Ciudad Alaric Clark Patricia Clark Vanessa Cleary Bradley Clement Victor Clevenger Ronald Cobb Amy Cobbs David Cohen Darice Cole Joyce Colelay Cyndee Coleman Natasha Coney Kevin Connell Sheila Connolly Anna Contreras Lisa Converse Michelle Conway Deborah Cook fu . ef? .ffm -iv 1 1 me A - f iw use ,.ffz.:ssgE Coming of Age 1 Turning 21 -- a long awaited moment Letting: A small white-walled rtment. Characters: 20 men and nen singing an out-of-tune bal- XCT l, SCENE I fin the center of group of people is a man sitting table, a birthday cake is in the ter, to the left of the table is a , everyone is holding a glass of YJ QBreak-inj: " . . . Happy Birthday toooo, yoooouu!" tPausej 1 "How old are you now? How old are you dear Bud-dy, How old are you now? Ha, I-ia, Ha, Ha!" Buddy : QBlowing at the candlesj "Whooh" Crowd : Everybody screams and cheers,"Yea, Yea." FREEZE ACTION, FADE TO BLACK Narrator : tSmoking a cigarettel Picture this, a man gathered with his friends. He has just turned 21. l-le is flushed with excitement, he has just walked into the age of legal drinking. With this new- found privilege comes a new bar- hopping, club-jumping social life. Should he choose this path? For others, 21 is only a slight mile- stone, like first love perhapsg time to think about marriage, children, and yes . . . a career. At this age, the oyster opens wide and waiting are the pearls to be drawn from the tender underbelly of the shell. But for Buddy, 21 has taken a different turn . . . QFADE TO BLACKJ C1 -Scott Troyanos 7 igfid6fClRS5!-tiff! E ,Lg f.- .. f M ,.i 4 li 1 Q f ,La 5 a 5 ima 2 we-55 ' f i was 1. :gig K . mis: .Bit .mi-. -, 152522 9. z- iw? :sw ' .. 15575225-L' 1 ,N .air . wx :nw . .. V1 4215 we .. ' .-ffm f s2"e2i'9ff . . ..,.. gig ...Xi - 7 fwisisef : f :maxim f f.:-:aw W. , .... i . ifsifssi fel 1.--me 5 ' . . 1 new tw- gi -I iii.. aa 25? LI f :aw 22:21 as . ' . 2 . . . . ...Wk , i':g1.s5f .vi at .. ,.,i..i, W .N ' ' . .gsfgig 7 as t ,ai 1.16 23235 1' ...X . .... it f- use -fi: ,i '33 1. at is 'K it? 155 ia. ,ww .QE . .dm . ' f .f E. - 11 less M . mg ii is W 364 Cordulack-Dillehay Christopher Cordulack Louis Core Iade Corn Matthew Cornelius john Corso Karin Cortinas Christopher Cote William Cowles III Sherri Crabtree Frank Culver Billie Cunningham Connie Cunningham Elizabeth Cunningham Thomas Cunningham Tracey Cunningham Chara Curtis Cliff Curtis Elijah Cushmeer Melanie Cutler Belinda Dangerfield Kim Danielson jeff Dapser Keith Davidson Dennis Davies David Davis jamie Davis Robert Davis Tabitha Davis Bethany Deines Tina Deines Steven Delonge Peter DeLuca Sandra Deniston Robyn Dermer Greg Derr Brian Deshazo Robert Dhondrup Suzanne Diaz Michael Dickens Frank Dickson Heidi Diedrich Mike Dieleman Andrea Dietrich Dominique DiLaurentis Teresa Dillehay Underclassmen S rvr, 1' am, 1' Y ff in , ,., 'Q I Y -Q 52' 'X , if , Q' ' ,af I Patricia Dineyazhe Ben DiPonio Mile DiVerde Karen Dixon Akbar Djoharchi Barry Dluzen Gabriel Doak Mike Dolata Doug Donatelli David Donnelly Ellyn Donovan Kevin Doran Michelle Douglas Gregory Douthit Denise Dowlin jennifer Driggers jeffrey Drulis Chris Dubas Roger Dube Michael Duffield Cathy Dunavant Michelle Dusserre jimmy Dworkin Shannon Earle Aimee Edmonds Sandi Edwards james Eichholz Arthur Eklund Gary Elias Rick Elliott Cammie Ellis Kevin Ellis Matthew Ellis jerome Ellison Phyllis Elton john Emerson Ruth Endres Albert Eribes Gina Erickson james Ervin Ronald Eschief Kary Estill Katherine Etzrodt john Ewing David Farias 366 Driggers-Farias Booze and Cruise - You Lose! was the message conveyed by the twisted truck wreckage displayed on campus during Alcohol Awareness Week. One of the people killed in this ac- cident was Sherri Middleton, her par- ents display the truck at different functions to make other young peo- ple aware of the effects of drinking and driving. Underclassmen 'ii ' " Q' 'WZ 1 , Z i 1 , 1 f f 4 , P' I Q r f f. '4 -,,f :im 6, I 1 fd 1 1 1 , 1, 3,9 A aw , . . , ff YZ: , A , 3"Mf r r'. Ai?QXNN'xXXxlXt A, rrar ' f eeee y no gZ,y uv , 1 ,, lx lt A, if 'gif' ia E 1' , ,-V. K ,, K up TF! Z Ggy 7 V 4, 7 i r i " W Q,,, X 1 xi 3 ff nz., ,A af' p w', C'1 ' V , ,, ,. 5 VK 7 H1 Od I7 f' 9 nit UMZWME PHPl.F.Nll1lEllWilYga? FWWCRKATIWHIKIIB ,ADL Q Wlwwmvmar 4-in ltmlvumg Q , UHIMRIYR ag 80025 6 CRUISE . li M 5' V9 2 X Q The twisted metal sent irks of sunlight into peo- 's eyes and horror mixed :h amazement into their arts. A blue Datsun pick-up 1 a buckled bed and a flat nt-end where seats, a ering wheel and people 1 once been. The stick-s ift s at the top of the wind- eld. t made students stop and k. And then it made them l l joseph Faust Patrick Feeley john Fees Leonard Fehr Kimberly Fehrenbach Scott Fields Meredith Fine Andrew Fischer Robert Fisher Elizabeth Fitchett Brian Fleming Michael Fleming Alysun Fletcher Nancy Floyd Debra Flying Nancy Foley Paula Foley LaValerie Footracer Bertram Foreman Frederick Foster Tim Foster Amador Fraga Lisa Fraley Marland Franco Ted Friedli Todd Fries HIEIIESS Reality speaks louder than words stolp and think. he wrecked vehicle, which had been involved in a fatal DUI crash, was a major attraction and part of the 4th annual National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week at ASU from Oct. 19 through 23. The urpose of Hcheck it out", thje theme of Alcohol Awareness Week, was "to raise people's conciousness about chemicals and to intro- duce students to chemical- free fun," said Annette Star- rantino, Substance Abuse Counselor and chair of Alco- hol Awareness Week. Participation at about 20 di- verse events ranged from 12 to over 2,000 people, with an estimated 3,500 people at- tending some of the sched- uled activities. Residence halls hosted var- ious programs concerning Todd Friedman Scott Froehlich Timothy Frederick Elizabeth French such issues as DUI laws, choices about alcohol, self- assessment for substance abuse and impairment test- ing. The Interfraternity Coun- cil participated by arranging a "Responsible Drinking' gro- gram to help inform ple ges of the dangers of alcohol abuse. U -Leslie Anderson ...Faust-Frost-nigh. .367 1 K gf ,Y ,E , 2 J .A xx YI' fi 3 WN, if 'iw ,ar 1 4 Q l X5 ' asf if 5 wa ,, V I 1 FTM n rf if-5 Sa - Q4 Elaine Geffen Bret Geiger Georgia Geis Helen Geisler Mary Gilbert Scott Gilbert Iavier Gilmore Mark Glucksman Sean Gnant Sheri Gnant Aaron Gnirk Melissa Goitia David Goldstein Leo Gonzales Mark Goodman Michael Goodwin jay Gordman Thomas Gorman Katrina Gossman john Gotthardt Michael Gowing Iill Graessle Scott Gray Shannon Gray Wendy Green Michael Greene William Greenfield Matthew Greenhalgh Patricia Griffin Iayne Griffiths Kristi Grigg Amelia Gross Michael Grow Brian Gryskiewicz Yvette Guerra John Guilonard Paul Gummel Scott Gunderson Sean Hagerty Patrick I-Iaiduk Andrea Hain Tami Hall Tim Hall Timothy Hall Alan Hamberlin Gwynne Hamilton Erik Hanson Thurston Hanson Brad Hardin jennifer Harlan Cynthia Harris LaTonya Harrison Eric Hartel Kristen Hartley Sayed Hashimi Hank Haskie Ayesha Hassan Ashley Haus Randy Hawkins Gregory Hebert Chris Heidelman Patrick Helfrich Quentin Hendry Kristina Henley Nancy Henry Iill Herbranson Stephanie Herebic john Herring Susan Hewitt Stephanie Higgins Mark Hiland Lois Hill Carol Hillegas Keil Hillman Robert Hines Daniel Hinojos Larry Hirose Sim Hitzel David Hodges Gary Hodonicky julie Hoffman Shannon Hofmann Tami Hoganson Sherman Hollyfeild Tanya Holmes Beth Holmwood Thomas Holtz Brian Homerding Thomas Hope Charles Hopkins 40 7 , C'-ff H gf 3 34 I 3 , fx an g,w"f 4' x , N V1 X 4 f, n 5 if y wwf? T F I Y 1 ,Y 1 'rj ' 'cf' in 5 2- ff' I AU' 'Q ,. A ,ff 4, e x n--rx .. , w 1 Az: - r Y, 3 h f 1 . 5y.:ig,ixg,. My f a Repleni hing ASU Coeds keep blood banks healthy Last spring, Arizona Blood rvice vans were stationed on e lawn beside University Ar- ives. Blood service workers t up their wagon of wares, ringes and ru ber hoses in nd, in an annual effort to re- enish the blood banks of ioenix with the healthy blood Arizona State undergrad's. Laiden with juices and cook- ies for undaunted donors, volunters gathered over 500 pints of blood in only a 14-day period. Said Brenda Mendoza, "We had a lot of hearty kids through here." With the recent increase in the fear that AID's could be spread through the needles used to transfer blood, Steve Twigg responded unfarrowed, 'tMost of the eople I've done today know setter, but there may be some people who are afraid." While it wasn't possible that AIDS could be transferred by giving blood, in the past few years since the AID's publicity became widespread, it was in- dicated that the overall amount of blood sucked from students receeded proportionally. Q -Scott Troyunos Q-?.S'?z' l 1200 S stooo DRIVE r som. , X r Mg bi ll., ta argl is ai M i F ,ad ..w" Brian Kirmse I ,E kk, ,, f 2' A afsfazlf '-" , ,1 f, . W if Ma Q-H 5 1 x 4 Qi' ff. , 'iw ,gsm Ik' f' W, '-:fffffm wail, w Z 1 f 124 Mia Horchler james Hotis Victor Howard Greg Hriso Christina Hudson Rhonda Hudson julie Huelster Bradley Huestis Brian Hughes Iarnes Huguez Rochelle Hyman jennifer Impson Elizabeth Inman Tomoko Inoue Cameron Irons Horchler-Irons 371 Urzdercfassmeri Health F ood . Heat-beating yogurt offers nutritious alternative From early August when fall classes began until mid- September, and in spring from April through May, ASU was hot, literally. Temperatures on campus were hot enough to fry eggs on an open kiosk in those 100+ degree temperatures. When it got that hot, burgers or hotdogs for brunch just didn't sound appealing. A favorite to relieve summer heat was fro- zen yogurt. Eateries around ASU like Penguins, Annie's, Ahh-h Naturale, Zack's, The Yogurt Oasis, The Yogurt Connection, and Robbie's boasted a jump on those traditional heat- beating ice-cream "cone-or- cup?" folks. With over 30 fla- vors to choose from, ranging in variety from macademia to pis- tachio, boysenberry to vanilla, choices were almost limitless. Frozen yogurt was quickly be- coming a symbol of sweetness and nutrition at ASU. Besides its delicious taste, yogurt of- fered a healthful break from other sugary snacks. But there was a catch: yogurt without a topping was not a yogurt at all. Nuts, fruit, candy, or cool crumbs made any yogurt ci the perfect balance. Be warne and taste around though, l: cause some combinations are little more exotic than othe: BON APPETITE Mon amiell -Scott Tro unos 372 Irwin-Kearns Underclassmen Karen Irwin Kristine jackson jeffrey jacobsen Lani jacques Gary james jean janes Danny jaramillo Mark jeffrey Emma jennison Ronelle jock Adrienne johnson Angela johnson jeremy johnson Karin johnson Lance johnson Michelle johnson Sheryl johnson A.j. jones Greg jones Robin jones Toby jones Marina joslin Craig jungberg Daniel Kacvinski Molly Kaiser Tim Kallmer Marlene Kaminsky Gregory Kaniewski Paul Keane Harry Kearns 'Mi' , Q. -xr' 'wif gay K -1 we ,7 - ff. ,uw -fv1vffvi1z:szzsa. e ' .V . V Q .1 uf x 0 - . X i ' su, .. Mi , . l- -1 sei . ... , E H? 'Q' 'tiff at .. 7 if . ' ft 55' , W' f -1 a..a a S r- A r i sr t . X al if A A if "" 4 W-if if E "te r l l w Darryl Smith if H Michael Keleher 1 'xy ,L aj ' Thomas Keller if f1,l Z I Kevin Kelly , ig ' f' 2 Valerie Kelly , Mark Kennedy ' ' Aw -A -U 1 Q Terri Kenyon 25 F Owen Kerr 1 ky, . m f' Q Molly Kesling V , Y-vi ' Marla Kessler ' t ' Guru Khalsa E e l e M ,J Sohail Khokhar ' Tiffany Kidner Kevin Kienast ,W ' Carol nKiernat , Y I V A Rob Kilponen x 'I g X ei to f l l Q ,,l lli l ll i rell , 4 9 i i 5 l' K , , , 1 MW, 'X ,f ' ' if l H g fff w p ' f ' . . Q V , , V Q Q W V, - 1 Dawn Kincaid 1 an f'e Tiff? ' V At- y , an 5 ss. Patricia King , vf W lf W ' x Sherrelle Kirkland M5 I J , ' 5' j 3 Brian Kirmse L, , Y Y ' f ,hy Chris Kirshbaum lx 2 of ' N F , . ff 1 5 V i f, .ilk xr , 1 Larry Kisner , H 2' ' av ' it ' A' " Sundi Kjenstad ' t fgjp 'Lf' ,ji Andrew Klein '5 rrk M 27 'ry " U i ' ' K V ' Khrista Knight , ' V ' ' ,. a E Natalie Knipfer I Q 4' 4 eg., ' ' ' B ai Qx 2 X I f Mitchel Knothe f , D l V K Laura Knox , ' we ' 'L' Maria Koeck ,Y -:fl V ' I -' ' Scott Kohtz 5, ' Lisa Kolek Qrnplggl, ...,. 1 Wkwawwimwwmlfww "W1"M' ""' L "" ' '-Q ,,,Q,f,E77Mef'L'TTQeH2m,l,,H 1 ' I Keleher-Kolek 373 Underclassmen 3 gi" . For your one-stop convenience . the unique architectural design wel- comes students and guests into the new Student Services Building, erect- ed on campus in 1987. When con- struction was completed in january, 1988, the structure put all student needs under one roof: Residence Life, Financial Aid, Student Life, Under- graduate Admissions and many l'1'l0I'e. 374 Konrardy-Lagoda .,-i , Underclassmen Zetta Konrardy Andrea Kontos Michael Kotzen Rita Kovacsics Sonia Krainz john Kramer Andrea Kratz Steven Kricun Kelly Krouser Gregory Krzos Linda Kwaczala Susan Kwan Vincent Kwok Andre Lacey Jeanie Lagoda memes mug was fw- nw fax fall? fm M My 994 Q in if W' sr ,K 1 x an-F wh Q' five W, Q! nc, ,M N A X f ,ff , ,Ez 9:: lffg ?,2 5 M 'j3.1 ' H I ..e. Af it W f V -H 'M Robert Lalley Linda LaMountain Robert Lancendorfer Gina Lang james Lanphere Toni Lapp Peter Lara Hoskie Largo Richard Larrimer David Larson Elizabeth Larson john Larson Paul Lattimore III Steve Lauer Sean Layton Nolan Leblanc Lisa Leathers Andrew Lee Gary Lee Lillian Lee Steve Lee David Leeds Stuart Leibowitz Thomas Leiferman jane Lenard Malissia Lennox Pamela Lenyoun Peter Leonard Peter Leschniok james Levin David Levy jon Lewerke Laura Lewis Michael Licis Michael Lieske Dana Ling jim Livengood Steven Livingston Tanya Lodwig Lori Logan Michael Logan Thomas Lohr Wayne Lokensky Michele Lomack Cari Lombardo Lalley-Lombardo 375 Underclassmen 376 Lonas-McGuire Shawn Lonas Pamela Long Tressi Loria Patrick Lovell Susan Lows Karl Ludwig Chris Lutes Daniel Lynch Michelle Macias Tim Mackey Todd Macmillan Steve Macra Melanie Macsalka Kristen Maddas Dave Madden Carolyn Magallanez jessica Maitland Daniel Makil Hassan Malley Carl Malone Patricia Maloney Iulian Manjaji Iennifer Manske Eugenio Marin Katy Maron Shawna Marotte Gina Marquez Casandra Martin jennifer Martin Steve Martin Timothy Martin Daniel Marineau Eileen Martinez Michael Mathis Angela Maurizi Heidi Maxson Lacy Mayers Christopher McAdams Kelly McCaffrey Rhonda McClain Teresa McEntire Eric McFadden Iamie McGhee joel McGraw Diane McGuire Underclassmen M 32 'chalk we ,,,, ' 5 ' A ,ff f a W .- af, ., M hfw, .V 9. M ,, . , 5? C , H i, My , I , 4 ' We 512 iA','ip,' ' EX? T ,E ft yt 17 hf, V --1, at gg.. y , V H ,,., , , " A ga l 'Y' a 'a '1, ' V '1,, , a l ' . T f J 'L A M K ' it. f ,Q Rl A W jg K M ' K in Ls ' K4 1' 'G- -'X ,M '17 was x 'f inf? tx fy: , rtto f To t--Y I 6 7 Yi' : .M 1 , ' V x W 49 ...7 lx ' 'bv' Wh' 55:2 I Radical dude juvenile de- ers were a hazard to pedes- Little change was apparent "M , .5 , , 4J' H"11 H ' g ,f x . If V,.' Vlgjjifg, :rj ' a zz' ' ' ' . V '1 ,, ' .Q if ,Ye .Q rlrr ., , - ' ' ,Mg 'sq 7 H .fm f' if " " am' 'i ' Ioan McHenry Michelle McKeever Thomas McMahon Valda McMillan David McMinn Charles McWethy Carrie Medders Matthew Medellin David Medina William Meier Lothar Meister Kellie Mellor Daunn Melsha Raeann Mendoza Matt Mercer o Thrashmg Regents relocate radical dudes .quents, families on leisure ne, and campus commuters und themselves grounded 1987 when ASU banned ateboarding and rollerskat- ifrom campus. he Arizona Board of Re- nts approved the ban ini- ited by the ASU adminis- ation in October. iministrators claimed skat- trians and campus proiperty, causing thousands of ollars worth of damage to side- walks, ramps and benches each year. Violation of the new code resulted in an 818.00 fine, and repeat offenders had their skates or skateboards confis- cated by ASU's department of public safety. after the ban, however. Many students continued to ride skateboards to class, and droves of junior high and high school boarders per- formed their antics on after- noons and weekends. D Milli -Dana Leonard Look hand! Skateboarders took to the streets of Tempe as a result of the Arizona Board of Re- gents' skating ban on the ASU cam- pus. McHenry-Mercer 377 Underclassmen Ripping Ritter's way of life lt's not unusual for a col- lege student to switch majors halfway through a program, but few students reach this momentous decision while picking through a garbage dumpster. That was how State Press cartoonist Mike Ritter swapped his plans of an art degree for a history degree, "I got tired of making pizza box sculptures and things like that," the 22-year-old junior said. lcontinucd on page 3792 Nannette Mickle 378 Migkle-Mowad Michael Miki Nicole Milam Rick Miles Chris Miller Lora Miller Tim Miller Keith Mishkin Molly Mitchell Michael Miyasaki Todd Modic Iamie Moen Daniel Moldovan Eva Monsey Michael Montandon john Montgomery Ronnajean Moon Brian Moore Rosiland Moore Rosana Moran jennifer Morehart Andreas Moreland jose Moreno Randall Morgan Robert Moric Michelle Morris Shannon Morrison Russell Morrow Bryce Morthland Michael Mowad Underclassmen nt no Nor BELIEVE ANI' ILLEGAL Aer wAs coMMWTrD! I af ff , LLVL I 1,1 QA Z M Ir"'9s'.,qvr1 . at F VC P3 R A ' an Q. 42 N f J -. sees-if4.',t X Q I Q 2 Q7 I QW? , ' V52- 0 . 1 "I was standing in a garf bage bin looking for ma- terial for my next project and it just occurred to me, 'This is getting me no- where in journalismf so I promptly switched my ma- jor to history. "I figured a background in history and political sci- ence would help me more doing editorial cartoons, and that's really what I want to do anyway." Although a daily comic strip used to be Ritter's dream, after working at the State Press and getting a taste of both editorial car- tooning and his successful daily strip, "Ivory Tow- ers," he had a change of heart and aspired to model his career after his idol, ed- itorial cartoonist Steve Benson. "Steve Benson is a car- tooning god," Ritter claimed. "I-Ie's everything a cartoonist should be. He's inflammatory, he in- cites people, he irritates people, he aims at no one, he hits everybody." "I speak my mind," he declared. "I draw what will upset people. It's the job of a cartoonist to say what can't be said in the written word." "When I get nasty letters and people calling me a Nazi or what have you . . . I live for that." D -Dana Lemmrd 5? .-.'- it TEV ,t,t ., 3 X x V X I im w, ll , .. S 3'-Q'f'fl3::f: Yfgzjylifzl' 3 S I. .Q as WRX " Li... c, , 'fwfr tc,, c 155: - I L 5 ..,',- E Y s s N c X f. a 'F Qicb ,s ,,.. 5 I -if W - . j. F X if 4' X 'S 'git' lik . -Stat ' Q 3 Mark Muehleisen Ati Muhammad Ritwik Mukherjee Erin Muldowney Pam Mullet Christine Muniz Lee Munz Sandi Munz Linda Murillo Michael Murphy Kiana Murray Kimberly Murray Dawn Muttillo Timothy Muzzall Marian Myers Eric Nash Scott Naylor Dawn Nazary Michelle Neilson Yvette Nelem Cheryl Nelson Dave Nelson Mark Nelson Shelly Nelson Slashette Nelson Patrick Neo Tonya Nesbitt Nichola Neswood Deann Neudecker joseph Neuheisel Muehleisen-Neuheisel 379 U ndercluss men 380 Newberry-Pepperl Underclassmen Darren Newberry Iody Newman jennifer Nielson Bart Nigro Ion Nordberg Cameron Normoyle Michael Norwood Tony Nossaman Vahid Nowshadi James Nucci Lance Null David O'Brien Sean O'Connor Trish Oechsel Mark Ofori-kyei Rikiya Oishi Teruichi Oka Donald Olander Kay Olson Liang Ong Kevin Orlowski Corina Orsini Adam Orzol Anne Osborn Shamsol Othman Eulalio Pacheco Carol Pachek Wendi Pahl Scott Palmer Dana Papesh Michael Parascandola Andrew Pariva Karen Parris-Lough David Parrish Kristine Partridge Iohn Pas Kampria Paskwietz Marnie Passon Kimberly Patterson Adam Paul Natalie Payton Annette Pedroza Lorna Penalosa Ioy Penny Lloyd Pepperl r s,,.1,, XXX' 'x ,, A xiii E 'A ' X ' :rc K . .militia ,,. .2 X X y 4- 1 V ,Z , iw L Y- l 51 f' ,, f 1 , V' bg a., ' 9 fifth? P L wx H nu A "yt 3 iz il fi ay 2' A gy -1 ff:-' an 4 'I 1 x k , ,A "vs 3,-.1 M .ny 4 lnfll M , -L 5 , fat-2, - M, K ' ls P ite , l A. X ' 'xi w w ai .ILL M x may any M ff. Shamway Lo Cool and refreshing, the fountain in front of Gammage Center beckons to passing students and staff. In the heat of the Arizona sun the fountain is a tempting altemative to continuing the day's activities. . ,N If , .,,, V I Ioyce Perry 1- K , ' y at jf Zandra Perry Q . L 4 Lance Peterson - ' Aras Petrulis A 7 ' Kathy Pfab , Ll Q. t xi Q 2, Lori Pfab Bruce Pfeiffer Sharon Phillips "" ., Dawn Piegaro ' . Kathryn Pierce , A,, . 5' ,. . . , ,rr.,,11t, A. A ' h' Mark Pineiro 5, . ac ue ine in erton 4, q l P k rv Ar x Richard Piper ,r,, r ,,,, C72 Christine Pitts " X "" 7 p QQ David Pizer 21 X rv ' , -X, ' 2 " i .," ,tkrl J vkl 'V ' N Kim Pizzo 5 1 A Susan Platt 1 'p ' f I V, f, Dave Poppen h ' --7 Laura Potts ' Gina Powell rt ' i t fi P 3 if 2, . J fn" X I KL E tt,, L P i i' . at ,K it ,rp., AA , , WZ f if , L Melissa Powell Lawrence Prather Johanna Preiser Thomas Preston Michelle Price , A Tanya Prioste 1 V Edward Pritchard .,- W' A A Y Cari Prout joey Pruitt 'ft Q W 1- 'i Kathy Pritchett uf f :,,,f- , ' 532 5 E 12 x L r xi PerryLPruitt ,381 Underclassmen Phillip Raskosky II Stephen Reeves Mark Reichman Alberto Reyes Angela Pryor Carolyn Pye Carmen Rael john Ramirez Scott Ramsey Will Rau james Rawe Linda Redden Lori Reed Pamela Reese Sara Reeves Quick Cash For those who need dough I want to tell you about this time when I was in a bad jam. It was Wednesday night, there were no classes the next day and I had noth- ing to read. I was in the mood for some fung I wanted to party but I had no cash, not even a VISA. I dug through my wallet hoping for a stray dollar. My friends were about to leavep then I found it - The Gold Card! Dollar signs flashed. Flakey's! The Dash! Utopia! They all called my name and I answered by hopping out to the nearest automatic teller ma- chine. It was cold and rainy outside and it didn't help to find the ATM outside the bookstore closed. "Sorry buddy, l'm out of service, try the next one." So there I was lost but then I re- membered the one across University Drive First Interstate. I ran like a dog after a fox in heat. I was there. So were all the other rest- less Wednesday nighters. I waited and picked my teeth with the card like I've done a hundred times be- fore. "Hurry up girl, don't you know your number?" Finally, I put my card in, it told me to put it in right. I did it again, it came out again. Argh! Once more, ahh. "PLEASE ENTER YOUR PER- SONAL IDENTIFICATION CODE." BE. BLEE. BE. BLEE. "ENTER AMOUNT." 5100.00. "The folks won't like that," I thought. HINSUFFICIENT AMOUNT, TRY AGAIN." S50.00. That might work, I could say I needed some books or 382 Pryor-Reyes fe-'Mia Underclussmen something. "THANK YOU, PLEASE TAKE YOUR... I was off to aWednesday night ad- venture . . . "WELCOME TO YOUR AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE!!" You must have been struck by those blinking words of greeting over a hundred times while at ASU. "PLEASE INSERT YOUR CARD," Will you ever forget that computer chip link to money and home, located at almost every major point around campus? "ENTER YOUR PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CODE," across from the student life desk in the Me- morial Union, down by McDonald's next to Follet's Gift Shop, standing in the sun in front of the bookstore. Open days or nights fmost of the time, anywayj when you were caught for quick cash. "ENTER AMOUNT," for Bic pens or typing paper, fill-ups or formals, and a sandwich or a drink at The Dash with some friends. Which one was closest to you: Valley, First In- terstate, Chase and Mera names a few. HINSUFFICIENT AMOUNT TRY AGAIN." And now that school is over and you're at home or at work will you ever think of how many times you stood waiting and looking like a,"ENDING TRANSACTION: THANK YOU FOR USING YOUR INSTANT ATM MACHINE." - Scott Troyanos rc fl y, -XA if-M KM - r A K Z 6 , w 4, 'T' 'Q' E y ,F if fly x , Q?-1 Q! Q, X3 4 - ,L as fe' , Q Q uri in . 'F' Ei, 55-'L ' lf: David Reynolds Raequel Rhodes Mark Rhone Russell Richard Michele Richards Rebecca Richardson Paul Richardson Michelle Richter Cherryl Ricketts Diane Riedinger Elizabeth Riffey Michael Riley Randy Ripplinger Adam Risch Sara Risseeuw Ieanne Rissi Kent Rittschof David Roan Ida Roberts Sally Roberts Annette Robinson Ronald Robinson Russell Robison Corey Roche DuWayne Rocus Daniel Rogers jeffrey Rogers Guy Roll Tony Rollman Darlene Rood Cathy Rosales Bryan Rose Gregory Rossel Carol Rothacker Thomas Rothacker Scott Rothman Kelly Rothwell-Larsen Tardie Roupe Kathy Roye Toby Rucy Ellen Ruhlmann Victoria Ruppel Beth Ryan Lisa Ryan Alyx Sachs Reynolds-Sachs 383 llnderclassmen Like a proud father show- ing pictures of his children, Bret Morris, doorman at the Gold Rush, displayed the sev- en pieces of false identifica- tion he had collected that eve- ning. With a note of self- satisfaction in his voice he ex- plained the story behind each I Fake ID s Minor madness creates ingenuity of his confiscations: scratch- ing, laminating, clear tape, cut-out-pictures and painted backgrounds were common occurances. With the number of under- age college students around Tempe, area nightclubs had to be very careful. The pen- alties for serving alcohol to a minor were stiff - a 81,000 fine per person. "I must be the most-hated person in Tempe," said Morris, "but let- ting minors in just isn't worth it." He further boasted that Gold Rush was the hardest bar in the valley to get into Michael Safrin Ricky Sakurai Yleana Samaniego , Tim Sampson F f 9 Michael Sampaga V M i A Diana Sanchez Mitchell Sanders Deborah Schoenberger Adrienne Schuessler Nicole Schumann Douglas Schwartz Patrick Schweiss Katherine Sellwood 384 Safrin-Sellwood Underclassmen Tami Sargeant Layla Sayegh Shawn Schenhenberger jacqueline Schesnol David Schiller Kristin Schillereff Daniel Schindele Brent Schlosser Robyn Schluter Susan Schneider Mariann Seariac Brian Sedgwick Lee Sandler Scott Sands Paolo Sanza f ., 9, ff G ' 1' . 1 vi 2 A , Aquila Scott Maria Selak in T, and explained how checked a piece of indent cation. "First you look at I birthdate, then the picti and check the description . all you need is a sharp eye' -Nicole Carroll l l ,bali x il' , "Honest, I was born in 1965!" Bob Bullard waits while a bouncer checks and double-checks his ID. With the penalties for allowing minors to con- sume alcohol, many valley night clubs were more careful to watch for the "tamperings" on the cards. Roger Dube Q E 1' 3 Q ii' A Q 'xg' N , -44 5, ,.... 'lr 'Qs-Af Ki "'lii "yy .A , X xx X t a 3 M .. sible of X nl' ., 1 TT! . ,V- v , ,,..- X 1. A 3 X t 3 gf ,ff 'iffs " H , H., ,, ,, ,. , ,. a, wr, ff- - , .. ,kg , S -.Y24 J A 'X it e X w gf, K la 4 f kkr, Q' ,lf 'S A , W f.,,. ' , i 1 ' ' 4 , ' Sf , ., , , , vcr' , W 4 1 x X ' Ieanne Semerjian Lisa Semerjian Anne Sepic Linda Sever Richard Sewell Brian Shapiro Peter Shay Deborah Sheahan Mary Lynn Sheldon Tim Shepherd Don Shilliday Dean Short Mike Showers Elizabeth Shuch Robyn Shultz Amro Shurrab Robert Siamon Michele Siegmund Cynthia Sieler Laurie Sifuentes Donna Simendinger Kathryn Simpson Kevin Singer Erik Skates Greg Slater Mark Smalley Darryl Smith Drew Smith jim Smith Kristin Smith H' it it 5 5 I E 3 al Vi W Ei' i is i , 2 2 il fr 4, 1 i ?i s 5 if s 5 l Q ft Q 3 E 5: 5. S1 3 i r -if 1 3 3 l 2 5 5' l 4tcff'cf:3i,t4:M. t.... ,mem "'cc' into e 1 M- W3::ff11gt,g5f 'e:wflL Semerjian-Smith 385 Underclassmen 1, Z tl 386 Smith-Tessay Underclassmen Shelby Smith Leigh-Anne Snow Dawn Snyder Nathaniel Snyder Randy Snyder Nariman Sodeifi TJ. Sokol Marshall Solomon Sasson Somekh Erik Sparks Maria Speck William Spencer Kirby Stannard Denise Stauffer Carla Stegeman Stephanie Steimel Noel Steinegger Dave Steiner Todd Stephens Dianna Stepps Darcy Sterba Todd Stevens Roseanne Stewart Toni Stinton Anne Stokes joe Stowell Nancy Stracke Scott Straily Eric Strait Robert Strobel Paris Strom Alan Struthers Rhonda Stutzman Erica Suglyama Christine Sullivan Kari Suoniemi Bob Sutton Denise Sutton Meliana Sunondo Amy Sweet Michele Sweetser Tom Talamantez Robert Taylor Michael Tenus Mark Tessay he 5 4 , M 4 9 x a , 49 . I 6? . 'iw 'wr l X ' ,I gf ., , ,A , KSA F' l 6 Z f f 'Q ., A S WV O Y Wi' la . 1 , Sf , -1+ l A ' ffm tft 'e ryra lili iiii V rl , iw f sf r it arr . .rt A fa.. 1 S K A R M it Q .r,, - a ro y if ' cet ,f rr ,, , I A Vkpp V l M5 ,we xu ,, T p S : 'P ,vp 9' L w W wvlx, K ,Vv ,V gi X. Q My ' -r I, 1 I Q NA, ., ,f r iif i tlt. 4, mt, , 1, LV 'V ' 'Q'? ,, X ,J a 41 vi l K4 f 7 Q mf 4 if , vklfawi Q ' N WLLT7 ., .,,. A., 1 f -, :, ' ,f ,U AK W ' ll fi ' - 2 ' ri , . A , vi f at W i f ,Q r I ,W Z' 5 ,H . ff ig me V . ,,.,,., Q, 912' EP' ,S 'TPI K.. sm..wsY3.V.a ,sf f M igew, f.s W 'f" s g Q 5 f Z az F --4 ,Nr ,, A 'A-.Vienna bf' if , f' 'T ' Wd? , 8? Q v 1 J r ah 1 ,gy . k, V , 1 ,,,, ,effil L mf Y an-nr of il! TQ, K 9' Randy Thieben Debbie Thomas Daniel Thompson Michael Thompson Michelle Thompson Ted Thornton Britt Thorpe Daphne Tiller Steve Titzler Edgar Tohtsoni Debra Toon Andre Torres Cristina Torres Maria Torres Carla Traficano 3 I , 5 ,Q , , ,WM 4' ,, my 2 l X X I' 'lj A sign of the times . . . Stepanie Mel- green and Amy Powers made their po- litical statement during the Nebraska football game. Thieben-Traficano 387 Underclussmen Tien Tran Lenore Trojanowski joseph Trombello ' ' Scott Troyanos Mathis Troester I , fi ! Q is' g Helena Tselos Alphonso Tsinijinni Clay Tucker Barbara Tumbull ' 'wiv Mark Tumer Gretchen Tush Dawn Twardowski Lela Udall Douglas Umbarger Katrina Underwood 1 na rl n l 10 X. s In Memoriam Friends not soon forgotten Thomas Barberio Ralph Bech Robert Beian, Ir. Sharon Briggs Gwen Callufo Celia Desiqueiro Carol n DoMorris Mellissa I. D kes Iames B. El eldt Katharine Marie isher Dan Faster Tracy Ann Hudson David I. Iackson Ierrg Lee Iason Mc lroy Cytnthia Miller Carosyn D. Morris rving Nissan Dylan I. Phillips Michael I. Presco Lori Stanley Carl D. States Dennis Sullivan Ieanna Tauzer Robert Lee Truesdell Yoshihiro Tsunoda No further away than a picture, A smile or remembered phrase, Our loved ones live in memory - So close in so many ways. For how often does a sunset Bring nostalgic thoughts to mind Of moments that our loved ones shared In days now left behind! How often has a flower Or a crystal autumn sky Brou ht golden recollections O happy days gone by! Yes, memory has a magic way Of keeping oved ones near - Ever close in mind and heart Are the ones we hold most dear. -Marjorie Frances Ames Trangyndenwqxqd . Llmierclassmen ,M Wi'1fv.Q wwf ff1??7' vw an .1 ""'! ' if Ji ff 'W fi! 1 gd? W, ' of K' X I 5 William Underwood jaimie Urtaza juan Valdez Iessie Valencia Sondra Valentine Gayle Valeros Steven Valinski Leanne Vandermeer Anand Vangipuram Heather Van Gunten William Vann Yvonne Venetz Kerstin Vickery Marie Victor Jennifer Viehmann Rick Vincent Mark Viquesney Gustavo Vivas Randy Vos Tammy Vrettos Shawna Vyne Michelle Wackeen Deborah Wadewitz Timothy Wadley joe Wagner Christopher Wahl Francis Wald David Wallace Jodi Wallace Ramon Wallace janet Walsh Kristina Walt Kris Walton Peter Wangoe Il William Warne jeffrey Warren Shannone Wassell jennifer Watkins Sandra Watras Ronnie Watt lay Watts Susan Weber V. Ann Weggeman Christina Weichers Hilary Weinberg 390 Weinstockflfoder llnderclassmen Ioyce Weinstock Danny Weiss Betsy Wellek Laura Wells Darcy Wendelin julie Wentz Kristina Wentzel jeff Werbick Iames West Barrie Weston Shawn Whalen Kevin Wharem Patrick Wheeler Sherondica White Wendy White Regina Wichman Gina Wickey Kimberly Wickman Stephen Wickman Shaun Wieder jodi Wiedmann Leslie Wilcox Vera Wiley Margaret Wilkinson Dena Williams Gabby Williams jack Williams Tami Willingham Dennis Willson II Brooke Wilson Cerise Wilson Lawrence Wilson Kellie Wilt jennifer Wimmer Ilene Winston Dee Winter Dwight Witherspoon Jennifer Witsoe Christine Wood Carrie Wright Ryan Yantzer Bobby Yazzie Adam Yee Jacqueline Yee Liz Yoder '-Aix a s F n si! ,J X ? 1. Ee W ' 5 ,W,14., , ' is , W w 'S 1 ... 3 af H if ii' at if l Lookin' like a Devil . . . Sun Devil football games bnng out the best of the ASU entourage, toting such looks as face painting, devil homs and gold pom-pons. Students by the thousands camped out for tickets to the sell-out season and packed the student section with Sun Devil rowdies. David Leeds ,lv if 471 ual' ti umfmn-H Dawn Young Sai-yin Yung Chris Zapata Zohreh Zekri Kenya Zelaya David Zentz Kim Ziegenbein Mary Ziehl jim Zirbes Kevin Zis Dorina Zivan Karen Zuchowski Elisa Zuniga Young-Zuniga 391 Underclussmen IMAGES 88 There is a plethora of talent at ASU. just ask Frank Hoy, associate professor of Ioumalism, and james Hajicek, associate professor of Art. They see it daily in the expectant faces of their students, but were immersed in it while judging the portfolios of 21 of ASU finest student photographers. Images '88 began with a gathering of the most promising work from art and photojournalism under- gradutes as well as MFA candidates. The field was narrowed down to the follow- ing tive portfolios. While all the entries warranted merit, those selected were found to be outstanding in the areas of print quality, composition and creativity. Images '88 Editor: Photo Editor Brian 0'Mahoney Niggas 3' y M .eiie .,.. n 3 v EV ff, fs sagem, .rrt F3 1 XX fl 4, fx - J Q -. -1 -. 3, W 'Q I... Uh.. S ,,, - 1 as W1 it 9 ,.-nn , ,fix T , W r 'SQ' ah. 5 A. -rw I it V 1 .1 'fa llvvw ' o .4 . . S V. .'.9l , , kr A, Ji: 2 A i gk 5 gf ,L . 4- 'S ' X, K ,.., s E ,Hun ia' .Ai 4,,.4ng. n an 4 QQ" ' s I 1 C :fi 1f.7'Q'g2K4 ,. M ' W A , p A ' 'f r A ,qu 'f 1 r 2 7 . h y at? 3, 4' - -45,3 Q3 Pat Steele After working 10 years in the field of nuclear medical technology, Steele cle- cided to return to school to study pho' tography. She is an honor student in the BFA program and hopes to graduate in December, 1988. Steele believes her photography is a reflection of her per- sonality. "I'm always seeing little pieces of myself in my work," she said. "lt is kind of soft spoken, warm and quiet." Steele has shown her work twice, once at the Galeria in Mesa and once at the Scottsdale Community College gallery. Images '88 395 PN! Stwlc' 396 Images '88 Kevin 1. Larkin Larkin was a December, 1987 graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of jour- nalism and Telecommunications. While at ASU, he worked for the State Press including one semester as the paper's photo editor. His internships included a semester at the Arizona Republic and a summer at the Los Angeles Times. He also freelanced for the Associated Press and the Mesa Tribune. He eventually hopes to work overseas. "I like traveling," Larkin said. "I'd hate to be tied down to one geographic area." Kevin I. Larkin 1 , I., ! J " li! vr-6' 7 E ,fl Q3 ' .5X, s K V? w -A . ', .,.:+:5YU4i'f-il inf... C , , J-W., 1.. 1 5f,f'f,l1',,. .. V . . 2 V f . ,Br Mmm, ,,.,. W ,0,,,,: H K , , . K fsffg r -, iw Q Q- : ff ,f ,A 3' 1'-A' "'k A1f77KTP?!5ff4'f'4 ' - X ,L fwwWwwWQwMw1 1 J -www 4111 .- tgxggggm-:gli , 1 ,g .-- W I Q f fu., iqusffi f T -,. Q4 X 5 x ' .1 Q SX "xx Q, ,Q 2 .1 - , .tsl 'N' 1 " X xx X5 rl 1 ' I ns f if K Q My ' ' fwf, . wa 8 A .v Q -, MMwM1 +N 4 Q gf., Af, 1 H S4 , "' . ,E Q ' awwlsf ' 2 K, g ... .. . k H' 1 'Q S jv t , ' ' df, i , XR. 1 ow yr , V 'gt M 3 ig ,L QW. ' A , , , .1-, 8 ,Q-A.. A X ang , .. , .4 I L - A 5. L 1 is Ang xhrtw .Q ktqysgxsgi 5 Iggy., it .. W lg'-'QQ .Q , ,w, - ' ' Q .. I ,, - ' , M . Q 1 4 L. ,, K 8" " ,K 4 . 5 .p N , 'F g 'nga fp , , A . P 4 I -1, 'mfgarfu 'Vj.s1 R ' ' fg,'f iu"'4,r"-"AfQfv f' 45. Qf,-YV4?-.L"' ky. . ' 4 VY S f- ',Lii'i H- zfivgtg f.f,,Pl-1'Q?,"Af'3w95f8'5F ' XL k 4 ' 5, 4 ' f Ayn.. , k js V 'W ,. L' ,E J ,ak x 4 ,gi f If Q- ' -gfz.n:1Liu....-W, -f fn A6 lm., M1 1' 'hw vial 511' if s .z.:?.u fjfxp 3 f . A .' luis? :Qin R fi 1 .. X QL ,A Blsbvsv, Arllmm 1987 Y r .s SX .J V 'fi' as-ugh. Linda Foard Northlight Gallery assistant director Foard chose to pursue her MFA degree at ASU because she feels it is one of the best programs in the nation. Although she received her BA in photography from Virginia lntermont in 1982, she took time off to "get out and grow" before going back to school. She has displayed her work in galleries in Texas, North Carolina and Tasmania, Australia. 398 Images '88 Linda Fuani 1987 Q . 3 k.,.vllq: ,Q . .-QV. wif Kas 'wx ,, , . A .91 9 ,f .I , 1 it-xr' .v 49' gif if gf. 1 V4 I J fu?"-1 , Q - . l X -MR A :su ' W W "--1 .Q i'U"'l'i ,. wo' " 4 Vx' fn, .,.,,. Eig .2-2' A Y f -""" XA if fi? "2- ff, if ,Awf g!g'W , . fi , 125 Wg' ' ' J , S' 1 Q '-: X- W- ' , , 5 A- ,ga jg-wg 1, , .L A ,Y ak 7,3 M., ix. M K , .J-:g:g,Q3'fg+... 9,7 K x,, , HT W . J LMT ,rr , ,, XQAQX --'-- M , " 9 .. 5' 53731. ,gc - - Q X it . K' K" 1 5 Q 1 5-'.,. ,.x,, J J... if -,, - I H V K 3.5 i ' .. .- ' N3 '..k l -:QA 'Zk.xj..- 1' - 5 1 4152? t,.,,1,, , . 'r x' ""T- ' 1 , ' f J ' R Z v c M 5 'Y . 4 AH - 3 lf . ix A - 4. f- ' 1 1 ' A 'xr k .bk K L .X 11 E .. . ,. W ,pk"w'.. x N .A ,MA ff ff 'M , 'Y :, "Q W 4 I - g 4 ' . s xr " w.-.'f"'4'K. k 'Q 1.2 ' l xi, X L -,Q ' -., , x52, 7'i T13 - Q ...QA ., .,w ,gill Q Hamm w ya -0 :gt ' ?"'1f5 . 3, 2 J- vs-il ff . 'I ,go VERY '32 4. . . Q ,P ' W, 'NA' A Li ,rafixv ' fm . 3 A .3 I . , g . V K v 4 1 , j Lax R X Q ,rj J A In ns 4, ' Q ' ,wh -F: 2' 1, - . fg 433 K , 4 Q' " TKYQ' WP? ...,. rj! r A., it ' K I 9 S ffyn, - . JL - ,T 'iii K X- .L 'Ti W 3 Q' wie ig. x V ,h : 54. ' 'YA A ' ' -. ', W i ,-kk glgww. , K K . I - xx. N ' ' ' K K 'r i3.f3,:,.rl. -, 1, 1 ' ' -' W' W 1 E --H ' f m 'wi X Q-,N I f ibm! TH.. fix W., -.KV ' Nh fi ' L V3 Nw x QA . -u. N - ,. '-' ' A 53-. .- 's 5..M' -K 3 fi' .. -fiwnfrk 1, ' 1' A 1-' an. 4 .Ks gm? 1 i Y -fl 1 john Wheaton After six semesters as a business ma- jor, Wheaton decided he was "not going to work under flourescent lights all day" and changed his major to fine arts. He bought his first camera three years ago and since has had two exhibits in the Northlight Upstairs. Wheaton claimed he was most influenced by a self- proclaimed "street coyote" named Kilty O'Dwyer. 1'He talked me into not chas- ing the buck," he said. "He let me see the romantic in me and supported my change to fine arts . . . which is anything but practical." ith Mountain Park, April 1987 Images '88 401 Iulm Wlzvzztmz 1 N My Mother's 402 Inmgve '88 ISIr1LNr1Hllll1l11vIu 'Qsuhnuw X 1 Crista Cammaroto Preferring a well-rounded education over a strictly artistic one, 19-year-old Cammaroto transferrcd to ASU from Vir- ginia lntermont in the fall. As part of ASU's BFA program, Cammaroto says she enjoys learning the techniques of photography as well as the broader spec- trum of art and philosophy. Her roots in photography sprouted when she got a camera for her birthday while a junior in high school. "l tried it and it worked," she said. "l don't see myself doing any- thing else." lrnages '88 403 Crista Cammn roto And a little on the Schartz psychology major ceives beauty tips the Pazazz profes als. ' Brian K 2 here 1'8- FOIH Si0l"lfA irmse Advertisements Division WL-2752 W r, I F tudents, no doubt, knew their role as a Q major purchasing 'L power. Thousands of dollars were spent every semester on just the neces- sities, this included food, bath supplies, hair mousses, gels and sprays, electric and water bills, car payments, gas, clothes, school books, extra-curricular reading, and of course - beer. In addition to the necessities there was an allowance for luxury expenses to ease the pain of a hardworking student's day. tThis budget could be raised to the 510,000 bracketlj Things like cov- er charges, movies, more clothes, records and tapes, more food, toys, party decorations, travel ex- penses . . . ie. tents and sleeping bags, airline tickets and hotels, concerts, and once again beer. This 510,000 plus budget was the perfect tip-off for businesses in the ASU community. Vendors had the know how to entice, then encourage students into utilizing r...........- ... their purchasing power. They re- alized the power of advertising in drawing flocks of customers. Scanning the New Times for the best drink specials was a Wednesday ritual. The most un- domesticated of males became ha- bitual coupon clippers and on any given Friday night in rooms around campus students were scrounging for two-for-one pizza coupons in papers recovered from waste baskets. The key to building this kind of rapport was through strong ad- vertising in various forms. Wheth- er it was visual: using straight-out facts, small catchy phrases, big and bold spots, men and women models, or radio spots that stuck, testimonials or persuasive speech, all advertisers encouraged stu- dents to DIVE IN! The Sun Devil Spark Yearbook would like to thank the advertisers in this section for their support of a strong tradition at ASLI. F Business Manager: Mike Benning Advertisements Division 405 K Ugg! WW SE TT I 3 A NG THE X p ,,7ikU'1 ,Z 'iff 31,63 1 ' , ACT XXX Sce0eX N' rw LB " f J 2 A 5 . . Q T Ill ' O Sekixwg. 'We OeXm'Ymx C'oaQxex oi Bev4'Y'0em?x, fxozom ml 5 I1 In SxaxeX3xiv1eiSxvg ,6Xe?2.XX oi X981 Once agdxo, A Qsxe, 'oioQ0eis me gavoedog Koi Q06 QXQKQGQ lihfff F Q cevemoog oi gex woxbei QXe6g,e dass. B Ujh. Vmdemodxow iejxgos. 'Ycmpeis Kate. Box et A lil bcoQ0es'ooocSQvewdxXs. a T Bremer X1 'KN'0e1e me Qoe QXecXfg,e: QXQQNI' Eu Mm P' , h e t VXcaXe'Yvaimev'. "C'aX:iX down, evedxkimqgs codex cooxsmf' a P i Yvvovoev 'La "HECS gen Q06 Snow on we :cad XMI' Vie-ixdexw. "Y ou fm know , as QJQXX as X do We ikfsx ma of A663 v1kXXbQXixsBem spkixvf' Ad verfisem ents i 7 ,wi I mv.,-veg, , , F ,i 2" , f L ,- Q grail . iw iiwf 'r v .f At the new ATMT, we think you should know that theres a difference between ATAQT and some ofthese new telecommunications companies that just fell offthe tree. After all, when you're the company that planted the seeds of the information age, you just naturally set a standard that's a cut above the rest. We're the people who brought the world the telephone, the transistor, the solar cell, the laser, sound motion pictures, high lidelity recording and much more. And today, we're leading the way in new teclmologies such as microelectronics, photonics, software and digital systems. Our streamlined new company is full of high-tech opportunitiesjust right for the picking. Meeting the research challenges of our world-famous An Equal Opportunity Employer. i AMT 19556 ATM' Bell Laboratories. Developing computer and telecommunications products. Pioneering long distance voice and data services. Providing state-of- the-art network systems for the industry. We've always been able to deliver high quality products and services because we've always attracted people of high quality. Whether it's telephones, information or network systems, long distance services or computers, ATM' is the right choice. A SIT v The right choice. Advertisements 407 7,9 333333333333333333333g S 33 '333333333333333333333'33333333333333333333333533333333333 '-X3333333333333333 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333339 - EEEEEEEEEEEE.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.if-.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS-.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEQY -x UK!" 'NVQ t 1st Tlme Buyer Plan Available Call ug for 3 t Lease or Buy at Low Payments at Large Selection of FR E E Hard Tops 81 Convertibles Credlt Check' t Come In and Accessorlze Your Suzukl 345 66 al' Four Wheel Fun On the Road or Off f, 6 J m Tex 81 Hal Earnhardt 5951325 Ur i UZUKI I 477E BASELINE TEMPE 345 9666 jf w 7, "Y'1 5 rv n' m m rf' l m ,Q H l"?'Q!f 5 KU" rv I ' ' ' of f' gUmf.'l22 if It if in 'fx wif: 6 If i , X 'f f w 4 4- 1 I I I ' .gf QgEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE9? 408 Adve ments C X .l m- M 7 Sales " xi 6 r 5 Lf 4 - 2 x, l lm I3 "' . f ai F mance l !"'a' ff if- r 'xii Aferator use orilyi . rcr t . FT .. g SCFVICG Terms JJ-v Aero Oways weara e'met8reyeprotecUon. cooter Fun on tt Student Budget 2620 W. Broadway, Mesa 921-0199 Attention - ASU Students If you need . . . Duplicating Finishing Letterhead 81 Envelopes Binding Manuals 8t Reports Cutting 8. Padding Carbonless forms Drilling Presentation 2222215 5 Ouatmg Graphics Document design 3 Charts 81 Graphs Ar Desktop publishing 9 Overhead tranparencies Posters 81 Banners "" "" M You'II find it all at the: KROY Copy Center., 411 South Mill Avenue 966-9353 Your image is our business. f- , CHANDLER REGIONAL HCSPITAL New Grads At Chandler Regional Hospital, we're com- mited to providing highly personalized healthcare service to the people of this region. As we've grown, this commitment has grown with us. lf you believe that personal contact is the greatest reward in patient care, you have a place at Chandler Regional. We support new graduates, and our preceptorship training allows you to learn hands-on, from an experienced professional. At Chandler Regional Hospital, we provide life, medical, and long-term disability insurance paid by the hospital. We also offer tuition reimburse- ment, vacation, extended illness days for full and part-time employees, paid time off, and a pension plan. lf you're interested in providing that per- sonal contact, please send your resume to the Personnel Department, 475 South Dobson Road, Chandler, AZ 85224, 16025 821-3113. EOE. We take the time to care. Advertisements 409 CONGRATULATIONS 1988 Graduates DWL Architects + Planners Inc. 0 OTS Salutes ASU X and the VA College of Architecture 0 O Q 0 O O ENGINEERING ' ARCHITECTURE PLANNING ' DESIGN BUILD GENERAL CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 432 N. 44th ST. PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85008 16027 231-8999 DHL Architects + Planners, Inc. continuing an ASU tradition for 30 years. I ,. f... - '12,-If:-, C la-ff 0 U about our opportunities! As 1 626- bed teaching facility and regional medical center, we offer some of the finest opportunities in health care esigsfgssfg' today. at 'X X Eggfggjggjgi, As a St. joseph's employee, you will receive a highly f iff' competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and an A 54 individualized orientation program. And, if you plan on T, continuing your academic development, we offer 10096 tuition reimbursement for full-time employees. Ongoing openings are available throughout the year in a variety of specialty arms, including: Nursing CCritical Care, Neuroscience, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular, Emer- gency and Oncologyjg Physical and Occupational Therapyg Pharmacyg Radiology, Medical Records, We wish you success in your academic and professional development. To find out more about our current ,4 openings, please contact our Employment Office at 285- " ::,.,,.,.. 3035 or our Nurse Recruiter at 285-3118. St.joseph's Hospital A Medical Center, 350 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Equal Opportunity Employer, 1QEQif5f5fIf' iigsfiil ,gh . iz,i,,,.t.,., it fi., ,, it f gii.,..,,, f 5.,,.,,,t, . . Jimi.. ggggg l l .:v",Q:::. W X f ffrmlyut IHS itfithtffq im tif tqiluiwm fmfrvp falufhf tubiufu, frmiitx itryffpulvfufirtsl vfvvvrilrltiws 11qa1.'Arlt1 11 5m1iL17 ptufrii fm uwui irixfzlziltmi, K in twffftf 111 fans! tmN-17ml Catholic Healthcare wt jifjff 410 Advertisements exciting assignments for imaginative people Sandia National Laboratories has career oppor- tunities for outstanding MS 8: PhD candidates in engineering 8: the physical sciences. One of the na- tion's largest multi-program laboratories, Sandia is engaged in research 8: development, addressing im- portant national security issues with emphasis on nuclear weapons, advanced energy systems 8: related technologies. Challenging assignments exist in such areas as the application o intense ion beams to inertial confine- ment fusion, use of lasers 8: other analytical tools to improve understanding of the combustion process 8: development of special silicon 8: hybrid micro circuits for defense 8: energy programs. Supporting this work is a full complement of modern laboratory equipment 8: facilities, a large central network of mainline computers, including several CRAYIS systems 8: a CRAY-XIMP together with a large number of smaller distributed systems of the VAX 111780 class. The Labs' principal locations, Albuquerque, New Mexico 8: Livermore, Califomia offer a complete range of cultural 8: recreational activities combined with the informal living style of the west. Sandia's benefit package includes paid health care, life in- surance, retirement 8: 24 days vacation. Qualified candidates write to: Staff Recruiting 8: Employment 3531 Sandia National Laboratories Post Office Box 5800 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185 or Personnel Div. 8022 Sandia National Laboratories Post Office Box 969 Livermore, California 94550. Sandia National laboratories AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M i Ft V f H U.S.ClTlZENSHlP IS REQUIRED A , . No Down A I IBM Perm' Compatibility "' 14.132-:2?.1'1" Introducing the Co1legeCard"" Program from SMI. Only SMI offers the CollegeCard Program to qualify responsible students for a PC on their very own credit Now your academic and other achievements, plus your financial standing help you qualify Cwithout a co-signerl for a high-quality, IBMO-compatible personal computer. And charge lt on your new MasterCard from Valley Bank. CPlus, upto 8300 of additional credit! This system will run all IBM PC'compatlble programs such as: Word star, Wordperfect, Lotus I-2-5, and dBase Ill. Look for your College- Card representative on campus or call 966-0096. Spechlcredkcrherlaforstudents Exoendedwarrantydlocalservice Systems naming, rm. 4225 MiG'1.1l.W'l'DO,AZU5281 FmancingbylLI.lYIl'I'1lI-IIS. lBMisareyseu'dtrxknnrkolUlzrmLkxulBminessMachmesCnpuatkm Advertisements 411 on ALL TH REASONS Y U y B CAM NU save mo ESSIONA . You've worked hard towards a goal that is finally becoming a reality. The commitment you've made and realized is definitely one to be proud of. You've proven yourself worthy of recognition as you con- tinually strive to be the best you can. Your Contributions Will Be Appreciated Scottsdale Memorial has been chosen by the new Mayo Clinic-Scottsdale to provide inpatient services, an ongoing challenge that promises many years of growth. Our relationship with the Mayo Clinic has made us a world-class healthcare organization. We've always enjoyed a long-standing reputation for quality healthcare, and now that reputation is enhanced by the Mayo Clinic. lt's an exciting atmosphere to work in, and we'd like to have you join the excitement. Our Shared Governance Nursing Organizational Model provides the kind of environment which allows practicing nurses to become all that they can be. The organization of our nursing committees helps us provide a professional practice climate for nurses, which encourages a high level of staff nurse involvement. Your reasons meet our objectives. Your fulfillment translates into our continued success as a leader in quality healthcare. Consider the career opportunities immediately available within both facilities, for all the right reasons. Send your resume today to: Nurse Recruitment Office, Scottsdale Memorial Health Systems, lnc., 7220 E. Osborn Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 8525l. 16021 48l-4606. We are an equal opportunity employer. SCOTTSDALE MEMORIAL HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. 412 Advertisements 1 987 156 1 984 19-82 1 980 Congratulations ASU Graduates We're CTG, the nation's largest independent software services firm. Because we have worked primarily with Fortune 500 companies, we're also the nation's foremost provider of career opportunities for systems professionals. We're now 3000 strong in 55 cities and the U.K. with revenues approaching S170 million. Positions currently available in the following areas: 0 ACPXTPF 0 UNIVACXMAPPER 0 IDMS, ADSIO 0 DB2 0 CICS ' Honeywell DPS 6, 7 81 8 0 IBM Mainframe 8- Mlnls 0 VAX, VMS, FORTRAN, PASCAL 0 UNIX "C" 0 Relational Data Base 0 Software Technical Writers What can CTG offer you? 0 4O0fo Corporate Growth Rate 0 Technical Training At CTG Institute 0 Real Advancement Opportunities 0 Highly Competitive Salaries 0 Exceptional Benefits 0 Come and grow with us by contacting our offices or ASU Career Services for information. 2411 West Northern Suite 110 Phoenix, Arizona 85021 16021 864-0977 COMPUTER TASK GROUP, INC. Equal Opportunity EmpIoyerlNot an Agency Advertisemen ts 413 The Tedd Bear Behind DPS here are bears guarding the office of Chief C. Russell Duncan, Director of ASU Department of Public Safety. Duncan, at the helm of an organization that often receives more negative publicity for parking enforcement than praise for the numerous public safety services it provides, refers to his bears frequently in conversa- tional analogies. Believe it or not, collecting teddy bears has been one of Duncan's passions since the age of 3 when he was given Beauregard, a ger- man-made Stieff bear. Among his 127-piece collection is one named 'Brave and True.' "Brave and True is the epitomy of what we do here," said Duncan, who does not believe in placing traditional mottos on the sides of ASU's police cars, referring to the common "To Protect and Serve" emblem. He feels that it is too often misinterpreted as "To harrass and thump." Speaking with the man in control of DPS leaves you with the feeling that he is a re- markably caring and down to earth indi- vidual. Duncan said he is careful to educate DPS officers to think of the students' safety first. "l'm about students, student health and safety." he said. "I place people and service to the people above all else." Duncan's department provides numerous services which include ASU's trams, lighted parking areas, parking structures, emergency safety call boxes, police patrols, disabled ve- hicle assistance, a silent witness program 1965-TIPSJ and buildingfgrounds safety in- spections, to name a few. "The campus is a wasted place without stu- dent involvement," Duncan said. "With student "Today's marijuana is 30 times more po- tent than it was then. "If I could change anything in this involvement we can provide a higher level of world I would build self-esteem in in- service to the community." "The challenge is students. I al- ways meet fantastic people ton campusj and experience a personal I growth tfrom their acquaintancej. I learn more from them than they do lu1u dividuals so that they wouldn't have to depend on a substance to get them through the day. It's disappointing to see , the students ruin them- from me." . if , selves with drugs. Unfor- Russell Duncan has been a Aw' V , -rf- I tllnafely, W9 get them too "campus cop" since 1963. He also V ' late." ,, w, ' u served as a police officer while in ' ,,,T the Navy. Although he grew up in V Duncan has a unique I and positive way of help- fl: ,af Tennessee, he has spent most of ' f"" ff ? ing individuals build self- his life in California. He went through the University of Califor- nia system at San Diego and then on to Los Angeles where he served on the Olympic Planning Commit- 1 esteem. Much of it ex- udes from the analogies 1 that he draws from his teddy bears. i "My teddy bears are people. I couldn't imag- gmt tee before coming to ASU in Au- gust 1982. At that time there was only the police and safety depart- ments for him to manage. Since that time Parking and Transit has evolved to take up a majority of his time. But people and safety are what Russell Duncan is all aboutp having spent most of his life on college campuses, Duncan feels a closeness with the students. But being on college campuses, he has also seen some changes that are not always for the better. "I was in California during the unrest of the 60s and saw the growth of marijuana," he said. Chief C. Russell Duncan i ine them in an environ- ment that would hurt them. Beauregard, the bear that was given to me when I was 3, has provided me with so much throughout the years. I want to give back to the public what Beauregard has given to me: years of help, service and most of all, love."Cj - Leslie Anderson - Frank Fender Congratulations 1987-88 Graduating Seniors UU Parents who wish to become involved with the Parents Association may contact the Associate Coordinator at C6021 965-7788. 414 Advertisements DEPARTMENT OF P BLIC SAFETY ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY 7 If Imam EIIIIIIIIIIIIII gmilml If VWWWKVWWWV ww gb MI 92 I 555-mf .5 af ff' 5f M 'g ,W 111 M' wx f I I ay :gsm hZyzwu1m'Vm.maZ:r Ma gi' df If ENN :Egg km? Imw nzw-V' .az 51 15-jj S:-Q Emu-m movq' nw-arm mann mum I nu ff'-1 'I 1.1 -2.2421 :J f 4 555 '. f f' 5f'1:9 1 N 5 ents 555 K-5-I IE-,I+--5 5 "" 5'1 fII:z'rf S gfgtm 555555 555555 5 2 X Sxisiklfix im I A x NXggRlIl:IIk ,If S S Z .ef-I? ful Q N N x sit-IIN fu ,II7 I X Q X YQ SCISIQ ll! LXSCSS IE, s':l's,. 'xg' X ,I51 X I - I I S 5 5 life IIIf:'..IIfIfl ..IIeI1'E"I,I2II 5 5 5 Tim 5 sei- .II 'Hai-f ' IIE-ff SERVING -5535551 '.l' " """" I II 'T fl Q E S l.l.llll:llI:llf:1"Z:-l:ll:ls1:'E'l5'ZH Ssiii- S' -if fi .I,iIIi1'- " -'iii' 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 I E+! 'GX . .IIIIIIIllI"" -QQEEEZE 3 5521 IIN' "N w::IL 5 " ,-,: fg555555 if in-Wang, -E 2 E E E E I'IIIlllIllIlIli'illlllllgvikillilmsxlgnxg ' 5 E g , 5 5 ef! "-57:Ie.' llll IIIIIEIH ' S P i 2 : f : .I I IlllI'iIIlgIiI:fAmg ,WEHNE Q 2 , 4 g 5 2 F 5 5 5 E ' 5 5 f - 555 5' -EE Ig, 'QI ., ..:,If'I W 4 .., ,.Ii'ggT,. gil' figff ' -I -I F-3 '-,gl M?,AA,W,, WILLIV, - ,. 5, IW. 7. l-,fx fn.,'-17,5 WI- I 5 ff ,f I, fi- ...Q I X if X " 'T Ig, I ,f fffff 4 I,I5 I1 6- f - Z -gf - ,f ,Zif f ,ff 'mm 1f1wfIw4mwfm,wwm W -I fi' g g. II, 'Ii KIM g "I X . ,W k '. , , J , fl., 4 I f 7 ,If ,f 1,11 ,y,, 55 5 1, - , 'I '.I.A .I cbt IIC, , I ,757 gl. 1 Xf,m y,c,fzfIW4 Izffn t'ffI 'f ,I 'M fi g!! Q' 'II' 'zum X wt II N 'II I A I 'I 7 fyy wlf-If ,' , Z Z1IZIy'ZI,ZfI,,NZ. -.Q I 5' ' If J f 5 I I 'JI -II, I w 'IIII 'I ,sql I fi I l IfEE I f I 1 ,II f I 'I I 5- II I I I, If I ,ff I I 655 m , I, -I 1 , - 4 ,I I xg II f I x Will! llllllllll llllllllll llllllllllllllllllll I I ff I If! -Y I I in Y I 1 I X 'k',. I! if , if I I WWIIIIWIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIII I I x if If, I I ,IW ,,II,,,, W ll? I, I I 'I fi ffI 405 ' K I 1" , ill-7 ll f' :ff - WX 4 i g X l 'l ' X- ff, IIII ,f f' W V 'i Trl, . " 'I iI HX " If 'll W IIIIWI Illlllllllll ll IIII I I I ASU DPS encompases POLICE, PARKING TRANSIT AND SAFETY. Each unit has an important role in your safety. We encourage your input and welcome suggestions. We'd like to share the following information to help you sail through ASU safely. POLICE. 965-3456 will connect you with the Department of Public Safety 24 hours a day. In an emergency, call 911. In addition, 965-TIPS is a hotline that allows individuals to report suspicious activities in a confidential manner. PARKING. Motorist assistance offers FREE IUMPSTARTS, KEY RETRIEVAL, and CALLS FOR TOWING SERVICES. Call 965-3456 or use any emergency call box. TRANSIT. Free Tram service is provided and runs to and from Lot 40142 and Lot 59 every fifteen minutes. SAFETY. Don't hesitate to call 965-3456 ifyou spot an unsafe condition. We're working hard to provide a hazard-free environment. Advertisements 415 The Biggest 8 Best Sandwiches in the Pac-10 Experience the unique atmosphere at tavern Emerg Come and Relax at the Vine. . . Vine. . . vine. .. 416 Advertisements 'W 0 K call 1 ?0 fx ., f ff A WA Exmx .N' auo ual Speak QYS VA'1 Leudif p Pro omecoiif H S grani'-5 f -n ' 2 Z , , . 5, 6 4? A oci atecL Stu 965-3161 A XSS :PMN 'X 2, ? 131, ' +2 dv erfisem ents 4 17 1 A - "I .ga-'W' 4. NQNSY5 .ISA ff' ' . QS HHAXP' ' . ' ' QSQQG - QRS X.: . 4 STUDENT LIFE OFFICE STUDENT SERVICES BUILDING ROOM B-211 STUDENT FOUNDATION LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT BANNERS AND KIOSKS EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT PROGRAM HELP AND COUNSELING MENTORING PROGRAM R E A C H STAFF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS STUDENT ORGANIZATION REG WOMEN'S PROGRAM ADULT RE-ENTRY HISPANIC IF YOU NEED GUIDANCE, DIRECTION, OR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE, VISIT OUR OFFICES OR CALL MOTHERXDAUGHTER NOT FANCY, JUST GOOD THE DASH 731 E. APACHE TEMPE, AZ 85281 C6025 966-0775 We ?iQ??Even though it may have been touch and go at tirnejfgs 5 ieyou made U Y r lege days are behind you now M i- aTcg1lecbionoq 7l fine memories ofQQop1e,121acfS8ffuI1 If ,.f 'X Buff dorft despair.TakeAa1oo1hfZat what lies ahead.. Q' Ti ffgigel S- fin, f si New oho11ongoogj5JiQi53QffeggE1qo1cirig odvonwfoo, And more fun! SQ keep your clligiwgp You? I'10SC'COfhC qrindstone. And Q0 forthe guonol f-3:W2 A QL P iff? 37573 Q- Life is Qiiiyou Ill-3146 iQ 15 the X And rememben all ggg friends at Valley 'you4 on good your fuwre. Ham, Graduation! VALLEY NATIUNMI BANK DPTIFAB INC X , M 271-0921 24 Hain DELIVERY J ., I P 1 - the agus 3 o i ii +L-in L ovi' lmiiii-'i ,i 1iii' Vi Fnsr Tunmrzouno ASU TRADITION Ii I liihii i i Y up I FOR 12 YEARS it i , ,i' Specializing in i i i Beer - Booze - Wine suppoemes nsu mo mrzom 125 E. 5th St. Tempe 4? ' V' F""ff':L. 1,1 l , il I Q, Q 420 Advertisements Your Memorial Union Some of your many student services include: ' Activities Center - Associated Students of ASU Copy Center ' Credit Union ' Gift Store A ' Meeting Rooms - Memorial Union Activities Board - Photo Service - Recreation Center ' Student Organization Area ' Union Cinema - Union Gallery - University Information Desk - University Lost and Found - Yearbook - Various Baking Services - A wide variety of dining options Wk-k if iii M . V f 1:6249 .rw-1 , V . I ..,. em. , Y w Roger Dube ASU STUDE T P BLICATIONS A variety of publications edited and published by the students of Arizona State University to keep you . . . sfaf THE STATE PRESS. ASU's morning daily. Arizona,s seventh largest daily newspaper is published five days each week during A ASU STUDENT HANDBOOK. the fall and spring semesters and twice The Student Handbook, published each each week during the summer. It is ' 1 -5 ' " I spring, serves to orient students to distributed free. ' . ' 1 ' Arizona State University and its - -5- , , Li',., F . . . ,rf - . Hts ti surrounding community. It provides a ,.. 2 'Y' ' , ,till . . . iv gt, . t, variety of useful information, from .J I .H University procedures to off-campus ' - A I. " ' R' ' lf' . dining and entertainment. ' ' -N" I - onvud' 'ig HAYDEN'S FERRY REVIEW. R E D Arizona State's first literary journal is an annual collection of original and I contemporary poems, photographs and E W short stories. ERR? Q if THE SUN DEVIL SPARK YEARBOOK. 71 gurl W A 400- 1 - d- ' ' bi' ' Q 1 p us page awar winning pu ication , 4 produced each May, which catalogs ASU's annual Y , history, trends, news, students, sports, Greeks, ,A A gt and much more. Hey, you're holding it! 2411700 Student Publications provides opportunities for students to gain experience in all areas of print journalism including management, advertising, marketing, photography, copy writing, editing, re- porting and graphic design. All of our publications are centrally located in Matthews Center. For more information on any ofthe above publications call f602j 965-7572. Advertisements 4 tudent ook enter fShidc'nt :Book .enter N We Center Around The Student Book Center, lo- cated on the corner of Seventh Street and College Avenue, has been helping students fill their needs since it was opened in the fall of 1966 by a group of pro- fessors and businessmen. Fran- cis Keller and his now deceased partner, Johnny Iohnson, took over the Book Center in the fall of 1967. "Iohnny and myself became interested in buying the Book Center when we found out it was in a beautiful location near a young and growing state university," Keller said. "The store was well designed, and it had a good long-term lease. In addition, it was in an area in which I knew I would like to live and raise a family." The Student Book Center's main competitor is the A.S.U. Book- store. Both stores sell similar products to the student body, but the Student Book Center operates on a smaller level. "We sell all books and related sup- plies and A.S.U. paraphernal- ia," Keller said. "The major dif- ference between ourselves and the A.S.U. Bookstore is that we strive to provide more personal service, more used books and quality merchandise at a rea- sonable price." ln addition to Students serving some of the students' academic and social needs, the Student Book Center serves the A.S.U. community in other ways. The Book Center belongs to the Sun Angel Foundation and contributes to the ASU Stu- dent Foundation. Keller said, "We provide funds to the ASU Student Foundation Scholar- ship programs to assist in the selection process of worthy re- cipients. We also provide a cash scholarship and nine scholar- ships for books and related sup- plies." C1 422 Advertisements 706 S. College x A,!X'AvAvA, fl' treet iipakgu :I:,eEilig MfdvdqwnmMwMUMmmWy 1, if ,L -faf w' v Qqfigg llege 966-9254 l P3323 - FEA T URIN G: O Fresh Bagels 0 Garden Salads I Deli Sandwiches I Ice Cream O Imported Beer 8: Wine O Breakfast served 7 a.m. W ' ae WX! nts 4 424 TE PE CE TER In the Heart of Sun Devil Country. . . ARTISTIC Spenmlmlnb m BOOKS, fro FLINT'S DEANN'S -HWJLQWMP, 966 3062 MAC 1 7587 L LU1 6-feet ARTS W- Su L. uf A THLETIC 968 0236 ASU idated ID! SOUND 967-33 in hi-fi and st 1ggwm.wwm,M,..L q,.L .. Mm .. Av, HEADLINES md laumirv g alterations - AVS ASU B nything from Irving ASU lt! UNITED 829-0221 or rife YOGU RT POLAR cut! 894-6924 SUNSET SUNSET CAMERA 2 for 1 or frm- film Wcdnosdav! l franchise! baked onsight, A week. Featuring bar for I day and UU ch TOW Hubt td PCS 968-0056 REVCO DRUG STORE 967-2076 967-2083 Advertisements 425 1987-1988: A school year of change and growth. Personal challenges have been intermingled with the history of a University. The growth, change, and wisdom gained can only serve as the gateway to future success for all of us. We salute the excellence of the 1988 graduating class of Arizona State University. May your future be fulfilling and successful. DOMINO'S PIZZA DELIVERS EFREE. Student Living At Its Best. 24 HOUR SECURITY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE LAUNDRY FACILITIES POOL, JACUZZI CONTEMPORARY DECOR WEIGHT AREAS I, . XX' II -I 1 1 Vw , .X ,,, A 4 ,,,,, Mwmmmm .... M... .f --1--M-' BY BOB CASTLE PRIVATE BALCONIES COVERED PARKING OPTIONAL FREE UTILITIES, LOCAL PHONE MONTHLY ACTIVITIES LIVE-IN RESIDENT ADVISORS ROOMMATE SELECTION PROCESS A+' A ill ,, , 4 . 'Z I I 2' I -- ' I f ' Q 9 ' , I gt I ,X A ' p I 5 ' . hW,7 .,f3.y" I I I , Advertisements 427 ACTIVITIES BOARD I l l ! I I ' I MEIVIORIALUNION Your Avenue to Student Activities -All Exif , X f f 'iitt C 5? ti ,!.:ff, fi?-TTA -"' .. t -,.V"I 1 A committee that sthedules a collage of lnovies from current releases to classics to cartoons, The shoivplace is the Union Cinema located on the lower level of the lVI.U. The committee also promotes sneak previews, film festivals and midnight movies in addition to its regular schedule, Gallery Think of it - you can be a part ot the planning of a national acclaimed gallery. This artistic avant-garde and dexterious group promotes exhibits that they choose to display in the lVI.U. Gallery each month. This committee is an artists lover's dream. Irl s, V Irl STIESS The students of this service-oriented committee participates in a variety of activities: from ushering in the Union Cinema to working at University Concerts to sponsoring the bi-annual Serendepity Arts Fair. This is a committee to meet and be met. ' NTERTAINIVIEN The entertainment committee prides itself in its diversity of programs from comics to quartets, from punk to percussions - you never know where ideas of this committee pop-up. fillssiiies lit iliiisiiiiizrs A committee Concerned with current issues and events, and provide a forum for the discussions of the facts and philosophies. Provided weekly in the lVI.U. Rendevous Lounge. Qpeeiial Eve lust what is a special event? It is up to you. Ilnongli the years its included The Red Ifye Special, I Iomecoming lionfire and a kissing booth. il lm yvm-y Who lcnows? Advertisin Can you be innovative, dependable, and organize? Can you promote great ideas? Then this is the committee to be on. Game Jwug We are bringing it back! A cornucopia of entertainment. 'Ihis committee provides nightly entertaiiunent that will appeal to all tastes. loin the committee in planning its schedule to be showcased in the club. Culture What is culture? What is art? You decide and bring it to the committee. Recent tastes ol' culture have been T- shirt Art, Kuwahi dancers on the mall and Sounds of Sunday. 428 Advertisements 965-MUAB The WESTERN RESERVE CLQB lt's ot lust Tennis ' '4 , X3 : B1':v:-Qs:-If KZ' ,T T :IQ-..25i5ff5 . " .1113 - ..., E Ep - .. N ....,. 55.3. Z' gs Q - 1,2-V-:Z .1 , 5- 5: ...,.,. :I .,.,.,.,....,.. ...... , . Q... , R uf ,,T, A 1 fr .f I' .. ...., - . ..... - .... .. ., :EL 2: 151: ,pm NNNN A t, - . 4 ..:..s-: .::. 8 33:-VE:-U -::::-Nj. , ifxfiig. ,Q w . - g- . N 2 IT. 1 vm gas., 3 H - -,,, - F t ,.,. ., ,... :- V , Rx tt W if tt , A V W i r fd. A, Y 1 Nw if WW af., Discover the Total Club S A Enjoy our new student membership at ASU the award-winning Western Reserve Un www Apache Club. Mention this ad and receive B ad ay. 3O'X, off the Current initiation fee. - Open 7 days a week LZ N '3 '5 ,ffe iv r i U K N I 'I E, In I r 1 ro w .. I Tempe T, II . Superstition 23 I Q, G, S CB I Q --if-5 g r fr Elliotp Q 2E-I 2140 East Broadway, Tempe, Arizona 85282 16023 968-9231 Advertlsemen is 429 TYPING SERVICES RESUME SERVICE NEWSLEITERS LEITERI-IEADS ENVELORES BUSINESS CARDS ' POSTERS f BLUEPRINTING SERVICES ' RUSH BOOKLETS ' FLYERS ' INVITA TIONS ' KROY LEITERING U N I P FI I NT I N C 215 E. 7111 1035 E. LEMON 1605 W. UNIV INEXT TO MIRANDASJ ILEMON 8, TERRACEJ IWEST OF PRIESTJ 968-0799 967-1 651 829-1834 Walking -invented Birkenstock sandals re-introduce you to thejoys of walking. Because they're light and flexible, shaping to your feet like cool, soft sand. Because they give you correct support and let you move younger. healthier, more naturally. Birken- stock. Made in the old world tradition to last and last. You've walked without them long enough. , .. f s-- l ,dm , ? l I A ,' V! I. My if . 1 s , -" Wsgi tu. ' X at I ,f ggi ri.-, --2,3-96:15 Wwf ' 3 ,a lll . . 1w . , '.'-if 1-in -ev li, .. . if' f"i?NtA-HX V - ,f 'itil , 'f' e' ,Q y .v 1. so fa f ,.,..- g x .-ff.,-1 A ft- eIfl""i" ' lt" p' Lf ..i,,v-il", ' '5'.f4e5....- i ' " lr I,:irl'vg5'f"' v. vNm','Hb'5fN.:1,nw ,.. D GJ BAn of Tempe 414 S. Mau QOld Towny 966-3139 BILTNIORE FASHION PARK FIES'I'A MALL CORNERSTONE HAYDEN SQUARE BILTIVIORE FASHION A IVIALL CORNERS HAYOEN FASHION PA LL COR- SQUARE N PARK ARE : TMORE PARK - MALL c o N E R s V t n E N SOUAR mon PARK CQR. Mens? v ' SOUARE Bu.1'lvl - HION PARK FIESTA A L conusnsfoue HAYOEN SQUARE BILTIWORE FASHION PARK FIESTA MALL CORNERSTONE HAYDEN SQUARE BILTMORE FASHION 5 MADA HUTEL Airport East 1600 South 52nd Street Tempe, Arizona 85281 16021 967-6600 Advertisements 431 1-1 THE NUMBER HIT MUSIC STATIUN KZZP's John O'Rourke Camps Out on 'A' Mountain ASU head coach john Cooper , KZZI' Dj john O'Rourke and coach Dorm Bocchi take time out during a KZZP tailgate party. KZZP remained a staunch supporter of ASU throughout the entire sellout season. Atop 'A' Mountain, ASU defensive tackle Shawn Patterson meets with KZZP Dj john O'Rourkc during O'Rourke's week-long vigil. KZZP sponsored O'Rourke's stay to protect the 'A' from being painted red by 'Wimpcat' fans. V k t 'Kas V or ., ,rS. 425, 02550 s,iA ,ij 432 Advertisements THANKS GRADU TING SENIUR who have assisted in our programs! c ' Arizona State University Leadership Scholarship Program START Students selected as new freshmen who have The Student Admissions Relations Team assists provided leadership in numerous activities, with admission interviews, residence hall tours, clubs and organizations. Co-sponsored with classroom visits and off-campus outreach. the Student Life Office. Mateo Alejandre Patrice Cabianca Chris Bielinski Robin Clark Eva Bowen Kelly Connolly Tom Dorn Alisa Corsi Scott Evans Lisa DeFranco David Jordan Wendy Dombrowskl John Kelliher Pam Frank Craig Mathews Hank Lacey Tiffany Royba! Ellyn Stein Kathi Trestain Devils' Advocates A service honorary whose members provide tours of ASU,s campus to prospective students speak to Arizona high school students about college life and orient new students to ASU. Kris Baranski Cindy Gnjcik Chris Rgn Jordan Monique Branscomb Karrjn Knnnsek JPUBHU Hank Lacey Patrice Cabianca Natalie Marchese Kelly COWIOUJ1 James Peterson LIZ Dlfkey Thalya Rodgers Tom Dorn Pete Williamson Wendy Dombrowski Lynn Wfjynnwskj Kim Felty The Undergraduate Admissions 0ffice Advertisements 433 434 IndexfC0mmence v Dancing the nilght away- at the Sun Devi Houselis alwa s an a ealin ni t activglty amgxgg A551 sia- dents. "After hours" of4 fered the chance for stu- dents under 21 to take part in the music! dance extrav- aganza of the Sun Devils' most popular night spot. f Brian l' ew. t was the time to reflect and to dream. Gradua- tion signaled the start of a student's metamor- . phisis. The end of school life offered a chance to reflect upon the four Qmaybe five or sixj years that were spent at ASU. Endless hours of stressing through classwork, labwork, and term papers seemed minimal to those of mid-terms and finals. Iobs were lower grade on the stress scale, maybe some were even a sense of relief. Neverthe- less, they enabled students to learn much about the business world and possibly about them- selves and others. Group activites offered an out- let for the creative side. Most stu- dents joined a club or organization that brought their talents together with co-members. The fun and re- wards of participating in fund- raisers and Homecoming events would surely be cherished. Dances and parties proved to be the best stress relievers in addition to placing on the top 10 list of memory makers. Hot spots like the Sun Devil House, Utopia, and Premiere were often flooded with a majority of the ASU stu- dent body. Parties on fraternity row, at a local apartment or somewhere on campus were al- ways fond recollections of Sun Devil years. Friends and classmates - the core of the University - would be remembered most vividly and fondly. After all, they were there through the break-ups be- tween boyfriends and girl- friends, they told the truth -- even if it didn't want to be heard, they were supportive and admirable, gave laughter and tears. These were the peo- ple to be counted on because they became the stability in most students' lives. The time management, ded- ication, energy, andthe fun that was experienced here at ASU was just a warm-up for the "real world." It was an exciting time - one of hope, friends and aspirations. lj . . . ,ii .. .Q " H' , , A, V fr- X. K -a Y' if K IndexfCommencement D1 xsion 4 AFWII n'7 C'O'IVI'lVI'E'N'C'E'lVI'E'N'T HOU I ws' ,v 436 Common 531151 ' 1 i , xl X .xv Q is All photos by Conley Photography The presidential seal of approval is given to the fall commencement class. President 1. Russell N61- snn addresses the graduates of 1987. A sign of the times! An ASU graduate displays her feelings of happiness and relief for all to see. Sensing the end of a long road, another student anxiously awaits conferral of his degree. Next stop , . . the "real world". Family and friends gathered in the University Activity Center for commencement exercises. Many traveled long distances to share this special day with their favorite graduate. Layout by Nicnlc Carroll Commencement 437 C'O'M' 'E'N'C'E'lVl'E'N'T 1'9'8'7 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN DESIGN Art hitrrtural Studies Timothy K. Bade llagy Bt-lzberg Tim Russell Bjella Thomas Heinrich Bowen Walter Francis Bullock jr. Christopher j. Caroselli Barbara Crisp'Clark Robert Mark Darney Gregory james Daugherty Charles Steven Ditchman Timothy lidward Dodt Marianne Dianne Dziki Tamara l.ynn Eagle Bull Patrick Arthur Everett Russell Mark Ferris Kathleen livelyn Fogarty Dagnall Harrison lfolger Anton G. lfoss Ira Mark lfrazin David William Fulk Mark Cajda Betty Gee lit-mando Gomez jeffrey Morris Guth lawrence john Havener Kirk Alan johnson Randall james jones Kurt joseph Ludwig Mark Layne l.ymer Richard Ethan Nowicki Louis Richard Perron Timothy Lee Rasco David jennings Sandvig Paul George Sarantes Leanne Danette Streit james lidwin Taylor Inon Teik Teoh Gabriela D. Tepper Marvin K. Ulrikson Neil Brian Urban Design Science' leslie lilla Childs jennifer Sutton Dees Lynda Gail Fisher Vicki Renee Glaze jean Golightlyslfergusaon Dana Lynn Hazelwood Kristan Beth johnson janine R, Richardson Wendy jean Robinson Horence Marie Slade Lisa Beth Whitefield l.inda l.. Wine Industrial Design Eric Milan Boldt james Brian Easley Michael Van Leman jeffrey K, lewis Katie C, Meyers jeffrey H. Moore Andrew Gerard Nazvaro Nicholas Yates Robinson Robert Thomas Sentinery Maarten W. Van Huystee lntrrior Architecture jeffrey l.. Balvarini Kathryn Michelle Bays Susan Marie Besler Kimberly Dee Deines Yvette Marie Delgado Alan jeffrey Dogget Cynthia Ann Eichom Catherine lianari Carol Louise Galelli Dawn Reed lmbriale Pamela louise Keniston Kathryn Eleanor Klaus Ann Marie Lenzie Betty Elaine l.owell Sheryl I.ynn Ludwig julia Ann Mennella Regina Ann Nally Christopher B, Porter Patricia lenore Ramey Nancy jane Rokuwk Terri Suranne Scheatzle jeanne Catherine Somers Dean Paul Stellmach Karen Marie Pidwerbecki Stokes Stephanie Ann Vemieire james P. York Urban Planning ' justine Lealofiaute Aetonu 438 Commencement 1987 Sponsored by East Valley Honda Alan Mark Beaudoin Christopher P. Block Robert Norman Dunn Richard james Faucett jon Marlow Froke Berrin Gunyuz Lindsay Lewin Hirsh Michael joseph Hosey jr. lssam Karkoutli Garth Anthony Koller Marzuki Lamat Bruce W, Lumley james I. May jr. Thomas Alfred Picard Steven R. Precvewski Martin Gustavo Regge Elva A. Reyes Nathan Charles Rhodes joan julia Ryan Timothy Duane Toliver Guy Anthony Vaccaro jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Accounting Cary Stephen Abely Yvonne Marie Allen Paula Maria Adamczyk Paula Maria Allen Douglas Ray Anderson jane Ellen Arnett Eduardo Arvayo lilivabeth Anne Auten judith Ann Babbitt lee Alan Baker Toni Lin Barlup Randall Clilfod Barnes Stephen D. Bend Christine Lynn Boughter Willliam R. Boyd Evelyn E. Brown Daniela Marie Buono Scott Matthew Butera Ross Butler Richard Giles Cambere Timothy j. Childress George Loy Clarke Patricia A. Cluff Vivian Cordova Melinda Sue Covey Tommi Anne Crance Tammie I.ynn Crow Patricia Ann Crupi john David Daer Florence H. Davis Terrri l.ynne Davis Susan Lee Denike Hugh E. Dodson Ann Fayette l.. Dooley Thomas Michael Dooling jeffrey Paul Duford lawrence H. Ehrke jr. Kevin Wayne Ellefson Debra Candace Fogel Victoria Bell lirailey Christopher M. Freitag Claire Friend Thomas Werner Fritvsche james Kimon Gabel joseph Gilbert Caudio Mark Robert Geretti Virginia Lee Gifford Richard jeff Giltner Bryan john Hargis David 5. Harmon jr. Regina Elaine Harrington Darrell Iamar Hawkins Suzanne Barbara Hedley Patricia A. Hennessey Viginia Sansan Ho Thomas Andrew Hoch Isabel Marie Hochhaus Randi Lee Hodge Clay Wilson Holiday james Clifford Howe Hector M, Hurtado Rodriquez Charles john lnderieden jacqueline Ann johnson Kirby S. Kanada Lillian Kay Kantor Ronald james Kee Kelley Anne Kinard Douglas john King Ronald Louis Koenigsfeld Kristene M. Kruger joseph john Kulesva Lan B. la jody Douglas laBenz Bryan Curtis Lambkin Douglas john langston Elirabeth Ann Iayton Donald Lineberg Susan j. Linschoten Mark Allen Loehrs Benjamin Louis Lubing Dina Marie Macek Diana Rose Mancinelli Bonnie l.yn Mangiapane Lois William Marikas Roy j. Mason jr. Michael I., McClure Charles A. Mclane Carol Menter David Glenn Merrell Orson Adair Merell Brian lf. Miller Antonio javier Canez Moreno Shannon Louise Namie Susan Marie Nowak Lynette Marie Olson Daniel Keith Osborne Brenda Lynne Paulsen Rosanne Perricelli Denise julie Petrotta Carol Skevington Phillips Christine Anne Phyle Donna Marie Pickard Paul Hoyt Pinaire Rose Ann Powell Cynthia Marie Preis joshua Charters Prescott lll Kelly Susan Quinn Scott Hughes Ray David Kenneth Resech Mark Melvin Riley Ann Louise Rotter Paula jean Rusk Edward Adam Sadowski David Frank Samer Robert john Samuelson Timothy joseph Scanlon Dianne Louise Schaller Cathy Loraine Shemian Brian Howard Singer john David Snodgrass Tina I.ynn Speerschneider Henry L. Sredanovich William Steve Standefer jeffrey Paul Szilagy Sulanne Tang Kyle liugene Taylor Mary Catherine Tejada Linda Kay Thomas Sterling R. Threet William V. Trefethen Oona Maruja Twigg-Smith Paul T. Valkingburg jr. Patricia I.ynn Vance Karin Leslie van der Walde Maria G. Van Riper Abberal Renne Vmoman Scott Steven Wakefield janet Faye Wamer Bradley Neil Warren Laura Michele Weldy Richard Carl Whelan Diann Erickson Whitley Kenneth Wayne Whitlock Robert Frank Whitman Philip jay Wiens Kelli Dawn Williams Margaret Rose Winandy Robert Richard Yoder Administrative Services Michele Lee Anderson Kellie Lynne Hoferkamp Kelly Susan lde Betty Engle Mybeck Amy jo Robinson jacqueline Bouvier Starks Susan jane Strand Alan Daivd Thorley Kimmie Carol Wong Aleta Ann Yoder Advertising Lisa Ann Alessandri Vardell Kent Blau Teri Ann Brusseau Kari Anne Bryan AnnMarie Katherine Brzucki Susee I.ei Monique Calka jeffrey Andrew Cohen Kim D. 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Milller Sherral Ann Modi Gregory Harold Moody john Melvin Mounts Gabrielle Marie Muise Peter Rene Munguia Stephen Charles Nault Eric Peter Nelson Nik Mohd Kamil Nik Yusoff Azily Othman Gideon S. Pangestu Glen Everett Peer Nghi Trang Phung Lesley Anne Polka Brigitte Rene Rapatz Charles Micheal Rekiere john joseph Russo Aram Salmasi Ryan Leigh Saunders Dan Eugene Schultz jeffrey Alan Shaw Robert james Shimel David Erich Smith jerome Verbon Stidham Donald D. Stoneberger Khee Boon Tan lawrence Duane Tang jon Richard Tortoriello Roy Tera Trevino Michael lrloldt Twichell Sean C. Tyler Benson Giang Vuong jeffrey Loyd Wax Thomas E. Wiley lll Mark Dietrich Winkelman Robert jones Worrall Megat Satria Z. Yaacob Craig jeffrey Yudell -5 ' i .E ,Q -i 2 E it 1 i i I if N i Engineering Special Program Anthony S. Andreacchi Emest Donald Burlison Mark E. 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Hansen Frank William Harris Phillip Scott Harris Robert Marshall johnson Robin Ann Kettlewell Michael McCulloch jeffrey R. Mohns john Robert Pavlichko Stephen joseph Pawlak Todd Allen Pays Daniel jack Phelps Randy joe Schulte Olin F. Taylor jr. Margaret Eileen Tmders joseph Henry Valdivia Trelles Robert Douglas Watson jeftery Srgeant Zemer Engineering Technology jasim H. Al-Khatim Saeed M. Alghamdi Kharboush S. AlMotairi Maja Andersen jerry Paul Angichiodo Alexis Nicholas Archipov William H. Blair john Dale Brady Stephen Vincent Cartolano Walter Henry Chmurynski Clay L. Cirino Susan Nomia Clarkson Keith james Comer jamie Ellen Contes Gordon Cowan Kevin Scott Damrau Richard B. Davidson Milan Dobras William R. Easter Brian Keith Fanning Steven M. Forbis Thomas Scott Frank Rodd Charles Garoutte james Edward Geisler William Edward Gerace William S. Gladstone Dave Miguel Gomez Mark William Haneman Penny Ann Heiniger Karen Elaine Hill William Edward Hutchins Mark Edward jansen Richard Donald jantzen Gary Alan Kling Kevin Michael lane james Richard lanevin David james Liddell Curtis L. Lindsay Todd Michael Lintem john Scott Lynch Alan j, Margolis Scott Allen McCracken Donald james Merkley Charles j. Mersereau Thanh Chi Nguyen Felipe R. Ortega jam Lotfali Pourturk Michael Richard Ramos Martin Peter Reuter William Vincent Rice jr. Richard Lee Rollins Michael james Ross Michael David Rossman Tony Lee Rudd Gregory Paul Scott Robert Lee Shannon Dan joel Stoneman Annette Marie Taylor Patricia Lyn Vaught Kirk Anthony Wardell Monte T. Weiland Todd Dennis White Richard Arthur Zavala Industrial Technology john Beaudoin Dana Marie Benedict Douglas Paul Bems Kent Karl Beumer David Brent Bolman Ronald Alfred Budnick Carla Dawn Corbin Loretta Dakin Kevin R. Dicken David Gangi Brian D. Hoff Michael David jones Karl joe Kauffman Amik Paul Khera Keanan Glenn Kintzel Devon Sue Kohen Mark Steven Kotek Michael jacob Laska Kimberley Eileen Marble james Walter Mullen Timothy joseph O'Connor Lynda Lee O'Keefe Brian Patrick Parks Kenneth Bruce Perron Gregory Scott Peterson Kelly Sue Quinn William Scott Rimer john Christopher Seymour Sandra Shaffer Kevin Kent Shirer Sandra K. Southard Ben G, Walldren David Brenton Weir Aubrey Lee Young William Stanley Zimmerman Industrial Vomtianal Education Ridha Ali Alghareeb gr COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS Bachelor of Arts Art Ann Marie Benard Stephanie Marie Brewer james joseph Camey Bertha Ann Catillo Sarah Ruth Coldren Dennis Alan Collins Maria Elaina Freda Suzanne Gaynor Linda Carole Green Lois Rebecca Harvie Kimberly Hemingway Denise jean Holmes Loretta jean jones Kimberly jurick Kathleen Lavoie Kristin Anker Lein Francesca C. McGinnis Emily Christine Weldon Rebecca Ann Wells Don Whitesinger Dance Christina Schafer Gael Molyneux Thompson Bachelor of Fine Arts r Ceilie Ellen Arcari Lori Lynn Aylesworth Elizabeth Anne Bames jon Anthony Basalone Diann Beauseigneur Mark Conrad Bergo Cynthia jean Blessing Debra Lynn Bolin Anne Elizabeth Brennan Franklin Louis Brewer Mario Philip Bulgarella Robert V. Burget Geraldine Faye Carlos Rolf A. Carthaius Bertha Ann Castillo Susie jean Chang Caron Crane Compton Harold Thomas Coogan William Alan Cook Deborah Dakin Linda L, Ducharme Donna joy Erickson Robyn Eileen Erickson jennifer Evans Laura jean Falkenburg Theresa Vee Gardner Steven D. Gompf Clyde Patrick Gorraiz Melanie Ruth Grossmayer Roze Hanks Delvan Elizabeth Hayward David S. Hazelton julia Lynn Hitchcock Harry joseph Hom Virginia Lee Hudson Valerie Huffman Patricia Kaye Hughes Ronald jackson Marilyn Love johnson Laurinda Gaye jordan Lisa Marie Kiessling Kristin Anker Lein Nomian N. Litt Steven j. 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Collette Loren Thomas Cure Lizette Davis Paul S. Day Gina Michael Dixon Howard Thomas Fleming lll Lisa Ann Fogelsanger jacqueline Deborah Gans Daniel Ward Giwosky Betty jean Gregg Richard T. Griffin jr. Keith A. Hendrickson Michael George Hoffman Mark Anthony Holinger joseph Paul Karp Daniel john Kezerle Carolina Maria Lopez joseph Allen McKersie Andrew john Miller Sean Patrick Murphy Scott Allen Nobley Cynthia Lynn Price Irene M. Rodrirguez Cynthia Schnack Steven Patrick Schramm Mary Ann Sims Laura Gaye Sims Laura Gaye Smith Douglas jeffrey Suits Daniel Francis Whalen Mark Alan Wogsland Geography Ann Elizabeth Aubey Trisha Avon Brandt-Fox Traci Cole Sandy Ra Culbertson Matthew Ellison Davis Dwight Louis Du Quesnay Elizabeth Ann Hoffmann joyce Marie Loughrige Leonard Paul Maczuga William Patrick Murphy Anthony james Regis Susan F, Riches Ken Saheki l. Howard Strom Roma Irene Strong Thomas Edward Szlachta Linda Christian Taunt jan Ellen Wieneke Geology james Daniel Buckley ll David Wayne Halverson Gregory S. Hess Gary E. Schmidt Linda Mary Visintainer Health Science Kathryn Marie Bartmann Carla jeannette Bishop Carole Ann Bresnahan Kathryn Roann Cook William Anthony Dowing Diane Naldi Drinkwater Rhonda Lynn Erhardt LiAnn Charlotte Hathaway Suzanne Marie Heubel Kathleen Molfetta joaquim Victoria Lee Paula Marie Meier Susan Elizabeth Mumford Lance Dwaine Munson Kathleen Ellen Nicolay julie Marie Wilson Lisa Marie Zeis Michael Edward Zerrillo History Edward Boehringer Kriss Edward Brown David Samuel Carpenter Benjamin R. Clatterbuck Kathleen Mary Garcia Robyn Lynn Hom Richard Brian Hurst Brett james johnson Larry Lynn Ludwig joseph Allen McKersie Marc Christian Silashki Home Economics Dianne Marie Allen Troy Anace Aossey Deborah Sue Ashley Tanya Marie Bames jacqueline M. 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Pina jeffrey Scott Purdy Muriel Nachie Red Elk Nellice jane Reidhead Patricia Kay Reynolds Caroline Rose Rustigian Christine joy Sargent Tracy Lynn Scott jodi Lynne Stoller Charlene K. Stone julie A. Tiemey Sherri Lynn Utter Laura Frances Wait Ova Lea Walker Susan Lynne Willner jennifer Elizabeth Witt Kimberly Sue York Interdisciplinary Studies David Dean Swenski Mathematics Terrence Selwyn Birchette james Donald Brinegar Kenneth Scott Dailey Beth Renee jensen Patrick S. Neher Thomas Henry Rychener Cassandra Leigh Stein Medical Technology Maria Alexov Martha jane Barela Tanya Ellice Colvin laura Nancy Hedin Mary Frances Lomeli jennifer Lynn Ritter Karen Silvay Tish Amelia Stobner Pamela jane Watson Nicole Alexandra Alexandra Almeida Pamela D. Bieber Shelly Dawn Carpenter Theresa Ann Ciccarone Renee Celia Collier james Crimando Ann Payne Greenberg Ronald joseph I-Iauptman David j. 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Dravis Ronald Oscar Marzke Douglas Frank Mathis Tim H, McDaniels Mike Wayne McEwin Derek Richard Probst Paul Andrew Williams Political Science Dawn Marie Benedis Robert Louis Bowers joseph Robert Brodsky John Christopher Byrd Troy Donovan Carlson Patrick Keith Cassidy Michael Alan Conway Charles R. Dellinger Brad I. Diskin Mark Lawrence Esterman Jeffrey john Frass Randolph D. Hansen Carrie Laine Howell Darrel S. Huish john Donnie johnson Ronda Suzan Kerr Eileen Rita Kilkenny Gregory john Knowles Patricia Ann Leveille Derek R. Longstaff Michael Paul Maloney john Francis Mccarihy Kristine L. McQueen Amy Anne Meldrum Courtland Shawn Merchant Ronald Wayne Messerly Clinton Earl Patterson Marvin jay Pearce Lawrence Vemon Pike Michael joseph Quinn Genii Aline Rogers Laura Gaye Smith Robert joseph Speer Mark Gregory Stephens Toni M, Valadez Douglas Scott Waltz Bonnie Ashleigh Weaver Pamela Stowe Wight Brenda bee Woodward Psychology Whitney Elizabeth Amold Nick Andrew Bandera Shana Lynn Bamett Kevin Gerald Bell Craig Houston Blum Michael L. Bolt Emesl L. Cofrances Wendy Ann Davies Perry Ray Davis Kathryn I. Day Pamela lean Deal Carla A. Denham Virginia Goff Evans Stefan Brice Farrell Teresa lean Felder john A. 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Wacaser laura Louise Wiilcoxson Bruce Lee Wodrich Catherine Louise Brock Woodard Patsy Pui Fun Wu Sociology Kathleen B. Abberton Michael Edward Baraban George Koehler Baum Alison Anne Clancy Robert Dee Gall Cathy R. Gedvilas Robert Franklin Hamman Eric Reid Howland Manuel lay johnson Scott Nathan Knapp Sara Elizabeth Lester Kathleen Mapother Dina Ann Marchick Margaret Ann Zecchin Miller james Riggall Mills judith Genovese Pierce lauranda J. Roman-Tweed Anne Marie Rosenlield Carolyn Helen Ryan Mark Horton Sadler C. Wayne sharp jia C. Smith Stefan F. Springrnan james Leonard Sweeting Dossie Lee Taylor Heidi Ann Wick Ina Winrrich Elizabeth Ann Yaeger Michael William Yunkmann Speech and Hearing Science Lisa Rae Allison lane Catherine Beck Patti Michelle Boone Leann Marie Brown jean Crandall Christine S. Folkestad Susan Phelps Lambert Christine L. Pennington Cheryl Ann Pen-izo Sandra Fae Peterson Kelli Robyn Sax Wildlife Biology Troy Eugen C01-man Cynthia Louise Dorothy Kent Melvin Rogers Lisa Anne Smith james Aaron Starr Women's Studies Michele L. Hallett jennifer K. Monissey Zoulagy john Scott Denton Kelly Patricia Goddard Sarah Marie Krumme Ieri Lynn Leise Susan jane Mckinley Paul Brian Miller Malcolm Douglas Montgomery Susan A. Radford Aretha Marie Scott Dean Wayne Scott BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Mary Frances Alber Maureen Elizabeth Andrade Mary jane Asbum Ieanette M. Austin-Terrell Dianne Elaine Beall Kelly Anne Boyd judith Ismay M, Brewster Mary Louise Brobst Kathryn Marie Brown Guy Caraffa jan A. Cassidy Amy L, Charette Laura Lee Coe Linda Brooks Cryer Amy May Divita Thurman Lloyd Drake lr. Colleen Bootz Dmry Kelly Marie Erramuzpe Rusty Dale Farr Deborah Lynn Fimbres Elizabeth Anne Flynn Catherine Flynn-Mcbride Laura Ann Frasca Suzanne Lyn French Marcus Martinus Giebels Carol White Hatler Ceriann Marie Heslin Barbara Ioy Hithcodk Susan Eifort Kelly Susan Maude Kilby Leslie Koss james Alan Lambert Lynette Marie Lambert Craig Stephen Laser Thelma Louise beuba Colleen F. Lyons Gena Bohlman Maddix Michelle Martin Theresa Whitfill Mcfarville Amy Kathryn McCoy Heather Marla McGalliard Rose Geraldine McGushin Deborah Amelia Milillo Lynette T. Mobley jean Lorraine Moon Jeannine Moore Renee Marie Moushey Nancy Ellen Mullis Rebecca Manriquez Munos Deborah Kaye Newton Deborah Ruth Nilsson Gary Wayne Novak Marilyn jean Oaks Christophe! I, Oglesby Susan joy Ollek Victoria Lynn Oswood Marie E. Otto-Lanzon jody L. Pelusi Patricia jean Pinckard julie Ann Polcyn Karyn D. Rasile Theresa Ann Redfem Susan Marie Richardson Doris Lcmavaya Robinson Gale Lynn Russell'Kittle Mary Sauces jean Sandman Helen K. Sandrolini julie Lynn Schneider Wendy Robin Schwartz Marylou Scott Karyn Lynne Shepard Susan Marie Skrzypek Kathleen Bemadetie Sullivan Patricia Katherine Summers Marilyn Ann Sweeten Pamela A. Thomae Amelia Tomecko Darvin jeff Weddle Lori Karyl Wertz Rachel Williams Laura Lynn Wilson Amy jean Wolff Reta Dee Yannone Marty Austin Yellowhair BACHELOR OF ARTS Broadcasting Merle Helene Berger Michael james Bryson Catherine Ann Creighton Carol DeAnn Davidson Rebeckah Yirah Estrada Cynthia Patrice Garcia Gary Glenn Geyer Kirk Darren Gregor Ronald Dexter Kellum Mark james Kenger Frandsca Blandina Kock Suzanne Elizabeth Konen Cassi M. Mackey Beth Ann Matonovich jane Meredith Mayer Tracy Nan McLaughlin Michelle Ann Mikesell Craig Alan Nielson Sharon E. Sorensen Brent Gilbert Spalding Suzanne Renee Sweeney Lisa Iene Tatum Ezekiel Torres jeffrey H. Winkler Ellen Marguerite Young Communication Kim Marie Angel Linda Ann Baughman Heidi Beryl Beyer Brian Michael Bidnick jennifer Kimberly Brown Iric Lawrence Browndorf Ann E. Cameron Michael 1. Christensen Sarah Ann Cowgill Lisa Ieanne Dietrich Camilla Marie Dionne Kathleen Gerlyn Dowd Kimberly A, Eckert Bryn Marie Fletcher Ioyce Anne Flodin Bradley Michael Frey janet Marie Gaynor Iulie Cheryl Grinker Danuta Anna B. Guevin julie Ann Guy Eden Colleen Hassett Lawrence joseph Hudack Susan M. Iackelen Stephanie Sue johns Indy Frances Kioski Patricia A. Lahti jennifer Lynn Lesser john David Levy Ellyn Barbara Lipset Dennis joseph Lynch Gordon A. Matteson jr. Mary Ingrid Maynes Cynthia Ann Musterman Rosemary Nava Kristal Shelley Nicholson Kristen Louise Noring Calee Palmer Susan Renee Perlman-Corwick Sherwin A. Ponteios Susan Rosinke Preiss Leo Clare Price Finley Lee Ryan laimee Sue Shevell Debbie Lynn St. Cemxain Lori Ieanne Thompson Betty Marie Thrasher Stuart Stone Charles Barry Thomas Kerry Leigh Tillman jackie Van Norman Christropher john Vickers Lee Edward Walters Carol Lyn Willoughby Christine D. Woznicki Sharon L. Zlotnick journalism Robert W. Coombs Marc Francis Della Rocca john Allan Donovan Suzanne C. Dorman Sheri Renee Hargett Mathilda Lohn Carol Ann Mejdrich Rhonda Marie Paschal Catherine jean Stavrakas Marion Elisabeth Tenney Kathleen Varden Linda Evelyn Walsh Timothy Daniel Woody BACHELOR OF SCIENC Broadcasting jon Cross Bames jr. E William E. Blankemeier Lynne Boreyko Walter Ferguson Caddow Ill Steven Stole Clark joseph Ralph Collins Richard Ray Dubek Susan C. Feltes Lisa Ann Fuller Steven Mark Goitia john Patrick Haro Valerie jo Hayslett Mickey Peter Hirko james Karl Hoffman Scott Craig Hume Brent Lawrence Hunt Lisa Shea johnson Kimberly Lynn Kelly H. Daniel Kieman lll Tammy L. Magner Michael Paul Maloney john Henry Masters Michele Anne Meyer George Bryan Milboum Merle Eugene Miller lr, Chaitanya S. Nagarkatri Maureen Teresa Piano Peggy Lynn Reiff Carol Marie Stevens Richard E. Sutherland William B. Swicegood julie Ann Weiss David Malcolm Wilkinson Communicalion Darla Kay Brodzinski Heath Oran Dooley Kay Lynne Dye Tami Lynn Fazekas julie Marie Foldenauer Matt Benjamin Forman Kathleen laude Galvin Richard james Hampton Nanette D. Howard A. Cathy johnson Roxanne Eleda Kaminsky Leslie Lyn Leap Annette loyce Lekowsky Kristina V, Mathosian Marianne Lynn McAdams Deborah Mclntyre Gerald A, Navarro W. Parker Nolen Eugene L. Parsons Lisa Ann Reely lawrence Dana Ruston Brian Benedict Schwartz Philanne Scully Patrice Renee Smith julie Melana Sparhawk Stephanie Ianae Stacey Linda Mary St. Angelo Maria F. Tranina Iournalism Roger Hugh Barry Thomas Ray Bender jr. Robert L. 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Black Lori Anne Kokouzian Nancy Brenner Oflutt Urban Planning Douglas E. Manzler BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Accounting Debra Ann Allen Albert D. Avina janina B, Baranowski David Phillip Beck jennie Marie Beintema john Raymond Buchanan Sam james Cassel Pete R. Celaya Kristine Mary Cheke Tommi Anne Crance Merwyn Cunzis Davis Mary Ann DeBenedetto julie Leighan Dimes laurie Sue Doane Tim M. Eldridge janet Marie Eshleman Michael Conrad Facer Vincent Paul Fassi Andrea Feliz William R. Fitzgerald Bruce Michael Gjere Steven Manne Homan Kyle Allen Israel A. Loren jepson Charles Martin johnson jerry joseph Kasala john Robert Kline Susan j. Linschoten Noerni lopez Mary Kay Magione Richard bee Mann Charles Edward Martin Laura Samson Mays Lisa Marie Merriman Sharon Kay Morgan David L. Powell Michael Dean Powell Martin Quintana john joseph Randall Gloria jane Rogers jon Andrew Schade Laurie C. Sheldon Mary Catherine Smith Dale Ray Stomberg jeffrey Paul Szilagy Tim Eldon Terkelsen Mary Elizabeth Thomley Steven Philip Tito Abberal Renne Vrooman Ruth Lynn Wertz Linda Ann Whitlatch jacqueline Mae Withrow Sandra Kathleen Zaloudek Administrative Services Patricia M. Niemi Advertising Mark Richard Borcherding Rebecca jane Carlsberg Patricia Ann Clark Kerrie Kay Dixon Nella Gina Kovarich jennifer Ellyn Marchese Scott L. Nelson Steven Paul Semka Monica Brooks Weiler Computer Infomation Systems Dhafer M. Al-Balaih Sanhat Nasser Alitabi judi R. Anderson David Scott Babyak Philip Dean Cram john Robert Crites Karen Sue Dedxnon james William Fish Michael Warren Fletcher Tammy Lynn Gammel Allan D. Gold Shawna Leigh Gordon james Robert Harden Ralph Harris jesperson Rashmiben Pala Kachhla Timothy Francis Lydon Lori Louise Miller Liz Carol Riske jimpy Sinario jeffrey I, Smith Gina Marie White Economics Gregory R. Bullock james Andrew Hellman Laurie Robyn Levin Alexia Christian Shonteff Anggelos P. Skutaris Finance Martin Aguirre john Helmer Anderson johnathan Elias Benjamin jeffrey L, Carleton Peter john Celenza Christopher Colella jeremiah joseph Coonen Steven Farrell Dahlberg Wesley Roland Davis Manuel F. Dos Santos janet L. Dunn Kimberly Kay Ellis john Willard Ellison Christine Ellen Engel William Frederick Fercho Michael T, Fitzgerald Rory Richard Fleming Eirik Frimann-Dahl john Matthew Gallivan Patricia G. Garcia jennifer lee Gentry Paul john Goin Frank james Gorman joan Heitzinger Michelle Irene Hendricks john joseph Hicks lisa M. Holstein Tracy Lynn Houghton Evan April jellesma Suzanne M. johnson Keen Yut Kan Elliot Cleveland Karlin Ricardo Kattinge Susan Marie Keating Charlotte Gail Kelly Gregory john Kramer Kathryn Anne Lipp Glenn Lo Tone Cathrine Lunde Bmce Anthony Madsen Kathryn Emily McGregor Donn j. Metheny Kenneth Alfred Miller Bette Louise Mirgon jerry L. Morgan Thomas Moran Nagle Richard Newhagen Bradford Ray Person G. Alison Pfeifer Cheryl Dawn Pick Ralph Martin Pylman Edie Ann Rast Staci Robinson Terry Huss Schoeffler Kim E. Sheets Frederick james Siegele Brandt Alexander Sielaff Katherine Marie Simmons Alan Marc Soalt Chun-Tsen Tu Michael Brian Tully Terry Dean Turk Russell L. Wagner David Brian Young Richard Alan Zeigler Michael Femand Zerbib General Business Robert Alan Aronin Thomas Michael Bayham Kelly Irene Beck Pamela janine Blair Thomas jeffrey Blazek Ronald Everette Brasch Lisa Ann Bruning Byron Lee Burkholder jonathan M. Christensen Donna Kelleen Clark jose O. Colunga Kenneth john De Brosse Victor Luis D'Sa Gina Louise Espinoza Richard Todd Faucette Mary Kathleen Foran Cathy Michelle Frost Rodney Brett Goett Matthew H. Haberkom Gregory Harraksingh Richard john Hatt Trudy Anne Hess Laurie j. Holmquist Perry j. Humbert Kurt A, johnson Kenneth Evan Kortman Lori joann Iappat Kimberly W. MacEachem Alfred H. Pimentel Suzanne Maria Reed joseph james Richter Peggy Marie Riordan Daniel john Slavik Robert T. Smith j. Dale Sorenson Gene Michael Speca Cheryl j. Whiteley Scott Micheal Wodd Roger Evan Woodard Denise A. Yanez Insurance Ramona Fay Rahkola Management Ricky Darr Allen Steven Bruce Bauer jana Sue Bauler jan Leslie Baxter Robert Scott Berset Carol joan Borland Manuel Delgado Carol Lynn Fisher Bonnie Catherine Gray joe G. Crippe George Ross Herrick Richard Allen Hesler David john Howard Ivan H. jack jean-Claude Roger Khawam Gary R. Lutz Mark William Mander Linda Marie Mott Helen M. Mottley john Robert Mugno Eric C. Muir Michael Benjamin Peel Swee Chuan So Suzzanne McCornbs Stites Dawna jean Sutherland Rebecca Rybolt Woddard Thomas Charles Woodward Marketing Fawn Kendall Adams Kathryn jane Ambler Lisa Beth Andler Michael Howard Ang Marta Maria Balderas Heidi Franziska Bamard Christine j. Booth Theron Wayne Buzzard Darren Steven Chuckry Kelly L. Hewitt DeRosa Heather L. Fishbum Michael Anthony Gandolfi Lisa Dianne Grassel joseph Patrick Hassenger Timothy Brian Kingston Teresa Marie Kramer Lori j. beloo Paul Alan Lewinthal jr. Criag R. Lloyd Carin Maria Lund Donald john Martin jr. David G. Mattia jeannette Louise McLean jonathan jude Meere Erin Lisa Mitchell jill Mushkin Shuhachi Naito Rebecca S. Noboa Gregory j. Paulo jeffrey Tod Perry joseph Patrick Pizzimenti Michael LeRenne Poarch Shelly Sue Raybum Amy jo Ricketts janee L. Rollins Ronda Raquel Rowland Todd William Ruehs james Philip Schinclewolf Shelley Beth Schulz Elizabeth May Shaddix Diane S, Smith julie Lynn Smith Mark L. Spargo Charles F. Spelman Patricia M. Stemitzke Tamara Sue St-roobandt Kenneth Michael Thomson Gary Francis Troilo Mary Margaret Uber Linda Holly Wagner Pamela Dawn Wagner james George Walsh Renee Lynn Weider Shori Lee Wilson Andrea Susan Winkel judy Ann Wren Thomas Francis Zemites IO11eratiansfProduction anagement Petra Lisa Carlson james N. St-roesenreuther Phillip Darrell Titla PurchasingfMaterials Management Leslie Harrison Barker Marta Patricia Benton Michael Edward Forsythe Michael Leonard Nesbitt Wendy Lynn Winkelman Quantitative Business Analysis Dorel Laulo Meier Real Estate Beth Ann DeSi1va Terri A. Donnelly Eric Guefen Scott joseph Hamling Randall Brian Dee Tracy Lynn Moore Douglas john Plein Pamela L. Rumsey Michael Richard Schwab jonathan Irwin Stuart Transportation Clyde Owen McDonald Colleen Rene Watson BACHELOR OF ARTS IN EDUCATION Elementary Education Margie Montoya Abril janet Marie Armijo Priscilla Anne Baird Kathy Ann Barragan Betty joyce Bermudes Pamela j. Bledsoe Randall Mark Bleicher Evangelina L. Castro Rocio Meneses Chasan Nanette Marie Fir-po Eleanor D. Frederiksen jose Luis Garcia Sarah Stockton Gardner April joy Heath Mary Louise johnson Rosa Maria Keeme-Gamboa Tanya T. Marks Marilyn Miller Diane Beatrice Montero Victoria Passalacqua Kimberly Gail Petersen jacqueline L. Phelps Nonna-jean Ransom Leslie Ann Rose Tracy Marie Sanders Amy Gutmacher Schwartz Teresa R. Smith Michele N. Smclr. Cara bee Steiner Doreen Rayanne Stradling Sharon Kay Stutzman Valerie Louise Tallent Gilda Rojas Thomas Laura L. Wesson Amy Renee Wilson Secondary Education Sharon A. Bachman Avajon Fraizaer De George William Kent Edel Todd Eugene Eldred jeanne Lynn Flaaen jimmy Ray Hamilton Ronald Duane Howard Frank Paul Mirizio Kathryn Anne Nunes Scott S. Ovelmen Commencement 1987 443 Sponsored by East Valley Honda Michael Lester Robb julie Lynette RowedenAMcCon'nick Judy Lynn Smith David George Susuras Thomas Dathan Weems Special Educution Kelly M, Canieres Brenda lo Clark Regina Stano Love Shirley Marie McKinney Mary Ann K. Sylvester Gregg Alan White BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Engineering Interdisplinary Programs jennifer Anne Zarbock BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING Aerospace Engineering Deneen Marie Crabtree Thomas joseph Gomxley jeffrey Randolph Merritt Stephen jay Nemiroff Michael jones Palmer Monica Beatriz Palmer Peter T. Pupator Bioengineering Elizabeth M. Kluksdahl Mary Margaret Tomp Chemical Engineering Sirous Baradaran Naghshineh james M. Murphy Electrical Engineering Neal jayentilal Alagia Timothy Paul Beagle Michael james Beasley Daniel R. Billingsley Kenneih james Clemenger Kurt R. Cunningham R. Michael Embry Patrick john Frantz Omezzine Gouadria Gregory Lynn Hancock Richard Williams Hovey King Kwong Lai Randal C. Laluzeme David Macias Gary james Martinek Vaughn L, Masterson William Oliver Mathes Krista L. Miller Dawn Marie Moore john Melvin Mounts Gregory Custaf Nordstrom Ildegardo S. Olea lr. Donald james Fran john William Pratt Bader Qurashi Mary Farrell Rodriquez Dorothy Ann Sauer Gary bee Silvers Mark Allen Skoyen leffery Boyd Slooxm Michael William Sullivan Carol Annette Tegarden Benson Giang Vuong Michael Earle Young Engineering Special Program Marianne Elizabeth Memuis Un Yong Moon Industrial Engineering Carlos E. Bobadilla Woon Sum Choong Eric Wayne Cober janet Sue Sutorka Robert Eugene Thompson Mechanical Engineering Ava Eileen Abbott David Bradley Farrell Teresa M. Iaksich Steven K. Landreville Sassan Roham Andreas Vismantas Bret Daniel Yonkovich Elizabeth Irish Young 444 Commencement 1987 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Computer Science Fayed Y. Abed Kristine Anne Busch Pinah Chandrawati Mary elizabeth Compton Alex Patrick Dunhamel lo Anne Ganzy Lori Anne Hopwood David Anthony Reisinger Gerald Wayne Roberts Michael Richard Sandels Timothy john Sexton BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Agribusiness Dan Bogdan llic Lee Williams Enviromental Resources I n Agrifultu re Douglas Chappuis Rains BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Construction Paul F. Blake Valerie Suzanne Blatter john Paul Camosy David Arthur Nielsen William Paul Oster BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Engineering Technology Nassir Saleh Aldughreer Willard Scott Allred Matthew Leroy Anderson Susan Kay Archuleta Raymond C. Beckford Robert Lyman Bubar Karmella Golshani Kyle Sue Hilst Carlos Steven jones Roben Amold Kos: Michael Allen May Seyed M. Moyayedpardazi Charles Eugene Rittenhouse Michael Jerome Shundinis Todd Dennis White Neil David Zalut Richard Arthur Zavala Industrial Technology Khalid Hamad AI-Faraj Andrew David Novelzke Kevin Kent Shire: Kenneth Gordon Strathie Gregory joseph Teets Edward T. Ward Industrial Vocational Education Mutlaq A. Alsubaey Dale james Borger BACHELOR OF ARTS Art Marian Grace Ayelsworth M. Eleanor Trevino Babbitt Chris L. Basley jennifer M. Carter Stephanie Palmer Cohen Keiko Imaoka Viola A. Klasek jill Mushkin Teresa Lynn Price Michele Ann Puchi Manha G. Rodriquez M. Simonne Madeleine Donnell Scofield Music Kevin john Steffee Theatre Michael Edwin Hick Robert Andrew Mehok BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Art Patricia I. Clark William Alan Cook Deborah England Gilmore Sponsored by East Valley Honda Y Kenneth Kelly Keene Norman N. Litt Kenleigh P. Nelson Christopher Franz Paul Michael Shane Sambaluk Kathleen M. Schott julia Ann Schwinghamer Elsie C. Walter Theatre Bridget K. Cunningham Amy Ioanne davis justin Ray Thompson BACHELOR OF MUSIC Art Perfomance David Lee Watson Choral-General Music Colette Cox Thea Anne Samuelsen Insmmental Music Arlene Marie Ashe Laurel Marie Dunlap Martha Elizabeth Jorgensen Kirsten Ian Petersen BACHELOR OF AFTS A nth rapology john Butler Culpepper Susan Ann Hashbrouck Valerie Kay Reeves Gabriel Sanchez Chemistry Derek Charles Davis Stanley Edward Farrell Matthew Bryce Greenley Economics Angelo joseph Lazzara Robert james Lindgren Myra Marguerite Romero Steven james Schmidt English Margaret G. Aldrich Marie Mila Bierly Anita Grosvenor Burchett james 1. Camp Alan Patrick Church junko Charity Louise Gerard Gloria jean Kannberg Nancy Io Kauffman William Maher Phalon Patricia Anne Seeley Teresa Kay Shaw Brian Robert Shoman Laurie Ann Somers jeffrey Hannon Stullz jennifer Lynne Vincent French Karen Louise Andes Ludema Ann Bachour Dana Michele Miller German Matthew Gardner Shaffer james Mathew Wood Hisiary Brandt Erwin Bker Moddy Daniel Bonney Michael Leland Frame Carol Susan Gixsh Melissa Ann Heffren Gabriella Anne Herkert joseph Alexander jarman Bradley Wayne Kaufman Eugene P. Kozik lack Harper Magee Brian Clark Nelson Eduardo Obregon Pagan Steven Ben Rosenthal Kevin Michael Watters Charles David Williamson Mathematics Beth Sharon Bla her Philosophy Barbara Elaine Franklin Sammie L. 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Rodriguez Marybeth Santiago Steven Richard Snodgrass Sharon Kay Sprague BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK Social Work Treva Collins-Fisher Sharon Lee joy Bemard Fielding Mathis Ann F. Radossevich Nancy Ann Rutila judith Ann Sindlinger Susan Lynn Spadoni Laural Ann Timarac Melisa B. Waite David Russell Woods FALL COMMENCEMENT BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN DESIGN Architectural Studies Tamara Lynn Eagle Bull Matthew R. Goyke William Mark Parry Design Science julie L. Batt Barbara Lynn Beeghley Wendy Sue Darrow Elizabeth Holly Kammerer Denise Gayle Leeper Lori Margaret Meisinger Kelly Susan Modaff june Cook Nickelson james Kent Shira Dawn Linette Wunnenberg Minoo Yasami Interior Architecture William Mark Parry BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Accounting Teresa Anderson Carey L, Auwarter-Sherry Elli Elizabeth Balstad james lsiac Barash Karen Laura Baworowski Danelle R. Beckman Iohn Kent Brooksby September Alyse Browning Theresa Ann Bruemmer Katherine josephine Brunel W. 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Mahoney Keadron Audra Marshall Lesli jean McCann Matthew Bates McClure Patrick Wallis McClure Van Michael McFarland Matthew Peter McGoloin Daniel Vincent Montalvo David Bryan Murray Tornoko Nakatsugi james Ronald Nardine Diane Kay Norton jennifer Notter Diana Lynn Okabayashi Thomas Daivd Olsen Shelley jeannine Paine julianne K. Parodi Stephen Lewis Patterson Cory Michael Ravid Eric P. Reiss Tony joseph Renger Brice Rickey Lorraine Anne Rink Suchandra Roy Mary jo Saiz Robert john Samuelson Bradley Claridge Scott janice Louise Semmel jill Renee Sengbush Mark Richard Shaurette Laurie C. Sheldon Andrew Todd Simer Sylvia Rena Simpson Perry Conrad Steams Alan David Strasburg Eric Chapman Thompson Cristina Mih Tillman Annette Maria Tomars Derek jacob Vice Steven R. Waldon julie Ann Walker Mary Catherine Ward Steven james Welker Samuel john Winheim Diana Louise Wysocki Douglas john Yeskey jacquelyn Elaine Yue jian Kang Zhang Administrative Services Dallice Louis Patt Advertising Daniel joseph Cobus Debra Lynne Cooney Craig Mitchell Dickinson Kenneth Dale Douglas Shelly Lynn Duhaime Allison Debra Gerrish Connie Marie Heart Robert joseph Hess Michele Rosalie Homey Thomas Byron Hutchison Laura E. jackson Edward joseph Keman Michelle Ann Mazzella Renata Rae Montgomery james A. Rosene Thomas Byron Hutchison Laura E. jackson Edward joseph Keman Michelle Ann Mazzella Renata Rae Montgomery james A. Rosene Thomas Paul Rudeen Shawn Patric Swayzee Sarah Lynn Switzer Laura Lynn White Computer Infomation Systems Robert joe Albillar Ninette Solveig Banoun Robert Taylor Brabson Christina Marie Cag Daniel David Eagle Richard Michael Gerkin Renee Lynn Gingerich Karen Suzanne Gwarda Michael D. Heikka Anthony Edward Kelly Danae Anne Langley Christine Elizabeth Leonard Markus Dayle Leonard Mario Vicete Martinez Wanda Rust Moore Lai ln Ngai Frank Palatrone Kira Lyn Schwerdtteger Lila joy Sell Richard A. Shope Hope Weisbach Cynthia Ruth Wong Lawrence james Zeeb jr. Eric joseph Zeidler Economics Alexander Anthony Almeida Linda jean Bolduc Dominique Ella Christin-Kruithof William joseph Crowder Cynthia Anne Hindes Mark Lee Lapedes Finance Chris Todd Adamson Cynthia Marie Alexander Hugh Amold Allen David Wayne Anderson Richard Michael Arnitz Eric E. Baehr Delona Bunton Bare Robert Behrens David Richmond Biggar jr. Paul Francis Binsfeld james Francis Bowden Ferdinando P. Brescia Ill Marcella Rae Busto Mark Daniel Caccamese john Paul Camargo David Frederic Canning Anthony Capobianco Matthew O, Carroll Terrence Walter Ceranski james Allan Chamberlin Eric March Christensen Dennis Paul Clancy Christopher L. 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Kime Russell Gregg Kindorf Mary Sue Kirchmann Thomas George Klima Thomas Robert Knudsen joan Louise Konecki Gregory Edward Korfas Dennis Christopher Kuta William Frederick Ladd lll Scott Allen Lanphere Wayne Anthony Lepire Rufinus Lie Kathryn Anne Lipp Engracia Concepcion Luevanos Lopez Kathleen Marie Malinski Edward Marin Michael Dale Markham Yvonne E. Martinez Mark Chaney Mason William Kevin McCabe Steven Bruce McCance james Patrick McKeown Robert Paul Meller jeffrey Dean Miller jonathan Paul Musil james H. Myers Christopher Ellis Nay Mark D. Nellemann Gregory Paul Norman Beth Ann O'Connell Eric Arthur Olson joseph Austin Orpen Commencement 1987 445 Sponsored by East Valley Honda 0 QMQ Susan L. Osbakken Paul Duane Ozmun john Pacheco Kevin Michael Padula Mark E. Parfet Lisa Ann Passarelli Mark Alan Patterson Harry Benjamin Paxton Christopher C. Payne William Stephen Plummer Kristina joy Preston Pamela Marie Pucetas Albert Vincent Ratay Neal K. Repogle Scott Wayne Reynolds Roberta Rae Roberts David Eugene Roftman Mark Andrew Ruhlman Stephen james Ryan Marcita Griswold Ryan Mousa K. Salem Lillian Savic Kristin Ann Schmidtke Paul joseph Seidman Parmesh Sharma Brian R. Shelton janet Pauline Shostack Marshall Sigesrnund Daniel Modesto Simsiman Barry Charles Smith Kelly Ann Smith Timothy Raymond Smith jon Thomas Snyder William Henry Sokolis Kenneth Allen Soltesz David john Sook William S. Southworth Patricia Ann Spilker Suzan E. Standfast Richard Thomas Standish joseph Frederick Stevens David Lee Stovall Mark Evan Tabor Antonius M, Tanuwidjaia Petra Alice Tavemiers Timothy Andrew Tejada Heike Gudrun Thiem Michael Robert Thomas Kenneth Philip Thompson Michael Robert Treheame Blake Adam Tumer Karen Ann VanBrockem john William Vickroy Richard Manuel Villa joseph Stuart Weipert Denise Renee Wheeler Donald Lee Whitesell ll james Francis Winters janet Carol Woods George Chapman Young Il General Business Aladin Shareef Abdin Susan M. 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Lutfy Susan Elizabeth Malone janice Lorrie Mercer Barbara Lee Miller Monica Minore Paul Edward Mitchell Karen Lynn Murphy Pamela S. Nagel Stephen Earl Palmer Sherry Elizabeth Phelps Patricia Anne Prekup Vicky Lynn Reed Douglas C, Rhoads Cheryl Lynn Riess-jackson Peggy Marie Riordan Carol Lynn Rygh Frank Louis Santos ll Rebecca Marie Schmidt Thomas Marvin Scott ll Martha jean Sharp Denise Kristine Shaw jeffrey Paul Sheehan jeffrey Lynn Shoemaker Alan C. Smith Michael Ward Smith Scott A. Stovall Marsha j. Taylor Wayne Richard Teetets Douglas Lee Tessendort' Ted jose Torres Melissa Marie Vemer Anastatia jane Walsh Roben Alton West Timothy O, Whalen I nsu rance George Michael Bogle Michael Arnold Delanty Management Amanda Roline Agersea Criag Paris Ashcroft Sylvia Estella Basoco joseph Bencze Cherese Ann Bitto Thomas Alan Blackmon Carol j. Borland Ruth Ann Butler john R. Cuddihy Douglas Anthony Deimeke june O. Douglas Christopher L. Ellsworth D. Michael Elsensohn Bradley Evans Evelyn Carol Evans judy May Felder Patricia j. Fiori Brian Victor Frank james Gordon Garnand Linda jeanne Garrett Miller janet Ruth Geist Susan Marie Gries Miryam M. Gutier Lisa Anne Hazelwood Scott Allen Hegstad Beverly Anne Hesser Mark john Hoffmann Elizabeth M, Holcomb Thomas Edwin jarnison Karey K, Kelly Vincent joe Killian Bethe Caryl Kossack Scott Byron Lacey jennifer Lynn Legus Dawn Christina Mattox Michael Deven McCart Susan Darby McCrocklin Michael john McHugh Mark Mellohusky Amy Anne Mordino john Wilson Neal Eric Kenneth Ohama joe Valenzuela Palorno Robert Dean Paris Alice Ruth Park Gary Allen Peloso Cheryl Ann Persinger Mark Thomas Putnam jeffrey William Robinson Patricia Marie Ross Susan Cami Rowlands Wendy Mae Seernan Alex Lee Singleton Stephanie jo Stewart julie Ann Sundin Larry Michael Swanson Kent joseph Taylor Katharine Sue Van Ness Gerald A. Vitello Deirdre Lynn Walker Dave P. Whall Gary Thomas White Beth Ann Woodall Marketing Kimberly jo Adamson Diane Kathryn Amann jodi Denise Amundson Theodore john Bacci Leonard joseph Bench lll john Robert Bookwalter Grant Richard Boroll Michael Emest Bowyer Melissa Louise Boxley Pamela Anne Briscoe Rebecca Dawn Brown William Edward Braown Michael Paul Bruni Umar Fared Butt jannifer Lynn Callert Danielle P. Carlise james Andrew Cassidy Cary Denvin Clulf Mark Evan Cohen Mary Frances Colosimo Kelly M. Connolly john Frands Conway Amy Beth Cook Lilian Cecile Corbridge Dennis Patrick Daly Sarah Elizabeth Dickey Pamela Anne Dimitri Larry Allen Dong Blake joseph Edwards Karen Ann Edwards Loraine Dana Eisgrou julie Kay Fadenrecht Barbara Ann Fliszar Chun-Cha Gagne Rita Marie Gallagher George Roland Gamer jeffrey Tyler Cassaway Kristina F. Geissler Charles Bret Giles john Betterly Halsey Doris Ann Hauck james Michael Hayes james Matthew Hegarty Thomas joseph Holliday Mary Barbara Hostetler Timothy Scott Howell Michael Scott johnson Steven Daivd johnson Sharon jean Kelley Michael Andrew Koenig julie Lee Kopp Ronald Mark Lamee Rhonda Rene Lewis Heather Lea Magoon Robert Leroy McClarin Heather Eileen Mcl-lale Lois Claire Melton jeffrey john Morreale Mourad Moussallem Shailesh C. Patel Chris Lee Patton jeffery j. Perius james Robert Peterson john Michael Quinn Carolyn Marie Rael Beatriz Catalina Ramirez Gamica Calos Michael Ramirez Timothy Wayne Renyer Meredith Lynn Revier Christopher j. Richards Karla Marie Richards Laura C. Riggs Lisa Rene Robenalt Eugene R. Romero Diane Virginia Rouce jane Marie Saul Scott Christian Seibel Donna Rose Seip Masatoshi Sekino Gail Ruth Shulman Grace Silva john H. Simmons IV Daniel Scott Simon james Hightower Simpson Kimberly Ann Smith Anthony john stamson Kris Bowen Stewart Colleen Marie Sweeney Dawn Marie Thomas Bobby Duane Thompson Theresa Lynn Thomett Gail Tyrolt Keri jane Underwood is MOEONOCOEO QEQNUT 1090807 Steven john Van Wyck Eric jon Van Zee Anthony james Volpe Arlene Dee Waddell Vicki Ann Walno Scott W. Westrack Dick Randolph Winiker Ann Agerton Winkel Daniel W. C. Yong Lynne M. Yonus Kevin Fred Zimmerman Steven john Zimmerman 1?rerutionsjProducti0n anngement jeffrey L. Blau Christopher H. Hawkes jean M. Liszewski Erin Kelly Nagore Paul Anthony Pacelli David Paul Polk Christeena Ann Walraven PurchnsingfMaterials Munagement Steven Arck Gena Anne Belanger Stephanie Ann Blair Gary George Blanchard Shon Kirby Bourgeois james E. Campion Mark Dennis Fields Brian H. Gold james T. Hachten Todd Raymond Hammel Thomas Herman Hemstreet Kevin Francis Kelleher Dennis james Kirkland William R. Mendelsohn Todd Coleman Metcalf Mark Anthony Neihart Victor Andrew Nordlund David L. O'Dell Paul Raymound Petka jack joseph Plescia Teresa Ann Pool Cami laDawn Porter Mark William Reinke Thalya L. Rodgers Gary joseph Scullion Roger Payne Smith Pamela j. Triandalilou Tracy Florence Vollmar Kimberly C, Wilcox Bemard john Wintergalen Kelly Diane Wirth Quantitative Business Analysis Norbert Yanez Ill Real Estate Heide jo Aleman Robert Francis Bobo jr. Thomas Alan Brinkoetter George Kendall Cheatham john Paul Fish john Curtis Gillstrap Gary lrvin Green Michael G. Harry jerome Edward jacobs jimrnie Carl johnston Karen Ann jones Amanda Nadine Larriva Alisa Lynn Lorka Mark David Millbranth Kevin D. Newell Margarita Dolores Parker joseph W. Scheid jr. Marie Ann Volm Paul William Waterman Phillips Keith Wheeler Transportation Keith Edward Hunter Robert L. jones Larry jue j. Cameron Pedri BACHELOR OF ARTS IN EDUCATION Elementary Education Melissa Beth Abraham joseph A. Acuna Sandra jo Adams Kathleen Louise Adams Cheryl Anne Aidilconis Mark lra Azersky Claire Eve Backman Darlene joyce Bienenfeld Lana joyce Boren Suzanne julia Bury Glenna Ann Clark Maureen Clark Suzanne Marie Clark Tui N . Conner Angela Dee Crawford Tina Lee Crea Kathryn Lee Dahl Rosalia L. Deliendedicts Lisa Beth Dorsch Sonia Michelle Epstein Kathleen Carol Estes Sandra Kay Etheredge Carrie Lynn Friuell Eamest David Frost Robin Aletha Gabelli Lori Susan Gallinger Cynthia Lee Ceske Virginia M. Giaconia joan Margaret Gondor Sharon Elizabeth Graves Mary Helen Hanson Kathleen Anne Harris Catherine Lea Hawxby Michael Andrew Hitchcock Allyson Margaret Hodak Christine C. Hunt Danielle Lanore Huntress Debora Lynn jolly Denise Marie Kastelic Mary Catherine Kasten Penny Dawn King Karin jasmin Kyrala Kimberly jo Lahner judith Ellen Lanphar Nancy jean Larson Cath Gay Lee Susan M. Liebemian Kellin Kae Light Natalia P. Lopez Suzanne Christine Lunt Roseann G. Macias judy Annette Mille Mahnke Kathleen Claire Maledon Kelly Ann Mallory Sharin Louise Manes Laura Ann Molina Bryan Kraig Munoz Amy Cecile Nelson Elizabeth Pang Lynda Louise Perez Scott Randall Peterson Nancy Howell Randolph Anne Margaret Roberts Tracy Marie Sanders Kimberly Ann Schirm Brenda A, Selleh Angelina P. Sifuentes Allison johanna Sinclair janice Siren Karen Annette Smith Marianne juhlin Smith Lisa Marie Stauffer Ann Rose Studer Karen LaRean Suss Marjean H. Swanson Susanne B. Sweeney juan Ramon Zambrano Tmiil jill Christine Walker jen lla Whiteman Diana Kathleen Wood Madelon Frances Yarows Sandra Kay Young Secondary Education Laura Ann Addelia Tracy Lee Amold Cora L. Batte-Lynch jeff A, Beeler Ada Maxine Blumstein jeffrey Allen Bowen Fred Charles Brown jr. Cheryl L. Cluff Tim Michael Coleman Nadine Carolyn cooper Rowan joseph Ellsworth Ellen Elizabeth Fenwick julie Racheal Goldstein Stephen Lee Courde Paula M. Gray Richard Keith Guffey Susan Marie Heikkinen jacqueline Ann Hunt Peggy Davidson Hulburt Meri M. jasso-Horrell Carrie Klimchock Caroline Ingrid Lautt joseph Alfred Oreal Lizarraga Paul Allen Lowes Karen Marie Maas -O' 'M'E-N'C'E'lVl'E'N'T 1'9'8'7 1as Richard Mannell rrah Mateen d Bmce Men-ill e Carol Nichols K. Noble 1 Louise Oakes Alan Pagel 1 Call Parrack erine Petrie e Leann Rae an Forrest Ridge ory Mark Schalow ra K. Schultz Eugene Sickmiller Lynn Smith me Marie Sparks a Raye B. Stewart Sue Strome n Todd Thomas e Christine Watson erine Renee Way y Marie Webb ael Terrance Woods i Hensley Wright a Young Brown ted Studirs In ztiun Ll Nene G. Amaya iy L. Sadow al Education r Lyn Ackennan tra L. Allen elle Annette Fischer .een M. Graham fer D. Hahn is Kenneth Keberle e Ann LaBine in Kathleen Lacey nia Ann Martin ia L. Mortensen ce M, Mosher seth S. Podschun aret E. 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Wing Electrical Engineering jubrail Y. Abukhader Aiman Mohammad M. Arafeh Edouard P, Baaklini Mark gregory Barmettler Mark David Barrera jack Wamer Bartlett johnny Begay Brent William Bergman Bradley Raymond Beuter jeffrey Steven Brown Kevin l. Brown james Marole Buchanan Edmund john Bushman Michael Anthony Cabianca Thomas William Ciccone jeffrey G. Cody Brian Patrick Crow Thomas j. Diercksmeier Dzung Chi Do joseph M. Dwyer Barton joseph Fears joaquin Pangelinan Fejeran jimmy Grant foster Emanuel 1. Furcone Philip M. Giontzeneli Kevin Shawn Hamza Kurt Bradley l-lausmann Kent Davis hewitt Gary Dwayne Hicok David alan Hinz Richard Kip Huff Michael Huntington Abdul Husreih Kenneth Michael Keller Alan Max Kemling Albert Kong jeff B. Kriner Cynthia Christine Leis Wee Siong Lim Cynthia C ryl Marin he Kenneth Paul McDonald Roy Wing-Hoi Mui Luis G. Navarro Hien The Nguyen Patrick Robe! Nguyen Thomas William Nichols Mukesh P. Patel Prasit Permvongchareon Howard Andrew Pollack Michael Charles Reichert Charles Dale Reynolds Gregory Lowell Rozzell Rami Moh'D Saleh Daniel Anthony Samela Anthon E. Shanks Ritu Chancha1Singhal Evelyn joyce Smith Mark Dean Smith jahanes PD Suryanata Earl Lee Swart Martin Teague Loc Van Tmong Pamela Ann Urchike Thomas Alan urick Brian Peter VanLeeuwen Brian David Vaughn Benson Giang Vuong Charles Alvin Wiley Thomas G. Wojszynski Donald Lee Wurch Wayne W. T. Yee Engineering Speciul Program Scott Michael Bedrosian Raphael Haase Cabrera Brian Edward Calvert Louis Bennie Capps jr. Sean C. Christian Neil George Corbin Doyle Stanfill Cronk john joseph Daleiden john Michael Carbayo Matthew Todd Mittelstedt Brett Bruce Pepper jeffrey Scott Reed Anish B. Shah Shari Beth Zelov Industrial Engineering Dennis Ray Barker Robert Lee Bitzer Lisa Ann Breard Woon Sum Choong Lorene Ruby Decesari Saadi Ahmad Majzoub Gregory Brian Memo Kelly A. Mess David M. mook Michael Wayne Oliver Luis M. Sampedro Lora Susan Zimmer Mechanical Engineering Christopher D. Adams jeffrey Gerard Blanchard larry Alexander Celaya Toren Sidney Davis Edward james Freeh jr, Kimberly Marie Claden Saleem Goolamnobee Scott Winfield Criesman Eduardo Rogelio Guerra Leanne Mary Harper james Elliot Husbands Phuc Huu Huynh jeffrey Karl jewett Christopher Michael Kaus Steven Leineweber Troy Robert Lester Gregory Lee Marr Carolyn Ruth McCormick Beth A. McCutcheon Michael Karl McKee Gabriel Eugenio Noboa Curtis Phillip Parsons Brian Lee Pennington Michael E. Pokomy janet Lyne Pucelik Michael William Rettler Gary David Ruhl Randy Allen Schafer Michael Lawrence Schall Christopher Matthew Semon john Arthur Thomquist David john Tucker Scott Philip Vollmoeller jerald Morton Wright BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Department of Computer Science David Allen Abby Kevin Paul Anderson Lance Daryl Beazley Edward Don Bowden Scott Edward Eddowes David Michael Foley Matthew Scot Gismond Todd Edward Hammer Andrew Hamblen Roediger Kenneth M. Romero jaun Miguel Romo Linda Louise Rupp jeff Anthony Scoma Nancy Baker Shannon jane Louisa Shrum jeff Allen Shumway Daniel Paul Siffermann Vincent M. Silver Bryan Alan Sinclair Monica Anne Smith David Barry Snider Whitney Lynn Sorrell Michael Alan Steiner Karen Lee Stepanski David Scott Studer Paul Edward Sullivan Charles T. Swanson jr. Patrick S. Swanson joel Dee Tague Dennis Kim-San Tan Petra Alice Tavemiers jeffery joseph Taylor William Ervin Tennison Kathleen Ann Thompson Curtis O. Traasdahl Ralph Gerald Trenke Karon Marie Tumer Tamara Yvonne Watson Andrea jill Weim julee Loren Weller Diane Gay Wenger jeffrey William Wilde Charles Allen Wilhoite joseph Thomas Williams Todd S. Wurtz Todd R. York David Brian Young Richard Alan Zeigler Kenneth William Zeiss General Business Kathleen Suzanne Adams Gerald Vincent Baca Helen B, Baird David Charles Barry Sidney Eugene Elledge Stephanie M, Beville Peter Bleier Shari Leann Braly Leslie William Braun Barry R. Brewster Robert Michael Burger jean Marie Burton Richard john Byrne William Andrew Carroll Elizabeth Anne Certo Christopher j. Chirumbolo Andrew Roderick Chisholm john Daniel Colombo Robert Richard Conklin james Edmond Cooley james Robert Cox Elaine G. Culver David Thomas Daulton Irene de Feriae Castro Peter Alexander Dennen Daren Derman Gigi Dewey Evelyn Dorthy Driver james Hunter Dryden Patricia Ann Duryea Christopher Todd Edwards Teresa Lynn Ellison Kevin Clifford Evans Maura Angela Fahy Mary Seaberry Fellows Daniel Mark Fisher Timothy Egan Flannery Scott Douglas Fleet Holly Anne Flint Tamra jean Wakefield Fucci Geraldine jo Gamble Patti Marie Gerber john Richard Gulden Sherry R. Hart Linda Kay Haugland Susan E. Hawn Smith Russ Roger Henry Cynthia A. Hoyt Rex Hudson Pui Hang lp Robbie E. Keele Steven David Kenly joseph Edward Koehler Keith Lawrence Laing Mark Duncan Lammons William B. Larimer Michelle Kristine Larsen john Thomas Hassett Richard George Hendricks Hamid Reza Kazemi Matthew sean Kennedy Thomas robert Mills Douglas Brian Nelson john Richetta Michael Lee Scarbrough Kevin C. Skinner Kenneth Donald Smeltzer Melissa Mei Lin Tang Martin Teague john Bedford Thompson james Wesley White Donald H. Willey Division of Agriculture Agribusiness Wendy Denise Chaudoin Miles Steven Etchart Douglas james Geshell Wanda jean Goodman Cesar jaime Hemandez David McElroy Hill Curtis Robert Majemick Victoria Lynne Pickerell Suzanne Rassi Suzette Rassi David Edward Stenke Barbara jean Yazzie jennifer Lynn York Mary Helen Zimmemtan Enviromental Resources In Agriculture Donna P, La Guardia Margot Marie Wall-Olson Lisa A. Smith Division of Construction Brett A. Bacon Gregory jon Bonderud john D. Brice ll Steven Dean Brown john Edward Carlson jr, jose Chavez Randy A. Durr Bruce Kory Farmer richard Carl Gohl Greg Francis Gregory Grant john Hamel Stephen W. Harris Deborah Dee Hoffman Phillip donald Laurer Martin P. Lopez Brian Gary Magee Paul Michael McDonald Wallace Richard Noll Schail lsfag M. Rana Rick Lee Thompson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Engineering Technology jose j. Aguirre Eissa A. M. Aleissa Ali Mahdi Almahmood Abdulrahman M, Alruwayli Salih Ali Alzawad Michael Barry Anderson lgor Archipov Ronald Kurt Bender Scott Glenn Cameron jeffrey Paul Carpenter jaime lsaac Chait Raeann Chiaro Myron Claude Coelho joseph Dell'Oso Erica Michelle D'Emidio Frank Matthew DiMiceli Daivd Wesley Dobbs David Anthony Dye Nicholas Thomas Fappiano Eric Robert Garday james Edward Geisler jake Hamid Carl A. Henderson Eric Daniel joslin Stephen Allan Kieffer Gregory Andrew Krochta Steven Lee Lemme Marc Alan Lovenguth Anthony j. Manocchio David Scott Marcinko Ali Belal Masoud Robert Allen Miklik Duc Thanh Phan Peter L. Ratkovich Bonnie Lee Ravenscroft David Eugene Sayre Steven Leo Schwartz Brian john Tegowski Robert jacob Weinstein Michael G. Witzigman Industrial Technology Thomas Aukskalnis Edward joseph Bronson Kevin Michael Burke Sarah Rutherford Edmands Brian Thomas Flanigan jan Ellen Hale Stacey Ann Hyson jeff Daniel MacAfee Kimberley Eileen Marble Michael joseph Moro Robyn Grace Olson Ann-Marie Peterson Gregory Scott Peterson Michael Stephen Petit larry Alden Richmond Charles Milton Spell Eric William Thurston N Margaret Ann Tice Edward T. Ward Patrick joseph Wiley james William Zonek BACHELOR OF ARTS A rt Kim S. Caldwell-Meeks Amy L. Corder Michael Edward Crosby Lynne Annette Fox Kathryn Ann johnson Commencement 1987 447 Sponsored by East Valley Honda Theresa Marie Kennedy Viola A. Klasek Carrie Lynn May Barbara jo Mulligan Mary M. Ohnesorgen Patricia A. Oogjen Cheryl R. Phillips Cecilia Ruggiero M'lissa Kay Sampson Donald Charles Solomon Tracy Suzanne Thompson Mary Kathryn Witschey Pamela joseph Zilavy Dance Liliana E. de Leon L. Francine D. Liebert Music Gerald Halpin Timothy john Roth Kristina Mei-Mei Sennhauser-Chang Monica Lee Williams Theatre Peter jose Brady Erin Michele Fehr Clydene M. Garcia Marc Sigler I-loman Wanda Mae Emma McHatton Robert Andrew Mehok BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Art Kraig William Akers Christian Alexander Bauer Heidi Marie Boyd laura lrene Carriker Chad E. Chaltant Barbara jane Champoux Laura Ann Corbin Leslie Allison Davison Stacey Ann Derdowski Diane Gail Enos Michael Faro Matthew Vincent Girard Sharon Lynn Haffard Glee Lois Hoffman Elizabeth landhier Kelley Eugene j. Kinder Lisa Marie Knight Ronald james Koch Teresa Maria Sitter Lange Ellyn G. Leshin Gary David Martelli Melanie S. McCue Deborah Anne Morris David Gregory Nelson Dale Keith Novak john Bruce Parks Christopher F. Pichler Leonard Elias Potter Charles Addison Sanders Ellen Marla Schaffer Rebecca K. Semler Susan Mary Srb Paige Andrea Sullivan Paul Scott Supplee Denise j. Tanguay Meg Woods Thomas Karen Sue Tsutsumida Philip David Tubach Mary Kathryn Witschey Anna Wong Cera mics Bruce Eugene Shelton Da nce jeffrey D. Annis Donna Rae Brandstrom Kelly A. Corder Lucille DePalo jacques E. Myers Theatre Rhonda Lee Feher Gretchen Marie Geiger BACHELOR OF MUSIC Art Perfomance Kevin W. Blatchford Kevin Edward Gallagher Rachel Ann Harris Manuel De jesus Pena Susan joy Pfau LeAnn Marie Sauer 448 Commencement 1987 Sponsored by East Valley Honda 0E0No O O O O O O C I 'U'lVl'lVl C E E N 1 9 Matthew Krause Smith Peter Anthony Torisello Choral-General Music Melanie Rae Lang Tamara Lynn Starr Allan james Walker Instrumental Music jon Anthony Gomez Suzanne Tamblyn Anthony Benito Tropiano Eric W. Zimmemian Music Therapy Donna Ahem Kristan Rae DeDoes Laura Teresa Sent-inery Theory and Composition Eric Sander Fenger Daniel Frederick Resch Shay Stiver Scott BACHELOR OF ARTS Anthropology Donna Yee Cheung Carol Marie Glascock Paige Marie Gordon Michael Charles Keller Melody A. lachelli Craig A. Macina Gabriel Sanchez Rebecca Evon Wallace john Peter Ziker Asian Lan uages Chineseflizpanesel Steven Melvin Flake Rodney Wayne johnson Scott Allan Sullivan Asian Lan uages llagzaneseftfhrnesel Stepanie jane Pitts Daniel Pearson Steenhoek Chemistry Kristin Paula Gowin Loren Paul Higby Cary Barton Powell Catherine Molly Schanz Eldon Dean Stott Economics Therese Arildsen Kelly Ann Boyle Michael Steven Fletcher Linda Gail Green Teresa Marie jirnenez Angelo joseph Lazzara Douglas Eugene Lynch Sarah Katherine Maupin Yoshinori Tanaka English Henry M. Allain Amy Marie Bartels Margaret Royle Bedworth Allie R. Bennett Diana jane Broadman Edmond Lindsey Caldwell Christian L. Crain Heidi Ann Fogelberg Kathleen H. Gale Benedicte Paula George Beatrice S. Gordon Margaret A. Halverson Donise Renee Harvey jeanne Marie Haydukovich Rebecca Isabelle Hayes Cherie Lynn Hirsch Mara Burroughs Hover Mark Louis janousek Amy Elizabeth jeffrey Angela Karis Kent jill Debra Knudson Patricia Lynn Koch Valerie Renee Lipton jennifer Malouff Regina Anne Marler Diane Louise Mead Donald August Meyer Christy A. Miller Melissa Ann Nash David Franklin Newman Denette Loree Reid jeanne Marie Ricci Curtis Lee Royer Gerald T. Santek Nicholas F. Speropulos jaime jo Stark David Frederick Thomas Erin Elizabeth Wells john Richard Yasi French Sylvia Ann Gomez john KC Hutson Audrey Louise Kristick Angela M. Saldarriaga Brian Paul Thorpe German james Ralph Armstrong Tracy Linda Cox Athena Luise Kalia Erika P. Miers History james Ralph Armstrong Leslie Langford Bryan Robert Brian Chafey Carolyn Coulter Thomas jeffrey Eccles Tomas Allan Hodge j. Cody Hunnicutt David W. Luna Mary Nell Phelps Norton Virginia Lynn Olsen Michael William Parks jennifer Ruth Patterson Kieran Richardson Stacy Owen Scribner Robert Suart Shein Mae jennifer Shores Michele Renae Swartz Alexandra G. Terry james K. Wolfe Arlene julie Yager Humanities Claudia Carol Boyle Dessie May Brown Pamela Rae Weinberg Italian Tina Marie Rhein Philosophy Keith Allen Korcz Political Science Charles Thomas Diaz Renee Hope Guillory David Paul Hawranek j. Cody Hunnicutt Patricia Mary jones Kathervn Alberta Lehman josephine Marie Levy Anthony C. LoBaido Celeste Marie McMurrin Michael jay Myers Douglas Frazier Newman David William Riddle Launy R. Senee Laura Lee Slife Maria A. Thompson Marla Lynn Williams Psychology Stepanie C, Chercuras Marie Lucille Cook Cathleen Ann Daly Roberta Sue Davis Claudette Apryl Ford Gailyn Marlena Garcia Kan-ie F. Gonnerman Marcelle Sebag Gortler Eric Christian Gutjahr jacqueline Lee Hemandez Tom Royse johnson Dennis Arthur Kramer Heather Colleen Leyba janette Lynn McMurphy Stacey Marie Mennen Maria Morris Bronwyn Fall Moulton Katalin Migray Penne Yvette R. Stees Religious Studies joseph Henry Schwab Keith Alan Summers Russian Constance Chris Biella Karrie F. Gonnennan Carol Lee Kuester Walter G. Richmond Saci ol ogy Beth Ann Anderson Arleigh Devera Balizado Lisa Beth Clayton jeanne Marie Connor Denise lcaza Donna Marie Langston Karen jean Sanders Suzanne j. Schutty Rhett Rance Smith Spanish Lauren Lee jamieson Robert Brian johnson Brad David Larson George Rubin Levin Gregory Michael Meidroth jean Marie Moeschler james Muratha Mugo jeffrey Samuel Obedin Robert Taylor 0'Meara Sharon Mae Paternoster Bradley Charles Perozzi Brian Gene Phelps Nicholas Anthony Raptis james Henry Roe Daniel Thomas Rudrud Mark james Sanelli Daniel Mart-in Smith Robin Elizabeth Solomon Ben Avaan Stevens Kenneth Stephen Sylvester Vivian Teye Laurie Ann West julia Meade Woods Mark Mallory Zinn Family Resources and Human Development jacque R. Beale jill Ann Dougherty Shalayne Green Yvette joanna LeRoux julie Lynn Maroney Dori Diane Munger Geography Amold Bitsilly Denis F. Callahan jacquelyn Erhart Robert Daniel Escarcega Rogelio Escobedo Gerald Matin Flannery Paul Britton Phillabaum Daniel Frederick Resch Camille Rubinelli Sandi Sue Scrimgeour Geology Charles V. Bedore Alan David Overson Health Science Stephanie Lynn Albrecht Teresa jo Alma Anderson Brenda Kay Beckman julie Ellen Kohn julie Ann Martin Lisa Marie Pleban Wendy Ann Sharp Teresa E. Taho joseph R. Walters Christine Ann Westley jan S. Zimmerman History Terry joseph Baker james Michael Crane jeffrey P. Doherty, jr. Elizabeth Adams Hughes Luke Parker lansbach Gregory Lee Ottinger Thomas Allen Salo james M. Sieber Kristen jean Wiswell Home Economics Paula Donna Aliano Shannon M. Auckly jacque R. Beale laura Bergman Ann Irene Catlett Karen jean Comings Maria-Celeste D. Dalmacio Kelly Linn DeAm1ent Courtney Anne Denton Kimberly Ann Dubs Cynthia C, Finocchiaro Lisa Hardesty Maria Angelina Rivera Haro Sandra Ann Held judith Ivan janette Marie Larson Mary Grace Lester Diane Sue Levine Patricia Marquez Traci E. McDennott Lisa A. Mittler Gail Montague Wendy Lou Rasmussen Paula Denine Stears Matha jane Tolo Thuthuy Thi Tran Maureen Eva Waters Kathleen Marie Wellman De'Ann Sara Wilder Laurie Michelle Withers Gail Michelle Wolfenden jennifer j. Yokshas Mathematics Min'Hui Kuo Lisa Anne langland Alfredo L. Lopez Kelly A, MacArthur john Thomas Vahey Microbiology Alissa Cathy Oddo Cindy Ann Holusha Angela M. Saldarriaga jamie Marie Schroeder joy Gerise Wolfe Physical Education Therese j. Berggren Leonardo Bunel-jordana Antonio C. Calabrese Kevin Shawn Cassidy Stephanie C. Checuras Cynthia Sue Ciper Carol Denise Coparanis Eric joseph Davies Terry Ann Deist Claudette Apryl Ford jack Arthur Fox Matthew Douglas Gaal Mindy. Hansen Kimberly Ann Hatcher Stephen Sean Hegarty julie Ann lnsidioso Robert Wells johnson Erin Patricia Kelly Lamont Rize McGill Karen Gail Nissen Andrew Daniel Rabin l0di Lynne Rathbun Thomas johnathan Root Eden V, Sunshine Paul Brian Walters Physics john Anthony Desjardins jill Lorraine Theobold Political Science Thomas Dean Bade Rori A. Bardwell Marianne Therese Bayardi Robert Pote Bowman Thomas Steven Campbell Andrew William Carter Brian Robert Cekoric Thomas Gregory Collopy William A. Costa Curtis Wynn Erickson Phil Scott Flemming Leonard Gorman Michael Kent Held Roger john Ketelaar Shawn Elisa Mabee Bruce M. MacPherson Robert Brian Maloney Richard C. Maison Thomas james Mickey Curtis D. Mink judith Gail Patrick Linden Branch Person Michael joseph Quinn Stephen Anthony Rosa Gabriel Sanchez Randy Steven Schultz 'N O O I O O O O O I O O O O O ul - - I - - - - 1 Lge Scott Caroline Mae Kost jodie Williams Christopher Alan Yontez Steven.Bruce Cauble 1. Shade Stephen Paul Midas Marlene Lisonbee wright catherine sue Cushing lhn Tesoriero ine M, Thompson y Tiemessen tndrew Wade lpher john Wheeler lh Dawn Wolfram Dwight Zarr logy Brian Badame 3an'i Bender l Ann Bergin le Renee Campbell ine Shannon Canter . Carlander Robles Cays i Daly Cotto Sparks Craft L, Davis K. Drake homas Echols Rachelle Evans june Faubert le Lynn Garrigus sl john Hemmele el Meagher Henszey Louise Hill lichelle Hoffman Lyn Hunter l james lfversen e Athena Kamaicola l M. Karkos john Keating . Kennaday loe Killian l'idd Kleer wis Kohlman Allen landrey Lynne Langlie on Lansing-Etou Allyn Lee-child dward Litwiller Ellen Ludeke V, March a Murdoch Maxwell n Ellen McCormick a Marie Meagher rr A. Meyer M, Moore ohn Gregory Newton ames Onken Nichols Paulos ie M. Polito Zeorgette Prust y Resto L Craig Richards ah Sue Schafer 'thel Kaminsky Shuch y S. Schulman E, Shennan 2 Marie Shook Eric Silverman l Andrew Sprague :th j. Stuehling Soren Stutesman - David Swanson rn Ishmael Tillery Tomlinson i Renee Vacha Anne Vandenberg jay Washburn Lae Watson nin W. Wetherill ll Louise Wilcoxson le Suzanne Wilson I. Yamevich US!! Ann Yost LZ! Morris Beasley .ynn Broadus in Gayle Bruns Lynn Calder ne Lee Clark n Hyde-Karty Conrad Anne Comell Larine Crowell l Day Dillard tie K. Dougherty Brian Frazey x Linn Gibson rn D. Gordon l Lynne Guertner iarles Hasselman David Henderson eid Howland ' F. Kaufman Karen Denise Malloy Sharon Marie McCuin Brian Thomas McGraw Douglas Mark Olson Darlene Kay Omoski Dennis Earl Palumbo Pamela Ann Roe Pamela Elizabeth Ross Paul Thomas Rutkowski Mark Skelly Beth Ann Smigel Brenda Lee Smith Gregory Scott Stewart Bonni j. Swidler Shannon Lee Toffiemire Lisa Marie Ulness Speech and Hearing Science Tina Marie Bolyard Celia Sharon Clemen Karen Teresa McNett Tamy S. Schwegman Wildlife Biology Dennis Earl Palumbo Cheryl Ann Renshaw Mark William Van Meter Women's Studies Michele L. Hallett Zoology V, Diana Bems Victor Brian Boucher Cindy Leah Holmblad Malia Lois Schwartz Aretha Marie Scott joe R, Shinn Dale Robert Vines Tomi Lyn Wilson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Sally M. Aberle Laurie jeanne Airth Susan Marie Andazola Elnora Payonan Ang Camly Gwen Anner Lisa Anne Badowich Tracy Lynn Bannon Kim Marie Bames Mary Theresa Bradley Mary Concetta Buchleitner Teri Robin Campbell Lori Ann Carpenter Lorri Ann Daves Rachelle Marie Elson Denton Priscilla Lynn Ezell Karen Natalie Galvin Lester jordan Gardina Betsy Beck Gonzales judy Ann Groenwold Dawn Marie Hammond Kirsten A. Hardeman Lisa Dawn Harris Susan Marie jensen Sarah Pamela jimenez Lisa Ann johnson Patricia D, Kaczmarski Lisa Lynn Klokner Nancy Lynn Knape Karen Sue lambert Lisa Nan Law Katherine Hoke Martin Sara Kenny McGregor john Glenn McLachlan Melody Ann Miller Sandra l. Moxey Leah Katherine Nickamin Mary Catherine Nicoloff Deborah Eileen Parker Marilyn A. Pierce Margaret Ruth Porter Laurel Denice Pulsipher Dawn L. Reardon Linda Diane Rivera Theodora Roanhorse Cathy jane Roberts jimmy Frank Ross Lisa Rachel Rubin April D, Schultz Tara Susan Shepherd Charleen Lousie Snider Victoria Rae Sowards Linda Shirley Sowers jill Anne Stec Nancy M. Sullivan David E. White Tammy jo Wiese jamie L. Zwick BACHELOR OF ARTS Broadcusting Gabriele Maria Armstrong Dean j. Adraktas Richard VanDyne Asmus john joseph Baiata jr. Candace Marie Brown Dana A. Delfs Rita E. Derbin Christine Y. Devine Scott joseph Carifo Scott Webster johnson Shana Marie joseph Heekun Kim Katheryn Alberta Lehman Richard Scott Mcllroy Michelle Suzanne Olson Monica Lynette Ortiz Laura Anita Ozols Todd Michael Peterson Christina Ann Romero Brent Gilbert Spalding Wendy Hilary Starr james Martin Stellhom Suzanne Renee Sweeney Scott Thomas Takamatsu jonathan Francis Villarreal james Linsay Welling Victoria Lynne Wright Communication Thomas Aloe Abrahamson Sharon Leslie Anderson Stacey jean Bellas Laurence R. Bishop William Charles Bishop Michelle Tucker Blockey Lynette Marie Brown Suzanne M. Bnrngardt Gregory Cesario Arlene Lillian Chin Kirsten Denise Cole Carol Ann Collins Cheryl Mary Coupe Christopher Sullivan Cumm Amy Elizabeth Curtis Terri Lynn Curtis Gina Marie DePinto Nadja Rose Dow Kerry Katherine Enright janet Lynn Falaschetti Catherine Ann Farrell Gene G, Feliciano Risa A. Frank Auora Feldman Goldtine Selma jean Halleck Andrea Lynn Handley Christopher Hazeltine Frederick W. Herlitz Betty S. Hosmer jennifer Louise jimelson Victoria johnson Sharon Ann jordan ro iskey Alexander Denesen Came n Kin Patricia joan Knoche Candace Courtney Krukas Michelle K. Meirhofer Brandi Miller Todd Raymond Moon Martha Michle Moos Veronica Lee Newth Whitney-Anne Ohland Lisa F. Owen Dana Marie Owens jennifer C. Paquette Arthur j, Pendergast Laura Ann Petasnick Barbarra Adams Pfeifler Nora Marie Phelan jennifer Lorraine Platen john Wayne Regoli Sherri Ann Roggendorf Stan Michael Saporito Vicki E. Sevel Sharon joy Shimanovsky Stephen Chadwick Sidles Stacia Ann Strand Steven Fredrick Strauss Kimberly Gayle Swanson Franklin Robert Tamoski Brian D. Tindall Kimberly Lynn Travis Mary Elizabeth Valdez Wendy Lee Wagner Gwynne K. Williams Michael Vemon Wolf Lisa Ann Wright 8 journalism Lynn Ree Adair Steven Alan Brennan Tina Marie Daunt Leah jo Patti-Deffigos Wendy jo Dunlap Andrew Dillon Elliott Donald Kevin Elliott judith Diane Gaillard Elizabeth Chimene Hawes Cynthia A. Higginbotham Maureen Ann Keenan Kevin james Larkin Pamela W. Mabon jane Marie Spies Andrea jean Walker BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Broadcasting Patti jo Altman Nancy Anne Becker Christopher A. Benson Cynthia Lee Choate Susan Cleere joseph Thomas Cuff Beth Anne Dumbrell Dana Lynn Fisher jane Elizabeth Fitch joseph E. Formichella Marla Ann Heilbrunn Daniel Vemer johnson Bryan Lee jolley Criag Thomas Kwasizur Christine Kay Kyselka Stephen Barlett Miles Cherie Lynn Miller Robert Leigh Neyman Traci Pete Ronald Scott Reid Bonnie Marie Reilly Communication Christine M. Bielinski Michele Marie Burdiak Michael Edward Cannon Kathryn Mary Cielak Sparrow A. Clarke Lisa A. Coles Clare McNally Cushing ll Barbara jean Eng Lael Margret Engstrom Bradley Alexander Esber Karl Errington Gentles Gena Ann Hendricks Eric Stephen Maas Cindy M. Marshall jane Louise McVey Heidi Christine Meyer jennifer Ann Midgley Timothy Albert Millsap Debra Lynn Newcomb Brian jeffrey Newman Trish Ann O'Brien jaime B. Sainz Anthony Wayne Saputo Dawn M. Schroeder Polly Ruth Steinsapir Bryan Todd Ulnick Susan Siat Yun Van Stephen john Wilcox julie Diane Youngblood journalism Cami Marie Boos Diane Caccamo Cathryn Alane Cowan Donna T. De La Cnrz Tami Anne Orsbom-Gilitiuk Bradley Wayne Halvorsen Pamela Rae Heck Robin B. Matloff Andy Robert Mrozinski Mark Gordon Pixler Kristen M. Reina Michael C. Rowell laura Patricia Vinci Derek Todd Yeager justice Studies Emie Bermea Alvarez Heidi Mia Applebaum Ann Celaya Bagnall Lance A. Baker Charles Barreras Debora Lyn Byers jane Louise Campbell Sherrylyn M. Camell Scott j. Davis Rosetta Faye Dejoung jeffrey E. Duplicki jack Elmer Edmons Aurelie P. Flores Paul Leo French john D. Gomlan Angela Shawn Hickert Daniel Eastman Hill james Crisman Hill Nicole E. Holtemann Diane j. Humetewa Thomas Edward Hunter julie juanita Ingalls Mollie Elizabeth jackson james Region jarrett julia Yrliguez jauregui jeffrey Dennis Kendall Anthony P. Mack Steven Scott Markerl Dana Yvonne McMullen Peter Andrew Merenyi Gregory Alan Miller Michael Lee Miller Scott Alan Miller Troy Eugene Palmer Robert Anthony Phelps Warren Brent Poole Michael john Reese Marcy Ann Rigoni Dale Lee Robinson Scott Paul Satran Stephanie Mella Simons Leonard j, Smith ll Rhonda jean Sobkowiak john Matthew Stallings Kimberly Ann Sullivan Mark Thomas Thatcher Lnxie Annette Thompson Scott james Thompson Kenneth Gregory Tims jill Tocki Daneen joan Trezos Mary Elizabeth Valdez Carol Ann Zack Recreation Elizabeth Ann Akers Thomas Gregory Buban Betty Lavaughn Conner Maureen juliette Cowen jeanne Elizabeth Hanley Reed Francis Henry Sarah Louise Hughes Kristi Lynn McCom1ick Endora Renee Medlock Dorothy Marie Paytas Andrea Ann Peyla Lisa j. Schacke Suzanne M. Schreiber Clarita E, Schuback Suzanne Shaulis Debra jo-Ann Solimena Louis Frank Spadafore BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK Abraham Adams Barton Ann M. Cartier Elaine Bemice Comish Susan D. Wed gewoddfGoudy Marie Therese Harriger joanne V. lvinsfScholer Linda Renate Llewellyn jason A. Mclntyre Lorraine Moya Linda Annette Murden Wendy Kaye Myers janet Lynn Schumacher Lynne Marie Sher Rose Elizabeth Stimaman Katherine l. Vance jacqueline Debra Wolfson Deborah Lynn Yancer Dianne Aguilar Yeager Commencement 1987 449 Sponsored by East Valley Honda Aidikonis, Cheryl Anne 447 Aiello, jose ph 319 Aiello, Tina 358 Aiken, Phil 358 Alsubaey, Mutlaq A 444 Alsulaiman, Saeed 330 Altamirano, Linda Kay 439 Altieri, Catherine 438 Aikins, Laurane 290 Aillo, joe 319 Airth, Laurie jeanne 449 Akers, Craig Edward 438 Akers, Elizabeth Ann 449 Akers, Kraig William 448 Akers, Libby 141 Akey, Susan Michele 438 Altieri, Tom 316 Altman, D ave 315 Altman, Patti 331,449 Altmann, jon C 445 Altobello, joe 319 Alvarado, Alvarado, Carlos R 440 David 228 Alvarado, jeanette 196, 215 Amistrong, Gabriele Maria 449 Banoun, Ninette Solveig 446 Aagaard, Eric james 447 Ab amonde, john 314 Abberton, Kathleen B 442 Abbit, Steven 358 Abbott, Ava Eileen 440, 444 Abboud, john 358 Abby, David Allen 447 Abdali, Tamim 330, 447 Abdelhafez, Mohamed 330 Abdin, Aladin Shareef 446 Abdullah, Azaldin 227 Abed, Fayed Y 444 Abel, Lynne 247, 277, 358 Abeles, Michelle 207 Abely, Gary Stephen 438 Aberle, Sall ' M 449 Abes, Davidl 303 Abgrall, Dennis Harvey 441 Aboalnasr, Nabil 447 Abokhalwa, Marai Hassan 216 Abouhaidar, Fareed 330 Abraham, Daniel 207 Abraham, Melissa Beth 447 Abraham, Tim 267 Abraham, Todd 320, 447 Abrahamson, Thomas 307, 449 Abrahanson, Kay 297 Abramowski, james 319 Abrams, Kathleen 253, 358 Abril, Kristina 196 Abril, Margie Montoya 444 Abshire, Patrick 200, 231 Abts, Daniel john 439 Abukhader, jubrail Y 447 Accola, jim 319 Accola, john 228 Accordingly, Mike 188 Achoukian, john 320 Ack, Eric 323 Acker, Karen 297, 445 Ackemian, Tracy Lyn 447 Ackley, Paula 298 Acosta, Andrew 196 Acosta, Antonio 196 Acosta, Lili 293 Acuna, joseph A 447 Adair, Lynn 203, 449 Adamczyk, Paula Maria 438 Adams, Becky 301 Adams, Christopher D 447 Adams, Clifford G 204 Adams, Cloid III 211, 282 Akin, Nancy Lynn 439 Aklindon, Ant ony 358 Al-A eel, Naella 224, 358 Al-Ba-ilaih, Dhafer M 443 Al-Faraj, Khalid Hamad 444 Al-Haddad, Sami Mahmad 216 Al-Khatim, jasim H 441 Al-zaidi, Mohammed 223, 331 Alagia, Neal jayentilal 444 Alambrae, Marta 232 Alan, Eric 130 Albanese, Laurie 188 Alber, Mary Frances 442 Albert, Dan 316 Albert, jack 358 Alberte, Benny 359 Alberts, Tom 227, 330 Albillar, Robert joe 446 Albrecht, Michael 231 Albrecht, Mike 314 Albrecht, Stephanie Lynn 448 Alby, Linda 216, 231, 359 Alcazar, Bob 256 Alcocer, Francisco 196 Alderfer, Chris 309 Aldossary, Qassim M 439 Aldrich, Latricia 223, 232 Aldrich, Margaret G 444 Aldu hreer, Nassir Saleh 444 Aldulgaish, Khaled 330, 446 Aleissa, Eissa A 448 Alejandre, Mateo 196, 208, 209, 433 Alejandro, Peter 196 Aleman, Heide jo 447 Aleman, Roberta 359 Alessandri, Lisa Ann 438 Alvaraz, Lina V 196 Alvaredo, Monica 196, 197 Alvares, Al 440 Alvarez, Emie Bermea 449 Alvarez, Lilly Merrill 443 Alvarez, Marta 216 Alvarez, Rachael 196 Alvarez, Todd 304 Alvarez, Troy 207 Alwarthan, Mohammed 216 Ankomeus, Mike 211 Annis, jeffrey D 51, 448 Ansari, Mohammed Al 216 Anspach, Amy 300 Anthony, jill 269 Anthony, Lea Elizabeth 443, 445 Anton, john Thomas 439 Antone, Greg 239 Anzevino, Amy 292 Aossey, Troy Anace 442 Apel, Warren 264 Apodaca, Dolores 359 Apostal, Laura j 439 Appel, josh 311 Appelbe, Maggie 208, 300 Apple, Freda 331 Applebaum, Heidi Mia 449 Applebaum, julie 292 Arafeh, Aiman Mohammad 447 Aragon, Byron 254 Alessio, Daniel Dominick 439 Alessio, Pa Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander ul 320 Cynthia Marie 446 Ed 282, 306 Lorelei 211, 330 Scott 271 Alwicker, Michael 180 Alzawad, Salih Ali 448 Amabisca, Stacie 211 Amado, Theresa 274 Amador, Eddie 207 Amador, Tami 203 Amann, Diane Kathryn 446 Amato, Beth 232 Amavisca, Nora 331 Amaya, Camien j 440 Ama a, David Nene 447 Ambler, Kathryn jane 444 Ambrus, Barbara 359 Amendt, Suzann Lea 439 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PERSONAL ADMINISTRATION 223 AMERICAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE PROGRAM 216 Amjadi, Kamran 331 Amjadi, Keyvan 359 Amjadi, Kimiya 236, 331 Ammaccapane, Danielle 141, 176 Ammaccagaane, Dina 141, 176 Amman, ruce 223,227,316 Ammann, Bruce 211 Amodio, Tina 243, 359, 471 Amodio, Toni 471 Amundson, jodi 240, 446 Anastassatos, Efthimios C 442 Anbiru, Hiroki 216 Aragon, Ernie 331 Alexis, Kelly 277, 297 Alexov, Maria 442 Alfakhri, jehad 240 Alghamdi, Saeed M 441 Alghareeb, Ridha Ali 441 Alhabboubi, Samir 330 Alhamad, Abdulaziz 330 Alhamood, Ali 359 Aliano, Paula 299, 449 Aliprandini, Nora Therese 438 Alisky, Sander 359 Alitabi, Sanhat Nasser 443 Alix, Don 256 Aliabari, Samer 359 Alkhunaizi, Kefah 330 Allain, Hen M 448 Allegretti, jtglin 359 Andazola, Susan Marie 449 Andersen, Bret 359 Andersen, Maja 441 Anderson, Beth 236, 448 Anderson, Brad 304 Anderson Anderson Anderson , Brent 318 , Colette 150, 180 Creighton 318 Anderson, David 320, 446 Anderson, Dou las Ray 438 Anderson, Eric814, 331 Anderson, Erika 243, 299, 359, 471 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson ,jason 203, 264, 359 , jay 264 , jeff 254 ,john Helmer 443 Adams, Fawn Kendall 444 Adams, George Cameron 439 Adams, Grant 140 Adams, Gregory Damion 440 Adams, jason 231 Adams 447 , Kathleen Suzanne 439, Adams, Kevin 259, 306, 358 Adams, Leland 135, 358 Adams, Matthew 284 Adams, McCory 358 Adams , Sandra jo 447 Adams, Steven 358 Adams Adams on, Cheryl 261 on, Chris Todd 446 Barda, Anderson, Tom 313 Bames, Elizabeth Anne 441 ' Adamson, Kimberly jo 446 Adamthwaite, Patty 231 Addelia, Laura Ann 447 Adelson, Ken A 235 Aden, Vicki 207 Adleson, Ken 254 Adraktas, Deanj 449 Adrian, Peter 227 Aetonu, justine Lealofiaute 438 Afshin, Sassan 358 Ageel, Khalid Al 216 Ager, Andrea 292 Agersea, Amanda Roline 446 Aghel, Mahmoud 440 Aghili, Nader 231 Agresta, Aimee 215 AGRICULTURE BUSINESS CLUB 216 Agster, jeff 306 Aguilar, jose 358 Aguilera, Vince Mark 439 Aguirre, Herb 320 Aguirre, josej 448 Aguirre, Martin 443 Ahem, Donna 448 Ahem, Ga 188, 322 Allen, Barbara 253 Allen, Christopher William 445 Allen, Dameron 294 Allen, Doug 121 Allen, Eric 122, 125, 128, 135 Allen, Hugh Amold 446 Allen, Karen L 204, 447 Allen, Kristen 330 Allen, Laura 215, 224 Allen, Lori Ann 439, 443 Allen, Mark 272 Allen, Mindy 300 Allen, Paula Maria 438 Allen, Richard 231 Allen, Rick Darr 444 Allen, Shelley 301 Allen, Torrie 277 Anderson, judi R 443 Anderson, Keith 314, 331 Anderson, Kevin 184, 186, 331 447 200, 320, , Anderson, Kris 211 Anderson, Leslie 211, 243, . 359, 449, 471 Anderson, Mark 207 Anderson, Matthew Leroy 312, 444 Anderson, Michael 322, 448 Anderson, Michele Lee 438, 439 Anderson, Rafael 192, 216, 272 Ahem, Pailil,211 Ahmad, Humaira Anne 445 Allen, Yvonne Marie 438, 442 Aller, David Myron 441 Allington, Missy 181 Allison, Lisa Rae 442 Allman, Charles 74 Allred, Willard Scott 444 Allworden, B K Von 219 Alm, Eileen Erin 445 Almahmood, Ali Mahdi 448 Almaraz, Marc 199 Almeida, Alexander Anthony 446 Almeida, Nicole Alexandra 442 Almendarez, Cynthia Diane 439 Almiro, julie 292 Almon, tom 311 Almotairi, Kharboush S 441 Almow, Tom 227 Almutla , Muaath 359 Alonso, Dennis 330 Al ert, Lisa Doreen 439 AIFPHA PHI ALPHA 317 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Anderson, Rob 304 Anderson, Ross 181 Anderson, Roy 284 Anderson, Sandra Sue 445 Anderson, Scott 310 Anderson, Shari 295 Anderson, Shawn 297 Anderson, Stacey 296 Anderson, Teresa 445, 448 Anderson, Terri 264 Anderson, Timothy Wayne 447 Andes, Karen Louise 444, 445 Andler, Lisa Beth 444 Andrade, Maureen Elizabeth 442 Andre, Deborah 211 Andreacchi, Anthony S 440 Andrews, Chad 231 Andrews, joe 312 Andrews, Paige Morgan 439 Andrews, Robin Lee 442 Andrino, Rafael Alejandro 439 Ang, Elnora Playonan 449 Ang, Mic hael oward 444 ALPHA T Ahmad, Norazam 440 Ahmadzadeh, Adrian 304 Ahmann, Susan M 446 Ahmed, Ahmen jawad 216 Ahmed, Zain 330 Aichs, Clinton Edward 445 450 Index 236 ALPHA EPSILON PI 303 AU OMEGA 304 Angel, Kim Marie 443 Angelo, Linda Mary 443 Angelo, Tony 320 Anger, Diane 188, 331 Angichiodo, jerry Paul 441 Alruwayli, Abdulrahman M 448 Alsadiq, Saeed 330 Alsaleh, jawad 330, 446 Angle, je ff 311 An ulo Andrea 196 Anfeney ,jennifer 294, 446 Arbaugh, Nancy 211, 253 Arran, Caine einen 441 Archipov, Alexis Nicholas 441 Archipov, Igor 448 Archuleta, Ed 312 Archuleta, Susan Kay 444 Arcie, Gilbert 319 Arck, Steven 331, 447 Arcure, Samuel 236 Arellano, Amber 269 Argoudelis, Nick 227 Ariaga, Lawrence 321 Arias, Miguel 309 Arias, Nicholas B 445 Arildsen, Therese 140, 173, 448 ARIZONA OUTING CLUB 188 Arlinsky, Beth Helen 440 Arlotta, Serema 290 Amienta, Esteban 438 Armer, Caroly Gwen 449 Armfield, Darla Hoefar 443 Annfield, Rick Alan 441 Amiijo, janet Marie 444 Amiijo, Teresa 271 Annintrout, Sue 294 Amisatrong, Brian Christopher 44 Armstrong, Holly 232, 247, 271 Amistrong, james 331, 448 Armstrong, Rob 223, 313 Armstron , Trace 120, 128, 129, 138, 311 Amdt, Dick 207 Amdt, jeffrey Michael 445 Amett, jane Ellen 438 Amitz, Richard Michael 446 Amold, Christy 359 Amold, jodi Lynn 445 Amold, Tracy 211, 447 Amold, Whitney Elizabeth 442 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 216 Ampriester, john 307 Aronin, Robert Alan 444 Aronsohn, Liz 158 Aroz, Manuel 207 Arpy, Linda 264 Arrigoni, Dawn 138, 139, 181 Arrington, Wendy jane 439 Arthachinta, Ben 319 Artique, Amy 300 Artopoeus, Brenda 207 Artopoeus, Carl 207, 331 Artz, john 271 Arvayo, Eduardo 438 Arvizo, Marie 359 Arvizu, Marie 196 ASASU SENATE 184 Asbill, Miller 211 Asbum, Mary jane 442 Asendorf, Eric 231 Ashbeck, Felicity 28, 269 Ashberg, Lori 295 Ashcro t, Criag Paris 446 Ashcroft, Ted Michael 438 Ashe, Arlene Marie 444 Ashenfelter, Randy 305 Ashley, Chris 247, 259, 331 Ashley, David Allan 442 Ashley, Deborah Sue 442 Ashley, josephine 445 Ashley, Martina jean 445 Ashmore, Danielle 295 Ashton, joe 312 Ashton, john 312 Ashworth, Blair 318 Asiry, Mansour 216 Aslamy, Wazhma 442 Asmus, Richard 331, 449 Asquith, joanne 296 Assiry, Mohammed 216 AMERICAN TURKISH ASSOCIATION 223, 240 Astle, Holly 211 Aston, Mark 312 Astorga, Richard 312 ASASU 184, 185, 186, 187, 420 ASU DANCE 50, 51 ASU DANCELINE 211 ASU STUDENT FOUNDATION 208 ASU WEST 113 ASU'S BIGGEST FANS 58, 59 ATHT 407 Atamian, Eric 313 Aten, Maureen T 207 Atencio, Benjamin 331 Athinson, Pamela S 232 Atkins, William 54 Atkinson, Pameta 224 Atsumi, DeeDee 240 Atwood, George and 37 Aube, Ronald Gracien 439 Aubey, Ann Elizabeth 442 Auckly, Shannon M 449 Audorff, Dennis 359 Audustine, Sally 264 Auelmann, Ann 199, 300 Auerbach, Richard 310 Augustine, Tracey 204, 331 Au skalnis, Thomas 448 Aulozzi, jane 200, 300 Aulozzi, Susan 300 Ault, Tim 188 Aungst, Kathy Anne 439 Auslander, Eric 307 Auslander, Robyn 293 Ausman, Ellen M 224, 231 Austin, Alex 161 Austin, Ame 359 Austin-Terrell, jeanette M 442 Austry, Brian 311 Auten, Elizabeth Anne 438 Autenreith, Greg 269 Autwles, Nick 312 Auwarter-Sherry, Carey L 445 Auza, Robert 310 Avenson, Mary 55, 294 Avery, Lynn 282, 359 Avina, Albert D 443 Awad, Abdulaziz Al 216 Awadey, Geoffrey D 227 Awana, Eu ene 359 Axe, Mary 297 Axelrode, Eric 316 Axelson, Vince 315 Ayala, Robert 231 Ayelsworth, Marian Grace 444 Ayers, George 211 Ayers, Michael 211 Ayers, Rebecca 211, 253 Ayersman, Bob 323 Aylesworth, Lori Lynn 441 Ayubi, Harry H 440 Ayverdi, Meltem 216 Azares, jeff 331 Azbill, Sheryl 261, 359 Azer, Steve 314 Azersky, Mark Ira 439, 447 Azuma, Eiji 216 Baab, Mark 231 Baaklini, Edouard P 447 Babb, janice 300 Babbitt, judith Ann 438 Babbitt, M Eleanor Trevino 444 Babos, james 95 Babyak, David Scott 443 Baca, Elena 295 Baca, Gerald Vincent 439 Baca, Hector 231 Baca, joey 359 Baca, Kim 204 Bacci, Pam 300 Bacci, Theodore john 311, 446 Bach, julie 331 Bach, Katherine Marie 438 Bach, Tammy Ann 439 Bachir, Wally 235 Bachman, Sharon A 444 Bachour, Ludema Ann 444 Backman, Claire Eve 447 Bacon, Brett A 447 Badalich, john 304 Badame, David Brian 449 Bade, Kathleen 116 Bade, Thomas Dean 449 Bade, Timothy K 438 Badowich, Lisa Anne 449 Bady, Rhonda 359 Baedke, Sean 211, 212 Baehr, Eric E 446 Baere, Wolfgang 319 Baerst, Karen 2 7 Bagg, Karin 296 Bag daday, Mariam 297 Bagley, Brian 160 Ba nall, Ann Celaya 449 Bail, David 259 Bahling, Lora Lee 443 Bahon, Michell 293 Baiata, john 331 Baier, Kim 274, 359 Bailey, Cope 160, 331 Bailey, Mason T 438 Bailey, Shawn 321 Bailey, Skip 308 Bain, Donna 256, 359 Baird, Helen B 439 Baird, Holly 293 Baird, Priscilla Anne 444 Bajema, Debra 223, 247, 25 331 Baka, jim 315 Baker, Demetria 253 Baker, Elizabeth 291 Baker, Ella 231, 300 Baker, jeff 188 Baker, Kim 256 Baker, Lance A 231, 449 Baker, Lee Alan 438 Baker, Lisa C 439 Baker, Mark 207 Baker, Mary 331 Baker, Mia 296 Baker, Michael 359 Baker, Patricia Gertrude 44 Baker, Shelley 207 Baker, Terry jose h 448 Baker, William 33,1 Bakker, jim 76 Bakos, Michael 319 Balachandran, Sukumaran , Balassa, Charles Michael 43 Balctelor, Clifton 208 Baldacchino, Elizabeth 473 Baldas, Gary 310 Balderas, Marta Maria 444 Bagderrama, Richard 196, 21 59 Baldock, Suzy 150, 180 Baldwin, jennifer 277 Baldwin, Randy L 442 Baldwin, Suzy jo 445 Baldwin, Vickie 331 Balek, T om 254 Balistreri, Ed 359 Balizado, Arleigh 331, 448 Ball, Gordon 316 Ball, Michael 319 Ballard, Ballard, Ballard, Craig 303 Leslie Ann 446 Ted 184, 224, 320 Balogh, Michael Stephen 44 Balstad, Elli Elizabeth 445 Balster, Scott 211 Baltaza r, Yvette 160 Balthazor, Steven 282, 306 Balzarini, jeffrey L 438 Bamrick, Robert 231 Bandera, Nick Andrew 442 BANDERSNATCH 419 Banegas, Reyes 359 Baniszewski, Lori 296 Banks, Andy 319 Banks, Christina 271 Banks, Dale 310 Banks, Darrell 135 Banks, Glenn 359 Banks, Romina 293 Banning, Candace 211, 359 Banning, Clynthia 211, 359 Bannon, jo n 211 Bannon, Tracy Lynn 449 Banuelos, Lorena 439 Banwari, Sunil 331 Baraban, Michael Edward 44 Barajas, Angie 192 Barajas, Victor 243 Baranowski, janina B 443 Baranowski, jill Angela 440 Baranski, Kris 232, 433 Barash, james 359, 445 Barbee, Brad 310 Barbee, Mindy 300 Barber, Lee 307 Barber, William Glenn 441 Barberie, Tracey 119, 136, 16 Barberio, Thomas 388 Barbour, james 243 Barcus, Katy 264 Brent 271 Bardwell, Rori A 449 Bare, Delona Bunton 438, 444 Barefield, Heather 295 Barela, Martha jane 442 Barella, Abelino 282 Barella, Andrew 359 Barendrick, jamie 300 Barett, Sharon 290 Barish, Howard 303 Bark, Richard A 438 Barker, Barker, Barker, Barker, Barker, Ana 253 Dennis Ray 447 Leslie Harrison 444 Robert Curtis 440 Valerie A 253 Barkley, Charley 312 Barlow Barlow Barlup, Barmet , Moll 300 , Sandi-a Anne 439 Toni Lin 438 tler, Mark Gregory 447 Bamard, Christine 271 X Bamard, Heidi Franziska 444 Bames, Bames, Joe 315 1 parm 315 Bames, jon jr. 443 Bames, Bames, Bames, Kristie Lynne 445 , Randall Cliffod 438 , Tanya Marie 442, 449' Bamett, Kevin Gregory 438 Bamett, Matthew 207, 215 Boone ett, Shana Lynn 442 hill, john 321 rt, Robin Anne 438 lin, james Patrick 443 David 188 joan F 439 ngan, Katlzy Ann 444 mdey, Eli a 196 rsh, Matt 314 era, Mark David 447 eras, Charles 449 rth, Stacey 274 rtt, Brandon 315 rws, Sean 211 v, Brian 203 v, David Charles 439 v, Ed 321 v, Krisann 215 r, Marc 359 v, Mark Phillip 441 v, Roger Hu7gh 443, 445 v, Sharon 2 1 'l, Bud 308 'lme, Christy 211 -ls, Am Marie 448 ils, Antliorzy 231 rolomew, reinta 272 rolomew, jacinta 181 Lo, Mike 215, 282 ett, jack Wamer 231, 447 ett, Karen 269 ett, Thomas 236, 331 nann, Kathryn Marie 442 vletti, Cris 240 nlomei, Carlos 303 nn, Abraham Adams 449 nn, Gretchen 300, 315 nn, jeff 318, 320 nn, Renee Marie 277, 471 vo, Michelle 331 am, Burton 331 ett, Howard 227 rs, William Martin 440 :, Kew' A 439 'ick, aren Rosa 439 lone, jon Anthony 441 ape, Raul 216 lice, Steve 282 rr, Abdul Shakour 216 all, Chris 211 ey, Chris L 444 co, Sylvia Estella 446 uez-Wa er, Carlotta 439 Bill 18? .er, Bethany 332 e, Gre 236 1, Erica 315 ielor, Chris 311 ielor, Clifton 199, 223, 9 s, Dave 321 julie L 445 e-Lynch, Cora L 447 rn, HenryJ310 rmrann, aniel M 440 r, Christian Alexander 448 r, Greg 310 ir, jacqueline M 442 ir, Steven Bnrce 444 'r, William L 438 -mfreund, Ed 319 ghman, Linda Ann 443 er, jana Sue 444 er, Lynnette 359 n, George Koehler 442 rt, james 322 nan, Alice 211 nan, David 331, 446 nan, Malarie 10, 116 ner, Andrew 310, 359 ngart, Brian Edward 439 ngarth, Curtis 269 ngartner, Marsha Fay 439 ngglrgner, Sharon 291 , ' nna 291 ch, john 359 den, Peter Chambers 445 nrowski, Karen Laura 445 er, jan Leslie 444 er, Terri 155, 156 nrdi, Marianne Therese 449 tam, Thomas Michael 444 1, Cindy Lee 440 1, Kathryn Michelle 438 ano, Laurie 299 li, Barb 256 h, Chris 310 h, julie 331 hemin, Kath 294 ple, Timothy Paul 444 :135 George 84 , aroline Ann 442 , jeanne Fair 445 e, jacque R 448, 449 l, Dianne Elaine 442 l, Mary 292 1, Mike 320 , Sk Mountain 205 d, Elena 292 d, jeff 228 ,ley, jack 471 sley, Michael james 444 rley, Victor Morris 449 sley, William 307, 331 tie, Cameron 219 rdoin, Alan Mark 438 tdoin, john 441 doin, Rich 323 doin, Wayne 228 grand, Roderick j 445 Beauseigneur, Diann 441 Beazley, Lance 331, 447 Beber, Staci 211 Bech, Ralph 388 Beck, David Phillip 443 Beck, jane Catherine 442 Beck, Kelly Irene 444 Beck, Steve 142, 144, 161 Becker, Dave 310 Becker, Debbra jean 440 Becker, Donna Rae 441 Becker, Mark 119, 143, 145, 161 Becker, Nancy Anne 449 Becker, Tamara 295 Beckett, Geoff 228 Beckford, Raymond C 444 Beckley, Richard Kenneth 439 Beckman, Brenda Kay 448 Beckman, Danelle R 445 Becraft, Chris 304 Bedetti, joe 141 Bednar, jane 296 Bedolla, Maria E 196 Bedore, Charles V 448 Bedrosian, Mary Elizabeth 445 Bedrosian, Scott Michael 231, 447 Bedworth, Margaret 236, 448 Beeghle , Barbara Lynn 445 Bee er, ferr A 447 Beers, Heather B 440 Beers, james 310 Begay, johnny 447 Begay, Lyndelle 359 Begay, Marsadie 331 Begay, Mary 331 Be ling, Keith Charles 442 Behren, Renee Louise 441 Behrens, Rich 284 Behrens, Robert 446 Behmdt, Pam 295 Beich, David 359 Beifer, Scott 272 Beilan, Lorraine 236 Beilan, Louisa 56 Beilke, john 359 Beindorf, Robin jo 440 Beintema, jennie Marie 443 Beirne, Marcena 200, 331 Beladeau, Scott 314 Belanger, Gena 298, 447 Belaski, Nicolette Ruth 438 Belcheff, David 254 Belcher, Mark 311 Belford, Robert Eugene 442 Belinski, Chris 297 Belken, Lou 140 Bell, Dr jim 101 Bell, Ion 284 Bell, Kevin Gerald 442 Bellamak, Shawn 223 Bellas, Stacey jean 449 Belli, Gina 236 Bello, Gena Marie 445 Bello, lisa Di 228 Belodeau, Scott 227 Belser, john Andrew 440 Belskis, David 331, 446 Belvis, Gene 311 Belza, Scott 359 Belzber Hagy 438 Belzer, Suzanne 236, 256, 331 Belzner, jackie 181 Bemis, Beth A 439 Benard, Ann Marie 441 Bench, Leonard III 446 Banca, Joseph 446 Bend, Stephen D 438 Benda, Taimi 271 Bendel, Richard 312 Bender, Lawson 303 Bender, Leigh Barri 449 Bender, Ronald Kurt 448 Bendheim, Ruth Alice 439 Benedict, Dana Marie 441 Benedis, Dawn Marie 442 Benesch, Scott 181 BENETTON 431 Benincasa, Robyn 181 Benjamin, johnathan Elias 443 Benjamin, Mike 160, 162, 165 Benn, Alli 290 Benness, Rob 188 Bennett, Allie R 448 Bennett, jenifer 235 Bennett, Leanne 331 Bennett, Rob 321 Bennett, Schultz 211 Benning, Robert 208, 243, 359, 471 Bennitt, james 319 Bens, Richard 216, 231 Benson, Chris 254 Benson, Christopher A 449 Benson, Cory 3 0 Benson, David 199, 319 Bentaarit, Riadh 360 Bentley, Christine 360 Benton, Lori 331 Benton, Marta Patricia 444 Benware, Leo Francais 440, 447 Benz, Steve 304 Benzer, julie Angeline 442 Berch, Dave 188 Berch, Eric Martin 438 Berding, Mark Allen 446 Berg, Andrew 306 Berg, Arild 223 Berg, james 273 Berg, Tina 136, 161 Bergan, Karen 277 Bergenneier, Michael 160 Berger, Carol 141 Berger, Mette Helene 181, 443 Berger, Robert Alan 442 Berger, Ross 360 Ber er Sherri L nn 439 8 I Y Berger, Tim 256 Bergeson, Cheryl 301 Berggren, Theresej 449 Birdsell, Mike 310 Birenbaum, Lisa 253 BIRCKENSTOCK 431 Birnbaum, Aaron 314 Birnbaum, Gail 269 Biron, Eve-Lyne 141 Bishop, Carla jeannette 442 Bishop, Eva Veronica 439 Bishop, Laurence R 449 Bishop, Marsha 235 Bishop, Robert Louis 438 Bishop, William 332, 449 Bergin, Pamela Ann 449 Bergman, Brent William 447 Bergman, Laura 331, 449 Bergmann, Mark 320 Bergo, Mark Conrad 441 Bergsma, Bonnie 181 Berish, Blake 314 Berke, Kim 271 Berkholder, Bert 261 Berkowitz, jeff 303 Berland, Lauren 293 Berley, Share 296 Berlin, Stacy 292 Berlinger, Diane 445 Berman, Dan 282 Bermudes, Betty joyce 439, 444 Bems, Douglas Paul 441 Bems, V Diana 449 Bemstein, Margaret 188, 211 Bemstein, Matt 2, 228 Bemstein, Robin 360 Berry, Eric 135 Berry, jeffrey Alan 440 Berry, latin 129 Berry, Timothy 319 Berset, Robert Scott 444 Bertani, Steve 318 Bertini, Marianne 360 Bertko, Karen 211, 247, 272, 360 Bertman, Becky 360 Bertoldo, Greg 271 Bertolini, jeff 315 Bertoluzzi, Mario 211 Berton, Lyn 298 Bertrand, Isabelle 216 Besinger, Brook 299 Besler, Susan Marie 438 Bess, Cheryl 253 Besse, Amy 293 Bessoff, Lisa 331 Beste, joel 360 Beste, juli 291, 360 BETA ALPHA PS1 240 BETA Tl-IETA Pl 305 Betanson, Lew 227 Bethea, john Anthony 446 Bethel, Mark john 438 Betzer, Susan Kay 439 Beuleiz, Karry 296 Beumann, Lynn Ellen 439 Beumer, Kent Karl 441 Beuter, Bradley Raymond 447 Beverly, Ron 120 Beville, Monica 211 Beville, Stephanie 211, 439 Bevis, Amy 269, 294, 360 Beyer, Donna 332 Beyer, Heidi Beryl 443 Beykisch, Steve 274 Beynon, Robert L 443 Bhardwaja, Nand Kishore 440 Bhat, Raj 236 Bhamagar, Anant 204 Bia, Ella 360 Bia, Vernie Teba 441 Bianchina, Lisa 200, 290 Bianco, Vito 360 Bibello, Lisa 272 Bible, Garrett A 231, 310 Bice, Brad 311 Bice, Suzanne Brown 443 Bickle , Rob 316 Biddrrl' h, Kemp 203 Bidnicg Brian Michael 443 Bidwell, Bill 63, 79 Bidwell, Chris 307 Bidwell, T C 227 Bieber, Pamela D 442 Biegel, Mark 181 Bie en, Michael 310 Biegnski, Christine M 199, 433, 449 Bitsilly, Amold 448 Bitter, Cynthia jane 440 Bittner, Megan 299 Bitto, Cherese Ann 446 Bitzer, Robert Lee 447 Bivens, john 311 Bivens, Steven 307 Biwan, Paul 200, 201 Bjella, Constance Chris 446, 448 Bjella, Tim Russell 438 Bjomara, lo 290 Bjomholm, Richard 360 Bjomholt, Eric 228 Bjomholt, jason 228 Bker, Brandt Erwin 445 Blacher, Courtney 290 Black, Hilary 269, 360 Black, Ioel 192 Black, Laurie A 443 Black, Susan 299 Black, Wayne 272 Blackburrn, Tess 292 Blackey, Mico Adryan 445 Blackfeather, Winona 211, 213 Blackmon, Thomas Alan 446 Blackwell, Annabel S 440 Blackwell, Vicki Anne 439 Blain, Blair, Blair, Blair, Blais, Darcy 297 Pamela janine 444 Ste hanie Ann 447 William H 441 Stephen 284 Blake, Daniel Edward 440 Blake, David Alan 447 Body, Ann 300 Boe, Kristen 291 Boehnstedt, Curtis Michael 441 Boehringer, Edward 442 Boer, jason De 228 Boersma, Ten'y 312 Boetel, Marg' 311 Bogar, Bren a 294 Bogdanienko, jerzy 216 Bo ess, john 211 Bogg, Debra-Adette 332 Bogle, George Michael 446 Bogle, james 360 Bo len, Christine 332 Bohlen, Gian 294 Bohlman, Patricia Diane 445 Bohm, Linda 264, 360 Bohn, Eric 272 Bohne, leff 311 Bohne, Lance 311 Bohnee, Gene 303 Bohrer, Linden 332 Bohusch, jacqueline 332 Boisen, Arden 294 Boisseiain, Mark 313 Boldt, Eric Milan 438 Bolduc, jeanina 211 Bolduc, Linda jean 446 Boler, Adam 231 Boley, Brian 232 Bolin, Debra Lynn 441 Bollinger, Carmen 224 Bollinger, Sam 295 Bolman, David Brent 441 Bolt, Kimberlee 360 Bolt, Michael L 442 Bolton, Stephani 360 Bolton, Steven 360 Bolyard, Tina Marie 449 Bomgaars, Gregory jay 438 Bonacci, Angela 116, 294 Bonacich, jactxuie 300 Bonar, Michel e 293 Bonderud, Gregory jon 447 Bonitatibus, Dominic 71 Bonney, Moddy Daniel 445 Bono, Mindy 360 Bonthuis, Bobbi 296 Boward, L ndon S 439 Bowbeer, Susan 361 Bowden, Edward Don 188, 447 Bowden, james Francis 446 Bowen, Eva 186, 199, 208, 289, 332, 433 Bowen, jeffrey Allen 447 Bowen, Keith 135 Bowen, Leslie 294 Bowen, Thomas Heinrich 438 Bowers, Mark Charles 442 Bowers, Robert Louis 442 Bowers, Tracy 181 Bowie, William Eugene 442 Bowler, Darryl 303 Bowles, Michelle Elaine 445 Bowman, Lori Anne 440 Bowman, Robert Pote 305, 449 Bowne, Wendy 300 Bowring, Donna 473 Bowser, Mark 211 Bowyer, Michael Emest 446 Boxley, Melissa Louise 446 Boyd, Heidi Marie 448 Boyd, Kelly Anne 442 Boyd, Rob y 135 Boyd, Willliam R 438 Boyden, Mary Anne 445 Boyer, Mark 305 Boyle, Claudia Carol 448 Boyle, Ke? Ann 448 Boynton, ouglas Slpencer 439 Boynton, Teresa 29 Boza, joe 310 Bozicevic, Anthony 211 Brabson, Robert Taylor 446 Bracco, Steve 314 Brace, Richard 308, 332 Brackett, Scott 181 Bienenfeld, Darlene joyce 447 Bie e, Barbie 228 Bierly, Tracey4Lynn 442 Bierly, Marie ila 444 Bietz, jennifer 360 Biggs, judi 223 Bi-gotte, juli 216 B' ardello, Nan 360 Biljanic, Marco? 309 Billen, Amy 232 Billerbeck, Raylenne 439 Billin ley, Daniel R 444 Bills, gave 305 Bimbi, Viviana 247 Bindle, Greg 264 Bingham, Paige 296 Blake, Paul F 444 Blakely, Tom 246 Blakes, Annie 264 Blanchard, Dan 322 Blanchard, David 322 Blanchard, Gary 322, 332, 447 Blanchard, jeffrey Gerard 447 Blanchard, Mark 231, 318 Blanchard, Summer 332 Blanchette, Stephen Charles 240, 438 Bland, Karina Maree 443 Blaney, Alison 293 Blanford, Scott 323 Blank, jennifer 271 Blankemeier, William E 443 Blansett, Michael james 440 Blanton, joe 272 Blatcgiford, Kevin Wayne 441, 44 Blatter, Beth Sharon 445 Blatter, Valerie Suzanne 444 Blau, jeffrey L 447 Blau, Vardell Kent 438 Blauman, Owen 307 Blaylock, james j 200 Blazek, Thomas jeffrey 444 Blazer, Richard 360 Blechnor, Oliver 310 Bledsoe, Pamelaj 444 Bledsoe, Ramin 30, 33, 360 Bleicher, Randall Mark 444 Bleier, Peter 439 Blessing, Cynthia jean 441 Bleu, Gren La 440 Blochey, Michelle 332 Block, Allan 236 Block, Christopher P 438 Blockey, Michelle Tucker 449 Blodgett, Thomas Leslie 443 Blood, Adam 200, 216, 224, 231, 332 Bloom, Audrea 294 Bloom, Bob 37 Bloomberg, Amy 288, 292 Blostone, Chad 231 Blount, Tammy 231 Blum, Craig Houston 442, 445 Blum, Ronald Michael 439 Blum, Tricia M 235 Blumstein, Ada Maxine 447 Blush, Brian 311 Blye, Dan 284 Blythe, Kory 306, 360 Blythe, Krarg 211 Boas, Kerri 97 Bobadilla, Carlos E 444 Bober, joette 332 Boberts, jerome Thomas 439 Bobis, Ronnel 360 Bobo, Eileen Valerie 439 Bocchi, Donn 432 Boccieri, Vincent Anthony 440 Bochner, Louis 235 Bonvallet, Paulette 332 Book, Steve 264 Booker, Devin 311 Booker, Tim 316 Bookwalter, john 315, 446 Boom, Boom, Boom, Elizabeth 269, 360 Mark james 442 Merry Ellen 161 Boone, Lance Timothy 224, 236, 332 Patti Michelle 442 Boone, , Sheridan 300 Brackney, Katrina 184 Brackow, Kathreen 299 Bradley, Craig 314, 332 Bradley, Gremlyrii 297 Bradley, james 196 Bradley , Mary Theresa 449 Bradley, Mike 311 Bradley, Mitch 315 Bradley , Neil 181 Bradley, Owen 216, 224, 231, 272 Bradley, Terri 192, 299 Bradshaw, Lt john 74 Bradshaw, Vicki 211 Brady, Brady, Brady, Brady, Gre 235 johggale 441 Kelly 361 Peter jose 448 Brady, Sean 90, 91 Brady, Steve 256 Brady, Steven 232 Boos, Cami Marie 449 Booth, Christinej 444 Booze, Ste hen 309 Boracchiagillian Marie 440 Borawski, Lisa 232, 332 Borawski, Walter 360 Borcherdin Mark Richard 443 Borchers, Kira 299 Bord, john 332 Bordeaux, Shelli 299 Border, Teresa 361 Boren, Beverly jane 439 Brain, Ingrid 296 Brainard, jim 247, 250, 306 Braly, Shari Leann 439 Bramlage, Ron 315 Brammer, Stephen 211 Branat, Charles j 227 Brancheau, Roni 294 Brand, Kelly 256, 332 Brand, Skip 307 Brand, Stephanie 293 Brandimore, Wade 321 Brandstrom, Donna Rae 448 Boren, Lana joyce 447 Boreyko, Lynne 443 Borg, Terence joseph 440 Borger, Dale james 444 Borja, Frank 321 Brandt, Bill 254 Brandt, Bob 314 Brandt, Charles 259 Brandt, Craig 308 Brandt, Robert 361 Bin nn, Melissa 360 Binilbw, jay Leon 446 Binsfefd, Paul 240, 446 Binsfield, Dave 232 Birch, Denny 116 Birchett, Lisa 360 Birchette, Terrence Selwyn 442 Bird, jonathan S 439 Bird, Larry 2s-1 Bodam, Chris 8 Bodam, Chrissy 269 Bodamo, Maria 291 Boddy, Philip jr. 332 Bodea, Adrian 442 Bodemuller, Brian 314 Boden, Peter 155, 181 Bodenski, Dan 306 Boduch, Dave 253 Bork, Robert 76, 342 Borland, Carol joan 444, 446 Borland, Mary Ann 211, 256 Bom, jennifer 264 Boroff, Grant 323, 446 Borowiec, jeff 282 Borrelb, Brain 227 Borrls, William Marlin 445 Borrsma, Terry 332 Borsh, David 269 Borst, Chris 315 Borst, Michelle 271 Borstiski, jimm 307 Borton, Marc 254 Bosch, Gerhardt 188 Bosch, Rick 314 Bose, Tanya 200, 294 Boss, Virginia 290 Boster, Kim 361 Bostic, Bobby 310 Bostick, Scott 320 Boston, jeff 259 Bostrom, Kent 135 Botsford, Matthew III 442 Bott, Christine 271 Bon, Kristy 271 Bottalla, Aldo 264 Bottiglieri, Rinaldo 274 Bottorf, Monica Lynn 446 Bottorff, Leslie 294 Bouch, Gary 273 Boucher, Vrdor Brian 449 Bouck, David 319 Boudart, Dana 264 Bo:-glriter, Christine Lynn 438 Bo ' eau, David 309 Bounds, Steve 303 Bourassa, james 231 Bourgeois, Shon Kirby 447 Bour and, Theresa 291 Bouton, Kerrin 277 Bouzari, Hanri 332 Bove, Bruce 440 Brandt-Fox, Trisha Avon 442 Branen, james 332 Branigan, Bridget A 97, 184 Branscomb, Monique 199, 332, 433 Branson, Renee 361 Brant, Steve 323 Braown, William Edward 446 Brasch, Kurt 322 Brasch, Ronald Everette 444 Brashear, Anne 300 Brashear, David 320 Braslow, Michele 361 Brasseur, Andre Gawain 441 Bratcher, Paul Wesley 442 Braun, Leslie William 439 Braun, Marlaine 236, 361 Brawn, Patti 332 Bray, Crystal 207 Bray, Linda jean 439 Bray, Michelle 200, 295 Bream, Robert 227 Breard, Lisa Ann 447 Brecheisen, jane 299 Breeze, jim 310 Brehme, Christoper 269 Brendel, Ken 36 Brennan, Anne Elizabeth 441 Brennan, Steven Alan 243, 449 Brennan, Tom 308 Brenner, jim 311 Brenner, Kimberly 277 Brenner, Ruth Elizabeth 440 Brennon, Michelle 274 Brescia, Ferdinando Ill 446 Bresnahan, Carole Ann 442 Bresnahan, Shawn Michael 438 Bresson, Oliver 361 Brethewaite, Chris W 445 Brewer, Adley French 445 Brewer, Carin 231 Brewer, Franklin Louis 441 Index 451 Brewer, jim 240 Brewer, Stephanie Marie 441 Brewer, Timothy Glenn 440 Brewes, Brewste Brewste Brice a Elizabeth 211, 361 r, Barry R 439 r, judith Ismay 442 nelle 289 361 Cames, M Caro, Guadalupe F Buchanan, Carroll, Nicole 243, 362, 471 , I , Brichetto, Tony Alan 442, 445 Bridgeford, john 316 Bridges, Dorothy 361 Bridges, jason 160 Bridges, Lindi 295 Bridwell, Brandon 314 Brientenwisher, Lisa 299 Brierley, Scott 236 Briggs, Donna 361 Briggs, jenny 272 Bri s, Sharon 388 Briggslyper, Mike 272 Brimmer, Kyron 95 Brinegar, james Donald 442 Briner, Benton 361 Bnney, Tamara Ann 441 Brink, Kraig 15 Brinker, julie 54 Brinkley, jeff 267, 361 Brinkmann, Suzanne Sheryl 446 Brinkoetter, Thomas Alan 447 Bt-may, Mike 219 Briones, Natalia 216 Brisbin, Geoff 181 Briscoe, Pamela Anne 446 Bristow, john 332 Britney, Brian Robert 441 Bmason, Renee 264 Bmovich, Mark 320, 332 Broad, Matt 307 Broadbent, Tamara 256 Broadhurst, joe 259 Broadman, Diana jane 448 Broadus, Vicci 30, 32, 332, 449, 475 Brobst, Mary Louise 442 Brochtrup, Wendy 293 Brock, jim 160, 162 Brock, Kimberly Suzanne 439 Brockhaug, Kerri 300 Brockly, Bob 316 Broderick, Patrick 361 Brodman, Scott 332 Brodsky, joseph Robert 442 Brodzinski, Darla Kay 443 Brogan, Karen 301 Brome, Kristi 293 Bronson, Edward joseph 448 Bronson, Gail 207 Bronstein, Paul 141, 312 Brooke, Todd 304 191 Brucci, Anthony 308, 361 Bruch, Stephanie j 439 Bruemmer, Theresa Ann 445 Bniflat, Arla Dayle 442 Brummer, jacqueline Ann 443 Brummett, jessica 297 Brummett, joelle 269, 361 Brunacini, jolene 300 Bmnelle, Darrin 313 Bruner, Donna 253 Bruner, Tony 313 Bninet, Katherine josephine 445 Brunel, Kathy 333 Brungardt, Suzanne 333, 449 Bruni, Michael Paul 446 Bmning, Lisa Ann 444 Brunner, Grant 314, 361 Bnms, jeff 315 Bnins, Kathryn Gayle 449 Brunsdale, Lenard Charles 441 Brunsman, joseph 333 Brunstein, Lois j 439 Brunty, Devin 211 Brunvatne, Vivian 438 Brush, Frederick C 442 Brusseau, Teri Ann 438 Brussel, jane van 438 Bryan, Kari Anne 438 Bryan, Leslie Langford 448 Bryan, Shawn 256 Bryant, Beau 311 Bryant, joel Robert 438 Bryant, Kathleen 235, 361 Bryce, Michael Phil 441 Bryson, Michael james 443 Brzucki, AnnMarie Katherine 438 Bua, Tade 293 Buban, Thomas Gregory 449 Bubar, Robert Lyman 444 Bucci, Christopher 267 Buccino, Michael 304, 361 Buccola, D ina 160 Buch, Phili 272 Buchanan, jjames Marple 440, 447 Buchanan, jeffrey 313 Buchanan, john Raymond 443 W Richard 445 Brooks, Albert 45 Brooks, Barry 332 Brooks, Bobby 256 Brooks, jane 297 Brooksby, john Kent 445 Broos, Krista 228 Brosnan, Kingsley 293 ,A y Bus, Monique 292 Cannon, Kenny 231 Carter, Caralee 439 Broussard, Steve 124 Brower, Chuck 304 Browlie, Michael 190 Buchbinder, Lori 301 Buchleitner, Mary Concetta 449 Buck, Betsy 277 Buck, Brain 207 Buck, Brandon 316 Buck, Elizabeth 361 Buckley, james Il 442 Buckley, Stephen 333 Buckley, Steven Lee 438 Buckley, William 51 Buczkowski, Michele 361 Budd, Diane 333 Buddecke, Christine 293 Budisalich, Ryan 254 Budnick, Ronald Alfred 441 Budwick Sherri L nn 445 Brown, Anice 361 Brown, Brown Barry 269 Bill 304 Brown, Brent 203 Brown, Candace 196, 449 Brown, Christopher 232 Brown, Cynthia 289, 361 Brown, Dan 227 Brown, Darryl Michelle 443 Brown, Daun 207 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, David 282 Dawn 361, 446 Debbie 136, 161 Deborah Lynn 440 Debra Young 447 Brown, Dessie May 448 Brown, Doug 306 Brown, Douglas S 440 Brown, Evelyn E 274, 438 Brown, jamie 231 Brown, jay 211 Brown, jennifer Kimberly 443 Brown, jill 290 Brown, jim 54 Brown, K B 199, 200 Brown, Karen 211 Brown, Kathryn Marie 442, 449 Brown, Kevin I 447 Brown, Kris 264 Brown, Kriss Edward 442 Brown, Kristen 292, 299 Brown, Kristine 445 Brown, Laura 292 Brown, Leann 297, 442 Brown, Neil 269, 361 Brown, Pascal 231 Brown, Sean 267 Brown, Shelly Kay 445 Brown, Stephen 228 Brown, Steven 333, 447 Brown, Todd 304 Brown, Wally 228 Brown, Warren 238, 239, 361 Browndorf, Iric Lawrence 443 Brownell, Christine 211 Browner, joel 282 Browner, Tracy 361 Browning, Lauren 295 Browning, September 333, 445 Brownlie, Michael 188, 190, 452 Index Buechler, Rachelle 362 Buenik, Mike 323 Buerger, Kathryn 51 Bueter, Sean 319, 438 Buffington, Alexandra C T 445 Bugbee, Tom 304 Bugg, Gordon 362 Bu , Erin 271 Buksbaum, Aviva G 445 Bulahan, Kenneth 312 Bulgarella, Mario Philip 441 Bul , Chris 316 Bull, jeff 199, 316, 433 Bull, Tamara Lynn 438, 445 Bullock, Betsy 297 Bullock, Brent 228 Bullock, Gregory R 443 Bullock, Walter jr, 438 Bumberg, Amy 271 Bunch, Mollie 232 Bunel-jordana, Leonardo 449 Bunnell, Vanessa 290 Buono, Daniela Marie 438 Burau, Liz 293 Burch, Rebecca 68 Burch, Susan 300 Burchard, Douglas S 438 Burchett, Anita Grosvenor 444 Burchett, Steve 254 Burdiak, Michele Marie 449 Burdick, john 135, 315 Burdick, Susan joye 439 Burgener, Lynn joanne 445 Burgener, Scott 211 Burger, Phillip William 442 Burger, Robert Michael 439 Burges, Dennis 54, 333 Burgess, Dave 181 Burgess, Mike 243 Burget, Robert V 441 Burghardt, Erol 362 Burgoyne, Karen 333 Burgoz, Scott 196, 228, 274 Burgraff, Ann 207 Burgy, David B 439 Bur , Donna 253 Burk, Scot Eugene 441 Burke, Anna Marie 439 Burke, Kevin Michael 448 Burke, Nicole 290 Burke, Sean 316 Burkhart, Kristine Kelly 439 Burkhartsmeier, Valerie 219 Burkholder, Byron Lee 444 Burkland, jennifer 271 Burleson, john 207 Burlison, Emest Donald 440 Bumett, Chad 181 Bumette, Chu Nhut 264 Bums, julie A 443, 445 Burr, Scott 309 Burr, Timothy 247, 257, 259, 333 Burrell, jerry 149 Burrell, jill Lynn 439 Burrola, Mike 160 Burrows, Veronica A 227 Burtin, john 311 Burton, Barabara Rose 440 Burton, jean Marie 439 Burton, Katie 290 Burton, Travis 228 Buruhem, john 319 Burwell, Robert 309 Bury, Suzanne julia 447 Busby, Patty 295 Busby, Ross 267, 319 Busch, Kristine Anne 444 Busch, Monica 236 Busey, Ann 299 Busey, Brian 316 Bush, Amy 181 Bush, Dave 323 Bush, Weston 307 Bushard, Lisa 299 Bushman, Edmund 333, 447 Bushwell, Kathleen 442 Bushfy, Michael 319 BUS NESS COLLEGE COUNCIL 224 Bussema, Amy Sue 439 Bustamante, Manuel 362 Busto, Marcella Rae 446 Bustos, Marie 301 Butera, Scott Matthew 438 Buthal, Rich 188 Butler, Christine 274, 362 Butler, james 231 Butler, jill 295 Butler, Kristie 333 Butler, Michael W 216, 231, 440 Butler, Nomian Keith 438 Butler, Ross 438 Butler, Ruth Ann 446 Butler, Victoria 333 Butner, joseph 231 Butt, Umar 141, 333, 446 Butterworth, Todd 309, 445 Buttler, Gary 362 Butzow, Anne 184 Buzard, Tricia 294 Buffard, Theron Wayne 439, 4 Bybee, Elizabeth 362 Bybee, Stanley 333 Bycott, Tiffany 297, 333 Byers, Debora Lyn 449 Byjoe, Annie 333 Bylinski, joseph 440 Byiilgjohn Christopher 442, Byrd, Tia 362 Byrket, Martha 298 Byme, Elizabeth Mary 442 Byme, Richard john 439 Byun, Mike 303 Cabanillas, Christina M 441 Caggnca, Michael Anthony Cabianca, Patrice 186, 199, 247, 300, 433 Cabrera, Raphael Haase 333, 447 Caccamese, Mark Daniel 446 Caccamo, Diane 203, 449 Cacchione, David 333 Cacchione, Scott 315 Caddow, Walter Ill 443 Cadzow, Patricia Ann 443 Cafferty, jill 294 Caffert ,julie 240 Cag, Christina 294, 333, 446 Cagan, Robert 310 Cagle, jason 318 Ca oon, Christopher Lee 440 Cahoon, Vic 120, 135 Caiafa, Guy 333 Cain, Ann 192 Cagic, Ante 211 Ca abrese, Antonio C 449 Calake, Laurie M 445 Calaya, Teresa 207 Caldaron, Mark 333 Calder, Tami Lynn 449 Calderone, Alisa 300 Caldwell, Edmond Lindsey 448 Caldwell, Edward 232 Caldwell, james Leroy 441 Caldwell, janet Lee 441 Caldwell, Karen Marie 441 Caldwell-Meeks, Kim 333, 448 Cale, Tim 227 Calhoun, Kari 299 Calka, Susee Lei 438 Call, Heather 297 Carlson, james 319 Carlson, Pet-ra Lisa 444 Carlson, Trisha 292 Carlson, Tro Donovan 442 Carlson, William 362 Carman ames 215 , j Carmichael, Carey 300 Carmichael, Tom 158, 180 Camelix, Kevin 314 Callahan, Cathy 269 Callahan, Denis F 448 Callahan, Gary Michael 446 Callahan, Steve 284 Callahan, Tom 318 Callan, Becky 140 Callert, jannifer Lynn 333, 446 Calli, Marcelo 216 Callicoat, Cathy 297 Callufo, Gwen 388 Calvert, Brian Edward 447 Calvin, Clayton 362 Calzadilla, Phil 305, 326 Camacho, Manuel 333 Camargo, john 333, 446 Cambere, Richard Giles 438 Cameron, Alex 188 Cameron, Ann E 443 Cameron, Chris 181 Cameron, Robin L nn 438 Cameron, Sandra 232 Cameron, Scott Glenn 448 Cameron, Tammy Sue 445 Cammaroto, Chnsta 402, 403 Camosy, john Paul 444 Camp, james j 444 Camp, Stephen Edward 440 Camell, Sherrylyn M 449 Camer, George 319 Cames, jennie Carol 445 Camey, Camey, Camey, Camey, Camey, ark E 440 Brian Leo 440 Cherly 190 james 188, 441 Matthew 231 Patricia Leigh 445 39 Caroselli, Christo herj 438 Caroselli, Mary 293 Carpenter, Amy 301 Carpenter, David Samuel 442 Carpenter, Debra Lynn 440 Carpenter, jeffrey Paul 448 Carpenter, john Richard 445 Carpenter, Lewis 316 Carpenter, Lori Ann 449 Carpenter, Mark 228 Ca nter Me an 211, 298 YP? , Carpenter, Moi? 119, 180, 362 Carpenter, Shei a Sue 438 Campbell, Brian 272 Campbell, Dave 315 Campbell, Delores j 442 Campbell, jane Louise 449 Campbell, Lisa 293 Campbell, Patrick 315 Campbell, Robert 231 Campbell, Rudy 203 Campbell, Suzanne Renee 449 Campbell, Teresa 253 Campbell, Teri Robin 449 Carpenter, Shelly Dawn 442 Carpenter, Tracy Alan 445 Carr, jennifer Lynn 438 Carr, Rhonda Y 204 Carragher, Marie E 253, 362 Carrasco, Lucinda 208 Carreto, jodelle 471 Carriere, Am 292 Carrieres, Kelly M 440, 444 Carriero, Tony 308 Carri an, Keith Douglas 438 Campbell, Thomas Steven 449 Campbell, Todd jameson 440 Campion, Dan 236, 362 Campion, james E 323, 333, 44 Campion, Mary 362 Campolongo, Christopher 203, 21 , 333 Campos, Theresa Lynn 440 CAMPUS AMBASSADORS 236 Canada, Mike 267 Cancelosi, Dawn 333 Cancio, Patricia C 196 Canino, Christopher 319 Cannelle, Florence 333 Canning, David Frederic 446 Cannon, Michael Edward 449 Cano, Victoria 271 Cante, Marco 310, 327 Canter, Catherine 334, 449 Canter, Kim 292 Canto, Angela jill 446 Cantu, Guillermina 362 Cantua, jim 321 Cao, john 256 Capcara, Linda 446 Capek, Vicki 269, 299 Capelli, jose h 211 Caplan, Mark 311 Capobianco, Anthony 446 Capps, Louis jr. 447 Capra, George 315 Capranica, Eric 308 Capron, Sue 334 Caputo, Nicholas jr, 439 Caraffa, Gu 442 Caravetta, Carlo 223 Carbone, Danielle 243 Cardella, ron 313 Cardenas, Lily 334 Cardenas, tina 300 Carder, Casey 277, 362 Cardin, Sheba 211 Cardineau, Yan 181 Cardona, Don 264 Cardwell, Cam S 440 Cardwell, Deanna 290 Careaga, Carlos F 196 Caretto, jodele 253 Carey, Brett 223, 311 Carey, Deana 334 Carhart, john 334 Carl, Daniel Arthur 440 Carlander, Amy K 449 Carleton, jeffre L 443 Carlin, Brian 31y6 Carlino, Mark 161 Carlise, Danielle P 446 Carlo, jerry 318 Carlos, Geraldine Faye 441 Carriier, Laura Irene 448 Can-illo, Femando Mannuel 445 Carrillo, Kelly Lyn 439 Carrillo, Silvia M 441 Carrington, Daniel 362 Carrol, Margie 11 Carroll, Daniel 362 Carroll, Kelly 208, 294 Carroll, Lisa 300 Carroll, Margie 186, 294 Carroll, Matthew O 228, 446 Castro, Raul 60 Catalano, Neil 304 Cathey, joel 223 Catillo, Bertha Ann 441 Catinella, Marie 235 Catlett, Ann Irene 442, 449 Cauble, Steven Bmce 449 Caudron, julie 288, 293 Caughey, Brett 322 Causey, Myma 439 Cauthon, Nancy D 438 Cavanagh, Ha 203 Caveche, Davd-2,28 Caven, Debbie 300 Cavittii, Lee 362 Cawthon, Dina 297 Cays, jaime Robles 449 Cayton, jeff 308 Caywood, Wally 203 Cease, jacqueline 228 Ceballos, jason 211 Cecena, Araceli 196, 362 Cedarburg, Eric 313 Cedarburg, Leif 313 Cekoric, Brian 334, 449 Celaya, Larry Alexander 44 Celaya, Mandy 207 Celaya, Patricia 196 Celaya, Pete R 443 Celaya, Phillip 196 Celaya, Rachel 196 Celenza, Peter john 438, 44 Centurion, Ingrid 196, 207 Ceranski, Terrence Walter 4 Cemansky, Bill 239 Certo, Elizabeth Anne 439 Certo, Tish 141 Cerutti, Anthon 211 Cervantes, Caroline 442 Cerwin, Kristen 292 Cesario, Gregory 141, 449 Chadwick, Peter 439 Chafey, Bob 304 Chafey, Diana 290 Chafey, Robert 334, 448 Chaffey, Rick 312 Chagra, joanna 297 Chaides, Alexander 196 , Chaiken, Marcy 46 N Chait, jaime lsaac 448 , Chalfant, Chad E 448 1 Chalken, Marcy 239 ' Chalupsky, Pete 311 Chalu ky, Sara 291 Chamgzlain, Glen Royal 43 Chamberlin, james Allan 44 Chambers, David 334 Carroll, Patrick 362 Carroll, Peter 211, 362 Carroll, Scott 310 Carroll, Chambers, Geneva Marie 41 William Andrew 439 Carruth, Richard Dean 440 Carruthers, Steven 211 Carson, Andrea 207, 362 Carson, Elizabeth 295 Carson, john 322 Carson, Monty 207 Carter, Am 207 Carter, Ancllew William 449 Chambers, Susan Elizabeth 440 Chambers, Vikki 294 Champaigne, jeannette 264 Champion, Gre 319 Champoux, BarBara jane 44 Chan, Charles 236 Chan, Mei-Hsiu 99 Chancellor, Roy 282 CHANDLER HOSPITAL 4 Chandler, Kell 211, 299 Carter, Christopher 319 Carter, Heather 180 Carter, jennifer M 444 Carter, Kendall Frank 160, 442 Carter, Linta 277 Carter, Lisa Louise 445 Carter, Rick D 439 Carter, Tabetha 211 Carthaius, Rolf A 441 Cartier, Ann M 449 Cartolano, Stephen Vincent 441 Cartwright, Christeen 334 Caruso, Caruso, Camso, Karen 362 Mike 68 Tracey 334 Casale, john 311 Casebol t, james 322 Casey, Heather Ann 439 Chandrawati, Pinah 444 Chaney, Melissa 274, 362 Chaney, Sandra 297, 332 Chaney, Tracy jo 445 Chang, Bradley 284, 363 Chang, Callie Aimei 439 Chang, james 207 Chang, Susie jean 441 Channon, Gretchen 295 Chapko, john 323 Chapman, Carter 319 Chapman, Cary 224, 232 Chapman, Cheryl 334 Chapman, Kari Lfynne 291 Chapman, Kerri 95 Chapman, Tobin 315, 363 Charania, Shaelin 363 Charest, Mike 27, 235 Carlsberg, Rebecca jane 443 Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, , Gary 223, 314 Carlson Andrea 295, 362 Bob 304 Darcy Ann 439, 443 David Vemon 445 Don 219 e Casey, jonathan 319 Casey, Moira 261 Cashman, Kim 297 Casillas, Rudy 86 Casoose, Keith 362 Cassano, Kathy 295 Cassel, Sam james 443 Cassidy, David 160 Cassidy, james Andrew 446 Cassidy, jan A 442 Cassidy, Kevin Shawn 449 Cassidy, Martin 309 Cassidy, Patrick Keith 442 Cassidy, Paul 264 Cassner, janette Celeste 441 Casta oli, Victor Leon 440 CastaFdl0, Paul 180 Castaneda, Pete 207 Castano, Luis 227 Castellano, john 318 Caster, Greg Paul 439 Castillo, Bertha Ann 441 Castillo, Gabe 254 Castillo, Richard 362 Castle, Bob 471 Castle, Robert 243, 362 Castleberry, Nicole 211 Castrillon, jose 261 Castro, Alexdefaria E 223 Castro, Andy 211 Castro, Castro, Evangelina L 444 Irene 439 Charlesworth, Michael 203 Charette, Amy L 442 n Charlto , Scott 227, 311 Chamell, Monica Agnes 43E Chamesky, james A 441 Chamey, Nicki 297 Charron, Sheri Anne 440 Chasan, Rocio Meneses 444 Chase, Barry 261 Chastain, Kim 300 Chatfield, Tiri 211 Chatwood, Andrea 282 Chaudhuri, Paul 363 Chaudoin, Wendy Denise 44 Chauffe, Kelly 211 Chauvi n, Marc 228, 256 Chavez, Benjamin 207 Chavez, Carl 303 Chavez, Dena 236 Chavez, Eddie 196, 199 Chavez, jose 447 Chavez, Michelle 291 Chavez, Rob 161 Cheaito, Maher 334 Cheang, Henry Vui 438 Cheagham, George Kendall 44 Chee Matilda 363 Cheigh Cheke, Willy K 231 aniel 261 Checuras, Stephanie C 449 'D K Cheke, ristine Mary 443 Chen, Kun-Mao 334 447 Coy, Cutler, jeff 304 , Stacey 224, 243, 363, l , Yuan-Chuan 334 , Yueh-Miao 334 ey, Cheryl 298 curas, Stephanie C 448 venak, Diane Marie 442 ter, Michael 259 ang, Donna 215, 448 es, Sondra 334 EPSILON 219 ppetta, Ralph 231 ro, Raeann 448 te, jim 316 lress, Timothy j 438 ls, Leslie Ella 438 rs, Lo an jr. 439, 441, 443 on, Sgane Ronald 440 on, Stephanie Lee 443 a, Kin 282 , Arlene Lillian 449 , Thomas Q 445 man, jane 298 umbolo, Christopher j 439 holm, Andrew Roderick 9 zenden, Lloyd 211 apek, Brett john 439 aelick, Suzanne 292 aelka, Robert Stuart 442 aurynski, Walter Henry 1 , Kyung 216 , Richard 282, 363 ate, Cynthia Lee 449 las, Tanna 208 ng, Soo Shien 438 ong, Al 227 ong, Woon Sum 440, 444, -7 pko, Lesia 363 que, Maria 334 rd, Christi Rae 445 mopysky, William Terry L8 u, Tzu Fan 216 udhery, Asif 363 w, Elaine Yan 442 asman, Walt 320 lst, Dominique 334 ist, james 311 isten, jean M 439 istensen, Eric March 446 istensen, jonathan M 444 istensen, Michael j 443 istensen, Mondi 292 istian, Sean C 447 istianson, Dennis 314 istiansen, Susan Beth 443 istin-Kruitho, Dominique lla 446 istoff, Dana 363 istopherson, Conna 291 istopher, judy Usanee 440 isty, Sarah Penelope 439 1, Ming 219 i, Rudy 219 1, Thomas 334 ickry, Darren Steven 444 ie, Warren 207 ikwudolue, Esokwu 334 ing, Boisan 98 ingg Young Soon 216 .arc , Alan Patrick 444 irch, George Edward 438 irch, jeff 314 arch, john 318 Jrchich, Kath 215 aarilla, Paul 22,8 aarosh, Christine Marie 440 urosh, Lauraj 439 uruka, Amnart 305 k, Fran 161 carone, Theresa Ann 442, '45 cone, Thomas William 447 han, Cecilia 74 han, Michael 74 -klinski, Kari 235 alak, Kathryn Mary 449 goy, Penny 211, 292 naaglia, Karen Ann 440 aper, jeanne Marie 439 wer, Cynthia Sue 449 'a, Timoth 363 aulo, jeff 227, 231 ino, Clay L 441 idad, Tina E 199, 200, 295, 163 lla, Lillian 290 on, Lauren 269 baugh, Mike 307 beaux, john 304 ibome, julie 277 ncy, Alison Anne 442 ncy, Dennis Paul 446 rk, Alaric 363 rk, Alex 311 ,rk, Andy 240 ark, Brenda C 441, 444 ark, Chad 318 ark, David 254 ark, Demise 232 ark, Donna Kelleen 444 ark, Glenna 297, 447 ark, Gre 120, 130,131, 135 ark, j D 269 ark, james Benjamin 442 ark, jon 334 ark, julie 299 Clark, Larry Earl 445 Clark, Lori 292 Clark, Maureen 447 Clark, Miki 300 Clark, Patricia Ann 363, 443, 444 Clark, Perry 236 Clark, Robin 299, 433 Clark, Steven Stole 443 Clark, Suzanne Marie 447, 449 Clark, Teal 231, 274 Clark, Tim 334 Clarke, Geor e Loy 438, 445 Clarke, jennifer 292 Clarke, Sparrow A 219, 449 Clarkson, Susan Norma 441 Claros, Lorena Maria 439 Clatterbuck, Benjamin R 442 Clauss, Kimberly 247 Clawson, Stacy 192, 200, 247, 253, 334 Claypoole, Scott 135 Clayton, Adam 21, 187 Clayton, john Alderson 439 Clayton, Lisa Beth 448 Cleary, Vanessa 363 Cleere, Susan 449 Clegg, Dawn 299 Clemen, Celia Sharon 449 Clemenger, Kenneth james 444 Clement, Bradle 264, 363 Clements, jennifler 292 Clements, Rodney 231, 334 Clevenger, Vicki 97 Clevenger, Victor 363 Cleverl , Scott 306 Clifford: Sean Micheal 441 Clifton, Cathy 334 Clifton, Chris 264 Clifton, Katie 215 Climmer, Roc 188 Cline, Tyree 211, 307 Clonts, Niki Ann 439 Clonts, Sharon Kay 439 Closson, Charlie 312 Clow, Mike 311 Clower, Am 269 Cluff, CherylL 447 Cluff, Gary Denvin 446 Cluff, jamie Lynne 445 Cluff, Patricia A 438 Coats, john Clark 438 Coats, Louise 188 Cobb, Ronald 224, 232, 363 Cobbs, Amy 264, 363 Cobler, joe 271 Cobus, Daniel joseph 446 Cocalis, Chris 264 Cochran, Angie 292 Cochran, james 316 Cochran, Shelly 297 Cochran, Wayne 284 Cocktield, Lonnie 231 Coco, Anthony 211 Cody, jeffrey G 447 Coe, Diane 71 Coe, Laura Lee 442 Coelho, Myron Claude 448 Coffee, Thomas William 440 Coffeen, Clay 316 Coffelt, Cynthia Lee 443 Coffey, Cath 291 Coffey, Gerald 313, 334 Coffman, Brett 320 Coffman, Kristen Suzanne 445 Cofrances, Emest L 442 Cohen, Cheryl 299 Cohen, David 303, 363 Cohen, Devora 232 Cohen, jeffrey Andrew 438 Cohen, jodi 272 Cohen, Mark 315, 446 Cohen, Stephanie Palmer 444 Cohn, Ricardo 303 Coimbra, Moema 216 Colarich, Daneil 291 Colasacco, Michelle 228 Colavin, Michelle 180, 257 Coldren, Michael 211 Coldren, Sarah Ruth 441 Cole, Cindy 269 Cole, Daniel 334 Cole, Darice 363 Cole, Edward Francic 316 Cole, Kirsten Denise 449 Cole, Rodney Frederick 440 Cole, Shane 228 Cole, Traci 442 Colelay, joyce B 204, 363 Colella, Christopher 443 Coleman, Bryant 316 Coleman, Christopher L 446 Coleman, Cyndee 363 Coleman, Ron 311 Coleman, Tim Michael 447 Coles, Lisa A 449 COLLEGE STREET DEL1 423 Collette, Ronald D 442 Collier, Denise Ann 440 Collier, Katie 300 Collier, Renee Celia 442 Collinge, Dave 311 Collins, Anita Marie 442 Collins, April 211 Collins, Carol Ann 449 Collins, Cynthia 294 Collins, Dennis Alan 441 Collins, Gary bee 439 Collins, joseph Ralph 443 Collins, Marcelle Lynn 438 Collins, Mark 200, 304 Collins, Sean 227 Collins-Fisher, Treva 443, 445 Collopy, Thomas Gregory 449 Colman, Darrell 269 Colmer, jane 290 Colo, Penny 292 Colombo, john Daniel 439 Colosi, An ela 439 Colosimo, iflarg Frances 446 Colunga, jose 444 Colvin, Tanya Ellice 442 Colwell, Candace 253, 293 Combs, Freddie 160 Combs, Greg 231 Comella, Bil 316 Comer, Keith james 441 Comings, Karen jean 449 Committee, jacqueline M 439 Compiano, Kim 295 Compolongo, Chris 254 Compton, aron Crane 441 Com ton, Mar Elizabeth 444 COlVl,PUTER TYASK CORPORATION 413 Comstock, john Truman 445 Comtois, jeff 256 Conaboy, john 272 Cone , Natasha 363 Conklin, Geoff 256 Conklin, Kim 247 Conklin, Robert Richard 439 Conlan, Matt 231 Connel, Brent 315 Connell, Kevin 271, 363 Connelly, Chris 256 Connelly, jerry 316 Conner, Betty Lavaughn 449 Conner, Dan 304 Conner, Tui N 447 Conners, Dennis 305 Connick, Tom 282, 320 Connolly, Catherine T 445 Connolly, Chris 314 Connolly, Kelly 199, 200, 207, 297, 433, 446 Connolly, Robin 146, 161 Connolly, Sheila 264, 363 Connor, jeanne Marie 448 Conquest, Michael Thomas 44 Conrad, joi 232, 334 Conrad, Rozilyn Hyde-Karty 449 Conroy, Keith Richard 446 Constandse, Carrie 196, 264 Contes, jamie Ellen 441 Contois, Shen 203 Contreras, Anna 363 Contreras, Bob 224 Contreras, Diane D 236 Contreras, Maria Elena 441 Contreras, Sandra 196 Contro, Monique 293 Converse, Lisa 243, 269, 363, 471 Conway, john Francis 446 Conway, Michael Alan 442 Conway, Michelle 363 Conyers, Lisa 298 Coogan, Harold Thomas 441 Coo , Amanda 297 Cook, Amy 224, 446 Cook, Anna 446 Cook, Brad 231 Cook, Cathy 296 Cook, Cheryl Louise 445 Cook, Deborah 243, 269, 363, 471 Cook, jane 269 Cook, Kathryn Roann 291, 442 Cook, Marie Lucille 448 Cook, Martina 204, 205 Cook, Martin 309 Cook, Rick 306 Cook, Susan Ann 440 Cook, Timothy Allen 439 Cook, William Alan 441, 444 Cooke, Chris 316 Cooke, jill 292 Cooke, Paul 211 Cooksey, Abby 291 Cooley, Angela 334 Cooley, james Edmond 439 Cooley, Rhonda Arleen 445 Corbin, Laura Ann 448 Corbin, Neil George 447 Corbin, Will 309 Corbridge, Lilian Cecile 446 Corder, Amy L 448 Corder, Kelly A 448 Cordes, Mark 47 Cordora, Philli 259 Cordova, Lori 1,96 Cordova, Vivian 438 Ctgdulack, Christopher 269, 64 Core, Corel Louis 364 l Carol n 334 f Y Corklin, Kim 277 Corley, David Lee 439 Corle y, Michelle 116, 296 Comaan, Tro Eugen 442 Com, Barry 3,21 Com, jade 364 Comelius, Matthew 364 Comelivs, Christian 215 Comell, Cristy 211, 449 Comish, Elaine Bemice 449 Comwell, Matt 211 Corona, Doug 282 Corradini, Drew 304 Corral, Emest 196 Corrente, Denise 199, 247, 264 Corrigan, Brian Matthew 438 Corsi, Alisa 184, 200, 232, 292, 433 Corso, john 364 Cortabitarte, Rick 334 Cortaro, Dan 58 Cortaro, john 58 Cortez, Daniel 184, 196, 304 Cortinas, Karin 277, 364 Corturo, Peter 256 Corwin, james 314, 334 Cosner, Victoria Louise 441 Cossi tt, Erika Lee 445 Costa, William 334, 449 Costello, Dan 312 Costello, Margaret Ann 442 Costello, Melissa 290 Costello, Pat 304 Costi, Scott 334 Coston, Gary 130 Cosulich, Piero 216 Cota, Cote, Cote, Cote, David Manuel 441, 445 Charles 231 Christopher 284, 364 jacqueline 219, 334 Cotten, Carol 274 Cottingham, jennifer 181 Cottle, Chevelle Lorena 440 Cotto, Sylvina Daly 449 Cotton, Casey 300 Coukoulis, Victor 311 Coulson, Lee Ann 199 Coulter, Carolyn 448 Coultrap, David Kevin 439 Countryman, Shari 181 Coupe, Cheryl Mary 449 Courson, Scott D 235 Courtne , Shelley 300 lt, Kayanne 443 Cova Covert, Keith 316 Covey, Melinda Sue 438 Covey, Scott 316 Cowan, Cathryn Alane 449 Cowan, Gordon 441 Cowen, Maureen juliette 449 Cowgill, Sarah Ann 443 Cow es, William lll 364, 440, 446 Cowley, Dave 219 Cox, Aaron 121, 127, 129, 130, 133, 135 Cox, Cox, Cox, Bradlee Eugene 318, 446 Colette 444 David 211, 334 Cox, james Robert 439 Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, janeen 293, 326 Kathryn Renee 439 Lori 293 Mark 223 Natalie A 253 Paul 322 Shannon Rae 445 Tracg 114, 156, 181, 277, 334, 44 Coxon, Caroline Marie 445 Wayne 334 Coombs Coonen, Cooney, Cooper, Cooper, C oo er, 135, 1 Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, , Robert W 443 jeremiah joseph 443 Debra 102, 334, 446 Eric 307 jeff 323 john 120, 125, 128, 34, 135, 432 Kelly Sue 442 Kristen 296 Michelle 228 Nadine Carolyn 447 Tj 208 Theresa 292 Coparanis, Carol 140, 172, 449 Cope, Madelyn Kay 439 Cope, Rob 3 6 Copeland, Kathryn 211 Copeland, Susan 82 Copeland, Tyler 320 Corbet, jill 296 Corbet, Katie 299 Corbett, Heather 277 Corbin, Bob 230 Corbin, Carla Dawn 441 Corbin, john K 223 Crabtree, Deneen Marie 444 Crabtree, Sherri 364 Cracraft, john 187, 318 Craft, Alissa Paula 442 Craft, john 304 Craft, judith Sparks 449 Crafton, Ellen 301 Craig, Ann Elizabeth 445 Crain, Betty Ann 438 Crain, Christian L 313, 448 Crain, Don 160 Cram, Philip Dean 443 Cramblet, julie 296 Cramston, Kim 292 Crance, Tommi Anne 438, 443 Crandell, jean 442, 445 Crane, james Michael 448 Crane, justin 314 Crawford, Angela Dee 447 Crawford, Eric 135 Crawford, joseph 204, 254 Crawford, Kelli 290 Crawford, Khali 243 Crawford, Pamela 334 Crawford, Sandra 231 Crawford, Susan 196 Crea, Tina Lee 447 Creamer, james 311 Creighton, Catherine Ann 443 Crimando, james 442 Crismon, Brandon 284 Crisp-Clark, Barbara 438 Crissman, Mark 311 Crites, john Robert 443 Crivello, Shari Lynn 441 Croati, Aldo 320 Croatti, Mike 272, 320 Crockett, Daisy Lee 445 Crockett, Pete 316 Cromack, Scott 313 Cronk, Charrnianne 445 Cronk, Doyle Stantill 447 Cronkite, Walter 53, 89 Cronlund, Carol jane 439 Cropp, Todd 307 Crosby, Larry 316 Crosby, Michael Edward 448 Cross, joanne 141 Cross, Lisa 211 Cross, Rich 211 Crossin, james 314, 334 Crouch, Nancy jane 439 Crow, Brian Patrick 447 Crow, Tammie Lynn 438 Crow, Teni McBride 439 Crow, Whitney 211 Crowder, William joseph 313, 446 Crowell, Kristy Larine 449 Cruikshank, L nn 269, 291 Crum, Susan 2,07 Crupi, Patricia Ann 438 Cruz, Donna T 449 Cruz, j R 304 Crye, Kathcy 211 Cryer, Lin a Brooks 442 Csuy, james A 438 Ctonzales, Carlos 196 Cuccinotto, Carole Therese 440 Cuddihy, john R 446 Cueny, Kimberly 296 Cueto, Michaelj 440 Cuff, joseph Thomas 449 Cufone, Patricia Ann 203 Culbertson, Sandy Ra 442 Culpepper, Caser 316 Culpepper, Dwayne 181 Culpepper, john Butler 444 Culver, Elaine G 439 Culver, Frank 308, 364 Cummings, Terry 160 Cummiskey, Christopher Sullivan 306, 449 Cunningham, Billie 364 Cunningham, Bridget K 444 Cunningham, Connie 291, 364 Cunningham, Elizabeth 364 Cunningham, joanie 272 Cunningham, Kurt R 444 Cunningham, Mark Scott 446 Cunningham, Polly 211, 297 Cunningham, Thomas 364 Cunningham, Trace 364 Cuprak, Geoiige W 2,35 Cure, Loren omas 442 Curiel, jaime R 443 Curley, Laura jean 439, 440 Curry, Ashly 295 Curry, Fredd 239 Curry, Scott 211 Curstin, Kimberly 228 Curtin, Dean 227, 304 Curtis, Amy 297, 449 Curtis, Chara 364 Curtis, Cliff 364 Curtis, Gregg 180 Curtis, Shane 160 Curtis, Ted 304 Curtis, Terri L nn 449 Curtis, Troy 334 Curty, Steve 271 Cushing, Catherine Sue 449 Cushing, Clare II 449 Cushmeer, Elijah 364 Cusick, William Roger 318, 4 6 Cutcer, Greg 308 Cuthbertson, William Farley Cutler, Melanie 364 Cutler, William F 445 Cutter, Lisa 261 Cutter, Robert Lloyd 446 Cypalby, Richard 282 Czagany, Catherine Mae 443 Czander, Kim D 438 D'Agostini, Aj 310 D'Agostini, Bruce A 438 D'Agostino, Trace 200, 300 D'A eo, Andrea 293 D'Arcangelo, Thomas 335, 446 D'Emidio, Erica Michelle 448 D'Sa, Victor Luis 444 Daer, john David 438 Dafoe, William 45 Daftarian, Helga 334 Da ett, Mark 307 Dagfey, Tim 311 Da ue, David 227 Dail, Kathryn Lee 447 Dahl, Shawn 219 Dahl, Susan 291 Dahlberg, Steven Farrell 443 Dahlmeier, David 188 Dahlmeier, joAnne 207 Dahlmeier, Susan 188 Dahl uist, Cath 101 Daieilo, Robert 312 Dailey, Dawn 291 Dailey, Kenneth Scott 442 Daily, Susan 294 Daiza, Kimberly 291 Daiza, Sabrina 204, 334 Dakin, Deborah 441 Dakin, Loretta 441 Dale, Chef 311 Dale, jolene M 438 Daleiden, john joseph 447 Daley, Pam 236 Dallas, Ann 299 Dalmacio, Maria-Celeste D 449 Dalmario, Marcel 232 Dalrymple, janet Sol 438 Dalsin, Amy 271 Dalton, Kristen 290 Dalton, Nikki 272 Daly, Cathleen Ann 448 Daly, Dennis Patrick 446 Daly, Katy 297 Daly, Wil 184, 185, 187, 199, 319 Dam, Van 232, 334 Dam, Vy T 291 Damm, Patricia M 438 Dammann, Brett 269 Damrau, Kevin Scott 441 Danforth, Paul 211 Danforth, Peter Coffe 439 Dangerfield, Belinda 2161, 364 Danieb, Sean 307 Daniel, lrene 441 Daniel, josh 316 Daniel, Richard 200, 232, 335 Danielle, Terry Elizabeth 440 Daniels, jerry jr, 441 Daniels, john Mark 441 Daniels, Lorraine K 440 Daniels, Sean 316 Danielson, Hollie L 439 Danielson, Kim 271, 364 Danielson, Lisa 300 Danis, Rick 316 Danley, Mamie 271 Dante, Donella 269 Dantes, Darlene 235 Dantzler, Alice 235 Dapser, jeff 211, 364 Darden, Scott 274 Daretz, jama Michele 447 Dark, Steve 316 Darland, julie 297 Dannstetter, Gretchen Dayle 439 Damer, Mark Allen 440 Dame , Robert Mark 438 Darr, Dogg 312 Darrow, endy Sue 445 Darsten, Paul jr. 438, 444 DASH 418 Dashnell, Steve 319 Dashney, Dane 315 Dass, Son a 204 Daubard, Xlalerie 211 Daugherty, Gregory james 438 Daugherty, Shannon 294 Dau t, Kathleen 294 Daulton, David Thomas 439 Daulton, Tom 235 Daumit, Dave 264 Daunt, Tina Marie 449 Dave, Rajero M 204 Davenport, Michelle 228 Daves, Lorri Ann 449 David, Chuck 236 David, Steven Allen 445 Davidson, Andra Beth 440 Davidson, Carol DeAnn 443 Davidson, Keith 364 Davidson, Ken 264 Davidson, Margaret 335 Davidson, Richard B 441 Davidson, Scott 228 Davies, Bob 202, 203 Davies, Chris 318 Davies, Dale 272 Davies, Dennis 364 Davies, Eric 228, 449 Davies, Mike 141, 152 Davies, Wendy Ann 442 Davila, james 228 Davila, Marco jr. 440 Davine, Christina 336 Davis, Am 300, 444 Davis, l3ecKy 269 Davis, Brad 307 Davis, Brian Paul 438 Davis, David 364 Index 453 Davis, Florence I-I 438 Davis, jamie 364 Davis, jean Susan 445 Davis, jimmy 227, 274 Davis, john 232, 256 Davis, Kari 298 Davis, Kimi 211 Davis, Lizette 442 Davis, Marilyn 335 Davis, Matt 235, 284, 442 Davis, Merwyn Curtis 443 Davis, Michael Charles 153. 440, 444, 446 Davis, Perry Ra 442 Davis, Randy 18,8 Davis, Richard 135 Davis, Robert 199, 236, 364 Davis, Roberta Sue 448 Davis, Ronald Addison 440 Davis, Scott j 449 Davis, Stacey L 449 Davis, Stephanie 293 Davis, Tabitha 364 Davis, Terri Lynne 438 Davis, Toby 318 Davis, Toren Sidney 447 Davis, Traci 116 Davis, Wendy 300 Davis, Wesley Roland 443, 446 Davison, Bart 312 Davison, Leslie Allison 448 Davisson, joeshp 231 Davitt, Shawna Marie 445 Daws, Tracy 296 Dawson, Colleen Mary 439 Day, jack Bemard 445 Day, Kathryn I 442 Day, Leslie 199, 300 Day, Pattly 269 Day, Pau S 442 Day, Stuart 308 Dayzie, Ladaniel 228 De La Rosa, Patti 296 Deal, Pamela jean 442 Dean, Brian 228 Dean, Gary 318 Dean, Thomas 319 Deane, jeanne F 442 DeAngelis, Christopher 74 DeArment, Kelly Linn 449 Deatley, Derek 319 DeBendedicts, Rosalia L 447 DeBenedetti, Lisa Marie 441 DeBenedetto, Mary Ann 443 Debnam, Kelly 228 DeBono, Paul 135 DeBragga, james 316 DeBree, Molly jane 439 DeBrosse, Kenneth john 444 Deburay, Anne 240 DeBusschere, Glen 264 DeCarli, Gary 308 Decarlo, Pau a 5 DeCesare, Kimberly 296 Decesari, Lorene Ruby 447 Decker, Adrian Leigh 443 Decker, jeff 94 Decker, Scott 314, 442 Decker, Ste hanie 264 DeCleva, Ellijse 299 Dedmon, Karen Sue 443 DeDoes, Kristan Rae 448 Deeley, Lois 235 Dees, jennifer Sutton 438 Deffigos, Leah 335 DeFranco, Lisa 200, 300, 433 DeFusco, Andrew joseph 443 Degnan, jeff 274, 335 DeGrave, Mike 306 DeGroote, Michael Alan 440 DeHart, jeffrey 335 DeHoff, Carolyn 161 Deihl, Penny 290 Deimck, Doug 232 Deimeke, Douglas Anthony 446 Deines, Bethany 243, 301, 364, 471 Deines, Burton 335 Deines, Kimberly Dee 438 Deines, Tina 30, 364 Deist, Terry Ann 449 Deitz, john 311 Dejonge, Steven 364 Dejoung, Rosetta Faye 449 DeKoster, Carmen 161 Delagado, Sonja 258 Delander, Eric 269 Delanty, Michael Amold 446 Delfs, Dana A 449 Delgado, Manuel 444 Delgado, Yvette Marie 438 Delich, Dan 311 Delk, Margo 335 Delk, Mary Arlee 439 Dell Oso, joseph 448 Dellafiora, Paul 314 Dellinger, Charles R 442 Delorenzo, Andrew 335 Del in, Mary jane 277 DEETA TAU DELTA 308 DELTA EPSILON IOULE TAU 200 DELTA GAMMA 296 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 306 DELTA SIGMA PHI 307 DeLuca, Peter 364 DeLucia, Bob 274 DeLugo, Bryan 307 454 Index DeMaranville, Robert Alex 311, 446 DeMarte, jill 271, 294 Demme, jacqueline 335 DeMund, Phil 223, 322 Den, Gum 240 Denham, Carla A 442 Denham, Paul B 441 Denike, Susan Lee 438 Deniro, Kori 294 Deniston, Sandra 364 Denlev, Dana Dawn 439 Dennard, Glen Richard 439 Dennen, Peter Alexander 439 Denney, Paul 235 Dennis, Michelle 301 Dennis, Teena 335 Denny, Casey 247, 272 Denton, Courtney 299, 449 Denton, Deanne 335 Denton, jeff 227, 282 Denton, john Scott 442 Denton, Rachelle Marie 449 Deonfsky, Dan 256 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY 414, 415 DePalo, Lucille 51, 448 Depew, Kathy 256 DePinto, Gina 184, 203, 335, 449 DePriest, jennifer 300 DePrima, Christopher F 440 Derbin, Rita E 449 Derby, Dave 311 Derdowski, Stacey Ann 448 Derin, jackson IV 439 Derman, Daren 439 Dermer, Robyn 364 DeRosa, Kelly L 439, 444 Derr, Greg 364 Dersch, Mark 335 DeSantes, Dawn 269 DeSaye, Brad 267 Deshazo, Brian 364 Desiderio, Brian M 445 DeSilva, Beth Ann 444 Desimone, Lori Marie 439 Desiqueiro, Celia 388 Desjardins, john Anthony 449 Deslauriers, Mike 269 DeSoto, Bruce Patrick 443 Despain, Daryl jr. 446 Despars, Patrick Ronald 439 Dessaint, janelle 291 Devault, Aaron 318 Deville, Dave 141 DEVILS' ADVOCATES 198, 199, 433 Devine, Christine Y 449 Devito, jeanne 271 Devney, Megan 299 Devney, Mike 311 Devney, Paul 336 DeWalt, Brook 188 DeWert, Debra 235 Dewey, Gigi 439 Dewey, Kingsl 300 DeWitte, Elizageth 231, 336 Dewulf, Ana 223, 336 Dexter, Chad Kilray 272 Dexter, Erik 323 DeYoung, Cynthia 291 Dezort, Angela 261, 290 Dhondnip, Laura 446 Dhondrup, Robert 364 Diamond, Tamara 211, 336 Diana, Mark 315 Diaz, Charles Thomas 243, 448 Diaz, Daniel Duane 443 Diaz, jerry 196, 336 Diaz, Suzanne 269, 364 Diaz-Sandi, Licurgo 180 DiBenedetto, Kelly 292 Dice, jonathon 327 Dicken, Chris 254 Dicken, Kevin R 441 Dickens, Michael 364 Dicker, David 303 Dicker, Willy 312 Dickerson, Blair 323 Dickerson, Michelle 271 Dickerson, Thersesa Marie 438 Dickey, Leslie Allene 438 Dickey, Liz 199, 433 Dickey, Martin 336 Dickey, Sarah 297, 446 Dickinson, Craig 247, 272, 446 Dickinson, Patricia Ann 439 Dickmann, Thomas 336 Dickson, Anne 200, 290 Dickson, Claire 228 Dickson, Frank 364 Dickson, jennifer 297 Dicky, Russ 228 Diedrich, Drew 198, 199, 200, 308 Diedrich, Heidi 364 Dieffenbach, David 336 Diehl, john Keller 439 Diehm, Tamara 223 Dieleman, Mike 282, 364 Diercksmeier, Thomas j 447 Dietrich, Andrea 277, 364 Dietrich, Lean 299 Dietrich, Lisa jeanne 443 Dietz, Chris 304 Difrancesco, Doug 231 Difu, Gaylin 292 DiLaurentis, Dominique 364 Dill, Starla 211, 277 Dillard. Kristin Day 449 Dillard, Rodney 135 Dillehay, Teresa 224, 277, 364 Dillner, Scott 308, 336 Dillon, Melissa Ann 442 Dillon, Sarah 299 Diltz, Rocky 247, 254 Dimas, Pete 232 Dimes, Christopher Reed 440 Dimes, julie Leighan 443 DiMiceli, Frank Matthew 448 Dimitri, Pamela 336, 446 Dineyazhe, Patricia 365 Dinh, David 236, 336 Dinwiddie, Ron Lee 445 Dionisio, Tracie 277 Dionne, Camilla Marie 443 Dior, Timothy jay 445 DiPonio, Ben 365 Dirks, john Scott 322 Dirks, Timothy 231 Diskin, Brad j 442 Distler, Rich 318 Ditchman, Charles Steven 438 Ditondo, Michael 231 DiTondo, Mike 200 Dittfach, Michelle 247, 336 DiVerde, Mile 365 Divita, Amy Ma 442 DiVito, Dawnn 590 Dixon, Amy 274 Dixon, Bob 316 Dixon, Dana 296 Dixon, Gina Michael 442, 445 Dixon, Karen 365 Dixon, Kerrie Kay 443 Dixon, Tracy Renee 445 Djoharchi, Akbar 365 Dluzen, Barr 211, 365 Do, Dzung Cyhi 447 Doak, Gabriel 365 Doane, Laurie Sue 443 Dobbs, David Wesley 448 Dobbs, Kevin 243 Dobbs, Nanette 204 Dobras, Milan 441 Dobson, Tiffan 294 Docek, jason 322 Doctorman, Hugh W 438 Dodd, Brian 160 Dodge, Daniel 440 Dodson, Hu h E 438 Dodt, Timotiy Edward 438 Dog, Noel 236 Dogget, Alan jeffrey 438 Dog ione, Arthur 336 Dognon, Michelle Sabrina 445 Dohar, john Paul 438 Dohert, jeffrey jr. 448 Doherty, jeffrey 319, 336 Doherty, Kerri 256 Doi, Paul 254, 337 Dokken, Dana Thomas 446 Dolata, Mike 321, 365 Dolata, Tony 321 Dolima, Suzanne 256 Doll, Pamela 295 Dollar, Tracey 297 Dollarhide, Desiree Elene 445 Dolton, Melissa 271 Dombrowski, Bob 118, 160 Dombrowski, Tom 211 Dombrowski, Wendy 199, 200, 43 Domenico, Mark 307 Dominguez, Lisa E 438 Dominick, Laina 269 Domini ue, Christin 334 DOMIl30'S PIZZA 426 Dominy, jacob Wade 439 Donahue, Meagan 264 Donahue, Rob 311 Donald, j Scott 439 Donaldson, Linda 294 Donatelli, Doug 365 Dong, Betty 227 Don , La Allen 446 Donierbrlozk, Lance 304 Donkersle ,jason 304 Donley, Cheri 223 Donley, Dan 160 Donnall , Tim 264 Donnelly, David 318, 365 onnr er, ic ae Donovan, Ellyn 300, 365 Donovan, john Allan 443 Dooley, Ann Fa ette 438 Dooley, Heath gran 443 Dooling, Thomas Michael 438 Doolitt e, john 316 Dopp, Lauren3211, 297, 337 Doran, Kevin 65 Dorfman, Michael 303 Doria, Peter 323 Dorian, Kevin 318 Domian, Suzanne C 443 Dom, Chanin 299 Dom, Tom 11, 12, 186, 198, 199, 318, 353, 433 Doroth , Cynthia Louise 442 Dorouclian, Aleta 224, 236, 337 Dorr, David justin 438 Dorsch, Lisa Beth 447 Dorsey, Chris 243 Dorse , johnn 322 Dorsoj,Kimberl,y 271, 295 Doss, jeffre Scott 438 Doster, William 231 Dotts, Dave 314 Dougherty, jill Ann 448 Dougherty, Marjorie K 449 Dougherty, Rodger Winston 44 Dougherty, Srah Margaret 445 Dougherty, Thomas William 446 Douglas, Bobby 141, 152, 153 Douglas, Dale 312, 446 Douglas, Elizabeth 277 Douglas, jason 306 Douglas, john Goodwin 442 Douglas, june O 446 Douglas, Lisa 296 Douglas, Michael 45 Douglas, Michelle 365 Douglass, Russell Lynott 438 Doupe, Eileen 293 Douthit, Gregory 304, 365 Dove, Rita 111 Doverspike, Bill 135 Dow, Darwin ll 442 Dow, Nadja 337, 449 Dowd, Kathleen Gerlyn 443 Dowd, Robert 211 Dowing, William Anthony 442 Dowlin, Denise 298, 365 Downer, Elke 294 Downey, Robert 45 Downin , Sue Ellen 440 Downs, idichelle jon 445 Doyle, Barry 269 Doyle, Chris 314 Doyle, Don 55 Doyle, Tim 318 Drago, john 254 Drain, Pam 293 Drake, judith K 449 Drake, Thurman jr, 442 Drape, Duane 116, 310 Draper, Mark Ronald 443 Dravis, Daniel j 442 Drazich, joe 314 Dre, Susan 297 Drecsler, Elsie 250 Dresick, john 307 Dreste, Bonnie 211 Drew, David james 442 Drew, judy Fem 440 Driess, Michelle 271 Dri ers, jennifer 298, 366 Driiiwater, Diane Naldi 442 Drinkwater, Steven Blaine 443 Driver, Evelyn Dorthy 439 Drobina, jeannie Sue 440 Droon, julie 299 Drudin , Ruth Ellen 442 Dnrlis, Teffrey 366 Drum, Lisa 294 Drumm, Kell 309 Dmmmond, Kenneth 90, 91, 21 I Drury, Colleen Bootz 442 Dryden, james Hunter 439 Duan, Gus 322 Duarte, Geneva 196 Duax, Tim 323 Dubas, Chris 366 Dubbs, Nancy Ellen 440 Dube, Ro er 321, 366, 471 Dubee, Cgarles 306 Dubek, Richard Ray 443 Dubois, Dione 295 DuBose, Melissa T 446 Dubs, Kimberly 337, 449 Ducharme, joe 323 Duchamie, Linda L 441 Duckens, Mark 135 Duckworth, Bob 203 Ducray, Brandon 315 Duensing, Tom 304 Dufault, Cindy 51 Duff, Connie 296 Duff, Kevin 315 Duff, Patricia 337 Duffield, Frances Storey 439 Duffield, Michael 284, 366 Duffy, Michael 319 Duffy, Pat 321 Duffy, Pete 315 Duford, jeffrey Paul 438 Dugan, Chris 135 Dugaw, Anne Patrice 441 Du aime, Shelly Lynn 446 Duhame, Derek Byron 439 Duke, Robert 200, 231 Dukes, Christopher 247, 317 Duley, Nino 315 Dulin, Mary M 440 Dumbrell, Beth Anne 449 Dumke, Tone 247 Dumm, Kelly 224, 231, 447 Dumouchel, Moni ue 268 Dunagan, Kelly 29? Dunagan, Leslie 300 Dunavant, Cathy 300, 366 Dunbar, Paul Reed 446 Dunbar, Sean 311 Duncan, Clyde jr, 119, 168, 181, 438 Duncan, Don 211 Duncan, james 208 Duncan, Kokie 322 Duncan, Shannon 200, 201, 337 Dunham, Cynthia Louise 445 Dunhamel, Alex Patrick 444 Dunlap, Ben 313 Dunlap, Laurel Marie 444 Dunlap, Mike 316 Dunlap, Steve 316 Dunlap, Wendy jo 449 Dunlavy, Kieran Edward 439 Dunleavy, Robert Emmet 445 Dunn, james William 440 Dunn, janet Lynn 438, 443 Dunn, jeffrey Arthur 306, 445 Dunn, Kevin j 240 Dunn, Robert Norman 438 Dunn, Susan Anne 442 Dunne, john 337, 446 Dunnock, joanne 161 Dunphy, Michael Daniel 438 Dupassage, Chris 319 Dupere, Diane Aline 439 Duplicki, jeffrey 337, 449 Dupray, David Michael 445 Dupuis, Greg 208 Dupuis, Richard 228 Durham, Bamey 313 Durland, Allison Todd 442 Durr, Randy A 447 Duryea, Patricia Ann 439 Dusserre, Michelle 366 Dutz, james W 443 Dworkin, jimmy 366 Dwyer, Elizabeth Ann 440 Dwyer, jerry 279 Dwyer, Sean 322 Dwyer, Sheila M 236, 447 Dwyer, Susan Carol 439 Dychkowski, Diana P 443 Dyczewski, Sue 181 Dye, David Anthony 448 Dye, Kay Lynne 443 Dye, Mickey 160 Dyer, Brian 267 Dyer, Tracey 261 Dyrek, William S 240 Dyson, Ted 160 Dziki, Marianne Dianne 438 Dzirzkowski, Anthony 267 Eagle, Daniel David 446 Ea lestone, Robert 204, 282 Eaies, Toni 296 Eakin, M ndi 291 Earl, Leag, R 253 Earle, Shannon 181, 366 EARNHARDT'S 408 Eamsley, Floyd 231 Easley, james Brian 438 Easter, William R 441 Easterling, Catherine M 439 Eastin, Lori Louise 439 Eastman, Kathryn 296 EAST VALLEY HONDA 409 Easton, Christopher T 232 Ebbert, David 181 Eberhardt, Frederick Dana 439 Eberhart, Marie Ann 439 Ebert, Michael Lee 311, 439 Ebert, Wade 312 Eby, jean 290 Eccles, Thomas jeffrey 448 Echerivel, Sergio 228 Echeveste, Craig 196 Echeveste, Maria 337 Echols, Gra Thomas 449 Eckert, Kimberly A 443 Eckert, Lynn 277 Eckhardt, jay 309 Eckhardt, Keith 200, 313 Eckhoff, Erik Wilhelm 439 Eckman, jennifer Lynn 439 Economos, john 141 Eddowes, Scott Edward 447 Edel, William Kent 444 Edelman, Ron 311 Ederer, Dennis 228 Edgar, Todd 318 Eding, Kellen 58 Edmands, Sarah Rutherford 448 Edmonds, Aimee 366 Edmons, jack Elmer 449 Edmonson, L ndon Dean 440 Edwards, Blaze 318, 446 Edwards, jennifer Belle 446 Edwards, Karen Ann 446 Edwards, Michelle 271 Edwards, Mike 337 Edwards, Paul Donald 440 Edwards, Sandi 366 Edwards, Todd 318, 439 Eesley, Tom 256 Egan, Kelli 296 Egbert, jim 200 Eggan, Kelle 296 Eggemeyer, Steve 272 Egger, Nancy 296 Eggert, Michelle 211, 337 Eggert, Sharon 181 Eg off, Lisa 294 E lert, Heidi 299 Ehlert, joan 337 Ehrke, Lawrence jr. 438 Ehrlich, Mike 303 Eicher, Galen Leroy 439 Eicher, Mark 274 Eichholz, james 366 Eichom, Cynthia Ann 432 Eid, Naji Michel 440 Eide, Bard 228 Eiler, Russ 315 Eilsor, Brad 254 Einarsson, Rikard 228 . Eischeid, Todd 312 ' Eisen, Robert 303 I Eisgrou, Loraine 337, 446' Eisner, Andrea K 291 1 Eiter, Rob 141 Eklund, Arthur 267, 366 Ekstrom, Diana Lynn 445 Elait, Mohammed Aner 21 Elder, Penny 100, 101, 33 Eldred, Kim 259 Eldred, Todd Eugene 444 Eldridge, Eric 211 Eldridge, jackie 473 Eldridge, Tim M 443 Elgart, Ron 116 Elias, Gary 366 Elias, john 307 Elk, Muriel Nachie 442 Elledge, Sidney Eugene 4E Ellefson, Kevin Wayne 43, Ellenoff, Peter 160, 315, 3 Ellingson, john 269 Elliot, Andrew 337, 449 Elliot, julie 294 Elliot, Rochelle 211 Elliott, Donald Kevin 449 Elliott, Rick 366 Elliott, Stephanie 200, 294 Ellis, Cammie 366 Ellis, Chad 320 Ellis, Franklin jr. 441 Ellis, joseph 337 Ellis, Kevin 366 Ellis, Kimberly Kay 443 Ellis, Marge 300 Ellis, Matthew 264, 366 Ellis, Robert 109 Ellison, janet 247 Ellison, jerome 366 Ellison, jerry 199 Ellison, john Willard 443 Ellison, Teresa Lynn 439 Ellsworth, Christopher L lj Ellsworth, Rowan joseph Elmore, Marci 291 Eloe, Dennis 207 Elsberry, Elise 293 Elsensohn, D Michael 446 Elton, Phyllis 366 Ely, leff 228 Emady, Buff Karen 438 Embry, R Michael 444 Emerson, john 366 Emery, Karen 211 Emery, Michael Dean 440 Emick, jennifer 295 Emma, Samantha 298 Emmerich, Heather 236 Emmet, Burt 47 Emmons, Angela 293 Encinas, Ignacio 254 Enderle, Roberta 264 Enders, Rhonda 216 Endres, Ruth 207, 366 Endres, Steve 318 Eng, Barbara 199, 236, 449 Engel, Christine Ellen 443 Engel, Michelle 299 Engerbretson, Andy 314 Englebrecht, Laura 298 Englehom, Katy 294 Englert, Gretchen 294 English, Carolyn 236, 256 English, Kim 300 English, Susan jane 445 Engstrom, Lael Margret 44? Engstrom, Matt 311 Ennis, jack 231 Enos, Candy A 253 Enos, Diane Gail 448 Enos, Odie 256 Enright, Bob 307 Enright, Kerry Katherine 44 Enright, Lynne 16 Ensworth, john 337 ENVIRONMENTAL DESI ARCHITECTURE 94 Enwiller, jon 311 Enzminga, David 184 Epstein, Becky 274 Epstein, Sonia Michelle 447 Erato, Mary 228 Eren, Murat 240 Erhardt, Rhonda Lynn 442 Erhart, jacquelyn 448 Eribes, Albert 366 Erickson, Curtis Wynn 449 Erickson, Donna joy 441 Erickson, Gaylord 337 Erickson, Gina 366 Erickson, Rob 314 Fleurant kson, Robyn Eileen 441 kson, Shannon 315 sson, Holger lll 261 n, Christina 181 isch, Karl 160 5, Chris 304 muzpe, Kelly Marie 442 n, james 366 ng, julius 272 zr, Bradley Alexander 449 ilon, Pedroj 272 ircega, Kathy 160, 166 ircega, Robert Daniel 448 iief, Ronald 366 ubedo, Esteban 196 ubedo, Mark 199 ibedo, Rogelio 196, 448 rbedo, Steve 199 eman, janet Marie 443 ay, Michael Earl 445 ay, Tim 160, 164 arza, Sam 211 eland, Eric 256 inoza, Gina Louise 444 lnoza, joe 180 aeda, Ra uel 196 fy, Ebby L271, 290 1, Carl 315 -l, Buz 219 gs, Rich 315 'rman, Mark Lawrence 442 fmran, Steve 311 -s, Kathleen Carol 447 's, Ron 180 ll, Kary 366 ada, Rebeckah Yirah 441, 43 tart, Miles Steven 447 elbah, Sylvia 231, 272 eredge, andra Kay 447 yre, Dale 181 tty, Curtis 208 nger, john Clifford 441 1e, Dale 156 'odt, Katherine 366 ranks, Dallas 247, 282, 337 ate, Daniel 211 n, Keith 264 ngelista, Rudy 313 ns, Beverly 337 ns, Bradlgy 446 ns, Brett 211 ns, Drew 315 ns, Evelyn Carol 446 ns, Glyn David 439 ns, jennifer 297, 441 ns, john 310 ns, Kelly 210, 211 ns, Kevin Clifford 439 ns, Lori L nn 443 ns, Scott 532, 433 ns, Steve 337 ns, Tamra Rachelle 449 ns, Virginia Goff 442 rett, Patrick Arthur 438 ritt, Mike 135 rson, Eric 188 en, Chris 312 zrt, Bill 271 ng, john 366 rman, Deborah 211 ,e, jim 282 ll, Priscilla Lynn 449 E3 is, Mark Edward 445 rbro, Ste hen Gerald 438 verberg, Paul R 445 sian, joe 318 rritius, Dieter 337 er, Michael Conrad 443 lel, Nancy Lourdes 445 lenrecht, julie Kay 446 gen, Travis 141 raid, Saad Al 216 terty, john Roger 8 terty, Peter 219 tey, Karen Marie 439 rey, Todd Brendan 445 ry, Maura Angela 439 l, Gina 203, 294 n, Ron 227 r, Ron 135 rbaim, Michael 196 aschetti, janet Lynn 449 k, Marty 36 kenburg, Laura jean 441 ks, Tamara Marjorie 445 lon, Robert Francis 447 or, Liz 300 1, Zhiqiangl337 idino, Nat aniel Santos 438 rin, Paul 60 Fanning, Brian Keith 441 Fanning, Gary 305 Fanning, Kim 274 Fappiano, Nicholas 337, 448 Farago, Kyra 271 Farbarik, john Andrew 440 Farbarik, Sue Anne 440 Farias, David 196, 366 Faris, Keith 310 Farland, Kelly 199 Farley, Carolyn 297 Farley, Timothy E 440 Farmer, Antoinette 289 Farmer, Bruce Kory 447 Farmer, Gordy 160 Farmer, Lee 236 Famrer, Roger 308 Famell, Karen 269 Faro, Michael 448 Farr, Maureen 211 Farr, Missy 141 Farr, Rusty Dale 442 Farrell, Catherine Ann 449 Farrell, David Bradley 444 Farrell, Estelle 337 Farrell, jodi 277, 299 Farrell, Lisa 295 Farrell, Stanley Edward 444 Farrell, Stefan Brice 442 Farretto, Kathy 72 Farrey, jim 315 Farrier, john 282 Farris, Fred 223, 319 Farrow, Charles E 211 Farshler, Thom 304 Fas, Bone 253 Fasolino, jennifer 297 Fassi, Vincent Paul 443 Fast, Mark Benning 438 Faubert, Carole june 449 Faucett, Richard james 438 Faucette, Richard Todd 444 Fauela, john 259 Faulkner, Chris 337 Faust, joseph 322, 367 Favaro, jacqueline Amparo 443 Fawcett, Kathleen 337 Fay, Marie Elena 219 Fazekas, Tami Lynn 443 Fazzari, Catherine 438 Fears, Barton joseph 447 Featherston, james 211 Feeley, Patrick 367 Fees, john 184, 187, 199, 367 Feher, Rhonda Lee 448 Fehr, Erin Michele 448 Fehr, Kerry j 443 Fehr, Leonard 367 Fehrenbach, Kimberly 298, 367 Feifi, Mohammed Al 216 Feiner, Vicke 300 Feingold, Debi 294 Fejeran, joaquin 337, 447 Fekas, Margo 293 Felder, judy May 446 Felder, Teresa jean 442 Feldman, Arthur Charles 440 Feldman, jodi Lynn 443 Feliciano, Gene G 449 Felix, Michelle 196 Feliz, Andrea 443 Felland, Thomas A 445 Fellner, Amy Ellen 438 Fellows, Brian 232 Fellows, Mary Seaberry 439, 446 Fellows, Scott 46 Felte, Kim 184 Felterman, Mia 271 Feltes, Susan C 443 Felty, Kim 199, 433 Feminella, Dominic 337 Fender, Frank lll 243, 337, 470, 471 Fendle , Karen 293 Feng, Clarol 337 Fen er, Eric Sander 448 FenFon, Michael 309 Fenter, Sara 297 Fenwick, Ellen Elizabeth 447 Fenwick, Hunter 314 Fercho, William Frederick 443 Fergeson, Mike 306 Ferguson, james Bradley 439 Ferguson, jill Ann 445 Fergusson, jacqueline 337 Femandez, Sam 196 Ferra, Karen 232 Ferrandi, justin 323 Ferreira, Susan 440 Ferrell, Mark 320 Ferrero, Kelly 290 Ferris, Russell Mark 438 Femrsi, joe 322 Fessler, Mark 337 Fett, Lori R 232 Fetters, Cynthia Linnane 445 Fettig, Karen Kae 438 Feuerstein, Ira 314 Ficket, Holly 297 Fidler, Brian 313 Field, jim 306 Field, Ken 188 Field, Robin Ann 440 Field, Robyn Helene 442 Fielden, john Nathan 440 Fields, Flo d 135 Fields, jeffi-,ey Allen 441 Fields, Mark Dennis 447 Fields, Pam 292 Fields, Scott 267, 367 Fields, Tim 306 Fierros, M Clare 442 Fife, Andy 305 Fife, Kelly 292 Fife, Richard 235, 337 Fiffany, Paul 312 Fifield, Karen 160 Figueroa, David 259 Figueroa, Rosemarie V 439 Fi ippo, julie Ann 439 Fimbres, Deborah Lynn 442 Fimian, Charles 236 Finch, Chip 236, 337 Fincher, Roger 315 Findsen, Marc 311 Findsen, Marc james 446 Fine, Meredith 367 FINE ARTS 82, 83, 90, 91 Finelli, Michael 337 Fink, Kendall 181 Fink, Matthew 228 Fink, Michele 30, 32, 78 Fink, Patrice Nelsine 441 Finley, Brian 337 Finley, Margaret E 439 Finn, john 160, 162 Finn, Tom 318 Finnamore, Marie 161 Finnegan, Mike 316 Finocchiaro, Cynthia C 449 Finster, Eddie 274 Fioramonti, jamie 116 Fiorelli, Dena 290 Fiori, Patricia j 446 Firieth, Abdulrahman Al 216 Firpo, Nanette Marie 444 Fisch, Paul 211 Fischer, Andrew 243, 367, 471 Fischer, Michelle Annette 447 Fischer, Vicki 337 Fish, james William 438, 443 Fish, john Paul 447 Fishburn, Heather L 439, 444 Fisher, Carol Lynn 158, 180, 444 Fisher, Dan 138, 181 Fisher, Dana 86, 449 Fisher, Daniel Mark 439 Fisher, lntgrid Marianne 442 Fisher, je f303 Fisher, Katharine Marie 388 Fisher, Katherine Elizabeth 438 Fisher, Kelvin 135 Fisher, L nda Gail 438 Fisher, hfeal clark 447 Fisher, Robert 267, 367 Fishman, Benjamin 211, 264 Fishman, jeff 314 Fisk, john Camrean 439 Fisk, Leighton 316 Fitch, jane Elizabeth 449 Fitchett, Bradley S 227 Fitchett, Elizabeth 367 Fitchett, Scott 307 Fitzgerald, Eric W 438 Fitzgerald, Michael T 443 Fitzgerald, William R 443 Fitzpatrick, Craig 271 Fitzpatrick, james L 439 Fitzpatrick, Michelle 228 Fix, David 181 Flaaen, jeanne Lynn 444 Fladeland, Michael 319 Flahert , julie Roseann 445 Flake, Steven Melvin 448 Flanagan, Dustan 240, 337 Flanders, Richard 438 Flanigan, Brian Thomas 448 Flanigan, Tim 311 Flannery, Chris 253 Flannery, Gerald Matin 448 Flannery, Timothy Egan 439 Flavin, john A 442 Flechsi , Scott 309 Flecle, gave 318 Fleet, Debbie I 439 Fleet, Scott Douglas 439 Fleetwood, jeffrey Edward 439 Fleishman, Lauren 46, 239 Flyer, Marvin G 445 Flying, Debra 204, 367 Flynn, Courtne 296 Flynn, Elizabeth Anne 443 Flynn, Heather 271, 297 Flynn, Mary 337 Fl nn Michael 338 Y , Flynn-Mcbride, Catherine 443 Foard, Linda 398, 399 Franz, Tom 315 Frasca, Laura Ann 443 Fraser, Sandra 207 Frass, jeffrey john 442 Fratarolli, Cindy 292 Frazey, james Brian 449 Frazier, jeffrey Dean 440 Frazier, justin 267 Frazin, lra Mark 438 Foerster, Kristin 211 Fogarty, Kathleen Evelyn 438 Fogel, Dan 314 Fogel, Debra Candace 438 Fogelberg, Heidi Ann 448 Fogelsanger, Lisa Ann 442 Fogle, Mark 338, 440 Fogt, Whitney 297 Fo denauer, julie Marie 443 Foley, David Michael 228, 447 Foley, Heidi 338 Foley, Mark 135, 338 Foley, Nancy 367 Foley, Paula 367 Foley, Scott William 446 Fol er, Dagnall Harrison 438 Foliestad, Christine S 442 Follestad, Beate 439 Foltman, Philip Wheeler 441 Folz, Laura 203 Fonlk, Darrin 312 Fontana, Teresa 247, 271 Fonteneau, jerome 228 Foos, Stephanie 338 Footracer, LaValerie 367 Fopiano, David 309 Foran, Ma Kathleen 444 Forbes, Ricffi 247 Forbis, jeanne Ann 443 Forbis, Steven M 441 Ford, Claudette Apryl 448, 449 Ford, Daniel 120, 125, 127, 128, 130, 132, 133, 135 Ford, jeffre David 445 Frear, Rania AnnMarie 439 Freda, julia 228, 446 Freda, Maria Elaina 441 Frederick, Douglas Denny 443 Frederick, Timothy 228, 367 Frederickson, George 188 Frederikserr, Eleanor D 444 Fredhall, Steve 313 Fredrich, Noelle 161 Fredrickson, Keith 4, 311 Fredrikson, Bob 232 Freebairn, Leslie 235, 338 Freed, Christopher Todd 284 Freedman, Tom 303 FREEDOM BOWL 132, 133, 134, 135 Freeman, Mark A 231 Freeman, Nicole 297 Freer, Kim 338 Freer, Walt 272 Freese, jennifer 228 Fregosi, Nicole 300 Freimath, Chris 227 Freitag, Christopher M 438 Fremgen, William Robert 438 Fremont, Dan 254 French, Bruce Alan 442, 446 French, Elizabeth 367 French, Linda 180 French, Liz 259 French, Paul Leo 443, 449 French, Robert Norman 236 French, Suzanne Lyn 443 French, Wes 200, 231 Frenkel, Bob 135 Ford, joseph William 438 Ford, judith Ann 439 Ford, Leslee jean 441 Foreakre, janeen 294 Foreman, Bertram 211, 367 Forester, Darin 319 Forgang, jeff 211, 272 Forman, Matt Benjamin 443 Forrnichella, jose h E 449 Forrest, Chad 3097 Forster, Darren 264, 319 Forsythe, Michael Edward 444 Fortun ato, Mike 307 Foss, Anton G 438 Foss, Debbie 236 Foss, Michele 291 Foss, Rick 236 Fosser, Bonnie 296 Foster, Foster, Foster, Brent 311 Charles Loren 438 Dan 388 Foster, Frederick 367 Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foumi Foust, Fowle, jimmy Grant 447 Ken 261 Margaret Mary 445 Omar 304 Tamika 181 Teresa 300 Tim 367 er, Don 36 joan Fowler 439 Ruth 211 Fowler, Anjanette 438 Fowler, Brian 226 Fowler, Curtis 319 Fowler, Michelle Anne 440 Fox, D Fox, H Fox, ja ave 254 ilary 299 ck 312,338,449 Fox, joe 78 Fox, Laura 253 Fox, Lynne Annette 448 Fox, S annon 253 Foxhoven, Nick 318 Fra a, Amador 367 Fragey, Victoria Bell 438 Fleming, Fleming, Fleming, 213 Fleming, Fleming, Flemmin Brian 211, 367 Deanna Rae 443 Dr Robert 210, 211, Michael 367 Rory Richard 443 Kirk 310 S, Flemming, Phil Scott 449 Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher, 448 Alysun 367 Bob 313 Br n Marie 443 juii 211 Michael Warren 443, Kath n 445 f 'Y Fling, Andrew 211 Flinn, Ste hanie jane 439 Flint, Holly Anne 439 Fliszar, Barbara 215, 337, 446 Flock, Larry 337 Flodin, joyce Anne 443 Flood, Shawn 181 Floor, Timothy 235, 337 Flores, Alex 231 Flores, Aurelie P 449 Flores, David 188, 190 Flores, jacques 188 Flores, Robert 445 Flowers, Carolyn Frances 443 Floyd, Nancy 264, 367 Fraley, jeff 311 Fraley, jerald 231 Fraley, jill 300 Fraley, Lisa 367 Frame, Michael Leland 445 Francis, jay 316 Francis, William 310 Francisco, David 274 Francisco, Tina 224 Francken, Laura 236, 256, 338 Franco, Marland 274, 322, 367 Frane, Steven Michael 440 Franek, Dave 236 Frank, Brett 76 Frank, Brian Victor 446 Frank, jeff 312 Frank, Pamela 200, 232, 247, 256, 338, 433 Frank, Risa 338, 449 Frank, Robert 264 Frank, Thomas Scott 441 Frankel, Stephanie 292 Franklin, Barbara Elaine 445 Franklin, Charles 338 Franklin, Christopher 310 Franklin, john Martin 441 Franklin, Kim 264 Franks, Ross 321 Frantz, Patrick john 444 Frantzen, john Athanasius 441 Freund, john 57 Frew, Maria 295 Frey, Bradley Michael 443 Frey, Sallie Elizabeth 445 Freyberg, Gregory 319 Friar, Brendan 223, 259 Frick, Mike 181 Fridkin, joe 315 Fridrich, Noelle 137 Friedli, Ted 259, 367 Friedman, Andrew 211 Friedman, Bruce A 445 Friedman, Diana 236, 338 Friedman, Eric 254 Friedman, Kelly 277 Friedman, Mark 310 Friedman, Nona 228 Friedman, Robert 338 Friedman, Robin 94, 300 Friedman, Todd 367 Friedman, Wendy 338 Friedrich, Bruce 228 Frieman, Todd 271 Friemuth, Chris 311 Friend, Claire 438 Fries, Brian 319, 438 Fries, Todd 367 Frimann-Dahl, Eirik 443 Frith, Kristin Kersey 439 Fritton, Rob 304 Fritz, Edward Michael 440 Fritz, K Darren 55 Fritzi, Vince 307 Fritzsche, Thomas Werner 438 Frizzell, Carrie L nn 447 Froehlich, Scott 3,67 Froke, jon Marlow 438 From, Melanie jo 440 Fromelius, Laddie 223 Froning, Billie 338 Front, jactgpeline N 442 Frost, Cat y Michelle 444 Frost, Eamest David 447 Frost, Mike 254 Frothingham, Penny 269, 368 Fruhwirth, Amy 141, 176 Fry, Greg 311 Fry, Ron 254 Frye, Don 141 Fryer, Russell 316 Fucci, Tamra jean 439 Fuchs, Eric 181 Fudge, Diane 224 Fuentes, Carlos 440 Fuhrman, Kevin 211, 338 Fujibayashi, Fumihiro 216 Fujii, erry 256 Fukumoto, Ellen 368 Fukuta, Yukari 216 Fulk, David William 438 Fulk, Kristi 277 Fuller, Dan 181 Fuller, Dave 181 Fuller, Kevin 186, 199, 204 Fuller, Linda 232 Fuller, Lisa Ann 443 Fulton, james 321 Fung, Alexander 308 Fung, Wai Tak 338 Funicello, Tom 368 Funk, jason 284 Funk, Mark 228 Furcone, Emanuel j 447 Furina, Paul 318 Fumari, Gabriel j 441 Gaal, Matthew Douglas 312, 449 Gabai, Richard 216 Gabel, james Kimon 438, 445 Gabelli, Robin Aletha 447 Gabrean, Chuck 181 Gabriel, Kerry 295 Gadbois, john 181 Gaffe, Steven R 227 Gaffney, john Patrick 438 Gaffney, Tracy 300 Gagliardi, Gail 199 Gagliardi, joe 311 Gagne, ChunaCha 338, 446 Gagne, Rob 274 Gaida, Mark 247 Gaillard, judith Diane 449 Gainer, Rod 259 Gairin, Sammie L 445 Gajda, Mark S 438 Gajdardziska, Marija 338 Galcik, Cynthia 338, 433 Gale, Kat leen H 448 Galelli, Carol Louise 438 Galentine, Anna 76 Galey, Kristen 300 Galicki, Christine 51 Gall, Robert Lee 442 Gallagher, Andrew james 440 Gallagher, Ann 277 Gallagher, Diane Carol 439 Gallagher, Kathy 368 Gallagher, Kevin Edward 448 Gallagher, Mike 228, 322 Gallagher, Rita 338, 446 Gallant, jodi 297 Gallant, Neal 180 Gallaway, Tami 368 Gallicano, Gary 338 Gallimore, William ll 211 Gallinger, Lori Susan 447 Gallion, Martin 223 Galliyan, john Matthew 438, 44 Galperin, Lionel 338 Galvan, Anna 368 Galvan, Sandra 368 Galvez, Gregory 196, 197 Galvin, Karen Natalie 449 Galvin, Kathleen Laurie 443 Galvin, Shannon Mary 439 Gambhir, Sangeeta 442 Gambill, Betsy 199, 297 Gamble, Chris 309 Gamble, Geraldine jo 439 Gamble, Steven 211 Gambs, Paul 311 Gambucci, Laura Ann 445 Gameros, Michele 274 Gammage, Bill 306 Gamme , Tammy Lynn 443 Gammon, Beth 300 Gammons, Christopher 319 Gam erle, Peter 445 Gandzara, Francisco 216 Gandolfi, Michael Anthony 444 Gandre, Cheryl 291 Gangapuram, Auanindra 338 Gange hoff, Todd Erwin 445 Gangenes, Mary 297 Gangi, David 441 Gannon, Mark 269 Gans, jacqueline Deborah 442 Ganther, Michael j 446 Ganu, Prashant 204 Ganzy, jo Anne 444 Gaona, john Michael 443 Gaona, Lisa 196 Garbayo, john Michael 447 Garcia, Aurelia S 439 Garcia, Celia 196 Garcia, Christine 197 Garcia, Clydene M 448 Garcia, Cynthia Patrice 443 Garcia, Felipe 216 Garcia, Frank 196, 368, 471 Garcia, Gailyn Marlena 448 Garcia, jerry 153 Garcia, jose Luis 444 Garcia, Kathleen Mary 442 Garcia, Kenneth 256 Garcia, Lori 264, 368 Garcia, Patricia G 438, 443 Garcia, Pauline 196 Garcia, Paulla 368 Garcia, Sandra 196 Garcia, Steven joseph 439 Garcia, Ton 303 Garcia-Pa Gard, Ros dijla, Grace 440 emary 256 Index 455 Gordon, Garda Fric Robc rt 448 Yf - ' Gardina, Lester jordan 449 Gardine josh 256 I, Gardner, julia 271, 290 Gardner, Keith Ronald 447 Gardner Gardner , Rosemary 72 , Sarah Stockton 444 Gofas, DeAnne 211 Gardner, Theresa Vee 441 Garfinkel, john 228 Garifo, Scott jose h 449 Garnand, james Gordon 446 Garner, Eric 188 Garner, George Roland 446 Garner, Lynnette 271, 368 Garnica, Beatriz Catalina 446 Garoutte, Rodd Charles 441 Garramone, jon Allen 442 Garrett, Chris 129, 135 Gt-rshaw, Bryan j 313 Gt-rst, janet Ruth 446 Gersten, Mark 181 Gertson, Glenn Edward 440 Gertz, jami 45 Gerz, Michelle 290 Geshell, Douglas james 447 Gt-sicki, jeffrey Alan 439 Gi-ske, Cynthia Lee 447 Gessler, Deanne 290 Gessler, Kelly 290 Gesund, Wendy 228 Getson, julie 271 Gettleman, jacal n Hope 439 Gettman, Cami 391 Geyer, Gary Glenn 443 Giacnnia, Virginia M 447 Giaco o Paul Anthon 445 Goddard, Michael 208, 247, 256 Goddard, Robert 338 Goddard, Sam 60 Goddard, Scott 304 Godden, Godfrey, Cheryl Mary 442 Diane Lee 439 Godfrey, Monica L 204, 338 Goebel, Heather 271 Goett, Rodney Brett 444 Goetz, Greg 318 Goetz, Kelly 299 Goff, Alisha 294 Goff, Brad 318 Gordon, Mary Elizabeth 440 Gordon, Michael john 445 Gordon, Michelle l.ynn 441 Gordon, Paige Marie 448 Gordon, Scott 284 Shawna Leigh 443 Greene, Brad 315 Greene, Brenda 339 Greene, Carol Lee 446 Greene, Karoline 339 Greene Greene , Kimberly 339 , Michael 223, 369 Greene, Sean 181 Gordon, Spencer 304 Gordon, William 312, 338,449 Gore, Kym 293 Goren, Ben 211 Gorham, Denise 338 Gori. jason 269 Goris, Sean 223, 310 Gutierrez, Gino 231 Goggins, Andy 311 Lorri 293 Garrett, Garrett, Melisse 300, 368 Goff, joshua 211 Goff, Stacee 296 Goffman, Deborah jane 439 , PP 1 Y Giajnorio, Geri 290 Gibbs, Geri 291 GOLDET4 Goldsworth , john 323 Gearhart, Paula Lynn 440 Garrett, Sandy S 446 Garrett, Tawnia 211 Garrigus, Michelle Lynn 449 Garrison, Lisa 299, 306 Garrison, Thomas 192, 211 Garthe, Cindy 338 Garvey, jim 215 Gary, Michelle 299 Gasaway, Anna-Marie 298, 338 Gaskey, Glenn 319 Gassaway, jeffrey Tyler 446 Gaston, Gena 368 Gates, Aj 314 Gates, Rochelle Lynn 439 Gatesh, julie 253 Gatt, Ken 318 Gatt, Mike 318 Gattas, Brain 316 Gatto, El 253 Gatto, Steve 232 Gauches, Kevin 227 Gauchez, joann 274 Gaudio, joseph Gilbert 438 Gausepohl, Victor lll 439, 443 Gauthier, Tim 313 Gautrin, jose Alfredo 216 Gautrin, Roberto 216 Gaviati, Beverly 269, 368 Gawell, Mindy 136 Gaydosz, Mark H 438 Gayle, Chris 310 Gaylen, Mike 267 Gaynor, janet Marie 443 Gaynor, Suzanne 441 Gayraud, Karim 216 Gazzola, Karen 208, 294 Gealer, Aimee 294 Gear, Brent 30, 236 Ggiayi Robert 232, 243, 338, Gebhardt, Wade 368 Gedvilas, Cathy R 442, 443 Gee, Betty 438 Gee, Kristi 293 Geerts, Eric 181 Geffen, Elaine 369 Gehle, Deana 247, 261 Gehling, Annette 253 Gehring, Patricia Ann 441 Geiger, Bret 369 Geiger, Gretchen Marie 54, 4 8 Geiger, jamie Austa 447 Geiger, Paula 291 Geis, Georgia 369 Geiser, Kim 219 Geisler, Helen 369 Geisler, james Edward 441, 448 Geissler, Kristina F 446 Geist, Carolyn 295 Geist, Dianne Linda 440 Gellatly, Maureen Elinor 440 Geller, Andrew 267, 323, 338 Gello, Barb 272 Gellterun, Mark 308 Gibson, Debbie 42 Gibson, Don 272 Gibson, Duane Lee 440 Gibson, jesse E 235 Gibson, jo 98 Gibson, Krista 228, 298 Gibson, Lauran Linn 449 Gibson, Mark 231 Gibson, Robert 314, 338 Giebels, Marcus Martinus 443 Giek, jeff 188 Giese, Mike 318 Giffone, Frank joseph 445 Gifford, james 254 Gifford, Virginia Lee 438 Gilb, james Patrick 440 Gilb, Suzy 300 Gofonia, Alyssa 300 Goh, jin 338 Goh, Kong 338 Gohl, Richard 312, 447 Gohn, Michelle 211 Goin, Paul john 438, 443 Goitia, Melissa 192, 193, 211, 369, 475 Goitia, Steven Mark 443 Golan , Dror 216 Gold, Allan D 443 Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Brian H 447 Craig 250, 256, 261 Loren 316 Mary Ann 247 Scott R 264 Stu 314 Tracy 207 Gorman Gorman , Frank james 443 ,john D 445, 449 Gorman, Leonard 449 Gorman, Thomas 369 Gormley Thomas jose h 444 Gorraiz, Gortler, Greenfield, Brad 319 Greenfield, William 267, 369 Greenhalgh, Matthew 369 Greenley, Matthew Bryce 444 Greenspan, Elissa Gay 440 Greent al, joseph Leon 440 Greenwood, Dena A 445 Greenwood, james Ashley 446 Greer, jeff 314 Greer, Greer, joe Russell 440 judith 339 Gunn, john Thomas 446 Gunten, Heather Van 269, 3 Cuntermann, Susan 290 Gunyuz, Berrin 438 Gunyuz, Cemil 240 Guss, jackie 292 Gustafson, Ken 284 Gustgfson, Robert Alan 445, 44 Gustavson, julie 299 Gustin, Eric W 446 Gustke, jeanne 294 Gustoff, Mark E 440 Guter, Richard Eugene 442 Guth, jeffrey Morris 438 Guthrie, Henry 1V 438 Gutier, Miryam 340, 446 Gutierrez, Alisha 196 Gutierrez, Frank jr. 196 f P Clyde Patrick 441 Marcelle Sebag 448 Gilbert, Christopher 274 Gilbert, Dale 267 Gilbert, jeff 307 Gilbert, Kathleen Marie 439 Gilbert, Mary 192, 194, 243, 369, 471 Gilbert, Patty 207 Goldberg, Biz 290 Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg Elizabeth Ann 445 Randy 304 Rich 315 Goiabetgf Seth 319 Goldber , Tammi 269 KEY NATIONAL Gilbert, Scott 369 Gilbert, Steven Anthony 446 Gilchrist, james H 442 Giles, Charles Bret 446 Giles, Dean Edward 441 Giles, Laynie 295 Gilfillan, Estella 211 Gill, Paul 338 Gillen, Brian 315 Gillery, Shere 296 Gillespie, Alan Clifford 446 HONOR SOCIETY 214, 215 Golder, Melissa Louise 442 Goldfarb, Howard 323 Golclfine, Goldman, Auora Feldman 449 Gregg Patterson 446 Goldstein, David 369 Goldstein, Gary 439 Goldstein, julie Racheal 232, 447 Gillion, Martin 222 Gillis, Laura Michelle 441 Gillstrap, john Curtis 447 Gilmer, john 231 Gilmore, Brian 256 Gilmore, Deborah England 444 Gilmore, javier 369 Goldwater, Dianne 207 Golich, Bradley Kevin 438 Golightly-Fergus, jean 438 Goller, Wendy 338 Gollet, Don 303 Golshani, Karmella 444 Gombery, Troy 322 Gorton, Marilyn 293 Gosiak, Liz 300 Gossman, Katrina 369 Goto, Masahiro 216 Gottainer, Liz 292 Gottas, Dan 315 Gotthardt, john 369 Gottlieb, Eric 319 Gottlieb, juli Henshaw 474 Gottschlich, Susan 219 Gouadria, Omezzine 444 Gould, Martha 338 Gould, Ste hanie 296 Goulet, Kell 277 Gouran, Philip jay 445 Gourde, Stephen Lee 440, 447 Gourley, Dave 102, 103 Gourley, Dr 207, 224 Gourley, Patricia Dianne 446 Gower, Stacy 290 Gowin, Kristin 236, 448 Gowing, Michael 269, 369 Goyarts, Mike 304 Goyer, Dr Robert 214, 215 Goyett, Beth 294 Goyke, Matthew R 445, 447 Graci, Mary Theresa 203 Gracyk, Dan 282 GRADUATE COLLEGE 98, 99 Grady, Cindy Ann 439, 441 Grady, Tom 181, 312 Graessle, jill 369 Graf Gre or W 116, 232 Greer, Tracy Lynn 439 Gregg, Betty jean 442 Gregg, Dave 314 Gregg, George W 256 Gregor, Gre or Kirk Darren 443 An lea 211 8 Y' ,B Gregory, Brian 339 Gregory, Eric 211 Gregory, Greg Francis 446, 447 Gregory, Ricky Eugene 440 Gregory, Tony 318 Gregory, Trisha 294 Gregory, Zona Ka 445 Greiner, Charley 2,36 Greiner, Ronald Reynold 442 Greise, Conrad 228 Gresham, Tina 294 Gressley, jom 141 Gretzy, Wayne 282 Grey, Bridgette 443 Grief, Daniel Robert 446 Grlgsnberg, Catherine Ferris Griego, Karen Sandra 440 Gries, Susan Marie 446 Griesman, Scott 320, 447 Gutierrez, jeannie 340 Gutierrez, Patricio 216 Gutierrez, Thomas Abraham 439 Gutjahr, Eric 340, 448 Gutridge, Kellie S 446 Guy, julie Ann 443 Guzman, Randy 315 Gwarda, Karen Suzanne 446 Gwinner, Kevin 322, 340 Gygax, Teresa Beth 439 Grieve, jennifer 295 Grieve, Mike 322 Griffin, jon 231 Griffin, Dave 304 Griffin, jeff 304 Griffin, Kerry 296 Griffin, Lisa 204 Griffin, Patricia 369 Griffin, Van 311 Griffith, Mark David 438 Griffiths, Charles 284 Haack, Stephanie 300 Haag, Herbert Erwin 445 Haas, Stephen 320, 447 Haberkom, Matthew H 444 Gilmour, Teresa 200, 239 Giltner, Mark 311 Giltner, Richard jeff 438 Gin, Gar 440 Gin, Michael 445 Ginger, Liz 338 Gingerich, Renee Lynn 446 Gingras, Virginia S 445 Ginsburg, Douglas 76 Ginther, john 141, 152 Gioga, Gino 319 Giontzeneli, Philip M 447 Giraig, Matthew Vincent 309, 44 Gir enti, Anthony 219 Giriy, David 144 Girsh, Carol Susan 445 Gismon 447 d, Matthew Scot 440, Gitomer, Dan 312 Gittinge, Brian 188 Giuliano, Neil 192, 208, 209 Giurlani, Gina 207 Givan, Rachel 253 Giwosky, Daniel Ward 442 Giere, Bruce Michael 443 Gomez, Bernadette Maria 443 Gomez, Dave Mi uel 441 Gomez, Denny 228 Gomez, Fernando 438 Gomez, jon 211, 448 Gomez, julie 196 Gomez, Omar 236 Gomez, Sylvia Ann 448 Gomilla, William john 438 Gompe, Gretchen 231 Gom f, Steven D 441 Gonclbr, joan Margaret 447 Gonnerman, Karrie F 448 Gonzales, Betsy Beck 449 Gonzales, Cathy 180 Gonzales, Christina D 442 Gonzales, Daniel 196 Gonzales, George 231 Gonzales, jamie 207 Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez. Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Leo 369 Virginia 219 Ana Maria 439 Faust 271 Gabriel 216 Manny 321 Sylvia Ruiz 443 I 8, Y Gragg, Lon G 291 Gra am, jim 141 Graham, jodi Lea 445 Graham, Kathleen M 447 Graham, Kurt 284 Graham, Peter 267, 304 Graham, R j 111 Graham, Sean Stuart 439 Graham, Wes 204 Gramatis, Lee 315 Grams, Dennie 253 Gramze, Karen 207 Granger, Percy 54 Grannis, Brad 318 Grant, Eddie 130, 134, 135 Grant, Gregory Michael 445 Griffiths, jayne 369 Grigg, Kristi 369 Grillo, Maria 293 Grime, Heather 297 Grimes, Mark 316 Grimley, joseph 339 Grimm, Rich 304 Grimsley, john Larry 440 Grinker, julie Cheryl 443 Gripgando, Thomas Anthony Grippe, joe G 444 Grischow, Duane 319 Groat, Keith 272 Groenwold, judy Ann 449 Haberle, Stewart 307 Haberman, jodi 296 Hacala, Carol A T 211 Hachten, james T 447 Hackbarth, Kim 161 Hackert, Tim 227 Hackett, janet Hemandez 441 Hadd, Chuck 240 Haddad, Sami Mahmoud 216 Hadden, Kimberly 203 Haden, Dr C Roland 215 Hadley, Craig 271 Hadley, Laura 211 Hadnot, Vemon 120 Haffard, Sharon Lynn 448 Grant, Nancy 269, 294 Grapentine, David 211 Grasse, jon Frank 439 Grassel, Lisa Dianne 444 Grasso, Chris 282 Gratz, Barbara jean 442 Grau, Michael 309 Graunke, Tom 102, 207 Gravatt, Michele 160 Graves, julie 292 Graves, Sharon Elizabeth 447 Graves, Timothyj 224 Gray, Bonnie Catherine 444 Gray, Emestine 204 Grom, Gromk Scott 319 o, Pamela 339, 446 Gross, Amelia 301, 369 Gross, Barry 303 Gross, Dave 319 Gross, Melanie Dawn 441 Hagan, Theresa Marie 440 Hagen, Daniel j 224 Hagen, Kirk 274, 340 Hagen, Kyle 231, 247, 254, Hagen, Michelle 299 Hager, Hagert Michael 310 y, Sean 369 3, Gray, john 319 Gray, Leonard 339 Gray, Louise Ann 440 Gray, Michael Carl 445 Hale, Heather 294 Geneles, Stacy ll ce 439 Gennaco, Frank Steven 439 Gentles, Karl Errington 449 Gentry, jennifer Lee 443 Gentry, Rod 307 Gentry, Todd 305 George, Avajon Fraizaer 444 George, Benedicte Paula 448 George, Doug 228 George, Irene 204, 338 George, jennifer 291 George, jonathan 315 Gladen, Kimberl Marie 447 Gladis, jill 228, 2y64 Gladsto ne, William S 441 Gladwin, Tracy Ann 439 Glancy, Glascoc Marla 300 k, Carol Marie 448 Glass, Scott 231 Glass Veral n 192 George, Kellie 247 George, Mark 231 George, Rhonda 211 Georgeson, jackie 231, 269 Georgis, Sophia 291 Geracci, jim 200 Gerace, William Edward 441 Gerard, junko Charity 444 Gerber, Patti Marie 439 Gerbich, justin jason 446 Gerbracht, Edie Anne 442 Gerchar, Kathleen 219 Gerdes, Karen 297 Geretti, Mark Robert 438 Gerkin, Richard Michael 446 Gerlach, Carrie 290 Gerlach, Mike 307 Gerlick, jeffrey james 438 German, Kim 239 Gerrish, Allison Debra 446 456 Index Glassco, Kean 323 Glatczak, Sandra 338 Glavin, jennifer 292 Glaze, Vicki Renee 438 Glazer, Gina 293 Glazer, Kevin Michael 442 Gleason, james Deering 440 Glenn, Eric 228, 231 Glenn, Heather 290 Glenn, jeffrey Alan 440 Glenn, Martin A 211 Glenn, Tres 314 Glimeher, Mike 303 Glissendorf, Rick 304 Glitz, Laura 140, 172 Glucksman, Mark 369 Gnant, Sean 369 Gnant, Sheri 369 Gnirk, Aaron 46, 239, 369 Goag, Rich 318 Gober, Eric Wayne 444 Goble, Brett 247, 271 Godbehere, Stan 223, 304 Goddard, Kelly Patricia 442 Gonzo, Laura L 261 Good, Christine 293 Goodall, james 231 Goodall, jim 319 Goodall, Roberta 211 Goode, jerald Warner 446 Goode, Randy 317 Goodell, Kevin 307 Goodell, Mindi 290 Goodenberger, Susan R 439 Goodenough, DeVonna Marie Gray, Paula M 447 Gray, Scott 231, 369 Gray, Shannon 369 Grear, Tracy 294 Greatorex, Anne 339 Grebel, Patricia 339 GREEK WEEK 302, 324 Greekenrow Gre 188 f 8 Green, Carol 203 Green, Cathy 269 Green , Cheryl Kimberly 438 Green, Dawn Dnyse 439 Gross, Michael 247, 272, 306, 339 Grossman, Brad 303 Grossman, Bryan 339 Grossman, Evan 323 Grossma er, Melanie Ruth 441 Grossnickel, Gayla 299 Groth, Tracy Donald 446 Grothaus, Carrie 228 Grove, Tim 307 Grow, Michael 369 Grubb, Scott 321 Grubbs, Chris 271 Grubbs, Michael Dee 438 Grubish, Nina Marie 443 Grunden, Tyler 308 Gruner, Thomas George 441 Grupe, Becky 297 Gryskiewicz, Brian 369 Guanell, Eric Charles 446 Guefen, Eric 444 Gueringer, Brian Keith 441 Guerra, Alejandro Andrade 440 446 Goodman, Andrew 303, 338 Goodman, Brad 228 Goodman, Chris 338 Goodman, Harvey 232 Goodman, Mark 369 Goodman, Scott 303 Goodman, Shannon 181 Goodman, Stuart 303 Green, Gary Irvin 447 Green, George 227 Green, Leighayn 243 Green, Leopold Noel 317 Green, Linda Carole 441, 448 Green, Margie 240, 339 Green, Nat 240 Green, Ronald Wayne 235, 440 Guerra, Eduardo Ro elio 447 Guerra, Yvette 192, 369 Guerrero, Trisha 299 Guerrier, Andre 314 Guertner, Robyn Lynne 449 Guevin, Danuta Anna 443 Guffey, Guido, Richard 340, 447 Ol a 216 Haglish, Emory 87 Ha ner, Tracey 306 Hagn, Bob 318 Hahn, Carol jeannie 443 Hahn, jennifer D 447 Hahn, jessica 76 Hahn, Lisa 203 Hahn, Todd 309 Hahne, Lillian 295 Hahne, Molly 272 Hahnke, Robert 340 Haiduk, Patrick 369 Hain, Andrea 369 Hajkal, Scott 240 Halack, jenny 161 Halama, Michelle 196, 197 Haldas, Lisa 140, 172 Halderson, Chris 228 Haldi, Mark 323 Haldors, Bruce Russell 445 Hale, Christopher 192, 247, 257 Hale, jan 340, 448 Hale, john 313 Haley, Alex 187 Haley, Kath 259 Halford, Reg 323 Hall, Derrick 271 Hall, Diana 247 Hall, Douglas 228 Goodman, Wanda 216, 338, 447 Goodrum, Al 228 Goodsitt, Ben 313 Goodwin, Michael 211, 369 Goody, joanne 300 Goolamnobee, Saleem 447 Gorden, Mike 314 Gorder, Steven Thomas 446 Gordman, jay 369 Gordon, Beatrice S 448 Gordon, Mark 247 Green, Shalayne 448 Green, Susie 339 Green, Todd 322, 471 Green, Vince 211 Green, Wendy 369 Greenberg, Ann Payne 442 Greenberg, Damian 339 Greenberg, jay 304 Greenberg, Robyn 291 Greenblatt, Mitchell 319 Greene, Andrea 301 Greene, Bill 322 Guilford, Dave 188 Guillory, Renee Hope 448 Guilonard, john 321, 369 Gulbranson, Theresa 340 Gulbranson, Trish 231 Gulden, john Richard 439 Gummel, Paul 369 Gunderson, Colleen 290 Gunderson, Debbie 207 Gunderson, Scott 369 Gunggut, Haijon 340 Gun el, james R 216, 231 Hall, Gino 304 Hall, josseline 216' Hall, justine 473 Hall, Kevin 282 Hall, Kimberly 291 Hall, Nancy 208, 247 Hall, Norm 227 Hall, Peggy 161 Hall, Tami 261, 293, 369 Hall, Tim 243, 369, 471 Hall, Timothy 369 Halladay, Emilie 236 l-lill Hoffmann Chris 321 lilay, Susan 296 re, Marissa 186 ck, Selma jean 449 r, All son 298 ron, Dawn 224 tt, Michele L 442, 445, P y, David 340 ord, Susan 292 gan, janet Lynn 438 trom, Dina 296 em, Elayne 231 in, Gerald 448 mo lu, Rob 284 ry, jgohn 303, 446 erson, David Wayne 442 erson, Mar aret A 448 orsen, Al 304 orsen, Bradle Wayne 449 ad, Ashraf Aly216 berlin, Alan 207, 228, 369 blin, Susan 441 blin, Timothy john 438 burg, Dave 323 ed, Abdul Kawi 216 el, Grant john 447 er, Shannon 300 Hinfrey, ia, lake 448 ilton, Alfred 323 ilton, Andrew 188 ilton, Bret 160 ilton, Gwynne 228, 370 ilton, jacqueline Lynn 445 ilton, jill 140 iilton, jimm Ray 444 Harper , Marty 304 Harper, Michelle M 181, 445 Harper, Tony 321 Harper-Moody, Leanne 340 Harraksingh, Gregory 444 Harrell, Kristen 2 0, 294 Harriger, Marie Therese 449 Harrington, Regxina Elaine 438 Harris, Brad 31 , 340 Haws, Susie 188, 191 Hawxby, Catherine Lea 447 Hay, Patricia 340 Hayamizu, Michiko 216 Hayamizu, Tadashi 216 Hayden, Edward Van 256 Hayden, Kelly 271 Hayden, Krailg 340, 471 HAYDEN'S ERRY REVIEW 243 Haydukovich, jeanne Marie 48 Hendrix, Chris 322 Hendry, Quentin 370 Henegar, Tracy 223 Henke, Peter 256 Henkel, Douglas 319 Henkle, Krista 269 Henley, Kristina 297, 370 Henman, Kenneth 323 Hennessey, Ken 188 Hennessey, Patricia A 438 Henningsen, Eric Eugene 439 Henningsen, Mary 207 Hayes, Gregg 211 Hayes, james Michael 446 Hayes, jennifer 291 Hayes, Mark 135 Hayes, Rebecca Isabelle 448 Hayes, Shannon 293 Hayes William 319 Henric Henrie, h, Sven 219 Michelle 211 Henry, Adrienne 274 Henry, Michelle 211 Henry, Nancy 370 Henry, Reed Francis 449 Henr , Russ Roger 439 Harris, Charles 135, 203 Harris, Christopher Lee 438, 443 Harris, Curtis 228 Harris, Cynthia 370 Harris, Dan'yl 120, 121, 123, 125,127,132,135 Harris, Derrick 269 Harris, james 231 Harris, joey Wade 440 Harris, jonathan 227, 228 Harris, Kathleen Anne 447 Harris, Kathryn Elizabeth 443, 445 Harris, Kris 264 Harris, Kristen Waterman 438 Harris, Les 207 Harris, Lisa Dawn 449 Harris, Mark Stewart 439 Harris, Phillip Scott 441 Harris, Rachel Ann 448 Harris, Rick 316 Harris, Rob 318 Harris, Stephen 340, 447 Harris, Tony 160 Harris, Victoria 231 Haymes, Stacy 296 Haynes, Ray 204 Hays, Katheryn A 440 Hayslett, Valerie jo 443 Halward, Delvan Elizabeth 41 Haywood, Alex 240, 241 Hazdra, Scott 313 Hazel, Nick 180 Hazeltine, Christopher 449 Hazelton, David S 441 Hazelwood, Dana Lynn 438 Hazelwood, Lisa 294, 446 Hazlett, Ken jr. 211 Hazlett, Susan 294 Healy, Kate 295 Heckscher, Holtz, Thomas 211, 370 iilton, judy Kay 440 iilton, Mary 297 ilett, Sue 235 ilin, Ann Elizabeth 441, 5 iling, Scott joseph 444 lm, Barry 228 im, Kristin 290 tman, Robert Franklin 442 imel, Todd Raymond 447 imer, Todd Edward 447 imerbeck, Nils 304 imeren, Eric 181 imersley, Rob 307 imond, Dawn Marie 449 imouda, Ben Mekki 284 tpton, Richard james 443 tren, Dan 228, 264 iza, Kevin Shawn 447 , Andrea L 443 ,chett, Leigh 247 icock, Gregory Lynn 440, I-4 idelsman, Acan 211 idley, Andrea Lynn 449 idley, Lisa 294 idy, Darren 239 ieman, Mark William 441 iigsberg, Michele 180 ikins ennifer L n 439 , I Y iks, Roze 441 lley, jeanne Elizabeth 449 iley, Paul 227 ina, Matt 322 mah, Kevin 211 mon, Micki 299 isen, Eve 235 isen, jeanne Marie 446 isen, john L 441 isen, Mindy 449 isen, Natalie 181 ISEII, Randolph D 442 ishaw, Alan 319, 445 ison, ison, ison, ison, 15011, ison, Audre 340 Erik 37,0 jeri 290 Mary Helen 447 Robert Daren 438 Thurston 370, 471 ape, Douglas Eugene 446 'ader, Mi e 228 rberson, Mike 181 rbi, Khaled Al 216 rbison, Laura 297 rdeman, Kirsten A 449 rden, james Robert 443 rden, Wanda Nell 440 rdesty, Lisa 449 rdin, Brad 370 rding, Allen Reed 445 rdy, G Genevieve 231, 441 rdy, Kevin 315 re, Franklin 340 reeck, Robert 319 rgett, Sheri Renee 443 rgis, Barry Gene 439 rgis, Bryan john 438 rias, David 274 ring, Brett 311 ris, Thomas Scott 439 rkin, Beth 211 rlan, Brian 313 rlan, jennifer 30, 31, 370 nnon, David jr. 438, 444, 146 rrnon, Melinda Anne 443 rms, Doug 282 .nnsen, Brian 304 irmsen, William 310 imagel, Wendy 236 imess, Susan Margaret 440 iro, john Patrick 443 iro, Maria Angelina 449 irp, Amalia 439 irper, Leanne Mary 447 Harris, William H 235, 441 Harrison, LaT0nya 247, 272, 370 Harry, Kaylyn Dee 445 Harshman, Betty 340 Harshman, Dori Lyn 439 Hart, Andrew 315 Hart, Bob 307, 315 Hart, Chip 340 Hart, Gary 76 Hart, Lee 76 Hart, Sherry R 439 Hart, Tom 307 Hartel, Eric 274, 279, 370 Hartley, Kristen 272, 370 Hartline, jane Elizabeth 441 Hartman, Brad 203, 243, 471 Hartman, Chad 309 Hartnedy, Bill 227 Hartvigsen, Kathryn 290 Hartvigsen, Kristy 290 Harty, Michael G 447 Hartzell, Carolyn MT 441 Harvey, Donise Renee 448 Harvey, Stacey 120, 132, 135 Harvie, Lois Rebecca 441 Harville, Bill 340 Hase awa, Chihilo 256 Hashirouck, Susan Ann 444 Hashimi, Sayed 370 Hashimi, Yousef 184 Hashimoto, Satoshi 216 Haskie, Hank 370 Hass, Amy 268, 271 Hassan, Ayesha 370 Hasse, Tracie 299 Hasse, Troy 220 Hassel, Gina 264 Hasselman, jon 10, 116, 449 Hassenger, joseph Patrick 444 Hassenger, Steve 307 Hassett, Eden Colleen 443 Hassett, john Thomas 447 Hassett, Shannon 300 Hatakeyama, Ruriko 211, 216, 253 Hatch, Brian Arthur 441 Hatcher, Kimberly Ann 449 Hatcher, Tina 211 Hatfield, Derik 231 Hatfield, Mike 304 Hathaway, LiAnn Charlotte 442 Hathaway, Rob 318 Hathcock, joseph David 440 Hatler, Carol White 443 Hatt, Karl 310 Hatt, Richard john 444 Hattasch, Christopher G 440 Hattendorf, Tim 254 Hauck, Doris Ann 446 Haught, Charlotte Lynn 277 Haugland, Linda Kay 439 Hau land, Erik 211 Haupert, Paul 254 Hauptman, Ronald joseph 442 Haus, Ashley 300, 370 Hauser, Scott Conway 446 Hausfeld, Gretchen 211 Hausmann, Bruce 320 Hausmann, Kurt Bradley 447 Havener, Lawrence john 438 Havens, Angie 269 Haver, joe 307 Haverland, Cindy 232, 239 Hawes, Dan 264 Hawes, Elizabeth Chimene 449 Hawkes, Christopher H 447 Hawkins, Bradle 211 Hawkins, Darrell,Lamar 438 Hawkins, Rand 370 Hawkins, Wenclly 240 Hawkinson, Glen 211, 267 Hawks Terr N 235 Heap, Darryl 232 Heap, Denise 199, 200 Heard, Melissa 300 Heart, Connie 340, 446 Heath, April joy 444 Heath, Lee 228 Heath, Mike 313 Heath, Shawn 235 Hebert, Gregory 370 Hechtlinger, Patricia jaye 442 Heck, Pamela Rae 449 Heckart, Di ana 294 Hecker, Mike 271 Hecker, Sta n 340 Hecker, Tom 211 Carmen 235 Hedberg, Karin S 439 Hedin, Laura Nancy 442 Hedley, Suzanne Barbara 438 Heedum, judy Lee 439 Heegeman, David j 442 Heerema, Tim 232 Heffeman, Mike 315 Heffren, Melissa Ann 445 Hegarty, james Matthew 446 Hegarty, Pat 120 Hegarty, Stephen Sean 449 Hegedus, jill 301 Hegener, Kristin E 445 Hegstad, Scott 309, 446 Heidelman, Chris 223, 319, 370 Heidt, Robert Emest 440 Heikka, Michael D 446 Heikkinen, Susan Marie 447 Heilbrunn, Marla Ann 449 Heileman, Matthew 323 Heiler, Bob 242 Heilgenstein, joseph 254 Heilman, james Andrew 443 Heilman, Ted 240 Heim, Richard 232 Heimenhoefer, limbo 188 Heing, Craig Steven 445 Heiniger, Penny Ann 441 Heinrich, Brad 254 Heist, Mike 228 Heithoff, Kristi 292 Heitzin er, joan 443 Held, ltgichael 319, 449 Held, Sandra 340, 449 Helener, Alan 254 Helfer, Carolyn 294 Helfrich, Patrick 370 Hel oth, Teri 240 Helgeksen, julie Marie 442 Helleksen, Mark 231 Heller, jeff 231 Helling, Mick 307 Hellman, Stephanie S 445 Helman, Everett 340 Helmig, joesph 231 Helms, Christopher james 440 Helms, Thomas 318 Helmstelter, Philip 320 Helou, Khaled 102 Helson, Kave 312 Hemingway, Kimberly 441 Hemlehen, joshua 264 Hemmele, Michael john 449 Hemp, Erik 340 Hempel, Melissa Ann 442 Hemstreet, 447 Thomas Herman Hendershot, Dave 314 Henderson, Cara 211 Henderson, Carl A 448 Henderson, Marion Currie 439 Henderson, Mark David 449 Hendricks, Gena Ann 449 Hendricks, Mark 309 Hendricks, Michelle Irene 443 Hendricks, Richard Geor e 447 Hendrickson, Keith A 442 Hawraikek, david Paul 448 Hendrickson, Stacy Lynn 445 Hensliiaw, Tracey 295 Hensley, Susie 297 Henszey, Michael Meagher 449 Heptig, Kathy 211 Herald, Heather 211 Herbert, Angela 299 Herbert, Geregory Ernest 310, 446 Herbert, Mary Beth 446 Herbranson, jill 243, 370 Herbst, Fredrick III 445 Herbst, Tamara 340 Herebic, Stephanie 297, 370, 471, 243 Heriman, Greg 320 Herkert, Gabriella Anne 445 Herlitz, Frederick W 449, 138, 181 Herman, Ruth 207, 340 Hemiann-Nickell, Donna 340 Hermel, Kris 295 Hemandez, Cesar jaime 447 Hemandez, Clark 303 Hemandez, Daniel 313 Hemandez, Duane 438 Hemandez, Felicia 261 Hemandez, jacqueline Lee 448 Hemandez, john 310 Hemdon, Krista 293 Hemdon, Scott 218, 219, 220 Heron, Mike 304 Herrera, Elvira 196 Herrera, Martha 196 Herrick, George Ross 444 Herrick, Laura 300 Herriman, Greig 27 Herriman, Mu fie 294 Herring, john 256, 370 Herro, Ann Marie 297 Herschede, Michelle Renee 441 Hershaur, jeff 211 Hershber er, Vem 247 Hershey, ibebra A 439 Hershinow, H Brian 310 Hershman, Lori 290 Hertz, Richard 223 Hertzog, Denise 341 Herzberg, Dave 307 Heskett, Kenneth Ray 440 Hesler, Richard Allen 444 Heslin, Geriann Marie 443 Hess, Daniel Paul 439 Hess, Gregory S 442 Hess, Robert 341, 446 Hess, Shellie Kay 438 Hess, Trudy Anne 444 Hesse, Kim 271 Hesser, Beverly Anne 446 Hesson, Terri Lynn 442 Hett, Steve 319 Heubel, Suzanne Marie 442 Heubel, Tara Anne 440 Heustis, Brad 314 Hewitt, Kent Davis 447 Hewitt, Lisa 294 Hewitt, Susan 297, 370 Hewlett, Laura 247, 341 Hext, Tom 314 Heyen, Roger Lee 440 Hiatt, Cynt ia june 440 Hibbert, Carrie Lynn 445 Hichman, Bmce 319 Hick, Michael Edwin 444 Hickert, Angela Shawn 449 Hickey, Mark Alan 440 Hickman, Kris 292 Hicks, john joseph 443 Hicks, Kevin 341 Hicks, Sandy Lee 440, 447 Hicok, Gary Dwayne 447 Hidalgo, Edmundo 196 Hidalgo, Frank 196 Hieger, Kathy 290 Higa, Ellitt 323 Higa, john 235 Higby, Loren Paul 448 Hi inbotham, Cynthia A 445, E59 Higginbotham, Kim 298 Higgins, Brian 181, 269 Higgins, john 211, 322 Higgins, Martyj 310 Higgins, Stephanie 292, 370 Hightower, jennifer 294 Hi uera, Cathy 196, 208, 247 Hiiand, Mark 184, 208, 370 Hilbrands, Rick Lloyd 446 Hildebrand, jefzerson 303 Hildebrant, Kristen A 446 Silt Hill Hill Hill Hill emann, Zachary james 447 Ashley 295 Bruce Edward 443 Daniel Eastman 449 David 309,322,447 Diane Louise 449 Donald jerry 440 Hill james Crisman 449 Hill, janice 211 Hill, jD 121 Hill, julie 293 Hill, Karen Elaine 441 Hill Kathy 259 Hill Lois 370 Hill Ned 267 Hill Ronda 341, 445 Hill Scott 304 Hill Shirley Ann 439 Hill Victoria Christine 440 Hillegas, Carol 253, 370 Hilliard, Lisa 215 Hillier, Grant 319 Hillman, Keil 370 Hillyard, jim 254 Hoffmann , Deborah 341 Hoffmann, , julie 211 Elizabeth Ann 442 Hoffmann, Mark john 446 Hoffsett, Mom 311 Hofland, ja 305 Hofmann, grett 282 Hofmann, Eric Karl 447 Hofmann, Shannon 370 Hofstetter, Eric R 445 Hogan, Mark 305 Hoganson, Tami 370 Hoge, Kevin 311 Hogg, Chris 295 Hogg, Holly 295 Ho att, Lane 320 Hoi? Scott 188 Hohman, Scott 180 Hoiby, Lance 208, 274 Hokanson, Heidi Lynn 442 Hokanson, Matt 264 Holcomb, Elizabeth M 446 Holcomb, Gary 307 Holcomb, Robert 231 Hilmer, Carole 341 Hilst, Kyle Sue 444 Himelfarb, Carrie 253 Hindes, Cynthia Anne 446 Hine, Ethan 95 Hine, Sherry jo 440 Hineman, Dorothy 341 Hines, Eric 231 Hines, Gregory 45 Hines, Robert 370 Hinkley, Hinman, jennifer 297 Linda Louise 441 Kelly 256 Hinoios, Daniel 271, 370 Hinojos, Ruben 440 Hinton, Mary 228 Hinz, David alan 447 Hinz, Michael Shawn 443 Hinz, Ste Hirata, G ven Frederick 440 regg Alan 440 Hirko, Mickey Peter 443 Hirohata, Annette Eiko 445 Hirose, Larry 267, 370 Hirota, A Hirsch, C kifumi 216 herie Lynn 448 Hirschfeld, Serisa 228, 341 Hirsh, Lindsay Lewin 438 Hirshouer, Eric 274 Hirst, jennifer 300 Hirte, jeanine joyce 439 His, Sandi 292 HISPANIC BUSINESS STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 196 HISPANIC CONVOCATION COMMITTEE 196, 197 Hitchcock, julia Lynn 441 Hitchcock, Michael Andrew 447 Hithcodk, Barbara joy 443 Hitt, Ronda 256 Hitzel, Sim 370 Hitzhusen, Beth Ann 445 Hix, Ronald S 439 Hizel, Christopher David 438 Hlosek, Andrea 231 Ho, Viginia Sansan 438 Hobbes, Bob 203 Hobbs, Cynthia Lynn 442 Hobbs, jennifer Leah 441 Hobbs, Leslie A 78 Hobza, Brett 272 Hoch, Thomas Andrew 438 Hochadel, jeffrey Scott 445 Hochhaus, Isabel Marie 438 Hockor, Charles C 231 Hodak, Allyson Margaret 447 Hodge, Frank T 445 Hodge, Randi Lee 438 Hodge, Tomas Allan 448 Hodges, David 243, 370 Hodges, Tony 56 Hodgson, joanne 219 Hodonicky, Gary 370 Hodson, jennifer 299 Hodur, Heather 141 Hoehn, j Michael 322, 440 Hoehn, Mike 243 Hoehne, Darrell 312 Hoekstra, Laurel 34, 341, 447 Hoel, Eugene David 438 Hoeldtke, Kimberly Kay 442 Hoeldtke, Sheri 296 Hofer, Scott 305 Hoferkamp, Kellie Lynne 438 Hoff, Brian D 441 Hoff, Carl 207 Hoff, jackie 207 Hoff, Lori jean 440 Hoffarth, Mike 219 Hoffeller, Kurt Michael 439 Hoffer, Brian 181 Hoffiz, Daniel 341 Hoffman, Deborah Dee 447 Hoffman Hoffman , Eldon jr. 236 , Glee Lois 448 Hoffman, Holly Michelle 439, 449 Hoffman, james Karl 443 Hoffman, jose 264 Hoffman, joseph William 440 Hoffman, julie 370 Hoffman, Kelly jo 446 Hoffman, Martha Mary 439 Hoffman , Michael George 442 Holcombe, joe 227 Holcutt, Susannah 296 Holden, Eric 211 Holden, jane 188 Holder, Holder, Steven Robert 439 Holemon, Gwynda E 440 Holguin, josie 341 Holiday, Clay Wilson 438 Holinger, Mark Anthony 442 Holland, Brian 282 Holland, Kevin Michael 446 Holland, Scott 310 Hollander, Bambi Beth 443 Hollander, Mindi 269 Hollen, Holler, Holli, T jamie 264 Lisa Marie 440 rude 445 Holliday, Thomas joseph 207, 446 Hollis, Cean Morrow 441 Hollis, Imogene 442 Hollyer, Russell stewart 440 Hollyfeild, Shemian 370 Holmblad, Cindy Leah 449 Holmes Holmes Holmes Holmes Holmes , Brad 316 , Darla Rheay 445 , Denise jean 441 , jason 267 , john 272 Holmes, Tanya T 192, 289, 37 Holmes, Toinette 181 Holmes, Tracy 180 Holmes -Scott, Emma j 440 Holmquist, Lauriej 444 Holmwood, Beth 275, 370 Holstein, Lisa M 443 Holt, Blair 86 Holtemann, Nicole E 449 Holten, Mike 140 Holtzman, Gail 291 Holtzman, Paul jay 445 Holusha, Cindy Ann 449 Holway , Mary Beth 440 Hom, Susan 445 Homan, Marc Sigler 448 HOMECOMING COM MITTEE 184 Homerding, Brian 370 Homes, Homes, Fred 203 Russ 320 Homan, Steven Manne 443 o Homew od, Troy Dean 446 Homles, Todd 311 Homme Honda, Honda, Honne, rquist, Brad 303 Masahiro 341 Pastor jon 199 Sonia 196 Hontz, Daniel Paul 443 Hoober, Nancy Mattox 440 Hoogendoom, Shelly 277 Hoo , Kris 269 Hooten, Hoover, Hoover, Hope, T 370 Kirk 181 Brad 313 jackie 200, 247, 272 homas 247, 274, 320, Hopkins, Charles 318, 370 Hopkins, Lisa Marie 341 Hopkins, Stephen 207 Hopkins, Hopper, Steve 254 Douglas Trewet 440 Hopper, Patricia 295 Hoppock, jennifer L 445 Hopwood, Lori Anne 444 Horaney, Sally 294 r Horchle , Mia 301, 371 Hom, Harry joseph 441 Hom, jeff 322 Hom, Michael Scott 438 Hom, Robyn Lynn 442 Hombacher, Michael 308 Home, julie 294 Homer, Homer, Homey, Allan W 223 Michelle Mariko 440 Michele 341, 446 Homhacher, Michael 267 Horst, joseph 207, 341 Horst, Mindy 341 Horton, Horton, Laura L 446 Rick 312 Horton-Kolcz, Shannyn K 446 Horvath, Mark Alan 439 Hosey, Michael jr. 438, 447 0 Hoffman, Terri 228, 299 Hoshida, Gregg 211, 254 Index 457 Hosmer, Betty S 449 Hoss, john 316 Hostetler, Darrin 243 H0SfEflGl', Mary Barbara 446 Hotis, james 316, 371 Hotze, jim 220 Houde, Lisa 68 Houghton, Tracy Lynn 443 Houik, Tim 319 Houne, Sonia 200 House, Hackett 64 House, Paul 322 House, Tmdy Lea 441 Houston, Whitney 43 Houstone, Mario 204 Houtkooper, Robert 211 Hover, Mara Burroughs 448 Hovey, Richard Williams 444 Howard, Chad 116, 117, 213 Howard, David john 444 Howard, jennifer 341 Howard, Michael Scott 438 Howard, Nanette D 443 Howard, Ronald Duane 440, 444 Howard, Victor 371 Howd Howe Howe Howe er, Carrie Lynn 441 , Becky 102, 341 , Cherie Lucille 445 ,james Clifford 438 Howe, Paul 181 Howe, Sheila 236 Howell, Carrie Laine 442, 445 Howell, Kristi 211 Howell, Shannon P 236 Howell, Timothy Scott 446 Howell, Tracy 188, 207 Hower, Scott 264 Howes, Corbin 208 Howland, Eric Reid 442, 445, 449 Hoye, Mary Shawn 442 Hoynes, Lisa 211 Hoyt, Cynthia A 439 Hoyt, Mike 314 Hraber, Michael 445 Hriso, Greg 371 Hsiung, Shenghwa 341 Hubalik, Karen 224 Huber, Mike 256 Hubert, Am 211 Hubert, Micliael 315 Huckins, Scott 228 Hudack, Lawrence joseph 443 Hudoff, Mark Thomas 445 Hudson, Christina 371 Hudson, Matthew David 439 Hudson, Michael 341 Hudson, Mike 272 Hudson, Rex 439 Hudson, Rhonda 269, 371 Hudson, Richard Wile 440 Hudson, Tracy Ann 3g8 Hudson, Virginia bee 441 Huelster, julie 295, 371 Huenecke, Kim 219 Huestis, Bradley 186, 223, 314, 371 Huestis, Rick 315 Huettner, Nancy 228 Huff, Richard Kip 447 Huffman, Brain 311 Huffman, Eric 282 Huffman, Teresa Ann 440 Huffman, Valerie 441 Hugh, Terri A 445 Hughens, Vanessa 211 Hughes, Amy Michelle 441 Hughes, Brian 371 Hughes, David 259 Hughes, Elizabeth Adams 449 Hughes, Geor e 116, 310 Hughes, jenni?er Edna 438 Hughes, Keith 161 Hughes, Kevin 132 Hughes, Mary Frances 158, 1 0, 439 Hughes, Patricia Kaye 441 Hughes, Sarah Louise 449 Hughes, Sheryl 292 Hughes, Vanessa 264 Hughes, Wendy Anne 446 Huguez, james 371 Huish, Darrel S 442 Huisman, Terry 256 Hulburt, Pe y Davidson 447 Hull, Bart Dgg35 Hull, Brett 267 Hull, Camarie 341 Humbert, Perry j 444 Humble, David 320 Humble, Paula 294 Hume, Scott 320, 443 Humetewa, Diane j 449 Humm, Mary 440 Humphrey, Blake 271 Humphrey, Brad 314 Humcphre , john 319, 439 Hun elt, Iliz 295 Hung, Pi-Fan 216 Hunnicutt, j gody 448 Hunsaker, Gary Marlon 442 Hunt, Brent Lawrence 443 Hunt, Christine C 447 Hunt Christo herj T 445 Huntl Corey 3103 Hunt, George W P 60 Hunt, jack Howard 440 Hunt, jacqueline Ann 447 Hunt, jennifer 68 458 Index Hunter, Debra 341, 449 Hunter, Donna 298 Hunter, Holly 45 Hunter, Keith Edward 447, 449 Hunter, Laura 228 Huntington, Michael 447 Huntress, Danielle Lanore 447 Hurd, Mattew jason 439 Hurlbut, jan 235 Hurley, Christine Marie 442 Hurst, Richard Brian 442 Hurt, Ed 322 Hurt, William 45 Husbands, james Elliot 447 Huschke, Marc Alan 440 Huskey, Sybil 51 Huskisson, Lou 341 Husrieh, Abdul 341, 447 Husser, Nelson 207 Hutchins, William Edward 441 Hutchinson, Bob 307 Hutchinson, Carol 295 Hutchinson, Kim 256 Hutchison, Thomas Byron 243, 446 Hutoron, Adam Nathan 445 Hutsko, Nora jean 442 Hutson, john KC 448 Hutson, Scott 160 Huynh, Phuc Huu 447 Hyde, Blair 271, 296 Hyde, james A 438 Hyde, Ronald Martin 446 Hyde, Sheri Kay 439 Hyland, Phil 318, 341 Hyland, Shannon P 223 Hyman, jamie 319 Hyman, Rachel 259 Hyman, Rochelle 371 Hyndman, Mark Francis 442 Hyndman, Trac 303 Hypock, Doug 3,19 Hyson, Stacey Ann 448 Iannitelli, Claudio 230 Ibarra, Daniel javier 438 Ibarra, Dave 314 Icaza, Denise 448 ICE HOCKEY CLUB 219 Ide, Kelly Susan 438 lfversen, Ronald james 449 llercil, Perrie Denise 447 llercil, Tayfun 440 Ilic, Dan Bo dan 440, 444 Imaoka, Keiio 444 Imberi, Shannon 295 lmbriale, Dawn Reed 438 Imerman, Sally 299 Imhoff, Paul 227, 282 Impson, jennifer 277, 371 Imura, Shoko 216 Inderieden, Charles john 438 Ingalls, julie juanita 443, 449 Inger, Dvid 442 Ingmand, Ellen 199, 295 Ingram, Andy 135 Ingram, jennifer 198 Ingram, Linty 160 Ingstrum, Thomas Edward 443 Ingwand, Ellen 200 Inman, Anjanette 207 Inman, Elizabeth 371 Inman, Randy 304 Innatelli, Claudio 228 Inoue, Tomoko 371 Inoue, Toshiyuki 216 Inoue, Yuko 216 Insidioso, julie 341, 449 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 223 INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 207 Ip, Pui Hang 439, 446 Ireland, Erin 294 Ireland, Todd 227 Irons, Cameron 371 Irwin, Karen 372 Irwin, Mat 313 Irwin, Shelly 295 Isaacson, Dan 311 Isais, Ezekiel 341 Isbell, George Charles 446 lsem, Kevin 311 Isham, Scott 315 Ishikawa, Yoshihisa 216 Isiah, Tarre 119, 143, 161 Islas, Alex 196 Ismail, Mustafa Khalid 440 Israel, K le Allen 443 Itayim, Sana F 445 Itical, Paul 240 Ito, Yoshihiro 216 Itule, Bruce 470, 473 Iuliano, jerry 471 Ivan, judith 449 Ivener, Korin Lee 440 Ivener, Stephanie 290 Iversen, Teri 277 Iverson, Christina 211 Iverson, Paul Mark 447 Ivins-Scholer, joanne V 449 jabczenski, Tony 306 jablomie, Heywood 307 jablonsky, Richard 341 jack, Ivan H 444 jackelen, Susan M 443 jacks, julee 290 jackson, Anthony 231 jackson, Bryan 247 jackson, Craig 264 jackson, Darrel 240 jackson, David j 388 jackson, Derek 211 jackson, Gary 243 jackson, Gregory 310 jackson, janet 43 jackson, jeanne Louise 446 jackson, jeff 228 jackson, Kristine 215, 372 jackson, Laura E 446 jackson, Melvin 127 jackson, Michael 42 jackson, Mollie Elizabeth 449 jackson, Reggie 224 jackson, Rodne 239 jackson, Ronald,441 jackson, Sandra 236, 341 jackson, Tj 315 jackson, Tiffany 292 jackson, Trisha 297 jacob, Craig Martin 446 jacobs, Allison K 439 jacobs, jerome Edward 439, 447 jacobs, jim 316 jacobs, Kathy 297 jacobs, Keith 323 jacobs, Kelly 290 jacobs, Tom 316 jacobsen, jeffrey 315, 372 jacobson, john 314 jacobson, julie 297 jacobson, KC 227 jacobson, Rob 188 jacqua, john 26 jacques, Lani 219, 372 jacquez, Clarissa M 440 jadav, Susan jacobs 228 jaffe, Lee 227 jaffe, Lisa 200, 201, 342 jaksich, Teresa M 444 jamburri, jamie 264 james, Bob 223, 321 james, Gary 372 james, jean 295 james, jeffre 342, 116 james, julie loo james, Lynn 126, 135 james, Paul 316 james, Rob 211, 306 jameson, Andy 155 jamieson, Lauren Lee 448 jamison, Thomas Edwin 446 jancarole, Melanie 342 janes, Daryl 231 janes, jean 372 janiszeski, Deanna 253 janousek, Mark Louis 448 janovsky, Scott 264 janowski, Mike 267 jansen, Marie Ann 440 jansen, Mark Edward 441 janson, Katy 300 janssen, Matthew 219 janti, Lis juni 216 jantz, Chris 181 jantzen, Richard Donald 441 jaramillo, Danny 372 jarboe, Mike 323 jariak, Dennis A 446 jarman, joseph Alexander 445 jarrard, David 228, 256 jarret, james 342, 449 jarvis, jim 264 jarvis, Kathy 181 jaskowski, janet 68, 298 jason, Cheryl 261, 290 jason, Cindy 290, 327 jasso-Horrell, Meri M 447 jauque, Pierre 303 jauregui, julia 247, 264, 449 jaurigue, Gloria 196 jaurigue, Michelle 196 jaworski, Michael 440 jaynes, Lome Edward 438 jefferson, Randy 135 jeffrey, Amy Elizabeth 448 jeffrey, Mark 211, 372 jellesma, Evan April 443 jellison, james 342 jeney, Robert 116, 223, 310 jenkerson, joy 264 jenkerson, Rhonda 228 jenkins, janiece Kayleen 440 jenner, Pete 319 johnson, Rob 316 johnson, Robby 297 johnson, Robert Marshall 441, 449 johnson, Sherry Danielle 439 johnson, Sheryl 200, 372 johnson, Steve 315, 318, 446, 447 johnson, Terence 135 johnson, Timothy Hugh 438 johnson, Tom 342, 448 johnson, Tony 135 johnson, T 223, 309 johnson, Victoria 343, 449 johnson, Wendell M 440, 443 johnston, johnston Barbara Clark 440 Greg 305 jennings, Marianne 78, 79 jennings, Rhonda 293 jennison, Emily 211 jennison, Emma 372 jennison, Erin Lynn 441 jennison, jay 309 jensen, Beth Renee 442 jensen, David 342, 440 jensen, Drew 223, 314 jensen, Linda Sue 440 jensen, Michael joseph 439 jensen, Peter 319 jensen, Susan Marie 449 jensen, Tami 291 jensen, Tracy 290, 294 jenson, Shaun 313 jepson, A Loren 443 jepson, Nancy 342 jeras, Kevin Theodore 438 jesperson, Ralph Harris 443 jewe, Pa stor Ron 199 jewett, jeffrey Karl 447 jimenez, jimenez, jimenez, Gina 301 Sarah Pamela 449 Teresa Marie 448 jimerson, jennifer Louise 449 joiiiiim, Kathleen Molfetta jobe, Dana 292 jock, Ronelle 211, 372 jocsque, Drew 311 jodoin, jeffrey Allen 446 joe, Michael 211 joedaatmadja, Diako M 440 joelson Gre 135 jogis, Chris T58, 180 jogis, Christropher H 315, 446 jo ansen, Tom 228 john, Geor e 342 john, Rick 272 johnes, Stacey 297 johns, Elizabeth 342 johns, Stephanie Sue 443 johnson Adrienne 372 johnson, Angela 372 johnson, Barry 188, 254 johnson, Brennan 282 johnson, Brett 135 johnson Brian 312 johnsonj Carl 264 johnson, Carolyn 299 ohnson, Carol Field 439 I johnson, Cath 298, 443 johnson, CharI,es Martin 443 johnson Cheri A 211, 213, 253 johnson, Chris 315 johnson, Daniel Vemer 449 johnson, Denise 295 johnson, Don 228 johnson, Donna 342, 471 johnson, Doug 323 johnson, Dovi 299 johnson, Fred 307 johnson, Gea 119, 169, 181 johnson, Greg 207, 318 johnson, Harold Ralph 440 johnson Heather 296 johnsonj jac ueline Ann 438, 443, 4 45, 248 johnson, james 311 johnson, jeff 135 johnson, jennifer 211, 269, 342, 442 johnson, jeramiah 188 johnson, jeremy 372 johnson, joan Kay 438 johnson, john 231, 247, 254, 317, 4 42 johnson, judd 259 johnson, julie 271 johnson, Karin E 282, 372 johnson, Kathy 342 johnson, Keith 228 johnson, Kelly 291 johnson, Kim 211, 292, 297 johnson, Kirk Alan 438 johnson, Kristan Beth 438 johnson, Kurt 204, 444 johnson, Lance 372 johnson Larry 223 342 johnsonj Lee Anneaoo, 440 johnson, Lisa Shea 443, 449 johnson, Manuel jay 442 ohnson Maril n Love 441 I , y johnson, Mark 228 johnson, Ma Louise 444 johnson, Mic ael Wayne 440, 446, 4 'Z 48 johnson, Michelle 372 johnson, Patricia 342 johnson, Paul Scott 442, 445, 449 johnston, jimmie Carl 447 johnston, john 316 johnston, Max jay 441 johnston, Steve 227 jolgrlgton, Theodore Colman johnstone, Debbie 264 johnstone, julie McKinnon 439 joiner, Amanda 240 jolley, B an Lee 449 jolly, Clgford D 442 jolly, Debora Lynn 447 jonagan, Patric james 446 jones, jones, jones, jones, Aj 204, 372 Bemard 120 Bob 306 Brad 247, 256 Iones, Carlos Steven 444 jones, Darrick 219 jones, David M 440, 441 jones, Dina A 442 jones, Geoff 304 jones, Greg 372 jones, Hugh 211 jones, joy 300 jones, Kareem Abdule 282 jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, Katherine 343 Keith 122 Kurt 227 Lawrence Hughes 439 Lee 239 Lisa 147, 161 jones, Loretta jean 441 jones, Michael D 55 jones, Patrick 310 jones, Patricia Mary 448 jones, Randall james 438 jones, Robin 372 jones, Sally 269 jones, Sheila Renee 439 jones, Sherri Ann 440, 447 jones, Stephanie 292 jones, Sylvia 343 jones, Teresa 240 jones, Timothy Robert 445, 447 jones, Toby 200, 223, 235, 372 jones, Todd 319 jones, Troy 304 jones, Winston 246, 247, 250, 343, 261 jones, Zeke 141, 152, 153 jones-Schicker, Teresa 343 jong, David Henry 440 joos, Mark 254 jordan, Audrey Dawn 439 jordan, David 184, 208, 433 jordan, George jr. 438 jordan, Kendall 300 jordan, Laurinda Gaye 441 jordan, Ron 199, 223, 319, 433 jordan, Sharon 343, 449 jordan, Tammara 291 jordan, Wendy 211, 264 ordan-Meldrum, janalee 441 I jordan jorde, -Weldon, Audra 274 john Mitchell 445 joxlgensen, Martha Elizabeth 41, 444 joseph, Gina 296 joseph, jeff 120 joseph, Mark William 442 joseph, Mike 188 joseph, Shana Marie 449 joseph, Sid 188, 190 joslin, joslin, Eric 343, 448 Marina 372 joslyn, Eric 282 jost, Tommy 282 jowell, Mindy 161 jo , Sharon Lee 445 jlIlLIiI'SU CLUB 188, 189, 190, juang, Ruddy 343 juarez, james 321 judd, Mary Kathleen 445 judd, Sharon 343 judge, james Edmond 443 jue, Larry 447 julaga, Steven 319 jungbelig, Crai 372 junod, dwarf254, 343 jurick, Kimberly 441 jurosek, Marcia Ann 442 justice, Kathleen Eleanor 441 justice, Kenneth joseph 438 justice, Larry james 438 justice, Susan L 442 justin, Paul 120, 135 juttingg Sheri L 443 jutzi, aul 343 Kacer, Robert 303 Kachhla, Rashmiben Pala 4 Kachnik, Edward j 235 Kacvinski, Daniel 372 Kaczmarski, Patricia D 449 Kaczynski, Beth 184, 299, 4 Kadman, Robert 219, 228 Kahn, Randol h William 41 Kaigl, MichaeIa 290 Kaiser, Molly 253, 372 Kaitschuck, Ten'y 256 Kaizer, Ed C 441 Kajiwara, Masaru 216 Kakavand, Ali 343 Kakonge, Robie 30, 243 Kalafus, Laura 293 Kalfus, Susan 240 Kalia, Athena Luise 448 Kalian, Peter john 439 Kalis, Todd 135 Kalli, Karen 220 Kallick, Robert 227, 274 Kallmer, Tim 219, 254, 372! Kallmeyer, Ute 442 1 Kalmbach, Albert jr. 439 ' Kamel, Samia Wadie 445 Kamhi, Claudia 247 Kaminsky, james Gerard 44 Kaminsky, Marlene 372 Kaminsky, Roxanne Eleda 4 Kangnerer, Elizabeth Holly Kamp, Sherry Lynn 440 Kampmeier, Tammi 294 Kamrath, Daniel Duane 446 Kan, Keen Yut 443 Kanada, Kirby S 438 Kanaswood, Chano 211 Kanderis, Shane 316 Kane, Tamm 247, 343 Kaneshiro, Nyoelle 261 Kang, Kyong 264 Kangas, Karen Renee 439 Kaniewski, Gre ory 372 Kanios, Maria Igatrina 441 Kannberg, Gloria jean 444 Kannberg, Scott 223 Kannel, julia Marie 443 Kantack, Craig 309 Kanter, Lillian Ka 438, 445 Kapanicas, Michelle Lynn 41 Kapanowski, Sue 271 Kapis, john 188 Kaplan, jason 181 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 21 KAPPA DELTA 298 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 299 KAPPA SIGMA 309 Karam, Geo e 184, 224 Karanicola, Sgierese A 445 Karau, Steven james 442 Kardos, Lisa Ann 438 Karg, Karl 185, 306 Kar os, Sandra M 449 Karkoutli, Issam 438 Karlan, Beth 224 Karlin, Elliot Cleveland 443 Karlsson, Leif 343 Kansicola, Therese Athena Kames, Bill 307 Kamig, Todd 232 Karp, jeffre 140, 343 Karp, joseph Paul 442 Karpinski, Christine Veronic, 443 Karr, Karen Leone 446 Karroum, Fayez 313 Kasala, jerry joseph 443 Kasang, Daniel 343 Kaseberg-Bedore, Bmce 343 Kaseguma, Emi 343 Kashihara, Naomi 216 Kasperbauer, Teresa 240, 341 Kassa, Karla 295 Kastelic, Denise Marie 447 Kasten, Mary Catherine 447 Kastner, Andrea 188, 190 Kastwer, Roger 223 Kaszubowski, Mark 440 Kates, Lisa 295 Katis, Bmce 323 Kattin e, Ricardo 443 Katz, Steve 308 Kauerman, William 310 Kauffman, Karl joe 441 Kauffman, Matt 304 Kauffman, Nancy jo 444 Kauffman, Thom 224 an, Andy 303 an, Bradley Wayne 445 an, Danny 303 an, jeffrey F 449 an, Milo 304 Christopher Michael 447 agh, james 343 ak, Lisa M 232 fraig 303 ilie 253 Sondra L 239 Andrea 294 Cynthia Dianne 442 Laura 277, 295 ii, Hamid Reza 447 er, john 264 , Dayton 227 , Paul 372 s, Harry 372 -y, Gregg 314 ey, Larry 312 g, john 311, 441, 449 g, Susan Marie 443 g, Thomas Daniel 441 e, Francis Kenneth 447 janet Newton 443 jonathan 309 2, Dave 314 .onald james 438 Robbie E 439 n, Christopher 309 n, Dennis 309 n, Salima 473 n, Theresa Ann 443 g, Kellgo29l 2-Gam a, Rosa Maria n, Kara 299 n, Maureen 299, 449 , Kenneth Kelly 444 Deborah Diane 441 , Scott 315 Ryan 313 Kevin 181 William 232, 343 ar, Michael 373 ns, Stacey jane 442 ter, Kevin 343, 447 , Kenneth Michael 447, , Shannon 294 , Steve 304 , Thomas 373 ', Elizabeth Landhier 448 ', Sharon jean 446 ', Yang Sun 216 er, john 208, 318, 433 rr, Hans 312 gg, Pam 192 , Steve 314 n, Ronald Dexter 443 Andre 319 Anthony Edward 446 Brad 254 Charlotte Gail 443 Daniel S 219, 441 Dave 228 Erin Patricia 449 George Ill 440 llene 207 Karey K 446 Kate 299 Kevin 373 Kimberly Lynn 443 Ma 207, 24, 441 Micllllael 308 Paul 207 Richard 207 Robert 308, 445 Stephen 303 Susan Eifort 443 Ted 219 Terry 141, 314 Valerie 373 , Wes 219 ', Gloria K 291 1, Douglas 319 ng, Alan 343, 447 ', Aaryn 89, 295 1, joyce Bigelow 443 ter, john Miles 446 rner, Robert 307 ,ton, james 224, 235, 320, Kerbaugh, Patty 297 Kerchner, Matt 267 Kerkhoven, Anne rae 445 Kem, Susan 219 Keman, Edward joseph 446 Kerr, Dan 211 Kerr, Mike 311 Kerr, Owen 254, 373 Kerr, Ronda Suzan 442 Kerr, Tom 313 Kersey, Bill 310 Kersh, Steven 228, 343 Kerstead, Bob 313 Kerstin , Bob 304 Kerue, gave 304 Kesling, Molly 290, 373 Kesslen, Eric Charles 441 Kessler, Kenneth 343 Kessler, Madeline Mary 442 Kessler, Marjorie 343 Kessler, Marla 373 Ketelaar, Roger john 449 Kettles, Elizabeth 343 Kettleson, Laura 297 Kettlewell, Robin Ann 441 Kever, Andrea Louise 445 Keyler, Chuck 254, 309 Keys, Scott 282 Kezerle, Daniel john 442 Khalsa, Guru 373 Khashman, Raid Fathi 216 Khawam, jean-Claude Roger 444 Khera, Amik Paul 441 Khokhar, Sohail 373 Khoury, Sheen 319 Khubchandani, Zubin 314 Kiahashemi, Masoumeh 343 Kidd, Wes Roger 439 Kidner, Ronald 216, 343 Kidner, Tiffany 373 Kidwell, Chris 311 Kiefer, Steven R 236 Kieffer, Stephen Allan 448 Kielsky, Michael 188 Kienast, Kevin 373 Kiener, john j 231 Kierman, jon 303 Kieman, joel 180 Kiemat, Carolyn 373 Kieselbach, Chris 300 Kiessling, Lisa Marie 441 Kihm, Gretchen Mary 445 Kilby, Susan Maude 443 Kilcrease, Michelle 292 Kilkenny, Eileen Rita 442 Killeen, Peter 227 Killian, Paula 261 Killian, Vince 247, 256, 315, 446, 449 Killion, Susan 236 Killock, Kathy 325 Kilpatrick, Carol 290 Kilponen, Rob 308, 373 Kim, Bo Sook 216 Kim, Heekun 343, 449 Kim, Hongdo 216 Kim, jeong Soo 216 Kimball, Laurel 207 Kimble, jeffreg Alan 438 Kime, David 312, 446 Kimmis, Sindy Ann 445 Kinard, Kelley Anne 438 Kinatske, Lisa 299 Kincaid, Dawn 373 Kinder, Eugene j 448 Kindorf, Russell Gregg 446 King, King, King, King, King, Alexander Denesen 449 Bradle 305 Dan 3113 Donald 307, 343 Douglas john 438 King, Dwayne 135 King, King, King, Kin King King, King, King, King, King, Greg 284 Kerwin Paul 438 Kris 184, 298 Mark 25 Patricia 192, 373 Penny Dawn 447 Stephanie 161, 299 Tanya 343 Tracy 96 William F 441 all, jeffrey Dennis 445, I er, Mark james 443 ton, Pamela Louise 438 ', St even David 439 aday, john F 449 edy, Andrew 76 edy edy edy edy E edy edy dy edy , Douglas 231 , Lisa 295 , Lori Anne 440 , Mark 373 , Mary Kay 271, 343 , Matthew Sean 447 , Theresa Marie 448 , Timothy N 439 ell, Rebecca 211 ey, Danny 318 y, Greg 308 Angela Karis 448 justin 323 on, jim 264 on, Kelly Anne 440 on, Roger Miles 440 on, Terri 373 el, james 343 el, Scott 314 Kingery, Heather 291 Kingery, Todd 314 Kingston, Timothy 319, 444 Kinney, Mike Elvan 440 Kinnier, Richard T 101 Kinsbruner, Randy 303 Kintzel, Keanan lenn 441 Kioski, jud Frances 443 Kipp, Mattliew Lewis 445 Kirby, Kip 445 Kirby, Scott 135 Kirb , Tim 135 Kirchmann, Mary Sue 446 Kiriazopoulos, Paraskevi 441 Kirk, B Cathy 445 Kirk, jennifer Townsend 441 Kirke, jeff 316 Kirke, jim 316 Kirkendale, Tammy jeanne 442 Kirkham, Lani Rae 439 Kirkland, Dennis james 447 Kirkland, Sherrelle 289, 373 Kirkpatrick, john F 438 Kirkpatrick, Shannon 207 Kirkpatrick, Shawn 207 Kimtse, Brian 243, 373, 471 Kirshbaum, Chris 373 Kirshbaum, jonathan D 445 Kirshner, jeff 319 Kirshner, Lauren 297 Kirsten, jennifer Deanne 442 Kish, Tanya 200, 208, 294 Kisin er, Scott 211 Kisl, illatt 254 Kisner, Larry 373 Kisro, Tracie 136, 137, 161 Kissleburg, julie 271 Kitchen, hari 299 Kittoe, jeffrey 228 Kittoe, jenni er 235 Kitz, Chatham 254 Kiven, Marc Evan 439 Kizer, Aaron 196 Kienstad, Sundi 373, 471 Klade, Ken 314 Klaeren, Rich 320, 343 Klandmd, joel M 439 Klasek, Viola A 444, 448 Klassen, Bonnie Mason 441 Klatt, Michael 310 Klaus, Kathryn Eleanor 438 Klecka-Austin, Mary Ann 440 Kleckner, Dave 161 Kleer, Chryl Tidd 449 Kleespres, Kris 296 Kleiman, Debra Lynne 440 Klein, Andrew 373 Klein, Gregory Robert 439 Klein, jeffrey 319 Klein, Tina Marie 440 Kleinfelt, David Wayne 440 Kleis, William 343 Klekner, Terri 299 Klemme, Doug 308 Klenner, Frank 343 Klett, Steven A 439 Kleweno, Stanle Gilbert 438 Klewer, Scott Edlward 442 Klima, Thomas George 446 Klimchock, Carrie 44 Kline, john Robert 443 Kling, Gary Alan 441 Klingbiel, Gail Marie 440 Klinger, Michelle 297 Kling'erman, Kurt 316 Kloc , Henry 343 Klokner, Lisa Lynn 449 Klopp, Matt 315 Klugggimothy 272 Klu ahl, Elizabeth M 444 Kmetty, Viki 298 Kmetz, Linda Marie 445 Knape, Nancy Lynn 449 Knapp, Beth 256 Knapp, Robin 256 Knapp, Scott Nathan 442 Knapp, Tim 314 Knapton, Kris 253 Knaub, William 343 Knievel, janet 15 Kniffen, Tony 254 Knight, Cynthia Kay 439 Knight, Danille 224 Knight, jeffrey Craig 440 Knight, Khrista 373 Knight, Lisa Marie 448 Knight, Mark 318 Knigte, Danelle 232 Knipfer, Natalie 373 Knoche, Patricia joan 445, 449 Knock, Tim 314 Knothe, Mitchel 312, 373 Knott, Tracy 297 Knowles, Gregory john 442 Knowles, Liz 290 Knowles, Stuart Kent 438 Knowlton, Ryan 272, 314 Knox, Gregogf Cameron 445 Knox, Laura 73 Knudsen, Karl 180 Knudsen, Thomas Robert 438, 446 Knudson, Ga 130, 135 Knudson, jillgebra 448 Knutson, Karen 290 Knutson, Sara 215 Ko, Kathy 261 Koan, Mark 231, 267 Kobashi, Carolyn Sue 438 Kobayashi, Keiichi 216 Kobayashi, Mitsuni 216 Kobojek, Katherine Ann 442 Kobza, Lisa 211 Koch, Dave 316 Koch, Larry Walter 442 Koch, Patricia Lynn 448 Koch, Rich 207 Koch, Ronald james 448 Kochan, Sharon Marie 439 Kochenderfer, Bob 445 Kochman, Mark julian 445 Kochu, Shiho 216, 277 Kock, Francisca Blandina 443 Kocurek, Eric 236 Koeck, Maria 373 Koehler, joseph Edward 439 Koenemann, Stacy 256 Koenig, Michael 319, 446 Koenigsfeld, Ronald Louis 438 Koerber, Kristine Marie 438 Koemer, john Edward 439 Koe er, Karen 300 Koel-lier, Kimberley Ann 441 Kohen, Devon Sue 441 Kohlman, Rex Lewis 449 Kohn, Aimee jo 445 Kohn, julie Ellen 448 Kohout, Greg 254 Kohrs, Tom 135 Kohtz, Scott 373 Kokkoris, Christos 216 Kokoska, Kirk 208, 318 Kokouzian, Lori Anne 443 Kolar, Dave 264 Kolek, Lisa 298, 373 Kolihi, I-'ahad Mohd 216 Kolker, Cynthia Lynne 440 Koller, Garth Ant ony 438 Kollus, David 223 Kolnickaulo, Patricia A 442 Kolnik, Patricia A 442 Kolodisner, Chad 208 Kolp, james Lester 445 Kolstad, Tylar 318 Komaridis, Kjirsten 223 Komatz, Kathy 292 Komick, Kirk Anthony 438 Komitzky, Amy 181 Kommer, Lane 227 Konecki, joan Louise 446 Konen, Suzanne Elizabeth 443 Kong, Albert 447 Konrad, Karl Edward 445 Konrad, Nicholas 320 Konrardy, Zetta 374 Kontos, Andrea 374 Konves, james Robert 443 Konz, Michael 232 Kopidlansky, Erik 267 Kopp, julie Lee 446 Koppen, Margaret 215 Koppen, Mary Elizabeth 441 Korcuska, Russ 264 Korcz, Keith Allen 448 Korcznski, Kimberly 297 Korfas, Gregory Edward 446 Koriath, john 227 Korpi, Markus 184 Kortman, Kenneth Evan 444 Koskeia, Steve 313 Kosmack, Ronaldj 232 Koss, Cathie 181 Koss, Leslie 443 Koss, Stein j 439 Kossack, Bethe Caryl 446 Kossak, julia Ann 442 Kost, Caroline Mae 449 Kost, Christy 291 Kost, Robert Arnold 444 Kotecki, Patrick 223 Kotek, Mark Steven 441 Kotzen, Michael 374 Koutia, Ghassan 343 Kouzi, Adib Najib 447 Kovacsics, Rita 274, 374 Kovalik, Lauren 291 Kovalik, Nanc Helen 440 Kovar, john 18,1 Kovarich, Nella Gina 438, 443 Kowan, Paul 188, 190 Kozik, Eugene P 445 Kozlik, Ken 315 Kozub, William 227, 343 Kraake, Brian 319 Kraft, jackie 296 Kra er, Rhonda june 442 Krag, Tracie 271 Krainz, Sonia 374 Krakoski, Sharon 271 Krakoski, Susan 271 Kramer, Dennis Arthur 448 Kramer, john 235, 374, 443 Kramer, Mark 219 Kramer, Suzi 292 Kramer, Teresa Marie 444 Kraml, Brooke 296 Kranzberg, james David 443 Kranzler, Thane Lee 447 Krason, Margaret 228 Kratz, Andrea 374 Kratzet, Samantha 240 Kraus, Elizabeth 295 Kraus, jim 282 Kraus, Kevin Edward 440 Kraus, Patrice Ann 445 Krause, Kristen 211 Krauser, Ema Hannelcre 445 Krauss, V' 'nia Karen 440 Krawshulmhn 343 Kra chy, Cameron 318 Kreber, jim 311 Kreger, Heidi 219 Kremer, Nan 256 Krents, Mike?67 Krepps, Lisa 272, 343 Kretz, Scott 311 Krevitskg, Susan 243, 343 Kricun, teven 243, 374, 470, 471 Krieger, Amy 236 Krig aum, Mike 320 Krigsten, Kim 299 Kri , Trevor 344 Kriner, jeff B 447 Krings, Betty 192 Krippner, Ron 316 Krisan, Kris 267 Kriss, Karla 295 Kristick, Audrey Louise 448 Kriz, Carolyn 297 Krizenesky, Tro 272 Kmtpotich, Mark Louis 440 Krochta, Greg 231 Krochta, Gregory Andrew 448 Kroening, Edwin 231 Krolik, Lisa 295 Kronberg, Haylee 215 Kronengold, Eric 322 Kronik, jim 308 Kroon, julie 232 Krouser, Kelly 274, 374 KROY COPY CENTER 409 Knieger, Anthony 310 Knieger, Steven homas 440 Kruger, Kristene M 438 Kmggel, Greta Maxine 441 Kru an, Kimberl A 443 Kmegs, Candace Clourtney 297, 449 Krumme, Sarah Marie 442 Krupa, Anne 232 Kruper, David M 442 Krupsaw, Tim 308 Kruse, Amanda Maree 439 Kruse, Mike 315 Kmsniak, Marty 211 Krutckoff, Tonja 215 Kruzella, Maria 271 Krytenberg, Denise 344 Krytenberg, Sheila 344 Krzos, Gregory 243, 374 Kubacki, Lisa 299 Kuban, Anne Marie 274 Kubes, Richard 231 Kucera, Patrick james 442 Kucera, William Albert 439 Kuchoffer, Ann Margret 296 Kuehn, Kristin 301 Kuepper, Vince 272 Kuester, Carol Lee 448 Kuhn, Steve 314 Kuhner, Kevin 318 Kulesza, jose h john 438 Kull, Kim 211, Kulliver, Adam 303 Kulvinskas, Eric 282 Kumar, Kathleen 344 Kumlin, Kelly 292 Kummer ennifer 253 ,I Kunasek, Karrin 184, 187, 198, 199, 299, 433 Kundi, Melissa 295 Kunt, Mike 311 Kuntze, Sheila 293 Kuo, Karl 319 Kuo, Min-Hui 449 Kuperstein, Ken 140, 171 Kuramitsu, Tetsutaro 445 Kurbat, jamey 216 Kurfirst, Scott 319 Kum, Tianne 215, 253 Kumik, William 231 Kurth, Ma jo 438 Kurtz, jimg72 Kurysh, Wendy Anne 442 Kusche, Becky 290 Kusel, Scott 228 Kush, Matt 188, 191 Kushida, Mihoko 344 Kushinsky, jeff 478 Kusick, Michael 307 Kusick, Michelle 295 Kuta, Dennis 344, 446 Kutchma, julie 224 Kvestad, Tracy Maureen 445 Kwaczala, Linda 235, 374 Kwan, Susan 374 Kwasizur, Criag Thomas 449 Kwitel, Eric 344 Kwok, Vincent 374 Kwong, Willys 216 Kyler, Charles 303 Kyman, Denise A 441 Kynfrey, Kim 264 Kyrala, Karin jasmin 447 K selka, Christine Kay 449 14,2217 432 L Ecuyer, Iulie 247, 277 La, Lan B 438 LaBarr, Trace 316 LaBella, Dom 314 LaBenz, jody Douglas 438 LaBine, Renee Ann 447 lacadie, Tina 297 Lacassaone, Beatrice 228 Lacey, Andre 135, 374 Lacey, Anne 296 Lacey, Chris 254 Lacey, Hank 433 Lacey, Henry 344 Lacey, Laura 246, 247, 297 Lacey, Megan 296, 447 Lacey, Scott Byron 446 LaCha lle, Leza 297 Lachell1fMel0dy 344, 448 Laderer, john 344 l.aDuke, Nathan 38, 125, 126, 135 LaForest, Aimee 290 Lagge, jodi 300 lagoda, jeanie 374 Lagreca, Stephen 344 La o, Michelle 236 laguardia, Donna P. 447 L1 nas, Manuel jr. 445 LaE:y, Pete 323 Lahlum, Brian 307 Lahner, Kimberly jo 447 Lahti, Patricia A 443 Lai, King Kwong 444 Laibe, Lori Lynn 442 Lain , Keith Lawrence 439 Lairti Lissa 297 Lako, Kenneth 303 Lalley, Noel 311 Lalley, Robert 375 Laluzeme, Randal G 444 Lam, Geor e K 442 Lamantia, Douglas Michael 446 Lamat, Marzuki 438 Lamb, Michael 323 Lamb, Shane 319 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 310 Lambert, Emily 295 Lambert, Heather 292 Lambert, james Alan 443 Lambert, Karen Sue 449 Lambert, Lynette Marie 443 Lambert, Michael 344 Lambert, Susan Phelps 442 Lambertos, Colleen 269 Lambkin, Bryan Curtis 438 Lamee, Ronald Mark 446 LaMena, Laura 181 Lammers, jodi 297 Lammle, Michal 199, 295 Lammons, Mark Duncan 439 LaMonte, DeeDee 301 lamoreaux, Richard Ray 440 LaMountain, Linda 375 LaMountain, Scott 344 Lamp, Adili 293 Lamp, Crfglg 315 Lampros, ara Stanich 441 Lancaster, Cathy 211, 298 Lancaster, Scott Page 438 Lancendorfer, Robert 203, 223, 264, 375 Land, Eric 282 Landers, Gregory 231 Landers, Tim 135 Landgraf, Marly 203 Landinger, Ke ly 291 Landis, Bill 313 landman, Peter 303 Lindmeier, David Andrew 440 Landreville, Steven K 444 Landrey, Robert Allen 449 Landro, Douglas Robert 445 Landry, Mark 181 Landry, Michelle 236 Land.ry, Rick 316 Lane, Cindy 261 Lane, Kevin Michael 441 Lane, Patricia 232 Lanevin, james Richard 441 Lang, Gina 204 Lang, Melanie Rae 448 Lang, Richard Francis 438 Lang, Satchmo 264 Lang, Scott 211 Lange, Kay 291 Lange, Kimberley Anne 445 Lange, Nicole 300 Lange, Scott 228, 304 Lange, Teresa Maria 448 langenthal, Marcie joy 439 Langfitt, jon 274, 344 Langford, Andrew Clinton 438 Langford, Christy 294 Langford, Cindy 294 Langford, Eliza eth S 438 Langland, Lisa Anne 449 Langley, Danae Anne 446 Langlie, Sheryl Lynne 449 Langston, Donna Marie 239, 4 8 Langston, Douglas john 438 Langston, Traci 204, 247, 269, 3 4 Lanham, jeffrey William 441 Lanoue, Michael 211 Lanphar, judith Ellen 447 Lanphere, james 375 Lanphere, Scott Allen 446 Lansbach, Luke Parker 449 Lansing, Maura 247, 269 Lansing-Etou, jonathon 449 lanterman, Cici 232 Lanz, joe 188 LaPedes, Mark Lee 438, 446 LaPlant, Daniel 344 LaPolla, Tina 292 Lapp, Toni 375 Lappat, Lori joann 444 Lappe, Mark 318 Lapps, Kathleen 203 Lara, Cecila 440 Lara, Peter 375 Large, Randy 320 Largo, Hoskie 375 Larimer, William B 439 Index 459 Larkin, Kevinj 396, 449, 397 Larks, Roosevelt 305 Larrimer, Richard 308, 375 Larriva, Amanda Nadine 447 Larsen, Gre o Alan 438 Larsen, Miciellle Kristine 439 Larsen, Patricia 231 Larson, Anthony Dwight 438 Larson, Carol Wallace 440, 445 Larson, David 375, 448 Larson, Doug 135 Larson, Elizabeth 243, 269, 375, 471 Larson, janell M 253 Larson, janette Marie 449 Larson, john 375 Larson, julie Kathleen 441 Larson, Loren Lee 440 Larson, Nanc jean 447 Larson, Paul 200, 236, 306, 308, 184 Larson, Rich 305 Larson, Sondra 161 Larson, Sophia Theresa 440 Larweth, Stud 308 Larwin, Laura 294 LaSalle, Diana Lynn 438 Laser, Craig Stephen 443 Laska, Michael jacob 441 Lathrop, Scott 181 Latona, Christine 224, 344 Lattimore, Paul lll 207, 375 Lau, Kim 200, 247 Laudenberger, Keith 282 Lauer, Steve 375 Lauine, Diane 292 Laurer, Phillip donald 447 Lauria, Richard 256 Laurie, Michael Leonard 441 Lautt, Caroline Ingrid 447 Laux, Dan 322 LaVeer, joselph Thomas 447 Lavin, Isabe le Gardini 439 Lavoie, Kathleen 441 Law, Lisa Nan 449 Lawless, Michael Stephen 439 Lawrence, Bob 272 Lawrence, Carol 256 Lawrence, Vicki 210, 211, 299, 327, 344 Laws, joe 228 Lawson, Keith Roy 440 Lawson, Melody Mae 440 Lawson, Steve 228, 323 Layeux, Scott 311 Layton, Bridget 290 Layton, Elizabeth Ann 438 Layton, Sean 375 Lazar, Nate 181 Lazo, Adam 315, 446 Lazovich, julie 297 Lazovich, Michelle 247, 274 Lazzara, Angelo joseph 444, 448 Le, Tri 309 Le, Van 240 Leach, Erin 160, 179 LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 208, 433 Leak, Darrin 284 Leaman, Ken 139 Leap, Leslie Lyn 443 Lear, Nomran 76 Leamed, Andrew 308 Lea , Deirdre Anne 438 Leaiilers, Lisa 297, 375 Leatherwoood, Leslie 239 Leatherwood, Wendy 211 Leavitt, Ken 35, 228 Leavitt, Ray 309 Leavitt, Shenen 344 LeBario, Roberta 274 LeBlanc, Mark 344 LeBlanc, Nolan 282, 375 Lederes, David 318 Lederrnan, Ruth Ann 439 Ledford, Hugh 228 Lee, Am y 297 Lee, Andi-ew 319, 375 Lee, Ben 158, 159, 180 Lee, Cath Gay 447 Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Chiu Ling 216 Chuck 319 Dale 313 Gary 375 Grace Meiyee 439 jason 319 joe 240 Kathleen Renee 439 Lillian 291, 375 Lisa Laiting 441 Lee, Michael A 442 Lee, Nathaniel H 192 Lee, Randall Brian 444 Lee, Samuel Dean 439 Lee, Steve 375 Lee, Susan 440 Lee, Theresa 184, 344 Lee, Todd 140, 438 Lee, Victoria 442 Lee, Vikki 161 Lee, Yu Mei 216 Lee, Yuen 344 Lee-Child, Darcy Allyn 445, 449 Leech, Diane 223, 247 Leeds, David 243, 259, 375, 471 Leef, M Ann 438 460 Index Leeper, Denise Gayle 445 Leeper, Scott 310 LeFevor, Ed 315 LeFevre, Stephen Anthony 439 Leff, Dan 314 Leffert, Miriam 292 Le us, jennifer Lynn 446 Legman, Katheryn Alberta 448, 449 Lehman, Ken 138 Lehman, Kiplin Tracey 442 Lehman, Susan 344 Lehn, Theresa M 219 Leib, Susan 292 Leibowitz, Keith 323 Leibowitz, Kristen 294 Leibowitz, Stuart 309, 375 Leicht, Kymberly Ann 440 Leichtman, Lisa 199, 224, 291 Leifennan, Thomas 228, 375 Lein, Kristin Anker 441 Leineweber, Steven 447 Leirvaag, Beda 181 Leis, Cynthia Christine 447 Leise, jeri Lynn 442 Leisenring, Michelle 227 Leistner, jeff 227 Leito, Myron 192 Lekowsky, Annette joyce 443 Leland, Ellen 291 Leloo, Lorij 444 Leman, Michael Van 438 Lemberg, Ira Bruce 439 Lembke, Sarah Katherine 445 Lemena, Laura 138 Lemme, Steven Lee 448 Lenard, jane 211, 375 Lenczycki, john 228, 232 Lendleschmidt, Daniel 188 Lenex, Mark 188 Lenhart, Christine Renee 442 Lenhart, Laura L 439 Lenhart, Steven 344 Lennon, Gu 236 Lennox, Malissia 289, 375 Lent, Tiare 292 Lentini, Theresa Marie 442 Lenyoun, Pamela 289, 375 Lenzie, Ann Marie 438 Lenzie, Michael 228 Leo, Donald 323 Leon, Gilbert 441 Leon, Michael Anthony 443 Leonard, Brad 308 Leonard, Christine Elizabeth 446 Leonard, Dana 243, 344, 471 Leonard, Markus Dayle 344, 446 Leonard, Peter 216, 375 Leonard, Sara 207 Leone, Angelique 232 Lepetsos, Nicholas 319 Lepire, Wafvne Anthony 446 Lepley, jef rey 247, 282 Lemer, Craig Lawrence 439 LeRou, Mike 311 LeRoux, Yvette joanna 448 Leschniok, Peter 228, 375 Lesher, Becky 232 Leshin, Ellyn G 448 Leshin, Laurie Ann 442 LeSieur, Marika 151, 180 Lesieutre, Thomas 188 Lesley, Laura Lydia 445 Leslie, Daniel 309 Leslie, Paula 344 Less, Geoffrey Richard 440 Lessard, Cathy 219 Lesser, jennifer Lynn 443 Lester, Mary Grace 449 Lester, Sara Elizabeth 442 Lester, Troy Robert 447 Letch, Steven 231 Letnich, Steve 132 Leu, Gwo Tswen 440 Leuba, Thelma Louise 443 Leuy, Matt 284 Leveille, Patricia Ann 442 Levenson, Clifford Irwin 445 Leverette, Nancy Ann 440 Levlegque, Michelle Yvonne 4 Levin, Ari 211 Levin, George Rubin 448 Levin, james 375 Levin, Laurie Robyn 443 Levine, Diane Sue 449 Levine, jim 315 Levine, Kiane 292 Levon, Nubia 192, 289 Levy, Ben 228 Levy, Charles 309 Levy, David 375, 443 Levy, joselphine Marie 448 Levy, Mic ael 99 Levy, Mike 228 Lewerke, jon 254, 375 Lewis, Chris 135 Lewis, Emory 161 Lewis, Hillary Louise 440 Lewis, jeffrey K 438 Lewis, john 'Thomas 440 Lewis, joseph 228 Lewis, julie 231 Lewis, Kelly Mary 438 Lewis, Laura 274, 375 Lewis, Leah 299 Lewis, Linda 299 Lewis, Rhonda Rene 446 Lewis, Robin 207 Lewis, Scott 310 Lewis, Todd 139, 181 Ley, Dilia Karina 216 Leyba, Heather Colleen 448 Leyba, Patricia Ann 438 Li, Hsiang-Ling 344 Li, Tsuey Chih 216 Liace, Rocco 15 Liano, Ray 315 LIBERAL ARTS 92, 93 Liberante, Debbie 293 Licata, Gina Marie 445 Licis, Michael 375 Liddell, David james 441 Liddy, G Gordon 53 Liddy, Steve 303 Lidman, Roger Wayne 441 Lie, Rufinus 344, 446 Lie, Wen 344 Lieb, Bob 345 Lieber, Darcy 291 Lieber, Mark Alan 207 Lieberman, David 345 Lieberman, Susan M 447 Liebert, Francine 345, 448 Liebi, Adam 256 Liebman, Brain 323 Liebricht, Mark 311 Liese, j lein 299 Lieske, Michael 267, 375 Ligget, Becky 160, 179 Lig t, Kellin Kae 447 Lightfoot, john 319 Li htner, Ed 315 Lifin, Edy 440 Lilliebjerg, Anne-Lise 345 Lim, Pin 440 Lim, Wee SiongA447 Limon-Wynn, onica 196 Lin, Han-Cheng 216 Lin, Haun-Chiang 216 Lin, Ing-jiuan 446 Lin, Ruey SHong 216 Lind, Erik 254 Lindberg, Mike 231 Lindemann, Steve 34 Linden, jeffrey 345 Lindenbaum, Diane joy 445 Linderman, Heather 345 Lindgren, Robert james 444 Lind olm, john 304 Lindley, Steven Keith 438 Lindmark, Marjorie Ann 442 Lindner, jennifer 181 Lindsay, Curtis L 441 Lindsay, Sharon Catherine 442 Lindsey, Myron 211 Lineber , Donald 438 Linenfeger, Debbie 211 Linenfelser, Mary 298 Ling, Dana 298, 375 Liniger, Kelly 228 Linne, Paul 118, 149, 180 Linsalata, Mark 315 Linschoten, Susanj 438, 443 Linssen, Victoria Sue 438 Lintem, Todd Michael 441 Linton, Richard 235, 345 Liotta, john 254, 304 Lipari, Linda 232 Lipkin, Linda 269 Lipkin, Michelle 288, 293 Lipovic, Aleksandar 440 Lipp, Kath-I-yn Anne 443, 446 Lippman, odd 345 Lipset, Ellyn Barbara 443, 445 Lipton, Valerie Renee 448 Lira, Melissa 196 Lis, john 319 Lis, joseph 319 Lisciarel i, Lisa 219 Lisiak, Margaret Barbara 442 Lisieski, Karen 299 Lisknoli, Kristine 264 Liss, Stephanie 291 Lister, Stephanie 157, 181 Liszewski, jean M 447 Litt, Norman N 441, 444 Little, jennifer 207 Little, Sand 256 Littlefield, lgorothy C 440 Littlefield, Kim 208, 295 Littleton, Casey 216, 319 Littleton, jonathon 231 Littlewood, Mary 160, 166 Litwiller, Dale Edward 449 Litz, Riva E 441 Liu, Chou 215 Liu, Ming Qi 216 Liu, Sean jude 447 Liu, Tom 216 Liu, Wei-Cheun 345 Livengood, jim 375 Livermore, Leanne 300 Livingston, David 312, 345 Livin ston, Pamela Rozelle 445 Livingston, Steven 312, 375 Livsey, Herb 161 Livsey, john 309 Liur, Chris 211 Lizarraga, joseph Alfred 447 Llamas, Lee Ro 254 Llewell n, Lindla Renate 449 Lloyd, Bill 232 Lloyd, Criag R 444 Lloyd, Donald 345 Lloyd, Gay 345 Lloyd, Lisa Michlle 439 Lo, Glenn 444 Lo, Shamway 203, 243, 471 LoBaido, Anthony C 448 Loban, Noel 141 Locke, Dave 316 Lockett, Ann 296 Lockhart, Lisa Lynn 441 Locklin, john 264 Lockridge, Lori 297 Lockwood, Anne Marie 445 Lockwood, Matt 227 Lococo, Daniel 319 Lodge, james 345 Lodwig, Tanya 294, 375 Loe, Stevenj 441 Loehrs, Mark Allen 438 Loera, Manuel P 438 Loew, Michaelj 440 Lofoni, Michael 231 Lofredo, Lou 247, 284 Lofton, Ken 142 Logacho, Ruth 196, 207 Logan, Karen 295 Lucas, jim 312 Lucas, Kristen 293 Lucero, Richard A 446 Luckey, Crai 314 Luczynski, E8en L 445 Luczynski, jim 261 Ludeke, Sherri Ellen 449 Ludwig, Ann 51 Ludwig, jeff 303, 345, 446 Ludwig, Karl 376 Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Kurt joseph 438 Sheryl Lynn 438, 442 Tod 312 Logan, Lori 277, 375 Lo an, Michael 203, 375 Logavanijaya, Patsy 224 Lohmann, Eric 231, 256 Lohn, Mathilda 443 Lohock , Keith R 313 Lohr, Tliomas 375 Lokensky, Wa ne 375 Lolk, Nina 158i 180 Lolli, Michelle 292 Lomack, Michele 204, 375 Lomatska, Verlene 253 Lombardi, Gina 294 Lombardo, Cari 375 Lomeli, Mary Frances 442 Lomeli, Mona 146, 161, 345 Lonas, Shawn 264, 376 Loncares, Brett 323 Londo n, Lisa 274 Long, Brenda jean 440 Long, Devon 441 Long, Donna 264 Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Longb Lon b Gary De 264 Mike 228 Pamela 376 Susan Louise 443 Wendy 208, 277 rake, Dan 207 rake Lisa 207 g , Longstaff, Derek R 442 Lonne s, Tracy 300 Loo, Antony 442 Looft, Loomi Mark 315 s, john 319 Loomis, Kellyj 261 Loper, William R H 439 Lopez, Alfredo L 449 Lopez, Carolina Maria 442, 45 Lopez, Gus 251, 267 Lopez, Martin P 447 Lopez, Noemi 443 Lopez, Terry 188 Lopez, Theresa A 196, 440 Lorance, Kathryn Lucile 439 Lorch, Dayna Lyn 439 Lord, Geoff 135 Lord, Irene Robles 441 Lorenz, Andrew 319 Lorgo, Hoskie 276 Loria, Tressi 3 76 Lorka, Alisa Lynn 447 LOS DIABLOS 196 LOS DIABLOS BOARD OF DIRECTORS 196 Loske, Mike 305 Lott, Danielj 236, 237 Lott, Duff 299 Lott, Stephanie 269 Loufald, Marcelle 211 Lough, Kari Parris - 253 Loughrige, joyce Marie 442 Lou edis, Alex 274 Loukedis, Lucas 261 Lounds, Tim 305 Lovato, john james 224 Love, Ann 299 Love, April 293 Love, Regina Stano 444 Lovelace, Edward 181 Loveless, Kristen 293 Loveless, Lori 277, 293 Lovell, Mark 321 Lovell, Patrick 308, 376 Lovell, Shawn Anne 441 Loven uth, Marc Alan 448 LoVerSe, Tom 269 Loveridge, Lauri 232, 345 Lovfald, Marcelle 211, 299 Low, Bryan 264 Lowden, Richard jeffrey 445 Lowe, Chris 227 Lowe, jeff 208, 223 Lowe, Sabra 211 Lowell, Betty Elaine 438 Lowes, Paul 106, 447 Lowmack, Cedric 345 Lowry, Chrissy 292 Lowry, jim 311 Lowry, Scott 313 Lows, Susan 239, 376 Loy, Steve 141 Loy, Wayne 303, 445 Loya, Benny 196, 208 Lozier, Robert D 235 Lrowe, Brian 271 Lubing, Benjamin Louis 438 Lueders, Betsy 252 Luevanos-Lopez, Engracia Conce cion 446 Lujan, Christira 446 Lukasik, Mark 316, 345 Luke, Tara Lynn 445 Lumley, Bruce W 438 Luna, David W 313, 448 Lund, Carin Maria 444 Lund, john 318 Lundahl, Matt 227 Lundberg, Deborah Kay 440 Lundblom, Steve 207 Lunde, Tone Cathrine 444 Lundeberg, Rich 247, 282 Lundmark, Gay 211 Lunt, Suzanne Christine 447 Luo, Anhua 345 Luquez, Elisabeth 211 Lusch, Heather 253 Lutes, Chris 376 Lutes, Rackel 297 Lutfy, joseph M 446 Luth, Sharon jean 442 Luther, jim 220 Lutton, Dana 211 Lutz, Bob 312 Lutz, Gary R 444 Lutz, Shere 295 Lutzker, Monty 312 Lux, Lori 215, 293 Luz, Dennis 228 Lydon, Timothy Francis 443 Lyerla, Cathy 60 Lyles, julie 297 Lymbero ulos, julie 216 Lymer, Nllark Layne 438 Lynch, Daniel 216, 376 Lynch, Debbie 161 Lynch, Dennis joseph 443 Lynch, Douglas Eugene 448 Lynch, john Scott 441 Lynch, Kathryn 298 Lynch, Lindy 292 Lygrgi, Susan 188, 224, 231, Lynn, Lisa Annette 441 Lynn, Patrick 322 Lyon, Caroline 300 Lyon, Lee 300 Lyon, Tim 306 Lyons, Colleen F 443 Lyons, Dave 236 Lyons, james 239 Lyons, Tim 233 Maas, Eric Stephen 449 Maas, Karen Marie 447 Maas, Linda 296 Mabante, Amy 291 Mabee, Shawn Elisa 449 Mabon, Pamela 345, 449 Mabry, jennifer 289, 345 Mabry, William 317 MacAfee, jeff Daniel 448 MacArthur, Kelly A 449 MacCatherine ohn M 438 , l MacDonald, Ian 284 MacDonald, joe 310 MacDonald, Malissa 439 MacDonald, Neil 161 Mace, Laramer 345 MacEachem, Kimberly W 444 Macek, D ina Marie 438 Macewen, Dave 227 MacEwen, William 309 Macfarlado, Arthur 223 Machem, Craig 316 Macias, David 444 Macias, Michelle 277, 376 Macias, R oseann G 447 Macias, Stephen Paul 449 Macias, T homas 196, 247, 264 Maciejewski, Steve 320 Macina, Craig A 448 Mack, Anthony P 449 Mackenize, john 227 MacKenzie, jennifer Anne Mackey, Cassi M 443 Mackey, Fritz 307 Mackey, Tim 181, 376 Mackh, Amy 299 Mackin, Lawrence 309 Macmillan, Todd 376 MacMurturie, David 192 MacPherson, Bruce M 449 Macra, Steve 376 Macsalka, Melanie 211, 374 Maczu a, Leonard Paul 441 MaddaTosso, Alexandra 297 Maddas, Kristen 259, 376 Madden, Colleen Ann 441 Madden, Dave 274, 376 Madden, Gena 300 I Maddix, Gena Bohlman 44. Madia, Tyler K 256 Madole, Sadie 274 Madsen, Bruce 319, 438, 44 Madsen, jeanne Ann 445 Maeda, Nobue 345 Maedche, Terry Paul 440 Magallanez, Carolyn 196, 3 Magallanez, Kim Marie 43 Magazzeni, Mele Anne 440 Magazzy, Christina 235 Magee, Brian Gary 447 Magee, jack Harper 441, 44 Magee, Shelia Renee 440 Maghielse, Meg 290 Magill, Heather 224 Magione, Mary Kay 443 Maglio, Christopher john 4' Magner, Tammy L 443 Magoffin, Cathy 203, 219 Magoon, Heather Lea 446 Maguire, Debbie 271, 203 Maguire, Elizabeth Mary 44 Maguire, Kim 203 Maguire, Maryly 300 Ma anna, Hassan 216 Mahar, Ken 247 Mahedy, Sharon Marie 442 Maher, David 319 Mahfoudh, Sakinah Al 216 Mahl, Lisa 160 Mahler, Michelle 294 Mahlstede, jeff 135 Mahn, Sara 211 Mahnke, judy Annette 447 Mahoney, Peggy 228 Mahoney, Shawn M 445 Maines, Marilyn 345 Maiscco, Christina 216 Maitland, jessica 376 Maiurano, Stephanie 256 Majemick, Curtis Robert 44 Majewski, Claudio 181 Majzoub, Saadi 345, 447 Maki, Etsuko 345 Makil, Daniel 376 Makil, Dave 204, 236 Makoff, jennifer 293 Makurat, jim 314 Malde, Sanjay 180 Maldonado, Maria 192 Maledon, Kathleen Claire 41 Malham, Howie 26, 79, 243 Malinski, Kathleen Marie 44. Maller, Sharon 291 Mallett, Eric 309 Malley, Hassan 376 Mallory, Kell 297, 447 Mallory, Micfliele 247, 257, 3 Mallory, Missy 259 Malloy, Karen 345, 449 Malone, Carl 376 Malone, Christine 292 Malone, Susan Elizabeth 444 Maloney, Michael Paul 203, 442, 43 Maloney, Patricia 376 Maloney, Robert Brian 449 Malouf, john 315 Malouf, Laura 296 Malouf, Michael 319 Malouff, jennifer 448 Malvin, jonathon 303 Manahan, julie Renee 439 Manasse, Debbi 292 Manchester, Mark 228 Mancinelli, Diana Rose 438 Mancini, Paul john 445 Mander, Mark William 444 Mandyck, jeff 264 Manes, Sharin Louise 447 Maney, Christine Marie 441 Mangan, Andrew 254 Mangiapane, Bonnie Lyn 431 Mangiapane, Vicki Marie 442 Mangili, Paul 181 Manion, Courtney 296 Manjaji, julian 376 Mann, j Alan 438 Mann, Lisa 290 Mann, Richard Lee 443 Mann, Shari 150 151 Mann, Tracey 277 Manna, Leslie 232, 240 Mannell, Thomas Richard 44 Manni, Victoria 207, 345 Mannis, Amy 290 Manocchio, Anthonyj 448 Manolis, joan 203 Manome, Hideki 254 ios, Emmanuel 232 is, Paige 282 isfield, jim 323 isfield, Mark 141 isfield, Meaghan 231, 298 iske, jennifer 292, 376 tson, Karin 296 ntia, Douglas La 188 nuel, Eddie L 216 nzella, joe 318 nzler, Douglas E 443 nzo, Richard 235 pother, Kathleen 442 bool, Ahsan 346 lie, Kimberley Eileen 441, 48 rcardian, Kelly 296 rch, james V 236, 449 rch, Mike 267 rchand, William james 439 rchese, jennifer Ellyn 443 rchese, Natalie A 199, 433 rchick, Dina Ann 442, 445 rcinko, David Scott 448 rconi, Stacy 207 rcus, Grant 311 rcus, joel 282 rdian, Dan 203 renda, jay Eric 443 rgolis, Alanj 441 r oefer, Monica 271, 294 riani, Mark 318 rigliano, Ann Marie 298 ,ri as, Lois William 438 .rin, Brian 304 irin, Cesar 207 irin, Cynthia 346, 447 lrin, Edward 446 lrin, Eugenio 376 lrinaro, Frank 308 irineau, Daniel 376 irino, Keith Cunningham 143 irion, Michael D 439 iriucci, Stephen Michael 160, 438 irk, Ross Aaron 310, 324 irk, Stacey 219 irkakis, Chris 318 irken, Steven 319, 449 irken, Tracy 296 irkette, Michael 232 irkette, Nicholas joseph 438 irkham, Michael Dale 446 irkoski, Erik 309 arks, Addison 346, 447 Arks, Rochelle 272 arks, Tanya T 440, 444 arler, Regina Anne 448 arlowe, Nikki 228 armion, Nyle 307 aron, Katy 293, 376 aroney, julie Lynn 448 arotte, Shawna 376 arquez, Arthur 440 arquez, Gina 376 arquez, julian 196 arquez, Michael 440, 264 arquez, Monica 181 arquez, Patricia 449 arquez, Richard 196 arr, Gregory Lee 447 arriott, john 264 arron, Sean Timothy 438 ars, Scott 310, 346 arschke, jay 231 arsh, David jonathan 440 arsh, Tyler 304 arshall, Cathy 219 arshall, Cindy M 449 arshall, Dave 320 arshall, Keadron Audra 231, 445 iarshall, Kris 253 larshall, Mike 308 larshall, Patrick 211 lartel, Michele 207 lartelli, Gary David 448 lartello, Anthony 321 lartens, Andra 207 lartensen, Todd 184, 187, 199, 318 lartig, Ken 211 Iartin, Casandra 376 lartin, Charles Edward 443 lartin, Christopher 346 Iart-in, Cynthia 211 Iartin, Dave 312 Iartin, Donald 319 lartin, Earl 143 Iartin, Elena 196 Iartin, jennifer 211, 297, 376 Iartin, jerilyn 346 Iartin, Kath 240, 449 Iartin, Kendia 293, 295 Iartin, Me an 211 Iartin, MeFanie Marx 442 lartin, Melissa 261 Iartin, Michelle 443 Iartin, Mitch Troy 440 fartin, Patrice 211 Iartin, Paul Richard 438 Iartin, Peggy 236 Iartin, Peter 314, 346 Iartin, Rich 315 dartin, Rick 211 fiartin, Robert 231 flartin, Ross Daniel 440 fiartin, Sandi 243, 269, 471 fiartin, Steve 376 Martin, Thomas 319 Martin, Timothy 211, 303, 376 Martin, Vicki 211, 291 Martin, Vickie 293 Martin, Virglinia Ann 447, 448 Martineau, homas john 440 Martinek, Gary james 444 Martinetti, Kim 269, 293 Martinez, Angela 256 Martinez, Charles 231 Martinez, Martinez, Eileen 376 Martinez, Frank javier 439 Martinez, jeff 39, 267 Martinez, juanita Moreno 440 Martinez, Lisa 240, 290 Martinez, Maria 200, 201 Martinez, Mario Vicete 446 Martinez, Matthew lll 438 Martinez, Peter 231 Martinez, Tom 196 Martinez, Wendy 256 Martinez, Yvonne E 446 Marting, Danny 269 Martinico, Diane 346 Martoccio, joan B 445 Marty, Gregory 231 Martz, Sherry 346 Maruta, Syoichi 216 Marvin, Steve 471 Marx, Peter 223, 261 Marzke, Ronald Oscar 442 Maskobi, Christine 296 Maslamani, Naif Saud 216 Mason, Colie 253 Mason, Kirk 211 Mason, Lesley Therese 442 Mason, Linda Marie 442 Mason, Mark 323, 446 Mason, Rod 318 Mason, Scott 318 Masoud, Ali Belal 448 Massa, Elizabeth 297 Massahof, Anthony 307 Massie, Amanda 220 Masters, john Henry 443 Masterson, Vaughn L 444 Mastrangelo, Lora 299, 442 Mataban, Alexis A 188 Mateen, Deborah 447 Mathes, William Oliver 444 Mathews, Craig 433 Mathews, Kim 168, 181 Mathis, Bemard Fielding 181, 445 Mathis, Danita 256 Mathis, Douglas Frank 442 Mathis, Dusty 323 Mathis, Michael 317, 376 Mathosian, Kristina V 443 Matloff, Robin B 443, 449 Matonovich, Beth Ann 443 Matrines, Chris 308 Matsuda, Michiko 272, 346 Matsuo, Hiroki 216 Matt, jeff 267 Matteoni, Suzanne 290 Mattem, Gregg 282 Mattem, Mar 228 Matteson, Gordon jr. 443 Matthews, Alesha 297 Matthews, Bobbie 290 Matthews, Craig 247 Matthews, Kim 138, 181 Matthews, Thomasj 447 Matthias, Dan 323 Mattia, David G 444 Mattia, Tony 160, 165 Mattingly, Kim 243 Mattingl , Tom 269 Mattox, Dawn 299, 446 Matz, Vickie Ann 445 Mauch, Marty 312 Maughmer, Holl 223 Mau , Andrew 274, 346 Maule, David 346 Mault, Tempest 271 Maupin, Mona 294 Maupin, Sarah 297, 448 Maurer, james 319 Maurer, jill Dawn 440 Maurizi, Angela 376 Maus, Kimmy 296 Maus, Kirby 311 Mauvizi, Angela 253 Mavis, Martin Anthony 439 Maxcotti, Michael 322 Maxson, Heidi 376 Maxson, Richard C 449 Maxwell, Barbara Murdoch 445, 449 Maxwell, Becky 297 Maxwell, Ka n Sue 440 Maxwell, Mxnie 297 May, Carrie Lynn 448 May, Chris 236, 323 May May May May May May , Denise 228 , james jr. 438, 440, 447 Karen 232 May, , Laura 299 Lori 300 Mauricette 440 Merideth 296 Michael Allen 444 May, May, May, , Sherri 346 , Stephanie 160 Mayberry, Carolyn 346 Mayberry, Michael 323 Maye, Tracey 277 Mayer, Alouette 184 Denise 196, 208, 301 Mayer, jane Meredith 443 Mayer, juli Ann 211 Mayer, julie 298 Mayer, Kristel 292 Mayer, Lori 300 Mayers, Lacy 376 Mayfair, Bill 141, 174 Mayne, Kevin C 216, 231 Maynes, Kay 232 Maynes, Mary Ingrid 443 Mayo, john 346 Mayo, Todd 319 Mayorg: Claudia Lorena 277 Mays, ura Samson 443 Maznai, Hassan Al 216 Mazursky, Mike 354 Mazzella, Michelle Ann 446 Mbayd, Saied 216 McAdams, Azalee Elise 441 McAdams, Christopher 376 McAdams, Marianne Lynn 443 McAdams, Scott 301, 310 McAfee, Ian 445 McAlduff, joel David 442 McAleese, Margaret 231 McAlister, jennifer Dee 439 McAllister, Clarence 192, 274 McAlonan, Kevin john 445 McAndrew, Tom 316 McAneny, Valerie 228 McAninch, Fredric 227 McAtee, Laura 208 McAudle, Willian 319 McAvoy, Sara 296 McBra er, William 346 McBride, David M 441 McBride, Diana Michele 439 McBride, Robb 231 McBride, Scott 272 McBumey, Bruce 346 McCabe, Mike 315 McCabe, William 310, 446 McCaffey, Kevin Patrick 219 McCaffrey, Kelly 376 McCance, Steven Bruce 446 McCandless, Robert R 219 McCann, Lesli jean 445 McCart, Michael Deven 446 McCarthy, Andrew 45 McCarthy, john Francis 442 McCarthy, Kevin 231 McCarty, Laurel 346 McCarty, Mindy 300 McCarty, Thomas 254 McCarville, Theresa Whitfill 443 McCauley, Paul 319 McClain, Daun 296 McClain, Kelly 211, 440 McClain, Rhonda 231, 376 McClarin, Robert Leroy 446 McClelland, Brian 235 McClendon, Kathryn P 441 McCloud, Tyronne 269 McClung, Fran 473 McClure, jennifer 295 McClure, Matthew Bates 445 McClure, Michael L 438 McClure, Patrick Wallis 445 McColley, Bruce 223 McCollum, Stacy 346 McCombs, Dalton 254 McConaha , Mike 315 McConnacfiie, Arthur Dean 438 McConnell, Ben 243 McConnell, Tracey 247, 253 McConnell, Walter 284 McCormick, Carolyn Ruth 447 McCormick, Kathryn Ellen 449 McCormick, Kristi 140, 449 McCormick, Teri 74 McCormick, Tom 311 McCoy, Amy Kathryn 443 McCoy, Kristine Henderson 439 McCoy, Mitch 259 McCoy, Todd 471 McCracken, Scott Allen 441 McCrary, john Kevin 438 McCrocklin, Susan Darby 446 McCrudden, Beth M 445 McCue, Melanie S 448 McCuin, Sharon Marie 449 McCulloch, Michael 441 McCullou h, Ed 307 McCune, Eahn 319 McCu , Lauren Marie 439 McCui,i:'ben, Hugh 216 McCutcheon, Beth A 447 McCutcheon, john 314, 346 McCutchion, Rob 311 McDaniel, David 228 McDaniel, Kerry 135 McDaniel, Matt 311 McDaniel, Michael Robert 439 McDaniel, Randall 128, 132, 135 McDaniel, Staci 293 McDaniels, Tim H 442 McDenery, Ann 264 McDemiand, Paul 211 McDerrnitt, Mike 318 McDermott, Traci E 449 McDevitt, Kathgfn jean 440 McDonald, Cly e Owen 444 McDonald, Cori 295 McDonald, jennifer Ruff 440 McDonald, Keith Andrew 438 McDonald, Kenneth Paul 447 McDonald, Michael Anthony 440, 448 McDonald, Robert john 239, 438 McDonald, Ronald 290, 302 McDonald, Scott 228 McDonald, Steve 315 McDonald, Thomas 323 McDonald, Trent 312 McDonnell, Bridgid 474 McDonough, Keith 322 McDonough, Meg 346 McDougal , April 211, 231 McDowell, Devin 219 McDowell, Deylan 219 McEarchem, jeff 207 McElhanon, Rachel 297 McElroy, jason 388 McEntire, Teresa 261, 376 McEvoy, Brian 282 McEwin, Mike Wayne 442 McFadden, Eric 284, 376 McFadden, jaff 264 McFadzen, Katie 55 McFarland, Matt 305 McFarland, Michael Van 446 McGallagher, Ann 247 McGalliard, Heather Marla 443 Mcgee, Shannon L 440 McGhee, jamie 376 McGill, Barbara 91 McGill, Lamont Rize 449 McGinley, B an 200, 304 McGinley, jdhn 320 McGinnis, Francesca C 441 McGinty, Shaun Marie 439 McGlinn, Maura 297 McGloin, Matt 236 McGlynn, jeffrey Daniel 445 McGoldrick, Mark T 261, 346 McGoloin, Matthew Peter 446 McGovem, Kirsten Marie 438 McGowan, Lara 261 McGowan, Michelle 291 McGrady, Sandra Renae 442 McGrath, james 346 McGrath, janet A 445 McGrath, Molly 292 McGraw, Brian Thomas 449 McGraw, joel 376 McGregor, Kath n Emily 444 McGregor, Sara 'Kenny 449 McGregor, Todd 188 McGuire, Brian 315 McGuire, Diane 376 McGuire, janice 346 McGuire, joseph Paul 439 McGuire, Sherri L nn 445 McGushin, Rose geraldine 443 McHale, Heather Eileen 446 McHatton, Wanda Mae 448 McHenry, Dr Albert 192 McHenry, joan 289, 377 McHenry, john 204 McHenry, Markham 307 McHugh, Michael john 446 Mcllroy, Richard Scott 449 Mclnemey, Sheila 140 Mclntosh, Cindy 211, 253 Mclntosh, Michael 346 Mclntyre, Dave 471 McIntyre, Deborah 443 McIntyre, jason 346, 449 Mclntyre, Mark 161 Mclntyre, Scott 211 McKa lor, Colleen 295 McKallor, Shauna 294 McKay, Kim 181 McKee, Dave 228 McKee, Michael Karl 447 McKeever, Michelle 300, 377 McKenna, David Lee 438 Mckenna, Ma Anne 440 McKenna, Migiielle 252 McKenzie, Bill 311 McKenzie, Frank 308 McKenzie, Mike 309 McKenzie, Patricia 346 McKeown, james Patrick 438, 446 McKersie, joseph Allen 442 Mckinley, Susan jane 442 McKinn, Art 196 McKinney, Lisa 290, 346 McKinney, Mark 160, 346 McKinney, Shirley Marie 444 McKinney, Tracey 297 McKinn , Cherrl Denise 438 McLachlan, john Glenn 449 McLain, Garry 346 McLane, Charles A 438 McLaughlin, Emilie 256, 295 McLaughlin, Tracy Nan 443 McLaughlin, Rick 231 McLean, Bob 256 McLean, jeannette Louise 444 McLean, john 282, 305 McMahon, jim 272 McMahon, Thomas 254, 377 McManus, Doug 313 McMillan, Diana 291 McMillan, Valda 377 McMillen, Margi 297 McMinn, Dave 315 McMinn, David 377 McMinn, Glenn 141, 152 McMullen, Dana Yvonne 449 McMurphy, janette Lynn 448 McMurrin, Celeste Marie 448 McNamara, Dan 267, 308 McNaul, james F 223 McNaul, jim 308 McNeil, Ann Marie 443 McNeil, Renee 264 McNett, Karen Teresa 449 McNutt, Melissa 297 McNutt, Robin 298 McPhee, Me ann 300 McPheeters,q'Ieidi 235 McQuaid, Greg 247, 264 McQueen, jeff 188 McQueen, Kristine L 442 McRae, jennifer 293 McRenolds, Ryan 135 McRobers, Scott 316 McS5adden, Douglas Wood 44 McVey, jane 209, 449 McVey, Mark 318 McWethy, Charles 240, 259, 377 McWhortor, Patrick S 184, 199, 232 McWhortor, Ronda 184 Mead, Diane Louise 448 Mead, Matt 282 Meagher, Ametta Marie 449 Meagher, Chalin 300 Mea ey, Terri Lynn 439 Means, Douglas Charles 438 Meaux, Cynthia Lynn 438 Mecham, Evan 60, 186 Medders, Carrie 377 Medeiros, Scott Andrew 440 Medellin, Matthew 377 Medina, David 377 Medina, Rick 320 Medinger, Dawn 161 Medlock, Endora 346, 449 Medve, janice 346 Mee, Bryan john 440 Meehan, Michael G 443 Meek, Kim 232 Meere, jonathan jude 444 Meese, Melanie 297 Mehelm, Eric 128 Mehok, Robert Andrew 444, 448 Mehok, Sherly 207 Meidinger, Dawn 136, 137 Meidroth, Gregory Michael 318, 448 Meier, Dorel Laulo 444 Meier, Paula Marie 442 Meier, Scott 247 Meier, William 377 Meiers, Debra 51 Mei s, Patti 235 Meig, Charles 346 Meirhofer, Michelle K 449 Meisinger, Lori Margaret 445 Meister, Christene Leora 440 Meister, Lothar 377 Meister, Michael 309 Meisterling, Heidi 269 Mejdrich, Carol Ann 443 Mekeever, Mark 309 Meklir, Susan 442 Meldrum, Am Anne 442 Meldrum, William 211 Melendez, Heather 296 Melgreen, Stephanie 264, 387 Melian, jose Luis 440 Melik, Memo 223, 240 Melita, Gary 312 Melita, Tom 312 Meller, Robert Paul 446 Mellicker, Kim 299 Mellohusky, Mark 446 Mellohusky, Mel 322 Mellon, Derrek 271 Mellor, Kellie 264, 377 Mellow, Derrick 235 Melnychenko, Mark Edward 44 Meln chuk, Harmon 346 Meloling, john 160, 3,46 Melrose, Adam Harris 445 Melsha, Daunn 243, 377, 471 Melszen, Adam 272 Melton, Lois Claire 446 Memmel, jennifer 228, 232 Memo, Gregory Brian 447 MEMORIA UNION 34, 35, 420 MEMORIAL UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD 192, 193, 194, 195 MEN'S AND WOMEN'S TRACK 168, 169 MEN'S BASKETBALL 142, 143, 144, 145 MEN'S GOLF 141, 174, 175 M5135 GXMNASTICS 148, MEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING 154, 155 MEN'S TENNIS 170, 171 MEN'S WRESTLING 152, 153 Mena, Carol 211 Mena, Laura La 139 Mena, Rosa 231 Menclelsohn, William R 447 Mendelson, Mark 346 Mendez, Butch 322 Mendez, Sandy 196 Mendivil, Kevin jeffrey 440 Mendoza, Bonnie 208 Mendoza, jerry 346 Mendoza, Raeann 377 Menegaiy, Teresa 346 Menen ez, Lucas Satumino 441 Menkin, ja 284 Mennella, liilia Ann 438 Mennen, Stacey Marie 448 Menter, Carol 438 Meoff, jack 188 Meola, Beth 207 Mercer, Carol 228 Mercer, Clark 227 Mercer, janice Lorrie 446 Mercer, Matt 284, 377 Meigiant, Courtland Shawn 4 Meredith, Barbara jean 445 Merell, Orson Adair 438 Merenyi, Peter Andrew 449 Meris, William 346 Merkel, Gloria jean 442 Merkel, jeff 316 Merkley, Donald james 441 Merkow, Erik 311 Merlo, Albert M 443 Mermis, Marianne 346, 444 Meronek, jonnathon 316 Merrell, David Glenn 438 Merrian, Todd 313 Merrill, David Bruce 447 Merrill, james 231 Merrill, jennifer 299 Merrill, Keaton 316 Merrill, Todd 154, 181 Merriman, Lisa Marie 443 Mmm, Billy 247 Merritt, David M 441 Merritt, jeffrey Randolph 440, 444 Merrywell, Chris M 439 Mersereau, Charles j 441 Merta, Kris 297 Meshel, Roy 303 Mess, Kelly A 447 Messer, Paul 314 Messerly, Ronald Wayne 442 Messha, joseph 310 Messick, john 227 Messin er, Heidi 256, 346 Metcalg Drew 122, 135 Metcalf, Lori 290 Metcalf, Todd Coleman 447 Meter, Mark William 449 Metha, Arlene T 101 Methen , Donnj 444 Metler, Kari 293 Metz, Bonnie 346, 447 Metz, Bryan 228 Metzger, Darryl E 111 Metzger, Lace 299 Metzger, Steghen james 440 Meyer, Bill 2 8 Meyer, Denny 227 Meyer, Dona d August 448 Meyer, Heidi 297, 449 Meyer, Karl 304 Meyer, Lisa Beth 443 Meyer, Michael 231 Meyer, Michele Anne 443 Meyer, Mike 267 Meyer, Scott joseph 438 Meyer, William 346, 449 Meyers, David ja 445 Meyers, Katie G 4,38 Meyers, Ruth 293 Meyers, Tricia 300 Meyerson, Charles Mark 440 Meyerson, Kevin 346 Meza, Edward 196, 227 Mhlon o, Hem? 207 Miao, Gang 34 Micell, Annette jo 440 Miceli, jeannie 290 Michael, George 42, 43 Michael, Stephen Richard 442 Micheau, Linda Ann 440 Michelson, Patricia Lynn 438 Michleli, Alan 322 Michna, Mark 316 Miclllane , Karen 292 Mickey, 'lzhomas james 449 Mickle, Nannette 211, 239, 378 Micone, Vince 184, 187, 247, 284 Middleton, Mike 231 Middleton, Sherri 366 Midgley, jennifer Ann 449 Mieg, jason 228 Mie ziner, Patti 347 Mlers, Erika P 448 Miers, Paul 224, 232 Mikesell, Michelle Ann 443 Miki, Michael 378 Miki, Yoshihlro 264 Mlklik, Robert Allen 448 Mlkolajewski, Kris 294 Mikollch, Mike 305 Mikus, Mlke 211 Mikus, Shelley 211 Milakovich, james Patrick 440 Milam, Nicole 243, 269, 378, 471 Milano, Kerry 299 Mllar, jon A 445 Mllboum, Geor e Bryan 443 Miles, Kerry 308 Miles, Rick 378 Miles, Robert Reed 443 Miles, Stephen Bartlett 445, 449 Miles, Tracy 293 Index 461 Mileti, Jim 323 Milford, Missy 294 Milillo, Deborah Amelia 443 Miliotic, Nick 314 Millar, Monica 293 Millbranth, Mark David 447 Mille, Leah 194 Miller, Alida 299 Miller, Andre 252, 347 Miller, Andrew John 442 Miller, Ann 34, 442, 449 Miller, April 347 Miller, Barbara Lee 446, 449 Miller, Bill 316 Miller, Brandi 449 Miller, Brian F 438, 442 Miller, Catherine 442 Miller, Cherie Lynn 449 Miller, Cheryl 291 Miller, Chris 227, 256, 271, 378 Miller, Christy A 448 Miller, Christine Camile 441 Miller, Cynthia 291, 388, 440 Miller, Dana Michele 444 Miller, Darla 211 Miller, Dave 243, 347, 440 Miller, Elsa 300 Miller, Gregory Alan 449 Miller, Jeffrey Dean 446 Miller, Jim 316 Miller, Jodi 160 Miller, Katherine Jean 440 Miller, Kelly 347 Miller, Kenneth Alfred 444 Miller, Kim Oleen 441 Miller, Kristina 299, 445 Miller, Krista L 440 Miller, Linda Jeanne 446 Miller, Lora 282, 378 Miller, Lori 347, 443 Miller, Marilyn 444 Miller, Merle Jr. 443 Miller, Patricia L 440, 443, 444 Miller, Phillip 272 Miller, Rene 264 Miller, Rick 272, 274 Miller, Scott 240, 347, 449 Miller, Shelli 290 Miller, Sid 235 Miller, Steve 227, 231 Miller, Tim 228, 378 Miller, William 319 Milliken, Margaret 228, 272, 347 Millner, Brad 310 Mills, Carolyn 157, 181 Mills, James Ri all 442 Mills, Jenny 2928 Mills, Thomas Robert 447 Millsap, Timothy Albert 316, 449 Milner, Kim 292 Milton, Paula 296 Miltun, Heidi 240 Mims, Lesa Lottie 441 Min, Ho Chi 274 Miner, Michelle 228 Miner, Vicki 232 Mink, Curtis D 449 Minkin, Debbie 290 Minnehan, Me an 296 Minnis, Blair 322 Minor, Blas 160 Minor, Jeffery 264 Minor, Sean 223, 316 Minore, Dominica 203 Minore, Monica 446 Minteer, Valerie 269 Mintz, Bobby 272 Mirabito, Jim 227 Mirassou, Pam 292 Mirgon, Bette Louise 444 Mirizio, Frank Paul 444 Mirrasou, Pam 140 Mirsky, Joseph 323 Misch, Thomas 309 Misch, Tim 309 Mishkin, Keith 378 Miskinnis, Ted 303 Misra, Rakesh 236 Mitchell, Buddy 439 Mitchell, Cricket 299 Mitchell, David 323 Mitchell, Debbie 264 Mitchell, Erin Lisa 444 Mitchell, Helen 235, 347 Mitchell, Linda 192 Mitchell, Molly 277, 378 Mitchell, Paul Edward 446 Mitchell, Peter 227, 254 Mitchell, Tyrone 161 Mitsakopoulos, Ted 315 Mittelstedt, Matthew 347, 447 Mitten, Diane Elizabeth 441 Mittendorf, Mark Taylor 438 Mittler, Lisa A 449 Miyasaka, Naomi 347 Miyasaki, Michael 378 Mlynek, Michael Rudy 272 Mnoogian, Paul 320 Mobley, L ette T 443 Mock, Tifglri 290 MOCK ROJK 26, 27 Modaff, Kelly Susan 445 Modi, Sherral Ann 440 Modic, Todd 319, 378 Modzelewski, Pam 300 Moen, Jamie 378 Moench, Jill 294 462 Index Moeschler, Jean Marie 448 Mofford, Rose 186 Mohns, Jeffrey R 441 Mohr, Diana 256 Mohr, Elizabeth 347 Mohr, Sean 243, 471 Mohr, Tracy 291 Mohseni, Mohammad Reza 440 Mok, George Kwok 439 Mok, Sam 07 Molachek, Michele 290 Moldovan, Daniel 378 Molera, Jaime 322 Molera, Jubie 300 Moliana, Vicki 207 Molina, Laura Ann 447 Molique, Deborah 247, 269 Molique, Lisa 247 Moll, John 236, 438 Mon, Peter 284 Mondraggn, Loretta 211 Monge, ichael 321 Monge, Michelle 294 Monnier, Jennifer 301, 347 Monnochio, Tony 315 Monnter, Laurent 216 Monroe, Gordon 319 Monroe, Kirk 227, 307 Monsey, Eva 295, 378 Monta e, Gail 442, 449 Montaa-lo, Daniel Vincent 446 Montandon, Keren 299 Montandon, Michael 378 Montanez, Paul 310 Montecello, Diane 269 Monteilh, Raymond Edward 443 Monterey, Pele 307 Montero, Diane Beahice 444 Montero, John 196, 347 Montez, Lisa 196, 207 Montez, Rebecca 196 Montgomery, Brian 319 Montgomery, Christopher 319 Montgomery, Debi 294 Montgomery, John 378, 441 Montgomeiz, Malcolm Douglas 42 Montgomery, Renata Rae 446 Montoya, Monty 269 Montoya, Sandy 271 Moody, Anne 277 Moody, Gregory Harold 440 Moog, Susie 293 Moo , David M 447 Moon, David 239, 282 Moon, Jean Lorraine 443 Moon, Mihee 184 Moon, Ronnajean 378 Moon, Todd Raymond 449 Moro, Michael Joseph 448 Morose, Ellen 293 Morreale, Jeffre John 207, 446 Morris, Brent 23,1 Morris, Bret 384 Morris, Carolyn 388 Morris, Chris 274, 291 Morris, David 256, 319, 438 Morris, Deborah Anne 448 Morris, Donald 231 Morris Llano 188 Morrisi Maria 448 Munster, Herman 240 Munz, Lee 379 Munz, Sandi 379 Murden, Linda Annette 449 Murdock, Alissa 204 Murdock, John Boardman 441 Murillo, Linda 379 Murillo, Lorraine 196 Mumey, Nancy Ann 443 Murphy, Donald Bruce 442 Murphy, Eilis 253, 348 Moon, Un Yong 444 Mooney, Richard 188 Moore, Moore, Alan 311 April 208, 299 Moore, Brian 378, 440 Moore , Moore, Moore Crissi 294 Dawn Marie 444 eannme 443 , I ' Moore, Jeanne M 449 Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore 3 78 Moore , Moore, 1 Nicholas Ray 439 , Rosalind 14 , 161 , Jeffrey H 438 Karrie 300 Kathleen 21 1 Moore, Moore, , Ma 299 Midzael 319 R 301 Shsri S 199, 298 Moore, Tim 228 Moore, Tracy Lynn 444 Moore Moore Tyrone 129 Z Wanda Rust 446 , 277, Moos, Martha Michle 449 Morales, Gloria 240 Morales, Javier H 443 Moran, Dave 315 Moran, Kelly 292 Moran, Rosana 277, 378 Moraves, Stephen 227 Mordino, Amy Anne 446 Morehart, Jennifer 378 Moreland, Andreas 312, 378 Moreno, Antonio Javier 438 Moreno, Jose 378 Moreno, Julio 141 Moreno, Kenneth Gregory 439 Moreno, Melanie Jane 440 Moreno, Nomia Abril 440 Moreno, Rogelio 196 Moreno, Sergio 207 Morey, John 322 Morey, Rick 261, 308 Morgan, Bryon 231 Morgan, Byron 228 Morgan, Jerry L 444 Morgan, Kat y 294 Morgan, Mark Vincent 439 Mor an Paul 305 S I Morgan, Randall 200, 204, 378 Morgan Morgan Morgan , Rick 254 , Sharon Kay 443 Shawna 2 8 Moric, Robert 378 Morin, Angie 303 Morken, Robert 347 Morlan, Mike 348 Morley, Tom 315 Morlock, Debbie 294 Morris, Michelle 378 Morris, Scott 269 Morris, Teni 293 Morrison, Molly 250 Morrison, Shannon 378 Morrissey, Jennifer K 442 Morrissey, Karen Lee 439 Morrow, Russell 378 Morrow, Stefanie 271 Morscher, Vincent 322 Mortarotti, John 227 Morte, Robert La 228 Mortell, Susan 292 Mortensen, Brenda L 447 Mortenson, Susie 181 Morthland, Bryce 378 Morton, Magic 256 Mortor, lieina 188 Mosallaie, Keikhosrow 348 Mosanko, Darlene 211 Moser, Kathleen 235 Moses, Karen Sue 442 Moses, Mike 316 Mosher, Bemice M 447 Mosher, Jennifer Lynn 441 Mosher, Pat 254 Moslander, Marianne 439 Mosleh, Homayon 348 Mosley, Sammre 348 Moss, Abbie Sue 445 Moss, Devin 295 Motamed, Daniel 439 Mott, Linda Marie 444 Mott, Mike 309 Motter, Jacqueline 253 Mottler, Gloria 207 Mottley, Helen M 444 Motyka, Tamara Gail 443 Mouer, Timothy Carter 438 Moulton, Bronwyn Fall 448 Mounteer, Steve 89, 471 Mounts, John Melvin 440, 444 Moure, Brian 271 Mousa, Mona Al 216 Moushe , Renee Marie 443 Moussadlem, Mourad 348, 446 Mowad, Michael 378 Moxey, Sandra I 449 Moya, Lorraine 449 Moyayedpardazi, Seyed M 444 Moyer, Ju ie 294 Moynihan, Brid 'd 224 Mozer, Jill 200, 5100 Mrozinski, Andy Robert 449 Much, Rob 269 Mucha, Chris 318 Mucha, Natalie 290 Mudd, Jeffery D 445 Muehl, Mary 471 Muehleisen, Mark 379 Muellen, Rick 188 Mueller, Sally Ann 438 Mufich, Dara 293 Mughal, Mohammad 348 Mugharbel, Emad 228, 348 Mugno, John Robert 444 Mugo, James 348, 448 Mu ammad, Ati 379 Mui, Roy Wing-Hoi 447 Muir, Eric C 444 Muir, Rachelle 440 Muise, Gabrielle Marie 440 Mukherjee, Ritwik 379 Mulder, DeeDee 300 Muldowney, Erin 277, 379 Mulholland, John 348 Mulholland, Laura Ann 442 Mullard, David Glenn 438 Mullard, Marci 300 Mullen, James Walter 441 Muller, Cathy 290 Muller, Stace 271 Mullet, Pam 2164, 379 Mulligan, Barbara Jo 448 Mulligan, Jeff 181 Mulligan, Therese 298 Mullin, Marlo 292 Mullins, Molly 211 Mullis, Nancy Ellen 443 Mulready, Patrick 254 Mumaugh, James 348 Mumford, Susan Elizabeth 442 Mundy, Rich 316 Munger, Lori Diane 448 Munger, Marla 192 Munguia, Peter Rene 440 Muniz, Christine 253, 379 Munk, Rosalyn 194 Munn, James Gregory 440 Munos, Rebecca Manriquez 443 Munoz, Bryan Kraig 447 Munoz, Jesus Meza 441 Munoz, Lupe 309 Munro, Jacques 320 Munroe, Louise 274 Munson, Lance Dwaine 442 Munson, Max 318 Murphy, James M 444 Murphy, Karen Lynn 446 Murphy, Leon C 310 Mu hy, Michael 228, 379, 435 Murphy, Pat 315 Murphy, Patricia Ann 445 Murphy, Murphy Sean Patrick 442 Susan 200, 299 Murray,,David Bryan 446 Murray, John 232 Murray, Jonathan 203, 204, 348 Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Kiana 271, 379 Kimberly 282, 379 Lisa 297 Samuel 310 Tara 299 Murrieta, David 196 Murry, Joe 310 Muschinski, Cyndie 348 Mushahwar, Rula 348 Mushkin, Jill 444 Musil, Jonathan 348, 446 Mustain, Matthew 236, 274 Mustemian, Cynthia Ann 443 Mustic-Taylor, Cheryl Lynn 439 Mutale , Hajer Al 216 Mutschier, Clark Joseph 439 Muttillo, Dawn 379 Muzio, Jeanette 228 Muzzall, James 304 Muzzall, Timothy 379 Muzzy, Chris 254 Mybeck, Betty Engle 438 Myers, Brain 311 Myers, Brooke 439 Myers, Dawn 224 Mers Gilbert Il 232 Y 1 Myers, Jacques E 448 Myers, James 348, 446 Myers, Joe 227, 274 Myers, Ken 304 Myers, Marian 379 Myers, Michael 349, 448 Myers, Timothy 320 Myers, Wendy Kalye 449 Myers-Sarrett, Ju y Lynn 445 Myhrberg, Erik 200, 232, 235, 349 Myli, Brian 282 Mylinski, Robert Joseph 442 Mynes, Diana Leslie 440 Myrelle, Heather 441 Myrick, Alan 349 Myroniak, Jeannette 264 Naatz, Sandy 247 Nabelssi, Bassel 349 Nace, Alison 293 Nachman, David 227 Nacht, Victoria Jo 440 Nagamma, Chandra Sekhar 440 Nagarkatti, Chaitanya S 443 Nagel, Amanda 200, 231 Nagel, Kirsten 231 Nagel, Lynn Ann 445 Nagel, Missy 264 Nagel, Pamela S 446 Naghshineh, Sirous Baradaran 440, 444 Nagle, Thomas Moran 444 Nagore, Erin Kelly 447 Na lee, Josephine Marie 442 Naito, Shuhachi 444 Nakagame, Kiyonobu 216 Nakamine, Miyuki 216 Nakamura, Malcolm 305 Nakamura, Masahiro 349 Nakamura, Yoko 216 Nakatsugi, Tomoko 446 Nakumura, Malcomb 305 Nall, Pam 211 Nalley, Michael 322 Nally, Regina Ann 438 Namie, S annon Louise 438 Namjou, Ghaffar 216, 349 Nance, Kenneth 319 Napier, Penelope Gay 439 Napolitano, Nicole 264 Napolitano, Victor 223, 313 Nardine, James Ronald 446 Narramore, Lynn 298 Nase, Jennifer Lyn 440 Nash, Eric 379 Nash, Melissa Ann 448 Nass, Timothy John 439 Nasser, Scott 310 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ACCOUNTANTS 236 NATIONAL GOLDEN KEY BOARD 215 Nault, Stephen Charles 440 Naumoff, Joel 223, 313 Nava, Rosemary 443 Navaratte-Lynch, Dori 196 Navarette, Delissa 196 Navarro, Emilio 216 Navarro, Luis G 447 Navarro, L nn 196 Navarro, Sliaron A 440, 443 Navia, Robert 135, 267 Nawrocki, Kristin 292 Nay, Christopher Ellis 446 Naylor, Lisa 295 Naylor, Scott 379 Nazary, Dawn 379 Nazzaro, Andrew Gerard 438 Neal, John 310, 446 Neal, Katherine 297 Neal, Paul 311 Neely, Linda 160 Neera atama, Rujires 216 Neff, scott 231 Negler, Craig Eward 440 Ne er, Patrick S 442 Neidert, Nanc Lee 442 Neidlinger, Julie 300 Neighbors, Jodi Ann 439 Nei art, Mark Anthony 447 Neill, Julia 247, 294 Neilson, Michelle 211, 219, 294, 379 Neitzey, Malcolm 349 Nelem, Yvette 271, 379 Nellemann, Mark D 446 Nelligan, Steve 316 Nelmark, J B 312 Nelms, Phillip 192 Nelowey, Scott 318 Nelson, Amy Cecile 447 Nelson, Brian Clark 445, 447 Nelson, Candy 296 Nelson, Cheryl 228, 379 Nelson, David 203, 349, 379, 448 Nelson, Eric Peter 440 Nelson, J Russell 10, 111, 196, 198, 437 Nelson, Jason 313 Nelson, Kenleigh P 444 Nelson, Laynie 295 Nelson, Lisa 297 Nelson, Mark 284, 379 Nelson, Ray 211 Nelson, Shelly 379 Nelson, Slashette 379 Nelson, Sonia L 204, 443 Nelson, Steven Howard 438, 4 9 Nelson, Susan S 441 Nelson, Wendi 293 Nemiroff, Stephen Jay 444 Nenninger, Katie 269 Nenninger, K le 311 Neo, Patrick 3,79 Nerheim, Magne 349 Nesbitt, Elaine Frances 439 Nesbitt, Michael Leonard 444 Nesbitt, Tonya 379 Neshwat, Abby 440 Nesky, Michael 228 Nessetti, Matthew B 442 Nestro, Gina 299, 325 Neswood, Nichola 379 Nettleton, Elizabeth C 439 Neubauer, Gabriela M 439 Neudecker, Deann 211, 379 Neuheisel, Joseph 379 Neumore, David 135 Nevill, Morgan 311 Newberger, Nanci 349 Newberry, Darren 380 Newberry, Edrie 349 Newberry, Patti 253 Newbold, Sue 207 Newcomb, Debra Lynn 449 Newcomer, Ned 311 Newcomer, Tom 311 Newell, Kevin D 447 Newell, Larry 307 Newhagen, Richard 444 Newham, Jill 291 Newhouse, Don 228 Newhouse, James 284 Newkirk, Marie Elizabeth 438 Newman, Andrew 319 Newman, Brian 304, 449 Newman, David Franklin 448 Newman, Douglas 349, 448 Newman, I0dy 180, 380 Newman, Lisa 291 ronica 299 449 Newth, Ve ' , Newton, Craig John 449 Newton, Deborah Ka e 44 Neyman, Robert Leigli 449 Nez, Eugene 349 Ng, Chi Tik 216 Ng, Kok-Siong 349 Ng, Paricia Tracy 438 Ngai, Lai In 446 Nguyen, Hien The 447 Nguyen, Loi Van 320 Nguyen, Patrick 349, 447 Nguyen, Thanh Chi 441 Nicholas, Cindy 211 Nicholas, Dana 294 Nicholes, Nick 247, 267 Nichols, Janice Carol 447 Nichols, Kevin 315 Nichols, Thomas William 4 Nichols, Tim 232 Nichols-Gentis, Deborah A 440 Nicholson, Frank 314 Nicholson, Kristal 192, 443 Nicholson, Ted G 439 Nickamin, Leah Katherine 1 Nickelson, June Cook 445 Nickerson, Karen 247, 295 Nickolich, Tanya 295 Nicks, Trace 300, 332 Nicolay, Katlileen Ellen 442 Nicoloff, Mary Catherine 44 Nicoud, Kathie 306 Nicoud, Kathy 299 Nielsen, David Arthur 444 Nielson, Craig Alan 443 Nielson, Jennifer 380 Nielson, Mara Tina 440 Niemeyer, Bob 253 Niemeyer, Matt 184, 199, 32 Niemi, Patricia 349, 443 Nigro, Bart 380 Ni ro, Tina 290 Niiodemus, Anton David 4. Nikolai, Meta 295 Nikula, Erik 231 Nilsson, Deborah Ruth 443 Nilsson, Hans 349 Nimsger, Michael 256 Nissen, Karen Gail 449 Nisson, Irvin 388 Nitka, Ann 291 Nitsberg, Gary 303 Nix, Gretchen 292 Nixon, Perry ll 442 Noble, Karen 203 Noble, Lee R 447 Nobley, Scott Allen 442 Noboa, Gabriel Eugenio 447 Noboa, Rebecca S 444 Noe-verfurth, Ulrike 216, 34 Noggle, Dr Nelson 101 No an, Kelly 274 Nolen, Steve 243, 349 Nolen, W Parker 443 Noll, Wallace Richard 448 Nolton, Bill 320 Noonan, Mike 181 ' Noonan, Patricia 272 ' Nord, Sue 136, 137, 161 ' Nordberg, Jon 380 f Nordlund, Victor Andrew 44 Nordstrom, Gregory Gustaf I 444 I Nore, Christy 136, 161 Nore, Kristi 136 5 Noriega, Virginia Bustamanti 443 Noring, Kristen Louise 443 Norlin, Kevin Julio 274 Norling, Jim 307 Norman, Gregory Paul 446 Nomian, Jackie Van 443 Norman, Mary Hane 440 Norrnoyle, Cameron 380 Norris, David 207 Nonis, Eric 319 Norris, Rebecca 274 Norris, Sheri 173, 439 Norris, Thomas 231 North, North, Eric Todd 439 Oliver 76 Northbrook, Eric 316 Northbrook, Evan 316 Northcott, Jennifer 297 Norton Norton , Diane Kay 446 , Larry 203 Norton, Mary Nell 448 Norwood, Michael 380 Nossaman, Tony 380 Noto, Philip 267 Notter, Jennifer 446 N ottle, N ouri, Lorelle Jeanine 439 Deniz 228 Novak, Dale Keith 448 Novak, Gary Wayne 443 Novak, Jeff 305 Novetzke, Andrew David 444 Novick, Jeff 322 Novis, Scott 186, 314 Novotny, Steve 260 Nowak, Julie 231 Nowak, Susan Marie 438 Nowicki, Kerry 200, 295 Nowicki, Maureen 349 Nowicki, Richard Ethan 438 Nowicz, Lucinda 349, 442 Nowlin, Elizabeth Ann 439 Nowshadi, Vahid 380 Nozha, Saud Al 216 Nuber, Gregory Shane 54, 44 Nucci, James 380 , joseph 349 ', Christine Lee 439 it, Bill 318 Lance 181, 282, 380 5, Kathryn Anne 444 z, Betty 349 z, Nelida j 440 z, Paul 207 lata, Chris 267 SING 97 yestena, Lorinda 349 m, jeff 316 m, Kent 318 s, Daniel Alan 440 rd, Kristin Arlett 4, 445 in, jared 320 len, Bishop Thomas 7 len, Catherine Ann 439, 5, 449 len, David 188, 380, 441 len, Erin Kathleen 439 len, Kellie 180 len, Kelly 292 len, Patricia Suzanne 440 len, Tom 310 lent, Marcia 228 mnel, Kevin 304 mnell, Beth Ann 446 mnell, Mary 295 mnor, Amy 207 mnor, Denise 181 mnor, jenny 203 mnor, john Robert 441 mnor, Kimberly Sue 441 mnor, Laureen 228 mnor, Lori 203 mnor, Sean 188, 231, 380 mnor, Timothy joseph 1 rniel, Michael Ray 439 zll, David L 447 zll, Dean Robert 438 ell, Dr Michael 240 xnell, john 310 rnnell, Danica 290 rnnell, Danny 181 rnnell, Karla 290 mnell, Patrice 293 xnnell, Susan 228 ara, Thomas j 442 xraing, Thomasj 442 ayre, Erin 299 refe, Lynda Lee 441 refe, Michael 111 fary, Den 272 ahoney, Brian 243, 470, 1 eara, Robert Taylor 448 eil, Michael 247 eil, Stephanie 297 eil, Tim 188 eill, Bill 228 eill, Kelly 292 eill, Teresa Bemadette 445 lley, Carol 293 rurke, Beth A 438 rurke, john 345, 432 lea, Matthew Henry 445 role, jeanette Frances 440 es, Karen Louise 447 Bs, Katherine Girault 441 ey, Brain 271 s, Marilyn jean 443 nan, Cherie De 440 ica, Lucila Ledezma 440 din, jeffrey Samuel 448 aauer, Dean Anthony 441 rlander, David 307 rad, james 254 Jdnicky, john 315 0, Alissa Cathy 445, 449 ll, Crista 116 ll, Dean 319 rr, Eric 282 th, joel 271 lsel, Trish 301, 380 mann, Kevin Todd 439 tt, Nancy Brenner 443 a, Tuu 272 i-kyei, Mark 380 novich, Marybeth 211 , Tina 292 'sby, Christopherj 443 esby, Douglas 349 rek, Scott 141, 175, 349 ma, Eric Kenneth 446 laid, Whitney Anne 445, ran, julia 256 esorgen, Mary M 448 Ohsman, Scott 306 Oishi, Rikiya 380 Oka, Teruichi 380 Okabayashi, Diana 349, 446 Okafuji, jerry 322 Okajima, Yuki 216 Okamoto, Sonya 235, 349 Okamura, Shigeki 216 Oklander, judy 301 Olander, Donald 380 Olayan, Abdulrahman Al 216 Olen, Greg 284 Olivares, Alicia 199 Olivas, Tony 231 Oliver, Cheryl 232 Oliver, Ford 140 Oliver, Loren 306 Oliver, Michael Wayne 447 Oliver, Richard 188 Oliver, Robert j 440 Oliverlo, Krissi 292 Ollek, Susan joy 443 Olney, Stephen 228 Olsen, Christine E 442 Olsen, jannicke 216 Olsen, Stephen Keith 443 Olsen, Thomas Daivd 446 Olsen, Virginia Lynn 448 Olshan, Sandy 297 Olshefsk , Debbie 184, 247, 294 34,9 Olsoni Douglas Mark 449 Olson, Eric Arthur 446 Olson, james Edward 440 Olson, jon 231, 321 Olson, julie Suzanne 441, 449 Olson, Karen 264 Olson, Kay 243, 380, 471 Olson, Kevin 199, 223, 318 Olson, Kip 272 Olson, Laurie 232 Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, L nette Marie 438 Nilarjorie 228 Melissa Diane 445 Michelle 219 Robyn Grace 448 Sarah 228 Olszewski, MB 247 Oltrnann, judith 240 Olwarer, Alicia 200 Omen, joseph 247, 267 Omun dson, Lisa 349 Ondre, Mary 298 Ted Hu h 440 On Liang 380 On en, Mark james 449 Onstad, Michael 184 Onthenumaburger, Hubert 236 Oogjen, Patricia 349, 448 Oney, Ootho ut, Bruce 314 Oppenheim, Brandon 303 OPTIFAB, INC. 419 Orbert, Michael 304 Orces, jacsques 319 Ord, julie 211 Ore, john R 445 Oreman, Mike 320 Orlowski, Kevin 380 Onne, Omre, Lori Etta 443 Mark Hodgins 438 Ormond, jill 184, 224, 292 Omoski, Darlene Kay 449 Omstein, jeff 303 Omstein, Michelle 211, 297 Orpen, joseph 349, 446 Orr, Mike 3 5 Orr, Sherri 294 Orr, Trevor 319 Orrick, Tracy 300 Orsbom-Gilitiuk, Tami Anne 449 Orshlen, Tim 311 Orsini, Corlna 380 Ortega, Carlos 196 Ortega, Felipe R 441 Ortega, Matthew 208 Ortiz, Ortiz, Ortiz, Andrew 196 Christina Marie 438 Debra 192 Ortiz, Elli 293 Ortiz, Monica Lynette 449 Ortiz, Tommy 141, 152 Orwoll, Ann Kristin 442 Orzol, Adam 380 Osbakken, Susan L 446 Osbom, Amy 288, 292 Osbom, Anne 274, 380 Osbom, Elizabeth King 439 Osbome, Daniel Keith 438 Osbome, Nancy 181 Osbome, Ozzy 42 Osbum, Stephanie 161 Osgood, Diane 207, 295 Osgood, Mark 311 Osmers, Mark Sloan 438 Ostendorf, Ga 231 Oster, WilliamrPaul 444 Osterhaus, Wemer 349 Osterlund, Robert W 445 Ostlund, Debbie 349 Ostovar, Suzanne 442 Ostroff, Lori 349 Ostrom, Michael 349 Ostrom, Tara 211 Oswood, Victoria Lynn 443 Otake, Clinton 282 Othman, Azily 440 Othman, Shamsol 380 Otsuji, Hiroki 216 Otte, Stacey 349 Ottinger, Gregory Lee 449 Otto-Lanzon, Marie E 443 Ottosen, Carol Dawn 445 Ourada, Stephen 231 Ovalle, Cynthia 349 Ovelmen, Scott S 444 Overholt, Richard 247 Ovemian, jennifer 291 Overson, Alan David 448 Owen, john 314 Owen, Lisa 188, 449 Owens, Bill 188 Owens, Dana Marie 449 Owens, Dawn 295 Owens, Elizabeth 292 Oxley, jeff 311 Ozmun, Paul Duane 446 Ozols, Laura Anita 449 P Argiolas, julie 271 Pace li, Paul Anthony 447 Pacheco, Eulalio 380 Pacheco, john 446 Pacheco, Robert 309, 349 Pachek, Carol 200, 380 Pacion, Raymond joseph 442 Paciulli, Catherine E 445 Pack, Dana 315 Packer, Merle 158 Paddock, Charlotte 204, 349 Padgett, james Howard 445 Pad ett, Kim 294 Padsla, Pilar 232 Padilla, Rosalinda 196 Padula, Kevin Michael 446 Pagan, Eduardo Obregon 445 Page, Darren 188 Pagel, Ross Alan 447 Pagonis, julie 297 Pa l, Marcia 294 Pahl, Wendi 380 Pai, Devdas M 204 Paige, jimmy 272 Paine, Greg 303 Paine, Scott 303 Paine, Shelley jeannine 446 Painter, Melodie 293 Palacio, Rebecca 253 Palais, Michael 267 Palatrone, Frank 446 Palecek, joan 349 Palermo, Steve 284 Palermo, Yvonne 253 Paliga, jerry 349 Palko, Kreg 132 Palmari, Tony 311 Palmer, Calee 443 Palmer, David 231 Palmer, jack 254 Palmer, Ken 319 Palmer, Laura Lynne 440 Palmer, Michael jones 444 Palmer, Monica Beatriz 444 Palmer, Scott 380 Palmer,,Shane 311 Palmer, Stephanie 297 Palmer, Stephen Earl 446 Palmer, Susan Beth 442 Palmer, Tro Eugene 449 Palomo, jef?'196 Palomo, joe Valenzuela 446 Palomo, Lisa 296 Paluch, Devri 277 Palumbo, Dennis Earl 449 Pam, Stuart 322 Pamperin, Steve 272 Pang, Elizabeth 447 Pan estu, Gideon S 440 Paniowski, Andrea 293 Panlette, Trace 311 Pantea, Cheryl Kathleen 445 Panzera, Christopher Edward 439 Pa aconstantinou, Costas 236, 3,49 Papacosta, Eric 307 Papadopolo, Dave 323 Papadopulos, Athanassios 216 Pape, Eckart 282 Papesh, Dana 380 Papic, Aj 321 Pappas, Mike 307 Papscun, Kim 247 Paquette, jennifer C 449 Paradis, Dana A 445 Parascandola, Michael 380 Pardee, Ario VI 188, 349 Pardee, janet 207 Pardue, Tallie 298 Parekh, Panka' 204, 349 PARENTS ASSOCIATION 414 Parfet, Mark 313, 446 Parfet, Van 313 Paris, Bradley 227, 316 Paris, Robert 350, 446 Pariva, Andrew 380 Park, Alice 223, 224, 446 Park, Chip 141, 152 Park, Choi 440 Park, jung Mee 216 Park, K ie 350 Park, Su Hong 216 Parke, Robert 313 Parker, Andrew 181 Parker, Anthon 124, 202 Parker, Dave 30,8 Parker, Deborah Eileen 449 Parker Gayla 207, 350 Parker, james Michael 447 Parker, john 350 Parker, Mar arita 350, 447 Parker, San ra jo ce 441 Parkhu Parkhu rst, Craig 316 rst, Derek 207, 224 Parkinson, Lisa 260, 264 Parkinson, Stan 227 Parks, Brian Patrick 441 Parks, john Bruce 448 Parks, Michael William 448 Parodi, julianne K 446 Parrack, Linda Call 447 Parrillo, Mike 315 Parris, Karen 297 Parris-Lough, Karen 380 Parrish, David 216, 231, 380 Parrish, Hugh james 438 Parry, William Mark 445 Parsons, Curtis Phillip 447 Parsons, Eugene L 443, 445 Parsons, jen 296 Parsons, LaGuinn 350 Partin, janice 294 Partridge, Kristine 380 Pas, john 380 Paschal, Rhonda Marie 443 Pascucci, Stephen 350 Pasho, Glenna Wright 440 Paskwietz, Kampria 380 Pasquale, Raque 298 Pasquarella, Kevin 284 Pass, Melissa 271 Passalacqua, Victoria 444 Passanise, joseph 236, 254 Passarelli, Lisa Ann 446 Passi, Sanjeet 442 Passon, Mamie 277, 380 Pastemak, Ken 267 Pastika, Michael 231 Pastor, Ed 196 Pastor, Verma 196 Patel, Mukesh P 447 Patel, Rajandrakumar Thakorbhai 447 Patel, Shailesh 207, 350, 446 Patelson, Dave 314 Patemoster, Sharon Mae 448 Pathy, Mohan 188 Patoni, Suzanne 277 Patrick, joe jr. 442 Patrick, judith Gail 449 Patrick, Keenan 211 Patrick, Robert 321 Patt, Dallice Louis 446 Patt, Laura Wadsworth 438 Patten, Dave 58 Patterson, April Anne 441 Patterson, C inton Earl 442 Patterson, Cristian R 440 Patterson, Don 354 Patterson, Eric 160 Patterson, Greg 215 Patterson, jennifer Ruth 448 Patterson, Ion 188 Patterson, Kimberly 380 Patterson, Mark 312, 446 Patterson, Pat 254 Patterson, Paul 211 Patterson, Shawn 120, 124, 125, 128,129, 130,134, 135, 432 Patterson, Ste hen Lewis 143, 161, 323, 4436 Patti-Deffigos, Leah jo 449 Patton, Chris Lee 446 Paul, Adam 380 Paul, Christo her Franz 444 Paul, David Xian 445 Paul, Timothyj 440 Pauli, George 228, 254 Paulo, Gregory j 444 Paulos, Dan 228 Paulos, Daniel Nichols 449 Paulsen, Brenda Lynne 438 Pautlitz, Carl 235, 350 Pavel, Mike 205 Pavitt, Shane 318 Pavlichko, john Robert 441 Pawlak, Stephen joseph 441 Paxton, Harry Benjamin 446 Paxton, Michelle Ann 442 Payne, Christopher C 312, 446 Payne, Rand! 27 Pays, Todd llen 441 Paytas, Dorothy Marie 449 Payton, Natalie 289, 380 Payton, Richard Elliot 445 Payts, Dorothy Marie 445 Pazour, Mark 307 Peapenburg, Todd 254 Pearce, Kel y 243 Pearce, Marvin jay 442 Pearl, Robin 307 Pearlman, Ross 303 Peamran, Valerie C 215 Pearson, Hank 321 Peck, Lyle Kent 442 Peck, Mattew 439 Pedersen, Andy 320 Pedersen, Lisa 293 Pederson, Gunner 264 Pederson, justin 305 Pedri, j Cameron 447 Pedroza, Annette 380 Peebles, Amy 297 Peel, Michael Benjamin 444 Peel, Richard Leslie 439 Peer, Glen Everett 440 Pegler, Sarah 211 Pe livonion, Mon a 247, 269 Peifer, johathan Nilurl 439 Pell, Kristen 293 Peinado, Michelle 224 Pelatt, Dave 316 Pelatti, Lisa 203 Pell, Bambi 350 Pellegrini, Chrissi 300 Peloquin, Kristin 294 Peloquin, Scott 323 Peloso, Gary Allen 446 Pelusi, jody L 443 Pelzer, Regan 58 Pelzer, Ryan 58 Pember, Sylvia Burgoyne 440 Pemberton, Craig William 441 Pemberton, janice L 211 Pemberton, Steven Richard 442 Pena, Luz 350 Pena, Manuel De 448 Pena, Mark 272 Penalosa, joe 350 Penalosa, Loma 239, 243, 277, 380, 471 Penberthy, Tami 297 Pendergast, Arthurj 449 Pender ast, Carol Ann 439 Pendor? Sandra 350 Penman, john 228 Penn, Kurt 318 Penn, Linda 264 Penn, Michael 315 Pennington, Brett 231 Pennington, Brian Lee 447 Pennington, Christine L 442 Pennington, Matt 223 Penny, joy 203, 380 Pen , Edward Andrew 438 Peniiand, jeff 160 Pentz, julie 297, 445 Penzone, jeff 223, 304 Peper, Donald Eugene 439 Pepper, Brett 320, 447 Pepperl, Lloyd 380 Peppler, Patti 146, 161 Peralta, Martin 160 Peralta, Melissa 199, 293 Peralto, Duane 318 Perea, Cheryl 293 Perea, Maria 350 Pereira, Lisa 298 Perez, Elizabeth Ann 440 Perez, joe 196 Perez, Lynda Louise 447 Perez, Randy 196 Per uson, julie Marie 440 Periam, Kimberley 30, 350 Perine, Katalin Migray 448 Perius, jeffery 102, 350, 446 Perkinson, Brian 240 Perlman, Alan 307 Perlman, Elisa 290 Perlman-Corwick, Susan Renee 443 Permvongchareon, Prasit 447 Perozzi, Bradley Charles 318, 448 Perricelli, Rosanne 438 Perrin, Matt 321 Penizo, Cheryl Ann 442 Perron, Kenneth Bnice 441 Perron, Louis Richard 438 Pe , Ca 292 Peg, Chhyiilene Anne 440 Perry, Gregg 309 Perry, jeffrey Tod 444 Perry, joyce 256, 381 Perry, Michael 203, 235, 284 Pe , Zandra 192, 247, 256, E Perse, jim 313 Pershing, jennifer Ann 445 Persinger, Cheryl Ann 160, 446 Person, Bradford Ray 444 Person, Linden Branch 449 Person, Susan LeAnn 443 Petasnick, Laura Ann 449 Pete, Traci 449 Peter, Diane 350 Petennan, Brad Merritt 439 Peters, Dan 272 Peters, Karen A 441 Peters, Rich 314 Peters, Stefanie Lynn 441 Petersen, Brent H 442 Petersen, Gary 306, 439 Petersen, Kimberly Gail 444 Petersen, Kirsten jan 444 Petersen, Lorinda Ann 440 Peterson, Alice 269 Peterson, Ann-Marie 448 Peterson, Cindy 295 Peterson, Dave 219, 304 Peterson, james 199, 433, 446 Peterson, julie Ann 269, 297 Peterson, Karen 296 Peterson, Keith 320 Peterson, Ken D 441 Peterson, Kristi 296 Peterson, Lance 381 Peterson, Lisa 188 Peterson, Mark 102 Peterson, Mike 311 Peterson, Pat 271 Peterson, Sandra 291, 442 Peterson, Scott 264, 441, 447, 448 Peterson, Theresa 439 Peterson, Todd 316, 449 Petesch, janette Irene 439 Petit, Michael Stephen 448 Petka, Paul Raymound 447 Petra, jennifer 295 Petre, Cami 224 Petrie, Catherine 447 Petrie, Sherry 253 Petrotta, Denise julie 438 Petrucci, Darren 318 Petrucci, Susie 300 Petrulis, Aras 381 Petterson, Wes 315 Pettiford, Sherrie 192 Pettit, Mike 304 Petty, Barbara Ann 440 Petuskey, William 111 Petz, Kathi Ann 441 Peuer, Stephanie 292 Peyla, Andrea Ann 449 Pfab, Kathy 294, 381 Pfab, Lori 253, 381 Pfau, Susan joy 448 Pfeifer, Cory Lynn 439 Pfeifer, G Alison 444 Pfeifer, Heather 291 Pfeiffer, Bruce 314, 381 Pfeiffer, james Patrick 439 Pfeiffer, Vickie 211 Pfeifler, Barbara Adams 449 Pfeilsticker, Peggy Perkins 438 Pfeilsticker, Trey 319 Pfleiger, Marta 03 Pfrimmer, jonna Sue 440 Phalen, james Arthur.442 Phalon, Bill 240 Phalon, john joseph 441 Phalon, William Maher 444 Pham, judy Ha 236 Pham, Taun 231 Phan, Duc Thanh 448 Phelan, Nora Marie 449 Phelps, Brian Gene 448 Phelps, Daniel jack 441 Phelps, jacqueline L 444 Phelps, Merri Lisa 445 Phelps, Robert 350, 449 Phelps, Sherry 350, 446 PHI ALPHA DELTA PRELAW 236 PHI DELTA THETA 311 PHI GAMMA DELTA 312 PHI KAPPA PSI 211, 313 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 314 Philip, justine 299 Philippart, Kalani 308 Philips, Sharon 297 Phillabaum, Paul Britton 448 Phillipi, Pete 314 Phillippi, Marjorie L 441 Phillips, Amanda 211 Phillips, Carol Skevington 438 Phillips, Cheryl R 448 Phillips, Dylan john 272 Phillips, Holl 292 Phillips, jeff 2,28 Phillips, jennifer 253 Phillips, Mark 181 Phillips, Shana 297 Phillips, Sharon 381 Phipps, Darren 307 Phipps, Stephen 307 Phla , Angle 269, 471 Phung, Nghi Trong 440 Ph le, Christine Anne 438 Pl PETA PHI 300 PI KAPPA ALPHA 315 Piacguadio, Dan 307 Pianr, Rick 319 Piano, Maureen Teresa 443 Picard, Thomas Alfred 438 Piccioli, Frank 211 Piccola, Victoria 291 Pichler, Christopher F 448 Pick, Cheryl 326, 444 Pickard, Donna Marie 438 Pickaro, jenny 272 Pickerell, Victoria Lynne 447 Pickering, Ronald james 219, 447 Pickett, Brian 320 Pico, Leslie joseph 443 Pieczynski, jerry 264 Piegaro, Dawn 253, 381 Piepenbrick, Steve 231 Pierantozzi, Donnajean 181 Pierce, judith Genovese 442 Pierce, Kathryn 289, 381 Pierce, Marilyn A 449 Pierce, Warren 254 Pieterse, Anne Steams 441 Pietroforte, Maria L 439 Index 463 Pit-tmwski, jnhn joseph 438 Viggo! Viggo! t, Cynthia 236 I, lfdward 274 Plgirtt, l'i-tv 'HU l'i 0, l.awri'm0 Vi-rntm 442 Potts, Steve 254 Poulpiquet, Olivier De 216 Puurturk, jam l.otfali 441 Puvich, Chris 274 Qalafah, Emad 216 Qatarneh, Amjad 350 Quaing, Beth 293 Quamme, john 310 Quan, janet 199 Price, Pike, Rich 306 l'ilr'hi'r, Kath 300 Pile-, Lara 29? llillvr, Nirhelle R 253 Pilltitv, Cynthia Louise 440 llilnt, Kim 271 Pilsbury, l,aura 301, 350 l'imi'ntt'l, Alfred H 321, 444 l'ina, Linda A 442 Pinairi-, Paul Hoyt 438 Pinckard, jill l-'ranches 442 Pinckard, Patricia jc-an 443, 445 1 Pimtda, Carlusfjosv: Carballo 442 Pint-iro, Mark 381 Pinion, jr-.xnm-ne 261 Pinkerton, Bonnie 211 Pinkerton, jacquvline 260, 381 471 Pint, Kimberly 350 Pinto, Mark Anthony 445 Plot, Gail Abanlo 440 Piper, Richard 381 Piper, Stephanie 294 Piqua-ro, Violcta 216 Pittman, Cheri Marie 441 Pittman, Kelly 34 Pitts, Bob 264 Pitts, Christine 264, 381 Pitts, Ste anie jane 448 Pixlvr, Giiiria 207, 297 Pixler, Mark Cordon 449 Fixer, David 381 Pizzimenti, just-ph Patrick 444 Pizzo, Kim 228, 381 Flaisted, Kelly 136, 161 lllantin , Christy 271, 290 Pldl'll1,qc8l'l'f1 l.u 443 Plate, Thad 203 Plalen, jennifer Lorraine 449 Platt, Cary 211 Platt, Susan 269, 381 Pleban, lisa Marie 448 Plein, Dou las john 444 Pluscia, jaci joseph 447 Plote, David 188 Plumley, Maragel 253 Plummer, Cam 282 Plummer, Shaun 307 Plummer, William Stephen 446 Pluta, joe 256 Poage, Wendy 295 Poarch, Michael l.eRenne 444 Pochop, Melissa I. 440 Podany, Michael 315 Podell, Todd 315 Pudlenski, Diane M 439 Podolski, Cynthia 350 Podschun, Maribeth S 447 Poirier, Ralph 314 Poisner, Andrea I99, 247, 295, 350 Pvkorny, Michael E 447 Polcyn, julie Ann 443 Poletti, David john 439 Poling, Allen Dean 440 Polito, Lorraine M 449 Polk, David Paul 447 Polka, Lesley Anne 440 Pollack, Howard Andrew 447 Pollack, joan 252 Pollack, Stephanie 294 Pollard, Scott 314 Pollock, Daniel 227, 269 Polomsk , Dawn 256 Polston, llViIliam 309 Pomambo, Carl Anthony 439 Pomaski, john P 440 Pomclaoni, jaml 277, 295 Pon ellick, Cindy 269 Ponkeg, Sandy 296 Pontejos, Sherwin A 443 Poocha, Frank 211 Pool, Teresa Ann 447 Poole, Sherry 161, 441 Poole, Warren Brent 449 Poole, William 350 Poore, Kristi 290, 350 Pope, Brian David 441 Fog' john Paul ll 7, 70, 71, 72 Popick, Renee 211 Poplawski, jay 318 Poppcn, Dave 306, 381 Porambo, Carl 181 Porges, Evan 264, 305 Puvilaitis, Allyn 223, 309 31 Ptivilus, liric Powell, Cary Barton 448 Powell, David l. 200, 443 Powell, Cina 253, 381 Powell, Melissa 381 Powell, Michael Dean 443 Pobgrll, Rod 307 Powell, Rose Ann 438 Powell, Yvonne 259 Powers, Amy 260, 264, 387 Powers, Sam 316 Powers Scott Allan 438 Quaranla, Kelly 291 Quas, jodi 181 Quattlebaum, Bob 348 Quek, Berhard 350 Quick, Kevin Foster 442 Quigley, Mike 318 Quinn, john 350 Quinn, Kell Susan 438, 441 Qliiirgi, Michael joseph 442, Quinonez, Louis Anthony 445 Quintana, Martin 443 Pownall, Kelly 297 Pozen, Craig 323 Prather, Andi 271 Prather, Barry john 440 Prather, lawrence 381 Pratt, Donald james 444 Pratt, john William 444 Prazak, Lisa 196, 207 Prazak, Robert 196 Prchal, Craig A 439 Preczcwski, Steven R 438 Preiser, johanna 199, 200, 203, 381 Preiss, Susan Rosinke 443 Preis, Cynthia Marie 433 Prokup, Patricia Anne 446 Quintero, Helen 256 Quiroga, Patricia 216 Quoss, Cher l 224 Qurashi, Badbr 444 Premeau, Mark 227 Prendergast, Kimberly 231, 239 Prentiss, joseph 350 Prescott, joshua ll 438 Pressendu, Michael 320, 350 Pressman, Scott 276 Preston, Kristina joy 446 Preston, Michelle 294 Preston, Steve 138 Preston, Synthia Marie 445 Preston, Thomas 284, 381 Prevendar, Cheryl 350 Prewitt, Debbie 211 Price, Cynthia Lynn 442, 444 Price, Don 306 Price, Leigh 227 Price, Leo Clare 443 Michelle 381 Ramsey Porter, Barbie 290 Porter, Carol l,aDawn 447 Porter, Christopher B 438 Porter, Margaret M 445, 449 Porter, Rosanne 219 Porter, Shelly 299 Porter, Valencia 290, 350 Portill, Mike 269 Posada, Tony 196 Posley, Chris 323 Potente, Kevin 188, 439 Richetta, john 447 Pnlosky, David 227 Potter, Erik G 445 Potter, Kevin William 439 Potter, Leonard Elias 448 Potts, jodi 297 Potts, laura 277, 381 464 Index Price, Robert 231 Pride, Theodore E 259 Priest, Rebecca A 291 Prigoff, Evan Scott 443 Primrose, Deborah 300 Priniski, George 304 Prins, Melissa 196 Printy, Mike 319 Prioste, Tanya 381 Pritchard, Edward 381 Pritchett, Kath 381 Probst, Derek Richard 442 Prochnau, Kirsten 299 Pro ar, Steve 315 PURLIC PROGRAMS 86, 87, 88, 89 Pronk, Glen 231, 267 Prout, Cari 381 Prouty, Rolf K 440 Provo, Daniel 319, 438 Provost, Travis 322 Pruitt, joey 294, 381 Prust, Gina Ceor ette 445, 449 Pr or, An ela 385 Plfll KAPFA PSI 313 Psomas, Alexanderj 235 PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA 203 Pucelik, janet Lyne 447 Pucctas, Pamela Marie 446 Puchalski, Robert L 259 Puchi, Michele Ann 444 Puffer, Dave 304 Pulford, jeff 211 Pulslpher, Laurel Denice 449 Pupator, Peter 228, 444 Purdy, jeffre Scott 442, 445 Purdy, jill 239 Pursell, Donald l, 439 Puryear, Steve 135 Purz, Paula 247 Putman, And 350 Putnam, Mara' Thomas 446 Pye, Carolyn 243, 382, 471 Pyle, Howard 60 Pylman, Ral h Martin 444 '1 Pyrz, Paul ZE4, 274 Qahtani, Saad A1216 Qassim, Yonnis 216 3 I Raabe, Tony 211 Rabin, Andrew Daniel 449 Racharus, Chris 207 Radcliffe, Shell 299 Rademacher, Kris 236 Rademaker, Rick 305 Rader, Denise 290 Radford, Susan A 442 Radic, Thomas W 315, 439 Radke, Kim 301, 471 Radke, Susan 332 Radley, Brian 228 Radlich, Ron 350 Radossevich, Ann F 445 Radtke, l.esIy 299 Rae, Carrie Leann 447 Rae, Mary-Louise E 438 Rael, Carmen 239, 259, 382 Rael, Carolyn Marie 446 Raemisch, Tom 318 Raetz, Lori 207 Raffield, Pamela 350 Raglano, Barbra 292 Ra o, Patrick Ruy 443 Ragkola, Ramona Fay 444 Rahm, Kevinj 240 Rahman, Adeel 232, 307, 350 Rahman, Dawood 216 Rahman, Mushta ur 350 Rahn, Angelina 237 Rahn, Christy 293 Rains, Douglas Cha puis 444 Rama, Nadendla 358 RAMADA INN 431 Ramby, Win 305 Ramey, Lisa 295 Ramey, Patricia Lenore 438 Ramey, Scott Robert 442 Raponi, Ed 350 Rapp, Karen 296 Raptis, Nicholas Anthony 448 Rasco, Timothy Lee 433 Rash, Todd 184 Rasheed, Mohammed Al 216 Rasile, Kar n D 443 Raskin, jef2l303 Raskosky, Phillip ll 382 Rasmussen, joel 231 Rasmussen, Robin 350 Rasmussen, Todd 321 Rasmussen, Wendy Lou 449 Rasp, Mike 135 Raspotnik, Susan 207 Rassi, Robert Lee 447 Rassi, Suzanne 447 Rassi, Suzette 447 Rast, Edie Ann 444 Ratay, Albert Vincent 446 Rathbun, jodi 166 Rathbun, jodi Lynne 160, 449 Ratknvich, Peter l, 448 Ratter, Lori 224 Ratz, Matt 303 Rau, Will 215, 254, 382 Rauna, Lisa 274 Rauni , Linda 161 Rauscg, Randy 211 Ravenscroft, Bonnie Lee 448 Ravid, Cory Michael 446 Rawe, james 254, 382 Rawnsely, Robert 231 Rawoof, Eajaz 350 Rawson, Kim 211 Ray, Sammi 292 Ray, Scott Hughes 438 Rayberg, Gila 211 Rayburn, Shelly Sue 444 Ra burn, Ton 272 RIXENTRY JONNECTION 235 Rea, Mary 98 Rea, Michelle 300 Read, Victoria Marie 447 Reardon, Dawn L 449 Reardon, Sharon 47, 239 Reasner, Steven john 439 Recasner, Eldridge 144 Redden, Linda 382 Reddy, Srinath 350 Redenius, Patricia 350 Reinstein, Ken 203, 303 Reisinger, David Anthony 444 Reisner, Terry 184, 187, 247, 274, 319, 351 Reiss, Eric P 446 Reiter, David 219 Reiter, Tierney 219 Reith, Steve 282 Reithman, Rob 312 Rekeweg, james 199 Rekiere, Charles Micheal 440 Rella, Michael 438 Rem , Dan 319 Rendiahl, Mike 228 Rendon, Corine 211 Rene-Washington, Davena 204 Renger, Tony joseph 446 Rennick, Karrie 296 Renshaw, Cheryl 211, 449 Renus, Erin 232 Renvin, Luigi 188 Renyer, Timothy Wayne 446 Repogle, Neal K 446 Resch, Daniel 351, 448 Resech, David Kenneth 438 RESERVE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION 224 RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION 246, 247 RESIDENT ASSISTANTS 246, 247 Ressman, Keith 276 Reslo, Damary 449 Retrum, Kristina 247 Rettes, Robert 310 Rettler, Michael William 447 Rettus, Mike 313 Reuman, Vanessa 269, 271, 290 Reuter, Martin Peter 441 Reveno, Eric 145 Revier, Meredith Lynn 446 Rewers, Douglas 228 Rex, Laurie jean 439 Rexrode, Ken 318 Reyblat, Nataly 216 Reyes, Alberto 207, 382 Reyes, Arjun 236 Reyes, Carlo 236 Reyes , Elva A 438 Reyes, German 207 Reyes, juan 207 Redfern, Chrissy 290 Redfern, Theresa Ann 443 Redhair, Michael 161, 319 Redsteer, Craig 204 Rc-dsteer, Craig 261 Reece, Christine Renee 309, 445 Reed, Christopher 231, 351 Reed, Darlene 256 Reed, David 228, 231 Reed, Deborah L 441 Reed, Don 254 Reed, jennifer 295 Reed Liz 299 Reed, Lori 265, 271, 382 Reed, Morgan 211 Reed, Robert Scott 442, 447 Reed, Ronda Sue 440 Reed, Suzanne Maria 444 Reed, Uvonte 161 Reed, Vicky Lynn 446 Reed, Yvette 300 Reedis, Christina lsminie 441 Reely, Lisa Ann 443 Rees, Carrol Ka 439 Reese, Michael jlohn 449 Reese, Pamela 382 Reynolds, Charles Dale 447 Reynolds, David 284, 38 Reynolds, Deena Marie 440 Reynolds, Gary S 440 Reynolds, Kathy Ann 440 Reynolds, Michael 319 Reynolds, Patricia Kay 442 Reynolds, Scott Wayne 446 Reynoso, Mike 272 Rezin-W iehe, Susan 442 Rhea, juanita 296 Rhein, T ina 301, 351, 448 Rhinehart, Cathy 236 Rhoades , Bemard 310, 351 Rhoades, Cindy 236 Rhoades, Courtney 299 Rhoades, Douglas 351 Rhoades, Tyler 307 Rhoads, Rhoads, Rhodes Douglas C 446 Tiffany 296 Doug 318 Rhodes: Janine 440 Rhodes, Kelly Ann 441 Rhodes, Lisa 294 Rhodes, Nathan Charles 438 Rhodes, Rhodes, Raequel 264, 383 Sheri 160, 178 Rhodes, Tara 294 Ramiree, jaun 188 Ramlree, Monica 184 Ramirez, Adolfo 196, 232 Ramirez, Calos Michael 446 Ramirez, Carlos 196 Ramirez, john 274, 320, 382 Ramirez uan 231 .I Ramirez, Louis C 439 Ramirez, Monica 196 Ramirez, Patrick 207 Ramirez, Rafael 207 Ramirez, Sam 196 Ra mos ichael Richard 441 , M Ramos, Noreen 440 Ramos, Paul 223 Ramos, Romana Garcia 440 Ramos, Rudy 141 Ramsauer, Ed 313 Ramsaver, joe 264 Ramsey, Ramsey, Anna 350 Dan 223, 228 Ramsey, julie 290 Ramsey, Kristin 232 Ramse Scott 267, 382 y. Ramsey, Tanya 300 er, Peggy joanne 440 Rana, Lisa 261 Rana, Schail lsfag 448 Rand, Trac Ann 438 Randall, john jose h 443 Randazzo, Carl 31g Randles, jolynn Marie 445 Randal, Laura 293 Randolph, Nancy Howell 447 Rankin, Matt 25 Rannow, jeff 310 Ransom, Alicia 292 Ransom, john 312 Ransom, Lloyd 160 Ransom, Norma-jean 444 Rapatz, Brigitte Rene 440 Reeves, Derek 188 Reeves, Michael 231 Reeves, Sara 215, 382 Reeves, Stephen 382 Reeves, Valerie Kay 444 Regge, Elena 264 Regge, Martin Gustavo 438 Relgiriato, Christopher Michael 4 Regis, Anthony james 219, 442 Regoli, john Wzgyne 449 Re ner, Tod 13 Reichert, ja ne R 203 Reichert, Mllchael Charles 447 Reichman, Mark 382 Reichmuth, beilanni 181 Reid, Beth 351 Reid, Bryan 319 Reid, Dave 321 Reid, Denette Loree 448 Reid, Ronald Scott 449 Reid, Todd 303 Reidenbach, Kelly 294 Reider, George 319 Reider, Mark 272 Reidhead, Nellice jane 442 Reier, Danna 290 Reier, Thomas 319 Reier, Todd Matthew 439 Reiff, Peggry Lynn 443 Reiley, Sa y 184 Reilly, Bonnie Marie 449 Reilly, Brian 319 Reilly, Michael 261 Reimanis, Valeta 441 Reimen, Etsuko Obata 109 Relmers, Kristin 228 Reina, Kristen M 449 Reinhard, jack lll 224, 439 Reinhardt, Robert 228 Reinke, Mark William 447 Rhoedes, Rachel 297 Rhone, Mark 223, 304, 383 Ribble, janet 351 Riccardo, jana 293 Ricci, jeanne Marie 448 Riccitelli, Susan E 440 Rice, Donna 76 Rice, Greg 135 Rice, Sharon Lynn 441 RiceASmucker, Eber 351 Rich, Cori 207 Richard, Karma 351 Richard, Russell C 313, 383 Richard, Thomas 160, 178 Richards, Christopher j 446 Richards, Craig 351, 449 Richards, David 319 Richards, j R 321 Richards, leff 313 Richards, Karla Marie 446 Richards, Michele 383 Richards, Tris 296 Richardson, Becky 253 Richardson, Carmen Anastasia 445 Richardson, Daniel 272 Richardson, janine R. 438 Richardson, Kieran 448 Richardson, Paul 264, 383 Richardson, Randi 291 Richardson, Rebecca 383 Richardson, Susan Marie 443 Riches, Susan F 442 Richter, jenny 54 Richter, jose h james 444 Richter, Michjelle 256, 383 Ricker, Trent 310 Ricketts, Amy jo 439, 444 Ricketts, Cherryl 269, 383 Ricketts, Shelby 316 Ricketts, Vickey 235, 240 Rickey, Brice 446 Rickman, joyce 231 Riddle, David William 448 Ridenour, Richard jr, 439, Ridge, Darren Forrest 447 Ridge, Tripp 323 Ridolfo, Rod 274 Riedinger, Diane 383 Riegel, Tiffany 299 Rierson, Ed 267 Riess-jackson, Cheryl Lyni 446 Rieth, Scott 200, 201 Riffey, Elizabeth 383 Riffle, Chrystina M 236 Riggs, Laura C 446 Rigoni, Marcy Ann 449 Rigor, lvan 254 Ri ey, Carol 297 Riley, Chandera 256 Riley, Mark Melvin 438 Riley, Michael 383 Rimer, William Scott 441 Rinaldi, Laura 231, 297 Ring, Sean 311 Ringgenberg, jennifer 295 Rin er, Dan 304 Rini, Lorraine Anne 446 1 Rinzler, Steve 311 Riordan, Pegg Marie 444, Rios, Alberto il-13 I Ripka, Brian 227 l Ripp, Libby 161 3 Rippberger, Leslie 199, 291 Ri lin er, Rand 192, 241 553, E71 Y Risch, Adam 247, 257, 259 383 Rish, Chip 318 Riske, Liz Carol 443 Risley, Derek 308 Risseeuw, Sara 253, 383 Rissi, jeanne 383 Rist, Bente 181 Ritchot, Laurie R 439 Ritchy, Maggie 235 Rithie, Lara 271 Rittenhouse, Charles Eugei 444 Rittenhouse, Dana 290 Ritter, Brian 284 Ritter, Gregory Layne 440 Ritter, jennifer Lynn 442 Ritter, Michael 307 Ritter, Mike 134, 135, 243 Rittschof, Kent 383 Rivas, Gina 294 Rivera, Linda Diane 449 Rivera, Sal j 239 Rivero, Luis 322, 351 Rivezzo, Richard 309 Rivier, Calixto Vicente 445 Rix, l.uann 232 Rizzo, Greg 269 Roan, David 383 Roan, Mike 321 Roanhorse, Theodora 449 Robanalt, Steve 207 Robb, Mike 313, 444 Robbers, Dave 351 Robberts, john joseph 445 Robbins, jodi 352 Robbins, Will 320 Robenalt, Lisa 207, 446 Robenalt, Steven Bradley 41 Roberton, Donald Gerard 4 Roberts, Anne Margaret 441 Roberts, Cathy jane 449 Roberts, Clayton 303 Roberts, Ellen Gaddis 439 Roberts, Gerald Wayne 440 444 Roberts, Gretchen 291 Roberts, lda 211, 3B3 Roberts, jennifer Ann 440 Roberts, john 228, 229, 264 Roberts, Leon Chester 439 Roberts, Matt 188, 191 Roberts, Mike 228, 229 Roberts, Pricilla 228 Roberts, Roberta Rae 446 Roberts, Sally 297, 383 Roberts, Scott 316, 441 Roberts, Shannon 231, 264 Robertson, Brock 318 Robertson, Missi 293 Robinette, Machele 478 Robins, Dean 303 Robins, Rosanna Clara 440 Robinson, Amy jo 438 Robinson, Annette 211, 383 Robinson, Dale Lee 449 Robinson, Devon 296 Robinson, Doris Lomavaya Robinson, jeffrey William 41 Robinson, Kim 161 Richman, Elise 140 Richmond, Larr 351, 448 Richmond, Mark 354 Richmond, Robert 351 Richmond, Walter G 448 Richter, jennifer jane 441 Robinson, Moni ue 181 Robinson, Nicholas Yates 41 Robinson, Patty 211 Robinson, Ronald 383 Robinson, Russ 269 Robinson, Scott 228, 259 son, Staci 444 son, Wendy jean 438 on, john 318 on, Russell 320, 383 zsky, joan 352 , Marc Francis 443 2, Corey 383 in, Erik 231 a, DuWayne 383 Nald, Brett Loren 438 ers, Laurie 228 ers, Sharon Elizabeth 441 zrs, Thalya 199, 289, 352, I, 447 ian, john 316 xan, Rene 293 guez, Amaldo 352 guez, Irene M 445 guez, jom 141 guez, Louis 207 guez, Omar 319 quez, Denise 196 quez, Eliana 216 quez, Hector M 438 quez, Marietta 204 quez, Martha G 444 quez, Mary Farrell 444 rguez, Irene M 442 james Henry 448 Louis Lawrence 440 Pamela Ann 449 er, Michael Christopher 3 iger, Andrew Hamblen 3 iger, Andy 140, 170 ler, Stephanie 291 el, Brian Van 284 s, Robert 211 ke, Susan 299 sler, Carl 312 nan, David Eugene 446 I, Lilian 216 rs, Brad 311 rs, Carolyn 352 frs, Daniel 383 frs, Dawn 352 -rs, Genii Aline 442 'rs, Gloria jane 443 ers, jeffrey 383 ers, Kent Melvin 442 rrs, Kimberly 352 rrs, Suzanne Maria 441 rrs, Todd 211 rt, jeffrey 352 gendorf, Sherri Ann 449 im, Sassan 444 ie, Christian 180 e, Nicole 223 , joanne E 236 napiyawong, Prapat 216 s, Lucia 196 .xsek, Nancy jane 438 n, Linda Sue 440 nd, jim 227 -s, Melissa 277 ,Guy 1s4, 199, ass ins, janee L 444 ins, Richard Lee 441 man, Tony 383 xan, Scott 207 xan-Tweed, lauranda j 442 xanoff, Cyndi 299 xero, Camille Y 439 xero, Christina Ann 449 xero, Eugene R 446 xero, Kenneth M 438 iero, Myra Marguerite 444 xero, Rob 305 txick, Michelle 294 nmeswinkel, Heidi Brigitta 39 no, jaun Miguel 438 no, Victor 3 2 xdel, Laura 271 xsman, Martha 352 rd, Darlene 224, 383 ik, Bonnie Lee 440 nk, Dave 199, 223, 304 it, jeff 220 mt, Thomas johnathan 51, 49 ner, Brian 304 Jer, Kathleen Marie 441 aa, Ste hen Anthony 449 sales, Cathy 383 sales, Ra C 441 sales, Tyler 352 sati, Michael 319 se, Brett 154 se, Bryan 383 se, jan 297 se, jonathon 109 se, Karen Marie 440, 441 se, Kate 297 se, Kristen 296 se, Leslie Ann 444 se, Lisa 294 se, Shari L nne 439 se, Sheila 2,93 se, Stacey 296 se, Stephen 224, 231 isell, Debra 352 sen, Sally 290 benbaum, Stacey 293 senberg, Al 188 senberg, Michele M E 239 ene, james A 446 senfeld, Paul 309 nfeld, Wayne Phillip 439 Rosenfield, Anne Marie 442 Rosenfield, Marissa 290 Rosenhaus, Amy B 239 Rosenow, Troy 310 Rosenthal, Karen 269 Rosenthal, Lynn 271 Rosenthal, Steven Ben 445 Rosenzweig, Harry 203 Roshak, Laurie Ann 442 Rosholt, Todd 316 Rosin, james Michael 445 Roske, Bill 232 Roski, Suzanne 299 Rosko, julie Lynne 439 Rosner, Eric 2 4 Ross, Bradley Andrew 440 Ross, Dean 311 Ross, Edward 303 Ross, jimm Frank 449 Ross, jonathan Roland 440 Ross, Kell 291 Ross, Michael james 441 Ross, Pamela Elizabeth 449 Ross, Patricia Marie 446 Ross, Re 's 211 Rossel, Cgxjegory 383 Rossi, Alfred 440 Rossman, Michael David 441 Rossmanith, Thon 284 Rost, john 228 Roswell, Corrie 296 Roth, Beth 271 Roth, Christine Lynn 439 Roth, jane 261 Roth, Timothy john 448 Rothacker, Carol 383 Rothacker, Thomas 383 Rothenbur er, Aaron 267 Rothman, Scott 383 Rothrock, Scott 188, 304 Rothweiler, Mike 264 Rothwell-Larsen, Kelly 383 Rottenberg, Emily 296 Rotter, Ann Louise 438 Rouce, Diane Vir 'nia 446 Roudebush, Eric 382 Roundy, Pamela 352 Roupe, Tardie 192, 383 Rousch, Susan 297 Rouse, Dan 320 Rouse, Douglas 309 Routsis, Donovan 231 Roxiennati, Franco 272 Row, Rob 303 Rowder, Sara 300 Rowe, Kenn L 235 Roweden-McCormic, julie Lynette 444 Rowell, Michael C 243, 449 Rowland, Andrea D 440 Rowland, Dan 313 Rowland, jill Elaine 440 Rowland, Ronda Raquel 444 Rowland, Thom 188 Rowlands, Susan 223, 446 Rowley, Brenda 224 Rowley, Samantha 216, 231, 352 Roy, Chris 311 Roy, Les 323 Roy, Randy 311 Roy, Suchandra 446 Roybal, Tiffany 352, 433 Royball, Kath Theresa 439 Roye, Kathy 22,3 383 Royer, Curtis Lee 448 Royse, Anna 232, 352 Rozzell, Gregory Lowell 447 Ruben, Racheil 291 Rubenstein, jeff Michael 439 Rubin, Lisa Rachel 449 Rubin, Reva 295 Rubinelli, Camille 448 Rubinstein, Kevin 321 Rucker, Andrea 301 Rucker, Mike 319 Rucker, Robert 181 Ru?', Toby 383 Ru d, Ton Lee 441 Rudeen, Tlxomas Paul 446 Rudge, Tori 292 Rudick, Amy 299 Rudick, Susan Marcia 445 Rudolph, Frank Alan 443 Rudnid, Daniel Thomas 448 Rudnnski, Tom 188 Rueckert, Timothy E 207 Ruehs, Todd William 444 Ruelas, jac ueline Marie 443 Rufenacht,1Cristen 299 Ruff, Brian Forest 440 Rugel, Lawrence 352 Ruggiero, Cecilia 448 Ruggiero, T j 320 Ru o, Mar t 296 Ruii Gary g:vid 447 Ruhlman, Mark 352, 446 Ruhlmann, Ellen 383 Ruiz, Amold 211 Ruiz, Eliseo 352 Ruiz, Elised jr 207 Ruiz, Gloria 196 Ruiz, Sonia 196 Rukavina, Mark 102, 315 Rulney, jason 267 Rumsey, Dan 160 Rumse , Pamela L 444 Rundefl, Glen 323 Runke, Sheila 297 Rupakus, Melissa 272 Rupp, Linda Louise 438 Ruppel, Torie 265, 471 Ruppel, Victoria 256, 383 Ruppert, Kathy jane 439 Rusch, julie C ristine 445 Rush, jim 269 Rush, Mike 282 Rushall, jeff 211 Rushing, Richard 235, 352 Rusk, Andrea 207 Rusk, Paula 207, 438 Russell, Laura Lynn 439 Russell, Mark 52 Russell, Steve 272 Russell-Kittle, Gale Lynn 443 Russin, Ma ie 211 Russo, johrgjoseph 440 Russo, Shelly 298 Rust, Steven Alan 439 Rustad, jack Robert 439 Rustigian, Caroline Rose 442 Ruston, Kathryn 233, 352 Ruston, Lawrence Dana 443 Rutherford, Kirk 274 Rutila, Nanc Ann 445 Rutkowski, Izaul Thomas 449 Ruyle, Michelle 299 Ruzzier, Elizabeth 247 Ryan, Beth 192, 383 Ryan, Bill 311 Ryan, Bob 306 Ryan, Carolyn 297, 442 Ryan, Clau ia Sue 442 Ryan, Court 319 Ryan, David Matthew 442 Ryan, Finley Lee 443 Ryan, jennifer 247 Ryan, joan julia 438 Ryan, Kenneth 308 Ryan, Kieman Francis 440 Ryan, Kimberly 352 Ryan, I.isa 264, 383 Ryan, Margaret Rose 440 Ryan, Rick 219 Ryan, Shaughn 161, 181 Ryan, Stephen james 446 Ryan, Thomas 264 Ryberg, Audrey 352 Rychener, Thomas Henry 442 Rychner, jim 247 Ryder, Mike 323 Ryder, Shannon Leigh 441 Rye, Barbara jean 4 2 Rye, Brett Michael 440 Ryerson, Scott 264 Rygh, Carol Irgynn 446 Rymarchyk, icole 269 Rymer, Katherine Margjret 441 Rynkiewicz, Mariusz 443 Ryon, Marcita Griswold 446 Ryon, Toni 211 Sabal, jovi 306 Sabbag, Peter 309 Sable, Tracy 301 Sachar, jon 311 Sachez, jamie M 253 Sachs, Alyx 383 Sachs, Doug 140, 170 Sachs, Steven Darrell 438 Sacptier, Suzanne 271 Sacra, Ka Ellen 442 Sadler, Mjark Horton 442 Sadofsky, Lisa 207 Sadow, jeffre L 447 Sadowski, Edyward Adam 438 Saenz, jose 256 Saewert, Sharon Marie 440 Safrin, Michael 309, 384 Safro, jay 307 Sagan, Mark 312 Sa o, Robin 299 Saaawneh, Hesham Yousef 441 Saheki, Ken 442 Saidel, Dan 267 Sain, Denise 291 Sairxe, Eric 240 . Sainz, jaime B 449 Saiz, Mary jo 446 Sakurai, Rick 384 Salas, john 321 Salazar, Kim 298 Salce, Michael 196 Salcido, Paul 312 Saldarriaga, Angela M 448, 449 Saledino, Mike 227 Saleeby, joel 352 Saleh, Rami Moh D 447 Salem, Mousa K 446 Salen, Chris 307 Salemo, Kevin 304 Salemo, Nick A 261 Salinas, Irma Cano 447 Salinas, Lisa 224 Salisbury, Ann 188 Salk, Kevin 311 Sallal, Ali Al 216 Salmasi, Aram 352, 440 Salo, Thomas 352, 449 Saltzman, jeff 219, 311 Samanie o, Yleana 384 Sambalui, Michael Shane 444 Samela, Daniel Anthony 447 Samer, David Frank 438 Samhari, Hosam 216 Sammons, Dana 216 Samp, Bgian 310 Sampaga, Michael 254, 384 Sampedro, Luis M 447 Sampson, Kathryn Sue 442 Sampson, Melissa 83, 448 Sampson, Tim 228, 384 Samuelsen, Thea Anne 444 Samuelson, Robert john 438, 446 Sances, Mary 443 Sanchez, Diana 384 Sanchez, Eduardo 216 Sanchez, Frank 207 Sanchez, Gabriel 444, 445, 448, 449 Sanchez, Hortencia 352 Sanchez, Lisa Ann 443 Sanchez, Margaret E 447 Sanchez, Marisa 196 Sanchez, Michael 310 Sanchez, Patricia Irene 445 Sanchez, Robert 319 Sande, Erling 440 Sanders, Charles Addison 448 Sanders, Karen jean 448 Sanders, Laura 291 Sanders, Michael Richard 444 Sanders, Mitchell 384 Sanders, Ron 259 Sanders, Tracy Marie 444, 447 Sanders, Tro 264 SANDIA NATIONAL LABS 41 1 Sandler, Lee 384 Sandman, jean 443 Sandoval, Ellen Berthot 440 Sandrolini, Helen K 443 Sands, Scott 384 Sandvig, David jennings 438 Sanelli, Mark james 448 Sangerrnan, Steve 310 Sanseverino, joe 314 Sanson, Lisa 297 Santek, Gerald T 448 Santellanes, Mike Andrew 439 Santiago, Marybeth 445 Santisi, Dave 135 Santoro, joan Elizabeth 440 Santos, Frank I1 446 Santos, Gaby De 299 Santos, Manuel F 443 Sanza, Daniela 216 Sanza, Paolo 384 Sapolu, Saute 122, 135 Sapoxito, Stan Michael 449 Saputo, Anthon Wayne 449 Sarantes, Paul george 438 Sargeant, Rob 323 Sargeant, Tarni 384 Sargent, Christine joy 442 Sargent, Gary 307 Sargent, Wendi 231, 277 Sama, Gemaine 443 Samataro, Peter 307 Sarver, Denise 300 Sash, Al 314 Saska, Laszlo 447 Satchel, Heather 269 Sather, Greg 235 Sato, Yasuko 216 Satran, Scott Paul 449 Satton, Ste hanie 297 Satumo, Elgnor Dee 447 Saucedo, Maritsa Elena 445 Sauer, Dorothy Ann 444 Sauer, Gary Frederick 442 Sauer, Geraldine M 440 Sauer, LeAnn Marie 448 Sauerzopf, Marty 243 Saul, jane Marie 446 Saunders, Cathy 204 Saunders, Daniel W 200, 232 Saunders, Gavin Craig 439 Saunders, Ryan Leigh 440 Saurin, Florence 216 Sautier, Suzanne 293 Savage, Christine 228 Saverzopf, Marty 243 Savic, Lillian 35 , 446 Savoca, Toninca 443 Savoia, Michael Anthon 445 Savoia, Stanle james 44,2 Savoie, Mike 3,18 Savrese, Chris 311 Sawadichai, jitra 216 Sawick, Mark 304 Sawner, Sandra Elizabeth 438 Sawyer, Brian 310 Sawyer, jeanne 296 Sawyer, Marck 313 Sax, Kelli Robyn 442, 445 Sayan, Tracie 290 Sayegh, Layla 294, 384 Saylor, Peggy jeannette 440 Sayre, David Eugene 448 Sbrocco, Mike 316 Scafide, Christina Marie 441 Scanlon, Betsy 292 Scanlon, john 254 Scanlon, Shelly 295 Scanlon, Timoth joseph 438 Scarano, Michaej,274 Scarborough, Lori 439 Scarbroug , Michael Lee 447 Scarfo, Daniel 352 Scatena, Renee 332 Scazzada, joe 47 Scazzola, Vic 304 Schacke, Lisa I 449 Schade, jon Andrew 443 Schaechter, Corine 274 Schaechter, Cork 284 Schaefer, Bruce 1439 Schaefer, Lesley 292 Schafer, Christina 441 Schafer, Deborah Sue 449 Schafer, Randy Allen 447 Schaffer, Ellen Marla 448 Schaffner, Mark Thomas 445 Schaffter, Kristi 295 Schall, Michael Lawrence 447 Schall, Tim 306 Schaller, Dianne Louise 438 Schallock, Kelly Colleen 443 Schalow, Gregory Mark 447 Schand, Chaz 319 Schanz, Catherine 352, 448 Schartz, Kim 404 Schatz, David 188 Schatz, jeri 441 Schaum, Dana V S 211 Schaum, jeff 211 Schaumberg, Elke 140 Schauwecker, Rich 312 Scheatzle, Amy 211 Scheatzle, Terri Suzanne 438 Schecter, Stacey 295 Scheffey, Kate 291 Scheiderrnan, Heidi 228 Scheifele, Heidi 291 Scheinerman, Eric 319 Schemmel, Debbie 295 Schempf, Frederick john 439 Schenhenberger, Shawn 384 Schenk, john 316 Scherer, Dana 269 Schesnol,1acqueIine 292, 384 Schickel, james 352 Schifman, Paul 303 Schiller, David 274, 384 Schillereff, Kristin 215, 384 Schillin er, Don 247 Schindeie, Daniel 272, 384 Schindewolf, james Philip 444 Schiner, Curt 319 Schirm, Kimberly Ann 447 Schirm, Ron 313 Schlesinger, Lisa 296 Schlesin er, Scott 314 Schlick, Steve 161 Schlosser, Brent 384 Schluetzer, Corey 274 Schlueter, Nancy 181 Schluter, Robyn 384 Schmeltzer, Steven Gerard 441 Schrrxidt, Caroline 271 Schmidt, Gary E 442 Schmidt, Heather 253 Schnxidt, Mark 228, 232 Schmidt, Matt 304 Schmidt, Michael Roy 440 Schmidt, Michelle 300 Schmidt, Rebecca Marie 446 Schmidt, Rick 307 Schmidt, Stephanie 271 Schmidt, Steven james 444 Schmidt, Todd 216, 231, 320 Schmidtke, john 319 Schrnidtke, Kristin Ann 446 Schnxiecher, jill Elissa 445 Schrnieskors, Dave 305 Schrnisseur, Mark 228 Schmitt, Kathy 55 Schmitt, Mark 307 Schmitz, L da 352 Schnack, Cyn thia 442 Schneider, blblli 295, 352 Schneider, ja 311 Schneider, julie Lynn 443 Schneider, Keneth 319 Schneider, Kim 228 Schneider, Lisa 294 Schneider, Susan 269, 384 Schneidemxan, Heidi 232 Schnell, Laura Chapin 441 Schnetze, Susan 211 Schoeffler, Te Huss 444 Schgenbergerrlgeborah 253, 3 4 Schoenberger, Donna 297 Scholar, Sheree 219, 352 Schoonmaker, Richard Lyle 314, 439 Schork, Michele 223, 298, 352 Schorr, Bill 160 Schortgen, Kenneth 231 Schott, Kathleen M 444 Schrack, Leslie 297 Schranxm, Steven Patrick 442 Schrand, james 228 Schrand, Lori 228 Schrantz, jeffre P 440 Schreck, Dave 3,22 Schreiber, Helene Prairie 445 Schreiber, Suzanne M 449 Schroeder, Adam 231 Schroeder, Dawn M 449 Schroeder, jarrxie Marie 449 Schroeder, jason 315 Schroeder, Kristen 255, 295 Schroeder, glee 290 Schroeder, an 295 Schroeder, Rickc308 Schroer, Sue 269 Schubach, Greg 352 Schuback, Clarita E 449 Schubert, Ed 243 Schubert, Thorrxe 352 Schue, Gayle 228 Schuessler, Adrienne 181, 384 Schuetze, Susan 211 Schuh, Mike 130, 135 Schulhofer, Sanford 319 Schuller, Rob 284 Schulman, Bradley S 449 Schulstad, Carl R 439 Schulte, Greg 264 Schulte, Randy joe 441 Schultz, April D 449 Schultz, Caryl 299 , Schultz, Dan Eugene 440 Schultz, Eric 308 Schultz, Heidi 294 Schultz, james 352, 447 Schultz, jolean 293 Schultz, Kevin 312 Schultz, Laurie 232 Schultz, Laura 211 Schultz, Paul 211 Schultz, Randy Steven 449 Schultz, Sandra K 447 Schultz, Willie 307 Schulz, Shelley Beth 444 Schulz, Tahnee 292, 300 Schumacher, janet L nn 449 Schumacher, Karen 3,52 Schuman, Stuart 313, 352 Schumann, Nicole 384 Schumann, Susan 471 Schur, jonna 294 Schuster, Teresa 184, 247, 253 Schutty, Suzannej 448 Schwab, john 352 Schwab, joseph Henry 448 Schwab, Kell Yvette 443 Schwab, icgael Richard 444 M. . Schwabe, Mike 160, 164 Schwartz, Amy Gutrnacher 444 Schwartz, Brian Benedict 443 Schwartz, Douglas 384 Schwartz, jane Esther 439 Schwartz, jill 269, 443 Schwartz, Lisa 299 Schwartz, Malia Lois 445, 449 Schwartz, Randy 319 Schwartz, Steven Leo 448 Schwartz, Tony 311 Schwartz, Wendy Robin 443 Schwartzkopf, Kristin 160, 179 Schwarzentraub, Sean 310 Schwegman, Tamy S 449 Schweiss, Patrick 243, 384, 471 Schwellin Am 199, 247 Schwerdtggir, Kira Lyrx 446 Schwichten rg, Halcyon 192 Schwimmer, Mamie 271 Schwinghamer, julia Ann 444 Schyvinga Susan 298 Sciacca, eather A 184 Scofield, Adrianne 239 Scofield, M Simonne 444 Scoggin, Christopher 322 Scoma, jeff Anthony 438 Scott, Aquila 384 Scott, Ardell 239 Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott Aretha Marie 442, 449 Bradley Claridge 446 Cameron Allan 439 Carole 352 Dean Wayne 442 Elizabeth 297 Eric 227 Hope Lynette 440 Kevin 321 Laura 301 Marylou 443 Myron Lee 449 Paul 316, 441 Randy 149, 180 Ra ond 352 Sallyn272 Shay Stiver 448 Susan Pybum 440 Tracy 243, 442 Thomas II 446 SCOTTSDALE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 412 Scribner, Stacy Owen 448 Scrlmdgeour, Sandi Sue 448 Scud er, Eric 310 Scuderi, joseph Charles 441 Scullion, Gary joseph 447 Scully, Philanne 443 Scurto, Trace L n 445 SEA DEVILS! 18? Seabert, Terri 243 Seagraves, Brad 211 Sea , Paul 309 Seall, LeeAnne 440 Seamans, Robert 200, 319 Index 465 Spale, Scott 311 Seamans, Sandra Lynore 439 Seariac, Mariann 384 Searry, jeanette 256 Sears, Stacy 300 Sebum, Nancy jean 440 Secary, joseph james 440 Seckel, Sean 312 Sederis, Gre 311 Sedgewick, Scott 319 Sedgwick, Brian 384 Sedgwisk, Brian 282 Sed acek, Mark 219 Sedor, Michele 297 Seefeldt, Susan Beth 445 Seeley, Patricia Anne 444 Seeloff, Stacey 211 Seeman, Wendy Mae 446 Seery, Michelle 294 Segal, Ian 284 Seibel, Scott Christian 446 Seibola, Kathryn 231 Seidman, Paul 319, 446 Seifert, Daniela 181 Seiffert, Sheri 207 Seiffert, Sheryl jean 440 Seip, Donna Rose 446 Seiter, Telisa 228 Sekaqua, Emest 204 Sekersky, Rick 208, 309 Sekino, Masatoshi 352, 446 Sekiya, Amelia 440 Selak, Maria 384 Selby, Sydney 223, 352 Self, Lila joy 446 Sell, Richard Lee 442 Selleh, Brenda A 447 Sellers, Cameron 207 Sells, Deb 247 Sellwood, Katherine 264, 384 Selvan, Murugavel, 353 Semerjian, jeanne 298, 385 Semerjian, Lisa 385 Semler, Rebecca K 353, 448 Semmel, janice Louise 353, 446 Semon, Christopher Matthew 447 Senarighi, Danelle 299 Senato, Anthony P 439 Senee, Launy R 448 Senelcu, Howard Allen 439 Sengbush, jill Renee 446 Senior, Mark 181 Senner, Donna 353 Sennev, Angie 253 Sennhauser-Chang, Kristina Mei-Mei 448 Sentinery, Laura Teresa 448 Sentinery, Robert Thomas 438 Senzek, Lynne 243 Sepco, Darow 319 Sepic, Anne 385 Sepic, Tom 267 Serene, jeff 304 Sergeant, Carl 236 Ser in, Brad 315 Semka, Steven Paul 443 Serra, Rob 314 Servatius, Rebecca 353 Serwat, Amber 255, 295 Session, Lori 232 Sessner, Beth Anne 439 Settle, Tom 314 Settles, Richard james 445 Setzer, Katrina 296 Sevel, Vicki E 449 Sever, Doug 316 Sever, Linda 385 Sevem, Rod 141, 152 Severson-Gates, Lori 247 Seward, Bill 309 , Sewell, Audrey l 440 Sewell, Richard 385 SEX PARTY 256, 257 Sexton, Timothy john 444 Sexton, Vincent 303 Seymour, james 269 Seymour, Leo john 439, 441 Shaddix, Elizabeth May 444 Shade, Sandra j 449 Shaffer, Cameron 314 Shaffer, Dian Alain 439 Shaffer, Sandra 441 Shafley, Phyllis 51 Shaft, judd 319 Sha s, Mike 199, 208 Shaggnessy, Karin 299 Shah, Anish B 447 Shah, Shuilesh 353 Shain, jill Suzanne 440 Shalley, Charles Benjamin 440 Shalman, Brian 271 Shami, Amat Al 216 Shamsid-Deen, Celina 204 Shamsid-Deen, Khadijah 204 Shand, Charles 319 Shankman, Lisa 291 Shanks, Anthon E 447 Shanks, julie 295 Shanly, Kimberly L 440 Shannon, Lorelei F 441 Shannon, Nancy Baker 438 Shannon, Robert Lee 441 Shapiro, Brian 385 Shapiro, Galia 353 Shapiro, Grant 235 Shariff, Rosly 222, 223 Sharkey, Scott 309 Sharkey, Susan 292 Sharma, Pamtesh 446 466 Index Shanna, Seema 204 Sharp, Kelly 303 Sharp, Martha jean 446 Sharp, Penelope jude 439 Sharp, Sandy 211 Sharp, Wayne 141, 153, 442 Sharp, Wendy Ann 448 Sharp e, Wayne 152 Shaulis, Suzanne 353, 449 Shaurette, Mark Richard 446 Shave Shaw r, Ted john 442 Alyson 292 Shaw, David 180 Shaw, Denise Kristine 446 Shaw, jeffrey Alan 440 Shaw, Myra 181 Shaw, Sally Elizabeth 443 Shaw Ste hanie L 439 f P Shaw, Teresa Kay 444 Shaw, Wendy 247, 253 Shay, Peter 385 Shea, Alexandria E 445 Shea, Sara 296 Shea, T C 84 Sheafe, Courtney 277, 300 Sheahan, Deborah 290, 385 Sheahan, julie Marie 441 Shearer, Bradley K 440 Shearer, Marcia C 438 Sheehan, Colleen 353 Sheehan, Ellen 247 Sheehan, jeffrey Paul 446 Sheehy, Mark 323 Sheen, Charlie 45 Sheets, Kim E 444 Sheffer, Matthew Gardner 445 Shein, Robert Suart 448 Sheldon, Laurie C 443, 446 Sheldon, Mary Beth 292, 385 Sheldon-Wilkes, Diana 231 Shell, David 322 Shell, Dr Leon 186, 203, 209 Shell, joanne 271 Shellans, Susan 211 Shelton, Brian R 446 Shelton, Bridget Anne 441 Shelton, Bruce Eugene 448 Shelton, Heather 296 Shelton, Linda 296 Shelton, Matt 312 Shelton, Rushell Renee 440 Shemanski, Catherine 348 Shepard, Don 204 Shepard, Karyn Lynne 443 Shepard, Marlo 216 Shepard, Stacey 295 Shepherd, Tara Susan 449 Shepherd, Tim 385 Shepherd, Tro 228 Sher, Lynne lvliarie 449 Sheridan, Melinda 251, 291 Sherlock, Dan 316 Sherman, Ca 16 Sherman, Calrliy Loraine 438 Sherman, Donna E 449 Sherman, Regina R 445 Sherrnen, Doug 319 Sherwood, jennifer Ann 443 Sheslinger, Lisa 296 Shetko, Nancy 297 Shetterly, Tate 315 Shetty, Mahesh 235 Shevell, jaimee Sue 443 Shibel, Christopher john 445 Shiel, Ralph 228 Shiel, Roady 318 Shiflett, Matt 160 Shiflett, Susan 181 Shill, Lori Ann 440 Shill, Scott 181 Shilliday, Don 208, 385 Shimanovsky, Sharon joy 449 Shimel, Robert james 440 Shimizu, Yumi 216 Shimodaira, Ataru 353 Shin, Dave 323 Shinbashi, Allen 199 Shinn, joe R 449 Shipp, Dave 311 Shira, james Kent 445 Shirer, Kevin Kent 441, 444 Shirley, james 231 Shirley, Pat 216, 314 Shives,-Earl 274 Shobe, Debra 353 Shoemaker, Bonnie L 441 Shoemaker, jeffrey Lynn 446 Shoeneman, Teri 292 Sholl, john 181 Shoman, Brian Robert 444 Shon, julie 296 Shonteff, Alexia Christian 443 Shook, Dianne Marie 449 Shook, james David 442 Shope, Richard A 446 Shoplock, Chris 304 Shoredar, Sheri 296 Shores, Mae jennifer 448 Shorf, Vicky Lynn 439 Short, Dean 385 Short, Thomas 353 Shortall, Courtenay 269 Shostack, janet Pauline 446 Shoun, Mike 207 Showers, Linda 231 Showers, Mike 385 Shrage, Ellen jamie 441 Shrayer, Allen 282 Shriener, Dave 319 Shrimp, Tracy 271 Shriver, Eva 243 Shriver, Keith 109 Shrum, jane Louisa 438 Shuch, Elizabeth 385 Shuch, Eva Bethel 449 Shuch, Robert A 440 Shue, Steven 307 Shu hart, Dave 135, 315 Shugman, Gail Ruth 446 Shultz, Laura 296 Shultz, Robyn 385 Shuman, Dr l Ga le 223 Shumway, jeff Allen 438 Shumway, Karen Rose 442 Shumway, Todd 228 Shundinis, Michael jerome 444 Shupp, R jeff 203 Shurrab, Amro 385 Shurtz, Stacie 298 Shyving, Susan 298 Siamon, Robert 385 Sickmiller, Kim Eugene 447 Sicola, Mark 181 Sidell, Dan 316 Sidles, Stephen Chadwick 449 Siebert, james M 231, 449 Siebert, David Andrew 440 Sieczkowski, Daniel P 439 Siegele, Frederick james 444 Siegfried, Chris 307 Sie mund, Michele 188, 211, 252, 385 Siekman, Brent 307 Siekman, Loren 307 Sielaff, Brandt Alexander 444 Sielaff, Martin E 441 Sieler, Cynthia 272, 385 Sieminski, Nancy 300 Sierra, Lourdes 196 Siersma, Ben 314 Siffennann, Daniel 319, 438 Siffren, Todd 320 Sifuentes, Angelina P 447 Sifuentes, Laurie 385 Sigesmund, Marshall 446 Sigholtz, Taryn 292 SIGMA NU 318 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 235, 316 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 319 SIGMA PI 320 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 301 SIGMA TAU DELTA 232 Signorini, Karen Theresa 439 Si wart, julie 211 Siiashki, Marc Christian 442 Siler, Steve 305 Silva, Angel 116 Silva, Grace 446 Silvas, Danielle 290 Silvas, Leti 196 Singer, Brian Howard 438 Singer, Elizabeth B 442 Singer, Kevin 180, 385 Singh, Atul 211 Singh, Sanjay 354 Singhal, Ritu 204, 447 Singleton, Alex Lee 446 Singleton, Deborah jean 440 Singleton, julie 228 Singleton, Marilynn 445 Sinn, Pearl 141, 177 Sinnard, Charlie 36 Sinno, Bahi 354 Sinnott, Robert Andrew 445 Sinohui-Wikarski, Andrea 160 Sipe, Vicki Anne 438 Sipes, Tom 247, 256 Sippel, Bobbie 309 Sirek, Roberta Sue 440 Siren, janice 447 Sirkis, Murray D 111 Sisco, Sabrina 300 Sisk, Todd 211 Sistek, Marcia Lynne 440 Sites, Donna 211 Sitrer, Amy 235 Sitver, Amy 264 Sivak, jeff 354 Siwak, Greg 314 Sjoberg, Scott Erik 445 Sjoberg, Tom 316 Ska s, Michail 309 Skaiiak, Kimberly Kay 442 Skanchy, Paige 199, 299 Skates, Erik 385 Skelly, Mark 449 Skelton, Kathy 297 Skendarian, Marcy 296 Skenderian, Marcus 318 Skenderian, Todd 314 SKI AND BEACH CLUB AT Smith, Keith 200 Smith, Kelly j 443, 446 Smith, Kirby Craig 439 Smith, Kristen 299 Smith, Kristin 271, 385 Smith, Kurt 284 Smith, Laura 292, 442 Smith, Laurie 256 Smith, Lee 269, 439, 449 Smith, Leonard ll 445, 449 Smith, Leonard Myrl 443 Smith, Lisa 271, 447 Smith, Lori Lynn 442, 444, 447 Smith, Marianne juhlin 447 Smith, Mark Dean 447 Smith, Mary Catherine 443 Smith, Matthew Krause 448 Smith, Michael Ward 316, 446 Smith, Pamela Aletha 443 Smith, Patrice Renee 443 Smith, Patty Maden 51 Smith, Rhett Rance 448 Smith, Robert Andrew 441, 444 Smith, Robyn 277 Smith, Roger Payne 447 Smith, Scott 316 Smith, Sheila Kay 439 Smith, Shelby 208, 243, 386, 471 Smith, Stephanie 354 Smith, Stewart 316 Smith, Susan E 439 Smith, Tamara 354 Smith, Teresa R 444 Smith, Timothy Raymond 446 Smith, Todd 314 Smithers, David Michael 439 Smock, George 365 Smock, jed 5 Smolinski, David E 438 ASU 188 Skillen, Lyle 184 Skinner, Kevin C 447 Smyth, Melanie 207 Smyth, Patricia Ann 440 Sneed, Karin 354 Snider, Charleen Lousie 449 Silvas, Le ticia 196 Silvay, Karen 442 Silver, Kurt 228 Silver, Scott 228 Silver, Vincent M 438 SILVER WING 200 Silvemtan, David 227, 353, 449 Skinner, Susie 297 Skintzis, Angela 232 Skoda, Dawn 253 Skotak, Steve 236 Skotnicki, Steve 211 Skowr