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This Page Intentionally Left Blank pamela sisk janis taylor ben mcquiston roger valencich dorrit cox allan frazier table of contents creative arts activities academics administration athletics affiliations achievements index Enthusiasm is the world ' s motivation, the student ' s constant companion. On the college campus it soars with the pass and plunges with the tackle. It is excitement, release, happiness and success. Its face is as changeable as the face of its wearer, its results as different as the desires of man. Enthusiasm is at the same time personal and communal a reason in itself for being. It shows no favoritism for environment, heredity or desires. It vibrates with the music and flows with the times. It is born, unites and activates in purpose. It is a fire of inspiration, smouldering, unseen . . . creative ARTS The visionary, played by Mike Boicourt, contemplates the absurd hallucinations that take place in the University Players ' production of " The Hole " . Stars Janvier de Leon and Princess Teo Xochitl capture the drama of " Fiesta Mexicana " . " The Resounding Tinkle " , produced by University Players, is set in this quaint English cottage where life is anything but normal. Some of England ' s exciting new talent was to Arizona this fall as the University Players opened their season September 22 with " The Hole " and " The Resounding Tinkle " , both by playwright N. F. Simpson. The two one-act comedies dealt with absurd situations and resulted in hilarious humor. Also in the fall line-up of performances was the " Fiesta Mexicana " , a series of ceremonial dances, through which the audience witnessed a of Mexico from pre-Hispanic Aztec and Maya civilization to the popular national folk ceremonies of today. The performance was enhanced by vivid costumes and the frenzy of ancient symbolic rites. 19 " Vissi D ' Arte " from Tosca enters the Symphony Orchestra ' s repertoire. bach to bossa nova and back to Baroque, a variety of musical tastes set the pace, and the musicians gracing the auditoriums, studios and practice rooms of ASU play to please. Student participation is plentiful, but many guests, too, occupy our stages and entertain for full houses. The Monterey Jazz Festival, the first group to entertain in the Jazz Series, was only one of these. And from the students we find the Symphony Orchestra playing on tour, for school children around the Valley and in numerous campus per- formances. Marching and pep bands are also heard. In addition to the Sun Devil Band of football fame there is the Varsity Band for basketball pep, the tour- ing Symphonic and Concert Bands who take their bows after football season, and the ROTC Band which plays for military functions. Going from cadence to costume we find the Lyric Opera Theater alternating classicalism and craze for a variety in light operatic entertainment. And with its own specialty, the Dolmetsch-Schoenfeld Ensemble works to keep Baroque and chamber music alive, often by reflecting the styles in modern compositions. Reflections of the 16th century, music of the 20th, the Dolmetsch-Schoenfeld Ensemble has an unusual fascination. 20 The spirit, sound and synchronization of the Sun Devil Band add to the vibrating enthusiasm that is football. Brazil, guitar and Bola Sete mean great jazz—and Bach and An old auditorium, fresh talent and The Boor. It was a lovely night. bossa nova. 21 " Presenting the partial cast of ' Half a Sixpence ' . .. " John Ciardi, poetry editor for Saturday Review, spoke at Gammage. The University Choral Union and Symphony Orchestra presented Handel ' s " Messiah " to a capacity audience. 22 A scene from " Electra " relives the story of a daughter ' s revenge on her mother and stepfather. Ferrante and Teicher performed to a standing ovation at Gammage. comedy . . . of " Half a Sixpence " to the ethereal of " The Messiah, " Gammage and the Lyceum brought bountiful " Sixpence, " based on H. G. Wells ' novel " Kipps, " the story of a man with a new inheritance and nothing in society to his liking, delighted the audience with music, dancing, and comedy. Poetry editor for the " Saturday Review, " John Ciardi, emphasized the pleasure communicated between poet and reader as an essential factor in verse evaluation. And Art Ferrante and Lou Teicher combined musical skil l with a dash of humor to captivate the audience in their pop-classic piano duet. A of a woman ' s plot to restore herself and her brother to their rightful positions was the theme of Euripides ' " Electra, " staged at the Lyceum. Presentation of " The Messiah " by the Choral Union and Symphony Orchestra culminated a semester of rehearsal and the Christmas season. 23 ” " The Roar of the Greasepaint . . . The Smell of the Crowd " combined the acting skills of the Players and the Lyric Opera Theater. Barry Fried ( " Sire " ) and John Williamson ( " Cocky " ) were lead performers in the all-ASU production. Another show, starring Manitas de Plata (Hands of Silver), brought to Gammage the gypsy flamenco guitar with a rhythm born of the Latins and a momentum and style achieved by the professionals. He was accompanied by his cousin-assistant, singer Jose Reyes. In a Festival of Jazz Series event Dionne Warwick and her four-man combo added pop rhythm and blues to the never-ending of events held in Gammage Auditorium. With Manitas de Plata flamenco is his forte, music his master. Here, Dionne Warwick is the voice of soul crying in a faceless wilderness. " Now isn ' t he the dumbest thing you ' ve ever seen! " In the realm of Fine Arts quality subjects are the rule. the ultimate in dance form, Donna Murray and Carl Samuels performed " The Duet " to the enjoyment of modern dance enthusiasts. This event marked the completion of the Orchesis fall workshop which provided classes in technique and composition studies under the guidance of guest instructors. In yet another area the Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians composed a musical memory for the audience in Grady Gammage. Celebrating his fiftieth year of show business, Mr. Waring presented a variety of scores from America ' s greatest composers and ended the concert with the audience and chorus singing the " Battle Hymn of the Republic. " On a different stage the ASU Lyric Opera Theatre presented Gian-Carlo Menotti ' s " The Medium. " Angular scenery, spirited lighting effects and a single piano accompaniment enhanced the distinctiveness as a contemporary opera. The acting of Susan Mecham, Mary Margaret Dillon and Greg Stump helped gain favorable reviews from Valley critics. The " Duet " is performed by the Orchesis modern dance duo of Donna Murray and Carl Samuels. The sound of music was Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians at their February performance in Grady Gammage Auditorium. Monica (Susan Mecham) and Toby (Greg Stump) star in the Lyric Opera Theatre ' s production of " The Medium. " Three slick oilmen are no match for Countess Aurelia, Joni Brown, and her madcap accomplices in " The Mad Woman of Chaillot. " Lander and F ernandez star in Ballet Theatre. Donald Hotton, Eileen Brennan and Roy Shuman greet students and faculty in comedy. Gen. Maxwell Taylor, guest speaker on Vietnam. Sir John Barbirolli conducts the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Spring is creative, and with the spring semester came even more events to fill the creative arts activity calendar. In February. at an address given in Gammage Auditorium. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor. former ambassador to Vietnam, spoke on the Vietnam issue and supported the United States ' policy there. In February. too, " Luv " came to ASU billed as a comedy play about an unhappily married couple who were helped by a But campus critics concluded that the " comedy " was actually sad. In March " The Mad Woman of Chaillot " came bringing with it that mad woman who wanted to protect Paris from Petroleum opportunists. Even more talent was presented in that month when the Houston Symphony Orchestra was sponsored by both the Fine Arts and Celebrity Series. And as the Ides would have it, " Julius Caesar " made a March showing by the National Company. But April mellowed the pace as the Fine Arts Series brought the American Ballet Theatre with Toni Lander and Royes Fernandez, who with grace and perfection created a mood of flowing elegance. " Et ' tu B rutus? " National Shakespeare Company re-enacts Caesar ' s death. In a sentimental scene from " Summer and Smoke " Kathleen Hurley soothes Richard Elmer. Rodolfo buys a souvenir for his new love, Mimi, in the Metropolitan Opera National Company ' s production of " La Boheme. " " Summer and Smoke, " a tragic drama of idealism and reality by Tennessee Williams, was presented by the University Players in April. The story around Alma Winemiller, an ideadistic young woman, and John Bunyan, a passionate young man. Kathleen Hurley portrays Alma, and Richard Elmer handles the part of John in the production directed by Dr. Daniel Witt. The Metropolitan Opera National Company presented " La Boheme " by Puccini in Grady Gammage Auditorium on April 7. The opera, sung in English, is set in the Latin Quarter of Paris around 1830. The story tells of Mimi, a little seamstress and of the Rodolfo, a poet; Marcello, a painter; a philosopher; and Schaunard, a musician. The 100 member company was accompanied by a full orchestra. ACTIVITIES Freshman " . . . So tender is the night . . . no one in the world but the two of us. " Freshman Orientation Week—tradition, pep rallies, social mixers, freshman beanies, new friends. Much of the spirit of college life is introduced in that one week. It is in the mixers, and in the pep rallies, but it is also in being on the brink of the realization of a dream. It is then that we are willing to be drawn into the swing of things and know the particular enthusiasm we have only as freshmen. It will never again be the same as that first week. In that first week we become collegians. Few other college activities can offer that same thrill as when we first realize we are really here and that our hopes and dreams lie just ahead, waiting to be fulfilled. Orientation Week It ' s a plunge, it ' s a punt, it ' s a pass . . . and John Pitts gathers it in for another touchdown. 35 By now this joyful trio is probably cursing both the density of that whitewash and the genius behind it. Hey — we thought that witches and warlocks only came out on Halloween. There ' s sure to be a purpose in having the freshmen paint the " A " at the beginning of each year. And there is. It makes the " A " look nice for the football games. Then, too, the team is grateful, the fans are pleased, the parents are impressed and the freshmen are tired. Even this is not enough. When all is over, the have made new friends, have learned something of working with one another ' and have encountered real fatigue. Yet with it all, they have experienced an appropriate to college life. Many of them are surprised to learn that they can go through this rigorous routine and return to prepare for a good time at a fast-paced mixer. But they managed it, and they will manage to get through similar experiences for the three or four more years during which they will live, work and play on a college campus. This paint-streaked coed can testify — it was a case of Humpty-Dumpty and King-of-the-Mountain all over again as frosh gathered to paint the " A. " Crowded walkways, an unfinished mall and a of students marked the beginning of classes. Clusters of people could be seen everywhere milling around during a free hour, studying, talking and rushing to classes. Everywhere on campus the atmosphere was hurried, crowded, excited. Placing the finishing touches on the Mall, workmen built kiosks for student bulletins. Students looking for shortcuts to classes were greeted by walls of wire around construction sites. The parking lots, too, reflected the growth. Empty a few days before, they became glimmering fields of glass and metal. and motorbikes were seen zipping about campus, as well. Of the many modes of used, however, feet remained the most common. Now that the Mall is finished, it has become a place for students. Its shaded benches offer the hurried student a place to relax before rushing off again. 39 It ' s a fling at enthusiasm with Dolan Ellis in an MU noon It ' s pom pon tryout time where aims are high. All eyes are focused on the selection of new Kaydette members. During Pledge Presents, stand straight, smile pretty, and above all, get those gloves on. Students are noted for plunging feet first into a staggering number of campus Here, hoping to become one of the six finalists in the tryouts for the pom pon line, nervous girls perform their routines before a panel of judges. And anxious coeds, with hopes of wearing the chic tan uniform of the Kaydettes, charm their way through the Selection Tea. Pledges, too, radiate their own kind of charm during the excitement of being presented officially as a member of their sorority at Pledge Whether participant or spectator, the student is encompassed with the enthusiasm between himself and . . . campus activities. Pom pon members watch as others are introduced to freshmen women. The rush on the State Press box and the long shadows indicate it ' s probably time for 8:40 classes. The patio in front of the Life Science Center is probably one of the most relaxing informal study spots on campus. Sluffing off? Not really. There ' s more to a college education than textbooks. Arizona State University has managed to coordinate activities under one roof through the establishment of the Memorial Union, located in the heart of campus. As the core of campus activity, the MU is visited by hundreds of people everyday. Each of them may have a different reason for going there... ...but the fact is that everyone does go at one time or another. Because of this, the MU helps to unite the expanding university. To some students, the MU is a coke in the Devil ' s Den. To others it ' s dancing to the music of a beat band in the upper ballroom. Whether it be the need for a haircut or an assignment on the State Press, the MU draws students and faculty through its doors. With future plans for expansion, the Memorial Union will con- tinue to coordinate many of the campus activities. The next time you walk into the Memorial Union for a reason, or maybe for no reason at all, think of the guy lining up a shot for that eight ball in the corner pocket, the lines in the cafeteria, or the Sahuaro staff cerebrating for picture captions. But don ' t forget the person who just walked in the front door and is headed towards the Corral. That person might be you, because you are an integral part of the life taking place under that one roof—the Memorial Union. 46 Just because it ' s the Derby Day Flour Frolic doesn ' t mean these coeds will come out smelling like roses — that just wouldn ' t make scents. For all the effort the prize must be a pot of gold. A blind date dressed in a sack doesn ' t have to be so bad. Every Day must have its way. One day was Derby Day with a heritage of fun dating back to Huck Finn, and with flour substituted for white wash. The top three teams of the day were Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi and the Quad. Another day had another way. This time it was Senior Day and Boys ' State Reunion Day. It was time to renew old friendships and discover new ones as seniors were introduced to the University and its opportunities. Valley High School students tour ASU campus. ASU Day is time for Boys ' and Girls ' State Reunions at Alumni House. High school students are introduced to ASU ' s academic life via seminars. Cards in hand and goal in mind Greg Schindler sets up card section. The b eginning of another school year always brings with it the excitement and enthusiasm that is The stands are packed with loyal fans. The Pom-pon girls are pulling for a victory with every cheer. The student card section unites in a half-time performance. And in the climax of it all, there is no reward to match a well-executed drive for a Sun Devil touchdown. And there is nothing like football ' s eleven and a reserve team of students, pom-pon girls and card section all driving for the Devil gridiron and proving that in the . . It ' s football–enthusiastically. One if by land, two if by sea. When the ball is in the air don ' t tackle me. Feminine flourish is the pom-pon girls in action, lending beauty and spirit to the game. Pep rallies with the traditional bonfires were all a part of the " World of Fantasy " that was ASU Homecoming. With the " World of Fantasy " as a theme, students enthusiastically prepared for the colorful festivities that go into making an exciting and memorable Homecoming. The 1966 Homecoming borrowed some spirit from the past as the floats were paraded through town, the first time in eight years. This year ' s Homecoming also featured Day with guided tours around the campus and a special award at halftime to the parents who had traveled the greatest distance to attend the festivities. In with the traditions of mums and bonfire pep rallies the Homecoming royalty of Steve Timarac and Bunny Olmsted was chosen to preside at the big game against Oregon. The " World of Fantasy " combined with the world of reality for an ASU victory and thus Homecoming 1966 came to a very successful conclusion. Homecoming King Steve Timarac and Queen Bunny Olmsted. Bob McConnell presents parents with the ASU Traveling Award Blanket during halftime activities. Campaign spirit " blossomed " when King and Queen candidates vied for votes, but students weren ' t the only ones " howling " with enthusiasm. The glue came out of the storerooms, bonfire piles grew and imaginations flared. This signaled the advent of the 1966 Homecoming Everyone participated wholeheartedly in such activities as open house, campaigns for Homecoming King and Queen, the float contest and the Homecoming football game. Giant flowers, bunnies and complacent hounddogs all got into the act when 15 candidates vied for King and Queen. " The World of Fantasy " theme for Homecoming was depicted in not only the floats, but in decorations all over campus. Phi-Sig President, Bill Diehl, accepts trophy from Bob McConnell. The Phi Sigs won the Sweepstakes honor with their characterization of " Pinocchio. " Massive, but delicately designed Manzanita Hall will be 15 floors tall when completed. Even the central heating and cooling plant will be covered in a modern design. Highrise is the word these days at Arizona State. Three new buildings, Manzanita Hall, Heating and Cooling Plant, and the Industrial Design and Technology Building, will all be ready for use by early September. Manzanita, a new women ' s dormitory will provide a dining room, recreation area, lobby and a small library. Ultra-modern in design, the dorm will provide spacious, gracious living for 1,000 coeds. In order to supply Manzanita and other new buildings, the heating and cooling plant is being with a one-story addition which will boost its capacity to 10,000 tons. The Industrial Design and Technology will use its third floor addition to accommodate industrial electronics A giant crane atop the building lifts precast shapes into place. Geometric designs predominate the construction on the Industrial Design Building. Sen. Carl Hayden speaks at dedication of library honoring his father. Because of its impressive size or perhaps because of its impressiveness alone, Charles Trumbull Hayden Library is usually to in statistical terms. Within this $4 million structure, opened in the fall of 1966, are 3,000 chairs for study and 600,000 volumes. Typing rooms contain coin-operated electric typewriters. And on each floor is at least one copying machine for student use. The architectural of 20 designers. Hayden Library is centrally located on the Mall ' and is recessed nine feet below ground level to minimize its height and permit views of surrounding buildings. The rich colors of the interior of the library serve as arid decoration. Three " bridges " cross a planted " moat " and lead to a single, monitored entrance, always busy with students. The open stacks of Hayden Library encourage casual reading and make work easier. With its white rock exterior accented in dark brown the library is the natural focal point of the Mall. The body and mind must grow together. In recognition of this ASU dedicated a new College of Nursing Building and a new Women ' s Physical Education Building. The new nursing building provides five floors of classrooms along with special purpose rooms for hospital training for approximately 500 students. Guest speakers at the ceremonies included Lulu Wolf Hassenplug, dean of the School of Nursing at UCLA, and Jo Eleanor Elliott, president of the American Nurses ' Association. further distinction for the campus, the Women ' s Physical Education Building is complete with two gym floors and a large mirrored dance room and still has room for classes, faculty offices and about 630 lockers. The spaciousness of the lobby in the Women ' s PE Building is apparent. The new Women ' s PE Building provides long-awaited facilities for the women on campus. The College of Nursing moved from various buildings into this new structure built especially for nursing training. Bright banners beguile boy bystander at Student Art Sale. Two events always well received by the college are the MU Decorating Party and the Art Sale, both of which are held a few weeks before Christmas vacation. To the Decorating Party falls the " task " of putting some of the spirit of Christmas into the Memorial Union. Christmas trees spring up everywhere and gaily proclaim the season of joy and goodwill. Meanwhile in the upper lounge more student talent is exhibited through the Student Art Sale. All types of art work were from the conventional mediums of oil, water, pen and ink to some intricate silver work, free-flowing pottery forms, bright felt banners and conglomerate collages. Thus, the Memorial Union continues to serve as a focal point for a multitude of student activities. It was no small task to decorate the 20 Christmas trees in the MU. The pressure is intense... the pace is fast. This is finals week. The student is a theoretical sponge of knowledge from which facts gathered over an entire semester and laid over the background of a lifetime will be squeezed in a matter of two hours. At times two or three exams must be taken in one day. And each exam requires studying the material in several textbooks plus bulging with lecture notes. The 24 hours in a day melt into minutes as the student crams or reviews for the big tests. During this week of truth, sleep is at a premium and college enrollment takes a plunge. But hopefully finals week will mark the successful co mpletion of a semester ' s work instead of the end of one ' s colorful college career. 65 Relaxing in the campus park is a favorite student pastime. Orange blossoms and Sun shine heralded on the ASU campus and that we lived in the " Valley of the Sun. " When dorm and apartment climes seemed bleak and the library too confining, students moved to relax, study and count the minutes until Easter vacation. Other signs of the arrival of spring were the plastering of campus with slogans by hopeful candidates for student government offices and the outgrowth of couples walking arm in arm around campus. Sun Devil pool and the dorm sundecks became suddenly busy as March temperatures soared to the high 80 ' s. While the rest of the nation was shivering in late winter cold spells, ASU students attended spring sports events in their shirt sleeves—and at night, no less. Many suntanned students expected to be the envy of their northern counterparts at the usual Easter haunts of Palm Springs, Mazatlan, and Hermosillo. Students cast their votes for candidates they thought would do the best job in student government. The " Phi Psi 500, " The " Phi Psi 500, " sponsored each spring by Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, invited all University women to compete in the tricycle race on a miniature track with mud and tires. Participating organizations entered a candidate in the " Phi Psi 500 " Queen contest. They were hosted at a banquet during the week preceding the race. The spring also brought Spiritual Exploration Week where such topics as " Am I Different, " " Christianity and Morality " and " Night Vision: The Why of Existence " were discussed. Dr. Ralph Byron of the City of Hope Cancer Research Center in California was keynote speaker. The Rev. J. Metz Rollins, Jr., associate director of the Commission on Religion and Race of the United Presbyterian Church, was the week ' s resource leader. A struggling coed maneuvers her tricycle through a sand trap in the " Phi Psi 500. " Hours of practice didn ' t prepare this enthusiastic coed for a face full of whipcream. The Why of Existence The Rev. J. Metz Rollins, Jr., resource leader for Spiritual Exploration Week, Feb. 12-17, holds one of his many informal discussions during the week. Students talk and dance the night away at the annual Military Ball at the Townhouse in Phoenix. Military Ball Queen Bunny Olmstead dances with Dean Karl Dannenfeldt. " Desert Moonlight " was the theme of the annual Military Ball, the major social event of the year for the Army and Air Force ROTC cadets. The event was planned hy the Joint Milba Committe, composed of and faculty under the chairmanship of Charles Sankey. Bunny Olmstead, a senior member of the Angel Flight, AFROTC auxiliary, was crowned queen of the ball. Sharon Wilhelm of Angel Flight and Roxanne Neely of Kaydettes, the AROTC auxiliary, were named as runnersup. The ASU Varsity Men dance hand and the AROTC Cadet Chorus provided the entertainment for some 1,200 guests. With May comes the end . . . of the year and recognition of service well done. The Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC have traditionally chosen May to hold their annual Award s Day. With the precision drills, the passing in review, the entry of the color guard, and the anticipation of the awards, excitement is at an apex. One Army and one Air Force cadet demon- strating outstanding leadership receive the Governor ' s Award. The University President ' s Award goes to the outstanding senior cadet of each corps. The American Legion Award for the outstanding sophomore cadet and the Veteran of Foreign Wars Medal for the outstanding freshman cadet are among others. President Durham and Major General Easterbrook congratulate James Jones, the commander of the company winning the drill competition. Kaydette Sue Phillips stands with the Color Guard at ROTC Awards Day. It ' s Water Sports Day, and these girls have their backs to school. " Did anybody see where my back scratcher went? " " Shake it up, baby . ..! " The snow may be melting in the high country, but water skis are shimmering in the sunshine on Lake as ASU students take off for an April Saturday to initiate the new spring. Water Sports Day, sponsored annually by AMS, features water sports events for male students but is a university event for the entire student body. And the students respond by the thousands as they flock to the lake with an enthusiasm for outdoor living, which for Arizona is as natural as the sun. There ' s nothing quite like the feel of gliding across the lake on a spring day—but what about those sore muscles? An MU staff hostess seats guests at the " Pushing Hubby Through " dinner dance. Gov. Goddard addresses campus leaders at Presidential Prayer In the spring, along with Commencement, comes a host of and breakfasts to honor students for their leadership efforts, academic efforts, and in the case of the " Pushing Hubby Through " dinner, for the moral support wives have afforded their husbands through some trying months and years of classes. The program originated when the Gammage land was a series of quonset huts, known as " Victory Village, " for married students. The PHT program is now sponsored nationwide. The first annual President ' s Prayer Breakfast to honor leaders was also held in the spring of 1966. Invitations to the breakfast, at which Gov. Goddard was the main speaker, were extended to Student Government board chairmen, senators, and elected officers. Alumni President Ralph Watkins, Jr., presents Barbara Jean Beaty the 1965 Moeur Medal during the Senior Breakfast. A Senior Breakfast is one way to commence. As an informal beginning to activities, the Alumni Association hosts about 500 graduating seniors at the Senior Breakfast. for class officers are conducted at this time, and a Golden Reunion committee is chosen. In addition the Moeur Medal is presented to the student the highest cumulative index of the graduating class. The award, given in honor of former Governor B. Moeur, is the oldest award bestowed by the ASU Alumni Association. From beginning end to a new beginning. From registration to are years of expectation culminating in one climatic evening. Then it ' s all over, and a new life, a new beginning, a world outside of college is born. For most, the books are gone, so are the giant lecture halls and the exhausting hours of study. But also for most, the field of specialization remains as a way of life. And into this new life they take a little more patience than they had when they began their years at college—patience they acquired from hours and years of waiting and rushing. They by waiting in line to rush through registration. And the final test came when they arrived at the stadium at 6:30 on graduation night only to wait another hour or so for the ceremonies. GRADUATES Graduates AAKRE, Sandra Kay, Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Alpha Theta, Crescents, Crescent Girl 1965. ABBEY, Steven Q.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Society of America. ABBOTT, Nancy Catherine: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta, AWS Council, Arizona Association of Student Nurses. ABERT, Dennis Michel (Mich): Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture. ABNEY. Dwayne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business Personnel Management. ADAMS, Lenda Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education; PEMM Women ' s Recreation Association. ADAMS, Paul W.: San Marino, Calif.; Business General; Theta Delta Chi. ADAMSON, Anthony Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, General Science; AFROTC Advanced Corps, Freshman Football. AGUILERA, Joseph Louis: Tempe, Ariz.; Business General. ALBERTS, John Michael (Jack): Chandler, Ariz.; Education, Business Education; Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi. ALEXANDER, Robert James (Alex): Struthers, Ohio; Education, Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon. ALLEN, George Henry: New York, N.Y.; Liberal Arts, Radio-Television; Sports Director, KASN. ALLEN, Henry, Jr. (Harry): Phoenix Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical. ALLEN, Jae Lance: Newport Beach, Calif.; Business Accounting; Delta Sigma Phi. ALLEN, Wayne Charles: Chandler, Ariz.; Business Accounting; Club, Beta Alpha Psi. ALLIS, Elizabeth Ann (Betsy): Buffalo, N.Y.; Education, English. ALVER, Gary Nels (Arizona Al): Watseka, Ill.: Business Administration; Theta Delta Chi. ANDERSON, Elvie Darlene: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business Accouting; Alpha Lambda Delta. ANDERSON, Stephen Mark: Adrian, Minn., Liberal Arts, Psychology; Arnold Air Society. ANDRE, Karen Rebecca: Oil City, Pa.; Education, Primary; Students Relations Board, PV Judicial Board. APARICIO, Erna Louise: Superior, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Liga Panamericana, Young Democrats. ARRINGTON, Alvin Denzil: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, History. ARTEAGA, Charlie Medina: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, History; Liga Panamericana. ASCH, Richard A.: N. Hollywood, Calif.; Business, Marketing. ASHE, Barbara Ruth: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. ATMORE, Antonia Mary (Toni): Glendale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Journalism; Alpha Delta Pi, International Students Relations Board, Rallies and Traditions Board. ATWOOD, Jerry Lee: San Diego, Calif.; Architecture; Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASASU Senator. AUFFRET, Sarah Elizabeth: Tipton, Okla.; Liberal Arts, English; Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Young Republicans, Theta Sigma Phi, Sigma Tan Delta. AULT, Anthony Rene: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; Editor, State Press, Activities Coordination Council, Election Board. AYCOCK, Larry William: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Design Technology. AYRES, Donald Lewis: St. Petersburg, Fla.; Graduate, MBA; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Delta Psi, AFIT, Who ' s Who. BABIARZ, Anthony Stanley: Niles, Ill.; Engineering, Industrial. BADENOCH, Donald Stuart: Bozeman, Mont.; Liberal Arts, History; Interhall Council, Irish Hall Council. BAECKER, Grant Richard: Uksa, Ill.; Architecture, Construction; AIA, Construction Club. BAER, Mauvalynn: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Choral Music; Collegium Musicum, A Cappella Choir, University Singers. BAEUCHLER, Richard Edward: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical. BAEZA, Eva E.: San Manuel, Ariz.; Education, Spanish. BAILEY, Herbert Ralph: Munhall, Pa.; Business, Accounting; Accounting Club. BANKS, Kathleen Cheryl: Montgomery, Ala.; Liberal Arts, Microbiology; Alpha Gamma Delta, AF Sponsor, Crimson Girl, College Queen (All at U. of Ala.). BARCUS, Robert Allen: Phoenix, Ariz.: Business, Accounting. BARKER, Sara Kathleen: Chandler, Ariz.; Education, Biology; Gamma Phi Beta, AWS Representative, Spurs, Natani adviser. BARNARD, Steve Paul: Glendale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts; President Sahuaro Hall. BARON, Donald: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. BARTLETT, Barbara Jean: Kearney, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Beta Chi Epsilon. BASSEN, Ellen Therese: Chicago, Ill.; Education, Primary; Delta Delta Delta, Student Assistant Wilson Hall. BASTIN, Mary Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Gamma Phi Beta, Golden Hearts, Kappa Delta Pi. BATES, Carolyn Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Delta Pi, Natani, Mortar Board, Panhellenic Council, AWS Council, ASASU Senate, Who ' s Who. BAXTER, Herald Rene: St. Helena, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Spanish; Spanish Club. BAYER, Mark Ellsworth: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History; Kappa Sigma, Sahuaro A Hall Council. BEAMAN, William Charles: Cheyenne, Wyo.; Liberal Arts, Political Science. BEAUDOIN, Linda Ruth.; Orange, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Golden Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Rallies and Traditions Board. BEGGS, Billie Marlene: LaCanada, Calif.; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Faculty-Student Relations Board. BEHR, Jeffrey Edward: St. Paul, Minn.; Business Accounting. BEHR, Michael Eugene: St. Paul, Minn.; Engineering, Mechanical; Society of Mechanical Engineers. BENES, Robert Lawrence: Erie, Pa.; Fine Arts, Drama; Phi Delta Theta. BENSON, Teri Lynn: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Campus for Christ, Kappa Delta Pi. BERKSHIRE, William James: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. BERNELL, Sylvia Joy: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; MU Student NEA. BERNIER, Robert Stanton: Billings, Mont.; Business. BERNSTEIN, Laura Ellen: Fair Lawn, N.J.; Education, Art. BERRIER, Jane Elizabeth: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Crescents. BERRY, Richard Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Business Accounting; Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi. BIALLAS, Eric B.: Gelsenkirchen, Germany; Business, General. BIGELOW, Robert Thomas: Las Vegas, Nev.; Business, Real Estate; Real Estate Club. BISHOP, Bruce Hunter: Tempe, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Society of America, Social Board. BLACKBURN, Edra Eileen (Edie): Cottonwood, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, American Chemical Society Student Affiliate. BLAIR, Karen D.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theta, Spurs, Natani, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Chi PV Hall Treasurer. BLAKE, Ray Fred: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Secondary; Lambda Delta Sigma. BLETHEN, Frank Alden (Dusty): Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business General Business; Sigma Chi. BLEYLE, Carl Clyde: Kenmore, N.Y.; Business, General; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sun Devil Band. BLONDE, Elliott H.: Schenectady, N.Y.; Liberal Arts, History. BLUE, Sally Ann: Kansas City, Mo.; Education, Speech and Drama; Pi Beta Phi. BLUNT, James Henry: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Russian; Russian Club. BLUNT, Kathleen Merrill: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, French; Tau Beta Sigma, Sun Devil Band. BOSWORTH, Jonathan Walton: Schenectady, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Concert Choir, Devil ' s ' N Dames, State Press. BOTTRELL, Jil Diane: Blue Mound, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Alpha Lambda Delta, ASU, Civil Liberties Union, Phi Kappa Phi. BOUFFORD, Alan A. Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. BOUTELL, George Wright: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business; Young Republicans, 1966 All America Golf Team, Varsity Golf. BOWEN, Craig R.: Baker, Mont.; Business. BOYER, John Thomas: Athens, Ga.; Liberal Arts, Biology. BOYER, Kirk Lee: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History; Phi Kappa Psi. BOYUK, Raymond Thomas: Paterson, N.J.; Education, Political Science; Pi Sigma Alpha, Student NEA. BRADSHAW, Tony Michael: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Marketing; Delta Phi Kappa, Marketing Club. BRAKE, Brenda Jane: Ionia, Mich.; Liberal Arts, Social Welfare. BRAKE, Michael E.: Ionia, Mich.; Liberal Arts, Mass Communications. BRANNON, Michele Lolly: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Spanish; Students Relations Board. BRATRUD, Theodor E., Jr.: Minneapolis, Minn.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha, Young Republicans, Varsity Swimming Team. BRAY, Wade R.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Young Republicans. BERGMAN, Jacqulyn Foster: Natchez, Miss.; Liberal Arts, History; Alpha Beta Alpha. BRENDEN, Mary E.: Chandler, Ariz.; Education. BRENNAN, Barry Michael: Pequot Lakes, Minn.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Lambda Chi Alpha. BRENNAN, Geoffrey Paul: Glens Falls, N.Y.; Education, Mathematics. BRENNAN, James Richard: Durango, Colo.; Business, Finance; Theta Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, ASASU Senator, Supreme Court Justice. BRETSCHNEIDER, Roland W. P.: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Theta Delta Chi, Sophos, Silver Wing, Varsity Swimming Team. BOBBITT, Charles Roy: Superior, Ariz.; Engineering, Electronic BOGHOSIAN, Louise Anne: Fresno, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Phi. BOHL, Terry L.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Marketing; Theta Delta Chi. BOHN, Janis Marie: Kirkland, Wash.; Education; Alpha Beta Alpha, ACEI. BOREN, Kenneth Ray: Owensville, Ind.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Sigma Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta. BORROWDALE, Barbara Morley: Chicago, Ill. ; Education, Elementary; Delta Gamma, Sahuaro Yearbook, Rallies and Traditions Board. BREWER, Maureen Laverne: Valentine, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Spanish; Alpha Mu Gamma. BRIGGS, Fredrick Lee: Ajo, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Social Welfare. BRIGGS, R. Bruce: Atherton, Calif.; Business, General; Phi Delta Theta, Sophos, Rallies and Traditions Board, Social Board. BROGAN, Roger L.: Parker, Ariz.; Business, General; Kappa Sigma, Club. BROMERT, Joseph Samuel: Amarillo, Texas; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; American Chemical Society Student Affiliate. BROSIUS, Ken L.: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Phi Sigma Kappa, Social Board. BROSIUS, Sandra Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Orchesis. BROWN, Donald LeRoy: Phoenix, Ariz.: Education, History, English. BROWN, Douglas Eugene: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Wesley Foundation, Pi Sigma Alpha. BROWN, Gordon Fraser: Toronto, Ont., Canada: Fine Arts, Music; Choir, Collegium Musicum, Choral Union. BROWN, Gregory MacKinnon: Tempe, Ariz.; Architecture; AIA (student chapter), Who ' s Who. BROWN, Jimmy Lou: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Lambda Delta. BRUENNING, Leonard Enright, Jr.: St. Louis, Mo.; Engineering, AFIT. BRUNER, Richard Knight: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Lambda Chi Alpha. BUEHLER, Beverly Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Mathematics; Delta Gamma. BULA, Ronald J.: Antigo, Wisconsin: Education, English. BULLOCK, Lettie Sue: Robstown, Texas; Business, General. BULLOCK, Wilbur Key: Corpus Christi, Texas; Business, Insurance; Delta Sigma Pi, Pre-Law Club, Business Administration Council. BUNTZMAN, Arol Isrul: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Real Estate; Real Estate Club, Debate, Chess Club. BURKE, Brona: Scottsdale Ariz.; Education, Home Economics. Graduates BURKE, Susan Eleanor: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, BURKE, Timothy John: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science ; Pre-Law Club, Pi Sigma Alpha. BURKHARDT, Charles Robert: Scottsdale, Aria.; Education, Art. BURRUS, Richard Ellsworth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Cheerleader. BUTLER, Tommy J.: Chandler, Ariz.; Education, Speech and Drama; Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Delta, San Devil Band, University Players. BYRNE, Joseph John Jr.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physics; Sophos, Young Republicans, Catholic Student Association. CAHOON, William Lee: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Industrial Design. CALKINS, Charles Andrew: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology. CALLAHAN, Lawrence Wynand: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Epsilon Pi. CAMPBELL, Leonard Warren: Pine Bluffs, Wyo.; Education, Elementary. CAMPISANO, Fred Anthony: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physics; Institute of Physics, Catholic Student Association. CARBETT, Stanley Robin: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electronic Arnold Air Society, Silver Wing, Sun Devil Band. CARLSON, Jill O ' Brien: San Mateo, Calif.; Education, Elementary, Pi Beta Phi, Education Board, Rallies and Traditions Board, Arkesis. CARLSON, Marilyn Ann (Lynn) Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Home Student NEA, Beta Chi. CARPENTER, Lynn B.: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Beta Alpha. CARREL, Jack Edward: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, General. CARRUTHERS, Riley Willard: Ft. Worth, Texas; Engineering, Electrical; Alpha Phi Alpha. CARTER, Linda Anne: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Beta Beta Beta, MU Hostess, International Students Relations Board. CARTER, Todd H.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Management; Phi Delta Theta. CARTER, VINCENT M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, General; Sigma Chi. CARTER, Woodrow W.: Lovington, New Mexico; Business, General Sigma Chi, International Students Relations Board, CARTNEY, Sally Kay: Burbank, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Delta Gamma, Kaydettes. CATLIN, Thomas Barry : Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Sigma Lambda Chi. CAUGHRAN, Thomas Lonzo (Lonnie) : Glendale, Ariz.; Architecture, Student Construction Society of America. CHAFEY, Merritt N.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, English; Sigma Chi, Semper Fidelis. CHALLENNER, Phyllis Arlene: Scottsdale, Arz.; Education, Home Economics. CHANDLER, Kathy Rosalie: Ft. Lewis, Wash.; Business, Office CHATTERTON, Charlene Ann: Colorado Springs, Colo.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Angel Flight Commander, PV Student Assistant. CHENEY, Roger Nelson: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Pi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Law Club, Accounting Club. CHESHIRE, Fred D.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology. CHESLEY, John N.: Tempe, Ariz.; Business, Management. Judith: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Business; Lambda Delta Sigma, Pi Omega Pi. CHIKHANI, Reiad Stephen: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE. CHIPPS, Samuel K.: Glenrock, Wyo.; Engineering, Design Technology; Varsity Baseball. CHRISTENSEN, Charles Edward III: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHRISTOPH, Ann Elizabeth: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Art; Interfaith Catholic Student Association, Student Campus Affairs Board. CICERO, Patricia May: Benton Harbor, Mich.; Education, Elementary. CLARK, Michael A.: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Delta Sigma Phi. CLARK, Thomas Alan: Madison, Wis.; Business, Finance. CLINE, William James III: Prescott, Ariz.; Business, Real Estate; Real Estate Club. COBB, James Alan: Mesa, Ariz.; Architecture; Lambda Chi Alpha, Student AIA, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Rallies and Traditions Board. COCKRILL, Melinda Xvie: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Office Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Psi Sweetheart, MU Queen, MU Board. COHEN, Janice Ann: Santa Barbara, Calif.; Education, Elementary. COHENOUR, Susan Flow: Ardmore, Okla.; Liberal Arts, Dance; Pi Beta Phi, Orchesis, Stardusters. COLE, Julian Wayne (Perry): La Fayette, Ala.; Business, General; Baptist Student Union, AFIT. COLLINS, David Harrington: Bloomington, Ind.; Engineering, Electrical; MU Board, Social Board, Interhall Council, Phi Eta Sigma. COLPITTS, Charles Otto: Hermiston, Ore.; Business, Accounting; AFIT. CONLEY, Brigid R. (Biddy): Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. CONLEY, Michaelina B. (Mickey): Clarksburg, W.Va.; Education, English; Student NEA, AWS Representative, Kappa Delta Pi. CONLEY, Paul A.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. COOK, E. H. Jr.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Biology. COOK, Ronnie Lynn: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta. COOPER, Judy Lynn: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. COOPER, Velma S.: Wagoner, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. CORDALIS, Jon Thomas: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. Political Science. CORNWALL, Christine Ann: Blythe, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Lambda Delta, Spurs, Student NEA. CORRADO, Guy Edward: Richland, Wash.; Liberal Arts, Biology; Phi Delta Theta. COUVDOS, Lenora: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. COWAN, David Wayne: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Marketing Club. COX, Dorrit Sue: Pinetop, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Radio-Television; Gamma Alpha Chi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Sahuaro Yearbook. Graduates COX, Gene Leonard: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Mechanical; Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. CRANDALL, George Corlos: Clay Springs, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. CRAWFORD, Glenn R.: Chicago, Ill.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. CREIGHTON, Charles Emmanuel: San Mateo, Calif.; Education, History; Phi Sigma Kappa. CRISTLER, Carol Jean: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA. CROMWELL, Mary F. Anderson: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, English; Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA, Alpha Lambda Delta. CROSS, Lawrence William: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Insurance; Delta Sigma Pi. CRUSER, Patricia Joanne: Indianapolis, Ind.; Education, Business; Student NEA, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Pi Epsilon. CRYMES, Conrad C.: Greensboro, N.C.; Engineering, Industrial; AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu. CULVER, Shirley Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. CUOCO, Marshall James: Phoenix, Ariz.; Bu siness, Accounting. CURRAN, Craig Vaughn: Carbondale, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Economics; Arnold Air Society. CURRAN, Lyn A.: Warrensburg, Mo.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. CUZZOCREA, Dominic David: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, General. DAGGETT, Kenneth Edward: Rock Island, Ill.; Engineering, Electrical; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, IEEE. DAHLSTEDT, Joan M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing. DAHNK, Joan Mary: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, AWS Representative. DALEIDEN, Richard William: Madison Lake, Wis.; Business, Economics. DALY, Thomas, Roger: Mason City, Iow a; Business, General; Circle K, Delta Sigma Pi. DANGEL, Robert Arthur: Altoona, Pa.; Engineering, Mechanical; ASM, ASIE. DANIELS, Gerald Lee: Tigard, Ore.; Architecture, Construction; Sigma Lambda Chi. James D.: San Bernardino, Calif.: Liberal Arts, English; Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sun Devil Band. DAVIDSON, Phil E. Jr.: Lafayette, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Phi Kappa Psi. DAVIES, John Roger: Llanwrtyd, Breconshire, Wales; Engineering, Production and Management; Foreign Students Club. Graduates DAVIS, Elizabeth Jean: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, French; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Natani, Spurs, Mortar Board, AWS Council, Leadership Board, Who ' s Who. DAVIS, Larry Melvin: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Political Science; Club. DECKER, Dennis Mark: Glendale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Phi Gamma Delta. DECKER, Roxanne, Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; MU Hostess, Spurs, Natani, Stardusters, Mortar Board, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, ASASU Senate. DEENY, Mary Jo: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. DEL DUCA, Bart Jr.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Delta Sigma Phi, Student Construction Society of America. DE LISLE, Frances Dorothy: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. DELTON, Mary H.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; American Chemical Society Student Affiliates. DE MARR, Roger Maurice (Butch) : Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Campus CORE, Young Democrats, SDS, Freshman Football. DE MICHIEI, Sandra Lee: Renton, Pa.; Education, Business; PV East President, AWS Council. DENNIS, Jean Elizabeth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Physical Education. Therapy. DENT, Janet M.: Humboldt, Ariz.; Education, English. DENTON, Susan Jane: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. DICKMAN, Max J.: Las Vegas, Nev.; Business, General; Sigma Chi, Sigma Delta Psi. DIEHL, William R.: Upland, Calif.; Architecture; Phi Sigma Kappa, Archons, Student AIA, Rallies and Traditions Board. DIETZ, Dennis Whitman: Seattle, Wash.; Business, General; Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club, Marketing Club. DILLER, Jacqueline Louise: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. DINGWALL, Ellis George: Islington, Ont., Canada; Liberal Arts, History. DIZNEY, Douglas D.: L ong Beach, Calif.; Business, Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Sigma Epsilon. DONG, Annie: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Nutrition-Dietetics. DOOLEY, Kathleen Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Alpha Theta, Foreign Students Club, MU Hostess. DOVICO, Trudy Victoria: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science, Pre-Law Club. DOYLE, J. Frank: Cameron, Ill.; Education, Business. DOYLE, John B.: Brookfield, Ill.; Business, Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club. DRINOVSKY, Albert Frank: Superior, Ariz.; Engineering, Chemical; Irish Hall Vice President. DROBNIEWSKI, Maciej (Mitch): Tempe, Ariz.; Business, General. DROSSMAN, Lois Renee: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Education, Elementary; Pi Kappa Delta, Hillel Foundation, ACE, Debate Team. DROZDOWSKI, Nicholas Michael: Maynard, Mass.; Engineering, BSCE. DRUGMAN, Patricia Ann: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education: Women ' s Recreation Association, PEMM. DUCTOR, Joan Francine: Buffalo, N.Y.; Education, Elementary. DUNSTAN, Allan Paul: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. EARLEY, John Nelson: Palo Alto, Calif.; Liberal Arts, History; Phi Sigma Kappa. EARNHART, George Arthur Prescott, Ariz.; Engineering, Civil; ASCE. EASTERLING, Moya Gentry: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Business; Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta. ECKEL, Ross Raymond : Pinetop, Ariz.; Engineering, Aeronautics; Delta Chi, Sophos, Blue Key, Advanced ROTC, Society of Automotive EICHORN, Barry Wayne: Arcadia, Calif.; Business, General; Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Delta Psi, Intramural Athlete of the Year. EISENSTEIN, Gloria Irene: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Graduate, MA, Education. ELLEXSON, Randy Lawrence: Prescott, Ariz.; Business, Economics; Kappa Sigma. ELMER, Ben Roy: Miami, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. EMERSON, Karen Dorthea: Phoenix, A riz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi. ENGELHARDT, Jon Maurice: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. ENGNELL, Ella Louise: Glendale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; ACE. ENRIGHT, Lee Darington: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. EPPLER, Avery Lyle Jr.; Woodside, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Speech; Phi Delta Theta. ERB, Paulette: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. ERICKSON, Jack: Williston, N.Dak.; Liberal Arts, English and Russian; Phi Delta Theta, Advanced AFROTC, Election Board, Rallies and Board, Young Republicans, Who ' s Who. ERICKSON, Patricia Margaret: Amarillo, Texas; Education, Physical Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Orchesis, Angel Flight, Student NEA, Arkesis, PEMM, ASASU Supreme Court Justice, Who ' s Who. ESPINOZA, Narcisa M.: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. ETHINGTON, Jacqueline: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron. EVANS, Carolyn Jean: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Leadership Board, International Students Relations Board. EVANS, George Vanderbilt Jr.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Geography; Young Republicans. EVANS, Harry Forbes: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Journalism. EVANS, Stephen Osborne: Downey, Calif.; Business, Management; Theta Delta Chi, Sophos, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Advanced AFROTC. EVENSON, Gerald Norman: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Chemical Society Student Affiliate, Varsity Swimming. EWALD, John Ellsworth (Jack): Tempe, Ariz.; Engineering, Aeronautical; Delta Sigma Phi. FABENY, Patricia Irene: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Pi Beta Phi. FAIR, Karen Lee: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Tau Beta Sigma, Sun Devil Band, University Orchestra. FALBO, Peter Ronald: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. FALBO, Shirley Ethel: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; AWS. FARMER, David Adrian: Odessa, Texas; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Varsity Tennis. FARNSWORTH, Linda: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. FAULKNER, John Paul: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology. FERGEMANN, Gary Dean: Waterloo, Iowa; Business, Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon. FERGUSON, Barbara Kay: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Phi Alpha Theta. FERRERA, Roland Lvigi: Leominster, Mass.; Architecture, Construction; Sigma Lambda Chi, Student Construction Society of America. Loren Kenneth: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, General. FICKEN, Linda Dianne: Mason City, Iowa; Business, Accounting; Student Association, Devils ' N Dames. FIELDER, William Robert: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Art. FISHER, Gail Barbara: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Kappa Alpha Theta, MU Hostess, Spurs, Sigma Tau Delta, Mortar Board, Catalyst. Jennifer Kay: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education. FIX, Sandra Elaine: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Phrateres. FOGELMAN, Fern Phyllis (Nicky): Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, Hillel Foundation. FOGLE, Margaret Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA. FONTES, Victor M.: Nogales, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Advanced AFROTC. Graduates FRY, Stephen Trent: Pasadena, Calif.; Business, Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Sigma Epsilon, American Marketing Association. FUJII, Ikuo Jim: Tempe, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE. FULLER, Robert Alan: Pine, Ariz.; Education, Mathematics; Math Club, Student NEA. FULTON, Kenneth William (Carrot): Winnipeg, Man., Canada; Liberal Arts, Geography; Varsity Golf. FUNK, Robert D.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; Sophos. GADD, Jeffrey I.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management; Delta Sigma Pi, Pre-Law Club. GALLAGHER, Glen Dale: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Industrial Arts; Arts Club, Student NEA. GARDNER, James Elden Jr.: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, General; Delta Phi Kappa. GARRELS, Dwight Eugene: Mesa, Ariz.; Engineering, Electronics. GASTON, Jack Douglas: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Psi Chi. GAZI, V. Richard: Spearfish, S.Dak.; Liberal Arts, Journalism; State Press Campus Editor. GEORGE, Peter Brock: Jeanerette, La.; Engineering, Industrial; AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu. GIBBONS, James Robert (Gib): Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Engineering, Tau Beta Pi. GIBSON, Patricia Gail: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Business; Delta Pi Epsilon. GILBERT, Dorraine: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Hillel Student NEA. GILL, Richard Ralph: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management. GILLEN, Sylvia Jeanette (Jann) Shreveport, La.; Education, Home CEC, Young Republicans, Campus Affairs Board. GILMAN, Judith Gayle, Bisbee, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Natani, Gamma Delta. GIOIA, William Frank: Los Angeles, Calif.; Education, Elementary. Joseph Bernard: Globe, Ariz.; Engineering, Mechanical. FORCE, Ellouise J.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Biology; Devils ' N Dames. FOSTER, Kenneth Marlin: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. FOUNTAIN, Dale B.: Portland, Ore.; Education, Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Student NEA, Canterbury Association. FREDERICKSON, Sharon Fae: Hutchinson, Minn.: Education, Primary. FRENCH, Janice Ruth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Music; Sigma Alpha Iota. FRIEDMAN, Ira M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Alpha Epsilon Pi, ASASU Senate. GLITTENBERG, Donald Richard: New York, N.Y.; Liberal Arts, Geology; Advanced AFROTC. GODDARD, Joseph Daniel: Mesquite, Texas; Business, Accounting; AFIT. GOOCH, Richard Arlo: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Recreation; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GOODMAN, Benjamin Joseph: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance. GOODMAN, Kent E.: Springerville, Ariz.; Engineering, Civil; ASTM. GOODNOW, Sara Viola: Payson, Office Administration; Alpha Pi Epsilon. GORDON, Brenda Royce: Brooklyn, Education, Physical Education; Womens Recreation Association, PEMM GORMAN, Patricia Ellen: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Orchesis, McClintock A Vice President. GOTAAS, Carol J.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. GOTTLIEB, Jerry: Philadelphia, Pa.; Education, Political Science. GOWER, Margaret Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History; Womens Recreation Association, International Students Relations Board. GRAHAM, John F. (Jack): Dorchester, Mass.; Engineering, Industrial; AIAA, AIIE, Alpha Pi Nu. GRAHAM, Margaret, Catherine: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. GRAHAM, Rhea A.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Chi Omega, Kaydettes. GRAHAM, William Louis: San Diego, Calif.; Engineering, Mechanical; AIAA. GRAN, Judy Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. GRANT, Judy M.: Waynesville, N. Carolina; Education, History; Wesley Foundation, Cultural Affairs Board. GRASSI, Robert E. Jr.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Geography; Arnold Air Society. GRAVELY, Gaye Lyn: Perth Amboy, N.J.; Business, Marketing; Chi Omega, Gamma Alpha Chi, Spurs, Maltesians, Arkesis, International Relations Board. GRAYEK, Helen Louise: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English. Graduates GREENE, Arvona R.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing. GREENE, Robert Milton: Fargo, N.Dak.; Liberal Arts, Health Education. GREER, David William: Delcity, Okla.; Engineering, Electrical; Captain Army ROTC. GRIFFITH, Barre Keith: Lindsay, Okla.; Education, Music; Blue Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sun Devil Band, Opera University Orchestra. GRIFFITH, Todd Allan: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry. GRIFFITTS, James Wilburn: Galesburg, Ill.; Business, Management; Phi Delta Theta, Social Board, Rallies and Traditions Board, Elections Board. GRIGGS, Pamela Alyce: Downey, Calif.; Education, Home Economics. GROESBECK, Carolyn Frances: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Dawa Chindi. GROSBERG, John Alexander: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma. GRUBER, John Paul: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English. GRUNDY, Nancy Jean: Phoenix, Aria.; Education, Elementary; Chi Omega, AWS, Rallies and Traditions Board, Homecoming Committee. GUMM, Nancy Jane: Paris, Ill.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Phi, Students Relations Board. GUNDERSON, Dean Allen: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry. GUNNESS, Beverly Anne: Chicago, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Rallies and Traditions Board. GUSTAFSON, Kristine Elaine: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Mathematics; Math Club, Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi. GUSTAFSON, Mona Karlene: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. GUTHRIE, Theodore Truman: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Physics; Institute of Physics. HAAG, Victor Joseph: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Biology. HAGE, Judith Ellen: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Business; Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Pi Epsilon. HAINES, David Stewart : San Diego, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Geography. HAINES, John William: Chicago, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Economics; Interhall Council, Sahuaro D President, ASASU Senate. HALL, Patricia May: Safford, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. HAMILTON, David John: Galena, Ill.; Business, Accounting. HAMILTON, Diane Marion: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Phrateres, Beta Chi. HAMILTON, John Marshall: Detroit, Mich.; Engineering, Civil; Phi Kappa Psi, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi. HAMMAN, Susan Colleen: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Club, Rodeo Club. HANDY, Leslie Rae: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics. HANEY, Molly Mee: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta, Spurs. Graduates HANNON, James Harry: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Theta Delta Chi. HANSEN, Peggy Jane: Greensburg, Pa.; Education, Elementary; Delta Gamma, Womens Recreation Association, Student Affairs Board. HANSON, Dennis Lee: Dayton, Iowa; Engineering, Agricultural Marketing; Marketing Club. HANSON, Janice Elaine: Chattanooga, Tenn.; Education, Elementary; Sun Devil Band. HARGREAVES, Carole Louise: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Phrateres, Devils ' N Dames, Bowling Club. HARLAN, David Martin: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. HARRIS, Beatrice Jo: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Speech. HARRIS, Donald Lee: Peoria, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Lambda Chi, ASCE, Blue Key, ASASU Senate, Who ' s Who. HARRIS, William Henry Jr.: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Economics; Sigma Chi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, ASASU Senate. HARTLINE, Carol Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Geography. HARTVIG, Bryan Henry: Ironton, Ohio; Engineering, Aeronautical. HASPRAY, Richard Robert: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, English. HAUPT, Barbara Kay: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Alpha Delta Pi, Rallies and Traditions Board. HAUSMAN, Diane Lynn: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Kaydettes, Sahuaro Yearbook, Heart Fund Queen. HAWKINS, Helen Ann: Bisbee, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Gammage Hall President, Student NEA, ACEI. HAWKINS, Michael Da ly: Winslow, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sophos, Archons, IFC, Delta Gamma Anchor Man. HAWKINS, Phyllis Lewis: Winslow, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Delta Gamma, Pikettes. HAYDEN, William John: Slovan, Pa.; Education, English. HAZELETT, Judith Diane: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Clothing and Textiles; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Beta Chi Epsilon. HEATH, Edward Walker: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi, State Press. HELLER, Rhoda Ilene: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education; PEMM, Women ' s Recreation Association, Sun Devil Archers. HELMS, James Joseph: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Christian. Science College Organization. HENDRICKSON, Lilly: Snowflake, Ariz.; Education, English; Lambda Delta Sigma, MU Hostess, ASASU Senate. HENDRICKSON, Virginia Dale: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA. HENDRIX, Judy Karen (Jake): Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing; Arizona of Student Nurses, Guild of Lay Theologians, Social Board. HENNEBERRY, Helen Louise: Tempe, Aria.; Liberal Arts, English. HENSON, Nilda Faylene: Levelland, Texas; Engineering Electrical, IEEE, SIFC, SEW, Arizona Bible Student Center. HERMAN, Stuart Frank: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology. HERNANDEZ, Rebecca Alice: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. HERRICK, John Edward: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; ASASU First Vice President, ASASU Senate, Young Republicans, Club, Who ' s Who. HERRMANN, Jerry John: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Journalism. HETLER, David Alan: Ashland, Ohio; Architecture, Construction; Student Construction Society of America, Sigma Lambda Chi. HEUMAN, Eddie S.: Boise, Ida.; Business, General. HICKS, Thomas Harvey: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Chi Epsilon Delta. HILL, Horace Mitton (Fred): McNeal, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. HINKLE, Pamela Rae: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Student NEA, Newman Club, Gammage Hall Council. HISCOCK, Christine Rae: Olcott Beach, N.Y.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. HOAGLAND, Stephen Carl: Glendale, Calif.; Education, English; Kappa Sigma, Sophos, Faculty-Student Relations Board. HODDY, William Arthur: Tempe, Ariz.; Business, Management; Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilon. HODSDEN, Bernard Evan: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Biology. HOEKSEMA, Catherine Anne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. HOILES, Parma L.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. HOLBROOK, William Charles (Brook) Spencerport, N.Y.; Liberal Arts, English; Theta Delta Chi, Archons, IFC Council. HOLLAND, Geoffrey Craig (Jeff): Globe, Ariz.; Education, History; Best B Council, Young Republicans, Canterbury Club, Student NEA. HOLLAR, John Jay: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History. HOLLEY, Maurice Don: Globe, Ariz.; Business, Economics; Delta Chi. HOLLEY, Sandra Kay: Globe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. HOLLISTER, Cullen Agur: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Civil; Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Starfirers Rifle Team. HOOPES, Fern B.: Safford, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. HOOVER, Doris Elaine: Middlebourne, W.Va.; Education, Elementary. HORN, Patricia L.: Camp Kue, Okinawa; Nursing; Spurs, Natani, ASASU Senate. HORNE, Don L.: Glendale, Ariz.; Business, General. HOUSTON, Ronald, Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Dawa Chindi, Student NEA, ASASU Senate, Education Academic Council. HUBBELL, Mary Virginia: Buckeye, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; ACEI, Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi. HUGGINS, Earl L. (Jack): Dillon, Mont.; Engineering, Mechanical; AFIT. HUGHES, Lawrence Bevery: Abilene, Texas; Liberal Arts, Political Arizona Bible Student Center HUGHES, Mike Orr; Rialto, Calif.; Education, Spanish; Student NEA, K, International Students Relations Board. HUGHES, Sherrill Anne: Globe, Ariz.; Education, Business; Student NEA, NBEA. HULBERT, Susan Elizabeth: Long Beach, Calif.; Business, Advertising; Gamma Alpha Chi, Marketing Club. HUNGERFORD, Robert Leon Jr.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science. HUNTER, Carl Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Social Welfare. HUNTER, Patricia Ann: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. HUNTIMER, Linda Carol: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Special Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Arkesis. HUTCHISON, Robert James: San Diego, Calif.; Business, General. HYDE, Virginia M.: Coolidge, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Alpha Mu Gamma, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Catalyst, German Club. INGEBRIGTSEN, J. Steven: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu. JACKSON, Edyth Allred: Central, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. JACKSON, Larry: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Speech and Drama; Kappa. Delta Pi. JACKSON, Linda Lee (Lele): Las Cruces, N.Mex.; Education, Physical Education. JACOBS, Susan Fran: Springfield, Ill.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Epsilon Phi. JACOBSEN, Lawrence F. (Jake): San Francisco, Calif.; Liberal Arts, German; Arnold Air Society. JARAMILIO, Augustin Mazon: St. Johns, Ariz.; Business, Marketing. JASPER, Raymond Gail: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon. JENKINS, Barbara Jane (Bobbie): Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Delta Delta Delta, AWS Council, MU Hostess, Natani, Arkesis, International Students Relations Board. JENNINGS, Charles Arthur: Chandler, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology. JERRELL, Stanley 0.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, History; Student NEA, Young Americans for Freedom. JIMPSON, Mary Ellen: Alton, Ill.; Education, English; AWS. JOHANNSEN, Carol Jean: Marshalltown, Iowa; Education, Elementary. JOHNSON, Jacquelyn Jean: Garden Grove, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Delta Gamma, Kaydettes, Little Sisters, Rallies and Traditions Board, Panhellenic Council. JOHNSON, James Stanley: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu. JOHNSON, Jay Merlyn; Minneapolis, Minn.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. JOHNSON, LuCrecia Jean: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. Graduates JOHNSON, Naomi Vian: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Home Economics; Beta Chi Epsilon. JOHNSON, Pamela Joanne: N. Hollywood, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Alpha Phi, Panhellenic Council, Campus Affairs Board. JOHNSON, Robert A.: La Habra, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Economics; Alpha Tau Omega. JOHNSON, Robert Wayne: Yuma, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Journalism; Pi Delta Epsilon, State Press, Sigma Delta Chi, ASASU Senate. JONES, Beverly Ann: San Diego, Calif.; Fine Arts, Commercial Art; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Stardusters. JONES, Robert Elijah: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance. JONES, Russell Collins: Honolulu, Hawaii: Business, Finance; Arnold Air Society, Finance Club, Silver Wing. JONES, Thomas Glenn: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Pi Sigma Epsilon. JUNE, Robert Dennis: Holbrook, Ariz.; Education, Business. KANALEY, Katheryn Mary: Glendale, Ariz.; Education, Physical Womens Recreation Association, Varsity Golf. KARPINSKI, Richard Charles: Pittsburgh, Pa.; Business, Accounting. KATARSKI, Mary E.: Wood Dale, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Microbiology; Alpha Lambda Delta. KAUTTO, Randy D.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. KAZMI, lftikhar Hussain: Arifwala, W. Pakistan; Engineering, Industrial; AIIE. KEEFE, James Francis: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Delta Sigma Pi. KEHOE, James C.: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Radio-Television; Phi Eta Sigma, Student Religious Council, Phi Kappa Phi, KASN Station Manager. Intramural Wrestling Champion, Who ' s Who. KELLEY, Jimmey Dale: Eldridge, Ala.; Education, Biology; Student NEA. KELLY, Kathleen: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Lambda Delta Sigma, Student NEA. KELLY, Susan Jane: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Devils ' N Dames. KENTERA, Stevan Thomas: Bisbee, Ariz.; Business, Marketing. KERR, Barbara Jean: Dowagiac, Mich.; Liberal Arts, Clothing and Kappa Delta, Beta Chi Epsilon. KERR, Patricia Ruth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student NEA. KEYES, Cornelius Michael: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts; Mass KINCHELOE, Crystal Ann: Cody, Wyo.; Education, Home Economics; Chi Omega, Beta Chi, Student NEA. Graduates KING, M. Eileen: Peoria, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Sun Devil Band. KING, William Patrick: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Radio-Television; Sigma Delta Chi, Catholic Student Association. KINNEY, Larry Gibson: Benton Harbor, Mich.; Business, General; Club, SAM. KIRKPATRICK, Rayma Carol: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physical Chi Omega, Orchesis, PEMM, Womens Recreation Association. KISTLER, Carolyn Rae: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. KISTLER, Mary Helen: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. KLESNER, Jon E.: Alliance, Neb.; Business, General; Varsity Golf. KLOCK, Elsa Katherine: St. Louis, Mo.; Education, Business; Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Pi Epsilon. KLUMB, Paul C.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi. KNIGHT, Roxanne H.: Springerville, Ariz.; Education, English; Student NEA, University Players. KNISLEY, Joseph Lester: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Agricultural Science; Alpha Zeta. KNUDSEN, Carl John: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. KOBASIC, Mary Lou: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. KOCH, Joseph Robert: Santa Monica, Calif.; Business, Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Archons. KONOPNICKI, William S.: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Distributive Stu dent NEA. KOOB, Dennis Robert: Chandler Heights, Ariz.; Business, Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma. KOOPMAN, Garold August: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Club, Pershing Rifles. KORDOBAN, Barbara Louise: Meadville, Pa.; Liberal Arts , Home Beta Chi Epsilon, Newman Club. KORENTHAL, Barbara H.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. Susan Mary: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. KREISHER, Kathleen Ann: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Gamma Phi Beta, Psi Chi. KROMBHOLZ, James Arnold: Merrill, Wis.; Business, Accounting. KROMKA, Marianne I.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Art; Student NEA. KRONE, Glenn Alfred: LeMoyne, Pa.; Business, Advertising; Marketing Club, Alpha Delta Sigma. KRUGGEL, Mark Arthur: Tempe, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club. KRYDER, Nancy Grace: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta. KUCHARSKI, Dennis Paul: Milwaukee, Wis.; Education, History. KUNKEL, Dorelyn Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. KURIGER, Jacqueline Joan: Mason City, Iowa, Nursing. KUTSOP, Walter Edward Jr. (Skip): Mountainside, N.J.; Business, Best B President. LAKE, Larry Wayne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Chemical; Tau Beta Pi, Baptist Student Union, Sophos. LANE, Claudia Anne: Atlanta, Ga.; Education, Biology; Mac A Council, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Varsity Golf, Who ' s Who. LANGLEY, Willard Frederick: Boston, Mass.; Graduate, Doctorate in Business. LANIGAN, Terence Edmond: Oswego, N.Y.; Education, History. LASSEN, Daryl Jerome: Chicago, Ill.; Education, Health Education; ASHA, Student NEA, Varsity Track. LAUX, Frances Anne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Mathematics. LAWRENCE, Judy Rae: Benson, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. LAY, Judith Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Pi Beta Phi, AWS Council, Spurs, Golden Hearts, Mortar Board, Alpha Kappa Delta, WRA. LEAHY, Paula Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, Mortar Board, Natani, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who. LEE, Donald Robert: Whiteriver, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. LEE, Helen: Globe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Oriental Students Club, Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. LEE, Nancy: Hong Kong; Liberal Arts, Home Economics; Foreign Students Club, Beta Chi Epsilon, Oriental Students Club. LEE, Paul: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Lambda Delta Sigma, Oriental Students Club, Strident NEA, Best B Hall Council. LEHMAN, Alvin Neil: Elgin, Iowa; Business, General; Pi Sigma Epsilon. LEHTO, Mary Alexandria: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Spanish; Naiads. LEON, George Amavisca: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, General. LESNETT, Ted R.: Tempe, Ariz. ; Liberal Arts, Philosophy; Wesley Foundation, Interfaith Council. LESSARD, Dennis Joseph: Prescott, Ariz.; Education, Biology; Student NEA, Arnold Air Society. LEVINE, Saul: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Business, Accounting. LEVY, Barton Cyril: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Aeronautical; Society of Automotive Engineers. LEWIS, Carol D.: Wellton, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Biology; Beta Beta Beta. LEWIS, Donald Herbert: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management. LEWIS, Justine Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Phrateres, Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA. LEWIS, Larry T.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Phi Delta Theta. LEWIS, Ronald Edward: Greenup, Ky.; Engineering, Electrical; Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. LINDLEY, Carol Butler: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi. LINDSEY, Hugh Allen: Williamsburg, Va.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE, Eta Kappa Na, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, AFIT. LINDSTROM, Albert Nathaniel III Sonny: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Phi Delta Theta, SAM, Delta Sigma Pi. LISKA, Claire M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing. LISTON, Steven Earl: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LIVINGSTON, David Robert: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Chemical; Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Student Chemical Engineering Society. LONG, Arthur William III: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business Marketing; Club. LORENZ, Larry Edward: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Art. LUGE, Harry David: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Industrial Arts; Arts Association. LUNN, Phillip M.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, French; Varsity Cross Country. LUTES, Sherry Lyn: Superior, Ariz. ; Education, Elementary; ACEI, NEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. MACDONALD, Rand: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Pre-Law; Delta Sigma Pi, Pre-Law Club, Young Republicans, Campus Affairs Board. MAIN, Jon P.: Groton, Vt.; Liberal Arts, Economics; Concert Choir, Choral Union, Social Board. MALUTIN, Valentine Vladimir: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. MANGNALL, Richard Kent: Palisade, Colo.; Education, Biology; Arnold Air Society. MARR, Jesse L.: Coos Bay, Ore.; Business, General; Delta Sigma Pi. MARREEL, Jerry Maurice: Mason City, Iowa; Business, Management. MARSELLA, Theodore Leland: Fresno, Calif.; Business, Economics: Sigma Phi Epsilon, IFC, Archons, Sigma Delta Psi, AUSA, AMS, ASASU Senate. MARTIN, Clifford Charles: Morenci, Ariz.; Education, Physical Varsity Baseball. Graduates MATTICE, Judith Jane: Pima, Ariz.; Education, Business; Lambda Delta Sigma, Phi Chi Theta, Young Republicans. MAXWELL, Bruce Elliott: Miami, Ariz.; Education, Math; Student NEA, Sophos, Blue Key, Hayden Hall Council, Guild of Lay Theologians, Who ' s Who. MAYER, Richard Arlen: Prescott, Ariz.; Engin eering, Electronics MAYLAND, Avis Marie: Greybull, Wyo.; Education, Speech and Drama; Student NEA. MELBY, Mary Frances: Seattle, Wash.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Pi Sigma Alpha, International Students Relations Board. MENKIN, Richard L.: Cheyene, Wyo.; Business, Administration. MERRITT, Marjorie Ann: Minneapolis, Minn.; Education, Elementary. MERRITT, Robert Lee: Modesto, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry. MESSER, Ronald Franklin: Miami, Ariz.; Business, Advertising. METTEAUER, Vickie Lynn: Goodrich, Mich.; Education, Business; NEA, NBEA. MEYER, Donna G.: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. MEYER, Frederick W.: Santa Barbara, Calif., Liberal Arts, Mathematics; IAA, Math Club. MEYER, Judy Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Psi Chi, Cultural Affairs Board. MEYER, Richard Chesman: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Mathematics; Math Club. MICK, Charles Edward: Marion, Kent.; Engineering, Mechanical; AIAA. MICKELSON, Elaine: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Business; Lambda Delta Sigma, Pi Omega, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. MILLER, Avis Irene: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, History. MILLER, David George: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. MILLER, Geraldine A.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Phi, Panhellenic, Newman Club, WRA, Rallies and Traditions Board, Sigma Nu Sweetheart. MILLER, James Wesley: Coolidge, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Hooters. MARTIN, J. Craig: Globe, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Kappa Sigma. MARTIN, Robert Fulton (Horton): Guadalajara, Mexico; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Delta Sigma Phi. MARVELLI, Cristina Lee: Eau Claire, Wis.; Education, English; Quad Council, French Club. MASKULKA, Gerald Edward: Cleveland, Ohio; Architecture; SCAIA. MATKIN, Jean Carol: Bismark, N. Dak.; Liberal Arts, Psychology. MATKIN, Reuel P. (Matt): Logan, Utah; Business, Marketing; Marketing Club, Delta Sigma Pi. MILLER, John Robert: Winter Park, Fla.; Engineering, Mechanical; Pershing Rifles, ASME. MILLER, Lynda Kay: San Marino, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Gamma Phi Beta. MINNING, Sara Jane: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Clothing and Pi Beta Phi, Rallies and Traditions Board. MISENER, John P.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, History. MITCHELL, John Jr. : Superior, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega. MITCHELL, Martha Lee (Lill): Honolulu, Hawaii; Fine Arts, Art; Gamma Phi Beta, Panhellenic, Gamma Alpha Chi, MU Hostess. MONSEES, Nancy Kay: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi, Kaydettes, Orchesis, Beta Chi Epsilon. MONTALTO, Thomas Carl: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Club, Pre-Law Club. MONTGOMERY, Larry F. Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Delta Phi Kappa. MOORE, Patricia Ann: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Mathematics; IEEE. MOORHEAD, Joseph Shelley: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English ; State Press. MOORMAN, Judith Paula: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Office MORA, Ernest: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Spanish. MORD, Bruce L.: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology. MORRISTON, Donald Robert: Prescott, Ariz., Business, Accounting; Blue Key, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. MORROW, Thomas J.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi. MOYNIHAN, Antonie Marsh: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English ; Kappa Alpha Theta. MUECKE, Linda Lee: Pratt, Kan.; Education, English; Kappa Delta Pi. MULIS, John Harold: Chicago, Ill.; Business, Marketing. MULLENAUX, Marla Irene: Thatcher, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. Graduates MULLIGAN, Roseann (Nan) : Phoenix, Ariz. ; Education, Biology. MUMFORD, John B.: Dallas, Texas; Business Accounting; Sigma Chi, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, ASASU Senate, Chi Omega Man of the Year, Who ' s Who. MUNSEY, Robert Lee: Bisbee, Ariz.; Business, Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon. MURRELL, Carl Anthony: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical. MUZIKI, Lucille Ann: Prescott, Ariz.; Education, English; Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. MUZZY, Linda Dean: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, AECE. MYERS, Sammye Ruth: Young, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; ACEI, Student NEA, CEC. MYKLESTAD, Ingrid: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History; Delta Gamma, Cultural Affairs Board, International Students Relations Board, Who ' s Who. MYLIUS, Frederick George (Fritz): Rochester, N.Y.; Business, Insurance; Chess Club, ASASU Senate. McALISTER, Charles Merritt: Globe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Circle K, Wesley Foundation. McCARTHY, Edward Clark: Los Angeles, Calif.; Education, Physical Education. McCLAIN, Harry Thomas: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science. McCLAIN, Sandra C.: LaCanada, Calif.; Education, Elementary. McCLEARY, Jenny Louise: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Art; Baptist Union. McCLEVE, Norman Ray: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Finance. McCLINCHY, Patricia Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Art. McCONNELL, Robert Armstrong Jr.: Long Beach, Calif.; Liberal Arts Political Science; AMS, Interhall Council, ASASU President, Circle K, Best A Hall Council, Who ' s Who. McCORMICK, Daniel Forrest: Tempe, Ariz.; Business, General. McCULLOCH, Christopher James: Greenwich, Conn.; Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. McELROY, Thomas Terrell: Detroit, Mich.; Engineering, Electrical; Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. McFALLS, Heather Anne: Arlington, Va.; Business, Office Chi Omega, Golden Hearts. ASASU Secretary, Rallies and Board, International Students Relations Board, Who ' s Who. McKEE, Thomas Nelson: Pittsburgh, Pa.; Education, History; Student NEA, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta. McLAUGHLIN, Jean M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi. McMILLAN, William Patrick: Tempe, Ariz.; Engineering, Chemical; Phi Eta Sigma, Sophos, Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. McNICHOLS, Gary John: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Finance Club, Delta Sigma Pi. NAEGELE, Edward Joseph: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Industrial; Arts Club. NASH, Joyce Ann: Steubenville, Ohio; Business, Advertising; Stardusters. NASH, Ken Melvin (Flash): Los Angeles, Calif.; Education, Art; Kappa Alpha Psi, Varsity Track. NECKAMEYER, William R.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Graphic Arts. NEEDLEMAN, David Sol: Chicago, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Microbiology; Hillel Foundation. NEGRI, Jay Francis: Douglas, Ariz.; Education, Business. NELLY, Henry Meredith III: Weaverville, Calif.; Business, General. NELSON, Brenda Jean: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education. NESMITH, James Arthur: Long Beach, Calif.; Business, Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NEWELL, Wendell Robert: Bisbee, Ariz.; Engineering, Animal Science; Alpha Zeta. NEWSOM, John Phillip: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Lambda Delta Sigma. NEWTON, Sherry Marlene: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Anthropology Club, Student NEA. NICHOLS, Carol Susan: Dallas, Texas; Education, Elementary; Delta Gamma, Angel Flight. NICHOLS, Rolland D.: Bridgeport, Neb.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. NICODEM, Juanita Ruth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting. NIELSEN, William Durrell: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting. NODIFF, Marvin Joseph: St. Louis, Mo.; Liberal Arts, History; Phi Alpha Theta, Activities Board. NOLLER, Debra Lee: Alma, Kan.; Education, English; Alpha Lambda Delta, Interfaith Council, Sun Devil Archers, Kappa Delta Pi, Campus Crusade for Christ. NORDSTROM Nicki Lee: Minneapolis, Minn.; Education, Physical WRA, Parbusters, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Varsity Golf, Who ' s Who. NORMAN, Georgia Sue: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Kappa Alpha Theta, Maltesians. NORMAND, James Rick: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Young Republicans, Debate Squad. OBERLE, Billie Kay: Mesa, Ariz.; Nursing; Alpha Lambda Delta, AASN, Guild of Lay Theologians. OCHS, Daniel Roger: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Drama. O ' CONNOR, Daniel Alexander: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club, Pre-Law Club, Young Republicans, Business Council. O ' HIGGINS, Kirk Patrick: Omaha, Neb.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Psi Omega, Student NEA, Young Democrats. OHLFEST, John Arthur: Florence, Ariz.; Architecture; Alpha Rho Chi, ASASU Senate, SAIA. OKORIE, Alphonsus Uroka: Emekuku, Nigeria; Engineering, Animal Blue Key, Soccer Club, Alpha Zeta. OLDENBURG, Allan: Sturgeon Bay, Wis.; Liberal Arts, Math. OLSON, Leon Grant: Mesa, Ariz.; Education; Karate Club. O ' NEIL, William Patrick: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Speech; Sahuaro Yearbook, Interhall Council, ASASU Senate, Elections Board, Debate Squad, Who ' s Who. ORCUTT, Michael Walter: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business Administration; Sigma Nu. ORR, Robert W.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Economics; Theta Delta Chi. OVERMAN, Priscilla Ann: Tempe, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spurs, Natani, Mortar Board, Accounting Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Psi, Who ' s Who. PALOMINO, Ernest G.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Chemical. PAPANDREW, Thomas Paul: Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture; Alpha Rho Chi, Newman Club, Student Interfaith Council. Graduates PARKER, Thomas B.; Stratford, Conn.; Liberal Arts, Biology; Pershing Rifles, Devils ' N Dames. PARKINSON, Edward Lee: Crisfield, Md.; Engineering, Industrial; AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu, AFIT. PARKS, Samuel Dale: Lexington, Mo.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Chemical Society Student Affiliates, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. PARRISH, Lois K.: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Phrateres, Club. PASLAY, Charles Edward: Chelan, Wash.; Education, English; Student NEA. PATRICK, Charles H.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction; Phi Kappa Psi, Construction Club, Freshman Basketball. PATRICK, Charlotte Land: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, English; Kappa Alpha Theta, AWS, Spurs, Asst. ASASU Secretary. PATRICK, Judy Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. PATTON, Nelda Jean: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Lambda Delta Sigma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta. PATTON, Patsy R.: Olathe, Colo.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. PAYNE, Alan Russell: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Administration. PEEK, Jerry Lee: Tempe, Ariz.; Business, Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi. PEGUES, David Scott: Austin, Texas; Business, Finance; Advanced Army ROTC, Finance Club, Young Democrats. PELZER, Nancy Lee: Elcho, Wis.; Engineering, Animal Science. PENNINGTON, James Nelson: Phoenix,. Ariz.; Business, Management. PERKINS, William B.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Economics; Phi Gamma Delta, Sophos, Rallies and Traditions Board. PERRI, Richard Louis: Rockville Centre, N.Y., Liberal Arts, Economics; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Student-Faculty Relations Board, Pre-Law Club, Club, Choral Union. PERRY, Lela Dianne: Glendale, Ariz.; Nursing; Mac A Hall Council. PETERS, Michael Alan: Engineering, Graphic Arts. PETERSON, Lester Gerald: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, History. PETKOVSEK, Karen Lucille: Cleveland, Ohio; Education, Elementary; MU Hostess, PV East Council. PETRIE, Steven Lex: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Sophos, Delta Phi Kappa. PHELPS, Robert William: Wickenburg, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. PIERCE, Sharlan Kay: Rapid City, S. Dak.; Business, Accounting; Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Guild of Lay Theologians. Graduates PIKE, Harl: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. PITSCH, Joan Louise: Grand Rapids, Mich.; Education, Elementary. POLECHLA, Venita 0.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Russian-Spanish; Russian Club, Liga Panamericana, Student NEA, Alpha Mu Gamma. PONSETI, William E. Newman: Iowa City, Ia.; Business, General; Theta Delta Chi, Waters Sports Day Chairman. POORMAN, Charlotte Ann: Bloomington, Ill.; Education, English; Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Alpha Theta, Catalyst. POSPISIL, Jerilyn: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Lambda Delta Sigma. POTTER, Richard F.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sophos, Campus Crusade for Christ. POULSEN, Nancy Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pom Pon, Greek Week Queen. POWELL, Dixie Lee: Safford, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Sigma Tau Delta. POWELL, Jan Peter: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Civil; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASCE, Varsity Tennis. POWERS, Gerald Ray: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Insurance; Sigma Chi, IFC Council. POWERS, Tameysin D.: Safford, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Lambda Theta, Student NEA, Young Republicans. PRICE, Patricia Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Debate Squad, Pi Kappa Delta. PROUD, Linda Louise: Casper, Wyo.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. PUCKETT, James E.: Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Architecture, Construction; Student Construction Society of America, Sigma Lambda Chi. QUAM, James Russell: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Biology; Silver Wing, Arnold Air Society. RALLS, Helen Coar: Phoenix, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Music; Concert Choir. RAMANAUSKAS, Grace Julia: San Francisco, Calif.; Education, Business; Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Academic Council. RAMIREZ, Maretta Florence (Pinky): Douglas, Ariz.; Education, RANNEY, George M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management; Theta Delta Chi, Sigma Delta Psi. RAUSCHER, John William: Wyckoff, N.J.; Engineering, Mechanical; ASME, Tau Beta Pi. RAY, Margaret Victoria: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Choir. RAYMOND, Henry T. III: Ashland, Mass.; Education, Distributive; of Business Statistics. REED, Howard C.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. REED, Karen: Safford, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Lambda Delta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi. REED, Robert Morgan: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electronic REED, Thomas Franklin: Case Grande, Ariz.; Education, Business; Club. REESE, Donald Gail: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Microbiology. REEVES, Robert Edward: Yuma, Ariz.; Business, General. REILLY, Ginne Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Phrateres, Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi. RENNER, David Stanley: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Geography. RETTER, Laurie Beth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta. RHOADS, Ann Charlton: Selinsgrove, Pa.; Education, Elementary; ACEI, Student NEA. RICE, John Dale: Globe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science. RICE, Susan Jane: Dowagiac, Mich.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi. RICHARDSON, Robert Eugene: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Art; Alpha Delta Sigma, Art League, Publicity Service. RICHMAN, Myron Robert: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Finance Club. RICHTER, Aleda Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. RIEDESEL, Jacqueline Ruth: Fargo, N. Dak.; Education, Elementary. RIGGINS, Bryan Edward: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. RILEY, Terril Randolph: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education; Phi Sigma Kappa. RINCK, Elaine Susan: Belleville, Ill.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta, Arkesis. RINGLER, Stephen Martin: Bloomington, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Mass KASN, Cultural Affairs Board. RIZLEY, Jolinda Ann: Glendora, Calif.; Education, Business; Alpha Pi Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Delta Sigma. ROBBINS, Betty L.: Mesa, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. ROBERSON, Martha Marie: Van Nuys, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, University Orchestra. ROBERTS, Ken C.: Casper, Wyo.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Psi Chi. ROBERTSON, James Leon: Brockway, Pa.; Education, Art. ROBINSON, Ann Carol: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing; AASN. ROBINSON, Margaret Ann: Kalispell, Mont.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Alpha Lambda Delta, Cultural Affairs Board. ROEDER, Kathy Ann: San Antonio, Texas; Education, Speech and Drama. ROGERS, Dwane L.: Denver, Colo.; Business, Administration. ROGERS, Eugene Edward: San Francisco, Calif.; Business, Accounting; Kappa Alpha Psi, AFIT. ROGERS, James Del: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Political Science. ROLOFF, Diane Jean: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Catholic Student Association. RORVIG, Sherman Michael: Dalton, Minn.; Education, Elementary. ROSE, Janice Emily: Visalia, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Home Economics; Young Republicans, Beta Chi Epsilon. ROSEVEAR, Jill Loann: Columbia City, Ind.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. ROSS, Donald E.: Milwaukee, Wis.; Liberal Arts, Geology. ROSSCUP, Joyce Marie: Buckeye, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Sun Devil Band. ROSSETTI, Dorothy Virginia: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta. ROTE, Virginia E.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education. RUDOLPH, Gilbert L.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi. RUPP, Douglas Alan: Slayton, Minn.; Architecture, Construction; Lambda Chi Alpha, Construction Club. RUTHERFORD, Bob Chester (Lobster): Benton Harbor, Mich.; Business, Marketing; SAM. RUTHERFORD, Terry Lance: Waco, Texas; Business, Management. SACK, Abby Beth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Alpha Epsilon Phi, AWS, Elections Board, ASASU Senate, Delta Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Arkesis, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who. SALMON, Laura Ann: Coolidge, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. SANDERS, Paula Elizabeth: Chandler, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. SANDERSON, Janey Beth: Niagra Falls, N.Y.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; PV East Council. SANDERSON, Stephen Carter: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Aeronautical; Tau Kappa Epsilon. SANDLIN, Bernadean: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, English; Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA. SANDOVAL, Joanna Virginia: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Business; AWS. SANKEY, Charles David: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management; Delta Sigma Pi, Advanced Army ROTC. Graduates SCALISE, James William: Phoenix, Ariz.; Architecture. SCHABERG, Janice Marlene: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; AWS, Student NEA. SCHAEFER, Robert Leslie: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Political Science; Arnold Air Society, MU Board, Pre-Law Club, Campus Affairs Board. SCHEITLIN, Robert: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Political Science. SCHILLING, Charlotte Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Sigma Tau Delta, Mortar Board, Catalyst, Spurs, Natani, Alpha Lambda Delta. Who ' s Who. SCHNEIDER, Ruth Louise: Sacramento, Calif.; Education, Elementary; Campus Crusade for Christ. SCHNEIDER, Sandra Susan: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta, AWS, Newman Club, German Club, Mu Hostess, Phrateres, Catalyst, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who. SCHOENEMAN, Russell Carl: Hawarden, Iowa; Education, English; NEA. SCHOFF, Allyne Mae: Silverton, Ore.; Education, Home Economics. SCHURIG, Jennifer Lee: Mesa, Ariz.; Architecture. SCHWANKE, Janet Marie: Wheaton, Ill.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Delta Pi, Arkesis, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. SCHWARTZ, Gayle E.: Boise, Ida.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, ACEI. SCORDATO, Dorothy B.: Rockford, Ill.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, Newman Club, Phi Theta Kappa SCOTT, Anola Virginia: Buckeye, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. SEAMAN, James Howard: Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hayden Hall Council. SELAYA, Hernan: Bolivia; Engineering, Civil; ASCE. SHAFFER, Terry Russell: Torrance, Calif.; Business, Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. SHANNON, Frances Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; NEA, Newman Club, Gamma Hall Council, ACEI, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta. SHANNON, Lavern: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing; Sigma Alpha Iota. SHANNON, William Landless (Lanny): Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts. Zoology. SANTA CRUZ, Jim Esquer: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Spanish. SASSER, James A.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Administration. SASSER, Kathleen Dale: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Chi Omega, Pom Pon, Kappa Delta Pi, Natani, Mask Club, Orchesis, Mortar Board, Rallies and Traditions Board. SATTER, Karin Lea: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Biology. SAWYER, Sharon Jean: Minot, N. Dak.; Nursing; AASN. SAYLOR, Charlene Kay: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Clothing and Pom Pon, Social Board, Elections Board, Rallies and Traditions Board, Student-Faculty Board. SHANTZ, Thomas Michael: Bloomfield, Mich.; Business, General; Social Board, Cultural Affairs Board. SHARKEY, George Kenneth: Tempe, Ariz.; Engineering, Chemical; SCES. SHAW, Beverley Pomeroy: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi. SHAWNEE, G. Gilbert: Long Beach, Calif.; Fine Arts, Design; SAIA. SHAY, Mike H.: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Hooters, Intramurals. SHEER, Leslie Judith: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; MU Board, Rallies and Traditions Board. SHEINBEIN, Dena Beth: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Special; MU Board, CEC. SHELBY, Wanda F.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education; Eta Chi Epsilon. SHELLY, Larry E.: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, History. SHERMAN, Dwight Avner: Chicago, Ill.; Engineering, Electronics. SHIPP, Stephen Neal: Somerton, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Advanced Army ROTC. SHIREY, Raymond George: Youngwood, Pa.; Education, Physical Varsity and Freshman Football. SHUMWAY, Boyd Robert: Winslow, Ariz.; Education, Poiitical Science. SIGVALDSON, Elizabeth Anne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Delta Gamma, AWS. SILLIMAN, Richard Calvin: Los Angeles, Calif.; Business, Marketing; Phi Sigma Kappa, Varsity Golf. SILVA, David Bill: Springerville, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Newman Club. SIMMONS, Margaret Louise: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; NEA. SIMPSON, Brian Jefferson: San Bernardino, Calif.; Business, Advertising; Phi Sigma Kappa. SIMS, Charles Lewis: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Blue Key, Sophos, SACS. SINOFF, Lois Ellen: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. Graduates SISK, Pamela Kathleen: Bakersfield, Calif.; Education, French; Sahuaro Yearbook Editor, Mademoiselle College Board, Who ' s Who. SKAGGS, Penelope Lee: St. Clairsville, Ohio; Education, Home SKEVINGTON, Sue Ellen: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. SKILLINGS, Leslie Eben: Springfield, Ohio; Education, History; Gamma Theta Upsilon. SLATER, Robert Vernon: Albany, Ore.; Engineering, Mechanical. SLATTERY, Carolee Susan: Hollis, N.Y.; Education, Elementary; ACEI, Student NEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. SLAVIK, Gerald Miller: Green Bay, Wis.; Business, Finance; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Finance Club, Ski Club, Economics Club. SLAVIN, Susan Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. SMITH, Arthur Albert: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Delta Chi, IFC Council. SMITH, Bonnetta Mae: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. SMITH, Donna Joan: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. SMITH, Gene Allen: Avery, Okla.; Engineering, Industrial; AIIE. SMITH, James Timothy: Prescott, Aria.; Liberal Arts, Math. SMITH, Shirley Jean: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Alpha Delta Pi, Rallies and Traditions Board, Natani, MU Hostess. SNYDER, Charlotte Frances: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board, AWS, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Kappa Gamma. SNYDER, Lois Irene: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; PV East Hall Council, AWS. SOPIAK, Donald Richard: McKees Rocks, Pa.; Education, History; Theta Upsilon, Student NEA. SPECTOR, Jerome Barry: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi. SPENCE, Bruce M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English; Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Epsilon, State Press. SPIELER, Marsha Jean: Chandler, Ariz.; Engineering, Animal Science; Fencing Club, Newman Club, Rifle Team, Judo Club, Alpha Zeta. SPOLINN, Jacque Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Alpha Lambda Delta. SPRAGUE, Linda Raynell: Cornville, Ariz.; Education, Business; Mac B Hall Council, Mortar Board, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA, NBEA, AWS. SPURLING, Beverly Jean: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Business; Alpha Pi Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Delta Pi. STAFFORD, Lynda Anne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Relations Board, Bowling Club. STAKE, Peter Van: Phoenix, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Art. STANLEY, Ellen Jean: Edwards AFB, Calif.; Nursing; AASN, PV East Hall Council. STANTON, Dennis Foster: Greensboro, N.C.; Liberal Arts, Recreation; Varsity Golf. STAPLETON, Elizabeth JoAnn : Normal, Ill.; Education, Secondary; Alpha Beta Alpha, Student NEA. STARNER, Darlene Ann: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Math; Phrateres, Delta Pi. STEIMEL, James A.: Providence, R.I.; Architecture, Construction; Club. STEMP, Sue Ellen: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Physical Education; PEMM, Varsity Badminton. STEPHAN, Larry Dean: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science ; Pi Kappa Delta, Young Republicans, Debate Squad, Pre-Law Club, ACLU. STEPHENS, Larry Eugene: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management. STEVENSON, Doris Jean: Phoenix, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Natani, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. STEWART, Jerome Wayne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Club, Newman Club, Construction Club. STEWART, William Arthur: Dallas, Texas; Business, General; Sigma Chi, Pre-Law Club. STIFFLER, Robert Darwin: Littleton, Colo.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Lutheran Student Association, Varsity Track. STOLER, Sandra Joyce: Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. STREET, Joe Carroll: San Diego, Calif.; Business, General; Phi Sigma Kappa, Traffic Appeals Board. STREET, Linda Diane: LaMesa, Calif.; Education, Elementary. STRUPP, Peter Andrew: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Finance; Varsity Golf. STULL, John A. III: Breckenridge, Minn.; Liberal Arts, Sociology; Young Democrats, Alpha Kappa Delta, Sahuaro C Hall Council. STUMP, Richard Anthony: Tempe, Ariz.; Engineering, Mechanical; ASME. SULLIVAN, Charles William: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Mechanical; Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, ASME, AIAA. SULLIVAN, Milton John: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, General. SUPIK, Donald Frank: Gregory, S. Dak.; Graduate, MBA. SWANSON, Carl Theodore Jr. (Bud): Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Math; AIAA, Cultural Affairs Board, International Students Relations Board. SWANSON, William Douglas: San Manuel, Ariz.; Architecture, Construction Club. SWINDLE, Larry Clifford: Tuscola, Texas; Business, Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon, American Marketing Association. TAFT, David A.: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TAGER, Robert Carlton: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Math; Alpha Pi, IEEE. TANG, Edward F ' .; Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Math; Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi. TANNER, Lyle J.: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Accounting Club. TARR, Barbara Marilyn: Cleveland, Ohio, Education, Elementary. TARTER, Marvin Nicholas: Union, Ore.; Business, Marketing. TATE, Jay Thomas: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. TAYLOR, Howard Edward: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; Chemical Society. TEFFT, Rose: Columbia, S. Carolina; Education, Elementary. TENNEY, Calvin J.: Alpine, Ariz.; Education, Elementary. TERRY, Jack M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English. Graduates TESSITORE, Carol Jane: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, French; Chi Omega, Pom Pon, Natani, International Students Relations Board. THATFORD Sharon Anne: Phoenix, Ariz., Nursing; AASN. Ritchie Herbert: Star Lake, Wis. ; Education, Physical Student NEA, AEA, HPER. THOMAS, Arlene Frances: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, English. THOMAS, Kenneth Gary: Chandler, Ariz. ; Business, Marketing. THOMAS, Lanny Ross Scottsdale, Ariz. ; Fine Arts, Drama. THOMAS, Nancy Lucile: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Delta. THOMAS, Ronald Lee: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Silver Wing. THOMAS, Theresa Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English; Student NEA, Alpha Beta Alpha. THOMPSON, Arthur Dickinson III: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical. THOMPSON, Charles Walter: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, English; Baptist Student Union, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. THOMPSON, Lauren: Mesa, Ariz.; Education, Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi, Beta Chi. THOMPSON, Paul Anthony: Mesa, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; Delta Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu. TILTON, Norman Duane: Akron, Ohio; Engineering, Mechanical; Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma. TIMMERMAN, Mary Anne: Sioux City, Iowa; Education, Elementary; Student NEA. TIMMONS, Gail Gretchen: Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Nursing. TINDER, Elaine Sylvia: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sociology. TITGEN, Ronald Lee: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Management. TIZARD, Sarah Hervene: Miami, Ariz.; Business, Office Administration. TOGNOLI, Stephen John: Hollywood, Fla.; Liberal Arts, Economics. TOMA. Steve C.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Spanish. TOMICH, Joan Carol: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Kappa Delta Phi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Student NEA. TOMLINSON, Judith Ann: Avondale, Ariz. ; Education, Elementary; Wilson Hall Council. TOOTHAKER, Richard Carlton: Clovis, N. Mex.; Liberal Arts, Arnold Air Society, Silver Wing. TRIPLETT, Charlotte Anne: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Math. TURLEY, Christine: Woodruff, Ariz. ; Education, Home Economics ; Lambs Delta Sigma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi. TURMAN, Vestula Theresa: Phoenix, Ariz. ; Education, Home Economics Student NEA. TWEED, Karen Kay : Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Alpha Theta, Panhellenic Council, AWS. URBINA, Maria Evangelina : Eagle Pass, Texas; Education, Spanish; Student NEA, Liga Panamerican, Baker Center. VALENTINE, Patricia Ann: Detroit, Mich.; Business, General; Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma. VAN DUERM, Diana Lynn: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Alpha Theta, Student NEA, Arkesis, Maltesians, Mu Hostess, ASASU Senate. VAN ZANTEN, Vivian, G.; Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi. VAUGHT, Gerald Wilson: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Club, BA Council. VIBBER, Van R.: Waterford, Conn.; Business, General; Marketing Club. VICK, Richard Snead: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science. VILD, Duane Rhoe Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Graphic Arts; Alpha Tau Omega, Industrial Arts Club. VINTILA, Pamela Jo: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Student NEA. VOGT, August William Jr.: Globe, Ariz.; Education, Business; Kappa Sigma. VOITA, Elaine M.: Phoenix, Ariz. ; Liberal Arts, English; Maltesians, Sigma Tau Delta. VOLLMER, Wayner Herbert: Vancouver, B.C., Can.; Business, General; Varsity Golf. VOLTS, Hallie Deering: Onawa, Iowa ; Education, Spanish; Alpha Chi Omega. VON TEMPSKY, Kimball: Spreckesville, Hawaii; Business, General. VORBRICH, Larry Eugene: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Engineering, Technical Design; ASTME, AFROTC. WACHTER, Robert James : Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, General ; Theta Delta Chi. WADE, Barry Jay : Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Management; Delta Phi Kappa. WALKER, Norman V.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, Accounting Club, Finance Club, BA Council. WALKER, William Edward Okmulgee, Okla.; Business, General; Alpha Tau Omega. WALKINGTON, John Wayne: Durango, Colo.; Engineering, Electrical. Graduates WATERHOUSE, Judith Ann: Rockford, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Medical Technology; Newman Club. WEBB, Brian A.: Wickenburg, Ariz.; Engineering, Technical Design. WEBBER, Clifford C.: Ottawa, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Chemistry; American Chemical Society Student Affiliate. WEBER, Frederick John: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Physics; American Institute of Physics. WEBER, Robert J.: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, Political Science. WEIDINGER, Marc Edmund: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Geography; ASASU Senate, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Sigma Alpha. WEIER, Ann: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology. WEILACHER, Roger Paul: Kane, Pa.; Architecture, Construction; Construction Club, Sigma Lambda Chi. WEITZUL, Thomas Edward: Newport Beach, Calif.; Architecture, Construction; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WELIMAN, William J.: Tempe, Ariz.; Engineering, Electrical; IEEE, ETA Kappa Nu. WEST, Diane Lynn: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting. WESTLAKE, William Raymond: Honolulu, Hawaii; Business, Accounting. WHEELER, Sharon Marie: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, English. WHITE, George Bernard: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Young Republicans. WHITMER, John R.: Mesa, Ariz.; Business, Management; Delta Phi Kappa, Lambda Delta Sigma, Advanced ROTC. WIEBURG, Richard Carl: Dinuba, Calif.; Education, Physical Educa tion; Varsity Tennis, Delta Chi. WIGLEY, Ruth Ann: Glendale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary; Newman Club. WILBUR, John Hugh: Davenport, Iowa; Engineering, Mechanical; AIAA. WILBURN, O. Eugene: Tempe, Ariz.; Education, English; Sigma Tau Delta. WILLIAMS, Darrell Rufus: West Plains, Mo.; Liberal Arts, Math. WALMSLEY, Sandra LaVerne : Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Zoology; Gamma Phi Beta, Mortar Board, Natani, Spurs, Mac B Hall Council. WALSH, Michael Patrick: Wyckoff, N.J.; Education, Elementary. WALTERS, James Alan: San Bernardino, Calif.; Engineering, Chemical; Phi Mu Alpha, Chemical Engineering Society. WANAMAKER, Allan John: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psychology; Phi Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles, MU Board. WARNE, Alan M. Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Political Science; Blue Key, Sophos, Silver Wing, ASASU Senate. WARREN, Joseph Glen Jr.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business, Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Blue Key, Beta Gamma Sigma. Graduates WILLIAMS, David Lester : Phoenix, Ariz. ; Liberal Arts, Zoology ; Beta Beta Beta. WILLIAMS, Jane Lee: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Wilson Hall Council. Gamma Alpha Chi, State Press. WILLIAMSON, Phoenix, Ariz. ; Education, Elementary. WILLINGHAM, Roberta Ann : Henderson, Kent. ; Education, Elementary. WINANS, David Leo: Phoenix, Ariz. ; Business, Accounting ; Beta Alpha Psi, Elections Board. WINTERS, John William: Jerseyville Ill. ; Business, Accounting. WIPER, Thomas Luther Jr. : Eugene, Ore. ; Liberal Arts, History ; Kappa Sigma, Blue Key, ASASU Supreme Court, Organizations Board, Greek Week and Homecoming Committee. WISCHLER, Carolyn Joy: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Phrateres. WISE, Charles Raymond : Pinetop, Ariz. ; Liberal Arts, Political Science ; Delta Chi, Pre-Law Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, ASASU Senate, ASASU Administrative Vice President, Who ' s Who. WOLFE, Cheryl Ann : Sleepy Eye, Minn.; Fine Arts, Art, Stardusters, Art League. WOLFE, Jim Lee : Buffalo, N.Y.; Engineering, Chemical; Student Chemical Engineering Society. WOLLHEIM, Roger Lee: Phoenix, Ariz. ; Business, Insurance. WONG, Bing K.: Sacramento, Calif. ; Business, Finance ; Pre-Law Club. WOOD, Jimmy Darrell : Morenci, Ariz. ; Education Elementary. WOOD, Randy Dale : Mesa, Ariz. ; Engineering, Electrical ; Theta Delta Chi, IEEE, Who ' s Who, Rallies and Traditions Board. Thomas Howard : Tempe, ; Liberal Arts, Political Science ; Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Society. WRIEDT, Francine Marie : DesPlaines, Ill.; Education, Physical A Club, PEMM, WRA. WRIGHT, Maureen Isabel: Yuma, Ariz. ; Education, Physical Education ; PEMM, AHPER, AAHPER. WRIGHT, Thomas : Clifton, Ariz. ; Education, English. YAHAYA, Mahammodu Nigeria, Engineering, Electrical. YEE, Benny Ling : Phoenix, Ariz. ; Liberal Arts, English; Oriental Students Club. YEE, Benny Jr. ; San Diego, Calif. ; Architecture, Construction ; Student Construction Society, Oriental Students Club. YENERICH, Joan Elizabeth: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Elementary ; Chi Omega, MU Hostess, ASASU Senate. YOUNG, Jeanette : Mesa, Ariz. ; Education, Home Economics ; Lambda Delta Sigma, Beta Chi Epsilon. ZABOROWSKI, Dorothy M.: Chicago, Ill. ; Education, Secondary. ZIER, Louis John: Gering, Neb. ; Education, Speech. ZIMAN, Meyer Louis: Phoenix, Ariz. ; Business, General; Phi Delta Theta. ZINKL, Richard J.: Prescott, Ariz. ; Engineering, Industrial. COLLEGES College of Architecture " Giving substance and character to an environment is the job of the architect. Buildings, airplanes, washing machines, gardens, highways and of these are manifestations of man ' s instinctive effort to meet his needs in ways that will enrich his life. " Dean James W. Elmore Great plans are in the making on the drawing board of this fifth-year architecture student. One of the female architecture students contemplates her drawings with a look of hopelessness. Surrounded by what seems to be chaos, an architecture student works on a well-ordered project. The Architecture program at Arizona State is a 5-year curriculum. During the first two years, the student pursues studies of two kinds: those looking to his development as an individual and those exploring his potential as an architect. In the last three years, the courses are concerned with professional work. Studies in Architectural Techniques develop knowledge of the technical bases of architecture, which are concerned with ways of doing things. Studies in Architectural develop understanding of architecture as both a consequence and a determinant of man ' s character. Architecture students spend many long hours studying in the Architecture Library. These are the plans for the Rio Salado project which was on exhibition March 9. It takes more than a bulldozer to prepare the for a building, as this student well knows. College of Acting Dean William Huizingh Business Secretarial student practices exercises in statistics lab. The College of Business Administration is second only to the College of Education in the number of students it graduates. While offering degrees in accounting, economics, finance, advertising, general administration, insurance, real estate, management, marketing and office administration it has a special secretarial program and a pre-law program. The business administration building is equipped with modern facilities including an IBM 402 computer series, special-purpose business labs, a production management lab equipped for time and motion studies and an advertising lab with facilities for recording radio and TV commercials. Graduate teaching assistant instructs a student in data processing. The new College of Business Administration building had a planned completion date of spring semester 1968. A division of the College of Business Administration is the Bureau of Business Research and Services. In the bureau, faculty and students work together with full-time research specialists to serve the business community through the compiling and publishing of business data, through a continuing education program with faculty and student participation, for the business community and through a weekly radio and television presentation, " Western Business Roundup. " The college also offers an expanding graduate program offering the Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Science degree in economics and accounting as well as the Doctor of Business Administration degree. Not all typing students are business majors—the college welcomes everyone. Would you believe they came out the same? Now is the time for all good men .. . And while all my friends are TGIFing . . 125 college of education Dean G. D. McGrath 1 26 By remembering to sign in, student teachers can cut red tape with pens. Without computerized exam grading, would there be fewer exams? The education of a nation, both its children and its adults, often decides its fate. Only a highly educated nation can exist in a technical age such as ours. The College of Education, under the direction of Dean G. D. McGrath. is aware of the demand and is to meet it. Bachelor of Arts in Education, Masters of Arts in Education, Education Specialist, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy are the degrees offered. In addition the degree are designed to provide specialization in 14 special fields. Secondary teachers can concentrate in 24 different subject fields. The audio visual program trains the teacher in techniques of presenting his material in a more effective and interesting manner. 127 Familiar to future teachers is the Curriculum Library in the Education Annex. George A. Gill heads the Dept. of Indian Education. Dr. Abraham of the Special Education Department specializes in gifted children. 128 Specialized as well as general courses of study are offered at ASU. A program preparing teachers of the mentally retarded and courses for teaching the " gifted child " help to fill a growing need. Indian education offers a challenge in America and the Indian Education Research Center at ASU works to train teachers of Indian students and to provide consultant services for Indian tribes and tribal leaders. The Payne School, an experimental school not divided into grades, offers teachers an opportunity for classroom Training in library science and a program for specialized adult education are offered for students whose talents extend into these areas. The Education Building patio is conducive to resting and Dr. Vergis teaches camera mechanism to a lab student. socializing. 129 College of Engineering The engineer has as his job the application of science and is concerned with creating more methods, devices and systems. The School of Engineering began in 1958 with 300 Five years ago a doctorate degree program was established. This year three Ph.D ' s in engineering were earned, making a total of six earned in what is now ASU ' s College of Engineering. A continuing program this year for freshmen students, called the " Creative Design was started to increase student interest and motivation in the college. The freshmen submit ideas of technical problems of human need, i.e., an alarm clock for the deaf. After the best proposals are selected, the students are asked to offer a design proposal for the solution of one of these ideas. are formed to work on each of the best Progress reports and a final design are then submitted. The designs are judged with prizes for the top three. This project has greatly increased the enthusiasm for engineering at ASU. Analog computers help students prepare chemical processes. A civil engineering student checks the D.C. voltage on a soil research project for the Arizona Highway Department. 130 Dean Lee Thompson Hydraulic presses are used to test building materials. All engineering students may use the facilities in the Computer Lab. It is important to know the specific skills and technology involved in the fields of engineering., but ASU feels it is far more important to give the engineer a fundamental understanding of the basic engineering sciences. Yet the specialized areas remain strong. In chemical students work in applied chemistry and physics using mathematics and economics. In the control of physical environment, ASU offers specialized civil engineering courses. Computer systems and electronic systems offer the engineer the opportunity to study the generation and use of power. Industrial engineering concentrates on industrial systems. Aerospace and energy conversion are specialized areas in mechanical engineering. And with all of this, the College of Engineering provides in its courses the spark of enthusiasm that is needed to create new and more useful devices and systems that will run tomorrow ' s world. Electrical engineering students study circuitry and circuit 132 Dr. Balin uses the demonstration board of a transistor amplifying circuit to instruct a student in the uses of transistors in industry. This addition to the college is typical of campus architecture. Students in fluid dynamics study the extraction of iodine from water. 133 college of fine arts Grady Gammage Auditorium, designed by the late Frank Lloyd Wright, serves a third year as cultural and entertainment center for ASU and the Valley. 134 Arizona State is known in the Southwest for its music department. The fine arts provide man with a means of slowing down and removing himself from the rush of the world around him. From the first floor of Grady Gammage Auditorium, the College of Fine Arts at ASU under the direction of Dr. Henry A. Bruinsma, works to produce men and women dedicated to the world with something more beautiful, something more artful, something more poetic, something more musical. The College offers degrees in the fields of the arts, humanities, music, speech and drama. The students of today here at ASU may be the artists of tomorrow. Dean Henry Bruinsma 135 The drama department maintains a full schedule of performances. Art style may change, but art as a part of life will always remain. 136 The class in ceramics is popular with students both in and out of the College of Fine Arts. A point is reached where practice is not only necessary but rewarding. This is one of ASU ' s many musical groups. 137 college of liberal arts 138 To the student in the sciences, the microscope is an indispensible tool. Dean Karl H. Dannenfeldt Under the leadership of Dr. Dannenfeldt, the College of Liberal Arts, with its newly established Center for Latin American Studies, continues in its function to acquaint students with the studies, sciences and disciplines of the world. With the traditional objectives of liberal arts in the fore, it teaches students to think to use their talents to the best advantage and to carry out their responsibilities to the and nation. With eighteen academic and two military departments, the College of Liberal Arts teaches the major portion of General courses ranging from anthropology to zoology for the other colleges of the University. Despite the dual responsibility before the College, it has the " small college " feeling in a large University setting. 139 In keeping with University policy, the College of Liberal Arts tries to maintain a small student-teacher ratio for more complete communication. A quiet afternoon finds the benched patio area of the Language and Literature Building unusually deserted. 140 A language must be spoken to be learned, for this we have the language lab. A background in the sciences is a must for a liberal education. Within the departments of the College are many student honoraries and professional groups. Sigma Delta Psi, national athletic fraternity; Alpha Mu Gamma, foreign language honorary; and Pi Kappa Delta, the national debate honorary are included among these. The College of Liberal Arts offers BA, MA, BS, MS, Ph.D, and MNS degrees. Thus, every enrolled Liberal Arts student, past and present, helps to provide his own intellectual curiosity and eagerness to learn. Only the student, through his enthusiastic willingness to learn and his curiosity for knowledge, makes the overall picture complete. The Women ' s P. E. Building was just completed for 1966-67. 141 This year, for the first time, the College of Nursing has all its facilities under one roof. Dedication of the modern five-level building took place on 9, 1966. The history of the Nursing College is a relatively short one. In April 1957, as a School of Nursing, it opened its doors to 65 students and two faculty members. Today it is a fully accredited college with 485 students and 25 faculty members. Courses ranging from Nursing Science to Medical and Surgical Nursing are included in its progressive program which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Location plays an important part in the success of the College of Nursing. Ideally located near Phoenix, the College has access to some of the finest community hospitals and health agencies in the Southwest. The College ' s program is approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing. A member of the Council of Member Agencies for the Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs of NLN and Western Council on Higher Education for Nursing, the College is also recognized for scholarship by the Army and Navy Nurse Corps. The College of Nursing is now housed in this new five-level structure. Graduate assistant Ev Trevor helps nursing freshman Nancy Bell with her chemistry experiment. 142 Dean L. A. Hanner The College of Nursing moved from the center of campus to this building dedicated November 9, 1966. Student Nurse Gayle Welker practices one of the The student nurse divides time between academics and work in the clinical basics. area. 144 One of the greatest advantages of attending nursing school at a state university is the wide diversity of subject matter. The nursing program at ASU three areas: the professionally related courses, such as physical, biological, and behavioral sciences; the required nursing courses in the areas of maternal and child, medical and surgical, and public health nursing; and the program of general education. The College of Nursing believes that courses in the humanities and various sciences are an integral part of the curriculum, to the student ' s depth and breadth of understanding. The administrators know well that, besides being professionally competent, a nurse must be a responsible and creative person. Maternity and Child Nursing is an important junior-level course. The patient ' s case history is recorded on his medical record. 145 Dean William J. Burke 146 The Graduate College of Arizona State University, under the direction of Dean William J. Burke, seeks the development of knowledge through intellectual challenge in advanced arid specialized areas. For the student with ability, interest and determination, the Graduate College offers a masters degree in ten topical areas including a Masters of Arts, Science, Business Administration, Music, Natural Sciences, Arts in Education, Fine Arts, Public Administration, Science in Engineering, and Social Work. The College also offers the doctorate in business administration, education and philosophy. Assistant Dean Harold B. Hunnicutt Assistant Dean Richard G. Landini 147 GSSSA library facilities in the new College of Nursing building help studies. Second year students meet in informal classes to discuss projects. graduate school of social service administration The two-year graduate curriculum leading to the degree of Master of Social Work is designed to provide the student with a sound foundation of knowledge. philosophy and skill. The Graduate School of Social Service Administration endorses the belief that a concern for fellow-man and an interest in the promotion of his well being are vital to the development of welfare services. These ideals are realized through a program of education that stresses a dynamic interaction of course work and field instruction. The School ' s comprehensive program offers a concentration in the casework method of social work practice. This method accents the worth of the individual and offers help with difficulties arising within the and his environment. The caseworker learns to help the person with a problem through the application of his own knowledge and skill in the disciplined use of relationships. 148 Dean Horace W. Lundberg Case in point—the proposed College of Law. Dean Willard Pedrick College of Law The new College of Law offers a three-year program leading to the professional degree of Juris Doctor. The College will prepare young men and women for the practicing legal profession to to the quality of our justice. Led by a distinguished faculty, the students will follow a prescribed course of study the first two years. teaching will be used to focus attention on actual court decisions rather than on rote textbook learning. Thus the word-symbol " law " becomes the thing and the student is oriented to and stimulated by the course material. The third-year student has virtually complete freedom in his selection of courses. The modern program of legal education offered at Arizona State will provide both and opportunity for the law student. John S. Armstrong IV breaks ground for the law building which is to be named after one of his ancestors. Aerospace Studies AFROTC cadets have to know about the jets they will fly. Classes concerning man in space are taught. Col. Robert W. McFadden Classroom study, field drill and actual flight instruction are a few of the facets in the Aerospace Studies program at ASU. As basics, the men are required to take four semesters of drill and two semesters of classroom work including study in military tactics, foreign military powers, armament and types of aircraft. The advanced program includes four of drill and four of class work. Areas offered in the program are information, personnel, administration and flight instruction. As seniors, men interested in flight instruction have an to earn their private pilot ' s license by taking classes at Sky Harbor Airport. The Drill Team, made up of basics, placed in the annual drill contest in Anaheim. The Space Week display, begun last year, was expanded. This year it included, from NASA, a full scale model of the Mariner IV space camera which took pictures of the moon in 1965. Intensified classroom training provides AROTC cadets the background for future officer training. Col. Coy L. Curtis Military Science Military instruction on the campus at Tempe was initiated in 1879 by James H. McClintock when he acted on legislation " to provide and encourage military instruction in public schools. " Thus by the spring of 1901 the cadets of Tempe were proficient enough to serve as bodyguards for President during his visit to Phoenix. By an act of the 21st Legislative Assembly of Arizona, the Cadet Company of the Normal School became a part of the National Guard under the title, Normal Cadet Company. Through the years simulated warfare was held with the National Guard and some of the cadets joined the Army to serve with Pershing during the Mexican Border campaigns of 1917. After World War I interest in military training at Tempe was subjected to much and was finally discontinued in April, 1926. For 22 years no formal course of military was offered. However, the fall of 1948 marked the beginning of a federally-funded Reserve Officers Training Corps on campus which has provided through 1967 approximately 400 commissioned officers for the Army. AROTC cadet classes are on the agenda every Tuesday morning right after drill. Student cadets are taught the basic fundamentals of military warfare. ADMINISTRATION Gov. John R. (Jack) Williams Governor and Board of Regents The Arizona Board of Regents plans for the and quality improvement of the state ' s three universities. Its membership of eight members and two ex-officio members a change with the election of Gov. Jack Williams in November. The Board of Regents recommended that ASU continue in its role as a leading state university arid center for graduate and professional study. It also encouraged the development of adult education in professional and specialized fields. And the Board also took into consideration the proposal of Pres. to organize a system of branch or satellite campuses revolving around ASU and using some of its more specialized facilities such as the library and computer center. The intention here is that the branch campuses could grow easily and with population growth and state needs at a minimum cost to the state. Members of the Arizona Board of Regents are: George Chambers, Tucson; Arthur B. Schellenberg, Phoenix; Leon Levy, Tucson; ASU President G. Homer Durham; Mrs. Vivian L. Boysen, Douglas; James Byron McCormick, Tucson; Advisor to the Board; O. D. Miller, Phoenix; Norman G. Sharber, Flagstaff; and Elwood W. Bradford, Yuma. turned Dr. Willard Pedrick, Dean of the College of Law, delivers the major convocation address to friends and faculty of the university. President G. Homer Durham presided over the convocation exercises. Arizona State University is a rapidly growing university academically and physically and the annual convocation exercises underlined this fact. From the humble beginnings of a one-teacher normal school to a multi-faceted university, ASU has begun to find its place in the sun. Commencing in the fall of 1967 will be the first class in the new College of Law. The following fall the law building will be completed. Convocation brings to mind the change from Normal School to State College and finally the big effort in 1957-58 to University when the voters of the state had to decide the issue. It hasn ' t been easy for ASU to keep up with its growth especially when enrollment jumped from a World War II lull of some 1,500 students to its present 21,000. The administration, the and the students paused at this, the 82nd convocation, to dedicate themselves anew to the challenge of a better and greater ASU. Administration University President G. Homer Durham A site in the sun, a unique university, State struggles in growth to bring a quality education to a commuting student body while establishing a meaningful for those campus students whose life is centered around the university and its activities. The job is comparable to tying together the ends of a steel pipe. Behind this job stands ASU ' s president, G. Homer Durham. He describes the dilemma of the university as follows: " It is presently organized into a variety of colleges, schools, divisions, and departments, on a single campus to provide individual attention, counseling, and class sizes comparable to the small colleges of yesteryear. " an enrollment of 40,000 by 1975, Durham proposed the " branch concept as a possible solution to the problems posed. The concept advocated small liberal arts colleges as branches of ASU. The advantage would be to educate more students more economically. Lectures, faculty, concerts, etc. could he exchanged. And Tempe facilities would be available to the branch campuses. Yet the role of the university is also to culturally. Here, ASU has an well-defined role in a city whose youth hinders its ability to handle the cultural enthusiasm. But ASU is efforts to satisfy this need. Grady Memorial Auditorium continues to draw crowds to functions of all kinds. And the newly completed Charles Trumbull Hayden Library beckons to members of the university community and Valley residents alike. The daily traffic through its doors testifies to its success. Yet President a native westerner who is dedicated to the growth and educational development of the West, has this to say in the face of the challenge: " I sincerely hope we can retain the sense of community, the warm congeniality, the capacity for friendship that is our inheritance from the past. " Academic Vice President Joseph C. Schabacker Research Vice President William J. Burke Vice President Gordon B. Castle Business Vice President Gilbert L. Cady Administrative Staff Dr. George Hamm, dean of students Dr. Catherine Nichols, associate dean of students Dr. Russell Bloyer, dean of men Jo Dorris, assistant dean Catherine Fahrion, counselor Flarie Den Boer, acting assistant dean Kay Hoover, assistant dean Robert Chamberlain, assistant dean of men Robert Burnes, associate comptroller Dick Finley, ASASU executive manager Cecelia Scoular, director of Union Trudy Thomas, assistant director Memorial Union Dr. Richard Wootton, director of aids Alfred Thomas, registrar Dr. Alan Covey, university librarian Dr. Robert Menke, director of placement Dean Smith, director of and publications Dr. Joseph Spring, Chief, News Bureau John Duffy, director of CampusSecurity Donald Dotts, associate executive secretary of Alumni Association Edward Hickcox, director of housing Bob McConnell, ASASU president Heather McFalls, ASASU secretary John Herrick, ASASU first vice president Chuck Walrad, ASASU activities vice president Charles Wise, ASASU administrative vice president The Executive Council includes the ASASU President, the First, and Activities Vice Presidents, ASASU Secretary, Dean of Students and Executive Manager. It is their job, as spokesmen of the students, to and complement the functions of the administration and the students with the needs and desires of each. Stephen Klock, AMS President Karen Darr, AWS President ASASU The Council holds jurisdiction over the Students boards and organizations. Among these are the Student Senate, the Board of Financial Control, Student Information Board, and such coordinating committees as Homecoming, Parents ' Day, Freshman Week and the MU Birthday Party. Dick Finley, ASASU executive manager Dr. George Hamm, dean of students Donna Rodgers, secretary to ASASU executive manager 167 Members of the STUDENT SENATE are, First Row: Thomas Papandrew, Roger D. Patton, Anand S. Rughani, Ira M. Friedman, Skip Swerdlow, Terry L. Forsberg, Bob Carlin, Bob Johnson, Dick Zimmerman. Second Row: Diana Van Duerm, Jo Ann Foreman, Carole. McGrew, Mary Bunny Olmsted, Jan Plowman, Linda Vogel, Heather McFalls, Karen Lynskey. Third Row: Lilly Hendrickson, Abby Sack, Judy Maryann McGovern, Linda Federici, Cheryl Mugridge, Barbara Hughes, Baku Irani, Judy Mitchell. Fourth Row: Steve Yarbrough, Patrick O ' Neil, Ronald Houston, John Moore, Norman Killip, Don Thomas, Ted Mullen, Alan Linford. Fifth Row: John Herrick, John W. Haines, Don Howard, Marc Weidinger, Bud Scribner, J. J. Brown, Donald L. Harris, Jerry W. Ferguson, Curtis Page. ASASU Boards Justices of the SUPREME COURT interpret the constitution and settle judicial conflicts. Sitting: Gary L. Patten, Howard C. Kirk, Sue Burke. Standing: James R. Brennan, E. Leslie Pospisil. The TRAFFIC APPEALS BOARD hears appeals from students who have received traffic tickets. Jackie Jenks, chairman; Betsy Safford, John Bare, Joe Carroll Street, Connie Outcalt, Lani Parker. Making recommendations concerning finance appropriations in addition to regular budgets is the duty of the BOARD OF FINANCIAL CONTROL. Dr. Charles D. Hoyt, Jr., Skip Swerdlow, Karen Darr, Chuck Walrad, Bob McConnell, Heather McFalls, Charles Wise, John Herrick, G. F. Hamm. The CAMPUS AFFAIRS BOARD published the Instructor-Course Evaluation this year as its major project. First Row: Andy Bank, C. Gilbert Wrenn, Jo Dorris, Sue Cornwell, chairman; Victor Jay Miller, Robert L. Knox, Katie Boyle. Second Row: Ron McCoy, Judy Mitchell, Patty Touhey, Robin Healy, Michele Goodman, Linda Ekstrom, Joyce Drolet, Pam Johnson, Melody Didra, Sharon Thomas, Vicki Kearns, Cynthia Dysart, Suzanne Robbins, Chelly Seeds, Elizabeth Wiesel, Lynn Pearce, Mary Ann Van de Putte, Sally Grayson. Third Row: David Hertz, Dick Guzauskas, Terry Larsen, Karen Evvard, Sharon Edmondson, Lynn Brandys, James Taylor, Robert Schaefer. All campus elections are conducted by the ELECTION BOARD which establishes an election code and controls booths and voting First Row: Les Schiefelbein, Mike Daggett, Patrick O ' Neil, Jeanne Shirk, Bill Ferguson, Ellen Shahan, chairman; Linda Burris, Deborah Vener, Janis Taylor, Sandy Woodroffle. Second Row: Carolyn Gavette, Mary Klock, Dij Jones, Judy Chow, Greg Schindler, Tom Edwards, Ira Friedman, Amber Reddicks, Robyn Houston. Third Row: Sue Smith, Cathy Cray, Carri Buck, Ginger Blount, James Neeley, Bob Wacker, Terry Larsen, Shirley Molenich, Kay Taylor. The LEADERSHIP BOARD sponsored several leadership workshops at Flagstaff and on campus this year. Sitting: Skip Swerdlow, Carolyn Evans, Barbara Lyding, Rich Meer. Standing: Brian Hendrickson, Kenneth Valikai. ASASU Boards Student opinions were the main concern of the M.U. BOARD in dealing with the functions and policies of the Union Building. Sitting: Carol Drake, Judy Harris. Standing: Sue Reith, Phoebe Eittreim, Charlotte Poorman, Claudia Ward, Diana Smith. Members of the CULTURAL AFFAIRS BOARD strive to provide a rich and varied program of cultural activities for ASU students. First Row: Greg Stump, Peggy Phillips, Ingrid Myklestad, Margie Hall, Peggy Robinson, Andy Bank, Ave. Second Row: Gloria Chiabai, Jeanie Davidson, Tom Shantz, Lynn Hagler, Linda Hochstetler, Carolyn Owen, Jane Warford, Shannon Sims, Clyde Robinson, Steve Ringler. The function of SOCIAL BOARD is to coordinate and promote social activities. First Row: Pam Koelbl, Rebecca Medel, Jane Okuma, Jacque Nancy Morris, Richard McNeill, Gwen Hagler, Mike Hendel, Karen Hayden, Barbara Kramer, Sandra A lmodova, Elaine Kuhara, Ellen Moreau. Second Row: Greg Schindler, David Collins, Gracie Jimenez, Fred Banks, Connie Outcalt, Cathy Lamb, Marilyn Mead, Dave Ankeny, Sally Stickler, Kay Hoover, Advisor. The ORGANIZATIONS BOARD approves new student organizations and coordinates the activities of existing organizations. First Row: Iris Seligman, Bonnie Dunseth, Alice Exum, Hilary Hammes, Susan Korinek. Second Row: Amber Reddicks, Nancy Rozefsky, Kathy DeLozier, Teresa Schweiger, Ann Clarke, Marybeth Flower, Jean Milton, Connie Lundberg, Kathy Lyding, Bob Dupree, Richard Hork. Disseminating information about the operations and activities of student government is the newly formed INFORMATION BOARD. First Row: Barbara Kimbrough, Mark Winsor, Liz Wiesel. Second Row: Molly Roff, Marybeth Flower, Teri Voelker, Patty Randolph, Karen Lofgren, Lynn Hagler, Sandra Smolen. Third Row: Ken. Schwark, Jim Lehmann, Dick Gazi, Bob Ostrander. The FACULTY-STUDENT RELATIONS BOARD has initiated various activities, one of which is a " Pushing Hubby Through " banquet, in order to develop understanding and co-operation between faculty and students. Sitting: Sharon Bancroft, Mike Cornell, Diane Dauten. Standing: Eileen Kadomoto, Billy Beggs. ASASU Boards Promoting interests of foreign students and hosting foreign visitors are functions performed by the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT RELATIONS BOARD designed to promote relations. First Row: Trula Michaels, Trixie Poor, Bill Sage, Chairman. Second Row: Pam Nischan, Phyllis Harward, Ron Harmon. The HOMECOMING COMMITTEE was in charge of all traditional Homecoming activities plus the newly added features of mobile floats and a Homecoming parade. First Row: Harriet Grooters, Johnny Green, Lolly Williams, Terry Forsberg, Kay Wahl, Don Dotts. Second Row: Peggy Joie Hazelett, Tudy Kelley, Ellen Shahan, Bertha Nichols, Margy Garland, Howard Hood, Susan Roehl, Robyn Houston, Margie Iles, Nancy Hurlbirt. Third Row: Frank Ferryman, Duane Stormont, Tom Wiper, Glen Knight, Linda Leppa, Bill Ferguson, Nancy Becker, Dick Finley, Advisor. Rallies, banner contests, balloon sales, tryouts, and a football card section are a part of the spirit activities sponsored by the AND TRADITIONS BOARD. First Row: Tom Guilds, Sherry Kipp, Lolly Williams, Ellen Arnold, Barbara Bond, Gracie Jiminez. Second Row: Carolyn Patty Touhey, Barb Bond, Linda Beaudoin, Jay Johnson, Jim Taylor. Third Row: Jim Nichols, Ellen Oxentenko, Janet Unknown, George Gullett, Wayne Fourth Row: Wally Limburg, Frank Ferryman, Mel Garber, Unknown, Greg Schindler, Marc Leverant. Fifth Row: Edmondson, Les Klebe, Bob Dupree, Kim Spence, Allen Orso, Jim Luerssen. Sixth Row: Dave Page, Becky Akin, Karol Unknown, Pete Lee. Seventh Row: Harry Woods. Jenny Esparza, Nancy Lynn Klemme. Eighth Row: Gordon Heiniger, Ann Clarke, Susan Mardian, Ann Sterling. Ninth Row: Lynn Byerly, Dick Guzauskas, Carol Ferguson. Pom Pon an Cheer Lines The POM PON line spends many hours rehearsing precision routines to perform at home games. Members of the Pom pon squad are: First Row: Carol Tessitore, captain, Jennifer Powell. Second Row: Bev Tessitore. Third Row: Betty Koe, Kathy Allison, Charlene Saylor, Carolyn Grise, Nancy Poulsen. The VARSITY CHEERLEADERS promote enthusiasm among spectators at home games. Front Row: Dennis Cameron. Second Row: Jeanne Besser, Moe Felix, Cheryl Moss, Tom Guilds, head cheerleader, Carolyn Charest, Jack Breese, Lynn Smith. The FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS promote spirit at freshman athletic events and help the Varsity Cheerleaders at rallies and varsity games. First Row: Jacque Jordahl, Traci Anderson, Joy Hubbard, Janet Norman. Second Row: Pete Nelson, Dave Page, Tom Baum. AWS Officers: Carolyn Kimura, Susan Charest, Karen Darr, Karen Keesling, Lynn Lifgren. Associated Women Students is the governing body for women students in all matters not under the immediate jurisdiction of the faculty or Traditional activities included the Assembly for freshmen, a retreat to Tonto Natural Bridge, scholarship drives and a Christmas breakfast to honor head residents. They also books for Hayden Library, held a campaign picnic in front of the Quad and sponsored Day, May 4. Coeds applaud entertainers at AWS assembly. AWS General Assembly. First Row: Janet Norman, Doreen Odom, Gail Fisher, Susan Charest, Karent Darr, Joann Wallace. Second Row: Sandy McChesney, Barbara Eggleston, Kathy Lyding, Sandy Stock, Carolyn Gavette. Third Row: Susan Duffy, Marilyn Ervin, Sarah Lewis, Jan Young, Susan Ashcroft, Dorothy Baker. Fourth Row: Carole McGrew, Susan Pale, Nancy Wann, Sue Spooner, LuAnn Dickson. Fifth Row: Sandy Linda Cruze, Margie Hall, Karen Keesling, Carolyn Kimura. Six Row: Susan Korinek, Dean DenBoer, Lynn Lifgren, Lynn Martin. AMS: Finis The function of Associated Men Students has been to coordinate activities for all men both living on and off campus. This year the Student Senate voted to abolish AMS because they felt it had no value to the University in its present form, and that it had failed to coordinate its activities. AMS, under President Steve Klock, reorganized the Devil ' s Disciples, but to no avail as its own organization was scrapped. Traditionally sponsored AMS such as lighting of the " A " for football games, the annual AMS Awards Banquet, and Water Sports Day were all reassigned to other student organized boards. The end to this male oriented group was officially voted and approved as a change in the spring elections by the student body. The sun and the sand at Butcher Jones Beach on Water Sports Day adds to the day ' s events. AMS and Interhall Council acted together in orienting new men to their surroundings in the residence hall complexes. The academically and athletically superior men of campus were cited by AMS at the annual banquet. Rosy Ryan, general manager of the Phoenix Giants baseball team, was the keynote speaker at the AMS Awards Banquet. ATHLETICS Dick Mullins, Publicity Dave Graybill, Field Rep. Clyde Smith, Director The BOARD OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS ( ICA) , the ten intercollegiate sports at Arizona State. Athletic Director of ASU Clyde Smith is chairman of the board. However, President Durham is held responsible for all ICA actions. The board is divided into three governing factors: The Board of Regents, the WAC, and the NCAA. Many significant rules passed by the board follow a policy whereas the most stringent rule stressed by any one member is the rule followed. The ICA also schedules games. Frank Rispoli, Asst. Director Al Stephans, Promotion Bill Gorman, Tickets Jerome Clardy, Facilities Line coach, Dick Tamburo Backfield coach, Paul Kemp Head coach Frank Kush rubs his hands in glee as the Devils kill the Cats 21-17 in the season finale. End coach, Larry Kentera Def. Backfield coach, Don Baker Off. line coach, Jack Stovall Varsity members are, First Row: Coach Larry Kentera, Steve Timarac, Paul Palumbo, Ray Shirey, Jim Bramlet, Chuck Hunt, John Goodman, John Pitts, Head Coach Frank Kush, Larry Hendershot, Art Duncan, Travis Williams, Dan Dunn, Dewey Forrister, Jesse Fleming, Dr. W. W. Scott, Physician. Second Row: Coach Paul Kemp, Bob Rokita, Ken Dyer, Rick Egloff, Chuck Osborne, Ron Elam, Larry Langford, Dick Cahill, Dennis Farrell, Cecil Abono, Curly Culp, Max Anderson, Coach Dick Tamburo. Third Row: Coach Don Baker, John Hanson, Dick Brown, Fair Hooker, John Helton, Wes Plummer, Dave Pendergras, Jim Johnson, Mike Chowaniec, Jim Kane, Nello Tomerelli, Jim Williams, Bob Conley, Ray Fourth Row: Coach Jack Stovall, Obie Lowe, George Hummer, Phil Booker, Richard Mann, Herman Serignese, Ron Pritchard, Pat Foley, Rick Shaw, Ken Hornbeck, Mike Malinchak, Tim Buchanan, Dan Peppler, QB Coach Daryl Ray. " For the first time since I ' ve been here we have depth, but due to the large number of sophomores I th ink it ' s going to take us until midseason to jell into a tough outfit, " stated Coach Kush as he viewed the beginning of his ninth season at the reins of ASU football. With a record of 60 wins, 19 losses and 1 tie, Kush is the fourth winningest coach in the nation. Thirty-nine sophomores are stepping up to the varsity to vie for the positions vacated by the of twelve lettermen, five of whom started on offense and five on defense. They will get their first varsity bumps competing for starting berths along with 18 seniors and 19 juniors. The optimism of the coaches raced through the Devil fans too, as a record home opener of 39,367 greeted the Maroon and Gold of 1966. After losing five of their first seven games, the Devils followed in last season ' s footsteps (won last five) by taking their last three games to finish at the .500 mark and tie for second in the WAC. Sophomore linebacker Pritchard and line stalwarts Culp and Timarac represented A-State on the all-conference defensive first-team. Ray Shirey and team pass-receiving leader Ken Dyer were placed on the offensive second team. Goodman pitched 90 strikes in 168 heaves to lead the WAC in pass-completion percentage. Bob Rokita and scrappy Max Anderson paced the team in scoring with 30 points each. WAC Standings Team W L Wyoming 5 0 Arizona State 3 2 Brigham Young 3 2 Utah 3 2 Arizona 1 4 New Mexico 0 5 Co-captain Steve Timarac SEASON ' S SCORES ASU Western 26 ASU 23 ASU Texas State 21 ASU State 24 ASU Young 7 ASU State 18 ASU 21 ASU 10 ASU Mexico 7 ASU 17 Co-captain Ray Shirey Wind sprints end each practice session and the exhaustion shows on the strained faces of the Devils. Sophomore quarterback Rick Shaw gets advice from Coach Ray. Long summer hours are spent at camp developing a field goal specialist. In the heat of late summer, a football workout camp is formed northeast of Payson — Camp Tontozona. The ASU squad begins their season Monday, August 29. An all-time player favorite, the mile run, initiates the action. The first daily workout of the eight-day ordeal is concerned with and small group instruction. Later in the day, timing of defensive and offensive groups is practiced. A grueling scrimmage completes the afternoon. Then, in campus practice, the Sun Devils begin two workouts per day, during which Head Coach Frank Kush judges the squad ' s potential. Although the team seems to be weighted with sophomores, eighteen will be returning. Top ground gainers of last year will aid the attack generated by the two returning quarterbacks. The front five, recently tagged the " Bruising will also be back. And behind the maroon and gold from the early morning mile run through the bruising days of practice is Coch Kush and his hard-working staff. Reserve fullback Bob Conley turns the corner against the West Texas Buffaloes. Phil Booker lends Steve Timarac a hand in downing a Buffalo. Soph Fair Hooker leaps high in attempt to grab a pass. Head Coach Kush, an assistant, and Quarterback Goodman hold conference. The Sun Devils opened 1966 before 39,000 fans, stopping Texas Western and the renowned Billy Stevens, 30-26. Rated a toss-up, the game proved just that, as A.S.U., down 20-7 at halftime, rallied behind quarterback John Goodman who completed 17 of 31 passes for 200 yards and three TD ' s. He was named WAC When the Devils to Laramie to meet Wyoming, a pre-season conference pick, chances of returning 2-0 were rated fair. But the results weren ' t even that as they lost 23-6 in what Coach Frank Kush called " the worst performance ever by a squad of mine. " For lack of an inch ... an empire fell. " Nothing could better describe this year ' s West Texas State game, lost by the Sun Devils in the last minute of play. Bob Rokita ' s 41-yard field goal attempt was long enough and high enough, but hit the right upright and bounced back on the field. Wes Plummer danced 85 yards with an intercepted pass for a crowd rousing TD and school record. John Pitts and Jim Bramlet greet Texas Western co-captains before the start of the game. Bob Rokita attempts 30-yard field goal against Oregon State. Jim Bramlet takes the handoff from John Goodman. Sophomore tackle Nello Tomarelli takes a rest. ASU may have had their best running game ever when they surged for 215 yards rushing at Pullman, hut the punishing Cougars would not be stopped. Washington State had not last year ' s 7-6 upset which crumbled their Rose Bowl hopes. With a record of three losses on the year, the win-hungry Cougars on Devil mistakes. A fumbled pass from center and a runback of an intercepted pass resulted in two WSU markers and their victory. The Sun Devils invaded the cold of BYU Stadium to bring down the WAC championship flag flying high over Provo. Shaw, who opened the game, was bailed out by Goodman completing 10-of-13 passes. A hard fighting Devil defense sparked by Curly Culp held taut as the Devils edged BYU 10-7. The Beavers of Oregon State had met the Devils once before as they had fell short in a colossal battle five years back. This year ' s match was similar, the Beavers winning, 18-17. Ken Hornb eck punts Devils out of trouble while the front wall keeps out eager Oregon linemen. ASU needed a victory against Utah if they were to have any chance of catching The Devils amassed 314 yards and 17 first downs to the Utes 223 yards and 10 first downs, yet got trampled on the scoreboard 21-6. Travis Williams again displayed fine running, picking up 93 yards on 19 carries. Hustling Steve Timarac and Ron Pritchard were continual thorns in the opponent ' s side on defense. Confident Rick Shaw started his first home game against Oregon and led the Devils to a 14-10 victory. Dewey Forrister showed he could not only block from his end but could catch passes too, as he hauled down three for 104 yards and a TD. This kept Kush ' s hopes alive for a .500 season, thus averting his first losing season. Phil Booker gets ready to put the shackles on Oregon back. Rick Shaw scrambles to get rid of ball with Oregon lineman clinging to him. Linebacker Egloff stretches in attempt to bring down fleeting ball carrier. Coach Kush gets the Royal treatment as his jubilant players carry him off the field after whipping the Wildcats. John Goodman hands off to fleet Max Anderson. ASU scrambled by a humbled New Mexico lineup to win the final home game, 28-7. ASU led at due to the engineering of Rick Shaw and Max Anderson ' s 29-yard scamper. A 20-yard pass by Goodman to Wes Plummer in the fourth quarter iced the game. Defensive end Jesse Fleming intercepted a pass and zipped the remaining four yards to score. The Devils traveled to Tucson U, for the Big Game and the State Crown. The tough Devil defense was threatened by a pass-minded U of A squad led by national passing leader Mark Reed and his flying accomplice, Jim Greth, leading the nation in pass receptions. After leading earlier in the game 10-7 on Bob Rokita ' s school record 45-yard field goal, ASU fell behind, 17-13 with just 6:41 Senior Goodman took the Devils out of the huddle and led them 61 yards in 10 plays to the U of A and Reed, Goodman tied the school career pass completions record, held by Cecil Coleman since 1949, with 197. Max Anderson follows, pulling Herman Serignese around left end. 196 Coach Kajikawa analyzes the frosh. The ASU Sun Imps fell before only one opponent, and that was in their debut. They were outclassed by Taft J.C. 49-19. The Imps reeled off three in a row to finish 3-1. They thwarted UNM 44-12, squeezed past the U of A 21-20, and dumped favored Eastern Arizona J.C. 16-7. A few Imps who will bolster the Devils next year are quarterback Zieders, leading rusher Prentice Williams, halfbacks Hill, M alone, and Miller. Linebacker Paul Ray Powell and huge 270-pound lineman Diego Perez should help the defense. Powell had 4 interceptions, 3 for TDs. Steve Zeiders gets away pass despite the rush by U of A frosh. Front Row: Mike Kennedy, Steve Sterr, Steve Simmons, Paul Ray Powell, Vince Chianese, Nick Ferrara, Prentice Williams, Ralph Cambin, Dave Brown, Bill South, Jim Thomas; Second Row: Steve Kush, Bob Himmelberger, Bobby Yeats, Bill Jones, Dan Piluga, Joe Tram, Dick Possanza, John Guffey, John Olmos, Doug Wilson, Regan McCowan, Tom Delnoce, Clyde Pride, Coach Kajikawa; Third Row: Jim Hill, Joe Cowan, Dick Boettner, Seth Miller, Mike Wolfe, Rick Patton, Mike Miller, Art Malone, Mel Jenkins, Steve Ledzianowski, Dave Howell, Terry Beckinger, Marty Imsland, Diego Perez, Steve Zeiders. Track star Willie Hearnton shows he can leap a long way on the courts too as he reaches out for two points. Basketball Coach Wulk jumps up to call time. While Most Attention was turned toward UCLA and her superstar Lew Alcindor in the pre-season ratings, the Sun Devil cagers quietly slipped past the headlines preparing for the 1966-67 campaign. Ned Wulk is returning for his tenth season as head basketball coach, facing the task of guiding a scrappy young club to a successful season. Missing from last year ' s 12-14 squad are three top scorers who accounted for 75 percent of the scoring punch and nearly 60 percent of the retrieves. Eight of the fifteen varsity have seen only freshman action, two are transfers, and five were on the squad last year but only two of these started, Frank Bailey and Mike Lange. Adding to the young club ' s problems were the injuries suffered by these two veterans before the first game was played. The first loss of the was at the hands of our own freshman team as the varsity connected on only 25 percent of their shots. Forecasting the poor shooting that was to plague the squad all year, the varsity was beaten handily by more than ten points. Sophomore 6-11 Bob Edwards led the assault on Whittier, defeating them 71-52 as he pulled down 16 and led the team in scoring with 14 points. The cagers ' miseries struck again at Stanford, as five Devils were whistled to the bench with fouls. Stanford breezed to a 87-73 victory. Team Captain Mike Lange receives a just reward. Randy Linder—Most Valuable Player Roger Detter proudly receives Sparkplug award. Captain Mike Lange lofts one-hand jumper from the lane as Randy Lindner and Jim Altengarten vie for rebound position. Sophomore Bob Edwards out-battles Whittier center for two points . SEASON SCORES ASU 71....52 Whittier ASU 74....78 BYU ASU 73....87 Stanford ASU 78....70 Loyola ASU 62....66 San Jose ASU 79....64 Hawaii ASU 75....69 Creighton ASU 50....56 Tex. Western ASU 77....79 USC ASU New Mexico ASU 48....70 Loyola (L.A.) ASU 78....97 Wyoming ASU 81....93 Texas ASU 59....90 Utah State ASU 60....92 USC ASU 72....78 Wyoming ASU 63....82 Temple ASU 50....64 New Mexico ASU 88....89 Texas ASU 65....92 Arizona ASU DePaul ASU 51.... 61 Tex. Western ASU 73....67 Arizona ASU 93...110 BYU ASU 71....84 Utah ASU 81.... 92 Utah Won 5 Lost 21 WAC STANDINGS Team W L Pet Brigham Young 8 2 .800 Wyoming 8 2 .800 New Mexico 5 5 .500 Utah 5 5 .500 Arizona 3 7 .300 Arizona State 1 9 .100 First Row: Coach Bill Mann, Frank Bailey. Cal Ryan, Terry Wojtulewicz, Roger Detter, Bob McCann. Coach Ned Wulk. Second Row: Ed Palmer, Marion Tutt, Jeff Mackey, Bob Edwards, Mike Lange, Willie Harris, Randy Lindner, Bill Brantley. A question of physical contact brings tempers to peak in BYU encounter. Randy Linder netted 24 points the night the Devils upset the previously undefeated Creighton Bluejays. Mike Lange and Roger Detter also treated the Tempe fans to double figure scoring that night. However, the spark was short-lived as the fast breaking USC Trojans handed down an opening night West Coast tournament defeat. scoring punch, ASU fell to Loyola ' s Lions the following night. The Devils returned to Tempe with early December blues hoping the fourth Sun Devil Classic could be as successful as the past three. The home team reign came to an abrupt end as Texas and USC blasted the Tempe squad. Randy Linder was the only Devil picked to the All-Tournament team. Iowa State ' s 6-6 Don " Kangaroo " Smith led the Cyclones to the Classic title and won for himself MVP award. The first eight-team All-College tourney at Oklahoma City slated the Temple Owls against ASU. Undefeated Temple capitalized on ASU ' s lack of scoring punch to net their victory. Losing consolation matches to Texas and DePaul, ASU finished last and returned home to meet the Arizona Wildcats for the WAC kickoff game. The Devils turned in a fine, poised performance to end a seven game losing streak and occupy the first place berth of the WAC. The following weekend the Devils fell from the top berth as Utah and Brigham Young handed the young squad consecutive defeats. Fast-break for two by Bailey stuns favored Creighton Bluejays. Outstanding sophomore guard Roger Detter finds himself surrounded by players. With Mike Lange sidelined, extra burden was shouldered by the inexperienced squad. Detter blasted 25 points against Utah and he and Frank Bailey combined for 34 against BYU. The team seemed somewhat improved as they dropped Loyola of Los Angeles supported by another 25-point attack by Roger Detter. The victory offset the crashing loss from their first encounter and prepared the team for the scheduled week ahead. Looking for a win streak, the Devils downed the of Hawaii, supported by a fine by sophomore Bill Brantley. Riding the two-game streak, the Devils traveled to El Paso for their first season encounter with the defending NCAA champions, Texas Western. In a fine effort, the Devils forced the Miners to a last-minute victory. However, the weekend, consecutive games with New Mexico and Wyoming sent ASU crashing to the WAC cellar. Poor shooting from both the floor and the charity stripe were to blame for the bombing of ASU by Utah State. ASU ' s greatest season threat, Shaler Halimon, led the Aggies with a 27-point attack. As the drew nearer to the end the struggle to keep from posting the worst won-lost record in ASU history was the only battle. Roger Detter (3) will receive as Frank Bailey sets up Devil offense. Same team? Devils Bailey and Edwards vie for ball. BYU outreaches A-State on referee tossup. Leading scorer Randy Linder is greeted by starting teammates Bailey, Brantley, Edwards, and Detter. Young Roger Detter fires high above defense. Bailey displays his dribbling finesse against Lobo defender. Poor shooting again defeated a chance at victory when Texas Western invaded the Sun Devil Gym. The season ended on sour notes as the Devils dropped road games to Utah and Brigham Young. However, even in defeat there was much to look forward to for next season ' s squad. Hustling with good experience such as Sparkplug Roger Detter, 6-11 Bob Edwards, voted most and sparkling Willie Harris will all join returning Frank Bailey. Randy Linder and Mike Lange saw final maroon and gold action this year. Three Devils jump high for rebound against Texas Western. Bob Edwards hooks for two over All American Dave Lattin. Sophomore Willie Harris rebounds high to evade any Wyoming defense. Frosh Basketball First Row: Bernie O. Glaze, Larry Heyman, Seabern Hill, John Arnote, Bill Leinheiser. Second Row: Tom Douthit, Gerhard Schreur, Ron George Yule, Shaun Floyd. SEASON SCORES ASU OPPONENT ASU OPPONENT 104. . . . 85 Phoenix . . . 72 E. Arizona . . . 76 Mesa 71. . . . 73 N. Arizona . . . 49 E. Arizona 73. . . . 79 Glenarm Land Co. . . . 66 Arizona . . Phoenix 91. . . . 60 N. Arizona . . . 93 NOFers 85 . . 80 Cochise . . Cochise 94 . . 79 Mesa . . . 85 Arizona Won-8 Lost-6 The high-flying frosh of A-State are the main for the high hopes of the 1967-68 varsity After defeating the varsity by more than ten points, the frosh took flight and reeled off seven victories in their first eight games. The scoring was paced by the two outside men, Jay Arnote (15.6) and Seabern Hill (20.9), but four others scored in double figures. After, leading rebounder Gerhard Schreur was whistled ineligible at the semester break, the team nose-dived to five losses in their last six games despite the extra effort by Ron Johnson and Tom Douthit who pulled down 8.1 and 8.7 caroms per game, respectively. if Coach Wulk can blend these kids with his holdovers from the present season, ASU could again be a solid for the WAC championship. Leading frosh scorer, Seabern Hill, lofts soft jump shot towards goal. Fullback Chris " Flashlight " Senter clears the ball from the goal area by it. Goalie Tom Risley boots the ball away from the nets. First Row: Joao Todorov, Kari Liekoski, Muhammed Lamfon, Tommi Nasser, Emmanuel Avedano. Second Row: Tom Risley, Dave Hayward, Chris Senter, Volker Sonntag, Pete Versteegen, Tonner Hayes. Soccer Mohammed Lamfon raises his leg getting ready for a shot at In a practice game, Ibrahim Mahmoud gets pinched in by Volker the goal as teammate Joao Todorov shields him. Sonntag and Todorov. SEASON SCORES ASU 7 . .3 Vienna ASU 2 . .0 Yuma Kitchen ASU 1 . .6 UofA ASU 4 . AIFT ASU 0 . Hollandia ASU 1 . .3 UofA ASU 5 . .2 Luftwaffe ASU 11 . .0 Latinos ASU 1 . .2 Yuma ASU 1. .7 Luftwaffe Won—5 The world ' s most popular known as soccer in America, is on the in Arizona. Taking second place in the Phoenix Soccer League last year the Devils are now in a new league—the Arizona Soccer League, comprised of seven teams. A soccer team consists of eleven men—five offensive and defensive players and one goalie. They play two 45-minute periods with a ten-minute on a field 120 yards long and 75-yards wide. The action is continuous with the of a free kick. A free kick is awarded to the team fouled and the ball is placed directly in front of the goal, 11 meters away. The team sends its best kicker forward to try and toe the ball past the goalie into the nets. Four Devil soccermen were placed on the league ' s first team: goalie Tom Risley, halfback Volker Sonntag, right inside men Pete Versteegen and Pepe Gomez. All-Star goalie Tom Risley blocks shot at goal. Lead-off man Freddy Nelson punches the ball out for a .400 average. Baseball The 1966 Devil team went to Arizona leading the WAC but dropped two of three to the ' Cats to lose the title and a shot for their second title in a row. Coach Bobby Winkles lost three starters to Kleinman (lb), Jack Smitheran (2b), and pitcher John Pavlic. Five other horsehiders signed pro contracts, however, to further weaken this year ' s hopes. Duffy Dyer (c) signed with the Mets, pitcher Dale Spear went with the Giants, Jim Armstrong (ss) signed with the Cubs just prior to the Devils first game, Glen Smith (rf ) went with Kansas City, and Reggie Jackson (cf), first team All-American and number one draft choice, team leader in home runs (15) and RBI ' s (65), signed with the Athletics, too. Winkles ' biggest worry for ' 67, as is every other coach ' s, is pitching. The ace of last year ' s staff, junior lefty Jeff Pentland returns (10-3). Spacious Phoenix Municipal Stadium is the setting for all ASU night games. Here, Jeff Pentland took a 2-1 victory from highly rated UCLA. Star reliever and captain, Doug Nurnberg warms up on the sidelines ready to snuff out any rally by the opposition. Leading hitter, sophomore Ron Davini congratulates Scott Reid just after he crashed his first home run. First Row: Larry Linville, Ron Davini, Fred Nelson, Kent Perry, Marc Musser, Bernie Vitek, Joe Paulson. Second Row: Roger Detter, Tom Gary Gentry, Larry Gura, Jack Lind, Phil Hertzog, Dave Grangaard, Sam Chipps. Third Row: Doug Nurnberg, Randy Bobb, Scott Reid, Ralph Carpenter, Rich Kwasny, Wayne Rice, Bill Massarand, Jim Brown, Coach Bobby Winkles. Gentry posted a 10-1 mark and Burgess was 10-3 as they led Phoenix College to the JC national title. The best of the freshman crop appears to be lefty Larry Gura (2-4) who has the most " stuff " on the ball. Team captain and clutch performer Doug Nurnberg, returns to put out any uprising by the opposition. As well as being a first line it is hoped he can he used as a spot starter. The rest of the starting rotation could be filled by Sam Chipps or sophomore Jim Brown. The infield, although it will be completely revamped, could be stronger than last year. Sophomores Randy Bobb and Ron Davini are vieing for Dyer ' s vacated catching chores. Last year ' s back-up man, Joe Paul son, will handle first base and the second base job is a scramble among speedy soph Fred Nelson and juniors Jack Lind and Kent Perry. The hot corner, last year ' s weak spot, should be strengthened by ex-Camelback athlete Dave Grangaard. He is tabbed to supply some power lost when Jackson signed. The shortstop ' s job will go to either Perry or Lind. Ralph Carpenter is the only veteran to the outfield and last year ' s number four batsman should again swing a potent bat. Speedy transfer Larry Linville will patrol center-field and right field will go to transfer Scott Reid or Davini, if he should get beaten out at the catching position. JC All-American Tom Burgess is one of the prime reasons A-State could go all the way to the finals. Coach Winkles shows the many moods of a baseball mentor. Sophomore third sacker Dave Grangaard hits another round-tripper. Sophomore Wayne Rice will back-up an outfield comprised of Ralph and transfers Larry Linville and Scott Reid. Dave Grangaard looks down towards third base to get the sign from Coach Winkles as he strides to the plate. SEASON SCORES (16 games) W L Pitcher ASU 14 . .0 San Fernando State Pentland ASU 8 . .5 San Fernando State Chipps ASU 7 . .4 San Fernando State Burgess ASU 1 I . .5 Los Angeles State Pentland ASU 8 . .4 Los Angeles State ` Burgess ASU 8 . .2 Los Angeles State Nurnberg ASU 8 . .4 Los Angeles State Gentry ASU 2. .1 UCLA Pentland ASU 12 . .4 Long Beach State Burgess ASU 7. . 6 Long Beach State Pentland ASU 4 . .5 Long Beach State Gentry ASU 3 . .0 Colorado State College Burgess ASU 4 . .1 Santa Clara Pentland ASU 11 . .0 Colorado State College Gentry ASU I . .5 Oregon State Chipps ASU 5 . .7 Oregon State Nurnberg Ace Jeff Pentland opened the season for the pinstripes and they quickly reeled off ten in a row. Home plate was flooded by 85 Devils crossing the plate while their opponents managed to squeeze across just 35 runs. is 4-0 after the first ten games and has a sparkling 1.24 ERA. Gary Gentry, who had a sore arm, is now rounding into shape and is 1-1 with a 1.35 ERA. He has zipped the ball past 24 batters in only 20 innings of work. Tom Burgess has picked up three wins and no losses while dissipating his ERA to 2.94. The staff has an ERA of 2.54 to the 7.69. The same corps has whiffed 89 batsmen in 92 innings. The Devils carried their lumber to the plate and bludgeoned the enemy for 112 hits, 14 home runs and 16 doubles. Having a team average of .314, they were led by a hustling Ron Davini with a mighty .442 and Joe Paulson with .355. Seven others were above .300. Ralph Carpenter was producing the power with four round-trippers while Dave Grangaard swatted three and drove in twelve runs. Dropping three of their last six, two in a row to Oregon State, has left the Devils with a 13-3 record. Pentland is slated to hurl against Oregon to break the losing string. Looking ahead to the Tucson series, Devil fans can only smile and hope ... Omaha? Ace hurler, lefty Jeff Pentland, rockets the ball towards the plate as Linville waits anxiously in center field. Right-hander Gary Gentry will holster the Devil mound corps. Although starter Duffy Dyer signed, the catching department will be stronger because of these two promising sophomores, Ron Davini and Randy Bobb. First Row: Billy Jo Cotton, George Benedetto, Jack Billington, Chris Simms, Tom O ' Leary. Second Row: Garry Whitten, John Dolinsek, Jeff Klewein, Bob Hilderhof, Kim Hadley, Billy Grey. Third Row: Coach Jack Smitheran, Craig Hancock, Ralph Nassif, Steve Kolesar, Lerrin LaGrow, Mike Plunkett, Rich Carter, Jeff Osborn, Paul Ray Powell. Won-Loss Record W L Pitcher ASU 6......1 Cochise LaGrow ASU 5..... 4 Mesa Plunkett ASU Glendale LaGrow ASU 5......5 Mesa Hancock ASU 3......3 Glendale Plunkett ASU Mesa LaGrow ASU 9.....10 Jamison Hancock ASU 3......8 Jamison LaGrow Arizona State ' s freshman club opened their 32 game slate sending Cochise College to a 6-1 defeat. Young Lerrin LaGrow struck out twelve when notching his first victory in college. Defeating Mesa and Glendale for a 3-0 record the team stalled in its next two games with Mesa and Glendale as these two were called because of darkness. Mike Plunkett went eight innings in the Mesa victory before being relieved by George Benedetto. He finished up the ten inning victory. LaGrow picked up his second victory against Glendale as he again sent 12 men back to the bench without touching the ball. Jeff Osborn had four hits in five trips in this game and Tom O ' Leary a home run. The two ties lasted ten and thirteen innings respectively being called. The Imps lost their first game of the year in their third game with Mesa. LaGrow took the loss as he was plagued with errors. They picked up their second and third losses in a row when they were downed by a team from Tucson, Jamison Sporting Goods, 10-9 and 8-3. Hancock lost the first game and LaGrow faltered to his loss of the season. Looking ahead to future games the Imps will lake on Grand Jct. JC, rated as one of the best in the nation. Phoenix JC, last year ' s national champion, as well as two two-game series with the Wild Kittens. After the first eight games, young LaGrow leads the staff with 60 strikeouts in 30 innings pitched. Catcher Billy Cotton takes a practice swing. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS Wrestling Wrestling Team: Glen McMinn, Pete Russo, Gene Parrish, Jim Forler, Pat Seferovich, Ralph Gambin, Dick Thompson, Wayne Partee, and Dick Cahill. Sun Devil wrestling fans may be in for a treat this year. Three WAC champions, Glenn McMinn, Curly Culp and Pete Russo, two junior college champions, Gene Parrish and Wayne Partee, and three grapplers who placed in the WAC last year, give Coach Ted Bredehoft ' s a bright outlook for this year. However, lack of depth may cast a shadow over these hopes. which has been lacking in the past should be bolstered this year by Coach promotions —Arizona Utility, Metro Boy Scout, Metro-Community, Metro-Service Club and Arizona Bankers ' nights. Lack of depth proved to be a deciding factor in the first two dual meets. ASU won the first one against Mankato State by only one point and lost the second one to Western Colorado State. The team should be holstered by the return of heavyweight Curly Culp and the addition of three freshmen— -Alan Brown, Horatio Villa and Ralph Gambin who became eligible under WAC rules at the beginning of the year. After taking second place in both the Sun Devil and Naval Invitational and defeating UCLA and Utah State, only one wrestler remains with an record. He is Curly Culp with a 12-0-0 record, nine of which are pins. Jim Forler is headed toward the in Kent, Ohio. The ref gets ready to signal a pin as unbeaten Curly Culp presses his man to the floor. Coach Ted Bredehoft anxiously looks toward the mat. WAC champion Gene Parrish struggles with his reluctant opponent. SEASON RESULTS ASU Mankato State ASU 5th....... U of A Invitational ASU Western Colorado State ASU 3rd....... Phoenix College Invitational ASU 17.......14 Colorado State College ASU 31....... 6 University of New Mexico ASU U of A ASU 2nd....... Sun Devil Invitational ASU 2nd....... Naval Training Center Invit. ASU 18.......16 UCLA ASU 35....... 0 Utah State ASU Wyoming ASU BYU ASU Utah ASU 24....... 8 U of A ASU 8 Colorado Won—10 Lost—2 WAC CHAMPIONSHIPS BYU Utah ................ 34 ASU Arizona Wyoming ......... 49 New Mexico .....15 Coach Bredehoft gestures a fine point as deadpan defending WAC Glen McMinn looks on. The crowd shrieks " kill " as Culp gets set to pin another victim. The Devils got hurt in the early rounds of the WAC championships because of a lack of depth, but Coach Bredehoft still put four grapplers into the finals. Three of Russo, capturing the 137-pound class, Gene Parrish, copping the weight, and huge Curly Culp, toying his way to the championship, brought A-State a second place finish. Glen McMinn, fighting to defend his title, lost a 5-2 decision. Coach Bredehoft, refusing to take a breath, packed his bags for Kent, Ohio, and the national championships over Easter The Devils took eighth place as Glen McMinn placed third and Culp forced his way to the crown. Don Carollo of Adams State had beaten last year ' s champ, Dave Porter of Michigan, and therefore won the right to be Culp ' s last of his college career. Culp met Carollo and slammed him for a pin in an unbelievable 51 Culp pinned three of four of his victims at Ohio. Coach Bredehoft congratulates his great wrestler Curly Culp as Culp closes out his college career as heavyweight champ. Gene Parrish walks off the mat, crowned 145-pound champ. Gymnastics Team: Brian Diebold, Richard Impson, John Price, Darryl Bair, Jack Harris, Nick Spann, Richard Stovall, Ken Holt, Dick Williams, Joel Pearson. Nick Spann exhibits his skill on the parallel bars. All around events man Richard Impson vaults the long horse. Gymnastics Impson deftly maneuvers through his routine on the side horse. SEASON SCORES ASU 173.35 . . . .181.65 UCLA ASU 171.10 . . . .166.85 USC ASU 164.40 . . . University of Denver ASU 176.50 . . . .171.65 University of Utah ASU 175.40 . . . .150.80 San Jose State ASU 184.10 . . . .195.20 Southern Illinois U. ASU 178.80 . . . .180.05 University of New Mexico ASU 183.20 . . . .179.45 Brigham Young U. ASU 169.40 . . . .188.15 University of Arizona Won 5 WAC Championships U. of A..............181.60 of Utah............159.4 New Mexico......177.50 Brigham Young ASU.................174.45 Dick Williams shows the form that made him part of A-State ' s triple threat on the still rings. Ken Holt raises himself on the parallel bars. John Price wins points with form. Nationally ranked Skip Johnson and Les Christianson are lost to graduation from last yea r ' s 10-2 squad but Coach Steverson has a sparkling ten man unit. Six returning veterans are joined by four newcomers, alleviating the problem of depth. The top returning letterman, Rich Impson, is rated sixth nationally and number one in the region. Also returning are highly ranked Joel Pearson, on the still rings (sixth), and trampolinist Nick Spann rated fifth nationally. The Devils faced a tough schedule this year with defending national champion Southern University, UCLA, and WAC powers Arizona and BYU. The Devils finished 4-5 on the season and finished third in the WAC championships at Salt Lake City. Rich Impson won the all-around title as well as the long horse event at the WAC meet with 50.5 points. The Devils stand a good chance of high national placing as they travel to the Air Force Academy to compete in the regional championships. Impson proves his all-around ability. Nationally ranked Joel Pearson performs the Olympic cross. First Row: Manuel Quintanar, Angelo John. Jerry Jobski, Lou Scott, Chuck LaBenz. Second Row: Rick Beltran, Barry Sollenberger, Barry Shepherd, Dick Miller, Larry Berryhill, John O ' Green. Third Row: Coach Baldy Castillo, Mark Kastner, Jesus Ortiz, Paul Longstreth, Earl McDowell, Isiah Oakes, Jerry Bright, Tom Townsend, Ron Freeman. Earl McDowell takes the baton and zips past a U of A runner. Ron Freeman breaks the tape. Kastner grimaces as he puts the ball. Track Prospects for a successful season were growing brighter for track coach Baldy Castillo as spring drew near. Although there was little on hand to remind the observer of the glory days of Ulis and Henry Carr, there was still enough material on hand to build a respectable team. With Louis Scott in the mile and two-mile, Jerry Bright in the sprints, and Ron Freeman in the 440. the password was optimism. This, in spite of the fact that the season ' s schedule included UCLA, the national champion , and the University of Southern California, favored to win the title this year. The season started well, as the Sun Devils mopped up the annual Arizona Relays. No scores were kept but ASU swept 6 of 16 events. The Devils ' first real big meet was against UCLA. The cindermen of A-State were swamped by the Bruins, 114-31. The coast team raced their way to 14 of 17 first place finishes showing the country they are not to he counted out in a rerun for their title. USC, next on the Devil agenda, could pose more of a threat than UCLA. Barry Shepherd soars over the high jump bar at the Arizona Relays. Rick Britton clears the hurdle and heads for the tape. Freeman hands off to Longstreth at the new Selleh track. Longstreth comes home with the baton. USC invaded new Joe Selleh Track Stadium and acted as if they owned it. Corning to the Valley for a triangular meet with ASU and the U of A, fresh from capturing the NCAA indoor crown, the Trojans proved they had a right to walk tall. Although much of their big name talent failed to reach highs for the season, USC still ran away with the meet title. The only question was, who would finish second? The Trojans finished with 102 points, and the Devils were shaded for second place by the U of A, 41-38. Louis Scott took fourth in the mile with a time of 4:08 but came in first in the 2-mile with a time of 8:56.8. Jerry Bright had the same time as 0. J. Simpson in the 100 (9.5) but was ruled the second place finisher. USC ' s Bob Seagren had cleared 17 feet in the pole vault every time this season, and was welcomed by a big crowd. He placed first in his event and set an Arizona record but failed to clear that marker. Louis Scott strains the last mile of the 4.2 mile Papago course. Arizona State ' s Sun Devil Harriers prepared for the 1966 WAC cross country meet with high hopes of improving on the previous year ' s last place finish. Blending both quality, in the person of diminutive senior Louis Scott, and quantity, in the persons of a fine group of freshmen, Coach Baldy Castillo ' s charges made their finest showing in a triangular affair featuring Oregon State and last year ' s conference champion, New Mexico. ASU finished second among the 3 schools. The scores were ASU-40, OSU-38. On the basis of this strong second place showing and the fact that Louis Scott had posted the league ' s best time over four miles (20:27.4), the Devils were rated tri-favorites, along with Arizona and New Mexico in the fifth WAC championship. The Lobos from New Mexico took the top spot in the showdown with three of their runners placing in the top five. ASU placed third behind the U of A as Louis Scott crossed the line a disappointing fifth over the 4.2 mile course in 22:28. Jerry Jobski was the next Devil in with a time of 22:47 for tenth place. Baldy Castillo watches ASU ' s Louis Scott jump to an early lead Jacque Trotter, Susan Hammon and Barb Swedlund were the high point girls ' team at the ASU Rodeo in December. The world ' s leading calf roper, Stan Harter, Rodeo The Rodeo Club has been an intercollegiate sport on this campus since 1956. The club represents A-State ' s name well nationally, yet is run on every level by the students. The club is a member of the National Rodeo Association (N.I.R.A.). This is divided into six regions and includes all Western, Southwestern, and a number of Midwestern states. Susan Hammon, Janiece Johnson, and Barb Swedlund swept the girls ' team championship at the N.I.R.A. finals last summer. First Row: Pete Beers, Jackie Trotter, Becky Harsh, Susan Hammon, John Wright, visitor, visitor, Second Row: Mary Wilson, Stan Harter, Keene Wright, Sherrick Grantham, Tony Lewis, Mark Thomas, Jim Sweeney, Joe Henson, Greg Brecher. Third Row: Woody Grantham, Kitty Collins, Frank Craighead, Walter Perry, Carol Hedges, Mills Sinclair, Bob McCollum, and Claudia Kestner. leaps from his mount showing the fans why he holds the men ' s title. Barb Swedlund reins her horse around the barrel. Jacque Trotter replaced the graduated Johnson in the ASU Rodeo and this triumvirate captured the girls ' team trophy. The girls ' team is currently ranked first in the West Coast Region. Although the men ' s team is not as outstanding as its opposite number, it is still ranked 5th in the region. Team member, Stan Harter is the current world record holder in two roping and ribbon Ranking of teams and individuals is done on the basis of total number of points scored, not on the number of meets won. The two top teams and the three top individuals in each event go to the finals. Each World Champion is given a saddle. Pete Beers leaps from his horse onto a flying steer. Golf Arizona State figures to be a top contender in golf this year, both on a conference and national level. This, in spite of the fact that All-American George Boutell, the mainstay of last year ' s team, has been lost to the pro ranks. But the talent that remains is not of any mean caliber either, including as it does, Wayne Vollmer, Mike Morley, and Joe Porter. formerly the Canadian Junior Champion and the British Columbia Amateur Champion, is the reigning Arizona Amateur Champion. Morley placed eighth in the 1966 National Amateur Tournament, has won the North Dakota State and is the North Dakota Amateur Athlete of the Year. Porter, who formerly held the Arizona Amateur title, was last year ' s runner-up in the Open. In the first match of the season, Coach Bill Mann ' s squad took the Bears of Phoenix It was strictly no contest as the Devils, led by Joe Porter and Dave Hanten, won in a They hit the tourney trail in their next start, traveling to California for the Fresno Classic. Playing there for the first time in three years, they led the field through the first two rounds, only to finish a close third, seven strokes behind a surging team from San Diego State in the 54-hole Classic. Number one golfer Joe Porter eyes the ball. First Row: Rick Talt, Jim Sollenberger, Steve Ryan, Mickey Burgess, Dennis Stanton, Matt Runge. Second Row: Mike Morley, Spike Daugherty, Bill Greenleaf, Bruce Cotton, Dave Hanten, Joe Porter, Bob Palmer, John Paige, Wayne Vollmer, Coach Bill Mann. Mickey Burgess strokes one away from the canal. Mike Morley lines up for a putt shot. Steve Ryan squats down to line up his ball. Wayne Voll mer tees off at Papago Park. Tennis Letterman Dave Farmer displays his form. A tough schedule faces the ASU tennis team. Strong WAC teams such as BYU, Utah and Arizona are all slated as well as perennially tough USC. Although lacking the top-notch one and two men needed to make a title run, the squad depth is the best yet in recent years. Returning lettermen are Dave Farmer, Roger Wright, Paul Pederson, and Briggs Bosworth. Good performances by JC transfers Vic Gedgaudas and Jim Halstead, as well as freshmen Jeff Corbin, Pete Meyer, Al Brecher, and Bob Erickson, may affect the team ' s won-loss column. Opening against Southern Illinois, the Devils dropped the match 8-1. However, in two consecutive matches the team back dumping Cal Poly and WAC opponent New Mexico 5-4 and 6-3 respectively. Coach Ted Bredehoft has used Dave Farmer, Jeff Corbin, Roger Wright and Jim Halstead, Briggs Bosworth, and Vic Gedgaudas as the early season starters. Corbin and Farmer have teamed up for the doubles matches. First Row: Pete Meyer, Dave Farmer, Briggs Bosworth, Roger Wright. Second Row: Bob Erickson, Jim Halstead, Paul Pedersen, Al Brecher. Waiting for a serve is JC transfer Jim Halstead. Freshman Jeff Corbin will help Sun Devil tennis fortunes. Briggs Bosworth is a returning letterman. Transfer Vic Gedgaudas plans to see a lot of action. Reaching out as far as possible, the boys are off for the 100-yard freestyle. Swimming SEASON SCORES ASU OPPONENT WAC 86....21 Humbolt JC Utah 155 19....85 BYU BYU 122 19....79 Utah Wyoming 65 45....59 U of A New Mexico 51 33....66 New Mexico ASU 33 20....80 Wyoming U of A 11 Coach Schlueter took nine swimmers—Glen Blasius, Bill Wood, Milt Axton, Matt Jim Fisher, Rick Hollinger, Jim Rang, and Paul the conference championships at BYU in Provo, Utah. Sophomore Jim Rang was this year ' s performer. Rang was good for three firsts in almost every meet and is champion in the 200 yard He also holds the conference record in the 100-yard free at :47.3, breaking the old mark by two seconds. In the 50 free he placed second in the conference. As a sophomore, Jim performed an outstanding feat for any swimmer, competing in three events in the NCAA meet. The ASU took five of eleven first places against a strong New Mexico but the lack of depth continued to harass the Devil tankers. Jim Rang surges ahead in the individual medley ' s butterfly. First Row: Jim Fisher, Gerry Evenson, Rick Hollinger, John Archbald, Jeff Garden. Second Row: Matt Bowers, Dave Gemmill, Bill Wood, Dave Davenport, Jack Ranby, Milt Axton. Third Row: Glen Blasius, Paul McCormick, Carl Harris, Jim Rang, Matt Yingling. Archery The Sun Devil Archers are shooting toward a highly successful season. Pacing the club this year are four of the eight nationally ranked All-Americans. Judy Severance, who is president of the club, is the number one collegiate archer in America. She has been voted to the All-American team three times and has received her fourth Jim Fay, Merry Shepard and Lynn Swanlund have also been selected to the team. Highlighting the year long season have been outstanding performances in the Winter Intercollegiate tournament and the Southwest Intercollegiate tourney. In a telegraph meet with thirty-five other schools, ASU finished two firsts and a second. A mixed team and a woman ' s team won the first place awards. At the South-west Intercollegiate Tournament, held at Tempe, the Sun Devils walked off with thirteen new records—excellent accuracy was turned in by Jim Fay, Judy Severance and Bob Taliaferro. The club is led by Judy Serevance and Bob Taliaferro as vice-president. Merry Sheppard is Sue Stubbs is publicity chairman and Susan Shiner is the WRA representative. The club prides itself with a self-perpetual system of coaching one another. Margarette Klann is the team coach. ASU sports four of eight all-Americans: Lynn Swanlund, Merry Sheppard, Jim Fay and Judy Severance. First Row: Adeline Carrillo, Georgann Zerfoss, Sue Stubbs, Rhoda Heller. Second Row: Jesse Martin, Judy Severance, Susan Shiner, Sue Donnelly, Cris Beuer, Bob Taliaferro. Swimming Women ' s Swim Team. Martha Gatchell, Leslie Motschman, Pat Fleming, Millie Roberts, Pat Heiple, Sandi Stock, Eileen O ' Donnell, Jan Young, Kathy Russell. The mermaids of Arizona State have splashed their way to an undefeated year so far. Led by Pat who is unbeaten in all four events she has the team won the Colorado State Triangular —ASU-115, CSU-43, UNM-28, and bettered the NCAA time in the 200 yard free style relay as the quartet of Millie Roberts, freshman Martha Gatchell, Sandi Stock, and Fleming zipped to a clocking of 1:49.5. The girls were invited to the nine team Intermountain Spring Meet at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and beat the second place team by 99 points. Conference opponent Wyoming was the next to drown in the Sun Devil pool as the girls sent them back to Laramie with a 169-50 drubbing. Ann continues to lead the girls in diving. Fourteen teams are invited to the Arizona Invitational in April and should provide the girls with the competition yet. Powerful UCLA, USC and San Jose State will be in the Valley. After this meet the girls will travel to the California Invitational to wind up the season. Pat Heiple, along with the other girls, practices two hours every day. Here she does the butterfly. Coed Golf First Row: Linda Vollsted, Jan Crow, Joy Hirota, Sandy Rucker. Second Row: Claudia Lane, Carol Sorensen, Cecily Shower, Karen Keesling, Sue Boals, Sue Thompson, Kerry Maupin. Claudia Lane, Carol Sorensen, and Jan Crow are the top three on the girls ' team. The Arizona State Women ' s Golf Club has made a strong showing in their year-round schedule. In the fall the team traveled to Albuquerque for the University of New Mexico Tucker Invitational. They won first place in low ball competition and placed third overall. The team traveled to Stanford and won first place honors as Carol Sorensen placed first in individual competition. Coming home the girls competed for a second place finish in the tourney held at the Scottsdale Country Club. Carol Sorensen finished second in individual at this match. The club is coached by Sally Hardwick. Junior Karen Keesling, a Kansas State champion, is president. Senior Claudia Lane is vice president, Katy O ' Keefe is secretary-treasurer, and Sue Thompson is the tournament chairman. Also on the team are Wisconsin State champion Carol Jill Endicott, Jan Crow, Senior Nicke Cecily Snower, and Hawaiian State Joy Hirota. First Row: Ruth Stevenson, Nancy Herrick, Shelia Wilson, Jan Haney, Linda Yee. Second Row: Kathy Wear, Stephanie Hopkins, Joan King, Nancy Ellis, Carolyn Clarke, Carol Gay, Sheila Pearl. Coed Tennis Coached by Ann Pittman, the Arizona State Women ' s Tennis Team had a highly successful year. The Sun Devils were first place team winners in the intercollegiate tourney at Santa Barbara as Sally Perry won first place in individual competition. In the Southwestern tourney, held at ASU, Sally again finished in first place. The team sports some fine female talent. Linda Yee, who is rated number one in the Pacfic Northwest, is also the recipient of the Tropicana Scholarship. Freshman Carolyn Clarke has received national ranking and freshman Joan King was a runnerup in the Arizona State Closed Tourney. Nancy Herrick also placed in the Arizona Also on the team are WRA represent atives Sheila Pearl, Carol Gay, Sally Perry Nancy Ellis, Stephanie Hopkins, Kathy Wear, Ruth Stevenson, Jan Haney and Shelia Wilson. Carolyn Clarke, Carol Gay and Linda Yee have been the top three on the tennis team all season. The Phi Sig ' s volleyball champs were Bill Steiner, Chuck Wattles, Tom Beat, Rich Silliman, Barry Eichorn, and Edgar Reeves. These two wrestlers get entangled in one of the most popular sports. Tennis singles champion, Bob Love, gets congratulations from runner-up Jim Halstead. At semester break, with seven sports completed, last year ' s team champion again took the team lead. Delta Sigma Phi swept the tennis competition as Bob Love took the singles and wa s joined by Bill Bauman in his double sweep. Phi Sigma Kappa copped the swimming crown to take an early lead in team points and Alpha Tau Omega placed first in the cross country despite Fiji ' s Don Kennedy crossing the tape first as their three men came in seventh, eleventh, and fourteenth. Kappa Sigs bounded up into the top five teams by taking the grappling team trophy. Last year ' s third and fourth place finishers met for the football title and the Sigma Chi ' s team mauled the ATO ' s 35-0. The Phi Sigs, onward in their quest for the team title, upended the Fijis 2-1 for their third straight volleyball crown. The Stars took the open volleyball competition and Kappa Gamma the sorority division as women ' s intramurals started a new year. Taking the team lead in the sorority division, Kappa Gamma also splashed to the swim title. Rosie Sheedy captured the table tennis championship in the open division and Sheila Pearl of Alpha Epsilon Phi slammed her way to the title in the sorority division. First Row: Rick Herbert, Fred Nelson, Steve Jacobson, Bernie Vitek, John Owsley, Greg Lorton, Tom Cochran, Mike O ' Clair, Tom Deal. Second Row: Jeff Sleshinger, Ted Robison, Dave Grangaard, Bill Massarand, Harold Brayton, Ron Hendrix, Tom Runkle, Bob Cleary. Bill Bauman lets this shot get by him as doubles ' partner, Bob Love, watches. Mike Polacheck sends the hall Intramural wrestler gets ready to hit the floor as his opponent pulls him down. Bowling drew many fans to the games room in the MU. down the lane for Phi Sigma Kappa. Intramural Team Standings (First Semester) Phi Sigma Alpha Tau Sigma Chi.......................93 Phi Delta Theta .............. Kappa Sigma...................84 Delta Sigma Phi...............83 Fijis.................................82 Best A.............................81 Irish.................................73 Alpha Epsilon Pi...............72 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.........72 Fiji Don Kennedy crosses the tape for the title in cross-country. First Row: Mike O ' Brien, Scott Lacrone, Mike Jutson, Les SchiefelBein, Gary Clendenin. Second Row: Dee Lallow, Jim Dorton, Greg Cooley, Barry MacBan. Sigma Chi quarterback Dave Grangaard gets set to flip pass as teammates block. Intramural Team Standings (Second softball) Phi Sigma Kappa...................... 172 Sigma Phi Delta Theta......................... 152 Alpha Tau 1 2 With only golf, the bicycle race, basketball, and track and field left, Phi Sigma Kappa leads the teams by a thirteen point spread over the second place team. Although team scoring is a lot closer this year, points being spread among more teams, the Phi Sigs seem destined to win their third straight team title. Just one point separates the third and fourth place teams and only seven points are between the third and second place team. Team could look quite different by the end of track and field. The Phi Delts stole the softball crown by edging Sigma Chi 5-3 in the final. This pushed the Phi Delts from fourth place to third. Fijis made the jump, climbing from seventh to fifth, while the ATO ' s tumbled from second to fourth. Although not displaying professional form, intramural divers did a job. Intramural diving championships were held at Sun Devil Pool. A large crowd saw the intramural backstroke AFFILIATIONS Best C offers a study in architectural design. Internal Council The Interhall Council of ASU has for its purpose the coordination of the entire men ' s residence program in all areas of dorm life including academic, athletic and social functons. Annual events sponsored include an academic awards banquet, a residence hall day, Christmas caroling with women students and the Interhall Ball. The Council also has a strong program of intramural competition which counterbalances the game of academia. Thus, the Interhall Council serves both ASU and its men residents in a spirit of cooperation. Donald Badenoch President Mike Daggett Vice President Harry McFate Secretary John Harbison Treasurer John Haines Patrick O ' Neil Interhall Council. First Row: John Harbison, Douglas Jones, Harry McFate, Mike Daggett, Donald B adenoch, John Haines, Kenneth Valikai, William Maslow. Second Row: John Corcetti, James McCullough, Robert Harper, Jack Treuhaft, Glenn Weinberger, Robert Baker, Dick Iannella, Florentino Lopez, Richard Schwartz, Joe Barrier. " That Bridge " which has to be crossed several times daily by thousands of coeds. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all enjoyed in this spacious cafeteria at PV East. It becomes a regular moving day when going home for the weekend. The dorm mail boxes are very popular daily. Wilson Hall lounge provides a TV for relaxing. Best C library-lounge offers a good place to study. Dorm residents help staff check-out Men from the Irish-Hayden-Best Complex eat their meals at the MU cafeteria. There ' s a lot of grid competition that never sees the intercollegiate schedule. Hot pizza and gallons of coffee can spice up an otherwise dull evening. Best A Active participation aptly describes life at Best A. Its three floors—Churchill House, Oxford House and Burgundy House coined the slogan " Pelt the Beavers " to merit first place in the Homecoming Banner Contest. Their Homecoming float entry, " The Pied Piper, " built with the help and encour agement of McClintock A and B, brought second place for residence hall entries. Best A sponsored special cultural speakers and has a unique intrahall recognition system that honors the Best A Man of the Month, who is chosen on a basis of participation and service to either ASU, Best A or both. The year at Best A is brought to a comprehensive and close with the traditional spring banquet. Best A Hall Council. First Row: John Lawson, Treasurer; Pat Hermann, Secretary; Chet Oakley, Vice President; Glenn Weinberger, President. Second Row: John Corcetti, George Marnell, Douglas Reed, Robert Jarrett, Charles Fritsche, Dick Drollinger. Hall Council. First Row: Ron Messer, President; Bruce Maxwell, Vice Second Row: David Hertz, Bob Woolbert, George Hayduke, Florentino Lopez, Treasurer; Ken Parker. Best C Best C emerged this year as the newest addition to ASU ' s modern residence halls. More than just a " new wing " , Best C is home nine months of the year and as such provides a congenial atmosphere in which there is a time to study and a time to relax and enjoy the variety of activities offered by uni- versity living. School spirit, along with literary zeal, produced by Moby Duck and Virginia Lobo, two of Best C ' s entries in the Homecoming Banner Soaring to great heights, Best C placed a light Christmas tree complete with Santa in an authentic western buggy atop their dorm. More down-to-earth activities included an open house on Parents ' Day, various exchanges and a lake outing held in the spring. Second Floor. First Row: Bruce Maxwell, Steve Martyr. Jerry Curran. Second Row: Randy VanFleet, Tom Todd, Bob Woolbert. Fred Liesmann. Fourth Floor. First Row: Walt Curtis, Dan Fontes, Bob Maruza, Tom Sabey, Dave Pegues. Second Row: Ted Lesnett, Ralph Park, Terry Pulliam, Bob Herz, Steve Calvin, Ed Seel, Gordon Johnson. Third Floor. First Row: Isiah Oakes, Earle Blais, Angelo John, Claude Conway, Gene Miller. Second Row: Dave Pendergrass, Jim Martin, Bill Burrus, Mike Stroup, Bob Hougham, Ernie Pyle, John Perkins. Third Row: Gary Hochstetler, Herb Yazzie, Mike Peters, Phil Blackstone, Leo Barabe, Ford Northington. Fifth Floor. First Row: Frank Fowells, George Bartlett, George Cullett, Bob Joyce. Second Row: Ron Messer, Bruce Baird, John Choat, John Harbison, Rich Saylor. Third Row: Ken Parker, George Clancy, John Rebeske, Larry Allen. Best B The men of Best B have taken a substantial sample of the activities available in living. They held six exchanges with coed dorms plus a hayride for the men and their dates. They formed a basketball team which they took to Hermosillo, Mexico, to play an exchange game with the University of Sonora. Various faculty members were guest speakers with such topics as Vietnam and group therapy. They honored the at a banquet in the spring and a Christmas party for orphans. They also participated in intramural sports. Best B Townhouse Residents. First Row: Loren Corsberg, Head Resident; John President; John Panchak, Jon Moody. Second Row: Benny Yee, Keith Butler, David Puzas, Jon Reque, Robert Frith. Third Row: Chris Burkland, Harry Polk, Joel Brecheen, Tim Buchanan, Fair Hooker. Best B Executive Suite Residents. First Row: Gene Lucas, John Fung, Buddy Bachry, Jay Edwards, John Rickman. Second Row: Daryl Schlick, Tom Vojtko, Joseph Byrne, Treasurer; James McCullough, Geoffrey Holland, Secretary; Phil Smith, Tracy Murchison. Best B Penthouse Residents. First Row: Charles Jenkins, Donald Badenoch, James Bowen, Steve Smith, Chuy Diaz, Vice President. Second Row: Edward Ruiz, Randy Webber, Eric Lash, David Collins, Robert Long, Matthew Yingling. Third Row: James Moomaw, Frank George, Cortney Birenbaum, John Jensen, Mike Hoff, Gregory Lane. Fourth Row: Joseph Giorsetti, Raymond Harris, Rick Heisley, John Lincoln. Brittany House The men of Brittan y House, C wing of Sahuaro Hall, participated most actively in this year ' s accelerated intrawing intramural program, winning the dorm football championship. Brittany House ' s three floors Bundee, Manchester and Winsor divided into two sections each and created some academic competition. The three winning sections were treated to a pizza party. They also sponsored fireside chats at which a visiting professor came to speak for a coffee hour. English and engineering were among the topics covered. Among their social were an exchange with PV West, a spring hayride and a bus trip to Sahuaro Lake as well as the traditional spring First Row: Clyde Pride, Dana Mullen, Buzz Keller, Pop Gunderson, Bob Dyck, Fergy. Second Row: Duane Jones, Bob Baker, Jim O ' Malley, T. T. Buell, Ken Freedman, Bruce Burr, Terry Carson, George Chalagonian, Bruce Peterson. Hall Council. First Row: Bruce Peterson, Head Resident; Robert Baker, Vice President; Horrace Villa, Treasurer; Dwight Capp, Resident Advisor. Second Row: Dan Richards, Mark Jones, Rich Guire, Ken Freedman, Bill Wilk. Brittany House Football Team. First Row: Jim O ' Malley, Bob Baker, Terry Carson. Second Row: T. T. Buell, Dana Mullen, Clyde Pride, Ken Freedman. Hayden Hall Council. First Row: John Cliege, Ronald Sumida, Sec ' y-Treasurer; Jess Caponigro, President; Joseph C. Elder, Vice President; George Norwine, Hall Reporter. Second Row: Ken Bacher, Head Resident; Rocky Delmar, Ron McCoy, IHC Rep.; Don Vasquez, Bruce Englund, Gene Fong, Randy Persson, Dave Weeks, Jes s Brown. Hayden Hayden dorm may be small, but its can mass more energy in less time than any recorded on campus. They gained this reputation when they destroyed their Homecoming float in 17.4 minutes. they had some feminine assistance! Social events included exchanges with PV East, Gammage and the Quad. They also sponsored a movie in Cosner Auditorium and had several guest speakers address the residents. Again this year they presented $50 scholarships to the man on each floor with the highest grade average. They also participated in intramurals. In keeping with the theme, it ' s a fable from beginning to end with Hayden ' s Homecoming float, " Devil, Doll and the Ducks. " Then the demolition squad prepares, attacks and ends the story in 17.4 minutes to capture the campus record in float destruction. Irish The 150 men of Irish gathered together spirit, energy and ingenuity to win first place among the dorms in intramurals and first place in the independent division of the Homecoming float contest. In addition, they sponsored two films, " Breakfast at Tiffany ' s " and " The Hill, " as well as guest speakers from the faculty. And this year they began the support of a loan fund of $150. Social activities included a Christmas Dinner, a picnic at Oak Creek Canyon and the Senior Banquet. And at a breakfast with President Durham and Dr. Bloyer, dean of men, they honored the residents who made a 3.0 average or better for the first semester. " Moby Duck " wins first place in the independent division of the Homecoming float contest. Irish Hall Council. First Row: Bill Phelps, Bill Maslow, Bruce Chadderdon, Paul Aizley, Mr. L. E. Cole, Head Resident; John Walkington, Mark Thomas, Frank Paddock. Second Row: Arlie Hitt, Jim Robertson, Curt Fabel, Greg Moore, Bruce Edgar, Richard Mayer, Tim Boyle, Bill Robertson. Irish Hall Residents. First Row: Pat Foley, Gerald Hirata, Mike O ' Daugherty, Frank Mendola, Ron Ruiz, Marc Aramian. Second Row: Bill Phelps, William Olvey, Fernando Castro, Russ Shimer, Bill Maslow, Tom Headd, Alan Spina, Richard Mayer, Ocie West. Third Row: Larry Spigner, Russell Jones, Dave Mah, Larry Connelly, Larry Bennett, Tim Boyle. Fourth Row: Alonzo Kescoli, Arlie Hitt, Bruce Edgar, Bill Heppe, Curt Fabel, George Castano, Ivo Vella, Richard Carlson, Dennis Dowling, Ralph Veley, Lance Alsworth, Steve Rawlins, Bill Creuty, Mark Thomas. Two dance bands, go go girls and a The Islands The Islands, the freshman wing of the Sahuaro Complex, set a new trend for residence halls by lighting the " A " and having mass attendance at football games. The men also painted the victory bell for the first football game. Academically they ranked highest in the Sahuaro Complex as well as tops among freshman men ' s dorms. Special included Coach Michaels on baseball and Starsky of the Department of Philosophy who spoke on Vietnam. They sponsored their annual street dance which this year included two bands and go-go girls from PV. In the area of service they helped the Rotary Club raise money for Charity. The Islands Hall Council First Row: Frank Bixby, Art Curtis, Dick Rambo, Danny Madox, Doug Jones, Jon Davis. Second Row: Al Carl, Ed Whalen, Ron Wheat, Jack Treuhaft, Paul Odem, Tom Sant. J. D. Hill and Seth Miller take some pizza during a pre-Thanksgiving party. balmy night make the dance a success. President Doug Jones and date Rhonda Curls accept trophy for royalty Pam Arle and Woody Carter, the Island ' s candidates for the IHC Christmas Formal. La Casa La Casa provided some new activities this year to go along with their new name. Among them was the first open dorm exchange ever held on campus. First rate movies were shown not as a money raising project but for the sole entertainment of the men in the dorm. A ski trip, along with many other activities, was planned for the second semester. This council has decided to turn the tables in favor of even more activities. La Casa Hall Council. First Row: William Cheslin, Tom Beals, Bill Weaver, Secretary; Richard Schwartz, Treasurer ; Joe Barrier, President. Second Row: Ranceford Okada, James Christmann, John Burnett, Scott Fraser, Mike Corson, Dave Hunsberger. A variety of decorations came through for the Halloween exchange including a psychedelic room, a hangman ' s tree, a batcave, sleepy hollow, and individual decorations in each room. A genuine coffin was tried out for size in the open dorm exchange. Santa Cruz had a softball team which took fourth place in softball intramurals. Santa Cruz Santa Cruz this year boasted Sahuaro Complex ' s first written constitution, used by the other wings in drafting their own. Socially, the men held exchanges with Kappa Alpha Theta, Mac A and Mac B. They also sponsored second place royalty winners Brian McGrath and Marsha McAllister in the IHC Christmas Semi-Formal, a benefit for Tom Hestler Memorial Fund. The Executive Council of Santa Cruz included Brian McGrath, intramural manager; John Haines, president; Dick lannella, secretary; Kenneth Wanner, vice president ; John Feltham, social chairman; and Greg Schindler, treasurer. First Row: Dave Payne, Brian McGrath, John Coles, Greg Schindler, James Walsh, Bob Harper, John Feltham. Second Row: Dick Iannella, Don Astley, John W. Haines, Kenneth Wanner, John Senter, Christopher Lintz. Hovering mid-campus in an apartment-like structure, Mac A and B house 200 coeds. The residents of the two dorms share patio parties, various special-event parties, window decorating contests and the Christmas Secret Sister Week. There the similarity ends. Mac A has its own project — Thanksgiving Baskets for St. John ' s Indian Mission. And Mac B, the honor dorm, has a service project with St. Peter ' s Mission Children. The year was highlighted at Mac A with the wreck of the Head Resident ' s apartment and the paper stuffing of the departing Student Assistant ' s room. In Mac B where residency is based on honor, achievement, and individual the girls live in an atmosphere of their own making; it is the only dormitory with the president as Head Resident. McClintock A officers are Claudia Lane, corresponding secretary; Patty Bailey, president; Sharon. Maurin, recording secretary; Bonnie Seely, treasurer; and Patricia Gorman, vice president. Mac A and B residents enjoy ping pong and chit chat at a picnic. Food is always the attention getter at any social event. Relaxing in the dorm lounge in front of the tube is okay. McClintock B. First Row: Sheryl Wyatt, Jane Warford, Sue Spooner, Jane Kioski, Carol McGann, Laurie Retter, Linda Sprague, Head Resident-President; Sandy Schneider, Ginger Blount, Treasurer ; Pat Szegedi, Dorothy Norkaitis, Sue Sodomek, Cynthia Radcliffe, Vice-President; Sue Korenik, Joan Rodak, Sandy Walmsley. Second Row: Karen Andre, Linda Ficken, Sherill Hughes, Caroll Dalton, Karen Knight, Virginia Hyde, Trula Michaels. Third Row: Maureen Haggerty, Roberta Crowley, Diane Norkaitis, Judy Lawrence, Joan Dahnk, Linda McGrath, Bonnie Bokelman, Ann Christoph, Kathy Hurlebaus, Rosemary Insana. Fourth Row: Donna Tribble, Charlotte Krupsha, Tana Basham, Carol Gorder. Fifth Row: Sara Barker, Rosie Sixth Row: Carol Holly, Cindy Dysart, Kris Gustafson, Carolyn Hunter, Peggy Robinson, Elvie Anderson, Linda Burris, Diane Simpson, Monica Lowe. Seventh Row: Venita Polechla, Sue Shetley, Carol Huntting, Margaret Fogle, Judy Richardson, Judy Gish, Wilda Penfold, Eileen King, Linda M onn. Eighth Row: Carla Steinborn, Judy Hazelett, Ann Baroch, Rebecca Wallace, Nadine Smith, Jackie Butler. Quadrangle A carnival in January, featuring food booths and games on the front lawn, was sponsored by the Quad residents to raise funds for the AWS Drive. Socially, the coeds were invited to visit the rooms the men of Sahuaro A had decorated for their Halloween Open House. And speaking of decorating, instead of entering a Homecoming float in the contest, the women decorated the hall in a Wizard of Oz motif. As a service project, they groceries and over $20 to the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room. And culturally, a movie and a speech on Vietnam, featuring Capt. Ralph E. Howard, was sponsored for the residents. Desert and tropical plants and the colonial Quad—a jumble of planned beauty. Quad Hall Council: First Row: Sharon Thomas, Pam Becker, Su Doyle, Joyce Comprini, Anna Vasquez, Anita Haddy, Kathy Storey, Pam Mapes. Second Row: Trixie Poor, Debbie Ulmer, Karen Peterson, Kathy Mitchell, Beverly Truett—head resident, Pat Becker, Elizabeth Jansen. Quadrangle Hall Officers: Anna Vasquez, secretary: Karen Peterson, vice president: Kathy Storey, treasurer: Pam Mapes, president. Sleeping Porch or Romper Room? Who would guess these are the same coeds who bask silently in the sun by day? PV Exec: Carole McGrew, Vice Pres.; Sharon Mentzer, Sec ' y.; Alice Exum, President. Palo Verde The Palo Verde coeds chose a Hawaiian theme for a reception honoring Dean George Hamm and Dean Catherine Nichols, at which the residents served as hostesses. For entertainment one of the coeds performed some Hawaiian dances on the PV patio. A surprise Mexican dinner and a sit down Thanksgiving dinner also offered some relief from the daily routine. Another dinner was given to honor the seniors. An emphasis on academics was evidenced as Palo Verde increased the number of scholarships it awarded to its residents. Thirteen scholarships were awarded one for each floor plus a sweepstakes. In addition to the scholarship a trophy was awarded to the floor with the highest index. A book sale during Homecoming as well as books donated by the residents helped stock the hall library. A fashion show was presented in November at which student assistants, hall officers and dorm coeds modelled knits by Mary Pendleton of Sedona. Coeds find a wide variety of choices for lunch. " Don ' t forget to sign out .. . " Campus men eat lunch at PV cafeteria. Palo Verde is the home to 12 sororities with its four wings and 12 floors and cafeteria. A fashion show in the fall featuring knits was a hit with the PV residents. Palo Verde East A high-rise dorm with high rising standards, Palo Verde East with its 400 residents could easily have identity problems. But its individuality through has created a competitive spirit and unifying enthusiasm. Each year finds a PVE float in the Homecoming Float Contest and PVE coeds at the AWS Retreat. They also perpetuate the elaborate all-dorm parties at Halloween and Christmas as well as in the spring. But individual interests have their place, too. PVE is the home of an international badminton champ, several intercollegiate swimmers, and dramatists and musicians to name a few. PVE Intramural Volleyball Team. First Row: Jan Young, Barbara Altherr, Nancy Ellis. Second Row: Sharon Johnna Titmus. PVE Hall Council. First Row: Jan Benatz, Michaelene Hayduke, Cathy Layton, Eva Willis, Jan Young. Second Row: Johnna Titmus, Kim Roseland, Carolyn Gavette, Claudia Franklin, Laurie Calloway, Karen Woodburn, Cathy Lamb, Sandy Kemp. Third Row: Mary Jane Axtell, Judy Andersen, Sharon Edmonson, Paula Deabler, Claudia Ward, Snadi Wynne, Vinnie Goodmen, Judy Dawson, Miss Ann McKenna, Kris Hansen. Fourth Row: Miss Charlotte Maxwell, Mrs. Lewis, Miss Marty Vojtko. New recreation equipment is enjoyed by PVE residents. PVE Executive Council. First Row: Michaelene Hayduke, Treasurer; Eva Willis, Vice President; Jan Young, President; Cathy Layton, Secretary. Second Row: Carolyn Gavette, Karen Woodburn, Laurie Calloway. " Devil, Doll and Ducks, " entry of Hayden Hall, PV West and PV East, " rolls down " Mill Avenue, in the ASU Homecoming Parade. Hunger ' s here, the food is fine; so we ' ll take 30 minutes to wait in line. Palo Verde West Parent ' s Day Open House was probably best at Palo Verde West. The rooms looked better than they did all year, with the possible exception of the Christmas Decorations Contest. Making a float with Hayden Hall and Palo Verde East was fun, but the high spot of the season was winning the Sigma Chi Derby Day Spirit Award. P.V. West in the Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl and Pershing Rifle contests made all the residents proud as did their entry in the Inter-Hall Christmas King and Queen Contest. West participated in the AWS Retreat and the Scholarship Drive. Palo Verde West Hall Council. First Row: Janet Norman, Peggy O ' Neill, Barbara Eggelstein. Second Row: Mrs. Mary Watson, Marnee Vuko, Kathy Lyding, Peggy Lew, Carol Sorenson. Third Row: Gloria Peltran, Deni Eddings, Betsy Pierce, Kathy Gall, Lucinda Fitts, Lee Ann Mason, Ginny Akin, Millie Roberts, Carol Barford, Cathy Law, Carol Cavagnol. While their roommates sleep peacefully in their rooms, these coeds take advantage of one of PV West ' s several study lounges. A guitar and a ballad can turn a dorm lobby into a small music hall. Are you sure my date is running for the Miss Arizona title? Wilson Wilson Hall recorded a success in the Thanksgiving canned food drive this year. The Scholarship Drive found the coeds buying late minutes for a penny and holding a Double Twist Sale at which licorice and pretzels were sold. Current interest events included a talk on birth control and an address by a faculty member during AWS Week. The Girl of the Month and the Senior Breakfast honored residents, and a traveling plaque was awarded to the wing with the highest first semester average. Intramurals, the Homecoming float entry and the spring formal all helped to develop a spirit of that is a part of college dorm life. The Wilson Hall Council governs hall activities. First Row: Barbara Reynolds, Janet Furman. Second Row: Clara Martin, Secretary; Sandra McChesney, President; Ginger Baldwin, Vice President; Carol Fogel, Treasurer. Third Row: Donna Barr, Cheryl Garner, Sandra Anderson, Mickey Conley, Kay Falbo, Mrs. Anna M. Dade, Head Ann Hickman. Fourth Row: Glenann Wood, Stephanie Farr. Wilson Hall First Floor. First Row: Nancy Woolbert, Judy Tomlinson, Shahin Hormozi, Vivian Johnson, Marilyn Irvine. Second Row: Cheryl Garner, Barbara Bartlett, Barbara Reynolds, Cindy Zlatos, Jill Schoen, Thomi Hudson. Third Row: Pat Flores, Ann Hickman, Kay Falbo, Linda Pennington, Nancy Herring, Pam Nedd, Marilyn Mead, Jill Kennedy, Sandra McChesney. Wilson Hall, Second Floor. First Row: Janet deBerge, Ginger Baldwin, Paula Sanders, Donna Beloat, Donna Barr. Second Row: Annie Doug, Pat Dooley, Kathy Owens, Shari Frederickson, Janie Williams, Doreen Odom, Mickey Conley, Helen Lee. Third Row: Julie Ash, Sandra Anderson, Shirley Sprague, Katherine Sagun, Sally Stickler. Fourth Row: Robyn Houston, Susan Searle, Sherry Elmore, Virginia Wold, Pat Wargel, Laura Boldin, Penny Pollack, Terry Rumery, Carol Fogel. Wilson Hall, Third Floor. First Row: Meli nda Cockrill, Stephanie Farr, Sandi Stokowski, Cathy Toll. Second Row: Nancy Meek, Margaret Peyou, Clara Martin, Denise Wallentinson, GlenAnn Wood, Sandra Defnet. Third Row: Roxanne Engebretson, Joyce Rosscup, Ellen Moreau, Linda Pate. Fourth Row: Janet Furman, Vicki Hardin, Jan French, Sue Rath, Vicki Moore, Janet Harris, Dale Petty, Gail Freeman, Donna Thomas, Diane Hejhall. Gammage Smaller dorms are usually easier to and Gammage is no exception. In addition to adopting a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the residents prepared to send to Vietnam. Continuing included the Girl of the Month exchanges with other halls and sports. Gammage ' s Homecoming Queen nominee was Miss Wool of Arizona as well as Arizona ' s entry in the Miss USA Pageant. Finishing touches were placed on the year with the Spring Formal and First Floor. First Row: Phyllis Revello, Sue Traver, Nita Soto. Second Row: Alice Hashimoto, Elaine Kuhara, Sandra Almodova, Saca Andree. Third Row: Sally Howard, Myrtle Worley, Carey Appleby, Sara Newell, Yolanda Chavez, Irene Soto, Ann Garner, Bessie Hadley, Carole Hargreaves, Roxanne Neeley. Second Floor. First Row: Bonnie Holaday, Liz Linn, Judy Huber, Sandra Almodova. Second Row: Cecelia Doran, Barbara Glessner, Norma JoAnn Sur, Susan Reeves, Patty Kircher, Missy McQuattie, Marie D ' Autilia, Nancy Morse. Third Row: Pat Webber, Pat Rogers, Kathy Sutter, Barb Sanchez, Lynne Larson, Kathy Jewe, Judy Green, Bonnie Richardson, Judi Proietti, Connie Midey, Janet Martineau, Nancy Rusinek. Fourth Row: Kathleen Jenkin, Jean Mazei, Shirley Hellstern, Janis Robinson, Linda Coglan, Louraine Forbes. Hall Council. First Row: Judy Huber, Secretary; Sandra Almodova, Treasurer; Liz Lim, Vice President; Bonnie Holaday, President. Second Row: Elaine Kuhara, Kathy Sutter, Nancy Morse, Myrtle Worley, Barbara Glessner, Norma Hammer, Shirley Hellstern, Cecelia Doran, Kathleen Jenkin, Janis Robinson, Patty Kircher, Lynne Larson. The Panhellenic Fashion Show features what ' s new. Greek life on campus is an array of color, anxieties and fun ... for those who make the effort to become affiliated. Impromptu hijinks coupled with academic pursuit keep actives and pledges in a constant turmoil. The traditional formals and boondockers on the Verde provide fun for all. And in a serious vein, the fund drives for philanthropic projects constantly remind members of the Greek community of those who are less fortunate than themselves. Homecoming competition in the royalty and float areas kept the 33 Greek chapters on campus busy. And one night, Campus Security was given the old heave ho on Alpha Drive after investigating a complaint that one fraternity was showing " dirty " movies on another fraternity house wall. " You ATO ' s have the swingingest rush parties. " The bids are out and there ' s nothing greater than to know you have been accepted as a pledge. Some Theta Delts and their friends lazily drift down the Verde River forgetting the cares of school. Sorority spirit is exhibited at the Powder Puff Derby. Pledge Presents is an anxious but lovely affair. Cheering on members of the team is one of the duties at Sigma Chi Derby Day. The Lambda Chi Toad Hop has to be one of the funniest events on campus—and we ' re not croaking. This ADPi gets wet down in the shower for some reason. Meeting time at the AEPi house is not all serious. Sorority girls rejoice over a member ' s pinning. Is it from Mt. Olympus that the Greek gods charge? No, the site is local, and the time is now as fraternity men begin their cross country intramurals. A Delta Gamma quartet gets ready for a bit of harmony in practice for the Greek Sing. 287 Greeks congratulate a new Archon member at selection Pi Phi Man of the Year Ken Beinar accepts trophy from Joan Winter. Greek Week Steering Committee. First Row: Bill Ferguson, Jack Erickson, Barbara Haupt, Becky Akin. Second Row: Chris Warren, Gina Taylor, Tom Ebzerry, Helen Abernathy, Dick Tracy, Mary Lou Dains, Sharon Mentzer, Gaylen Plihal, Bill Daniels, Ron McCoy. The daffy apple sale was a success with Palo Verde ' s gentlemen visitors. Junior Panhellenic Jo Holtz President Anne Armstrong Vice President Sue Blazok Treasurer Queta Baker Publicity Shirley Isley Social Susan Egly Advisor First Row: Linda Bloom, Sharon Holder, Beth Boyer, Jo Holtz, Jenny Esparza, Ann Armstrong. Second Row: Barb Allen, Susan Egly, Ann Wyckoff, Judy Meyer, M. B. Flower, Bea Willis, Sue Blazok, Barbie Mack, Shirley Isley, Jo Putnam, Queta Baker, Karen Gomps, Miss Lynn McElroy. It ' s grubbies for grub as pledges from all sororities don their picnic clothes for a casual afternoon at the pledge picnic in Daley Park. Coeds eagerly accept bids to pledge. A pledge makes her debut at Pledge Presents. Panhellenic Panhellenic Council fosters intersorority assists collegiate chapters of the National Panhellenic Conference member groups, and cooperates with the University in maintaining high scholastic and social standards. To reward high scholarship, the Council gives trophies to the with the highest grade index. It also organizes and sponsors rush and Pledge Presents. Junior Panhellenic is made up of representatives from the pledge class of the twelve sororities. recently gone through rush, the girls evaluate rush procedures and award a $100 scholarship at the end of each year to the outstanding pledge. Pam Del Ducca President Susan Egley Vice President Jo Ann Foreman Secretary Betsy Kalish Treasurer Mary Thompson Rush Chairman Dean Kay Hoover Advisor The latest in fashion is presented at the pre-school Panhellenic Fashion Show. Rosemary Deloian Linda Gallagher Ruth Hoffman Kathy Hurlebaus Pamela Johnson Suzanne Kinney Kathy Lynch Ann McMahon Pam Pool Joan Rickey Abby Sack Pixie Salzman Jan Soderstrom Susan Strand Pat Tanzola Janice Wells Rusty Willard Sparkling eyes hide a gleeful secret as ADPis pass a traditional candle. Alpha Delta Pi With 73 members, the Gamma Rho chapter of Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Arizona State holds a variety of social functions throughout the year. the Christmas Formal, Spring Dinner Dance and the Founder ' s Day Banquet, they also sponsor a Barn Dance and Mother-Daughter, Banquets. Each spring the Guide For Brides Fashion Show is also presented by the ADPis. They promote scholarship by presenting an award to the pledge with the best grades and to a big-and-little sister team for best grades. In keeping with the lion symbol on the ADPi pin and crest, the girls have chosen Leo the Lion as their mascot and symbol of strength. The girls themselves value their sorority for the friendliness and individuality of its members. Barb Haupt President Judy Riggins Vice President Kathy Allison Treasurer Karlene Arnold Ginger Baldwin Carol Barford Susan Basha Cathy Basset Carolyn Bates Joan Bergmark Susan Blevins Elizabeth Boyer Cassandra Carson Carolyn Charest Cheryl Cobb Susan Cody Sandy Cook Jacque Corbin Sharon Davies Marion Davis Rosemary Deloian Gail Doukakis Susan Egly Cindy Farris Carol Ferguson Pam Gallacci Janet Golman Lynn Goshia Harriet Grooters Nancy Guerra Lynda Hershey Ann Holley Emily Hunsaker Roxy Hurd Sisters join with Huey in memory of Homecoming when they created him. Jeanne Huvelle Brenda Jones Nancy Keeling Sherry Kipp Joanne Kyllo Nancy Leach Marsha Lindsay Martha Lowry Sharon Mentzer Nancy Monsees Bonnie Mowinski Linda Newton Elaine Niggeman Kay Norris Judy Ohl Marguerite Palmer Carol Parcks Nancy Parks Kathy Ragan Kathy Rhodeos Diane Rothwell Jan Schwanke Teresa Schweiger Sally Slaughter Gena Taylor Kay Taylor Lauren Thompson Nance Valleskey Julie Van Aken Ann Weber Linda Weber Founder ' s Day was celebrated at Monti ' s La Casa Vieja. Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority with its membership of 30 has drawn itself a mark of credit at ASU. This sorority took second place in the 1966 Homecoming Float Contest and walked off with the Panhellenic Scholarship and the Panhellenic Pledge of the Year Award. They also take pride in the fact that their members are outstanding academically, athletically and extracurricularly. Tennis, golf and swimming scholarships went to AEPhis. And among the Delta Chi elected an AEPhi as their Sweetheart, and the Phi Sigma Kappas chose an AEPhi as one of their Moonlight Girl finalists. This year ' s Greek Section Editor of the Sahuaro was a past Heart Fund Queen. All this talent has insured successful sponsoring of the Golden Gate Settlement, Spring Formal, Big-Li ttle Sister Tea and Valentine ' s Party. Janis Blumkin is presented with a trophy at Kappa Sig game. Abby Sack President Nancy Rozefsky Vice President Ginny Blywise Recording Secretary Hilary Hammes Corresponding Secretary Iris Seligman Treasurer Susan Abrahams Linda Bloom Janis Blumkin Joan Edelstein Linda Fishman Nancy Garner Louise Goldman Dale Kit Gordon Beth Hassenbusch Diane Hausman Ruth Hoffman Susan Jacobs Judy Knell Denise Landy Ilene Lashinsky Lynda Liff Linda Lowenberg Judy Meyer Sheila Pearl Norma Rodsky Madelon Salant Stephanie Saunders Judi Seigel Georgann Teeman Deborah Vener At elegant Mountain Shadows, AEPhis and their dates enjoy a balmy, entertaining Spring Formal. A birthday is a happy occasion on the Alpha Phi floor. Gerry Miller President Michele Kapor Vice President Chris Parr Vice President Pam Johnson Vice President Sharon Brancroft Secretary Patricia Collet Treasurer Lindsey Alexander Janice Baker Lynn Brandys Candy Burud Susan Charest Deane Dauten Marilyn Dunham Phoebe Eittreim Cheryl Evy Patty Farry Jeanne Ferryman Marybeth Flower Janice Gibson Ann Gonia Penny Griffin Nancy Gumm Gwinlyn Hagler Vicki Halbert With each fall comes the Alpha Phi retreat. At Ride Rock Ranch, where the coeds stay, the pledges are introduced and welcomed into the sorority by the actives and Pledge Moms. The Mom program continues as between Moms and daughters for grades is climaxed with the Steak and Beans Dinner. Here, the winning group eats steaks while the group with the lower marks eats beans. Other Alpha Phi include the annual Heart Fund Ball and Christmas Party as well as the Barn Dance and Ridiculous Party. Sheryl Hanley Jo Holtz Pam Johnson Ann Mackrell Kay McCurnin Cindy Morgan Carol Noll Sharyn Owens Merle Reidhead Barbara Riggs Lynn Robb Molly Roff Sarah Seidell Gay Sliver Lolly Sliver Debi Smith Edith Stanley Jeannie Steele Jeri Ann Steele Susan Strand Margie Sutherland Julie Trump Cinderella helped the girls win third place in the Contest. Karla Von Wald Teri Voelker Joanne Wallace Chris Warren Verna Welker Alpha Phi ' s Susan Strand is Miss Wool of Arizona. Do you think we could possibly fit any more on her? Chi Omega The 70 members of Chi Omega sorority at Arizona State are known for their participation in an number of activities. ASASU Secretary, pom pon captain, and the first runner-up to Homecoming Queen are Chi Os. Another is Panhellenic treasurer, and others are members of academic honoraries. One of their philanthropic projects is Christmas Kindness. This year they combined forces with Kappa Sigma and donated the proceeds to the Salvation Army. They also sponsor the Social Science Prize which is awarded to a woman student chosen by the faculty. Social functions include the Steak and Beans Dinner, Mom ' s Club Picnic, Senior Recognition Party and the Christmas and Spring Parties. The girls feel the value of membership is the association with the sorority through which potentialities are developed which might otherwise lie dormant. Priscilla Overman President Jo Yuknis Vice President Joy Moss Pledee Trainer Rayma Kirkpatrick Secretary Heather McFalls Treasurer Sue Ann Alexander Barbara Allen Traci Anderson Stephanie Austin Jane Baity Cherie Ballard Kim Bendel Janice Bender Katie Boyle Carri Buck Joy Burd Laurel Butler Janis Calhoun Bobbie Davis Holly Decker Linda Down Betty Jo Ethell Patti Felker Pat Flynn Linda Gallagher Margy Garland Rhea Graham Gaye Gravely Gaye Gravely and Doug Nurnberg, first runners-up at Home-coming. Nancy Grundy Beverly Gunness Patty Haskell Melody Hawkins Tarina Hayes Judy Hickman Sharon Holder Jackie Jenks Jacque Jordahl Betsy Kalish Stevie Kenyon Crystal Kincheloe Jane Kinvig Charlane Lewis Linda Maxey Margaret Marietti Debbie O ' Brien Sandi Olsen Carolyn Owen Frankie Pomeroy Sally Robinson Cindy Roessler Betsey Safford Kathy Sasser Susan Schmitt Janine Schuldt Patty Souvall Karen Spoon Sharon Spoon Anita Strickler Kay Swisher Janis Taylor Jeanne Tenhagen Carol Tessitore Mary Tibshraeny Sherry Van Fleet Beverly Ward Sherry White Connie Williams Barbara Woehrel Tri-Delts enjoy a joke told by a sister at their Founder ' s Day Dinner. Delta Delta Delta Although chartered at Arizona State only two years ago, the Phi Omega chapter of Delta Delta Delta sorority is already a part of campus life. The 1966 Greek Sing Sweepstakes Trophy is displayed in the Tri-Delt chapter room. There are Tri-Delts in Angel Flight, Mortar Board, and the Student Sen ate. And a Delta Delta Delta pledge is the Delta Chi Pledge Sweetheart. Nationally the Tri-Delts a scholarship for which any woman student may apply. The raffle for the Homecoming football bearing the of the team members is sponsored by Delta Delta Delta. The proceeds are placed in a scholarship fund. In addition to the Christmas Party and Spring Formal, the girls hostess the Spring Pansy Breakfast and the Apple Polishing Party. Parna Hoiles President Toni McCluskey Vice President Sharon Faulkner Secretary Diane Adair Ellen Bassen Marcia Beatty Lynne Boccigone Patricia Bohl Betsy Boote Cyndy Briggs Bunny Burns Lynn Carlin Joan Chance Gloria Chiabai Laura Chittenden Ann Clarke Catherine Combs Luita Cooper Courtney Erwin Kathleen Gall Marianne Grimstad Karen Grotlisch Johanne Guelich Marjorie Hall Linda Hochstetler Lynn Hopkins Ruth Housefield Karen Hughes Kathi Hurlebaus Baku Irani Shirley Isley Dorothy Jackson Barbara Jenkins Penelope Jones Lynne Klemme Mary Klock Lee Ann Mason Patricia Meyer Alix Miller Gail Miller Brooke Murray Nelda Northern Genanne Olson Barbara Percival Connie Peterson Amber Reddicks Dorothy Relfe Estelle Speros Janis Sterling Catherine Streech Patricia Tanzola Carol Tompkins Robyn Warner Judy Wasson Kathleen Wood Barbi Young Wedding attire is modeled at the spring Pansy Breakfast. Tri-Delts entertain Dean Dannenfeldt at their Apple Polishing Party. Delta Gamma By participating wholeheartedly, Delta Gamma 65 members successfully anchor tradition, both Greek and University, for present enjoyment and future memories. Their philanthropic project is sight conservation and aid to the blind. In with this they hold a Christmas party for the School of the Blind in Phoenix. The Founder ' s Day Banquet, Suppressed Desire Party, Christmas Formal, Shipwreck Party, Mother-Daughter Tea and Alumnae Tea are among their traditional DGs are in Angel Flight, Kaydettes, Spurs and Natani as well as in the fraternity auxiliaries —Maltesians, Little Sisters of Minerva, Pikettes, Golden Hearts and Phi Delt Sweethearts. Delta Gammas have always supported both Angel Flight and Kaydettes. Bev Buehler President Betty Sigvaldson Vice President Kris Nystrom Vice President Jodene Garrels Secretary Billie Jensen Treasurer Barbara Alexander Anne Armstrong Beverly Bair Andrea Bank Sue Barton Jody Bonnet Suzanne Bonnet Jeanne Booher Barbara Booth Barb Borrowdale Kathy Briscoe Lynne Byerly Linda Carnal Debbie Condon Cathy Cray Jeanie Davidson Kay Davis Barb Doeller Karen Donovan Sue Finder Patti Goodman Jeanne Grindstaff Robin Healy Hubbard Kathy Jablonski Jackie Johnson Kathleen Kellis Sarah Lewis Kathie Lynch Carolyn Marsh Ann McMahon Jeri Meikle Jan Meyhaus Harriett Mitten Lynne Morrison Toni Murtaugh Ingrid Myklestad Dawn Naar Fraternity auxiliaries frequently select DGs. Sally Perry Kristen Peterson Susan Price Bari Redding Yvetter Robichaud Ellen Rose Corky Russnak Pam Shaw Shannon Sims Bette Smith Sally Swank Pam Ward Patty Weatherston Nanci Widstrand Rae Wyles Mary Lou Younger In sports, service and spirit DGs are active. Karen Mitchell President Terry Rackley Vice President Helen Abernathy Secretary Kathy Kreisher Treasurer Janice Adams Nancy Anderson Sheryl Anderson Jacque Armstrong Jeanne Besser Karen Cappelucci Robin Childs Pattye Collin Mary Lou Dains Linda Davis Pam Del Ducca Luanne Dickson Patti Erickson Pam Fisher Tomi Jo French Penny Gale Jo-Carroll Glasson Judy Harris Helen Hodges Margie Isles Sharon Kiloh Connie Meneley Joan Miller Lynda Miller Gamma Phi Beta In its 17 years on campus the Beta Kappa Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta has made a special effort to perpetuate the traditions of both University and sorority. Each year they enter the Homecoming Float Contest and participate in Greek Week, Sigma Chi Derby Day and the Phi Psi And the various campus elections the Phis almost always sponsor a candidate. Their philanthropic projects center around a summer camp for underprivileged girls and the Heart Fund Drive. Kavdettes, Mortar Board, Natani and Spurs all have Gamma Phi representatives. And this year the Panhellenic President, Pam Del Luca, is a Gamma Phi Beta. The Gamma Phis took a few trophies at the Kappa Sig Powder Puff Football Games. Linda Motz Jerrye Munro Annie Pearson Julie Redding Kris Reiserer Karen Remmer Dorothy Rossetti Cherrie Shaffer Claudia Skirving Vicki Spitler Peggy Taylor Sue Thompson Penny Trump Virginia Vandling Ann Vogler Ann Weier Marcia Williams Bea Willis June Willis Peggy Wilson Patti Winchell With after-dinner singing the girls can relax together. Glennann Wood Suzi Woolgar The Homecoming float was one of the girls ' larger projects. Judy Hage President Sandy Aakre Vice President Barbara Lyding Vice President Jane Berrier Recording Secretary Karen Lane Corresponding Secretary Gail Fisher Treasurer Kathy Abbott Nancy Abbott Bobbi Barnette Elena Bass Nancy Becker Billie Beggs Nancy Benneson Karen Blair Marlene Brady Cindy Brown Kathy Brown Anne Bussert Carol Cavagnol C. Chamberlain Cynthia Crabtree Susan Dick Kathy Dooley Patricia Edstrom Barbara Eldridge Jill Endicott Alice Exum Christi Felt Kathy Frye Gina Harries Kathy Hassinger Lynn Hendricks Marlene Hoffman Susie Holland Pam Howard Suzanne Kinney Bonnie Koefoot Kasia Kostka Karol Kuykendall Dayle Land Kappa Alpha Theta The Delta Epsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority with its 75 members to stay active in campus and Greek functions. Besides participating in Sigma Chi Derby Day, Greek Week and they also have an elaborate Day Banquet and the traditional Kite and Key Dance held in the spring. is high on the Thetas ' value list. They are in possession of the Phoenix Trophy for Highest Chapter and the Panhellenic Plaque for Active Scholarship. The Thetas are also around when the intramurals are played. Their service project is the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita, Kansas. Paula Leahy J. Linsenmeyer Kathy Lyding Sharon McClellan Bonnie McMaster Sharon McNew Leslie Mathias Cheryl Moore Kathy Moore Janet Norman Sue Norman Patty Phillips Pam Pool Tammy Powers Vicki Sanders Kathy Schmit Kathy Schweitzer Mary Jane Scott Sue Smith Gayle Stevenson Susan Russell Kathi Till Kay Tweed Diana Van Duerm Susan Van Slyke Lani Voorhies Debbie Welday Alyce Wilson Diana Van Duerm and Joe Parsons were second runners-up to Homecoming royalty. Dumbo the Elephant, an ATO and Theta creation, tied for second place. Karen Wilt Elaine Winn Kaki Bonsall The Beta Psi chapter of Kappa Delta has been a part of ASU ' s Greek system since 1952 and now has 60 members. They were off to a good start this year when they won first place in the Sigma Chi Derby Day Bamboo Ramble. They also placed third in the Do-Nut Dash and the Levi Paint. the sorority supports a crippled-children ' s hospital in Virginia. The sale of KD Christmas seals to members helps to support this hospital while other funds are sent for orthopedic research scholarships. Locally, they hold parties for the at the Tempe TB sanitarium. Social events included the retreat to Mt. Lemmon near Tucson, the Christmas Informal at Apache Wells Country Club and the Founder ' s Day Banquet at the Bull Pen in Phoenix. Powder Puff Trophy Winner Barbara Mack stands with sponsors of the game. Jean Kerr Carole McGrew Lanie Rinck Linda Vollstedt Barbara Blair Susan Blair Susan Boals President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Lisa Bohannan Debby Crawford Jan Ellenson Jan Elsner Joyce Guthrie Sheryl Hartman Karen Hayden - Judy Holcombe Jan Jacobsen Lori Johansen Judy Kerr Pam Koerber Barbara Kramer Georgia Krueger Barbara Mack Norma Malene Judy Marks Jan Martineau Carol Peifer Sandy Price Karen Pucci In keeping w ith the " World of Fantasy " Homecoming theme, the Kappa Deltas entered their colorful float, the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. Kappa Delta Mary Thompson takes second place in the phi Psi 500. Carol Richardson Wanda Rippstein Carol Scoville Pat Thomas Mary Thompson Karen Vuyovich Margo Wallace Wende Waters Barbara West Janice Wells Action is here — so are the Kappas. Kappas sing up a storm to show their Derby Day spirit. The 73 members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, well represented in campus activities, stress scholarship and maintain a high average. In intramurals they won in girls ' volleyball and placed in most other divisions. as much a part of the university as the sorority are the Monmouth Duo with the Pi Phis and the Kite and Key Party with the Thetas. In conjunction with the Phi Sigma Kappas they held a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. Kay Benzel Ellen Shahan Karen Lynskey Pam Arle President First Vice President Second Vice President Corresponding Secretary Sheri Galbreath Linda Adams Ginny Akin Linda Ambrose Recording Secretary Sue Barris Sue Blazok Laney Brown Sue Burke Wendy Colby Sue Cornwell Betty Davis Joyce Drolet Linda Ekstrom Carolyn Evans Karin Evvard Judy Fierro Ann Flaskamp Nancy Fry Mary Glass Suzanne Godber Michele Goodman Barbara Haislip Corinne Hancock Judy Hazelett Melinda Hopkins Nancy Hulbirt Dij Jones Vicki Kearns Karen Kelly Rosemary King Betty Koe Sue Lang Mimi Maffeo Nan Messersmith Susan Miller Judy Mitchell Cheryl Moss Ellen Oxentenko Suzanne Godber Katie O ' Keefe Sally Perry Judy Porter Nancy Poulsen Jennifer Powell Joan Rickey Janine Robison Karen Schreiber Linda Scranton Karen Seidner Claudia Sellers Sue Silva Linda Sladish Candy Smith Jane Stadem Cathy Suarez Gwen Sutter Eldray Tate Pauline Urbano Mary Jane Wegner Lynn Wallace Carol Wilcox Jane Williams Cathy Wilson Stephanie Wulk Ann Wyckoff Karen Yeager A clever campaign helped elect Bunny Olmstead Homecoming Queen. Pi Beta Phi In its two years on campus Pi Beta Phi has the circle of success. This year Pi Phis made Derby Darling and Homecoming Queen, and the Pi Phi float won first place in the Homecoming Float Contest. Their service project is a settlement school for the handicapped in Tennessee. At their Arrowcraft Sale the girls sell crafts by the people from the school. The proceeds from this and the magazine sale are sent back to the school. Each fall the Pi Phis join with the Kappas in the Duo to commemorate their mutual foundings at Monmouth College. Other activities include Christmas and Spring Parties, Senior Farewell and the Scholarship Dinner. Joan Winter President Judy Lay Vice President Ellen Arnold Recording Secretary Sally Grayson Corresponding Secretary Karen Keesling Treasurer Pam Ake Becky Akin Betty Bacon Queta Baker Ann Barber Nancy Bell Lydia Bennett Arlinda Brown Sue Butterfield Susan Cohenour Jory Crane Sandy Creighton Kathy Delozier Gloria Don Barb Eggleston Jenny Esparza Pat Fabeny Sandy Farnum Ru th Foster Kathy Fumusa Carol Gay Sharon Gladwin Sheryl Hamlin It ' s surprising how many pairs of Levis a girl can wear at once. Martha Higgins Barbara Hughes Janet Jeewek Barbara Johnson Karen Lofgren Paula McNeill Carol Meador Monique Mendel Sally Minning Susie Moore Bunny Olmstead Nancy Olsen Jill Putnam Pat Randolph Lynne Reese Kristin Robison Susan Roehl Janis Roelofson Kathy Russell Pam Sabeck Chelly Seeds Susie Sekulich Carol Sexton Lucki Smith Jan Soderstrom Sandy Stock Lynn Theilkas Ellen Toeniskoetter Patty Touhey Rusty Willard Lolly Williams Lynda Winston Teresa Wojcik Bonita Hix President Kathy Keck Corresponding Secretary Donna Beloat Recording Secre tary Terri Kohn Treasurer Susan Arnold Alaine Austin Linda Barlett Chris Carless Su e Jane Detjen Sigma Sigma Sigma Although one of the smaller sororities on campus, with 32 members, the Beta Kappa chapter Sigma Sigma Sigma currently possesses the trophy for highest scholarship. A shoe shine in Scottsdale raised money for the Robbie Page Memorial Fund for a crippled children ' s hospital in North Carolina. These coeds held a spring luau to celebrate their chapter ' s birthday. The Tri-Sigmas had their Kidnap Breakfast and the Alumnae Brunch. Other socials included the Pledges ' Halloween Party, the Christmas Formal and the Senior Jadi Dombek Jo Ann Foreman Nancy Glenny Karen Gompf Mary A. Harkness Margaret Hull Linda Huntimer Beverly Jones Susan Kadin Claudette Lutz Linda McFadden Anita Maldonado Dorothy Middleton Leslie Motschman Vivian Painter Pixie Salzman Lynn Smith Penny Spicer Pat Wasson Kendall Whitaker These Tri-Sigs prime their shoe-shine kits before the annual fund drive for a crippled children ' s hospital. Old Trophies are rearranged to make room for the new scholarship trophy. Tri-Sigs initiate the season with a touch of the Powder Puff. Interfraternity The Interfraternity Council is the governing body and the coordinator of the activities of the ASU fraternity system. Along with its governing duties the IFC sponsors an orphan and gives an annual Christmas party for the Indians. They support a foster child and help collect funds during the United Fund Drive. They are concerned with and give cert ificates to fraternity men with 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 semester averages. They also give scholarship awards to the fraternities for and improvement. Ted Marsella President Joe Duke Vice President Steve Brown Secretary Dick Guzauskas Treasurer Charles Acocello John Bohon John Boyd Bill Daniels Bill Diehl William Eddings Jack Erickson Ira Friedman Dom Gerhardt Clark Griffin Dr. Russ Bloyer, advisor Robert " Sandy " Chamberlain, advisor Liz Foreman keeps the IFC office in running order. Tom Guilds Kyle Harris Dave Hill Bill Holbrook Jerry Kemper George King Norm Kitzmiller Glen Knight Bill Laurie Bob McCarthy Randy McGirr Gary Moorman Pete Mortimer Dan Murphy Jeff Paulson Ted Person George Philpott Pete Pittman Jerry Rovey Bart Siegfried Ray Tanner Paul Wallace William Wheeler Jerry Whitted Charles Wise Tom Wiper Aggies show a prize steer at the recent Arizona State livestock Exhibition. Aggies enjoy refreshments at a recent house party. Don Gerhardt President Terry Lamprecht Vice President John Rovnan Vice President Gary Allen Secretary Gary Accamazzo Craig Allen Bill Griffin Harry Hershkowitz Bert Hunter Gary Owens Walter Perry Galen Plihal Thomas Rezak Gerald Rovey George Rovnan Mark Thomas Arthur Tobin Pete Wilharm Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho chartered the Alpha Xi chapter at ASU in 1958. A social-professional fraternity for students in agriculture and related fields it has a membership of 20. Many of the fraternity ' s are service projects for community and state agricultural events. Included is the sponsoring of the Bar-B-Q for ASU ' s Western Week in the spring. At the FFA Field Day for high school students, the men of Alpha Gamma Rho handle concessions and get acquainted with potential pledges. And at the National Livestock Show held in Phoenix in they help with the livestock judging and contests. Traditional social events are the Christmas party, held this year at the Holiday Inn, and the Pink Rose Formal, a spring function. William Wheeler President Leon Grant Vice President Louis Scott Treasurer William H. Bennett, Jr. William Eddings Finis Hardiman George Hill Earl McDowell James R. Miller Bill Mosley The brothers had a good time party with dates and music. Kappa Alpha Psi brothers meet often for social events. Kappa Alpha Psi The Gamma Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi has as its goal active participation in academics, social and service projects. Each semester the fraternity offers an award for academic They also compete in a variety of sports including football, basketball and track. Their parties are the Sweetheart Ball held and the Black and White Christmas party given by the actives and alumni at Paradise Inn. They also recognize the responsibility to fellowmen and perform various service projects for the needy. Thus, the men of Kappa Alpha Psi, though small in number, are active with a purpose. Alpha Rho Chi Alpha Rho Chi is a social and professional with a membership of 30 limited to students. Professional lectures given by the faculty of the College of Architecture and others supplemented their studies. Among the major events of the Satyros chapter was the Cinco de Mayo celebration honoring Mexico ' s Independence Day. Social events included the South Mountain, Roaring ' 20s and the Sewer parties and a Christmas Snow Bowl trip and party. They also held a pledge-active football game and took several architectural field trips. " Snoopy and the Red Baron " hit the road for Homecoming Parade festivities. Actives. First Row: John Dyer, Chaplain; Benjamin Lee, Worthy Associate Architect; Arthur Truter, Worthy Architect; Robert Oshatz, Worthy Estimator; Fred Miller, Worthy Scribe; Ron Tatasciore, Worthy Clerk. Second Row: Roger M. Wilcox, Ron Wrona, Tom Papendrew, Steve Isaacs, Dennis G. Lee, Russ Shimer, J. J. Brown. Third Row: T. A. Ertl, Don Owen Sherbondy, Christopher Mills, Tony Schmitz. This attractive entry is a result of architectural creativity and work. Nights to remember are the Sewer Party and the float building. Pledges. First Row: Larry B. Beasley; Albinas Seskas; Jorge Cao, President; Jon W. Yee, Secretary; Jerome Ward, Treasurer; Dominic Berta. Second Row: Terry Warneke, Robert J. Gough, George B. Brewster, Lee A. Sanders, Robert L. Sommers, Bart B. Prince, Fred P. Weaver. Alpha Epsilon Pi With a membership of 45 the Alpha Sigma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi chose the Playboy Club for their fall preference party. An authentic luau and a pajama party capped the social events. AEPi boasts academic first place for 1965-66 and at the same time retired the IFC scholarship trophy. In addition to compiling a guide book to Phoenix for the handicapped, they also sponsored a series of guest on cultural affairs. And athletically, the AEPis placed high in the intramural competition. Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity House is located at 717 Alpha Drive. Bill Daniels President Gil Rudolph Vice President Ted Peck Secretary Ira Friedman Secretary David Ascher Mike Barker Ronald Blatteis Walter Bloch Jerry Cagen Larry Callahan Glenn Davis Bob Dorfman Ira Epstein Bob Golden Richard Goldfeder Jack Goldsmith Ken Goldstein Flip Gonsher Dennis Goodman Craig Gorson Jones Jacob Stuart Kogan Jeff Kadet Larry Kirsner Jerry Kosowsky Edward Latchman Bob Levine Eugene Lindenberg Lewis Rubenstein Harry Salzman Jim Seaman Jeff Spear Skip Swerdlow Mike Tinkelman Mark Weinberg Tambourine-accented rhythm gives dancers rocking " Duck Soup " gave Alpha Epsilon Phi and Alpha Epsilon Pi second place in the Homecoming float parade. Steve Larsen President Steve Rold Tresurer Vivian Corkill Housemother Lowell Arnold George Bixby Robert Bledsoe Don Bogner Jim Bramlet John Brenneman Bill Carroll Frank Collard Bill Davidson Louis DeRoon Joe Edmondson Jim Feltham Craig Fletcher Ken Forman Carl Fosdick Bill Franzen James Garvey Bob Goodman Bruce Hammer Reed Hammond Calvin Hill Pete Holbrook Steve Hopper Jim Huskison Larry Huwaldt Alpha Tau Omega In the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, brotherhood is more than just a word. For the ATOs at ASU it is a way of life; it is discovering that is both a learning and a living process. It is an esprit de corps demonstrated in learning, serving, and entertaining. It is the traditional barn dance, Homecoming celebration, steak fry, annual Christmas party and spring formal. It is helping the underprivileged children and sponsoring a Korean foster child. It is being an ATO at Arizona State. Tom I ' Anson Robert Johnson Les Judd Robert Kaufman Norman Killip Terry Larsen Pete Lee Kevin Leonard Larry Lovelock Marvin Manross Eddie McDonald Steve Mills Gary Moorman James Neely Paul Palumbo Doug Pennington Fred Pilster Jerry Price Mark Pruim John Rehfield Jeff Rold Hank Schlapp Alan Schlosser Richard Seyffer Rick Simmons Drew Skaggs Jim Sleeper Barry Sollenberger Jim Sollenberger Dick Sooy Richard Starek Ted Sudderth Dennis Sutton Duane Vild Bill Walker Tom Webster Jerry Whitted Bruce Winslow Tom Wofford Dave Wrath Behind these doors lives the ugliest dog on campus. He ' s the ATO mid-winter mascot, an English Bulldog. Ilene Lashinsky and Art Barclay crown Lynn Kleme as Pledge Sweetheart. Delta Chi On campus for its seventeenth year, Delta Chi fraternity has 30 members whose characteristic is their individuality. In keeping with fraternity service the Delta Chis donated blood twice this year and sponsored a Christmas Party for underprivileged children at the Sunny Acres Children ' s Home. In keeping with fraternity social traditions, they held their French Sewer Party, the South Sea and the White Carnation Ball, their spring formal. Perpetuating University traditions, they sponsored the Homecoming mum sale. Ted Person President Alan Linford Vice President Paul Thompson Secretary Allan Chasey Treasurer Art Barclay John Butler Jack Dutton Ross Eckel Jim Hart Frank Kolts Dennis Kramer Dennis Nelson Rocky Nelson Bob Neville " Mum " was the word, but these Delta Chis roared out the sales pitch for their Homecoming mum corsages. Tom Tirella, Ilene Lashinsky and Charles Wise set off the mum campaign. Roger Renfro Glenn Short Art Smith Tom Tirella John Tway Charlie Voss J. R. Walker Charles Wise Ray Tanner President Vic Errichetti Vice President Bob Martin Vice President Ray Boileau Secretary Tom Silverman Treasurer P. Townsend Housemother Lance Allen Bill Bauman Keith Bauman Bob Benne Dick Blair Mike Brown Dick Chaplain Al Cruz Ron Dawson John Dekellis Tom Dekellis Bart Del Duca, Jr. Gary DeSpain G. DiBennedetto Rick Edick Leo Elias Jack Ewald David Fledderjohn Jim Gillard Phil Goodman Jim Hanson Mark Hartman Patrick Hawley Charles Hecker Randy Hefelfinger Phil Hersh Bill Holmes 328 David Hoppe Mike Iannotti Rich Johnson George Kaddaras Jim Kirst Steve Klaiman Steve Knox Chester Lahti Delta Sigma Phi Beta Psi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi has 55 members. They went military for the Sailor ' s Ball in San Diego Harbor. dress was naval and the a ction took place aboard a rented barge. The Delta Sigs scheduled a trip to Las Vegas as one of their major social events. A genuine luau, roasted pig with apple in mouth included, was the really big event of the social season. A party for orphans had all the trimmings plus clowns and cartoons. Each year, Delta Sigma Phi awards a trophy to the sorority with the highest academic average. Delta Sigs took first place in the Calf Bloomer Contest at the ASU Rodeo and the overall award at Water Sports Day. Entrance to the Delta Sig House lies in the shade of a palm tree. " King Neptune " was the name for the Delta Sig ' s entry in the Homecoming parade Steve Leavitt Bob Leese Hank Liem Bob Love Mike McHenry Dan McNary John Miller Don Morgan Greg Mulligan Doug Murray Fred Newlin Jim O ' Hara Chip Rastia Dick Reel Richard Richey Dan Robertson Mike Ross Jeff Seilbach Charles Smisek Jack Sneathen Dan Stover Ernie Tabor George Tabor Everett Trevor Gary Tucker Jerry Ward Dave Weik Rob Wilker Kappa Sigma The Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma was chartered on campus in 1963 and now has 68 members. Their social calendar was filled with events such as the Stardust Formal at Los Olivos, the Sorority Pledge Breakfast at the Executive House, the to Flagstaff and the Hell ' s Angel Party. They also participated in the Lion ' s Club service project at Camp Tontozona where they laid bricks for a new hospital. An oxygen cage was donated to the Tempe Humane Society, and the Maytag Zoo from a Kappa Sig clean-up campaign. In addition, the Kappa Sigs have raised their intramural rank 12 places over that of last year. In conjunction with this, they report an increase in the number of high school athletes pledging Kappa Sigma. Mark Bayer Gary Bowles Roger Brogan Tom Wiper President Tom Butler Vice President Terry Forsberg Vice President Robert Hutzel Secretary Glen Knight Treasurer Neil Anderson Ronald Carr Dick Clauer Spence Covington Jim DaCosta Ken Dick Bill Dickson Gene Dowell Larry Edwards Randy Ellexson James Forsberg Richard Greszler Steve Hoagland Ronald Hurd Mike Jew Jay Johnson Sandy Johnson Kent Kluever Warren Lindsley Craig Lyon Craig Martin Dennis Meola Jim Halstead Don Harris Larry Jarnigan Lou Jennings Mike Juston Bill Kennedy Richard Kimball Scott LeCrone Larry Lewis The ADPi-Phi Delta Theta Homecoming chant to Oregon is " Stuff the Ducks. " Al Lindstrom Paul Longstreth Barry MacBan Crane McClennen Dick Miller Terry Mechling David Morrow Scott Mueller Ralph Nasif Michael O ' Brien Tom Perkins Rick Peterson George Pohlmann Steve Riddle Paul Rocke Pete Rowe Les Schiefelbein Greg Skirving Don Snyder Tom Starr Rick Stiefel Ralph Stoetzel Horace Villa Jim Walker Dennis Weber Lewis Winter Boyce Wolf Sam Young John Bohon President John Boyd Vice President Bill Perkins Corresponding Secretary Dan Driscoll Treasurer Thor George Baker Jim Bounds Jack Breese Jim Breitfuss Phi Gamma Delta With 90 members and a history of only two years on the ASU campus, the Fijis are an active, well known group of individualists whose interests cover practically all campus activities. In intramurals, the Fijis took first place in football and wrestling and placed fifth overall. Fijis are represented in varsity baseball and NCAA diving. Academically, they placed third among the fraternities and rated as the fraternity most improved scholastically. Their social events included the Purple Garter dance, the Fiji Islander and their Christmas Formal—the Black Diamond Ball held at the Valley Country Club. And as a service project, they support a Philippine orphan Dennis Cameron Pat Clevenger Ron Davini Dennis Decker George DuGanz Ed Gardner Richard Garmon John Gaston Bob Herbeck Lione l Hernandez Greg Howard Mike Jahn Michael Klonoski Wally Limburg Gary Linton Ken McCullough Richard McNeill Bob Menzies Mike Middleton Ted Mullen Ron Mysliwiec FIJI PLEDGES: First Row: Larry Bainbridge, Ross Thompson, Mike O wens, Paul Probst, Ron McGee, Bob Courtney. Second Row: Steve Anderson, Don Cox, Scott Hagmaier, Tom Green, Bill Daggett, Pete Nelson, Rusty Meikle. Third Row: Jim Garrison, Stan Wilson, Ron McCoy, Larry Goad, Bob Vahle, Jim O ' Grady, Bruce Cotton, Roger Deck. Fourth Row: Jack O ' Dell, Mike Short, Jim Brown, Dick Pederson, Mark McDonald, Gil Smith, Tom Keenan. Bill Nelson Jim Nichols Doug Nurnberg Mike Popovec Jock Sewall Bill Stern All great things have a strong foundation. Kappas and Fijis begin their float. The finished product, Duck Orez Gon, takes its title from the rival team, the Oregon Ducks. Dean Tate Roger Valencich Rick Vogel A hardy coed takes a tumble in the " Phi Psi 500, " complete with obstacle course. Phi Kappa Psi The Arizona Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi was chartered at ASU in 1962 and has grown to 37 members. Their major traditional event of the year is the " Phi Psi 500, " a tricycle race open to any women ' s group on campus. It is preceded by a banquet for the queen candidates sponsored by the competing organizations and is followed by a party for all those involved. Also in this traditional was the Founder ' s Day Banquet for collegiate members and alumni, this year at the Cloud Club. Their social calendar includes a liberal smattering of informal, but elaborate fun. Their fall Surf Party was an exchange with the Chi Os. Then the winter brought the Snow Trip to the Mingus Mountains for the Phi Psis, their dates and a dance band. And the annual formal came close to capping off the spring season. But the Phi Psi picture was not complete without service projects. So, the pledge class sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner for a needy family, and the fraternity perpetuated a loan fund fo r Panhellenic. George Philpott President Phil Davidson Vice President Pete Mortimer Secretary Tom Hazard Treasurer Humphrey William Baker James Bell Allen Boeve James Bowen Kirk Boyer Jeff Bray Barry Butter Joe Duke Barry Ebert With devil and duck, the Phi Psi Homecoming float is primed for the parade. Amid cheers and humor, the girls battle for the lead. William Ferguson Paul Fraedrich Mike Hendel Scott Hutchinson Phil Jennings Bruce Jensen George Jett Larry Lindberg James Michel Kit Obrock Pete Reker Brian Seek James Stout Chuck Taylor Phi Sig ' s Pinocchio whisked away the Sweepstakes Award. Phi Sigma Kappa Chartered at ASU in 1949, the Chi Triton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is composed of 110 men. Consistently near the top scholastically, the Phi Sigs still found time for many other achievements. Thev were Intramurals Champs and have had the Outstanding Intramural Athlete for the past two years. Meanwhile, they took the Sweepstakes award for their Homecoming float, Pinocchio. The Phi Sigs were also active in the local drive for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and were the largest contributors to the drive in the Valley. And the traditional winter formal honored their Moonlight Girl. Bill Diehl President Joe Parsons Vice President Edgar Reeve Secretary Russell Powers Treasurer Arle ne Buckman Housemother Hud Dave Alcorn John Archbold Dave Ballard John Bare Tom Beat Allen Bettin Ken Brosius Doyle Brown Charles Cameron Harl Chamberlain Chuck Creighton Vic Cresto Bruce Dishman John Donnelley John Earley Peter Easterling Barry Eichorn Ted Felman Larry Ferris Bill Flanders Bill Freund Victor Gedgaudas Tom Guilds Dave Hainge Richard Halley Greg Hanson Bill Harvey Steve Helgeson Paul Hummell Michael Jensen Jerry Johnson Steve Johnson Eric Jonkey John Kelley Greg Kilfoyle Michael Lacey Patrick Lott Byron Lynn Lowell McGuire Sterling Meade Cliff Meyer Steve Meyers Ronald Moore Howard Nicholson Charles Page David Page Thomas Paskalis Mike Polachek Dick Rich Dallas Richardson Dan Rogers Ron Richard Shott Richard Silliman Steve Simmons Keith Sipes Stewart Smith Barry Smolensky Chris Solomon Bill Steiner Harry Swystun Jim Thielke Mike Thoene Jim Thomas David Torgerson Paul Trapnell Jim True Richard Van Kirk Bill Veit Charles Wattles Dick Wiley John Wilson Fred Wood Harry Woods Roger Wright Bill Young Larry Young Paul Wallace President Pat Carver Vice President Dean Wolcott Secretary Jed Billings Treasurer Tina Padilla Honorary Fred Basgal Housemother Paul Bjorklund Rick Carlson Jim Cordalis Pi Kappa Alpha Chartered at ASU in 1961, the Delta Tau chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha now has 51 members. Part of a full activities ' schedule this year was a trip to the Snow Bowl with the Pikettes, the Christmas Formal at San Carlos, the Pajama Party, the Verde Party and the Dream Girl Formal at which the Pike Dream Girl for the coming year was named. Service projects found them blood and giving a party for the at the Sunny Acres Orphans ' Home. As part of their program to stress they give awards each semester to the outstanding pledge and active based on academic improvement. Active in athletics, they boast that a Pike was the most man in intramurals. Bill Farmer Bill Flood Mike Frantz Dick Guzauskas Harrie Hart Randy Holt Phil Johnson Roger King Mike Krouse Tim McGraw John McGuidwin Joe McNeill Dan Maarsingh Tony Magana Bill Mars Rod Morris Steve Oliverio Shawn Ostland Guthrie Packard Peter Packard Doyle Pasley Sure, we LOVE to make paper flowers, but real ones are nice, too! The Pike-DG float stands in tribute to creativity coupled with cooperation. Ted Pawlikowski Craig Potter Art Preuss Dave Reeves John Rhodes Bob Salvato Jim Shasky Bill Sigvaldson Rick Switzer Ralph Vasquez Wendell Wilson Bo Young Even for all this work, the few colorful hours are worth it. Jack Smitheran President Jack Lindahl Secretary Dave Hill Treasurer Don Arnett Ed Bailey Pete Bendheim Bob Blaska Chuck Bruhn John Burnett Butler Chris Campbell Jim Camplin Sigma Alpha Epsii Sigma Alpha Epsilon was chartered at ASU in 1951. The 80 men of Beta chapter were known this year for their clever campaign and for having the football games ' loudest horn. Costumed Greeks revealed ambitions during a " Secret Desire Party " while " bums " escorted unsuspecting girls to the Polaski Club, the scene of the " Lady and the Tramp. " Other social activities included the Paddy Murphy Party, the Phi Alpha Weekend, a Luau, a Christmas Formal and a Pledge-Active Party. Not solely with social activities, the SAEs sponsored a Christmas Party for needy children and a Tempe Clean-up Day. Jim Childress Marty Clayton Bob Cork Tom Coxwell Ron Crone Bucky Dean Jim DeNoia Doug Dizney Tom Elliot Steve Fox Jim Gadd Gar Garland Fred " Fritz " Glick Johnny Guffey Alan Holly Mike Howard Tom Knight Joe Koch Dave Koivun Jeff Kossick Pete La Porta Ken Laverty Butch Martin Cory Moss Jeff Moynihan Jim Nesmith Doug Norton Ron Paddock Ed Palmer Joe Peak Kent Peterson Pete Pittman Jan Powell John Ramirez Jeff Rawlins Richard Rickel Ralph Rollins John Ruffner John Sauter John Seaman William Sheldon Jeff Strongin Doug Tambara Steve Timarac Mike Tubbs Rocky Weaver Tom Young Jim Zivney Against a background of trophies, the SAE officers reflect on a successful year. The " mane " rulers of the SAEs. Bliss is a kiss from a Miss—for Tic-Tac-Timarac. Sigma Chi Sigma Chi fraternity has been represented at ASU since 1960 by the Epsilon Upsilon chapter. With 100 members they such traditions as Sigma Chi Derby Day, a fall day set aside for University women—offering them a carefree good time through athletic competition. In the Sigma Chi social circle were found the Fiji-Sigma Chi and Salvation Army parties. To add the foreign touch to social events, Sigma Chis had the Hawaiian, French and Roman parties. During Christmas the brothers gave a party for Phoenix orphans. Athletically, the fraternity is represented by seven men on the baseball team, two on the football team and an outstanding record in intramurals. Academically, they pride their Rhodes Scholar candidate. Bill Hart President Bill Laurie Vice President Jim Hunt Secretary Tom Schroeder Treasurer Jo Irwin Housemother Rich Bachman Zane Beougher Dusty Blethen Ewell Bowers Robert Bradford Daryl Brown Tom Buckingham Tim Buer Chuck Butler Bob Carlin Vince Carter Bob Cleary Larry Cooper Mike Cornell Larry Cuzzocrea Tom Deal Norm Dean Max Dickman Bill Dorey Phil Dyer Rick Elias Jim Erickson Bob Franklin Dave Grangaard Bill Harris Ted Hauret Bob Hilderhoff Howard Hood Steve Jacobson Rod Kahn Keith Kelley Charlie LaBenz Dave Leahy Dave Lewis Ron Lohr Greg Lorton Scott MacAllister Hank Martinson Bill Massarand John Miles Randy Mudgett John Mumford Fred Nelson Mike Nichols John Overbagh Dan Overman John Owsley Reggie Panis Don Pollard Mike Pond Jerry Powers Ted Robison Bill Romley Tom Runkle Rich Sica Dave Sinovic Les Smith Clyde Staggs Bill Stewart Steve Suggs Rick Talt Thadeus Taylor Bob Thiele James Tillis Chris Toland Terry Van de Kamp Bernie Vitek Jim Ward Bill Wrigley Phil Younis Carol Meador, Pi Beta Phi, is Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Levi letters get splashed on for apprehensive Derby Day participant. Sigma Nu Bob McCarthy President Jim Henny Vice President Mike Mikitka Secretary Tom Ebzery Treasurer Helen Jay Housemother Jon Abel Mik Adams Robert Ahlstrom Mark Alexander Phil Baldwin Mike Bartlett Paul Blanc The Zeta Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu was chartered at ASU in 1955 and now has 75 members. As part of their continuous rush program, the Sigma Nus stress the informal approach with invitational parties held each Friday afternoon. Their White Rose Formal. Christmas Formal and Palms Party, a weekend event held at the end of the year, are traditional activities. This year they had a special dedication of a flagpole in commemoration of a past IFC president, a Sigma Nu, who was killed in service action. And for Christmas they gave a party for some children from two South Phoenix grammar schools. John Chapman Ronald Collett George Crane William Daniels Timothy Day Michael Ewens Wally Farley Gerald Garapich Bill Haley James Harting Glen Hendersen William Henny Paul Hermanson Tom Holmes Bob Howell Paul Jensen Matt Johnson Jack Journey Charles Kahrhoff Jerry Kemper Thomas Kendall Doug Kruidenier Mike Kubasak Scott Langman Dave Leonard George Ludwig Jim Luecke Steve McAdams Jim McCommon John Mapes Jon Memmott Costumes were wild as Sigma Nus and dates imagined what they would be wearing if they should find themselves shipwrecked. Bob Metcalf John Miller John Moore Ron Morford Scott Mowbray Mike Newcum Mike Orcutt John Petz Jack Reimer Herb Scheu Ken Schnad Richard Shinnick Hart Smith Miles Standish Tom Stanley Jim Stott Bruce Taylor Mike Tiano Ron Todd Jim Wingate Al Zalecki Ted Marsella President Tuck Siegfried Vice President Mike Biehl Recorder Gary Shahan Treasurer Margaret Coleman Housemother Roger Anderson Tom Baird John Bebbling John Benton Ron Bouck Dick Byrne Rick Callahan Chips Christensen Dan Cotlow Dave Cotlow Spike Daugherty Bill Greenleaf Rleny Gruenemeier Dave Gurley Gary Haden Jim David Bob Downing Larry Dunkel Greg Eaton Terry Edwards Don Elliott Gary Fergemann Mike Frosco Sigma Phi Epsilon The Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was chartered at ASU in 1952 and has 93 members. Their Christmas Formal, " Las Vegas Sig Ep Casino, " was a major first semester pledge project. The Queen of Hearts Formal highlighted the spring semester—the queen was sel ected from Golden Hearts, their auxiliary. their social activities with academic achievements, they ranked first of the big houses (those having over 60 members) on campus. Athletically they excel in and golf. They have many outstanding brothers on campus including the IFC president, senators, and members of Sophos. Raggedy Ann comes to life for Homecoming. Bill Hamm Craig Hauser Steve Heavilin Steve Hendry Phil Hertzog Greg Hines Tom Hoag Don Howard Jeff Hylton John Immerman Clint Jacob George King Sig Eps study for their first of the big houses rating. Robert Krizek Jim Leithliter John Lynch Vik Malling Jim Miller Mike O ' Keefe Jim O ' Malley Allen Orso Tom Payne Donny Powers Jim Pyles Wally Rees Michael Rourke David Schulz Mike Simmons Arthur Smalley Bob Solheim Jim Stone Bill Taylor Bob Taylor Mark Tearnan Tim Van Leer Tony Veto David Wilcox Jim Witko Randal Woods David Wrench Wally Yohn Homecoming King candidate Steve Brown addresses girls in P.V. East Tau Kappa Epsilon Chartered on campus in 1948, the Beta Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon now has 40 members. With the Tekes, individuality is predominant. Yet, as a group they pulled through academically when they ranked second among the fraternities this year. Community service projects included an Easter egg hunt for a group of underprivileged children dnd a traditional public service weekend. An annual formal, the Red Carnation Ball; a costumed French Underground Party; and two informal parties—the Beaver Ball and the Las Vegas Party—comprised the main social events. Chuck Acocello President Raymond Jasper Vice President John Elliott Secretary Tom Heideman Recording Secretary David Dolge Treasurer Robert Ballou Fred Berry Steve Brown Alan Burns Gerald Coil David Davenport Rick Donato John Eldred Jim Gray Mike Haerle David Hansen Kyle Harris Bob Hefferman Richard Judd Donald Lancaster Harry McFate Al Manty Phillip Noonan Gary Scott Bryan White Richard Zimmerman A little late afternoon practice turns those intramural games into real contests. Tekes honor their parents at a Parents ' Day dinner. With campaigns completed and floats finished, the Tekes and their dates add to the excitement of the Homecoming game where we drowned the Oregon Ducks. First Row: Andy Galasky, Elliot Simmons, Lynn Kantor, Kraut Fraunberger, David Fedel, Bud Scribner, Jim Risher, Roger Clark, George Frich. Second Row: Anund Rughani, Dennis Heier, Dick Cavenaugh, Phil Skramstad, Dennis Wiltanger, Dennis Treece, Joe Hulsey, Craig McGovern, K. K. Plunkett, Fred Warner, Dave Laubie, Jim Charters, Joe Bunting, Dan Murphy, Larry Etchechury. The Theta Chi float " Hansel and Gretel " came complete with a gingerbread house and a duck dinner. Theta Chi The Theta Chi fraternity chartered their Delta Upsilon chapter at ASU in 1953. With 50 members the chapter places emphasis on scholarship but still man- ages to be active in all phases of campus life. Activities such as the annual Founder ' s Day dinner give both members and alumni a chance to get together. The main events of the year were the Christmas formal at which the Dream Girl of Theta Chi was chosen and the Red Ox party held in the spring at Canyon Lake. Intramural participation, service projects and a float, " Hansel and Gretel " rounded out the year for the men of Theta Chi. Gary O ' Neil, Theta Chi slave trader, shows that slave Craig McGovern will be worth plenty on the open market. This unassuming abode of bricks, houses the brothers of Theta Chi. Theta Delta Chi. A very successful year has been recorded for Epsilon Triton ' s fifth year on campus. Winners of the Chi Omega trophy for the house with the highest percentage of its pledge class going active, the Theta Delts had a strong, young active body surge forward. Long hours were spent repainting and repairing. Both the up and downstairs halls were recarpeted, a result of 800 of work. Joint effort with the Pi Phis helped win first place honors in the Homecoming float competition. However, all was not work, as the Theta Delts skipped down to Mexico for a Christmas Formal. What, no lunch in Nogo? At semester break, some of the boys went farther south to Rio Ritas. Oh, don ' t forget the 20-19 old school victory. Christmas finds Theta Delts, dates and Mrs. Flynn in Mexico. William Holbrook President Norm Kitzmiller Vice President Richard Tracy Secretary James Brennan Treasurer Della Flynn Housemother Terry Abair Paul Adams Gary Alver Steve Barfield Tom Baum Richard Beckley Mike Bell Steve Bernard Terry Bohl Mike Chester Gerald Dalrymple Michael Davis John Eddy Tom Ellison Steve Evans Moe Felix Richard Fyke Doug Giauque Mark Goldrich Richard Hargreaves Darrell Jensen Larry Jordan Ernie Lassen Richard McAndrew Paul McCormick Tekes and Daughters get together informally in the M.U. between classes. Daughters of Diana Daughters of Diana, coed auxiliary to Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, has been on campus since 1963, with the purpose of promoting the Tekes. In this regard they helped with fund raising, the Easter egg hunt and the Homecoming campaign to " Crown Brown. " For the brothers, on special occasions, the girls stuffed Halloween pumpkins with candy, went Christmas caroling and sent Valentine flowers. Traditional duties included helping with rush, decorating for parties and assisting with car washes and other pledge projects. In conjunction with the fund raising projects, the girls robbed the Tekes and sold their belongings back to them. " Daughters " officers plan to help brothers with rush. Left to right: Missy McQuattie, Chris Warren, Michelle Bertino, Marylon Bloomingdale, Carol Crawford, Sharon Bancroft, Sandy Price, Pat Shaw, Brown, Laurie Kendricks. Golden Hearts In addition to helping with rush functions, these Golden Hearts, selected by the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon to be members of their auxiliary, jointly sponsor with the Sig Eps Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. In other social activities, the Golden Hearts participate with other auxiliaries in volleyball and baseball games. Doughnut and Squeezie sales in the dorms bring in revenue for the purchase of a gift which is presented to the " brothers " at the end of the year. And in addition to it all, it is not unusual to see the coeds living up to their name as they plunge into philanthropic work at the Samuel Gompers Rehabilitation Center. Linda Beaudoin, Queen of Hearts; Shirley Sprague, Water Sports Queen. Academically, athletically and ably Golden Hearts are active. Stephanie Austin Linda Beaudoin Susanne Butterfield Janis Calhoon Carolyn Charest Karin Evvard Ann Hickman Roxy Hurd Sandra Loos Jerrye Munro Toni Murtaugh Katherine O ' Keefe Anne Patmon Jennifer Powell Karen Serafine Shirley Sprague Pauline Urbano Marceline Vasquez Karen Yaeger The Little Sisters of Minerva, auxiliary to the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, adopted a family for Christmas and had a Christmas party for orphans. Money raising projects included the Annual Show and carwashes. The " girls of SAE " are very close to the " men of SAE. " So close in fact that the Little Sisters joined the pledges on a walk out to the Verde, but it turned out to be a laugh on the Little Sisters and ended up in a food fight. Volleyball and baseball games with the brothers are frequent and it is not always the girls who lose. An auxiliary workshop, similar to a leadership workshop, is to bring the two organizations closer to- gether and to plan joint activities. Little Sisters of Minerva Ruth Foster Jackie Johnson Vickie Koch LaVonne Palmer Jill Putnam Mary Ann Schmidt Jan Soderstrom Sherry VanFleet Mary Jane Wegner Sherry White Recent initiates of Little Sisters are: Kris Reiser, Jodene Garells, Sharon Spoon, Sue Barris, Mrs. Edna Nordick, Housemother: Linda Maxey, Mary Jane Scott, Lynda Winston, Kristen Peterson, Janis Taylor, Ann Hamilton. Coached by Paddy Murphy, the Little Sisters ' Baseball team defeated the Maltesians, 20-17. Maltesians In addition to helping at fraternity events the auxiliary to Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, sponsored a summer beach party, a Viking party and the " Visit of the Great Pumpkin " party complete with a pumpkin stuffed with candy. In the sports field, they lost face, when, after three months of practice, they lost their softball game to the Sisters of Minerva, who had practiced only once. Yet, together with the ATOs, they placed third in the volleyball intramurals to regain face. And finals week, they baked goodies for the ATOs ' study breaks. Maltesians discuss future plans with ATOs John Brennen and Steve Larson. Linda Ambrose Gaye Gravely Judy Hunter Mary Klock Ann McMahon Sharon Mitchell Sue Norman Sue Ellen Nunez Susy Pletsch Charlene Saylor Ellen Shahan Diana Van Duerm Lainey Voita Vivian Corkill Pikettes A tea on a Sunday afternoon marked the beginning of a new group of Pikettes, the women ' s auxiliary of Pi Kappa Alpha. The girls were chosen on the basis of their contribution to the fraternity and were selected from both independent and sorority women. The chosen then worked with the fraternity in coordinating such events as rush week, service projects and Founder ' s Day. Janice Adams Nancy Anderson Jean Bergmark Mary Lou Bonofsky Karen Cappelucci Sally Cavallo Robin Childs Mary Lou Dains Marie D ' Autilia Kay Davis Judy Fierro Nancy Firmine Nancy Garner Jeanne Grindstaff Judy Harris Sandy Hebern Judie Holland Baku Irani Miki Kapor Patty Kidwell Ilene Lashinsky Linda Lowenberg Jane Luttmer Kathie Lynch Lee Ann Mason Sharon McClellan Jan McNeal Rosemary O ' Brien Chris Reed Yvette Robichaud Diane Rothwell Vicki Spitler Penny Trump Mary Vaccaro Patty Verhoeven Jill Whiteside Peggy Wilson Stardusters Chartered in the spring of 1965, the Kappa Sigma Stardusters are the newest women ' s auxiliary on campus. Prerequisites for membership include a 2.0 index and an active interest in Kappa Sigma. Each year the girls assist at rush parties and social affairs and make Christmas stockings and Easter baskets for the fraternity. They also take pride in helping with the annual Christmas party for the children of Sunshine Acres. Cindy Banks Kris Bersch Kathy Burr Cheryl Cobb Sally Grayson Carolyn Grisz Harriet Grooters Nancy Guerra Tarina Hayes Pam Johnson Beverly Jones Brenda Jones Kim Kelley Becky Kroehler Joyce Nash Linda Newton Debbie Roberts Suzanne Robbins Carolyn Scott Glenann Wood The Interfaith Council holds a picnic to help freshmen get acquainted. Interfaith Council The Student Inter-faith Council is an group which is primarily concerned with all religious and spiritual activities on campus. They sponsor the Freshman Picnic during Week and hold forums throughout the year on current religious topics of interest to students. Each year they organize Spiritual Exploration Week and bring in speakers from various religious groups to special sessions in classes and on the mall. They also sponsor the Panel of Americans. Among their social activities was a council picnic. Students stop on the mall for discussion with a resource leader during Spiritual Exploration Week. Interfaith Council Members. First Row: Myron Calhoun, Theodore Lesnett, Alice Tyler, Otis Klein, Linda Federici, Jody Barkson, Secretary; Charles Wattles, President; Barbara Rothery, Vice President; Alfred Palintan„ Treasurer; Bill Spain, Martha Bayer, Nilda Henson, Kay Davis, Charles Crouch, Advisor; Kendell Whitaker, David Meyer. Second Row: Ronald Mattson, Carol Landis, Sharolyn Sutton, Rick Potter. The Rev. J. Metz Rollins, Jr., resource leader of SEW, continues his inform discussion over coffee and doughnuts as students stop by between classes. Father Walsh ' s dry humor brings a smile during a serious moment. Newman Club The Catholic Student Association, working through the Newman Center, has become in its first year a strong campus religious group. Activities revolve around the religious, social and service aspects of the life and include Christmas caroling at hospitals, tubing down the Verde and an annual interfaith discussion panel. They give emphasis to the belief that religion should seek to relate man to his surround ings rather than alienate him from them. Father Walsh, Rev. Johnson discuss joint These are the members that make the Newman Club the active student center that it is. A new, more personal type of Mass is being initiated at the Newman Center. Arizona Bible Association Believing that Christianity offers the answers to the problems of contemporary life, the Arizona Bible Association seeks to complement the whole life of the Weekly meetings, parties and are all planned with the idea that greater appreciation of spiritual goals is found in the happiness of Christian Special service projects include social work in the Guadalupe area, work days at childen ' s homes in Phoenix and singing at rest homes. Arizona Bible Association. First Row: Larry Hughes, President; Martha Bayer, Secretary; Diane Lewis, Marilyn Hughes, Linda Seegraves. Second Row: John Johnson, Vice President; Nilda Henson, Kay Davis, Jan Cheesman, Dawna Seale. Third Row: Thomas Hooton, Harold Merriman, Ben Jones, ' Advisor; Betty Lou Camden, DeWayne Brown. Alpha Epsilon Delta The International Pre-Medical Honorary Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, serves as a vital link between physicians, medical and helps orient the students to the pre-medical program by giving them and purpose. The organization requires a 3.0 grade index for membership and works to stimulate interest in education and scholarship by sponsoring distinguished speakers in the field of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delta. First Row: Dr. R. Johnson, Advisor; Jane Berrier, Secretary: Stephen Bailey, President; Tom Hicks, Vice President; Warren Lindsley, Treasurer. Second Row: Steve Hall, Ronald McGee, Mike Mikitka, Diane Wells, Mary Jane Axtell, Ken Boren, Norma Jensen, Barbara Hughes, Terry Vincent, A. G. Wagner, M.D. Alpha Mu Gamma. First Row: Ingeborg Carlson, Maureen Brewer, Sec.-Treas.; Virginia Hyde, President; Carol Ownby, Vice President, Gertrude Schuback, advisor. Second Row: Roberto M. Acevedo, Inez Rojas, Venita Polechla, Cheryl Collins, Paula Woehlke, Amy Benner, Leona Bailey. Alpha Mu Gamma Arkesis Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Foreign Language Honorary Society, this year the Foreign Languages Creative Writing Contest and with the English sponsored a series of lectures on comparative literature. The group enjoyed attending for eign language movies and meeting for dinner at foreign specialty restaurants. In addition, they were active supporters of the foreign student exchange programs. The 13 members of Arkesis, the honorary for Greek women, have been tapped for membership on the basis of their to ASU and the fraternity system. They encourage and counsel rush promote unity of the sororities through the framework of Panhellenic and promote the best interests of ASU through the framework of the Greek system and its leadership. Arkesis. First Row: Lanie Rinck, Abby Sack, Vice Chairman; Diana Van Duerm, Chairman; Carolyn Bates, Secretary-Treasurer; Bobbie Second Row: Gaye Gravely, Jill Carlson, Kay Hoover, advisor; Kay Benzel, Patty Erickson, Miki Kapor. Members of Archons frequently gather at the Campus Steakhouse for informal meetings. Jim Bounds Steve Brown Bill Diehl William Holbrook Hank Martinson Doug Nurnberg Joe Parsons Paul Wallace Joe Koch Steve Larsen Bill Laurie Ted Marsella Archons The men of Archons are chosen on the basis of their contribution to the Greek system. Monthly are scheduled for the purpose of meeting and discussing with administrators and public officials. The Archons serve as a sounding board for the fraternities on the Arizona State University Membership in Archons is limited to 20 men who must be either juniors or seniors. No more than two members from any one fraternity are to this organization. Organized to and unite Arizona State ' s Greek system, the Archons serve a key function. Blue Key Blue Key is a men ' s service and academic honorary. Members are chosen from junior and senior men who have a 2.75 index and are active in at least two activities on campus. They are responsible for supplying refreshments at the ASU Rodeo and offer assistance with Freshmen Orientation Week. The Blue Key Carnival held in the spring was one of their major activities and added an air of Mard i Gras to the campus. The men of Blue Key each year prepare an Alumni Directory as one of their service projects. Members discuss the applications for the Ira Judd scholarship for men. Recent Blue Key Initiates Pat McMillan President Alan Warne Vice President Bruce Maxwell Secretary John Mumford Treasurer Daryl Alderson Jim Bounds Greg Brown Stephen Brown Wilbur Bullock Bill Dorey Ross Eckel Barre Griffith Ron Harmon Donald Harris Howard Kirk Don Morriston Doug Nurnberg John Ohlfest Alphonsus Okorie Richard Tracy Mark Winsor Tom Wiper Eta Kappa Nu. First Row: James Erspamer, Charles Falls, Francis Larson, President; Susan Simons, Secretary; Carl Knodsen, Vice President; John Grosberg, Thomas McElroy, Phillip Moore, Ronald Thomas. Second Row: Bobbie Huckleberry, Kenneth Daggett, Richard Hallowell, Richard Hardin, Sheldon Kelley, Ira Garnto, Allen Lindsey, Phillip Sherrill, Walter Edwards, James Johnson, Philip Simons, Glen Fisher, Larry Johnson. Third Row: Ben Elmer, Christopher McCulloch, Ronald Lewis, Robert Kerwin, John Walkington, Kenneth Leusing, William Wellman, Dennis Phelps. Eta Kappa Nu, with membership open to juniors and seniors, is the electrical professional group and is devoted to improving the standards of the Special emphasis is placed on employment for graduating seniors. Throughout the year the members invited speakers and held technical demonstrations to supplement their classroom work. The political science honorary of Pi Sigma Alpha seeks to stimulate interest and scholarship in the area of government. With a membership of 60, consisting of both and faculty, the organization held initiation for new members at the spring and fall banquets. Pi Sigma Alpha both formal and informal panel on topics relating to political Eta Kappa Nu Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha. First Row: Dwight Carpenter, Bruce Merrill, Advisor; Douglas Brown, Vice President; Tim Burke, President; Roger Cheney, Secretary-Treasurer; John Whitg, George Peek. Second Row: Charles Heatherly, Linda Dulton, Barbara Ferguson, Kris Hansen, Jean Tucker, Tanya Melton. Third Row: Lance Jacobs, James Stevenson, John Tait, Eli Kaminsky, Bill Albright, David Farmer, Michael Hawkins, James Chilton, Bob Hoover, Martin Petersen, Gregory Fahey. Kappa Delta Pai An honor society in education, Kappa Delta Pi high professional, intellectual and personal standards and recognizes outstanding contributions the field of education. Monthly meetings were highlighted with speeches by distinguished guests such as Howard C. Seymour, superintendent of the Phoenix Union High School System. Banquets were held in January and May to honor new initiates. Each year the Senior Scholarship Key and the Junior Scholastic Award are given to outstanding Kappa Delta Pi Officers: First Row: Vera Nixon, Secretary; Mary Cromwell, Charles Pierson, President. Second Row: Susan Slavin, Treasurer; H. W. Sundwall, advisor ; Renee Nepsky, Vice President. Dr. Howard C. Seymour gives outstanding points on education. Charles Pierson presents an award to an outstanding member. Kappa Delta Pi members attend January banquet to honor members and to gain insights into education. Kappa Kappa Psi. First Row: Nicholas Morea, Terry Nunn, Secretary; George Gullett, President; William H. Hill, Advisor; Chet Oakley, Vice President; Martin Calvert, Treasurer; Rick Felix. Second Row: Stan Gerstenschlager, Walter Caldwell, Robert Dotson, Donald Martin, Keith Stanley Sterling, Robert Pernice, Bryan Shelburne, Thomas Towne. Kappa Kappa Psi, a band honorary for men, was chartered on the ASU campus in 1949. Since that time the Beta Omicron chapter has been busy academically and The 20 active members this year participated in the annual Band River Day, Halloween and Christmas parties and exchanges with Tau Beta Sigma, their sister sorority. A trip to the Arizona Colony, bake sales, car washes, and sweat shirt sales were other activities. The Sigma chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, a band honorary for women, proved they were interested in more than music alone. They periodically visited the Arizona Colony giving parties and concerts. Members published the band newspaper and presented trophies to outstanding band members who excelled in different It was not uncommon to find Tau Beta Sigma members sharing many party plans with Kappa Kappa Psi, their male counterpart. Kappa Kappa Psi Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma. First Row: Sally Gray, Treasurer; Rosemeri Scrivano, Vice President; Mrs. William Hill, Advisor; Kathie Blunt, President; Helaine Mellay, Secretary; Marsha Sandoz. Second Row: Janet Jeewek, Loda Rhodes, Vickie Brown, Joyce Goemmer, Diane Rippl, Cheryl Karen Fair. Motar Board Roxanne Decker President Judith Lay Vice President Sarah Auffret Nancy Barnum Carolyn Bates Gail Fisher Paula Leahy Judy Riggin Abby Sack Charlotte Schilling Linda Sprague Doris Stevenson Barbi Young Mortar Board is the National Senior Women ' s Society. For a coed to become a member she must maintain a 2.8 grade index and be active on campus. The three objectives of Mortar Board are service, scholarship, and leadership. As sponsors of the Big-Little Sister Program, they hold a tea in September to introduce the freshman woman to her " big sister " who will help her become acquainted with college life. The Pleiades chapter held a tea for all junior and senior women who made a 3.5 grade average the first semester. Guest lecturers were brought in to speak at special during the year. And as a timely to the fall semester, Mortar Board sold activity calendars. Members of Mortar Board and friends greet new coeds at the Big-Little Sister Tea held in the fall. Natani members contemplate a forthcoming project. Members of Natani stand ready to usher at Gammage Auditorium. Robyn Houston President Linda McGrath Vice President Chelly Seeds Secretary Sandy Stock Treasurer Pam Arle Cheryl Collins Natani members contemplate a forthcoming project. Members of Natani stand ready to usher at Gammage Auditorium. Pam Del Duca Alice Exum Jo Ann Foreman Joyce Hansen Barbara Hughes Kitty Killorin Carolyn Kimura Lynn Lifgren Barb Lyding Karen Lynskey Linda Michels Karen Mitchell Cynthia Radcliffe Jan Soderstrom Gwen Sutter Lolly Williams Jan Young Jo Yuknis Natani Members of Natani, a local Junior Women ' s Service Honorary, carried on the tradition this year of the University through ushering at held at Grady Gammage Auditorium. They also helped the newly organized Student Board in distributing information to students. " Sharing " appeared to be the unofficial motto of this year ' s members as they shared the announcements of honors and good news of fellow members in the " Sunshine " portion of their hi-weekly meetings and as they lent their voices in their Philanthropic Project by reading a variety of books into tapes for the blind. Members were required to have a 2.8 index and must be leaders on campus. Phi Eta Sigma. First Row: David McNulty, Brian Lantz, Jeffrey Hare, Gregory Lauten, Tichard Donato. Second Row: Michael Buckles, John Krenkel, David Donaldson, Russell Crandall, Jeffrey McCartney, Paul Willemsen, John Livingston. Third Row: Philip Whipple, Jeffrey Kadet, Dwight Lear, David Hertz, Charles Steuck, William Whitney, Timothy Boyle, William Maslow, Neil Merrell. Fourth Row: Keith Moe, Michael Redman, William Palmer, John Draheim, Alan Williams, Richard Johnson, Noah Goldstein, Robert Fitzurka. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is the scholastic honorary for men. Its 60 members, all with a 3.5 grade or better, have as a common goal academic excellence. The men of Phi Eta Sigma also in campus activities and usher each year at Commencement. Pi Delta Epsilon, the National Collegiate Honorary, is open to students in the field of mass communications. Projects for the year included the Ugly Man Contest and the selection of the valley high school journalist who is then honored at the Publications banquet held in May. Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon. Row: Shari Hume, Secretary; Pam Sisk, Dorrit Cox. Second Row: Douglas Ahlert, John Polich, President; Bob Johnson, Treasurer; Wendell Peacock. First Row: Gene Cox, Cataloguer; Ronald Rush, Recording Secretary. Second Row: Larry Lake, Treasurer; Phillip Moore, President; Charles Falls, Vice President; Steven White, Corresponding Secretary. First Row: Carl Knudsen, Larry Lake, Treasurer; Gene Cox, Charles Falls, Vice President; Phillip Moore, President; Ronald Rash, Secretary; James Johnson, Ronald Thomas. Second Row: Dennis Murphy, David Harlan, Obaidul Islam, Sheldon Kelley, John Grosberg, Allen Lindsey, Glen Fisher, Thomas McElroy, Richard Hardin, Dennis Phelps, Clark Williams, James Gibbons. Third Row: David Livingston, William McMillan, John Hamilton, Ben Elmer, Kenneth Daggett, Francis Larson, Ronald Lewis, Robert Kerwin. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society and at ASU has 28 members. Its membership requirements are scholarship and exemplary One of its functions is " to foster a spirit of culture in engineering colleges. " To further this end each new member is required to write an essay, preferably on a non-technical subject, to be submitted to his chapter. The major activity of Tau Beta Pi this year was coordinating the activities of the 75th Annual Engineering Day. Mr. Theodore Allen Jr., Dr. 0. B. Moan, Dr. Daniel F. Jankowski, Dr. Joseph Barkson. First Row: Dale Jepsen, Robert Keggan, Garret Vanderplaats, Ronald Thomas, Susan Simons, Linda Collins, Robert Collins, Michael Leroy, Steven Ingebrigtsen, Thomas McElroy. Second Row: Ralph Korstad, Stephen Miller, Clark Williams, Dennis Phelps, Hugh Lindsey, Phillip Sanders, Moser, John Bliss, Dr. David Bedworth. Third Row: James Johnson, Richard Hardin, Reldykin Kreindler, Ronald Lewis, Norman Tilton, John Rauscher, Paul McClellan, Robert Riedenauer, Donald Broadhurst, Meredith Livingston. Fourth Row: Larry Johnson, Bobbie Huckleberry, George Sharkey, Donald Soule, Joseph Revak, David Gray, Conrad Rustenburg, Ronald Gagne, Gerald Thompson, Roger Heldenbrand, Theodore Moeller. A Spur smile helped sell many programs. Spurs " The purpose of Spurs shall be to serve the and the community. " Around this motto the ASU chapter of Spurs constructed their year ' s Besides their annual activities of selling mums for the moms who attend Parents ' Day ushering at basketball games and delivering choral Spur-o-grams to unsuspecting sweethearts on Valentine ' s Day, the Spurs managed to find time to work at the " Ask Me " booths during Freshmen Orientation Week, to help the students at Guadalupe with their studies, to work with retarded children, to wash car windows and to put up posters for the Peace Corps. Pam Pool President Liz Lim Secretary Barbara Davis Treasurer Sandra Almodova Julie Ash Christina Cislaghi Wendy Colby Cathy Cray Cecelia Doran Spurs sold mums for Homecoming which helped the club treasury. Susan Egly Jenny Esparza Pam Inman Donna Gregnmyer Carolyn Grisz Ann Hickman Jill Kennedy Susan Korinek Jeanine Linsenmeyer Katie O ' Keefe Margeurite Palmer Lani Parker Carol Parcks Pam Ross Linda Scheuneman Patty Spieth Sue Thompson Dorian Trahan Linda Yee Chelly Seeds Junior Advisor SOPHOS Sophos, a service honorary for sophomore men, men who have maintained a 3.0 grade index, who have proven themselves in two other campus activities and who are approved by the executive council. The men of Sophos, along with the Spurs, held study tables in Guadalupe to help children with their homework. At Christmas they held a food drive for the needy, and socially they held a picnic in the spring with the Spurs. The men also served as ushers for functions at Grady Gammage Auditorium. Sophos Executive Council. Marv Manross, John Rickman, Skip Swerdlow. Jim Feltham President Rick Donato Vice President John Draheim Secretary John Rickman Treasurer Sophos and Spurs assist Guadalupe students with homework. Dick Clauer Ed Cooper John Farnham Bob Heffeman David Hertz Bob Hutzel Marvin Manross Rick Monty Gary Moorman Anand Rughani John Sanderson Bud Scribner Richard Seyffer Skip Swerdlow Pat Traynor Wally Yohn Marv Manross and Jim Feltham with Guadalupe students. Sigma Tau Delta Arizona State ' s chapter of Sigma Tau the national English Honorary, has a membership of 50 students. Each spring the organization publishes the Catalyst, a student literary magazine. The members also write a series of book reviews which are published weekly by the State Press in its " Weekend Bookcase " . But in addition to writing, the Writer ' s Wrangle gives the members the opportunity to engage in constructive criticism. Sigma Tau Delta. First Row: Laurie Retter, Patricia Kerr, Dixie Lee Powell, Virginia Hyde, Lucille Muzik, Charlotte Schilling. Second Row: Charlotte Poorman, Claudette Lutz, Roxanne Decker, Eleaine Pink. Third Row: Richard Roulier, Pat Lavin, Dr. Evans. Sigma Lambda Chi. First Rote: Thomas Catlin, William Rogers, Gary Sherrow, Gerald Daniels, Sec.-Treas.; L. L. Berg, Advisor; Donald Harris, President; Roland Ferrera, Vice President; David Hetler, Jack Ward. Second Row: Roger Weilacher, Lee Nelli, Swedlund Elmore, James John Marschall. Sigma Lambda Chi Chartered at ASU a year ago, the Eta chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi now has 16 members. Yet the members feel the has room to grow and are activities. The organization sponsored academic awards for excellent scholastic performance by construction majors and hosted banquets in the fall and spring for graduates. Accounting Club. First Row: Herbert Bailey, Richard Berry, Norman Walker, vice president; Judi Lovestedt, secretary; Michael Stroup. Second Row: Paul Klumb, treasurer; Roger Cheney, Gerald Vaught, president; Bill Bryant, Wayne Roorda, Lyle Tanner. Accounting Club Beta Alpha Psi The Accounting Club is a professional group with membership open to any student interested in business. Its purpose is to familiarize students with the business world through guest speakers and tours as well as to help the students get with each other. This year they held a meeting with the National of Accountants and heard guest from local accounting firms. Beta Alpha Psi is the National Professional Fraternity for accounting students. During the year they hold joint meetings with the Arizona Society of C.P.A.s and in ASU Day and Business Day. They try to promote interest in the field of and hold optional labs for in intermediate accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. First Row: Ri chard Berry, David Gregan, Jerry Spector, Darrell Back, Stan Perril, Dale Sugarman, Larry Schuman. Second Row: Peter Fairman, Norm Walker, Barbara Haddock, Lenora Couvdos, Elvie Anderson, Priscilla Overman, Judy Byrum, Nancy Thomas, Sharlan Pierce, secretary. Third Row: John Lancy, president; Paul Klumb, Bill Phelps, Joe Warren, Ron Turley, Jerry Vaught, Charles Zajic, vice president; Leroy Midtun, Don Morriston, Frank Dubasik, Bruce Meyerson, David Miller, Dave Winans, Bill Crotts, treasurer. Alpha Pi Mu The Industrial Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Pi Mu, has as its members the top students of the junior and senior classes. The Arizona State Chapter is unique as it accepts for membership graduate students who have maintained a 3.5 index or are in the upper third of their class. This year Alpha Pi Mu began an annual gift to Hayden Library, an out-of-print book written by one of the pioneers of Industrial Social activities included, each semester, an informal gathering to greet rushees and a banquet following the ceremonies. They also sponsored the annual award for Outstanding Industrial Engineering Sophomore. And for the consecutive year an Alpha Pi Mu won the initiation essay contest spon- sored by Tau Beta Pi, the National Honor Society. First Row: Larry Holihan, Walter Venberg, John Napper, George Ellis, David Gallagher, Pete George, Robert Scott. Second Row: Robert Smith, Dr. Bill Lewis, Dr. Charles Hoyt, John Graham, Ed Parkinson. Third Row: Roger Butts, Donald Deutsch, Douglas Stuart, Gerald Thompson, Dr. John Decker, Steve Miller, John Forsythe, Dr. O. B. Moan, Jerry Johnson, Dr. David Bedworth. First Row: George Ellis, Edward Parkinson, Roger Butts, Peter George, Conrad Crymes, Gerald Thompson, Steve Miller, John Graham, Walter Venberg. Second Row: Dr. John Decker, Dr. Charles Hoyt, Donald Deutsch, John Napper, Robert Scott, Larry Holihan, Douglas Stuart, Carson Summerville. Third Row: Alfred Pennell, Dr. William Lewis, Dr. O. B. Moan, Dr. A. B. Pritsker, Dale Merriam, David Gallagher, Dr. C. B. Gambrell. Alpha Delta Sigma. First Row: Bob Richardson, treasurer; Robert Zacher, advisor; George Johnson, president. Second Row: Robert Berrier, Millard Freeman, James Klotz, Terry Witte, Gene Koeneman; Glenn Krone. Alpha Delta Sigma Beta Chi Epsilon Alpha Delta Sigma, the national advertising honorary fraternity, exists to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to achieve a complete and accurate understanding of the field of advertising. Its aim is the improvement of advertising through the encouragement of ethics and truthfulness in communication. The chapter organizes discussion groups with professionals and plans trips through communication firms ' plants to gain further insight into advertising. Beta Chi Epsilon, professional home economics fraternity, promotes professionalism in students. They may become acquainted with professional home economists and more familiar with their field. included a prospective tea, a fruit cake sale, and a tour of the Carnation Milk Company. The group also served the community through welfare agencies. Beta Chi Epsilon. First Row: Judy Andersen, Judy Dawson, Barbara Bartlett, treasurer; Christine Federico, president; Jeanne Munzer, vice Cherryl Richardson, secretary; Diane Barnum, Sandra Sanders. Second Row: Janice Hogan, advisor; Tina Clark, Naomi Johnson, Patricia Utter, Jennifer Burgmeier, Margaret Akers, Judith Whitney, Karel Kocher, Lynda Himes, Karen Vuyevich. First Row: Jerry Sweazer, sr. vice president; Wilbur Bullock, president; Dr. Glenn Wilt, Jr., adviser. Second Row: Jeff Relth, historian; Bill Bryant, secretary; John Lancy, vice president; Jerry Peek, chancellor; Don Morriston, treasurer; Dr. Ralph Hook, Jr. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is the professional for business students. The Gamma Omega chapter was chartered at ASU in 1951 and has a membership of 48 men. They sponsor various professional and take tours of different in the Phoenix area. The men had two banquets this year and sponsored a charity Christmas project. Also interested in athletics, they participated in most of the inter-murals. First Row: Gaye Gravely, Wilbur Bullock, Dr. Glenn Wilt, Jr., Jeff Relth, Bill Bryant, Don Second Row: Jerry Spector, Doug Jerry Peek, Jerry Ozzimo, Jack Alberts, John Moore. Third Row: Jeff Gadd, Check Sankey, Jerry Wells, Tom Daley. Fourth Row: Jerry Sweazea, Norm Walker, Walter Banks, Randy Katto, Skip Swerdlow, Rand McDonald. Fifth Row: Bill Cross, Jim Brennan. Sixth Row: Reuel Matkin, Al Lindstrom, Dan O ' Connor, Leo Jess Silva. Seventh Row: Mark Krugel, Dick June, Dennis Diets, Tom Woodard. Eighth Row: Joe Warren, Dr. Ralph Hook, Jr., John Rickman, John Doyle, Gary Nichols. Gaye Lynn Gravely, Delta Sigma Pi Queen Chemical Engineer ' s Student Society. First Row: Edward Brennan, Kenneth Goldstein, Candice Bettcher, Linda Baker, Anaand Rughani, Pat McMillan, President. Second Row: James Tausz, Herbert Michael, Treasurer; Larry Lake, Secretary; Dean Listiak, David Livingston, Vice President. Third Row: Neil Berman, Advisor; George Sharkey, Jim Wolfe, Joseph Henry, Ralph Crabtree. Chemical Engineers The Chemical Engineer ' s Student Society, 35 strong, this year applied for affiliation with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Its purpose is to provide the student with a greater understanding of his field. They heard several guest speakers, some of whom came to interview them. Field trips took them to the Arizona plant in Chandler and to Reynolds Metals. The Alpha Iota chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, professional advertising fraternity for women, hosted the national convention in October. They also sponsored the local to select ASU ' s candidate to Glamour magazine ' s Ten Best-Dressed Coeds Its purpose is to provide a wider background in advertising through advertising experience outside the classroom. Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Alpha Chi. First Row: Janis Taylor, Treasurer; Susan Vukcevich, Dorrit Cox, Vice President; Gaye Gravely, President; Lili Mitchell, Barb Kadish. Second Row: Michele Kapor, Bunny Burns, Andy Bank, Marlene Brady, Pam Sisk, Elaine Winn, Toni Atmore, Nancy Vallesky, Jane Williams, Susy Hulbert, Karen Hughes, Baku Irani. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the largest engineering society in the world. The ASU branch of IEEE gives the members the to hear authorities speak on the latest developments in the profession, see films on and electronic engineering, and read and technical papers prepared by the students. Each member of IEEE gets the chance to participate in activities devoted to the particular engineering phase in which he expects to specialize. The categories range from theory to sonics and ultrasonics. First Row: Bob Steinberg, Carl Knudsen, Robert D. Kerwin, chairmann; Nilda Henson, secretary; Clark R. Williams, vice president; Ronald Thomas, treasurer; Susan Simons. Second Row: David Harlan, Charles Falls, Michael McKittrick, Sheldon Kelley, John Grosberg, Allen Lindsey, Thomas McElroy, Kenneth Daggett, Glen Fisher, Larry Johnson, Dennis Phelps. Third Row: Richard Hardin, R. R. Novak, David Greer, Ronald Lewis, Francis Larson, Steve Ingebrigtsen, John Walkington, William Wellman, Thomas Curfman. Fourth Row: Christopher McCulloch, Philip Simons, Richard Wright, Philip Cox, Philip Waldron, Phillip Moore, James Johnson, Marvin Mickelson, Ira Garnto. Pi Sigma Epsilon. First Row: Bruce Litherland, John Holman, Vice President; Terry Shaffer, Secretary; Gerald Slavik, Treasurer; Larry Swindle, President. Second Row: Thomas Jones, James Baylor, Dave Sinovic, Dennis Burke, Terrence Zajal, John Mulis. Third Row: Al Lehman, Philip Ricketts, Jay Tate, James Bartosch, James Glasson. Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon has 33 members whose major interests lie in marketing, sales or selling. For the first time this year they organized a $100 scholarship in the College of Business Administration by selling TWA student discount cards. Its purpose is to provide members with in the business world and a background in their particular areas of interest. Phi Upsilon Omicron is the professional honorary fraternity for home economics students. They sponsored a fruitcake sale at Christmas and had a Tapping Dinner. They also served as ushers at the " Phi Beta Cool " fashion show and at Senior Day. They held an annual scholarship tea and gave a scholarship to the outstanding freshman home economics student. Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron. First Row: Jan Soderstrom, Judy Dawson, Jo Ellen Bosen, Jessie Rannells, Advisor; Christine Turley, President; Ann Marie Carr, Secretary; Christine Federico. Second Row: Diane Matsch, Beverly Beeman, Jeanne Munzer, Crystal Kincheloe, Judy Hazelett, Karin Evvard, Nelda Patton, Elaine Goodykoontz, Susan Stehr, Margaret Hoffman, Ann Wilson. Coeds applied to be members of Sigma Alpha Iota. Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota Professional Women ' s Music Fraternity has as its members coeds who have a 2.5 over-all grade index, have taken eight or more hours in music and have a 3.0 average in these courses. In the fall they held a Silver Tea Musicale and in the spring presented an American Musicale. They also held Christmas Vespers with Phi Mu Alpha, the men ' s music fraternity. They had a fashion show and a card party to benefit the International Music Fund of SAI. They presented musical programs on KAET and in hospitals in the area. Other social activities included a Charter Day, an Awards Banquet and a Senior Farewell Breakfast. The newest styles were modeled at the spring fashion show. Doris Stevenson President Susan Rath Vice President Cheryl Collins Secretary Brenda Ross Treasurer Kay Alexander Karen Babcock Kathy Brisco Terry Carmichael Mary-Margaret Dockendorff Roberta Elliott Glenda Finley Jan French Julie Gibson Ellen Haskell Diane Hejhall Jeanine Linsenmeyer Sandra McChesney Marcia McDowell Linda Michels Linda Paananen Vickie Ray Loda Rhodes Orpha Rhodes Shirley Simpson Nadine Smith Ellen Wolfinger SNEA Professional preparation and fellowship for teachers are the goals of the Student Education Association. This year ' s ASU SNEA is the largest in the state with membership expected to reach 500. The Student NEA is the offspring of the National Education Association founded originally in 1857. The big project of ASU ' s SNEA was the hosting of the State SNEA. Other activities included a leadership conference in Flagstaff, spring elections. delegate assembly, and topical discussions concerning teaching problems and student teaching experiences. Paul Lee, Ida Mayo, Iris Seligman, and Dorothy Frazier look through SNEA files, Judy Lawrence and Carol Fogel watch as Colleen Collins checks over a fact sheet. SNEA Members. First Row: Dorothy Frazier, president; Iris Seligman, Colleen Collins, secretary; Helen Lee. Second Row: Paul Lee, Ida Mayo, Judy Rae Lawrence, treasurer; Frances Shannon, vice president; Carol Fogel, Marc Weidinger. Student Construction Society. First Row: Thomas Catlin, Donald Harris, Gerald Jensen, Richard Gavette, Walter Beeson, Roland Ferrera, Lil Berg —Advisor, M. Miller, Benny Yee Jr. Second Row: Timothy MacDonald, Gary Sherrow, William Rogers, Henry Ayala, Mark Goldrich, Don Bogner, John VanDerWerf, Dayton Larson, Jim Oliver. Third Row: Evert Farmer, John Elgert, Allen Smith, Lee Nelli, James Puckett, Roger Weilacher, Victor Fontes, Jack Ward—Asst. Advisor, John Marschall, Steve Porak, B. Cunning. Construction Society Founded in 1957 the construction department is one of the youngest on campus. And ASU is one of the few schools in the country that supplies the industry directly with graduates in construction For this reason the Student Construction Society aims to acquaint both the University and the industry with the program. It also promotes responsibility while bringing together the common interests of construction students. " How To Win A Divorce " and " Juvenile were some of the topics discussed by leading lawyers at meetings of the ASU Pre-Law Club. Another subject of particular interest was the of European and American law. As a service to its members the Club helps with the procedure of applying for admission to law schools. It also sponsors Law Day for high school seniors and college students interested in the profession. Pre-Law Club ASU Pre-Law. First Row: Tom Montalto, Del Nelson, Tim Burke, Bing Wong, Wilbur Bullock, Richard Perri, Janice Benatz, Cheryl Miller, Daniel O ' Connor. Second Row: William Daniels, Norman Walker, Doug Gambee, Roger Miller, Raul Bustamante, Jim Tuvell, Ramon Gomez, Jim Macurak, Roger Cheney. Angel Flight Gail Freeman Commander Peggy Phillips Executive Officer Julie Ash Administrative Officer Pam Ward Secretary Connie Peterson Treasurer Pam Arle Beverly Bair Susan Bramer Penny Craig Kathy Crutchfield Diane Gannon Barbara Haislip Jan Harris Ann Holley Rosemary King Martha Lowry Nan Messersmith Lynn Morrison Doreen Odom Judy Ohl Bunny Olmstead Shirley Pilster Cindy Roesler Susan Russell Sally Swank Gena Taylor Sharon Wilhelm Karen Yaeger Jo Yuknis Looking sharp in early morning drills isn ' t always easy, but the Angels manage. The Angel Flight auxiliary to AFROTC and Air pride themselves on their precision drills, their classic military " look " and their many Angel Flight members hostess for Arnold Air Society and usher at Sun Devil athletic events. marching in parades, battling the Kaydettes in the powder puff football game and assisting with Military Ball preparations, the Angels support, in their capacity as a service organization, the Acres Orphanage. Angels and Arnold Air do a military drill at Selection Tea. Angels are a vivid and active part of campus life. ASU Karate Club. First Row: John Chase, Mary Lou Monaco, Ric Shuler, William Carrel, Dennis Archambault, President; Shojiro Koyama, Instructor; Robert Morris, Larry Ritter, Howard Kirk, Rand Ardoin, Treasurer; Thomas Masters, Vice President. second Row: Chris John Krasowski, Tom Tanita, Michael Angelo Ferrantelli, Jim Deaver, Ivan Lay, Don Turnage, Dan Willey, Charles Ranes, Ronald Locatis, Andy Mayberry. Third Row: Fermin Toledo, Leon Olson, Eugene Galant, Stephen Drollinger, Richard Manriquez, George Mate. Fourth Row: Tom Barrett, Darrell Holt, Jon Sides, Marashi Nakamura, Larry Moody, Jay Campbell, James Christea. Deep concentration is essential in the practice of Karate. Karate Club Blocking, punching, and the kicking stance are skills taught in the first semester of the Karate Club in preparation for the advanced class. A form of fighting, like boxing and wrestling, karate stresses coordination, speed, tension and power. Beginners in the Karate Club receive a white belt. The more advanced, after improving in the karate skills, proceed to the green, the brown and finally the black belt. The black belt is earned after many years of constant training in the skills of karate. The Arizona State University Karate Club is a member of the All America Karate the only karate association in America that is recognized by the Japan Karate Association. The goal of Karate is to train the body to be obedient to the mind. Karate students strengthen muscles by doing push-ups in a unique method. Shojior Koyama and Andy Mayberry demonstrate proper thrust form. Students help one another do their exercises. Learning how to block is one of the skills taught to first year students. Alpha Lambda Delta Forty-four girls with a grade index of at least 3.5 were tapped by Alpha Lambda Delta for membership in the freshman and sophomore women ' s honorary society. Dean Nichols spoke to the new members at a tea and Dr. Wooten spoke on the available scholarships that the girls would be eligible for. These are only two of the many people that spoke to the girls at the society ' s Once a week, the girls of Alpha Lambda Delta helped the Indian children on the reservation in " Project 400 " . The girls also helped with elections and ushered at the Memorial Union. Alpha Lambda Delta. First Rote: Susan Korinek, Marci Shekerjian, Candy Bettcher, Iris Seligman, Nedra Jean Anderson, Judy Gish. Second Row: Ardith Church, Carolyn Hunter, Rosemary Insana, Elaine Revak. Third Row: Marilyn Peterson, Barbara Glessner, Ellen Bennink, Cheryl MacDonald. Fourth Row: Katie O ' Keefe, Phyllis Harward, Cheryl Olson. Fifth Row: Carol Peifer, Linda Crawford, Pat Szegedi, JoAnne Tkacz. Sixth Row: Barbara Johnson, Marilyn Irvine, Joan Harris, Ellen Wolfinger, Jane Diane Burdick. Dawa Chindi. First Row: Stephen Wallace, Treasurer: Laura Peshlakai, Corresponding Secretary: Ronald Houston, President: John Angelo, Vice President: Carolyn Groesback. Second Row: Georgia Ashley, Arlene Spencer, Lorena Zah, Mike Thompson, Herb Yazzie, Pita Ashike, Mollie Billie, Gabriel Sharp, Betty Jensen, Gladys Newangyaoma. Dawa Chindi Dawa-Chindi, meaning Sun Devil, is the American Indian Club at ASU. Established to promote the academic, social and well-being of members the stressed mutual respect and Among the activities sponsored by were a get-acquainted party, a skating party for newcomers, the Eighth Annual Indian Education Conference and the Third Annual Awards Banquet. Young Republicans The Young Republicans of Arizona State University promote the platform of the Republican Party and the party ' s after they are nominated. This for young people interested in the political life of the state and country gives active support to Republican during election years. The club also issues statements concerning important in the political world. Young Republicans. First Row: Pierce Smith, John Jay Jones, Barbara West, Larry O ' Daniel. Second Row: Helen Kravica, Darlene Rufh. Third Row: Edward Dolmage, Phil Worley, Gary Gibson, Congressman John J. Rhodes, Sharon Reardon, Ted Bratrud. Fourth Row: George White, Greg Boehmer, Linda Abertt, Eric Lash. Fifth Row: Hork, Stuart Melton, Rob Bohannan. Sixth Row: William Walker, Kathy Maltby, Larry Stephan, Linda Hand. Seventh Row: Doug Alhert. Foreign Students. First Rote: Rajinder Goyal, Mifuel Hadalla, Mohammed Al-Rifair, Estelle Aguon, Abdulmuhsen Alghanem, Kasey Kaneko, Nancy Lee, Shahin Hormozi, Ibrahim Dooh, Mohammed Jorf. Second Dow: Saliba Shahin, Abdulhameed Al-Fares, Obaidul Islam, Abdallah Dooh, Rev. Crouch, Advisor; Alan Warne, Ayad Madani, John Davies. Ibrahim Mahmoud, President. The Foreign Students ' Club promotes and organizes activities for all foreign students on campus. They sponsor an International Dinner, soccer matches and have occasional parties. Through the Foreign Student Speakers ' Bureau they advance international information and understanding. They also offer assistance in international relations activities. Foreign Students Color Guard presents colors at brigade review. Drill field taps commemorate the third anniversary of Kennedy ' s assassination. Colonel Curtis and ROTC cadets prepare for a helicopter maneuver during summer camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. AROTC Cadet Corps The Military Science Department this year showed a significant increase in junior class advanced ROTC cadets and for the first time had to schedule two drill periods. Late in the semester a group of cadets was selected to attend a demonstration in heavy engineering construction equipment held at California. This year the organization of the traditional Military Ball went to the army who picked " Desert Moonlight " as the theme and the Phoenix Townehouse as the place for the event. Cadets take advantage of summer camp time to practice a helicopter landing assault. Attention! Drowsy cadets drill every Tuesday morning. Colonel Curtis and President Durham present awards during brigade review. It ' s reveille time at Fort Lewis. Kaydettes take a break at Disneyland after a hard day of marching. Kaydettes Kaydettes, auxiliary to the Army ROTC, has gone all out this year to capture awards and represent the University in the community, state and western region. At the Anaheim Area I Drill Meet these marching coeds took first place in all possible events. In November they marched in the Veterans ' Day Parade in Phoenix, and in March they were in the Phoenix Rodeo parade. April found them with Kaydettes and Angels from all over the western states in the Pershing Rifles Meet, held this year in Phoenix. The 46 Kaydettes also hosted at the Army ROTC events and ushered at the football and basketball games. And with their new Army green uniforms, a change from the former khaki, they added an extra touch of color to campus. Kaydettes march with precision. Kaydette officers. Judy Hickman, Linda Motz, Sally Cartney, Marguerite Palmer, Hausman. Kaydettes. First Row: Sherry Lavetter, Karen Kent, Sue Barton, Ilene Lashinsky, Kris Reiserer, Stephanie Saunders, Sherry Van Fleet, Karen Spoon, Jean Tenhagen. Second Row: Rosemary Namor, Ann McMahon, Carol Meador, Patti Goodman, Marguerite Palmer, Suzanne Woolgar, Diane Hausman, Sally Cartney, Joan Miller, Sandi Olson. Third Row: Dij Jones, Jane Williams, Judy Porter, Susan Sekulich, Pam Gallachi, Ann Weber, Sherry Galbreath, Lynda Winston, Corinne Hancock. Fourth Row: Roxanne Neeley, Sherry Tindel, Mary Jane Scott, Juli Van Aken, Linda Down, Linda Olson, Vicki Vaughn, Cathy Cray, Linda Leppa, Cindy Ford. Pershing Rifles In 1894 the General of the Armies, John J. Pershing, founded the National Society of Pershing Rifles, and in 1960 ASU formed a chapter. The Society encourages the development of the highest ideals of the military profession—leadership, tact, bravery, and military courtesy. This is achieved under conditions beyond those required by the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) . The men of Pershing Rifles provide an impre ssive Color Guard, carrying flaps at official ceremonies, and the PR drill team participates in the Annual Southwestern Invitational Drill Meet. They also hold maneuvers with high school ROTC groups. These " war games " are designed to benefit the military student and provide realistic training through simulated combat conditions. First Row: Harry A. Rose, Adviser, Chuck Sankey, Mike Warner, Judy Wheeler, Fred Abbott, Jim Philp. Second Row: Randy Neal, David Germain, Richard June, David Folk, James Edens, Donald Hudson, Tom Hampton, Terry Hoke. Tenth Regiment, Company D. First Row:John Miller, Mike Watters, David Moody, Paul Kanton, Diane Norkaitis, Jerry Newhouse, Buddy Jordan, Timothy Jachowski. Second Row: Donald Burgmeier, Richard Kirkpatrick, David Rafsky, Lee Wise, Leonard Kolodziej, Carl Knight, John Kloosterman, Robert Klim. Third Row: William Smith, Jim Brinkman, Michael O ' Connor, Bob Harrington, Mike Rice, Tommy Dooty, Leonard Whitfield, William Fitzgerald. Phrateres ' members spent many hours perfecting their homecoming float. Phrateres Nancy Barnum President Maryann McGovern Vice President Joey Fetter Vice President Susan Dermer Treasurer Jody Barkson Diane Barnum Diane Blied Ila Brandli Karen Brown Linda Brown Linda Cruze Toni Fimbres Sandy Fix Darlene Gammill Barbara Gassett Justine Lewis Cheryl Mugridge Jan Plowman Carol Ratliff Ginnie Reilly Pam Ross Barbara Rothery Mina Shahbaz Becky Swiger Jeannette Wagner Phrateres is an international organization, open to all off-campus women, offering both social and service activities. This year they held a retreat to Camp Tontozona and a Founder ' s Day Banquet. They presented a fashion show, held a family a freshman reception and a Mother ' s Day Tea. In the area of service they adopted a family at Christmas, gave a Thanksgiving Basket to a needy family, went Christmas caroling at different and supplied streamers for cars for football games. They had several exchanges including a Pizza Party, a hayride and a dance. A trophy was presented to the outstanding pledge and active o n the basis of scholarship. The girls also served as ushers at Grady Gammage Auditorium. Pledge Class. First Row: Scotty Adams, Susan Bowman, Mary Jane Biermann, Barbara Hewett, Phyllis Starner, Diane Miller. Second Row: Susie Wager, Wendy Stansell, Ruth Keene. Third Row: Sally Ebbling, Dine Wenger, Barbara Jansen, Susan McPeek, Susan Boone. Fourth Row: Irene Marquez, Vivien Crumbaker, Susan Simon, Anita Agan, Rita Gruner, Anita Bellville. Jean Weber Janice Whiting Carolyn Wischler Circle K The Circle K Club of Arizona State University, with 20 active members, stressed the administrative theme for 1966-67 of " Serving with purpose. " They collected money for a children ' s camp, donated blood for an injured ASU student, helped campus student body elections and combined with Natani and Spurs, women ' s service honoraries, on several projects. Probably their major project involved promoting and selling maroon and gold ASU to be used in Tempe and on campus major ASU functions. A Playboy dance and several parties highlighted Circle K ' s social calendar. Circle K promotes ASU and club ideals of service. Daryl Alderson, John Gleige, Don Kurrle, and Bob Woolbert guide Circle K projects. First Row: Don Kurrle, Daryl Alderson, Joe Haldiman, Bob Llewellyn, Larry Rofing, Mike Shay. Second Row: Don Fuechsel, John Gliege, Dr. Joel Dauten, Bob Woolbert, Joe Soto, Roger Miller, Dave Farmer, Barry Wagner. La Liga Panamericana members decorate for their annual Mexican dinner. La Liga Panamericana Yvonne de la Torre Black and White Ball Queen Sylvia Vasquez 1966 Scholarship Recipient La Liga Panamericana, the official name for the ASU Spanish club, is for all students with an active interest in Spanish. Each year a special Mexican dinner is held to raise funds for a scholarship given to a Freshman Spanish major. In to hosting lectures pertaining to Spanish and Latin America culture, La Liga Panamericana takes an annual trip to Mazatlan. La Liga Panamericana. First Row: Gracie Jimenez, Sandra Baray, Maria Cueto, Treasurer; Yvonne de la Torre, Secretary; Charles Arteaga, President; Carol Peifer, Alma Vega, Evangelina Urbina. Second Row: Salomon Ramirez, Inez Rojas, Gabe Lucio, Juanita Ponce, Roberto Acevedo, Dr. Mary Escudero, Advisor; Paul Luenow, Venita Polechla, Carol Pendergrass, Cecilia Vega. Naiads. First Row: Jackie Kuriger, Barbara Altherr, Jean Cushnie, Treasurer; Chris Warren, Sue Cosper, Jan Young, Vice President; Sandy Stock, Vice President. Second Row: Kathy Gillett, President; Sari Scherr, Mary Lehto, Martha Gatchell, Sue Daniel, Secretary; Millie Roberts, Sue Brightwell, Beth Hassenbusch, Valerie Shaw, Nancy Schaid. The Oriental Student Club is a social club that works to promote and organize activities among oriental students. They held a Christmas formal and a year-end banquet. They sponsored and Christmas projects to gather collections for the needy. They also offer monetary awards to the man and woman with the highest grade index. Naiads Naiads is a group of girls interested in swimming. During the year they performed at various hotels, country clubs and resorts in the area. Their major activities were the annual fall and spring Synchronized Swimming Water Shows. This year they also offered a non-profit swimming clinic in February. Oriental Students Oriental First Row: Jo Ann Ong, John Lim, Benton Ong, Pam Ong. Second Row: Nancy Lee, Kathy Jewe, Susie Quam, Rose Dong, Irene Louie, Helen Lee, May Fong, Dinah Hom. Third Row: Ron Tang, Tom Tang, Prof. Marlow Keith, Advisor; Gr ay Tang, Paul Lee, Paul Sing, Alan Tang, Tim Ong, Benny Yee. First Row: Betsy Kalish, Pam Onz, Sandi Czarnechi, Denita Doering, Joy Hubbard, Gale Chatham, Nancy Monsees, Judy Jerome, Linda James. Second Row: Steph Rose, Sharon Owen, Dotty Price, Mrs. Pat Smith, Instructor; Joyce Pinkley, Rayma Kirkpatrick, Shirley Powell, Pauline Urbano, Robin Healey, Penny Lawrence, Ann Clark, Janet de Berge, Corliss Siders, Lisbeth Applefield, Donna Murray, Patty Erickson, Toni Neff. Orchesis Orchesis is the modern dance honorary for both men and women. Members are chosen from those who tryout in the fall. During the fall, Orchesis sponsors two modern dance workshops—one open to the public, and one for high school students. In the spring they present a modern dance concert featuring all-student choreography. A musical collage of 80 members would best describe the ASU Symphony Orchestra and its director Eugene P. Lombardi. The high degree of proficiency in the group is such that only standard symphonic literature is performed and 12 students are also members of the Phoenix Symphony. The orchestra gives 25 performances a year and features a special concert to honor outstanding student soloists. University of Orchestra First Violin: Robert Strava, Roberta Elliott, Ellen Wolfinger, John Mitchell, Brenda Ross, Lauren Roberts, Melanie Rosner, Anna Gill, Jim Colin Rowland, Wanda Custer, Mark Wardenburg, Marcia McDowell. Second Violin: Ellen Haskell, Kay Alexander, Eva Hooper, Martha Roberson, Don Burgmeier, Karen Babcock, Charlotte Schmelzer, Marlene Johnson, Jim Thomas, Pat Keserauskis, Paul Austad, Ilene Lashinsky, Scott Tillman. Viola: Linda Michels, Allan Salt, Dwight Lear, Kathy Briscoe, Aaron Wenning, Susan Wrath, Diane Norkaitis, Carol Rogers, Joy Stanton. Cello: David Nebel, Marilee Harris, Vivian Johnson, Patty Darby, Larry Waters, Suzanne Morgan, Evelyn Montierth. String Bass: Jay Mackey, Dan Glenn, Dale Gosa, Linda Hays. Flute: Joe Corral, Richard Rathkey. Piccolo: Connie Cooper. Oboe: Leslie Rawlings, Linda Murray, Stephanie Klapper. Clarinet: Dan Sieker, Cheryl Collins. Bassoon: Barre Griffith, Richard Wiggs. French Horn: Dan Beaff, Karen Fair, John Smart, Diane Fisher. Trumpet: Linda Paananen, James Miller, JoAnn Hrebec. Trombone: Mark Klein, Ben Harvey, Dennis Royall. Tuba: James Clarkson. Timbani: Steve Forman. Percussion: Paul Kreiling, James Bastin, Virginia Ikedo. Piano: Doris Stevenson. Harp: Orpha Rhodes. Manager: Don Burgmeier. First Row: Rennie Reeb, Judy Harris, Robyn Warner, Charles Uphaus, Vin Fuller, Earl Davis, Glen Spellman, Steve Forman, George Gullett, Rawlings, Jim Bastin, Merlin Webb, Virginia Ikeda, Linda Gonder, Cheryl Collins. Second Row: William H. Hill, director; Pat Bauer, Ray Dirodis, Gail Walsh, Armondo Ramirez, Stephanie Klapper, Diane Fisher, Pam Scheuffler, Pat Demarest, Nancy Snedicor, Karen Fair, Janet Julie Johnson, Amy Fisher, Wanda Ripstein, Bob Dotson, Jane Foster, Eileen King, Ardith Church. Third Row: Loda Rhodes, Orpha Rhodes, Connie Cooper, Polly Briggs, Martha Sandoz, Rosemeri Scrivano, Dorothy Frazier, Gloria Gracey, John Knudtson, Barry Katz, Carol Lewis, Scheiding, Bob Richard, Steve Coffin, Dennis Boyall, Ben Harvey, Roy Hoyt, Georgia Ashley, Mary Ann Bastin, Terry Carmichael, Kathy Blunt, Ronald Fuller, assistant director. Fourth Row: Stan Sterling, Denise Wallentinson, Larry Baird, Dave Baesel, Cheryl Abbot, Paul Strivings, Carl Gonder, Craig Rover, Barbara McArthur, Sylvia Turner, Nancy Martin, Mark Klein, Frank Dubrey, Bill Malitz, Leslie Olson, Lyn Shelbourne, Mary Margaret Dockendorff, Myrtle Worley. Fifth Row: Richard Rathkey, Salley Gray, Susan Arnold, Bill Mosley, Dave Boor, Bud Howard, Joyce Goemmer, Diane Rippl, John Smart, Henry Valencia, Linda Murray, Dwayne Northrup, Bob Pernice, Linda Paananen, Terry Nunn, Hellaine Jim Morris, Bob Williams, Jo Ann Hrebec, Ken Bruno. Sixth Row: Keith Kayler, Don Yealy, Mickey Calvert, John Dant, Don Darry, Joe Corral, Dennis Arnst, Joe Sims, Ray Munoz, Frank Smith, Don Durham, Woodie May, Greg Larkins, Tom Townes, Don Martin, Jim Daniels, Dave Amerman, Jim Miller, Lindel Brumley, Gail Wachter, Bob Loughridge. Seventh Row: Alvin Nuttall, John Busdicker, Frank Plunkett, Jim Lommen, John Rogers, George Rimsek, Walter Caldwell, Nick Morea, Stan Gertstenslager, Muns Farestad, Rick Felix, Alan Care, John Green, Richard Anderson, Dan Sieker, Jim Bussert, Mark Jones, Ray Goez, Ron Boat, Gary Perrigo. ASU Marching Band The l40 members of the Sun Devil Marching Band under the direction of William H. Hill has become one of the best marching bands in the country. This is due in part to their terrific spirit along with accurate and uniform drills. The marching band holds practice five days a week for a total of 7 1 2 hours. The members play at all home football games and are the official band in the Phoenix JC ' s annual Rodeo of Rodeos. Choral Union Arizona State ' s Choral Union, with 185 members directed by Richard Dales, pres ented Handel ' s in Gammage Auditorium as their first offering. The second semester presentation featured Mozart ' s Requiem. This performance was also given in Gammage. Membership in Choral is determined by auditions. Director Richard Dales encourages Choral Union members during regular practice sessions. University Singers. First Row: .Vern Bullock, Carol Mackenzie, Sterling Tinsley, Valerie Pierce, Dennis Dodds, Barbara Gephart, Larry John, Gloria Whiting, John Williamson, Claire McCoy, Gary Clausen, Judy Ohl, Steve Hood. Second Row: Cheri Reed, Bill Chapin, Linda Hochstettler, Tom Burns, Susan Mecham, Sharon Laquinto, Gary Miller, Julie Gibson Dale Hall, Dorothy Cocke, Tomm Fox, Diane Hejhall, Mary Margaret Dockendorff. University Singers The University Singers entertained at banquets in the Valley and on campus. They sang at ASU Day and at the Arizona Junior Miss Pageant held in Gammage. Last fall, the 30-member group, using piano and flute accompaniment, performed at the State Musical Educator ' s National Conference. The singers, under the direction of Kenneth Seipp, primarily as a public relations group. Symphonic Band ASU ' s main performing musical group, the Band is the serious performing medium for woodwind instruments, playing primarily music. This year they played at the dedication of Hayden Library in the fall and at Charter Day and Honors Day, both in the spring. They perform at Baccalaureate and and take a tour each spring through the West. This year ' s tour was in April and primarily covered Arizona. First Row: Eileen King, Pat Bauer, Loda Rhodes, Connie Cooper, Mary-Margaret Dockendorff, Terry Carmichael, Richard Rathkey, Joe Corral. Second Row: Daniel Sieker, Cheryl Collins, James Bussert, Barbara McArthur, William Caddell, Janet Hill, Rosemeri Scrivano, Julie Johnson, Janet Jeewek, Steven Palmer, Stephanie Klapper, Linda Murray, Leslie Rawlings. Third Row: Ernest Santos, Gloria Gracey, Carl Gonder, Sylvia Turner, Nancy Martin, Robert Richard, Karen Fair, John Smart, Robert Morsch, Tom Townes, Sally Gray, Keith Kayler, David Baesel. Fourth Row: Paul Strivings, Amando Ramirez, John Busdicker, Dorothy Frazier, Pam Scheuffler, Pat Demarest, Roberta Scheiding, Barry Katz, Diane Fisher, Larry Baird, Diane Rippl, Frank Smith, George Rimsek, Dennis Arnst. Fifth Row: Linda Paananen, Mark Jones, Richard Anderson, Richard Alcorn, Gary Perrigo, Terry Nunn, Robert Pernice, William Epley, Muds Farestad, Richard Felix, Joyce Goemmer, George Gullett, Dennis Royall, Dave Boor, Jim Morris, Ken Bruno, Ben Harvey, Frank Duhuy, Steven Coffin, Mark Klein, Linda Gonder. Sixth Row: James Miller, JoAnn Hrebec. Standing: William H. Hill, director, Ronald K. Fuller, assistant director, Steven Forman, James Bastin, Charles Uphaus, Virginia Ikeda, Frank Plunkett. Program Director Jack Fryxell delivers a KASN editorial. KASN It was a year of innovation at KASN, the campus radio station. With a change of frequency from 720 to 730 kilocycles, the station began actual campus-wide transmission of its signal for the first time in four years. The evening program format included " rock " as well as standard and popular music. Directly responsible for these changes were radio-TV professor Dr. Don Somerville and Program Director Jack Fryxell. Sports Director George Allen along with Mark Frankfurt covered live broadcasts of Sun Devil basketball and baseball. News Director Bill King handled UPI newscasts on the hour throughout most of the broadcast day. " Let ' s see—record cued up, cartridge in place .. . " " We ' ll be back with more music after this message. " " From United Press International and the KASN News Room. " Governor Jack William " talks issue s " with Dr. Pat Goodall. KAET KAET is a service of Arizona State University to the community and state and is affiliated with National Television. The station is on the air approximately fifty hours a week offering both instructional and enrichment type programs. During the year over 180 different people, including faculty members, and civic leaders have participated in KAET ' s open-end telephone participation program " Thursday at Nine " . KAET also serves as a laboratory for students majoring in Radio - TV in the Mass Communications Department. In addition to the experience the students get as part of a class, many of them are paid members of the floor crew and camera crew. A few of the aired this year were " Arizona Town Hall of the Air " sponsored by the Arizona Academy, " Gardening for Fun " with Dr. Victor Miller, " Wildlife Views " with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and " Crops on Parade " with Dr. Grant Richardson. University was given for telecourses such as Spanish, to Music and Business Math. Higher Education Discussion Group : Mr. Randolph E. Sorenson, Mr. Clark Rorbach, Rabbi Albert L. Plotkin, Dr. Robert J. Hannelly, Mr.Lawrence Mehren. Editor-in-Chief Tony Ault Sports Editor John Wallace 414 Copy Editor Bill Dempsey and Copyreader Tom Wing Photo Editor and Reporter Con Keyes State Press First Semester Continuing its vital role of informing the campus community, the first-semester State Press was published four times a week as a combination bulletin board, sounding board and straight newspaper. Such notable events as the opening of Hayden and the dedication of the College of Law captured some of the big headlines. A State Press tradition was started with the advent of the weekly Devil Doll series. These campus lovelies were early in January at the first Devil Doll Dance. Sponsored by staffers and Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism fraternity, the dance was termed a success as the MU ballroom filled with students anticipating the selection of the Devil Doll Queen. The social highlight of the year was the Christmas party at Editor Tony Ault ' s house. faculty and student leaders participated in the merrymaking in a bubbling atmosphere. Jerry Hofferber and Bob Johnson were the managing editor and campus editor respectively this semester. Editor-in-Chief Greg Christopher State Second Semester The second-semester State Press was the focal point of campus controversy following the firing of John Polich by the Board of Student Polich edited the paper for four issues before his ouster fo r failing to comply with the board concerning the holding of an outside job. He held an outside job and decided not to appeal. The State Press survived a brief uproar and continued to publish behind the new edito r, Greg Christopher. Bill Cushing and Linda Cottam served as his editor and campus editor. Publication of the Weekend supplement also resumed highlighting full page pictures of campus lore. The State Press a new typographical look as serifs were from headlines. More emphasis was given to page layouts. Pictures and headlines frequently appeared in larger proportions as the trend moved toward a downstyle format. Assistant Campus Editor Dan Murphy News Editor Susan Black Managing Editor Bill Cushing Sports Editor Dick Gazi Catalyst Editor Charlotte Schilling tells Mary Lamberts, Dr. Evans, and Bill Whitehead how she wants a manuscript edited. Catalyst Catalyst has been the name of the literary since 1964, when publication was handled by Sigma Tau Delta and the English Department. In 1966 the magazine became an ASASU publication, but the name remained the same. The word Catalyst suggests a mixture of various elements in the presence of a transforming substance resulting in a change. This year ' s staff took the suggestion for change, and transformed the Catalyst from a small, rather parochial publication into a magazine with campus-wide appeal. This meant selecting from a wider variety of contributions, including art work from students in the College of Fine Arts and the College of Architecture, as well as the usual short story, essay and poetry submissions from campus writers. The talents of the students in the Foreign Language Department were also used for in German, French, Spanish, and Italian. These changes are consistent with the purpose of the magazine, which is to stimulate creative and promote an appreciation of literature and art throughout the university community. Charlotte Schilling discusses Catalyst plans with staff members Mary Susan Adams, Linda Sheppard, Jim Striegel, Dr. John Evans, Mary Lamberts, Lynda Green, Sandra Schneider, Virginia Hyde, Chuck Walrad, Richard Roulier, Lucille Muzik, and Bill Whitehead and Clark Miller, standing. Richard Roulier, Lynda Green, and Sandy discuss promotion plans. The Catalyst staff often discusses manuscripts together. Editor-in-Chief Pam Sisk Sahuaro Staff Building staff activity around t he theme of the yearbook staff began work on the 1967 Sahuaro in May of 1966. Selection of a theme, organization of the staff and completion of most layouts were on the agenda for the summer months. With the coming of fall, staff members became well acquainted with night and week-end work as they spent many long hours pushing toward another deadline. Staff spirits were not dampened even when sales were low and the coming of Easter found Room 2 of the MU unusually occupied as a staff of 15, originally 45, managed to finish almost 420 of 496 pages before the holidays. Copy Editor Dorrit Cox Photo Editor Janis Taylor Activities and Creative Arts Editor Wayne Brewster Supervisor Allan Frazier Organizations Editor Shirley Simpson and Greek Editor Diane Hausman Honors Editor Susan Vukcevich Sports Staff John Coates and Mark Goldrich Sports Editor Tom Keenan Copy Staff Sherry Gambee, Julie Heiman, Ralph Galvez and Jim Klotz ACHIEVEMENTS Fred Reish Fred Reish was selected as 1965-66 " Man of the Year " because of his participation and leadership in campus activities. Besides serving as student body president, Fred served on various senate acted as speaker pro tern of the senate, was a member of Theta Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Although he readily admits, with his dry sense of humor, that studying was not his favorite pastime, Fred was a member of the Honors Program, had an academic scholarship and is presently studying law at the University of Arizona. Chris Kajikawa, a congenial person who derived her own satisfaction from making others happy, was partially rewarded with the " Woman of the Year " title. During her years at Arizona State she served as acting ASASU Activities Vice President, was a member of Spurs, Natani and Mortar Board and is affiliated with Pi Beta Phi sorority. An English major while at ASU, Chris is presently working on her Masters Degree in the field of and counseling at the University of California at Berkeley. Chris Kajikawa Cheryl Hadaway Cheryl Hadaway, 1965-66 Sorority Woman of the Year, is described by friends as the wholesome, type. She held offices in most of her and was a member of Natani and president of Mortar Board as well. Besides serving as pledge class president, rush chairman and president of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Cheryl was also ASASU assistant secretary, Interfraternity Council secretary and the Rhodes College Board representative. She is now married to ASU alum Dean Mousser and is teaching special reading to third graders at School in Tempe. Max Goodrich, 1965-66 Fraternity Man of the Year and ASASU Vice-President, is remembered for his ability to get things done. He rarely divulged his methods, but it was common for Max to return with the job completed while others were still discussing it. In student government he was on both the Board of Financial Control and the Executive Council as well as being Election Board chairman. As a of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity, he was selected for membership in Archons, an organization of fraternity men. Max received his as an officer in the U.S. Army upon graduation and is now stationed in Germany. Max Goodrich Who ' s Who Honorees Sandy Schneider Pat O ' Neil Jim Kehoe Ingrid Myklestad Nancy Barnum Carolyn Bates Abby Sack Who ' s Who Judy Ravenscroft Charlene " Chuck " Walrad Bob McConnell Stephen Klock Pam Sisk Bernie Wrightson Priscilla Overman Who ' s Who Charles Wise Pat Erickson Claudia Lane Paula Leahy Steve Brown Nadia Komarnyckyj John Mumford Who ' s Who Archer Shelton Elizabeth Davis Bruce Maxwell Doris Stevenson Susan Burke Heather McFalls Karen Darr Jack Erickson Who ' s Who Charlotte Schilling Donald Harris John Herrick Margaret Robinson Gregory Brown Nicki Nordstrom William McMillan Faculty Achievement Award Dr. A. Alan B. Pritsker The Alumni Association presented its Achievement Award to Dr. A. Alan B. Pritsker. A professor of industrial engineering in the College of Engineering, was honored for excellence in research, publications and professional work, as well as his teaching ability. He was the recipient in 1966 of the National Distinguished Research Award of the American Institute of Industrial Dr. Pritsker is president of the ASU Chapter of Sigma Xi and serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Industrial Engineering. He received the Alumni award at the Founders Day in February. Distinguished Teacher Award Dr. Duane Manning Having served on the faculty for 16 years, Dr. Duane Manning, professor of was awarded a Distinguis hed Teacher Award by the Alumni Association. He was. cited for excellence in classroom teaching, effective organization and subject matter presentation, and inspiring and leading students to their best efforts. Dr. Manning is past president of the Arizona Association for Supervision and Curriculum author of " The Qualitative Elementary School " , a widely adopted college textbook, and he received for 1966 the Alumni Distinguished Service Award from Ball State University, his alma mater. He was honored along with Dr. Pritsker at the ASU Founders Day dinner in February. Wilson Scholarship Recipients Nancy Kryder John Underwood Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Winner Virginia Hyde was awarded a $3,000 scholarship for graduate study by Phi Kappa Phi. ASU ' s Athletic Judy Severance Jim Fay Judy Severance and Jim Fay were the top archers in the United States this year. Judy has been a member of the All-American team for three years and has been nominated for a fourth. This is Jim ' s first year on the team. From the eight-member team, ASU boasts two other members, Lynn Swanlund and Merry Sheppard. All-Americans George Boutell Golfer George Boutell of Phoenix was honored last summer when he was named first team All-American by the NCAA. He had already been named the Amateur Golfer of the Year by Golf Magazine and was State Amateur Champion of Arizona. Although he had completed his athletic eligibility at ASU he was continuing his education on campus. Bernie Wrightson Bernie Wrightson continued to add diving medals to his collection. After already the AAU one meter and three meter diving championships more than a year ago, he returned last summer to his titles. He also became a NCAA All-American by winn ing the three meter championship. Bernie graduated and worked at the Arizona State Hospital. Football Homorees Chuck Hunt Most Improved Player John Goodman Governor ' s Award Honorary Co-Captains Ray Shirey Steve Timarac Basketball Honorees Randy Lindner Most Valuable Player Bob Edwards Most Imporoved Player Mike Lange Roger Detter Captain Sparkplug Award King Steve A picture of the strong, silent type, senior Steve Timarac was a regal Homecoming King for 1966. Steve recalls that he had little time to be excited about his selection as King since he had the game with the University of Oregon to prepare for. it was this same enthusiasm that helped Steve win the Hustle Award, the Mike Bartholomew award for the senior lineman, All-American honorable mention for two consecutive years, and a place this year on the Western Athletic Conference first team. A member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and honorary co-captain of the football team, he looks forward to playing professional football and perhaps one day coaching a team of his own. Bunny Olmsted, a junior majoring in home economics in business, appears to be a natural sophisticate but confesses a interest in sports. A member of Pi Beta Phi, Angel Flight, Student Senate and the home economics honorary, Bunny spends most of her free time working as a free-lance model and experimenting with fabrics. She has many fond memories of the summer she spent working in Seattle where she was in charge of a men ' s shop and looks hopefully toward a trip to Europe " someday " . Queen Bunny Gaye Gravely and Doug Nurnberg, first runners-up to Homecoming King and Queen. Gaye Gravely divides her time between being a member of Chi Omega, president of Gamma Alpha Chi and Rose of Delta Sigma Pi. A senior majoring in marketing Gaye looks forward to doing research or working in advertising in San Francisco or Australia. Though a picture of Gaye is " simply wild about sports—especially skiing. " And when the snows have melted but it ' s still too cold to take to the water, Gaye just curls up with a good book. From Englewood, Colorado, Doug Nurnberg is a senior majoring in English Education. He is a member of Phi Gamma Delta, Blue Key and Archons. He also pitched for the Sun Devil Team when they won the College World Series. Sincerely, yet casually, Doug admits that he would like to play professional baseball and later pursue a career as teacher and coach. Homecoming Attendants Diana Van Duerm and Joe Parsons, second runners-up to Homecoming King and Queen. A Valley resident Diana Van Duerm says that she enjoys her position as Education Senator because it gives her the opportunity to hear many different views. A member of Kappa Alpha Theta and president of Arkesis Diana is a senior majoring in Primary Education and would like to teach kindergarten through third grade. Dividing her free time between horseback riding and sewing, Diana is looking forward to beginning her master ' s next year at ASU and eventually teaching in either Scottsdale or San Francisco. A senior in marketing Joe Parsons comes to ASU from Hillsborough, California. A member of Phi Sigma Kappa, Archons and the Election Board Joe has helped finance his past four years by working as a truck driver and a Fuller Brush Joe admits that he likes just about everything but perhaps he likes water skiing and golf a little better than most things. Upon graduation Joe plans to go into the Coast Guard before beginning a career with an insurance company in Sari Military Ball Royalty Attendants Roxanne Neeley and Sharon Wilhelm Bunny Olmsted Interhall King and Queen Pam Arle and Woody Carter Miss Arizona Roxanne Neeley Miss Wool of Arizona Susan Strand Engineering Day Queen Sharon Wilhelm Maid Miss Mesa Nance Vallesky Linda Dudley Best Dressed Coed Joy Hubbard Curly Culp and Diane Hausman Hi and Smile Week King and Queen WAC Wrestling Queen Lynda Winston Water Sports Day Queen Parade del Sol Becky Harsh ASU Rodeo Queen Shirley Sprague Laurie Callaway Marian Perry, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Sweethearts Carolyn Grisz, Kappa Sigma Lucy Allen, Alpha Gamma Rho Michele Goodman, Theta Chi Linda Down, Phi Delta Theta Ilene Lashinsky, Delta Chi Pat Flores, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Sweethearts Helen Setterbee, Alpha Rho Chi Judy Hunter, Alpha Tau Omega Mary Lou Daines, Pi Kappa Alpha Michele Bertino, Tau Kappa Epsilon Linda Beaudoin, Sigma Phi Epsilon Ann Bussert, Lambda Chi Alpha Carol Meador, Sigma Chi Sorority Men of the year Bob Franklin, Chi Omega Tom Courtney, Kappa Kappa Gamma Guthrie Packard, Delta Gamma Ken Beinar, Pi Beta Phi Dean Mousser, Alpha Delta Pi Tim Buer, Delta Delta Delta Rob Balch, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Men of the Year Gary Scott, Kappa Delta William McLaughlin, Alpha Epsilon Phi Tom Schroeder, Alpha Phi Though hidden, combustile, stimulated by solitude and peace Though calm, constant, kindled by creativity Enthusiasm may be outward penetrating and appealing An obvious force in group motivation. It may be inward serene and quiet A hidden power of individual motivation. For whatever reason, whatever cause Enthusiasm is there Suggesting, urging, forcing, Leading the way to satisfaction and achievement. Yet enthusiasm remains its own reward. Laura Bernstein Frank Byers Craig M. Christensen Tom Hester David McNutt David Norris Edward Penaire John Scavo Alma Schewe Curtis Tarkington John Young Hud Editor ' s Page Editor Pamela Sisk Sometime last May, I decided that everything about the 1967 Sahuaro would be unique— including the editor ' s page. Now, after a year of wandering blindly through photo assignment sheets and triplicate forms, I see why so many editors ' pages are alike. There are so many people who have helped, in some way, to produce the yearbook that an editor usually doesn ' t have any other opportunity to thank them. I want to start with the staff. I have worked on five different yearbook staffs and feel that no editor could have had a better staff than I did this year. Ben McQuiston, who served as art editor, was nearly finished before the rest of us had begun. He had most of the layouts done before school started and managed to finish the division pages by Christmas. Dorrit Cox did an exceptional job as copy editor, spending so much time in MU 2 that she often invited her dates to write copy for the yearbook. Janis Taylor, serving as photo editor, could probably walk the distance from the MU to Chuck Conley ' s studio blindfolded. Although Roger Valencich, assistant editor, had to leave us early in the year, he will well be remembered for serving as an able " chaperone " on our trip to Philadelphia. Wayne Brewster managed to help everyone else on their section and still edit two of his own. Tom Keenan took complete responsibility for his section—doing his own layouts, his own copy and his own cropping. Diane Hausman and Andy Bank managed to be the first editors completely finished and Susan Blair and Shirley Simpson spent most of their time on the phone. And then we have Allan Frazier— our supervisor. When there ' s so much to thank someone for, it is often hard to say more than " thanks " . Without him we would not have met our final deadline. He did layouts, cropped pictures and helped with the a start. That leaves us with the " grass roots " of the people with no pay and no title. Without them I ' m quite sure there would have been no yearbook. They wrote the copy, gathered information and scheduled pictures. They were few, but they were faithful. But the staff did not manage all this alone. Many outside sources joined in putting out this book. For photographs I ' d like to thank the Arizona Republic, Louise L. Serpa, Con Keyes, Bill Dempsey and Dave Viger. I ' d like to extend special thanks to the ASU Photo Service for the effort they went to in perfecting the handling of senior pictures. And of course I want to thank Chuck Conley. With but a few exceptions, he photographed, proofed and all of our pictures. He worked late many nights and managed to have some of our pictures ready at a day ' s notice. Ruth Paulsen, who worked with Chuck, spent quite a few of her lunch hours spotting prints so that we could meet our deadlines. And thanks, too, to the Business Office for handling the financial end of the book. Moral support came from all corners this year. Donna Rodgers, Marilyn Vihel, Dick Finley, the ASASU Executive Council, Milt Bean, my roommates, my parents—without their encouragement I would not have made it through the year. Now that the hook is completed and I have made my way through a maze of index, I plan to bask in the sun and leave editing to more industrious creatures. General Index A Academics Section 77 Accounting Club 384 Achievements Section 423 Activities Section 33 Administration Section 157 Aerospace Studies 152 Affiliations Section 251 Alpha Delta Pi 292 Alpha Delta Sigma 386 Alpha Epsilon Delta 369 Alpha Epsilon Phi 294 Alpha Epsilon Pi 322 Alpha Gamma Rho 318 Alpha Lambda Delta 398 Alpha Mu Gamma 370 Alpha Phi 296 Alpha Pi Mu 385 Alpha Rho Chi 320 Alpha Tau Omega 324 Angel Flight 394 Archons 371 Arizona Bible Association 369 Arkesis 370 AROTC Cadet Corps 400 ASASU Boards 168 ASASU President 166 ASASU Senate 168 ASASU Supreme Court 168 ASASU Vice Presidents 166 Associated Men Students 180 Associated Women Students 178 ASU Marching Band 410 ASU Young Republicans 399 Athletics Section 183 B Baseball 210 Basketball 198 Best A 257 Best B 260 Best C 258 Beta Alpha Psi 384 Beta Chi Epsilon 386 Blue Key 372 Board of Financial Control 169 Board of Regents 158 Brittany House 261 C Campus Affairs Board 170 Catalyst 418 Catholic Students Association 368 Cheerleaders 177 Chi Omega 298 Choral Union 410 Circle K Club 406 Clubs 365 Coed Sports 239 College of Architecture 118 College of Business Administration 122 College of Education 126 College of Engineering Sciences 130 College of Fine Arts 134 College of Law 150 College of Liberal Arts 138 College of Nursing 142 Creative Arts Section 67 Crescents 358 Cross Country 229 Cultural Affairs Board 172 D Daughters of Diana 359 Dawa Chindi 398 Delta Chi 326 Delta Delta Delta 300 Delta Gamma 302 Delta Sigma Phi 328 Delta Sigma Pi 387 E Election Board 170 Eta Kappa Nu 373 F Faculty-Student Relations Board 174 Football 186 Foreign Students 399 Fraternity Sweethearts 458 Freshman Baseball 216 Freshman Basketball 207 Freshman Football 197 G Gammage 280 Gamma Alpha Chi 388 Gamma Phi Beta 304 Golden Hearts 360 Golf 232 Governor of Arizona 158 Graduate School 146 Graduation School of Social Service Administration 148 Graduates Section 79 Greeks 281 Gymnastics 222 H Hayden Hall 262 I Individual Sports 217 Information Board 173 IEEE 389 Intercollegiate Athletics 184 Interfaith Council 366 Interfraternity Council 316 Interhall Council 252 International Students Relations Board 174 Intramurals 243 Irish Hall 263 Islands, The 264 J Junior Panhellenic 289 K KAET 413 Kappa Alpha Psi 319 Kappa Alpha Theta 306 Kappa Delta 308 Kappa Delta Pi 374 Kappa Kappa Gamma 310 Kappa Kappa Psi 375 Kappa Sigma 330 Karate Club 396 KASN 412 Kaydettes 402 L La Casa 266 La Liga Panamericana 407 Lambda Chi Alpha 332 Leadership Board 171 Little Sisters of Minerva 361 M Maltesians 362 McClintock A 268 McClintock B 268 Military Science 154 Mortar Board 376 MU Board 171 N Naiads 408 Natani 377 0 Orchesis 409 Organizations Board 173 Oriental Students Club 408 P Palo Verde 272 Palo Verde East 274 Palo Verde West 276 Panhellenic Council 290 Pershing Rifles 403 Phi Delta Theta 334 Phi Eta Sigma 378 Phi Gamma Delta 336 Phi Kappa Psi 338 Phi Sigma Kappa 340 Phi Upsilon Omicron 390 Phrateres 404 Pi Beta Phi 312 Pi Delta Epsilon 378 Pi Kappa Alpha 342 Pikettes 363 Pi Sigma Alpha 373 Pi Sigma Epsilon 390 Pom Pon Line 176 Pre-Law Club 393 Q Quadrangle 270 R Rallies and Traditions Board 175 Residence Halls 253 Rodeo 230 ROTC 151 S Sahuaro Yearbook 419 Santa Cruz 267 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 344 Sigma Alpha Iota 391 Sigma Chi 346 Sigma Lambda Chi 383 Sigma Nu 348 Sigma Phi Epsilon 350 Sigma Sigma Sigma 314 Sigma Tau Delta 383 Soccer 208 Social Activities Board 172 Society of Chemical Engineering Students 388 Sophos 382 Sorority Men of the Year 462 Spurs 380 Stardusters 364 State Press 414 Students Construction Society of America 393 Student National Education Association 392 Sun Devil Archers 238 Swimming 236 Symphonic Band 411 T Tau Beta Pi 379 Tau Beta Sigma 375 Tau Kappa Epsilon 352 Team Sports 185 Tennis 234 Theme Conclusion 465 Theme Presentatio n 1 Theta Chi 354 Theta Delta Chi 356 Track 226 Traffic Appeals Board 169 U University Administrative Staff 162 University President 160 University Orchestra 409 Un iversity Singers 411 W Who ' s Who 426 Wilson Hall 278 Women ' s Golf 241 Women ' s Swimming 240 Women ' s Tennis 242 Wrestling Index A Aakre, Sandra K. 80,306,358 Abair, Terry 356 Abbey, Steven Q. 80 Abbot, Cheryl 410 Abbott, Fred 403 Abbott, Kathy 306 Abbott, Nancy 80,306 Abel, Jon 348 Abernathy, Helen 288,304 Abert, Dennis M. 80 Abertt, Linda 399 Abney, Dwayne 80 Abono, Cecil 187 Abraham, Willard 128 Abrahams, Susan 294 Accamazzo, Gary 318 Acevedo, Roberto 370,407 Acocello, Chuck 316,352 Adair, Diane 300 Adams, Janice 304,363 Adams, Lenda L. 80 Adams, Linda 310 Adams, Mary Susan 418 Adams, Mik 348 Adams, Paul W. 80,356 Adams, Scotty 405 Adamson, Anthony L. 80 Agan, Anita 405 Aguilera, Joseph L. 80 Aguon, Estelle 399 Ahlert, Douglas 378,399 Ahlstrom, Robert 348 Aizley, Paul 263 Ake, Pam 312 Akers, Margaret 386 Akin, Becky 175,289,312 Akin, Ginny 276,310 Alberts, John M. 80,387 Albright, Bill 373 Albright, Jacque 172 Alcorn, Dave 340 Alderson, Daryl 372,406 Alexander, Barbara 302 Alexander, Kay 391,409 Alexander, Lindsey 296 Alexander, Mark 348 Alexander, Robert J. 80 Alexander, Sue Ann 298 Al-Fares, Abdulhameed 399 Alghanem, Abdulmuhsen 399 Allen, Barbara 289,298 Allen, Craig 318 Allen, Gary 318 Allen, George H. 80 Allen, Henry, Jr. 80 Allen, J. Lance 80,328 Allen, Larry 295 Al len, Lucy 458 Allen, Theodore, Jr. 379 Allen, Wayne C. 80 Allis, Elizabeth A. 80 Allison, Kathy 176,292 Almodova, Sandra 172,280,380 Al-Rifair, Mohammed 399 Alsworth, Lance 263 Altengarten, Jim 200 Altherr, Barbara 274,408 Alver, Gary N. 80,356 Ambrose, Linda 310,362 Amerman, Dave 410 Andersen, Judy 274,386 Anderson, Elvie D. 80,269,384 Anderson, Max 22,187,196 Anderson, Nancy 304,363 Anderson, Neil 330 Anderson, Richard 410 Anderson, Roger 350 Anderson, Sandra 278,279 Anderson, Sheryl 304 Anderson, Stephen M. 80,337 Anderson, Traci 177,298 Andre, Karen R. 80,269 Saca 280 Ankeny, Dave 172 Aparicio, Erna L. 81 Appleby, Carey 280 Applefield, Lisbeth 409 Aramian, Marc 406 Archambault, Dennis 396 Archbold, John 237,340 Ardoin, Rand 396 Arle, Pam 265,310,377,394,452 Armstrong, Anne 289,302 Armstrong, Jacque 304 Arnett, Don 344 Ellen 175,312 Arnold, Susan 410 Arnold, Karlene 292 Arnold, Lowell 324 Arnold, Susan 314 Arnote, John 207 Arnst, Dennis 410 Arrington, Alvin D. 81 Charlie M. 81 Arteaga, Charles 407 Asch, Richard A. 81 Ascher, David 322 Ash, Julie 279,380,394 Ashcroft, Susan 179 Ashe, Barbara R. 81 Ashley, G eorgia 410 Askins, Jack 334 Astley, Don 267 Atmore, Antonia M. 81,388 Atwood, Jerry L. 81 Auffret, Sarah E. 81,376 Ault, Anthony R. 81,414 Austad, Paul 409 Austin, Alaine 314 Austin, Stephanie 298,360 Avandano, Emmanuel Ave 172 Axtell, Mary Jane 274,369 Axton, Milt 237 Ayala, Henry 393 Aycock, Larry W. 81 Ayres, Donald L. 81 B Babcock, Karen 391,409 Babiarz, Anthony S. 81 Bacher, Ken 262 Bachman, Rich 346 Bachry, Buddy 260 Back, Darrell 260 Bacon, Betty 312 Badenoch, Donald S. 81,252,260 Baecker, Grant R 81 Baer, Mauvalyn 81 Baesel, Dave 410 Baeuchler, Richard E. 81 Baeza, Eva E. 81 Bailey, Bob 201 Bailey, Ed 344 Bailey, Frank 203,204 Bailey, Herbert R. 81,384 Bailey, Leona 370 Bailey, Patty 268 Bailey, Stephen 369 Bainbridge, Larry 337 Bair, Beverly 302,394 Bair, Darryl 222 Baird, Bruce 259 Baird, Larry 410 Baird, Tom 350 Baity, Jane 298 Baker, Don 186,187 Baker, George 336 Baker, Janice 296 Baker, Linda 388 Baker, Queta 289,312 Baker, Robert 252,261,334 Baker, William 338 Balch, Rob 463 Baldwin, Ginger 278,279,292 Baldwin, Phil 348 Balin, Robert P. 133 Ballard, Cherie 298 Ballard, Dave 340 Balcom, Bruce 334 Ballou, Robert 352 Bancroft, Sharon 296,359 Bank, Andrea 170,172,302,388 Banks, Cindy 364 Banks, Fred 172 Banks, Kathleen C. 81 Barabe, Leo 259 Baray, Sandra 407 Barber, Ann 312 Barclay, Art 326 Barcus, Robert A. 81 Bare, John 169,340 Barfield, Steve 356 Barford, Carol 276,292 Barker, Mike 322 Barker,Sara K. 81,269 Barkson, Jody 367,404 Barkson, Joseph 379 Barnard, Steve P. 81 Barnette, Bobbi 306 Barnum, Diane 386,404 Barnum, Nancy 376,404,427 Baroch, Ann 269 Barr, Donna 81 Barrett, Tom 396 Barrier, Joe 252,266 Barris, Sue 310,361 Barrows, Richard 334 Bartlet, Mike 348 Bartlett, Barbara J. 81,278,386 Bartlett, George 259 Barlett, Linda 314 Barton, Sue 302,402 Bartosch, James 390 Basgal, Fred 342 Basha, Susan 292 Basham, Tana 269 Bass, Elena 306 Bassen, Ellen T. 81,300 Basset, Cathy 292 Bastin, Jim 409,410 Bastin, Mary A. 81,410 Bates, Carolyn A. 376,427 Bauer, Pat 410 Baum, Tom 177,356 Bauman, Bill 245,328 Bauman, Keith 328 Baxter, Herald R. 81 Bayer, Mark E. 81,330 Bayer, Martha 367,369 Baylor, James 390 Beaff, Dan 409 Beals, Tom 266 Beaman, William C. 81 Beasley, Larry B. 321 Beat, Tom 244,340 Beatty, Marcia 300,358 Beaty, Barbara Jean Beaudoin, Linda R. 82,175,360,461 Bebbing, John 350 Beck, John 334 Becker, Dorothy 179 Becker, Nancy 175,306 Becker, Pam 270 Becker, Pat 270 Beckinger, Terry 197 Beckley, Richard 356 Bedworth, David 379,385 Beeman, Beverly 390 Beers, Pete 230,231 Beeson, Walter 393 Beggs, Billie Marlene 82,174,306 Behr, Jeffrey E. 82 Behr, Michael E. 82 Beinar, Ken 288,463 Bell, James 338 Bell, Mike 356 Bell, Nancy 312 Bellville, Anita 405 Beloat, Donna 279,314 Benatz, Janice 274,393 Bendell, Kim 298 Bender, Janice 298 Bendheim, Pete 344 Benes, Robert L. 82 Benne, Bob 328 Benner, Amy 370 Benneson, Nancy 306 Bennett, Larry 312 Bennett, Lydia 312 Bennett, William H., Jr. 319 Benson, Jack 332 Benson, Teri L. 82 Bent on, John 350 Benzel, Kay 310,370 Beougher, Zane 346 Berg, Lil 383,393 Berman, Neil 388 Bergmark, Joan 292,363 Bergquist, William 332 Berkshire, William J. 82 Bernard, Steve 356 Bernell, Sylvia J. 82 Bernier, Robert S. 82 Bernstein, Laura E. 82 Berrier, Jane E. 82,306,358,369 Berrvier, Robert 386 Berry, Fred 352 Berry, Richard L. 82,384 Bersch, Kris 364 Berta, Dominic 321 Bertino, Michelle 359,460 Besser, Jeanne 177,304 Bettcher, Candice 388 Bettin, Allen 340 Bever, Cris 238 Biallas, Eric B. 82 Biehl, Mike 350 Biermann, Mary Jane 405 Bigelow, Robert T. 82 Billings, Jed 342 Birenbaum, Cortney 260 Bishop, Bruce H. 82 Bixby, Frank 264 Bixby, George 324 Bjorklund, Paul 342 Black, Susan 417 Blackburn, Edra E. 82 Blackstone, Phil 255 Blair, Barbara 308 Blair, Dick 328 Blair, Karen D. 82,306 Blair, Susan 308 Blais, Earle 259 Blake, Ray F. 82 Blanc, Paul 348 Blasius, Glen 237 Blaska, Bob 344 Blatteis, Ronald 322 Blazer, Dick 332 Blazok, Sue 289,310 Bledsoe, Robert 324 Blethen, Dusty 346 Blethen, Frank A. 82 Blevins, Susan 292 Bleyle, Carl C. 82 Blied, Diane 404 Bliss, John 379 Bloch, Walter 322 Blonde, Elliott H. 82 Bloom, Linda 289,294 Bloomingdale, Marylou 359 Blount, Ginger 170,269 Bloyer, Russell 162,316 Blue, Sally A. 82 Blumkin, Janis 294 Blunt, James H. 82 Blunt, Kathleen M. 82,375,410 Blywise, Ginny 294 Boals, Susan 241,308 Boat, Ron 308 Bobb, Randy 215 Bobbitt, Charles R. 82 Boccigone, Lynne 300 Boehmer, Greg 399 Boettner, Dick 197 Boeve, Allen 338 Boghosian, Louise A. 82 Bogner, Don 324,393 Bohannan, Lisa 308 Bohannan, Rob 399 Bohl, Patricia 300 Bohl, Terry L. 83,356 Bohn, Janis M. 82 Bohon, John 316,336 Boicourt, Michael 18 Boileau, Ray 328 Bokelman, Bonnie 269 Boldin, Laura 279 Boncroft, Sharon 174 Bond, Barbara 175 Bonkofsky, Mary Lou 175 Bonnet, Jody 302 Bonnet, Suzanne 302 Bonsall, Kaki 307 Booher, Jeanne 302 Booker, Phil 24,187,190,194 Boone, Susan 405 Boor, Dave 410 Boote, Betsy 300 Booth, Barbara 302 Boren, Kenneth R. 82,369 Borrowdale, Barbara M. 82,302 Borrowdale, John 334 Bosen, JoEllen 390 Bosworth, Jonathan W. 83 Bottrell, Jil D. 83 Bouck, Ron 350 Boufford, Alan A. 83 Bounds, Jim 336,371,372 Boutell, George W. 83,441 Bowen, Craig R. 83 Bowen, James 260,338 Bowman, Susan 405 Bowers, Ewell 346 Bowers, Matt 346 Bowles, Gary 330 Boyd, John 316,336 Boyer, Elizabeth 289,292 Boyer, John T. 83 Boyer, Kirk L. 83,338 Boyle, Katie 170,298 Boyle, Tim 263,378 Boysen, Vivian 158 Boyuk, Raymond T. 83 Braden, Fox 334 Bradford, Elwood W. 158 Bradford, Robert 346 Bradshaw, Tony M. 83 Brady, Marlene 306,388 Brake, Brenda J. 83 Brake, Michael E. 83 Bramer, Susan 394 Bramlet, Jim 43,187,191,192,324 Brandi, Ila 404 Bratrud, Ted 399 Brandys, Lynn 170,296 Brannon, Michele L. 83 Brantley, Bill 201 Bratrud, Theodor E. 83 Bray, Jeff 338 Bray, Wade R. 83 Brayton, Harold 245 Brescheen, Joel 260 Brecher, Greg 230 Bredehoft, Ted 219,220 Breese, Jack 177,336 Bregman, Jacqulyn F. 83 Breitfuss, Jim 336 Brenden, Mary E. 83 Brennan, Barry M. 83 Brennan, Edward 388 Brennan, Geoffrey P. 83 Brennan, James R. 356,387 Brenneman, John 324,362 Bretschneider, Roland 83 Brewer, Maureen L. 84,370 Brewster, George B. 321 Brewster, Wayne 175,420 Briggs, Bruce 84,334 Briggs, Cyndy 300 Briggs, Fredrick L. 84 Briggs, Polly 410 Brightwell, Sue 408 Brink, Jim 332 Brinkman, Jim 403 Briscoe, Kathy 302,391,409 Broadhurst, Donald 379 Brogan, Roger L. 84,330 Bromert, Joseph S. 84 Brosius, Ken L. 84,340 Brosius, Sandra L. 84 Brown, Arlinda 312 Brown, Cindy 306 Brown, Daryl 346 Brown, Dave 187,197 Brown, DeWayne 369 Brown, Donald L. 84 Brown, Douglas E. 84,373 Brown, Doyle 340 Brown, Gordon F. 84 Brown, Gregory M. 84,372,435 Brown, 168,320 Brown, Jess 262 Brown, Jimmy L. 84 Brown, Jim 336 Brown, JoAnn Brown, Joni 28 Brown, Karen 404 Brown, Kathy 306 Brown, Linda 404 Brown, Mike 328 Brown, Steve 316,352,371,372,431 Brown, Vickie 375 Brown, Zane 334 Bruenning, Leonard E., Jr. 84 Bruhn, Chuck 344 Bruinsma, Henry 135 Brumley, Lindel 410 Bruner, Richard K. 84,332 Bruno, Ken 410 Bryant, Bill 384,387 Buchanan, Tim 187,260 Buck, Carri 170,298 Buckingham, Toni 346 Buckles, Michael 378 Buckman, Arlene 340 Buehler, Beverly A. 84,302 Buell, T. T. 261 Buer, Tim 346,463 Bula, Ronald J. 84 Bullock, Lettie S. Bullock, Wilbur K. 84,372,387,393 Bundy, Jeff 334 Bunting, Joe 354 Buntzman, Arol I. 84 Burd, Joy 298 Burgess, Mickey 232,233 Burgmeier, Donald 403,409 Burgmeier, Jennifer 386 Burke, Brona 84 Burke, Dennis 390 Burke, Sue 168,310,433 Burke, Susan 85 Burke, Timothy J. 85,373,393 Burke, William J. 161,146 Burkhardt, Charles R. 85 Burkland, Chris 260 Burnes, Robert 163 Burnett, John 266 Burnett, John 344 Burns, Alan 352 Burns, Bunny 300,388 Burr, Bruce 261 Burr, Kathy 364 Burris, Linda 170,269 Burrus, Bill 259 Burrus, Richard E. 85 Burud, Candy 296 Busdicker, John 332,410 Bussert, Anne 306,358,461 Bussert, Jim 410 Bussert, Rusty 332 Bustamante, Raul 393 Butler, Barry 338 Butler, Chuck 346 Butler, Jackie 269 Butler, John 326 Butler, Keith 260 Butler, Laurel 298 Butler, Tom 344 Butler, Tommy J. 85,330 Butterfield, Sue 312,360 Butts, Roger 385 Byerly, Lynn 175,302 Byrne, Dick 350 Byrne, Joseph J. Jr. 85,260 Byrum, Judy 384 C Cady, Gilbert L. 161 Cagen, Jerry 322 Cahill, Dick 187 Cahoon, William 85 Caldwell, Walter 375,410 Calhoun, Janice 298,360 Calhoun, Myron 367 Calkins, Charles A. 85 Callahan, Lawrence W. 85,322 Callahan, Rick 350 Callaway, Laurie 274,275,457 Callow, Dave 334 Callow, Dee 248 Calvert, Martin 375 Calvert, Mickey 410 Calvin, Steve 258 Camden, Betty Lou 369 Cameron, Charles 340 Cameron, Dennis 177,336 Campbell, Chris 344 Campbell, Jay 396 Campbell, Leonard W. 85 Campbell, William 332 Campina, Mike 332 Campisano, Fred A. 85 Camplin, Jim 344 Cao, Jorge 321 Caponigro, Jess 262 Capp, Dwight 261 Cappelucci, Karen 304,363 Carbett, Stanley R. 85 Care, Alan 410 Carless, Chris 314 Carlin, Bob 168,346 Carlin, Lynn 300 Carlson, Ingeborg 370 Carlson, Jill 85,370 Carlson, Marilynn A. 85 Carlson, Richard 263,342 Carmichael, Terry 391,410 Carnal, Linda 302 Carpenter, Dwight 373 Carpenter, Lynn B. 85 Carpenter, Ralph 213 Carr, Ann Marie 390 Carr, Ronald 330 Carrel, Jack E. 85 Carrel, William 396 Carrillo, Adeline 238 Carroll, Bill 324 Carruthers, Riley W. 85 Carson, Cassandra 292 Carson, Terry 261 Carter, Linda A. 85 Carter, Todd H. 85,334 Carter, Vincent M. 85,346 Carter, Woodrow W. 85,265,452 Cartney, Sally K. 85,402 Carver, Pat 342 Carvey, James 324 Castano, George 263 Castillo, Baldy 229 Castle, Gordon B. 161 Castro, Fernando 263 Catlin, Thomas B. 85,383,393 Caughran, Thomas L. 85 Cavagnol, Carol 276,306 Cavallo, Sally 363 Cavenaugh, Dick 354 Chadderdon, Bruce 263 Chafey, Merritt N. 85 Chalagonian, George 261 Challenner, Phyllis A. 85 Chamberlain, Charle 306 Chamberlain, Charle 306 Chamberlain, Harl 340 Chamberlain, Robert 163,316 Chambers, George 158 Chance, Joan 300 Chandler, Kathy R. 85 Chaplain, Dick 328 Chapman, John 348 Charest, Carolyn. 177,292,360 Charest, Susan 178,179,296 Charters, Jim 354 Chase, John 396 Chasey, Allan 326 Chatham, Gale 409 Chatterton, Charlene A. 85 Chavez, Yolanda 280 Cheesman, Jan 369 Cheney, Roger N. 86,373,384,393 Cheshire, Fred D. 86 Chesley, John N. 86 Chesley, Judith 86 Cheslin, William 266 Chester, Mike 356 Chiabai, Gloria 172,300 Chianese, Vince 197 Chikhani, Reiad S. 86 Childress, Jim 344 Childs, Robin 304,363 Chilton, James 373 Chipps, Samuel K. 86 Chittenden, Laura 300 Choat, John 259 Chow, Judy 170 Chowaniec, Mike 187 Christensen, Charles E. 86,350 Christmann, James 266 Christoph, Ann E. 86,269 Christopher, Greg 416 Cicero, Patricia M. 86 Cislaghi, Christina 380 Clancy, George 259 Clardy, Jerome 184 Clark, Michael A. 86 Clark, Roger 354 Clark, Thomas A. 86 Clark, Tina 386 Clarke, Ann 173,175,300,409 Clarke, Carolyn 242 Clarkson, James 409 Clauer, Dick 330,382 Clayton, Marty 344 Cleary, Bob 245,346 Clendenin, Gary 334 Clevenger, Pat 336 Cline, William J. 86 Clutter, John 334 Coates, John 421 Cobb, Cheryl 292,364 Cobb, James A. 86 Cochran, Tom 245 Cockrill, Melinda 86,279 Cody, Susan 292 Coffin, Steve 410 Coglan, Linda 280 Cohen, Janice A. 86 Cohenour, Susan F. 86,312 Coil, Gerald 352 Colby, Wendy 310,380 Cole, Julian W. 86 Cole, L. E. 263 Coleman, Margaret 350 Coles, John 267 Collard, Frank 324 Collet, Patricia 296,334 Collett, Ronald 348 Collin, Pattye 304 Collins, Cheryl 370,375,377, 391,409,410 Collins, Colleen 392 Collins, David H. 86,172,260 Collins, Kitty 230 Collins, Lee 334 Collins, Linda 379 Collins, Robert 379 Colpitts, Charles 0. 86 Combs, Catherine 300 Comprini, Joyce 270 Condon, Debbie 302 Conley, Bob 26,187,190 Conley, Brigio R. 86 Conley, Michaelina B. 86 Conley, Mickey 278,279 Conley, Paul A. 86 Connelly, Larry 263 Conway, Claude 259 Cook, E. H., Jr. 86 Cook, Ronnie L. 86 Cook, Sandy 292 Cooley, Gregg 248,334 Cooper, Connie 409,410 Cooper, Ed 332,382 Cooper, Judy L. 86 Cooper, Larry 346 Cooper, Luita 300 Cooper, Velma S. 86 Corbin, Jacque 292 Corbin, Jeff 334 Corcetti, John 252,257 Cordalis, Jim 342 Cordalis, Jon T. 86 Cork, Bob 344 Corkhill, Vivian 324,362 Cornell, Mike 174,346 Cornwall, Christine A. 86 Cornwell, Sue 170,310 Corrado, Guy E. 86 Corral, Joe 409,410 Corsberg, Loren 260 Corson, Mike 266 Cosper, Sue 408 Cotlow, Dan 350 Cotton, Bruce 232,336 Courtney, Bob 337 Courtney, Tom 462 Couvdos, Lenora 86,384 Covey, Allan 164 Covington, Spence 330 Cowan, David W. 86 Cowan, Joe 197 Cowle, Edward 334 Cox, Don 337 Cox, Dorrit S. 86,378,388,419 Cox, Gene L. 87,379 Cox, Philip 389 Coxwell, Tom 344 Crabtree, Cynthia 306 Crabtree, Ralph 388 Craig, Penny 394 Craighead, Frank 230 Crail, Richard 334 Crandall, Russell 378 Crandell, George C. 87 Crane, George 348 Crane, Jory 312 Crater, Sue 358 Crawford, Carol 359 Crawford, Debby 308 Crawford, Glenn R. 87 Cray, Cathy 170,302,380,402 Cray, David 379 Creighton, Charles E. 87,340 Creighton, Sandy 312 Cresto, Vic 340 Creuty, Bill 263 Cristea, James 396 Cristler, Carol J. 87 Cromwell, Mary A. 87,374 Crone, Ron 344 Cross, Bill 387 Cross, Lawrence W. 87 Crotts, Bill 384 Crouch, Rev. Charles 367,399 Crow, Jan 241 Crowley, Roberta 269 Crumbaker, Vivian 405 Cruser, Patricia 87 Crutchfield, Kathy 394 Cruz, Al 328 Cruze, Linda 179,404 Crymes, Conrad C. 87,385 Cueto, Maria 407 Culp, Curly 187,219,456 Culver, Shirley A. 87 Cunning, B. 393 Cuoco, Marshall J. 87 Curfman, Thomas 389 Curran, Craig V. 87 Curran, Jerry 258 Curran, Lyn A. 87 Curtis, Col. Coy 154,400,401 Curtis, Walt 258 Cushing, Bill 417 Cushnie, Jean 408 Custer, Wanda 409 Cuzzocrea, Dominic D. 87 Cuzzocrea, Larry 346 Czarnechi, Sandi 409 D DaCosta, Jim 330 Dade, Anna M. 278 Daggett, Bill 337 Daggett, Kenneth E. 379,389 Daggett, Mike 170,252 Dahlstedt, Joan M. 87 Dahnk, Joan M. 87,269 Dains Mary Lou 288,304,363,460 Daleiden, Richard W. 87 Dales, Richard 410 Daley, Tom 387 Dalrymple, Gerald 356 Daly, Thomas R. 87 Dangel, Robert A. 87 Daniel, Sue 408 Daniels, Bill 288,316,322 Daniels, Gerald L. 87,383 Daniels, James D. 87,410 Daniels, William 348,393 Dannenfeldt, Karl 70,139 Dant, John 410 Darby, Patty 409 Darr, Karen 167,169,178,179,433 Darry, Don 410 Daugherty, Spike 232,350 Dauten, Deane 296 Dauten, Diane 174 Dauten, Joel 406 D ' Autila, Marie 280,363 Davenport, Dave 237,352 David, Jim 350 Davidson, Bill 324 Davidson, Jeanie 172,302 Davidson, Phil E. 87,338 Davidson, Ron 332 Davies, John R. 87,399 Davies, Sharon 292 Davini, Ron 211,215,336 Davis, Barbara 298,380 Davis, Earl 410 Davis, Elizabeth J. 88,310,432 Davis, Glenn 322 Davis, Jon 264 Davis, Kay 302,363,367,369 Davis, Larry M. 88 Davis, Linda 304 Davis, Margaret 300 Davis, Marion 292 Davis, Michael 356 Dawson, Judy 274,386,390 Dawson, Ron 328 Day, Timothy 348 Deabler, Paula 274 Deal, Tom 245,346 Dean Bucky 344 Dean, Norm 346 Deaver, Jim 396 DeBerge, Janet 279,409 Deck, Roger 336 Decker, Dennis M. 88,336 Decker, Holly 298 Decker, John 385 Decker, Roxanne 88,376,383 Dekellis, John 328 Dekellis, Tom 328 Deeny, Mary J. 88 Defnet, Sandra 279 De la Torre, Yvonne 407 Del Duca, Bart 88,328 Del Duca, Pam 290,304,377 Delgadillo, Rosie 269 Delnoce, Tom 197 Deloian, Rosemary 291,292 DeLozier, Kathy 173,312 DeLisle, Frances D. 88 Delmar, Rocky 262 Delton, Mary H. 88 Demarest, Pat 410 DeMarr, Roger M. 88 DeMichiei, Sandra L. 88 Dempsey, Bill 415 Den Boer, Flarie 163,179 Dennis, Jean E. 88 DeNoia, Jim 344 Dent, Janet M. 88 Denton, Susan J. 88 Dermer, Susan 404 DeRoon, Louis 324 DeSpain, Gary 328 Detjen, Sue Jane 314 Detter, Roger 201,203,205, 445 Deutsch, Donald 385 Diaz, Chuy 260 DiBennedetto, George 328 Dick, Ken 330 Dick, Susan 306 Dickman, Max J. 88,346 Dickson, Bill 330 Dickson, LuAnn 179,304 Didra, Melody 170 Diebold, Brian 222 Diehl, William R. 340,371 Dietz, Dennis W. 88,387 Diller, Jacqueline L. 88 Dingwall, Ellis G. 88 Dirodis, Ray 410 Dishman, Bruce 340 Dizney, Douglas D. 88,344 Dockendorff, Mary-Margaret 391, 410 Doeller, Ba rb 302 Doering, Denita 409 Dolge, David 352 Dolmage, Edward 399 Dombek, Jadi 314,358 Don, Gloria 312 Donaho, Diane 358 Donaldson, David 378 Donato, Rick 352,378,382 Donnelle y, John 340 Donnely, Sue 238 Dong, Annie 88,279 Dong, Rose 408 Dooh, Abdallah 399 Dooh, Ibrahim 399 Dooley, Kathleen M. 89,306 Dooley, Pat 279 Donovan, Karen 302 Doran, Cecelia 280,380 Dorey, Bill 346,372 Dorfman, Bob 322 Dorris, Jo 162,170 Dorton, Jim 248,334 Dotts, Donald 165,175 Dotson, Robert 375,410 Doty, Tom 334,403 Doukakis, Gail 292 Douthit, Tom 207 Dovico, Trudy V. 89 Dowell, Gene 330 Dowling, Dennis 263 Down, Linda 298,402,459 Downing, Bob 350 Doyle, J. Frank 89 Doyle, John B. 89,387 Doyle, Su 270 Draheim, John 378,382 Drake, Carol 171 Dreblow, Dave 334 Drinovsky, Albert F. 89 Driscoll, Dan 336 Drobniewski, Maciej 89 Drolet, Joyce 170,310 Drollinger, Dick 257 Drollinger, Stephen 396 Drossman, Lois R. 89 Drozdowski, Nicholas M. 89 Drugmand, Patricia A. 89 Dubasik, Frank 384 Dubrey, Frank 410 Ductor, Joan F. 89 Dudley, Linda 455 Duffy, John 165 Duffy, Susan 179 DuGanz, George 336 Duke, Joe 316,338 Dulton, Linda 373 Duncan, Art 187 Dunham, Marilyn 296 Dunkel, Larry 350 Dunn, Dan 187 Dunseth, Bonnie 173 Dunstan, Allan P. 89 Dupree, Bob 173,175,334 Durham, Don 410 Durham G. Homer 160,401 Dutton, Jack 326 Dyer, John 320 Dyer, Ken 187 Dyer, Phil 346 Dyke, Bob 261 Dysart, Cynthia 170,269 E Earley, John N. 89,340 Earnhart, George A. 89 Easterling, Moya G. 89 Easterling, Peter 340 Eaton, Greg 350 Ebbling, Sally 405 Ebert, Barry 338 Ebzery, Tom 288,348 Eckel, Ross R. 89,326,372 Eddings, Deni 276 Eddings, William 316,319 Eddy, John 356 Edelstein, Joan 294 Edens, James 403 Edgar, Bruce 263 Edick, Rick 328 Edmondson, Joe 324 Edmondson, Sharon 170,175,274 Edstrom, Patricia 306 Edwards, Bob 201,204,445 Edwards, Jay 260 Edwards, Larry 330 Edwards, Terry 350 Edwards, Tom 170 Edwards, Walter 373 Eggleston, Barbara 179,276,312 Egloff, Dick 35,187,195 Egly, Susan 289,290,292,381 Eichorn, Barry W. 89,244,340 Eisenstein, Gloria I. 89 Eittreim, Phoebe 171,296,358 Ekstrom, Linda 170,310 Elam, Ron 187 Elder, Joseph C. 262 Eldred, John 352 Eldridge, Barbara 306 Elgert, John 393 Elias, Leo 328 Elias, Rick 346 Ellenson, Jan 308 Ellexson, Randy L. 89,330 Elliott, Don 350 Elliott, John 352 Elliott, Roberta 391,409 Elliott, Tom 344 Ellis, George 385 Ellis, Nancy 242,274 Ellison, Tom 356 Elmer, Ben R. 89,373,379 Elmore, James W. 118 Elmore, Sherry 279 Elmore, Steve 334 Elmore, Swedlund 383 Elsner, Jan 308 Emerson, Karen D. 89 Endicott, Jill 306 Engebretson, Roxanne 279 Engelhardt, Jon M. 89 Englund, Bruce 262 Engnell, Ella L. 89 Enright, Lee D. 89 Eppler, Avery L. 89 Epstein, Ira 322 Erb, Paulette Erickson, Jack 89,288,316,334,433 Erickson, Jim Erickson, Patricia M. 89,304,370, 409,430 Errichetti, Vic 328 Erspamer, James 373 Ertl, T. A. 320 Ervin, Marilyn 179 Erwin, Courtney 300 Escudero, Mary 407 Esparza, Jenny 175,289,312,381 Espinoza, Narcisa M. 89 Etchechury, Larry 354 Ethell, Betty Jo 298 Ethington, Jacqueline 89 Evans, Carolyn J. 89,171,310 Evans, George V. 90 Evans, Harry F. 90 Evans, John 383 Evans, Stephen O. 90,356 Evvard, Karen 170,310,360,390 Evy, Cheryl 296 Evenson, Gerald N. 90,237 Ewald, John E. 90,328 Ewens, Michael 348 Exum, Alice 173,272,306,377 F Fabel, Curt 263 Fabeny, Patricia I. 90,312 Fahey, Gregory 373 Fahrion, Catherine 163 Fair, Karen L. 90,375,409,410 Fairman, Peter 384 Falbo, Kay 278 Falbo, Peter R. 90 Falbo, Shirley E. 90 Falls, Charles 373,379,389 Farestad, Muns 410 Farley, Wally 348 Farmer, Bill 342 Farmer, David A. 90,373,406 Farmer, Evert 393 Farnham, John 332,382 Farnsworth, Linda 90 Farnum, Sandy 312 Farr, Stephanie 278,279 Farrell, Denny 25,187,196 Farris, Cindy 292 Farry, Patty 296 Faulkner, John P. 90 Faulkner, Sharon 300 Fay, Jim 238,440 Fedel, David 354 Federici, Linda 168,367 Federico, Christine 386,390 Felix, Moe 177,356 Felix, Rick 375,410 Felker, Patti 298 Felman, Ted 340 Felt, Christi 306 Feltham, Jim 324,382 Feltham, John 267 Fergemann, Gary D. 90,350 Ferguson, Barbara K. 90,373 Ferguson, Carol 175,292 Ferguson, Jerry W. 168 Ferguson, William 288,339 Ferrantelli, Michael 396 Ferrara, Nick 197 Ferrera, Roland L. 90,383,393 Ferris, Larry 340 Ferryman, Frank 175,334 Ferryman, Jeanne 296 Fetter, Joey 404 Fetter, Loren K. 90 Ficken, Linda D. 90,269 Fielder, William R. 90 Fierro, Judy 310,363 Fimbres, Toni 404 Finder, Sue 302 Finley, Glenda 391 Finley, Richard 163,167,175 Firmine, Nancy 363 Fisher, Amy 410 Fisher, Diane 409,410 Fisher, Gail B. 90,179,306,376 Fisher, Glen 373,379,389 Fishe r, Jennifer K. 90 Fisher, Jim 237 Fisher, Pam 304 Fishman, Linda 294 Fitts, Lucinda 276 Fitzgerald, William 403 Fitzurka, Robert 378 Fix, Sandra E. 90,404 Flanders, Bill 340 Flaskamp, Ann 310 Fledderjohn, David 328 Fleming, Jesse 187 Fleming, Pat 240 Fletcher, Craig 324 Flood, Bill 342 Flores, Pat 278,459 Flower, Marybeth 173,289,296 Floyd, Shaun 207 Flynn, Della 356 Flynn, Pat 298 Fogel, Carol 278,279,392 Fogel, Doug 334 Fogelman, Fern P. 90 Fogle, Margaret A. 90,269 Foley, Pat 187,263 Folk, David 403 Fong, Gene 262 Fong, May 408 Fontes, Dan 258 Fontes, Victor M. 90,393 Forbes, Louraine 280 Force, Ellouise J. 90 Ford, Cindy Jo Ann 168,290,314,377 Foreman, Liz 317 Forler, Jim 218 Forman, Ken 324 Forman, Steve 409,410 Forrister, Dewey 187 Forcsberg, James 330 Forsberg, Terry L. 168,175,330 Forsythe, John 385 Fosdick, Carl 324 Foster, Jane 410 Foster, Kenneth M. 90 Foster, Ruth 312,361 Fountain, Dale B. 90 Fowells, Frank 259 Fox, Steve 344 Franklin, Bob 346,462 Franklin, Claudia 274 Franzen, Bill 324 Frantz, Mike 342 Fraser, Scott 266 Kraut 354 Frazier, Allan 420 Frazier, Dorothy 392,410 Frederickson, Sharon F. 90,279 Fredrich, Paul 339 Fredman, Ken 261 Freeman, Gail 279,394 Freeman, Millard 386 Freeman, Ron 226 French, Janice R. 90,279,391 French, Tomi Jo 304 Freund, Bill 340 Frich, George 354 Friedman, Ira M. 316,322 Frith, Robert 260 Fritsche, Charles 257 Frosco, Mike 350 Fry, Nancy 310 Fry, Stephen T. 91 Frye, Kathy 306 Fryxell, Jack 412 Fuechsel, Don 406 Fujii, Ikuo 91 Fuller, Robert A. 91 Fuller, Ronald 410 Fuller, Vince 410 Fulton, Kenneth W. 91 Fumusa, Kathy 312 Fung, John 260 Funk, Robert D. 91 Furman, Janet 278,279 Fyke, Richard 356 G Gadd, Jeffrey I. 97,387 Gadd, Jim 344 Gagne, Ronald 379 Galant, Eugene 396 Galasky, Andy 354 Galbreath, Sheri 310,402 Gale, Penny 304 Gall, Kathy 276,300 Gallacci, Pam 292,402 Gallagher, David 385 Gallagher, Glen D. 91 Gallagher, Linda 291,298 Galvez, Ralph 421 Gambee, Doug 393 Gambee, Sherry 421 Gambin, Ralph 197,218 Gambrell, C. B. 385 Gammill, Darlene 404 Gannon, Diane 394 Garapich, Gerald 348 Garber, Mel 175 Garden, Jeff 237 Gardner, James E. 91 Gardner, Ed 336 Garland, Gar 344 Garland, Margy 175,298 Garmon, Richard 336 Garner, Ann 280 Garner, Cheryl 276 Garner, Nancy 294,363 Garnto, Ira 373,389 Garrels, Dwight E. 91 Garrels, Jodene 302,361 Garrison, Jim 336 Gaston, Jack D. 91 Gaston, John 336 Gassett, Barbara 40 Gatchell, Martha 240,408 Gavette, Carolyn 274,275 Gavette, Richard 393 Gay, Carol 242,312 Gazi, V. Richard 91,173,417 Gedgaudas, Victor 340 Geesey, Jack 334 Gemmill, Dave 334 Gentry, Gary 215 George, Frank 260 George, Peter B. 91,385 Gerhardt, Don 316,318 Germain, David 403 Gerstenschlager, Stan 375,410 Giauque, Doug 356 Gibbons, James R. 91,379 Gibson, Gary 399 Gibson, Janice 296 Gibson, Julie 391 Gibson, Patricia G. 91 Gilbert, Dorraine 91 Gill, Anna 409 Gill, George A. 128 Gill, Richard R. 91 Gillard, Jim 328 Gillen, Sylvia J. 91 Gillett, Kathy 408 Gilman, Judith G. 91 Giorsetti, Joseph B. 91,260 Gioia, William F. 91 Gish, Judy 269 Gladwin, Sharon 312 Glasson, James 390 Glasson, Jo Carroll 304 Glass, Mary 311 Glaze, Bernie 207 Glenn, Dan 409 Glenny, Nancy 314 Glessner, Barbara 280 Glick, Fred 344 Gliege, John 262,406 Glittenberg, Donald R. 92 Goad, Larry 336 Godber, Suzanne 311 Goddard, Joseph D. 92 Goemmer, Joyce 375,410 Goez, Ray 410 Golden, Bob 322 Goldfeder, Richard 322 Goldman, Louise 294 Goldrich, Mark 356,393,421 Goldsmith, Jack 322 Goldstein, Ken 322,388 Goldstein, Noah 378 Golman, Janet 292 Gomez, Ramon 393 Gompf, Karen 289,314 Gonder, Carl 410 Gonia, Ann 296 Gonsher, Flip 322 Gooch, Richard A. 92 Goodman, Benjamin J. 92 Goodman, Bob 324 Goodman, Dennis 322 Goodman, John 196,443 Goodman, Kent E. 92 Goodman, Michele 170,311,459 Goodman, Patti 302 Goodman, Phil 328 Goodmen, Vinnie 274 Goodnow, Sara V. 92 Goodrich, Max 425 Goodykoontz, Elaine 390 Goostree, Doug 332,387 Gorder, Carol 269 Gordon, Brenda R. 92 Gordon, Dale Kit 294 Gordon, Jay 332 Gorman, Bill 184 Gorman, Patricia E. 92,268 Gorson, Craig 322 Gosa, Dale 409 Goshia, Lynn 292 Gotaas, Carol J. 92 Gottlieb, Jerry 92 Gough, Robert J. 321 Gower, Margaret A. 92 Goyal, Rajinder 399 Gracey, Gloria 410 Graham, John F. 92,385 Graham, Margaret C. 92 Graham, Rhea A. 92,298 Graham, William L. 92 Gram, Mark 334 Gran, Judy M. 92 Grangaard, Dave 213,245,346 Grant, Judy M. 92 Grant, Leon 319 Grantham, Sherrick 230 Grantham, Woody 230 Grassi, Robert E. 92 Gravely, Gaye Lyn 92,298,299,362, 370,387,388,448 Gray, Jim 352 Gray, Sally 375,410 Graybill, Dave 184 Grayek, Helen L. 92 Grayson, Sally 312,364 Green, Johnny 175,410 Green, Judy 280 Green, Lynda 418 Green, Tom 337 Greene, Arvona R. 93 Greene, Robert M. 93,334 Greenleaf, Bill 232,350 Greer, David W. 93,389 Gregan, David 384 Gregnmyer, Donna 381 Greszler, Richard 330 Griffin, Clark 316,334 Griffin, Penny 296 Griffith, Barre K. 93,372,409 Griffith, Bill 318 Griffith, Todd A. 93 Griffitts, James W. 93 Griffits, Jim 334 Griggs, Pamela A. 93 Grimstad, Marianne 300 Grindstaff, Jeanne 302,363 Grisz, Carolyn 176,364,381,458 Groesbeck, Carolyn F. 93 Grooters, Harriet Grosberg, John A. 93,373,379,389 Grotlisch, Karen 300 Gruber, John P. 93 Gruenmeier, Reiny 350 Grundy, Nancy J. 93,299 Gruner, Rita 405 Guelich, Johanne 300 Guerra, Nancy 293,364 Guffey, Johnny 197,344 Guilds, Tom 175,177,317,340 Guire, Rich 261 Gullett, George 175,259,375,410 Gumm, Nancy J. 93,290 Gundersen, Dean A. 93 Gunness, Beverly A. 93,299 Gurley, Dave 350 Gustafson, Kristine E. 93,269 Gustafson, Mona K. 93 Guthrie, Joyce 308 Guthrie, Theodore T. 93 Guzauskas, Dick 170,175,342 H Haag, Victor 93 Hadalla, Mifuel 399 Hadaway, Cheryl 425 Haddock, Barbara 384 Haddy, Anita 270 Haden, Gary 350 Hadley, Bessie 280 Haerle, Mike 352 Hage, Judith E 93,306 Hagler, Gwen 172,296 Hagler, Lynn 172,173 Hagmaier, Scott 337 Haines, David S. 93 Haines, John W. 93,168,252,267 Hainge, Dave 340 Haislip, Barbara 311,394 Halbert, Vicki 296 Haldiman, Joe 406 Haley, Bill 348 Hall, Margie 172,179,300,358 Hall, Patricia M. 93 Hall, Steve 369 Halley, Richard 340 Hallowell, Richard 373 Halstead, Jim 244,335 Hamilton, Ann 361 Hamilton, David J. 93 Hamilton, Diane M. 93 Hamilton, John M. 93,379 Hamlin, Sheryl 312 Hamm, Bill 351 Hamm, George 162,167,169 Hamman, Susan C. 93 Hammer, Bruce 324 Hammer, Norma 280 Hammes, Hilary 173,294 Hammon, Susan 230 Hammond, Reed 324 Hampton, Tom 403 Hancock, Corinne 311,402 Handy, Leslie R. 93 Hand, Linda 399 Haney, Jan 242 Haney, Molly M. 93 Hanley, Sheryl 296 Hannon, James 94 Hannelly, Robert J. 413 Hanner, L. A. 143 Hansen, David 352 Hansen, Joyce 377 Hansen, Kris 274,373 Hansen, Peggy J. 94 Hanson, Dennis L. 94 Hanson, Greg 340 Hanson, Janice E. 94 Hanson, Jim 328 Hanson, John 187 Hanton, Dave 232 Harbison, John 252,257 Hardiman, Finis 319 Hardin, Richard 373,379,389 Hardin, Vicki 279 Hare, Jeffrey 378 Hargreaves, Carole L. 94,280 Hargreaves, Richard 356 Harkness, Mary Ann 314 Harlan, David M. 94,379,389 Harmon, Ron 174,372 Harper, Rob 267,252 Harries, Gina 306 Harrington, Bob 403 Harris, Beatrice J. 94 Harris, Bill 346 Harris, Carl 237 Harris, Donald L. 372,383,393,434 Harris, Jack 222 Harris, Janet 279,394 Harris, Judy 171,304,363,410 Harris, Kyle 317,352 Harris, Marilee 409 Harris, Raymond 260 Harris, William H. 94 Harris, Willie 201 Harsh, Becky 230,457 Hart, Bill 346 Hart, Harrie 342 Hart, Jim 326 Harter, Stan 230 Harting, James 348 Hartline, Carol A. 94 Hartman, Mark 328 Hartman, Nancy 175 Hartman, Sheryl 308 Hartung, Leo 387 Hartwig, Bryan H. 94 Harvey, Ben 409,410 Harvey, Bill 340 Harward, Phyllis 174 Hashimoto, Alice 280 Haskell, Ellen 391,409 Haskell, Patty 299 Haspray, Richard R. 94 Hassesbusch, Beth 294,408 Hassinger, Kathy 306 Haupt, Barbara K. 94,289,292 Hauret, Ted 346 Hauser, Craig Hausman, Diane L. 94,294,402,456 Hawkins, Helen A. 94 Hawkins, Melody 299 Hawkins, Michael D. 94,373 Hawkins, Phyllis L. 94 Hawley, Patrick 328 Hayden, Karen 172,308 Hayden, William J. 94 Hayduke, George 258 Hayduke, Michaelene 274,275 Hayes, Tarina 299,364 Hayes, Tonner 208 Hays, Linda 409 Hayward, Dave 208 Hazard, Tom 338 Hazelett, Joie Hazelett, Judith D. 94,269,311,390 Headd, Tom 263 Healy, Robin 170,302,409 Hearton, Willie 198 Heath, Edward W. 94 Heatherly, Charles 373 Heavilin, Steve 351 Hebern, Sandy 363 Hecker, Charles 328 Hedges, Carol 230 Hefelfinger, Rancy 328 Heffernan, Bob 352,382 Heideman, Tom 352 Heier, Dennis 554 Heiman, Julie 421 Heiniger, Gordon 175 Heiple, Pat 240 Heisley, Rick 260 Hejhall, Diane 279,391 Heldenbrand, Roger 379 Helgeson, Steve 340 Heller, Rhoda I. 95,238 Hellstern, Shirley 280 Helms, James J. 95 Helton, John 187,196 Hendel, Mike 172,339 Henderson, Glen 348 Hendershot, Larry 187 Hendricks, Lynn 306 Hendrickson, Brian 171 Hendrickson, Lilly 95,168 Hendrickson, Virginia D. 95,358 Hendrix, Judy K. 95 Hendrix, Ron 245 Hendry, Steve 351 Henneberry, Helen L. 95 Henny, Jim 348 Henny, William 348 Henry, Joseph 388 Henson, Joe 230 Henson, Nilda F. 95,367,369,389 Heppe, Bill 263 Herbeck, Bob 336 Herbert, Rick 245 Herman, Stuart F. 95 Hermann, Pat 257 Hermanson, Paul 348 Hernandez, Lionel 336 Hernandez, Rebecca A. 95 Herrick, John E. 169,434 Herrick, Nancy 242 Herring, Nancy 278 Herrmann, Jerry J. 95 Hersh, Phil 328 Hershey, Lynda 293 Hershkowitz, Harry 318 Hertz, David 258,378,382 Hertzog, Phil 351 Herz, Bob 258 Hetler, David A. 95,383 Heuman, Eddie S. 95 Hewett, Barbara 405 Heyman, Larry 207 Hickcox, Edward 165 Hickman, Ann 278,381,360 Hickman, Judy 299 Hicks, Lee 332 Hicks, Thomas H. 95,369 Higgins, John 332 Higgins, Martha 313,358 Hilderhoff, Bob 346 Hill, Calvin 324 Hill, Dave 317,344 Hill, George 319 Hill, Horace M. 95 Hill, J. D. 265 Hill, Jim 197 Hill, Seabern 207 Hill, Mrs. William 375 Hill, William 410 Himes, Lynda 386 Himmelberger, Bob 197 Hines, Greg 351 Hinkle, Pamela R. 95 Hirata, Gerald 263 Hirota, Joy 241 Hiscock, Christina R. 95 Hitt, Arlie 263 Hix, Bonita 314 Hoag, Tom 351 Hoagland, Stephen C. 95,330 Hochstetler, Gary 259 Hochstetler, Linda 172,300 Hoddy, William A. 95 Hodges, Helen 304 Hodsden, Bernard E. 95 Hoeksema, Catherine A. 95 Hoff, Mike 260 Hoffman, Margaret 390 Hoffman, Marlene 306 Hoffman, Ruth 291,294 Hogan, Janice 386 Hoiles, Parma L. 95,300 Hoke, Terry 403 Holaday, Bonnie 280 Holbrook, William C. 356,371 Holcombe, Judy 308 Holder, Sharon 289,299 Holihan, Larry 385 Holland, Geoffrey C. 95,260 Holland, Judie 363 Holland, Susie 306 Hollar, John J. 95 Hollbrook, Pete 324 Holley, Ann 293,394 Holley, Maurice D. 95 Holley, Sandra K. 95 Hollinger, Rick 237 Hollister, Cullen A. 95 Holly, Alan 344 Holly, Carol 269 Holman, John 332,390 Holmes, Bill 328 Holmes, Tom 348 Holt, Darrell 396 Holt, Ken 222,224 Holt, Randy 342 Holt, Tom 332 Holtz, Jo 289,296 Hom, Dinah 408 Hood, Howard 175,346 Hook, Ralph 387 Hooker, Fair 83,187,190,260 Hooper, Eva 409 Hoopes, Fern B. 95 Hooton, Thomas 369 Hoover, Bob 373 Hoover, Doris E. 95 Hoover, Kay 163,172,290,370 Hopkins, Lynn 300 Hopkins, Melinda 311 Hopkins, Stephanie 242 Hoppe, David 328 Hopper, Steve 324 Hork, Richard 173,399 Hormozi, Shahin 278,399 Horn, Patricia L. 96 Hornbeck, Ken 18,187,194 Horne, Don L. 96 Hougham, Bob 259 Housefield, Ruth 300 Houston, Ronald 96,168 Houston, Robyn 170,175,279,377 Howard, Bud 410 Howard, Don 168,351 Howard, Greg 336 Howard, Mike 344 Howard, Pam 306 Howard, Sally 280 Howell, Bob 348 Howell, Dave 197 Hoyt, Charles D. 169,385 Hoyt, Roy 410 Hrebec, JoAnn 409,410 Hubbard, Joy 177,303,409,455 Hubbell, Mary V. 96 Huber, Judy 280 Huckleberry, Bobbie 373,379 Hud 340 Hudson, Donald 403 Hudson, Thomi 278 Huggins, Earl L. 96 Hughes, Barbara 168,313,369,377 Hughes, Karen 300,388 Hughes, Lawrence B. 96,369 Hughes, Marilyn 369 Hughes, Mike O. 96 Hughes, Sherrill A. 96,269 Huizingh, William 122 Hulbert, Susan E. 96,388 Hulbirt, Nancy 175,311 Hull, Margaret 314 Hulsey, Joe 354 Hume, Shari 378 Hummell, Paul 341 Hummer, George 187 Humphrey 338 Hungerford, Robert L. 96 Hunnicutt, Harold B. 147 Hunsaker, Emily 293 Hunsberger, Dave 266 Hunt, Chuck 187,443 Hunt, Jim 346 Hunter, Bert 318 Hunter, Carl L. 96 Hunter, Carolyn 269 Hunter, Judy 362,460 Hunter, Patricia A. 96 Huntimer, Linda C. 96,314 Huntting, Carol 269 Hurd, Ronald 330 Hurd, Roxy Hurlebaus, Kathy 269,291,301,358 Huskison, Jim 324 Hutchinson, Scott 339 Hutchison, Robert J. 96 Hutzel, Robert 330,382 Huvelle, Jeanne 293 Huwaldt, Larry 324 Hyde, Virginia M. 383,418,439 Hylton, Jeff 351 I Iannella, Dick 252,267 Iannotti, Mike 328 I ' Anson, Tom 324 Ikeda, Virginia 409,410 Immerman, John 351 Impson, Richard 222,223,225 Imsland, Marty 197 Ingebrigtsen, J. Steve 96,379,389 Inman, Pam 381 Insana, Rosemary 269 Irani, Baku 168,301,363,388 Irwin, Jo 346 Irvine, Marilyn 278 Isaacs, Steve 320 Islam, Obaidol 379,399 Isles, Margie 175,304 Isley, Shirley 289,301 J Jablonski, Kathy 303 Jachowski, Timothy 403 Jackson, Edyth A. 96 Jackson, Dorothy 301 Jackson, Larry 96 Jackson, Linda L. 96 Jacob, Clint 351 Jacob, James 322 Jacobs, Lance 373 Jacobs, Susan F. 96,295 Jacobsen, Jan 308 Jacobsen, Lawrence F. 96 Jacobson Steve 245,346 Mike 336 James, Linda 409 Jankowski, Daniel F. 379 Jansen, Elizabeth 270 Jaramillo, Augustin M. 96 Jarnigan, Larry 335 Jarrett, Robert 257 Jasper, Raymond G. 96,352 Jay, Helen 348 Jeewek, Janet 313,375,410 Jenkin, Kathleen 280 Jenkins, Barbara J. 96,301,370 Jenkins, Charles 260 Jenkins, Mel 197 Jenks, Jacki 169,299 Jennings, Charles A. 96 Jennings, Lou 335 Jennings, Phil 339 Jensen, Billie 302 Jensen, Bruce 339 Jensen, Darrell 356 Jensen, Gerald 393 Jensen, John 260 Jensen, Michael 341 Jensen, Norma 369 Jensen, Paul 348 Jepson, Dale 379 Jerome, Judy 409 Jerrall, Stanley O. 96 Jett, George 339 Jew, Mike 330 Jewe, Kathy 280,408 Jiminez, Gracie 172,175,407 Jimpson, Mary E. 96 Johannsen, Carol J. 96 Johannsen, Lori 308 John, Angelo 259 Johnson, Barbara 313 Johnson, Bob 168,378 Johnson, George 386 Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Jacquelyn J. 96,303,361 Johnson, James S. 96,187,373, 379,389 Johnson, Jay M. 96,175,330 Johnson, Jerry 341,385 Johnson, John 369 Johnson, Julie 410 Johnson, Larry 373,379,380 Johnson, LuCrecia J. 96 Johnson, Marlene 409 Johnson, Matt 348 Johnson, Naomi V. 97,386 Johnson, Pamela J. 97,170,296 Johnson, Pam 291,296,364 Johnson, Phil 342 Johnson, R. 369 Johnson, Rich 328 Johnson, Richard 378 Johnson, Robert A. 97 Johnson, Robert W. 97,324 Johnson, Ron 207 Johnson, Sandy 330 Johnson, Steve 341 Johnson, Vivian 278,409 Jones, Ben 369 Jones, Beverly A. 97,314,364 Jones, Bill 197 Jones, Brenda 293,364 Jones, Dij 170,311,402 Jones, Douglas 252,264,265 Jones, Duane 261 Jones, James 71 Jones, John Jay 399 Jones, Mark 261,410 Jones, Penekope 301 Jones, Robert E. 97 Jones, Russell C. 97,263 Jones, Thomas G. 97,390 Jonkey, Eric 341 Jordahl, Jacque 177,299 Jordan, Buddy 403 Jordan, Larry 356 Jorf, Mohammed 399 Journey, Jack 348 Joyce, Bob 259 Judd, Les 324 Judd, Richard 352 June, Richard 387,403 June, Robert D. 97 Jutson, Mike 248,335 K Kaddaras, George 328 Kadet, Jeff 322,378 Kadin, Susan 314 Kadish, Barb 388 Kadomoto, Eileen 174 Kahn, Rod 346 Kahrhoff, Charles 348 Kajikawa, Bill 197 Kajikawa, Chris 424 Kalish, Betsy 290,299,409 Kaminsky, Eli 373 Kanaley, Katheryn M. 97 Kane, Jim 187 Kaneko, Kasey 399 Kanton, Paul 403 Kantor, Lynn 354 Kapor, Michele 296,363,370,388 Karpinski, Richard C. 97 Katarski, Mary E. 97 Katto, Randy 387 Katz, Barry 410 Kaufman, Robert 324 Kautto, Randy D. 97 Kayler, Keith 375,410 Kazmi, Iftikhar H. 97 Kearns, Vicki 170,311 Keck, Kathy 314 Keefe, James F. 97 Keeling, Nancy 293 Keenan, Tom 336,421 Keene, Ruth 405 Keesling, Karen 178,179,241,312 Keggan, Robert 379 Kehoe, James C. 97,426 Keith, Marlow 408 Keller, Buzz 261 Kelley, Jimmey D. 97 Kelley, John 341 Kelley, Keith 346 Kelley, Kim 364 Kelley, Sheldon 373,379,389 Kelley, Judy 175 Kellis, Kathleen 303 Kelly, Karen 311 Kelly, Kathleen 97 Kelly, Susan J. 97 Kemp, Paul 186,187 Kemp, Sandy 274 Kemper, Jerry 317,348 Kendall, Thomas 348 Kendricks, Laurie 359 Kennedy, Bill 335 Kennedy, Don 247 Kennedy, Jill 278,381 Kennedy, Mike 197 Kent, Karen 402 Kentera, Larry 186,187 Kentera, Stevan T. 97 Kenyon, Stevie 299 Kerr, Barbara Jean 97,308 Kerr, Judy 308 Kerr, Patricia R. 97,383 Kerwin, Robert 373,379,389 Kescoli, Alonzo 263 Keserauskis, Pat 409 Kestner, Claudia 230 Keyes, Cornelius M. 97,415 Kidwell, Patty 363 Kilfoyle, Greg 341 Killip, Norman 168,324 Killorin, Kitty 377 Kiloh, Sharon 304 Kimball, Richard 335 Kimbrough, Barbara 173 Kimura, Carolyn 178,179,377 Kinckelow, Crystal A . 97,390,399 King, Joan 242 King, M. Eileen 98,269,410 King, George 317,351 King, Roger 342 King, Rosemary 311,394 King, William P. 98 Kinney, Larry G. 98 Kinney , Suzanne 291,306 Kinvig, Jane 299 Kioski, Jane 269 Kipp, Sherry 175,293 Kircher, Patty 280 Kirk, Howard C. Kirkpatrick, Rayma C. 98,298,409 Kirkpatrick, Richard 403 Kirsner, Larry 322 Kirst, Jim 328 Kistler, Carolyn R. 98 Kistler, Mary H. 98 Kitzmiller, Norm 317,356 Klaiman, Steve 328 Klapper, Stephanie 409,410 Klebe, Les 175 Klein, Mark 409,410 Klein, Otis 367 Kleme, Lynn 175,301,326 Jon E. 98 Klim, Robert 403 Klock, Mary 170,301,362 Klock, Elsa K. 98 Klock, Stephen 167,429 Klonoskim, Michael 336 Kloosterman, John 403 Klotz, Jim 386,421 Kluever, Kent 330 Klumb, Paul C. 98,384 Knell, Judy 295 Knight, Carl 403 Knight, Glen 175,317,330 Knight, Karen 269 Knight, Roxanne H. 98 Knight, Tom 344 Knisley, Joseph L. 98 Knodsen, Carl 373 Knox, Robert L. 170 Knox, Steve 328 Knudsen, Carl J. 98,379,389 Knudtson, John 410 Kobasic, Mary L. 98 Koch, Joseph R. 98,344,371 Koch, Vickie 361 Kocher, Karen 386 Koe, Betty 176,311 Koefoot, Bonnie 306 Koelbl, Pam 172 Koeneman, Gene 386 Koerber, Pam 308 Kogan, Stuart 322 Kohn, Terri 314 Koivun, Dave 344 Kolodziej, Leonard 403 Kolts, Frank 326 Komarnyckyj, Nadia 431 Konopnicki, William S. 98 Koob, Dennis R. 98 Koopman, Garold A. 98 Kordoban, Barbara L. 98 Korenthal, Barbara H. 98 Korinek, Susan 173,179,269,381 Korstad, Ralph 379 Kosowsky, Jerry 322 Kossick, Jeff 344 Kostka, Kasia 306 Koyama, Shojiro 396,397 Krainz, Susan M. 98 Kramer, Barbara 172,308,358 Kramer, Dennis 326 Krasowski, Chris John 396 Kravica, Helen 399 Kreiling, Paul 409 Kreindler, Reldykin 379 Kreisher, Kathleen A. 99,304 Krenkel, John 378 Krizek, Robert 351 Kroehler, Becky 364 Krombholz, James A. 99 Kromka, Marianne I. 99 Krone, Glenn A. 99,386 Krouse, Mike 342 Krueger, Georgia 308 Kruggel, Mark A. 99,387 Kruidenier, Doug 348 Krupsha, Charlotte 269 Kryder, Nancy G. 99,438 Kubasak, Mike 348 Kucharski, Dennis P. 99 Kuhara, Elaine 172,280 Kunkel, Dorelyn A. 99 Kuriger, Jacqueline .J. 99 Kurrle, Don 406 Kush, Frank 186,187,191,196 Kush, Steve 197 Kutsop, Walter E. 99 Kuykendall, Karol 175,306 Kyllo, Joanne 293 L La Benz, Charlie 346 Lacey, Michael 341 Lahti, Chester 328 Lake, Larry W. 99,379,388 Lamb, Cathy 172,174 Lamberts, Mary 418 Lamfon, Muhammed 208,209 Lamprecht, Terry 318 Lancaster, Donald 352 Lancey, John 384,387 Land, Dayle 306 Landini, Richard G. 147 Landis, Carol 367 Landy, Denise 295 Lane, Claudia A. 99,241,268,430 Lane, Gregory 260 Lane, Karen 306 Lang, Sue 311 Lange, Mike 200,201,444 Langford, Larry 187 Langley, Willard F. 99 Langman, Scott 348 Lanigan, Terence E. 99 Lantz, Brian 378 La Porta, Pete 344 Larkins, Greg 410 Larsen, Steve 324,362,371 Larsen, Terry 170,324 Larson, Dayton 393 Larson, Francis 373,379,389 Larson, Lynne 280 Lash, Eric 260,399 Lashinsky, Ilene 363,402,409,459 Lassen, Daryl J. 99 Latchman, Edward 322 Laubie, Dave 354 Laurie, Bill 317,346,371 Lauten, Gregory 378 Laux, Frances A. 99 Laverty, Ken 344 Lavetter, Sherry 402 Lavin, Pat 383 Law, Cathy 276 Lawrence, Judy R. 99,269,392 Lawrence, Penny 409 Lawson, John 257 Lay, Ivan 396 Lay, Judith A. 99,312,376 Layton, Cathy 274,275 Leach, Nancy 293 Leahy, Dave 346 Leahy, Paula A. 99,307,376,430 Lear, Dwight 378,409 Leavitt, Steve 329 LeCrone, Scott 248,335 Ledzianowski, Steve 197 Lee, Benjamin 320 Lee, Dennis G. 320 Lee, Donald R. 99 Lee, Helen 99,279,392,408 Lee, Nancy 99,399,408 Lee, Paul 99,392,408 Lee, Pete 175,324 Leese, Bob 329 Lehman, Alvin N. 99,390 Lehmann, Jim 173 Lehto, Mary A. 99,408 Leinheiser, Bill 207 Leithliter, Jim 351 Leon, George A, 99 Leonard, Dave 348 Leonard, Kevin 324 Leppa, Linda 175 Leroy, Michael 379 Lesnett, Ted R. 99,258,367 Lessard, Dennis J. 99 Leverant, Marc 175 Levering, Richard 332 Levine, Bob 322 Levine, Saul 99 Levy, Barton C. 99 Levy, Leon 158 Lew, Peggy 276 Lewis, Bill 385 Lewis, Carol D. 100 Lewis, Carol 410 Lewis, Charlane 299 Lewis, Dave 346 Lewis, Diane 369 Lewis, Donald H. 100 Lewis, Justine L. 100,404 Lewis, Larry T. 100,335 Lewis, P. Charlotte Lewis, Ronald E. 100,373,379,389 Lewis, Sarah 179,303 Lewis, Tony 230 Liekoski, Kari 208 Liem, Hank 329 Liessmann, Fred 258 Liff, Lynda 295 Lifgren, Lynn 178,179,377 Lim, John 408 Lim, Liz 280,380 Limburg, Wally 175,336 Lincoln, John 260 Lindahl, Jack 344 Lindberg, Larry 339 Lindenberg, Eugene 322 Lindley, Carol B. 100 Lindner, Randy 200,201,444 Lindsay, Marsha 293 Lindsey, Allen 373,379,389 Lindsey, Hugh A. 100,379 Lindsley, Warren Lindstrom, Albert N. 100,335,387 Linford, Alan Linsenmeyer, Jeanine 307,381,391 Linton, Gary 336 Lintz, Christopher 267 Linville, Larry 213,215 Liska, Claire M. 100 Listiak, Dean 388 Liston, Steven E. 100 Litherland, Bruce Livingston, David R. 100,379,388 Livingston, John 378 Livingston, Meredith 379 Llewellyn, Bob 406 Locatis, Ronald 396 LoFurno, Ernest 332 Lofgren, Karen 173,313 Lohr, Ron 346 Lommen, Jim 410 Long, Arthur W. 100 Long, Robert 260 Longstreth, Paul 335 Loos, Sandra 360 Lopez, Florentino 252,258 Lorenz, Larry E. 100 Lorton, Greg 245,347 Lott, Patrick 341 Loughridge, Bob 410 Louie, Irene 408 Lousing, Denneth 373 Love, Bob 244,245,329 Lovelock, Larry 324 Lovestedt, Judi 384 Lowe, Obie 187 Lowe, Monica 269 Lowenberg, Linda 295,363 Lowry, Martha 293,394 Lucas, Gene 260 Lucio, Gabe 407 Ludwig, George 348 Luecke, Jim 348 Luenow, Paul 407 Luerssen, Jim 175 Luge, Harry D. 100 Lundberg, Connie 173 Lundberg, Horace W. 149 Lunn, Phillip M. 100 Lutes, Sherry L. 100 Luttmer, Jane 363 Lutz, Claudette 314,383 Lyding, Barbara 171,306,377 Lyding, Kathy 173,179,276,307 Lynch, John 351 Lynch, Kathie 291,303,363 Lynn, Byron 341 Lynskey, Karen 168,310,377 Lyon, Craig 330 Mac MacAllister, Scott 347 MacBan, Barry 248,335 MacDonald, Rand 100 MacDonald, Timothy 393 Mc McAdams, Steve 348 McAlister, Charles M. 103 McAndrew, Richard 356 McArthur, Barbara 410 McCann, Bob 201 McCarthy, Bob 317,348 McCarthy, Edward C. 103 McCartney, Jeffrey 378 McChesney, Sandy 179,278,391 McClain, Harry T. 103 McClain, Sandra C. 103 McCleary, Jenny L. 103 McClellan, Paul 379 McClellan, Sharon 307,363 McClennen, Crane 335 McCleve, Norman R. 103 McClinchy, Patricia A. 103 McCluskey, Toni 300 McCollom, Bob 230 McCommon, Jim 349 McConnell, Bob 169,428 McCormick, James B. 158 McCormick, Daniel F. 103 McCormick, Paul 237,356 McCowan, Regan 197 McCoy, Ron 170,262,288,336 McCulloch, Christopher J. 373,389 McCullough, James 252,260 McCullough, Ken 336 McCurnin, Kay 296 McDonald, Eddie 324 McDonald, Mark 336 McDonald, Rand 387 McDowell, Earl 226,319 McDowell, Marcia 391,409 McElroy, Lynn 289 McElroy, Thomas T. 379,389 McFadden, Linda 314 McFadden, Robert W. 152 McFalls, Heather A. 169,298,433 Mc Fate, Harry 252,352 McGann, Carol 269 McGee, Ron 337,369 McGirr, Randy 317,332 McGovern, Craig 354 McGovern, Maryann 168,404 McGrath, Brian 267 McGrath, G. D. 126 McGrath, Linda 269,377 McGraw, Tim 342 McGrew, Carole 168,179.272,308 McGuidwin, John 342 McGuire, Lowell 341 McHenry, Mike 329 McKee, Thomas N. 103 McKenna, Ann 274 McKittrick, Michael 389 McLaughlin, Jean M. 103 McLaughlin, William 464 McMahon, Ann 291,303,362,402 McMaster, Bonnie 307 McMillan, William P. 379,388,435 McMinn, Glen 218,220 McNary, Dan 329 McNeal, Jan 363 McNeill, Joe 342 McNeill, Paula 313 McNeill, Richard 172,336 McNew, Sharon 307 McNichols, Gary J. 103,387 McNulty, Chuck 357 McNulty, David 378 McPeek, Susan 405 McQuattie, Missy 280,359 M Maarsingh, Dan 342 Mack, Barbara 289,308 Mackey, Jay 201,409 Mackrell, Ann 296 Macurak, Jim 393 Madani, Ayad 399 Madox, Danny 264 Maffeo, Mimi 311 Magana, Tony 342 Mah, Dave 263 Mahmoud, Ibrahim 209,399 Main, Jon P. 100 Maldonado, Anita 314 Malene, Norma 308 Malinchak, Mike 187 Malitz, Bill 410 Malling, Vik 351 Malone, Art . 197 Maltby, Kathy 399 Malutin, Valentine V. 100 Mangnall, Richard K. 100 Mann, William 187,201,232 Manning, Duane 437 Manning, Duane 437 Manriquez, Richard 396 Manross, Marvin 324,382 Manty, Al 352 Mapes, John 349 Mapes, Pam 270,271 Mardian, Susan 175 Marietti, Margaret 299 Marks, Judy 308,358 Marnell, George Marquez, Irene Marr, Jesse L. 100 Marreel, Jerry M. 100 Mars, Bill 342 Marschall, John 383,393 Marsella, Theodore L. 350,371 Marsh, Carolyn 303 Martin, Bob 328 Martin, Butch 344 Martin, Clara 278,279 Martin, Clifford C. 100 Martin, J. Craig 100,330 Martin, Donald 375,410 Martin, Jesse 238 Martin, Jim 257 Martin, Lynn 179 Martin, Nancy 410 Martin, Robert F. 100 Martineau, Janet 280,308 Martinson, Hank 347,371 Martyr, Steve 258 Maruza, Bob 258 Marvelli, Cristina L. 100 Maskulka, Gerald E. 100 Maslow, Bill 252,263,378 Mason, Lee Ann 276,301,363 Massarand, Bill 245,347 Masters, Thomas 396 Mate, George 396 Mathias, Leslie 307 Matkin, Jean C. 100 Matkin, Reuel P. 100,387 Matsch, Diane 390 Mattice, Judith J. 101 Mattson, Ronald 367 Maupin, Kerry 241 Maurin, Sharon 268 Maxey, Linda Maxwell, Bruce E. 101,258,372,432 Maxwell, Charlotte 274 May, Woodie 410 Mayberry, Andy 396,397 Mayer, Richard A. 101,263 Mayland, Avis M. 101 Mayo, Ida 392 Mazei, Jean 280 Mead, Marilyn 172,278 Meade, Sterling 341 Meador, Carol 313,347,402,461 Mecham, Susan 27 Mechling, Terry 335 Medel, Rebecca 172 Meek, Nancy 279 Meer, Rich 171 Mehren, Lawrence 413 Meikle, Jeri 303 Meikle, Rusty 336 Melby, Mary F. 101 Mellay, Helaine 375,410 Melton, Stuart 399 Melton, Tanya 373 Memmott, Jon 349 Mendel, Monique 313 Mendola, Frank 263 Meneley, Connie 304 Menke, Robert 165 Menkin, Richard L. 101 Mentzer, Sharon 272,288,293 Menzies, Bob 336 Meola, Dennis 330 Merrell, Neil 378 Merriam, Dale 385 Merrill, Bruce 373 Merriman, Harold 369 Merritt, Marjorie A. 101 Merritt, Robert L. 101 Messer, Ronald F. 101,258,259 Messersmith, Nan 311,394 Metcalf, Bob 349 Metteauer, Vickie L. 101 Meyer, Cliff 341 Meyer, David 367 Meyer, Donna G. 101 Meyer, Frederick W. 101 Meyer, Judy A. 101,289,295 Meyer, Patricia 301 Meyer, Richard C. 101 Meyers, Steve 341 Meyerson, Bruce 384 Meyhaus, Jan 303 Michael, Herbert 388 Michaels, Trula 174,269 Michel, Emory 331 Michel, James 339 Michels, David 357 Michels, Linda 377,391,409 Mick, Charles E. 101 Mickelson, Marvin 389 Mickelson, Elaine 101 Middleton, Dorothy 314 Middleton, Mike 336 Midey, Connie 280 Midtun, Leroy 384 Mikitka, Mike 369 Miles, John 347 Miller, Alix 301 Miller, Avis I. 101 Miller, Cheryl 393 Miller, Clark 418 Miller, David G. 101 Miller, David 384 Miller, Diane 405 Miller, Dick 335 Miller, Fred 320 Miller, Gail 301 Miller, Gene 259 Miller, Geraldine A. 101 Miller, Gerry 296 Miller, James R. 319 Miller, Jim 351,409,410 Miller, James W. 101 Miller, Joan 304,402 Miller, Joe 406 Miller, John 329 Miller, John 349 Miller, John 403 Miller, John R. 102 Miller, Lynda K. 102,304 Miller, M. 393 Miller, 0. D. 158 Miller, Roger 393 Miller, Seth 197,265 Miller, Stephen 379 Miller, Steve 285 Miller, Susan 311 Miller, Victor J. 170 Milligan, Greg 329 Mills, Christopher 320 Mills, Steve 324 Milton, Jean 173 Minning, Sally 313 Minning, Sara J. 102 Misener, John P. 102 Mitchell, John 102 Mitchell, John 409 Mitchell, Judy 168,170,311 Mitchell, Karen 304,377 Mitchell, Kathy 270 Mitchell, Lili 388 Mitchell, Martha L. 102 Mitchell, Sharon 362 Mitten, Harriett 303 Moan, B. 379,385 Moe, Keith 378 Moeller, Theodore 379 Molenich, Shirley 170 Monaco, Mary Lou 396 Monn, Linda 269 Monsees, Nancy K. 102,293,409 Montalto, Thomas C. 102,393 Montgomery, Larry F. 102 Montierth, Evelyn 409 Monty, Rick 382 Moody, David 403 Moody, John 260 Moody, Larry 396 Moomaw, James 260 Moore, Cheryl 307 Moore, Greg 263 Moore, John 168,349,387 Moore, Kathy 307 Moore, Patricia A. 102 Moore, Phillip 373,379,389 Moore, Ronald 341 Moore,Susie 313 Moore, Vicki 279 Moorhead, Joseph S. 102 Moorman, Gary 317,325,382 Moorman, Judith P. 102 Mora, Ernest 102 Mord, Bruce L. 102 Morea, Nicholas 375,410 Moreau, Ellen 172,279 Morford, Ron 349 Morgan, Cindy 296 Morgan, Don 329 Morgan, Suzanne 409 Morley, Mike 232,233 Morris, Dick 331 Morris, Jim 410 Morris, Nancy 172 Morris, Robert 396 Morris, Rod 342 Morrison, Lynne 303,394 Morriston, Donald R. 384,387 Morse, Nancy 280 Morrow, David 335 Morrow, Thomas J. 102 Mortensen, Dennis 331 Mortimer, Pete 317,338 Moser, Richard 379 Mosley, Bill 319,410 Moss, Cheryl 177,311 Moss, Cory 344 Moss, Joy 298 Motschman, Leslie 240,314 Motz, Linda 305,402 Mousser, Dean 463 Mowbray, Scott 349 Mowinski, Bonnie 293 Moynihan, Antonie M. 102 Moynihan, Jeff 344 Mudgett, Randy 347 Muecke, Linda L. 102 Mueller, Scott 335 Mugridge, Cheryl 168,404 Mulis, John H. 102,390 Mullen, Dana 261 Mullen, Ted 168,336 Mullenaux, Marla I. 102 Mulligan, Roseann 103 Mullins, Dick Mumford, John B. 103,347,372,431 Munoz, Ray 410 Munro, Jerrye 360,395 Munsey, Robert L. 103 Munzer, Jeanne 386,390 Murchison, Tracy 260 Murphy, Dan 317,354,416 Murphy, Dennis 379 Murray, Brooke 301 Murray, Donna 26,409 Murray, Doug 329 Murray, Linda 409,410 Murrell, Carl A. 103 Murtaugh, Toni 303,360 Muzik, Lucille A. 103,383,418 Muzzy, Linda D. 103 Myers, Sammye R. Mylkestad, Ingrid 103,172,303,427 Mylius, Frederick G. 103 Mysliwiec, Ron 336 N Naar, Dawn 303 Naegele, Edward J. 103 Nakamura, Marashi 396 Namor, Rosemary 402 Napper, John 385 Nash, Joyce A. 103,364 Nash, Ken M. 103 Nasif, Ralph 335 Nasser, Tommi 208 Neal, Randy 403 Nebel, David 409 Neckameyer, William R. 104 Nedd, Pam 278 Needleman, David S. 104 Neely, James 325 Neeley, James 170 Neeley, Roxanne 280,402,450,453 Neff, Toni 409 Negri, Jay F. 104 Nelli, Lee 357.383,393 Nelly, Henry M. 104 Nelson, Bill 337 Nelson, Brenda .J. 104 Nelson, Del 393 Nelson, Dennis 326 Nelson, Fred 245,347 Nelson, Pete 177,337 Nelson, Rocky 326 Nepsky, Renee 374 Nesmith, James A. 104,344 Neville, Bob 326 Newcum, Mike 349 Newell, Sara 280 Newell, Wendell R. 104 Newhouse, Jerry 403 Newlin, Fred 329 Newson, John P. 104 Newton, Linda 293,364 Newton, Sherry M. 104 Nichols, Bertha 175 Nichols, Catherine 162 Nichols, Carol S. 104 Nichols, Jim 175,337 Nichols, Mike 347 Nichols, Rolland D. 104 Nichols, Tom 331 Nicholson, Howard 341 Nicodem, Juanit a R. 104 Nielsen, William D. 104 Niggeman, Elaine 293 Nischan, Pam 174 Nixon, Vera 374 Nocifera, Sam 357 Nodiff, Marvin J. 104 Noll, Carol 296 Noller, Debra L. 104 Noonan, Philip 352 Nordick, Edna 361 Nordstrom, Nicki L. 104,435 Norkaitis, Diane 269,403,409 Norkaitis, Dorothy 269 Norman, Janet 276,307 Norman, Georgia S. 104 Norman, Susan 307,362 Normand, James R. 104 Norris, Kay 293 Northern, Nelda 301 Northington, Ford 259 Northrup, Dwayne 410 Norton, Doug 344 Norwine, George 262 Novak, R. R. 389 Nunez, Sue Ellen 362 Nunn, Terry 375,410 Nurnberg, Doug 371,372,448 Nuttall, Alvin 410 Nystrom, Kris 302 0 Oakes, Isiah 259 Oakley, Chet 375 Oberle, Billie K. 104 O ' Brien, Debbie 299 O ' Brien, John 331 O ' Brien, Michael 248,335 O ' Brien, Rosemary 363 O ' Brock, Kit 339 Ochs, Daniel R. 104 O ' Clair, Mike 245 O ' Connor, Daniel A. 104,387,393 O ' Connor, Michael 403 O ' Daniel, Larry 399 O ' Daugherty, Mike 399 O ' Dell, Jack 336 Odom, Doreen 179,279,394 Odem, Paul 264 O ' Donnell, Eileen 240 O ' Grady, Jim 336 O ' Hara, Jim 329 O ' Higgins, Kirk P. 104 Ohl, Judy 293,394 Ohlfest, John A. 104,372 Okada, Ranceford 266 O ' Keefe, Katie 311,360,381 O ' Keefe, Mike 351 Okorie, Alphonsus U. 104,372 Okuma, Jane 172 Oldenburg, Allan 104 Oliver, Jim 393 Oliverio, Steve 342 Olmos, John 197 Olmsted, Bunny 313,394,446,451 Olsen, Nancy 313 Olson, Genanne 301 Olson, Leon G. 104,396 Olson, Leslie 410 Olson, Linda 402 Olson, Sandi 299,402 Olvey, William 263 O ' Malley, Jim 261,351 O ' Neil, Gary 355 O ' Neil, W. Patrick 170,252,426 O ' Neill, Peggy 276 Ong, Benton 408 Ong, Jo Ann 408 Ong, Pam 408 Ong, Time 408 Onz, Pam 408 Orcutt, Michael W. 104,349 Orr, Larry 332 Orr, Robert W. 104,357 Orso, Allen 175,351 Osborne, Chuck 187 Oshatz, Robert 320 Ostland, Shawn 342 Ostrander, Bob 173 Outcalt, Connie 169,172 Overbagh, John 347 Overman, Dan 347 Overman, Priscilla A. 384,429 Owen, Carolyn 172,299 Owen, Sharon 409 Owens, Gary 318 Owens, Kathy 279 Owens, Mike 337 Owens, Sharyn 296 Ownby, Carol 370 Owsley, John 245,347 Oxentenko, Ellen 175,311 P Paananen, Linda 391,409,410 Packard, Guthrie 342,462 Packard, Peter 342 Padilla, Tine 342 Paddock, Frank 263 Paddock, Ron 344 Page, Charles 341 Page, Curtis 168 Page, Dave 175,177,341 Paige, John 232 Painter, Vivian 314 Pale, Susan 179 Palintan, Alfred 367 Palmer, Bob 232 Palmer, Ed 201,345 Palmer, LaVonne 361 Palmer, Marguerite 293,381,402 Palmer, William 378 Palomino, Ernest G. 104 Palumbo, Paul 187,325 Panchak, John 260 Panis, Reggie 347 Pannulo, Ede Papandrew, Thomas P. 104,168,320 Parcks, Carol 293,381 Park, Ralph 258 Parker, Ken 258,259 Parker, Lani 169,381 Parker, Thomas B. 105 Parkinson, Edward L. 105,385 Parks, Nancy 293 Parks, Samuel D. 105 Parr, Chris 296 Parrish, Gene 218,220 Parrish, Lois K. 105 Parsons, Joe 307,340,371,449 Paskalis, Thomas 341 Paslay, Charles E. 105 Pasley, Doyle 342 Pate, Linda 279 Patmon, Anne 360 Patrick, Charles H. 105 Patrick, Charlotte L. 105 Patrick, Judy A. 105 Patten, Gary L. 168 Patton, Nelda J. 105,390 Patton, Patsy B. 105 Paulson, Jeff 317,332 Patton, Rick 197 Patton, Roger D. 168 Pawlikowski, Ted 343 Payne, Alan R. 105 Payne, Dave 267 Payne, Tom 351 Peacock, Wendell 378 Peak, Joe 345 Pearl, Sheila 242,295 Pearson, Annie 305 Pearson, Joel 222,225 Peck, Ted 322 Pederson, Dick 336 Pedrick, Willard 150,159 Peek, George 373 Peek, Jerry L. 105,387 Pegues, David S. 105,258 Peifer, Carol 308,407 Peltran, Gloria 276 Pelzer, Nancy L. 105 Pendergrass, Carol 407 Pendergrass, Dave 187,259 Penfold, Wilda 269 Pennell, Alfred 385 Pennington, Doug 325 Pennington, James N. 105 Pennington, Linda 278 Pentland, Jeff 215 Peppler, Dan 187 Percival, Barbara 301 Perez, Diego 197 Perkins, William B. 105,336 Perkins, John 259 Perkins, Tom 335 Pernice, Robert 375,410 Perri, Richard L. 105,393 Perrigo, Gary 410 Perril, Stan 384 Perry, Lela D. 105 Perry, Marian 458 Perry, Sally 303,311 Perry, Walter 230,318 Person, Ted 317,326 Person, Tom 331 Persson, Randy 262 Peters, Michael A. 105,259 Petersen, Martin 373 Peterson, Bruce 261 Peterson, Connie 301,394 Peterson, Karen 270,271 Peterson, Kent 345 Peterson, Kristen 303,361 Peterson, Lester G. 105 Peterson, Marty 331 Peterson, Rick 335 Petkovsek, Karen L. 105 Petrie, Steven L. 105 Petter, Rick 367 Petty, Dale 279 Petz, John 349 Peyou, Margaret 279 Phelps, Bill 263,384 Phelps, Dennis 373,379,389 Phelps, Robert W. 105 Philip, Jim 403 Phillips, Patty 307 Phillips, Peggy 172,175,394 Phillips, Sue 71 Philpott, George 317,338 Pickering, Kent 331 Pierce, Betsy 276 Pierce, Sharlan K. 105,384 Pierson, Charles 374 Pike, Harl 106 Pilster, Fred 325 Pilster, Shirley 394 Piluga, Dan 197 Pink, Elaine 383 Pinkley, Joyce 409 Pitsch, Joan L. 106 Pittman, Pete 317,345 Pitts, John 35,82,187,191 Pletsch, Susy 362 Plihal, Galen 288,318 Ploog, Dick 357 Plotkin, Albert L. 413 Plowman, Jan 168,404 Plummer, Wes 187 Plunkett, Frank 410 Plunkett, K. K. 354 Pohlmann, George 335 Polacheck, Mike 247,341 Polechla, Venita D. 370,407 Polich, John 378 Polk, Harry 260 Pollack, Penny 279 Pollard, Don 347 Pomeroy, Frankie 299 Ponce, Juanita 407 Pond, Mike 347 Ponseti, William E. 106,357 Pool, Pam 291,307,380 Poor, Trixie Poorman, Charlotte A. 106,171,383 Popovec, Mike 337 Porak, Steve 393 Porter, Joe 232 Porter, Judy 311,402 Pospisil, E. Leslie 168 Pospisil, Jerilyn 106 Possanza, Dick 197 Potter, Craig 343 Potter, Richard F. 106 Poulsen, Nancy A. 106,176,311 Powell, Dixie L. 106,383 Powell, Jan P. 106,345 Powell, Jennifer 176,311,360 Powell, Paul Ray 197 Powell, Shirley 409 Powers, Donny 351 Powers, Gerald R. 106,347 Powers, Russell 340 Powers, Tameysin D. 106,307 Preuss, Art 343 Price, Dotty 409 Price, Jerry 325 Price, John 222,224 Price, Patricia M. 106 Price, Sandy 308,359 Price, Susan 303 Pride, Clyde 197,261 Prince, Bart B. 321 Pritchard, Ron 187 Pritsker, Alan B. 385,436 Probst, Paul 337 Proietti, Judi 280 Proud, Linda L. 106 Pruim, Mark 325 Psolka, Richard 332 Pucci, Karen 308 Puckett, James E. 106,383,393 Pulliam, Terry 258 Putnam, Jill 313,361 Putnam, Jo 289 Puzas, David 260 Puzio, Jake 331 Pyle, Ernie 259 Pyles, Jim 351 Q Quam, James R. 106 Quam, Susie 408 R Rackley, Terry 304 Radcliffe, Cynthia 269,377 Rafsky, David 403 Ragan, Kathy 293 Ralls, Helen C. 106 Ramanauskas, Grace J. 106 Rambo, Dick 152 Rambo, Steve 332 Ramirez, Armondo 410 Ramirez, John 345 Ramirez, Maretta F. 106 Ramirez, Salomon 407 Ranby, Jack 237 Randolph, Patty 173,313 Ranes, Charles 396 Rang, Jim 237 Ranks, Walter 387 Rannells, Jessie 390 Ranney, George M. 106,357 Rash, Ronald 379 Rastia, Chip 329 Rath, Sue 279,391,409 Rathkey, Richard 409,410 Ratliff, Carol 404 Rauscher, John W. 107,379 Ravenscroft, Judy 168,428 Rawlings, Leslie 409,410 Rawlins, Jeff 345 Rawlins, Steve 263 Ray, Daryl 187,189 Ray, Margaret V. 107 Ray, Vickie 391 Raymond, Henry T. 107 Reardon, Sharon 399 Rebeske, John 259 Reddicks, Amber 170,173,301 Redding, Bari 303 Redding, Julie 305 Redman, Michael 378 Reeb, Rennie 410 Reed, Chris 363 Reed, Douglas 257 Reed, Howard C. 107 Reed, Karen 107 Reed, Robert M. 107 Reed, Thomas F. 107 Reel, Dick 329 Rees, Wally 351 Reese, Donald G. 107 Reese, Lynne 313,358 Reeve, Edgar 340 Reeves, Dave 343 Reeves, Edgar 244 Reeves, Robert E. 107 Reeves, Susan 280 Rehfield, John 325 Reid, Scott 211,213 Reid, Tom 357 Reidhead, Merle 297 Reilly, Ginnie Ann 107,404 Reimer, Jack 349 Reiserer, Kris 305,361,402 Reish, Fred 424 Reisig, Roland 331 Reith, Sue 171 Reker, Peter 339 Relfe, Dorothy 301 Relth, Jeff 387 Remmer, Karen 305 Renfro, Roger 327 Renner, David S. 107 Reque, Jon 260 Retter, Laurie B. 107,269,383 Revak, Joseph 379 Revello, Phyllis 280 Reynolds, Barbara 278 Rezak, Thomas 318 Rhoads, Ann C. 107 Rhodeos, Kathy 293 Rhodes, John 343 Rhod es, Loda 375,391,410 Rhodes, Orpha 391,409,410 Rice, John D. 107 Rice, Mike 403 Rice, Susan J. 107 Rice, Wayne 213 Rich, Dick 341 Richard, Bob 410 Richards, Dan 261 Richardson, Bob 386 Richardson, Bonnie 280 Richardson, Carol 309 Richardson, Cherryl 386 Richardson, Dallas 341 Richardson, Judy 269 Richardson, Robert E. 107 Richey, Richard 329 Richman, Myron R. 107 Richter, Aleda M. 107 Rickel, Richard 345 Ricketts, Philip 390 Rickey, Joan 291,311 Rickman, John 260,382,387 Riddle, Steve 335 Riedenauer, Robert 379 Riedesel, Jacqueline R. 107 Riggin, Judy 292,376 Riggins, Bryan E. 107 Riggs, Barbara 297 Riley, Terril R. 107 Rimsek, George 410 Rinck, Elaine S. 107,308,370 Ringler, Stephen M. 107,172 Rippl, Diane 375,410 Rippstein, Wanda 309,410 Risher, Jim 354 Risley, Tom 208,209 Rispoli, Frank 184 Ritter, Larry 396 Rizley, Jolinda A. 107 Robb, Lynn 297 Robbins, Betty L. 107 Robbins, Suzanne 170,364 Roberson, Martha M. 107,409 Roberts, Debbie 364 Roberts, Ken C. 107 Roberts, Lauren 409 Roberts, Millie 240,276,408 Robertson, Bill 263 Robertson, Dan 329 Robertson, James L. 107,263 Robichaud, Yvette 303,363 Robinson, Ann C. 107 Robinson, Clyde 172 Robinson, Janis 280 Robinson, Margaret A. 269,434 Robinson, Sally 299 Robison, Kristin 313,358 Robison, Janine 311 Robison, Ray 187 Robison, Ted 245,3 47 Rocke, Paul 335 Rodak, Joan 269 Rodgers, Donna 167 Rodsky, Norma 295 Roeder, Kathy A. 108 Roehl, Susan 175,313 Roelofson, Janis 313 Roesler, Cindy 299,394 Roff, Molly 173,297 Rofing, Larry 406 Rogers, Carol 409 Rogers, Dan 341 Rogers, Dwane L. 108 Rogers, Eugene E. 108 Rogers, James D. 108 Rogers, John 410 Rogers, Pat 280 Rogers, William 383,393 Rojas, Inez 370,407 Rokita, Bob 74,187,192,196 Rold, Jeff 325 Rold, Steve 324 Rollins, Ralph 345 Roloff, Diane J. 108 Romley, Bill 347 Roorda, Wayne 384 Rorbach, Clark 413 Rorvig, Sherman M. 108 Rose, Ellen 303 Rose, Harry 403 Rose, Janice E. 108 Rose, Steph 409 Roseland, Kim 274 Rosevear, Jill L. 108 Rosner, Melanie 409 Ross, Brenda 391,409 Ross, Donald E. 108 Ross, Mike 329 Ross, Pam 381,404 Rosscup, Joyce M. 108,279 Rossetti, Dorothy V. 108,305 Rote, Virginia E. 108 Rothery, Barbara 367,404 Rothwell, Diane 293,363 Roulier, Richard 383,418 Rourke, Michael 351 Rovan, George 318 Rover, Craig 410 Rover, David 332 Rovey, Gerald 317,318 Rovnan, John 318 Rowe, Pete 335 Rowland, Colin 409 Royall, Dennis 409 Rozefsky, Nancy 173,294 Rubinstein, Lewis 323 Rucker, Sandy 241 Rudolph, Gilbert L. 108 Rudolph, Gil 322 Ruffner, John 345 Rufh, Darlene 399 Rughani, Anand S. 382,388 Ruiz, Edward 260 Ruiz, Ron 263 Rumery, Terry 279 Runge, Matt 232 Runkle, Tom 245,347 Rupp, Douglas A. 108 Rusinek, Nancy 280 Russell, Kathy 240,313 Russell, Susan 307,394 Russnak, Corky 303 Russo, Pete 218 Rustenburg, Conrad 379 Rutherford, Bob C. 108 Rutherford, Terry L. 108 Ryan, Cal 201 Ryan, Rosy 181 Ryan, Steve 232,233 S Sabeck, Pam 313 Sabey, Tom 258 Sack, Abby B. 370,376,427 Safford, Betsey 169,299 Sage, Bill 174 Sagun, Katherine 279 Saienni, Ron 357 Salant, Madelon 295 Salmon, Laura A. 108 Salt, Allan 409 Salvato, Bob 343 Salzman, Harry 323 Salzman, Pixie 291,314 Samuels, Carl 26 Sanchez, Barb 280 Sanders, Lee A. 321 Sanders, Paula E. 108,279 Sanders, Phillip 379 Sanders, Sandra 386 Sanders, Vicki 307 Sanderson, Janey B. 108 Sanderson, John 260,382 Sanderson, Stephen C. 108 Sandlin, Bernadean 108 Sandoval, Joanna V. 108 Sandoz, Marsha 375,410 Sankey, Charles D. 108,387,403 Sant, Tom 264 Santa Cruz, Jim E. 108 Sasser, James A. 108 Sasser, Kathleen D. 108,299 Satter, Karin L. 108 Saunders, Mike 331 Saunders, Stephanie 295,402 Sauter, John 345 Sawyer, Sharon J. 108 Saylor, Charlene K. 108,176,362 Saylor, Rich 259 Scafe, Lincoln 357 Scalise, James W. 109 Schabacker, Joseph C. 161 Schaber, Janice M. 109 Schaefer, Robert L. 109,170 Schnaid, Nancy 408 Scheiding, Roberta 410 Scheitlin,Robert 109 Schellenberg, Arthur B. 158 Scherr, Sari 408 Scheu, Herb 349 Scheuffler, Pam 410 Scheuneman, Linda 381 Schiefelbein, Les 170,248,335 Schilling, Charlotte A. 109,376, 383,418,434 Schindler, Greg 50,170,172 175,267 Schlapp, Hank 325 Schlick, Daryl 260 Schlosser, Alan 325 Schmeizer, Charlotte 409 Schmidt, Mary Ann 361 Schmit, Kathy 307 Schmitt, Susan 299 Schmitz, Tony 320 Schnad, Ken 349 Schneider, Ruth L. Schneider, Sandra S. 109,179,269, 418,426 Schoen, Jill 278 Schoeneman, Russell C. 109 Schoff, Allyne M. 109 Schreiber, Karen 311 Schreur, Gerhard 207 Schroeder, Tom 346,464 Schuback, Gertrude 370 Schuldt, Janine 299 Schulz, David 351 Schuman, Larry 384 Schurig, Jennifer L. 109 Schwanke, Janet M. 109,293 Schwark, Ken 173 Schwartz, Gayle E. 109 Schwartz, Mick 331 Schwartz, Richard 252,266 Schweiger, Teresa 173,293 Schwitzer, Kathy 307 Scordato, Dorothy B. 109 Scott, Anola V. 109 Scott, Carolyn 364 Scott, Gary 352,464 Scott, Gerald 331 Scott, Louis 299,319 Scott, Mary Jane 307,361,402 Scott, Robert 385 Scott, W. W. 187 Scoular, Cecelia 164 Scorville, Carol 309 Scranton, Linda 311 Scribner, Bud 168,354,382 Scrivano, Rosemeri 375,410 Seal, Ed 258 Seale, Dawna 369 Seaman, James H. 109,323 Seaman, John 345 Searle, Susan 279 Seeds, Chelly 170,313,377,381 Seegraves, Linda 369 Seek, Brian 339 Seely, Bonnie 268 Seferovich, Pat 218 Seidell, Sarah 297 Seidner, Karen 311 Seigel, Judi 295 Seilbach, Jeff 329 Sekulich, Susan 313,402 Selaya, Hernan 109 Seligman, Iris 173,294,392 Sellers, Claudia 311 Senter, Chris 208 Senter, John 267 Serafine, Karen 360 Serignese, Herman 71,187,196 Seskas, Albinas 321 Setterbee, Helen 460 Severance, Judy 238,440 Sewall, Jock 337 Sexton, Carol 313 Seyffer, Richard 325,382 Shaffer, Cherrie 305 Shaffer, Terry R. 109,390 Shahan, Ellen 170,175,310,362 Shahan, Gary 350 Shahbaz, Mina 404 Shahin, Saliba 399 Shannon, Frances M. 109,392 Shannon, Lorraine L. 109 Shannon, William L. 109 Shantz, Thomas M. 110,172 Sharber, Norman G. 158 Sharkey, George K. 110,379,388 Shasky, Jim 343 Shaw, Beverley P. 110 Shaw, Pam 303 Shaw, Pat 359 Shaw, Rick 187,189,195 Shaw, Valerie 408 Shawnee, Gilbert 110 Shay, Mike H. 110,406 Sheer, Leslie J. 110 Sheinbein, Dena B. 110 Shelburne, Bryan 375 Shelburne, Lyn 410 Shelby, Wanda F. 110 Sheldon, William 345 Shelly, Larry E. 110 Shelton, Archer 432 Shephard, Barry 227 Sheppard, Linda 418 Sherbondy, Don O. 320 Sherman, Dwight A. 110 Sherrill, Phillip 373 Sherrow, Gary 383,393 Shetley, Sue 269 Shimer, Russ 263,320 Shiner, Susan 238 Shinnick, Richard 349 Shipp, Stephen N. 110 Shirey, Raymond G. 110,187,442 Shirk, Jeanne 170 Shores, Ron 341 Short, Glenn 327 Short, Mike 336 Shott, Richard 341 Shower, Cecily 241 Shuler, Ric 396 Shumway, Boyd R. 110 Sica, Rich 347 Siders, Corliss 409 Sides, Jon 396 Siegfried, Tuck 317,350 Sieker, Dan 409,410 Sigvaldson, Elizabeth A. 110,302 Sigvaldson, Bill 343 Silliman, Richard C. 110,244,341 Silva, David B. 110 Silva, Jess 387 Silva, Sue 311 Silverman, Tom 328 Simmons, Elliot 354 Simmons, Margaret L. 110 Simmons, Mike 351 Simmons, Rick 325 Simmons, Steve 197,341 Simons, Philip 373,389 Simons, Susan 373,379,389,405 Simpson, Brian J. 110 Simpson, Diane 269 Simpson, Shirley 391,420 Sims, Charles L. 110 Sims, Joe 410 Sims, Shannon 172,303 Sinclair, Mills 230 Sing, Paul 408 Sinoff, Lois E. 110 Sinovic, Dave 347,390 Sipes, Keith 341 Sisk, Pamela K. 419,429,480 Skaggs, Drew 325 Skaggs, Penelope L. 111 Skevington, Sue E. 111 Skillings, Leslie E. 111 Skirving, Claudia 305 Skirving, Greg 335 Skramstad, Phil 354 Sladish, Linda 311 Slater, Robert V. 111 Slattery, Carolee S. 111 Slaughter, Sally 293 Slavik, Gerald M. 111,390 Slavin, Susan A. 111,374 Sleeper, Jim 325 Sleshinger , Jeff 245 Sliver, Gay 297 Sliver, Lolly 297 Smalley, Arthur 351 Smallwood, Tom 357 Smart, John 409,410 Smisek, Charles 329 Smith, Allen 393 Smith, Arthur A. 111,327 Smith, Bette 303 Smith, Betty 19 Smith, Bonnetta M. 111 Smith, Candy 311 Smith, Clyde 184 Smith, Dean 165 Smith, Debi 297 Smith, Diana 171 Smith, Donald 331 Smith, Donna J. 111 Smith, Ed 332 Smith, Frank 410 Smith. Gene A. 111 Smith, Gil 336 Smith, Hart 349 Smith, James T. 111 Smith, Les 347 Smith, Lucki 313 Smith, Lynn 177,314 Smith, Nadine 269,391 Smith, Pat 409 Smith, Phil 260 Smith, Pierce 399 Smith, Robert 385 Smith, Shirley J. 111 Smith, Stef 357 Smith, Steve 260 Smith, Stewart 341 Smith, Sue 170,307 Smith, William 403 Smitheran, Jack 344 Smolen, Sandra 173 Smolensky, Barry 341 Sneathen, Jack 329 Snedicor, Nancy 410 Snyder, Charlotte F. 111 Snyder, Don 335 Snyder, Lois I. 111 Soderstrom, Jan 377,390 Sodomek, Sue 269 Solheim, Bob 351 Sollenberger, Barry 325 Sollenberger, Jim 232,325 Solomon, Chris 341 Sommers, Robert L. 321 Sooy, Dick 325 Sopiak, Donald R. 111 Sorenson, Carol 241,276 Soranson, Randolph E. 413 Soto, Irene 280 Soto, Joe 406 Soto, Nita 280 Soule, Donald 379 Sountag, Volker 208,209 Souvall, Patty 299 Spain, Bill 367 Spann, Nick Spear, Jeff Spector, Jerome B. 111,384,387 Spellman, Glen 410 Spence, Bruce M. 111 Spence, Kim 175,334 Speros, Estelle 301 Spicer, Penny 314 Spieler, Marsha J. 111 Spieth, Patty 381 Spigner, Larry 263 Spina, Alan 263 Spitler, Ron 357 Spitler, Vicki 305,363 Spolinn, Jacque M. 111 Spoon, Karen 299,402 Spoon, Sharon 299,361 Spooner, Sue 179,269 Sprague, Linda R. 111,269,376 Sprague, Shirley 279,360,457 Spring, Joseph 165 Spurling, Beverly J. 111 South, Bill 197 Stadem, Jane 311 Stafford, Lynda A. 111 Staggs, Clyde 347 Stake, Peter V. 111 Standish, Miles 349 Stanley, Edith 297 Stanley, Ellen J. 111 Stanley, Tom 349 Stansell, Wendy 405 Stanton, Dennis F. 111,232 Stanton, Joy 409 Stapleton, Elizabeth J. 111 Starek, Richard 325 Starner, Darlene A. 112 Starner, Phyllis 405 Starr, Tom 335 Statia, Barry 332 Steele, Jeannie 297 Steele, Jeri Ann 297 Steele, Robert 332 Stehr, Susan 390 Steimel, James A. 112 Steinberg, Bob 389 Steinborn, Carla 269 Steiner, Bill 244,341 Stemp, Sue E. 112 Stephan, Larry D. 112,399 Stephans, Al 184 Stephens, Larry E. 112 Sterling, Ann 175 Sterling, Janice 301 Sterling, Stanley 375,410 Stern, Bill 337 Sterr, Steve 197 Steuck, Charles 378 Stevenson, Doris J. 409,432 Stevenson, Gayle 307 Stevenson, James 373 Stevenson, Ruth 242 Stewart, Jerome W. 112 Stewart, William A. 112,347 Stickler, Sally 172,279 Stiefel, Rick 335 Stuffler, Robert D. 112 Stock, Sandy 179,240,313,377,408 Stoetzel, Ralph 335 Stokowdki, Sandi 279 Stoler, Sandra J. 112 Stone, Jim 351 Storey, Kathy 270,271 Stormont, Duane 175 Stott, Jim 349 Stout, James 339 Stovall, Jack 186,187 Stovall, Richard 222 Stover, Dan 329 Strand, Susan 291,297,454 Strava, Robert 409 Streech, Catherine 301 Street, Joe C. 112,169 Street, Linda D. 112 Strickler, Anita 299 Striegel, Jim 418 Strongin, Jeff 345 Stroup, Mike 259,384 Strupp, Peter A. 112 Stuart, Douglas 385 Stubbs, Sue 238 Stull, John A. 112 Stump, Greg 27,172 Stump, Richard A. 112 Suarez, Cathy 311 Sudderth, Ted 325 Sugarman, Dale 384 Suggs, Steve 347 Sullivan, Charles W. 112 Sullivan, Milton J. 112 Sullivan, Neil 357 Sumida, Ronald 262 Summerville, Carson 385 Sundwall, H. W. 374 Supik, Donald F. 112 Sur, JoAnn 280 Sutherland, Margie 297 Sutter, Gwen 311,358,377 Sutter, Kathy 280 Sutton, Dennis 325 Sutton, Sharolyn 367 Swank, Sally 303,394 Swanlund, Lynn 238 Swanson, Carl T. 112 Swanso n, William D. 112 Sweazea, Jerry 387 Sweeny, Jim 230 Swerdlow, Skip 323,382,387 Swiger, Becky 404 Swindle, Larry C. 112,390 Swisher, Kay 299 Switzer, Rick 343 Swystum, Harry 341 Szegedi, Pat 269 T Tabor, Ernie 329 Taft, David A. 112 Tager, Robert C. 112 Tait, John 373 Taliaferro, Bob 238 Talt, Rick 232,347 Tamburo, Dick 186,187 Tambara, Doug 345 Tang, Alan 408 Tang, Edward F. 112 Tang, Gary 408 Tang, Ron 408 Tang, Tom 408 Tanita, Tom 396 Tanner, Lyle J. 112,384 Tanner, Ray 317,328 Tanzola, Patricia 291,301 Tarr, Barbara M. 112 Tarter, Marvin N. 112 Tarver, Mike 334 Tatasciore, Ron 320 Tate, Dean 337 Tate, Eldray 311 Tate, Jay T. 112,390 Tausz, James 388 Taylor, Bill 351 Taylor, Bob 351 Taylor, Bruce 349 Taylor, Chuck 339 Taylor, Gena 288,293,394 Taylor, Howard E. 112 Taylor, James 170,175,331 Taylor, Janis 170,299,361,388,419 Taylor, Kay 170,293 Taylor, Peggy 305 Taylor, Thadeus 347 Tearnan, Mark 351 Teeman, Georgann 295 Tefft, Rose 112 Tenhagen, Jeanne 299,402 Tenney, Calvin J. 112 Terry, Jack M. 112 Tessitore, Bev 113,176,299 Thatford, Sharon A. 113 Theel, Ritchie H. 113 Thiele, Bob 347 Thielke, Jim 341 Theilkas, Lynn 313,358 Thies, Steve 332 Thoene, Mike 341 Thomas, Alfred 164 Thomas, Arlene F. 113 Thomas, Don 168 Thomas, Donna 279 Thomas, Duffy 357 Thomas, Jim 197 Thomas, Jim 341,409 Thomas, Kenneth G. 113 Thomas, Lanny R. 113 Thomas, Mark 230,263,318 Thomas, Nancy L. 113,384 Thomas, Pat 309 Thomas, Ronald L. 379,389 Thomas, Sharon 170,270 Thomas, Theresa A. 113 Thomas, Trudy 164 Thompson, Arthur D. 113 Thompson, Charles W. 113 Thompson, Dick 218 Thompson, Gerald 379,385 Thompson, Lauren 113,293 Thompson, Lee 131 Thompson, Mary 168,290,309 Thompson, Paul A. 113,326 Thompson, Ross 337 Thompson, Sue 241,305,381 Thor 336 Tiano, Mike 349 Tibshraeny, Mary 299 Till, Kathi 307 Tillis, James 347 Tillman, Scott 409 Tilton, Norman D. 113,379 Timarac, Steve 345,442,447 Timmerman, Mary Anne 113 Timmons, Gail G. 113 Tindel, Sherry 402 Tinder, Elaine S. 113 Tinkelman, Mike 323 Tirella, Tom 327 Titgen, Ronald L. 113 Titmus, Johnna 274 Tizard, Sarah H. 113 Tobin, Arthur 318 Todd, Rod 349 Todd, Tom 258 Todorov, Joao 208,209 Toeniskoetter, Ellen 313 Tognoli, Stephen J. 113 Toland, Chris 347 Toledo, Fermin 396 Toll, Cathy 279 Toma, Steve C. 113 Tomarelli, Nello 194,195 Tomich, Joan C. 113 Tomlinson, Judith A. 113,278 Tompkins, Carol 301 Toothaker, Richard C. 113 Torgerson, David 341 Touhey, Patty 170,175,313 Towne, Thomas 375,410 Townshend, Phillippa 328 Tracy, Richard 288,356,372 Trahan, Dorian 381 Tram, Joe 197 Trapnell, Paul 341 Traver, Sue 280 Traynor, Pat 331,382 Treece, Dennis 354 Truett, Beverly 354 Treuhaft, Jack 252,264 Trevor, Ev 142,329 Tribble, Donna 269 Triplett, Charlotte A. 114 Trotter, Jacque 230 True, Jim 341 Trump, Julie 297 Trump, Penny 305,363 Truter, Arthur 320 Tubbs, Mike 345 Tucker, Gary 329 Tucker, Jean 373 Tully, Steve 331 Turley, Christine 114,390 Turley, Ron 384 Turman, Vestula T. 114 Turnage, Don 396 Turner, Sylvia 410 Tutt, Marion 201 Tuvell, Jim 393 Tway, John 327 Tweed, Karen K. 114,307 Tyler, Alice 367 U Ulmer, Debbie 270 Underwood, John 438 Uphaus, Charles 410 Urbano, Pauline 311,360,409 Urbina, Maria E. 114,407 Utter, Patricia 386 V Vaccaro, Mary 363 Vahloe, Bob 336 Valencia, Henry 410 Valencich, Roger 337 Valentine, Patricia A. 114 Valikai, Kenneth 171,252 Valleskey, Nancy 293,388,455 Van Aken, Julie 293 Van de Kamp, Terry 347 Vanderplaats, Gerret 379 Van der Werf, John 393 Van de Putte, Mary Ann 170 Vandling, Virginia 305 Van Duerm, Diana L. 307,362,370,449 Van Fleet, Sherry 299,361,402 Van Fleet, Randy 258 Van Kirk, Richard 341 Van Leer, Tim 351 Van Slyke, Susan 307 Van Zanten, Vivian G. 114 Vasquez, Anna 270,271 Vasquez, Don 262 Vasquez, Marceline 360 Vasquez, Ralph 343 Vasquez, Sylvia 407 Vaughn, Vicki 114 Vaught, Gerald W. 114,384 Vega, Alma 407 Vega, Cecilia 407 Veit, Bill 341 Veley, Ralph 263 Vella, Ivo 263 Venberg, Walter 385 Vener, Deborah 170,295 Vergis, John 129 Verhoeven, Patty 363 Versteegen, Pete 208 Veto, Tony 351 Vibber, Van R. 114 Vick, Richard S. 114 Vild, Duane R. 114,325 Villa, Ho rrace 261,335 Vincent, Terry 369 Vintila, Pamela J. 114 Vitek, Bernie 245,347 Voelker, Teri 173,297 Vogel, Linda 168 Vogel, Rick 337 Vogler, Ann 305 Vogt, August W. 114,331 Voita, Elaine M. 114 Voita, Laieny 362 Vojtko, Marty 274 Vojtko, Tom 260 Vollmer, Wayne 114,232 Vollstedt, Linda 241,308 Volts, Hallie D. 114 Von Tempsky, Kimball 114 Von Wald, Karla 297 Voorhies, Lani 307 Vorbrich, Larry E. 114 Voss, Charlie 327 Vukcevich, Susan 388,421 Vuko, Marnee 276 Vuyevich, Karen 309,386 W Wachter, Gail 410 Wachter, Robert J. 114,357 Wade, Barry J. 114 Wager, Susie 405 Wagner, A. G. 369 Wagner, Barry 406 Wagner, Jeannette 404 Wahl, Kay 175 Waldron, Philip 389 Walker, Bob 170,333 Walker, J. R. 327,335 Walker, Norman 114,384,387,393 Walker, William E. 114,325,399 Walkington, John W. 373,389 Wallace, Joann 179,297 Wallace, John 414 Wallace, Lynn 309 Wallace, Margo 309 Wallace, Paul 317,342,371 Wallace, Rebecca 269 Wallentinson, Denise 279,410 Walmsley, Sandra L. 114,269 Walrad, Charlene " Chuck " 169,418,428 Walsh, Gail 410 Walsh, James 267 Walsh, Michael P. 114 Walters, James A. 114,409 Wanamaker, Allan J. 114 Wann, Nancy 179 Ward, Beverly 299 Wanner, Kenneth 267 Ward, Claudia 171,274 Ward, Jack 383,393 Ward, Jerome 321,329 Ward, Jim 347 Ward, Pam 303,39 4 Wardenburg, Mark 409 Warford, Jane 172 Wargel, Pat 279 Warne, Alan M. 114,372,399 Warneke, Terry 321 Warner, Fred 354 Warner, Mike 403 Warner, Robyn 301,410 Warren, Chris 288,359,408 Warren, Joseph G. 114,384,387 Wasson, Judy 301 Wasson, Pat 314 Waterhouse, Judith A. 115 Waters, Larry 409 Waters, Wende 309 Watkins, Ralph 75 Watson, Mary 276 Watters, Mike 403 Wattles, Chuck 244,341,367 Watts, Bill 331 Weatherston, Patty 303 Weaver, Bill 266 Weaver, Fred 321 Weaver, Rocky 345 Webb, Brian A. 115 Webb, Donald 357 Webb, Merlin 410 Webber, Clifford C. 115 Webber, Pat 280 Webber, Randy 260 Weber, Ann 293,402 Weber, Dennis 335 Weber, Frederick J. 115 Weber, Jean 405 Weber, Linda 293 Weber, Robert 115 Webster, Tom 325 Weeks, Dave 262 Weger, Dine 405 Wegner, Mary Jane 311,361 Weidinger, Marc E. 115,168,392 Weier, Ann 115,305 Weik, Dave 329 Weilacher, Roger P. 115,383,393 Weinberger, Glenn 252,257 Weitzul, Thomas E. 115 Welday, Debbie 307 Welker, Gayle 144 Welker, Verna 297 Wellman, William J. 115,373,389 Wells, Diane 369 Wells, Janice 291 Wells, Jerry 387 Wenning, Aaron 409 West, Barbara 309,399 West, Diane L. 115 West, Ocie 263 Westlake, William R. 115 Whalen, Ed 264 Wheat, Ron 264 Wheeler, Judy 403 Wheeler, Sharon M. 115 Wheeler, William 317,319 Whipple, Philip 378 Whitaker, Kendall 314,367 White, Bryan 352 White, George B. 115,399 White, Sherry 299,361 White, Steven 379 Whitehead, Bill 418 Whiteside, Jill 363 Whitfield, Leonard 403 Whitg, John 373 Whiting, Janice 405 Whitmer, John R. 115 Whitney, Judith 386 Whitney, William 378 Whitte, Terry 386 Whitted, Jerry 317,325 Widstrand, Nanci 303 Wieburg, Richard C. 115 Wiesel, Elizabeth 170,173 Wiggs, Richard 409 Wigley, Ruth Ann 115 Wilbur, John H. 115 Wilburn, E. 115 Wilcox, Carol 311 Wilcox, David 351 Wilcox, Roger M. 320 Wiley, Dick 341 Wilharm, Pete 318 Wilhelm, Sharon 394,450,454 Wilk, Bill 261 Wilker, Rob 329 Willard, Rusty 291,313 Willemsen, Paul 378 Willey, Dan 396 Williams, Alan 378 Williams, Bob 410 Williams, Clark 379,389 Williams, Connie 299 Williams, Darrell R. 115 Williams, David L. 116 Williams, Dick 222,224 Williams, Donald 333 Williams, Jane L. 388,402 Williams, Jim 187 Williams, Governor Jack R. 158 Williams, Lolly 175,313,377 Williams, Marcia 305 Williams, Prentice 197 Williams, Travis 187 Williamson, Joan 116 Willingham, Roberta A. 116 Willis, Bea 289,305 Willis, Eva 274,275 Willis, June 305 Wills, Janice 309 Wilson, Alyce 307 Wilson, Ann 390 Wilson, Cathy 311 Wilson, Doug 197 Wilson, John 341 Wilson, Mary 230 Wilson, Peggy 305,363 Wilson, Shiela 242 Wilson, Stan 336 Wilson, Wendell 343 Wilt, Glenn 381 Wilt, Karen 307 Winans, David L. 116,384 Winberg, Mark 323 Winchell, Patti 305 Wing, Tom 415 Wingate, Jim 349 Winkles, Bob 213 Winn, Elaine 307,388 Winslow, Bruce 325 Winsor, Mark 173,372 Winston, Lynda 313,361,402,456 Winter, Joan 288,312 Winter, Lewis 335 Winters, John W. 116 Wiper, Thomas L. 330,372 Wischler, Carolyn J. 116,405 Wise, Charles R. 317,327,430 Wise, Lee 403 Wiltanger, Dennis 354 Witko, Jim 351 Woehlke, Paula 370 Woehrel, Barbara 299 Wofford, Tom 325 Wojcik, Teresa 313 Wojtulewicz, Terry 201 Wolcott, Dean 342 Wold, Virginia 279 Wolf, Boyce 335 Wolfe, Cheryl A. 116 Wolfe, Jim L. 116,388 Wolfe, Mike 197 Wolfinger, Ellen 391,409 Wollheim, Roger L. 116 Wong, Bing K. 116,393 Wood, Bill 237 Wood, Fred Wood, GlennAnn 278,279,305,364 Wood, Jimmy D. 116 Wood, Kathleen 301 Wood, Randy D. 116 Wood, Thomas 116,333,387 Woodburn, Karen 274,275 Woodroffe, Sandy 170 Woods, Harry 175,341 Woods, Randall 351 Woodward, Roger 333 Woolbert, Bob 258,406 Woolbert, Nancy 278 Woolgar, Suzi 305,402 Wootton, R ichard 164 Worley, Myrtle 280,410 Worley, Phil 399 Wrath, Dave 325 Wrench, David 351 Wrenn, Gilbert 170 Wriedt, Francine M. 116 Wright, 230 Wright, Keene 230 Wright, Maureen I. 116 Wright, Richard 389 Wright, Roger 341 Wright, Thomas 116 Wrightson, Bernie 441,429,441 Wrigley, Bill 347 Wrona, Ron 320 Wulk, Ned 201 Wulk, Stephanie 311 Wyatt, Sheryl 269 Wykoff, Ann 289,311 Wyles, Rae 303 Wynne, Sandi 274 Y Yahaya, Ma hammodu 116 Yarbrough, Steve 168 Yazzie, Herb 259 Yeager, Karen 311,360,394 Yealy, Don 410 Yeats, Bobby 197 Yee, Benny L. 116 Yee, Benny, Jr. 116,260,393,408 Yee, Jon W. 321 Yee, Linda 381 Yenerich, Joan E. 116 Yeo, Jo Ann 19 Yingling, Matt 237,260 Yohn, Wally 351,382 Young, Barbi 301,376 Young, Bill 341 Young, Bo 343 Young, Jan 275,377,408 Young, Jeanette 116 Young, Larry 341 Young, Sam 335 Young, Tom 345 Younger, Mary Lou 303 Younis, Phil 347 Yuknis, Jo 298,377,394 Yule, George 207 Z Zaborowski, Dorothy M. 116 Zacher, Robert 386 Zajal, Terrence 390 Zajic, Charles 384 Zalecki, Al 349 Zeiders, Steve 197 Zerfoss, Georgann 238 Zier, Louis J. 116 Ziman, Meyer L. 116 Zimmerman, Richard 168,352 Zinkl, Richard J. 116 Zivney, Jim 345 Zlatos, Cindy Zorn, Bill

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