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by The Associated Students of Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Volume 51 Sahuaro 1966 Patrick O ' Neil editor-in-chief John Van Houten business manager Terri Kohn layout editor Pamela Sisk photo editor Sheila Sullivan copy editor Allan Frazier supervisor The desert — seemingly unfruitful barren forsaken without comprehension of what it can become. Unknowingly, it lies in dormant grandeur and slowly the desert awakens The ever-present struggles sometimes desperate always challenging become memories which recede with the passing floods Across the parched miles, the ever-rising University struggles in burgeoning growth deserting the serenity of the old for the energetic spirit of the new. Zealously it sows the seeds of wisdom, arousing inquiry exposing error administering faith. It is a never-tiring oasis, dedicated to the awakening of the mind. Learning comes in many forms; whether in secluded relaxation or in plain hilarious fun — the Student is rewarded by the University experience. He fully realizes that without diversion life seems pointless and without learning life remains uncertain. He holds in his hand the future in its entirety that of his own, his fellow man . . . all there is to be. With faith he will strive to prove all the struggles were not in vain ... Administration Asst. Dean Jo Dorris Asst. Dean Nancy Hoover Wilson Hall President Janie Williams Life is full of masqueraders -- people living in a make-believe world. But in the university, where struggles are a constant actuality, little room exists for misleading cover-ups. It is an undisguised world of reality-- where deans and students alike share solutions to the perplexities that forever arise. Gov. Samuel Goddard Board of Regents Samuel Goddard, governor Mrs. Sarah Folsom, supt. of public instruction Vivian Boysen, president O. D. Miller, secretary Leon Levy, treasurer George Chambers, asst. secretary Norman Sharber, asst. treasurer W. P. Goss Arthur Schellenberg Elwood Bradford Pres. Mrs. Durham attended the Fourth General Conference of International Association of Universities held Aug. 31, 1965, in Yasuda Amphitheater at Tokyo University. Vice President Joseph Schabacker Vice President William Burke Vice President Gordon Castle Vice President Gilbert Cady Administration President G. Homer Durham Students are the never-ending source of inspiration to a university. The consequence of what happens to a youth in college is less important than the contribution afforded to his general intellectual, moral and spiritual condition. Yet, the economic results are important, and they are not unrelated to the graduate ' s state of being. Educational Objectives Arizona State University should probably aim at two parallel educational objectives: I. Without neglecting the experimental, we should cultivate and develop a strong underlying theoretical approach. II. An energetic, renewed quest for the cultivation and integrity of the human spirit must also concern us. We must build new bastions for individuality and the free spirit of inquiry aimed at the perfectibility of man. The future of high education in Arizona must reckon with two major problems. One is to increase quality; the other is not to restrict quantity, but to keep pace with population needs. The Literate Person The single department most likely to affect the entire institution in an American state university is the Department of English. The reasons are obvious: the educated person is a literate person. A brilliant English department finds its sheen reflected throughout the institution. other single department carries such extensive educational responsibility. The teaching of freshmen continues to be the most important task entrusted to a collegiate institution. The student is confronted with the curriculum throughout his career. It is the practical medium, not only between student and faculty member, but between this generation of mankind and the future. A curriculum can function as a rendezvous with either destiny or futility. It depends largely on the student and the teacher. Economics and the University It is difficult to measure the economic influence of a university. Nevertheless, the university has become, measured or unmeasured, a prime economic influence in today ' s world. ASU is attempting to become a " center of learning " . It must be a center of academic integrity and freedom in the pursuit of truth and knowledge. The quest must proceed without artificial boundaries and limitations. The enrichment of culture and the quest for human improvement and refinement have economic bases. A university must therefore be recognized in its more important role, in the pursuit of truth, beauty, goodness. This role is limited chiefly by character and quality, and the condition of support and freedom under which a university attempts to flourish. College of Law The new College of Law at Arizona State University marks the ingredient which will hereafter carry a profound and deep influence in the intellectual life of the institution. The law school lends greater meaning, precise expression and understanding to our work. Due to its humanness, the study of law is not so precise as to stultify, confine, and restrict other disciplines and thought-systems. The influence of law is one of refinement, possibilities, alternatives of channels shown to be appropriate by experience. The United States of America is a big country, characterized by big educational and otherwise. Experience in a large state university tests the citizenship of faculty and students alike. We feel that educational experiences at Arizona State University constitute such an opportunity. Administrative Robert Bradford, assistant dean Kay assistant dean Dr. Ge orge Hamm, dean of men Dr. Weldon Shofstall, dean of students Jo Dorris, assistant dean and acting associate dean. Staff Russell Bloyer, assistant dean Dick Finley, ASASU executive.manager Catherine Fahrion, counselor Cecelia Scoular, Memorial Union director Gertrude Thomas, Memorial Union assistant director 23 Dr. Alan Covey, university librarian Alfred Thomas, registrar Donald Dotts, Alumni Association acting executive secretary Dr. Joseph Spring, News Bureau chief Dr. Robert Menke, Placement director Dr. Richard Wootten, financial aids director Dr. Roy Rice, summer session extension division dean Charles La Due, comptroller Administrative Staff Dean Smith, director of development publications Edward Hickcox, housing director. ASASU Government Is of, by and For the Students Max Goodrich, Dick Finley, Judy Meyer, Fred Reish, Fred Reish, president Sam Linder, Max Goodrich, Linda Oakley, first vice president administrative first semester vice president activities vice president The executive council, composed of the associated student officers, the executive manager and the dean of students, is the " principle agency of the associated students in administering its programs. " The council is charged with the responsibility of enforcing legislation, administering the executive branch, and creating new activities and programs for the student body. Dr. Shofstall, Marty Stellhorn, Sam Linder, Bob Marty Stellhorn, AWS president Bob McConnell, AMS president Organizing the programs of Associated Students, AS officers represent the student body on such University committees as Student Affairs, Athletic Board, Admissions and Standards, University Disciplinary Committee, and Campus Traffic Advisory Committee. Special programs planned by the executive council involve many areas of student activity. A Publicity Board was established to inform students of activities available to them. The Senate, in dealing with unappropriated balance of AS funds, donated $35,000 to the Library Book Fund and appropriated funds for a Carillon Bell System. Chris Kajikawa, Judy Meyer, secretary Donna Rodgers acting activities vice president secretary to ASASU Executive Manager Members of the law-making Student Senate are, First Row: Ira Friedman, Abby Sack, Pam Del Duca, Terry Forsberg, Laurie Salisbury, Richard Parry. Second Row: Judy Meyer, Pat Horn, Diana Van Duerm, Mike White, Judith Haddad. Third Row: Barbara Heedum, Gloria Ecklund, Carolyn Bates, Mary Ann McGovern, Kay Martens, Bob Carlin. Fourth Row: Marty Vojtko, Steve Dana, Carol Tomkins, Bonnie Crumb, John Ohlfest. Fifth Row: Gary Patten, Les Pospisil, Bob Kempton, Bruce Maxwell, Jim Brennan, Kay Wayman. Sixth Row: Tom Long, Charles Wise, John Florez, Bill Harris. Seventh Row: Bob Acklen, Lex McGraw, Randy Eubanks, Sam Linder, Howard Kirk, Jim Cristea. Student Government Approving expenditure not included in regular budgets is the duty of the Board of Financial Control. First Row: Marty Stellhorn Max Goodrich, Fred Reish, Judy Meyer, Sam Linder. Second Row: Dr. Charles Hoyt, Dick Finley, Bob McConnell, Dr. Weldon Shofstall, Steve Dana. The Supreme Court interprets the ASASU and resolves judicial conflicts. Cheryl Hadaway, Tom Wiper, Dean Mousser, chief Bob Short, Pat Erickson. Students receiving tickets from Security are given the to protest to the Board of Traffic Appeals. Pat Lott, Jackie Jencks, Irwin Rubin, Lani Parker, George Eversoll, Smith. ASASU Boards Films, speakers and tours for the students were programs planned by the Cultural Affairs. Board to increase interest in cultural events. First Row: Jo Ann Yeo, Chuck Walrad, chairman; Peggy Robinson, Jean Vickrey. Second Row: Ave, Michael Byron, advisor; Julius Neelley, Greg Stump, Daryl Alderson. Activities including spotlighting various faculty members and students, a College Bowl series and a " Pushing Hubby Through " banquet have been initiated and carried through by the Faculty-Student Relations Board to strengthen bonds of friendship and co-operation. First Row: Sharon Bancroft, Harley Jarvis, chairman; Billy Riggs. Second Row: Steve Brown, Mike Cornell, Anne Pearson, Nancy Vallesky, Michael Byron. The Social Activities Board planned after-game dances, worked with social chairmen of various organizations and helped groups sponsor student body dances such as the Batman and Sneaky Pete dances. First Row: Dennis Cohen, Brant Russell, Dave Kilby, Glen Knight. Second Row: Chelly Seeds, Jo Ellen Bosen, Diane Powell, chairman; Alice Blocher, Sandia Price. Third Row: Susan Sodomek, Marilyn Mead, Janis Moser, Donna Kobb, Barbara Morgan, Robert Bradford, adviser. Fourth Row: Nancy Morris, Adrienne Kartus, Ellen Moreau. A committee working with the International Student Relations Board, People-to-People sponsors students travelling abroad. First Row: Linda Scheuneman, Sally Etter, Karen Lynskey, Linda Ambrose, chairman; Karen Andre, Susan Strand. Second Row: Alan Warne, Phyllis Harward, Michele Brannon, Jackie Butler, Carol Landis, Pam Nischan, Roxanne Decker, Carol Ownby, Becky Huff, Sue Cornwell. Hosting foreign visitors, sending a student ambassador to India and exchanging visits wtih students in Mexico represent a mere of spirited programs designed to promote international student relations. First Row: Susan Strand, Karen Andre, Judy Richardson, Ilka Frede, Phyllis Harward, Linda Scheuneman. Second Row: Mary Melby, Sally Etter, Trula Michaels, Carol Ownby, Roxanne Decker, Pam Nischan. Third Row: Linda Lintz, Dariush Marquekhani, Joyce Woodard, Shirley Schbade, Carol Landis, Jackie Butler. Fourth Row: Pedro Gomez, Tony Raby, Suresh Advani, John Coates, Obaidui Islam, Alan Warne. Fifth Row: Roy Pizarro, Chuck Walrad, Sharyn Galwey, Sue Cornwell, Anne Bouliane, Karen Lynskey. Sixth Row: Becky Huff, Bill Sage, Erkan Alpan, Linda Ambrose, chairman; Jamal Sarkis, Michele Brannon, Jose Ada n. ASASU Boards Formulating a new Election Code and purchasing new IBM stylus-type voting machines to speed up tabulation of ballots were primary of Election Board members as they conducted all ASASU elections. First Row: Lesta Williams, Suzy Rhodes, Stevie Haimes, Abby Sack, Kay Martens, chairman; Joe Parson, vice-chairman; Ellen Shahan, Robyn Houston, Kathi Till. Second Row: Linda Burris, Toni Jack Erickson, Vic Cresto, Bill Dorey, Dick Finley, adviser; Hank Martinson, Sue Smith, Brad Brett, Mike Helfner, Bill Stanford, Arlinda Brown. To promote interest in Associated Students activities, the Organizations Board plans Student Government Week, when students can meet their officers and become acquainted with their duties. First Row: Kathy Bennick, Victor Schultz, chairman; Iris Seligman, Alice Exum. Second Row: Janey Leftwich, Stephen Brown, Jim DaCosta. 33 ASASU Boards While the Senate was in the process of changing the Education Board to the Campus Affairs Board, members were busy working on various student problems. The board ' s number one project for this year was the Course Evaluation Booklet to be published by Associated Students. First Row: Robert Bradford, adviser; Diane Pope, Andrea Bank, Vickie Kearns, Kay Davis. Second Row: Duane Stormont, Sue Cornwell, Dic Johnson, Kelly Tait, Ann Christoph, Michele Googman, Pat Colletti, Mike Schultz, Kathy Burke, Arnold Anderson, Chris Warren. The ASU Day Committee planned the following agenda for high school seniors visiting the campus: guided tours, conferences with deans of the colleges, picnic and attendance at the Sun Devil-Wichita State football game. Brooke Lennartz, Max Goodrich, chairman; Laurie Salisbury, Nadia Komarnyckyj. 34 Members of the Homecoming committee are, First Row: Suzanne Robbins, Chris Kajikawa, and Ross Fish, co-chairmen; Judy Thomas, Kay Martens. Second Row: Mary Jane Byrnes, Kit Trapp, Jean Edman, Peggy Thurston, Diane Van Duerm, Jim Garvey, Priscilla Overman, Margy Garland, Steve Hopper, Diane Powell, Jim Robson, Julie Lupton, Robert Bradford, adviser; Pete Pittman. Participating in an international exchange of student leaders, members of ASASU government happily await their departure for Sonora, Mexico. Seeking to enliven school spirit, the Rally and Traditions Board conducts cheerleader tryouts, manages the colorful card section at Sun Devil Stadium, decorates the goal posts, conducts banner contests and holds rallies. First Row: Marc Leverant, Tom Guilds, Pete Pittman, Jack Erickson, Terry J. Frericks, John Green. Second Row: Cheryl Olson, Mary Jane Scott, Shirley Smith, Sherry Kipp, vice chairman; Lolly Williams, Judy Chow, Nance Vallesky. Third Row: Bunny Olmsted, George Hamm, adviser; Evert Farmer, Susie Sekulich, Carolyn Gavette, Carol Tessitore, Blake Hughes, Bill Perkins, chairman; Lisa Myers, Linda Beaudoin, Ellen Arnold, Kim Bendel, Linda Leppa, Becky Akin. Rally Traditions Board, Pom Pon Line, Cheerleaders Spark Spirit Jennifer Powell, Kathy Sasser, Kathy Allison, Charlene Saylor, Nancy Scott, Nancy Poulsen, Kenni Henderson, Carol Tessitore. Support-minded members of the cheerleading squad are Cheryl Moss, Dennis Cameron, Elaine Peiffer, George West, Tom Guilds, Julie Loper. Folk singers entertain at the AWS assembly during orientation week. Associated Women Students " Values chained or changed? " . . . Theme of the April ASU 1966 Intercollegiate Associated Women Students Regional Convention. Over 250 delegates attend from 13 western, states. Artist, author, critic Amy Freeman Lee of Who ' s Who in American Art, Who ' s Who in America, from San Antonio speaks to delegates. October is the setting for a Halloween Hullabaloo given by Wilson and Best A Halls, to honor womens ' head residents. AWS women make a November retreat to Wrangler ' s Roost, rounding out their year at ASU with Women ' s Day in May. Ghosts and goblins howled at McClintock for the AWS Halloween Party. Girls tack up signs of welcome in PV West for the IAWS Convention. Mrs. Elsie Phillips, McClintock head resident, reads the palm of a masquerader. Standing erect is the Kachina doll, symbol of the IAWS Convention. AWS Council members are, First Row: Sandra McChesney, Geneen Pitts, Pat Thomas, Ann Hawkins, Maryann Cessna, adviser; Dean Jo Dorris, adviser; Carolyn Bates, unident., Karol Kuykendall, Marty Stellhorn. Second Row: unident.; May Fong, Lee Norris, Kitty Killorin, Barbi Young, Lyn Casper, Susan Russell, unident.; Third Row: Kathy Abbott, Karen Darr, Carol McGrew, Bette Davis, Jean Milton, Sandy DeMichiei, Cathryn Goddard, Marilyn Fourth Row: Kay Wahl, Janie Williams, Lynda Decker, Carolyn Kimura, Liz Lim, Pam Johnson, Nancy Grundy, Charlotte Bauer, Marlene Brady. Included in AMS Council are, First Row: Steve Larson, Roger Evans, Bob McConnell, Bill Harris. Second Row: John Fung, Steve Klock, Terry Forsberg. Traditional is AMS Water Sports Day, taking place every spring at Sahuaro Lake, with bathing beauties, boat races and boastful feats of skydiving. Representing a section of Associated Men Students duties is judicial council, whose members are Lex McGraw, Doug Rupp, Steve Klock, Gerry Goss. Enjoying the cool waters of Sahuaro Lake, students take advantage of the fun on Water Sports Day. Associated Men Students Intramurals, with sports from ping-pong to football, actively involve hundreds of men. Honors at the awards banquet, an all men ' s assembly, and a program for lighting the A round out AMS activities. Refreshments are made available at the Freshman Week get-together for men sponsored by AMS. Dr. Nicholas Salerno English Department Academics Learning is a never-ending process-- the ougrowth of individuality. Acting as a catalyst, the faculty brings the students into reaction with new ideas and experiences. Ignorance and prejudice are discarded, and the end result is a crystalline formation of knowledge and awareness. College of Architecture Calvin C. Straub Out of the 52 accredited schools of architecture, ASU is ranked one of the top schools in the nation. The College of Architecture seeks to acquaint the student with all the techniques and philosophies of design and construction. Through its varied resources, the college tries to stimulate and aid the student in his quest for a personal technique and philosophy that will sustain him in attaining the rewards of a career devoted to shaping a better environment. Edward F. Shaifer James W. Elmore, dean This student project represents many hours of work. College of Business Administration Dr. Glenn D. Overman, dean College of Business Administration has outgrown its present facilities due to the increasing enrollments in the college. The new building will hold 17 classrooms with facilities for 1,230 students, five seminar rooms, .109 faculty offices and 38 doctoral candidate cubicles. Costing about $1.32 million, the building is scheduled for completion by the fall of ' 67. Currently the number of degrees granted in Business Administration is exceeded only by those in teacher training. Students congregate before classes. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The east end of the Business Building. 47 Dr. A. R. Burton Accounting William Huizingh, chairman of the Department of Accounting said that he would like to emphasize the intellectual content of accounting ' s discipline. Accounting is playing an important role and will continue to play an important role in the activities of our free enterprise society. The objectives of the Accounting Department are to prepare students for responsible positions in business, professional accounting and government. It is also hoped by Mr. Huizingh that some students will develop an interest in a career in accounting education. Dr. William Huizingh, chairman Dr. Albert B. Carson Dr. Roland M. Wright Economics Arizona State ' s Economics Department is located administratively in the College of Business Administration, although it is also possible to major in economics in the College of Liberal Arts. Economics has some 134 undergraduate majors of which about two-thirds are in the College of Liberal Arts. The Economics Department would like to see several new courses added to its curriculum. One of the recent growing areas of interest to students of economics is the area of economics development both for " developing " and highly industrialized countries. Other possible new course proposals, which would probably be favorably received by the students and would reflect special needs in Arizona, might include new courses on State and Local Finance and Urban Economic Development. Dr. John A. Cochran, chairman Dr. Martin T. Farris Dr. Don V. Plantz Computing supply and demand General Business Teaching more than 40% of the total number of courses being offered in the College of Business Administration is the General Business Administration Department. The department has approximately 1,000 students majoring in the various areas of specialization included in the department. The department is responsible for the operation of an IBM 1620 computer in addition to a complete set of IBM record keeping equipment. This data processing equipment is for the use of faculty members and students in the College of Business Administration. Starting on May 2, 1966, the department will be responsible for training 20 computer programmers under a federal grant supervised by the Department of Vocational Education of the State of Arizona. Dr. Wayne Baty, chairman Dr. Ralph Hook Edward Demson teaching a class Dr. J. J. Dauten Dr. Glenn Overman, acting chairman Students learn on modern machines. Dr. Keith Davis Dr. Harold E. Fearon Management Management includes the functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of business operations. The management curriculum also includes such activities as the use of quantitative skills and decision-making. There are three distinct areas of specialization offered at Arizona State University within the field of management. Production management is an area pursued by those students preparing themselves for leadership in manufacturing, production control, materials management, and other production functions. Industrial relations concentrates on the human factors in industry. Management philosophy involves the broader aspects of theory and practice in the executive functions in business. Dr. William Nielander Dr. William Harris Dr. George Downing, chairman Marketing Marketing has a great role in product development: the creation and delivery of a standard of living. The department is a social institution as well as a business institution, which allows for some level of specialization. Students in marketing can major in advertising, retailing, foreign markets and selling. With a continuous rise in majors the department is continually up-dating programs. Dr. Donald J. Tate, chairman " Did you get that last word? " Office Administration Business Education College-level programs in office administration enable young men and women to advance to more responsible positions in business. An undergraduate of business operations, has a knowledge of computerized Communications, and a high level of competence in basic office skills. Individuals with this background may become office managers, administrative assistants, or office supervisors. Practice makes perfect. William E. Kirkpatrick INDUSTRIAL IN ARIZONA MANUFACTURING 1965 Research at a university is considered its lifeblood, its prestige among the academic pillars. The research program at Arizona State University is in its infancy, so to speak. However, the ground work for an extensive research program has been implemented. A vigorous search for funds and grants is being conducted with moderate success. Federal grants in addition to private donations have added several thousands of dollars worth of research work at ASU. The search will continue. ARIZONA DEVELOPMENT BOARD Dr. Howard V. Sullivan conducts a research program in the lab. A stimulating program this year was the Great Books Seminar involving ASU faculty and special guests outside the university community. Dr. Ralph Hook (right) interviews department store magnate J. C. Penney. Dr. Hook is director of the Bureau of Business Research and Services. The Payne Training School provides a ready made research lab for Francis McKinley handles all programs dealing with Indian Education at innovations in educational research. ASU. College of Education Promoting interest in the teaching profession and preparing students to carry on effective work as teachers, administrators, or other educational specialists in the nation ' s schools as well as in institutions of higher education are the purposes of the College of Education. In order to accomplish these aims the student must be prepared thoroughly in all phases of the teaching profession. Since the teachers of today will be teaching future leaders, they then should have a broad background in cultural, academic, professional, and general education topics. Dr. G. D. McGrath, dean The Education Building Dr. Daisy M. Jones Elementary Education Significant plans for the future include a five year experimental undergraduate program including a paid teaching internship. This particular experimental program is about to be finalized and submitted to higher administration for consideration and approval. Plans are also underway for a different set of facilities in some of the content areas falling within the framework of the programs offered by the Department of Elementary Education. These include specially designed and equipped rooms in the areas of social studies, language arts, and reading and early childhood education. These special facilities would incorporate closed-circuit television and demonstration rooms. Dr. Cameron Olmstead instructs some small ones in reading a story. Students prepare boards in AV class. Dr. Richard E. Bullington, chairman Learning audio visual techniques Dr. Jack U. Williamson The College of Education reading room Dr. LeRoy Griffith, acting chairman Secondary Education Historically, the University had teacher education as one of its first and foremost purposes. Therefore, historically speaking, the work performed by the Secondary Education Department at the undergraduate level is a continuation of that first basic purpose. The Doctor of Education Degree program however, is a young program which is only five years of age. The Ph.D. program is even younger, being in existence as a departmental program for only the past three years. Enrollment in undergraduate and graduate levels is approximately 5,000 students. Dr. James E. Frasier Dr. H. K. Newburn Applicants to the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision are carefully screened before they are admitted for study in administrative work. Aptitude tests, interviews, case studies, and class observations are some of the elements upon which applicants are evaluated for admittance. Degrees offered are Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, and Education Specialist. If a student holding the Master ' s Degree wishes to be in the department, his academic work, professional experience, and general administrative aptitude are evaluated before planning the remainder of the program of study. Dr. Raymond E. Wochner, chairman Dr. Robert W. Ashe Dr. Howard J. Demeke Dr. Garth J. Blackham Counseling and Educational Psychology Dr. Sandford Davis, chairman Dr. Robert A. Heimann Dr. John P. Vergis Basic Responsibility of the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology is to prepare counselors for schools and other agencies using counselors in the educational psychology field. Having approximately 300 graduate students enrolled in the master ' s degree program and approximately 50 in the doctoral program, the main goal of this department is to send a graduate into the professional world to work in such areas as counselors or educational psychology. The educational counselor operation of this department is recognized as an program throughout the United States. Dr. Richard Schutz advises a student. 61 Warren T. Kingsbury Dr. Kenneth H. Hoover Susan N. Cummings Dr. Mack A. Ralston, chairman Educational Foundations Process of developing the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills that prepares a student for effective teachings is shared by many departments. The Educational foundations Department introduces both elementary and secondary teachers to some general considerations of the profession of teaching, the nature of the learner and the learning experience, and the need for understanding our value system as it relates to the many issues that continuously confront teachers. Dr. Willard Abraham, Educational Services chairman Educational Services Library Science Faced with the need to modernize the method of classroom instruction, teachers and other educators profit from the audio-visual education courses which emphasize the role of learning and communication principles in the selection, preparation, evaluation and utilization of materials and equipment in a variety of practical, instructional, technological developments in education. The department also includes Indian education and special education dealing with the problems of mental retardation and the gifted child. Librarianship today provides outstanding professional careers for able students who have talents related to books and machines, interest in readers and specialists, and skills related to reading, research and services. Inez W. Moffitt Alma Munsell Harold W. Batchelor, Library Science chairman College of Engineering Science College o f Engineering Sciences includes the Division of Agriculture, the Division of Industrial Design and Technology, the School of Engineering Center. Enrollments totaled 2320 students, with 230 in Agriculture, 346 in Industrial Design and 1744, including 407 graduate students in the School o f Engineering. Dr. Lee P. Thompson, dean Studying in the electronics lab. The south wing of the Engineering Center The newest part of the vast engineering complex. 65 Dr. Daniel O. Robinson, chairman Dr. Grant E. Moody Agriculture In the midst of a technological society ASU supports its Department of Agriculture, Preparing for careers in farm and ranch management, animal husbandry, crop production, and horticulture, students are able to gain practical experience on the 320 acre experimental farm. The farm is the testing ground for poultry, dairy feeding, and livestock production. The Ag Building Robert D. Rasmussen GARDENING FOR FUN KAET—TV Dr. Victor J. Miller prepares for TV show. Dr. Joseph S. Littrell (right) presents $250 check to student Tom Lippert Dr. Walter F. Burdette, director Dr. Robert P. Balin Industrial Design and Technology Industrial Design and Technology serves several major functions. Important among these functions is the offering of a variety of four-year degree curricula designed to prepare senior technical support personnel who will assume roles as important members of the total technological team comprised of scientists, engineers, and other specialists. Weldon Bagley (left) assists student. 67 Dr. Richard H. Pian Civil Engineering Civil engineering is growing in importance with regard to the engineering aspects of our physical environment. The undergraduate civil engineering program was authorized in 1956 by the university. Following close behind were the M.S. in 1958, and the Ph.D. in 1961. Increased emphasis by the department is being given to the graduate p rogram and research activities. Dr. Robert D. Kersten, chairman Dr. Louis A. Hill confers with students. Dr. Charles W. Newlin Chemical Engineering Although chemical engineering was included in the list of offerings provided when the Engineering College was started in 1956, its real start occurred in 1958 when the first chemical engineering faculty member was employed. The rapid expansion of the engineering program limited the laboratory space available, by the renovation of the laboratory during the summer of 1965 increased the space several fold so that approximately 6,000 square feet is now available for the purpose. Recent equipment obtained includes a $23,000 X-ray diffractometer. Dr. Samuel E. Craig Dr. Vernon E. Sater Dr. Castle O. Reiser, chairman 69 Dr. Irving Kaufman Dr. Truet Thompson, chairman Dr. Richard W. Kelly Electrical Engineering The aim of the Electrical Engineering faculty is to prepare the graduate to function satisfactorily in an increasing technical civilization. The future expansion of the electrical engineering facilities will be in the area of research. The expanding developments in integrated circuits, space communications, digital computers and systems, as well as the more mundane problems will require intensive research on the part of the faculty and students. Dr. Shyam K. Gupta Engineering Science Emphasizing the broad fundamentals of engineering through its curriculum, engineering science can stray away from the idea o f changing techniques and practices, enabling the engineer to be more flexible in understanding new developments and techniques as they arise. This background in engineering science helps prepare the student for graduate work and self improvement. Theodore Allen, Jr. Dr. C. E. Wallace, chairman Dr. Daniel F. Jankowski Dr. James P. Avery Sidney W. Wilcox 71 Robert Wagers (foreground) and Bruce Larson work in an electrical engineering lab. Dr. C. Reiser, chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department, adjusts a flange on laboratory equipment used to remove ions from a solution. Using equipment in a mechanical engineering laboratory, Professor Warren Rice and graduate students examine crystalline specimens. Dr. John Klock and civil engineering student John Lee are involved in an experimental study of biological processes in sanitary engineering. High school students attending " Science Youth Day " view demonstration on " flow characteristics " conducted by graduate student Dale Jensen. Walter Lehmann mounts specimen in plastic for metalograph test. Bob Hutchins works at solving an analog computer problem. Engineering students learn in lab situations. student Chuck Sullivan and undergraduate Kenneth Buston work on projects in the measurement engineering lab. Dr. Merle C. Nutt Industrial Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering now has one-hundred-one undergraduates, eighty Master of Science, and 16 Ph.D. students. Faculty now numbers twelve members. This is compared to 1959 when the department first opened, at that time there were two full time faculty members, and twelve students. The department ' s goal is to train the student in Industrial Engineering so he may do a good job. Dr. C. B. Gambrell, chairman Dr. John P. Decker Dr. A. Pritsker Dr. Earl Logan Dr. Darryl E. Metzger Dr. Thornton W. Price Dr. George C. Beakley, chairman, supervises project. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering started in 1956. At that time there were less than 100 students and two faculty members. Today there are 320 undergraduates and 65 graduate students in Mechanical Engineering with 23 faculty members. Over half of the graduates of the department stay in Arizona upon of their academic career. Mechanical Engineering is a lifetime career which has a starting salary in excess of $8000 a year for a bachelor ' s degree. Dr. Jack A. Collins Dr. L. W. Florschuetz College of Fine Arts 70 Diversification in clay The challenge of wood The Regent ' s Room houses part of the University ' s art collection. Dr. Henry A. Bruinsma, dean This is the first year of the College of Fine Arts, and plans for growth are already being formulated. In the planning stages are buildings for the Art, Music, and Speech, and Drama Departments. The research program also new is active in scientific, historical and creative activity. School of Music at Arizona State is one of the 250 schools of music that are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The enrollment for the College of Fine Arts is about 1050 students. Donald R. Schaumburg The Arts Building Dr. James Yeater Art " This is the best art department west of the Mississippi, " states Dr. Harry Wood, chairman o f the Department of Art. Every phase of art is taught in the classroom with emphasis on commercial art and the fine arts. The department has experienced a 26 per cent increase each year for the last five years. To meet this vast increase in student enrollment, the department has increased its faculty to twenty full-time faculty and thirteen graduate assistants. The goal o f the Art Department at ASU is to train art teachers and performing artists, while enriching their lives through art. Dr. Harry Wood, chairman Joann Griggs Lyceum Theatre Speech Dr. Gale Richards states that the goal of speech and drama is to " train performing artists and speech therapists. " Even though the drama d epartment is new, it is in constant contact with the public through " the fine plays presented by the University Players. Public contact is also a familiar function of the University ' s debating squad which has traveled throughout the Southwest. One of ASU ' s new departments, the speech and drama department offers a variety of opportunities for majors. These include general speech and drama education and speech pathology. Dr. Gale Richards, chairman Susan Holmes ' class 81 " May I help you? " Music The Department of Music is as old as the university and as active as any part of the university, with 350 students training to become teachers or performers, through the guidance of the faculty. Concerned mainly with research in composing and creative activity, the Music Department is recipient of the Award of Merit for being one of the four state supported institutions in performance and promotion of American music. Frank Spinosa David Scoular directs Choral Union in a number. Howard Pink rehearses. Tuning in to the classics 82 Ronald Lo Presti Dr. William S. English Eugene P. Lombardi instructs student. Arnold H. Bullock beats out time. 83 Faculty in the music department formed a chamber music quartet to preserve that form of culture at the University. Professor Jack Breckenridge of the art faculty demonstrates an art Joseph Galloway has been conducting various research medium for his family. problems in animal science. 84 Too often, research projects are identified only with the physical sciences. However, at ASU as well as other universities, research is conducted in all phases of academic study. The colleges of and Liberal Arts at ASU have contributed greatly to the rapidly growing research program. Payne Training School, the learning lab, and the Speech and Hearing Clinic are but a few of the areas in which extensive research is conducted. As usual, money is the prime factor which hinders the amount of research achieved. Harry P. Rickle has demonstrated his uniqueness by playing, teaching, and demonstrating the harpsichord. The Speech and Hearing Clinic provides a service as well as conducting research in an area. 85 One of the tree-lined walks of campus. Dr. William J. Burke, dean Graduate School Graduate programs leading to advanced degrees in education have long been an important part of the academic structure o f Arizona State University. In recent years and particularly since the initiation of the Doctor of Philosophy degree program in 1961, there has been a marked expansion in both the breadth and scope of graduate study at this institution. At commencement exercises last May, a total of 767 graduate degrees were awarded for advanced degrees in 24 departments and colleges, including 19 Doctor of Education and 24 Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Another important landmark in our graduate program was attained this fall with the enrollment of the first students in the Doctor of Business Administration degree program. The administration building—campus nerve center. Dr. Horace W. Lundberg, dean GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION Last year the first class from the Graduate School of Social Service Administration were granted master ' s degrees. The school was created on October 4, 1961, by action of the Board of Regents. Classroom content and. field instruction are integrated so that the future social worker may test theory in practice, returning to the class for discussion, and examining the experience again in the field in a continuing pattern of learning. Case problems, progressing from relatively simple situations to those more complex are utilized. Dr. Ruth Boyer The GSSSA provides a library for its students. College of Liberal Arts Sewing class, one of many The east entrance to the Social Science Building Teaching the major portion of the general education program besides handlin g the 4000 students in its various departments are the responsibilities of the College of Liberal Arts. Despite their tasks, the College of Liberal Arts in reality exists as a small college in a large university. With a faculty of over 700 the fields of specialization range from aerospace studies to zoology. Class changein the SS Building Dr. Karl H. Dannenfeldt, dean, takes visitor on tour of building. Lt. Col. Coy L. Curtis, Military Science chairman Capt. Richard B. Jensen, Aerospace Studies Capt. Richard O. Robinson, Aerospace Studies Lt. Col. Thomas Callagy, Military Science Aerospace Studies Military Science Basic courses in aerospace and military science give an understanding and appreciation of the roles of the military. Lt. Col. Robert W. Edwards, Aerospace Studies chairman Dr. Kenneth M. Stewart, Anthropology Anthropology Botany Inevitable growth typically depicts relatively new departments at Arizona State. Anthropology and Botany in the two science departments offer liberal and satisfying programs. Hoping to expand facilities, faculties, and opportunities is an objective of the anthropology department. To perform a public service after graduation is the goal of the Botany Department. Enrollment in the Botany Department has increased 25 per cent, indicative of the department ' s dynamics. Dr. Reynold J. Ruppe, Anthropology chairman Dr. James E. Canright, Botany chairman Laetitia Sample, Anthropology Dr. Roy M. Johnson, Botany Dr. William T. Northey, Botany Dr. Jacob Fuchs Dr. LeRoy Eyring, chairman Dr. Edward E. Burgoyne A friend of science Dr. Duane Brown Dr. Richard J. Guillory Dr. R. Thomas Sanderson Chemistry One of the largest departments on campus, the Chemistry Department has an enrollment of 2300 students in chemistry courses, and a faculty numbering twenty-five. The Chemistry Department has the largest group of undergraduate research. For that matter, it is the largest group of undergraduate research in the country. The growth of the department in the next five years will be over 150 graduate students and at least 40 faculty members. Extentions for the full chemistry program include establishment of an adequate chemistry library, development of a neutron center, an enlarged X-ray analysis laboratory, and a mass spectrometer. Students learn in the lab. 93 English Dr. Jacob Lamberts Dr. Jerome Archer, chairman Dr. Louis Myers Dr. Marvin Fisher 94 Dr. Collise Portnoff Dr. John Ratliff Dr. Raymond Emery Dr. Richard Davis John Ellis 95 English Ability to write clear and pleasing prose and acquainting the student with great literature are goals the English department has in the liberal education of students. Presently there are about 1,000 students majoring in English. One-hundred-five students in the masters program, and 23 Ph.D. students. In the last three years there has been a 20% annual increase. Dr. David Conlin Dr. Nicholas Salerno Language Literature Building Dr. Fred Osenbury 96 Douglas J. Simmons Frank Nelson, visiting professor Dr. Edwin P. Grobe Dr. Albert F. Buffington Arturo Jimenez-Vera Foreign Languages Foreign Language Department is reflecting the national trend in the growth of interest in languages and is attempting to train people for work in teaching government and business. Used for classes and student practice, the language lab has 64 stations. French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, and Greek compose the studies. 97 Foreign Languages Dr. Herbert Van Scoy, chairman Miriam Abdow 98 Dr. Lloyd L. Haring, Geography Chairman Dr. George T. Renner teaches a class in geography. Geography Geology Of the 289 students enrolled in geography courses 83 are geography majors. The ratio of staff to student is 1-41, which means that there are seven full time faculty members. Geography Department is not merely a trade department, the faculty is interested in making students conscious citizens of society. Presently the Geology Department has the world ' s largest meteorite collection. The department is in the process of expansion and revitalization. Dr. Melvin J. Frost, geography Dr. Troy L. Pewe, Geology chairman Dr. Robert F. Lundin, Geology 99 History Dr. John H. Krenkel Dr. Wallace E. Adams Dr. Guilford A. Dudley Dr. Paul G. Hubbard, chairman With an enrollment of over 500 the History Department has increased the size of its faculty from four, when political science and history split into separate departments, to 17 members. Research is being conducted in the areas of French Parliamentary History, and Western Civilization and the Reconstruction. Dr. Arnold Tilden 100 Dr. Jessie M. Rannells Martha Ann McInnis Home Economics Home Economics Department is planning several new programs for their curriculum. The department is making contacts this spring with Neiman Marcus in Dallas and several places in Los Angeles in addition to local firms to set up traineeships for clothing and business majors. Several rehabilitation centers are requesting help for handicapped homemakers and aging homemakers. There also is a great need to educate teachers through the extension division. Dr. Bertha M. Bresina The Home Economics Building 101 Clyde Smith, chairman Physical Education Weight lifting is one of many classes offered. Physical education will soon be moving to a new building, which will house new equipment for the beginning area of research in physical education. The graduate program is one of the largest on campus with 145 participating graduates. Of the 6000 students enrolled in departmental classes 185 women and 250 men seek majors in the field. Student enrollment has jumped 11 per cent since last year, average ratio is 4 per cent a year. Dr. Artnoll L. Wegner Norma J. Pike 102 Margaret L. Klann Martin M. Kentner Sally J. Hardwick " Tennis anyone ? " 103 Mathematics Sporting a new wing in the Physical Science Building is the Mathematics Department. Courses offered by the department range from freshman level courses, Intermediate Algebra, to the graduate level, Theory of Partial Equations. A student of mathematics may choose the Bachelor of Science degree curriculum, or he may wish to get his degree through the bachelor of arts program. Dr. Walter T. Scott Dr. Edward E. Grace Dr. Donald G. Stewart Dr. Robert W. Heath 104 Dr. Evar D. Nering, chairman Dr. Lloyd L. Lowenstein Dr. Charles A. Bryan Robert B. Lyon 105 Donald E. Brown, Mass Communications chairman Robert E. Lance, Mass Communications Mass Communications and Philosophy As a department since 1957, mass communications serves 140 majors and offers degrees of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. Goal of the department is to train professional newspapermen and broadcasters. Philosophy is an investigation of the meaning of certain terms basic to the inquiry into the problems of life. Dr. Robert Rein " l, Philosophy chairman Dr. Harry M. Bracken, Philosophy Dr. Donald W. Gieshen Philosophy 106 Howard G. Voss Physics Expansion plans for the Department of Physics include an additional research wing to the physical science building, in the next three to five years. Eighteen faculty members supervise the instruction of 145 physics majors. The Ph. D. program has only been in existence since 1961, since then five Ph.D ' s have been granted and five more are expected. In addition 48 master ' s degrees have been awarded. Dr. Richard G. Stoner, chairman Dr. Alan T. Wager Dr. Theodore W. Munch 107 Zoology professor Dr. Mont Cazier is currently working under a research grant. Dr. Duncan T. Patten, assistant professor of botany, has been doing research in that area. Dr. Carlet on B. Moore serves as director of the Center for Meteorite Studies, which is said to maintain the largest meteorite collection in the world. 108 Probing the unknown and seeking to improve the known is a prime objective of all research projects. Students are encouraged to probe that small world so close to us. An example of support in which the University receives financial assistance in its research program is the period from February 26 through April 9. During that period the University was awarded $218,440 in research grants and projects, $31,000 in fellowships, $22,272 in scholarships, and $15,081 in gifts. Therefore, during the academic year these areas receive a total of several million dollars worth of help—indeed a shot in the arm. Dr. James E. Canright, chairman of the Department of Botany, has worked on several research projects. 109 Dr. Heinz R. Hink Dr. John P. White, chairman Dr. Ross R. Rice Dr. Elijah Kaminsky Political Science Fourteen faculty members serve the 500 majors in political science, which is more students than anticipated. To better serve students a complete overhaul of the program has been taken. The new curriculum is geared to the large student population, through the use of large lecture groups and corresponding smaller discussion groups, which provides for closer teacher-student interaction. 110 Psychology Psychology Department separated from philosophy in 1962. Since that time the department has grown considerably, ten Ph.D. ' s have been awarded and plans for a new building are under way. Numerous research projects have been granted to the department, including projects from the National Science Foundation and National Student Health Association. Dr. Thom Verhave Dr. Aaron J. Brownst ein Dr. Joel Greenspoon Dr. Arthur J. Bachrach, chairman 111 Dr. Hans Sebald Dr. Peter Garabedin Dr. Thomas Hoult, chairman Sociology When Sociology separated from the Anthropology department in the fall of ' 63, it was not expected that this new ' department would attract 500 majors—but it has. The jump from 2400 students in ' 61- ' 62 to 5500 enrollment in ' 65- ' 66 demonstrates the popularity of sociology courses, which range from Statistics and Modern Social Problems to Courtship and Marriage. The faculty now numbering eleven is expected to expand to fourteen next year and within the next three years a Ph.D. program will be offered. Dr. John Hudson 112 Zoology More than 80 research projects are being carried on by faculty, graduate students, and selected undergraduate students of the Department of Zoology. Current support for these projects exceeds $300,000. Preliminary plans have been prepared for a facility which would double the space now available. It is hoped that this facility will be completed in the next three years. Dr. Gerald A. Cole Dr. Charles Woolf Dr. Gordon L. Bender, chairman Dr. Ronald R. Clothier 113 114 College of Nursing Janet F. Walker For the fitst time next year the College of Nursing will have its own facility. Presently nursing courses are being taught in various buildings throughout the campus. This building has become necessary because of the increased enrollments in the college. The nursing program is a progressive program where the faculty not only teach nursing, but they also accompany the students to all the clinical areas to supervise their planned clinical learning experiences. Rosemary Johnson, acting dean Clarabelle Theobald Mary E. Houdin 115 A student explains a problem in Dr. E. E. Snyder ' s Students and faculty alike study in well-equipped labs. physics class. Dr. Leonard E. Goodall heads the Bureau of One of the many cases of displays in the Life Science Building. Research. 117 Charlotte Corliss of the College of Nursing faculty is part of the research family at ASU. " Publish or perish " is the often quoted criteria for all faculty members, and the publishing part is often connected to the amount of research done in any one academic area. In short, it is very difficult to write about any one thing unless time has been spent researching the thesis of the matter. At ASU an effort is being made to establish a well-equipped research center which is sure to reap results in the future as far as publications are concerned. Dr. Marvin Alisky in Mass Communications heads the newly created Latin American Studies Center. Dr. Peter G. Garabedian of the Sociology Department is probing the problems of social interaction. Graduates A time of mixed emotions-- filled with nostalgia, yet overrunning with anxiety. The diploma epitomizes the university experience It is a reminder of the past. a vital part of the future. 119 Charles Allport Mechanical Engineering Roger Anderson Mechanical Engineering William Ashby Business Willard Bandes Mathematics Gene Cook Business Carmen Dolny French Margaret Dahl Guidance Counseling John Earnshaw Accounting Ann Bailey Elementary Leona Bailey French Robert Barnes Business David Bird History Gary Boyd Political Science Paula Eisenman Guidance Counseling Elaine Faris Guidance Counseling Louis Boyed Education Myron Calhoun Electrical Engineering April Carlson Physical Educ Glenda Finley Voice Pedagogy Glen Fisher Electrical Engineering William Chess John Chamley Mark Cockrill Business Administration Guidance Counseling Business Administration Lani Ford William Ford Natural Science Business Educ Meriyn George Mathematics Arthur Jacobs Management Gerald Gustafson Education Richard Jensen Education Dayne Hahn History Frank Juracka Marketing John Halverson Business Administration Richard Killinen Zoology David Herl Counseling Student Personnel Willard Langley Business Administration Charles Hunt Business Administration James Lauer History Candidates for Master ' s Degrees Larry Linton Business Thomas Long Counseling Educ Hank Mangin Political Science Ronald Miller Botany Barbara Morris Voice Ronald Osterhout Accounting Scranton Nesbitt Physics Lila Pemberton Home Economics Ernest Popple Physics Vernon Prueitt Management Charles Roberts Counseling Student Personnel Wolfgang Schutte Economics Charles Sullivan Mechanical Engineering Norman Yeaton Industrial Arts Educ William Yoder Mathematics 121 Leonard Adams Richard Adams Sharon Adams Mary Anewunmi Electronics Technology Architecture Construction Business Educ English Carol Aarizz Elementary B. Robert Abramson Art Bob Acklen History Joe Acosta Engineering Rudy Armijo History Educ Fred Ashley Microbiology Horace Bacon Electrical Engineering Sharon Arthofer Elementary Jess Awtrey Industrial Arts Educ Patricia Ann Bagby Elementary Tom Ashbrook Mechanical Engineering Ken Bacher English Marilyn Bagwell English Educ Phyllis Agaciewski Home Economics Educ Janet Allen Radio-TV Willie Allen Finance Jules Altfas Chemistry Erminda Alyillar Business Educ Brian Amada History Educ Arnold Anderson Mathematics Carol Anderson Botany Peggy Anderson Robert Anderson Sociology Engineering Roger Anderson Accounting Sandra Anderson Elementary Rob Balch Sociology Carl Baldridge Microbiology Sal Bando General Business Patricia Andreyka Craig Ankeney History Educ Insurance Pamela Archer Margaret Archie Elementary Elementary Jerry Barber Accounting Carol Barker Sociology Robert Barker Chemistry Glen Bailey Thomas Bailey Industrial Engineering General Business Kathleen Baker Elementary Seniors 1966 Margaret Barr George Barrientos Charles Barringer Perry Bassett Rufus Bastian Gary Bates Diane Battenfield Elementary Math Educ Construction History Educ Animal Science Industrial Engineering Elementary Frank Barrios Ambrose Barry Roberta Bartell Whit Beall Sharon Beeler Michael Bell Ralph Bell Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Elementary Finance Math Educ Marketing Mechanical Engineering Phoebe Barton Curtis Bartsch Kurt Bassett History Educ Marketing Mathematics Shirley Bell John Belmont John Beltran Benny Bennight Janet Bergman Judi Bernstein Stuart Berres Ronald Berry Nursing Physical Educ Civil Engineering Management Personnel Journalism Educ Speech Therapy Architecture Construction Finance Kay Berssenbruegge Mary Jean Beyerlein Peter Bitchart John Black Sue Blackburn Bonnie Blackert Linda Blalock Ted Bogner Elementary Office Administration Mechanical Engineering Political Science Political Science Office Administration Elementary Architecture Construction William Boothroyd Judith Bork Louise Borza Jil Bottrell Joseph Bowman Sandra Bowman David Boyd Ronald Breeden Electrical Engineering Nursing History Educ Psychology History Educ English Educ Radio-TV Electronics Seniors 1966 Paula Breen English John Bregman History Kathy Bressler Nursing Brendon Brett History Genevieve Brewster Art Educ Thomas Brinkman Business Educ Michael Brockert Math Educ Sally Bronk Elementary William Brost Zoology Edra Brouchard Math Educ Barbara Brown Elementary Harold Brown History Educ John Brown Management Patricia Brown English Educ Patricia Brown Nursing Robert Brown Physical Educ Shelia Brubaker Physical Educ Sheryl Bruhn Elementary Rusty Brunell Accounting Douglas Bryant English Linda Bryant Nursing Carolyn Buck Marketing Edward Bucknor-Smartt Civil Engineering Patricia Bufford Business Educ Cheryl Bundy Nursing Robert Burger Business Educ Yvonne Burgins French Gay Burnidge Psychology David Burt English Educ Kirk Burtch Mathematics Joanna Burton . Physical Educ Carole Bush Elementary Pamela Bush Home Economics Educ Robert Bussell Sociology John Butler Secondary Educ Nancy Butler Elementary Robert Butler History Kenneth Buxton Engineering James Byers General Business William Byrne Architecture-Construction Magdalene Caganeich Elementary Patrick Caldwell Geography Robert Caldwell Accounting Fay Calhoon Geography Carol Campbell Food Nutrition Richard Canedy Marketing Patricia Cannon Elementary Carl Canter Electrical Engineering Eddy Carmack Mathematics Ronald Carr Aeronautics Technology Cathie Carraway Sociology Eileen Casey Elementary Kenneth Casey Sociology Ralph Castello Physical Educ Robert Caudle Electronics Steve Cearfoss English Educ Bruce Chadderdon Zoology Keith Chambers Business Administration Nancy Chambers Elementary Thomas Champion Mathematics John Chang Electrical Engineering Lucy Chavez Elementary Thomas Chilton Accounting Sharron Christensen Biology Educ Lester Christianson Physical Educ Ogal Claspell Electrical Engineering Elizabeth Cline Sociology Warren Coe General Business Ra lph Cognac Electrical Engineering Lawrence Cole English Educ Virginia Coleman History Sara Lou Combs Elementary Kay Conner Accounting Tim Connor History Phil Conover History Educ 125 Andrea Cantos Gracie Contreras LeRoy Cook Ralph Cooksey Elementary Business Educ Aeronautical Technology Philosophy Sandra Cooley Ralph Cooper Rich Coppola John Corbett Elementary Art Educ Physical Educ Zoology Peggy Dahl Elementary Alexander Davis Technical Design Sheila Deaktor Art James Dancho Accounting David Davidsen Political Science Clydene Dechert Instrumental Music Educ Jerry Daugherty Physical Educ Maribea Davis Sociology Lynda Decker Elementary Carol Court George Courtney Dale Cousins James Cox Elementary Accounting Elementary Accounting Norman Cox George Craig Linda Craig Donna Cravener Math Educ Marketing Elementary Elementary Theodore Dehmer Ralph Delgodillo Shirley DeMarke General Business Sociology Journalism Educ David Crete Diana Crickmore Wayne Cronk Kathleen Crowley Dallas Demmitt David Denver Violet DeVinney Business Administration Chemistry General Business Sociology Sociology Management Elementary John Cunningham Susan Currey Bruce Currie Gayle Currier Joe Diaz John Dick Marilyn Dick Distributive Educ Sociology Chemistry Nursing Spanish Educ Architecture Elementary Seniors 1966 Thomas Draney Accounting Eva Durfee Math Educ Joanna Driskell Sociology William Dul Accounting Paula Duckworth Art Jerome Dvorak Accounting Thomas Dickinson Finance Jim Dobkins Political Science Mary Ann Dow Sociology Mary Ann Diehl English Dorothy Dodd Elementary Carol Downey Elementary Donna Dillon English Educ Peter Dooley Physical Educ Scott Drakulich Psychology Dennis Dverre Marketing Joel Dyar Architecture James Dyer Management Gerald Eagleburger Accounting William Eddy Accounting Cheryl Edel Sociology Rae Ann Eden J. Walter Edge Elemetary Physical Educ Sue Effron Element ary Robert Egan Architecture Construction Doryce Eggleston Patrick Eiseman Gloria Eisenstein English Educ Marketing Art Educ Don Elliott Insurance Virginia Elsmore English Educ Tracy Ensign Paula Eschelbach Elementary Elementary Harry Esh English Educ Elia Esquer Spanish Educ David Evans Aerospace Lee Evans Political Science Roger Evans Sociology George Eversole Finance Louise Everson Elementary James Fabian History Educ Joan Fafara Spanish Seniors 1966 Alejandro Fahsen Architecture Archie Farnsworth Engineering Robert Fedock Architecture-Construction Joann Feger English Educ Larry Felix Political Science Jeanen Fellet Elementary Ted Felmann Pre-Medical Joan Fencken Elementary Carol Ferguson Elementary David Fichter Architecture-Construction Jerry Fiedler Busines s Management Tom Fife Management Deanna Fimbres Sociology Tonja Fineout Elementary Thomas Fink Accounting Ross Fish Journalism Lawrence Fisher Electrical Engineering Georgeanne Fitzpatrick Elementary Stewart Fleisher Business Administration John Fletcher Accounting Ralph Flores Physical Educ Mike Foley Zoology Mary Lynn Felkerth English Educ Laurian Folmer Elementary Vivian Forde English Educ Patrick Forester Geography Virginia Forte History Educ C. Carlton Fosdick Biology Cheryl Foster Elementary Joseph Fournier Sociology Geoff Fowler Sociology Julie Fowler English Susan Francis Speech and Drama Educ Reavis Franklin Architecture-Construction Diane Franquero Primary Educ Fred Freshley Architecture-Construction Alan Friedman Marketing Donald Fronko Finance Diane Frost Elementary Robert Funk Management Naomi Funk Psychology John Fung Business Educ Thad Fullmer Elementary Jeannine Fullerton Elementary Carol Galen Elementary Peter Galoe History Michael Gallagher History Maureen Gannon Elementary Edward Garcia Spanish Educ Isabel Garcia Elementary Ron Garcia Industrial Arts Educ Patty Garnes Elementary Robert Garvey Electrical Engineering Ronald Gatesh Advertising Delmar Geist Art Dianne Gentry Elementary Tom Geraghty Marketing Sylvia Gervais English Linda Ghiotto Elementary Joan Gibson Spanish Rosa-Lee Gibson Home Economics Educ Suzanne Gilbert Elementary Kathryn Gillette Physical Educ Mayre Lynn Glasson Elementary James Glayer Mechanical Engineering Jerald Glenn Physical Science Karen Glenn Elementary Cathryn Goddard History Joseph Gohier Economics Susan Golden History Educ Alan Goldey Aeronautical Engineering Sharon Goldhug Elementary Edmundo Gonzales Elementary Max Goodrich Marketing Sandra Goodwin History Educ 129 Greg Corder W. Dennis Lois Gottsfield Charlene Graham Management Gorman French Educ Elementary Political Science Educ Rufus Gragg Joseph Granio Bruce Green Michael Green Business Administration Agriculture General Business Marketing Nancy Hagedorn Math Educ Walter Hallinan English William Hankerson Accounting Stevie Haimes Elementary William Hallinan Economics Lynette Hannigan Elementary Donald Halderman Accounting Dennis Hamilton Physical Educ Richard Hanson. Business Educ William Green Jerry Greener Susan Gregory Beverly Grimm Accounting General Business Graphics Elementary Rebecca Grindrod Ann Graves Larry Gruenka Patricia Guif Mary Lou Hapner Beth Ann Harris Donald Harris Grindrod English Educ Chemistry Elementary Physical Educ Secondary Educ Construction Elementary Larry Gunning William Gunrel Cemil Gunyuz David Guthrie Linda Harrison Michael Harrison Robert Harrison Management Geography Architecture General Psychology Industrial Arts Educ Finance Construction Business John Guthrie Judith Gustafson Vicki Hackbarth Cheryl Hadaway Dawn Harman Elizabeth Harper Susan Harter Architecture Social Welfare English Educ Elementary Elementary Elementary English Seniors 1966 Barbara Harwood George Hasandras La Verna Halley Russell Hazelett Chester Heath Nancy Heath Mike Helfner Physical Educ Finance Elementary Elementary Electrical Engineering Elementary Journalism Gregory Haugen John Havland Marilynn Haueisen Dianne Helms Ted Hemphill Brad Hendricks General Business Management Elementary Spanish Educ Linda Helser Electrical Mechanical Janet Hawker Bruce Hayden James Hayes Journalism Engineering Medical Technology Commercial Art Management Jane Hendricks Robert Henley John Hensler Roswitha Hering Valentine Hernandez John Hernikl Dannene Hessler Patricia Heyl Sociology History Educ Architecture Elementary Commercial Art Architecture Spanish Elementary Construction Thomas Heywood John Hickman Harold Higgins Dorothy Hill James Hill Judy Hipke Nancy Hill Viola Hill Industrial Engineering Botany Electrical Engineering Home Economics Educ Elementary English Educ Elementary Elementary Michael Hillbert Mary Ann Hilvers Leo Hirsch Arlene Hochfeld Ronald Hockenberg Bruce Hofmann C. William Hooe Joseph Hopkins Commercial Art Psychology History Elementary Political Science Marketing Advertising Industrial Engineering 131 Seniors 1966 Robert Horn Mathematics Sandra Hornbaker Physical Educ Mark Horne Political Science Neil Horlbech Chemistry Ronald House Architecture Construction Betty Howard Nursing James Howard Finance Michael Hruza General Business Robert Hulme Advertising Algene Hudkins Mathematics Kenneth Hudson Mechanical Engineering Alva Huffer Sociology Marlys Hug Nursing Michael Hughes Political Science Ronald Hummell Accounting Mary Hunt English Educ Judy Hunter Spanish Educ Regine Hunter Business Educ William Hunter Animal Husbandry Anna Huston Home Economics Educ Robert Hutchins Mechanical Engineering Ruby Hyatt Nursing Jane Hyde Elementary Shelby Hyne History Tima Irani English Susan Irvine Elementary Roberta Iso Elementary Sandra Ives Radio-Tv Judy Jacklin French Janet Jackson Insurance Louis Jacobs Accounting Roderick Jacobsen Political Science Irvin Jacobson Journalism Sandra Jacobson Home Economics Educ Carol James Sociology 132 Robert Janicki Political Science Bette Jarvi Chemical Engineering Theodore Jarvi Industrial Engineering Patricia Jay Sociology George Jedson Sociology Daniel Jefferies Agricultural Business Bill Jeffery Political Science Edith Jensen English Educ Gerald Jensen Architecture Construction Johnny John General Business Carol Johnson English Gordon Johnson History Educ James Johnson Accounting Janiece Johnson Physical Educ Jean Johnson Nursing Lonna Johnson Medical Technology Michael Johnson Business Administration Pamela Johnson Sociology Richmond Johnson Management Charles Johnston Business Administration James Johnston Farm and Ranch Management William Johnston Elementary Kathryn Jolley Spanish Delores Jones Elementary Ellen Jones Instrumental Music Educ Lynda Jones French Marlyne Jones Art Paula Jones Russian Educ Robert Jones Industrial Engineering Judith Kaderlik Elementary Richard Kadet Political Science Christine Kajikawa English Educ Lynn Kasper Sociology Paul Katsenes Elementary Barbara Kauffman Office Management Gene Kause Management Yukie Kawata Elementary Rodger Kay English James Keating Management Robert Kec Physical Educ 133 Janet Keim Kathryn Keith Janet Kek Frederick Kemp Choral Educ. Nursing Elementary General Business Patty Kendig Edward Kent Alan Kenworthy Kenneth Kerner Elementary Marketing Math Educ. Physical Educ. Jay Kopman Accounting Steven Kosto Architecture Tom Krevser History Wayne Korinek Recreation Kathy Krauss Elementary Gerald Krighn Marketing Gary Kosto Electronics Kenneth Krebs History Carolyn Kropf Elementary Georgia Kerr Kevin Leonard Sandra Kiel Judy Kimball Spanish Educ. Political Science Office Administration Spanish Educ. Chris Kindig Robert Kish Sheila Kitzman Bruce Klahr Mike Kryder Sandra Kuenstler William Laasch Elementary Industrial Arts Educ. English Marketing Chemistry Art General Business Robert Knight Management Sue Knight Elementary Donald Knudsen Spanish Earl Knudsen Political Science Lee Ladwig Math Educ. Phillip Lambson Accounting John Lancy Accounting William Koeneman Ed Kolpak Kay Komoroske Buth Kong Richard Landeira Paul Landes Preston Long Chemistry Architecture Construction Elementary English Educ. Spanish Business Educ. Journalism Seniors 1966 Sandra Lang Susan Lange Elementary Psychology Bruce Larson Jacquelynne Laster Electrical Elementary Engineering Andrew Laubmeier John Latimer Accounting Aeronautical Technology Beverly Langley Nursing Ivan Lay Chemistry Hughart Laughlin Political Science Educ. Jan Laverty Pamela Lawrence Judith Leach Beverly Learned General Business History Spanish Francis Lee Victory Lee Suzanne Leet Elementary Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Home Alice Leezer Economics Educ. Elementary Sharon Legge English Marvin Leggett English Educ. Mary LeGrand Maureen Lehnertz Elinor Lehto Nursing Commercial Art Botany Frederic Lemberg Mary-Joyce Leonard Carol Lerner Accounting Elementary Elementary Phyllis Letto Nelson Leverage Madelaine Levy Bea Libby Tom Liden Nancy Lightfoot Linda Ligon John Lim Mathematics Office Administration Elementary Elementary Business Administration English Anthropology Spanish Educ. Sam Linder William Lindner John Lines David Linley Mary Livingston Lawrence Locke Jo Lockhart Kay Lockwood Accounting Marketing Farm Ranch Management English Chemical Enginering English Educ. Sociology Management 135 Dee Logan Physical Educ. Don Lohff Psychology Julie Loper Physical Educ. Art Lopez Business Administration Violet Lopez Sociology Daniel Lorti Electrical Engineering Darla Love Office Administration Davis Love Psychology Marilyn Love Elementary Mary Lowell History Ronald Lowrie Political Science Arthur Lubin Political Science Terry Luevano Elementary Albert Lussish Aeronautical Engineering Maxine Lynch Home Economics Leo McCarn Elementary Helen McCarthy Elementary James McCartney Business Administration Sue McClelland Elementary Michael McColgin English Educ. Seniors 1966 Gene McCorkle Electrical Engineering Charles McCracken Advertising Dennis McCulley Elementary John McCullough Business Administration Sharon MacDonald Elementary Karen McDonough Elementary Marco McElwain Sociology Kathy McEntyre Elementary Oren McEwen Accounting Casey McKillip Elementary William McLaughlin Drama Educ. Estelle McLeod Home Economics Educ. Mary Lou McNatt Drama Carole McNey Elementary Carol McPherson Political Science 136 Barbara McReynolds Home Economics Educ. Geo rge Macedon Sociology Paul Machmer History Richard Macklin Biology Gilbert Madsen Business Administration Terry Magowan English Educ. Jerry Mah Architecture Doris Mahoney Nursing John Mahoney Management Helen Malutin Russian John Manier Real Estate Christine Marin English Kay Martens English Educ. Carol-Ann Martin English Educ. Carole Martin Mathematics Barbara Martin Elementary Rick Martin Mechanical Engineering Anthony Martinez Spanish Dolares Martinez Primary Educ. Raymond Martinez Instrumental Music Educ. John Masaryk Chemistry Charles Mason Business Administration June Mason Business Educ. Pamela Massie Anthropology Barbara Mathewson Elementary Edward Matthews Radio-TV John Mattice Farm Ranch Management Edward Mauck Physical Educ. Thomas Mauge History Gordon Maxwell General Business Patricia Means Psychology Paul Meany Accounting Tanya Melton History Ronald Merkley Mechanical Engineering Mary Lou Mendez Math Educ. Patricia Mertens Elementary Judy Meyer Social Welfare Katherine Meyer Journalism Michael Michael Marketing Anthony Nicholson Sociology 137 Ted Miklnka Fred Miles Darrow Miller Leslie Miller Political Science Chemistry Architecture Construction Tool Manufacturing Marilyn Miller Robert Miller Tamara Miller Bob Montano Elementary Elementary Drama English Janis Moser Elementary Claud Moutray Math Educ. Steve Munro Engineering Management Sandra Mosier Elementary Jane Mullen Elementary John Murphy Business Management Angela Moutray English Educ. Helen Mulligan Sociology John Murray Business Administration Ben Montijo Mera Montgomery Dolly Moody Lynda Moomaw Sociology Business Educ. English Educ. Elementary Edgar Moore Leon Moore Ronald Moore Terry Moore John Myers Lisa Myers Sheryl Myers Business Administration Finance Advertising Civil Engineering Physical Educ. Spanish Elementary Dennis Moorehead Johnny Morales Jon Morris Martha Ann Morris Elias Nackard Diane Nager Peter Napier Art Educ. History Educ. Journalism Elementary Political Science English Educ. English Educ. Carl Morse Jeffry Morse Leland Morse Allan Mosby Georgia Navarre Byron Nelson James Nelson Microbiology Instrumental Music Educ. Psychology History Elementary Office Administration Accounting Seniors 1966 O ' Lena Nelson Political Science Andrew Nickles Architecture Norman Norse Accounting Jacqueline Neunzig Elementary Erwin Niehaus Architecture-Construction Dennis Nowlin Crop Production Management April Newby Elementary John Nolan Political Science Susan Nystad Elementary Linda Oakley Primary Educ. Jan Oelze General Educ. M. Lynn Oakley Margaret O ' Connor Joseph Odrzywolski English English Chemical Engineering Richard Oliver John Olson. Roger Olson Management Accounting Animal Science Michael Orcutt Steve Orcutt Walter Orlinsky Judy Ormsby Gwen Owens Rayna Owers Donna Panarella Charles Paris Political Science Agriculture Speech Drama Educ. English Educ. Fashion Design Elementary Elementary Psychology Richa rd Parry Political Science Karen Parson Elementary Douglas Patterson Accounting Ira Patterson Elementary Bob Patton Architecture Marjorie Pavelin Ronald Pearlman. James Peart Elementary Political Science Sociology Carole Peavler Frederick Pensworth Felix Pereza Political Science Electrical Engineering Math Educ. Joe Perkins Michael Perlman Terry Perucca Bonnie Peterson Michael Pfeilsticker Industrial Arts Educ. English Educ. Business Administration Nutrition Management Seniors 1966 Daryl Phillips Elementary Katherine Phillips Zoology Nancy Phillips Sociology Shelby Phillips Russian Psychology Susan Phillips Zoology Terrence Phillips Chemical Engineering Helen Pickett Nursing Aloen Pilloud Choral Music Educ. Howard Pink Music Performance Paul Piscano Radio TV Joyce Poole Psychology Howard Porter Electrical Engineering Merlene Porter Elementary Nick Portis English Lynn Posen Elementary Jill Pitman Elementary Lawrence Pitsch Business Administration Lulu Belle Pittard Health Educ. Chris Pollack Journalism Tanya Pomeroy Elementary Diane Powell English Harry Powers Marketing Sandra Price Home Economics Educ. Richard Probst Marketing Linda Puchi Elementary Cheryl Pullan Home Economics Educ. Jackie Purviance Elementary David Quail Engineering John Quick Finance James Quirk Physics Jody Ragland Elementary Michael Rakow Political Science Alfred Ramsey Elementary James Ranes Psychology Wayne Ranks General Business Lawrence Ransom Accounting Jane Rasmussen Elementary John Rasmussen Agricultural Business Melinda Rasmussen Elementary Ron Ravenscroft General Business Tim Rauhouse Music Nick Rayes Marketing Sharon Reardon Elementary Lynne Reetz Biology Educ Pamela Reeve Radio-TV Advertising Allen Reid Business Administration Cornella Reidy Nursing John Reiser Insurance Fred Reish Political Science Lance Renfrow Chemical Engineering Edward Renschler Electrical Engineering Joseph Revak Architecture-Construction Marie Reynolds Business Educ Robert Reynolds Psychology Hank Rhodes Anthropology Jefferson Rhodes Political Science Peggy Rhoton Elementary Walter Rhoton Insurance Carol Richard Music Educ James Richmond History Educ Janet Rietow Elementary Gene Rimmer Psychology John Riordon Electrical Engineering Charles Ripper Radio-TV Barbara Ripplinger Education Frank Rivera Construction Carol Robertson Elementary Katy Robertson Accounting R. Scott Robinson Electrical Engineering Carolyn Rockwell Elementary Nancy Rodman Business Educ Albert Rodriquiz History Educ Phylis Roessler History Educ Karen Rohrer Elementary Elisa Rojos Elementary 141 David Rolando Larry Rork Janice Rose Diane Rosen Electrical Engineering Zoology Home Economics Journalism Charles Rosok Leo Rossi Peter Rothlisberg Sandra Rovey General Business General Business Zoology Education Jackie Sandoz Elementary Jim Sarti Business Administration Charles Scharf General Business Ellen Sanson Sociology Landa Scarbrough Elementary Karen Schmidt Music Educ David Sargent Chemistry Charles Schable Microbiology Bernard Schmitz Aeronautics Francis Roy Ann Royer Edward Royse Alan Rozefsky Management Psychology History Educ Marketing Charles Rtajski Beverly Rubel Irwin Rubin Karen Ryan Industrial Arts Educ English Educ Agriculture Elementary Julie Saliba Lora Sapp Richard Sallquist Oren Salo Elementary Office Administration Marketing Business Administrati on Nancy Schmoker Bonnie Schroeder William Schuemann History Educ Art General Business Victor Schultz Victor Schwanbeck Jan Scofield Speech Political Science Chemical Engineering Joan Salzbrenner Eva Sample Susan Sanders Pat Sandhowe Nova Scott Penny Scott Roberta Scott Business Educ Francis Educ Sociology Accounting Geography Physical Educ English Educ Seniors 1966 Bill Shammel Virginia Shamberg Radio-TV English Frances Shearwood Russell She dd Elementary Chemical Engineering Juanita Shear Richard Shearer Elementary Management Judith Sheen Patricia Sheer Elementary Nursing Jack Shiker Nancy Shobe Alfred Shope Bob Short Lynn Short Randall Shuck Jerry Shugars Richard Sickafoose Political Science Spanish Educ Math Educ Accounting Elementary History Geography General Business Randy Silver Ben Simmons Judith Simmons Margaret Simmons Harold Simpson Stanley Sims Dennis Skarecky Angela Skelton Political Science Mathematics Mathematics English Educ Industrial Educ Mechanics Political Science Zoology James Slechta James Sliger Diane Smaw Becky Smith Byron Smith Charles Smith Diane Smith Eldon Smith Accounting Finance Elementary History Tool Manufacturing Accounting Nursing Political Science 143 Seniors 1966 Gary Smith Management Grant Smith Botany Joy Smith English Educ Lucile Smith Home Economics Marla Lee Smith History Educ Merle Smith Elementary Muriel Smith Nursing Noelle Smith English Martin Solomon Business Administration Carol Sorenson Physical Educ George Sotos Marketing Helen Spain Clothing Textiles Sanford Staley Mathematics William Stanford Marketing Margaret Stapleton Nursing James Stark Industrial Engineering Peter Steel Architecture-Construction Joan Steele Accounting Mark Steinberg Political Science Robert Steinberg Electrical Engineering Martha Stellhorn History Joseph Stephens Geology Educ Herman Stephenson Management Carol Stern Art Educ Grant Sternberg Chemical Engineering Victor Stevens Physical Educ Susan Stewart Physical Educ Les Stimac General Business Mary Stoll Business Educ Howard Stone Political Science Jane Stonehouse Elementary Michael Stone Recreation Fred Storm Engineering Pam Stranger French Vincent Streech Management Karen Stroberg History Mary Struthers Office Administration Lee Sullivan Finance Tom Sullivan General Business Edmund Sussdorf Elementary Stanley Swengel Architecture-Construction Donald Taicevchi Mechanical Engineering Thomas Tang Management Bonnie Taylor History Michael Teeter Marketing Ruthanna Terrell Elementary Joyce Thatcher Elementary Martha Thayer Journalism John Thiele History Educ Thomas Malen Accounting Eleanor Thomas English Educ Judith Thomas Elementary Paula Thomas French Educ Terry Thomas Elementary Sandra Thurber Home Economics Margaret Thurston Drama Joseph Tierney Economics Mary Tierney Journalism Walter Tilford Elementary Richard Tingley English Educ David Tininenko Marketing Norman Tippner Sociology Patricia Toothaker English Educ Jill Troelstrup History Educ June Trotman Elementary Donald Trotter Advertising Christine Turchi Elementary Karen Turner Math Educ Brian Tyler General Business Rochelle Tyler Elementary James Uhl Mechanical Engineering Frances Ulman Anthropology Michael Vahle Finance Kathy Valentine Marketing Ted Vallas Architecture-Construction Valerie Vandenburg John Van Houten Walt Van Leer Julius Vargo Elementary Accounting General Business Engineering Robert Vaseeler Jeanne Vaupell Janet Velasco Terrance VenRooy Accounting Elementary Biology Educ Accounting Paul Wallace General Business Gerald Waltman Sociology Dennis Warnock Business Educ Robin Wallace Mathematics Vern Walton Finance Carol Wash Biology Stephen Wallace Anthropology William Ward Electronics Joseph Washburn Chemistry David Veres Ann Verhoeven John Vernon Jean Vickrey Mechanical Engineering Sociology Economics Sociology Ann Vignola Elementary Manuel Villareal John Villaverde History Educ Physical Educ David Vinton Agricultural Business Ronald Washburn W. Joseph Watkins William Watters Zoology History History Educ Michael Vivian English Anita Vlibarri Elementary Martha Vojtko Elementary Robert Vosseller Accounting Betty Weber Office Administration Wanda Weber English Educ David Wegener General Business Robert Wager s Electrical Engineering Sammir Waite Elementary Charlotte Waka Elementary John Waldrop Electronics Jon Weiss Chemistry Eileen Welsh English Educ George West Political Science 146 Seniors 1966 Pamela West Elementary Carol Jean Whiting Office Administration Cheryl Wilke Physical Educ Robert Wheat Geography Mary Wickman English Educ William Wilkinson Accounting James Whitehead General Business Betty Wildermuth Elementary Williamson Drama Glenna Wilson Elementary Norman Witham Physical Educ Larry Wilson Accounting Peter Wood Mathematics James Winston Earline Wilburn Recreation Elementary Thomas Witthoff Roland Woodring Architecture Political Science Bruce Woolma Stephen Wrath Charles Wright Jahn Wright Jean Wright Bernie Wrightson Burke Wyatt David Yandell Management Radio-TV Mechanical Engineering General Business Elementary Psychology Architecture Music Educ Benny Yee Jo Ann Yeo Craig Young Inez Young Patricia Young Susan Young Wilda Young Robert Zaleski English Drama General Business English Elementary Nursing Elementary Construction Charles Zajie Thomas Zawicki Terrie Zenobe Judith Zerden Carl Ziesmer Annalee Ziman Joan Zimmer Marcia Zirbes Business Administration Aeronautics Social Welfare History Educ Aeronautics English Educ Math Educ General Business Happenings The spotlight has moved from the bookworm to te multi-faceted student. Books adn study are still te center of attention, but the university provides an off-stage curriculum. Concerts, plays and dances - as well as the unexpected- are but a few of the activities to lure the student And provide him a balanced environment. One highlight of Freshman Week is the picnic held on the Alumni House lawn. Most of the fun in Freshman Week is getting to know each other. Planned activities, unplanned confusion, and friendly spontaneity accomplishes the task of orienting the freshmen to each other. Part of Freshman Week includes the purchase of beanies. 150 Smiles, steaming hot dogs and ice cream are served up at frosh picnic. Dr. and Mrs. Durham greet freshmen at President ' s Reception. 151 152 Freshmen are Strangers in Paradise. That is, if a whitewashed face can be considered paradise. " A " painting, bookstore browsing and pom pon tryouts are typical orientation week activities. But you don ' t have to be a freshman to be told to get back in line because you haven ' t got all your registration materials. 153 Initiating the fail semester are various and diversified affairs on and near campus. Open house entertainment, the first elections, and the seasonal kick-off football game, show the vitality of the sudden burst of the new school year. Winning the sweepstakes trophy is Delta Sigma Phi for their intricate construction of " The Land of the Golden Gate, " complete with its own bay. Devils ride to first place in sorority division on the Pi Phi merry-go-round. ASU blankets are given to honored parents at festivities. 156 " Why don ' t we change platforms—to the abolishment of Palo Verde Bridge! " Homecoming days are sparked by regalia and paraphernalia of the yearly campaigns and elaborate displays. Initiated with much fanfare, the week includes an abundance of activities and climaxes with the football game. An energetic campaigner makes her way acros s campus. 157 Chi Omega ' s towering clown took second place in the sorority division. Homecoming King Sal Ban do escorts Queen Linda Oakley. The Quadrangle and Hayden Hall worked together in creating this symphonical gem. Theme for the Homecoming campaign was Symphony Americana. The campaign was full of pep, energy and originality, as students enthusiastically backed candidates. Marilyn Love crowns Linda Oakley, 1966 Homecoming queen, and King Sal Bando. Chi Omega ' s posse is on the prowl for would be voters, as they roam through campus shooting it up for their sorority sister Linda Oakley. Harkness Ballet ' s American debut featured Marjorie Tallchief. Eugene Lombardi conducts his orchestra at Gammage. Nightbell, a comic opera which author Donizetti called " a melodramatic farce, " was the season premiere of the university ' s Lyric Opera Theatre. The fall culture agenda bulged with the magnetic appeal of Gammage Auditorium. Attracted to the campus were the Harkness Ballet, Al Hirt, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, London ' s Amadeus String Quartet, Norman Luboff Choir, Jack Benny, and the Lettermen. Speaking on current issues were Barry Goldwater, Clare Booth Luce and Edgar May. University Players presented OF MICE AND MEN, RIGHT YOU ARE (IF YOU THINK YOU ARE) and GUYS AND DOLLS. Portrayed by University Players, George and Lenny, characters in Steinbeck ' s Of Mice and Men, gawk. Organized as a touring troupe featuring pantomime, Inner Mime members presented concerts. 161 Made possible through a gift from the late Hugh Long, the organ receives the approval of Dr. Schreiner, Pres. Durham, Mrs. Barbara Long and Hugh, Jr. Dr. Alexander Schreiner, Mormon Tabernacle ' s chief organist and a Fellow of the American Guild of Organists, performs inaugural concert. 162 dedication and student productions fill Gammage again. Dr. Alexander Schreiner, Mormon Tabernacle ' s chief organist, performed the inaugural concert on the 3,000-pipe Aeolian-Skinner organ. Handcrafted in Boston, the instrument is one of the world ' s few completely portable organs and the only one of its type in America. GUYS AND DOLLS, an all-student musical, displayed the developing talents of drama and music majors. 163 Diversity of campus life is in the activities it presents. Only at college does Sigma Chi Derby Day seem congruous with military responsibilities. 165 Dedicating the Forest Hydrology Lab during the Christmas season gave added cause for blythe spirits. The modern structure houses the Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station of the U.S. Forest Service. 167 Transportation problems are semi-solved. A sprouting campus, and its dearth of available parking areas, dictates the need to pick a pair of wheels. The bowling champions were from the Alpha Epsilon Pi house on Alpha Drive. John Early, Doyle Brown, and Rich Seminara won the intramural billiards 170 Jim Bell splashes poolside in the 50-y ard backstroke. SAE ' S Jan Powell, Mike McQuaid, Bob Engle, and Brent Harris won the 200-yard relay. Intramural swimming participants encourage team mate. Men ' s and women ' s intramural activities provided the opportunity for many students to experience victory and taste defeat and to practice the art of sportsmanship. Both programs under the direction of Men ' s Intramurals and Women ' s Recreation Association, respectively, had increased participation in both individual and team areas. The Phi Sigs won the volleyball championship for the time. Basketball competition alternated between the Goodwin Stadium courts and Sun Devil Gym. The billiards competition called for a sharp eye and a steady hand. 171 Rich Seminara and Dick Wiley won the badminton doubles event. Delta Sigs Phil Love and John Gooding won the tennis doubles Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity won the intramural football championship. Team members include, Front Row: George Duganz, Bill Stern, Ted Mullen, Gary Linton, Roger Valenchi, Dennis Cameron. Back Row: Dan Busch, Jim Bounds, Mike Foley, Pat Clevenger, Len Morgan, John Boyd. Rick Silliman, Tom Snyder, Doyle Brown, and Bill Young captured the intramural cross title for the Phi Sigs. Fiji Gary Linton won the heavyweight wrestling title. Keith Jacobson was the student director of the Men ' s Intramural program. He was assisted by Todd Pollock, Mike Mee, John Ottenstein, and Karen Kelly. They were advised by Dick Finley, ASASU Executive Manager, and Roger Evans. Pat Conway receives the trophy for winning the " A " flight badminton title. Billie Jensen won the " B " flight badminton championship. Best A resident Bill Philbrook won the 50-yard freestyle. 173 Delta Gamma sorority won the WRA sorority division volleyball title. Alpha Delta Pi pushed the DG ' s, but finished as runner-up. Dave Farmer and Penny Scott won the WRA open, tennis title. 174 " Get that ball! " was often heard in intramural ball. The Women ' s Recreation Association was headed by Barbara Harwood, president; Rayma Kirkpatrick, vice president; Karen Kelly, corresponding secretary; Shelia Brubaker, recording secretary; Nicki Norstrom, treasurer; Kathy Mero, publicity; and Mary Littlewood, Anne Pittman, advisers. Karen Kelly was intramural secretary. Two teams mix it up on the court. 175 Awards Time on the Drill Field is a time of military pomp and circumstance. Bands play and the colors pass in review as awards are presented to cadets meeting the challenges of military discipline and tradition. Fast out of the shoot comes rider and bull, but not for long. Dancers whoop-it-up at the Memorial Union performing authentic Indian dances. Aggie cooking at the western barbeque is smack-licken good. ASU coed performs diligently in rodeo arena. 178 Bells echo as Arizona Indians perform tribal dances. Western Week meets with wide approval as students and faculty are decked from Stetson to spurs. The wild and wooly West comes alive again as guys and gals compete for rodeo prizes. Gaily dressed Spanish senorita demonstrates grace and poise in Spanish dancing. 179 Mime University Players ' Right You Are (If You Think You Are) Lyric Opera Theatre ' s La Traviata Right You Are (If You Think You Are) 180 Met highlights Spring Culture programs with performances of Madame Butterfly, Cinderella, and Carmen. Enchanted by the Rumanian Folk Ballet, audiences also enjoyed concerts by the St. Louis, Cleveland and Pittsburgh Symphonies. Stan Getz, Theodore Bikel, Joan Collins and Glenn Yarbrough also performed. Orchesis Concert included " Munster-Punster " . 181 Dances and rallies give diversity to the classroom diet. Using originality in non-academic areas, groups sponsored dances with themes of " Batman, " " Bond Bash " and " Sneaky Pete, " commemorating the Valentine ' s Day massacre rather than a traditional theme. 182 183 184 Apartment living provides a different phase of independent-style campus living. Having appeal which dorms cannot have, apartments provide opportunity for barbecuing your own steak, swimming in your own pool and even washing your own dishes. 185 186 187 Fun with the Greeks provides a laugh, sometimes at your own expense, but you come back for more. Spring scenes are the reasons for Arizona students ' existence. Palms swaying in the breeze and buildings reflecting in the rain, but always a sun shining brightly guaranteed smile producers. 189 Memorial Union celebrates its tenth birthday with festivals of 13 countries. With the theme " Peace and Understanding, " the party featured a skyline of New York, including a 40-foot Statue of Liberty; a cake feeding 2,000 guests; and international exhibits such as France ' s Bastille Day atmosphere, China ' s New Year celebration and India ' s Republic Day commemoration. 191 Blue Key Carnival was held in conjunction with the Memorial Union Birthday Party. Organizations manned booths on College Avenue in an effort to obtain funds for the Dr. Ira B. Judd Scholarship Fund, which awards $100 to four students each semester. Entrants included an egg drop, car smash, Paris paint shop, miniature Chilean market, pie throw, " guillotine " and dunking booths. Blue Key Carnival TICKET BOOTH ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS DR. B. IRA JUDD SCHOLARSHIPS 193 Army and Air Force ROTC cadets enjoy a waltz with their dates at the fifth annual Military Ball held at Del Webb ' s TowneHouse ballroom. Celebrating Arizona State ' s 81st birthday, University Singers, directed by David Scoular, perform Kyrie Eleison for honored guests of Convocation Day. Milba Queen Julie Loper is attended by Susan Phillips and Sheri Convocation Day and Military Ball were held on the same day. The university commemorated its 81st birthday, and ROTC cadets celebrated the sixth annual Milba. Featured speaker Dr. Arnold Tilden amused a Convocation Day audience. 195 In Suntanning, skiing, swimming- all three are arts mastered by Sun Devils, who enjoyed the AMS-sponsored Water Sports Day. Events included water skiing, swimming relay, great exchange, boat races, inner tube relay and a secret event- diving for painted bottle caps. In overall competition Alpha Gamma Rho took first place honors, winning the inner tube relay and the first four classes in the boat races. Delta Sigma Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon were runners-up. Kathy Krutchfield and Judy Hickman were chosen as attendants to Queen Diane Brock. Semester tests create distraught students. Often resulting in tired and weary minds, yearning for answers that sometimes never come. Seniors reap the fruitful of painful, loving, and arduous years of study at graduation. The ceremony of graduation is symbolically stately. Caps, gowns, and diplomas are the living flower of the Sahuaro in bloom. Sports A revolution in athletics- where participation has moved from the field to the stands, or even farther- to the living room couch. Consequently the competition on the field is mo re rigid and complex. So are the athletes. Bill Gorman Dave Graybill Jerome Clardy, Frank Rispoli and Clyde Smith check over a contract. Members of the Athletic Control Board are, Front Row: Sandford Davis, J. J. Dauten, Clyde Smith, Guilford Dudley, Charles La Due. Second Row: Don Dotts, J. E. Zimmerman, Hazel Rittenhouse, Victor Miller, Sam Linder, Bob Frank Rispoli. Heading the administration of the athletic department is Athletic Director Clyde Smith . . . Frank Rispoli is Asst. Athletic Director . . . Jerome Clardy serves as Mr. Rispoli ' s assistant and as Director of Facilities .. . Newest addition to the administration is Field Representative Dave Graybill . . . Handling the ticket sales is Bill Gorman . . . Al Stephan is in charge of staging and promotion . . . handling the press and radio-TV corps is Dick Mullins .. . the office is the responsibility of Hazel Rittenhouse and Bonnie Youree .. . the head trainer and injury healer is Ray Robinson. Dick Mullins Al Stephans Football: Devils Kush ' em Back, Way Back Dick Tamburo Paul Kemp Jack Stovall Don Baker Coach Kush listens intently on sidelines to the spotter in press box who looks for weakness in visiting team during the game. These tips can be the difference in a victory or a loss. Dick Corrick 205 During grueling two-week preseason drills at Camp Tontozona, Devils conquer Mt. Kush and hoist Arizona State banners. Hoards of spirit balloons (one of which was subsequently found a week later by a farmer in distant North Dakota) are released at the season ' s kickoff. Taking the field against BYU in the opening game, Devils are led by Larry Laughlin (63), Larry Widmer (64), Ray Shirey (76) and Reggie Jackson (26). SEASON SCORES ASU 6 Brigham Young 24 ASU 27 New Mexico 14 ASU 0 Utah State 13 ASU 28 Texas Western 20 ASU 14 West Texas 22 ASU 7 Washington St. 6 ASU 8 Wichita State 6 ASU 14 Wyoming 10 ASU 14 San Jose 21 ASU 14 Arizona 6 Won 6, Lost 4 Grueling Preseason Drills Pay Off; Devils Roar With 5 Victories in Row HONORARY CO-CAPTAINS John Folmer Bobby Johnson WAC Standings Brigham Young 4-1 Arizona State 3-1 Wyoming 3-2 New Mexico 2-3 Utah 1-3 Arizona 1-4 Spring drills . . . crunch, bang, ooof . . . shoulder pads banging . . . Camp Tontozona . . . 46, 24, 14, hut, hut .. around right end .. . the hole over tackle . . . crunch . . . tweeeeeeet . . . no, over the center slot . . run it again . . . down and out . . . give him a head fake and cut inside . . come up on that play . . . take the blocker out . . . final practice sessions before BYU . . . check the board for assignments . . . be tough . . . the papers say we ' ll be defense only . . . let ' s show ' em some offense . . . be up for the game . . . remember first year in WAC . . . first league game . . . first game of season . . . BYU great offense . . . big crowd, defense good . . . offense needs work . . . here come the Cougars of BYU . . . 35, 354 voices, 70,708 eyes all on the Devils . . the kickoff . . . straining to see Hawkins receive kickoff . . . 10,000 balloons go skyward . . . Hawkins runs return . . . crunch . . . Hawkins tackled .. . first contact . . . the season is on! . . . BYU offense very strong . . . Devil defense fights for its life . . . running very poor . . . Goodman takes to air . . Cougars too strong . . . take opener 24-6 . . . Look to Utah State for next game . . . Roy Shivers leads Aggies . . . Devils offense sputters . . . held first shutout in 84 games . . . passing only highlight . . . U-State 13-0 victor . . . road to West Texas . . . Buff ' s dominate 22-14 . . . offense falters . . . Wichita in Sun Devil Stadium . . . Devils win on two field goals and a safety . . . crowd holds breath as Shockers try 2-point conversion in closing minutes . . . Devils hold and win 8-6 for first win of season . . travel to San Jose . . . Spartans open 21-0 lead in first period . . . Devil defense digs in and holds Spartans to no first downs in last three quarters . . . lead too much to overcome ... drop fourth game, 21-14. Second half of season . . . meet WAC leader New Mexico . . . offense comes alive .. snaps lull ... runs over Lobos 27-14 . . . Meet Texas Western on road . against second best offense and passer in . Devils trail miserably . . . offense perks up . . . Hawkins goes wild ... 64-yard punt return ... 54-yard interception . . . Devils win 2nd in row . . Washington State in to help Homecoming and Parent ' s Day . . Cougars, 6-1, looking for Rose Bowl bid . . . Devils, scored first on field goal .. . but three points down ... two plays later in for 6-pointer and 1 point conversion . . . Cougars score in final two minutes . . try 2 pointer for win . . defense . . . Fans chant " No roses for you! " . . . walk off field with 7-6 win and 3rd victory in row . . . Wyoming new WAC leader . Devils battle the Cowboys and take 4th successive win, 14-10 . . . point to big game with Tucson . . . offense and defense favor Devils . . . Wildcats always up for this one .. . all things balanced . . both offense and defense prove great . . „Devils take 5th straight and end season 6-4 . Hawkins cops MVP . . signs with Eagles . . . John Folmer and Bobby Johnson chosen captains , .. Goodman wins Most Improved Player . . . Bob Leuck Outstanding Lineman . . Jim Bramlet awarded Sportsmanship Trophy . . . Rick Davis takes Oil Can for team morale. Varsity members are, First Row: Coach Paul Kemp, Bob Rokita, Curley Culp, Bob Leuck, George Corneal, Ben Hawkins, Head Coach Frank Kush, Chuck Kolb, Darrell Hoover, Bobby Johnson, Art Duncan, Coach Dick Tamburo. Second Row: Coach Dick Corrick, John Scavo, Larry Laughlin, Gerald Szostak, Dewey Forrister, Paul Palumbo, Jim Bramlet, John Goodman, Steve Timarac, Tim Evans, Dan Dunn, Jesse Fleming, Dr. W. W. Scott, Physician. Third Row: Coach Don Baker, Travis Williams, Larry Langford, Dick Egloff, Tom Haupert, Obia Lowe, Dick Sica, Ed Fosnaught, Larry Widmer, Jon Perry, Max Anderson, Coach Bill Kajikawa. Fourth Row: Coach Jack Stovall, John Brown, Cecil Abono, Ed Hopkins, John Hanson, Ray Shirey, Ken Dyer, Chuck Osborne, John Pitts, Joe Young, Trainer Ray Robinson. Baton Twirler Emma Fricchione dazzles crowd. Opening game of season . . . eager fans await opening kickoff . . . ten thousand balloons go up as Hawkins takes kickoff . . . BYU scores in first three periods . . Devils running attack checked . . . John Goodman forced to go to air . . . fourth quarter, Goodman lofts one to for 48 yards . . . first score of year . . . game ends BYU 24, ASU 6 . . . fans baffled . . . long year predicted. Max Anderson (22) is trapped and downed from behind by Cougar defender at scrimmage line. Leo Rossi Bob Leuck Jack Shiker George Corneal Quarterback John Goodman drops back to pass against Cougars, fullback Jon Perry blocks. 208 BYU, Aggies Tough, ASU Falls 24-6, 13-0 End Dewey Forrister catches quick throw from quarterback John Goodman as BYU safety charges. Tame fans view a defensive battle ... both teams scoreless at half . . . Devils stall Aggies . . . no USU first down in 2nd Quarter ... U-State scores in 3rd on runs by Roy Shivers . . . Aggies score again during 4th on 64-yard pass with 2:24 left . . . Final score USU 13, ASU 0 . . . First shut-out in 84 games ... hell freezes over . . . Devil fans predict even longer year. 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance ASU BYU 7 12 6 8 96 266 146 134 242 400 1 0 5-44 2-44.5 6-51 4-31 1 35,354 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance ASU USU 1 9 10 5 43 172 160 113 203 285 0 1 9-41.8 6-41 6-50 6-57 0 1 29,112 Max Anderson (22) rolls out and is led by blockers John Goodman (20) Obia Lowe (61) and George Corneal (78). Action takes place in Utah State game. 209 Coach Kush paces sidelines after 22-14 loss. First road trip for Devils . . . face West Texas State Buffaloes . . . Buffs score first . . . Stampede again . . . Conversion wide . . . WTS 13, ASU 0 . . . Devils recover on WTS 12 . . . Travis Williams scores on two runs . . . 1:11 left at half . . . to Hawkins for 20-yd TD . . . Devils lead at half 14-13 . . . 3rd stanza opens, WTS scores quickly . . . WTS 22, ASU 14 . . . Very long year predicted. Goodman drops back and cocks arm to throw a pass. Devils home against Shockers . . Give ' em Hell Devils! . . . Defense . . . ASU opens scoring in 2nd on 36-yd field goal . . . 4th quarter . . . ASU catches Shockers for safety . . . Rick Davis good for second field goal . . . Shockers awake with 1:08 left ... Hush as 2-point conversion is tried . . . Misses . . . Devils roar blankets . . . first win . . Kush fails to " long year tag. " Jumping high Elaine Peiffer cheers Devils on. ASU WTS 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance 2 5 7 11 48 83 149 296 197 379 1 1 3-50.3 7-37.6 10-92 12-153 1 17,000 Devils Fail Road Test 22-14, Beat Wichita 8-6 High-stepping Devil Halfback Travis Williams (23) eludes Wichita tackler but is quickly trapped by the rest of the blitzing Shocker backfield. by the onslaught of the charging defense is guard George Corneal (78). 210 ASU WSU 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance 5 5 8 7 69 62 205 134 274 196 1 0 6-42.5 7-44.3 3-35 4-19 0 24,657 Coach Tamburo instructs linebacker Palumbo. Ben Hawkins nabs a Goodman pass. Ben was in the clear and went in to score against West Texas. Place kicker Rick Davis sends another one soaring into the air; John Goodman held. Davis kicked two field goals to lead the Sun Devils to a no touchdown 8-6 win over Wichita. 211 Spartans Slim Victors, Lobos Victims Ben Hawkins leaps high and walks on air to successfully snare a Goodman pass. Referee signals score as San Jose kicks point after. Devils who attempted to block Spartan extra point are Ray Shirey (76) and Dewey Forrister (87). 212 John Pitts catches a Goodman pass, as a New Mexico defender moves in. 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance ASU SJS 12 3 3 1 190 89 56 66 246 155 1 1 2-39 5-39.4 6-35 5-37 1 13,600 ASU NMU 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance 12 9 9 3 177 143 145 70 322 213 0 0 3-39.3 4-39.5 3-25 4-32 0 24,182 Charlene Saylor, Linda Hershey, Nancy Poulson and Kenni Henderson cheer Devils on to victory. Second road trip for ASU . . . fans glued to radio . . . Spartans of San Jose State score three quick TD ' s . . . A-State gets tough, allowing only one first down in final three quarters . . . Devils score in 2nd period . . . again in 2nd half . . Spartan lead too much to overcome . SJS 21, ASU 14 .. . looking better but record seems to shatter all hopes .. Devils stand at 1-4. Sun Devils face Western Athletic leader New Mexico . . . band marches in, hopeful fans eye the kickoff . . . ASU running game comes alive . .. at end of the first quarter . . . Devils penetrate end zone twice in second period . . . pyrotechnic rockets . . . both conversions fail . . . but Devils lead 19-7 . . . Runners now gain strength . . Goodman-to-Hawkins passing combination is good for 29-yard tally . . . scoring ends at 27.14 .. . Devils snapping out. Hawkins gets the ball knocked out of his hands on a hard tackle by a San Jose defender. 213 Ben Hawkins Darrell Hoover Late Surge Sends Miners Underground 28-20; No Roses for Cougars, 7-6 Devil mentor Frank Kush closes eyes on play against WSU. End Dewey Forrister takes flare pass and moves downfield, taking Cougar tacklers with him. Bobby Johnson (59) and Dewey Forrister (87) lead the blocking for All-American Ben Hawkins (18), as he goes around left end against Washington State. A-State won 7-6. ASU WSU 8 8 1 2 161 127 35 44 196 44 0 171 9-44.8 7-47.1 3-30 7-35 1 32,872 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance ASU TWC 6 5 6 12 157 65 138 326 295 295 3 0 8-46.4 8-41 4-45 8-92 0 24,753 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance Devil Fullback Jim Bramlet goes around Cougar defensive back on march to fourth period score. Final road trip takes Devils to El Paso . . . TW features best offense in country . . . second best offensive quarterback .. . at end of third, ASU drive seems over .. Miners lead 20-7 . . . Devils go looks hopeless .. . suddenly ASU bounces back on Jim Bramlet ' s TD run . . . Hawkins Punt 69 yards for TD . . . leaves 11 Miners grasping air . . . point after good . . . Devils take 21-20 lead . . . Miners demoralized . . . with four seconds left, Hawkins intercepts on TW 44-yard line and runs for score . . . 4th quarter rally nets 28-20 Devil win . . . things looking up. Homecoming and Parent ' s Day . . gala welcome for Moms, Dads and alums . . Cougars 6-1 record boasts three wins over Big Ten teams ... Rose Bowl hopes seem sure as Cougars enter Devil ' s Den . . . no score until 6:37 of fourth quarter . . . ASU scores with 31-yard field goal . . . but WS penalty on the field goal . . . Kush rampant, decides against 3-pointer, aims for TD . . . Goodman throws two passes, score at 5:55 . . . with 3:11 remaining, ASU fumbles . . . WS scores, tries for conversion . . first try erased by penalty ... ASU defense holds on second attempt . . . Langford, Hendershot catch QB 10 yards behind line of scrimmage . . . fans echo " No roses for you! " . . . Devils playing top flight ball . . record at .500. Jim Bramlet (43) and Ken Dyer (88) throw block as Devils kick winning conversion against Cougars. Quarterback John Goodman (20) hurtles the Wyoming line in an attempt to block for halfback Travis Williams (23) as Cowboy defenders close in. Cowboys, Arizona Black Blue as " Loser " Devils End with 5 in a Row 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles lost attendance ASU WYO 8 7 5 13 197 68 67 240 264 324 3 1 5-47.7 2-32 5-59 2 1 23,731 1st down rush 1st down pass yards rush yards pass total yards pass intcp punts penalties fumbles attendance ASU UA 4 6 5 4 144 91 84 100 288 191 0 0 10-45.7 9-30.3 5-53 4-49 0 4 38,782 Cowboys fire trigger early with 7.0 lead . . . 2nd quarter Devils score twice . . . 52 yard power run by Travis Williams and fumble recovery account for scores . . . second half shows strong ASU defense .. . ASU 14, Wyoming 10 . . . 5-4 record . . anxiously await invasions of Tucson Rick Davis Chuck Kolb The fading Wildcats come to town dinner ... whole season is summed up in this game ... in 1st quarter, fans are shocked by U of A ' s Scott . . " Great " Scott runs back punt for 91 yards .. shades of 1963 ' s opening runback . . . 12 seconds left in half . . Max Anderson scores from 20 . . . fans go wild . . . 3rd quarter stalemate leads excitement to final stanza . . . Anderson hero again . hauls in 17-yarder from Goodman . . Devil has final day . . . ASU 14, UA 6 . . . Devils end season at 6-4 after poor start . . . capture in WAG . . . Long year over . . . Maybe not so long after all with 5 straight wins! . season too short. Goodman (20) hands off to halfback Max Anderson (22) while fullback Jim Bramlet blocks. Cheerleaders Den nis Cameron, George West and Bob Giambra cavort with Sun Devil Mascot. Devil sneers with glee from sidelines as ASU wins the " Big Game " downing Wildcats 14-6. Cheerleaders Dennis Cameron and Tom Guilds string up a dummy, which portrays a Cowboy being hung by the Devils. 217 SEASON SCORES ASU 13 Arizona Western 21 ASU 20 New Mexico 14 ASU 7 Arizona 0 ASU 38 Eastern Arizona 14 Athletic Director Clyde Smith and Assistant Director Frank Rispoli loo k lonely and concerned, as they watch the frosh footballers—Sun Imps—easily romp over Eastern Arizona Junior College. Sun Imps Feature Passing Attack, Finish 3-1 Frosh Coach Bill Kajikawa First Row: Fair Hooker, Nello Tomarelli, Herman Serignese, Tim Buchanan, James Kane, George Hummer, James Mathis, Mike Flemons, James Kates and Dick Brown. Second Row: Ron Pritchard, Ron Hendrix, Rick Cahill, Tony Venturino, Charles Long, John Ruffner, Phil Booker, Jim Shaughnessy, Bill Marsh, Ron Elam, Ken Hornbeck, Roger Showers and Richard Mann. Third Row: Coach Murphy, Coach McDonald, John Helton, Robert Swanson, Dave Pendagrass, Richard Evans, Dan O ' Gorman, Jim Johnson, Dave Bondy, Ken Rylko, Larry Johnston, Marshall Brewington, Blasi DiGirolamo, Dennis Farrell, Paul Keller, Dennis Knaggs, Rick Kuzydym, Al Campoy and Head Coach Kajikawa. Sun. Imps compile a sparkling 3-1 record . . . lose opening game to Arizona Western 21-13 . . . team new . . . very unorganized . . . rebound against New Mexico 20-14 on seven catches by Fair Hooker . . . team getting acquainted . . . travel to Tucson for " little big game " . . . defeat 7-0 on Jim Johnson to Hooker pass in closing minutes . . . return home for season finale ... Imps thrash EAJC 38-14. Outstanding players . . . Fair Hooker at end . . . Phil Booker, Dave Mann, Ron Elam, Ron Pritchard at running backs .. . Quarterbacks Jim Johnson and Ken . . . Elam picks up 3 TD ' s to lead in scoring . . . Hooker catches 364 yards worth of passes to lead team in total . . . Hooker definitely star of future . . . Johnson and Hornbeck surefire bets to be future Devil signal-calling stars. Basketball Sun Devil Mentor Ned Wulk Varsity members are, First Row: Asst. Coach Bill Mann, Jim Whitehead, Dennis Hamilton, Freddie Lewis, John Myers, Paul Meany, Rich Coppola, Coach Ned Wulk. Second Row: Manager Jack Altengarten, Frank Bailey, Bob McCann, Mike Lange, Marion Tutt, Randy Lindner, Jim Walker, Trainer Ray Robison. Lay up modeled by All-Conference star Freddie Lewis during Sun Devil Classic. Devils Disappoint, 12-14 Jim Whitehead, Freddie Lewis and John Myers hold Classic trophy. Tweeet . block out underneath . . . fundamentals, . . . pass and go . . . run . . . run . . . run .. . take your shot when you ' ve got it . . . screen . . . pass and go underneath . . . set it up .. . get down court . . . throw it up, Rich . . shoot, Freddie, shoot . . go up the floor, " Boonie " . . come on, " Squint " . . . the play should be automatic by now . . . run it again . . . pass inside . . . rebound . . . hustle back on defense . fast break . . . get the rebound away quick . . run ' em off the floor . . . basketball a go go. John Myers battles Seattle player for rebound in chempionship game. Early Triumphs Pay Off in Classic Title Jump-shooting Paul Meany is fouled by Pacific. Aggressive Randy Lindner drives along baseline against University of Pacific defenders. Open season in Sun Devil Gym . . . nervous and tense until tap . . . should be strong with four starters back . . start running . . . run Pomona off floor . . . take opener 74-60 . . . meet AAWU champion Pacific and win, 87-75 . . . hit road for three tough games . . . drop first to Oklahoma State, 61-49, lose to Colorado State, and Utah State, 88-81 . . . return home over vacation for Sun Devil Classic and beat Baylor 90-87 . . . Freddie scores 35 .. . Devils take trophy third year in a row. Marion " King " Tutt steals rebound from Cal Poly. High jumping ability aids Mike Lange as he tips-in a sure two points against Cal Poly of Pomona. Three scouts from another league watch the Devil stars with great interest. Player GP FG Pct. FT Pct. Reb TP Avg Lewis 26 209-434 .482 173-212 .816 157 591 22.7 Hamilton 26 165-379 .435 113-138 .819 220 443 17.0 Myers 26 123-341 .510 61-115 .530 184 307 11.8 Lange 26 82-213 .385 25-59 .428 207 189 7.3 Bailey 25 63-159 .396 19-35 .543 41 145 5.8 Lindner 24 37-89 .416 8-11 .727 61 82 3.4 Whitehead 22 33-79 .418 14-20 .700 31 80 3.6 Tutt 21 23-69 .333 .476 49 56 2.7 Meany 16 15-60 .250 19-28 .679 38 49 3.0 Coppola 24 16-46 .348 9-13 .692 37 41 1.7 Walker 9 4-16 .250 10-15 .667 8 18 2.0 McCann 3 0-3 2-2 1.000 2 2 0.7 Freddie Lewis fakes out Pacific defender before launching his jump shot. Prior to Baylor game, Freddie Lewis dunks the ball in warm-up drills. Jubilant Sun Devils gather on courts after their rousing defeat of rival Arizona in the first WAC game at Bear Down in Tucson. Top-Ranked Michigan Stumbles in First Round of Far West Classic Capable of high-jumping 7 ' , the always hustling Mike Lange, trackman-become-basketballer, was a crowd-pleaser with his determined second-effort rebounds. Sun Devil Dennis " Bonnie " Hamilton scores lay-up despite defender ' s efforts. Devils take Seattle, 84-81, in thriller for Classic Crown .. . nose out San Jose, 67-62, before going to Portland for Far West Classic . . . beat top-ranked Michigan, 89-87, in first round . . . Mike Lange hero: 19 points, 15 rebounds . . . drop next two . . . Oregon State, 56-45, and Utah State, 83-77 . .. still on road . . . drop Western AC games to future NIT champ Brigham Young, 95-81, and to Utah, champs and 4th in NCAA, 102-83 . . . devil record at 6-7 . . . road trips still a nightmare. Flashy Freddie Lewis concentrates on driving around Bobby Joe Hill John Myers fouls Texas Western ' s Willie Cager in heated game. Working under the defensive boards, Squint " Myers protects rebound from opponent. 225 Devils return home before final exams . . meet Southern Illinois, top ranked small college team . . . Lewis scores 15 points in last six minutes and six of eight in overtime to spearhead win, 79-78 . . . Devil express still running . . . Take Wildcats, 68-65 .. NCAA champs Texas Western stop express, blow Devils off floor, 84-67 . . . Devils bound back with 82-71 win over Stanford .. drop disputed one-point game to . . . but beat New Mexico, 74-68, and Hawaii, 113-74. Basketball ' s notorious " home court advantage " asserts itself to referees during Wyoming contest. Jim Whitehead watches his push shot swish through. A patented last break nets two for Rich Coppola. Anticipating a foul by Texas Western ' s Flournoy, Sun Devil guard Frank Bailey pulls up short. Mid-Season Foes fall as Daring Devils - " Wulk in Determined inside man Dennis Hamilton maneuvers toward basket against defense-minded Miners from El Paso High-jumping Dennis Hamilton and John Myers battle Willie Cager for rebound. Out-positioning Stanford players, John Myers scores vital tip-in. Devil ' s Spartk Fades With Last Place Finish Having stolen the ball and raced down court, Frank Bailey climaxes the event with a stuff shot. Devils travel to El Paso to meet Texas Western ... keep in game throughout .. . tight all the way . . . lead swapped 10 times .. run out of gas . . . lose 69-67 . . . five WAS games . . . beat BYU at home, 101-94 . . . lose to Utah 92-76 .. . drop home finale to Tucson 91-80 . . . bombed by Wyoming, 120-85 . . . wiped out by New Mexico 82-63 . . . finish last in conference . . . Lewis MVP . . . Hamilton 3-year recognition award . . . Myers and Lewis team captains . . . Mike Lange Sparkplug award . . . Frank Bailey named most improved player . . . Lewis breaks two-year, highest average and season scoring records at ASU. Straining and stretching for the basket, Mike Lange is fouled by TWC ' s Willie Cager. Fouling Neville Shedd interrupts Dennis Hamilton ' s jump shot SEASON SCORES ASU 74 Cal Poly (Pomona) 60 ASU 87 U. of Pacific 75 ASU 49 Oklahoma State 61 ASU 63 Colorado State 84 ASU 81 Utah State 88 ASU 90 Baylor 87 ASU 84 Seattle 81 ASU 67 San Jose State 62 ASU 89 Michigan 87 ASU 45 Oregon State 56 ASU 77 Utah State 83 ASU 81 Brigham Young 95 ASU 83 Utah 102 ASU 79 So. Illinois (OT) 78 ASU 68 Arizona 65 ASU 67 Texas Western 84 ASU 82 Stanford 71 ASU 77 Wyoming 78 ASU 74 New Mexico 68 ASU 113 Hawaii 74 ASU 67 Texas Western 69 ASU 101 Brigham Young 94 ASU 76 Utah 92 ASU 80 Arizona 91 ASU 85 Wyoming 120 ASU 63 New Mexico 82 Won 12, Lost 14 Hustling Mike Lange out-positions Utah ' s George Fisher for rebound. Reserve guard Jim Walker is a constant harassment to the opponents. NCAA Champion Texas Western ' s Harry Flournoy might need an Alka-Seltzer for his basketball stomach. 229 Sun Imps Impress with 11-3 Season, Defeat U of A Frosh in Finale Season Scores ASU 98 Salt River Project 58 ASU 85 Eastern Arizona College 70 ASU 79 Mesa College 74 ASU 70 Phoenix College 78 ASU 103 ASC Frosh 68 ASU 88 Eastern Arizona College 63 ASU 73 UA Frosh 79 ASU 83 Glenarm Land Co. 96 ASU 78 Glendale College 55 ASU 77 Cochise College 64 ASU 94 Phoenix College 67 ASU 98 Mesa College 65 ASU 119 Mesa LDS 15th Ward 97 ASU 80 UA Frosh 73 Won 11, Lost 3 Frosh Coach Bill Mann clutches a towel in an anxious moment. Roger Detter (33) puts in two points against the University of Arizona frosh. Future potential for ASU ' s varsity basketball team is seen in this year ' s members of the freshman basketball team. First Row: John Gaston, Sam Young, Cal Ryan, Mike Wimpelberg, Roger Detter. Second Row: Willie Harris, Jeff Mackey, Bob Edwards, Fred Newton, Bill Brantley, Terry Wjotulewicz. Baseball 231 Devil baseballers swarm pitcher Doug Nurnberg after defeating Ohio Stat e for the national championship. 1965 Season Scores ASU 7 San Fernando State 5 ASU 11 San Fernando State 7 ASU 10 San Fernando State 5 ASU 3 Michigan 6 ASU 5 Michigan 2 ASU 11 Michigan 3 ASU 7 Long Beach State 1 ASU 0 Long Beach State 2 ASU 9 Long Beach State 4 ASU 15 Grand Canyon College 2 ASU 8 Colorado State 0 ASU 9 Colorado State 0 ASU 8 Colorado State 0 ASU 6 Ohio State 3 ASU 7 Ohio State 6 ASU 10 Ohio State 3 ASU 10 Oregon State 3 ASU 9 Oregon State 3 ASU 9 Oregon State 4 ASU 2 Oregon State 0 ASU 8 Colorado 2 ASU 16 Colorado 3 ASU 10 Oklahoma 2 ASU 0 Oklahoma 2 ASU 7 Utah State 1 ASU 6 Utah State 4 ASU 9 Utah State 4 ASU 9 New Mexico 2 ASU 20 New Mexico 3 ASU 6 Wyoming 0 ASU 8 Wyoming 0 ASU 10 Wyoming 3 ASU 7 Wyoming 0 ASU 14 Sul Ross 2 ASU 4 New Mexico 1 ASU 8 Sul Ross 2 ASU 3 Arizona 12 ASU 1 Arizona 4 ASU 10 Arizona 4 ASU 6 Grand Canyon College 1 ASU 9 New Mexico 5 ASU 11 New Mexico 12 ASU 3 New Mexico 2 ASU 3 Grand Conyon College 7 ASU 7 San Diego 6 ASU 12 San Diego 3 ASU 18 San Diego 3 ASU 6 Arizona 0 ASU 13 Arizona 5 ASU 6 Arizona 2 ASU 3 Utah 2 ASU 3 Utah 2 ASU 2 Utah 1 ASU 7 Colorado State College 2 ASU 12 Colorado State College 3 ASU 3 Colorado State Colege 2 ASU 14 Lafayette (At Omaha) 1 ASU 13 St. Louis 3 ASU 9 Ohio State 4 ASU 6 St. Louis 2 ASU 3 Ohio State 7 ASU 2 Ohio State 1 Won 54, Lost 8 Having just arrived from Omaha, Coach Bobby Winkles and his wife are welcomed by 1,500 ecstatic fans. 232 65 Basketballers Take NCAA Crown, Become First to Win 54 Games Second-team All-American John Pavlik won first playoffs. Hustle, hustle . . . play some pepper . . " Jingles " take batting practice . . . Throw it home, Rick . . . double play . . . hustle on . . . hustle off . . . have some chewing tobacco . . . want an orange . . . throw the curve . . . coming down, Luis . . . slide .. . lift your swing .. . steal . . . hit the dirt .. on to another long season . . . take 21 of first 23 . . . win 15 in row ... then 12 in row . . . play ' Cats for final series .. . game of District 7 largest attendance ever: 7,254 . . . series draws 16,000 . . . season highest ever: 51,897 at home . . . 13,644 for 10 road games . .. sweep through series with Arizona for southern title, Utah for Western AC crown, Colorado State College for District 7 . . . plummet world series foe . . . 16 straight before loss to Ohio State in playoff finals . . play Buckeyes for sixth time this season . . . Nurnberg relieves Merrick in 7th with one out and all sacks full . . Fireman Doug extinguishes rally . . . Ohio State threatens again in ninth . . . last man strikes out .. . NCAA championship comes to Tempe .. . Devils first college team to win over 50 games . . . two All Americans, another on second team. Coach Winkles is a mite-bit happy in the locker room after winning NCAA crown. Jim Armstrong is called safe at home plate as the throw from the outfield arrives too late to nab the sliding shortstop during College World Series. 233 Members of Arizona State University ' s hustling baseball team are, First Row: Jeff Pentland, Cliff Martin, Jan Kleinman, Jim Gretta, Jack Smitheran, John Pavlik, Bob Maggi. Second Row: Jack Lind, Duffy Dyer, Doug Nurnberg, Mike Popovec, Ralph Carpenter, Jim Armstrong, Kent Perry, Fritz Glick. Third Row: Larry Cooper, Glen Smith, Ted Robison, Dale Spier, Sam Chipps, John Choat, Mike Gallagher, Chuck Hunt, Coach Bobby Winkles. Baseball ' s Coach of the Year, Bobby Winkles Baseball Devil ' s Hope to Repeat as NCAA Champions in ' 66 Season Catcher Duffy Dyer stops relay throw from the outfield. Beating the throw to second, Jack Smitheran stretches a Texas Leaguer into a double. Sporting More Power, Devils Maul Early-Season Rivals Umpire declares Jan Kleinman safe at home plate as catcher drops ball. What can you do for repeaters . . . can you improve on the best ... when you lose eight from twenty-five of the best, you hurt . . a soph in the outfield and a soph at third base . . . five of the nine pitchers are sophomores . . . young! gone are the All Americans, Rick Monday and Luis Lagunas . . . NCAA tourney team star Sal Bando, the most successful hitter in all of college baseball . . . gone are two catchers and three front-line pitchers. Protecting home plate against an Oregon runner is pitcher Doug Nurnberg. Arizona State University ' s catcher Duffy Dyer holds his ground, when an Oregon ball player makes an unsuccessful attempt to score at home plate. In a cloud of dust Jack Smitheran scores against Michigan. Duffy Dyer grimaces as he tags out Michigan runner at home. Glen Smith dives head first as he steals second base against Long Beach State. Catching an Oregon Duck in a run-down are third baseman Joe Paulson and Duffy Dyer. Reggie Jackson slides safely back to third base in an attempted pick-off play, as ball surges forward to meet hands of San Fernando State ballplayer. Armstrong, Pavlik, Robinson Set " Go " Pace for ' 66 NCAA Repeat Kicking up the dirt is Arizona State ' s Reggie Jackson as he slides safely into third base after hitting a triple off of a Michigan pitcher. Tom Shantz and Roger Kaplan present best relief pitcher award to Doug Nurnberg. Third sacker Joe Paulson awaits throw from Dyer on Michigan steal. Stretching a well-hit double into a triple, outfielder Glen Smith is called safe by home-plate umpire as the relay throw arrives too late for the tag. Pitching: top man is John Pavlik, top reliever Doug and Ted Robinson . . . catching is taken over by right fielder, Duffy Dyer . . . first base has steady Jan Kleinman . . . at second, top two year starter Jack Smitheran . . . short has glove man Jim Armstrong and sophomore Jack Lind at third . . . returning in the outfield are Jim Gretta and Glen Smith joined by sophomore Reggie Jackson plus JC transfer Ralph Carpenter . . . good consistent steals ... fielding and speed equal to last year ' s. Consistent battins is Jan Kleinman ' s forte as shown against Colorado State. Devil Soccermen Win Phoenix League Title Finish Season 12-3 Next year recognized as Sun Devil team . . . hopefully NCAA recognition . . UCLA, NCAA opponents .. . team stars Frank Linnartz, Bill Allen, Henry Stevens . . . oustanding line, Captain Pete Versteegen, Volker Sonntag, Dick Kalbrenner, Raul Rivero, Joaso Todorov and Alex Fahsen . . . beat U of A, 2-1 . . . lost game to Yanks . . . Phoenix Soccer League Champions . . . finish league 11-2 record, non-league, 1-1 . . . players four continents, North America, Africa, and South America . . . 13 different nations . .. 13 different cultures .. 13 languages . . . combine 13 to make one win. Arizona State ' s leftwing Bill Allen dribbles around a defenseman from the Luftwaffe soccer team. Members of the championship soccer team are, First Row: Jean Bordreaux, Tom Risley, Frank Scarsella, Tony Figueras, Bill Allen, Peter Versteegen. Second Row: Cosimo Tripodi, Frank Linnartz, Alex Fahsen, Steve Swai, Joaso Todorov, Volker Sonntag, Joe Livesay, George Butchko, Hocon Lavik. SEASON SCORES ASU 8 Fletcher Jones 1 ASU 6 Yanks 1 ASU 12 Mesa 1 ASU 6 AIFT ......... 0 ASU 3 Luftwaffe 1 ASU 2 Hallandia 1 ASU 6 Latinos 1 ASU 5 Mesa 0 ASU 2 Yanks 4 ASU 5 AIFT 0 ASU 8 Peter ' s Hofbrau 0 ASU 8 Peter ' s Hofbrau 0 ASU 2 U of A 1 ASU 3 U of A 5 ASU 2 Luftwaffe 4 Minor Sports 241 Wrestlers Falter After Semester, Cap Season at 9-6, 2nd in Conference Coach Ted Bredehoft and trainer Ray Robison study an important match. WAC Champion Curley Culp ties up opponent before moving for takedown. Western AC Tournament BYU 67 Wyoming 48 ASU 54 New Mexico . . . . . . . 26 Utah 52 U of A 11 Dual Meet Record: 4-6 Coach Bredehoft is off the bench and shouting instructions to a wrestler. Jim Forler rides his opponent to the mat in a test of strength. 242 Devil wrestlers start campaign with great strength . . . anticipated higher NCAA finish . . . WAC conference defending champs . . . favored for conference title . . . graduated two WAC winners . . . plagued by lack of depth . . win first four ... take suicide swing to Oklahoma and State . . . drop three of four on road .. . lose . . . WAC champ Charlie Tribble . . . upset BYU 21-11 in . . . finish season 9-6 . . . take second in W AC . . . look to next year with all three champions back. Tony Russo locks up his opponent ' s arms before a difficult takedown Pete Russo, WAC Champion at 130 lbs., is on his way toward pinning opponent. Curley Culp pins opponent to take championship of the Sun Devil Invitational. Second-place finishers in the Western Athletic Conference tournament and nationally-ranked, the Sun Devil wrestlers are, First Row: Curley Culp, Mike Jahn, Rocky Thompson, Pat Seferovich; Second Row: Coach Ted Bredehoft, Glenn McMinn, Pete Russo. Norm Dean, Tony Russo, Jim Forler, Manager Russ Carter. Norm Dean Glenn Tony Russo Gymnasts Compile 10-2 Season, Capture 3rd Place in Conference Norris Steverson coached the highly rated gymnasts . . . " Best team in the school ' s history " . . . 10-2 season record . . new scoring system made many meets appear closer . . . lost to BYU on the road by one-tenth of a point . . . six returning lettermen helped build impressive record . . took on some of the strongest in the nation . . . UCLA, USC, Denver, Air Force Academy . . . knocked over WAC kingpin Arizona before conference meet . slipped and took a close third behind Arizona and Brigham Young . . strong nucleus returning to bolster 1966-67 squad . . . biggest losses Skip Johnson and Les Christensen, both rated nationally during year. Rick Oplinger, side horse Before competition begins, Coach Norris Steverson gives advice and encouragement to Skip Johnson. Members of the Western Athletic Conference third place gymnastics squad are, First Row: Jack Williams, Jim Nelson, Nick Spann, Les Christiansen, Norm Witham, Joel Pearson. Second Row: Jack Harris, Rick Oplinger, Norm Cox, Dick Impson, Skip Johnson, Coach Norris Steverson. 245 Dick Impson, long horse Les Christiansen, high bar Skip Johnson, parallel bars 246 Skip Johnson, still rings Les Christiansen, high bar Western AC Tournament Arizona 180.45 Brigham Young ....... . . . 176.25 Arizona State 175.70 Utah 164.35 New Mexico 164.20 All-around performer Dick Impson, side horse Dick Impson, floor exercise 247 Track Team Takes 4th Place; Cross-countryman Scott Finishes 9th Sun Devil cross country team starts off on another exciting desert journey. Up and over goes Mike Lange as he clears 6 ' 8 " against U of A. ASU 79 Occidental 64 ASU 92 Utah 53 ASU 50 Southern Cal 99 ASU 60 New Mexico 84 ASU 50 Arizona 32 ASU 76 Arizona 69 1965 Track Results Won 4, Lost 2 4th in Western AC ASU ' s Rick Beltran crosses the finish line a winner in the 100-yard dash. Speed and accuracy are crucial factors to hurdler Dick Miller. 248 1966 Cross Country Results Western AC Standings New Mexico 27 Brigham Young 50 Wyoming 83 Utah 89 Arizona 122 Arizona State 138 Rushing hard is distance runner Louis Scott. Weightman Jon Cole heaves the discus 192 ' 6 Cole currently has best distance in nation. Sun Devil track team is compo sed of, First Row: Gene Barton, Rick Beltran, Bob Stiffler, Ken Nash, Louis Scott, Jerry Jobski, Angelo John, John O ' Greene. Second Row: Leon Gant, Dan Wood, Doyle Brown, Quinten Degeneste, Ken Robinson, Bill Young, Larry Berryhill. Third Row: Jon Cole, Glenn Winningham, Larry Hendershot, Bob Harrison, Bill Wheeler, Tom Dhein, Dick Miller, Ron Freeman, Paul Longstreth, Coach Baldy Castillo. 249 Members of ASU ' s hustling tennis team are, First Row: Larry Stanley, Briggs Bosworth, Lee Sullivan, captain. Second Row: Roger Wright, Ray Young, Paul Pederson, Dave Farmer, Dave Sinovic. Devil Netters Impress With a 21-2 Season Planning strategy are Briggs Bosworth and number one doubles team, Larry Stanley and Dave Farmer. Western AC Tournament Utah 21 Arizona 16 Brigham Young 14 New Mexico 8 Arizona State 3 Wyoming 1 Surveying the competition are Lee and Paul. 1965 . . . Devil netmen meet strong WAC opponents . . . win 21 in row . . . beat all non-conference competit ion . . . drop two to UofA in final matches . . . tune up for WAC . bombed by powerful Utah and UofA, who walk away with title . . . so far 1966... 12-3. 1965 SEASON SCORES ASU 5 San Diego Marines 2 ASU 4 San Diego Marines 3 ASU 6 New Mexico State 1 ASU 5 New Mexico Stat e 2 ASU 6 Texas Western 1 ASU 9 Phoenix College 0 ASU 7 Cochise College 0 ASU 6 Colorado State 0 ASU 6 Oregon State 1 ASU 4 Oregon State 3 ASU 5 Oregon State 2 ASU 7 Wyoming 2 ASU 5 Cal Western 4 ASU 9 Utah State 0 ASU 9 Utah State 0 ASU 7 Utah State 0 ASU 5 New Mexico 4 ASU 7 Cal Western 2 ASU 7 Cal Western 2 ASU 6 Phoenix College 0 ASU 8 Cochise College 1 ASU 2 Arizona 7 ASU 2 Arizona Won 21, Lost 2 Checking over Ken Fulton ' s scorecard are fellow golfers Jim Chew, Dave Horton and George Boutell. Coach Billy Mann pauses for a relaxing moment. Western Athletic Conference Standing New Mexico 884 Arizona State 892 Brigham Young 892 Utah 915 Arizona 932 Wyoming 960 Season Record: won 14, lost 3 Watching Wayne Vollmer ' s form as he putts one in are Bob Palmer, Mike Morley and Dennis Stanton. Devil ' 65 golfers tied for second in Western AC . . finished dual season at 14-3 . . placed 3rd in Western Intercollegiate . . tie for 8th in NCAA . . . 1966 ... at press time 10-0 . . George Boutell top-ranked amateur in United States. Undefeated Golfers Try for Championship Aiming for the conference championship and an undefeated season on the golfing greens are varsity members Dennis Stanton, Ken Fulton, Joe Porter, Rick Talt, George Boutell, Bruce Balcom, Bob Olson, Bob Palmer, Mike Morley, Wayne Vollmer; Dave Hanten, Jim Chew and Coach Bill Mann. WAC SCORES Utah 167 UNM 98 BYU 89 WYO 49 ASU 19 U of A 16 Season Scores ASU 16 New Mexico 79 ASU 22 BYU 73 ASU 61 U of A 34 ASU 28 San Diego St. 67 ASU 80 New Mexico St. 15 ASU Occidental 38 ASU Pasadena 661 2 ASU 34 Wyoming 61 ASU 20 Utah 75 ASU 17 Denver 78 Devil Swimming Team Wins First Meet Sun Devil swimmers taking off are, second and third from top, Dave Gemmill and Jack Ranby. Dick King, ASU swimmer, competes for Devils in the rugged 200 yd. butterfly against Occidental. ASU and NCAA champion Bernie Wrightson is one of the top performers on Sun Devil swim team. Arizona State Sun Devil swimmers are, First Row: Gerry Evenson, Gary Peterson, Jack Ranby, Steve Bernard, Dave Michaels. Ronnie Bank. Second Row: George Carey, Butch Snow, Craig Bluell, Jim King, Pat Lott, Glen Blasius. Third Row: Jim Steinbaugh, Dennis Woods, Carl Harris, Dave Gemmill Coed Sports 253 Coeds Wielded Tough Racquets and Swam Hard The ASU Racquet Club, or in otherwords, the women ' s tennis team, was rated one of the tops in the country. Front Row: Judy Waid, Ann Rockwell, Sheila Wilson, Nancy Herrick, Linda Yee, Barb Doeller, Kris Nystrom, Betty Robbins. Second Row: Coach Anne Pittman, Penny Scott, Nancy Ellis, Carol Gay, Sally Perry, Mary Struthers, Bonita Hix, Sheila Pearl, Stephanie Hopkins. Coached by Anne Pittman, a la racquet . . . sponsor campus open and mixed doubles tournament, WRA mixed doubles and women ' s singles . . . almost missed plane to tournament . . . singing in the car ... stayed at people ' s homes while on tour . . . Southwestern championships .. . U of A Intercollegiate . . UCSB . . . Arizona Closed . . . Arizona Open . . . Ojai Valley Invitational . . New Mexico Open . . . National for Women at Stanford .. . . Sports Days . . actually a club, not a team in a true sense—no eliminations . . founded in 1953 . . . eight members or nationally ranked . . . Sheila singles and doubles champion of Arizona. Mona Plummer was coach of the team . . . team proved capabilities at own event . . . easy outdistanced such usual powers as Southern California . . . won several team titles at sports days at other universities . . . anticipated AAU and national intercollegiate competition. ASU ' s coed swimming team carried a tradition of winning ways. Front Row: Phyllis Neese, Rene Gannon, Eileen O ' Donnell, Ann Gonia, Lynn Kravanich, Dianne Gannon. Second Row: Pat Fleming, Jan Young, Johanne Titmas, Sandy Stock, Gwen Sutter. Six women compose ASU ' s woman golf team. They are: Cris Gilbertson, Claudia Lane, Carolyn Fopp, Karen Kessling, Kay Thompson, and Nicki Nordstrom. Coed Golfers Defend National Titles Sally Hardwick team coach . . took second in team competition at UNM Tucker Invitational . . . lost dual match at Odessa College, Texas . . . team won 2nd at U of A ' s Tucson Collegiate . . . defending champions of California States ' (LA) Intercollegiate Tournament . . . trip to Ohio to defend National Collegiate championship. Nicki Nordstrom, Carolyn Fopp, and Cris Gilbertson survey the schedule of up-coming games. Claudia Lane holds the marker as Karen Kessling attempts to make it on one put. 255 Dorms 258 Familiar Scenes of Dorm Life College students usually find dorm life very demanding . . . from your roomie talking on the phone while you ' re trying to study . . . to the nightly bridge game in the next suite . . . to the folk singing group across the hall . . . yet the daily routines of eating, and laundering are topped off by a little shut eye. 259 COLD DRINKS with ICE 260 261 Representatives of all men ' s dorms . . . successful Letterman ' s appearance . . . introduced a social committee of all social chairmen ... royalty enhanced Christmas semi-formal . . . I ' ll be home for $50 to each dorm for athletic Inter Hall Ed Goss President Pat O ' Neil Secretary Rick Oplinger Vice President Stewart Higley Treasurer Inter-Hall activities are discussed with Dick Finley. Mike Daggett Social Chairman Jim Cristea Senator Inter-Hall Council members are elected by their respective hall councils or by a hall general election. First. Row: Ed Goss, Jack Goldsmith, John Harbison, Mike Daggett, Phil Berra, adviser. Second Row: Stew Higley, Ron Badenoch, Russ Shimer, Bob Al Adams, unident.; unident.; Richard Provencio, John Fung, Jim Cristea, Mark Haken, Ken Valakai, Pat O ' Neil. Mark Haken Senator Planning the appearance of " The Letterman " at Grady Gammage are some council members. Hall Council members are, First Row: Chet Oakley, Burgundy House; Charles Fritsche, vice-president; Jim Cristea, president; Philip Berra, head resident. Second Row: Brian Barabe, secretary ; Glenn Weinberger, Churchill House ; Mike Daggett, treasurer; John Ottenstein, intramural chairman. All the way with Best A . . . males only . . curtains rugs, and what kind of .. . exchanges with the ever-popular Quad . . . promotion plus for the basketball team . . . invade all campus activities, quietly . . . old proverb: send clothes to the cleaners, never you see again. Best A Getting quite a work out, Best A hosts Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority to a hayride and a dance. Best A men lend a helping hand to a Kappa. 263 Best B Making plans for a future movie at Cosner Auditorium are residents of the third floor of Best B, better known as the Penthouse. First Row: Tom Person, Bob Steinberg, Tom Todd, Henry Valencia, Bob Lowrey, Jim Pike. Second Row: Terry Smiley, Bob Frith, Greg Lane, Ted Guthrie, Ed Kuehneman. Third Row: Mike Snider, Jerry Jensen, Lynn Pate, Greg Wojtulewicz, Joe Giorsetti, Rick Ternoski, Bob Stikkler, Mike Hawkins. Residents of Best B ' s first floor are, First Row: John Fung, Jeff Holland, Joe Byrne, Dave Puzas, Don Lohff, Mike Wilson. Second Row: John Richman, John Choat, John Duff. Third Row: Gary Carpenter, David Collins, John Sanderson, Doyne Hahn, Louis Scott, Vin Madden, head resident. Gathering in the lounge are residents of second floor. First Row: Mark Windsor, Ken Wayman, Bob Hougham, George Dell, Gary Wilson. Second Row: John Perkins, Tom Turner, Jim Christmann, Fred Galde, Bill Hunter. Well, I could . . . Christmas party for needy children .. . Oh yeah? . . . kin g and queen candidates for interhall semi-formal . . . We won! . . . then there was . . . Christmas dinner at Monti ' s . . . made posters for games . . flap your arms and fly to the moon .. . movies, and more movies— " Under the Yum Yum Tree " and " Night of the Iguana " .. . wonggg . . . Senior dinner planned for end of year . . lectures . . . discussion 264 Residents of Gammage are, First Row: Liz Lim, Cecelia Doran. Second Row: Nellie Maldonado, Sharon Hunsicker, Pam Shigeta, Sharie Campbell, Carolyn Fopp, Sandy Rensvold, Bonnie Holaday, Barbara Glessner, Mickey Howzdy, Carroll Coker. Third Pat Webber, Carol Hageman, Linda Scheuneman, Karen McDonough, Anna Hawkins, Anne Bassett, Mary Jane Jenkins, Rachel Ghiotto, Sue Skevington, Wilda Penfold, Diane Burt, Mary Jane Rogers, Pene Duffy. Gammage Where ' s the water? . . . Japanese party—welcome to happy humble home . . . what ' s in the bed? . . get acquainted b reakfast . . . those harmonious voices of " Little Brown Jug and the Cat " . . - sweet ' n sour sales . . . Christmas . . . Thanksgiving baskets . . . stuck to the honey . . . Phi Psi 500 . . . Halloween Hootenany . . open house dinner for parents . . . turn of whose alarm . . who is that Hobo Joe? . . fire escape phobias . . . and those lovely fi re drill fashion shows . . a delightful formal. Working in unison to lead the residents of Gammage Hall are the officers of the executive Pamela Hinkle, treasurer; Anna Hawkins, president; Michaelina Conley, secretary; Karen McDonough, vice-president. Female occupants of Gammage Hall are, First Row: Pam Hinkle, Jody Gillaspy, Joanie Dahnk. Second Row: Mickey Conley, Phyllis Revello, Margie Eisen, Sally Bronk, Terry Thomas, Virginia Garcia, Susan Metko, Sara Newell, Karen Apple by. Third Row: Bobbie Bokelman, Toni Oberle, Betsy Treeman, Connie Perkins, Jenni Kelley, Sandy Almodova, Ann Christoph, Bonnie Bokelman, Rosemary Insana, Linda Lopez, Elaine Kuhara, Alice Hashimoto, Billie Bokelman. Hayden men are on the go participating in intramurals, campus activities, and student government. Exchanges and pizza parties are leisure moments. Hayden Hall Revised constitution—each floor has own government . . . stuffed napkins with the Quad for Homecoming float . . . money poured in from showing . . pizza party with Wilson at VI . . . daring climb for " A " lighting . . year for football triumph. Hayden won the football traveling complex trophy. Ted Alt, biggest man on the Hayden football team, finishes his share of the victory breakfast. Hard work and lots of patience paid off as Irish Hall residents captured third place in Homecoming float competition for their " Grand Canyon Suite. " Irish Hall Irish began the year with a picnic at Encanto Park . . . speaker from the County Health Department . . . lively exchange with Gammage Hall . . . movies shown to the residents, " To Hell and Back, " " The Hustler, " " Paris Holiday, " " Blue Hawaii, " " Breakfast at Tiffany ' s " . . . exchange dance and pizza party with PV West . . . close fall semester with a dinner at the Buckboard . . . speaker and film from the FBI . . sponsor a dorm scholarship . . . end the year with a steak dinner. Irish Hall ' s executive council stimulated and coordinated many cultural and social events, Jerry Dvorak, treasurer, L. E. Cole, head resident; Stewart Higley, president; Forest May, secretary. Men of Irish Hall enjoy a good academic and social atmosphere initiated by the hall council. First Row: Rick Hork, John Chopak, Dave Evans, Bob Second Row: John Walkington, Greg Drohan, Greg Moore, Russ Shimer, Don Badenoch, Russ Jones, John Chang, Chuck Hagopian. Third Row: Jim Redditt, Don Durbin, Jim Gorman, Lee Lorenz, John Kastre, Don Brown, Dale Svegel, Leo Barabe, Jim Foltz, Mike House, George Hayduke, Paul Canter. McClintock A McClintock A, since 1954 . . . frollicking females . . all girls have at least sophomore standing . . . many social events . . . exciting Miner ' s Camp Party . . . special late nights ... Christmas VIP party for deans . .. leis, hulas, palm fronds and costumes equal Octobe r luau . surprising someone in secret sister week . . . May brings senior luncheon .. . hurry-clean up for Parents Day, Open House . . . great place for sun bathers. McClintock B Only honor dorm on campus, McClintock B . . . no freshmen allowed . . . no late minutes . . . get acquainted chicken dinner . . ghosts fly at Halloween party . . . gifts galore for 120 girls at St. Peter ' s Mission . . . windows and doors decorated at Christmas . . . room checks are left up to the individual . . . 10:30 snacks during semester tests . . . spring brings Miner ' s Camp party and exchanges . . . door checks are numerous . . . student head resident. Girls enjoy a get-together luau; each wing presents a skit, and Hawaiian dishes are served. Combining efforts McClintock A and B built " Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, " which won first place in dorm competition for Homecoming. One of many cooperative parties between A and B, the whole hall participated in the Halloween Party. Prizes were awarded for best costumes. Taking full advantage of the outdoor patio, the girls of McClintock B have an informal dinner. 269 Newly elected officers of Palo Verde, who will plan and organize future activities, are; Carole vice president; Jeanine Linsenmeyer, treasurer; Alice Exum, president; Karen Swenson, secretary. Palo Verde Hall PV creates a warm and friendly supports University policies . . . reception for Dr. Mrs. . . . enthralling candlelight sit down dinners . . formal installation banquet for officers ... philanthropic project—Arizona Children ' s Colony .. . informative talks on hair styling, make-up balancing and budgeting allowance . . . spiritual exploration panel . . . discussions on student health needs. Palo Verde ' s Christmas spirit is seen in the lovely tree display in the lobby. Christmas dinner with guests from the Dean of Women ' s Office. 270 Governing body of Palo Verde consists of hall officers, student assistants, floor representatives, wing representatives and appointed officers. Officers Karen Blair, Pat Johnson and Barb Haupt look over the new library. 271 Palo Verde East Residents participate in many campus activities. Planning activities for the dorm are hall council members. First Row: Judi Sheer, Lynda Decker, Judy Addington, Donna Dillon, Dorothy Rossetti, Sande Wascher, Kathleen McDermott, Nancy Nowlen, Marianne Timmerman. Second Row: Carol Ann Martin, Jeanne Blackman, Lois Snyder, Carol King, Kris Hansen, Linda Jo Smith, Pat Collett, Harriet Grooters, Ellen Stranley, Linda McGrath, Phyllis Cetto. Palo Verde East ' s candidate this year for Homecoming Queen is Karen Hendrix. Janey Sanderson and Carol King, Karen ' s campaign manager, help Karen with her campaign costume. The executive council keeps the dorm hopping; industrious members are, First Row: Dolly Mardirosian, Sandy DeMichiei, Sharon Haddy. Second Row: Nance Valleskey, Janey Sanderson, Barbara Burt, Pam Sisk, Donna Zahn, Cheryl Frazier, Donna Thomas. P.V. East made Christmas cards for boys in Viet Nam. Mary Gillivan, Sue Thompson, and Karen Belson are packed and signed out for the AWS A fire alarm at four a.m.! . . . quiet on second floor . . . tangerine sales ... I can ' t find a steak knife . . . three in a room ?!? . . . two rooms and one bath to a suite . . . going up on the sun deck? ... all the P.E. majors on the seventh floor? . . . seven floor dorm . . . look at all the trophies! . . . Derby Day entry and participant in Phi Psi 500 . . why do I have to sign out? . . . when ' s the next late night? . . . popcorn sales . . I got a letter! . . . Mrs. Lewis in a baby buggy . . Karen for Kween, 4th runnerup . . . " Get your candy canes here " . . . Friday night movies . . my walls aren ' t dirty . . . candlepassings . . . heels for Sunday dinner . . . I didn ' t get campused. P.V. East coeds enjoy after-hours television in the floor lounge Residents of Palo Verde East win another trophy for the dorm in intramurals. 273 274 Anyone for a midnight snack of hot popcorn? Fourth-floor lounge, Palo Verde West provides entertainment during a study break for many coeds. Palo Verde West Hall council, the backbone of Palo Verde West, consists of, First Row: Ingreid Watson, Beverly Beal, Susan Singer, Karen Serafine. Second Row: Mary Ann Cessna, Sharon Laskowski, Pam Pool, Kelly Arnold, Lani Parker, Mrs. Mary Watson, head resident. Third Row: Margaret Dahl, Susan Korinck, Carol Nelson, Carol Swaziek, Kathy Abbott, Susan Russell, Suzanne Shapiro, Nancy Olsen, Ann Hickman, Elaine Faris. One of the most important moments of the day for a Palo Verde West resident is mail delivery, when she might receive that expected letter from home. Signing in and out on weekends or for dates is a necessity with PV West coeds. That ' s Africa . . . open houses for Parent ' s Day, Senior Day and Derby Day . . I ' m in the biggest jam . . . Christmas Party . . 200 letters sent to Viet Nam for Christmas . . . passion row on Friday and Saturday nights . . . 9 fire drills for the benefit of 7th floor . . . maintenance men on a crowded sun deck .. . first in car decorations, Phi Psi 500 . . . hours of flowers, Sun Devil Cowboy . . . Freshman dorm . . . bow legged, talk loud, look bewildered, have overwhelming enthusiasm .. . participated in all intramurals . . . go-getters. 275 Two coeds enjoy their modern room, where they study and socialize. The girls from the south wing of the Quad are beaming as they remember the good times they had this year participating in the Quad ' s activities. The main wing of the Quad is the west wing. The girls from the west wing enjoy the television, tables and casual atmosphere of their spacious lobby. " Remember that joke we played on Sally last week in the sleeping porch? " Coeds from the north wing join together and make one big happy family. Quadrangle " Termite heaven " . . . oldest dorm on campus . . . just like " Home " .. Spring formal, heavenly . . . hall dinner . . Phone, for me? . . . art show for AWS . . in the heart of campus .. . secret angels at Christmas . . another birthday? ... watermelon bust after finals . . . diet, lose weight . . . get in shape for intramurals! a first in . . . Homecoming float with Hayden . . . Phi Psi 500—last place? . . crowded dances . . scrapbook of events. This year ' s officers are, First Row: Barbara Davis, treasurer; Sally Hrymak, secretary; Pam Straney, vice-president; and Lynn Lifgrin, president. Second Row: Misses La Blane, Werner, and Truett, assist them. The hall council includes the executives and wing representatives, First Row: Paula Jesperson, Sally Hrymak, Pam Straney, Barb Davis, Lynn Lifgrin. Second Row: Kay Knight, Sandi Creighton, Jan Rouwenhorst, Cindy Zlatos, Ellen Moreau, Judy Shires, Linda Caruthers, Kitty Killorin, Chris Warren. 277 Sahuaro A Sahuaro A add cross country residents .. . Ashuler kept busy—exchanges, live bands, and pizza . . . up the creek on Slide Rock trip . . . Homecoming float due with Palo Verde West ... games day at MU Games Room—pool, poker, and bowling . . Sahuaro A men tops in Sahuaro interhall basketball tourney . . . Lindsay ' s private secretary . . . U.N.C.L.E. party hosts, love those trenchcoats . . weekend days- morguesville. At informal hall council meetings weekly affairs are discussed and future hall activities planned. Pooling ideas and coordinating dorm functions are John Halverson, head resident; and Dan Lindsay, president; as they go over hall council minutes. In one of their more casual and spontaneous moments, hall council representatives and dorm officers gather in the Hayden Hall meeting room. First Row: John Halverson, head resident, Jim Stout, vice president and treasurer; Dan Lindsay, president; Jim Ring, secretary; John Alshuler, social chairman. Second Row: John Carter, Lee Nelli, Bill Crane, Bill Brantley, Jim Hislop, Ross Owen, Ken Robertson, Bob Williams, Dennis Knaggs. Rich Provencio congratulates outstanding council member Mike Jahn. Sahuaro B Would you believe? . . . exchange dance with Palo Verde . . . I wonder if you could tell me? ... Christmas dance .. . ski trip? . . . hey, what the . . . Outstanding Hall Council Member Award . . . has anybody seen my soap? . . . field day . . . what ' s the deal? . . . Freshman Athletic and Scholastic Leadership Award . . . you flunked it? . . and donuts for finals . . . it ' s Verde time again . . Steak Fry . . . TGIF . . pizza bust . . I don ' t even it . . . proceeds from " The World of Suzie Wong " .. . mandatory seven-day meal ticket . . . exchange with Hall . . . " Noah " Linton, and his rubber raft. Council members are, First Row: Harry Wood, vice president; Mike Jahn, treasurer; Richard Provencio, president; Wayne Brewster, publicity chairman; Ron Golden; Second Row: Lorin Shelley; LeRoy Brown, intramurals chairman; Don Martin, social chairman; Doug Jones, IHC representative. Sahuaro D Relaxed students of the Sahuaro Complex enjoy the ' finer things ' of life. Pizza party and dance with P.V. West . . . exciting trip to the Snow Bowl . . . Christmas caroling at Mesa and Tempe hospitals .. . who could " Iowa " be . . adventure at the Nogales bull fight . .. Homecoming float with P.V. West . . lived in Trans Travel for awhile . . loved that pool . . . highest number of points in Sahuaro complex intramurals. Dorm get-togethers help relieve tensions of school for these hard working men. Temporary lodging in Trans Travel gives Sahuaro men a chance of expression. Planning activities of Sahuaro D are members of the hall council. First Row: Larry Laude, treasurer; Harry McFate, vice-president; Ken Valikai, president; Don Ashley, secretary; Tom Beals. Second Row: Chuck Cooley, Steve Keaton, Rich Isackson, Mike Bendix, Dan Bosch, Dave Pendergrass, Lee Nelli. Members of Sahuaro D intramural football team display their hard-won trophy. Wilson Hall On top of the Homecoming float is Old Black Joe. The energetic bunch on Wilson ' s first floor are, First Row: Sandy Bowen, Cheryl Pritchard, Lilly Hendrickson. Second Row: Sandy McChesney, Judy Freeman, Mary Tynes, Sue Porter, Paula Sanders, Cheryl Yellen. Third Row: Fern Fogelman, Karen Wright, Barbara Kordoban, Connie Dols, Dale Petty. Members of Wilson Hall ' s second floor gather in the lounge to organize and promote the Saylor campaign. First Row: Bertha Sepulveda, Virginia Wold, Ann Clark, Jan DeBerge, Barb Gephart, Laurie Loomis, Toni Murtaugh. Second Row: Sherry Elmore, Barb Sanderson, Ann Sterling, Marilyn Ross, Donna Barr, Glen Wood, Kay Taylor, Michelle Eyring, Bobbie Brucker, Bonnie James. Third Row: Linda Beaudoin, Ann Safranek, Lynn Kennedy, Joan Orb, Robyn Houston, Mary Lefevre, Cheryl Baker, Martha Thayer, Linda Ghiotto, Barb Schmidt, Wanda Ricketts, Denise Wallentinson, Louise Kingston. Residents of Wilson ' s third floor gather for a regular floor meeting, First Row: Nancy Lee, Maxine Lynch, Peg Dahl, Cheryl Seiz, Shari Fredrickson, Roberta Creedy, Liz Cline. Second Row: Charlene Saylor, Pat Flores, Janet Furman, Barbara Bartlett, Ginger Balwin, Dorraine Gilbert, Mary Brenden, Valerie Vandenburg, Sandy Smith, Kathy Lessard. Third Row: Elaine Hutchings, Clara Martin, Elaine Barrett, Jo Ann Huffman, Kathy Paisley, Janet Harris, Jenni Campos, Cheryl Jones, Connie Taggart, Phyllis Agaciewski, Marty Fergus, Julie Mackenzie, Jan French, Carol Hebebrand, Nancy Hill. Council members are, First Row: Sandy McChesney, Ginger Baldwin, Cheryl Yellen. Second Row: Kay Taylor, treasurer; Judy Tomlinson, secretary; Janice Schaberg, vice-president; Jane Williams, president. Third Row: Barbara Bartlett, Cheryl Seiz, Barbara Kordoban, Melinda Cockrill, Dianne Gentry, Barbara Schmidt, Ellen Bassen, Virginia Wold. Women back in the halls . . . new furniture and curtains a year as a men ' s dorm . . . three head residents in one semester . . . Saylor took first runner up for Homecoming Queen . . . Homecoming decorations with Best A . . . an adopted family at Christmas . . tied for first in the R T Banner Contest . . . hayride rained out . . . pizza party with Hayden at the cookies for scholarship drive .. . library. Wilson ' s Homecoming Queen candidate, Charlene Saylor, won first runner-up after a rip-roaring campaign. Her energetic helpers are Mary Tynes, Elaine Barrett, Charlene Saylor, Dale Petty, Janet Harris, Kathy Paisley. Roger Valencich helps Dan O ' Gorman at the Sahuaro complex desk. New judicial system enables a greater extent of self . . . organizer of inter-complex athletics ... cafeteria turns into a study hall from 7-12 midnight . . . sponsor of a street dance . . . won third place for their float . . . gave a Christmas party for children at the T.B. hospital . . . chilly trip to the Snow Bowl . . got a little wet on their float down the Verde . . . exchanges with P.V. East and the Quad . . . remember the hayride. David Nebel and Dwight Lear read a hall bulletin board for dorm and campus news. Busy members of Sahuaro C ' s hall council handle dorm activities. First Row: Mike Echeverria, Bill Eddings, Duane Sowers, Greg Schindler, Pete Ritchhart. Second Row: Rick Asch, Ronald Swan, Tim Christensen, John Mocharnuk, Bob Haveman, Terry Head, Mike Crawford, Dave Ankeny, Ted Lindquist. Greeks 285 Formal Rush; parties, teas and smokers . . . Pledge Presents on Palo Verde floors ... Homecoming campaigns . . . hours of on floats . . . vast array of local and philanthropic projects, helping out at the TB sanitorium, donating blood ... nightly study tables . Derby Day . . bridge over 8th street adorned with black and white feet . Christmas parties and formals . . . Phi Psi 500 . . . Week just for Greeks . . . Elections of Diana and Apollo . . . trophies for scholarship . . . President ' s dinner . . . Ever hear a Greek Sing? . . . tapping of Archesis and Archons .. . Adelphi turned into progressive parties . . Glenn Yarbrough . . . Greek Games left sore muscles and sun burns . . Grecian Ball . Verde River, here we come . . . Fraternity Sweethearts and Sorority Men . Formals end the year. Capturing sweepstakes trophy in the Greek Sing is Tri Delta, while Sigma Nu ran off with the trophy for most points accumulated during Greek Week. 286 Kappa Alpha Theta announced their man of the year at a special banquet. Kappa Alpha Psi held a fund raising dance. A coed quick-steps through some inner tubes at Derby Day. Helping at the TB sanitarium was part of Kappa Delta ' s philanthropic project. 287 A coed, a tricycle, and some mud added up to the Phi Psi 500. Sigma Sigma Sigma worked on their annual shoe shine project. A special reception on the Delta Gamma floor was part of a full social calendar. Pi Beta Phi ' s and their dates arrive at their Christmas formal. Homecoming demanded participation and Alpha Epsilon Phi built a float. Some imported talent performed at the Greek Week convocation program. Greek games proved that the system is really close together. 289 IFC president Bill Dawson speaks at Greek Convocation. The British Isles theme was depicted at the Greek Week progressive parties. Socializing and dancing were big during the progressive parties. Pulling together at the Greek games. 290 Guests were honored and special awards given at the Greek Week banquet followed by the ball. Greek Week Committee, First Row: Kay Martens, Ellen Hank and Phyllis Lewis, Co-Chairmen, Carolyn Bates, Olmstead. Row: Tom Schroeder, Vic Cresto, John Manier, Howard Hood, Guthrie Packard, Bob Montano, Donna Cravner, Mac Bobbie It was a week of unity and togetherness. 291 Panhellenic Diane Battenfield President Carolyn Bates Secretary Jo Ann Foreman Treasurer Pam Del Duca Vice Pr esident Mary Thompson Rush Chairman Kay Hoover Adviser Held on a summer evening in August, a show of fashions for every occasion was viewed by future Greek women. Gathering on the ramps of Grady Gammage Auditorium are sorority women who presented a fashion show for future freshman girls interested in rush. 292 Junior Panhellenic Stephanie Saunders and Sherry Van Fleet sell lollipops to Helen Abernathy. Discussing and coordinating plans for the spring Pledge Presents are Junior Panhellenic officers, who are elected from representatives of each sorority. Members are, First Row; Patty Collins, Judy Ward, Carol Gay, Karen Keith, Betty Smith, Marilyn Mendelson, Pam Del Duca. Second Row: Marie Gretchen Sternberg, Linda Maxey, Sherry Van Fleet, Stephanie Saunders, Jan Martineu, Kathie Hurlebaus, Linda Leppa, Susan Egly, Kathy Mitton. When Founded: May 15, 1851 Where Founded: Wesleyan College Chapter Name: Gamma Rho Chapter Founded: 1950 Cheryl Hadaway Jan Robson President Vice President Kenni Henderson Barbara Haupt Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Alpha Delta Pi Ransom is not the objective. Just a routine kidnapping instigated by the pledge class of Alpha Delta Pi. Judy Hunter Kathy Allison Treasurer Connie Beal Joan Bergmark Twenty-two anxious actives . . . thirty-six perky pledges . . " Have-a-Great-Time " hayride . . . Homecoming-with " Cheryl for Queen " . . . " Doo-De-Le-Do " and a third place gramaphone . . . a sprinkle of water, soap, and elbow grease—it ' s a car wash .. . ADPi theatre chair to Pi Beta Phi . . . oodles-of-goodies to Viet Nam soldiers .. . fun-loving Christmas formal . . . a fashion show— " Guide for Brides " . . . a sizzling spring formal . . . weary walkbacks . . . " Marvelously easy so action " . . . serious studying . . . and lots of fun and frolic. Karlene Arnold Susan Basha Carolyn Bates Susie Blevins Sandy Capo Sally Cavallo Gale Chatham Cheryl Cobb Susan Cody Jan Colasanti Nancy Danyow Rosemary Deloian Julianne Egly Susan Egly Carol Ferguson Erma Fricchione Pam Gallacci Linda Garnett Nancy Guerra Janet Haney Roxy Hurd Susan John Karen Keith Sherry Kipp Cheryl Kosier Joanne Kylo Nancy Leach Martha Lowry Alix Mac-Iver-Campbell Yvonne Marquez Lynette Marshall Sharon Mentzer Nancy Monsees Linda Newton Judy Ohl Kathy Paine Carol Parcks Nancy Parks Judy Riggins Diane Rothwell Jan Schwanke Betty Scott Shirley Smith Gena Taylor Lauren Thompson Ellen Tolle Sandy Vachout Nance Vallesky Juli Van Aken Sharon Van Houten Kathy Vest Ann Webber Linda Weber Ouch—that smarts! ! An ADII pledge gets a walloping from a vengeance-seeking active. 295 Alpha Epsilon When Founded: October 24, 1909 Where Founded: Barnard College Chapter Name: Epsilon Zeta Chapter Founded: 1958 Pledge Presents and the Penthouse . . . Homecoming float: " We Play to Win " . . . The retreat was great, even the . . . We won ' t forget the South Mountain Party or the Spring Formal . . The thrill of candle passings . . . weddings in January, April, and June . . . Walkouts: success or failure? . . Valentine ' s Day with Moms . . Golden Gate Settlement, philanthropic project ... Marilyn and her guitar ... and more Add in sisterhood .. . Some of the highlights of AEPhi. A small representative of the chapter ' s leadership are these five AEPhi officers. Sisters listen as Marilyn Mendelson and guitar entertain. Carol Barker Stevie Haimes Carol Galen Sue Nystad Judi Bernstein Ginny Blywise Carol Bomash Susan Brill President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Bonnie Friedman Hilary Hammes Beth Hassenbusch Ruth Hoffman Diane Hausman Marcia Jaffe Susan Jacobs Ilene Lashinsky Barbara London Linda Lowenburg Marilyn Mendelson Pennie Rich Norma Rodsky Marti Rosenbloom Nancy Rozefsky Abby Sack 296 Group participation enhances activities, such as this focus on the sorority ' s scrapbook. A warm welcome is extended at the chapter room door. Madelon Salant Stephanie Saunders Margaret Schwebel Iris Seligman Judi Siegel Rochelle Zatkin Promoting school spirit with humor, AEPhis ' display models of Sun Devil and a rival mascot. Constructed for a football clash, the models list among sorority activities. Alpha Phi When founded: October 10, 1872 Where founded: Syracuse University Chapter name: Gamma Pi Chapter founded: 1958 Miki Kapor Kay McCurnin Just finishing a poster for their philanthropic project, Heart Fund Campaign, are these Alpha Phi sisters. President Vice President Pam Johnson Jan Tucker Pat Johnson Carol Askew Sharon Bancroft Raylene Bozelli Susan Charest Patricia Collett Vice President Recording Secretary Treasurer Ginny Earley Connie Engard Jeannie Ferryman Nancy Freestone Jan Gibson Therese Good Ann Gonia Nancy Gumm Sheryl Hanley Vickie Hessen Thomi Hudson Julie Jay Myra Kinzley Anita McCreery Gerry Miller Kathleen Mitton Cynthia Morgan Carol Noll Sharyn Owens Kris Parr Marilyn Rapley Marcie Ridings Lynn Robb Barbara Robertson Lolly Sliver Sandy Spayer Edith Stanley Six Alpha Phis capture tiger Kay McCurnin during a skit from their Circus Theme Party held during fall semester rush Jeannie Steele Jeri Steele Susan Strand Julie Trump My Fair Lady, 1965 Greek Sing sweepstakes winner ' ... one Blister award ... keep pulling those staples out ... a fall retreat ... Another candle passing! ... why study when we can play bridge? ... " Out of sight " ... a tea for founder ' s day ... remember the barn dance ... how about the ridiculous party ... the Heart Fund, our national philanthropic project—who will be this year ' s queen? ... the Christmas formal ... hurrah for vacations ... a go-go cage for Homecoming ... Steak and Beans ... our Derby Darling, Nan Whitsitt . " Where ' s your pledge pin? " ... out of sight ... Dance, Dance, Dance ... life ' s a ball ... Alpha Phi International in Phoenix this June. Christine Warren Verna Welker Nan Whitsett Susan Yoerg " Sing along with Alpha Phis, " an informal gathering is enjoyed by these sisters in their chapter room, as they sing songs and hear guitar music. Chi Omega When Founded: April 5, Where Founded: University of Arkansas Chapter Name: Psi Epsilon Chapter Founded: 1951 The smell of popcorn down the hall . . . ten-pound smiles . . western skirts and " white boots " . . . pink dresses and " OH Rock-a My Soul " ... a clown 20 feet tall . . . more purple flowers . . . Katy Chi O and the pledge skit . . . State Press . . . get that scaffolding down . . . the fountain is too heavy ... remove those palm fronds . . . owls . . . Greek for Diana . . queens ... more white boots .. . Oakley, going great guns for ASU . airport party . . . barn dance with Gamma Phis ... because you are so dear . PJ owl awards . . . people . . . events ... an instant of communication . . . Chi O. Saralou Combs Gaye Gravely Joy Moss President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Sandy Cooley Pris Overman Margene Smith Rerording Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Cherie Ballard Shirley Bell Linda Brown Laurel Butler Janice Calhoon Bobbi Davis Linda Down Betty Jo Ethel Linda Fry Linda Gallagher Margie Garland Rhea Graham Ann Graves Nancy Grundy Judy Henderson Nancy Hoyer Kathy Isacksen Jackie Jenks Betsy Kalish Bev Gunness A happy Chi Omega bubbles over with excitement as she holds the first place trophy won at Derby Day. Stevie Kenyon Crystal Kincheloe Rayma Kirkpatrick Jacque Lindstrom Julie Lupton 301 Kris Roehlk Kathy Sasser Cindy Roesler Sharon Reigal Sally Robinson Frannie Rogers Barbara Rosenthal Betsy Safford Nancy Scott Karen Spoon Sharon Spoon Janine Schuldt Saundra Statham Marty Stellhorn Anita Strickler Karen Swanson Jo Yuknis Sherry White Chi Omega coed Brooke Lennartz with her sorority sisters congratulate newly elected Queen Linda Oakley. She smiles tearfully after receiving the Homecoming crown at the Coronation in Grady Gammage Auditorium. Pam Reeve Sandi Olson Jody Ragland Linda Oakley Janis Noble Kathy Nolan Heather McFalls Linda Maxey Kay Swisher Christine Taylor Sherry Van Fleet Ann Verhoeven Janis Taylor Pat Topping Nadia Komarnyckyj Paula Thomas Neela Perry President Pledge Trainer Corresponding Secretary One hundred pledge points, you ' re kidding . . . Initiation Banquet . . . Founder ' s Day Banquet . . Get organized babe! . . . fall barn dance with the Alpha Phi ' s . . . Christmas wreaths for fraternities and sororities . . . Pansy honoring all senior women . . Whee! Spring Formal . . . We ' ll talk about it later . .. Any new " hugging buddies " Amber? . " Apple Polishing Tea " for faculty and Deans during . . pledge duty—bring oil can to study tables! . . . Hey, wanna banana? Delta Delta Delta When Founded: November, 1888 Where Founded: Boston Chapter Name: Phi Omega Chapter Founded: 1965 Parma Hoiles Recording Secretary Sue Lange Treasurer Diane Adair Gail Adams Ellen Bassen Marcia Beatty Patty Bohl Eva Boyer Bunny Burns Sharie Campbell Gloria Chiabai Laura Chittenden Jean Christie Ann Clarke Catherine Combs Luita Cooper Maureen Copeland Courtney Erwin Sharon Faulkner Liz Foreman Vicki George Vicki Greenfield Mary Ann Grimstead Margie Hall Jean Harris Dannene Hessler Pat Hinkle A blue and white motif surrounded by French provincial furniture is Linda Hochstetler Ruthie Housefield Kathy Hurlebaus Baku Irani the decor of Tri Delt ' s chapter room used on occasion for sing alongs. 302 Sue Knight Toni McCluskey Donna McElroy Barb Percival Connie Peterson Amber Reddicks Susan Stewart Kay Summey Pat Tanzola Jo Vannerson Dorothy Jackson Barbara Jenkins Barbara Johnston Cyndy Moore Nelda Northen Brooke Murray Dorothy Relfe Connie Steitz Charlene Walthall Robyn Warner Peggy Yale Barbi Young Carrying on a high level campaign, trying to convince a would-be voter of their candidates ' qualifications, are these. Tri Delts. Sandee Rucker Charlotte Snyder Promenading and do-si-do-ing at Bud Brown ' s Barn are the Tri Delts and Alpha Phis. 303 Delta Gamma When Founded: December, 1873 Where Founded: Lewis Institute Chapter Name: Gamma Phi Chapter Founded: 1958 Anchors away DG ' s . . . a sailor hat for every girl . . . " Memories are Made of This " —Homecoming float, we ' re going daisy crazy . . . Christmas Formal at Camelback Inn, a snowed in suite or a suite filled with snow? . . Desires suppressed?—Suppressed Desire Party . . successful walkout . . I want a Hannah doll . . . a first in the 1965 Greek Sing, Delta Gamma and Phi Delta Theta . . . Shipwreck party . . . anchor clankers. Angel Flight and Kaydette sisters rise early on a February morning to tap a fellow DG sister. Jill Troelstrup Susan Callis Sally Cartney Leslie Jensen Barbara Borrowdale Barbara Alexander Katie Alshuler Andrea Bank President President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Sue Barton Jeanne Booher Barbara Booth Kathy Briscoe Beverly Buehler Lynne Byerly Linda Campbell Cathy Cray Jean Davidson Kay Davis Linda Dimm Barbara Doeller Karen Donovan Cherie Edwards Jodene Garrels Peggy Hansen Martha Higdon Jackie Johnson Kathleen Kellis Gay Lefton Linda Leppa Jane Luttmer Kathy Lynch Ann McMahon 305 Sue Madsen. Harriet Mitten Lynne Morrison Joan Reed Stephanie Schmitz Kris Nystrom Kristen Peterson Ellen Rasmussen Diane Young Pamela West Lesta Williams Gathered in the chapter room are Delta Gamma sisters who represent the sorority in two fraternity auxiliaries, Sweethearts of Phi Delta Theta and Little Sisters of Minerva. Kris Nystrom, Jo Manley, Stephanie Schmitz, and Jeri Meikle check the scholarship files. Industrious pledges polish the chapter ' s trophies. Betty Sigvaldson Shannon Sims Bette Smith Charlotte Urie Candy Veenker Judy Smith Alice Leezer Sara Barker Ann Austin President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Suzanne Girton Pat Sandhowe Patty Erickson Recording Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Gamma Phi Beta Organization? . . . sponsoring big name talent, New Christy Minstrels and Peter, Paul and Mary . . . go break a leg in Derby Day . . our philanthropic project—summer camps for underprivileged girls . . . Quiiieet Houeerrsz! . . making beds, scrubbing floors: pledge duty? .. . Mexican hats and Judy for Queen, a 1965 Homecoming attendant . . . " Have a Heart, " door-to-door Heart Fund Campaign . . . roughing it at our Natural Bridge Retreat .. pledge-sponsored rummage sale = money money, money . . . we bleed for ASU Blood Drive . . . Greek Sing and sore throats SISTERS WE ARE! When Founded: November 11, 1874 Where Founded: Syracuse University Chapter Name: Beta Kappa Chapter Founded: 1949 Helen Abernathy Janis Adams Sheryl Anderson Jeanne Besser Robin Childs Melinda Cockrill Pattye Collin Leslie Coppins Kathy Crutchfield Mary Lou Dains Audrey Dalissandro Pam Del Duca Tomi Jo French Penny Gale Jo Glasson Mayre Lynn Glasson Anne Haufler Joyce Helgarson Helen Hodges Kathy Hummer Margie Iles Sally Johnston Patty Kidwell Sharon Kiloh Kathy Kreisher Pam Lawrence Debbie Lee Betsey Levering Paula Marshall Janis Miller Joan Miller Lynda Miller Karen Mitchell Lili Mitchell Maureen Moore Linda Motz Judy Ormsby Sue Phillips Terry Rackley Karen Remmer 306 Dorothy Rossetti Laurie Salisbury Sandy Schneider Cheryl Shaffer Vicki Spitler Peggy Taylor Mary Ann Thompson Sandra Walmsley Marcia Williams June Willis Peggy Wilson Patricia Winchell Marti Wright Sue Zarkos Patty Erickson is in deep concentration as she forges on toward the goal line in a stunt from Derby Day. 307 When Founded: January 27, 1870 Where Founded: De Pauw University Chapter Name: Delta Epsilon Chapter Founded: 1959 Connie Weller Kathy Abbott Treasurer Nancy Abbott Bobbie Barnette Nancy Becker Billie Beggs Nancy Benneson Karen Blair Alice Blocher Marlene Brady Cindy Brown Kathy Brown Sue Burke Anne Bussert Charle Chamberlain Donna Cravener Barbara Eldridge Alice Exum Gail Fisher Linda Fletcher " Remember the Black and Gold " . . . place, Sigma Chi Derby Day . . . at Ride-n-Rock ... 26 fun pledges; 48 tired actives . . . up ' till 4:a.m. . . Rock, rock, on the ground ... A musical America ' s Symphony for Freedom . . . Thetas invade the Bahamas . . . High the Kite . - where have all the Srs. gone? . . . Successful pledge walkout . actives don ' t even miss them . . . spring all year ' round . . . Yuletide fun at Apache Junction . . . a foster child in Korea ... many good time exchanges . Be Happy! Queen campaigning is twice the fun on a two-seater. Marilyn Miller Judy Jacklin Judy Hage Sandy Aakre Kathy Dooley President Vice President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recordin g Secretary Kathy Frye Su Gregory Suzanne Guilbert Kathy Hassinger Lynn Hendricks Susan Holland Pam Howard Chris Jones Suzanne Kinney Bonnie Koefoot Karol Kuykendall Dayle Land Karen Lane Paula Leahy Jeanine Linsenmeyer Barbara Lyding 308 Suzanne Reed Susan Russell Vicki Sanders Kathy Schmit Mary Jane Scott Pam Sears Sue Sm ith Joan Steele Andy Sullivent Linda Sutherland Kathi Till Kay Tweed Diana Van Duerm Karen Vollmer Alyce Wilson Elaine Winn 309 Kappa Alpha Theta Donna Cravener, Homecoming Queen candidate, voices her opinion at a rally. Kathy Moore Pam Pool Sigma Chi Derby Day gives the Thetas a chance to use their lung power. Tammy Powers Sandie Price Gage Putnam Sharon Reardon Cheryl Moore Sue Norman Carol Nielsen Sharon McClellan Bonnie McMaster Sharon McNew Kappa Delta When Founded: October 23, 1897 Where Founded: Longwood College Chapter Name: Beta Psi Chapter Founded: 1952 Tell him I ' m not here . . . turn up the stereo! . . anybody for a stale donut? . Founder ' s Day Banquet . got time for one more game? . . Fall Retreat to the woods of Prescott ... snowed out .. . first you nibble his ear . would like a kiss? . . . at the Sugar Bowl .. . it ' s quiet hours! . . anybody going to Burger Chef? . An old-fashioned party . . . what ' re you putting in your stocking? . . . The Story of Jazz . . . well, at least it ' s neat, trim and concise. Pat Thomas and her friend are enjoying the Kappa Delta ' s Christmas party at the T.B. sanitarium. Sharon Beeler Terrie Zenoff Gloria Eklund Jan Allen Susan Blair Jamie Bogner Gail Broad Nadean Brown President Vice President Secretary Nancy Chambers Ann Chapman Linda Croonenberghs Diane Dickson Jan Ellenson Joyce Guthrie Pat Hartis Karen Hayden Patricia Heyl Linda Hill Daren Hodges Judy Holcombe Lori Johansen Georgia Kerr Jean Kerr Barbara Kramer Georgia Krueger Jo Lasater Carole McGrew Cherie McMillan Norma Malene Dolly Mardirosian Jan Martineau Georgia Navarre 310 April Newby Neta Kay Norse Trish Papcun Carol Peifer Sandy Price Karen Pucci Sandra Rensvold Carol Richardson Lanie Rinck Mary Stoll Pat Thomas Terry Thomas Mary Thompson Marilyn Towsley Anita Ulibarri Linda Vollstedt Lee Walley Wendy Waters Judy Wheeler Kathy Winner Margo Wallace K.D. sisters discuss Karen Hayden ' s winning selection in KASN ' S Computer Companion Contest. Karen Hayden checks the pin over for White Rose Week. Kay Martens Janie Stonehouse Rosemary King Judy Thomas Sue Burke Suzie Gallup Jane Ackley Linda Adams President 2nd Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Linda Ambrose Pam Arle Linda Arnote Betty Bachman Sharon Barlow Sue Barris Diane Battenfield Kay Benzel Julie Berry Cotton Brand Wendy Colby Nancy Conant Sue Cornwell Cheryl Edel Sue Effron Linda Ekstrom Carolyn Evans Gail Freeman Sheri Galbreath Mary Glass Peggy Gygi Linda Helm Nancy Hulbirt Pat Johnson Santa, Gwen Sutter, holds up a new Christmas sweater from someone ' s secret sister. The joyous season of Christmas brings happy moments of Vicki Kearns Tudy Kelley Betty Koe Julie Loper Barbara Lutz Karen Lynskey Sharon Mitchell Cheryl Moss Kate O ' Keefe Diane Owen Tanya Pomeroy Kappas and Pi Phis clown around at their Monmouth Duo. KKT When Founded: October 13, 1870 Where Founded: Monmouth College Chapter Name: Epsilon Delta Chapter Founded: 1959 Kappa Kappa Gamma With a K and an A and a PPA . . . start the year singing . . and there go the pledges with the Phi Delt pledge class . . . successful walk out . . . Devils are Mary Poppins at . . . Derby Day Obstacle Course (t) . . . go Nancy . . . Christmas with the Phi Sigs . . those children were " sweet " . . . Christmas formal at Mountain Shadows . . . decks of cards in blue and blue ?? ... Kites and keys, a spring party with the Thetas .. . whose dress is obnoxious? . . . Annual Ad Nauseum Party .. . 1965 Junior Panhellenic Scholarship . . . Sue Burke, Panhellenic Outstanding Pledge . . . " stay active, keep studying, keep singing. " Jennifer Powell Nancy Poulson Sandy Price Joan Rickey Betsy Sanson Karen Schreiber Claudia Sellers Ellen Shahan Marlene Shelley Candi Smith Jane Stadem Gretchen Sternberg Ana Stelter Kathy Suarez Gwenn Sutter Eldray Tate Kathy Valentine Lynn Wallace Mary Jane Wegner Carol Wilcox Kathy Wilson Gerry Wright Stephanie Wulk Karen Yaeger 313 Pi Beta Phi Shiny arrows . . wonderful alums . . . a new chapter room . . a first in scholarship . . . 37 new pledges . . . more pledges than actives . . . a restful (?) retreat . . . actives doing dishes, punch . . . Pledge Presents . . . a hectic third place in Derby Day ... broken mirrors . . . a pink carousel and a first place in homecoming ... straight arrows and slanted keys . . . long drive to Superstition Inn . . . Pi Phi, KKG Mon- mouth Duo . . . a Christmas formal at the Cloud Club . . . Santa on the Theta Delt House . . a joint Christmas party for orphan children . . . time to study . . . Spring Retreat in Payson . . . our first anniversary . . . Pi Beta Phi Sharon Legge Jill Carlson Pat Fabeny President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Four exhausted Pi Phis carefully add the finishing touches to their prize-winning float. Barbara Hughes Rebecca Grindrod Pam Ake Treasurer Pledge Supervisor Becky Akin Ellen Arnold Barbara Ashworth Joan Bauer Sally Blue Marcia Boone Susan Bramer Arlinda Brown Suzanne Butterfield Carol Campbell Suzanne Chaillie Janet Clarke Karyn Clinger Susan Cohenour Andrea Contos Jory Crane Sandra Creighton Bobbie Drolet Eileen Duffy Sandy Farnum Ruth Foster Carol Gay Sally Grayson Jane Hyde Lee Janney Janet Jeewek Christine Kajikawa Two of Santa ' s helpers, Lolly Williams and Sandy Creighton, present their dates with Christmas favors. Karen Keesling Lynn McElroy Judy Lay When Founded: 1867 Chapter Name: Arizona Beta Where Founded: Monmouth College Chapter Founded: 1965 Paula McNeill Carolyn Meador Sally Minning Deborah Moody Dolly Moody Bunny Olmstead Peggy Phillips Jill Putnam Lynn Reese Kristin Robison Susan Roehl Pam Sabeck Susan Sekulich Carol Sexton Carol Simms Patricia Shannon Lucki Smith Janet Soderstrom Pamela Stoddard Sandy Swafford Sharon Tabor Ellen Toeniskoetter Judy Waid Rusty Willard Lolly Williams Joan Winter Teresa Wojcik Suzanne Younger 315 Tri Sigs spend a busy afternoon making flowers for their homecoming float. Barbara Mathewson President Donna Ollson Win Barse Vice President Corresponding Secretary Linda Huntimer Recording Secretary Sigma Sigma Sigma Actives kidnap pledges for an early breakfast at the Verde River. Nancy Simmons Treasurer Donna Beloat Jo Ann Foreman " Shine anyone? " Tri Sigs prepare to raise money for their philanthropic project, the Robbie Page Memorial in North Carolina. 317 Carol Hartline Nancy Glenny Davene Johnson Terri Kohn Honey Leas Beverly Jones Janet Ververs strums on her banjo while other Tri Sig sisters hum favorite folk tunes. Helen Spain Pixie Salzman June Oberg Joyce Nash Valerie Vandenoerg Janet Ververs Kendell Whitaker Peggy Woolman When Founded: April 20, 1898 Where Founded: Longwood College Chapter Name: Beta Kappa Chapter Founded: 1950 Sigma Charades . . . Hey, don ' t leave the polish on the trophies . . . the new " pledge " lamp is not a monstrosity . . . visiting Joan Shearers . . . pledges ' giggles and missing shoes . . . Mingus Mountain will never be the same . . . we love you Sigfried .. . about that bamboo pole . . . No Sir, Me Sir . . . a " Wine and Roses " Homecoming . . . oh, groan, not another kleenex box . . . not that way, you back in . . . our Christmas family . . . a Carefree Christmas in the wine cellar . . I know it ' s not twenty-four hours in advance, but . . . of course we use hose to shine shoes . . . never-ending line of national officers. 317 Interfraternity Council Primary function, advance and sustain the position of the twenty-one fraternity members . . . fraternities must maintain scholastic ratings above average . IFC distributes rush booklets to future rushees during the summer months ... supervises and coordinates rush programs. Bill Dawson President Douglas Rupp Vice President Mike Hawkins Executive Secretary Hank Martinson Sandy Chamberlain Treasurer Adviser Some Interfraternity Council members contemplate the distribution of the " Fraternity Life " booklets to potential fraternity men. The brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho may be small in number, but they are mighty big in spirit. Alpha Gamma Rho Snow man building--too much for one to handle . . . today is lake day . . . big doings at Western Week Barbeque . . . it ' s not postponed for good . . . 175 still cooking . . Pink Rose Formal . . Foggy Tobin . . . The Kid is at it again . . . Christmas formal . . . " T.S., my son " . . . Edge-Cat . . . let ' s go skiing .. . Aggies rank fourth in scholarship . . . main interest of brothers. Aggie House stands welcome to all of common interest in pursuit of common goals. Walter Edge Don Gerhardt Daniel Jefferies Terry Lamprecht William McCance Bob McCollum Alpha Gamma Rho annually builds frosty in front of the M.U. 319 Arthur Tobin John Rovnan Robert Underdown When Founded: April 4, 1908 Where Founded: Ohio State Chapter Name: Alpha Xi Chapter Founded: 1958 Ira Friedman Bill Daniels Mark Wienberg Dennis Cohen Mrs. Alma Schewe Brian Amada Mike Barker Jerry Cagen President Vice President Secretary Pledge Trainer Larry Callahan Gary Dorman Roy Eisinger Howard Epstein Robert Golden Richard Goldfeder Spencer Goldsen Ken Goldstein Craig Gorson Mike Helfner Barry Hirsch Jeff Kadet Stuart Kogan Gerald Kosowsky Stephan Levy Mike Maisel Joel Marcus Paul Markow Richard Meer Jon Morris Barry Nadell Ted Peck Richard Rogers David Rosenberg EXCHANGE 1965 320 Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers enjoy the advantages of living in a modern styled house. Alpha Epsilon Pi When Founded November 17, 1913 Where Founded: New York University Chapter Name: Alpha Sigma Chapter Founded: 1951 Happy days are h ere again . . a 35 man pledge class . . . winners of the bad guy award . . pledge car wash with the ADPi pledges . . . you lost money?! ... unsuccessful walkout; a speeding ticket . . . a homecoming float in 8 hours . . . introducing the CAMPUS MONITOR . . . the SIG MONITOR, 64 pages in color . . . formal at the Velda Rose Hotel . . . with a golf tournament . . . parents loose to actives—they buy . . . ADPi exchange, a cake and band . . . KD " Madras " exchange . . . an all night pajama party . . . retiring the IFC Scholarship trophy .. . JCC clean up day . . the annual Final Fling in May. Ed Ross Alan Rozefsky Lewis Rubenstein What, laying down on the job when float deadline is only a couple of hours away. Gil Rudolph Harry Salzman Murray Schleifer Sam Schleifer James Seaman Ira Silverman Jeff Spear Howard Stone Skip Swerdlow Geoffrey Weiskopf Roger Woelheim 32I The Alpha Rho Chi House is home to many prospective architects. Alpha Rho Chi Hi troops . . . Parent ' s Day and Dinner . . . Tubing . . . Are you me? . . . Sewer Party . . . jury—take gas . . . lectures by faculty members . . . hay ride . . . I ' ll give you a hint . . . field trip—Frank Lloyd Wright ' s home .. this is ' 65 . . . Christmas Party at the Snow Bowl ... South Mountain Party . . . Cinco de Mayo Celebration . . . I thought you died? . . . Annual Awards Banquet, White Rose Award . . . really chichen . . . . . . don ' t mess with the kid . . . with Gamma Phis . . . hurting .. . On Charrette . . beat down puckey . . . La Bamba . . . Meat-Head . . . Labor, Leisure, and Love. APX When founded: April 11, 1914 Where Founded: Illinois Michigan Chapter Name: Satyros Chapter Founded: 1962 Some men of Alpha Rho Chi enjoy activities other than the drawing board and straight-edge, as evident in their recent tubing down the Verde River. Speaking to future architects about prospective job opportunities, Mr. Oliver of the College of Architecture holds a very attentive audience. 322 Presentation of the White Rose award is quite an honor. Stephen Sawyer Carl Buchanan Alejandro Fahsen Worthy Architect Worthy Assoc. Architect Worthy Scribe Alpha Rho Chi is a social-professional fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. Robert Oshatz Worthy Estimator Terry Day Dennis Helma Robert Johannsen David Knox Benjamin Lee John Ohlfest Tony Schmitz Don Sherbondy Ron Tatasciore Don Williams 323 Alpha Tau Omega When Founded: Where Founded: Chapter Name: Chapter Founded: September 11, 1965 Richmond Zeta Alp ha 1951 ATO and Gamma Phi Beta—annual Christmas party for underpriviledged children . . . jolly Santa . . big barn dance . . . where will Euthenia spend the holidays . . . Hark, Lark, and Eaglebeak—the birds . . . Pencil Head, cool head . dines in the snow . . . Zero wins ice cream race . . . that chicken dinner ... John-John, the senator . . . will the old man graduate? . . . I wish I were in Dixie-grub . . . senior party . . . for Blackfoot Whitefoot Week . .. Beach Ball Duel . . . Fox Party . . worthy Coach Boggs. Ron Lowrie Duane Vild President Vice President Bill Pletsch Lowell Arnold Secretary Dennis Bassett Donald Bogner Would you believe all it took was a biff to the right and a zop to the chop, so say these ATO brothers. John Brenneman Jim Butler Frank Collard Lou DeRoon John Dykema Joe Edmondson Ross Fish Patrick Forester Carl Fosdick Buddy Frasca Jim Garvey Jim Greene James Hansen Bruce Hammer Joe Heath Pat Hopkins Steve Hopper Larry Huwaldt Larry Jaslukski Bob Johnson Charles Johnston Less Judd Doug Kalen John Kealy Ken Kerner Norm Killip 324 " I ' ve got a tiger by the tail it ' s plain to see, " Alpha Tau Omega brothers prepare ' to highlight the festivities at Bud Brown ' s Barn with a song or two. Steve Klock Steve Lampert Terry Larsen Art Lopez George Matson Mike Mee John Mitchell Jerry Moore Larry Nelson Steve Rold Denis Sutton Neal Olshan Hank Schlapp Don Thomas Phil O ' Neil Alan Schlosser Bill Walker Tom Pepper Bill Shaw Bert Warden John Rehfield Joe Simpkins Jerry Whitted Bob Reynolds James Smith Tom Witthoft Jim Robson Jim Sollenberger Dave Wrath Jeff Rold Ted Sudderth Steve Wrath 325 An informal gathering in front of the fireplace is enjoyed by some brothers. Art Smith Vice President Frank Putnam President Paul Thompson Secretary Jack Alberts Pledge Trainer Parties, parties galore seems to be a favorite slogan of Delta Chi John Butler Allan Chasey Ross Eckel Bill Jeffery Bob Jenson Art Lubil " All study and no play make Delta Chis smart boys! " In order to raise their grade indexes the Delta Chis hold nightly rendezvouses, commonly known as study tables, at Dr. Miller ' s lab in the Geology department. Delta Chi When Founded: October 13, 1890 Where Founded: Cornell University Chapter Name: ASU Chapter Founded: 1949 Delta Chi ' s annual " bleeding " ... Lemonade? bust at the Verde . . . Fats leads a dog ' s life . . . heated debates attract philosophers to fireplace rallies .. . don ' t forget Ted P. ' s antifreeze for the Snowbowl Christmas party . .. retreat at Kohl ' s Ranch .. . football game and Boy on the Block project . Sewer Party French style . . . U. of A. Game post party . . . Glen dives into championship . . . Roger pinned? . . . P.R. Smith and Crash Smith . . . T.G.I.F. at Sands . . . Tom Thumb . . . . . . Gut Jeffery . . initiating pledge " stupid " . . . And South Sea Islands. Dennis Nelson Jon Nelson Ted Person Daniel Powell Delta Chi pledges and actives groom their mascot Edward Quincey Kimble before a game. Roger Renfro Hank Rhodes Glen Short Gary Smith Mike Teeter Tom Tirella Charles Voss Ken Wayman Charles Wise Bill Wood 327 Delta Sigma Phi walked off with the sweepstakes trophy for their homecoming float, which was a replica of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Jim Kirst Secretary Vic Errichetti Vice President Paul Machmer President Ralph Cooper Treasurer Lynn Andrade Lance Allen Larry Andrews Rick Barnett Accepting the sweepstakes trophy are Tom Worden and Ray Boilleau. Bob Benne Dick Blair Roy Bliss Ray Boileau Gary Bowne Mike Brown Rusty Brunell Jim Campbell Bob Cherry Mike Clark Ron Dawson John DeKellis 328 Delta Sigma Phi December 10, 1899 New York City College Beta Psi 1948 When Founded: Where Founded: Chapter Name: Chapter Founded: Tom DeKellis Bart DelDuca Gary De Spain Relaxing after a long bus trip to Las Vegas are Delta Sig brothers and their dates. Brian Diebold Rick Edick John Ewald Ross Feagin Bob Ferguson Jerry Fiedler John Gooding Greg Grabe Jerry Greener Bill Holmes Mike lannotti Rick Johnson George Kaddaras Steve Klaimon Steve Knox Nelson Leverage David Linley Bob Martin Steve Martori Mike McHenry John Miller Greg Mulligan Chris Raleigh Tom Sanders Vic Schwanbeck Tom Silverman Jack Sneathen Mike Sullivan Tom Sullivan Ernie Tabor Ray Tanner Everett Trevor Dave Weik Tom Worden Sweepstakes winner in float competition at Homecoming . . . our own scale of the Golden Gate Bridge . . with moving cars and a real San Francisco Bay ... complete with fog . . . DSP ' s are tennis and wrestling champs . . . highlights of year, the corn roast, western stomp and the ever popular luau ... remember the Purple Passion Party . . . TGIF ' s at Doc ' s on what other day but—Friday . . . brothers enjoy ray catching on the weekends . . new color tube and Batman add to the at the house . . . close the year—off to Las Vegas for our Sphinx Ball. 329 Kappa Sigma Tom Wiper Steve Hoag land President Vice President Mike Sanders Vice President Hugh Laughlin Treasurer Tom Butler Secretary Sport Pussy Galore Malcolm Arnot Pledges of Kappa Sigma enthusiastically dig into the weeds at the Phoenix Zoo for their service project. Horace Bacon Bob Baker Mark Bayer Steve Berkenkamp Doug Brinkerhoff Dick Clauer Ron Carr Jim DeCosta Bill Dickson Gene Duran Larry Edwards Randy Ellexson Terry Forsberg Bob Hutzel Neil Jacobson Greg Janos Jay Johnson Glen Knight Charles Lewis Warren Lindsey Robert Lowrey Tim McNerney Craig Martin Les Miller 330 Richard Nye John O ' Brien Tom Owens Richard Morris Harold Parrish Marty Peterson Gene Powell Wayne Petty Good news from the S.E.C. . . . Founder ' s Day, Gamma Rho in a back seat? . . . Camelback Inn, for the formal . . . and the football parties . . " Old Man River " and the last minute rush! . . . Bologna Blowout . . . Jackson Day in March . . . remember Tex . . how about the haircuts . . . move out . . Jolly Green Giant . . pick up your date on a Horse, Western Party . . . service project—Parado Del Sol clean up! . . . broken doors . . . pledges help at the Phoenix Zoo. 331 Jake Puzio Archer Shelton Bill Vogt Jerry Scott Jim Taylor Richard White Ed Sharkey Steven Tully Bill Willey When Founded: December 10, 1869 Where Founded: Virginia Chapter Name: Rho Chapter Founded: 1964 Speaker at Kappa Sigma ' s Founder ' s Day Banquet is fellow brother Senator Paul Fannin. Brother Mark Clark manhandles the roulette wheel at their Las Vegas Party. Gary Tanner Treasurer Doug Rupp President Mark Clark Secretary During a band break, brothers entertain two Crescents, fraternity auxiliary. Johnny Morales Vice President Randy McGirr William Bergquist Pledge Trainer Joseph Beringer Richard Blazer Jim Brink Richard Brunner Piling cans ceiling high is the goal of Lamdba Chis and Crescents for their St. Vincent de Paul can collection. 332 Lambda Chi Alpha When Founded: November 2, 1909 Where Founded: Boston University Chapter Name: Zeta Psi Chapter Founded: 1951 Want to know where Belle Fouche, South Dakota is?—Ask us! ..Fraternal retreat held first after Christmas vacation . . . Lambda Chi " Toad Hop " . . . But will it fly, Fred? ... Easter Egg party for crippled children . . . can for St. Vincent de Paul . . Thanksgiving celebration . . Say, Dave, were you hurt in that wreck I saw you driving? . . . Crescent softball game . . . Attenhutt! ... White Rose Spring Party. John Busdicker John Bussert Gary Clark A composite picture of the inane personality of the Lambda Chi Alpha pledge class. Roger Cochran Edward Cooper Jack Doyle Gerald Evenson Fred Fuller Doug Goostree Jay Gordon John Higgins Warren Higgins John Holman Tom Holt Bob Hosford Joe Jensen Gerry McRaven Larry O rr Jeffrey Paulson Richard Psolka David Shehorn Roger Woodward 333 Phi Delta Theta Joe Tierney President Bob Dupree Secretary Boys night out . . . Phi Delt a go-go rush party . . . Keith Chambers Apollo ' 65 . . . are you kidding me? . " hup two, three, four, " Phi Delt Military Party . . . Christmas formal, and our new Sweetheart " Chu " Phillips . . . Greek Sing We ' ll come through this time DG ' S . . . It ' s Bodu . . Xmas party for needy children and a surprise visit from Santa " Smitty " Claus . .. tapping Phi Delt Sweethearts . . bridge anyone? . . . the Commandos . . . intramural sports competition . " The Kazootie—Mistake Mouse—Rash—Whale—Pear—Pencil—Grapper—Wolf—Buss— Goofy—Yea Yea—Roomo Boomo—Jarhead Squeeks—Clu— Less—Guns—Buckeye—Gritts—Cuzz—G.L.—Cuppy . . . annual community service day . . . grande ol ' fraternity. When Founded: Where Founded: Chapter Name: Chapter Founded: 1848 Miami University, Ohio Arizona Beta 1958 Bill Allen Bill Baker Todd Carter Jeff Armstrong Bruce Balcom Frank Cataldo Bruce Briggs Keith Chambers Submitting to the wishes of his brothers, Mike Hillbert is anticipating a cool dip. Gary Clendenin Guy Corrado Doug Fogel John Clutter Glenn Davis Bob Greene Ken Cook Steve Dolby Clark Griffin Jim Dorton Jim Griffitts Dave Dreblow Ron Hoffman Jack Erickson Chuck Isaly Frank Farrell Don Jarnagin Frank Ferryman Larry Jarnagin 334 Phi Delts are famous for their exquisite punchbowl. Mike Jutson Chuck Kolb Larry Lewis Al Lindstrom Paul Longstreth Greg Lorton Barry MacBan John Manier Dan Marioni John Miller David Morrow Mike O ' Brien Joe Pacheco Barry Paulk Eric Peterson Ricki Rarick Steve Riddle Les Schiefelbein Tom Seehafer Bill Shammel John Simon David Smith Robert Smith Thomas Smith Don Snyder Kenneth Spence Eric Stiefel Ralph Stoetzel Mike Tarver Bill Thomas Louis Trigg Rick Steiffel, Bunny Olmstead, and Carol Gay enjoy hot dogs and cokes Brian Tyler Hob Tyler Lewis Winter Meyer Ziman during an exchange held between the Phi Delta and the Pi Beta Phis. 335 Dick Garmon seems oblivious to a minor tiff arising beside him. The Bickersons, played by Nancy Poulson and Ted Mullen, can ' t decide whether to dance to the Stones or the Beatles. It ' s not the first position of an Iron Cross, but rather Mac McNeill doing the jerk at a Fiji dance. Bob Montano President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Dan Driskoll Jim Bounds Dennis Decker Treasurer Jim Allen Buddy Andrews George Baker Sal Bando John Bohon Gary Boyd John Boyd Jim Breitfuss Dennis Cameron Marching, marching Fiji men . . . 1, 2, 3, . 8, 9, 10 . . whoops . . . one man too many . . . remember the Fiji Islander, ' 65? . . . Purple Garter Party . . watch your step . . Black Diamond Ball . . how did you hurt your nose? . . . campaigning for the winning homecoming king, Sal Bando . . . third place in fraternity float decorations ... was it Cheyenne Autumn? . sponsoring " The Brothers Four " concert in Grady Gammage ... taking second place in intramurals competition, 1965 ... first place trophy in football for ' 66 . . . completed first full year as chapter. Phi Gamma Delta When Founded: Where Founded: Chapter Name: Chapter Founded: May 1, 1948 Washington Jefferson College Alpha Sigma 1965 Pat Clevenger Tom Courtney Bill Dawson Larry Decker George Duganz Joel Dyar During an exchange, the Fiji ' s take time out for a small discussion—the pros and cons of reflex action. Mike Foley Ed Gardner Dick Garmon John Gaston Jim Grant Lionel Hernandez Jim Holt Mike Kempsor Louis Matta Ken McCullough Rich McNeil Bob Menzies Ted Mullen Ron Mysliwiec Bill Nelson Doug Nurnberg Bill Perkins Mike Popovec Bob Poynter Disk Ridwell Steve Ryan Jock Sewall Chris Sheafe Chester Smith Bill Stern Michael Storey Dean Tate Tom Underly Bob Urie Bob Wagner Bob Wilson Bernie Wrightson 337 Phi Kappa Psi Tom Hazard Tom Hufton George Jett Rod Johnson Bill Koeneman Larry Koontz Tim Martin Greg Michael Pete Mortimer Kit Obrock Chuck Patrick George Philpott Jack Price Jim Price Ken Prue Brian Seek Joe Duke Ed Carmack President Vice President Larry Lindberg Jeff Paslay Secretary Treasurer Ken Bacher Arnold Anderson Pledge Trainer Bill Baker Bob Barker Sledding down the icy slopes of Mingus Mountain are Phi Kappa Psi brothers enjoying their annual Snow Party. Jim Bell Kirk Boyer Jeff Bray Brad Brett Phil Davidson Larry Felix John Hamilton Scott Harris 338 When Founded: February 19, 1852 Where Founded: Jefferson College Chapter Name: Arizona Beta Chapter Founded: 1962 Kerry Thomas Larry Thompson Ron Treiber Michael Tremmel Security is a good rush . . . and the pledges made their grades .. . girls on tricycles . . . a beginning for the Phi Psi 500 . . . where ' s my 500 shirt? . . . Pledges have a Semi-Formal . . . Christmas Snow Party, how many toboggans did we break this time? . . . pledge class community service project . . Founder ' s Day . . . time for another serenade . . . a spring formal, the Sweetheart Dance . a breakfast for seniors. Ted Vallas David Vinton Mike Vivion Rob Wallace Alan Wanamaker Dave Wegener Charles Wright Santa distributes gifts yearly at the Phi Psi house. Members of the pledge class take great pleasure in pooling Pledge Trainer Alan Wanamaker. 339 Norm Cox Vic Cresto Ken Brosius Allen Bettin Doyle Brown Chuck Creighton Harl Chamberlain Barry Connoley Bill Diehl John Earley Barry Eichorn Phi Sigma Kappa wins the volleyball intramural as Don Trotter spikes the ball for the winning point. As the Phi Sig brothers form a circle, Bill Deihl swings with Mother Buchman to the tune of " Shake It Up Baby. " The event was a pajama party exchange with the Gamma Phi Betas. When Founded: March 15, 1873 Where Founded: Massachusetts Chapter Name: Chi Triton Chapter Founded: 1949 Phi Sigma Kappa Hey, where ' s the party? . . . Beaver Ball . . . Greek Wine Festival . . . Lively Spring Party . . . Room 206 Party . . . Party? What Party? . . Moonlight Girl Formal, San Marcus Hotel . . . Brown Crown Award . . You must be kidding . . . Greek Sing, sing loud boys . . . strong body, strong mind? . . first place intramurals- first in badminton, cross-country, and volleyball . . . Let ' s pass the $3,000 mark .. . Cerebral Palsy Fund Drive . . . " Freeride " Barnes ... Cooperation plus? Hud Roger Evans President Don Trotter Vice President Bill Young Secretary Rick Martin Pledge Trainer Mrs. Arlene Buckman Rob Balch John Bare Bob Barnes Capturing first place in the fraternity division of the 1965 Greek Sing were Phi Sigs singing " Danny Boy. " Pat Eiseman Ted Felmann Ron Garcia Max Goodrich Tom Guilds Gregg Hanson Dave Hepburn Paul Hummell Jerry Johnson Steve Johnson Steve Kingston Byron Lynn John McClure Mike Murray Craig Myers Chuck Page Joe Parsons Mike Polachek Rusty Powers Ron Ravenscroft Edgar Reeve Richard Seminara Ron Shores Rich Silliman Tom Snyder Chris Soloman Tom Soloman Phil Sproul Bill Steiner Jim Thielke Paul Trapnell Jim True James Uhl Richard Van Kirk George Vlastos Chuck Wattles Richard Wiley Mark Zimmerman 341 Dave Stauffer President Mike Green Treasurer Fred Basgal John Belmont Larry Bloom Jed Billings Ty Borman Paul Bjorkland George Courtney A strong-throated Pike leads his brothers in practice for the annually held Greek Sing. Bob Eskridge Peter Donaghy Tim Donaghy The men of Pi Kappa Alpha display mixed moods as they prepare to settle down for a serious evening of study at their house on Adelphi Drive!!! 342 Dick Guzauskas John Jacobsen John Kissane Mike Krouse Robert Lanford John McGuidwin Joe McNeill Dan Maarsingh Fred Loetscher and Dave Stauffer admire the various trophies won by their fraternity. Bill Mars When Founded: 1868 Where Founded: Virginia Chapter Name: Delta Tau Chapter Founded: 1959 Ted Pawlikowski Mike Pickard John Rhodes Bill Salomone Pi Kappa Alpha Pikes plan parties . . . Snowball Birthday . . . Easter Eggs for Sunshine Orphans . . . Toad Hop, sweepstakes winner . . . Thanks to " Ralph " . . . have a doubleburger Jil ... hit the books hard . . . Scholarship Trophy belongs to Pikes . . . Mike Hawkins, second runner-up King . . . " hearts " . . . Pikes choose Dream Girls . . . Baldy is looking for Cactus again . . . the Wizard is back . . . owl ' s in on the prowl .. for a show? . . . get the phone, Carl . . . Big doings for Founder Day . . . Oh, that Sig Ep game . . Will those pledges ever go active? . . . good old " Gobblers Knob " . . . Pikes all the way. John Sentz Stephen Solomon George Sotos Bill Stanford Mike Strickland Walt Van Leer Paul Wallace Dean Wolcott 343 Mike Gallagher President Kriehn Vice President Robert Sneed Correspondent Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cut a rug . . . Christmas formal . . Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Apache Junction, no Phoenix . .. tweest and shout . .. annual luau . . . that ' s right, baby . . Mom ' s canaries . . . " Walking with Walker " — fourth runner-up Homecoming King . . . Easter party for the crippled children . . . Lady and the Tramp party . . . well, you tell me . . . Paddy Murphy Party ... what horn? . . . save a few seats .. I think it ' s happened before! . . . so you ' re 1-A too . . . the Grand Canyon wasn ' t so suite .. . remember Emerald Pool Lodge . . OK? When Founded: March 9, Where Founded: University of Alabama Chapter Name: Arizona Beta Chapter Founded: 1961 Paul Allen Tom Bailey Perry Bassett Whit Beall Richard Bevington Bob Blaska George Campanis Mark Cockrill Douglas Disney Brian Earley Robert Engle Dave Ferrara Larry Fosholt Dave Freedman James Gadd Alan Greer Gary Hart Tim Hayes SAE ' s have a cheerful housemother; President Mike Gallagher can verify this statement. 344 Dave Ream, Jerry Kriehn, Paul Allen, and Jeff Moynihan find the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house equipped with ample room for studying and leisure reading. William Hooe Pete Kellen Edward Kent Tim Kittleson Rick Labrum Jan Laverty Brothers discuss and make plans for upcoming events on the social calendar for March. Ken Laverty Dan Lesley Jack Lindahl Mike McQuaid Jeff Moynihan Ed Palmer Pete Pittman Jan Powell John Ramirez David Ream Edward Royse John Ruffner Glenn Smith Jay Smith Jack Smitheran Bob Strang David Taft Dan Thome Steve Timarac Mike Tubbs Jim Whitehead John Williamson Ron Young Tom Young 345 When Founded: June 28, Where Founded: Miami University Chapter Name Epsilon Upsilon Chapter Founded: 1960 Sigma Chi Ninety men around a color TV . . playing cards . . . practicing football . . . studying . . Derby Day—those girls keep chasing me ... a Hawaiian party with purple punch . . . a Salvation Army party with the Fijis . a weekend in Flagstaff . . a 500-gallon Coor ' s can for Homecoming . . . a Christmas party for Orphan children . . . actives painting the Boys Club . . . the bus is now loading for Antonio ' s . . . a final weekend and a new sweetheart . . . The Sweetheart Ball at the Camelback Inn . . . What can I say? Rich Davis Randy Sarte Brent Benson President Vice President Secretary Bill Harris Robert Bradford Bob Acklen Treasurer Faculty Advisor Rich Bachman Dusty Blethen Jim Bostrom George Brayton Tom Buckingham Tim Buer Tom Burke Bob Carlin George Carter Vince Carter Woodie Carter Bob Cleary Tom Cochran Larry Cooper Larry Cuzzocrea Tom Deal Max Dickman Bill Dorey Duffy Dyer Phil Dyer Rick Elias John Florez Bob Franklin Tom Freydberg Bob Giambra Dave Grangaard Bill Hallisey Skip Hancock John Hanson Dave Hanten Bill Hart Jim Harvey Rick Herbert Howard Hood Mike Huff Jim Hunt Steve Jacobson Rod Kahn Paul Katsenes Bud Klumph Carey Landon Larry Laughlin Bill Laurie Dave Leahy Bill Lindner Ron Lohr Hank Martinson Bill Massarand 346 Jim Mathis Joe Miller John Mumford Steve Munro Fred Nelson Mike Nichols Ed O ' Clair Mike O ' Clair Mike Pond Don Pollard Ted Robinson Mike Rockwell John Owsley Bill Prout Jim Palmer Joe Ransom Reggie Panis Larry Ransom Terry Perucca John Robinson Joe Porter Tom Runkle Jerry Powers Tom Shroeder Chris Toland Bill Stewart Jack Shiker Rick Talt Dave Sinovic Vincent Streech Thad Taylor Tom Tribou Grant Sternberg Steve Suggs Jim Tillis Bernard Vitek Jim Walters This poor Sigma Chi learns the hard way that fraternity life can have its messy moments, George West Mike White 347 Bill Henry Scott Mowbray Bob McCarthy Bob Payton Albert Rogers President Vice President Recorder Treasurer Advisor Serp Jon Abel John Acklen Mike Adams Mike Bartlett Ken Boren Joe Bowman Tom Brockmeier Van Cessna Chip Chafey When Founded: January 1, 1869 Where Founded: Virginia Military Institute Chapter Name: Zeta Upsilon Chapter Founded: 1955 Connor Country-places in royalty . Wegner ' s Candid Camera won ' t quit . . . Pearl ' s high calorie cooking . . . singing " Am I Blue? " at the Boy ' s Ranch . . . Brother Payton—thrifty? . . . Monday nights with the pledges . . . Sigma Nu ' s, Al Hirt, and jazz . . . Blackfoot-Whitefoot Week, serenades, formal, and sidewalk prints. Pride of Sigma Nu, " Rosie, " adds spirit to the football season in her coat made by the fraternity. Rosie has been mascot for the past six months. 348 Sigma Nu fraternity gave full support to their Homecoming King candidate Tim Connor, who is seen riding through campus with a few of his brothers. Tom Chilton Steve Cole Tim Connor George Crane Tim Day Tom Ebzery Wally Farley Ed Gonzales Paul Jensen Jack Journey Jeff Jeanes Bob Howell Paul Hermanson Jim Hayes Jim Henny Bill Haley Max Joyce Charles Kahrhoff John Kaufman Jerry Kemper Doug Kruidenier Dave Laubenthal O. B. Lewis George Ludwig Rex Martin Mike Mikitka Allen Orso Steve McAdams Jim McCommon Jon Memmott Steve Orcutt Jeff Rhodes Mike Sepiol Tim Short Tim Stolt Mike Tiano Rick Tingley Dave Wagner John Wormhoudt Mike Youngs Pete Dooley Dave Brown Ted Marsella Wally Rees Gary Fergemann Mom Wilson Dr. Donald Fisher Bob Anderson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Recorder Comptroller Faculty Advisor Joe Angela Jerry Atwood Gary Bailey Jim Bastin Jack Beavers John Bebbling Mike Biehl John Butterfield Sigma Phi Epsilon Sammy Sig Ep . through the Red Doors with pride . . . one eye on activities, the other on studies . . . Sig Ep Casino and Queen of Hearts Formal—social highlights of year . . . Homecoming and campus elections—Sig Eps noted for hijinks in both . . . winner of the Chi Omega scholarship trophy . . . always ready to help one another . . love that T.G.I.F. ' s and after game parties . . . " A Sig Ep in everything—Every Sig Ep in Something " . . . a spirit of competition in intramurals and the Greek Sing . . . enjoying shore-line diversions at Water Sports Day . . A thirty-foot Xmas stocking from who else but the Golden Hearts . . . who could forget The Toga Party! . . above all else, a fraternal Brotherhood. Rick Callahan Tom Campbell When Founded: February 16, 1901 Where Founded: Richmond Chapter Name: Alpha Chapter Founded: 1952 Chips Christensen Ted Collis Dan Cotlow Dave Cotlow Paul Cottrell Roger Creighton Tom Davis George Decker Dennis Dodds Domino Greg Eaton Rick Elder Don Elliott Al Frank Mike Frosco Steve Fulghum Larry Gartin Rod Gastineau Bob Geer Greg Gorden Mac Graham Bill Greenleaf Rieny Gruenmeier Craig Hauser Steve Hendry Phil Hertzog 350 Enjoying a spontaneous folk sing, a few Sig Ep brothers gather by a friendly fireside in their chapter house. Tom Hoag Farrell Holmes Don Howard Gary Jestadt George King Wayne Krok Jim Kurtz Butch Ledford Jim Leithliter Steve Liston Chuck Long Mike McNeff Vik Malling Jim Miller Andy Nickles Bob Page Ernie Peluso Randy Prout Dave Putman Lance Renfrow Tom Risley Sam Shulz Gary Shahan Tuck Sigfried Mike Simmons Dennis Skarecky Nick Spann Ron Spencer Bill Stimson Rick Straway Bob Taylor Tim Van Leer Tony Veto Dave Waite Larry Wilson Bill Wolfe Randy Woods Wally Yohn 351 Tau Kappa Epsilon When Founded: January 10, Where Founded: Illinois Wesleyan Univ. Chapter Name: Beta Xi Chapter Founded: 1948 Tekes hold scholastic high . . . Den Den ' s whoopin big machine . . . Egg Hunt For Sunshine kids . . . Tekes ' French Party underground? .. . Las Vegas prepare yourself for TKE! . . Stevie B. is one of Homecoming favorites . . . help mommy ' s pledges . . ghoulish night . . Beaver Ball . . . the serpent lurks . . . Oil City says, give . . . apartment living . . . afternoon swimming by the pool . . . study tables . . Red Carnation Ball. What a life! Steve Brown portrays a Teke relaxing at home with time on his hands. Pledge Tim Gray does his pledge duty for brother Tekes. Kirk Burtch Stephen Brown Mike Crawford Raymond Jasper John Helm Charles Acocello Kenneth Arline Robert Ashley President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Robert Ballou Frederick Berry Stephen Cooke George Craig Richard Donato John Elliott Robert Gibson James Gray Kyle Harris Tom Heideman Harry McFate Dennis McGaffick Kevin McSheffrey Al Manty Don Roberts James Russell 352 Gary Scott James White Dick Sweinhagen John Thompson TKE ' s stage a sleep-in for promotion of Steve Brown for Homecoming King. Tekes have as much fun giving the annual Easter Egg Hunt as the anxious youngsters delight in finding the goodies, distributed by the TKE bunny. Tony, one of " The Lettermen, " visits with fellow TKE brothers on campus. 353 Gordon Maxwell Richard Gerstberger Bill Yonke Robert Ware President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Louis Gallucci Barry Anderson Karl Anderson Jerry Boucher Pledge Trainer Theta Chi Sponsor a Salvation Army food collection . . . after game parties are favorites .. Christmas comes but once a year with the Christmas . . . MDA collectio n at banks in Tempe Area . . . Roaring 20 ' s party . . . gangsters invade for the gangland function . .. blood donation to Viet Nam and American soldiers . . end year with the spring formal and trip to the Verde River. When Founded: April 10, 1856 Where Founded: Norwich Chapter Name: Delta Upsilon Chapter Founded: 1953 Bill Estep Dennis Evans Kent Frauenberger George Frieh Bruce Gerber John Green Larry Gunning Doug Hayhurst Fred Heene Albert Heller Earl Langenberg David Laubie George Mate Fred Miles Richard Milot Spirit, togetherness, loyalty, and brotherhood were all exemplified during the week before Homecoming as the Theta Chi brothers work long and tedious hours on their float. 354 Reviving an age old tradition are Theta Chi brothers pooling one of their newly pinned or engaged fraternity brothers in the Old Main fountain. Taking on their unruly pledge brothers are Theta Chi ' s actives, as they prepare themselves for the rigorous competition that they will soon meet in intramural football. The Theta Chi ' s rock out at one of their wild, swinging parties. Richard Parsons Robert Paulson James Risher Anand Righani Robert Scribner Phil Skramstad Peter Till Elliott Simons Don Williams 355 James Sliger Paul Adams Guy Homes Mrs. Della Flynn Terry Bohl James Brennan John Brown James Canright President Vice President Secretary Cliff Damron Greg Eaglesburger Tom Ellison John Enk George Eversole Jim Hannon Pete Hinkel William Holbrook Darrell Jensen Norm Kitzmiller Bob Knight Gary Lewis James Merrett Richard Oakley Bob Orr Bruce Peterson Holding the sketch of the Theta Delta Chi ' s Homecoming float is brother Pat Guthrie. The float depicted the cultural city of the world, New York. 356 Dirk Ploog Jerry Pollack Bill Ponseti David Puchi George Ranney Ron Saienni Gary Smith Neil Sullivan John Van Houten Randy Wood When Founded: October 31, 1847 Where Founded: Union College Chapter Name: Epsilon Triton Chapter Founded: 1961 Theta Delta Chi Another successful spring election . Theta Delt Go-Go, a sweepstakes trophy at the Blue Key Carnival . . . a weekend in Flagstaff for the Christmas Formal . . . parties at the Snow Bowl . . Pi Phi ' s and Theta Delt ' s, a Christmas party for the children at Sunshine Acres . . . who will be Santa? . . . a spring party to end year. One of the top ten houses in intramurals in the Theta Delt ' s, helping out is the football team. The governing body of Theta Delta Chi are brothers, Jim Sliger, C. W. Smith, Guy Holmes, Norm Kitzmiller, Paul Adams. Members of the fall semester pledge class are, First Row: Greg Eagleburger, asst. pledge trainer; Terry Abair, Steve Bernard, Barney Rouse, John Kobelski, Bob Orr, pledge trainer. Second Row: Chris Pollack, Mike Mazza, Allan Mathews, Paul Hasforth, Frank Thomason, Mark Goldrich, Bob Watcher, Dave Michaels, skip Deharo, Les Cox. Third Row: Ron Stegal, Steve Ba rfield, Bill Rabe, Tom Prager, Moe Felix, Dick Beckley, Bruce Kaufman. 357 Engaging in their yearly philanthropic project of Easter basket gifts to the Crippled Children ' s Hospital, Crescents employ their domestic knowledge. Two Crescents are under the watchful eye of slave driving Lambda Chi Alpha slave owner. Lambda Chi Alpha: Crescents All sorority girls .. . experts on Lambda Chi . . . anyone for Crescent punch? . . . men love that home cooked meal . . . but cook a meal for 40 guys . . . can collecting TGIF party on Tuesday? . . . smile time, Rush Week . . . Yuletide greetings from Santa . . . Valentine party and a valentine from Johnny B. . . slaves for a . . . spring brings softball and a barbecue . . . purple eggs and green eggs—baskets for Crippled Children ' s Hospital . . . . dinner at Monti ' s . . . Lambda Chi picks Girl. Sandra Aakre Jane Berrier Anne Bussert Bonnie Crumb Kathy Dooley Joyce Guthrie Barbara Kramer Judy Jacklin Lynn Reese Gay Saake Judy Wheeler Sigma Phi Epsilon: Golden Hearts Linda Lee Adams Janis Calhoon Karin Evvard Sheryl Almo Linda Beaudoin Suzanne Girton Mayre Lynn Glasson Ann Hickman Roxy Hurd The chaplain of Golden Hearts, Toni Murtaugh, waits for dinner after a regular meeting. Selling squeezies to raise money . . 73 Christmas stockings . . . on your feet for six hours, meeting boys,. boys, during Rush . . . TGIF parties at Al ' s . . . Beta Day .. Sig Ep ' s favorite girlfriends . . . promote Sigma Phi Epsilon on campus . . . Queen of Hearts announced at Spring Formal. Susan John Judy Lay Heather McFalls Joan Miller Toni Murtaugh Anne Patman Judy Ormsby Jennifer Powell Karen Serafone Shirley Sprague Jackie Sandoz Two Queen of Hearts chosen from Golden Hearts are Jennifer Powell and Kenni Henderson. Mary Ann Thompson Nan Whitsett Karen Yaeger 359 Laurie Callaway Molly Fletcher Ruth Ann Foster Judy Henderson Linda Loving Barbara Lyding Sue Madsen Joy Moss Kathy Nolan LaVonne Palmer Pam Reeve Patty Russnak Janet Soderstrom Nancy Stevens Sandy Swafford Karen Swanson Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Little Sisters of Minerva " Careful on that wax job! " Little Sisters raise money for their treasury by holding a Saturday car wash. Judy Waid Susie Yoerz Dianne Young Little Sisters of Minerva . . brotherly-sisterly love . . . shoe shine and a car wash to raise money . . . monthly meetings . . . Zok! . . . annual fashion show . . . holy popcorn . . . candy apple sale . . sure, right there . . . retreat for Little Sisters . let ' s all pitch in and help . . baseball game with the brothers . . . I don ' t believe it! . . . help with rush program . . . Little Sister sweatshirts and pins . but of course we care. Little Sisters women ' s auxiliary to Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, spend much of their time in other campus activities as well as help the fraternity in events such as rush, intramurals, Homeco ming and elections. Little Sisters get better acquainted while enjoying a backyard barbecue. Pi Kappa Alpha: Pikettes Pikettes . . . Sunday afternoon Pikette Tea ... late tapping singing " How ' s ya like to be a Pi K A " . . mums with garnet and gold . . . fun and frolic at the Snow Bowl . . . Charlie ... talk, talk about National Pikettes . . . cold squeezies in hot weather . . . Dream Girl Formal and crowning of the Pike Dream Girl. Julie Ash Janice Adams " Shine it up girls. " These Pikettes take over the pledge duty of polishing the Pi Kappa Alpha paddle. Jenni Campos Robin Childs Mary Lou Dains Jeanne Grindstaff Susan Holland Baku Irani Marcia Jaffe Michele Kapor Lynne Kennedy Patty Kidwell Barbara Koch Carol Kost Linda Kreiser Ilene Lashinsky Pam Lawrence Lili Mitchell Phyllis Lewis Katherine Lynch Susan Nystad Rosanne Perry Stephanie Saunders Mary Vaccaro Ann Verhoeven Peggy Wilson Marcia Williams Lynn Wallace 361 Kappa Sigma: Stardusters Kappa Sig ' s general supporters on campus .. . big sisters to pledges . . great help at rush time . . . Kappa Sig ' s are planning a new house, Stardusters are raising funds to buy something for the house . . . men loved their stockings . . . best cookie makers in the west . . . fun time making Easter baskets . . . banquet for mothers complete with skits . . remember the picnics. Julie Berry Vicki Browne Mary Leigh Burns Suzanne Chaillie Susan Cohenour Nancy Conant Round ' em up! The Kappa Sigs and the Stardusters saddle up for a picnic. Roxanne Decker Laurie Gardner Patricia Hartis Wendy Lee Janney Bev Jones Chris Kajikawa Becky Krochler Sharon Legge Jeanette Minitello Joyce Nansh Linda Newton Linda Oakley Miki Olson Carolyn Scott Dorothy Sullivan Cheryl Wolfe 362 Clubs 363 Religious Inter-Faith Council has representatives from all religious student groups on campus, members are; First Row: Diane Buck, Linda Federici, Nan Leavitt, Helen O ' Beirne, Judy Richardson, Jody Barkson, Nilda Henson, Lilly Hendrickson. Second Row: Douglas Waterman, John Qualtrough, Bob Williams, John Hicks, Larry Ashby, president ; Debra Noller, Alice Tyler, Donna Rummens, Linda Ficken, David Fife, Charles Crouch, adviser; Lyndle Cummings A banquet was held during Inter-Faith sponsored Spiritual Exploration Week. Inter-Faith Council Inter-Faith Council maintains an atmosphere on campus which is conducive to religious life . . . Spiritual Week, a great success . . . invite oustanding leaders of all viewpoints to take part . . . known for their buzz sessions . . . conduct individual counseling . . . assist with the Freshman Orientation Week Picnic . . . all religious groups on campus, each their own faith on the council. Organizational meetings were frequent happenings prior to SEW week. 364 Enthusiastic eyes look on to see the results of the exhibition with each longing to join. Baptist Student Union Promotes spiritual and moral growth . . . chilly Snowbowl Trip . . . tense football games . . presents a positive Christian witness to the campus and community .. . second place with Catholic students for their Homecoming float . . . talent show . . . refreshing lake picnic . . . Baptist students discover, train and conserve leadership for the church, community, nation, and world. Tree is finished with last bulb hung in place. Mellow Yuletide songs liven up spirits during the Baptist students Christmas decorating party. BSU strives to relate the student properly to his church and denomination during college and provide their leaders with a direct access to students. 365 Hillel Counsellorship Stresses social interaction .. . education endeavor to make Jews understand religion . . instructs students about their culture . . . parties with from Flagstaff during the year . classes in creative writing open to the public . . . sponsor a book review . . . co-operate with other groups on campus. Hillel ' s officers join with other religious groups in planning for social and civic inter-faith functions. While stressing the social rather than the religious aspects of Jewish history and culture, Hillel sponsors the Sabbath services in Danforth Chapel. 366 Catholic Students Association Mass is said daily in Catholic Newman Chapel. Entraide work in inner city . . . discussing the new liturgy over coffee between classes . . . Roaring 20 ' s dance . . . corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick ' s Day . . . together on annual retreat . . . . . . Newman Province Convention . . . memorable luau party . . . Hebrew hymns at a Mass with a Protestant minister giving the sermon . . . paper mache and work, work, work . . . second place in float competition with Baptists . . . a " Where has all the flour gone? Long time . . " Deck the Halls, " Becky Swiger and Jan Jeewek supervise the center Christmas decorating party. MUSIC ON RAIL Capturing second place in the special interests category are the Catholic and Baptist students. 367 Phi Psi members are, Front Row: Jeanette Young, Linda Pulsipher, Sharon Haws, Jo Pace, Gracie McCormick, Charlise Brown. Second Row: Pat Rogers, Saundra Nechville, Donna Leman, Susan Vance, Myra Holbert, Betsy Frith, Barbara Kerby, Shirley Anderson, Mrs. Elvin Tayson, counselor; Carol Rogers. Third Row: Mary Rogers, Betty Ellington, Nivla Lamoreaux, Jerilyn Pospisil, Sylvia Turner, Emily Rogers, Sylvia Sevey, Myrna Sevey, Susan Quist. Phi Psi Chapter and Phi Omega Chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma Lambda Delta Sigma-Phi Omega Phi Psi . . . leadership workshop . . . remember Chapters . . . pledges meet early next the Date Bureau Party . . . excitement week . . . clues are in the lounge, girls mounts—pledge presents . . . Be My Valentine . . . early morning breakfasts . . . playing Party . . . exchanges between women ' s Santa . . . Christmas service project chapters and men ' s chapter . . . tasty? for a needy family ... annual scholarship burnt spaghetti . . . lively, active group. Active participants of Phi Omega gather after a Monday night meeting, First Row: Mrs. Richardson, counselor; Patty Heap, Jolinda Rizley, Wanda Smith, Connie Adams, Elaine Miekelson. Second Row: Maxine Watson, Kathy Kelly, Marla Merrill, Judy Newman, Susan Mecham, Virginia Bount, Myra Payne, Judi Driggs, Karen Reed. Third Row: Susan Ashcroft, Jo Ellen Bosen, Cynthia Wooten, Carma Call, Diane Watts, Toni Clark, Donna Greenwood. 368 Members of Alpha Pi Epsilon, society for secretarial and business education majors, are: First Row: Mary Beyerlein, Carol Whiting, secretary; Gracie Contreras, president; Patricia Bufford. Second Row: Darla Love, vice-president; Mary Struthers, Marion Hargreaves, treasurer; Grace Ramanauskas. Alpha Pi Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Pi Epsilon, business honor society . . . participate in money making projects . . in campus activities, Parents Day and Business Day . . . hostess at business functions . . . spring initiation banquet . . . . . . assists at conferences, conventions, and seminars held in the College of Business. Alpha Epsilon Delta goal: encourage in premedical scholarship . . qualifications, second semester sophomore with a 3.0 . . . slide illustrated lectures .. . viewing autopsis on the agenda . . . guided tours of Children ' s Colony and Barrow Neurological Institute . . . spring initiation. One of the purposes of Alpha Epsilon Delta is to promote cooperation by contacts between medical doctors and premedical students. Members are. First Row: John Masaryk, treasurer; Samuel Parks, John Drakulich, John Klemmer, Stephen Bailey, Stephen Toles. Second Row: Diane Kroulik, Lincer, Lynne Reetz, Roy Johnson, advisor; Jules Altfas, Shirley Clapp, historian; Angela Skelton, secretary; Jane Berrier, Steve Hall. Third Row: Brian Nadell, Andrew Austin, Volker Sonntag, Fred Peters, Thomas Hicks, Kenneth Boren, Harmon Alpert, president; Joseph Washburn, vice president. Alpha Lambda Delta Sandi Becchetti Virginia Blount Nancy Kryder Blake Hughes Carol Landis Participating in Interhonorary Council and Honorary Week .. . administering ACT tests . . . ushering . . . helping the Little School of 400 ... with speakers talking on such things as diamonds, etiquette, and campaigns . special party for new members . . 31 Flavors Party . promoting the appreciation of cultural phases of campus life . encouraging superior scholarship among freshman women. Pamela Lewis Diane Maydew Linda Michel Diane Norkaitis Terry Rackley Cynthia Radcliffe Brenda Ross Stephanie Schmitz Cynthia Shultz Janet Soderstrom Sandy Stock Paula Woehlke Officers who helped plan and organize the activities of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman women ' s scholastic honorary, are Donna Rummens, chaplain; Brenda Ross, treasurer; Ginger Blount, projects chairman; Cheryl Moore, corresponding secretary; Claudia Ward, vice president; and Stephanie Schmitz, president. 370 Rufus Bastian Jerry Gavette William Hunter Dan Jeffries Joseph Knisley John Mattice Dennis Nowlin Alphonsus Okorie Roger Olson Steve Orcutt Alpha Zeta Honorary agriculture fraternity . . . members selected from undergraduate and graduate students of high scholarship . . . leadership, personality also play an part in selection . . . memorable held at ASU experimental farm for freshmen . . . Senator Hall, speaker at Alpha Zeta luncheon . . . fraternity helps high standards of scholarship among its members . . . established a current reading and study room . . . in the spring Dean Thompson of the College of Engineering Sciences spoke on the " Future of Agriculture at ASU. " Daniel Paxton Donald Quail Irwin Rubin Ronald Schlosser Curtis Sherman Alpha Zeta officers are, Tom McPherson, chronicler; David Quail; scribe; William Hunter, chancellor; John Mattice, censor; Roger Olson, treasurer. 371 Angel Flight, women ' s auxiliary for Air Force ROTC, perform many service projects besides their usual marching and drill. Their fall rush for new Angels is held in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere; Major John K. Prong and Flight Commander Linda Arnote greet rushees in the receiving line. Fall Angel Flight rush attracts many coeds; Angels Linda Fry and Sue Nichols register rushees. Angels marching in preparation for Tucson meet. Made finals in the Tucson drill meet . . . second place in Pershing Rifle drill meet . . . Angel Flight Arnold Air Society conclave in California—not all business . . . successful picnic . . . trick-or-treating and to the zoo with Sunshine Acres . . . Christmas party and formal .. . candidates for Military Ball Queen . . . march in Phoenix Rodeo Parade . . . " hash " at fraternity houses to make money . . . plane wash . . " Nite on the Town " . . . ushering at football and basketball games . Dallas conclave, goal for year. 372 Angel Flight Pam Arle Linda Arnote Julie Ash Drill Commander Gail Freeman and Flight Commander Linda Arnote inspect their company. Nicki Boyle Susan Bramer Kathy Crutchfield Karen Donovan Cherie Edwards Susie Edwards Gail Freeman Linda Fry Janet Harris Julie Loper Terry McDonald Connie Meneley Lynne Morrison Judy Ohl Bunnie Olmstead Connie Peterson Peggy Phillips Shirley Pilster Joan Reed Cindy Roesler Sally Swank Betsy Sanson Gena Taylor Judith Thomas Mary Jane Wagner Pam Ward Jo Yuknis 373 Eagerly awaiting inspection are these cadets, Stanley Corbett, Stephen Anderson, Robert Butler, Dennis Lessard, Gary Horlbeck, Robert Schaefer. Arnold Air Society Presenting an outstanding award to Chaplain Don Monderfield is Area Commander Dennis Lessard. The dining-in banquet was held at Luke Air Force Base. Arnold Air was second runner-up for Maryland Cup given to outstanding Squadron in the nation. First Row: Ronald Pearlman, Stephen Anderson, Randy Sterna, Dennis Lessard, Kenneth Krebs, William Daley, Neil Hornbeck, Peter Steel. Second Row: Don Manderfield, Stanley Corbett, Robert Schaefer, Robert Butler, Gary Horlbeck, John Boyer, David Puzas, Thomas Horn, Robert Grassi, Richard Wall, A. D. Ritter. Third Row: William Killen, Thomas Canter, Larry Rasmussen, Craig Curran, Fred Schoarz, Russell Jones, David Adams, Charle s Jonkosky, Ronald Karp, Gary Harmon, Thomas Wood, Richard Mangnall. Assisting police at football games . . trick-or-treating with Sunshine Acres children . . . Christmas caroling in the rain . . . combat weapon . . . Conclave in Los . . . parties and politics .. sharing office with Angel Flight and Silver Wing . . . games and horseback riding at South Mountain picnic Veterans ' Day Parade . . . area inspection team 2500 miles over break to California and New Mexico . . . escorting Junior Miss contestants at Grady Gammage Memorial . . . flying Angels around the Valley in spring . :National Conclave in Dallas in April with Arnold Air Society and Angels traveling by train, plane, bus or car. Members of Arnold Air Society gladly volunteer to take care of administrative matters in the office. Officers of Arnold Air Force Society, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, are, Kenneth Krebs, commander; Peter Steel, executive officer; Richard Mangnall, Silver Wing coordinator; Russell Jones, comptroller; Randy Sterna, pledge trainer; Neil Horlbeck, operations officer; A. D. Ritter, assistant administrative officer; Craig Curran, assistant operations officer; Thomas Wood, assistant comptroller; Ronald Pearlman, chaplain. 375 Archons The Archons sang a parody on " houses of ticky-tacky " at the Greek Sing. Sounding board for Intrafraternity Council . . . rush counsellors . . . outstanding fraternity men of ASU campus . . . juniors and seniors who have held a major office in their fraternity .. . participate in at least one major campus activity. Jim Bounds Steve Brown Bill Dawson Bill Diehl Pete Dooley Roger Evans Max Goodrich Mike Hawkins Tim Kittleson Steve Larson Ron Lawrie Ted Marsella Hank Martenson Bob Montano Dean Mousser Steve Sawyer Archer Shelton Bill Stanford Mike Vivion Paul Wallace 376 Blue Key Fall initiates of the Blue Key are, First Row: Bill Henny, Bruce Maxwell, Alphonsus Okorie, Greg Brown. Second Row: Chuck Sims, Don Ron Berry, Bill Dorey, Bernie Wrightson. Third Row: Dean George Hamm, Doug Nurnberg, Joe Warren, Steve Larson, Tom Wiper, Jim Ed Renschler. Junior and senior male students in the upper 35% of their class . . . active in at least two extracurricular activities . . . picnic for school children with mortar board . . . carnival in conjunction with Memorial Union party . . . fall and winter initiation . . . Senior Party in the spring. Bob Acklen John Bacon Tom Chilton Barre Griffith Dr. Ralph Hook Dean Mousser Don Morriston Prof. Richard Neuheisel Rowe Portis Archer Shelton Bob Short Fred Reish Stephen Sawyer Eldon Smith Gary Smith Mike Vivion Alan Warne Blue Key members listen to Dean Shoftstall as he speaks at a banquet. 377 Eta Kappa Nu Assists its members in becoming better men in their chosen profession . . . membership should also be a constructive force .. . help fellow members and nonmembers in improving the standards of the profession . . . EE students in their junior or senior year can join . . . locate positions for students after graduation . . . faculty-student luncheons . . . foster acquaintances among faculty and students . . . speakers, attractions, and demonstrations. Robert Wagers, Electrical Engineering student, accepts Honeywell Award from Dr. Thompson. Speaking. on the Apollo Program is Mr. Kennith W. Porter. Members of Eta Kappa Nu, an electrical engineering honorary are, First Row: Carl Canter, Philip Moore, Daniel Lorti, Robert Wagers, Howard Porter, David Harlan, Susan Simmons. Second Row: James Durbin, Bruce Larson, Robert Robinson, William Boothroyd, Ogal Claspell, Glen Fisher, Edward Renschler, Paul Thompson, Robert Kerwin, Paul Sharrit, Charles Falls, Alfred Setter, Harry Gould, Kenneth Schnuelle, Philip Simons, Steven White, John Chang. 378 Tau Beta members are, First Row: Bruce Larson, corresponding secretary, Charles Sullivan, treasurer, Daniel Lorti, vice president, Professor Joseph Barkson, faculty advisor, Edward Renschler, president, Howard Porter, cataloger, David Harlan, recording secretary. Second Row: Joe Hopkins, Victory Lee, William Boothroyd, James Durbin, Chester Henry, Phillip Moore, Paul Sharrit, Ronald Bergland, Kenneth Schnvelle, Glen Fisher, Carl Canter, Charles Falls, Steven White, Thomas Phillips, Patrick McMillan, Skip Johnson. Third Row: Donald Takeuchi, Archie Farnsworth, Robert Putney, Peter Versteegen, Theodore Jarvi, Russell Shedd, Paul Thompson, Rogert Wagers, Gary Bates, Raymond Hoaglin, Julius Vargo, William Thornton, Kenneth Daggett. Gathering are active officers and faculty advisors of Tau Beta Pi, engineering honor society. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi ' s Bent located by Engineering Center. Key speakers at Tau Beta Pi ' s Fall initiation banquet are Leigh Gardner, president of the Phoenix alumni chapter; Edward Renschler, president student chapter; Harvey Ross, guest speaker. National engineering honor society . . . purpose, formally recognizing those who have conferred honor upon their alma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character . . initiation banquets each semester . . . outstanding guest engineering speakers . . . students are eligible who rank in top eighth of the junior class or top fifth of the senior class. 379 Dr. Morris Warren speaks on Operation Guest speaker Dr. Warren, principal of Booker T. Washington School, chats with Dean McGrath. Kappa Delta Pi Secretary Marilyn Haueisen, Treasurer Viola Hill, Historian Cheryl Foster, Vice President Eleanor Thomas, Dr. Maurice Lewis, President Lynn Callender Enhancing the knowledge of potential on current events and problems in the field of education . . . initiation and gold pins for new members . . . junior with 3.0 cumulative and six hours in professional courses required . . banquets . . . monthly meetings featuring guest speakers . . . well-informed on Operation Headstart . . . $50 scholarship granted to a junior with the highest cumulative grade index in the College of. Education. President Callender awards the junior scholarship to Mrs. Ruby Turnbull for the highest cumulative. 380 Kappa Kappa Psi KK Psi is dedicated to the service of the band and its members. First Row: Charles Steele, vice-president; Harold Hines, advisor; Bob Dotson. Second Row: George Gullett, James Clarkson, secretary; Chet Oakley, Dr. Henry Bruinsma, Bill DeCoursey, Donald Martin, Rick Felix, president; Charles Johnston, treasurer. Third Row: Nick Nicholas, Moe William, Bill Ripper, Mickey Calvert, Rick Clarkson, Terry Nunn, Tom Wood, chaplain. Showing Saturday morning matinees for children in cosner . . . exciting scavenger hunt during the Halloween party . . . enjoyable band Christmas party . . . cream sure did taste good? . . . five piece German band and puppet show for Children ' s Colony . . . who could forget the river party. ' Tau Beta Sigma Service organization . . must have had one semester of band before joining . . . combined program with Kappa Kappa Psi at Arizona Children ' s Colony . . . band booklet in conjunction with the band council . . . hosting band river party with KK Psi . . . traditional Halloween party. Band members ' jolly laughs were heard at the decorating party at Grady Gammage band room. Tau Beta Sigma is a National Honorary Sorority for band women on the college and university level, helping to build band unity. Members are, First Row: Loda Rhodes, chaplain; Kathie Merril, president; Miss Judy Prochnow, advisor; Rosemeri Scrivano, Diane Rippl, treasurer; Ruth McMahon. Second Row: Gwen Hanigan, vice-president; Janet Jeewek, Karen Fair, Helaine Mellay, historian; Amy Romans, secretary; Cheryl Collins; Denise Wallentinson. 381 Kaydettes Girls interested in Kaydettes are invited to an informal tea where they can visit and talk to members. Later, selected girls are invited back for personal interviews. Bringing holiday cheer and good wishes, Kaydettes are able to get away from the drill field and into hospitals. 382 Joan Miller Ann Graves Sue Madsen Rhea Graham Carol Meador Judy Hickman Jackie Johnson Judy Henderson Karen Spoon Nancy Stevens Pam Stoddard Kathleen Nolan Marguerite Palmer Susan Phillips Barbara Rosenthal Patty Russnak Mary Jane Scott Joy Moss Dale Petty Proud of their precision drills Kaydettes practice long and hard for drills and parades. Honorary auxiliary to Army Reserve Officer Corps . . . great morale supporters . . . expert car washers . . . usher at football and basketball games . . walk a few miles in Phoenix rodeo parade . . . looking forward to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D. C. next year .. received sweepstakes trophy in the Pershing Rifles drill meet. Sherry Galbreath Linda Down Paula Burns Susan Barton Sally Cartney Sharon Barlow Carol Barker Shirley Bell Sharon Beeler Saralou Combs Marilyn Dick Cheryl Hadaway Barbara Harwood Dannene Hessler Tima Irani Ellen Jones Chris Kajikawa Sharon Legge Marilyn Love Linda Oakley Margaret O ' Connor Lucille Smith Mortar Board Get acquainted shish-ka-bob party . . . Big Little Sister program and tea . . . Alumni branch . . . Blue Key project ... scholarship tea . . . Christmas dinner .. . Alumnae pot luck highlighted by candlelight tapping and initiation . . . ushering at basketball games . . . what, rock? . . . mouse! in the Memorial Union? . . . Martyr to the cause? . . . blazers. Carol Ann Stern Wanda Weber Enjoying the refreshments at the upperclass women ' s scholarship reception are Mrs. Harold Fearon, senior chapter advisor; Mrs. Earl Leininger, president of the Phoenix alumni chapter; Cheryl Hadaway, president of ASU ' s Pleiades chapter; and honored guests Sandee Goodwin and Jan Gillen. 383 Natani Junior women ' s honorary . . . promote culture on campus . . . service is our motto .. . membership selective, based on scholarship, leadership and activities . . . sunshine . . . mile-wide grins on smile day . . usher for such events as " Carmen " and " Madame Butterfly " at Grady Gammage . . . Natani blue seen on Tuesdays . . . great election helpers ... all-knowing at the ask me booths . . sometimes we run for our dinner, huh girls? Junior advisor, Ellen Jones discusses selection of new members with some Natani women. Nancy Abbott Sara Barker Nancy Barnum Carolyn Bates Gail Chatham Roxanne Decker Paula Eisenman Judy Gilman Pat Horn Barbara Jenkins Karen Kelly Eva Sample Kathy Sasser Charlotte Schilling Sandy Schneider Shirley Smith Doris Stevenson Sandra Walmsley Chuck Walrad Mrs. Demson, advisor, and Charlotte Schilling are working on plans for ushering at Grady Gammage. Officers are, First Row: Betty Davis, president; Priscilla Overman, treasurer. Second Row: Charlotte Schilling, vice-president; Sandy Schneider, secretary; Roxanne Decker, historian. 384 Members of Orchesis modern dance organization, prepare to state one of their Thursday night dance sessions. Orchesis Dance honorary for men and women . . . Opened to all students interested in dance . . . go through a series of tryouts in to join . . . dance symposium for Arizona high school students . . . annual dance concert .. . fall workshop designed to introduce and explain modern dance to the Exercise and rehearsal make the members of Orchesis poised and graceful dancers. Orchesis puts on several dance programs at ASU during the year. 385 Pershing Rifles Aid for Viet Nam campaign . . . ASU Blood Drive . . Yuletide visit to Veteran ' s Hospital . . . guarding U. S. Navy torpedo bombers . . . twenty-one actives . . . Christmas and Spring Activation balls . . . victorious in guarding ASU Victory Bell . . . marching 1, 2, 3, 4--Tolleson and Veteran ' s Day Parades . . . Tenth Regimental Drill Meet ... October and February smokers ... maneuver against Junior ROTC Division . . . select a Pershing Rifles Queen. Headquarters ' staff members are, First Row: George Crane, Charles Sands, Albert Lowenstein, Michael Warner. Second Row: Randy Neal, Fredris Abbot. Third Row: Garold Koopman, Larry O ' Daniel, Hedley Philp, Captain James Adams. Pershing Rifles Queen, Miss Judy Wheeler, is an honorary Captain. Members of Company D-10 are, First Row: Gerald Newhouse, Dwight Thompson, Lee Wise, Judy Wheeler, William Moseley, Douglas Sheridan, Paul Kanton. Second Row: Steve Landry, Terry Hoke, Donald Burgmeister, Edward Helein. Third Row: Clyde Anderson, Kenneth St. Andre, Bill Fitzgerald, Douglas Lund. 386 Accepting an invitation to join Pi Sigma Alpha, national political science honor society, are nineteen junior and senior political science majors. Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha . . . productive and an interest in the subject of government . . . sixty faculty and student members . . . panel discussions . . . fall and spring semester initiation banquets . . . annual picnic . . . informal group meetings . . . and informative guest speakers. Phi Eta Sigma . . honorary . . to freshman men . . . encourages academic pursuits . . . active chapters throughout nation . . 3.5 index needed to join . . . usher at exercises . . . number sixty strong . . . one meeting a for initiation purposes. Pi Eta members are, First Row: David Collins, Ed Renschler, Larry O ' Daniel, Bob Moeller, Daniel Gustafson, Paul Willemsen. Second Row: John Klemmer, Carl Stupley, John Krenkel, advisor; Glenn Schultz, John Branton, David Fowler, Gary Miller. Third Row: Richard Evans, Thomas McKee, Louis Gallucci, Donald Kuzela, David Stoker, Mark Windsor. 387 Phi Upsilon Omicron Beta Chi Epsilon Gathering in the upper lounge of the Home Economics Building are members of Phi Upsilon Omicron. First Row: Barbara Fulk, corresponding secretary; Margene Smith, chaplain; Sandra Rovey, recording secretary; Lue Smith, president; Susie Leet, vice president; Susy John, librarian; Nancy Barnum, treasurer. Second Row: Anna Maurine Huston, Jackie Ethington, Joyce Owens, Christine Turley, Jeri Page, Nelda Patton, Sherry Hill, Pamela Bush. Phi U: serve and advance the home profession . . . faculty Christmas party . . . final dinner party . . . already an officer, chairman of three committees and on two others . . . 500 lbs. fruitcake? . . . slides project again . . . camera? or photographer? . . . happiness is having a record to sing by . . . white socks and ribbons in our hair? . . . are you " spring " or " winter? " . . . bulletin board down and in 107 . . . recorder squeaks! . . . who did you say was coming on March 22? .. . Speakers: Irene Josselyn, M.D., Mrs.. Chute and Mrs. Madeline Minchin .. . give Outstanding Freshman Award in Home Ec . . . remember Miss Ellsworth ' s slides of Far East South Pacific . . . faculty bulletin boards. Beta Chi: open to all home economics and minors . . . professional home economics club . . . affiliated with the clubs section of the Arizona and American Home Economics Association . . . promotes a professional attitude toward home economics . . . famous for their teas . . . love dragging chairs back and forth .. . do ' s and don ' ts discussed by Barbara Deines, Flair School of Charm ... hunger pains strike during tour of Rosarita Foods . . . fruitcake sale, successful endeavor .. remember the hair dryer survey . . . hints on hair styling techniques from Mrs. Rosemary Beauty College . . . pledges attend all regular meetings plus pledge meetings . . . familiar slogan, " Happiness is being in Beta Chi. " Active members of Beta Chi are, First Row: Charlotte Kingsbury, Judy Sterrenberg, Barbara Bartlett, Marilyn Carlson, Margaret Reese, Danna McIntire, Jo Ellen Bossen. Second Row: Lauren Thompson, Lue Smith, senior advisor; Maxine Lynch, president; Suzanne Leet, treasurer; Hildegarde Streufert, advisor; Sandra Rovey, pledge vice president; Christine Federico, Joyce Owens, program vice-president; Virginia Yip, secretary. Third Row: Jeanne Ferryman, Nancy Lee, Naomi Himmelstein, Jan Soderstrom, Charlotte Younger, Jeanne Munzer, Charlotte Wake, Cheryl Richardson. 388 Sigma Delta Chi members include, Front Row: Frank Ducceschi, president, Irvin Jacobson, Mike Flynn, Lloyd Smith. Second Row: John Polich, Paul Schatt, Jerry Lipmann, Bill Demsey, Jerry Hofferber, Brian Tracy. Professional journalism honorary for men . . . sponsored a public relations workshop . . . outstanding graduating senior in journalism . . . attending the national SDX convention in Los Angeles and the regional in Las Vegas . . . promoted a photo on campus. Sigma Delta Chi Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon stresses journalism professionalism . . . sponsors the " Ugly Man Contest " on campus . .. group is open to both men and women . . . spend hours sponsoring and judging for the Valley High School Journalist Contest " . . . co-sponsor the publications banquet. Perusing over entries in the valley high school journalism contest are Pi Delta Epsilon members Martha Thayer, treasurer, Frank Ducceschi, president, Joan Skipper, Ray Icely, Jan Bergman, and John Coates. 389 First Row: Kitty Killorin, Judy Kerr, Cynthia Shultz, Jean Milton, Connie Lundberg, Judy Skousen, Lois Drossman, Mary Day. Second Row: Dr. William Stites, Dick Taylor, Mike Yarnell, Bruce Meyerson, Bill Walker, David Stammat, Larry Stephan, Clyde Rohrig, Pat Price, Wes Shellen, Mr. John Pacilio. Pi Kappa Delta Truth is silly putty . . . third place at Western Regional in Albuquerque, Santa Barbara, Las Cruces and Desert . . . a third in extemp at U of Colo rado and Mobile . . . fourth at Texas Tech . . . competing at San Diego, Stockton, BYU, San Francisco, USC, Cal Tech . . . enjoying the Mardi Gras, relaxing at Lake Tahoe, at Rocky Point . . . sponsored six-state high school tournament . . . Christmas Party and initiation . . . Hubble House parties . . . a hearse, the only way to go . . . save your food money for the celebration after the tournament . . . myriads of filing cards .. . afternoon practice rounds . . . very small budget . . . can you type? . . . spend more time in the debate office. Officers of Pi Kappa Delta, national debate honorary, are Vice President Larry Stephan, President Mike Yarnell, Treasurer Bill Walker and Secretary Lois Assistant Coach John Pacilio, Forensic Assistant Wes Shellen and Dr. Stites, debate team coach, confer. 390 Sigma Alpha Iota Music honorary for women . . . give various public performances ... Christmas vespers . . . American Musicale . . benefit style show with fashions from Goldwater ' s department store ... performances at children ' s homes and hospitals . members took parts in " La Traviata " , " Night Bell " . Elaine Barrett Betsy J. Bell Cludene Dechert Roberta Elliott Jeri L. Fagan Ellen Jones Judy Kimball Marcia McDowell Linda Michel Carole Oncavage Lynda M. Ray Orpha Rhodes Pat Tarpey passes the candle at a Sigma Alpha Iota meeting. Diane Rippl Doris Stevenson JoAnn Yeo ASU members participated in State Day events at the University of Arizona. 391 Sigma Delta Psi Jim Bounds Dennis Cameron Dave Cartun Norman Cox Max Dickman Bill Dorey Sigma Delta Delta Psi, national honorary athletic fraternity . . . promotes the physical, mental and moral development of college men . . . must pass 15 athletic tests . . . chapters in United States . . . Beta Tau chapter at ASU started in 1938 . . . chartered in 1940 . . . since that time 39 students have attained membership. Barry Eichorn Mike Farmer Dick Finley Mike Foley Chuck Kolb Ted Marsella Andrew Nichles Peter Sinclair Tom Sullivan Bob Taylor Randy Willer Dennis Woods Sophos Sophs, sophomore men ' s . . . 2.75 grade index . . . active in two . . . walk a mile at Auditorium . . . food collecting with Spurs. Members of Sophos, a sophomore men ' s honorary organization, are First Row: James Christmann, Edward Villanveva, Jim Stone, Raymond Arrona, Richard Psolra, secretary; Kenneth Wayman, president; Daryl Alderson, vice president; Steve Hall. Second Row: Alan Warne, advisor; Robert Moeller, John Florez, Richard Tracy, Joseph Bolender, Gary Ralston, Dan Gustafson, John Harbison, James Cristea, Mike Crawford. Third Row: Tim Allen, Robert Felix, Gerald Goss, Mark Winsor, Bruce Marshall, Raymond Sells, Randall Prout, Gary Shaha n, Mark Haken, William Burrus, Lawrence Huwaldt. 392 Enthusiastic members of the Eta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi, national honorary fraternity for construction majors, are, First Row: Ron House, Bud Salo, Donald Harris, Ed Folpak, Dave Fichter. Second Row: Bill Byrne, Jerry Daniels, Joe Revak, Foland Ferrera, Skip Niehaws, Stan Swengel. Sigma Lambda Chi Sigma Tau Delta National fraternity . . organized on six campuses . . . Eta Chapter has seventeen active members . . requires a semester in construction before admittance . . . 2.8 or better scholastic grade average . . . recognize scholars in construction . . . initiation held each semester. Sigma Tau Delta, an honorary English or- ganization for English majors . . . scholastic excellence . . . sponsor the Catalyst contest . . . hold a writers ' wrangle . . . conduct a book review in the State Press . . . in formative lectures . . . spaghetti feast . . . semi-annual initiation. Sigma Tau Delta held seminars with guest speakers who encouraged among members stimulating discussions of literary styles and works. 393 Silver Wing Guarding the Sun Devil stadium and Tempe Butte every year before the ASU-UofA football game . . . escorting girls in the Arizona Junior Miss . . . Honor Guard for Annual Military Ball ... dining-ins . . . annual Halloween Party . . Air Society Silver Wing Christmas Formal . . I think I saw out there .. . early drill . . . everyone have their black fur gloves? . . football games . . . Pass the mustard please! . . Junior Misses . . . Miss Bisbee! We win! Where ' s Pyles? . . . abilities . . . pure luck! . . . pledge class . . . Mister, did I say you could laugh . . . to do more, Sir! .. . Pang Club . . . the only way to drown .. repeat after me . . . together, gentlemen! always 395 At the beginning of the year Spurs surprise and honor the old Spurs with a breakfast. Mrs. Swallen is national secretary-treasurer. Spurs Sophomore women ' s honorary . . . for a rodeo club? .. . pinned to cowboys? . . . fun? bus trip to Albuquerque . Jacque ' s " Waddeliachi " song . . ushering at basketball games . . . supplies for Indian children . . . surprise party for last year ' s Spurs . . . National Convention in Denver, June 12 . . . Mums for Mom .. . Spur-O-Grams . . . an army in white. Lynn Lifgren Barbara Lyding Linda McGrath Sharon Mentzer Jo-em Yuknis delivers a Spur-O-Gram to Bill Sage. Sharon Barlow Cheryl Collins Pamela Del Duca Karin Evvard Jo Ann Foreman Janet Furman Barbara Heedum Robin Houston Pam Arle Mary Falbo Pat Johnson Karen Mitchell Cynthia Radcliffe Amber Reddicks Jacqueline Richardson Chelly Seeds Jan Soderstrum Gwen Sutter Janet Tadano Marilyn Hawkinson ushers and sells programs at an ASU basketball game. Linda Vollstedt Kay Wahl Laura Williams Jo Yukins Linda Vollstedt sells a Spur-O-Gram to a romantically inclined customer. Valentine telegrams are delivered in written or singing form all over campus. 397 Professional Accounting minded students join the Arizona State University Accounting Club. Members are, First Row: Jim Dancho, Richard Berry, treasurer; Donald Halderman, Bob Short, Lawrence Wexler, Michael Stroup, Monti Bustamante. Second Row: Ed Villanueva, vice-president; Tim Pritchard, Charlie Zajic, executive vice-president; Carol Whiting, historian; Barbara Beaty, Priscilla Overman, secretary; Pat Sandhowe, Thomas Chilton, president. Third Row: Herb Baily, Ed Moore, Preston Lambson, Paul Watkins, Wayne Allen, Louis Jacobo, Roger Cheney, Paul Klumb, Garold Koopman, Von Farnsworth. Accounting Club Delta Alpha Psi Promoting interest in the field of . . . encouraging scholarship .. . students for future roles in business . . . fostering friendship and fellowship among members . . . touring valley ' s and accounting centers . . . luncheon meetings . . . remember the annual picnic. National honorary accounting fraternity . . promotes scholarship and bridges the gap between professional accountants and students . . . tours of Motorola ' s and Valley National Bank ' s accounting systems . . looked at Salt River Project ' s computer .. . speakers on accounting subjects. Active members of Beta Alpha Psi, national honorary accounting fraternity, are, First Row: John Lancy, Richard Berry, Pat Sandhowe, Sylvia Spangler, Barbara Beaty, Priscilla Overman, Bob Short, Donald Halderman, president. Second Row: Ed Moore, Bob Vosseller, Jim Dancho, secretary; Bill Crotts, Louis vice president; Forest Klumph, Charlie Zajic, Charles Knoble, Michael Yarochowicz, Thomas Chilton, Dr. B. T. Sanders, Advisor. 398 Alpha dleta Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma, national advertising fraternity . . . sending a member to Phoenix Advertising Clubs speech contest . pledges seen wearing sandwich-board advertising for local merchants . . . regional convention in Eugene, Oregon on March 25-27 . . . late again . . . enjoyed educating field trips . . . where is all the money going .. . would you believe . . . enlightening speakers. Arizona Association of Student Nurses Opened to all nursing students . . nursing on campus . . . movies avail- able on all phases of nursing to any students . . . toured various health facilities in the Valley . . . acquaints nurses with various programs opened to them upon graduation . . . tea to acquaint students with faculty. Advertising students of Alpha Delta Sigma are, First Row: Bill Tremblay, Ron Moore, treasurer; Robert Zacher, adviser; Dennis Koob, Bob Richardson. Second Row: Bob Clauss, Terry Witte, president; Robert Hulme, George Johnson, vice-president; Tim Kelley, secretary; Bill Schuemann. - Nursing students of the Association of Student Nurses combine their studies along with a professional organization. First Row: Rosemary Insana, Sandy Becchetti, Dana Dean. Second Row: Diane Phillips, Miss Wurzell, adviser; Barbara Booth, Marlene Smith, Sherri Bundy, Sue Searle, Sharon Sawyer. Third Row: Karen Hendrix, Ellen Stanley, Donna Thomas, Valerie White, Susan Rocke, Linda Hewitt, Judy Parker, unident., Patricia Dooley. 399 Delta Sigma Pi This year ' s active participants of Delta Sigma Pi are, First Row: Bob Short, president; Jim Finklea, treasurer; Wally Buddenhagen, Bill Henry, Bruce Woolman, Fred Reish, Mike Johnson, Ron Berry. Second Row: Dr. Dick Rottman, advisor; Bill Stanford, Joe Warren, Jim Jennings, Bruce Hofmann, senior vice-president; John Havland, chancellor; Don Jarnigan, Don Morriston, Bill Bryant, Jim Byers, vice-president; Dr. Ralph Hook. Third Row: Wayne Banks, Tom Magro, Rick Karon, Doug Coost ree, historian; Wilbur Bullock, Dan Mullen, Dave Guthrie, Fred Loetscher, Mike Green. Professional business fraternity . . Rose Banquet in January . . . Rose of Delta Sig participates in the national contest . . . entertainment by the University . . . clothing and feeding a family at Christmas ... trip to University of Sonora at Hermosillo in February . . . spring banquet and dance . . . Senior Day in May . . . award Delta Sigma Pi scholarship key. New pledges are, First Row: Don Halderman, Al Lindstrom, Jess Mau, Mike Pfeilsticker, John Lancy, Larry Ashley. Second Row: Tom Woodward, Dennis Dietz, Dan O ' Connor, Jeff Relth, Jerry Peek, Third Row: Bruce Green, Jerry Sweazea, Joe Ingram, Dennis Assad, Rand Ward Jennings. Newly elected Rose of Delta Sig is Joyce Hansen. Finalists for the crown of Rose of Delta Sig are Judy Wheeler, Joyce Hansen, and Cheryl Miller. 400 Members of Gamma Alpha Chi, First Row: Dorrit Cox, corresponding secretary; Katherine Valentine, recording secretary; Robert Zacher, adviser; Jan Allen, president; Tima Irani, vice president. Second Row: Carol King, Susan Blair, Sandi Ives, Lili Mitchell, Miki Kapor, Ginny Earley, Janis Taylor, Noelle Smith. Third Row: Bunny Burns, Nance Valleskey, Jo-Em Yuknis, Mimi Mariella. Gamma Alpha Chi Professional Group for women . . Leader of Tomorrow " . . . GAX Convention of 1964 . . . field trips to see people working in the professional field . . . Alpha Iota, ASU chapter, hosting GAX 1966 . . . seeking to raise the standards in the professions, while offering girls in advertising, and related fields of art, journalism, radio-television . . . working to broaden an understanding of Industrial Arts Association Students of the Industrial Arts Association help promote industrial arts on the campus of Arizona State University . . . group throughout the United States .. . annual tapping and initiation ceremonies . . honor outstanding members . . . lectures enjoyed by all. ASU student members of the Industrial Arts Association are, First Row: Keith Marlow, faculty; Gary Adams, Charles Morago, Jack Mertes, Terry Sanders. Second Row: Paul Mudroch, Darwin Teeter, Harold Simpson, Dr. J. J. Littrell, faculty adviser; Charles Ratajski, Ernest Hirata. 401 Institute of Elelctrical Electronics Engineers Largest engineering society in the world for advancement of theory and practice of Electrical Engineering and its allied arts and sciences, and for of high technical and ethical standards among its members . . . lectures by guest speakers on recent advances in electrical engineering . . . plant tours . . . second annual Student Professional Banquet . . . touring General Electric Computer Plant . . . meeting professional engineers and discussing their career objectives . . panel discussion on " The Future of Electrical Engineering. " Harry Gould, secretary; Robert Robinson, vice president; Dr. Joseph Barkson, faculty counselor; Ralph Cognac, chairman; and Bruce Larson, treasurer. First Row: Raymond Hoaglin, Edward Renschler, Ogal Claspell, William Boothroyd, Phillip Moore, Stephen Tsuya, David Harlan, Lawrence Fisher. Second Row: Steven White, Robert Steinberg, Robert Robinson, Susan Simons, Dr. Joseph Barkson, Ralpha Cognac, Bruce Larson, Harry Gould, Carl Canter. Third Row: David Collins, Robert Garvey, Daniel Lorti, Gene McCorkle, Gregory Lane, Paul Thompson, Robert Kerwin, Charles Falls, Frederick Pennsworth, Howard Porter, John Riordon, Philip Simons. 402 Members of Pi Mu Alpha Sinfonia are, First Row: Charlie Steele, Lewis Finell, treasurer; Dennis Royall, Kerry Vesper, George Monseur, Vic Schultz. Second Row: Charles Johnston, Richard Rathkey, Dr. Donald Isaak, advisor; Dan Sieker, Richard Anderson, Barre Griffith, Karl Abrahamsen, Dennis Arnst, Howard Pink, president; Third Row: Henry Valencia, Bill Ripper, Bob Herzog, Jim Walters, Chuck Thompson, Carl Bleyle, Jim Bean. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Society for Advancement of Management Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia . . . advance the cause of music . . give lecture-concert series at local schools and to civic organizations . . . dance the night away at the Ball . . . to the pond . . . the nose knows . . . best chapter award . . . joint musical with SAI . . . oh! really . . . in the ear . . . annual vespers service . . . Zoot Finister OCET . . . sponsor stage band festival. The Society for Advancement of Management . . . national professional . . . men of management in industry, commerce and government . . . pioneer in management philosophy .. . dedicated to the advancement of management and of management men . . . 1912 the original Taylor Society established . . . 210 in United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Iraq. SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT PHOENIX CHAPTER Chapter members are, First Row: Thomas Fife, Al Lindstrom, George Allen, advisor; Frank Pany, John Mahoney, executive vice-president. Second Row: Howard Fisher, Bruce Hofmann, treasurer; Peter Dworkis, Thomas Tang, William Cullen, John Havland, president; James McCartney, secretary. 403 Society of Chemical Engineering Students Chemical Engineering students only . . . members informed about wide and opportunities open to chemical engineers . . . don ' t give up . . . it it doesn ' t react, who knows, it ' s pure snow . . . 100 members strong. Student Construction Society of America Student Construction Society of America an organization for all construction majors . . . travels around the state to the building of dams, transmission lines, and new facilities for the people of Arizona . . . publishes a newsletter for the students to inform them of the growth of construction in the state . . . sponsors a student-faculty picnic. Chemical Engineering students are, First Row: Jim Walters, Samuel Craig, adviser; Russell Underwood. Second Row: Pat McMillan, Jim Wolfe, Russell Shedd, Larry Locke, Martin Third Row: David Livingston, Neil Berman, George Sharkey, Kenneth Goldstein, Larry Lake. Members are, First Row: Bud Salo, Benny Yee, Donald Harris, Skip Niehaus. Second Row: Ron House, Larry Ashton, Turk Gunyuz, Edward Kolpak, Stan Swengel, Grant Baecker. Third Row: Bob Poynter, Bill Byrne, Bob Zaleski, Jerry Daniels, Joe Revak, Roland Ferrera, Tim MacDonald, John Hensleiz. 404 Students majoring in education who are active members of the Student National Education Association are, First Row: Ann Kilbourn, Sheila Marti Vojtko, Iris Seligman. Second Row: Bruce Maxwell, Dorothy Frazier, Kristine Gustafson, Marc Weidinger, Louise Everson, John Pearce. Student National Education Association officers maintain ideals. Enhancing state leadership workshop is Lynne Douglas, National vice president. Student National Education Association Members attend teachers ' conferences at national, regional, state, and local levels . . . membership computerized .. . started education publications library . . . a new position of office manager . . . state convention held in Tucson. SNEA has a few eager-beaver office workers. 405 Delegates to the AEA assembly are, Jimmie Lou Hayden, Judy Lawrence, Susan Francis. Special Interest Devils ' n Dames Square Dancing Club: Front Row: Jack Conaway, Denise Wallentinson, Robert Hansbro, Ellouise Force, Michael McKittrick, Joanne Ely, Douglas Miller. Second Row: Betty Young, James W. Jackson, Joelle Brady, William Ibsch, Nita Fleming, William Chandler, Joseph Tvedt, Kathleen Lessard, Stephen Robertson, Karen Ely. Back Row: Barbara Bufford, Linda Ficken, Robert Kish, Fred Storm, Jeannine Langlois, Loretta Devils ' n ' Dames Devils . ' n ' Dames a high fatality rate! . . . square dancing, a friendly pastime . . . giving a new boy an extra twirl and ending him up with a boy not a girl! .. . featuring a square dance class . . . inviting students to a meeting to show how a dance goes . . . nicknaming VP Kathleen Lessard " Steve " because she sometimes takes the part of a boy when there is a shortage of boys . . . Steve getting swung as a girl by one of the fellows who can ' t figure out how they ended up with two girls . . . big square dancing party. Circle K Club Membership Drive Party . . . ice skating party . . . after-game dance . . . picking up color flash-cards at football games . . . Parent ' s Day guides . . . Memorial Union Birthday Party . . . washing cars. Circle K Club of ASU is part of Kiwanis International. Front Row: Ron Harmon, recording secretary; John Rickman, treasurer; Jack Breese, Bob Wojtaszek, president. Second Row: Daryl Anderson, Les Schiefelbein, Bob Stevens, Ron Anderson. Third Row: Bob Woolbert, John Sanderson, Stan Solodky, Mike Brown. Fourth Row: Tom Daly, corresponding secretary; Dave Himmelstein, Mike Cassity, Mark Winsor, Mike Hughes, Charles McAlister. Bock Row: Steve Hall, John Fung. 406 First Row: Marsha Emerson, treasurer; June Daniels, Carolyn Groesbeck, recording secretary; Estelita Almachar, Emmajean Begaye. Second Row: Randy Eubank, president, Stephen Wallace, Ellouise DeGroat, Aurelia Nehotewa, Georgia Sanderson, Madeline Begay, Alice Grote, Penelope Raeside. Third Row: Francis McKinley, Raymond Sells, Herb Yazzie, Tim Peshlakai, Harry Yazzie, Angelo John, Ron Houston. Members of Dawa Chindi discuss plans for social and cultural events. Dawa Chindi Annual Indian Youth . . . exchanges with College Indian Club . . annual picnic at South Park . . . annual banquet at the end of the year . . . " Would you believe . . . do, yeh. " . . . V.A.-4 . . . the C.C. Boys . . the interests of Indian education while helping its members academically and 407 Members are, First Row: Dale Hilton, George Papa, Jeep Anderson, Dic Johnson, Stephan Da na, Paul Watkins, Mike Bradshaw. Second Row: Gary John Whitmer, Charles Thomas, Les Pospisil, Dale Hall, Barry Wade, Richard Parry, Preston Lambson, Howard Wolfgramm, Steven Pitts. Third Row: Mike Riggs, Harley Jarvis, Joe Palmer, Dale Foote, Archie Farnsworth, Dave Giauque, Ronald Eaves, Jess Thompson, Donald Fish, Robert Kempton. Delta Phi Kappa Purpose of Delta Phi Kappa is scholarship and the search for truth . . . winning first place in the special interest division for Homecoming float in c ooperation with Lambda Delta Sigma . . . day at Sunshine Acres, helping with maintenance repairs and playing with the children . . . testimonial at Superstition Mountain, " Many are called, but few are chosen, " wiser proverb, " Many are cold, but few are frozen! " . . . selecting a Dream Girl at the winter formal held in the San Marcus Hotel . . . outstanding achievement honored at the annual honors banquet . . . 38 . . . served for 2-21 2 years as for Latter-Day Saints Church .. pledges have a sixty day pledge period .. . 2.2 grade index must be maintained during this time .. . finally Delta Phi Kappa brotherhood. Brothers match their strength on LDS Sport Day to see which team is the strongest. Sideliners give their assistance in expression and a few grunts. 409 Foreign Students Members are, First Row: Chuks Ekechukwu, Shahin Hormozi, Ali Nimeh, Virginia Yip, Shalla Al-Shallal. Second Row: Steve Swai, Haytham Douwaji, Fadhel Al-Aqell, Abdulhameed Al-Fares, Cemil Gunyuz, Mahmoud El-Najjar, Joseph Smart. Third Row: Ali Al-Jubouri, Alphonsus Okorie, Pasert Chandradibya, Abdallan Tayyarah, Ghazi Sawaged, John Devaraj. Two-hundred-sixty foreign on campus . . . for the foreign student fund . . . help new foreign get acquainted on . . . by their presence local students get an opportunity to sample the culture from other lands . . . sponsor an Dinner . . . dancing and food galore . . . great help with the Memorial Union Birthday Party . . . lively fun-type exchanges . . . eat with the birds and the bees on their picnics. Featherdusters Foreign Students club members are, First Row: Blady Ruiz, Estella Aglion, Barlowe Moonlilal, Nancy Lee, Octavio Giraldo. Second Row: Mohammad Jorf, Mohammed Al-Rifale, Erkan Alpan, Prema Kasturi, John Chang, Tamio Yamashita. Third Row: Hakon Lavik, Alex Fahsen, Ibrahim Mahmoud, Athanas Othieno, Tirumalai Kasturi, Takechi Noumi. Enthusiastic badminton players of featherdusters are Pat Conaway, Ann Clark, Mary Littlewood, coach; Jan Rouwenhorst, Eva Mercado, Tyna Barinaga. 409 Warm-up procedures are vital before a workout. Shojiro Koyama, chief instructor, is demonstrating a kick on Grier Golden, assistant instructor. Karate Club Karate Club members are, First Row: John Long, Roger Stabler, Louis St. German, Joe Bolender, Bill Newton, Dennis Archambault, Kunio Yoshimura, Richard Kolbrener, Jack Seyffer, Paul Carter, Kenneth Stednitz, Shojiro Koyama. Second Row: Kip Foss, Anita Segura, Rand Ardoin, Frank Maes, Rocky Nelson, Richard Seyffer, Rich Shuler, Gary Moorman, John Grosberg, John Zimmermann, Mike Rennie, Nan Olson, Alfred Claw. Third Row: Paul Kuenstler, Derral Crance, Andy Amada, Ivan Lay, William Carrel, John Huffmon, James Klotz. Fourth Row: Frank Ferryman, Jim Deaver, Wes Bolin, Larry Ritter. Working to learn oriental art of karate .. give demons trations to promote karate at ASU . . . promotion work also carried on in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff . . . boosts sixty energetic members . . . six hold the green belt . . . natural stance . . . keep step, paper thin . . . down block, komite . . . klle . . . hip shift ... Mak So—yamen . . . sinsene—ray. 410 La Liga Panamericana Spanish minded club . . . " Oye Kid, " fund raising Mexican . . scholarship for a Spanish major .. . " Cuando Calienta el Sol " , second runner up, Homecoming float . . . formal banquet at Mountain Shadows . . . adopting a Christmas family . . . lectures pertaining to Spanish and Latin American culture . . . " El Colmo. " La Liga is an organization for all individuals interested in things Spanish. Mary Escudero, Inez Rujas, secretary; Mauel Villareal, president; Tommy Martinez, vice president; Juanita Trejo, treasurer. Members are, First Row: Bertha Arias, Don Knudsen, Mary Escudero, Maria Cueto, Manuel Villareal. Second Row: Barb Valenzuela, Cannon Molina, Juanita Ponce, Connie Labastida, Carol Peifer, Zelda Scitticatt, Lisa Myers, Juanita Trejo, Vi Cordova, Michele Brannon, Inez Rojas. Third Row: Tony Martinez, Tommy Martinez, Marcello Scarsella, Sonny Najera, Edward Jimenez, Joseph Garcia, Eddie Ordaz, Mickey Espinosa, Tom Krill, Salmon Ramirez. 411 Oriental Students are, First Row: Paul Lee, Don Takeuchi, Thomas Tang, John Lim, Ernest Hirata. Second Row: Kay Wahl, Liz Lim, Helen Lee, Sharon Fong, JoAnn Ong, Patsy Ong, Nancy Lee. Third Row: Benny Yee, Jr., Dave Rolando, Jimmy Lee, Keith Marlow, sponsor; Benton Ong, Paul Lee, Benny Yee. Oriental Students Club South Mountain Park and the telephone pole . . . dance with a girl, no I ' d rather hold up the wall . . . food drive for . . . Christmas toys for children . . . involved in Memorial Union Party . . . $50 OSC scholarship . . . little bird gossip . . . glad March is over. Working with other organizations on the Memorial Union Birthday Party are the Oriental Students. Naiads Strenuous Wednesday night practices for the annual Synchronized Swimming . . . exercise swimming ability and stunt performances in various swimming programs yearly. Graceful and uniform swimming techniques are used by Naiads Jean Cushnine and Val officers, and Kathy Gillett, Susan Brightwell, Sue Daniel, Chris Warren, Jan Young, and Sandy Stock. 412 Young republicans are active in political affairs on and off campus; they help raise funds for GOP. Club members. are, First Row: Allen Haggard, Rod Jacobsen, Don Rooks, Walter Wehrle, Stuart Melton, David Wetmore, Jerry Ward. Second Row: Mary Day, Judy Kerr, Wendy Willers, Ginny Olson, Cynthia Shultz, Cheryl Harralson, Sharon Reardon, Elaine Winn, Alana Melton, Ann Safranek. Third Row: Wade Bray, Richard Taylor, Jean Milton, Kenneth Stanley, Gary Donnan, Larry Stephan, John Herrick, president; Stephen Shadegg, Ted Bratrud, James Bratrud, Steve Holm, Dave Stamat, Tanya Melton, Sandra Mesier. Fourth Row: Susan Fowler, Linda Whitney, George Wood, Ted Mikinka, Dick Ricker, Ernie Wilson, Curtis Page, Samuel Jenkins, Rand MacDonald, William Walker, James Stoffa, Geoffray Holland, Joseph Byrne. ASU Young Republicans Republican educational workshop . . . Raising funds for GOP . . . sponsorship of speakers on campus . . . off-campus party in November. Sun Devil Archers Sponsoring the annual Arizona State Archery for high school girls . . . Sponsoring the N.C.A.C.A. Meet . . . All American committee organization . . . hosting the South-West Intercollegiate. Judy Severance, one of ASU ' s top archers, demonstrates her tournament-taking style. Members of the Archery Club are, First Row: Judy Severance, president; Jim Fay, vice president; Bonnie Seeley, secretary-treasurer. Second Row: Sue Wooten, Jeannie. Beckstead, Judie Koenig, Sharon Edmondson, Merry Sheppard, Sandy Thompson, Bob Taliaferro, Bob Hall, Elaine Goodykoontz, Lonna Sutter, Lynn Swanlund, Cheryl Sawtelle, Lynn Kennedy, Kathi Hurlebaus. 413 Josephine Barkson Ila Brandli Karen Brown Patricia Bufford Susan Charest Eileen Clothier Gayle Currier Susan Dermer Toni Fimbres Sandra Fix Phrateres Social service organization for off-campus women . . . encourages participation in campus activities . . . villains who distributed maroon and gold streams on cars . . . helping at election time . . exciting exchanges with Sahuaro B and D . . . watched the new year come in at their New Year ' s Eve Party . . . tea for our mothers . . . retreat to Payson . family style picnic . . . chit-chat at the card party . . . latest fashions at spring fashion show. Darlene Gammill Elaine Gilbert Carole Hargreaves Barbara Heedum Susie Hisey Phrateres help integrate off-campus women into campus life. They host get-acquainted teas during fall and spring semesters in the Memorial Union. 414 Phrateres pledges are, First Row: Sharon Sawyer, Linda Montoya, Sherri Sidener, Margaret Monroe, Shirley Packer. Second Row: Paula Strumpfer, Cathy Melton, Jean Howard, Jan Plowman, Norma Rainey, Candy Burud, Anna Mortensen, Diane Barnum. Third Row: Judith Schopler, Sylvia Scothorn, treasurer; Sherry Yearick, historian; Linda Cruze, Dessa Hallickson, Linda Coglan, Pam Huber, Janice Hollis. Violet Lopez Mary Ann McGovern Justine Lewis Sharry Lien Cheryl Mugridge Sherry Newton Doris Ovebockeb Lois Parrish Elaine Pickette Sharon Plummer Donna Portz Carol Ratliff Phrateres Pledges, off-campus women ' s organization, are; First Row: Ginnie-Ann Reilly, Saunie Nechville, Ann Stephens, Renee Felmann, Carol Battin. Second Row: Sherry Grace, Pam Ross, Lynette Stainbrook, Alice Becker, Oralita Ferrell, Linda Reed, Patty Spieth. Third Row: Joey Fetter, Gail Drake, Margie Anstine, Ruth Blum, Shirley Schrade, Diane Blied. Loda Rhodes Orpha Rhodes Valerie Roberts Barbara Rothery Margaret Stapleton Darlene Starner Linda Storm Becky Swiger Janice Whiting Carolyn Wischler Susan Wright 415 Catalyst The Catalyst staff is comprised of English majors and minors interested in students ' creative writings of essays, poems, or short stories. Staff are, Barbi Young, Laura Salmon, Ginny Schamberg, Susan Burke, Charlotte Poorman, Charlotte Schilling, Roxanne Decker, Mary Diehl, Bill Missed phone calls . . missed connections . . . a staff of one man and twelve women . . . reading and judging manuscripts . . . due bills, budgets, visits to the board of finance . . . but the Catalyst finally got published . . . what students think .. . death and love mostly . . . and its was pretty good . . . literary awards: Glendyn and Kathryn Swarthout awards in poetry went to Thomas Walker for " Easter, 1967: Mais ou sont les neiges d ' antan . . . " ; and Timothy Scannell for " The Walk Near Puerta Prieta, " . in short story to J. M. Merrill for " Sheldon " and Dorelyn Kunkel for " Maybe It Was the Sun " . . . in essay to Fredrick Monteser for " This Above All . . . The Applicability of Thoreau ' s Political Ideas, " and Thomas D. Walker for " Norman Mailer and the Existential Hero " . . . honorable mentions: Stratton Powell for " On Tired Tiptoes " in poetry . . . Don Lee for " The Cheaters " in short story . . . in essay Van Bethancourt for " Overdraft and Subsidence. " Charlotte Poorman and Roxanne Decker read the poems submitted to the Catalyst. Charlotte Schilling, assistant editor ; Bill Whitehead, editor; and Barbi Young glance over the rough draft of the Catalyst. Kay Benzel, Ginny Schamberg, Susan E. Burke and Laura Salmon are arranging for preparation and organization of materials that are needed for the Catalyst. 416 Student operated KASN gives students the opportunity to learn the problems of a disc jockey. KAET and KASN KAET and KASN, Arizona State ' s and radio stations, respectively, keep the campus informed . . . airing educational and informative programs KAET circulates into the homes of the Metropolitan area . . . enjoyable viewing without commercials ... modern equipment at the students ' disposal . KASN solely serves the coeds residing in Palo Verde Hall . broadcast for eight hours a day, . . . music for those who rock, those who ride the middle of the road and those who long for the soft mellow sounds. Panel discussions are one of the many educational programs televised by KAET. Productions range from historical epics to actual televised classes. 417 Joe Bolender and Larry Mishler, chief photographers State Press goes daily . . . introduction of Weekend Magazine . . . perennial editorials on Students for a Democratic Society .. . letters to the editor . . . Pressman and Flash . . . afternoons and evenings at Tempe Daily News print shop . . made splash with four-color run . . . an office for the editor . . . 8 a.m. staff a little late .. . FM radio from Milt ' s . . . 007 . . . " How many lines? " . . . staff party at Bob Dorn ' s house . . . staff working before the rooster crows . . . Mishler ' s crock . . . SDX . . . rewrites from Joe Spring . . . lockers full of typewriters . . . sticky glue pots . . . high society party on society desk. 418 State Press Maret Viksjo Toni Atmore Martha Thayer Max Guthrie 419 State Press Editors Meet daily Deadlines First semester editor, Shirley DeMarke, works with her staff. Managing Editor John Polich and second semester Editor Martha Thayer wrap up an edition. 420 Pat O ' Neil, editor-in-chief John Van Houten, business manager Wrote our own staff booklet . . . completely extracurricular .. . bleeding in the gutter . . . mono takes its toll again .- . . Can ' t get her silly hand in unless I crop her head out . . . Don ' t get so excited . . 4x8 of a goat . . . Just because you ' re Irish .. . Ooo boy, she ' s a babe . . . the sockless men .. . Allan and his phone calls . . . Where did Mother Prima Donna go? . . . about that extra $100 .. . special hearing called by Senate; one person showed up . . . either the group ' s late or the photographer is . . trying to fill the Greek pages . . seagull express . . . senior mugs arrive two months late ... modern lighting and work tables? . . : Mike loves cropping tape . . . It ' s the rosiest situation you ' ve ever had, so get back downstairs and work. Allan Frazier, supervisor Sheila Sullivan, copy editor Pam Sisk, photo editor Terri Kohn, layout editor 421 Gail Freeman, Diane Robinson Janie Williams, Cynthia Radcliffe Tom Keenan, Wayne Brewster Barbara Morgan, Sue Leipold 422 Kay Martens, Mike Helfner Sahuaro Richard Oelze, Elizabeth Harper Janis Taylor, Karin Evvard 423 A leader in his own way- the person who succeeds in the college program. He is the summation of the university experience. Admist the struggles he has felt himself grow and expand. He knows the dejection of failure, yet tastes the pleasure of success. He is the epitome of individuality. Achievements 425 Robert Acklen Janet Bergman Sharon Beeler Saralou Combs Patricia Bufford Barbara Beaty Robert Acklen Blue Key; Senate; Student Operations Committee Rules Committee; Gamma Theta Upsilon ; Sigma Chi, Executive Committee, scholarship Freshman Orientation Week Committee; Legislative Council. At Texas A M: Distinguished ROTC Student ; yearbook staff ; wrestling team; History Club ; Russian Club ; Press Club ; Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Civil Barbara Beaty Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Phelps-Dodge, ASWA and scholarships; Beta Alpha Psi, secretary, most outstanding member; Delta Sigma Pi outstanding senior woman ; Beta Gamma Sigma; Club, secretary; Business Administration Council, treasurer, secretary, acting president ; Business Day Committee; MU Birthday Party Hostess, Sharon Beeler Academic Scholarship; Kappa Delta, president; Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; leadership workshops; Math Club, secretary-treasurer; Quad Palo Verde Hall Councils; Senate; AWS General Council. Janet Bergman Academic scholarship ; Mesa Tribune Outstanding Journalist Award; Lambda Delta; Phrateres Pledge Scholarship Award; State Press, assistant assignments editor, copy Pi Delta Epsilon, secretary; Sahuaro, activities editor; Gamma Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Delta; head resident, Palo Verde East; chosen to compete for fellowship to Harvard Memorial Union Board. Patricia Bufford Academic Scholarship; Honors AWS, General Council; Phateres, outstanding pledge and active, recording secretary, princess; Pi Omega Pi, historian; Natani; Alpha Lambda Delta, recording secretary; Alpha Pi Epsilon, treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Quadrangle Hall President; International Student Board. Saralou Combs Vice president of Gammage Hall; AWS Council; Spurs; Phi Kappa Phi; Natani, secretary, Chi Omega Sorority, president; Mortar Board; Phidelphia, secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Strident National Education 426 Who ' s Who Bill Dawson Marilynn Dick Max Goodrich Roger Evans Cheryl Hadaway Cathryn Goddard William Dawson Interfraternity Council, relations chairman, vice president, president; Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Social Board; Archons; House Advisor; Resident Homecoming MU Birthday Party. Roger Evans At Arizona State College: team; Athletic Sophos. At A.S.U.: AMS Executive Council ASASU Assistant Manager; Archons, vice president; Phi Kappa Fraternity, president ; Interfraternity Council, 3.5 Club, rush counselor ; Devils Disciples, vice-president ; Rally and Traditions Board; Intramurals, Top Ten Athletes. Cheryl Hadaway Rally and Traditions Board secretary; Natina; Mortar Board, president ; Gammage Hall Council; ASASU assistant secretary; Activities Board secretary; Council secretary; Phidelphia and Phi Delt Payson Leadership Workshops; Pacific Student President ' s Association Rhoades College Board representative; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Pledge Class vice president, president, rush chairman. Marilynn Dick At A.S.U.: AWS, Judicial Board, Council, representative; Mortar Board; Kappa Kappa Gamma scholarship award; Pi; Head resident and president of McClintock B honor dorm. At Phoenix AWS president; president ; Kappa Delta Nu Sorority, vice Honor Board; Pom Pon; Queen of Hearts; Committee; Budget Advisory Board Max Goodrich ASASU, Administrative vice president,executive council; Phi Sigma Kappa; Archons, Election Board chairman; Rally and Traditions; Social Board; Board of Financial Control; Student Affairs; Homecoming and Greek Week Steering committees; Advance Corps Army ROTC. Cathryn Goddard State Press, Editorial Board; AWS, General Council, Board; IAWS, summer seminar, national convention; Palo Verde East president ; GE College Bowl Team. At Vanderbilt University Senate; Board of Campus Radio Station, disc jockey; International Association. 427 Barbara Harwood Spurs; Natani; Mortar Board; Outstanding junior physical education major; AWS, Council; Devils and Dames; Women ' s Recreation Association, president; Athletic Association, Physical Education Major-Minor Club, AFROTC Cadet Officers Ladies Club, president, Tehmina Irani Mortar Board historian; Spurs, chapter editor, national Sigma Tau Delta; Natani; Gamma Alpha Chi, recording secretary, pledge president; Foreign Scholarship; Kaydettes; Gamma Phi Beta Sorority; Crescent correspondent and historian; Coed Cues Staff ; State Press Reporter; Social Activities Committee, Cultural Affairs publicity chairman. Ellen Jones Mortar Board; Natani, junior advisor, president; Spurs; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota, outstnding pledge scholarship; Supreme Court Justice; Inter-honorary Phoenix Symphony; ASU Symphony Orchestra, String Quartet, Opera Workshop Orchestra, activity scholarship, Ralph M. Morris Instrumental Music Award and Scholarship; Aspen Music School Taos School of Music Schoolarship; Student MENC. Christine Kajikawa Acting ASASU Activities Vice President, AWS, General Council Senate Committee Judical Board; Spurs President; Academic Junior Year abroad at the University of Loyola at Rome; Quad Hall President; Memorial Union Birthday Party chairman; Activities Council secretary; Social Board treasurer; Mortar Board; Rally and Traditions Board; Sigma Tau Delta; Pi Beta Phi Payson Leadership Workshop; Coed Cues. Sharon Legge International Student Board; Alpha Lambda Delta president; Gammage Hall chaplain; secretary : Council; president; Phi Beta Phi Sorority, Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; scholarship, Valley Bank scholarship, Elk ' s National scholarship; of Stardusters. Sam Linder ASASU first vice president; Legislative Council chairman; Student Senate; Organizations Board chairman; Student Government Operations chairman; Leadership Board; Executive Council; Board of Financial Control; Athletic Board; Student Committee; Delta Phi Kappa; ASU Forum vice Kay Martens Kappa Kappa Gamma, ;, Election Board, vice chairman; Rally and Traditions Board, vice Administrative Council; Payson Leadership Workshops; Faculty-Student Relations Board; Activities Council; Sahuaro; and ASU Day Cheerleading Committee. Barbara Harwood Kay Martens Sharon Legge Sam Linder Ellen Jones Chris Kajikawa Tima Irani 428 Judy Meyer Academic scholarship ; ASASU Secretary; ASU Day; Council Assistant senate Senior Day; Board of Financial Control; Executive Council; Social Board; Public Relations Committee secretary; Rally Traditions Board; Election Board; Homecoming Steering Committee. Bob Montano President ' s honor scholarship; Valley National Bank Academic scholarship; Phi Gamma Delta, president, recording secretary; Council, 3.0 Club, senator, public relations AMS Council, Revision chairman; Irish Hall chairman; Blue Key, secretary, carnival Sophos ; Archons; Senate; Greek Week chairman; Social Board; Publications Public Relations Committee, Tamara Miller Judy Meyer Robert Montano Tamara Miller Dean Mousser Blue Key, corresponding Senate, outstanding senator; Interfraternity president, treasurer, western regional delegate, national delegate; Archons, president; Joan Etter Memorial Scholarship; Leslie Memorial Academic Scholarship; Sophos; Supreme Court Justice; Discipline Faculty-Student Board; Rally Board; Sigma Chi, treasurer, scholarship chairman; Leadership MU Birthday Party Committee; Greek Week Committee; Institute of Electrical Engineers. Linda Oakley Spurs; Executive Activities Coordination Mortar Board, chairman; Week chairman; Chi Omega Sorority, pledge class vice president; MU Birthday Party Co-chairman; ASASU Vice President. Terry Phillips Alpha Tau Omega; secretary, national scholarship ; Student Senate; Tau Beta Pi; Sophos; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key, treasurer; Student Society of Chemical Engineers, secretary; Greek Week Steering Honors Program. Dean Mousser Linda Oakley Terry Phillips 429 Fred Reish Randy Silver Bob Short Geneen Pitts Bill Stanford Lue Smith Geneen Pitts AWS executive vice president, council, state convention, retreat ; Lambda Delta vice-president, president, outstanding active; Spurs, vice president; Natani; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Coed Cues editor; Spurs regional national Conventions. Fred Reish AS president ; Senate, Sophomore, speaker pro tem; Membership Elections Committee chairman, Student Government Operations chairman; Ways and Means Committee chairman; Student Affairs Committee, Finance Committee, Revision, Legislative Revision Committee; Theta Delta Chi, historian; Sophos, state president ; Blue Key; academic scholarship; Honors Program; Delta Sigma Pi; Organizations Board; Elections Board; MU Birthday Party Steering Committee; Board of Financial Control; Committee; Disciples. Bob Short Choral Activity, Academic and Arizona Society of CPA ' s Scholarships; Blue Key; Sophos, vice president; Supreme Court Justice; Delta Sigma Pi, outstanding pledge, vice president, president; Administration Council, vice president Beta Gamma Sigma, vice Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Alpha Psi; Education Board; Concert Choir; AMS Revision Committee; University Singers; drama; Accounting Club; Council. Randy Silver Academic scholarship; Pi Sigma Alpha, president; Club, president, ; Sophos, vice Hillel Counselorships, vice president ; Blue Wilma Hoyle Political Science Scholarship ; Interfraternity Council, 4.0 Club, rush treasurer; AMS, Water Sports Day chairman; Sergeant-at-arms, parliamentarian, Finance Delta Chi, IFC treasurer, secretary, pledge counselor Lucile Smith Mortar Board, treasurer; vice-president and Council representative; Phi Upsilon Omicron, president and corresponding secretary; Beta Chi Epsilon, president,Student Adviser, program Delta Home Economics Student; Cowden Scholarship ; Lambda Delta Sigma, Student National chairmanships. Bill Stanford Sophos ; Education Board Chairman ; Pi Kappa Alpha, vice president, pledge Devil ' s Disciples; Council, Interfraternity Rush Council; Election Board; Homecoming Steering Senate Finance ; Delta Sigma Pi. 430 Who ' s Who Marty Stellhorn Mortar Board; Natani; Spurs; AWS, president, executive vice president, treasurer, General Council, Judicial Council, scholarship; President ' s honor scholarship; Faculty-Student Relations Board; Organizations Board; Leadership Board; Affairs Committee; Board of Financial Control; ASASU Executive Council; Chi Omega Sorority, parliamentarian, chairman. Mary Voita Outstanding senior woman in advertising; Gamma Alpha Chi, secretary, vice president, president, outstanding pledge; Sahuaro art editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Wilson Hall Phoenix Advertising Club scholarship; Traffic Board; Payson Art League. Wanda Weber Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Board, secretary; Natani; Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta; President ' s award; Palo Verde Sweepstakes Scholarship; honors program; Valley National Bank scholarship; Pom Pon; Chi Omega Sorority, pledge class president; Kappa Delta Pi; Rally Traditions Board. Linda Westover Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs, chairman on National Spurs Convention, junior adviser; Natani; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Lambda Delta Sigma, vice president; Arizona Dairy Princess; Senate; Steering Committee. Randy Wood Card Section Committee, Theta Delta Chi, herald, junior executive; Homecoming Halftime Committee; Rally Traditions Board; Homecoming Steering Committee; Greek Week Committee; ASU Day Steering Committee. Jo Ann Yeo National Collegiate Players Honorary; Sigma Alpha Iota editor; University Players, scholarship, executive board, social board; Cultural Affairs Board; Sigma Tau Delta Shakespeare Festival; Memorial Union Party. At Phoenix College; Honor Board; Executive Board; Advisory Board; Board; Delta Psi Omega, president; Beta Phi Gamma, secretary; Newspaper managing editor; Annual activities editor; Phi Theta Kappa Iota Sigma Alpha; AS Public Director, Assembly commissioner, Fine Arts Academic, drama and music activity scholarship; Phi Chi Queen of Hearts; Gamma Rho; AWS. Marty Stellhorn Wanda Weber Linda Westover Mary Voita Randy Wood Jo Ann Yeo 431 Bob Wagers Becomes Second Rhodes Scholar in Three Years When he finished high school Bob Wagers never really intended to go on to college. Nevertheless, the Washington High School graduate has become ASU ' s second Rhodes Scholar in three years an honor equal to approximately $2,500 and provides for two years at Oxford University. Bob, 23, was born in Covington, Kentucky, and moved to Phoenix with his family in 1957. A transfer student from Phoenix Junior College with a 3.65 index, Bob received a bachelor of science degree in January, graduating with a 3.83 cumulative. He plans to complete studies for his masters during the summer. Presently working as a graduate assistant teaching labs, Bob enjoys hiking and hunting and is trained in judo. He anticipates getting a doctorate and becoming a teacher. As to marriage— " I have no plans. " 432 Helen Malutin Wilson Scholarship Recipients Nick Portis 433 Mary Diehl Athletic Honors Sal Bando, ASU ' s NCAA championship team, Kansas City Athletics Ben Hawkins, drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles The outstanding footballers as voted by the team include, Front Row: Bobby Johnson and John Folmer. Back Row: John Goodman, most Bob Lueck, Mike Bartholomew Award; Ben Hawkins, Governor ' s Award; Rick Davis, Oil Can Award. Rick Monday of the Kansas City Athletics 434 Bernie Wrightson, NCAA three-meter diving champ and AAU one-meter and champ John Pavlik, NCAA championship team of 1965 with undefeated pitching record. George Boutell, named top amateur golfer in U.S. 435 Sun Devils Are Number 1 in the United States Cheerleaders and 1,500 fans hailed the champions at the airport. A new car, watch and silver service are the spoils of a victor and his wife. First Row: Jim Merrick, Don Switzenburg, Luis Lagunas, Sal Bando, Jan Kleinman, Rich Oliver, Jim Gretta, Jack Smitheran. Second Row: Ray Stadler, Doug Nurnberg, Ted Robinson, Duffy Dyer, Erin Peterson, Jim Armstrong, Larry Martin. Third Row: Coach Bobby Winkles, Ton Alesci, Rick Monday, Ron Lea, Dave Cartun, Alan Schmelz, Glenn Smith, Jahn Pavlik. 436 The best hitter in World Series history, Sal Bando rounds third to score. First baseman Jan Kleinman beats out an infield grounder for a hit. Their Omaha business trip completed, Sun Devils arrive at Sky Harbor. Sun Devils ranked 1 through most of season . . . favored to win title ... finished season 49-7 . . . sweep UofA for southern division championship, Utah for Western AC crown and Colorado State College for District 7 title . . . meet Lafayette in first game . . . tension . . . nerves on edge . . . " Stay loose, " says Winks . . . bomb Lafayette and St. Louis 14-1 and . . . meet Ohio State . . . Devils swept three OSU during season . . . win again 9-4 . . . meet St. Louis . . . win 6-2 . . . OSU again . . . win means title . . . Buckeyes go wild, drop Devils 7-3 . . . TV at home . . . big one . . . rubber match . . . all the marbles . . . have some chow . . . be rested and relaxed . . . time to get up . . . fast game of pepper . . . last man up struck out by big Doug Nurnberg . .. Devils take Title 2-1 . .. first college team to win 50 games, 54-8 . . . eight players go pro. 437 Tim Connor and Nadia Komarnyckyj, third runners-up; Ross Fish and Charlene Saylor, first runners-up Judy Ormsby and Steve Brown, second runners-up; Karen Hendricks and Jimmy Walker, fourth runners-up 438 Linda Oakley Homecoming Queen Sal Bando Homecoming King Shari Galbreath First Runner-up Susan Phillips Second Runner-up 440 Julie Loper Military Ball Queen 441 Doug Nurnberg and Nancy Poulsen Apollo and Diana Greek Week 1966 442 John Scavo Sandy Bynan Interhall King and Queen 443 Diane Brock 1965 Water Sports Day Queen College Fashion Board Representatives George West, Esquire Pam Sisk, Mademoiselle Ann Trugman, Mademoiselle 445 Pam Arle Arizona Maid of Cotton 446 Gloria Jean Munoz Miss Arizona, first runner-up Miss Maricopa County Claudia Whiting Miss Apache County 447 Queens Jacque Trotter, ASU Rodeo Queen Janice Reeb, Miss Majorette or Arizona 448 Fraternity Sweethearts Jane Johnson, Alpha Gamma Rho Susan Guilbert, Alpha Rho Chi Jo Beth Cramer, Alpha Epsilon Pi 449 Fraternity Sweethearts Terry Rackley, Delta Chi Peggy Gygi, Alpha Tau Omega Lynn Reese, Lambda Chi Alpha 450 Pam Lawrence, Pi Kappa Alpha Diane Owen, Phi Psi 500 Queen Ruth Housefield, Phi Kappa Psi Chu Phillips, Phi Delta Theta 451 Fraternity Sweethearts Diane Battenfield, Sigma Chi Kathy Allison, Phi Sigma Kappa Mary Jo Henry, Sigma Nu 452 Sorority Men of the Year Jennifer Powell, Sigma Phi Epsilon Mike Hawkins, Delta Gamma Jim Frady, Alpha Delta Pi Polly Mardirosian, Theta Chi 453 Sorority Men John Mumford, Chi Omega Art Smith, Gamma Phi Beta Tom Witthoft, Kappa Alpha Theta 454 Stan Norse, Kappa Delta Grant Sternberg, Kappa Kappa Gamma Mark Bayer, Sigma Sigma Sigma 455 General Index A Academics Section 43 Accounting 48 Accounting Club 398 Achievements Section 424 Administration Section 17 Aerospace Studies 90 Agriculture 66 Alpha Delta Pi 294 Alpha Delta Sigma 399 Alpha Delta Sigma 399 Alpha Epsilon Delta 369 Alpha Epsilon Phi 296 Alpha Epsilon Pi 320 Alpha Gamma Rho 319 Alpha Lambda Delta 370 Alpha Phi 298 Alpha Pi Epsilon 369 Alpha Pi Epsilon 369 Alpha Rho Chi 322 Alpha Tau Omega 324 Alpha Zeta 371 Angel Flight 372 Anthropology 91 Apollo and Diana 442 Archons 376 Arizona Association of Student Nurses 399 Arizona Maid of Cotton 446 Arnold Air Society 374 Art 80 ASASU Boards 30 ASASU President 26 ASASU Senate 28 ASASU Supreme Court 29 ASASU Vice Presidents 26 Associated Men Students 40 Associated Women Students 38 ASU Day Committee 34 ASU Rodeo Queen 448 ASU Young Republicans 413 Athletic Honors 434 B Baptist Student Union 365 Baseball 231 Basketball 219 Best A 263 Best B 264 Beta Alpha Psi 398 Beta Chi Epsilon 388 Blue Key 377 Board of Financial Control ... 29 Botany 91 Business Education 53 C Campus Affairs Board 34 Catalyst 416 Catholic Students Association 67 Cheerleaders 37 Chemical Engineering 69 Chemistry 92 Chi Omega 300 Circle K Club 406 Civil Engineering 68 Clubs 363 Coed Sports 253 College of Architecture 44 College of Business A dministration 46 College of Education . 56 College of Engineering Sciences 64 College of Fine Arts 78 College of Liberal Arts 88 College of Nursing 114 Counseling and Educational Psychology 61 Crescents 358 Cross Country 248 Cultural Affairs Board 30 D Dawa Chindi 407 Delta Chi 326 Delta Delta Delta 302 Delta Gamma 304 Delta Phi Kappa 408 Delta Sigma Phi 328 Delta Sigma Pi 400 Devils ' n Dames 406 Dormitories 258 E Economics 49 Educational Administration and Supervision 60 Educational Foundations 62 Educational Services 63 Election Board 33 Electrical Engineering 70 Elementary Education 58 Engineering Science 71 English 94 Eta Kappa Nu 378 F Faculty—Student Relations Board 30 Fashion Board Representatives 445 Featherdusters 409 Football 205 Foreign Languages 97 Foreign Students 409 Fraternity Sweethearts 449 Freshman Basketball 230 Freshman Fo otball 218 Freshman Week 150 G Gammage 265 Gamma Alpha Chi 401 Gamma Phi Beta 306 General Business 50 Geography 99 Geology 99 Golden Hearts 359 Golf 251 Governor of Arizona 18 Graduate School 86 Graduate School of Social Service Administration 87 Graduates Section 118 Graduation 200 Greeks 285 Gymnastics 245 H Happenings Section 148 Hayden 266 Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 102 Hillel Counsellorship 366 History 100 Homecoming 156 Homecoming Committee 35 Homecoming Royalty 438 Home Economics 101 I Industrial Arts Association ... 401 Industrial Design and Technology 67 Industrial Engineering 76 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 402 Intercollegiate Athletics Board 204 Interfaith Council 364 Interfraternity Council .... 318 Interhall Council 262 Interhall Royalty 443 International Student Relations Board 32 Irish Hall 267 J Junior Panhellenic Council ... 293 K KAET 417 Kappa Alpha Theta 308 Kappa Delta 310 Kappa Delta Pi 380 Kappa Kappa Gamma 312 Kappa Kappa Psi 381 Kappa Sigma 330 Karate Club 410 KASN 417 Kaydettes 382 L La Liga Panamericana 411 Lambda Chi Alpha 332 Lambda Delta Sigma 368 Library Science 63 Little Sisters of Minerva ... 360 M Management 51 Marketing 52 Mass Communications 106 Masters Candidates 120 Mathematics 104 McClintock A 268 McClintock B 269 Mechanical Engineering 77 Men ' s Intramurals 170 Military Ball 194 Military Ball Royalty 440 Military Science 90 Minor Sports 241 Miss Arizona Contestants 447 Miss Majorette of Arizona . 448 Mortar Board 383 MU Birthday Party 191 Music 82 N Naiads 412 Natani 384 O Office Administration 53 Orchesis 385 Organizations Board 33 Organizations Section 256 Oriental Students Club 412 P Palo Verde 270 Palo Verde East 272 Palo Verde West 274 Panhellenic Council 292 People to People 31 Pershing Rifles 386 Phi Delta Theta 334 Phi Eta Sigma 387 Phi Gamma Delta 336 Phi Kappa Psi 338 Philosophy 106 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 403 Phi Sigma Kappa 340 Phi Upsilon Omicron 388 Phrateres 414 Physics 107 Pi Beta Phi 314 Pi Delta Epsilon 389 Pi Kappa Alpha 342 Pi Kappa Delta 390 Pikettes 361 Pi Sigma Alpha 387 Political Science 110 Pom Pon Line 36 Psychology 111 Q Quadrangle 276 R Rally and Traditions Board 36 Religious Groups 364 Rhodes Scholar 432 S Sahuaro A 278 Sahuaro B 279 Sahuaro C 284 Sahuaro D 280 Sahuaro Yearbook 421 Secondary Education 59 Seniors 122 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 344 Sigma Alpha Iota 391 Sigma Chi 346 Sigma Delta Chi 389 Sigma Delta Psi 392 Sigma Lambda Chi 393 Sigma Nu 348 Sigma Phi Epsilon 350 Sigma Sigma Sigma 316 Sigma Tau Delta 393 Silver Wing 394 Soccer 240 Social Activities Board 31 Society for Advancement of Management 403 Society of Chemical Engineering Students 404 Sociology 112 Sophos 392 Sorority Men of the Year 453 Speech and Drama 81 Sports Section 202 Spurs 395 Stardusters 362 State Press 418 Student Construction Society of America 404 Student National Education Association 405 Sun Devil Archers 413 Swimming 252 T Tau Beta Pi 397 Tau Beta Sigma 318 Tau Kappa Epsilon 352 Tennis 250 Theme Conclusion 470 Theme Presentation 1 Theta Chi 354 Theta Delta Chi 356 Track 248 Traffic Appeals Board 29 U University Administrative Staff 22 University President 21 University Vice Presidents 20 W Water Sports Day 196 Water Sports Day Queen 444 Western Week 179 Who ' s Who 426 Wilson 282 Wilson Scholars 433 Women ' s Golf 255 Women ' s Recreation Association 174 Women ' s Swimming 254 Women ' s Tennis 254 Wrestling 242 Z Zoology 113 456 Faculty Staff A Abdow, Miriam J. 98 Abraham, Willard 63 Adams, James G. 386 Adams, Wallace E. 100 Alisky, Marvin H. 117 Allen, Theodore, Jr. ...... 71 Archer, Jerome W. 94 Ashe, Robert W. 60 Altengarten, Jack 220 Avery, James P. 71 B Bachrach, Arthur J. 111 Bagley, Weldon D. ...... 67 Baker, Donald H. 205, 207 Balin, Robert P 67 Barkson, Joseph A. .. 379, 402 Batchelor, Harold W. 63 Baty, Wayne M. ........ 50 Beakley, George C. 77 Bender, Gordon L. 113 Berra, Philip M 262, 263 Blackham, Garth J. 61 Bloyer, Russell O. 23 Boyer, Ruth G. 87 Bracken, Harry M 106 Bradford, Robert G. 22, 31, 34, 35, 346 Breckenridge, Jack 84 Bredehoft, Ted C. .... 242, 243 Bresina, Bertha M. 101 Brown, Donald E. 106 Brown, Duane 93 Brownstein, Aaron J. 111 Bruinsma, Henry A. .... 79, 381 Bryan, Charles A. 105 Buckman, Arlene 340 Buffington, Albert F. 97 Bullington, Richard E. 58 Bullock, Arnold H. 83 Burdette, Walter F. 67 Burgoyne, Edward E. 92 Burke, William J. 20, 86 Burton, A. R. 48 Byron, Michael 30 C Cady, Gilbert 20 Canright, James E. .... 91, 109 Carson, Albert B. 48 Carter, Russ 243 Castillo, Senon A. 249 Castle, Gordon B. 20 Cazier, Mont A. 108 Chamberlain, Robert 318 Clardy, Jerome 204 Clothier, Ronald R. 113 Cochran, John A. ...... 49 Cole, Gerald A. 113 Cole, Lawrence E. 267 Collins, Jack A. 77 Conlin, David A. 96 Corliss, Charlotte 117 Corrick, Richard M. .. 205, 207 Covey, Alan D. 24 Craig, Samuel 404 Crouch, Charles 364 Cummings, Susan N. 62 Curtis, Coy L. 90 D Dannenfeldt, Karl H. 89 Dauten, Joel J. 50, 204 Davis, Keith 51 Davis, Richard 95 Davis, Sandford S. 61, 204 Decker, John P. 76 Demeke, Howard J. 60 Demson, Edward J. 50 Dorris, Jo F. 16, 22, 39 Dotts, Donald V. 24, 204 Downing, George D. 52 Dudley, Guilford, A. .. 100, 204 Durham, G. Homer ... 19, 21, 151, 162 E Edwards, Robert W. 90 Ellis, John C. 95 Elmore, James W. 45 Emery, Raymond C. 95 English, William S. 83 Escudero, Mary J. 411 Eyring, LeRoy 92 F Fahrion, Catherine E. 23 Farris, Martin T. ...... 49 Fearon, Harold E. ...... 51, 383 Finley, Richard O. 23, 26, 29, 33, 262, 392 Fischer, Donald E. 350 Fisher, Marvin M. 94 Florschuetz, Leon W. 77 Flynn, Della 356 Frasier, James E. 59 Frazier, G. Allan 421 Frost, Melvin J. 99 Fuchs, Jacob 92 G Galloway, Joseph H. 84 Gambrell, C. B. 76 Garabedian, Peter G. ... 112, 117 Gieschen, Donald W. 106 Goodall, Leonard E. 116 Gorman, William M. 204 Grace, Edward E. 104 Graybill, David C. 204 Greenspoon, Joel 111 Griffith, LeRoy H. 59 Griggs, Joanne 81 Grobe, Edwin P. 97 Guillory, Richard J. 93 Gupta, Shyam K. 70 H Halverson, John 278 Hamm, George F. 22, 36, 277 Hardwick, Sally J. 103 Haring, Lloyd 99 Harris, William H. 52 Heath, Robert W. ...... 104 Heimann, Robert A. 61 Hickcox, Edward M. 25 Hill, Louis A. 68 Hines, Harold C. 381 Hink, Heinz R. 110 Holmes, Susan 81 Hook, Ralph C. ... 50, 55, 377, 400 Hoover, Kay 16, 22, 292 Hoover, Kenneth H. ...... 62 Houdin, Mary E. 115 Hoult, Thomas F. ..... 112 Hoyt, Charles D. 29 Hubbard, Paul G. ......... 100 Hudson, John W. 112 Huizingh, William 48 I Ingold, Kenneth R. 90 Isaak, Donald 403 J Jankowski, Daniel F. 71 Jensen, Richard B. 90 Jimenez--Vera, Arturo 97 Johnson, Rosemary 115 Johnson, Roy M. 91, 369 Jones, Daisy M. 58 K Kajikawa, William M. ... 207, 218 Kaminsky, Elijah 110 Kaufman, Irving 70 Kelly, Richard W 70 Kemp, Paul C. 205, 207 Kentner, Martin M 103 Kersten, Robert D. ...... 68 Kingbury, Warren T. 62 Klann, Margaret L. 103 Klock, John W. 73 Krenkel, John H. .... 100, 387 Kush, Frank J. ... 205, 207, 210, 214 L LaDue, Charles E. 25, 204 Lamberts, J. J. 94 Lance, Robert E. 106 Lewis, Marice S. 380 Littlewood, Mary L. 409 Littrell, Joseph S. 67, 401 Logan, Earl 77 Lombardi, Eugene P. ... 83, 160 Lowenstein, Lloyd L. 105 Lundberg, Horace W. 87 Lundin, Robert F. 99 Lyon, Robert B. 105 M Madden, J. Vincent 264 Mann, William G. 220, 230, 251 Marlow, Keith 401 McGrath, G. D. 57, 380 McInnis, Martha Ann 101 McKinley, Francis 55 Menke, Robert F. 24 Metzger, Darryl E. ..... 77 Miller, Paul T. 326 Miller, Victor J. 66, 204 Moffitt, Inez W. 63 Moody, Grant 66 Moore, Carleton 108 Mullins, Richard L. 204 Munch, Theodore W. 107 Munsell, Alma 63 Myers, L. M. 94 N Nering, Evar D. 105 Neuheisel, Richard 377 Newburn, H. K. 60 Newlin, Charles W. ..... 68 Nielander, William A. 52 Northey, William T. 91 Nutt, Merle C. 76 O Olmstead, Cameron 58 Osenburg, Frederic ..... Overman, Glenn D. ...... 47, 51 P Pacilio, John ....... 390 Patten, Duncan T. 108 Pewe, Troy L. 99 Phillips, Elsie W. 39 Pian, Richard H. J. 68 Pike, Norma J. 102 Pittman, Anne 254 Plantz, Don V. 49 Portnoff, Collice 95 Price, Thornton W. 77 Pritsker, A. 76 Prong, John K. 372 R Ralston, Mack A. 62 Rannells, Jessie M. 101 Rasmussen, Robert D. 66 Ratliff, John D. 95 Rein ' l, Robert L. 106 Reiser, Castle 69, 72 Renner, George T. 99 Rice, Roy C. 25, 110 Rice, Warren 73 Richards, Gale L. 81 Rickel, Harry P. 85 Rispoli, Frank 204, 218 Rittenhouse, Hazel 204 Robinson, Daniel ...... 66 Robinson, Richard 90 Robison, Ray C. 204, 207 220, 242 Rodgers, Donna F. 27 Rottman, Richard L. 400 Ruppe, Reynold J. 91 S Salerno, Nicholas A. .... 42, 96 Sample, L. Laetitia 91 Sanders, B. T. 398 Sanderson, R. 93 Sater, Vernon E. 69 Schabacker, Joseph C. 20 Schaumburg, Donald R. 80 Schutz, Richard E. 61 Schewe, Alma 320 Scott, Walter T. 104 Scott, Woodrow 207 Scoular, Cecelia 23 Scoular, David ...... 82, 194 Sebald, Hans 112 Shaifer, Edward F. 45 Shofstall, Weldon P. . 22, 27, 29, 377 Simmons, Douglas 97 Smith, Clyde B. . 102, 204, 218 Smith, Dean E. 25 Snyder, E. E. ............ 116 Spinosa, Frank 82 Spring, Joseph E. 24 Stephan, Albert A. 204 Steverson, Norris J. 245 Stewart, Donald G. 104 Stewart, Kenneth M. 91 Stites, William H. 390 Stoner, Richard G. 107 Stovall, Jack K. 205, 207 Straub, Calvin C. 45 Sullivan, Howard V. 54 T Tamburo, Richard P. 205, 207, 211 Theobald, Clarabelle 115 Thomas, Alfred 24 Thomas, Gertrude 23 Thompson, Lee P. 65, 378 Thompson, Truet B. 70 Tilden, Arnold 100, 195 V Van Scoy, Herbert A. 98 Vergis, John P. 61 Verhave, Thom ....... 111 Voss, Howard G. 107 W Wager, Alan T. 107 Walker, Janet F. ...... 115 Wallace, C. E. 71 Watson, Mary A. 274 Wegner, Artnoll L. 102 White, John P. 110 Wilcox, Sidney W. ........... 71 Williamson, Jack U. ..... Winkles, Bobby B. ... 232, 233, 234 Wochner, Raymond E. ....... 60 Wood, Harry 80 Woolf, Charles M. ........ 113 Wootton, Richard T. 25 Wright, Roland M. 48 Wulk, Ned W. 220 Wurzell, Carol Ann 399 Y Yeater, James ....... 80 Youree, Bonnie L. 204 Z Zacher, Robert V. .... 399, 401 457 Student Index A Aadland, Donald I. 308 Aakre, Sandra K. 358 Aarizz, Carol 122 Abair, Terry 358 Abbott, Fredrick W. 386 Abbott, Kathleen A. 39, 274, 308 Abbott, Nancy C. 308, 384 Abel, Jon Karl 348 Abernathy, Helen A. 293, 306 Abono, Cecil F. 207 Abrahamsen, Karl P. 403 Abramson, Bernard R. 122 Acklen, John T. 348 Acklen, Robert L. .. 28, 122, 346, 377, 426 Ackley, Jane 312 Acocello, Charles A. 352 Acosta, Joe F. 122 Adair, Diane A. 302 Adams, Albert L. 262 Adams, Connie NI. 368 Adams, David L. 375 Adams, Edwin H. 302 Adams, Gary G. 401 Adams, Janis 306, 361 Adams, Lenda L. 359 Adams, Leonard C. 122 Adams, Linda L. 312 Adams, Michael B. 348 Adams, Paul W. 356, 357 Adams, Richard G. 122 Adams, Sharon V. 122 A dan, Jose M 32 Addington, Judith A. 272 Advani, Suresh H. 32 Agaciewski, Phyllis A. 122, 283 Agion, Estella 409 Ake, Pamela J. 314 Akin, Becky 36 314 Al -Agueel, Fadhel 409 Al-Fares, Abdulhamee 409 Al-Rifaie, Mohammed 409 Alberts, Jack 326 Alderson, Daryl G. 392 Alexander, Barbara L. 304 Aljubouri, Ali S. 409 Allen, George H. 403 Allen, James R. 336 Allen, Janet E. 122, 310, 401 Allen, Lawrence B. 328 Allen, Paul D. 341, 345 Allen, Tim 392 Allen, Wayne C. 398 Allen, William W. 240, 334 Allen, Willis M 122 Allison, Kathleen J. 36, 294, 452 Allport, Charles W. 120 Almachar, Estelita 407 Almo, Sheryl 359 Almodova, Sandra K. 265 Alpan, Erkan 32, 409 Alpert, Harmon P. 369 Al-Shallal , Shallal 409 Alshuler, John D. 278 Alshuler, Katherine D. 304 Alt, Theodore W. 266 Altfas, Jules R. 122, 369 Alvillar, Erminda 122 Amada, Andrew R. 410 Amada, Brian D. 122, 320 Ambrose, Linda D. 31, 32, 312 Anderson, Jeep 408 Andersen, Shirley E. 368 Anderson, Arnold A. 34, 122, 338 Anderson, Barry J. 354 Anderson, Carol J. 122 Anderson, Clyde E 386 Anderson, Daryl 30, 406 Anderson, Karl G. 354 Anderson, Max A. .... 207, 208, 209, 215 Anderson, Peggy 122 Anderson, Richard T. 403 Anderson, Robert J. 122, 350 Anderson, Robert L. 122 Anderson, Roger N. 120 Anderson, Ron 406 Anderson, Sandra K. 122 Anderson, Sheryl K. 306 Anderson, Stephen M. 374, 375 Andrade, Lynn D. 328 Andre, Karen R. 31, 32 Andrews, Buddy 336 Andrews, Larry H. 328 Andreyka, Patricia M. 122 Angelo, Joseph P. 350 Ankeney, Craig 122 Ankeny, David J. 284 Anstine, Marjorie S. 415 Appleby, Karen M. 265 Archambault, Dennis R. 410 Archer, Pamela S. 122 Archie, Margaret 122 Ardoin, Randolph C. 410 Arle, Pamela E. .... 312, 373, 396, 446 Arias, Bucha 411 Arline, Kenneth F. 352 Armijo, Rudy C. 122 Armstrong, Jeff 334 Armstrong, James S. 233, 234 Arnold, Ellen C. 36, 314 Arnold, Karlene R. 294 Arnold, Kelly 274 Arnot, Malcolm 330 Arnote, Linda I. 312, 372, 373 Arnst, Dennis M 403 Arrona, Raymond L. 392 Arthofer, Sharon K. 122 Asch, Richard 284 Ash, Julie A. 361, 373 Ashbrook, Tom 122 Ashby, Larry 120, 364 Ashcroft, Susan I. 368 Ashley, Don 281 Ashley, Fred M. 122 Ashley, Larry 400 Ashley, Robert D. 352 Ashton, Lawrence E. 404 Ashworth, Barbara 314 Askey, Carol J. 298 Assad, Dennis G. 400 Atmore, Toni 419 Atwood, Jerry L. 350 Austin, Andrew D. 369 Austin, Anne 306 Awtrey, Jess W. 122 B Bacher, Kenneth L. 122, 338 Bachman, Betty J. 312 Bachman, Richard E. 346 Bacon, Horace J.. 122, 330, 377 Badenoch, Donald S. 262, 267 Baecker, Grant R. 404 Bagby, Patricia A. 122 Bagwell, Marilyn F. 122 Bailey, Ann S. 120 Bailey, Frank W. 220, 226, 228 Bailey, Gary W. 350 Bailey, Glenn R. 122 Bailey, Herbert R. 398 Bailey, Leona 120 Bailey, Stephen P. 369 Bailey, Thomas D. 122, 344 Baker, Cheryl L. 282 Baker, George C. 336 Baker, Kathleen 122 Baker, Robert W. 330 Baker, William E. 334 Baker, William F. 338 Balch, Bob W. 122, 340 Balcom, Bruce C. 251, 334 Baldridge, Carl E. 122 Baldwin, Virginia L. 283 Ballard, Cheryl L. 300 Ballou, Robert B. 352 Bancroft, Sharon R. 30, 298 Bandes, Willard J. 120 Bando, Sal .... 122, 158, 159, 336, 434 Bank, Andrea R. 34, 304 Bank, Ronald J. 252 Banks, Wayne 400 Barabe, Brian E. 263 Barabe, Leo A. 267 Barber, Jerry L. 122 Bare, John 340 Barenoga, Tyna 409 Barfield, Steven R. 357 Barker, Carol J. 122, 296, 383 Barker, Michael E. 320 Barker, Robert D. 122, 338 Barker, Sara K. 306, 384 Barkson, Josephine D. 364, 414 Barlow, Sharon K. 312, 382, 396 Barnes, Robert G. 120, 340 Barnett, Rick L. 328 Barnette, Bobbie 308 Barnum, Diane L. 415 Barnun, Nancy L. 384, 388 Barr, Donna F. 282 Barr, Margaret K. 123 Barrett, Elaine A. 283, 391 Barrientos, George 123 Barringer, Charles H. 123 Barrios, Frank M. 123 Barris, Suzanne M. 312 Barry, Ambrose G. 123 Barse, Winifred J. 316 Bartell, Robert G. 123 Bartlett, Barbara J. 283, 388 Bartlett, Michael J. 348 Barton, Gene E. 249 Barton, Phoebe 123 Barton, Susan K. 304, 382 Bartsch, Curtis 123 Basha, Susan A. 294 Bassen, Ellen T. 283, 302 Bassett, Anne M. 265 Bassett, Dennis G. 324 Bassett, Kurt E. 123 Bassett, Perry E. 123, 344 Bastian, Rufus A. 123, 371 Bastin, James R. 350 Bates, Carol A. 28, 39, 291, 292, 294 Bates, Carolyn A. 384 Bates, Gary D. 123, 379 Battenfield, Diane 123, 292, 312, 452 Battin, Carol A. 415 Bauer, Charlotte C. 39 Bauer, Joan R. 314 Bayer, Mark E. 330, 455 Beal, Beverly K. 274 Beal, Constance S. 294 Beall, Whit 123, 344 Beals, Thomas 281 Bean, James D. 403 Beatty, Marcia D. 302 Beaty, Barbara J. 398, 426 Beaudoin, Linda R. 36, 282, 359 Beavers, Jack 350 Bebbling, John 350 Becchetti, Sandra J. 370, 399 Becker, Alice I. 415 Becker, Nancy J. 308 Beckley, Richard H. 357 Beckstead, Jean A. 413 Beeler, Sharon L. .... 123, 310, 383, 426 Begay, Madeline J. 407 Begaye, Emma J. 407 Beggs, Billie M 308 Bell, Betsy J. 391 Bell, James A. 170, 338 Bell, Mike F. 123 Bell, Ralph H. 123 Bell, Shirley A. 123, 300, 383 Belmont, John R. 123, 342 Beloat, Donna J. 316 Belson, Karen S. 273 Beltran, John T. 123 Beltran, Richard L. 248, 249 Bendix, Mike L. 281 Bengel, Kay 416 Benne, Robert L. 328 Benneson, Nancy E. 308 Bennick, Kathleen H. 33 Bennight, Benny J. 123 Benson, Brent W. 346 Benzel, Kay 312 Bergland, Ronald J. 379 Bergman, Janet E. 123, 389 Bergmark, Joan C. 294 Bergquist, William 332 Beringer, Herman J. 332 Berkenkamp, Steven D. 330 Berman, Neil 404 Bernard, Stephen Z. 252, 357 Berstein, Judith E. 123, 296 Berres, Stuart C. 123 Berrier, Jane E. 358, 369 Berry, Frederick S. 352 Berry, Julie K. 312, 362 Berry, Richard L. 398 Berry, Ronald 123, 400 Berryhill, Larry W. 249 Berssenbruegge, Kay 123 Besser, Jeanne M. 306 Bettin, Allen E. 340 Bevington, Richard C. 344 Beyerlein, Mary J. 123, 369 Biehl, Michael L. 350 Billings, Jed S. 342 Bird, David P. 120 Bitchart, Peter 123 Bjorklund, Paul R. 342 Black, John R. 123 Blackburn, Sue 123 Blackert, Bonnie J. 123 Blackman, Jeannette, M. 272 Blair, Karen D. 271, 308 Blair, Phyllis J. 328 Blair, Susan K. 310, 401 Blalock, Linda 123 Blasius, Glen F. 252 Blaska, Robert W. 344 Blazer, Richard M 332 Blethen, Frank A. 346 Blevins, Susan G. 294 Bleyle, Carl C. 403 Blied, Diane L. 415 Bliss, Roy L 328 Blocher, Alice 31, 308 Bloom, Larry J. 312 Blount, Virginia M. 368, 370 Blue, Sally A. 314 Bluell, Craig T. 252 Blum, Ruth A. 415 Blywise, Virginia J. 296 Bognar, Jamie S. 310 Bogner, Donald P. 324 Bogner, Theodore, R. 123 Bohl, Patricia L. 302 Bohl, Terry L. 356 Bohon, John G. 336 Boileau, Raymond E. 328 Bokelman, Billie L. 265 Bokelman, Bonnie A. 265 Bolin, Wes 410 Bolender, Joseph F. 392, 410, 418 Bomash, Carol E. 296 Bondy, David R. 218 Booher, Jeanne 304 Booker, Philip H. 218 Boone, Marcia M. 314 Booth, Barbara J. 304, 399 Boothroyd, William A. 123, 378, 402 Bourdeaux, Jean L. 240 Boren, Kenneth R. 348, 369 Bork, Judith A. 123 Borman, Tyler W. 342 Borza, Louise A. 123 Bosch, Dan G. 281 Bosen, Jo Ellen 31, 368, 388 Bostrom, Jim 346 Bosworth, Briggs M. 250 Bottrell, Jill 123 Boucher, Jerome P. 354 Bouliane, Anne E 32 Bounds, James 172, 336, 376, 392 Boutell, George W. 251, 435 Bowen, Sandra Lee 282 Bowman, Joseph G. 123, 348 Bowman, Sandra L. 123 Bowne, Gary A. 328 Boyd, David 123 Boyd, Gary C. 120, 336 Boyd, John S. 172, 336 Boyed, Louis J. 120 Boyer, Eva P. 302 Boyer, John T. 375 Boyer, Kirk L. 338 Boyle, Nicki L. 373 Bozelli, Raylene L. 298 Bradshaw, Michael 408 Brady, Joelle J. 406 Brady, Marlene R. 39, 308 Bramer, Susan G. 314, 373 Bramlet, James W. 207, 215, 217 Brand, Cotton 312 Brandli, Ila D. 414 Brannon, Michele L. 31, 32, 411 Brantley, William J. 230, 278 Branton, John W. 387 Bratrud, James A. 413 Bratrud, Theodor 413 Bray, Jeffery T. 338 Bray, Wade R. 413 Brayton, George F. 346 Breenen, Ronald L. 123 Breen, Paula V. 124 Breese, Jack 406 Bregman, John E. 124 Breitfuss, Jim A. 336 Brenden, Mary E. 283 Brennan, James R. 28, 356 Brenneman, John 324 Bressler, Janet K. 124 Bressler, Janet K. 124 Brett, Brad 33 Brett, Brendan J. 124, 338 458 Brewington, Marshall 218 Brewster, Genevieve E. 123 Brewster, Wayne H. 279, 422 Briggs, Bruce 334 Brightwell, Susan M. 413 Brill, Susan B. 296 Brink, James R. 332 Brinkerhoff, Douglas E. 330 Brinkman, Thomas L. 123 Briscoe, Kathryn L. 304 Broad, Gail E. 310 Brock, Diane 197, 444 Brockert, Michael B. 123 Brockmeir, Tom 348 Bronk, Sally L. 123, 265 Brosius, Ken 340 Brost, William P. 124 Brouhard, Edra K. 124 Brown, Arlinda L. 33, 314 Brown, Barbara M. 124 Brown, Charlise D. 368 Brown, Cindy 308 Brown, David J. 350 Brown, Dickie 218 Brown, Donald L. 267 Brown, Doyle D. ... 170, 172, 249, 340 Brown, Greg M 377 Brown, Harold 124 Brown, John. A. 124, 207 Brown, John E. 356 Brown, Karen S. 414 Brown, Kathleen L. 308 Brown, Leroy 279 Brown, Linda C. 300 Brown, Michael E. 328, 406 Brown, Nadean E. 310 Brown, Patricia J. 124 Brown, Patricia L. 124 Brown, Robert D. 124 Brown, Stephen W. .. 30, 33, 352, 353, 376 Browne, Vicki 362 Bruba ker, Shelia J. 124 Brucker, Bobbie 282 Bruhn, Sheryl A. 124 Brunell, Rusty 124, 328 Bruner, Richard K. 332 Bryant, Douglas 124 Bryant, Linda S. 124 Bryant, William R. 400 Buchanan, Carl 323 Buchanan, Timothy 218 Buck, Carolyn I. 124 Buck, Diane C. 364 Buckingham, Thomas W. 346 Bucknorsmartt, Edward 124 Buddenhagen, Wallace W. 400 Buehler, Beverly J. 304 Buer, Timothy J. Bufford, Barbara A. 406 Bufford, Patricia .... 124, 369, 414, 426 Bullock, K. 400 Bundy, Cheryl A. 124, 399 Burger, Robert 124 Burgins, Yvonne A. 124 Burgmeier, Donald R. 386 Burke, Kathleen C. 34 Burke, Susan A. 308, 416 Burke, Susan E. 3 12 Burke, Tom 346 Burns, Bunny 302, 401 Burns, Mary Leigh 362 Burns, Paula M. 382 Burris, Linda R. 33 Burrus, William W. 392 Burt, Barbara 272 Burt, David 124 Burt, Diane R. 265 Burtsch, Kirk A. 121, 352 Burton, Joanna 124 Burud, Candy 415 Buscher, Donald F. 172 Busdicker, John A. 333 Bush, Carole 124 Bush, Pam 388 Bus sell, Robert 124 Bussert, Anne M. 308, 358 Bussert, John 333 Bustamonte, Monti 398 Boston, Kenneth 75 Butchko, George 240 Butler, Jacqueline S. 31, 32 Butler, James C. 324 Butler, John P. 121, 326 Butler, Laurel A. 300 Butler, Nancy A. 125 Butler, Robert 125 Butler, Robert J. 374, 375 Butler, Tommy J. 330 Butterfield, John D. 350 Butterfield, Susanne E. 314 Buxton, Kenneth L. 125 Byerly Lynne A. 304 Byers, James W. 125 Byers, Randy E. 400 Bynon, Sandra L. 443 Byrne, William E. 125, 392, 404 Byrne, Joseph 264, 413 Byrns, Mary J. 35 C Caganeich, Magdalene 125 Cagen, Jerome B. 320 Cahill, Richard A. 218 Caldwell, Pa trick 125 Caldwell, Robert A. 125 Calhoon, Fay F. 125 Calhoon, Janis V. 300, 359 Calhoun, Myron A. 120 Call, Carmen 368 Callahan, Richard 350 Callahan, Lawrence W. 320 Callaway, Laurie 360 Callis, Susan 304 Calvert, Michael 381 Cameron, Dennis M. .. 36, 172, 217, 336, 392 Campanis, George A. 344 Campoy, Al 218 Campbell, Carol A. 125, 314 Campbell, James P. 328 Campbell, Linda D. 304 Campbell, Sharie L. 265, 302 Campbell, Thomas E. 350 Campos, Senni 283, 361 Canedy, Richard T. 125 Cannon, Patricia 125 Canright, James D. 356 Canter, Carl W. .... 125, 378, 379, 402 Canter, Paul 267 Canter, Thomas H. 375 Sandra L. 294 Carey, George L. 252 Carlin, Robert K. 28, 346 Carlson, April M. 120 Carlson, Jill 314 Carlson, Marilynn A. Carmack, Eddy C. 125, 338 Carpenter, Gary P. 264 Carpenter, Ralph M. 234 Carr, Ronald I 125, 330 Carraway, Catherine C. 125 Carrel, William K. 410 Carter, George A. 346 Carter, John A. 278 Carter, Paul D. 410 Carter, Todd H. 334 Carter, Vincent M 346 Carter, Woodie W. 346 Cartney, Sally K. 304, 382 Cartun, David S. 392 Caruthers, Linda 277 Casey, Eileen A. 125 Kenneth B. 125 Casper, Lyn 39 Cassidy, Michael J. 406 Castello, Ralph 125 Cataldo, Frank A. 334 Caudle, Robert J. 125 Cavalliere, William A. 294 Cearfoss, Steve M. 125 Cessna, Mary Ann 39, 274 Cetti, William C. 348 Cetto, Phyllis J. 272 Chadderdon, Bruce A. 125 Chafey, Chip 348 Charest, Susan E. 298, 414 Chamberlain, Charle 308 Chamberlain, Harl R. 340 Chambers, Keith A. 125, 334 Chambers, Nancy L. 125, 310 Chamley, John D. 120 Champion, Thomas J. 125 Chandler, William 406 Chandradibya, Prasert 409 Chang, John 125, 267, 378, 409 Chapman, Ann 310 Charest, Susan E. 298, 414 Chasey, Allan D. 326 Chatham, Gale 294, 384 Chavez, Lucy 125 Cheney, Roger N. 398 Cherry, Robert E. 328 Chess, William E. 120 Chew, James H. 251 Chiabai, Gloria 302 Childs, Robin L. 306, 361 Chilton, Thomas G. ... 125, 349, 377, 398 Chipps, Samuel K. 234 Chittenden, Laura L. 302 Choat, John 234, 264 Chopak, John D. 267 Chow, Judy 36 Christensen, Charles E. 350 Christensen, Sharron A. 125 Christensen, Timothy C. 284 Christianson, Lester N. ... 125, 245, 246, 247 Christie, Jean 302 Christmann, James L. 264, 392 Christoph, Ann E. 34, 265 Clapp, Shirley A. 369 Clark, Anne 282 Clark, Gary R. 333 Clark, Mark E. 332 Clark, Michael A. 328 Clark, Thomas R. 368 Clarke, Ann M. 302 Clarke, Janet J. 314 Clarkson, Richard 381 Clarkson, James W. 381 Claspell, Ogal B. 125, 378, 402 Clauer, Richard E. 330 Clauss, Robert A. 399 Claw, Alfred 410 Cleary, Robert M. 346 Clendenin, Gary R. 334 Clevenger, Patrick T. 172, 337 Cline, Elizabeth J. 125, 283 Clinger, Karyn A. 314 Clothier, Eileen S. 414 Clutter, John F. 334 Coates, John P. 32, 389 Cobb, Cheryl A. 294 Cochran, Roger L. 333 Cochran, Thomas R. 346 Cockrill, Mark 120, 344 Cockrill, Melinda 283, 306 Cody, Susan M. 294 Coe, Warren E. 125 Coglan, Linda J. 415 Cognac, Ralph 125, 402 Cohen, Dennis 31, 320 Cohenour, Susan F. 314, 362 Coker, Carroll A. 265 Colasanti, Jan C. 294 Colby, Wendy W. 312 Cole, Jon F. 249 Cole, Lawrence E. 125 Cole, Stephen E. 349 Coleman, Virginia J. 125 Collard, Frank 324 Collett, Patricia L. 34, 298 Colletti, Pat 272 Collin, Patricia I. 306 Collins, Cheryl L. 381, 396 Collins, David H. 264, 387, 402 Collins, Patty 293 Collis, Ted 350 Combs, Catherine E. 302 Combs, Sara Lou . 125, 300, 383, 426 Conant, Nancy C. 312, 362 Conaway, Jack 406 Conaway, Pat 409 Conley, Michaelina B. 265 Conley, Mike 265 Conner, Kay M. 125 Connoley, Barry 340 Connor, Timothy 125, 349 Conner, Phillip G. 125 Contos, Andrea B. 126, 314 Contreras, Grace L. 126, 369 Conway, Pat 173 Cook, Gene R. 120 Cook, Kenneth 334 Cook, Leroy 126 Cooke, Stephen L. 352 Cooksey, Ralph L. 126 Cooley, Charles S. 281 Cooley, Sandra L. 126, 300 Cooper, Edward A. 333 Cooper, Larry J. 234, 346 Cooper, Luita 302 Cooper, Ralph J. 126, 329 Copeland, Maureen K. 302 Coppins, Leslie G. 306 Coppola, Richard L. 126, 220, 226 Corbett, John W. 126 Corbett, Stanley 374, 375 Cordova, Margaret 411 Corneal, George F. . 207, 208, 209, 210 Cornell, Michael K. 30 Cornwell, Sue 31 32, 34, 312 Corrado, Guy E 334 Cotlow, Daniel F. 350 Cotlow, David P. 350 Cottrell, Paul D. 350 Court, Carol L. 126 Courtney, George K. 126, 342 Courtney, Thomas L. 337 Cousins, Dale 126 Cox, David D. 392 Cox, Durrit S. 401 Cox, James 126 Cox, Lester F. 357 Cox, Norman D. 126, 245, 340 Craig, George R. 126, 352 Craig, Linda A. 126 Cramer, Jo Beth 449 Cruiser, Derral T. Crane, George A. 349, 386 Crane, Jory 314 Crane, William C. 278 Cravener, Donna J. ... 126, 291, 308, 309 Crawford, Michael E. .... 284, 352, 372 Cray, Cathy L. 304 Creedy, Roberta A. 283 Creighton, Charles E. 341 Creighton, Roger 350 Creighton, Sandra L 277, 311, 315 Cresto, Victor J. 33, 291, 340 Crete, David J. 126 Crickmore, Diana J. 126 Cristea, James R. .... 28, 262, 263, 392 Cronk, Wayne F. 126 Croonenberghs, Linda 310 Crotts, William Pierre 398 Crowley, Kathleen 126 Crumb, Bonnie NI. 28, 358 Crutchfield, Kathleen L. 306, 373 Cruze, Linda L. 415 Cueto, Maria T. 411 Cullen, William J. 403 Culp, Curley 207, 242, 243 Cummings, Lyndle C. 364 Cunningham, John L. 126 Curran, Craig, V. 375 Currey, Susan K. 126 Currie, Burce L. 126 Currier, Gayle F. 126, 414 Cushnie, Jean M. 412 Cuzzocrea, Lawrence A. 346 D DaCosta, James C. 33 Daggett, Kenneth E. 379 Daggett, Michael 262, 263 Dahl, Margaret J. 120, 274 Dahl, Peggy 126, 283 Dahnk, Joan M. 265 Dains, Mary L. 306, 361 Dalessandro, Audrey E. 306 Daley, William K. 375 Daly, Thomas A. 406 Cliff C. 356 Dana, Stephen. C. 28, 29, 408 Dancho, James J. 126, 398 Daniels, Sue L. 412 Daniels, Gerald I 393, 404 Daniels, Sue 407 Daniels, William L. 320 Danyow, Nancy J. 294 Darr, Karen 39 Daugherty, Jerry R. 126 Davidsen, David J. 126 Davidson., Jean L. 304 Davidson, Phil E. 338 Davis, Alexander D. 126 Davis, Barbara J. 277 Davis, Bobbie J. 300 Davis, Elizabeth J 39, 384 Davis, Glenn 334 Davis, Kay L. 34, 304 Davis, Maribea L. 126 Davis, Richard Harlan ... 211, 217, 346 Davis, Thomas J. 350 Dawson, Ronald F. 328 Dawson, William L. .. 290, 318, 337, 376, 427 Day, Mary A. 390, 413 Day, Terry J. 323 Day, Tim R. Deaktor, Sheila L. 126 Deal, Tom 346 Dean, Dana L. 399 Dears, Norman C. 243, 244 459 Deaver, James A. 410 Deberge, Janet R. 282 Dechert, Clydene K. 126, 391 Decker, Dennis M 337 Decker, George H. 350 Decker, Larry F. 337 Decker, Lynda J. 39 126, 272 Decker, Roxanne ... 31, 32, 362, 384, 416 DeCoursey, William F. 381 DeCosta, Jim 330 DeGeneste, Qneintard, M. 249 DeGroat, Ellouise 407 DeHaro, William A. 357 Dehmer, Theordore R. 126 Dekellis, John W. 328 Dekellis, Tom E 329 Del Duca, Bart 329 Del Duca, Pamela 28, 292, 306, 396 Delgadillo, Ralph 126 Dell, George V. 264 Delney, Carmen 120 Deloian, Rosmary L. 294 DeMarke, Shirley 126, 420 Demichiei, Sandra L. 39, 272 Demmitt, Dallas 126 Dempsey, William J. 389 Denver, David 126 Dermer, Susan P. 414 Deroon, Louis 324 Despain, Gary R. 329 Detter, Roger A. 230 Devaraj, S. John 409 Devinney, Violet V. 126 Dhein, Thomas .J 249 Diaz, Joseph M 126 Dick, John W. 126 Dick, Marilynn 126, 383, 427 Dickinson, Thomas 127 Dickman, Max J. 346, 392 Dickson, Diane 310 Dickson, William D. 330 Diebold, Brian 329 Diehl, Mary A. 127, 416, 433 Diehl, William R. 340, 376 Dietz, Mary A. 400 Digirolamo, Blasi 218 Dillon, Donna J. 127, 272 Dimm, Linda F. 304 Dodd, Dorothy J. 127 Dodds, Dennis R. 350 Doeller, Barbara L. 254, 304 Dolby, Steven R. 334 Dols, Connie L. 282 Domino 350 Donaghy, Peter 342 Donaghy, Timothy A. 342 Donato, Richard W. 352 Donnan, Gary R. 413 Donovan, Karen J. 304, 373 Dooley, Kathleen M. 308, 358 Dooley, Patricia L. 399 Dooley, Peter J. 127, 350, 376 Doran, Cecelia K 265 Dorey, William G. ... 33, 346, 377, 392 Dorman, Gary A. 320 Dorton, Jim 334 Dotson, Robert L. 381 Douwaji, Haytham S. 409 Dow, Mary A. 127 Down, Linda J. 300, 382 Downey, Carol F. 127 Doyle, Jack 333 Drake, Gail J. 415 Drakulich, Scott 127, 369 Draney, Thomas L. 127 Dreblow, Dave C. 334 Driggs, Judith A. 368 Driscoll, Daniel R. 336 Driskell, Joanna D. 127 Drohan, John 267 Drolet, Barbara J. 314 Drossman, Lois R. 390 Ducceschi, Frank D. 389 Duckworth, Paula J. 127 Duerre, Dennis L. 127 Duff, John F. 264 Duff, Pena 265 Duffy, Eileen B. 314 Duganz, George R. 172, 337 Duke, Joe 338 Dul, William L. 127 Duncan, Art L. 207 Dunn, Daniel A. 207 Dupree, Robert W. 334 Duran, Gene 330 Durbin, Dan 267 Durbin, James W. 378, 379 460 Durfee, Eva 127 Dvorak, Jerome L. 127, 267 Dworkis, Peter S. 40 3 Dyar, Joel H. 127, 337 Dyer, Duffy 234, 235, 237, 346 Dyer, James E. 127 Dyer, Kenneth J. 207, 215 Dyer, Phil 346 Dykema, John H. 324 E Eagleburger, Gerald G. 127, 356, 357 Earley, Brian 344 Earley, Ginny 298, 401 Earley, John N. 170, 340 Earnshaw, John R. 120 Eaton, Greg 350 Eaves, Ronald R. 408 Ebzery, Thomas E. 349 Echeverria, Mike 284 Eckel, Ross R. 326 Ecklund, Gloria 28 Eddings, William A. 284 Eddy, William 127 Edel, Cheryl M 127, 312 Eden, Rae A. 127 Edge, J. Walter 127, 319 Edick, Richard C. 329 Edman, Jean A. 35 Edmondson, Joe 324 Edmondson, Sharon A. 413 Edwards, Cherie J. 304, 373 Edwards, Lawrence M 330 Edwards, Robert 230 Edwards, Susan M. 373 Effron, Sue 172, 312 Egan, Robert J. 127 Eggleston, Doryce F. 127 Egloff, Richard C. 207 Egly, Julianne E. 294 Egly, Susan E. 293, 294 Eichorn, Barry W. 340, 392 Eiseman Patrick H. 127, 341 Eisen, Margaret E. 265 Eiseman, Paula E. 120, 384 Eisenstein, Gloria I. 127 Eisinger, Roy 320 Ekechukwu, Chuks 409 Eklund, Gloria R. 310 Ekstrom, Linda J. 312 Elam, Ronny L. 218 Elder, Rich 350 Eldridge, Barbara M. 308 Elias, Richard M 346 Ellenson, Jan 310 Ellexson, Randy L. 330 Ellingson, Betty A. 368 Elliott, Donald F. 127 Elliott, Donald G. 350 Elliott, John R. 352 Elliott, Roberta J. 391 Ellis, Nancy L. 254 Ellison,, Thomas E. 356 Elmore, Sherry L. 282 Elnajjar, Mahmoud Y. 409 Elsmore, Virginia I. 127 Ely, Joanne E. 406 Ely, Karen L. 406 Emerson, Marsha A. 407 Engard, Connie B. 298 Engle, Robert C. 170, 344 Enk, John A. 356 Ensign, Tracy 127 Epstein, Howard A. 320 Erickson, Jack L. 33, 36, 334 Erickson, Patricia M. 29, 306, 307 Errichetti, Victor J. 328 Erwin, Courtney A. 302 Eschelbach, Paula Y. 127 Esh, Harry L. 127 Eskridge, Robert G. 342 Espinosa, Mickey 411 Esquer, Elias Y. 127 Estep, William H. 354 Ethell, Elizabeth J. 300 Ethington, Jacqueline 388 Etter, Sally H. 31, 32 Eubank, Randolph 28, 407 Evans, Carolyn J. 312 Evans, David C. 267 Evans, David R. 127 Evans, Dennis B. 354 Evans, Lee 127 Evans, Richard D. 218, 387 Evans, Roger W. .. 40, 127, 340, 376, 427 Evans, Timothy L. 207 Evenson, Gerald N. 252, 333 Eversole, George 29, 127, 356 Everson, Louise J. 127, 405 Evvard, Karin L. 359, 396, 423 Ewald, John E. 329 Exum, Alice L. 33, 270, 308 Eyring, Michelle 282 F Fabeny, Patricia I. 314 Fabian, James E. 127 Fafara, Joan P. 127 Fagan, Jeri L. 391 Fahsen, Aleajndro J. 128, 240, 323, 409 Fair, Karen L. 381 Falbo, Mary K. 396 Falls, Charles Z. 378, 379, 402 Faris, Elaine 120, 274 Farley, Donald W. 349 Farmer, David A. 171, 250 Farmer, Evert L. 36 Farmer, Mike 392 Farnsworth, Archie V. 127, 379, 408 Farnsworth, Von 398 Farnum, Sandra S. 314 Farrell, Dennis M. 218 Farrell, Frank C. 334 Faulkner, Sharon L. 302 Fay, James W. 413 Feagin, Ross T. 329 Federici, Linda A. 364 Federico, Christine L. 388 Fedock, Robert D. 128 Feger, JoAnn M. 128 Felix, Larry F. 128, 338 Felix, Mac 357 Felix, Richard T. 381 Felix, Robert J. 392 Fellet, Jeanen C. 128 Felmann, Renee L. 415 Felmann, Ted S. 128, 341 Fencken, Joan 128 Fergemann, Gary D. 350 Fergus, Margaret L. 282 Ferguson, Carol A. 128, 294 Ferguson, Robert T. 329 Ferrara, David B. 344 Ferrell, Oralita 415 Ferrera, Roland L. 393, 404 Ferryman, Frank F. 334, 410 Ferryman, Jeanne L. 298, 388 Fetter, Joey 415 Fichter, David H. 128, 392 Ficken, Linda D. 364, 406 Fiedler, Jerry L 128, 329 Fife, David A. 364 Fife, Thomas C. 128, 403 Figueras, Tony 240 Fimbres, Toni 414 Fimbres, Deanna H. 128 Finell, Lewis R. 403 Fineout, Tonja L. 128 Fink, Thomas C. 128 Finklea, James R. 400 Finley, Glenda K. 120 Fish, Donald 408 Fish, Ross 35, 128, 324 Fisher, Gail B. 308 Fisher, Glen D. 120, 378, 379 Fisher, Howard W. 403 Fisher, Lawrence D. 128, 402 Fitzgerald, William J. 386 Fitzpatrick, Georgeanne L. 128 Fix, Sandra E. 414 Fleisher, Stewart W. 128 Fleming, Jessie L. 207 Fleming, Nita 406 Fleming, Patricia L. 254 Flemons, Michael F. 218 Fletcher, Linda K. 308 Fletcher, Molly G. 360 Flores, Patricia A. 283 Flores, Ralph M. 128 Florez, John W. 28, 346, 392 Flynn, Michael W. 389 Fogel, Douglas W. 334 Fogelman, Fern P. 282 Foley, Michael F. 128, 172, 337 Folkerth, Mary L. 128 Folmer, Laurian E 128 Folpak, Ed 392 Foltz, Jim W. 267 Fong, May G. 39 Fong, Sharon A. 412 Foote, Dale 409 Fopp, Carolyn A. 255, 265 Force, Ellouise J. 406 Ford, Lani B. 120 Ford, William C. 120 Fordo, Vivian L. 128 Foreman, Elizabeth 302 Foreman, Jo Ann 292, 316, 396 Forester, Patrick M. 128, 324 Forler, James E. 242, 243 Forrister, Dewey 207, 209, 212, 214 Forsberg, Terry L. 28, 36, 40, 330 Forte, Virginia F. 128 Fosdick, Carlton 128, 324 Fosholt , Larry 344 Fosnaught, Edward F. 207 Foss, Kip 410 Foster, Cheryl L. 128, 380 Foster, Ruth A. 314, 360 Fournier, Joseph P. 128 Fowler, David J. 387 Fowler, Geoff B. 128 Fowler, Julie E. 128 Fowler, Susan J. 413 Frady, James 453 Francis, Susan D. 128, 405 Frank, Alfred 350 Franklin, Reavis J. 128 Franklin, Robert W. 346 Franquero, Diane L. 128 Frasca, Buddy 324 Frauenberger, Walter K. 354 Frazier, Cheryl J. 272 Frazier, Dorothy E. 405 Fredo, Ilka 32 Frederickson, Sharon 283 Freedman, David 344 Freeman, Gail A. 312, 373, 422 Freeman, Judith K. 282 Freeman, Ronald J. 249 Freestone, Nancy G. 298 French, Janice R. 283 French, Tomijo 306 Frerichs, J. J. 36 Freshley, Fred 129 Freydberg, Thomas K. 346 Fricchione, Erma 208, 294 Friedman, Alan B. 129 Friedman, Bonnie W. 296 Friedman, Ira 28, 320 Frieh, George L. 354 Frith, Betsy J. 368 Frith Rober t D. 264 Fritsche, Charles 263 Donald E. 129 Frosco, Michael 350 Frost, Diane 129 Fry, Linda J. 300, 373, 373 Frye, Katherine A. 308 Fulghum, Steven R. 350 Fulk, Barbara 388 Fuller, Fred 333 Fullerton, Jeannine A. 129 Fullmer, Lhad E. 129 Fulton, Kenneth W. 251 Fung, John C. .... 40, 129, 262, 264, 406 Funk, Naomi R. 129 Funk, Robert D. 129 Furman, Janet A. 283, 396 G Gadd, James D. 344 Galan, Carol A. 129 Galbreath, Sharon E. 195, 312, 440 Galde, Theodore H. 264 Gale, Penny C. 306 Galen, Carol 296 Gallagher, Linda R. 300 Gallagher, Michael L. 129, 234, 344 Gallucci, Louis T. 354, 387 Gallucci, Pamela 294 Gallup, Suzanne 312 Galoe, Peter 129 Galwey, Sharyn A. 32 Gammill, Darlene E. 414 Gannon, Dianne 254 Gannon, Maureen 129 Gannon, Rene 254 Gant, Leon A. 249 Garcia, Edward P. 129 Garcia, Isabel 129 Garcia, Joseph P. 411 Garcia, Ronnie B. 129, 341 Garcia, Virginia 265 Gardner, Edward S. 337 Garnett, Linda A. 294 Garland, Margy E. 35, 300 Garmon, Richard H. 336, 337 Garnes, Patricia A. 129 Garnett, Linda A. 294 Garrels, Jodene F. 304 Gartin, Larry L. 350 Garvey, James P. 324 Garvey, Robert J. 129, 402 Gastineau, Rod 350 Gaston, John E. 230, 337 Gatesh, Ronald G. 129 Gavette, Carolyn L. 36 Gavette, Gerald D. 371 Gay, Carol E. 254, 293, 314, 335 Geer, Bob 350 Geist, Delmar G. 129 Gemmill, David G. 252 Gentry, Dianne D. 129, 283 George, Merilyn F. 121 George, Victoria A. 302 Gephart, Barbara A. 382 Geraghty, Tom 129 Gerber, Bruce 354 Gerhardt, Donald 319 Gerstberger, Richard L. 354 Gervais, Sylvia D. 129 Ghiotto, Linda K. 129, 282 Ghiotto, Rachel A. 265 Giambra, Robert J. 217, 346 Giaugue, Dave 408 Gibson, Jan L. 298 Gibson, Joan A. 129 Gibson, Robert J. 352 Gibson, Rosalee 129 Gilbert, Dorraine 283 Gilbert, Elaine M. 414 Gilbert, Suzanne 129 Gilbertson, Kristen A. 255 Gillaspy, Joddy R. 265 Gillen, Jan 383 Gillett, Kathleen P. 412 Gillette, Kathryn A. 129 Gillivan, Mary 273 Gilman, Judith G. 384 Giorsetti, Joseph B. 264 Giraldo, Octavio L. 409 Girton, Suzanne 306, 359 Glass, Mary L. 312 Glasson, JoCarroll 306 Glasson, Mayre Lynn .... 129, 306, 359 Glayer, James 129 Glenn, Jerald 129 Glenn, Karen Marllene 129 Glenny, Nancy G. 317 Glessner, Barbara Lee 265 Glick, Fritz 234 Goddard, Cathryn 39, 129, 427 Gohier, Joseph C. 129 Golden, Robert E. 279, 320 Golden, Susan M. 129 Goldey, Alan R. 129 Goldfeder, Richard S. 320 Goldbug, Sharon 129 Goldrich, Mark S. 357 Goldsen, Spencer L. 320 Goldsmith, Jack 262 Goldstein, Kenneth M. 320, 404 Gomez, Pedro H. 32 Gonia, Ann E. 254, 298 Gonzales, Edmundo A. 129, 349 Good, Therese 298 Gooding, John R. 172, 329 Goodman, John F. 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 216, 217 Goodrich, Max N. .. 26, 29, 34, 129, 341, 376, 427 Goodwin, Sandee 129, 383 Goodykoontz, Elaine 413 Michele 34 Goostree, Douglas L. 333, 400 Gorder, Gregory E. 130, .350 Gordon, Jay P. 333 Gorman, James F. 267 Gorman, Dennis 130 Gorson, Craig F. 320 Goss, Edward J. 262 Goss, Gerald C. 41, 392 Gould, Harry J. 378, 402 Grabe, Greg 329 Grace, Sherry L. 415 Gragg, Rufus 130 Graham, Charlene S. 130 Graham, Max 350 Graham, Rhea A. 300, 382 Grangaard, David L. 346 Granio, Joe 130 Grant, James E. 337 Grassi, Robert E. , 375 Grate, Vicki L. 407 Gravely, Gaye 300 Graves, Ann L. 130, 300, 382 Gray, James Ralph 352 Gray, Tim 352 Grayson, Sally P. 314 Green, Bruce M. 130, 400 Green, John K. 36 Green, John R. 354 Green, Michael L. 130, 342, 400 Green, William R. 130 Greene, James R. 324 Greene, Robert D. 334 Greener, Jerry P. 130, 329 Greenfield, Vicki L. 302 Greenleaf, William R. 350 Greenwood, Donna M. 368 Greer, Alan K. 344 Gregory, Susan K. 130, 308 Gretta, James Edward 234 Griffin, Clark 334 Griffith, Barre K. 377, 403 Griffitts, James W. 334 Grimm, Beverly A. 130 Grimstad, Gary M 302 Grindrod, Rebecca K. 130, 314 Grindstaff, Jeanne 361 Groesbeck, Carolyn F. 407 Grooters, Harriet C. 272 Grosberg, John 410 Gruenemeier, Rieny 350 Gruenke, Larry D. 130 Grundy, Nancy J. 39, 300 Guif, Patricia E. 130 Guilbert, Suzanne J. 308, 449 Guilds, Thomas G. 36, 37, 217, 341 Gullett, George S. 381 Gumm, Nancy J. 298 Gunness, Beverly A. 300 Gunning, Larry A. 130, 354 Gunrel, William 130 Ganyuz, Cemil 130, 404, 409 Gustafson, Daniel L. 387, 392 Gustafson, Gerald A. 121 Gustafson, Judith A. 130 Gustafson, Kristine E. 405 Guthrie, David C. 130, 400 Guthrie, Joyce 310, 358 Guthrie, John P. 130 Guthrie, Max E. 419 Guthrie, Pat 356 Guthrie, Theodore T. 264 Guzauskas, Richard 343 Gygi, Peggy P. 312, 450 H Hackbarth, Vicki A. 130 Hadaway, Cheryl A. .. 29, 103, 294, 383, 427 Haddad, Judith N. 28 Haddy, Sharon J. Hage, Judith E. 308 Hagedorn, Nancy A. 130 Hagerman, Carol 265 Haggard, Allen 413 Hagopian, Charles L. 267 Hahn, Doyne M 121, 264 Haimes, Stephanie E. 33, 130, 296 Hakan, Mark R. 262, 392 Halderman, Donald W. .. 130, 377, 398, 400 Haley, William S. 349 Hall, Dale 408 Hall, Marjorie L. 302 Hall, Robert A. 413 Hall, Stephen W. 369, 392, 406 Hallickson, Dessa M 415 Hallinan, Walter T. 130 Hallinan, William E. 130 Hallisey, William R. 346 Halverson, John C. 121 Hamilton, Dennis E. 130, 220, 225 227, 228 Hamilton, John M 338 Hammer, Bruce E. 324 Hammes, Hilary A. 296 Hancock, Skip 346 Haney, Janet A. 294 Hanigan, Gwendolyn F. 381 Hankerson, William A. 130 Hanley, Sheryl E. 298 Hannigan, Lynette 130 Hannon, James H. 356 Hansbro, Robert G. 406 Hansen, James R. 324 Hansen, Joyce M. 400 Hansen, Kristin A. 272 Hansen, Peggy J. 304 Hanson, Gregg 341 Hanson, John A. 207, 346 Hanson, Richard D. 130 Hanten, David H. 346 Hapner, Mary L. 130 Harbison, John W. 262, 392 Hargreaves, Carole L. 414 Hargreaves, Marian S. 369. Harlan, David M. 378, 379, 402 Harman, Dawn 130 Harmon, Gary A. 375 Harmon, Loretta 406 Harmon, Ronald M 406 Harper, Elizabeth 423 HarraIson Cheryl L. 413 Harris, Beth A. 130 Harris, Brenton V. 170 Harris, Carl D. 252 Harris, Donald E. 130, 393, 404 Harris, Jack R. 245 Harris, Janet L. 283, 373 Harris, Jean I. 302 Harris, Kyle W. 352 Harris, Scott H. 338 Harris, William H. 28, 40, 346 Harris, Willie R. 230 Harrison, Linda F. 130 Harrison, Michael 130 Harrison, Robert M. 130, 249 Hart, Gary E. 344 Hart, William L. 346 Harter, Susan A. 130 Hartis, Pat 310, 362 Hartline, Carol A. 317 Harvey, James W 346 Harward, Phyllis A. 31 Harwood, Barbara 131, 383, 428 Hasandras, John N. 131 Hasforth, Paul D. 357 Hashimoto, Alice M. 265 Hassenbusch, Beth L. 296 Hassinger, Kathleen M. 308 Hatley, Laverna M. 131 Haueisen, Marilynn C. 131, 380 Haufler, Anne 306 Haugen, Gregory 131 Haupert, Thomas H. 207 Haupt, Barbara K. 271, 294 Hauser, Craig 350 Hausman, Diane L. 296 Haveman, Robert N. 284 Havland, John W. 131, 400, 403 Hawkins, Ann 39, 265 Hawker, Janet 131 Hawkins, Benjamin C. 207, 211, 212, 213, 214, 434 Hawkins, Michael D. .. 264, 318, 376, 454 Hawkinson, Marilyn S. 39, 397 Haws, Sharon K. 368 Hayden, Bruce 131 Hayden, Jimmy L. 405 Hayden, Karen M 310, 311 Hayduke, George 267 Hayes, James E. 131, 349 Hayes, Timothy J. 344 Hayhurst, Douglas S. 354 Hazard, Thomas B. 338 Hazelett, Russell B. 131 Head, Terry R. 284 Heap, Patricia A. 368 Heath, Chester 131 Heath, J. 324 Heath, Nancy M. 131 Hebebrand, Carol L. 283 Heedum, Barbara K. 28, 396, 414 Heene, Fred L 354 Heideman, Thomas L. 352 Helein, Edward 386 Helfner, Mike L. 33, 131, 320, 423 Helgerson, Joyce E. 306 Heller, Albert S. 354 Helm, John D. 352 Helm, Linda S. 312 Helma, Dennis E. 323 Helms, Dianne 131 Helton, John R. 218 Hemphill, Ted 131 Hendershot, Larry L. 249 Henderson, Judith L. 300, 360, 382 Henderson, Kenni M. . 36, 213, 294, 359 Hendricks, Brad 131 Hendricks, Jane B. 131 Hendricks, Lynn A. 308 Hendrickson, Lilly 282, 364 Hendrix, Karen 272, 399 Hendrix, Ronald D. 218 Hendry, Stephen M. 350 Henley, Robert J. 131 Henny, James C. 349 Henny, Mary J. 451 Henny, William C. 377, 400 Henry, Chester L. 379 Henry, William Edward 349 Hensleiz, John 404 Hensler, John D. 131 Henson, Nilda F. 364 Hepburn, David. A. 341 Herbert, Richard A. 346 Hering, Roswitha E. 131 Herl, David 121 Hermanson, Paul D. 349 Hernandez, Lionel E. 337 Hernandez, Valentine D. 131 Hernikl, John J. 131 Herrick, John E. 413 Herrick, Ronald W. 254 Hershey, Lynda L. 213 Hertzog, Philip M. 350 Herz, Robert T. 403 Hessen, Victoria L. 298 Hessler, Dannene K. 131, 303, 383 Hewitt, Linda A. 399 Heyl, Patricia A. 131, 310 Heywood, Thomas F. 131 Hickman, Ann 274, 359 Hickman, John A. 131 Hickman, Judy 197, 382 Hicks, John R. 364 Hicks, Thomas H. 369 Higdon, Martha 304 Higgins, Harold D. 131 Higgins, John D. 333 Higgins, Warren W. 333 Higley, Stu 262, 267 Hill, Dorothy S. 131 Hill, James E. 131 Hill, Linda S. 310 Hill, Nancy G. 131, 283 Hill, Sherry 388 Hill, Viola J. 131, 380 Hillbert, Michael R. 131, 334 Hilton, Dale 408 Hilvers, Mary A. 131 Himmelstein, David A. 406 Himmelstein, Naomi A. 388 Hinkel, Peter E. 356 Hinkle, Pamela R. 265 Hinkle, Patricia A. 302 Hipke, Judy A. 131 Hirata, Ernest T. 401, 412 Hirsch, Barry L. 320 Hirsch, Leo H. 131 Hisey, Susan E. 414 Hislop, James S. 278 Hix, Bonita L. 254 Hoag, Thomas R. 351 Hoagland, Stephen C. 330 Hoaglin, Raymond J. 377, 402 Hochfeld, Arlene J. 131 Hochstetler, Linda K. 302 Hockenberg, Ronald D. 131 Hodges, Helen L. 306 Hodges, Karen L. 310 Hofman, Bruce 131, 400, 403 Hofferber, Jerry L. 389 Hoffman, Ron 334 Hoffman, Ruth L. 296 Hoiles, Parma L. 302 Hoke, Terry L. 386 Holaday, Bonnie J. 265 Hobert, Myra D. 368 Holbrook, William C. 356 Holcombe, Judith M. 310 Holland, Geoffrey C. 413, 264 Holland, Susan L. 308, 361 Hollis, Janice L. 415 Holm, Steven C. 413 Holman, John F. 333 Holmes, Farrell E. 351 Holmes, William G. 329 Holt, James B. 337 Holt, Thomas 333 Homes, Guy W. 356, 357 Hood, Howard S. 291, 346 Hooe, C. William 131, 345 Hooker, Fair 218 Hoover, Darrell F. 207, 214 Hopkins, Edward J. 207 Hopkins, Joseph R. 131, 379 Hopkins, Pat 324 461 Hopkins, Stephanie A. 254 Hopper, Stephen M. 35, 324 Hork, Richard A. 267 Horlbeck, Gary 374, 375 Horlbeck, Neil G. 132, 375 Hormozi, Shahin. 409 Horn, Patricia L. 28, 384 Horn, Robert M 132 Horn, Thomas G. 375 Hornbaker, Sandra L 132 Hornbeck, Kenneth C. 218 Horne, Mark A. 132 Horton, Dave 251 Hosford, Bob L. 333 Hougham, Robert C. 264 House, Michael D. 267 House, Ronald E. 132, 393, 404 Housefield, Ruth M. 302, 451 Houston, Robyn T. 33, 282, 39 6 Houston, Ronald 407 Howard, Betty J. 132 Howard, Don C. 351 Howard, James C. 132 Howard, Jean 415 Howard, Pamela A. 308 Howell, Robert W. 349 Howzdy, Michael L. 265 Hoyer, Nancy J. 300 Hruza, Michael D. 132 Hrymak, Sally A. 277 Huber, Pamela J. 415 Hudkins, Algene B. 132 Hudson, Kenneth E. 132 Hudson, Thomi L. 298 Huff, Becky L. 31, 32 Huff, Michael E. 346 Huffer, Alva G. 132 Huffman, Jo Ann 283 Huffmon, John E. 410 Hufton, Thomas B. 338 Hug, Marlys A. 132 Hughes, Blake 314, 370 Hughes, Michael J. 132, 406 Hulbirt, Nancy E. 312 Hulme, Robert D. 132, 399 Hummel], Paul C. 341 Hummell, Ronald L. 132 Hummer, George R. 218 Hummer, Kathleen 306 Hunsicker, Sharon L. 265 Hunt, Charles 121, 234 Hunt, James W. 346 Hunt, Mary A. 132 Hunter, Judy D. 132 Hunter Regina W. 132 Hunter, William C. 132, 264, 371 Huntimer, Linca C. 316 Hurd, Roxy A. 294, 359 Hurlebaus, Kathleen T. 293, 302, 413 Huston, Anna M. 132, 388 Hutchings, Elaine L. 283 Hutchins, Robert W. 75, 132 Hutzel, Robert F. 330 Huwaldt, Lawrence E. 324, 392 Hyatt, Ruby A. 132 Hyde, Jane 132, 314 Hyde, Virginia M. 132 I Iannotti, Michael G. 329 Ibsch, William H. 406 Icely, Raymond G. 389 Iles, Margaret B. 306 Impson, Richard W. 245, 216, 247 Ingram, Joe D. 400 Isana, Rosemary A. 265, 399 Irani, Bakhtawer K. 302, 361 Irani, Tehmina K. .. 132, 383, 401, 428 Irvine, Susan F. 132 Isacksen, Kathy 300 Isackson, Richard A. 281 Isaly, Charles W. 334 Islam, Obaidul 32 Iso, Roberta 132 Ives, Sandra C. 132, 401 J Jacklin, Judith A. 132, 308, 358 Jackson, Dorothy L. 303 Jackson, James 406 Jackson, Janet K. 132 Jackson, Reginald M 206, 238 Jacobo, Louis 132, 398 Jacobs, Arthur D. 121 Jacobs, Susan F. 296 462 Jacobsen, John P. 343 Jacobsen, Roderick A. 132, 413 Jacobson, Irvin M. 132, 389 Jacobson, Neil E. 330 Jacobson, Sandra L. 132 Jacobson, Steve M. 346 Jaffe, Marcia E. 296, 361 Jahn, Michael 243, 279 James, Bonnie 282 James, Carol 132 Janicki, Robert M. 133 Janney, Wendy L. 315, 362 Janos, Gregory E. 330 Jarnagin, Donald E. 334, 400 Jarnagin, Larry W. 334 Jarvi, Bette A, 133 Jarvi, Theordore C. 133, 379 Jarvis, Harley 30, 408 Jaskulski, Lawrence J. 324 Jasper, Raymond G. 352 Jay, Julie 298 Jay, Patricia R. 133 Jeanes, Jeffrey S. 349 Jensen, George 133 Jeewek, Janet E. 315, 367, 381 Jefferies, Daniel 133, 319, 371 Jeffrey, Bill 133, 326 Jenkins, Barbara J. 291, 303, 381 Jenkins, Mary J. 265 Jenkins, Sylvester 413 Jenks, Jacqueline E. 29, 300 Jennings, C. Ward 400 Jennings, James R. 400 Jensen, Billie 173 Jensen, Dale E. 73 Jensen, Darrell E. 356 Jensen, Edith L. 133 Jensen, Gerald F. 133, 264 Jensen, Joseph A. 333 Jensen, Leslie 304 Jensen, Paul E. 349 Jensen, Richard B. 121 Jensen, Robert W. 326 Jespersen, Paul J. 277 Jestadt, Gary A. 351 Jett, George C. 338 Jimenez, Edward J. 411 Jobski, Jerry L. 249 Johannsen, Robert W. 323 Johansen, Lori 310 John, Angelo M. 249, 407 John, Jo hny H. 133 John, Susan 294, 359, 386 Johnson, Bobby J. 207, 214 Johnson, Davene F. 317 Johnson, George M. 399 Johnson, Gordon E. 133 Johnson, Jacquelyn J. 304, 382 Johnson, James V. 133, 218 Johnson, Jane E. 449 Johnson, Janiece A. 133 Johnson, Jay M. 330 Johnson, Jean M. 133 Johnson, Jerry H. 341 Johnson, Lonna L. 133 Johnson, Michael A. 133, 400 Johnson, Pamela A. 133 Johnson, Pamela J. 39, 298 Johnson, Patricia A. 271, 298, 396 Johnson, Richard A. 34, 408 Johnson, Richard L. 329 Johnson, Richmond A. 133 Johnson, Robert A. 324 Johnson, Rod 338 Johnson, Skip 245, 246, 247, 379 Johnson, Stephen J. 341 Johnston, Barbara J. 303 Johnston, Charles L. 324 Johnston, Charles T. .... 133, 381, 403 Johnston, James 133 Johnston, Larry 218 Johnston, Sally 306 Johnston, William A. 133 Jolley, Kathryn 133 Jones, Beverly A. 317, 362 Jones, Charles A. 375 Jones, Cheryl L. 283 Jones, Christine A. 308 Jones, Delores M 133 Jones, Douglas R. 279 Jones, Ellen 133, 383, 391, 428 Jones, Lynda G. 133 Jones, Marlyne .J 133 Jones, Paula L. 133 Jones, Robert Ellis 133 Jones, Russell C. 267, 375 Jorf, Mohd 409 Journey, Jack C. 349 Joyce, Max W. 349 Judd, Leslie 324 Juracka, Francis 121 Jutson, Michael 335 K Kaddaras, George 329 Kaderlik, Judith A. 133 Kadet, Jeffrey M. 133, 320 Kahn, Rod R. 346 Kahrhoff, Charles 349 Kajikawa, Christine A. . 27, 35, 133, 315, 362, 383, 428 Kalen, Douglas A. 324 Kalish, Elizabeth A. 300 Kane, James P. 218 Kang, Jim 252 Kanton, Paul D. 386 Kaplan, Roger N. 239 Kapor, Michele L. 298, 361, 401 Karon, Richard 400 Karp, Ronald 375 Kasper, Lynn 133 Kastre, John D. 267 Kasturi, Prima 409 Kasturi, Tirumalal 409 Kates, James E. 218 Katsenes, Paul T. 133, 346 Kauffman, Barbara F. 133 Kaufman, Bruce A. 357 Kaufman, John W. 349 Kause, Gene 133 Kawata, Yukie J. 133 Kay, Rodger C. 133 Kealy, John 324 Kearns, Victoria D. 34, 313 Keating, James 133 Keaton, Stephen K. 281 Kec, Robert J. 133 Keenan, Thomas C. 422 Keesling, Karen R. 315 Keim, Janet R. 134 Keith, Karen E. 293, 295 Keith, Eathryn A. 134 Kek, Janet 134 Kellen, Peter J. 345 Keller, Paul J. 218 Kelley, Judy 312 Kelly, Jenni 265 Kelly, Karen D. 175, 384 Kelly, Kathleen 368 Kelly, Thomas A. 399 Kemp, Frederick A. 134 Kemper, Gerald R. 349 Kempson Michael 337 Kempton, Robert G. 28, 408 Kendig, Patricia S. 134 Kennedy, Lynne 282, 361, 413 Kent, Edward L. 134, 345 Kenworthy, Allan 134 Kerby, Barbara A. 368 Kerner, Eenneth A. 134, 324 Kerr, David L. 310 Kerr, Georgia L. 134, 310 Kerr, Judy A. 390, 413 Kerwin, Robert D. 378, 402 Kessling, Karen 255 Kidwell, Patricia A. 306, 361 Kiel, Sandra 134 Kilbourn, Ann L. 405 Kilby, David L. 31 Killen, William D. 375 Killinen, Richard G. 121 Killip, Norman J. 324 Killorin, Kathleen 39, 277, 390 Kiloh, Sharon R. 306 Kimball, Judy 134, 391 Kimura, Carolyn Y. 3 9 Kincheloe, Crystal A. 300 Kindig, Christina R. 134 King, Carol A. 272, 041 King, George R. 351 King, Richard B. 252 King, Rosemary A. 312 Kingsbury, Charlotte L. 388 Kingston, Louise E. 282 Kingston, Steve A. 341 Kinney, Suzanne B. 308 Kinzley, Myra J. 298 Kipp, Sherry A. 36, 295 Kirk, Howard C. 28 Kirkpatrick, Rayma C. 300 Kirst, James J. 329 Kish, Robert A. 131, 406 Kissane, John 343 Kittleson, Tim 345, 376 Kitzman, Sheila R. 134 Kitzmiller, Norman J. 356, 357 Klahr, Bruce S. 134 Klaimon, Stephen A. 329 Kleinman, Jan L. 234, 236, 239 Klemmer, John D. 369, 387 Klock, Stephen T. 40, 41, 325 Klotz, James L. 410 Klumb, Paul C. 398 Klumph, Bud 346, 398 Knaggs, Dennis M. 218, 278 Knight, Glen A. 31, 330 Knight, Kay L. 277 Knight, Robert F. 134, 356 Knight, Sue A. 134, 303 Knisley, Joseph L. 371 Knoble, Charles P. 398 Knox, David G. 323 Knox, Stephen J. 329 Knudsen, Donald D. 134, 411 Knudsen, Earl L. 134 Kobb, Donna 31 Kobelski, John H. 357 Koe, Betty E. 313 Koefoot, Bonnie B. 308 Koeneman, William R. 134, 338 Koenig, A. 413 Kogan, Stuart L. 320 Kohn, Terri 317, 421 Kolb, Charles F. 207, 172, 335, 392 Kolbrener, Richard L 410 Kolpak, Ed 134, 404 Komarnyckyj, Nadia 34, 302 Komoroske, Kay E. 134 Kong, Buth 134 Koob, Dennis R. 399 Koontz, Lawrence L. 338 Koopman, Garold A. 386, 398 Kopman, Jay L. 134 Kordoban, Barbara L. 282, 283 Korinek, Susan J. 274 Korinek, Wayne 134 Kosier, Cheryl A. 295 Kosowsky, Gerald 320 Kosto, Gary R. 134 Kosto, Steven M 134 Kramer, Barbara A. 310, 358 Krauss, Kathleen D. 134 Kravanich, Lynn 254 Krebs, Kenneth L. 131, 375 Kreisher, Nathleen A. 306 Kreuser, Thomas J. 134 Kriehn, Jerry 344, 345 Krighn, Gerald 134 Krill, Lhomas F. 411 Kroehler, Rebecca L. 362 Krok, Wayne W. 351 Kropf, Carolyn N. 134 Kroulik, Diane L. 369 Krouse, Michael D. 343 Krueger, Georgia C. 310 Kruidenier, Doug A. 349 Krutchfield, Kathy 197 Kryder, Michael L. 134 Kryder, Nancy G. 370 Kuehneman, Terry 364 Kuenstler, Paul A. 410 Kuenstler, Sandra 134 Kuhara, Elaine S. 265 Kurtz, James A. 351 Kuykendall, Karol J. 39, 308 Kuzela, Donald C. 387 Kuzydym, Richard S. 218 Kyllo, Joanne 275 L Laasch, W. Michael 134 Labastida, Connie 411 LaBlanc, Sandra R. 277 Labrum, Richard L. 345 Ludwig, Lee P. 134 Lake, Larry W. 404 Lambson, Philip D. 134 Lambson, Preston R. 398, 408 Lamoreaux, Nivla 368 Lampert, Steven K. 325 Lamprecht , Terry E. 319 Laney, John S. 134, 398, 400 Land, Dayle J. 308 Landeira, Richard L. 134 Landes, Paul G. 134 Landis, Carol A. 31, 32, 370 Landon, Carey G. 346 Landry, Stephen M. 386 Lane, Claudia A. 255 Lane, Darla 369 Lane, Gregory T. 264, 402 Lane, Karen G. 308 Lanford, Robert A. 343 Lang, John A. 343 Lang, John R. 410 Lang, Sandra J. 135 Lange, Michael D. 220, 222, 223, 224, 228, 229, 248 Lange, Susan L. 135, 302 Langenberg, Earl G. 354 Langford, Larry R. 207 Langley, Beverly A. 135 Langley, Willard F. 121 Langlois, Jeannine E. 406 Larsen, Stephen R. 40, 376, 377 Larsen, Terry P. 325 Larson, Bruce E. .. 72, 135, 378, 379, 402 Lashinsky, Ilene J. 296 Laskowski, Sharon C. 274 Laster, Jacquelynn D. 135, 310 Latimer, John D. 135 Laubenthal, David J. 349 Laubie, David C. 354 Laubmeier, Andrew F. 135 Laude, Larry S. 281 Lauer, James H. 121 Laughlin, Hugh R. 135, 330 Laughlin, Larry L. 206, 207, 346 Laurie, William S. 346 Laverty, Jan V. 135, 345 Laverty, F. 345 Lavik, Hakon 240, 407 Lawrence, Judy R. 405 Lawrence, Pamela L. 135, 306, 361 Lay, Ivan P. 135, 410 Lay, Judith A. 315, 359 Leach, Judith A. 138 Leach, Nancy C. 295 Leahy, David T. 346 Leahy, Paula A. 308 Lear, Dwight 284 Learned, Beverly J. 135 Leas, Honey 317 Leavitt, Nan E. 364 Ledford, Butch 351 Lee, Benjamin B. 323 Lee, Deborah A. 306 Lee, Francis D. 135 Lee, Helen 412 Lee, Jimmy 412 Lee, John D. 73 Lee, Nancy 283, 388, 409, 412 Lee, Paul 412 Lee, Paul T. 412 Lee, Victory 135, 379 Leet, Suzanne 135, 388 Leezer, Alice A. 135, 306 Lefevre, Mary A. 282 Lefton, Gay E. 304 Leftwich, Jane E. 33 Legge, Sharon S. .. 135, 341, 362, 383, 428 Leggett, Marvin E. 135 Legrand, Mary L. 135 Lehmann, Walter 74 Lehnertz, Maureen A. 135 Lehto, Elinor 135 Leipold, Suzanne M. 422 Leithliter, James R. 351 Leman, Donna B. 368 Lemberg, Frederic 135 Lennartz, Brooke 34, 301 Leonard, Kevin T. 134 Leonard, Mary J. 135 Leppa, Linda S. 36, 293, 304 Lerner, Carol G. 135 Lessard, Dennis J. 374, 375 Lessard, Kathleen M. 283, 406 Lueck, Bob 208 Lette, Phylliss 135 Leverage, Nelson M. 135, 329 Leverant, Marc 36 Levering, Betsey 306 Levy, Madelaine 135 Levy, Stephen G. 320 Lewis, Charles R. 330 Lewis, Frederick 220, 221, 225 Lewis, Gary R. 356 Lewis, Justine L. 415 Lewis, Larry T. 335 Lewis, B. 374 Lewis, Pamela M. 370 Lewis, Phylliss A. 291, 361 Libby, Beatriz 135 Liden, Tom E. 135 Lien, Sharry R. 415 Lifgren, Lynn E. 277, 376 Lightfoot, Nancy L. 135 Ligon, Linda A. 135 Lim, Elizabeth Y. 39 265, 412 Lim, John 135, 412 Lincer, Jacqueline A. 369 Lind, Jackson H. 234 Lindahl, John F. 345 Lindberg, Larry B. 338 Linder, Sam L. .. 26, 27, 28, 29, 135, 428 Lindgren, William B. 135 Lindner, Richard R. 220, 222 Lindner, William R. 346 Lindquist, Theodore C. 284 Lindsay, Daniel M. 278 Lindsley, Warren F. 330 Lindstrom, Dayna K. .... 335, 400, 403 Lindstrom, Jacque 300 Lines, John W. 135 Linley, David L. 135, 329 Linnartz, Franklin A. 240 Linsenmeyer, Jeanine I. 270, 308 Linton, Gary A. 172, 173 Linton, Larry C. 121 Lintz, Linda S. 32 Lipman, Jerry 389 Lippert, Thomas L. 67 Liston, Steven E. 351 Livingston, David R. 404 Livingston, Mary R. 135 Livesay, Joe 340 Locke, Lawrence K. 135, 404 Lockhart, Jo L. 135 Lockwood, Kay A. 135 Loetscher, Fred 343, 400 Logan, Dee 136 Lohff, Don A. 136, 264 Lohr, Ronald K. 346 London, Barbara C. 296 Long, Charles 218, 351 Long, Thomas J. 28, 121 Longstreth, Paul L. 249, 335 Loomis, Laurie J. 282 Loper, Julia A. .. 37, 136, 195, 313, 373, 441 Lopez, Arthur G. 136, 325 Lopez, Linda 265 Lopez, Violet 136, 415 LoPresti, Ron 83 Lorenz, Leroy E. 267 Lorti, Daniel C. .... 136, 378, 379, 402 Lorton, Gregory T. 335 Lott, Patrick M 29, 252 Love, Darla J. 136 Love, David H. 136 Love, Marilyn 136, 383 Love, Phil 172 Loving, Linda F. 360 Lowe, Obia 207, 209 Lowell, Mary K. 136 Lowenberg, Linda J. 296 Lowenstein, Albert L. 386 Lowrey, Robert R. 264, 330 Lowrie, Ronald W. 136, 325, 376 Lowry, Martha E. 295 Lubin, Arthur S. 136, 326 Ludwig, George E. 349 Lueck, Robert 207 Leuvano, Terry 136 Lund, Douglas E. 386 Lundberg, Constance K. 390 Lupton, Julie A. 35, 300 Lussier, Albert E. 136 Luttmer, Jane C. 304 Lyding, Barbara L. 308, 360, 376 Lynch, Katherine E. 304, 361 Lynch, Maxine D. 136, 283, 388 Lynn, Byron J. 341 Lynskey, Karen M. 31, 32, 313 M Maarsingh, Daniel R. 343 Macban, Barry A. 335 MacDonald, Jim 404 MacDonald, Sharon J. 136 MacDonald, Rand 400, 413 Macedon, George 137 Machrner, Paul D. 137, 329 Maclvercampbel, Alexandra 295 MacKenzie, Julieann V. 283 Mackey, Jeff R. 230 Macklin, Richard H. 137 Madsen, Gilbert 137 Madsen, Sue A. 305, 360, 382 Mass, Frank U. 410 Maggi, Bobby L. 234 Magowan, Terry S. 137 Magri, Thomas 400 Mah, Jerry K. 137 Mahmoud, Ibrahim 409 Mahoney, Doris A. 137 Mahoney, John B. 137, 403 Maisel, Michael 320 Maldonado, Nellie A. 265 Malen, Thomas 145 Malene, Norma J. 310 Malling, Vik C. 351 Malutin, Helen 137 Manderfield, Donald R. 375 Mangin, Hank 121 Mangnall, Richard .K 375 Manier, John A. 137, 291, 335 Manley, Betty J. 305 Mann, Richard W. 218 Manty, Al 352 Marcus, Joel E. 320 Mardirosian, Dolly 272, 310, 453 Martella, Miriam M. 401 Marin, Christine N. 137 Marioni, Dan H. 335 Markow, Paul D. 320 Maroufkhani, Daruish 32 Marquez, Robert J. 267 Marquez, Yvonne 295 Mars, William L. 343 Marsella, Theodore L. ... 350, 376, 392 Marsh, William L. 218 Marshall, Lynette D. 275 Marshall, Paula A. 306 Martens, Kathryn J. .... 28, 33, 35, 137, 291, 312, 432, 428 Martin, Barbara S. 137 Martin, Carol A. 137, 272 Martin, Carole R. 137 Martin, Clara R. 283 Martin, Clifford C. 234 Martin, Craig 330 Martin, Donald E. 279, 381 Martin, Rex 349 Martin, Rick A. 137, 340 Martin, Robert F. 329 Martin, Timothy D. 338 Martineau, Jan 293, 310 Martinez, Anthony 137, 411 Martinez, Dolo res M. 137 Martinez, Raymond J. 137 Martinez, Tommy R. 411 Martinson, Henry J. .. 33, 291, 318, 346, 376 Martori, Stephen C. 329 Masaryk, John F. 137, 369 Mason, Charles J. 137 Mason, Jane E. 137 Massarand, William J. 346 Massie, Pamela A. 137 Mate, George J. 354 Mathews, Allan 357 Mathewson, Barbara 137, 316 Mathis, James N. 218, 346 Matson, George G. 325 Matta, Louis R. 337 Matthews, Edward A. 137 Mattice, John W. 137, 371 Mau, Jess 400 Mauck, Edward I. 137 Mauge, Thomas M 137 Maxey, Linda D. 273, 301 Maxfield, James G. 377 Maxwell, Bruce E. 28, 377, 392, 405 Maxwell, Gordon K. 137, 354 May, Forrest, M. 267 Maydew, Diane C. 370 Mazza, Michael A. 357 McAdams, Stephen K. 349 McAlister, Charles M 406 McCance, William 319 McCann, Robert S. 220 McCarn, Leo M. 136 McCarthy, Helen 136 McCarthy, Robert D. 349 McCartney, James R. 136, 403 McChesney, Sandra K. .... 39, 282, 283 McClellan, Sharon M. 309 McClelland, Sue 136 McClure, John 341 McCluskey, Toni 33, 303 McColgin, Michael A. 136 McCollum, Robert M. 319 McCommon, James G. 349 McConnell, Robert A. .. 27, 29, 40, 204, 262 McCorkle, Gene E. 136, 402 McCormack, Grace N. 368 McCracken, Charles C. 136 McCreery, Anita 298 McCulley, Dennis D. 136 McCullough, John A. 136 McCullough, Kenneth D. 337 McCurnin, Kay A. 298 McDermott, Kathleen M. 272 McDonald, Joe 218 McDonald, Terry L. 373 McDonough, Karen M. 136, 265 McDowell, Marcia H. 391 McElroy, Donna J. 303 McElroy, Lynn 315 McElwain, Marco K. 136 McEntyre, Kathy S. 136 McEwen, Oren L. 136 McFalls, Heather A. 301, 357 McFate, Harry G. 281, 352 McGaffick, Dennis R. 352 McGirr, Randall D. 332 McGovern, Maryann D. 28, 415 McGrath, Linda K. 272, 396 McGrew, Carole L. 39, 270, 310 McGrew, Lex 28, 41 McGuidwin, John A. 343 McHenry, Mike 392 McIntire, Danna C. 388 McKee, Thomas N. 387 McKillip, Casey 136 McKinley, Francis 407 McKittrick, Michael A. 406 McLaughlin, William E. 136 McLeod, Estelle 136 McMahon, Ann M. 304 McMahon, Ruth E. 381 McMaster, Bonnie J. 309 McMillan, Cherie 310 McMillan, Patrick 379, 404 McMillion, Valerie R. 412 McMinn, Glenn 243, 244 McNatt, Mary L. 136 McNeil, Michael E. 351 McNeil, May 291, 336 McNeill, Joseph L. 343 McNeill, Paula I.. 315 McNeill, Rich 337 McNerney, Tim 330 McNew, Sharon K. 309 McNey, Patricia C. 136 McPherson, Carol L. 136 McQuaid, Michael 170, 345 McRaven, Gerald A. 333 McReynolds, Barbara R. 137 McSheffrey, Kevin L. 352 Mead, Marilyn G. 31 Meador, Carolyn E. 315, 382 Means, Patricia L. 137 M eany, Paul R. 137, 220, 222 Mecham, Susan G. 368 Mee, Michael J. 325 Meer, Richard E. 320 Meikle, Jeri A. 305 Melby, Mary F. 32 Mellay, Helaine P. 381 Melton, Alana M. 413 Melton, Cathy 415 Melton, Stuart L. 413 Melton, . Tanya M. 137, 413 Memmott, Jon M. 349 Mendelson, Marilyn D. 293, 296 Meneley, Constance H. 373 Mentzer, Sharon K. 295, 396 Menzies, Robert M. 337 Mercado, Evangeline C. 409 Merkley, Ronald M. 137 Merrett, James A. 356 Merrill, Kathleen A. 381 Merrill, Marla R. 368 Mertens, Patricia J. 137 Mertes, Jack 401 Mesier, Sandra 413 Meyer, Judith A. .. 26, 27, 28, 29, 137, 429 Meyers, Lisa 36 Meyerson, Bruce E. 399 Michael Dave 252, 350 Michael, Gregory C. 338 Michael, Michael E. 137 Michels, Linda 370, 391 Michaels, Linda 370, 391 Mickelson Elaine 368 Mikinka, Ted 138, 413 463 Miles, Frank T. 138 Miles, Frederick D. 138, 354 Miller, Cheryl K. 400 Miller, Darrow L. 138 Miller, Douglas E. 406 Miller, Gary L. 387 Miller, Gary L. 387 Miller, Geraldine A. 278 Miller, James J. 351 Miller, Janis C. 306 Miller, Joan E. 306, 359, 382 Miller, Marilyn 138, 308 Miller, Richard D. 248, 249 Miller, Robert S. 138 Miller, Ronald J. 121 Miller, Tamara R. 138, 429 Milot, Richard E. 354 Milton, Jean A. 39, 390, 413 Minitello, Jeanette 362 Minning, Sally 315 Mishler, Larry A. 418 Mitchell, John 325 Mitchell, Karen 306, 397 Mitchell, Lili 306, 361, 401 Mitchell, Sharon I. 313 Mitten, Harriett E. 305 Mitton, Kathleen A. 293, 298 Mocharnuk, John 13. 284 Moeller, Robert 387, 392 Molina, Carmelita M. 411 Monday, Rick 434 Monroe, Margaret R. 415 Monsees, Nancy K. 295 Monseur, George A. 403 Montano, Robert C. .. 138, 291, 336, 376 Montgomery, Mera 138 Montijo, Ben 138 Montoya, Linda M. 415 Moody, Deborah C. 315 Moody, Dolly 138, 315 Moomaw, Lyndal H. 138 Moonilal, Barlowe D. 409 Moore, Cheryl L. 307, 370 Moore, Cynthia K. 303 Moore, Edgar L. 138, 398 Moore, Gregory L. 267 Moore, Jerry E. 325 Moore, Katherine L. 307 Moore, Leon B. 138 Moore, Maureen 306 Moore, Phillip M 378, 379, 402 Moore, Ronald 138, 399 Moore, Terry L. 138 Moorehead, Dennis 138 Moorman,, Gary B. 410 Moraga, Charles R. 401 Morales, Johnny 138, 332 Moreau, Ellen J. 31, 277 Morley, Mike 251 Morgan, Barbara M. 31, 422 Morgan, Cynthia A. 298 Morgan, Leonard A. 172 Morris, Barbara 121 Morris, Jon S. 138, 320 Morris, Martha A. 138 Morris, Nancy R. 31 Morris, Richard N. 331 Morrison, Lynn e S. 305, 373 Morriston, Donald R. 377, 400 Morrow, David J. 335 Morse, Carl 138 Morse, Jeffry 138 Morse, Leland W. 138 Mortensen, Anna C. 415 Mortimer, Peter 338 Mosby, Allan D. 138 Moseley, William 386 Moser, Janis L. 31, 138 Mosier, Sandra K. 138 Moss, Cheryl A. 37, 313 Moss, Joy R. 300, 360, 382 Motz, Linda K. 306 Mousser, Dean W. 29, 376, 377, 429 Moutray, Angela P. 138 Moutray, Claud G. 138 Mowbray, Scott 349 Moynihan, Jeff 345 Mudroch, Paul M. 401 Mugridge, Cheryl K. 415 Mullen, Dan R. 400 Mullen, Jane L. 138 Mullen, Ted 336, 337 Mulligan, Gregory L. 329 Mulligan, Helen C. 138 Mumford, John B. 347, 453 Munoz, Gloria J. 447 Munro, Stephen E. 138, 347 Manner, Jeanne 388 Murphy, John C. 138 Murray, Brooke A. 303 Murray, John 138 Murray, Michael L. 341 Murtaugh, Loni 282, 357 Mysliwiec, Ron 337 N Nackard, Elias S. 138 Nadell, Barry J. 320 Nadell, Brian 369 Nager, Diane I. 138 Najera, Ascencion C. 411 Napier, Peter M. 138 Nash, Joyce A. 317, 362 Nash, Kenneth M. 249 Navarre, Georgia L. 138, 310 Neal, Randy , 386 Nebel, David E. 284 Nechville, Saundra 368, 415 Neelley, Julius W. 30 Neeez, Phyliss 254 Nehoitewa, Aurelia J. 407 Nelli Lee V. 278, 281 Nelson, Byron M. 138 Nelson, Carol E. 274 Nelson Dennis W. 327 Nelson, Frederick H. 347 Nelson, James A. 138, 245 Nelson, Jon R. 327, 410 Nelson, Larry C. 325 Nelson, Olena T. 139 Nelson, William A. 337 Nesbitt, Scranton G. 121 Neunzig, Jacqueline 139 Newby, April G. 139, 311 Newell, Sara M. 265 Newhouse, Gerald 386 Newman, Judith 368 Newton, Fred 230 Newton, Linda J. 295, 362 Newton, Sherry M. 415 Newton, William F. 410 Nicholas, Judd C. 381 Nichols, Susan 372 Nichols, Michael J. 347 Nicholson, Anthony J. 137 Nickles, Andrew 139, 351, 392 Niehaus, Erwin 139 Niehaus, Skip 393, 404 Nielsen Carol L. 309 Nimeh, Elias J. 409 Nischan, Pamela D. 31, 32 Noble, Janice A. 301 Nobume, Takechi 409 Nolan, John 139 Nolan, Kathleen A. 301, 360, 382 Noll, Carol L. 298 NoIler, Debra L. 364 Nordstrom Nicki 255 Norkaitis, Diane K. 370 Norman, Sue 309 Norris, Lee 39 Norse, Neta K. 311 Norse, Norman S. 139 Norse, Stan 455 Northen, Nelda 303 Nowlen, Nancy L. 272 Nowlan, Dennis 139, 371 Nunn, Terry K. 381 Nurnberg, Douglas A. 232, 232, 236, 239, 337, 377, 442 Nye, Richard D. 331 Nystad, Susan Z. 139, 296, 261 Nystrom, Kristina E. 254, 305 O Oakley, Chester A. 263, 381 Oakley, Linda S. 26, 137, 158, 159, 301, 362, 429 Oakley, Richard W. 356 Obeirne, Helen J. 364 Oberg, June E. 317 Oberle, Toni M. 265 O ' Brien, John 331 O ' Brien, Michael N. 335 Obrock, Kit 338 O ' Clair, Edward 347 O ' Clair, Mike D. 347 O ' Connor, Dan A. 400 O ' Connor, Margarget A. 139, 383 O ' Daniel, Larry J. 386, 387 O ' Donnell, Eileen M 254 Odrzywolski, Joseph M. 139 Oelze, Jan P. 139 OeIze, Richard R. 423 Ogorman, Daniel W. 218, 284 O ' Green, John F. 249 Ohl, Judy A. 295, 373 OhIfest, John A. 28, 323 O ' Keefe, Katherine L. 313 Okorie, Alphonssu U. 371, 377, 409 Oliver, Richard 139 Ollson, Donna M. 316 Olmsted, Bunny M. .. 36, 291, 315, 335, 373 Olsen, Nancy E. 274 Olshan, Neal H. 325 Olson, Cheryl R. 36 Olson, Genanne R. 413 Olson, John D. 139 Olson, Miki E. 362 Olson, Nan K. 410 Olson, Robert J. 251 Olson, Roger K. 139, 371 Olson, Sandra J. 301 Oncavage, Carole S. 391 Philip R 325 O ' Neil, W. Patrick 262, 421, 469 Ong, Benton L. 412 Jo A. 412 Ong, Patsy 412 Oplinger, Richard H. 245, 262 Orb, Joan A. 282 Orcutt, Michael W. 139 Orcutt, Steve A. 139, 349, 371 Ordaz, Edward M 411 Orlinsky, Walter 139 Ormsby, Judith A. 139, 306, 359 Orr, Lawrence A. 333 Orr, Mobert W. 356, 357 Orson, Richard C. 349 Osborne, Charles A. 209 Osterhout, Ronald 121 Othieno, Athanas M. 409 Ottenstein, John W. 263 Overman, Priscilla A. .. 35, 300, 384, 398 Overocker, Doris J. 415 Owen, Diane E. 313, 451 Owen, Ross 278 Ownes, Gwen 139 Owens, Joyce 388 Owens, Sharyn D. 298 Owens, Thomas M. 331 Owen, Harriet R. 139 Ownby, Carol L. 31, 32 Owsley, John F. 347 P Jo L. 368 Pacheco, Joe B. 335 Packard, Guthrie 291 Packer, Shirley J. 415 Page, Charles E. 341 Page, Curtis M. 413 Page, Jeri 388 Page, Robert H. 351 Paine, Kathryn S. 295 Paisley, Mary K. 283 Palmer, Edward A. 345 Palmer, Jim 347 Palmer, Joe 408 Palmer, Lavonne M. 360 Palmer, Marguerite S. 382 Palmer, Robert R. 251 Palumbo, Paul A. 207 Panarella, Donna 139 Pang, Frank 403 Panis, Regene G. 347 Papa, George M. 408 Papcun, Patricia S. 311 Parcks, Carol A. 295 Paris, Charles A. 139 Parker, Judith E. 399 Parks, Lani 29 Parks, Lani 29 Parks, Nancy J. 295 Parks, Samuel D. 369 Parr, Christine A. 298 Parrish, Harold 331 Parrish, Lois K. 415 Parry, Richard T. 28, 139, 408 Parson, Karen J. 139 Parsons, Joseph C. 33, 341 Parsons, Richard A. 355 Paslay, Jefferson W. 338 Pate, Lynn M. 264 Patmon, Anne N. 359 Patrick, Chuck 338 Patten, Gary L. 28, 408 Patterson, Douglas W. 139 Patterson, Ira J. 139 Patton, Bob 139 Paulk, Barry A. 335 Paulsen, Robert G. 355 Paulsen, Nancy 36 Paulson, Jeffrey L. 333 Paulson, Joseph M. 237, 239 Pavelin, Marjorie A. 139 Pavlik, John E. 233, 234, 435 Pawlikowski, Ted 343 Paxton, Daniel J. 371 Payne, Myra 368 Payton, Robert 348 Pearce, John L. 405 Pearl, Sheila F. 254 Pearlman, Ronald D. 139, 375 Pearson, Anne L. 30 Peart, James 139 Peavler, Carole L. 139 Peck, Theodore Fl 320 Pedersen, Paul A. 250 Peek, Jerry L. 400 Peifer, Carol A. 310, 411 Peiffer Nlaine M. 37, 210 Peluso, Ernest F. 351 Pemberton, Lila 121 Pendergrass, David L. 218, 281 Penfold, Wilda R. 265 Pensworth, Frederick L. 139, 402 Pentland, Jeffrey W. 234 Pepple, Ernest 121 Peppler, Daniel D. 325 Percival, Barbara A. 303 Pereza, Felix, A. 139 Perkins, Connie M. 265 Perkins, John B. 264 Perkins, Joseph E. 139 Perkins, William B. 36, 337 Perlman Michael J. 139 Perry, Jon F. 207, 208 Perry, Kent 234 Perry, Neela M 302 Perry, Roseanne 361 Perry, Sally 254 Person, Ted W. 264, 327 Perucca, Terry E. 139, 347 Pesttlakai, Tim 407 Peters, Fred 369 Peterson Bonnie J. 139 Peterson, Bruce C. 356 Peterson, Connie D. 303, 373 Peterson, Eric W. 335 Peterson, Gary D. 252 Peterson, Kristen 305 Peterson, Marty 331 Petty, Dale 282, 283, 382 Petty, Wayne F. 331 Pfellsticker, Michael 139, 400 Philbrook, William R. 173 Philip, Hedley 386 Phillips, Chu 451 Phillips, Daryl 140 Phillips, Dianne 399 Phillips, Katherine 140 Phillips, Nancy M. 140 Phillips, Peggy L. 315, 373 Phillips, Shelby C. 140 Phillips, Susan N. .. 140, 195, 306, 382, 440 Phillips, Terry 140, 492 Phillips, Thomas 379 Philpott, Geroge 338 Pickard, Michael M. 343 Pickett, Elaine 140, 415 Pike, James R. 264 Pilloud, Aloen M. 140 Pilster, Shirley F. 373 Pink, Howard N. 82, 104 ,403 Piscano, Paul 140 Pitman, Jill A. 140 Ptisch, Lawrence G. 140 Pittard, Lula B. 140 Pittman, Peter J. 35, 36, 345 Pitts, Geneen 39, 430 Pitts, Johnny M. 207, 212 Pitts, Steven J. 408 Pletsch, Bill 324 Ploog, Dirk F. 357 Plowman, Janet F. 415 Plummer, Sharon E. 415 Polachek, Mike D. 341 Polich, John E. 389, 420 Pollack, Chris M. 140, 357 464 Pollard, Jerry 357 Pollard, Don A. 347 Pomeroy, Tanya G. 140, 313 Ponce, Juanita 411 Pond, Michael G. 347 Ponseti, William E. 357 Pool, Pamela E. 271, 309 Poole, Joyce L. 140 Poorman, Charlotte A. 415 Pope, Diane J. 34 Popover, Michael J. 234, 337 Porter, Howard L. .. 140, 378, 379, 402 Porter, Joseph H. 251, 347 Porter, Merlene 140 Porter Susan L. 282 Portis, Nick 140, 377, 433 Portz, Donna T. 415 Posen, Lynn A. 140 Pospisil, Leslie 28, 408 Pospisil, Jerilyn 368 Paulsen, Nancy A. 213, 313, 336, 442 Powell, Daniel T. 327 Powell, Diane L. 31, 35, 140 Powe ll, Gene 331 Powell, Jan P. 170, 345 Powell, Jennifer 36, 313, 359, 452 Powers, Gerald R. 347 Powers, Harry R. 140 Powers, Russell W. 341 Powers, Tammy 309 Poynter, Robert N. 337, 404 Prager, Thomas R. 357 Price, Jack W. 338 Price, James C. 338 Price, Patricia M. 390 Price, Sandra K. 31, 313 Price, Sandra 140, 311 Price, Sandy 309 Pritchard, Ronald D. 218 Pritchard, Sandra S. 282 Pritchard, Tim 398 Probst, Richard 140 Prout, Randy 351, 392 Prout, William D. 347 Provencio, Richard 262, 279 Prue, Kenneth P. 338 Prueitt, Vernon K. 121 Psolka, Richard A. 333 Psolra, Richard 392 Puchi, Karen A. 311 Puchi, David 357 Puchi, Linda 140 Pullan, Cheryl S. 140 Pulsipher, Linda 368 Purviance Jackie K. 140 Pussy Galore 330 Putman, Dave 351 Putnam, Frank L. 326 Putnam, Gage P. 309 Putnam, Jill 315 Putney, Robert 379 Puzas, David L. 264, 375 Puzio, Jacob T. 331 Q Quail, David 371 Qualtrough, John P. 364 Quick John R. 140 Quirk, James J. 140 Quist, Susan I. 368 R Rabe, William L. 357 Raby, Tony 32 Rackley, Terry L. 306, 370, 450 Radcliffe, Cynthia F. .... 320, 397, 422 Raeside, Penelope 407 Ragland, Jody 104, 301 Rainey, Norma E. 415 Rakow, Michael G. 140 Raleigh, Christopher 329 Ralston, Gary A. 392 Ramanauskas, Grace .J 369 Ramirez, John. H. 345 Ramirez, Salomon A. 411 Ramsey, Alfred B. 140 Ranby, Jack Ranes, James W. Ranks, Wayne H. 140 Ranney, George M 357 Ransom, Lawrence M. 141, 347 Ransom, Joe 347 Rapley, Marilyn 298 Rarick, Ricki 335 Rasmussen, Ellen 305 Rasmussen, Jane B. 141 Rasmussen, John 141 Rasmussen, Lawrence 375 Rasmussen, Melinda 141 Ratajski, Charles J. 401 Rathkey, Richard M. 403 Ratliff, Carol L. 415 Rauhouse, Timothy L. 141 Ray, Lynda M 391 Rayes, Nick L. 141 Ream, David N. 345 Reardon, Sharon A. 141, 309, 413 Reddicks, Amber R. 303, 397 Redditt, James J. 267 Redings, Marcie 293 Reeb, Janice 448 Reed, Joan 305, 373 Reed, Karen 368 Rectz, Lynne S. 369 Reed, Suzanne 309 Rees, Wallace E. 351 Reese, Lynne I. 315, 358,450 Reese, Margaret E. 388 Reetz, Lynne S. 141, 369 Reeve, Edgar H. 341 Reeve, Pamela E. 141, 301, 360 Rehfield, John E. 325 Reid, Allen E. 141 Reidy, Cornella M 141 Reigal, Sharon 301 Reilly, Ginnieann 415 Reiser, John R. 141 Reish, Fred .. 26, 141, 299, 377, 400, 430 Relfe, Dorothy J. 303 Relth, Jeff E. 400 Remmer, Karen S. 306 Renfro, Roger T. 327 Renfrow, Lance L. 141, 351 Rennie, Michael R. 410 Renschler, Edward L. 141, 377, 379, 387, 402 Rensvold, Sandra 265, 311 Revak, Joseph L. 141, 393, 404 Revello, Phyllis A. 265 Reynolds, Marie 141 Reynolds, Robert L. 141, 325 Rhodes, Hank 141, 327 Rhodes, Jefferson R. 141, 349 Rhodes, Loda M 381, 415 Rhodes, Orpha E. 391, 415 Rhodes, Susan L. 33 Rhoton, Peggy C. 141 Rhoton, Walter N. 141 Rich, Pessnie A. 296 Richard, Carol A. 141 Richardson, Carol J. 311 Richardson, Cheryl G. 388 Richardson, Jacqueline 397 Richardson, Judith A. 32, 364 Richardson, Robert E. 399 Rickey, Joan 313 Richmond, James B. 141 Ricker, Richard B. 413 Ricketts, Wanda K. 282 Rickman, John C. 264, 406 Riddle, Stephen H. 335 Ridwell, Dick 339 Ridings, Marcie K. 298 Rietow, Janet M. 141 Riggin, Judith M. 295 Riggs, Bill 30 Riggs, Michael T. 408 Righani, Anand 355 Rimmer, Gene A. 141 Rinck, Elaine S. 311 Ring, James H. 278 Riordan, John A. 141, 402 Ripper, Charles 141 Ripper, William A. 381, 403 Rippl, Diane R. 381, 371 Ripplinger, Barbara D. 141 Risher, James F. 355 Risley, Thomas F. 240, 351 Ritchhart, Peter J. 284 Ritter, Alfred D. 375 Ritter, Larry E. 410 Rivera, Frank C. 141 Rizley, Jolinda A. 368 Robb, Lynn 298 Robbins, Betty L. 254 Robbins, Suzanne C. 35 Roberts, Charles 121 Roberts, Don 352 Roberts, Valerie A. 415 Robertson, Barbara L. 298 Robertson, Carol A. 141 Robertson, Katy L. 141 Robertson Kenneth A. 278 Robertson, Stephan 406 Robinson, Diane K. 422 Robinson, John C. 347 Robinson, Peggy 30 Robinson, Ken 249 Robinson, Robert L. 378, 402 Robinson, Robert S. 411 Robinson, Sally J. 301 Robison, Kristin R. 315 Robison, Theodore R. 234, 347 Robson, James 35, 325 Rocke, Susan 399 Rockwell, Ann S. 254 Rockwell, Carolyn K. 141 Rockewell, Mike F. 347 Rodman, Nancy E. 141 Rodriguez, Albert M 141 Rodsky, Norma T. 296 Roehl, Susan F. 315 Roehik, Kris 301 Roesler, Cynthia L. 301, 373 Roessler, Phylis M 141 Rogers, Albert 348 Rogers, Carol R. 368 Rogers, Emily 368 Rogers, Frannie 301 Rogers, Jane 265 Rogers, Mary J. 368 Rogers, Patricia A. 368 Rogers, Richard C. 320 Rohrer, Karen R. 141 Rohrig, Clyde 390 Rojas, Manuel 411 Rojas, Elisa I. 141, 411 Rokita, Robert E. 207 Rolando, David S. 142, 412 Rold, J. Jeffrey 325 Rohl, Stephen K. 325 Romans, Amy R. 381 Rooks, Don L. 413 Rork, Larry E. 142 Rose, Janice E. 142 Rosen, Diana L. 142 Rosenberg, David 320 Rosenbloom, Martha J. 296 Rosenthal, Barbara J. 301, 382 Rosok, Charles A. 142 Ross, Brenda L. 370 Ross, Edward H. 320 Ross, Marilyn D. 282 Ross, Pamela L. 415 Rossetti, Dorothy V. 272, 307 Rossi, Leo J. 142, 208 Rothery, Barbara J. 415 Rothlisberg, Peter C. 142 Rothwell, Diane 295 Rouse, Barney A. 357 Rouwenhorst, Janice B. 277, 409 Rovey Sandra E. 142, 388 Rovnan, John M. 319 Roy, Francis T. 142 Royall, Dennis W. 403 Royer, Ann M. 142 Royse, Edward E. 142, 345 Rozefsky, Alan D. 142, 321 Rozefsky, Nancy A. 296 Rtajski, Charles 142 Rubel, Beverly A. 142 Rubenstein, Larry 321 Rubin, Irwin 29, 142, 371 Rucker, Sandra 303 Rudolph, Gilbert L. 321 Ruffner, John K. 218, 345 Ruiz, Bladimiro 409 Rummers, Donna D. 364, 370 Runkle, Thomas G. 347 Rupp, Douglas 41, 318, 332 Russell, Brent S. 31 Russell, James E. 352 Russell, Susan L. 39, 274, 309 Russnak, Patty 360, 382 Russo, Antonio 243, 244 Russo, Pete 243 Ryan, Calvin J. 230 Ryan, Karen E. 142 Ryan, Stephen L. 339 Rylko, Kenneth J. 218 S Saake, Gay 358 Sack, Abby B. 28, 33, 296 Safford, Elizabeth G. 301 Safranek, Ann 282, 413 Sage, William W. 32 Saienni, Ronald C. 357 Salant, Madelon 297 Saliba, Julie 142 Salisbury, Laurie J. 28, 43, 307 Sallquist, Richard L. 142 Salmon, Laura A. 416 Salmone, William B. 343 Salo, Bud 393, 404 Salo, Oren 142 Salzbrenner, Joan Salzman, Harry A. 321 Salzman, Pixie 317 Sample, Eva A. 142, 384 Sanders, Michael R. 330 Sanders, Paula E. 282 Sanders, Sandra S. 142 Sanders, Vicki 309 Sanders, Terry J. 401 Sanders, Thomas H. 329 Sanderson, Barbara L. 282 Sanderson, Georgia A. 407 Sanderson, Janey B. 272 Sanderson, John W. 264, 406 Sandhowe, Pat J. 142, 306, 398 Sandoz, Jackie R. 142, 359 Sands, Charles 386 Sanson, Betsy 313 Sapp, Lora L. 142 Sargent, David S. 142 Sarkis, Jamal G. Sarte, Randall J. 346 Sarti, James A. 142 Sasser, Kathleen D. 36, 301, 384 Saunders, Stephanie B. 293, 297, 361 Sawaged, Ghazi Y. 409 Sawtelle, Cheryl D. 413 Sawyer, Sharon J. 399, 415 Sawyer, Stephen J. 323, 376, 377 Saylor, Charlene K. 36, 213, 283 Scarbrough, Londa J. 142 Scarsella, Francesco 240, 411 Scavo, John J. 207, 443 Schaberg, Janice M 283 Schable, Charles A. 142 Schaefer, Robert L. 374, 375 Schamberg, Ginny 416 Scharf, Charles E. 142 Schatt,Paul J. 389 Schbade, Shirley 32 Scheuneman, Linda J. 31, 32, 265 Schiefelbein, Lester W. 335, 406 Schilling, Charlotte A. 384, 416 Schindler, Gregory B. 284 Schlapp, Henry T. 325 Schleifer, Murray 321 Scheifer, Sam 321 Schlosser, Ronald A. 371 Schlosser, Alan 325 Schmidt, Barbara A. 282, 283 Schmidt, Karen 142 Schmitz, Tony 323 Schmitz, Bernard 142 Schmitz, Stephanie 305, 370 Schmoker, Nancy J. 412 Schneider, Sandra S. 307, 384 Schnuelle, Kenneth, W. 378, 379 Schoarz, Fred 375 Schoper, Judith 415 Schrede, Shirley A. 415 Schreiber, Karen L. 313 Schroeder, Bonnie L. 142 Schroeder, Thomas J. 291, 347 Schuemann, William E. 142, 399 Schuldt, Janine L. 301 Schultz, Glenn L. 387 Schultz, Michael R. 34 Schultz, Victor F. 33, 142, 403 Schulz, Samuel J. 351 Schultz, Wolfgang 121 Schwanbeck, Victor R. 142, 329 Schwanke, Janet M. 295 Schwebel, Margaret H. 297 Scitticatt, Zelda M. 411 Scofield, Jan P. 142 Scothorn, Sylvia K. 415 Scott, Carolyn G. 362 Scott, Elizabeth F. 295 Scott, Gary G. 353 Scott, Jerry R. 331 Scott, Louis C. 249, 264 Scott, Mary J. 36, 309, 382 Schott, Nancy A. 36, 301 Scott, Nora K. 142 Scott, Penny A. 142, 174, 254 Scott, Roberta J. 142 Scribner, Robert C. 355 Scrivano, Rosemeri F. 381 Seaman, James H. 321 Searle, Susan I. 399 Searls, Daniel W. 143 Sears Charles E. 143 Sears, Pamela S. 309 Seburn, Carl 143 Sechena, Paulette 143 Seeds, Chelly 31, 397 Seehafer, Thomas C. 143, 335 Seek, Brian J. 338 Seely, Bonnie J. 413 Seferovich, Pat B. 243 Segura, Anita 410 465 Seiz, Cheryl L. 283 Sekulich Susan S. 36, 315 Seligman, Iris R. 33, 297, 405 Sellers, Claudia L. 313 Sells, Raymond 392, 407 Selman, Robert 143 Seminara, Richard R. .... 170, 172, 341 Sentz, John D. 143, 343 Sepiol, Michael L. 349 Sepulveda, Bertha G. 282 Serafine, Karen A. 274, 359 Serignese, Herman C. 218 Serp 348 Setter, Alfred C. 378 Severance, Judith K. 413 Sevey, Myrna G. 368 Sevey, Sylvia D. 368 Sewall, Jock M. 337 Sexton, Carol J. 315 Seyffer, Jack 410 Seyffer, Richard R. 410 Shadegy, Stephen 413 Shaffer, Cheryl L. 306 Shaffer, Virginia A. 143 Shahan, Gary B. 351, 392 Shahan, L. Ellen 33, 291, 313 Cecilia C. 143 Shammel, Bill 143, 335 Shamberg, Virginia L. 143 Shannon, Patricia L. 315 Shantz, Thomas M. 239 Shapiro, Susan L. 274 Sharkey, Edward L. 331 Sharkey George K. 404 Sharrit, Paul 378, 379 Shaugnessy, James J. 218 Shaw, William J. 325 Shea, Juanita A. 143 Sheafe, Christopher 337 Shearer, Richard L. 143 Shearwood, Frances 143 Shedd, Russell A. 143, 379, 404 Sheen, Judith L. 143 Sheer, Leslie J. 272 Sheer, Patricia 143 Sheffield, David C. 333 Sheldon Sheila K. 405 Shellen, Wesley N. 390 Shelley, Lorin R. 279 Shelton, Archer 331, 376, 377 Sheppard, Meredith E. 413 Sherbondy, Don O. 323 Sheridan Douglas L. 386 Sherman, Curtis B. 371 Shigeta, Pamela G. 265 Shiker, Jack D. 143, 208, 347 Shimer, Bob 262 Shimer, Russ 267 Shires, Judith A. 277 Shirey, Raymond G. 206, 207, 212 Shobe, Nancy J. 143 Shope, Alfred H. 143 Shores, Ronald S. 341 Short, Glenn C. 327 Short, Lynn 143 Short, Robert R. 29, 143, 377, 398, 400, 430 Short, Timothy K. 349 Showers, Roger D. 218 Shuck Randall L. 143 Shugans, Jerry 143 Shuler, Richard 410 Shultz, Cynthia D. 370, 390, 413 Sica, Richard 207 Sickafoose, Richard A. 143 Sidener, Sherrie L. 415 Siegel, Judi 297 Sicker, Dan L. 403 Sigfried, Tuck 305 Silliman, Richard C. 172, 341 Silver, Randolph S. 143, 430 Silverman, Ira 321 Silverman, Tom M. 329 Simmons, Ben E. 143 Simmons, Judith C. 143 Simmons, Margaret L. 143 Simmons, Michael L. 357 Simmons, Susan A. 378. Simms, Carol 315 Simms, Chuck 377 Simon, John E. 335 Simons Elliott M 355 Simons, Philip L. 378, 402 Simons, Susan L. 402 Simpkins, Joe K. 325 Simpson, Harold G. 143, 401 Sims Shannon E. 305 Sims, Stanley 143 Sinclair, Peter T. 392 Singer, Susan G. 274 Sinovic, Dave A. 250, 347 Sisk, Pamela K. 272, 421, 415 Skarecky, Dennis J. 143, 351 Skelton, Angela M. 143, 369 Skevington, Sue E. 265 Skipper, Joan I. 389 Skousen , Judy K. 390 Skramstad, Philip T. 355 Slechta, James E. 143 Sliger, James L. 143, 356, 357 Sliver, Laura L. 299 Smart, Joseph A. 409 Smaw, Diane 143 Smiley, Terry N. 264 Smith, Art 327, 454 Smith, Becky 143 Smith, Bette L. 305 Smith, Betty Lee 273 Smith, Byron D. 143 Smith, Candace 313 Smith, Charles E. 143 Smith, Charles W. 29, 357 Smith, Chester A. 337 Smith, David T. 335 Smith, Diane, C. 143 Smith, Eldon C. 143, 377 Smith, Gary B. 144 Smith, Gary D 327, 377 Smith, Gary L. 357 Smith, Glenn A. .... 234, 237, 239, 345 Smith, Grant E. 144 Smith, James V. 325 Smith, Jay 345 Smith, Joy 144 Smith, Judy S. 305 Smith, Lee 430 Smith, Linda J. 272 Smith, Lloyd A. 389 Smith, Lucki 315 Smith, Marfa L. 144 Smith, Marlena R. 399 Smith, Margene 300, 388 Smith, Merle M. 144 Smith, Muriel H 144 Smith, Noelle 144, 401 Smith, Robert L. 335 Smith, Sandra R. 283 Smith, Shirley J. 36, 295, 384 Smith, Susan 33, 309 Smith, Thomas M 335 Smith, Wanda 368 Smitheran, John S. . 234, 235, 237, 345 Sneathen, John E. 329 Sneed, Robert E. 344 Snider, Mike 264 Snow, William B. 252 Snyder, Charlotte F. 303 Snyder, Donald F. 335 Snyder Lois I. 272 Snyder, Thomas R. 172, 341 Soderstrom, Janet L. 315, 360, 370, 388, 397 Sodomek, Susan R. 31 Sollenberger, James E. 325 Solodky, Stanley J. 406 Solomon, Chris G. 341 Solomon, Martin J. 144 Solomon, Stephen 343 Solomon, Thomas S. 341 Sonntag, Volker, K. 240, 369 Sorenson, Carol 144 Solos, George L. 144, 343 Sowers, Duane L. 284 Spain, Helen E. 144, 317 Spangler, Sylvia 398 Spann, Nick 245, 351 Spayer, Sandra L. 299 Spear, Jeffrey J. 321 Spence, Kenneth M. 335 Spencer, Ronald L. 351 Spier, Dale 234 Speith, Patricia S. 415 Spitler, Vicki C. 307 Spoon, Karen L. 301 Spoon, Sharon S. 301, 382 330 Sprague, Shirley D. 359 Sproul, Phillip B. 341 Stabler, Roger 410 Stadem, Jane E. 313 Stainbrook, Lynette 415 Staley, Sanford 144 Stamat, David M. 390, 413 Standre, Kenneth E. 386 Stanford, William E. .. 33, 114, 343, 376, 400, 430 Stanley, Edith M 299 Stanley, Ellen J. 399 Stanley, Kenneth M. 413 Stanley, Larry D. 250 Stanton, Dennis F. 251 Stapleton, Margaret L. 144, 415 Stark, James J. 144 Starner, Darlene A. 415 Statham, Saundra S. 301 Stauffer, David L. 342, 343 Stednitz, Kenneth W. 410 Steel, Peter B. 144, 375 Steele, Charles L. 381, 403 Steele, Jean L. 299 Steele, Jeri A. 299 Steele, Joan C. 144, 309 Stegall, Ronald G. 357 Steiffel, Rick 335 Steinbaugh, James 252 Steinberg, Mark K. 144 Steinberg, Robert H. .... 144, 264, 402 Steiner, William F. 341 Steitz, Constance E. 303 Stellhorn, Martha J. 27, 29, 39, 144, 301, 431 Stelter, Ana M 313 Stephens, Ann C. 415 Stephens, Joseph T. 144 Stephens, Larry E. 390, 413 Stephenson, Herman 144 Sterling, Ann 282 Stern, Carol A. 144, 383 Stern, William A. 172, 337 Sternberg, Grant S. 144, 347, 455 Sternberg, Gretchen G. 293, 313 Sterenberg, Judy M 388 Stevens, Nancy J. 360, 382 Stevens, Robert E. 406 Stevens, Victor F. 144 Stevenson, Doris J. 384, 391 Stewart, Susan A. 144, 303 Stewart, William A. 347 Stigermain, Louis J. 410 Stiefel, Eric M. 335 Stiffler, Robert D. 249 Stikkler, Bob 264 Stimac, Victor 144 Stimson, William C. 351 Stock, Sandy 254, 370, 412 Stoddard, Pamela 315, 382 Stoetzel, Ralph S. 335 Stoffa, James V. 413 Stoker, David L. 387 Stoll, Mary A. 114, 311 Stolt, James E. 349 Stone, Howard 144, 321 Stone, James J. 392 Stone, Michael 144 Stonehouse, Jane 144, 312 Storey, Michael W. 337 Storm, Fred 144, 406 Storm, Linda 415 Stormont, Duane L. 34 Stout, James P. 278 Strand, Susan M. 31, 32, 299 Straney, Pamela S. 277 Strang, Robert S. 345 Stranger, Pam 144 Straway, Richard S. 351 Streech, Vincent C. 144, 347 Streufert, Hildegarde 388 Strickland, Michael J. 343 Strickler, Anita K. 301 Stroberg, Karen A. 145 Stroup, Michael C. 398 Strumpfer, Paula R 415 Struthers, Mary C. 145, 254, 369 Stump, Eleanor M. 30 Stupley, Carl 387 Sudderth, Theodore B. 325 Suggs, Steven 347 Sullivan, Charles W. 75, 121, 379 Sullivan, Dorothy T. 362 Sullivan, Harold L. 250 Sullivan, Lee 145 Sullivan, Micahel J. 329 Sullivan, Neil L. 357 Sullivan, Sheila P. 421 Sullivan, Tom 145, 392 Sullivent, Andy 309 Summey, Kay 303 Suarez, Kathy 313 Sussdorff, Edmund L. 145 Sutherland, Linda 309 Sutter, Gwen E. .... 254, 312, 313, 397 Sutter, Lonna L. 413 Sutton, Denis J. 325 Svegel, Dale W. 267 Swafford, Sandra S. 315, 360 Swai, Stephen J. 240, 409 Swan, Ronald W. 284 Swank, Sally 373 Swanlund, Lynn E. 413 Swanson, Betsy 373 Swanson, Karen L. 301, 360 Swanson, Robert A. 218 Swaziek, Carol A. 274 Sweazea, Jerry W. 400 Sweinhagen, Richard C. 353 Swengel, Stanley K. 145, 393, 104 Swenson, Karen D. 270 Swerdlow, Skip 321 Swiger, Rebecca J. 367, 415 Swisher, Kay 301 Szostak, Gerald S. 207 T Tabor, Ernest E. 329 Tabor, Sharon 315 Tadano, Janet S. 397 Taft, David A. 345 Taggart, Connie S. 283 Donaid 145 Tait, Judith K. 34 Takeuchi, Donald I. 379, 412 Taliaferro, Robert N. 413 Talt, Richard J. 251, 347 Tang, Thomas 145, 403, 412 Tanner, Faun M 332 Tanner, Ray R. 329 Tanzola, Patricia L. 303 Tarver, Michael 335 Tatasciore, Ronald D. 323 Tate, Dean B. 337 Tate, Eldray K. 313 Taylor, Bonnie 145 Taylor, Christine 301 Taylor, Gena 295, 373 Taylor, James A. 331 Taylor, Janis E. 301, 401, 423 Taylor, Kathleen M. 282, 283 Taylor, Peggy 307 Taylor, Richard E. 390, 413 Taylor, Robert B. 351, 392 Taylor, Thad W. 347 Tayyrah, Abdallah 409 Teeter, Darwin 401 Teeter, Michael 145, 327 Ternosky, Richard 264 Terrell, Ruthanna K. 145 Tessitore, Carol J. 36 Tetko, Susan 265 Thatcher, Joyce E. 145 Thayer, Martha J. .... 145, 282, 417, 420 Thiele, John T. 145 Thielke, James B. 341 Thomas, 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D. 315 Yuknis, Jo L. 301, 373, 397, 401 Z Zahn, Donna L. 272 Zajic, Charles J. 147, 398 Zaleski, Vobert J. 147, 404 Zarkos, Sue A. 307 Zatkin, Rochelle 297 Zawicki, Thomas J. 147 Zenobe, Terrie 147 Zerden, Judith 147 Ziesmer, Carl 147 Ziman, Annalee 147 Ziman, Meyer L. 335 Zimmer, Joan 146 Zimmerman, John 410 Zimmerman, Mark W. 341 Zirbes, Marcia A. 147 Zlatos, Cynthia S. 277 467 In Memoriam staff: : Lester Dean, MU recreation lanes director Lester Holmes, physical plant William Kern, associate comptroller Okey Perkins, physical plant Xenophen Smith, library loan service head students : Tom Brockmeyer Stephen Stramandoli Michael Mulroy Moeller 468 Patrick O ' Neil Editor ' s Page Have you ever attempted to do the impossible? I have. I tried with a staff of 42 others to express the meaning of your college life. We used pictur es, art work, crop tape and typewriters to capture your " moments to remember " on paper, throw them together and slop on some glue to hold them between two pieces of cardboard, so that you ' ll have them to cherish for a lifetime. It ' s impossible. I ' m sure you realize the job could not be accomplished perfectly. No doubt we omitted something something vital. College life, perhaps unlike any other, is multifaceted. It ' s lectures, labs, recitations and field It ' s term papers, resource units, themes, reports, speeches. College life means in the morning, study in the evening, study with a cup of coffee, study between classes. You even make a date to go, of all places to the library. It ' s a " dream-come-true " or " following in my father ' s footsteps. " It ' s friends, close friends. College is the student-art exhibit in the Arts Building. It ' s the drama majors in the Lyceum til 3 a.m. It ' s the future engineer programming an assignment in data processing. It ' s reinforcing a rat, inoculating a patient and breaking a test tube, again. It ' s attending a Metropolitan Opera performance at Grady Gammage, a symphony concert, a folk ballet. College is a blind prof giving you insight, a librarian directions. It ' s a potpourri of seminars, exams and more exams, artists on the lawn and a diaper. at Home Management House. It ' s banquets, luncheons, teas, meal tickets, even starving. How do you pictorially re-create a discussion held with foreign students, that cup of coffee at the den while listening to " Scotch and Soda " or, better still, spring ' s orange blossoms? What pictures convey the impact of seeing a football coach sitting at the same table with a philosophy prof? Or the knowledge gained in a secluded library carrel on a Saturday morning? College means E.O.A. students working their way through, still others earning their meals, everyone standing in line and most everyone writing a check at the bookstore. It ' s " Stars and Stripes Forever " on the drill field, the " Alma Mater " in Sun Devil Stadium. It ' s an activity card punched, red, sore hands at a basketball game, a chaw on the baseball diamond. It ' s throwing confetti (dandruff) at a football game or huddling to keep warm while a trackman breaks a discus record. It ' s frostbite on a Snow Bowl trip, a sunburn on Water Sports Day. It ' s the spirit and pageantry of Homecoming, Derby Day and a " 500 " tricycle race. It ' s having your hair done for a Christmas Formal or letting it down at the Bond Bash. College brings construction crews, dump trucks and somehow-fascinating cranes. Trees are transplanted and grass is sown. It ' s the red, white and blue petunias around the flag pole, the three types of ivy on Old Main, the Snap Dragons at Gammage. It ' s a couple hand-in-hand; it ' s being alone. Everyone has his favorite place. The pond at Old Main, the fountains of Gammage, the pools of the Education and Social Sciences Buildings. College has student government, clubs, dorm meetings, intramurals. It ' s a newspaper four times a week, KASN hardly ever and Cassandra whenever. It ' s " Draft Beer, Not Me, " " Make Love, Not War " and " Keep Right! " It ' s Corvettes, Volkswagens, GTO ' s, GMC buses and Schwinns. It ' s frat houses, dorms, apartments and " with my parents. " It ' s brogues, penny loafers, thongs, tennies and bare feet. It ' s dashing across Apache, but strolling down College. It ' s growth, so very much growth. Struggles, so very many struggles. It ' s always a question of individuality. It ' s having personal problems, yet never having been so carefree. It ' s Liberal, Free Lover, Conservative, Agnostic, Traditionalist, Existentialist. It ' s ASU. It ' s mine. But more important, It ' s yours. 470 Where will it lead, this Time for Transplanting? Whether it be trees, things, peoples, customs or ideas, college is a changeover— a transformation. 471 Outsiders view the average student in a typical college as a protestor, or at best, a fun-and-games man, a smiling, superficial coed. 473 474 Struggling against these misconceptions are the university and the student of reality. Discipline reprimanded to look sharp, but wanting to meet sincere friends, to share a laugh. All the while casting a critical eye on art and people. 475 But the multiversity is not a misconception— perhaps a contradiction. Live to learn, but study to pass. Struggle with personal ethics but remember: society ' s measure is the rating scale, the paycheck, the grades. 476 477 478 Faces of people reveal a feeling, a need. It ' s a gnawing need: integrity, self-expression, freedom, responsibilities. Struggle with life— wrestle with it. Growth comes easy only if you have no criterion. Satisfy needs by feeling the need for each other. BACK OUR BOYS 479 Not a thing of beauty, the Sahuaro finds dignity in individuality. No two are exactly alike. Struggling against obdurant nature it persistently grows. And in the end it blooms. The growth has been good, the struggle worth the effort and, in the end, individuality achieved. Growth — A Struggle for Individualtiy

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