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SAHUARO 63 ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY 1962 1963 2 Table of Contents Editorial 6 Governor 16 Board of Regents 17 President Durham . .... 18 Administration 20 This is A S U 22 College of Engineering Sciences 56 College of Business Administration 64 College of Education . ... 74 College of Liberal Arts 90 Graduate College 106 Student Government . . 110 Activities 122 Sports 144 Sororities and Fraternities 182 Residence Halls 298 Religious Groups . . . 326 Clubs and Organizations . . 336 Index 378 ORIGINAL TRAINING BUILDING, 1900 RIFLE TEAM, 1918 COLLEGE BOOKSTORE, 1952 COLLEGE BOOK STORE LEFT, TEDDY ROOSEVELT ADDRESSES STUDENTS, 1911 ABOVE, GOLDEN JUBILEE, 1935 BELOW, FLOAT, 1927 Social Science Building, 1959 Published by the Associated Students of Ar izona State University, Tempe, Arizona. Gary Avey - Editor Tony DePrima - Business Manager Karen Hess - Academic Ed. Ann Schneider - Organizations Ed. Ted Vallas - Sports Ed. Prof. Broderick Johnson - Advisor Lithography by Tyler Printing Co. Phoenix, Arizona Affiliated with Associated Collegiate Press PRESS Hiram Bradford Farmer Education Building, 1962 Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, 1964 Sun Devil Stadium, 1958 Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, 1963 5 Tradition of Growth . TRADITION OF GROWTH — growing in enrollment, new buildings, expanded more courses; acquiring the polish and poise of a large university; increasing in excellence and sports prowess . . . GROWTH OF TRADITION — adding new ideas to the customs of past years, building a fund of college culture, establishing for future students in the years ahead. NORMAL SCHOOL 1894 7 The Campud.. Classrooms and dormitories, quiet walks and busy corners . . . THE CAMPUS is the site of knowledge, housing opportunity, giving freely the thoughts and works of other men, offering broad avenues of learning to be mastered and interesting by-paths of special interest to be explored. Among buildings currently under construction are the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (top and bottom), a seven story woman ' s dormitory (upper right) and the Physical Science annex (lower right). 9 10 The Students... THE STUDENTS . . . the moving dynamic force, the living spirit of a vibrant university ... young men and women examine ideas and sift facts, grow in wisdom and perception, cre ate new inner selves, strive to become alert citizens. The Quest THE QUEST . . . the remorseless, search for new knowledge means standing on the learning of the past and but one step further ... in laboratories, classrooms, friendly discussions, man ' s curiosity drives him ever on to probe the mysteries of science, the thoughts of men, the ways of life. 12 Spartan steel beams silhouetted against a sunset-warm evening sky . . rising in the free style of modern architecture.. intellectual progress flexing its muscles . blends with the traditional campus scene to create a symbol of dynamic growth .. THIS IS ASU 15 16 The Governor of the State of Arizona Paul Fannin Office of The Governor Stste House Phoenix Arizona December 21, 1962 Students and Faculty Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Dear Students and Faculty: To all of you, and especially the members of the 1963 graduating class, congratulations on a successful year in pursuing your education, and developing a great university. The people of Arizona are proud of our institutions of higher learning, and we are deeply interested in building each of our schools and the entire college and university system into the finest that can be found anywhere. You are helping to do this, and we are certainly grateful for the outstanding progress that has been made. To every member of the student body, I am sure this year has brought many individual rewards and accomplishments, as well as pleasure and pleasant memories. I hope that all of these together will be among the most valuable experiences that you could have, and that your future will be richer and more as a result. Best wishes in your pursuits next year, and the years to come. Sincerely, Paul Fannin Board of Regents Board of Regents meeting at Arizona State University, December 29, 1962. Mrs. Vivian L. Boyson, Mr. John Mr. Lynn M. Laney, Mr. Leon Fred Levy, Dr. G.Homer Durham, Mr. Sam H. Morris (retiring President), Governor Paul J. Fannin, Mr. O. D. Miller, Mr. George Chambers, Mr. Elwood W. Bradford (new President). Mr. W. P. Goss Mr. Arthur B. Schellenberg 18 Dr. G. Homer Durham, President, Arizona State University. A man of many talents, an educator of distinctive and ability — that is Dr. Durham, President of Arizona State University. Outstanding in the academic field he also is acknowledged as an authority in public and is much in demand as an advisor to of several western states. In addition to his official duties, his family and his church, he finds time to be an accomplished pianist and an enthusiastic sportsman. But, above all else, he is an effective, stimulating, and popular teacher who claims his proudest title is that of " Professor. " From this wide background of knowledge and experience comes an ability to skillfully chart ASU ' s academic and administrative course in its present explosive burst of growth. Dr. Durham predicts a great future for ASU as a center for fine arts and humanities, for great strides in physical sciences, engineering, and all types of advances, for compelling interest in exploration and research. He foresees the day when Tempe will be hailed as a site of learning and knowledge as other famous university cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Berkeley. In addition to this, he pledges his personal devotion and constant effort to increasing and enhancing the tradition of growth already established. Under the leadership of such a man as Dr. Durham, who can doubt that ASU is destined for a brilliant academic career. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY Administration William J. Burke Executive Vice President Harold D. Richardson Academic Vice President 20 Alfred Thomas, Jr. Registrar T. Tilman Crance Comptroller Clyde B. Smith Director, Inter-Collegiate Athletics Loretta A. Hanner Director, School of Nursing Alan D. Covey Head Librarian James W. Elmore Director of Architecture Gilbert Cady Vice President, Business Affairs Weldon P. Shofstall Dean of Students Director of Student Activities Catherine G. Nichols Associate Dean of Students Gary R. Anderson Dean of Men Edward J. Demson Director of Special Projects George A. Boyd Coordinator of Research Roy C. Rice Dean of Summer Session and Extension James W. Creasman Executive Secretary, Alumni Association Edward M. Hickcox Director of Housing Robert F. Menke Director, Placement Center Cecelia Scoular Director, Memorial Union Joseph E. Spring Chief, News Bureau THIS IS ASU . . a place to study and dream, to laugh and play and love, to worry and work .. . to meet new people and make of them friends .. . to acquire social graces and find new interests, to expand the scope of personality and character, to discover one ' s self .. . a place to pause for a little while, to perceive, to catch a glimpse of truth and pursue it until it can be grasped and claimed as one ' s own .. . a place to grow and emerge an adult. 22 Frosh Week — the university extends its welcome, a reassuring voice among the bewildering whirl of orientation .. . President G. Homer Durham Student Body President Bob Carter . . . the traditional trek up Tempe Butte to white-wash the " A " and the hikers alike.. . 24 . .. learning the cheers and school songs . . . . . a picnic, many new faces but few names remembered. By registration time, the Freshmen have become an integral part of the student body and can face, undaunted, the melee of confusion in shuffling and reshuffling schedules . . . the well planned and carefully organized chaos .. . the endless lines . . . the weary feet. 27 Even the college bookstore seethes with students arming themselves with book and pencil for the semester ahead. A welcome break between the whirl of registration and the school year soon to begin. 29 A cup of coffee at the VI, a campus tradition since before the time of the oldest A leisurely snack at the Devil ' s Den . . . a quick hamburger at the Corral . . . a bit of exuberant relaxation at Clancy ' s . . . (or Jam ' s) . . all in the company of good friends. Amid the thousands of books, MATTHEWS LIBRARY offers a quiet refuge from the busy campus pace . . . the student in intent pursuit of knowledge ... the sometimes elusive search for facts . . . quiet meditative reading .. . the busy scribbling of note-takers . . . the lonely student in the depths of the stacks in quest of information. 34 PARENTS ' DAY — a slice of student life on its very best manners .. . parents tour the campus, meet friends and teachers ... catch a glimpse of the new world of their son or daughter, see them growing in knowledge and maturity. SENIOR DAY and here they come — tomorrow ' s freshmen . . . viewing the campus of their future with enchanted eyes and critical eyes . . . excited faces and earnest faces .. . eager to take the next step in the world of education. A truckload of snow intended for a snowman became ammunition for a rarity at ASU. 37 ASU ' s Nutty Professor Star and director confer at ASU Paramount comes to ASU . . . and as cameras rolled, studying stopped . . . Hollywood star Jerry Lewis found no lack of an appreciative audience while shooting scenes for his new movie or presenting his own unique brand of humor at a special show. Never was a student body more eager to rally ' round " The Nutty Professor. " 38 Jerry Lewis, in costume as the " Nutty Professor " . 39 KASN KAET-TV NEWS CENT KAET KASN ASU ' s own educational television station, KAET, with rolling cameras, swinging mikes, bated breath and crossed fingers . . . and truly protessional programs. KASN offers challenges and practical experience to the radio men of tomorrow .. . and fine programming to today ' s listeners. 40 41 Editor-in-Chief (1st semester) — Linda Warren Sims Editor-in-Chief (2nd semester) — Bob Zache STATE PRESS STATE PRESS: A campus news story is assigned . . . details are collected .. . the story is written with a juggling of verbs and nouns, one eye on the clock in a race to beat the deadline . . . the roll of presses and a new edition is out. Through the years the " State Press " has grown to mean campus news and airing of views. 42 Mr. Robert Lance — faculty advisor to State Press The STAFF First Semester Editor-in-Chief Linda Warren Sims Managing Editor Bill Overend Campus Editor Twila Drumm Assistant Campus Editor Becky Acuff News Editors Bob Zache, Bob Clampett Assistant News Editor Ross Fish Copy Editor Gary Olmstead Chief Proofreader Lynda Harris Sports Editor Bob Jacobsen Assistant Sports Editor Dennis Anderson Second Semester Editor-in-Chief Bob Zache Managing Editor Mary Gorman News Editor Jerry Reilly Campus Editor Ed Heath Assignments Editor Tom Wing Copy Editor Edie C. Allers Assistant Copy Editor Bob Hudnall Chief Proofreader Tova Petersen Photography Editor Larry Ward Sports Editor Bob Jacobsen Gary Avey Editor Art Director SAHUARO 44 The Sahuaro staff has experienced a year of many with new procedures to be learned. SAHUARO ' 63 is larger in both size and with more color than in previous years. For the first time a delegate from the staff was sent to the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Detroit. Also, eight members attended the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Convention in Denver in April. These two events were firsts for ASU and have set a precedent. The SAHUARO is climbing steadily in recognition, keeping pace with Arizona State The yearbok is out. . . hours of free time, class time and vacation time were spent. . . but it was worth it! Dick Finley Financial Adviser Donna Rodgers, " angel. " ASU Photo Service: l-r, Carol Edwards, Lynn Fullington, Jim Wells, Lois Mitchell and John Dutson. Missing are Mary O ' Connell and Bob Mayer, supervisor. Section editors, l-r, seated: M. Vanier, Photo Ed.; A. Schneider, Organ. Ed.; T. DePrima, Bus. Mgr. Chuck Conley Photographer Standing: T. Vallas, Sports Ed. and K. Hess, Acad. Ed. Above, Sahuaro assistants. Below, borrowed members from Journalism Class. Prof. Broderick Johnson Adviser Joanne Thyken Editorial The hills are alive with the sound of music .. . FACULTY MUSIC Rider, chairman Antoine Autenrieth Bowers Britton Buker Bullock Dresskell, M. Dresskell, N. English Franks Hines Holloway Isaak Keating Lombardi Lamm Nelson Putnik Rickel Rider Scoular Smith Stalzer 47 . . . from piano keys come tumbling hot jazz and soft sonatas . . . the call of the trumpet, the wail .. . the rousing excitement of band music coupled with the cadence of marching feet . . . a crescendo of voices raised in chorus. FACULTY SPEECH AND DRAMA Albright, chairman Byers Davis Doyle Lavin Rice Sandlin Stites Willson Yeater First Nighters run the gamut of the university population from student to university president. All the World ' s a Stage 48 The world ' s a stage, ' tis true, and the stage is a world where " Rashomon, " Lives, " and " The Rivals " come to life. Creating sets to fit neatly into the scene of the play, the panic of rehearsal, last-minute touches in make-up, final checks on and lines — then with the first step upon the stage, vanishes and all action meshes into a smooth as the play goes on. 49 College Bowl Defenders and challengers contend for the highest general knowledge quotient in the College Bowl series. Moderated by Alumni Secretary Jim Creasman, in teams of four members come from any recognized organization and tackle knotty questions ranging from current events to mythology, from international problems to campus news. 50 Dr. Moises Canale, Rector of University of Sonora, is honored at a goodwill dinner by Dr. G. Homer Durham, President of ASU and Paul Fannin, Governor of Arizona. Student Body President, Roberto Salazar, University of Sonora, meets with Student Body President of ASU, Bob Carter. A good-will visit of dignitaries from Arizona ' s good neighbor to the south, the Mexican state of Sonora, disclose unity of goals, common problems, and a sharing of cultures. 51 Who ' s Who at ASU Betty Lu BARCLAY Linda Jean BRODERSEN John Joseph BROOKING Sharon Ann BROSSEAU Frederick Latham AYER Margaret Truman BAKER Donna Jewell ARNOT E Roger Browning BAYMILLER Linda J. BROWN Thirty-seven seniors carry the banner for ASU in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " for Selected by student representatives, those chosen must be outstanding in scholastic achievement, honors, and extracurricular activities. Ladonna CURRY Janet E. ELLIOTT Robert Arlen CLAMPETT Michael Andre CRAIG Bonnie Louise Leslie Diane Lynette William Anthony Eileen Elizabeth Barbara Marlowe EVAN FARNSWORTH FITZGERALD FLICK FREDERICK HARBER Samuel Edward Robert Clark Patricia Ann Henry Walter Edward Stephen K. Nancy Jo HILL HOBBS INBODY KLOPPING MONTGOMERY MOORE Gary Anne Yoshie Arlene Therese Richard Standley Marilyn Annis Somporn NICHOLS OKADA PRZANOWSKI RAY ROSSINI SANGCHAI Stephen Lee E. Lynn Diane Marilyn Joan Jerry Roberta Frances SARGENT SHAHAN SMITH SPITLER SULLIVAN TURNER 53 ACADEMICS Theoretical knowledge and research experience are the dual objectives of the students of Sciences . . . architectural plans and programs, engineering formulas and industrial education shopwork . . . the goal of specialized knowledge is united with a broad general education. Under the leadership of its Dean, Dr. Lee P.Thompson, the College of Engineering Sciences has created two new schools and expanded all facilities. His schools have received recognition from professional and technical societies. 56 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES Dr. Lee P. Thompson, Dean of College of Engineering Sciences Dr. Grant Richardson, Professor of Agronomy in Agriculture, inspects his cotton field. 57 FACULTY INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Burdette, chairman Ax Bagley Balin Board Burk Cavalliere Edwards Farnsworth Goodwin Kaste Kaufman Keith Kemp Kigin Lightner Littrell Paxton Peabody Prust Riggins Staff Whitsell Wright John Morrison ' s, Instructor in Electrical Engineering, paper on Analog won a prize at the World ' s Fair. Graduating Seniors Ayer, Frederick Chem. Engineering Battles, Fred Mech. Engineering Bennett, John Elect. Engineering Biggs, Fae F. Mech. Engineering Bingamon, Charles R. Engineer. Science Briggs, Philip Civil Engineering Boyd, William John Mech. Engineering Brooks, Jerell W. Elect. Engineering Brown, John E. Architecture Brown, Wilfred Technical Design Bulman, Allan R. Construction Burmeister, Juergen Electronics Butler, Thomas A. Elect. Engineering Cook, Robert Douglas Construction Cornell, David Civil Engineering Curtis, James Arthur Elect. Engineering Davis, Duane A. Elect. Engineering Davis, Laurence Electronics 58 Dewey, Robert G. Mech. Engineering Durazo, Jose Fernando Agriculture Durban, Edward Civil Engineering Durbin, Clifford Mech. Engineering Foard, Richard D. Electronics Freitag, Freeman Elect. Engineering Fry, Richard Elect. Engineering Fuller, Alfred V. Construction Guess, Vincent C. Mech. Engineering Gunkel, James R. Chem. Engineering Hakes, Clinton Ag. Prod. Mgt. Hankerson, Dennis L. Elect. Engineering Harper, Don David J. Mech. Engineering Herscovici, Saul Mech. Engineering Hunt, Robert L. Plant Science Jacobson, Norman Bruce Civil Engineering James, Larry Raymond Electronics Jefferies, Gene L. Ag. Prod. Mgt. Johnson, Jimmy A. Technical Design Johnson, Julius Darrow Construction FACULTY ARCHITECTURE Elmore, chairman Cook Douthit Ellner Gerckens Harvey Hill Jakob Kutch Lowenstein Lundgreen McConnell Medearis Newlin Shaifer Soleri Staff Straub Whiffen Kadri, Adil A. Kole, Charles Laity, Thomas Richard Construction Civil Engineering Electronics Kirdir, Towfig Laibe, George Eugene Lee, Faith Ag. Prod. Mgt. Elect. Engineering Lee, John Lemberg, Milton Chem. Engineering Mech. Engineering Lee, Mon Lane Lindley, Travis Electronics Electronics McClain, Raymond Construction McGrath, James Civil Engineering Merritt, Udell Mech. Engineering Metha, Ronald Animal Science Metzler, Wesley Construction Millson, Chris Jr. Mech. Engineering Moore, Douglas Construction Moore, Mickey Construction Mord, Roger A. Chem. Engineering Mulcahy, Edward Civil Engineering Murawski, Frank Elect. Engineering Murphy, Peter Electronics Nichols, Gary Lee Agric. Business Nichols, Judith Agric. Business O ' Herren, David Elect. Engineering Platt, Henry C. Jr. Ag. Prod. Mgt. Powers, Duane P. Elect, Engineering Richardson, Ben L. Electronics FACULTY AGRICULTURE Robinson, chairman Barrett Galloway Judd Miller Moody Parker, E. Parker, M. Rasmussen Richardson Riggins Robinson Staff Taysom Ruggles, John Soo Hoo, Kent Stefun, Robert J. Thomas, Roger Trujillo, Alfred A. Weimer, Danny Wheeler, Robert Civil Engineering Elect. Engineering Aeronautics Engineer. Science Electronics Electronics Construction Sargent, Steve Stanley, Michael Stubbe, Lawrence Tichenor, Al Walston, Gail Welt, Elfer A. Williams, Kenneth E. Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Elect. Engineering Construction Aeronautics Indust. Engineering Agric. Business FACULTY ENGINEERING Thompson director Allen Autore Avery Ax Barkson Baum Betz Borgo Craig Decker Ditsworth Domenicali Elliot Fry Gaines Gambrell Gyorog Happ Hart Hasserjian Hawley Hill Hoyt Kersten Klock Lundgren Medearis Meirovitch Myklestad Nelson Newlin Nutt Ostle Price Pritsker Rasad Reiser Rice Ruff Sater Stafford Stein Steinmann Stewart Tice Tognoni Turnbow Wallace Wallack Walters Watson Wilcox Wilson Wooldridge Zimmer Witter, Theron J. Yepp, Roger Electronics Mech. Engineering Zimmerman, Paul Elect. Engineering Wooldridge, Carolyn Engineer.Science 63 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 64 Glenn D. Overman, Dean of College of Business Administration The College of Business Administration dedicates itself to preparing students to deal effectively in all aspects of today ' s dynamic and fast-paced business community . . . from accounting to real estate . . . from insurance to office management. Dean Glenn D. Overman, head of the College of Administration has seen its faculty grow from 12 to 60 in the past seven years. He puts realism into his classrooms by combining academic preparation with actual business experience. In addition to serving as consulting editor for the " Journal of Business he organizes seminars, conferences, and special courses for local businessmen. 65 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEAN G D OVERMAN 108A ASST DEAN T PICKETT 108B Adler, Gary E. Accounting Allen, Charles D. Accounting Anderson, Stephen Accounting Archer, James B. Finance Arliskas, William B. General Business Ash, Carole Ann Office Admin. Ash, John T. General Business Baker, Margaret T. Office Admin. Bancroft, Darrel S. General Business Beaton, James D. Accounting Bender, Alvin H. Accounting Beville, William Birdson, Marcus D. General Business Boeh, Gerald Advertising Bolin, Bobby D. Real Estate 66 Bray, Timothy Brock, Ron Marketing Selling Brockeen, Doris Bryan, Patricia N. Byford, Forrest E. Accounting Accounting Campisi, Charles F. Cereghino, Leonard L. Accounting Marketing Selling Carver, Tommy M. Cerkvenik, Anton B. Finance Insurance Chapman, Gary E. Coles, Andrew K. Crews, Ronald K. Dole, Jack N. Dumit, Robert H. General Business Accounting Accounting General Business Management Cockrill, Mark Contreras, Eugene R. Curtis, Daniel Donahoe, John M. Dumit, Sandra Sue Real Estate Marketing Selling Management General Business Management Coffer, Carl F. Cox, Boyd A. DePrima, Anthony E. Drury, Richard L. Edwards, Leon E. Accounting General Business General Business Management Marketing Selling FACULTY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Adams Baty Beals Becker Bell Bensch Blomstrom Boggs Burton Cochran Daane Dauten, J. Dauten, P. Davis 67 Erb, David M. Fafara, Frank Fallon, Ira Edward Farrell, Michael W. Management Advertising Marketing Selling General Business Dawkins Demarest Demson Edmondson Farris Fearon Goldberg Gotthard Greenwood Harris Headington Helm Hill Hook Huntington 68 Hylen, David W. General Business Johnson, Jerry G. Selling King, Robert E. Selling Kirdar, Fahir General Business Krager, Richard E. Selling Kunes, Joseph Management Larson, Richard L. Accounting LaSota, John A. Jr. Management Livingston, John Economics Lockwood, Brian Accounting Lyman, Jay F. Accounting Maddock, Archibald Management Marotte, Leonard E. Finance Maslander, Joyce Accounting Massingale, Douglas Marketing Selling McClain, Carlene Marketing Selling Miller, Charles. R. Mores, Dan D. General Business Morey, Bonnie Jean Office Admin. Morgan, Anne Economics Mulligan, John Accounting Natiello, Richard Advertising Neavins, Robert S. Advertising Nebiolo, Virginia Advertising Ferguson, Richard B. Finance Figueroa, Ernest L. Office Admin. Finell, Fred Jr. Marketing Selling Fowler, Carolyn Judy Office Admin. Francois, Stephen J. Accounting Frederick, Eileen Advertising Gafke, James P. Finance Gitzinger, Phillip Gladney, Virgil C. Accounting Goss, Bernard Lee General Business Green, Don P. Accounting Groff, James Ellsworth Grubbs, Duane Lee Selling Gurwin, Cecile J. Selling Hahn, Calvin C. General Business Hansson, Robert O. Management Harkins, Leroy D. Management Hatch, Anita G. Office Admin. Herstan, David N. Management Hilde, Ronald Marketing Selling Hoffman, John M. General Business Houts, Forrest L. Jr. General Business Huff, Toy Abner General Business Hughes, Charles W. Management Neil, Gene Finance Nelson, Sharlyn Marketing Selling Ollson, Louis M. Padgett, Fred Marketing Selling Palmer, Joe Virgil Accounting Peacock, Robert V. Accounting 69 FACULTY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Huston Jacks Jackson Jameson Kelly Kirkpatrick Krueger Lindgren Lowe Marlowe Merkel McCready McCutheon McSparrin Miller Motz Murphy Natale Osborn Padalis Peters Phill ips Pickett Plantz Pyle Read Reuter Sanders Schoennauer Schmidt Segal Tate Twark Wilt Witkowski Zacher Perucca, James H. Management Petersen, Larry R. General Business Pethigal, James C. General Business Plake, Charles R. General Business Pond, Robert Ramos, Raymond S. Redgeway, David Phil Advertising Advertising Management Power, John W. Reddrick, Noel B. Reilly, Raymond G. Finance Management General Business Reish, Clair F. Accounting Ruiz, Augustine F. General Business Rhoades, Fred Selling Riggan, Doris M. Accounting Ripps, Paul Advertising Rons, Denis G. Selling Rumeh, Mary Louise Secretarial Program Ryan, Andrew J. Management Sanders, Harold M. Rice, Leland D. General Business Rumberg, Morton Management Schmietenknop, Ron General Business 71 Schweikart, Wayne Sloan, William S. Sparks, Carl E. Sturges, William G. Swofford, Steve Owen Tarasko, Frank E. Tennison, William R. General Business Selling Management Marketing Selling Management Management Thiss, Jeffrey Shelton, Brad L. Smart, John G. Stanton, Mike Supik, Donald F. Taky, Ziad Taylor, Vivianne Management Finance Economics Management Management Finance Office Admin. Thomas, Gerald Trent Shupp, Robert E. Snow, Charles F. Steele, Harry R. Svancara, Stanley Tallman, Garth Taylor, Wendell P. Finance General Business Advertising Accounting Finance Economics Accounting 73 Thomas, Terrell Gene Townsend, Tim N. Van Hooser, Delma Wells, Charles Widener, Donald V. Wilson, Kay Wulbrecht, Maurice E. Finance Real Estate General Business Insurance Accounting Selling General Business Thomas, William F. Trowbridge, John Watson, Gordon Whipple, Thomas W. Wiggs, James Jr. Winsor, Alberta Wulbrecht, Richard General Business Selling Management Finance Selling Accounting General Business Thunstedt, Jerome W. Vance, Bill N. Weitz, Charles F. White, Robert K. Williams, John Wright, Stuart Zimmerman, Thomas General Business Management General Business General Business Management Management COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Effective education on primary, secondary, and college levels . . . the College of Education students for teaching and administrative and stimulates interest in new methods of scholarship. Dr. Guy D. McGrath, Dean of the College of Education, has been instrumental in the growth of his college to one of the largest teacher-education programs in the country. His influence is seen in extensive programs of study for all major areas of education as well as several fields of specialization. G. D. McGrath, Dean of College of Education 75 Abbott, Jesse Alden, Allison S. Andersen, Kathy Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Patricia M. Arnote, Donna Arronte, Nellie Ann Barclay, Betty Lu Industrial Arts English Anderson, Donna K. Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Spanish History Abraham, Suellen Andersen, Darlene Mathematics Anderson, Patricia A. Arguis, Carol Arnson, Ronald K. Baird, Lydia Barnes, Barbara Ann Ele. Education History Elem. Education Spanish Elem. Education Elem. Education The Undergraduate Standards Committee of the College of Education l-r: William F. Podlich, Jr., Dr. B. J. Dr. Thomas M. Weiss, Dr. Roy P. Doyle, Dr. Donald E. O ' Beirne, Dr. James J. Jelinek and Dr. Maurice Barnes, Elizabeth E. Elem. Education Batchelor, Eric B. Business Education Bates, Emily Ann English Bates, Laura Marie Elem. Education Baum, Barbara Elem. Education Beeler, Sande Business Education Beigel, Patrick H. Chemistry Belka, Lillian Marie Elem. Education Beller, Martha Elem. Education Benner, Joan Elem. Education Bentley, Verda Kinder-Primary Berckman, Alvin R. Elem. Education Biro, John R. Industrial Arts Bobbish, Juanita Elem. Education Boswell, Phyllis R. 77 Elem. Education Boyer, Mary Sue Elem. Education Brimhall, Lee Ana Elem. Education Brobeck, Kenneth Roy Art Brooks, Bob Business Education Brosseau, Sharon A. Elem. Education Brown, Carol Jane Elem. Education Brown, J. C. Elem. Education Bruce, Dora M. Elem. Education Bula, Robert M. Mathematics Bunting, Mary Elem. Education Burgoz, Rudy Business Education Burrows, Carol Elem. Education Burton, Ethel N. Elem. Education Bussing, George E. Industrial Arts Butler, Norma J. Physical Education Byron, Michael N., Sr. Campbell, Sidney S. Chamberlain, Esther Clemens, Chris Colby, Louise E. Cooper, Beverly A. Cox, Shirley Crotts, Joanne Speech Dramatics Physical Education Home Ec. Education Clements, Linda L. Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Business Education Cain, Pamela Carlson, Kaye Chapman, Blanche Elem. Education Cole, Anna H. Corey, Kenneth F. Craig, Martha Crouse, Bernice Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Cohen, Karen Home Ec. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Daer, Betty Caldwell, Janet Casey, Bernard L. Christensen, Ruth Elem. Education Cook, Eugene E. Cornett, William L. Crismon, Joyce Helen Elem. Education Elem. Education History Kinder.-Primary Coin, Irvin Lewis Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Daut, Carol Campbell, Sandra L. Castellanos, Rubin L. Chute, Garnet Instrumental Music Cook, Marcia Joan Cox, James E. L. Crone, Clarence Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Home Ec. Education Elem. Education Geography 78 79 Davis, Wayne D. Denen, Sandra Kay Dillon, Helen C. Done, Reed E. Duncan, Richard, Jr. Elias, Bonita Ethington, Dorothy Fish, Charlotte Mathematics Elem. Education Physical Education Physical Sciences Elem. Education Kinder.-Primary Business Education Elem. Education Dawson, Harwin Denogean, Connie Disarufino, Raul Donnelly, Judy Eades, Virginia Mary Elliott, Janet Fadely, Gary Flores, Irma M. Elem. Education Kinger.-Primary Physical Education Kinder.-Primary Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Spanish Dean, Marilyn Dente, Lynn Dishon, Hazel Dornsbach, Ann Ehlers, Joe Elvee, Janice Farr, Lurlyne Flores, Roy G. Elem. Education English Elem. Education Speech Dramatics Biological Science French Home Ec. Education Industrial Arts De La Vara, Ruben Di Grande, Tony Dolphin, Jacquelyn D. Duffy, Carol C. Ehrke, John Erb, Charlene Ferrin, Douglas Hite Flores, Sonia Elem. Education Elem. Education English Elem. Education Elem. Education Kinder.-Primary Mathematics Elem. Education Forbes, Laura J. Freitag, Sharon Fung, Betty Garrett, Sue Gerson, Sharon Gouvenier, Patricia L. Green, Carolyn Foster, Sheila S. History Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Educaion Home Ec. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Fuller, Gayle Gaio, Edward B. Genet, Richard A. Gitzinger, Patricia Graham, Merrida Green, Gaston A. Foster, Susan Business Education Elem. Education Physical Education Speech Dramatics Elem. Education Physical Education Elem. Education Fuller, Lucy J. Gardner, Carol Gerrard, James R. Gorman, William Gray, Virginia Greer, Terry R. Home Ec. Education Elem. Education Industrial Arts Mathematics Elem. Education Elem. Education 80 Inbody, Patricia English Ishikawa, Sharon Elem. Education Jaeger, Marjorie J. Elem. Education James, Jimmie L. Elem. Education Janecek, Marilyn Home Economics Janis, Patricia Physical Education Jett, James H. Mathematics Johnson, Ann Louise Elem. Education Johnson, Millie Rae Elem. Education Jones, Carolyn Jane Elem. Education Jones, Carolyn M. Business Education Jones, Katherine Elem. Education 81 Griego, Anna Marie Education Griffin, Colby V. History Griffiths, Susan R. Elem. Education Grimm, Martha Home Economics Gross, Joe E. Elem. Education Hackelman, Marco A. Elem. Education Hael, Eugene History Hall, Carole English Hall, Janice Elem. Education Hanson, Marilyn L. Elem. Education Hardy, Craig B. Physical Education Harris, Barbara Elem. Education Harris, Dorothy Jean Elem. Education Hedges, Barbara Physical Education Hendrickson, Anthony Herren, Wilma Lou Elem. Education Highley, Jean Business Education Hill, Sam Hing, Susan Kinder.-Primary Hirsch, Marilyn Elem. Education Hoffman, Edythe Elem. Education Hoffman, Phyllis Ann English Holligan, Beverly J. Kinder.-Primary Hollingsworth, Carol Elem. Education Hom, Shirley Ann Elem. Education Howard, Robert Howington, Marvin D. Education Huddleston, Judy English Hulet, Sandra Hulme, John V. Humphrey, Mary M. Hunter, Joan Elem. Education English Elem. Education Jones, Marigail Physical Education Jorgensen, May Home Economics Kavgian, Robert S. Physical Education Ketchum, Jan Kinder.-Primary Kimse, Patricia Kay Kinder.-Primary Kirkpatrick, James R. English Kirsch, Kathleen Home Economics Krebs, Kat herine L. Kinder.-Primary Kristofferson, Donald History Laiho, Elizabeth Kinder.-Primary La Roux, Agnes Elem. Education Lovaas, William H. Political Science Lowery, Robert E. Mathematics Luhman, Leslie Elem. Education Lyon, Rita Kay Elem. Education Mabbitt, Larry Instrumental Music MacDonald, Donna G. Elem. Education Mancuso, James Speech-Drama Marietti, Rosalie Elem. Education Marin, Benjamin Marshak, Sylberta Elem. Education Martin, James G. German Martinez, Orlando Spanish Matta, Gloria Elem. Education Mayo, Dwight E. History 82 Mazur, Lois Home Economics McCallion, Nancy Elem. Education McClard, Dorothy G. Elem. Education McCluskey, Janet Elem. Education McDonald, Claudia English McFair, Janice M. McGee, Janet English McGrath, Katherine E. Elem. Education Meadows, Genieva Kinder.-Primary Meagher, Susan Ann English Melton, Corinne Kindergarten-Primary Mesbergen, Lester D. Elem. Education Mihelich, Carol Ann Elem. Education Miles, Joy Elem. Education Miller, Linda M. Elem. Education Milner, Freda H. Elem. Education Mitchell, Mrs. Frances Mitchell, Janet Elem. Education Mitchell, Ralva J. Elem. Education Mitchell, Rita Music Education Monsees, Susan J. Kinder.-Primary Montierth, Val Donna Elem. Education Moreno, Frances Kinder.-Primary Moore, Yvonne Morris, Barbara Joan Music Education Moss, Diane M. Elem. Education Mortensen, Linda Education Muir, Louise History Munsil, Carolyn Elem. Education Munsil, Linda Elem. Education Nevarez, Gloria G. Elem. Education Noller, Donald R. Music Education Nolte, Ruth Norton, Lorraine A. Elem. Education Nuanez, Jim Business Education Oaks, Alfred D. History Obert, Jeanette A. Okada, Ann Yoshie Spanish 83 Ong, Mary Lou Elem. Education Oppliger, Cynthia M. English Osborn, Pauline T. Elem. Education Owens, Ella Lee Elem. Education Paddon, Patricia L. Physical Education Padilla, Loretta Elem. Education Page, June Home Economics Painter, Patti Elem. Education Parker, Joe A. Elem. Education Parrish, Marion E. Elem. Education Patterson, Helen Elem. Education Peters, Don G. Industrial Arts Pickering, Vernon L. Elem. Education Pierce, Elizabeth B. Kinder.-Primary Pilcher, Becky Kinder.-Primary Plummer, Helen Kinder-Primary Melanie A. Elem. Education Powell, Jean A. Education Smith Snyder Tate Taylor Weber FACULTY SECONDARY EDUCATION Bresina Bullington Conlin Cross Dycus English Fullerton Gillanders Griffith Grobe Haggerson Herman Hoover, H. Kaiser Kiesow Littrell Manning Martin ez, Q. Moore Phillips Rover Manning Mowrer Nelson O ' Beirne O ' Brian Podlich Richardson Roessel Rover Steere Smith Spencer Stump Verner FACULTY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Abbott Andrus Blackham Boetto Boyd Byers Chick Christine Crouch DePriest Doyle Dudek Edwards Evvard Hollingsworth Huggins Johnson Kiesow Langdon Lee Lewis FACULTY BASIC EDUCATION Abbott Barnes Belok Bontrger Erickson Helmstadter Hoover Jelinek Martin McGrath Meador Mitchell Morris Oswalt Ralston Sundwall Weiss Prather, Sally Ann Elem. Education Pratt, Willardene Elem. Education Przanowski, Arlene Elem. Education Quinones, Alphonse D. Industrial Arts Ramsey, Ruth Anne Elem. Education Reed, Dee Rae Elem. Education Regan, Carol Elem. Education Reger, David Mathematics Regnier, Linda Business Reid, Edsel B. Elem. Education Relfe, Carole Elem. Education Rex, Mary Ann Elem. Education Rhoades, Janice Elem. Education Richardson, Mary Lou Elem. Education Riggins, Patricia Business Riggs, Linda Elem. Education Ritchie, William J. Elem. Education Robertson, Donna Elem. Education Robertson, Eugene C. Elem. Education Robinson, Minnie Joe Elem. Education Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Richard History Rogers, Susan Gayle Mathematics 85 86 Rose, Luella Home Economics Rosen, Sue Elem. Education Rosengren, Tennes M. Elem. Education Rossini, Marilyn A. Home Economics Rush, Ella M. Kinder.-Primary Russell, Carol Business Education Sabine, Sharon Elem. Education Salcido, Amaya Spanish Saliba, Lynda Physical Education Sawyer, Norman M. Elem. Education Scarbrough, Melvin R. Elem. Education Schluender, Audrey Home Economics Schrieber, Lavonne A. Elem. Education Schumacher, Sharon Elem. Education Scott, Richard R. Elem. Education Sefferovich, Kathryn Business Education Sellards, Melinda Physical Education Selleys, Nancy Jay Music Education Shahan, Lynn Elem. Education Sheedy, Rosalie Elem. Education Short, Robert A. Slaughter, Sterling Physical Education Smith, Kirsten K. Elem. Education Smithson, Marilyn Elem. Education Smyth, Nancy Jo Elem. Education Sovacool, Rosemary Elem. Education Spencer, Elsa Spencer, Emily Elem. Education Spencer, Henry O. Mathematics Spitler, Marlyn History Stanecker, Elsie Elem. Education Starks, Clyde Mathematics Starr, Samuel Political Science Staudt, Marilyn Elem. Education Stinson, Trevor Physical Education Stinson, Verl Wayne Political Science Stricker, Bonnie Lee Physical Education Stuart, Barbara Elem. Education Svendsen, Alma H. German Svoboda, Betty Elem. Education Swain, Jo Ellen Swisher, Ginger Takemori, Helene Tang, Pearl Telleen, Darlene Test, Sharon Thomas, Constance E. Thomas, Gloria Mathematics English Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Thomas, Joseph Swan, Lynde Szczepankowski, B. A. Tang, John Teegarden, Paul W. Tennyson, John E. Thatcher, Claudia A. Thomas, Gary D. History Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education Industrial Arts Elem. Education Kinder.-Primary Elem. Education FACULTY EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Baker Gaffney Gerlach Helmstadter Schutz Stafford FACULTY SOCIAL PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS Austin Belok Murra Oswalt Pillsbury FACULTY GUIDANCE COUNSELING Daane Davis Faust Heimann Stout 88 Tillinger, Gertie Elem. Education Turner, Roberta F. English Utz, Rita Vaughn, Jean Marie Elem. Education Vitums, Valdis Physical Education Voorhis, Diane Wallace, Laura E. Walmsley, Susan Elem. Education Ward, Teneen Kinder.-Primary Watkins, William B. Physical Education Watson, John Elem. Education Weaver, Yvonne J. Elem. Education Welch, Ronald J. Geography Wells, Charles R. Business Education West, Bill Physical Education Whiteman, Jean Elem. Education Whitesell, Barbara Elem. Education Whitney, Rosilyn Elem. Education Williams, D. Carol Elem. Education Williamson, R. C. Industrial Arts Wills, Coralee Elem. Education Wison, Walter C. Wood, Dennis D. Wyant, Ronald D. Young, Edward Industrial Arts Business Education Elem. Education History Zempel, Maria Wong, Lilly Wright, John Henry Yontz, Randall V. Young, Winifred F. Zimmer, Gladys E. Elem. Education English Elem. Education Elem. Education English Wong, Wiley N. Wurts, Darleen Young, Beverly Zeller, Robert A. Zylstra, Lynne Elem. Education Elem. Education Elem. Education History Business Education 89 FACULTY SPECIAL EDUCATION Abraham Meador FACULTY INDIAN EDUCATION Roessel FACULTY AUDIO-VISUAL EDUCATION Benedict Draper Fielding Gerlach Mayer Mosley Steere, J. Vergis FACULTY EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION SUPERVISION Ashe Deever Demeke Hunnicutt Podlick Staff Wochner FACULTY LIBRARY SCIENCE Batchelor Moffitt Schneider COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS The College of Liberal Arts — a meeting ground for various elements of our own and other cultures . . . a versatile knowledge of people, their languages, religions, and ways of life . . . a education. Guiding and coordinating the complex activities of the Liberal Arts College, Dean Arnold Tilden is interested in enlarging the university ' s Ph.D. program. He alternates the writing of books and articles with travel and do-it-yourself projects. 90 Arnold Tilden, Dean of College of Liberal Arts 91 GRADUATING SENIORS Amherd, Noel A. Bailey, Virginia Lee Boyer, Bettie Brodersen, Linda Carruthers, Gary L. Clampett, Robert A. Culbertson, Jim Curtis, Allan J. Delci, Edward Physics Baird, Dennis Political Science Political Science French Journalism Psychology Chemistry Spanish Avery, Marjorie Interior Design Bramlet, Robert Paul Brown, Carol G. Chamberlain, Ellen Colbath, James S. Culver, Russell W. Dager, Lorraine Douglas, Donald History Ban, Linda Political Science Journalism Social Welfare Spanish Political Science Home Economics Psychology Bachert, John Nursing Brian, Andrew (Jack) Bruder, Gerald Chisum, Judy Collins, Carolyn C. Cumming, Lynne Davenport, Jeanne M. Dugnolle, Charles E. History Baymiller, Roger B. Psychology Social Welfare Clothing Textile Interior Design Speech Foods Nutrition Zoology Bailey, Tula F. Political Science Bridgman, Jerry Butler, Marilyn Cirou, Gerold F. Conn, Franklin C. Curry, LaDonna Davidson, Carol Ehrlich, Andrea Nursing History Med. Tech. Biology Pre-Medical English Social Welfare History Political Science FACULTY HUMANITIES Buker, chairman Howells Lamm FACULTY ART Wood, chairman Arnold Breckenridge Coke Failing Fink Fullington Goo Hahn Hale Hopkins Jacobson Rennels Schrieber Stuler Taylor Waddell Wagner Wood Zimmerman 92 Evans, Bonnie L. English Farrar, B. Dale Physics Ferris, James T. Commercial Art Figarelli, Grace Spanish Fink, Richard L. Pre-Medical Fish, Dixon N. Art Fulks, Patricia M. English Garner, James W. Philosophy Garretson, Betsy Art Garst, Donald D. Geography Gass, Antoinette T. Pre-Phys. Therapy Gillette, John Sociology Goodson, Judith Anne Psychology Gorman, Mary Journalism Grady, Irene Art BOTANY FACULTY Dycus, chairman Applegate Barry Burgess Goodwin Johnson Leathers Northey Russell Greenwood. Camelia Spanish Grijalva, Elizabeth A. French Haas, Betty History Haddock, James D. Zoology Hafner, George Mathematics Hall, Don Allen Sociology Hanley, Benjamin Pre-Medical Harris, Susan Dee Fine Arts FACULTY GENERAL PHYSICAL SCIENCES Snyder, chairman Miller Munch Pike Yale FACULTY PHYSICS Wager, chairman Domenicali Dowling Gossick Henderson Impson Kevane Kyrala Meister Schroeder Rawls Reed Wray Holdsworth, John W. Physical Education Holley, Yvonne Nursing Hollowell, Eric L. Commercial Art Horner, Lee Botany Hull, Francis Ellen Anthropology Jacobsen, Robert P. Journalism Jacobson, Marjorie Nursing Jeffery, Josephine English FACULTY ZOOLOGY Bertke Burgess Castle Cazier Clothier Cole Dammann Dycus Hanson Hasbrouk Landers Lavik Patterson Russell Stahnke Watt Woolf FACULTY SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Ruppe, chairman Harward Ives Jeffrey Jones Kunkel Lindstom Manheim Martel Morris Perril Staats Stewart Young FACULTY CHEMISTRY Eyring, chairman Aronson Asai Bateman Brown Burgoyne Carpenter Carr Caspar Fuchs Galasyn McLean Moore Munk O ' Keeffe Robins Tackett Thomson Whitehurst Yuen Zaslow Johnson, Shirley Music Kaiser, William D. Psychology Michael O. Sociology Eugene C. Mathematics Kerr, Elizabeth Art Kidman, Peter Political Science Kilgard, Chris Physics Kilpatrick, David B. Music Kilpatrick, Jeanne E. Foods Nutrition Kitchel, Gayle Political Science Koch, Karl History Kohnke, James German Kvapil, Charline English Lane, Marian History Leitterman, Gloria J. Nursing Lockney, Sandra Political Science Lovett, John F. Journalism Marks, Francis J. Philosophy Martin, Floyd Physics Mattausch, Eleanor Journalism McCarey, John Wayne Political Science McCarley , Allen Radio-Television McDougall, Thomas E. Psychology Mechling, Wanda J. Home Economics Mendoza, Evangeline Music Middleton, Virginia B. Psychology Miller, Kent Geology Mills, David M. Psychology Monson, Delores J. Nursing Moon, Barbara English Moon, Michael J. Geography Moore, Nancy English Morris, James Mathematics Morton, Teddy Jack Geography Munroe, Robert G. History Munsil, Lee E. Mathematics FACULTY HOME ECONOMICS Bresina, chairman Breslin Cockrell Ellsworth Hoover Kagy Rannells Streufert Wooldridge Wright FACULTY PSYCHOLOGY Bachrach, chairman Ball Bardrick Brooks Coppock Goldiamond Gurnee Haigh Jost Mabry Michael Pollie Smith Staatts Tyler Munsil, Joanne Nursing Newby, Gary R. Physics Nichols, Betty Jo Art Noble, Tryon R. Economics Nohava, Douglas J. Mathematics Olmstead, Gary Journalism Owens, Sue Ann Social Welfare Paype, Paul Peterson, Haddon W. Peterson, Susan History Pies, Ronald Recreation Poppino, Carl A. Philosophy Porczynski, Theodore Political Science Pranga, Martin Spanish Ravert, Bryan Henry Psychology Regan, James Sociology FACULTY MASS COMMUNICATIONS Alisky, chairman Allen Doyle Ellis Johnson Lance McCutcheon Siegel Zacher FACULTY PHILOSOPHY Rein ' l, chairman Arner Gieschen Howells Matheson Votichenko Waldman FACULTY HISTORY Hubbard, chairman Allen Adams Dannenfeldt DeJong Dudley Easton Kleinfeld Krenkel Krout Martinez Paulsen Phillips Smith Tilden Wootten Repp, Robert W. Rich, Patsi Speech Risser, Christian F. English Robbins, Gladys Nursing Robertson, Merilie Natural Sciences ENGLISH FACULTY Portnoff, chairman Alder Barnes Baroody Bartels Beaudoin Brenalvirez Brown, P. Brown, R. Bryant, J. Bryant, R. Campbell Conlin Crooks Dixon Ellis Emery Encinio Erno Ferrell Frey Grottola Harries Harris Henshaw Herman Landini Larson Levy Lyle Meiners Meldrum Montague Murphy Myers Nebeker Osenburg Ott Powers Quirk Randall Rank Rein ' I Renner Rhoades Rice Roberts Salerno Schilling Schultz Stewart Stremmel Swarthout Taylor Turner Von Pohle Windes Youngblood Zahorski Zimmerman Rodriguez, Paul Pre-Medical Rose, Peter Economics Ruston, John Psychology Ryberg, Henry Robert Sandecki, Alois Physics Sanera, Arthur Mathematics Sanchez, Anita Nursing Sangchai, Somporn Political Science Sells, Joy Jean Applied Arts Sharp, Gabriel Shorter, Inez Spanish Simerdla, Kenneth Political Science Skok, Barbara Spanish Skolnik, Mike Slemmons, Stephen K. Mathematics Smith, Judith M. Psychology Smith, Judy Fine Arts Smith, Richard B. History Sorgatz, Karen Fine Arts Sowell, Elizabeth History Sowell, Russell Physics Sperekas, Nicole B. Psychology Spotts, Nancy French Stafford, James R. Stanhoff, Dennis FACULTY FOREIGN LANGUAGES Bowman, chairman Bininger Couch Escudero Fitzgerald Frantz Grobe Jeavons Landeira Landman Luenow Martinez Maurer McIntire Palfrey Radke Ran Salerno Schuback Smith Tirman Vargas von der Heydt Wall Warner Wilson Windsor Wirtz 97 FACULTY NURSING Hanner, director Bagwell Bigler Bruner Dawson Hanner Haeussler Johnson Jones Lewis Loge Loir McLeod Steffl Stellhorn Stumpf Theobald Walker Weed Woodtli FACULTY MATHEMATICS Nering, chairman Adams Belcher Bryant Buston Carr Cohn Dunlevy Gersting Gibson Green Lake Liskovec Livermore Lowenstein Lyon McCarter McCrary Miller Morse Myers Peck Portman Pyper Roberts Sanders Savage Scott Seabury Thompson Tremaine Weinman Wexler Willson 98 FACULTY POLITICAL SCIENCE Mason, chairman Alisky Dalgleish Goodall Hink Kaminsky Leonard Smith Uhl Vichules FACULTY GEOGRAPHY Haring, chairman Manera Renner Ross Thomas Wernsyedt Zaborski FACULTY GEOLOGY Miller, chairman Evensen Lundin Moore Smith Sullivan, Jerome Political Science Takemoto, Margaret Fine Arts Sternberg, Dale P. Political Science Stickler, Barbara History Stouffer, Deanette Foods Nutrition Thyken, Joanne English Tiffany Jane Social Welfare Towner, Dick L. Geography Trombino, John Pre-Law Vanier, Marilyn Journalism Wagner, Judith Lee Chemistry Warmkessel, Joyce Chemistry Weisberg, Paula Foods Nutrition Weitzman, Martin J. Wells, A. J. Geology Wesselhoeft, Karl K. Sociology White, Frances Psychology Whiteman, John Whiteside, Melbourne Williams, Suzanne Music Wilson, Robert O. Microbiology Witts, Allan J. C. Wolheter, Janet Louise Journalism Wooldridge, Mary C. Mathematics Yoshikiyo, Wada Political Science Zahrt, John Mathematics 99 Army ROTC ■ A command voice cuts the early morning air ... and cadets respond. Drill as a means not an end self-confidence. ROTC men learn the tactics and weapons of today ' s Modern Army. FACULTY MILITARY SCIENCE Jones Wyckoff, Johnson chairman Mikuleky Berry Moser Hanson Sullivan Brigade Review, ASU. ASU cadets in summer training at Fort Lewis, Washington Cadet officers, 2nd Battalion Cadet officers, 1st Battalion Cadet Col. Holsworth Brigade Commander 101 Lt. Col. Wyckoff, Professor, Military Science and Tactics Air Force ROTC AFROTC means training hi the world-wide military strategy ... practicing drill formations ... becoming familiar with the secrets of super weapons ... with electronic equipment of fantastic speed and power. Lt. Col. Jack R. Armstrong AFROTC Cadet Officers FACULTY AIR SCIENCE Armstrong, chairman Bryant Edwards Jensen Lang O ' Malley Rankin Robinson Cadet Col. Ness Wing Commander 103 104 A comparator-microphotometer is used to examine a 104 POISONOUS ANIMAL RESEARCH LABORATORY . . . PARL, the only one of its kind located in the United States, was formed to meet the expressed needs of the people of Arizona. Significant contributions have been made in the of an anti-scorpion serum and the introduction of the electrical " milking " process on scorpions. Dr. Herbert L. Stahnke is PARL director. A portion of the controls of the spectrograph ' s control unit are being adjusted. RESEARCH Keith Adams, Industrial Engineering, is working toward his Ph.D. Examination of a spectralplate on a spec reader. This force platform tests the strength of the materials used in the construction of mo dern day buildings. Dr. Jacob Fuchs Department of Chemistry Operating a dual-grating spectrograph. Dr. Woolf, genetics research, observes results of Drosophila melanogoster Richard Sherer, member of the new undergraduate science program in meteorite research, measures a special gravity of heavy liquid. Irving W. Stout, Dean of Graduate College GRADUATE COLLEGE The Graduate College . . . long hours of research, intense study, specialized work . . . until, at last, the Master ' s Degree, and then the Doctor ' s Degree, becomes a reality! As Dean of the Graduate College, Dr. Irving W.Stout coordinates and supervises programs for 3000 graduate students in the various colleges of the university. In addition to his already busy schedule, he spends 20 hours a week in research and writing, has co-authored nine books, and writes " Today ' s Children, " a daily newspaper 106 GRADUATE COUNCIL, l-r: Dr. James W. Turnbow, Professor of Dr. Jacob J. Lamberts, Professor of English; Dr. Arnold Tilden, Dean, College of Liberal Arts; Carrie Sawyer, Secretary; Dean Irving W. Stout, Graduate College, Chairman; Dr. Alfred H. Schmidt, Professor of Marketing; Dr. Karl H. Dannenfeldt, Head, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Dr. Glenn D. Overman, Dean, College of Business Administration; Dr. Harry B. Whitehurst, Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Harold D. Richardson, Academic Vice-President. 108 Anderson, Richard D. Ashe, Robert Bakovych, Alexandria Braunschweiger, Helen Clausen, Donald E. Davis, Everett E. Forbes, Laura J. Gabriel, Stanford L. Liberal Arts Engineer. Sciences Liberal Arts Chick, Henry Education Education Education Business Admin. Arnett, William A. Askin, Ravin Bartels, Susan Education Czaskowski, A. F. Dickerson, Paul Frost, Kenneth M. Gardner, Benjamin E. Business Admin. Music English Engineer. Sciences Mech. Engineering Business Admin. Tyler, Charles R. Business Admin. Warmkessel, Barry M. Liberal Arts Wharton, William E. Liberal Arts White, Billy P. Engineer. Sciences Zempel, William Engineer. Sciences Groce, Duane Lowell Business Admin. Harris, Catherine Ann Music Herrmann, Robert C. Liberal Arts Humble, Jake W. Engineer. Sciences Jones, Cyrus Grant Education Jones, Fred G. English Jones, Ronald G. Business Admin. Kassardjian, Leon Business Admin. Leatherwood, Jerry F. Business Admin. Ligon, Jim W. Education Martin, Joseph John Business Admin. Nader, Fareed W. English O ' Ne ill, Rita Education Passino, Nicholas A. Liberal Arts Pettis, Mrs. Mildred Business Admin. Porto, Gabe Liberal Arts Pyper, Walter R. Liberal Arts Robertson, Douglas Business Admin. Rumberg, Elizabeth S. Liberal Arts Satcher, Robert Liberal Arts Scammon, Richard Liberal Arts Scherer, Roland G. Business Admin. Sigler, Robert C. Education Smith, Billy A. Smith, Flo Fayleen Liberal Arts Tang, Davis Engineer. Sciences Toshio, Shono Business Admin. Tugender, Henry S. Liberal Arts ASASU STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government at ASU is unique because it is truly representative and is student Our system is patterned after our government complete with executive, legislative and judicial branches and a system of checks and balances. At the head of the branch is the ASASU president elected by popular vote of the student body, who has the power to veto legislation passed by the Senate. He has the authority to make with the approval of the Senate. The Activities Vice President heads the of Associated Students. The Speaker of the Senate is the First Vice President and heads Senate activity. Robert Carter President Cindi Buchanan Secretary John Brooking Activities Vice President Henry Klopping First Vice President 110 PAYSON WORKSHOP The Payson Leadership Workshop is held once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester each year. The planning and general execution of this workshop, which is held at Arizona State University ' s Camp Tonazona in Payson, is handled by the Organizations and Student Leadership Board. Representation at this workshop members from all aspects of government — the Senate, the committees and boards, staff, faculty, advisers etc. ASU buses are for this weekend conference. There have always been noted speakers from the public invited to address the workshop. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Executive Council establishes the membership, purpose and functions of ASASU and the Activities Coordination Board. Members: B. Carter, C. Buchanan, H. Klopping, D. Zimmerman, B. Evans, R. Brindle, J. Johnson, D. Matthews, Dr. W. P. Shofstall, Mr. D. Finley, Dean C. Nichols and Mrs. C. Scoular. FINANCIAL CONTROL The Board of Financial Control sees that purchasing and procedures and policies are in the best interest of everyone and that the budget of ASU is followed. Members: H. Klopping, J. Brooking, C. Buchanan, D. Zimmerman, B. Evans, Mr. N. Garnatz, Mr. D. Finley, Dr. W. P. Shofstall, Mrs. M.Wooldridge and Dr. B.Sanders. 112 ELECTION BOARD The Elections Board is responsible for the enforcement and of the Election Code. Members: J.Johnson, chairman, M. Langmade, G. Pomeroy, J. Hunter, T. Underly and Mr. D. Finley. STUDENT AFFAIRS The Student Affairs is the committee for the coordination of the activity and personnel Members: Dean W. P. D. Finley, Dean G. Anderson, Mr. Hickox, Mr. Demson, Dean Neely, Dean C. Nichols and B. Carter. STUDENT FACULTY The purpose of the Student Faculty Relations Board is to initiate, organize, and carry out a program for the maintenance and building of fine faculty-student relations. Members: B. Olson, chairman, L. Cereghino, N. Brewer, J. Ragland, M. Moore, S. Springer, D. Wynnyczok, G. M. Walker, L. Sullivan, S. Wetzel, B. Bogess, K.Toughridge, P. Freeman, L. Helser, B. Magness, B. Biller and R. The Board of Publications is the executive board in charge of the area of student publications. The Board has jurisdiction over all student publications of journalistic, pictorial or literary character. Members: Dr. M. Alisky, chairman, Dr. C.Portnoff, Dr. J. Vergis, Mr. R. Lance, Mr. D. Mr. R. Zacher, Dr. G. Paulsen, Mr. J. D. H. Klopping, J. Chilton, L. Sims, R. Zache and G. Avey. ACTIVITIES COORDINATION The Activities Coordination Board coordinates, evaluates, and promotes the programs of the committees concerned directly with the promotion, organization and planning of out-of-class activities. J. Brooking, B. Olson, J. Nichols, S. Poe and Mr. R. Alberti. PUBLICATIONS 114 TRAFFIC APPEALS The Traffic Appeals Board is the judiciary agency with the of hearing appeals campus traffic citations. Members: M. Snyder, Mr. J. Burnett, advisor, D. Mills, chairman, and H. Smith. 115 CULTURAL AFFAIRS SOCIAL The Social Board was set up to promote programs of social activities for all students in the University. Members are J. Nichols, chairman, G. B. Wetzel, M. Bowlin, W. Holdsworth, C. Hesik, T. Kittleson, D. Hylen, B. Barnett, B. Gorman, P. Lichty, C. Crumb, A. Van Eenemann and Mr. R. Alberti, adviser. RALLY TRADITIONS The R T Board was established to encourage the of high morale, school spirit and worthwhile traditions for students of ASU. Members: J. Louis, chairman B. Stickler, M. Avey, H. Chase, B. Cleeland, M. Cockrill, M.Crowson, M. Devin, C. Edwards, R. Freeman, C. N. Hagen, J. Holland, C. Kagikawa, M.Miller, B. Mullen, M. Pavelin, B. Raichert, P. Rauscher, M. Russell, L. Sigler, S. Smith, J. Sorkin, D. Strebe, J. Thomas, M. Vanier, B.Walker, M. Webb, D. Werner, C. Zapp, M. Zussman and Reynolds, adviser. SENATE 116 The Senate committees introduce legislation into the Senate as potential statutes. If passed by a majority of the Senate, a bill is submitted for the approval of the Speaker, the ASASU President, and finally the President of the With the signature of the President, the legislation becomes law. The Senate also handles various investigations of campus life and issues reports. Representatives are elected or appointed to the senate from AMS, AWS, off-campus women, each of the five colleges, the four classes, the Interhall Council, the Religious Council, Panhellenic Council and Joint Council of Engineers. First Vice President Henry Klopping is Speaker of the Senate. At left: Morgan Skinner, Sgt. at Arms, and Tom Whitelock ACTIVITIES CONTROL Activities Control Committee is responsible for drawing up establishing and regulating the various activities under Students. It is especially concerned with boards and under ASASU. Members: N. Hagen, chairman, N. Tenney, C. Frankfort, B. Coar and D. Baker. FINANCE The Finance Committee handles recommendations for budgeting student activity fee and any other matter of student finances. S. Chemnick, chairman, D. Winn, M. Stanton, L. Carnowski and M. Kinsey. RULES The Rules Committee is mainly with the development and of the rules of the Members: K. Wochner, J. Wilson, J. Hamer, R. Chiago, V. Behrens and D. Hixson. 117 PUBLICATIONS PUBLIC RELATIONS MEMORIAL UNION The duty of the Organization and Leadership Board is to conduct the Leadership Workshops or any other programs deemed necessary for the furthering of student leadership on campus. Members: J. Eppler, chairman, N. Spotts, A. Gardner, J. Allison, B. Atkins and Dr. adviser. The Memorial Union committee is concerned with those matters involving student participation in the MU program. F. Kirdar, chairman, R. Wasem, T. McDougal, C. Roberts and P. McClennan. ORGANIZATION LEADERSHIP The Publications Public Relations Board is concerned with the publications of State Press and Sahuaro, and with public relations of student government. Members: J. Louis, chairman, B. Bramlet, C. Bingaman, B. Brownfield and M. PUBLICITY Publicity service, in the way of making signs at the lowest possible cost, aids campus organizations who desire their services. Members: T. De Prima, J. Underwood and J.Boyd. JUDICIAL EDUCATION MEMBERSHIP ELECTION This group works on legislation mainly concerned with matters involving education, faculty, and academic affairs. Members: chairman, K. Holmg ren, J. Ayers, B. West and J. This committee handles all legislation concerning at ASU. It also is concerned with the membership of the Senate. Members: F. Reish, chairman, H. Zettler, G. Nichols, H. Fegley and D. Haveron. AWS Associated Women Students is the governing body for all women students in matters not under the of the faculty. Each girl at ASU is a member of AWS, which also coordinates all women and activities through its legislative branch, the AWS General Council. Finalists for the bestdressed co-ed. 120 Make - up demonstration during a regular meeting. AWS council FRESHMAN HOSTESSES Freshmen Hostesses, composed only of freshmen women, serve the Memorial Union by greeting and guiding guests at the various functions during the year. Their weekly meetings are concerned with speech, grooming, posture and leadership. AMS The Associated Men Students includes all men students enrolled at ASU. Its activities are designed to provide the best possible academic, social and spiritual programs for male students. ACTIVITIES HOMECOMING Banners, posters, and car caravans highlighted one of the most enthusiastic campaigns for Homecoming royalty ever witnessed at ASU. Students feverishly on their decorations, trying to finish before the judging; the thrills and chills of the Homecoming game; and the hopeful king and queen candidates with their hearts in their throats, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the counting of ballots added to the of Homecoming, 1962. Campaigning continued throughout the long afternoon , . . . and then the crowning. King Bob Clampett and Queen Sue Rawson. 124 HOUSE DECORATIONS Left, 1962 Sweepstakes Homecoming Winner, Moby Dick, Kappa Alpha Theta. Wilson Hall First place winner, Delta Gamma. M. O. Best B Alpha Phi As the week progressed, campaigning continued, students went to the polls and the rally and bonfire highlighted this annual event of the Arizona State University football season. King Bob Clampett and Queen Sue Rawson made their spectacular arrival by helicopter during halftime of the ASU-Utah State game. After being crowned by Bob Carter, ASASU Student President, the royal couple left by car after circling the football field. This event provided the final touch to the Homecoming festivities. 127 1500 tickets for 16,000 students ! ASU U of A Pre Game Early morning ticket lines, pep rally and bonfire, the annual Phoenix-to-Tucson bike race, and the theft of the victory bell . . . all ingredients for the Big Game with ASU ' s oldest rival, the U of A. The Wildcats ' first play was off-side! 129 Head Residents ' Tea A tribute to Head Residents of fraternity houses and women ' s dorms, the traditional tea offered a social atmosphere in which to meet and become better acquainted. The house mothers also found it an excellent opportunity for comparing notes, matching suggestions and exchanging ideas. Miss McCandless, Palo Verde Hall, receives her Memorial Union Open House A variety of atmospheres . . . flamencan dancers, a line-up for the limbo stick, a dance band, an energetic singing group . . . turned the Memorial Union Open House into an evening to suit every fancy and mood. 131 ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY THE LARGEST INTERCOLLEGIATE RODEO EVER PRODUCED DECEMBER 1st and 2nd 1:00 p.m SCOTTSDALE JAYCEES RODEO ARENA Scottsdale, Arizona Careful inspection determined authenticity! Western Week A round-up and a campus hoosgow set off of Western Week. Cowpokes caught with less than three items of western clothing were treated to a hasty and rough burro ride. A mid-week barbecue and dance climaxed by the crowning of a rodeo queen and judging the candidates sprouting the most rustic, the heaviest, and the longest beards set the pace for a romping rodeo. Memorial Union Christmas Party 134 The upper lounge became a winter wonderland . . . a forest of trees, a frozen pond, falling snowflakes and Christmas wishes. In one evening the Memorial Union was magically converted by the Christmas spirit. It was a time for all to try their hand at this transformation, as students sprayed and dabbled with paint, glue, glitter and artificial snow. Christmas trees were carried in and gaily trimmed. 135 MILITARY BALL Kaydette and Angel Flight candidates await the outcome of the voting. Copies of uniforms of past years of the United States Army carried the theme, " Through the Years " at the Military Ball Feb. 15, 1963. Mayor Sam Mardian of Phoenix was guest of honor and observed the crowning of Nancy Cook, by Vice-President Richardson. Door prizes were given, including transistor radios, and everyone enjoyed the music of Carl Ritter ' s band. 136 Nancy Cook, Angel Flight, 1963 Milba Queen. STAR FORMAL A trophy was presented to John Jacobs, Mr. Preferred for 1 962-63. 137 Dec. 1, 1962, was the date of the AWS Formal, " Starring Mr. Preferred. " Jimmy Dorsey ' s Band played at the occasion, which was a girl-ask-boy affair. The proceeds went for an academic scholarship. The Russian Komitas String Quartet CULTURAL AFFAIRS SOCIAL BOARD Ronnie Ryan and Henry Thome Cultural affairs presentations at Arizona State University, 1962-63, have run the gamut from string quartets to . . literary satire to international affairs. . . modern architecture to water color art. . . social commentary to poetry. Events included TOURS: to Taliesin West, Phoenix Art Museum and Nogales, Mexico. . . LECTURES: by Vance Packard, Dr. Fred Schwartz, Roman Hruska of Nebraska, W. H.Auden, Dr. Arthur Haun, Art Jacobson (ASU art faculty), Ron Wagner (ASU art faculty), and Clare Booth Luce. . . " Memories of the Metropolitan " , " Night on Broadway " , " History of Comedy " , " Twisted Tales From Shakespeare " , and " An Evening with Lerner and Lowe " . Senator Hruska of Nebraska Dr. Fred Schwartz Also, from the musical world, the ASU campus hosted the Romeros Guitarists and the Lowengreth String Quartet.. . FOREIGN STUDENTS OF ASU: United Nations Day reception honoring students and presenting D. Maurice Liu, chief of Visitor Services, United Nations, as well as a reception for the International House. Vance Packard The Brothers Four MEMORIAL UNION BIRTHDAY PARTY " Sands of Time " brought cave men, medieval characters, current entertainers and scientists to the Memorial Union Birthday Party. Prehistoric city of " Flatstone " . . . Boar ' s Head Inn, Renaissance art, fencing and music . . . the Coconut Grove, " Cafe Wha " and modern science . . . Blue Key Carnival, decorated in Medieval drew many guests to enjoy the games. Activities Coordination Board, businesses the Valley, faculty, staff and students to the events ' great success. BLUE KEY CARNIIVAL 141 Water Sports Day 1962 Water sports queen Shari Andre, with her attendants Marilyn Whitney and Judy Tomich. Water fights, boat races, and skiing contests interspersed with eating, relaxing, and an occasional overturned boat or dunking added to the fun of Water Sports Day held at Saguaro Lake. Crowning of the new queen highlighted a day which ended with a rueful inspection of blossoming sunburns. 143 SPORTS FOOTBALL The Arizona State Sun Devils enjoyed a successful season, winning seven games, losing two and tying one. For most of the season, ASU was rated one of the top 20 teams in the nation. Many team and individual records were established this year. ASU led the nation in total offense with 384 yards gained per game. Junior quarterback John Jacobs set four records plus being named to the Western Conference first team. Senior end Roger Locke also was named for the WAC first team. Second team representatives from ASU were juniors Tony Lorick and Charley Taylor. John Seedborg was the nation ' s leading extra-point booting 37 of 39 conversions. The Sun Devils employed an over - powering ground and air attack to gain their Head Coach Frank Kush and the 1962 team indeed had a season of which to be proud. The opening game of the season found the University of Wichita hosting State University. The game, played in a slight drizzle, featured long runs and passes to produce a final score of 21-10 for the Sun Devil victory. Tony Lorick scored two touchdowns, an 83-yard pass from Larry Todd and a 19-yard gallop around left end. The Devils were forced to battle back in order to overcome a 10-0 disadvantage to earn their first win. The first home game of the season brought 28,000 fans to watch the Sun Devils rout Colorado State University, 35-0. ASU employed an ground attack against the weary Aggie line. Tony Lorick with dazzling runs totaling 150 yards and three touchdowns to put the Demons well out in fro nt. Speed star Henry Carr made treks around the Aggie line. The 1962 football season started with a highly spirited student body and it appeared they had a fine team to shout for. The largest crowd of the season watched a fierce battle between the Sun Devils and the Washington State Cougars, which ended in a disheartening 24-24 tie. Charley Taylor led in rushing with 119 yards, which earned him the honor of the Western Athletic Conference ' s Back of the week. The Sun Devils displayed tremendous ability against one of its opponents of the season. 147 Bob Gaskell Sophomore Tackle Gregory Quentin Sophomore End Gene Foster Sophomore Halfback The Buffaloes dealt the Sun Devils a startling 15-14 defeat. The setback was issued by Buffalo Jerry Logan who a pass and weaved his way through ASU defenders for a 99-yard touchdown. Although it was the Devils ' initial defeat of the season, John Jacobs set a school record by 32 passes and completing 18. During half-time the Sun Devil Band displayed another talented performance of precision marching, supported by the colorful student card section. Herman Harrison Junior End Alonzo Hill Junior End Guy Hutchens Sophomore End John Jacobs Junior Quarterback Charles Karasek Sophomore Guard Pat Appulese Sophomore Tackle Sam Fanneli Sophomore Tackle Butch Brest Sophomore Tackle Steve Fedorchak Senior Center Larry Facchine Junior Quarterback 148 Henry Carr John DiLorenzo Sophomore Halfback Sophomore Halfback John Jacobs unleashed a string of sparkling passes against San Jose State to smash the " Spartan Jinx " 44-8. The Devils waited until the final 47 seconds in the first half to score their first touchdown. A Spartan fumble on the kickoff gave the Devils a 15-2 lead at half-time. In the second half it was an amazing passing, running combination that spurted ASU to victory. Junior John Jacobs completed eight of 12 passes for a total of 186 yards and three touchdowns. Bob Kec Dale Keller Aksi Kikut Sophomore Guard Senior End Junior Tackle It was the striking combination of passing and running that produced a 35-7 Sun Dev il victory over the of Utah. ASU moved the ball steadily whenever they had possession of it. Gene Foster and Tony Lorick handled the majority of the running chores with Foster scoring two touchdowns. J ohn and Roger Locke teamed up to complete a 56-yard pass for a touchdown. The half time featured the band and card section, parents from across the nation gathered for ASU ' s annual Parents ' Day. The card section, under the leadership of Jim Holland and Barbara Sprinkle dazzled the spectators with beautiful routines. John Klepacki Sophomore End Mike Krofchik Senior Tackle Joe Kush Junior Guard Jack Latimer Sophomore Center Roger Locke Senior End The Sun Devils literally ran away with the game with the Utah State Aggies, scoring five touchdowns to win 34-14. The victory was ignited by sophomore Larry Todd who scored two touchdowns on runs of 14 and 44 yards. 151 Tony Lorick Junior Halfback Hase McKey Junior Tackle Ed Mauck Sophomore Fullback Jim Milliron Junior Fullback Bob Minitti Senior Quarterback 152 Texas Western fell 35-7 victims to the Sun Devils ' strong running and passing game. Mitch Siskowski played his best game, rushing for 56 yards in eight carries. The Sun Devils were never threatened and it was simply a case of too much ASU and too little Texas Western. Jim Murphy Sophomore Center Dornel Nelson Senior Fullback Ron Scarfo Sophomore Guard John Seedborg Junior Tackle ASU jumpe d out to a 21-0 first quarter lead and were never threatened as the final score indicated, 45-20. The Sun Devils controlled the ball throughout the game by employing marches of 73, 62, and 57 yards to cap the win. New Mexico State ' s offense of James " Preacher " Pilot (the nation ' s rushing leader in 1961) was unable to cope with the troupe of Sun Devil backs. ASU 21 University of Wichita 10 ASU 35 Colorado State University 0 ASU 24 Washington State University 24 ASU 14 West Texas State College 15 ASU 44 San Jose State College 8 ASU 35 University of Utah 7 ASU 34 Utah State University 14 ASU 35 Texas Western College 7 ASU 45 New Mexico State University 20 ASU 17 University of Arizona 20 Tom Pavelin Joe Pico Sophomore Tackle Sophomore Tackle Mitch Siskowski Chris Stetzar Junior Fullback Junior Center Charley Taylor Junior Halfback Larry Todd Steve Turkovich Ed Young Ray Young Bob Widmer Sophomore Halfback Junior Halfback Sophomore Guard Junior Halfback Senior Guard At Tucson, favored to win by two or three touchdowns, The Devils, averaging over 400 yards per game, could not the 20 yard line during the first, third, and fourth ASU scored all of its 17 points in the second quarter, with Jacobs, Harrison and Seedborg breaking into the column. The Wildcats, having been more consistent, scored 20 points throughout the game. It was a frustrated affair with the loss putting a damper on a completely season. This game put a close to the 1962 football schedule. 156 BASKETBALL Arizona State enjoyed the most successful season in Sun Devil history. The team posted 26 wins, losing only two games during the regular season to Wichita and The Devils ' third and final defeat occurred in the NCAA tournament, losing in heartbreaking fashion to Oregon State 33-65. Many team and individual honors were established. Joe Caldwell and Art Becker were to All-American honorable mention, as well as representing the Western Athletic Conference ' s first team. Tony Cerkvenik was named to the WAC second team and also was selected to the All-Academic first team along with Becker and Dennis Dairman. Coach Ned Wulk received the honor of being named the first WAC ' s " Coach of the Year. " The Sun Devils again found the lane offense to their liking. ASU ' s big front line of Cerkvenik, Becker and Caldwell the Devil scoring. With no one individual as a center, the inside men scored almost 70 of the Sun Devil points. Four Devil starters in double figures with consistent Gary Senitza close behind at 9.6 points per game. Only a weak bench and possibly a lack of the " killer instinct " Sun Devil greatness. COACH OF THE YEAR 158 Gary Senitza, a deft ball-handler, looks for a pass receiver. ASU opened the season with wins over Whittier, Fresno State and Pepperdine. The first real test the Devils met was the Sunflower Doubleheader, in which Kansas and Kansas State were Wichita defeated ASU 92-90 in an " barnburner. " Smashing victories over and Minnesota vaulted the Demons into fourth place on the national poll. ASU traveled east to the Queen City tournament in Buffalo. The Sun Devils won handily, defeating Canisius in the final game. Joe Caldwell was named the tournament ' s " most valuable player " for his play. Sophomore Dennis Dairman shoots over outstretched arms to score. ASU ' s front line dominates rebounding. Art Becker Tony Cerkvenik Dennis Dairman Joe Caldwell 159 Joe Caldwell, All-America Honorable Mention. ASU 94 Whittier College 63 ASU 89 Brigham Young U. 84 ASU 89 Fresno State College 61 ASU 80 University of Utah 65 ASU 83 Pepperdine College 71 ASU 59 U. of New Mexico 47 ASU 71 University of Kansas 62 ASU 81 University of Wyoming 88 ASU 77 Kansas State University 72 ASU 63 Texas Western College 60 ASU 90 University of Wichita 92 ASU 89 New Mexico State U. 62 ASU 71 University of Colorado 53 ASU 73 University of Arizona 54 ASU 98 U. of Minnesota 79 ASU 83 University of Utah 78 ASU 89 U. of Rhode Island 83 ASU 104 Brigham Young U. 87 ASU 67 Canisius College 63 ASU 82 University of Wyoming 72 ASU 79 University of Denver 72 ASU 76 U. of New Mexico 62 ASU 87 New Mexico State U. 60 ASU 73 Creighton University 70 ASU 63 Texas Western College 60 ASU 58 University of Arizona 53 All-WAC Art Becker demonstrates his deadly jump shot. Raul Disarufino Gerald Jones Bobby Howard Harry Orr Nationally ranked Sun Devils display their talents before another packed house. Alan Schmelz scores in 94-63 rout of Whittier. After the Devils had won five straight games, Wyoming dealt them a surprising upset, 88-81. ASU clinched the Western Athletic Conference by downing Utah and Young on successive nights. By defeating Creighton, ASU won its 43rd straight home game. Closing out the regular season at Tucson, the Sun Devils maintained their mastery over the helpless Wildcats, upending them for the 12th straight time. Tom Owens Alan Schmelz Gary Senitza Jim Sturgeon Assistant Coach Bill Mann Graduating Senior Raul Disarufino scores on a layup. 162 Dave Reid goes high to pluck rebound. Next season ' s success appears bright with four regulars returning. ASU loses Tony Cerkvenik, Bobby Howard and Raul Disarufino via Coach Wulk hopes that the experience gained by the four remaining starters will for the loss. The next season ' s task will be difficult without the rebounding of 6 ' 4 " and the fine ball handling of Disarufino and Howard. With many valuable freshman eligible to combine with the experienced a very successful season is predicted. Above: Jumpin ' Joe leads ASU fast break with two-handed dunker. Right: Cerkvenik and Becker battle Brigham Young opponent for rebound. Utah ' s Bo Crain is hemmed in by Caldwell and Cerkvenik. ASU wishes the team good luck with a telegram signed by 30,000. Winning the WAC, the Devils were forced to play Utah State to determine the participant in the Far West Regional NCAA Tournament. Coming from behind, the " Kardiac Kids " won in a spinetingling overtime. Following the game Coach Wulk commented " a wonderful win — but our worst game of the season. " Jumpin ' Joe, magnificently, scored 31 points to pace the victory. 164 To the disbelief of Arizona State fans, Oregon State upset the Sun Devils 83-65. Below, Tony Cerkvenik is fouled by 7-foot Mel Counts of State. Even Oregon State ' s giant Mel Counts is not tall enough to stop or block the shot attempt of ASU ' s " jumping " Joe Caldwell. From the " worst " game of the season, the Devils performed in their next game, completely overpowering UCLA 93-79. Los Angeles papers acknowledged the exhibition by exclaiming, " the worst defeat suffered by a John Wooden coached team. " The Devils, canning their first 9 shots from the field, were never This had to be the finest performance ever given by the ASU Demons. 1962-63 Sun Devil Baseball Squad BASEBALL 166 Bobby Winkles ' Sun Devil nine took the diamond scoring early season records and wins. With an 18-3 record the ASU team was ranked sixth nationally in the first Collegiate newspaper poll. Better hitting and improved defense for the Sun Devil success. Leading pitchers were Gary Graham, team captain and last year ' s outstanding Sam Cook and Sterling Slaughter, who struck out 22 against Colorado State U. setting a team record. Hitters who had over .300 at Sahuaro press time were John Ruedy, Bob Kavgian, Alan Schmelz, Merrill Hyde, Dave Fellers and Syd Smith. Ruedy also stole 17 bases to break a team and season record. Winkles was assisted by frosh coach Jim Railey. ASU Roster included pitchers Dave Carfun, Larry Cochelle, Sam Cook, Gary Graham, Ron Lea, Tom Mac Dougal, Jim Merrick, Tod Memecek, Sterling Slaughter and Larry Smith; catchers Tony Alesci, Dave Fellers and Ray Stadler; first baseman Doug Westley; second baseman Jack Handley; third basemen Alan Schmelz and Syd Smith; shortstop Luis Lagunas; infield John Ruedy; outfield Dick Heiden, Merrill Hyde, Bob Kavgian, Rich Oliver and Dennis Starkins. Gary Graham, team captain and one of the top pitchers, Merrill Hyde, batting at .333 gets set for one that could go over the fence. warms up for a game with University of Utah. Sam Cook fires ball into the strike zone of a " Ute " batter. 167 Doug Westley takes a hefty swing and connects for a hit. ASU 1 Los Angeles State 4 ASU 3 Los Angeles State 1 ASU 6 Los Angeles State 3 ASU 14 Utah State University 1 ASU 4 Utah State University 2 ASU 12 Utah State University 0 ASU 18 Utah State University 2 ASU 14 University of Utah 5 ASU 7 University of Utah 4 ASU 7 Colorado State University 0 ASU 4 Colorado State University 2 ASU 14 Colorado State University 3 ASU 5 Oregon State University 4 ASU 6 Oregon State University 8 ASU 5 Oregon State University 8 ASU 7 Oregon State University 2 ASU 5 University of Wyoming 1 ASU 6 University of Wyoming 4 ASU 8 University of Wyoming 4 ASU 8 University of Oklahoma 0 ASU 5 University of Oklahoma 4 168 Sliding safely into third base is Bob Kangian. Second baseman Jack Handley fires the ball to first base for a double play. TRACK Sun Devil spikers came on strong, breaking stadium, meet, track, national, collegiate and world records and thrilling appreciative fans. cindermen Mike Barrick, Henry Carr, Ron Freeman and Ulis Williams set the national mile relay record, clocking in 3:06.3. Carr was spectacular early in the season, cracking the 220 (curve) world ' s record twice in one week. He broke the tape at 20.3 in his best timing. Carr ' s 9.5-second 100-yd. dash was high, as was Ulis Williams ' 46.4 in the 440. Williams ran with the USA track team the previous summer, competing throughout Europe and won the 400-meter race in a dual meet with Russia. A world record is smashed in the 220-yard dash as Henry Carr breaks the tape with an amazing 20.3 clocking. 169 This year ' s strong contender for the world ' s record in the mile relay is ASU ' s speedy four: Ulis Williams, Ron Freeman, Henry Carr and Mike Barrick. A crowd of more than 8,000 fans gives a standing ovation in appreciation as another Frank Covelli ' s toss of 259 ' 11.5 " was a national collegiate season record. record is set at a home meet. Jon Cole puts the shot 53 ' 10.3 " to place second in a dual meet with the University of Southern California. Sun Devil cindermen included: Jerry Armon, pole vault; Mike Barrick, 440, mile relay; Joe Caldwell, high jump; Henry Carr, 100-yd. dash, 200, mile relay; Jon Cole, shot put, discus, javelin; Frank Covelli, javelin; Ron Freeman, 220, 440, mile relay; Denny Green, 880; Ben Hawkins, hurdles; Larry shot put, discus; Tom Hester, hurdles; Darrell Jansen, hurdles; Ron Jepsen, shot put, discus; Larry Kanouse, 100-yd. dash, 220; Jim McBurney, 880; Dan McPeck, broad jump; Eric Owers, mile, two-mile, 880; Joe Parham, 100-yd. dash, 220; Art Reade, 880, mile; John Rose, pole vault; John Silverthorn, mile, two-mile; Joe Smart, 880, mile; Ulis Williams, 440, mile relay. 170 Joe Caldwell strains as he clears the mark. In other outstanding performances, ASU trackmen held top collegiate marks in two events: Frank Covelli had the nation ' s best javelin toss — 259-111 2, and John Rose ' s 15-61 4 pole vault was bettered by few. In his first meet after basketball season Joe Caldwell went over the high jump bar at which set his ASU high. Tom Hester is a good frosh runner, often excelled only by his competing teammates. In spite of all the record holders, the Sun Devil trackmen failed to rack up enough total points to take meets because of lack of depth. Clearing John Rose sets a new stadium record. Ulis Williams hits the tape after running the final leg of ASU ' s record-holding mile relay team. Arizona State ' s Darrell Jansen passes a Wildcat hurler in a fiery finish. Versatile Henry Carr leaps 23 ' 9 " to take the broad jump for the Sun Devils. Heavyweight Carry Lewis pins his opponent to help ASU to a 39-2 victory over the UofA. WRESTLING Under the direction of Coach Ted ASU entered its first season of intercollegiate wrestling. Highlights occurred when ASU defeated UofA 39-2 and tied high ranking Colorado State College 16-16. The grapplers completed the regular season winning three tournaments and finishing fourth in the Western Athletic Conference. Final dual meet score was 9-4-1. performers were Buzz Hays and Dave Greer. Greer earned the outstanding varsity wrestler award, while Buzz Hays represented ASU at the NCAA tournament. Sun Devil Grapplers displayed some remarkable action on the mats this year. John Hager applies a cradle to a Wildcat opponent. Rick Jackson demonstrates quarter nelson in tournament action. GYMNASTICS Left, Nelson ' s handstand is part of his floor exercise per- formance. Above, " Skip " Johnson demonstrates his skills on the parallel bars. The ASU gymnastic squad, under Coach Norris Steverson, boasted a successful season. In to winning the majority of its meets, the team claimed fourth place in the Western Gymnastics Association Championships and a close second place berth in the WAC Jerry Stansbury, an outstanding scored high in meets as an all-around Chris Evans was a national contender on the still rings. Other gymnasts who racked up points for the Sun Devils were: " Skip " Johnson, Jim Nelson, Les Christianson, Benny Bishop, Norm Cox, Carl Fosdick, Dave Lambert and Norm Witham. Left, team captain Jerry Stansbury rated top points through a " German Giant " or back arm swing on the horizontal bar. Above, Les Christianson executes a near-perfect handstand on the parallel bars. womens tennis In early fall the tennis team competed in the Southwest Tournament in Phoenix. ASU ' s Lynn Haines was the in both women ' s singles and Jr. Girls ' singles; Pinky and Emma Flores won the women ' s doubles. In they participated in the Tropicana Tournament. Lynn Haines won the singles; Pinky Shoemaker and Emma Flores won the women ' s doubles, and Pinky also was half of the winning mixed doubles tandem. In February, Lynn Haines won the University of Arizona Inter-Collegiate tournament a nd teamed with Pinky Shoemaker to gain the finals of the doubles. Tennis team, l-r, top row: P. Shoemaker, M. Scott, Miss A. (coach), B. James, P. North, Bottom row: L. Haines, M. Woolridge, S. Smith. WOMEN ' S GOLF Arizona State ' s women ' s golf team participated in the womens Collegiate Golf Tournament last June at the University of New Mexico. Carol Sorenson won this tournament and teamed with former student Sue Meirdink to take the Team Championship, making this our 4th consecutive year to win the team award. This June the girls pictured will play in this tournament at Pennsylvania State University. Other accomplishments for this year: Mary Lowell was 2nd place finisher at the William H. Tucker Invitational Collegiate Tournament for men and women at the University of New Mexico in October; Carol Sorenson won the Women ' s Western and State titles and was low amateur in the Phoenix Women ' s Open; Kathy Farrer was a quarter finalist in the Women ' s Trans- Mississippi Tournament. Golf team, l-r: Miss U. Graham (coach), R. Sheedy, K. Farrer, NI. Lowell, and C. Sorenson. Mary Lowell Rosilee Sheedy Kathy Farrer Carol Sorenson Mike Farrell Pete Hirmer Jim Jafke Mike Katres Ted Lyford Allen McCarthy Dudley Merkel Kim Von Tempsky Coach Bill Mann ' s crew was led by junior college transfer Ted Lyford and letterman Mike Farrell, the only returnee of the 1962 team. Other transfers who aided the ASU linksters were Dud Merkel, a sophomore who attended Orange Coast College, and Pete Hirmer, a Phoenix College transfer. The remainder of the squad was mainly inexperienced New to the ASU golfing scene was the first annual Sun Devil Invitational. MEN ' S tennis Under the leadership of new coach Ted Bredehoft, the Sun Devil netters worked hard rebuilding the ASU tennis program. Ineligibility problems forced outstanding talent to participate in exhibition games only. The top player was team captain Craig Carlson, supported by number two man, Ted Winston. Coach Bredehoft hopes that experience will be gained and will pay off in future tournaments. Standing, l-r: Coach T. Bredehoft, G. Still, T. G. Smith, C. Carlson, D. Elliott. Kneeling, l-r: S. Rosen, K. Neiburg, J. Miller and K Miller. WOMEN ' S BADMINTON Coach Arlene Hanssen and the ASU team claimed top positions in a of tournaments this year. The team was a finalist in the Southwes tern Badminton Tournament and came out on top in the Long Beach Open with top- ranked Michele Filkins turning in a winning score. The team annually sponsors the Closed Badminton Tourney. Practicing for an upcoming tournament are Michelle Filkins, Barbara Logan and Carolyn Nobles. ASU ARCHERY Coach Margaret Klann ' s archers won the Winter Intercollegiate Meet titles in two divisions and held first through fifth place in individual standings. For the second year in a row the team took the National Archery Association Winter Meet College Division Championship in the duryee round. The ASU Invitational Archery Tournament was sponsored by the Sun Devil archers in March. The women on the squad also participated in Spring Sports Day, hosted by ASU. M. Wahl, C. Lee, S. Mendoza, S. Cox, C. Hopkins, S. Brubaker, S. Nix, J. Ziska, F. Honchell and D. Glenn form the archery line at left. Team, 1-r: Coach B. Manera, J. Smith, C. Clark, M. Barratta, B. Manierre, S. Coffin, C. Wake, K. Maglich, P. Johnson, K. Barmettlor and S. Wood. WOMEN ' S swimming The Arizona State swim team, under the direction of new coach Elizabeth Manera, entered nine meets in its 1962-63 season. The squad consisted of racing specialists and the synchronized swimming program which was inaugurated during the year. RIFLE team ASU was represented in riflery in both small bore and high- power competition. Sgt. Fred Brown of AFROTC coached these teams to victory in the Washington ' s Birthday Match and the General H. Arnold Memorial Match. Bob Keating, Bob Holtzman, Tom Downs and Mary Avery scored high in matches. Back row, 1-r: T. Hunter, G. Iverson, Sgt. M. Weeks. Front row: L. Gilbert and B. Keating. The " Rejects " downed Sigma Chi on their way to copping the football championship. intramurals Mike Schwartz sets up for a team spike as Sigma Nu takes on Delta Sig. Phi Delts were the final victors in the volleyball event. Flying George Lee goes all out in an attempt to stop the advance of an opponent. Diving and swimming proved to be popular events. John Pontier, Delta Sig, tries for a strike The " Hooters " took top honors in the water competi- in intramural bowling. The Theta Delt tion. team bowled high score to win the trophy. 178 The men ' s intramural program at Arizona State, under the direction of Laurie Lieberman, provides competitive participation for Greeks, halls and organizations in a variety of sports. This year ' s intramural program was filled with plenty of action and keen competition. The variety of sports ranged from badminton to swimming with many new sports added to round out the intramural scene. The 1961-62 intramural championship went to Alpha Tau Omega followed by second place Sigma Nu. The outstanding athlete with the highest total points was Carlyle Givens; Stan Sims was named the top manager of the year. Going into the final spring events the top groups of the 1962-63 year were: " Hooters, " Phi Delts, ATO, Delta Sig, Sigma Chi, Phi Sig, Sig Ep, Sigma Nu, Theta Delts and Pikes. Phi Psi Bill Weidemaier shoots for two against ATO in basketball action. ATO went on to win the finals over the " Hooters. " Intramural tennis included both singles and doubles. Gerry Stills of the " Hooters " captured the singles with Roger Patton (below ) and Paul Cullom of Phi Delt taking the doubles. 179 GREEK WEEK — Launching activities, the Greek Sing sets the mood for the week ahead. . . The processional pagentry of the Parade of Chariots culminates in a festive semi-formal dance feting Diana and Apollo... Energy stoked up by to earn funds for a philanthropic project finds its expression in Greek games, the likes of which the ancient Athenians had never seen. ASU ' s modern Greeks could lick the B.C. athletes, hands down, at their games three-legged races, egg throwing contests and hula-hooping, Tempe style. greeks greek WEEK Chi Omega, Sweepstakes winner of ±c wt Presentation of trophies at the Grecian Ball 184 Gretchen Diercks and Ed Mauck, Diana and Apollo for 1963 Winners of Greek week events gather at the Greek games. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council is an integral part of the sorority system at ASU. Twice a month representatives from each sorority meet to discuss problems, draw up policies and take back suggestions to their individual groups. This year the council was hostess to Mrs. Hay, a national Panhellenic representative who aided them in a highly successful workshop. This organization has made each sorority a unit in a larger whole, which furthers higher scholastic standards and social participation. President Ellen Roca has a pre-meeting discussion with two of the girls. Mrs. Ballard, Phoenix Panhellenic, and Pat Matthias, Panhellenic rush chairman. The first Greek society for women, Alpha Delta Pi, was founded at Macon, Ga., May 15, 1851, as the Philomathian Society. ADPi was one of the first sororities at ASU. Nancy Cook was chosen Military Ball Queen this year, and Phyllis Peden was among the finalists in the Queen contest. Campus offices were held by Cindi Buchanan, student - body secretary, and Carole Walker, off-campus women ' s senator. (cont. on page 189) Nancy Cook — 1963 Military Ball Queen, Angel Flight. Anderson, Kaye Barry, Sue Biro, Julie Anderson, Lynn Beck, Jayne Browne, Victoria Armstrong, Judy Behrens, Vergie Lee Buchanan, Cindi Burns, Mary Leigh Donnelly, Judy Farnsworth, Leslie Fuller, Gayle Cook, Nancy Duke, Sandi Frankfort, Courtney Fuller, Sharon Alpha Delta Pi Pledge Class, 1962 Goemans, Gretchen Hadaway, Cheryl Hunter, Judy Jenkins, Sueann Janes, Lyle Jo Jones, Ginger Kessler, Elaine Matta, Gloria Love, Jayme Nase, Linda McCluskey, Janet Moore, Karen McCallion, Nancy Monsees, Susan J. alpha delta pi Peterson, Lynne Poe, Susan Robson, Jan Smith, Penny Spencer, Elsa Plummer, Helen Polacek, Suzie Sigler, Lyn Southern, Pat Stanton, Loretta Szczepankowski, Barbara Thomas, Janet Van Hooser, Delma Vihel, Marilyn Walker, Carole Naumann, Karen Owens, Sue Ann Naumetz, Gay Pansini, Patricia Otten, Shirley Peden, Phyllis Whitworth, Jennifer Wylie, Madeline Alpha Delta Pi Slave Sale for 1962. Auctioning the girls is Mike Schwartz. Pledge meeting, second semester. ADPi ' s this year had members on the Social Board, Rallies and , Traditions Board, MU Board, Education Board, Angel Flight, Little Sisters of Minerva, Pom Pon Squad and cheerleaders. projects for the year included the annual Christmas family volunteer work at Samuel Gompers Rehabilitation Center, penny-a-day banks and a project for crippled Officers in 1962-63 were L. Farnsworth, D. Van Hooser, L. Peterson and C. Buchanan. At left are new president Lynne Peterson and retiring president Leslie Farnsworth. Above is Karen Moore, participant in the annual " Guides for Brides " Fashion Show. Alpha Delta Pi ' s 1962 Christmas Formal. Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded Oct. 24, 1909, at Barnard College, New York, and came to ASU in 1958. Noted for its everlasting its scholarship and its philanthropic AEPhi has 52 chapters with more than 20,000 members joining in the sorority ' s motto: " Many Hearts, One Purpose. " Activities a Winter Formal, Spring Dinner-Dance, Pledge Brunch, Twins Party, Hawaiian Luau, retreats, exchanges and participation in local philanthropic projects. Members especially recognized on campus were Toby Weinberg, AEPi Sweetheart and varsity cheerleader, Diane Brown, Kaydettes and Orchesis, and Carol Lichtenstein, Alpha Lambda Delta. Abraham, Suellen Abrams, Audrey Bartell, Rusti Beigel, Sandra Berkson, Barbara Jo Bernstein, Judith Brown, Diane Delbred, Susan Hockfield, Arlene Kirske, Teddi Kohnweiler, J. Lichtenstein, Carol Ann Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge Class, 1962. Marshok, Sylberta Maymon, Diane Richman, Carol Rosenthal, Phyllis Shurberg, Barbara Smith, Marsha 191 Practicing for Greek Week Sing was a nightly project. Temkin, Norma Weisberg, Paula Weinberg, Toby Yosowitz, Carlyn Gamma Pi chapter of Alpha Phi came to the ASU campus in February, 1958. The national organization, consisting of 83 chapters throughout the U.S., in Canada and Hawaii, was founded Oct. 10, 1872, at Syracuse University. Among many activities, the philanthropic project was a great success again, and Alpha Phi donated $4,000 to the Heart Fund Campaign by sponsoring the annual Heart Fund Ball and Queen of Hearts contest. Alpha Phi ' s were honored in Pleiades, K. Soigatz; Natani, S. Garmire; Spurs and Alpha Lambda Delta, P. Bretton. J. VonBlume was Rose Queen of Delta Sigma Pi. Officers are, seated: B. Brock, scholarship vice president; M. Satterfield, president; P. Betton, vice president in charge of pledge training. Retired officers, standing: J. Mumford, scholarship vice president; V. Taylor, president; D. Miller, vice president pledge trainer. Alpha Phi Pledge Class, 1962. 192 After hours Mary Satterfield and sisters relax with a laugh and a song, above. Paddles: Big-sister little-sister inheritance, at left. Almo, Sheryl A. Betton, Pat Brock, Barbara Boyer, Betty Carter, Ronny Chewning, Lynn Childers, Melody Cope, Susan Copper, Barbara Duncan, Tracey Faust, Sharon Fuller, Suzan Garmire, Sandra Glick, Rebecca Graham, Gail Hansson, Margaret Harington, Mari Lee Harrison, Jean Ellen Henry, Helen E. Hesik, Cindi Hillhouse, Donna Harvard, Sharon Hundertmark, Jane Ivanovich, Paula Kaiander, Suzy Keeler, Janice Koppes, Susan Krichbaum, Karen Leitterman, Gloria S. Mahan, Joy Alpha phi ' s Homecoming decoration for 1962, " Three Faces of Eve. " Taylor, Jackee Rigle, Judy Taylor, Vivianne Von Blume, Joanne Maxwell, Cecelia Mumford, Judy Menniti, Marlene Patterson, Gail B. ALPHA PHI 194 HEART FUND BALL — Queen for 1963 is Judy Drage, shown above, receiving a trophy and roses from last year ' s queen, Jeanette Jensen. George Flint introduces candidates (upper left) who were voted for by donations. A penny a vote! Alpha Sigma Alpha, founded Nov. 15, 1901, at Longwood College, Farmville, Va., established its Beta Chi Chapter at ASU in 1952. The sorority has a four-fold aim — intellectual achievement, personal growth, social maturity and spiritual development. One of its projects is to help mentally retarded children, both the national philanthropic project and a local institution. A Christmas party was given for the Valley of the Sun School for mentally retarded children. Biggest event of the year was receipt of the Panhellenic Scholarship Award for 1961 by the active chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Barbara Kauffman presents the Alpha Sigma Alpha Mr. Noel Award to Gary Brown during the 1962 Christmas Formal. Pledge Presents, 1962. The 1962 Christmas Formal was a gay event at the Phoenix Country Club. Barnes, Sandra Carnowski, Linda Clark, Sherry Holstine, Margaret Kerr, Elizabeth S. Padilla, Loretta Weber, Joy Butler, Marilyn Chapman. Blanche Henshaw, Suzanne L. Hopkins, Carol MePeek, Laura M. Paschall, Brenda Wickham, Mary E. Campbell, Barbara L. Clappy, Shirley Ann Holmes, Sandra Kauffman, Barbara Miller, Sharon Schartzmann, Mary Ziman, Annalee Ban, Linda Barmettlor, Kathleen Chi Omega, founded on April 5, 1895, was the first fraternity on a national basis, and now has the largest number of chapters of any national sorority. Psi Epsilon chapter was founded at ASU on May 5, 1951. Chi Omega ' s program strives to develop womanhood to its highest capacity through sincere learning, creditable scholarship, friendship, social and civic service, and development. Social events this year included the Barn Dance, Eleusinian Banquet, Parent Banquet, Pledge Presents, Christmas Formal, Iinitiation Banquet, and the Spring Formal. Pledge Presents — Roses being presented to Barbara Alford by Jerry Sullivan, past IFC president. Pledge Presents 1962 Alford, Barbara Berry, Sandy Bruno, Roxie Canning, Andrea Cooley, Sandi Fasoli, Sharon Arneson, Karen Brennan, Sheila Bulla, Bev Clayton, Nancy Dahl, Margaret Fish, Marilyn Baird, Jodee Brockbank, Glenda Burk, Sue Combs, Sara Lou Dyer, Elizabeth Freedman, Natalie 199 Freeman, Pat Garland, Candy Green, Carolyn Hargrove, Judy Hodge, Christie Hogan, Pat Howard, Janne Johnson, Bonnie Langmade, Martha Loeb, Pam Loughrige, Karin Marionneaux, Susan Miller, Brenda Moore, Mariamne Morrison, Eileen Frederick Olson, Bonnie Payne, Karla Pomeroy, Georgia Ragland, Jody Ray, Vicki Richardson, Mary Lou Ross, Mary Ellen Rossini, Marilyn Schiess, Pat Schimm, Mary Ann Schwanz, Algene Smith, Diane Springer, Suzi Stellhorn, Martha Sullivan, Linda Tibshraeney, Georgette Verhoeven, Ann Walker, Margaret Warren, Lorraine Welman, Donna Worklan, Martha 200 Chi Omega Western Dance CHI OMEGA CONT ' D Chandler ' s San Marcos was the site of Chi Omega ' s Christmas Formal, 1962. Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 at the Lewis School, Oxford, Miss. There are 90 collegiate chapters in the U.S. and Canada, with Gamma Phi Chapter being established at ASU May 10, 1958. Delta Gammas are active in many ways. Campus held this year include Panhellenic president, president of Little Sisters of Minerva as well as many active memberships in Little Sisters and Phidelphias, president of Crescents, of Angel Flight and Kaydettes, head of card section for Rallies and Traditions board and many Greek Week assignments. Throughout the year Delta Gammas have received recognition for their many achievements, among these are first place in the sorority division for Homecoming Float, Homecoming Queen attendant and Sigma Chi Derby Day winners. Two of the most important social events of the year were the Christmas Formal and Shipwreck party. The Gamma Phi Chapter was awarded a trophy for the sorority with the most improved scholarship. Phi Delt ' s helped DG ' s in building their " Great Train Robbery " for Homecoming 1962. Efforts paid off when DG ' s won first place. Adams, Nancy Allen, Donna Austin, Diane Beard, Barbara Beeler, Sande Boyer, Carolyn Bunch, Kathi Davidson, Nancy Digges, Nancy 202 Barbara Sprinkle, co-chairman of the card section for the football games, instructs students on procedures during card section performance. 1962 Pledge Class at Pledge Presents Digges, Patty Egizii, Carol Forney, Sandy Gear, Rita Kier, Pam Madison, Leslie Dreisbach, Lauren Farone, Peggy Foster, Marti Hemingway, Susan Lefton, Pamela Nichols, Joan Dufresne, Louise Fenech, Frances C. Garard, Kaye Jensen, Jeanette Lynch, Lucy Norde, Corki 203 DELTA GAMMA CONT ' D Campaigning for Marilyn Wood, candidate for Homecoming Queen. O ' Neill, Rita Reed, Jan Roca, Ellen Ruffin, Sandy Shelley, Pamela Lee Smith, Judy Sprinkle, Barbara Tamburrelli, Virginia Tiffany, Jane Troelstrup, Jill Van Dellen, Julie Wahl, Karen Wahl, Lynn Wehrli, Kimbeth Wood, Marilyn Zapp, Carol Christmas Formal, 1962 (above) and new officers in chapter room meeting (below). Officers are, l-r: R. Gear, ritual chairman; M. Wood, president; E. Miller, secretary; N. Davidson, pledge trainer; D. Allen, 1st vice president; C.Boyer, treasurer; K. Bunch, recording secretary; J. Reed, scholarship chairman; and E. Roca, 2nd vice president. 205 Throughout the 14 years following installation as the first national sorority at Arizona State, Beta Kappa chapter of Gamma Phi Beta has participated in many and varied campus The members have taken an active part in the growth of the University, with membership in scholastic and educational honoraries, service groups, and student government, and this year holding three of the four offices in AWS. Traditional events include the fall barn dance with the Alpha Phis, the Christmas and spring formals and the Gamma Phi Follies. Service to the community is through an anuual Christmas party for underprivileged and a national philanthropic project which provides summer camp holidays for underprivileged girls. Allen, Charla Jo Arnote, Donna Ayers, Janice Batchelor, Brenda Bowman, Dianne Brooks, Darcy Butler, Kathy Cantwell, Susan Childs, Peggy Cockrill, Melinda Cole, Peggy Cook, Lynnda Dinner at the Beef Eater ' s for new Gamma Phi Beta fall pledges. 206 Gamma Phi Beta Pledge Class, 1962 Diestler, Carolyn Elliot, Judy Evans, Bonnie Grosser, Carole Ingersoll, Carol Donnelly, Paula Emery, Karla Fitzgerald, Diane Guild, Betty Irani, Tima E. Edwards, Carole Ann Erickson, Kathi Funk, Naomi Hackleman, Marco A. Jeffries, Suanne Jones, Cheryl Kirkham, Barbara Kline, Kay 207 GAMMA PHI BETA CONT ' D Gamma Phi Beta ' s new actives proudly display items collected on a scavenger hunt, Knight, Rae Deanne Maddox, Virginia Marek, Diana Mays, Ginger McKnight, Lynda McNatt, Mary Lou Minner, Dee Moore, Carolyn Moore, Maureen Mouw, Leslie Pavelin, Marjorie Pererson, Linda A. Raichert, Beverly June Rollins, Sheila Russell, Judy Salisbury, Lynda Sandhowe, Pat Shafer, Ann Sloan, Jimmie Ruth Stormont, Billie Tomkins, Patricia Walmsley, Susan Worsley, Shan Young, Susan Zenobi, Harriet 208 Gamma Phi Beta Christmas Formal, 1962, at the Executive House. The annual Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Phi Beta Christmas party for children of St. John ' s Indian School was held at the Alpha Tau Omega house. 210 Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek letter fraternity for women, was founded at DePauw University, Jan. 27, 1870. Delta Epsilon, the 84th chapter, was chartered officially at Arizona State University April 11, 1959. The group is an part of the University with its members active in many organizations. Kappa Alpha Theta believes in of the highest scholarship, and always ranks high in all sorority scholastic competition, last year winning 1st place in both pledge and chapter competition. Kappa Alpha Theta maintains a loan and fellowship fund for its members. National philanthropic projects are the Institute of at Wichita, Kan., and the Foster Parents ' Plan. Homecoming Sweepstakes Award Winner, top, and below, right, working on " Moby. " Beall, Tarlei Bowen, Sharron Cravener, Donna Darrow, Mary Davis, Sally Ekman, Jean Glenn, Roberta Bean, Merrilee Brodersen, Linda Curry, LaDonna Davis, Marilou Dunn, Pamela Elliott, Barbara Graham, Valerie 1962 Pledge Class 211 Gregory, Susan Guilbert, Suzanne Holmgren, Kay Hoyt, Kitty Johnson, Beverly Jones, Judith Jost, Carol Land, Charlotte Lewis, Kathie Mangano, Kathie Milne, Marcia Moore, Donna Moore, Nancy J. Morris, Ann Murray, Susan Niggemann, Kitty Peterson, Susan P. Powell, Tycha Price, Sandie Rasmussen, Melinda Rigden, Cynthia Ruff, Carol Rugh, Sue Sabine, Sharon KAPPA ALPHA THETA CONT ' D 212 Steele, Joan Steadman, Sally Stouffer, Deanette Vollmer, Karen Wavering, Lynne Stouffer, Kay Walberg, Gay Winsor, Lynn Sally Davis, above left, newly elected president, views homecoming trophy with Nancy Moore, president. Thetas, above right, are active in ASU honoraries. Sheedy, Rosalie Sorensen, Carol Shears, Brenda Linda Allison, presents trophy to Dick Rees, 1962 Theta Man. Kites flew high for fall initiates. Pledge walkout on Camelback Mountain — fun and freedom for the gang! 213 Theta ' s theme party for rush, " Alice in Thetaland. " Founded Oct. 23, 1897, at Longwood College, Farmville, Va., Kappa Delta has grown to include 103 chapters across the United States. Beta Psi chapter is proved to be a member of this far-reaching group whose national project is the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. At ASU the KD ' s are kept busy participating as members of the ASASU Senate, Pleiades, Natani, Spurs, Greek Week Steering Committee and other campus organizations. Some annual activities include a retreat at Prescott, the Emerald Ball and Mother-Daughter Party at Christmas, Founder ' s Day Banquet, Senior Party and Banquet and the Spring Formal. Kappa Delta gets an early start in practice for the annual Greek Sing. Ach, Julie Adkins, Beverly Alden, Allison Bethancourt, Renee Brewer, Nancy Card, Carol Ann Bergman, Kaye Blue, Patti Kay Brimhall, Lee Ana Chemnick, Susan Cowley, Judy Davenport, Judy Coyle, Kathy Deegan, Marilyn 1962 Pledge Presents Drage, Judy Eklund, Peggy Essex, Linda Foster, Susan L. Foster, Sheila Fruchter, Rita Fulk, Margo Harber, Barbara Marlowe Carole Ann Johnson, Sharon Kay Garbe, Marilyn Paula Johnson, Jill King, Carolyn KAPPA DELTA CONT ' D New pledges receive their ribbons. Kappa Delta Executive Council, l-r: J. Drage, N. Brewer, S.Nidal, J. Wilson, P. Eklund, K. Johnson and P. Reece. Komoroske. Kay Malene, Ann Prager, Jo Ann Shelton, Rita Faye White, Mary Lansing, Penni Mardirosian, Dolly Reese, Phyllis Kay Vidal, Sharon Wilson, Judy Lehman, Tricia Murphy, Margie Reid, Ann Watts, Marjorie Ann Wooldridge, Mary Chamie Lewis, Valerie Nelson, Sharlyn Shahan, Ann Weatherup, Linda Zenoff, Terrie 216 The trophy for Kappa Delta Man of the Year was presented by Susan Foster to Thomas McDougall at the Annual Emerald Ball. Emerald Ball, Christmas, 1962 Alford, Dianne Alford, Shireen Angus, Carole Baker, Kathy Battenfield, Diane Bell, Jean Diercks, Louise Dillner, Martha Dornsbach, Ann Doster, Sara Jane Edwards, Meda Effron, Sue Everley, Mary Ann Frost, Sarah Good, Sherry Goodrum, Lou Grimm, Beverly Ison, Jean Kappa Kappa Gamma, an international sorority, was one of the first two women ' s sororities. Epsilon Delta chapter was established at ASU, Feb. 15, 1959. Kappa Kappa Gamma maintains a student aid fund — undergraduate, graduate, foreign study, rehabilitation and emergency scholarships. The philanthropic field of the fraternity includes the Rose McGill fund and the Della Lawrence Burt Endowment Fund. Annual activities include an alumnae tea, Founder ' s Day and scholarship banquets, senior party, tea for the advisory board, mother-daughter tea and Christmas and Spring Kappas kept busy with members in Angel Flight, Kaydettes, Golden Hearts, Phidelphias, Little Sisters of Minerva, Natani, Rally and Traditions Board, Naiads, Lambda Delta, Delta Chi Phi Delta Sweetheart, AWS vice president, chairman of Woman ' s Day, Steering Committee, Social Board, and Elections Board. At left, Kay Lynskey, AWS vice president, receives scholarship co-operation plaque. Blethen, Diane Bunn, Betty Cain, Barbara Chisholm, Paula DeGraaf, Barbara 218 Diercks, Gretchen DELTA SIGMA PH! Luthman, Lesley Lunensch loss, Jean Jorgensen, Lois Krebs, Kathy Lynskey, Kay Martens, Kay They wish it were the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. 1962 Winter Formal KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA CONT ' D 1962 Pledge Class Martin, Ann Martin, Sharon Matteotti, Linda Merrell, Kay Murphy, Sheila Omen, Judith Ortstadt, Edie Pomeroy, Tanya Rames, Carmen Randall, Dianna Reid, Kay Rex, Mary Ann Ritchie, Sandra Shaw, Donna Smith, Muriel Smith, Noelle Stonehouse, Janie Tesmer, Sue 220 Rita Utz, president, receives corsage for earning above a 3.00 grade average. Martha Dillner pins the diamond key on Betty Cash for earning the highest Kappa scholarship. Nominees for Kappa Man, l-r: R. Baker, Sigma Chi; T. Alon, Sigma Chi; F. Ferguson, Sigma Chi; C. Bartelson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (elected Kappa Man) and F. Rhodes, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bottom, right: Susie Weyrough — Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta, president of Phidelphia and 2nd alternate for Heart Fund Queen. Thomas, Judy Utz, Rita Weyrough, Susie Sigma Sigma Sigma, a national sorority, was founded in 1898 at Farmville, Virginia. There are 84 collegiate chapters throughout the United States. The Beta Kappa chapter at ASU was started May 5, 1950. The main social service project of Tri Sigma is the Robbie Page Memorial Fund for Crippled Children for which an annual Shoe Shine Day is held. The social calendar included a Christmas formal, father-daughter banquet, costume party, Founder ' s Day banquet and luau. Tri Sigma officers: R. McDowell, vice president; P. Seavey, treasurer; P. Matthias, secretary; J. Goodson, chairman; D. Searfoss, corresponding secretary; president. Arronte, Nellie Ann Bartholomeaux, Margaret M. Caganich, Magdalene Comstock, Sandra Lee Goodson, Judy Hunsicker, Linda Klicker, Gretchen Mathewson, Barbara Matthias, Pat McDowell, Rosemary 222 Sigma Sigma Sigma pledges at Pledge Presents Meagher, Susan N. Price, Marny Searfoss, Diane Shields, Linda Voorhis, Diane Whitaker, Jane Panarello, Donna Ross, Mary Louise Seavey, Pamela Smyth, Nancy Jo Wariner, Dorothy Wright, Melanie 223 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA CONT ' D 1962 Christmas Formal Tri Sigma Halloween Party 224 Snow trip to Snow Bowl, Flagstaff, Arizona. Melanie, Sigma Chi Derby Darlin ' . Tri Sigma Man of the Year, Dave Patton, Phi Delta Theta. 225 Robert Chamberlain President INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL In the last 15 years the Interfraternity Council at Arizona State University has grown into one of the largest and most dynamic in the West. The IFC, comprising 19 national fraternities and one nationally-sponsored colony, conducts a well-rounded program for its member groups including leadership training, scholarship, social and service for the community. Each the IFC recognizes members who attain a 3.00 grade average or better. An award is given to the fraternity with the highest group average, and the one with the most improved average. Highlights of the social program are the IFC Sing and Greek Week. The latter is a fine example of cooperation between 20 different groups. In addition to IFC-sponsored service projects, the council encourages each member group to initiate and maintain its own program. Daryl Winn Treasurer Graham Dorland Vice President Ed Royse Secretary 226 IFPC officers, l-r: A. Bunch, vice-president; W. Vaughan, secretary; M. Vivion, president; and H. Fegley, treasurer. Dean Gary R. Anderson, advisor, at right. Representative of Greek Steering Committee addresses members of IFC, left below, and at right below is Laura Wallace, IFC office secretary 227 Housemother (above): Mrs. Dorothy Simmons. 228 The Alpha Sigma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity has been at ASU for 12 years. Last September the members moved into their new 40-man house. AEPi provides a of athletic, social and religious activities, and it prides itself on the high scholastic position it has held since its establishment at ASU. Officers, below, l-r: S. Miller, vice president; treasurer; R. Sanders, scribe; H. Green, pledge trainer; J. Myerberg, house manager; sentinel; and W. Bader, president. Upper left: the new AEPi House is completed An after-game get-together. Amada, Brian Brown, David Bader, L. Walter Faber, Harvey Bender, Alvin H. Finger, Paul Friedman, Alan Gross, Joe. E. Miller, Sheldon L. Rozefsky. Alan D. Senter, Arnold Goldberg, Leonard Katz, Mike D. Myerberg, Jonathan Sanders, Marshall C. Sommer, Clive A. Green, Harry B. Lichter, Barry L. Ripps, Paul Schisler, Mark A. Tager, Robert C. 229 Alpha Gamma Rho is a social fraternity with members from fields. Alpha Xi chapter, initiated in 1958, has 25 members. The men pride on scholarship as evidenced by their high scholastic ranking every semester. Activities include the Western Week Barbecue, Christmas formal, Little Livestock Show and Pink Rose formal. Christmas Formal at the Smokehouse. Officers, l-r: R. Cuming, J. Van Dyke, J. King, G. Pearce and D. Jeffries. W. Shaaf gives instructions on bronc riding to pledges, l-r: N. E. Storm and A. Tobin. 231 Cuming, Richard Green, Win Edge, Walter Hinton, Adrian Goldman, Jim Hunt, Ivan Jefferies, Dan King. Kenneth Rasmussen, John Schaaf, E. Wayne Tobin, Arthur C. Johnson, Jim McAllister,Neil Rayner, Robert Storm, Ernest Tolentino, Bill King, Jack Pearce, Gale Rucker, Bill Alpha Rho Chi is a Social-Professional Fraternity of 30 members founded at ASU May 5, 1961, and chartered May 13, 1962. Membership is composed primarily of architecture students with some studying from the Allied Arts. Annual events are the January snowbowl trip and the " Cinco de Mayo " festivities in honor of Founder ' s Day. Being a group with a common interest, Alpha Rho Chi is a spirited fraternity whose present goal is to get the house fixed up in good architectural fashion. Transportation center for 1984, for southern Arizona, by 5th-year student Jerry Lundeen. Buchanan, Carl Figueras. Peter Helma, Dennis Klemt, David J. Knight, Robert David Lee, Benjamin B. Leonard, Robert B. Lundeen, Gerald C. Metzger, Henry G. Mosher, Charles A. Orcutt, Herman Purtill, Frank 232 Rhodes, Michael J. Sawyer, Steve Officers and two chairmen, l-r: D. Williams, S. Titus, M. Rhodes, C. Mosher, H. Orcutt, H. Metzger. Tang, Owen H. Titus, Steve Williams, Donald K. Winslow, Paul DELTA COLONY OF PHI GAMMA DELTA The newest fraternity on campus is Phi Gamma Delta. Better known as Fijis, the brothers already has displayed their interest and desire to help build a stronger greek system at Arizona State by participating in Greek Week, intermurals, social and functions, and by helping in school service projects. Officers, l-r: Tom Whitelock, president; N. Sawyer, Boating, water skiing and roasting hotdogs were just part of a outing at Saguaro Lake in early spring. house manager; D. Hawkins, rec. sec.; T. Van Dyke, corr. sec.; D. Kidwell, historian. " You ' ll be all right, Corky, " Her true sense of and obligation to her boys guides the hand of ATO housemother, Mrs. Vivian Corkill. Her action led to the capture of a real live LC who had entered and interrupted a quiet Tau cultural event. Mrs. Corkill reads a magazine while relaxing in her apartment at the ATO house. As is usual, ' accomplishments for ATO have been many this year, centering around the new 56-man Tau house on Drive. Organizing life in many new fraternity houses has made this year a crucial one for the whole greek at ASU. The challenge has been met successfully by Alpha Tau Omega. It ' s an old adage that when ATO ' s work they work hard; when ATO ' s have fun, you can ' t it! In every phase of campus activities ATO has held its traditional top rating. From scholastics to from Homecoming to Greek Week, from Blue Key to the College Bowl, from boondockers to formals—ATO always has produced its best. Memories are made of these! Abbott, Harry Berg, Jerry M. Carson, Kit Cotter, Ralph Dobson, Dennis Ellithorpe, Tom Flick, Bill Alexander, Theodore Bernal, Peter G. Cerkvenik, Anton McDaniel, Ed Draper, Larry Eubanks, John Frady, Jim Barker, Lars Obert Boughan, Robert L. Chlarson, Marden B. Decker, Jim Dutro, Bill Fischer, Matthew P. Greene, Gerald H. Bardell, Robert D. Bunn, Tim Close, Bill Disarufino, Raul D. Ebert, Jon Fish, Ross Heath, Joe D. 235 ALPHA TAU OMEGA CONT ' D Fifty St. John ' s Indian School children gave the real Christmas spirit to ATOs and Gamma Phi Hoffman, John M. Hooker, Stan Huvelle, Jerry Jablonski, Ted Lea, Ronnie Liedman, Louis Lujan, Ramiro Madsen, Skip Joseph, Fred J. Kidwell, Richard Lakosky, Fred LaSota, John Social finale of the year is the ATO spring formal held last year at the Francisco Grande guest resort, the winter home of the San Francisco Giants in Casa Grande. Gloria MacDonald was crowned ATO Sweetheart. 236 " Help Week is lots of fun! " says the first semester pledge class. Weinberger, John White, Robert Witthoft, Tom Yardley, Charles M. Zettler, Hugo ATO ' s Tony Cerkvenik and Raul Disarufino sparked ASU ' s classy Sun Devil basketball team this year. As president of ATO and an All-American honorable mention, Cerkvenik (left) was named to the WAC All-Academic first team. " Horse " also was selected as the first Sun Devil ever to play in the East-West All-Star basketball game. Mattice, John W. Mitchell, Bob Phillips, Jack Roberts, Kent Seehafer, Thomas Stromberg, Don McCarey, John Wayne Neal, Gary Phillips, Terry Scholsser, Robert Simpkins, Bill Sutherland, Dave Mee, Mike Nelson, Larry Piatt, Lock Schmietenknop, Ron Smith, Craig Swanson, James Miles, Robert H. Nunez, Eddie Rainey, Mike Scott, Gary G. Snyder, Dave Walker, Bill 237 Delta Chi, one of the oldest at ASU has as its ideals, brotherhood and service, evidenced by its growth and programs. Delta Chi promotes charitable projects such as " Boy on the Block " and Sunny Acres work project, as well as social events such as the Christmas Formal, Carnation Formal, South Sea Island party, French Sewer party, Lake party and exchanges with various sororities. Delta Chi boasts the largest number of alumni of any fraternity in Arizona. Officers this year are: G.Abbey, president; D. Shaw, vice president; F. Keatly, recording secretary; R. Eckle, treasurer; corresponding secretary, and H. Hylton, sergeant-at-arms. Delta Chi occupied its new house this year on Adelphi Drive and doubled its roll of active members. Abbey, George E. Bauer, Larry Conrad, Dick Didlo, James H. Gruel, Gary Keatley, Frank M. Alberts, Jack Bedell, F. Lincoln Cooper, Frank W. Eckel, Ross R. Holley, Don M. Kleinz, Donald M. Arlotta, Anthony Jr. Carlock, Carl Corso, Carmen Jr. Dufrain, Charles Kehret, Edward B. Long, Robert G. 238 Delta Chi Sweetheart Jean Lunenschloss and Charlotte Provine and Carol Hendrickson. Peterson, Conrad D. Shaw, Donald Shiber, Gary Shoecraft, Paul Smith, Gary Stern Louis Tilyou, Frank Walker, Tommy D. Ward, Jennings C. Past President Dick Conrad crowning Delta Chi Sweetheart, Jean Annual Delta Chi Mum Sale — pictured are Mike Teeter, Gary Shiber and Frank Tilyou. 239 Adams, Bee (Housemother) Agnew, Daryl Berns, Tom Binder, Robert Amherd, Noel Anderson, Don Annin, John D. Ashton, Tony Bliss, Roy Bridgman, Jerry Barkey, Dennis Beasley, William Augsberger, Larry Baker, Bob Beta Psi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi International Fraternity was founded in 1948 and was the first National Fraternity chapter at ASU. In 15 years Delta Sig has grown from 15 men to 110. The group has been active in every sphere of college life, has participated in every intramural sport and has retired one trophy. It has been active in campus politics and helped to develop a sound and responsible student government. Delta Sigs are strong individually and play a dominant role in life at Arizona State. Right: Dedication ceremonies at new house, October, 1962, Brother Ken Hultman presents key to President Andrew K. Coles. Officers, l-r: L. Kuscke, sergeant-at-arms; D. Hobbs, activities vice president; R. Lavis, L. Cereghino, administrative vice president; J. Selleh, Jr., treasurer; T. Sullivan, secretary. Below: Delta Sigma Phi Housemother, Mrs. Bea Adams. Annual Las Vegas trip — April, 1962 Trophies won during last 15 years Dedication Ceremonies — October, 1962 241 Brunell, Donald Cereghino, Len Collings, Tom Cook, John Cowan, David Culbertson, James Curtis, Daniel L. DeKellis, Tom Cantrella, Thomas Glardon, Gary Connolly, Pat Cook, Ronnie Crile, Bruce Cummins, Pat Dalton, Mike Del Duca, Bart DELTA SIGMA PHI CONT ' D DeWitt, Michael John Dick, John Divito, Vince Dow, Woody Dugan, Thomas J. Dyer, James E. Ehlers, Joe Fiedler, Jerry Gay, Gordon Grabe, Clark Greener, Jerry Greener, Jim Guelich, Dwight Guelich, Karl Gwinn, Charles Hall, Jim Hansson, Bob Harrington, Bill Harris, Mike R. Hernandez, Ray Herrera, Paschal Lee Hickery, Edward Hickey, Tom Hobbs, Dave Hultman, Ken Hunzicker, Tom Jepsen, Ros Johnson, Jack Johnson, Thomas Kanouse, Laurence Kettlewell, John Kilpatrick, Richard Kusche, Larry Lavis, Rick C. Lynch, Mike Machmer, Paul Mangelsdorf, Ron Martin, Floyd Martin, Glenn E. Martori, Art McConaghy, Rex McKinney, Cleve Mullen, John E. Murphy, Conrad Murphy, Joe Nehrling, Thad Nichols, William H. Omen, Lyn 242 Delta Sigma Phi Carnation Ball — December, 1962, Camelback Inn New Activities — September, 1962 DELTA SIGMA PHI CONT ' D Peters, Dave Rose, John Selleh, Joe Jr. Sullivan, Tom Turnage, Dennis Phillips, Dayton Rosengren, Tennes Shaffer, Terry Tankersley, Ron Vasquez, Angel Raineri, Tony Running, Michael Shankland, Dick Tanner, Ray Wasson, Gary R. Risser, Christian F. Sanders, Tom Stinson, L. Gary Tennison, W. R. Jr. Weckesser, Terry Roeder, John Ramon Schoffman, Stephen Sullivan, Michael Thrift, Thomas Wynnyczok, Don Delta Sigs assemble their chariot for Greek parade. This year Delta Sigma Phi sponsored a foreign exchange student from Tokyo. Hiroshi Yajima, junior economics major, spent an entire year with us and a great deal to our lives and to our understanding of people around the world. President Rick C. Lavis, and Board of Governors Member E. Scott Robinson welcome Hiroshi to Delta Sigma Phi. Purpose of Lambda Chi Alpha is to promote the goal of perfect Christian brotherhood, to foster the ideals of fraternalism, scholarship, patriotism and morality, and to mold men into the leaders of tomorrow. and pledges of Zeta Psi atended the Border Conclave at the University of The Founder ' s Day Banquet also was at Tucson. The spring 1963 pledge class, at right, includes 1st row, l-r: D. Ashworth, T. Brazelton, T. McDowell, D. Rupp; 2nd row, J. Morales, G. Stein, W. R. Hosford, T. Haertel. Not pictured, T. Bratrud, F. Fuller. Archer, Carl Baillon, Larry P. Bramlett, Harry R. Evans, Leonard Koch, Dick Milner, Jim Nelsen, Rex Rathje, Edward Hufnagel, Henry B. Linthacum, Robert Moyer, Rod Porter, William W. Robbins, Gordon 246 Hanging the Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent — front to back: D. Ashworth and R. Hosford. Cleaning the trophies — l-r:J. Morales, G. Stein and T. Brazelton. 247 The new start in Lambda Chi Alpha. Officers of the new Lambda Chi Alpha, l-r: D. Ashworth, treasurer; president; T. Brazelton, secretary; G. Stein, social chairman. Phi Delta Theta officers, l-r: B. Dick, house manager; B. Betak, D. Patton, warden; P. Cullom, secretary; J. Johnston, social chairman; B. Woodroffe, alumni secretary; J. Allison, treasurer; D.Fisher, vice president. The new house on Alpha Drive, designed by our late brother, Frank Lloyd Wright, is the realization of long and arduous work by the men of Arizona Beta. The Arizona Beta of Phi Delta Theta received its national charter Nov. 28, 1958. From that day the growth of Arizona Beta has been upward and socially. The men of Arizona Beta have held this as their goal and as of the first semester of this school year were second in overall scholastic among ASU fraternities. The first was occupied with formal rush, after-game parties, the Christmas Formal at Scottsdale Country Club, intramurals (in which Arizona Beta is ranked first), and the annual Triad Party. University life acquires an even more intense atmosphere during the spring The annual Greek Week activities with games and the IFC Sing, campus elections plus house functions such as the annual Las Vegas Party, Founders Day, The Spring Formal, and other functions keep the men in the chapter always busy. A fraternity is a research of college life where one looks for a group of men whose brotherhood you desire, men whom you will be happy to call your closest friends. A man finds these in PHI DELTA THETA. 248 Crawford, Mrs. Lucille Atkins, Robert Paul Berry, William (Housemother) Baird, Dennis A. Betak, Adamson, John H. Baum, Thomas G. Boyd, William John Allison, John F. Beck, John Bratrud, Theodor Armstrong, Ben Bunch, Alan M. C ullom, Paul C. Jr. Canedy, Richard T. Deloian, Rober B. Carlson, Keith E. Dick, William J. Cash, Bill Donahoe, John M. Eppler, Jerry Glassford, Gary W. Fisher, Dave Graham, Spike Francois, Stephen Jr. Graham, Gary S. Gercke, Chuck Greer, Dudley Earl Herckt, Steven Hollenbeck, Donald Hovde, Bruce Jacobson, A. D. PHI DELTA THETA CONT ' D Roger Patton does a good job of boosting sales for the annual Pledge - Phidelphia car wash. Janisch, Stephen Johnson, Lawrence Johnston, Joseph V. Keltner, Jim Kikut, Aski N. Longstreth, George Manier, John A. McClennen, Adams McElroy, Jack M. Morris, Lansford D. Nesselrode, Scott C. Nissen, Larry A. O ' Kuniewicz, Roger Patton, David Patton, Roger Peters, Tim Phillips, Shelby Pomeroy, Lynn Power, John Walsh Rees, Dick Powers, Roger Rice, Leland D. Rogers, Jack Ruenzel, Rick Rupp, Douglas Ruston, John S. Rupp, Larry Sadler, James Lester Phi Delts and Delta Gammas have fun trying to retouch the " A " on Tempe Butte after it was " decorated " by visitors from the U of A. 250 Clayton, Nancy Diercks, Gretchen PHIDELPHIAS The Phidelphias of Arizona Beta are our special pride. They are outstanding representatives of their sororities which are dedicated to bettering Greek relations. The Phidelphia at Arizona Beta was founded in 1960 and has skyrocketed ever since. To these women we extend our affections. Diercks, Louise Green, Carolyn McDowell, Rosemary Poe, Susan Stormont, Billie Eppler, Jerry (Advisor) Jensen, Jeanette Moore, Marianne Salisbury, Lynda Tiffany, Jane Frederick, Eileen Johnson, Beverly Mumford, Judy Sellards, Melinda Utz, Rita Frost, Sarah Luckey, Marilyn Nelson, Sharlyn Smith, Judy Weyrough, Susie Dinner for Phidelphias at the Phi Delta Theta house. Roger Patton and Paul Cullom pose happily with the trophy they received for winning the intramural tennis doubles. Standing, l-r: B. Woodroffe, D. Fisher, C. Gercke, L. Rupp; kneeling: S. Wright and J. Manier after they won the volleyball championship. Sanford, Ron Sykes, Harry Clinton Vaughan, John W. Watt, John Woodroffe, William Snow, Charles F. Tichenor, Al Ward, William E. Willhite, Lynn John Wright, Stuart 252 Members of Phi Delta Theta participate actively and successfully in all intramural sports. Major sports are the interest of Bill Watt, wrestling; Gary Graham, captain of the baseball team; and Aksi tackle on the Sun Devil football squad. Taking a firm hold on the parchment creating Arizona Beta chapter are Colonizers Bob Clampett and Bob Chamberlain, receiving it from national president Dr. Louis D. Corson. " With the power vested in me by the Grand Arch Council, I hereby create Arizona Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. " With these words, Dr. Louis D. Corson, president of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, brought reality to a dream which began 15 months earlier. Phi Psi colonized at ASU with the enrollment of two University of transfers, Bob Chamberlain and Bob Clampett. Many know the struggles and successes of the intervening months; few know the and disappointments. Today, ASU ' s 38 Phi Psi ' s with the aid of numerous friends, paint brushes, buckets, mops and imaginative have established themselves in the big white house on McAllister, adding their touch to ASU ' s greek way of life. During the past year, Phi Psi has captured two IFC scholarship trophies, a Homecoming King victory, the IFC and IFPC presidencies, numerous honorary and student activity positions and an enviable campus reputation. The four pages illustrate the way of life that Phi Psi has, and is, perpetuating on the ASU campus. We have a charter, a house and a whale of a good time. We ' re glad to be here. 254 Beaming with pride are Arizona Beta chapter charter members, kneeling: R. Clampett and R. Chamberlain; sitting: D. George, J. Pilafas, V. Nold, D. Vinton and L. Lee; standing: W. Weidemaier, S. Slemmons, D. Hixson, R. Rubick, T. Vallas, W. Gran, C. Mueller and K. Thomas. Opening the Arizona Beta Installation Banquet, President G. Durham welcomes Phi Kappa Psi to Arizona State University. Guiding Phi Psi during Spring semester are K. Thomas, treasurer; W. Weidemaier, secretary; R. Chamberlain, president and vice president. Bacher, Ken L. Carmack. Edd C. Chamberlain, Robert Clampett, Robert A. Connelly, Claude P. Davis, Norman O. George, Dave A. Grann, William H. Grant, James L. Hamilton, John M. Hixson, Dennis K. Jensen, Nels N. Lee Lon C. Longstreth, Mike W. Mueller, Karl C. Patrick, Charles H. Peil, Richard J. Pilafas, James S. Price, Jack W. Rubick, Rodney M. Sawtelle, Paul G. Slemmons, Stephen K. Thomas, Kerry K. Thompson, William Vallas, Theodore G. Vinton, David M. Vivion, Michael J. Weidemaier, Bill C. Phi Psi ' s position among ASU fraternities is demonstrated by the election of Bob Chamberlain as IFC president; by the acceptance of IFC ' s highest scholarship and most improved scholarship awards, and by the election of Mike Vivion as IFPC president. Accepting the trophies from IFC scholarship chairman Fred Ayer are Steve Slemmons and Bob Clampett. The brothers harmonize a Phi Psi serenade for a couple by firelight. The " Phi Psi Three plus One, " John Hamilton, Eddy Carmack, Jim Grant and Mike Longstreth, highlighted a popular campaign this fall which resulted in the election of Bob Clampett as ASU ' s Homecoming PHI KAPPA PSI CONT ' D A clear night, a blazing fire, a guitar, and a folk ballad have been the ingredients of many an enjoyable evening in the Phi Psi back yard. Within the Phi Psi home, whether it be an exchange or simply an afternoon sing around the patio, the brothers and their guests display a common feature in the smile. 257 This has been a big year for the " Phi Sigs " at ASU. Moving into their new 56-man house on Alphi Drive brought a sigh of relief to all who worked hard to get it. The biggest social events were the bi-annual trip to the U of A football game with a side trip to " South Tucson " . The Christmas Formal was at the Scottsdale Country Club. Some " Phi Sigs " in campus government this year were Doug Zimmerman, AMS president; Rex Young, ICC vice president; Fred Ayer, IFC scholarship chairman, and Dan Haveron, off-campus men ' s senator. " Phi Sigs " officers are l-r: T. Taylor, inductor; W. Smith, sentinel; S. Acino, treasurer; M. Vanlandingham, secretary; R. Von Holtz, president; G. Brennan, vice president. Acino, E. Acio, E. Anderson, Al Ayer, Fred Balch, Rob Bell, Leonard Brennan, Gary Brookins, Edward Brown, Don Brown, Steve Buckman. Mrs. Frances (Housemother) Cherny, Bill Childs, Charles Constance, Ned Cox Norman De Marcus. Craig Devin Michael Feldhorn, Bill Finley Jim Flournoy, Carr Foreman, Jack M. Frend, Bob Gabriel, Stanford L. Geshell, Steven Gish, George J. Haveron, Don Haydon, Steven Hughes, Mark Kadel, Kenneth F. Kessler, Eric C. Lende, Scott Maffucci, Bob McGlone, John Mann, Ed Merkel, Dudley Mitchell, Bush Royer, David Shipman, Alex Peck, Mike Rand, Gene Scheinost, Charles M. Smith, Robert E. Meyer, Cliff Neavins, Robert S. Pontier, John The new home of Phi Sigma Kappa on Alpha Drive. The entrance hall in the new house with the trophy case containing many of the trophies that " Phi Sigs " have won. Right: our mascot, Pesky of Wellington. PHI SIGMA KAPPA CONT ' D 260 Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl of 1963 Miss Sandy Berry — Chi Omega Sorority Smith, William Snedecker, Michael Strampe, Steve Street, Joe Sweeney, Dean E. Tavernetti, Leonard Taylor, Tom Templeton, Darrel Tuchman, Terry Tyson, Jim Tyson, Pete Uhl, James Van Kirk, Richard Vanlandingham, Mike Von-Holtz, Roger E. Williams, John W. Wiseman, Duane Yates, Dick Young, Rex Zimmerman, Doug Pesky of Wellington " Phi Sigs " collecting again for the United Cerebral Palsy raised $2,100 this year and have raised over $5,100 in 3 years for their philanthropic project. Below: the fall semester pledge class under the leadership of Pete Tyson, pledge trainer. Pikes now reside on Adelphi Drive. However, because of their recent growth, they are considering the idea of a new house. Axline, Bruce Cooper, Bill G. Ehrke, John Hall, Dwight C. Hall, Eugene Kingsley, Roy Newman, Charles Burk, Frank Courtney, Kent Francom, Ronnie Hall, Paul R. Hollister, Cullen La Rue, Evan W. Ogden. Steven Choffin, Nelson Donah, Paul Hack, Howard Hays, Jim Jacobson, Bob Lawren, Bill Palko, David 262 Welcome to the Pike house! Officers this year, l-r: R. Jacobsen, president; G. Hoel, vice R. Wassem, treasurer, and J. Vaughn, The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was founded on the University of Virginia campus March 1, 1868. The Delta Tau chapter was chartered at ASU March 31, 1961. It was recolonized during the fall semester of 1959. Since recolonization, PiKa has grown to 50 outstanding men, all busy in campus activities. The " Pike " chapter ranks high in scholarship, intramurals and other phases of the greek system. 263 Van Leer, Walt Vaughn, Jim Parmer, Nolan Phillips, Bruce Rosand, John Sabo, Steve Sallquist, Dick Sentz, John Sorgatz, Robert Sotos, George Session, Mike Sparks, Joe Paul Sponsler, Ned Stanford, Bill Stanton, Mike Stosser, Roger Tomlinson, Andy PI KAPPA ALPHA CONT ' D Pledges for 1963, spring semester New initiates of Pi Kappa Alpha. These were members of the Pike Pledge class of which 79 per cent were initiated. Bill Cooper proudly displays his trophy for winning the Ugly Man Contest. Cutting loose after a long meeting! Ev Mecham receives a trophy from Andy Tomlinson for being an outstanding alumnus. Van Zandt, Tom Wallace, Paul Walston, Gail Wasem, Ron Wolford, Gordon Zimmerman, Michael PI KAPPA ALPHA CONT ' D ASU SHOWBOAT Self-explanatory? Pajama party! PKA ' s 2nd place Homecoming display 266 Kappa Delta campaigning for Diana, of Greek Week, seemed to capture the attention of ' most everyone. Older member of the chapter gather around Bunny Clark (center), National Pledge Director of Pi Kappa Alpha. 267 The Pikettes, women ' s auxiliary for Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, Karen On December 9, 1961, Phi Alpha Fraternity became the 143rd chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilo n and was designated Arizona Beta. This year the men of SAE moved into their new house on Alpha Drive. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was born on the University of Alabama campus in 1856, and now includes chapters in 46 states, with chapter houses valued at $6,500,000. SAE claims 80,000 living alumni and 7,000 active college fraternity men. There are many firsts in the fraternities ' history, including national leadership school, student loan fund, and Little Sisters. Sigma Alpha Epsilon strives to create in its members a pride in good citizenship and a sacrificial devotion to the ideals of our country. B. Bachner and D. Vincent in front of the SAE crest. 268 " Mom " Turner, our housemother. Abert, Dennis Bacon, Robert W. Boli, Pete Adamson, Tony Bailey, Thomas Bouton, Mickey Armack, Ted Bartelson, Chris Calabria, Don Bachner, William D. Bates, Tom Cotton, Walter Last spring ' s luau at Paradise Inn, Scottsdale. 269 Chapman, Gary Estes, Richard Gibson, Gard Hooe, Bill Kinsey, Mike Lesley, Dan McGrath, James F. Cockrill, Mark Finn, Dick Gorman, Bill Hopkins, Sandy Kliem, Edward Love, Mike Metzler, West Cotton, Paul Gafke, Jim Grieser, Tom Johnson, Toby Kohnke, James E. Mahan, Bill Munson. Kelly Dickinson, Thomas E. Golemes, George T. Handley, Jack Kent, Edward L. Lee, John W. Martin, James C. Nesmith, Jim SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON CONT ' D Little Sisters of Minerva Established at ASU on April 26, 1959, the " Little consist of 25 of the most outstanding girls on campus. Some of the honors they have won are Homecoming Queen, Military Ball Queen, Greek Week Queen, Water Sports Day Queen, Freshman Week Queen, Queen of Hearts, and outstanding pledge for this year. 270 Alford, Shireen Arneson, Karen Baird, Jodee Barry, Sue Bulla, Bev Bunch, Kathi Erickson, Kathy Frazier, Pam Friedman. Natalie Jaeger, Marjorie Jordan, Caryl Laeb, Pam Luhman, Lesley Mahan, Joy Mann, Marlis McKnight, Lynda Straw, Donna Taylor, Vivianne Wood, Marilyn Peterson, Ronald J. Pies, Ron Rayer, Lyle Short, Robert Smitheran, Jack Stitt, James Tipton, To m Pierce, Mike Powell, Jon Rhoades, Fred Smith, Bill Starck, Denny Terry, Mike Vincent, Richard Pierson, Mike Rendo, Rich Royse, Ed Smith, Miller Steverson, Chuck Thomason, Hume A. Wesselhoeft, Karl K. Kitchen detail l-r: J. Powell and J. Powers. The Epsilon-Upsilon chapter of Sigma Chi enjoyed its first year on Alpha Drive in its new home. The highlight of fun and work was the second annual Derby Day. The social calendar was filled with events such as the Sweetheart Ball, Roman Party, French Party, Triad, Greek Week, IFC Sing and others. Our athletic program was highlighted by winning first place in football among Our leadership ability was bolstered by Gary Walker, 1962 ASASU president, John Brooking, 1963 ASASU vic president, and Graham Dorland, vice president of IFC. To make our year complete we won the trophy for being the most improved in scholarship among fraternities. Hultman, Carl Kilgard, Chris Isherwood, Bob Klumph, Bud Kennedy, Charles R. Krause, Richard John Borst, James R. Bunting, Mike Farner, Tom Bray, Larry Davis, Richard H. Ferguson, Richard B. Bray, Timothy Graham Foster John D. Gunther, Joel Hobbs, Bob Brayton, George Dudgeon, Douglas Giambra, Bob Hancock, Skip Hoover, Robert Allan Brooking, John Duvall, Ken Goldman, Bill Hasandras, George Hopkins, Tom 272 Annual Sigma Chi Sweetheart Ball. Spring, 1962. Lee, George Liffick, Larry Lindner, Bill Monro, Steve Paulson, William R. Mousser, Dean W. Perucca, Terry Nunley, Michael Pfaff, Sandy Riley, Allen Sarte, Randy Weber, Bernie Wood, Stan Rockwell, Mike Sternberg, Grant S. West, George Lee Woodhouse, Evans Sigma Chi ' s Benji always manages to show up at unusual places at unexpected times! Mrs. O. L. Jones, housemother. SIGMA CHI DERBY DAY 274 What a view at Derby Day! Do that limbo, gals. Sigma Chi ' s spread the word . . . Derby Day is coming! The first Derby Day was held at the University of California in 1930 and has since become one of the traditions o f Sigma Chi chapters throughout the nation. This is the second Day of Arizona State University. The girls from all the sororities and dorms match their speed and skill to win the championship trophy. Everyone is invited and Sigma Chi paddles are given to the winner of each event. 275 Special delivery for Derby Day! With a new house and a fall rush, the Sigma Nus started the year in great style within binocular distance of Palo Verde. This year the members maintained a reputation for and good times on campus and held many top offices. A few firsts in int ramurals, a Christmas Formal, a White Rose Party and a quaint event called the Palms Party kept the brothers busy. With a new pledge program in full swing, a couple of new new cook and a new the Sigma Nus ended the year on a high note. " Happy " is a new recruit. Mike and his ever-present harem lounge on campus. Baatz, Nick Brand, Gary Connor, Tim Decker, Page Frye, Val Haas, Bruce Kolakowski, Ernie Baldwin, Ted Brown, John L. Couch, Harry E. Eberhard, Ray Garapich, Jerry Hamilton, Wallace Kopp, Thomas Bernstein, Howie Burgess, Richard B. Coviello, Dick Eldred, Ron Gatschet, Steve Harris, Floyd Lester, Mike Bogda, Hal Chesleigh, John Crosby, Scott Faggella, Peter Glickauf, Bill Harrison, Mike LeSueur, Richard 276 Sixty-four of ASU ' s finest, study and enjoy life together in their new house. Marotte, Leonard Morton, Lon Parsons, Elden Pewe, Jan Sampson, Dave Sprankle, Joe Michaels, Alan Neal, Richard Palmer, Mike Piester, Kent Sytsma, Don Smith, Hart Mikal, Ken Oakley, Jim Panzica, Dick Quayle, Bill Sylvester, Bob Smith, David Mills, Dave Olsen, Alfred Jon Patterson, Jack Randolph, Phil Sullivan, Jerry Skaats, Paul 277 SIGMA NU CONT ' D Our leader? The brothers during a rolicking song practice. Sharp, J. Michael Scarfo, Ron Wheeler, Larry Shahan, Buzz Taylor, Carl Weir, Don Schwartz, Michael W. Wingate, Jim Wallace, Brian D. The executive council. 1st String quarterback John Jacobs. Craig Ankeny Right: Ron Scarfo Floyd Harris celebrates his pinning to Sue England. Tom Kopp 279 When a man enters college he seeks three of college life: education, social activities and new friends. Arizona Alpha of Sigma Phi Epsilon strives to give its members all three. When a man becomes a " Sig Ep " he learns the importance of education, experiences the joys of its social life and bec omes established in one of the strongest brotherhoods on any campus. This year the men moved into a new 60-man house and have participated in such activities as Greek Week, Water Sports Day, the Queen of Hearts formal, exchanges, election and various social functions in the new house. 280 Anderson, Robert J. Bingaman, Charles Boeh, Gerald Allen Atwood, Jerry Lee Bingaman, Steven Bouck, Richard Reigh Beavers, Jack Blankenship, Jack L. Brooks, Robert Louis Brown, Daviv James Carter, Robert L. Creighton, Rodger V. Faust, Richard M. Bruno, Richard Chalfont, George E. Culver, Russell W. Fisher, Ronald R. Campbell, Thomas E. Clay, Duane Royce Dooley, Pete Frosco, Mike Carlson, Lynn Cottrell, Paul D. Elling, James Gastineau, Keith R. 281 This year ' s officers: T. Campbell, president ;W. Brayer, vice president; treasurer, and J. Broening, secretary began the job of guiding the men to higher achievements on campus. Sig Eps ' House Mother, " Mom " Wilson, has been a great asset this year with her unending devotion to the house and the men. SIGMA PHI EPSILON The Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon have worked closely with the Sig Eps this year on a number of projects while aiming at a national affiliation. Among outstanding are two girls wh o became campus royalty. Sue Rawson was crowned Homecoming Queen and Judy Drage was Queen of Hearts at the Heart Fund Ball. Members, l-r: 1st row: B. Johnson, A. Conky, B. Miller, J. Drage; 2nd row, P. Lansing, Sheila Foster, G. Mayo, J. Keeler, L. Cook, " Mom Wilson, J. Bean, S. Rawson, D. Thompson, J. C. Hodge, D. Brooks, president; 3rd row, Sue Foster, P.Cole, C. Ultaig, K. Pagne and K. Kribbs. Missing: U. Ray and Geer, Bob Lattin, Richard E. McKee, Claude D. Monroe, Robert G. Pranga, Martin G. Hampe, Keith Ledbetter, Gary W. McQueen, Jerrold R. Page, Bob Putman, David R. Jarvis, John W. McDougall, Thomas Medlock, Larry Pagoria, Richard J. Putman, Paul E. Frosty, our workman-chasing mascot, has become a friend of every man in the house. The Chi Omegas serenade the Sig Eps while campaigning for Diana candidate, Sandy Berry. Last year ' s song leader, Tom McDougall, holds the 2nd place IFC Sing trophy. Rasmussen, Gary H. Roberts, Charles Thompson, Kermit M. Wilcox, Ralph Roy Reed, Paul Allen Seersten Seeersten, Charles Ward, Larry G. Wise, Leonard F. Renfrow, Lance Smith, ' Larry West, William Virgil Wolfe, William C. The men play host at a pre-football game dinner to the happy boys from the Arizona Boys Ranch. 283 TKE The Tekes at ASU feel that this was one of their years — a year full of growth for Beta Xi The social calendar was full of successful including the traditional French Underground Party, the Red Carnation Formal and the Alumni Banquet. There were exchanges, after-game parties, athletic activities and stag smokers. TKE also had community projects to facilitate the work of local charitable organizations in the Valley. As an highlight, the homecoming trophy for the best house decorations again came back to the Tekes for their theme of " The Ten Commandments. " 284 Current officers of the Beta Xi chapter, l-r: T. Cashman, prytanis; T. hypothetes; D. Croonenberghs, histor; R. Girardi, epiprytanis; R. Bingham, hegamon; K. Stephens, pylortes; S. Lindquist, crysoph ylos; D. Veres, grammateus. Bozzi, Richard J. Croonenberghs, Don Ellison, Robert Girardi, Ralph R. Keller, Mark A. Cashman, Thomas G. Dodds, Jack Engle, Robert Goodman, Ronald R. Labowski, John Coleman, Nelson Doris, Robert J. Erb, David Hafner, George LaGrey, John T. 285 Lindquist, Edwin Long, John J. Lowe, Douglas R. McKenna, David Mower, David Peterson, Donald Ridgeway, David Roybal, Fred Stephens, Ken Veres, Dave Volpe, Lou Zoellner, Thomas W. Tekes at work and play. Miss Joanne von Blume, our Teke Sweetheart, 1962-1963. 286 TAU KAPPA EPSILON CONT ' D The chapter continues in the tradition of pooling a recently pinned member. Remarco, TKE guarding the house. Allen, Harold B. Buckman, Tod R. DeGrado, Francis J. Ervay, Steve Garrick, Michael A. Jones, James S. Maxwell, Gordon Ashley, Kirk Davis, Larry L. Dostert, Dennis J. Fegley, Harry S. Gerstberger, Richard Langenberg, Earl Merrill, Gary Baker, Larry D. Davis, Walt Engelking, Gar Fresh, Leroy Grieme, Alan R. Lee, David Mots, Larry 288 e Theta Chi Fraternity 289 GOING and GROWING are two words which describe Theta Chi fraternity at Arizona State University this year. Going, Thetas can be seen in campus activities as varied as participating in the Student Senate to leading pep rallies with the " ambulance and OX. " Growing, Theta Chi has been one of the most dynamic fraternities on campus. This year ' s pledge class was one of the largest. Adding to this success has been the enjoyment of a new house and new activities. THETA CHI CONT ' D Mascot Ox, keeping a close watch on the Theta Chi house. Familiar scene of pledges awaiting Monday night meetings. Leon Wells, house mother and relaxes in the Theta Chi living room. 290 Theta Chi ' s annual pledge-active football game. Muckerman, Frank Petrison, John Sumegi, James L. Nisbet, James Quenzer, Michael Walton, Robert M. Nuttall, Arnold J. San Marchi, Steve Walz, Don 291 Who remembers our individual names after we are gone makes little difference. Our goal is that we have given such of ourselves to a perpetual and beneficial that it will help us as and that the institution to which we have contributed will forever be the better because of what we have done. Our goals are obvious; the roads and devices through which we gain them are the offerings of Theta Delta Chi in the atmosphere of a true brotherhood. We emphasize scholastic achievement, well-rounded social development, and a firm belief in our standards which mark a Theta Delt. For this we are proud proud of our traditions and of the tasks which lie ahead. What we leave behind here and the we take with us will be the test of our goals and methods. Mrs. Montague adjusts newly hung in the library of Brigdr. General Robert Lee Scott, first alum of E.T. Epsilon Triton officers for 1962-63, l-r: P. Osborne, corresponding secretary; Boutillier, historian; W. Eich, secretary; D. Win, president; T. treasurer; J. Holland, herald; senior man. 292 At ground breaking ceremonies for TDX house pictured above, Deans Gary Anderson and Weldon P. Shofstall chuckle as Bob Creamer discovers house site is on solid granite. 293 Andersen, Thom Baker, Roger Coughran, Lonnie Dobson, Mark Eversole, Chuck Gooch, Perry Holmes, Guy Atkinson, Pete Barber, Will Dalrymple, Jerry Eagleburger Franklin, Rolly Haverland, John Jackson, Karl Avey, Gary Burns, Tony DePrima, Tony Eich, Bill Gibson, Ted Holland, Jim Kelly, George THETA DELTA CHI CONT ' D McRoy, Ed Oakley, Dick Peterson, Dick Reish, Fred Smith, C. W. Wharton, Bob Miller, Mark Osborne, Phil Ponseti, Bill Rhodes, George W. Tyler, Tim Winn, Daryl Montague, Mrs. Helen Payne, Paul Pooler, Jim Rousseau, Bob Van Houten, John Wood, Randy (housemother) Peterson, Bruce Ralls, Charlie Sarti, Jim Watson, Don Wright, Don Murdock, Mitch 294 Klopping, Henry Knight, Bob Leboutillier, Pete Ledbetter, Nelson Longstaff, Derek Undergrads talk with " Mom " and Valley alums. on couch, l-r: H. D. Thies and F. Knight. Scholarship chairman Pete Atkinson is congratulated by President Winn as Theta Delts win the highest fraternity scholarship award for fall ASU President G. Homer Durham plays the piano while Dr. Gary R. Anderson leads in the singing of carols at ET ' s first annual Christmas Dinner. Newly initiated Dick Finley, Associated Students Exchange is handed Theta Delt mug by charge alum advisor John Eversole. Pictured below are the spring semester pledges and pledge trainer Dick Peterson, seated in the middle. THETA DELTA CHl CONT ' D A trumpeter, drummers, and flower girls lead the TDX chariot procession down College Ave. Theta Delta Chi ' s annual Winter Formal at the Casa Blanca Inn. Winter Formal, continued. Life at the Theta Delta Chi house. 298 Cars, traffic, sleepy eyes, cars, more cars, crazy " other " drivers, stoplights, right turns, left turns. . . the commuting student puts in half a day ' s work driving the highways before ever at school. Then, that everlasting parking problem! Late for class. . . Ah, a space! Drat, a fire hydrant. . . Here ' s one.. . Restricted! Faculty only! Staff only! Alumni only! )A place at last. . . a tight fit, can ' t get out the door, dropped a book, just squeezed out — now, sprint for class. Between classes, a quick rest (informal style) from the intellectual rigors of the STAFF PARKING AREA No:14 RESTRICTED STATE VEHICLES ONLY 299 In homes, apartments, frat houses, rented rooms, students master the art of piecemeal studying wherever the time and place can be snatched. OFF-CAMPUS LIVING CAMPUS LIVING Class notes and dish towels, studying sandwiched with KP. . . married students receive a bonus in study help from willing spouses. EAST HALL East Hall was remodeled last summer and converted into a women ' s dorm, and the women, under the guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Shumway, the " spirit " associated with the residents of this dorm. Their main activities were making posters for football games, a mock council meeting, a secret sister week climaxed by a Christmas Party and a spring 302 Members of the hall council discuss plans for the spring dinner-dance. Seated: L. VanDaWalker, chaplain; J. Dreckman, wing representative; T. Petersen, wing representative; K. Mercier, assistant:head resident; M. Miller, treasurer-first L. Ayala, VRA; P. Bigelow, wing representative; G. Swanberg, AWS semester; Mrs. Shumway; president.. Standing: K. assistant-head resident; J. Papa, wing representative-first semester; vice-president; D. Klomb, parliamentarian; B. Stickler, secretary; wing representative. Not L. Blalock, AWS semester; J. Beckwith, semester; and L. Ghiotto, wing representative-second semester. One of the few times all the girls got together ... 303 and even then there were too many for one picture. Mrs. Shumway presents Girl of the Month Certificates to K. Mercier, C.Reed, J. Hamer, J. Oshita, K. Kuehneman, and A. Rivera. McCLINTOCK A McClintock " A " , an upperclass residence hall, houses 100 girls whose activities include monthly cultural events, exchanges, get acquainted patio parties, a Christmas open house, a spring formal and a senior banquet. Hall Council members, l-r, bottom row, are: B. Hutcherson; J. Hossack, secretary; N. Smalley; M. Cramer. 2nd row, M. Rhodes; Mrs. Elsie head resident; L. Truman, D. Chacon, and B. Stricker. 3rd row, C. Brown, B. vice president; C. Gardner; S. Smith; M. Home, president; R. Manierre, M. Mendez. McClintock " A " Christmas Open House Parents ' Day House Dorm Party 304 McCLINTOCK B One afternoon in December the residents of Mc B migrated to Bapchule, Ariz. to have a Christmas party for the children of St. Peter ' s Indian Mission. The girls donated cl othing and toys for each of the approximately 45 children. The project was one of the most rewarding of the year. The McClintock B Hall Council gathers for a regula Wednesday night meeting. 305 Pearl Tang, left, head resident and hall president. Her assistant head residents are Grace Figarelli and Betty Cash. McClintock B, the women ' s honor dorm, is operated by its residents with a senior elected as hall president and head resident. The varied of Mac B girls are met by several projects: Parent ' s Day Tea, Homecoming Decorations, Christmas Open House, Secret Sister Week, Party at St. Peter ' s Indian Mission, Mac " Bee " Club for the Pleiades Scholarship Drive, Spring Formal, Women ' s Day, Mother ' s Day Tea, the Senior Banquet, and a recital by musically talented residents. Requirements for admission include a 2.6 cumulative grade index, two and an interview with the Associated Dean of Students. Scholarship awards for 1961- ' 62 were presented to Lynn Shahan, Sharon Brosseau and Kathy Mangano. Not is Lynn Hardin. PALO VERDE HALL Palo Verde Hall, located south of the Sun Devil Stadium, is the newest and largest of ASU ' s residence halls. Under south of the present four unit building is a seven-story unit called Palm East, to be for the year 1963- ' 64, with a second seven-story unit, Palm West, to be built soon thereafter. Six hundred women presently in Palo Verde, including the sororities with individual chapter rooms. Palo Verde facilities its own dining room and an inviting atmosphere. Each year the hall council awards four $100 scholarships to encourage the continuation of high scholastic standing. Always available and ready to help the woman of P. V. are Miss Margaret McCandless, head resident; Miss Mary Trail, assistant head resident; and Mrs. Margaret Libby, head Actively meeting and participating in Palo Verde ' s governmental structure are the Fire Wardens and Hall Council. The decoration of the lobby of Palo Verde is an annual highlighted by a specially prepared Christmas dinner, The men of ASU are always welcome to lend a hand in up lights or decorating the tree. THE QUAD South, West and North Halls were merged during the year into the unit, and West lobby became the central point for all activities. These included cultural events, dances and a number of open houses. Miss Forsgren, graduate ass ' t; Miss Harmon, graduate ass ' t and Miss Culbert, resident. But men aren ' t supposed to be in the lobby before noon! Daily signing out procedures 309 Sorry, girls, you didn ' t run fast enough! THE QUAD, CONT ' D West lobby during its few quiet informal hours Quad officers in an agreeable mood, l-r: J. Johnson, treasurer, D. Powell, vice president; C. Kajikawa, J. Hunter, secretary. 310 Quad Hall Council WEST HALL North Wing ' s lobby may not be open to the public, but it nevertheless is a popular place for relaxing and informal gathering. Why close your eyes? The water ' s on the other side! Is there a better way to study? 311 Keeping an eye on Susan Hing ' s sign-out and an ear to Irene Escadone ' s conversation is Mrs. Irene Hanney, Wilson Hall head resident. WILSON HALL Wilson Hall ' s 144 women are near to everywhere with their central location. Primarily an upper-class residence, Wilson is proud of its spirit. The women hosted an all-dorm luau, won first place in women ' s homecoming competition with their interpretation of the Greatest Show on Earth, staged a senior breakfast, a spring formal and a Christmas party. Individually the women hold honors representing almost every special-interest group on campus. Assistant head residents are Linda Brown and Rosalie Marietti. 312 313 Hall council, first row, I-r: J. Van Slyke, A. M. Griego, R. Marietta, R. Cole, E. Guild, E. Walker, D. Lao; second row, D. Farney, S. Moomaw, J. Page, M. Lohmiller, B. Young, L. Brown, E. Barnes, Mrs. Irene Hanney. GAMMAGE HALL The year 1962-63 was an active and successful one for Gammage Hall. It was highlighted by events ranging from the winning of second place for Homecoming decorations to a " Trip to Las Vegas " with the men of Hayden Hall. Other activities included a Spring Formal, Mother ' s Day Tea, Pixie Pal Week, various money-making projects for charities, and exchanges with men ' s dorms. Gammage Hall Council, right, l-r, bottom row: S. M. Downs, B. Beard and K. Silsbury. Middle row: C. Desaulniers, C. Campbell, C. Hadaway, C. Nobles, Mrs. Beatrice Gregory, M. Vojtko, L. Mouw and Top row: M. Rasmussen, P. Eisenmann, M. Turnbull and B. Marshall. 314 Officers, below, l-r: S. Bundy, chaplain; M. Downs, secretary; K. Silsbury, and C. Nobles, treasurer. HUNT HALL Robert Bonitati, head resident. This year the men of Hunt Hall have attempted to build a well balanced social, recreational, and educational program. In this respect, the calendar has produced many memorable exchanges, some of the finest movies, and several noted speakers. The program is designed to provide recreational opportunities for every student, to give in group participation and to make dormitory life as pleasant and fruitful as possible. Front row, l-r, seated: K. Morris, G. Abrahams, J. Battles, H. Scott, H. Valenzuela, R. Tomooka, D. Kilpatrick, Standing: F. Martin, J. Henderson, R. Bonitati, A. Henderson. HAIGLER HALL Residents of Haigler Hall, in the East side of Goodwin Stadi um, live in a congenial atmosphere surrounded by an athletic field, a baseball field and a new basketball court. Officers for the year were: Tony Corea, president; Jim Wong, vice Ken Buxton, secretary and Ron Breeden, treasurer. Head residents were Ramiro Lujan and Ernie Figueroa. Hall Council, bottom row, l-r: R. Lujan, H. Stephenson, E. Figueroa. Middle row, l-r: T. Corea, J. Wong, R. Breeden, K. Buxton. Top row, l-r: B. Collins, B. Ellis, B. Henson, J. Hickman, J. E. Kangas and P. Bedolla. 316 Head residents John and Jean Burnett and our youngest residents, Andy and Bruce. Haigler Hall ' s basketball champs. They fought " animals " and won! 317 Assistant heads, Ernie and " Tuna, " run a formal inspection. 318 HAYDEN HALL To highway travelers Hayden Hall has been the hallmark of ASU campus since 1950. It also has been the for 148 men. Hayden has been the headquarters for playboy, the athlete and the intellect, providing the proper for all three. Hayden men can be proud of their reputation for providing fun-filled exchanges, vigorous competition and scholarly contributions. Head resident Scott attempts, together with Mrs. Scott, to keep pace vith Hayden ' s continuing achievements. Officers, at right, l-r: Front row, R. Young, president; R. Hoff, intramural chairman; C. Byrd, vice president; L. Harkins, treasurer. Back row, R. Scott, head resident; W. Malenda, senior rep.; R. Flaherty, sophomore D. Conovaloff, junior rep.; D. Stoft, secretary, and D. Mill, freshman rep. 318 Las Vegas exchange with Gammage. IRISH HALL IRISH HALL ERECTED 1940 IN HONOR OF FREDERICK M. IRISH BOARD OF EDUCATION GARFIELD A GOODWN LORENZO WRIGHT H. E.HENDRIX ROBERT T. JONES. GOVERNOR GRADY GAMMAGE PRESIDENT OF COLLEGE LESCHER MAHONEY ARCHITECTS P. A . Over the years, Irish Hall has contributed much to the social and cultural accomplishments of ASU ' s campus life. Located near the heart of the university, the men keep College Avenue busy with traffic to and from classes, the Memorial Union and to the various girls ' dormitories. Asst. head residents, l-r: R. Burgoz, P. Buskey, D. Werner and Irish Hall President B. Nasif. Watching television was a year round relaxation for the men of Irish Hall. 319 M. O. BEST A Best A continued its traditions by winning the hall homecoming decorations contest and placing second in the annual Desert Derby Bike Race, as well as participating in numerous other social activities. These factors, in addition to the fine study atmosphere, make Best A a pleasant " home away from home. " Assistant heads Dave Sampson, left, and J. McDonald discuss hall business with head resident Bob Reynolds. Hard at it, Terry Sidwell pecks away. Hall council, l-r: E. Gasser, D. Sargeant, B. Greco, B. Miller, B. Burr and Andy Andavola " enjoys " some of Irv Coin ' s better music. The men of Best B presented this Valentine (below) to Parker, honoring her on her last year as head resident. M. O. BEST B One of the newest and most attractive residence halls on campus, Best B is the home of 94 men students. Its modern rooms and conveniently designed study quarters make on-campus living a Highlights of the dorm ' s social are the Christmas dance and the dinner. Hall council members, seated, l-r: D. Dairman, C. Ziesmer and U. Muhr. Standing, l-r: V. Giles, L. Williams, and F. Deabler. The men of Sahuaro " A " gather on the staircase. SAHUARO " A " Sahuaro " A " , one of the newest and most modern dormitories on presents an atmosphere of warm companionship and comfort. Facilities for recreation, leisure and study, coupled with an easily accessible dining hall, make living in this " home away from home " a pleasure. Well rounded activities, social events and opportunities for in the student-run government of the hall make Sahuaro " A " the finest in dormitory living. Officers and others, l-r, are: R. Raeder, asst. head resident; T. Underly, president; R. D. Friedman; N. Rayborn; G. Irvin; Asst. head resident; J. O ' Malley, head resident (standing); J. Dyck, asst. head resident; M. Kelly, and R. Hockenberg, chaplain. 322 Sahuaro exchange at McClintock was a night for the twist. 323 Officers, above, 1-r: L. Stimac, secretary; S. Abbey, president; R. Gregory, vice president; and R. Johnson, treasurer. Left, head resident Larry Mabbitt catches a few quiet minutes while the fellows are in class. Below, 1-r, are assistant head residents L. Mabbitt, J. Brown, D. Strawbridge, R. Bramlet, and J. Bacon. 324 The men of Sahuaro C set out to capture the trophy for best during football season. We almost made it, thanks to Tom Roth and his crew. Several and parties with the dorms kept the men quite Next year we ' ve got a head start in the decorations since we have a piece of canvas size 10 ' x 22 ' Our girl, Mrs. Foreman, takes five; she deserves a rest after keeping the place spic and span. 325 Newman Club Center Now being built is the Mormon Institute Catholic Church next door to the Newman Club Center The campus is being filled with modern day churches for the different religions represented at ASU. Old buildings are being torn down and new constructions are started in h opes of completion by 1964. Above, Lutheran Church located near Sahuaro Hall. Below, newly completed Baptist Church, Eighth Street. Danforth Chapel, nondenominational, is for meditation and meetings for religious groups. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Objectives of the Student Religious Council are to recognize the importance of religion in educational pursuits, to bring the students into closer touch with their religion and to provide an for participation of all students in open discussion and study on the of religion and life. The SRC holds a Student Exploration Week each year to further students interests and ideals. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union raised enough money this year to send one of its members to the Islands as a summer missionary. Part of the 40 BSU members are pictured here at a daily noon devotional in Danforth Chapel. The back row is the Executive Council which plans and BSU work on and off campus. Windy Burke (fourth from right) is the BSU director. A new BSU Center, located at 112 East 8th Street, is used for other meetings and socials. ASSEMBLY OF GOD [ 329 Chi Alpha is a College Christ Ambassador organization to aid students to develop life on campus, to win to Christ those who are not saved, and to maintain and a firm full-gospel testimony and consciousness on campus. Membership in Chi Alpha is open to all interested college students. Officers, l-r, are: K. Hess, W. Bates, president; Rev. R. J. Cox, college Chaplain; and D. Short, vice president. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION Father Bill, Chaplain Canterbury is a name that long will be remembered by those who have taken part in the great round of activities available on the ASU campus. Canterbury Association, an Episcopal students ' program, meets regularly on Sunday evenings and maintains an active and creative life. The Association program of fun, fellowship, worship and service develops many lasting friendships as members work, pray and play together, seeking answers to students ' everyday problems. James Weir, SRC representative Mr. and Mrs. James Rolle, sponsors Jean Puckle, treasurer Jeanne Kilpatrick, vice president Dr. R. Craig Rover, faculty advisor Sheila Dron, secretary CHURCH OF god Founded as a student organization of the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith, the Fellowship promotes Christian faith, character, and fellowship among members through study classes, service projects, and social activities. Various religious vocations and Christian marriage have been subjects of a lecture-discussion series. Officers for 1962 were (above, l-r): J. Glover, president; C. Saylor, vice president; C. Trimble, secretary; M. A. Christensen, SRC representative; and G. Miller, treasurer. Rev. Alva G. Huffer, pastor of the church, is director of the group. Dr. William D. Lawrence of Phoenix is associate director. Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith, Eighth Street and Myrtle Avenue Congregational Fellowship is a student organization of the United Church of Christ (Congregational) faith, located at 6th Street and Myrtle. " CF " offers academic and activities and promotes Christian faith, character and fellowship. Officers are: N. Hagen, president; S. Rawson, vice president; E. Dunn, secretary-treasurer; M. Avery and P. Decker, SRC representatives; S. Sample and B. Cleeland, worship chairmen. The Rev. C. Prior and the Rev. j. Keenor are advisers. CONGREGATIONAL FELLOWSHIP LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOC. 332 Officers, 1-r: The Rev. B. Johnson; D. Shelberg, president; C. Clark, vice president; J. Korttila, secretary; J. Oien, treasurer. The Lutheran Student Association is part of the Lutheran Student Christian Movement with groups on all major college campuses. It provides opportunity for worship, study, discussion, Christian service and fellowship. The ASU group meets at the Lutheran Center, 1414 South McAllister. All are welcome. NEWMAN CLUB In 1961 ASU ' s first Catholic organization completed its much needed center. It has a library, classroom, study rooms, auditorium, kitchen and snack bar. The program includes University courses, daily and Sunday mass, communion breakfast, retreats, Legion of Mary and regular Tuesday night meetings. Officers, l-r, are: R. Allen, religious vice president; C. president; J. Timmer, treasurer; M. Meehan, National Newman Federation treasurer, and J. Hobbs, educational vice president. The Newman Foundation Board of Directors meets monthly to evaluate and aid the progress of the Newman Center, Father William R. Lynch was appointed full-time chaplain to Catholic students in August, 1959. HENRY NEWMAN Girls of the Phi Psi chapter. Girls of the Phi Omega chapter. PHI PSI omega Unique among fraternities is Lambda Delta Sigma. Under the auspices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the entire program is aimed at developing in the lives o f its members five ideals: fellowship, leadership, intellectuality, cultural life and religion. The two women ' s chapters — Phi Psi and Phi Omega — have built organizations to meet the need of college women. Social activities such as Christmas and Spring formals, a Christmas service project, exchanges, Date Bureau Party and Service Auction have become traditional. Interchapter officers, 1-r: J. Hall, president; S. Williams, social chairman; L. Gianque, vice president; S. Skousen, secretary. Missing is K. Jones, treasurer. DELTA PHI OHI ALPHA DELTA PHI KAPPA, a unique honorary for men, is made up of Latter-day Saint returned missionaries who have filled missions in almost every part of the world. It provides a service, spiritual, scholastic and social outlet. One of its projects is publishing a student directory for ASU. Highlight of the social year was a dinner dance at the Executive House in Scottsdale. PHI ALPHA, is a chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma, a fraternity with bonds of common spiritual philosophies and ideals. It is for men desirous of living university lives in accordance with spiritual, social, academic, cultural, and standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The ASU chapter has 40 men fulfilling these ideals. The calendar includes intramurals, dances, spiritual activities, dinners, cultural programs and exchanges. 336 U organizations GAMMA ALPHA CHI Gamma Alpha Chi, founded in 1920 at the University of Missouri, promotes higher ideals and better standards of work in advertising. The only professional fraternity for women, it is an important link between the campus and the advertising world. Alpha Iota chapter, active on campus for 6 years, offers beyond that available in the classroom by sponsoring field trips to agencies, newspapers, photography studios and radio stations. Its members participate in group projects related to advertising and hear outstanding professional men and women at their meetings. Below, 1-r, are Alpha Iota chapter officers M. Voita, corresponding secretary; N. Tenny, reporter; V. Nebiola, president; Prof. R. Zacher, sponsor; E. Sowell, treasurer; F. Allers, vice president; D. Olson, recording secretary. 338 FIELD TRIPS: GAX members on a field trip (below) learn how professional photographers operate. BUSINESS MEETING: Members attend (lower right) business meetings twice a month, unless a field trip or an advertising film is set up instead. PLEDGES: At right are a few of the GAX pledges, l-r: D. Farney, K. Hess, D. Utgard, A. Nelson, S. Nelson, P. Van Buskirk and R. Bruno. ACCOUNTING CLUB The Accounting Club at ASU is looking forward to meeting the of Alpha Beta Psi, the national professional accounting fraternity. Promoting interest and friendship in accounting is a main purpose of the group. Seated, 1-r: Bob Rehfeld, vice president-treasurer, Southwest Forest Industries, and Lyman Davidson, partner, Ernst Ernst, CPA firm. Standing, 1-r: Ron Jones, president; Ron Crews, treasurer; Jane Backwith, secretary; Richard Ray, vice president; Harry Steele, speaker, and John Klein, committee chairman. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA The Raymond Rubicam chapter of ADS, the national professional advertising fraternity for men, enables its members to encounter the opportunities to go beyond the limits ofi practical experience through classroom projects. The fraternity helps to establish contacts with the working world of advertising both on and off campus. Under the dgirection of Prof. Zacher, the members work on various mass media projects. ADS is " on " campus rendering many services to ASU students. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The ASU chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is one of 150 student chapters on American university campuses. Founded 75 years ago, ASME is a non-profit organization of more than 58,000 members, including about 10,000 student members. Devoted to advancing the profession of mechanical engineering, ASME has fostered the ideals, practices and ethics that mark engineers as professional men. The ASU chapter had 45 members this year, and much enthusiasm was shown for the group ' s programs and field trips to AiResearch Manufacturing Co., Copper Mine in Globe, ASME Regional Convention, Arizona Public Service and Salt River Project steam generating plants, and the Phoenix A-1 brewery. ALPHA PI EPSILON Membership in Alpha Pi Epsilon, the national secretarial honorary, is restricted to of superior scholarship, personality and character. The official emblem is an honorary gold key, symbolizing the ideals of the society, " Accuracy, Efficiency and Dependability. " Officers of Alpha Delta chapter at ASU are: K. Sefferovich, president; D. Chacon, vice president; D. Brackeen, secretary-treasurer; B. Miller, proje ct chairman, and P. historian. Dr. Lola B. Dawkins is the faculty and Miss Gloria Witkowski is co-sponsor. 341 DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Business Fraternity, was organized to promote closer affiliation between the world and business students. The local chapter, Gamma Omega, which has one of the largest chapters in the fraternity, sponsors the annual Day, attends tours to business establishments in the Phoenix area, and entertains speakers from many areas of business. Social activities picnics, parties, dances and banquets. Below, at the Business Day Luncheon, is the Rose of Sigma Delta Pi, Miss Joanne Von Blume. society for the ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Society for the Advancement of Management is the oldest management organization in the world. Its objectives are to help individual members to develop their managerial ability and to help the promotion of management art and science. There are 190 University chapters and 48 professional chapters in the United States and foreign countries. Formal gathering of the members. Officers, l-r: Dr. R. Blomstrom, faculty advisor; C. Morgan, secretary; T. Prof. Harold Fischer, national president, presenting award Weeks, vice-president; Fahir Kirdar, treasurer; Frank Kirdar, president. of merit to chapter president Frank Kirdar. STUDENT construction SOCIETY J The Student Construction Society was organized spring semester, 1961, to bring together students with a common interest in the construction industry. The Society seeks to supplement classroom theory with field trips, films, and speakers from the industry. The Society aims to acquaint the industry with the ASU construction curriculum and its students. Other activities include helping to decorate the Union for its Birthday Party and barbecues at Tempe Beach. At the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium (above) G. Carlier, Project Engineer for the contractor, R. E. McKee, Inc., and an ASU 344 graduate, explains some construction details to the Society officers, l-r: B. Taylor, president; J. Cooper, vice president; Mr. Douthit, adviser; Carlier; D. Varney, corresponding secretary; J. Salley, secretary -treasurer; R. Zeigler, past corresponding secretary; D. Johnson, past president. Not pictured are F. H. Waits and G. Linthicum. Mr. Douthit, adviser, speaks at one of our meetings. A field trip to the new dorm, Palm East, being built by Manhattan- Dickman Construction Co. A few of the gang! PI SIGMA EPSILON Iota chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon is a professional fraternity for men interested in the advancement of marketing, selling and sales management. Members take part in sales projects and salesmanship workshops and guest speakers highlight the meetings. Shown above, l-r, are: N. Tang; F. Padgett, president; E. Napolski, treasurer; R. King, publicity; G. Anderson; E. West; C. Whitham; L. Anderson, and T. Whitelock, sergeant-at-arms. PI DELTA EPSILON A national journalism honorary, Pi Delta Epsilon ' s ASU chapter its second annual Ugly Person Contest to benefit the Christmas charity project of a Phoenix Among its other projects is a spring semester competition among Valley high school journalism students with a Pi Delt trophy going to the winner, SIGMA DELTA CHI 346 Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic society, is a world-wide organization for men in journalism. ASU ' s chapter, the only undergraduate chapter in Arizona, received its charter in November, 1960. Founded at University in 1909 under the motto, " He Serves Best Who Serves the Truth, " SDX endeavors constantly to raise the standards of competence of its members. After business at the bi- weekly meeting, members and guest speakers discuss every aspect of journalism from newspaper sports to television news coverage. KAPPA DELTA PI Recipient of the Senior Award scholarship key and life in the organization, Betty Lu Barclay, has completed 4 years in the College of Education with a cumulative index of 4.00. President, Mrs. Eva Verner, presenting Kappa Delta Pi award of $50 to Judith Kippola for having the cumulative index for courses taken in freshman and sophomore years in college of Education. Initiation and Banquet. Following the theme of " World Understanding " Dr. Abdel Rashad spoke on " Egyptian Education. " Kappa Delta Pi is an Honor Society in Education, whose purpose is to encourage high professional, intellectual and personal and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Beta Phi chapter at ASU was installed Dec. 16, 1930. Since then some 1500 students have been initiated. Scholarship is of prime importance, with a B average required. Below are pictured, left foreground, A. Przanowski, historian-reporter; l-r background, Mrs. E. Verner, president; S. Hill, treasurer; Dr. M. Lewis, counselor; D. Arnote, secretary. Not pictured, Betty Barclay, vice president. 347 Determining delegates elected to attend the state- wide AEA convention are Dr. Murra, J. C. Brown and C. Walker. 1962 Officers are 1-r: C. Mihelich, J. Marchok , P. Boswell, Ca. Wacker, N. Turner, Dr. W. Murra, E. Hull, K. Vurich, J. Valentine, B. Stricker, J. Lenz, Dr. J. Abbott and R. Sowell. NEA OF ASU Professional preparation and for prospective teachers are the goals of the Student National Association. The ASU chapter of the Student NEA helps to prepare 350 members annually for the profession of teaching. Business and social meetings, workshops and service projects provide members with opportunities to participate actively. During this past year monthly meetings were devoted to such topics as new certification laws, international education, first year and student employment practice and teacher preparation. " My Student Teaching Experience " is discussed by student teachers P. Boswell, A. Przanowske, B. Baum and D. Oaks. ASSOCIATION FOr childhood education Arizona State University ' s branch of the Association for Childhood Education is open to kindergarten - primary and education students and all persons. The group strives to interest in its aims among students, faculty and community. It sponsors an annual Christmas party for children and one meeting of the Salt River ACEI. PHI DELTA KAPPA Phi Delta Kappa is a men ' s professional education for qualified seniors, graduate students and teachers. Members attempt to translate the ideals of research, service and leadership into a program of action for public education. Below, outstanding community leaders and their wives are honored at one of the many banquets of Phi Delta Kappans. SPURS " At Your Service " is the motto of SPURS, sophomore honorary. SPURS performs services for campus groups and activities, including ushering at football games and graduation, conducting tours and aiding in registration for Senior Day and Parents ' Day and making tray favors for students in the infirmary. Money raised by selling Spur-O-Grams on Valentine ' s Day, and Mums for Parents ' Day is used to sponsor a Navajo Brownie troop in northern New Mexico. SPURS sent 10 to the national convention in Salt Lake City in the summer of 1962, at which President Durham was featured speaker. From 30 to 35 outstanding freshman girls are tapped each spring for their service, patriotism, understanding, and sacrifice. Officers are: G. Walberg, president; K. Payne, vice D. Ulmer, secretary; M. Esperza, treasurer; A. Schqanz, historian, and N. Tenney, local editor. Lewis, Mrs. Charlotte (advisor) Avery, Mary (jun. adviser) Brubaker, Martha Davis, Sally Deidrich, Diane Dyer, Pam Edwards, Carol Eklund, Peggy Elliot, Barbara Esparza, Margaret Freedman, Natalie Garner, Ann Glenn, Roberta Holmgren, Kay Hutchins, Janice Ingersoll, Carol Johnson, Sharon Kay Kuehneman, Karen A. Miller, Robin Mitchell, Beth Mitchell, Diane Nelson, Jane M. Payne, Karla Schwanz, Algene Sorenson, Carol Tenney, Nancy Ulmer, Diane Wahl, Mary A. Walberg, Gay Wilson, Judy 350 SOPHOS, the Sophomore Men ' s Honorary Service Organization, conducts service projects on and off Approximately 20 freshmen men are selected each spring semester for the following year according to scholarship, leadership, character and service. Proceeds from all service projects go toward scholarships for sophomore men. SOPHOS activities include ushering at baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies, heading the campus U.F. drive and keeping the SOPHOS Scoreboard. Castro, Louis Greener, Jim Johnson, Jack Taylor, Tom Densmore, Trent Haskin, Robert Renifrow, Lance Vargo, Julius Farone, John Homer, Norman Sawyer, Steve Wochner, Karl Grabe, Clark Hughes, Mark Sch wartz, Richard Yandell, David Members discuss trophy which they plan to defend as champions of College Bowl SOPHOS sell programs at home basketball games. Officers for 1962-63, 1-r, are: M. Ittner, treasurer; V. Behrens, vice president; A. Crush, secretary; S. Rawson, president; and P. Brinias, historian-publicity chairman. Natani, junior women ' s honorary, takes its name from the Navajo word meaning " Leader. " The emblem, a Hopi medicine man, also is derived from culture. The purpose of Natani is to foster scholarship, leadership and fellowship and to promote the cultural interests of ASU. This year Natani assisted in conducting campus tours on Parent ' s Day and Senior Day and helped with campus elections. Elliott, Janet Holstine, Margaret Leung, Pauline Rawson, Sue Fallgren, Linda House, Sharon Miller, Bonnie Ross, Mary Ellen Frost, Sarah Ison, G. Jean Murphy, Margaret Rovey, Patricia Garmire, Sandra Ittner, Mary Sue Peck, Barbara Shahan, Lynn Demson, Mrs. Ruth E. (advisor) Baird, Jodee Brinias, Pat Collins, Susan J. Adkins, Beverly Behrens, Vergie Lee Bridge, Ferne Crush, Anna Sue Avery, Mary Boucher, Wendy Brousseau, Sharon Dillien, Martha BLUE KEY Presentation of trophies for Blue Key Carnival, held in with the M. U. Birthday Party. L-r: Daryl Winn, Charlyn Nelson, Richard Ray, carnival chairman; Bev Johnson, and Mike Craig, president. Blue Key is a national service and scholastic honorary for upperclassmen. Formerly the Thirteen Club, it was organized at ASCU in 1939. Active members, chosen for outstanding achievement in both academic work and activities, perform a variety of services for the campus. The stimulus for Blue Key projects is money for the scholarship fund. Four students each year hold Blue Key scholarships. Projects include Blue Key Carnival, football program sales, and the Blue Key Musicale. Service projects are Senior Day, Parent ' s Day ushering, ushering at commencement and Baccalaureate. Members selling football programs. Most of the scholarship money comes from these sales. Allen, Grant Ash, John Ashby, Larry Ayer, Fred Baymiller, Roger Boher, Dan Bonitati, Bob Brennen, Gary Carter, Bob Cerkvenik, Tony Chamberlain, Bob Clampett, Bob Cleeland, Byron Coles, Andy Cobb, J. J. Craig, Mike Cullom, Paul Derker, Pete Dorin, Dennis George, Dave Hagen, Nick Hansson, Bob Johnson, Tom Kilgard, Chris Lee, John Lewis, Jeff Mattews, Dave McCarey, Wayne McClendon, D. R. Mills, Dave Montgomery, Steve Morrison, J. M. Muhr, Rich Nichols, Gary Noller, Don Raineri, Tony Ray, Richard Rummel, Steve Sangchai, Somporn Sargent, Steve Slemmons, Steve Tankersley, Ron Wilson, Alex Winn, Daryl Zettler, Hugo Zimmerman, Doug Pleiades hosts Scholarship Reception Tea honoring upper class women who have maintained a 3.5 index. Arnote, Donna Baker, Margaret Barclay, Betty Brosseau, Sharon Brown, Linda Elliot, Janet Evans, Bonnie Moore, Nancy Sorgatz, Karen Morrison, Eileen F. Przanowski, Arlene Spitler, Marilyn Inbody, Patricia Shahan, Lynn Tang, Pearl Pleiades, the Senior Women ' s Honorary was founded in 1934. Its objectives scholarship, leadership, and service have been exemplified by its member s throughout the years. Some of the projects that Pleiades has participated in are the Scholastic Reception Tea honoring upper class women for thei r academic achievement, awarding two — one for an incoming freshman woman and one for an upper class and have served the University through its tradition of ushering at Baccalaureate and Commencement services as well as all football and basketball games. Pleiades awards a plaque to the residence hall having the highest overall grade point average each year and also honors the Pleiades alumnae during Homecoming. Blurry-eyed and thrilled, last year 16 outstanding junior women were tapped to exemplify and ever strive towards the ideals of this society — outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service. Pleiades chapter advisers are Mrs. Alfred Schmidt, Mrs. Paul Kemp, and Miss Arlene Hansen, Mrs. Edward Demson is ex-officio adviser. In addition, this year Pleiades published the Mortar Board Petition that finally climaxed their acceptance into the National Senior Women ' s Honorary, Mortar Board. PLEIADES BECOMES MORTAR BOARD Prior to installation, returning alumnae from east and west chat with National President of Mortar Board, Miss Ruth H. Weimer, Associate Dean of Women, Ohio State University. Over 90 Pleiades alums returned from all over the U.S. for the memorable and installation. Miss Nancy Moore awarding trophy to representative of Wilson Hall, winner of Scholarship Drive sponsored by Pleiades 1962. After years of preparation and hopeful waiting, Pleiades received unanimous approval for membership by the National Mortar Board Council and all chapters. Four local societies joined 45 years ago to form Mortar Board, the first and only national organization of senior women. Membership is known to be one of the highest honors a college woman can attain. Preparation for acceptance began as far back as 1952 when the American Association of University Women met to approve the possibility of Pleiades becoming Mortar Board. For four years, Pleiades hopefully worked and waited. Finally after much effort a petition was formulated and unanimously approved. On March 23, 1963 in a formal installation ceremony Mortar Board became a reality to our ASU campus. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a National Freshman honorary which has as its sole requirement a 3.50 or better cumulative grade index. Its main activity is to proctor freshmen tests during the summer and between semesters. An Alpha Lambda Delta scholarship of $50 is presented to a high school senior girl, based on scholarship, leadership, financial need. Officers, bottom row, 1-r: (starting with second girl), J. Nelson, vice president; K. Kuehneman, project chairman; J. Elliott, secretary; D. Ulmer, corresponding secretary; B. Fisher, historian; Mrs. Charlotte Lewis, advisor; L. Finell, president; S. Collins, jr. advisor; J. Warne, AWS representative; M. Esparza, treasurer. Not shown, Annie Okada, senior advisor. Phi ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a national freshman honorary Recognition goes to the student who has excelled in scholastic 356 achievement during h i s freshman year. The fraternity fosters the high ideals, beliefs and practices that assure continued development in academic, physical and spiritual development. Bottom row,: R. R. Vickers, W. A. Sanera; second row: D. Winn, J. C. Bennik, E. Carmack, R. Brown, S. Thomas; top row: U. Muhr, J. Gibbs, B. S. Hill, G. Wolfe, T. Taylor, Dr. John Krenkel, advisor. BETA CHI EPSILON Through membership in Beta Chi, activities are directed toward developing a professional attitude in the varous areas of specialization, toward becoming aware of the opportunities of this field, and toward preparing for membership in the professional organization, AHEA. Officers, l-r: J. Davenport, vice president; B. Claridge, treasurer; W. Follet, publicity; K. Nauman, president; and D. Miller, social. PHI UPSILON OMICRON Cruch, Anna Sue Dager, Dorraine Farr, Lurlyne Fuller, Lucy Gouvenia, Patricia Mozur, Lois E. Porter, Patricia Rovey, Patricia Rossini, Marilyn Schluender, Audrey Weisberg, Paula Windeo, Barbara Phi Upsilon Omicron, national home professional honorary, was chartered at ASU in 1960. For membership, one must be a Home Economics major with at least 45 hours, have a 2.7 and possess exceptional professional promise. ASU STUDENT NURSES The Arizona State University Nurses coordinates activities for the state ' s future nurses. The group locally with other state associations and with student nurses associations throughout the country. P. E M. M. The Physical Education Major and Minor Club all Physical Education Department activities such as a fall picnic, Christmas party, spring camping trip, senior farewell party, T hanksgiving breakfast, clinics and panels by outstanding students, alums, state and national leaders in physical education. The advisor is Arlene Haussen. Officers are: M. Filkins, president; I. Leffler, vice president; J. Brown, secretary; L. Saliba, treasurer and V. Homer, publicity chairman. The objective of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to provide organized fun and relaxation for every woman at ASU. Members who earn their " A " blazers belong Below, 1-r: M. Wahl, B. Maldonado, I. Leffler, S. Smith, C. to the honorary " A " Club. Hopkins, K. Malgich, S. Worsley, B. Stricker. women ' s athletic association Women ' s " A " Club, 1-r, back row: K. Malgich, Dr. D. Gillanders, sponsor, S. Ward, E. Flores, M. Filkins. Second row: S. Smith, P. Tang, NI. Wahl, A. Skousen, C. Hopkins. Sitting: I. Leffler, B. Maldonado. Intramural Council, 1-r, top row: G. Liebman, NI. Woolridge, J. Severance, NI. Wahl. Sitting, 1-r: B. Beard, I. Leffler, L. Walker. Standing: S. Worsley. A modern dance honorary, Orchesis is an active group of individuals interested in learning more about dance techniques and composition. Annually, their presentations include a high school symposium, a workshop, and spring and fall concerts. Orchesis members are B. Alford, N. Barer, A. Benner, D. Brown, Janet Campbell, Jean Campbell, J. Chisum, V. Cross, K. Erickson, N. Farrell, C. Garland, R. Gear, C. Grosser, S. Hatfield, C. Hodge, B. Ingram, J. Lingscheidt, J. Lipson, P. Lucera, D. Malenfant, S. Marionneaux, M. Olsen, C. Shafer, J. Smith, J. Straka, C. Tapake, B. Upshaw, M. J. Willis, J. Hargrove, V. Razy, H. Heimann, C. Mensh and M. Boulet. naiads orchesis naiads Naiads is the synchronized swimming honorary. Every spring Naiads presents an annual water show for the enjoyment of the faculty and This year Naiads presented its first annual Synchronized Swimming Clinic, directed by Miss Mary Seymore of Oregon State University. The purpose was to help promote synchronized in Arizona. 360 POM PON Enthusiastic supporters of school spirit, the Pom Pon Girls make regular appearances at football and basketball games, pep rallies, and other school events. In addition, frequent appearances are made all over the Valley as ASU representatives. Being selected a member of the squad is a high honor achieved on the basis of poise, personality, dance ability, and achievement. They enjoy a close connection with the Sun Devil Band for joint performances. The group was selected the Best Dressed and Most Wholesome at the Regional Play-offs in Provo, Utah by sports officials and newsmen. The Pom-Pon Squad is under the leadership of Marilyn Vihel, Sandy Berry co-captain; and Mrs. Margie Law, sponsor. recognition is due Patsi Rich, past captain, for four years service. Pom-Pon members (starting above) are: Donna Arnett, Sandy Berry, Judy Chlarson, Martha Creasman, Patti Garnes, Nola Hill, Patsi Rich, Marilyn Vihel, Marilyn Whitney. SUN DEVIL rodeo The Sun Devil Rodeo Association each year sponsors a variety of activities of interest to the students of ASU. Included in these activities are trail rides, barbeques, and dances held throughout the school year. Each fall the SDRA holds an intercollegiate rodeo, which is fast becoming one of the largest in the country. The ASU rodeo team is another function of the Sun Devil Rodeo Association and is a strong contender in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, West Coast regional competition. An annual spring horseshow, in with the Arizona State Horseman ' s Association, is also included as part of the SDRA program of activities. Pat Brunotte, left, won the barrel race at the 1963 Inter collegiate Rodeo. 362 Janiece Johnson, above left, at ASU horseshow on Jumper. Rodeo club officers, above l-r: T. Gibson, treasurer; C. S. Mabee, W. Schaaf, vice president; and J. Arnhold, president. Bareback riding (above) at 1963 Intercollegiate Rodeo. Bob Thalheimer (right) gets down on steer while Tom Harsh hazes during bull dogging. 363 Girl ' s rodeo team, (bottom row, 1-r) J. Trulock, J. Winterton, P. Brunotte; (top row, 1-r) J. Johnson, N. Folk, C. S. Mabee. Boy ' s rodeo team, (bottom row, 1-r): M. Thomas, R. Adams, D. Felton; (top row, 1-r): W, Schaaf, B. Wallace, J. Fincher, T. Harsh Sun Devil Archers is a newly organized club for men and women students at ASU. Its purpose is to foster and develop character and a spirit of sportsmanship and to provide an archery-oriented program for interested archers. The club participates in SUN DEVIL tournaments with other colleges and universities and in tournaments. Officers are: M. Wahl, president; F. vice president; C. Lee, secretary-treasurer and S. Nix, Miss Margaret Klann is advisor. sigma ALPhA iota The local chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, national music fraternity for women, was started in 1959. Its main function is to support musical scholarships and foundations. A cumulative index of 2.7, with a 3.00 in music courses, is required for membership. Each year the group presents an award for the best American musical composition, and it sends musical instruments to school children in Japan. CONCERT CHOIR The ASU Concert Choir is directed by David B. Scoular, ASU director of choral activities. It has a varied program, including an annual concert tour, appearances in the Valley and concerts at the University. of the Choir represent every subject field and are selected from the ASU Choral Union, a choral organization of 350 persons open to all students. This year, the Choir performed three major works with the Symphony Orchestra. Marion W. Smith is associate director, Karl Wochner is business manager and Evangeline Mendoza is accompanist. Arreola, R. Baker, D. Barney, W. Bond, V. Bradshaw, T. Burton, B. Cathey, A. Christensen, M. Coar, H. Densmore, F. Escandon, I. Franklin, C. Friend, K. Harris, C. Homes, S. Humphrey, C. Keating, R. Keneally, M. Kreisman, N. Lehman, P. Lopez, V. Mallow, M. Mardirosian, I Marshall, B. Meinhardt, M. Monson, C. Morey, B. Morris, B. Morrison, M. Noble, E. Ong, Y. Palmer, P. Pilloud, A. Rauhouse, T. Richard, C. Robertson,L. Schwartz, A. Short, R. Smith, E. Tarpey, P. Troxell, R. Vujkov, R. Waters, L. Wilson, J. Wochner, K. Yeary, N. Silver Wing is the Air Force honorary fraternity. The members have accomplished much, considering that this was Silver Wing ' s first year on campus. The more than 70 members, actives and pledges, are held in high esteem by the Air Force ROTC. Faculty advisor is Capt. Richard Robinson and the president is 1st Lt. Walt Lehman. SILVER WING 365 Arnold Air Society was organized to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the U.S. Air Force. Of the 67 members, several hold high positions in student government and campus Seniors who will receive their commissions this year are C. Frey, J. Lee, H. Lowe, B. Ness, J. McCarey, G. Rhodes, A. Tichenor, G. Walston, S. Ward and C. Weitz. The advisor is Lt. Col. Robert Edwards. 366 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ANGEL FLIGHT Three shining trophies glitter in the MU showcase because of a lively group of Air Force girls. Angel Flight, sponsored by the Arnold Air Society, took sweepstakes prizes this year at Tucson in competition with Angels from other states. These sure-footed lasses took Sunshine Home Children on a Halloween Trick or treat night, ushered at basketball and football games, worked on money-making visited Air Force bases, hostessed for Arnold Air and became secretaries for members of the Arnold Air Society. With many a sore foot, they tramped the miles of Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix parades and climaxed the year with a drill presentation during June Honors night. 10th regiment pershing rifles Tenth Regimental Headquarters of the National Society of Pershing Rifles, located on the ASU campus, is responsible for maintaining the efficiency of Tenth Regiment, covering the entire American Southwest, California and Hawaii. Tenth Regiment is the only tri-service military fraternity on campus and is becoming known for its community projects conducted throughout the school year. When in uniform the Pershing Rifleman can be singled out by the traditional blue and white cord on his left shoulder. Above left, l-r, back row: Lt. Col. B. Ness, Col. L. Samuels, Capt. F. Battles. Back row, l-r: 1st Lt. D. Mullen, 2nd Lt. A. Wanamaker, Maj. R. Hacker, 2nd Lt. G. Rhodes, Sgt. Maj. A. Nelson, Capt. D. Runnels, Master Sgt. C. Wilburg. Maj. Hacker and 2nd Lt. Wanamaker discuss the merits of past regimental Queens. 368 kaydettes Kaydettes is an honorary auxiliary for the Army ROTC. Members are selected by Pershing Rifles, Advanced ROTC members, and members of the Kaydettes, on the basis of personal appearance, poise and personality. Kaydettes have been busy this year ushering at football and basketball games, marching in parades and drill meets, assisting with the MILBA (Military Ball), collecting money for the March of Dimes and performing at Honor ' s Night. L-r: Lt. Col. P. Pansini, treasurer; Col. L. Anderson, president; Capt. Daryl Jones, advisor; Lt. Col. B. DcGraff, secretary. Bottom row, l-r: P. Pansini, D. Stouffer, P. Freeman, W. Boucher. Second Row: K. Arneson, S. Poe, S. Otten, L. Anderson, T. Irani. Top row: S. Andre, J. Jenson, B. Bulla, J. Kelleher, B. DeGraff. Not pictured: S. Smith, P. Hogan, D. Brown. pershing rifles Company D-10 of this National Military Honorary Society sponsored functions having social, military and charitable aspects. Maintaining its purpose, it fostered accelerated drill training, special classes on science and tactics, the development of military skills and drill proficiency. A pledge maintains a brace during " Hell Week " , under difficult circumstances. The men of Pershing Rifles D-10, at an early morning formation. Governing officers, Company D, ASU. Nancy Hill, Company Queen, officiates over the refreshments at the Spring Formal. Finalists in Company D-10 ' s Queen selection were chosen from nineteen candidates representing sororities, dormatories and other womens ' organizations on the ASU campus. At the annual March of Dimes " Toll Bridge, " the Pershing Rifles Nancy Hill, East Hall, Company Sweetheart, was crowned at and Kaydettes collected $1,800. These groups also went on a the Pershing Rifles spring formal. Christmas season visit to the Phoenix Veterans ' Hospital. PHRATERES Eta ch apter of Phrateres, since March 1958, has been the official organization for all off-campus women at In striving to fulfill the goal of giving its members full opportunity for a full and successful life, Phrateres carries out its motto of " Famous for Friendliness. " Annual events include the Day Banquet, Mother-Daughter Tea, Spring Formal, Style Show and social exchanges. Phrateres also serves the school and community with several service projects and by ushering at school functions. Officers this year were J. Hallickson, president; S. Sylvester, social vice president; B. Nold, membership vice president and E. Meyer, secretary. Jerome, Margaret Muir, Louise Schwanz, Algene Laser, Donna Nold, Barbara Ellen Sylvester, Sidney Leuba, Patricia Olson, Deanna Turner, Nancy Meyer, Eleanor Parks, Karen Wacker, Carole Monical, Margo Pearson, Pam Warne, Jane Brown, Alma F. (advisor) Demson, Ruth E. (advisor) Bridge, Fern Butler, Marilyn Clark, Sharon Fullerton, Marilyn Hallickson, Jean Hilborn, Sharon House, Sharon Hull, Ellen This year ' s advisors were Mrs. Ruth Demson and Mrs. Alma Brown. Phrateres annual Founder ' s Day Banquet. Pledge presentation of scrapbook to active Pledges (below) and actives (below, left) gather twice a month for meetings and to plan projects and exchanges. dawa-chindi Basketball rivalry. Officers are l-r: Joe Welch, chairman; Veronica Homer, vice president; Joyce Sells, president; Peterson Zah, publicity; Carol Jones, secretary; and Roy Morgan, An American Indian club, Dawa-Chindi is organized and operating with full support of ASU. Membership in the club is open to all races, but is restricted to ASU staff, and faculty. The clubs meet weekly in the student Memorial Union building, with club socials planned monthly. DEVILS ' N ' DAMES FOREIGN STUDENTS Weekly square dances, providing a whirl of activity under the direction of Miss Pittman, creates a western atmosphere for the members of Devils ' n ' Dames. High point of the year is the spring which also serves as a summer send-off for club members. Foreign and American students participate in ASU ' s Foreign Students Club. Weekly coffee hours at the Alumni House provide a casual atmosphere where foreign students meet with American students and members of the community. Part of a large panel of foreign student speakers who keep the American public informed about their countries. ADMINISTRATION Academic Vice-President 20 Acting Director of Special Service 21 Alumni Secretary 20 Associate Dean of Students 21 Board of Regents 17 Chief of News Bureau 21 Comptroller 20 Coordinater of Research 21 Dean of Men 21 Dean of Students 21 Director of Housing 21 Director of Inter-Collegiate Athletics 20 Director of Memorial Union 21 Director of Placement Center 21 Director of School of Archi- tecture 21 Director of School of Nursing 20 Director of Summer Session 21 Head Librarian 20 President Durham 19 Registrar 20 Vice-President for Business Affairs 21 University Picture 20 ACTIVITIES Blue Key Carnival 140 Cultural Affairs Social Board 138 Greek Week 182 Head Residents Tea 130 Homecoming 124 Military Ball 136 M. U. Open House 131 Memorial Union Birthday Party 141 Memorial Union Christmas Party 134 Star Formal 137 Water Sports Day 142 Western Week 132 COLLEGES College of Business Admin- istration 66 College of Education 76 College of Engineering Sciences 58 College of Liberal Arts 92 Research 104 Graduate College 108 DORMITORIES General Living (off-campus) 300 Living Groups 302 East Hall 302 Gammage Hall 314 Haigler Hall 316 Hayden Hall 318 Irish Hall 319 McClintock A 304 McClintock B 305 M. 0. Best A 320 M. 0. Best B 321 Quadrangle 308 Palo Verde Hall 306 Sahuaro A 322 Sahuaro B 315 Sahuaro C 324 Wilson Hall 312 FRATERNITIES Inter-Fraternity Council 226 Alpha Epsilon Pi 228 Alpha Gamma Rho 230 Alpha Rho Chi 232 Alpha Tan Omega 234 Delta Chi 238 Delta Sigma Phi 240 Lambda Chi Alpha 246 Phi Delta Theta 248 Phi Kappa Psi 254 Phi Sigma Kappa 258 Pi Kappa Alpha 262 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 268 Sigma Chi 272 Sigma Nu 276 Sigma Phi Epsilon 280 Tan Kappa Epsilon 284 Theta Chi 288 Theta Delta Chi 292 ORGANIZATIONS Accounting Club 340 Alpha Delta Sigma 340 Alpha Lambda Delta 356 Alpha Pi Epsilon (secretarial) 341 Angel Flight 367 Arnold Air Society 366 Assoc. for Childhood Educa- tion, International 349 Beta Chi Epsilon 357 Blue Key 353 Choral Union Concert Choir 365 Dawa Chindi 374 Devils ' N ' Dames 375 Delta Sigma Pi (business) 342 Foreign Students 375 Gamma Alpha Chi 338 Hdqts. 10th Regiment Pershing Rifles 368 Kappa Delta Pi 347 Kaydettes 369 Naiads 360 Natani 352 Natl. Soc. Pershing Rifles 370 Orchesis 360 PEMM 358 Pershing Rifles 368 Phi Delta Epsilon 346 Phi Delta Kappa 349 Phi Eta Sigma 356 Phi Upsilon Omicron 357 Phrateres 372 Pi Sigma Epsilon 345 Pleiades 354 Pom Pon 361 Sahuaro 44 Sigma Alpha Iota 365 Sigma Delta Chi 346 Sophos 351 Spurs 350 SNEA 348 Society for the Advancement of Management 343 State Press 43 Student Association of Mechanical Engineers 341 Student Construction Society 344 Strident Nurses Association 358 Sun Devil Archers 364 Sun Devil Rodeo Association 361 WAA 359 Who ' s Who 52 RELIGIOUS GROUPS American Baptist Student Movement 328 Southern Baptist Student Union 329 Assembly of God 329 Canterbury Association 330 Church of God Collegiate Fellowship 331 Congregational Fellowship 332 Lutheran Student Association 332 Newman Club 333 L.D.S. (Phi Omega) 334 L.D.S. Organizations 335 SORORITIES Panhellenic 185 Alpha Delta Pi 186 Alpha Epsilon Phi 190 Alpha Phi 192 Alpha Sigma Alpha 196 Chi Omega 198 Delta Gamma 202 Gamma Phi Beta 206 Kappa Alpha Theta 210 Kappa Delta 214 Kappa Kappa Gamma 218 Sigma Sigma Sigma 222 SPORTS Baseball 166 Basketball 156 Football 146 Gymnastics 173 Intramurals 178 Men ' s Golf 175 Men ' s Tennis 175 Rifle Team 177 Track 169 Women ' s Archery Team 176 Women ' s Badminton Team 176 Women ' s Golf 174 Women ' s Swimming 177 Women ' s Tennis 174 Wrestling 172 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Activities Co-ordination Board 114 ASASU Government 110 ASASU Student Senate 110 ASASU Supreme Court 110 Associated Men Students 121 Associated Women Students 120 Board of Financial Control 112 Board of Publication 114 Calendar Committee 118 Cultural Affairs Committee 115 Executive Council 112 Elections Board 113 Freshman Hostesses 121 Judicial 119 Memorial Union Board 118, Organizations and Leadership Board 118 Payson Workshop 111 Publications and Public Rela- tions 118 Publicity Service 114, 118 Rallies and Traditions Com- mittee 115 Senate Finance Committee 116 Social Board 115 Traffic Appeals 114 FACULTY Alberti, R. 113, 114, 115 Alisky, M. 114 Anderson, Dean G. R. 293, 295 Blomstrom, Dr. R. 242 Bredehoft, T. 172, 175 Brown, A. F. 372 Buckman, Mrs. F. A. 258 Burnett, J. 217 Burnett, J. 317 Castillo, B. 169 Corkhill, Mrs. V. 235 Crawford, Mrs. L. 249 Culbert, M. R. 308 Dawkins, Dr. L. B. 341 Demson, J. D. 114 Demson, R. E. 372 Douthit, J. C. 344 Durham, Dr. G. H. 255, 295 Dutson, J. W. 44 Edwards, Lt. Col. R. 366 Figueroa, 316 Fischer, H. 343 Finley, R. S. 44, 112, 113, 114, 295 Fuchs, Dr. J. 105 Fullington, L. 44 Garnatz, N. 112 Gillanders, Dr. D. 359 Graham, M. E. 174 Gregory, Mrs. B. 314 Hanney, I. 312, 313 Hanssen, A. 176, 358 Johnson, B. 45, 346 Jones, Mrs. 0. L. 273 Klann, M. 76, 361 Krenkel, Dr. J. 356 Kush, F. 146 Lance, R. 114 Law, M. 361 Lewis, C. 356 Lewis, M. 347 Libby, M. 306 Mabbitt, L. 324 Manera, E. 306 Mann, W. 162, 175 Montague, Mrs. H. 292, 294 Nelson, G. 115 Nichols, Dean C. 112 Nold, Dr. W. V. 254 Parker, C. 321 Phillips, E. W. 304 Pittman, A. 174 Portnoff, Dr. C. 114 Paulsen, Dr. G. 114 Railey, J. 166 Reynolds, R. 115 Robinson, Capt. R. 256 Rodgers, D. 44 Rover, R. C. 330 Sanders, Dr. B. 112 Schoular, D. B. 365 Scoular, Mrs. C. 112 Shofstall, W. P. 112, 293 Shumway, Mrs. D. 302, 303, 322 Steverson, N. 173 Trail, M. 306 Tujan, II. R. 316 Turner, Mrs. K. 268 Vergis, Dr. J. 114 Wells, L. 290 Wilson, Mrs. E. 281 Winkles, R. 166 Woolf, Dr. 105 Woolridge, M. 112 Wulk, N. 157, 163, 164 A Zacher, R. 114, 338 Gov. George Romney of Michigan 1962 speaker at the ASU commencement A Abbey, G. E. 238 Abbey, S. Q. 324 Abbott, H. R. 235 Abbott, J. W. 76 Abert, D. M. 268 Abraham, S. 76, 190 Abrahams, G. W. 315 Abrams, A. 190 Ach, J. E. 214 Acino, E. A. 258 Acuff, B. J. 43 Adams, D. 105 Adams, N. J. 202 Adams, R. 363 Adamson, A. L. 268 Adamson, J. H. 249 Adkins, B. M. 214 Adler, G. E. 66 Agnew, D. L. 240 Alberts, J. M. 238 Alden, A. S. 76 Alesci, A. M. 166 Alexander, T. G. 235 Alford, B. A. 199, 360 Alford, D. E. 218 Alford, S. B. 218, 270 Alon, T. 221 Allen, C. D. 66 Allen, C. J. 206 Allen, D. A. 202, 205 Allen, H. B. 288 Allen, P. S. 115 Allen, R. 333 Allers, E. C. 43 Allers, F. 338 Allison, J. F. 248, 249 Allison, L. 213 Almo, S. A. 193 Amada, B. D. 228 Amherd, N. A. 92, 280 Andavola, A. 320 Andersen, D. 76 Andersen, T. R. 293 Anderson, A. E. 258 Anderson, D. E. 240 Anderson, D. K. 76, 186 Anderson, D. L. 43 Anderson, G. 345 Anderson, J. 115 A Anderson, L. I. 76, 186, 345, 369 Anderson, P. A. 76 Anderson, P. M. 76 Anderson, R. D. 108 Anderson, R. J. 281 Anderson, S. M. 66 Andre, S. L. 142, 369 Angivs, C. B. 218 Annin, J. D. 240 Antrim, H. 298 Appulese, P. L. 148 Archer, C. D. 246 Archer, J. B. 66 Arguis, C. 76 Arkeny, C. 279 Arliskas, W. J. 66 Arlotta, A. Jr. 238 Armack, T. M. 268 Armon, J. D. 170 Armstrong, B. S. 249 Armstrong, J. M. 186 Arneson, K. A. 199, 270, 369 Arnhold, J. 362 Arnett, D. 361 Arnett, W. A. 108 Arnote, D. J. 52, 76, 206, 347 Arnson, R. K. 76 Arreola, R. A. 365 Arronts, N. A. 76, 222 Ash, C. A. 66 Ash, J. T. 66 Ashe, R. L. 108 Ashley, K. A. 288 Ashton, A. M. 240 Ashworth, D. D. 246, 247 Askin, R. 108 Atkins, R. P. 249 Atkinson, P. R. 293, 295 Atwood, J. C. 281 Augsburger, L. E. 240 Austin, D. E. 202 Avey, G. M. 44, 114, 293 Avery, M. E. 92, 115, 177, 332 Ayala, L. 302 Ayer, F. L. 52, 58, 256, 258 Ayers, J. G. 119, 206 Axline, B. E. 262 Baatz, S. N. 276 Bacher, K. L. 255 Bachert, J. R. 92 Bachner, B. 268 Bacon, J. 324 Bacon, R. W. 268 Bader, W. L. 238 Bailey, T. D. 268 Bailey, T. F. 92 Bailey, V. L. 92 Baillon, L. P. 246 Baird, D. A. 92, 249 Baird, J. D. 199, 270 Baird, L. E. 76 Baker, D. S. 117, 321, 365 Baker, K. 218 Baker, L. D. 288 Baker, M. T. 52, 66. 118 Baker, R. V. 221, 292, 293 Baker, R. W. 240 Bakovych, A. I. 108 Balch, B. W. 2.58 Baldwin, T. L. 276 Ban, L. F. 92, 197 Bancroft, D. S. 66 Barber, W. E. 293 Barclay, B. L. 52, 76, 347 Barker, D. N. 240 Barker, L. 0. 23.5 Barden, R. D. 235 Barmettler, K. 177 Barer, N. 360 Barnes, B. A. 76 Barnes, E. E. 77, 313 Barnett, R. G. 115 Barney, W. 365 Barratt, A. M. 177 Barrick, J. M. 169, 170 Barry, S. A. 186, 270 Bartell, R. G. 190 Bartels, S. T. 108 Bartelson, C. L. 221, 268 Barthlomeaux, M. M. 222 Batchelor, B. L. 206 Batchelor, E. B. 77 Bates, E. A. 77 Bates, L. M. 77 Bates, T. G. 268 Battenfield, D. S. 218 Battles, F. C. 58, 368 Battles, J. J. 31.5 Bauer, L. M. 238 Baum, B. J. 77 Baum, T. G. 249 Baymiller, R. B. 52, 92 Beall, T. 210 Bean, J. 282 Bean, M. A. 210 Beard, B. A. 202, 314, 359 Beasley, W. J. 240 Beaton, J. D. 66 Beavers, J. L. 281 Beck, J. 186 Beck, J. 0. 249 Becker, A. C. 156, 157, 159, 160, 163 Beckwith, J. E. 302, 240 Bedell, F. L. 238 Bedona, P. M. 316 Beeler, S. L. 77, 202 Beemiller, G. V. 115 Beers, T. E. 115 Behrem, V. L. 117, 186 Beigel, P. H. 77 Beigel, S. 190 Belka, L. M. 77 Bell, J. 218 Bell, L. M. 258 Beller, M. A. 77 Bender, A. H. 66, 229, 360 Benner, J. T. 77 Bennett, J. F. 58 Bennik, C. D. 356 Be nttey, V. H. 77 Berchmann, A. 77 Berg, J. M. 235 Bergman, J. E. 45 Bergman, K. F. 214 Berkson, B. J. 190 Bernal, D. G. 235 Berns, T. B. 240 Bernstein, H. B. 276 Bernstein, J. E. 190 Berry, S. L. 199, 260, 283, 361 377 Berry, L. 249 Beta, K. B. 248, 289 Betak, B. 248, 249 Bethancourt, M. R. 214 Betton, P. J. 192, 193 Bigelow, P. K. 302 Biggs, F. F. 58 Bigham, R. 284 Biller, B. A. 113 Binder, R. P. 240 Bingaman, C. R. 58, 118, 281 Bingaman, S. H. 281 Birdson, M. D. 66 Biro, J. H. 186 Biro, J. R. 77 Bishop, B. J. 173 Blankenship, J. L. 281 Blethen, D. 218 Bliss, R. L. 240 Blue, P. K. 214 Bobbish, J. M. 77 Boeh, G. A. 66, 281 Bogda, H. S. 276 Bogess, B. L. 113 Boli, P. K. 268 Bolin, B. D. 66 Bond, V. A. 365 Bonitati, R. F. 315 Borst, J. R. 272 Boswell, P. R. 77 Boucher, W. D. 369 Bouck, R. R. 281 Boughan, R. L. 235 Boulet, M. 360 Bowen, S. L. 210 Bouton, D. D. 268 Bowen, S. L. 210 Bowlin, M. L. 115 Bowman, D. J. 206, 282 Boyd, J. A. 313 Boyd, W. J. 58, 249 Boyer, B. 92, 193 Boyer, C. L. 202, 205 Boyer, M. S. 77 Bozzi, R. J. 285 Brackeen, D. A. 341 Bradshaw, T. 365 Bramlet, R. P. 92, 118, 324 Bramlett, H. R. 246 Brand, G. R. 276 Bratrud, T. E. 246, 249 Braunschweiger, H. M. 108 Bray, L. J. 272 Bray, T. R. 66, 272 Brayton, G. F. 272 Brazleton, T. A. 246, 247 Breeden, R. L. 316 Brennan, G. L. 258 Brennan, S. L. 199 Brest, R. S. 148 Brewer, N. S. 113, 214, 216 Brian, A. J. Jr. 92 Bridge, F. L. 372 Bridgman, J. L. 92, 240 Briggs, P. C. 58 Brimhall, L. A. 77, 218 Brindle, R. 112 Brobeck, K. R. 77 Brock, B. A. 192, 193 Brock, R. G. 66 Brockbank, G. L. 199 Brockeen, D, 66 Brodersen, L. J. 52, 92, 210 Broening, J. 28 Brooking, E. C. 258 Brooking, J. J. 52, 110, 114 272 Brook, D. 206, 282 Brook, J. W. 58 Brooks, R. L. 77, 281 Brossuau, S. A. 52, 77, 306 Brown, C. G. 92 Brown, C. J. 77 Brown, D. 190, 360 Brown, D. J. 229 Brown, D. J. 281 Brown, D. L. 258 Brown, G. 196 Brown, J. 324 Brown, J. C. 77, 119, 358 Br own, J. E. 58 Brown, J. L. 276 Brown, L. E. 313 Brown, L. J. •2, 312 Brown, N. W. 58 Brown, R. 356 Brown, S. G. 258 Brown, V. 186 Brown, W. 58 Brownfield, W. E. 118 Brubaker, S. J. 176 Brunell, D. A. 241 Bruce, D. M. 77 Bruder, G. 92 Bruno, R. L. 199, 281, 339 Brunotte, P. A. 362, 363 Bryan, P. N. 66 Buchanan, C. 232 Buchanan, C. D. 110, 112, 186, 189 Buchman, T. R. 288 Bula, R. M. 77 Bulla, B. J. 199, 270, 369 Bulman, A. R. 58 Bunch, A. 227 Bunch, A. M. 249 Bunch, K. F. 202, 205, 270 Bundy, C. A. 314 Bunn, B. M. 218 Bunn, J. T. 235 Bunting, M. F. 272 Bunting, M. L. 77 Burgess, R. B. 276 Burgoz, R. M. 77, 319 Burk, C. S. 199 Burk, F. J. 262 Burk, S. K. 113, 115 Burmeister, J. R. 58 Burns, T. 293 Burr, B. G. 320 Burrows, C. J. 77 Burton, B. N. 365 Burton, E. N. 77 Buskey, P. C. 319 Bussing, G. E. 77 Butler, K. A. 206 Butler, M. 92, 372 Butler, N. J. 77 Butler, T. A. 58 Buxton, K. L. 316 Byford, F. E. 66 Byrd, C. L. 318 Byron, M. B. Sr. 78 Cable, N. V. II 114 Caganick, M. C. 222 Cain, B. A. 218 Cain, P. A. 78 Calabria, D. J. 268 Caldwell, J. M. 78. 156, 157, 158, 159, 163, 164, 165, 170, 171 Campbell, C. A. 314 Campbell, B. L. 197 Campbell, J. 360 Campbell, J. F. 360 Campbell, S. L. 78 Campbell, T. E. 281 Campisi, C. F. 67 Canedy, R. T. 249 Cantella, T. C. 241 Cantwell, S. P. 206 Card, C. A. 214 Carfun, D. 166 Carlock, C. L. 238 Carlson, C. L. 175, 281 Carlson, K. E. 249 Carlson, K. M. 78 Carmack, E. C. 255. 256, 356 Carnowski, L. J. 117, 197 Carr, H. 147, 148, 169, 170, 171 Carruthers, G. L. 92 Carson, K. P. 235 Carter, R. L. 51, 110, 112, 127, 281 Carter, R. M. 193 Carver, T. M. 67 Casey, B. L. 78 Cash, B. 221 Cash, B. L. 305 Cash, W. J. 249 Cashman, T. G. 284, 285 Castellanos, R. L. 78 Cereghino, L. L. 67, 113, 240, 241 Cerkvenik, A. B. 67, 156, 157, 159, 163, 165, 235, 237 Chacon, D. S. 341 Chalfont, G. E. 281 Chamberla in, E. A. 92 Chamberlain, E. J. 78 Chamberlain, R. 226 Chamberlain, R. W. 254, 255, 256 Chapman, B. A. 78, 197 Chapman, G. E. 67, 269 Chase, H. E. 115 Chay, D. R. 281 Chemnick, S. E. 117, 214 Cherny, B. 258 Chesleigh, J. J. 276 Chewning, L. M. 193 Chiago, R. K. 117 Chick, H. 108 Childs, C. I. 258 Childs, P. E. 206 Childers, M. 193 Chilton, J. 114 Chisholm, P. M. 218 Chisum, J. P. 92, 360 Chlarson, J. R. 361 Chlarson, M. N. Jr. 235 Christensen, M. A. 365 Christensen, R. 78 Christianson, L. N. 173 Choffin, N. 262 Chute, G. J. 78 Cirou, G. F. 92 Clampett, R. A. 43, 52, 92, 124, 127, 254, 255, 256 Clappy, S. A. 197 Clark, C. 177, 332 Clark, S. A. 372 Clasusen, D. E. 108 Clayton, N. R. 199, 251 Cleeland, B. 115, 332 Clemens, C. 78 Clements, L. L. 78 Close, W. J. 235 Coar, H. B. 365 Coar, R. G. 117 Cochelle, L. 166 Cockrill, M. 67, 111, 115, 206, 269 Coffer, C. F. 67 Coffer, S. D. 177 Cohen, K. B. 78 Coin, I. L. 78, 320 Colbath, J. S. 92 Colby, L. E. 78 Cole, A. H. 78 Cole, A. K. 67 Cole, J. F. 170 Cole, P. J. 206, 282 Cole, R. C. 313 Coleman, N. H. 285 Coles, A. K. 240 Collings, T. S. 241 Collins, C. C. 92 Collins, S. J. 356 Combs, S. L. 199 Comstock, S. L. 222 Conky, A. 282 Conn, F. C. 92 Connelly, C. P. 255 Connolly, P. J. 241 Connor, T. M. 276 Conovaloff, D. J. 318 Conrad, R. J. 238 Constance, W. E. 258 Contreras, E. R. 67 Cook, E. E. 78 Cook, J. T. 241 Cook, L. L. 206, 282 Cook, M. J. 78 Cook, N. W. 136, 186 Cook, R. D. 58 Cook, R. L. 241 Cook, S. T. 166.167 Colley, S. L. 199 Collins, W. L. 316 Conley, C. 333 Cooper, B. A. 78 193 Cooper, F. W. 238 Cooper, J. 344 Cooper, W. G. 262, 265 Cope, S. E. 193 Corea, A. N. 316 Corey, K. F. 78 Cornell, D. M. 58 Cornett, W. L. 78 Corso, C. Jr. 238 Cottage, C. D. 115 Cotton, P. W. 269 Cotton, W. G. 268 Cottrell, P. D. 45, 281 Couch, H. E. 276 Coughan, L. 293 Courtney, G. K. 262 Covelli, F. G. 170, 171 Coviello, B. J. 276 Cowan, D. W. 241 Cowley, J. A. 214, 282 Cox, B. A. 67 Cox, J. E. L. 78 Cox, N. D. 173, 258 Cox, S. J. 176 Coyle, J. K. 214 Craig, M. A. 52 Craig, M. 78 Cramer, M. A. 304 Creamer, R. 293 Creaman, M. D. 361 Creighton, R. V. 281 Crews, R. K. 67, 340 Crile, B. C. 241 Crismon, J. H. 78 Crone, C. 78 Croonenberghs, D. W. 284, 285 Crosby, J. S. 276 Cross, V. L. 360 Crotts, J. M. 78 Crowson, R. M. 115 Cruch, A. S. 357 Crumg, C. M. 115 Culbertson, J. J. 92 Cullon, J. C. Jr. 179, 248, 249, 252 Culver, R. W. 92, 281 Cuming, J. 230 Cuming, R. A. 231 Cumming, 92 Curry, L. 52, 92, 210 Curtis, A. J. 92 Curtis, D. L. 67, 241 Curtis, J. A. Jr. 58 Czaskowski, A. F. 108 Deagler, F. M. 321 Daer, B. 78 Dahl, M. L. 199 Dairman, D. W. 156, 158, 159, 321 Dalrymple, J. W. 293 Dalton, M. J. 241 Darrow, M. S. 210 Daut, C. E. 78 Davenport, J. A. 214 Davenport, J. M. 92, 314 Davidson, C. J. 92 Davidson, L. 340 Davidson, N. C. 202, 205 Davis, D. A. 58 Davis, E. E. 108 Davis, L. L. 58, 288 Davis, M. 210 Davis, N. 0. 255 Davis, R. H. 27 Davis, S. J. 210, 212 Davis, W. D. 79, 288 Dawson, H. 0. 79 Day, B. P. 114, 115 Dean, M. I. 79 Decker, D. W. 276 Decker, J. A. 235 Decker, P. 332 Deegan, M. K. 214 DeGraff, B. L. 218, 369 DeKellis, T. E. 241 DeLa Vara, R. A. 79 Delbrod, S. C. 190 Del Duca, B. Jr. 241 Delci, E. M. 92 Deloian, R. B. 249 DeMarcus, C. L. 258 Denen, S. K. 79 Denogean, C. 79 Densmore, F. T. 365 Dente, L. S. 79 DePrima, A. E. 45, 67, 293 Desaulniers, C. A. 314 Devin, M. B. 215, 258 Dewey, R. G. 59 DeWitt, M. J. 242 Dick, B. 248 Dick, J. W. 242, 249 Dickerson, P. 108 Dickinson, T. E. 269 Didlo, J. H. 238 Diercks, G. 184, 218, 251 Diercks, M. L. 218, 251 Diestler, C. K. 207 Digges, P. F. 203 Di Grande, A. 79 Dillner, M. H. 218, 221 Dillon, H. C. 79 Di lorenzo, J. J. 149 Disarulino, R. D. 79, 160, 162, 163, 235, 237 Dishon, H. E. 79 Divito, V. C. 242 Dobson, D. J. 235 Dobson, M. W. 293 Dodds, J. 285 Dole. J. N. 67 Dolphin, J. D. 79 Donah, P. A. 262 Donahoe, J. M. 67, 249 Done, R. E. 79 Donnelly, J. A. 79, 186 Donnelly, P. A. 207 H Dooley, P. J. 281 Doris, R. J. 285 Dorland, G. E. 226, 272 Dornsbach, A. T. 79, 218 Doster, S. J. 218 Dostert, D. J. 288 Douglas, D. C. 92 Dow, R. W. Jr. 242 Downs, M. E. 314 Downs, T. C. 177 Drage, J. G. 195, 215, 216, 282 Draper, L. D. 235 Dreckman, J. 302 Dreisbach, L. D. 203 Dron, S. A. 330 Drumm, T. A. 43 Drury, R. L. 67, 238 Dudgeon, D. W. 272 Duff, C. C. 79 Dufrain, C. 238 Dufresne, L. M. 203 Dugan, T. J. 186 Dugnolle, C. E. 92 Duke, S. K. 186 Dumit, S. S. 67 Dumit, R. H. 67 Duncan, R. L. Jr. 79 Duncan, T. 193 Dunn, E. 332 Dunn, P. J. 210 Durazo, J. F. 59 Durban, E. J. 59 Durbin, C. F. 59 Dutro, F. R. 235 Duvall, W. K. 272 Dyck, J. W. 322 Dyer, E. A. 199 Dyer, J. E. 242 Eades, V. M. 79 Eagleburger, G. G. 292 Eberhard, R. G. 276 Ebert, J. L. 235 Eckle, R. R. 238 Edge, J. W. 231 Edminston, N. L. 302 Edwards, C. A. 44, 115. 207 Edwards, L. E. 67 Edwards, M. 218 Effron, L. S. 218 Egizill, C. A. 203 Ehlers, J. 79, 242 Ehrke, J. C. 79, 262 Ehrlich, A. M. 92 Eich, W. C, 292, 293 Eisenmann, P. E. 314 Eklund, P. J. 215, 216 Ekman, J. C. 210 Eldred, R. W. 276 Elias, B. E. 79 Elling, R. J. 281 Elliott, B. E. 210 Elliott, D. F. 175 Elliott, J. 356 Elliott, J. A. 207 Elliott, J. E. 52, 79 Ellis, R. G. 316 Ellison, R. S. 285 Ellitithorpe, G. T. 235 Eluee, J. A. 79 Emery, K. R. 207 England, S. 279 Engle, R. J. 285 Englkins, G. 288 Eppler, J. M. 251, 289 Erb, C. 79 Erb, D. M. 67, 285 Erickson, K. H. 207, 270, 360 Erramouspe, L. A. 115 Ervay, S. L. 288 Escadone, I. 312, 365 Esparza, A. M. 356 Essex, L. D. 215 Estes, R. A. 269 Ethington, D. A. 79 Eubanks, J. W. 235 Evans, B. L. 53, 93, 112, 207 Evans, C. G. 173 Evans, L. D. 246 Everly, M. A. 218 Eversole, B. C. 293 Eversole, J. 294 Faber, H. E. 229 Facchine, L. A. 148, 236 Fadley, G. K. 79 Fafara, F. H. 67 Faggella, P. A. 276 Fallon, I, E. 67 Fannell, S. 148 Farner, T. J. 272 Farney, D. V. 313, 339 Farnsworth, L. R. 53, 186, 189 Farone, P. 203 Farrar, D. D. 93 Farr, L. 79, 357 Farrell, M. W. 67, 175 Farrell, N. S. 360 Farrer, K. L. 174 Fasoli, S. A. 199 Faust, R. M. 281 Faust, S. 193 Fedorchak, S. M. 148 Fegley, H. S. 119, 227, 288 Feldhorn, B. I. 258 Felton, D. 363 Fenech, F. C. 203 Ferguson, F. 221 Ferguson, R. B. 68, 272 Ferrin, D. H. 79 Filkins, M. J. 359 Ferris, J. T. 93 Fiedler, J. L. 242 Figarelli, G. A. 93, 304 Figueras, P. A. 232 Figueroa, E. L. 68 Filkins, M. J. 176, 358 Fincher, J. W. 363 Finell, F. Jr. 68 Finell, L. 356 Finger, P. A. 229 Fink, R. L. 93 Finley, J. C. 258 Finn, R. S. 269 Fischer, M. P. 235 Fish , C. L. 79 Fish, D. N. 93 Fish, M. J. 199 Fish, R. E. 43, 235 Fisher, B. 356 Fisher, D. E. 248, 249, 252 Fisher, R. R. 281 Fitzgerald, D. L. 53, 207 Flaherty, R. S. 318 Flick, W. A. 53, 235 Flint, G. 195 Flores, E. 174, 359 Flores, I. M. 79 Flores, R. G. 79 Flores, S. D. 79 Flournoy, C. E. 258 Ford, R. D. 59 Forbes, L. J. 80, 108 Foreman, J. M. 258 Fork, N. E. 363 Forney, S. L. 203 Forsgren, L. G. 308 Fosdick, C. 173 Foster, G. A. 148, 150 Foster, J. D. 272 Foster, M. C. 203 Foster, S. 215, 216, 292 Foster, S. L. 80, 215, 282 Foster, S. S. 80 Fowler, C. J. 68 Frady, 11. J. 235 Francois, S. J. Jr. 68, 249 Francom, R. K. 262 Frankfort, C. S. 117, 186 Franklin, C. 365 Franklin, W. R. 293 Frazier, P. D. 270 Frederick, E. E. 53, 68, 251 Freedman, N. 199 Freeman, P. A. 113, 200, 369 Freeman, R. A. 115, 169, 170 Freitag, S. A. 80 Frend, E. S. 258 Fresh, C. E. 288 Frey, C. P. 366 Fried, K. 365 Friedman, A. B. 229 Friedman, D. H. 322 Frosco, G. M. 281 Frost, K. M. 108 Frost, S. A. 218, 251 Fruchter, R. S. 215 Fry, R. D. 59 Frye, L. V. 276 Fulk, M. J. 215 Fulks, P. M. 93 Fuller, A. V. 59 Fuller, G. M. 80, 186 Fuller, L. J. 357 Fuller, R. 246 Fuller, S. L. 186 Fuller, S. M. 193 Fullerton, M. F. 372 Fung, B. 80 Funk, N. R. 207 Gabriel, S. L. 108, 258 Gafke, J. P. 68, 269 Gaio, E. B. 80 Garard, K. 203 Garapich, J. 276 Garbe, M. A. 215 Gardner, B. E. 108 Gardner, C. L. 80 304 Garland, C. C. 200, 360 Garmire, N. S. 192, 193 Garner, J. W. 93 Garnes, P. J. 361 Garretson, B. 93 Garrett, C. S. 80 Garrisck, M. A. 288 Garst, R. D. 93 Gaskell, R. S. 148 Gass, A. T. 93 Gasser, E. J. 320 Gastineau, K. R. 281 Gatschet, S. C. 276 Gay, G. H. 292 Gear, R. M. A. 203, 205, 360 Geer, B. L. 282 Genet, R. A. 80 George, D. A. 254, 255 Gercke, C. H. 249, 252 Gerrard, J. R. 80 Gerson, S. R. 80 Geshell, R. S. 258. 356 Giambra, R. J. 272 Gianque, L. 334 Gibbs, J. A. 356 Gilson, T. 292, 362 Gibson, G. G. 269 Gibson, T. D. 293 Gilbert, L. 177 Giles, V. R. 321 Gillete, J. L. 93 Girard, R. R. 284, 285 Gish, G. J. 258 Givens, C. 179 Gitzinger, P. J. 68 Gladney, V. C. 68 Glardon, G. J. 241 Glassford, G. W. 249 Glenn, D. 176 Glenn, 11. J. 210 Glick, R. J. 193 Glickauf, W. J. Jr. 276 Goemans, J. G. 187 Goldberg, L. S. 229 Goldman, J. L. 231 Goldman, W. E. 272 Golemes, G. T. 269 Gooch, P. 0. 293 Good, S. A. 218 Goodman, R. R. 285 Goodrum, W. R. 218 Goodson, J. A. 93, 222 Gorman, M. A. 43, 93 Gorman, W. D. 269 Gorman, W. M. 80, 115 Goss, B. L 68 Gouvenier, P. L. 80, 357 Grabe, C. K. 242 Grady, I. C. 93 Graham, E. V. 249 Graham, G. S. 166, 167, 249 Graham, M. A. 80, 193 Graham, V. A. 210 W. H. 254, 255 Grant, J. L. 255, 256 Graux, P. J. 45, 375 Gray, V. L. 80 Greco, B. J. 320 Gregg, G. A. 115 Green, C. S. 80, 200 Green, D. P. 68, 170 Green, G. A. 80 Green, H. B. 228, 229 Green, T. R. 80 Green, W. 231 Greene, G. H. 235 Greener, J R. 242 Greener, J. T. 242 Greenwood, C. L. 94 Greer, D. C. 172, 249 Gregory, R. W. 324 Gregory, S. K. 211 Griego, A. M. 81, 313 Grieme, A. R. 288 Grieser, L. 269 Griffin, C. 81 Griffiths, S. 11. 81 Grijalva, E. A. 94 Grimn, B. A. 218 Grimn, M. L. 81 Groce, D. L. 109 Groff, J. E. 68 Gross, J. E. 81, 229 Grosser, C. R. 207, 360 Grubbs, D. L. 68 Gruel, G. F. 238 Guelich, D. 242 Guelich, K. D. 242 Guess, V. C. 59 Guilbert, S. J. 211 Guild, B. G. 313 Guild, B. J. 207 Gunkel, J. R. 59 Gurther, J. P. 272 Gurwin, C. J. 68 Gwinn, C. W. 242 Haas, B. K. 94 Haas, B. S. 276 Hack, H. 262 Hacker, R. 368 Hackleman, M. A. 81, 207 Hadaway, C. A. 115, 187, 314 Haddock, J. D. 94 Hael, E. 81 Haerter, J. T. 246 Hafner, G. J. 94, 285 Hagen, N. S. 115, 117, 332 Hager, J. 172 Hahn, C. C. 68 Haines, P. L. 174 Hakes, C. R. 59 Hall, C. L. 81 Hall, D. A. 94 Hall, D. C. 262 Hall, E. 262 Hall, J. D. 242 Hall, J. L. 81 Hall, J. M. 334 Hall, P. R. 242 Hallberg, F. L. 344 Hallickson, J. A. 372 Hamer, J. G. 117, 302, 303, 322 Hamilton, J. M. 255, 256 Hamilton, W. 276 Hampe, K. R. 282 Hancock, S. 272 Handley, J. 166, 168, 269 Hankerson, D. L. 59 Hanley, B. 94 Hanson, M. L. 81 Hanson, R. 0, 242 Hansson, M. R. 193 Hansson, R. 0, 68 Harger, B. M. 53, 215 Hardy, G. E. 81 Harmon, G. S. 308 Hargrove, J. 200, 360 Harkins, L. D. 68, 318 Harper, D. R. 59 Harrington, M. L. 193 Harrington, W. D. 242 Harris, C. L. 109, 365 Harris, C. L. 81 Harris, F. E 276, 279 Harris, L. D. 83 Harris, M. R. 242 Harris, P. L. 215 Harris, S. D. 94 Harrison, H. A. 155, 158 Harrison, J. E. 193 Harrison, M. 276 Harsh, T. R. 363 Hasandras, G. 272 Hatch, A. G. 68 Hatfield, S. K. 360 Haverland, J. F. 293 Haveron, E. D. 119, 258 Havlik, D. J. 59 Hawkins, B. C. 170 Hawkins, D. 233 Haydon, S. C. 258 Hays, B. 172 Hays, J. V. 262 Heath, J. D. 235 Hedges, B. 81 Heiden, R. G. 166 Helma, D. E. 232 Heiser, L. S. 45, 113 Hemingway, S. 203 Hendershot, L. L. 170 Henderson, A. D. 315 Henderson, J R. 315 Hendrickson, A. L. 81 Hendrickson, C. 239 Henson, B. 316 Henshaws, S. L. 197 Herandez. R. 242 Herckt, S. D. 249 Herney, H. E. 193 Herren, W. L. 81 Herrera, P. L. 242 Herrmann, R. C. 109 Herscovici, S. •9 Herstam, D. N. 68 Hesik, C. B. 115, 193 Hess, K. L. 45, 329, 339 Hester, T. B. 170, 171 Hickert. E. W. 242 Hickey, C. T. 242 Hickman, J. A. 316 Higgins, W. 246 Highley, J, A. 81 Hilborn, S. T. 372 Hilde, R. J. 68 Hill, A. 148 Hill, N. F. 361, 371 Hill, S. E. •3, 81, 347, 356 Hillhouse, D. J. 193 Hing, S. A. 81, 312 Hinton, A. C. 231 Hirmer, P. B. 175 Hirsch, M. R. 81 Hixson, D. K. 117, 254, 255 Hobbs, D. G. 242 Hobbs, J. 333 Hobbs, R. C. 53, 240, 272 Hockenberg, R. D. 322 Hockfield, A. 190 Hodge, C. A. 200, 282, 360 Hoel, G. 263 Hoff, R. W. 318 Hoffman, E. L. 81 Hoffman, J. M. 68, 236 Hoffman, P. A. 81 Holdsworth, J. W. 94, 115 Holland, J. D. 115, 150, 292, 293 Hallenbeck, D. R. 249 Holley, M. Y. 94 Holligan, B. J. 81 Holligsworth, C. J. 81 Hollister, C. A. 262 Hollowell, E. L. 94 Holmes, G. 293 Holmes, S. L. 197 Holmgren, M. E. 211 Holmgren, M. K. 119 Holstine, M. A. 197 Holtzman, R. E. 177 Hom, S. A. 81 Home, M. 304 Homer, V. 358 Homes, S. F. 365 Honchell, W. F. 364 Hooe, C. W. 269 Hooker, E. S. 236 Hoover, R. A. 272 Hopkins, C. A. 176, 197, 359 Hopkins, T. R. 272 Homer, K. A. 115 Homer, L. 94 Hosford, R. L. 246, 247 Hossack, J. K. 304 House, S. L. 115, 312 Hoots, F. L. Jr. 68 Howard, J. 200 Howard, S. L. 193 Howard, R. A. 81, 160, 163 Howington, M. D. 81 Hoyt, K. A. 211 Huddleston, J. K. 81 Hudwall, R. G. 43 Hundertmark, J. E. 193 Huff, T. A. 68 Hufnagel, H. B. 246 Hughes, C. W. 68 Hughes, J. 115 Hughes, R. M. 258 Hulet, S. M. 81 Hull, F. E. 94, 372 Hulme, J. V. 81 Hultman, C. 272 Hultman, K. E. 240, 242 Humble, J. W. 109 Humphrey, C. 365 Humphrey, M. M. 81 Hunsicker, L. J. 222 Hunt, I. R. 231 Hunt, R. L. 59 Hunter, J. D. 113, 187, 210 Hunter, J. K. 81 Hunter, T. 177 Hunzicker, W. T. 242 Hutchens, G. B. 148 Hutcherson, B. A. 304 Huvelle, J. W. 236 Hyde, M. R. 166, 167 Hylen, D. W. 68, 115 Hyton, H. 238 Inbody, P. A. 53, 81 Ingersoll, C. A. 207 Ingram, B. M. 360 Irani, T. E. 207, 369 Irvin, G. W. 322 Isherwood, B. 272 Ishikawa, S. 81 Ison, G. J. 218 Ivanovitch, P. C. 193 Iverson, G. L. 177 Jablonski, T. S. 236 Jackson, K. W. 293 Jackson, R. D. 172 Jacobs, J. 137, 146, 147, 148, 150, 155, 279 Jacobsen, R. 43, 94, 263 Jacobson, A. D. 249 Jacobson, M. E. 94 Jacobson, N. B. 59 Jacobson, W. 262 Jaeger, M. J. 81, 270 Jafke, J. 175 James, B. J. 174 James, J. L. 81 James, L. R. •9 Janes, L. J. 187 Janescek, M. M. 81 Janis, P. J. 81 Janisch, S. W. 250 Jansen, D. D. 170, 171 Jarvis, J. W. 282 Jefferies, D. B. 230, 231 Jefferies, G. L. 59 Jefferies, S. S. 207 Jeffery, J. A. 94 Jellett, J. Jr. 240 Jenkins, S. 187 Jensen, J. 195, 203, 251, 369 Jensen, N. 255 Jepsen, R. C. 170, 242 Jerome, M. C. 372 Jett, J. H. 81 Jiorsetti, J. 316 Johnson, A. L. R. 81 Johnson, B. 282 Johnson, B. A. 211, 251 Johnson, B. L. 200 Johnson, C. A. 215 Johnson, D. 344 Johnson, J. A. 59 Johnson, J. B. 231 Johnson, J. 310. 362, 363 Johnson, J. D. 59, 112, 113, 242 Johnson, J. G. 68 Johnson, L. T. 250 Johnson, M. R. 81 Johnson, P. A. 177 Johnson, R. 324 Johnson, S. A. 95 Johnson, S. K. 215, 216 Johnson, T. B. 242 Johnston, 269 Johnston, J. 28 Johnston, J. V. 250 Jones, C. A. 207 Jones, C. G. 109 Jones, C. J. 81 Jones, C. M. 81 Jones, D. 369 Jones, F. G. 109 Jones, G. 187 Jones, G. A. 160 Jones, J. K. 211 Jones, J. S. 288 Jones, K. L. 81 Jones, M. 82 Jones, R. G. 109, 340 Jordan, C. 270 Jorgensen, L. J. 219 Jorensen, M. 0. 82 Joseph, F. J. 236 Jost, C. P. 211 Kadel, K. F. 258 Kadri, A. A. 60 Kagikawa, C. 115 Kaiander, S. K. 193 Kaiser, W. D. 95 Kajikawa, C. A. 310 Kangas, E. A. 316 Kangian, R. 168 Kanouse, L. B. 170, 242 Karaseck, C. J. 148 Kassardjiam, L. 109 Katres, M. G. 175 Katz, M. D. 229 Kauffman, B. F. 196, 197 Kavagiam, R. S. 82, 166 Keating, R. I. 177, 365 Keatly, F. M. 238 Keaton, J. E. 44 Kee, R. J. 149 Keeler, J. C. 193, 282 Keenedy, C. R. 272 Kehret, E. B. Jr. 238 Kelleher, J. A. 369 Keller, D. E. 149 Keller, M. A. 285 Kelly, G. 293 Kelly, M. A. 322 Keltner, J. T. 250 Keneally, M. 0. 95, 365 Kennedy, C. C. 95 Kent, E. L. 269 Kerr, E. S. 95, 197 Kessler, E. C. 259 Kessler, E. D. 187 Ketchum, J. 82 Kettlewell, J. T. 242 Kidgard, C. P. 95, 272 Kidman, P. N. 95 Kidwell, R. F. 236 Kidwell, R. L. 233 Kier, P, A. 203 Kikut, A. N. 149, 250, 253 Kilpatrick, D. B. 95, 315 Kilpatrick, J. E. 95, 330 Kilpatrick, R. F. 242 Kimse, P. K. 82 King, C. E. 215 King, J. A. 230, 231 King, K. L. 231 King, R. E. 68, 345 Kingsley, F. M. 117, 269 Kingsley, R. H. 262 Kippola, J. E. 347 Kirdar, F. 68, 118, 343 Kirdar, T. F. 60 Kirkham, B. 207 Kirkpatrick. J. R. 82 Kirsch, K. 82 Kirske, T. N. 190 Kitchel, G. E. 95 Kittleson, T. W. 115 Klein, J. A. 340 Kleinz, D. M. 238 Klemt, D. J. 232 Klepacki, J. A. 150 Klicker, G. F. 222 Kliem, E. C. 269 Kline, S. K. 207 Klopping, H. W. E. 53, 110, 112, 114, 116, 294 Klumb, B. 272 Klumb, D. M. 302 Koch, K. W. 95 Koch, R. A. 246 Kohlase, D. L. 115 Kohnke, J. E. 95, 269 Kohnweiler, J. 190 Kolakowski, E. 276 Kole, C. P. 60 Komorske, K. E. 216 Kopp, T. E. 276, 279 Koppes, S. K. 193 Knight, F. 294 Knight, R. D. 208, 232, 294 Korttila, J. L. 332 Krager, R. E. 68 Kraus, S. 115 Krause, R. J. 272 Krebs, K. L 82, 219 Kreisman, N. R. 365 Kribbs, K. 282 Krichbaum, K. L. 193 Krostofferson, D. 82 Krofchik, M. 150 Kuehneman, K. A. 302, 303, 356 Kunes, J. 68 Kusche, L. D. 242 Kush, J. A. 150 Kuslle, 240 Kvapil, C. R. 95 Labowski, J. F. 285 La Grey, J. T. 284, 285 Laguanas, L. L. 160 Laibe, G. E. 60 Laiho, E. 82 Laity, T. R. 60 Lakosky, F. C. 236 Lambert, D. J. 173 Land, C. A. 211 Lane, M. C. 95 Langenberg, E. G. 288 Langmade, M. A. 113, 200 Lansing, P. F. 216, 282 Lao, L. M. 313 La Roux, A. 82 Larson, R. L. 68 La Rue, E. W. 262 Laser, D. M. 372 La Sota, J. A. Jr. 68, 236 Latimer, J. 0. 150 Lattin, R. E. 282 Lavis, R. C. 117, 240, 242, 245 Lawren, W. 262 Lea, R. R. 166, 236 Leatherw ood, J. F. 109 Le Boutillier, P. B. 292, 294 Ledbetter, H. N. 294 Ledgotter, G. W. 282 Lee, B. B. 232 Lee, C. A. 176, 364 Lee, D. H. 288 Lee, F. H. 60 Lee, G. E. 178, 273 Lee, J. L. 269 Lee, J. W. 60, 366 Lee, L. C. 119, 254, 255 Lee, M. L. 60 Leffler, I. R. 358, 359 Lefton, P. A. 203 Lehman, P. A. 216, 365 Leitterman, G. J. 193 Leitterman, G. L. 95 Lemberg, M. B. 60 Lende, S. M. 259 Leodard, R. B. 232 Lesley, G. D. 269 Lester, M. A. 276 Le Sueur, R. D. 276 Leuba, P. E. 372 Lewis, C. 172 Lewis, K. E. 211 Lewis, V. J. 216 Lichtenstein, C. A. 190 Lichter, B. L. 228, 229 Lichty, P. J. 115 Liebmann, V. I. 359 Liedman, L. 236 Liffick, L. G. 273 Ligon, J. W. 109 Linderner, W. R. 273 Lindley, T. L. 60 Lindquist, E, B. 285 Lindquist, S. 284 Lingscheidt, J. 360 Linthacum, G. 384 Linthacum, R. W. 246 Lipson, J. 360 Livingston, J. T. 68 Locker, R. L. 146, 150 Lockney, S. L. 95 Lockwood, B. C. 68 Loeb, P. J. 200, 270 Logan, B. J. 148, 176 Lohmiller, M. C. 313 Long, J. J. 28.5 Long, R. G. 238 Longstaff, D. E. 294 Longstreth, G. F. 250 Longstreth. M. W. 255, 256 Lopez, V. 365 Lorick, W. A. 146, 147, 150, 152 Loughrige, K. J. 200 Louis, J. A. 115, 118 Lovaas, W. II. 82 Love, J. A. 187 Love, S. M. 269 Lovett, J. F. 95 Lowe, D. R. 285 Lowe, H. W. 36.5 Lowe. M. 174 Lowell, M. K. 174 Lowery, R. E. 82 Lucero, P. I. 360 Luckey, M. A. 2.51 Lehman, L. J. 82, 219, 270 Lujan, R. R. 236 Lundeen, G. C. 232 Lunenschloss, T. M. 219, 239 Luque, 0. M. 302 Lyford, T. 175 Lyman, J. F. 68 Lynch, L. A. 203 Lynch, M. H. 242 Lynskey, K. 129, 218 Lyon, R. K. 82 Mabee, C. S. 362, 363 Mabbitt, L. 82 MacDonald. D. G. 82, 236 MacDougal, T. 166 Machmer, P. D. 242 Maddock, A. E. Jr. 68 Maddox, V. T. 208 Madison, L. L. 203 Madsen, S. G. F. 236 Maffucci, R. A. 259 Maglich, K. E. 117 Magness, B. K. 113 Mahan, J. L. 193, 270 Mahan, W. A. 269 Maldonado, B. 359 Maldonado, N. A. 302 Malene, A. L. 216 Malenfant, D. 360 Malgigh, K. 359 Mancuso, J. M. 82 Mangano, K. F. 211 Manier, J. 250, 252 Manierre, R. M. 177, 304 Mann, G. E. 259 Mann, M. E. 270 Mardirosian, I. A. 216, 365 Marek, D. 208 Marietta, R. A. 82, 313 Marin, B. 82 Marionneaux. M. S. L. 200, 360 Marks, F. J. 95 Marotte, L. E. 63, 277 Marshak, S. E. 82, 191 Marshall, B. E. 314, 365 Marten, K. L. 219 Martin, A. E. 220 Martin, F. 315 Martin, F. D. 95, 242 Martin, G. E. 242 Martin, J. C. 269 Martin, J. G. 82 Martin, J. J. 109 Martin, S. K. 220 Martinez, 0. 82 Martori, A. J. 242 Maslander, J. 68 Massingale, D. E. 68 Matthews, D. 112 Mathewson, . 222 Matta, G. E. 82, 187 Mattausch, E. L. 95 Matteotti, L. M. 220 Matthias, P. D. 185, 222 Mattice, J. W. 237 Mauck, E. I. 184, 152 Maxwell, C. M. 193, 194 Maxwen, G. K. 288 Mayo, D. E. 82 Mayo, G. 282 Mays, G. 208 Mazur, L. E. 82 McAllister, N. H. 230, 231 Mcl3urney, J. E. 170 McCallion. N. 82, 187 McCard, D. G. 83 McCarey, J. W. 95, 237, 366 McCarley, A. W. 95 McCarthy, A. 175 McClain, C. K. 68 McClain, R. C. 61 McClennan, P. 118 McClennan, A. 250 McCluskey, J. 83, 187 McConagh, R. B. 242 McDaniel, E. A. 235 McDonald, C. 83 McDonald, J. T. 320 McDougall, T. E. 95, 118, 217, 282, 283 McDowell, R. C. 222, 251 McDowell, T. W. 246 McElroy, J. M. 250 McFair, J. M. 83 McGee, J. 83 McGlone, J. E. 259 McGrath, K. E. 83 McKee, C. D. 282 McKenna, G. D. 115, 285 McKenna, K. 267 McKey, H. 152 McKinney,G. C. 242 McKnight, L. D. 208, 270 McMahan, P. J. 341 McNatt, M. L. 208 McPeck, D. 170 McPeek, L. M. 197 McQuee, J. . 282 McRoy, E. M. 294 Meadows, G. 83 Meagher, S. A. 83, 223 Meehan. M. 333 Mechling, W. J. 95 Medlock, L. J. 282 Mee, M. 237 Meinhardt, M. J. 365 Meirdink, S. 174 Melton, C. 83 Memecek, T. 166 Mendez, M. L. 304 Mendoza. E. G. 95 Mendoza. S. C. 176 Menniti, M. J. 193, 194 Mercier. K. B. 30 303 Merkel, D. B. 175, 259 Merrell, K. 220 Merrick, J. W. 166 Merrill, G. L. 288 Merritt, U. V. 61 Mesbergen, L. D. 83 Metha, R. W. 61 Metzger, H. G. 232 Metzler. W. V. 61, 269 Meyer, C. A. 259 Meyer, E. J. 372 Meyers. B. 114 Michaels, A. R. 277 Middleton. V. B. 95 Mihelich, C. C. 83 Mikal, K. J. 277 Miles, J. 83 Miles, R. H. 237 Mill, D. M. 318 Miller, B. 341 Miller, B. J. 320 Miller, B. K. 200, 282 Miller, C. R. 68 Miller, D. C. 192 Miller, E. 205 Miller, J. 175 Miller, K. A. 175 Miller, K. D. 95 Miller, L. M. 83 Miller, M. A. 115, 294 Miller, M. E. 302 Miller, S. A. 197 Miller, S. L. 228, 229 Milliron, J. M. 152 Mills, D. M. 95 277 Millson, C. Jr. 61 Milne, M. G. 211 Milner, F. H. 83 Milner, J. G. 246 Minitti, R. J. 152 Minner, D. F. 208 Minteer, P. E. 45, 303 Mitchell, B. 259 Mitchell, F. 83 Mitchell, J. 83 Mitchell, R. J. 83 Mitchell, R. M. 237 Molenda. W. E. 318 Monical, M. E. 372 Monsees, S. J. 83, 187 Monroe, R. G. 282 Monson, C. L. 365 Monson, D. J. 95 Montgomery, S. K. 58 Montierth, V. D. 83 Moomaw, S. L. 313 Moon, B. L. 95 Moore, C. R. 208 Moore, D. K. 211 Moore, D. W. 61 Moore, K. L. 89, 187 Moore, M. 113 Moore, M. 251 Moore, M. A. 61. 200, 208, 212 Moore, N. J. 53, 95, 211 Moore, Y. 83 Morales, J. 0. 246, 247 Mord, R. A. 61 Moreno. F. 83 Mores, D. D. 68 Morey, B. J. 68, 365 Morgan, A. 68 Morgan, C. 343 Morris, A. M. 211 Morris, B. J. 83, 365 Morris, J. E. 95 Morris, K. P. 315 Morris, L. D. 250 Morrison, M. 365 Morrison, W. F. 200 Mortensen, L. 83 Morton, T. J. 95 Morsher, C. A. 232 Moss, D. M. 83 4 Mots, L. 288 Mouw, L. N. 208, 314 Mower, D. F. 285 Moyer, H. R. 246 Mozur, L. E. 357 Muckerman, F. K. 291 Mueller, K. C. 254, 255 Muhr, U. P. 321, 356 Muir, L. 83, 372 Mulcahy, E. J. Jr. 61 Mullen, D. A. 368 Mullen, J. E. 242 Mullen, W. F. 115 Mulligan, J. L. 68 Mumford, J. M. 192, 193, 194, 251 Munroe, R. G. 95 Munsil, C. 83 Munsil, J. E. 96 Munsil, L. E. 95 Munsil, L. M. 83 Munson, K. W. 269 Murawski, F. H. 61 Murdock, M. L. 294 Murphy, J. C. 152 Murphy, M. R. 216 Murphy, P. F. 61 Murray, S. A. 211, 220 Myerberg, J. G. 228, 229 Nader, F. W. 109 Napoliski, E. 345 Nase, L. G. 187 Nasif, W. J. 319 Natiello, R. D. 68 Naumann, K. A. 188 Naumetz. G. A. 188 Neal, G. F. 237 Neal, R. L. 277 Neavins, R. S. 68, 259 Nebiolo, V. A. 68, 338 Neeman, L. 322 Nehrling, T. A. 242 Neiburg, K. 175 Neil, G. E. 68 Nelsen, 0. R. 246 Nelson, A. 339, 368 Nelson, D. 152 Nelson, J. M. 173, 356 Nelson, L. K. 237 Nelson, S. A. 68, 216, 251, 339 Nesmith, J. A. 269 Ness, B. D. 366, 368 Nesselrode, S. C. 250 Nevarez, G. G. 83 Newby, G. R. 96 Newman, C. F. 262 Nichols, B. J. 93 Nichols, G. L. 53, 61, 119 Nichols, J. E. 203, 114 Nichols, J. S. 61, 115 Nichols, W. H. 242 Nidal, S. 216 Niggemann, K. E. 211 Nisbet, J. B. 291 Nissen, L. A. 250 Nix, S. K. 176, 364 Noble, E. F. 36.5 Noble, C. A. 176, 314 Noble, T. R. 96 Nohava, D. J. 96 Nold, B. A. 372 Noller, D. It. 83 Nolte, R. 83 Norde, C. L. 203 North, P. A. 174 Norton, L. A. 83 Nuanez, J. 83 Nunez, E. A. 237 Nuttal, A. J. 291 Oakley, D. 294 Oakley, J. C. 277 Oaks, A. D. 83 Obert, J. A. 83 Ogden, S. T. 262 O ' Herren, D. H. 61 Oien, J. W. 332 Okada, A. Y. 53, 83 O ' Kuniewicz. R. 250 Oliver, R. L. 166 Olmstead, G. B. 43, 96 Olsen, A. J. 277 Olsen, B. C. 200 Olsen, M. 360 Olson, B. C. 113, 114 Olson, D. 338 Olson, D. D. 372 O ' Malley, J. L. 322 Omen, F. G. 242 Omen, J. M. 220 O ' Neill, R. E. 109, 204 Ong, M. L. 83 Ong, Y. 365 Oppliger, C. M. 83 Orcutt, H, L. 232 Orr, H. V. 160 Ortstadt, E. E. 220 Osborn. P. T. 83, 292 Osborne, P. A. 294 Oshita, J. S. 303 Otten, S. A. 188, 369 Overend, W. A. 43 Owens, E. L. 83. 170 Owens, S. A. 96, 188 Owens, T. J. 161 Paddon, P. L. 83 Padgett, F. R. 68 345 Padilla, L. 83, 197 Page, B. H. 282 Page, J. N. 83, 313 Pagne, K. 282 Pagoda, R. J. 282 Painter, P. L. 83 Palko, D. M. 262 Palmer, 5. V. 68 Palmer, M. B. 277 Palmer, P. 365 Panmerllo, D. M. 223 Pansini, P. E. 188, 369 Panzica, R. V. 277 Papa, J. A. 30 Parchell, B. S. 197 Parham, J. 170 Parker, J. A. 83 Parkey, M. B. 115 Parks, K. C. 372 Parmer, N. J. 263 Parsons, E. C. 277 Parsons, W. H. 119, 3.56 Passing, N. A. 109 Patrick, C. H. 25.5, 2.56 Patterson, G. B. 193, 194 Patterson, H. 83 Patterson, J. E. 277 Patton, D. W. 248, 2.50, 255 Patton, R. B. 179, 250, 252 Paulson, W. R. 273 Pavelin, M. A. 11.5, 208 Pavelin, T. A. 153 Payne, K. R. 200 Payne, P. D. 294 Paype, P. 96 Peacock, R. V. 68 Pearoer, R. G. 230, 231 Pearson, G, N. 322 Pearson, P. S. 372 Peck, M. 259 Peden, P. E. 186 Peil, R. J. 2.55 Pererson, L. A. 208 Perucca, J. H. 70 Perucca, T. E. 273 Peters, D. A. 244 Peters, D. A. 83 Peters, D. T. 250 Petersen, L. R. 70 Petersen, T. M. 43, 302 Peterson, B. C. 294 Peterson, C. D. 239 Peterson, D. A. 28.5 Peterson, D. L. 294 Peterson, H. W. 96 Peterson, L. A. 188, 189 Peterson, R. L. 295 Peterson, R. T. 271 Peterson, S. P. 96 Pethigal, J. C. 70 Petrison, J. M. 291 Pettis, M. K. 109 Pewe, J. L. 277 Pfaff, A. D. 273 Phillips, B. M. 263 Phillips, D. E. 244 Phillips, J. 237 Phillips, S. 2.50 Phillips, T. T. 237 Piatt, L. J. 237 Pickering, V. L. 83 Pico, J. A. 153 Pierce, E. B. 83 Pierce, M. C. 271 Pierson, M. L. 271 Pies, R. E. 96, 271 Piester, K. A. 277 Pilafas, J. S. 254, 255 Pilcher, B. 83 Pilloud, A. M. 365 Plake, C. R. 70 Platt, C. H. Jr. 61 Plummer, H. 83, 188 Poe, S. M. 114, 188, 251, 369 Polacek, S. A, 188 Pomeroy, G. G. 113, 200 Pomeroy, L. S. 250 Pomeroy, T. G. 220 Pond, R. E. 70 Ponseti, W. E. 294 Pontier, J. J. 178, 259 Pooler, J. R. 294 Poppino, C. A. 96 Porczynski, J. L. 96 Porter, P. L. 357 Porter, W. W. 295 Porto, G. L. 109 Pouquette, M. A. 83, 119 Power, J. A. 83 Power, J. W. 70, 250 Powers, D. P. 61 Powers, H. R. 250 Powers, J. 271, 315 Powell, D. L. 310 Powell, J. P. 271 Powell, T. J. 211 Prager, J. A. 216 Pranga, M. G. 96, 282 Prather, S. A. 85 Pratt, W. 85 Price, J. W. 255 Price, M. E. 223 Price, S. 0. 211 Proving, C. 238 Przanowski, A. T. 53, 85, 347 Puckle, J. H. 330 Purtill, F. J. 232 Puthuff, S. H. 119 Putman, D. R. 282 Putman, P. E. 282 Pyper, W. R. 109 Quayle, W. H. 277 Quenerer, M. A. 291 Quentin, G 148 Quinones, A. D. 85 Raichert, B. J. 115, 208 Railney, M. A. 237 Raineri, A. J. 244 Ralls, C. D. 294 Barnes, C. L. 220 Ramos, R. S. 70 Ramsey, R. A. 85 Rand, G. V. 259 Randal, D. 220 Randolph, P. D. 277 Rapalas, B. J. 356 Rasmussen, G. H. 283 Rasmussen, J. W. 231 Rasmussen. M. C. 211, 314 Rathje, E. S. 246 Rauhouse, T. 265 Rauscher, P. H. Jr. 115 Ravert, B. H. 96 Rawson, S. J. 124, 127, 256, 282, 322 Ray, R. S. 53, 340 Ray, U. 282 Rayborn, W. 0. 322 Rayner, R. M. 231 Hazy, V. 360 Reade, A. 170 Reader, R. A. 322 Reddrick, N. B. 70 Redgeway, D. P. 70 Reed, D. R. 85 Reed, J. A. 204, 205 Reed, L. C. 303 Reed, P. A. 283 Rees, D. S. 213, 250 Reeses, P. K. 216 Regan, C. 85 Regan, J. P. 96 Reger, D. 85 Regland, J. 113 Regnier, L. 85 Rehfeld, B. 340 Reid, E. B. 85 Reid, J. D. 162 Reid, M. K. 220 Reilly, J. 43 Reilly, R. G. 70 Reiser, J. R. 119 Reish, C. F. 71, 119, 294 Rendo, R. S. 271 Renfrow, L. L. 283 Repp, R. W. 97 Rex, M. A. 85, 220 Reynolds, R. E. 320 Rhoades, F. D. 71, 271 Rhoades, M. A. 304 Rhoades, M. J. 232 Rhodes, F. 221 Rhodes, G. W. 294, 366, 368 Rhodes, J. K. 85 Rice, L. D, 71, 250 Rich, P. A. 97, 361 Richard, C. A. 115. 365 Richardson, B. E. 61 Richardson. M. L. 85 Richman, C. L. 191 Ridgeway, D. P. 285 Ridle, J. C. 193. 194 Rigden, C. M. 221 Riggan, D. M. 67 Riggins, P. 85 Riggs, L. 85 Riley, A. C. 273 Riordan R. 322 Ripp, R. 71. 299 Risser, C. F. 97 244 Ritchie. S. L. 220 Ritchie, W. T. 85 Rivera, A. S. 303 Robbins. G, 0. 246 Robbins, G. S. 97 Roberts, C. K. 118. 237, 283 Robertson, D. E. 109 Robertson, D. J. 85 Robertson. E. C. 85 Robertson. L. 365 Robertson, M. 97 Robinson, E. S. 245 Robinson. M. T. 85 Robson. J. S. 188 Roca, E. E. 185. 204, 205 Rockwell, M. F. 273 Rodriguez, D. A. 85 Rodriguez, P. L. 97 Rodriguez, R. M. 85 Roeder, J. R. 244 Rogers, J. C. 250 Rogers, S. G. 85 Rollins, S. R. 208 Roos, D. G. 71 Ronse, E. E. 271 Rosand, J. R. 263 Rose, J. 170, 171, 244 Rose, L. 86 Rose, P. S. 95 Rosen, S. P. 86, 175 Rosengrem, T. M. 86, 244 Rosenthal, P. 191 Ross, C. M. 115 Ross, M. L. 222. 223 Rossini, M. A. 53, 86 Rossini, M. A. 357 Rouseau B. J. 294 Rovey, P. A. 357 Roybla, F. J. 285 Royce, E. 226 Royer, F. D. 259 Royer, L. W. 271 Rozenfsky, A. D. 229 Rubick, R. N. 254, 255 Rucker, W. H. 231 Ruedy, J. C. 166 Ruenzel, R. L. 250 Ruff, C. 211 Ruffin, S. L. 204 Ruggles, J. A. 62 Rugh, S. H. 211 Ruiz, A. F. 71 Rumberg, E. S. 109 Rumberg, M. M. 71 Rumeh, M. L. 71 Rummel, E. S. 115 Runnels, D. L. 368 Running, M. P. 244 Rupp, D. A. 246, 247, 250, 252 Rupp, L. C. 250 Rush, E. M. 86 Russel, J. 208 Russell, C. E. 86 Russell, M. E. 115 Ruston, J. S. 97, 250 Ryan, A. J. 71 Ryberg, H. R. 97 Sabine, S. K. 86, 211 Sabo, S. Q. 263 7 Salcido, A. 86 Salder, J. L. 250 Saliba, L. 86, 358 Salisbrenner, J. 282 Salisbury, L. C. 208, 251 Salley, J. 384 Salltuist, R. L. 263 Sample, S. D. 332 Sampson, D. L. 277, 320 Samuels, L. P. 368 Sandecki, A. F. 97 Sander, H. M. 71 Sanders, M. C. 229 Sanders, R. 228 Sanders, T. 11. 244 Sandnowe, P. J. 208 Sanchez, A. M. 97 Sanera, A. E. 97, 356 Sanford, J . R. 252 Sangchai, S. 53, 97 San Marchi, S. W. 291 Sargeant, D. . 329 Sargent, S. L. 53, 62 Sarte, R. J. 273 Sarti, J. A. 294 Satcher, R. L. 109 Satterfield, M. 192, 193 Sawtelle, P. G. 255 Sawyer, N. 233 Sawyer, N. M 86 Sawyer, S. J. 232 Scarbrough, M. R. 86 Scarfo, R. C. 278, 279 Schaaf, E. W. 230, 231, 362, 363 Schartzmann, M. 197 Scheinost, C. M. 259 Scherer, R. G. 109 Schisler, M. A. 228, 229 Schluender, A. A. 86, 357 Schmelz, A. G. 166 Schmietenkngo, R. L. 71, 237 Schneider, A. 45 Schoemaker, P. 174 Schoffman, S. D. 284 Scholsser, R. 237 Schrieger, L. A. 86 Schumacher, S. M. 86 Schwanz, A. B. 372 Schwartz, A. F. 365 Schwartz, M. W. 178, 188, 278 Schweikart, W. S. 72 Scott, G. G. 237 Scott, H. E. 315 Scott, M. E. 174 Scott, R. R. 86, 318 Searfoss, D. G. 222, 223 Seavey, P. E. 222, 223 Seedborg, J. 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D. 365 Tomooka, R. I. 315 Torkelson, B. J. 304 Toughridge, K. 113 Townsend, T. N. 73 Towner, D. L. 99 Troelstrup, J, L. 204 Trombino, J. J. 99 Trowbridge, J. T. 73 Troxell, 11. L. 365 Trujillo, A. A. 62 Trulock, J. 363 Tuchman, T. F. 261 Tugender, H. S. 109 Turkovich, S. F. 154 Turnage, D. P. 244 Turnbull, M. A. 314 Turne r, N. 372 Turner, R. F. 53, 88 Tyler, C. R. 109 Tyler, T. W. 244 Tyson, J. 261 Tyson, J. D. 261 Uhl, J. R. 261 Ulmer, D. K. 356 Ultaig, C. 282 Underly, T. W. 113, 322 Upshaw, B. S. 360 Utgard, D. M. 339 Utz, R. R. 88, 221, 251 Vallas, T. G. 45, 254, 255 Valenzuela, H. 315 Van Byskiek, P. J. 339 Vance, B. N. 73 Van Dawalker, 302 Van Dellen, J. A. 204 Van Dyke, J. 230 Van Dykie, T. 233 Van Eengmann, A. 115 Van Hooser, D. A. 72, 189 Van Houten, J. H. 294 Van Kirk, R. J. 261 Vanlandingham, M. J. 258, 261 Van Leer, W. 263 Vanier, M. S. 45, 99, 115 Van Slyke, J. L. 313 Van Zandt, C. T. 265 Varney, D. E. 344 Vasquez, A. M. 244 Vaughan, J. E. 263 Vaughan, J. 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M. 109 Warmkessel, J. M. 99 Warne, J. L. 356, 372 Wasem, R. G. 118, 263, 265 Wasson, G. R. 244 Waters, L. J. 365 Watkins, W. B. 88 Watson, D. S. 294 Watson, G. R. 73 Watson, J. W. 88 Watts, W. J. 252, 253 Watts, M. A. 216 Wavering, L. A. 212 Weatherup, L. M. 216 Weaver, Y. J. 88 Webb, M. J. 115 Weber, B. L. 273 Weber, J. A. 197 Weckesser, T. N. 244 Wedlake, P. S. 302 Weeks, T. 343 Wehrli, K. A. 204 Weidmaier, W. C. 179, 254 Weimer, D. G. 62 Weinberg, T. G. 190, 191 Weinberger, J. L. 237 Weir, D. P. 278 Weir, J. S. 330 Weisberg, P. A. 99. 191, 357 Weitz, C. F. 73, 366 Weitzman, M. J. 99 Welch, R. J. 88 Wells, A. J. 44, 99 Wells, C. R. 73, 88 Welt, E. A. 62 Werner, D. A. 115 319 Wesselhoeft. K. K. 99, 271 West, B. D. 119 West, E. 345 West, G. L. 273 West, W. V. 88, 283 Westley, D. A. 166 168 Wetzel, S. L. 113, 115 Weyrough, S. C. 221, 251 Wharton, R. E. 294 Wharton, W. E. 109 Weeks, T. 343 Wheeler, L. D. 278 Wheeler, R. J. 62 Whipple, T. W. 73 Whitaker, A. T. 223 White, B. P. 109 White. F. L. 99 White, M. D. 216 White, R. K. 73 White, R. L. 237 Whiteman, J. C. 88 Whiteman, J. 0. 99 Whitelock T. M. 233, 322, 345 Whitesell, B. A. 88 Whiteside, M. C. Jr. 99 Whitham, C. 345 Whitkowski, G. R. 341 Whitney, M. J. 361 Whitney R. F. 88 Whitworth, S. 188 Wickham, M. E. 197 Widener, D. V. 73 Widmer, R. J. 154 Wiggs, J. A. Jr. 73 Wilburg. C. Wilcox, R. R. 283 Wills. M. J. 360 Willhite, L. J. 252 Williams, D. C. 88 Williams, D. K. 232 Williams, J. W. 93, 261 Williams, K. E. 62 Williams, L. R. 321 Williams, S. 334 Williams, S. P. 99 Williams, U. C. 169, 170, 171 Williamson, R. C. 88 Wills, C. R. 88 Wilson, K. F. 73 Wilson, J. R. 117, 216, 365 Wilson, R. 0. 99 Wilson, P. D. 232 Wilson, W. 119 Windes, B. E. 357 Wing, T. L. 43 Wingate, J. W. 278 Winians, D. 113 Winn. D. N. 117, 292, 294, 295, 356 Winson, A. M. 73 Winsor, L. M. 212 Winterton, J. 363 Wise, L. F. 283 Wiseman, 0. P. 261 Wison, W. C. 89 Witham, N. C. 173 Witter, T. J. 63 Witthoft, T. J. 237 Witts, A. J. C. 99 Wochner, K. E. 117, 365 Wolfe, G. A. 356 Wolfe, W. C. 283 Wolford, G. L. 265 Wolheter, J. L. 99 Wong, J. 316 Wong, L. 89 Wong, W. N. 89 Wood, D. D. 89 Wood, M. K. 204, 205, 270 Wood, S. E. 177, 273 Woodhouse, E. B. 273 Woodroffe, B. 248, 252 Woolridge, C. B. 63 Woolridge, M. C. 99, 216, 174, 359 Worsley, S. 208, 359 Wright, D. A. 294 Wright, J. H. 89 Wright, M. M. 223 Wright, S. L. 73, 252 Wulgrecht, M. E. 73 Wulgrecht, R. L. 73 Wurts, D. 89 Wylie, M. N. 188 Wynn, D. 226 Wynnyczok, D. B. 113, 244 Yajima, H. 245 Yardley, C. M. 237 Yates, R. L. 261 Yeary, N. L. 365 Yepp, R. 63 Yontz, R. V. 89 Yoshikiyo, W. 99 Yosowitz, C. 91 Young, B. J. 89, 313 Young, E. R. 89, 154 Young, R. W. 154, 258, 261, 318 Young, S. M. 208 Young, W. F. 89 Zache, R. J. 43, 114 Zahart, J. D. 99 Zapp, C. A. 115, 204 Zeigler, R. J. 344 Zeller, R. A. 89 Zempel, M. K. 89 Zempel, W. H. 109 Zenobi, H. A. 208 Zenoff, H. T. 216 Zettle, H. F. 119, 237 Ziesmer, C. D. 321 Ziman, A. 197 Zimmer, G. E. 89 Zimmerman, D. G. 112, 258, 261 Zimmerman, M. D. 265 Zimmerman, P. R. 63 Zimmerman, T. L. 73 Zoellner, T. W. 285 Zussman, M. A. 115 Zylstra, L. S. 89 A space in time has become pictures and words . at Arizona State University. PRINTING COMPANY PHOENIX. ARIZONA

Suggestions in the Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) collection:

Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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