Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ)

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Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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STATE 1955 S22 Published by the Associated Students of Arizona State College SAHUARO STAFF Editor Milton Bean Art Editor Jack Haehl Assistant Editor Ramona Williams Sports Editor .... Joe Sanchez Photographer . . George Sanchez Photographer .... Bob Finley Organizations Editor Tom Shaffer Class Editor . . . Doris Holtgrewe Class Editor Joan Logan Class Editor Jean Logan Secretary .... Lucretia Knight Copy Editor Carol Suloff Copy Editor . . . Velma Johnson 1955 Up through the sand dauntless verbenes bloom, The tassels of the ocotillo blaze; Sahuaros, candles in a giant ' s room. Light the monotony of desert days. Nations shall die, and others shall be born, Heros shall rise, and Christs be crucified; And still those peaks shall greet the sparkling morn, And still those crests defy the western tide. Deep peace rests here when day is done, Hope lives again with every new sunrise . . . John Girdler - ' - - Pages 18-31 : Pages 34-91 Pages 166-191 Pages 94-105 Pages 194-213 Pages 108-163 Pages 221 -260 . pp THE " COLLEGE IN THE DESERT " is located at Tempe, Arizona in the heart of the Valley of the Sun. On our friendly, democratic campus, students from every state in the union seek a source of power and happiness the gold of knowledge for a richer, fuller life. Forty-two buildings comprising the main campus, are arranged in an attractive setting . . . IN ARIZONA- above all, the district around Arizona State there is the additional blessing of the nation ' s perfect climate. Cloudless skies and bright, con- stant sunshine permit much of our college activity to be conducted outdoors. Broad, shady lawns and a profusion of southwestern flora permits visitors to marvel at the desert ' s rare coloration. - 10 - AN ECHO of bouncing balls may be heard from open doors as one passes the Men ' s Gymnasium. Located on the north side of the athletic field, it offers space for indoor sports and public events. THIS STRUCTURE, the largest on campus is the Administration building. It is located on the southwest corner of College Avenue and Orange Street. All administrative departments of the college are housed in the north wing of building. The south section provides facilities for the departments of Business Administra- tion and Agriculture. - 11 - FORMERLY known as Old Science, this structure has been remodeled to become the English building. In addition to classrooms for English, speech and journalism, the office of the State Press is located here. OLD MAIN with its three stories of ivy-covered brick was erected in 1894. Although it has been remodeled, the early traditions of the college still cluster about it. - 12 - LOCATED IN THE HEART of the campus is the Arts building. This modern building contains the departments of art, music, and social studies. The basement of this fireproof structure houses the campus mailroom and College Book Store. ONE OF THE newest and most modern buildings on the campus is the Home Eco- nomics building. It has been constructed at the north edge of the campus adjacent to the Arts Building and in close proximity to the Nursery School. - 13 - AS ONE passes the Business Administration building, the first structure he sees is the SCIENCE building. Mod- ern and convenient, it offers classroom and laboratory facilities for students inter- ested in the physical and biological sciences. LOCATED on the southwestern part of the campus is the B. B. MOEUR ACTIVITY building. Many large social functions of the college are held here each year. Named in honor of the late Governor Moeur, it now serves as the instructional center for women ' s physical education. 14 - ' HIS Spanish style structure s the Ira D. Payne Training School. It enables the col- ege to provide facilities for raining students to teach. tfB . . ?S, ' r e DURING the years 1933 to 1955 Dr. Grady Gammage has served as president of Arizona State College. In these years the College has grown rapidly in prestige and reputation among the institutions of higher learn- ing. Dr. Gammage is indeed a great asset to students and faculty alike as his foresight continues to keep our school growing in spirit, in educational status and in all that makes for a great institution. DR. HAROLD D. RICHARDSON Vice President MARY L. BUNTE Secretary to the President ALETHA ASHLEY Assistant to the Vice President . S. GOVERNOR Ernest W. McFarland is pictured at right after taking his seat on the Board of Regents in January. He is working to continue the efficient administration our aca- demic institutions of Arizona have enjoyed in the past. FACED WITH the problem of controlling the state insti- tutions of higher learning is the Board of Regents. They are pictured left to right: John M. Jacobs, Lynn M. Laney, Michael B. Hodges, Howard Pyle, John G. Bab- bitt, William R. Mathews, Walter R. Bimson, Alexan- der G. Jacome, Evelyn J. Kirmse. - 19 - DR. ARNOLD TILDEN, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, ponders over a few of the many tasks he faces. Dr. Tilden has gained a reputation as a leading educator and is responsible for the quality of courses and instruction in his field. DR. CATHERINE G. NICHOLS, Associate Dean of Students is known best as a friendly and under- standing counselor. In addition to other duties, she serves as Dean of Women. Paced by Arizona State ' s unprecedented progress, she is doing a splendid job with her complex assignment. DR. W. P. SHOFSTALL, Dean of Students, coordinates the activities of organiations on campus through the Division of Student Affairs. Increased enrollment has placed new demands on his competent staff which is always working to overcome difficulties arising on our expand- ing campus. Dr. Shofstall ' s persistent leadership is constantly bringing about improvement in administration-faculty-student relations. The Sahuaro staff of 1955 takes great pleasure in paying him a tribute he so richly deserves. Dr. Guy D. McGrath, Dean of the School of Education, studies material pertaining to the Education department. - 20 - ALFRED THOMAS, JR. Registrar and Director of Admissions GALEN H. CASSITY Assistant Registrar DR. ROY C. RICE Director of Summer Session and Extension DR. ROBERT F. MENKE Director of Placement GILBERT L CAOY Comptroller JAMES W. CREASMAN Alumni Secretary i Iff i r 9 r - ftlt 4 DR. JOSEPH E. SPRING Director of Special Services NORMAN L. GARNATZ Financial Manager, Associated Students GEORGE MORRELL Purchasing Agent t L AGRICULTURE Dr. Daniel O. Robinson AIR SCIENCE Col. William T. Mulligan ART Dr. Harry Wood BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Dr. Herbert L. Stahnke BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION E. John Hilkert EDUCATION Dr. Guy D. McGrath ENGLISH Dr. Louis M. Myers FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. Irma Wilson HOME ECONOMICS LoU M. Ellsworth r ' I INDUSTRIAL ARTS Lewis S. Neeb LIBRARY SCIENCE Harold W. Batchelor MILITARY SCIENCE Lt. Col. Dwight W. Langham MUSIC Harry B. Harelson PHYSICAL EDUCATION Rudolf H. Lavik PHYSICAL EDUCATION Nina L. Murphy PHYSICAL SCIENCE Dr. George M. Bateman PSYCHOLOGY Dr. H. Clay Skinner SOCIAL SCIENCE Dr. Rufus K. Wyllys RELIGION Rev. Charles Crouch Student BILL COULSON, PRESIDENT. From San Fernando, California, Bill is a Senior majoring in Speech. He is a member of Newman Club, Sun Devil Band, and Blue Key, men ' s honor fraternity. DON LIEM, ACTIVITIES VICE PRESIDENT. Don is also a Senior majoring in Business Administration. He is from Phoenix and is a member of Delta Sigma Phi. BOB THORNTON, ADMINISTRATIVE VICE PRESIDENT. Bob hails from Park Ridge, Illinois. He is a senior majoring in Business Administration and is a member of Blue Key, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Delta Sigma Pi. BARBARA LOU RHOADS, SECRETARY. From Safford, is a Junior and is majoring in Home Economics. Barbara is a member of the Sun Devil Band and Lambda Delta Sigma. STUDENT GOVERNMENT at ASC is patterned after our state government with three separate branches legislative, executive, and judicial. Besides providing for the efficient functioning of Associated Students, student government provides opportunity for developing the responsible citi- zens so much needed in local, state, and national affairs. - 25 - Left to Right: Mary Louise Brion, Joan Conniff Barbara Rhodes, Dr. Shofstall, Don Liem, Terry Mack, Dale Clarkson, Bill Coulson, Dix Coons, Jerry Cannon, Bob Thornton. Bill Coulson, Senate speaker, and Barbara Rhodes, secretary. Student - 26 - Student Senate Left to Right: Nell Foster, Tal Huber, Morris Rhodes, Mary Ann Quinn, Joanne Holman, Bert Langford, Sue Watleins, Billie Dean and other Senate members listen attentively as Bill Coulson addresses the Senate. Left to Right: Mary Louise Arriola, Dave Kaun, Dr. Roy Rice, Terry Wallace, Ed Myles, Pat Wooldridge, Dean Wochner. UPON ENROLLMENT each woman student becomes a member of the Associated Women Students. Each coed has the opportunity to participate with benefits to herself and her organization. A. W. S. operated under a new constitution this year with three major dfvisions: the Executive Council, the General Council, and its Judicial Board. This year ' s activities included the Big Siste r Program, Head Resident ' s Tea, and the fall Star Formal. Christmas festivity brought the Christmas Community Sing, Conventions, and a Pajama Party in which all women students were given a " late night. " The year was climaxed with a Women ' s Day and a recognition banquet at which more than 100 " most active " women on campus were honored. Students Dean Catherine Nichols, sponsor, and Joan Conniff, president. ' ' Left to Right: Connie McDonough, Joan Conniff, Dean Nichols, Alice Accola, Elsie Dad, Phyllss Barney, Lettie Ann Gutshall, B. Gay, Beebe Brown, Mary Phillips, Suzanne Kober, Doris Smith. Left to Right: Joan Conniff, Alice Accola, Amina Khan, Betty Wubbolding, Lettie Ann Gutshall, Phyliss Barney, Arlene Christensen, Emily Graff, Doris Smith, Nancy Mothershead, Elsie Dad, Dean Nichols, Billie Jean Narramore, La Veda George, Maria T. de Bias, Sharon Turnbull, Deene Kring, Mary Phillips, Diane Burke, B. Gay, Joanne Holman, Connie McDon- ough, Beebe Brown, Suzanne Kober. Students Left to Right: Neal Nichols, Terry Mack, Dave Kaun, Tal Huber, R. C. Cadwell, Owen Dean. JUST AS ASSOCIATED Women Students is to the women, so is Associated Men Students to the men. Every man on campus is a member of the A. M. S. Among activities during the year were the A. AA. S. All-School Picnic and the Freshman Week get-acquainted program. The latter is sponsored by Alpha Mu Sigma, an honorary service fraternity to which outstanding men students are appointed in recog- nition to their service. The ' A. AA. S. Government functions with permanent committees which administer the A. M. S. social programs, conduct, and men ' s intramurals. - 29 - Left fo Right: Dr. D. R. Van Petten, Jean Stewart. Frank Rispoli, Alfred Thomas Jr., Dr. Jamej McCleary, Dr. W. P. Shofstall, Earl Harrington, Bill Coulson. Left to Right: Dr. W. P. Shofstall, Bill Coulson, Barbara Rhoads, Joan Conniff, Terry Mack, Bob Thornton, Don Liem, Norman Garnatz. Soctat Left to Right: Dorothy Gillanders, Carolyn Cummins, Don Liem, William Kinnerup, Charles Maggio, Jack Martin. Left to Right: Tom Harter, Bob Zacher. E. J. Hopkins, Bob Gilbert, Nathan Patterson, Milton Bean, Bob Thornton. - I " DON CRAMER President BERT LANGFORD Vice-President MARY ANN QUINN Secretary thans, Cyril P. zoyan, Delores L ailey, Gerald M. aker, Louise B. aker, Leslie allesteros, Frank L. Accola, Alice Adams, Bill Adams, Harlen G. Adams, Vivian L. Akimoto, Ted Aldous, James L. Alexander, J. B. Alexander, Mary J. Allyn, James E. Arnett, Curtis E. Asbury, Harry W. Atchison, Olan L. andy, Charles A. aniewicz, Joanne S. arnes Jr., Frederick W. axter, Hobart M. earn, Ted L. ean Milton E. iler, Lydia ejarano, Arthur Jell, Charlie ennett, Fay erg Evelyn lernstein, Thomas A. evans, Beverly L. ienenfeld, Daniel ilton, James jorklund, Midgene M. iackmer, Doris M. lair, Maxine Blankenship, Buck Boe, Margaret Boone, James L. Sowen, Elaine jBraddy, Virginia iBrady, Patrick E. Bridgman, Jean Brion, Mary Louise Brown, Mary Ley Buck, Frank L. Buikema, Ken E. Bull, Jorene Bullock, Sumner E. Burk, Bill Byrn, David L. Cady, Michel Campbell, Peggy Campbell, Vernon L. Carleton, C. Alan Carney, Ernestine Carr, Gordon T. Carrasco Jr., Octario Carrington, Hugh C. Carter, Doris Castleton, Agnes H. Chaney, Wayne W. Chavez, Rex R. Chennault, Nanci Z. Chipman, Bill Christensen, John Clardy, Janis Clifford, Alice Cochran, Mary L. Collins, Frances J. Contreras, Joe W. Cook, Betty J. Cooper, Alvin Cordova, Ralph Coulson, William R. Crosson, Pat Cunningham, Edward J.| Curtis, DeeDee S. Cutchaw, John M. Dad, Elsie Daer, John Darling, Patricia Davis, John T. Davis, Liz Dawson, Rosa Jane Dean, Bill! Denny, Jean Diamond, Donald Dick, Mary Annette Dill.- Roy B. I , i mm Doolittle, Shirley D. Dotson, James Dougherty, Forrest W. Doughty, Jim Douglas, Charles W. Dumas, Gerald J. )urazo Hector J. )urnell, Bonnie J. iarnhardt, Barbara tdmondson, Joan :gan, William M. Hedge, Keith S. :llis, Delia :rramuzpe, Rose Ann strada Eddie ; airchild, Jerome H. allon, Thomas J. armer, Norman L. : erguson, Jean : ernandei, Pat H. : igueroa, Leonard inch Jr., Clarence A. : isher, Sallie A. : itimaurice, Ralph T. jeld, Maxine S. ; leming, Richard E. leming, Robert ' lorreich, Carol A. ' lorreich, Edward L. oster, Osborn N. Fowler, Katie Fram, Al Frost, Dale Galatioto, Michael Garcia, Charlie Garrett, Marilyn Garrett, William L. Gary, Cecil L. Gaylord, Lester Geare, Margaret Germond, Nancy A. Germond, Richard Gettelman, Ann Gillis, Ruth I. Gilpin Jr., Harley G. Gonzales, Gilbert P. Gorham, Don H. Gray, Mary Greer, Barbara A. Gritner, Carolyn Guitteau, Edward Gullickson, Charlen Guptill, Geraldine L Gurney, John M. Gutman, Herman Gutmann, Cynthia D. Haake, John A. Hadinger, Richard W Hall, Marvin Halle, G. Ann Hamblin, Richard Hamman, Betty Hamman, Hugh Hanson, Geraldine Hanson, Philip J. Hardesty, Wayne Harless, Leona M. Harless, Velda Harris, Ann L. Harrison, Nancy Hatfield, Larry C. Hawkins, Margaret Haws, Arlene Hays, Don Heileman, George Hellam, Duane Helmcke, Edward Herrington, Earl L. Hessman, Doral Higgins, Joseph M. Hiqhtower, Peggy J Hill, Garry Lou I Hills, Shirley Hinton, Fauna E, Hinton, James E. Hirsch, Seymour Hohn, Edward L. Holman, Joanne Hubiak, David D. Hudson, Steve Humphrey, Barbara Hurlbert, Ronald E. Hutchins, Tracy K. lies, John Ingalls, Charles L. Jackman, Roscoe Jarvis, John H. Johns, Lloyd Johnson, Clyde E. Johnson, Eleanore R. Johnson, Leora Johnson, Raymond Johnson, Sam . . . ones, Albert W. ones, Beverly W. ones, Glenna asold, Robert aun, David E. eaton, Bill eegan, William C. eener, Norman L. ennedy, Shirley A. dney, Charlotte M. efer, Elaine H. efer, Paul nq Louis G. irby, Stanley tchin, Jean E. einman, John ober, Suzanne seppen Jr., Richard W. afft, William W. " iatkowski, Alfred E. ida, Mable Fave, Kenneth E. ndman, Jack I. ney, Grant A. Langford, Albert R. Lannoye, Homer L. Larsen, Dwayne E. Le Baron, Wanda Leber, Don Lee, George R. Levine, Nanc! E. Levy, Stuart Lewis, Mary E. Lill, Hans Lillevig, Gail M. Lines, Dian Locker, Pat Loclthart, Calvin C. Londos, George Longo, Jack J. Louthan, Jeanette Lutey, Roger J. Luthcke, Robert McCall, Carol McCarty, Alvin W. McCarty, John M. McCleery, Kathleen McClellan, Roy A. McCord, Dan McCulley, Robert I. McDaniel, Robert L. McDonough, Connie McHenry, Robert E. McHenry, Van H. McKenzie, Anna L. McKissack, Paul S. McLeod, Florence R. McNarie, Barbara McPherson, Clarene McWilliams, Fred M. Mack, Terry O. Mackey, Dick Madden, Bonnye L. Marian, Dale O. Malamas, Louis Manning, Dave C. I I Martin, John S. lartin, Mary Ellen lartin, William L. 4artyn, Ronald K. Masterson, Mary M. Maza, Mario Mende, Dan Mendoza, Eliza E. Merchant, Hercel Milovich, Dushan Mitchell, Woodine R. Moore, Jean M. Moore, Mel Morgan, Wayne Muncy, Yanova Murray, Andrew J. Myles, Edward L Nabors, James E. Nance, Eugene E. Neely, William Nelson, Eugene N. Nelson, John H. Nichols, Neal Niclcell, Patricia Nielsen, Ellouise Norman, Howard W. North, Richard F. Nunez, Rose L. O ' Connor, John P. Olachea, Herlinda Olson, Gerald V. Olson, Helen D. Osborne, Earl W. Osman, James A. Owens, Jeannette Y. Parish, Byrl A. Parker, Donald L. Parker, James H. Parker, Raphael K. Parkhurst, Kenneth Parks, Leslie V. Pasztor, Elizabeth H. Patterson. John H. Patterson, Nathan Paty Jr., Thomas C. Pearce, Melvin Perkins, Robert M. Peterson, Tom Phippeny, Charles L. Pickard, Thomas N. Pinkham, Kenneth A. Pinnick, Robert J. Pogue, Jacque Poulos, Gus Pouppirt, Frankie Pozas, Henry Preston, Richard C. Price, Everett W| Provencio, Joe H. Prow, Jim Pyle, Tommy A. Quinn, Mary A. Ragsdale, Hazel Ramirez, Antonio B. Randel Jr., Herbert R. Raudebaugh, James D. Rawls, William E. Raymond, Charles J. Reed, Larry D. Reed, Sue Reed, Wanda Reynosa, Mary Richards, Marston E. : I U Richards, Nancy J. Rider, Alice B. alazar Jr., M. E. alem, Al alie, Marilyn B. anchez, Pasqual N. ato, Michiko avittieri, Anthony A. Jchaffer, Arnold W. jchneller, Nancy ichowalter, Janice Jcott, Guy W. Seeds, Marguirite idlers, James R. ieppala, Jim leriale, Mario A. harpe, Richard W. iheflott, George J. Shrewsbury, Homer J. Sill, Virginia C. iilva, Tony jkelton, Norm imith, Burton K. imith, Doris Smith, Grace A. Smith, Jay M. Smith, Marjorie A. Smith, Merlene B. Snyder, Richard L Solomon, David Sommer, Janice L. Song, John Roberts, Ethel Roberts, Robert M. Robison, Janice L. Rodriquez, Irma Rodriquez, Louis Rogers, Courtney A. Rolback, Joseph Rooney, John Rose, Renee K. Rouse, Barbara Rose, Ernest Ras Rozum, Joseph A. Spinney Jr., Charles R. Spracale, Joseph Spriggs, Everett L. Springer, James A. Stanaway, Nancy C. Stapp, Thomas E. Stein, Myron S. Steinbronn, Shirley Stevenson, Sharon L. Stratton, Lee N. Stuck, Margery R. Suk, Louis L. Sullivan, Laurence F. Sullivan, Patricia A. Suloff, Carol J. Sundberg, L. K. Swaine, Archie D. Swanson, Thomas I. Symcox, Hallie R. Taeuber, Jane D. Talley, Valene Tang, William Taylor, Fred Taylor, Mary Louise Thayer, Robert Thomas, David I. Thompson, Jerry L. Thompson, Philip Thornton, Bob Thornton, Nena T. Tomes, Jack H. Toy, Betsy Trimble, Erlene Trimble, John N. Truax, Charles B. Tyson, Nancy , t e Unsicler, Doris slentine, Patrick R. in Oriel, Charles E. Vann, Ted E. ri Jr., Cornelius C. erch, Kenneth W. Viggars, Bruce Wald, Dorothy C. Wallace, Joel B. Wallace, Terry C. Ward, Christine G. Ward, John R. Ward, R. Ellsworth Watkins, Gilbert W. Wearne, Harold Webb, Mary Ellen Wedge, Bob J. Weiler, Joseph H. Weischedel, Donald E. Weiss, Jerome I. Westfall, Barbie Westhoven, Melvin Wheeler, Karl Whipple, Mary Lou Whitaker, James Whitmer, Stella Whitney, Joe H. Wilbur, Carl B. Wilier, Patricia T. Williams, Betty S. Williams, Donald E. Williams, Dwayne A. Williams, Nina Wilson, Thomas Win, Maung K. Winikka, Robert P. Winslow, Sylvia L. Wipperfurth, Jerry M. Wooldridge, Patricia E. York, Mary E. Zent, Alfred R. Catherine Wasielewski Secretary Ben Garcia Vice President THREE YEAR VETERANS of the " College in the Desert " are looking forward to that important date next year. Their stay in the southwest has been warm and pleasant but as always good things must end. The student body looks forward to having them back in 1956! Leading the class through this eventful year were Bill Sweeney, president; Ben Garcia, vice president; Catherine Wasielewski, secretary. - 46 - Acosta Ruben E. Akey, Blair A. Akin, Margaret Alday, Alonzo Allan, Barry Ames, Robert L. Arias, Julia Ann Ashcroft, Floyce Baker, James Baker, Patsy J. Barney, Phyllis A Barrett, Jim Basinger, Robert Bateman, Georgia R attin, Barbara Beall, Jack M. Benson, Mary M. Bethel, Howard D. Bills, Al E. xley, Donald E. Bell, Billie E. Bentley, Betty A. Bettenhausen, Donald F. Bixby, Anne L. Blake, Joan Blomquist, Mary A. Bond, Kenneth J. Bosworth, Tommy Bouldin, Ronnie O. Bowden, Thelma R. Bowers, David Boyd, Larry O. Bradt, Phyllis L. Brand, Margaret H. Bratcher Jr., Austin S. Bratton, Helen F. Brennen, Shelia Brewster, Leonard L. Brion, Margaret Bristol, Bill Brown, Bebe K. Brown, Christine Chafey, William D. Chapman, Gordon C, Chemas, Gary M. Cheney, Ronald Chew, Glee Christensen, Beverly J. Cisneros, Frankie J. Clarkson, Dale E. Cochrane, Philip C. Don, Cole Collins, Billie J. Conrad, Jim Coons, Dix Cooper, Harold G. Copeland Jr., Robert Coulter, Gle Couturier, Tom Covarrubias, Fr Cox, Caroly Cox, James Crane, Mary Brown, Phil Buell, Ted B. Bullion, Audrey O. Bullock, Betty A. Burkett, Bob Butler, Gloria Buyher, Loren L. Byers, Harriet Byrne, Frances Cady, Patt R. Callan, Larry B. Cameron, Alex Campbell, Joanne Campbell, Raymond Z. Campbell, Richard D. Cannon, Jerry Carlson, Franklin R. Carroll, Thos. E. Carson, Lucille Carter, Robert W. Cavanagh, Mary Ann - 48 - Cross, Donald Crowder, Edwin J. Croyl, Carolyn L. Cummins, Carolyn Cunningham, Don S. Curtis, Phil Czyz, Jeanette Dabbs, Edwin D. Daugherty, Joyce Daves, George D. Dean Jr., Owen R. DeLancey Doris Delgado, Armando Dickson, Mora Diedrich, Thayer Dillon, Charlotte H. Dingeldine, David Dixon, Joan A. Dolan, Joseph C. Dole, Jim W. Douglass, Jean E. Dressier, Don L. Duke, Steve Durazo, Armando S. Durio, Donn L. Edmonson, Loyde C. Edwards, Margaret Jo Ellington, Jim Ellsworth, Phillip Ellsworth, Stephen Elster, Rochelle Emmott, Susan Engel, Annette Englehardt, Nancy Escalante, Lydia Status t Espinoza, Eva Evans, Henry Evans. Patricia C. Evans, Thomas G. Ewiig. Susan M. Farrell, Pat M. Faupel, Dellen Fereira, Barbara J. Fessler, G. Robert Fields, Ray Fineberg, Ronnie Fisher, David Flanagan, James Flood, Edward Flood, Nan Flower, Herbert K. Folks, Arlie J. Fong, John Formichella, Frank J. Franto, Mary J. v Frank, Audrey A. Freedlund, Lawnnce H. Fuentes, Irene Fugate, Burt E. Futch Jr., Thomas E. Galindo, Joshua Garcia, Ben Garcia, Ernie Gardner, Nida Rae Gates, Richard Gay, Barbara Geller, Earl y i George, Donald Gettig, Robert B. Gibbs. Frank H. Gibson, Tom Gilbert, Charles W. Gish, James E. Glenn, William J. Golding, Fred W. Gordon, David F. Gove, George E. Grassie, Walter Gray, Edward W. Gray, Robert Q. Grossbard, Gary K. Gualdoni, Marguerite Guitteau, Jo Gulzow, Donna Gunnels, Patsi Gutshall, Lettie A. Haddock, Glen G. Halvcrson, Dan A. Hamas, Steve E. Hamilton, Jim Harper, William A. Harris, Alan M. Hartman, Virginia Harvey, Barbara A. Harvey, JoAnn Havenstein, Carolyn J. Haver, Charles H. Haynes, Marion E. Helbing, Joan A. Henderson, John A. Henningsen, Donald J. Hernandez, Robert D. Herriott, Sondra L. Herrscher, Janice Higgins, Ora Beth Hill, Bernard H. Hill, Charles A. Hill, Len Hill, Tommy N. Hinlcle. Ann I. Hinton, Doug Hodge, Norman E. Hoke, Kay H. Holic, Vi A. Holladay, Larry Hood, Charles S. Hooks, William Hoopes, Naomi Hosking, William J. Houg, Marilyn Huber, J. Talmage Mullet, David E. Hutchins, Margaret Hutloff, Eugene C. Inalish, Rae R. Irwin, Marilyn Jackson, James Jones, Dale E. Jankans, John Jensen, Cliff Jenson, LaRae Johnson, Ernest F. Johnson, Harold M. Jones, Jay Dean Jones, Larry E. Jones, Shirley A. Jorgensen, Robert L. Journell, Ed Kalaf, Don G. Kane, Janis Kelley, Sharon Kelly, Edward N. Kennedy, L. Joanne lan, Amina dene, Ted len, Marvin F. igs, Diane igs, Dolores M. r, Wayne I, Jack E. tyk, Loretta C. e Joyce A. Kinnerup, Bill Kipperman, Dick Kish, Sondra Kleinschmidt, Joan M. Kmetko, Steve Knight, Lucretia J. , , , iter, Annabelle R. Edwin S. Ruth Lue Lassi, Audrey R. Latva, Sherwood W. Lavold, Mary Q. Lawton, Robert M. Lazenby, Flavis Ledford, Loyod Ledwidge, Genevieve Lee, Velva J. Leeke, Harriet Lewis, Bizzanne Lill, Bruno Under, Ralph C. Lmdstrom, Diane M. Loughran, .Kevin T. Lowery, Carol J. Loyd, Joanne M. Lundahl, William R. McCall, Mary Jane McClure, Donald L. McCoy, Loif C. McDowell, Robert A. Machukay, Anthony Maclntyre, James L. Macley, Bernice E. Madrll, Ruben A. Maggio, Charles W. Manning, Don Mansour, Adele J. Manterola, Sylvia C. Marcey, Faye Mardian, Loretta R. Markakis, James E. Martin, Jack B. Martin, Margaret Martin, Roy L. Martinez, Walter A. Matovlch, Edwin Meikle, Bill D. Mendivil, Adalberto C. Meyer, Lloyd G. Miller, James D. MiUer, Lloyd C. Millington, Catherine Mills, Alberta S. Minarilc, Robert R. Mineah, Mary E. Mohn, Carolyn Moore, Glenn D. Moores, Judson C. Morgan, Joe T. Moseley, Merle B. Munger, John Murray, Kenneth J. Myers, Francis Nager, Larry R. Nahler, Harold M. Nations, Dale Nebeker, ' Helen son, Charles W. (son, James H. well, Barbara J. cholas, Donald ' . |lell, Charles L. rgaard, Elaine Noriega, Armida Northrup, Foster M. Nuttall, Janell Nylund, Dorothy O ' Clair, Earlene Okine, Isaac Ong, Colleen Ong, Jessie Osborn, Wesley F. Paddock, Patricia R. Palacio, Rachel Parmenter, Walker E. Peel, LeRoy F. Peila, Dixie L. Penan, Joan Perkinson, Robert P. Perry, Philip A. Peters, Lloyd G. Peterson, Arleigh Peterson, Jacqueline R. Peterson, Leo C. Phares, Ina Phillips, John T. Pimentel, Ramon Piper, Jerry I. Piser, Donald C. Polenske, Dale Powell, Trenna Price, Donna J. Rader Jr., Edwin A. Rainey, Ronnie Ramsey, Phyllis E. Randle, George C. Rangel, Gilbert R. Raymond, William R. Rebeles, Helen Jean Rebo, Mona Rehorst, Donald W. Roth, Bobby A. Rupp, Ned Saenz, Mike Rhoads, Barbara Lou Rhodes, James F. Salazar, Dollie E. Salt, Ben A. Sanders, Joyce I. Rice, Charlotte Richards Mary L Scheffert, Alice Schenkel, Cal Schmitz, Helen A. Richards, William Riley, G. Mike Schoustra, Florence J. Schuff, Mary Ann Schultz, Leonard F. Rinard, Lawrence W. Rivera, Margaret Searles, Richard T. Sedlar, Bob D. Shaffer, James B. Roberts, James A. Robertson, Rosemary Sharp, Floyd B. Shaw, Donald L. Shaw, Larry Robinson, Bonnie E. Robinson, Jerry H. Shepherd, Carol Lee Shepherd, Douglas C. Shively, Tom Rodzen, Roger L. Romley, Maggie L. Shoemaker, James P. Sidener, Sue S. Sikes, Roy L. Simons, William F. Sinqel, Joan L. Skouson, Garth W. Sloan, Marion Smelser, Virginia Smitch, Jettie E. Smith, Joe M. Smith, Rosemary P. Smith, Waldine Smith, William J. Solms, Sandra S. Som, Harry D. Somers, David A. Soza, Jo erger, James P. Spoonemore, Chalma R. Stallings, Tom L. Stewart, S. Dale Stewart, S. Sue Stone, Charles E. Sudelcum, Ann Sweeney, Ed Sweeney, William B. Sykes, Marilyn Jo Sylvester, Marilyn Y. Tabor, Nancy Tacke, Fred A. Tang, Lem Taylor, Betty A. Taylor, Jackie Taylor, Milford Taylor, Thomas W. Tedrick, Thomas D. Terkelsen, Eldon Thomas, Charles N. Thompson, Don Tibbet, M. Ann Tower, Sandra Trauscht, Joan E. Trejo, Manuel B. Truax, Jan Tucker, Jackie L. Turnbull, Sharon Turney, Sarah L. Turville, Steve Tweedy, Ronald T. Tyler, Charles R. Udall, Shirley Ann Uieta, Arthur Vermillion, Claire H. Viscogliosi, Tom Vorgeas, Elayne Waggoner, Richard Wagner, Edgar O. Walcott. Ralph W. Wallace, Don S. Wanee, Jeff Wasielewski, Cathy Waters, Ronald L. d tiv t Watkins, Beverly Z. Wayland, Nancy Weiner, Carl Wellington, James K Wellman, Dorothy Wessel, Merle Westall, Robert Wetiel. Paul Wheeler, Delbert D. White, Fairel R. Wien, Janet Wilkerson. James L. Wilk ey, David O. Williams, James H. Williams, Thomas R. Winn, Shirley E. Wochner, Dean R. Wollenman, Jean Woo, Curry Wood, Nancy Woods, Virgie M. Wright, Delores P. Yamashiro, Grace Yates, Ronald D. Yuen, Lily Zook, Beverly Zumwalt, Wanda Allee, Margaret Andrews, Robert C. Anderson, David T. Arbiiu, Ray L. Everett, Mary Giltinan, Betty Ginger, John B. Gittus, Clayton W. Goodwin, Dale E. Hineman, Dorothy Barriga, Joe C. Blair, Robert Chausow, Gene Clark, Oscar M. Cooley, W. E. Edwards, Marvin I Hirayama, Larry T. Jan+zen, Lubin W. Kimball, James E. Lavold, James S. Mitchell, Jack usser, Herbert J Orines, Fortunata Patton, Jack J. Ravelin, Thomas A. Peterson, Donald E. Pigott, Gloria J. Reed, Reta L. Rose, Robert H. Russell, Kenneth A. ! izar, Trinidad F. Schipper, Joan E. Schrader, Donald R. trafini, Caludio Shaw, Lee Shumway, G. Widtsoe Wright, Robert E. West, George W. Zito, Lillian R. Winn, Jerry E. Wong, Kim Students Fred Covarrubias President Margie Cooper Vice President Sue Watkins Secretary - 62 - Acosta, Lupe Adams, Carolyn R. Adams, James L. Addington, Bernard Aeed, George M. Alters, Marie J. Akin, llene Akong, Monica Alexander, Raymond Allen, Janice L. Amey, John Anderson, Carole J. Araza, Armida Arredondo, Dan Arriola, Mary Louise Ashley, Charles H. Bacon, Cardinella Bagley, Gloria Bailey, Bev Banks, Rae Barker, Lola Barrientos, Alice C. Barriga, John M. Barriger, George G. Bartels, Betty Bass, Jesse W. Bassett, William E. Bean, Carlos M. Beasley, Lettie Belcher, Mollie J. We ' ve 4fie tt tut Bell, Frank Berkenkamp, Gayle B. Berry, Mittie B. Bird, Donald L. Blaine, Jacgue Blankenship, Margaret E. Blythe, Ruby A. Boll, Robert Bowman, Robert H. Briscoe, Joseph Brown, Beverly E. Brown, Roderick W. Bryant, James A. Bucllin, Robert Bullock, Shirley J. Burke, Diana M. B ers, Ann Call, Clifford Cano, Olga Carson, Donald R. Cheves, Virginia L Chung, William Clay, Don C. Coffinger, Mike Cooper, Marjorie A. Cope, John Cord, Edgar L. Cordell Jr., Milto Crawford, Stan R Braman, William Breon, Keith V. Briggs, George U. Cresto, Virginia M. Currey, Mildred Curtis, Jay D. Cypert, Rosemary L. Darland, Fara Davis, Dick Deatherage, James W. , , , tart, Nancy M. iaum, Myron W. Toffol, Ronald jvenney, Nick Dilworth, Martin O. Dimmick, Frances F. Dolphin, Jana Donofrio, Beverly A. Dorsett, Roderic R. Dotts, Don Douglas, Edwin Dunlop, Mary J. Dunn, Jack Duran, Irene Dye, Roberta A. Eaklor, Frances Eberhart, Lynn R. Edwards, Marvin Elgora, Phyllis A. Escandon, Dora R. Fisher, Sue Farley, Wayne Firth, Jack Forman, Carol A. Frandle, Gloria Evans, Darlene M. Fallon, Jo Ann Ferguson, Fred E. FioRito, Ted A. Fischer, Elizabeth Franks, Jeanne E. Frey, Nancy Jo Gadie nt, Sandford Garcia, Felipe L. Gardner, Harlan B. Gardner, Leona H. Garretson, Byron E. Gartrell, Margaret Geare, Joe B. Gedman, Wayne Genovese, Santo A. George, LaVeda Giordan, Carol L. Gonzales Mary Goodman, Allan Grady Michael Graff, Emily L. J Grassl, Karl Graybill, David Green, Charles W. Green, Grace Groom, Claire C. Gumpf, John Gylling, Ivan K. Habib, Helena Haehl, Jack E. Haggard, Frank E. Hanson, Patricia M. Harris, Kathherine Harter, Eduarda Hatch, Marsha - 66 - Heck, Wo eglund, Dick L iker, Raymond F. Hennen, Virgil P. Henry, Jacqueline Hensel, Julia A. Herrada, Joe Heward, Edwin M. Hickman, John Hicks, Earlene Hightower, Bill J. Higuera, Dolores S. Hineman, Eleanor L. Hinton, Virginia N. Hirshkowitz, Gene H. Hobbs, Gerald E. Holliday, Wayne Holmes, Richard E. Hopkins, Marilyn Hubbard, Eddie Huntress, Harold R. Hurler, LeRoy G. Irvin, Robert Jacobs, Felice Jamison, Noyla G. Jewell, Henry E. John, Jerry - 67 - ifV 41 Johnson, Carollea Johnson, John R. Johnson, Robert H. Johnston, Daryl Jones, Annis Jones, John L Jones, Maurice I. Jordan, Jack A. Julian, John Lewis, Charles Lewis, Dorothy Leyva, Frank A. Lindsay, Barbara D. Loftsgard, Wendell B. Logan, Nancy Long, Audrey Ludwig, Eunice Ludwig, Virginia Luehrsen, Ruth M. Lutz, LaVonne M. Lutz, Mary M. McCall, Robert McCarty, Lois D. McCulley, William D. McDermott, Yvonne A. McDonald, Mary Lou McKone, Jo Ann McMindes, Monica F. McNeice, Phyllis Mackey, Charlie Magnenat, Ralph A. Maldonado, Gloria Manley, James H. Marble, Shirley K. Markovich, David Marley, Burr D. Martinez, Hector N. Martinez, Manuel E. Maruna, Dan Melton, Nancy Messinger, Mary J. Metzler, Jerry D. Miller, Alma F. Mitchell, Pat Montgomery, Jo C. Montierth, Bill G. Montignani, Georgena Montijo, Jackie E. Moore, Josiah Moores, Arlyn Moreno, Ismael Morris, Sally J. Morse, Maralin K. Mortensen, Irval L. Moses, Monty Napolitano, Dick we Narramore, Billie J. Neal, David N. Noble, Arlene Noetzel, Doris E. O ' Dell, LaVon C. Olenick, Jim Olsen, Olene K. Ong, Florence Osborne, Clarence Padelford, Robert D. Palmer, Jackie Palmer, Kenneth N. Palmer, Peggy Ann Paton, Rowena Neds, Nancy Nelson, Gary K. Nelson, Norma N. Newman, John E. Nichols, Larry M Nichols, Leo M. Patterson, George W. Patterson, Jack L. Paulus, Joan M. lell Jr., Wilber E. hillips, Robert Phlegar, Joanne V. Pickering, Joseph Pierce Jr., Robert J. Pierce, Ted A. Pogue, Mark B. Portillo, Robert S. Powers. Johnnie A. Prina, Dick Quavehema Delberta Reder, Jim Reidhead Robert D. Reinartz, Frank Reppel Edith eingans, Harry E. Rhodes, Moris Richards, Claudia Rickey, Frank B. Ridenour, Kenneth R. Riggs, Jack M. Riley, Marlene Ritzman, Wilma A. Rivera, Frank Roberts, Raymond Robledo, Mary Rolston, Franklyn Rowley, Paul Rubendall, Harold L Ryan, Michael C. Salerno, Nick Sanchez, Joe C. Santarelli, Edith J. Sarten, James E. Shields, Edward A Shill, Talmage N. Shrader, Marilyn Shumway, Alice Simpson, Lenore Siqueiros, Leo Skouson, John Smith, Bruce L Smith, Robert Smith. Sharon Stallings, Richard L. Stanphill, Ennis Staples, Carole-Dean Starkey, Jayne M. Steninger, Kent B. Stewart, Jeannine Stitel, Barbara Stockton, Phil S Stonecipher, Ema x Schienle, Donald R. Schlesinger, Irv Schofield, Warren A. Schultz, Sandra L. Schumacher, Wayne R. Scott, Jonn L. Scroggs, Kay Sedig, Al R. Seller, Rene W. Sevey, George P. Shepherd, Henry L. Sherrill, Donald M. Smith, Ware Smitz, June Sorensen, Sanford A Southard, Richard Sparks, John M. Staken, Bernard tie " gotteye t tie T e entf M Stovall, Jack K. Strait, Marvin Stuart, Bob B. jndal Marlene A. Tang, Howard Tang, Margie Tennyson, Tom D. Thin, Mya Thomson, Si M. Tiffany, Ginny Towne, Joye Truax, Dee M. Turner, Carroll Urtuzuastegui, Josephine Valenzuela, Albert Valenzuela, Wilma VanKirk, Joan Van Ness, Juanita A. Vaughn, Loren W. Vega, Jose F. Vitkovich, Mitchell N. Voorhis, Shirley A. Vucichevich, Mary Wageman, Jackie Waldrip, Janice R. Waldrop, Joseph D. Walker, Gay C. Walkineton, David L. Wallace, Eugene Walton, Catherine A. Watkins, Sue Wearne, Arthur W. Webb, Frank M. Welch, Nina J. Whaling, Pat C. Whitfield, Otto Whitmer, Edna Willeford, Jo Anne Williams, Jay Williams. Norrtia Jeanl Wilson, Don C. Wilson, T. Norman Wingfield, Neljie Wood, Claudette Wood, Dorothy L. Wood, Oleta M. Woods, Ruth Ann Wright, James L. Wubbolding, Betty E. Wunderley, Ronald Ybarra, Sally Yetsky, Marvin J. Yglesias, Joseph A. Yoshida, Taltao Ziegler, Marilyn Jack Brokaw Vice President Vernon Pruitt President Kathy Norsworthy Secretary . . . ' - Adams, Melvln Adler, William J. Ahearn Jr., John J. Akin, John M. Aldridge, Paul N. Allen, Carl B. Ammon, Ruth V. Anderson, Carl Anderson, Donald G. Anderson, Jack D. ft Anderson, Jack M. Anderson, Lou Anderson, Thomas R. Angle, Lila Ankrom, Janean Antonetti, Edna A. Archer, Ray Asplund, Carletta M. Aston, Dorothy Ayers, Nancy Bailey, Gary Baker, Noley C. Baldwin, Mark E. Baldwin, Roger Ball, Lucy Ball, Sherry Balliett, Allan C. Barber, Vernon Barnes, Lola I. Barrington, Roberta Bartee, Earl Barter, Jack Basinger, Barbara B. Bearden, Allan H. - 77 - Beasley, James W. Beck, Bonnie Belasco, Melvin Belsher, Robert D. Benscoe, Judy Berryhill, Robert V. Beyer, Dorrs Billingsley, Vernola E. Bingham, Kahle Blair, Elizabeth Bleamaster, Leslie F. Blodgett, Sharon Blough, Elaine Blythe, John Boarman, Jo Anne Bonillas, Susanna Boyd, Marie Bradbury, Tom Brady, Elza F. Brahm, Sandra Brandel, Bob Brashier, Jack J. Braun, Moodie E. Brazed, Bob Breece, Lois Brenner, Robert H. Briggs, Noreen Brimley, Paul Brisendine, Dana Brolcaw, Jack W. Brosig, Carolyn Brown, Neil Brown, Robert A. Brunell, Donna F. Brush, Grace Bryson, Ruth M. Buell, Mary B. Burgoon, Peter Burleson, William Burton, Joe E. Bushell, Gloria M. Bussing, Mary Cambern, Caro G. Cambron, Robert Cameron, Bette J. Campbell, Duncan W. I Cannon, Jill M. Cantrell, Virginia Carpenter, Larry Carrillo, Lawrence Carter, Joan Carvajal, Edward R. assaday, Bruce S. Castlen, Keith B. Cepec, Robert Chambers, Billy Chappell, Shirley Charles, Robert S. Cheatham, William Cherry, William Cheuvront, Ronald Christensen, Arlene Christophel, Shirley A. Chubbuck, Dawn E. Clark, Degene Clark, Onita Cleeland, Gene C. Clonts, Carolyn Cluff, Hal A. Coffin, Robert W. Coleman, Harold G. Coleman, John Collins, Colleen Collins, Jo Ann Collins, Ray Cook, Stanford D. Cooper, Jack Cooper, Vera Cormier, Rosemary R. Cosper, Doris Cowley, Corinne Craddock, JoJo Crawford, Mildred Cress, John R. Crismon, Ernest Crosby, Larry G. Cross, William B. Crum, Rex Cupps, Tom Dalgleish, Robert Dana, John A. Daniels, Judi B. Danner, Thomas L. Davenport, Phil : Dearing, Robert DeBan, Henry DeBlas, Maria T. Delbridge, Bill G. Deming, James G. Denton, Jimmy De Rosier, Jo Anne Despain, Daryl K. Dewitt, Harold K. Diamond, John E. Diaz, Eloisa DiCapua, Neil Dillon, Carol A. Dixon Jr., William C. Dobson, Doris M. Dodson, Charles R. Doench, Janet E. Dong, Anita M. Douglas, Harry C. Drust, Jerome J. Dryer, Lynn E. Duncan, Doris E. Dunn, Hazel M. Echeveste, Samuel Edelmaier, Erwin Elledge, Patricia J. Ellsworth, Robert L. Elsberry, Frank C. Endsley, Royce Enfield, Dean Enos, Delores Erickson, Kenneth Estes, Lillian Etz, Alva N. Evanski, Ray Fairbanks, Leonard C. Feeney, Bill C. Field, Douq M. Fierros, Mario Filigenzi, Angelo M. Finnell, James irpo, Jeannette L. Fife, Barbara J. Fletcher, Dick Foley, Pat Folkel, Phyllis Forbes, Claudia G. Foreman, Arlene M. Forsnas, Jean D. Francom, Elaine Freestone, Shirley A. Friti, Kenneth Frund, Carlyle C Frye, Lowell D. Fuentes, Eleanor Fuji!, Muneo Fulton, Suzanne Gale, Nancy Gardner, Ellsworth GarfH Sally Gehre, Rodney J. Geller, Frctces Gerwitz, Mary GJbson, Jeannette Gilbert, Andrew Gilbertson, Ruth E. Girard, Jeannette M. Given, Edmond Giia, Richard F. Goodfellow, Sumner C. Goodwin, Georgene Gosney, Jim R. Graham, Bernadine Gray, Lamar M. Goodburn, Phyllis Greathouse, Richard L. Green, Evelyn F. Greenway, Floyd W. Greff; Mary M. Gurtler, Robert J. Guthery, DeVon W. Hahn, Carol .. Hall, Graydon B. Hall, Hallie J. Hall, Joan Hall, Russell Hamilton, Robert A. Hamilton, Virginia Hammer, Charles G. Hancock, Rita J.. Handley, James Harrington, Sheila A. Harris, Marian F. Harris, Mary Ann V. Harris, William Hatch, Charles E. at t e. Hatch, Sandra Hatcher, Gwen Hawkins, Berry J. Hodges, Jerry W. Hodgkins, Pat Hawkins, Karen I. Hefley, Carl D. Hendricks, Doris Hendricks, Charles Henry, Jo Hesse, Eugene G. Heywood, Van F. Hicks, Harold K. Higgins, Kay Hogue, Reba Holtgrewe, Doris A. Hongo, Lois Howard, Billy J. Hubbard, Gary Hughes, Paul E. Hla, Ko Myint Hockett, Nancy Hodges, Geraldine B. Huish, Pauline Hunt, David Hunter, Edward S. lies, Tom Jackson, Claudette L. Huskey, Fletcher Jackson, Charlotte L. Jamison, Ronnie Jankans, Bart Jenkins Jr., John Jensen, kay N. Jerome, Lawrence John, Barbara E. Johnson, Bette C. Johnson, Evelyn F. Johnson, James hnson, Velma A. onas, Andrele L Kieffer, James Killip, W. Russell Jones, Evelyn M. Jones, Shirley J. Kilpatrick, Claudia M. King, George F. Judge, William Kaqi, Bob Kirkpatrick, Robert V. Kleen, David R. Keller, Arlene Kelm. Margaret Kleinman, Alan Kling, Phyllis Kemper, Duane Kendall, Kay Roller, Barbara J. Kontra. James Kennedy, Eileen Kennedy, Jess C. Kowacz, John Kraft, Beula Kepler, Sonja J. Kerr, Jimmie B. Krahn, Kyle Krasneski, Ray w, Krieg, Ethel Kuyper, James R. Lacy, Margaret E. Landman, Joyce G. Langert, Carla Lannoye, FriedaM . Lapin, Herb R. Laurent, Adrienne Y. LeBeau, Richard L. Ledford, Ramona Lee, Dollie M. Lee, Roland R. LeGate, Edna Lisonbee, Alvern Louclcs, Louis Lerg, George H. Little, Jim Lovelace, Carol M. Lewis, John Logan, Jean Lovett, Patricia A. Lewis, Moody Logan, Jane Loving, John W. Lewis, William Logsdon, Lynne H. Lundie, James Under, Richard L. Lorch, Marlene S. Lunenschloss, Mary McAllister, Howard McBurney, Dee McCain, Starla McCarrick, Elsie C. McCracken, Wallace D McDaniel, Benj. McDonaia, Brian McDowell, Jesse McElhannon, Ralph L. McKee, Ann McKelvey, Earlene H. Maas, Albert R. Machmer, Gerry Macrorie, Richard R. Maddox, Boyd Mahoney, Betty J. Main, Joy Malbas, Felicisimo Malcolm, Lois I. t (alkovich, Nadine vlangino, Michael fanning, LaVonna Mansour, Lillian Manville, Don D. Martin, Carole L. Martiny, Charles F. Mattice, Nan Mattison, William Mauldin, Edward Mayberry, Frank D. Mayo, Carmel Melcher, Larry Merrill, Duane E. Messersmith, David E. Metcalf, Jesse C. Meyers, Charles W. Miller, Connie Miller, Don N. Miller, George F. Miller, Jon L. Miller, Roger W. Millett, Harold Mish, Lloyd E. Mitchell, Don W. Mizer, Bill L. Mohn, Mary L. Monihan, Richard T. Monk, Carolyn M. Monson, Thomas G. Moody, Thomas E. Morgan, Gary R. Morrison, Richard K. Mortensen, Dale Mortensen, Joan R. 7- A O ' Bnrr, Jeana Ong Carol L. Ortega, Arlene E. Ortwine, P. Ann Osborne, Robert F. Osman, Carolyn Oviedo, David Pagnetti, Al Painter, Delvan L. Papandrew, Connie Moss, William B. Mof hershead, Nancy G. Mount, Karen D. Mulgado, Robert Muraca, Jack Murphy, Frank Murphy, Roberta A. Myers, Teddy L. Nagle, Donald E. Napolitona, Daniel Nappe, Thelma H. Narramore, Dan Naylor, Larry J. Nelson, Geneura A. Nelson, Marcia Newman, Gwen Newton, Marvidene F. Nichols, Donald E. Nichols, Fred M. Nichols, Rennard H. Noel, Bob Nogan, Vera Lee Norberg, Marilyn J. Norgaard, Connie Norsworthy, Kay Pappas, Jenny Parker, Maralyn Parsons, Rober Patton, John P Payer, Dolf D. Pay ton, Etta Pearson, Charles A. Peck, James L. Peterson, Frank E. Peterson, Gene Peterson, Gordon R. Petty, Ronald Phillips, Armond T. Pierson, Andy J. Plooster, Don G. Pohlman, Edward C. Porter, Ernest R. Province, Fritz Quan, Dave Ragsdale, Theodore Rains, Virginia Rajchel, Jerome Ramsey, Nancy J. Randall, Glenell Randall, Ina Rangel, Ida A. Rankin, Dudley J. Rayburn, Stan Redman, Evelyn Reed, Jerome W. Reheis, Paul C. Reynolds, Robert J. Rhoton, Darrel K. Rice, Nancy Rich, Mary Louise Richards, Jackie R Riddle, Don ' Roberos, Mary J. Roberts, Bill Roer, Dorothy Rogers, Dale Robinson, Franklin D. Rogers, Courtland J. Rogers, John Rook, Richard C. Ross, Betty Rossback, Donna Rouch, Julian S. Roy, Ted R. Rubalcaba, Victor Rucker, John W. Rucker, Nancy Rusich, Amelia Russell, Robert J. Rutherford, Lyle C. Rybenske, Paul D. Sabine, Genevieve L. Sachs, Leonard Saffert, Mary Sanchez, Joe M. Sandheger, Loretta Sanford, Edward M. Sartain, Sue Sawyer, Keith Sexton, Nelda L. Schardt, Robert F. Schuster, Emil E. Scoble, James K. Scott, Jim Scotr.Mary Searles, Denis Self. Donna Selleh, Janice F. Shamley, Cecil Sharp, Steven Sheedy, Bob Shofstall, Patti Showers, Ralph K. Shumway, Donna R. Shumway, Kenneth Slegel, Sandra mmons, Donene Simmons, Shirley Simpson, Elna R. Singer, Myron Skowron, James H. later, Lenora ileeman, Ivey Smith, Larry E. ollee, John C. Smith, Conrad R. Smith, Fred R. Smith, James S. Smith, Jesse M. Solt, Ronald Southerland, Barbara Sorensen, Edwin P. Spaulding, Ton! Spohr, Joan E Stancil, Billy J. Stanhoff, Mike Stapley, Dorothy D. Stapley, Steve Stark, Sandra M. Steele, Minnie Steinko, Pat Stewart, Jo Ann Stillwell, Bill Stipek, Bruce A. Stout, Don Straight, Kathryn A. Strangia, Mike Stroesser, George J. Szabo, Mary iff Tadano, Ben Takata, Kaoru Tanner, Charles B, Tanner, Robert D. Tarwater, Edra Tate, Shelby Taylor, James Tedrick, Polly Tenney, Calvin J. Tenney, Claire Thames, Helen Thiss, Lloyt B. Thomas, Earl Thomas, Lloyd B. Thomas, Wanda L. Thompson, Joanne Tillett, James L. Tokle, Shirley I. Tome, Albert O. Townsend, John P. Trauzettel, Edward Truax, Kay Truman, Edwina Tsantilas, Perry Tucker, Gene Tucker, Jane Tuxhorn, Marvin Umbaugh, Arthur Valenzuela, Gertrude L. Vance, Joyce E. Yerdugo, Ray Victorson, Norman R. Volker, Paul W. Volkman, William L. Vollmer, Joyce J. Von Reeden, John M. Vukovich, (Catherine L. Wade, Robert J. Wagner, John Wagner, Merilyn K. Wagner, Steve F. Wallace Robert C. Walters, Jean Walters, Stanley Watson, Hamon Weaver, David R. Weber, Shirley Weiss, Melvin Welker, Janet I Wenek, Rick D. Wenker, Marian L. West, Corwin West. Mary Whaley, Eva White, Donna White, Jean White, Thomas H. White, Virginia L. Whitlatch, John Whitley, William M. Wiley, Barbara Wilkerson, Jo Anne Wilkins, Grover M. Wilkinson, Robert A. Willey, Mary Sue Williams, Albert S. Williams, Joyce R. Young, Richard O. Zaring, Robert K. Zallner, Blannie Zendle, M. Lynn Williams, Myra Williams, N. Thomas Willis, Beth Wilson, Betty J. Wilson, Nancy Jane Wilson Jr., Robert M. Wilson, Wesley W. Wing, Alice L. Winterbottom, Rodney L. Witt, Rupert Woo, Ruby Woodburn, Georgia Woods, Betty S. Woolery, Ruth S. Wray, Duane P. Wright, Ann Yates, Gwynee Ybarra, Simona tf!f $ . , . - K ' ' ' ..?- lr " M -f, W ff . 1 id y 96 SOUTH IAJJ- L-- IV ' I . .- ' " [_ 104-1 I ' . - - V i ' I Bowers, David Mack Coons, Dix Scott Cooper, Alvin Sill Coulson, William R. Doi, Steven 84 FairdiiW, JerorttS H. Foster, Osborn Neill Hays, Donald Henderson, John Arthur Kaun, David Evan Gray, Robert Hellam, Duane Conrad Huber, John Talmage Keaton, Bill Franklii] Kiene, Ted Kwiatkowski, Alfred E. m Mck,- Terry Owe i Meyer, Lloyd G. Nichols, Neal Kenneth Myles, Edward Louis Rowe, Ernest R. A national honorary ser- vice organization com- posed of men students of the junior and senior class. Searles, Richard Thornton, Robert H Williams, Tom Smith, Burton K. Wallace, Terry Charles Wochner, Raymond Dean .it An honorary women ' s service organization com- posed of twelve women selected from the junior and senior classes. m Left to Right: yian Adams, Lucilli Carson, Miss Mary Bunte, Elsie Dad, Carolyn Cummins, Barbara Greer, Phyliss Barney, Mary Louise Ifrfon, Barbara Humphries, Kathleen McCleery, Joan Conniff. - 109 - A national library science fraternity. The chapter of A.S.C. wa installed on May 23, 1953, mak- ing the chapter the eighth in the nation. The fraternity is composed of men and women who are interested in the field of library science and librarianship. Left to Right: Barbara Earnhardt, Lillian Moore, Charlotte Terrill, Ruth Maxwell, Isabel Russell, Carol Smith, Yonova Muncy, Doris Smith, Inez Moffit, Luella Cory, Olive Leigh, Robert Jones, Wayne Morgan, Charles Howe, Harold Batchelor. ' 11 tttt A national honorary fra- t rttity for those students interested in advertising and allied fields. Char- tered in 1953, the chap- JsfJjW IPli.S.C. i s named Raymond Rubicam, well known advertising fig- ure. Activities include working with local firms, touring businesses, and selling ads for fraternity and other publications. Left to Right: Robert Zacher, Dick Hadinger, David Solomon, Frank Liwler, James Gish, Eugene Nance. _ no - Mask and Sandal is a club designed to afford stu- dents opportunity for social get-togethers, give opportunities to act, di- rect, and gain general experience in dramatic work. Whether they are drama majors or not, its members provide talent for the drama workshop, radio programs, televis- ion shows, and western movies this year ' s high- light. Left to Right: Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt, Dorothy Fulton, Barbara Sreer, Dr. Mary Escudero, Dr. Irma Wilson, Betty Silti- nan, Gerald Dumas, Isaac Okine, Gerald Giese, (Catherine Wyllys, Mary Lewis, Eddie Sstrada. A Foreign Language Mor orary for students wh demonstrate high scho arship in foreign lai guage studies. Left to Right: Stv Duke, Bob ray, Richard Baousback, James McCleary, Dean Wochner, Tal Huber, Neill Foster, DanI McCord, Dick Searles, Dale Clarltson, Al Cookin, Billie Bell, Joe Weiler, Wayne Chavey, Lloyd Meyer, Laddie Cox, Bill. Sweeney, Jswy Cannon, John Henderson, Sherwood Snyder, Ted Kiene. An Honorary fraternity of outstanding men students appointed to its fraternity by the A.M.S. Assembly. Our porpuse is to foster n|l ' ipiil9|ote a spirit of service among men sru- dents t ASC. : Left to Right: Lois McCoy, Leslie Baiter, Lois Kelso, Biz Lewis, Kathy Harris, Lucille Basinger, Joanne Phlegar, Vivian Adams. ft to Right: William Keaton, Kenneth M. Parkhurst, Kenneth Verch, Stuart W. Levy, Nathan Patterson, Edward L. yles, Ed L. Hohn, Harold J. Prow, Roy A. McClellan, Dwayne E. Larson, Laurence F. Sullivan, Earl L. Herrington, )d Beam, Earl S. Robinson, Charles B. Truax, Lester Gaylord, Joe W. Contreras, George Heilemen, John H. Jarvis, onald L. Gandre, Robert F. Copeland, William 0. Meiltle, William L. Richards, Charles Tyler, Henry L. Pozas. - 113 - A national secretarial honor organization. Satiety A national honorary Air Force fraternity for mettv- : bers of the advanced air force R.O.T.C. course. For girls whose major interest is in home eco- nomics affiliated with the National Home Econom- ics Association. Left to Right: Pat Sullivan, Diane Koenigs, Helsn Olson, Sue Reed, Joan O ' Connell, Billie Jane Narramore, Arlene Hawes, Mary Essig, Lettie Beasley, Pat Grosson, Janice Sommer, Louise Baker, LaVonne Luti, Janice Herrscher, Margaret Jones, Barbara Lindsay, Virginia Lucfwig, Pat Farfell, J loria Butler, Glenna Rutherford, Pat Locker, Sandra Solms, Arlene Noble, Anna Lou McKenzie, Jeanne Franks, M ry T yfer. A national honorary pro- fesional geographic fra- ternity open to all majors and minors in geography and geology. Left to Right: Lester Gaylord, Mary Barkas, Dr. Paul T. Miller, Dave Mullet, Don Henderson, Paul Moniye, James Consagi Anthony Sanchez, James Lavold, James Rupp, Dale Nations, Ronald Waters, Ted Kieve, George Renner, Bob Sandeen, A national honorary edu- cation society fostering high professional and scholastic standards and service. eft to Right: Ruth Zito, Nancy Stanaway Daisy Yee, Pat Fernandez, Margie Barrington, Jean Bridgeman, Joanne Banie- fici, Margaret Hawkins, Ruth Sillis, Pat Wooldridge, Bess Barkley, MarjoriejfSnith Alfred Thomas, Lee Shaw, Burt Smith, )an McCord, Quin Harris, Bob Cooley, Dr. Francis S. Yale. f . I ' ,. ' ' National honor sotlety for freshman man. Seeks to promote scholarship b y g r a n t i ng recogni ti on to those mn students who attain a 3.5 average during their first year. 115 L e f t to Ri g |, t . Laddy Cox, Richard Searles, Dean Wochner, Nicholas Salerno, Ted Kiene, Chuck Ash- ley, Dr. Krenkel, Paul Rowley, Paul Schnebly. An honorary fraternity which aims to recognize and develop musical ability and appreciation. Left to Right: Bsrtt Aji enrit}i Virginia Hartman, Midgene Bjorlclund, Phil Brown, Mary Mineah, J. E. Zimmerman, Mary J. Mejsinger, Annis Jonas, XSfcirlene Gullickson, Ora Beth Higgins, Barbara Crespin, Peggy Seeds, Roberta Vest, Phyllis Nard Curry, (Sofia jjrandle, Jacfcie Taylor, Arlyn Moores, Diclc Searles, Jerry Fairchild, Wayne Halliday, Bonnye Gene Hut rjf, Jerfy Lyons, Dick Waggoner, Dick Searles, Neil Shafer. A national journalism honorary open to upper classmen active in jour- nalism and in related fields. t to Right: Bob Gilbert, Jim Matthews, James Loper, Mel Pearce, Richard Bell, Ernest J. Hopkins, Shirley inan, Mary Lou Brion, Dorothy Wellman, Mary L. Richards, Katherine Wyllys. Open to majors and min- ors in psychology. Pro- motes interest in psychol- ogy as a science. Left to Right: Ken Pinlcham, Charles Truax, Dr. H. Clay Skinner, Kenneth LaFave, Dick Hamblin, Mary Lou Danks, Lee Shaw, Sylvia Winslow, Pat Wooldridge, Elsie Dad, Joan Kleinschmidt, Mary York, Margaret Hawkins, Carol Florreich, Mrs. Lillian Whitney, Marjorie Smith, Jack Patton, Dan Landesburg, Don Hays, Hugh Drown, Ken B ' jrch, Jim Seppala, John Ahern, Sherwood Snyder, John Nelson. A national band sorority Interested in promoting the best interests of col- lege bandswomen. Left to RiifM: CJ fne McPherson, Maralin Morse, Bonnye Madden, Elaine Horgaard, Mary Louise Ariola, Barbara Stifel, Pat Darting, JoAnn Kuylcendall, Mary Jo Messenger, Janice Showaff sr. An honorary association for women who have earned 1,000 points in varsity, dance, and or sports activity. Associate membership is open to those women who have earned 800 points. I 91.9 W m Left to Right: Doris Blackmer, Bebe Brown, Charlotte Kidney, Anne Bixby, Harriet Leeke, Sharon Stevenson, Mary Lou Crane. This organization is affi- liated with the National Athletic Federation of college women. The association sponsors and provides opportunities for participation in intra- mural dance and sports activities, varsity dance and sports activities, inter-collegiate, state, district, and national tournament competition. Membership in this asso- ciation is open to all women students who ac- cumulate one hundred points through intramural competition or through membership on varsity teams in either sports or dance activities. Left to Right: Armida Noriega, Alice Barrintos, Genevieve .edwi Jge, Margaret Brion, Jackie Pogue, Shirley Voorhis, Yvonne McDermitt, Margaret Rivera, Betty Harkey, Amina Kahnf Catherine Yocum, Olga Cano, Betty Stevens, Doris Blaclcmer, Maggie Jones, Armida Ariza, Harriet Leeke, Marybeth Rp.ip, j sart ' . Hough, Frances .Byrne, Carolyn Cummins- Sue Watkins, Jackie Wagman, Katie McCleary, Pepper Bacon, Robie ! oughf$fi, Carol Krtz, Lou Carson, Gail Kerr, Mary Vucichevich, Gayle Berkenkamp, Charlotte Kidney, Josephine Urtizu-a tigwit Caroline Kauffman, Margaret Gartrell, Virginia Cresto, Marsha Hatch, Delores Higuera, Charlotte Ja Bf. in DooliWle, Gloria Maldnado, Patricia Regan, Anne Bixby, Rossi Newton, Sally Carmen, Helen Rundle, Sharwt Stevens n, Jan :.Nuttall, Martha Bartson, Barbara Battin, Diane Burke, Kathy Bowersock, Donna Gulzow, Dodo Azoyan, brt Nylan k I For women majoring or minoring in physical edu- cation. This organization is affiliated with the American Association for Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation. Right: ' ' Ausi.n.a Khan 4 OfSiria M ffa, Dinky Moses, Marsha Hatch, Joy Main, Doris Blackmer, Harriet Leeke, Marybeth Roe, ftetta Sanchez, 1 J BfoWfl, Se vSartin, Judi Daniels, Betty Harkey, Sue Watkins, Anne Bixby, Dolores Higuera, Mary Lou Cr ne, Cn.a.rtatf Kiney t Naoml .ly1ills, Lois Krebs, Claudia Kilpatrick, Nina Welch, Virginia Cresto, Jackie Wageman, Pepper Bacon, Rossi -fvlewton, GWt rifildanado, Wilma Valenzuela, Charlotte Jackson, Sallv Harden, Diane Doolittle, Sharon Stevis : ris.o.n4 M fy Phillips, Jan .. uttall, Laura Thomas, Skippy Riggins, Miss Margaret Gisolo. - 119 - Student Composed of representa- tive students from all denominations. Promotes religious programs, and fost0wi religious living. Leff to Right: Evelyn Jones, Beverlee McKeown, Barbara Earnhardt, Francis Gellar, Alberta Mills, Alice Joy Clifford, Jean Denny, Barbara McNarie, Marlene Sundal, Ardis Veteslc, Joanne Holman, Beverly Watlcins, Mary Ann Schuff, Ken Verch, Jjnt Taylor, Guy Scott, Bob Winnilca, Neal Nichols, Ray Hendriclcs, Dan Halverson, Dan McCord. W Si- Religious organization com posed of Baptist stu- dents. 2 left to Right: MUt WinHrfcurg, P WiliMmnson, Johnson, Bill Raymond Dave Lauchner, John Jonnson, Neai] Jim Rosscup, Otner Borten j berg f, Wayn HoHWay, Lroy A Loren Bonarberger, Jo EH Henry, Jean l ssiter, Gloria Sushell Peggy Hightower. Julia HHtl DofO; .th ! y;.,,,l lainhoaJ,, E yfrf|: WatiinJ, Shir ley Chrisfdphif, Joan Hensll, Muria Hodan, Gerald Stone, Randall Stone Kay Lidgard, Carole Ellingson, Mid gene Bjorklund, Marian Banks, Dclle Faupel, Suzanne Rodgers, Pat Howar Sandra Jones, Dave Coher. Religious organization composed of Baptist stu- dents. Left to Right: Mrs. Hazle Cossell, Mary Gerwitz, Eva Whaley, Mary Bajf, P$9y Rogers, Sue Watkins, Inabelle Phares, Betsy Lacy, Ruby Woo, Curry Woo, Ted Buell, Bob Tomes, Jack Tomes, Dan McCord, len Coulter. Left to Right: Kathern Vukovich, Mary Margaret Benson, Lois McCoy; Be William Pottenger, Vera Milovich, Dr. R. Craig Rover, Newell Heywood. te M0e wn, Mf Dickson, Bob Norneau, Rev, Religious organization composed of Episcopal students. Left to Right: Kay Higgins, Shirley Bullock, Nancy Rice, Jettie Smitch, Betty Bullock, Mrs. Dillinger, Rev. J. W. Oillinger, Barbara McNarie, Mr. Bowers, Barbara Crespin, Mrs. Bowers, Rev. Prior. Religious organization composed of Congrega- tional and Christian stu- dents. Religious organization composed of Latter Day Sainfci students. Left to Right: Talmadge Huber, Robert Snyder, Dale Qarfeon, Dix Coons, Lavar Jones, Garth Skeuscn, Jesw Utlalt, Ross Farnsworth, Max Perkins, Corwio West, Leo Peterson, Tim Taylor. Religious organization composed of Lambda Delta Sigma men stu- dents. P rft to Right: Daryl Despain, Jim Lara, John Henderson, Lamar Gray, Harold Greene, Dale Frost, George Sevey, Carl :. Beecroft, Guy Scott, Thad Tarley, Robert Gray, Gordon Cluff, Franklin Flake, Theodore Roy, Duane Merrill. rfa I Janet C. " l ' : " L " vitt ' Alice Shumway. Eloise Nielson, Louise Baker, Jean Williams, Carolyn McCar- ' " ' V " r 9 " . W H " b " . P-99Y P-lm.r. Gloria Butler, Mar ' y Bussing, , Shirley Religious organization composed of Lambda Delta Sigma women stu- dents. Left to Right: Frieda Lannoye, Eveln Jones, Al Kwiatowsk!, Walter Diehl, Mary Lavold, Marlene Lorch, Stephen Mareck, William Heck, Raymond Hendricks, Homer Lannoys, Jr., Violet Hawkinson, Wayne Schumacher. Religious organization composed of Lutheran students. JL t Student Religious organization composed of Lutheran students. Left to Right: Marflyn H(tg, Audrey Lassi, Joyo Larrtpo, $1arlene Sundal, Nina Welch, Marlene Lorch, Dave Rubens, I Jensen, Ken Vereh, Don Schlenle, Wendel Foftsg fd, Pastor Kindschuch. Left to Right: Father Bechtel, Arlene Ortega, Irene Duran, Charlotte Dillon, Evelyn Green, Joan Mortenson, Mary Jo Soniales, Dora Escandon, Lydia Escalante, Shirley Voorhis, Orcina Mota, Armida Noriega, Ida Rangil, Bertha Ludzuez, Suzie Frientes, Pat Slade, Ruth Ammon, Joan O ' Connell, Jean Diftny, Diane Koenigs, Dollie Salazar, June Smiti, Mary Robolo, Jackie Montijo, Eileen Kennedy, Margie Rivera, Elsie Dad, Dolores Koenigs, Lavonne Lutz, Mary Salfert, Dody Fallen, Cathy Wasielewski, Julie Arias, Joanne Holman, Barbara J. Newell, Joanne Baniewicz, Mary Beth Kelly, Wllma VallenzweU, Gloria Maldonado, Rose Mary Smith, Waldine Smith, Kathy Bowersock, Shirley Robinson, Margaret Kulin, Joan Singel, Diane Burke, Bonnye Madden, Mary Jo Franco, Bonnie Kish, Racial Palacio, Nancy Wilson, Dorothy Roer, Josephine Urtuzuastegui, Martha Simmons, Margaret Greff, Theresa De Bias, Jean Wollenman, Bita Arriola, Richard Le Beau, Bobby Green, Oscar Alvarez, Ray Archer, Bob Cameron, Mario Maze, Larry Carrillo, Al Codianni, Glen Haddock, Fred Cavariabias, Ray Heliker, BID Smith, Mike Salazar, John Davis, Jim Harris, Joe Dolan, Mario Fierros, Eduardo Carvajal, Victor Rubulcaba, Chapo Durazo, Mike Saenz, Bob Ames, Sumnef Bulled, Vartan Ktiosriarin, Larry Fernandez, Santo A. Genovese, Ben Garcia, Don Nichols, Bud Wos, Ed Ortega, Joe Weiler, Chuck Ashley, Bill Coulson, Eddy Grey, Danny Hafvarsorti Bob Westfall, Steve Stewart, Bill Regan. Religious organization composed of Catholic stu- dents. Religious organization composed of Methodist students. Left to Right: Jackie Taylor, Barbara Earrtfiardt, Virginia Srnelser, Nine Lee Williams, Etna Rae Simpson, Marilyn Sylces, Donna Warner, Ellen Martiny, Marjorie Cooper, Darfene EiyaTS, Virginia Ludwig, Kathy Harris, Jo Jo Craddock, Alberta Mills, Joanne Kennedy, Marie Boyd, Jerry;v:|yletzler, J m Dale. Betty Jo Pickens, Ruth Johnson, Claire Vermillion, Geraldine Guptill, Phyllis Bradt, Pat Paddock, Carol Aft Seiver , Shijley Harris, Carolyn Cox, Shirley Hills, Ann Lancaster, Rev. John Zimmer, Floyd Thomas, Don Bettenhausen, Wayne Farley, Clarte Chapman, Lloyd Meyers, Bill Hoskings, Larry Boyd, Dick Waggoner, Dean Wochner, Roger Lutey, Jim tittle, TerrysMitfer, Jim Hamilton, Ed Hatchett, Bill Cross, Marvin Edwards, Jim Kuyper, Ben Givaudan, Larry Oliver, Soterios Kfltsouleas. f - 126 - Religious organization composed of Presbyter- ian students. ' Left to Right: Ross Cleeland Mrs. Helen French, Roberta Winikka, Letti Beasley, Audrey Ff4nt, Mary Ann Schuff, Margaret Gartrell, Caroline Kauffman, Dorthy Fulton, Roy Johnson, James Spergsf, r tricia Whattrig, Betty Bantels, Caroiyn Croyl, Doris Duncan, Mary Jo Messinger, Varneta Conrad, Sue Snider, Jo Ann HarViy,, Polly t rick, Dorothy Wood, Marilyn Salie, Margaret Hawkins, Florence Schousta, Evelyn Johnson, Janice Schowalter, Ltoyd Edmunson. Richard Macronie, Gene Cleeland, Forrest Edge, Fred Moore, Jim Beasley. - 127 - For all students taking engineering. Left to Right: Delbert Wheeler, Leonard King, George Rowe, Tom Collins, Glenn Haddock, Sam Johnson, Ralph Magnanat, Jerry Hodges, Phelps Terhune, Jesse Metcalf, Robert Reynolds, Loyde Edmondson, Parquette Williams, David Evans, Emery Lehnert Jos- eph Rozum, Tildon Ferguson. ' ' : ' ' : ' : " Left to Right: Kay Hoke, Barry Allan, Doiij Holtgrewe, Jo Ann Kuvkendall, Reba Hogue, Janet Wien, Jacob Fuchs, Bill Sweeney, Degene Clark, Jr., Don Roberts, ' ' Sandra Brahm, John Milter, Howard Nicholas, Marvin Edwards, Bob Hernandez Tom Williams, Franklin Carlson, Mel Moore. Alliiih. GoodfeHow, Terry Wa-Ufcce. A professional society for students majoring or in- terested in chemistry. For students interested in architecture and its allied fields of building construction. Left to Right: Bob Roberts, Dick r| i flund, Wayne Chaney, Dick Wilhelm, Richards, Ralph Fitimaurice, Bob| |piltka, Dale Jones, Edgar Wagner. Left to Right: Sue Watkins, Gene Ladomato, Margaret Gartrell, Smokey Shaffer, Joy Main, Phil Thompson, Monty Moses, Kent Steninger, Coach Morris Steverson, George Rowe, Earl Herrington, Dale Nations, Ronnie Bouldin, Richard LeBeau. A co-edcat i o n a t club to stimulate greatar interest in healthful sport whkh perfects coordination, tt t$ hoped that it will soon compare in p o p u 1 r ity Awtth the better known sports. - 129 - i TQocteo. Left to Right: Sandy Anderson, Evelyn Perkin, Sharon Blodgert, Jeanette Gibson, Mary . 4 fle Roberts, Dana Brisendme, Mary Lou West, Vi Halic Norris Steverson, Dell Hubbard, Dane Eastlake, Gene Peterson, ttil CJavenport, Dudley Raijlunj Gene Johnson, Charlie Nelson, Phil Stockton, B. W. Cox, Walter Cline, Ever tt W . The State Camera Club is open to all those inter- ested in photography. Composed of men having an active membership and of women enjoying an honorary membership. Provides for western fel- lowship and opportuni- ties for participation in rodeo activities. ' .,.: Left to Right: Stewart Hood, Jim Seppella, Charles Conley, Jim Matthews, Tom Cash, Han? Lil Mecum. Gene Nance, Kenneth An opportunity for those interested in astronomy to congregate with oth- ers of similar interests to observe } stars and planets through the sea- sons of the yar, and to construct or help con- struct small telescopes. ft to Right: Robert D. Smith, Jr., Oscar M. Clark, Phyllis L. Bradt, Nida Rae Gardner, Dr. F. G. Yale, Howard W. Nr s an, Charles W. Gilbert, Don Prescott, Thomas R. Williams, Glen G. Haddock. A branch of the interna- tional organization. Pro- motes kindergarten- primary education. Left to Right: Alice Accola, Sylvia Wfnslow, Carol McCall. Sally Turney, Rosemary Robertson, Sue Stewart, Nancy Wood, Phyllis Barney, Carol Anderson, Mary Vucucevich, Shirley Marble, Doris Beyers, Mary Margaret Benson, Betty Taylor, Mrs. Byers, Virginia Hartman, Mary Lavold, Marjorie Cooper, Phyllis Bradt, Carol Forman, Audrey Long, Mary Dick, Mary Ann Schuff, Bernice Mackey, Marilyn Houg, Linda Brimhall, Virginia Hinton, Joanne Phleger. A national honor society stressing scholarship, re- search and development of interests in the BioJog- ical Sciences. -, Rightto Left: Ronald E. Hurlbei Robert isf ray, James H. Williams, Robert E. Westfall, Nanci E. Levine, CKarles A. Bandy, John A. Henderson, Ann Gettelmin, Elmer E. Gless, Dean Wochner Marguerite Gualdoni, John E. Jarvis. Left to Right: Charles R. Spinney, Gary Nelson, William %iley, Trtosias SwdUfen. Joseph Scrafford, Bernard Curry, Pasqual Sanchei, George Rayes, Philip Perales, Harold Hiti%f, Robert Kasofd, John Doubek, Homer Lannoye, Bob Connolly, Charles Gilbert. : A national band fraternity whose purpose is to pro- mote the best interests of college bandsmen. r J Ari ' honwiwy art frater- nity which aims to devel- op the appreciation of art and to extend art experi- ences. Left to Right: Evelyn Cram, Joyce Heintz, Margaret Brand, Clyde Smith, Kathy Bowersock, Joanne Loyd, Orin Frank, Anna belle Lancaster, Jerome Weiss, Mr. Schaumburg, Laurence Rinard, Arnetta Van Dyke, Cecil Gary, Jesus Soto, Lois McCarty, Bobby Erickson, Charlotte Dillon. eft to Right: Elouise Nielsen, Jean Moore, Mary Lavold, Betty Cook, Anita McWilliams, Margie Rivera, Jean Denny, Carole nderson, Sarah Turney, Eliza Mendoza, Joanne Baniewiez, Jean Bridgman, Ernestine Carney, Elsie Dad, Joan Kleinschmidt, at Woodridge, Peggy Hightower, Agnes Castleton, Audrey Lassi, Marilyn Irwin, Florence Schouster, Pat Farrell, Alma liller, Ma.rlene Sundal, Eleanore Hineman, Mary Phillips, Jettie Smith, Joanne Loyd, Daryl Johnston, Joan Singel, Barbara cNarie, Jack Patton, Dr. Rover, Dan McCord, Bill Nold, Ronald Sago, Roger Lutey, Bob Copeland, Bob McDowell, issler. ( : : An organization devoted to the interests of pros- pective teachers. A departmental club for students of Spanish inter- ested in forming a better background of Spanish culture. Left to Right: Larry Carrillo, Ed Carvajal, Henry Escalante, Ruben Acosta, Al Maclans, Rudy Burrolas, Victor Robalcaba, Peter Martinez, Joe Sanchez, Margaret Rivera, Marx Robledo, Lupe Acosta, Dolores Higuera, Mario Maza, Amina Khan, Gertrude Valenzuela, Dolly Salazar, Roberta Diaz, Dr. Wilson, Dora Esc ||l : on, Gloria Maldgji? nado, Rachel Palacio, Pasqual Sanchez. lillfll -.. .. - An organization com- posed of men and wom- en students interested in modern dance. to tegn?: Margaret Benson, Joyce Lendiyian, Faye Siegel, Connie Nofgsaird, Bill Meeks, Joy Main, Amina Kahn, IrecM . Drn, Sy Valker, Mrs. Peggy Des: Joro;6n, Jacfc firth, Doris Dobson, Widi ValoNweJ , Arlene Christensen, Grace Sfusli, :Kfofg tret Rivera, Donna White, Carol Diitdtt, Roberta Dial, Eliy Hineman, Charles Lwfe : ai I Kerr, Sue Kober, Ki Jney, Jrm Ellington.,,:.; .,,. : ... .. ., : .. ' .? ' - 134 - sSSiSP 8 8iS;SS Ss8vfe:. A club formed sixteen yeajfago to|tfain Span- ish||peakiiu aders for Arizona. Each year a ||Rolarship is awarded gioijjjj,, deserving student of Spanish. Left to Right: Dr. Wilson, Mary Reynosa, Bertha Luquez, Sally Ybarra, Lydia Escalalante, Alice Barrientas, Armida Noriega, Dorthy Fulton, Julie Arias, Mary Robledo, Ida Rangel, Dr. Escudero, Mike Escalante, Margaret Brand, Maria de Bias, Jean White, Lupe Acosta, Roy McClellan, Frank Ballesteros, Edward Estrada, Joseph Rollback, Oscar Alvarez, Leonard Fairbanks, A Gilbert Gonzales, Mario Ficrros. Society Affords opportunities for student activity in the biological and physical Left to Right: Tom Williams, Donna Warner, Louise Baker, JearT Wollwnman, Juanita Carlson, Rose Mary Cypert, Pat Wollridge, Doris Holtgrewe, Jeanette Owens, Terry Wallace, Larry Shaw, Bill Rawls, Paul Rowley, Sandra Brahm, Dean Wochner, Jerry Metiler, Dr. Brown, Mary Jo Franco, Bob Westfall, Nanci Levine, James, Dr. Bateman, Dr. Burgoyne. - 135 - A national professional honorary for R.O.T.C. cadets. The membership is limited to basic corps cadets with supervision by advanced corps cadet officers. Left to Right: Fred Barnes, Neal Nichols, Capt. Hitchcock, Neill Osborn Foster, Tfny Savit|pi : ifi, Tom Williams, Jim Ellington. Marvin Koerber, Paul Jaromscalc, Dave Bowers, David Somers Fred Ferguson, jo BustanjSnte, Kay Hoke Terry Wallace, Pasquel Sanchez, Henry Shepherd, Howard Bethel, Robert Anderson, Clifford jj ll, Brucjfkiclc, Jerret Hobbs, Marvin Strait, Don Clay, Francis Foley, Gerald Chehock, Don Dotts, Ford Gil bertisfedward Shields, Larjy Oliver, William Bra man. Arizona State ' s only aca- demic team organized to compete with other col- leges and universities of the West in the field of Public Speaking. Left to Right: Pat Brady, Ruth Ammon, Carol Adams. Marvin Strait, Dan Mende, Gloria Frandel, Mary Richards, Sandy Gadient, Harold Huntress, Richard Searles, Bob Ka sold, Bill Lewis. Barnes, Fred Chavez, Rex Hiciin sr, Dick HJrsch, Seymour ' Kratft, William till, Bruno Lill, Hans McCarty, Alvin Maggio, Charles Manan, Dale Murray, Ken Nance, Eugene Polenslte, Dale Salem, Al Smith, Doris Smith, William J Snyder, Dick Suit, Louis Sweeney, Bill Wipperfurth, Jerry Promotes the interests and welfare of students majoring in marketing management. - 137 - Left to Right: Vivian Adams, Mrs. Dorothy L. Simmons, Dee Dee Curtis, Margaret Hawkins, Joan Helding, Dean Nichols, Ann Sudeokurn, Irene Meyer, Annis Jones, Emily Graff, Barbara Greer, Nancy DeHart. Left to Right: Nelda Saxton, Gertie Valenzuela, Elna Rae Simpson, Donna Rossbaclc, Eleanor Barker, Ann Evans, Vivian Adams, Miss Simmons, Lynne Logstone, Monica McMindes, Joan Segrena. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA began their yearly activities with a hay ride and picnic during the Hallowe ' en season. Buffet suppers were held before football games, and during the Christmas holidays, pledges gave active members a dinner-dance. Spring activities included the annual " Sweetheart Favor " formal, picnics, swimming, and slumber parties. Philanthropic projects this year were an Easter party for a local Children ' s home and Christmas dinner for a needy family. Ken, Janice !laza, Armida Iwersock, Kathy nedon, Linda lesto, Virginia M. Irling, Patricia Hogue, Reba Jones, Annis Kring, Ina O. Long, Audrey Dean, Bill! E. Edwards, Margaret Jo Folkel, Phyllis Forman, Carol A. Garrett, Marilyn Hinkle, Ann I. Kobashi, Mary Manning, LaVonna - 139 - Mansour, Adele T. Rose, Renee K. McKelvey, Earlene Selleh, Janice F. Smith, Doris Smith, Waldine Tokle, Shirley I. Valenzuela, Gertie Meyer, Elizabeth S. Moore, Jean M. Peterson, Jacqueline R. Price, Helon M. Rains, Murlene R. Roberds, Mary J. Psi Epsilon Chapter of CHI OAAEGA was chartered on the ASC campus, May 5, 1951. Having education as its ultimate goal, Chi Omega ' s national program includes a National Achievement Award and a Service Fund for financing research. The chapter awards a scholarship cup and plaque, and an activity award to outstanding members. A Social Science Award is presented to a nonmember at ASC for her accomplishments in that field. Annual activities are the fall hayride, Semi-formal Christmas Dance, White Carnation Ball held in the Spring, Senior Day, Homecoming Tea, and a week-end summer house party. Chi Omega is the proud holder of the first place Barbarship Quartet, first place in the Interfraternity Council Sing for two years, third place in women ' s athletic participation, Homecoming Queen Cup, and second place in the sorority Home- coming float division. Benson, Mary Marga Berry, Mittie Brahm, Sondra Byrne, Marion Carson, Lucille Christensen, Arle Coniff, Joan Dimmlclt, Frances Douglas, Jean Erramuzpe, Rose Evans, Ann Farrell, Pat Franks, Jeanne Freedlund, Karen George, LaVeda Germond, Nancy Giltinan, Betty Greer, Barbara Gualdonl, Margue Guitteau, Jo Hauenstein, Carol Hoopes, Naomi John, Barbara Jones, Margaret Kober, Suzanne Kennedy, Shirley Kriz, Carol idwlg, Virginia ansour, Lillian anterola, Sylvia eClerry, Katie cKee, Ann eyer, Irene iller, Alma Connell, Joan ulus, Joan etherford, Glenna cott, Mary mmons, Donene mith Sharon )ohr Joan einka, Pat onecipher, Emaloy oughton, Roberta ylor, Betty uax, Jan uax, Kay yson, Nancy Vilkerson, Jonne Vood, Claudette Voolery, Ruth ates, Gwynwe GAMMA PHI BETA was founded November 11, 1874 at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. It was the first national sorority to be admitted to ASC when Beta Kappa Chapter was installed December 3, 1949. Gamma Phi Beta ' s most important project is providing summer camps for underprivileged girls. Each year at Christmas, Beta Kappa gives a party with the members of Alpha Tau Omega for the underprivileged children of Tempe. Gamma Phi is well represented in other organizations. Included are: AWS Secretary and AWS Treasurer, four members of Pleiades, two named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, and president of North Hall. Gamma Phi Beta holds the WAA participation trophy in intramurals, second place in the sorority division of the IFC Sing, and first place in the Sorotiry division of Homecoming floats. One of its members was runner-up in the Homecoming Queen contest and a Gamma Phi was crowned " Diana " during Greek Week. Gamma Phi Beta members usher at the Drama Workshop productions and present the " Gamma Phi Follies " each semester. Adams, Carol Adams, Vivian Bailey, Mary Lou Baker, Leslie Barney, Phyllis Barrington, Bobbie Batfen Barbara Berkencamp, Gayla Blankenship, Margaret Brown, Beverly Brown, Cristine Cady, Part Cavanagh, Mary Ann Collins, Fran Conley, Kay Crabtree, Sandra Dunlop, Mary Dye, Penny Fjeld, Maxine Flood, Nan Fulton, Suzanne Gay, Barbara Gonzalo, Mary Jo Gulzow. Donna Gutshall, Lett! Harrison, Nancy Humphrey, Barbara Jones, Beverly Jones, Glenna Kenly, Gladys McDonald, Mary Lou McKone, Joann McNeice, Phyllis Marble, Shirley Mohn, Carolyn Langford, Pat Mohn, Mary Lynn Ledwidge, Genevieve Lewis, Bizzanne Lewis, Maroaret Locker, Pat Louthan, Jeanette Rossbaclt, Donn Seeds, Peggy Stewart, Sue Sudekum, Ann Wubbolding, 8 O ' Clair. Earlene Zook, Beverly Olson, Helen Parker, Eleanor Peila, Dixie Penar, Joan Reed, Sue Burke, Didne TRI SIGMA is especially proud of its Social Service program, and the slogan Sigma Serves Children. " In keeping with that program they have their Robbie age Memorial Fund for Polio, which gives grants every year for research projects n polio. The fund was established as a memorial to the son of their national resident. Other projects are: maintaining a bed in the Cradle Beach Mission, send- ing school supplies and books to schools in Virginia, supporting the CARE program, nd working for the Christmas Seal tuberculosis sales. Activities include a Shoe Shine Day for the Robbie Page Fund, dances, visits |D schools for the Tuberculosis Seals sales, and participation in campus activities iuch as intramurals and Homecoming. This year two weeks were entertaining and earning from their National Traveling Secretary, Miss Nancy Herring. Spring activities include the Violet Rhapsody formal, annual camping trip, Officers Candidate School, Senior Send-off, and Founder ' s Day celebrations. Czyz, Jenette Daugherty, Joyce Curtis, Dee Dee Graff, Emily Harriot, Sondra Jones, Shirley Logsden, Lynn Nuttall, Jan Olachea, Herlinda Salie, Marilyn Schuff, Mary Ann Schultz, Sand! Scroggs, Kay Talley, Valene Toy. Betsy Vermillion, Claire Voorbis, Chirley Weber, Shirley Bailey, Beverly Boe, Margaret Boyd, Marie Bullion, Audrey Estes, Lillian Gardner, Nida Ra Hawkins, Margaret Hilbing, Joan Kennedy, Joanne I : Luenechloss, Mary Norgard, Elaine % Beta Psi Chapter of KAPPA DELTA emphasizes true friendship as its most important value and goal. The white rose and the diamond shaped pin are symbols for Kappa Delta. The chapter has been active in sending clothes to the Indian chil- dren of Arizona and participating in the National philanthropy of the organization, which is Crippled Children. An " Old Southern " theme has been a tradition for activities during the year. A popular event this year was the Aunt Jemima breakfast. Kappa Delta took part in Greek Week activities, the Interfraternity Sing and sent one of its members to the student Senate as representative of Alpha Hall. Rouse, Barbara Sabine, Genevie| Saxton, Nelba Sidener, Suzanne Simson, Elna Rae Willeford, Jo An Pi ALPHA DELTA PI was founded on May 15, 1851, at Weslayen Female College Macon, Georgia. It was the first secret society for women. The Gamma Rho |apter as ASC became national in May of 1950. This fall they sold leis during the week preceding the Hawaii football game a money raising project for the Student Union fund. Also they have a " Penny a iy " banks, the contents of which go to the crippled children at Samuel Gompers ' nic in Phoenix. A family was adopted for Christmas and presented with gifts, iy iristmas dinner, and a tree. Other activities include a Christmas Formal, Christmas Serenade, Formal riner Dance and a Spring Fashion Show. Hanson, Gerry Hatch, Marsha Hicks, Earlene Hinshaw, Shirley Hinton, Virginia Hough, Jean Lillevig, Gail Main, Joy Martin, Madelyn Martin, Mary Elen McCall, Carol McMindes, Monica Meldrum, Ethelyn Moses, Monty Nylund, Dorothy Phlegar, Joanne Pine, Elaine cola, Alice Dehart, Nancy oyan, Dolores Fisher, Sallie line, Jacqueline Bull, Jorene Ford, Darlene on, Mary Louise Cleveland, Sharon Groom, Claire jnnell, Donna Crosson, Pat Gunnels, Patsi Cummins, Carolyn Davis, Liz Powell, Trenna Powers, Jonnie Ramsey, Nancy Rundle, Helen Seqrena, Joan Shofstall, Patti Stevenson, Sharon Stewart, Joann Thompson, Stan-Lee Tiffany, Ginny Tucker, Jackie Turner, Carol Wiley, Bobbie Winslow, Sylvia Wood, Oleta Left to Right: Joe Geare, George Barringer, John Osborn, Jim Parker, Moris Rhodes, Phil Hanson, Hirsch, R. C. Cadwell, Don Manning, Sumner Bullock, Fred Barnes, Ron Leeds. Dick Searles, Burt Ra dall, Dave Dingeldine, Jerry Wipperfurth, Bill Krafft, Roger Lutey, Dick Gates, Lloyd Meyer, Vir Hennen, Bob Minarik, Dick Laren, Don Gorham, Myron Stein, Don Doth, Owen Dean. - 146 - Allan, Barry D. Cooper, Alvin E. Outchaw, John M. Sorham, Donald H. Mahler, Harold M. THETA CHI Fraternity was founded at Norwich University in April of 1856. Numbering one hundred sixteen chapters, it has grown to be one of the largest national fraternities in the nation. As it approaches one hundred years in existence, Theta Chi is proud of the achievements made namely, the establishment of a definite set of objectives, and gaining the reputation as the " Fraternity of Deans. " This reputation has been gained because of the large number of Theta Chi members serving as deans in leading colleges and universities. The local chapter, Delta Upsilon, was founded on May 16, 1953. Even in this short time, the men of Theta Chi have become members of honorary campus organizations, held offices, and found time to participate in activities both on and off the campus. Theta Chi holds an annual Spring Fair Formal, Founders Day, and other informal events throughout the year. Pinlcham, Kenneth A. Pohlman, Edward C. Vann, Theodore E. PHI SIGMA KAPPA ' S chapter at Arizona State has grown steadily since its birth in December, 1949, as Chi Triton. Early this year the Phi Sigs moved into their new house at 414 Adelphi Drive. In spite of a full social program, the members and pledges of Phi Sigma Kappa manage to remain high in scholarship. They received the IFC scholarship trophy two successive semesters before this school year. On the social calendar were exchanges with sororities, parties, and other events. In December the Phi Sigs held their annual Moonlight Girl Formal at the Casa Blanca Inn, where Barbara Rhoads was crowned " Moonlight Girl. " Taking place during the first semester were the Homecoming dance, Pledge dance, and Christmas season parties. During the second semester the Phi Sigs enjoyed the Founder ' s Day Banquet, and the Carnation Ball. Guiding the fraternity through the year were presidents Jim Sellers, first semester, and Dick Fleming, second semester. Three officers served the entire year. They were George Gove, vice-president; Don Dotts, secretary; and Fred Ferguson, treasurer. The sentinel ' s job was filled by Walt Grassie first semester, and Tom Kimler second semester. Inductor for first semester was Don Clay, while Dick Searles filled that post second term. Fleming was house manager first semester, followed by Grassie. Guiding Phi Sigma Kappa ' s highly successful intramural program was Norman Wilson, first semester, succeeded by Clay. Phi Sigma Kappa here at Arizona State is one of sixty-five active undergradu- ate chapters in the Nation. The fraternity was founded in 1873 on three Cardinal Principles To Promote Brotherhood, To Stimulate Scholarship, To Develop Char- acter. Bevins, Bev Brokaw, Jack Chausow, Gene Clay, Don Collins, Ray Davis, Wm. Roger Derbaum, Myron Devenney, Nick Dotts, Don Dryer, Lynn Ferguson, Fred Filigenzi, Angelo Fleming, Richard Frank, Orin Gilbert, Robert Gove, George Grassie, Walter Gurtler, Robert Haehl, Jack Hamilton, Robert Hatfield, Larry Holladay, Larry Hutloff, Eugene Kimler, Tom - fff HOUSE MOTHER MRS. KRUNK Lane, Edwin ivlacrorie, Dick Mayberry, Frank Miller, Don Osman, Jim Rawls, Bill Riggs, Jack Rodzen, Roger Roush, Sherman Rowe, Ras Searles, Denis Searles, Richard Sellers, Jim Sperger, Jim Thompson; Phil Viscagliosi, Tom Wallace, Terry Weaver, Dave Wellington, Jim Wetzel, Paul White, Tom Wilson, Norman Winterbottom, Rodney Witt, Rupert Adler, Bi Seller, Earl Goodman, Allen Stein, Myron Weiss, Jerome Hirsch, Seymour Kaun, David Schlesinger, Irv Pi ALPHA EPSILON PI was organized on this campus in the spring of 1950. In January of 1951 it became an official chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi and took its place with -the other leading fraternities of the college. Since that time the A. E. Pis have been active in all phases of college life. Its members have been honored by membership in Blue Key, Alpha Mu Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, and- other leading campus honoraries. The scholarship of the fraternity is consistently high and two times the fra- ternity won the IFC scholarship trophy. This year A. E. Pi produced officers of the Associated Students, the Inter- fraternity Council, and the Student Court. Alpha Epsilon Pi took a big interest in the development of Greek Week and this year its members contributed must to its success. One of its men was chosen Apollo and reigned over the festivities. In the intramural program A E Pi took an active part in all activities and pro- vided top teams in tennis, volleyball, badminton, and bowling. Highlights of the social year included outings to Canyon Lake, Hallowe ' en Hop, Thanksgiving Dance, Exchanges, the winter formal, " Midyear Madness, " and the " Final Fling Formal, " held in the spring. Elledge, Keith Garcia, Benjamin Halvorson, Dan Heliker, Raymond Hernandez, Robert Melcher, Larry Payer, Dolph Saens, Mike Silva, Anthony Smith, William Sullivan, Larry Van Oriel, Charles DELTA CHI continued to be one of the most active fraternities on campus this year with a varied calendar of activities. During football season, parties were held at the house after every home football game. In October the annual Founders ' Day Banquet was held at Cudia City near Phoenix. In addition, there were exchanges with Sororities, picnics and rush parties. Highlight of the year was finishing second in the first Desert Bicycle Race to Tucson. Chapo Durazo guided Delta Chi as presi- dent this year. Bullock, Sumnere Deatherage, James W. Durazo, Armando Edmunson, Loyde Bleamaster, Les Bradbury, Thomas Cannon, Jerry Carrington, Hugh Chafey, William Chevront, Ronald Coay, Leslie Dean, Owen Dodson, Richard Duke, Steve Foster, Osborne Gates, Richard Haalce, John Hadinger, Richard Haggard, Frank Harris, Robert Hill, Charles Hohn, Edward Khosharian, Vartan Kinnerup, Bill Langford Albert Lapin, Herb Levy, Stuart Lundahl, William Mack, Terry Amey, John Anderson, Jack Badley, John Zeta Alpha chapter of ALPHA TAU OMEGA Fraternity replaced the local fra- ternity, Lambda Phi Sigma in 1951. The " Lambdies " were the first Greek organiza- tion on the Arizona State campus in 1927. Alpha Tau Omega also was the first Greek fraternity formed after the Civil War in 1865. Alpha Tau Omega has one hundred sixteen active chapters located in every state and British Columbia, Canada. Active members and alumni number over 60,000. Zeta Alpha chapter advisors are Dr. Rufus K. Wyllys and Gilbert Cady. House mother is Mrs. James Meason. Chapter officers are: Jerry Cannon, president; Dick Gates, vice-president; Joe Moseley, treasurer; Loren Vaugn, secretary; Ken Park- hurst, historian; John Badley, sergeant-at-arms; and Pat Haggard, usher. Manley, James Marler, Warran McCall. Robert McWilliams, Fred Moseley, Merle Murray, Kenneth Nance, Eugene Northrup, Foster Parkhurst, Kenneth Peck, James Pryor, Joe Recker, Don Reid Dennis Savittieri, Anthony Schaffer, Arnold Shoemaker, James Stallings, Tom Taylor, Milford Terkelson, Eldon Thompson, Donald Trauzettel, Edward Vaughn, Loren Wagner, Steven Wilkey, David Wray, Duane Bratcher, Austin Castlen, Kieth Connolly, Robbert Copeland, Robert Dalgleish, Robert Denning, James Douglas, Charles Goodman, Al Hanson, Phil Helmclce, Edward Hood, Stewart lies, John lies, Tom Laren, Richard Wallace, Joel Markaltis, Jamas SIGAAA PHI EPSILON is organized to promote the brotherhood of man and to give its members a home at school. Sig Eps wish to foster good will and friend- ship, not only within the fraternity, but also within the student body as a whole. In addition, this fraternity believes in Arizona and wishes to contribute to the state and be a part of all it stands for. Maia, Mario McCarty, Alvin McHenry, Robert Milovich, Duke Roberts, Raymond Showers, Ralph , Barnes, Fred Bell, Charles Boone, James Hooks, William Nabors, James KAPPA ALPHA PSI fraternity is composed of 201 functioning chapters on major college campuses and in cities throughout the country. Established on January 5, 1911 at Indiana University as a fraternal order, it is available to every college youth regardless of color, race or creed. Gamma lota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was established on this campus in 1948. It is the first inter-racial fraternity of its kind on the ASC campus. Phillips, Robert Ragsdale, Theodore Siquieros, Leo Cook, John Daniels, Dick DeBam, Hank Fallon, Thomas Feeney, Bill Finch, Clarence Fihpatrick, Bill Foley, Pat Galatioto, Mike Garrett, Bill Garrison, Bill Geare, Joe Hawkins, Berry Hill, Chuck Holland, Bob Johnson, Bob Jorgensen, Bob LaFave, Ken Laney, Grant Larson, Ronald Latua, Sherwood Lerg George Machmer, Jerry Maggio, Chuck Mahan, Dale Manning, Don Martin, John Moore, Mel Nichols, Larry O ' Connell, Neil Patterson, Larry Patton, John Perkenson, Bob Piser, Don Polenske, Dale Pribek, Ray Prow, Jim Rainey, Ron Roberts, Bill Robinson, Scott Salem, Al Shroyer, Gene DELTA SIGMA PHI National Fraternity, Beta Psi Chapter, started on this cam- pus as Pi Delta Sigma in 1931. It became a national fraternity in 1948. Two of its contributions are a Kiddie Party for the underprivileged children and caring for needy families at Christmas. On campus Delta Sigs are leaders in the intramural program and campus politics. For the last four years they won three Sweepstakes and one first division award in the Homecoming parade. For the last fourteen years this fraternity has staged the " Delta Sig Follies " offering amateur entertainment to the campus and public. A few of the outstanding social functions during the year are the Corn Roast, Carnation Ball, Sphinx Ball, Sailors Ball and the Founders Day Banquet. Tome, Al Thompson, Jerry Walkington, Dave Wedge, Bob Adams, Bill Aeed, George Athans, Cy Barriger, George Deltenre Ted Evans, Tom Fiorito, Ted Formichella, Frank Gentilin, Perk Giza, Dick Goodellow, Allen Gotlieb, Jerry Jones, Al Lawton, Bob Lewis, Brandon Lolcen, Verne McDonald, Brian Mattison, Bill Myles, Ed Newman, Joe Parker, Jim TEKES look for men with potentialities; but even more important chara They place no stock in the external goods a man may possess. Money, positioi connections, do not mark integrity, will and humbleness. They look for the ma who can cast off the petty and superficial attitudes, and search for the fellow wh can be a man among men. All the gold in the world couldn ' t buy the Teke badge just the simple virtues of personal worth and character coupled with industry ant ambition is the price Tau Kappa Epsilon demands. Cady, Mike Carter, Bob Diedrich, Thayer Parley, Wayne Founded nationally in 1909 at Boston University, LAMBDA CHI was chartered on this campus in 1 951 . It is the one hundred and thirty-eighth chapter in the United States and Canada. The Lambda Chi ' s moved into their new house at 406 Adelphi Drive and held their White Rose formal there first semester. Their new house mother is Mrs. Nellye Mitchell. Other events included the annual Toad Hop, Bali Bali Ball, Crscent Formal, and the Walter Mitty dance. Officers are: President, Bill Keegan; Vice-President, Wayne Farley; Secretary, Don George; Treasurer, Bill Hosking; Social Chairman, Mike Pernell; Rush Chairman, Edwin Radar; Ritualist, Morri: Rhodes; and Pledge Trainer, John Munger. Fessler, Bob George, Don Galindo, Josh Gibson, Tom Glenn, Bill Heileman, George Hosking, Bill Keegan, Bill I H m Kirkpatrick, Bob Krafft, Bill Lewis, John B 1 McElhannon, Ralph Mende. Dan Miller, Roger 1 Munger, John Osborn, Clarence Rader, Edwin Raudebargh, Jim Rhodes, Moris Sheedy, Bob MMMBMI Spracale, Joe Tucker, Gene Tuxhorn, Marvin kH Victorson, Norman Walcott, Ralph Wanee, Jeff Ames, Robert L. Davenport, Phillip Gylling, Ivan Hennen, Virgil P. Meyer, Lloyd G. Moeur, Michael K. Narramore, Daniel Peterson, Gene Sawyer, Keith Shaw, Donald Sparks, John M. Stallings, Tom L. Stockton, Phillip Taylor, Thomas W. Whitfield Otto ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA, the only agricultural social fraternity inr the sta was organized in the spring of 1954. This fraternity expects to go national durin the first semester next year. Highlight of the social season was the Christmas dinne dance held at Toy ' s Shangri-La. Sponsors are Dr. Grant Richardson and Profess Elvin Taysom. Aldous, Jim Bell, Blllie Bristol, Bill Campbell, Ray Hodge, Norman Chaney, Wayne Cochrane, Philip Cole, Don Coulter, Glenn Johns, Bud Davis, Dick Delbridge, Bill Dingledine, Dave Gettig, Bob Kinchen, Marvin Ledord, Loyd First established as a local fraternity in the fall of 1951, NU SIGMA became the 14th national social fraternity on the ASC campus during March of this year when it was granted a charter as a chapter of SIGMA NU. This achievement of the charter represented the climax of more than three and a half years of concentrated effort by the members. The national fraternity was founded as the Legion of Honor at Virginia Mili- tary Institute on January 1, 1869. At present, the many charters integrated into Sigma Nu ' s national organization include members of 46 states and Canada. As bandleader Johnny Long ' s theme puts it, " thousands wear and share the White Star of Sigma Nu. " Sigma Nu emphasizes strongly all vital parts of student life scholarship, brotherhood, althetics and campus activities. First semester president was Billie Bell, and Faculty Sponsor, Captain Donald Adamson. Pierce, Bob Randle, George Sarten, Jim Smith, Ware Whitney, Joe Wilson. Don Minarik, Bob Nicholas, Donald x Morgan, Joe Pickering, Joe SIGMA PI became national April 29, 1951. After a slow start they are rapidly becoming one of the leading fraternities on campus. Sigma Pi places emphasis upon the quality of their men rather than the quantity. One of the outstanding events of the year is the Sigma Pi ' s presentation of their annual Barbarshop Quartet Contest. On their social program they have in addition to desert parties and exchanges, the Orchid Ball in April, where the sweetheart of Sigma Pi is presented. A basket to benefit some needy family is presented as the inaugural for their annual Christmas Party. President is Roger Lutey and the faculty sponsor is Bob Jones. Left to Right: Phelps TerHeun, Jack Rogers, Roger Lutey, Bob Harrington, Al Brunner, Bob Jones, Ed Thorley, Herb Randel, Roy Martin, John Gerstel, Bob Jarvis. - 162 - Delta Tau chapter of PI KAPPA ALPHA fraternity had a varied program of activities during the year 1954-55. Outstanding activity was their annual Dream Girl Formal highlighted by the selection of a lucky girl to reign as " Dream Girl " of the fraternity. Other dances of note were the Christmas Formal and Football Hops held after home football games. Nathan Patterson, candidate for Homecoming King, came in second in a close race with Freddie AAcWilliams. Vern Carybell as president, led Pi Kappa through an eventful year, climaxed by the annual Casino Party and an exchange with the Pi Kap chapt er at Tucson. Pi Buikema, Kenneth Campbell, Vernon Gaylord, Lester Gibbs, Frank Gilbert, Ford Noll, Robert Patterson, Nathan Smith, Robert Stalling;, Richard Wilkins, Grover Wipperurth, Jerry Davidson, Gerald Dollahon, William $ ' - F - -. -V3 - ,t , . . rs BARBARA GREER - Queen FRED McWILLIAMS - King APPROXIMATELY three thousand alumni swooped down on the college campus to take part in ASC ' s annual Homecoming celebration. Highlight of the activity was a reunion luncheon in the afternoon in the Moeur Activity Building for the classes of ' 24 and ' 29. Later an all-alumni dinner was held. In the Homecoming parade that zig-zagged through the streets of Phoenix and Tempe, " The sea hath fish for every man " brought Delta Signa Phi fraternity its second consecu- tive sweepstakes trophy. Alpha Tau Omega took first place in the fraternity division with " Build your castles in the sky " and Lambda Chi Alpha came in second. " Don ' t cry over spilt milk " brought Gamma Phi Beta first place in the sorority division. Chi Omega won the second place trophy. In the halls and other organizations division Matthews Hall took first place with the Westminster Foundation second. First place in the house decorations contest went to Stadium Hall for a Sun Devil with a fork after a flying eagle. Second place went to Hayden Hall. Gammage Annex took first place in the women ' s ha lls division and Gammage Hall second; ATO won first place in fraternities and Delta Sig second; with Lambda Delta Sigma first in the religious category and the Wesleyan Foundation second. Beard contest winners earlier in the week were Don Thompson, longest beard; Harold Salem, most unique beard; Jerry Cannon, most handsome mess of hair; and Phil Stockton, most pathetic attempt. Homecoming activities ended with an all-school dance after the North Texas game. TH ' BIGGER THEY CONES [DERTHEUMi! Robert Shartzer drum major ARIZONA STATE is justifiably proud of the spectacular 105 piece Sun Devil Marching Band. This smart parad- ing group composed of highstepping musicians presents intricate formations which invariably bring rousing cheers from Goodwin Stadium stands. The programs represent long hours on the practice field prior to each game. In addition to functioning as a pep group, it acts as a public relations unit touring the state to give con- certs at high schools. Marching in parades throughout the Valley of the Sun and acting as official band of the Phoenix Junior Chamber of Commerce, are only two of its many activities. Yes, when you say " band " in Arizona, you mean Harold Mines and his Sun Devil Marching Band! u HAROLD HINES and Elmer Scraffold, band directors, dis- cuss field formations for half- time performances during the football season. V - t t , II REMEMBER Sam Margoles and Duke Miller as Gorgeous George and Liberace? WEST PHOENIX high band takes part in half-time activities at the annual high school band clinic. JL e z T t Ui at VIVIAN ADAMS MIDGENE BJORKLUND MARY LOUISE BRION ALVIN COOPER WILLIAM COULSON DEE DEE CURTIS Tttfo ' t ELSIE DAD BARBARA GREER JOHN HAAKE OSBORN FOSTER BARBARA HUMPHREY DAVID KAUN SUZANNE KOBER ALFRED KWIATKOWSKI KATIE McCLEERY TERRY MACK 106 NEAL NICHOLS ED MYLES BOB THORNTON TERRY WALLACE JIM SELLERS RAS ROWE KLONDA BOWERS JOAN CONNIFF DON CRAMER ROBERT GILBERT DON LIEM PAT WOOLDRIDGE Frank Burke, Newt Director, and Jim Loper, Assistant Director of Radio and Television. Station KASC, campus radio station, located in Matthews Library, provides radio service for ASC students in addition to providing a laboratory for " on the job training " in radio-TV work. Headed by Mr. Richard Bell, director of radio and television at ASC, and sup- ported by the Bureau of Audio-Visual Aids, KASC is primarily for the production of programs for the commercial stations. James R. Loper, Asst. Director of Radio is responsible for all KASC radio and f.m. productions and is assisted by the more than 40 students on the staff. Harry Rheinganti, John Blythe, and Carol Johnson Janet Czyz, Bonnie Kish, and Shirley Kennedy, take inventory of Studio Tape library. Bob Crawford and Ben Givauden assisting in KASC program. DURING THE YEAR the Drama Workshop presented a number of plays. On Novem- ber 18th and 19th, under the direction of Frank R. Byers, Sheridan ' s " The School For Scandal, " was presented in modern costume. On February 10th and 1 1th they presented Ibsen ' s " A Doll ' s House, " directed by Mary V. Lavin; while the final pro- duction of the year was Oscar Wilde ' s " The Importance Of Being Ernest " , directed by Byers on April 28th and 29th. Earlier this year, part of the Auditorium ceiling collapsed, the building was condemned, and Drama Workshop had to seek other quarters. Mrs. Lavin produced " A Doll ' s House " in the Business Administration building and " The Importance Of Being Ernest " was presented in the Lyceum. Undoubtedly, for the next two years, the Drama Workshop will present plays in this fashion. It is hoped, that eventually, a Little Theatre will be constructed on Campus. Meantime, the Drama Workshop will continue to practice the theme of the acting profession " The show must go on. " FRESHMAN WEEK at A.S.C. is highlighted by a swarm of green beanies stumbling up Tempe butte to paint the " A " . Water is taken from the canal at the bottom of the hill and passed along in buckets to the top where it is mixed with lime to make whitewash. Strong arms and weak brooms spread it over the " A " in an effort to beat the time turned in by the frosh of last year. This traditional affair is directed by the Associated Men and Associated Women students using loud speakers with plenty of enthusiasm. " Fun, but messy, wasn ' t it? " COL. WILLIAM T. MULLIGAN, in charge of Air ROTC at ASC was supported this year by Wing Commander, Cadet Col. Kenneth W. Verch and Group Commanders: Edward Myles, Jack Tomes, and Stuart Levy. Arnold Air Society, Military honorary, was sponsored by Capt. Norman Klare. Honors Day, May 20, one of the most outstanding events of the year, was the scene for awarding commissions, awards, and scholarships to outstanding students enrolled in ROTC. GH POINT of the Military year at A.S.C. was the acquisition of the City of Tacoma, pTC Achievement Trophy. Osborn Foster received the award on behalf of the H enty-four cadets from Arizona State College attending the 1954 ROTC Summer i. amp, Fort Lewis, Washington. Presentation was made before an audience of ' l),000 spectators during the halftime ceremonies of the ASC-Texas Western foot- jail game. Dr. Grady Gammage, President of the college, received the trophy for lie college from Cadet Foster. The award is made each year to the school whose advanced course students ij-tain the highest overall technical proficiency during the Fort Lewis ROTC Summer iamp. Arizona State College Cadets won the award in competition with forty-one fher institutions. The cadets who won the award for ASC were: ederick W. Barnes, Jr. Uistin S. Bratcher, Jr. jmner E. Bullock ugh C. Carrignton shn p. Christensen Karles W. Douglas rsborn N. Foster flobert L. Gilbert Charles S. Hood Paul E. Kieer Fred M. McWilliams Frederick Moore, III William G. Neely Neal K. Nichols James D. Radebaugh William E. Rawls Pasqual N. Sanchez Anthony A. Savittier! William F. Simons Eldon T. Terkelsen Neil C. Thienes Claude L. Unas Terry C. Wallace Robert J. Wedge Military Ball (MILBA), one of the most outstanding social events of the year, |vas held the evening of March 26, in the Men ' s Gym, sponsored by Pershing Rifles, lational Military honorary. The planning committee was headed by Cadet Col. |erry Wallace. Army ROTC at A.S.C. is headed by Col. Dwight W. Langham, while Pershing |!ifles, for basic ROTC students in advanced corps is sponsored by Capt. Hitchcock. :: e. PRODUCTION OF the 1955 SAHUARO was directed by Milton Bean, whose calr cooperative spirit set the pace for work of the staff members this year. Besides b ing editor, Milton is a family man, and held a full time job, attended classes at ASC With the aid of his wife, Milton spent tireless hours in planning and supervisin this yearbook. Ramona Williams, assistant editor; and Jack Haehl, Art Editor; were the mai supporters of the Sahuaro this year. Ramona and Jack took charge of the office an worked on the layouts and numerous tasks involving the production of a yearbool Jack also did an outstanding job coordinating the art work and lettering with th theme of the book. Pat Knight was a busy person in her position as Secretary. Jea Logan, Jane Logan and Doris Holtgrew undertook the very important task of editin the class sections, checking name spelling and placement of pictures. Tom Shaffe as Organizations editor, was responsible for identification and organization group pictures. Joe Sanchez did a tremendous job covering the athletic events the year and editing the sports section. Copy editors who were responsible f writing and editing material for the Sahuaro were Carol Seloff and Velma Johnso Photographers were: George Sanchez and Bob Finley. Hal Hubele, advisor, so advertising and helped with financial problems. RAMONA WILLIAMS Assistant Editor JACK HAEHL Art Editor When the Auditorium was condemned, the office of the Sahuaro was moved to a small room in the English building. It was finally completed under very crowded conditions. Milton Bean commended the staff members for being so co- operative in producing such competent work in spite of the conditions under which they had to work. It is hoped that the permanent office in the new Student Union building next year, will make conditions more favorable for the production of a bigger and better yearbook in the future. ft to Right: Tom Shaffer, George Snchez, Jack Haehl, Joe Sanchez, Ramona Williams, Ton! Spulding, Milton Bean. HAL HUBELE Advisor Jean Logan, Jane Logan, Dom Holtgrewe. Left to Right: Ramona Williams, Velma Johnson, Ton! Spaulding, Tom Shaffer. m . : (Left to Right: Dorothy Wellman, Courtney Rogers, [Chuck Conley, Jim Rosscup, Don Dotts, Pat Paddock, [Nick Salerno. 4 . ' El- ' ' ' B- ' ' I , mm Ernest J. Hopkins. Journalism Professor, and Shirley Kennedy, . ' Journalism student, discuss the elements of a good news story. WHENEVER SOMETHING happened on campus this year, there was a STATE PRESS reporter nearby. The year was remarkable in that there was complete cooperation between the newspaper and the student administration. Progress included a new Board of Publications bill, membership in the Associated Collegiate Press, and entry into national writing contests. Under the leadership of Editor Bob Gilbert the STATE PRESS developed a distinctive style all its own. Among the year ' s big campaigns was the drive to change ASC to ASU. Mary Louise Brion served as managing editor for the first semester whereas Dottie Wellman held the post for the second half of the year. BOB GILBERT Editor MARY LOU BRION Managing Editor NINE REASONS why students should cheer for the " Crazy Devils " are the Pom Ron Girls, who made their first appearance of the season at the Hawaii game. Most of the girls hail from high schools in the southwest, where they received experience in song-leading groups. In the lineup are, left to right: Monty Moses, Ethelyn Meldrum, Dorothy Nylund, Pat Cady, Barbara Battin, Margie Taylor, Dolores Higuera, and Sylvia Winslow. - 194 - ' , ,, r a ilS Sent T ewU . . . RON WUNDERLY Tackle JOHN JULIAN Guard BOB LUTHCKE Tackle ROBERT MULGADO Back DICK MACKEY Back BOB SEDLAR Back AL PAGNETTI JAY SMITH KARL GRASSL Tackle Back End CHUCK MACKEY End JOHN JANKANS Guard FRITZ PROVINCE Center BOB MULGADO, sensational freshman, eyes the goal stripes for six points. BOB SEDLAR, brilliant ball carrier, is brought to earth as Al Pagnetti, 78, and Karl Grassl, 48, stare. tfa t fauatitty afatify. . . - 197 - DAVE GRAYBILL Back RUBEN MADRIL Back BART JANKANS End DAVE MARKOVICH Guard MICKEY RYAN Center DICK NAPOLITANO Back JOHN HICKMAN Guard WAYNE GEDMAN Back AL VALENZUELA Guard JACK STOVALL End BOB BRANDEL Back MIKE COFFINGER Back JACK DUNN Guard DAN ARRENDONDO Back PERRY TSANTILAS Tackle JOHN GUMPF Guard - 198 - . . A QUIET RESERVED man, Clyde Smith is in his third year as head coach of State ' s fighting Sun Devils. Smith has been coaching for 17 years, which includes eight as assistant and head coach at Indiana University. He is known for his wonderful faculty to inspire confi- dence in his players, coaches, and everyone with whom he comes in contact. Coach Smith was an outstanding player at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pa., in his college days. His coach, and advisor, was the late " Bo " V cMillin of Indiana U. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he returned as head coach at Indiana University. In his first season at Arizona State his Sun Devils won the Border Con- ference title. Since that time Smith has been conducting a building program that should pay dividends next year. , X CLYDE SMITH, H-d Co. ch to RV- BOB Bac Head C. iB . Coach! . ET CHER, Co. - Line - 199 - t e ROBERT CEPEC Guard HARRY KLEINDORFER End MERLE LOKEN MIKE STRANGIO BOB NOEL MIKE STANHOFF Tackle Guard Tackle Guard WILL KIMBALL Guard JIM LUNDIE Center ENNIS STANPHILL Back JAMES SCOTT End - 200 - CUFF JENSEN Tackle Ron Wunderly surprises a Hawaiian ball carrier as Jim Bilton and Chuck Mackey, 51, look on. GUS POULOS Guard DAN NAPOLITANO Guard TOM CUPPS DICK FLETCHER Back End - 201 - Students and players gather for a pep rally after a resounding victory. Dick Mackey rambles on ... Charlie Ramsey, Equipment manager - 202 - Arizona State 1954 Season Record 28 28 34 12 7 21 7 14 13 14 U. Hawaii 14 Brigham Young U 19 Texas Western 27 San Jose State 19 Midwestern U 14 West Texas State 14 Cincinnati U 34 Hardin-Simmons U 13 North Texas State 20 U. Arizona 54 denotes Border Conference games. Harry Robertson and Jay Smith walk off the gridiron action scene with the Devil ' s trainer, Art Dickinson. Bob Brandel goes after the U ' s Art Luppino in the traditional battle, as Chuck Mackey comes from behind. - 203 - Evasive Dave Graybill digs hard against an enemy ball-carrier as Stocky Bobby Sedlar drives on to assist. Dick Prenevost (52), Frank Bell (65). Wayne Gedman (28). Karl Grass! (48), Jack Stovall (53), jog into the locker rooms after a hard-fought victory. Ron Wunderly (54), Fritz Province (44), Chuck Mackey (51). rush toward an unexpected fumble. Jim Bilton (24) in distance. Looking on at the tense action on the playing turf ii, from right to left, Bob Noel, Bart Jankans, Rueben Madril, Al Pagnetti, and John Gumpf. CHEER LEADERS: Left to Right: front row, Ann Evans. Pepper Bacon, Head Cheerleader Betty Hammon, standing behind, Gary Marshall, Freddie McWilliams, Jerry Cannon, Lanny Kope. Dr. D. R. Van Petten, Director of Inter-Collegiate Athletics Joy Maine, real live devilette. . 19 - 205 - Bill Kajikawa Head basketball coach rfttfo BILL KAJIKAWA, head basketball coach, enjoyed one of his best seasons in eight years at Arizona State. Blessed with new and promising talent, ASC surprised sportsmen by finishing high in Border Conference standings. Highlight of the season was the exciting victory over the University of Arizona, and a Christmas holiday tour to the Pacific Northwest where State met some of the country ' s best teams. Kajikawa graduated from Arizona State Col- lege in 1937 and became head mentor in 1946. During the second world war, he served with the Army in Italy, France and Germany. Bill makes his home in Tempe where he is admired by all who come in contact with him. fa t e eAeitl Bruce Perkins leaps toward the basket for a sure two-pointer. Johnny Burton, Don Weischedel and Charlie Holland look or.. " ' V,;V t ' Joe Pickering student manager Tom Futch, forward, storms in for one of his quick lay-ins against Flagsta ' f. Johnny Burton runs to assist. JERRY BARNETT Guard LAYTON DUCOTE Guard GARTH WILSON Center BILL BRAMER Guard DAVE GRAYBILL Guard JERRY JOHN Center JOHN BURTON Forward BILL HIGHTOWER Guard BRUCE PERKINS Guard CHARLES CHRISTOPHER CHARLIE HOLLAND Guard BOB ROTH Guard Guard TOM FUTCH Forward CLIFF JENSEN Guard DON WEISCHEDEL Center - 208 - ASC BASKETBALL SEASON Opponent ASC Alu ASC Flags Loyola U Whittier L. A. State Naval Trai Pepperdine Seattle U Portland U Pacific U St. Mary ' s ASC Fla West Te Hardin- New Me Texas W Naval T Arizona RECORD nt ASC jmni 51 81 gstaff 69 68 J 88 58 72 66 te 67 75 aining Ctr 81 65 ine 81 74 1 . 88 80 U 95 79 J. . 65 57 ' ' s 87 82 gstaff 82 81 xas State 82 70 Simmons 83 89 sxico A M 54 71 ' estern 73 57 raining Ctr 70 101 74 92 xas State 97 72 ech 107 81 iimmons 71 79 ' estern 77 90 sxico A M 64 91 ech .. 75 77 Cave Graybill, deceptive forward, intercepts pass from Texan ' s frustrated hands. Carl Miller and Jerry John outjump " old and battered Alumni " in the annual ASC-Alumni game. Bill fireman watches from distance. Don Weischedel displays h ' s rebounding ability to opponents as Bruce Perkins nods his approval. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON RECORD Opponent ASC Frosh Marana A.F. Base 68 76 Flagstaff Babes 68 61 Phoenix College 54 59 Eastern Arizona 75 64 Palo Verde 75 65 Palo Verde 70 57 Davis-Monthan 73 66 Williams A.F. Base 98 50 Eastern Arizona 93 82 Phoenix College 70 69 Arizona Frosh 74 60 Worth Sporting Goods 65 62 Davis-AAonthan 75 58 Flagstaff Babes 63 57 Phoenix College 65 69 Eastern Arizona 91 101 Eastern Arizona 66 78 Palo Verde 70 66 Palo Verde 46 73 Phoenix College 68 72 FRED BRYANT, Freshman Basketball Coach Left to Right: Tom Morrisroe, Jerry Barnett, Bob Mclendon, Paul Hughes, Glen Coulter, manager; Coach Fred Bryant, Wes Wilson, Verl Cherry, Don Reynolds, Tom White. Dick Davis. SENON " BALDY " CASTILLO Head Coach BOB BRAZIEL and LADDIE COX Left to Right: Ben Garcia, Ted Kiene, Bob Clements, Merle Wackerbarth, Lee Holehan, Earl Harrington, " Baldy " Castillo, Bill Harper. Albert Miller, Dan Arredondo, Laddie Cox, Bob Charles, Jewell Lee, Frank Robinson, Bill Miller, Chester Scott, Bob Braziel, Jerry Lee, Eddie Lee, Sam Joy, Douf Payer, Dale Winder, Herman Schmidt, Al Christensen, Harry Robertson. BILL ROBERTS COACH SENON " Baldy " Castillo ' s defending track and field champions this year met " the best " in competition. They encountered the University of Michigan, Okla- homa A M, Colorado University, and Arizona University. Top performers for the Sun Devils were invited to relays at Drake, Pennsylvania, California, Coliseum, and the N.C.A.A. Intercollegiate track meet. Coach Castillo, who took the head coaching job from Donn Kinzle in 1952, was an official by special invitation at the Pan-American games in Mexico City this year. His fame as a track coach has spread throughout the country. Baldy is a Navy veteran of World War II and graduated from ASC in 1948. After graduation, he became assistant track and basketball coach and later was elevated to the track post. BOB CLEMENTS and SAM JOY BEN GARCIA JERRY LEE MARLO KEITH Tennis Coach - i nm ,fs sottfc, AM ' -irsi Left to Right: Ronnie Wright Dick Heglen, Milt Cordell, Tom Wright, Paul Mortensen, Joe C. Sanchei. I l! AL ONOFRIO coached golfers this year in one of the toughest schedules they ever attempted. Top teams from the Pacific Coast and the Border Conference were played. They included Arizona, Texas Western, L.A. State, U.S.C., UCLA, Loyola, Naval Air Station, and Phoenix College. State ' s golf team also played host to the annual Border Golf Championships held at the Mesa Country Club in May. Mel Moore served as team captain this year. THIS YEAR the men ' s intramural program was taken over by the Associated Men Students. Perhaps this is why intramurals at ASC had one of its most successful years. Keen competition was common in all sports, perhaps slightly rough, but the record-breaking participation revealed the popularity of intramurals with the stu- dents. A greater number of organizations also entered the competition this year than formerly. Uuf The intramural calendar included football, basketball, tennis, table-tennis, bowling, horseshoes, badminton, golf, volleyball, cross-country races, softball, and the annual sprin track and field meet. Competition in intramurals afford the studen that cannot earn varsity letters a chance to participate. This year ' s defending intramural champions were the men of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL program offers a variety of sports activity to under- graduate women on campus. The Women ' s Athletic Association supports the pro- gram and is recognized as the second largest organization at ASC. Competition is held through sororities, women ' s halls and church groups. Trophies are presented to the team winners. Matthews Hall was defending champion in the Challenge Trophy this year and Gamma Phi Beta in the Participation Trophy. A blanket is awarded to the girl who has contributed most to W.A.A. and the college. Miss Catherine Yocum is W.A.A. ' s sponsor. Sfactettt - 1 ( " NO PLACE TO GO " was the cry of the thousands of college students at Arizona State College before 1950. It was then that the Alumni Association realized the need for a campus community center where all students could engage in activities and recreation during off-school hours. Charles A. Stauffer, Class of 1901, was chosen general chairman of the cam- paign to raise funds for the erection of the College Memorial Union building. Former publisher of the Republic and Gazette, he worked tirelessly to secure funds to reach the $350,000 goal and initiate the building. Another person who is responsible for the success of the campaign is Alumni Secretary, James Creasman who dedicated himself to the support of the project. Sparked by enthusiasm, he won support through out the state. There were num- erous setbacks, but Jimmy Creasman found the solutions and continued to campaign for the project. Ground breaking ceremonies were held on October 25, 1954 and construc- tion was begun by T. G. K. Contractors. The Architect who designed the structure was Kemper Goodwin of Tempe. Students are scheduled to occupy the memorial by fall of 1955. I mm r F b W lutdf urn " JFe Specialize in Fancy Pastries, Beautiful Wedding Cakes, and Decorated Cafces " Phone WO 7-4246 612 Mill Ave. TEMPE, ARIZONA Congratulations Arizona State Is Still Growing.. We are very proud to have had an important part in this growth. FOR 58 YEARS . . . Arizona Stale s Corner Drug Store " LAIRD PHARMACY " THE REXALL DRUG STORE ' MILL AVENUE AT FIFTH, TEMPE PHONE WO 7-2922 PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY FOUNTAIN SERVICE YOUR TEMPE HEADQUARTERS FOR SUN DEVIL FOOTBALL TICKETS - 228 - 7955 5AHUARO PICTURES Were Produced by the ART CLARK STUDIO Tempe, Arizona 61 3 Mill Ave. Photographic Supplies from JIM OTT CAMERAS 38 East 1st Ave. Scottsdale, Arizona - 229 - CAMPUS DRUG Serving the Needs of ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE Gene 6- Pete Prescriptions a Specialty Prescription Pharmacy School Supplies Cosmetics Fountain Service Alma if Staff - The Finest in Food - 230 - For STAR Performance There is an Arizona Feed for every poultry and livestock feeding requirement, and every Arizona Star Feed is especially for- mulated to return a profit to the grower. At our Experimental Farm, all feeds are tested and proved on thousands of poultry and livestock before being offered on the market. This is your assurance of quality and perform- ance. Arizona Flour Mills is now manufacturing and distributing the two most amazing cattle feeding developments in live- stock production history. Both Arizona Star Range Booster and Beef Booster were developed scientifically to answer specific problems in range and pen feeding. They provide a balanced feeding program and increase development of rumen organisms necessary for efficient conversion of dry feed and roughages. Both Range Booster and Beef Booster promote healthier cattle, better gains and higher grade beef. Complete information on request. Sold In The Bag Wiln The BIG BLUE STAR SP ROUSE -fiirii VARIETY STORES 61 8 Mill Avenue Tempe Pepper Bacon Models one of the many styles in new swim wear now available at BRIGHT ' S STYLE SHOP Tempe - 231 - OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY - 2% Interest Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FARMERS .nTOCKMEW BANK FARMERS AND STOCKMENS BANK 5001 East Washington Street - 313 North Central Avenue PHOENIX, ARIZONA - 232 - View of Electrolytic Refinery Inspiration ' s productive life has now spanned a period of 40 years. Since the start of production, more than 2-% billions of pounds of copper have been won through the mining and processing of 143-1 3 million tons of ore. Vast sums ex- pended in Arizona for Labor, Supplies, Power, and Taxes have, over the years, con- tributed materially to the economic life and growth of our great State. Come visit the mine and plant some Tuesday or Friday, on which days conducted tours for visitors are regularly scheduled. Company. INSPIRATION, GILA CO., ARIZONA - 233 - SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT BUSINESS MACHINES For OFFICE SCHOOL CHURCH INDUSTRY 530 W. WASHINGTON PHOENIX PHONE Alpine 8-6661 Serving Arizona Health Needs Since 1908 STORES PHOENIX GLOBE MIAMI SUPERIOR CASA GRANDE GLENDALE WICKENBURG TUCSON - 234 - Congratulations, ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE GRADUATES Our business is concerned vith your health and good looks . . . EVERYBODY ' S DRUG CO. exalt 1 04 W. Main, Mesa Phone WO 4-4587 A respected name in tlic Yi llctj of tnc Sun You ' ll Earn a Fortune in Your Lifetime Why Not Save Part of It? You Can Secure Your Future With a PRODUCERS ALL PURPOSE SAVING POLICY Producers Life Insurance Co. Mesa, Arizona Qnn Wfaucofia 9nn Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) Swimming Pool Famous Copa Lounge Coffee Shop and Dining Room Sun Parlor and Patio Refrigeration Telephone WO 4-8665 and WO 4-4561 Catering To Private Parties - 235 - Alfred J. Duncan, Prop. Tempe Drug Co. 6th Sireel and Mill Friendly, Like Yoi r Home Town Drug Store UNION ' S Two New Gasolines The Champagne of Premium Gasolines The West ' s most powerful regular gasoline! et Willis with Union Oil Products Mesa. Arizona Phone WO 4-4652 PLYWOOD of all kinds Masonite Celotex Asphalt Tile Hardware All Types of Wall Boards Hardwood Lumbers Doors All Materials Guaranteed We Deliver Anywhere 1606 W. Jefferson Phoenix, Arizona Phone AL 2-5395 15 West Sixth Street Tempe - 236 - AGRICULTURAL AND jjlANS PERSONAL LOANS TRAVELERS CHECKS AUTO FINANCING FHA HOME LOANS SAFE-KEEPING ENVELOPES CHRISTMAS CLUJ SAFE-DEPOSIT BOXES MONEY ORDERS TRUST DEPARTMENT FH MODERNIZATION JANS .COMMERCIAL mm U.S. SAVINGS BONDS FOREIGN DEPARTMENT RESEARCH DEPARTMENT YOUR ONE-STOP FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT STORE! w VALLEY V BANK A ARIZONA ' S STATEWIDE BANK 36 CONVENIENT OFFICES MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION J. H. Welsh Son Contracting Co. PLUMBING HEATING PIPE LINES SPRINKLER SYSTEMS AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL REFRIGERATION 805 S. Central - Phone AL 3-3131 - Phoenix, Ariz. - 237 - just 75 YEARS ago ARIZONA Just 75 years ago, an enterprising young man. named Tom Edison invented the first practical incan- descent lamp. His fragile glass bulb led to harnessed electric power . . . the foundation of America ' s modern living. For young Tom Edison, and for millions of American youths before and since his time, opportunity awaited in our free enterprise system. Opportunity waits for you also. Success is simply a matter of personal application, perseverance, and faith in our American way. Public Service Something to sing about . . . CONSISTENTLY fine Printing latig News Francis N. Connolly, Publisher - 238 - Best Wishes to A.S.C. ' s Electronics Classes . . . ia jy 305 East Roosevelt Phoenix AL 8-6121 Foxworth - McCalla Lumber Company Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations to the Graduation Class of 1955 . Contract and Retail Hardware W io psa p ann Rplail Bimaing Materials 1400 West Jefferson Street PHONE AL 4-8411 PHOENIX, ARIZONA for fop floor maintenance results use VESTAL PRODUCTS Arizona Representative CHARLES DeFEVERE 4] 36 North 19th Street Phoenix, Arizona Binding Books for Arizona State ' s Matthews Library (We Also Bind Theses) Arizona Library Binding Co. 307 W. Monroe Phone AL 3-1861 - 239 - ConGRflTULRTIOnS and every wish for happiness UNIFORM SERVICE, Inc.) " A MAN ' S DEN " Feature of the 1955 Phoenix Home Show Corporation 4012 North Central Avenue AM 5-4755 Mesa Casa Grande Yuma Phoeni Tilman Crance, A.S.C. ' s Internal Auditor For Business Systems Contact LOFTIN ' S Business Forms Co. 816 South Central Phoenix. Arizona Er fi FTr Tr i A T7 KTEAL Branches: Casa Grande - Flagstaff - Holbrook - Glendale Yuma - Mesa ARIZONA ' S OLDEST AUTOMOTIVE JOBBER - 240 - ASC ' s Bob Scab Checks Out the New TORO Mower " " 1824 East Indian School Road, Phoenii RAIDBIRD VMWIW Phone AM 5-0105 MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Line of School Supplies and Equipment Stage Equipment Athletic Goods Office Supplies and Equipment 324 North Central Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Phone AL 4-5651 Catering To Your Travel Needs " From Tempe To Timbuctoo ' The State ' s Largest Complete Travel Service REPUBLIC AND GAZETTE World Travel Service 120 Eait Van Bur.n Phone AL 8-881 1 Gay Walker at the Piano REDEWILL MUSIC CO. 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Second, In prehistoric days, man relied on wood and stone for tools and weapons. The first Age of Metals freed man from that dependence. Copper, iron, nickle, zinc, lead, tin and a group of alloying metals, provided the metals for the Industrial Age and brought us into the world we know today. Now a second Age of Metals is upon us, shaping the world we shall live in, work in, plan and develop for tomorrow. The old Metals will retain their importance, will continue to be the mainstays. Copper and Brass and Bronze will be in ever increasing demand. But new metals and alloys are opening entirely new technologies as well as expanding the frontiers of the old. To create, maintain and improve new marvels emanating from the Second Age of Metals such as supersonic travel speed and utilization of sub-atomic energy it is fortunate for America that she has the enormous potential asset of each year ' s college graduates. PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION AJO BISBEE DOUGLAS MORENCI - 249 - aUJLB IWi A GREATER A.S.C. NEW WOMENS DORMITORY GOODWIN .TEMPE ARIZONA. Congratulations to the graduating class of 1955 CUNNINGHAM FREEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY Suite No. A-l - 1110 E. McDowell Rd. ALpine 3-5197 PHOENIX, ARIZONA 0} x 9 CO X X =u r B Adams at First St. quality and distinction in both conventional and western apparel for men, women and children. ' THE WEST ' S MOST WESTERN STORE " PHOENIX TUCSON SCOTTSDALE - 250 - Presenting the New MEMORIAL UNION Your COLLEGE BOOKSTORE YOU ARE NEVER FAR FROM UPTON ' S for that DOUBLE RICH ICE CREAM AND FINE CANDIES 7th St. and Garfield 123 E. Washington 246 W. Washington 16 E. Adams 2604 N. Central 530 W. Van Buren Tempe Glendale 1 026 E. McDowell PENNEY ' S FIRST QUALITY Serving Mesa and the South Side for 41 years, with First Quality Merchandise. J. C. PENNEY CO., 38 W. Main, Mesa Your Dollar ' s Best Friend Congratulations to the graduating class of 1955 BEN SPALDING SALES CO. Phoenix, Arizona - 251 - Serving ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE v I Lx t We take special pride in providing the covers and binding for your SAHUARO. We ve served Arizona Stale College for ' many years and we expect to continue serving the college for many years to come. ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY 547 W. JEFFERSON PHOENIX " For Bindings of Distinction ' Lithographing PLANNING A WEDDING? Fine China - Crystal - Giftwares Wedding Invitations Addressing Service WEDDING COUNSELING Mesa, Arizona 137 W. Main St. Brown Hoeye Motor Company - 254 - CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1955 SAHUARO STAFF FOR A JOB WELL DONE Auto-Vend, Inc. Kor ricks 206 South Third Street Phoenix 106 East Washington Phoenix Arizona Janitor Supply Co. 26 South Third Avenue Phoenix Valley Vendors 1 145 West Hilton Avenue AL 2-3152 Phoenix Compliments E. J. Lavernier Huntington Labs, Inc. AM 6-1621 Phoenix TYPEWRITERS New Used Portable Typewriters Remington - Royal - Underwood - Smith Rentals, Sales Service Proudly we serve Arizona State! ACME OFFICE MACHINE SERVICE 1722 E. McDowell Rd. - Ph. AL 2-5676 - 255 - Wj ' .- - i P IK -?- ft '

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