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CITY i BARBERS U V 147 MAIM 1 i : THE BEST HA incurs smok E.VE-R PLADJES b SHOES 1 WILL CIVE VOO I -ROOMS 50 BIlMlifflM BSIiillS HIXED DRINKS 2. 2 ;L Ma- ' r Straat UPAL ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE AT TEMPE PRESENTS SAHUARO 1954 AN ASASC FILM PRODUCTION NOW SHOWING FOREWORD This book presents you as you were in the early Fifties at ASC in the theme of what the movies were like in the Nickelodiah stage in the early Twenties. At ASC you learned to make YOUR movie. It was more than just a screen test. In the Fifties Hollywood came up with 3-D to cure their production ills. Just as they used two cameras for dimension, you learned to look at yourself from more than one position, and suddenly new depths were revealed to you. You were able to see yourself with as much charity and humor as others saw you. It took practice to use this new dimension which was not the cure-all, but it was progress. As Hollywood exploited the 3-D feature, you toyed with your new perspective of life. But with you, was the new perspective ever more than just a gimmick? SAHUARO ON LOCATION dedication, buildings, producers, directors, technicians, coaches and equity. SCENARIO WRITERS your new constitution, legislative, executive, and judicial branches and the school publications. ACTORS AND ACTRESSES these are the stars, the starlets, the supporting cast and the new- comers to your Sahuaro 1954. STUNT MEN this includes football, basketball, track, men ' s tennis, women ' s tennis, archery, dance and intramurals. LOCATION AND SET CREWS presenting those who live on campus, and are members of hon- oraries, special interest, and religious groups. SPECIAL SHORTS these are the organized Greek groups at Arizona State. REVIEW OF PAST ATTRACTIONS herewith are the past activities that you, your friends and your asso- ciates participated in during 1953-54. Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Chemistry Hrst - t-hcss at stadium then in line, ...this book is dedicated t flicker-flasKLacL: of those as star actor and audienc Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll librarv last. V. I. for luneh then we ni III I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Dates tor the evening tare clancin ' s fine! Then good-night love of mine. III! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I YOU and is aiLulous fifties you premiered a review in when Loth at A S C . ADMINISTRATION Six LIBRARY Seven GYMNASIUM Eight ARTS Nine SCIENCE Ten HOME ECONOMICS Eleven CHAPEL Twelve PRODUCED BY Whether a movie is rated as excellent, good, or poor, depends on the producer and his staff. So the success or failure o f an educational insti- tution depends upon the decisions made by a president and his co-workers. In time a capable producer becomes well known, his works admired and his opinions val- ued. Dr. Grady Gammage came to ASC in 1933 and as the years passed his capabilities as a presi- dent became well known. Through his guidance ASC rapidly expanded and grew. Our box office returns were at an all time high and are still zooming upward. We are indeed proud and for- tunate to have Dr. Gammage as our president and producer. Even the best producer must have expert aid and guidance in his work. This able assistance was offered by Dr. Harold D. Richardson, vice- president, and widely known educator. Secretary of the President Miss Mary Bunte Miss Mary Bunte, however, was Dr. Gam- mage ' s unseen mainstay. With her talent, experi- ence, and gracious manner she not only co-ordi- nated the varied duties of the president but made the work of those around her more enjoyable and pleasant. The Vice-President Dr. Harold D. Richardson Thirteen ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Arnold Tilden Dean of School of Education Dr. Guy McGrath ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Dean of Students Dr. Weldon P. Shofstall Associate Dean of Students Dr. Catherine G. Nichols Director of Special Services George C. Yates Purchasing Agent George Morrell Director of Placement Dr. Robert F. Menke Assistant Registrar Galen H. Cassity Registrar and Director of Admissions Alfred Thomas Jr. Comptroller Gilbert L. Cady TECHNICIANS Assisting the director in co-ordination of a project are specialized personnel each hired for a specific job. In the movie industry these men are commonly known as the Make-up, Costume, Lighting, Scen e, and Script technicians. However, at an educational institution the specialized technicians come from different fields. The areas represented here are the Director of Registration and Admissions, the Assistant Registrar, Director of Summer Session, Director of Placement, Purchasing Agent, Comptroller, Director of Special Services, and Director of the Correspondence School. Director of Summer Session Dr. Roy C. Rice Director of Correspondence School Dr. J. O. Grimes Fifteen COACHES Agriculture Dr. Daniel O. Robinson Foreign Languages Dr. Irma Wilson Physical Education Nina L. Murphy Air Science Col. William Mulligan Home Economics Dr. Jessie M. Rannells Physical Education R. H. Lavik Art Paula R. Kloster Industrial Arts L. S. Neeb Physical Science Dr. G. M. Bateman English Dr. Louis M. Myers Prompting the actors and actresses of a production are tal- ented and -well-trained teachers and coaches. The department heads at ASC offer eighteen major fields of concentrative learning to their students. i Education Dr. Guy D. McGrath Biological Science Dr. Herbert L. Stahnke Military Science Col. W. R. Pierce Library Science H. W. Batchelor Psychology Dr. H. C. Skinner Social Science Dr. Rufus K. Wyllys Music Harry B. Harelson Religion Rev. Charles Crouch EQUITY Arizona State College at Tempe and the other two state colleges, the University of Ari- zona and Arizona State at Flag- staff, are under the administra- tion of the Board of Regents. At left is a picture of the governor, Honorable Howard Pyle, deliv- ering a message of interest to the other regent members. During a recent Regent meeting we see discussing pertinent matters concerning the proposed new student union, M. L. Brooks, William R. Mathews, Howard Pyle, Michael B. Hodges, John G. Babbett, President, Evelyn J. Kirmse, Walter R. Bimson, John M. Jacobs, Alexander G. Jacome. Eighteen SCENARIO WRITERS President Bucky Hayes NEW CONSTITUTION " To increase the educational values of stu- dent life, to strengthen the unity of purpose between Students, Faculty, and Administration in working toward a -common goal, to broaden the representative character of the student ' s government, and to realize more fully in our student affairs the concepts and practices of efficient and dynamic democracy, we, the stu- dents of Arizona State College at Tempe do ordain and establish this Constitution. " And so it was in the years of 1953 and 1954 that you as Arizona State College students adopted a new constitution and defined your principal objectives in the preamble. Your constitution, a step toward better stu- dent government, stated that all of the officials and branches had concerned as their primary duty " the ascertaining of student opinion and the representing of it in their respective func- tions. " Secretary Luva Raisch Activities Vice-President Clair A. Millett Administrative Vice-President Jack R. Mitchell RULES COMMITTEE Left to Right Barbara Humphrey, Steve Duke, Bucky Hayes, Kathy Roe, and Don Stocks. CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE , Marilyn Tope picking up mail at organizations box. Dorothy Shlyk and Mildred Luckie confer while Joan Bednorz answers the telephone. Left to Right - Roland Kee, Gwen Hall, Jerry Cannon, and Kathy Roe. Calendar Committee chairman Carolyn Cum- mins makes a correction on the ASC social agenda. LEGISLATIVE In the years 1953-54 the bell of freedom sounded at Arizona State and the notes of the freedom song, " Democracy in Student Government, " became an intri- cate part of our campus existence. The melody developed into the theme of a workable constitution written by the students for the students. Of the three branches established, the legislative, ex- ecutive and the judicial, the legislative seemed to be the most active, for a com- plete new set of bills and resolutions regulating school activity had to be pre- pared and passed by the student senate. Presiding speaker of the senate Buck-y Hayes, administrative aid Dean Shof- stall, and secretary of the senate Luva Raisch pose for photographer. Smilin ' senators get ready for a long session of work on new bills and resolutions. Twenty-two BRANCH The senators themselves, having never been senators before, had to learn the proper rules of order, how to address the speaker and ask for point of order and just in general, they had to learn how to be senators. As time passed they learned and began legislating. So for the first time in our school ' s history students are their own government. Yes, the freedom bell has sounded at A.S.C. Let ' s keep humming that freedom song! WHICH ONE IS YOUR SENATOR? A back seat view of the Senate shows Bucky Hayes and Luva Raisch en- grossed by what speaker Don Stocks is saying. Meanwhile Daisy Yee, upper right, smooths her hair. Twenty-three EXECUTIVE BRANCH The Executive Branch, whose duty it was to administer the affairs of the Asso- ciated Students, consisted of the officers of the Associated Students, the executive council, and the executive boards and agencies responsible to the council. Executives pause for action shot on the stairs. Left to Right Bucky Hayes, Bruce Morgan, Clair Millett, Jack Mitchell, and Jody Harper. Your executive council in action. Left to Right Chuck Dixon, Stuart Shoob, Jody Harper, Barbara Humphrey, Luva Raisch, Bucky Hayes, Bill Coulson, Bruce Morgan, Wayne Ford, Clair Millett, Rod Peil, and Jack Mitchell. Twenty-four SOCIAL BOARDS Left to Right: Barbara Humphrey, Mildred Senseman, Barbara Gay, Carolyn Cummins, Daisy Yee, and Miss Gallanders. 2nd Row: Jerry Fairchild, Claire Millett, Loy Despain, Terry Mack, Gene Sundeen, Bob Gilbert, and Jim Lyle. PUBLICATIONS Left to Right: Dean Shofstall, Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Hopkins, Claire Millett, Skip Bryant, and Klonda Bowers. Twenty-five ATHLETIC BOARDS FINANCIAL 1st Row: Dr. Van Petten, Jean Stewart, Dean Shofstall, Frank Rispoli, Jack Mitchell. 2nd Row: Bucky Hayes, Dr. McCleary, Alfred Thomas, Gilbert Cady. Left to right: Jack Mitchell, Jody Harper, Luva Raisch, Claire Millet, Howard Te Selle, Dean Shofstall, Norman Garnatz, Paul Miller, and Bucky Hayes. Twenty-six EXECUTIVE MANAGER The supervision and conduct of the financial and personnel phases of the Associated Students are expressed duties of the executive manager. This position was temporarily held by Nor- man Garnatz during Manager Howard TeSelle ' s leave of absence. Norman did a terrific job and was ably assisted by secretaries Cheri Shumway, Evaleen Futch, Marilyn McDonald and Trenna Powell. Left to Right Norman Garnatz, Marilyn McDonald, and Trenna Powell confer over an office task. Cheri Shumway filling in a purchase order at ASASC office. Smiling Evaleen Futch distributes tickets for Asso- ciated Students activities. Twenty-seven JUDICAL BRANCH The Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court: Henry Lee, Chief Justice Fred Buehl, Mildred Senseman, Paul Bennovvitz, Jesse Udall and secretary Dorothy Halleran. Twenty-eight PUBLICITY STATE PRESS With Skip Bryant in the driver ' s seat and under the supervision of Professor of Journalism, Ernest J. Hopkins, the State Press again had a record year. The weekly was printed in twelve page issues, including special Homecoming and Graduation issues. It featured clear, concise reporting and clever cartooning by Jerry Dumas. Other staff members were: Phil Keyes, sports editor; Mel Pearce, feature editor; Mary Lou Brion, fine arts editor; Betty Giltinan, organiza- tions editor; Dorothy Weeden, radio news editor; Paul Joseph, photo editor; Hal Hubele, business manager; and Don Dotts, circulation manager. The paper was distributed by Jerry Bednorz. State Press Editor (first semester), Skip Bryant, pounds out edi- torial copy for his Friday run. Cathy Welch, edi tor (second semester), and Ernest J. Hopkins, advisor, scan heads on latest issue. Twenty-nine Dorothy Weeden, Radio News Editor, takes time out from State Press work to edit some radio news copy for station KASC. State Press Staff - left to right are Cathy Welch, Dottie Weeden, Betty Giltinan, Phil Keyes, Paul Joseph, and Skip Bryant. STATE PRESS Staff photographer Paul Joseph snaps Fine Arts editor Mary Lou Brion. The press rolls at the Tempe Daily News where the State Press is printed. Thirty ACTORS AND ACTRESSES NEWCOMERS Regardless of what a person can do or wants to do he must at one time or another be a be- ginner or a newcomer to that particular field or area of work. A newcomer has to step into a relatively new phase of life and struggle for a foothold. Many of them fall out, for the task is a little too difficult. But those that have the interest and talent to stay and work for a better position find it well worth their while. Congrats to you who are coming back and good luck to you who have chosen another type of endeavor. President Marvin Billingsley Secretary Margaret Blankenship Vice-President Joel Empie Thirty-two Abranam, Charles N. Acosta, Guadalupe S. Adams, James L. Akin, Ilene M. Akong, Monica Y. Akong, Rita Y. Allen, Janice L. Allen, Patricia A. Amann, Robert B. Ames, Fred W. Anderson, Carole J. Anderson, Mary Jo Anderson, Sallie M. Anderson, Sue C. Anstin, Barbara A. Araishi, Takao Araza, Armida L. Arriola, Mary L. Ashley, Charles H. Bacon, Cardinella Badley, John C. Bagley, Gloria P. Baker, Glen Balloni, Henry J. Banks, Mae Dee Barker, Lola N. Barricks, William L. Barston, Martha A. Bassett, William E. Thirty -three Beall, Jack M. Beasley, Helen E. Beasley, Lettie J. Belcher, Bivin W. Belcher, Mollie J. Berkenkamp, Gayle B. Berry, Mittie M. Black, Lewis E. Elaine, Jacqueline J. Bickel, Quentin D. Billingsley, Marvin A. Bosworth, Thomas H. Boughton, Jean M. Bowersock, Kathy M. Boyd, Larry O. Bradford, Nancy J. Braman, William C. Brents, Claudia A. Brewer, Bennetta A. Briscoe, Joseph J. Brooks, Jerry D. Brown, Beverly E. Brown, Chris O. Brown, Roderick Bryant, Joan K. Bucklin, Robert W. Bullock, Shirley Burgus, Sandra S. Burke, Diane M. Burton, Henry L. Bussari, Bertha L. Buzan, Fred F. Byers, Ann Byers, Harriet M. Call, Clifford B. Thirty-four Canchola, Ancencion C. Carlson, Juanita L. Carter, Pat Cheves, Virginia L. Chikon, Jolene E. Chisholm, Carol Choate, Arthur R. Chung, William Y. Clarino, Carl C. Clark, Tom Clay, Donald C. Cleveland, Sharon A. Cohea, Ida J. Cole, Frank D. Coleman, Edwin D. Coles, Bill A. Cook, Paul K. Cooper, Marjorie A. Cope, Nerita F. Cordova, Militon Coulter, Glendy A. Covarrubias, Fred Covey, Robert L. Cox, Beverly J. Cram, Marilyn Crawford, Stan R. Crespin, Barbara P. Cresto, Virginia M. Cunningham, Ralph W. Thirty -five Cunningham, Thomas J. Currie, Charles A. Curtis, Jay D. Cypert,. Rosemary L. Dastrup, Thomas E. Davenport, Jim G. Davis, James P. Davis, William R. Dean, Owen R. DeBerge, Diane DeHart, Nancy M. Delacqua, Joan Derbaum, Myron W. Devinney, Shirley M. DeVore, Carolyn M. Dimmick, Frances F. Dingeldine, David G. Dole, Jim W. Donofrio, Beverly A. Donovan, Jeannette Dorsett, Roderic R. Dotts, Don V. Doubek, John L. Douglas, Edwin J. Driscoll, Marjorie C. Dunlop, Mary J. Duran, Irene Duran, Lillian E. Dye, John F. Dye, Roberta A. Eaklor, Frances D. Edwards, Charles W. Edwards, Margaret L. Edwards, Marvin D. Edwards, Robert C. Ellis, Donald Elorga, Phyllis A. Enloe, Leonora L. Erickson, Dennis Escandon, Dora R. Evans, Alyce J. Evans, Ann Evans, Darlene M. Evans, David C. Farley, Wayne Fields, Verma D. Finley, Geraldine Finley, Robert D. Fischer, Elizabeth A. Fisher, David M. Fitzgerald, Larry R. Flake, Franklin L. Fletcher, Jack H. Foley, Francis T. Forman, Carol Forniichella, Frank J. Fowler, Richard W. Franks, Jeanne E. Frey, Nancy Jo Galeatti, Anna Mae Gallagher, Chuck E. Gardner, Leona H. Gartrell, Margaret Gates, Phyllis E. Genovese, Santo A. George, Donald I. George, La Veda A. Gibbs, Frank H. Gilden, Dick Goddard, Delbert Goodman, Allan E. Gomez, Velia L. Gonzales, Mary J. Gonzalez, Joe P. Grady, Michael Graff, Emily L. Graham, Lewis Greenberg, Stephen M. Griego, Romolo D. Grimstad, Anna F. Gwinn, Ellie L. Gylling, Ivan K. Haehl, Jack E. Haggard, John W. Hallock, Georgeannc G. Hamel, Virginia A. Hanson, Pat M. Harris, Katherine M. Harter, Eduarda Hatch, Marsha G. Hawkinson, Violet N. Hawley, Albert M. Heck, William F. Hefner, Samuel M. Hein, Geoige H. Henderson, George L. Henry, Jackqueline Herman, Lynda B. Herrada, Joe R. Thirty-eight Herrell, Ralph W. Reward, Edwin M. Hiatt, Carolyn R. Hicks, Earlene Hills. Bruce W. Hineman, Eleanor L. Hinton, Virginia N. Hirshkowitz, Gene Hobbs, Gerald E. Hockett, Frank Z. Holmes, Richard E. Hopkins, Marilyn Hough, Jean M. Hullet, David E. Huntress, Don L. Hurler, LeRoy G. Hutloff, Eugene C. James, Ronald D. Jaroniscak, Paul J. Jarvis, John L. Johnson, Carol Lea Johnston, Daryl A. Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson, John R. Johnson, Marcelyn Johnson, Robert A. Johnson, Robert H. Jones, Annis F. Jones, Janet L. Thirty-nine Junes, Shirley A. {Casting, Bernice C. Kaiiifman, Caroline A. Keith, Lenore E. Keith, Trudy A. Keller, Genevieve M. Kenly, Gladys M. Kerr, William L. Key, Nancy E. Kiek, Bruce L. Kiesel, Bctte J. Kiniler, Thomas Kinard, Jon E. King, Beatrice J. Kinnard, Dan D. Kitchen, William O. Klein, I ' anl H. Knowles, Sally M. Knox, Muriel I. Kohashi, Mary Koffman, Ray J. Kopelman, Thirlene M. Koy, Albert P. Krehs, Lois G. Krieps, Georgia A. Kring, Ina D. Kriz, Carol E. Knykcndall, Jo Ann Lada, Martha A. Ladomato, Aligio G. Land, Richard G. Langford, Pat A. LaRue, Roberta J. Leafdale, Keith L. Ledford, Loyd L. Forty Lee, Gail Leonard, William R. Lewis, Dorothy L. Leyva, Frank A. Lindsay, Barbara D. Logan, Dan Lee Logan, Douglas Logan, Nancy R. Long, Audrey E. Lonsdale, Jimmie J. Lowell, Lois J. Loyd, JoAnne M. Ludwig, Eunice I. Ludwig, Virginia M. Lutz, LaVonne M. McBride, Terence D. McCarty, Lois D. McCaw, Jo Ann McDaniel, Helen J. McDermott, Yvonne A. MacDonald, Helen McDonald, Mary Lou McEuen, Maxine M. McGregor, John H. McNeice, Phyllis A. McRae, Robert M. Madden, Frank J. Magee, David C. Magnenat, Ralph A. Forty-one Maldonado, Gloria E. Mariscal, Mary Jo. Martin, Madelyn Martinez, Manuel E. Martiny, Ellen A. Marty, Alexandria Melcher, Mary M. Meldrum, Ethelyn Melton, Nancy C. Messinger, Mary Jo Metzler, Jerry D. Michel, Fred L. Miller, Alma F. Miller, Billie V. Miller, Paula A. Mills, Vaomi L. Miner, Arthur L. Minnig, Richard A. Minon, Joseph Mitchell, Patricia A. Moeser, David R. Moffit, Marylyn K. Mong, Larry S. Montgomery, Jo C. Montierth, Bill G. Montijo, Jackie E. Moore, Josiah M. Moores, Arlyn Morris, Edna L. Morris, Sally J. Morse, Maralin K. Moses, Monty D. Moss, Margaret L. Mulluns, Earline C. Narramore, Billie Forty-two Neds, Nancy J. Nelson, Irl S. Nelson, Joe W. Netzel, Daniel A. Neve, Don K. Newton, Don L. Nichols, Gayla J. Noble, Arlene Noetzpl, Doris E. Noetzel, Henry C. Nusbaum, Donald R. Nylund, Dorothy A. Oaughlin, Bernie O. Odom, Hubert M. Olivas, Ramon D. Oliver, Larry R. Olson, Olene K. Ong, Florence Orey, Ralph B. Ortega, Edward Owen, Marjorie M Palmer, Patricia Parent, Robert H. Park, teRoy R. Patterson, Jack L. Paulus, Joan M. Payne, Pat L. Payton, Herman Perez, Conrad A. Forty -tnree Perkins, Evelyn M. Pernell, Wilbur E. Phillips, Mary E. Phlegar, Joanne V. Pickens, Betty Jo Pilcher, James O. Pomeroy, Kent L. Portillo, David Portillo, Robert S. Poulos, Bessie Powers, Jonnie Powers, Shirley A. Prescott, Arthur D. Price, Helen M. Prina, August R. Quauerlema, Delberta Racier, Betty J. Ramsey, Larry J. Rangel, Gilbert R. Reder, Jim G. Regan, Patricia J. Reppel, Edith J. Retherford, Glenna J. Rhoton, Colleen F. Richards, Claudia D. Richardson, Donald S. Ridenour, Kenneth R. Ritzman, Wilma A. Roberts, David L. Robledo, Mary J. Rogers, Ann K. Rogers, Carol A. Rollins, Boyd Rosen, Sol M. Rosenberg, Arnold Forty-four Rosscup, James E. Rowley, Paul D. Sanchez, Joe C. Schavina, George Scheumack, Palma C. Schienle, Donald R. Schneller, Judith J. Schroeder, Dean A. Schumacher, Wayne R. Schurz, Merlin E. Schultz, Sandra L. Schwartz, Arthur E. Scott, John L. Scroggs, Kay C. Sefchick, Ronald J. Seville, Eleanore E. Shaffer, Thomas W. Shepherd, Henry L. Sherman, Frank L. Sherrill, Don M. Shrader, Marilyn J. Shroyer, Gene C. Simmons, Joan Simpson, Lenora V. Siqueiros, Leo Smith, Jerri J. Smith, Robert E. Smith, Ruth Smith, Sharon G. Forty-five Smith, Steven W. Smitz, June R. Snyder, Gordon L. Solomon, Ethel L. Sommer, Richard H. Sorensen, Sanford A. Southard, Margaret M. Sparks, John M. Spencer, James W. Stahnke, Jerry L. Stallings, Richard L. Staken, Bernard F. Staples, Carole D. Starkey, Jayne M. Stauss, Dorothy A. Stevens, Theodore D. Stifel, Barbara L. Stockton, Phil S. Stoldt, Lois A. Stone, John T. Stonecipher, Emaloy Strait, Marvin A. Sundal, Marlene A. Survic, Arthur F. Talbott, Neva Taylor, Jackie A. Thayer, Ronnie W. Thin, Maung M. Thompson, Robert N. Thompson, Shirley E. Thompson, Stan L. Tierney, Dorothy D. Tissaw, Judith L. Tope, Tom W. Towne, Joye Forty-six Trees, James H. Truax, Dora M. Trujillo, Manuel M. Tschoepe, Nadine Turley, Anita Udall, Pauline Urtuzuastegui, Josephine I Valenzuela, Wilma Valestra, Fred J. VanKirk, Joan I. Vega, Jose F. Vining, Lee E. Voorhis, Shirley A. Vucichevich, Mary Wageman, Loriene J. Waldrip, Janice R. Walker, Gay C. Wallace, Joan C. Walton, Catherine A. Waters, Kenneth N. Watkins, Sue W. Watt, Laurence A. Wear, Betty J. Weathersby, Peggy L. Webb, Frank M. Webber, Melvin J. Wedepohl, Norbert G. Weete, Ro bert G. Welch, Joyce K. Forty-seven Wells, Anthony P. Whaling, Pat C. Wheeler, Richard W. Whetten, Melvina White, Franklin R. White, Paris J. Whitfield, Otto Wickersham, Anne Wiedenhaupt, Glen E. Wilburn, Gayla L. Wilhelm, Bruce D. Willeford, Jo Anne Williams, Margaret I. Williams, Norma J. Wilson, Donald C. Wilson, T. Norman Wood, Claudette Wood, Dorothy L. Wood, Oleta M. Woods, Nancy K. Woolley, Janice C. Wright, James ll Wubbolding, Betty E. Ybarra, Sally M. Yetsky, Marvin J. Yoshida, Takao Zannis, Helen M. Ziegler, Marilyn 4, Forty-eight t )L ) l K )( J at ' s no mini! -, hr ' s my iliilc-. " . . IL -, T y H ir r IL 71 n STARLETS The ability and technique of these cast mem- bers is now pretty well set. They have devel- oped amazingly soon since their entrance to this movieland as newcomers. Character roles are their chief interest for they are trying out varied phases of work so that they can decide which phase they want to specialize in. Soon they will become starlets nearing the end of their long training task. President Jerry Cannon Vice-President Steve Duke Secretary Carolyn Cummins Fifty to il ' . : . Acosta, Ruben E. Adams, Carol A. Akin, Margaret E. Allan, Barry D. Ashcroft, Floyce Baker, Patsy J. Ballesteros, Frank L. Barney, Phyllis A. Barrett, Jim W. Barnsback, Richard E. Harris, Ethel L. Basinger, Robert R. Bass, George N. Bateman, Georgia R. Baxley, Donald E. Beardsley, Nancy A. Beaugureau, Joan F. Beck, Ronald O. Bell, Billie E. Bender, Barbara E. Benson, Mary M. Bethel, Howard D. Bettenhausen, Donald F.| Bills, Alfred E. Blake, Joan Blake, Nancy C. Blizzard, Thoburn E. Boese, Carolyn J. Bowers, David M. Fifty-one Bracamonte, Richard E Bradt, Phyllis L. Branian, Charles D. Branson, Duane C. Bratcher, Austin S. Bratton, Helen F. Brennen, Sheila N. Brimhall, Linda Brion, Margaret R. Brown, Bebe K. Brown, Carolyn C. Brown, Philip R. Brunner, Alfred Bryant, Robert C. Buell, Theodore B. Bullion, Audrey O ' Uell Bullock, Betty A. Burke, Francis K. Burkett, Robert V. Burrola, Rudy C. Butler, Gloria Buyher, Loren L. Byrne, Frances M. Cady, Patricia R. Cannon, Jerry Carlson, Franklin R. Carrington, Hugh C. Carroll, Edwin E. Carson, Lucille A. Caso, Louis M . Catlett, Grady F. Cauble, David B. Chafey, William D. Chapman, Claudia A. Chew, Glee Fifty-two rm V Choquette, Boulah L. Christensen, Beverly J. Clark, Laurece Clarkson, Dale E. Clubbs, Charles R. Cobb, Carolyn J. Coffinger, Mike D. Cook, Beverly J. Coons, Ezra D. Cooper, Alvin F. Copeland, Robert F. Costello, Shirley A. Coulson, Nancy R. Cox, Carolyn T. Cram, Evelyn Crispelle, James F. Cruse, John L. Cummins, N. Carolyn Davis, William J. Davis, William H. DeLancey, Doris A. Dempster, Effie A. Deppe, Allan T. Deters, Ernest G. Dillon, Charlotte H. Dixon, Charles R. Dixon, Joan A. Dolan, Joseph C. Dole, Nancy J. Fifty-three Dombey, Suzanne K. Doran, Wayne S. Douglass, Jean E. Duffy, Douglas B. Duhame, Loretta J. Duke, Steven B. Dumas, Gerald J. Durazo, Armando S. Durio, Donn L. Dyer, Joy F. Eady, Lawrence J. Edwards, Margaret J. Egan, William M. Ekechukwu, Oluchukwu Ellsworth, Phillip D. Emmott, Susan Escalante, Lydia C. Estes, Carol Ewing, Robert A. Evans, Shirley A. Faletti, Theresa M. Farrell, Patricia M. Faupel, Maryavis D. Ferrin, Lee L. Fessler, George R. Fields, Ray D. Eineberg, Ronnie B. Eitzmaurice, Ralph T. Flanagan, James A. Flood, Edward J. Fong, John K. Forbes, Joyce A. Forsnas, Elin M. Foster, Gary L. Fox, Thomas R. Fifty-four Francom, Shirley A. Frank, Audrey A. Freedlund, Lawrence Futch, Thomas E. Galindo, Joshua Gallego, Jose B. Gamble, Margaret E. Ganske, James D. Garcia, Benjamin Gardner, Nida R. Gates, Richard W. Gay, Barbara H. Geller, Earl Geis, Thomas A. Gibson, Margaret L. Gilbert, Charles W. Gillespie, Barbara A. Gladden, Danny D. Glenn, William J. Goldburg, Frank Gomez, Ricardo R. Gomez, Tony Goodman, Sherry L. Gove, George C. Greeley, Arlin C. Greenberg, Leonard W. Groom, Claire C. Groosbard, Gary K. Gualdoni, Marguerite M. Fifty-five Guitteau, Josephine Gulzow, Donna M. Gunnels, Patsi J. Gutshall, Lettie A. Haddock, Glen G. Halvarson, Daniel A. Hannaford, Signa J. Hansen, Marjorie Harman, Ted L. Hartman, Virginia Harvey, Barbara Harvey, Jo Ann Hauenstein, Carolyn J. Haver, Charles H. Hays, Donald G. Helbing, Joan A. Henderson, John A. Henert, Verlis D. Henningsen, Donald J. Henson, Mary L. Herrell, Betty J. Herrera, Edward B. Herriott, Sondra L. Herringtonj Earl Herrscher, Janice Hicks, Janet E. Higgins, Ora B. Hill, Barnard H. Hill, Charles A. Hill, Leonard E. Hill, Tommy N. Hinkle, Ann I. Hinman, Peggy I. Hohn, Edward Hoke, Raymond H. I ' ifty-six Holehan, Eugene L. Holic, Violet Holland, Darlene B. Holm, Mary E. Hood, Charles S. Hopkins, Clarice Houg, Marilyn M. ' Hosking, William J. Howard, James A. Hutchins, Margaret C. Ingalls, Charles L. Israel, Arnold T. Jacobson, Peggy L. Janes, Dale E. Janneson, Bemice A. Jensen, Clifford R. John, Carol L. Johnson, Leora M. Jones, Albert W. Jones, Glenna Jones, Jay Jones, Max Jones, Marie L. Jones, Shirley A. Jones, Robert G. Jorgensen, Robert L. Judd, Alma B. Judd, Floyd F. Kane, Janis F. Fifty-seven Kaufman, Betty J. Kelly, Edward V. Kelley, Kathleen L. . Kennedy, Lois J. Kentera, Millicent Kerr, Gail L. Khan, Amina Kiene, Ted J. Kiser, Thomas L. Kish, Sondra C. Kleinschmidt, Joan M. Kmetko, Steve Kober, Suzanne Krafft, William W. Kunkle, Ruth C. Kunze, Kay Lancaster, Annabelle Larson, Vicki L. La Salvia, Louis Latham, Kenneth Lavold, Mary A. Ledwidge, Genevieve Leonard, Lillian L. Lewis, Bizzanne Lill, Bruno Livengood, Mary E. Looft, Claire I. Luckett, Bette J. Lundahl, William R. Lutz, Margaret McClure, Donald L. McCoy, Lois C. McDowell, Robert A. McGrew, Ralph L. McKnight, Robert J. Fifty -eight McPherson, Clarcne N. Mack, Dudley G. Madden, Bonnye L. Maggio, Charles W. Manterola, Sylvia C. Marcey, Faye J. Martin, Alice M. Martinez, Walter A. Marsh, George M. Matot, Carol A. Matovich, Edwin Mattingly, Patricia Mayes, Mary C. Meibert, Virgil E. Mendivil, Adalberto Meyer, Lloyd G. Miller, Helen M. Miller, Lloyd C. Miller, Marilyn N. Miller, Raymond V. Millett, Raelene Mills, Alberta S. Minarik, Robert R. Mineah, Mary E. Mohn, Carolyn Moores, Judson Moseley, Joe Mullen, Alice Munger, Joe P. Fifty-nine Munger, John A. Myers, Francis R. Norgaard, Elaine Noriega, Armida Nuttall, Etta J. O ' Barr, Joe A. O ' Clair, Earlene M. O ' Connell, Joan S. Okine, Isaac A. Osborn, John E. Osborn, Wesley F. Otwell, Nancy M. Paddock, Patricia R. Palacia, Rachel P. Poller, Leroy Parker, James H. Parkhurst, Kenneth M. Parrett, Shirley G. Paterson, Jane Peila, Dixie L. Penar, Joan M. Pendergast, Lauiel D. Peterson, Arleigh Peterson, Jackie Picone, John B. Place, Kenneth Poer, Patricia Polenske, Dale K. Pozas, Henry L. Pregenzer, Edna M. Preston, Richard C. Prignano, Dolores C. Provencio, Arthur T. Pyle, Thomas A. Rader, Edwin A. Sixty Ramsey, Phyllis E. Reade, Cora S. Rebeles, Helen J. Rebo, Mona J. Reuter, Henry A. Rhoads, Barbara L. Riley, George M. Rivera, Margaret G. Roberts, Bill R. Roberts, JoArm E. Robertson, Harry H. Robertson, Rosemary Robinson, Bonnie B. Robinson, Scot Rochford, Richard D. Rodzen, Roger L. Rogers, Courtney Romero, Jesus F. Saenz, Mike M. Salazar, Dollie E. Salt, Benjamin A. Salter, James L. Schaub, William S. Schmitz, Helen A. Schmook, Charles R. Schowalter, Janice E. Schramke, Robert A. Schuff, Mary A. Schoustra, Florence J. Sixty-one Searles, Richard T. Sedlar, Robert D. Serrano, Mary H. Shoemaker, James P. Sidener, Suzanne S. Simons, William F. Smelser, Virginia N. Smith, Billie K. Smith, Rose M. Smith, Waldine Solms, Sandra S. Somers, David A. Sommer, Janice L. Stallings, Tom L. Stelter, Dorothy A. Stewart, Sue J. Stevens, Betty J. Stites, Patricia D. Stone, Phyllis L. Storms, C. Jane Sudekum, Ann Sullivan, Jeremiah J. Sumners, Mary Jo Sweeney, Edward Sweeney, William B. Sykes, Marilyn J. Tabor, Dorothy L. Tabor, Nancy Taylor, Betty Taylor, Milford G. Tedrick, Thomas D. Terkelsen, Eldon F. Thompson, Don L. Thompson, Margie D. Tibbet, Margery A. Sixty-two Tietje, David U. Towles, Virginia Trethewey, Betty J. Trethewey, Janet E. Trimble, Erlene Troch, Robert W. Truax, Janet L. Tucker, Jackie Turnbull, Sharon R. Turney, Sarah L. Turville, Steven Tyler, Charles R. Uhl, Mary F. Uzeta, Arthur C. Valencia, Edgar M. Vance, Robert L. Verdugo, Gene C. Vermillion, Helen C. Viscogliosi, Tom A. Voe, Margaret A. Wagner, Edgar O. Wallace, Don S. Walsh, James A. Wanee, Emery J. Warren, Joyce Q. Watkins, Beverly Z. Watkins, Shirley A. Watson, Ronald W. Wasielewski, Catharine Sixty-three Weiss, Jerome I. Wellman, Dorothy J. Wessel, Merle H. Westfall, Robert Westover, James D. Wheeler, Delbert D. White, Fairel R. Whitlock, Jonell Williams, James H. Williams, Thomas R. Wilson, Margery A. Winslow, Sylvia L. Wochner, R. Dean Woo, Curry B. Wordon, Don A. Wright, Harold L. Wos, Gordon F. Wunderley, Ronald W. Zidan, Joan B. Zook, Beverly J. k Sixty-four STARLETS Though the road to stardom and success is still in the distant future, these juniors at Arizona State are the starlets of our movie. They have a firm footing now and each has his own type of role. Their techniques and abilities are down pretty pat, and they are now waiting, for in time, they will be the stars at A.S.C. ' ' ' t 1 " t President Loy Despain Secretary Barbara Humphrey Vice-President Terry Mack Sixty-five Accola, Alice M. Acuna, Alice Adams, Vivian L. Alcong, Stanley C. Akong, Vemon A. Angulo, Irma Athans, Cyril P. Atteberry, Joseph T. Bailey, Gerald M. Baker, Leslie Baldwin, Jerald P. Bejarano, Arthur A. Bejarano, Charles A. Bell, Charlie F. Bennett, Fay O. Bernstein, Thomas A. Bienenfeld, Daniel Bjorklund, Midgene M. Blackmer, Doris M. Blair, Maxine A. Boos, Gene W. Braddy, Virginia A. Bridgman, Luanna J. Brion, Mary L. Brockert, John E. Brundage, James D. Bull, Jorene J. Byron, Dave L. Cady, Michel J. Campbell, Vernon L. Carney, Ernestine Carter, Doris E. Chavez, Octaviano R. Chennault, Nanci Z. Christensen, John F. Sixty -six Cobb, Charlene J. Collins, Frances J. Conniff, Joan M. Cook, Betty J. Cordova, Ralph A. Coulson, William R. Cox, Donald K. Crawford, Robert E. Crockett, Keith Crowder, Edwin J. Crosson, Patricia O. Cunningham, Edward J. Cutchaw, John M. Dad, Elsie Daer, John Davis, Elizabeth J. Denny, Jean Despain, Loy K. Diemer, Martha E. Dille, Roy B. Dollahon, William J. Doolittle, Jerome E. Doolittle, Shirley D. Earnhardt, Barbara L. Elledge, Keith S. Ellsworth, Kumen C. England, Virginia G. Erickson, Ann M. Estrada, Eddie W. Sixty-seven Fagar, Lucille Fancher, Jack E. Farmer, Norman L. Finch, Clarence A. Fish, Boyce J. Fjeld, Maxine S. Fleming, Richard E. Flickinger, Kenneth G. Foster, Osborn N. Fowler, Katie M. Fox, Robert G. Freifield, Max L. Frost, Dale Frost, George T. Fullmer, James B. Gantz, Gladys L. Garcia, Charles M. Gardner, Margaret J. Gaylord, Lester L. Gettelman, Ann E. Gilbert, Robert L. Gilpin, Harley G. Godfrey, Ronald E. Gorham, Donald H. Goss, Richard E. Gray, Mary B. Greer, Barbara A. Gullickson, Charlene L. Guptill, Geraldine L. Gutierrez, Steve A. Haake, John A. Hadinger, Richard W. Haire, Norma J. Halleran, Dorothy A. Hamblin, Richard L. Sixty-eight Hamburger, Sol L. Hamman, Hugh H. Hansen, Barbara J. Hanson, Geraldine A. Hardesty, Wayne E. Harless, Leona M. Harless, Velda Harris, Anna L. Hatfield, Larry C. Hawkins, Helen M. Headington, Mary K. Heileman, George F. Herrscher, Eugene C. Hessman, Doral L. Hightower, Carl R. Hills, Shirley M. Hilton, Gail Hinton, Fauna L. Hinton, James E. Hirsch, Seymour Holman, Joanne Humphrey, Barbara G. Hutchins, Kenneth T. lies, John R. James, Jacob L. Jaruis, John H. Johnson, Eleanore R. Johnson, Raymond R. Keaton, Bill F. Sixty-nine Keegan, William C. Kiefer, Paul E. King, Louis G. Kinnerup, Bill N. Kirby, Stanley D. Kitchin, Jean E. Kleinman, John K. Kowalchik, Elaine Kwiatkowski, Alfred E. Latva, Sherwood W. Lawrey, Arlene E. Leath, Frank A. Leavitt, Barbara Lee, Virginia E. Levy, Stuart W. Lewis, Mary E. Lillevig, Gail M. Locker, Patricia A. Lockhart, Calvin C. Louthan, Jeanette L. Lutey, Roger J. Lynch, James A. McAdams, Clyde H. McCall, Carol A. McCleery, Kathleen L. McClellan, Roy A. McCord, Dan W. McDaniel, Robert L. McDonough, Connie J. McHenry, Robert E. McKee, Patrick F. McKinley, H. Elaine McWilliams, Fred M. Mack, Terry O. Malamas, Louis G. Seventij Manning, David C. Martin, John S. Martin, Marlene C. Martin, Tommy Martin, William L. Marty, Helen M. Mende, Dan H. A. Mendoza, Eliza E. Merrick, John F. Miller, Ann Miller, James D. Miller, Marilyn A. Milovich, Dushan P. Mix, Pearl M. Moore, Jean M. Moore, Melville T. Murray, Andrew J. Myles, Edward L. Nance, Eugene E. Neely, William G. Nelson, Noreen Nichols, Neal K. Nielson, ElLouise Norman, Howard W. North, Richard F. Nunez, Rosie L. Olson, Helen D. Ort, Jimmy B. Ortega, Irene M. Seventy-one Osbome, Earl W. Ostrander, Arlene R. Owens, Yvonne J. Parker, Donald L. Patterson, John H. Patterson, Nathan L. Pearce, Melvin J. Petica, Delores A. Pinkham, Kenneth A. Pinnell, Elissa R. Pollard, Wesley M. Pound, M. Temple Prator, John C. Provencio, Joe H. Prow, Harold J. Quinn, Mary A. Randel, Herbert R. Raudebaugh, James D. Reed, Larry D. Resta, Paul E. Reyna, Rachel V. Rhodes, Barbara L. Richards, Bruce L. Richards, Marston E. Robison, Janice L. Rodriguez, Louis P. Rolback, Joseph S. Rouse, Barbara A. Rowe, Ernest R. Salem, Albert T. Salem, Harold D. Salie, Marilyn A. Sanchez, Pasqual N. Saunders, Keith S. Savittieri, Anthony A. Schreiber, Susan O. Schwegman, Harry L. Sellers, James R. Shankland, Mary I. Sharpe, Richard W. Sill, Virginia C. Silva, Tony M. Smith, Alice L. Smith, Burton K. Smith, Cyril K. Smith, Grace A. Smith, Marjorie A. Sorenson, Joseph A. Soto, Nieves C. Spracale, Joseph P. Spriggs, Everett L. Springer, James A. Spurlock, Nancy S. Stein, Myron S. Steinbronn, Shirley M. Stevenson, Sharon L. Sullivan, Patricia A. Swaine, Archibald D. Swanson, Thomas I. Talley, Valene Tang, William Taylor, Frederick L. Taylor, Nena S. Thomas, David I. Thompson, Philip H. Thornton, Robert H. Tikkala, Vellamo Tolby, Quentin V. Toy, Betsy Q. Tripp, Donald W. Tucker, Patricia L. Tyson, Nancy B. Unsicker, Doris E. Valentine, Gerald L. Valentine, Patrick R. Vann, Theodore E. Voss, Charles T. Walker, James R. Wallace, Terry C. Ward, John R. Ward, Richard E. Warner, Donna J. Weiler, Joseph H. Wheelock, Margie C. Whipple, Mary L. Whitney, Joe H. Wiley, William H. Williams, Nina L. Wilson, Beverley M. Wilson, Thomas H. Win, Maung K. Winikka, Robert P. Winton, Pat L. Wollenman, M. Jean Wood, Nancy C. Woods, Willie E. Wooldridge, Patricia E. Worthington, Robert B. Wyles, Duane C. Seventy-four Yanez, Gabriel R. Young, Franklin O. Zahler, Alice A, Ji Jl Seventy-five STARS In every movie there are starring roles. Here these roles were portrayed by the seniors, gradu- ating class of ' 54. Representative leaders of the star-studded cast throughout the school year were Paul Correri, Don Stocks, and Kathy Roe. Each senior played his role as in times past and then left for newer fields of endeavor. Some may try their luck as comebacks in graduate school but whatever they do or wherever they go they will always have the valuable experi- ence of starring at A.S.C. This was their year. Good-bye, seniors! President Paul Correri Vice- President Don Stocks Secretary Kathy Roe Seventy-six Adams, Renee L. Adams, Virginia Lee Aguirre, Jessie C. Albright, Joe E. Anderson, John K. Anderson, William F. Andrews, Robert C. Angle, Max M. Armour, Robert C. Arnold, Mary A. Babbitt, Margaret G. Barela, Rudolph C. Barriga, Joe C. Barrington, Marjorie R. Bathke, Jess W. Bayer, John J. Becker, Bernice A. Bednorz, Gerald T. Bennewitz, Paul C. Berning, Robert J. Bevans, Beverly L. Blair, Robert Blankenship, Buck G. Bobo, Bessie L. Bodine, Selyna S. Boetani, Denise Bohn, Thelma L. Bowdoin, Beulah A. Bowles, George R. Bowman, Barbara A. Bray, Thomas T. Brewer, Harriet R. Brooks, Jerrell W. Brown, John W. Bryant, Charles E. Seventy-seven ! . .. , Buchanan, Ned C. Buehl, Frederick H. Burch, Mary J. Bnrman, Laurence H. Bush, Don C. Bustos, Ernest J. Calhoun, Margie V. Campbell, Dale H. Campolongo, Teresa Carr, Betty L. Castro, Mary B. Chambers, Diane M. Chancy, Wayne W. Christensen, Raydean Christian, Daniel R. Clausen, Donald E. Clements, Robert W. Cluff, Don C. Conaway, Albert P. Convert!, Marjorie P. Cooper, Jacquelyn D. Comelison, Marchie A. Correri, Paul T. Corwin, Charles H. Costello, Mary A. Cox, Bennie Cox, Catherine H. Crabtree, Sidney J. Crawford, James M. Seventy-eight Cunningham, Patricia A Damon, Edward R. Danks, Eulalia M. Darling, Phillip H. Davis, Emma L. Davis, John T. Davis, Mary Ann L. Davis, Robert J. Davis, Walter C. Dean, Billv A. Delvin, Dorothy H. DeMund, James P. Derbis, Albin B. Dick, Mary A. Dillon, Ann M. Dixon, Robin L. Dixon, William Dong, Allen M. Donhough, Ruth V. Donovan, Harold A. Downs, Beverly A. Duke, Stanley D. Dye, Margaret Edwards, Marvin J. Elliot, John B. Elliott, Billy K. Fairchild, Jerome H. Fanning, Leo C. Farr, Wallace E. Feldstein, Morlev A. Fernandez, Loyd Ferns, Delle L. Finnell, Shirley Fleming, Robert L. Foote, Homer L. Seventy-nine Forde, Wayne A. Fowler, Alice M. Fowler, Marguerite Frank, Orin M. Garote, Joan V. Geiger, Joseph W. Gentry, Lula P. Gibson, Stuart L. Giltinan, Betty N. Glover, Lee R. Goodfellow, Allan P. Grace, Frank A. Gravelot, Nancy J. Graves, Vern C. Greer, Carol L. Greer, Kenneth E. Griego, Lupe J. Griner, Harold G. Grover, Lorna A. Gunerman, Zina J. Hadlock, Berdell L. Hall, Gwendolyn L. Hammer, Earl D. Hand, Elizabeth L. Hand, Randall W. Hankins, Lizzie M. Hannum, Fred erick J. Harper, JoAnne Harr, Maibelle J. Eighty Harris, Ralph E. Harter, Susan A. Hartman, Paul W. Haughf, Virginia D. Haws, Ross W. Hazen, Raymond A. Heiner, Charles B. Helmkay, Carol F. Herrick, George R. Hilliker, Dean W. Hirayama, Takamori Horwitz, Irving S. Huddle, Patricia L. Humphries, Gertrude F. Hunter, Queindella Hurley, Thomas P. Insana, Frank Jacquet, Katherine M. Jennings, Gayle L. Jerman, Stanley M. Johnson, W. Donald Johnston, Donald L. Jones, Anne S. Julian, Jean A. Kaercher, Elise S. Keller, Leonard Kennedy, Shirley A. Keyes, Phillip W. Kirkman, Donald W. Klein, Leah J. Kleinman, Lynn W. Koger, Beryl E. Kopchak, Louise M. LaFave, Kenneth E. Lane, Betty J. Eighty-one Latta, Everett J. Lee, Henry Leffue, John C. Lines, Evelyn L. Loughran, Michael H. Luckie, Mildred Lyle, James B. Lynn, Austin C. McDonald, James R. McGrath, Afton L. Mcjunkin, Darlene McNabb, William H. Madrid, Tanis E. Mains, Thomas A. Mangino, John T. Manos, Dorothea Mar, Ernest Marenda, Mary E. Mason, Robert W. Maza, Manuel A. Mazur, Michael L. Melick, Mary E. Meril, Nathan M. Miller, Elizabeth L. Miller, Raymond J. Milligan, Francis A. Mills, Lawrence B. Mitchell, Jack R. Mitchum, William W. Eighty-two Montgomery, Catherine J. Moore, Hope C. Moore, James F. Morgan, A. Bruce Morley, Carl H. Morris, Theora Motz, Carl E. Mough, William J. Mulville, Rose A. Nader, Martha H. Newman Chester L. Nicholson, Raymond G. Nickerson, Charles E. Noe, Robert C. Nof singer, William B. Noll, Robert F. Nottle, Robert J. O ' Connell, Edward H. Ohnleiter, Robert F. Okamura, Wallace T. Oliver, Dwain C. Ong, Helen Orines, Fortunata M. Ormand, Dave W. O ' Toole HI, Lawrence A. Pannone, Marzio Patterson, Barbara E. Patterson, Carolyn S. Patterson, Donald E. Patton, Jack J. Paup, Helen F. Peabody, Charles A. Peart, Audery C. Peterson, Pearl R. Pickens, William B. Eighty-three Pierson, Lyle C. Pimper, Henry A. Poulos, Sophie Prentice, Gary E. Prior, Cecil L. Probert, Denton S. Raisch, Luva B. Ramsey, Norma L. Randall, Lola M. Reade, Velma R. Ribera, Schema Ridge, George W. Riley, Joseph T. Risner, Marion T. Roach, Charles E. Roberson, Mary P. Roden, Thomas A. Roe, Douglas H. Roe, Kathryn A. Rolph, Helen B. Root, Beverly M. Roth, Arthur J. Ruch, Joanne Ruiz, Virginia Rushton, Carollyn J. Russell, Kenneth A. Sala, Ann Sasazar, Guadalupe E. Salmons, Pearl E. Eighty-four Sanchez, Anthony B. Sanchez, Anthony M. Schaefer, Kenneth A. Schmit, Edward P. Schuster, James P. Schwerdtfeger, Bill Scott, John E. Senseman, Mildred P. Serafini, Claudio R. Shafer, Neil Shaughnessy, Joseph Shaughnessy, Robert J. Shields, Rebecca R. Shipley, Patricia J. Shoob, Stuart J. Showley, Devon L. Shumway, Charles R. Shumway, Dale R. Silva, Manuel M. Simmons, Jefferson D. Sloan, Beverly J. Smith, Alvin N. Smith, Barbara M. Smith, Betty A. Smith, Dale H. Smith, Earlene M. Smith, Henry B. Smith, Ross L. Snodgrass, Wanita M. Snodgrass, William L. Snyder, Patricia A. Spencer, Douglas F. Spencer, Roy A. Standish, John H. Standley, Frances R. Eighty-five Steele, Mary A. Stephan, Ray L. Stern, Evelyn G. Stewart, John K. Stocks, Barbara W. Stocks, Donald R. Strong, Donald G. Strunk, Charles F. Sundeen, Gene L. Takemori, Elaine A. Talla, Patricia A. Tang, Don Tauber, Barbara A. Taylor James P. Taylor, Jesse Thron, Joan E. Tom, Ken G. Tope, Marilyn J. Trepel, Anthony J. Turner, Shirley L. Tweedy, George D. Twentier, Julia L. Udall, Jesse N. Urtnzuastegui, Trini M. Vance, Dougles S. Von Zagorski, Dorothy E. Walker, Graham A. Wallace, Beverly A. Wallace, Gordon St. Glair 1 Eighty-six Walling, Marjorie J. Watson, David K. Way, Wanda W. Wear, George R. Weaver, J. L. Webb, Joy L. Weber, Joan R. Weeden, Dorothy L. Welch, Catherine A. Welnick, Patricia L. Welty, Don A. Wendel, Fred W. West, Charles W. West, George W. Westover, Joanne Whittum, Norman J. Wilcox, Norman E. Williams, Anna B. Williams, BuchI L. Wold, Oddetta A. Wolslagel, William W. Wong, Kim H. Wood, Richard J. Woolley, Jack B. Wray, Royce M. Yarbrough, Wilson H. Ybarra, Carmen Yee, Daisy Young, Joann M. Yuen, Lucy Yuen, Lupe Zachar, Jacqueline B. Zeller, Stanley E. Zendle, Seymour Zito, Lillian R. Eighty-seven Artigala, Jean M. Benda, Bonnie L. Bradley, James T. Castillo, Emilio R. Coats, David H. Cosper, Edward T. Dumond, George B. Enloe, Mary Ann George, Anthony J. Ginger, John B. Harmon, Elaine M. Hill, Frances H. 4 Hill, Winfred L. Hineman, Dorothy A. Homewood, F. Hollis Hougnon, Joseph P. Jessen, Dickie A. McGill, Walter T. Moody, Richard D. Musselman, Stanley Proctor, Dorsey E. Rigor, Obdulia B. Ringhofer, Louis J. Rose, Robert H. Sewright, Kenneth G. Smith, Jerry C. Smith, Marshall B. Snodgrass, Richard K. Somervell, Margaret L. Tulipano, Johnnie Yocum, Catherine J. Eighty-eight STUNT MEN FOOTBALL Sun Devil football coaches, left to right, are: Gene Fetter, end coach; Bob White, backfield coach; Clyde Smith, head coach; and Howard Brown, line coach. Dr. D. R. van Petten Director of Inter-Collegiate Athletics 1953-54 Arizona State ' s Sun Devil football team finished the 1953-54 schedule with a 4-5-1 record. They won only one Border Conference contest while losing three. In the season opener, the Devils battled the Sailors from San Diego, losing by only five points, 19 to 14. But the next Saturday the Devils bounced back to beat North Texas State, 14 to 0. In the Demons ' Border Conference debut, Texas Western overcame in the second half a two touch- down advantage to edge the Devils, by a 28 to 27 score. But again in the following two games, the Devils shocked San Jose State with a 35 to 20 win and turned back a fighting West Texas State team, 39 to 20. Next on the Devils schedule was Houston Uni- versity. The Cougars managed to edge by the Devils again this year by a 24 to 20 score. At the Homecom- ing game, the Devils won a hard fought 26 to 18 game from Brigham Young University as John Allen snared two touchdown passes to run his season total to eight and set a new Arizona State record. Ninety CHEER LEADERS: L-R: Ann Evans, Gene Sundeen, Lanny Kope, Freddy McWilliams, JaclcHaake and Betty Farley. POM-PON GIRLS: Marjorie Hansen, Ethelyn Meldrum, Dolores Zoyan, Marjorie Taylor, Pat Cady, Barbara Battin, Dorothy Nylund, Elaine McKinley, Mary Lou McDonald, Darlene Moses. SUN DEVIL AND DEVILETTE: Sun Devil Dick Jacobs and Devilette Joy Maine thrill spec- tators with their unique acrobatic feats. Ninety-one PRESENTING YOUR Co-Captains Dick Curran, Back Tom Fallon, Tackle John Allen, End Don Arrendondo, Back Frank Bell, Tackle Jim Bilton, Back Mike Coffinger, Back Jack Dunn, Guard Al Derbis, End Wayne Gedman, Back Karl Grassl, End Dan Gravbill, Back Bob Green, Tackle Jim Hampton, Back Duane Hellam, End Bob Hendricks, Back John Hickman, Guard Lou lani, Tackle John Jankans, Tackle Ralph Jenkins, Center Joe Kavinsky, Guard Will Kimball, Back SUN DEYIL FOOTBALL TEAM Harry Kleindorfer, Guard Lee Lovaas, Back Bob Luthcke, Tackle Charles Mackey, End Dick Mackey, Back Ruben Madril, Back Nick Maucieri, Center Henry Meza, Back Dick Napolitano, Back Clarence Osborne, End Jim Olenick, Center Lyle Pierson, Guard Gus Poulos, Guard Carl Powell, Guard Frank Rogers, Guard Bob Sedlar, Back Dan Seivert, Back Jay Smith, Back Norb Smorin, Guard Ennis Stanphill, Back Jack Stovall, End Bob Tarwater, Back- Bill Thompson, Back Al Valenzuela, Guard Ron Wunderly, End FOOTBALL ACTION U.S.NAYAL TRAINING CENTER SHOTS In Arizona State ' s first home game against a powerful sailor crew from the Naval Training Center at San Diego, Jim Bilton, number 24, comes wide around left end. Charging in to give Bilton interference is the Devils ' Lou lani, number 56. The Sailors won 19 to 14. WEST TEXAS V t In the Homecoming tilt a Brigham Young ball carrier is being thrown out of bounds between two Arizona State forces, namely, Bob Sedlar on the left and Dick Curran on the right. Running towards the play are Danny Sei- vert, number 27; Bob Luthcke, number 57; Nick Maucieri, number 45, and Lyle Pierson, number 44. Arizona State won by a 28 to 18 score. BRIDHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY In the Midwestern game Arizona State ' s defense is displayed by quarterback Dick Mackey and halfback Bob Sedlar, number 21, as they drive through to push the ball carrier out of bounds. Watching is end AI Derbis, number 22. The contest ended in an unexpected 12 to 12 tie. MIDWESTERN Ninety-five Arizona State ' s Jim Bilton, on an end run, picks up yardage before running into the University ' s Kenny Cardella. Helping down Bilton from the rear is an unidentified University player. The Cats won 35-0. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA Dandy Dick Curran, number 60, coming around left end, tries to evade the University ' s 240-lb. tackle, Bob Mellekas, number 72. Coming up from the defensive secondary is Don Beasley, University back. Other Arizona State players are center Nick Maucieri, number 45, and halfback Bob Sedlar, number 21. SUN DEYIL CACERS Winning basketball games took a back seat during the 1953-54 season as the Arizona State cage squad dropped IS of their 23 contests. The Snn Devil five, which numbered among its members only three upper- classmen, did not win a single road game and found themselves as a result mired solidly with New Mexico A M in the Border Conference cellar. Only one regular from the previous year ' s team, guard Tom Fntch, returned and ASC struggled along with a starting lineup which eventually was composed of two freshmen and three sophomores. The outstanding individual performer was 6 ' sophomore forward Dick Dangh- erty, who emerged with a 16.5 points- per-game average and was fighting for the national free throw percentage lead- ership, with the remarkable record of having hit 75 of 86 shots for an 87.2 per- centage. A lack of defensive sharpness, respon- sible to a good extent because of the shortness of the inexperienced players, made an already tough situation worse. The Sun Satans could score but they also handed back points faster than they made them. Demon victims included Los Angeles State, 76-61, California Poly, 94-69, New Mexico A M, 74-63, West Texas State, 79-77, and Texas Western, 92-71. Other players who showed well the past year were freshmen Dave Craybill and Johnny Burton, sophomores Willard Nobley and Futch and junior Don Weischedel. Ninety-seven . ' . Left to right, front row William Hightower, David Graybill, Dick Daugherty, Tom Futch, Willard Nobley, and Don Santee. Second row Gordon Shumway, Mike Loughran, Don Weischedel, Don Mesendick, Jerry John, Carl Miller, and Harvey Provencio, manager. BASKETBALL Ninety-eight Ill Coach Bill Kajikawa ' s seventh year as ASC ' s head basketball coach proved the fundamental fact that a team without adequate height and experience in its players does not make for a successful season. Bill ' s youthful cagers, which numbered only three upper-classmen among the 14 varsity members, lost 18 games. The Sun Devils met some of the nation ' s better schools on their Christmas holiday swing in the Univer- sities of Dayton, Miami, Tennessee and Maryland. Kajikawa graduated from Arizona State College in 1937. During the second world war served with the army in Italy, France and Germany. Kajikawa took over the head basketball reins in 1946. The Sun Devil mentor will be looking forward to next year as he has lost only two seniors from the squad. Now that the Demons have their own modern gymnasium the addition of a couple of tall boys is all that fans hope will be needed to remake the rather dismal 1953-54 results into a brighter record next year. Ninety-nine TRACK v-S- - As head coach of the defending Border Conference champion track and field team in only his second year at the helm, Senon Castillo has already gained the respect of coaches and athletes throughout the Southwest. The 34-year-old Castillo, who took over the head coaching job in mid-season 1952, places strong emphasis on team conditioning and strives to develop the best in every man on his squad. A native of Phoenix, he earned seven letters at Phoenix Union High School in three sports and continued his athletic career at Phoenix College and Western State in Colorado before entering the Navy in 1941. Baldy enrolled at ASC in 1946, receiving his BA in Education two years later. Immediately after graduation, Castillo stepped into the athletic program at ASC, becoming assistant track and basketball coach. The following year he assumed direction of the fresh- men teams in both sports and continued as Sun Imp bas- ketball coach through the 1952 season. Now residing in Tempe, Castillo has two children, David and Claudia. Front row - left to right, B. Garcia, M. Silva, W. Jones, A. Miller, F. Leath, Ed Griggs, H. Holehan, M. Wackerbarth, E. Herrington, and B. Harper. Second row E. Lee, D. Halverson, L. Cox, A. Hatley, G. Prentice, B. Clements, and N. Wedepohl. Third row M. Lavario, T. Kiene, R. Shumway, L. Glover, J. Lee, C. Turley, and S. Joy. Fourth row - Coach Castillo, H. Adams, C. Moore, D. Winder, C. Scott, D. Harper, H. Robertson. One Hundred One : .; ' Arizona State ' s mile relay team is composed of: left to right, Merle Wackerbarth, Lee Holehan, Frank Leath, and Earl Herrington. The team set a new AAU record this year for the mile relay. TRACK Pole Vaulter Clair Turley looks down the runway to check the height of the bar. Lining up to get off to a quick start are: left to right, Laddie Cox, Merle Wackerbarth, and Wal- ter Jones. Broad jumper Eddie Griggs soars through the air in a practice jump at Goodwin Stadium. One Hundred Two TENNIS Arizona State ' s tennis team is composed of, front row, left to right, Courtney Rogers, Paul Morten- sen, Captain, and Nelson Curtis. Back row Coach Marlow Keith, Bob Gilbert, and Jim Shoemaker. Courtney Rogers, only left handed player on the squad, returns a backhand shot to his opponent. Paul Mortensen, number one man for the Devil tennis squad, displays his tennis form on a fore- hand shot. One Hundred Three 1 " - " " . ' . J ' - " 1 ' - 1 -. - fe ARCHERY : .- ' One Hundred Four GOLF Above is golf coach Al Ono- frio. To the upper left is Mike Telep and Mel Moore. To the lower left is Milt Coggins Jr. and John Elliott. Pictured at the bot- tom are Tom Geis and John Rooney. One Hundred Five HEN ' S IHTRAMURALS I ' The Intramural Council from left to right: Albert Onofrio and Fred Bryant, faculty supervosirs; Al Sanelli; Rob Gilbert, Fraternity representative; Bruce Morgan, AVIS representative, and missing is Don Halvorson, Inde- pendent representative. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS All men who are currently enrolled at ASC are eligible to compete in the intra- mural program. The sports participated in are: (1) Football, which is the most popular in- tramural sport with a large number of participants and spectators; (2) Basket- ball. This is always a popular sport. (3) Softball is the main intramural sport of the spring; (4) Tennis, which begins in the fall, and ( 5 ) Badminton, a new addi- tion to the intramural calendar; (6) Horseshoes and Golf, then last but not least (7) the annual spring track meet which offers keen competition in both track and field events. Competition in the field of sports is a challenge to most of the men on campus and each year a tro- phy is awarded to the organization which has shown exceptional achievement and participation in the intramural program. One Hundred Six WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS W.A.A. COUNCIL: Members which have charge of the Women ' s Intramural Program are left to right: H. Leeke, C. Kidney, D. Mcjunkin, K. McCleery, B. Lane, S. Stev- enson, V. Adams, G. Kerr, P. Gunnels, A. Bixby. Standing are M. Brown, W. Way, A. Jones, S. Harden, N. Gravelot. One Hundred Seven One Hundred Eight WOMEN ' S SPORTS The women as ASC are offered excellent op- portunities in the field of sports Modern dance, tennis, basketball, hockey, Volleyball, and fencing are a few of the courses included in the women ' s physical education department. One Hundred Nine LDCATIDN SETS AND CREW 7 HAYDEN HALL ' Two cigarettes a gaze At what? Not the stars Wonder who they ' re trying to fool? ' But Honey, this is only the thirteenth! " ALPHA HALL " Everyone at Alpha drinks coffee except " Ah, come on! Everyone wears pajamas to the show, " EAST HALL Ping, pong, ping, pong plunk! " GAMMAGE ANNEX I. .T.TJULJU burv-eys show six out of eight girk cross their legs while sitting. " Had to get em out of bed for this shot. " " This is the way we hang our clothes! DAMMAGE HALL Q3J rTTTT on fJLJUUU JDLZTIJ T 4 JL J nnn rTn UMMI M era " We don ' t partv all the timt 1 . , . . " Getting a comic education . . . . " (13 , -j i r " Where there ' s smoke, there ' s fire . . . " " They ' ll just get dirty again fellows! ' ; " Whore ' s the fire? " V VA vU 1AV A AA AVUA l vvlvMA MATTHEWS TT T T T . MMwiLu t?p: , . ' ' - .-?? ' ' ' " JJOHTH HALL " The Mothers of tomorrow s children. " " Mirror, mirror on the wall .... A ijbu4u A i A i $5 . " ' , Cv-, UMLLJLJUUL JLIUULJUULJ JLJLJLJUULJLA r imnnrirrn LJUU tt LA RAMADA It s good these fixtures aren ' t permanent! " J Which two have the answer sheet? " " Sorrv boy, you just lost your letter! STADIUM LjJi HALL SOUTH HALL On, We won ' t come home until morning! " " We ' re a puzzling groupl " Is everybody happy? " WEST K HnMmii HHi " It ' s in the book kids, why look at the ' Get hot, gals the parade s at eight in the morning. " Who was supposed to get the food? HONDRARIE5 MEN ' S A CLUB L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row - Lou Prince, Gus Poulos, Lyle Pierson, Mario Seriale, Rex Chavez, Harvey Provencio, Nick Maucieri, Dick Mackey Manuel Silva. 2 row - Earl Harrington, Frank Rogers, Tom Futch, Al Derbis, Dick Curran, Jim McCallister, Ron Bouldin. 3 row - Mike Loughran, John Hickman, Frank Leath, Tom Fallen, Bob Luthcke, Church Peabody, Tom Fletcher, Lou lani. WOMEN ' S A CLUB L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Anne Jones, Margie Brown, Marjorie Barrington, Jo Ann Young. 2 row Lola Mae Randall, Sharon Stevenson, Nancy Gravclot. A CLUB ALPHA DELTA SIGMA L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Don Schmitt, Don Johnson, Irving Horowitz, Sol Hamburger. 2 row Paul Bennewitz, Don Kirkman, Archie Swaine, Bruce Benson, Robert Zacher, Advisor. ALPHA MU GAMMA L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Betty Giltinan, Carmen Ybarra, Lupe Griego, Caryl Keith. 2 row Mrs. Anna Wall, Dr. Alfred von der Heydt, Dr. Irma Wilson, Dr. Robert Poole, Dr. Mary Escudero. ALPHA PI EPSILDN 1 row Miss Lois Kelso, sponsor; Bessie Bobo, Lois Evans, Liz Davis, Gwen Hall, Lois McCoy, 2 row Claudia Chapman, Vivian Adams, Leslie Baker, Charlene Cobb, Ethel Bryant, Barbara O ' Neil, Lucille Basinger, Peggy Jac- obson, Sondra Herriott. BETA CHI EPSILON 1 row Arlene Ostrander, Anna McKenzie, Barbara Hanson, Pat Cunningham, Earlene Smith. 2 row Pat Farrell, Betty Carr, Sandra Solms, Virginia Porter, Jane Sasek, Grace Smith, Clara Curtis. BLUE KEY . . The men ' s national honorary organization on campus is the Blue Key. Qualifications for membership include; ac- tivity, index, character, and personality. Among the group ' s sponsored projects is the all-school carnival. Dr. Judd is the organization sponsor. John Allen John Brown Alvin Cooper Bill Coulson Loy Despain Stan Duke Jerome Fairchild Wayne Forde Neil Foster Durward Gosney Randall Hand Bill Hayes Edward Herold Donald Johnston Roland Kee Terry Mack Claire Millett Bruce Morgan Ed Myles Neal Nichols Rodman Peil Ras Rowe Stuart Shoob Burton Smith Donald Stocks Robert Thornton Terry Wallace John Weston One Hundred Twenty-six DELTA SIGMA PI row Charles Cognac, Eddie Herold, Ras Rowe, Bill Chafey, F arris Maroof. row Don Patterson, Don Bush, Wayne Price, Bob Armour, David Bowers, Frank Myers. row Fred Wendel, Ken Schaefer, Carl Motz, W. J. Weaver, Bob Thornton, John Nicholson, Hubert Woods. GAMMA THETA UPSILON 1 row Edward Meeker, Carol Lowrey, Jackie Zacher, Jame Renner, Lester Gaylord. 2 row Don Gandre, Louie De Briyn, Ted Kiene, Lem Cortright, Daniel Quirk. 3 row - Gene Sundeen, James Lavold, Robert Crawford, George Renner, advisor; Bill Isabel!, Paul Miller, advisor. KAPPA DELTA PI L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Carollyn Rushton, Dorothea Manos, Daisy Yee, Elaine Takemori, Odetta Wold, Marjorie Harrington, and Alfred Thomas, sponsor. 2. row Marjorie Walling, Afton McGrath, Barbara Stocks, Terry Campolongo, and Mrs. Alfred Thomas. 3 row Walter Davis, Henry Lee, Lee Shaw, and Jody Harper. MU RHO ALPHA L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Mary Frances Uhl, Marjorie Barrington, Margaret Gamble, Mary Mineah, Lula Gentry, Virginia Hartman, Janice Schowalter. 2 row John Weston, Carol Helmkay, Bonnye Madden, Helen Marty, Barbara Stocks, Frances Baker, Phyllis Bradt. 3 row Dick Waggoner, Ronald Holloway, Phil Brown, Al Hewitt, Gerald Guptill, Carolyn Boese, Rosario Bedolla, Jerry Fairchild. PI DELTA EPSILON 1 row Betty Giltinan, Shirley Kennedy, Mary Lou Brion. 2 row Mr. Ernest J. Hopkins, sponsor; Dorothy Weeden, Cathy Welch, Mr. George Yates. 3 row Cathy Wyllys, Bill Foster, Paul Bennewitz, Jim Loper. 4 row Bob Gilbert, Jim Mathews, Skip Bryant, Tom Voss. PHI ETA SIGMA -?--? ?:V-i 1 row Robert Clements, Denton Probert, Don Adler, Dean Wochner, Dr. John Krenkel, advisor. 2 row - Bill Coulson, Edward Schmit, Dick Searles, Laddie Cox, Ted Kiene, Benjamin Salt. L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Shirley Pollard, Barbara Greer, Daisy Yee, Barbara Humphrey, Caryl Keith. 2 row Mildred Senseman, Virginia Adams, Marjorie Barrington, Nancy Gravelot, Mary Lou Brion, Audrey Peart. Pleiades members discuss sale of memo books. L-R: Mildred Senseman, Joanne Harper, Audrey Peart, Barbara Greer, Miss Bunte, sponsor, and Daisy Yee. PLEIADES The twelve outstanding women on cam- pus are selected each year to become mem- bers of Pleiades, service honorary. Member- ship in this group is based on scholarship, leadership, and character. Pleiades sponsors each year the Faculty Frolics and an annual banquet. Miss Mary Bunte is the advisor. One Hundred Thirty AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS 1 row Summer Bullock, Dan Langbaum, Kem Tom, Edgar Wagner, Fred Ferguson. 2 row Dale Janes, Robert Roberts, Ralph Fitzmaurice, Wayne Chancy, Susan Einmott. AMERICAN INSTITUTE ARCHITECTURE 1 row J ess Bathke, Glen Haddock, Del Wheeler, Wayne Shoemaker, Marchie Cornelison, Louie Scott, Bucky Clark. 2 row Ramon Valdez, Jim Shoemaker, Paul Kiefer, Tex Terheun, Ralph Magnenat. 3 row -Charles Merritt, sponsor; Chuck Gallagher, Bill Walker, David Mugce, Al Bills. ' -- : -f- -:;::-. :::-: ' L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Joshua Galindo, Jim Matthews, Susan Harter, Albert Koy, Isaac Okine. 2 row Richard Dean, Stanton Shultz, Vernon Campbell, Hans Lill, Jack, Fletcher, Bob Finley. CAMERA CLUB One Hundred Thirty-two ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 1 row - Betsy Toy, Jessie Aguirre, Sylvia Winslow, Mary Margaret Benson, Mariamme Sheldon, Louise Nelson, Carol McCall. 2 row - Pat Huddle, Marjorie Walling, Jody Harper, Carol Forman, Audrey Long, Mary Jo Anderson, Bev Downs, June Gardner. LOS CONQUIST ADORES 1 row Virginia Ruiz, Socorro Martinez, Margaret Rivera, Rachel Palicio, Carmen Ybarra. 2 row Dr. Inna Wilson, sponsor; Josephine Urtuzuastegui, Elva Gadinez, Dora Escandon, Lillian Quran, Armida Araza, Bertha Bussari, Jessie Aguirre. 3 row Velia Gomez, Dolores Higuera, Mike Saenz, Gloria Maldonado, Mary Jo Marscal, Ted Holguin, Joe Sanchez. 4 row Tony Sanchez, Joe Barriga, Nienes Soto, Charles Garcia, Pasqual Sanchez, Leo Siqueiros, David Portillo, Gabriel Yanez. DEVILS AND DAMES L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Joanne Phlegar, Jean Howe, Barbara Stifel, Jo Ann Kuykendahl, Dixie Peila, Betty Cook, Sue Sidener, Terry Campolongo, Oleta Wood, Donna Taylor, Joanne Kennedy, and Frances Uhl. 2 row Rae Dee Banks, Jo Ann Welleford, Virginia Hinton, Joan Dixon, Margaret Akin, Catherine Wasielewski, Lettie Beasley, Eleanor Hineman, Patricia Paddock, Marilyn Hunter, Jackie Peterson, Margaret Hawkins, and Miss Anne Pittman, Sponsor. 3 row Bud Martin, Larry Hatfield, Bob Jorgensen, Francis Myers, Mel Gardner, Jerry Hinton, Max Freifield, Glenn Gilpin, Keith Sounders, and Ted Vann. 4 row Jim Miller, Everett West, Wayne Hubbs, Bert Bostrom, Ronnie Hurlbert, Guy Scott, Mel Kirk, George Cove, Calvin Graves, Edward Cord, Gay King, Bill Sweeney, and Keith Crockett. FUTURE TEACHERS DF AMERICA One Hundred Thirty-four MASK AND SANDAL 1 row Rose Mary Smith, Carol Adams, Elisabeth Pasztor, Catharine Wasielewski, Dot Halleran. 2 row Jean Gardner, Charlene Lynn, Peggy Seeds, Terry Campolongo, Gloria Frandle, Dixie Lou Peila. 3 row Gerry Valentine, Marvin Shapiro, Paul Hanlon, Daniel Landesberg, Wesley Pollard. ' --. - 1v. " MODERN DANCE 1 row Bill Krauss, Grant Laney. 2 row - Sue Schreiber, Wilma Valenzuela, Midge Bjorklund, Jo Anne Baniewicz, Marjorie Barrington, Terez Adamy, Joyce Warren, Carol Kriz. 3 row Pearl Burton, Skippy Reggins, Betty Harkey, Mary Kobashi, Gladys Kenly. 4 row Suzanne Kober, Patsi Gunnels, Muriel Knox, Dixie Peila, Charles Lewis, Irene Meyer. 5 row Eleanor Hineman, Charlotte Kidney, Sharon Turnbull. MARKETING CLUB L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Dick Hadinger, Louis Caso, Doris Smith, Joan Zidan, Pat Snyder, Norma Whittum, Lloyd Fernandez, and Dale Smith. 2 row Charles Cognac, Graham Walker, Bill Kraffit, Stanley McAllister, Robert Noble, Arnold Petersen, and Hal Wearne. 3 row Paul Bennewitz, Richard Wood, Rex Chavez, James Groover, Brad Hallihan, Dean Sage, Bob Fessler, and Ray Stephan. OFF - CAMPUS L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Dorothy Lambert, Nancy Neds, Norma Haire, Carol Johnson, Pearl Peterson, Jackie Montijo, Pat Tucker, and Pat Whaling. 2 row Jana Dolphin, Ruth Kunkle, Ann Ferguson, Eunice Ludwig, Lettie Beasley, Violet Hawkinson, Sally Morris, Nanci Chen- nault, Carolyn Brown, and Maxine Melcher. 3 row Mary Scott Morris, and Conny Phelps. One Hundred Thirty-six MAJOR AND MINOR L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Marjorie Harringt on, Betty Stevens, Carol Helmkay, Beverley Cox, Betty Harkey, Sue Hardesty, Doris Blackmer, Sue Watkins. 2 row Virginia Ruiz, Charlotte Kidney, Jackie Wageman, Gail Kerr, Vaomi Mills, Nancy Gravelot. 3 row Betty Lane, Sally Harden, Velia Gomez, Wilma Valenzuela, Bebe Brown, Margie Brown, Harriet Leeke. 4 row Miss Marilyn Crawford, Sharon Stevenson, Sue Peters, Marsha Hatch, Lois Krebs, Dianne Doolittle, Anne Bixby, Bobbie Jean LaRue, Laura Thomas. PASTEUR SOCIETY L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Kay Hoke, Dave Watson, Marion Byrne, Donna Warner, Mary Joy Hagler, Yvonne Owens, Dean Wochner. 2 row Terrv Wallace, Bill Rawls, Janet Tfethewey, Nanci Levine, Mary Jo Franco, Dr. Duane Brown, sponsor; Tom Williams. One Hundred Thirty-seven PSI CHI Lee Shaw, Sara Jameison, Pearle Burton, Florence Kobertson, Mary Lou Danks, Daniel Quirck, Pat Welnick, Mildred Watts, Mary Ann Davis, Frankie Norton, Dr. H. Clay Skinner, advisor, Dr. G. P. Young, John Fielding, Reed Porter. Don Stocks, Dick Hamblin, Roy Richardson, Dr. S. Smith. RUSSIAN CIRCLE 1st row, left to right Gerald Giese, Mrs. Wall, Sally Trjblood, BevBrown, Phyllis McNeice, and Henry Verrue. 2nd row Harold Nahler, Al Derbis, Frank Formichella, Ted Vovakes, and Gene Sundeen. One Hundred Thirty-eight WOMEN S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Sue Hardesty, Betty Jean Stevens, Mary Lou Crane, Bev Cox, Patsi Gunnels, Amina Khan, Armida Noriega, Anne Jones. 2 row Sharon Stevenson, Agnes Castleton, Carol Hehnkay, Jo Ann Young, Nancy Gravelot, Kathy McCleery, Virginia Adams, Lorraine Brooks. 3 row Charlotte Kidney, Sally Harden, Kail Kerr, Betty Harkey, Harriet Leeke, Margie Brown, Joan Conniff, Virginia Ruiz, Betty Lane. 4 row Miss Mary Pavlich, Jan Nuttall, Shirley Doolittle, Lola Mae Randall, Sue Peters, Anne Bixby, Bebe Brown, Marjorie Barring- ton, Kathy Roe, Gwen Hall. COUNCIL 1 r ow Nancy Gravelot, Katie McCleery, Patsi Gunnels, Anne Jones. 2 row - Sally Harden, Sharon Stevenson, Harriet Leeke, Sue Peters, Margie Brown, Virginia Adams, Darlene Mcjunkin. 3 row - Gail Kerr, Anne Bixby, Charlotte Kidney, Betty Lane, Miss Mary Pavlich, Sponsor. One Hundred Thirty-nine L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Jean Denny, Mary Lutz, Alberta Mills, Margaret Gamble. 2 row Pat Wooldridge, Virginia Cheves, Klonda Bowers. Dolores Kcinigh, Barbara Earnhardt. 3 row Al Cooper, Dick Leichty, Orin Frank, Lloyd Meyer, and Alma Judd. INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Representative members of all the religious groups have combined to become one co-ordi- nated group known as the Inter-religious Coun- cil. Tlie council, one of the big-four on campus, actively met each Monday evening at 4:30. Their goals for this particular year were ( 1 ) to prepare a report stating the place of religion on the A.S.C. campus and (2) to build up school participation in the All-School Sing and Kelig- ious Emphasis Week. Officers for the year were Orin Frank, president, Margaret Gamble, vice- president and Klonda Bowers, secretary. One Hundred Forty L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Pat Newman. 2 row Helen Miller, Mildred Evenson, Shirley Turner, Mrs. Hazle Cossell, Sue Watkins, Leora Johnson. 3 row Terry Newman, Bob Tomes, Curry Woo, Ken Cook, Jim Ort, Dan McCord. ' BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is an or- ganization, for all Southern Baptist stu- dents, which serves as a connecting link between the campus and the church. It has worthwhile programs with in- spirational speakers and annual social events and conventions. One of the major aims and ambitions of B.S.U. is to produce a delightful, effec- tive, Christ-centered program which will lead students into active church life. One Hundred Forty-one . - ' I I I ' i L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Gail Moss, Midge Bjorklund, Pat Wooldridge, Carol Ellin gson, Carolyn Dennis, Sandra Carton. 2 row Donald Benjamin, Muriel Hodan, Dellen Faupel, Jeanne Warren, Beverly Watkins, Beverly Maddy, Pat Stamm, Kay Lidgard. 3 row Robert West, Alex Barker, Robert McDaniel, Wayne Holliday, Neal Nichols, Leroy Andrews, John Johnson. 4 row Paul Williamson, Bill Moss, David Kleen, John Nelson, Omar Bonenberger, Stephen Sharp, Milton Winterberg, Morris Hallford. BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLES The Baptist Young People ' s Union, a conser- vative Baptist group, meets at the Baptist Church in Tempe. Presid- ing for the year as President was Neal Nicholes. One Hundred Forty-two L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Shirley Bullock, Shirley Gushing, Jean Dillinger, Betty Bullock, Shirley Devinney. 2 row Tom Williams, Bill Dillinger, Al Cooper. BETA TAU DELTA Beta Tan Delta was organized on campus last September with the combined membership of the American Baptist and the Disciples of Christ groups. Their services were held for fel- lowship, evening meals, and worship. President was Tom Williams, Vice-President Shirley Bul- lock, Secretary, Betty Bullock. One Hundred Forty-three L-R, Bottom-Up Lyle King, Kumen Ellsworth, Marston Richards, Alma Judd, Bob Gray, James Westover, Gordon Sevey. Royd Shumwav, Guy Scott, Loy Despain, Carl Beecroft, Franklin Flake. LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA The men ' s group of Lambda Delta Sigma follows a religious and social program for all of the young Latter-Day Saint men. Their program includes parties, dances and picnics. One Hundred Forty-four L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Peggy Goodman, Gail Kerr, Lorraine Brooks, Carol Chisholm, El Louise Nielson, Jean Williams. 2 row Gerry Finley, Sherry Goodman, Louise Baker, Barbara Leavitt, Theora Morris. 3 row Shirley Ann Evans, Carol Lee John, Pauli Udall, Joan Blake, Arlene Noble, Alice Jo Evans, and Mrs. Burgoyne, sponsor. 4 row Afton McGrath, Glee Chew, Georgia Bateman, Janet Hicks, Martha Barston, Alice Joy Clifford, Joanne Westover, and Anita Turley. LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA The Latter-Day Saint girls have a sorority of sorts in their Lambda Delta Sigma. However, the organization offers more than just social opportunities for it is also a religious organization. One Hundred Forty-five 1 L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Ann Gettelman, Charlene Gullickson, and Marilyn Houg. 2 row Captain Herm, Marlene Sundal, Vallie Kennedy, Elaine Norgaard, Bonnie Robinson, David Rubis. 3 row Bill Schwerdtfeger, Donald Schienle, Merill Lavik, Ken Verch, Sherwood Latva, and Jack Hietanen. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION A sector of the largest national youth relig- ious group, the Lutheran Student Association, spent a fruitful year forwarding their interests at A. S. C. Presided over by Ken Verch the group met each Sunday evening at the home of Rev. Kindschu recreation included suppers, hayrides, and picnics. Officers for the year in- cluded Marilyn Houg, vice-president, Ann Get- tleman, secretary, Marlene Sundal, treasurer, and Donald Schienle, social chairman. One Hundred Forty-six NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, the Catholic student organization, is one of the campus ' s largest or- ganizations with well over 300 dues paid mem- bers. The club exists to meet the Spiritual, Intellectual, and Social needs of Arizona State College ' s Catholic students. Newman Club was active in many fields this year. Weekly meetings with prominent Catholic speakers were held twice on every Tuesday throughout the year in the basement hall of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, which is serving as Newman Hall until the proposed new Newman Club Center is con- structed. The club sponsored several all-school dances and was active in the intramural sports program. The Newman Club dixieland band played for all the Varsity basketball games, and an active social program was carried on. This year saw the formation of the Newman Club Study Group. The highlight of the year for the club was the annual three day retreat in Febru- ary at the Casa de Paz y Bien in Scottsdale. One Hundred Forty-seven s L-R, Bottom-Up 1 row Ruth Johnson, Sondra Harriott, Pat Tucker, Barbara Earnhardt, Carol Helmkay, Margaret Gamble, Virginia Smelser, Roberta Erickson, Betty Jean Cook, Nina Williams, Muriel Knox, Alberta Mills, Marion Byrne, Pat Paddock. 2 row Claire Vermillion, Marjorie Cooper, Norma Haire, Gerry Guptill, Pat Huddle, Virginia Hartman, Lola Barker, Darlene Evans, Ellen Martiny, Grace Smith. 3 row Lloyd Meyer, Reverend John Zimmer, Don Bettenhausen, Roger Lutey, Kenneth Lathan, Bill Hosking, Wayne Farley, Dick Waggoner, David Hullet, Dean Wochner. 4 row Alfred Brunner, Dick Sharpe, Bill Wiley, Roland Kee, Terry Miller, Jim Trees, Duane Knowlton. WESLEY FOUNDATION The purpose of Wesley Foundation is to provide help to college students intel- lectually, and spiritually. Christian fel- lowship and service are its aims. Growing intellectually through dis- cussion and motion films and speakers is being done at the present time, and will be continued. Our spiritual growth is done with worship services and prayers. Service projects, Wesley Singers and repairing toys comprise our activities which stimulate the students spiritually and physically. One Hundred Forty-eight FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. B. Ross Cleeland, Vernita Conrad, Dorothy Wood, Lottie Bcasky, Sandra Solnis, Mary Nfelick, Mary Lutx, Dorothy Fulton. Second row: Mary Ann Scliuff, Mobert Winikka, James Sperger, Roy Johnson, Richard Searles, Phyllis Bratt, Miss Owen Burgess (Faculty), Bar- h:ira Stocks, Caroline Kauffnian, Janice Schowalter, Patricia Cunningham, Margaret Cartell. Bnck row: B. Ross Cleeland, Pastor, Donald Bush, Orin Frank, Ted Vann, Olachukwu Ekochucwu, Graham ' alker, Donald Stocks, Isaac Okine, Robert Minarcck. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION For Presbyterian students on campus the Synod of Arizona has set up a Westminster Foundation and Westminster House at 1002 McAllister. This activity center has housed many events throughout the year; dinner every Sun- day, speakers, panels, movies, and quests, the annual Thanksgiving turkey and the traditional Christmas plum pudding. But more important seemed to be the several deputation teams which were sent to other Westminster groups throughout the valley, hoping to impart some of the strength they had and strengthen their own. RETURNED MISSIONARIES: Left to right: Floyd Judd, Talmadge Huber, Stanley Lee, Ross Farnsworth, Douglas Sheppard, advisor Mr. Moody. 2nd row: Dale Clarkson, Bob Willis, Gordon Wallace, and Dix Coons. DELTA PHI Delta Phi, the honorary organ- ization for returned missionaries, is a Latter-day Saint sponsored organization. It offers the boys membership in a co-operative religious and social group of sim- ilar background. One Hundred Fifty SPECIAL SHORTS ;? -- PANHELLENIC - ' " ... Panhellenic Council: Standing: Nancy Otwell, Pat Talla, Virgina Adams, Vivian Adams, Gwen Hall. Seated: Barbara Greer, Shirley Pollard, Dolores Prignano, Jean Moore, Dean Nichols, Cara McCall. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC Dean Nichols, Yvonne McDermott, Joan Paulus, Betty Roe, Jeanette Louthan, Shirley Pollard, Virginia Adams, Emily Graff, Phyllis McNeice, Joan Helbing, Annabelle Lancaster, Dorothy Nylund, Billie Dean, Suzanne Kober, and Carolyn Hiatt. One Hundred Fifty-two ALPHA DELTA PI Azoyan, Dolores L. Beaugureau, Joan Brion, Mary Lou Bull, Jorene J. Camrud, Marilyn I. Chambers, Diane M. Crosson, Pat O. Cummins, Carolyn N. Davis, Lizabeth DeHart, Nancy M. Dyer, Joy F. Fisher, Sallie A. Freeman, Carole J. Garote, Joan V. Gunnels, Patsi Hansen, Marjorie Hanson, Gerry Hatch, Marsha G. Harper, Jo Anne Hinshaw, Shirley Jones, Anne S. Keith, Caryl Leonard, Lillian Lillevig, Gail M. Lindly, Betty Lou Lober, Marion H. Looft, Claire Lowell, Lois McCaw, Carol A. Meldrum, Ethelyn Nasser, Barbara K. Naylor, Janell Nylund, Dorothy A. O ' Hara, Lois M. Peifer, Phyllis Powell, Trenna Powers, Jonnie A. Prator, Lois N. Puente, Marilyn Raisch, Luva Roe, Betty L. Rolph, Helen B. Roberson, Mary P. Tanner, Sydney Tucker, Jackie Walker, Bonnie Walling, Margie Winslow, Sylvia L. ' ' ' ' ' .. One Hundred Fifty-three ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA - ! ,--.; . --.-. ' s;;-:: ' ' : ! ' ' ' " Allen, Janis Bowersach, Kathy Calhoun, Margie Darling, Pat Dean, Billy Garrett, Marilyn Hiatt, Carolyn Hinkle, Ann Jones, Annis Krieps, Georgia Moore, Jean Moore, Janet Montgomery, Jo Peterson, Jackie Pound, Temple Price, Helen Reynolds, Sally Rugenstein, Edith Smith, Waldine Talla, Pat One Hundred Fifty-four CHI OMEGA Adamy, Terez Beardsley, Nancy Benson, Mary M. Berry, Mittie Mae Carson, Lucille Chapman, Claudia Choquette, Beulah Cobb, Charlene Conniff, Joan Dombey, Suzanne Douglass, Jean Erickson, Roberta Erramuzpe, Rose Ann Farrell, Pat Giltinan, Betty Greer, Barbara Guitteau, Josephine Hauenstein, Carolyn Hunter, Margaret Kennedy, Shirley Kober, Suzanne Klein, Leah Kriz, Carol Matot, Carol McCleery, Kathleen Mcjunkin, Darlene Miller, Marilyn Otwell, Nancy Paulus, Joan Payne, Patsy Poer, Patricia Ramsey, Norma Reade, Susan Rogers, Carol Ruch, Joanne Senseman, Mildred Stoughton, Roberta Tabor, Nancy Taylor, Betty Trethewey, Janet Tyson, Nancy Wheelock, Margaret Wickersham, Ann Wood, Claudette . . 7,% T .;T .% " " %3 ww GAMMA PHI BETA - ms, Virginia Adams ' , Vivian Babbitt Margaret Baker, Leslie Harrington, Marjorie Brown, Beverly Cady, Patt Collins, Frances Cooper, Jackie Dye, Margaret Dye, Penny Enloe, Mary Ann Finnell, Shirley Fjield, Maxine Gay, Barbara Gulzow, Donna Giitshall, Lettie Humphrey, Barbara Key, Nancy Lane, Betty Langford, Pat Ledwidge, Genevieve Lewis, Bizzane Locker, Pat Louthan, Jeanette McDonald, Mary Lou McNeice, Phyllis Mohn, Carolyn O ' Clair, Earlene Olson, Helen Peart, Audrey Penar, Joan Roe, Kathy Seeds, Peggy Smith, Barbara Sudekum, Ann Way, Wanda Whipple, Mary Lou Whittum, Norma Wilson, Beverly Wilson, Margery Zook, Beverly KAPPA DELTA y vife? Bennett, Faye Blair, Maxine Campolongo, Teny . Dixon, Joan Downs, Beverly ' i ' ' Gardner, Nida Rae Hawkins, Margaret Helbing, Joan Hunter, Marilyn Kennedy, Joanne Lancaster, Annabelle Lines, Evelyn Luckitt, Betty Norgaard, Elaine Ostrander, Arlene Pollard, Shirley Rebo, Mona Rouse, Barbara Ruiz, Virginia Sidener, Sue Spurlock, Nancy Truax, Dee Willeford, Joanne One Hundred Fifty-seven SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA . , Jessie - ' . ' . . Aguirre, Anderson, Mary Jo Burke; Diane Castro, Belia Curtis, Dee Dee Dixon, Robin England, Virginia Gardner, Jean Graff, Emily Hall, Gwen Herriott, Sondra Johnson, Eileen Jones, Shirley Kiesel, Jean McDermott, Yvonne Prignano, Dolores Randall, Lola Mae Salie, Marilyn Schultz, Sandi Schuff, Mary Ann Scroggs, Kay Talley, Valene Toy, Betsy Vermillion, Charie Voorhis, Shirley Williams, Jacque Yee, Daisy INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL j- ! Interfraternity Council: Tony George, R. C. Cadwell, faculty advisor, Morris Rhodes, Floyd Sharp, Don Cramer, LeRoy Paller, Bill Simons, Bob Davis, Phil Hanson, secretary-treasurer, Jerry Fairchild, Armando Durazo, Al Cooper, Lawrence Buford, Joel Wallace, president, John Elliot, Dick Gates, Allen Goodfellow, Bob Thornton, vice-president, Steve Duke, and Doug Roe. One Hundred Fifty-nine ALPHA EPSILDN PI ' .. $ :.. - ; ' P; : :- V.-? 1 " ' - . ' ; ' .; A ' ?. ' -.. .-.. ' . - Trt . | Balk, Sheldon BienenfeW, Daniel Feldstein, Alan Geller,.Earl Goodman, Allen E. Greenberg, Steve Hirsch, Seymour Paller, Leroy L. Rosenberg, Arnold Shoob, Stuart Simons, William Stein, Myron S. Weiss, Jerome I. Zeller, Stanley E. Zendle, Seymour ALPHA TAU DMEGA Badley, John Blair, Robert G. Gannon, Jerry Carrington, Hugh C. Chafey, William D. Davis, ' William H. Dean, Billy A. Dean, Owen R. Duke, Stanley D. Duke, Steven B. Ewing, Robert A. Foster, Osborn N. Frost, George T. Gates, Richard W. Haake, John A. Hadinger, Richard W. Hohn, Edward L. Levy, Stuart W Lundahl, William R. Lyle, James B. Mack, Terry O. McDonald, James R. McWilliams, Fred M. Moseley, Merle Nance, Eugene E. Parkhurst, Kenneth M. Pilcher, James Reder, Jim G. Savittieri, Anthony A. Schmook, Charles R. Scott, John E. Shoemaker, James P. Stallings, Tom L. Sundeen, Gene L. Terkelson, Eldon Thayer, Ronnie W. Thompson, Donald L. Tolby, Quentin V. i- ' Irrttfi ' ' m i . ' ' tfiLjil- " ' . E ,;ngr%l ;: : i t . ip- . ; i ; - : DELTA SIGMA PHI ' - ' - " I " ' .SS? ' Jir;-S- - Adams, Harlen Ahern, Bart Baldwin, Jerry Barker, Jerry Beall, Jack M. Bellion, Clement B. Bennett, Dick Boerger, Edward Brown, James Brown, John Brown, Phil Butler, Ben Cavanagh, Tom Choate, Art R. Coles, William Cook, John Correri, Paul Cunningham, Thomas Fallen, Thomas Finch, Clarence Garrett, Bill Geare, Joseph Goss, Dick Groover, Jamie Hale, Robert M. . Hallihan, Brad F. Hein, George Herold, Eddie Hill, Chuck Holland, Bob G. ! - - at.i- Jameson, Randolph Jarvis, John L. Jorgensen, Robert ..- Johnson, Robert H.- LaFave, Kenneth T yi " -tfJ ' " V ' " i. W iif S ' t ' " Laney, Grant Liem, Donald Maassen, Jack Maggio, Charles W. Mahan, Dale Mangino, Louis J. Marre, James D. Martin, John Mascari, Joe Mazur, Michael Mitchell, Jack Moore, Melville Morgan, Bruce Neeb, Lewis S. Nichols, Larry Nichols, Leo O ' Connell, Neil- Patterson, John Perkinson, Robert P. Polenske, Dale Prow, Harold Rivera, Vidal A. Roberts, Bill Salem, Albert Schaefer, Kenneth Sintara, Richard J. Stiteler, John Thompson, Jerry Wantland, Bill Weston, John LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Attebery, Joseph T. Buyher, Loten L. Cady, Mike J. Demund, James P. Fessler, George R. igSfxi- I Galindo, Joshua Gibson, Stuart L. Gleen, William J. Heileman, George F. Hills, Bruce W. Hobbs, Gerald Hosking, William Jones, Max Kee, Roland Kiefer, Paul E. Latham, Kenneth H. Rader, Edwin A. Raudebaugh, James D. Risner, Marion T. Schuster, James P. Spencer, Douglas F. Spracale, Joseph P. Wiley, William H. NU SIGMA - Barnsback, Richard Bell, Billie Bosworth, Thomas Briscoe, Joseph VV i ' ' Chaney, Wayne Cole, Donald Fitzgerald, Larry George, Tony Gylling, Ivan Heiner, Charles Johns, Lloyd Mangino, John Minarik, Robert Osborne, Earl Parker, Don Webb, Frank Whitney, Joe Wright, Harold y I ilT- r PI KAPPA ALPHA fiii f Bauer, Don Bayer, John Campbell, Vern Davis, Bill Dollahon, Bill Donovan, Harold Figueroa, Leonard Gibbs, Hall Hill, Leonard Kiser, Thomas Loscar, Don Pomeroy, Kent Wood, Richard PHI SIGMA KAPPA - - : r - Bevans, Bev Clay, Donald Davis, Roger Derbaum, Myron Dole, Jim Dotts, Don Fairchild, Jerry Fleming, Dick Frank, Orin Gove, George Hatfield, Larry Hutloff, Gene Kimler, Tom Minning, Dick Ringhofer, Lou Rodzen, Roger Rose, Bob Rowe, Ras Searles, Dick Sellers, Jim Thompson, Phil Wallace, Terry Webber, Mel Wilson, Norman Yetsky, Marvin SIGMA PHI EPSILDN . .r-i i f . ' . ' . ' ' - ' - Bratcher, Austin Broughton, Robert Clausen, Donald Copeland, Robert Douglas, Charles Grimm, James Groom, Robert Hanson, Philip Hood, Charles Huntress, Donald Ledvina, David Maza, Manuel McCarty, Alvin O ' Leary, Robert Sherril, Donald Wallace, Joel THETA CHI ifc:, ' ' : ,; ' M i ii T vuJ -;- " !: . ' ' " ' Allan, Barry Cooper, Alvin Cutchaw, John Davis, Robert S % " ' . ' : :- ' - " v ' - ' Goram, Donald Holehan, Lee Osborn, John Pinkham, Kenneth Spencer, James Tietje, David Vann, Ted One Hundred Sixty-nine TAU KAPPA EPSILDN . -i ifrc? ' % " . ' .-irVr.: , Amann, Robert Athans, Cy Barriger, George Crispelle, James Derbis, Al Formichella, Frank Goodfellow, Al Gosney, Dean Hefner, Sam Herrscher, Gene Hilliker, Dean Jensen, Cliff Jones, Al Lawton, Robert McGregor, Jack Miller, Ray V. Myles, Ed Okamura, Wallace Parker, James Peterson, Tom Robertson, Harry Schaub, William Thompson, Robert Thornton, Robert Troch, Robert ! fr REYUES OF PAST ATTRACTIONS CANDIES One Hundred Seventy-three ' - ' ;; . ' " . " i " ' .. ;:- .;-.-:: ' . ' 1ft; .,,- . : ? -? ; ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS -. ' AWS: Left row coming down: Margaret Dye, Dorothy Bailey, Teresa Campolongo, Sue Watldns, Nancy Gravelot. Right row- coming down: Shirley Turner, Mildred Senseman, Pat Trotter, Alice Accola. Front row coming down: Joanne Harper, Barbara Grcer, Dean Nichols, Joan Beaugureau, Elsie Dad. ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS Around the table, left to right, are Dean Wochner, Harold Nahler, Dale Clarkson, George Raves, Billie Bell, Bob Gilbert, R. C. Cadwell, AMS Advisor, Neal Nichols, secretary, Bruce Morgan, president, Dick Hadinger, treasurer, Neill Foster, Bill Coulson, Tony Trepel, vice-president, Earl Herrington, Manuel Silva, Sumner Bullock, and Dave Kaun. One Hundred Seventy-four ASC MARCHING BAND HOir :NES DRUM MAJOR : 1 . .r-Ijt.J.-ib.- ' i ' -i ' ; .: ' " ' . ' TWIRLERS : ;..- ' . !;-. " l=v; :I ' - Gfl BRANSON STAUSS BLYTHE HOURIHAN HOOUETTE . FDRENSICS " ' Under the capable direction of coach D. F. McSloy, the ASC Forensic team is becoming known as one of the top troupes in the business. The most recent and suc- cessful endeavor was at the International Tournament at Tucson in March. There top honors were captured in debate, after-dinner and extemporaneous speaking. Mem- bers of the squad below are: Coach McSloy, Carol Adamn, Mary Richards, Marvin Straight, Max Frifield, Bill McDaniels, George Lee, Richard Searles, Klonda- Marlene Bowers, Jack Mitchell, and Fred Buehl. . - . ' - .-. . ; . -. . .- ' ' .- - ' v; " ::.:- - " V " :,- . " - ' 4 i r .-.---? - C " --:. - , ' ' , ' ,.- ; ; : . - ' ' ... . - One Hundred Seventy-eight Each year, as Freshman Assembly time rolls around, talented students from vari- ous campus organizations gather at the auditorium to present their talent to the newcomers the Freshmen! They pa- tiently wait backstage or on the steps until it is time for their routine and then go down into the audience to watch the remainder of the show. The freshmen get their first good glimpse at their exotic idols, the upper classmen. Meanwhile the upper classmen get good look at each other. One Hundred Seventy-nine LYCEUM SERIES ... J.V . DRAMA WORKSHOP Hidden away in the auditorium at ASC is a dramatics organization, the Drama Work- shop. Under the supervision of Mr. Frank R. Byers, the Workshop produced three plays during the year. The first was the immortal Shakespeare ' s " Othello, " directed by Mr. Byers, with leading roles of Othello and lago played by Randall Hand and Fred Buehl respectively. The second production, directed by Miss Mary Virginia Morris, was the world famed " Charley ' s Aunt, " the farce that has sent millions into tears of laughter. All stage properties and sets were designed and built by Thomas Paty, stage manager. Below are scenes from Othello. One Hundred Eighty -two 1 - " CHARLEY ' S AUNT One Hundred Eighty-three CONCERT CHOIR iYMPHONY The renowned ASC symphony had a successful year under the direction of director and con- ductor Charles O. Bowers. One Hundred Eighty-four CHORAL UNION One Hundred Eighty-five Wayne A. Forde Jo Anne Harper Mildred Senseman Picture not available Ira " Skip " Bryant Fredrick Buehl WHDS WHO Top stars in the movie industry are given awards for their efforts each year So the top students at A.S.C. are chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Our stars were chosen on the basis of personality, outstanding achievement, service to the school, and scholarship. We present our academy award winners for 1954 . . . Picture not available William J. H. Foster William " Bucky " Hayes Stuart J. Shoob Margaret Ann Hunter Daisy Yee Edward F. Herold Don Stocks Picture not available Sally Goodman Durward Dean Gosney Anne Jones Bruce Morgan Caryl Keith Audrey Carole Peart Clair Millett Rodman H. Peil Jack Mitchell Shirley Jean Pollard SAHUARO : AWARDS Mike Salazar, a junior at ASC, is best identi- fied with the V. I. The place would not be the same without him. From Benson, Arizona, Mike works in the Lady of Mount Carmel Church as the church organist and as choir director. This award to Mr. Jones is given on the basis that he is the kind of librarian we would like most to find in a library. To Neal Nichols for his sleepless nights and the production of Stadium Hall ' s Spectator we present a Sahuaro Award. One Hundred Eighty-eight Proof 100% that any obstacles can be over- come has been proved by Cora Young. Though blind Cora is even more active than many girls who still have their sight; she dances, knits, plays the piano and does anything any other girl does. Cora, who is a secondary major, is primarily in- terested in foreign languages. Now living in North Hall and a sophomore her home is in Clay- pool, Arizona. Our janitor Mr. McKellar, probably holds .t thankless job one can imagine. " We want to give yon ul! the thanks possible for just putting up with us in Gl ' tf ' Main. " A 1,000,000,000 thanks, to you from us. To Laura Dobbs for her untiring patience, kindness and joy we give the Sahuaro Award. Takao Yoshida is from Sea Brook, N. J. He is now living in Hayden Hall and is a freshman. We first noticed him in the dining hall where he works cleaning tables For one of the most polite and conscientious workers we have ever been in contact with we give you this Sahuaro award Takao. One Hundred Eighty-nine asSS ' % M KASC RADIO STUDIO This year, under the su- pervision of Richard H. Bell, Section Director, over 90 tel- evision programs were seen in the Phoenix area. These series included, the " Nfind of Man, " a psychology series with Rexford Boiling; " Cam- era College, " with Dick Nortivwn and Jim Matthews; " Odyssey, " a series on unified humanities; and " ASC TV Open House, " a program which told the college story to tele- viewers. This year, for the first time, ASC Radio programs were heard state-wide over the Arizona Broadcasting System. In charge was Jim Loper, Assistant Radio Director. Over -350 programs were produced for stations in Arizona, aside from the KASC operation which was on the air some 14 hours a day. Three hours each evening were fed from the College to station KTYL-FNi in Mesa. Gathered in the KASC control room is part of the station staff. 1 to r. Charles Lewis, Don Dotts, Rose Ann Erramuzbf, Jim Loper, Mary Lou B rion, Dick Bell, Frank Burke, Irene Duran, Boh Davies, Jack Mitchell, Jim Osman, and Art Acosta. One Hundred Ninety Jack Mitchell, KASC Sports Director, and Bob Davies, announcer, look over the fine points of radio continuity. In the background is the famous radio station using egg cartons for sound proofing. KASC The ASC Radio-TV Sec- tion is responsible for the production of programs for release through commercial Television and Radio stations throughout the State. It also operates station KASC which is heard on the College cam- pus. KASC disc jockeys Jerry Fairchild, Frank Burke, Art Acosta, and Charles Lewis select records to be heard on the campus . f . station. Tom Voss, KASC Chief Engi- neer, checks the program log be- fore going on the air. In the background are announcers Jim Osman and Irene Duran. One Hundred Ninety-one UXUmA mmA MAAMAAAAfflg QQp pWSAAAAAAAAAA CDRDNATIDN rm THELTDN BECK MILDRED SENSEMAN 000000 nrnrfl : HOMECOMING Midnight lamps are burning, the stores are all out of paper napkins and Homecoming is here again! Old grads are back on campus, we all are wearing western clothes to our classes and the week is flying by. Of course, we ' ve waited until the last couple of days to work on our float but what the heck, we ' ll get it finished in time. And then parade time comes around students and Phoenicians mill the streets to see our bigger and ' better parade. So we didn ' t win this year! We ' ll take a trophy next year, just you wait and see! " Whiskers, whiskers, everywhere and not a one ' s been shaved. ' ' " The best part of Homecoming! " One Hundred Ninety-three . JUULU JUUJUUJUL, 1 i ' jU J Al I JljUjljUJlJlJJ U 00 0000 HOMECOMING ROYALTY BARBARA HUMPHREY jyuOQO? JJJJJJ HOMECOMING ROYALTY GEORGE HEILEMAN TYrTTTYTTY HOMECOMING " It fits Grady, just push a little harder. " DNEs BIG Y! DW u i " Someone bail us out of here. " " Just a big blow! But big enough to win first place in house decorations. " One Hundred Ninety-five ' - , - T -, WINNING FLOATS DELTA SIGMA PHI LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ALPHA DELTA ' " : SOUTH HALL . $ ' " - , lv r w ' " Devils buzzin ' round the bus. ! One Hundred Ninety-eight ASC UNIVERSITY GAME School spirit zoomed to an all-time high this year before the " U " game. Amidst the confusion, the pep rallies, the songfests, and parties, we man- aged to get a couple of shots portraying that zooming school spirit! And if our ball game had been as tops as our school spirit no earthly team could have taken us. But for now, " just wait until next year! " One Hundred Ninety-nine (y,- : f; . ... ' Chosen the outstanding platoon in the Army ROTC Battalion during the first semester was the second platoon of D Company, commanded by 1st Lt. Al Derbis. Army ROTC Battalion Staff for the first semester consisted of: Lt. Colonel Dean Gosney, commander (stand- ing in foreground); (left to right) Captain James Sellers, adjutant; Major Phil Hanson, executive officer; Major Bill Boggs, operations officer; and 1st Lt. Ras Rowe, assistant operations officer. ARMY RDTC Two Hundred - Flight 2 of Squadron G was chosen the outstanding marching unit of both the Air Force and the Army durfti ' g ' the first semester. Commanding the unit was Lt. Phillip Darling. ' - i ' Officers of the Air Force ROTC Cadet Wing for the first semester were: Colonel Bill Foster, commander (standing in foreground); (left to right) Lt. Colonel Bucky Hayes, wing executive officer; Major Paul Correri, wing adjutant; Major Ken Wilfong, training officer; Capcain Bruce Benson; and Sgt. Randy Jameson, wing sgt. major. AIR FORCE RDTC Two Hundred One PEOPLE People; People, wherever you go you find ' em, and they .--aiways seem to be doing something interesting. Just look around and see for yourself remember when you had your blood test? . and waited inline at the dining hall? Did you ever get home " . hours at trie dorm? Sure people are interesting and don ' t forget you ' re a people too! . ' t " Hold it, hold it, hold it, now hold it! " We weren ' t hungry any way. " " You ' re late, because you ' re late, because you ' re late. " " Who said it hurts? " " Oh we won ' t go home until morning. ' Two Hundred Two SCENIC TRAVELOGUE . . -. - " Blt.- In later years if we return to the campus and take a quick trip around A.S.C. we might find many W vjffjtqj-., varied things. But the important things to us would be the everyday common occurrences which we remernbereiai J j- ; when we passed through these portals. In the years to come these are the things, places and people we wiilribe ' f.v remember as part of our life at Arizona State. BOOKSTORE BUREAU OF VISUAL AIDS Two Hundred Three FETERIA - CASHIER CAMPUS PATROL Two Hundred Four , V ' COLLEGE FARM DEVILS DL GARAGE INFIRMARY Two Hundred Five ' ' " " f " NERAL STORE " ! : " ' ' MRS. SIMMONS MAINTENANCE T-Y ASSOCIATION Two Hundred Six - OPEN HOUS w 3fex y . ' " ' 9 : LIBRARY Tu o Hundred Seven r ' r A :. . : . ' " Tr " Tea for you and tea for me! " " After thirty years you still gotta stand in lines! " PARENTS DAY Once a year we welcome our parents to A.S.C. and introduce them to the campus and to college life. They have tours and teas and then go home wishing they were back in " the good old days " at college. " Congradulations, Parents! " Yep, I ' M an original and worth plenty too " A " EVE " Got any old brooms? " This was the cry of our green freshies going to paint the " A " . It was fun climbing up the butte, whitewashing the rocks and then trudging home and our " A " will be white for another year. This was " A " Eve. " There we were, four in the front seat taking the corner at 90 miles per hour. " Fhere s a long, long trail a winding. . . . " All at once a trampling herd of freshman towards the A. " If we knew you were coming we ' d baked a cake. " Two Hundred Nine PEDPL .? $? o I I I AND MORE PEOPLE I - - DO YOU REMEMBER " Wliirl your girls " Easy girl, it ' s only a man! " Dream, when you ' re sound asleep. " WHEN YOU SAID THIS? " Of course I know it ' s the men ' s dorm. " " So I tell him I ' m a talent Scout Two Hundred Twelve SWEEPSTAKES FLOAT taking a last glance into the picture frames of the past we see the sweepstakes winner, Alice in Wonderland. . . . Two Hundred Thirteen - .;,..V A-. , " HJisJJs- Klonda Bowers! She ' s catching up on all of-the : sleep she lost during the last few months jIUK ir sleep isn ' t all she ' s got to catch up on. Being locked in the Salty Sahuaro Office is not very con- ducive to even the slightest of a young lady ' s ro- mantic notions. s YOUR YEARBOOK STAFF Secluded by a red tangled curtain in the basement of Old Main is the Sahuaro Office. (This year the book supervised by Klonda Bowers, Bob Gilbert and Katherine Wyllys underwent quite a change. The completely different and de- tailed production of the yearbook took precious hours of time. ) This room is probably the most interesting room on campus and you ' re welcome to drop in some time to say hello! If you get tangled in the red curtain someone will help you out. This is the Sahuaro room. It ' s silent and empty noW but it was filled with hustle, bustle and actions froi early September until early April. Here is Bob Gilbert, assistant Editor, talking to his girl. He ' s been so busy for so long he ' s almost forgotten how to behave around the ladies. Talented Art Editor Katherine Wyllys completely lost. in the theme of the book and is now living back in theWi jt Si- . movies as Theta Berra. Our lettercr, Orin Frank, spent jillions of minutes lettering for the year book. His only sane contact with the outside world was as President of the Religious Council, which apparently kept him on the straight and narrow. Last but not least is Bob Finley, our " flashy " photographer He ' s worn out more light bulbs in a week than you or I ' ll eve: use in a lifetime and is the one responsible for the pictures of you and vou, and vou, in this book. Introducing Hal Hubele. He is the Sahuaro Sponsor. The mail reason for the picture is so we can all see what he looks like. Wt kept him so busy we didn ' t often get to see him. FISH POND ; I and here is the fish pond in front of old main, traditional dunking fountain of the school. Two Hundred Sixteen EMPE BIT looking north over the campus tree tops we see the " A on Tempe Butte. Two Hundred Seventeen THE COMEDY fe : -w tmton as a fellow intellectual whom he can associate with to his sheer delight, a girl- a girl with whom he talks calmly and profoundly DUMAS ORIGINAL unfortunately, however this never lasts i a variety of topics for invariably a subject is found- it makes no difference what wherein she demonstrates finally and irrevocably that she is, after all a woman. s yp ' V % ' " :: ' .. ' . ' - so to you students going down the road of life this booklet, your silent movie, is dedicated. FINIS Two Hundred Twenty f !f . ' Something to sing about . . . CONSISTENTLY FINE PRINTING News Francis N. Connolly, Publisher Two Hundred Twenty-one s No matter where you live in Arizona, at least one of the Valley Bank ' s 34 friendly offices is near at hand. And the experience, know-how and re- sources of the entire statewide Valley Bank organization are available to you at every office. As you embark on a business career, you will find that a close relationship with your bank is very important. We at the Valley Bank welcome the op- portunity to get acquainted with you young people our fellow citizens and customers of the years ahead. ROCKY MOUNTAIN STATES MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Best Wishes to A.S.C. ' s Electronics Classes . . . 305 East Roosevelt Phoenix AL 4-7184 . r 1954 SAHUARO PICTURED 38 East 1 st Ave. Scottsdale, Arizona Were Produced by the ART CLARK STUDIO Photographic Supplies from JIM OTT CAMERAS 613 Mill Ave. Tempe, Arizona Two Hundred Twenty-three Ideal Accommodations For Banquets THE CASA LOMA COFFEE SHOP For A Complete Dinner or A Snack v Casa Loma Hotel Fourth and Mill in Tempe ndvance " A GREAT NAME IN SEEDS LLCTZIJ ADVANCE SEED COMPANY is one of many local concerns cooperating with A.S.C. ' s Agricultural program. Advance handles a complete line of Cleaned and Tested Seeds. . BARBER f SHOP WHITEY ' S BARBER SHOP " Right Next Door to the Varsity Inn " We ' ll Do Our Level Best To Please You Two Hundred Twenty-four . In 1953, Inspiration expended more them 5 millions of dollars in payment of salaries and wages to its employees at its mines and plants in Gila County. It spent 5.8 additional millions for equipment purchased and for supplies and fuel consumed in the process of copper production. Arizona Property. Sales, and In- come taxes paid in 1953 amounted to $980,000. INSPIRATION, GILA CO., ARIZONA Two Hundred Twenty-five Headquarters for I n. Seven Stores to Serve You throughout Central Arizona VA V9 7f O. f. STAPLEY COMPANY Phoenix - Mesa - Chandler - Coolidge Casa Grande - Buckeye - Giendale 1953-54 at Arizona State was filmed using supplies from Photo-Graphic Supply. We ' re proud to have had a part in another great year of development at the college. PHOTO-GRAPHIC SUPPLY PHOENIX, ARIZONA 7th ST. E. ROOSEVELT " PICTURE YOURSELF IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN ' Two Hundred Twenty-six . . ARIZONA ' S r most complete department stores. ' V. as always - Adams at Second St. in downtown Phoenix Phone AL 8-1551 COURTESY SERVICE FREE PARKING 21 N. Macdonald Mesa Phone WO 4-4527 Two-Hundred Twenty-seven ' THE VARSITY INN ;. - ..C " Vfiere the Students Go ' i ! ipj - Vhether your appetite calls for a cup of cof- fee or a full meal, you II always be glad you chose the Varsity Inn. It s an Arizona State tradition. Ave. at Eighth Si. Tempe VALLEV LUMBER CO Phone AL 4-7361 1920 Wesf Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona 9nn WlotoA Hotel Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) Swimming Pool Famous Copa Lounge Coffee Shop and Dining Room Sun Parlor and Patio Refrigeration Telephone WO 4-8665 and WO 4-4561 Catering To Private Parlies Now Open All Year Two Hundred Twenty-eight For the most important time in your life you have our sincere wishes for success - prosperity - and a full life. FIRST STATE BANK OF ARIZONA ' TEMPE MESA NOW SERVING YOU IN TEMPE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation J -.- ?- v, , - Two Hundred Twenty-nine DElVALT ARIZONA ELECTRIC TOOL CO. ' e tric Tools and Woodworking Equipment v-ifej. 21 14 East Washington Street Phoenix " ' " ' : ' S - ARIZONA WELDING EQUIPMENT CO. A Complete Line of Welding Equipment 415 South Seventh Street Phc JANITOR SUPPLY CO. We Carry Maintenance Supplies For Every Need DRI BRITE WAX WITH LUDOX FIRST DETERGENT Mops Brooms Brushes Disinfectants Deodorants Floor Sealers Congratulations Bill Henrie Unico Waxing Machines for a job well done ALpine 4-5666 601 East Buchanan Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Thirty - 1 - m . . ' ,4 MM AIR VIEW OF LAVENDER PIT MINE AT BISBEE which will go into production during 1954. at This Pit Mine will be over two-thirds of a mile long and about one-half mile in width at its greatest dimensions, and from the highest point to the bottom of the finished excavation the depth will be approximately 1,000 feet. Engineering studies made prior to the starting of the Lavender Pit indicated that this project requires the removal of 142,000,000 tons of rock. As of March 1, 1954 approximately 40,000,000 tons of waste overburden had been removed. The waste material is loaded by electric shovels and presently is being hauled to a loading dock at the edge of the Pit by 25-ton trucks, thence to the waste dumps by railroad cars. It is anticipated that copper production from the Lavender Pit will get under- way soon after the middle of 1954. The concentrating ore will be moved in 25-ton trucks to the coarse crushing plant. The crushed ore will travel by belt conveyors to the Concentrator. The new Concentrator, shown at the right of this picture, will have a rated capacity of 12,000 tons of ore per day. The two large tanks to the right of the Concentrator building are tailings thickeners and the three smaller tanks below and to the left of the building are concentrate thickeners. The Lavender Pit Mine is the third and latest addition to Phelps Dodge Pit Mines in Arizona during recent years. PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION AJO BISBEE DOUGLAS MORENCI - . .1 " " ..V School Office Church - Industry 530 W. Washington St. PHOENIX ALpine 8-6661 TUCSON (Howard Stofft) YUMA (Yuma Stationers) PRESCOTT FLAGSTAFF SAFFORD MESA .tot Featuring Exotic Chinese Dinners Chicken, Sizzling Steaks and Seafoods COMPLETE DINNERS FROM $1.50 ; :, p tlr . " ' t ' DRAGON ROOM for Special Parties and Banquets Ideal Accommodations for that SPECIAL OCCASION Open Daily 4 P. M. to I A. M. For Reservations Phone AM 5-9484 1575 East Camelback Road, Phoenix (at Sixteenth Street) Two Hundred Thirty-two PENNEY ' S Q U A 1 1 T Y I Serving Mesa and the South Side for 40 years, with First Quality Merchandise. J. C. PENNEY CO., 38 W. Main, Mesa Your Dollar ' s Best Friend Two Hundred Thirty-three Arizona Disinfectant Co. injc JhfL SojuJthw At SW L 1920 548 East Jefferson St. - Phoenix, flrizona - Phone RL 3-9603 ST. . JANITOR - -.; SUPPLIES ronsuiiflnis on RLL TVPES OF snniTflTion PROBLEIHS Sahuaro Art Editor Kathy Wyllyj chooses Groves for needed supplies. A Complete Selection of ART, CRAFT and HOBBY SUPPLIES HANDCRAFT CENTER SI 6 East 8th Street TEMPE Phone WO 7-4482 Two Hundred Thirty-four ' . - Our New, Cool Infirmary JOHNSON 1845 East Madison BROTHERS Phoenix. Arizona have provided SPRINGTIME WEATHER for our new INFIRMARY and PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING First Name In Year .. Carrier Round Air Conditioning r Our New, Cool Physical Education Buildi-ng Your Good Credit Is Worth CASH at ENJOY OUR FAST, CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE CHOOSE YOUR OWN EVEN-DOLLAR PAYMENT, FIXED TO MEET YOUR BUDGET LET US CONSOLIDATE YOUR BILLS LOANS FROM $25 TO $300 ON SIGNATURE, AUTO, FURNITURE Remember . . ?V PRODUCERS FINANCE was built in Arizona by Arizonans and is locally owned and operated . Main Mesa, Arizona ,JV . : ' % ' ! $ . r V S Catering To Your Travel Needs " From Tempe To Timbuctoo ' The State ' s Largest Complete Travel Service REPUBLIC AND GAZETTE World Travel Service 120 East Van Burn Phone AL 8-881 1 Two Hundred Thirty-six OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY - 2% Interest Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FARMERS AND STOCKMENS BANK 5001 East Washington Street - 313 North Central Avenue PHOENIX, ARIZONA Two Hundred Thirty-seven ,. Tempe Drug Co. 6th Street and Mill . . Wriendlu, Like Your Home Town Drug Store , ' " Servicing Arizona State " NEW OR USED PORTABLES FOR SALE OR RENT 21 1 W. Adams - Phoenix - AL 4-3241 Binding Books for Arizona State ' s Matthews Library (We Also Bind Theses) Arizona Library Binding Co. 307 W. Monroe Phone AL 3-1861 Two Hundred Thirty-eight - Producers Cotton Oil Company of Arizona - Serving Agriculture - ' ' Cottonseed Products - Cotton Ginning - Cotton Phone BR 5-3641 MAIN OFFICE: 4637 East Washington, Phoenix Phone BR 5-3641 Gins Located At Toltec Maricopa Magma Coolidge Stanfield Sahuarita Picacho Eloy Chandler Marana East Chandler Amado Queen Creek 4 - :. ' ' : ' ' v ' .-. Foxworth - McCalla Lumber Company Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations to the Graduation Class of 1954 . Contract and Retail Hardware Wholesale and Retail Building Materials 1400 West Jefferson Street PHONE AL 4-8411 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Two Hundred Thirty-nine Congratulations ? ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE 9 f ON ITS PROGRESSIVE BUILDING PROGRAM Chet Willis with Union Oil Products Mesa, Arizona Phone WO 4-4652 Two Hundred Forty CLAUDETTC COLBERT Si IMITATION % LI! Kelly Baione, Mgr. ' FRIENDLY COLLEGE THEATRE BOB HOPE HERE COME THE GIRLS SLAVES OF BABYLON Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1954 from the ANE IAOD JEAN S.HAMP. FOR. A DAY PIONEER DRIVE-IN Virgil Rowe, Mgr. HARRY L NACE Theatres PHOENIX DP T Jim Terry, ftlgi . : Leo Wilson, Mgr. .y. ' ' ' 1 Two Hundred Forty-one " -i Carolyn Cummins models one of the many SACONY styles in Poplin Play j Clothes now at BRIGHT ' S STYLE SHOP Phone WO 7-2245 Pat Payne at the Hammond Organ REDEWILL MUSIC CO. " Serving Arizona For 73 Years " 222 West Washington Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Forty-two J. H. Welsh Son Contracting Co. PLUMBING HEATING PIPE LINES SPRINKLER SYSTEMS AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL REFRIGERATION 805 S. Central - Phone AL 3-3131 - Phoenix, Ariz. 1824 East Indian School Road, Phoenix Two Hundred Forty-three i EMPER GOODWI N EGISTERED ARCHITECT TEMPE, ARIZONA ,. -iLjrtNui- Background by WHEAT ' S Riverside 61 Mesa Nurseries 1930 South Central, Phoer 1 46 East Main, Mesa Two Hundred Forty-four 2 X Adams at First Sf. quality and distinction in both conventional and western apparel for men, women and children. " THE WEST ' S MOST WESTERN STORE " PHOENIX TUCSON SCOTTSDALE to iha. @a A, of. QI CH SD and FEED CO. ' 2 D GRAND A V PHOCNIX-AHI2aNA 4-2135 Two Hundred Forty-five , . - . as much a part of campus life as the " A 1 X-Cxf ; W ' :tf V M COLLEGE BOOKSTORE " Service on the Campus " CLICO LABORATORY X-RAY SUPPLIES Arizona ' s Exclusive Laboratory Supply House " 1201 W. Hilton Avenue, Phoenix p none AL 8-7875 Two Hundred Forty-six Brown G Hoeye Motor Company OWN t H01Y1 MOTOR CO Wfaa " STADIUM COFFEE SHOP AND DELICATESSEN Two Hundred Forty-seven tf PLYWOOD of all kinds unite Hardware All Types of Wall Boards Hardwood Lumbers Doors .i Materials Guaranteed ' j We Deliver Anywhere 1.606 W. Jefferson Phoenix, Arizona Phone AL 2-5395 , Serving Arizona Health Needs Since 1908 PHOENIX GLOBE MIAMI SUPERIOR CASA GRANDE GLENDALE WICKENBURG We have tailored Arizona State ' s Band Uniforms Since 1938 .... C ias. H. Thew, Tailoring Finest Custom Tailoring for Men and Women 216 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Forty-eight U.S. ROYAL The protection that ' s always with yout now available at CRABTREE MOTORS 802 Mill Avenue, Tempe - Phone WO 7-338) Dick Mackey and John Jankans examine one of Glen Crabtree ' s ' new U. S. Royal Tires . FOR OVER 50 YEARS . . . Arizona Stale s Corner Drug Store LAIRD PHARMAC : " " " " THE REXALL DRUG STORE " MILL AVENUE AT FIFTH, TEMPE PHONE WO 7-2922 PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY FOUNTAIN SERVICE YOUR TEMPE HEADQUARTERS FOR SUN DEVIL FOOTBALL TICKETS Two Hundred Forty-nine le graduating class of 1954 " 4NINGHAM FREEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY i T .; ' Suite No. D-2 - 1 130 E. McDowell Rd. ALpine 3-5197 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Lily Ong Operates Underwood Posting Machine in Arizona State ' s Business Office For Business Systems Contact LOFTIN ' S Business Forms Co. 816 South Central Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Fifty CAMPUS DRUG Serving the Needs of ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE Alma Keeps Things Right Fountain-wise Grace and Gene Always at Yc . - ' i J Prescription Pfidrrtfttcf " m School Supplies Cosmetics Fountain Service Two Hundred Fifty-one T une in CHANNEL 10 Every Tuesday, 8:00 to 8:30 P. M. for " AMOS ' N ANDY " and hear about SUPERLITE Bricks and Blocks ' Kingfish ' ' Andy " M. E. Wagoner Corporation 4012 North Central Avenue AM 5-4755 Phoenix Mesa Casa Grande Yuma ITULflTIOnS id every wish tor happiness UNIFORM SERVICE, inc. Two Hundred Fifty-two MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Line of School Supplies and Equipment Stage Equipment Athletic Goods Office Supplies and Equipment 324 North Central Avenue Phone AL 4-5651 Phoenix, Arizona BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1954 Mark Siahlberg Arizona Janitor Supply Complete Line of Janitor Supplies " 26 S. Third Ave. Phoenix Phones AL 4-4331 AL 3-0873 to. Branches: Grange - Flagstaff - Holbr " ' J f ' f f . . ' i Kingman - Yuma - " " ARIZONA ' S OLDEST AUT MC I 1 Two Hundred Fifty-three When you ' re listening to that favorite record Remember it ' s BEN SPALDING SALES CO. that makes your Juke Box listening possible. 844 North 9th Are. Phoenix, Arizona Congratulations to ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE Tempe Lumber Company All Types of Building Supplies 1002 Apache Blvd. P. 0. Box 428 Phone WO 7-2331 Two Hundred Fifty-four Greetings to The Class of ' 54 LOLA ' S CAFE for use VESTAL PROD.. ' ; ' . i =- ' -. ' " Arizona Representative CHARLES DeR ' VERE 41 36 North 19th Street Phoenix, Arizona iS P " ' HBHHHHH Two Hundred Fifty-five regulations to KASC from RAbiO PARTS OF ARIZONA 1 Wholesale Distributors of I RADIO AND ELECTRO PHOENIX, ARIZONA PARTS AND TUBES - - urn Pastry Specialize in Fancy Pastries, Beautiful Wedding Cakes, and Decorated Cakes " Phone WO 7-4246 612 Mill Ave. TEMPE, ARIZONA Congrat ulations, ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE GRADUATES Our business is concerned with your health and good looks . . . . EVERYBODY ' S DRUG CO. exalt 1 04 W. Main, Mesa Phone WO 4-4587 A respected name in the Valley of tne Sun Two Hundred Fifty-sh We take special pride in prov ' 7 ll covers and binding for your S We ve served Arizona State v, r many years and we expect io -e serving the college for many years to c-....e. ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY 547 W. JEFFERSON PHOENIX " For Bindings of Distinction " ---- I Only time will tell what ' s ahead for each of i you: maybe fame ... or fortune ... or, maybe both. In any case, the real measure of i success is not fame or fortune; it ' s freedom. Freedom to think, freedom to speak, and freedom to act. Your biggest responsibi lity is the protection of those freedoms for yourself and for others. What ' s ahead depends on your efforts. Fame and fortune have little value without freedom, so we must all be alert to combat any force that attempts to take our freedom from us. ARIZONA Public Service " TAR Performance There is an Arizon Feed for every poultry and livestock feeding requirement, and every Arizona Star Feed is especially for- mulated to return a profit to the grotfekr- At our Experimental Farrr M ' eeds are te:t- d and proved on thousands of poultry and livestock before being " to ffered on the market. This is your assurance of quality and perform- ance. i " urim M |n na Flour Mills is now manufacturing and distributing fnS:two most amazing cattle feeding developments in live- . -ck production history. Both Arizona Star Range Booster ,d 3e-f Booster were developed scientifically to answer ... j - ic p.oblems in range and pen feeding. They provide Balanced feedinq program and increase development of nen organisms necessary for efficient conversion of dry ,-d and roughages. Both Range Booster and Beef Booster promote healthier cattle, better gains and higher grade beef. Complete information on request. SoU In The Bag With The BIG BLUE STAR Two Hundred Fifty-eight For Quality Building Mate. Horn of OvtitoMfing luilding Material! Specialties 300 S. 12th St., Phoenix Phone AL 4-5503 Two Hundred Fifty-nine CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1954 SAHUARO STAFF FOR A JOB WELL DONE Auto- Vend, Inc Phoenix Auto Supply 206 South Third Street 301 West Van Buren Phoenix ... Kor ricks The Photo Shop 1 06. East Washington Phoenix 225 North Central Avenue Phoenix PBSW 530 West Washington t. BL Phoenix i alley Vendors 1 145 West Hilton Avenue Phoenix Compliments E. J. J avernier Huntington Labs, Inc. AM 6-1621 Phoenix Desert Landing Grill 611 Apache Blvd. Tempe Two Hundred Sixty " 4IP " : ' - t V . ll f " 1 47 MAIN THE Beer IN WIl-L GIVE VOU A 5UWES 1 h SHOES m a. i 3- Ma- ' r Straat UDALi iMUiVUllllliliiiUHIILIiltLIIUlUliliilUil ' lUH

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