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UTHOR ASU Yearbook 1953 sahuaro Offical Publication, Associated Students ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE, Tempe William J. H. Foster Editor Clair Millett Art Editor FOREWORD Perhaps the greatest of God ' s gifts to mankind, next to life itself, is growth. For it is through growth that life continues, that the rich- ness and fullness of living ripens and blossoms. It is through growth that man has progressed from an inarticulate animal of the cave and forest to the dominant being of civilization today. Through growth mental, spiritual, and moral man has achieved what we are bold to term " progress. " In achieving this progress man has built about him institutions of " education " in order that his past empires of knowledge might not crumble and decay but continue to grow and enrich the lives of gen- erations to come. At Arizona State we have the opportunities of reaping the har- vest of much of this growing empire of learning. Here we have worked and rested, loved and laughed, and grown. When in future years time may be apt to cloud recollections it is hoped that the stages of growth captured in the words, pictures, and sounds of the 1953 SAHUARO may stimulate, once more, fond mem- ories of formative years. COHTfHTS COUfCf SWWHTS GANI2WOK Al iwer i cotes, oil h DR. SAMVU BURKHARD DEDICATION A leader in education for over thirty years, and a student who has never ceased learning. A philosopher who lives the theories he advo- cates, and a man unwilling to compromise his principles. A friend to all who know him, and one to whom students long have turned for guidance, wisdom, and inspiration. The 1953 Sahuaro is dedicated to Dr. Samuel Burkhard. I ' CAMPUS BUILDINGS Old Main, upper left, one of the oldest buildings on ASC ' s campus, is undergoing extensive remodelinq this year. An outside staircase, similar to the one on the English Building (middle), is being added. The Agriculture Building (above), a million dollar structure, is one of a new series of constructions at ASC. The Arts Building (left) houses the Music and Art Departments. Seven COt I Cf , LYNN M. LANEY President M. L. BROOKS State Superintendent of Public Instruction WILLIAM R. MATHEWS Secretory HOWARD PYLE Governor of Arizona ALEXANDER G. JACOME WALTER R. BIMSON Treasurer JOHN G. BABBETT BOARD Of The Board of Regents of the State of Arizona have the con- trol of the University and two State Colleges of Arizona. They provide the leadership and guidance of these institutions. EVELYN J. KIRMSE JOHN M. JACOBS MICHAEL B. HODGES - : wt i m i i Wi Mory me pR$n NT Dr. Grody Gammoge, who has long been prominently identified in national educational circles, became President of Arizona State College in 1933. During the past two decades his able guidance and leadership were directly responsible for the rapid growth and expan- sion of the college. Miss Mary Bunte, (right) through expert management and a gracious manner, coordi- nates the many activities of Arizona State ' s president as secretary to Dr. Gammage. - m DEAN OF THE COLLEGE DR. HAROLD D. RICHARDSON Dr. Richardson, Dean of Arizona State College since 1949, has the important posi- tion of coordinator of the student body, faculty, and curriculum. This he accomplishes in an efficient manner exceptionally ingratiating to all involved. A widely known educator, Dean Richardson was formerly registrar, director of graduate study, and professor of education at Arizona State from 1941 until his appointment as dean. Dr. ond os! fat Ai Colkg, geniiim factor Twelve DEAN OF STUDENTS DR. WELDON P. SHOFSTALL Dr. Shofstall became the first Dean of Students of Arizona State College in 1950, following service as educational advisor for the United States Army in Germany. Prior to his work overseas, Dr. Shofstall was Dean of Administration at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. ASSOCIATE DEAN OF STUDENTS DR. CATHERINE G. NICHOLS Dr. Nichols, Associate Dean of Students and assistant director of the Division of Stu- dent Affairs, in her first year at Arizona State College, has, through her valuable advice and genuine interest in people, become a guiding factor in student life. OFFICIALS V . I DR. J. 0. GRIMES Director of Correspondence School DR. ROY C. RICE Director of Summer Session ALFRED THOMAS, JR. Registrar and Director of Admissions DR. ROBERT F. MENKE Director of Placement GEORGE C. YATES Dir ector of Special Services GILBERT L CADY Comptroller ROGER W. J EPSON Assistant Registrar HOWARD TeSELLE Purchasing Agent . Department Heads DR. DANIEL 0. ROBINSON Agriculture PAULUKLOS ' COL. WILLIAM MULLIG A rt Air Science DR. JESSIE M. RANNELL DR. LOUIS M. MYERS English DR. IRMA WILSON Foreign Languages Home Economics HARRY B. HARELSON Music NINA L. MURPHY Physical Education Sixteen R. H. LAVIK Physical Education Dr. G. M. BATEMAN Physical Science KL STER Art DR. HERBERT L. STAHNKE Biological Science E. J. HILKERT Business Administration L. S. NEEB Industrial Arts H. W. BATCHELOR Library Science COL. W. R. PIERCE Military Science DR. GUY D. McGRATH Education Century Plant Arizona State College at Tempe offers to its students opportunities to gain knowledge in eighteen major fields of learning. Upon the shoulders of the people on these two pages rests the direction of the academic activities of their departments. DR. H. C. SKINNER Psychology DR. RUFUS K. WYLLYS Social Science faculty AGRICULTURE Front row, left to right, Dan J. Chavez, Robert D. Rasmussen, Dr. George B. McLeroy, Dr. E. Grant Moody. Back row, Daniel 0. Robinson, F. L. Riggins, Dr. Thomas W. Barrett, Dr. Ira Judd, Dr. Ernest L Parker. AIR SCIENCE Front row, left to right, M Sgt. Garth L. DeWater, Maj. Joe Swanger, Lt. Col. Mar- tin K. Newland, Col. William Mulligan, Capt. Donald L. Adanson, M Sgt. Ernest H. Dean, M Sgt. Edward J. McCaffery. Back row, M Sgt. Erwin K. Nelson, M Sgt. Seaborn W. Newton, Capt. John Mammen, Maj. Manley H. Dole, Capt. Hal G. Ward, M Sgt. Hubert K. Woods. ART Left to right, Phillip Sanderson, Gwen Burgess, Paulo Kloster, Olive Malm, Tom Harter. BIOLOGY Seated left to right, Dr. Herbert Stahnke, Dr. George Maughn. Standing, Dr. James Mc- Cleary, Dr. Kelly Eldridge, Dr. Hugh Hanson, Dr. Herbert Wallace, (not pictured, Roy M. Johnson). f .1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Seated left to right, Dr. A. R. Burton, E. J. Hilkert, Lois Kelso. Standing, Robert Zacher, Leonard Lorens, Arthur Seals, Austin Bratch- er, Dick Mount, Pete Zidnak, Walter Gross, David Nelson, Mary McKinnon, Arthur W. Gutenberg. EDUCATION Front row, left to right, Mrs. Marjorie Ander- son, Dr. Robert Heimann, Dr. Frank Goren, Dr. Duane Manning, Richard Bell, Joel Benedict. Second row, Dr. Glenn Austin, Mary Scott Morris, Dr. James Jones, Mrs. Helen French, Marian Moore, Dr. R. Craig Rover. Third row. Dr. Robert Menke, Dr. Raymond E. Wochner, Dr. Roy Rice, Dr. G. D. McGrath, Mrs. Frances Cassity, Mrs. Nell Byers. ENGLISH Front row, left to right, Dr. Lew Girdler, Madoc Davies, Richard Welsh, Dr. Dorothy Schilling, Dr. L. M. Myers, J. E. Zimmerman, Clarence Southern, Dean McSloy, Dr. Fred C. Osenburg. Second row, L. P. Bigelow, Louis Taylor, John Girdler, Mrs. Henshaw, Mary Morris, Frank Byers. Third row, Dr. Collice Portnoff, Dr. David Conlin, Loretta Wilson, Dona Burke, Dr. Katherine Turner. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Left to right, Dr. Robert Poole. Mrs. Anna Wall, Dr. Irma Wilson, Dr. Mary Escudero, Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt. HOME ECONOMICS Left to right, Mrs. Norma Norton, Mrs. Kay Paxton, Dr. Jessie M. Rannells, Miss Lola Ells- worth, Miss Mary Essig, Dr. Virginia L. Kagy. -ffMiiin. ' - INDUSTRIAL ARTS Front row, left to right, Mel Ensign, James Elmore, John Goodwin, J. C. Douthit, Lucile Kaufman, William Cavalliere. Second row, Lewis Neeb, Karl Burk, Marlow Keith, Stanley Peabody, Luther Finley. LIBRARY SCIENCE Left to right, Margaret Spengler and Harold Batchelor. . H ft m 9Bl r v f y MILITARY SCIENCE Left to right. Col. W. R. Pierce, Maj. Jack G. Westbrooke, Capt. Abra- ham L. Herm, M Sgt. A. E. Kloppmann, M Sgt. Bernard 0. Shugart. MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Seated left to right, Ronald Thompson, William Kaji- kawa, R. H. Lavik. Standing, Fred Bryant, Senon Cas- tillo, Al Onofrio. SOCIAL STUDIES Seated, Dr. R. K. Wyilys. Standing, left to right, Dr. D. R. Van Petten, Dr. John H. Krenkel, Dr. Paul G. Hubbard. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Seated left to right, Dorothy Gillanders, Mildred Stevens, Madeline Somers, Nina Murphy. Standing, Mary Pavlich, Anne Pittman, Marilyn Crawford, Margaret Klann, Fran Salerno. t Jf m " ' , Senon Cos- is, Madeline nan, Marilyn PHYSICAL SCIENCES Seated left to right, Dr. Duane Brown, Dr. George M. Bateman. Standing, Dr. F. G. Yale, Dr. Jacob Fuchs, Dr. Edward Burgoyne, Martin Mortensen, Dr. Paul T Miller, George T. Renner, William S. Rawls, Dr. Alan T. Wager. PSYCHOLOGY Seated left to right, Dr. Fred Crawford, Dr. Rachel Ball, Dr. H. C. Skinner, Dr. Herbert Gurnee. Standing, Charles Crouch, Rex Boll- ing, Dr. G. P. Young, Dr. J. 0. Grimes, Dr. Sidney Smith. MUSIC First row, left to right, Harry Harelson, Har- old Hines, Paul Mansur, Genevieve Hargiss, Patsy Kendig, Bertha Autenrieth, Patricia Kenting, Bess Berkley, Nadine Dresskell, Hazel Quaid. Second row, Joseph Scrafford, Ivan Miller, Charles Bowers, David Scoular, Harry Rickel, Miles Dresskell, Arnold Bullock, Mar- ion Smith. ASSOCIATED STWfHTS The office of the Associated Students of Arizona State College forms the basis for the organization of Arizona State ' s 5000 stu- dents. This office, with these people, is where a seemingly endless chain of student activities and enterprises are formed and coordinated. N EVERETT REED President Evaleen Futcl wtli their broo Banners, wtk Minted Stud BOB ELLIS Vice- President DAISY YEE Secretary PHIL MODESITT Social Chairman i DR. WELDON P. SHOFSTALL Faculty Advisor NORMAN GARNATZ Financial Manager 4A9S JESSE UDALL Evaleen Futch and Dorothy Durham, with their broad smiles and pleasant manners, work as secretaries for the Associated Student office. DEBE DuBOSE Student Council The legislature of Arizona State ' s Student Body is the Student Council. They handle the many and diverse matters that pertain to the Student Body. From left to right they are Wayne Welker, Don Santee, Caryl Keith, Roy Coppinger, Phil Modesitt, Dean Weldon Shofstall (advisor), Daisy Yee, Everett Reed, Bob Ellis, Bill Dean, Freddy McWilliams, Rachel Jenkins, Debe DuBose, Jesse Udall, and Jack Maassen. Twenty-six A Al S Guiding the course of the Associated Men Students are, first row, left to right, Don Stocks, Jack Haakc, Dale Hamblin, Earl Jensen, Joe DeRoulhac, Gerald Bednorz, Don Johnson. Second row, Charles Marshall, Jesse Udall, president, Graham Walker, Randall Hand, Jerry Blum, John Schwartz, Freddy McWilliams, Bill Dean, Rex Klein- man. Third row, Bob Cadwell (advisor), Foster Simms Jerry Rice, Burt Smith, Bob Kindel, John Lyddon, Shrove Carter, Loy Despain, William Hayes, Clair Millett, and Jack Maassen. Setting the pattern for the Associated Women Students are, from left to right sitting, Terry Hulse, Dorothy Banks, Ann Sola, Wanda Way, Betty Crandall, Caryl Keith. Standing, Debe DuBose, president, Carole Freeman, Mimi Hamel, Joan Gregan, Joyce Leffue, Dana Rhoton, Jacqui Farley, and Dean Nichols, Advisor. A W S ASASC Boards SOCIAL COMAt TT From left to right, Gerald Bednorz, Bill Briscoe, Mildred Luckie, Carol Cummins, Dottee Henness, Dana Rhoton, and Phil Modesitt, chairman. BOARD Of PUBLICATIONS Front row from left to right, Robert Zacher, James Loper, Robert Ellis. Second row, Jody Davis, Everett Reed, William Foster, Dean Weldon Shofstall, and Ernest J. Hopkins chairman. Twenty-eight BOARD OF FINANCIAL CONTROL Dean Weldon Shofstall, Paul Miller, Rob- ert Ellis, Everett Reed, chairman, Jesse Udall, Gilbert Cady, Daisy Yee, Debe DuBose. BOARD OFATNLTIC CONTROL Gilbert Cady, Everett Reed, Dean Weldon Shofstall, Clyde Smith, J. E. Zimmerman, Dr. D. R. Van Petten, chairman, Mrs. Russek secretary, Frank Rispoli, Dougles McCleary, Robert Ellis, Norman Thomas. Twenty-nine HAUS The men again took possession of East Hall after the Women ' s Air Force Detachment left the campus last summer. Mrs. Ruth Cook is the Head Resident and the Hall Council members are, from left to right seated, Al Sydlo, Mrs. Cook, Dale Markham. Back row, Gale Grammer, Arthur Cauthen, George Nimmo, Harold Griner, Myron Clark, Don Baxley, Jim Purcell, Frank Rooney. Thirty-three twin f I fiCwwS fin H The advantages of this hall are numerous, one of them being that it is just a short walk trom downrown Tempt. The Head Resident is Mrs. Minnick and the Hall Council includes, from left to right seated, Frances Baker, Mrs. Minnick, Terry Hulse, Wanda Stephens. Back row, Nancy Gravelot, Carolyn Cayia, Margaret Dicus, Clarice Blair, Carole Boozer, Pat Cunningham. MATTHEWS HALL Thirty-four HAU The Irish Hall units were named Casey, O ' Day, and Murphy this year to keep up the Irish tra- dition of the hall. The Head Residents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cadwell. The Hall Council from left to right seated includes, Wayne Welker, Art Hartman, Robert Cadwell, Mrs. Codwell, Don Keller, Al Cooper. Back row, Brad Morris, Jake Schuljak, Jim Faulkner, William Hayes, Jack Tomes. ftfiH ' The newest hall on Arizona State ' s campus is Hayden Hall, one of the Southwest ' s most modern structures of its type. The Head Resident is Miss Florence Evants. The Hall Council from left to right seated includes Jesse Udall, Louis Bonham, Mrs. Evants, Gene Lewis, Manuel Silva. Back row, William Simons, Terry Mock, Carl Morley, Don Stocks, George Rayes. Thirty-six SOIMH HMI m " " in fifjitC One of the three halls located in the quadrangle is South Hall with Mrs. Mattie Nelson as Head Resident. The Hall Council members are, front row from left to right, Betty Hooks and Ann Sola. Back row, Elizabeth Davis, Flossie Aimo, Lillian Leonard, Mrs. Nelson, Carolee Curtis, Jackie Zachar. V;- i nz zzrzz: % . itf i " i ft - ' , WEST HALL WW%fif i ft fw wl One of the landmarks of Arizona State ' s campus is West Hall. The Head Resident is Miss Mar- garet Walsh. The Hall Council includes from left to right seated, Norma Whittum, Miss Walsh, Catherine Welch. Back row, Shirley Harvey, Mary Louise Brion, Shirley Finnell, Jackie Farley, Carole Freeman, Nina Richardson, Betty Crandall, Jeanne Owens. tiff H This hall occupies the inside of the East Stadium. The Head Residents are Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Stephenson. The Hall Council from left to right seated includes Lyle Pearson, Mrs. Stephenson, Chuck Stephenson. Back row, Larry Hirayama, Neal Nichols, Richard Mason, Fred Morlock, Dick Peterson, Dick Springer, Ted Beam, Eddie Damon. Thirty-nine " f tf nWmff Mrs. Porker, the Head Resident of North Hall, led her girls through a well-rounded year of social activities. The Hall Council includes from left to right seated, Dorothy Banks, Barbara Patterson, Mrs. Parker, Jody Harper, Mildred Senseman. Back row, Kathryn Roe, Jorene Bull, Marv Hickox, Given Hall, Kav Willow, Donna Gulzow. Forty ' : ' ttfiLL Named after the late wife of President Gammage, Dixie Gammage Hall is one of the largest women ' s dormitories on the campus. The Head Resident is Mrs. Helen Cossell. The Hall Council includes, seated from left to right, Charleen Cobb, Joan Gregan Mrs. Cossell, Adelle Williams, Margy Dye. Back row, Janne Svendsen, Kathleen McLeery, Marjorie Barrington, June Stires, Bernice Becker, Barbara Humphrey. I Forty-one GAMMAGE AHHfX The newest and most modern women ' s hall is Gammage Annex. Some of its features include separate entrances to each of the rooms and ultra-modern furniture. The Head Resident for this hall is also Mrs. Helen Cossell of Gammage Hall. The Hall Council starting at the top of the stairs includes Wanda Way, Beverly Henry, Doro- thy Durham, Carol Mack, Mrs. Cossell, Pat Doyle. ] 1 1 22M?, i 1 n r - ; " Forty-two BOOKSTORE fir otures of He .Tie i Mrs. efioll stain Doio- II, Pot Arizona State ' s bookstore is man- aged by Ray Haire shown here chat- ting with Mrs. May Fletcher, the cashier. The bookstore supplies ma- terials the students need for their classes. GMCRAL STORK Managed by Joe Simms, shown here with a student, the General Store supplies material in bulk quantities to college departments. ROTC AIR FORM Wing Commander Dorset and his staff. Execu- tive Officer Tom Brown (left), Sergeant Major Nick Tountas (background), and Adjutant John Stiteler (right). Col. Mel Dorset Cadet Commanding Officer Tom Brown climbs into a T-33 jet trainer while at summer camp. V ARTHUR? Battalion Commander Tom Rogers and his staff, from left to right, Adjutant Kenneth Noble, Sergeant Major Ernest Turley, Training Officer Stewart Shoob, Executive Officer John Boughton, and Rogers. Lt. Col. Tom Rogers Cadet Battalion Commander Cadet Sergeant Bob Gilbert (sec- ond from left) discusses the matter of awarding demerits to wayward cadets with his First Sergeant. Cadet Lt. Col. Oscar Carroll and Cadet S Sgt. Royd Shumway start an inspection. When the bugler blows assembly it ' s fall in with an automatic dress right. w Color GuorH front and center Military Property Custodian Ralph Lord fits a cadet with a cap as George Pehlert, assis- ant, assures the cadet that it is exactly the right size. BEHIND m scenes WILLIAM HENRIE Head Custodian FENN HARRIS Superintendent Buildings and Grounds These men with their assistants are the people who keep the col- lege property in working order. THOMAS MAZEY Head Mechanic CAMPUS PATROL These men, led by Captain George Craig (third from the left) are the individuals who protect the lives of Arizona State ' s students and the college property. [f SWDfNT HEAL Tff SERVICE f The Student Health Service has been in its temporary head- quarters in Green Gables this year. The coming year will see improved and expanded facilities to aid Mrs. Elaine McFarland and her able staff in caring for the students of Arizona State College. Below, Dr. Marcus Westervelt the College Physician chats with a patient. At the left is Mrs. McFarland and a patient. Fifty-one DANFORTH CHAPEL OLD MAIN After reconstruction (inset) RADIO PROWCTIOH Arizona State ' s new radio station KASC is under the direction of Richard Bell (shown above interviewing Dr. Alan Wager, head of the Physics Department, prior to a broadcast). The entire production of radio programs, including the engineering, script writing, and broadcast- ing is done by students, with Mr. Bell supervising. At the left are Dave Rogers and Tom Voss, student engineers. Highlighting the broadcasting during the early part of the year was KASC ' s presentation of the election returns. Below left, Ernest J. Hopkins and Bob Ellis provide commentary on the returns. Ellis is looking at the black- board shown in the next picture. Jim Loper (with the microphone) is shown broadcasting the returns as they were posted on the board. FILM PRODUCTION Under the supervision of Joel Benedict Arizona State ' s Film Production center has grown so that a movie will be made of a Sat- urday night football game, completely pro- cessed and ready for the coaches and tele- vision by noon of the next day. Left is Dick Norrman, graduate assistant (with camera), Bert Hollis (sitting, loading film), and Mr. Benedict, standing. Below, the production of movies also includes the painting of film titles. Here Dolores Yonker is assisted by Jim Matthews, campus photographer. Matthews some- how got shanghaied into the job of painting the titles. Above, Mr. Benedict demonstrates the how to use a movie film printer. STVDCNTS DOROTHY BANKS DAVID FROST RACHEL JENKINS DANA RHOTON WHO ' S WHO IK AMERICAN COUtCtS AND ONIMRSIWS These individuals were judged the thirty outstanding seniors of the class of 1953. They were graded on the basis of four counts: one, a personality that reflects credit on the College; two, some very out- standing achievement or specialty, indicating special talent and promising success in life; three, general service to the College,, involv- ing hard work without particular glory, in the field of student affairs and activities; four, scholarship in the student ' s major subject. JERRY GILBERT LAURA LONGENBAUGH TOM ROGERS JAMES LOPER SHIRLEY SMITH PEGGY MCDONALD SHIRLEY SUNDEN JOSEPH GRAVER DOROTHA DAVIS DEBE DuBOSE PHILLIP MODFSITT JESSE UDALL RAYMA-LEW NEEB MARVIN WAHLIN KENNETH NOBLE WAYNE W 1 ' KER I ROBERT ELLIS 1RY GMT DAVID HARDAWAY EVERETT REED ERLE WHITING Graduate School DR. FRED CRAWFORD Director of Graduate Study Fred Crawford, Ed. D., handles the administrative details of processing and admitting candidates for both the M.A. and Ed. D. degrees. Dr. Crawford came to the college in 1948. He is currently publishing a book of illustrations in beginning Statistical Methods and has written many syllabi and manuals including the " Thesis and Practicum Project Guide, " which is the official form book for graduate students of Arizona State College. Sixty I Andre, Jack Barnes, Alfred C. Bennett, Thelma Bjorklund, Penolope Bonestroo, Marion Braun, Albert W. Brodsky, Samuel Bruce, William Bruning, Frank Burges, Lovatt Colborne, William Cory, Linus Crouch, Charles Denham, Marlowe Di Salvo, Fred C. Dumond, George Dunn, Charles Evvard, Evelyn Felten, Lester D. Fleck, James Gilbert,Elinor Harris, Eugene Jones, Elizabeth Jones, George M. Joshi, Ansuya Kechukwu, 0. E. Larsen, Eugene Lesa, Aziznn Macdonald, Robert Mangus, Warren Mansur, Paul M. Menckel, Wallace Molt, Walter Mooney, James Pelloux, Charles Rahman, Mohammed Reuter, James Riggs, Collen Rogers, Albert Simmons, James A. Travis, Mildred Salerno, Fran Somervell, Margaret Wang, Marian Wenzel, Harold Wheat, Leo Wiznia, Pearl JERRY GILBERT Secretary Senior Class BUZZ WELKER President SHREVE CARTER Vice- President Abbott, Merlin Abrams, Kenneth Aitkcn, James Ajamie, James sennits Alessi, James Amador, Alma Anderson, Edward Anderson, Robert Andrews, Edward Anger, Gerry Angulo, Henry Aguirre, Deluvina Aguirre, Edward Arnold, Robert Ash, Elmer Avila, Andrew Bacon, Oliver Baker, Lyle Banicevich, Frank Banks, Dorothy Barney, Roy Bauman, Ray Beall, George Beaver, Thelma Bebb, Thomas Beck, Thelton Bednorz, Gerald Benton, Lloyd Bennett, Hazel Bennett, Rosalyn Bernal, Jose Bjorlie, Phyllis Blakley, Elwood Blesener, Mary Blundell, James Bobo, Robert Bodine, Wayne Bonham, Louis Boughton, John Bowler, Albert Bowles, Bertie Briscoe, Bill Brown, Sam Brown, Thomas Brown, Del-C Brown, Thelma Sixty -three Bucher, Thomas Bull, Harold Burton, Beatrice Butala, Geraldine Butler, Donald Cadwell, Robert Cody, Jan Calloway,Jack Galloway, Mary Cameron, Bruce Campbell, Clyde Carlin, Shirley Carmical, Neil Carpenter, Margaret Carroll, Oscar Carter, James Carter, Shreve Cayia, Carolyn Charnofsky, Elaine Chausow, Gene Chavez, Benjamin Child, Ann Cipolla, Caesar Clark, Oscar Clifton, Jack Cluff, Edith Cole, Carl Colligan, William Congleton, Dorman Conner, Eileen Contrino, Gabriel Coppinger, Roy Cosper, Edward Cotton, Mildred Cowley, John Craig, George Craver, Joseph Crouch, Beulah Cullum, Nancy Cummings, David Currie, Ann Dahlke, Phyllis Davis, Dorotha Davis, Marlene Davis, Robert Davidson, Lela D ' Addea, Joan De Vincentis, Albert bixty-four DeWitt, Jock Deon, Lester DeBriyn, Louie Denetson, Leo DiEugenio, Mary Ann Dixon, William Dorsett, Milford Dorsett, Pauline Douglas, Clifton DuBose, Nancy Durham, Dorothy Eady, Ralph Eddings, William Edwards, Marvin Elivian, Marilyn Elliott, Geraldine Ellis, Robert Ellis, Millicent Ellsworth, William Enloe, Mary Ann England, Kenneth Estes, Margaret Estrada, Henry Everson, Earl Eymann, Paul Fassett, Charles Fatica, Donald Felix, Alice Ferris, Delle Finder, Donna Finley, Ethel Fisher, Wallace Fix, Ruth Fletcher, Janet Flinn, Olga Floyd, Thomas Foglesong, Bonnie Frank, Robert Frazier, E. F. Gammill, Hale Gardiner, Lloyd Gary, Cecil Geiger, Joseph George, Fredna Getty, Dorothy SENIORS Sixty-five Gill, Evelyn Gilbert, Jerry Gilbert, Willie Ginger, John Goldberg, Beatrice Goldberg, Jerome Goodc, Minnie Gracey, Gordon Gravelot, Nancy Grammer, G. L. Greaves, William Greer, Page Gregersen, Richard Gregan, Joan Griner, Harold Groh, Mary Groves, La Vern Gustafson, Dave Gutierrez, George Hager, John Hall, Everett Hamel, Emlene Hanger, Gerry Hanna, Polly Hansen, George Hansen, John Hardaway, David Hargrove, Robert Harmon, Elaine Harper, Carolyn Harris, Quin Harrison, Charles Hartmann, Arthur Hartman, Paul Harvey, Shirley Heard, Gene Heileman, David Hcmphill, Jeannette Henry, Beverly Hickcox, Mary Hickernell, Fred Hider, Marilyn Hildreth, Virginia Hinshaw, Lawrence Hitt,Woodrow Hocker, Sally Hoffman, Richard Holm, Raymond Sixty-six Homon, James Home, James Houser, John Huber, Clarence SfHlORS Hughes, William Hulse, Terry Hunter, Jane Hutsell, Jean Inskeep, Curtiss Illingworth, Henry Ice, Ronald Ice, Ann Jenkins, Rachel Jenkins, William Johnson, Donald Johnson, Grant Johnson, Huyson Jones, Alice Keller, Donald Kwiatkowski, Ladimir Koza, Dolores Koch, Nadine Knoche, August Kirkpatrick, Patricia Kirkham, Yvonne Kinsky, Albert Kilian, Leo Khan, Benita Kerr, Thresa Kahn, Irving Lansing, Mary Patricia Lawhon, Robert Lawson, Doris LaZarr, Bonnie Leal, Steve LcBos, Marilyn Leonard, Barbara Leonard, Ralph Leona, John Lewis, James Lisonbee, Thyrl Litchfield, Lewis Livingston, Fred Labrovich, Eva Longenbaugh, Laura Loper, James Sixty-seven Loy, Richard Lucero, Peggy Ludwig, (Catherine Lundy, Cynthia Lyddon, John McAllister, Suzanne McBride, Dean McClcndon, Bob McEuen, Kent McGrath, Gerald McGuire, Martha McLeroy, Josephine McMahon, Strelsa McWhorter, Clyde MacDougall, Richard Mack, Carol Marble, Kathleen Markham, Dale Ma roof, Farris Marshall, Charles Marsey, Donald Mason, Mary Mangino, William Miller, Joseph Minter, Norman Mix, Walter Moffitt, Thomas Moore, Janet Moses, Howard Moore, Harold Morris, James Morley, Carl Munkittrick, Graham Neeb, Rayma Lew Nesbitt, John Newell, Mary Lou Newsom, Raymond Newton, Billy Newman, Thomas Nofsinger, William Noga, Helen O ' Dell, Francis O ' Malley, John Olson, Lee Ong, Pauline Ormand, David Owen, Bruce Packnett, Don Sixty-eight Paul, Alan Paul, William Paup, Rollin Payne, Fred Pennington, Vyvan Pentkowski, James Pentkowski, Joan Peterson, Lamar Peterson, Archie Peterson, Orville Peterson, Wayne Philp, Larry Philips, Florence Phippen, Richard Pine, Bonnie Pisciotte, Joseph Pleasant, Adeline Poage, Larry Poling, Norma Poppin, Joanne Porch, Charles Porter, Kenneth uente, Donald Puzz, William Quinn, Barbara Rabourn, Owen Radnor, Marjorie Ragsdale, Lincoln Ralph, Albert Randall, Lola Reader, Lawrence Redden, James Reed, Everett Reed, John Rennert, Vincent Reyna, Rachel Rhoton, Dana Rhoton, Rex Rice, James Richards, Fred Riley, Margaret Ringhofer, Louis Roberson, Mary Robinson, Don Rock, Lee sennits Sixty-nine Roe, Milton Romanski, Frank Rogers, Joann Rogers, Max Rogers, Thomas Rojas, Margarita Rooney, Frank Rose, Robert Rouse, Helen Rubel, George Ruffin, Duane Rugenstein, Edith Russek, Frederick Russell, Ralph Rust, Robert Rutherford, Harry Ryan, Dixie Ryan, Joanne Sakiestewa, Warner Salem, Mary Salmon, Frank Samples, Willard Sanchez, Pete Savage, Phyllis Savage, Virgil Savittieri, Frank Schoenburg, Dolores Schwarz, Merwin Scott, Juanita Sebastian, Mark Senoff, Jay Severns, Nadinc Schowalter, Mary Scribner, James Sethe, Vivian Sexton, Sue Shofton, Betty Shaver, Joan Shields, Anne Shields, Paul Shill, Wilson Shipley, Herber Shook, John Sipperly, Jack Sites, Henniette Sitton, Donna Smith, Dora Smith, Shirley Seventy Smyth, Betty Snodgrass, Richard Spencer, Veon Springer, Richard SBU9KS Stanley, Ruth Steele, Jeanne Stelbasky, Carl Stenback, Keith Stepan, Richard Stephens, Richard Stephenson, Charles Stephenson, Perlee Stern, Irving Stevens, Jo Ann Stevenson, Robert Stewart, Bevin Stewart, Jerry Stires, June Stortz, Ernest Stout, Paul Squire, Forest Sullivan, Betty Sunden, Shirley Sydlo, Alfred Talone, Anita Tang, Susie Thomas, Kathleen Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Robert Thompson, Darlene Thornton, Patricia Till, Frank Timmons, Harry Tollefsrud, Lois Trbovich, George Trimble, Roberta Tuttle, Benjamin Ulmer, Jean Udall, Jesse Verrue, Henry Vick,John Vorhees, Marvin Waldenville, David Walker, Graham Walters, Charles Wallace, Gordon Seventy-one Wordlow, Richard Watts, Bradford Watterson, Lora Wease, Rhae Webb, Joyce Weed, Thomas Welker, Wayne Welty, Don Werbeach, Charles Whipple, Vance Whited, Edward Whitmer, Grant Wilbur, Roger Wilhoit,J.W. Wilson, Ira Williams, Adelle Williams, Bettye Willis, Merrill Willow, Kay Wong, Kim Wothke, Charles Young, Audrey Seventy-two COVnClL These students coordinate the activities of the various halls on campus. From left to right, William Hayes, Luva Raisch, Jeanne Owens, Mary Hickox, Dale Markam, Pat Cunningham, Assistant to the Dean of Students Bob Cadwell - Advisor, Don Stocks FQnftQil STfffffiffS Sixteen students from 13 foreign countries are registered this year at Arizona State. Front row from left to right, Dean of Students Weldon Shofstall; Neca Azizum, Afghanistan; Anacleta 0. Obedoza and Fortunate Orines, Philippines; Ansuya Veniram, Joshi, India. Second row, Kim Hong Wong, China; Matthew C. Nduka, Nigeria; Abdur Rahman, fghanistan; Oluchukwu Ekechukwu, Nigeria. Third row, Walter Fritz Molt, Germany; Charles Pelloux, France; Juan Guerrero, Guam; Hans Lill, Estonia. Not pictured are David Epstein, Israel; Haseeba Ghorayib, Lebanon; Elizabeth Pasztor, Switzerland; Maung W. Win, Burma. Seventy-three Junior Class BILLY DEAN President VIRGINIA ADAMS Secretary MILDRED SENSEMAN Vice-President Adams, Robert Adams, Virginia Adler, Donald Aguirre, Jessie I 1 Alexander, J. B. Alford, Bob Alkire, George Allen, Eileene Aloian, James Ames, Margaret Angle, Max Aragon, Theresa Arnold, Peter Arnold, Weldon Babbett, Margaret Bailey, Dorothy Baker, Frances Balk, Sheldon Banker, Cal Barela, Rudolph Barriga, Joe Harrington, Margaret Barron, Gracie Bathke, Jess Baver, Don Becker, Bernice Becker, Laura Bedford, Carma Bennewitz, Paul Biggs, Robert Blair, Robert Bobo, Bessie Bonn, Thelma Bone, Catherine Bonelli, Letha Bowles, Ronald Bradley, James Brisco, Billy Broughton, Robert Brown, Anona Brown, John Brown, Margaret Mae Bryant, Charles Buehl, Frederick Bush, Don Butler, William Severity- five Campbell, Dale Campolongo, Teresa Carr, Betty Cauthen, Arthur Chambers, Diane Christensen, Raydean Christian, Daniel Cowan, Dale Cox, Donald Craigmyl , Betty Crawford, Monroe Cunningham, May Cunningham, Patricia Clauson, Donald Cook, Jane Connorton, Grover Cooper, Aleen Correri, Paul Damon, Edward Darling, Philip Davis, Charles Davis, Emma Lee Davis, John Davis, Mary Ann Deppe, Jayne Dean, Billy Decosmo, William Derbis, Albin Dick, Mary Annette Dicus, Margaret Dillon, Ann Diss, Billy Dong, Allen Downs, Beverly Doyle, Patricia Duke, Stanley Dye, Margaret Elder, Jayne Elliott, Billy Elliott, John Ellsworth, Dean Epstein, David Evans, Lois Forde, Wayne Foster, Frank Foster, William J. H. Fairchild, Jerry Farley, Jacquie Seventy-six Farrar, Lillian Farrcll, Jo Ann Feldstein, Morley Fcniniorc, James Fernandez, Loyd Finnell, Shirley Fleming, Larry Fleming, Robert Fletcher, Tom Foly, William Foote, Homer Frahm, James Frank, Orin Fuller, William Freeman, Carole Gallagher, James Gamble, Margaret Garote, Joan Gardner, Jean Gentry, Lula Gibson, Stuart Gill, Evelyn Glenn, Leslie Glover, Lee Ray Goldberg, Norton Golden, Doris Goldie, William Gonaway, Eldridge Goodfellow, Allan Goodman, Mary Lou Gosney, Dean Grace, Frank Graves, Jack Gregory, John Greer, Carol Griego, Lupe Griffin, Bonnie Grundy, Shirley Hall, Gwendolyn Hamburger, Sol Hamilton, Earl Hamman, Floyd Hammer, Earl Hand, Randall Hanger, Marian Hannan, William Seventy-seven Hanson, Philip Harper, Jody Harris, Ray Hart, Nancy Hosfield, Robert Hayes, William Head, Roby Heiner, Charles Helmkay, Carol Henderson, Ruth Hcrold, Edward Herrick, Robert Hewitt, Hugh Hillikcr, Dean Hirayama, Takamori Hoffman, William Holland, Jackie Holloway, Roland Homcwood, Hollis Hooks, Elizabeth Horn, Don Houston, Lillian Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Queindella Hurley, Thomas James, Barbara Johnson, Bertrand Johnson, Josephine Johnson, Neva Johnstone, William Jones, Anne Jones, Esther Jones, Walter Julian, Jean Kaun, David Kay, Thomas Kee, Roland Keith, Caryl Kennedy, Shirley Keyes, Phillip Kinnear, Miriam Kinsley, Otho Kirkman, Donald Klein, Leah Kling, Jean Koger, Beryl Kohler, Fred Lambert, Dorothy Seventy-eight Lampropulos, Lampros Laney, Grant Larkin, Mark Latta, Jim Laughlin, Eugene LaZarr, Hilton Lee, Henry Lee, Robert Leffue, John Lewis, Mary Margaret Lind, James Lindly, Betty Lou Lohnes, Mary Ann Lonius, Nancy Lorens, Mary Luckie, Mildred Lynn, Charlene McAllister, Wayne McCollum, Mary Louise McDonald, Margaret McGrath, Afton McJunkin, Darlene McMasters, Jean McNobb, William Maassen, John Mackey, Marianna Mamo, Corrinne Mancino, Aldo Manos, Dorothea Mar, Ernest Marre, James Martinez, Ramon Maza, Manual Melick, Mary Michalsen, Raymond Miller, Raymond Miller, Robin Millett, Clair Mills, Lawrence Mitten, Brookie Modesitt, Phil Monty, Edwin Morgan, Bruce Morris, Kenneth Mortensen, Jerry Mough, William Seventy-nine Multer, Stephanie Mulville, Rose Ann Newman, Chester Newman, Harold Newman, James Nicholson, Raymond Nickerson, Charles Nimmo, George Norton, Maryanna Nowcll, Nancy Nylund, Lois Obedoza, Anacleta O ' Connell, Edward Okamura, Wallace Orines, Fortunata Owens, Jean Patterson, Donald Paup, Helen Peabody, Charles Peart, Audrey Peil, Rodman Perdue, Marion Perkins, Phyllis Pickard, Thomas Pickens, William Pierson, Lyle Pikula, Francis Pimper, Henry Pittman, Lovie Pollard, Shirley Porter, Wayne Powell, Allegro Prentice, Gary Probert, Dcnton Pursell, James Raisch, Luva Ramsey, Norma Rathbun, Marion Ribera, Schema Rice, Howard Richards, Maurine Richardson, Roy Ridge, George Rimer, Robert Roach, Charles Robb, Thomas Robinson, Bonnie Robinson, Jacqueline Eighty Roe, Douglas Roe, Kathryn Rogers, David Ralph, Helen Root, Beverly Ross, Bernard Ruch, Joanne Rupp, Louise Russell, Kenneth Russell, Patricia Sola, Ann Sanchez, Anthony Sandoz, Sue Ann Schaefer, Kenneth Schmit, Edward Schnitzler, Mario Schuster, James Schwerdtfeger, Bill Seaman, Hess Searey, Peggy Seeber, Earl Senseman, Mildred Sewright, Kenneth Seymour, Barbara Sexton, Monte Shafer, Neil Shaughnessy, Joseph Sherman, Ruth Shoob, Stuart Showley, Devon Shrewsbury, Homer Silva, Manuel Simms, Joyce Simms, Marshall Smith, Alvin Smith, Barbara Smith, Betty Smith, Earlene Smith, Henry Spencer, Donna Spencer, Douglas Spencer, Roy Sreboth, Joan Steele, Mary Ann Stephan, Ray Stephens, Wanda Eighty-one Stevens, Ernest Stocks, Donald Stortz, Helen Strong, Dan Strunk, Charles Sullivan, Mildred Suit, Preston Sundeen, Gene Swartz, Lee Takimori, Elaine Tauber, Barbara Taylor, Nan Thomas, Suzanne Thompson, Harry Tom, Ken Trethewey, Janet Turner, Shirley Ulrich, Anne Urtuzuastegui, Mary Trini Unger, Laura Vujo, Beatrice Vukovich, Desanka Wagner, Mary Wallace, Beverly Walling, Marjorie Walker, Bonnie Wardin, Bruce Way, Wanda Wedge, Robert Welch, Catherine Welch, Charles Welman, Clara Welnick, Patricia West, Charles Westover, Joanne Whitaker, Ernest Whiting, Erie Whittum, Norma Wilbur, Carl Willard, Robert Williams, Buehl Williams, Jeanne Winfield, Robert Winn, Jerry Wold, Odetta Wolslagel, Wayne Wood, Richard Woods, Willie Eighty-two Wooley, Jack Wylie, Barbara Yamashiro, Mas Yarbrough, Wilson Yates, Marlene Ybarra, Carmen Yee, Daisy Young, Franklin Yuen, Lucy Zacher, Jacqueline Zeller, Stanley Zito, Ruth Eighty-three Miss Arizona Curvaceous Betty Lou Lindly won the Miss Arizona contest sponsored by the Phoenix Kiwanis at the Arizona State Fair in November. She is scheduled to represent Arizona at the Miss America Pageant i Atlantic City this summer. A junior as ASC. she is an Education major Eighty-five Arizona State ' s new million dollar gymnasium was completed during the early part of second semester. These two pages show the building as it was receiving the finishing touches before dedication in February. CAMP GERONfMO The annual Summer Post Session is held of Camp Geronimo in Ton to National Forest. The stu- dents have an opportunity to " rough it " while attending lectures. Field courses are offered, includ- ing Indian Culture and Archaeological Field Meth- ods, where first hand observations con be made. COUfCf FARM The College farm supplies Arizona State ' s Agricul- tural students with actual practice in applying the tech- niques that they learn in the classroom Above Max Byrd and Grant Whitmer practice judging swine. At the right Ken England and Whitmer inspect a milking machine, and at the far right England and Whitmer judge o Jersey milk cow. A " cat " is pulling a two-way plow in the picture in the upper right corner. Ninety-one Sophomore Class FRED McWILLIAMS President MARILYN MCDONALD Vice-President RAS ROWE Vice-President Accola, Alice Acuna, Alice Adams, Harlcn Adams, William Akong, Cynthia Akong, Stanley Akong, Vernon Andrews, Robert Angulo, Irma Arensmeycr, Leslie Armistead, William Armour, Robert Athans, Cyril Baker, Bertha Baker, La Vern Baker, Leslie Bollard, Thomas Barber, Donn Barrett, Ann Bayer, John Beal, Don Beam, Theodore Bejarano, Arthur Bejarano, Charles Bell, Charlie Benson, Bruce Bernstein, Thomas Bevans, Beverly B jorklund, Midgene Blackmcr, Doris Blair, Maxine Blankenship, Buck Blum, Gerald Boggs, La Fred Bowen, Elaine Bowerson, Warren Bowlin, Barney Bowman, Barbara Bridgman, Luonna Brion, Mary Louise Browder, Robert Brockert, John Brooks, Bruce Brooks, Joyce Buikema, Kenneth Bull, Jorene Ninety-three Burk, William Burgbacher, Noel Burgess, Maurice Burton, Pearl Butler, Ben Butler, Gale Byers, Carleton Cady, Michel Calhoun, Margie Campbell, Lael Campbell, Vernon Caraker, Mary Lou Carrington, Hugh Carter, Doris Cash, Thomas Castleton, Agnes Cavanagh, Thomas Chacon, Ray Chafey, Doug Chambers, Charlotte Charles, Frieda Chavez, Octaviano Chennault, Nanci Christensen, John Clerk, Laurence Clark, Myron Clause, Robert Cobb, Charlene Collins, Cheslie Collins, Frances Conner, Walter Connigg, Joan Converti, Marjorie Cooper, Alvin Cooper, Jacquelyn Cordova, Ralph Coulson, William Cox, Josephine Cramer, Donald Crandall, Betty Crandall, Don Crowe, Dean Cunningham, Edward Curnow, Edward Currie, Milton Curtis, Dec Dee Curtis, Eric Doiley, James Ninety-four Darling, Patricia Davis, Kenneth Davis, Walter Dean, Wilma deRoulhac, Joseph Despain, Loy Dezember, Ronald Dial, Ann Diamond, Donald Dickey, Duquesne Dicmcr, Martha Dollahon, Billy Donhough, Ruth Douglas, Charles Dugan, Raymond Dye, Charles Eager, Lucille Edmondson, Joan Elgan, Jess Ellis, Delia Mae Ellsworth, Kumen Emmett, James England, Virginia Erickson, Michael Erromuzpe, Rose Ann Estrada, Eddie Etter, Nancy Evans, Claudette Falls, Kathryn Fanning, Leo Farenga, Donald Farley, Betty Lou Faulkner, James Fcderman, Sherwood Fernandez, Patricia Figueroa, Leonard Fish, Boyce Fjeld, Maxine Fleming, Richard Foster, Neill From, Alpheus Fried, William Frost, Dale Frost, George Fuller, Vernon Gabrielson, Barbara Ninety-five Garrett, William Gehrke, Kathleen Gilbert, Cherre Gilbert, Robert Gill, Roy Gillis, Ruth Giltinan, Betty Goodman, Peggy Goss, Rosalie Grannis, Henry Greer, Barbara Gregory, Ann Grintner, Carolyn Groom, Robert Guerra, Frank Guerrero, Juan Guptill, Geraldine Haake, John Haire, Norma Hall, Larry Hall, Marvin Hall, Shari Hamblin, Dale Hanson, Geraldine Harding, Gene Harmon, Clyde Harris, Arthur Harris, Ralph Harter, Susan Hatfield, Larry Hawkins, Margaret Hawley, Joann Head, Dorothy Lou Hearn, Gene Heeder, Jean Heidicker, Catherine Heileman, George Hellam, Duane Henness, Dottee Herrington, Earl Herscher, Eugene Higgins, Robert Hightower, Carl Hills, Shirley Hines, Patricia Hinshaw, Rogene Hirsch, Seymour Hohn. Ed Ninety-six Holland, Darlene Holman, Joanne Hooper, Jack Hopkins, Audrey Hoyt, Donna Humphrey, Barbara Huskison, Virginia lies, John Jackson, Vivian James, Connie Jameson, Randolph Jarrel, Margie Jenner, Joann Jennings, Gayle Jensen, Earl Johns, Lloyd Johnson, Eileen Johnson, Ernest Johnson, Leora Johnson, Samuel Jones, Barbara Jones, Margaret Jones, Max Judd, Arlo Kalaf, Don Koppcs, Joan Kau fax, Irwin Kcaton, Billy Keegan, William Kenly, David Kent, Marilyn Kidney, Charlotte Kicfer, Paul King, Roland Kope, Lanny Kornblum, Lola Kroning, Dean La Fave, Kenneth Lamb, Lorna Lane, Betty Longer, Florence Longford, Albert Lannage, Homer La Roe, John Larry, Judith Larson, Marilyn Ninety-seven Law, William Lowrey, Arlene Lcavitt, Barbara Lee, Jerry Lef fue, Joyce Levy, Stuart Licosati, Rose Mary Liem, Don Lien, Robert Lill, Hans Longo, Jack Looft, Claire Lutey, Roger Lyle, Jim Lynn, Austin Me Bride, Grace McCall, Carol McCleery, Kathleen McClelland, Rose McDonald, James McDonald, Marilyn McDonough, Connie McFall, Joyce McGill, Nancy McHenry, Robert McKenzie, Anna McKinley, Elaine McKissack, Paul McNaric, Barbara McPherson, Clarine MacLennan, Barbara Mack, Terry Madden, Bonnye Mohan, Dale Marcum, Lynn Marquez, Frances Martin, William Matschnig, Priscllla Mayhugh, Margaret Maza, Mario Mazur, Mike Meyer, Elizabeth Miller, Marilyn Milovich, Dushan Misfeldt, Charles Mitchell, Woodine Morgan, Jacquelyn Moore, Hope Ninety-eight Moore, Jean Moore, Jean Morgan, Edward Moseley, Shirleen Mueller, Joan Murray, Bruce Myles, Edward Naegli, Carl Nduka, Matthew Neely, Bill Nelson, Richard Newman, Terry Newsom, Ann Newton, Duane Nichols, Neal Nielson, Ellouise Norris, Theodore O ' Malley, Loretta Ohnleiter, Robert Olachea, Herlinda Oliver, Dwain Ortega, Irene Osborne, Earl Osman, James Ostrander, Arlene Ostrander, Carlene Owens, Yvonne Parker, Raphael Parkhurst, Kenneth Pastorino, Kathryn Patterson, Barbara Patterson, Nathan Paztor, Elizabeth Peifer, Phyllis Penick, Denzil Perales, Philip Perkins, Robert Peters, Sue Peterson, Pearl Peterson, Tom Pettyjohn, Jimmy Phillips, Robert Pieper, Fred Pinnell, Elissa Pollard, Wesley Portillo, Salvador Ninety-nine Pound, Temple Powell, Iva Protor, John Pratt, Maurinc Pratt, Wayne Proctor, William Provencio, Arthur Provencio, Joe Prow, James Quigley, Juanita Quinn, Mary Ann Raborg, Jean Radebaugh, James Rawls, William E. Reed, David D. Resta, Paul Rhodes, Barbara Rice, Barbara Richards, Bruce Richards, Marston Richins, Melvin Rivera, Mike Robson, Delcena Rodgers, James Rodriquez, Louis Romero, Jesus Rooney, John Rowe, Ernest Ras Ruiz, Virginia Rushton, Carollyn Salem, Albert Sanchez, Pasqual Sanders, Albert Sawyer, Bill Schneller, Nancy Scott, Guy G. Scott, John E. Seeds, Peggy Seivert, Danny Sellers, James Serofine, Claudia Serrano, Delia Sexton, Betty Jim Sharp, Floyd B. Sheldon, Marianne Shumwoy, Pete D. Silva, Tony T. Slade, Pat One Hundred fl Smith, Alice L Smith, Billie Jo Smith, Burton Smith, Doris Smith, Jay Smith, Margorie Snodgrass, Wanita M. Snyder, Sherwood Sorenson, Joseph Soto, Nieves C., Jr. Sprocale, Joseph Sproul, Ruth Spurlock, Nancy Staich, Edward Stapp, Thomas Stearns, Ronold Stephenson, Estella Stephenson, James Stevenson, Kenneth Stiteler, John Suk, Louis Sullivan, Pat Sutter, Nancy Swanson, Thomas Talla, Patricia Tanner, Sydney Taylor, Nena Theodoropolas, Bessie Therrien, Richard Thomas, Dorothy Thompson, Allen Thompson, Philip Thron, Joan Thornton, Robert Tomes, Jack Tope, Marilyn Toemras, Chris C. Townsend, Alvern Trepel, Anthony Trimble, Erline Trumpower, Norma S. Tucker, Patricia Turley, Ernest C. Valencia, Edgar Van Driel, Charles Van Landingham, Winnifred One Hundred One Van Stelle, Joan Verch, Ken Vietts, Jennie Vines, Theron L. Vitkovich, Ann Wallace, Joel B. Wallace, Terry Wear, George Webb, Joy Weeden, Dorothy Westby, Robert Westfall, Barbara Wheeler, Karl Wheelock, Margie Whipple, Mary Lou White, Ray Wiley, William Wilfong, Kenneth W. Wilson, Bess Wilson, Beverly Williams, Donald E. Winikka, Robert Wipperfurth, Jerry Wood, Kenneth Wood, Nancy Woodward, Charles Woolridge, Patricia Worthington, Robert Unsicker, Doris Urias, Joe Young, Joan One Hundred Two DWIt ' SDEN lorgie iiylou inert W, 4 IBfllJE, bert Jetiy elk Qorles Potficic ,lclrt wit One Hundred Three CAMWS $ID LIGHTS Fronkie Pouppirt enjoys the Arizona sunshine. East Hall President Al Sydlo, with Vice-President Dale Markham looking on, presents East Hall ' s contri- bution for the Student Union to Alumni Secretary Jimmy Creasman. Dr. Arnold Tilden and friend check the attendance of a history class. What con an editor say about this picture? A pair of Sun Devil gals wait to apprehend violators of the Home coming week ruling of western clothes and beards. President Al Vice-Presto " ' it FACULTY FROLICS A life-long dream of ASC students came true with the presentation of the Faculty Frolics as the pro- fessors went to hell; literally, that is. Following the traditional academic procession through the auditorium with faculty members using their usual yo-yos and wearing the latest in football helmets and levis, there was a ter- rific explosion of a new weapon and the professors were in the home of the devil. The event, sponsored by the girls of Pleiades and assisted by the Press Club, brought to light talents in our staid faculty nor- mally hidden under a pretext of dignity. The proceeds went into the Student Union fund. Payment of fees during registration s d assisted by rads Kit flu Charlie Marshall ropes a pretty Miss Gamma Phi ' s off on a camping trip. Another sale of a green beanie to a Freshman. Freshman Class DON SANTEE President MARGARET BRION Secretary REED DONE Vice- President FRSHMN Abcll, Billy Adams, Carol Adams, Vivian Adamy,Terez Adkinson, Paul Akin, Margaret Alday, Alonzo Allan, Barry Allen, John Ames, Robert Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Robert Archibald, Jasper Arney, Donald Arthur, Robert Ashcroft, Floyce Atwell, Dick Aulwurm, Evelyn Azoyan, Dolores Bacus, Patricia Baker, Alfred Baker, James Baker, Janice Baker, Lynn Baker, Patsy Baldwin, Jerald Ballesteros, Frank Barker, Jerry Barker, Robert Barker, Stanley Barney, Phyllis Barnsback, Richard Barrett, James Barren, Robert Bartch, Mary Jo Bartlett, Gaylen Bartlett, Patt Bartmus, Bernice Basinger, Lucille Basinger, Robert Bateman, Georgia Battin, Barbara Baxley, Donald Beamer, Vera Beaty, Barbara Beaugureau, Joan Bedolla, Rosario Bell, Billie Bennett, John Bennett, Richard Benson, Mary Margaret Bernard, Florence Best, Robert Bethel, Howard Bettenhausen, Donald Biaett, Marilynne Bierly, Michael Biggs, Raelene Bixby, Anne Black, Kelly Black, Robert One Hundred Nine Blake, Joan Blake, Colleen Blake, Wendell Blakely, Ada Blau, Glendon Blizzard, Thobern Blunda, Antonina Boaz, Sidney Bod ley, Mark Boe, Margaret Boese, Carolyn Banner, Bettye Boozer, Carole Boucher, John Bouldin, Ronald Bowers, David Boynton, Joan Bracamonte, Richard Brackney, Robert Bradt, Phyllis Bratcher, Austin Bratcher, Carolyn Bratton, Helen Browner, Robert Breedon, Linda Brenden, Gayle Brennen, Sheila Briggs, Jack Brimhall, Linda Brinker, Eleanor Brion, Margaret Briston, Ernest Brown, Bebe Brown, Donald Brown, Ferneth Brown, Philip Brown, Walter Brownell, Harold Brubaker, Winnifred Brunner, Alfred Brunner, Fern Bryant, Ethel Buckley, Charles Bucll, Theodore Bullion, Audrey Bullion, Bollard Surges, Ruby Burke, Francis Burke, William Burt, David Bustamante, Joseph Butler, Edwin Buyher, Loren Byrne, Marion Cady, Patricia Calhoun, Betty Campbell, Chad Cannon, Jerry Cannon, Max Carlson, Franklin Carpenter, Clifford Carr, Doyle Carroll, Edwin One Hundred Ten FRCSHMN. Carson, Lucille Castro, Bernice Catroppa, Albert Cetti, Fred Chaca, Alvin Chafey, William Chapman, Claudia Chase, Beverly Chew, Glee Chin, Allen Choquette, Beulah Christensen, Beverly Ciegelsky, Charles Cline, Donald Clubbs, Robert Cluff, Gordon Cobb, Carolyn Cochrane, Philip Coerper, Harley Coffinger, Mike Collier, Jimmitt Collins, Fredrick Comerford, Kenneth Condrey, Robert Contreras, Joe Cook, Betty Coon, Aliene Cooper, Harold Copeland, Robert Costello, Shirley Cover, Jerry Cowan, Robert Cox, Ada Cox, Carolyn Cox, Carolyn Cox, Laddie Cram, Evelyn Crane, Mary Lou Crispcllc, James Cummins, Carolyn Curry, Thomas Curtis, Corolee Cushing, Shirley Dad, Elsie Danda, Jean Daniel, Richard Davis, Bill Davis, Diane Davis, William Daybell, Jack Deacon, Gene Decker, Herbst Dees, Loreatha DcLucia, Lorraine Dempster, Effie Deppe, Allan DeWitt, Don Dille, Brice Dingledine, Dorothy Dixon, Joan Dodds, Ted One Hundred Eleven Dole, Noncy Dominquez, Rebecca Done, Reed Doolittle, Shirley Doron, Wayne Douglass, Jean Duffee, Barbara Duhame, Loretta Duke, Jerry Duke, Steven Dumas, Gerald Duncanson, James Dunham, Ralph Dunham, William Duraro, Hector Durio, Donn Dutson, Raphael Dutton, Katherine Dyer, Joy Echols, Mae Eckstein, Theodore Eddings, Leon Edward, Margaret Eisner, Bob Erck, Marilyn Erickson, Roberta Escalante, Lydia Espinosa, Harold Estes, Carol Ethridge, William Evans, Henry Evans, Shirley Ewing, Robert Fain, Carolyn Faletti, Theresa Farrell, Patricia Faupel, Maryavis Faupel, Milton Fessler, George Fields, Ray Fineberg, Ronnie Finley, Richard Fisher, Janet Flanagan, James Fleming, Robert Fletcher, Comfort Fletcher, Nancy Flood, Edward Florence, Barbara Fong, John Forbes, Joyce Ford, Cherie Foster, Gary Foxx, Tho mas Francom, Shirley Frank, Audrey Frizzell, George Frost, Marian Fuchs, Rose Fuenning, Muriel Fullmer, James Fulton, Dorothy Futch, Thomas One Hundred Twelve FRSHMN Fyffe, Thomas Gage, Emmigene Galindo, Joshua Gallego, Jose Garcia, Benjamin Gardner, Nida Gardner, Patricia Gates, Richard Gay, Barbara Gibson, Lester Gibson, Margaret Gilbert, Charles Gilbert, Lillic Gilbert, Susie Gilpin, Glenn Glenn, Harold Gocke, Zoe Golding, Fred Goodman, Sherry Gordon, Donald Gordon, William Goulding, Paul Graham, Mary Ann Gray, Robert Greeley, Arlin Green, Jack Griewe, Larry Groom, Claire Grossbard, Gary Grosso, Patsy Gualdoni, Marguerite Gulzow, Donna Gunnels, Patsi Gunnersen, Joan Gutshall, Lettie Ann Guzman, Mike Hadinger, Richard Hafford, Loraine Hall, Bill Hall, George Halleran, Dorothy Hallock, Dale Halvorson, Daniel Hammer, Richard Hancock, Charles Hansen, Marjorie Harden, Sally Harmon, Ted Harris, Ethel Harrison, Japelee Hartman, Virginia Harvey, Barbara Harvey, Jo Ann Hawenstein, Carolyn Haws, Henry Hayden, Paul Hayes, Susan Heffelfinger, Margaret Heim, Barbara Heitland, Carol Henderson, James One Hundred Thirteen Henderson, John Henert, Verlis Henningsen, Don Henrich, Roxanne Henry, Carroll Henson, Mary Lou Herrell, Betty Herrera, Edward Herriott, Sondra Hcrrschcr, Janice Hickox, Florine Hickman, John Hicks, Janet Hicks, Joyce Hill, Bernard Hill, Charles Hill, Elsie Hill, Tommy Hinkle, Ann Hinman, Peggy Hodge, Norman Holic, Violet Hollingsworth, Roberta Holm, Mary Holmes, John Hood, Stewart Hook, John Hopkins, Clarice Horath, John Home, Charles Hosking, Bill Houg, Marilyn Hougton, Luanne Hourihan, James Howard, James Huber, Sylvia Hunt, Joseph Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Marilyn Huish, Naomi Israel, Arnold Iverson, Wava Jacks, Jerry Jackson, Anna Jackson, Kathryn Jacobson, Peggy Jones, Dale Janneson, Bernice Jarnagin, Coleen Jefferies, Gene Jenkins, Darrell Jensen, Jocelyn Jensen, La Ree Jerman, Stanley John, Carol Lee Johnson, Enid Johnson, Evertt Johnson, Geraldine Johnson, Martha Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Wendell Johnston, Newell Jones, Albert One Hundred Fourteen FRCSHMW. Jones, Buddy Jones, Lawrence Jones, Leatice Jones, Marie Jones, Marilyn Jones, Robert Jorgensen, Robert Judd, Alma Julian, Dale Kaufman, Jo Kay, Leo Kendrick, Henry Kelley, Kathleen Kennedy, Joanne Kennelly, Michael Kerr, Gail Kettering, Carol Khan, Amina Kiene, Ted Kinchen, Marvin Kinnard, Danny Kipperman, Richard Kirby, Markette Kirke, Kenneth Kish, Sondra Klein, Paul Kelinman, Frank Kleinman, Rex Kleinman, Ruth Kleinschmidt, Joan . Knebel, Margaret Knight, Don Koch, Ronald Koenigs, Diane Koenigs, Delores Krafft, William Krahl, John Krauss, William Kunz, Gladys Kunze, Kay Kwiatkowski, Alfred Laird, Dorolee Lancaster, Annabelle La Salvia, Louis Latham, Kenneth Lavold, Mary Lawton, Robert Leber, Don Ledwidge, Genevieve Ledwidge, Joseph Lee, Jick Lee, Mary Jo Leichty, Richard Leonard, Lillian Leslie, Janeine Le Sueur, Marlin Lewin, William Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Glenna Light, Joan Lindner, Janet One Hundred Fifteen Lowe, Fred Luckett, Betty Lundohl, William Lunt, Martin Lynogh, Sandy McAlister, Gates McCain, Nancy McCarty, Alvin McClave, Betty McCleve, Marie McCoy, Lois McDowell, Robert McDowell, Zelma McFarlond, William McGahan, James McGrew, Ralph McKay, James McKusick, Myfanwy McLain, Kenton McNeal, Ann McSpadden, Keith McWilliams, Fred Macdonald, Richard Maassen, Marilyn Mobery, Richard Mack, Dudley Magallanes, Josephine Maguire, Alice Moierle, Jerene Malone, Gerald Maloney, John Mardian, Loretta Martin, Kenneth Mariscal, Richard Mascani, Joseph Marshall, Dorothy Manterola, Sylvia Manzori, Rick Marsh, George Martin, Alice Martin, Jack Martin, John Martin, Mary Ellen Martinez, Socorro Martinez, Walter Mathein, Richard Mothews, Richard Ma tot, Carol Matovitch, Edwin Mattingly, Patricia Mayes, Coraleen Mayfield, Carol Mayhugh, Gerald Miebert, Virgil Mendoza, Elizt Merrick, Charles Meyer, Lloyd Miller, Helen Miller, Lloyd Miller, Patricia Miller, Raymond Miller, Terrence Mills, Alberta One Hundred Sixteen FRESHMftt Mineah, Mary Mitchell, Connie Mohn, Carolyn Montgomery, Patricia Montgomery, Susie Moore, Barbara Moore, Dell Moore, Kenneth Moore, Murlene Morris, Betty Morris, Donald Moser, Robert Motz, Jerry Moyer, Frederick Muir, Janet Mullen, Alice Muncy, Yonova Murphy, Thomas Myres, Francis Myers, Norma Nasser, Barbara Naylor, Janell Nelson, Martha Neuteboom, Marilyn Newton, Rossi Nichols, Jerome Nimitz, Henry Nogan, Vera Norgaard, Elaine Norton, David Nunez, Rosie O ' Barr, Joseph Ochoa, Henry Of fley, Wilburta Okamura, Pete O ' Leory, Robert Openshaw, Sue Orick, Dan Orr, Robert Orth, Elizabeth Osborn, John Osthimer, Clinton Orwell, Nancy Paddock, Patricia Pagan, Raymond Palocio, Rachel Palmer, Anna Belle Palmer, Cherrie Parker, Donald Parker, Joseph Parrett, Shirley Patrick, Alastair Patschke, Patti Paulsell, John Payne, Harry Payne, Willene Pearson, David Peila, Dixie Pendergast, Laurel Penninqton, Carroll Penar, Joan One Hundred Seventeen Perkins, Keith Perskinson, Robert Peterson, Arleigh Peterson, Donna Peterson, Gary Peterson, Jacqueline Phillips, Edmond Phillips, John Phillips, Russell Picone, John Pimentel, Ramon Perkins, Jerry Poer, Patricia Polenske, Dale Polk, Kenneth Pond, Irene Potts, Hazel Post, Helen Poulter, Edgar Powell, Trenna Pregenzer, Edna Preston, Richard Preston, Norma Preston, Robert Preston, Sylvia Price, Sybil Prichard, Anita Prignano, Dolores Puente, Deliuz Pyle, Tommy Rader, Edwin Ramsay, Howard Ramsey, Phyllis Rankin, Raymond Rayes, George Reade, Cora Rebeles, Helen Rebo, Mono Redondo, Henry Reed, Sue Reyna, Rachel Rhodes, Moris Richards, Mary Rider, Alice Riley, Micheal Rivera, Margaret Roberson, Classed Roberts, Bill Roberts, Joann Robertson, Harry Robertson, Rose Mary Robinson, Donald Robles, Leo Rodgers, Marie Rogers, Courtney Rollins, Jimmy Romero, Alfred Ross, Louis Rozum, Joseph Ruiz, Richard Russell, Eugenia Rye, Philip Saenz. Mike One Hundred Eighteen FMSHMM. Salozor, Dollie Salt, Benjamin Santee, Donald Sasek, Marvin Sassoe, Valerie Sawyer, Dorothy Scheumack, Barbara Schempp, Ruth Schilleman, Robert Schmitz, Helen Schmook, Charles Schnebly, Dan Schoustra, Florence Schowalter, Janice Schuff, Mary Schultz, Leonard Searles, Richard Sedlar, Robert Seibert, Carol Serrano, Mary Settje, Gene Shaffer, Morris Shankland, Mary Sharp, Jean Shears, Martelle Shepard, Edithe Sidener, Sue Simmons, Ruth Simons, Kathleen Simons, Marlys Sims, Mary Simkins, Cloyd Simons, William Slade, Nadine Slack, Patricia Slack, Gordon Smelser, Virginia Smith, Alene Smith, Billie Smith, Corinne Smith, Cyril Smith, Darrell Smith, Donald Smith, Ha Smith, Robert Smith, Rose Smith, Woldine Smith, William Snyder, Pat Solomon, Richard Solms, Sandra Somers, David Sato, Jesus Stallings, Edith Storks, Clyde Stallings, Tom Stanich, Helen Stelter, Dorothy Steele, George Steninger, Kent Stephens, Betty One Hundred Nineteen Stevenson, Sharon Stevens, Betty Stewart, Yolanda Stillion, Samuel Stites, Patricia Stockam, Stella Stilley, Lela Stevens, Nancy Stone, Phyllis Storie, Norma Stowed, Ursella Stradling, Jack Swartzell, Darrel Sweeney, William Sykes, Marilyn Tabor, Nancy Tang, Andrew Tarr, Albert Taylor, Betty Taylor, Milford Tedrick, Thomas Terkelsen, Eldon Thomas, James Thomas, Laura Thomas, Wanda Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Marvin Thompson, Mary Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Robert Tibbet, Margery Tietje, David Timber-lake, Roger Toney, Kenneth Tower, Sandra Towles, Virginia Toy, Betsy Trethewey, Betty Jo Troch, Robert Trotter, Patricia Truax, Janet Tucker, Jackie Tucker, Jon Turnbull, Sharon Turner, Artie Turner, Bette Turney, Sarah Turville, Steve Tyler, Charles Urias, Leo Uzeta, Arthur Van Londingham, Joyce Vellinga, Jack Verdugo, Eugene Vermillion, Clair Viscogliosi, Thomas Vollmer, Walt Vucich, Marilyn Wagner, Edgar Wallace, Don Walters, Donald Wompler, Vance Wanee, Emery One Hundred Twenty Wanless, William Wantland, William Warren, Joyce Wasielewski, Catharine Waters, Ronald Watkins, Beverly Watkins, Laura Watkins, Shirley Wayne, Joyce Webb, Dorothy Weber, Donna Webster, George Weiler, Joseph Wellman, Dorothy Westfall, Robert Westover, James Whalley, Elbert Wheeler, Dewayne Wheeler, William Whitlock, Jonell White, Fairel White, Jack Winqins, Daniel Williams, James Williams, Nina Williams, Robert Williams, Thomas Wilson, Margery Wilson, Thomas Win, Kyaw Windhorn, Gordon Winslow, Sylvia Wochner, Dean Wong, Conway Wood, Jasper Wood, Douglas Woo, Curry Wos, Gordon Wright, Harold Wunderley, Ronald Wyker, Clyde Votes, Ronald Young, Cora Zook, Beverly One Hundred Twenty-one Above, sorting pictures for publication in the STATES- MAN, the magazine that keeps alumni informed as to cur- rent happenings at ASC, ore the STATESMAN staff. Left to right, Luva Raisch, Hazel Myers, Mary Alice Munk, and James Creasman, editor, and Executive Secretary to the association. Left is Horace B. Griffen, President of the Alumni Association. Below, during the halftime ceremonies of the Homecoming football game, Gilbert Cady is presented the Alumni Service Award in recognition for his service to the college and the alumni. One Hundred Twenty-two Ill itiv Corona 100 . STATES. s to cur- I, Left to ink, oiid 1 to the of Hie emonie: mice to - I PUBLICATIONS sun ness Under the direction of Jim Loper, editor, and with the advice of Ernest J. Hopkins, Professor of Journalism, the State Press gave the students clear and concise news of the Arizona State Campus each Friday morning. Above, Jim Loper confers with Professor Hopkins concerning one of the issues of the paper. JIM LOPER Editor JIM MOONEY News Editor t PAT STRONG Organizations Editor PAUL BENNEWITZ Advertising Manager JERRY COOK Photography Editor BILL HOLLOWAY Fine Arts Editor Upper right, reporters at work, from left to right at the left desk, Nina Williams and Mary Louise Brion. At the desk on the right, Bob Gilbert, Cathy Welch, and Dorothy Weeden. SKIP BRYANT Sports Editor Great minds at work. Jim Mooney, Skip Bryant, Tom Voss, and Jim Loper work on make-up for the paper. . I SMQARO BILL FOSTER Editor CATHY WELCH Editorial Assistant SAHUARO 1953 was produced by these individ- uals under the direction of Bill Foster, and with the advice of Journalism Professor Ernest Hopkins. Working with Clair Millett on some of the art work were Phil Johnson, Doug Corbitt, and Marilyn Hider, pictured in the lower right corner with some of the art work. CLAIR MILLETT Art Editor SHIRLEY KENNEDY BETTY GILTINAN FIMARTS WORKSHOP Frank P. Byers, director of the Drama Work- shop, leans his head against a bookcase shared by an unidentified wig in a moment of relaxation. The Drama Workshop produced three plays and the Mask and Sandle, a special interest drama organi- zation, produced one play, all of which mode this the outstanding drama season at Arizona State College. Mrs. Purdie (Shirleen Mosley) consoles Lob (Alvin Humpert) during the first act of the Workshop ' s production of Barrie ' s " Dear Brutus. " One Hundred Twenty-eight Against the phosphorescent shimmer in the second act scene of the Magic Forest in " Dear Brutus " Mr. Purdie (Fred Beuhl) argues with his wife Mrs. Purdie (Shirleen Mosley). Above, Lady Caroline (Klonda Bowers) examines her handkerchief with Matey (James Ajamie). Below, the daugh- ter that might have been (Mary Margaret Coulson) together with Dirth (Randall Hand) look at the moon. One Hundred Twenty-nine MOD CRN One of the highlights of the spring Festivol of Arts is the presentation by the Modern Dance Group of a series of inter- pretative dances. Above are Judy Larry, Terez Adomy, and Claudette Evans. Below, the group practices for an interpretation of " When Johnny Comes Marching Home. " One Hundred Thirty . , V The ever-growing ASC Symphony gave tnree on- campus concerts and two one-day tours around Phoenix durng the 1952-53 season. On -campus con- certs were broadcast throughout the valley. Above, students and faculty alike concentrate on a difficult passage. Left, conductor Charles 0. Bowers. Below, a formal portrait of the 50 piece orchestra with the impressionistic murals in the Moeur Activity Building as background. W [IN One Hundred Thirty-one CHORAL UNION DAVID SCOULAR CONCMT CHOIR Under the direction of David Scoular (insert, opposite page) the Choral Union gave a num- ber of outstanding perform- ances during the school year, including a Christmas Concert and a concert for the Festival of Fine Arts in the spring. The Concert Choir, mode up of selected voices from the Choral Union, gave a number of concerts, including a spring tour through the eastern cities of Arizona. COL LEO SWIM By far the most unusual presentation of the Lyceum Concert Series was the original Basque dancing troupe " Euzkadi. " Above, Juan Onatibia and the entire troupe. Left, a love duet. Below, a jai alai dance. The Basque says where you find one of them there is a baret, make it two and there is a jai alai game, and where there is three there is a choir. Below, Patricia Keating and David Secular in a faculty recital. Right, Dr. C. J. Hambro speaks on the UN. Below, the American Art Quartet plays a Beethoven program. - f r ATHUTICS c ft f c R I C A D f K S Left to right, Lonny Kope, Gene Sundeen, Freddy Me Williams, Jack Haake, and Gaylen Bartlett. POm PON GIRLS Left to right, Barbara Batten, Elaine McKinley, Margie Hansen, Ninta Richardson, Mary Lou Car- akcr, Virginia Adams. Wanda Way, Rosie Nunez, Trenna Powell, and Anne Jones. 1 SUN DWIl BAND ortlett. Cor- : V. HAROLD E. MINES Director Mr. Mines together with his assistant Joseph Scrafford and with the help of Drum Major Bill Lester (above) made sure that the Sun Devil Band would stay among the top five collegiate marching bands of the country this year. They put in long practice sessions to prepare for the half-time ceremonies, some of which are shown on the next two pages. JOSEPH SCRAFFORD Assistant Director One Hundred Thirty-nine PricHey Pear Cactus Arizona State College ' s top ranking collegiate band does intricate formations during the half time ceremonies celebrating Parent ' s Day. Upper left they spell MOM or POP, whichever way you look at it. Left they form a school house. Above they form a house, and then they spell out DAD and make the symbol for the " stuff of which it costs him plenty to send his kid to school. " One Hundred Forty-one FOOTBALL BOKDCK CONftRtHCt CHAMPIONS install 1 Msslb Theli ' wliich boil theSn ii- Arizona Si Fromtl up for Hie tins re ooy for 1 ' White hod three losses Big moment of 1952 the first Border Conference championship in twelve years all wrapped up! Clyde Smith, the head football coach, and his two assistants, Howard Brown, and Bob White, made their first football season at Arizona State a great one, as they won the Border Conference championship, the first time in 12 years. Taking over a squad that was unknown to any of the coaches as far as talent was concerned, and in 20 days installing their system of play, was the first big hurdle passed by these three. The first test was against Hardin Simmons, a school which had downed the Devils eleven straight times. But the Smith, Brown, and White crew got the Devils moving and a 26-7 win was recorded the first in history for Arizona State. From that fine start, the three coaches kept the Devils up for the remainder of the season. When the final re- turns were all in, and the pads and cleats were packed away for 1952, it found that coaches Smith, Brown, and White had guided the Demons to a record of six wins and three losses. CLYDE SMITH HOWARD BROWN BOB WHITE One Hundred Forty-three ' , I 3 , ' - VIRGIL SAVAGE (Cop torn Center Captain Virgil Savage leads the Sun Devils onto the field for the homecoming game of 1952. The Devils, and their followers were wondering if this would be the first champs in many years. When the rockets ' glare finally cleared away, it was Arizona State in the throne room by 39-0. 1 JIM AITKEN End BOB ALFORD Linebock JOHN ALLEN End ED ANDERSON EH JIM BILTON Halfback I Ufbod " HNHIOBI Guard HARLEY COOPER Fullback BOB BLACK End ALLAN CHRISTENSON Tackle DICK CURRAN Halfback AL DERBIS Fullback TOM FALLON Guard DON FANCHER Linebacker TOM FLETCHER Halfback DUANE HELLAM End LOU HALLMAN Halfback JOHN HICKMAN Guard LOU I AN I Tackle JOHN JANKINS Tackle JOHN HENRY JOHNSON Halfback BOB HENDRICKS Quarterback LAWRENCE LOCKE Halfback Official equipment custodian is the title given Charlie Ramsey, but actually he should be called the jack-of-all trades Ramsey handles all the equipment, makes repairs, keeps the uniforms in shape, and countless other tasks both in season and off. His greatest thrill was seeing the Devils drop the University 61-14 in 1951. BOB LUTHCKE Tackle RONALD MANNING Halfback DICK MACKEY Quarterback GENE MITCHAM End DUANE MORRISON Halfback LYLE PIERSON Guard ART ODOM Guard MOGE POMEROY Halfback CLARENCE OLSON Tackle GUS POULOS Guard CLINTON OSTHIMER Quarterback DON PUENTE End BOB PAVLICH Quarterback FRANK KOGERS Tackle ' EMITCHAM RONALD TRACY hi Guard MARVIN WAHLIN Halfback ALLAN STANGELAND Guard BUZZ WELKER Halfback JIM STEPHENSON Guard DON WILLIAMS End BOB TARWATER Fullback RONALD WUNDERLY Fullback Athletic trainer for the Sun Devils during the past football season was Art Dickinson, who came to Arizona State from Wabash college, Indiana. Art holds a Master of Science de- gree from the University of Indiana. Dickinson comes from a long line of trainers. His fa- ther was a trainer at Iowa State teachers college for many years. Art earned his bachelor ' s de- gree at that school. I Dandy Dick Curron digs hard for yardage against the tricky Spartans from San Jose, but those arms around his middle belong to the other team, and that worthy has another ide a. San Jose won a thriller from the Demons 21-14, but not because of the work of Curran. Dick scored on one of the spectacular plays of 1952 a 73 yard romp. Curran set a new record of 7.63 yards per carry during the season. Left, providing entertainment during the half time were Sun Devil Dick Jacobs, the Sun Devilettes Peggy Sporkman and Peggy Holiday. Brigham Young offensive works while me Demons deploy in bottle array to stop a cross Duck. Udell Westover is about to take the ball for the Cougars, but a reception committee of four Devils are guarding Hie hole he ' s headed for. Mighty Mitch marches for yardage after gathering in a heave from Dick Mackey in the Texas Western game. The old grads back for homecoming, weren ' t disappointed, as the Devils rolled to a 39-0 win to sew up the Border Conference crown. Marvin Wahlin is racing up to chill a Miner back. Ballet de football as interpreted by Buzz Welker as he attempts to circle the end of San Jose. Bob Hendricks (34) pirouettes in the background. Nice defensive work by Stan Wacholz (41), and Russ Phillips of the Spartans have Buzz trapped. Harley Cooper dives over a mass of players to score the winning touchdown for the Sun Devils in the University game swim meet. Peering anxiously through the rain is Dick Mackey (30) as he watches Cooper. Other Devils in the pileup are from left to right, Frank Rogers, Allan Stangeland, with back to camera, Virgil Savage, peeking around 72. and Gus Poulos. Devils laughed last, 20-18. Allan Christenson springs the mousetrap shut on Don Light of West Texas as Dick Mackey baffles the Buffs on an optional play. Mackey took over the first string quarterback position for the University game and remained there for the rest of the season. In the remaining half of the season Dick rewrote most of the passing records for Sun Devil teams. First touchdown of the 1952 season was written into the record books by John Henry Johnson on a run of five yards against the Hardin Simmons Cow- boys. Marvin Wahlin looks over his shoulder to see what the score is while Bob Hendricks (34) races onto the scene. Jarrin ' Jawn was the bright light in leading the Demons to a 26-7 victory as he scored three of the four touchdowns. It was the first victory in 12 tries for the Devils against Hardin-Simmons. 4 ?F ., | ' i ' M ' ' ti fr. .- . v: RWICW OF After a twelve year wait, the Border Conference crown returned to Arizona State College during the past football season. Starting with the season opener against Hardin-Simmons, the Devils mauled three BC opponents, and their fourth game against the University of Arizona, they squeeked by on a 20-18 score. In winning the championship, the Demons gained four places on the All-Border Conference team selected by the coaches following the windup of the season. Those honored were John Jankans, offensive tackle; John Henry Johnson, defensive safetyman; and Marvin Wahlin, both as an offensive and defensive halfback. A brief resume of the season is as follows: ARIZONA STATE 26, HARDIN-SIMMONS 7. For the first time in the 12 game series with the Cowboys, the Sun Devils finally de- feated the Abilene aggregation. John Henry Johnson had his big night of the season, scoring three touchdowns. The defensive unit stone- walled the Cowboy offense to bring the Devils a victory. ARIZONA STATE 40; COLORADO A M 14. Marvin Wahlin racked up four TD ' s to lead the Sun Devils to victory over one of the Skyline conference ' s strongest ball teams. Once again the defense continued to shine, as the speed of the Aggie crew was held in check. ARIZONA STATE 14, SAN JOSE 21. The tough Spartans pinned the first defeat of the season on the Devils in a thriller. The passing of Spartan quarterback Lynn Aplanalp, and the running of Dick Stults were instrumental in the San Jose win. Dick Curran made the pla of the night on a 73 yard jaunt. " Get your programs here! " was a familiar cry at all the Sun Devils home football games during the season, responsibility for the sale of programs was the Blue Key fraternity. Above, Paul Hartman racks up a sale, while Phil Modesett shuffles through his remaining pro- grams and mentally calculates how long it will take him to sell out and join his girl inside the stadium. ItigtonY to the turf by Uoneoftl One Hundred Fifty-two Brigham Young ' s Gary Paxtnan smiles happily thinking he has broken into the clear, and doesn ' t realize that he is about to be belted to the turf by a driving tackle administered by Don Rancher. All season long, Fancher, and his linebacking partner, Bob Alford, were the backbone of the terrific Sun Devil defensive unit. It was hard tackling like this that won more than one game for Arizona State during 1952. ARIZONA STATE 48, WEST TEXAS 14. Making use of every break that came their way, the Sun Devils rolled to an easy Border Conference win. Both teams made the same amount of yardage, but what a difference in the score. ARIZONA STATE 0, HOUSTON 6. A costly fumble inside their five yard line cost the Devils a tie ballgame in a defensive battle. Hous- ton ' s big line throttled the Devils ' offense, but the Demon defense was almost as effective. It was the first whitewashing for the Devils since 1947. ARIZONA STATE 20, ARIZONA 18. The Devils journeyed south for the " Big Game " and just got out of town with a whole skin. It rained most of the game starting in the second quarter. Marvin Wahlin was the offensive star churning over the soggy turf for 99 yards and one touchdown. ARIZONA STATE 13, NAVY 35. The San Diego Naval Training Center had too much experience and ability for the Devils. The Navy score on five long plays, and held the Demon offense in check. The passing of Dick Mackey gave the sailors a few anxious moments. ARIZONA STATE 39, TEXAS WESTERN 0. Long gallops by Dick Curran, and the passing of Mackey to John Allen and Gene Mitcham proved too much for the Miners in the 1952 Sun Devil homecoming game. The Devils turned a tight game into a rout in the fourth quarter with four touchdowns. ARIZONA STATE 47, BRIGHAM YOUNG 6. Striking by land and air, the Devils rolled over the Cougars in impressive style. It was the final game for eleven Sun Devils, and they made it a good one. Dick Curran and Marvin Wahlin were the top leather luggers during the game. One Hundred Fifty-three HOMECOMING PEGGY MCDONALD HOMCOM NG KING First place, fraternity division. Delta Sigma Phi ' s " Sentimental Journey. " First place, Sorority division. Alpha Delta Pi ' s " Drifting Home. " m ; aySL ajii Grand Prize winner, Alpha Tau Omega ' s " Robert E. Lee. ' First place, Halls and Organizations, Lambda Delta Sigma ' s " Somewhere Over The Rainbow. " The winning house decoration was Delta Sigma Phi ' s " We ' re Expecting Twin. As a penalty for not wearing western clothes Thelton Beck gets ready to heave Peggy Sparkman into the corral. Looks as though he would rather hold her in his arms than throw her in that dirty old corral, doesn ' t it? Bob Ellis gets his beard measured by Rosie Bennett. It isn ' t long enough so he pays the penalty. Winners of the Whiskerino Con- test were from left to right, Dick Webster with the longest beard, Charles Marshall with the most unique beard (it was green), Chapo Durazo with the bushiest beard, and Ed Schmit with the most pathetic. Ital CMC tie best seasoi Guiding to cre olio lom of Interfiles City, Missouri tlienewgynt ' gomes. BILL KAJIKAWA Head coach of the Sun Devils, Bill Kajikawa, turned in the best season the Sun Devils have enjoyed in many a year. Guiding the Demons to a nine-five record in Border Confer- ence play, Bill also developed an all-Conference player in Roy Coppinger. The 9-5 record was good enough to give the Demons third place in the final standings for the Border Conference. In addition, the fine late season play of the ASC crew also landed them a berth in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic tournament played in Kansas City, Missouri. And as a climax to the best year Bill ever had, the new gym was finished in time to play the final two home games. - - . FRED BRYANT Fred Bryant, head coach for the Sun Imps, took over that post for the first time this year. And his first year was a god one. The Imps, behind the high scoring of Dick Dougherty, posted a 16-6 record for the year. The Imps started off the season in fine style, winning seven of their first eight games, but in the final stages, they hit a snag, turning in nine wins in 14 starts. The happiest victory of the season came in the second Wildkitten game, when the University frosh were dropped, after the Kittens had earlier inflicted a bad defeat to the Imps. All in all, Bryant did a fine job in his initial year as a hardwood coach. One Hundred Sixty-one One of the biggest moments of the 1952-53 basketball season for the Sun Devils and their supporters was the thrilling 75-73 victory over the University of Arizona in late January. The game was close all the way, but the Sun Devils actually won the game with a late burst in the third canto to pull ahead of the University by seven points. The Wildcats fought hard to get back in the game, but the Demons hung on to win by two. Lester leaps again to register two points for the Devils against Arizona. Grimacing from the pain of it all is John Bruner, Arizona center, who almost pulled the game out for the ' Cats with his 22 points. Jumping for a close-in shot is Bill Paul to pick up a marker despite the enthusiastic efforts of Bill Smitheran (25) and Bill Kern merles. Behind Kemmeries is John Bruner. Brad Morris watches the score, while Dean hovers in the corner. Tie 195! nuny o mot Coppinger,, other uemi kfe " joinst 1 The cornel STATE STATE . Hf STAT M STA TE The 1952-53 edition of the Arizona State basketball squad, pictured above, was one of the best the Demons have turned out in many a moon. In the above picture: kneeling from left to right: Bill Paul, Brad Morris, Bill Burk, and Tom Futch. Standing are: Roy Coppinger, Jerry Stiteler, Lester Dean, Willard Nobley, Gordon Shumway, and Mike Loughran. Missing from the picture were two other members of the team, Johnny Allen, and Bill Wanless. Arizona State posted their best Border Conference record in many a year, when they finished out the season with a nine-five mark, good enough for a third place tie with Texas Tech. In addition, their great play in the final half of the season won them a berth to the NAIA tournament in Kansas City, Missouri. In the final part of the season the Demons won ten of their last eleven games. And to prove that all good thingr come in packages of threes, they saw the new gymnasium completed in time to dedicate it against Texas Tech on the night of February 24. The Devils opened the season by splitting the first two games of the year. They dropped the opener to San Diego Marines, but came back in their second game to drop Camp Pendleton. It was at this point that the departure of Bruce Perkins via the draft and the injury of Roy Coppinger made itself felt. One Hundred Sixty-three Starting with the third game ot the season, the Demons went into a tail spin and dropped the next nine straight games, most of them on the road. It was during this stretch that the Devils really lost all chances tor the BC title. Their first three conference games were all on the road, and the Demons blew all of them. Returning home the Demons finally ended the losing streak by blasting the Miners from Texas Western, 90-54. The home cooking began to take effect trom this time on, for the Demons rolled in high gear for the remainder of the season. The high point of the season was Jan. 31, when the University of Arizona was defeated 75-73. The final crusher to the Devils ' BC chances came when 1 1 ) the Wildcats dropped the Devils in a return game and (2) when the ASC, Flagstaff, game was forfeited because of the use on an ineligible player. Texas Tech, the next to the last game of the season, was another high point of the year. That night the new gym was dedicated, and the basketball squad cooperated to make it a complete success by dropping the Techsans 80-76. Arizona State won the right to the NAIA tournament when they downed New Mexico Western. The Devils continued hot in the first round, defeating East Tennessee State, but were bumped out of the tournament in the second round. Brad Morris wheels and deals a lay-up shot against the Sun Devils ' arch rivals, the University of Arizona. Charlie Leftault tries to block scooter Brad ' s scoring effort, while Eli Lazovich and T. Case watch in amazement as Morris works. John Bruner of Arizona, and Lester Dean stand in the background, while far upcourt is John Allen. Pictured! tiocomoitte, fcty, Dili) Lloyd Fernan One Hundred Sixty-four BASEBALL Pictured above is the 1953 edition of the ASC baseball team. From left to right, bottom row: Bill Smith, Stanley McAllister, Richard Bracamonte, Jack Thomas, Rex Chavez, and Kenneth Martin. Second row: Ronnie Bouldin, Van Gilbert, Walter Martinez, George Har- desty, Dudley Mack, Cruz Medina, and assistant coach Robert Nottle. Back row: Jerry Dumas, Joe Sorenson, Phis Keyes, Jesse Bathke, Lloyd Fernandez, Tanis Madrid, and manager Joe Provencio. For the first time, the Sun Devils have a full time baseball coach who does nothing but handle baseball. This is Jack Machtolff, who took over for Bill Kajikawa last year, and has continued to serve as coach this year. Last season, the Devils could only win four games during the entire sea- son, but this year they hope to improve on that record. Jack has just returned to baseball after a 10-year stretch with the Navy. His college ex- perience came while attending the University of Alabama. ' ' - - Rex Chavez bears down and burns his fireball over the heart of the plate for a strike. Rex is the main pitcher on the Demons three man staff. " Now watch for drag bunts, " Robert Nottle, assistant coach, warns infielder Kenneth Martin just prior to the Phoenix College game. Chavez takes a wicked swing at the ball and rifles it back through the box for a basehit in the opener against the Phoenix College Bears. The game ended in a 12-12 tie when darkness halted the proceedings. Below, Tonis Madrid, alias Mr. Magoo, receives instructions from head coach Jack Machtolff prior to the start of the Phoenix Col- lege game. Magoo is the veteran catcher of the Demons. (to , Bistort just prioi to (lie iege gain ! tall ond rifles it V out nere 9 oes St Qn McAllister to nab a line drive hit down toward first base. McAllister, a junior, is another experienced per- ke opener ogoinst former from last year ' s ball club. ended in o 12-12 HMHHHMHHUWMi HWagKa I TRACK Head track coach was the job given to Senon (Baldy) Castillo last spring. Baldy, a long time assistant to Donn Kinzle, takes over where Kinzle left off. His main task this sea- son will be trying to get the Demons back in the Border Conference throne room after a year ' s absence. His toughest competition will come from the University of Arizona, the team which finally ended the Demons ' reign. Pictured below are the 1953 edition of the Sun Devil track squad. Reading from left to right, bottom row: Bennie Garcia, Frank Leath, Dave Kenly, Tom Deans, Walt Jones, Earl Herrington, Chuck Peabody, Dan DeWitt, and Bob Broughton. Second row: Manuel Silva, Rich- ard Finley, Dick Jacobs, Thelton Back, Ed Hohn, Lee Holehan, William Harper, and John Henry Johnson. Third row: Jerry Cannon, Rex Kleinman, Jerry Walden, Jim Gallagher, Bill Roberts, Jerry Lee, Leo Denetsone, and Lee Roy Glover. Back row: Coach Senon Castillo, Laddie Cox. T " d Kiene, Trepel, Bernard Hill, Gary Prentice, and Rovd Shumway. did capture t JUK. Jib U. IV Royd Sh urn way strains hard, but just didn ' t have enough left to overtake the fleetfooted Sailor from San Diego Naval Training Center, did capture the second spot however, in this 880 yard run. Around and round he goes, and where the discus lands, nobody knows. Dan DeWitt is the spinner in this case, and it is against the big, bad Navy crew. Across the bar goes ave Kenly to rack up one of the few firsts garnered by the Demons in the Navy meet. Kenly cleared 13 ' 6 " to take first by himself. Kenly is the co-holder of the Border Conference record in his pet event. And oh there they go! Away and running go the sprinters from ASC and the Naval Training Center in the 220 yard dash. For ASC, Walt ones is at the far left, while third from the end is Laddie Cox. Jim Gallagher goes all out in an effort to place in the meet against the Sailors. Others have already come in ahead, but Gallagher puts out for a valuable second. A winner in the 440 yard dash is Frank Leath, who is caught above breathing deep in an effort to chest the tape before anyone else can get there. It was a tough race, but Leath had the greater chest expansion. MI effort to SoikOtkeis but Gollfljker desk is FIOIH :ottg deep in ore anyone else loce, but Leo; 1 on. Earth! Man! Broad jumper Dick Finley strains to get in those extra inches that could make the difference between a winning position and the also ran bracket. The big push is on as John Henry John- son fires the shot out into the ozone for a second place against San Diego. Big John also competed in the 100 yard dash, th e discus and the javelin. Brave men are those who run the two mile event, and pictured above is one of ASC ' s best, Manuel Silva. Above Silva can be seen digging for home and a second place finish. With several experienced men returning, and the addition of some new blood, the golf team enters the sea- son with prospects bright for a possible Border Conference crown. Coach Al Onofrio has had his boys working out since early in February. Lettermen back this year are Bill Paul, Bob Westby, and John Elliott. In addition, Milt Coggins Jr. has been added to the squad. Which twin uses the Australian grip asks Bob Westby, as he checks the form of golfing brothers, John and Frank Rooney. Westby is a veteran of last year ' s team, while the Rooneys are new to the squad this year. Left; check that form as Bill Paul practices a few swings in the confines of the new gymnasium. Paul was the top man on last season ' s squad, and will be expected to continue where he left off last season. Middle; John Elliot blasts one down the way as he gets set for another season of competition with the Demons. He ' s another veteran from last season who is being counted upon by golf coach Al Onofrio. Right; thar she goes, as Bob Hague leans into one to send it rocketing far down the way. Hague is a newcomer to the Demon golf team this season. He will attempt to beat out one of the old standbys for a job on the team. Tennis team lines up at the net for a difficult shot (with the camera that is). Kneeling from left to right are: Bob Gil- bert, Courtney Rogers, Captain Paul Mortensen, Nelson Curtis, and Carl Wilbur. Standing are: Fred Hickernell, Gary Peterson, Coach Marlow Keith, Dee Webb, and Jerry Cover. Fred Hickernell, one of the top players on the ASC squad, leans into a forehand drive and smokes it over the net for an ace. Hickernell has been one of the big guns on the racquet squad for the past three years, and hopes to have his best season this year. TBUUS TtAJH Rated among the top college ROTC rifle teams, the ASC Rifle Team again had another suc- l year. The first row, left to right, Captain A. L. Herm - Range Officer, James Sellers, Dean Gosney, Glenn Haddock Robert Barron, M Sgt BShugort - Army Coach. Standing, Charles Siegelsky, Bill Woods, Jerry Duke, Larry Hunts, Tom Eberman, M Sgt. Garth DeWater - Air Force Coach. QRCHERr TcAIn Winner of the Olympic Boman League ' s Olympic Round ASC ' s Archery Team again was slated to maintain the title of the best College Archery Team in the nation. From left to right, Bev Chase, Patty Patschke, Ruth Sherman, Jane Elder, Sammie Lane, Shari Hall, Audrey Frank, Jerry Hitrle, Kay Overson, Gene Laughlin. Missing is the coach, Margaret Klonn. One Hundred Seventy- four INTRAMURALS Completely reorganized this year, the men ' s intramural program had the largest student participation on record. The intramural staff, left to right, consisted of Grant Whitmer - Intramural Supervisor, Bob McClendon - Fraternity Representative, Fred Bryant - Faculty Advisor, Roy Coppinger - Associated Men Students Representative, and Carl Cole - Independent Representative. These men were responsible for the coordinating and supervising of the intramural program. Below, Gordon Cluff and Bob Biggs, winners of the Table Tennis Doubles championship await the final round. Biggs also won the Table Tennis Singles championship. , One Hundred Seventy-six in raid, rottrnity id Cole- program. The winners of the Volleyball championship were the Delta Sigma Phi team. Kneeling are Mike Mazeur and Dale Mahan. Back row from left to right are Bob Wedge, Bill Garrot, Ben Butler, Jerry Barker, Tom Cavanagh. Not pictured is Joe Graver. J U Second place winners were the LDS team. Kneel- ing left to right, Howard Ramsey, Rex Kleinman, Jerry Lee. Standing, Larry Philip, Lloyd Benton, Foster Simms. Left, Coy Pettyjohn (back to camera), Bob Thornton, and Thelton Beck rest after winning the Cross-country championship. These men together with Tom Moffitt composed the Tau Kappa Epsilon entry. The winners of the intramural football championship were the Delta Sigs. Above is their team, from left to right bottom row, Jamie Groover, Ira Fulton, Ben Butler. Standing, Don Leim, Tom Cavanaugh, and Bill Carrot. Below is Cavanaugh passing as Larry Philp of the IDS team tries to break UD the play. One Hundred Seventy-eight WHOM Amwcs ft to irrof, Alpha Delta Pi won the volley- ball championship with spirited play as illustrated by Luva Raise h as she wallops the ball over the net. Above, the members of the team are, bottom row left to right, Marilyn McDonald, Anne Jones, Rayma Lou Neeb. Back row, Jerry Gilbert, Sue Ann Sandoz, Marilyn Hanger, Luva Raisch. . , Part of the Women ' s Athletic program includes the officiating at high school volleyball games such nt the one at the left. " ia Lou Need, Uona Rhoton demonstrates her backhand Laura Lonqenbaugh and Marjorie Bor- ringron play in the women ' s doubles. The members of the tennis team are left to right, Margie Yetman, Harriot Leeke, Mary Lou Crane, Marjorie Barring- ton, Dana Rhoton, Laura Long- enbaugh, Laura Thomas. The Dance Symposium, which is a conclave of high school girls from throughout the state, is sponsored by the Wo- men ' s Athletic Department. Performances were given by members of the Women ' s Athletic Association. Left is Judy Larry and above is Joan Conniff doing South American dances. Fencers Dolores Koenigs and Helen Vermillion demonstrate a thrust lunge and a stop thrust. Above, Jean Hutsell blasts out of a sand trap and at the left she prepares to smack the ball off of the green. The Women ' s Athletic Association offers a complete and well-rounded program in which any girl may partici- pate. The sports program starts off in the fall with vol- leyball and runs the complete range of sports, finishing with s oftball in the spring. From the WAA Intramural program the winners of the Participation and Challenge trophies are selected. Outstanding students are eligible for membership in the honorary Women ' s " A " Club. Ons Hundred Eighty-rnree OROAHIZAJIOHS Key 4yf[f%0 f .1U " This organization is made up of the campus leaders of every phase J of student activity. Qualification for membership includes; the stu- dent ' s activity, a 2.5 cumulative index, character, and personality. Blue Key carries has for its greatest project a scholarship program for deserving high school seniors. Applicants are graded as to ability, need, and character. Another project now underway is the raising of funds for the rebuilding of the " A " on Tempe butte. The fraternity sponsors an all-school carnival in which all organizations are invited to participate. This annual Blue Key Carnival has been one of the largest money raisers for the Student Union fund. Beck, Thelton Cadwell, Robert Colborne, William Graver, Joe Ellis, Robert Foster, William J. H. Hand, Randall Hansen, George Hartman, Paul Herold, Edward Lopcr, James Modesitt, Phil Philp, Larry Reed, Everett Peil, Rodman I Menl re Ike i| Rutherford, Harry Shoob, Steward Udall, Jesse Whiting, Erie Tken One Hundred Eighty-six .uwumiiPpiv F Pleiades Made up of the twelve outstanding junior and senior women, this organization is a service honorary. Seated from left to right are Peggy McDonald, Dana Rhoton, Janet Humphries, Dorothy Banks, Daisy Yee,Marjorie Barrington. Standing are Shirley Sunden, Nancy DuBose, Jody Davis, Marjorie Carpenter, Rayma Lew Neeb and Miss Mary Bunte, advisor. Membership in this organization is based upon scholarship, leadership, and character. Among the projects of the organization are the sponsorship of the Faculty Frolics and the giving of an award to the outstanding freshman woman. An annual banquet is given to honor the twelve outstanding women at ASC. There are no officers of this organization, with the exception of a treasurer, as it is felt that all of the members are leaders. Each girl is assigned one of the annual Pleiades projects to complete during the school year. One Hundred Eighty-seven Interfmternity Council The Intcrf ratcrnity Council coordinates the activities of the eleven social fraternities on campus. Seated from left to right they are. Jack Haakc, Dave Reed, Joel Wallace, Eddie Herold, John Lyddon, Wayne Forde, Dean Shof- stall, Francis Odell, George Tomala, Ray Stephan, Caesar Cipolla. Second row, John Gregory, Dick Atwell, Bev Bevans, Bob Thornton, Lloyd Johns, Bob Cadwell, Oliver Haggerty, Walt Vollmer, Stan Zeller, Irv Kaufax, Art Hartman. The officers of the Interfraternity Council are Eddie Herold, secretary John Lyddon, vice-president, and Wayne Forde, president. Abroms, Kenneth Balk, Sheldon Federman, Sherwood Hirsh, Scymoui Kolsman, Paul Kann, David Kaufax, Irvin Newman, Harold Senoff, Jay Shoob, Stewart Simons, William Zeller, Stanley Indicates pledge Alpha Epsilon Pi troni sw- Colonized in the Spring of 1950, Alpha Epsilon Pi became national in January of 1951. Highlighting the fraternity ' s social calendar are a Hallowe ' en Party, a Spring Formal held at Cudia City, and exchanges with various sororities. Stewart Shoob served as president this year. to to Chi SCIi. Delta Chi joined the ranks of the national fraternities on the ASC campus late in 1949. First on the agenda of social events for the year is their Founder ' s Day Banquet held in October. Then conies the Street Dance and winding up the social calendar is the Spring Formal held at Camelback Inn. Intermixed with these events are various sorority exchanges and desert parties. The president this year was Caesar Cipolla and the faculty sponsors are Major M. P. Dale and Dr. Paul Miller. Alkire, George Catroppa, Alfred Cipolla, Caesar Condrey, Robert Darling, Phil Elliot, John Hall, Marvin Henert, Verlis Horn, Don Kay, Thomas Lynn, Austin Merrick, Charles Rice, Jerry Von Driel, Charles indicates pledget One Hundred Ninety Lambda Phi Sigma, oldest local fra- ternity on campus, became Zeta Alpha chapter of Alpha Tau Omega on April 28, 1951. A varied program of social, campus, and scholastic activities was highlighted by the annual Spring For- mal, and the winning of the Homecom- ing Sweepstakes float trophy. John Lyddon was president for the past year, and Stan Duke will hold the reins for next year. Dr. Rufus K. Wyllys and Gilbert Cady are the chapter spon- sors. . Alpha Tau Omegc Blair, Robert Carrington, Hugh Davis, William Dean, Bill Duke, Stanley Duke, Steven Eady, Ralph Ewing, Robert Frost, Terry Greer, Page Haake, John Hadinger, Richard Hamblin, Dale Hargrove, Robert Jenkins, William Kcndrick, Henry Kope, Lanny Longford, Albert Lundahl, William Lyddon, John Lyle, James Mack, Terry Marshall, Charles McDonald, James Morgan, Edward McWilliams, Fred Newman, Tom Olson, Lee Paul, William Savittieri, Anthony Schwarz, John Scott, John Sundeen, Gene Turley, Ernest Alessi, James Bartlett, Gaylen Cannon, Max Julian, Dale Perkins, Robert Moore, Kenneth Roe, Douglas Steninger, Kent Terkelson, Eldon Wardin, Bruce indicates pledges Adams, Harlan Baldwin, Gerald Banker, Cal Barker, Jerry Brown, John Brown, Phil Burk, William Butler, Ben Cavanagh, Tom Correri, Paul Graver, Joe Crow, James Daniel, Richard Fanning, Leo Fleming, Larry Folz, William Garrett, William Hayden, Paul Herold, Edward Holland, John Jameson, Randolph Jorgenson, Robert Kew, Allen Kleinman, Frank La Favc, Kenneth Larken, Mark Laney, Grant Leim, Don Maassen, Jack Mohan, Dale Manzari, Richard Martin, John Mascari, Joe Mazur, Michael Misfeldt, Charles Morgan, Bruce Nesbitt, John Polenske, Dale Porch, Charles Rader, Edwin Rubel, George Seivert, Danny Salem, Albert Schaefer, Kenneth Stiteler, John Thompson, Jerry Wantland, William Wedge, Robert Williams, Thomas indicates pledg Delta Highlighting the activities of the Delta Sigs is their presentation of the Delta Sig Follies in April. The rest of their year is packed with social events, including their Founder ' s Day Banquet December 10, the Coronation Ball at the San Marcos in Chandler, the Spinx Ball, and the Sailor ' s Ball. The president was Joe Craver and the Faculty Sponsors are Major Joseph Swanger and John Goodwin. t, Lambda CM Alpha The first fraternity at Arizona State College to have a house mother, the " Lambdies " had a successful year Starting off the social calendar with a Hallowe ' en Party, then the White Rose Formal, their social season wound up with the Crescent Formal where their sweetheart was named. Bob Fleming was the president and Dr. Hubbard is the Faculty Sponsor. Bednorz, Gerald Briscoe, William Carter, Shrove Connorton, Grover Forde, Wayne Gibson, Stuart Hannan, William Homewood, Hollis Heilman, George Jones, Max Masking, William Jennings, Gayle Kee, Roland Keller, Donald Kiefer, Paul Kraft, William Latham, Kenneth Lind, James Mabery, Richard Modesett, Phil Neely, William O ' Dell, Francis Schuster, James Spencer, Douglas Suit, Preston Wiley, William indicates pledges One Hundred Ninety-three Pi Kappa Colonized in March of 1951, Pi Kappa Alpha has been one of the active groups this year. Besides many fxchanges with sororities, the Pi Kapps had their Fall Dream Girl formal at which Miss Beverly Chase was named " Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, " they had a Hallowe ' en party, and a Christmas party. During " Construction Week " Pi Kappa pledges cleaned the late Governor G. W. P. Hunt ' s tomb. The sponsor is Lt. Col. Martin Newland and the president was Art Hartmann. Aguirre, Eddie Bowerson, Warren Buikema, Kenneth Dollahon, William Dorsett, Milford Gordon, William Gregory, John Hartmann, Arthur Milton, Saylor Mough, William Ra bourn, Owen Ralph, Albert Sipperly, Jack Slack, Gordon Verrue, Henry White, Jack Wupperfurth, Jerry Wood, Richard indicates pledge Arensweyer, Leslie Bollard, Thomas Bevans, Beverly Chausow, Gene Fair-child, Jerry Fleming, Richard Gilbert, Robert Grannis, Henry Hagler, Oliver Hatfield, Larry Kipperman, Richard Loper, James Nofsinger, Wi lliam Rowe, Ras Searles, Richard Sellers, James Shoughnessy, Joe Smith, Cyril Walker, Graham Wallace, Jerry IM Phi Sigma Kappa Fourth national fraternity founded at Arizona State, Phi Sigma Kappa numbers many exchanges with cam- pus sororities, the annual Christmas formal at Jokake Inn, and the Moonlight Girl dance in its varied social program. Guiding the course first semester was Oliver Hagler with James Loper taking over second semester. Dean McSloy is the sponsor. Sigma Phi fysilon Bratcher, Austin Broughton, Robert Douglas, Charles Groom, Robert Fyf fe, Thomas Hanson, Philip Homan, James Jerman, Stanley Leal, Steve Maza, Manuel O ' Leary, Robert Polk, Kenneth Swartzell, Darrell Tuttle, Benjamin Wallace, Joel Wilson, Ira indicates pledges Since colonizing in 1949 and becoming national February 16, 1952, Sigma Phi Epsilon has be- come one of the more promising fraternities at Arizona State. Among their varied activities the Sig Eps have the annual Queen of Hearts Ball, a founder ' s day banquet in November, and sponsor an Easter egg hunt for the underprivileged children of Tempe. Ben Tuttle served as president and Robert Zacher is faculty sponsor. Sigma First colonized late in 1951 Nu Sigma expects to become Sigma Nu during the second semes- ter of this year. The spotlight in Nu Sigma ' s social season is their White Rose formal where their sweetheart is selected. Also on the calendar is a Hawaiian Dance, and a Christmas Formal. The president was James Redden and the sponsor is Captain Donald Adamson. Atwell, Richard Bell, Billie Blundell, James Britt, Richard Brown, Sam Campbell, Clyde Cover, Jerry Diss, William Ellner, Robert Frizzell, George Hall, Everett Hauser, Richard Johns, Floyd Knight, Don McFarland, William RunningHawk, Laurence Redden, James Sharp, Floyd Swartz, Lee Thompson, Harry Vollmer, Walt indicates pledges Aloian, James Best, Richard Cowan, Dale Hoffman, Richard Jefferies, Gene Jensen, Earl Lutey, Roger Malone, Gerry Munkittrick, Graham Ohnleirer, Robert Osthimer, Clinton Proctor, William Richardson, Roy Schwerdtfeger, William Stearn, Ronald Stephen, Ray Stewart, Bevan Tomala, George indicates pledges Sigma PI I One of the outstanding events of the year is the Sigma Pi ' s presentation of their annual Barbershop Quartet contest. On their social program they have the Orchid Ball in April, where their sweetheart is presented. To benefit the children in the Phoenix detention home they have their annual Christmas Party. The President was Ray Steph- an and the sponsor is Kelly Eld- ridge. One Hundred Ninety-eight Adams, William Beck, Thelton Carpenter, Ed Craig, George Crispelle, James Dunham, William Faulkner, James Foster, William J.H. Goodfeilow, Allan Gosney, Dean Green, John Hanson, John Higgins, Robert Hilliker, Dean Home, James Ice, Ronald Kroning, Dean McClelland, Ross McClendon, Robert Moffitt, Thomas Myles, Edward Okamura, Wallace Pettyjohn, Coy Peterson, Thomas Pursell, James Rogers, David Rogers, Thomas Shook, John Tarr, Albert Thornton, Robert Tountas, Chris Troch, Robert Welker, Wayne Westby, Robert indicates pledges The first national fraternity on Arizona State ' s campus was Tau Kappa Epsilon. It also is one of the fraternities at ASC to have a local Alumni Chapter in Phoenix. Tom Moffitt was president the first semester, and Gene Ice took over the second. Dr. Alan Wager is the faculty sponsor. Starting the social year for the Tekes is their Pajama party and the trail winds through a Christ- mas formal, a Snow party, a French Underground party, and the year ends with a Star Light Rendezvous, a formal dance held on the terrace of the roof of the Westward Ho. Tau Kappa Cpsilon Panfottenic Council H C U . n M C0 ? rd ' notes . the cti .! iti " ? f $ix S f ial sororities the campus. From left to right seated they are, Virginia Adams, MaTion J Sfi f Ts " ' J r M her p, e TUrne , r ' Gi ' be :V Dea " 1 Nichols - advisor ' Dr ' Collice P r " ' Miss Dorothy Gillanders Marion Hanger, Pat Doyle. Standing, Mary Blesner, Joan Oregon, Neva Johnson, Roberta Trimble, Mrs. Carol Wells Shirley Pollard The officers are, from left to right, Margie Carpenter, Mimi Hamel, Jerry Gilbert- president, and Robert Trimble. Two Hundred Steve i, Chi Bennett, Rosalyn Brian, Mary Louise Bull, Jorene Cady, Jan Durham, Dorothy Farley, Jacquie Freeman, Carole Garote, Joan Gregory, Ann Hanger, Geraldine Hanger, Marian Harper, Jody Harvey, Shirley Henness, Dottee Henry, Beverly Hunter, Jane Jones, Anne Keith, Caryl Kirkpatrick, Pat Larry, Judy Lawson, Doris LeBas, Marilyn Leonard, Barbara Lindly, Betty Lou Looft, Claire Martin, Mary Ellen McCall, Carol McDonald, Margaret McDonald, Marilyn Neeb, Rayma Lew Noga, Helen Nylund, Lois Owens, Jean Poling, Norma Raisch, Luva Sandoz, Sue Ann Sexton, Suzette Simms, Joyce Sitton, Donna Walling, Marjorip Alpha Delta Pi Highlighting the social year of the ADPi ' s is their Spring Dinner-Dance. Their interests are not all social as they hold the Intramural Participa- tion trophy. The president first semes- ter was Peggy McDonald and the sec- ond semester Marilyn Hanger held the office. Pledging the first semester were, seated from left to right, Put Gun- nels, Sydney Tanner, Dolores Azoyan, Bonnie Walker. Standing, Nancy Stevens, Cherie Ford, Gerry Hanson, Marjie Hansen, Sylvia Winslow; Carol Cummins. Alpha Sigma The first sorority colonized at ASC to obtain national standing without first being a local chapter was Alpha Sigma Alpha when it was formally installed in May of 1951. Charlene Lynn was president this year. Pledging the first semester were, sitting on the floor, Pnt Cowan, Betty McClave. Bock row, Doris Smith, Gayle Brenden, Waldine Smith. Breedon, Linda Calhoun, Marjorie Cayia, Carolyn Darling, Pat Doyle, Pat Gregan, Joan Hoyt, Donna Kirkham, Yvonne Larson, Marilyn Licosati, Rose Lynn, Charlene McGill, Nancy McMasters, Jean Moore, Janet Moore, Jean Pound, Temple Rugenstein, Edith Tallo, Pat Thomas, Laura Bohn, Thclma Carpenter, Margaret Conniff, Joan Cox, Jo Erramuzpe, Rose Ann Gehrke, Kathy Head, Dorothy Lou Huskison, Virginia Jones, Margaret Kennedy, Shirley Klein, Leah Mack,Carol McCleery, Katie Mitten, Brookie Miller, Marilyn Mueller, Joan Ramsey, Norma Robinson, Jacqui Ruch, Joanne Somervell, Margaret Sunden, Shirley Trethewey, Janet VanLandingham, Winnifred Welch, Catherine Chi Omega Tradition follows the Chi Omega year closely with its annual Chi Omega Crycr, hay rides, formal dances, and Eleusinia. The president was Shirley Sunden. Pledging the first semester were, first row left to right, Barbara Greer, Barbara Bowman. Second row, Mildred Senseman, Janice Baker, Marj Benson, Margie Wheel- ock, Fredie Boggs. Third row, Kathy Gehrke, Pat Poer, Pat Parrel, Betty Taylor, Lucille Carson. Fourth row, Joan Gunnersen, Joann Jenner, Shirley Cushing, Margaret Hunter, Barbara Harvey, Jean Danda, Carol Matot. Adams, Virginia Baker, Leslie Barrington, Marjorie Brown, Marjorie Collins, Frances Dye, Margaret Enloe, Mary Ann Finnell, Shirley Graham, Mary Ann Groh, Mary Hcmphill, Janette Hildreth, Virginia Hopkins, Audrey Humphrey, Barbara Jenkins, Rachel Jones, Barbara Newell, Mary Lou Peart, Audrey Rhoton, Dana Roe, Kathy Seeds, Peggy Smith, Barbara Sutter, Nancy Way, Wanda Whipple, Mary Lou Whittum, Norma Williams, Adelle Wilson, Beverly Sprin Ken- Den Bank Ellis, Gett) Cam ma Phi Beta The Gamma Phi ' s became the first national sorority on Arizona State ' s campus when it received its charter in December of 1949. The highest point of the year for these girls is their annual Gemma Phi Follies. The president was Rachel Jenkins. Pledging the first semester were, first row from left to right, Donna Gulzcu, Lettie Ann Gutshall, Jackie Cooper, Bizzanne Lewis, Barbara Gay. Second row, Margaret Babbit, Vivian Adams, Margery Wilson, Earlene O ' Clair, Ann Sudigum, Margaret Ames, Joan Penar. Third row, Joan Edmonson, Carol Adams, Susan Hayes, Wava Iverson, Carolyn Mahu, Sue Reed. Gill, I Hick Hutsi Jones MtCi Ostro Philip Smitl Trim! Ulnt Kappa Delta Kappa Delta, formerly the local sorority Gamma Theta, received its charter in January of 1951. Besides the annual Spring formal dance, the girls plan a camp-out and a May Day serenade. They sponsor each year, at Christmas time, a Children ' s Christmas Party. The president was Shirley Smith. Pledging the first semester were, left to right sitting, Maxine Blair, Margaret Hawkins, Nancy Thompson, Jo Ann Kennedy, Sue Sidener, Dolores Roberts. Dora Lee Laird. Standing, Corrine Smith, Joan Dixon, Carol Ann Seibert, Beverly Downs, Theresa Campolongo, Marlys Simons, Sandy Lynagh, Virginia Ruiz. Banks, Dorothy Burgbacher, Noel Davis, Mary Ann Ellis, Millicend Getty, Dorothy Gill, Evelyn Hickcox, Mary Hutsell, Jean Jones, Esther McCollum, Mary Ostrander, Corlene Philips, Florence Pollard, Shirley Shaver, Joan Sheldon, Mariann Smith, Shirley Trimble, Roberta Ulmer, Jean Willow, Kay Sigma Sigma Aguirro, Jessie Bjorlie, Phyllis Blesener, Mary Curtis, Dee Dee Fix, Ruth Hooker, Sally Johnson, Eileen Johnson, Neva Longenbaugh, Laura Miller, Robin Powell, Allegro Radnor, Marjorie Steele, Jeanne Thompson, Darlene Takemori, Elaine Welman, Clara Yee, Daisy ' v ; Winners of the Sorority Scholarship tro- phy for two semesters are the Tri-Sigs. Their social year includes a Founder ' s Day banquet, a Favor Dance in the spring, and a Christmas Formal. The president was Niva Johnson. Pledging the first semester were, sitting from left to right, Eileen Johnson, Belia Castro, Odetta Wold, Jackie Williams. Standing, Jean Gardner, Gwen Hall, Claire Vermillion, Robin Miller. . Ciro Religious Groups l RCIIGIOVS CO VNCIl This group coordinates the activities of the various religious organizations on campus. First row from ' left to right. Rev. Glenn Ridell, Frances Baker, Betty Hooks, Randall Hand, Diane Koenigs, Margaret Gamble, Elouise Nielson. Back row, Sue Fain, Dan McCord, David Somers, Graham Walker, Barbara Wylie, Pat Wooldridge. Two Hundred Seven RtUGIOUS GROUPS A CHRISTIAN SCINC( CLUB Fr m ' eft to right, Roy Sterns, Dick Hoffman, Al Hewitt, president, Dick Leichty, Bud Martin. row, Kei LAMBDA DCLTA SIGMA (OmfCAJ First row, left to right, Coleen Larnagin, Gracie Barron, Lois Evans, Elouise Niel- son, Edith Cluff, Janet Hicks, Joanne Westover. Second row, Gail Kerr, Dorene Denham, Zalia Seabury, Louise Baker, Velma GroyllTij Skouson, Patricia Pew, Peggy Goodman, Shirley Evans, Opal Tryon, Marilyn Kent. Third row. Sherry Goodman, Fernbeth Brown, i. Rosalie Goss, Ursella Stowell, Sylvia Huber, Shirley Franconi, Alene Smith, Marie Jackson, Mary Goodman, Kathleen Marble, Anita Cox. Fourth row, Linda Brimhall, Klonda Bowers, Lorraine Brooks, Raelene Biggs, Sybil Price, Marilyn Porter, Joan Blake, Glie Chew, Arleigh Peterson, Jo Ann Rogers. Two Hundred Eight RU GIOUS GROUPS CONGO CLUB (Congregational) First row, left to right, Barbara McNarie, Sue Fain, Frances Baker, Carol Kettering. Second row, Keith McSpadden, Charles Gilbert, David Somers, Ernie Whitaker. ,,sEloui LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA (ALPHA) First row left to right, Kay Smith, Royd Shumway, Bruce Halat, Arlo Judd, Bob joker, W " Gray, John Henderson, Don Crandall, Richard Solomon. Second row, Charles Davis, Milton Farr, Phil Cowley, Dale Markham, feinbetli ! " " James Westover, Rex Kleinman, Guy Scott, Loy Despain, Alma Judd. Third row, Wayne Pratt, Larry Philp, Lonnie Baldman, Kemp tdleeil 1 Turley, Joe O ' Bary, Loe Kay, Howard Ramsey, Dick Bennett, Darell Smith. Two Hundred Nine wtsmiHsm RCUGIOVS CROOK Front row, left to right, Ross Clceland, Hans Lill, Norman Minter, Don Stocks, Ralph Burgbachcr, Carl Morley, Graham Walker, Glenn Ridell, Mrs. Cleeland, Orin Frank. Second row, Richard McDougall, Audrey Frank, Rae Gardner, Noel Burgbocher, Jo Ann Harvey, Shirley Grun- dey, Robert Ross. Third row, Claudia Chapman, Barbara Leonard, Corinne Smith. Fourth row, Maxine Stocks, Helen Miller, Marianna Mackey, Sue Thomas, Janace Schowolder. Fifth row, Joe Newby, Barbara Wylie, Jean McMasters, Sandra Johns, Dorothy Weeden, Phyllis Bradt, Bobbie Hollingworth, Donna Hoyt, Jo Schaffer. Sixth row, Margaret Hawkins, Don Johnson, Mary Schowalder, Richard Dean, Mel Kirk, Martha Die- mar, Brad Ginger, Joseph Barnett, Markette Kirby. The Westminster Foundation is a group of Presbyterian students. The officers and executive council are Carl Morley, Noel Burgbacher, Gra- ham Walker president, Don Stocks, Corinne Smith secretary, Marianna Mackey, sitting from left to right. Standing, Ross Cleeland advisor, and Orin Frank. First 10 die, Virginia Wtbb,Dorot ginio Hart Roger Lutey, TlieWes Methodist ond executi f ' om left ti Mills, Morj " , Secoi 9W Estes Lloyd Meye N wssuy First row from left to right, Terry Miller, Bill Wiley, Andrew Tang, Rev. John Zimmer, Lucille Basinger, Margaret Gamble, Pat Hud- dle, Virginia Smetser. Second row, Pat Tucker, Alberta Mills, Nina Lee Williams, Norma Haire, Carol Adams, Sondra Herriott, Ann Webb, Dorothy Sawyer, Betty Hooks. Third row, Carolyn Cox, Laura Longenbaugh, Carol Helmkaq, Walter Conner, Carol Mayfield, Vir- ginia Hartman, Claire Vermillion, Billie Smith, Peggy Akin, Virginia Tombs, Beulah Crouch. Fourth row, Charles Crouch, Jack Mitchell, Roger Lutey, Bill Hosking, Ronald Focht, Jeff Wanee, Stan Cannon, Lloyd Mayer, Dick Waggoner, Margaret Estes, Pat Paddock. The Wesley Foundation is a group of Methodist young people. The officers and executive committee are, first row from left to right. Pat Huddle, Laura Longenbaugh vice-president, Alberts Mills, Margaret Gamble president, Virginia Smetser secretary, Nina Wil- liams. Second row, Roger Lutey, Mar- garet Estes, Bill Wayne, Bill Hosking, Lloyd Meyer, Claire Vermillion. RfUCIOUSGKOUPS CLUB (Catholic) First row, left to right, Father Francis Bechtel, Bud Woss, Manuel Maza, Dorothy Hallcrar Alice Felix, Jim Schuster, Bill Coulson, Barbara Rice, Betty Sullivan, Pat Sullivan. Second row. Pat Nuttingly, Armida Noriegc Virginia Ruiz, Betty Giltman, Lucy Sanchez, Margaret Rivera, Joan Beaugureau, Ann Dillon, Dolores Kienigh, Mary Ann Di Eugenia, Pat Slade. Third row, Caesar Cipolla, Rose Ann Mulville, Winnifred VanLandingham, Gabino Cipolla, Gladys Trujillo, Ann Hinkle, Rachel Palacio, Helen Rebeles, Joan Conniff, Kathleen McCleery, Robert Andrews, Joan Sreboth. Fourth row, Diane Koenigs, Jean Donda, Sandra Kish, Socorro Martinez, Alma Amador, Dolly Salazar, Rosemary Robertson, Marguerite Gualdoni, Mike Salazar. Fifth row, Pete Sanchez, Rosemary Smith, Rachel Reyna, George Gutierrez, Al Alday, Ray Chacon, Richard Guerro, Ruben Madrid, Charles Raymond, Walter Molt, Mario Maza. tUTHKAN STUDEHT ASSOCIATION Front row, left to right, Jess Bathke, Bill Scherdtfeger, Elaine Norgaard, Mari- lyn Houg, David Tietje, Dave Rubis. Second row. Bob Herrick, Viola Olin, Joan Kbinschmidt, Leroy Kendschuh, Dolores Kendschuh. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is an organization for Southern Baptist students. Its officers are, seated left to right, Betty Luckett secretary-treasurer, Shirley Turner devotional vice-president. Stand- ing, Terry Newman enlistment vice-president, and Dan McCord president. RtilGIOVS GROUPS The members are from left to right in the front row, Pat Chavez, Jean Moore, Shirley Turner, Betty Luckett, Mildred Evenson, June Stires, Hazel Cossell (sponsor). Back row, Jack Goldie, Curry Woo, Darrell Evensort, Terry Newman, Gary Prentice, Jimmy Ort, Robert Rose, Dan McCord. tt N K I WOAIfff S A CLUB Front- row left to right, Jean Hutsell, Dana Rhoton, Margie Yetman, Laura Longenbaugh. Second row. Miss Dorothy Gillanders (sponsor), Lola Mae Randal, Mary Thoraud, Margaret Brown, Terry Hulse. Beck. Stone Mendon. ME " $ n CLvB Front row left to right, Caesar Cipolla, Jim Faulkner, Al Stangeland, John Stewart, Lou lani, Wayne Welker, Phil Ganley. Second row, Gus Poulos, Ed Anderson, Bob Alford, Jim Aitken, Earl Herrington, Laddie Kwiatkowski, Brad Morris. Third row, Clarence Olson, Bill Paul, Nick Maucieri, Dick Mackey, Tanis Madrid, Marvin Wahlin, Al Derbis. Fourth row, Gene Mitcham, Frank Rogers, Al Christenson, Dave Kenley, Gordon Shumway, Bob Lutchke, Mike Loughran. Back row, Jerry Stiteler, Charles Porch, Roy Coppinger, Lester Dec " Roby Head, Jim Stephenson. Night Blooming Cercus ALrnA rl fPSttOH Secretarial honor fraternity. Front row from left to right, Jacquie Farley, Ruth Fix, Laura Longenbaugh, Miss Lois Kelso, Shirley Grundy, Charlene Cobb. Second row, Lois Evans, Grace Barron, Gwen Hall, Dottie Getty, Kay Willow, Bessie Bobo, Olga Flinn. Third row, Ronald Bowles, William Colborne, W. W. Hitt. ALPHA PHI OAICGA Service fraternity. Seated left to right, Ernie Leyba, Dr. Ernest Parker, Thelton Beck. Standing, Jerry Blum, R. 0. Bowersox, Fred Payne, James Parker, Dr. Paul Miller, Dr. Jacob Fuchs, Bob McClendon. tllooi 9 Cert " Two Hundred Fifteen ntrtfn rSI OiutGn Honorary dramatic fraternity. Front row left to right, Bob Ellis, Mary Lewis, Mary Coulson, Elizabeth Pasztor, Maxine Stocks, Al Humpert. Back row, Fred Buehl, James Ajamie, George Augspurger, Paul Hart- man, David Hardaway, Carl Everson. ARHOLD AIR SOCIETY Honorary Air Force ROTC. Front row left to right, Henry Verrue, Shreve Carter, Richard Springer, John Gregory, Bob McClendon. Back row, Richard Loy, Tom Weed, Maj. Manley Dale (advisor), Robert Gillis, Gale Grammer. Two Hundred Sixteen HOHORARICS nttrrn 1 tLTn PI Honorary education fraternity. Front row, left to right, Theresa Kerr, Shirley Harvey, Dean Catherine Nichols, Rosie Bennett, Dorothy Durham. Standing, Adeline Pleasant, Norman Thomas, Registrar, Erie Whit- ing, Dr. R. K. Wyllys, William Colborne, George Renner, Francis Yale, Marjorie Henshaw. KAPPA P$l Honorary band fraternity. Front row, left to right, James Scrafford, Jim Coffin, Laurence Sundberg, Chet Newman, Ronald Holloway, Herschel Kreloff, George Rayes. Second row, Doug Spencer, Larry Poage, Stu Gibson, Thomas Swanson, Willie Townsend, Bruce Morgan. Bock row, Bill Lester, Phillip Darling, Tom Voss, Al Hew- itt, Jerry Rice, Kenneth Verch. Two Hundred Seventeen Delta Phi Delta Phi is an honorary religious fraternity open to all individuals who have served as Christian missionaries. Their social year included a formal dinner dance, desert parties, and a Christmas party. Clair Millett served as president. The picture above shows their chorus. First row from left to right, Robert Macdonald, Ken Noble, Glenn Skouson, Alfred Heywood, Clair Millett, Marlowe Denham, Alfred Baker. Second row, Jesse Udall, E. L. Richardson, Paul Cran- dall, Robert Biggs, Norval Jesperson, Carl Cole, Len Foote, Art Harris, Ray Shipley, Russell Janson. ngle, Max Baker, Alfred Biggs, Robert Cole, Carl Denham, Marlowe Foote, Homer Len Harris, Arthur lenkins, Darrell Millett, Clair Porter, Kenneth Shipley, Heber Squire, Forrest Udall, Jesse Wallace, Gordon Whitmer, Grant DeltoSii her, they hoi problems by Thspict Junior Won retory. Two Hundred Eighteen Tlieii KM, Cron- De to Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is the professional commerce and business administration fraternity. Founded a year ago in Novem- ber, they hold several professional programs during the school year. These programs include lectures on current business problems by local businessmen, and movies covering various phases of business life. The picture above shows this year ' s officers. From left to right they are: Frank Romanski, Historian; James Lewis, Junior Warden; Leo Kilian, Senior Warden; Harry Rutherford, President; Rodman Peil, Treasurer; Farris Maroof, Sec- retary. I Colborne, William Douglas, Clifton Hall, Marvin Herald, Edward Hitt, Woodrow Hughes, William Kilian, Leo King, Roland Livingston, Arthur Lewis, James Maroof, Ferris McKissack, Paul Nesbitt, John Petterson, Donald Peil, Rodman Pentkowski, James Poage, Larry Rabourn, Owen Romanski, Frank Rutherford, Harry Shaefer, Kenneth Thielemann, Albert Thornton, Robert Tuttle, Ben Weed, Thomas Two Hundred Nineteen rSI Off Psychology honorary, from left to right front row, Reed Porter, Florence Robertson, Maybcllc Bennett, Terry Hulse, Frances Mutt, Martha McGuire, Dick Houser. Second row. Dr. Herbert Gurnee, Dr. Iverson, Mr. Rex Boiling, Dr. G. P. Young, Harold Moore, Dr. Clay Skinner, Erie Whiting, Lto Stein, Jack Goldie, Harold Wenzel, Norman Minter, Charles Crouch. m HONORARI6S Off trSILOH Art honorary, from left to right front row, Lupe Salazar, Jo McLeroy, Marilyn Hider, Miss Paula Kloster, Betty Crandall, Noel Burgbacher. Back row, Aldo Mancino, Clara Wellman, Clair Millett, Cecil Gary, Nadine Koch, Noel Burgbacher. I ROTC OFFICKS CLUB This organization is composed of all of the men who are taking the advanced ROTC program (both Air Force and Artillery). HONORAR16S Two Hundred Twenty-one TnU BC I A S CMA Honorary bond sorority. Seated left to right, Jackie Cooper, Kathleen McCleery, Elizabeth Davis, Dee Dee Curtis, Joanne Westover. Standing, Lucille Carson, Pat Darling, Patsy Kendig, Bonnye Madden, Lois Tollesfrud, Clarence McPhcrson. Mary Lansing. HOHOKARICS BTA CHI fPSHOH Honorary home economics sorority. Front row from left to right, Barbara MacLennon, Kuth (jillis, Barbara Leonard, Corinne Mamo, Cynthia Lundy, Jeannette Hemphill. Back row, Louise Baker, Patricia Cunningham, Lola Davidson, Marlene Davis, Rachel Regna. Two Hundred Twenty-two InV KHO ALPHA Honorary music fraternity. First row from left to right, Mary Ann DiEugenio, Patsy Kcndig, Shirley Smith, Mary Ann Enloe. Second row, Mrs. Bertha Autenreith, Barbara Wylie, Polly Hanna, Marilyn Porter, Lula Gentry. GAmmn THcTn VrStlOn Honorary geographic fraternity. Seated front from left to right, Jane Renner, A. L. Shrout, Dr. Paul Miller, George Renner, Ed Meeker, Allene Lawrey. Standing, Charles Roach, Chuck Reeves, Howard TeSelle, Grover Connorton, Erie Whit- ing, Lampros Lampropulos, Archie Peterson, James Redden, Ralph Winn. Two Hundred Twenty-three SPECIAL INTKCST Pegg AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS Front row from left to right, Joe Dendy, Donald Porks, John Mangino, Dick Wilelm, Mark Sebastian, Dale Campbell, Richard Britt. Back row, James Elmore, Norman Hodge, Douglas Robins, Don Crandall, Robert Winikka, Wayne Chancy, Harry Thompson, Paul Goulding, James Salter. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS Front row from left to right, Al Catroppa, Samuel Johnson, Ken Davis, Jim Rodgers, Warner Sakiestewa, John Long. Second row, Mark Sebas- tian, Milon Miskovich, Jess Bathke, Moris Rhodes. Back row, Sherwood Snyder, Joe Deroulhac, Bob Carr, Paul Kiefer, John Elliot. NffiU Amu W r r AlrtlA mV QAmmn Honorary language fraternity. Front row from left to right, Jayne Elder, Caryl Keith, Ruth Vito, Peggy Lucero, Carmen Ibarra, Dr. Mary Escudero, Mrs. Anna Wall. Second row, Bunni Benedict, James Meyer, Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt, Glenn Huish, Dr. Robert Poole, Dr. Irma Wilson. SPECIAL IA llCA PANAM6RICANA Front row from left to right, Alice Felix, Jesse Aguire, Ruth Vito, Arnida Noriega, Dr. Mary Escudero. Second row, Edith Cluff, Carmen Ibarra, Peggy Lucero, Dr. Irma Wilson, Mrs. Anna Wall. Third row, James Meyer, Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt, Dr. Robert Poole, Joe Barriga, Mardy Olivas, Bunni Benedict. Fourth row, William Sweeny, Henry Verrue, Charles Pelloux. RUSSIAN CIKCif From left to right, Harris Crosby, Paul Howie, Mrs. Harris Crosby, Chris Tountas, Mrs. Anna Wall, Jack Mitchell. Two Hundred Twenty-five LOS COHWISTMORCS Front row, left to right. Lydia Escalante, Irene Ortega, Margaret Rivera, Bernice Castro, Lucy Sanchez, Helen Jean Rebeles, Rachel Palacio, Virginia Ruiz, Carman Ibarra, Jessie Aguirre, Dr. Wilson. Second row, Pasqual Sanchez, Alma Amador, Gladys Trujillo, Deluiz Puente, Ruben Madril, Pascual Gutierrez, Socorro Martinez, Manual Maza, Gabinq Montana, Steve Lael. Third row, George Gutierrez, Tony Sanchez, Ben Picone, Ben Garcia, Tanis Madrid, Charles Bejarano, Leo Gomez, Carlos Garcia. Back rqw, Mike Saenz, Henry Ochoa, Alonza Alday, Arthur Bejarano, Ray Chacon, Joe Barriga, Louis Rodri- quez, Carlos Garcia. This organization is made up of those students who are of Spanish-American descent. Below is the Los Conquistadores ' rloat, " You ' re My Arizona " which was entered in the annual Homecoming parade. SPECIAL IHHRIST Two Hundred Twenty-six MASK AND SANDAL Front row from left to right, Mary Coulson, Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Edith Cluff, Elizabeth Pasztor, Mary Ann Enloe. Second row, James Ajamie, Bob Ellis, Al Humpart, George Augspurger, Paul Hartman, Davi Hardaway. Back row, Jean McMasters, Fred Buehl, Carl Everson, Maxine Stocks. WOmCn From left to right, sitting, Joanne Holman, Dorothy Lambert, Pat Tucker, Mary Lavold, Mar- garet Boe, Miss Mary Morris. Standing, Jackie Peterson, Sue Sidener, Norma Haire, Joyce Leffue, Nanci Chennault, Annabel! Lancaster, Carolyn Brown, Sue Thomas. Two Hundred Twenty-seven AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Front row from left to right. Dr. Jacob Fuchs, David Waldenville, Mary Joy Bernice Becker, Joanne Ruch, Dr. George Bateman. Second row, Vern Baker, Gabriel Contrino, Harlan Bougleton, Robert hon, Dpon Wochncr. Don Packett. Back row, David Heiiman, Richard Springer, Charles Davis. Sims, Law- SPECIAL IHTEKEST ASSOCIATION fOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION This organization is made up of Kindergarten and Elementary Teaching majors. Some of the projects they undertake are distributing Christmas packages to the orphanages and the sponsor- ing of parties for underprivileged children. The sponsor is Mrs. Nell Byers and the officers are, Joan Gregan president, Yvonne Kirkham vice-president, Roberta Trimble secretary, and Thresa Kerr treasurer. Two Hundred Twenty-eight SOCIAL IHTERCST PASTEUR SCieHJIflC SOCiejy f ront row from left to right, Dr Jacob Fuchs, David Waldenville, Mary Joy Sims, Bernice Becker, Joanne Ruch, Dr. George Bateman. Second row, Vern Baker, Gabriel Contrino, Harlan Bougie- ton, Robert G. Lawhon, Dean Wochner, Don Packett. Back row, David Heilman, Richard Springer, Charles Davis. FVTVRf TEACHERS Of AMERICA This or- ganization is made up of all those srudents who are education majors. The officers (inset) are Carmen Ibarra treasurer, Sue Thomas president, Mario Schnitzler vice-president, and Pat Shipley secre- tory. SPSCIAl INTKST WOMCN ' S ATHUTIC ASSOCIATION vj WAA COUHCIl (inset) First row from left to right, Jean Hutsel!, Margie Yetman, Dorothy Durham, Nancy Gravelot, Beverly Henry, Judy Larry. Second row. Miss Mary Pavlich, Ann Jones, Margie Barrington, Joanne Young, Margie Brown, Marilyn McDonald. Last row, Terry Hulse, Mary Cox, Sammie Lane. IVOAtfff ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR CLU8 Seated from left to right, Margie Yetman, Jean Hutsell, Dana Rhoton, Margie Brown, Nancy Gravelot, Marilyn McDonald, Harriet Leeds. Second row, June Stires, Margie Barring- ton, Ann Jones, Mary Thrud, Bertie Bowles, Charlotte Kidney, Virginia Ruiz, Bebe Brown. Third row, Mary Lou Crcus, Joanne Young, Lola Mae Randall, Betty Stevens, Jacque Morgan, Gail Kerr, Doris Bladsmer, Sue Peters, Carol Hectand. Fourth row, Anne Kirby, Diane Doolittle, Carole Booger, Sharon Stevenson, Laura Thomas, Phyllis Hinton, Rosie Newton. CLUB These are the people who are taking Marketing and Advertising cur- riculum. The officers (inset) are Austin Bratcher (sponsor). Pat Thornton, Irving Stern, Ed Baker. Second row from left to right, Biven Stewart, Al Ralph, Robert Rose, George Rose, and Tom Kay. 9195 First row from left to right. Lorn a Lamb, Pat Matschnig, Huyson Johnson, Howard Rice, Adeline Pleasant, Barbara Patterson. Second row, El Gless, Ed Monty, Jack Dammonn, Dr. Herbert Stahnke, Elwood Blakley, Jack Maassen. Cholla Cactus SPtCIAL IHURtST ?: . A j Jt . Check that figure again registration that is. Peggy McDonald and Bill Paul admiring a beautiful suede coat at ' S DAM At lt lllt " Now when I was back in Indiana ... " Serving Arizona Health Needs Since 1908 PHOENIX GLOBE MIAMI SUPERIOR CASA GRANDE GLENDALE WICKENBURG One Good Lesson Let ' s see, there ' s literature and history, and chemistry and biology, and then there ' s another one that doesn ' t fit into the curriculum, but it is important as any. It is called Bank-ology- and the sooner we all learn what it means and how it can be useful to each of us individually, the sooner we are faced in the right direction for the business life we are preparing for. Sounds kind of preachy, doesn ' t it? Well, no apologies, it is! But if there is a grain of sense in it and that grain will help you, then it is good preach- ing, not bad preaching. You can save money at this bank, you can borrow money at this bank, you can yet good counsel at this bank, and you surely will find yourself among friends here. So regard it just the same as you would any other pleasant store and drop by when things trouble you. Maybe we can help. FIRST (IflTIOriflLBflnK OF flRIZORfl HEAD OFFICE PHOENIX Branches in Most Business Centers Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Two Hundred Thirty-three Since 19 15, Inspiration has mined and treated 136 million tons of ore and produced therefrom more than 2,600 million pounds of copper. Vast expendi- tures in Arizona over the years for labor, supplies, power and taxes have con- tributed materially toward our state ' s economic well being. fonAolidabijdL foftp A. Company. INSPIRATION. GILA CO., ARIZONA Two Hundred Thirty-four We Admit We ' re a LITTLE Overcrowded at Present Students jockey for position as Bookstore cashier ' s Peggy MacDonald and Barbara Gay do their best. But we promise that things will be different once the Bookstore moves into the new Student Union Building. Books Decals Art and Engineering Supplies Stationery Supplies ASC T-Shirts Official School Rings Everything for School and the Office COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Two Hundred Thirty-five ' -- ' , ' v ZEB PEARCE and SONS MANUFACTURERS OF Vita-Cro Feed POULTRY AND STOCK FEED SOUTHS1DE DELAVAL DEALERS Milking Machines and Separators WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HEADQUARTERS FOR QUALITY FEED SEED AND AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES 115 West Main Si., Mesa, Ariz. WO 4-5683 HELPING BUILD A BETTER ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE MARSTON SUPPLY CO. 324 N. CENTRAL AVE. Phoenix AL 4-5651 YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND ATHLETIC GOODS Two Hundred Thirty-six Your Headquarters for Seven Stores to Serve You throughout Central Arizona Phoenix - Mesa - Chandler - Coolidge Casa Grande - Buckeye - Glendale Greetings to The Class of ' 53 from LOLA ' S CAFE-Tempe For the best , In Mexican Food and Sandwiches VI SIT RAMONA SPANISH KITCHEN 39 East 5th Street TEMPE WO 7-9873 Two Hundred Thirty-seven Tempe Drug Co. 6th Street and Mill Friendly, Lite Your Home Town Drug Store For 30 Years SIGNS of Quality NEON PAINTED INDUSTRIAL PAINTING HIGHWAY ADVERTISING STREET DECORATING XJUERREROLINDSEY Phone WO 4-51 29 Congratulations from Dahlgren Jeweler Always Ready to Serve You 41 West Main, Mesa, Arizona Pepsodent with irium. Two Hundred Thirty-eight STEAK HOUSE 4041 N. CENTRAL AVE. Phoenix Delici (Clous ' CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS See what you miss at the library. Congratulations, ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE at the close of another great year of progress EVERYBODY ' S DRUG CO. exatl 1 04 W. Main, Mesa Phone WO 4-4587 A respected name in the Valley of tne Sun Two Hundred Thirty-nine Shovel Loads Ore Train at Ajo PREPARATION Copper mining has developed increasing- ly the mechanical and metallurgical prepar- ation of copper bearing material, that Copper in greater quantities may be furnished to industry in our country and over the world. At the New Cornelia pit mine at Ajo a ton and a half of waste is moved that a ton of ore may be mined. From this ton of ore less than fifteen pounds of Copper will be re- covered. The ore is crushed and ground un- til it will pass through a screen the mesh oi which is 200 to the square inch. Reagents are introduced which causes the Copper par- ticles to float while a large part of the waste is discarded. The remaining concentrate contains ap- proximately 30 per cent Copper. When this concentrate is smelted the waste is all re- moved, leaving an anode of Copper con- taining a small amount of precious metals. This anode is shipped to the refinery at El Paso where it is refined electrolytically and converted to bars, ingots and other forms. This is sent to eastern fabricating mills and in varying forms it enters commerce. Preparation of Copper requires the labor of many men, the thought and care of many others. It requires the expenditure of many millions of dollars for machinery, transporta- tion, processing and other necessary details that the Copper may move into commerce. Towns are built and become the communi- ties where many Arizonans make their homes. Only by careful preparation and thought- ful, intelligent procedure may Arizona pro- duce the Copper vital to America ' s industry AIO Phelps Dodge Corporation BISBEE DOUGLAS MORENCI JEROME CLARKDALE DESERT FASHIONS PRESCOTT SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA BILTMORE Arizona Disinfectant Co. $ wmc, JA . SouihwsM, SWOL 1920 548 East Jefferson St. - Phoenix, flrizona - Phone RL 3-9603 Jtiwwn . . . JANITOR SUPPLIES COnSULTflDTS OH ALL TVPES OF SRDITflTIOn PROBLEIDS Two Hundred Forty-one Marvin Vahlin scores for ASC. School and Sports Supply Company 326 W. Jefferson Phoenix Phone AL 2-6581 Serving the Schools of the Southwest One for the road. FOR THE MOST LISTENED TO PROGRAMS on, ALL RADIO Jj JUL JjO KOOL 960 KG CBS RADIO STATION 9 L JJa. Valley o UUL SWL 5000 WATTS DAY AND NIGHT Two Hundred Forty-two more POWER to you Public Service Industrial Arts 299, Advanced Woodturning, Section 3. WISHES TO CLASS OF 1953 Mark Stahlberg Arizona Janitor Supply " Complete Line of Janitor Supplies " 26 S. Third Avc. Phoenix Phones AL 4-4331 AL 3-0873 Two Hundred Forty-three School - Office - Church - Industry 530 W. Washington Si. PHOENIX ALpine 8-6661 TUCSON (Howard Stofft) YUMA (Yuma Stationers) PRESCOTT FLAGSTAFF SAFFORD MESA apparel for men since ' 97 love at first sight . . , oxxford clothes Hathaway shirts cavanagh hats imported sportswear M ' DDUGALL-CAiSDU 130 NORTH CENTRAL PHOENIX " Are you sure you have it straight now? Two Hundred Forty-four . . ARIZONA ' S most complete department store as ahvays - COURTESY SERVICE FREE PARKING Adams at Second St. in downtown Phoenh Phone AL 8-1551 21 N. Macdonald Mesa Phone WO 4-4527 SEARS Two Hundred Forty-five THE VARSITY INN " V iere f ie Students Go Vhether your appetite calls for a cup of cof- fee or a full meal, you ' ll always be glad you chose the Varsity Inn. It ' s an Arizona State tradition. College Ave. ai Eighth St. Tempe We ' re not APPLE Polishers just Good Printers That ' s why . . . STATE PRESS Won the 1952 College General Excellence Award of the Arizona Newspaper Association ffimpe iathj N0ro0 A Tempe Fixture Since 1887 Francis N. 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ARIZONA Phon AL 3-6161 Two Hundred Sixty-one ARIZONA STATE ' S NEW PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING ARCHITECT - KEmPER GOODUJin Tempe, Arizona GENERAL CONTRACTOR - mcGiniv consTRUCTion co Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Sixty-two Gym, Floor Installed by NATIONAL FLOOR COMPANY 4650 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona Plumbing Supplied by DN| K QNTRACTINQ 805 South Central Avenue, Phoenix. Arizona Telephone ALpine 3-3131 Bleachers, Chalk and Bulletin Boards by PETERSON BROOKE, STEINER f, ' WIST . Supply Equipment Co. 530 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona Johns-Manville Asbestos Products by I R C H E R 2114 West Fillmore Street, Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Sixty-three Acoustical Treatment by BARRETT HOMES 2409 East Mitchell Drive, Phoenix, Arizona Lumber Supplied by VALLEY LUMBER COMPANY 1920 West Van Buren Street, Phoenix. Arizona Painting by J. L. 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We take special pride in providing the covers and binding for your SAHUARO. We ve served Arizona State College for many years and we expect to continue serving the college for many years to come. ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY 311 W. MONROE PHOENIX " For Bindings oj Distinction ' So I said keep your 50 thousand. BEST WISHES TO THE 1953 GRADUATING CLASS AND TO ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE AT TEMPE KEMPER GOODWIN ARCHITECT TEMPE, ARIZONA JAHN-TYLER brand of distinction OFFSET LETTERPRESS COLOR PRINTING YOUR SAHUARO staff pleased us greatly when it chose our Craftsmen to produce this volume! 525 West Jefferson PHOENIX Two Hundred Seventy-one Foxworth - McCalla Lumber Company Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations to the Graduation Class of 1953 . ConlrarJ and Retail Hardware YV io psa p and Retail Building Materials 1400 West Jefferson Street PHONE AL 4-8411 PHOENIX, ARIZONA $ Z OF OF ARIZONA Miss Arizona wears our custom-made clothes Arizona Craft Center Scottsdale, Arizona 1436 E. McDowell Rd. Phoenix, Arizona I We Specialize in Fancy Pastries Decorated Cakes " Phone WO 7-4246 612 Mill Ave. TEMPE, ARIZONA Down girl. C 1 Two Hundred Seventy-two CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS Westward Ho PHOENIX, ARIZONA JOHN B. MILLS, Managing Director VALLEY VENDORS Serving the campus with your favorite candy bars and " smokes. " Look for them in the tall, white machine. Sweets for (fie Sweet ' Melton Book Company, Inc. 1404 North Industrial Blvd. Dallas, Texas All Books of All Publishers to Institutional Purchasers at Wholesale Our Heartiest Congratulations are Extended to ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE and the Editors for the completion of the Largest SAHUARO on Record . . . S. Morris Melton, Jr., Manager Two Hundred Seventy-three When you ' re listening to that favorite record Remember it ' s BEN SPALDING SALES CO. that makes your Juke Box listening possible. 844 North 9th Ave. Phoenix, Arizona BOSTOCIlf MARKET GROCERIES FEED LOCKEI BOSTOCK ' S Market Specializing in FRESH POULTRY and EGGS FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS 204 West Eighth Street at Ash Avenue Frank Bostock Plenty of FREE Owner and Manager Parking Space For All General Hardware and Sports Needs Look First to . Six Points Hardware 1845 Grand Ave. Phoenix, Arizona Telephone AL 3-9203 ' Now the next time he ' s late for a date. " Two Hundred Seventy-four ft ' EXCLU SIVE AGENTS SHAW-WALKER " BUILT LIKE A SKYSCRAPER " FILING EQUIPMENT BOWER ESTABLISHED 1904 34-38 South Central Avenue PHOENIX, ARIZONA Office Supplies Office Furniture Shaw-Walker Filing Equipment Fire Files and Safes Rubber Stamps Loose Leaf Systems Acme Visible Record Notary and Corporation Equipment Seals and Records WESTINGHOUSE Appliances are being used throughout Arizona State ' s Home Economics Department TEMPE APPLIANCE FURNITURE COMPANY 401 Mill Avenue, Tempe Phone WO 7-2434 " You Can Be Sure If It ' s Westinghouse " A view of the new modern Busines Office at Arizona State College. For Business Systems Contact BUSINESS FORMS CO. 816 South Central Phoenix, Arizona Catering To Your Travel Needs ' From Tempe To Timbuctoo ' The State ' s Largest Complete Travel Service REPUBLIC AND GAZETTE World Travel Service 120 East Van Bur.n Phone AL 8-881 1 Two Hundred Seventy-five PENNEY ' S A LWAY S F I R S T Q U A L I T Y f Serving Mesa and the South Side tvith First Quality Merchandise for 39 Years J. C. PENNEY CO., 38 W. Main, Mesa Through Couresty of Western Supply Co. - Phoenix OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY - 2% Interest Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ; - ' -i ' i. 3 ' . fSi ' l? " FARMERS AND STOCKMENS BANK 5001 East Washington Street - 313 North Central Avenue PHOENIX, ARIZONA Two Hundred Seventy-six The only place in town you can see MARILYN MONROE! TEMPE ARIZONA Phone WO 7-6664 Jto MUL da A. of, ' 53 ... The finest things in life should be the things we live with everyday. FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES TELEVISION RADIO-PHONOGRAPHS RECORDS for over 25 years . . . BUY WITH CONFIDENCE DISTINCT! VI HOMI FWMUMMO 825 N. Central Av. AL 2-6551 JAY E-Z JANITOR SUPPLY CO. We Carry Maintenance Supplies For Every Need. DRI BRITE WAX WITH LUDOX FIRST DETERGENT Mops Disinfectants Brooms Deodorants Brushes Floor Sealers Unico Waxing Machines ALpine 4-5666 Congratulation io Bill Henrie and his maintenance crew or a job well done during the , . . . 1952-53 AooI year. 601 East Buchanan Phoenix, Arizona Two Hundred Seventy-seven 9 tin 9nn WloioA Mots! Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) Swimming Pool Famous Copa Lounge Coffee Shop and Dining Room Sun Parlor and Patio Refrigeration Telephone WO 4-8665 and WO 4-4561 Catering To Private Parties Now Open All Year Assistant Director Joe Scrafford. caul Sun Devil Bund Director Harold Hirtes inspect a Conn Bass Tromfeone anJ an Armstrong Flute recently purchased for the Sun Devil Band. Conn band instruments and Armstrong flutes and piccolos sold exclusively by the Arizona Piano Stores. 745 E. McDowell, Phoenix, Arizona PENNEY ' S A I WAY 5 FIRS TO UAL IT Y ! Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors of the Class of 1953 (D pasdmjwt enjoy the modern conveniences, pleas- ant surroundings . . . greater selections than ever before. ESCALATORS and ELEVATORS thai carry you quickly and smoothly from floor to floor. Scientific lighting . . . year-round air conditioning. 3 HUGE FLOORS READY TO SERVE THE VALLEY OF THE SUN Two Hundred Seventy-eight Bill Foster, Editor; Shirley Kennedy; Caihy Welch, Editorial Assistant; Clair Millett, Art Editor. Congratulations to the 1953 Sahuaro Staff for their production of the largest yearbook on record. STADIUM DELL COFFEE SHOP 1133 Normal KORRICK ' S Tempe 106 East Washington Phoenix DESERT LANDING GRILL 611 Apache Blvd. PHOENIX AUTO SUPPLY Tempe 301 West Van Buren Phoenix THE HUT 202 Mill Avenue DYE MEDICAL AND OXYGEN SUPPLY CO. Tempe 3332 West McDowell Road - AL 8 4531 - Phoenix, Arizona ARIZONA RECORDING PRODUCTIONS 834 North Seventh Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Producers of the 1953 SAHUARO record. Two Hundred Seventy-nine EPILOGUE When the work on a yearbook begins in September it always seems that it is going to be a long and endless task. The 1953 SAHUARO is no exception. We have done our best to provide you with the largest and best yearbook in the history of Arizona State College at Tempe. If you like it all is well and good; if you don ' t, it ' s too late to do much about it now. The role of those to whom we owe a large debt of gratitude for support and assis- tance in the production of the 1953 SAHUARO is long. We thank Ernest J. Hopkins, Professor of Journalism, for his help and advice when we didn ' t quite know which way to turn. Thanks also go to Jim Matthews, college photographer, for the many nights he worked so that we might have photographs in time for a deadline. Also contributing photographs were Dalton Carr; Willis Peterson, Rebublic Staff Photographer; and Norman Pederson. The list continues: Skip Bryant, who wrote the sports copy; Bill Holloway, who wrote the copy for the fine arts section; Dick Charnock, who wrote the foreword; Cathy Welch, who, together with Shirley Kennedy and Betty Giltinan spent many long and tedious hours typing, cutting, sorting, and pasting; Bill Jenkins, whose limitless energy enabled us to have a complete sellout by the beginning of second semester; Norman Garnatz, the Associated Students ' Financial Manager, and the people who work in his office for their unlimited cooperation; Hal Hubele, Advertising Manager Extraor- dinary, whose stupendous salesmanship enabled us to produce the largest yearbook on record ... to all of these individuals ... my thanks. The 1953 SAHUARO record was narrated by Bob Ellis, produced by James Loper, and engineered by Tom Voss. To these people ... my appreciation. But first, last, and by all odds foremost ... to Cloir Millett, the Art Editor . . . thank you for a job well and ably done. 8 ill Foster Jahn-Tyler Printing Co. Arizona Recording Productions Arizona Trade Bindery

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