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OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE AT TEMPE Fred Barstow, Editor and Publisher The Talking Yearbook Copyright 1952, Fred Barstow The SAHUARO staff respectfully dedi- cates this edition of SAHUARO to Mr. Ernest J. Hopkins, Professor of Journalism. He has taken the newest and smallest of the divisions of the college and projected his teachings throughout its classes, and in so doing, created a division of Journalism that ranks with any in the country. He is at one time educator, critic, friend. SAHUARO salutes YOU, Mr. Hopkins. Two ERNEST J. HOPKINS Professor of Journalism Three I am the spirit of ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE. I ride in the heart of the desert storm, in the canyons, in the cities, on the battlefields, or in the quiet of the open range. Wherever men meet, I am, for my domain is universal. I am the spiritual embodiment of sixty- six years of ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE classes, and I am the promise of immortality for those who will later cross this campus. The Sun Devil is my physical symbol, and the SAHUARO is my journal. Captured in these pages are the scenes and the sounds of life on the campus at Tempe dur- ing the year ending in May 1952. These scenes will live forever in my memory. They are recorded indelibly. nene Five These are the people who worked so hard that SAHUARO might be published on time: FRED BARSTOW Editor and Publisher JUNE PAYNE Art Editor WILLIAM JOSEPH H. FOSTER Sports Editor JOHN GAY GREGORY BETTY GILTINAN BARBARA GREER MILDRED LUCKIE MARY STUART MILLS WOODINE MITCHELL BARBARA PATTERSON PHYLLIS THELANDER SUE THOMAS JEAN WASSERMAN Cover Six These are the things that I have put in my journal The 1952 SAHUARO. Each of you helped to make this a most eventful year at ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE. You are pictured here. Much that happened could not be recorded by the camera. Much else was edited, for after all, my job was but to supplement your personal journal. SAHUARO QUEEN ASSOCIATED STUDENTS SENIORS GRADUATE SCHOOL HALLS HOMECOMING ALUMNI THE GOVERNOR THE REGENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY JUNIORS SOPHOMORES THE ARTS TRADITIONS PUBLICATIONS ROTC ORGANIZATIONS FRESHMEN SPORTS SNAPSHOTS ADVERTISERS 10 17 28 33 49 53 54 55 56 65 74 83 100 115 126 131 168 179 211 211 The flower that smiles today Tomorrow dies; All that we wish to stay Tempts and then flies. What is this world ' s delight? Lightning that mocks the night Brief even as bright. Shelley tewt BETTY FARLEY e ' lf iyi . ' EN Eight FRANCES BAKER MARY ANN GRAHAM MILDRED SENSEMAN c MARY LOU POOL Nine NORMAN WILSON, President This year ' s Student Council was the most active in many years. There were many changes made in campus life as a result of their decisions. Many other prospective changes were voted down. h ASSQCIAf I solemnly swear .... WAYNE LEGG, Vice- President RACHEL LOVE, Secretary ewts Eleven Dr. Weldon P. Shofstall The Associated Students office force was in constant upheaval due to resignations. The year wound up with Dr. W. P. Shofstall, Dean of Students, adding the duties of executive manager of Associated Students to his other tasks. Besides being in charge of all non-athletic activities, the dean is also faculty advisor to the Student Council; faculty advisor to the Interfraternity Council; a member of the Board of Financial Control; member of the Board of Publications; president of the Faculty Club; member of the Administrative Council of the College; member of the faculty council; member of the Disciplinary Committee, and a member of the Committee on Admissions and Standards. Dr. Shofstall served with the occupation forces in Germany before coming to ASC. His job was the denazification of the German Youth. Lovatt F. E. Burgess Financial Manager Frank Rispoli Assistant Director of Athletics Twelve Tony Bustemente Sales Manager Barbara Haddock Margie Winters Peggy Allen Dorothy Durham Thirteen BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS. Members of the board beam approval of the new STATE PRESS. Front, Wayne Legg, Peggy Williams. Rear, Dr. Dean W. Kuykendall, Dr. W. P. Shofstall, J. E. Zimmerman, Fred Barstowand Ernest J. Hopkins, chairman. BOARD OF FINANCIAL CONTROL. From left to right, Ralph Davis, Margie Winters, Dr. Paul Miller, Frank Rispoli, Lovatt Burgess, Rachel Love, Marcia McConoughey, Dr. W. P. Shofstall and Norman Wilson. Fourteen SOCIAL COMMITTEE. Front row, left to right, Veronica Keeney, Jo Archenbeau, Barbara Miller, Dorothy Gillanders, Jeanne Whitney, Dana Rhoton. Rear, Harold Porter, chairman, Howard Cooper and George Hansen. BOARD OF ATHLETIC CONTROL. Seated, Dr. D. R. Van Petten, chairman of the board and director of athletics. Standing, Frank Rispoli, Margie Winters, Norman Wilson, J. E. Zimmerman, Larry Siemering and Dr. Sidney Smith. The Associated Men and Associated Wom- en lent their support to the development of permanent traditions for the College. The Chain Gang was the men ' s contribution. They are pictured on page 103. Some of the out- standing projects were Freshman Week activi- ties, Homecoming, Elections and the All- School Picnic. RALPH DAVIS, AMS President MARC I A McCONOUGHEY, AWS President The AWS Council included Marcia McConoughey, Terry Hulss, Betty Painter, Shirley Smith, Rayma-Lew Neeb, Grerchen Grunenwald, Jean Kling, Dabe DuBose and Sally Lou Creswell. Sixteen Bill Barnes, president, Sally Briggeman, secretary, and Maurice Le Bas, vice-president were the r Class officers. , Senior Class officers. The ranks of the Class of 1952 were swelled by the men who had fought and won a global war. Others, who had hoped to be awarded degrees this year, are busy fighting a war that isn ' t a war. LA Ackerman, William C. Aggson, Willard Stanley Aguilar, Joseph Paul Alaimo, Michelangelo Alcantar, Alfred Q. Allen, Evelyn Maxine Amundsen, Palmer E. Anderson, Virginia Lee Anger, George Kenneth Arbizu, Ray L. Armistead, Robert Kenneth Ash, Elmer Francis Atteberry, Betty Jeanne Ausere, Aurelio Joe Ayala, Rudolph Bailey, James Richard Bailey, Richard Frank Baird, Robert Nelson Baker, Nancy Byrns Banks, Carolyn Mary Barnes, William Garner Barstow, Frederick T. Bartoo, Jeannine Bates, Louis Arthur Beall, George Frederick Beatty, Walter Eugene, Jr. Bebee, Charles N. Beck, Lawanda Jo Bee, Edward R. Beharka, Robert William Beigbeder, Frank R. Bell, Frederick Harold Benavidez, Dolores Benton, Lloyd Leslie Betes, Richard Alvin Bigelow, Harold Owen Bischoff, Erwin Arthur Bishop, Charles Blackman, Myrtle Velma Blaine, Calvin L., Jr. Blake, Kathryn Evelyn Blake, Marilyn Moss Boman, Ethel Boskon, John A. Bouse, Margaret Elizabeth Bradford, Frederick W. Branigan, Joanne M. Brazeal, Delia N. Eighteen Brewer, Patricia J. Briggeman, George S. Briggeman, Yvonne M. Brown, Cynthia May Brown, Edith Rae Brown, Richard John Brunner, Ernest Josef Bryan, Wilton Cox Burman, Lois Grace Burns, George Edward Burris, Claude E. Caldwell, William Edmund Camp, Helen Ruth Campbell, Clyde Ira, Jr. Cannon, Dorothy Marilyn Car I in, Roger Lee Casares, Isabel G. Chapman, Evelyn R. Chapman, Marjorie M. Chastain, Carol L. Cheadle, Sue Ann Childers, RollieT. Clark, Elizabeth Cleckner, James Earl Clifton. Jack Kent Cluff, David Lamar Cluff, Edith Cochran, Harry S. Colborne, William C. Coleman, Leland George Conner, Dorothy Cooper, Bettye Ann Cooper, William R. Cornett, Mae McEuen Cosper, Anne Freese Cummings, David Hugh Cunningham, Morris H. Cunningham, William John D ' Addea, Joan Doris Daly, Yolande Gandet Damiencki, Thaddeus Henry Danks, Mary Louise Davis, Charles Eugene Davis, Daniel T. Davis, Frank Arthur Davis, Marian Katherine Davis, Paul Eugene Davis, Ralph R. Nineteen Delacruz, Porfirio Denham, Marlowe Tilman De Rosier, Jacquelyn Diednch, Robert Albert Di Salvo, Fred Christy Dixon, Bruce Hugh Dorskind, Sena Eileen Doughty, James M. Doyle, Perry W. Drago, John Charles Dresback, Shirley DuBose, DorisRuddell Ducasse, Abel, Jr. Duclos, Maplette Dumond, George B. Dunne, David Leonard Edelman, Sanford J. Ehrhardt, Doris J. Ellis, Robert Harry Ericson, Robert Elis Ericson, Shirley C. Ericson, Thor Alfred Fast, Dolores A. Feffer, Robert Ellis Feiler, Benjamin W. Ferguson, Mary Juanita Ferrin, Fred Dean Findlay, Charles R. Finot, Paul S. Fleming, William P. Flood, Robert Edward Foster, Lois M. Fowler, Daniel Edwin Fowler, Ted Alan Frank, Warren West Frost, Charlotte Ann Fuller, Floyd Varner Fuller, Lawrence Arthur Furlong, Carl Benjamin Gardner, Wendell Webb Gaston, Hugh Caldwell Gelfand, Shirley Ruth Geller, George Harry Gentry, Beverley Yvonne Gilbert, Willie Mae Godwin, Gerald Alan Goitia, Ralph Goldie, Teresa M. Twenty Goode, Doretha Greene, Raymond Barry Greenwood, Ann Griffith, William Harold Grimer, James Merwin Grissom, William Deppen Gruber, Abraham Grunenwald, Gretchen L. Gunville, John Keith Hackett,HughH.,Jr. Hall, Helen Louise Hammer, Betty Lou Hansen, George C. Hardison, Roger Harmon, Robert J. Harrington, Robert Joseph Harris, Jeanne Carlson Harter, George W. Harter, Henry Hoy Hatch, Leonard W. Hatley, Joan Virginia Hayman, Ruth Silsley Heard, Gene Hicks, Gerald W. Hinton, Phyllis Jean Hodges, Robert Hugh Hoffman, Richard Dale Holland, Barbara Lee Holland, Jerry Dee Holmes, John Steven Honka, Alvar Alfred Hoover, Gayle J. Hubele, Hal Chase Hudson, Frank Alden Huey, Carolyn Jean Hughes, Juanita C. Humpert, Alvin Grant laquinto, Shirley Lorr Ice, Ann Marie leronimo, Joseph N. Jackson, Margaret Lillian Jaeger, Al Marvin Jamieson, William Andrew Jenefesky, Charles B. Jentoft, Amy Louise Jepsen, Erma Johnson, Dixie Lee Johnson, George Sanford Twenty-one Johnson, Grant Elwood Johnson, Kenneth B. Johnston, Earl Cednc, Jr. Jones, Edgar A. Jones, Elizabeth Bevan Jones, George Madden Jones, Helen Jones, Norma Louise Judd, Duane H. Kartchner, Marcine Keeney, Veronica Mary Kellogg, Nancy Louise Kendig, Patsy O ' Rourke Kennedy, William Harvey King, Everett Lee Kirby, Luke Anton Klabanoff, Benjamin Klump, Doris Oma Knight, Claudine Knister, Russell Byrne Knoche, August Wendell Koldoff, Clarence George Kopchak, John, Jr. Lahar, Raymond Theodore LaJune, Milton Carrigan Lantzer, Ruth Mason B. Leatham, Robert Quantree Le Bas,Maurice Alden Lee, George Rovert Lee, Taft Joe Legg, Wayne Elmer Lennon, Robert H. LeSueur, Ruby Mae Levendoski, John S. Lingerfelt, Ralph Lippman, Harold Curtis Lively, James Philip Lof green, Joseph N. Love, Francis Edwin Loy, Sherman A. Luckie, Jacquelyn L. Lynch, Therese Anne Macdonald, Robert Finley Macpherson, Eleanor Maloney, Marion Patricia Marquez, Arthur Garcia Marrs, Robert LaVern Mason, Roy Jay Twenty- two iferK- ' ijI Maurer, Burdell Goodfellow Maynes, Jesse Oscar, Jr. MacCanlies, Virginia H. L. McCaverty, Raymond J . McC leery, Eva L. McCleery, Neil Boyd McClure, Mary Em ma McConoughey, Marcia L. McCracken, Harry C. McGehee, Dorothy Mae McGuire, Vaughn Smith 1 1 McMinn Matthew Vernon McPhee, Jack C. Meador, William J. Medlyn, Robert Norman Menckel, Wallace Robert Menniti, Samuel E. J. Merrell, Loren Vaughn Miles, William Cole Miller, Harold Kirby Mills, Alpha Virginia Mills, Mary Stuart Minitre, Juanita Miscione, Anthony Frank Mishler, Etta M. Mitchell, Maurice Mondo, Margie F. Montgomery, Lucy Lorraine Montoya, Carrie Mooney, James Edward Moore, Arnold Joe Morris, Donald H. Mornssey, James Walter Mulroy, Polly Elizabeth Munday, David Lincoln Murphy, Gertrude I. Murphy, Patricia Lee Nelssen, Betty Marie Neubrand, William G. Newhall, Phyllis Ann Newman, Thomas Jack, Jr. Newman, Edna G. Norman, Mary Elizabeth Norman, Mildred Frances Novick, David John Oliver, Patricia Dora Ollmert, Grace Lillian Owens, Dorothy L. Twenty-three Packard, Lawrence H. Painter, Betty E. Panziera, Rose B. Parker, Lewis K. Parsons, Marrian A. Patrone, Dominic Frank Pattison, Jack Blaine Paxton, Kay Denton Payne, June Patricia Pearson, Benjamin C. Pease, Jess A. Pena, Raymond Gomey Penfold, Maurice Dennis Perkins, Margaret Jean Petersen, Ray Peter Peterson, Dean Robert Peterson, Orville M. Peterson, Sundra Joan Peterson, Vernon H. Peven, Harry Martin Pickelner, Leo S. Pickinpaugh, Faye E. Pisaro, George James Plummer, Madeline Marie Pollard, George A. Pomeroy, Claude H. Porch, Charles E. Porter, Harold Wayne Prator,Ronald Preimsberg, Jacqueline J. Proctor, Walter R., Jr. Pyeatt, Polly Ellen Quintero, George S. Raborg, Helen E. Raborg, John Allen Ragsdale, Odro ' Foster Ramsey, Gloria Eleanor Randall, Lola Mae Rasmussen, Harvey Arden Rayes, Lillian Rose Raymond, Jo Ann Rice, Ruby Rintelmann, William F. Roberts, John Edward Roberts, Waleda Marine Robertson, Florence May Rook, Dale Arthur Rublin, Robert Marvin Twenty-four Ruffin, Duane Max Russell, Robert H. Ryan, Joanne Saad, Harold Jerome Sadler, Harold George Salcido, Conchita Salerno, Fran Susan Sanders, Pearl Saylor, Benjamin F. Schroeder, Lucile Rose Schwartz, Judith Rita Seaman, Paul Godfrey Sehnert, Dorothy Jane Shankula, Robert Ear! Shaw, Clarence Sadler Shelp, Lawrence Lee Shill, MelbaD. Showers, Robert Bryon Shumway, E. Lee Simon, Elayne Rhoda Sites, Henriette Sitton, Stanley Ivan Skousen, Clyde R. Smith, Carlo May Smith, Carrie Irene Smith, Charlcie May Smith, David Nathan Smith, Eugene Ellis, Jr. Smith, Jean Marie Smith, Shirley Alene Smith, Sidney Denison, Jr. Smith, Wallace Albert Socket, Aaron Solakian, Anaheed Somervell, Margaret L. Sordahl, Marvin I. Spencer, Florence M. Spooner, Barbara Ann Standish, John Harold St. Clair, Charles Louis Steehler, Richard William Stephens, George Edward Stevenson, Carol Joyce Stevenson, Norma Elaine Stone, Kathryn A. Strasser, Bernard H. Streeter, Sally H. Svob, George J . Twenty-five Swain, Marion Floyd Szafrankowski, Irene Szepieniec, Casey John Tameron, Joe 0. Tang, Eva Taylor, Billy Arden Taylor, Georgie Thagard, George F., Jr. Thiel, Carol Ann Thrasher, Alvin Conley Todd, John Joseph Torea, Fidel Filiberto Townsend, Elizabeth Ann Townzen, Thomas Lee Turner, Sherry R. Udall, Edith Valenzuela, Emilia Vizcaya, Bertha Mary Vukovich, Dushan Walker, Richard Clarence Wallace, Lucy Joyce Wamsley, Warnell J. Wapplehorst, Jacob A. Warnken, Thomas Wayne Warren, Jack Weston Wasielewski, Edward J., Jr. Wasserman, Jean Waters, Charles E. Watson, Betty Jean Waybright, Bruce W. Wease, Rhae W. Weast, William S. Webb, John R., Jr. Webster, Mi rone E. Welnick, William E. Westfall, May E. Whelan, Joseph Lawrence Whitecraft, Charles L. Whitmer, Grant L. Whitney, Juanita Jeanne Wible, Harrison, Jr. Wilkins, John Alfred ' Williams, Dale C. Williams, Trvine D. Williams, Jean Estella Williams, Lawrence A. Williams, Orlando C. Wilson, Charlotte Anne Twentv-six Wilson, Gene A. Wilson, Jerry George Wilson, Norman Lee Winkler, Arthur John Winslow, Barbara F. Winslow, Felix Owen Wolf, Eleanor Dorothy Wolslagel, Leslie John Woodman, William B. Woodward, Wilmer Perry Wylie, James Robert Yamashiro, Mary M. Yonker, Dolores Mae Yonker, William D. Young, Dorothy Patricia Yuen, George U. Yule, Lawrence Frank Zawlocki, Eugene A. Zimmerman, Hazel E. Philosophy seems easier when you can get right down to nature. Dr. Burkhard lectures in the woods near Camp Geronimo. Christmas carollers, with their lighted candles, paused in the quadrangle to hear a Christmas message from President Gammage. Twenty-seven DR. FRED CRAWFORD Under the direction of Dr. Crawford the Graduate Division continues to grow. Its stated ideals are " the preparation of pro- fessionally competent teachers and other educational workers. " The success of the program may be measured by the large number of schools throughout the United States that are employing ASC-trained teachers. ADUAT CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION Albert, Theodore R. Arnold, Katherine King Branigan, Mary L. Brannigan, Kathleen Brewer, Edward H. Brooks, Ernest D. Bruce, William Twenty-eight Butala, Steve Cox, George E. Cranny, Cyril P. Crouch, Charles Davis, Ray C. Duree, Arthur W. Eddy, A. Douglas Engel, William S. Fattaleh, John Boyd Fink, Joseph Flynn, Frank J. Fuller, Milton E. Fuller, Patricia Ruth Garbe, David A. Geiler, Elnora K. Gregory, John Gay Griffith, Marylee Griswold, Robert E. Hansen, Lucille Hanson, Robert W. Hatch, Loy G. Haynes, Gene Holcomb, Foy L. Hollis, Lesley Kohatsu, Shirley Kruszynski, Gene Lewis, Gene D. Lincoln, Joseph C. Livermore, Paul E. Mansur, Paul M Marino, Raymond Merryweather, Charles D. Miller, Marshall Nelson, Lawrence Nortman, Richard Paxton, Robert R. Peterson, Helen J. Rusk, Dona Id M. Russell, Sam W. Smith, Lloyd V. Stepanek, Elmer Stevenson, Clarice Swor, Robert L. Thomas, Doris Tsakiris, Paul L. Von Pohle, Charles Walker, Roland T. Wang, Marian Twenty-nine HOME FOU CHRISTMAS A girl MUST have a hair-do going home It will be good to get a break. Thirty WHO let that MAN in the dorm? Pep rallies are usual before most every game, but none takes on the importance of the rally before the U of A game. Classes are dismissed. Students by the thousand meet in the quadrangle. The Administration, the student leaders, the coaches, the cheer leaders all promise vic- tory if the students will get in there and fight as hard as the team. President Gammage pleads for clean sportsmanship. Billy Dean gives the team some good advice at the game. Thirty-one Corner of the maintenance shop It takes a lot of service behind the scenes to keep a plant as large as ASC functioning smoothly. A large maintenance staff keeps furniture and buildings in prime condition. Others work on lawns and gar- dens, the auto shop, and the steam plant. The mimeograph office, the Alumni Office, the Office of Special Services are among the busy departments that are required. View of bookstore Have you paid your fees yet? ON CAJVIPU A H A The hall council, left to right; front, Merge Hunt, Reges Bustamante, Mrs. Ruth L. Cook, head resident, Larry Philip, John Paulsell. Rear, Ed Schmidt, Jim Pursell, Ed Tomp, Walt Proctor, and Myron. Clark. Last year a girl ' s hall, Alpha was taken over by the men this year. Mrs. Cook, unruffled by the transition, kept things running smoothly, though there were times . . . . ' Thirty- four Gammage Annex was opened last year. Plant- ings have been finished and the patio is an ideal setting for a study session or a party. Hall council, left to right, front, Carrie Montoya, Carol Mack, Jeanne Whitney. Rear. Frances Baker, Maplette Duclose, Miss Jane Woodward, head resident, Darlen Thompson, and Jodsie Preimsburg. A N X Thirty- five Dixie Gammage Hall remains one of the most popular spots on campus for men or women. The large lounge, comfortable meeting rooms, and the girls themselves all attract m any admirers. The hall council discussing the Christmas formal, left to right, Joan Gregan, Norma Jones, Marilyn Tope, Doris Ehrhardt, Miss Jane Woodward, head resident, Margie Dye, Bonnie Sanford, Debe Du Bose and Nancy Tyson. A M A Thirty-six H A Y Hall council members were, from left to right, Bob Conner, Bill Lines, Gene Lewis, Bob Thornton, Mrs. Florence Evants, head resident, Ralph Lingerfelt, Jim Morrissey, and Ray Lahar. Newest dorm on campus, Hayden Hall this year began the development of a fine personality. The college can look to Hayden residents to build new traditions as well as uphold the established ones. Thirty-seven ' H The hall council, seated, left to right, Bill Ream, Bill Paul, Bill Schwerdtfeger, Dave Suter, Don Keller. Stand- ing, Bob Broughton, Bucky Hayes, Jim Hendrickson, Walt Jones, Al Abronovic, and Jim Mooney. Irish A, B, and C, constitute the largest dorm under one governing council. With as large a popu- lation as many Arizona towns, Irish had a remark- ably smooth running year. Thirty-eight VI A H W The hall council, front, left to right, Veronica Keeney, Pat Cunningham, Pat Murphy. Back, Margaret Dicus, Ann Currie, Arlene Smith, Charlotte Wilson, Terry Hulse, Belia Castro, Luz Elena Gaytan and Mrs. Evelyn Minnick, head resident. One of the oldest dorms, Matthews Hall con- tinues to be one of the most modern in spirit. The girls can always be counted on to take part in any worthwhile enterprise. Thirty- nine North Hall girls are not only good students, but they add life to the college with their parties, dances and picnics. The hall council in harmony, Barbara Patterson furnishes the music as the others sing. From left to right, Shir- ley Smith, Jimmie Jean Watkins, Barbara Jones, Dolores Kaza, Helen Camp, Virginia Adams, Margaret Jackson, Dorothy Banks, Miss Mary Choncoff, head resident, Joan Anderson, and Mary Ann Enloe. Forty South Hall ' s house decorations are becoming traditional. The girls are adding more and more trophies to their collection. They got their share of engagement rings, too. The hall council admires the Homecoming decoration trophy. Front, left to right, Marcine Kartchner, Jan Beekman, Jean Kling. Back row, Joan Harr, Lucy Campos, Mary Wagner, Barbara Ellsworth, Desanka Vukovich and Mrs. Mattie C. Nelson, head resident. H Forty-one A It U M The hall council, sitting, left to right, Sam Duca, Dom Patrone, Robert Paxton, head resident, Al Derbis, Albert Catroppa. Standing, Everett Reed, Milton Swan, Andy Matesic, Dick Jacobs and Ralph Goitia. The boys at Stadium Hall played mighty good ball this year, and were active in many college activities. Forty- two West Hall ' s many activities this year upheld the fine traditions which have long been established at this stately hall. The hall council, left to right, Betty Del Rae, Phyllis Samuelson, Mary Louise Brion, Margie Mondo, Miss Mar- garet Walsh, head resident, Betty Painter, Muriel Voights, Dana Rhoton, Audrey Peart, Jerry Andrews and Dolores Benevidez. w N ' T Forty-three VILLAG Chris Winslow, 19 months, shares his sand box with Sandia Geiger, 4, while Jennie Quintero, also 4, rides her bike. Dwain Oliver, Apt. 73, catches up on his studies while his wife Pearl May, does the dishes. Forty-four CAM Governor Howard Pyle leads the Sunday service. After the heat of the Valley, it ' s good to get up to Geronimo for the post-summer session. Here in the pine woods, there is ample time to study, paint, dance or delve into the mysteries of the past that lie hidden beneath the forest floor. Forty-five FAMILIAR SCENE Forty-six THREE VIEWS OF COLLEGE AVENUE Forty-seven CAMPUS POLICE Captain Bruce Couston explains a point from the manual to Sergeant George Craig (Center, no hat), and Wayne H. Bodine as other members of the patrol watch. From left to right, they are, Charles E. Cognac, Carl R. Cole, Nick R. Bozovich, William F. Rhodes, David N. Smith, William Dixon, and Lieutenant Robert F. Dare. MATTHEWS LIBRARY Forty-eight ELECTION OF HOMECOMING ROYALTY ts Forty-nine THE BUZZ WELKER Fifty WILMA SOSVILLE THE QUEEN , Fifty-one tfADS WL VIN. The Tekes took first prize for men and South Hall first for women in the house decorations. Ths winning floats were " Sailing Home " , first prize, Delta Sigma Phi; " Orchids To You " , second, Gamma Phi Beta; and " Tops " , third, Lambda Chi Alpha. Fifty-two SILVER ANNIVERSARY CLASS OF 1926 FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY CLASS OF 191 ALUMNI Homecoming is for the alumni. It ' s an opportunity for them to re-visit old scenes and re-new old friendships, and marvel at new growth. The Alumni Office staff (below) are Beverly Ford, Marge McKemy, James Creasman, secretary of the Alumni Association, and Harriet Olson, pictured as they lay out another issue of The Statesman. Fifty- three THE GOVERNOR Governor, neighbor, friend; all three appel- lations fit the genial Howard Pyle. Governor by vote of the people of the State of Arizona, neighbor by reason of the proximity of his residence, and friend by his own choice. His warm smile and fervent handshake are famil- iar to most of us on campus. N Fifty-four THE HEGENT: The Regents have the difficult task of being the governing body for the three state schools, and being impartial in their decisions regarding those schools. Shown are from left to right: John M. Jacobs; John G. Babbit; Governor Howard Pyle; Cleon T Knapp, president of the board until his resignation from the board on January 14; Mrs. Evelyn J. Kirmse; William R. Mathews; Lynn M. Laney, president since January 14; and Walter R. Bimson. Not pictured M. L. Brooks. Alec G. Jacome, appointed January 14, to serve the un- expired term of Mr. Knapp. Michael B. Hodges, who was absent when the above picture was made due to ill health. Fifty-five Dr. Gammage and his secretary, Miss Mary Bunte. THE DENT Dr. Grady Gammage has guided the college through another successful year. As he confers the degrees on Commencement Day, he can look back on a job well done, and look forward to these gradu- ates carrying the fame of ASC into the highways and byways of life. FAMILY MAN Fifty-six DR. MILDRED B. SAYRE Associate Dean of Students DR. WELDON P. SHOFSTALL Dean of Students DR. HAROLD D. RICHARDSON Dean of the College THE DEAN It is the job of the Deans to coordinate the various phases of college life. This team has done a masterful job. Fifty-seven ALFRED THOMAS, JR. DR. ROBERT F. MENKE Registrar Placement Bureau GILBERT CADY] Comptroller DR. ROY RICE Summer School These are the men on whose shoulders rests the responsibility for a smoothly run administration. Their duties are myriad and could not be listed in the limited space on this page. Without them the college could not exist. With them, the educational process is devoid of many of the normal pitfalls. DEAN SMITH Publications Manager Sports Publicity GEORGE C. YATES Special Services ROGER JEPSEN Veteran ' s Adviso. DAN TEDRICK News Bureau AGRICULTURE Clockwise around the table; Dan J. Chavez; L. F. Riggins; Dr. George B. Mc- Lercy; Dr. Grant L. Moody; Dr. Thomas W. Barrett; Dr. Daniel 0. Robinson; Dr. Ernest L. Parker, Stan L. Allen; and Robert D. Rasmussen. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS Seated, left to right: Susan Howard; Jean Prigge; Barbara Cone; Maxine Pugh. Stand- ing, Vernon Campbell; Dwight Rice; Joe! A. Benedict; Richard Nortman; William C. Prigge; Jerry Cook; and Perron Halvorson. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES From left to right: Dr. Hugh Hansen; Dr. Herbert S. Wallace; Dr. George H. Maugham; Dr. James A. McCleary; and Dr. H. L. Stahnke, holding snakes. Business Administration Seated., left to right: Dr. Aleigh R. Burton; E. J. Hilkert; Lois E. Kelso. Standing: Arthur W. Gutenberg; Pete Zidnak; Bernard G Le Beau; Walter Gross; Austin S. Bratcher; Dick Mount; David Nelson; Leonard C. Lorens; and Dr. Arthur R. Beals. EDUCATION Front, left to right: Dr. Duane Manning; Dr. Michael Chiappetta; Helen Aiken French; Nell B. Byers; Dr. F. Bernadette Turner; Dr. Samuel Burkhard; Ira D. Payne. Rear: Dr. Robert F. Menke; Dr Kenneth M. Stewart; Dr. Fred Crawford; William C. Prigge; Dr. Roy C. Rice; Dr. Glenn Austin; Dr. Lester W. Anderson; Dr. G. D. McGrath; Joel A. Benedict. ENGLISH Front, left to right: Louis Taylor; Dr. David A. Conlin; Dr. Louis M. Myers; Dr. Fred C. Csenburg; Richard K. Welsh; j. E. Zimmer- man; Dr. Lew Girdler. Center: Ernest J. Hopkins. Rear: Clarence E. Southern; Mary Virginia Morris; Dr. Col lice Portnoff; Madoc W. Davies; John Girdler; Dr. Dorothy C. Schilling; Loretta Willson; Dr. Katherine Turner; Frank R. Byers; and Dona Burk. FOREIGN LANGUAGE From left to right: Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt; Anna S. Wall; Dr. Irma Wilson; Dr. Robert H. Poole; and Dr. Mary J. Escudero. Sixty HOME ECONOMICS Seated: Dr. Jessie M. Rannells. Standing, left to right: Dr. Virginia L. Kagy; Mary Essig; Lola Ellsworth; Helen Pickett; and Naoma Norton. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Seated, left to right: Marlow Keith; William A. Cavalliere; John B. Goodwin; Lucille B. Kaufman; Charles H. Merritt. Standing: Karl W. Burk; Luther Finley; J. C. Douthit; Mel C. Ensign; James W. Elmore; and L. S. Neeb. MUSIC At piano: Hazel H. Quaid. Standing, from left to right: Harry B. Harelson; E. J. Scraf- ford; Genevieve Hargiss; Felix E. McKernan; Bertha Autenrieth; Charles 0. Bowers; Bess Berkley; Harry Rickel; Patricia B. Keating; Arnold H. Bullock; Nadine Dresskell; and George E. Muns. Sixty-one ROTC (AIR) Front from left to right: T Sgt. Ernest H. Dean; Capt. Donald L. Adamson; M Sgt. LaRue H. Cruse; Lt. Col. Roy N. Mil Iyer, Jr.; Capt. Robert F. Shrigley; M Sgt. Edward J. McCaffrey. Back: Lt. Col. Martin K. New- land; M Sgt. Seaborn W. Newton; Major Joe N. Swanger; Major Manley H. Dale, Jr.; M Sgt. Garth L. DeWater; Capt. John H. Mammen; and M Sgt. Hubert K. Woods. ROTC (ARTILLERY) Center: Colonel Wilbur R. Pearce. Others, from left to right: M Sgt. John H. Martin; Capt. Abraham L. Herm; SFC David R. Webb; SFC George E. Foley; WOJG Donald D. Kennedy; Capt. Harris S. Hayhurst; Major Wallace B. McFarland; and M Sgt. Bernice 0. Sugart. PHYSICAL EDUCATION (MEN) Left to right: Norris J. Steverson; Rudy H, Lavik; William Kajikawa; Ronald G. Thomson; Albert J. Onofrio; Fred 0. Bryant; and Senon A. Castillo. PHYSICAL EDUCATION (WOMEN) From left to right: Dorothy Gil landers, Joyce Gesas, Nina Murphy, Ann Jervey, Mar- iam Joy, Jeanne Evans, Margaret Klann, Mary Pavlich. Sixty-two LIBRARY SCIENCE Harold W. Batchelor and Margaret Spengler. PHYSICAL SCIENCES Dr. Duane Brown at instrument. Others from left to right: George T. Renner; Dr. Alan Wager; Dr. Edward Burgoyne; Dr. George M. Bateman; William Rawls; Dr. Paul T. Miller; and Martin Mortensen. PSYCHOLOGY From left to right: Dr. H. Clay Skinner; Dr. Sidney Smith; Dr. J. 0. Grimes; Dr. Rachel S. Ball; Dr. George P. Young; Dr. Herbert Gurnee; Rexford Boiling; nnd Dr. Fred Crawford. Sixty- three SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Rufus K Wyllys, seated. Standing: Ross R. Rice; Dr. Paul G. Hubbard; and Dr. John H. Krenkel. RELIGIOUS COORDINATOR Rev. Glenn Riddel I. PARADE SHOTS Sixty-four Junior Class officers were Buzz Welker, president, Janet Humphries, vice- president, and Wilma Sosville, sercetary. The Class of 1953 showed in many ways that its members are ready and willing to assume the responsibilities of leadership which will fall upon them. Sixty-five Abrarms, Kenneth Lou Adams, Robert Wesley Aguirre, Eddie Chavez Aitken, James Reid Alder, Joe L. Alessi, James Joseph Alexander, Mary Jean All red, Edsi! Aloian, James Amador, Alma Andre, Jack H. Arnold, Joyce Willsey Arnold, Margaret Jeanne Arnold, Pete Stuart Bailey, Martha Virginia Bamerick, Edward Robert Banicevich, Frank Banks, Dorothy Anne Barney, Roy Duane Battin, William Howard Bauman, Roy Edward Bebb, Thomas Samuel Beck, Thelton Daniel Bedford, Carma Joy Bednorz, Gerald Thomas Beekmann, Janice B. Bennett, Hazel Gertrude Bennett, Rosalyn Ann Blake, Kathryn Evelyn Blakeley, Elwood R. Blodgett, Robert Blythe, Betty Louise Boone, James Leon Bouton, Suzanne Bowen, Jeanne F. Bowles, Bertie Hogle Brisco, Billy J. Brisco, Marion C. Britt, Richard Dean Brittenham, James Davis Broughton, Robert Allen Brown, Del-C Dana Brown, Rogue Leroy Brown, Thelma Ruth Bull, Bernadine Elizabeth Bull, Harold Lee Burrel, Ethel Butala, Geraldine M. Butler, William Dennis Buzzell, Rachel Elizabeth Cadwell, Robert Carroll Cady, Jeanette Ann Galloway, Jack Harold Campos, Lucille C. Cantrell, Dolores Jean Carlin, Shirley Carpenter, Margaret May Carillo, George Carroll, Oscar Lee Carrol lo, Mrs. John A. Carson, Nancy Sue Carter, James Maple Carter, Shreve M. Sixty-six Cason, Willa Mae Cayia, Carolyn Joan Chapman, Floyd D. Charnock, Ralph R. Charnofsky, Elaine H. Chavez, Ben Harry Chesley, William W. Child, Ann W. Christopher, Don Cipolla, Caesar Edward Clardy, Janis Clark, Eda B. Cochran, Earlie Mae Cochran, Robert Eugene Cole, Carl Robert Colyer, Mary Geraldine Congleton, Dorman Paul Conkling, Marvel E. Conner, Robert Warren Contrino, Gabriel M. Cook, Gerald Elroy Cooper, Janet Robertson Coppinger, Roy A. Corley, Carolyn Jean Cory, Linus Paul Cosper, Edward Thomas Cowan, Dale Scott Craig, George Marshall Crandall, Paul L, Jr. Craver, Joseph Wesley Crawford, J. Monroe Creswell, Sally Lou Crouch, Beulah Opal Cullum, Nancy Ann Currie, Ann Taylor Dare, Robert Franklin Davidson, Lela Davis, Dorothea Jo Davis, Emma Lee Davis, John Thomas Davis, Marlene Ruth Dean, Lester Leroy, J r. DeBerge, Suzette DeBriyn, Louie De Corte, Ted Louis Dee, George H. DelRae, Elizabeth Adams DeVincentis, Albert D. Dicus, Margaret Ann Dixon, William DuBose, Nancy Leah Duca, Samuel Joseph Duddmg, Eugene Darr Dunne, Patricia Durham, Dorothy Margaret Eady, Ralph Joseph Eastin, Philip M. Eddings, William Edwards, Marvin James Elivian, Marilyn Jean Elliott, Geraldine A. Ellsworth, Jean Elmer, Winnie Lou Sixty-seven England, Kenneth Leon Enloe, Mary Ann Enloe, Sue Estes, Margaret Coman Etter, Jack Lee Evans, Evelyn Everson, Earl Wayne Fatica, Don M. Feiten, Lester David Felix, Alice Isabel Fisher, Fred Louis Fix, Ruth Marilyn Fletcher, Janet Fletcher, Thomas Henry Floyd, Thomas Donald Flynn, Hazel Clark Foglesong, Bonnie Maierle Fox, Merle G. Frazier, Ellsworth. .Francis Freeman, Muriel Marlene Gabriel, Karl Michael Galbraith, William Bruce Galindo, Anita N. Gammill, U. Hale Gary, Cecil Leroy Geiger, Joe George, Fredna Stone Gil I is, Robert W. Ginger, John Bradley Glass, Mary Jo Glenn, Leslie Arthur Goettl, Gloria Ann Gol lands, Ann Gary Gorraiz, Pete Gotlieb, Philip Grammer, Gale Leonal Gregan, Joan Grimer, Harold Gordon Groth, Mary Groves, LaVern Robert Gutierrez, George A. Haddock, William James Hamel, Emlene Grace Hamilton, Earl Bert Hamman, Floyd D. Hanger, Geraldine McCaw Hanna, Polly L. Hansen, Donald Miller Hardaway, David Albert Hargrove, Robert S. Harmon, Elaine M. Harris, Quin Faulkner Hatton, Dee Katherine Haydukovich, Olga Heath, Logan James Heileman, David Leo Hemphill, Jeannette Henry, Beverly Ann Hermann, Eleanor Mary Herold, Edward Francis Heywood, Nell Hickcox, Mary E. Hickernell, Fred S. Sixty-eight Hider, Marilyn Claire Hinshaw, Lawrence A. Hitt, Woodrow W. Hooker, Sally..Ann Holm, Raymond L. Homewood, Frederick H. Hong Wong, Kim Home, James Henry Houser, John Richard Houston, Lillian L Huff, Serge L. Hughes, William Pearl Hulse, Theresa J. Humphries, Janet E. Hunter, Alison Hunter, Jane Ellen Hutsell, Jean Clair Ice, Ronald Eugene Illingworth, Henry S. Ison, Claud Jacobs, George Eric Jacobs, Richard Joseph Janousek, Jack Louis Jenkins, Robert Edwin Johnson, Betty Jean Jones, Alice Marie Jones, Howard H. Juhre, Finch J. Kandare, Edward John Kane, Emma May Kerr, Theresa Elizabeth Kilian, Leo J., Jr. Kindel, Robert Euaene King, Paul Richard Kinnear, Miriam LaVerne Kirkham, Lillian Yvonne Kirkpatrick, Patricia Ann Klina, Jean Marie Knight, Humphrey Dawson Koza, Delores Mae Krauth, James Lee Langston, Ellen Marie Lansing, Mary Patricia Larson, Mack R. Lawhon, Robert Glenn La Zarr, Bonnie Lou Leal, Steve R. LeBas, Marilyn Mae Leonard, Barbara Faye Lewis, James H. Lewis, James Thomas Leyba, Ernest T. Lisonbee, Thyrl Renae Litchfield, Lewis A. Longenbaugh. Laura Lee Loper, James Leaders Love, Rachel Ann Lowrie, Robert Davis Loy, Richard Anson Lucero, Peggy G. Lyddon, John Arthur Mack, Carol Jean Mancino, Aldo Sixty-nine Mangino, William James Maroof, Farris Edward Marquez, Tony Perez Marseglia, Vincent Marsh, Martha P. Marshall, Charles Edward Maxwell, Ruth McAllister, Thomas W. McBride, Dean Herbert McClelland, Ross H. McEuen, Vearl Kent McFarland, Robert Edward McGill, Nancy June McGrath, John Joseph McHenry, Mary Anne McMasters, Jean Marian McRoberts, William F. Mickelson, John Tanner Miller, Barbara Jean Minter, Norman Oren Mix, Walter Joseph Modesitt, Philip E. Moffitt, Thomas William Montelongo, Elizabeth Moore, Janet Lee Morley, Carl Hubert Morriss, James B., Jr. Morriss, Theora Moses, Howard William Mounts, Mabel Louise Munkittrick, Graham T. Muth, James Harold Nash, Alfred Edward Nausman, Donald F. Nedd, Eva M. Neeb, Ray ma -Lew Nelson, Richard A. Nesbitt, John Clinton Newell, Mary Lou Newsom, Raymond Alvin Newton, Billy James Noble, Robert LaMar Noe, Robert Clinton Noffz, Richard David Nofsinger, William Boyce Noga, Helen Jean Nutt, Frances Dorothy Odeli, Francis Dean Ong, Pauline Ormand, David Walter Page, William R. Palmer, Ralph Everal Patterson, James David Paul, Alan Paul, William Joseph Paulich, Robert N. Paulsell, Leona May Payne, Fred Winsil Peck, Marjorie Ann Pentkowski, James D. Peterson, Lamar A. Pew, Gail Dean Phelps, Lorane Felicia Seventy Philips, Florence Pearce Phillips, Alice Mae Phillips, Franklin A. Phippiny, Charles Lee Pieugenio, Mary. .Ann Pinnick, Robert James Pomeroy, Carwin Jeffrey Popin, Joanne Poole, Francis Marion Poor, Robert Elmer Porter, Kenneth E. Porter, Wayne Reed Poulos, -Sophie Powell, Allegro L. Price, Joan A. Puente, Donald Louis Pursell, James Richard Quiring, Dorothy Marie Rabourn, Owen N. Radnor, Marjorie Mae Ralph, Albert H. Rathbun, Marion Janet Reader, Laurence Robert Redden, James Ellis Reed, Dorothy Anne Reis, John C. Relling, Robert L Rhodes, William Franklin Rhotan, Dana Maxine Rice, James Gerhart Richards, Fred D. Richardson, Arthur Richey, MilfordG. Ringhofer, Louis Joseph Roach, Mary Frances Roach, Patricia Robbins, Mary G. Roberson, Mary Pearl Roberts, Waleda Norine Robinson, Ruth M. Rogers, JoAnn Louise Rogers, Thomas Edward Rohmer, Joe Harden Rojas, Maraarita Marion Romanski, Francis C. Rose, Robert Hughes Rugenstein, Edith L. Russek, Frederick D. Rutherford, Harry A. Sakiestewa, Warner R. Salazar, Guadalupe E. Salem, Mary Ann Samples, Willard F. Samuelson, Phyllis Jean Sanchez, Pasquel Navano Sandoz, Sue Ann Scarbro, William Bryan Schoenburg, Delores I no Schonthaler, Delton Neil Schultz, Mary Elinor Schwarz, John Merwin Scott, Shirley Louise Sebastian, Mark Seventy-one Senoff, Arnold Jay Seppala, Jim W. Sethe, Vivian Doris Severns, Nadine Ann Shackelford, EllisM. Shaver, Riqua Joan Shields, Anne Blair Shields, Paul Hobert Shook, Marilyn Jean Simms, Joyce D. Sipperly, Jack H. Sirrine, Kent T. Sisneros, Peter G. Sitton, Donna Darlene Smyth, Betty Jo Solosth, Bob Edward Sosville, Wilma Lois Springer, Richard Squire, Forrest Junior Stanford, Stanley Travis Stanley, Ruth Marie Steinweg, Dolores Stelbasky, Carl John Stenback, Keith L. Stephens, Richard Stephenson, Perlee R. Stevens, Joanne Chuka Stevens, Velma Mae Stevenson, Robert T. Stewart, Biven Stires, Anita June Stout, Arthur Paul Strong, Patricia M. Sullivan, Betty Sunden, Shirley Ann Suter, David Edward Talone, Anita Marguerite Tang, Susie Thelander, Phyllis H. Thomas, Kathleen Ann Thomas, Patricia Ann Thomas, Robert Wesley Thomas, Suzanne Carol Thompson, Lela Darlene Thompson, Richard Eugene Thornton, Patricia Ann Thorud, Mary L. Tindle, William Ronald Tollesfrud, Lois Marie Tomala, George Joseph Tountas, Chris C. Tountas, Nicholas C. Trimble, Roberta Mae Tuttle, Benjamin F. Ussery, Oscar Burdette Verrue, Henry Vick, John Clarence Vitkovich, Nick Vukovich, Desanka Waldenville, David B. Walker, Betty Walker, F. Marie Walker, Graham Albert Seventy-two Wallace, Gordon St. Clair Wasielewski, Henry R.,Jr. Watts, Bradford C. Wax, Marvel Eileen Webb, Joan Webb, Joyce Ann Weinrich, Richard E. Welker, Wayne Jay Welty, Don A. Werbeach, Charles R. Westfall, Betty Jean Westmoreland, John D. Westmoreland, Margaret M. Weston, John Harrison Whipple, Floyd Vance White, Louvica M. Wilbur, Carl Wilbur, Roger Wilhoit, Joseph William Williams, Bettye E. Williams, Jeanne A. Willow, Kay Wilson, Charles Herbert Wilson, Corwin T. Winn, Ralph Joseph Wray, Royce M. Wyker, Clyde G. Zachar, Jacqueline B. Zehr, Samuel Ray Seventy-three SOPHOMORE Sophomore Class officers were Billy Dean, president, Margaret McDonald, secretary, and Daisy Yee, vice- president. The Class of 1954 has come further in two years than is normally expected. Every campus activity this year has been earnestly supported by the entire class. Seventy-four n i Adams, Renee Lee Adams, Virginia Lee Adler, Donald Edward Aguirre, Jessie Chavez Aitkin, Richard Rieh! Alexander, J. B. Alkire, George C, Jr. Allen, Robert Daniel Althoff, David L. Anderson, Velva Joan Anderson, William F. Andrews, Gerry Axtell, Lois Mary Bailey, Dorothy Mae Baker, Frances Miriam Baker, Lyle E. Bollard, Thomas Rexford Barber, Donn Carroll Barrington, Marjorie R. Barren, Gracie Ann Bathke, Jess William Bauer, Charles Don Bayer, John Joseph Beaver, Jerry William Becker, BerniceAnn Benson, Bruce Gordon Bentley, Joan Marie Bevans, Beverly Lee Bickers, Wayne Jackson Biddulph, Joan Margaret Blair, Clarice Amelia Blankenship, Buck Glenn Blum, Gerald Bobo, Bessie Lou Bogner, Robert London Bohn, Thelma Lee Bowdoin, Beulah Ann Brimley, Lila Carol Brown, Arthur E., Jr. Brown, Esther Ann Brown, Joseph Hubert Brown, Margaret Mae Bryant, Ira L. Buehl, Frederick Helm Burgbacher, Noel Patricia Burton, Beatrice B. Bustamente, Reyes M. Butler, Beniamin Antony Campbell, Dale Hosford Cannon, Betty Ruth Carr, Betty Louise Castro, Belia Cavanagh, Thomas A. Chafey, Douglas W. Chase, Clarabelle L. Chester, Beverly J. Christensen, Raydean Christian, Daniel Roderick Clausen, Donald Elmer Coates, John Arthur Coates, Leona Connorton, 0. Grover Cooper, Harley Gene Seventy-five Cooper, Howard Lester Cowan, Andrew J im Crabtree, Sidney J. Craigmyle, Betty L Cunningham, Patricia Ann Damon, Edward Daniel, Phyllis Marilyn Daniel, Shirley Elaine Daniels, Mary Frances Davis, Joellen Davis, Robert H. Dean, Billy Arthur Dee, Norma Harbison Dick, Mary Annette Dodd, Charles Richard Dole, Nancy Jean Doolin, Mary Catherine Duke, Stanley Denton Durazo, Roberto Luis Dye, Margaret Economos, Theodore Ray Elder, W. Jayne Elliot, John B. Elliott, Billy K. Erickson, Michael A. Evans, Lois Pauline Fairchild, Jerome H. Farr, Wallace E. Fenimore, James Elmer Fernandez, Lloyd Finnell, Shirley Sue Fiscus, Neal Warren Fleming, Robert Louis Flick, Zora Elizabeth Flores, Joe J. Flores, Rudolph Lucio Folz, William Lawrence Forde, Wayne Arlo Foster, William Joseph H. Fowler, Mary-Emma Frank, Orin Maurice Freeman, Carole Joan Fuller, Alfred Vernon Gamble, Margaret E. Gandee, Shirlee Marie Gardner, Melvin Ray Gentry, Lula Pearl Gewalt, Charles DeWitt Gibson, Stuart Lee Gill, Evelyn Louise Gilmore, Patricia K. Gilpin, Gordon Lyle Giragi, Georgia C. Glover, Lee Roy Goff, Ramona Jean Goldie, William J. Goodfel low, Allan D. Goodrich, Edward Richard Gosney, Durward Dean Graham, Norvell Elton Gravelot, Nancy Jean Gregory, John Walter Griego, Lupe Joe Seventy-six Groom, Robert Raine Gross, Florence Geld Grundy, Shirley Lee Haack, John M., II Hall, Gwendolyn Lou Hand, Randall William Hanger, Marian Joyce Hankins, Lizzie Mae Hansen, Maurine Harr, Joan Harrigan, Donald E. Hartmann, Arthur John Hartman, Paul Wesley Hatch, Lorin Laurice Hatch, Merwin Coy Hayes, William Crofford Heidecker, Catherine H. Helmkay, Carol Faye Henderson, Ruth Helen Hendr ickson, James P. Herin, Virgil Lynn Herrick, George Robert Hewitt, Hugh Albert Hilliker, Dean W. Hohensee, Jack Darrel Holland, Jackie Ray Holle, Fredric Arthur Hollis, John James, Jr. Holloway, Ronald A. Horn, Donald Royce Hooks, Elizabeth L. Horney, Wilbur Leon Huddle, Patricia L Hughes, James B. Hunter, Queindella Hussmann, Dixie Joan Ives, Edward Ora Jaeger, Shirley Mae James, Barbara Ann Jameson, Randolph Clark Jennings, Gayle Louis Johnson, Betty Burk Johnson, Eileen Yvonne Johnson, Huyson James Johnson, Neva Belle Johnston, Donald Locke Johnstone, William McCall Jones, Anne Sharon Kalisz, Gene A. Katsenes, Katherine T. Kaufax, Irwm Saul Kee, James Roland Keith, Caryl Jean Kelly, Robert Paul Kennedy, Shirley Ann Kent, Bryan Philip Kiene, George Bruce Kimball, JoAnn King, Willimina Bertha Kinsley, Otho Verne Klein, Leah Janet Kohler, Fred A. Kopchak, Louise M. Seventy-seven Kosak, Renee Katherine Kramer, Billie Jo Kroning, Dean Howard Kurtzeman, Luke Albert Ladlow, Charlene Louise Lampropulos, LamprosG. Laney, Grant Attwater Laughlin, Li la Rose Law, William Harrison Lawe, M. Diane Lawson, Doris Jean Lee, Henry Leffue, John Clayton Lentz, Leola LeVoune Lester, Carol Mae Lewis, Mary Margaret Lidgard, Carol Joan Lindly, Betty Lou Lindquist, Jerome John Longo, Jack John Lorens, Mary Madeleine Lory, Marvin Edward Loughran, Michael Hugh Luckie, Mildred Joan Lyle, James Bruce Lynn, Austin Chalmers Lynn, Charlene May Mamo, Corinne Marie Manning, Betty Jean Manos, Dorothea Mar, Ernest Marre, James Dominio Maassen, John P. Massetto, Barbara June Mattice, Evelyn Jane Maucieri, Nicholas Richard Maza, Manuel A. Melick, Mary Evelyn Merrill, Buddie Jean Milhoan, James William Miller, Elizabeth Lee Miller, Robin Lou Millett, Donald Glen Mills, Lawrence B. Mitten, Brookie Marie Monty, Dewey Edwin Moore, Hope C. Morgan, Bruce Morgan, Jacquelyn Lee Moslo, Celia Dolores Mulville, Rose Ann Murphy, Denise Mary Maclean, James B. McBroom, Jack Stewart McCollum, Mary Louise McDonald, Margaret R. Me In tosh, Mary Lou McJunkin, Darlene McNabb, William Henry McVey, Ann Nelson, Don Hale Neukem, Marilyn Jo Newman, Chester LeRoy fl Seventy-eight Nicholson, Raymond Gene Nickerson, Charles Edwin Nimmo, George Alex Morris, Theodore Edward Nylund, Lois Marie O ' Brien, Gwendolynne Ann Olson, Clarence Stanley Ong, Helen Osborn, Marvin Lain Overson, Kay Ross Owens, Dessie Jean Padelford, Robert Duane Pasztor, Elisabeth H. Patrick, Carl Alvin Patschke, John G. Paul, Glennys DeVere Peabody, Charles A. Pearce, lone Peart, Audrey Carole Peden, Norma June Peters, Lloyd Gleason Pflugrad, Gerald A. Phillips, Patsy Mae Pickard, Thomas Nelson Pickens, William Bruce Pierson, Lyle Clifford Pikula, Francis Mitchell Pimper, Henry Allen Pollard, Shirley Jean Poison, Janis C. Porter, Marilyn Prior, Cecil Loudon Puzz, William Raborg, Jean Ellen Ragle, Kenneth Earl Raisch, Luva Barbara Ramsey, Norma Lee Reed, Lois Nadyne Rice, Howard Lewis Richardson, Roy Lewis Risner, Marion Thomas, Jr Ritchey, Richard Joe Roberson, Merle Louis Rock, Lee R. Roe, Kathryn Amy Rogers, Alton Leroy Rogers, David Beach Rogers, Frank Mac Ruch, Joanne Ruiz, Virginia B. Ryan, Nancy Jean Salmons, Pearl E. Sanchez, Edward V. Sanchez, Tony M. Sanford, Bonnie Jean Schaefer, Kenneth A. Schmit, Edward Peter, Jr. Schuster, James Philip Schwerdtfeger, Bill Scott, John Edward Scott, Beulah Leola Seaman, Hess Howard, Jr. Second!, Robert J. Seventy- nine Seitz, Joan A. Senseman, Mildred P. Serrano, Delia M. Seymour, Barbara Rae Shepley, John William, Jr. Sherman Ruth Ann Shill, Wilson T. Shoob, Stuart Joel Shook, John Calvert, Jr. Shumway, Gordon Kenneth Shumway, Royd Sigworth, Mary Rebecca Sikorski, Joan Eileen Silva, Manuel Morales Simms, Marshall Foster Smith, Alvin Norris Smith, Arlene Ann Smith, Barbara Marie Spencer, Douglas F. Squibb, John Franklin Stahnke, JoAnne Yvonne Standish, Carole Jeanne Steele, Mary Ann Stephen, Ray Leonard Stephens, Wanda Lee Stephenson, Charles N. Stevens, Earnest E. Stitt, DickS. Stocks, Donald Royal I Stoughton, Roberta Lee Strong, Donald Gale Sundberg, Laurence K. Sundeen, Gene Lowell Sydlo, Alfred Joseph Takemori, Elaine Akiko Talla, Patricia Ann Tarwater, Robert Burl Thompson, Betty Lee Thompson, Harry Lee Thompson, Joseph John Thron, Joan Eleanore Tom, Ken Get Tope, Marilyn J. Townsend, Alvern Willie Trepel, Anthony J. Trethewey, Esther Janet Turley, Ernest Carl Turley, Floyd Kemp Tweedy, George D. Ulmer, Lottie Jean Urtuzuastegui, Mary Trini Ustick, Gordon E. Valenzuela, Candelario C. Voigts, Muriel Marie Voss, Charles Thomas Vujo, Beatrice Anne Wagner, Mary L. Wallace, Beverly Ann Walling, Marjorie Jane Waren, Ray E. Way, Wanda Wayn Weatherhead, Robert B. Webb, Joy Lou Eighty Welch, Catherine Ann Welman, Clara Sara Welnick, Patricia L. West, Charles William Westby, Robert G. ; Jr. Westmoreland, Joy Lee Westover, Joanne White, Nancy R. Whittle, Jimmy Dale Whittum, Norma Jean Wiedower, Donald Edwin Williamson, William H. Witten, Barbara Joan Wold, Oddetta Ann Wolslagel, William W. Wood, Richard James Woodward, Frederick C. Wool ley, Jack Boyd Wright, Thomas Wrinkle, Betty Helene Wurth, Robert Francis Wylie, Barbara Ruth Yarbrouqh, Wilson Hicks Ybarra, Carmen R. Yee, Daisy Young, Joann Yuen, Lucy Zeller, Stanley Eugene Zendle, Seymour Zito, Lillian Ruth Eighty-one ARIZONA FILM LIBRARY The film library at ASC is one of the finest west of the Mississippi. Available to schools, libraries, businesses and private individuals are hundreds of films on scores of subjects. The library is but one division of the active, well equipped Audio- Visual Aids Department. Here the student or the educator will find the latest and finest equipment with personnel highly trained in their fields. Eighty-two The Osprey, the Salmon and the Otter John James Audubon NE A Eighty-three ARCHI 1C " UKE Architecture students not only get a good grounding in fundamentals and drawing, they also make scale models of their projects, test their ideas and continually prove the basic facts of building and design that have been handed down through the ages. Eighty-four M| A, Students in the Arts Department assisted Chariot in the work on the mural in the new vJIIIX ll administration department. A true fresco, the pigments were worked into the newly set plaster into designs tooled by Chariot. The mural depicts the enormous advance of man in his struggle with the vicious forces of nature. Eighty-five Many fine works of art paintings, sculp- ture, etchings have been presented to the college recently by a friend who wishes anonymity. Intrinsically valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the value to the art lov- ers of Arizona can never be measured. Eighty-six TUDENTS ' WORK All mediums of expression are used in the various art classes. Pictured here are pottery, sculpture, figure drawing and wood design. The students enjoyed their work and some even did home work, as the Benson cartoon suggests. Eighty-seven THE DANCE Eighty-eight WOULD-BE GENTLEMAN Eighty-nine HEDDA GABBLER Ninety The Drama Workshop consisted of a small group this year, eager, earnest, ambitious. Not only did they act their roles, they made sets, did make up and changed scenes. The third play of the group not pictured was to be " The Death and Transfiguration of Ed Jones. " Ninety-one The Devils ' Den Shows, a series of weekly broadcasts of student talent, was a popular feature to the live audience as well as radio listeners. Ninety-two Varied were the tasks of the Radio Bureau : broadcasts of campus events, making the tape for the SAHUARO recording, drama produc- tions, the Den Shows, and they also made a full length movie under the direction of Dick Nortmann. Tom Voss, engineer, who also engineered the Voice of Sahuaro, assisted by Jim Loper. " Legend of the Desplobado " written and produced by June Payne, was an historical drama based on Dr. Wyllys ' s history of the state. Ninety- three The Sun Devil Band continued to grow in popularity and versatility. They also drew some left handed compliments from the little cow college on the Nogales highway. Drum majors strut as the band leads the homecoming parade. Ninety-four Intricate formations require detailed plan- ning and hours of practice to arrive at the precision for which the band is internationally famous. Band scholarships, eagerly sought for by would-be students, are financed by public ap- pearances of the band. Ninety-five CHORAL UNION The Choral Union at the Christmas concert. The Choral Union had a very successful year under the direction of George E. Muns. Highlight of the year was the concert with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, held at the Phoenix Union Auditorium in Phoenix. Close-up. High note. Ninety-six Concert Choir CONCERT CHOIR Ths Concert Choir was selected from the ranks of the Choral Union, but functioned as a separate unit. Mr. Muns also directed the choir. A minor Dressing room Practice session Ninety-seven H Charles 0. Bowers was the director again this year. Many hours were made brighter by the con- certs of the Symphony Orchestra. Besides the usual concerts on the campus, the orchestra gave several well-received concerts through- out the Valley. Brass Strings Ninety-eight Woodwinds French horn Tuba Officers Concertmaster greeted by conductor Percussion Ninety-nine TRADITIONS All subjects are discussed and many prob- lems are solved by proper reflection of the parties concerned. The gold-fish at the foun- tain have listened in on some vary enlighten- ing talk. Every student reserves the right to go to sleep during a boring lecture. One Hundred MAIN GANG The Chain Gang was organized this year as a traditions committee. The president was Ralph Davis, seated center with bow tie. The girl under the table is unidentified. POM POM GIRLS The Pom-Pom Girls addad color at all football games. One Hundred One DEVILS ' DEN After class we adjorn to the Devil ' s Den for coffee, sandwiches and a bull session, or a aame of cards. One Hundred Two The trophy case reflects smiles. See? You push this thing. 0-o-oh it ' s Johnnie Ray. One Hundred Three Registration day finds a long line of stu- dents waiting for the proper forms, as the early rays of sun cast long shadows. There is first the admission card, then the registra- tion forms a whole book of them, then through various lines to check your entries, a health quiz, pick up class cards, and finally the last and most awesome line of all. You pay your money, are assigned to a hall, pick up your dining hall card, and it ' s all over. Whew! One Hundred Four One Hundred Five INING HALL The dining hall improved the quality of its food immeasurably, this year. There was also a larger selection of dishes at each meal which made the place most popular with the students. One Hundred Six J The infirmary limped along short-handed and crowded, as usual. However, the legisla- ture appropriated the money for expansion which ended a long hard fight by the infirmary staff. One Hundred Seven The world situation called for enlargement of the armed forces beyond the capacity of regular training centers. Airmen came to ASC to learn typing and shorthand, arid be- come familiar with the office routines estab- lished by Uncle Sam. One Hundred Eight WOMEN ' S AIR FORCE The WAFS became integrated in short or- der. Their marching songs, their good humor, their fine sportsmanship made them an im- portant part of the campus during 1951 and 1952. One Hundred Nine Early in the school year, a group of Arizona businessmen and farmers visited the campus farm to inspect the work being done in the new 4-year Aggie curriculum. They were well pleased with what they saw, and highly commended the college for its training. 7 . ' ? P.- _ - f t One Hundred Ten Among the important projects at the farm are the breeding of chickens, cattle, hogs, and sheep. Many land crops are also produced. One Hundred Eleven Leona Coates One Hundred Twelve Joan Garote One hundred thirteen MILITARY QUEEN Candidates for Military Queen were Pat Thornton, Rose Bennett, and the Queen, Shir- ley Scott, who was crowned at the Military Ball, March 21. MOWMAN Delta Chi pledges were instructed to build a snowman on the quadrangle, as part of their Hell Week. A fast trip into the mountains with a pick-up, a fast trip back and some fancy sculptoring had the snowman in place before the first class. It was the only snow most of us saw all winter. One Hundred Fourteen V X PUBLICATION One Hundred Fifteen ,TATE The STATE PRESS assumed a new maturity this year. It was evidenced in the new format which blossomed with the sencond semester. The whole staff, from Peggy Williams down to the greenest freshman, took on new life with the change to a one-a-week, 8-page tabloid. Peggy Williams was the editor for the en- t ire year. Harb Surrett was news editor for the first semester, with Dick Charnock moving up to the news desk for the second semester. Dick resigned in March and was followed by Jack Reis. Hal Hubele handled the sports department both semesters and was scooped on the big- gest story of the year by (s-sh-sh) The Phosnix Gazette. Peggy Williams, editor Hal Hubele dictates copy direct to typesetter. Charnock ran from the fotog. One Hundred Sixteen Jack Reis, second semester news editor. Tom Voss, editorial assistant. Jim Loper, columnist. June Payne, art editor. One Hundred Seventeen Dick Hoffman, ad manager. Skip Bryant, sports reporter. Benson ' s cartoons livened most of the issues. To the whole of the staff, the stu- dents at ASC owe a larae vote of thanks. Well done. Lining it up. I was trying to open the window. One Hundred Eighteen Ira Wilson, circulation. 9 HH The sports staff approves an extra. Some weeks it was an all night task at the plant of the Tempe Daily News to put the paper to bed and have it distributed across the campus in time for the first class. Peg checking corrections. Jim Mooney, proofreader. PI One Hundred Nineteen May 2, DAMN IT! That was the roar that was heard in the halls of the English Building intermittently, throughout the school year. Fred Barstow cracked the whip, and worked the staff raw. Only one idea was in his head: The 1952 SAHUARC would come out on time. Deadline dates rolled by without the work being finished. Then came March first, and with it, classes were cut, we worked ' til 2 and 3 in the morning. Finally, came the day when we could say it ' s all in to the printer. For almost a year Fred kept his secret, The Voice of SAHUARO. There were budget diffi- culties. Enrollments were off. Funds were less than anticipated. But a terrific sales program resulted in a sell out, before the book was even printed. The extra money from sales guaranteed the funds for the recording. So in February, when the sell-out was apparent, the Board of Financial Control gave the ao- ahsad, and production was started on the record. It was finished in less than two weeks. The master was cut and sent to the coast for finishing. It might have been better had we had more time. We hops you like it. Fred Barstow, Editor. June Payne, art editor. Bill Foster, sports editor, who did a little of everything. One Hundred Twenty Betty Giltinan : Barbara Gree Mary Stuart Mills Sue Thomas 4 r Woodine Mitchell Woodine and June One Hundred Twenty-one Jean Wasserman went to work on the cover early. After making about 30 designs, she pre- sented the one shown to June and Fred, the first week in July. It underwent some changes after that, as you can see from the picture, but basically it ' s the same cover that Jean sweat over. Everybody working. One Hundred Twenty-two Mildred Luckie, center, had some ideas she pre- sented to Fred and Mary Mills as Bill Foster looked on. Fred and Bill discuss a moot point. With no space assigned, the staff moved in on one of the State Press ' tables. One Hundred Twenty three LIBRARY TEA: Governor Howard Pyle enjoys a joke with Clarence Buddington Kelland, the famous author, Mrs. Margaret Rockwell, Hotel Adams president, Dr. Gammage, and Horace Griffin, alumni president. The library ' s Sunday afternoon teas brought many artists to the campus. The programs were more popular with the public than with the students. Besides those pictured Mrs. Murdock, wife of the congressman appeared; also Carol Snell of Scotts- dale who spoke on modern sculpture. John Scott, news analyst. Mr. Kelland. One Hundred Twenty-four The newly enlarged Matthews Library of- fered pleasant and spacious surroundings in which to study. Lack of help and a poor system of returning books to the stacks de- prived many people of the books of their choice. If you could wait the time required to draw out a book, the reading rooms or the patio were ideal. The easily reached catalogue car- ried cards for many books the librarians couldn ' t locate. One Hundred Twenty-five Every eligible man at ASC has to en- roll in the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The day began with drill, as rugged as the army itself. But the big thrill comes when on graduating from the college, the colonel, himself, swears the men in as 2nd lieutenants. One Hundred Twenty-six One Hundred Twenty-seven MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION At long last the Student Union is a-borning. Instead of eating lunch under the trees, the off-campus student will be able to use the facilities of this fine building. As planned, the building will have 70,000 square feet under roof, plus an addi- tional 14,000 square feet of dancing terrace and patio, which will make it about a third larger than the Matthews Library building. The building will be erected as soon as funds are subscribed. The site chosen for the Union is directly across Orange Avenue from the present Devils ' Den. The bill- board marks the corner. Norman Wilson heads the special student gifts division. One Hundred Twenty-eight MAIL THAT St-TE CSTIMATeo COST 750000 fe tf WM otf Public Subscription 350,000 CAMPUS GOAL -$100,000 9 UMFIM14H E LOCK L ft t. 1_ a ! 1 ! L, o ' rG.J " - _._i. L c y s " Ml! ' ,. f 71 - te fn c BASEMENT ITttutUT TCB91CC TTTi ' I ' OD AAft ftALL ROOM SECOND FLOOR F I B. T FIRST FLOOR J16L_ WOWCWS LCUHC1 MEZZANINE One Hundred Twenty-nine Frank Byers and Alec Templeton. The College Series and The Arizona Friends Of Music continued their fine pro- grams, bringing to the campus many outstanding artists. Among them were Alec Templeton and the string quartet shown below. One Hundred Thirty INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL Identifications on next page. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL ATION: One Hundred Thirty-one I IF Front row, left to right: John Lyddon, Dean W. P. Shofstall, Charles St. Clair. Center row, left to right: Eddie Herold, Leon Dunn, Dale Rook, Stuart Shoob, Stanley Zeller, Bob Beharka, Bruce Dixon, Art Hartman. Back row, left to right: Erwm Burhoff, Charles Marshall, Luke Kirby, Bob Medlyn, Dick Houser, Charles Hunsaker, Jack McPhee and Wayne Forde. PAN HELLENIC From left to right: Betty Blythe, Jerry Gilbert, Juanita Ferguson, Roberta Trimble, Carol Ann Thiel, Shirley Sunden, Betty Attebury, Margaret Jackson and M : mi Hamel. Not pictured Jean Smith. ALPHA EPSILON PI New officers for the year are, seated, Shoob, Zendle, Hirsch. Standing Zeller, Dia- mond and Kaufax. Diamond, Arthur Hirsch, Seymour Kaufax, Irwin Lory, Marvin Senoff, Jay Shoob, Stuart Socket, Aaron Zeller, Stanley Zendle, Seymour One Hundred Thirty- two ALPHA TAU OMEGA ATO was the first fraternity to abolish Hell Week. Following the national pattern estab- lished by the fraternity, the local chapter presented the idea to the IFC for campus wide participation. Activities included a Christmas party for underprivileged children; selling programs for the Salad Bowl game; a barn dance; exchange parties; and the Sweetheart Ball late in April. Mem bers were, top picture, front row. from left to right: Fred Barstow, Page Greer, Nor- man Wilson, Bill Welnick, Ed Singer; second row: Dr. Rufus K. Wyllys, John Lyddon, Charles Marshall, Bob Hargrove, Roy Mason, Billy Dean, John Scott; third row: Jerry Wil- son, Ralph Eady, Brad Watts, Bill Paul, Frank Saylor, Bill Ackerman, Ralph Davis, Tom New- man, John Radewald and Ed Fowler. Officers for the first semester center pic- ture ' John Radewald, Keeper of the Annals; Frank Saylor, Keeper of the Exchecquer; Page Greer, House Manager; Bill Welnick, Scribe; Dr. Rufus K. Wyllys, Faculty Advisor; Ralph Davis, Worthy Master; Ed Fowler, Sentinel; Roy Mason, Usher; and Ralph Eady, Pledge Master. First semester pledges, bottom picture, front row, left to right: Gene Sundeen, Mer- rill Sproul, Don Puente, Jack Haacke, Lee Olson, Fred McWilliams, Ed Morgan, Jim Mc- Lean, John Schwarz, George Ivory and Bill Boggs. P -LS - ,- One Hundred Thirty- three ELTA CHI Alkire, George C. Jr. Beigbeder, Frank R. Bertoglio, Joe Besich, Tom Catroppa, Albert J. Cipolla, Caesar Dunn, Leon Eastin, Phil Elliot, John Gast, John Gilpin, Gordon L Hall, Marvin Hoi I is, John Kent, Bryan P. Lynn, Austin C. Maynes, J. 0. McKissack, Paul Porter, Harold Reed, Robert Rice, James C. Rook, Dale A. Self, Harold Tameron, Joe 0. Todd, Jack Wahlin, Marvin Watkins, Lester H H MMHw|_ ______ r " ' P " l " Delta Chi officers for the first semester were Joe Tameron, president; Dale Rook, vice-president; George Alkire, secretary; Frank Beigbeder, treasurer; Jack Hollis, alumni secretary; John Elliot, sergeant-at-arms. Organized as a local in 1933, Delta Chi has had an active and useful life. Activ- ities included a Christmas dance and formal spring dinner dance. One Hundred Thirty-four DELTA SIGMA PHI Harold Saad led the Delta Sigs through a successful yeor. The fraternity took first prize for their oat in the Homecoming parade. Other highlights include the Founder ' s Day banquet, Carnation all, Sailor ' s Ball, and the Annual Sphinx Ball. The Delta Sig Follies presented each spring has become a tradition on the campus. Fach year the embers try to outdo their previous offering, and they usually succeed. Bamrick, Edward R. Butler, Benard Cavanagh, Thomas A. Graver, Joseph W. Dare, Robert Edetman, Sanford J. Fattaleh, John B. Folz, William Geller, Georqe Gleason, William P. Graham, Norvell Hamilton, Earl Herold, Edward Holland, Jackie Ray Holland, Jerry Dee Jamison, Randolph Kalisz, Eugene Laney, Grant A. Lewis, James Lively, James P. Maassen, Jack Marre, James D. Mazur, Michael McRoberts, William Nesbitt, John Neubrand, William G. Porch, Charles H. Relling, Robert Russell, Robert H. Saad, Harold J. Schaeffer, Kenneth Shelp, Lawrence L. Solosth, Robert E. Stephens, George Stephenson, PerLee R. Weston, John H. Wilson, Corwin Zawlocki, Eugene One Hundred Thirty-five LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Highlights of a most successful year for Lam belies, included the Walter Mitty Ball, where innermost passions were let loose; and the Bali-Bali Ball at the chapter house on College Avenue. Members this year: Richard Aitken John Andre William Barnes Thomas Bebb Gerald Bednorz Robert Bheharka Bill Briscoe Robert Cadwel! Clyde Campbell Shreve Carter Robert Conner Howard Cooper Sidney Crabtree John Drago Robert Fleming Wayne Forde Stuart Gibson Robert Gil I is George Hansen Robert Hodges Foy Holcomb Hoi I is Homewood Gayle Jennings Roland Kee Otho Kinsley Edward Koelsche Gene Lewis George Masche Phillip Modesitt Francis Odell Lewis Parker Dennis Penfold Robert Pinnick Hal Sadler James Schuster Robert Shaver Paul Shields Douglas Spencer Richard Stitt Mirom Webster One Hundred Thirty-six Bruce Dixon and Al Ralph with the Pi Kap Dream Girl, Pat Thornton. KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the newer fratern- ities on campus. Highlights of the year were the Dream Girl Formal in the fall, and the Founder ' s Day Formal on March 1. o a rv Aguirre, Edward Buikema. Kenneth E. Cooper, William R Dixon, Bruce H. Flood, Robert E. Gibbs, Hal Gregory, John Hartman, Arthur J. Heath, Logan Hendrickson, James McMinn, Matt Novick, David Rabourn, Owen N. Ralph, Albert Sipperly, Jack H. Slack, Gordon Wasielewski, Edward Weinreich, Richard Williams, Ervine D. Wipperfurth, Jerry Wood, Richard One Hundred Thirty-seven HI SIGMA Front row, left to right: Terry Wallace, Chuck Runbeck, Jim Sellers. Back row, left to right: Gene Chausow, Ras Rowe, Jim Loper, Paul Hartman, Bev Bevens, Tom Bollard, Joe Shaughnessy, Hank Grammis, Tom McNamara, Dick Fleming, Louis Malamas, Larry Hat- field and Joe Weiler. The Phi Sigs had a busy year. The fraternity was among the first to abolish the foolishness of Hell Week and substitute a work week. The pledges spent many hours on a campus clean-up program. Pictures show Dick Bailey presenting Ollie Hagler with the Best Pledge award at the Phi Sig Christmas formal held at Cathay Gardens. Pledges Terry Wallace and Dick Fleming taking part in the fraternity ' s Work Week program. Phi Sig float in front of the chapter house, Homecoming, 1951. One Hundred Thirty-eight Hi Sigma Phi Epsilon is the newest fraternity on campus. It was to be chartered by the national headquarters at formal ceremonies at the Phoenix County Club on February 16. While they are a new group they a r e eager to work in all phases of campus life, and to help promote school spirit in every possible way. One Hundred Thirty-nine IGMA ' 1 Sigma Pi had a house renovation this year with the members doing the work. All pitched in to make it a big success. Chartered last year, the fraternity has already laid the foun- dations for many traditions. Among these are: the crippled children ' s Christmas party; the Founder ' s Day banquet; the Orchid Ball; and the Hallowe ' en Festival. The fraternity was active in intra-murals and in the inter-fraternity sing. One Hundred Forty TAU KAPPA Adams, Bill Bairct Bob Beck. Thelfon Blum, Jerry Bradford, Ted Cleckner, Jim Craig, George Elson, Dick Feffer, BO ' J Gosney, Dean Gregroy, John Gay k 1!? ., Grissom, Bill Grutzmacher, Charles Hilliker, Dean Home, Jim It is becoming traditional for the Tekes to walk away with the intra-murals. They do all right in the inter-fraternity sing, too. This year they also won first prize for men ' s house decorations at Homecoming. Many of the BMOC are Tekes. Houvland, Larry Ice, Ronald E. Janosheck, Jack Kelly, Bob Kroning, Dean LaJune, Mel Lee, George Legg, Wayne Lowry, Bob McClelland, Ross V ' .cPhee, Jack Moffitt, Tom Parker, Jim Peterson, Vern Pettijohn, Coy Reis, Jack Rintlemann, Bill Rogers, Tom Seaman, Paul Snyder, Dick St. Clair, Charley Taylor, Arden Thornton, Bob Torea, Phil Tountas, Chris Tountas, Nick Welker, Wayne Westby, Bob Whelan, Joe Wurth, Bob Zehr, Ray Wager, Alan One Hundred Forty-one KAPPA DELTA Kappa Delta went national in January. It was formerly the Lambda Kappa Sorority, a local It was first organized in 1922 as the Irodelphian. Officers were ' Milly Ellis, presi- dent; Peg Westmoreland, vice-president; Shir- ley Smith, secretary; Mike Jackson, treasurer; and Miss Jeanne Evans, sponsor. T ten hue jta oni re? lord Front row: Bernadine Bull, Peggy Westmoreland, Janet Hum- phries, Joan Shaver, Millie Ellis, Evelyn Gill, Dottie Getty, Mabel Mounts. Back row, left to right: Jeanne Gary, Roberta Trimble, Shir- ley Pollard, Shirley Smith, Mary McCullom, Nancy Jean Dale, Jean Hutsell, Margaret Jackson. From left to right, top to bottom: Millicent Ellis, Bernadine Bull, Dorothy Getty. Third row: Janet Humphries, Gretchen Grunenwald, Evelyn Gill. Fourth row: Nancy Jean Dale, Mabel Mount, Mary McCullom. Maraaret Jackson. Fifth row Shirley Pollard, Joan Shaver, Shirley Smith, Roberta Trimble and Peggy Westmoreland. One Hundred Forty-two IGMA SIGMA SIGMA The tri-Sigs had many activities. Included were campus serenades, winter and spring for- mals, the spring picnic, Founder ' s Day ban- quet, several rummage sales, campaign for funds for polio research, and other national and local projects. Officers were: Betty Blythe, president; Betty Nelson, vice-president; Lois Foster, cor- responding secretary; Betty Attebery, record- ing secretary; Neva Johnson, treasurer; Sally Mocker, social chairman; Mrs. Frances Cassity and Mrs. Patsy Kendig, sponsors. From left to right, top to bottom: Betty Nelson, Neva Johnson, Margaret Arnold, Marlene Freemen, Ruth Fix; second row, Betty Attebery, Mary Frances Daniels, Darlene Thompson, Frances Cassity; third row, Laura Longenbaugh, Clara Welman, Lucille Hansen; fourth row, Carrie Montoya, Sally Mocker, Daisy Yee; fifth row, Elaine Takemori, Lois Foster, and Betty Blythe. One Hundred Forty-three GAMMA PHI BETA Virginia Adams Gerry Andrews Margie Burrington Margaret Brown Gerry Calyer Sally Creswell Joan D ' Addea Jody Davis Nancy DuBose Margaret Dye Mary Ann Enloe Juanita Ferguson Joan Kimball Ferre! Nancy Ryan Hall Mimi Hamel Jeannette Hemphill Dee Hatton Holland Carol Lester Peggy Lewis Rachel Love Marcia McConoughy Mary Lou Mclntosh Mary Lou Newell Virginia Mills Betty Painter Audrey Peart Dana Rhoton Kathy Roe Bonnie Sanford Barbara Smith Barbara Spooner Willie Sosville Sally Streeter JoAnn Stevens Sue Ann Thomas Lois Tollesf aid Muriel Voigts Berthe Vizcaya Wanda Way Nancy White Norma Whittum Cne Hundred Forty-four ALPHA DELTA Joan Beduelph Elizabeth Bouse Yvonne Briggernan Cindy Brown Jan Cady Helen Camp Sue Carson Shirley Daniels Marian Davis Sue DeBerge Elizabeth DelRae Maplette Duclas Jacque Farley Joan Garote Mary Jo Glass Gert Hanger Mariam Hanger Jane Hunter Amy Jentaft Anne Jones Norma Jones Carye Keith Pat Kirkpatrick Delores Koza Marilyn LeBas Barbara Leonard Margaret McDonald Mary Anne Henry Ann McVey Barbara Miller Rayma Lew Neeb Phyllis Newhall Helen Noga Lois Nyland Pat Phillips Jan Po ' on Phyllis Samuelson Sue Anne Sandoz Leola Scott Shirley Scott Joyce Simms Carle Smith Jean Smith Marjorie Walling One Hundred Forty-five HI OMEGA Chi Omega activities included a hayride in December, banquets spring and fall, formal spring dance, serenades, exchange parties, etc. Dolores Benavidez Thelma Baker Pat Brewer Margie Carpenter Jacquallyn DeP.osier Shirley Grundy Carolyn Huey Nancy Kellogg Shirley Kennedy Leah Kline Darlene McJunkin Beth Peterson Faye Pichinpaugh Dorothy Reed Margaret Somewell Roberta Stoughton Norma Stevenson Carol Stevenson Shirley Sunden Betty Sullivan Carol Ann Thiel Jane.t Tretheway Kathy Welsh Jean Williams Mary Bunte Lo ' S Earle Lola Ellsworth Miss Pavlich Genevieve Savarpa One Hundred Forty-six IPLEIADIE Pleiades is the honor service group for women, membership is limited to twelve out- standing women of the Junior and Senior classes. Going up the stairs: Carrie Montoya, Mar- cia McConoughey, Shirley Smith, Jaunita Fer- guson, P.ayma-Lew Neeb, Miss Mary Bunte, Carolyn Huey, Shirley Senseman, Gretchen Grunenwald, Debe DuBose, Margaret Som- merville and Jody Davis. One Hundred Forty-seven BLUE KEY Bill Barnes Fred Barstow Thelton Beck Frank Beigbeder Fred Bradford Robert Cadwell Bill Colburne Ralph Davis Bill Grissom George Hansen Foy Holcomb Gene Ice Blue Key at ASC received the third place award in national competition for the best chapter in the country. The award was made chiefly on the basis of service projects. Heading the list of the chapter ' s many campus activities are the Blue Key Scholar- ships. Awarded each year to five high school seniors, there is a keen competition for the honor. The scholarships are awarded on a basis of scholastic achievement, character, and need of assistance. Ray Lahar Wayne Legg Gene Lewis Jim Loper Ralph Linaerfe Bob Lowrie James Mooney Dick Nortman Hal Porter I Bill Rintelmann Joe Tameron Norman Wilson It ,! The chapter was the first organization to contribute $500 to the Student Union cam- paign. Among the other projects are: the Blue Key Carnival; the Bob Gay Library Award; and the Bob Gehres Award to the most out- standing baseball player. Officers this year were: Harold Porter, president; Dwayne Brimhall, vice-president; Bill Grissom, corresponding secretary; Wayne Legg, treasurer; and Bill Barnes, alumni sec- retary. One Hundred Forty-eight MEN ' S ' A ' CLUB The Men ' s ' A ' Club is composed of men who have won their letter in a varsity sport. Members pictured are: kneeling, lett to right, Ray Marino; Sam Duca; Jim Aitken; Wayne Welker; Mike Pingi- tore; Dom Patrone; Secretary; Caesar Cipolla; second row, Gene Mitcham; Frank Rogers; Joe Tame- ron, president; Duane Morrison; Marv Wahlin; Al Stangeland; John Stewart; David Kenly; third row, Rajph Wilson; Keith Gunville, vice-president; Charles Porch; Bruce Perkins; Lester Dean; Roy Cop- pinger; Harold Self; and Bob Reed. WOMEN ' S ' A ' CLUB The Women ' s ' A ' Club includes the girls who have won a letter in sports. The group also is a service club and usher at concerts, etc., help make Christmas a reality for at least one family each year, and sponsor a camping trip to the Grand Canyon in January. Members pictured are: front, left to right, Jean Hutsell, secretary-treasurer; Bertha Vizcaya; Mary Thorud, vice-president; Gret- chen Gruenwald, president; back, Connie Sal- cido; Margie Yetman, publicity; Fran Salerno; and Dana Rhoton. One Hundred Forty-nine DELTA PHI Delta Phi members are returned mission- aries of all faiths. They have petitioned the IFC for recognition as a fraternity and the application is pending. M.emebers were: Marlowe Denhcm, oresi- dent; Claude Burris, vice-president; L. Vaughn Merrell, secretary; Carl Cole, na- tional representative; and Glenn Skousen; Duane Brimhall; Don Nelson; Kenneth Noble; Mervin Grmer; Wallace Farr; Forest Squire; Ray Shipley; Melvin Rogers; Grant Whitmer; Robert Gibson; Paul Crandall; Larry Packard; Serge Huff; Robert F. MacDonald; George Smith; Kenneth Porter; Gordon Wallace; Fred Richards; Jesse Udall; Don Robinson; Gail Pew; and Grant Owens. One Hundred Fifty KAPPA DELTA PI Kcppa Delta Pi is a national honorary society in Education. Pictured are: left to right, row one, Dr. Robert Menke, Isabel Waterhouse, Dr. Samuel Burkhard, Bette Del Rae, Shirley Ericson, Lois Foster, Anne Cosper. Row two: Shirley laquinto, Elizabeth Jones, Juanita Hughes, Donald Hausman. Mr. Ira D. Payne, Frank Mendola, Rachel Ward, Gladys Anderson, Sally Briggeman. Row three: Rob- ert Yonker, Dr. H. D. Richardson, Charlotte Frost, Jack Galvin, Elizabeth Bouse, Dr. R. K. Wyllys, Betty Attebery, Eleanor Walker, Emma Schroeder, Stanley Shimkus, Veronica Keeney, Peter Cail- otto, Helen Hodden, Margaret Somervell, and Jean Williams. Mil IRJHIO ALPHA M ' j Rho Alpha is a national music honorary. Members pictured are: large group, front row, left to right, Mary Ann Enloe, Shirley Smith, Margaret Somerville, Ann Child; second row, Jerry Smith, Ray Arbizu, Patricia Fuller; third row, David Frost, Neil Shafer, Wilma Sosville, Kenneth Porter. Small group: left to right, Wilma Sosville, Margaret Somerville, Kenneth Porter, Ray Arbizu, and Mary Ann Enloe. One Hundred Fifty-one Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary for bus- iness education. Members pictured are: left to right, front row, Hazel Gaddis, Lois Kelso, Betty Painter; center, Bill Col.orne, Albert Thielemann, Dick Mount, Paul Tsakiris; rear, Woodrow Hitt, Charles Adair, Ross Owens, and Thomas Moore. Theta Chi Epsilon is a national art honor- ary. Members pictured are ' standing, left to right, Pearl R Kloster; Mary Groh; Jeanne Bowen; Nadine Koch; Sally Streeter; Frank Salmon. Seated, Aldo Mancino and Chica Dodgen. One Hundred Fifty-two ALPHA MU GAMMA Alpha Mu Gamma Members Front row, left to right: Dr. Irma Wilson, faculty advisor; Dr. Mary J. Escude r o; back row, left to right: Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt; ' Charles Emmons; Ray Marino; and Joe Ber- toglio. La Liga Panamericana Members Front row, left to right: Steve Lael, presi- dent; Belia Castro; Jessie Aguirre, secretary; Carmen Ybarra, treasurer; second row, left to right: Ralph Cabello; Joseph Urias; Arthur Bejarano; Tanis Madrid; back row, left to right: Joe Bertoglio; Joe Barriga, vice-oresi- dent; and Charles Bejarano. LA LIGA PAN A Los Conquistadores Members Front row, left to right: Ruth Zitc; Jessie Aguirre, secretary; Dr. Mary J. Escudero; Dr. Irma Wilson, faculty advisor; June Payne; back row, left to right: M C. (Bob) Schnitz- ler; Charles Emmons; Dr. Robert Poole: Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt; Raymond Lahar; George Quintero, vice-president; and Karl Gabriel. Pointing to map is Carmen Ybarra, president of the club. One Hundred Fifty-three ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is a national drama hon- orary. Members pictured are: Raymond Greene; Robert Ellis; June Payne; David Hard- away; Isabel Casares, director; Fred Buehl and Helen Jones. MASK AND SANDAL Mask and Sandal is the protege of Alpha Psi Omega designed to give all drama devo- tees a chance to ham it up. The club pre- sented East Lynne as its pure ham vehicle this year. Members pictured are: Raymond Greene; Bob Ellis, director; Isabel Casares; David Hardaway; Fred Buehl; Paul Hartman; Brian Weatherhead; Wesley Pollard; Shirleen Moseley; and June Payne, as the near-corpse. One Hundred Fifty-four Aggie club members are enrolled in the new four-year curriculum for future farmers and ranchers. Members pictured are: front row, left to right, Harry Thurston, Gordon Gilpin, Jim Miller, LaMar Anderson. Lowell Rogers; center row, left to right: Dr. Rassmussen, Don Horn, Jon Nickerson, Fred Hannum, Mr. Allen, Dr. McLeroy; back row, left to right: Buck Knis- ter, Chuck Peabody, Kenny England, Bill Williams, Don Barber, and John Hansen. Small picture shows Buck Knister, Bill Williams, and Kenny Eng- land take time out from planning the annual rodeo for a breather. Kenny was rodeo chairman, and Buck and Bill presidents of the club for each semester. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OIF ARCHITECT: William Mangino, vice-president, Rctmon Martinez, secretary-treasurer, and Hal Sadler, president. Members of the Institute pictured are: front row, left to right: Ken Tom; Irvine Williams; David Langbaum; Ramon Martinez; William Man- gino; Caesar Cipolla; John Manqino; John Shannon; Frank Savitierri; back row, left to right: Dale Camel; John Brown; Ray Petersen; Richard Britt; Owen Achison; Jack Pattison; Neil Carmichael; Harry Thompson; James W. Elmore, faculty advisor; William Scarbro; Harold Sadler; Robert Blod- gett. One Hundred Fifty-five AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OIF ENGINEER! Officers: Philip Gottlieb, secretary; George Svob, vice-president; and Dave Smith, president. Members pictured are: row one, Fred Fober, Bob McCartan, George Svob, Philip Gottlieb, Dave Smith; row two, Jerry O ' Brien, Al Catroppa, Joe de Roulhac, Ken Davis; row three, Jim Purse!!, Paul Kiefer, Ed Kandare, Dick Werbeach; row four, Ken Gardiner, L S. Neeb, Charlie Merritt, and Ted Morris. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Officers are pictured left. Members pictured below are: seated, left to right, Maxine Pugh; Jerry Hanson; Theresa Kerr; Juanita Hughes; Daisy Yee; Mary Ann Di Eugenic; Yvonne Kirkham; Marlene Freeman. Standing, Charlotte Frost; Betty Walker; Lois Foster: Muriel Voights; Nancy Neal; Jeannine Bartoo; Joanne Brannigan; Jody Harper; Pat Huddle; Brookie Mitton; Joan Gregan; Marione Wallirg; Allegro Powell; Shirley Finnell; Joan Ryan; Zora Frick; Charlice Smith; and Carol Mack. One Hundred Fifty-six DELTA SIGMA PI -. Delta Sigma Pi is the professional commerce and business administration fraternity. Founded this year, the charter was issued in November. They plan to hold several professional programs during the year that will be open to the public. These will include lectures by successful local businessmen, and movies covering various phases of business life. The following persons are members of the local chapter: Marvin I. Sordahl, Head Master; Harry A. Ruther- ford, Senior Warden; John E. Roberts, Junior Warden; Rodman H. Peil, Scribe; Robert Q. Leatham, Treasurer; David L. Dunne, Historian; Edsil Allred; Frank A. Davis; Edward F. Herald; Woodrow W. Hitt; Leo J. Kilian, Jr.; James Lewis; Harold C. Lippman; Ralph E. Palmer; Harry Pappas; Leo S. Pickelner; Kenneth A. Schaefer; Stan- ley I. Sitton; Bernard H. Strasser; and Benjamin F. Tuttle. The chapter advisor is Dr. A. R. Burton. The following faculty members were initiated by the chapter: Arthur R. Beals; Walter Gross; E. J. Hilkert; Pete Zidnak; Arthur W. Gutenberg; and Bernard G. Lebeau. One Hundred Fifty-seven BETA CHI Beta Chi Epsilon is the home ecomomcs honorary. Members pictured are: front row, left to right, Marilyn Kent; Louise Baker; Marilyn Le Bas; Pat Cunningham; Lela Davidson; Nadlne Severns; Corrine Mamo; center, Marlene Davis; Mrs. Naomi Norton; Mary Norman; Barbara McLennan; Mildred Norman; Bess Wilson; Joellen Davis; Miss Mary Esslg; Mrs. Helen Plclcett; rear, Dr. Rannells; Ella Jones; Mary Louise Taylor; Olive Whltmer; Janet Cooper; Ruth Robertson; Barbara Leonard; Garry Lou Hill; Sue Phillips; Dorothy Reed; and Jeanne Ulmer. FUTURE TEACHERS OF A Members pictured are: left to right, Robert Sears; M. C. Schnltzler; Benny Furlong; Stanley L. Shimkus; Madeline Plummer; Jean Williams; Mary Westfall; Marvel Conkling; Sue Thomas; Carmen Ybarra; Jessie Aguirre; and Dr. Michael Chiappetta. One Hundred Fifty-eight MARKETING CLUIB Members pictured are: left to right, first row, Vincent Marseglia; Irving Stern; Dick Brown; Ernest Leyba; Dick Noffz; Professor Austin; S. Bratcher; center, John Boskon; Lyle Baker; Wally Menckel; Jack Long; Bob Rublin; rear, Bob Bacon; Dean Peterson; Dick Hoffman; John Roberts; and Robert Ste enson. Members pictured are: Bill Holloway; Manuel Maza; June Payne; Sue Thomas; Hal Hubele; Jim Loper; Skip Bryant; Jack Reic; Lou Mroz; and Fred Barstow. One Hundred Fifty-nine Psi Chi is the psychology honorary. Pictured are first semester officers swearing in officers for the second semester. They are from left to right: Martha McGuire; Bill Rintelmann, president in fall; Clarice Stevenson; Jim Seppala; Harold Wenzel, spring president; and Florence Robertson. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC Members pictured are. from left to right, row I: June Stires; Beverly Worcester; Marilyn McDonald; MaryThorud; Bertha Vizcaya; Bertie Bowles; Connie Salcido; Margie Brown; Shirlee Gandee; row 2, Laura Longenbaugh; Margie Yetrrtan; Dana Rhoton; Jean Hutsell; Gretchen Grunenwald; Juanita Quigley; Anne Jones; Betty Stevens; row 3, Bella Castro; Dorothy Durham; Laura Thomas; Carol Jean Jones; Phyllis Newhall; Jean Smith; Fran Salerno; Miss Mariam Joy, sponsor; row 4, Liz Miller; Margie Harrington; Joann Young; Phyllis Hinton; Sharon Stevenson; Mary Hiclccox; Lois Sauer; Suzanne Hyllested; Terry Hulse; Nancy Gravelot; Doris Blackmer. One Hundred Sixty WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Members pictured are, from left to right: row I, Jcann Young; June Stires; Beverly V orcester; Marilyn McDonald; Mary Thorud; Bertha Vizcaya; Bertie Bowles; Connie Salcido; Margie Brown; row 2, Nancy Gravelot; Charlotte Kidney; Margie Yetman; Dana Rhoton; Jean Hutsell; Gretchen Grunenwald; Juanita Quigley; Anne Jones: Elaine McKinley; row 3, Margie Barrington; Mary Lou Caralcer; Mary McFarland; Laura Thomas; Carol Jean Jones; Lois Sauer; Phyllis Newhall; Jean Smith; Fran Salerno; row 4, Ruth Nevitt; Beatrice Hicks; Suzanne Hyllested; Phyllis Hinton; Sharon Stevenson; Sue Peters; Betty Stevens; Doris Blackmer; Flossie Aimo. One Hundred Sixty-one WESLEY FOUNDATION Members pictured are, front row, left to right: Fletcher Holman; Jack Hohensee; Robert Beharka; Bruce Benson; center row: Dr. J. 0. Grimes; Woodine Mitchell; Marvel Conkling; Carol Helmkay; Patri- cia Tucker, Rev. Charles H. Crouch; back row: Mrs. Beulah Crouch; May Westfall; Zora Flick; Rev. Paul Jochinke; Elinor Gordon; Beverly McCuen; and Patricia Huddle. Executive committee was, front row, left to right: Dr. J. 0. Grimes, faculty advisor; Rev. Paul Jochinke, director; Rev. Charles H. Crouch, director student activities; back row: Robert Beharka, treas- urer; Zora Flick, secretary; May Westfall, vice-president; and Bruce Benson, president. Wesley Foundation is a Methodist organi- zation for students desiring a participation in religious activities. One Hundred Sixty-two WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION Westminster Foundation is the Presby- terian religious group. Picture at top is a typical group at one of the meetings. Center picture shows the officers: from left to right, Tom Bollard, moderator; Clarice Clair, stated clerk; Barbara Wylie, vice-moderator; and Graham Walker, publicity. Below are pictured an inside and outsde view of the chapter house at Orange and Tenth Streets. Ons Hundred Sixty-three EXTENSION D VISION Besides his classes in psychology, Dr. J. 0. Grimes heads the correspondence course divi- sion. Under his guidance many people who are unable to attend regular day or evening classes are getting a college education. ASC students come from all over the world. The fame of the college and its teachings is univ ersal. Pictured below are a few of the students from other countries. They are: front, left to right, Karl Gabriel, Austria; Takamcri Hirayama, Hawaii; Ernest Mar, China; back row, Oluchukwu Ekechukwu, Nigeria; Ernst Brunner, Germany; Juan Guerrero, Guam; Richardo Heber, Argentina; Morinobu Shingaki, Ryukyus; Kiyoshi Saneshima, Ryukyus. Some of the others from foreign countries, not in picture, are: Katsumi Kiire, Ryukyus; Elsa Pasztor, Switzerland; Kim Hong Wong, China; Cynthia Akcng, Trinidad; Vernon Akong, and Stan ' ey Akong, Trinidad; David Epstein, Israel; Hans Lill, Estonia. One Hundred Sixty-four Oh, Professor, an ' A ' ! Boy, did i pass that one! You mean I didn ' t make the team? Honest, I studied hard. Photographs on this page by Constance Bannister, from the book, THE BABY. Copyright, 1950, by Simon and Schuster, Inc. By permission of the publishers. One Hundred Sixty-five The Sun Devil smiles as he calls the roll of campus cuties. Shown here are Jan Beek- man, Betty Bouse, Jan Cady, Leona Coates, Virginia Mills, Jan Poison, Joyce Sims and Jean. Smith. There were many others, too. You can see that the roster held by the Sun Devil is a long one. The bottom picture shows that they looked just as cute working in the registrar ' s office as they do at a swimming pool. One Hundred Sixty-six IOMIE MANAGEMENT HOUSE The Home Management House has all the facilities necessary for a complete course in Home Economics. Here the girls are taught how to care for the baby, how to fix a meal, how to care for their furnishings, how to pre- pare a shopping list, and all the other thous- and and one things it takes to make a good homemaker. One Hundred Sitxy-seven FRESHMEN Marilyn McDonald was secretary and Bill Woodall president of the freshmen. This year ' s crop of freshmen were taken in tow by the newly organized Chain Gang. The Frosh were to be indoctrinated in school spirit from their first week. They took their hazing in good form, and next year as sophomores promise to further the traditions of ASC. Part of the freshman week activity is the painting of the " A. " It ' s more fun if you get all soaked in whitewash yourself. Cute, huh ? One Hundred Sixty-eight Abbe, Donald William Accoia, Alice Marie Acuna, Alice Adams, Harlen G. Alander, James Eugene Alday, Alonzo Knapp Allen, Jackie G. Allschwager, Lauren D. Allum, Bonnie Jeanne Angulo, Irma Armenta, Gloria A. Arnold, Carolyn B. Ashcroft, Rulon Butler Attebery, Joseph Thomas Atwell, Dick Emery Auffenberg, Ma ri jane Bailey, Kenneth William Baird, Roger Lewis Baker, Bertha Louise Baker, Leslie Baldwin, Jerald Pierce Baldwin, Virqle L. Barela, Rudolph Chavez Barker, Robert Stanley Barris, Ethel Lodemie Bea 1 1, Don Lee Beam, Theodore Lester Bejarano, Arthur Araujo Bejarano, Charles A. Bell, Charlie Floyd Berger, Deloma Lee Bernard, Florence Imogene Bernstein, Thomas Alfred Berry, Beverly Sue Blackmer, Doris Mariorie Blair Maxine Alberta Bloom, John Frank Boggs, Neva LaFred Boirum, Billy Boler, William Otto Bolton, Bill A. Bowen, Elaine Marie Bowlin, Barney Houston Bowman, Fletcher C Boyles, Glynn Earl Bradford, Barbara Brannan, Teddy Joe Browner, Bob Lee Brimhall, Tezzamarie Brion, Mary Louise Brooks, Bruce Bryant Brooks, Joseph Donald Browder, Bob W. Brown, Jack Martin Buikema, Kenneth E. Bull, Jorene Jane Bullock, Sumner Edward Burr, Marry Joan Butler, Frances Gale Cady, Michel John Calhoun, Norman Douglas Campbell, Vernon Leonard Carrington, Hugh Chilton One Hundred Sixty-nine Carter, Doris Elaine Casey, Barbara L Castleton, Agnes Helen Catroppa, Albert J. Chavez, Octaviano Rex Christensen, John F. Clark, Laurece Cloud, Jacqualyn Danell Clause, Robert Elwood Cobb, Charlene Joan Coit, Zelona Margaret Collins, Frances Jane Compton, Margaret Nell Conaway, Albert P. Concholar, Dorothy M. Cone, Barbara Dean Conniff, Joan Mary Cook, Betty Jean Coonfield, Warren H. Coulson, William R. Cover, Jerry Stanton Cox, Josephine Douglas Cram, Marleen Crockett, David Thomas Cruise, William Roy Crump, Beverly Ann Cunningham, Edward J. Curnow, Edward Thomas Curtis, DeeDee Sue Dale, Margie Dee Danks, Eulalia Moore Darling, Patricia Ann Darugna, Louis Davis, Elizabeth Jean Davis, Joan Davis, Kenneth Doyle Davis, Marilyn Jean Davis, Pauline Martha Davis, Robert Leo Davis, Walter Carl, Jr. Deans, Thomas Richard Dean, Wilma Earle Denham, Horald Chad Despain, Loy Keate Diamond, Arthur Irving Dobey, Glenn Roy Donaldson, Harriet Fay Donhough. Ruth Vasey Dowdle, Darlene Duggen, Barbara Duke, Jerry Curtis Duncan, Kathryn Naomi Durazo, Raul Dye, Charles Jennis. Jr. Eden, Thomas Lee Ekechukwu, Oluc hukwu Ellis, Delia Mae Ellsworth, Barbara Jean Elson, Richard Alan Erramuzpe, Rose Ann Estrada, Eddie W. Etter, Nancy Jo Evans, Claudette Lee One Hundred Seventy Evans, Jane Iris Evans, June Renee Falls, Kathryn Lucille Farenga, Harry Donald Ferguson, Lyle Marshall Fernandez, Joe M. Fernandez, Patricia H. Ficken, Edna K. Figueroa, Dolores T. Fish, Boyce J. Fitze, Marianne Jane Fjeld, Maxine S Flake, Dixie V. Flake, Nena Venice Fleming, Richard Edward Fletcher, Nancy Jane Foster, Osborn Neil I Foster, Phyllis Joyce Frane, Ronald James Friedman, William Herbert Frizzell, George Lendon Frost, Dale Frost, Lea Charlotte Frost, George Terry Fuller, Newell Judd Futrell, Nova Dee Gabay, Marilyn Theresa Gale, Jane Lee Gal lego, Jose B. Ganlay, Philip Martin Garbutt, Doubles Sherman, Gardiner, Kenneth B. Gardner, Melvin Ray Garland, I ma Lee Garrett, Bill Leslie Gaston, Bobby C. Gaty, Stephne Voorhis Gay lord, Lester L., Jr. Gaytan, Luz Elena Gehrke, Mary Kathleen Gibbs, Franklin Hall Gilbert, Cherre Ann Gill, Roy Claire Gil I is, Ruth Irene Giltinan, Betty N. Glass, Irwin Gee Gleason, William P. Goehring, Donna Deane Goodman, Peggy L. Garden, Margaret Elinor Gorraiz, Pete Goss, Rosalie Grammis, Henry Cutler Greer, Barbara Adrienne Griewe, Larry Lewis Gritner, Carolyn Dell Grutzmacher, Charles C. Guerra, Frank B. Guerrero, Juan C. Guptill, Geraldine L. Haake, John Albert Hafford, Florence L. Haggard, Vida One Hundred Seventy-one Haire, Norma Jean Hall, Larry King Hall, Marvin Bruce Hall, Shari Maurice Hamblin, Dale Roland Hammer, Richard H. Hand, Emily Carolyn Hanson, Geraldin Ann Harmon, Doris Harper, JoAnne Harris, Pauline Hatch, Bruce Randall Hawkins, Helen Margaret Hawley, Joann Hays, Richard Paul Heap, Dawn Etta Heap, Mary Ellen Heileman, George Francis Helbing, Joan Alberta Hellam, Duane Heman, Barbara Ann Henderson, Joyce Jean Henness, Dottee Dee Henrie, Cheer Herrington, Earl Laufen Hershey, Jack M. Higginbotham, Margaret Hill, Garry Lou Hill, Janice Emily Hilsabeck, Janice lone Hinsch, Marcia E. Holland, Darlene B. Holland, James Charles Holliday, Peggy Joann Holman, Joanne Holtz, Linda Jane Honnas, Donald E. . Hook, Weston Lee Hopkins, Audrey L. Hopper, William Neal Hovlana 1 , Larry Howell, Virginia Ruth Hoyt, Donna Elizabeth Hudson, Arthur Woodrow Hughes, Tommy Ewell Humphrey, Barbara Gale Hunsaker, Charles Aston Hunter, Lenora Jean Huskison, Virginia Ruth Hutchins, Joanne lies, John Roger Ivory, George Munroe Jackson, Vivian Olivia Jarolimek, Loretta F. Jenner, Joann Marie Johns, Lloyd Lee Johnson, Aaron Douglas Johnson, Janet Helene Johnson, Leora Mae Johnson, Marilyn June Johnstone, Nancy Jill Jones, Barbara Lee Jones, Carol Jean One Hundred Seventy- two Kappes, Joan Ardella Keeton, Alice Bernice Kelley, Mary Lou Kennelly, Michael Emmet Kent, Marilyn Rae Kew, William Allan Kidney, Charlotte Marie Kiefer, Paul Ellsworth Kiire, Katsumi King, Roland King, Sandra Remona Kinloch, James Lewis Kirby, Stanley Dillingham Kitts, Thelma Isabel Knox, Norman Lyle Koelsche, Edward Giles Kroll, James Keith Kuhl, NanJ. Lannoye, Homer L. Larman, Wynema June LaRoe, John Henry Larson, Marilyn Joy Lawrey, Arlene Edith Leavitt, Barbara Leavitt, Joe Ann Leedham, Sharon Darlene Lefever, Raymond E. Leffue, Joyce Ann Leon, Ruben Levine, Nanci E. Levy, Stuart W. Lewis, Barbara Helen Licosati, Rose Mary Lien, Robert John Long, Douglas White Looft, Claire Luevano, Elias R. Lutheke, Robert Neil Lutey, Roger Jack Lyall, Julia Ann Maas, Mary E. Mabery, Dick Mack, Terry Mackey, Ricahr Eugene MacLennan, Barbara McCall, Carol Ann McCarthy, Philip E. McCleery, Kathleen McDonald, Marilyn McDonough, Connie Jean McFall, Joyce Ann McFarland, Mary Myrtle McHenry, Bob E. McKenzie, Anna Lou McKinley, Helen Elaine McKissack, Paul S. McNamara, Thomas Edward McPherson, Clarene M. McQuade, Riley Irwin McSpadden, Keith Wood McWilliams, Fred Miles Madden, Bonnye Malamas, Louis Cna Hundred Seventy-three Mangum, Betty Jeanne Marcum, Lynn F. Mardian, Loretta Rae Marquardt, Ramona Jayne Marquez, Frances Martin, Marlene C. Martin, Mary Ellen Martin, William Lyle Masche, George Caldwel! Matschnig, Priscilla Mayhugh, Margaret Maza, Mario Paul Mazur, Michael Leo Mealey, Marilyn Meldrum, Mark Mendoza, Eliza E. Menzies, Carolyn Joyce Messana, Christopher, Jr. Miles, Robert Miller, Ann Miller, Lee Miller, Marilyn Ann Milovich, Dushan Peter Mitchell, Mary Sterrett Mitchell, Norman Mitchell, Woodine Raye Monteros, Homer E. Moore, Fred, 1 1 1 Moore, Jean Moore, Jean Mary Morton, Paul D. Moseley, Shirleen Ann Moss, Mimi Ann Mueller, Joan Frances Muncy, Yonova Musgrove, Eula Mae Myles, Edward Louis Naegeli, Carl F. Nance, Helen Charleen Neal, William R. Nelson, Carolyn Nevitt, Ruth Newman, Terry Clinton Newsom, Ann Louel! Nichols, Neal Kenneth Nicoll, Donald LeRoy Nielson, El Louise Nimitz, Charles H. Noriega, Armida Norman, Howard Wesley Nunez, Rosie Lourdes Odom, Arthur Douglas O ' Donnell, Sarah Ann Olachea, Herlinda Oneill, A. W. Pat Osborne, Earl William Ostrander, Arlene Rosa Ostrander, Carlene Rosalee Overton, John William Owens, Yvonne Jeanette Padel ford, Fred I. Padiila, Victor B. Pannos, Keke C. One Hundred Seventy-four P O iU AJTAK Parker, Donald Leroy Parker, James Harold, Jr. Parkhurst, Kenneth M. Parra, Pearl J. Pastorino, Kathryn P. Patschke, Patti Ruth Patterson, Nathan Lee Pearson, Mary Louise Perales, Philip Perkins, Barbara Joan Perkins, Dewey Joe Perkins, Edna Patricia Perkins, Robert Melvin Peters, Carolyn Sue Peterson, Betty Joyce Peterson, Pearl Rae Peterson, Tom Mark Pettyjohn, Jimmy Coy Pingitore, Anthony J. Pinnell, Elissa Rose Pipher, Janet Hope Pollard, Wesley Merrill Pool, Mary Lou Potter, Pierce Carter Power, Samuel Lester Preizner, Phyllis M. Prince, Louis Duane Provencio, Arthur T. Prow, Harold James, Jr. Pyeatt, Ronald R. Pyle, Thomas A. Quigley, Juanita L. Quinn, Mary Ann Ramirez, Antonio B. Rawls, William Edgar Ray, Joyce Francise Raymond, William Ronald Reed, Mary Sue Reed, Wanda Jean Richards. Marston Edwin Richards, Nancy Jane Rider, Alice Bea Riley, Joseph Thomas Rivera, Mike Ramos Robson, Delcena Rodgers, Jim Emmett Rogers, Courtney Allyn Rogers, Delbert L. Rogers, Joanne Caroline Romero, Jesus Fernandez Rote, Beverly Rotunno, Danny Rowe, Ernest Ras Rowley, Wilma Ryan, Dixie Ann Sola, Cora An ft Salem, Albert Thomas Salem, Harold David Salter, James Lloyd Samson, Jean Addie Sanchez, Pasqual Navano Sanders, Albert LaMar Sansen, Claude Thomas One Hundred Seventy-five Sargent, Mildred Savage, Don Lawson Sawyer, Bill Frank Schneider, Gussie Schneller, Nancy Rae Schuljak, George Michael Schuljak, Jacob Schultz, Leonard Frederick Schwarz, John Merwin Scott, Guy Wendell Scott, Nancy Marlene Seeds, Marguerite Seibert, Joanne Ethel Sellers, James Robert Sexton, Betty Jim Hirsch, Seymour Shankland, Mary Isabel Sharp, Floyd Bradley Shaver, Robert Lee Sheldon, Marianne Shelton, Robert K. Shill, Victor Lamar Shingaki, Morinobu Shreeve, Franklin Keith Sidwell, Dolores JoAnn Siegel, Richard E. Silva, Tony M. Sing, Margaret May Skinner, Walter Allen Skousen, Velma Slack, William Gordon Slover, Rex Smith, Barbara Jan Smith, Buton Kenneth Smith, Cyril Kenneth Smith, Donald Lee Smith, Doris Louise Smith, Frederick Rye Smith, Grace Audrey Smith, Erna Jan Smith, Jay Merrell Snodgrass, Wanita May SnoW, Loyanne Cozette Snyder, Richard L. Snyder, Sherwood Ray Solomon, David Solomon, Richard C. Sorenson, Joseph A. Spinney, Charles R., Jr. Sporleder. Edward C. Sproul, Merrill F., Jr. Sproul, Ruth Valora Spurlock, Nancy Sue Staich, Edward Daniel Stall ings, Madge Joan Stancil, Gertrude Jean Stauss, Richard Arthur Stensrud, Mary Louise Stephens, Betty Lou Stephenson, James M., Jr. Stevens, Betty Jean Stevenson, Kenneth D. Stevenson, Sharon Lynn One Hundred Seventv-six Stocks, Vivian D Stone, Theodore M. Storr, Roger Don Stradling, James E. Streeby, Ralph George Suk, Rosalie Ann Sullivan, Lawrence F Sullivan, Patricia Ann Sutter, Nancy Anne Swanson, Thomas Irving Taylor, Nena Sue Tenny, Edward Beeler Theodoropoulos, Bessie Thexton, Martha Ellen Thomas, Laura Alice Thompson, Anita Louise Thompson, Robert Adams Thornton. Robert Harold Tierney, Joan Elizabeth Tiffany, Ned Taylor Til ley, Verna Lee Tolby, Quentin Virgi! Trejo, Emily Arlene Trimble, Erlene Tucker, Patricia Lou Turner, Flossie Mae Turner, Gael Lee Tyler, Yvonne M. Tyson, Nancy B. Unsicker, Doris Estella Valencia, Edgar Manuel Vandling, Virginia Lee VanLandingham, Winnifred Vitkovitch, Annie Lou Vollmer, Walter John Walker, Virginia Mae Walker, William Gerald Wallace, Donald Lee Wallace, Joel Bailey Wallace, Robert W. Wallace, Terry Charles Walters, Frederick K. Walters, Richard Paul Wanless, Robert William Ware, Richard Lang ley Wear, George Roy Wearne, Harold T. Weatherhead, Robert Brian Webb, A. Marvin Weber, Donna Margaret Weiler, Joseph Herbert Westfall. Barbara Lou Wheeler, Karl Allison Whipple, Mary Lou White, Jack Evans Wiley, William H. Wilfley, Kathryn Maben Willeford, Valera L Williams, Donald Eliot Williams, Lewis Melvin Williams, Sammy R. Willis, InezS. Willis, Roosevelt B. One Hundred Seventy-seven Willow, Robert Edgar Wilson, Bess Elaine Wilson, Beverlv Marie Wilson, Charles Loyd Wilson, Thomas Henry Wmrow, Lois Mae Wipperfurth, Jerry M. Wolfe, Harry Charles Wood, Colleen Mae Wood, Floyd Ernest Woodall, William H. Wooldridge, Patricia E. Worcester, Beverly Ann Worrell, Margaret Faye Wright, James Charles Withholding, Paul Theodore Young, Shirley Ann Zecca, Aida Marie HEY, FROSH! Where ' s your beanie? In my pocket. Assume the position. 0-o-o-o-o-oh. One Hundred Seventy-eight ALL Starting at the top of the " A " from left to right: Row 1; Steve Gutierrez, Cleveland Oden. Row 2; Tom Piper, Jay Smith, Lyle Pierson, Row 3; Sam Colella, Frank Rogers, Al Derbis, Tom Dudeck, Row 4; Mel Williams, Keith Gunville, Dom Patrone, Nick Maucieri, Row 5; Earl Putman, Art Odom, George Schuljak, Tom Fallen, Row 6; Ed Anderson, Gene Mitcham, Bob Reed, Harley Cooper, Harold Self, Duane Morrison, Wayne Welker, Marvin Wahlin, Virgil Savage, Row 7; Gus Poulos, Buzzie Hover- son, Jim Eslinger, John Stewart, Bob Alford, Al Stange- land, Emory Harper, Ed Pomeroy, Row 8; Tom Sanson, Clarence Olson, Jake Schuljak, John Allen, Row 9; Duane Hellman, Bob Tarwater, James Bilton, Jim Stephenson, Row 10; Dick Mackey, Jim Aitken, Sam Duca, Andy Matesic. DON CAMPORA AL ONOFRIO One Hundred Eighty Larry Siemering wound up his first year at Ari- zona State with a six win, three loss, one tie record. Taking untried freshmen and a few veterans, he welded them into a capable unit. Siemering brought with him Don " Tiny " Cam- pora as his chief assistant coach. Al Onofrio was the backfield coach, Hank Stanton the end coach and Walt Ruth the line coach. Bill Kajikawa was the scout. LARRY SIEMERING HANK STANTON BILL KAJIKAWA WALT RUTH One Hundred Eighty-one THE RECORD ASC 33 . . . . Utah State College 27 ASC 13 University of Arkansas . . . .- . : . 30 ASC 50 Wayne University 6 ASC 14 Hardin-Simmons University . ... . . . . 39 ASC 27 San Diego State College . .. ' .. . . . " 27 ASC 46 New Mexico A and M College ASC 34 . . . . . West Texas State College : ASC 61 University of Arizona . . . . . . . 14 ASC 23 .... ' . Texas Western College 13 ASC 7 Univ ersity of Wyoming ....... 21 ASC retained the National Collegiate Rushing Crown with 3,348 yards gained. Dom Patrone and Marvin Wahlm made the All Border Conference Team. Gene Mitcham prepares to knock a Hardin-Simmons linebacker for a loop. One Hundred Eighty-two 3 37 V ;- f fM For the first time ASC had their pre-season practice at Prescott. Sam Duca and Al Stangeland attempt to high-low Cleve Oden (with ball) as Gene Mitcham and Mel Williams look on. Pete Valenzuela, trainer, Caesar Cipolla, man- ager, and Charlie Ramsey, equipment manager, ex- amine " toothy " Welker ' s helmet. One Hundred Eighty-three Marvin Wahlin, who was sidelined with a knee injury for the better part of the season, tries to skirt past Wuestenburg (25) and Piper (18) of Wayne University. Here s Welker getting away for a gain of eight yards in the New Mexico A and M game One Hundred Eighty-four Morrison goes over for a touchdown in the New Mexico A and M game. That ' s Patrone in the foreground and Morrison is on the ground behind Carlson (27). One Hundred Eighty-five HU ' s Goode (15), leading Border Conference ground gainer, tries to slip by Bob Reed and Sam Duca. PHOTO BV PETERSON This shows the style of blocking and running that won the U of A game for ASC. That ' s Tarwater with the ball in the lower left. Wyoming won this game with the hard blocking and tackling that this picture shows. Tarwater (35) is caught by Martin (70) and Jones (16) of Wyoming. One Hundred Eighty-six The boys carried Coach Siemering off the field after the " U " game was won by a score of 61 to 14. We beat that " Putty Cat " was sung by the team in the locker room with Dick Mackey leading. One Hundred Eighty-seven SIDELIGHTS The pep rally before the New Mexico Aggie game sc girls teams playing a rugged brand of football. Waltz me around again. A new team of Pom-Pom " girls " appeared at this game. Nick Maucieri, in the foreground, dem- onstrates the routine. One Hundred Eighty-eight ROTC RIFLE The combined Air Force and Army Rifle Team watch Kenneth Woods, Dean Gos- ney and Gayle Jennings demonstrate the kneeling position. Captain A. H. Herm the range officer is on the left and T Sgt E. H. Dean, coach, is on the right. ARCHERY This team won the Collegiate Archery Championship this year for the second straight year. Not present is their coach Margaret Klann. One Hundred Eighty-nine MIEN ' S INTRAMURAL A new system for men ' s intra- murals was tried this year. A five member governing board was es- tablished, including Fred Bryant, center, as faculty advisor. The highlight of the intramural year was the annual indoor track meet spon- sored by Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. The team winner was Tau Kappa Epsilon fra- ternity. Top to bottom : Chuck Peabody goes over the last hur- dle to win the 35 yard low hurdles. John Henry Johnson wins the 35 yard dash with a time of 3.2 seconds. Lloyd Benton comes in first in the half- mile walk. One Hundred Ninety Carrol Powell, Gene Smith, Lloyd Benton and Foster Simms ' of LDS after their winning of the cross-country race Bill Paul of ATO leaps over the net after his victory in 1hs fall tennis matches. Intramural volleyball champions were the Tau Kappa Epsilon team. Front row left to right; Dean Dosney, Don Beall, Coy Pettyjohn, Bob Westby. Back row; Bob Mc- Clendon, Bill Adams, Phil Torea, Tom Moffitt, Tex Taylor. Bob Vollner wins the rope climb. One Hundred Ninety-one WOMEN ' S VARSITY These bowlers competed at the annual Sports Day con- clave at Flagstaff. Some of these girls ' hands may be bandaged but they still played heads up tennis. A goal line stand is made by Terry Barrington and Jean Hutsell rushing. Ons Hundred Ninety-two Hulse and Fran Salerno (right) with Marj One volleyball and fifteen women, but only twenty-six feet are in this picture of the Women ' s Varsity volleyball team. These badminton players also competed in the Flagstaff Sports Day. One Hundred Ninety-three WOMEN INTRAMURAL The women ' s intramural set-up differs from the men ' s in that the girls work for points toward an intramural sweater. They also are split into three classes; beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Above are the archery champions; at the left are the tennis champs; and below is the winning volleyball team. One Hundred Ninety-four Edna Ticken hits a long drive. Margie Brown throws the javelin. These girls are playing soccer. One Hundred Ninety-five Bottom row, left to right: Jerry Cover, Charles Roach, Jim Home. Top row: Carl Wilbur, Fred Hickernell, Jerry Beaver, missing is coach Marlowe Keith. Hickernell serves. Home returns. One Hundred Ninety-six The rodeo team, left to right: Harry Thurston, Gayle J ennings, Lowell Rogers, Kent McEuen, Gordon Gilpin. Left: Two men trying to throw a bull. Below: A bull succeeds in throwing a man. One Hundred Ninety-seven He ' s after ' cm. One Hundred Ninety-eight He didn ' t get hurt. He qot ' em. One Hundred Ninety-nine The golf team, from left to right: Bob Westby, Don Johnson, Dave Smith, Bill Paul, Brad Watts, John Elliot and coach Al Onofrio. Paul putts. Westby lines up a putt. Two Hundred BASKETBALL BILL KAJIKAWA Head Coach The basketball team, front row, from left to right: Gordon Ustick, Nick Nitafan, Brad Morris, Bill Burk, Larry Sul- livan. Top row: Ed Senseman, Garden Shumway, Jerry Stite ' er, Bruce Perkins, Phil McCartney, Lester ' Dean, John Allen, Roy Coppinger, Bill Paul, Bill Wanless. SENON CASTILLO Assistant Coach Two Hundred One Scenes from some of the games. Two Hundred Two Two Hundred Three THE ASC 59 ASC 56 ASC 67 ASC 53 ASC 65 ASC 67 ASC 56 ASC 70 ASC 43 ASC 71 ASC 68 ASC 48 ASC 7] ASC 69 ASC 60 ASC 69 ASC 52 ASC 70 ASC 62 ASC 54 70 44 ASC 87 San Diego Marines UCLA San Diego Naval Training San Diego Naval Amphibious Holy Cross Bucknell Siena College Washington and Jefferson Niagar a University ASC at Flagstaff Hardin-Simmons Texas Tech ASC at Flagstaff West Texas Texas Western University of Arizona New Mexico A and M Texas Western West Texas Texas Tech Hardin-Simmons New Mexico A and M University of Arizona 57 85 70 59 78 70 70 81 70 77 62 47 77 70 56 77 74 52 75 75 74 57 59 Manager Milton Currie is issued a ball by Pete Jepson, equipment manager. Two Hundred Four BASEBALL The baseball team; from left to right, first row: Frank Pina, Billy Dean, Bob Hargreaves, Bob Padelford, Sam Duca, Nick Nitafan, Fred DiSalvo. Second row: Roy Coppinger, Rudy Burrolla, Jack Tonnes, Joe Sorrenson, Larry Friedman, Hank Jacobson, Art Rifken. Third row: Jerry Lovitt, Bob Haddock, Rex Chavez, Tanis Madrid, Hal Porter, Philip Ganley, Lloyd Fernandez, Miss- ing are Dwayne Morrison, Burt Rifken and Joe Riley. Bill Ka|ikawa started the season with only four returning lettermen. It ' s too early to tell what the result will be but from here it looks as though it ' ll be good. " Kaji " was assisted in coaching the team this year by Rudy Lavick. BILL KAJIKAWA Coach Two Hundred Five Top left: Art Morquez points out his posi- tion to Ladd Kwiatkowski. Right: Frank Pina stretches for a high one. Dwayne Morrison, center, and Nick Nitafan, right, in fielding positions. Two Hundred Six SENON CASTILLO DONN KINZLE The track team, first row, from left to right: Tony Trepel, Richard Heber, Monroe Crawford, Buzz Welker, Ben Jewell, Manuel Silva, Frank Leath, Earl Herrington, Thomas Whetstine, second row: Harlan Adams, Bob Broughton, Jerry Lee, Leroy Glover, Earl Put- man, Dave Kenley, Tom Deans, Stuart Levy, Thelton Beck, manager. Third row: Donn Kinzle, coach, Chuck Peabody, Clarence Moore, Royd Shumway, Harley Cooper, Allan Christenson, Jim Reppert, Gordon Ustick. Two Hundred Seven " Baldy " Castillo watches the finish form of the Cross Country team. The team won both of its fall meets with the University of Arizona and came in second in the SPAAU meet in Los Angeles. From left to rght: Ben Jewell, Bob Broughton, Manuel Silva, Tom Deans, Larry Sullivan. Manager Thelton Beck issues a meet shirt to Tom Whetstine asTony Trepel looks on. Two Hundred Eight Dave Kenly and Gordon Ustick, pole vaulters. Ben Jewell, team captain, practices starts. " Tiny " Putman puts the shot 52 feet. Two Hundred Nine Tom Deans and Bob Broughton working on windsprints. Deans prepares to start Shumway on to 440. Tom Whetstine high jumping 6 feet 4 inches. Two Hundred Ten Football team, inspired by mural. A distinguished store for men and women Arrow Shirts Hart Schaffner 8- Marx Clothes Dohhs Hats Bostonian Shoes Townley Fashions for women I. Miller Shoes for women Two Hundred Eleven Another cutie. YOUR SAHUARO PHOTOGRAPHER ART CLARK STUDIO FOR THE BEST IN PORTRAITS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CHILDREN ' S PHOTOS SEE RT CLARK dP 613 MILL AVE., TEMPE, ARIZ. Make ItYw Sank NATIONAL BANK 4 ARIZONA PHOENIX ELOY FLORENCE GILBERT SOMERTON TEMPE YUMA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Two Hundred Twelve INSPIRATION CONSOLIDATED COPPER COMPANY Extends best wishes to the 1952 Graduating Class and to Arizona State College at Tempe A PIONEER INDUSTRY OF ARIZONA Dr. Gammage signs for more farm land. Two Hundred Thirteen Student body president Norman Wilson gets plenty of Bookstore service from Man- ager Ray Haire s staff. Left to right are Jane Hunter, Bill Haddock, Wilson, Lu Haddock and (kneeling) Chris Tountas. WE ' LL DO ALMOST ANYTHING TO PLEASE A CUSTOMER Books -:- Decals Stationary Supplies ASC T-Shirts Art and Engineering Supplies Official School Rings Everything for School and the Office Two Hundred Fourteen Serving ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE We take special pride in providing the covers and binding for your SAHUARO. We ' ve served Arizona State College for many years and we expect to continue serving the college for many years to come. ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY 311 W. MONROE PHOENIX For Bindings of Distinction So they ' re in twice. You kicking? Your Headquarters for IVit on Seven Stores to Serve You throughout Central Arizona Phoenix - Mesa - Chandler - Coolidge Casa Grande - Buckeye - Glendale ' ARIZONA ' S FRIENDLY HOTEL The Students ' Favorite Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) Famous Copa Lounge Coffee Shop and Dining Room Sun Parlor and Patio Catering To Private Parties Two Hundred Sixteen ZEB PEARCE and SONS MANUFACTURERS OF Vita-Cro Feed POULTRY AND STOCK FEED SOUTHSIDE DELAY AL DEALERS Milking Machines and Separators WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HEADQUARTERS FOR QUALITY FEED SEED AND AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES 115 West Main St., Mesa, Ariz. Phone Mesa 3496 Phoenix 8-4461 HELPING BUILD A BETTER ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE MARSTON SUPPLY CO. 324 N. CENTRAL AVE. Phone 3-5611 YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND ATHLETIC GOODS Homecoming King and Queen. Two Hundred Seventeen Arizona Christmas tree. Congratulations from Dahlgren Jewelers Always Ready to Serve You 41 West Main, Mesa, Arizona For 31 Years SIGNS of Quality NEON PAINTED INDUSTRIAL PAINTING HIGHWAY ADVERTISING STREET DECORATING :GUERRERO-LINDSEY Phones Phoenix 2-4416 Mesa 5129 Two Hundred Eighteen Traditional Christmas tree GERMAIN SEED PLANT CO. 339 W. Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona Farm, Garden Pet Supplies Wholesale Retail Arizona ' s Most Complete Farm and Garden Store VEGETABLE SEEDS FIELD SEEDS FLOWER SEEDS NURSERY STOCK FERTILIZERS INSECTICIDES FLOWER BULBS GARDEN SEEDS TWIST-EMS HOT-KAPS ETC. 4-H exhibitor. PENNEY ' S At W A V $ F I R $ t Q U A L I T Y ! Serving Mesa and the South Side with First Quality Merchandise for 38 Years J. C. PENNEY CO., 38 W. Main, Mesa Two Hundred Nineteen BEST OF LUCK to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 LESCHER and MAHONEY ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS Phoenix, Arizona Sentinel of the desert. She can putt, too. STEAK HOUSE 4041 N. CENTRAL AVE. Phoenix Delicious CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS Two Hundred Twenty Occasionally we wear coats. OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE Fountain Pens and Automatic Pencils Heinze Bowen Harrington, Inc. 228 West Washington Street Phoenix Phone 4-4179 Congratulations, ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE EVERYBODY ' S DRUG CO. THE REXALL STORE 104 W. Main, Mesa Phone 4587 Whdt ' ll you have, tennis or a swim Two Hundred Twenty-one Guests at the dining hall. SAVE with Combat Gasoline at any Helper ' s Service Station Stretches mileage! Prolongs Engine Life! Two Hundred Twenty-two THE NEW SMELTER AT AJO One Reverberator? Furnace, tw Con- verters and one Anode Furnace equip the new Ajo Smelter. The stack is 360 feet h!r.h bt fafifie Today, the frontiers are still being pushed back in this America of ours .... frontiers that open new fields for scientific achieve- ment and industrial advances .... which in turn create new leisure, broader educational opportunities and higher standards of living. Ajo, Arizona ' s first mining camp, is again a frontier. This time it is the frontier of advanced methods for reducing low-grade Copper ores to usable Copper. The new Smelter at Ajo is the most modern in operation today .... from reverberatory furnace to anode casting wheel every mechanical process is the last word in smelting practice. Copper, so necessary in defense preparedness, so essential to America ' s standard of peace-time living, so indispensible in the development of America ' s future inventions, flows from Ajo and other Arizona copper camps to aid in bettering the American way of life. PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION BISBEE DOUGLAS AJO MORENCI CLARKDALE JEROME ARIZONA DISINFECTANT CO. 548 E. JEFFERSON ST. 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The Valley National Bank cordially welcomes the accounts and friendships of all sincere, ambitious young men and women. VALLEY NATIONAL DANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Two Hundred Twenty-five Senior (juarteoacK riaro ti Sclj no as for extra point KicRcr torn Sanson. School and Sports Supply Company 326 W. Jefferson Phoenix Phone 2-6581 Serving the Sc iools of the 5ouf wesf Freshman Week discussion. Hep-cats. Again We Congratulate ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE On Its Building Program We are proud to furnish the PRE-MIX concrete to McGinty Construction Co. for the new Physical Education Building now under construction. ARIZONA SAND AND ROCK CO. Phoenix, Ariz. Two Hundred Twenty-six KOOL 960 KG FOR THE MOST LISTENED TO PROGRAMS ALL RADIO JJ UL Jo KOOL 960 KG CBS RADIO STATION Valley o 5000 WATTS DAY AND NIGHT KOOL 960 KG Two Hundred Twenty-seven Hole-in-the-rock, part of a new addition to ths campus. the FRONTIER WITH A FUTURE Arizona PUBLIC SERVICE Company is doing its part as a good citizen to help build Arizona into the leading state in our great southwestern empire. You, as students of today, can be proud to take your places as leaders of tomorrow in our Frontier With A Future. PUBLIC SERVICE " - Two Hundred Twenty-eight . . ARIZONA ' S most complete department store as always COURTESY SERVICE FREE PARKING Adams at Second St. ire downtown Phoenix Phone 8-1551 21 N. Macdonald Mesa Phone 4527 CC A DC Two Hundred Twenty-nine Sahuaros in the desert adjoining the campus. M ' DOUGALL-CASSOIJ apparel for MEN since 1897 HICKEY-FREEMAN and OXXFORD CLOTHES . . IMPORTED SPORTSWEAR PHOENIX ' SCOTTSDALE OM L Brown Hoeye Motor Company Two Hundred Thirty Fast game. r =JWA TWA Where in the world do you want to go? Phoenix reservations, information and ticket office at 30 E. Adams Phone 4-7164 DESERT FASHIONS Sf PRESCOTT SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA BILTMORE Well Wishes To Arizona State College WESTERN SUPPLY CO. 837 E. Madison WHOLESALE Plumbing and Heating Supplies Two Hundred Thirty-one Gamma Phi Follies showed these beautiful co-eds. PETERSON - BROOKE -STEINER AND WIST " A Serf ice Organization For Arizona ' RETAIL STORES Howard Stoffi Tucson Yuma Stationers Yuma PETERSON, BROOKE, STEINER - WIST RETAIL STORES P B S W Prescott- Flagstaff P B S W Safford - Mesa 530 West Washington PHOENIX Phone 8-6661 SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT FOR SCHOOL-CHURCH-OFFICE-INDUSTRY Two Hundred Thirty-two Arizona ' s State ' s $930,000 physical education building, now under construction at Normal and Orange Avenues. A NEW PHYSICAL EDUCATION PLANT FOR ARIZONA STATE McGINTY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LUHRS BUILDING, PHOENIX J. H. Welsh and Son Roberts Electric Company Valley Sheet Metal Company GENERAL CONTRACTOR PLUMBING 805 South Central, Phoenix ELECTRICAL 323 W. Washington, Phoenix 230 North 9th St., Phoenix HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING, SHEET METAL Asbestos Engineering Company 1 880 W. Fillmore, Phoenix ROOFING AND DAMPPROOFING Ora Hopper Barrett and Homes 38 W. Missouri, Phoenix LATHING AND PLASTERING 2409 E. Mitchell Dr., Phoenix ACCOUSTICAL TILE E. M. Beach 1040 East Camelback Road, Phoenix BUILDING SECURITIES Two Hundred Thirty-three Boy meets girl. PRINTERS OF THE STATE PRESS Building a better and stronger state together ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE and CORPORATION 4012 NORTH CENTRAL PHOENIX 842 WEST MAIN MESA SOUTH 4th AVE. and 39th ST. TUCSON MANUFACTURERS OF BRICKS AND BLOCKS Two Hundred Thirty- four For Famous Brands Look FIRST to Washington at Second Street FOR OVER 50 YEARS " Arizona State ' s Corner Drug Store ' LAIRD PHARMACY " THE REXALL DRUG STORE- MILL AVENUE AT FIFTH, TEMPE Phone 2922 PRESCRIPTIONS FOUNTAIN SERVICE YOUR TEMPE HEADQUARTERS FOR SUN DEVIL FOOTBALL TICKETS Billy Dean mugs for the camera. Two Hundred Thirty-five Greetings to the Class of ' 52 from THE VARSITY INN " Vflere the Students Co " Vhether your appetite calls for a cup of cof- fee or a full meal, you ' ll always be glad you chose the Varsity Inn. It ' s an Arizona State tradition. College Ave. at Eighth St. Tempe ufif... ' MOST Phoenix Tucson Scottsdale Camelback Center tRS Green Beanies. We got lots of cuties. Two Hundred Thirty-six ARIZONA STATE ' S STUDENT UNION BUILDING YOU CAN MAKE IT A REALITY! This beautiful student center is for YOU and for tlie students who will come after you. MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS NOW. This message is brought to you by the following boosters of Arizona State: POLAR BAR 2809 North Central Avenue Phoenix, Arizona DYE MEDICAL AND OXYGEN SUPPLY CO. 3332 West McDowell Road Phoenix, Arizona RA-TONE ELECTRONICS 128 West Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona SUN CONTROL BLIND AND TILE CO. 2315 West Van Buren Phoenix, Arizona CLICO LABORATORY AND X-RAY SUPPLY 335 West McDowell Phoenix, Arizona KORRICK ' S 106 East Washington Plioenix, Arizona MAID IN ARIZONA FURNITURE 603 Mill Avenue Tempe, Arizona THE HUT 2 02 Mill Avenue 1 empe, Arizona ARIZONA RECORDING PRODUCTIONS 834 North Seventh Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Producers o Your So marc Recording Two Hundred Thirty-seven Policemen from the entire state met on campus for studies. MARK OF GOOD PRINTING .... Your 1952 SAHUARO is a product of Jahn-Tyler letterpress printing. One of Arizona ' s finer printeries, Jahn-Tyler also features photo offset lithography. JAHN-TYLER PRINTING CO. PHOENIX Two Hundred Thirty-eight Diplomas in hand, we pass through the gates into the future. The Editor ' s Message It has been an honor to have served you, the students of Arizona State College as your SAHUARO editor. There were many times when I felt that I was on the verge of insanity. There were other times when I was just as sure that I was crazy. Special mention must be made of Tom Voss and Jim Loper who worked so hard on the engineering of the Voice Of SAHUARO. Their combined efforts represent eight hours of hard work for each minute of the record. My thanks go, too, to Jim Creasman for his many helpful suggestions and acts, and for his narration of the record. Thanks are also due June Payne, who besides her SAHUARO duties, worked on the State Press; wrote, directed and produced a radio show; did the publicity for the Drama Workshop; and handled many other campus projects. To the Barbara ' s and Betty ' s on the staff, we couldn ' t have done without you. To all who worked so hard and so patiently, my thanks. Look back now to pages 121, 122 and 123, to see the pictures of the staff in action. To Dsan Smith, publications manager, thanks must seem very hollow, for, his answer was, yes, to every idea we presented. To Bill Foster, salud amigo. We have tried to make this the most interesting yearbook in the 66 years of ASC. We have had unlimited cooperation from the engravers and the printers. We feel, that from a mechanical standpoint, this is the finest SAHUARO ever produced. This is the first time any college has published a talking yearbook. Whether it is successful depends on your reception. If you are displeased, I take full blame. Fred Barstow Republic Gazette Engraving Co. Jahn-Tyler Printing Co. Arizona Recording Productions Arizona Trade Bindery I

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