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Arizona State University - Sun Devil Spark Sahuaro Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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r Official Publication Associated Students ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE Tempe, Arizona Emery B. (Soap) Dowel I, Editor Sally Streeter, Art Editor Cover by Ben Pedrick Arizona ' s sundrenched blossoms Delicate beauty born of strength, Crown forever the giant guardians Of starry desert nights and Peaceful days. - .?, 1950-1951 at Arizona State College has moved into place in the endless column of years which signify the grow- ing history of a great Southwestern edu- cational institution. In this 65th year, the SAHUARO has chronicled the activities of us all, day by day, as they added up to Living, 1950- 1951, at Arizona State. The SAHUARO starts in May. It smiles at Commencement, swelters in summer school, grumbles at registra- tion, whoops at football, sleeps on va- cations, trembles exam week, dreams through dates and dances, drools at spring and suddenly it ' s smiling again! Drift back, add personal smiles, whoops and dreams, and live this year once more. r--i (jentents YOU are in the SAHUARO! Nothing graces these pages but you, the student body of Ari- zona State. Here you are as you worked., fought, played and laughed at school on the desert. ' SO Spring flies by and summer begins. Always there are lines, lines, lines until finally the lucky ones hit that very last one full of smiles, satisfaction, mortar boards, and gowns. But thousands more form the line up the steps again and into summer school. The process never stops and never stops suggesting that it ' s really worthwhile. Sure, it was hot, but it wasn ' t THAT hot! r- ?SHEO RESf ARCH AIDS SALT RIVER SIERRA ANCHA EXPERIMENTAL F CONFERENCE RECORD 2ii ' 4n :-gr -2_ " l f Burni Men of vision face endless challenge. The accomplishment of a goal, no matter how great, inevitably opens the path to new accomplishment. President Grady Gam- mage is a man of vision. He has given impetus to five years of the most intensive physical expansion ever accomplished by an educational institu- tion. Now that task nears completion, but Dr. Gammage has already embarked on the task of making Arizona State at Tempe renowned not alone for its physical excel- lence, but for its academic excellence as well. Concrete has been poured to form buildings now into these buildings must flow intellectual integrity and knowledge. Arizonans and the educators of America are convinced Dr. Grady Gammage is the man for this job, too. MISS MARY BUNTE Miss Mary Bunte, secretary to Dr. Gam- mage, keeps the activities of the executive offices flowing smoothly with a quiet smile and a calmness that is legendary. DR. and MRS. GAMMAGE The First Lady of the campus, Mrs. Grady Gammage, lends charm and grace to the scene wherever she appears. Arizona Staters see her often and like it. Arizona ' s educational institutions were assured a continuation of intelligent and far-sighted sup- port by the government of the state when Howard Pyle ascended to the Governorship. Governor Pyle is a long-time resident of Tempe and a strong sup- porter of Arizona State College. The Board of Regents of the University and State Colleges of Arizona. The interest and sup- port of this body is reflected in the growth of Tempe during the post-war period. Left to right are Ronald Ellsworth, Michael B. Hodges, M. L. Brooks, Dr. Alfred Atkinson, John R. Babbitt, Sam Morris, chairman, Governor Dan E. Garvey, John M. Scott, Lynn Laney, and Clean T. Knapp. Other mem- bers include Dr. Lacey T. Eastburn, ASC at Flagstaff presidsnt, Dr. J. Byron McCcrrnfck, University president, Walter Bimson, and Dr. Grady Gammage. DR. WELDON P. SHOFSTALL " 5JU DR. MILDRED B. SAYRE PAUL TROVILLO eans Dr. Harold D. Richardson, in his second year as Dean of Arizona State College, continues to lead in the monumental task of coordinating an ever-expand- ing student body, curriculum, and faculty. Dr. Weldon P. Shofstall, now completing his first year at Arizona State, serves as Dean of Students and Director of the Division of Student Affairs. Under his direction the extra-curricular activities of the many campus organizations and of the entire student body have become a truly integral part of college life. Dr. Mildred B. Sayre returned to the ASC campus last fall after a year ' s absence to resume her duties as Dean of Women. She also serves as assistant director of the Division of Student affairs. Paul Trovillo, Dean of Men at ASC, is occupied with the many problems presented by college men throughout the year. He also serves as faculty advisor to the Inter-Fraternity Council. DR. HAROLD D. RICHARDSON ROBERT MENKE DR. ROY C. RICE GEORGE C. YATES Futures are the business of Robert F. Menke. As Director of Placement he is constantly engaged in the task of sending Ari- zona Staters off in the right direction when the job here is done. His batting average is phenomenal, too. Dr. Roy C. Rice, Tempe ' s genial director of summer school, has been away from the campus this year assisting in the establish- ment of a modern education system in Ecuador. Tempeans (and the pipe-making industry) will be glad to see him back. Getting its best foot forward is easy for Arizona State. George C. " Pappy " Yates keeps the eyes of the Southwest focused on the Tempe campus and twinkling with satisfaction and commendation of what they see. He is the public relations director. Dr. Fred Crawford leads Arizona State ' s relentless advance toward university status. He is director of the rapidly-growing department of graduate study. A record number of Master ' s degrees will be conferred by the College this spring. Alfred Thomas, Jr., as Registrar and Director of Admissions, might well be termed the first and last hurdle for Tempeans. His considered judgment lets you in and lets you out! Within his jurisdiction lies one of the most important of the academic functions. Gilbert L. Cady, Comptroller of Arizona State College, is responsible for the fiscal and financial affairs of the institution. The business office is one of the largest administrative departmsnts on the campus. DR. FRED CRAWFORD ALFRED THOMAS, JR. GILBERT L. CADY J [ DR. DAN I EL 0. ROBINSON Agriculture H. B. HARELSON Music DR. JESSIEM. RANNELLS Home Economics DR. H. C. SKINNER Psychology PAULA R. KLOSTER Art H. W. BATCH ELOR " ' Library Science DR. G. M. BATEMAN Physical Science DR. HERBERT L. STAHNKE- 1 Biological Science R. H. LAVIK Physical Education NINA MURPHY Physical Education Arizona State College at Tempe now offers its stu- dents knowledge in eighteen major fields of learning. The people who direct the academic activities of these depart- ments form the keystone of the entire structure. Students and administrators alike must look- to these educators to find the most profitable course for their efforts. DR. IRMA WILSON Foreign Language lOL. C. M. McFARLAND Military Science RUFUS K. WYLLYS Social Science DR. GUY D. McGRATH Education )R. COLLICE PORTNOFF Enolish L. S. NEEB Industrial Arts E. J. HILKERT Business Administration CU AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT Standing, left to right, Dr. D. 0. Robinson, Robert Rasmussen, J. W. Crumbaker, Joseph Blake. Seated, left to right, S. W. Allen, Dr. Ernest Parker, Dr. Thomas Barrett. ART DEPARTMENT Left to right, Phillips Sanderson, Mrs. Doro- thy Bergamo, Paula R. Kloster, Olive Malm, Gwen Burgess. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Left to right, James McGeary, Dr. Hugh Hanson, Dr. Kelly H. Eldredge, Dr. Herbert S. Wallace, Dr. George H. Maughan, Dr. Herbert L. Stahnke. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT Left to right, Frank E. Kohler, Leonard C. Lorens, Shelley Mark, Robert V. Zacher, Virginia J. Ream, George L Sheppard, Lois E. Kelso, Everett R. Shaw, Dr. A. R. Burton, Dick Mount, Mary McKinnon, Austin S. Bratcher, E. J. Hilkert. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to right, Robert F. Menke, Joel A. Benedict, Dr. Kenneth M. Stewart, Dr. Fred Crawford. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Standing, left to right, Dr. Glenn Austin, Dr. Michael Chiappetta, Dr. Samuel Burk- hard, Dr. William F. Podluch, Jr., William C. Prigge. Seated, left to right, Dr. Emily V. Baker, Dr. Lester W. Anderson, Mrs. Margery Anderson, Ira D. Payne, Mrs. Nellie Byers. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Back row, left to right, Dean F. McSloy, Ernest J. Hopkins, Louis Taylor, John Gird- ler, Madoc W. Davies. Front row, left to right, Dr. Leslie P. Bigelow, Richard K. Welsh, Dr. Lew Girdler, Dr. David A. Conlin. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Back row, left to right, C. E. Southern, J. E. Zimmerman, Dr. Fred C. Osenburg. Front row, left to right, Dr. Katharine C. Turner, Mrs. Dona B. Burke, Mary V. Morris, Dr. Col I ice Portnoff. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT left to right, John E. Todd, Dr. Suzanne d ' Orssaud. Dr. Irma Wilson, Mrs. Anna S. Wall, Dr. Mary J. Escudero, Dr. Alfred Von Der Heydt. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Standing, left to right, Mary Essig, Lola Ellsworth, Dr. Virginia Kagy. Seated, left to right, Dr. Jessie Rannells, Mrs. Helen Pickett. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Standing, left to right, L. S. Neeb, Mel C. Ensign, George Ruble, Lucille B. Kaufman, Karl W. Burk, Luther Finley, Charles H. Merritt. Seated, left to right, John B. Goodwin, James W. Elmore, Marlow Keith, W. A. Cavalliere, F. R. Vihel. MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (AIR FORCE) Standing, left to right, M Sgt. Merle M. Yard, M Sgt. Seaborn W. Newton, Col: Roy N. Hillyer, Jr., Capt. Robert F. Shrigley, T Sgt. Ernest H. Dean. Seated, left to right, M Sgt. Garth L. DeWater, Maj. Martin K. Newland. MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (FIELD ARTILLERY) Standing, left to right, Sgt. 1 c George E. Foley, Jr., Sgt. 1 c Harvey W. Behling, Capt. H. S. Hayhurst, Lt. Col. Coy L. Cur- tis. Seated, left to right, M Sgt. John H. Martin, Sgt. John H. Huffman, M Sgt. Donald D. Kennedy. LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Left to right, Margaret Spengler, Harold W. Batchelor. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Left to right, Robert S. Fouch, Dr. F. C. Gentry, Robert B. Lyon. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Back row, left to right, Miles A. Dresskell, Arnold H. Bullock, Harry Rickel, Julian McCreary, Harry B. Harelson. Center row, Mrs. Nadine Dresskell, Bess Berkley, Mrs. Hazel Harvey Quaid, Mrs. Patricia Keat- ing. Front row, Joseph E. Scrafford, Charles 0. Bowers, Felix E. McKernan. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (WOMEN) Standing, left to right, Dorothy F. Gilland- ers, Margaret Klann, Jeanne Evans, Nina Murphy. Seated, left to right, Ann Jervey, Mrs. Joyce Gesas, Ida Devlin, Miriam Joy. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (MEN) Left to right, Rudy H. Lavik, Ronald G. Thomson, William Kajikawa, Fred Bryant. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Left to right, Charles Koelsche, William S. Rawls, Dr. Orus F. Krumboltz, John E. Christensen. Seated, Dr. Alan T. Wager, Dr. Paul T. Miller. PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Back row, left to right, Dr. H. Clay Skinner, Dr. J. 0. Grimes, Dr. Herbert Gurnee, Rex- ford Boiling. Front row, Sydney Smith, Dr. George P. Young, Dr. Joseph V. Holly. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Left to right, Ross R. Rice, Dr. Arnold Til- den, Dr. R. K. Wyllys, Dr. Paul Hubbard, Dr. John H. Krenkel, Dr. Donald R. Van Petten. Here we go again! It ' s September and the Campus explodes like a tor- pedoed gift shop. Unrestrained bedlam bursts forth from sleepy August and never really stops until Summer School is over again. But improbable tasks are tossed off casually and impossible ones with scarcely more effort. Nobody ex- pects to make it, but they stick around and start anyway. " Freshmen, today you ' re gonna paint that A ! ! ! " , X ' ; ' , I Some of that white stuff actually gets on the " A " , too! The freshmen get in the swing. A newcomer learns about canals . . ! ? ! IKeelt ' Already I ' m havin ' tests an ' I ain ' t even been to class yet. " " Let ' s follow this arrow for awhile. " The first glimpse of a new place called home. MARC I SMITH Secretary ED CARSON President, ASASC The nucleus of organization for Arizona State ' s nearly 5000 students is the office of Associated Students of Arizona State College. Here the endless chain of student activities and enterprises are coordinated and administered. During the past year, ASASC officers have spoken clearly and effectively for the student body, and have presented an exceptional program of events. Ed Carson, Student Body President, has given leadership to the Com- monwealth of the Sun Devil rarely equalled on any campus. Vice-president Bob Stump and Secretary Marci Smith complete a triumvirate that has made student government respected on the Arizona State Campus. HHHMHH DONN KINZLE Executive Manager JACK CUTHBERTSON Financial ' Manager BOB NARDELLI Executive Assistant These are the men who make the whole thing go. Without their efforts Arizona State would be a dull place indeed. This sextet plans end directs just about every- thing that makes going to school in the Valley of the Sun entertaining. Under the direction of Donn Kinzle, Bob Nardelli finds the athletes, Dean Smith tells the world about ' em, Tony Bustamente finds you a ticket, (that ain ' t EVER easy!) and Gene Cosper throws the dances to celebrate the victories. Jack Cuthbertson ? .... that boy just pays and pays and pays! TONY BUSTAMENTE Sales Manager BOB STUMP Vice-President DEAN SMITH Publications Manager GENE COSPER Social Chairman ofuaent The legislature of the Commonwealth. Arizona State ' s Student Council meets weekly throughout the year to review the many and diverse issues which appear in student affairs. Standing, left to right, Frank Rooney, Bill Barnes, Glen Farrell, Donn Kinzle, executive manager, Dr. Weldon P. Shofstall, director of student affairs, Jack Cuthbertson, finan- cial manager, Stanley Duke, Bob Forman. Seated, left to right, Dot Janssen, Marci Smith, secretary, Vera Terkelsen, Gene Cosper, social chairman, Bob Stump, vice-president, and Ed Carson, president. BOARD OF FINANCIAL CONTROL Standing, left to right, Glen Far- rell, Bob Stump, Jack Cuthbertson, Jimmy Creasman. Seated, left to right, Dot Janssen, Ed Carson, Dorothy Kirley, Donn Kinzle, Marci Smith, and George Morrell. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Standing, left to right, Soap Dow- ell and Bob Stump. Seated, left to right, Ed Carson, Dr. Dean Kuy- kendall, and Robert Zacher. Not shown, E. J. Hopkins and Gerard McCabe. BOARD OF SOCIAL ACTIVITY Left to right, Marian Wang, Har- old Porter, Bud Cosper, Gordon Gilpin, Joan Archinbeau, Miss Dor- othy Gil landers, and Gene Cosper. GLENN FARRELL AMS President The Associated Men Students of Arizona State make bright spots out of two of the toughest jobs of the year, the Homecoming parade in the fall, and the absolutely fantastic AMS picnic in the spring. Pulling off those two babies is like housekeeping in the lion ' s mouth. Under AMS direction, the Men ' s Judiciary also goes about the task of curbing the over-exuberance of Sun Devil men. They can point with pride to a record of common-sense fairness. Glen Farrell has served as AMS president this year. Left to right, the council includes, Fred McClure, Robert Baird, Jim Bradford, Glen Farrell, Frank Billingsley. Smoothing out the problems faced by women students is the task of the Associated Women of Arizona State College. Under the direction of the Council and the Dean of Women, administrative advisor of the organization, AWS carries out the highly successful Big Sister program for new women students, underwrites a fine scholarship series, and sponsors many delightful social events. President of the organization for 1950-1951 was Dot Janssen. DOT JANSSEN President, AWS Members of the 1950-1951 AWS Council are, standing, left to right, Sally Lou Creswell, Nancy L. Kellogg, Ginny Smith, Delores Benavidez, Libby Bartmus. Seated, left to right, Elnora Geiler, Carol Ann Thiel, Dot Janssen, president, Lorraine Cross, and Patsy Page. Members not shown are Bonnie Treat and Jean Smith. Devil ' s The quest for knowledge never stops. " What ' s trump? " Life without coffee just ain ' t no life at all. Five more voracious appetites storm the counter. V , tna J ati A ' pha Hall, a landmark at Arizona State, brightens the scene on the east side of the cempus. Mrs. Ruth L. Cook, head resident, has led the girls of Alpha through an eventful 1950-1951 school year. Msrrrers of the Alpha Hall Council were, standing, Leona Paulsell, treasurer, Pat Murphy, vice-president, Barbara Br.ibcksr, sacretary, Patsy Killough, publicity chairman, Dorothy Nichols, freshman representative, Ellen Langston, sopho- rc ' e representative. Seated, Marc ' ne Kartchner, assistant head resident, Mrs. Cook, and Libby Bartmus, president. i 9 s 1 I %I East Hall men live literally in the middle of things. You can ' t live closer to the center of the Arizona State campus and with a favorable breeze you can fall out of bed into the chow line. Bill Perry directed traffic in East this year and it got snarled a couple of times, too! East Hall Councilmen for the year were, standing, left to right, William Eaton, Harley Cooper, William Costello, and Charles Loftin. Seated, Ed Senseman, Oscar Maynes, president, Cecil Heftel, and William Cox. Jtatt Forest Avenue became even busier and more pulchritudenous this year with the opening of Gammage Annex in January. Miss Jane Woodward served her first year as head resident of Gammage Hall during 1950-1951. Members of the Hall Counci for 1950-1951 were, seated, left to right, Nancy Kellogg, president, Barbara Spooner, vice-president, Shirley Sunden, secretary, Sue Ann Cheadle, treasurer, Miss Woodward. Standing, Peggy Duane, assist- ant head resident, Darlene Sexton, senior representative, Margaret Somervell, junior representative, Nancy DuBose, sophomore representative, Tamme Reed, representative-at- large, and Pat Groves, freshman representative. - " Rags to Riches " is ths story of Hayden Hall men of 1951. Former residents of Green Gables, the o ' d army barracks on the south campus, the men moved into Hayden after the Christmas holidays. The handsome structure along Apache Drive is Arizona State ' s newest and most modern dormitory. Mrs. Florence Evants is serving as the first head resident of Hayden Hall. Council members included, seated, left to right, Bob Folimer, sophomore representative, Albert Verdugo, president, Mrs. Evants, Adrian Stone, senior representative, Oscar Carroll, secretary. Standing, Don Bennett and Don Hildreth, assistant head residents. JU J4JI Irish Hall, the giant of residences at Arizona State, is winding up another year with ac- complishments befitting its s ' ze. Th2 addition of a neat Snack Bar tucked away in the basement brightened life and added girth for Irish men this year. Bill Ream, as head resident, was an aggressive leader during 1950-1951. Irish Counselors were, beck row, left to right, James Mooney, representative unit A, Max L. Wertz, assistant resi- dent unit C, Bill Flower, assistant resident unit B, Monte Nye, assistant resident unit A, end Archie M. Duncan, repre- sentative unit B. Front row, Don Ciochetti, vice-president, Dallas Bennewitz, president, Bill Ream, Don Jackson, secre- tary, Merle Wackerbarth, representativs unit C, and Frank Billingsley, treasurer. WattL MJt Matthews Hall, another of the more venerable residences at Arizona State, is completing another year of fine traditions in college life. Mrs. Robert Pratt has served as head resident of Matthews this year, succeeding Miss Sallie Hayden, who retired in ths spring of 1950 after a long career of service at ASC. Members of the Hayden Council this year were, left to right, Mary Frances Daniels, freshman representative, Mar- garet Arnold, sophomore representative, Jo Archambeau, senior representative, Lois Foster, treasurer, Terry Hulse, sec- retary, Yolanda Castro, vice-president, Mrs. Pratt, Elnora Gsiler, president, and Jeannine Bartoo, assistant head resident. Malt True to its name, North Hall sparkles that side of America ' s prettiest and busiest horseshoe of femininity. Under the direction of Miss Mary Chonoff, head resident, the girls of North are finishing a busy year of dances, picnics, and parties. Counselors of North Hall this year were, standing, left to right, Ruth Anne Taylor, publicity chairman, Shirley Smith, junior representative, Barbara James, sophomore representative, Barbara Akers, freshman representative, and Helen Duquette, activity councilor. Seated, Jerry Reich, secretary, Sally Lou Creswell, president, Miss Choncoff, Ida Price, assistant head resident, and Ana Mae Victor, treasurer. Stadium Hall, after playing host to thousands every Saturday night during the fall, turned in a full year of activities. The home of pigskin artists from far and near, Stadium was led this year by John Padelford, head resident. Council members at Stadium were, standing, left to right, Wilford White, Everett Reed, Henry Rich. Seated, Ar- mando Provitola, Padelford, and Hector Martinez. South Hall is another reason for the popularity of the quadrangle. Under the direction of Miss Alice Howe, the girls of South are completing a year of college life rich with fun and frolic. South Hall Council members this year were, standing, left to right, Carrie Montoya, junior representative, Carolyn Corley, sophomore representative, Babetta Muller, senior representative, Jackie Cooper, freshman representative, Betty Kay Dougherty, activities council. Seated, Caura Longenbaugh, treasurer, Ginny Smith, president, Miss Howe, llyne De- guchi, assistant head resident, Alysse Farlow, vice-president, and Sally Hocker, secretary. i Wed JUt Scenic highlight of the Arizona State campus is stately West ' Hall. Behind its Colonial veranda have grown great traditions and 1950-1951 has added lustre to these. Miss Margaret Walsh is the guiding spirit of West Hall. Members of the West Hall Council this year were, standing, left to right, Rachel Love, recording secretary, Joan Franks, corresponding secretary, Betty Painter, treasurer, Hannah Jean Schooler, senior representative, Jean Williams, junior representative, Bette Del Rae, sophomore representative, Mary Lou Mclntosh, freshman representative. Seated, Bonnie Treat, president, Miss Walsh, Maxine West, assistant head resident, and Shirleen Allen, vice-president. (State JERRY McCABE Editor News of the Tempe campus continued to pour out clear and concise during 1950-1951. The Arizona State Press, with a long record as one of America ' s finest college newspapers, made informative reading along College avenue each Tuesday and Friday morning. Jerry McCabe served as editor-in-chief during the first semester, and Don Dedera took over in the spring. Bill Landis and Al Aggson were managing editors under McCabe. Ernest J. Hopkins, Professor of Journalism, is faculty advisor. J , ( J, AL AGGSON VINCE STROMBERG PEGGY WILLIAMS BEN McGUINN RALPH WILSON DON MATES DON DEDERA State Press staff members gathered around The Desk include, left to right, Al Aggson, Vmce Stromberg, Ben McGuinn, Ralph Wilson, Dallas Bennewitz, Prof. Ernest Hopkins, Lou Mroz, Ira Wilson, Don Mates, Jack Reis, and Don Dedera. DALLAS BENNEWITZ Advertising Manager v SAL STREETER Art Editor SOAP DOWELL Editor VIC NIELSEN Sports Editor NORMA ERICKSON Suhauro, 1951, was begun in September with only one objective by its staff to be published on time! With a combined experience total of zero, and a vague something called " May 10th " haunting them, they jumped in. Sal Streeter designed every page, chose hundreds of pictures; Vic Nielsen told the story of Sun Devil athletes; Jeanne Whitney, Norma Erickson, Bill Foster and Al Escobedo did everything cut, paste, type, file, chsck, recheck! Soap Dowell wrote a little copy and pierced the air with deafening roars " May 10th! " Did we make it? You and we know now, but when this was written . . . well, it was quite a battle. IFAMMC XA UIITMFV RIM PHQTFP " Hi I " October means football at Arizona State. Week- ends full of bands, rallies, parades, yellow mums, and skyrockets. October ' 50 was well nigh perfect if you saw your football from the Sun Devil side of the stadium. Remember? ' 50 GERALD BLUM Vice-President MILDRED SENSEMAN Secretary-Treasurer Office is " The best bunch of freshmen I ' ve ever seen, " is what Student Body President Ed Carson called this group during indoctrina- tion week. Tempe ' s 1950-1951 fledglings have earned permanent possession of that title in the ensuing months. Stanley Duke served as Freshman president this year. Gerald Blum was the vice-president and Mildred Senseman the secretary- treasurer. STANLEY DUKE President freshman Class lm ST Adams, Robert W. Adams, Shirley Maude Adams, Virginia Adler, Donald E. Aguirre, Jessie Akers, Barbara Alcarez, Arnulfo Alexander, J. B. Aloian, James Alkire, George C. Jr. Allen, Joe F. All red, James Amado, Belia R. Amador, Alma Rose Amador, Caroline Gloria Ameling, Leola Mae Anderson, Andy Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Hunter Anderson, John Anderson, Lyneer Anderson, Sylvester Anderson, Velva Joan Andrews, Gerry Andrews, Robert Anstin, Wayne Argel, Raymond P. Arnold, Mary Ann Ashcroft, Beulah Ann Ashcroft, Lloyd Asher, Betty Jean Atchison, Olan L. Averit, Jeanne Elinor Axtell, Lois Mary Baber, Benny Baca, Fidencio Baker, Frances Baker, Lyle Edward Bollard, Thomas R. Barbee, Jack B. Berkley, Vernon Barriga, Joe C. Barrington, Marjorie Barren, Gracie Ann Bartholomew, Lyall L. Bashor, Darrel L. Bassetti, Ray Bathke, Jess Bauer, C. Donald Bayne, Albert E. Beardmore, Sue Beaver, Jerry Beaner, Thelma Becker, Bernice Bednorz, Gerald Belmonte, Dominic Bentz, Connee Berkey, David George Berry, Glen Biddulph, Joan Bienenfield, Betty Bingham, Betty Black, Colleen Black, La Dawn Blackman, Van Blaine, Bob Blum, Gerald Blundell, James Bogner, Robert L Bohn, Thelma Lee Boles, William H. Bolitho, William C. Jr. Boozer, Cardie Bouton, Suzanne Bracamonte, Robert R. Bradley, Adrain Bradley, William Bramer, Carl L. Breedlove, Jean Brindley, Lou H. Brooks, Anna Lorraine Brooks, Nondas Brooks, Ronald David Brown, Esther Ann Brown, John W. Brown, Joseph H. Brown ; Margaret Brubaker, Barbara Brush, Jean A. Buchel, Fred Bunting, Dawn Burgbacher, Ralph Burgener, Robert E. Burns, Gladys Eileen Burton, Beatrice B. Bustamante, Hector Bustamante, Reges Bustard, Nancy Anne Butler, Donald M. Byrd, Cecil Max Cabello, Ralph Cake, Howard M. Calhoun, Margie Camp, Marjorie Ann Campbell, Dale H. Canalez, Armando Candill, Verle Cansler, Carl B. Cardwell, Tommie Carr, Betty Lou Carragher, Rosalie Inez Carroll, Oscar L. Castro, Belia Chapman, Hope Chapman, Robert D. Chapman, Telford Chappie, Ronald Chase, Clarabelle Chavez, Sid Cheatham, Earnest Cherry, Noel Christensen, Ray Dean Christian, David Roderick Chunn, Bernice A. Clardy, Janis Claridqe, Harmon Case Clarkson, Dale Cleveland, George Clifton, Barbara Ann Cluff, Jeanne Coates, John Arthur Coates, Leona Coats, Martha Coker, Fremon Cole, Carl Cole, Rob ert Allen Coleman, Edwin Compau, Richard Coombs, Raymond Cooper, Howard Cooper, Jacquelyn Cory, Mary Jane Costello, William T. Cox, Billy Eugene Crabtree, Sidney Craig, George Craigmyle, Betty L. Crandall, Betty Crandall, Wilford Crispelle, James Crook, Joan Lee Crumpler, Owen E. Culling, Dora Culling, Dorine Cunningham, Patricia Curell, Mary Ann Currie, Milton W. Curtis, Nelson Dakins, Carroll Dale, Nancy Jean Dame, Robert J. Damon, Edward Daniel, Phyllis M. (Mrs. Daniel, Shirley Daniels, Mary Frances Davenport, Tommy Davis, Mary Ann Dean, Betty J. Dean, Billy A. Deering, Elizabeth Den i son, Leroy Derbis, Albin De Vincentis, Albert De Vinney, Neal G. Devorkin, Maxine Dick, Mary Annette Dodd, Charles R. Dooley, Dick Dougherty, Betty Kay Doyas, James Drover, Alan Bruce Drown, J ' mmie W. Druding, Anna Lee Dryer, Hobert F. Dudeck, Thomas Duke, Stanley D. Dunagan, Betty Jo Duncan, Archie Dunn, Fannie Dwight, Barbara Dye, Margaret Eody, Lawrence Edward , Velma Gladys Edwards, Marilyn Eismon, Edward Elder, Jayne Elfstrom, C. G. Elliott, Barbara J. Elliott, Billy Elliot, John Ellis, Andy Enloe, Sue Ennis, Robert E. Erickson, Michael Estrada, Henry Etter, Jack Lee Eyrnann, Paul Fallon, A. Jean Farley, Jacauie Jo Ann Fay, Sylvia Sue Felix, Felipe Fenimore, James Ferrin, Janece Ferrin, Lee Fernandez, Lloyd Fieldness, Rosemary Fields, Calvin Findlay, Mary E. Finnell, Shirley Fish, Joseph Fisher, Fred L. Fitzgibbons, Jerry Lee Fix, Ruth Marilyn Flanagan, Alice Flemming, Robert L. Flick, Zora Floreo, Juan Mendoza Floyd, Thomas Flynn, Marian Foley, Leland Foote, Dale Morral Fornara, Louis Fornara, Robert E. Foster, William J. H. Fowler, Mary Emma Frahm, James Kenneth Frank, Orin Frank, Robert J. Freeman, Carole Joan Fuentes, Gabriel A. Fulbright, Richard L. Fuller, Don Fulton, Martin 0. Gamble, Margaret Gandee, Shirlee Garcia, Filipe Leon Gardner, Harvey L. Gardner, James Earl Garote, Joan Gatz, Donald Gaylor, William George Gee, Glenn George, Jody Ghernushin, William Gibson, Stuart Gill, Evelyn Louise Gillespie, Rosa Jane Gilpin, Gordon Glover, Lee Roy Goff, Ramona Jean Goggin, James D. Goodfellow, Allan Goldie, Jack Gorman, Douglas Gosney, Dean Gottlieb, Philiip Grady, Reginald Leroy Graham, John J. Graham, Norvell E. Graham, Sylvia Green, Shirley Grimes, Judy Groom, Robert Grove, Patricia Ann Grundy, Shirley Haack, John M. Hager, Joan Haie, Betty Roe Hall, Edgar Hall, Gwen L. Hallmark, Eddie Halloway, Ronald Allyn Hamburger, Murray Hammer, Angela Hand, Randall Hand,. Winfield Hanger, Marian Hankins, Lizzie Mae Hannan, William Hansen, Maurine Harley, Marcelene Harris, Rosemary Harris, Ruth Harris, Sharon Hartmann, Arthur J. Hatch, M. Coy Hayes, Cecil R. Hayes, Edwin Hayes, William C. Hazen, Sarah Helmkay, Carol Henay, Jerry Henderson, James E. Hendrickson, James P. Henry, Wilma Lorraine Hess, Lawrence Hewitt, H. Albert Heywood, Newell W High tower, Carl Hightower, Peggy Hilliker, Dean Hinsh, Carol Dorothy Hirsch, Roslyn Hirsh, Harvey Hirnberg, Martin A. Hitt, Woodrow W. Hohensee, Jack Darrel Holland, Jackie Ray Nolle, Fredric Hollis, John Holmes, Lois Mae Holzman, Norman L. Hooke, Betty Jean Hooks, Betty Hoopengarner, Harry Horn, Donald R. Horney, Wilbur L. Hosted, Thomas Huddle, Pat Huls, Frans Hunter, Queindella Huntress, Harold Hutchinson Jim Hyde, Willard Ikeda, Masumi Ingels, Pat Isaacs, Allen Leonard Jackson, David Lee Jacques, Nancy Marie Jacquet, Katherine Jaeger, Shirley Jennings, Gayle Jennings, Mae Catherine Jensen, Irvin A. Johnson, Dixie Lou Johnson, Eileen Johnson, Huyson James Johnson, Lee Johnson, Richard Johnston, Donald L. Johnstone, William Jones, Anne Jones, Barbara Lee Jones, James C. Jr. Jones, Joellen Jones, Ray Jones, Raymond Jones, Sylvester W. Jones, Walter B. Kalisz, Gene A. Karsatos, James Kasold, Robert Katsenes, Katherine Kaufax, Irwin Kee, James Ronald Keith, Caryl Jean Kelleher, Mary Kelly, Barbara Kelly, Robert Kenly, David Kennedy, Shirley Ann Kent, Bryan Phillip Kiene, George B. Kimball, Jo Ann King, Willamina Kinsley, Otho Kiple, Metla Sue Klein, Leah Janet Kling, Jean Koch, Nadine M. Koger, Beryl E. Kosak, Renee Kozak, Stanley J. Kramer, Billie Jo Krentzer, Jerome Kurtzeman, Al Ladlow, Charlene Lamb, Betty J. Lamb, Lorna Lane, Sammie La Rae Longer, Loyd Larson, Barbara Larson, Robert Laughrun, Li la Rose Lavold, James S. Law, William Harrison La we, Diane Lower, Joseph William Lawton, Robert Le Beau, Helen R. Lee, Elmer Leffue, John Clayton Lentz, Leola Le Vonne Lester, Carol M. Lewis, Barbara Lewis, James Thomas Lewis, Mary Margaret Lien, Robert Lind, James Lindly, Betty Lou Lindquist, Jerome Lipscomb, Joseph Lizarraga, Frank Loftin, Charles R. Longo, Sam Lough ran, Mike Louthian, Doris Lovitt, Dona Lyle, J. B. Lynn, Charlene Lucero, Nicholas Luckie, Mildred Lundeen, Joycilla McAllister, Anna McAllister, Thomas W McAnally, Wanda McArthur, Coleman McBiles, Carol Don McCarthy, William McCleve, Kenneth McCollum, Mary McCreary, Willie Mae McDonald, Jim McDonald, Margaret McElhannon, Neil McEuen, Jerry McGann, Joe Me In tosh, Mary Lou McJunkin, Darlene Me Laws, Larry Mac Lean, James B. - m SiM I I McVey, Ann Madison, Nancy Madrid, Tanis E. Malloque, Joseph R. Mancino, A I do Manion, David F. Manning, Betty Jean Marre, James D. Mariani, Quido Manos, Dorothea Martin, John W. Martin, Tommy Martinez, Hector Martinez, Ramon F. Martinez, Juanita Mason, Robert Massetto, Barbara Mould in, Lee Mayberry, Keith Mayhugh, Eugene Maza, Manuel A. Mendoza, Humberto Mercer, Maryvan Merlin, May Merrill, Buddie Jean Millener, James C. Miller, Robert Dean Miller, Robin L Milnes, Dorothy Moassen, Jack Montelango. 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Rottler, Wilfred Rowe, George Vernon Ruch, Joanne Rugenstein, Edith Ruiz, Virginia B. Rundle, L. S. Rye, John Ryley, Frank M. Sandheger, Richard Sager, James F. Sanchez, Tony M. Sanford, Bonnie Jean Santana, Luz Santone, Jack Scannell, Grace Scarpone, Dan Schaefer, Kenneth Schmit, Edward Peter Jr. ; Schuster, James Phillip , Schwartz, Bruce E. Schwerdtfeger, Bill Scott, John Edward Seaman, Hess Senseman, Mildred Serrano, Delia Sethe, Vivian Seymour, Barbara Rae Shaffer, Nadine Shafer, Neil Shaughnessy, Joseph Jr. Shaw, Earl L Shepley, John Shelley, Shiela Maria Sherman, Ruth Ann Shill, Wilson T. Shipley, Theodore E. Shipley, Patricia Shoffner, Leona Shook, John Calvin Shumway, Gordon Shumway, Royd Sigworth, Beki Sikorski, Joan E. Silva, Manuel Sims, Douglas Sirrine, Kent Skouson, Glenn Smitch Jettie Smith, Arlene Smith, Barbara Smith, Edward J. Smith, Grant M. Smith, Henry B. 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Ruth Zschiegner, Jon The necessity for rebuilding the defense machine of the United States during the past year has brought the Reserve Officer Training Corps into unprecedented prominence during 1950-1951. The first Tempe-trained cadet accepted a commission in the Regular Army in February, and many others will be leaving soon to join the armed forces. Both the Army and the Air Forces maintain units at Arizona State. ' ROBERT H. FORMAN Cadet Colonel, ROTC Air Group Staff included, Cadet Lt. Col. Richard J. Schimberg, Cadet Major Law- rence L. Shelp, Cadet Capt. Corwin T. Wil- son, Cadet Capt. Gerald E. Watkins, Cadet 1st Sgt. Jay Breshear. Field Artillery Battalion Staff included, (1st semester) Cadet Lt. Col. Robert H. Forman, Cadet Major Earle R. Bottemiller, Cadet Capt. Charles B. Jenefsky, Cadet Capt. Lawrence Clark, Cadet Capt. David Andrews, Cadet M Sgt. Charles Loftin. Regimental Staff included, (1st semester) Cadet Colonel Max Hanlon, Cadet Lt. Col. Charles St. Clair, Cadet Major James E. Redden, Cadet Capt. Kenneth Johnson, Cadet 1st Lieut. Walter E. Beatty, Cadet 1st Lieut. Darrell E. Hollar, Cadet M Sgt. LeRay Welker, Cadet T Sgt. Wayne Welker. Sergeant Goodfellow barks the cadence as a new group of Cadets learn a soldier ' s first lesson ... to know beyond a shadow of a doubt left from right. . ' I ' " - ' ' . ' ' iW-i. ...-,:. ' . ' ' " Eyes Right! " A stiff breeze whips the Ensign as the Color Guard steps sharply across the parade ground. A company of Air Force Cadets prepare to step off in an early morning drill. Cadets also receive extensive academic training in military science. The 50-piece Arizona State ROTC band stands at attention awaiting the command to " Sound Off! " The Corps of Officers listens attentively as the orders of the Commandant are read. Sparkling brass and gleaming leather are everywhere in evidence as the Regiment en- gages in a full-dress review and inspection. Minor alterations appear inevitable as a new Cadet ruefully eyes the results of his first visit to the supply sergeant. " With an AAaaAA! " Cheerleaders Rocky Maynes, Betty Hammer, Joe lantorno, Jeannie Harris and Jack Bar ' cee bring ' em out of the huddle. A delightful addition to the Goodwin Stadium scenery last fall were the Pompom girls. Top row, left to right, Donna Lovett, Barbara Witten, Carol Terry, Leona Coates, and Virginia Adams. Lower row, left to right, Barbara Akers, Janice Wilky, and Janece Ferrin. Sun Devil rooters jam the Old Main walk for a final lung check before jumping off for the never-to-be-forgotten Tucson in- vasion. Dr. DeGroot brought a husky New Mexico squad to Tempe to receive a licking that set the theme for their entire season. Here Bill Gosselin (26) moves up to help halfback Whizzer White. White starts from the shadow of his goal posts, cs tackle Jim Treguboff smacks the ears off a NMD Lobo. The Dsviis ran j away with this one. 41 to 6. ED DOHERTY, Head Coach Head coach Ed Doherty culminated four years of con- sistent effort in the 1950 season with the best football team in the school ' s history. He resigned in November, leaving behind an excellent record of team development. Assistants Bill Quinn, Walt Ruth, Al Onofrio, and Hank Stanton deserve no small credit for moulding the Sun Devil squads. Their individual, well done, jobs combined to produce the offensive and defensive know-how that marked our team. In addition to coaching, Onofrio and Bill Kajikawa, win- ter-time basketball mentor, scouted the opposition, and Quinn ' s calisthenics separated the men from the boys. BILL QUINN AL ONOFRIO WALT RUTH HANK STANTON Arizona State at Flagstaff came down to the Valley of the SJH with grim determination to knock off the high-flying Devils, but were frustrated no end, 63 to 0. Here halfback " Buzz " Welker sho s fine ball carrying form, as end Bill Fatouras comes up to dissuade Lumberjacks Collier (41 ), and Spivey (28). After the varsity mopped up in the first half, the reserves took over to run up a lop-sided vic- tory. Everybody got into the act, as coach Doherty cleared the bench in the last half of the Flagstaff game. The Athletic Board of Con- trol grants letters on the basis of " . . . outstanding play in a traditional game, " and here John Stewart (19) and Phil Perrino (41 ) earn theirs. Other Sun Devils are Bill Hammer (39), and Grant Whitmer (21 ). Lumberjacks are, left to right, Eldridge, Moss, Bellomo, Falcon, Stephens, and Collier. Tackle Keith Gunville (10) clears the way for Bobby Fuller (with ball), as Fuller demonstrates he can tote the ball too, as well as make bare-footed place kicks. The large number of Flagstaffers who were left behind on this one are, left to right, Sanchez, Swartz, Odon- etto, Collier, De Leon, and Headington. fc.7 u , V . November meant Homecoming. Old Grads and old friends " from far and near " jammed the old town to the rafters. Thousands watched Arizona State ' s finest parade move down Central Avenue, whiskers grew in unheard-of places, some non-con- formists went swimming, and Captain John Zucco led the Demons to greater triumphs. Had a coupla mid-terms, too . . .! MARK MARKICHEVICH JEAN SMITH ftmecminq Queen A prize-winding prophecy! Posse and nappy (?l prisoners! A cool winner rolls by. Homecoming royalty and . . . friends! Homecoming, 1950, eclipsed any other frolic or festival that ever engaged the eyes, lungs, elbows and hearts of Arizona Staters. Well-earned super- latives were heaped upon every phase of the cele- bration. From the moment the first six-gun was strapped on Monday morning until the last ecstatic gurgle died away late Saturday night, Sun Devils had fun, fun, fun 1 Old Grads poured in by the thousands, parties and banquets rolled by in such quick suc- cession that the crockery could hardly dry, parades and rallies rattled the butte! And the Demons sacked the San Diego Aztecs 31 to 13 ... it was quite a week!! Four stories of stubble. Quadrangle hi jinks by guys, lasses, and . . . ! College Avenue cowboys snare a dudette. A salute to the Silver Anniversary class. King Marko and Queen Jean inspect the bull-pen facilities. The era of the flapper returns to Mil Avenue. ' W ' 40, Grads check in for Homecoming festivities. Secretary Creasman greets alumni. Attainment of a degree in no way means the severing of college associations for Arizona State graduates. Fanned by the irrepressible personality of Jimmy Creasman, alumni secretary, spirited alumni chapters of Bulldogs and Sun Devils alike have sprung to life across the length and breadth of the nation. Through the pages of the Arizona States- man, alumni magazine, Tempe students of two centuries are cutting up old touches. Tom Lillico, president of the Alumni Association this year, has literally blanketed the banquet circuit with Creas- man, spreading the enthusiasm of Arizona Staters. Harriett Olsen handles the home office chores and makes certain Creasmcn and Lillico head for the correct chicken dinner on the proper date. TOM LILLICO HARRIETT OLSEN JAMES CREASMAN You made me love you ! Arizona State College has produced many organ- izations and institutions of which it can be justly proud, but none surpass the brilliance and excel- lence of the famous Sun Devil Band. The stirring music and spine-tingling drills of this group have become legendary in the Southwest. From the first football game in September to this Recessional of Commencement the Sun Devil Band presents a series of musical performances which amaze and delight thousands. DUKE MILLER un Band The Old Gray Mare with a brand new twist. Wtj . j A great moment from a triumphant evening. Director of the band and engineer of their ex- travaganzas is Felix E. McKernan. Bandmaster McKernan has proved himself to be not only a great musician but a showman in the American tradition as well. The productions which he plans and directs would excite the imaginations of Barnum and Souza. Field Commander of this great aggregation is Drum Major Duke Miller. FELIX McKERNAN Darlene Miller, Duke Miller, and Marian Flynn step high to a solid beat. Miraculous precision draws the applause of thousands. One of America ' s finest bands leads the way down Central Avenue. The Freshman " sym -phoney " blares approval of Sun Imp pigskin efforts. Fine blocking by guard Joe Tassinari helps White get away from New Mexico A M ' s Mayfield Farragut (21 ). ASC ' s stellar defensive end, Jess Pease, made his side of the line nearly impregnable against Utah State. He was partly responsible for the 28 to whitewashing handed the Aggies. At left, he is about to put the clincher on Aggie Darwin Woodbury. Utah ' s deepest drive into ASC territory carried only to the 20-yard line, largely on the efforts of Woodbury, and Tod Carlini, plunging Aggie full- back. Marvin Wahlin, Harley Cooper, and Hank Rich started the Utah State game, in reward for sparkling practice session form. They drew first blood, setting up a Bob Hendricks to Bill Gosselin touch- down pass in the first quarter. Whizzer White and the rest of the first string backs were released from their " bench duty " in the second quarter to tear the Aggies apart, with White scoring on two long runs. White went 31 yards on this one, with assists from Hendricks and captain John Zucco. Then . here. went 60 yards on the thriller shown Devils in JIM AITKEN End BOB ALFORD Fullback That ' s Harley Cooper carrying the New Mexico A M defense. JIM BRANDON End New Mexico A M was swamped, 49 to 0, as Manuel Aja ' s passing, White ' s running, and a great defensive team again held the opposition scoreless. Aja ' s passing role was introduced in this game, and proved to be a salvation later in the season. At right above, Aja bowls over Aggie Tamuty (1 1 ), as he fires the other barrel of his offensive powers. HARLEY COOPER Right Half A new star arose on the ASC gridiron horizon, as Harold Self took over the quarterbacking from injured Bob Hendricks. He made his debut against the Aztecs of San Diego State, and became the prize rookie of the year as he rigged the Devil ' s strategy to a 31 to 13 win over the Aztecs. A sample of the defense the Aztecs faced is shown at the right. Gathered around are Sun Devils Fatouras (43), Hammer (39), ting the fear of the Devils in NM A M ' s Mclntyre (24). Virgil Savage (27), and Cooper (46) put- Devils Duca (49), Muniz (55), Patrone (1 a crusher on Aztec quarterback Jesse Thompson. and Aja (34) look on while Keith Gunville (10) drives in for MANUbL AJA Fullback UILK ALUNZU Center IUINY BALbAMU Tackle tMILIU UIAUIN Tackle BILL GOSSELIN End BILL HAMMER Guard CLIFF HUGOBOOM End MARK MARKICHEVICH Right Half Speedy San Diegoan Art Preston shows his heels to Emery Harper (40), Duca (49), Gosseim (26), and Bob Alford (29). BOB FULLER Left Half MANUEL MUNIZ Guard PHIL PERRINO Fullback ARMANDO PROVITOLA Guard Team physician Thomas Hughes and Larry Kentera, frosh coach, look over Aja ' s minor arm injury suffered in the San Diego game. BOB RIPPEL End CZESLAW SCHMIDT Tackle JOE TASSINARI Guard JIM TREGUBOFF Tackle WILFORD WHITE Left Half CAPT. JOHN ZUCCO Guard J i Sept. 23: ASC 41, Brigham Young . ...13 Sept. 30: ASC . ....41, New Mexico 6 Oct. 7: ASC - ....63, Flagstaff Oct. 14: ASC 14. Hardin-Simmons 41 Oct. 21: ASC 28, Utah State Oct. 28: ASC 49, New Mexico A M Nov. 4: ASC 31, San Diego 13 Nov. 11: ASC 47, Arizona 13 Nov. 18: ASC 21, Colorado A M 13 Nov. 25: ASC 48 Idaho 21 Jan. 1, 1951: ASC 21, Miami U. ...34 " game! Ace defense man Don Fanch Miller (11 ) and U I lorn (55) decic Two left halves, White and Marvin Wah ' in, indulge in a prescribed snooze . . . while Self, Aja, Grant Whitmer, and Fuller read to relax. Then came the week of the " U " game! The campus and student body reared up as a whole to discover heights of spirit and enthusiasm never yet attained. The team participated in pep rallies, and response to them was terrific. The college was theirs for a week. Outsiders classed the Sun Devils as underdogs, dsspite their record of six wins against one loss. Then the Devils dumped the dope bucket, and kicked the whey out of the Wildcats, 47 to 13. Early in the game, quarterback Self caught the ' Cats sleeping, and gained ground when it was vital. The " U " didn ' t have a chance from then on. Aja, Markichevich, Self, White, and ends Rippal and Gosselin combined to completely outscore the ' Cats. The State defensive team sparked by Patrone, Pease, and Gunville held down the brilliant Ed Wolgast and completely frustrated the ' Cats. hauls hapless ' Cat Ed Wolgast to the ground, as Duca (49) and Tony Balsamo (52) are near in case do anything about it. Head trainer Drum Bissett tapes Alford ' s ankles before the game . . . standard procedure. ED CZAPLAK Tackle Carl Eller (44) and White argue about who gets the ball One of Marko ' s line slams, stopped by Huish (54), Fiihr, Kelly (14), and Stanton (81 ) SAM DUCA Tackle DON FANCHER Center BILL FATOURAS Tackle BOB GOODFELLOW End KEITH GUNVILLE Tackle EMERY HARPER Center BOB HENDRICKS Quarterback Hammerm ' Henry Rich (with ball) intercepted three of the ' Cats ' passes that night to run his total to eleven, tying a national record. Here he se s sail after his third steal, accompanied by Ullom (55), and protected by tackle Ed Czaplak (51), who really laid one into Bill Glazier (82). ' Cat Ed Miller (11) is bewildered by it all. Sparkling eyes tell the story, as White, Doherty and Rippel celebrate. Do- herty ' s coat is wst from the traditional enforced showerbath. " ... a bunch of the boys were whooping it up in the Tucson dressing room . . . " Players, clockwise, Hugo- boom, Fatouras, Rich, Bal- samo, and Fancher. " Nellie " Aja and Marko, with " , once, but twice in a row! that wonderful feel in ' . . . " Not Bill " Goose " Gosselin ' s pass-snagging accounted for two touchdowns in the Colorado A M came. Here he shows ' em how it ' s done. Yep, you guessed it ... that ' s White behind him. JOHN HOGAN End LOU I AN I Tackle CORNELIUS McGRADY Guard DOM PATRON E Guard 8 Bob Rippel runs into a nest of Vandals after grabbing an Aja pass, as teammate Dick Alonzo (50) comes up, accompanied by Joe Tassinari (18). Opinion had it that the Devils would slump after trouncing the U of A, and lose to a snappy Colorado A M team. But they threw some timely passes, and Mark- ichevich carried the brunt of the ground at- tack to wind up on the happy end of a 21 to 13 score. At right, Jess Pease (56) and Sam Duca look on while Devil defensemen gang up on Aggie Straub (13). Dixie Howell brought his Idaho Vandals to Tempe for the last regular game of the sea- son, and expected a sure, but close, victory. But the rugged, fast Sun Devils couldn ' t see it that way. White played one of the most brilliant games of his career, and along with Aja, Wahlin ,and Markichevich rolled up a total of 572 yards. Above, White nearly fakes Dick lorns (34) out of his socks. ARM IE PETERSON End BOB REED End 9 I Before the Idaho game, die-hards wouldn ' t admit that the 1950 edition of the Sun Devils was the best in the school ' s history. They had in mind a team coached by Dixie Howell, present Idaho mentor. After the game, nobody argued this was by far the best. We won, 48 to 21. Above, Bob Rippel hits the dirt after grabbing a pass against the Vandals. This sort of thing earned him a berth on the All- Conference team. HENRY RICH Fullback VIRGIL SAVAGE Center HAROLD SELF Quarterback Coach Doherty went off the field on the shoulders of the men who had played four years of good ball under him. He guided them to a nine won, one lost season. Identifiable are Provitola ' 59), Stangeland (54), Gunville (10), Markichevich, Rippel, Schmidt, and Alonzo. ALLEN STANGELAND Guard JOHN STEWART Quarterback MARVIN WAHLIN Left Half WAYNE WELKER Left Half RALPH WILSON Tackle GRANT WHITMER Guard Wilford " Whizzer " White leaves the field in the fourth quarter of the Idaho game, the last regu- larly scheduled game of his college career. During the game he ran for five touchdowns, and passed for two more. His season total of 1,502 yards led the entire nation in rushing. He ' s assisted here by Pete Val- enzuela, assistant trainer, Doherty, and Doctor Hughes. ASC accepted its second consecutive Salad Bowl bid, and lost to Miami University of Ohio, 21 to 34, in a wide- open game. At left, Hank Rich goes high trying to inter- cept a Nobby Wirkowski pass. Bobby Fuller (13), bare foot placement art- ist, booted three straight successful conver- sions in the Salad Bowl, to run his year ' s total to 51 made out of 54 tries. At right, Self held, while Harper (40), Reed (23), and Treguboff ' 14), hold out the Redskins. Speedy Jerry Beckrest (44) was a thorn in the Devils ' side all afternoon, breaking away for several long runs when it counted. Sun Devils trying to nab him are Aja (34), Rich (221, Gun- ville (10), Harper (40), Pease (56), Duca K9), and Balsamo (52). Redskins are Maccioli ' 53), and Schembechler (74). Johnny Pont (42), didn ' t get away on this one, but he did on a couple of others. Swarming him are Manuel Muniz (55), Harper (40), Gunville (10), and Balsamo (52). The fabulous " Whizzer " played this game only two days after starring in the East-West game in San Francisco. HE GOT AWAY, TOO! Performances such as this, throughout four straight years at Arizona State, marked White as one of the school ' s greatest athletes. Always modest, and a great competitor he left a fine record for others to strive toward in future decades. Jn 1950 Associated Press All-America second team. United Press All-America honorable mention. All-Border Conference first team. United Press All-Coast first team. Most valuable player in the Border Conference. His 1,502 yards rushing total led the nation. Scored 136 points total, third in the nation. Played for the West in the East-West game. Outstanding Amateur Athlete in the state of Arizona. Joe E. Brown presented White with the Phoenix Press Box Association ' s Outstanding Amateur Athlete award. Sun fle aunebs Bobby Fuller, at left, and his educated barefoot toe set a new major college record by kicking 48 out of 51 at- tempted extra points. Henry Rich, below left, set a new major college record by intercepting 12 passes during the season. Sam Duca, below, was named All-Border Conference tackle, received United Press and Associated Press hon- orable mention for All-America, and was a candidate in the Associated Press ' Lineman of the Week poll. Men such as these helped make the 1950 season Ari- zona State ' s greatest. 1 BOBBY FULLER HENRY RICH SAM DUCA 11 Sun Jmjis Front row, I. to r. : Don Kuist, Dick Spies, Russ Hawk, Cloves Campbell, Dominic Belmonte, Joe Mc- Gann, Frank Rogers, Florencio Navarette, Jay Phil- lips. Second row, I. to r. : Ron Gerughty, Bob Kelly, Dick Alberi, Ralph Muszynski, Lyle Pierson, Joe Guarino, Tom Davenport, Nondas Brooks, Herb Harris, Del Beebe. Third Row, I. to r. : Albin Derbis, Clarence Olson, John Kilpatrick, Jim Furlong, Felipe Garcia, Ira Fulton, John Leffue, Jim Aloian, Oscar Pell, Don Coppinger. Fourth row, I. to r. : Bill Hannan, Mgr., Bob Mack- ey, Nick Maucieri, Bob Alder, Tom Dudeck, Bob Larson, Bob Tarwater, Dick Montoya, Ray Elastic. Back row, I. to r. : Coaches Dick Allen, Ted Budyn- kiewicz, Henry Stanton, Lawrence Kentera, and Ernie Zeno Sun Imp coaches, Ted Budynkiewicz, head coach, Ernie Zeno, Dick Allen, Henry Stanton, and Lawrence Kentera. KENNETH ELIASBERG Vice-President SHIRLEY SCOTT Secretary-Treasurer Ojjicens Arizona State ' s yearling class proved to every- body ' s satisfaction during 1950-1951 that life and times on the Tempe campus will be vigorous and in- teresting for at least two more years. Spring elec- tions saw many of the Sophomores ascend to re- sponsible positions in the student government. Frank Rooney has served as president of the class during the past year. Ken Eliasberg was the vice- president, and Shirley Scott the secretary-treasurer. FRANK ROONEY President Alcantar, Alfred Alexander, Mary Jean All red, Edsil Altman, Vera Anderson, Edward L. Arlet, William Arness, Ann Arnold, Margaret J. Arnold, Pete Baker, Nancy Baker, Shirley Baldwin, George Banicevich, Frank Banks, Dorothy Barte, Mary Virginia Barstow, Frederick Bebb, Thomas S. Beck, Lawanda Jo Beck, Thelton Beck, Virginia Beekmann, Janice Beecher, Mary K. Bellanger, Paul C. Benton, Lloyd L. Beverlein, Charles J. Bigler, Vernon A. Bivens, James N. Blakley, Elwood R. Blythe, Betty Books, Arden L. Boughton, Harland J. Bowen, Jeanne F. Bovee, Marshall Bradford, James Branigan, Joanne Braswell, Mary Jo Brazeal, Charles Briggeman, Yvonne Brimley, Luana Brisco, Bill Brisco, Marion C. Britt, Richard Brown, Charles A. Brown, Richard J. Buchanan, Betty Buell, Dorothy E. Bull, Bernardine Bull, Harold Bullard, Jim B. Burton, John L. Byers, Frances Cadwell, Robert C. Caldwell, Margaret Campbell, Clyde Iva Campos, Lucille Cardieri, Calvin P. Carmical, Neil Carpenter, Margaret Carrasco, Octavio R. Carson, Nancy Sue Carter, Shreve Cerino, Albert Chapman, Jean Chausow, Gene Child, Ann Chuka, Jo Anne Cipolla, Caesar C lardy, The I ma Mae Clark, Harry C. Cochran, Earlie Mae Colborne, William Coman, Margaret L Combs, Mabel Conner, Eileen F. Contino, Robert Cook, Gerald E. Cooper, Harley Corley, Carolyn Cory, Linus P. Cosper, Carol Cowley, John P. Crandall, Paul Crawford, Monroe Creswell, Sally Lou Crosley, Carol Ann Cummings, David H. Currie, Ann Danson, Bob Davidson, Lela Davis, Dorotha Jo Davis, Marlene Ruth Davison, Rosemary Dean, Lester L. DeBriyn, Louie Dedera, Frank Del Rae, Elizabeth Denham, Melba Noreen DeRosier, Jacquelyn Dierdorf, Marion Dious, Margaret Ann Du Bose, Nancy Dudgeon, Dolores Duquette, Helen Eliasberg, Kenneth Ellis, Millicent Ellis, Robert H. Ellis, Shirley Evelyn Elmer, Winnie Lou England, Sue Enloe, Mary Ann Escobedo. Al Evanoff, George Fallen, Thomas Fanning, Beverly Far low, Alysse Felix, Alice Felten, Lester D. Flores, Ernest Flores, Rudolph L. Folmar, Bob Folz, Bill Ford, Donald Foster, Barbara Joanne Fowler, Jay D. Fox, Merle Franks, Joan Freeman, Marlene Frederickson, Roderick Frost, Charlotte Ann Fruth, Dale G. Futerer, Wilfrid K. Fuller, Kenneth J. Fuller, Naoma Furphy, Maxine N. Furlong, Benny Galbraith, William Gallagher, James Gammill, U. Hale Garcia, Fred Gauthier, Guy M. George, Anthony Getty, Dorothy Gilbert, Jerry Jane Giltinan, Thomas Glass, Mary Jo Glen, William Goar, Lionel Goitia, Ralph Golden, Doris Goodfellow, Robert Gauer, Melvin R. Gracey, Gordon Gray, Jack Greaves, William F. Greenawalt, Joseph J. Gregan, Joan Griffin, Betty Lou Griner, Harold Groves, LaVern Grunenwald, Gretchen Guscora, Frederick Guthrie, Loren V. Gutierrez, George Guymon, Colleen Hadley, Pat Hall, Cornell Hall, Everett B. J. Halletr, Gene Hamel, Emlene Hamman, Floyd Hansen, John T. Harbison, Norma Hardaway, David A. Hargrove, Robert Harper, Emery Harrison, Laura Maude Harter, Henry Hoy Hatton, Dee Hausman, Donald I. Heard, Mary Gene Heileman, David Leo Hemphill, Jeannette Henderson, Harold Hennessey, Barbara Hickernell, Fred Hilton, Bob Hocker, Sally Hoffman, John Hoge, Bud Holt, Duane Homewood, Hollis Honka, Alvar Home, Jim Hugoboom, Russelle Hulse, Theresa Hunter, Jane lani, Louis Ice, Ronald Jacobsen, Henry James, Barbara Jamison, Don Janousek, Jack Johantgen, John Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Grant Johnson, Neva Johnson, Sam Jones, Alice Jones, Allison E. Kandare, Edward J. Kane, Emma May Kilian, Leo J. Kilkenny, Joan Killough, Patsy Lou King, Paul R. Kinnear, Miriam Kirkham, Yvonne Kirkpatrick, Patricia Ann Knight, Humphrey Kreloff, Herschel Lamoreaux, Sybil Lanford, Robert L. Lansing, Mary Lauer, Francis A. Lawlon, Robert LaZarr, Bonnie Lou Leonard, Barbara Lessard, William D. Lewis, James Leyba, Ernest Lindow, Raymond Lisonbee, Thyrl Lobrovich, Eva Logan, El wood Longenbaugh, Laura Loper, James Lundy, Cynthia Anne Lungston, Ellen Lyddon, John MacTavish, Janet McCaw, Geraldine McCleery, Neil B. McElroy, Donna McEntire, Thomas P. McEuen, Kent McGrady, Cornelius McGuire, Vaughn McHenry, Mary Anne McNabb, Jack McRoberts, William Mack, Carol Maker, Jenna Vee Moldonado, Deluvina Mangino, William Manley, Lois Markle, Drexler G. Marsiglia, Vincent Mast, J. Russell Mercer, Marilyn Miller, Barbara Jean Moffitt, Tom Moore, Clarence Moore, Elmer Moore, John Mortens, Stuart Mortensen, Keith C. Mount, Billie Dee Mumme, James Noffz, Richard Neal, Nancy Ann Neeb, Rayma Lou Nelson, Joyce Newell, Mary Lou Newhall, Phyllis Newman, Joe D. Newsom, Raymond A. Nicolet, Norman Nielson, Meade E. Noble, Kenneth Noga, Helen Norns, Norma Jean Nowell, Nancy Claire O ' Brien, Jerry F. O ' Connor, Gerald O ' Dell, Melvin Odum, Bettye Ortiz, Richard Packard, Lawrence Page, William Palmer, Bradford Parish, Byrl A. Pascoe, Frank Patterson, John H. Patterson, Johnie Paul, William J. Paulsell, Leona Paup, Rollin T. Peck, Marjorie Perkins, Jean Perry, Don H. Peterson, Maurice Pettigrew, Groner Phillips, Franklin Piersall, Donald Pierson, Willie L. Poage, Larry Poling, Phil. Poyner, Norma Marie Price, Lester B., Jr. Prince, Ruby Jean Pursell, James R. Quigley, Darrel M. Rader, Barbara Ramsey, Bruce Randall, Lola Mae Redden, James Reed, Dorothy Reed, Tamme Reich, Gerry Rhoton, Dana Rhoton, Louise Richardson, Arthur Richardson, Sheldon Ringelberg, Glen Ringhofer, Louis J. Roach, Pat Robb, Geraldine Robertson, Janet Roberson, Mary Robinson, Joan Lee Rooney, Frank Rose, Robert H. Ross, Florence Ruch, Larry Glenn Rucker, Harold Rust, Robert Rutherford, Harry Sadler, Harold G. Salazar, G. E. Salerno, Fran Samson, John Samuelson, Phylis Jean Sanchez, Pete Sandoz, Sue Ann Sage, Dean V. Sausser, Ed Schoen, John Schultz, Mary Schwandner, John Schweickert, Robert Scott, Earl Scott, John Scott, Shirley Sebastian, Mark Seppala, Jim Severns, Nadine A Shackelford, Ellis M. Shaver, Riqua Jo:n Shaw, Nancy Willis, Shirell Shipley, Gene Smart, John Smith, Charlcie M. Smith, Jerry Clyde Smith, Joan J. Smith, Paul H. Smith, Sidney Smith, Zeb Socket, Aaron Spyhalski, Edward Stangeland, Allen Stanley, Ruth Marie Stanton, William Stelbasky, Carl John Stephenson, Perlee R. Stevenson, Norma Stevenson, Robert T. Stewart, Jerry N. Stewart, John Street, Robert D. Sudbrack, Marzilla Suk, Louis J. Sullivan, Betty Sunden, Shirley Suter, David Tackett, Reese Tang, James Taylor, Ruth Ann Telep, Joseph Thomas, William H. Thompson, Darlene Thornton, Pat Tollefsrud, Lois Tountas, Chris C. Ulmer, Jean Underwood, Velma Ussery, Oscar B. Verrue, Henry Victor, A. M. Vida, William R. Vigil, James Vizcaya, Bertha Waite, Elmer Wallace, Gordon S. Wang, Fleur Belle Wasielewski, Henry, Jr. Watson, Norman Wax, Marvelle Webb, Joan Welker, Wayne Welty, Don A. Werbeach, Charles R. Werth, George R. Westmoreland, John D. Westmoreland, Margaret Weston, John H. Wick, William 0. Williams, Irvine D. Williams, Jean Willis, Robert Willow, Kay Wilson, Charles H. Wilson, Jacklyn Wilson, I. Leamon, Jr. Wilson, Patricia Wilson, William Wing, John Winn, Ralph Wmslow, Felix 0. Wolfe, Ben Woodman, William Wrede, Dorothy Yamashiro, Mary M. - December brings the big break. The infec- tious exhilaration of an impending vacation blends with the annual onrush of Christmas spirit to lift morale, collective and private, to a peak. Song bursts forth everywhere. Carols float from Hall to Hall on the crisp night air, and Arizona Staters thrill anew as the Choir sings the ageless story of " The Messiah. " Then, bags packed and books forgotten, Sun Devils head for home. Merry Christmas! Three more new structures took shape on the Arizona State scene during 1950-1951. The Home Economics building (upper left) will soon be ready to contain one of the finest departments of its kind in the Southwest. Hayden Hall (left) was opened in January to offer the finest college living accommodations to ASC men. Gammage Annex, (above) also opened in January, brought breath-taking mod- ernism to dormitory design. Members of the Inter-Fraternity Council during 1950-19jl included, seated, first row, left to right, Charles Beharka, John Lyddon, Dean Paul Trovillo, Fred McClure. Second row, Joseph Fink, Art Hartmann, Van Reid. Third row, Bud Meyers, Jim Wylie, Paul Pearson. Standing, Bob Stump, Maurice LeBas, Don Ferguson, and John Fowler. BOB STUMP Council President Coordinating the activities of Arizona State ' s rapidly expanding family of Greek social fraternities is the task of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Eleven such organizations are now active on the campus. Under the direction of the Council, rushing, pledging, and hundreds more social events of the busy Greek calendar are regulated for the mutual benefit of all. Bob Stump has served as president of the Inter- Fraternity Council this year, and Dean Paul Trovillo is the faculty advisor. Alpha Epsilon Pi joined the ranks of national fraternities on the ASC campus January 27, 1951. Installation of the new chapter, effected by National Secretary George S. Toll and a group from the University of Southern California, took place in ths Saratoga Room of the Hotel Westward Ho. Joseph Fink served as chapter president during the first semester and Aaron Socket held the reins in the Spring. Brooks, Norton Levine, Eugene Socket, Aaron Eliasberg, Kenneth Marks, Charles Stein, Marvin Kaufax, Irvin Sobel, Paul Zeller, Stanley Alpha Theta chapter of Sigma Pi was first colonized on the Arizona State campus in October, 1949. Jim Siniff was the founder. The organization received its active charter April 29, 1951, in ser- vices at the Masonic lodge in Tempe. Among the activities of Sigma Pi this year were the Christmas benefit for crippled children in Phoenix, the Founders ' Day banquet at the Alibi Club February 21, and the gala Orchid Ball at La Casa Siesta April 14. Don Premeau and Bob Medlin served as presidents of Sigma Pi during 1950-1951 . Dr. Kelly Eldredge is the faculty sponsor. Adams, Robert Woodman, Bill Wylie, Jim Zari, Lido Anderson, John Aloian, Jim Bayne, Albert Birtcher, Harold Carroll, Cscar Flower, Bill Gherrity, Pat Hoffman, Richard Nolle, Fred Horney, Wilbur Isaacs, Allen Jones, Jim Kirby, Luke Knight, Humphrey Laughlin, Bill Lowrey, Bill Medlyn, Bob Miscione, Anthony Morgan, Bruce Parker, Charles Platt, Julian Pratt, Roney Premeau, Don Savel, Edward Shridler, Willard Smart, John Svob, George Warren, Ray The first national social fraternity ever organ ; zed on the Tempe campus, Beta Xi of Tau Koppa Epsilon was founded in the Spring of 1948. Highlights of the year for Tekes included the annual Christmas dance at the fraternity house, the Founders ' banquet at the Casa Loma hotel January 10, and the Spring Formal at the Arizona Country Club. The organization ran off with first prize in house decorations at Homecoming and two of its members, Max Hanlon and Robert Forman, served as Cadet Colonels of ROTCythis year. Forman wo? president of TKE, and Col. Coy L. Curtis and Charles Merntt were the sponsors. Baird, Robert Beck, Thelton Bradford, Fred Bradford, Jim Bunker, Paul Dedera, Don Dedera, Frank Forman, Robert Green, John Gregory, John Hallett, Gene Hansen, John T. Hughes, Richard Kleck, Rodney LeBas, Maurice McClendon, Bob Moffitt, Tom Poppas, Harry Pingitore, Mike Rawlms, Bill Rintelmann, Bill Seaman, Kempton Seaman, Paul Shackelford, Ellis St. Claire, Charles Stanton, William Taylor, Arden Torea, Phil Wrede, Harry Wood, Robert O D Delta Sigma Phi was chartered at Arizona State in 1948, an outgrowth of Pi Delta Sigma, one of the first social organizations ever established here. The Delta Sigs packed in a full year of social activities. Among the highlights were the Founders ' ban-uet December 10, the Carnation Ball at the San Marcos in Chandler, the Sphinx Ball at the Ari- zona Country Club, and the Bowery Dance. Peak of any Delta Sig year is the annual Follies in the Spring. Eugene Harris served as president this year. Lt. Col. Roy N. Hillyer and John Goodwin are the sponsors. Bamrick, Edward Beauchamp, Edward Bigler, Vernon Queen Shirley Scott C raver, Joseph Davis, Jake Folz, William Fougner, Allan Geller, George Harris, Eugene Holland, Jerry Laubach, Harry Lewis, James Lively, James Neubrand, William Perry, Robert Porch, Charles Saad, Harold Shelp, Lawrence Suk, Louis Weipert, Bill Weston, John Yule, Lawrence Zawlocki, Eugene Delta Tau of Pi Kappa Alpha received its national charter March 31, 1951 . The chapter was col- onized at Tempe March 3, 1950. Peak of the Fall social season for PiKA ' s was the Dream Girl Dance at Paradise Inn. Miss Sally Creswell was chosen to reign at the fete. The group held open house at their home on Normal Avenue October 8, 1950. The fraternity placed third in float competition in the Homecoming parade. Don Fer- guson served as president this year. Stanford Allen and Major Martin K. Newland are the sponsors. Burgener, Robert Burton, Jack Downer, Lee Ferguson, Donald Gilhuly, Thomas Hall, Everett Hartmann, Arthur Hay, Harold Jackson, Dave Long, James Patterson, Charles Ringelberg, Glen Rundle, Buzz Schwandner, John Stair, John Walrath, John Wasielewski, Edward Watkins, Gerald Wilkinson, Robert Williams, Decker Wood, Richard Sigma Phi Epsilon at Arizona State became the Alpha chapter of that organization in Arizona late this Spring. The group was colonized here in April, 1950. A dinner dance held at the Alibi Club in Phoenix December 15 topped the Fall social season for members of the group, and a highly successful formal was held this Spring. Ira Wilson served as pres- ident during the first semester and Bill Kennedy held the post this Spring. Other officers included Ralph Wilson, Pete Navarette, and Jerry Stewart. Bell, Fred Hoge, Bud Kennedy, William H. Marion, Ray Navarette, Pete Nyhus, Duke Page, Bill Stewart, Jerry Spiegler, Dave Terpak, William Telep, Joe Wilson, Ira Sigma Nu was colonized on the Arizona State College campus in the Fall of 1950. The organiza- tion plans to receive their active charter from the national fraternity next year. Among the many social events of the group were a Winter Party at Broadway Pavilion January 31, a dance at Thunderbird field, and a gala Spring party. Dan Ellis has served as the first president of Sigma Nu at Tempe, and John Raborg was the secretary. Dr. Lew Girdler is the faculty sponsor. Anstin, Wayne Belmonte, Dominic Cnspelle, Jim Dudley, Ben Ellis, Daniel Hall, Doug Jacobson, Hank Moore, A I Perry, Wally Pickrell, John Raborg, John Williams, John Delta Chi fraternity was chartered at Arizona State December 1 1, 1949, absorbing the renowned old Tau Sigma Phi local fraternity. The year was packed with a stream of activities for Delta Chi ' s. Notable among these were the ADPi-Delta Chi Minstrel Show, a gala Spring Formal at Camelback Inn, and a championship in the Homecoming Float competition. Seven members of the group were named Blue Key honorary, and two Delta Chi ' s, Mark Markichevich and Manuel Aja, were elected Homecoming King and Campus King respectively. Harry Furphy was the 1950-1951 president and Dr. Fred Osenburg is the sponsor. ,ga , fc Cl f? Alkire, George Baldwin, George Betes, Richard Bolitho, Bill Cipolla, Caesar Cosentino, Dominic Cosper, Carol Cosper, Gene Cox, Bill Danson, Robert Dunn, Leon Elliot, John Fry, Scott Furphy, Harry Gilpin, Gordon Hall, Robert Hanger, Richard Henry, Gerald Hirshberg, Marty Hollis, John Horn, Don Kay, Thomas Kent, Bryan Kentera, Lawrence Loftin, Charles McBiles, Donald McClure, Frederick McEntire, Thomas Malloque, Joe Markichevich, Mark Maynes, Oscar Miller, Bob Mitchell, Paul Novak, Robert Patterson, Harris Porter, Harold Stanford, Bill Stump, Robert Tameron, Joe Teetsel, Charles Teetsel, Robert Todd, Douglas Treguboff, Jim Tyrone, Bill Wahlin, Marvin Watkins, Ralph Lambda Chi Alpha was colonized on the Arizona State campus in KAarch, 1950, and became a national chapter of the organization late in the spring of 1951. By far the outstanding achievement of Lambda Chi this year was the construction of a beautiful new fraternity house south of Apache Drive in University Park. The group ran away with the Greek organization scholarship award for the third consecutive semester, held three seats on the Student Council, and had twelve members in Blue Key. Formal dances were held by the group in both the Fall and Spring. Frank Billingsley was the president and Dean Paul Trovillo the sponsor. Andrews, Walter Barnes, Bill Bebb, Tom Bednorz, Gerald Beharka, Bob Bennett, Don Billingsley, Frank Briscoe, Bill Brooks, Donald Cadwell, Robert Carter, Shreve Chappie, Ronald Coen, Kenneth Cooper, Howard Doucet, Dave Drago, John Drover, Alan Ellis, Bob Fleming, Bob Fredrickson, Bob Fuller, Robert Gale, Charles Gibson, Stuart Gillis, Robert Glenn, Bill Hansen, George Hardaway, Dave Hardaway, John Heileman, Dave Heileman, Jack Henderson, James Hodges, Robert Holcomb, Foy L. Jackson, Dan Lehnert, Emery Lossing, Barney Pol ley, Art Penfold, Dsnny Ramsey, Bruce Reynolds, Hal Sadler, Harold Scott, John Stone, Ray Wertz, Max Chi Triton of Phi Sigma Kappa was formally chartered at Tempe December 18, 1949. A banquet commemorating the anniversary of the event was hsld at The Flame in Phoenix last December 18. A formal dance at the Hotel San Marcos in Chandler, a Christmas dance at Jokake Inn, and the beautiful Moonlight Girl formal th ' s Spring kept the Phi Sigs and their dates whirling. A Founders ' Day banquet was held at the Casa Lorna hotel March 14. Don Tiverofsky was president for 1950-1951 and Joe Ausere served as sscretary. Ausere, Joe Bailey, Dick Brown, Charles Chausow, Gene Fleming, Bill Kreloff, Herschel Loper, James McGuire, Vaughan Pearson, Ben Pearson, Paul Reid, Van Cleave Tiverofsky,Don With a final bow on this page, the last of the rip-roaring old local fraternities at Arizona State joins the national ranks. Lambda Phi Sigma only a few days ago became affiliated with Alpha Tau Omega. Lambdies were busy this year with a Turnabo t dance, a highly successful Barn dance, a Bowery dance and a tremendous Spring Formal. They also found time to give a party for underprivileged chil- dren with their sister Gamma Phi ' s, cop four intram iral championships, and land three members in Blue Key. Student Body President Ed Carson was among their members. Bruce Shaw was ihsir presidant end Dr. R. K. Wyllys served as sponsor. Adams, Don Ackerman, William Anderson, John N larson, Ed Merino, Albert G. Coen, Ernest L. )avis, Ralph )ean, Bill Elmers, K. M. Ewan, Bill D. arrell, Glenn oehner, Benno : owler, Ed owler, Jay owler, John H. Sodwin, Gerald A. Sriffith, Harold rgraves, Robert enkins, William .yddon, John vlehard, Hugh vtason, Roy Jay vlariscal, George VkDcnald, Jim lewman, Tom ' aul, Bill V or, Cecil Vator, Ronald ' ooney, Frank aylor, Franklin haw, Bruce howers, Robert mith, Donald R. tammer, Wesley weedy, George Watts, Brad Wilson, Jerry Wilson, Norman Successor to the old 13 Club, Blue Key is the national honorary service fraternity at Arizona State College. This organization boasts a membership of outstanding college and university men throughout the United States. The work of the local chapter on the ASC campus this year gained them recognition as one of the three most outstanding Blue Key groups in the nation. Their highly-successful freshman scholar- ship program, annual benefit carnival, and many other services to the college brought this award to Tempe. John Gay Gregory led Blue Key this year. Dr. B. Ira Judd, Dr. Herbert Gurnee, and LaVerne Kasper served as faculty sponsors. Barnes, William Becker, Earl Bradford, Fred W. Carson, Ed Cosper, Gene Dodds, Robert Dowel I, Emery B. Forman, Robert Fuller, Robert Furphy, Harry Gale, Charles Gregory, John Gay Hamilton, Robert Heileman, John Lewis, Gene D. Lossing, Bernard Mitchell, Paul McCabe, Gerard McGregor, Robert Mclaughlin, Oren Nielsen, Victor Nortman, Richard Packard, Dave Reynolds, Hal Rintelmann, Willian Shaw, Bruce Stewart, Jack C. Stump, Robert Tameron, Joe Tiverofsky, Donald White, Wilford Williams, Marvin RIB ld Members of the Inter-Sorority Council during 1950-1951 included, first row, left to right, Betty Bouse, Yvonne Brigge- mon, Juonito Morris, and Nancy Kellogg. Second row, Mimi Hamel, Mabel Combs, Betty Attebery, and Betty. Nelssen. BETTY BOUSE Council President Arizona State ' s social sororities, five in number, main- tain cooperative function through the efforts of the Inter-Sorority Council. This organization is responsible for the coordination of rushing and pledging of sorority candidates at ASC, and for the many other problems jointly encountered by the sororities throughout the year. The group hopes to attain recognition by the National Pan-Hellenic Council next year. Peggy Duone was president of the Council during the Fall semester and Betty Bouse served this Spring. Dr. Mildred B. Sayre, Dean of Women, is the faculty advisor. Alpha Delta Pi was chartered at Arizona State College at Tempe during the Fall semester, 1950, after being pledged to the national group the previous Spring. ADPi at ASC is the successor to the Philomathian Society. Among the many activities of the sorority were a Christmas Favor Dance, a Spring Dinner Dance cr.d the ever-popular fashion show. Marian Davis and Jean Smith, both ADPi ' s, were elected Campus Queen and Homecoming Queen. Marilyn Zimmerman was president of the group this year. Patrons included Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Richardson, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Gurnee, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Southern, and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Autenrieth. Bouse, Betty Briggeman, Sally Buchanan, Betty Camp, Helen Crosley, Carol Ann Davis, Marian Del Rae, Betty Diaz, Carmerv Duclos, Maplette Erickson, Norma Gilbert, Jerry Glass, Mary Jo Hatch, Jo Ann Jones, Norma Keith, Caryl Kirkpatrick, Pat McCaw, Geraldine McHenry, Mary Anne Mac Tavish, Jan Mercer, Marilyn Miskovich, Mildred Neeb, Rayma-Lew Newhall, Phyllis Sandoz, Sue Ann Samuelson, Phyllis Scott, Shirley Smith, Carlo Smith, Jean Wensel, Beverly Zimmerman, Marilyn P hi K aft fa Phi Kappa Delta, a local sorority at Arizona State, became a pledge chapter of Chi Omega late in the Spring of 1951. They will be chartered next year. Highlight of the busy social season for Phi Kaps was the beautiful Spring Formal at the Arizona Country Club April 14. Other activities included an Alumnae tea and a Christmas party. Eight of the twelve members of Pleiades, woman ' s honorary, and four of the six women named to the University Who ' s Who were members of Phi Kappa Delta. Shirley Jones was president of the group. Benavidez, Dolores Bull, Bernadine Carpenter, Margie Conley, Carolyn Clark, Shirley Cross, Lorraine Jones, Shirley Kellogg, Nancy Kirkham, Yvonne Mack, Carol Martin, Eleanor Mount, Billie Dee Nowell, Nancy Page, Patsy Poison, Jean Ranson, Lee Reed, Dorothy Robbins, Betty Smith, Marcel la Smith, Virginia Somervell, Margaret Stevenson, Carol Stevenson, Norma Sullivan, Betty Sunden, Shirley Tessman, Elaine Thiel, Carol Ann Treat, Bonnie jneta Gamma Theta sorority joined the ranks of Gre3k organizations at Arizona -State in the Fall of 1949. The group was formed by the merger of two locals dating dock to 1922. A busy social season for members of Gamma Theta was climaxed with a formal initiation at Shangri-La in Phoenix, and with the annual Cinderella Ball at the Hotel San Marcos in Chandler. Marva Pearson was Gamma Theta president this ysar, and Gretchen Grunewald, AWS vice-president- elect, served as secretary. Abrahams, Mary F. Altman, Vera Bailey, Johnnie Beck, Marylin Beck, Violet Combs, Mabel Diefenderfer, Gloria Ellis, Milly Gary, Jean Grunenwald, Gretchen Jackson, Margaret James, Barbara Pearson, Marva Plummer, Madeline Shelley, Shiela Simons, Elayne Smith, Shirley Sorg, Louise Truog, Mary Jane 801 amm P it ' JBefa Beta Kappa of Gamma Phi Beta was chartered at Arizona State in December, 1949, the first national sorority on this campus. The organization ' s predecessor was Zeta Sigma. Headlining any Gamma Phi year at ASC is the presentation of the fabled Follies on campus at Homecoming, and at the Mesa Rawhide Roundup in the Spring. Dotting the calendar between these peaks was the Christmas party for under-privileged children in Phoenix, the annual camping trip, and many other events. Climax of the social season was the dinner dance this Spring. Peggy Duane served as president of Gamma Phi this year, and Mrs. Collice Portnoff is the sponsor. Allen, Shirleen Bartmus, Libby Beck, Claryce Carter, Jean Cheadle, Sue Ann Chuka, Jo Ann Creswell, Sally Lou Davis, Dorothy Jo Duane, Peggy DuBose, Nancy Elliott, Barbara England, Sue Flemming, Theresa Franks, Jo Furphy, Maxine N. Hamel, Mimi Hatton, Dee Williamson, Joan K. L andis, Betty Alice M. Lanter, Frankie Jo Lester, Shirley Manley, Lois Morris, Juanita Myers, Wilda Ruth Newell, Mary Lou Painter, Betty Pew, Gay Reed, Tamme Richardson, Sheldon Rhoton, Dana Schooler, Hannah Jean Sosville, Wilma Spooner, Barbara Streeter, Sally Stroope, Billie Jean Terkelsen, Vera Vizcaya, Bert Wedge, Barbara West, Maxine Beta Kappa of Sigma Sigma Sigma was chartered at Tempe May 5, 1950. The Tri Sigma chapter here is an outgrowth of a merger between Chi Sigma and Beta Kappa, both former local sororities. Among the activities of the organization during 1950-1951 were several campus serenades, a picnic at South Mountain Park and a Founders ' Day dinner April 20. Climax of the year was the annual Spring Formal. Betty Nelssen was the Tri Sigma president this year and Mrs. Joel Benedict sponsored the group. Arnold, Margaret Blythe, Betty Castro, Yolanda Cox, Phyllis Duquette, Helen Fanfarillo, Pauline Foster, Lois Mocker, Sal lie Johnson, Neva Longenbaugh, Laura Montoya, Carrie Nelssen, Betty Retherford, Guyrene Sudbrack, Marzilla Pleiades is the women ' s honorary service organization on the Arizona State campus. It is composed of twelve outstanding Junior and Senior women students. Services of Pleiades to the College include ushering at football games, the support of a scholarship program, and the awarding of a medal to the outstanding woman in the Freshman class. The group also presents several volumes to Matthews library each year and honors twelve outstanding feminine mem- bers of the graduating class at a dinner each Spring. Miss Mary Bunte is faculty sponsor. tenavidez, Dolores Iross, Lorraine 3uane, Peggy anssen, Dorothy vAartin, Eleanor ' age, Patsy tetherford, Guyrene jimith, Marcella " erkelsen, Vera " essman, Elaine hiel, Carol Ann Vedge, Barbara 37 People who talked about Arizona State during January talked mostly about the new Matthews Library. The beauty and facility of this edifice defies description. Thousands came to marvel at its design and to view the priceless art that graced its galleries. " The South- west ' s finest, " they called it. Sun Devils stormed its stacks with roughly five thousand postponed term papers, wound up a semester, and departed with a sigh that hastened the settling of its new foundations a hun- dred years. un et Ojficens Members of the Junior class of 1951 at Arizona State topped off a busy year of activi- ties with a thoroughly entertaining renewal of the Junior-Senior Prom tradition. The event was held in the activity building March 31. Bill Barnes occupied the president ' s chair for the Juniors during the past year. Paul Seaman served as vice-president and Marian Davis was the secretary-treasurer. BILL BARNES President PAUL SEAMAN Vice-President MARIAN DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer Pi V Jim fm " Abbott, Merlin Ackerman, William C. Adkins, Mary Louise Aggson, Willard Akyuz, Cavit K. Alaimo, Michelangelo Albin, Clyde Alford, James J. Angulo, Daniel Arbizu, Ray Archambeau, Joann Arena, Adelma Ann Armistead, Kenneth Attebery, Betty Jeanne Augspurger, George Ausere, Joe Bacon, Robert S. Bailey, Dick Baird, Robert Bam rick, Robert Banks, Carolyn M. Baraz, Apolonio Barclay, Robert R. Barnes, Bill Barney, Larry Bartoo, Jeannine Beall, George Beatty, Eugene Beck, Marilyn Bee, Edward Beelar, Sue Zone Beharka, Robert W. Beigbeder, Frank R. Bell, Frederick Benavidez, Dolores Benjamin, Gilbert Bernal, Jose H. Bertoglio, Joe Betes, Richard Bock, Betty Boetto, Herb Boman, Ethel. Bouse, Betty Branstetter, Richard W. Brayman, Mary Brazeal, Delia Brewer, Patricia J. Brillhart, Wilmer Brimhall, Dwayne Brown, Cynthia May Brown, Edith Rae Bufford, Robert L. Buford, Lawrence H. Bunch, Katherine Bunker, F. Paul Burns, George E. Bybee, Phillip D. Camp, Helen Cannon, Marilyn Carrethers, Robert L. Carter, Jeanne Chacon, Louis Chapman, Evelyn R. Chapman, Marjorie Chastain, Carol Cheadle, Sue Ann Cheuvront, Shirley Child, Kenneth Clark, Elizabeth ' Clark, Oscar M. Clarke, Oscar S. Cline, Victor Coale, John Coen, Ernest L. Coen, Kenneth Coen, Lucy Collins, Frank Conner, Dorothy Conniff, John Contrino, Gabriel M. Cooper, Bettye Ann Cooper, William Cotton, Mildred May, Courtland D. Graver, Joe Creswell, Sam H. Grill, Robert Dean Croy, Arda Cunningham, William J. Currey, Robert K. Daly, Yolande Damiencki, Thaddeus Danks, Mary Lou Davis, Dan Davis, Marian Denham, Marlowe Dillon, William E. DiSalvo, Fred C. Dixson, James Donaldson, Arthur Dorskind, Sena Doughty, James M. Drago, John Dresback, Shirley Duca, Sam Duclos, Maplette Duran, Ruben Dwyer, Keith A. Eaton, Robert Edelman, Sanford Ehrhardt, Doris Elliott, Barbara Engram, Lloyd C. Erickson, Norma Ethington, Reed Everson, Earl W. Fadness, Robert Ferrin, Fred D. Finch, Clarence A. Fischer, Irwin Fleming, William Flower, William Foster, Lois Foughner, Allan Frank, Warren W. Fry, Noah Fuller, Floyd Fuller, Larry Galindo, Anita Gardner, Wendell Gary, Jeanne Gelfand, Shirley Geller, George H. Gentry, Beverly George, James C. Gerber, Edward Gilbertson, Barbara Gilhuly, Thomas Gillis, Robert W. Godwin, Gerald Goode, Doretha Greene, Raymond Greenwold, Robert M. Griner, James Hackett, Hugh Hammer, Betty Hammer, William Hansen, George Hardison, Roger Harmon, Robert Harrington, Robert Harris, Bettye Jean Hayman, Ruth S. Hazen, Raymond Hershman, Morris Hicks. Gerald Hinton, Phyllis Hodges, Robert H. Hoffman, Richard Hogle, Bertie Hogner, Rebecca Holland, Barbara Holland, Jerry Dee Holmes, Steven Holt, Nathan Hoover, Virgil Horner, Elizabeth Houston, Francis Hubele, Hal Huber, Clarence Huey, Carolyn Huggins, Johnnie Humpert, Alvin lantorno, Joe Ice, Anne Marie leronimo, Joseph Ingram, Lee F. Jackson, Claudine Jackson, Daniel B. Jackson, Margaret Jameson, Randolph Jamieson, William Jenkins, Lyle A. Jenkins, William C Jenkins, William T. Jepson, Erma Johnson. Arthur Johnson, Dixie Lee Johnston, Earl Jones, Edgar A. Jones, George Jones, Helen Jones, Norma L. Jones, Shirley Ann Jorgensen, Gayle Kallaus, Ronald Kartchner, Marcine Kay, Thomas E. Keeney, Veronica Kelley, Robert E. Kempton, Leola Kendig, Patsy Kennedy, Kelly Anne Kennedy, William Kilpatrick, Donald Kilpatrick, Florence Kirby, Luke Klein, Marilyn Lee Klein, Marilyn S. Kleinman, Lawrence Kohler, Fred A. La June, Melton C Landis, Betty M. Laughlin, William Laursen, Carl Le Bas, Maurice Lee, Taft Leever, Edna M. Lehnert, Emery C. Lester, Shirley Levendoski, John S. Libby, Raymond Lindow, Frances C. Lingerfelt, Ralph Liuzzo, Christy Lively, Philip Lloyd, James W. Lockard, Richard E. Lovett, Jerrine K. Lovett, Oliver J. Loy, Sherman Luckie, Jacqueline MacDonald, Wayne MacPherson, Eleanor Magee, Rosalie Maley, Arthur Maloney, Pat Marable, Jess Marble, Kathleen Marrs, Robert L. Marshall, Peter Mason, Roy Maynes, J. Oscar McCanlies, Virginia McClendon, Bob McConoughey, Marcia McCullah, Truett McGehee, Dorothy McKinster, Jane Meador, William Medlyn, Robert Meinke, Geraldine Melton, Tom Melvin, William E. Mende, Patricia Menckel, Wallace Miller, Bill Mills, Virginia Minitre, Juanita Minucci, Mary Emma Miscione, Anthony Miskovich, Mildred Mitchell, Imogene Mondo, Margie Mooney, James E. Montoya, Carrie Morris, Donald Morris, Juanita Muller, James Mulroy, Polly Munday, David Murphy, Gertrude Murphy, Patricia Myers, Nona Doris Nabors, Janece Nelssen, Betty Neubrand, William Newman, Edna G. Noble, Eula Faye Noe, Robert C. Norman, Mary Norman, Mildred Novak, Robert Novogrodsky, William Nushaum, Betty Nyhus, Veon O ' Brien, Joseph Oliver, Patricia Olsen, Kenneth Ollmert, Grace Ong, Jim Osborn, Dick Owens, Dorothy Owens, Robert Pace, Lincoln Painter. Betty Pappas, Harry Patrone, Dominic Patterson, Charles A. Pattison, Jack Payne, June Pearson, Benjamin Pearson, Marva Pearson, Paul Pejsa, Allen Penfold, Dennis Perkins, Rodney Peterson, Orville Phelps, Richard Phippeny, Charles Pickenpaugh, Faye Pinnick, Robert Plummer, Madeline Porch, Charles Porter, Harold Posey, Fred Pouppirt, Irene Powell, Carrol Powers, Billie F. Praetor, Ronald Pratt, Roney Proctor, Walter Pyeatt, Polly Quintero, George Raborg, Helen Raborg, John Ranson, Roma Lee Rawlins, William Rayes, Lillian Rose Raymond, Jo Ann Reade, David F. Reed, Barbara Jean Rich, Henry Reichert, Charlene Reilly, Patricia M. Ring ; Joan Gladys Rintelmann, William F. Robbins, Betty L. Roberts, Waleda Robertson, Florence Rube I, George Rubi, Phillip Rublin, Robert Rugger, Phyllis Ryan, Joanne Saad, Harold Salcido, Connie Salerno, Fred Sargent, Robert Savel, Edward Saylor, Benjamin Schad, Vernon Schmidt, Robert Schroeder, Emma Schroeder, Lucille Scott, Mary Margaret Seaman, Henry K. Seaman, Paul G. Senseman, Ed Shaughnessy, Robert Shaver, David Shaw, Clarence Shelp, Lawrence Sherlock, Thomas Showers, Robert B. Shumway, Lee Siefkes, Kenneth Simon, Elayne Sing, Robert Sisneros, Peter Smith, Carlo Smith, Gene E. Smith, Glenn S. Smith, Jean Smith, Shirley Smith, Sidney Solms, Grace E. Somervell, Margaret Sordahl, Marvin Sosville, Wilma Spain, Virginia Spain, Wanda Spooner, Barbara Sprinkle, Keith Standish, John Stapley, Harold St. Clair, Charles Steffen, Florence Steehler, Richard Stevenson, Carol Stokes, Mollie B. Stone, Robert L. Strasser, Bernard Streeter, Sally Strong, Orma May Stroope, Billie Jean Sullivan, Raymond A. Svob, George Swain, Marion Sykes, Jacqueline Taylor, Billy Taylor, Georgie Teetsel, Robert Thele, Erwin Thew, Weston W. Thiel, Carol Ann Thomas, Monte Lee Thompson, Jean E. Thompson, Roy S. Tiffany, Harold G. Torea, Phil Trbovich, George Tryon, John A. Turner, Sherry Udall, Edith Valenzuela, Emelia Voorhees, Marvin E. Vukovich, Dushan Wahlin, Marvin Wallace, Lucy Joyce Walters, Charles Wamsley, Lloyd Wamsley, Warnell Wang, Marian Wapplehorst, Jacob Warnken, Thomas W. Warren, Jack Wasserman, Jean Watson, Betty Jean Weary, Carmen Weast, William S. Webb, John Weeks, Beulah Weeks, Lawrence E. Welnick, Bill Miller, Duane K. Wensel, Beverly West, George W. West, Lavar H. West, Maxine Westfall, May Whit acre, Donald E. Whitaker, James Whitmer, Grant Whitney, Jeanne Wilkins, Max Williams, Bill J. Williams, Gordon Williams, Jean Williams, Lawrence Williams, Peggy Wilson, Charlotte Wilson, Jerry G. Wilson, Norman Windsor, Martha Winkler, Arthur Winslow, Barbara Wolslagel, Leslie Wright, John Wright, Paul Wylie, James Young, Dorothy Yuen, George Yule, Larry Zakariasen, Rhoda Zawlocki, Eugene A. Under the direction of Conductor Charles 0. Bowers, the Arizona State College Symphony Orchestra brought many bright musical moments to the campus during the year. In addition to many fine concerts of their own, the group has pre- sented programmatic music at several dramatic events, includ- ing the world premiere of " That ' s the Way Life Is " last Fall. Many members of the College Symphony are numbered among the musicians playing under the baton of Maestro Robert Lawrence, also a member of the music faculty here, in the Phoenix Symphony. CHARLES 0. BOWERS Ariz Smiles and songs like these .... . won audiences in two nations. m AMBROSE HOLFORD From California to the heart of Old Mexico, audiences this year have thrilled to the voices of Tempe ' s Choral Union. Under the brilliant d : rection of Ambrose Holfcrd, this group of nearly one hundred musicians has presented the great choral music of the world as it has never before been heard in the Southwest. Two concert tours during the Spring took them first to the cities of southern Arizona, Hermosillo and Guaymas in Mexico, and later to Southern California. Acclaim rewarded their ef- forts wherever they appeared. The flying fingers of harpist Esther McLaughlin added charm. fl t t f ft f t f f f f t t f .t if t The Choral Union, eighty-five strong, lift their voices in song at a final rehearsal in the Auditorium. 4 f . t 1 Dramatic efforts at Arizona State have long since departed from the atmosphere of the " school play. " Under the direction of Mr. Frank Byers, the productions staged by the members of the Drama Workshop have been recognized and acclaimed as theatrical works of real merit. The high point of the 1950-1951 season was the world premiere of " That ' s The Way Life Is, " by Senora Maria Martinez Sierra. The author was present on the ASC campus for the event. Other productions of the year included " The Doctor In Spite of Himself, " " The Tavern, " and " The Book of Job. " Seven o ' clock sharp and " Boss " Byers turns a critical eye on-stage. Mrs. Lambson (Isabel Casares) lifts a fond gaze to her son-in-law-to-be in a scene from " The Tavern. " The entire cast of " The Tavern " moves on-stage as the vagabond (Tom Sherlock) exposes the conspiracy. Mrs. Collice Portnoff, Madame Maria Sierra, and Mr. Frank Byers, translator, author and director of " That ' s The Way Life Is, " accept the ovation from cast and audience alike at the premiere of the production here last Fall. A " five minute break " is one cigarette, one sip of coffee, and about 90 seconds. Jean Wasserman, Ed Francis and Helen Jones run through a scene from " Es Asi. " Just when life was developing a rosy hue, Sun Devils found themselves burdened with a whole new set of books and the process started all over again. Then, before anywhere else in America, the sun and the grass came out and ruined the best of academic intentions. From February it ' s a long ways in either direc- tion. ' 5f t -r , " S. Head Coach Kajikawa faced the 1950-1951 season with the task or rebuilding his cage team around a nucleus of two lettermen, Ed Senseman and Captain Boyd Hatch, garnished with two juniors and six sophomores. He waded into the job with a personal backlog of quiet determina- tion and patience, giving his squad much-needed poise at the end of the season. Bill ' s emphasis on fundamentals developed a team which shows promise of being a serious conference threat next year. BILL KAJIKAWA Head Coach Ed Senseman lofts a free throw during the University of Arizona game as teammate Lester Dean in the right foreground waits to rebound. Ed ' s aggressive play was often the spark the D-vils needed to pull them out of a tight situation. fe n ' f Vi V pf 4$ @ v r -gsairE j ( as Ess s ; " i f ; " u 5,8 4M - V First row, left to right, John Leffue, Joe Fuller, Royd Shurrway, Louis Fornara, Milton Currie, manager. Second row, Senon Castillo, coach, Tom Pickard, Mike Loughran, Gordon Shumway, Gary Lair, George Runge. Sun 3mfi s " Baldy " Castillo ' s pea-greeners ground out a season ' s play marked by an enthusiasm which more than made up for what they lacked in the win column. Playing in the Arizona Conference, made up of the frosh teams from the three state schools, the two junior colleges, and Grand Can- yon College, they ended up with a four won, twelve lost record. SENON CASTILLO Freshman Coach LESTER DEAN Center At left, sophomore Bill Paul lays one up for two points against the U of A. Bill started the season as one of the low men on the team ' s totem pole, but developed rapidly to become a regular starter. Senseman does a basketball adagio at right, trying to hook one in. Hatch (24) and Coppinger put on the brakes to await developments. Leo Johnson (4) of the Uni- versity didn ' t expect anything such as this. At far right, Dean (44), Coppinger, and Hatch (24) ambush a Wildcat in the final game of the season on the ASC court. The Sun Devils put up a fighting performance, and made the game closer than anyone had expected. The Border champs won 71 to 59. BOYD HATCH Guard ROBY HEAD Guard KENT McEUEN Guard DUANE MORRISON Forward Arizona State ' s basketball fortunes took a sharp nosedive early in the season when big Wade Oliver twisted a knee, and was lost for the year. Kajikawa planned to use him as his right hand bower, and as the leavening influence for a sophomore domi- nated squad. The Devils lost ten conference games and won six, in compiling a season record of seven won against 17 lost. They took a five-game trip to points east in December and January, only to drop all five, several by one-point margins. But regardless of the record, a great amount of experience was gained, and a mountain of character built. ROY COPPINGER Forward MELVIN O ' DELL Forward Above, Roy Coppinger (35) tries for a jump ball with a tall Texas Techsan, while Hatch (24) and Bruce Perkins (34) set for action. ASC took the measure of the Texans in this one, by a squeaking 72 to 71 score, on their home boards, Paul " The Pole " Nolen dominated the game from the Raiders ' standpoint, but he was hampered by the guarding of Devils Dean and Perkins. BILL PAUL Guard BRUCE PERKINS Guard ED SENSEMAN Forward WILFORD WHITE Forward Team manager Scotty Fry and assistant coach Glenn Barlow. Season ' s high-scorer Lester Dean outwits the Wildcats. His height and rebounding were invaluable throughout the season. Coppinger, ever dependable for points, fires one against the Cowboys of Hardin-Simmo.ns University. The Devils copped this ere, 74-48. Captain Hatch races through Hardin-Simmons for two sure points. 1951 saw the end of this ssn : or ' s record of fine, consis- tent ball playing. i :- J ' 59 JO ANN HATCH Secretary-Treasurer FRED W. BRADFORD Vice-President tcefts Nine hundred seventy-five memh ers of the Class of 1951 at Arizona State College at Tempe, the largest in the history of the institution, will leave a record of tremendous accomplishment. Students at Tempe from 1947 through 1951, they have been the basic factor and the greatest con- tributors to the phenomenal expansion of the institution. Without intelligent interest and co- operation by this class, the entire program simply would not have happened. Robert H. Forman led this largest class in its final year. Fred Bradford was the vice-president and Jo Ann Hatch served as secretary-treasurer. ROBERT H. FORMAN President Abrahams, Mary Frances Adams, Charles Adams, Donald R. Adkins, Elaine G. Adkins, Harvey Ainsa, Pearl Aja, Manuel Alder, I la Rae Allen Shirleen Allen, William J. Allred, Bernard W. Alonzo, Richard Alvarez, Jesus G. Anderson, John Anderson, Carol Andreatta, Camilla W. Andrews, David F. Andrews, Mary H. Andrews, Walter W. Appleby, Georgia L. Aragon, Lino A. Armstrong, Audrey Armstrong, John H. Augier, Jacqueline Ausere, Joe M. Austin, Robert E. Badorine, Pete Bailey, Clyde Bailey, Johnnie Baker, Richard H. Baldock, Don M. Balsamo, Anthony Barnette, Corwin J. Barragon, Joe Bartow, Fanchon Bartmus, Libby Basil 10, Anthony Bas : nger, Alice Bates, Al Baugh, Marie Beauchamp, James E. Bebee, Charles N. Beck, Claryce Beck, Violet Becker, Earl Beharka, Charles Bein, Elaine Bel knap, Stewart Bennett, Don L. Bennewitz, Dallas Beyerlem, Hugo G. Bigelow, Harold Billingsley, Frank Birtcher, Harold Biscoe, Don M. Blackford, Mary Blaine, Virginia Bowen, Anna Bradford, Fred W. Bradshaw, Doris Breed, Charles H. Bricker, Francis W. Brooks, Norton M. Brown, Harold Burke, Henry A. Byrd., Joe Shelby Caldwell, William Callahan, Joseph L. Cambron, Tom L. Capono, Jo Carson, Ed Carter, Melvin Casares, Isabel Castro, Yolanda Charitan, Arnold Christopher, Geraldine Chuka, Theresa Clark, Larry Clark, Myrtle Clark, Shirlee Clemence, Mary E. Cluff, Alice Cochrane, Mary N. Collins, Roger W. Coman, Frances J. Condon, Charles J. Conley, Arthur Con ley, Joseph H., Jr. Conrad, Dale H. Cooper, Lorraine Cornejo, Ruben Cosentino, Dominic Cosper, Gene Costantini, John Cottrell, Eugene R. Cox, Kittie Cox, Phyllis Crondeli, John Cross, Lorraine Cruze, Jerome Cunningham, V. L Dahlberg, Marvin Davis, Dorothy Davis, Ester A. Davis, Jake C. Davis, Jean L. Davis, Robert Lee Dedera, Don Dedera, Yvonne Deguchi, llyne deMasi, Charles Dewberry, James H., Jr. Diaz, Carmen Diefenderfer, Gloria DiGirolamo, Lawrence Dominguez, Pete Dorton, Edward Doucet, David Dowd, William J. Dowel I, Emery B. Downer, Lee Druding, Charles Duane, Peggy Dudley, Benjamin H. Dundee, Charles W. Dunkel, Robert Dunn, Leon Dunne, David L. Duree, Arthur W. Dustin, William Easton, Mary Eaton, William B. Ekberg, Jack Ellis, Daniel E. Elmers, Kirwan Ericson, Robert E. Escobedo, Julio Esqueda, Carlos G. Estrada, Jessie Ewan, Bill Ewing, Burke M. Ezzo, Joe B. Fanfarillo, Pauline Farr, Milton --dlnr Farrell, Glenn M. Farrow, Betty Jane Ferguson, Don Feicht, Arthur Fetz, Vern Fiedler, Robert Fife, Dennis L. Finelli, Vincent E. Fisher, Ralph Flick, Luther Forman, Lissant Forman, Robert Foutz, Mary Lou Fowler, Daniel E. Fowler, John H. Frankel, Phillip J. Friday, Roy R. Fritz, Conrad B. Fuller, Bob Fuller, Patricia Furphy, Harry C, Jr. Furr, Mildred Gale, Charles C., Jr. Gallardo, Edward D. Gann, George W. Garbe, David Geiler, Elnora Gherrity, Pat Gibson, Margaret Gillespie, Marjorie Gillespie, Phyllis C. Glotzer, Harold Goldfarb, Joseph Gomez, Al V. Gorczyca, Leonard Gordon, Bonnie Green, John I. Gregory, John Griffith, William Guerrero, Fernando Gulick, Everett P. Guynn, William R. Hadden, Helen Hall, Robert A., Jr. Holler, Darrell E. Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Marquita Hammer, Betty Lou Hanchett, Betty J. Hand, Victor Hanger, William Hannan, Lawrence Hanson, Robert W. Hardaway, John Harris, C. Eugene Harrison, Winfield G. Hatch, Boyd H. Hatch, Jo Ann Hatter, Betty J. Hay, Harold Haynes, Gene Hedrick, Jan Heffner, William S. Heftel, Cecil Heileman, John P. Helmer, Thelma G. Hemphill, Shirley Hepp, Thomas A. Hewette, Mary B. Higgins, Lillian K. Hodson, Harold N. Hoff, Norman Hoge, Andrew Holcomb, Foy Houser, Robert Huey, Kenneth H. Hughes, John K. Hughes, Richard Hugoboom, Cliff Ingalls, Everett D. Insley, Gerald S. Isaacson, Carl M. Iverson, Clarence J. Ivy, Andrew J. Jackson, Norma James, Shirley Jamison, Sara Moyne Janssen, Dorothy Jennings, Paul H. Johnson, Virginia L. Jones, Marvin Jorgensen, Harry Judd, Duane H. Kalaf, Fred Kane, Robert J. Katsenes, John - ' .r : t ' JjS3MK-B8H Keck, Robert R. Kellogg, Nancy Kentera, Lawrence Killian, Marian Kinnerup, James J. Kleck, Rod Koperek, Richard C. Kortan, Melvin Kress, Robert J. Kruszynski, Eugene Kwan, Jeanne Lacki, Janet Lahar, Raymond Lando, Gerald Landis, Bill Lane, Robert E. Lanter, Frankie Jo Laubach, Harry Laughlin, Dale, Jr. Lawrey, William J. La Zarr, Eleanor Levine, Eugene Lewis, Gene D. Livermore, Paul Lodewyk, David Lomeli, Lois Long, James B. Lovelace, Francene McCabe, Gerard McCall, Margaret McCartan, Lulu McCaverty, Raymond J. McClure, Fred S. McClure, Virginia McCombs, Mary McDermond, Mary Edith McDonald, Ernestine McDonald, Howard McElhannon, Grace Y. McGregor, Robert McGuinn, Benjamin A. McPherson, Vance MacDonald, Robert F. Marino, Raymond M ariscal, George Markichevich, Mark Marks, Charles S. Martin, Eleanor Marquez, Arthur Mason, Richard L. Mates, Donald A. Maxwell, Edward J. Mayer, Donald J. Mendoza, Sally Merritt, Claribel Metzger, James Meyers, Wilda Miller, Espen N. Miller, Goldie Miller, Lois Miller, Phyllis Minke, Karl Mishler, Etta Mae Mitchell, Helen Mitchell, Paul M. Moore, A. Lee Moore, Bill G. Morris, Jacqueline Morris, Lucille Morris, William J. Mrgudich, Richard Muller, Bobetta Jo Muniz, Manuel Murray, Arthur R. Myers, Flossie M. Navarrete, Pete A. Naylor, Doris Nelson, Mattie C. Newell, John Nielsen, Victor L., Jr. Noffz, John Nolan, Eleanore Noriega, Frank Nortman, Richard P. Notaro, Anthony Nowell, Wanda Nye, Montford M. Olivas, Mardy L. Ong, Willie Ornelas, Edward Orth, Fred Oviedo, William Owens, Ross A. Packard, David Pagano, Jean Page, Patsy Painter, Frances Pa I ley, Arthur Palmer, Acil Palmer, Angeline Palmer, Stanley Parker, Duane Parra, Gloria Patterson, Violet Pease, Jesse Pelletier, Harold Perrino, Phil Perry, Charles Percy, Oscar L. Perry, Robert M. Perry, Wallace Pew, Gay Phillips, Robert B. Pickrell, John Pingitore, Mike Pinney, Grant Premeau, Don Price, Ida Rose Provitola, Armando Quesada, Dora Quihuis, Albert L. Quilici, Al Racobs, Shirley Ramirez, Narcy Rayburn, Charles W. Reed, Joseph M. Reese, Albert, Jr. Reid, Van C. Reinoehl, Paul Retherford, Guyrene Reynolds, Harold Riggins, Dale C. Jr. Riordan, Robert J. Rippel, Robert Roberson, Harry G. Robertson, Mary Ruth Rogers, Carl C. Rogers, Carlyn Rosloff, Rueben Ross, John S. Rozum, John J. Russell, Jack L. Russell, Sam W. Saba, Norman Sakelariou, Bessie Sanks, Clarice W. Sasse, Harry Scanlon, Walter Schaas, George W. Scheidler, Shirley Scheidler, Willard Scheier, Paul Scherer, Grace Schimberg, Richard Schmidt, Czeslaw Schmidt, George Schooler, Hannah Jean Schweickert, Julie Sekaquaptewa, Eugene Sennette, Leo Sexton, Darleen Shaffer, Harold A. Shaw, Bruce Shenkin, Robert Sherman, John W. Sherry, Sheldon Shields, Mary Lu Shipley, John Sinclair, Lillian Sincoff, Martin Slade, Darwin L. Smith, Donald R. Smith, James Smith, Lloyd V. Smith, Marcella Smith, Virginia Smithson, John L. Sobel, Paul Solomon, Leona Sorg, Louise Speer, M. Leonard Spencer, Calogera M. Spiegler, David Springer, Roger Stair, John L. Staley, Robert E. Stames, C. A. Stein, Marvin Stewart, Jack C. Stewart, Joan K. Stewart, Marguerite Stilwell, Floyd Stokes, Jeanne E. Stolmack, Alvin S. Stone, Adrian R. Strand, Harold Stump, Robert Sustercich, Albert J. Swor, Robert L. Tameron, Joe 0. Tassinari, Joseph Tedrick, Dan Tennison, Robert Terkelsen, Vera Tessman, Elaine Thagard, George Tiffany, Leslie Tiffany, Mary Tirpak, William L. Tiverofsky, Donald Todd, Douglas Todd, Robert Trammell, Helen Louise Treat, Bonnie Treguboff, Jim Trojanovich, Louise Truesdale, Gilbert E. Truog, Mary Jane Tsakiris, Paul Turley, Barbara Turner, Thomas Tyler, Carol Ruth Tyrone, Bill Vineyard, Jack Vitkovich, Nick Wait, Irene L. Walker, McClellan Walrath, John Walter, Everett L. Wang, Ruth Warner, Clifford H. Washington, Bob G. Wasielewski, Edward J. Jr. Watkins, Gerald E. Watkins, Ralph Watson, R. L. Watts, JohnT. Jr. Wayland, EHsworth Wedge, Barbara Weik, Ruth Weipert, William H. Welker, LaVerne Wertz, Max L. Weston, Jim White, Wilford Whitecraft, Charles L. Whitlow, Eileen Williams, Charlene Williams, James L. Williams, John Williams, Marvin E. Williams, Ora Williams, Sam Willison, Martin H. Wilson, Charles V. Wilson, Ralph Wiman, Raymond Wise, John R. Wong, Bill Woods, Dorothy Wrede, Harry Wylie, Hildreth Yoars, Carolyn Ywanow, Joyce Zimmerman, Marilyn Zschiegner, Renee Zucco, John Adams, John M. Allanson, John Berner, Donald T. Bowen, Arthur Bowers, Mary Bradford, Paul E. Jr. Brewer, Edward H. Bnce, Calvin Brown, William C. Cameron, John L. Chadwick, Daniel R. Cinque, Bernard Craft, John M. Croxton, Carl Damiencki, Richard Davis, Bill M. Dodds, Robert T. Donaldson, Donnell J. Fiedler, Gerry B. Firth, Alfred M. Gabaldon, Raul Goldberg, Sandrine Gordon, James Grover, Joel S. Groves, Helen D. Harper, Luther J. Harrison, Doris A. Hatter, M. E. Henkel, Paul J. Herman, Justin D. Hewette, Clyde Hirshberg, Jerry Isley, William A. Jaco, Allen N. Jacobs, Forrest A. Jarrad, Donald S. Johnson, William H. Kato, Kenichi Knox, Richard F. Kurtz, Joseph Lewis, Dwight Lewis, Mary Frances Lossing, Barney Lloyd, Robert W. McBee, Riley L. McLaughlin, Oren Morton, Larry Nelson, Harold W. Noack, Ursula Osterhout, Russell D. Padelford, John C. Jr. Padfield, Harland Pagano, Anthony Peabody, Stanley Pleli, Frank F. Poison, Jean Evelyn Price, James R. Prigge, Mrs. Jean Pugh, Alice Rockstroh, Stephen Senff, Christiane Shen, James Simon, Gerta Skousen, James Smith, Virginia M. Stephens, Bill Taylor, Theodore Webster, David M. Weissbach, Walter L Weissgarber, Alfred Wirth, Leonard E. Young, John H. Zook, Alfred A steady hand and a steady eye are the end results, as feminine sharpshooters drill those bulls-eyes under the bright Arizona sun. Margie Brown, third from left, set the pace for the archers, winning both the intramural and varsity competition with Columbia Rounds of 390 and 394 respec- tively. Under the guidance of Miss Mariam Joy, WAA faculty sponsor, and Betty Harris, WAA president, the Woman ' s P.E. intramural pro- gram doubled in scope and degree of success in 1950-1951. The inclusion of residence hall and sorority teams in intramurals gave many more women the chance for active participa- tion in outdoor athletics. In varsity competition, tennis wielded a big racket. Two distaff Sun Devils, Margie Brown and Joann Young, walked off with the junior girls ' doubles title in the Southwest District tournament. Miss Brown copped the junior girls ' singles title in the same meet. At press time, ASC ' s female archers stood in second and third place in two separate na- tional archery tournaments. In all, a good big year. Grace, poise, and sore muscles in the pro- cess of developing, as Miss Gillanders ' Modern Dance class goes into action. Freckles and fun are the heritage of these feminine tennis enthusiasts. Champions are emerging from the program. Basketball intramurals drew entries from 68 girls, representing all halls, sororities, and off-campus women. This marked a high point in women ' s intramural competition, the first time that such campus- wide representation has been achieved. Joann Young, left, and Margie Brown admire their singles and doubles trophies, after winning those titles in the junior girls ' division of the Southwest District tourney. Six-irons set the pace, as the Advance Golf class trains for intra- murals, and the annual Sportsday conclave held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ASC ' s largest and must successful intramural athletic program kept more than a dozen fraternity and inde- pendent teams busy throughout the year. As the schedule drew near the end, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Lambda Phi Sigma were contesting every point for the team cham- pionship. Coach Al Onofrio served as intramural director this year and Don Berner filled the post of intramural man- ager. Both men put in a busy time scheduling and con- ducting the many phases of the competition. DON BERNER Intramural Manager The Lambdies copped the basketball title last Fall. Members of the team were, 1 st row, Wes Stammer, Ralph Davis, Roy Mason, Ed Fowler. 2nd row, Harold Griffith, Norman Wilson, Ernie Coen, Bruce Carlson, Ed Carson, George Manscal. Bruce Carlson and Ed Carson, of the champion Lambdies, put the squeeze on an unidentified op-j ponent during an intramural court contest. Ed swallowed neither hand nor ball. Harry Laubach, Rocky Maynes and George Spears battle for f- ' Pth place in the intramural mile. Tops in the charity-toss competition were Lambdies Ernie Coen, Ralph Davis, Bruce Carlson, and Roy Mason. Teke Tom Moffitt leads the way home in the half-mile run with lots of room to spare. The Tekes captured the intramural meet. Tops in touch football play were the A-l Kings. Members of the team were, kneeling, Bill Greaves, Bud Barnette, and Herb Boetto. Standing, Adron Reichert, Gene Smit h, Barry Arney, and Leroy Whitecraft. John Green, TKE, 1951 intramural tennis titleholder. AL ONOFRIO Intramural Director The cross-country team championship was won by Tau Kappa Epsilon. Members were Tom Moffitt, Pat Tanno, Frank Ryley, and Arden Taylor. Bill Eaton of the Cliftoneers sails high over the bar to cop the intramural high jump title. L w l yviy (Jv Arizona State ' s net contingent this year was studded with freshmen. Tennis mentor Marlow Keith expects great things from this group in a year or two. Members of the 1950-1951 crew included, kneeling, left to right, Ellis Bryant, Dave Doucet, Charley Roach, and Jerry Beaver. Standing, Coach Marlow Keith, Fred Hicker- nell, Roland Kee, John Green, Jack Feicht, and Don Bennett. y ll vWl l ASC bronc-busters put in a busy year not only in competition but in promotion as well. The intercollegiate rodeo, held here late in March, drew entrants from all over the Southwest. Mem- bers of this year ' s team were, kneeling, Bob Stump and Fred Hannum. Standing, Bob Lanford, Bill Trabue, Kent McEuen and Frank Pascoe. March brings Collegiate Rodeo time at ASC. From throughout the Southwest top performers gather to pit their skill against " widow-makin " broncs and lunging bulls amid thrilling color and pomp. The entire pageant is as typically American as a synthetic blonde in a yellow con- vertible . . . " and a d d sight more sincere. " " Du-laka-du-laka-du-du-du . . ! " Sit " 35 V ' 1st row, left to right, Rayma-Lew Neeb, Jerry Gilbert, Geraldme Hanger, Sue Ann San- doz, Millie Miskovich. 2nd row, Carrie Montoya, Jean Hutsell, Bert Vizcaya, Barbara Akers, Beverly Gentry, Dana Rhoton, Mary Black- ford, Jam ' s Clardy, Louise Sorg, Ann Jones, Frances Poley, Margie Brown. 3rd row, Elaine Takemori, Billie Stroope, Laura Longenbaugh, Barbara Massetto, Mariam Joy, Carole Boozer, Naoma Fuller, Fran Salerno, Phyllis Hinton, Gracie Barron, Marilyn Mercer. 4th row, Betty Harris, Gretchen Grunenwald, Shirley Lester, Terry Hulse, Carlo Smith, Shirley Gandee, Jean Smith, Mary Thorud, Gloria Diefenderfer. 5th row, Jean Gary, Joyce Nelson, Lillian Sinclair, Mary Hickcox, Lois Sauer, Lola Randall, Mary Frances Abrahams, Ernestine McDonald, Alma Amador. (PAjyAUjCit jducdjUDn (}lub st row, left to right, Billie Stroope, Bert Vizcaya, Bobbie Akers, Beverly Gentry, Dana Rhoton, Mary Thorud, Louise Sorg, Ann Jones, Frances ' Poley, Margie Brown. 2nd row, Jean Hutsell, Barbara Massetto, Naoma Fuller, Shirley Lester, Shirley Gandee, Fran Salerno, Phyllis Hinton, Virginia Lantander, Margie Barrington. 3rd row, Betty Harris, Gretchen Grunenwald, Mary Jane Truog, Carlo Smith, Carole Boozer, Gl na Diefenderfer, Jean Smith, Leola Ameling. 4th row, Joyce Nelson, Jeanne Gary, Lillian Sinclair, Lois Sauer, Ernestine McDonald, Anne Watson, Mary Frances Abrahams. il 1st row, left to right. Bill Watson, Bonnie LaZar, Jeannme Fletcher, Master Lloyd Ellis, Jo Hussmann, Peggy Lewis, Wilda Meyers, Bill Williams. 2nd row, Andy Ellis, John Machmer, Gayle Jennings, Ben Morrow, Doug Chafey, Bob Lanford, Bert Wilson, Claude Pitrat. 3rd row, Dale Riggins, Harry Thurston, Albert L. Shrout, Ray Evans, Bob Phillips, Bob Barclay, Frank Pascoe. 4th row, Lewis Parker, Don Torell, Kent McEuen, Phil Modesitt, Franklin Gray, Fred Hannum, H. V. Withers, Stan Allen. l s t row, left to right, Barbara Miller, Jerry Gilbert, Gerry Butala, Norma Enckson, Amy Jentoft. 2nd row, Mary Virginia Morris, Jean Smith, Lillie Ann Hagerman, Carlo Smith. 3rd row, Nancy Neal, Delores Cantrell. o 1st row, left to right, Fred Habaica, Eugene Sekaquaptewa, Bill Morris, Fred Bell, Willard Scheidler. 2nd row, Fred- erick Faber, Mitch Jurasevich, Jim Sager, Jim Pursell, Steve Butala. 3rd row, Ralph Kasenberg, David Smith, Bob Carr, Nick Vitkovich. fficudsjuui 1st row, left to right, llyne Deguchi, Jack Heileman, Harry Pappas, Art Mur- ray, George Yuen, Johnnie Bailey. 2nd row, Kenneth Fuller, Ray Stone, Bill Bruner, Dave Heileman, Leonard Gor- czyca. 3rd row, Kenneth Huey, Arthur Pol ley, Sidney Smith. st row, left to right, Lee Downer, Steve Leal, Vic Nielsen, Mildred Luckie, Hal Hubele, Bob McGregor. 2nd row, Prof. Ernest J. Hopkins, Soap Dowel I, Sal Streeter, Bill Foster, Tom Melton. 3rd row, Don Dedera, Al Bates, Ralph Wilson. R. 0. J. 1 st row, left to right, Eugene Beatty, Norman Wilcox, Larry Shelp, Dave No- ick, Louis Brindley, Caesar Cipol la, John Wai rath. 2nd row, Gene Sekaquaptewa, Robert Dare, Dave Andrews, William Lessard, I. D. Williams, Arthur Hart- mann. 3rd row, Eugene Collins, Lloyd G. Peters, Robert Russell, Charles Dundee, Harold H. Hopkins. 4th ro w, Sherman Loy, Gerald Watkins, Charles Porch, Kenneth Kinnebrew. 1st row, left to right, Joe leronimo, Ernest Leyba, Mary Ann McHenry, Wally Menckel, James Bailey. 2nd row, Robert V. Zacher, Jerry Goodson, Irving Stern, Ed Savel, Walter Gross, Robert Kress, Robert Phillips. 3rd row, Leslie Wolslagel, William S. Heffner, Robert M. Rublin, Robert W. Stevenson, Ed Jor- gensen, Walter Proctor, Richard Brown. 4th row, Vincent Marsiglia, Bill String- ham, Robert Naylor, William Allen, Dean Peterson, Robert Harmon, Robert Bacon, John Webb. Prof. Austin S. Brat- cher, faculty sponsor of the organiza- tion, does not appear in the picture. 1 st row, left to right, Joseph Fink, Clarice Stevenson, Charlotte Oldenburg, Jackie Brooks, Bessie Sakelariou, Pearl Fink, Robert Cadwell. 2nd row, William Short- all, Morris Salob, Harold Reynolds, Ber- nard Horwitz, Rod Frederickson, Bob Lloyd. 4th row, Bill Rintelmann, Floyd Stilwell, Dr. H. Clay Skinner, Al Olden- burg, Robert Noe. 4th row, C. E. Druding, Charles Gale, Walter 0. Smith. 1st row, left to right, Ruth Zito, June Payne, Carmen Ybarra, Dr. Mary Escu- dero, Dr. Irma Wilson. 2nd row, George Quintero, Ida Price, Carole Sternberg, Joe Barragon, Dr. Alfred Von der Heydt. 3rd row, Carlos Esqueda, Pete Navarrete, Harold Brown, Ray Lahar. Childhoo 1 st row, left to right, Norma Erickson, Adelma Ann Arena, Daisy Yee, Georgia Taylor. 2nd row, Lois Foster, Juanita Minitre, Juanita Hughes. 3rd row, Ruby Prince, Betty Nelssen. 1 st row, left to right, Sidney Smith, Mary Bowers, Christine Senff, Mrs. Mark H. Wall, N. Christy Liuzzo. 2nd row, Tom Wadlow, Dr. Collice Portnoff, Robert N. Eaton. 3rd row, Charles Bowers, Arthur Pol ley. s row, left to right, Dr. Mary J. Escu- dero, Carmen Ybarra, Bella Castro, Yolanda Castro, Lucille Campos, Jessie Aguirre. 2nd row, Joe Barragon, Arnulfo Alcarez, Albert Cerino, John Cast, Joe Bertoglio. 3rd row, Steve Leal, Joe Bar- riga, Joe Tameron, Raymundo Rosales, Fernando Guerrero. and Sandal 1st row, left to right, June Payne, Helen Jones, Suzanne Bouton, Betty Houke, Isabel Casares, Mary Blackford. 2nd row, George Tomalan, Ed Dorton, Vir- ginia Johnson, Tom Sherlock, Richard Nortman. 3rd row, Fred Buehl, Ray Greene, Bob Ellis, Walter Andrews, Dave Hardaway. of Om Jwca 1st row, left to right, Jane McKinster, Mattie Nelson, Betty Buchanan, Jean Williams, Madeline Plummer, Jo Capo- no. 2nd row, Albert Sustercich, Grace Solms, Joanne Shaver, Emily V. Baker, Robert Stone. 3rd row, Roy Friday, How- ard Willison, Earl Becker, Gene Lewis. 4th row, Grant Pinney, Ben Furlong, Charles Marks. of 1st row, left to right, William Mangino, L. R. Forman, Caesar Cipolla. 2nd row, Jack Pattison, Harold Sadler, Bob Wil- liams. Social 1st row, left to right, Mary Yamashiro, Billie Wbarton. 2nd row, Alex Rivera, Edgar Jones, Don Burrows. 3rd row, George Sbordone, Harold Stapley. Qni Jwalional 1st row, left to right, R. E. Cognac, J. W. Morrissey, 0. C. Bacon. 2nd row, Dr. R. K. Wyllys, John C. Solakiewicz, Ray Lahar. (P U UJnCtyGl Service honorary. 1st row, left to right, Wafly Burgess, Dr. Ernest L. Parker, Thelton Beck, Eugene Seka- quaptewa, Ernest Leyba, Calvin Cardieri, Billie Powers. 2nd row, James Bradford, Arden Taylor, Charles Potter, Ray Lahar, Keith Dwyer, Lee Downer. 3rd row, Dr. Hugh Hansen, Roland Kee, Dr. Paul Miller, Bruce Shaw, John Lyddon. 4th row, Harry Wrede, Jack McPhee, Kenneth Huey, Bill Jenkins, Gene Smith, Robert Phillips. JidflfLCt ' JJ LtCt 0 Education honorary. 1st row, left to right, Elaine Bein, Virginia McClure, Bessie Sakelariou, Nancy Kel- logg, Eleanor Martin, Mrs. Hazel Harvey Quaid. 2nd row, Marva Pearson, Vera Terkelsen, Carmen Weary, Virginia Ream, Mary Frances Abrahams, Marcine Kartchner. 3rd row, Gene Kruszynski, Howard Willison, Jesse Taylor, Karl Minke, John R. Evans. 4th row, Ross Owens, Charles Gale, Shirlee Clark, Reuben Rosloff, Dr. R. K. Wyllys. Home Economics honorary. 1st row, left to right, Carrie Montoya, Johnnie Bailey, Virginia Johnson, Joann Hatch, Irene Lee Wait, Sylvia Graham, Yolanda Castro, Shirley Racobs, Eileen Johnson. 2nd row, Mildred Norman, Betty Nusbaum, Ros- alie Magee, Geraldine Butala, Dorothy Reed, Pat Cunningham, Jean Ellen Williams. 3rd row, Jerry Gilbert, Charlotte Wilson, Clara Wei- man, Vera Terkelsen, Georgia Appleby, Elaine Tessman. CUfuLCt ff J SAlW t Secretarial honorary. 1st row, left to right, Ellen Langston, Eleanor Martin, Lois E. Kelso, Laura Longen- baugh, Wilma Miller, Guyrene McAfee, Maplette Duclos, Betty Painter, Olga Haydukovich. 2nd row, Rachel Love, Virginia Ream, Dorothy Owens, Juanita Morris, Joan Franks, Rayma-Lew Neeb. 3rd row, George Burns, Frank Bishop, Ben Peterson, E. J. Hilkert, Ross Owens, Albert Thielemann. JJ llM yni L.D.S. honorary. 1st row, left to right, Meade E. Nielson, Glenn W. Skouson, Claude EU.TIS, Grant Whitmer, Wendell Gardner, James Griner. 2nd row, Vaughn Merrell, Doyle L. Johnson, Dwayne Brimhall, Ace Flake, Forest Squire. 3rd row, John Crandell, Wayne Bod;ne, Carl Cole, Melvin D. Rogers. 4th row, Lavar West, Marlowe Denham, Paul L. Crandall, Mac Reed. Accountant honorary. 1st row, left to richt, Harry Pappas, Carl Isaacson, Richard Koperek, Harvey Adkins, Frank Bishop. 2nd row, Paul Davis, Albert Kramer, Robert Staley, Charles Perry, Russell Reid. 3rd row, E. J. Hilkert, Everett Thomas, Du- shan Vukovich, Ralph Beckman. Rho dlftha Music honorary. 1st row, left to right, Mary Ann Enloe, Virginia Johnson, Mary Blackford, Mrs. Hazel Harvey Quaid 2nd row, Ray Arbizu, John Weston, Or- ma May Strong. " ]hsda Georgraphic honorary. 1st row, left to right, David A. McConahay, Dr. Paul T. Miller, Alvar Honka, J. E. Christensen. 2nd row, Albert L. Shrout, Marvin D. Dahlberg, Thomas Laitem. Co (Upha. tpAi Om qa Dramatics honorary. 1st row, left to right, June Payne, Helen Jones, Isabel Casares, Mary Blackford. 2nd row, Earl Everson, Ray Greene, Walter Andrews, Richard Nortman. 3rd row, Tom Sher- lock, Betty Houke, Dave Hardaway. J. k alpha Wlu $amma Language honorary. 1st row, left to right, Ida Price, llyne Deguchi, Dr. Mary Escudero, Dr. Irma Wilson, Dr. Suzanne d ' Orssaud. 2nd row, Carlos Esqueda, Pete Navarrete, Ray Lahar. ffii Om qa ffii Commerce honorary. 1st row, left to right, Lois Kelso, Betty Painter. 2nd row, Thomas Moore, Eleanor Martin, Jack Carter. 3rd row, Ross Owens, Bill Col- borne, Ben Pearson. ffli JCappa (Dslta Speech honorary. 1st row, left to right, John Rodgers, Evelyn Chapman, Joseph J. Greenawalt. 2nd row, Dean McSloy, Tom Sherlock, Forest Squire. 3rd row, Jim Cleckner, Robert J. Harmon. Band honorary. 1 st row, left to right, Fred Bradford, Ralph Lingerfelt, Harold Strand. 2nd row, David Frost, Charles Beharka, Bob Dunkel, Darryl Quigley, Ed Maxwell, Harold Birtcher. 3rd row, Don Tiverofsky, Jim Simmons, Felix E. Mc- Kernan. fff tft U VnfX. Women ' s Band honorary. 1st row, left to right, Betty Blythe, Florence Kilpatrick, Mary Lansing, Wilma Sosville. 2nd row, Patsy Kendig, Lois Tollefsrud, Shirley James. 3rd row, Virginia Smith, Mary Schultz. U yJMV 1 st row, left to right, Billie Stroope, Gretchen Grunsnwald, Ernestine McDonald, Mary Frances Abrahams, Bert Vizcaya. 2nd row, Jean Hutsell, Shirley Lester, Betty Harris, Miss Dorothy Gillanders. 3rd row, Lillian Sinclair, Mary Jane Truog. A Ci f JliV 1st row, left to right, Bill Gosselin, Jim Treguboff, Lawrence Kentera, Jim Aitken, Wayne Welker, George Trbovich. 2nd row, Henry Rich, Cornelius McGrady, Wilford White, Manuel Aja, Joe Tassinari, Walt Scanlon, Armando Provitola, Dom- inic Patrone, Bob Lorona. 3rd row, Roger Collins, Joe Tameron, Harold Porter, Dick Allen, John Stewart, Ray Marino, Truett McCullah. 4th row, Lou lani, Marvin Wahlin, Sam Duca, John Zucco, Grant Whitmer, Allen Stangeland, Mark Markichevich, Ozzie King, Bill Raw- lins. 5th row, Duane Morrison, Ed Senseman, Virgil Savage, Cliff Hugoboom, Harold Self, Ralph Wilson, Czeslaw Schmidt, Emery Harper, Marlowe Keith. fffe f : (USuia (Alpha) 1 straw, left to right, Wally Burgess, Harold Birtcher, Duane Judd, Harold Bigelow, Bill Shurtz, Duane Holt. James Griner. 2nd row, Delbert Standage, Vaughn Merrell, Stanley Meaker, Robert Kasold, Dale Clarkson, Milton Farr, Wendell Gardner. 3rd row, Glenn W. Skouson, Claude Burris, Howard Roberts, Vance H. Judd, Grant Whitmer, John Cowley, Lee Johnson. 4th row, Lavar West, Marlowe Denham, Mac Reed, Paul L. Crandall, Dwayne Brimhall, John Crandell, Carl Cole. (Omega) 1st row, left to right, Sue Enloe, Margie Calhoun, Inez Carragher, Louise Rhoton, Pat Hancock, Naoma Fuller, Alice Jo Cluff. 2nd row, Sybil Lamoreaux, Melba Denham, Joanne Westover, Georgie Taylor, Carol Tyler, lone Pearce. 3rd row, Colleen Black, JoAnn Rogers, Bonnie Anderson, Edith Udall, Ruby Rice. 4th row, Maurine Hansen, Gene Heard, Verba Johnston, Betty Lamb, Joyce Nelson. WSL l ty jDJUndctHOn (Methodist) 1st row, left to right, Eleanor Martin, Lorraine Cross, Elaine Tessman, Pat Huddle, May Westfall, Carol Helmkay. 2nd row, Jack Wise, Virginia Smith, Margaret Dye, Charles Beharka, Arthur Johnson. 3rd row, Robert Beharka, John Weston, Lloyd Meyer. flSiWJftlfUfl [jlMD (Roman Catholic) 1st row, left to right, Walter Scanlon, Caesar Cipolla, William Mahoney, Manuel Maza, Joe Tassinari, Milton LaJune. 2nd row, Carrie Montoya, Belia Amado, Virginia Johnson, Dorothy Young, Frances Coman, Ruth Sherman, Norma Morris, Trini Urtuzuastegui, Thelma Bohn, Carmen Ybarra, Jessie Aguirre. 3rd row, Albert Sustercich, Mary Lou Mclntosh, Shel- don Richardson, Maxine West, Carole Sterbenz, Carmen Bovee, Betty Bouse, Barbara M. Smith, Peggy Duane, Fidencio Baca. 4th row, Reyes Bustamante, Edward Schmit, Norma Poyner, Barbara Elliott, Peggy Lewis, Rosanne Mulville, Louis J. Ringhofer, Ray McCaverty, Charles Spalten. 5th row, Al Escobedo, Gene Kalisz, Bill Weipert, Bob Bamrick, Joe Craver, Jim Morrissey, Jack Johantgen, James Con- lin, Jim Schuster. ?i fouwdl (Interdenominational) 1st row, left to right, Doris Lowthian, Ruby Jean Prince, Daisy Yee, May Westfall. 2nd row, Tom Bollard, Betty Attebery, Jackie Zachar, Doris Klump. 3rd row, Charles Marks, Robert L. Sears, Robert Rose. (Jewish) 1st row, left to right, Charles Marks, Stuart Shoob, Joseph Fink, Sey- mour Zendle. 2nd row, Gerald Lando, Irwyn Kaufax, Stanley Zeller. 3rd row, Kenneth Eliasberg, Al Kramer, Aaron Socket. ftapti i 1st row, Itft to right, Virginia Spain, Dorothy Miller, Leola Ameling, Carol Lidgard. 2nd row, Joan Raymond, Nancy Wilsford, Peggy Hightower. 3rd row, Don Crawford, Jim Hightower, Sylvester An- derson. (Christian) 1st row, left to right, Vir- ginia Benson, Darlene Thompson, Doris Klump. 2nd row, Irvin Benson, Lewis Parker, Rev. Glenn Riddell. 1st row, left to right, Dot Janssen, Jackie Zachar, Evelyn Gill, Betty Painter. 2nd row, Bill Schwerdtfeger, Bill Foster. (Episcopalian) 1st row, left to right, Darrell Holler, Marilynn Broughton, Robin Miller, Ernest Leyba. 2nd row, Rev. Donald B. Robinson, Doug Spencer, R. F. Mitchell. April brought a whole new set of thrills to Arizona Staters as the Sun Devil tracksters spiked record after record into the Goodwin Stadium cin- ders. Thus, on the same note that things began in September, triumph, 1950-1951 at Arizona State moved into history. The entire year was marked with new and greater accomplishment in every field of endeavor. It was a tremendous year under the sun. MARIAN DAVIS Q ueen (j mhus MANUEL AJA Mike Pingitore slashes a pitch off the outfield bushes in the San Diego N.T.C. game. Playing right field, Mike is fast and a good hitter. Catcher Tanis Madrid sets up a bulwark at the plate to shut of a San Diego run. Very dependable, he is a WW II vet and will be back next year. Members of the Sun Devil baseball squad are, first row, left to right, Charles Ellsworth 2b, Mike Pingitore rf, Rex Maddy If, Bob Hargrove If, Tanis Madrid c, Frank Morales p, Art Rifkin cf. Second row, Frank Pina ss, Sam Cotter c, Bill Dean cf, Harold Porter p, Fred DiSalvo 3b, Ladd Kwiatkowski cf, Melvin O ' Dell 3b, Ray Marino 3b. Third row, Bob McCartan mgr., Cleve Don rf, Bob Lorona 3b, Bill Rawlins 3b, Roy Coppinger c, Wade Oliver p, George Trbovich lb, Skeets Scan lon cf, Joe Tameron p, Bud Younger, coach. The fabled " Skeets " Scanlon takes a mighty swipe at the horsehide against San Diego. A scrappy Irishman, he is the leadoff batter and the team ' s hot-firing sparkplug. Scanlon has been in Sun Devil uniform four years, and lettered each year. Coach Bud Younger brought the experience of playing professional baseball into the scene of ASC ' s fourth major sport. In his second year at the helm, Bud helped develop men with the " old pro " attitude in their play, such as George Trbovich, Scanlon, Ray Marino, Bob Lorona, and others. Younger has played with pro teams in the Mid- west and Canada and will leave at the end of the season to hurl for the Great Falls, Montana, club. There can be no better appraisal of a coach than that of the men who play under him. Younger is a success by this yardstick, earning the accolade of a " great guy " in the estimation of his men. BUD YOUNGER Head Coach DONN KINZLE Head Coach Arizona State ' s fabulous Donn Kinzle holds down two of the biggest jobs on the campus. As Executive Manager of Athletics he controls ASC ' s new golden era of sports prominence, while as head track coach he has pulled out all the stops to make the Maroon and Gold thinclads the most potent in history. His ability to master-mind each race before a single spike scars the track is one of the prime factors responsible for the Devil ' s amazing record of snatching four straight Border Con- ference championships. As the Sahuaro goes to press, there is every reason to believe that the 1951 conference trophy will find a welcome home on the ASC campus. First row, left to right, Manuel Silva, Jack McBroom, LaVerne Welker, John Breen, manager, Bill Kamp, Carl Laursen, Royd Shumway. Second row, Bill Foster, freshman manager, Don Hildreth, Jim Gage,Truett McCullah, Tom Matteson, Wilford White, Ben Jewell, Jim Reppert, Wayne Bickers. Third row, Bill Miller, Walter Jones, Bob Toncray, Merle Wackerbarth, Earl Putman, Ken Anger, Clarence Moore, Keith Mayberry, Claire Turley. Fourth row, Coach Castillo, Cos Preston, Bill Eaton, Tony Trepel, Joe Munoz, Dave Patterson, Frank Ryley, Willie Brown, Head Coach Donn Kinzle. Captain Matteson grits, kicks, and records a blistering anchor lap of the mile relay against Colorado, with an assist from Rippel in the background. Mat- teson later anchored a screaming relay race against U5C to win in 3:21 .6 min- utes, and also won the half mile. Three year letterman Ben Jewsll cops five points away from the Buffaloes, as he turns in his usual fine performance in the mile run. ASC took the meet, 95 to 36. Later in the season, Jewell raced to a thrilling win in the mile, outdis- tancing Troy ' s Newcomb in 4:20.5 minutes. Border Conference Championship 1947 TOM MATTESON Captain, 1951 Border Conference Championship 1948 Merle Wackerbarth guts himself to beat out the best of the Trojan sprinters in the 100-yard dash, setting a new dual meet record of 9.8 seconds. ' , Ace Sun Devil hurdler Don Hildreth makes like a bird over the tall timbers to outdistance Colorado ' s Merwin Model. Left to right, he is accompanied by Jim Reppert and Sam Joy, second placer. Border Conference Championship 1949 Border Conference Championship 1950 Competitors don ' t stand a chance when Bill Miller unlimbers his jet-propelled javelin. Salute the champ! Bill Eaton climbs over the bar, ending up with head and shoulder in that soft sawdust. SENON CASTILLO Assistant Coach Conference championship number five coming up. He looks worried, but don ' t believe it. Earl " Warehouse Frame " Putman puts a lotto ' beef behind that shot, worth a second place against USC. Truett McCullah strains every ounce to take the 440-yard dash away from Troy in 49.9 seconds. ASC ' s Don Fuller grabs a third. No one-event man, Miller bounds sky- ward to record a 6 ' 5 " high jump against USC, the best of his career to date. pan atnerican campus bound Manny ' s Pan-American tweeds are tops with the student body. Whether you be a freshman or old grad, you ' ll approve their casual styling and long wear. 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DESERT FASH O N S PRESCOTT SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA BILTMORE INSPIRATION CONSOLIDATED COPPER COMPANY Extends best wishes to the 1951 Graduating Class and to Arizona State College atTempe PIONEER INDUSTRY OF ARIZONA PRINTING is an efficient salesman ... it is easily adaptable to your needs ... if care- fully handled, it can accomplish the most effective results. PHOENIX PETERSON BROOKE -.STEINER DISTRIBUTORS AMRftlCAM SE VTIIVG AND WIST " A Service Organization For Arizona " RETAIL STORES Howard Stofft Yuma Stationers Ylllll.l PETERSON. BROOKE. STEINER WIST 530 West Washington PHOENIX COMPLETE FURNISHINGS FOR RETAIL STORES Peterson, Brooke Steiner Prescott-Flarstaff P B S W Safford - Mesa Phone 2-2301 SCHOOL - CHURCH - OFFICE - INDUSTRY CONGRATULATIONS from Washington at First Street Phoenix, Arizona Arizona ' s Department Store Since 1895 Your Headquarters for UJifoon Waid in Seven Stores to Serve You throughout Central Arizona CO.S.STAELEY Phoenix - Mesa - Chandler - Coolidge Casa Grande - Buckeye - Glendale MORENCI REDUCTION WORKS Crushing Plant and Concentrator in the foreground. Bedding Plant and Smeller in the center of the picture. The stack at Morenci is taller than any other in the United Slate . The past fifty years witnessed the development of what is known as the American Way of living. American brains, American energy and American capital have changed the old way of living. Mechanized equipment has eased the labor of mankind, production has i ncreased, transportation is re- volutionized. Another period of progress which will dwarf the great achievements of the last fifty years is ahead. How far we go depends on how well we understand that which made the past progress possible. Better use of power resources, improvement of machines, cultivation of skills thus we shall better that which has been done. The graduate of 1950 will be the leader of 1975. The facts learned during the past few years are the signposts directing to greater accomplishment. A great philosopher truly said that the explanation of triumph is all in the first syllable. PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION BISBEE DOUGLAS AID MORENCI CLARKDALE JEROME S ADAMS AT HftST ST EJ C If you haven ' t grown-up with Porters, you probably are one of our steadfast, new friends buying with con- fidence when the need arises for smart Street or Casual Clothes, Sportswear, Western or Ranch wear counting on the dependability of a firm established in business for 75 years. 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CONNOLLY, PUBLISHER Congratulations TO Arizona State College at Tempe LET ' S ALL WORK TO MAKE IT THE FINEST COLLEGE IN THE GREAT SOUTHWEST Fisher Contracting Company 2201 South 19th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Superior Sand And Gravel 3640 South 19th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona " Most Likely to Succeed " Establishing and maintaining a friendly, business-like relationship with a good bank is important to young men and women, particularly to those who aspire to become tomorrow ' s business and professional leaders. These young men and women who establish a banking connection by opening a savings account and adding to it regularly... who consult the bank about their plans for the future... who win and keep the confidence of their banker. ..have gained a valuable, life-long ally. The Valley National Bank cordially welcomes the accounts and friendships of all sincere, ambitious young men and women. VALUE V NATDONAL DANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Best of luck to the graduating class of 1951 Sincerely hoping that more adequate facilities and more practical technique will be added to the class of industrial arts, that this group will be better prepared to find themselves in seeking their station in life. E. W. DUHAME CONSTRUCTION CO. 2250 East Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona Phones 4-9235 and 4-9236 Hoyden Hall, newest men ' s dormitory on the Arizona State College campus H. H. Green _ Security Building, Phoenix ARCHITECT Homes and Son Construction Co. 310 East Medlock Drive, Phoenix GENERAL CONTRACTOR Alpine Heating and Cooling Co 3340 East McDowell Road, Phoenix HEATING. COOLING AND REINFORCING STEEL J. H. Welsh and Son Contracting Co 805 South Central, Phoenix PLUMBING J. A. Whitney.. ..1706 East McKinley, Phoenix LATHING AND PLASTERING DeBerge Electric Co ....550 West Washington, Phoenix ELECTRICAL WORK W. R. 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Tempe Hardware Co. 520 Mill Avenue Phone 2908 YOUR SAHUARO PHOTOGRAPHER ART CLARK STUDIO FOR THE BEST IN PORTRAITS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CHILDREN ' S PHOTOS SEE AJKT CLARK dP 613 MILL AVE, TEMPE, ARIZ. The new Home Economics Building another great addition to the Arizona State College campus. Farmer and Godfrey Construction Co North 36th Street, Phoenix GENERAL CONTRACTOR Lane Concrete Works 21 15 East Madison, Phoenix CONCRETE WORK Donald V. Livoni Co 541 East Missouri Avenue, Phoenix METAL DOOR FRAMES Arizona Home Improvement Co 1413 Willow Street, Phoenix INSULATION M. B. 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Daum-Donaldson Construction Co ...321 South 24th St., Phoenix GENERAL CONTRACTORS Standard Roofing and Supply Co. ...319 South 24th St., Phoenix ROOFING Williams Insulation Co 191 1 East Willetta, Phoenix INSULATION Sun Control Blind and Tile Company... 2315 West Van Buren, Phoenix BLINDS AND ASPHALT TILE Laing and Garrett Construction Specialties. ....4700 North Central, Phoenix CORRUFORMS AND CEMESTO BOARD Barrett Homes.... 2409 East Mitchell Dr., Phoenix ACOUSTICAL TILE Donald S. Wilson Plumbing Co 431 West D St., Glendale PLUMBING Valley Sheet Metal Company 230 North 9th St., Phoenix AIR CONDITIONING DeBerge Electric Co 550 West Washington, Phoenix ELECTRICAL WORK Acme Steel Company ....1 150 Arco Drive, Phoenix STRUCTURAL STEEL For Quality Building Materials and Specialties It ' s Horn of Outstqnding Building Materials ft Specialties 300 S. 12th St., Phoenix Phone 4-5503 7 UP B T T L I N G CO. i 2 9 W. J E F F E R S O N PHOENIX EXCLUSIVE AGENTS SHAW-WALKER " BUILT LIKE A SKYSCRAPER " FILING EQUIPMENT ESTABLISHED 1904 34-38 South Central Avenue PHOENIX, ARIZONA Office Supplies Office Furniture Show-Walker Filing Equipment Fire Files and Safes Rubber Stamps Loose Leaf Systems Acme Visible Record Notary and Corporation Equipment Seals and Records Left to right, Carla Smith, Jean Smith, John Breen and Mary Robbins Thanks, Arizona Staters, for your patronage this year. CAMPUS INN 300 E. 8th St. Tempe " ARIZONA ' S FRIENDLY HOTEL " The Students ' Favorite Maricopa Inn Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) Famous Copa Lounge Coffee Shop and Dining Room Sun Parlor and Patio Catering To Private Parties FOR OVER 50 YEARS . . . " Arizona State ' s Corner Drug Store " LAIRD PHARMACY " THE REXALL DRUG STORE " MILL AVENUE AT FIFTH, TEMPE PHONE 2922 PRESCRIPTIONS FOUNTAIN SERVICE YOUR TEMPE HEADQUARTERS FOR SUN DEVIL FOOTBALL TICKETS Brown Hoeye Motor Company 7 CHEVROLET ARIZONA ROSE FLOUR ENRICHED FAMILY FLOUR BLEACHED tf " tn EVERY BAKING PURPOSE HAYDEN FLOUR MILLS TEMPi. ARIZ. A ROLLS BREAD CAKE PASTRI ES Jl o-k jab the Sack, wttU the Red flade " Congratulations, ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE at the close of another great year of progress EVERYBODY ' S DRUG CO. 104 W. Main, Mesa Phone 4587 A respected name in the Valley of the Sun The faculty and student body of Arizona State College are to be congratulated for their many achievements. The progress of this fine institution is bringing much national recognition to Arizona and the Valley of the Sun. awes Congratulations from Dahlgren Jewelers Always ready to serve you 65 West Mean, Mesa, Arizona Congratulations! ... to the Class of ' 51 ... to tomorrow ' s leaders from AIRFLYTE ' S ' 51 Ambassador Statesman Rambler 525 W. Main NASH SALES and SERVICE Mesa, Arizona Mesa Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaning 419 W. MAIN PHONE 4404 439 E. MAIN PHONE 3794 MESA ARIZONA YOU ' LL FIND THE COLLEGE CROWD LANDING AT THE DESERT LANDINGS! DESERT LANDINGS GRILL 611 Apache Blvd. Temps CATERING TO ASC FRATERNITY AND SORORITY PARTIES This half page sponsored by the following Sun Devil boosters: Day ' s Key Shop Beck Dairy Supply Co. 1138 E. Van Buren, Phoenix Phone 3 - 8649 2112 W. Monte Vista, Phoenix Berridge Nurseries, Inc. Arizona Laundry and Dry Cleaners 3045 N. Central Phoenix 301 E. Adams, Phoenix Headman, Ferguson and Carollo, Engineers 3308 N. 3rd St., Phoenix ZEB PEARCE and SONS MANUFACTURERS OF Vita-Gro Feed POULTRY AND STOCK FEED SOUTHS IDE DELAVAL DEALERS Milking Machines and Separators WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HEADQUARTERS FOR QUALITY FEED SEED AND AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES 115 West Main St. Mesa, Arizona Telephone Mesa 3496 POLAR BAR DRIVE-IN 2809 N. Central Ave., Phoenix HOME OF THE WORLD ' S LARGEST ICE CREAM ZOMBIE . ARIZONA 7 S most complete department store . . Adams at Second St. ire downtown Phoenix Phone 8-1551 as always COURTESY SERVICE FREE PARKING SEARS For 30 Years SIGNS of Quality NEON PAINTED INDUSTRIAL PAINTING HIGHWAY ADVERTISING STREET DECORATING XJUERRERO-LINDSEY Phones Phoenix 2-4416 Mesa 5129 nn EIGHTH STREET AT COLLEGE AVENUE TEMPE ' Where the Students Go " THE IDEAL WORKING TOOL FOR A BUSY MAN... The ART METAL You ' ll get your work done faster and easier with this smart, convenient Art Metal Executive Desk. From its gray Artolin top and cast aluminum trim to the foot- free comfort of its island bases, the Execu- tive Desk is a model of func- tional efficiency. Drawers respond to a finger- tip pull and glide noiselessly in and out. A variety of drawer arrangements are available to suit the individual require- ments of the user. The new Mello-Gray finish is not only pleasing to the eyes but har- monizes perfectly with other office furniture and decora- tions. Come in and let us show you all the features of this desk designed to make executive desk work easier. CLARK OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. 123 North Second Avenue Phoenix, Arizona EXCLUSIVE AGENTS Greetings to the Class of 1951 From FOUNTAIN SUPPLY CO. 540 West Von Buren Phoenix Phone 3-2852 Fountain Equipment and Supplies OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE Fountain Pens and Automatic Pencils Heinze Bowen Harrington, Inc. 228 West Washington Street Phoenix Phone 4-4179 Distributors of RIDDELL SHOES AND HELMETS Wilford White and Manuel Aja As Worn by Wholesale Sports and Supply Co. 54 South Macdonald Street, Mesa 1950-51 at Arizona State was filmed using supplies from Arizona Wholesale Photo Supply Co. We ' re proud to have had a part in another great year of development at the col- lege. ARIZONA WHOLESALE PHOTO SUPPLY First and Roosevelt Phone 4-7 1 04 Phoenix NATIONAL BAN KO ARIZONA PHOENIX ELOY FLORENCE GILBERT SOMERTON TEMPE YUMA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ' BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1951 Arizona Janitor Supply Co. " Complete Line of cmifor Supplies " 26 S. Third Ave. Phoenix Phone 4-4331 Ve re proud to have supplied the concrete for your new library, dormitories and administration building " So you and Tom are being married after graduation, Betty? Swell! And you both face the future with confidence, don ' t you. You know you ' ll be making a home in the greatest country on earth. You ' ve no qualms about tomorrow except perhaps, some uneasi- ness about the ' isms ' which are threatening your way of life. But Betty, you and your Tom can beat back those isms. YOU can help preserve your heritage for your children, by preaching the gos- pel of individual freedom wherever you go. Don ' t let any of your friends fall for false promises of ' collective " security. Always remem- ber America ' s strong because of unfettered competition our heritage Is our free enterprise! " c o m P R n Y. inc When we started the job of publishing the Sahuaro last September it seemed like an impossible task. Now in May, as we look back on the project at its completion, we ' re absolutely sure we were right. Nevertheless, the effort certainly has not been without its compensations. If we have in some degree assisted to reestablish the Sahuaro in its rightful place among the traditions on the Arizona State College campus we will be fully gratified. Not one picture nor accompanying word has been placed upon these pages with any object save to please and interest you, the students of ASC at Tempe. If you like it, no other force can deny our success; if you don ' t like it, no other force can compensate our failure. The role of those to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude for support and assis- tance in the production of the 1951 Sahuaro is long. Our thanks go to Prof. Ernest J. Hopkins, faculty advisor, for his advice on endless problems; to Dean Smith, publica- tions manager, for equally strong support; to Jack Cuthbertson, ASASC financial manager, for saying " yes " to endless financial demands in the face of a dwindling budget. The list continues. Bob Eskridge, college photographer, and his assistants have gone to great length to comply with our every request and never missed a deadline; Andy Lester, ace photographer of Arizona Wholesale Photo Supply, has furnished dozens of excellent sports photographs which have done much to enhance the interest of these sections. Great has been the contribution of the students on the staff, Jeanne Whitney, Bill Foster, Norma Erickson, Libby Bartmus and Al Escobedo. They have spent hours cutting, pasting, and typing with no compensation except the hope of seeing a worth- while Sahuaro out on time. Our thanks also go to Bill Jenkins and the other members of the sales crew for their promotional efforts. But first, last and by all odds foremost ... for the Art Editor and the Sports Editor . . thank God for Sal Streeter and Vic Nielsen! Seaft Republic Gazette Engraving Co. Jahn-Tyler Printing Co. Arizona Trade Bindery -

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