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SAHUARO - AUTHOR ASU Yearbook - ' I 2M Ifc ' I ! ... . iff IT Official Publication Associated Students ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE AT TEMPE Tempe, Arizona BEN PEDRICK DIK WORTHEN THURL LAWRENCE GEORGE BROWN, JR. Photographers 1 1 ' V: s m s si 4 ' - r ,j .. ' ' H 1H1I Iff] pr r J ' + + t$e w Arizona State College was born in 1886. Her cradle was 20 acres of fruitful Salt River Valley deeded by the people of the city of Tempe. Her student body of 33 and her one-man fac- ulty sought knowledge in one small brick building. Sahuaro 1950 shows you ASC today - grow- ing pains and all. She has added 100 acres, 38 buildings, and 250 teachers and administrators. Her sons and daughters number nearly 5000. Alphabetically speaking, since 1886 the insti- tution has grown throug h ATNC, TSTC, ASTC and ASC. Inevitably, her needs approach use of the letter U. Today ' s question is not " when? " but how soon? " -as V- f- ? j.v . -j KfryjXf m; ' vj: va 3 . rtT " .t m C1J J :.v ?w- :; . . ' - . Cbriforiti College ADMINISTRATION CURRICULUM Students STUDENT GOVERNMENT CAMPUS HALLS Activities PUBLICATIONS FINE ARTS TRADITIONS Sports FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK INTRAMURALS AND MINOR SPORTS Organisations HONORARIES GREEKS SPECIAL INTERESTS RELIGIOUS Classes SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN VVlfc -J fiedfctdfott Saliuaro 1950 is dedicated to the future students of Arizona State College. Those of the second half of the Twentieth century and beyond. We of the mid-point are the final students of " small " ASC. The normal school of 1900 has grown into a large institution with departments bursting into colleges. " Great " Arizona State is now under construction or in plans for the immediate future. The college will continue to grow. Its growth will be measured in your prog- ress and achievement. You will benefit from this progress. Our best wishes flow out to you through the years and our hope is that light from Arizona State College will help you make a better world than man has ever known. 1 PRESIDENT President Gammage knows what progress is. His goal Has been to make ASC the biggest and best college in the west. Who knows, maybe in the nation. For an ordinary man, such a goal would hardly be taken ser- iously, but Grady Gammage is no ordinary man. Since he came to Arizona State in 1933 he has sold ASC to. the state and to young people who will be future Arizona-makers. There are nearly 5000 reasons on campus to prove he s doing his job well. After years of struggle, many of them bitter and fruitless. Dr. Gammage can see a tremendous building program pushing its way from paper to steel and concrete. The man ' s got a right to that big grin. Taking over a new job is no easy matter, but that ' s what J. E. Zimmerman did when he stepped into the new position of adminis- trative assistant to the President. The energetic former English prof lias shouldered some of the presi- dent s heavy burden and it makes the wheels roll all the smoother. Mrs. Arizona State meets Mr. State of Arizona as Mrs. State of Arizona and Dr. Arizona State stand by. The new Mrs. Gammage entered the ASCene in December and has charmed every campus heart. REQENTS The Board of Regents of the University and State Colleges of Arizona. Left lo riglil are Ronald Ellsworth; Michael B. Hodges; M. L. Brooks; Dr. Alfred Atkinson; John R. Babbitt; Sam Morris, chairman; Governor Garvey; John M. Scott; Lynn Laney and Cleon T. Knapp. Other regents not pictured here are Dr. Lacey T. Eastburn, ASC at Flagstafl; Dr. J. Byron McCormick, University president; VaIter Bimson; and Dr. Gammage. QOVERNOR Governor Garvey and I lie Board of Regents are guardians of Arizona s three state institutions of higher learning. Prac- tical and consci entious, these representa- tives of the taxpayers provide the working tools and financial support for the univer- sity and colleges. ASC has been on the receiving end of much beneficial aid from the Regents dur- ing the past few years. They know we ' re on the move. ADMINISTRATION VhiIe the ASC physical plant has been sprouting new buildings and additions, the college administration hasn ' t been standing still. Increased enrollment lias placed new demands on the com- petent staff, ever on the move to overcome difficul- ties bound to arise on this expanding campus. Dr. Harold D. Richardson, in his first year as Dean of the College, has had his work cut out for him. but his persistent leadership is bringing about constant improvement in administration-faculty- student relations. Mrs. Hall and Dean Trovillo are his field force. Mr. Trovillo, Dean of Men. counseled and pro- vided help in matters of grade slippage. Fraternity expansion was one of his major considerations for the year 194Q-50. Mrs. Hall, acting Dean of Vomen, is also director of student activities. Paced by ASC ' s un- precedented progress, she has done a splendid job with her complex assignment. DR. HAROLD D. RICHARDSON PAUL TROVILLO MARTHA HALL j i GEORGE YATES GILBERT CADY ALFRED THOMAS, JR. George Yates, ' Pappy to his friends, and they are legion, took a few months off this year to regain his good health. He returned for the second semester to resume a demanding program of public relations and teaching. Anyone who has anything to do with college funds has come in contact with Gilbert Cady, sentry at ASC ' s pursestrings. Pass- words are " feasibility " and " regulations. " Alfred Thomas. Jr., is Registrar and Director of Admissions. Ve might just call him The Conductor. He checks you aboard, then when your destination approaches he takes another look at the ticket and sees to it personally that you go where you ' re headed. DR. FRED CRAWFORD DR. ROY C. RICE Dr. Fred Crawford is Director of the Graduate Division. He runs a whole school; one under- going heavy increases. He sees to it the Secondaries go out to their professions ready, and even more erudite than the state of Arizona requires them to be. Dr. Roy C. Rice has in his hands the new gargantua. Sum- mer Sessions. The campus is nearly as crowded near the Fourth of July as it is just before Christmas. ADMINISTRATION The people pictured on tliis page are powerful faclors in institutional administration They are by way of being driving wheels of auxiliary engines. H. V. Batchelor is librarian. Anybody on campus this year knows what aspirin bait that office must be. what with Matthews library under going Operation Mushroom and the tomes stored in the garage. But, you know what? Nobody goes bookless. Nerve center of the market is Robert F. Menke. Employers in education and business meet in his files with the job-hungry, and happy unions result. His title is Director of Placement Bureau. That ' s a very useful agency he runs for ASC. Dwight Kool, as Principal of the Payne train- ing school, is custodian of ASC s own educational laboratory. Incipient teachers work with his real life charges to test Messers Dewey, Thorndike. Pestalozzi, et al. Mildred B. Sayre is titular Dean of Vomen of ASC. At present she is away on leave. MILDRED B. SAYRE II. W. BATCHELOR ROBERT MENKE DWIGHT KOOL ASSISTANTS IN ADMINISTRATION Here s a collectfon of campus shots which may well be titled ' Shoulders to the Wheel. Above, from left to right are Doris Gansert, Mrs. Hall s secretary; Gene Marx at the business office; and Mary Bunte, President Gammage s friendly filter. The center row shows Peggy Keegan and aide; Miss Dobbs of the housing office; and a scene from " Dinner with Miss Svarpa. " Below, college physician Tom Hughes stands by at the infirmary with a patient who is not feeling Payne; and at right is a look at the Bookstore in action. Many wheels must turn to make ASC ' s progress. The jobs these men do look different, as shown, but they ' re all part of the big campus picture. Some, like Fenn Harris, upper right, and Bill Henrie, lower left, keep it repaired and clean; some, like Bob Svob, horticulturist, left center, keep it pretty; some, like Bill Imhoff, lower right, keep it peaceful; and still others, like Dan Tedrick, pub- licist, there at twelve o ' clock on the page, keep the world informed about it. OL FACULTY M GOING TO DROPOUT OF THE FACULTY CLUB, BEEN LIVING TO FAST. Br- DEPARTMENT H. B. HARELSON Music DR. G. M. BATEMAN Science Dept. H. W. BATCHELOR Librarv Science DR. S. BURKHARD Education E. J. HILKERT Commerce DR. B. I. JUDD Agriculture PAULA R. KLOSTER Art R. H. LAVIK Phys. Education HEADS COL. C. M. McFARLAND Military Science DR. L. M. MYERS English DR. H. C. SKINNER Psychology L. S. NEEB Industrial Arts DR. IRMA WILSON Foreign Language DR. JESSIE M. RANNELLS Home Economics DR. R. K. WYLLYS Social Studies Each year facilities of ASC departments must be extended to meet the demands of an inexorably increasing student body. Agriculture, Art, Education, English these and all other academic divisions are growing by such leaps and bounds prob- lems of how to take care of what students and what courses should be added would be well nigh insurmountable without the able direction of these learned men and women who head the departments. Apace with college advancement in matters of buildings, athletics, administration, and population must go the supply of teachers (profs, to you) keeping the lamps lit. (That ' s the primary reason we ' re all here.) Thus, with the faculty already overworked and the enrollment graph curving upward, ASC added 40 new instructors and professors at the beginning of ' 49- 50. But the faculty still labored with too many classes and students. Chances are there ' ll be more new faces on the roster when September 1050 rolls around. FACULTY M ScT. T. M. AGREE BERTHA H. AUTENRIETH DR. RACHEL S. BALL DR. C. A. BARNES SOT. 1 c H. W. BEHLING DOROTHY J. BERGAMO KARL W. BURK DONA B. BURKE DR. A. R. BURTON W. A. CAVALLIERE J. E. CHRISTENSEN LT. COL. C. L. CURTIS MADOC W. DAVIES LT. COL. M. P. DAV.S M ScT. G. L. DEWATER SUZANNE D ORSSAUD DR. MARY J. ESCUDERO G. E. FOLEY. JR. GERALD R. FULLER DR. FRANK C. GENTRY JOHN GIRLDER LEW GlRDLER E. J. HlLKERT LT. COL. R. N. HILLYER JOSEPH V. HOLLY ERNEST J. HOPKINS SGT. J. H. HUFFMAN DR. B. I. JUDD Lois E. KELSO M ScT. D. D. KENNEDY DR. T. G. KLOSE DR. O. F. KRUMBOLTZ DR. D. V. KuYKENDALL ROBERT LAWRENCE L. C. LORENS COL. C. M. McFARLAND . W. B. McFARLAND H. M. McKEMY DEAN F. McSLov M SoT. J. H. MARTIN RUTH MILLER L. S. NEEB T ScT. S. W. NEWTON NAOMA NORTON DR. CoLLICE PoRTNOFF DR. JESSIE M. RANNELLS ROBERT D. RASMUSSEN WILLIAM S. RAWLS DR. ROY C. RICE GENEVIEVE SANSRAINTE EVERETT R. SHAW IST LT. RORERT SHRIGLEY DR. CLAY H. SKINNER SIDNEY SMITH C. E. SOUTHERN HERMAN L. THOMAS RONALD G. THOMSON DR. KATHARINE C. TURNER DR. D. R. VAN PETTEN DR. ALAN T. WAGER LoRETTA VlLLSON DR. RUFUS WYLLYS ,1. E. ZIMMERMAN CURRICULUM AQRICULTURE ASC s agricultural department is flourishing in one of the richest agricultural areas of the west, the Salt River Valley. Some of the college ' s most energetic and worthwhile citizens are making the word Progress a symbol of real action and were doing so long before the recent approval of a four- year Agriculture program at Tempe. The old adage, " learn by doing, is one closely followed by student agriculturists at ASC. On the large n earby college farm, students farm in the literal sense, and have the opportunity to study methods which will make of them the leading agri- culturists of the not too distant future. SCIENCE Ve re living in a scientific world a world in which Einsteins, Oppenheimers, and Millikans may well hold the key to human survival or extinction. Recognizing the importance of science and its contributions to society, ASC has developed an extensive department in that field, housed in the most modern laboratory of its kind in the west. Chemistry. Zoology. Botany, Biology, Physics at ASC, you have the opportunity to investigate these and other major sciences. The laboratory plays the most important part of all in the life of the scientist to be, as the intent expressions on the faces of the students below indicate. Yes, even required biology hints to less scientific students the importance of science in this uncertain world of Century 20. INDUSTRIAL ARTS One of ASC ' s largest departments, Industrial Arts, like several others here, has ballooned to the point where new quarters are in demand. lA ' s most notable achievement was the construction and operation of a television camera and receiver. It was one of the first in the nation to be built in a college radio laboratory. The IA boys roll up their sleeves and have at it to make Prog- ress one of their special words. JOURNALISM Journalism, blossoming this year into a four year degreeable course, went big time, investigatory and augmented. That means on the day you reach for a diploma inscribed Journalism it is ordained that you be not only a campus commentator with a puissant pen but an individual who has exposed himself to a great deal of mundane information without which you just aren ' t a newspaperman. The new journalism lab worked integrally with the two-a-week SP. Surrounding are pix of the fourth estaters in action, lower lefthand personalities being Ernest J. Hopkins, division head, Agee, SP headitor, and the two first-semester edition chiefs, Kively and McMorris. ASASC Governmental problems of the college are handled by the Associated Students of Arizona State College. Guiding hands of the ship of state are these student lead- ers. They did splendid work in the adop- tion of ASASC s new effective student constitution, incorporated in March 1950. Sid Glenn, ASASC president was greatly responsible for stimulating student policy activities. Gordon Thomas, vice president, proved an experienced aide who worked tirelessly to encourage student participation- in campus government. Competent, hardworking Vera Terkelson was organization secretary, an official both worthy and charming. This trio personified sure, solid, coop- erative student government. GLENN TERKELSON THOMAS The student council is the congress of ASC s democracy. Its members are the representatives of the " peepul " and the work it has cut out for it is passing em or turning em down. Councilmen, clockwise, starting at 9 o ' clock, are Jack Grey and Bill Barnes, Frosli and Soph prexies, Bea Bednorz, A VS president, George Barrington, social chairman, Jack Cuthbertson, chancellor of the exchecquer, Donn Kinzle, executive manager, Sid Glenn and Gordon Thomas, ASASC president and vice president, Ed Carson, junior class president, Vera Terkelson, ASASC secretary, Mary Beth Mason and George Mariscal, representatives at large. (Editor ' s note: Grouping in this photograph is entirely coincidental and utterly devoid of symbolism.) Executive manager )onn Kinzle and assis- int Bob Nardelli were cry busy working wheels " i the name of the stu- [ents. Their vital func- ons include such things s athletic contest sched- ling and, you should ex- use the expression, r e- uitment. V jjjjjj ASASC Here ' s an ASASC body with a big yes or no. The Board of Financial Control says who spends it and what for. In ' 49- 50, $200,000 passed through these portals, such serious moola being pointed at athletics, band, STATE PRESS, SAHUARO, on other worthy carryings on. Clockwise, again, are members of the board Dr. Miller, Jimmy Creasman, Terkelson, Bednorz, Cooper, Dorothy Kirley, Donn Kinzle (Dorothy ' s boss), Sid Glenn, Thomas, Jack Cuthbertsan, and George Morrell, ASC purchasing agent. The newly reorganized board of publications is staffed by three students and three faculty members. It is the steering body of all official ASASC publications. " 49- ' 50 members shown here are, from left to right, Agee, SP, Worthen, SAHUARO, Dr. Kuykendall, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Zacher, and Thomas ASASCVP. ... BARRINGTON CUTHBERTSON BUSTAMENTE F iscal ASASC is worried through by treasury Cerberus Jack Cuthbertson, sometimes unjustly referred to as ' The Scotch- man. " Tony Bustamente, Mr. Ducats, is hounded and harrassed when the seats are turned loose for the games. He is ASASC sales manager. If it ' s a stomp or a kaffee klatch you have in mind, contact George Barrington, student social chairman. Straight from the shoulder comes the word of Sid Glenn at one of the student assemblies this year while various campus dignitaries await their turns at the mike. Student assemblies have operated with a two-strike handicap because Progress has not yet caught up with the condition of 900 seats for 4500 Sun Devils. It ' s all on the blueprint, though. AMS Besides affairs legislative, judiciary, and executive regarding male welfare as ASC, the Asso- ciated Men Students ramrod two yearly functions which always stand high in collegiate memory. They plan and marshal the big homecoming parade and throw the annual AMS picnic, after which everybody is well, no matter. Organization council, 50, were, a la Big Ben, Joe Cooper, president, Stump, Katsenes, Bill Tyrone, Ferguson, McLaughlin, Dodds, and Gregory. If boys will be boys, and it turns out you ' re one of the boys, this group of your peers, the men ' s Judiciary, will review your slippage and probably see to it you get every human break you ' re entitled to. AMS jurors were, from left, Thoman, Coleman, Stump, Cooper, Barnes and Mitchell. AWS 3ne of I lie year s big affairs, the Star Formal, is sponsored by A VS. Here, posing pretty, are some decorations fixing the decorations. These women were the governing council of the Associated Vomen Stu- dents in 50. AWS devotes itself to making the women of ASC a big happy family. Its Big Sister program begins with the frosh and from then on tries to see that no one is left out. They also spo nsor $400 worth of scholarships each year. Council for 1950 were, seated, Bea Bednorz. president; Mrs. Hall, spon- sor; Fallon. Reclining, Paige and McFate. Standing, Kentera, Reggin, Geiler, Tessman and Janssen. STUDENT UNION BUILDING -ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE AT TEMPE DEVILS DEN Devil ' s Den is the 1950 ASC student union. It ' s not enough, as you can see by all the people you know filling it to the brim. Student need and enthusiasm created it and its manager Art Hilsey ' s (twelve o ' clock) headache. On the pillow is the $400,000 deal shown at upper right which will have all the comforts of home. It, too, is inscribed ineradicably in the want-book of Progress. ALUMNI When there are mountains to move, the grads ' II move em. At upper left Tom Lillico, 35, Alumni presi- dent, reviewing some braille cards. The re st of the shots are of or about the multitude of Alumni functions and the man who motivates them, Jimmy Creasman, organi- zation secretary, above. By the way, the two at Jimmy s left are football persons named Charles Haigler, ' 02, ASC all-time football great, and W. White, ' 51, known to most of us. RODEO One of the major funclions of the Aggie Club is the annual ASC Intercollegiate Rodeo. Participants this year came from as far as Colorado. HALLS wit nil NO, MISS RAWLIN, I HAVENT SWELLED ANY CI AR SMOKE ALPHA Across the street from the President s home is Alpha Hall, most venerable of dorms. Alterations in 50 included welcome glass enclosure of sleeping porches and a lobby decor redo. Alphans were bustlers under the guidance of Mrs. Brenda Pratt, head resident and her aide Betty Reynolds. Listed in their social agenda were the fall open house, the annual Queen of Hearts ball, and a senior dinner in the spring. Council members shown below were ToIIesfrued, L. ; ToIIesfrued. R.; Betty Reynolds. Mrs. Pratt, Adams, Brashear. Kliefath. Bartmus, and Barbara Collier, president. QAMMAQE Stately Gammage Hall, newest (sic) women ' s dorm, began a regrowth this year as construction started on the north annex. Built lo house an additional 96 residents, the wing was slated for fall occupancy. Not least among the tizzies crowding Gammage ' s schedule was the acquisition of a father when " Mother " Ruth Lowther, head resident, married Phi Sig Marian J. Miller, ' 49, in October. Social events included open house, the Vinter Rendezvous formal, a Christmas party, and a senior dinner. Among Gammagellas were campus Queen Joyce Ywanow and Phoenix Rodeo Que en, Sue England. Council members were, seated. Kellogg, Coor, Fern Taylor, president; Ywanow, and Mary. Voofter, assistant headres. Standing: Briggeman, Dubose, Timberlake, and Terkelson. 1 SOUTH South Hall ' s busy porch faces the parky Quadrangle, while the back door ' s proximity to the Devil ' s Den is a year-round delight to residents. In addition to a New Year s open house and the Painted Desert ball in the spring, they sponsored a Christmas party for under-privileged children and closed the year vith a senior breakfast. Members of their council, seated above, were Deguchi; Kanotis; Miss Phyllis Adams, head resident; Guyrene Retherford, president. Standing, Noble, McFate, Chapman, Lovelace, and Arnett. NORTH The sounds of continual afternoon musicales emanated from North hall this year as displaced classes from the Lyceum were transferred to the recreation rooms. Back yard landscaping added a touch of gracious living for 1950 and an active social program included fall open house, the Vinter VonderIand formal in December, a spring picnic at Thunderbird, and the senior breakfast. On their council were Mrs. Hall, head resident, Ina Reggin, president, Johnnie Bailey, ViIms Sosville, Shirley Smith, Carolyn Kivley, Virginia Wiseman, Margy Hall, Betty Fritsch, Jo Nell English. MATTHEWS A cove of calm surrounded by the chaos of construction was Matthews hall this year. Steam shovels and trucks beat a path about it as the Libe and Gammage annex took shape, and the hectic business of administration was established in the Lyceum build- ing across the street. Serene Miss Sallie Hayden, head resident, and Matthews gals conducted a successful year, highlighted by the winter Candlelight ball. Their replica of the original Tempe Normal school won second prize for hall decorations in Homecoming competition. Members of their council were EInora Geiler, president; Snyder, Brantley, Jepson, Mack, Foster, Castro, and Clark. WEST HALL Austerely columned Vest Hall dominates the Quadrangle with its walks, lawns and trees. Its residents lived an active year, what with their Daisy Ring formal, Colonial Ball, and second-place-winning Homecoming float. Hall council shown below was composed of, standing, left to right, Elliot, Higgens, Benavides, Beverly Voods, assistant head resident, Duclos, Davis, and Marie Kentera, president. Seated are Wedge, Allen, and Treat. East Hall is also a dorm of ancient record. It occupies a center-of-the-campus spot and contains a veritable lion ' s share of BMOCs as you can see by checking the group shot below. Madoc Davies monitored undergraduate equilibrium as head resident. Officers, from left to right above, were McLaughlin, Jim Kirkland, assistant headres, Cosper, Senseman, and Dodds. EAST HALL r K yr- Green Gaolers might be called the campus walkers, inhabiting as they do the extreme southwest edge of the campus. Hall officers, from left to right above, were FoIImar, McClelland, Shaw, Washington, Busang, Evans, and Waters. Their hall Poppa was John Girdler, poet of note and grand old man of the English department. QREEN QABLES hi New Irish Hall with its alphabetical subdivisions occupied its usual high posi- tion in campus affairs, testimony to which may be seen in the trophy case above. George C. Yates was Pappy to all the lads in Irish and a not to be unreckoned with brood of his very own. Hall officers posing with Mrs. Yates were Hetherington, Coen, Coxon, Dunn, Singerfelt, Alberts and Craver. IRISH Stadium Hall moved through a quiet residential year with its back turned to the east bleachers and the campus. Many top Devil gladiators lived there where stretcher trips would be as brief as possible. Head resident C. E. Southern was vir- x tually unfoolable. Tall against the sky are Stadium ' s officers, left to right, Schad, Wahlin, Goar, Odell, and Anaya. STADIUM VICTORY VILLAQE m -- - Vhen marital status makes no difference to the IBM which gets out GI education checks, a college simply has to adjust tradition to provide for the wife and kids. Victory Village is ASC ' s adjustment, built and maintained by the Alumni Association, a city of apartments and docked trailers at the southwestern corner of the campus. The pictures tell more about it than many words except for the obvious comment on the kitchen drama, which is the Shakespearean raggmopp, " Out, damned spot! " ; ' - ITJTlB - , ' I, I [. 7 PUBLICATIONS t WORTHEN PEDRICK SAHUARO The only returning member from last year ' s staff, Dik Worthen edited SAHUARO ' 50 until April when he resigned and Ben Pedrick stepped into No. 1 spot. Bill Collins pounded the pavement plenty to get the ads which are essential to yearbook production. Not shown here, but a man who did a heap of work at the end of the year, was Bob Gay, copy editor, who will be editor- in-chief of SAHUARO ' 51. COLLINS BROWN George Brown and Thurl Lawrence took the pictures for SAHUARO. Took em ana developed em. This condition resulted in a number of 23 hour days because the non-SAHUARO assignments of both boys would keep three men busy. A day in the life of SAHUARO. George Dee, art staffer, left, takes it to heart as Lawrence and Brown listen to Worthen read from the expense sheet to explain why they can ' t have any more film. Happier about something are Pedrick and Mr. Hopkins, standing, right. STATE PRESS Progressing toward daily status, the STATE PRESS went two-a-week in ' 49- ' 50. Jim Agee, veteran STATE PRESSER was editor-in-chief. Editions were staffed by different batteries, resulting in hot competi- tion. Managing editors were Kively, McMorris, McCabe and Swift. News editors were Pearce, Vestbrook and Dowd. Reynolds and Timberlake handled features, Landis and Cognac sports and Morris and Schnell society. Johnson ran business affairs and Downer cir- culation. Sponsor Ernest J. Hopkins smoothed ruffled feathers and brought along new blood from the news lab to step into future key spots. Hopkins and Agee Gloat Edition chiefs McCabe and Swift Snap-happy Brown and Lawrence Above is artist Crandall s conception of SP staffers. They all lived dangerously through 49-50, trying their best to uphold the true spirit of Journalism. There were days when the SP office looked and felt like a happy tornado, and other days when the story that couldn ' t be printed draped tears of frustration all over the place. Everybody ' soffered " all but Ivory Tower Reynolds, that is, who was stirred by absolutely nothing. Morris and Schnell Bill Evers, TDN shop boss, shows Swift and Pearce BY-LAWS l " fnr of ;rtu - W fcl ipwmfe i: 1 r Frosh To Letter On September 30 ASC Upperdossnwn And Big Brothers To Supervise Amid ITrtk Up Mountah X ! tKK BM-J-W " M ID lav, dlUetn! tr bnwt tn ttw H J6 VD ' ; - L 1 .jfli -I- " " " " " " pdaA; " ' ' ? T 1 ATTEND FRIDAY WO c ? " o.. x ( le Registration Soars Over 4,400 Mar anioCTit Counril It mr ubmt ' the o ti s i B ay t tnwortwKe. ratlin - It riwl! b tW -;, IK ajoii Bt couwai fc ' . iKtioni tad (ill VICMTW . ' idtd for m ib BT-tiai; r, SccllMi V. Mid 1MB f xmder Ifac |EMX1 Uf ' " Enrollment For Thii Semester To Reach New High hfiMm - - i V " TMM - " ' ' -[ 1 . M ' , " 4 J " 7 !I N mZrth ' r-t " " 4 ! Erii 1 - . " p S:r- OP ?b i ? " S ; (3) ail v fta (rft Tfct ration to y puWicatwn ( (2) all receipts from any evnu aponfiT.v .. : Students. (3) all revwu texe the cah of k or wbKriptioa for Bey fubbcannr, of tht ( - t PRESS FINE ARTS IW ART Tom J. Harter, established Southwestern painter who is Associate Professor of Art here, comments to members of an advanced water color class on student work exhibited in the annual spring art show. Art at ASC, like everything else, is big and still growing. A number of night classes have been organized to accommodate the overflow of future Rembrandts and Picassos. The quantity of high quality work has started talk of a permanent art gallery on the campus. One student group held successful off-campus shows at the 516 Gallery in Tempe. The span of artistic activity in the department is shown here as the class at left works on textile prints and jewelry design while in another studio life studies are being painted. More notes from the daily lives of the artists. At left, a couple of students prepare for the next attack while another perches familiarly atop a locker without a care for the workaday world. In the center. Bill Marquardt explains one of his interior design models. Right, two sketchers, intent in the hard Arizona light, use the lifted face of old lady English for a model. Ceramics enjoyed an upsurge of popularity in the spring semester. Here, Jean Winkler works at the potter ' s wheel with rather varying reaction from kibitzers Miss Malm, instructor, and Bill Voss. DRAMA SAHUARO flashbulbs were spent on 1950 ' s stunning production of Macbeth. Although two other pieces. Ladies of the Jury and The Importance of Being Earnest, were expertly done to make up the season ' s playbill. Director Frank R. Byers and student actors of the Drama Workshop went all out on this one. Costumes were the best money could rent, makeup was painstaking, sets were locally designed and gussied up with fluorescent effects. A splendid tendency in ASC Arts was music student James Simmons ' com- posing of special music which was played as a very dramatic backing by the college orchestra directed by Charles O. Bowers. Space precludes mention of all people who contributed to this ASC drama year. Clair Jones and Bob Bloecker did the principal roles in Macbeth, ably supported by Walter Andrews, Ernest Burgi and Norma Orfe. Other season ' s curtain calls were due Joan Hatley, James Watson, Glen Hawk, Steve Stoetzel, Ray Greene, June Payne, Janet Swezey, and Jim Ajamie. Backstage credit went to Dick Nortman, Dave Hardaway, Glenn Hawk, Jim MuIIer, Isabel Casares, and Imogene Mitchell. CHORUS Music is great at Arizona State! It would seem nearly everybody regards it as one of his upper three interests, and -when Music Fiesta rolls around you ' re either in it or listening to it. Vocally, there s any combination you ve a mind to from solo flight to the huge choral union under Ambrose Holford s direction. Voices are on hand for all festive and solemn occasions and even the fraternities get into the act in a yearly song competition. OPERA PRACTICE Makeup schedules for SAHUARO did not permit inclusion of the late spring Music Fiesta production of the opera Marriage of Figaro which was 50 s choice, but here are memory starters from the opera of last spring, The Bartered Bride, a comic opera of roman- tic Bohemia, and hey! How ' d Sitting Bull get in there? At right are Ray Arbizu, tenor, and Lucille Beaulieu, principals in The Bride. Below are shots in and around the 1950 production of Aeneas and Dido, a special effort of the amalgamated orchestral, vocal, and terpsichoric (it ' s dancing) sections of ASC Arts. Individuals here are Ben Denton, vocalist, Joyce Gesas, dance staff, voice teacher Bertha Autenreith, and Mary Johnson. BAND Vhen you say " band in Arizona, you ' re talking about Felix J. McKernan s utterly superlative 100-piece Sun Devil Marching Band. Space runs ' way short again when you contemplate the task of recording their activities aside from that scarcely No. 2 spot at the fall controversies. They are in every Phoenix parade, they work the Phoenix Jaycee Rodeo like profes- sionals, they tour the whole Southwest, and then then, they all put on soup and fish and sit decorously in the biggest hall they can find and, as the ASC Symphonic Band, play some surprisingly dignified things. BANDMASTER McKERNAN As you look at these shots, it becomes obvious the editors of SAHUARO are brasshappy, judging by their choice of pic- tures. But what ' s better for back- bone chills? Here are mostly baritones, trum- pets and French horns, with a nod to a battery of saxophones from gram pa to baby, a bevy of ticklish flutes, and the percussion- ists all right, drummers. We are happy, however, not to have neglected one very impor- tant bandbaby. In the picture of the drummers, over on the right, next to the man with the cymbals, is the, yup, you guessed it, the glockenspiel. " " ' % ' Around this space are grouped quite a few of those " pictures worth more than " you hear about in the proverb. You remember them from last fall. We call your attention the the unparalleled 1Q50 Twirlers, Large, Powell, and Davis. Ve also ask you to nudge your memory back to the night when the band dedicated Harold Spina ' s gift to ASC, " Arizona. " ORCHESTRA While the chance still offers, SAHUARO remarks to you Music! Music! Music!, and when you dig the book out in 1960 for another look, you II remember the silly song that was rattling the jukeboxes as SAHUARO ' 50 was on its way to you. Here, though, are some pictures about music not to be typified as silly in any way. Above, to the left, is Robert Lawrence, brought to ASC to teach and conduct very serious music. As SAHUARO gets it, he is building us a strictly top flight orchestra. He talks about it here with serious musicians Jerry Smith, Richard Philibaum, No. 12, and Gene Chausow. Below is the Phoenix Symphony O rchestra, a very respectable organization in a nearby city. It is shown here to demonstrate the kind of work Mr. Lawrence does, and what the possibilities are for our very own orchestra. TRADITIONS CAMPUS ROYALTY HOMECOMINQ ROYALTY Jack Peterson: ' 49- 50 Homecoming King. Six-two, Lionel, athlete. Track Letterman, Blue Key, Teke. Sen- ior, P.E. major, hopes to coach track. Born in the Bronx 24 years ago but Arizonan for half that. Phyllis Brock: ' 49-30 Homecoming Queen. Five- four, 1 18 pounds, beautifully symmetrical, blue eyes, brown hair. Gamma Phi. Royal blood from queenships and honors at PJC. Delta Sig Sweetheart, ' 49. Jim Ellis ' wife, ' 50. CORONATION ROYALTY Harry- Laubach: 49- 50 Campus King. Six-tlirce, Llond. athlete. Football lineman, Letterman, A Club. Delta Sig. Junior P.E. major. High school in Dutton, Mont. Athlete there and saxophone player. Joyce Ywanovv: 49- 50 Campus Queen. Brown hair, green eyes, lovely and charming as a queen could be. Royal blood from queenship in Valparaiso. Ind. high school. Junior. Social VeIfare major. Home is now Wickenburg. HOMECOMINQ Every year the Grads come back and every year the undergrads get an excuse to have their pictures taken, as witness the surrounding art. Not a Grad in sight! Except for one very special exception, that is. Miss Georgia Homesley of Flor- ence but more importantly of Arizona Territorial Normal College (ASC ' s Mater), clas of 1887. Miss Homesley was 83 years old at Homecoming. She was one of 18 in the first class graduated by ATNC and is the only one still vith us. She was a teacher many years in Arizona. She has said, " I am proud of Arizona State College ' s long, great growth. Col- lege people have not changed. They have the same aims and wants as we had. " Which is a thought to work over for awhile in this bumpy world of 1950. , , MASK " ' FtlANDAL 1899- 182 Stucfe its 1949- 4415 Students A posse of Devil Homecoming riders inspect with glee an Aggie impaled in effigy at South Hall. Over at the Teke house " Ebil Debil " chortles as he fire and brimstones Aggie No. 2 Below, all kinds of progress in evidence; ASC s population, actor Lenhart with friend, and King Peterson with Queen Brock. Note: This latter progress was thwarted. ROTC " ... it ' s. Thank you, Mister Atkins, when the band begins to play! " If the Yanks ever have to go again, these boys will go with them, even as you and I, but the difference is they ' ll know what they ' re doing. Beefs have been heard about compulsory mili- tary, but that s a sharp looking outfit at review above and, whatever else is going on, it ' s a safe bet somebody ' s learning something valuable. if DONN KINZLE EXECUTIVE MQR. of ATHLETICS Laughing SAHUARO copy writers called this the Year of the Kinzle. Here we find doughty Donn in his role of Director of Athletics. By and large he could beam fondly upon the Athletics he Directed in 49- 50. The record in all fields was highly respectable, as will be seen in matter which follows. Donn Kinzle strove might- ily to make Sun Devil a name to conjure with. Devil cheerleaders " poosh ' em along at the U game r as they did at all games. At left, Red, Jeannie and Rocky politely instruct in methods, while at the right Miscovich and Vestbrook have them rattling the rafters. That garbage can was used for the remains of a certain large Arizona university. f FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF PERSONAL DATA SHEET NAME: Ed (Tex?) Doherty OCCUPATION: Head football coach, ASC EMPLOYMENT RECORD: ' 49- ' 50: Pepperdine 13 Devils 33 Hardin- Simmons 34 13 Flag 6 62 Brigham Young 21 49 NUM 19 28 NMAM 32 68 THE U 7 34 Loyola 27 7 Utah State 12 27 Xavier (Bowl) 33 21 Everybody 204 Us 342 Comment: Good man! Aiding influences: A hardworking squad and, below, good men VaIt Ruth, Bill Quinn, Himself, AI Onofrio, and Bill Kajikawa. Vith a bunch of outstanding men to choose from it is plenty arbitrary to name two. Here are Captain Cecil Coleman (who, along with Bill Gosslin, made AH Conference second team) and the unde- niable Whizzer, flatly All Conference halfback and the leading ground-gainer of the loop. Coleman, a terrific ball-handling quarter, succumbs to graduation this spring and is lost to the Devils. Vhite will be back to spurn the yard markers next season. , This is Bob Tryon, publicity man for ASC sports. I lis first class management of words to the world made it certain the deeds of Sun Devils in all branches of athletics got into the dailies and weeklies of the state and nation. Final gun at ASC has sounJccl for tne men identified in large type. Manuel Aja Glendale Tony Balsamo Lawrence, Mass. HENRY BARBARICK San Fernando, Calif. GARNER BARNETT Bisbee CHARELY BEALL Mesa ft TV--! Put ' em all together they spell may-hem, the men wlio play for ASC! No yearbook is complete without a shot of the Sun Devil varsity traditionally posed on the steps of Old Main, so here they are, sleek and smiling. Incidentally, those of you who inhabit the stands of a fall Saturday night and scream and groan while the boys in th eir game pants make a spectacle for you are respectfully urged to visit the practice field some hot afternoon. Vhat you II find there is sweat and blood and taskmasters grinding fine who snap, " Once more! Once more! " So, it ' s seven or eight Saturday nights for us, and a quarter of a year of jolting labor and a seat on Old Main steps for tough men who can take it. DICK ALONZO Cleveland, O. JIM COPPINGER Glendale Sam Duca Marlboro, Mass. Bob Fuller Mesa Bill Gosselin Lawrence, Mass. In that sweet U game, Hank Rich grins and tumbles into the checkerboard for a king. Mark (31) has just facilitated matters and the Goose is in position to do the same, if nec- essary. Keith Gunville Kingsford, Mich. Bill Hammer Phoenix Cliff Hugoboom Los Angeles LARRY KENTERA Globe Harry Laubach Dutton, Mont. The Big Victory again. Cliff HugoBOOM, left, goes hard, thanking in transit Mr. Five by Five Tassinari, expending two furious Cats for him. Dick Law Miles, Ohio Marko Markichevich Globe Duane Morrison Casa Grande Dom Patrone Niles, Ohio Phil Perrino Lawrence, Mass. Vhich vvay ' d ' e go? A typical opponent s-eye view of Whizzer crossing them all up. Good Lumberjack Vince Cisterna (35) and mate (23) are in fast turns to close in, but TreguBOFF (14), Schmidt (48) and Perrino (41) will arrive in the nick of time. Axer No. 22 seems confused. Jess Pease Mesa Arnie Petersen Phoenix Bob Reed Casa Grande Bob Rippel Los Angeles NORM SABA Mesa W. V., again, and the old College try against Hardin-Simmons. Quite a few Cowpuncliers standing up, here, hut Gosselin. far right, is discussing somebody s father ' s mustache, and the dirt is about to be decorated. BILL SAUNDERS Phoenix Czeslovv Schmidt Chicago JACK STEWART Douglas Joe Tassinari Salem, Mass. JIM TREGUBOFF Glendale Bob Walker Phoenix Bruce Waybright Saugus, Mass. Ralph Wilson Atlanta, Ga. ERNIE ZENO Boston, Mass. John Zucco Medford, Mass BASKETBALL NO SMOKIG ASC hoopers piloted by Bill Kajikawa barnstormed all around and liad a mighty good season in spite of loss of some poten- tials and the toughest schedule in college hislory. 1 hey threw scares into Big Du- c;uesne and UCLA, and beat Vashing- lon. in the BC they tied for show, drop- ping 2 to the U. Overall, 12 won 14 lost. The squad was, top row, Scotty Fry, man- ager; Heap, assistant coach; Johnson, Hatch. Arney, Captain Oliver, Senseman, Coach Bill Kajikawa. Middle row, Coss- man. Mason, Beall, Heath, Greer. Front, Cook, Hammontree, Barlow, Vilson. Call them cagers because they fly like birds! Hatch flies high and makes it tough under the bas- ket. Boyd was outstanding all conference guard this year. For newspaper release only. Two Tails in the Saddle and one Short in the Driver s Seat. From left to right and point to point, Arney, Coach, and Oliver. It s two men 011 tlie deck near midfloor in a scrappy tilt against ASC Flagstaff. Somebody should get a free throw. Oliver goes in again and again against the powerful Wildcats, unfortunately not enough as it turned out. Wade Oliver was leading scorer of the Border circuit. Above, last huddle for a whole basketball loam, plus. Outbound members of me 4Q- 50 cage squad, around tlie clock, were Coach (lie stays). Heath, Hammonlree, Barlow, Cook, Arney, and Cliolly Beall. In tlie spot shots below, at left assassins set upon Heath for an innocent try, while at right Cook dumps one from way back. (Yes it did!) In the Flag game, above, in OUR GYM, King-size Arney goes a lectio higher and it looks good. Below, left, Oliver and who ' s No. 12, Sam? work alertly under the basket. At right, Barlow Hies again against the U. with expected results. TRACK r COACH Sun Devil trackmen do a highly cred- itable job on the cinders. Generally speak- ing, the team is upper level (witness our series of meets with Big USC) and indi- vidually there are men on it to be reckoned with in any company. Donn Kinzle, track mentor, works with (hem fully packed with both practical and theoretical know-how. An ASC grad of 42, he skimmed many records as a com- petitor in both high and low hurdles. This year, the winged Devils ' out- standing contribution to general joy was the 105-26 hammering they administered to the University of Southern Arizona. Incidentally, in a barely pre-meet prog- nostication, SAHUARO limbs itself by crediting ASC with a sweep of the Border Conference get-together in 50. Below is a shot of the finish of the 100 yard dash in the 1950 ASC-USC meet. Our man Campbell is winning it over a number of Trojans, notably AI Mejia. The man in the double-breasted with the chagrinned look is USC s Jess Hill. W. V., on the same field, but with his pants shortened, jumps almost as good in the spring as he does in the fall. At left, Payne pooshes out the bullet as he does so well as Border Conference record holder, and next door, our man Hildreth is better than all other Trojans except Attlesey, who Coach Kinzle says is awfully good. Maybe on another day. Bill Miller, above, left, Devil track captain has flung the javelin further than anyone else in the Border Conference 7 times in official competitions. At right, hello, again! Reiteration of Campbell ' s century win against USC. USC s ViIson cops the half mile run, but not because the two A-men at his heels weren ' t in there trying. MINOR SPORTS COACH Bill Kajikawa has been doing tlie good work for Arizona State College since 1938. He gradu- ated here in 1937. Two of his present jobs are boss- ing both the basketball squad (see pages 92-97) and the baseball team you see below. Baseballers are fanatics, and are either plenty good or not play- ing college varsity ball. SAHUARO ' 50 thinks The Nine still merits the same kind of campus attention the American game deserves. The Sun Devil diamondeers had a big and a neatly divided season. They won 10 and dropped 10. losing to and beating some tough company. Lineup for today! In the top row are Kurakrowsky, manager, Trbovich, Gallardo, Willis, Rollins, Haddock, Marsh, Young, Scanlon, Maddy, Tameron, Younger, assistant coach, Oliver, Coach Kajikawa. Kneeling are Marino, Don, Porter, Pingitore, McCIeve, and Larona. In a moment, up there, an umps is going to be called a lot of fancy names. An NMU man and the bayy are coming in on the same track. Spot the ball? Catcher Maddy serves best by waiting. Below, another NMU man swings like Casey, and it is not known as we go to press whether the ball departed the park or did a Mudville. At the top, on the right hand page, Larona comes to first handily while Oliver helps. Below that, Gallardo ' s leisurely trot seems a sure sign of a four- bagger. Finally, Oliver coaches first again as hey! Sam! Vho is No. 12? ; 4aH Two active ASC athletic teams who did fine jobs without enough limelight are the women Robin Hoods, very sharp shooting Sun Furies, above, and the Racketeers. Both had successful seasons, with the archers going all the way to win a National championship. Who needs A-bombs? INTRAMURALS On this page are some action shots of the Intra-mural program, an institution of respect on the campus this year largely due to the efforts of the three gentlemen in upper left, Joe Anaya, Coach AI Onofrio, and Howard Homan. More people competed this year and the competition was rigorous. Above are within-wall battlers who came out on top, Simms, Gatlin, Eaton, Aja, and Mann. It ' s too late now. Below we present the winners of two intramural divi- sions six-man football and basketball. Champions to the left are the A-l Kings and champions on the right are the Orphans. WOMEN ' S SPORTS On the theory a change of pace is resting, SAHUARO features on these two pages views of a numher of active tanned Sun Furies making like Hatch, Oliver, Gallardo and Maddy, as you saw in the preceding pages, but much prettier, don t you think, except for Rocky Maynes in the dance class at lower right. You ' re invited to stay and browse as long as you like. Wha hoppin to the ball? You girls at the left don ' t just stand there, get the ball! - tf t 1 The people shown on this page are Sun Devils of quali- ties illustrative of the 1950 scope of Arizona State College. Kenny England, upper left, Agriculture student at ASC, this year won the title, Star Young Farmer of America. His accomplishment was not just a local decision, but made by the Future Farmers of America in a great Kansas City con- vention. At lower left is recorded what might feasibly be called the wedding of the year. Before this picture was taken, the gal was Shirley Arnow, Miss Junior America, proclaimed by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of America. It gave ASC and the Salt River Valley a clean sweep of important Amer- ican beauty titles. The enviable groom was Bill Pomeroy, ASC junior and Delta Sigma Phi. Paul Nelson is shown at lower right. Nelson was a 20-year-old senior in 1950. He made his mark in the Arts with the writing of a Christmas cantata which was performed on the campus by the 120-voice Choral union directed by Ambrose Holford. HONORARIES Blue Key Juniors and seniors of high attainment in college service, leadership, and scholarship are picked by the administration and Blue Key for membership in this national honor fraternity. Keymen sold game programs in ' 49-50 to gain funds to turn into various service activities such as donation of a permanent trophy case for the Den, establishment of the Bob Gehres memorial award, and organiza- tion of the Carnival to help build the Student Union kitty. Its BIG job, the building of an enduring A on the Butte, was stymied by City of Tempe construction. Officers, seen above, were VyIIys, Dr. Judd (sponsor) , McLaughlin, Gordon Thomas, president, and Kasper. Members present for the group shot below were, back row, Williams, Tedrick, Judd, VyIIys, Olson, Sessions, and Agee. Center line. Ram, Mitchell, Alberts, Glenn, Thomas, Vhite, Gay, Thoman, and Pedrick. In front, McLaughlin, Grissom, Gregory, Curry, Cooper, Dodds, Vatson, Gosper, Kasper and Anderson. Others, not present, were Corcoran, Peterson, Beall, Coleman, Barnett, and Butler. f M i i i A Pleiades Pleiades is the distaff service-honorary at ASC. They are a smaller group than their brothers across the page, limiting their membership to twelve, so they have set for themselves the task of being the busiest prominent women on the campus. Among other services for the year, they, along with the Keymen, jumped in and sold SAHUARO over a rough spot in its 1Q50 life. Members above are, left to right, Fallon, Tessman, Bednorz, Janssen, Mason, Mary Bunte( sponsor), McFate, Timberlake, Ter- kelsen, Paige, Cross, Benscoe. A Club ASC-honored and also time-honored, is the A Club. They make theirs the hard way, and their contributions help make ASC a college of note. There were more A-men on campus in 1950, and you know who as well as we, but here are most of them. In the top row stand, left to right, Peterson, Morrison, Laubach, Hammer, Marino, Scanlon, VaIker, Gunnville and Balsarno. Next are Marlowe Keith, sponsor, Reed, Coppinger, Dodds, Glenn, Larona, Gosselin, and Trbovich, followed by Tassinari, Barbarick, Kenterfa, Rip- pel, Schmidt, HugoBoom, TreguBoff, Aja, Markichevich, and Barnett. 1 ALPHA MU GAMMA FOREIGN LANGUAGE Outstanding foreign language students win membership in Alpha Mu Gamma. Front row, left to right, Goings, Deguichi, Ainsa, Bustamente, Casares, and Pelland. Back row, Rosser, Todd, d ' Ossaud, Wall, Dr. Wilson, Mrs. George Portnoff, Dr. Escudero. ALPHA PHI OMEGA SERVICE FRATERNITY A men s honorary service fraternity, APO has come into its own this year, after being organized last year. Left to right, Gregory, Galusha, Hawley, Rasmussen, Anderson, Reeves, Taylor, Phillips, Shill, Collins, Davis, Ketchum, and Hanson. ALPHA PSI OMEGA DRAMA Only by hard work on and off stage can one gain membership in this national drama honorary. Strange as it seems, most of the ' 50 memberships were camera-shy. This is actors? On stage here are Gay, Bennett, Andrews, and Frank R. Byers, sponsor. THETA CHI EPSILON ART This organization was only for high index art majors until this year when it became the Art Club, a special interest club open to all. Left to right, both rows, they are West, Pedrick, Jones, Cottrell, Whatley, Brodsky, Barkow, C., Barkow, D., Flora Bateman, President, Popplestone, Miss Kloster, sponsor, Lundeen, Brown, Temple, and VinkIer. KAPPA DELTA PI EDUCATION Outstanding service in the field of education is a prerequisite for membership in this society. Seated, left to right, Lossing, VyIIys, Cabello, and Collier. Back row, Glenn, Ream, Mr. Payne, Irion, Dean Richard- son, Besky, Calendaria, Stephan and Grasham. MU RHO ALPHA MUSIC Recognition for musical achievement is given music majors by membership in this fraternity. Members standing around piano are, left to right, Crockett, James, Hargiss, Quaid, Howes, Arbizu, Somerville, Tiverofsky, Blackford, Besky, and Coplin. Seated, Ruth tang, president. PI KAPPA DELTA DEBATE TEAM This group, besides being an honorary fraternity, is one of the best debate teams in the west, if not in the country. At Stanford University ASC placed highest in the sectional tournament. Left to right, Johnson, Gale, Mr. McSIoy, coach, Stoetzel, and Matz. Seated, Chase and Hilfinger. SIGMA PI SIGMA ACCOUNTING Accounting students of high caliber are honored in field by membership in this society. Seated, left to right, Arp, Crawford, Mr. Hilkert, AInew, Van Denburg, and Hird, Standing, Isaacson, Stalet, Borgman, Streich, Stedman, Bryan, and Howard. PI OMEGA PI COMMERCE 1 his group honors commerce majors with special emphasis placed on education. Back row, left to right, Mr. Sardiga, Mitchell, Thomas, Moore, Cox, Glasscock, and Nelson. Front row, Brown, Reggin, Ream, and Sincoff. ALPHA PI EPSILON SECRETARIAL A national honorary, this society strives to promote high ideals in their field of work. Seated, left to right, Montoya, Martin, and Ream. Second row, Hadley, Hudspeth, Morris, Duclose, Sincoff, and Mr. Sardiga. Back row, Nelson, Barnett, Glasscock, Reggin, and Retherford. KAPPA KAPPA PSI TAU BETA SIGMA New on our campus are the band honoraries, Kappas, above, and Taus. below. Above, front row, left to rigbt, Beharka, Brad ford. Brown. Burkhardt, Curry, Davis. Second row, Dunkel, Gabaldon. Hendricks, Large, Linfierfelt, McMahan, Morningstar, Noble. Back row, Charles O. Bowers, Pedrick, Petz, Rachlin, Strand, Tiferofsky, Vatts, Williams, Felix McKernan. Left to right. James, Beeler. Curry, C. Kilpatrick, and Rugger. Back row, Bagnoli. Thiel. Heavin, ToIIesfrud, K. Kil- patrick, and Rugger. GAMMA THETA UPSILON GEOGRAPHIC Shown here left to right are, Krasno, Williams, Dr. Miller, Evans, and Miller. Standing, McMinn, Christensen, and Galusha. THE QREEKS " I FOR ONE FEEL THAT THE GAMMA LAMBDAS ARE CARRYING THE GREEK IDEA TOOFA f " Coordination of policy and management of ASC ' s social fraternities and sororities is effected by the two groups of representatives seen here. They are the Interfraternity and Intersorority Councils. They provide a method by which all organizations may be heard in matters of maintaining high standards among the honored Greeks. Fraternity representatives are, back row, left to right, Stump, Carson, Homan, Harcum, Brown, Komadina; sec- ond row, Mitchell, Veipert, Siniff, Faust; front, Thoman, Jepson, Mehrtens, Wade, Vise, and Dean Trovillo, adviser. Prettier Oreeks are Mrs. Miller, adviser, Burch, Vood. Mason, English, and, standing, Arnett, Marshall and Hatch. Biscoff Cooper Crain Davis DoIIarhide Fougner Genres Glenn Hearne Kieft Komadina Lang Laubach Lively Perry Shultz DDC Wei pert Wyatt Thomas, Displaced Delia Chi ?. Delta Sigma Phi Officers were, front row, Perry, Veip- ert; second row, Lang, Komadina, Dol- larhide; third row, Davis, Korsten, Fougner, Lively, and Genres. Beta Psi chapter, Delta Sigma Phi, counted among its number such notables as Sid Glenn, ASASC prexy; Harry Laubach, Campus King; and a host of football players. In addition to their Carnation Ball, corn roast, and an Easter Egg Party for underprivileged chil- dren. Delta Sigs founded a chapter home this year at 34 E. Eighth St. Nationally the group was founded at CCNY, December 10, 1899. Officers for this year were Bob Stump, Dr. Osenburg. Walter Hill, Hank Bar- barick, and Paul Mitchell. Delta Chi was founded at Cornell in 1890. Delta Chi Among many of the local Greeks going national, Tau Sigma Phi, an institution at ASC, was granted a charter by Delta Chi on December 11, 1Q4Q. The chapter sponsored many activities including rushing, exchanges, and its formal dinner-dance at Chandler ' s San Marcos hotel where they chose Mrs. Peggy Stump Delta Chi Sweetheart. Coleman Cook Cosper Day Furphy Graham Hall Hanger Hill McKinster Maynes Mitchell Parry Porter Robbins Sessions Schuler Stein Stump I homas Weisling Top row: Barrese, Beck, Bradford. Bradford, Brown, Dean, Dedera, Eutank, Ferguson, Finn. Second row: Forman, Frink, Green, Gregory, Grissom, Hall, Hansen, Hill, Hilts, Jepsen. Third row: Katsenes, Kleck, Krall, Krueger, Lamparter, Lowrie, Le Bas, Lee, Leydecker, Lovett Fourth row: McClelland, Moffit, Palmer, Palmer, Rintlemann, Petersen, Pierce, Pinnel, Rawlins, Reeves. Fifth row: Rhoderick, Robertson, Rogers, Sasse, Seaman, Shacklett, Simmons, Stanton, Swift, Thoman. Bottom row: Thoman, Torea, Welker, Warren, Wetnight, Wood, Wrede, Yelverton. Tau Kappa Epsilon Teke officers in ' 50 were Day, Pierce, Thoman, Dec era, Seaman. D. Thoman, Gregory, and Sasse. The Eighth Street men kept busy this year with a trip to Sahuaro Lake guest ranch, a formal dinner-dance at the Arizona Country Club, and again sweeping the Inter-Fraternity sing. Newsmen Jack Swift and Don Dedera and Pep Club president Bill Grissom kept ASC and TEKE in the public eye. Founded at Illinois Wesleyan in 1899, Beta Xi Chapter was ; initiated at ASC in 1948. Anderson i Burton Carson Collins Evvan Farrell Fowler Funk Luke Miller Mitchell Mothershead Murray Newman Rooney Scolt Schwalbe Sliaw Showers Spears Stammer Tead Watts NVoodward Wilson M | - r i r - . I . Lambda Phi Sigma Giii Big Ed Carson, Student Body president-elect and IFC president, assisted by brothers Fowler, Shaw and Spears conducted a socially prominent year for Arizona State ' s oldest local fraternity. There were those secluded desert parties, the barn dance and the spring dinner-dance at Phoenix luxurious Royal Palms to keep them on the move. After having been courted by at least two promi- nent fraternities the Lambdies selected Alpha Tau Omega and are due to receive that Greek letter designation soon after the beginning of next fall semester. Plii Sigma Kappa, ASC ' s third national fraternity,! founded its Clii Triton chapter here in December,] 1949. The chapter held highest fraternity grade point average in the fall semester. Prominent Phil Sigs were George Brown, college photographer,] Howard Homan. Intramurals manager, Dil Worthen, SAHUARO editor, and Jack WiseJ VesIey president. Officers were, rear row, Petz Williams, Homan, Wise; front row, Sincoff, Hen-| dricks. Brown. Phi Sigma Kappa ( 5 Albert! Berkenkamp Bond Hornbaker Horwitz Kilpatrick Koldoff Pearson Richards Reid VasIium Yockum Brown Brown Fleming Forman Hendricks Petz Homan Leaders Loper Nachenberg Schuman Sincoff Tarshis Tiverofsky Washum Williams Wise Worthen Barnes DPL Busang Coen Gale Harcum John Heileman Hildretli Judd Lossing Sadler Wyllys Bud Boes, Displaced Lambda Phi Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha (COLONY) Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the young- sters on campus. They date from October 49 at ASC, although the national was born in 1Q09 in Boston, and have spent most of ' 49- ' 50 sweating out their proba- tion. Little fear, though; they ve got some big boys. Lambda Chi held highest grade index. Fall semester. The chapter was active socially, topper being a South Seas dance, just before which brother Lossing dyed. Officers were, top row, Hildreth, Johnson, VyIIys, and Gale. Second row, Coen, Saddler, Judd, Losing, Heilman. Bottom, Harcum and Faust. Another budder was the Sigma Pi colony, which at year s end had passed its pro- bation. Sigs had an active intramural year and also paid off with their first annual Orchid formal at the Vesward Ho in the spring. Officers were Savel, Yount, Siniff, president, Wade and Flower. Sigma Pi (COLONY) Below is the Sigma Pi lineup. Men standing, as they come, from left to right, Laughlin, Savel, Vade, Flower, Morris, Siniff, Gherrity, Futcher, Woodman, Byrd, Fox, Lueltich, McGann. In front are Cowan, Wylie, Premeau, Ulrich, Mooney and Medlyn. Ulysses, called the Stray Greeks, is represented by only a few of its total membership. It was organ- ized this year to provide an affilia- tion for members of sororities and fraternities not chaptered at ASC. They notched the social year deeply with a Hobo Arts ball they thew at the Tempe roller rink. Echoes of the affair are in the lower left picture. The other shot is from the Mardi Gras, ain ' t it, Sam? Vandering Pelopon- nesians here are Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Miller, Lockhart, Walker, McMinn, and Packard. Ulysses ELCOME GRADS- izritft: a mint Resulting from a merger of Kappa Tlieta and Pi Alpha Gamma early in the fall of 1Q49, Gamma Theta is on outgrowth of the Ero- delphian Society founded in 1922. Under the leadership of Ina Chloe Reggin, the sorority enjoyed a successful year of activities in- cluding a weekend camping trip to Seven Springs, a dinner at the Maricopa Inn, a formal-initiation dinner at Green Gables, picnics, swimming parties, and participation in campus events. Gamma officers were, left to right, Paul, English, Bailey, Reggin, Pear- son, and Kivley. Gamma Theta Bailey English Hall James Kivley Lowman McFate Meyers Pearson Reggin Racobs Ricca Sorg Tucker Van de Beuken Williams : Ellis Briggeman Burch Burton Duane Elliott Marshall Melles Morris Morris Noor Pew Reed Schooler Shillington Spooner Terkelson Timberlake Townsend Wedge West Wiseman Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta officers were Burton, Timberlake, Morris, J., Jean VeIpton, Mrs. Portnoff, adviser, and Peggy Duane. Founded at Syracuse University in 1874, Gamma Phi Beta became the first na- tional sorority on the campus of Arizona State. In 49- 50 an impressive array of campus headliners were Gamma Phis, in- cluding Terkelson, student body secretary, Pleiades and Who ' s Who; Timberlake, longtime SP newshawk and feature ed- itor, plus Pleiades and W ' s W; Morris, SP society editor; (Brock) Ellis, Home- coming Queen; and Vedge, junior class secretary. The active Gamma year in- cluded their traditional softball game with the Philos, many parties and picnics and the Homecoming Follies. Archambeau Bant ley Bednorz Benevidez Bowes Brazeal Conner Beiler Janssen Jones Keeney Kilt-fort li Mason Mount Page Pouppirt Smith Smith Sobel Stevenson Tessman Teeter Thiel Wang Winter Wood Young Phi Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Delta became that as the result of a union, in January 1950, of Kappa Kappa Alpha and Phi Beta Epsilon. It put together under one roof of sisterhood many outstanding women of ASC. Nine of the twelve- member service-honorary, Pleiades, were Phi Kapps as were three top level AWS officers. This sorority does not seek national status, pre- ferring a strong local organization devoted to service and community life at ASC. Their formal dinner dance was held in the spring at the Maricopa in Mesa. They are also traditional sponsors of the annual senior day fashion show. Officers shown to the right were Janssen, Thiel, Brazeal, Page, Cross, Tessman, Wood, Jones. Camp Duclos Hatch Hendrix Jones Kentera McCormick Percy Row, Schultz Ware Zimmerman Alpha Delta Pi The time-honored Philos lost iden- tity at the end of this school year in affiliating with the national Alpha Delta Pi, founded at Wesleyon Col- lege in 1851. All members were ac- tive in campus affairs and the society claimed some of the most comely of Sun Furies. In 1950 they won the Ulysses-sponsored Inter- fraternity sing. Officers shown to the right were Hughes, Jones, Miscovich, Zimmerman, Davis, Duclos; seated. Ware, Row and McCormick, presi- dent. Arnett Benscoe Dooling Eubank Flores Heavin Miller Montoya Nelson Meissen Rutherford Williams Sigma Sigma Sigma Second sorority to go national this year was Chi Sigma, who became Sigma Sigma Sigma in ceremonies May 5-7 at Arizona State. Founded in 1914 as the Clionian Society. Chi Sigma was re-organized in 1920. Merging in March 1950 with Beta Kappa sorority, the members were installed as Tri-Sigs by Mable Lee Walton, lor 34 years national presi- dent of the sorority. Officers were, left to right. Fisher, Merrilt, Green, and Carter. SPECIAL INTEREST Wi Aggie Club The hardworking Aggie Club sponsors the ASC Intercollegiate Rodeo. Left to right, front row, Pascoe, Allen, Free- man, Matlock, Cook, and Adams. Second row, Lucas, Martin, Butler, Bourne, Stump. Moore, and Warner. Back row, Rasmussen, Pitrat, Scott, C. Pitrat, North, Anderson, Gray, and Rye. American Institute of Architects Active in getting improvements in the drafting class room were the architects, shown here left to right, front row, Woodward, Pattison, Percy, Miller, Cooper. Second row, Brirker. Pedrick. McCartan. Petersen. Back row, Sadler, Rubel, Williams, Swanson, Burkhardt, and Weipert. American Association of Engineers Another active industrial arts group are the engineers, who helped with several TV broadcasts. Members were Bebb, Sekaquaptewa, Mottshard, McCartan, Morriss, Prokop, Kasper. Kneeling, Case and Vitkovitch. Ulrey. Jurasevitch, Cecil, Scheidler, Tang, Pew, Merritt, Association for Childhood Education Kindergarten and primary teachers-to-be are the members of this group which includes, left to right, Bowen, Nelssen, McCIure, Treat, Teeter. Page, Snyder, and Erickson. Civil Air Patrol CAP groups assist in air searches and emergencies and give other invaluable aid to the community. Pictured at the Tempe airport are ASC CAP members. Left to right, Lamparter. Marv Voorhes, Smith, Kusey, Watts, Mary Voor- Iies, McGregor, and Hodges. Collegiate 4H Leaders Club 4-H leaders receive training which will help them organize 4-H groups after graduation. Among their activities this year was their participation in the very worthy ASC 4-H Fair. Rront row, left to right. Pine, Watkins, England, Gamble. Fuller. Second row, Small, Begley, Treguboff, Masters, Varner, and Huber. Back row, Martin, Shrout, Howell, Ussery, Kariotis, Turley, Ketchum, Cleveland, Hirshberg, Harter, Aja, Hogan, Waters, Medigovich, Cluff, and Yeager. Geographic Society Tlie world ' s topography is trie consuming interest of this student organization. Studying the globe are, seated, left to right, Kruszynski, Evans, McMinn, Dr. Miller, sponsor, Johnson, and Galusha. Standing are ViIIiams, Christiansen, Miller and Ellis. International Relations Club IRC was in the campus eye and ear all during the year ' 49-50. Among other worthy projects they also sponsored a series of radio programs and open forums. Many of ASC s foreign students are in this group. Arranged here they are, seated, left to right, Umesto. Stolmack, Pollard, Reigl, Benson, and Lewis. Second row, Harvey, Mertens, Kwan, Puischwitz, Binas, Klump, Chapman and Mallema. In the back row are Solakoewiez, Karznia, Martin, Hoover, Bacon, Hansal, and Dr. VyIIys, sponsor. Dunbar Social and Literary Club Open to all Negro students, the Dunbar Club lias been an active ASC organization for several years. Seated, left to right, Dixon, Mrs. Quaid, Ramos, Payne, Cochran, and Hamilton. Standing, Haley Mitchell, Payne, Washington, and Johnson. Future Teachers of America Getting the three R s across will be the jobs of these people after graduation. They are. from left to right, front row. Tucker, Iwakiri, Nelson, Hall. Plummer, Stevenson, Grasham, Irion, and Wolf. Second row, Slephan, Ellis. Becker, Biscoe, Baker, G. Lewis, Reeves, Gregory, and Shirk. Back row, Hawley, Thomas, ViIIison, Pollard, and D. Lewis. Los Conquistadores Membership of this club is limited to Spanish-speaking students. Seated, left to right, Gavaldon and Valenzuela. Second row, Castro, Avila, Monlelongo, Diaz, Dr. ViIson, sponsor. Back row, L. Cordova, Y. Castro, A. Avila, Aceves, and Mendoza. La Liga Panamericana Composed of Spanish language students. La Liga has several speakers yearly f rom South and Central America to broaden their knowledge of Spanish American culture and life. Left to right, Nelssen, Verdugo, Aceves, Belsher, de Masi, Mertans, Esqueda, and Dr. ViIson, Sponsor. Marketing Club This live group, devoted to programs and discussions bearing on the marketing and advertising professions, had an active year. Left to right the names are: Seated Tinklet, Tirpack, Lindley, Savol, Alberts, Geare, Gordon, Auten, Fornana. Second row Mr. Bratcher, Maples, Johnston, Sellers, Gutierrez, Reichenburger, Mason, M. Mason, Shaphren, Sand, Mr. Zacher. Third row Kieft, Siniff, Bennett, Grey, Vincent, Stringham, Harmon, Laureman, Nelson, Bales, Schweichardt. Mask and Sandal For those who like to spread on a little grease paint and try a few lines of Shakespeare this group is just the thing. Seated- Grasham, Coleman, Arness, Chrison, Blackford, Payne. Standing Mitchell, Mayer, Nortman, Hardaway, Greene, Mr. Byers, Mrs. Byers, Andrews, Bennett, Hatfield, Johnson, Gay. Off-Campus Women The new ASC Book Exchange, making used textbooks more readily available for students, was promoted by this organization and was a big item in the year ' s progress. Seated Augier, Tessman, Shields, Jones, Erickson, Akers, Block, Gaare, Choncoff, Rogers. Standing Phillips, Salerno, Derring, VestfaIl, Abrams, Turley, Neher, Song, Thompson, Chapman. Pasteur Scientific Society The fine new Science Building, opened in September, is this group ' s pride. Seated Douthit, Stone, Wertz, Dur- den, Dr. Bateman. Standing, first row Smith, Minucci, Smith, Davis, Benscoe, Tessman, DeGuchi. Rear row Heileman, Price, Packard, Besky, Lossing, Lamb. Press Club Big wheels of tlie State Press form trie backbone of the Press Club. Seated, left to right, Gregory, Westbrook, Morris, Sclinell, Timberlake, Kivley, Payne, Besky, Brown. Back row, Mr. Hopkins, McMorris, Landis, Pearce, Worthen, Tedrick, Jones, Dedera, Johnson Aggson, Lawrence, McCabe, Cagnac, Swift, Agee, and Gay, oh yes, and seated in front of the table is Paul Carcoran, president. Psychology Club Composed largely of Psych majors this club was one of ASC s largest and most active special interest clubs. Front row, left to right, Lossing, Hoover, Shipley, Gillette, Walker, Nohra, Goodwin, and Stevenson. Second row, Rhod- erick, Granier, Robbins, Leydecker, Vinter, Vhitney, Ainsa, Binas, Bailey, Reynolds, Gregersen, and DoIIarhide. Back row, Wyllys, Judd, Jepsen, Palms, Dedera, Gale, Homan, and Lloyd. Russian Circle Students of the Russian language classes have formed this group to further their understanding of Russia and its language. Seated, left to right, Eaton, Pappos, Hepworth, and Dr. Portnoff. Back row, Kosser, Choncoff, Bonicevich, Dr. Escudero, and Haller. Art Club The newly organized Art club decorated for the Coronation Ball and held many art interest programs. Left to right are Dee, Pribbenow, Phillips, short, Schuster, tall, Rudy, Davis, Pedrick, president, Vebster, and Rachlin. Women ' s Athletic Association Front row, left to right, McDonald, Sinclair, Sauers, McNally, MacAnlius, Landy, ViIIiams. Second row, Lester, Fuller, Mannucci, Hinton, Stroope, Frost, Hutsell, Ricca, Vanderbueken, Smith. Back row, Viscaya, Rhoton, Doe, Vatson, Salerno, Nelson, McFate, Gruenwald, Labinski, Gaare, Johnson, Joy, Deifenderfer. Women ' s P. E. Club Membership is drawn from women physical education majors and seated, left to right, are: McDonald, Sinclair, Sauers, McNally, MacAnlius, Landy, ' Williams. Second row, Lester, ToIIsefrud, Hinton, Stroope, Frost, Hutsell, Ricca, Vanderbueken, Fuller, Smith. Back row, Viscaya, Rhoton, Minucci, Salerno, Haby, Adams, McDonald, Harris, Troug, Nelson, McFate, Haskins, Gruenwald, Gaare, Evans, Diefenderfer. RELIGIOUS An integral part of campus are the religious groups. Vorking together through the Religious Council they spon- sor the religious courses at ASC. Campus wide activities this year included Relig- ious Emphasis week, Easter, and Christ- mas worship services. Coordinator of the group this year was Rev. Earl Fox of Mesa. REV. EARL C. FOX Members of the Religious Council were, front row, left to right, Rev. Fox, Corlew, Tucker, Fisher, Painter, Flake, and Jackson. Second row, A. Painter, Erickson, and Heftel. Back row, Diaz, Hildebrand, Weston, Ketchum, Homan, and Klump. Christian Service Fellowship Sometimes called pre-tlieologs, the members of this group plan to go into full time service for their various churches. Left to right, Rev. Fox, sponsor, Child, Martini, Vise, Ewart, Helfinger, and Robinson. There were several religious groups on campus not represented by picture in this year ' s SAHUARO so we dedicate this space to you and your group, whatever your faith. Sahuaro apologizes and suggests missing organizations use this space for pasting in your own group picture. Baptist Youth Fellowship Members of this group are shown uniting in a choral effect. Front pew Sypherd, Gilbertson, Tucker. Second pew Stillson, Durden, Smith. Third pew Burkhard, Packnett, Jones. Campbell Club Fellowship, recreation and opportunity to participate in service work for the college and community made up the year ' s activities of this organization. Front row Benson, Chapman, Hanson. Rear row 11 James, VoIf, Altman, Riddell, Schlutz, Thompson, Klump. The building activity of me College itself was not the only feature of the year s big construction activity. The Institute of Religion. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was erected during the spring and was virtually completed at the time of going to press. The early stage of construction shown in the photograph has developed into a beautiful and characteristically Vestern structure, occupying most of a 130-foot frontage on Eighth Street, facing the north end of the campus. Douglas W. Burton, the architect, made brilliant use of two immense palm trees planted a half-century or more ago. which now stand to right and left of the main doorway of the Institute. Lambda Delta Sigma Open to all Latter-day Saint students, Lambda Delta Sigma conducted a full program of special events, while stress- ing its underlying purpose of the social, cultural and religious development of personality. Front row, seated Judd. Jones. Nelson, Hogle. Greer, Udall, Rogers, Shumway. Burgess. Holt. Shurtz. Standing, first row Elder E. L. V. Richardson; Perkins, Fish, Davies, McFate, Fuller, Flake, Denham, Goodman. Voods. Villiams, Penrod, Cowley. Second row Tyler, Kempton, Sorenson. Black. Brown, Anderson. Rogers, Nelson. Graham, Rice, Hatch. Rear row Bryce. Turley. Greer. Crandall, Heard. Schneider, Clarkson. Dean Flake. Rolf Flake. Delta Phi Consisting of students and graduates who have had two or more years of missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this organization played an important part during the year. Sealed Ethington, Bowles, Reed, Crandall, Griner, Judd and Flake. Standing, middle row Shoemaker, Brimhall, Brimley, ViIIiams, Merrill, Denham, Squire. Rear row Sloan, Pratt, Savage, Rogers, Elder Richardson, Skouser, Jones. Luthern Student Association Rear row Ketchum, Bern-ends, R. ToIIefsrud, L. ToIIefsrud, Livermore, Rev. Damerow. Front row Besky, Janssen, O Brien, Painter, Mariclialar. Hillel Foundation Front row, seated First two unidentified; Diane, Leverant, Lippow, Brooks, Nuenofsky, Hutt, Eliasberg, Stein, Blackford, Gelfand. lop row Eisner, Rachlin, Comen, Siegal, Katencki, Balk, Silverman, Rabbi Croen, Kramek, Marks, Tarshis, Kronenberg, Hoffman, Zeller, Stern. Newman Club . ' .-v 4k It The Pre-Cana Marriage Conference was among trie activities of tlie campus organization of students of the Catholic faith. Seated Almador, Giordano. Poyner, Flores, Finn, Diaz. Standing, front row Soon, Miss Margaret Walsh, Y oung, Rader. Felix, Swan, Lansing, Cullinane, Mrs. George Portnoff, Dr. M. J. Escudero. Rear row Rev. Francis L. Bechtel, Bull, Hidebrand, Noga, Henderson, Schnell, Sullivan, Victor, Keeney. Wesley Foundation The rumpus room of the Wesley Foundation building was the scene of art exhibits and many other activities. Front row, seated Klump, Blackford, Martin, Benscoe, Leonard, Romero, Erickson, Dunlap, Knox, Watldns, Felix. Standing Hoover, Rev. Lonnor, Nye, Carey, Anderson, James, Warren, Mount, Briscoe, O ' Conner, Wise, Beharka, Tessman. GRADUATES BURCH, Lewis R. CHONOFF, Mary LAUER, Charles D. LEYDECKER, Arthur EUBANK, Vivian I. EUBANK, George D. OSBORN, Robert N. SAB IN, Ada FORMAN, Leonard H. GLASSCOCK, G. Craig SIMMONS, Robert R. SWEZEY, Janet HOMAN, Howard E. JACKSON, David M. TARS HIS, Jerome J. WILLIAMS, John A. , SENIORS HE WANTS TO CHANGC HIS MAJOR " SENIOR OFFICERS BOB ALBERTS President Bob Alberts of the class of 1950 has directed the activities of the largest graduating class in the color- ful history of Arizona State College. Bob was assisted for the year 1949-30 by representative Jack Thoman, secretary Dorothy Roberts and vice president Tom Watson, whose vigorous work made their class the out- standing campus body it was. There were 407 Seniors (336 were camera-sliy) in 1950 ABBOTT, Joyce ACEVES, Trinidad ACKEL, Dolores ADAMS, Charles ALBERTS, Robert ALBRICK, Edgar AMANN, Anita ARNOW, Maurice ATWOOD, Fred AUTEN, William BARKOW, Charlotte BARKOW, John BARKOW, Richard BARNETT, William Garner BARNETTE, Howard BARRINGTON, George ' - T m " HHHJJH MnMMBHHHHH HIM i Jfe BARRESE, Alex BELL, Barbara BATEMAN, Flora BAUGH, Robert BEDNORZ, Beatrice BENSCOE, Gerry BENSON, Irvin BENTZ, Patricia VAN DE BEUKEN, Rita BLOECKER, Robert BOLLAN, Donald BOWCUT, Ronal BOWEN, Arthur BOYLE, Inez BRISCOE, Tom BRICE, Calvin BROCK (Ellis), Phyllis BROWN, George BROWN, Jennie BROWN, Lester BROWN, William BRUNER, Fred BURCH, Caroline BUCKELEW, Dorothy BURNHAM, Ralph BURNS, Henry BURKHARDT, Robert BURKHART, Wanda BULL, John BURTON, Eugene BUSANG, Sanford CABELLO, Refugio CAMERON, John CAMPBELL, Jack CARMICAL, Jane CARPENTER, Calvin CHADWICK, Daniel CHAPPLE, Henry CHENEY, James CHIN, Marvin CLARKE, William CLARKE, Sally COLEMAN, Cecil COLGLAZIER, Raymond COLLINS, Robert COLLINS, William COLONNA, Henry COMAN, Frances COOK, Donald COOK, Everett COOPER, Jos CORCORAN, Paul CRAFT, John CRAIN, Melvin CRAWFORD, Hugh CROCKETT, Kenneth CROXTON, Carl CROOK, Clifford CROWDER, Juanita CURRY, Lorraine CURRY, Pat DAVIS, Bill DAVIS, James DAVIS, Ray DAWS, Maurine DAWSON, James DAY, Kelly DETTMAN, Lenora DE VAULT, Robert DILLER, Clyde DOOLING, Marian DODDS, Robert DOJAQUEZ, Robert DOLLARHIDE, Robert DUNN, Leroy DURDEN, John EASLEY, Louise ENGLISH, Jo Nell EWAN, William FAIRCH1LD, George FALLON, William FERGUSON, Ford FERGUSON, Mae FINN, Cornelius FISHER, Beverly FORBES, Walter FORSBERG, Herberl FREASIER, Joe FUNK, Raymond FURPHY, Harry GALE, Charles GALLEGOS, Joe GALUSHA, Signey GANN, George GAY, Robert GETTY, Mane GIORDANO, Albert GLENN, Sidney GORSUCH, Reynolds GOULD, Norman GRAHAM, Alva GRAHAM, Thomas GRASHAM, Olive GREEN, Elaine GREGORY, John Gay GRIFFIN, Evelyn GRIMM, Ted GRISSOM, William GUPTON, James GYP, Mary HABY, Noralea HADLEY, Katherine HALL, Edna HALTER, Kenny HANSEN, George HARRINGTON, Dottie HATCH, Dahl HATCH, Ruth HAWLEY, Errol HEARNE, Reed HENDRIX, Betty HERRICK, Gai HETHERINGTON, Charles HI BBS, Howard HILL, Jack HILL, Walter HILTS, Roy HIGGINS, Made ' ynne HOLBRCOK, Marilyn HOLDER, Ray HCOVER, Donald I-IORNE, Bettye HORNER, Richard HOWE, Carl HOWELL, Marjorie ISLEY, William JACOBS, Forrest JEPSEN, Roger JESSEE, Donald JOHNSON, Grant JOHNSON, Rheata JOHNSON, Joan JOHNSTON, Leslie JONES, Allen JONES, David KASPER, Verne KELLER, Nancy KENTERA, Marie KETCHUM, Don KIEFT, Donn KIEHLER, Floranne KILPATRICK, Caroline KIVLEY, Caroline KOMADINA, Tony KRAL, Charles KRASNO, Benny KRUEGER, George KUSEK, Lillian LA BASS, Edward LAGERQUIST, Margaret LAMB, Robert LAMPARTER, Robert LANE, Elva LANG, William LAWRENCE, Thurl LAWRENCE, Curby LIGHT, Arthur LISONBEE, Jearl LOSS ING, Bernard LCWMAN, Mary LOVE, Curry LOWRIE, Robert LUCUS, Donald LUDWIG, Barbara LYON, Edgar McCOMBS, Yuvonne McCORMICK, Barbara McFATE, Shirley McKINSTER, Reba Gene MCLAUGHLIN, Oren MACHEN, Johnny MOCK, Virginia MANNING, Robert MAPLES, Berverly MARTIN, Glennice MASON, Mary Beth MASON, Kenneth MASTALER, Rudy MATTOX, Barbara MILLER, Donal MITCHELL, Gordon MITCHELL, Paul MITCHELL, Robert MORGAN, Ralph MOORE, Frankie MOTHERSHED, Cody MURRAY, Oren MUZZY, Tom MYERS, Flossie NEAL, lona f " HL NEELY, Robert NEHER, Julia NELSON, David NELSON, Paul O ' BRIEN, Joseph CLSSON, Fred PAGANO, Anthony PAINTER, Alfred PALMER, Acil PALMER, Edgar PARRY, Keith PEARSON, Ralph PEDRICK, Ban PELLAND, Martin PETERSON, Jack PETERSON, Philip PACKARD, Pete PEW, L. Glen PHILLIPS, Mary PHILLIPS, John A S JH 1 : L PIERCE, William PLAN ETA, Ray RAMSEY, Elizabeth REAM, Virginia REAM, William RECHTFERTIG, Monie REEVES, William REGGIN, Ina REICENBERGER, Arthur REID, Lester RICCA, Esther RICKARD, Mary ROBBINS, Thomas ROBERTS, Dorothy ROBERTS, Earlene ROBERTSON, Donald ROBINSON, Charles RODERICK, David ROGERS, Leola ROW, Mary Jean 1 A ro SANKOVICH, Peter SAUNDERS, William SAVOINI, Dean SCHUELKE, Mary Edith SCHWALBE, Ralph SCIPES, Robert SCOTT, Mat tie SCOTT, William SEARCY, Sizanne SELLERS, James SESSIONS, George SHIRK, Martha SHOEMAKER, Harold SHULER, Robert SHULTZ, Jean SHULTZ, Thomas SHUMWAY, Shirley SIEGEL, Jerome SINIFF, James SMALL, Clifford SMITH, Marshall SMITH, Orville SMITH, Shurley SMITH ERS, Larue SOON, Rose SPEARS, George STAMMER, Wesley STEDMAN, William STEIN, Robert STEPHENS, Bill STEVENSON, Zora STREICH, Harvey SULLIVAN, Francis SWANSON, Harold SWIFT, Jack TANG, Ruth TAYLOR, Fern TAYLOR, Jack TEAD, Barry TEETER, Beatrice TEMPLE, John THOMAN, Richard THOMAN, Kathryn THOMAN, George THOMAN, Jack THOMAS, Orville THOMAS, Gordon TIMBERLAKE, Ruth TINKLER, Ralph TOOHEY, Jack TOOHEY, Charlene TREJO, Norma TUCKER, Essie TURNER, Mary Louise VINCENT, John WAETJE, Clifford WALLIS, Charles WARE, Frances WATTS, Barbara WATTS, Bobbie WEISLING, Gilbert WEISLING, Nina WEST, Keith WHEELER, Harrison WILLIAMS, Frances WILLIAMS, Lois WINKLER, Jean WINTER, llselore WOODS, Beverly WOOD, Roline WOODBURN, Sallie WOODWARD, Bud WOCFTER, Mary WORTHEN, Richard WORTMAN, Robert WYLLYS, Ronald WYKOFF, Paul YELVERTON, Jack BRODSKY, Sam BALES, William JUNIORS . , n JUNIOR OFFICERS As head of the Junior class, president of Lambda Phi Sigma fraternity and president for part of this year of the InterFraternity Council, Student Body president elect, Ed Carson has been much in the eye of the gen- eral student body. He has received unequaled assistance from representative George Mariscal, treasurer Barbara Wedge and secretary Mary Blackford. There were 630 Juniors (474 wouldn ' t hold still) in 1950 ACKERMAN, William C. ADAMS, Donald R. ALLEN, Eleanor S. ANDERSON, Bill ANDERSON, John ARBIZU, Ray AUSERE, Joe AUSTIN, Robert BAILEY, Johnnie BARTMUS, Elizabeth BAUGH, Mane BECKER, Earl BIRTCHER, Harold BLACKFORD, Mary BLAINE, Virgima BOES, Robert BONARDEN, Julie BCWEN, Elizabeth BRADFORD, Frederick BRANTLEY, Betty BURTON, Marilyn Coor CARSON, Edward CHUKA, Theresa CONRAD, Dale COOR, Nona Doris CORENJO, Ruben COSPER, Clifton G. COTTRELL, Gene CROSS, E. Lorraine COX, Phyllis DAVIS, Jake DEDERA, Donald DCNHAM, Patricia DOWNER, Elmer DUANE, Margaret DUNKEL, Robert SCHEUERMAN, Wesley FARRELL, Glenn FARROW, Hazel FOUGHNER, Allan FLEMING, William FLORES, Teresa FLOWER, William FORMAN, Robert FOUTZ, Mary Lou FOWLER, Daniel FRINK, Elton D. FRASER, Frank FULLER, Lawrence FULLER, Robert GAGNIER, Yvonn 2 GEILER, Elnora GHERRITY, Pat GILBERTSON, June GOODSON, Jerry GRUSENDORF, Melvin GUERRERO, Fernando HALL, Robert HALLER, Darrell HANGER, William HANLON, Harry HARCUM, Dave HARRIS, Gene HARRIS, Herman HATCH, Jo Ann HAWS, Kenneth HEILEMAN, John HEPP, Thomas HILDRETH, Don HUISH, Leo IVERSON, Clarence JAMES, Shirley JANSSEN, Dorothy JOHNSON, Virginia JUDD, Hal KATSENES, John KECK, Robert KLECK, Rodney KRESS, Robert LANE, Robert LAUBACH, Harry LAUER, Mary LINGERFELT, Ralph LOVELACE, Sarah MARISCAL, Gsorge MARSHALL, Jo MARTIN, Eleanor MASSIE, Sara Jane MEHRTENS, Paul MELLES, Antoinette A ., , VicYiIRS, Wilda MILLER, Phyllis MILLER, Myron MITTLER, Helen MOORE, Albert McCLURE, Virginia McCOMBS, Mary NACHENBERG, Sammy NAVARETE, Pete NELSON, Mattie NORIEGA, Frank NOTTINGHAM, Belva PAGE, Patsy PALMER, Angeline PENEGOR, Joan PERRY, Robert PEW, Eleanor PRATOR, Ronald RACOBS, Shirley REID, Charlotte RHODERICK, Wayne ROBERSON, Harry ROGERS, Carlyn RETHERFORD, Guyrene SAUNDERS, Dorothy SCHNELL, Joyce SCHOOLER, Hannah SEAMAN, Paul SEKAQUAPTEWA, Eugene SEXTON, Darleen SEXTON, Jack SHAW, Bruce SHELLINGTON, Betty SHIPLEY, John SHOWERS, Robert SHURTZ, Billy SINCOFF, Martin SMITH, Don SMITH, Virginia SMITH, Walter SORG, Louise SORDINI, Joe SOSSE, Harry STALEY, Robert STEEN, Harold STONE, Adrian STUMP, Robert TERKELSEN, Vera i m TESSMAN, Elaine THOMPSON, Jean TIVEROFSKY, Donald TOWNSEND, Patricia VITKOVICH, Nick WANG, Marian WARNE, James WARNER, Clifford WARREN, James WATSON, James WEDGE, Barbara WEIPERT, William WEST, Maxine WISE, John WISEMAN, Virginia WOODS, Dorothy WREDE, Harry YOUNG, Frances SOPHOMORES I GET TIRED OF THAT SAME DRAB BLACK, " SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Sophomores, at that in between stage, indicated many successes when by their activities they forced upper- classmen to look to them for leadership and support. Sue Zane Beeler, secretary: Harold Porter, vice presi- dent; and Bill Barnes, president handled the business end of activities which included the traditional paint- ing of the " A " by the frosh. Joann ARCHAMBEAU Lorraine COOPER Lucy Lee ARNETT William BARNES Jeannine BARTOO Sue Zane BEELER There were 630 Sophomores (497 had avaphobia) in 1950 BENAVIDEZ, Dolores BENTON, Lloyd BECKY, Stanley BISCHOFF, Erwin BRAGA, Jessie BRAZEAL, Delia BRIGGEMAN, Carol Ann BRISCOE, Bill BRUNER, Fred BUFFORD, Robert BURNS, George TOLBY, Lorna CAMP, Helen CARLIN, Roger CHAPMAN, Marjorie CHAPMAN, Evelyn COEN, Kenneth CONNER, Dorothy CONN IFF, John COON, James WRIGHT, John CRESWELL, Sally Lou DAVIS, Ralph DALY, William DUCLOS, Maplette ELLIOTT, Barbara Joan EISNER, Burt EHRHARDT, Doris FOSTER, Lois GALINDO, Anita GALLAHER, James GASTON, Jack WILSON, William GEHRES, William GILBERTSON, Barbara GODWIN, Gerald HOGLE, Bertie HALL, Margy Lou HARMON, Elaine HARRIS, Bettye Jean HEAVIN, Barbara Jean HENDRICKS, James HOLLAND, Jerry JENTOFT, Amy Louise JEPSEN, Erma JEWELL, Charles JONES, Helen JONES, Norma JONES, Shirley KEENEY, Veronica KENNEDY, William KILATRICK, Florence KLEIN, Marilyn KLIEFOTH, Jerrine LE BAS, Maurice WYLIE, James LEE, George LEHNERT, Emery LESTER, Shirley LI ROW, Edna LIVELY, James LOBROVICH, Eva LOVETT, Oliver LUCKIE, Jacqueline LUKE, Edwin MCCLELLAND, ROSS McDonald, Norma VlcGuire, Vaughn MARRS, Robert MAYNES, Oscar MERTENS, Paul MINUCCI, Mary MINITRE, Juanita MOFFITT, Thomas MONTOYA, Carrie MORRIS, Betty Alice MORRIS, Juanita MOUNT, Billi Dee MOUNTAIN, Martha MURPHY, Gertrude NELSSEN, Betty Marie NEWMAN, Thomas NORR, Maxine PAINTER, Betty PATTERSON, Roger PAUL, Mary Lee PEARSON, Marva PECKOVICH, Delcie PEDRICK, Lee PEl ' Z, Lawrence WYATT, Clary PLUMMER, Madeline PORTER, Harold POUPPIET, Irene PRIBBENOW, Richard RAWLINS, Charles REILLY, Patricia RANSON, Lee RINTELMANN, Bil ROBBINS, Betty ROGERS, Thomas ROLEY, Peggy SADLER, Harold SAVEL, Edward SAYLOR, Benjamin SCHUMAN, Perry SEAMAN, Paul SMITH, Marcella SOBEL, Marian SORENSEN, Kathryn SOSVILLE, Velma SPAIN, Wanda SPOON ER, Barbara SPOTTS, Carol SZAFRANKOWSKI, Irsne SUTTER, Virginia STEVENSON, Norma STEVENSON, Carol STEARNS, Frederick STANTON, Henry WALSH, Gloria WADE, Charles TOREA, Phil TOLLESFRUD, Ruth THIEL, Carol TANG, Harry WOLVEN, Helen WARREN, Jack WILLIAMS, Virginia WILLIAMS, Bill WILSON, Billee WILSON, Jacklyn PERCY, Jean . m FRESHMEN FRESHMEN OFFICERS There were 895 Freshmen (717 couldn ' t locate the lower aud foyer) in 1950 True to the traditions of ASC freshmen the class of 1953 became a part of the college group in the shadow of the " A " . This class, the largest in the history of all three state colleges, was spurred on by representative Bob Hall, treasurer Janet Beekman, president Jack Grey and secretary Shirley Scott. ; AKERS, Billie Jane ALEXANDER, Mary Jean ALLEN, Jo Ann AMADOR, Alma ANDERSON, Sylvester ANDREWS, Robert ARNOLD, Pete AVERIT, Jeanne BARROW, Nancy BARTELSON, Betty June BAEUR, Donald BEARDMORE, Millie Sue BEEKMANN, Janice BEHRENDS, Lyle BELOAT, Peggy BENSON, Zila BLYTHE, Bette BONIFACE, Donna BOONE, Billie BRADFORD, James BRADFORD, Nancy BROWN, Sam BRUBAKER, Barbara BUCHANAN, Betty CAMPBELL, Clyde CARLSON, Carol CARPENTER, Margaret CASTORENA, Jenny CEFARATI, Clare CHAPPEL, Janet CHUKA, Jo Anne COATS, Martha COMAN, Margaret COOK, Jerry " COOK, Madelon COX, Freddie COX, Ina CARSON, Earlme CROCKETT, David CROSLEY, Carol Ann DARE, Robert DAVIS, Dorotha DAViS, Mariene DAVIS, Martha DEAN, Lester DEDERA, Frank DIAZ, Rachs! DOUTHIT, Nancy DRYER, Robert DU EOSE, Nancy DUDGEON, Dolores DUNCAN, Beverly DUNLAP, Louise DUN LAP, Yvonne DUQUETTE, Helen ENLOE, Mary Ann ERICKSON, Norma FANNING, Berverly FELIX, Alice FISKE, Elizabeth FLORES, Rudolph FOSTER, Barbara FRANCIS, Dona FREEMAN, Muriel FULLER, Naoma GERTZ, Sylvia GOAR, Lionel GODDARD, Jess GRAHAM, Zos GRAY, Jack GREENE, Stanley GUYMON, Colleen HADLEY, Patsy HALL, Robert HAMEL, Mimi HAMMER, Angela HANSEN, John HANSEN, June HARBISON, Norma HARDAWAY, David HATTON, Dee HAZEN, Sarah HEARD, Mary Gene HENRY, Norma Jean HERSEY, Elinor HOFFER, Thomas HOLT, Duane HULSE, Theresa JANOUSEK, Jack JENNINGS, Josephine 15 O. JONES, Alice KANE, Emma KIDD, Thomas KILKENNY, Joan KILLOUGH, Patsy KINGSLAND, Diane KIRKHAM, Yvonne KIRKPATRICK, Patricia KOORY, Gloria LANGSTON, Ellen LARMAN, Vonda LEADERS, David LEONARD, Barbara LEYBA, Ernest LONGENBAUGH, Laura LOPER, James MCALLISTER, Anna McFATE, Joanne MACK, Carol MAKER, Jenna MANGINO, Bill MANLEY, Lois MELLEMA, Charlotte MERCER, Marilyn MINUCCI, Helen MORRISON, Sylvia NEAL, Patricia NEEB, Rayma-Lew NELSON, Joyce NESTOR, Francis NEWELL, Mary Lou NEWMAN, Joe Dell NORRIS, Norma OLSON, Arnold PACKARD, Lawrence PAG E, William PECK, Marjorie POWELL, Allegro RAISCH, Laura RAMIREZ, Betma RAM IRQ, Bertha RAMSEY, Joe RANDALL, Ordene REED, Donna REICH, Geraldine RHOTON, Dana ROBERSON, Mary ROSS, Florence RUGENSTEIN, Edith RUGGER, Phyllis SAB IE, Dolores SALAZAR, Guadalupe SANDERS, Dixie Lee SCHULTZ, Mary SCHULZ, Patsy SCHURR, Jeanne SHACKLETT, Curtiss SHAFFER, Nadine SHAVER, Riqua SHERIDAN, Victor SHIPLEY, Mary Sue SHOOK, Sylvia SMITH, Edward STABEN, Risselle STEPHENS, Anna STREET, Robert SUDBRACK, Marzilla SULLIVAN, Betty SUNDEN, Shirley SWAN, Blanche TAYLOR, Ruth Anne THOMAS, William TOLBY, Lorna TOLLEFSRUD, Lois TURLEY, Barbara VERRUE, Henry VICTOR, Anna Mae WACKER, Vivian WADLOW, Neysa WASHUM, Donald WATTS, Brad WELKER, Wayne WETNIGHT, Paul WILLOW, Kay WILSON, Corwin WOOD, Robert ZENT, Shelley THE ROSTER of ASC STUDENTS ABBOTT, Edward N. Abbott, Joyce Carolyn Abney, James Rudy Abounader, Slibe Abrahams, Mary Frances Aceves, Trinidad Ackel, Billie Anne Ackel, Dolores C. Ackerman, William C. Adair, Alfred W. Adair, Leonard Gene Adams, Charles William Adams, Donald Ross Adams, George Nelson Adams, Melba Jo Adams, Wayne E. Adamson, Donald Lee Adkins, Harvey Glenn Adkins, Mary Louise Aepli, Emmett Clark Agee, James Aggson, Alan Preston Aggson, Willard Stanley Agnew, Royce Emmonds Aguilar, Joseph Paul Ainsa, Alfonso Ainsa. Pearl Ainsworth, Iris Kate Aitken, James Reid Aja, Manuel, Jr. Ajamie, James John Aker, David P. Akers, Billie Jane Akins, ElbertJ. Alaimo, Michelangelo Albauqh, George Robert Albert!, Frank Joseph Alberts, Robert Edward Albin, Clyde E. Albo, Arturo Albert Albrick, Edqar J. Alcantar, Alfred O. Alder, lla Rae Alderson, Mildred L. Alexander, Carolyn M. Alexander, Frances L. Alexander, Janet L. Alexander, Mary Jean Alexander, Raymond H. Alford, Bob L. Allee, Margaret Allen, Bobby (Robert) J. Allen, Donald LeRoy Allen, Eleanor Shirleen Allen, Frank Allen, Jo Ann Allen, John Francis Allen, Richard Charles Allen, Richard Platt Allen, William Joseph Allen, William Joseph Allman, Edgar Clifton Allred, Bernard W. Allred. Fdyth B. Alonzo, Richard Anthony Altman, Vera Eleanor Altman, Walter Denny Alvarez, Jesus Guzman Amado, Gilbert William Amador. Alma Rose Amann, Anita M. Ames, Donald Charles Amodio, Anthony Vito Amspoker, Kenneth R. Anaya. Jose ' Jose ' Anderson, Carol Anderson, Edward L. Anderson, Esther C. Anderson, John Arthur Anderson, John Max Anderson, John Moeur Anderson, Louis Edward Anderson, Paul Ripley Anderson, Sidney B. Anderson, Sylvester T. Anderson, Victor Edward Anderson, Willard J., Jr. Andre, Jack H. Andreatta, CamilloW. Andrews, Charles Bradley Andrews, David Foster Andrews, Georgia Porter Andrews, Richard Adwin Andrews, Robert Cullen Andrews, Walter Webb Anger, George Kenneth Annos, Bill Thomas Anstin, Wayne Deloss Appel, Fred Horace Appleton, Edna LaRue Aragon, Lino Albert Arbizu, Ray Lawrence Arceneaux, Jean Hoyt Archambeau, Joann Archey, Rosalie Va. Arena, Adelma Ann Arlet, William James Arline, Moses B. Armstrong, Dorothy Lee Armstrong, Richard F. Armstrong, Wm. Gayle Arness, Edith Ann Arnett, Lucy Lee Arney, Barry Robert Arnold, Margaret Jeanne Arnold, Pete Stuart Arnow, G. Maurice Arp, Mary Dorothea Arsenault, Bernard J. Arthur, Harriet B. Ashby, Benjamin Parker Barbarick, Henry Arthur Ashby, Glenn H. Barclay, Robert K. Asher, Margie Barkow, Charlotte P. Asher, William James Barkow, John Merrill Atchison, Olan L. Barkow, Richard M. Atwood, Alfred Barlow, Walter Glenn Auchly, Arlene Alvina Barnes, William Garner Auqhtry, Finley Dewitt Barnett, William Garner Augier, Jacqueline A. Barnette, Corwin James Ausere, Aurelio Joe Barnette, Howard C. Ausere ' , Joe Morris Barney, Larry Cody Austin, Horace Shelby Baron, Edward Austin, Robert Edmond Barr, Dorothy Auten, William T. Barraqon, Joe Louis Averit, Jeanne Elinor Barrese, Alex J. Avila, Andrew Robles Barrett, James Franklin Avila, Hortensia Duarte Bartinqton, ' Georqe W. Ayala, Espiridion Peter Barrington, Mariorie E. Ayala, Rudolph Barrow, Nancy Ellen Bartels, William Elisha BACA, Fidenclo A. Bartelson, Betty June Bacon, Oliver Carlyle Bartlett, Ernest Badorine, Peter Anqelo Bartlett, Jack Jenden Baqnoli, Anqelo Mario Bartmus. Elizabeth Lou Baqnoli, Carolyn Jeanne Bartoo, Jeannine Bagnoli, Michael Felix Bartow, Donald Clinton Bailey, Clyde J. Bartow, Fanchon Leppla Bailey, Dick Frank Base, Stella Nash Bailey, James Richard Basillo, Anthony Thomas Bailey, Johnnie L. Basinqer, Alice Monica Bailey, Paul Stewart Bateman, Flora Mae Bailey, Walter Wilbur Bates, Albert Raymond Bain, Doyle Durwood Bates, Beryl Evan Baines, Wallace E. Bates, Dorothy Louise Baird, Doris Rae Bates, Louis Arthur Baird, Robert Nelson Batiste, Hallle Mae Baker, Jesse H. Batiste, Joseph Herman Baker, John Thomas Bauer, C. Donald Baker, LaVern Eugene Bauqh, E. Marie Baker, Richard H. Bauqh, Robert S. Baker, Shirlee Faye Bauqhman, Jack Lee Baker, Shirley E. Beall, Charles Louis Baker, William George Beall, Georqe Frederick Baldock, Donald Milton Beard, Donald Clarence Baldwin, Georqe E. Beardmore, Millie Sue Balen, Harley Pat Beasley, Wyona Louise Bales, Robert S. Beatty, Walter Euqene Bales, William Randle Beauchamp, James Eddie Ball, Paul Raymond Beaulieu, William Andrew Ballard, Marijane Beaver, Thelma Rose Ballard, Robert Elmer Bebb, Thomas Samuel Balsamo, Anthony Joseph Beck, Claryce Avonne Bamrick, Edward Robert Beck, Marilyn Hazel Bandy, Kenneth Walter Beck, Stanley Clifton Banicevich, Frank Beck, Thelton Daniel Banker, Cal C. Bock, Vlrqinia Theresa Bankhead, Hugh L. Becker, Earl Chas. E. Banks, Carolyn Mary Beckman, Ralph S. Banks, Fred Garcia Beckworth, Betty Jean Baraz, Apolonio Bednorz, Beatrice Jayce Beecher, Mary Katherine Beedle, Jacob Beekmonn, Janice Beelar, Sue Zane Beharka, Charles Harold Behrends, Lyle E. Belqbeder, Frank Richard Beller, Edna Lila Beiler, Lydla Mae Bein, Elaine Ethel Belknap, Stewart George Bell, Barbara Jean Be ' l, Frederick Harold Bell, Minnie Bell, Ralph, Jr. Bellanqer, Paul C. Beloat, Peqqy Lucile - Belsher, Bob Douqlas Bemls, Mariorie Ann Bemls, Violet Mae Benavidez, Dolores Bender, Wayne Benedick, Bunni Dennis Benenato, Barbara J. Benham, Lenwood E., Jr. Bennett, Ann Lois Bennett, Charles Artls Bennett, Richard Bennett, Don Lee Bennett, Dorothy B. Bennett, RobertJames Bennewitz, Dallas J. Bennewitz, Paul F. Bennlck, Eugene Ray Benscoe, G. Gerry Benson, I rvln Banks Benson, Larry D. Benson, Zlla Etolia Benton, Lloyd Leslie Bentz, Patricia Lee Berqh, Harry L. Berkenkamp, Bill Brodle Berlendis, Joe G. Bernal, Jose Hilbert Berney, Morton G. Bernhard, Joseph Phillip Bertelsen, Robert Trules Bertogllo, Joe Pete Bertonasch, Charles R. Besecker, Walter E., Jr. Besich, Thomas Beuerlin, Charles John Beyerlein, Huqo George Bigelow, Lucie Va. Blqler, Vernon Gayle Billar, William L. Billie, David Luke Billie, Delcia Blllie, Duane M. Billlngsley, Frank A. Billingsley, Phillip L. Binas, Dietrich Blrtcher, Harold M. Bischoff, Erwln Arthur Blscoe, Don Michael Bishop, Charles Bishop, Frank Robert Bishopp, Richard Henry Black, Mary Eva Mulkins Black, Twain K. Black, Wayne Arthur Blackburn, Harry Blackburn, Virginia K, Blackford, Mary Blain, Lois Marie Blalne, Virginia Posey Blake, Alice Headen Blakesley, James Rlley Blakley, Elwood Robert Bloecker, RobertJames Blurton, George Arthur Blythe, Bette Louise Boan, Vurlyne Ellsworth Bock, Betty Esther Bodine, Bill Glenn Boehnlein, Bernard J. Boes, Robert Lewis Boetto, Herbert Allen Boqqs, William Euqene Bojorquez, David G. Boklch, Tony Boles, William Harvey Boles, Zada Lee Bollam, Donald Gordon Bonarden, Julia Nell Bond, Kenneth Joseph Bond, Wallace Lentz Bond, William H. Bonham, Louis Leonard Boniface, Donna Mae Bonine, Donald John Bonlne, Gordon Bernard Books, Arden Lee Boone, Billie Dawson Boothman, Helen H. Borqerding, Jonathon P. Borqert, Barbara Jane Borqmann, Robert John Bornt, Lester Allen Bortles, Betty Jean Borton, Mark Edward Bottemlller, Eerie Rand Boughton, John Harland Bourne, Ernest Michael Bouse, Margaret E. Bovee, Marshall G. Bovee, Oliver Herbert Bowcut, Ronal J. Bowden, Edward John Bowdoin, Harold Dean Bowen, Arthur Harvey Bowen, Elizabeth Ann Bowers. Wesley R. Bowersock, Woodrow W. Bowles, Duane Andrew Bowyer, Ida Irene Boyce, Frederick C. Boyd, Wallace Francis Boyle, Jay LaVan Boyle, William T. Bradberry, Jack Bradfield, Gladys C. Bradford, Frederick W. Bradford. James V. Bradford, Jane Evelyn Bradford, Nancy Carol Bradford, Paul Emerson Bradley, Thomas Joseph Braga, Jessie Lu Brand, Merlee W. Brandon, James Eugene Branham, Frank Michael Branigan, Frances K. Branning, Jill Ann Branstetter, Richard W. Brantley, Betty Jane Brantllnger, Joseph F. Brashear, Jack Brashear, Patricia E. Brashears, Claude Ray Brasher, Earl Floyd Bros well, Mary Jo Bray, Thomas Truett Brazeal, Charles Ray Brazeal, Delia Nadine Breaks, Georgia Lee Breed, Charles Harold Breen, John Edward Breneman, Regna F. Brennan, William James Brewer, Edward Herron Brewer, Thomas Phillip Brewster, John LaDue Brlce, Calvin N. Bricker, Francis Walter Bridges, Richard Paul Bridgewater, Claire R. Brierley, Richard E. Brlggeman, Carol Ann Brlggeman, George S. Briggeman, Yvonne Marie Brillhart, Wilmer C. Brimhall, Marita Butler Brimhall, Norman Merrill Brimley, Bessie Luana Brinkley, El Wanda Brisco, Billy J. Brisco, Frieda Voncille Brisco, Marion C. Briscoe, Thomas Logan Briscoe, William Blue Britton, Ernest Eugene Brock, Phyllis Jo Broderick, Harry Joseph Broderick, Richard E. Brodsky, Samuel Brooke, (Emll) Mark Brooks, Jackie Humphrey Brooks, John Edward Jr. Brooks, Norton M. Brown, Albert Edward Brown, Calvin A. Brown, Carroll Griffith Brown, Charles Alfred Brown, Donald Alan Brown, Edith Rae Brown, Edwin Oscar Brown, Emily S. Brown, Gary Brown, George W., Jr. Brown, Harold Leland Brown, Jennie May Brown, Kenneth Brown, Lester S. Brown, Marilyn Marie Brown, Mary Lou Brown, Phil D. Brown, Robert Kimball Brown, Robert Newton Brown, Sam A. Brown, Virginia R. Brown, Walter James Brown, William C. Brubaker, Barbara E. Brubaker, Weyland C. Bruner, Fred L., Jr. Bruner, William Alonzo Brusatori, Mary Anne Bryan, Ralph Terry Bryan, Wilton Cox Bryant, Charles Lloyd Bryce, Dewey L. Bryce, Doris Loqene Bubb, Kenneth S. Buchanan, Betty Louise Buchanan, Orvllle Lee Buchanan, Patricia L. Buckelew, Dorothy Jean Buehman, Annie Laurie Bufford. Robert L. Buford, Lawrence Hays Bull, Bernardlne E. Bull, Harold Lee Bull, John Campbell Bullard, Jim B. Bullock, Susan Bunch, Marjorie Rayner Bunker, Francis Paul Bunn, Thomas George Burch, Lewis Richard Burch, Carolyn Crane Burchett, Joan Loraln Burges, Lovatt F. Early Burgess, Edward Russell Burgess, Wallace Leland Burgl, Ernest J. Burke, Henry Arvizu Burkhardt, Robert D. Burkhart, Wanda Pearl Burnam, Denzll Carl Burnett, Clare Burnham, Ralph Kenneth Burns, George Edward Burns, Henry Campbell Burns, John Forrest Burrls, Russell Robert Burton, Beatrice B. Burton, Christina Aletha Burton, Gene Busanq, Sanford Howard Bush, Catherine Joyce Bush, Kenneth Forrest Bustamante, Hector Bustamante, Herlinda G. Bustos, Bias Bustos, Ernest Jesus Butala, Steve Butler, Evalyn Hammels Butler, Maurice John Bybee, Philip Daniel Byers, Carleton A. Bynon, Ruth Myrtle Byrd, Joe Shelby Byrd, Mark Willard CABALLERO, Geo. M Cabello, Refuglo Medina Caceletto, James S. Cady, Jeannette Ann Calafell, Edward Herman Calano, Beverly Lucille Caldwell, William E. Callahan, Joseph L. Callahan, Patricia Ann Calloway, Jack Harold Cambron, Thomas L. Cameron, John Leonard Camp, Helen Ruth Campa, Albert Banks Campbell, Clyde Ira Campbell, Elaine K. Campbell, Jack Diamond Campbell, Joseph David Camper, Tryphena Campos, Lucille C. Candela, Peter Candelarla, Octavio A. Capono, Ernest Valdez Capono, Josephine V. Cardieri, Calvin Peter Carico, M. Lou Carlin, Roger Lee Carlos, Vivian Mae Carlson, (Gustav) A. B. Carlson, Carol Jean Carlson, Jeanne Frances Carlson, Robert Owen Carlson, Waneta Mae Carmical, Jane Elizabeth Carmical, Neil Carmignanl, Lawrence R. Carminati, Augusta T. C. Carpenter, Calvin C. Carpenter, N largaret M. Carr, Reta Joyce Carr, Robert Lewis Carrasco, Octavio Ruiz Carrillo, Servando B. Carroll, Oscar Lee Carson, Carl Joseph Carson, Earline Lee Carson, Edward M. Carson, Nancy Sue Carter, Jack Ephridge Carter, M. Pearl Carter, Shreve Carter. William A. Cosale, Joseph A. Casares, Isabel Grace Cassidy, Grace Frances Cassity, Galen Hartley Castillo, Senon Arthur Castle, Sidney Edwin Castorena, Jenny Castro, Bernice V. Castro, Dolores Yolanda Castro, Sylvia Cecil, Jim Cefaratti, Clare Marie Cellino, Frank Anthony Cerino, Albert Garcia Cradwick, Daniel R. Chambers, Lyle Doubt Chambers, Nancy J. Chandler, Grace E. Chapln, Ross Charles Chapman, Betty Chapman, Edna Jean Chapman, Evelyn R. Chapman, Marjorie M. Chappel, Janet Ann Chappie, Henry Franklin Chantan, Arnold Charnock, Ralph Richard Charnofsky, Ben Chase, Pearl Anna Chausow, Eugene Chavez, Carlos Cheadle, Sue Ann Cheatum, Berthella Cheiker, Abraham Cheney, James H. Cherry, Leon A. Cherry, Noel Calvin Chester, Elva Margaret Chester, Iris Catherine Chevalier, Robert E. Child, Ann .W Childers. David Mlnyard Childers, James Edward Chin, M a rvm Choisser, Eda Jackson Choncoff, Mary Chong, Violet J. Chownlng, Joe Donald Chrison, Helen J. Christensen, Carol C. Christenson, Myrtle Mae Christie, George Paul Christman, Francis V. Christopher, Geraldine Christopher, Yuvonne E. Chuka, Jo Anne Chuka, Theresa Audrey Chunn, Bernice A. Churan, John James Churchill, Richard L. Cinque, Bernard George Ciochetti, Donald R. Cipolla, Caesar Edward Clampitt, Howard Barry Clark, Earl Thomas Clark, Jackson Lutellus Clark, Laurece Clark, Norman Riley Clark, Oscar Melville Clark, Sheldon Oakley Clark, Shirlee Mae Clarke, George C. Clarke, Oscar Selester Clarke, Sally Ann Clarke. William Leonard Clarkson, Dale Edward Clausen, Donald Elmer Clayton, Robert Scott Cleckner, James Earl Clemence, Mary E. Cleveland, James J. Click, Geraldine M. Clingman, Loy M. Cloutier, Robert Donald Cluff, Alice J. Cluff, David Lamar Cluff, Don C. Coale, John Cecil Coats, Martha Jane Coats, Mary Virgillne Cochran, Earlie Mae Cochran, Harry Sumner Cochran, Robert Eugene Coen, Ernest Lawrence Coen. Kenneth Vaughn Coffin, Charles Edwin Coffin, Erma Pearle Coffin, James Norman Coffman, Dean William Cognac, Robert Earl Cohen, Isidore Cohen, Selma Bandel Colochis, Sam C., Jr, Colborne, William C. Cole, Arnold Travis Cole, Helene W. Cole, John Robert Coleman, Beverly Elaine Coleman, Cecil Noble Coleman, Leland George Colglazier, Raymond E. Collier, Barbara Louise Collins. Charles John Collins, Eugene Donald Collins, Francis F. Collins. Ira Barr Collins, Keith Arthur Collins, Newman Collins, Robert L. Collins, RoqerWilllam Collins, Russell Edward Collins, William Stephen Colonna, Henry Anthony Coman, Frances J. Coman, Margaret Louise Combs, Mabel Louise Comedy, Jean Elizabeth Condon, Charles J. Condos, Mary Louise Condrey, Robert Bruce Conley, Arthur Bernard Conley. Joseph Herbert Conley, William Thomas Conner, Dorothy Conner, Florence Eileen Conner, Ira Martin Conner, Leslie Harold Conner, Robert Warren Connlff, John Sarsfield Connor, Virginia Smith Conrad, Dale Harold Conrad, Lawrence Louis Center, Frank Edward L. Conway, LaVonna J. Cook, Chesley, Wade Cook, Donald Gene Cook, Evelyn Caroline Cook, Everett Horace Cook, Gerald EIRoy Cook, John Stillman Cook, Leslie Whitney Cook, Madelon Eleanor Cook, Wallace Jeffery Cooke, Everett Edward Cool, Virginia H. Coon, James Charles Coons, Dix Scott Cooper, Betty Ann Cooper, C. Lorraine Cooper, Elmer M., Jr. Cooper, Eugenia Joanne Cooper, Harley G. Cooper, Joe F. Cooper, Virgin R. Coor, Marilyn Joyce Coor, Nona Doris Coplan, Mary Margaret Coppinger. James R. Coppinger, Roy A. Corbett, James Robert Corcoran, Paul Shalvey Cordova, Louis Aguirre Corlew, Shirley Ellen Corley, Carolyn Jean Cornell, Samuel Herman Cornejo, Ruben Antonio Cornett, Donald Eugene Corriere, Joseph A. Cory, John Cleveland Cosentino, Dominic M. Cosentlno, John Anthony Cosper, Carol Roland Cosper, Clifton Gene Cosper, Lillian Joye Cosper, Raleigh Laddie Cossmann. Charles H. Cota, William Bravo Cotter, Samuel Edward Cottrell, Eugene Ray Couston, George Bruce Couzens, Doris Jeanne Cowan, James Kenneth Cowley, John Phillip Cox, Billie Jean Cox, Donald Clark Cox, Donald Keith Cox, Freddie Fay Cox, George Emmett Cox, Ina Marvine Cox, Kittle M. Cox, Phyllis Ann Coxon, Theodore Elwood Coy, Joseph P. Craft, John Mllford Craig, Hayden J., Jr. Craig, LeRoy Robert Crain, Melvin Horace I m t u i,niiniii Crampton, Richard D. Crandall, Courtland C. Crandall, Louis Eugene Crandall, Wilford Myron Crandall, John McCleve Craven, Joseph Wesley Crawford, Gerald Dean Crawford, Hugh Daniel Crawford, Hugh J. Crawford, James M C res well, Sally Lou Crews, Jack Henry Crews, Mary Margaret Crlswell, Charles E. Crockett, Alice louise Crockett, David Thomas Crockett, Kenneth A. Crook, Clifford LeRoy Crosley, Carol Ann Cross, E. Lorraine Cross, Robert LeRoy Cross, Wayne Russell Crow, Keith Troy Crowder, Juanita Croxton, Carl Clair Croyl, Frank Edward Crump, Elizabeth F. Cruz, Viola Cruze, Union Jerome Culllnane, Connie J. Cummings, Ruth A. Cummins, Carl Craiq Cunningham, Mary Ellen Curd, Price W. Curran, Richard Patrick Curry, Pat Bryan Curry, Robert Preston Curry, Ruth Lorraine G. Curry, Ted Lewis Curtis, Verna Jean Cvijanovlch, Louis, Jr. DAD, Raymond Ali D ' Addea, Patrick John Daley, Willa Jean Daly, Pete James Daly, William J. Damerorx, Robert LeRoy Damiencki, Richard S. Dammann, Arthur Erie Damron, Wilbur Thomas Dana, Elladene Daniels, Eleanor S. Danks, Mary Louise Danson, Robert Louis Dare, Robert Franklyn David, Victor Allan Davidson, Lela Davidson, Ralph F. Davis, Albert Oliver Davis, Bill Davis, Catherine Hazle Davis, Charles Eugene Davis, Chester Kent Davis, Daniel Thomas Davis, Dorotha Jo Davis, Ester Fulton Davis, Jake C. Davis, James Burnside Davis, James Joseph Davis, John Darwin Davis, Marian Kathenne Davis, Marlene Ruth Davis. Martha Adele Davis, Mary Ann Davis, Mary Lou Davis, Mason W. Davis, Merle Eugene Davis, Paul Eugene Davis, Ralph J. Davis, Ralph R. Davis, Ray Clarence Davis, Richard D. Davis, Thomas Cary Daws, Maurine P. Dawson, George Dawson. James Robert Dawson, Patty Louise Day, David H. Day, Edward Allen Day, Kelly Eugene Dean, Betty Jane Dean, James Bryce Dean, Lester Leroy, Jr. Dean, Robert Lester Dean, Robert Theodore Deatherage, Claude E. Deaver, Iva E. DeBriyn, Louie DeCorto, Ted Louis DeCosrno, William F. Dedera, Donald E. Dedera, Frank Calvin Dee, Georqe Harry Deguchi, llyne Aiko DeHerder, Marjorie S. Delacruz, Porfirlo Del Rae, Elizabeth A. Demaine, Raymond H. Demasi, Charles Armand Denham, Joy Melvln Denham, Melba Moreen Dennis, William Eugene DePlanche, Bernard U. DeRosa, Rudolph Silvio DeRosier, Jacquelyn DeRoulhac, Kenneth W. DeRoulhac, Wllma Jean Dettmann, LenorJean DeVault, Robert Lee Dewberry, James H., Jr. DeWItt. Ernest Eugene DeWitt, Sybil Diaz, Carmen Rita Diaz, Irma Louise Diaz, Rachel Arrieta Dicbon, Edward Pratt Dickson, Robert Davis Dicus, Margaret Ann Diedrich. Robert Albert Diefenderfer, Gloria A. Diehl, John Richard Diffie, Hurschel Lee Diller, Clyde Vernon Willon, William Eugene Dixon, Asael Jay Dixon, Donna Lucille Dixon, Emllio, Aguinaldo Dixon, William Dixon, Wilma Jean Dixson, James Henry Dobney, Fred John Dodds, Robert T. Doench, Donna Louise Doherty, Francis Edward Dojaquez, Robert Dollarhide, Robert S. Dombey, Dale Kline Dominquez, Pete M. Don, Cleve Don, Gerald Jack Donahue, William Robert Donaldson. Arthur Root Donalrson, Freeda W. Donham, Patricia M. Donnell, Robert M. Donovan, Jack Lincoln Dooling, Marian Joyce Dorris, Harold Clay Dorsett, Maurice F. Dorsett, Milford A. Doucet, David Daniel Dougherty, James Leo Douqthy, James M. Douthit, Alice May Douthit, J.C. Douthit, Nancy Jean Douthitt, Clair Duane Dowd, William John Dowds, Gerald L. Downer, Elmer Lee Downey, John Lewis Downs, Samuel John Drabek, Robert M. Draqo, John Charles Draqoo, Virginia Edna Drake, Martha Horrall Draper, Cynthia Carswell Draper, Fred Drew, George Edward Drey, Rowen Peggie Driscoll, Francis P. Drudinq, Charles Edwin Dryer, Robert Franklin Duane, Margaret Mary DuBose, Nancy Leah Duca, Samuel Joseph Ducasse, Abel Duclos, Maplette Dudgeon, Dolores Jean Dufala, John Dugan, Walter Howard Duke, James Walter Duke, Thelma Jean Dumond, George B. Duncan, Beverly Jean Dundee, Catherine H. Dundee, Charles William Dunkel, Charles Marshall Dunkel, Robert Elmer Dunkelman, Gertrude Dunlap, Louise Dunlap, Max Anderson Dunlap, Yvonne Buena Dunn, Charles J. Dunn, Fannie Emma Dunn, Leon Joseph Dunn, Leroy Dunne, David Leonard Duquette, Helen Jeane Duran, Abelardo Padilla Duran, Ruben O. Durden, John A. Dustln, William C. Dwyer, Ambrose Francis Dwyer, Keith A. Dwyer, Marforie Link Dyer, Kenneth Raymond Dyson, William Barnes EADS, Jody Eady, Ralph Joseph Earnist, James R. Easley, Howard Taft Easley, Louise Stevens Eason, James Marden Eaton, Robert Noyes Ebel, Ruth Joan Echenique, MaryAqnes Echeverria, Rachel M. Echols, James Alfred Economos, Theodore R. Eddings, Laranch Henry Eddy, Archibald D. Edelman, Sanford J. Edge, Archie Dolphus Edge, Forrest Eugene Edwards, Cecil Augustus Edwards, Francelle J. Edwards, Hugh Jay Edwards, Josephine J. Edwards, Robert Cutler Efros, Alan Eglinton, Barbara Jean Ehrhardt, Doris Jane Ehrhardt. Gordon Walter Etcher, Ted Joseph Elsensteln, Eugene Eisner, Burton Ekberg, Jack Valentin Elam, Richard Mace, Jr. Eldridge, Margaret G. Eleftherlon, Steven Elaisberg, Kenneth C. Eller, Harry H. Elliott, Barbara Joan Elliott, Torn George Ellis, George Russell Ellis, (Cecil) Hinton Ellis, John Henry Ellis, MillicentC. Ellis, Robert Harry Ellsworth, Donald Delos Ellsworth. Edmund W. Ellsworth, Harry Lynn Emme. Dee (Dorothea) Emmons, Charles L. Empante, Eugene Valdez Engelder, Louetta W. England, Kenneth Leon England, Sue Marie English, Jo Nell English, Mozelle Engram, Lloyd Charles Engstrom, Gus C. Enqstrom, Margaret E. Enloe, Mary Ann Enoch, Kenneth Evan Ensminger, John Ward Erlckson, Josephine S. Erickson, Lance Erlckson, Marjorle S. Erickson, Norma Jean Erickson, Paul E. Erlcson, Duane Herbert Ericson, Robert Ellis Escobedo, Albert Escobedo, Julio Espinoza, Dan Esqueda, Carlos Essmyer, Corinne M. Estrada, Ralph Gonzalez Etter, Donald Kent Etter, William R. Etz, Helen Green Eubank, eGorge Daniel Eubank, Vivian Ida Z. Evanoff, George N. Evans, Arthur Carter Evans, Bill Hoyt Evans, H. C. Evans, Raymond Loyd Everett, Irving Pinckney Evers, H. John Ewan, Billy D. Ewart, John Lloyd Ewlng, Burke M. Ezzo, Joseph B. FADNESS. Robert H. Fair, Forrest Fanchier Fair, Lester Falrchild, Georqe Welza Fairman, Arlie Glen Falkln, Robert Leonard Fallen, William Joseph Fancher, Don Allen Fanfarlllo, Pauline Fanning, Beverly Helen Farmer, LoveVeta Coleta Farmer, Mauvilene M. Farnsworth, Ross Nash Farr, LaMarr Farr, Milton Farrell, Alyce Grace Farrell, Glenn Michael Farrow, Hazel Farrow, William G. Fast, Clarabelle S. Fast, Dolores Anne Fatlca, Donald Michael Fatouros, William Peter Fattaleh, John Boyd Fauland, John Timothy Faulkner, Leroy Faust, Mary Sue Faust, Verne L. Favela, Joseph L. Faylor, Jay D. Feeney, LaVern Gentner Feicht, Arthur John, Jr. Feicht, Eugene Edward Felix. Alice Isabel Felix, Jesus Sesma Fellows, Rushia Glen Felten, Lester David, Jr. Felton, Elmer Forrest Ferguson, Dorothy N. Ferguson, Fred Ferguson, Glenn Ferguson, Luella Mae Ferguson. Pete Forrest Ferguson, Robert Arnold Ferrin, (Arden )Wayne Fiedler, Robert Gordon Fife. Dennis L. Finelli, Vincent Emil Finn, Cornelius Michael Flnney, Allene Lorena Firth, Alfred Miller Fischer, Robert Blume Fish, Mona Fisher, Beverly Alice Fisher, Fred Louis Fisher, Joseph Charles Fisher, Peter William Fisher, Ralph Austin, Jr. Fisher, Wallace Carleton Fiske, Elizabeth Ray Fitzgerald, Pauline R. Fitzgerald, William R. Fix, Jeremiah James Flake, Ace Vale Flake, Adela Pearce Flake, Dean Maeser Flake, Evelyn Flake, Rolf Merlin Fleming, Frances Fleming, Richard Jarvls Fleming, Robert Louis Fleming, William Paul Fletcher, Janet Fletcher, Jeannine Flick, Luther Claude Flint, Gladys Loree Flood, James Joseph Flores, Ernest Yutze Flores, Jose Juan Flores, Raymond J. Flores, Rudolph Lucio Flores, Teresa Marie Florreich, Edward L. Flower, William Preston Flynn, Frank J. Flynn, Frank K. Flynn, Joe Carlisle Fober, Frederick Carl Foehner, Benno, Jr. Foglesong, Robert D. Follmar, Robert Lee Folz, William Lawrence Fontana, William Ralph Foote, Lewis W. t Jr. Foote, Margery Price Forbes, Walter B. Force, Richard Charles Ford, Jack B. Ford, R ichard Thomas Forde, Wayne Arlo Forman, Leonard H. Forman, Llssant R. Forman, Robert Henry Fornara, Charles A. Forsberg, Herbert W. Foster, Barbara Joanne Foster, Jeratd Dean Foster, Lois May Fougner. Allan G. Fournier, Robert C. Foutz, Mary Lou Fowler, Daniel Edwin Fowler, James W. Fox, Merle Garton Fraizer. Bruce Norman Francis, Bonnie L. Francis, Dona Dhii Francis, Edward W. Franey, Victor Edward Frank, Veda B. Frank, Warren West Franks, Amy Joan Franquero, Frank E. Fraser, Frank E., Jr. Eraser, Grant C. Frazier, Ellsworth F. Frazier, Jesse James Freasier, Joe Charles Freeland, (Minnie) P. Freeman, Allen Wayne Freeman, Muriel M. Frerichs, Dorothy H. Frerichs, John W. Friday, Roy Renier Frink, Elton Dale Frisk. Marianne A. Fritsch, Bette Jean Fritz. Conrad Bruce Frost, Barbara Joan Frost, Charlotte Ann Frost, David Richmond Fruth, Dale Gene Fry, (Scotty) Noah S. Frye, Harry Edward Frye, Vomen L. Fugate. Truman Harold Fuller, Floyd Varner Fuller, Kenneth Joy Fuller, Lawrence A. Fuller, Naoma Fuller, Robert F. Fuller, Robert H. Funk, Raymond K. Furlong, Carl B. Furphy, Harry C. Futcher. Charles E. Futerer, Wilfrid K. GAARE. Dolores N. Gabaldon, Raul Gabrielson, Ernest H. Gabrielson, Rosamond C. Gage, Jimmie J. Gagnier, Yvonne M. Galbraith, William B. Gale, Charles C., Jr. Salindo, Anita N. Galinken, George B. Gallagher, James John Gallardo, Edward D. Gallegos, Joe G. Galusha, Sidney Henry Gamble, Robert Lee Gammage, Lucy E. Gammill, U. Hale Gandt. Richard L. Ganem, Fuad George Gann, George W. Gann, Walter Thomas Garbe, David Arthur Garchar, Paul James Garcia, Ernie Locero Garcia, Fred Olguin Garcia, James H. (Jim) Garner, Matthew S. Garrett, Joe Maurice Garrity, Wm. Pascal Gary, Jeanne E. Gast, John Antonio Gaston, Hugh Caldwell Gaston, Jack Thomas Gatlin, James A. Gatlin, Tommy Louis Gay, Kenneth Wayne Gay, Robert Avery Gay, WilKam F. Geare, Lawrence C. Geare, Thomas J. Gehres, Robert Lewis Gehres, William C. Geiler, Elnora K. Gelfand, Shirley Ruth Geiler, George Harry Gentry, Glenn Allen Gentry, Warren Miller George, Anthony J. George, Clay Edwin George, James Clark Gerbig, Frank Charles Gerrard, Dan J. Gerrard, Margaret E. Gertz, Sylvia Mae Getty, Dorothy LaVerne Getty, Marie Gherrity, Patrick F. Gibbons, Ernest T. Gibbons, George R. Gibbons, Paul A. Gibson, Franklin K. Gibson, Hugh Blake Gibson, Margaret J. Gibson, Raymond H. Giddmgs, Irene J. Gieieke, Earl Fred Gieseke, Helen Louise Gietz, Charlene Gilbert. Jerry Jane Gilbertsen, June Gilbertson. Barbara J. Gildehous, Earl A. Gillette, Mary E. Gilliland, Omer Clive Gilmore, Jack Conrad Giltinan, Thomas L. Gimmy, Richard Harry Giordan, Joseph B. Giordano. Albert G. Girsch, Esther Sara Gittus, Clayton W. Glass, Mary Jo Glasscock, G. Craig Glaze, Donald Lee Gleason, Lawrence G. Glenn, Sidney Albert Glenn, William Jones Glotzer, Harold S. Glover, Lee Roy Goar, H. Lionel Goddard, Jess Willard Godwin, Gerald Alan Goings, Georgina H. Goitia, Ralph Mayorga Gold. Harry S. Golden. Doris Ann Goldfarb. Joseph Gold-field, Max Goldm an, Wenston W. Gollonq, Gladys G. Gomez, Alfonso V. Gomez, Mike C. Good, Bill Joe Goodfellow, Robert D. Goodman, Earl " H. " , Jr. Goodman, Mary Lou Goodman, Rose Geneva Goodrich, Charles H. Goodson, Jerry James Goodwin, Neva Mafor Gorczyca, Leonard R. Gordon, James Hazen Gordon, Wilfred Gordon, William M. Gorsuch, Reynolds G. Gose, Fred Richard Gosselin, William R. Gottfried, Jean P. Gough, Richard Milton Gould, Norman Munster Gowey, James Ellis Gowey, Thomas H. Gracey, Gordon Gracey, Opal L. Graham, Alva H. Graham, Thomas Brent Graham. Zoe Ella Grammer, Gale Leonal Granier, Nancy Elaine Granieri, Joe Robert Granillo, Ruben Tellez Grantham, Gloria Anna Grasham, Olive Vivian Gray, Clarence Post Gray, Don Phoenix Gray, Franklin E. Gray, Jack A., Jr. Gray, Paul Raymond Greaves, Wm. Frank Green, Donald Earl Green, John Irwin Green, John Joseph Green. Katherine E. Greenawalt, Joseph J. Greene, Raymond B. Greene, Rosanna G. Greene, Stanley Greenfield, Mary B. Greenwade, Allan Greenwold, Robert M. Greer, Melvin C. Greer, Menlo Dare Gregan, Joan Gregersen, Richard L. Gregor, John Thomas Gregory, John Gay Grier, Joseph Crane Griffin, Evelyn Marie Griffith, Llewellyn S. Griffith, Wm. Harold Grimm, Theodore R. Griner, Erma Elberta CVipnin, Pat Irene Grissom, Nora A. Grlsson, Wm. Deppen Groh, Mary Emma Grover, Joel Sterling Groves, He ' en Dillon Groves, LaVern Robert Gruber, A r ham Grunenwald, Gretchen L. Grusendorf, Melvin C. ( " Vusky, Stanley Grutzmac er. Charles C. Grzanka, Franlc Joseph Gucker, Marv J. Guenther, Carl M. Guerra, Bennv F. Guerra, Manuel Fabian Guerra, Richard Arthur Guerrero, Dora Quesada Guerrero, Fernando J. Guliclc. Everett Paul Gullett, Richard Allen Gunville, John Keith Gupton, James Eugene Gurlca, Chester John Guthrle, Loren V. Guthrie, Mo ' v ' n G. Gutierrez, Amado A. Gutierrez, George A. Gutierrez, Pascual R. Guymon, Cnlleen Guynn, William R. Guzman, Gabriel HAAS, Trice Walter Haby, Noralea Haddad, Fdmon Haddock. Thomas T. Hadley, Kathennc J. Hadley, Patsy Ann Hager, John Lawrence Haggard, Roy Wesley Hagler, Sadie Lillian Haley, EdwfrH Joseph Hall, Carnell N.. Sr. Hall. Edna Everett Hall, Lois Marie Hall, Margy Lou Hall, Robert Alvah Hall, Robert Wayne Halle, Lee Jay Hallen, Sona L ee Haller, Darrell Earl Hallett, Melvin Eugene Halllclcson, Clayton E. Hallihan, Brad F. Hallman, Jack Hallman, Louis E., Jr. Halter Kenneth Allen Hamblen, Jeannine Hamblin, John Allan Hamel, Emlene Hamilton, Loretta Jane Hamilton, Marquita Hamilton, Robert E. Hamilton, Russell H. Hamm, Vivian Hamman, Floyd D. Hammer. Angela Hammer, Henry Everett Hammer, William C. Hammes, Lloyd M. Hammond, John Robert Hammons, Ruth Hammons, Sylvester G. Hammons, Theodore Hammontree, Wm. I. .Jr. Hancock, Hazel M. F. Hancock, Melvfn Kent Hand, Victor Raymond Handgis, Alexander L. Handgis. Nicholas Geo. Handgis, Socrates G. Hanger, Edward Omer Hanger, William R. Hankins, WilfordX. Hanlon, Harry Max Hanna. Mary Hannan, Lawrence R. Hanno, Jack Arthur Hannon, Paula Jane Hannon, Thomas James Hansel, John Howard Hansen, Benworth S. Hansen, Emily Joyce Hansen, G eorge Chris Hansen, Geo. Glasgow Hansen, John Thor Hansen, June Hanson, Robert W. Harbison, Norma Ruth Harcum, Dave Allen Hardaway. David A. Hardaway, John M. Hardison, Roger Bruce Hardy, Glenn M. Hardy, Madeline H. Hardyck, Curtis Dale Hargrave, Robert S. Hargraves, Ertlly R. Harkey. Jeanne Harklns, Charles Dir Harklns, Clifton Lee Harmon. Elaine M. Harmon, Jeanette Harmon, John Keith Harmon, Robert James Harmon, Virginia MIna Harper, James Russell Harrington, Dottie M. Harris, Betty Jane Harris, Betty Lou Harris, Bettye Jean Harris, C. Eugene Harris, Caroline P. Harris, Herman Phillip Harris, Joe Bill Harris, Murry Harris, Raymond D. Harris, Richard H. Harris, William R. Harrison, Doris Ames Harrison, Winfield G. Hart, Dick Lombard Hart, Jerry Robert Hart, Robt. Saunders Harter. -Geo. Walter Hartman, Wm. John Hartnett, John M. Harvey, James Harvey, James Robert Harvey, Wendell J. Hashbarger, James T. Hassett, Ralph E. Hatch, Bovd H. Hatch, Dahl Hatch, HalC. Hatch, Jo Ann Hatch, Larry G. Hatch, Ruth Gelsthorp Hatfleld. Lawrence H. Hathy, Francis Joseph Hatley, Joan Virginia Hatter, Betty Jane Hatter, Menzo E. Hatton, Dee Katherine Hauskins, Peter B. Hausman, Donald Irvin Hauth, Robert Richard Havlicek, Ann Louise Hawk, Glenn Martin Hawkins, Ronald L. Hawley, Errol R. Hawley, ' eon Eugene Haws, Allen B. Haws, Kenneth George Haws, Ross W. Hay, Harold Everette Haydukovich, Olaa Hayes. Wm. H., Jr. Hayman, Ruth Sllsby H. Haynes, Oene R. Haynes, Robert E. Haynos, Thomas A. Hays, Robert Guy Hazelton, Bob Lewis Hazen, Ravnnnd Arthur Hazen, Sarah Lee Head, Roby Heap, Norman Leo Heap, Parley Verl Heard, Mary Gene Hearne, Reed McLean Heath, Carl Okie Heavin, Barbara Jean Hedd ' eson. James J. Heffelfinqer, Wayne W. Heflinq, Loren Bryce Heftel, Cecil Landau Heileman, David Leo Heileman, John Phillip Heinz, Albert Harold Hellman, Wm. Christian Helm, P. Ralph, Jr. Helmer, Thelma G. Hemphill, Jeannette Hemphill, Ravmond M. Hemphill, Srnrley M. Henderson, Harold H. Henderson, Jeannette M. Henderson, Oscar L. Hendricks, Frank Carl Hendricks, James A. Hendricks. Robert V. Hendrix, Betty Jean Hennessey, Barbara Henninger. Oliver Lee Henry, John Albert Henry, Norma Jean Henyard, Rena Bell Hepp, Thomas Arthur Hepworth, Robert Lee Herman, Justin Dowell Hermann, Eleanor May Hermann, Stratton J. Hernandez, David C. Herold, Edward Francis Herold, George Andrew Herrick, Gal Clltheroe Herrscher, Emlle Harry Hersey, Elinor G. Hess. Genevieve K. Hess. Karl Wollman Hetherinaton, Chas. W. Heward, Ronnie V. Hewette, Clyde R. Hewette, Mary B. Heyser, Richard Charles Hevwood, Alfred Le!and Heywood, Keith Vinlng Heywood, Margaret Hevwood, Nell Hibbs, Howard Lee Hickcox, Mary Elizabeth Hlckernell, Frederick Hicks, Gerald Kerner Hiqcjms, Madelynne D. Higgs, Jay Darnell Hight, Henry Boynton Hightower, John Kenneth Hildebrand, Ben F. Hildreth, Donald L. Hilflnger, Cordelia J. Hill, Alice Gertrude Hill, Barbara Louise Hill. B b Lee Hill, John Arnold Hill. Jon Kent Hill. L D. Hill, Myles Eugene Hill. Quinzy Hill, Richard Harold Hill, Walter Llovd Hill, Walter William Hilts, Roy George Hinkle, Ruth Marie Hinkle, Warren L. Hinton, Max Baker Hinton, Phyllis Jean Hintze, Siegfried A. Hird, Thomas F. Hirshberq, Jerry Hixson, Raymond L. Hlavaty, George W. Hobaica, Fred Joseph Hobby, Mcleod Dean Hocker, Sally Ann Hodges. Bonnie Moon Hodges, Marilyn Anne Hodges, Patrick Kllleen Hodges, Robert Hugh Hodgkins, Chas. Wyllard Hodson, Harold Lloyd Hoeffel, Aloyslus J. Hoff, Norman Henry Hoffer, Thomas William Hoffman, Irwin Hogan, John Bernard Hoge, Andrew Erwin Hogle, Bertie Florece Hoqlund, Marilvn Mae Hogue, Joseph Franklin Holbrook, Marilyn P. Holcomb, Don Reginald Holcomb, Foy Lee Holcomb, Phyllis Kerr Holdeman, Nelson D. Holder, Ray K.. Jr. Holland, Barbara Lee Holland, Jerry Dee Holloway, Frank Buck Holloway, Mary Jane Holly, Beulah Mae Holm, Raymond Lauri Holmes, David T. Holroyd, Don D. Holston, Wm. Myers Holt, Nathan Holt, Perry Duane Holt, William Richard Holtsnider, Geo. T. Homan, Howard Edwin Homewood, Frederick H. Hood, James J. Hooper, Charles W. Hoover, Donald Valdemer Hoover, Virgil Dean Hopkins, Charles W. Hopper, Carolyn R. Hopper, Wayne Nugent Hornbaker. Darwin R. Home, Bettye Jo Homer, Richard W. Horwitz, Bernard Houser, Robert Neal Houston, Francis Nell Houston, Lillian L. H. Howard, Frank Albert Howe, Carl William Howell, Marjorie Lee Hubele, Hal Chase Huber, Rita Mae Huber. Talmaqe John Hudson, Frank Alden Hudspeth, Donnle Jean Huey, Carolyn Jean Huey, Kenneth Howard Huff, Jack F. Huff, Theodore James Hugqins. Johnnie M. Hugh, Roy D. Hughes, Betty Lou Hughes, Ed W. Hughes, Edna Pearl Hughes, John Kelley Hughes, John Wall, Jr. Hughes, Richard Leroy Hugoboom, Cliff Bruce Huish Leo Rae Huish, Mariana Huish. Willard K. Hulse, Phyllis Louise Hulse, Theresa J. Humphrey, Alice Davey Humphrey. Gavin C. Hunsaker, Frances E. Hunt, Don LaMarr Hunt. Salles Bracken Hunter, Alison Brown Hunter. Jane Ellen I ' unter, Willard Smith Hunzicker, Wayne T. Hurley, Fred R. Hurley, June Louise Husk, Arley Eugene Husk, Vernon L Ie Husk, Vlrqinia Corinne Huston, Irma E. Hutsell, Jean Clair Hutson, Mar[orle Helen Hutt. Betty Nettie Hyett, DorothyLeaD. IANI. Luigi (Lou) aquinto, Shirley L. ce, Ronald Eugene eronimo, Joseph N. mboden, Glen Everett ngalls, Everett David nqram, William Gerald nsley, Gerald Sloane nsley. Russell Edward rion, Arleen C. rv:n. Montie Paul rvinq, Ernest George saacson, Carl Milton serson, Richard Lee sley. William Allen verson, Clarence John vy, Andrew Jackson wakirf, Momo zard, John Raymond JACKMAN, Roscoe L. Jackson, Betty Lou Jackson, Claudine Jackson, David Malcolm Jackson. Harold S. Jackson, Milton Turner Jackson, Norma Jackson, Tom E. Jackson, Wilford R. Jacobi, Donald R. Jacobs. Forrest A. Jacobs, George Eric Jacobs. John Deloss Jacquet. Katherine M. Jaeger, Al Marvin Jaeger, Robert C. Jaimes, Rudolph Jakowczyk, Edward C. James, Barbara Ann James, Shirley J. Jamison, Sara Moyne Janke. Fred Charles Jankunis, Cdith Frances Janousek, Jack L. Janssen, Curtis Warren Janssen, Dorothy Jean Jarvis, Joseph Boyer Jasso, Telesforo A. Jenefsky, Chas. B. Jenkins. Jack Jav Jenninqs, John M. Jennings, Josephine M. Jenninqs, Paul H. Jensen, John Stanley Jentoft, Amy Louise Jepsen, Erma Jepsen, Roger William Jessee, Donald Rush Jewell, Charles B. Jiminez, Carlos Silvas Jofar, Joseph Kimble Johantgen, John Stephen John, Neil Johnson, Anthony lv!ns Johnson, Anton William Johnson, Benjamin Dean Johnson, Bessie Johnson, Beverley Jean Johnson, Charles Ashley Johnson, Charles W. Johnson, Ernest R. Johnson, Evelyn Joyce Johnson, Georqe Harry Johnson, Grant W. Johnson, Harold Johnson, James C. Johnson, Joan J. Johnson, Neva Belle Johnson, Ralph Edwin Johnson, Raymond G. Johnson, Rheata P. Johnson, Richard E. Johnson, Robert C. Johnson, Robert R. Johnson, Rogers W. Johnson, Samuel Mayes Johnson, Stanley W. Johnson, Theodore F. Johnson, Veora Erma Johnson, Virginia L. Johnson, William E. Johnson, William H. Johnson, William J. Johnson, Zeno M. Johnston. Earl Cedric Johnston, Leslie Lavar Jones, Albert W. Jones, Alice Marie Jones, Allen Kenneth Jones, Claire Paul Jones, Cyrus Grant Jones, David Paul Jones, Eliz. Bevan Jones, Hattie Ellen Jones, (Agnes) Helen Jones, James Donald Jones, LaVar Allred Jones, Loyal H. Jones, Marvin LeRoy Jones. Norma Louise Jones. Robert Gregory Jones. Ruthie Hortense Jones, Shirley Ann Jones, Sylvester W. Jones, ThanettTapp Joplin, Wilber Thomas Jordan. Betye Jeane Jordan, Eugenia Stoney Jordan, Gwendolyn Jordan, Helen Marie Jordan, Mary Newell Jordan, Thomas, Jr. Jorgensen, Gayle Marie Jorgensen, Harry Ross Joy, Samuel Christy Judd, Duane H. Judd, Harold Alfred Judd, Zedic J. Jurasevich, Mitchell Jurgemeyer, Glenn E. Jurkovic, John Robert KACHNIC. Joseph E. Kalaf, Fred Paul Kamp, William Joseph Kamoer, Moshelle Carol Kandare, Edward John Kane, Emma May Kapp, Jack L. Karampelas, Tony " N. " Karcz, Ruth S. Kariotis, Katherine C. Karsznia, Leonard H. Kartchner, Marcine Kasenberg, Laura Hart Kasenberg, Ralph W. Kasper, Verne William Katell, Selma Jean Kato, Kenichi Katsenes, John Thomas Katzner, Kenneth Kaufmann, John Kay, Thomas Edward Keagan, Edmund F. Keagan, James Henry Kearns, John Robert Keck, Robert Ryger Kee, Helen Nell Keegan, James Earnest Keegan, William E., Jr. Keeney, Veronica Mary Keith, Caryl Jean Keller, Donald E. Keller, Nancy Margaret Kelley. Bill Jack Kelley. Monte Russell Kelley, Robert Lee Kellis, Mary Jennings Kellis. Robert B. Kellogg, Nancy Louise Kelly, Hugh Patrick Kelly, Mary Francesca Kelly. Mitchell Myers Keltner, Barbara Lea Kemp, William Norman Kempton, Janyce Kempton, Leola Kempton, Wayne Dana Kendall, Betty Jp Kendall, John Dean Kendall, June Simmons Kendrick, Eloise Kendrick, Phil Kennedy, Lawrence C. Kennedy, Paul Smith Kennedy, Wm. Harvey Kenney, Donald Ellis Kentera, Lawrence Kris Kentera. Marie K. Kenworthy, Richard W. Kerr, Louise Ketcham, Jules Lewis Ketchum, Don W. Ketchum, Patsy Ruth Kettering, Suzanne D. Key, Dolores Jeanne Keyes, Harmon Edward Keze ' e Joseph Matthew Kidd, Thomas Perry Kieft, Donn A. Kiehler, Floranne Kiel, Edward Vernon Kielbowski, Edward J. Kieres. Richard Daniel Kilkenny, Joan Dolores Killian, Gay Killouqh, Patsy Lou Kilpatrick, Caroline M. Kilpatrick, Donald H. Kilpatrick, Florence L. Kimble, Margaret C. Kimmell, Robert Morris King, Beverly Ann King, Jackie Joy King, Lewis Elvis Kingsland, Diane Lee Kinloch, Phvllis M. Kinnear, Miriam LaVerne Kinnebrew. John Ken Kinney, Malcolm Wayne Kinsey. James J. Kinsky, Albert Stephen Kirby, Luke Anton Kirk, Ester Eunice Kirk, Jinnett Barnes Kirl-ham, Yvonne Kirkland, James M. Kirkpatrick, Patricia A. Kirkpatrick, Wayne A. Kirley, John Charles Kivley, M. Caroline Klass, Max Martin Kleck, Rodney D. Klein, Lois C. Klein, Marilyn S. Kleinman, Harold Dean Kleinman, Lawrence R. Kleifoth, Jerrine Ann Kline, Ted Gerald Kluck, Robert Louis Klump, Doris Oma Knight, Humphrey D. Knopp, Eugene F. Knowles, Wm. Northern Knox, Joan Louise Knox. LeRoy Thomas Knox, Wm. Raven Knuffke, Floyd A. Knuffke, Ray Michael Kocsis, John Kohlberq, Charles W. Larsen, Leneen M. A. Koldoff, Clarence G. Larsen, Robert Grant Komadina, Frank J. Larson, Marsden A. Komadina, Tony, Jr. Larson, Norma Koorv, Gloria Barbara Larson, Roy Surell Kopchak, John, Jr. Larson, Sven Koperek, Richard C. Laskowsky, Mary Rose Korinek, G. Joan Laubach, HarryJunior Kortan. Melvin J. Lauer, Charles Dalton Kortsen, Robert Andres Lauer, Franns Arthur Korup, Otto Lauerman, Paul William Kosln, Joyce Elaine Laughlin, Arthur John Koski, Wilbert Martin Lauqhlin, Dale Herman Kostopoulos, Theodora Lauqhlin, William L. Krai, Charles Lauler, Stuart Russell Kramer, Albert Law, Richard Robert Krasno, Benny Lawhon, Robert Glenn Krause, Fred W., Jr. Lawrence, Curby Henry Kress, Robert John Lawrence, Flora Potter Kreutzer, Jerome A. Lawrence, Thurl Vaughn Kreyer, Robert Cotton Laws, Alma Dell Kromka, Thomas Joseph Lawton, Jean Elizabeth Krueger, George Otto Laybe, Patricia K. Kruszynski, Eugene S. Laybe. Vincent Krynicki, Ronald D. Layden, Donald R. Krznarich, John N. Layton, Delsa M. S. Kuntz, John Walter Leabo, Clarence J. Kurtz, Donald A. Leach, Leonard Earl Kurtz, Joseph C. Leaders, David Lynn Kusek, Lillian Anne Leal, Steve Rivas Kwan. Jeanne Tsung Hsln LeBas, Maurice Alden Kwiatkowskl, Laddimer W. LoBeou, Maurice Wilfred Lederman, Lawrence M. LA BASS, Edward L Lee, George Robert Labinsky, Helen Estetla Lee, Milllan Lacki. Janet Mary Lee, Robert Edward Ladas, Louis LeGere, Everett W. Laitem, Thomas C. Legg, Wayne Elmer Lama, Charles G, Lehnert, Emery Carl Lama, Lois Elizabeth Lemon, Paul James Lamb, Robert William Lennon, Robert Hart Lamparter, Robert M. 1 eon, Victor Lahar, Raymond Theodore Leonard, Allen Charles Lagerquist, Margaret L. Leonard, Barbara Faye Lampropulos, Nicholas G. Lessard, Wm. Donald Lampus, Carl Lester, Shirley Edith Landis, Bill B. Letson, Eugene Edward Lando, Gerald Wayne Levendoski, John S. Landy, Betty L. Leverant, Barry Landy, Don Levi, Robert Duane Landy, Paul Cecil Levin, Alvin Herbert Lane, Elva J. Levine, Eugene Lane, Geraldine A. Lewis, Dwight Paul Lane, Robert Ernest Lewis, Gene Dale Lane, W. Robert Lewis, James H. Lang, William L. Lewis, John Cecil Lanqdon, Roy Monroe Lewis, Stewart Victor Langham, Thomas F. Lewis, Verdell Clark Langston, Ellen Marie Lewis, Vergil Henry Langworthy, Donald W. Leyba, Ernest Thomas Lansing, Mary P. Leydecker, Arthur Lanter, Frankie Jo Liebenow, Grace Susan Lapedos, Enid Light, Arthur Edmund La Polia, Alfred Lindberg, Geo. D. Large, John W., Jr. Llndley, Geo. Maxwell Largent, Merrill Eugene Lindow, Frances Cormier Larman, Kenneth Lee Lindow, Raymond A. Larman, Vonda Joleta Lindsey, Dorothy Dean Larsen, Dwayne Earl Lines, Maxlne Villa P. Ling, William Lingerfelt, Ralph Lipow, Edna Feme Lisonbee, Galen A. Lisonbee, Jearl W. Lisonbee, Thyrl Renae Litchfield, Lewis A. Little, Kenneth Gordon Lively, James Philip Livermore, Paul Edward Livinqs.ton, Fred Elma Lloyd, James Warren Lloyd, Robert W. Lobrovlch, Eva May Lockard, Richard Earl Lockhart, Roger Alan Lodewyk, David Taylor Lofgreen, Joseph Neils Logan, Elwood Logsdon, William O. Lomeli, Luis Long, Edwin Long, James B. Longenbauqh, Laura Lee Longseth, Martin Wayne Loper, James Leaders Lopez, Salvador R. Lorona, Robert Padilla Lossinq, Bernard E. Lott, James Edward L ove, Curry M. Love, Rachel Ann Lovelace, Sarah F. Lovett, Oliver Jess Lowe, August Paul Lowe, Charles N. Lowe, Velma Mae Lowman, Alfred Scott Lowman, Mary Elizabeth Lowrie, Robert Davis Lowry, Malcolm Gray Lowry. Robert N. Loy, Richard Anson Loy, Robert Graves Loy, Sherman Adelbert Lucier, Bonnie Lucier, Daniel D. Lucier, Jeannlne Luckle, Jacqueline Lee Lucus, Donovon G. Ludwig, Barbara Jane Luettlch, John Kleckner Lugo, John Rene Luke, Edwin L. Lund, Melvin Lee Lundeen, Robert G. Lundy, Cynthia Anne Lundy, John (Jack) E. Lunt, Barbara Ellen Lunt, Walter Randall Lusher, Annie Sarah Lusher, Lyle L. Luster, Thomas (Tom) E. Lutap, Antero Navarro Lynch, Therese Anne Lyon, Edgar P. Lyons, Albert Harvey Lyons, Melvin Archie MCALLISTER, Anna M. McBrlde, Dean Herbert McCabe, Gerard Francis McCafferty, Helen Mary McCaleb, John Dave McCall, Margaret Ruth McCanlies, Virginia H. L. McCartan, Robert Orlck McCarthy, John Roland McCaverty, Raymond J. McCaw, Geraldine McClellan, Roy A. McClelland, Ross H. McClendon, Bob Theo McCleve, Kenneth W. McCleve, Richard Dean McClure, Frederick Scott McClure, Virginia Anne McCombs, Mary D. McCombs, Yuvonne McConahay, David A. McCord, Thomas Bartlett McCormick, Barbara Jean McCoy, Jerry Hardy McCubbln, Betty Mead McCullah.Truett G. McCullar, Ernest McCullough, Harris R. McCurdy, Cecil Martin McCusker, John Alex McDermond, Maryedith McDevitt, Thos. James McDonald, Howard Leslie McDonald, Jack B. McDonald, M. Ernestine McDonald, Norma Alyce McEuen, Floyd McEuen, Vearl Kent McFadden, Edward Burl McFate, Joanne Louise McFate, Sharley L. McGann, John W. McGee, George Harvey McGee, Harold Eugene McGehee, Dorothy Mae McGregor, Doris K. McGregor, Robt. Johnson McGuire, Ida McGuire, Imogene McGuire, Martha Ann McGuire, Vaughn Smith McHenry, MaryAnne Mclndoo, Donald E. Mclntosh, Kathleen A. McKay, James Allen McKay, L.Jacqueline McKay, Malcolm C. McKelvey, Robert Dean McKelvie, Lowell McKenna, Thomas M. McKInney, Duane H. McKinney, Robert M. McKinney, Wm. Garland McKinster, Reba Gene McLaughlin, Oren Ellis McLaws, Charles P. McLure, Herbert J. McMahan, Clinton Owen McMillan, Douglas B. McMIIIon, Novella P. McMinn, Matthew V. McMorrls, Wm. Bruce McNabb, Jack Stephens McNair, Donald Eugene McNulty, Donald F. McPhee, Jack C. McPherson, Zeb Vance McSpadden, William R. McVety, Gene R. Maarslngh, Wallace E. Mabrey, Richard Lee Macdonaid Wayne L. MacDougall, Richard R. Macek, Maximilian Machell, Cora Lee Machen, Johnny C. Macintosh, James C. Mack, Carol Jean Mack, Evelyn Stella Mack, Gertrude L. Mackey, Carl Edward Macon, Charles Ray Maddy, Jack Albert Mahan, William F. Mahoney, William G. Mahoney, William James Maker, Jenna Vee Maldonado, Deluvlna Maley, Arthur Francis Mallon, Elbert George Mancer, Richard Boles Mangino, Paul Angelo Manglno, Wm. James Manley, Lois Lorraine Mannheimer, Morris, Jr. Manning, Joyce Ellis Manning, Robert E. Manning, Thomas P. Manos, Steve, Jr. Maples, Beverly Ann Marble, Kathleen Marichalar, Iris Norma Marino, Raymond L. Marlscal, George Mariscal, Rudolph Markham, Fred Dale Marklchevich, Mark S. Marklahd, Cecil Joseph Marks, Charles Sam Marquardt. Wm. H. Marquez, Arthur G. Marquez, Tony Perez Marrs, Robert LaVern Marseglia, Vincent Marsey, Donald Louis Marsh, Stanley R. Marshall, Charles E. Marshall, Hugh Marshall, Jo Ann Marshall, John W. Marshall, Kenneth L. Marshall, Pa uline D. Marshall, Peter " B., " Jr. Marshall, Thomas Wayne Martens, Stuart Wayne Martin, Betty Jean Martin, Clyda Jean S. Martin, Donald Mercer Martin, Eleanor Louise Martin, Glennice Gene Martin, May Martin, Wealthy B. Martin, Wm. Braidwood Martin, William E. Martin, William Otto Martin, Wm. Thomas Martini, William K. Martino, Don Marton, Larry B. Maryan, Harry R. Mason, Kenneth E. Mason, Mary Beth Mason, Paul Eugene Mason, Richard K. Mason, Roy Jay Masselink, Christopher Massetto, Donald E. Massle, Sara Jane Mast, J. Russell Mastaler, Rudolf Masterman, Rodney C. Masters, Glenn Harold Mates, Donald Arthur Mathews, Louis Dow Mathls, John Vernon Matlock, Lester Wayne Matteson, Thomas P. Matthews, Joseph V. Mattox, Barbara Kent Matz, Jack Mauney, Genlce V. Maxwell, Charles Mac Maxwell, Edward Joh May, Harry Goodrich Mayberry, Keith Eugene Mayer, Donald James Mayne, Ralph Robert Maynes, J. Oscar Mayo, John Henry Mays, James Major Mazey, Leo Robert Mazurek, Edward F. Meador, W. J. B. Meadows, Luther Dean Mecham, Evan Medigovich, David G. Medlyn, Robert Norman Meeker, Elane Ellen Meeker, Jack Mehrtens, Harry K. Meinke, Geraldine E. Melead, James Joseph Mellema, Charlotte M. Melles, H. Antoinette Melnyk, Joseph Melton, Thomas Irvin Melvin, Wm. Edward Mendola, Frank A. Mendoza, Sally Meneely, Duwayne L. Mensendick, Lucile M. Mentzel, Paul J., Jr. Mercado, Gertrude E. Mercer, Donald Jay Mercer, Marilyn Mae Mergerson, Pearl Ola Merrell, Loren Vaughn Merrill, Frank Jackson Merrill, Orlando Edison Merrill, Robert C. Merritt, Claribel M. Merritt, Grace C. Merritt, Pauline E. Mertens, Paul William Metcalf, Joseph O. Metzger, James Henry Metzler, Myrna Mae Meyer, Norman David Meyers, Roderick K. Meyers, Veldonna V. Meyers, Wilda Ruth Mihelic, Louis Milardovich, Joseph J. Milhon, Elmer Ralph Millener, William S. Miller, Antoinette I. Miller, Barbara Jean Miller, Bob Vernon Miller, Donald R. Miller, Duane Keith Miller, Elmond Edmond Miller, Espen Norwood Miller, Floyd Hayden Miller, Harold Miller, Helen V. Miller, Ivan VanBuren Miller, Jack Bennett Miller, Jean Hamilton Miller, Jimmy D. Miller, Joan Miller, Katherine R. Miller, Marjorie Nell Miller, Melvin J. Miller, Myron F. Miller, Orville W. Miller, Phyllis Joan Miller, Richard Lloyd Miller, Robert Wayne Miller. Ronald D. Miller, Wilma Leah Millett, Claire Artimus Millett, Earl B. Mincks, Charles E., Jr. Mincks, Earl Raymond Minitre, Juanita Mink, Marjorie G. Minke, Karl Alfred Minucci, Helen Mary Minucci, Mary Emma Miskovich, Mildred G. Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Donald B. Mitchell, Edward B. Mitchell, Frank Luke Mitchell, Gordon E. Mitchell, Harley M. Mitchell, Harry Earl Mitchell, Helen Mitchell, Imogene Sue Mitchell, Maurice Mitchell, Nannette L. Mitchell, Norman Allen Mitchell, Patricia J. Mitchell, Paul Moralee Mitchell, Robert Fiero Mitchell, Robert V. Mitchell, (Tim] R. L. Mitchell, Scott B. L. Mittler, Helen Jean Mittler, Herbert John Mock, Virginia Mae Modesitt, Phillip E. Moeur, Mary Flo Moeur, Sid C. Moffat, Helen Moore Moffett, Gene Darrell Moffitt, Thomas W. Moir, Jack Carrow Monette, Nancy Lee Montanez, Gilbert V. Montelongo, Elizabeth Montgomery, Erwin Bert Montgomery, James C. Montierth, Jerry L. Montoya, Carrie Montoya, Isaac J. Moody, Mark Mooney. James Earl Mooney, James Edward Moore, Albert L., Jr. Moore, Bill Gregory Moore, Clarence E. Moore, Elmer Moore, Frank Marshall Moore, Frankie Louise Moore, Harriet Ruth Moore, Howard Vernon Moore, Jack (John) Hoy Moore, Thomas E. Moore, Thomas Joseph Morales, Francisco R. Morales, Wilbur Morency, Herbert Elder Moreno, Albert Morgan, Ralph R. Morgan, Ray Edward Moritsky, Albert Morley, Robert Morningstar, Albert J. Morrell, George Wallace Morrey, Georgianna M. Morris, Betty Alice Morris, Juanita Morris, Gordon Morris, Lucille Morris, Mary Juanita Morris, William John Morrison, Duane Lee Morrison, John Foch Morrison, Sylvia Vera Morse, Wallace P. Mortimer, Evelyn J. Morton, Donald Eugene Moser, Herbert Charles Moser, Marjorie Mae Moses, Howard W. Mothershed, Cody Allen Moton, Theodore Motteshard, Fred S. Mount, Bill! Dee Mountain, Martha DeM. Mrgudich, Richard F. Mroz, Louis Casmer Mueller , William E. Mullan, Edward P. Mullane, Paul F. Muller, Babetta Jo Muller, Fred Loh Muller, James Emil Mullins, Henry D. Mullins, William B. Mumaw, Furl Williams Muncy, Gayle A. Munday, David Lincoln Munday, Norris Yates Munk, John Jacob Munoz, Jose S., Jr. Murchison, Ollie D. Murin, Joseph Daniel Murphey, James F. R. Murphy, Gertrude I. Murphy, Roy W., Jr. Murphy, W. Dean Murray, Arthur Robert Murray, Oren L., Jr. Murrell, Hadley Cecil Murrell, Mabel Celia Muzzy, Thomas Nelson Myers, Allen Thurmond Myers, Arlyn Duane Myers, Clarence W. Myers, Flossie M. Myers, Glen Richard Myers, Harmon Lewis Myers, John McLellan Myers. Paul D., Jr. NABORS, Frances R. Nabors, Jasper L. Nachenberg, Sammy Naegle, Antonie Rowe Nafziger, Wayne Edison Nahler, Harold Martin Napora, Frank Stephen Nardelli, Robert R. Nash, Alfred Nau, John Roy Navarete, Pete A. Naylor, Doris Marie Neal, lona E. Neal, Page Albert Neal, Patricia Ann Nedd, Eva Mae Neeb, L. S. Neeb, Ravma-Lew N eely, Robert Ellis Neher. Julia M. Neithercutt, Billee W. Nelson, Burton W. Nelson, (Cleo) Joyce Nelson, David Virgil Nelson, Harold William Nelson, Mattie Cooper Nelson, Paul Eugene Nelson, Peter Con Nelson, Ruth H. Nelson, Shirley Ann Nelson, Swart Harris Nelssen, Betty Marie Nenes, Doris Walton Nenes, Francis George Nestor, Francis Paul Nettz, Dan Bruce Neubrand, William G. Newhall, Phyllis Ann Newell, John Earl Newell, Mary Lou Newman, Albert Ca;l Newman, James AKred Newman, Joe Dell Newman, Thomas Jack Newsom, Barrett Newsom, Raymond A. Neyman, Robert Del Nichols, Alfred Lloyd Nichols, Neldon Edgar Nickels, Jerry D. Nicolet. Norman A. Nicolls, Lyman M. Niday, Charles Verne Nielsen, Don R. Nieman, Paul Charles Nimmo, George Alex Nimmons, James W. Nix, Mary Lou Noble, Eula Faye Noble, Violet Adkins Noble, Walter J. Nochta, Robert Noffz, John Otto Noqa, Helen Jean Nohra, John Joseph Nolan, Eleanore Noriega, Frank G. Norman, John Wesley Norr, Maxine Norris, Harry Lee Norris, Norma Jean Norris, Robert Floyd Norris, Terry Palmer North, Herbert Morse Nortman, Richard P. Norton, Richard R. Norton, Theresa Rose Nossek, George Joseph Notaro, Anthony Joseph Nottingham, Belva Jean Mottle, Robert James Novak, Robert Earney Novick, David John Novoqrodsky, William Nowell. Nancy Claire Nye, Montford M. Nyhan, John Clement Nyhus, Veon Duane O ' BRIEN, Bradford M. O ' Brien, Gwendolynne A. O ' Brien, Jerry Francis O ' Brien, Joseph Francis O ' Brien, Walter P. O ' Connell, William P. O ' Connor, Gerald B. O ' Dell, LaVon Clyde O ' Dell, Melvin Douglas Odum. Bettye Eleanor O ' Haco, Dolly Mary Olachea, Charles Oldenburg, Alfred V., Jr. Olivas, Ezequiel L. Olivas, Mardy Lopez Oliver, Wade Thomas Ollerton, Pat Denney Ollerton, Paul Albert Olmstead, Cameron Bie Olson, Arnold Olson, Donovan Lee Olson, Elmer John Olson, Helen Marie Olson. Robert Burton Olson, Warren Gerald Olsson, Fred J. O ' Malley, John Malachy O ' Neal, John F. O ' Neill, Jacqueline A. O ' Neill, John Michael Ong, Arnold Oprendek, Ann Lee Orfe, Norma Dolores Ornelas, Edward S. Orth, Fred James Ort ' z, Richard B. Orum, Winfred Hill Osborn, Dorothy Mae Osborn, Jesse Edward Osborn, Robert Norman Osborne, Bruce Harold Osterberq, Kenneth J. Oviedo, William Owen, Bruce David Owens. Dorothy Moleta Owens, Melvin L. Owens, Ross A. PACKARD, David C. Packard, Lawrence H. Packnett, Don S. Padelford, Priscilla L. Pagano, Anthony V. Page, Patsy Faye Page, William R. Painter, Alfred C. Painter. Betty Elyse Palm, Clifford Albert Palmer, Acil Palmer, Angeline E. Palmer, Donald Davis Palmer, Edgar Leland Palmer, Stanley John Palmer. William Berry Palumbo, Joseph A. Pannkoke, Doris Louise Papin, Joseph F., Jr. Pappas, Harry Parish, Byrl Albert Parker, Betty Harbison Parker. Daniel Duane Parker. Jack B. Parker, Lewis Knight Parkinson, Jack T. Parks, Billy Harris Parks, Jack Parra, Gloria Leoda Parrish, Earl Dwain Parry, .Keith Russell Parsons, Vernon F. Pascoe, Frank Rollins Pate, Alma Jacob Patrone, Dominic F. Patten, JoAnn Patterson, Charles A. Patterson, Don Robert Patterson, Inez Patterson, Ira Johnie Patterson, James David Patterson, Joanne E. Patterson, John Harris Patterson, Roger S. Patterson, Violet L. Pattison, Daryl Cletus Pattison, Jack Blaine Pattison, Kenneth Lee Pattison, Virginia Patton, Joseph S. Patton, Millie Burch Paul, John T., Jr. Paul, Mary Lee Paul, William Joseph Paulsell, Leona May Paup, Rollin Todd Payan, Robert Verdugo Payne, Beth Payne, Joseph C. Payne, June Patricia Payne, Merrie Lee Payne, Nevin B. Payton, Hazel C. Peabody, Stanley J. Pearce, Haakon Phillip Pearce, Melvin Jay Pearl, Harold Richard Pearson, Benjamin C. Pearson, John Perry Pearson, Marva Jean Pearson, Paul Edward Pearson, Ralph G. Pearson, Selma Lucille Pearson, Victor R. Pease, Jess Alvin Peck, George B. Peck, Marjorie Ann Peckovich, Delcie Dana Peckovich. Ralph Dan Peden, Bob Reed Pedrick, Ben Burns Pedrick, Lee D. Peel, LeRoy Franklin Pelland. Martin M. Pelletier, Harold W. Pena, Raymond Gomez Pendergast, Thomas E. Pendleton, John Warren Penegor, Joan M. Penfold, M. Dennis Penn, Charles D. Penrod, Charlene E. Penrod, Lorraine Percy, Jean Percy, Oscar Latimer Percy, Raymond V., Jr. Perea. Amelia Madelin Perez, David Henry Perkes, Rolan A. Perkins, Bruce Lionel Perkins, Duane A. Perkins, Loree Perkins, Margaret Jean Perkins, Roy Lawrence Permetti, Walter G. Perrino, Philip D., Jr. Perry, Charles Eugene Perry, Robert Meyers Peters, Jack Newell Peters, James William Petersen, Arnold L. Petersen, Jack Petersen, Ray Peter Peterson, Archie R. Peterson, Don Gayl Peterson, Emory Leroy Peterson, Howard W. Peterson, Maurice K. Peterson, Orville M. Peterson, Philip John Peterson, Vernon Holden Peterson, Wayne M. Petica, Nockolas, Jr. Petris, Paul Anthony Pettigrew, Grover C. Pettis.Wendell Wells Pettus, David Petz, Lawrence Dean Peven, Harry Martin Pew, Eleanor Gay Pew, Helen Marie Pew, L. Glen Pew, Reesa Nadine Pfulb, Kenneth Leo Phelps, Richard Philabaum, Richard H. Phillips, Alline Bethea Phillips, Don E. Phillips, Donald James Phillips. Franklin Allen Phillips, James Stephen Phillips, John Charles Phillips, John Henry Phillips, Leo Augustus Phillips, Lovey L. Phillips, Mary Phillips, Oliver W., Jr. Phillips, Thomas V. Phillips, William W. Philp, Larry Alfred Phippen, Richard F. Phippeny, Charles Lee Picerno, Francis Xavier Pickens, Ernest Richard Pickens, William Bruce Pickett, Harry Eldon Pickett, Herbert Ricks Pickrell, John Wilson Pieper, Patricia Ann Pierce, William W. Pierson, Eugene Leland Pierson, Fay Lemley Piqg, Joseph Wood Pina, Frank Pinckert, Edward Otto Pingitore. Michael John Pinnell, Charles A. Pinney, Grant Chris Pistor, Arthur Loomis Pitrat, Claude Herbert Pitrat, Phillip E. Pixler, Milton W. Planeta, Ray Platt, Richard Delbert Plavan, Darleen Louise Pleli, Frank F. Pletke, Leon Ray Plott, Julian LaMoine Plumb, Alonzo Alfred Plummer, Madeline M. Plummer. Zella Mae E. Poaqe, Larry Robert Podlich, William F. Pollard, George Arthur Polley, Arthur Marvin Polley, Helen Owen Pollock, Charles Edwin Poison. Jean Evelyn Pomeroy. Bill C. Pomeroy, Claude H. Pomeroy, Francis Rollie Poole, Grady Poole, Jerry David Pope, Cecil Leroy Porch, Charles Hartwell Porter, Harold Wayne Potter, Charles W. Pound, John M., Jr. Pouppirt, Irene Ruth Powell, Allegra Louise Powell, Arthur Dee Powell, Carrol Lee Powell, Eva Ketorah Powers, Billie Frank Poyner, Norma Marie Prator. Ronald Pratt, Glenna Pratt, Gloria Rowena Pratt, Ira Pratt, Roney Oliver Premeau, Donald Clifton Prenovost, Mary Lou Y. Present, Robert Tucker Pribbenow, Richard Paul Price, Ida Rose Price, Lester B., Jr. Price, Lillian Frances Price, Luther A. Pride, Jennie Lee Prince, Albert Leroy Prince, John Emerson Pritchard, David N. Porut, Norma Lee Provitola, Armando J. Pruischuetz, Hildegard Pryor, Philip Henry Pszczola, Lorraine Ann Puqh, M. Myron Pursell, -lames Richard Putchkoff, Beniamin H. Pyeatt, Polly Ellen OUEAL, Beverly K. Ouesada, Eugene R. Ouiqley, Darrel M. Ouilici, Alfred Peter Ouinones, Michael Day Quintero, George Soto RACHLIN, Gilberts. Racobs, Shirley Jean Rader, Barbara Jane Radewald, John Dale Radnor, Marforie Mae Rainey, Judson Wesley Rais, Joseph Patrick Raisch, Laura Rails, Lillie Williams Ralph, Albert Harland Ralston, George Blaine Ram, Anatole Jean Ramirez, Betina Ramirez, Narcy Jenny Ramsel, Cecil L. Ramsey, Elizabeth E. Ramsey, Gloria Eleanor Ramsey, Joe Bruce Randall, Edwin Mortimer Randall, Lola Mae Randall, Ordene Randall, Wayne W. Ranish, Harry Rannells, Linda Joan Ranson, Roma Lee Rapp, Gerald A. Rascoe, Theodore Jesse Rataczak, John Frank Ratliff. Ernest Rawlings, Jerry Lee Rawlins, Charles W. Rawls, Helen Waters Ray, George Frank Ray, Irving J. Ray, Kennard Dewey Rayes, George Sam Raymond, Frank Lewis Raymond, Minnie Laird Reade, David Franklin Rader, Lawrence Robert Ream, Virginia Jane Ream, William J. Reay, William E. Rechtferteg. Monie Anne Redden, Charlotte L. Redden, James Ellis Redden, Ralph Kitridge Reed, Carol C. Reed, Dorothy Anne Reed, Everett Reed, Joseph McAlister Reed, Orman Robert Reed, Reta McAlister Reed, Tamme Lee Reeder, Philip A. Rees, Mildred B. Reese, Robert Allen Reeves, Charles Thomas Reeves, Elizabeth Ruth Reeves, W. R. Reeves, William R. Refsnes, Joseph Louis Reggin, Ina Chloe Reich, Geraldine (Gerry) Reichenberger, Arthur M. Reid, Charlotte Lehn Reid, John Ronald Reid, Lester W. Reid, Russell Dale Reid, VanCleave Reilly, Patricia Mae Reinecke, Bernard R. Reinoehl, Paul F. Reis, John Charles Reiter, John August Relf, Pearl. Jr. Relling, Robert L. Rench, Myron Monroe Rencher, Nelda Reopelle, Delton C. Reppert. James Grant Reppert, Jarrot Frank Retherford, Donna G. Reuter, H.Arthur Reuter, James Louis Reynolds, Adeline Reynolds. Elsie Drake Reynolds, Harold David Reynolds, Robert E. Reynoso. Rudolph Reyes Rhoderick, Wayne A. Rhoton, Bessie Louise Rhoton, Dana Maxine Rhoton, Lorenzo Dow Ricca, Esther Jean Rice, Dwight Bert Rice, Keith Delbert Rice, Sybil Darcey Rich, Henry Anthony Richards. Mary Lois Richards, Noel Richardson, Arthur Richardson. Cornelia Richardson, Elmer Ray Richardson, Harold C. Richardson, Norma S. Richardson, Sheldon K. Richey, Milford G. Rickard, Mary Orlena Rickert, Howard Milton Rickert, Phillip A. Ridgeway. Belva Irene Ridgeway, William H. Reigl, Kurt F. Rifkin, Arthur Riflcin, Burton Riggins, Dale Calvin Riggs, Jack Alton Riggs. Lyle Alton, Jr. Riley, Glen Edwin Riley, Helen Margaret Rintelmann. William F. Riordan, Robert J. Rippel, Robert W., Jr. Rissell. Harry Ervin Ritenhour, George E. R ' vera, Alex Sanchez Rivera. Polo Maldonado Roach, Byrness P. Robbins, Alberta Ruth Robbins, Betty Louise Robbins, Thomas M. Roberson, Harry G. Roberson, Mary Pearl Roberts, Dorothy E. Roberts, Frances E. Roberts, John Charles Roberts, Ralph Wayne Robertson, Donald G. Robertson, Gwen Leggee Robertson, Janet Belle Robertson, Margaret L. Robinson, Charles K. Robinson. Charlyn E. C. Robinson, Joan Lee Robinson. Marjorie E. Robinson. Wilburn K. Robison, Roger L. Roby, David Franklin Roderick, David Paul Rodgers, John B. Rodriguez, Alfred M. Rodriguez, Benjamin C. Rodriguez, Louis P. Rodriguez, Bertha P. Roe, Margaret Franklin Roe, Milton, Jr. Roe, Patricia Jane Rogers, Beth L. Rogers, Carlyn Hall Rogers, Chloe Rogers, George Edward Rogers, Leola Rogers, Melvin D. Rogers, Ruby Rogers, Sam E. Rogers, Thomas E. Rohmer, Joe Hardin Roley, Pegg y Janet Rolph, Charles F., Jr. Romano, James Romero. Bertha Mae Romero, Margaret Celia Roof, June Rook, Dale Arthur Rooney, Frank Roy Resales, Raymundo F. Rose, Sims Stewart Rosen, Anne Peven Rosen, Morris P. Ross, Florence Pearce Ross, John Stirling Ross, Martha Grace Rosser, James Elvin Roush, James Hillard Rovan, Robert Anthony Row, Mary Jean Rozum, John Joseph Rubel, Georqe Kenneth Rubi, Philip Ernest Ruch, Larry Glenn Ruch, Lillian Glenn Rucker, MerrittJay Rudd, Fonda Lee Ruddell, Doris Claye Ruffin, Duane Max Rugen, Paul Charles Rugenstein, Edith L. Rugger, Phyllis Jean Ruiz, Pete Varela Runbeck, Charles A. Runyan, Morine Ruppert, Fred Edmond Russell, Cyrus C. Russell, Elder Henry Russell, Harold R. Russell, Jack L. Russell, Robert Huff Russell. Sam W. Rustuen, Iver Louis Ryan, Anita Marie Rvan, Darwin Clinton Ryan, Kenneth Stephen Ryan, Michael Charles Rye, Philip Marlar SAAD. Harold J. Saba, Norman D. Sabie, Dolores P. Sabin, Ada Sadler, Harold George Sakelariou, Bessie P. Salazar, Guadalupe E. Saicido, Conchita Salerno, Fran Susan Salerno, Fred Joseph Salmon, Frank Ernest Sampson, James B. Samson, John W. (Jack) Samuelson, Phyllis J. Sanchez, Pete Sand, Martin Lars Sanders, Charles A. Sanders, Dixie Lee Sanders, Gerald Leon Sanders, Mary Sandoz, Sue Ann Sankovich, Peter N. Sargent, Robert E. Sarten. Omer Douglas Sarvis, Joseph Benonie Sasse, Harry Elmer Sauer, Lois Ann Saunders, Dorothy Joan Saunders, William J. Sauve, Harold Joseph Savage, Russell Calvin Savage, Virgil Allen Savel, Edward Savittieri, Frank Savoini, E. Dean H. Savoini, Joe L. Saylor, Benjamin F. Scales. Eddie B. Scanlon, Walter Joseph Scarbro, Wm. Bryan Schaas, Geo. William Schabacker, Harlan G. Schabel, Wanita G. Schad, Vernon L. Scheidler, Shirley Mary Scheidler, Willard E. Scheier, Paul Joseph Schermann, James Al Schettler, John Dean Scheuch, Albert John Scheuerman, Wesley R. Scheumack, Arden C. Schimberg. Richard J. Schmalzel, Richard H. Schmidt, Czeslaw T. Schmidt, George Schmidt, William H. Schneider, Jack B. Schneider, Paul Leon Schnell, Joyce Augusta Schobinger, William J. Schooler, Eugene Bliss Schooler, Hannah Jean Schowengerdt, William E. Schrader, William P. Schrantz, William Kay Schuelke, Mary Edith Schultz, Alberta Schultz, Mary Elinor Schulz, Patsy Jean Schumacher, Charles F. Schumacher. Miriam E. Schuman, Perry L. Schurr, Jeanne Schwalbe, Ralph M. Schwartz, Judith Rita Schwartz, Morris Schwartz, Shirlyn D. Schwarz, Otto Schweickhardt, Naoma Schweickert, Robert E. Schweickhardt, Richard Scipes, Robert V. Scott, Averitt Alan Scott, Dorothy Orlene Scott, Earl J. Scott, Eugene Ernest Scott, John Brooks Scott, MattieVera Scott, Noah James, Jr. Scott, Shirley Louise Scott, Stephen Bailey Scott, Stephenmp 2ber Scott, William Francis Seaman, Henry Klmpton Seaman, Paul Godfrey Searcy, Suzanne deCotte Seaver, Archer Whitney Sebastian, Mark Sedinger, Arthur D. Sedman, Yale S. Sehnert, Dorothy Jane Seller, John Seiverd, Charles E. Sekaquaptewa, Eugene Self, Harold Fletcher Sellers, James C. Sennette, Leo Mark Senseman, Donald E. Serna, Frank M. Sessions, George Edgar Severns, Nadine Ann Sexton, I. Darleen Sexton, Jack Donald Sexton, Monte Marquis Shackelford, Ellis M. Shackelford, James G. Shacklett, Curtiss A. Shaffer, Daniel Marton Shaffer, Nadine Marie Shaheen, Fred Norman Shamblee, Mae Shankula, Ray L. Shankula, Virginia L. Shannon, Leo William Shannon, Marjorie H. Shapero, Meroyn H. Shaphren, William Sharp, Georae B. Sharpe, Charles K. Shaughnessy, Robert J. Shaver, David Duane Shaver, Rlqua Joan Shaw, (Paul) Bruce Shaw, Clarence Sadler Shaw, James Richard Shaw, William Buford Shawler, Mary Ruth Sheffer, Mildred K. Sheldon, Annette Sheldon, James Henry Sheldon, Roberts. Shelley. Adelbert G. Shelley, James Ernest Shellington, Betty Jo Shelly, Ralph Eugene Shelp, Lawrence Lee Shelton, Edith Orleta Shenkin. Robert I. Shepherd, Douglas Carl Sheridan, Victor V. Sherley, Barbara Oakes Sherman, John Wilbur Sherry, Sheldon Lewis Shields, Mary Lu Shill, LeNore Shill, Otto Stronach Shill, Wilson T. Shill, Wright Painter Shlmkus, Slgred Shimonowsky, Bernard B. Shipley, (Bonnie) Fay Shipley, Gene Howard Shipley, John Morris Shipley, Lillian Shipley, Mary Sue Shipp, Richard Allen Shirk, Martha Shirley, Joseph Chilton Shoemaker, Harold Earl Shook, Sylvia Claire Shoup, Charles J., Jr. Showers, James D. Showers, Robert Byron Shrout, Albert Lee Shuler, Robert Tillman Shultz, Jean Shirley Shultz, Thomas " Jack " A. Shumway, Dale Rex Shuwya, E. Lee Shumway, Norma Jean Shumway, Norman J. Shumway, Shirley Shurtz, Billy Kay Siegel, Jerome Charles Siegel, Mervyn H. Silvers, Kay Estelle Simmons, James A. Simmons, Jefferson D. Simmons, Robert R. Simms, James Milton Simms, Marshall Foster Simon, Elayn hoda Simones, David E. Sims, Ardath Max Slmson, William Arizona Sinclair, Lillian Sincoff, Joseph Slncoff, Martin Sing, Edmond Lee Sing, Robert Singh, Albert Sinlff, James Roger Sirrlne, Nedra Nell Sibitzke, Herbert Ernst Skinner, Richard Allen Skousen, Clyde R. Skouson, Garth Whipple Slade, Darwin L. Slauter. Walter Arthur Slavin, Jack Sloan, Beverly Jean Small, Clifford Lee Smart, John Owen Smelser, Joseph Nelson Smelser, Susie M. Smith, Betty Jean Smith, Carl Thomas Smith, Carla May Smith, Charlcie May Smith, Clarence Augustus Smith, Donald E. Smith, Donald Roy Smith, Elaine A. Smith, Eugene Ellis Smith, James Palmer Smith, Jean Marie Smith, Jerry Clyde Smith, John Briggs Smith, John Edward Smith, Lloyd Victor Smith, Marc Sterling Smith, Marcella Lorraine Smith, Marshall Barber Smith, Maurice Charles Smith, Orville Lewis, Jr. Smith, Pat Everett Smith, Paul Herbert Smith, Paul William Smith, Robert Edgar Smith, Ross Loran Smith, Ruby Kate Smith, Shirley Alene Smith, Shirley Mae Smith, Sidney Denison Smith, Sidney Herbert Smith, Terry Eugene Smith, Terry Lou Smith, Virginia Lee Smith, Virginia Mary Smith, Wallace Albert Smith, Walter Otis Smith, William Leo Smith, Zeb Curley Smlthers, Larue Allen Smlthson, John Ladd Snow, Lilbyrn Aubrey Snyder, Mary Lou Sobel, Marian Sobel, Paul Solaklewlcz, John Charles Solomon, Archie Solomon, Leona C. Somervell, Margaret L. Sommer, Richard H. Song, Eva Song, Jew Jackson Song, Joe Henry Soon, Rise Sordahl, Marvin Idean Sorelle, Rupert Tritle Sorensen, Kathryn Sorensen, Leora C. Sorenson, William Twain Sorg, Louise Bertha Sorln, Morris Sossaman, Dwight Allen Sossaman, Faith M. Sosvllle, Wilma Lois Soule, Donald F. Southworth. Robert Hall Spain, Wanda Lee Spears, George H. Speck, Kathleen Speer, Maben Leonard Speer, Thomas T. Speissegger. Chalres F. Speissegger, Margaret Spencer, Calogera Mary Spencer, Florence M. Spoon, Earl A. Spooner, Barbara Ann Spotts, Carol Lou Spotts, Mary Anne Spreltzer, Don A. Springer, Don Robert Springer, Richard Allen Springer, Roger Elbert Spyhalski, Edward T. Staben, Risselle Patricia Stacher, Herno Herbert Stackpoole, Keith Stacy, Anderson Kenney Stair, John Lester Stakemiller, Donald C. Staley, Newell Dwlght Staley, Robert Eugene Stames, Cleomenes A. Stammer, Wesley Stancoff, Henrietta A. Stanford, Stanley Travis Stangeland, Allan Roald Stanley, Glenn Vernon Stanley, Ruth Marie Stanton, Henry R. Stanton, William John Stapley, Harold Dale Staton, Charles Robert St. Clalr, Charles Louis Stearns, Frederick S. Stedman, William F. Steehler, Richard William Steele, James Charles Steele, Mary Jane Stei n, Marvin Stein, Roberts. Stelbasky, Carl John Stelter, Lyle Fritz Stenback, Keith Lowell Stepan, Violet J. Stephens, Anna Mae Stephens, Billie L. Stephens, George E. Stephens, James Stephens, Velvet Jean Stephenson, Perlee R. Sterling, Carl Herman Stern, Harvey Stern, Irving Sternberg, David Stevenson, Carol Joyce Stevenson, Clarice L. Stevenson, Norma Elaine Stevenson, RobertW. Stevenson, Zora Ruth Stewart, Helen Allyn Stewart, Jack C. Stewart, Jerry Malcolm Stewart, John Knox Stewart, Robert Wesley Stickle, Harold F. Stldham, James Monroe Stillion, Rodney Pope Stilwell. Floyd Dean Stilwell, Marsha Jean Stlngone, Mary Elizabeth St. John, Abbie Joyce Stocker, Ida Mae Stockstad. Alvin C. Stoetzel, Stephen H. Stokes, Jeanne Elizabeth Stolmack, Alvin S. Stolzer, Thomas Joseph Stone, Adrian Ray Stone, George Albert Stone, Kathryn A. Stone, William (Bill) H. Stott, (Edqar) Keith Stout, Arthur Paul Stout, Corinne Adell Strachan, Francis C. Strand, Harold Bruce Strange, Raymond E. Street, Robert Douglas Streich, Harvey Ewald Stringham, William H. Stromberg, Carl V. Strombers, Charles E. Strong! Patricia M. Stroope, Billie Jean Stump, Alfred Stump, Alfred Lee Sudbrack, Marzilla Ann Suk, Louis Jerome Sullivan. Francis X. Sullivan, Mary (Betty) E. Sullivan, Mildred L F. Sullivan, Pete Sullivan, Randall L. Sullivan, Raymond A. Sullivent, Barnie W. Sumrell, Clay Sunden, ShirleyAnn Sunano, Richard M. Surrett, Herbert F. Sustercich, Albert J, Suter, Vernon Lewis Sutter, Virginia Lou Sutton, Charles Joel Svob, George John Swain, Marion Floyd Swan, Blanche Irene Swan, Milton LeRoy Swanson, Harold L. Swartz, John Frederick Sweeney. Gladys Heald Swett, Kenneth Loren Swezey, (Helen) Janet Swift, John Francis Swisher, Alma Allen Swor, Robt. Lee Sykes, Robert Sylvester, Norman G. Sypherd, Edward Earl Szafrankowski, Irene Szepienlec, Casey J. TABEEK, AminC. Tackett, Reese Allen Taklguchi, Makoto Bill Tameron, Joe O. Tang, Harry Tang, Ruth Tanner, H. L. Tanno, Pasquale J. Tarajcak, John F. Tarbox, Cynthia Read Tarr, Wilma Adelia Tarshis, Jerome J. Tassinari, (Joseph) J. C. Tassone, Angelo Jack Tate, Joe Ann Emma Tate, Wesley Burns Tatum, Reid Fleming Taylor, Billy Arden Taylor, Chas. Darwin Taylor, Delos Owen Taylor, Fern Taylor, Jack Frederick Taylor, Jesse Taylor, John Madoc Taylor, Lois Jean Taylor, Max Eugene Taylor, Norman Alan Taylor, Paula Jean Taylor, Richard Lloyd Taylor, Ruth Anne Taylor, Willis Mai Tead, Barry Spring Tease, Alice Nello Tedrick, Daniel Owen Teeter, Beatrice L. Telep, Joseph Harry Telep, Michael Thomas Teller, Betty Mae Temple, John Thomas Tenn ' son, Robert I. Terkelsen, Vera Ann Terry, William Charles Tessman, Elaine E. Thagard, George F., Jr. Thames, John, Jr. Thelander, Phyllis M. Thele, Erwin Ray Thew. Weston Wallace Thibodeau, Harvey J. Thiel, Carol Ann Thielemann, Albert F. Thoman, Albert Richard Thoman, Andrew J. Thoman, George Carr Thoman, Kathryn S. Thomas, Catherine R. Thomas, Ernest Rex Thomas, Everett Claire Thomas, George S., Jr. Thomas, John Gordon Thomas. Orville Lee Thomas, William H. Thomasson, Jeanette S. Thomasson, William A. Thompson, Albert!. Thompson, Gerald A. Thompson, Jean E. Thompson, Lawson Kay Thompson, Lela Darlene Thompson, Richard J. Thompson, Sammie V. Thompson, Theodore W. Thompson, Waldemar P. Thompson, William Lee Thornburg, Louise Cave Thornhill, Mary D. Thraen, Frank William Thrasher, Alvin Conley Thrasher, Ethel A. Thrasher, John W. Thrun, Caroline Reed Thurber. Lois Grace Tibshraeny, Assid Tidwell, Josephine D. Tiffany, Harold Grant Tiffany, Leslie Elmer Tiffany, Mary Lou Tilbury, Gordon L. Till, Frank L Timberlalce, Ruth Tinkler, Ralph Edwin Tirpak. William L Tiverofsky, Donald J. Todd, Robert Driggs Tolby, Lorna Lou Toll, Florence Tollefsrud, Lois M. Tollefsrud, Ruth C. Tolliver, Florence D. Tolman, Jaren L. Tomp, Edward Raul Toncray, Robert M. Toohey, Charlene Mae Toohey, Jack Vincent Toomey, James Raymond Torea, Fidel Filiberto Tountas, Nick C. Townsend, Frank G. Townsend, John E. Townsend, Patricia D. Townzen, Thomas Lee Trabue, Billy Leroy Trammell, Helen Louise Travaini, Dario Trbovich, George Trbovich, Nicholas Treat, Bonnie Nell Treguboff, Jim John Trejo, Gilbert Brady Trejo, Norma Joy Trimer, John Florian Troxel, James Marvin Truog, Mary Jane Tryon, James Leslie Tsakiris, Paul Louis Tubbs, Mary Rennick Tucker, Essie Mae Tufte, Virginia James Tukey, Lillian M. Turk, Elden Dale Turley, Barbara Fern Turley, Clair Turley, June Ann Turner, Audrey Evelyn Turner, Baysol Reigh Turner, Karl Warren Turner, Mary Louise Turner, Thomas Warren Tuttle, Benjamin F. Tuxworth, Ralph Clifton Tyler, Carol Ruth Tyra, Louis Edwin Tyrone, Bill B. UDALL, Edith Udall, Edith Idella Udall, Naomi Tew Ulmer, Lottie Jean Ulrich, Clarence A. Umetsu, Narumi Underwood, Velma R. Upchurch, Charles W. Upshaw, John William Urrea, Mona Virginia Ussery, Oscar Burdette VALE, Charlie Valentine, Virgil Gene Valenzuela, Marco A. Valenzuela, Pete Valenzuela, Richard Vance, Doug Smith VanDeBeuken, Rita Ann VanDenburgh, Bob (R.) VanDyke, Arnetta Vanella, Leonard Vanhook, Charles E. VanHorne, Louis Thomas VanNess, Wallace K. VanZanten, William G. Vasumpaur, John A. Vaughan, Jean Ann Vaughn, William B. Vay, James Andrew Verdugo, Albert Verdugo, Chas. Leon Verdugo, Ernesto L. Verdugo, Mary Louise Verrue, Henry Vest, Bertha M. Victor, Anna Mae B. Vida, William Robert Villalpando, Leanore C. Vincent, John W. Vineyard, Jack C. Vitkovich, Nick Vizcaya, Bertha Mary Vonderau, Kathryn E. Voorhees, Marvin E. Vosburg, Violet S. Voss, Bill Voyce, Russell Wayne Vukcevich, Robert (Geo.) Vukovich, Dushan Spiro WACHTER, Margaret L. Wacker, Vivian Louise Wackerbarth, Merle F. Wade, Charles Ross Wade, Ewell Gene Wade, Frederick D. Wadlow, Neysa Arlene Waet|e, Clifford T. Wagenseller, Samuel J. Wagner, Jeanne Alice Wahlin, Gordon Marvin Wait, Irene Lee Wait, Owen Leon Wakefield, George L. Wakefield. Roy Joseph Waldie, Beverly Harriet Waldrip, Ann Aline Walker, Betty Lorraine Walker, Frances Marie Walker, James Gary Walker, John Robert, Jr. Walker, Robert M. Walker, Roland James Wallick, Samuel E. Wallis, Chas. N., Jr. Wallman, Harry Saul Walrath, John Malcolm Walsh, Gloria Mae Walsh, (Judy) H. B. Walsh, Mary Ann Walter, Everett Leon Walters, Chas. Lewis Waltz, Raymond V. Wamsley, Lloyd, Jr. Wamslev, Warnell J. Wang, Fleur Belle Wang, Marian June Wang, Ruth lone Wapplehorst, Jacob A. Ward, John A. Ward, Miriam C. Ware, Frances G. Ware, Marion Joan Warne, James Ernest Warner, Clifford Harry Warnken, Thomas Wayne Warren, Bertha D. Warren, Jack Weston Warren, James Everett Warren, James Henry Warren, Joseph Glen Warren, William Washington, Bobby Gene Washington, Hattie C. Washum, Donald Lee Wasielewski, Henry R. Wasserman, Jean R. Waters, Charles E. Wates, Luther Crosby Watkins, Gerald Eugene Watkins, Jinr-iie Jean Watkins, Leiqh Milton Watrobski, Joseph Mike Watson, Anne Burke Watson, Bill Elwood Watson, George Norman Watson, James Ellsworth Watson, James Melvin Watson, Lyndon James Watson, Raymond L. Watson, Tom B. Watts, Andrew T. Watts, Barbara Mae Watts, Bobbie Louise Watts, Bradford Chas. Watts, Charles F. Watts. John (Jack) T. Watz, Earl Glenn Waybright, Bruce W. Wayland, Ellsworth Weary, Carmen Alyce Webb, Edward Russell Webb, Joan Webb, John R., Jr. Webb, Lee Wayne Webb, Lyle Shelly Webb, Rolls Russell Weber, John Henry Webster, David M. Webster, Lawanda Jo Webster, Miron " E. " Wedge, Barbara Ellen Weed, Thomas Howard Weesner, Donald Louis Weiner, Stuart A. Weipert, William Harry Weir, Russell Robert Weisberg, Hyman R. Weisling. Gilbert L. Weisling. Nina Mae B. Wellcer, LaRay Welker, LaVerne E. Welker, Wayne Jay Wells. Alice D. Wells, Ruthmary Wells, Welborn L. Wells, Wesley Elmer Welnick, William E. Welpton, Jean Marie Welsh, Velma Jean Wendel, Fred William Wensel, Beverly Dean Werbeach, Charles R. West, Clarence H. West, Keith Allen West, Maxine Marie Westbrook, Patrick A. Westbrook, Richard M. Westfall. Donald R. Westfall, May E. Westgate, Keith Collin Westmoreland, Margaret Weston. John Harrison Weston, Richard Eugene Wetnight, Paul Richard Wheat, Leo Peter Wheat, Marydee Anne Wheat, Patricia Lou Wheeler, Harrison Lee Wheeler, Reon Dana Whelan, Andrew Joseph Whetten, Willmirth S. Whipple. Ed son L. Whitacre, Donald Edgar Whitaker, Ernest Leo Whitaker, James Allen Whitaker, John R. White, Byron Gene White, Ethel Shirley White. Grace C. White, Wilford Parley Whitecraft, Charles LeR. Whites, Robert N. Whitlow, Eileen Martha Whitney, Bert N. Wible, Harrison, Jr. Wich, Nita Maxine Wick, Oliver Henry Wick, William O. Wickliffe, Audrey Ann Wickliffe, Don H. Widra, Walter Leo Wiggins, Leona C. Wight, Thomas Wilbanks, Barbara Wilbur. Roger Joe Wilcox. Bill R. Wilcox. Glendon Roger Wilcox, Norman E. Wilkins, Clyde E. Wilkins. Max Melton Wilkinson, Ann Marie Wilky. Betty Joanne Willet, Alvin Willey, John Norman Willey, Wallace Eugene Williams, Allison E. Williams, Arthur R. Williams, Beulah C. Williams, Bill Joe Williams, Billy Williams, Claude F. Williams, DaleC. Williams, Evan Edward Williams, Fran Hunt Williams, Ivory P. Williams. James L. Williams, John Arthur Williams, John Miller Williams, Lawrence A. Williams, Lois Lucille Williams, Marcia S. Williams, Marvin E. Williams, Peggy Jean Williams, Robert F. Williams, Roy Andrew Williams, Samuel R. Williams, Travis Lee Williams, Virginia L. Williams, William D., Jr. Williamson, Jack C. Williamson, James R. Williamson, Roger L. Williamson, Willie Bell Willis, GloriaLucille Willis, J.Robert Willis, Parley Gail Willis, William Blake Willison, Martin H. Willow, Kay Wilson, Betty Jean Wilson, Billee Marceline Wilson, Charles Herbert Wilson, Charles Victor Wilson, Corwin Wilson, Gene Alan Wilson, George A. Wilson. Ira Leamon, Jr. Wilson. Jacklyn Joan Wilson, John Earl Wilson, Norma Lee Wilson, Odis Daniel Wilson, Patricia Ann Wilson, Ralph Vernor Wilson, William Lester Wilson, William O. Wilson, William R. Wiltbank, Charleen Fay Wiman, Raymond Victor Wimberley, William E. Windes, William Harvey Winemiller, Roger Paul Wing, Robert Walden Wingo, Johnny Ray Winkler, Jean Marie Winn, Ralph Joseph Winogrocki, Raymond F. Winslow, Barbara F. Winslow, Felix Owen Winsor, John Perry Winter, llselore Ericka Wirth, Leonard Emil Wise, John Roy Wiseman, Virginia Gail Wiser, Clifford Bradford Withers, Howard V. Witko, Joseph Wohlenberg, Mary E. Wolf, Ann K. Wolfe, Ben Wood, Jr. Wolfe, Henry Grady Wolfe, John Sylvanus Wolfswinkel, Clifford L. Wolpert, Harold Robt. Wolslagel. Leslie John Wolven, Helen Ramona Wood. Anna May C. Wood, Betty Laurena Wood, Robert Mason Wood, Roline A. Wood, Thomas E. Woodburn, Sallie A. Woodman, William B. Woods, Beverly Joan Woods, Dorothy Vilate Woods, Garland Hyatt Woods, James Henry Woods, Murray Edwin Woods, Ralph Walton Woodward, Henry L. Woodward, Wilmer Perry Woofter, Mary Ruth Woolery, Patricia Joan Woolery, Vincent H. Worthen, Richard Glen Wortman, Robert Gene Wothke, Charles Adolph Wozniak, Joseph F. Wrede, Harry Jobes Wright, Bobbie Conley Wright, Floyd Conley Wright, Frederich J. Wright, John Clark Wright. Linda Lee Wright, Robert C. Wyatt, Clarence Eugene Wykoff, Paul, Jr. Wylie, James Robert Wyllys, Ronald Eugene Wyman, Dorothea N. YANEY, Charles Edward Yates, Elmer Leon Yates, Gwyneth Roberts Yates, William N.lll Yeager, Dale Albert Yeck, Elden Bryant Yelverton, Jack R. Yoars, Carolyn Jane Yoder, Carol Ann Yonker, Robert Allen Yonker, William David Yost, Harold Winans Young, Dorothy Patricia Young, Edward Charles Young, Frances Roberta Young, John Henderson Younger James Paul Yount, Roland Glenn Yuen. Billy Ywanow, Joyce Zanin, Robert Paul Zannis. John Michael Zaumeyer, Raymond H. Zawlocki. Eugene A. Zehr, Cliff J. Zehr, Samuel Ray Zendel, Robert Zendle. Shirley Miriam Zeno, Ernest Zeno. Gaye Andrews Zent. Shelley Ann Zillmer, Herbert C. Zimmerman, Marilyn M. Zogaib, Virginia Yvonne Zucco, John Joseph EVENING COLLEGE ABOUNADER, Slibe Acosta, Jose Allen, Jesse E. Anderson, Minnie Armstrong, Richard F. Arnberger, Lucille B. Arnold, Adele R. BARR, Ruth E. Barrett, Rex P. Barrows, R. Barstis. Dennic Victor Bellinger, Hilda V. Bemis. Marlowe D. Bennion, George C. Bentley, Celesta Hilda Berkenkamp, Ruth Logie Berkman. Veda M. Berta. John Bethell, Lena M. Bishopp, Dorothy W. Black. Margaret J. Bleeck. Miriam Bos. Robert K. Brown, Gladis Jessie Bryan, Mary Dominick Bryant, Arthur Pierce Bushmeyer, Alex F. Bushnell. Jack Irwin Butler, Ross C. Byrn, Mary Lou CALDWELL, Alice K. Callahan, Patricia Ann Cane, Ada Frances Capps. Forrest D. Cardon, Stanley P. Carpenter, May Carter, Patricia Ann Carter, William A. Caster, Al B. Caudill, Helen Sue Chant, Mildred V. Clayson, Ethel H. Cleaton, Mary Davis Cloninger, Lola H. Coe, Dora Jean Cohen, Thelma Combs, Hester Legg Comedy, Jean Conrad, Joseph Conry, Loren Bernard Coombs, Zelma Cooper, Hannah May Cooper, Mary Ruth Cowgill, Annette L. Cox, Bertie Keith Cox, Marian Roberta Coy, Joseph Croaff. Thomas J. Cruikshank, Dorrance E. Cullens, J. Helen DANIELS, EleanorS. Davis, Richard D. Davis. Viola D. Dean, Verna Hopkins DeHoff, Clarence Ray DeRoulhac, Kenneth W. DeRoulhac, Wilma Jean Diaz, Ada H. Dickinson, Christine Dickson, Mary Jean Dobbs, Bert Carl Donaldson, George R. Dooling, Amelia Downs, Ethyl M. D. Driskell, Ora E. Dubinsky, Evelyn Joan Duer, Charlene Bensley Duff, Cynthia Marlar Dunbar, James Thomas Dunning, Velva McLeod Dunsmore. Mary E. Dziarmaga, Walter C. EDWARDS, Blanche L. Eggers, William Robert Ellwein, Loretta Elrey, Florine Howes Engelder, Louetta W. Erickson, Mariorie S. Ewing, Mabel FEGLEY, Maude L. Felton, Eva E. Filer, Robert William Firth, Alfred Miller Fleming, Frances Foote, Benjamin F., Jr. Frazier, Ella Faye Fretz, Frances Cleo GABRIELSON, Rosamond Galla, Eleanor Solace Garrity, William P. Gathright, Byrda E. Gettig, Helen Louise Gibson. Margaret T. Giles, Clarence William Glance. Cecille Helen Glance, Goodwin T. Gleason, Virginia Lee Glover, Marion Vaughan Grant, Helen Gronoski, Eleanor F. Gustoff, Flora Anna Gwartney, Barbara C. HALL, Julia Ann Hall, Lois Marie Halladay, Velma M. Hamblin. Hilda G. Hanna, Lyle Hannold. Amos Franklin Hansen, Clarence James Hansen. (Amy) Lucille Harkins, Clifton Lee Harrison, Doris Ames Harrison. Winfield G. Hart, Adrian Sherman Hay, Dorothy June Heard, Bertha Hefner, Betty W. Hewette, William S., Jr Hill, Irma Hirschy, Mildred E. Hoffman, Beryl Hoger, Dorothy Garwood Holder, Betty Marguerite Hollis, Burt Houchen, William E. Howard, Jean Ellen Hulse, Virginia Lea Hunt, George D. Hutchison, Margaret P. JACOBSON, Carolyn Johns, Trina Hodges Johnson, Mabel L. Jones, Glenna Lee Jordan, Benjamin H. Joseph, Paul Lawrence Keblinger, Elizabeth W. Kelly, Mary Francesca Kendig, (Robert) G. Key, Lou Eoline Kimler, Stephen John Kincaid, Charles C. King, Byron Gilbert King, Glenn E. Kitchens, Clyde Kline, Harriet G. Kline, Saul Knight, Norma Jean Koerner, John M. Kogan, Sidney Maurice Komadina, Mary Kroger, Helen Irene Kruft, Kathryn Snider Krumboltz, Althea M. Kuns, Thelma R. LAIRD, Mary E. Langer, Frances C. Larson, Myrna Pressnell Lehman, Clarice Mary Leonard, Nancy Estelle Lillywhite, Lenore Locke, Portia A. McAULIFFE, John J. McConoughey, Marcia L. McCreight. Mabel L. McCulley, Erma McCutcheon, David McDonald, June S. McDowell, Alice B. Mcllroy ' , Una Maxine Mclntyre, Namah Mackinson, Gladys E. Maize, Marcella G. Marion, Waldo F. Mathews, Stanley R., Jr. Medigovich, Sam S. Meek, Lura Alice Meineke, George Wyatt Melander, Wallace E. Mellor, Edna C. Meng, Jean W. Meyer, Zenobia Traylor Millecam, Maude R. Miller, Esther K. Miller, Goldie W. Miller, Helen Virginia Miller, Janette Hood Miller, Lola Janet Mills, Thelma S. Moloney, Fred Paul Murphey, Vivian L. NEHER. F. Lucille Nicolay, Cecel M. O ' DONNELL, Sarah F. Oglesby, Mary Elizabeth Oliphant, John M, Oliver, Lela M. Opie, Vivian Yvonne Orth. DaleH. PALMER, Luke Ernest Parker, James N. Patch, Violet G. Pearson, Edith L. Peck, Billie Ruth Perkins. Beulah K. Perkins, Delmar D. Petica, Nickolas, Jr. Petris, Paul A. Phillips, Emmie Jean Phillips, Oliver W. Piercefield, Dorothy D. Pilling, Lincoln Homer Plott, Herald C. Plott, Violet Beery Powell, Arthur Dee Provence, Ruth C. Purdome, Jean Joseph RASMUSON, Corinne Rau, Albert M. Ray, Mamie E. Raymond, Frank Lewis Raymond, Minnie Laird Redding, Eloyce Mary Rediger, Frieda Valeria Reed, Frances Vernon Reed, Hazel E. Regan, Thomas E. Reitmeyer, Philip Rhoades, Robert H. Rhoton, Agnes Ruth Rice, Harold Lee Riggins, Lafayette F. Roberts, Maurine Robinson, Ruth Marion Roe, Katherine H. Rogers, Royce Waldo Rohrs, Kathryne Rubira, Santos S., Jr. Ruch, Lillian Glenn Russell, Carroll L. Russell, Kenneth Adair Russell, Martha F. Rustuen, Iver Louis SALSMAN, Annieta Sanders, Joseph Sanford, Wayne A. Sannells, Rosalind Scales, Eddie B. Schottmueller, M.Theresa Schumacher, Miriam E. Ecott, Eugene Ernest Scott, Jean Starr Scrivner, Maude Searles, Beatrice Moore Seidensticker, Virginia Sellar, Helene Dudley Seller, Madeleine G. Setka, Steve Shimkus. Sigred Shipley, Dorothy Siverly, Russell E. Skelley, Edith Hammond Slates, Frances Josephine Smiser, Louise Smith, Hazel Irene Smith, Katie Lafern Smith, Sylvia Townley Smithson, Lola Snider, Agnes Boss Snow, Anne Mary Snyder, Wayne I. Spicer, Mauryne Spires, I lelen F. Standich. John Harold Steele, Earl R. Sullivan, Lois Welling Summers, Oleita TANNEHILL, Margaret Tanner, Mary E. Terrill, Elizabeth Thornburg, Gu " Forrest Todesco, Bruna F. Travaini, Ka-y Rae Treadwell, Dorothy C. Treuer, Katherine L. Tweed, Anna Christine VAN WYCK, Elizabeth B. Vaughn, Vernice LaVerne Voight, Ellen Helen Votaw, Ruth White WAGNER, Naomi Martha Walker, Ann Ward, Carmelita Marie Ward, Catharine B. Wasielewski, Marguerite Watson, Mary B. Watterson, Elsie Weaver, Evelyn Weimer, Edward Henry Wells, Helen Louise Wenc, Mary Kochanek White, Vivian Estelle Whitney, Johnnie Beth Williams, Vera M. Willis, Beulah Baer Wilson, Ernest Charles Wilson, John Earl Wingeier, Nellie Gladys Winslow, Saima S. Wiser, Milo A. Witzeman, Louis A. Wyatt, Marie Helen Wyman, Louvica H. Wyman, Vivian Virginia ARIZONA ROSE FLOUR ROLLS BREAD CAKE PASTRIES tlte. Sack w Ult the Red Building a better and stronger state together ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE and BUILDERS SUPPLY CORPORATION 3800 NORTH CENTRAL . PHOENIX 842 WEST MAIN MESA MANUFACTURERS OF CAST-PUMICE-STONE CARRIES THAT AIR TAILORED BY HART SCHAFFNER MARX Authenticity of styling distinguishes this smart new 2-button single breasted Continental model . . . an authenticity built in by those master stylists and tailors . . . Hart Schaffner Marx. Shown here in a broken lattice weave pattern of quiet impressiveness . . . but we have it in a range of other patterns and prices from . . . $55 Hannu ' s CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of 1950 School and Sports Supply Company " Serving the Schools of the Southwest " 220 North Seventh Avenue PHOENIX PHONE 2-6581 CURRY HOME APPLIANCES GENERAL ELECTRIC - GIBSON REFRIGERATORS EASY, GE and ABC WASHERS HEATERS OF ALL KINDS PAINTS and VARNISHES PHONE 2238 - 409 MILL AVENUE TEMPE, ARIZONA Congratulations to the graduating class of 1950 " Everything for the Amateur and Professional Photographer " PHOTO SHOP Biggest Little Photo Shop in Phoenix 2001 East McDowell Road Phone 3-3086 Paul Kimse Camille Kimse " We Enjoy Discussing Your Photo Problems " Open Til 6:30 Daily Sundays Til 1 P.M. Easy Parking School Equipment STAGE DRAPES SCHOOL SUPPLIES ATHLETIC GOODS Your headquarters for school supplies and athletic goods. MARSTON SUPPLY CO. Phone 3-5611 324 NORTH CENTRAL PHOENIX, ARIZONA Congratulations from Dalgren Jewelers Always ready to serve you 65 West Main, Mesa, Arizona The New Women ' s Dormitory Courtesy of J. R. PORTER CONSTRUCTION CO. 3407 IV. Seventh St., Phoenix General Contractor Guirey Jones 81 1 East Camelback Road, Phoenix ARCHITECTS Pioneer Foundry Mfg. Co 32 East Pioneer Avenue, Phoenix STRUCTURAL STEEL Dale Benz, Inc 1912 West Grant Street, Phoenix ROOFING AND WATER PROOFING Alpine Heating Cooling Co. 3340 East McDowell Road, Phoenix HEATING AND COOLING New State Electric Co 214 West Washington, Phoenix ELECTRICAL WORK J. B. Matz 817 West Madison, Phoenix SPECIALTY WORK Ora Hopper Lathing Plastering Co. 38 West Missouri Avenue, Phoenix LATHING AND PLASTERING Klass Brothers, Inc 1921 West Grant, Phoenix., PAINTING Rogers Dean Plumbing Air Conditioning Co. 2255 N. 7th Ave,, Phoenix PLUMBING COMPLIMENTS OF an d Congratulations! To the 1950 Graduating Class and to Arizona State . Tempe Hardware Co. 520 Mill Avenue Phone 2908 Pan it cut a SINCE 1897 ... men ' s wear that is flawless in fit and good taste. HICKEY-FREEMAN CUSTOMIZED CLOTHES 130 N. CENTRAL PHOENIX, ARIZONA " ARIZONA FRIENDLY HOTEL " The Students Favorite Ma ri cop a Inn Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) Bar and Cocktail Lounge Coffee Shop and Dining Room Sun Parlor and Patio Catering To Private Parties Your Headquarters for VfiEion Wo-id in Sports Equipment Seven Stores to Serve You throughout Central Arizona JO.S.STABLEY Phoenix - Mesa - Chandler - Coolidge Casa Grande - Buckeye - Glendale Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 49 KEMPER GOODWI N ARCHITECT Tempe Mesa Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaning 419 W. MAIN PHONE 4404 439 E. MAIN PHONE 3794 MESA ARIZONA Congratulations Sun Devils 800 NORTH CENTRAL AVI. FHONI - 8OT PHOEMIX OF ARIZONA ELEC :ORPO Contractors - Engineers 2146 Washington St. PHOENIX ARIZONA Phone 4-8458 CLASS DISMISSED... ... AW everyone Attt Good ol ' summer vacation ! You forget about homework, get a job and earn some extra money, or just concentrate on having fun ! At least you ' ll have a change. But I never get a vacation. I ' m on the job day and night winter and summer always REDDY to serve you. Guess I should envy you, but I don ' t ! Nope, I ' m happy with my job of making life happier, healthier and easier for folks, And that ' s what makes the world go ' round lots of folks sticking to their chosen jobs. I ' m glad that my life is dedicated to giving better and better service at the lowest possible cost. t M Keelely The New Administration Building ANOTHER STEP TOWARDS A GREATER ARIZONA STATE Courtesy of DONALDSON CONSTRUCTION CO. 321 South 24th Street, Phoenix GENERAL CONTRACTOR De Berge Babcock Electric Co 550 West Washington, Phoenix ELECTRICAL WORK E. T. Morgan 323 South 24th Street, Phoenix MASONRY Standard Roofing Supply Co 319 South 24th Street, Phoenix ROOFING Valley Sheet Metal Co. 230 North 9th Street, Phoenix AIR CONDITIONING Acme Steel Co. 1 150 Arco Drive, Phoenix STRUCTURAL STEEL L. G. DunganTileCo 2838 West Taylor, Phoenix CERAMIC TILE WORK Day-Lewis Co. 1721 West Culver, Phoenix LATHING AND PLASTERING Sun Control Blind Tile Co. 2315 West Van Buren, Phoenix ASPHALT TILE WORK Al Shores 506 East Southern Avenue, Phoenix REINFORCING STEEL AND MESH Williams Insulation Co 1911 EastWilleta, Phoenix INSULATION WORK E. M. Beach P. O. Box 26, Phoenix WOOD ROLLING DOORS, CHALK AND BULLETIN BOARDS, BRONZE THRESHOLDS COVERS AND BINDING WERE FURNISHED BY THE ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY 311 WEST MONROE PHOENIX, ARIZONA BEST WISHES to the entire student body of Arizona State College Gililland Motor Co. General Repairs CHEVRON GASOLINE 16 East 8th St. Phone 2123 TEMPE, ARIZONA For .... a cup of coffee, sandwich, . or a full meal (Jamfius Jnn THE C. l. ' s THE PLACE Foxworth-McCalla Lumber Company Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations to the Class of ' 50 Contract and Retail Hardware Vfio esa e and Retail Building Materials 1400 West Jefferson Street PHONE 4-8411 PHOENIX, ARIZONA BEST OF LUCK to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1950 LESCHER and MAHONEY ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS Phoenix, Arizona The NEWLY REMODELED LAIRD PHARMACY Your Tempe Headquarters for Sun Devil Football Ducats " Corner Drug Store to the college cro W REXALL DRUG PRODUCTS - PRESCRIPTIONS - FOUNTAIN CORNER 5TH MILL, TEMPE PHONE 2922 BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS FROM Metropolitan Lines, Inc. THIS TIME IT ' S HUDSON ONLY CAR WITH THE STEP DOWN DESIGN Lewis Motor Sales 40 EAST MAIN STREET Phone 4597 MESA, ARIZONA The Favorite Campus Spot For Over Twenty-five Years VARJJTV " Vr Best Service Fine Food And Drinks KOOL COVERS CAMPUS ACTIVITIES . . " Its KOOL in Phoenix " 960 K.C. THE COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE AGENTS SHAW-WALKER " BUILT LIKE A SKYSCRAPER " FILING EQUIPMENT ESTABLISHED 1904 34-38 South Central Avenue PHOENIX, ARIZONA Office Supplies Office Furniture Shaw-Walker Filing Equipment Fire Files and Safes Rubber Stamps Loose Leaf Systems Acme Visible Record Notary and Corporation Equipment Seals and Records E) 101 CD a cP a: rr o o o o o ADAMS AT FIRST ST. PORTERS dominates the South-West . . . First in hand-made Saddles and Ranch Equipment Second in Men ' s Sport and Dress wear Third in Women ' s Sport and Dress wear Fourth in Men ' s and Women ' s Stetson Hats Fifth in quality Sport Shoes Sixth in Luggage and hand-made Leather Goods Seventh in hand-made Leather Belts and Buckles Eighth in Guns, Sporting Goods, Cameras " The West ' s Most Western Store " " Most Likely to Succeed " Establishing and maintaining a friendly, business-like relationship with a good bank is important to young men and women, particularly to those who aspire to become tomorrow ' s business and professional leaders. These young men and women who establish a banking connection by opening a savings account and adding to it regularly... who consult the bank about their plans for the future... who win and keep the confidence of their banker ... have gained a valuable, life-long ally. The Valley National Bank cordially welcomes the accounts and friendships of all sincere, ambitious young men and women. VALLEY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 125-TON TROLLEY BATTERY LOCOMOTIVE with train or ore cars en route to the Concentrator from the Morenci Open Pit Mine. This standard gauge track laid with 133-pound rail is on a right-of-way cut into the cliffs far above the roadway of U. S. Highway 666 running alongside Chase Creek in the Canyon below. The pioneers who patiently sought the mineral treasures of the West and the men who, with them, opened up the mines, provided the capita! and assisted in getting the finished product to market, truly had the faith needed to move mountains. Of such were the men who first developed the Copper mines at Morenci. Started in the early 1870s, first development of the mines called for all the energy, courage and resourcefulness that vis- ion and initiative could summon. A prodigious task this, in a wild region that had echoed to the war whoops of the murderous Apaches only a few yea r s before the mines were opened. But those pioneers, looking over the future, believed that the mountains of ore they labored to move would be needed by our fast expanding country. Perhaps they foresaw the new born elec- trical age needing an abundant supply of cheap Copper that its benefits could accrue to the great- est possible number. In the years since then the rich ores have gone and now a new mining method is in full operation at Morenci. Each day more than forty-five thou- sand tons of ore is mined from the Open Pit Mine, and after the Copper is extracted by concentrating and smelting processes, it is shipped to the markets of the world. Copper is one of those basic industries, the development of which has caused America to pros- per greatly. Far flung as is the Copper industry today, much is yet to come. Research and con- stantly improved methods will enable the Red Metal to contribute in still larger degree to a ever higher standard of living in America. PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION AJO BISBEE DOUGLAS MORENCI JEROME CLARKDALE r KODAKS SUPPLIES CINE KODAKS Movies in Natural Color THE PHOTO SHOP RED AND YELLOW FRONT Exclusive Kodak Store Since 929 KODAK FINISHING " Besl In The West " 225 N. CENTRAL AVE. PHOENIX PHONE 3-9236 Angelo Mangino J. Ross Gates 3)ealei K ro v ii Hoeye Motor Company t First Street , Arizona Cheers to you Graduates Our Heartiest Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS UJeSTUJflRD4lo PHOENIX, ARIZONA JOHN B. MILLS. President General Manager The New Men ' s Dormitory HOMES SON CONSTRUCTION CO 310 East Medlock Drive, Phoenix GENERAL CONTRACTOR H. H. GREEN Security Building, Phoenix ARCHITECT Pioneer Foundry Mfg. Co. 32 East Pioneer Avenue, Phoenix STRUCTURAL STEEL Ace Springfield 1202 North 18th Street, Phoenix MASONRY Thoren ' s Fixtures Architectural Millwork Co 149 Farmer Avenue, Tempe FIXTURES Alpine Heating Cooling Co 3340 East McDowell Road, Phoenix HEATING, COOLING AND REINFORCING STEEL J. H. Welsh Son Contracting Co. - 805 South Central, Phoenix PLUMBING Standard Roofing Supply Co. 319 South 24th Street, Phoenix ROOFING J. A. Whitney 1706 East McKinley, Phoenix LATHING AND PLASTERING De Berge Babcock Electric Co 550 West Washington, Phoenix ELECTRICAL WORK Arizona Sand Rock Co South Seventh Street, Phoenix PRE-MIX PRECISION CONCRETE vt$i to A. S. C. DESERT ' F up the ladder TO SUCCESS! For some it ' s a long hard climb. For others the road is a little easier. But one thing for sure with success comes a feeling of security such as that offered by a federally insured savings account that earns 2 ' 7 current dividend. FIRST FEDERAL AVIMGS,,,,, , JOSEPH G RICE, ,. i 30 W. ADAMS, PHOENIX 148 E. SECOND ST., YUMA PETERSON - BROOKE - STEINER AND WIST RETAIL STORES Howard Stofft Yuma Stationers PETERSON. BROOKE, STEINER WIST 530 West Washington PHOENIX COMPLETE FURNISHINGS FOR RETAIL STORES Peterson, Brooke Steiner Prescott P B S W Safford Phone 2-2301 SCHOOL - CHURCH - OFFICE - INDUSTRY EVERYTHING FOR School., Office, Student and that quick refreshment between classes COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Always A Busy Spot CENTRAL Branches : Casa Grande - Flagstaff - Holbrook - Glendale Kingman - Yuma ARIZONA ' S OLDEST AUTOMOTIVE JOBBER Are we Proud? Yes sir! WHY SHOULDN ' T we be, too! With four con- secutive Ail-American ratings for the STATE PRESS, we ' re happy to have had a part in its production these past few years. STATE PRESS and other fine printing is our busi- ness. You ' re invited to call at our downtown office. Gfcmpc News Established 1887 PRINTERS STATIONERS INSPIRATION CONSOLIDATED COPPER COMPANY Extends best wishes to the 1950 Graduating Class and to Arizona State College at Tempe PIONEER INDUSTRY OF ARIZONA . ARIZONA ' S most complete department store v Adams at Second St. in downtown Phoenix Phone 8-1551 as always COURTESY SERVICE FREE PARKING L JLHR J The job of producing your 1950 SAHUARO lias, it goes without saying, involved a fantastic amount of work not unmingled with worry, grief, hair-tearing and a certain amount of fun, so that it now becomes distinctly in order to give an inadequate amount of recognition and thanks to those good people who have car- ried their share and in some cases more of the load. These are the people whom we especially appreciate; and although it would take too long to state exactly what each has done, our undying gratitude is theirs. Two staff members who warrant especial mention are THURL LAWRENCE and GEORGE BROXVN, JR. They are photographers and good ones, who, while fulfilling their graduation requirements and managing not to neglect their wives and children beyond a certain point, carried the full picture-making burden of this energetic job. The very last photos that they took were their own and they nearly forgot those which just about expresses their spirit in the matter. Then we thank IMOGENE MITCHELL, JANE MASSIE and JIM LOPER for handling thankless tasks of indexing, correspondence and all the sort of thing we hated to do; and MRS. DOROTHY BERGAMO ' S watercolor class for sav- ing the day when it came to the class paste-ups. From the administrative standpoint we are cordially backed throughout by DONN KINZLE and his " Den of Thieves, " by Fanancial Manager JACK CUTHBERTSON, by our Student Body President SID GLENN and his aides, and by the world ' s most pleasant personality. EMILY BROWN to all of whom the SAHUARO people owe much for their maintenance of morale in times of stress. But our most obvious debt is that which we must pay to ERNEST JEROME HOPKINS, Professor of Journalism. This year of 1Q50 has been, as we have tried to record, a " Year of Progress and if you decide that SAHUARO has progressed too, we re satisfied. DIK WORTHEN, Editor BEN PEDRICK, Editor

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