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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1959 volume:

r 1' fu MHP! Q '22 'Ula .QQQQ al "'f,g"f:x,k 0 I ff r4't'5 'gt Tx if ' "0"4'af""" n""4 'fv:""1 gif' 4,1 1, fi, it I ,gait "U w 'Q "4 'NJ' .nw Dzdnratunn The dedlcatlon of our Annual IS an lmportant thlng It lfltllltleb the whole year s actlvltles contrlbutlons and persons all IH one book and yearnlng for someone to whom to be dedlcated Nothwlthstandmg all the inevitable debatln which accompanies such a task there has been one person whose name lecalls a note of endearment to each and every one who knows her Not content wlth merely playlng the part of a teacher only she has endeaxored to become the pupll frlend also Because her Slllnlng attrlbutes have become so lmportant to us the students we hereby dedlcate thls Annual for 191859 to Mrs Pluma Thoemmg X . .. x I t w :::. t 4 aa 4 I y of y y in t , f Q ' - r o -- b- , A .4 I nh. I .. A 1 2. ' MARCIA BRYANT Edztor ln Chzef VIKING STAFF JANSJE HUYCK Asszszanz Editor Front row left to rzght Clndy Kean Mandy Kay Madelme Oakley Karen Ralke Marcia Bryant Jansye Huyck Gall Tlmbrell Mrs Fnmmen Teacher Aduzsor Second row left to rzght Scott Fltz gerrell Bruce Bmgman Cort Qulckel Pat Ryan Rolf Marsh Davld Yarbrough Todd Lee Hon orary member Tom Venner 'Fl BULLETIN STAFF F oreground: Marta Acke, Richard Reinert. Back row: David Walker, Margaret Hatch, Tom Venner, Pat Fischback, Mrs. Ferguson,,Teacher-Advisorg Scott Fitzgerrell, .lack Easton. Absent from picture: Tom Colden. COUBIER STAFF RHYMING PEN t to right: Mrs. Knudtson, Teacher-Advisorg Douglas McCon- ' Pamela Johnson, Michael Vernon, Robin Burke, Geanie Front row-left to right: Linda Von Zell, Kathy Kent, Tandy White, Ann Vollaerts, Kathy Roe, Jaymie Kinsler, Parks. Back row.' Mrs. Burgess, Teacher-Advisorg John Porter, Lynne Bryant, Tom Clarke. Robert Langan. I Clair Brady TWELF TH GRADE Leslie Hunter . ,K 0, q,wfgR,z:,myg rg , . , . .. ' N...-1 2 X Marcia Bryant MRS. MACTAGGART Elizabeth Oster PARENT-TEACHERS COUNCIL The Parent-Teachers' Council, under the fine direction of President Richard Hogan, gave their wonderful annual dinner dance at the Statler-Hilton Hotel last October. The profit of the dance came to 37,522.38 This was the net income. On thousand dollars went to the build- ing of Argyll. The rest went to the following: I. Handball board. 2. Small building for meetings, such as Bluebirds, Camp Fire and Cub Scout meetings. There were seven hundred gifts donated by the parents. There were as man outside guests as parents from our school Mrs Alexan er K Campbell gave out the gifts The door glfts consisted of a Ten davs in Hawan b Two days at Palm Springs c A jeweled mink sweater I Table decoratlons were made by the mothers and sold ater After the dancing and talking of the dance some of the parents stayed overnlght at the Statler At the last P TC meeting Mrs Welch and her room got the parents cup for best attendance of the period Mrs Welch has won the father s cup three times for best attendance and can now keep it We are very grateful for the gifts the Parent Teachers Council has presented to the school and for their deep interest in our welfare We the first graduating class of Argyll Academy, would like at this tlme to extend our heartfelt thanks to Miss Hawks. She has been a constant lnsplra tlon and friend. We find it hard to express in words our appreciation for bei' continued help and guidance. Thank you, Miss Hawks. ELEVENTH GRADE MRS FERGUSON fe- ""'N 'J B Y PtRy F CdyK RlfM RzhW TENTH GRADE-MR. PAUW f"'9 "VX ,Fil- '35 Lt Pauline Bachakes Alice Dexter Tom Colden Mimi Griffard Margaret Hatch Roger Havens Lance Kerr Martha Oster Randy Reid Stephen Slonneger John Spence Debbie Stott Tom Venner David Walker Camera Shy: Linda Latham Bill Mitchell Marta Acke Vicki Berlin Bruce Bingman Linda Bodine Judy Branch Scott Fitzgerrell .lohn Hemphill Mary Hiam Judy Lyon Cort Quickel Mary Scott Lelia Smith Robert Speers Gail Timbrell Camera Shy: Abigail Adams Diane Duify NINTH GRADE-MRS. THOEMING L' ft' .KS !""""' "ESV 'fr 'ka 1 -Er I if 17 NINTH GRADE-MISS PINKNEY 'v:f"" 5 L. L Q . 'S' -fs. L tt' ...g 2 1? 'Q 'EV' 3" 0 of- as From top to bottom. left to right: Susan Anderson, Sally Case, Tony Greeley, Karen Green, Virginia Hammond, Linda Henning, Michael Hicken looper, ,lorry Hickman, Mandy Kay, Bill lNlarc-ns, Barbara Martin, Missy Oakley, Donald Oswald, Sharon Ponty, .lohn Reynolds, Robbie Robertson Marianne Tyler, Christine Warren, David Yarbrough. Camera shy: LarryMobley, David Sanders, Todd Lee. v ,W 11 fr . 44: 5-ng ,""'E'... ff!" P0 Q Q . AN."-7 df' "D +9 4' N,9 H' swf .. -A I 'nv . A if 6 . K' ,, aw 21 6. 1' 'Q F 'i' if I rm H ggi' sl ,S-if H , , 4 ff, ' 'ui R -o, A ua , I Qdgfk Is. ' W 'Z , 1 uri af, Q 'Af 11 -0 1 J' I .4 gr, iz , fin K - w.12..."'v 41" .- .. VV V1 e V Xl' ' in 1 ,Mn J L l' - W 'Tl ' , sm 1 4, V, ,W avg' lun 5 f gpg ' .H J i 6354 fri it -1 , wif' ' all ' .C Oi.. , , 1. ' ew-24" visa' ,351-H ,fi wi' at . 3 1 ,, - ,."'I" 1 3.1. f : , My . - new In . 4 1 L W .1 Q-.N , .- 'WV . 91" 7 fa .- my ,Q-3 wa- Wd' 4 in , Q 1' 4 Zrggll Zradzlng 'Lltrrarg STORM The day broke over a gray and dismal world yet there were signs of stlrrmg among the creatures of the island A seagull soared up mto the dlmly l1t grey sky and then changed his flight pattern ln order to dive after a small unsuspecting fish All at once there was a kmfe of thunder whlch cut through the stlllness of the dawn but withln seconds the echo died away and once again all was sllent There was a stir of expectancy that ran through all the animals both awake and asleep Agam there came the deafening roar only not quite so loud as before though just as much warnmg was ln xt The reef thunder mounted a long drawn hushed yet mighty sound that seemed to have ltS being not 1n the air above but in the very sea beneath The sea was glassy and :lie swells ro e and fell as 1f calmly blown by angels rea All at once the entire picture changed The glassy swells changed to huge battermg waves The thunder was no longer hushed but filled the air with a deafening roar that filled the whole earth with H0158 And now small animals were darting about looking for nearby shelter At one time the sky eemed to fall in the form of pelt mg ram which stung the very water upon whlch lt fell It was a storm' Not just an ordinary storm but ra1n Much needed ram that would quench the thlrst of the small desert lsland Maggie Hatch Tenth Grade OBLIGATION From the time we first understand rlght from wrong we have begun to undertake an obllgatlon Obllgatlon means a moral and physlcal responsiblhty to all things a sort of llfetrme contract w1th your famlly friends school country church and most of all God It seems sometimes as though obligations are sort of like fleas the more you scratch to get r1d of them the faster they multiply If one feels he has no obllgatlon he has no opinions agrees with everyone and IS thought a most charming person On the other hand the one who feels his obligations greatly dares to express an opinion fights for an ideal and IS consldered by many a busy body At tlmes he ends up with everyone bemg at war with hlm The polnt is with this evidence do we want obllgatlons or not? The fact IS we have them and must make every effort to fulfill each and every one of them We love God and our country and the opportunity to learn 1n our schools Educatlon may not always make us president but lt s just as important to know how to cast the rlght vote Thls knowledge however does not come from readm funny books As for family and friends I klnd of like havme them around-so I guess I ll keep my obligations Cort Qurckel Ninth Grade THE HARD LUCK FRIGATE The United States frrgate Constellation has been known as the hard luck frlgate for everywhere she went she met with bad luck From the beginning things went wrong The lumber and other supplles needed for her construction seemed to get lost on their way to the shipyard then her con struction was stopped completely and then ll was re sumed At last she was launched in 1797 She fought her only battles 1n an undeclared war with France The first against a ship of about her own strength she won easily but almost lost her pr1ze in a storm In her second battle however she faced a s lp of almost twice her stren th After a furious battle the French shlp struck her colors But at this moment the Constellatlon s mam mast fell overboard Seelng the opportunity the French ship rehorsted her colors and e caped She was then sent to fight the Barbary pirates but was damaged rn a storm and forced to return to port Durlng the War of 1812 she was blockaded 1n the Nor folk Navy Yard by the Brltlsh ln 184-2 she went to the Far East but arrived too late to take part 1n the Oplum War After thls she was left to rot untll 1955 when she was moved up the East Coast to Baltimore where she was to become a Natlonal Shrine But even on this her last voyage she had to fight for her life Hurrrcane Connle held a race with her but this time the hard luck frrgate won She beat the storm 1nto port Bruce Blngman Ninth Grade PEACE POWER AND PROTECTION Of the manv thlngs that make up our country the three most vital are peace power and protection For this year s cover of the WIKING I have tried to brrng all three 1nto unity for we usually think of them in that way The hand symbollzes the power our great country has and 1t is an assurance that lf need be we w1ll have the power to strike back at any aggressor The lightning IS for the protection we want and of which we are assured Our protection of lightning speed and bl'1l113I1CC shows other worlds and powers our bene ficent ideals and mtentlons Of all the signs on the cover the most universally known IS the ol1ve branch the symbol for peace which IS the goal ardently sought by all We may have to fight for It but the cost for its defense IS worthwhlle If we continue to cherish these powers we shall be able to face the unknown vahantly Rolf Marsh Eleventh Grade . - - - cc - D7 1 a ' 9 O 0 . . . D - ' ' . . . . ' , . 1 1 ' 1 1 - ' 0 ' . . U . . . , n - 5 9 7 ll. V , . . . , , , . V on u . U 9 1 - ' . 'f 44 - 1 99 1 ' , . . . . Q ' . , ' S . . . , , . . U . ' . . v v S . - . . . . , , - Y Y . u 7 . , . - . cr 1 7 - 1 u . , 7 . . . , Q 1 1 1 . ' , , 1 7 1 1 ' - . . 9 f ' ' 9 7 . , 5 ' 0 , ' - I 1 s -, , I . 7 . . . - K . u s Y , , I ' 3 A , ' 7 T - n u I . 7 1 . . 9 ' 1 . . , . . . 7 7 1 U . . . . - 1 , T u , I o- o n on D . . 1 U - 7 1 - - . Chris THOMAS EDWARD BANKER Tom Hobby-Hitting Alan Marsh. Favorite Expression-Why, I otta . . .! Future Ambition-To get a '59 Corvette. History-Entered Jan. '57 . . . Vikings '58 . . . have been here all the time. Will-I, Tom Banker, being of strong body ? ? ? and weak mind ! ! ! , will my only pair of gym socks to Scott Holden, and my ability to tell jokes to Bill Klein. CATHY ANTHONY BARWICK Cathy Hobby-Talking on the 'phone. Favorite Expression-Oh, Fabulous! Future Ambition-To go back to Boston. History-Entered '56 . . . Honor Roll '56 . . . Charter member of Valkyries '59. Will-I, Cathy, being of sound mind and body, will and bequeath to Karen Ralke a good time at the Hollywood Roller Bowl with certain boys. CHRISTINE ELLA BOLCHEY Hobby-Making Kathy Roe mad. Favorite Expression-Oh, for Pete's sake! Future A mbition-To keep food away from Susan Tenny- son. History-Entered '52 . . . Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, '57, 58 ,... Girl's Chorus '57, 58 . . . Courier Staff '57, '58 . . . Class Secretary '58, '59. Will-I, Christine, "being of sound mind" fl hopej and body, do leave my ability to eat in class to Linda von Zell so she can have better luck at it than I. LYNN BRYANT Lynnie Hobby-Horseback riding, swimming, and parties. Favorite Expression-Which one? Future Ambition-To catch a certain someone. History-Entered '51 . . . Honor Roll every period '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56 . . . Courier '57, 58 . . . Editor of Courier '58, '59 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, 58 . . . Secretary of Valkyries '59. Wilb-I, Lynnie, being of feeble mind and body, will to Scott Holden my ability to stay out of trouble f?J, and to my cousin, Lee Fitzgerrell, my books with the crazy notes in hopes she will clean them up. GAY BULLOCK Gay Hobby-Cracking up at the wrong times. Favorite Expression-Now, now, this is serious. Future Ambition-To see Ann with the same boy friend for over two weeks. History-Entered '57 . . . Class Vice-President '57, '58 . . . Cheer Leader '57, '58 . . . Class President '58, '59 . . . Valkyries '59 . . . Drama '58, '59. Will-l, Gay, being of sound mind and body, will and beqeath my ability to laugh to Jackie and Nukio in hopes that next year they will get into more trouble than I will. ROBIN FAIRLEICH BURKE Robin Hobby-Trying to convince my parents I've been on the phone two minutes instead of two hours. ' Favorite Expression-Oh neat! Future Ambition-When skating, to spend more time on my feet instead of on my seat. History-Entered '57 . . . Drama Club '57, '58 . . . Band '57, '58 . . . Mona Lisa '58 . . . Courier Reporter '57, '58, '59 . . . Valkyries charter member '59, Will--I, Robin, being sound mind and body, will to all my teachers the butterflies found in my stomach before all my tests. THOMAS GEORGE CLARKE Tom Hobby-Swimming and guns. Favorite Expression-For the last time, please hand in your Courier news! Future Ambition-To get the Courier out on schedule. History-Entered '50 . . . Honor Roll every period '51 . . . Final Honor Roll '52, '53, '54, '55 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '56, '57, '58 . . . Student Court '56 . . . Courier Staff '57, '58 . . . Vikings '57, '58, '59 . . . Editor of Courier '58. Will-l, Tom, being of body without a mind, bequeath my supreme power for mixing up my locker combination, to anyone so unlucky to get locker number twenty-three. CHERON COSGRIFF Cheri Hobby--Eating, listening to KFWB, and talking Q when l sbouldn't talkb. Faro: ite Expression-All right-already. Future Ambition-To be a doctor. History-Entered '56 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '56, . . . Mona Lisa '57, '58 . . . Drama '57, '58, '59. Will-l Cheri, being of lazy mind and body, do hereby and bequeath uh . . . uh . . . l haven't anything to wi . JLDITH ANNE CURTIS ,ludv Hobby-Pestering Jim during fourth period study hall. Favorite Expression-Xvay to go. Vollaerts. Fulun- .4mbilion-To see Ann go with a guy for more than three weeks. History-Entered '56 . . . Honor Roll '56, '57 . . . Secre- tary of class '57, '58 . . . Courier Staff '58 . . . Val- kyries '59. Will-I. Judy Curtis. being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get into trouble fwhich was so generousy willed to me last year by one Nicci Reed! to Linda von Zell. who really doesn't need it any more than I did. PETER WIGGLESWORTH DE WITT Chuckles Hobby-Drums. electronics, and GIRLS. Favorite Expression-Tough. Future Ambition-To be a Rock 'n' Roll singer, a drum- mer, and an electronics engineer. History-Entered '49 . . . Band '58, '59 . . . Football Team '57, '58 ,59 . . . Basketball Team '58, '59 . . . Base- ball Team '59. Will-I, Chuckles, being of sound mind and body, will all my records by the Everly Brothers to Tom Frisina. WILLIAM BISHOP DORAN Bill Hobby-Talking in class. F axorite Expression-Rugged. ' Future Ambition-To see Taylor grow his hair longer than Moore's. H istory-Entered '56 . . . Track '58, '59 . . . Football '59 . . . Basketball '59 . . . Final Honor Roll '57, '58, Will-I, Bill, being of sound mind and body, will my ability of getting into trouble in class to Scott Robertson, who really doesn't need it. JAMES ANTHONY DUNN Jim Hobby-Talking my way out of ninth hours. Favorite Expression-Here's my report card, mom . . what's the knife for, mom? Future Ambition-To be friends with Mr. Del-Pan. History-Entered '54 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '56 . . . Baseball Team '57 . . . Letters in Football '58, '59 Letters in Basketball '58, '59 . . .Track Team '58, '59 . . . Vikings '56, '57. '58, '59 . . . Vice-President of Vikings '58 . . . President of Vikings '58 . . . Student Council '58, '59. Will-I, James Anthony, not knowing what state of mind I am in, hereby will and return to Eric Stacey that state of mind. THOMAS ANTHONY FRISINA Tom Hobby-Girls. Favorite Expression-McConnell, get away from the girls. Future Ambition-To get above a "D" on an English test. History-Entered '56 . . . Football Team '57, '58, '59 . . . Basketball Team '57, '58, '59 . . . Track Team '57, '58, '59 . . . Baseball Team '59i Will-I, Tom, being of sound body and no mind, hereby will my beatup bicycle to Jim Dunn in hopes he can get better mileage out of it than 1 did. ROBERT ZANE FULTON Bob Hobby-Cars, girls. Favorite Expression-You're such a ??-Y! Future Ambition-To be called in English class without giving the "incorrect" answer. History-Entered '57 . . . Student Court '57, '58 . . . Bas- ketball Team '58. Will-I, Robert, being of sound mind WJ and overlarge body, hereby will my ability to UI What ability? ANNE LESLIE HARRISON Anne Hobby-Horses, records, and T.V. Favorite Expression-Save a piece for me! Future Ambition-To own and drive a Thunderbird. History-Entered '57 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '57, '58, '59 . . . Girls Chorus '57, '58 . . . Valkyries '59. Will-I, Anne, being of undernourished mind and over- nourished body, will and be ueath my old wornout pair of school shoes to my friends. Karen and Cathy, to be divided equally and impartially between them. JAMES CARDIN HEMPHILL ,lim Hobby-Money. Favorite Expression-Who has my lunch? ? ? Future Ambition-To be a miser tHeh, Hehll. History-Entered '57 . . . Vikings '57, '58, '59 . . . Stu- dent Council '57, '58 . . . Band '57, '58, '59 . . . Honor Roll '58, '59 . . . Mona Lisa '59. Will-I, ,lim Hemphill, being of sound mind and body, do will and bequeath to John Porter all my Eighth grade text books twith written answers, of coursej, who can use them, I hope! C.-XROLYN MARIE HERKNER Carol Hobby-Talking on the phone. Famrile Expression- Oh, nutsl Future .4mbilion-To get an A on an English test. llislory-Entered '53 . . . Girls' Chorus '58, Ilnill-Ml, Carolyn, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath my Fritos to Ceanie and Susan who are always eating them, anyway. iVlLLlAiNl A. HOOD Bill Hobby--Cars. l'l1l1'07'lf!' lfxpression--'lille girl r-an't help it. Fulure .4lllbll1'0!lA--TO be a good and faithful waterhoy. History-Entered '57 . . . Basketball Team '57 . . . Track Team '58 . . . Football Team '58 . . . Basketball '58, '59 . . . Vikings '57, '58, '59. Will-I. Bill Hood, being of sound mind, will . . ., but they won't let me. DENNIS BLAINE HUGHES Denny Hobby-Collecting records. Farorite Expression-None. Future Ambition-To be a scientist. History-Entered '57 . . . Honor Roll '57, '58, '59 . . . Vikings '58, '59, Will-I, Dennis, being of sound mind and body, hereby will my ability for fouling up a math test to whomever wants it. PAMELA .IOANNE JOHNSON Pam Hobby-Talking on the 'phone to Penny and Robin. Favorite Expression-That's just great! I l ! Future Ambition-To see Christine in a ducktail fthat will be the dayl! History-Entered '57 . . . Mona Lisa '57, '58 . . . Courier Staff '57, '58, '59 . . . Charter member of Valkyries '59, Will-I, Pam, being of sound mind and body, will and geqgeath my Eighth Grade Assignment Sheet to Sandy ol e. JAYMIEBETH KINSLER .Iaymie Hobby-Eating Pam's lunch. Favorite Expression--Oh! ! l Future Ambition-To teach Kathy how to horseback ride History-Entered '57 . . . Basketball 57 58 59 Tumbling Team '57 . . . Cirls"Chorus 57 58 Will-I, Iaymie, being of mixed up mmd and sound body Q? ? ?j, will my ability to get in trouble to Diane Laurie. WILLIAM LEE KLEIN Bill Hobby-Telling jokes. that it might incriminate mel been here ever since. anyone who is dull enough to need it KENNETH LEE KRAUS Ken Hobby-Listening to KFWB. Favorite Expression-Oh sure! Future Ambition-To hear Todd say, "I will never go steady again," and see him do it! History-Entered '57 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '57, '58, '59 . . . Class Treasurer '57, '58 . . . Class Vice- President '58, '59 . . . Vikings '57, '58, '59 . . . Secretary of Vikings '53 . . . Vice-President of Vikings '59 . . . Student Council '58, '59 . . . Football Team '58 . . . Basketball Team '58, '59, Will-I, Kenny, being of sound . . . oh well . . . I hereby will and bequeath my ability for writing everything in my English Workbook except English to whichever sev- enth grader wants it. ALAN JONATHAN MARSH Marsh Hobby-Making girls mad. Favorite Expression-How d'ya like that?l Future Ambition-To get good grades so that I can go to New York this summer. History-Entered '57 . . . Honor Roll '58 . . . Student Court '57, '58 . . . Vikings '59 . . . Graduate '59 II hopel. Will-I, Alan, will my fabulous ability of passing by the skin of my teeth to Ricky Edmiston in hopes that he will get rid of it! Favorite Expression-I refuse to answer on the grounds Future Ambition-To write my history History- Born in '45 . . . five years old in 50 eight years odl in '53 . . . entered this school in 55 as Will-I, Bill Klein, being of very sound mmd and tern fically strong body, hereby will my comedian ability to NANCY LEE MARTSCH Nancy Hobby-Collecting falmost everythingi, models, and art. Favorite Expression-Blank. Future Ambition-To be a scientist. History-Entered '58 . . . Honor Roll '58. '59 . . . Girls' Chorus '58 . . . Mona Lisa '59 . . . Valkyries, charter member '59. Will-I, Nancy, being of sound mind and body, do will and bequeath my handwriting to Mrs. Fimmen. in hopes that she will have many happy hours deciphering it. DOUGLAS HUNTER MCCONNELL Doug Hobby-Sports. Favorite Expression-Tough enough. Future Ambition-To be the first man in orbit. History-Entered '52 . . . Honor Roll '52, '53, '54, '55, '56. '57. '58. '59 . . . Epsilon Alpha Sigma '57 . . . Vik- ings '57. '58, '59 . . . President of Vikings '53. '59 . . . President of class '55, '56, '57, '58. '59 . . . Courier Staff '57, '58, '59 . . . Co-Editor of Courier '58. '59 . . . Foot- ball Team '58. '59 . . . Basketball Team '58, '59 . . . Track Team '58, Will-I, Doug, being of sorta sound mind and body, will and bequeath to Lee Fitzgerrell and Karin Berg- strom anything they can find in my desk that they can use. RICHARD GRAY MCLELLAN Rick land if you're a girlb. Rich. Hobby-Making hook shots in Basketball to Tom Fris- ina's disgust. Favorite Expression-Swingen! Future Ambition-To see Miss Pinkney in her Motor- cycle ,Iacket lthe one with the five starsi. History-1Eentered '57 . . . Football Team '57, '58 . . . Basketball Team '58, '59 . . . Track Team '58, '59 . . . Vikings '58, '59 . . . Jr. Drama '57, '58. '59. Will-I. Rick. being of sound 1? if mind and mixed up body, will my gym locker with unknown combination to John Londelius, knowing he will use it to the best of his ability. MICHAEL CLAYTON MOORE Mike Hobby-Cars fshow and gol, and girls. Favorite Expression-Tough enough. Future Ambition-To drive a customized '54 Merc, with a Chrysler 300D. History-Entered '57 from Encino Elementary School . . . Band '58 . . . Football Team '58 . . . Basketball Team '59. Will-I, Mike. being of sound mind and body, have nothing to will but my teachers to the next poor Eighth grade students. LAURA LYNN NICHOLSON p Suggie Hobby-Having parties and measuring my nose. Favorite Expression-Oh why, don't you grow up? Future A rnbition-Not to be teased about my nose. History-Entered '58 . . . Basketball '58, '59 . . . Drama Treasurer '59 . . . Valkyries '59. Will-I., Sug, will my ruler which I frequently measure my nose with to Jackie Ray so she may measure hers, and my nose to anyone who will have it. LAURA JEAN NUCCIO Nucyo Hobby-Going places on Friday night. Favorite Expression-Tuifness! Future Ambition-To bring enough food for lunch. Hostory-Entered in '56 . . . Straight A Citizenship Honor Roll '56, '57 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58 . . Mona Lisa '58 . . . Charter Member of Valkyries '59. Will-I, Nucyo, being of sound mind and body will the guidance of all my teachers to the next class in hopes that they will make better use of it than I did. .IIJLIA ELIZABETH 0 CONNOR Molly 0' Hobby-Eating ,lackie's sandwiches, and of course, boys. Favorite Expression-Tough life, Ray! Future Ambition-To see Tom not surrounded by girls, and also, to see him when he's not talking. Qlf any of those are possiblej History-Entered '50 . . . re-entered '55 . . . Honor Roll '50, '51, '52 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '5 , '57, '58, '59 . . . President of Drama '59 . . . Drama '58, '59 . . . Girls' Chorus '58 . . . Student Council '58, '59 . . . Presi- dent of Valkyries. Will-I, Julie, being of sound mind and body, do will and bequeath my ability to be one of the biggest flirts in school to Lee Fitzgerrell in hopes she can do better than I did. And with that thought I better leave. GAYNOR DORATHEA POPEJOY Gay Hobby-Drawing during English class. Favorite Expression-Ditto. Future .Ambition-To sing with the Metropolitan Opera Company. History-Entered '57 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58. Will-I, Gay, being of insane mind and feeble body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get E's in English to Carol Cotton in hopes fhigh hopesy she will change them into A's. NED BERNARD QUESINBERRY Ned Hobby-Getting in trouble. Favorite Expression-Hey, Doran! Future Ambition-To ask Ken Taylor a question that he can't answer. History--Entered '51 . . . Final Honor Roll '52, '53, '54- . . . Final Citizenship Honor Roll '57, '58 . . . Letter in Track '58 . . . Football '58 . . . Track '59. Will-I, Ned, being of no mind and thick glasses will and bequeath my ability to fail tests to Scott Robertson whom I know can improve on it. WILLIAM DENNIS QUINN Dennis Hobby-Collecting Playboys. Favorite Expression-. . . and all that jazz! Future Ambition-To race an Aston Martin at Sebrig? History-Entered '50 . . . Honor Roll '50, '55 . . . Vik- ings '58, '59 . . . Football and Track Teams '57 . . . Football and Basketball Teams '58, '59 . . . Viking Treasurer '58, '59 . . . Letter in Football and Track '58. W ill-I, Dennis, being of great mind and clumsy body, do will and bequeath my talent for disturbing any and all classes to Tony Henning. HAVE FUN! KAREN ANN RALKE Karen Hobby-Swimming and roller skating. Favorite Expression-You're kidding! Future Ambition-To get a good grade in Gym. History-Entered '57 . . . Student Council '57 . . . Girls' Chorus '58 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '57, '58, '59 . . . Viking Staff '59 . . . Charter member of the Valkyries '59. Will-I, Karen, being of UI mind and body, will and bequeath my wobbly chair and desk to anyone who wants it. .IACQLELYN MARY RAY ,Iacki andfor Tiger Hobby--Laughing at Gay and Julie, and, of course, boys. Favorite Expression-Tough luck, Nukyo! Future Ambition-To see Tom when he's in a good mood. H istory-Entered September '49 . . . Straight "A" Final Honor Roll '50, '51, '52, '53 . . . Final Honor Roll '54, '55, '56 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '57, '58, '59 . . . Vice-President of class '57, '58 . . . Secretary-Treasurer of class '59 . . . Treasurer of Valkyries '59 . . . Girls' Chorus '58 . . . Cheer Leader '58, Will-I, Jacki, being of sound mind and body, will to Lee Fitzgerrell my ability to say the wrong things at the wrong times. KATHRYN LOUISE ROE Kathy Hobby-Watching ,laymie fall out of the bus. Favorite Expression--What an "ick"! Future Ambition-To reach five feet. History-Entered '57 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58 . . . Courier '57. '58, '59 . . . Girls Basketball Team '58 . . . Citizenship Honor Boll '57, '58, '59 . . . Vice-President of Valkyries '59 . . . Student Council '59. Will-I, Kathy, being of very small mind and body, will my ability to be late for class to Mary Kay Beswick in hopes she will be on time. KAREN MICHELLE RUSSELL Karen Hobby--Watching TV. Favorite Expression-So what? Future Ambition-To get A's in Math and English. History-Entered '50 . . . Final Honor Roll '50, '58 . . . Straight A final '50, '51, '53, '54, '55 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '56, '57, '58 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58 . . . Epsilon Alpha Sigma '57, '58 . . . Student Court '59. Will-I, Karen, being of sound mind Q71 and body, will and bequeath my Math book fwith which I had an enjoyable time I? I I to my brilliant f?t brother, who I'm sure will use it thinking kindly of me. WILLIAM FRANCIS LEO SHANK Shark Hobby-Models, He He. Favorite Expression-That's real tough, man. Future Ambition-To be able to drive my father's Porsche. History-Entered '57 . . . Basketball '59 . . . Football '59 . . . Final Honor Roll '58. Will--I. Bill, being' of sound mind fl thinkl, will my ability to crack knuckles to anybody in the seventh grade who likes to annoy teachers. DIANE BERNICE SPRIGG Di Di Hobby-Collecting records and skiing. Favorite Expression-Don't panic! Future Ambuion--To see .Iaymie read louder in Govern- ment class. History-Entered '57 . . . Honor Roll '57 . . . Mona Lisa '57 . . . Basketball Team '58 . . . Valkyries '59. Will-l. Diane, being of sound mind ? and body, give my English and Math test grades to anyone who wants them. Geanie Hobby-Picking up papers that fall out of my two old notebooks. Favorite Expression-Don't get shook. Future Ambition-To be a girl Van Cliburn. History-Entered '55 from Carpenter Ave. School . . . Final Citizenship Honor Roll '55, '56, '57, '58, '59 . . . Class Treasurer '56 . . . Student Court '57 . . . Mona Lisa '57 . . . Girls' Chorus '57 . . . Courier Staff '57, '58 . . . Jr. Drama Club '58 . . . Ir. Drama Club Vice-l President '59 . . . Charter member of Valkyries '59. Will-I, Geanie. being of sound mind and body, do will and bequeath my two much used notebooks to Nina and Paul Dunn in hopes that the papers won't fall out all the time, and all the sleepless nights I've had before tests to my teachers, who will probably use them in preparing for next year's eighth graders. JOHN FREDERICK STEINER ,lohn Hobby-Traveling back and forth in time. Favorite Expression-What a grouch! Future Ambition-To be a hermit in Yosemite. History-Entered '57 . . . Vikings '58, '59. Will-I, John, being of inconceivable intellect, will my ball and chain to anybody who wants them. KENDRICK ALFRED TAYLOR Britannica Hobby-Audio electronics, mechanics, and cars. Favorite Expression-Do we have any homework, Mrs. Fimmen? Future Ambition-To be an Electrical engineer. History--Entered '56 . . . Student Court '57 . . . Final Honor Roll '56, '57. Will-I, Britannica, being of sound mind, do hereby will alpd bequeath all my spelling grades to anyone who wants t em. TINA CARRIE SUSAN LEICH TENNYSON Sue Hobby-Boys. 4 Favorite Expression-Oh, tough! Future Ambition-To marry a millionaire. History-Entered in '54 . . . Honor Roll '54 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58 . . . Courier '57, '58 . . . Jr. Drama Club '57, '58 . . . Valkyries '59. Will-I. Sue. being of sound mind t?,r and small body, will my ability of getting into trouble to anybody who would be stupid enough to want it and the three inches Anne willed me back to her because she needs it more than Ido! HA! HA! PAUL ALLEN VAN Alfond Hobby-Trying to ride a horse upside down going back- ward standing on my head. Favorite Expression-Me, I, wouldn't do a thing like that. Future Ambition--To be a tall Paul. History-Entered '57 . . . Vikings '57, '58. Will-I, me. being of had grades, hereby will nothing. ANTONIA LEE VOLLAERTS Puddles Hobby-Looking like Karin, and, of course, boys. Favorite Expression-Stop it, Sugl I Futura Ambition-To go with a boy for more than two weeks and to surf with Marianne. History-Entered '57 . . . Girls" Chorus '57, '58 . . . Drama '57 . . . Final Honor Roll '58. Will-I, Anne, being of sound mind and five feet, will one inch to Susan Tennyson fl really can't afford it! l. I leave my most precious possession, my ability to get into more trouble than anyone in the school, to anyone who wants it. GEORGIA CATHERINE IV.-XRTMAN Georgia Hobby-Horses and beachcombing. Favorite Expression-Shut up! Future Ambition-To get out of school. History-Entered '50 . . . Band '54, '55, '56 . . . Girls' Chorus '58 . . . Basketball '59 . . . Valkyries '59 . . . Final Honor Roll '59, Will-I, Georgia, being of very sound mind and body, will and bequeath all the butterflies that I might find in the future to Geanie, in hopes that she will go to Mr. Isais and find out what they are. SUE ANNE WUXTERINIAN Bucket II Hobby-Bovs and seeing Georgia get into trouble. Favorite Expression-O! Darn! Future Ambition-To be a singer. History-Entered '53 . . . Charter member of Valkyries '59 . . , Courier '57, '58 . . . Student Court '58, '59 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58 . . . Basketball Team '58, '59 . . . Mona Lisa '57, '58, Will-I. Bucket II, being of little mind and all fat, will , and bequeath everything I have at school to Ricky Gun- I derson. i L,-UQRA DEE WEBB Webbie Hobby--Listening to the radio and sleeping when I have time. Favorite Expression-Drat it! Future Ambition-To catch ,laymie in a good mood. Hint! Hint! History-Entered '57 . . . Citizenship Honor Roll '57, '58 . . . Mona Lisa '57, '58 . . . Girls' Chorus '57, '58 . . . Student Court '57, '58 . . . Courier Stall' '58 . . . .lr. Drama '58, '59 . . . Basketball Team '59 . . . Valkyries '59, Will-l, Webbie, being of some mind but plenty of body, will and bequeath my ability to make people mad at me to any seventh grader who wants it. PENELOPE JANE WHITE Penny Hobby-Mixing up my teachers. Favorite Expression-Isn't that just tough. Future Ambition-To see Paul Van without a comb. History-Entered '57 . . . Valkyries '59 . . . Girls Chorus '57, '58 . . . Band '57, '58 . . . Courier Staff '57, '58 '59 . . . Ir. Drama '57, '58 . . . Mona Lisa '57, '58, Will-I, Penny, using what little mind l have left to write this, will my Ui tuneful Ui voice to Scott Roh- ertson in hopes he will improve his own with it. gg,-E?" I an me X3 ' Y N ,l W, 7 W! .1 V ,nf fi 1 L ' 1 1 i , G Jx - iii Camphzll hall jumnr hugh ,ichnnl 'Lrtcrarg THE OUESTION OF MERCY DEATH As rt has been sard there are two srdes to every story Thrs one too has two srdes each opposrng and contra drctrng the other I wrll make an effort to sum up each srde and to grve my own personal oprnron Mercy or mercy death rs defined as krnd or compas sronate treatment of the sufferrng or condemned In the Unrted States mercy death rs rllegal under any crrcumstances However many doctors have been con vrcted of mercy krllrng Durrng such a trral or a drs cussron thrs questron has arrsen many trmes Do we have the authorrtv to take a man s lrfe or rs thrs power only granted to God? Perhaps an elderly person rs sufferrng from an rncur able drsease Is rt our rrght to take hrs l1fe9 Possrblv a chrld rs afllrcted wrth a serrous deformrty one whrch would handrcap hrm for lrfe Should we destroy thrs lrfe before rt suffers further? Do we have the rrght to use thrs power whrch God has forbrdden us rn one of the Ten Commandements9 One srde says No of course not Are we certam that thrs elderly person by some mrracle mrght not be cured or that thrs chrld mrght not learn to overcome hrs handrcap and lrve a rrch and successful lrfe'7 The opposrng srde says Yes Why should a human berng suffer for lrfe bv some arlment wrth whrch God has afllrcted hrm? Whv should a person have to suffer unbearably when hrs mlsery could be ended so com pletely so qurckly and easrly'7 But rn my oprnron no human berng has the rrght to take the lrfe of another human berng Only God and God alone should possess such a rrght or prrvrlege Gav Bullock Erghth Grade SUNSET As I walked home from school I stopped on the hrll near our house to watch the sunset Most of the anrmals were quret but as I watched I saw a famrly of deer pause at the lake before movrng on An evenrng breeze came up that made the trees sway to and fro and the tall green grass waved lrke the sea Just as the sun sank below the hrlls I saw a wedge of geese drop slowly to the ground for the nrght It was the end of a beautrful sprrng dav Lynn Bryant Erghth Grade BIOGRAPHY OF A HORSE Dusty was not what you would call a beautrful horse He was a dusty brown and whrte prnto ponv Dusty was born one mornrng rn early sprrng There was nothrng drfferent about hrs comrn rnto the world he seemed perfectly normal But he was not gorng to be lrke any of hrs frrends as you wrll soon see When Dustv was just a few days old hrs owner notrced that he was much smaller than the other colts hrs own age Thrs was unusual but lNan hrs mrstress thought that maybe he would grow The months went by and strll Dusty was smaller than hrs frrend Thrs reallv began to worry Nan for rf he staved thrs small she would never be able to sell hrm Cow ponres as supposed to be small but not as small at Dusty In Texas rn the 1880s horses were for work and not for pleasure If a horse was not surtable for work he was almost rmpossrble to sell As Dusty became old enough to sell he was strll undersrzed Many people looked at hrm but no one wanted to buy a runt H stopped eatrng and soon became very thrn One day toward the end of summer an old man and what appeared to be hrs granddaughter came to the ranch and asked to see some horses They sard they understood rt was a lrttle late to be wantrng a horse Nan showed them the horses that had not been sold But none of them seemed to be rr ht The horse was for the lrttle grrl Dusty was stan rng rn the corner wrth hrs head down and hrs tarl tucked under hrm She sard that was the horse she wanted and nothrng could change her mrnd Karen Lee Zavrtz Seventh Grade THE SPEECH The day was brrsk and a cool breeze was stlrrrng through the trees It was late afternoon as Lynn hurrred along the campus walk She qurckened her pace for rt was almost four oclock and Dr Graham from Calrfor nra was grvrng a speech on Afrrcan people Lynn was a freshmar at the Unrversrtv of Mrnnesota Thrs was the thrrd month of school and she was strll findrn rt hard to adjust to the wars of college She arrrved ten mrnutes late Slrdrng rnto her seat she was amazed to find Dr Graham s speech rnterestrng and srmple There were no fancy words no beatrng prrmrtrve thrngs were over there how the chrldren had lrttle or no edrrcatron and how Albert Schwertzer was over there now puttrn up a hosprtal as best he could Lynn was rnsnrred by thrs wonderful speech and years later Lynn Greyson went over to Afrrca to set up a mls sron for the poor mrstreated natrves of Afrrca It s been seven years srnce she went over there and she knows now that Dr Grahams speech was responsrble for all that she has done Pamela Johnson Erghth Grade IMPRESSIONS OF LOVE There are many wavs of expressrng love for some thrng Love rs a grft It rs somethrng beautrful that everv one has for someone or somethrng Wrthout love the world would be an unbearable place rn whrch to exrst Many a person had rven up hrs lrfe or very exrstance for hrs love or hrs countrv The parents love for therr chrld rs of the strongest of all types of love It rs also one of the most protectrve Sometrmes a chrld wrll undoubtedly rebel agarnst thrs protectron brrt wrll wrthout a doubt be very grateful for rt as he reaches maturrtv Love can make a small chrld s eyes lrght up when the new puppy she loves comes to her command Love can do stran e thrngs It can make a drsmal wrnter dav look as beautrful and cheerful as the most pleasant sprrng dav It can make the sky look ever so much bluer than rt actually rs to a person possessrnv love for somethrng These are my rmpressrons of love There are manv many more but to me these are the greatest and strongest of them all .lackr Ray Erghth Grade . . ' 5 n . , - ' .' I . . , , , - I D - . ' . . ' , . e 9 . - ' . .4 . . 1 , - ' 5, , . . , - . . . . . . ' , , D LL - , l . , . . ' . .U , 99 Q , Y . - 7 1 ' ' GC I Q, I I I u ' L 7 7 U o . , , , . . . 7 . l l A - 4 . . . . Q ' ' Ac as D . A ' - . - U - - - L, I . . - I D l A . , IV I . . , . . 9 - s ' 5 - . . , I, myself, do not know the answers to these questions. around the bush, just the facts about Africa. He told how ' 'U u q u 1 v , ' u 5 I , 5 V , 5 . . . u . g . . . T 1 Q ' 91 . , . . , I - ' ' cc 99 U v y 7 c L. ' i ' I g. . . . , -I ln n u U . U . i , . D 9 , ' . . , . ' 1 5 a u 0 u U . I ' . . I' O ' s T T . . ' . ' 7 7 7 , " , ' I I . l 9 Q L C , - . "- Stephame Asher Stephen Balley Annle Laurie Beyer Karm Bergstrom Julle Bowers Carolyn Chrlstle Carol Cotton Colleen Creltz Rxcky Edmlsten Tony De Wltt Frank Fmdlow Lee Fltzgerrell Peter Haynes Tony Henmng Suzanne Matthews Bruce Mmer Melissa Nash Deborah Orr Leslle Palmer Scott Robertson Thomas Schratter John Scott Sara Smlth .lay Tlmbrell Barbara Ward W' MRS F IMMEN SEVENTH GRADE f W A -fikfvs i 'ZS -ov 'N -as Ahh Y! K' A i x A Nm N . L M. I 'X Q, ,A , K, , . ' 'K XV - ' . 'rv :P A A ' V fi A A' ' ' Q .- .' ,B r , f 'av fl I f , I -hi- I T . f l A l Q, . . I V 7 . . ' T X, . , 'E .4. E , " 4' . xv X ' X'x 1 X . X f , I X -" ,,, y 4, .sl Q. v. ,U 1 I Scott Holden ' X , - . l . Hx A .A f A ' f If N-KN 0 T 4 - " . " X ,Q fi 's A Q A .. ' K X l T T N. , 4 2. A ' X ., "" , f Y , Q E H -fy 1 . "2 1, E ,... E- ' 4, - . A Q ., ' ' 'K I - ?f L I X W AV Tm ' lf' ' f I- . I' 5 ' f VX I , 4 , MR VICKERS SEVENTH GRADE 'MX I ml fl? ,A 1--4x,6 'G' r 'J X 41 X X . 1 L 'Z 405 Xl Al, Mary Kay Beswlck Bruce Carey Stephen Carey Cmdy Chrlsne Fall Deu Schel Nancy Donahue Sandra Golde Andrea Green Chris Hadley Carol Hawley Bob Hull Wxham Karn Sara Kemper Detlef Kutzscher Diane Laurie John Londellus Klm Montgomery John Porter Tom Slonneger Sally Smith Sxdney Ann Templet Mlchael Vemon Valerle Vollrath Lmda von Zell Karen Zavxtz l - f .tyk as ,?!"l 0- Y :Stax 'i 'af' fll 'X I x ' ' fe 3 A ' I . Sf' fx . , . . . x , G A - .d 7 ,mf jwufpgc, ' L lb We Te, , 'xi 1 V Q' 9 ,. 'q an V .K 2 .W W 1,,, mn -0- -- - Y , , , , Rick Gunderson , ,, X .tv x , J A - 5 A n l 3 ' Q n G1 4 2 we hr' M- f .. G M. ff Q y .M , , , N X 4 X I ,X N Lv A A A - F" v G E rl Q . sg 4 ' 5. I ii 5 A . . 'Y R tw., 1 'X If A ' N G X A ! f X, J l 3 Q f ld ' 5 '-1 ig! , . r , Q Q V ' f ' ,r ,.y G., I V I W l. ' tal ll , ,Q . .D , 7, 1' I l I V I EPSILON ALPHA SIGMA Left to right: Karen Zavitz, Douglas McConnell, Karen Russell, Michael Vernon, Annie Laurie Beyer, Tony Henning. HONOR SOCIETIES GAMMA SIGMA Left lo right: Bruve Bingman Karen Green Diane Duffy Linda Henning Martha Oster Alice Sue Dexter Barry Reid Front row, left to right: Michael Vernon, Kenny Kraus, Jansje Huyck, Pat Ryan, Robert Robertson, Marcia Bryant, Tom Golden. Back row: Tony Henning, Jim Dunn, Mr. Shlkles, Advisor, Barry Reid. First row, seated left to right: Peter Haynes, Bruce Carey. Second row, left to right: Terry Marcus, Mrs. Thoeming, Advisor, Leslie Hunter, Susan Waterman, Karen Russell, Marta Acke, Madeline Oakley, Michael Hickenlooper. Back row, left to right: Cail Timbrell, Barry Reid, Buddy Baer, Margaret Hatch, Tom Venner. STUDENT COUNCIL Of the many organizations of Campbell Hall and Argyll Academy. the Student Council is the most important. This group of students aids in helping the school. At the meetings of this organization, members bring before the council many problems of the school, and ideas with which to solve them. For the first semester our group was under the excellent supervision of Mr. Gail Shikles. who then resigned from the staff of Campbell Hall in order that he and Mrs. Shikles might be free for the travels they had planned to take. We regret his loss to the school, but wish him much en- joyment and he has promised to come back frequently as a substitute teacher. The fol- lowing semester. our own Mrs. MacTaggart has been kind enough to help us continue our work. We have divided the group into two councils. Junior and Senior. At the speci- fic meetings, each council discusses its own business. On the first Tuesday of every month. the Senior Council meets: on the third Tuesday, the Junior Council meets: on the second and fourth Tuesdays, the full council meets. This year the Student Council sponsored a Junior High dance and a Senior High dance, both of which were big successes. The Council also sponsored the Red Cross drive, and was able to present the Red Cross Fund with a generous amount. We are also proud of our Student Coun- cil for their work to improve our school in every way. The ollicers are: Senior Council: President Pat Ryan, Secretary, Jansje Huyck, ,lunior Councilg President, Kenny Krausg Secretary. Lee Fitzgerrell. STUDENT COURT The Student Court was designed to help the students understand what is expected of them, both by their fellow students and by the faculty. However. when it becomes necessary. steps are taken to insure that these standards are maintained. All such sentences passed by the court are to help the student remember proper conduct and are first approved by a faculty advisor. Suspension and expulsion lrarely recommendedl must be approved by the. principal before being effective. BAND Front row--left to right: Jeilry Behlendorf, Georgianna Steele. Second row: Lura Smith, Bobby Truman, Tony DeWitt, Walter Bogart, Shirley Roe, Jon Montgomery, Robert Hull, Stephen Blanco, Karen Zavitz. Third row: Kim Montgomery, Geotlrey Cocks, Heidi Balje, Scott Meyer, Kent McNair, Lisa Anderson, Jock Latham, Stephen Talbot, Bill Shank, Ralph Rhoden, Chris Madsen, Ross Bluestone, Danny Gibbs, Steven Cady. Fourth row: Richard Hartzell, Gregory Malby, Alan Thomas, .lay Hopper, Loyd Pettegrew, Stanley Mitchem, Richard Jamison, Chris Ames, Ricky Edmisten, Craig Bothwell, Donald Russell, Stephen Bailey, Richard Reinert, Tom Golden, Bernard Moran, Robert Gonsett, Bill Kam, Peter Haynes, .Iohn Por- ter, Ricky Wheaton. Back row: Mr. Sample, Director, Kathy Light, Linda Von Zell, Katherine Reynolds, Diana Rossi, Peter DeWitt, Tommy Schratter, Robert Langan. Absent: Billy Luehm, .lim Hemphill, Stephen Johnson. BAND This year, under the excellent direction of Mr. Bob Sample, the band got off to a wonderful start. Part of this is due to the fact that the members of the band met and rehearsed during the summer. On a num- ber of occasions they played for Chapel and P.T.C. meetings. Members of the band are from both Campbell Hall and Argyll Academy. GIRLS' CHORUS This year the Girls' Chorus was small in size because it consisted of Argyll girls only. They were under the leadership of Wayne Boys. They worked on Christmas carols, spirituals, and popular songs. The girls and Mr. Boys have worked hard and their singing shows it. For the Twelfth grade graduation the girls plan to sing "The Lord Is My Shepherd" and 'gTo1- rents." Front row-left to right: Mr. Wayne Boys, Director, Debby Duffy, Mary Diane Scott, Marta Acke, Elaine Rosecrans. Back row-left to right: Mary Hiam, Ruth Winslow, Cindy Kean, Alice Sue Dexter, .lansje Huyck. DRAMETTES Left to right: Barbara Ward Mrs. Fimmen, Teacher-Advisor Kim Montgomery Cherie Cundelfinger Andrea Green Karen Russell Geanie Stacey Ann Vollaerts Gay Bullock Richard McLellan Judy Curtis Sara Smith Laura Webb MONA LISA Left to right: Nancy Martsch Diane Laurie .lohn Porter Jim Hemphill Steven Carey CHI DELTA This year the Senior Drama was under the excellent directorship of Mrs. M. Fim- men and Miss A. Pinkney. The girls are having a lot of fun working on a comedy play. The props for this play vary from mink coats to funny papers and the girls are working very hard to make it a success. This year's President is Marianne Tyler. Front row-left to right: Miss Pinkney, Teacher-Advisor, Sherry Ponty, Marianne Tyler, Linda Bodine, Cindy Kean, Marsha Fine, Patricia Fischback, Diane Bank- son, Mrs. Fimmen, Teacher-Advisor. Second row-left to right: Susan Anderson, Jansje Huyck, Mimi Griffard. VIKING CLUB The Viking Club is a group of boys who have attained and kept a special scholastic rating. This year, the club has been busy with many activities. The Vikings have bought a wheel chair which they will donate to a hos- pital which will loan the chair to a needy family. This club also sponsored the best dance of the year which was highlighted by a band from Occidental College. This year's ollicers are: Presi- dent, Doug McConnell g Vice-Presi- dent, Kenny Kraus, Secretary, Paul Van, Treasurer. Dennis Quinn. Front row-left to right: Bruce Miner, Ricky Edmisten, Scott Robertson, Tony Henning, Jay Timbrell, Tommy Schratter, Tony De Witt, Chris Hadley. Second row-left to right: William Karn, John Scott, Richard McLellan, Kenny Kraus, Mrs. Ferguson, Teacher-Advisor, Doug McConnell, Dennis Quinn, Tom Frisina. Third row-left to right: Bill Hood, Ricky Gunderson, Paul Van, Bill Klein, Alan Marsh. Back row-left to right: Peter Haynes, John Porter, John Steiner, Tom Banker. VALKYRIES The Valkyries is a club formed this year by the girls of the eighth grade. They chose this name because Valkgi was said to have been the handmaiden of Odin. The Val- kyries, the maidens with Valkgi. after rid- ing over the place of battle on sleek. black horses, hair flowing in the wind. carried the heroes who died in battle to Valhalla, This was the place where the souls of heroes in battle were received and restored to life to fight evil in the world. The name, Valkyries, appealed to the girls because of the abstract qualities which it represents: independence, cour- age, beauty and dignity. In the club these qualities have been represented to the best of their ability. in scholastic and moral standards. They hope that the high ideals of the club will be maintained through the years as the club progresses. Front row- left to right: Pamela Johnson, Penny White, Christine Bouchey, Karen Russell, Kathryn Roe, Julia O'Connor, Jacqueline Ray, Lynne Bryant, Diane Sprigg, Robin Burke, Susan Tennyson. Back row-left to right: Jaymie Kinsler, Nancy Martsch. Laura Webb, Anne Har- rison, Laura Nicholson, Ceanie Stacey, Cathy Barwick, Ann Vollaerts, Gay Bullock, Laura Nuccio, Karen Ralke, Judy Curtis. 396. , V H .W , wsiaigiwde ygyza., I ARGYLL GIRLS' DRILL TEAM Front rou. left to rzght Nlccx Reed Lmda Latham .lansje Huyck Second raw Mr Sample Dzreclor Claxr Brady M1m1Cr1H'ard Robm Brown Debby Duffy Thzrd row Chrlstme Warren Elalne Rosecrans Terry Marcus Ruth Winslow Fourth row Pat Flschback Cmdy Kean Judy Lyons Barbara Martin Fifth row Paulme Bachakes Duane Duffy Sherry Ponty Marta Acke Srxth rou Marlanne Tyler Judy Branch Susan Anderson Carl Tlmbrell Setenth row Alice Sue Dexter Marcra Bryant Karen Green We are proud of our Argyll Drlll Team Sample our drlll team has become a top notch group At the becmmng of the year the glrls won second place m the Canoga Park par ade Tlus was thelr first award Follow mg thrs parade the group declded to ac t'1llll'C umforms Thev held manv cake sales hot dog and candv sales and rarsed enough money to purchase the lreautlful materlal for the1r umforms Many nlghts were spent makmg the umforms and the hard work proved very successful In fact a trophy The ollicers and members of the drlll team wlsh to thank the faculty parents and e peclally Mr Sample for thelr faith and help Wlth thls faith our group has become one of the best ln flallforma We know they w1ll always keep thls ratlng The officers are Drrll Master Jansje Husck Preszdenl Clalr Brady Secretary Ruth Wmslou 'W u . : -. I Y , I. . 4 , . l -L : : 9 ' Q 7 .-7 7 7 ' ' . 'I . ' ' 'T ' ' . ' . : 9 1 . s ' - ' 7: I 1 ' r - K 1 ' V " U Y ' A . . . , Under the excellent supervlsion of Mr. Bob 1n the next parade, the group agaln won , , ' . U. . . . . ya , ' - s ' . . . . ' . , K , ' A Q s ' , v 'S A : . U ' 1 S ,T 1 s TOM GOLDEN PAT FISCHBACH BOYS HONOR PLAQUE The Honor Plaque is awarded to the boy who has phown outstanding qualities of leadership and person- fility. This year two Honor Plaques were given, one to Doug McConnell of the eighth grade and one to Tom Golden of the tenth grade. DOUG MCCONNELL X GIRLS Highest Awards for Teenagers VANDY CUP The highly honored Vandy Cup award for the best all- around personality went to Julie O'Connor of the eighth grade and to Pat Fischback of the eleventh grade. Both Pat and Julie met the standards of leadership and all of those qualities which leadership implies. JULIE O'CONNOR .- WSL f ' ll 13 U 1 f ff If . as 2 E SWF glxfm, . ' 1 .41 1 ff- ff gg v A Y gi 5 ks' if 52 ,E x 1 ' at 2? 2 ,Lm.., 1 . ' 'fff' Lf? Q tF,,v ' K l I 3 Q- S. I V. f -: fy W Q JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM First row-left to right: Bill Shank Tom Banker Bill Doran Paul Van Tom Frisina Jim Dunn Michael Moore Second row-left to right: Cort Quickel Ned Quesinberry Richard McLellan Kenny Kraus Doug McConnell Dennis Quinn Bill Hood Back row-left to right: John Hemphill Larry Mobley Bruce Bingman Robert Speers Robert Robertson Todd Lee Peter DeWitt Jerry Hickman JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front row-left to right: J im Dunn Bill Shank Bill Doran Tom Frisina Richard McLellan Second row-left zo right: Bill Hood Doug McConnell Kenny Kraus Dennis Quinn Michael Moore JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Front row-left to right: Nancy Martsch Pamela Johnson Christine Bouchey Kathy Roe Back row-left to right: Elizabeth Oster, Assistant Karen Russell Jaymie Kinsler Karen Ralke Diane Sprigg Mrs. Knudtson, Coach JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right: Mrs. Knudtson, Coach Julie O'Connor Jacqueline Ray Laura Nuccio Susan Waterman Georgia Wartman Laura Webb Geanie Stacey Lynn Bryant Ann Vollaerts Elizabeth Oster, Assistant Judy Blanchard Stephen Blanco Stephen Cady Kathryn Connell Barbara Doran Patti Berlm Nma Dunn Chrxstma Feldman Bllly Galsford Danny Glbbs Rlchard Hawley Patricia Heckelsmlller Patrlk Henrlksen Jane Hyson Lynette Kent Robert Langan Bully Luehm Loma Macdonnell Woody Matthews Scott Murray French Prescott Donald Russell Pamela Sanders Vlckl Smunu Charles Speers Linda Trapp Barbara Tsuchxya if' MRS BURCESS-SIXTH GRADE 9 v wa-5. MVA Q25 W-1 L in 'ie V- Sp., vu. I4..J'fK 4'- 3 D 9 A ,t is "TN- f x4 Heldl Balje Jelfrw Behlendorf Rees Bluestone Nanm Brandt linda fowan Tony Dahlman Claudia Dmkant Paula Dunn Randy Falck Rolmert Fon ett Stephen lohnson I auren lxean Kathrvn Kent Tern Iondellus karen Nlamn S1 Ott 'Nlever Ward Xllller qherxl Nlmhem Tandx Park Nanm Ponedel Nlarlx Richards Cindy Rule Nancy Qhuster Lura Smlth Phlllp Theoktlsto Stephen Whlte MR: MOORE-SIXTH GRADE fins 'hh 'S 1 A ,mm sw Q1 ll X l....x!. I" L 'V' ,fy t . 1 .4 w F Q " 4 O- 4 i J' W A1. 1 L ' Q xxx .ly 5 X Q 1 x I l ' vi . is ww eg. 1, , . ' it 3 l N " Q if ' 4 at an ' fb- v S Q , K v K l kt F 4 L , 'gg V V , M. WU! Ame .r i ,A K If .WGN I , 1-e ,Q -.1f-- 5- - kxu- X, Vx' km. ' X J X I x X em? , X A W, ,B I J., - , it 5 V we . v I .I W .K xy , ,Q 1 'N A ,gl 3 IQ :- A , 'F ' ' K , A X ' A ' X i K l A 8 -.X l A l : ' . fall? ,I K A X l in 4 -f l 'vi ' Q 'x . V. lm. 'Q A- l lfgflf' fe , - : ,gt --e ' ' Q K I t e M! X I X I 4 9 ,. . l - , - I Patrlma Xram Melanie Mlumon Fhrn une Fhrwne Feoffrew For-ks Ilia Follme Delmorah fonltlm Diane Darrow ,lamle Dlamond Penm Freher Rmhard Hartzell Cwnthla Howard Richard Jamlson Patrlma Kline .lock Latham Stephen Nfarcus Lemora Martin Penny Neleon Randl Olson David Orr Tommy Reeves Sullivan Richardson Mark Rlebs Chrls Senter Jimmy Trmdle Robert Truman Richard Wheaton ,llmmy Wilson Q A MRS HUGHES-FIFTH GRADE answ- Z-f um Og sq, and-vm X- fw- Q 'Q' -Ol, Ihr fi Tuba 15 D ,. 'ia' N 11.4 al ' . 1 , ax Y' ' S l' I ""' . A 1 A... Q 'Q an ' 45 g, A Q iii jd nw- f . Q4 xx N.. N I l X , l s X Q Q l,,e. , K , only-Q , 6 N3 . . I . . Q F 'Q -vu 1 - 4 R xx D N A , X if or Q X 5 I X X . X .V Q 'B - .."if' ,M 5 Q 'S , Q , r r ' ,, , "- f Q f X rg we X X ., A ' K l . - Q R 1 ,, l " . X h N G' xxx Q :a 6 5 H I -Q' .Q , X f X X ,A Q :lf I ' A 5 MRS. YEOMANS-FIFTH GRADE QD- i L will 45. F5 4, ft- Ln fs. L L :jim 41 'Q' I K A Q31 ff- 1' Ak lab. Pamela Axtkens Walter Bogart jan B0lWlIllC'k lxerry Carlisle john Culver Janet Engomer Sara Cale Kathryn Llght Hal Long John NIcLean Stanley Nlltchem Donald Nelson Woody Nnbley Robert Nucclo Loyd Pettegrew Tummy Puhdo Candlce Qulckel Tahe Reed Katherine Reynolds Dlana Rossr Dlane Scott Cynlhla Slbson Stephen Talbot VlCkl Vollaerts Susan Walllng Stephanle Weller Q Q . .6 . .xl A Q Q 1 A 0- l'-if .I Q yt l .4 gt . Q xg w .xg ,yt ..:- f x l 'l I Xl 'l l X I t . A MK V I ,. - A l l 1 il ls. y H A 6 ,Q ' Q ... I I , c s 'V ' . . X ', x lx a X I A . . L iA as -Y Tai .5 5 G. 2. an ' 4 -1 1 ' I u , ', X N-.if xx 1 X, A 1' ll ,J -, Y , l of . .x,e K V! w,.q,,- -A ' J fr' s it I v D ei ,,. 14. tg. Q -0 0' Q t. V ' . -' ' -X 1 59 - 9, -4 ' 9 ' Q , . . l l V ,gay l W Q N X f x . 2 .3 'is' eww- .Q . . 4. on 'X is ,M 'l an vi 'Z 0- -my 1. ,E ' . 'Q Q '5 -M r.. 19 H . I ' 5 utzrarg THE FLOWER GARDEN In my lovely garden small Stand the tuhps growmg tall Pansres swavmg m the breeze .lack ln the pulplts hmd the trees Row on row of daffodlls Ivy on the wmdow sllls Larkspurs ln thelr damty beds lNoddln thexr plumes and wavm thelr heads Lemora Martm Fnfth Grade I IMERICKS There was a young fellow named Splke Whose fax orlte sport was hrs bxke Up lnll and down dale All went well t1l a nall Brought an end to hrs travelmg blke Janet Engomar Flfth Grade I went to the crrcus one day To see an elephant play He stood on one leg And started to beg Before they took h1m away Kerry Carllsle Frfth Grade There once was a fat man named Jay Who sand he could a dragon slay He found the queer beast Not frrghtened the least But the man was burned that day Jan Botwmlck Flfth Grade I met an old man named Joe Who sald he felt he could sew He trled 1t wlth thread And got a sore head So now he just doesn t know Pamela Altkens Fnfth Grade A DOG There was a lnttle dog A llttle dog was he The dog was bnght The do was llght And he loved me Wllllam Matthews Srxth Grade MY MOUSE I wlsh I had a lrttle mouse He would have hrs own small house Hrs funny nose hr hort brown halr Those bng black eves that always stare' My mouse wlll play the whole day long And I ll grve him food that makes hmm strong He d run and crawl and then he d creep Then finally he d o to sleep Nancy Brandt Slxth Grade DREAMS Dreams can take you near or far Underground or on a star On a mountam ln the west Any place you like the best Tandy Parks-Srxth Grade MY DUCK I have a funny little duck He pecks at every ca I always thunk he grves me luc And he rsn t very fat Hes soft as a pillow He s a mee klnd fellow I always see hlm creeplng And he rs never sleepmg The End ,Iane Hyson Srxth Grade SEASONS The mlstv days of mnter come And hxde the cheerful sun It snows on Nature s vast creatlon For chlldren s skatlng fun Sprung IS seepmg through the clouds Flowers use wrth glee Bears are yawnmg oh so loud' Sprmg comes cheerfully Summer rs a chrld s dream To do so many thlngs But oh when fall comes round agaxn That beckonmg school bell rings' Cmdy RHIC-SIYIII Grade OUR FATHER Our great Father God Almighty Made the blue ethereal skres And to see them God Almnghty Made our lovelv useful eyes God made the sun the moon the stars He made the hulls the rocks the trees He made the blrds the fish the plants And made the land surrounded by seas Our great Father God Almrghty Made each and every lovely plant He made the flowers mountams sand Made all thmgs from mountam to ant We should thank Hlm for these thlngs For every thmg whrch we see And I especxally thank God For makmg all thmgs even me Lura Smlth Sxxth Grade P 9 9 - . . 1 . . 9 a . . ,. . . . . , . 7 7 9 7 . . . . 0' 0' . D U 9 Y . . I k ' 7 v Y ' : - . . ' a - , , - 9 . 7 ' ' ,. . ' ' 7 A 1 A 7 a 4 . 1 . - 7 a . -1. , , . - 9 . , . 1 . ' 7 7 u Q 9 'I . l . 7 9 ' . . , 7 . . ' 7 . . . , . 7 7 7 . , . . . 7 , . 1 7 U ' n ' 9 ' 9 7 . i, - 0- . U 7 ' 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' 7 7 7 ' ' . 9 '7 ' 9 ' ' ' 1 9 9 , SS , . . - . , n 4 , , . . . . . 7 7 7 . , , Q Q a U' . a - D o n Chrxs Ames Llsa Anderson Chapple Baehler Lucxta Booth Laura Dmsmore James Doyal Pamela George Sally Gould Pamela Hogan Tlmothy Hogan Raymond Holmes Molly Kane Gayle Kelley Alexns Macdonald Chns Madsen John Montgomery Jams O Brlen Leslie Prlce Valerie Pulldo Mxchael Pultz Harold Sanders Georglanna Steele Rxchard Stevart Alan Thomas L. . MRS TSCHETTER FOURTH GRADE 'Qu xXx kms. ai, ml Ei' :mea-a .ma 'E 3 lx, A1 lk kat. 'zz ,, 'I X ax H-A .Wa f lil bidi Wi 3 . V L K D R ' 1-1. . My ' .I Q , Vx 'Q -9- LQ S X as my 5 . 4 xv . s XX , . x n 'a ,X -L-. l X 1 l l . 'a-fs, , Hx A , ,- V 1 x if V1 5.4 -A l A. Wy, mf- K 'I , A , x K 45 , l ., I f , 1' ' lx 5 0' ca W-.. f V A ' G x A 'L Q R, fx' R . , b K I, X K l Dx. B A . T - " L A. I ,S A K ' 3 . P5 Broolce Lauter 3- 'U v Y ' 4 E X R V- Q- ' .L I li 5 1 .A Q-I X 'xl . 1 3 A 4 , 'V v 1 'l W' 'S 'T l . i . L R Y 7 - M l in R l 4 Ts l 553, Q ': . 5 al' L an -..A ai IQ- . X fo P me ' ' . ly v Y V Q v M Q T A - Q - 4, , 'V 7 l -H - f X N X l xx xx x X V L , . . L 1 A 5 , 5, ,of ., . 4 . IQ- ig 'C' SJ K Han, .ra P1 MRS HANSON FOURTH GRADE 'Ya QQ 1328.15 gm 'i-. mii OC! is-. 'SW QD- 4 lat vm' vs- Q.. km .21 X41 lx as. en- AL .:xl'5lf-...l fi' 1 Patrlcla Altkens Terry Benson Cralg Blanchard Kathleen Bogart Cralg Bothwell Kerry Brannan Paul Clark Sally Crlpe Rlcky Dove Txmmy FI'lSlIl8 ,lay Hopper Elnzabeth .lergens Greg Malby Sharon Malby Terry McDowell Bernard Moran Kathleen Nelson Debble Pohl Shirley Roe Ralph Rhoden Susan Sawyer Bully Scott Gtlda Stratton Cynthia Tumer James Vernon - ogg . I A 4 T X 2 ' ' 7 ' S' R Y . V, I Mi J A Q, t LK W fb. J VS 6 xi . S T -5 M .QL ' 4 ' t 'T ' K m K A ' I ' ' WH , Ax , X Q .W , :V Misa , 'Q 1 ' . 'B H . ' -- A W5 gre. T S, I ,Q " , . X ' 1 x f' S ' R 'ill for R35 Q 56:41 ' Qi' ' ' 1 l A. f Q-4 X j - - 1 ' L Q ,. A. 5' A .., Y K in ' ' W ' W X A is . ,r AV S Q he mh gl- K Q K S, X' I ' X YQGQPI Q xx . is ,' A - , 'V K.-'V UM- ' .e Cynthia Bond Frank Bracht Barbara Cobb John Duff Mitchel Evans Steven Fornelll Valll Hanson Linda Haukenberry Nancy Huntley Melinda Marsh Ceo ge Metz James Oakley Kathy 0 Dell Paula Olson Allson Rldgway Katie Ryan Robert Scott Sally Scott Kirk Sherer Nell Sherman Pamela Slmpson Dennis Smlth Robert Stutsman Stefan Whyte MRS CARPENTER THIRD GRADE ski 'Hur' S Nh-S M A ' j,.Ari1.m am ralkffxaa f S fn K 2 .nk lx d..'i'.h.A A st 'el K x A RA - ' l ' 'Pe if X , X 1. Rf rm f X X, l .- -J ' ' A F y y y Y Fall . E Rl William Reynolds 'X N fxlfakv, y R k I -fs X ' . A , , I if -, .1 tj N' l 1 R 'R X' R 'l 1? 12' M :O , Ka, I , Q! Ql 1 MISS SIGURDSON THIRD GRADE 'fr 'Z ' .-Q X MAL 4-mv 'Ram' " J fi an ali 0' fo OT ni 5" 4 A. 'Q Judy Anderson Galen Bartmus Melanie Collms Bruce oy Susan Crofoot Darcy Dramond Guy Dltmars John Gabriel Bull Goodan Davrd Holmes Demse Howard John Hyson Robert Jamison Casey Jones Krxsten Keeler Chnstme Londelrus Connie McDowell Donald Mormsky Chrlstme Mummey Charls Pontls Davld Pratt Lynette Reasoner Ronald Rrchlm Tony Rosenberg Leslle Smlth John Yeamans , --'f 1 nl l ,Ark a y 4,,,,xl fgfx, 6 . . 5 C of F A X T o . , ' 1 . cpm. x fl l ,r" n 1 v N, W , li- ' Ak ftu' Q -ww . X if Y ,V V Y l l 5 D ' mg A l L l Q 4, " ' w A 5.1 f QD .J . xy 'H g ' 42.9 1 fi Y rn A K ' get f 3 X ll Q f ' I Q X V x . - . 4, 1 5 l X Q, ,N ' A . .! ml . J 1 Q f , .A 6 n v -f Xikx M .-N A . . y lx 4 r x S 4 'Z' 4 . . E! 'x f D X l X r tm , V ,,, , - 4 3 xii- ' A - -gn K .' L .X ' on . xklv .V , Q any N, Z ,F ,,, g. . , '-..', 3 "D ' " 4 49 . . . we 2 gl X l X XX if 1. ...-' L ltzrarg PRAYER Oh God whose mercxes cannot be numbered accept our prayers We say our prayers at nlcht and before we eat We thank you Iord for all food you have 1ven Us Oh wonderful God Father of our Lord Jesus Chrlst The real maker of all thmgs Jud e of all people We thank you for makln all thm s ju t fl ht Thank vou for makmo trees and do s and cats wonderful world Davld Holme Thlrd Grade PICNIC ON THE DESERT PICNIC on the desert Beneath the blue sky The fra rant alr ns sweet I hear the bxrds cry The cactus IS 1n bloom Where the rabblts run PICIIICS on the desert Are always great fun John Duff Thlrd Grade THE STARS ARE BRIGHT The stars are brlbht The stars are llght But where oh where Is the moon ton1ght9 Lmda Haukenberry Thlrd Grade MY CAT 'VIy cat 1S soft and furry Wheres my d1nner9 Hurry hurry Out she runs out of the house Chasmg a blrd chasm a mouse Chaslng her tall around and around Upon a chalr jumps to the round Darcy Dlamond Thlrd Grade LITTI E MICE Once there llved some llttle mlce Who llked to nlbble on brown rxce They would have a feast everyday And were so happy and so gay But they had thelr worrles you know Yes sometlmes they felt very low Because m the house there llved a c Who especlally llkes mlce or a rat Molly Kane Fourth Grade MY PET RAT My rat s name is Snowball Who loves to frlsk and play But when lt comes to sleepmg She can sleep all day Although my rat IS very fat I love her through and through And she IS so very cute Why dont you get one too? Terry McDowell Fourth Grade v I I 1 I . ' ' CG , U 77 . , . . 'U , ' L 3 I A I U. Q . . s a 5 M- 0, 7 C ' . - ' 7 5 3 t . . U of 7 U ' 7 1' 7 . g . g . S .g . 'V . A . ' cr or . 7 CT' 7 Cows. horses, and fruit. and everything else in this J . S- . 7 7 , . va 7 - I 7 g ' ' ' l ' at , . 7 .U t I . 7 , , 1 I I 1 9 , . BOY SCOUT TROOP 139 Kneeling-left to right: Tony DeWitt David Sanders Standing-left to right: William Kam Robert Langan CAMP FIRE NA KI TA Front row-left to right: Nancy Brandt Linda Trapp .lane Hyson Christina Feldman Vicki Sinunu Back row-left to right: Lauren Kean Judy Blanchard Pamela Sanders Lynette Kent Mrs. Carl Brandt, Sponsor Karen Martin CUB SCOUTS DEN 4 Left to right: Ricky Dove Craig Blanchard Paul Clark Gregory Malby Kerry Brannan Absent: Mrs. Blanchard, Den Mother THE BEAUTIFUL BLUEBIRDS THE GOLDEN BELLS BLUEBIRDS Front row-left to right: Sally Kane Diane Consett Stephanie Skoby Kristin Dahlman Diane Herten Linda McDowell Georgia McConnell Second row-left to right: Shelley Elem Paige Pedersen Diane Thatcher Belinda Hopper Betsy Herbert Annette Hadraba Helen Henriksen Christine Roehling Catherine Stutsman Susan Cregar Back row-left to right: Kathy Brannan Dale Malven Susan Malby Candace Behlendorf Kim Bagstad Absent: Mrs. Skoby, Leader Front row-left to right: Susan Crofoot Lucinda Bond Melanie Collins Barbara Cobb Paula Olson Second row-left to right Kathy 0'Dell Leslie Smith Constance McDowell Lynette Reasoner Valli Hanson Kristen Keeler Melinda Marsh Nancy Huntley Last row-left to right: ,ludy Anderson Katie Ryan Mrs. Huntley. Leader Christine Nlummey Christine Londelius Charis Pontis Denise Howard Linda Hauckenberry Pamela Simpson Allison Ridgway SUGARPLUM BLUEBIRDS First row-left to right: Molly Kane Brooke Lauter Pamela Hogan Lisa Anderson Pat Aitkens Second row-left to right: Lucita Booth Mrs. George Price, Leader Leslie Price Pamela George Valerie Pulido Terry McDowell .lanis O'Brien Debby Pohl MRS HUGHETT SECOND GRADE 30- fp. ai 0- X X A in wif Anka Qs. vi " x- 1. f' 3 flilll -f' do 'Qs Y Q-. A 495---x -:za R324 .I I' X 'As 1, V5 KN Skins' ah, ,ai L, mu Nlcky Bachakes Jeff Carllsle Susan Cregar Sally Culver Russell Derek Krxstln Dahlman Shelley Elem Dlana Herten Randal Kempf Paul Kent Chrls Kessler Paul Scott Kurtm Glenn Malby Dale May Malven Georgia Ann McConne Bxll Megowan Paul Ness Paige Pedersen Chrlstme Roehlmg Greg Rowland Stephanxe Skoby Cathenne Stutsman Davld Talbot Bobby Watson Mark Weller . U x S , , - 4 g H x ' f . Q P D 4 Q 5,6 . X- qv , . . S' . E S A . l Wt' ' K fx ' ' A xl. y ' 1 -. f X 'G . x N" N S l Sn-5 I X A .. , ,I " x . I """ - 1+-l S ' P g Q ,E s 1 , 9 S3 6. ,V I ks. . fy - f. W r SQMLJ 1 1 K ' fl! u X X D' f. ga? l" ya V : 9 1 , sl A Ri? X QP ,S ' ' 5- iv y Q S fl' .' K N447 I GCI? 1 '. - Susan Malby 'W' x X l - I S' X t ,' s ,X X L v 5 , ' S flu. , an-y, ,,.. at S" ' 'ff' do so "ii," , .0 , 52' 've-f K 'H " K? S 1 - . X ,Q Q ' X v K f ' X ! . . . A 7 J L 4 ur 1 F" Vx 1.4 ml "."' Q 5. ft I' fn I v Q Ls . - 'ZA - ll I Q X I X Corky Allison Cralg Bacheller Klm Bagstad Candace Behlendorf Jeffrey Behn Kathy Brannan George Daland Richard Detwller Duane Gonsett Annette Hadraba Helen Henrlksen Betsy Herbert MRS GIBBS-SECOND GRADE .oi HO 64 A I MAUH ,df md? ,.,, cm. -f V I Q H aww A ,V ' Q I 'fs 2 5, ,k ' I -L sh ll Y I rx . J' M ,,, I . 1 M 1 X ' at X .L 111 ,fa , .1,, lx if., l ' X 4 5 X " . 2:73.-'M' A , V , ' X . . ll-is 1 if of A J .fa 'S' r ,N X A 3 Y! lv . QA, 'fl 'fa - new - me p t Robert Highman V ,, , Q '. 7 4. Q Q, .ok V, 5 .6 x ' K- v 4: ' XC '-r 5 Na ..- ' x ' t A Q. 4' X I . 'li " 'X, X sig. X A h X in X 12 A ' , X . V v , M 1 . t X - In ' Ap v. x "X t ' KY 'T iw , . th Q H 6 1 -.,,,,. , g X V t X W. ? V If ' X .V A. K t df , --1 ' K5 f X ' -2 -'ik' ul of L , wx " E A , . Q ' ix e e v . . 6 L' A 'M' A K ? i . ' ' I ' in f ' N " l A . 3' I " . e X 'N lg X 1 X , C x ' X y 1 'E 5 Mark Hogan Belmda Hopper John Jergens Sally Kane Llnda McDowell Richard McLean Marc Stutman Dxane Thatcher Mxchael Trapp Nla Travllla Robert Vernon Patnck Wheaton 'if .WJ 1 I fliwil X61-' -if I 4. 'ini saw 1, yuh 'iq miz e.-2. I as fr QQ .lv i mi AW sf-v V' has .Ml M MISS JONES-FIRST GRADE 'QV' tiff To LH I IQ' fn. mn-P "' Qv tv GU!!--, gfyi ,Olav pu el.: I I X A Wut- rf.. sv " 1:- Al. In Kathleen Baer Penny Brown Josh Carr Theodore Coy Mary Crane Alwan Donnan Robert Feldtkeller Edward Flscher Douglas Cale Steven Hansen Robble Hecker Don Holler Bradley Howard Sandra Johnston Bruce Knudtson Marlna Kontos Rlchard Kraushaa Emll Lau JRQSIC Mllllron Amy Mllls Michael Olsen Bradford Scott Kenneth Smith Rwhard Stutsman John Whlte 'Ll vw J HN fr an S v l ., X ' r l z X ' Q If . , '4 a ag Q. .1 V t, 1 eril r SQ' -.1 gr, A , ,Tj ' E, wr, , 2. 1-ig' "" kx A 5- , A ' . V in ' X W 'lf 5 A L- ll' I 51 I fix f , f -eff, 9 y , fig ,. 'P r A .W -gm! bf. ' f gl. V K. f-- .V V. nvgz S, ,,. :Q M Q 6 I I E 4-5 ,4,,1"' ' ,. .. 7 vm xv . K K K W ' ' T I I f 13 , X . ' IQ ' fbi x 'Ql V r x ' E ', '1 A Y 0' X2 A ,' ' G' MRS WINTER FIRST GRADE ag ov R"-32" fw- 'Sa m lie fa 4' Q02 H. Vi-1' Q'-sf 'Ill JF ya... if v 4 R si'-xii l4 I AQ ,... 4, aw.. so-, Q'x avr gap ...ra 51-fig .ss Meralle Adams Teresa Bacheller Wllllam Beck Brxg Bergstrom Bradley Branch John Cl'lI'lSll8 P8Il'lCl8 Clarke Nancy Cook Bundv D3Vl9 Tracy Dltmars Wllllam Egle George Elsaman Joe Escher Mellssa Falck Thomas Jamison Lisa Knox Wllllam Lance Cameron Macdonald Bruce Malby Tam: Malby Terry Murphy Buzz Olson George POHIIS Dean Prlce Melissa Schuster Cmdy Smxth Q l Lx Q34 'Q 'L ' 6 as . . L' T y,,N QTL 4' + ' - 5. x a R , yy R Mt , 6 ' er 1 r .5-"' no in ' lg ,K A . . w Q Q ?, 5' 5 , E: ' ' y A -, . . , ' -4-. 4 wg'-M A, 'f 'Lk i 'K Q X ,xy K 6 X K V . ' A J , V X3 As f 1 v ' "3 -2 A R . . .N .Q 'Q 75 fs .1 1 Q- 'il l ,Q bg ll K h ' -- . , X x ' . l fn ' N- ' - s ' . x X , X ' AX .Q x X I tix? - uf, ,El O T QS' if T 1 R D. . 1 44 N .5 W-ar., Q, A 'Q . ' li K A-Qw- I ' I ' X ' 1 1 B'-' X , ' 'WI Q X X ' ""e - ra -X ' ' X ,ala 44 1 e-4 Q -fr 1 5 Q..-f -L " 1 X L x , x , X J 3 Y - ' mx -rv . . 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M 'Wiz' it A, X gg Vnctorla Montgomery ' gmxp :Q ZH , 1' ,' ' 9 I ' -Ml: 5 ' 5. A . N' I, ' " x aiifm L K L 'A' . ' ' 7' X t o V f fa new 4. v N , b X X l , if . A 4 4 . Ly - A . ' '- , V--fa 5 'Q A 'Q ' I .. . f' 'F 7 . " ntzrarg MY CAT AND MY DOG DENNIS AND HIS TENNIS My Cat and mY dog HTC glI'lS There once w as a boy named DCHUIS MY dog SWS down He thought he would l1ke to play tenn1s When I tell her to My cat crles when he IS hungry He swung at the hall And had a great fall Helen Hennksen Second Grade And that was the end of hlS tennls MY PETS MV cats name IS Puff My do s name IS Blackle I even have a ,rrasshopper for a pet I love them all and they love me Lmda McDowell Second Grade MY FRIENDS I have very many frrends and you should have some w1ll tell a few Robert 'Well Norman Ronme Alan Stephame Bruce Cathy Lorie Dale and Paul Kurtm wonderful frlends are Paul Ness Second Grade MY DOGS I have two dogs Thelr names are Caro and Bes IC I llke to play wrth them Caro shakes hands mth von Bessle crawls under sour feet Marc Stutman Second Grade GRANDMA AND I WATCH THE FIRE We have a fireplace In the Hreplace Grandma and I see llttle prctures We see llttle ammals and when the Hre burns they move In the wmter we lrke to Sll 1n our robes and watch the plctures Josh Carr Flrst Grade Sally Culver Second Grade B1 trees and small God made them all Teresa Bacheller l'1rst Grade Brad Branch Frrst Grade Up a tree Is the place for me BICIISSH Schu ter Fxrst Grade Cleo IS mx ltttle doll I love her so much so To ether we H0 to hed at mght As fast as we can go Rohhle Jane Hecker Flrst Grade THE TIGHT ROPE WALKER Once there was a tl ht rope walker Wlth a plnk and purple parasol He walked on a rope a thousand feet hloh And sald Oh me Oh my How dld I grow so tall? The world from here IS so very small' ' Penny Brown FIISI Grade -' s ' . .g m I 1 I ' . . g' ' ' . ' 0 L, a I -- i4W. .M S - . I ' : . 2 ', . ' , , If you think about it-Friendship-you will see how g 7 tr -V 9 .U - . ff 7 - ,. . 1 'U' , I ' , - cc as .f A45 ,a i l f X L f AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) collection:

Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 25

1959, pg 25

Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 55

1959, pg 55

Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 54

1959, pg 54

Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 62

1959, pg 62

Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 75

1959, pg 75

Argyll Academy - Viking Yearbook (North Hollywood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 49

1959, pg 49

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