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TREASURED ECHOES ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL P.O. Box I Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 Volume Number Forty 1988ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL . Junior High 30 Academics 38 Organizations 54 Sports 64 Ads 76 P r 88WE CELEBRATE 1988 by Sara Everson The reasons why we chose this year's theme, “Celebrate”, are many. For starters, this is the 40th edition of TREASURED ECHOES. We all feel that is a reason to celebrate. Another reason is the improvement of the school's appearance. New siding, a new look for the gym, and repainted halls — all of these help to bring out the best in the student body. The old “loser'' attitudes are starting to change, and new "winner” attitudes are slowly appearing. Students are striving to be the best that they can be and are beginning to turn the School District of Argyle around. We, the TREASURED ECHOES Staff, feel that these are all reasons to “Celebrate" 1988! Todd Tollakson, member of the senior chugging team, downs a coke at the homecoming games. Mr. Loren Homb, history teacher, participates in homecoming week dress-up activities on Heavy Metal Day. School LifeFUNNY FARM Chill Out! by Adam Hanson The first lesson a high schooler should learn is never take life too seriously. The pressure it causes is enough to send the most stable person to the funny farm. The problems of a high school student really add up. For instance, the chances of a high school student getting along with his or her parents is a hundred to one. Many students' grades could be higher, or their curfews later (much later). Maybe they have arguments over plans for the future or money matters. But no matter what, the problems will always be there. Disagreements with friends and between boyfriends or girlfriends are very probable, or maybe they can’t seem to get along with a certain teacher. Pressure to adapt, pressure to perform, pressure to succeed — it just builds until ... it gets to the point where you need to just CHILL OUT! Pressure builds as Jenny Fischer takes a test in Beginning Home Economics. School Life Chad Vinger and Al Severson react to the pressures of high school life.BOUND?? TOP: Stacy Wirth reflects upon the pressures placed on her by teachers and administration "I can t take this anymore!’ exclaims Brenda Gierhart. Jackie Schild shows the ability to laugh off some of the pressures that affect her. at A.H.S.STUDY HALL Larry VanDusen studies to the tunes from his walkman headphones. Sophomore Steve Flannery tries to study the easy way — through osmosis! Dan Nelson spends extra study hall time reading over his chemistry notes. Familiar Scenes by Chandra Hanson As I approach the doorway of the study hall room, I already know what I’ll see; the usual, but peculiar occurrances of our student body. In the corner, a guy suffering from extreme mental deficiency sits staring blankly out into space. His dad just offered him a car in exchange for good grades. — What type will I get? — To his right, a girl is pondering equations which seem completely impossible to master by test time tomorrow. She knows, however, if she doesn't get a C or better there goes her chance of lettering on the varsity team as a freshman. — Should I ask the "brain" of geometry to tutor me? — Across the room, the next Jon BonJovi is jamming to the newest tunes on his walkman. His only concern is whether he'll be in the starting line-up or not. — Should I mouth off to the coach tonight in practice? — Next to him, a studious, prudent scholar sits turning red-in-the-face with anger trying to get "Jon" to turn down his tunes. She has a horrid history exam and an English quizzie to mull over. — Maybe I should have asked my next door neighbor to lend some help in reviewing. She was born with this knowledge implanted in her brain. How fortunate!! Oh, yes, this is my study hall. Without these familiar scenes, I wouldn't believe I was even in the right place. Is any of this familiar to you?!? Shawn Anderson concentrates intently on an assignment. SPIRIT Fires Up Students by Jackie Schild Excitement, spirit, costumes, competition, and loud voices. All these and more could be found at A.H.S. during Spirit Week 1987. The varsity and j.v. football cheerleaders opened out the week by planning exciting new dress-up days. Faculty and students alike dressed up on Spuds-Hawaiian Day, Heavy Metal Day, Nerd Day, Rambo Day and the traditional Orange and Black Day. Given the task of organizing the annual games for Friday afternoon was a group of student council members, Jon Schulte, Joel Sebranek, Mary Krahenbuhl, Ron Olson, Shawn Gratz, Dan Daly, and their advisor Mr. Haffele. “We decided we didn't want to use all the same old traditional games we've used every year," commented senior Mary Krahenbuhl. “We wanted to do something different." So, new contests such as team soda chugging, co-ed flag football, and blindfolded, piggy-back, egg-eating races joined the traditional tug-of-war and circle sit. Topping off the week of festivities was the annual snake dance, pep-rally, and bonfire. The cheerleaders strived to get football team members and fans fired up for the big Homecoming game pitting Argyle vs. New Glarus. The overall champion in the class competition was the class of 1990 — the sophomores. For their outstanding efforts they received a $50 cash prize donated by Ms. Harris and Mr. Whitcomb. Senior John Stephens looks on as Mr. Herbers and Mr. Rugroden participate in the piggy back egg races at the homecoming games. — r School LifeWEEK Mr. Joe Whitcomb, principal, and his wife. Barb display their acting talents in the skit competition at Friday nights' pep rally. Juniors Daryl Flannery, Brad Conners, Heather Jaggi. April Gierhart, and Seniors Joel Sebranek and Dennis Flannery are yelling their support at Fridays' bonfire. Toni Hassenfelt models her creative make-up ability during Heavy Metal Day. lending her support to the Senior class. School LifeHOMECOMING V Varsity football players take their annual firetruck ride during the homecoming parade. Argyle's spikers take a breather after an explosive Chinese fire drill. Big Bird. Beth Gierhart. takes time to give Mrs. Herbers a hug and some bird feed'.PARADE Longest in History by Jackie Schild Where can an Argyle junior learn organizational skills first hand? By helping to set up the Homecoming Parade. This annual occurance which is the kick-off for Saturday's festivities, is the sole responsibility of the Junior class. "The parade wasn’t exactly an easy thing to set up — it took alot of preparation," commented Mr. Loren Homb, one Junior class advisor. "Preparation started as early as six weeks before the actual parade day.” There was a total of seventy units in the parade with the oldest living graduate of A.H.S., Marie Rossing, who graduated in 1915, serving as parade marshall. Homb said, "the parade ended up being a total of forty-five minutes. The longest lasting parade in Argyle history.” The theme for this years float competition was games and game shows. Mrs. Pat Johnson, one of this years judges, said, "the floats were all innovative and had a lot of hard work put into them!” However, only one class could be the ultimate winners, and the sophomores with the theme “Dungeons and Dragons’ came away with a first place prize of $20 donated by the Argyle Lions. Kermit the Frog, alias Kelley Gabioud. hopped along the parade route passing out candy from the State Bank of Argyle. "Eat 'em alive ' was the theme of the sophomore float which featured a hydraulic powered dragon devouring a knight.HOMECOMING A New Twist by Sara Everson The homecoming dance, sponsored by the senior class took a new twist this year. “I like the idea of a D.J. better than a band. It provides for more song variations,” commented Senior Michelle Zurfluh. Ralph Cohen, of the Z104 air team provided the entertainment. The students really got involved in contests and dancing. Prizes were awarded to the best “twisters” and to various other contest winners. The decorations were very festive, and followed a fall theme. Leaves were strewn around the gym, with pumpkins, gourds, and baskets of fall flowers making the walkway for the court and decorating the coronation area. Crowds talked, laughed, and danced the night away. Seniors Carrie Espenscheid and Michelle Zurfluh twist and shout'. School Life Queen Carrie leads the grand march procession through the bridge as her parents Marv and Ruth Espenscheid look on.DANCE Junior Tammy Willis and friends Raise Their Hands to the Bon Jovi hit. Top right: Princess Holly Jaggi and Prince Jeff Amorose. Senior Attendants, dance to "Is this Love" by Whitesnake during the Grand March. Top left: Dan Nelson, Kevin Makos, Mr. Rugroden, and Troy Connors are relaxing near the refreshment table during the dance. Homecoming Court: left to right: Lord Chad Mathys and Lady Jenny Fischer. Duke Jon Lewis and Duchess Tammy Bartels, Queen Carrie Espenscheid and King Scott Mathys, Princess Holly Jaggi and Prince Jeff Amorose. and Countess Amy Dammen and Count Dave Roseb-rook.1988 Jeffery Thomas Amorose 10-24-70 Ambition To be successful. Football Letter 3.4. Basketball 1.2.3. Letter 3. Letterwmner s Club 3.4. Band 1. Solo Ensemble 1. Homecoming Court 4. Tracey Lynn Amorose (Trace) 8-17-69 Ambition To be a model Basketball 1. Band 1; Chorus 1.2. Solo Ensemble 2 Andrew H. Bartels (Harold) 12-29-69 Ambition To be an A.I Man Football 4. Letter 4. Letterwmner s Club 4. FFA 2.3.4. Most Improved Player Award — Football 4. Prom King 3 Darci Dammen (Boner) 12-23-69 Ambition To reach my goals and live a long, happy life Volleyball, Letter 3.4. Most Improved Player 3. Most Valuable Player 4. Track 1. Letter 1. Most Improved Player 1. Letterwmner s Club Annual Staff 3.4. FHA 1.2.4. Secretary 2. Band Letter, Chorus 1.2,3.4. Letter Soto Ensemble 1.2.4. Swing Choir 1.2.3. Homecoming Court 3. Prom Court 3. Student Council 2.3.4, Secretary 3. Basketball Cheerleader 2. Forensics State 1. School Ray 1. Musical 2.4. Office Aide 4. Service Club 1. Class Secretary 3.4. French Club; Pep Band Julie Dunlavy 4-6-70 Ambition To be a Certified Public Accountant Football 1.4. Letter 4. Basketball Letter 2.3.4. Track Letter Letterwmner s Club; Annual Staff 3. FFA 1.2,3.4. Treasurer 4. Band 1.2; Letter 1.2; Chorus 2; Solo Ensemble 1.2; Swing Choir 2.3; Football Cheerleader 2.3; Letter 2.3; Forensics 1 Musical 2. Office Aide 4, National Honor Society 3.4. Teacher s Aide 1. Service Club 1. Class Treasurer 1. Class Vice-President 3. Badger Girls State Representative Mary Krahenbuhl and Sara Everson are showing their Oriole’ Spirit on Nerd Day during Homecoming week activities. I "In Pursuit of a Victory ", was our second place entry in the float competition during Homecoming. SENIORS Dennis James Flannery (Jimmy) 7-21 -70 Ambition: To stay out of trouble Football 1.2.3; Letter 2.3. Basketball; Letter 2,3.4. Baseball 2; Letter 2; Letterwmner s Club 2.3.4 Toni Hassenfelt (Hasbeenfelt) 9-19-70 Ambition: To be a farmer Volleyball 1.4. Basketball 1. Track 1. Annual Staff 3.4. FHA 2.3.4. Band 1,2,3.4. Chorus 4. Solo Ensemble 1,2.3; School Play 2.3. Tutor 4. Pep Band Carrie Espenscheid 8-5-70 Ambition To gam respect Basketball 1.3.4. Track 1.2. FHA 1. FFA Sentinel 2. Reporter 3. Vice-President 4. Band 1.2. Solo Ensemble 1.2. Homecoming Queen 4. Football Cheerleader Basketball Cheerleader 2. Teacher s Aide Service Club 1.2. Tutor Sara Everson (Richo) 8-27-70 Ambition To be head nurse at General Hospital Volleyball 2.3.4. Letter 4. Track 2. Letterwmner s Club 2.3.4. Annual Staff 3.4. FHA Reporter 1. President 2.4. Band 1.2,3.4. Letter Chorus Letter Solo Ensemble Swing Choir 2.3. Prom Court 3. Student Council 4, Forensics 1.3.4. School Play 3. Musical 2. Office Aide 4. Teacher s Aide 1.2.3. Service Club 1.2.3; Pep Band Student Director 4 French Club 3. Deanna Flannery (Duck) 4-12-70 Ambition To party all the time and get paid for it Volleyball 1.2. FHA 1.2.3. Band Solo Ensemble 1.2. Office Aide 4 Darci Dammen is jammin' out to an AC DC tune during an air band contest. Directing their attention to the latest edition of Muscle and Fitness are John Stephens and Todd Tollakson.Tom Hiller and Jodi Kallembach absorb equations during their 6th hour Algebra II class. Jodi Lynn Kallembach (Cheeks) 10-2-70 Ambition To be a physicist Volleyball 2. Track 2. Letterwinner s Club 2.3.4. Annual Stall 3. FHA 1.2.4. Chorus 1.2.3. Solo Ensemble 1.2. Homecoming Court 2. Prom Court 3. Student Council 4. Basketball Cheerleader 1.2.3. Football Cheerleader 1.4; Forensics 1.2.3 4. School Play 2.4. Class Secretary 2; Physics Club 4 Mary Krahenbuhl (Red) 11-2-70 Ambition To be live leet tall Volleyball 1.2. Letter 2. Track 1. Letter 1. Letterwinner s Club Annual Stall 4, FHA 1,2.4. Historian 1. Treasurer 2. Chorus 1. Soto Ensemble 1 Newspaper 2. Prom Court 3. Student Council 1.2.3 4. Treasurer 3. Secretary 4 Basketball Cheerleader 1.2.3 Letter 3. Football Cheerleader 3.4. Letter 3.4. Co-captam 4. Forensics 1. Musical 2 Service Club 1; Class Treasurer 2; French Club 3.4 Eric Makos (Martin) 10-31-70 Ambition To be successful Basketball 1.2.3; Letter 3. Letterwinner s Club 2,3.4; FFA 1.2.3,4. Vice-President 3. President 4, Band 1. Solo Ensemble 1. Prom Court 3. Pep Band 1. Physics Club 4. DAR Good Citizen Award People Tom Hiller 10-31-70 Ambition To be successful and happy Football 2; Basketball 3. Letter 3; MIP 3; Letterwinner s Club 3.4; FFA French Club 3 Holly Jaggi (Hard) 12-23-69 Ambition To retire at age 40 with my husband and live in the best house in Argyle. Volleyball 1.2. Basketball 2. Letterwinner s Club 1.2,3; FHA 1.2. Band Chorus 1.2,3.4. Solo Ensemble, Swing Choir 1,2.3, Homecoming Court 4. Teacher s Aide 1; Pep Band 1.2.3; Choir Accompanist 3.4SENIORS Jon Schulte and Joel Sebranek are planning strategies for their next D D encounter during 4th hour study hall. Eric Makos shows his lighter side during College Prep. Scott Mathys 7-19-69 Ambition: To search and destroy Football 1.2.4. Letter 4. Basketball 2,3.4. Letter 3.4. Baseball 1.2,3.4. Letter 1.2.3,4. Letterwinner s Club Homecoming King 4 Bernard Moen (Bennett) 12-26-69 Ambition To be as smart as Eric Makos Ph D Football 2.3.4. Letter 2.3.4; Best Lineman 3. Most Dedicated 3; Sportsmanship Award 4; Track 2.3.4. Letter 3.4 Most Improved 2; Letterwinner s Club 1,2.3.4; Annual Staff 3.4. FFA 1; Band 1; Letter 1; Solo Ensemble 1. Homecoming Court 3. Prom Court 3; Student Council 1.2; Forensics 2.3. National Honor Society 3.4. Class President 1. Class Treasurer 3.4. Pep Band i. Badger Boys State Representative; Physics Club 4. French Club 3. Jeff Peterson (Pete) 3-14-70 Ambition; To be rich and famous. Tammy Ruegsegger 11-3-69 Ambition To become a successful business person Volleyball 1.2,3.4. Letter 3.4; Letterwinner s Club 1.2.3,4. Annual Staff 3; FHA, Historian 3; Band 1.2.3. Chorus 1.2,3; Soto Ensemble 1.2; Swing Choir 1.2,3, Basketball Cheerleader 1.2.3. Letter 3. Musical 2; Office Aide 3.4; Pep Band 1.2 Jonathan Schulte (Eddie) 7-20-70 Ambition; To play special teams for the Kansas City Chiefs Football Letter 2.3.4. Best Lineman 4.2nd Team All-Conference Offensive Tackle 4. Track Letter 3.4. Letterwinner s Club 2.3,4. Homecoming Court 2. Prom Court 3. Student Council President 4 Musical 2. Class President 2.3.4 French Club 2.3.4; Physics Club 4. Alternate Badger Boys State RepresentativeJoel John Sebranek 1988 (Slovak) 8 28 70 Amtxtion To have 250 confirmed kills Football Letter 3.4, Basketball; Letter 3.4. Track; Letter 3.4. Letterwinner s Club Annual Staff 3. Band 1.2. Letter 1. Solo Ensemble 1.2; Homecoming Court 1. Prom Court 3. Student Council Treasurer 4. Musical 2. Class Vice-President 2.4. Trig Dub 4. French Club 3.4. Physics Club 4. John David Stephens (Nate) 10 2 70 Ambition To survive Football 1.4. Letter 4. Letterwinner s Club 4. Annual Staff 3; FFA 1; Prom Court 3. Student Council; Physics Club 4. French Club 3.4 Todd C. Tollakson (Moop)7 8 70 Ambition To keep my virginity Football, Letter 2.3.4; Basketball 3.4. Letter 3.4. Baseball Letter Letterwinner s Club Prom Court 3; Student Council 1.2.3. Senior Wills I, Jeff Amorose, will my defensive back ability to Kent Kallembach. I, Tracey Amorose, will my going back to school a fifth year to anyone who could try it. I, Andy Bartels, will my Copenhagen to Perry Granberg. I, Darci Dammen, will the "Bonermobile" to anyone who can handle its awesome power. I, Julie Dunlavy, will my right hook to Molly. I, Carrie Espenscheid, will my old worn out “bibles” to April Gierhart. I, Sara Everson, will my ability to fold my own clothes to the boys' basketball team. I, Deanna Flannery, will my "flame-thrower1 ’ to Gooby-boob. I, Dennis Flannery, will my ability to get along with Mr. Montgomery to Jon Jay Lewis. I, Toni Hassenfelt, will the local hangout "laundromat "to Vicki, Angie, and Betty Jo for future uses. I, Tom Hiller, will my jamming abilities to Gerald "the bird man” Gerber. I, Holly Jaggi, will my ability not to burn holes in my homecoming dress to Amy Dammen. I, Jodi Kallembach, will my thumbs to those underpriviledged. I, Mary Krahenbuhl, will my "brown nosing” ability to April Gierhart. I, Eric Makos, will my ability to be sarcastic to Ron Olson. I, Scott Mathys, will my body to Mr. Haffele to dissect in science class. I, Bernard Moen, will my ability to be obnoxious to Mr. Strand to all upcoming physics students. I, Jeff Peterson, will my ability to handle fast cars to anybody worthy of it. I, Tammy Ruegsegger, will my serving ability to "spiker” Ellen Peterson. I, Jon Schulte, will my insanity and will to kill to Mr. Strand. I, Joel Sebranek, will my ability to make machine gun noises during class to Mr. Hassel. I, John Stephens, will my ability to stay calm to Bagel. I, Todd Tollakson, will my colorful wardrobe to Mr. Findlay. I, Robin Treuthardt, will my ability to stay out for basketball to Heather Jaggi. I, Stacy Wirth, will my ability to decide on a school to attend my senior year to those of you who are comtemplating on moving on to bigger and better things. I, Michelle Zurfluh, will the Z-hook to Suzie.SENIORS (Rob) 2 27 70 Ambition: To always succeed Volleyball 2.3.4. Letter 2.3.4 Basketball Letter 2.3.4. Baseball Statistician 2.3. Letterwinner s Club 2.3.4. Annual Stall 4. Prom Court 3; Student Council 1.2.3; Football Cheerleader 1. Ottice Aide 3.4 (Stace) 10 28 70 Ambition To stay out of ditches Volleyball manager 3. Chorus 1.3; Prom Queen 3. Basketball Cheerleader 1. Football Cheerleader 1; Service Club 1; Class Secretary 1 (2) 11 13'69 Ambition To be a travel Agent Basketball 1,2.3.4; Letter 3.4. Most Improved Player 3. Letterwinner s Club 3.4. Annual Stall 4. Chorus 1.2; Chorus Officer 1.2; Solo ensemble 1. Homecoming Court 1. Prom Court 3; Office Aide 4. Teacher s Aide 4. Service Club 3. French Club. Badger Girl Alternate Robin Treuthardt Stacy Wirth Michelle Zurfluh Senior Prophesies Jeff Amorose will still be living life to the fullest. Tracy Lynn Amorose will be modeling for Gered Models International. Andrew H. Bartels will be the best in everything he does. Darci Dammen will still be milking cows to pay for her “extra-curricular" expenses. Julie Dunlavy will still be keeping books. Carrie Espenscheid will still be trying to earn her “50 bucks." Sara Everson will be pawning antiques. Deanna Flannery will be finishing the “list.” Dennis James Flannery will still be working at Klondike Cheese Factory. Toni Hassenfelt will still be trying to figure out what happened the night Deanna got wet. Tom Hiller will be playing basketball for the University of Wisconsin — Green Bay. Holly Jaggi will still be waiting for the green “beast" to roar into the driveway. Jodi Kallembach will still be trying to figure out a way to embarrass Jon and Joel. Mary Krahenbuhl will still be trying to think of ways to get the Kaymobile. Eric Makos will be making millions of dollars as Jon Schulte’s football agent. Scott Mathys will own and operate his very own lemonade stand. Bernard Moen will be living happily passing on his genetic traits. Jeff Peterson will still be showing off the NOVA. Tammy Ruegsegger will own and run her own business. Jon Schulte will be “lost” in the jungles of Vietnam. Joel Sebranek will be in college for the rest of his life studying physics. John Stephens will be posing for Muscle and Fitness magazine. Todd Tollakson will still be wondering about “decent” girls. Robin Treuthardt will still be traveling North for the weekends. Stacy Wirth will still be traveling between different towns. Michelle Zurfluh will be top photographer of P.G.Kim Butson Brad Connors Jenny Dunlavy Daryl Flannery Dean Flannery Angie Gerber April Gierhart Betty Jo Granberg Shawn Gratz Jeremy Hagen PeopleJUNIORS Annette Hediger Brian Hediger Jason Hendrickson Heather Jaggi Jon Jay Lewis Larry Lien Gary McGrath Vicki Moen Dan Nelson Ron OlsonKevin Makos Gretchen Mosley Debbie Hexom is chugging a coke during a Homecoming contest. ' Posing'' during their concession stand shift are Al Severson. Chad Vinger, and Mike Bahler. PeopleSOPHOMORES Tom Nysted Heather Pickett Dave Rosebrook Teri Ruegsegger Al Severson Jim Sollenberger Larry VanDusen Chad Vinger Amy Voegeli Colleen WeaverBrenda Gierhart is trying to concentrate on her homework during study hall. Jackie Schild and Tammy Hassenfelt are helping prepare the Thanksgiving feast for the student s enjoyment. Dan Daly Sheryl DeMario Jenny Fischer Mike Flanagan Gerald Gerber Brenda Gierhart John Gierhart Perry Granberg Tammy Hassenfelt Brent Kallembach PeopleFRESHMEN Caught studying for a test in study hall are Jenny Fischer and Sue Zurfluh. Kent Kallembach Chad Mathys Shawn McNett Ellen Peterson Tim Phillipson Jackie Schild Jeff Sebranek Sue Zurfluh People cccti i Seventh graders Tim Isely, Melissa Arnot, Lisa Flannery, and Denelle Gerber are displaying their winning spirit at the homecoming games. Melissa Buholzer, T. J. Ruegsegger, Steve Mick, and Neil Gratz are having another major discussion in their history class. Junior HighC-L-A-S-S of 1-9-9-2 Tammy Flannery is trying to find a future clothing project for her home ec class. Smiling innocently after being caught doing nothing are Cheri Mize and Brenda Reusch. Melissa Buholzer Troy Conners Marcia DeMario Mark Flanagan Tammy Flannery Mike Godfrey John Granberg Neil Gratz Laura Hanson Michelle Hodgson Brenda Reusch Travis Ruegsegger Nicole Thompson Kimberly Voegeli Kreg Waage Jr. HighOL-A»S'S of 1»9-9'3 Shane Johnson, Matt Hauser, Tim Fischer, and Tim Isley display the baked goods selling at their first bake sale. Rodney Hodgson and Rick Naujeck are smiling’ about their latest Home Ec assignment. Melissa Arnot J. Abram Babler Kris Baumann Jenny Blum Tim Fischer Jim Flannery Lisa Flannery v Mike Flint Ian Friedrich Denelle Gerber Jason Gilbertson Heidi Haesler Adam Hanson Matt Hauser Rodney Hodgson Tim Isley Shane Johnson Molly Mace Rebecca Maske Rick Naujeck Harlan Saalsaa Sheri Segner Jr. HighS-P-CNR-T-S Basketball Back Row: Left to right: Steve Mick. Neil Gratz. Eric Mau. Troy Connors. Mike Godfrey. and Mark Flanagan. Front Row: Troy Ruegsegger. manager; T. J. Ruegsegger, Kreg Waage. Todd Rear, and Dan Godfrey, manager. 7th Grade Basketball 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Back Row: Left to right: Jenny Blum. Tammy Flannery. Coach Jim Montgomery, Sheri Segner. and Camie Peterson. Middle Row: Cari Mize, manager; Becky Maske, Michelle Hodgson. Melissa Arnot. and Teena Boss, manager. Front Row: Cheri Mize and Laura Hanson. Missing when picture was taken was Denelle Gerber. Jr. High Back Row: Left to right: Tim Fischer. Rick Naujeck. Jimmy Flannery, Ian Friedrich. Shane Johnson, and Matt Hauser. Front Row: Troy Ruegsegger. manager; Rod Hodgson. Tim Isely. Jason Gilbertson, and Dan Godfrey, manager.M-U-S-I'C BAND Back Row: Left to right: Neil Gratz. Mr. Clyde Bayer-Thompson. and Nikki Thompson. 3rd Row: Tim Fischer, Camie Peterson, and Mike Godfrey. 2nd Row: Michelle Hodgson. Denelle Gerber. Cheri Mize, Melissa Arnot. Rodney Hodgson. Front Row: Timmy Isely. Jenny Blum, Marcia DeMario. Melissa Buholzer. and Kreg Waage. CHORUS Back Row: Left to right: Becky Maske, Mr. Clyde Bayer-Thompson. and Molly Mace. Front Row: Melissa Arnot. Cheri Mize, and Laura Hanson. Jr. HighJ'R H'l-G'H Congressman Kastenmeier poses with the eighth grade class. The eighth grade students study U.S. Government in their history class. Michelle Hodgson won first place in the Superstar Word Trek for Multiple Sclerosis. Mark Flanagan is making a linoleum print during art class. Mr. Haffele aids Ian Friedrich, Kris Baumann, and Mike Flint in finding a specimen under the microscope.H'AiP P.E«N-l-N-G-S The junior high Homecoming float. Oriole Scrabble, displayed our spirit during Homecoming Week. Seventh graders plan their trip to Canada during their 6th hour History class. Melissa Buholzer, Michelle Hodgson, and Molly Mace help frost Valentine message cookies for their FHA fundraiser. s4 cjutemcai Jackie Schild and Dan Daly listen as the student handbook is explained to them on the first day of school.Dr. Ronald R. Eastman District Administrator Mr. Joseph G. Whitcomb Principal Mr. Tom Wilkins Interim Principal Dear Students: No individual ever entered upon a more uncharted sea than does the high school student of today. Your ancestors knew their way from birth through eternity. You are puzzled about the day after tomorrow. Modern technology is expanding at such a rate that the majority of you will change your occupation from 7-10 times during your life. Your life could also be well over 100 years in length. Just think of the tremendous opportunities that this will give you to become a great human being. You will notice that I did not say a financial success, I said a great human being. Success in life cannot be equated with material possessions but, rather with the relations you experience with your fellow human beings. Friendship is a very rare commodity in life. It is something that cannot be purchased with any recognized medium of exchange. It can, however, be acquired through love, trust, compassion, understanding, and empathy. If you are fortunate, in the twilight years of your life, you may be able to count your friends on the fingers of one hand. If such is the case, you will have achieved the status of a great human being. Who never suffered, has lived but half Who never failed, never strove or sought Who never wept is a stranger to a laugh Who never doubted, never thought. Have a good day. Sincerely, Joseph G. WhitcombADMINISTRATION Dr. Eastman offers a cheerful smile to brighten our day. Argyle School Board: left to right: Scott Fischer, Tom Ritschards. Victor Bredeson, Bob Arnot, and Carolyn Ruegsegger.Mr. Sanford Disrud Assistant Custodian Mr. Roger Godfrey Head Custodian Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Mrs. Monica Hodgson H.S. Secretary (Part-time) Mrs. Pat Johnson H.S. Secretary Troy Connors freezes in position while I Matt Hauser accepts his lunch from Cook School Nurse Lee Gill checks his back for I Sue Johnson, scoliosis. ■SUPPORT STAFF Academics Argyle Bus Drivers: Left to right: Nancy Dam-men, Johnny Bruehlman, Bill Jacobsen, Steve Rossing, and Lee Montgomery.Mr. Plourde and his students sit hard at I Gary McGrath smiles as he studies in the Rework. I source Room.SUPPORT SERVICESMr. Herb Hassel English Forensics Coach Sophomore Class Advisor Mrs. Judy Schulte English French Eighth Grade Advisor Jodi Kallembach consults Darci Dammen I Daryl Flannery artfully works on a French I as-about their latest homework assignment in I signment on the chalkboard. College Prep. |LANGUAGE ARTS Mr. Hassel ambitiously completes his afterschool duties. April Gierhart and Tammy Bartels concentrate deeply on a Minority Lit assignment. Academics Mr. Gene Haffele Science Assistant Football Coach Student Council Advisor Freshmen Class Advisor Mr. Loren Homb Social Studies History Boys' and Girls' Track Coach Junior Class Advisor I K J Mr. Tom Rugroden Mathematics Computers Assistant Football Coach Senior Class Advisor Junior Kim Butson learns to program the computer in her 4th hour Computer Science class. Robin Treuthardt is one of thirteen seniors who received a certificate from Congressman Bob Kastenmeier honoring her knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Dan Strand Mathematics Physics 7th Grade AdvisorSOCIAL SCIENCES Darryl Bates. Darci Dammen. Mike Gilbertson. Mr. Gene Haffele. Mary Krahenbuhl. Ron Olson, Dan Nelson, and Todd Tollakson represented Argyle High School at the Trees for Tomorrow Environmental Center in Eagle River. Wl earlier this year. Denelle Gerber. Melissa Arnot. and Lisa Flannery examine "specimens’' in seventh grade science. AcademicsMr. Gene Findlay Business Education Freshman Class Advisor Mrs. Deb Herbers Home Economics FHA Advisor Annual Staff Advisor Senior Class Advisor Mr. Jeff Herbers Vocational Agriculture J.V. Boys Basketball Coach FFA Advisor Junior Class Advisor Mr. Tim McIntyre Industrial Education Baseball Coach Sophomore Class Advisor Tammy Bartels is using the disc sander to I Stacy Wirth, Mary Krahenbuhl, and Tracey prepare a piece of wood for a shop project. I Amorose check out a new Ford Tempo during I their Consumer Ed class.VOCATIONAL ED Andy Bartels sands his project for Industrial Arts. Bridesmaid Vicki Moen, Groom Dan Nelson, Bride Maureen Wilhelmson and Best Man Daryl Flannery pose for a picture after the Family Living Class wedding. Amy Voegeli and Amy Dammen practice their typing in Mr. Findlay's class. AcademicsMs. Candice Harris K-12 Art Jr. High Cheerleading Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor Mrs. Patti Larson Girls' Phy. Ed. Health Volleyball Coach Senior Class Advisor - s. Mr. Jim Montgomery Boys' Phy. Ed. Health Driver's Education Head Football Coach Head Girls' Basketball Coach Jr. High Girls' Basketball Coach Junior Class Advisor Letterwinner s Club Advisor Mr. Clyde Bayer-Thompson K-12 Music Ms. Harris hides behind a pumpkin head I The pep band plays a rousing tune to get the mask after a grueling day at school. | Argyle fans fired up for a basketball game.FINE ARTS HEALTH Student Council members Mary Krahen-buhl and Darci Dammen along with Jodi Kallembach pause during the busy homecoming games to display their school spirit. Pep band members Nikki Thompson, Darci Dammen, Sara Everson. Sheryl DeMario, and Holly Jaggi perform for an afternoon pep rally. OrganizationsOFFICE AIDES Left to right: Michelle Zurfluh, Julie Dunlavy, Heather Jaggi, Sara Everson, Robin Treuthardt. Darci Dammen. and Deanna Flannery. ANNUAL STAFF Back Row: Left to right: Adam Hanson, Abe Babler, and Kreg Waage. 3rd Row: Nikki Thompson, Michelle Zurfluh, Toni Hassenfelt, Mrs. Deb Herbers. Advisor; Jackie Schild, Melissa Buholzer, Jenny Dunlavy, Maureen Wilhelm-son, and Cheri Mize. 2nd Row: Bernard Moen. Robin Treuthardt, Sara Everson, Mike Godfrey, and Mary Krahen-buhl. Front Row: Chandra Hanson and Molly Mace. OrganizationsLETTERWINNERS Back Row: Left to right: Tom Hiller, John Stephens, Andy Bartels, Scott Mathys, Dennis Flannery. Dean Flannery, Ron Olson, Jon Jay Lewis, Brad Conners, Todd Tollakson, and Eric Makos. 3rd Row: Jon Schulte. Lance Penniston, Joel Sebranek. Larry VanDusen, Chad Vinger, Al Severson, Steve Flannery, Darryl Bates, Tom Nysted, Bernard Moen, and Jamie Dammen. 2nd Row: Sara Everson, Mary Krahenbuhl, Heather Jaggi, Vicki Moen, Tammy Willis, Julie Dunlavy, Brent Kallembach, Jeff Burton, Denny Beutel, Dan Nelson, and Daryl Flannery. Front Row: Jenny Dunlavy. Darci Dammen. Jodi Kallembach. Robin Treuthardt. Michelle Zurfluh. Carrie Espenscheid, Tammy Bartels, April Gierhart, Kim Butson, Holly Jaggi. and Toni Hassenfelt. FORENSICS Back Row: Left to right: Chandra Hanson, Jeff Sebranek, and Vicki Moen. 2nd Row: Kent Kallembach. Mike Flanagan, Sara Everson, Chad Vinger, and Brent Kallembach. Front Row: Darci Dammen, Gerald Gerber, and Jodi Kallembach. OrganizationsFHA Back Row: Left to right: Jenny Dunlavy, Nikki Thompson, Reporter; Molly Mace, and Mrs. Deb Herbers, Advisor. Middle Row: Jackie Schild, Historian; Melissa Buholzer, Reporter; Sara Everson, President; Kim Butson, Vice-President; Cheri Mize, Maureen Wilhelmson, Treasurer. Front Row: Michelle Hodgson, Secretary; and Mary Kra-henbuhl. FFA Back Row: Left to right: Andy Bartels, Tom Hiller, Jon Jay Lewis, Jeff Burton, and Jamie Dammen. 3rd Row: Jason Hendrickson, Dan Daly, Kevin Makos, Dave Rosebrook, and Kim Voegeli. 2nd Row: Jackie Schild, Maureen Wilhelmson. Amy Voegeli, Gary McGrath, and Scott Olson, Student Advisor. Front Row: Carrie Espenscheid, Vice-President; Eric Makos. President; Jenny Dunlavy, Secretary; Shawn Gratz. Sentinel; Larry Lien, Reporter; Julie Dunlavy, Treasurer. OrganizationsPHYSICS CLUB Back Row: Left to right: Eric Makos. Jon Schulte, and Bernard Moen. 2nd Row: Joel Sebranek. Mr. Dan Strand, and John Stephens. Front Row: Julie Dunlavy, and Jodi Kallembach. FRENCH CLUB Back Row: Left to right: Daryl Flannery. Joel Sebranek. Jon Schulte. John Stephens. Jeff Sebranek. and Mrs. Judy Schulte. Middle Row: Chad Vinger. Jenny Dunlavy. Tammy Bartels. Tammy Willis. Kim Butson. Mike Flanagan, and Brent Kallembach. Front Row: Angie Gerber. April Gierhart. Chandra Hanson. Jodi Kallembach. Mary Krahenbuhl. Gerald Gerber. Kent Kallembach. and Shawn McNett. OrganizationsSTUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Left to right: Dan Daly. Jeff Sebranek. and Jackie Schild. 3rd Row: Mr. Gene Haffele, Advisor; Chad Vinger. Al Severson, and Chandra Hanson. 2nd Row: Jeremy Hagen. Ron Olson. Vice President; Lance Penniston. and Shawn Gratz. Front Row: Mary Krahenbuhl. Secretary; Joel Sebranek. Treasurer; Jodi Kallembach, John Stephens. Sara Everson. Jon Schulte, President; and Darci Dammen.BADGER STATE REPS Left to right: Michelle Zurfluh, Badger Girl Alternate; Jon Schulte. Badger Boy Alternate; Bernard Moen. Badger Boy; Julie Dunlavy. Badger Girl. DAR Good Citizen Eric Makos. OrganizationsPEP BAND Back Row: Left to right: Neil Gratz. Mr. Clyde Bayer-Thompson. and Vicki Moen. 4th Row: Tim Fischer. Nikki Thompson. Camie Peterson. Darci Dammen. and Mike Godfrey. 3rd Row: Michelle Hodgson. Cheri Mize. Denelle Gerber. Melissa Arnot. Sheryl DeMario. and Holly Jaggi. 2nd Row: Sara Everson. Student Director: Ellen Peterson. Jenny Blum, Marcia DeMario. and Melissa Buholzer. Front Row: Toni Hassenfelt. Heather Jaggi. Brenda Gierhart, and Kreg Waage. Back Row: Left to right: Darci Dammen. Mr. Clyde bayer-Thompson. Vicki Moen. and Sara Everson. 3rd Row: Holly Jaggi. Sheryl DeMario. and Sue Zurfluh. 2nd Row: Colleen Weaver. Deanna Flannery, and Ellen Peterson. Front Row: Toni Hassenfelt, and Heather Jaggi. Organizations Back Row: Left to right: Darci Dammen. Vicki Moen. and Sara Everson. Front Row: Sheryl DeMario. Colleen Weaver. and Holly Jaggi. BAND HONORS BAND 62CHORUS Back Row: Left to right: Betty Jo Granberg, and Sheryl DeMario. 3rd Row: Ellen Peterson, Sue Zurfluh, and Heather Jaggi. 2nd Row: Tammy Willis, Sara Everson, Debbie Hexom, and Darci Dammen. Front Row: Mr. Clyde Bayer-Thompson, Holly Jaggi. and Toni Hassenfelt. r ACCOMPANISTS SOLO ENS. Chorus Accompanists: Left to right: Holly Jaggi and Sara Everson. Solo Ensemble Participants: Back Row: Left to right: Sheryl DeMario and Colleen Weaver. Front Row: Darci Dammen, Sara Everson, and Holly Jaggi. Organizations 63FOOTBALL Varsity Football Team: Back Row: Left to right: Tom Nysted. Dean Flannery. Jon Schulte. Ron Olson. Joel Sebranek. and Jeff Burton. 3rd Row: Al Severson. Jamie Dammen. Brad Connors. Jason Hendrickson. Larry VanDusen. Julie Dunlavy. Steve Flannery, and Coach Jim Montgomery 2nd Row: Coach Gene Haffele. Daryl Flannery. John Stephens. Todd Tollakson. Andy Bartels. Scott Mathys. and Coach Tom Rugroden. Front Row: Chad Vinger. Ber-nard Moen. Jon Lewis. Lance Penniston. and Jeff Amorose. J.V. Football Team: Back Row: Left to right: April Gierhart. manager; Dave Rosebrook. Steve Flannery. Larry VanDusen. Jeff Sebranek. and Coach Jim Montgomery. Middle Row: Coach Gene Haffele. Tim Phillipson. Jamie Dammen. Chad Mathys. Tom Nysted. Mike Flanagan, and Coach Tom Rugroden. Front Row: Al Severson. Kent Kallembach. John Gierhart. Shawn McNett. Brent Kal-lembach. and Chad Vinger Missing when photo was taken: Jackie Schild Varsity 0-42 7-42 6- 46 6-18 7- 34 0-75 6-28 0-45 0-38 ‘denotes Opponent Potosi Benton Pecatonica Barneveld Holy Name New Glarus Black Hawk East Dubuque Belleville win Junior Varsity 20-0 0-6 8-0 0-18 18-0 6-21 $ Sports Senior Todd Tollakson lowers his broad shoulders to break an opponents tackle. Scott Mathys leaps for more yardage against New Glarus Knights. Junior quarterback Dean Flannery hands off while Senior Scott Mathys barrels through the line.VOLLEYBALL Varsity Volleyball Team: Back Row: Left to right: Sara Everson, Robin Treuthardt. Third Row: Vicki Moen, Tammy Ruegsegger, and Tammy Willis. Second Row: Heather Jaggi, Toni Hassenfelt. Darci Dammen, and Ellen Peterson. Front Row: Maureen Wilhelmson, manager: Angie Gerber, and Coach Patti Larson. Opponent Games We-They Scales Mound 1-2 Monticello 0-3 Black Hawk 0-3 Brodhead Tournament 1-5 Monticello 0-2 Pecatonica 0-2 New Glarus 1-2 Albany 1-2 Barneveld 0-2 Belleville 0-2 Pecatonica 1-2 Belleville 0-3 Juda 1-2 Albany 1-2 Barneveld 0-3 Juda 1-2 Black Hawk 1-2 New Glarus 1-2 Sub-Regional Tournament vs. Monticello 0-2 55 games 10 wins 0 matches won ■■MIRIMCombining their skills in an effort to bump the ball to another teammate are Junior Angie Gerber and Senior Sara Everson. SportsV 4V, y . f « Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Left to right: Jenny Dun-lavy, Kim Butson, Carrie Espenscheid. Janelle Dunlavy, Miniature Cheerleader; Mary Krahenbuhl, Tammy Bartels, and Jodi Kallembach. Junior Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Back Row: Left to right: Charlene Pink and Debbie Hexom. Front Row: Amy Dammen. Colleen Weaver, and Brandi Fannan. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: Left to right: Amy Voe-geli, Kim Butson, Amy Dammen. Heather Babler. and Colleen Weaver. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Amy Voe-geli. Amy Dammen, Heather Babler, and Colleen Weaver get the crowd involved at the Argyle Juda game. Brandi Fannan. Jenny Dunlavy. Deb Hex-om, and Kim Butson wait for the Homecoming game against New Glarus to begin. LEFT: Junior Kim Butson chants “Elevate Your Mind” to the crowd during the Belleville game.BOYS’ BASKETBALL Left to right: Junior Varsity Coach Jeff Herbers and Varsity Coach Roger Godfrey. Varsity Basketball: Back Row: Left to right: Shawn Gratz, Larry Lien, Ron Olson, Jon Jay Lewis. Joel Sebranek, Scott Mathys. Dean Flannery, Dennis Flannery, Lance Penniston, and Dan Nelson. Front Row: Kevin Makos, Larry VanDusen, Al Severson, Tom Nysted, and Steve Flannery. Junior Varsity Basketball: Back Row: Left to right: Tom Nysted. Steve Flannery. Al Severson. Larry VanDusen, Ron Olson. Jeff Sebranek. Chad Mathys, Kevin Makos, Shawn Gratz. Brent Kallembach. Front Row: Dan Daly, Kent Kallembach, Gerald Gerber, John Gierhart, and Shawn McNett. UWITK ii h. tn:rr. XL COACH Sports Al Severson goes in for a lay up and scores two points for the Junior Varsity team.Jon Jay Lewis displays perfect form in anoth er three-point shot. Varsity Opponent junior Varsity 41-45 Highland 42-24 55-61 Pecatonica 57-39 32-75 Benton 50-38 61-81 Barneveld 52-42 44-75 Belleville 50-45 67-99 Black Hawk 57-51 51-50 Juda 57-32 69-100 Albany 46-42 43-67 Monticello 57-53 41-72 New Glarus 44-52 43-62 Pecatonica 44-41 OT' 60-78 Albany 45-41- 41-64 Holy Name 33-38 53-56 Barneveld 48-43 50-58 Belleville 58-65 53-67 Black Hawk 61-60- 49-67 Holy Name 44-47 OT 61-76 Juda 56-25 65-64 OT Monticello 47-42 53-83 New Glarus 39-50 • denotes win Dean Flannery motions for the ball to be passed to him for a possible score. Steve Flannery concentrates on basketball strategies during a grueling game against Belleville.GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Girls' Basketball Teams: Back Row: Left to right: Junior Varsity Coach Gwen Fischer, Jackie Schild, Robin Treu-thardt, Jenny Dunlavy, Varsity Coach Jim Montgomery, Brenda Gierhart, Julie Dunlavy, Amy Dammen, and Debbie Hexom. Front Row: Manager Tammy Flannery, Jenny Fischer, Carrie Espenscheid, Michelle Zurfluh, Sue Zurfluh, Heather Pickett, and Manager Camie Peterson. “Our season was fairly successful for the amount of underclassmen that we had to play. The underclassmen did a fine job. We lost in close games and we won in close games.” — Coach Jim Montgomery "Julie, Robin, and I have been playing together for six years running. That is a long time. I think we have all enjoyed working together as teammates and as friends.'’ — Michelle Zurfluh Varsity Opponent Junior Varsity 40-64 Black Hawk 33-25 Black Hawk Reserve 40-23 47-46 Monticello 31-42 34-53 Pecatonica (Tournament) 45-57 Darlington (Tournament) 50-48 Juda 51-54 Pecatonica 27-21 41-37 New Glarus 32-24 45-44 Monroe (Scrimmage) 25-45 26-47 Monroe (Scrimmage) 25-33 34-57 Belleville 28-55 40-36 Albany 29-28 15-52 Barneveld 24-31 30-53 Black Hawk 27-34 34-58 Monticello 26-34 54-55 Juda 25-32 New Glarus 34-42 Albany 31-30 58-56 Pecatonica 15-25 53-79 Belleville 27-65 42-67 Barneveld 30-41 denotes win Carrie Espenscheid passes the ball to an awaiting Oriole teammate.To be sure you receive the poses, backgrounds, i and quality you want CALL Photo-Tand III -TSo wionnP0, if -PI'ofogtnp uj ROS€ M. SHRIV6R MANAGER - PHOTOGRAPHER 333 MAIN STREET DARLINGTON. Wl S3530 (608) 776-3853s4cC PATRONS Fran’s Upholstery Scott J. Fischer Wenger Hardware F. S. Co-op Argyle Agenda Bernard Hanson Chuck Hendrickson Kermit and Phyllis Watkins Solar-Time Autobody Country Liquor, Darlington Murph's on Main, Darlington Don’s Tire Service, Darlington Whalen Chiropractic Office, Darlington PJ’s Dog House - Pat and Jim Discher, Darlington Johnson, Kranz and McDaniel, Darlington Flowers by Martha, Darlington Monroe Pizza Hut Country Kitchen, Monroe Monroe Evening Times Dr. Scott Patterson, Monroe Thorpe Paint, Monroe Monroe Glass Company, Monroe Monroe Travel Center Radke Studio, Monroe Florines, Monroe Cap’s Tap, Blanchardville Ernst Farm Home Center, South Wayne Gratiot State BankFULL LINE OF ATHLETIC WEAR • BOWLING • TRACK • BASEBALL • FOOTBALL . c ulkJiau . Shirtprinting 305 Milwaukee St. Argyle. Wl 53504 (608) 543-3564 Custom Designing and Printing Full Line of Jackets. Hats a Shirts on Display Printed a Unprinted BIGGS CHEESE Fred Sharon Wirtz N6780 Biggs Road Argyle, Wl 53504 543-3560 FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING SUPPLIES FENCING, MINNESOTA PAINTS, TREATED LUMBER, MADISON SILOS, STARLINE FEEDING and BARN EQUIPMENT Frudden Buildinq Co. Argyle, Wisconsin Phone 543-3332 Congratulations Class of 1988 Argyle Board of Educationt (608) 543-3082 ARGYLE VETERINARY 201 S. SERVICE, S.C. IRVIN GANZHUBNER, D.V.M. RICHARD BOURIE, D.V.M. ERIC BRUMMEL, D.V.M. North Street Argyle, Wl 53504 ARGYLE MEAT PROCESSING CO-OP ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 608 543-3536 Complete Meat Service Slaughtering on Thursday by Appointment L.A. ROSSING CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1870 Clothing for the entire family. Every mile is worth your while. Phone: 543-3013 BERGET JEWELERS Art Carved - Josten - R. Johns Class Rings Art Carved Diamonds Pulsar Watches Something from Bergets' is always something special. Argyle, Wl Phone: 543-3525 Septic Tanks Pumped, Dry Wells Pumped GILBERTSON SEPTIC SERVICE 17438 HWY 78 N. Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 Grant Gilbertson 543-3262IRMA'S KITCHEN B M Bar Argyle, Wisconsin Best Food in Town!! Carry-Outs! On the Comer across from the School and the Post Office: Phone: 543-3703 a Jordan Machine p.o. box m Tool Pn railroad st. 1 UUI ARGYLE, Wl 53504 608-543-3177 HOME PHONE: 608-523-4160 SPECIAL TURNING • GENERAL MACHINING SHORT LONG RUN PRODUCTION TOOL DIE • JIG FIXTURE • MOLD MAKING MIKE JORDAN DESIGN ENGINEER MATT JORDAN TOOL DIE MAKER CHRIS JORDAN Hair Care Corner Ann Emery Deb Meyer RUVA Tanning Bed Full Service Salon for the Entire Family Open Tuesday Through Saturday NEXXUS Products 402 Milwaukee Street Argyle, Wl 53504 543-3114 tate Baqk Ar yle Argyle, Wisconsin 608-543-3321 MEMBER FDICROSSING’S FINE FOODS shursav FOOD STORES D.W.B. ELECTRIC Argyle, Wis. R. Finley Barry DeWayne Bredeson Wiring - Rewiring Service Calls Electric Heat Attorney at Law Argyle, Wl 53504 (608) 543-3636 Argyle, WI 53504 ARGYLE DENTAL OFFICES SAWS MOWERS SCISSORS TOOLS KNIVES CUTTERS CHISELS AXES NORM'S SHARP-ALL SHOP Andrew Shuler, D.D.S. Charles Shuler, D.M.D. 313 BREEZE TERRACE ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 TELEPHONE 543-3628 Frank Shuler, D.D.S, 104 Broad Street Argyle, Wl 53504 Ads COMPLETE SHARPENING SERVICEAUTO JACOBSEN BUS SERVICES, INC. SIGN DAVID N. JACOBSEN BOX 61 PH.608-543-3135 ARGYLE, WIS. 53504 :y ' Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 Dr. Paul and Gloria Thompson A For all your insurance needs See the Steiner Agency j Kris Hassenfelt since V Licensed Beautician yyx x (I'd % 108 East Street Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 Telephone 608 543-3272 MEYER’S BAR Argyle, Wisconsin Home John, Leah, Stacy, 508 Park Place • Darlington. Wisconsin 53530 • 608 776-3542 Jay. 60 Breeze Terrace • Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 • Deb 608 543-3616 B- J- Petro and Food Mart AUTCLINE EST 1947 Bob and Jan Mau [ THE QUALITY LINE |« 543-3733 ARGYLE Products at Competitive Prices 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily INDUSTRIES, INC.I TOLLAKSON AND SON’S AVk MEMORIAL Argyle, Wisconsin 543-3233 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1988 R. E. Hunter, M.D. PHILLIPSON FORD FORD since 1915 FORD CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '88 Moore’s Service Station Anita Raymond Moore Argyle, Wisconsin . 543-3123 (COOP STROMMEN-VINGER INSURANCE AGENCY David L. Vinger Box N, 101 North Street Argyle, WI. 53504 Tel.: (608) 543-3060 HERITAGE INSURANCE LIVESTOCK HAULING For market or slaughter Also to all area sale barns Seven day service. VIC BREDESON Telephone: 543-3001 CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1988 Tollakson’s Pioneer Seeds Carrying on the Spirit of Agriculture Argyle FFA and FFA AlumniPHARMACY BEN FRANKLIN 608-776-4481 608-776-2424 jj ,ouiES SPECIALTY FOODS RICE PUDDING 543-3010 Business 543-3212 Home LOUIS LANCASTER ARGYLE. Wl 53504 hitford Pharmacy, Inc. BEN FRANKLIN 210 East Alice Street • P.O. Box 185 Darlington, Wisconsin 53530 WILLIAM J. WHITFORD, RPh. President Owner JUBIE WHITFORD SUPERMARKETS Like a friend you’ve come to know and trust. 608-776-4051 149 Wells Street • Darlington, Wl 53530 “Down by the Riverside” 109 MAIN STREET DARLINGTON, Wl 53530 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS COMPLETE BRIDAL SERVICE (608)776-4451 MONROE, Wl 53566 PHONE 325-3233 ANTIQUES 309 MAIN ST. DARLINGTON. Wl 53530 PHONE 776-2875 WE WIRE FLOWERS GT Family Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor 'flsujlor florist V1 919 MADISON STREET DARLINGTON 608-776-3301 1048 Main Street Darlington, Wl 53530 776-2477 Open 7:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.IF YOU WANT TO BUY, SELL. TRADE OR AUCTION REAL ESTATE OR PERSONAL PROPERTY CALL ROELLI RELIABLE REALTY AND AUCTION SERVICE ROUTE 1, DARLINGTON, WIS. 53530 PHONE: 608-776-4081 608-776-4082 608-776-4573 IF WE DON'T HAVE IT WE LL GET IT FOR YOU Marty’s Black Oak Inn Dally noon specials Homemade soup and pie Friday night Fish Fry 5-11:00 p.m. Saturday night 10 oz. tenderloin, steak, chicken, shrimp 5 - 10:00 p.m. Citizens NATIONAL BANK Since 1885 207 WELLS STREET DARLINGTON, Wl 53530 (608) 776-4458 Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Contractors Dimensions in Photography Mineral Point, Wl Senior Portraits with a Difference Harlan Erickson Rt. 1, Argyle, Wl (608) 543-3682 Carson Gerloff Winslow, IL (815) 367-4881HAURI’S CYCLE SHOP 633 - 1 st Ave. Monroe, Wi. 53566 325-9952 KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI Parts Accessories Service Mk, 751 10TH AVENUE MONROE, WI., 53566 John N. Bos (608) 325 3033 TURNER HALL CLUB Bar and restaurant open to public Welcomes wedding and anniversary dances No Charge For The Floor Free Weekend Entertainment Including Sun. 3:00-8:00 Monroe, WI (% m£ue) LANZ HARDWARE HOUSEWARES. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. PAINT Phone 325-4581 1123 - 16th AVE. MONROE, WIS. 53566 THE CfiMERR . IjT ial STUDIO -1 HfiUS "THE AREA'S MOST COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE UNDER 1 ROOF!” • Professional Photography • In House Same Day Studio Color Print Processing • Speciality Camera • Professional Wedding Equipment Photographers 1605 10TH ST - MONROE • PH. 325-6767 Leisure Lanes Hwy 69 So. Monroe, WI 53566 nnen hnwlinn a ailnhlp Hnilv Full service pro shop Live Bands every Friday and Saturday |r$ GOOD TIME fSS FOR THE GREAT TASTE, DRIVE ■ THRU 425 • 8th Street Monroe, Wisconsin 328-4231 608-328-8135 Come Join The Fun!!!Congratulations Class of ’88 Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 The Lyle Fischer Family Jlte Swiss Colony 1112 Seventh Avenue MONROE, WISCONSIN • 53566 REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORDS MARVIN ESPENSCHEID FAMILY 12044 State Hwy 78 Argyle. Wisconsin 53504 BRENNAN'S! Schultz Pharmacy On the Square Monroe, Wl 53566 325-2151 FRESH FOR LESS! CHEESE - LIQUOR ■ PRODUCE ■ GASOLINE On the Junction of Highway 69 8th Street Monroe, WI Phone 608 325-4433 Monday thru Saturday 8 a.m. • 9 p.m, Sunday 8 a.m. FURNITURE • CARPETING BEDDING • ACCESSORIES PHOTOGRAPHY v ° 1218 17th Avenue (Across from Turner Hall) Seniors - Wedding - Any Occasion (Outdoor Setting Available) 2607 HWY 69 SOUTH MONROE, Wl 53566 608 325-3006 325-2924 9-5:30 M-FVideo Flicks Blanchardville, Wl 523-4266 BLANCHARDVILLE CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION TOWN-MART TIRES — BATTERIES PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Serving Argyle, Hollandale, New Glarus and Blanchardville yf . lphoriL g , 2immermun C heeAe, 9nc. d b a Alphorn Cheese Wiota. Wl 53587 Phone 968-3414 Makers of Muenster Baby Swiss AMERICAN FAMILY lOfa AUTO HOME BUSINESS HEALTH LIFE RON BIRKETT ftittu.I.'.IIU 326 SOUTH MAIN BOX 153 BLANCHARDVILLE, WISCONSIN 53516 PHONE: OFF. 608-523-4907 RES. 608-523-4330 WIOTA MILLING COMPANY AND GROCERY STORE 7152 State Hwy. 78 Gratiot, Wl 53541 Saxers Sporting Goods Guaranteed lowest prices in the state. We specialize in team sales. (ML) llLt‘V .,,, Personalized Hair Care MARY ELLEN ERB Phone (608) 523-4537 • 322 S. Main • Blanchardville, Wl 53516 JIIK 711 8th Street Creek Court Plaza Monroe, Wl 53566 325-4909 AdsSUPERMARKETS Southwestern Wisconsin’s Finest Supermarket 725 Creek Court Plaza Monroe, Wl 53566 Wal-Mart 424 West 8th Street Monroe, Wl 53566 325-7701 9-9 Monday-Saturday 10-5:30 Sunday Wishing you great success in whatever you choose for your future. Coach Godfrey Monroe Honda Lawn and Recreation WOODFORD STATE BANK Full Service Bank Branch of Monroe, Wl Member FDIC 53566 Woodford, Wl 53599 945 West 7th St. (608) 465-3367 (608) 325-7766 502 10th Street BANK OF SOUTH WAYNE Large enough to serve you Small enough to know you SOUTH WAYNE, WISCONSIN (608)439-5391West Side Inn SAIFS SERVICE KENTAJS Your Rain Barrel Rain Barrel Water Conditioning Sales — Service — Rentals 608 325-5102 Gary Harris Man P.O. Box 158 Monroe, Wl 53566 Homemade pizza and pies Daily specials Hwy 78 West Argyle, Wl LouAnn McNett, Proprietor Scherer Moving and Storage Local-Long Distance Packing Residential v Pianos Commercial Deliveries Storage I.. Brush Trash Pick Up The Name To Know 325-6646 IF NO ANSWER: 325-5258 Monroe ICCMC-143684 ID? BUILDING SCHOOLS TOGETHER Dearth Motors Chrysler - Plymouth- Dodge Monroe, Wl Argyle Education Association Heitkamp Photography (Formerly Schmitz Studios) 2317 13th Street Monroe, Wl 53566 325-3826 Phone: 543-3711 NORSEMAN SUPPER CLUB Argyle, WisconsinCONGRATULATIONS, JON SCHULTE or just plain relaxing,Michelle, We hope you travel far. Mom, Dad, Jim, and Suzie Congratulations, Toni! Best of luck to your future drive! Love, Mom, Dad, and Tammy CONGRATULATIONS TOM We’ve always been proud of you and we’re always here for you. Love, Mom, Dad, Dawn, Deb, Rick, Kathy, Cindy, Grandma and GrandpaCongratulations, Boo! May you always have special pride in all you’ve done. Memories of good friends and fun, new challenges and much success, lots of joy and happiness! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Julie We're so proud of you. Be all you can be — Go For It! Love, Mom, Dad, John, Jennifer, and Janelle AdsamericanTsm Congratulations Class of 1988 Argyle 1 j|p Post 251 "®°or and c0 The Argyle Student Council Treasured Echoes FUNK'S ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK SALES STAFF (B HYBRID Don Wilhelmson P.O. BOX 1 ARGLYLE, Wl 53504 (608) 543-3314 5479 Whiteside Road Argyle, Wl 53504 Phone: 608 968-3387 Joel, We hope your "Mission" will be to seek and find those opportunities that will take you the farthest. You've got what it takes. Love Mom, Dad, June JeffIt has been 40 years since the celebration began. We can be commended not only for progress but for continuing the celebration that started so many years ago. Looking back at this year, we as students shared and participated in many of the fine activities which enhanced our school days. Such activities include: a National Congressman visited our school and awarded 13 seniors certificates because of their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution; the J.V. Football team showed signs of improvement with a 3-3 record; six music students participated in a State Line League Honors Band; seven students attended Trees for Tomorrow — a once-in-eight years opportunity; and the J.V. Basketball team was very successful, starting off their season with an impressive 9-0 record and going on to win more games than a boys’ team has in many years. Your celebration as seniors has ended here at A.H.S. But does the celebration stop there? NO! Your celebration is just beginning as you embark on the journey of life. Make the most of it!! Sincerely, The Treasured Echoes Staffr

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