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TREASURED ECHOES 1986 Volume Thirty-Eight Argyle High School Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 This edition of “Treasured Echoes"is dedicated to James Hyland. James is the crossing guard in our school community and has been for more than 20 years. Twice a day you can see his friendly face as he stands guard watching children as they cross busy Highway 78. James was born in 1900 and farmed with his father, and later his daughter and son-in-law joined them. In 1962 he moved into Argyle with his wife Leona. Today, James says he will continue to be Argyle's crossing guard “for as long as the good Lord lets me. ” Specifically, James says he enjoys seeing the children and talking to them. “They're good kids, all of them. ” ITABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS.................... 3 CLASSES................... SCHOOL LIFE SUPPORTERS.... 27 ATHLETICS................. 31 ORGANIZATIONS............. 45 ACTIVITIES................ 55 JR. HIGH LIFE............. 65 ELEMENTARY LIFE........... 71 ADVERTISING................ 79 THIS BOOK IS THE PROPERTY OF:The Way We Were 4 Above: Rob DeNurc, Jeff Johnson6 Above: Jeff Lancaster, Monica LocffclholzTHE WAY WE WERE BRENDA RENEE BLUM Birthdatc: December 9. 1967 Nickname: Swiss Ambition: go to California Volleyball ( Lettered 3.4); Basketball (1.2.3; Lettered ); F F A (1.2,3.4. President 4). Homecoming Court (3.4); Prom Court (3); Chorus (1.2); Office Aide (4); Letterwinners Club (3.4) ROB DF.NURE Birthdatc December 21. 1967 Nickname Nobber or Slobber Ambition: to be a shrewd businessman Basketball (; Lettered 3.4). Track ( Lettered (; Prom Court (3); Class Vice-President (I). President (3.4), Student Council (; Annual Staff (4); Service Club (1.2.3); Badger Boys State (3). Office Aide (4); Tutor (4). Letterwinners Club (2.3.4). Who’s Who Among American High School Students ANNETTE HAUSER Birthdatc: July 8. 1968 Ambition: to stand up for what I believe in Volleyball ( Lettered 3.4); Basketball (I); Homecoming Court (I); Prom Court (3); Chorus (; Vice-President 3. President 4); Swing Choir (; Flag Corp (4). Musical (I); School Play (3); Student Council ( Treasurer 3); National Honor Society (2.3.4); Teacher Aide (I); Office Aide (4); Class President (I). Vice-President (4); Letterwinners Club (; Vice-President 4) JOHN R HENNER Birthdatc: June 21. 1968 Nickname: Tiny Ambition: to seek out life and go where no man has gone before Football (1.2,3.4; Lettered 2.3.4; Captain 4); Student Council (; President 4); Prom Court (3); School Play (2.3.4). Annual Staff (4); Office Aide (4); Teacher Aide (2.3); Letterwinners Club (I.2.3.4); Who's Who Among American High School Students KENNY BROWN Birthdatc April 20. 1968 Nickname: Browner Ambition: to play professional football Football ( Lettered 2,3.4). Baseball (2.3; Lettered 2.3). Homecoming Court (I); Student Council (1.3.4; Treasurer 4); National Honor Society (2.3,4); Teacher Aide (3); Letterwinners Club (2.3.4)ISMAEL CRISTOBAL HINOJOSA Birthdatc: April 10. 1968 Nickname: Qualudc Ambition: to be married to Cheryl and be wealthy Football (1.2.4; Lettered 4); Basketball (2.3.4; Lettered 4); Track (; Lettered 1,3.4); Homecoming Court (2); Letterwinners Club ( JEFF JOHNSON Birthdatc: November 30. 1966 Ambition: work hard and be all I can be Football (I); Track (2; Lettered 2); Tutor (3.4); Letter- winners Club (2.3.4) KEITH JACKSON Birthdatc: February 15. 1968 Nickname Queef Ambition: to make money Football (3. Lettered 3); Basketball (; Lettered 3.4); Prom Court (3); Letterwinners Club (3.4) LISA ANNE KALLEMBACH Birthdate: September 26. 1968 Ambition: to be a Badger cheerleader Volleyball (2); Track (2; Lettered 2); Cheerleader (; Lettered 3.4); Chorus (; Lettered 2): Forensics (; Homecoming Court (2; Homecoming Queen 4); Prom Court (3); Annual Staff (3.4); Student Council (2.4; Vice-President 4); Class Secretary Treasurer (1,2.3.4); Letterwinners Club (2.3.4) MONICA ANN LOF.FFELHOLZ Birthdatc: February 24. 1968 Ambition: to be happy and never stop trying Basketball (; Lettered; Track (2.3.4; Lettered 2.3.4); Cheerleader (4; Lettered 4); Chorus (1,2; Lettered 2): Annual Staff (4); Forensics (I); F.H.A. (1.2.3) ; Prom Court (3); Student Council (I); Service Club (1.2.3; Chairman 3); National Honor Society (2.3.4) ; Letterwinners Club (; President 4). Who’s Who Among American High School Students 9JOHN DUNLAVY III Birthdale: August 24, 1968 Ambition: to keep car in one piece Football (1,2,3,4; Lettered 3,4); Track (2); Basketball (2,3); Homecoming Court (4); F.F.A. (1,2,3,4; Student Advisor 4); Letter-winners Club (4) JEFFREY LEE NELSON Birthdate: April 16, 1968 Nickname: Scut Ambition: to become an illegal alien Football (1,2,3.4; Lettered 1,2,3,4); Basketball (1,2,3,4; Lettered 2,3,4); Baseball (1,2,3,4; Lettered 1,2,3,4); National Honor Society (2,3,4); Student Council (2); Class Vice-President (2,3); Lettcrwinncrs Club (1,2,3,4) TODD RUEGSEGGER Birthdate: December 3, 1967 Nickname: Rucger Ambition: to be successful at whatever I do Football (1,2,3,4; Lettered L2.3.4); Basketball (1,2,3; Lettered 2,3); Baseball (1,2,3,4; Lettered 2,3.4); Prom King (3); Lettcrwinners Club (1,2,3,4) LONNIE D. SEVERSON Birthdate: March 30, 1968 Nickname: Lone Wolf Ambition: to live in the mountains in Canada Football (2,4; Lettered 4); Basketball (1,2,3); Track (2); Homecoming King (4); Letterwinners Club (4) JEFFREY M. LANCASTER Birthdate: May 19, 1968 Nickname: Louie Ambition: to be successful in life Football (1); Basketball (2); Baseball (1.2,3,4; Lettered 2,3,4); Chorus (1.2,3,4; Lettered 1,2,3,4); Swing Choir (1,2,3); Musical (1,2); Student Council (1,2); Forensics (3,4; State 3,4); F.F.A. (1); F.H.A. (2.4); Letterwinners Club (2,3,4) 10DALE ALAN WILHELMSON Birthdatc: May 21, 1968 Nickname: Stud Ambition: to be healthy Football (1,2,3,4; Lettered 3,4); Track (1,2,3; Lettered 1); Homecoming Court (3); F.F.A. (1,2,3,4); Letterwinners Club (1,2.3.4) KURT ALLEN WAAGE Birthdate: January 22, 1968 Nickname: Dawg Ambition: to have a successful basketball career and have money Football (1,2,3,4; Lettered 3.4); Basketball (1,2,3,4; Lettered 1,2.3.4); Baseball (1,2,3,4; Lettered 1,2,3,4); Prom Court (3); Letterwinners Club (1,2,3,4) DEB D. COMISKEY Birthdate: December 17, 1967 Nickname: Dc-Dc Ambition: to become Special Education Teacher Chorus (2,3);Solo Enscmble (2,3); F.H.A. (2,4); Service Club (1,2.3); Prom Court (3); Teacher Aide (4); Office Aide (4); Tutor (4) JAMES ZURFLUH Birthdatc: January 3k 1968 Nickname: Jim Ambition: to be an Electrical Engineer Track (2,3,4; Lettered 2); Prom Court (3) TERESA MARIE NELSON Birthdate: November 8, 1967 Ambition: to be all I can be Volleyball (1,2,3,4; Lettered 3,4); Soccer (1,2); Track (3.4; Lettered 3.4); F.H.A. (3); Band (1,2.3,4); Chorus (3.4); Flag Corp (4); Prom Queen (3); French Club (2); Letterwinners Club (3,4); Who’s Who Among American High School Students SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS AND OFFICERS: Advisor Kay Wiegel, Secretary-Treasurer Lisa Kallcmbach, Vice President Annette Hauser, President Robbie Dcnure. Advisor Tim McIntyre.The Way We’ll Be Clockwise from top left: Kenny Brown; Keith Jackson; Jeff Nelson and John Henner; Jeff Johnson; Johnny Hinojosa; Todd Ruegscgger and Lonnie Severson 1213 Top Left: Kurt Waage Top Right: Lonnie Severson, Jeff Lancaster Middle Left: Dale Wilhelmson, Lonnie Severson Bottom Left: Annette Hauser, Teresa NelsonAutographs of the “Awesome”WE MA Y NEVER PASS THIS WA Y (AGAIN) Life — so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away Love — like the Autumn sun Should be dying but it’s only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don’t see just where we ’re goin ’ And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again Dreams — so they say Are for the fools and they let them drift away Peace — like the silent dove Should be fly in’ but it’s only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ship out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up — always up We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again So I wanna laugh. while the laughin’ is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you ’Cause you make me feel like I’m more than a friend Like I’m the journey and you’re the journey’s end I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you baby We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again WE MA Y NEVER PASS THIS WA Y AGAIN by Seals Crofts Used by Permission Only C 1973 Dawnbreaker Music Company All Rights Reserved 17Class Will I, Brenda Blum, will my ability to keep my serves in bounds to Tammy Ruegseggcr. I, Ken Brown, will my hall behavior to upcoming couples. I, Deb Comiskcy, will my ability to get along with children to Bob Saalsaa. I, Rob DcNure, will my car to Mr. Mcssling’s Driver’s Ed class. I, John Dunlavy, will my ability to get stopped by the cops to Doug Gicrhart. I, Annette Hauser, will my collection of handed-down biblcs to Amy Hagen. I, John Henner, will my ability to “have a good time” to Frank Loeffclholz. I, Johnny Hinojosa, will my height to Mr. Magar. I, Keith Jackson, will my great height to all upcoming basketball players. I, Jeff Johnson, will my “taxes” to Mr. Homb. I, Lisa Kallcmbach, will my “awesome” smile to anyone who can handle it. I, Jeff Lancaster, will my ability to keep my mouth shut to Amy Hagen. I, Monica Lieffclholz, will my ability to smile to Denise Johnson. I, Jeff Nelson, will my ability to avoid defensive linebackers to Mike Bahler. I, Teresa Nelson, will my feather and fluff brushes to Mr. Lee. I, Todd Ruegseggcr. will my ability to run the football to Jon Schulte. I, Lonnie Severson, will my mountain man tactics and chewing to Scott Mathys. I, Kurt Waagc, will my ability to “enjoy” football to anyone who needs it. I, Dale Wilhclmson, will my attentiveness in Mr. Hassel’s class to Curt Saalsaa. I, Jim Zurfluh, will my good humor to Mrs. Mueller. Class Prophecy BRENDA BLUM will be driving a Porsche tractor. KEN BROWN will still be getting “bruises" on his neck. DEB COMISKEY will still be trying to remember what she saw on Prom night. ROB DENURE will still be playing “Mr. Innocent” to most people. JOHN DUNLAVY will still be going to Country Kitchen at all hours. ANNETTE HAUSER will be owner and co-manager of Pizza Hut with George. JOHN HENNER will still be collecting money for “extra-curricular activities.” JOHNNY HINOJOSA will still be making daily trips to Blanchardvillc. KEITH JACKSON will be showing up Micheal Jordon in his commercials. JEFF JOHNSON will be a mechanic (and a swell one at that.) LISA KALLEMBACH will still be chasing a light blue Fairmont. JEFF LANCASTER will be making Rice Pudding with his father. MONICA LOEFFELHOLZ will still be deciding what to do with her life. JEFF NELSON will still be watching “Pinfold” on Nickolodean. TERESA NELSON will be the only Prom Queen in the Marines. TODD RUEGSEGGER will still be picking names to decide who to bless on weekends. LONNIE SEVERSON will be doing commercials for Kodiak. KURT WAAGE will still be watching Connie’s every move. DALE WILHELMSON will still be driving the Ford. JIM ZURFLUH will be sleeping through his courses in college.Class of 1987 Class Officers: Lori Lien, Historian; Jamie Root, Vice President; Tim Mathys, President; June Sebranek, Treasurer; Connie Wyttenbach, 20 Secretary. First Row: Diane Garrison, Amy Jo Gilbertson, Angie Olson, Amy Hagen. Tina Bonjour. Kerri Burton, Mrs. Pijanowski, Advisor. Second Row: Lori Lien. Denise Johnson. Julie Barry. Connie Wyttenbach, Thurston Hanson. Amy Espenscheid, Doug Gierhart, Mrs. Discher. Advisor. Third Row: Mr. Findlay, Advisor; Donna Flannery. Suzanne Daly. Cathy Mize, June Sebranek, Frank Loeffelholz, Dennis Hagen, Bobby Saalsaa. Fourth Row: Rodney Hendrickson, Jamie Root, Ron Nelson. Lance Nall, Tim Mathys, Curt Saalsaa. Mike Moen, Dave Krebs.Class Of 1988 Front Row: Holly Jaggi. Michelle Zurfluh, Robin Treuthardt, Carrie Espenschcid, Mary Krahcnbuhl. Jodi Kallembach. Darci Dammen. Michelle Webster. Second Row: Mrs. Herbcrs. Advisor; Sara Everson. Julie Dunlavy, Toni Hassenfelt, Tammy Ruegsegger, Mr. Hassel. Advisor. Third Row: Steve Tree. Dennis Flannery, John Stephens. Joel Sebranck. Pat Fannan, Tom Hiller. Fourth Row: Todd Tollakson, Jon Schulte. Scott Mathys, Eric Makos. Bernard Moen. 22 CLASS OFFICERS: Front Row: Treasurer. Mary Krahcnbuhl; Secretary. Jodi Kallembach; Back Row: President. Jon Schulte; V-President. Joel SebranckCLASS OF 1989 1st Row: (L to R) Jeff Burton, Dan Nelson, Terri Fannan, Heather Jaggi. Jeff Beutel. Shawn Gratz 2nd Row: Tammy Willis, Scott Wilson. Shawn Anderson. April Gicrhart, Jenny Dunlavy, Angie Gerber 3rd Row: Vicki Mocn, Kim Butson, Jeremy Hagen, Gary McGrath. Jon Jay Lewis, Maureen Wilhelmson, Mr. Mcssling 4th Row: Daryl Flannery. Dean Flannery, Lance Penniston. Brad Connors. Betty Jo Granberg, Larry Lien, Ron Olson. Dennis Sicgal, Tom Fannan CLASS OFFICERS: Lance Penniston, Vice-President; Daryl Flannery, President; Dean Flannery, Secretary; Jeremy Hagen; TreasurerSupporters Of School Life Top Left. Clockwise: Ms. Bolstad, Music Dept.; Mr. McIntyre. Ind. Arts; Mrs. Wiegcl. Librarian. Jr. High Spelling; Mr. Scheider. Ag; Mrs. Frey, Jr. High teacher; Mr. Homb, History; Mrs. Schulte. English, French; Ms. Sutter, Tutoring program; Mrs. Espcnschcid, Tutoring program; Mr. Hassel, EnglishTop Left. Clockwise: Ms. Brooks. Art Dept.; Mr. Findlay. Business Dept.; Mrs. Herbers, Home Ec. Dept.; Mr. Mcssling, Phy. Ed.; Drivers Ed.; Mr. Curro, Guidance Counselor; Mrs. Mueller. Math, Comp. Lit.; Mrs. Pijanowski, Science Dept.; Mrs. Dischcr, Phy. Ed.; Mr. Lee. Principal, Athletic Director; Mrs. Johnson, High School Secretary 29Bus Drivers: Scott Fischer, Dave Jacobson, Johnny Bruchlman, Bill Jacobson, Chuck Montgomery School Board Members: Sitting; Carolyn Ruegsegger, Judy Sebranek Standing: Tom Ritschard, Vic Bredeson, Robert Arnot Sanford Disrud, Custodian AssistantArgyle Fightin’ Orioles Football Team ARGYLE 85 ORIOLES Top Row: Todd Tollakson, Kenny Brown, Todd Ruegseggcr, Scott Mathys, Coach Steve Messling, Assistant Coach Ted Curro, Assistant Coach Neal Scheider, Tim Mathys, Lonnie Severson. Ron Olson, Lance Penniston, and Kurt Waage. Middle Row: Manager Mike Bahler. Brad Connors, Curt Saalsaa, Dennis Flannery, Bernard Moen, Dennis Hagen. Jason Hendrickson, Joel Sebranek. Ron Nelson. Manager Jeff Sebranek, John Dunlavy, and Statistician John Stephens. Bottom Row: Dale Wilhelmson, Dan Nelson, Bob Saalsaa, Jeff Nelson, John Henner. Jamie Root, Jeff Burton, Jeremv Hagen, and Jeff Amorose. Missing: Jon SchulteOrioles Football CheerleadersPage 36; Botlom: From Row: (L to R) Jodi Kallcmbach, Darci Dammen. Heather Jaggi. Jenny Dunlavy; Middle Row: Vicki Moen, Deanna Flannery. Michelle Webster. Tammy Rucgscggcr; Back Row: Amy Rcusch, Coach Angie Mueller. Betty Jo Gran-berg. Sara Everson Page 37, Left: Top to Bottom; Left: Annette Hauser, June Scbranck. Mary Krahcnbuhl; Middle: Brenda Blum. Diane Garrison, Angie Olson. Head Coach Vicki Gifford; Right: Teresa Nelson. Cathy Mize, Robin Treuthardt Bottom Right: Faithful Bookkeeper Rob DeNure 37Varsity and Jr. Varsity Girl’s Basketball Varsity: Front Row: Diane Garrison. Middle Row: Connie Wyttcnbach, Robin Treuthardt, Amy Espcnscheid. Top Row: Mr. Homb, Coach; Monica Loeffelholz, Julie Dunlavy, June Sebranek. 38 Jr. Varsity: April Gicrhart, Heather Jaggi, Jenny Dunlavy, Mrs. Larson. Coach; Holly Jaggi, Michelle Zurfluh.Argyle Oriole’s Boy’s Basketball VARSITY - Front Row: Jamie Root. Dave Krebs. Johnny Hinojosa. Back Row: Bob Saalsaa. Jeff Nelson, Eric Makos. Robby DeNure. Kurt Waage, Mr. Messling. Coach; Tim Mathys, Scott Mathys. Rodney Hendrickson. Curt Saalsaa. JUNIOR VARSITY - Dan Nelson. Shawn Gratz. Joel Sebranek. Eric Makos. Scott Mathys, Dean Flannery. Larry Lien. Lance Penmston. Dennis Flannery. Jon Lewis. Mr. Godfrey. Coach 40Basketball Cheerleaders Above: Varsity; TOP: Julie Barry, Tina Bonjour MIDDLE: Donna Flannery. Advisor Ruth Espenschied, Angie Olson BOTTOM: Lisa Kallembach, Amy Hagan Above: Jr. Varsity; TOP: Tammy Ruegseggcr, Carrie Espenschied, MIDDLE: Darci Dammen, Advisor Ruth Espenschied, Jodi Kallembach BOTTOM: Mary Krahenbuhl, Kim Butson 42National Honor Society Bottom Row: Advisor. Miss Brooks; Jeff Nelson. Service Chairperson; June Sebranek. Treasurer Historian; Lori Lien, Secretary; Annette Hauser. Vice President; Monica Loeffelholz, President. Top Row: Amy Hagen. Suzanne Daly. Ken Brown. Thurston Hanson. Student Council Bottom Row: June Sebranek, Historian; Suzanne Daly, Secretary; John Hcnner, President; Lisa Kallcmbach, Vice President; Ken Brown, Treasurer. Center Row: Amy Hagen. Darci Dam men, Mary Krahenbuhl, Annette Hauser, Robby DcNure. Robin Treuthardt, Thurston Hanson. Top Row: Jamie Root, Todd Tollakson. Ron Olson, Dean Flannery. Lance Penniston, Joel Sebranek. Dan Nelson, Jeremy Hagen. Mr. Curro; Advisor.Annual Staff Bottom Row: Miss Sutter, Advisor; Thurston Hanson. Junior Editor. Middle Row: Suzanne Daly. Lisa Kallcmbach, John Henner. Amy Hagen. Monica Locffclholz. Top Row: Lori Lien. Robby DcNurc, Co-Editors. Forensics Front Row: Amy Hagen, Lisa Kallcmbach, Jenny Dunlavy, Darci Dammen, Lori Lien, Jodi Kallcmbach. Middle Row: Vicki Moen, Julie Dunlavy, Suzanne Daly, Sara Everson. Top Row: Johnny Hinojosa, Bernard Moen. Thurston Hanson, Jeff Lancaster. Mr. Hassel. Advisor.The Argyle High School Music Top: Concert Band: Front Row: Jenny Dunlavy. Amy Hagen, Angie Olson, Carrie Espenscheid, Heather Jaggi. Vicki Mocn. Angie Gerber. Second Row: Lori Lien. Darci Dammcn. Tony Hassenfelt. Holly Jaggi. Michelle Webster. Donna Flannery. Third Row: Miss Bolstad, Director: Connie Wyttenbach, June Sebranek, Kim Butson. Tammy Ruegsegger, Teresa Nelson. Fourth Row: Shawn Anderson, Joel Sebranek, Julie Dunlavy, Sara Everson. Middle: Pep Band: Front Row: John Gierhart. Sheryl DeMario, Colleen Weaver, Michelle Webster, Amy Vocgeli. Mike Gilbertson. Second Row: Daryl Bates, monica Cuevas, Holly Jaggi. Jenny Dunlavy, Vicki Mocn, Chad Vingcr, Carrie Espenscheid, Jamie Dammcn. Third Row: Miss Bolstad, Director; Ellen Peterson, Tony Hassenfelt, Sara Everson, Darci Dammen, Angie Olson, Amy Hagen. Amy Dammen. Fourth Row-: Lori Lien, June Sebranek, Connie Wyttenbach. Joel Sebranek. Kim Butson, Tammy Ruegsegger. Julie Dunlavy, Jenny Brown. Bottom: Band Officers: Front: Angie Olson, Secretary. Middle: Amy Hagen. Librarian; Donna Flannery, Historian; June Sebranek, Treasurer. Top: Lori Lien, Vice President; Teresa Nelson. President.HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS: Front row left to right. Sara Everson. Michelle Zurfluh, Jodi Kallcmbach, Amy Jo Gilbertson, Angie Gerber. Heather Jaggi. and Miss Bolstad. Second row: Vicki Moen, Tammy Willis, Holly Jaggi, Darci Dammcn, Lisa Kallcmbach, Angie Olson, Amy Hagen. Michelle Webster. Third row: Teresa Nelson, Annette Hauser. Tammy Ruegscggcr, Jeff Lancaster, Julie Dunlavy, June Scbrenck, Moreen Wilhclmson. CHORUS OFFICERS: Teresa Nelson, vice president; Annette Hauser, president; Amy Hagen, historian; Michelle Zurfluh. secretary; Jodi Kallembach. librarian; Lisa Kallembach. treasurer; SWING CHOIR: Jackie Shield. Vicki Moen, Sara Everson, Mike Gilbertson, Darci Dammcn, Tammy Ruegscggcr, Jennifer Brown, Julie Dunlavy, Terri Rucg-segger, Amy Hagen. Holly Jaggi, and Annette Hauser. 49OFFICE AIDES: (left to right) Connie Wyttenbach, Deb Comiskey, Jeff Nelson, Angie Olson, Todd Ruegscgger, Secretary Mrs. Johnson, Rob DcNure, Annette Hauser. John Hcnncr, (Missing, Brenda Blum) Badger State Delegates (left to right) Representative Monica Locffelholz, Alternates Annette Hauser and Jeff Nelson, Representative Rob DcNure 51 Monica LoeffelholzFHALetterwinner’s Club FHA - Front Row: Sara Everson. President; Amy Hagen. Vice President; Darci Dammen. Secretary; Mary Krahcnbuhl, Treasurer; Jodi Kallcmbach. Historian; Michelle Webster. Reporter; Mrs. Herbers, Advisor. Second Row: Holly Jaggi. Maureen Wilhelmson, Betty Jo Granberg, Kim Butson. Jeff Lancaster, Toni Hassenfelt. Tammy Ruegsegger, Deb Comisky. FFA - Front Row: Carrie Espcnschcid, Sentinel; Suzanne Daly, Reporter; Amy Espcnschcid. Treasurer; Brenda Blum. President; Lori Lien, Vice President; Donna Flannery, Secretary; John Dunlavy, Student Advisor. Second Row: Julie Dunlavy, Dale Wilhelmson, Shawn Gratz, Scott Wilson, Jeff Burton, Bob Saalsaa, Jenny Dunlavy. Third Row: Mr. Scheider, Advisor; Tom Hiller, Rod Hendrickson, Doug Gierhart, Larry Lien, Tom Fannan. Curt Saalsaa, Eric Makos, Dennis Siegel. LETTERWINNER’S CLUB - Front Row: Bob Saalsaa, Amy Hagen. John Henncr, Diane Garrison, Holly Jaggi. Michelle Webster. Mary Krahcnbuhl. Second Row: Brenda Blum. Lisa Kallcmbach, Angie Olson. Robin Trcuthardt, Theresa Nelson. Johnny Hinojosa, Annette Hauser, Jamie Root. Suzanne Daly, Carrie Espcnschcid. Darci Dammen, Sara Everson. Third Row: Julie Barry, Todd Tollakson, Connie Wyttcnbach, Monica Locffelholz, Robby DcNurc, Donna Flannery, Dennis Flannery, Amy Espcnschcid. June Scbranek. Denise Johnson, Bernard Mocn. Fourth Row: Dale Wilhelmson, Curt Saalsaa, Cathy Mize, Jeff Nelson. Scott Mathys, Joel Sebranek. Tammy Ruegsegger, Eric Makos. Fifth Row: John Dunlavy, Jeff Johnson. Mr. Messling, Advisor; Kurt Waage, Tim Mathys. Ken Brown. Jon Schulte, Julie Dunlavy, Lance Pcnniston, Dean Flannery. 53High School Happenings National Honor Society Induction Ceremony BLtfONO ( J---1 The first edition of tl rgyle Brag” purchased by Mr. Homb Working!!! Future NHS Members???Homecoming Activities p i ji-i Homecoming ’85 HOMECOMING ROYALTY: Clockwise: SENIORS; Brenda Blum John Dunlavy JUNIORS; Tina Bonjour Bob Saalsaa. SOPHOMORES; Jodi Kallembach Jon Schulte FRESHMEN; April Gicrhart Daryl Flannery 58School LifeAutographs7th Grade Front Row: Ms. Brooks, Mike Flanagan. John Gicrhart, Kent Kallcmbach, Gerald Gerber, Shawn McNctt. Perry Granberg Middle Row: Jackie Schild, Tim Phillipson, Patty Bonjour, Brent Kallcmbach, Chad Mathys, Sue Zurfluh, Monica Cuevas, Sheryl DeMario Back Row: Haley Esselstcin, Brenda Gicrhart, Tammy Hasscnfclt, Jeff Scbranck, Elian Peterson, Dan Daly8th Grade Front Row: Terri Rucgsegger, Gretchen Mosley, Chandra Hansen. Debbie Hexom. Amy Dammen, Amy Voegeli, Heather Picket, Colleen Weaver, Brandi Fannan. Jennifer Brown Back Row: Jamie Dammen. Steve Flannery, Daryl Bates. Chad Vinger, Kevin Makos, Tom Nysted, Mike Gilbertson, Mrs. Schulte CLASS OFFICERS: V-Prcsidcnt, Chad Vinger; Sec Trcas., Jennifer Brown (Missing: President, Alan Severson) 67Jr. High Chorus Front Row: (L to R) Mike Gilbertson. John Gierhart, Sheryl DeMario. Sue Zurfluh, Monica Cuevas. Shawn McNett. Perry Granberg Middle Row: Mike Flanagan, Kent Kallembach, Chad Mathys, Tim Phillipson. Brent Kallembach, Dan Daly. Patty Bonjour, Gerald Gerber Top Row: Ms. Bolstad. Ellen Peterson. Haley Esselstein. Jeff Sebranek, Teri Ruegsegger. Debbie Hexom, Jennifer Brown. Jackie Schild, Brenda Gierhart, Tammy Hassenfelt CHORUS OFFICERS: (L to R) Librarian, Brenda Gierhart; Secretary. Teri Ruegsegger; President. Mike Gilbertson; V-President. Mike Flanagan; Historian, Jackie Schild 68Jr. High Band Front Row: (L to R): Mike Gilbertson, Sue Zurfluh, Shawn McNctt. Monica Cuevas, John Gierhart Middle Row: Dan Daly, Chad Vingcr, Sheryl DcMario, Patty Bonjour. Tammy Hassenfelt, Collen Weaver, Jamie Dammen. Amy Voegli Top Row: Elian Peterson. Haley Esselstein, Brenda Gierhart. Daryl Bates. Jennifer Brown. Amy Dammen. Ms. Bolstad BAND OFFICERS: Front Row: Historian, Monica Cuevas; Treasurer. Amy Vocgcli; Librarian, Colleen Weaver Back Row: V-President, Amy Dammen; President. Chad Vinger; Secretary, Mike Gilbertson 69Junior High Basketball Above: 8th Grade Basketball: Top Row; Kevin Makos, Daryl Bates, Tom Nysted. Alan Severson, Front Row; Steve Flannery, Chad Vinger, Mike Gilbertson Above: 7th Grade Basketball: Top Row; Tim Phillipson. Mike Flanagan. Kent Kailembach. Dan Daly Middle Row; Shawn McNeil, John Gierhart, Jeff Sebranek. Front Row; Brent Kailembach. Chad Mathys, Gerald Gerber. Perry Granberg 70Junior High Cheerleaders Opposite; Left to Right: 8th Grade Cheerleaders Debbie Hexom, Jennifer Brown. Heather Pickett. Amy Dammen. Teri Ruegscggcr. and Chandra Hanson Opposite; Top to Bottom: 7th Grade Cheerleaders Patty Bonjour, Brandi Fannan. Brenda Gicrhart, Colleen Weaver, and Jackie Schild 71AutographsElementary Classes Top Left, GRADE 6: Top Row: Mystie Kiefer.Neil Gratz, Jennifer Nelson. Todd Rear, Travis Rucgscgger, Laura Hanson. Mark Flanagan, Kimberly Vocgeli, Middle Row: Lynette Weber. Marcia DcMario, Damon Widmer, Nicole Thompson. Chcri Mize, John Granberg, Michelle Hodgson. Troy Connors, Mrs. Thompson, Bottom Row: Camie Peterson. Michael Webster, Melissa Buholzcr. Tammy Flannery, Michael Godfrey. Brenda Rcusch, Eric Mau, (Missing: Kreg Waage) Top Right. GRADE 5: Up and Over: Rebecca Maske, Jennifer Blum, Melissa Arnot, Mike Flint, Lisa Flannery, Jimmy Flannery, Heidi Haesler, Jeff Gilbertson, Adam Hanson. Dennclle Gerber, Tim Isely, Jason Gilbertson. Middle: Mrs. Frey, Rodney Hodgson. Matt Hauser. Rick Naujeck, Ian Friedrich, Tim Fischer, Shane Johnson. (Missing: Harlan Saalsaa) Center Right, GRADE 4: Top to Bottom: Cari Mize, Ryan McNctt, Jason Mathys, Joseph Moscly, Eric Falsey, Daniel Olson, Kendra Frei, Kara Hanson. Tecna Boss, Dcannc Hcxom, Thomas Saalsaa, Jeremiah Timm. Shelby Johnsen, Michelle Flanagan, Jeremy Payne, Michele Schmid, Adam Buholzer, Ena Klobcs. Wendy Haesler, Melissa Hanson, Mrs. Rossing, (Missing: Chad Berget, Heather Kallembach, Corina Voegeli) Bottom Left. GRADE 3: Top Row: Brandi Nelson. Beau Gyllenswan, Valarie Emery, Tricia Phillipson. Shannon Rear, Eric Thompson, Nicole Ritschard. Daniel Godfrey. Middle Row: Mrs. Anderson, Heather Paulson, Troy Ruegscgger. Deborah Besand, Eric Bcutel, Carissa Rcusch, Chad Powelson. Kelly Voegeli, Matt Timm. Bottom Row: Matthew Gierhart, Erica Flannery, Dean Gratz, Elizabeth Zuidema, Doug Hodgson, Erinn Monroe, Justin Wirtz, Lois Hanson. Alex Reed, Heather Wahl, (Missing: Brandy Payne)Top Left, GRADE I: Seated: Karen Frei, Timmy McNctt, Jason Blum, Crystal Steitz, Michelle Mau, Timmy Niesman, Karilyn Powelson, Tamara Narveson, Mrs. Olson, Dana Severson, Mary Jo Reed, Joshua Kammerud, Seth Rear, Standing: Andy Haffclc, Angela Gutzmer, Adam Johnsen. Leif Hanson, Jacqueline Curtis, Ryan Ganshert, Dcrik Hodgson, Brian Schoenhard, Wendy Austin, Heath Dunn, Lucas Granberg, Justin Gerber. Keith Peterson. Shawn Monroe, Lisa Nipple Middle Left. KINDERGARTEN: Row 1: Tracy Sef-frood, Dana Friedrich, Cristy Voegeli, Chad Friedrich. Richard Saalsaa, Becky Curtis, Jennifer Hanson. Row 2: Melissa Wirtz, Roman Harris, Mary Cline, Andrew Rufencr. Deanna Reusch, Olin Skattum. Heather Hines, Row 3: Jack Emery, Eric Erickson, Chris Dearth, Thomas Flannery, Scott Klarer, Andrew Hendrickson. Joshua Pink. Row 4: Jeremy Kiefer, Robin Wahl. Gabriel Gogcli, Jason Dammen, Lachlyn Soper, Laura Skattum, Nathan Schlafli. Mrs. Espenschcid. (Missing: Tamara Ostby, Tricia Engeli) Bottom Left, GRADE 2: Top: Karl Schoenhard, Gary Wirth. Matt Ganshert, Christopher Iscly. Bottom: Mrs. Schacpfcr, Kristi Hodgson. Rachel Pink, Jay Johnson. Matthew Haesler, Michael Wirth, Stephanie Ritschard, Tara Wilhelmson, Cynthia Weber, Casey Rufener. Candice Webster, (Missing: Benjamin Gobeli, Miranda Hanson, Lenny Lien, Jessica Voegeli) Bottom Right: Standing: Cindy Whitford, Elementary Secretary; Sitting: Valerie Berg. District Bookkeeper... More Elementary TOP LEFT: Pre-School: Clockwise; Jeremy Mau. Danny Hodgson. Kevin Narveson. Mrs. Espenschicd. Jenny Weber. Jonathon Daly. Kim Stietz, Brandi Ihus. Eric Elzen. Margaret Grossen. Monica Chapman. Jcrrad Mundth, Shiannc Nelson. Nadcan Bruchlman, Scott Hodgson TOP RIGHT: Custodian Roger Godfrey MIDDLE LEFT: Pre-School: Clockwise; Adam Kiefer. Jeremy Kammerudc. Mrs. Espenschicd, Nathan Lee. Nathaniel Paulson. Lucas Pink. Austin Pcnniston. Brandon Schlafli. James Scffrood, Sheila Scffrood MIDDLE RIGHT: Cooks; Mary Gilbertson. Pearl Soper. Sue Johnson BOTTOM RIGHT: Crossing Guard. James Hyland BOTTOM LEFT: LaVelle Fischer. Library Aide; Maryellyne Rear, Library Volunteer; Kay Wiegel. LibrarianSchool Life Marge Strangeland, Chapter I; Beth Vocgeli. Speech ClinicianElementary LifeAutographs 80FRUDDEN LUMBER COMPANY Argyle, Wisconsin Complete Building Materials Starline Feeding Barn Eqt. Madison Silos Installation Minnesota Paints SALES SERVICE RENTALS Your Rain Barrel Man Rain Barrel Water Conditioning Sales — Seruice — Rentals 608 325-5102 Gary Harris 2308 — 11th Street Monroe. Wl 53566 Phone: 543-3711 McDonalds r r ■syoJ Y NORSEMAN SUPPER CLUB Argyle, Wisconsin DRIVE - THRU 425 ■ 8th Street Monroe, Wisconsin 328-4231 508 Park Place • Darlington, Wisconsin 53530 608 776-3542 60 Breeze Terrace • Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 • 608 543-3616 MONROE BAKERY The Home of Swiss Bread And Pastries — Decorated Cakes 1007 - 16th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin 325-2500 LIVESTOCK HAULING For market or slaughter Also to all area sale barns Seven day service. VIC BREDESON Telephone: 543-3001 82 C TOWN COUNTRY -------- “1= INSURANCE SERVICES 316 S. Main. P.O. Box 152. Blanchardville, WI 53516 GREG STRAEHL Box 152, 316 South Main Street Ph. 523-4218 (Office) 523-4067 (Home) Blanchardville, WI 53516 Life - Health - Farm - Auto - Home - CommercialCupids ( real ions Complete Brioal Service WEST MALL MONROE. Wl 53566 Phone 325-3233 309 Main St. Darlington. Wl 53530 PHONE 776-2875 JJ’s, Argyle: Trans World Variety Discount Center UNION Argyle 76 Bob Jan Mau 543-3733 Products at Competitive Prices 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily HAURI’S CYCLE SHOP 633 - 1st Ave. Monroe, Wi. 53566 325 - 9952 KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI Parts Accessories Service CHALET COMPUTER CENTER EQUIPMENT - PROGRAMS - SUPPLIES WEST MALL - HWY 11 WEST MONROE. Wl 53566 B M Bar Argyle, Wisconsin Best Food in Town! Carry-Outs! r A4 V 0 f SAWS MOWERS SCISSORS T001S KNIVES CUTTERS CMISEIS AXES NORM'S SHARP-ALL SHOP 313 BREEZE TERRACE ARGYLE. WISCONSIN 53504 TELEPHONE 543-3628 COMPLETE SHARPENING SERVICE Corona Data Systems IRiMA S KITCHEN THE CAMERA SHOP 1605 - 10th Street on the Square Monroe. Wisconsin Better Photos for you is our business featuring 24 hour colorprint processing On the Corner across from the School and the Post Office: Phone: 543-3703 s' -r 83 Blanchard oille Co-op Oil Association MEYER’S BAR Argyle, Wl. 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