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TREASURED ECHOES 1985 Volume Thirty-Seven Argyle High School Argyle, Wisconsin 53504TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS ................................ 3 CLASSES ............................... 25 ADMINISTRATION ........................ 33 FACULTY ............................... 35 ORGANIZATIONS ......................... 39 ACTIVITIES ............................ 49 ATHLETICS ............................. 55 SCHOOL LIFE ........................... 67 ELEMENTARY ............................ 71 ADVERTISING ........................... 77 THIS BOOK IS THE PROPERTY OF:School Board Members of the District of Argyle are being honored this year by the members of the Class of 1985, who dedicate their yearbook to the board members who give unselfishly of their time and efforts. Mr. Virgil Hendrickson has lived in the Argyle area all of his life, attending the Cook Rural School. He graduated from Argyle High School In 1953 and is a fifty year old dairy farmer. Mr. Hendrickson has four children, four grandchildren, and has served on the board for thirteen years. Mr. Victor Tollakson, Jr. Mr. Victor Tollakson, Jr., attended the Puddledock Rural School and graduated from Argyle High School in 1958. He Is forty four years old, has farmed his entire life, and has spent six years as a school board member. He is married and has two children, Vicki, who Is married, and John, at home, as well as one grand-daughter. Mrs. Judith Sebranek was born and raised In Janesville, and graduated from Janesville High School In 1961 She has been married to Frank Sebranek for seventeen years; Frank has been a science teacher In the Pecatonlca School district for sixteen years. Her three children, June, Joel and Jeff are students In Argyle. The family has lived in Argyle for fifteen years, and Judy has been employed by the Swiss Colony Data Center for eleven years. Mr. Virgil Hendrickson Mrs. Judith Sebranek Mr. Robert Arnot Mr. Robert J. Arnot graduated from Argyle High School, earned a B.S. degree at the University of Wisconsin, Plat-teville, an M.S. degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and earned additional credits at the graduate level at the University of Minnesota — Duluth and Itasca, University of Wisconsin — Superior, and the University of Wyoming, Laramie. After serving four years In the U.S. Air Force and teaching science for thirty-three years, he retired and Is presently serving as a member of the Board of Education, Argyle, and the Technical Advisory Council of the Radioactive Waste Board of the State of Wisconsin. Mr. Victor Bredeson graduated from Blanchardvllle High School and Is a self-employed livestock trucker. He has five children and nine grandchildren. Mr. Victor BredesonALLISON BERG Blrthdoto Soptombor 6. 1967 Ntcknomo Alii Ambition: To Bo A Succos Bond 4. Lottor 4; Sontor Oats Trooturor. Nations! Honor Sodoty 2,3.4; Prootdont 4, Annuo! Stoff 3.4. Brtdgo Bulldors 1,2.4. FHA; P.O.W.. School Ploy 3.4. Sctonco Contort 3.4. Who's Who Among Amortcon High School Studontt. Sorvico dub 4 CARAMEL R BERG Blrthdoto Morth 9. 1967 Ntcknomo Boarto Ambition TV Nowacortor Book of boil 2.3.4; Lottor 3.4; Track 1; Football Choorioodor 1.2.4. Lottor 4. BoakotboU Choorioodor 1.2; Chorus; Lottor 3.4. Annual Stoff 2.3.4; FHA 1.3; School Ploy 4. Pom Pom Girl 4; Sorvico Oub 4; Lottor Wlnnora 3.4; Typing Award 2; Who's Who Among Amortcon High School Studontt AMY JO BREDESON Blrthdoto April 12. 1967 Ntcknomo Am-y Ambition To Havo A Largo. Happy Family BoakotboU; Lottor 3.4; Track 1; Homocoming Court 3; FHA; Trooturor 2; Prosldont 3; Socrotary 4. Sorvico Oub 2.4 MIKE BUTSON Blrthdoto May 17. 1967 Nicknamo But Footbol! 1.2,3,4; Lottor 3.4; Homocoming King; Track 2.3; Lottor 2.3; 5WENDY JO CANON January 1. 1967 Nickname Win Ambition: To Bo A Preschool Teacher Volleyball; Letter 3.4; Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3; Letter 3; Chorus 1,3,4; Letter 4; Freshman Class Vice President, Annual Staff 1.2,3,4. Editor 3.4; Student Council 2; Forensics 2. Bridge Builders 1. Homecoming Court 1. FHA 1,2,3; Officer 1.3; PATRICIA SUE CUNE Btrthdate March 19. 1965 Nickname Porkchop Ambition: To Be Successful Basketball Manager 2.3,4. Basketball 1; Letter 1.2,4t. Volleyball Manager 4; Track Manager 2,3; Letter 3; Band 1; D E C.A. 1 MICHELLE CONNORS Btrthdate September 20. 1967 Nickname Mich Amibrnon To Be Happy St Successful Badger GUIs' State 3; Science Contest 2,3,4; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Letter 3,4. Volleyball; Letter 2,3,4. Track 1.2; Letter 1.2; Chorus 1. Juntoe Class President. Sophomore Class Treasurer. Freshman Class President. National Honor Society 2,3,4; Secretary 4. Annual Staff 2.3,4; Student Council 1.2,3.4. Secretary 3; Historian 4. Bridge Builders 1.2,4; Homecoming Court 2; FHA; Reporter 3; School Play 2,3,4 BARRIE DCTULXOCHm CUEVAS Btrthdate November 25. 1967 Nickname Bear Ambition: To Teach. And To Coach Volleyball Volleyball 2.3.4; Letter 3.4; Track 2.3. Letter 2.3; Chorus 1.3,4. Letter 3.4; Annual Staff 1. Student Council 4. FHA 1. School Play 1.4. Swing Choir 4. One-Act Play 1; Industrial Art Club 1; Secretary Treasurer 1; Service ClubTIM DALY Birthdsts October 3. 1967 Nlckneme: Curly Footbell 2,3.4; Letter 3.4; Annuel Steff 3; Bridge Builders 2,3.4; FFA 1.2,3,4; Sentinel 4; School Pley 3.4 DARYL DAMMEN Btrthdete: November 21. 1966 Ambition To Pley Footbell end To Hunt Besketbell 3; Letter 3; Footbell; Letter; All-Conference 3; Tn-Ceptein 4; Prom King; FFA 1J.3.4 BETH ANNE DUNLAVY Btrthdete July 19. 1967 Ambition: To Succeed In Whet ever I Attempt Treck; Letter 3.4; Chorus 1.2. Bend 1.2.4; Letter 2.4. Forensics 1.2,3.4; Bridge Builders; FHA 1.2. Pep Bend 1,2.4; Who's Who Among Amertcen High School Students LYNETTE SUE ERICKSON Btrthdete August 29. 1967 Nlckneme Froggy Ambition Animel Techntden Swing Choir; Science Contest 3, VoUeybeU 3.4; Letter 4; Chorus 3.4; Letter 3.4. Vice President 3, President 4; Senior Oess Secretory. Junior Oess Secretory, Sophomore dess President. Notions! Honor Society 2.3.4; Secretory 3; Annuel Steff 2.3; Student Council President 4; Vice-President 3; Historien 2; Forensics 2; Homecoming Court 4; FFA 1.2,3.4; Reporter 2; Secretory 3; President 4; School Pley 4; Who's Who Among Amertcen High School StudentsTHAD ESPENSCHE1D Birthdata: January 22. 1967 Ambition: To Ba Waalthy BatkatbaJI 2,3,4; Lattar 3,4; Track 2.3,4; Lattar 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; FFA 1,2,3.4. Traasurar 3; Vlca Pratidant 4; School Play 2.3 KURT FLANNERY Birthdata: July 21. 1967 Nlcknama: Buzz Ambition Farming Football 1,2,3,4; Lattar 3.4; Prom Court 3; FFA MARK FLANNERY Saptambar 8. 1963 Nlcknama: Sparky Ambition. To Ralta St. Barnard Dogs BatkatbalI; Lattar 2,3,4; Football, Lattar 2,3,4; Trl-Captaln 4; Prom Court 3; FFA TODD FLANNERY Birthdata: March 22. 1967 Nlcknama: Tyrona Ambition To Gat Out of Argyia Batkatbal! 1.3.4; Lattar 3.4; Football, Lattar 2,3,4; Bataball; Lattar; Studant Council 3.4; Prom Court 3; FFA 1,2,3; School Play 4KATHLEEN FREY Birthdata March 7, 1967 Nlcknama: Kata Ambition College Education LINDA K CAVICAN Btrthdata March 31. 1967 Ambition: To enfoy Itfa and ba happy Volleyball 1234; Lattar 3.4; Chorus 3.4; Annual Staff Baskatball 1.3.4; Lattar 3.4; Volleyball; Lattar 3.4; Track Foransics 2; Prom Court 3; FHA 2.3.4. Historian 3; School Play 3.4.; Lattar; Chorus 1. Bridge Butlders; School Lattarwinnars Club 3.4. Sarvica Club 3.4; PomPom Ctrl 4; Who's Who 1.2; Tutor 4; One Act Play 2; Lattarwinnars Club, Among American High School Students Science Contest 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students DENNIS GRATZ Btrthdata December 30. 1966 Nickname Danny Ambition: Farming ERIK D HANSON Blrthdata: May 29. 1967 Nickname OZZ Ambition: Success, A Long Prosperous Ufa Baskatball 4; Band 1.2; FFA Baskatball 1.2.4. Latter 4; Football 3.4; Track 4; Chorus 4; Homecoming Court 3 9CHUCK HENDRICKSON Blrthdate October 30. 1966 Nickname: Bora Ambition To Be The Best Automobile Body Man Around Football 1,2.3; Lenar 2; FFA 1.2,3,4; Sentinel. Student Advisor DIANE LYNN HENDRICKSON Blrthdate May 31. 1967 Nickname Dl Ambition: Elementary Education Basketball 1; Volleyball 1.2,3,4; Lenar 3,4; Basketball Cheerleader 2,3,4; Letter 3,4; Chorus 1.2,3,4; Letter 2,3.4; Band; Letter 2,3.4; Vice-President 3; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 1.2,3,4; Junior Editor; Senior Editor; Student Council 1; Forensics 2; Bridge Builders 1; Prom Court 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; School Play 1,2.3,4; Service Club 4; Swing Choir 1,2.3,4; Letterwm-nets Club 3,4; Who's Who Among American High School Students DAWN HILLER Blrthdate April 7. 1967 Ambition: To Be Business Manager and Accountant Within My Own Business Track 2; Letter 2; Football Cheerleader; Letter 3,4; Captain 4, Basketball Cheerleader 1.2,3,4; Letter 3.4; Captain 4; Chorus 1.2,4; Sophomore Class Secretary; National Honor Society 3,4; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2; Prom Court 3; Business Contest 1,3; Math Contest 1; Service dub 3,4; Bookkeeping Award 3; Letterwtnners Club 2,3,4; Swing Choir 1,2,4 CHRISTINE HOPLAND Blrthdate: December 3, 1966 Ambition: Elementary Education Volleyball 3; Chorus 1,3,4. Letter 4; Band; Letter 4; Annual Staff 1,4; Forensics 3,4; School Play 3,4; Solo-Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Service Club 1.4; Tutor 1; Pep Band 2,3,4; Science Competition 3; Swing Choir 4 10KRISTINE LYNN JOHNSON Blrthdate: June 14. 1966 Nickname Kris Ambition To Be A Famous Artist Volleyball 3; Football Cheerleader 1.2,4; Letter 4; Basketball Cheerleader; Letter 3.4; Captain 2; Chorus 3; Bridge-Builders 3.4. FHA 2; School Play 2 REGINA ELAINE MERITT March 25. 1967 Nickname Gkia Ambition: To Be Happy Forever Track; Letter 2.3.4. Band 1.2.4. Letter 2.4. Forensics 1,2,4; Bridge Builders 1.2,3,4; Homecoming Queen 4; School Play 3; Swing Choir 1.2; Service Oub 3; Pep Band 1.2.4. Letter 2.4 USA PETERSON Blrthdate: February 8, 1967 Nickname: Pee-Wee Ambition: To Be Jeff's Assistant Mechanic JUUE ANN PfTTZ Blrthdate October 26, 1966 Nickname Reedy Ambition: Physical Education Basketball 1.2.3; Letter 3; Volleyball; Letter 3.4; Track 3.4; Letter 3,4; Chorus; Letter 3; Band; Letter 1.2.4; President 4; Student Council 1.2; Treasurer 2; Bridge-Builders 1; Prom Court 3. FHA 1,2; Who's Who Among American High School Students Basketball; Letter 2.3.4; Volleyball; Letter 2.3.4; Track; Letter; Prom Queen. FHA; Treasurer 1; Historian 2; Vice-President 3 11LELAND SCHILD Blrthdete April 7. 1967 Nickname: Poland Ambition To Ho e My Truck Repaired Football 2.3.4. Letter 3.4; Track 3; FFA 1.2,3.4. Homecoming Court 4 GENE TREUTHART Blrthdete July 25. 1967 Ambition: To Acquire e Pope Young Record Buck Basketball 2.3,4; Letter 2.3,4, Footbell; Letter 2.3.4; BeeebeU 2.3.4; Letter 2.3,4; Senior Clett President. Prom Court 3 LAURIE VAN DUSEN Blrthdete: July 14. 1967 Ntckneme: Lor Ambition: Elementery Education Basketball; Letter 4; Volleyball 2.3; Track 2.3,4; Letter 2,3,4; Football Cheerleader 4; Letter 4; Chorus 3.4; Letter 4; Annual Staff 3,4; FFA 1; Service Club 3.4 GREG WILSON Blrthdete: March 14. 1967 Nickname WlUy Football; Letter 2,3.4; Track 3.4; Letter 4; Forensics 1; FFA; Reporter 3; Treasurer 4 12CARRIE WYTTENBACH Birthdate: July 20, 1967 Nickname: Care-Bear Ambition: Accountant Basketball 1; Chorus 1,3,4; Letter 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; Class Vice-President 1,2,4; Prom Court 3 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1985 13 Gene Treuthardt, President; Carrie Wyttenbach, Vice-President; Lynette Erickson, Secretary; Allison Berg, TreasurerARGYLE’S 1985 D.A.R. W Michelle Connors BADGER BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ STATE WINNERS Thad Espenscheid, Alternate; Mark Flannery, Representative; Michelle Connors, Representative; Lynette Erickson, Alternate 14THE WAY WE WERE!THE WAY WE WERE! Across: Amy Bredeson, Todd Flannery, Tim Daly Middle: Erik Hanson, Pat Cline (on left), Dawn Hiller Bottom: Barrie Cuevas, Caramel Berg, Lisa Peterson, Laurie Van DusenSENIORS IN ACTIONSENIORS IN ACTION Top: Lynette Erickson, Barrie Cuevas, Carrie Wytlenbach Middle: Unda Gavlgan, Thad Espenscheld, Diane Hendrickson Left: Julie Pitts, Leland Schlld, Todd FlannerySENIORS IN ACTION Clockwise: Michelle Connors, Chuck Hendrickson, Pat Cline, Greg Wilson, Dawn Hiller, Carrie Wyttenbach, Laurie Van Dusen, Kris Johnson, Gina Merltt, Beth Dunlavy, Erik Hanson and "Buck” 21CLASS OF 1985 PROPHECY Allison Berg will still be playing “Ice Castles” on her French horn. Caramel Berg will be the president of Bessie Berg’s Big B Business. Amy Bredeson will be playing co-ed basketball at the University of Wisconsin with Scott Roth. Wendy Canon will be Vice-President of K. K. Electronics, Inc. Pat Cline will be driving in the Daytona 500. Michelle Connors will be in California looking for her men at U.S.C. Barrie Cuevas will be the Olympic coach for the U.S.A. volleyball team in 1992. Lynette Erickson will be trying to forget one night; if only she could remember. Tim Daly will still be In trouble; but instead of at school, it will be with the Air Force. Daryl Dammen will be the manager of the Argyle Industries. Beth Dunlavy will be a drummer in the Quiet Riot rock band. Thad Espenscheid will be on the Professional Rodeo Circuit. Kurt Flannery will be making millions on the Flannery farms. Mark Flannery will have a world-famous St. Bernard Kennel. Todd Flannery will be selling slushes with Annette and making millions. Kate Frey will still be thinking of what her prophecy should be. Linda Gavigan will be writing for Soap Digest, and in her spare time she will be editing for Silhouette Romances. Dennis Gratz will be the best farmer in Lafayette County. Erik Hanson will be Vice-President under Walter Mondale. Chuck Hendrickson will be the best farmer in Green County. Diane Hendrickson will be singing duets with Barry Manilow. Dawn Hiller will be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Christine Hopland will be performing at Carnegie Hall as the world’s greatest piano player. Kris Johnson will be going to Blanchardville for her nightly entertainment. Regina Meritt will be commuting from Argyle to Monticello at 7:00 A.M. Lisa Peterson will be playing center for the Milwaukee Bucks. Julie Pittz will be seeking gold in San Francisco. Leland Schild will still be repairing his truck. Gene Treuthart will have a spare room for his hunting trophies. Laurie Van Dusen will still be trying to earn Mr. Homb’s respect. Greg Wilson will be playing middle linebacker for the Houston Oilers. Carrie Wyttenbach will be In California, starring in a movie with Richard Gere. 22CLASS OF 1985 WILL Allison Berg wills her height to Mrs. Discher. Caramel Berg wills her ability to understand Mr. Homb's basketball drills to all future girls' basketball players. Amy Bredeson wills her ability to fall gracefully to all basketball players. Mike Butson wills his efficiency to Mr. Findlay. Pat Cline wills her ability to drive to all underclassmen. Wendy Canon wills her “sun in” to Denise Johnson. Michelle Connors wills her knee brace to Keith Jackson. Barrie Cuevas wills her ability to play volleyball to Deanna Flannery. Lynette Erickson wills her collection of Bibles to Annette Hauser. Tim Daly wills his truck to anyone who can handle the awesome power of the Ford. Daryl Dammen wills his precious body to Cal Ritschard. Beth Dunlavy wills her ability to master Chemistry to Mr. Doelder. Thad Espenscheid wills his basketball ability to Kurt Waage. Kurt Flannery wills his hair to Mr. Lee. Mark Flannery wills his athletic ability to anyone who needs it. Todd Flannery wills his car to any underclassman who will take care of it the way Todd does. Kate Frey wills her patience with nature to any underclassman girl who needs it. Linda Gavigan wills her ability to get ten serves over the net to Deanna Flannery. Dennis Gratz wills his basketball ability to Mike Moen. Erik Hanson wills his ability to put on his jersey by himself to all future Argyle football players. Chuck Hendrickson wills his football ability and strength to his brother, Rodney. Diane Hendrickson wills her singing ability to Miss Smith. Dawn Hiller wills her '‘Toni-the-Tigers to all upcoming varsity cheerleaders. Christine Hopland wills her good manners to Tracy Amorose. Kris Johnson wills her cheerleading ability to the J.V. cheerleaders. Regina Meritt wills her car to anyone who has a tow truck. Lisa Peterson wills a one-year supply of hair-coloring kits to Denise Johnson. Julie Pittz wills her ability to learn Argyle's only volleyball play, “Bump, Set, Spike,” to all upcoming volleyball players. Leland Schild wills his football ability to Steve Tree and Jeff Amorose. Gene Treuthart wills his good nature to Jeff Amorose. Laurie Van Dusen wills her ability to run to Mr. Homb. Greg Wilson wills his linebacking and football ability to Scott Mathys. Carrie Wyttenbach wills her ability to go with one guy to Donna Flannery. 23“You Are In My Thoughts” I think about you often As I go about my day; Life Is not the same, dear friend. Since you have gone away. I wonder how you're getting on In your surroundings new; I pray that you’ll find happiness In everything you do. We’ve shared so many things in life You and I together; Your friendship is a precious gift In fair or stormy weather. It goes beyond all saying, friend, I miss you very much And hope this little note will help To keep our hearts in touch. “Bless You, Friend!’’ Bless you, friend, for being there Just when I needed you, For your warm and thoughful way So much a part of you. Bless you, friend, for words of cheer When skies above were gray; You gave me hope and made me see There’d come a brighter day. And when the clouds had disappeared And skies again were blue, You came and shared my happiness, For you were happy too. For all the kindly things you've done That proved your friendship true, Bless you, friend; it means so much To have a friend like you! r - . kT Nk I ' 4 - v, . : Efifca : 5?- I i Mi CS 1986 Dawn Bates Robbie DeNure Johnny Hinojosa Jeff Lancaster Brenda Blum John Dunlavy Keith Jackson Monica Loeffelholz Ken Brown Annette Hauser Jeff Johnson Jeff Nelson Deb Comiskey John Henner Lisa Kallembach Teresa Nelson 27CLASS OF 1987 Tracy A morose Sue Daly Doug Gerhart Thurston Hanson Julie Barry Amy Espenscheld Amy Joe Qlbertson Rodney Hendrickson Tina Bonjour Donna Flannery Amy Hagen Qnger Hopland Kerri Burton Diane Garrison Dennis Hagen Denise JohnsonLori Lien Mike Moen Cel Rltschard Liz Wlnsberg Frank Loeffelholz Lance Nall Jamie Root Sherri Wirth Tim Mathys Ron Nelson Kurt Saalsaa Connie Wyttenbach Cathy Mize Angle Olson Bobby Saalsaa 29Robin Treuthart Todd Tollakson Michelle Webster John Stephens Stacy Wirth Steve Tree Michelle Zurfluh 1988 Jeff Amorose Sara Everson Tom Hiller Mary Krahenbuhl Jeff Peterson Darci Dammen Deanna Flannery Rick Hopland Eric Makos Tammy Ruegsegger Julie Dunlavy Dennis Flannery Holly Jaggi Scott Mathys Jon Schulte Carrie Espenscheid Toni Hassenfelt Jodi Kallembach Bernard Moen Joe! Sebranek 31EIGHTH GRADE -CLASS OF 1989 Front: Gary McGrath, Rodney Weatherspoon, Dan Nelson, Denny Beutel, Jon Jay Lewis, Jason Hendrickson, Jeff Burton, Jeremy Hagen, Shawn Gratz Middle: Daryl Flannery, Shawn Anderson, Tammy Willis. Jean Hughes, Heather Jaggi, Vicki Moen, Back: Larry Lien, Lance Penniston, Dean Flannery, Betty Jo Granberg, Kim Butson, Scott Olson, Maureen Wilhelm son, Bobby Winsberg, Brad Connors, Ron Olson CLASS OFFICERS: Ron Olson, Vice-President; Denny Beutel, President; Dean Flannery, Secretary-Treasurer.ADMINISTRA TION Pictured to the right are schoolboard members: Vic Bredeson, Vic Tollak-son, Jr. Vice-President; Virgil Hendrickson, President; Judith Sebranek, Clerk; Bob A mot High School Secretary Mrs. Pat Johnson District Bookkeeper Mrs. Val Berg Elementary Secretary Mrs. Cindy WhitiordFACULTY Mr. Robert Larkin Ms. Deb Ferguson Mrs. Judith Schulte Mr. Herbert: Vocational Agriculture. FFA Advisor Mr Herbert Hassel, English, Forensics Mr. Larkin: Art K-12, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach Mrs. Schulte: Elementary Reading, Language Arts 7-12; Yearbook Co-Advisor, National Honor Society Advisor Mr. Doelder: Science, Chemistry, Biology Ms. Ferguson, Home Ec. Teacher, FHA Advisor, and Cheerleading Advisor. Mr. Steven DoelderSPORTSMANSHIP Mr. Gene Findlay Mr. Loren Homb Mrs. John Gabioud Mr. Tim McIntyre Mr. Homb: Social Studies, Volleyball Coach; Girls’ Bas ketball Coach; Track Head Coach Mr. Findlay: Business Education Mrs Gabioud: Library Aide Mr. Poirier: Physical Education, Head Football Coach, Head Boys' Basketball Coach Mr. McIntyre: Industrial Arts Mrs. Belken: Guidance Terry Poirier Mrs. Gloria BelkenMiss Pam Smith Band, Chorus, Swing Choir, K-12 Music Argyle's loyal crossing guard, Mr. James Hyland, Is on duty rain or shine. Mr. Sanford Disrud is a part-time high school custodian. Mr. John Qerhart Is the full time high school custodian. Mrs. Kay Wlegel, K-12 Librarian, part-time.TREASURED ECHOES 1985 STAFF Pictured above are staff members who in many ways contributed greatly to the diverse and demanding tasks of yearbook production. Row 1: Sue Daly, Laurie Van Dusen, Amy Hagen, Lisa Kallembach, Wendy Canon, Diane Hendrickson. Row 2: Mrs. Schulte, Advisor, Chris Hopland, Caramel Berg, Julie Barry, Lori Lien, Kate Frey, Michelle Connors, Allison Berg Right: 1985 Co-Editors, Diane Hendrickson and Wendy Canon are to be commended for spear-heading an outstanding sales campaign that netted almost two-thousand dollars in sales, an unprecedented amount. All staff members carried out their tasks brilliantly. Thank you, girls, for an outstanding job. Staff members really like to have their pictures taken, so we took another one, pictured to the left. Co-advisor, Mr. Bob Larkin, is not pictured because he is the photographer. Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Larkin. Enjoy your Treasured Echoes, Orioles!!!!NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Above: Row 1 Lori Lien, Annette Hauser, Monica Loeffelholz, Diane Hendrickson Row 2: Mrs. Schulte, Advisor, Rodney Hendrickson, Lynette Erickson, Allison Berg, Michelle Connors, Ken Brown, Jeff Nelson, Mark Flannery Below: National Honor Society Officers for 1985 are Michelle Connors, Secretary; Diane Hendrickson, Vice-President; Monica Loeffelholz, Service Chairperson; Allison Berg, President; Mark Flannery, Treasurer 41T U D E NT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Front, Annette Houser, Treasurer; Lynette Erickson, President; Carrie Wyttenbach, Vice President Back: Connie Wyttenbach, Secretary; Michelle Connors, Historian. Not Pictured Is Mr. Bill Bell, Advisor SENIORS AND JUNIORS Front Robbie DeNure, Annette Hauser John Henner, Ken Brown, Jeff Nelson Back: Todd Flannery, Carrie Wytten bach, Barrie Cuevas, Lynette Erick son, Michelle Connors SOPHOMORE, FRESHMEN, EIGHTH GRADE Front: Dan Nelson, Bob Wlnsberg, Lance Pennlston, Jeremy Hagen, Ron Olson Center: Joel Sebranek, Mary Krahenbuhl, Bernard Moen, Robin Treuthart, Todd Tollakson Back: Sue Daly, Amy Hagen, Jamie Root, Connie Wyttenbach, Thurston Hanson 42SWING CHOIR Chris Hopland, Tammy Ruegsegger, Lynette Erickson, Darci Dammen, Amy Hagen, Annette Hauser, Dawn Hilher, Barrie Cuevas, Diane Hendrickson. Miss Pam Smith is the director for both the Swing Choir and the Pep Band. PEP BAND 43CHORUS ■ a i r■ a ri ■ ■ i Row 1: Jodi Kabembach, Stacy Wlrth, Darci Dammen. Amy Hagan. Mary Krahenbuhl, Vicki Moan. Tina Bonjour. Haathar Jaggl. Michelle Webster, Michelle Zurfluh. Donna Flannary. Row 2: Uta Kallembach. Glngar Hopland. Tharasa Nelson, Annette Hauser. Jennifer Dunlavy. Sara Everson. Connie Wytlanbach. Carrie Wyttenbach. Maureen Wiihelmson. Amy Rausch. Tammy Willis, Lisa Paterson Row 3: Holly Jaggl, Tracy A morose. Tammy Ruagsaggar. Dawn HUIar, Dave Krebs. Bob Wlnsbarg. Johnny Hinojosa, Ron Olson, Dean Flannary. Erik Hanson. June Sabranak, Kim But son, Juba Barry Row 4 Amy Jo Gilbertson, Barrie Cuevas, Chris Hopland. Caramel Barg. Batty Jo Gran berg, Wendy Canon. Kate Fray, Diana Hendrickson, Lori Lien. Laurie Van Dusan, Angle Olson Director, Miss Pam Smith, Is not pictured 44 Band Officers are Lynette Erickson. President. Annette Hauser. Vice-President. Connie Wyttenbach. Sophomore Representative. Michelle Zurfluh. Freshman Representative; Dean Flannery. Eighth Grade RepresentativeBAND Front: Dior Hendrickson. Lori Uon. Amy Hagen. Connie Wyttenbach. Juno Sobronok. Chris Hopland Middle Donno Flannery. Angie Oioon. Carrie EsponschokJ. April Qerhart. Amy Brodooon. Hoothor Joggi. Julio Dunlovy. Toni Hoooonfolt, Doonna Flannory. Holly Joggi. Tammy Ruogooggor Back Shawn Ando non, Rick Hopland. Darci Dammon. Eric Makoo, Alliaon Borg. Sara Everson. Joel Sobronok. Vicki Moon. Tammy Willis. Jeff Burton. Amy Rousch. Jennifer Dunlovy, Kim But son. Michelle Webster Rear Gins Meritt. Diane Garrison. Lisa Peterson. Beth Dunlovy. Scott Olson. Bernard Moon Miss Pam Smith. Director, is not pictured Right Band representatives are Darci Dammon, Use Peterson. Diane Garrison. April Qerhart Below Smiling Diane Hendrickson Is Drum Majorette Music librarians found In the comer are Darci Dammon. Mary Krahenbuhl, June Sobronok. Lori Uon.FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: Amy Bredeson, Secretary; Julie Pittz, President; Diane Hendrickson, Vice-President; Ms. Deb Ferguson, Advisor; Mary Krahenbuhl, Treasurer; Jodi Kallembach, Historian; Front: Sara Everson, Reporter Front: Allison Berg, Amy Bredeson, Diane Hendrickson, Julie Pittz, Mary Krahenbuhl, Jodi Kallembach, Sara Everson Middle: Tammy Ruegsegger, Monica Loeftelholz, Amy Hagen. Kate Frey, Robin Treuthart, Lisa Kallembach, Teresa Nelson, Toni Hassemfelt, Darci Dammen, Ms. Ferguson Back: Maureen Wllhelmson, Jean Hughes, Vicki Moen, Tammy Willis, Carrie Espenscheid. Betty Jo Granberg, Kim Butson, Deanna Flannery, Michelle Webster. 46FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Front: Dale Wilhelmson, Brenda Blum, Mr. Jeff Herbers, Advisor Back: John Dunlavy, Tim Daly, Sentinel; Lynette Erickson, President; Leland Schild (Not pictured are Thad Espenscheid, Vice-President; Greg Wilson, Treasurer; Chuck Hendrickson, Student Advisor) Front: John Stephens, Carrie Espenscheid, Tom Hiller, Eric Makos Center: Amy Espenscheid, Reporter; Bernard Moen, Julie Dunlavy, Deanna Flannery Back: Lori Lien, Secretary; Sue Daly, Mr. Herbers, Rodney Hendrickson 47 I 0. . • '•’t . j ' • a ?,-'. % 4, “• ' Lr . . r 3 •■. - XSLfrt ' .• ,• kt'L c« IwvA ;• y , M ; v 61 ¥ 50CLASS COMPETITION AT THE PARK The many and varied activities that take place at the park on Friday afternoon of homecoming week include the board race, fivelegged race, circle sit, sack race, girls’ football, body pass, and pudding eating contest. If you wish to become an expert pudding-eater, consult Jamie Root and Dale Wilhelmson, pictured with full faces and full stomachs. These contests among the classes add much to the spirit of homecoming week, and credit is due the student council and its advisor, Mr. Bell, for planning, organizing, and carrying out the successful events.HOMECOMING Pictured are the various games played at the park on the Friday of Homecoming, and a float entered by the “support staff”.HOMECOMING QUEEN Gina Meritt HOMECOMING KING Mike Butson SENIOR ATTENDANTS Lynette Erickson Leland Schlld JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Brenda Blum Dale Wilhelmson SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Diane Garrison Cal Rltschard FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS Joel Sebranek Mlchlelle ZurfluhHOME COMINGVOLLEYBALL Row 1: Brenda Blum, Annette Hauser, Teresa Nelson, Julie Pittz, Wendy Canon, Lisa Peterson Row 2: Pat Cline, Manager; Barrie Cuevas, Michelle Connors, Kate Frey, Diane Hendrickson, Lynnette Erickson, Linda Gavigan, Coach Loren Homb. VARSITY Row 1: Mary Krahenbuhl, Diane Garrison, Darci Dam-men Row 2: Holly Jaggi, Toni Hassenfelt, Deanna Flannery, Sue Daly, Angie Olson Row 3: Coach Loren Homb, Donna Flannery, June Sebranek, Cathy Mize. Tammy Ruegsegger JUNIOR VARSITY Along with a rewarding season, came recognition from State Line League coaches to Julie Pittz, Michelle Connors, and Barrie Cuevas, who were designated All-Conference athletes. Congratulations, girls!! COACH’S COMMENTS The Girls' Varsity Volleyball team completed its best season ever at Argyle with a 16-4 record. They finished tied for second place behind Belleville with a 13-3 record. The seniors finished their four-year volleyball careers with a 46-22 record. T.E.A.M. — Together, Everyone Achieves More. Those four words summarize this season to a "T”. The girls played so well as a team that overall talent overshadowed standout performance. They won the Monroe Invitational Tournament, defeating schools such as Black Hawk, Monroe, Verona, and Madison Edgewood. I hope others will look at this season and see what success can be achieved through a team effort. This is true not only with volleyball, but in all sports, as well as with life in general. These young people have learned a basic idea behind team sports, which is that success is hard to find if one works only as an individual. I am happy with the season, which is one that the girls can be justly proud of. Coach Loren HombORIOLE FOOTBALL Row 1: Dennis Flannery, John Stephens, Julie Dun-lavy, Scott Mathys, Joel Sebranek, Jeff Amorose. Row 2: Todd Flannery, Kurt Flannery, Greg Wilson, Tim Daly, Leland Schild, Mark Flannery, Daryl Dammen. Row 3: Jamie Root, Curt Saalsaa, Bobby Saalsaa, Tim Mathys, Cal Ritschard, Ron Nelson, David Krebs. Row 4: Dale Wllhelmson, Jeff Nelson, Todd Ruegseg-ger, Ken Brown, Kurt Waage, John Dunlavy, Keith Jackson, John Hen-ner. “OUR TEAM” Graduating Gridders are Todd Flannery, Kurt Flannery, Greg Wilson, Tim Daly, Leland Schild, Mark Flannery, Daryl Dammen. (Gene Treuthardt, absent) “SENIORS” 1984 ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Mark Flannery, Linebacker, Second Team Daryl Dammen, Offensive Guard, First Team Gene Treuthardt, Halfback, First Team Todd Ruegseg-ger, Fullback, Second TeamCOACH’S COMMENTS The 84 Fightin' Orioles' season was high-lighted by back-to-back, come-from-behind wins over Bloomington and conference-foe, Belleville. Trailing at half-time in both games, the gutsy Orioles fought back with a “never-give-in” spirit to overcome first the Bluejays, 24-20, and then the Wildcats by exploding for forty points for a 40-24 triumph!! A proud band of seniors led the way for a team that Coach Poirier described as “a team with a lot of class. ” Halfbacks Gene Treuthart and Todd Flannery paced the offensive attack behind linemen Darryl Dammen, Kurt Flannery, and Leland Schild. Mark Flannery anchored the tight-end spot. 1984 Homecoming King, Mark Butson, received able help on defense from Greg Wilson, Tim Daly, Erik Hanson, and Chuck Hendrickson. Juniors Todd Ruegsegger, Jeff Nelson, John Henner, Ken Brown, Kurt Waage, Keith Jackson, Dale Wilhelmson, and John Dunlavy provided great support and will be the nucleus for the 1985 team. The honor is in participating and therein also lies the success. It is not so important to be remembered as the best, but rather as having done the best you could do. Coach Terry Poirier FOOTBALL AWARDS 1984 Most Dedicated Player ....... Most Improved Player ....... Sportsmanship Award ......... Best Lineman . Tri-Captains .... Daryl Dammen Jamie Root Daryl Dammen Todd Flannery Daryl Dammen Daryl Dammen, Todd Flannery, Mark FlanneryVARSITY Above: Amy Hagen, Lisa Kallembach, Laurie Van Dusen, Caramel Berg, Dawn Hiller, Kris Johnson Below: Varsity Captain Dawn Hiller and Junior Varsity Captain Connie Wyttenbach C H F E O E O R T L B E A A L D L E R S JUNIOR VARSITY Carrie Espenscheld, Amy Gilbertson, Robin Treuthart Middle: Liz Wlnsberg, Qnger Hopland, Connie Wyttenbach Upper: Jodie Kallembach, Stacy Wirth GRADUATING SENIORS Kris Johnson, Dawn Hiller, Laurie Van Dusen, Caramel Berg Not pictured is Ms. Deb Ferguson, AdvisorBASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS VARSITY: Front Lisa Ka llem bach. Amy Hagen, Dawn Hiller , Diane Hendrickson , Kris Johnson . denotes graduating seniors. Miss Deb Ferguson is the advisor. Junior Varsity: Below Jodi Kallembach, Mary Krahenbuhi, Julie Barry, Tammy Ruegsegger, Stacy Wirth, Angie Olson 61VARSITY BOYS’ BASKETBALL Front: Thad Espenscheid, Erik Hanson, Mark Flannery, Gene Treuthart, Dennis Gratz, Todd Flannery. Back: John Dunlavy, Lonnie Severson, Robbie DeNure, Kurt Waage, Todd Ruegsegger, Jeff Nelson, Keith Jackson, Johnny Hinojosa. Coach Terry Poirier is not pictured. GRADUATING SENIORS Mark Flannery, Gene Treuthart, Todd FlanneryBOYS’ BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY Front: Dave Krebs, Jamie Root, Jeff Amorose, Mike Godfrey, Manager, Dennis Flannery Center: Joel Sebranek, Curt Saalsaa, Rick Hopland, Bobbie Saalsaa Back: Eric Makos, John Duhlavy, Lonnie Severson, Tim Mathys, Coach Roger Godfrey COACHE’S COMMENTS The 1984-85 Junior Varsity record stands at 5 wins and 12 losses. The leading team scorer was Tim Mathys with 159 points, followed by Lonnie Severson with 81 points. The record does not reveal the hustle and desire displayed by this fine group of young men all season. We lost several close ball games. With a little more luck on the bounce of the ball, these games would have been in the win column. Overall, great things were accomplished this season to ready our team for varsity play in seasons to come. 63 Coach Roger GodfreyGIRLS’ BASKETBALL VARSITY Front: Caramel Berg0, Linda Gavigan0, Michelle Connors0, Monica Loeffelholz, Brenda Blum, Laurie Van Dusen0, Amy Bredeson , Julie Pittz0, Mr. Loren Homb, Coach denotes graduating seniors. JUNIOR VARSITY Front: Diane Garrison, Robin Treuth-art, Carrie Espenscheld, Michelle Zurfluh. Back: April Gerhart, Manager; TonI Hassenfelt, Connie Wytten-bach, Amy Espenscheid, Julie Dun-lavy, Mrs. Larson, Coach.65Letterwinners SPORTS ACTION SCHOOL LIFE 1. Linda showing Kate her best side. 2. Lots of arms. legs, and spirit. 3. Annette. Brenda, and Teresa model the latest in junior sportswear. 4. “I hope they ’ll put my picture in the yearbook. ” 5. Jekylson and Hydepittz in the lab.1. Mr. Homb with live sound-effects. 2. “Alias Sharon Wyttenbach.” 3. Kate wishing she was painting the town instead. 4. Bobby and Jamie “jamming. ” 5. The backbone of the “SPIRIT.” 69SCHOOL LIFEGRADE SEVEN Row 1: Al Severson, Colleen Weaver, Darryl Bates, Heather Pickett, Steve Flannery, Kevin Makos, Tabatha Berget, Tom Nysted. Row 2: Marleen Comiskey, Mrs. Schulte, Mike Gilbertson, Chandra Hanson, Gretchen Mosley, Mike Bahler, Jamie Dammen, Chad Vinger, Debbie Hexom, Amy Dammen, Teri Ruegsegger, Jennifer Brown. GRADE SIX Row 1: Sue Zurfluh, Shawn McNett, Kent Kallembach. Laura Hanson, Mike Flanagan. Brent Kallembach, Gerald Gerber. Row 2: Perry Granberg, Patty Bonjour, Jackie Schild. Chad Mathys, Dan Daly, Tim Phillipson, Monica Cuevas, John Gierhart. Row 3: Mr. Waage, Tammy Hassenfelt, Jeff Sebranek, Brenda Gierhart, Ellen Peterson, Heidi Benson, Sheryl DeMario, Sissy Weatherspoon, Pam Hopland, Mrs. Thompson. 72GRADE FIVE Row 1: Todd Rear, Cheri Mize, Jennifer Nelson, Kevin Nelson, Kimberly Voegeli, Camie Peterson, Lynnette Weber. Row 2: Kreg Waage, Travis Ruegsegger, Michelle Hodgson, Nicole Thompson, Marcia DeMario, Neil Gratz, Michael Webster, Allan Miller. Row 3: Mrs. Frey, Brenda Reusch, Mark Flanagan, Michael Godfrey, John Granberg, Troy Connors, Tammy Flannery, Melissa Buholzer, Eric Mail, Damon Widmer. GRADE FOUR Row 1: Matthew Hauser, Harlan Saalsaa, Jason Gilbertson, Heidi Haesler, Jeff Gilbertson. Row 2: Melissa Arnot, Rebecca Maske, Shane Johnson, Ian Fredrlch, Timmy Isley, Lisa Flannery. Row 3: Jimmy Flannery, Mike Flint, Rick Naujeck, Jenny Blum, Crystal Andrews, Tim Fisher, Adam Hanson, Mrs. Rossing. GRADE THREE Row 1: Kara Hanson, Heather Kallembach, Teena Boss, Tom Saalsaa, Ryan McNett, Deanne Hexom, Jeremy Payne. Row 2: Kendra Frei, Adam Buholzer, Shelley Schmid, Shelly Flanagan, Chad Ber-get, Shelby Johnsen, Wendy Haesler, Cari Mize. Row 3: Joe Mosley, Jason Mathys, Melissa Hanson, Ben Benson, Danny Olson, Eric Falsey, Corina Voegeli, Ena Klobes, Mrs. Anderson. 73KINDERGARTEN Left, Row 1: Lett Hen ton, Adam John ton, Dertk Hodgson. Dana Severson, Chris Dearth. Tim Nlesman Row 2: Crystal Steiu. Tim McNett, Brian Schoenhard, Karen Frel. Wendy Austin. April Kaempier. Michelle Mau. Mrs. Espenschetd Middle left: Row 1: Tara Wllhelmson, Denise Johnson. Apryl Kempfer, Heather Payne. Jessica Voegell, Angela Go timer Row 2: Gary Wlrth, Rachel Pink. Mark Wlrth. Jay Johnson. Cindy Weber, Candy Webster. Brandon White, Amanda Benson. Matt Haesier, Dennis Weatherspoon Row 3: Mrs. Olson. Stephanie Rltschard. Lenny Lien, Karl Schoenhard. Ben Gobell. Miranda Hanson. Casey Rufener, Corky Isehy Below: MORNING PRE-SCHOOL Row 1: Jack Emery. OUn Skattum, Heather Stangeland. Melissa Wtrtx Row 2: Dana Friedrich. Chad Friedrich. Richard SaaJsaa. Jennifer Hanson Row 3: John Flannery, Roman Harris, Andy Rufener, Laura Skattum. Nathan Schlafk Pre-School GRADE TWO Above, Row 1: Sarah Henner, Cartssa Rausch. Shannon Rear. Eric Thompson. Chad Nelson. Troy Ruegsegger. Lois Hanson Row 2: Mrs. Schraepfer. Justin Wlrti, Eric Beutel. Debbie Besand. Erica Flannery, Dean Grat . Brandy Payne. Valerie Emery. Brandi Nelson Row 3: Elisabeth Zutdema, Danny Godfrey, Nicole Rltschard, Doug Hodgson, Matthew Qerhart. Matthew Timm, Triels PhlUlpson, Jason Flannery. Kelly Voegell, Beau GyUenswen Right. PM PRE-SCHOOL Row 1: Lachlyn Soper. Eric Erickson. Joshua Pink. Christy Voegell. Row 2: Becky Curds, Tammy Ostby. Heather Hines, Andrew Hendrickson Row 3: Donald Johnson. Andy Johnson. Ryan Andrews, Gabriel Gobell. Mrs EspenschetdELEMENT A R Y SCHOOL LIFE Seventh Grade Girls’ Basketball Team: Front Heather Pickett, Deb Hexom, Amy VoegelI Back: Jennifer Brown, Amy Dammen, Ter I Ruegsegger Eighth Grade Girls' Basketball Team: Front: Heather Jaggi, April Glerhart, Maureen Wll-helmson Middle: Jennifer Dun-la vy, Vicki Moen, Tammy Willis Back: Thad Espenscheid, Assistant; Betty Jo Gran berg, Mrs. Espenscheid. Coach Seventh Grade Basketball Team: Front Mike Gilbertson, Chad Vlnger, Jamie Dammen Back: Kevin Ma-kos, Tom Nysted, Darryl Bates, Al Severson Eighth Grade Basketball Team: Front: Dan Nelson, Jeff Burton, Shawn Gratz, Back: Bob Wins berg, Lance Penniston, Larry Hen, Jon Jay Lewis. Mr Ron Waage coaches both teams. Left: Student tutor, Todd Ruegsegger, assists Miss Sutter. Below: Participants In the Lafayette County Soil Conservation Contest were: Kevin Makos, Teri Ruegsegger, Darryl Bates, Jennifer BrownARGYLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Rodger Godfrey, Elementary Custo■ dian; Pearl Soper, Sue Johnson, Cooks; Beth Voegell, Speech Therapy ARGYLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PERSONNEL Left: Edna Wenger, Title One Aide Right: Marge Stangeland, Title One Center: Theresa Sutter, Learning Disabilities Bus Drivers: Scott Fischer, Bill Jacobson, Nancy Dammen, Jo Ann Bruehlman, Dave Jacobson TREASURED ECHOES’ PATRONS ARGYLE Bernard J. Hanson Gambles Ostby Garage R. E. Hunter, M.D. Tollakson Memorials PhJillpson’s Garage Don Dammen Excavating BLANCHARDVILLE Lynn M. Randel, D.D.S. or Mary C. Randel Hitching Post Bredeson Feed Trumpy Cheese GRATIOT Gratiot State Bank KRD Liquidators MONROE Medicine Mart Monroe T.V. Appliance Pizza Hut Country Kitchen Yodel Bake Shop DARLINGTON Avon Locker Taylor Florist Flowers by Martha 78STEINER INSURANCE AGENCY Your Insurance Store With A Supermarket of Values Best wishes, Dennis. Auto, Business, Farm, Home and Health Love, Mom Dad Argyle, Wisconsin f Wf Ak 1 your Independent I lnsuromeg agent J Cupic’s Creations Darlington or Monroe 776-2875 or 325-3233 ERICKSON’S FUNERAL HOME Argyle, Wi. 543-3616 JJ’s, Argyle: Trans World Variety Discount Center Erickson-Sharer Funeral Home Darlington, Wi. 776-3542 ROSSING'S FINE FOODS FOOD STORES 79 Argyle, Wis.Congra tula tions, Dawn. We are So Proud of you, “BABY.”FRUDDEN LUMBER COMPANY Argyle, Wisconsin Complete Building Materials Starline Feeding Barn Eqt. Madison Silos Installation Minnesota Paints Rain Barrel Water Conditioning Sales — Service — Rentals 608 325-5102 Gary Harris 2308 — 11th Street Monroe. Wl 53566 MARY ELLEN’S SALONS Argyle: 543-3030 Blanchardville: 523-4537 - Six experienced stylists to serve you. • Tuesday through Saturday - Thursday Evening • Professional Hair Care products. - Redken, L'Oreal, etc. ■ Trend hair styling for men and women. • Latest techniques in hair coloring. - Certified color consultants for color analysis and make-up consultation. ' ' SALES » SERVICE | RENTALS Your Rain Barrel Man Congra tula tions, Leland. You have come so far. We knew you could do It. With Love, Mom, Dad. Jackie iCongratulations, Diane! Love, Mom and Dad John Ruf Ruf’s Farm Service R.R. 2 Darlington, Wi. 776-4048 Midwest Silo Company Badger Farm Equipment Hesston Fox The Fi.r t Xvfitm Sj Phone 608-523-4215 KluUIC nAHD'V'I ILE, Wi H. 53516 Full Service Member: F.D.I.C. TURNER HALL CLUB Bar and restaurant open to public Welcomes wedding and anniversary dances Oil .Association Phone: 523-4294 Also serving Argyle, Holian-dale, and New Glarus HAURl’S CYCLE SHOP 633 ■ 1st Ave. Monroe, Wi. 53566 325 - 9952 KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI Parts Accessories Service No Charge For The Floor Free Weekend Entertainment Including Sun. 3:00-8:00 Monroe, WIMcDonalds r a Syou i y DRIVE - THRU 425 - 8th Street Monroe, Wisconsin 328-4231 KCAtfCHAKDVJJCa vszskwakv earn. we 523-4051 Dr. David E. Reeson Dr. J. Dennis Speer CHALET COMPUTER CENTER EQUIPMENT - PROGRAMS - SUPPLIES WEST MALL - HWY 11 WEST MONROE. Wl S3S66 M F 10 9 SAT 10 5 SUN 12 5 (608) 325-4912 CHUCK BASFORD, CDP SYSTEMS CONSULTANT A corona The Compatible Company 404 West Eighth Street Monroe, Wisconsin 325-2222 Friday Saturday until 12:00 P.M. Saturday Sunday 6:30 ■ 11:00 Sunday ■ Thursday until 11:00 P.M. Serving Breakfast at 6:30 A.M. Corona Data Systems 1 • IMj • '-V A Touch of Switzerland Swiss Colorii| 1112 Seventh Avenue MONROE. WISCONSIN • 53566 Congratulations Class of 1985 Compliments of Mr. D’s Roadhouse Monroe, Wisconsin Live Entertainment — Dancing Live Entertainment Live Video System MONROE BAKERY The Home of Swiss Bread And Pastries — Decorated Cakes 1007 - 16th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin 325-2500 merie normfln cos m E T I c s m Darleen Kneller. Owner Complexion Care Foundations Eye Make-Up Up and Cheek Colors Nail Care Contouring Highlighting 13 Wot Mall Monroe. Wl 53566 Ph. 606-325-7373 F.A. Read Canter Freeport, IL 61032 Ml. 815-233 5626 83Keep up the good work, Michelle. MONROE HONDA Monroe AMC-Jeep, Renault, Inc. FURNITURE CARPETING 502 10th Street Monroe, Wisconsin Phone: 325-3071 325-4905 Love, Mom, Dad, Kris, Brad, Troy Congratulations, Lynl! With Love, Mom and Dad Sisters and Brothers FURNITURE CARPETING BEDDING ACCESSORIES Located Hwy. 69 South By-Pass, Monroe, Wis. HOURS: Daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday Nights until 9 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ANY NIGHT BY APPOINTMENT We're so proud of you, Kristine. Love, Mom and Dad 84★ Airline Tickets Cruises ★ Bus Tours ★ Tours Amtrak ★ Car Rentals HOURS: Mon • Fri 8:30 - 5:30 Sat. Winter Months 9:00 AM - Noon “Computerized Reservations Ticketing” FOR ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS; CALL THE AREAS MOST EXPERIENCED AGENCY 328-8256 810 30TH ST. € 1984 United Teiequipment Corp , Monroe. Wl MONROE Moore's Service Station Tom Anita Moore Junction Hwy. 81-78 West Argyle, Wl. 53504 Bus. 543-3123 Auto ■ Tractor-Skldloader Implement Repalrs-Weldlng-Tlre Repair - Car Wash (coop) Phone: 543-3711 NORSEMAN SUPPER CLUB Argyle, Wisconsin BERGET'S JEWELRY B M Bar Argyle, Wisconsin Best Food In Town! Carry-Outs! Art Carved Diamonds Bulova Caravelle Accutron Watches Argyle, Wisconsin Phone: 543-3525 ARTCARVED Class Rings 85L.A. ROSSING CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Clothing for the entire family Every mile is worth your mile Since 1870 Phone: 543-3013 STROMMEN- VINGER INSURANCE All Lines of Insurance Congratulations, Graduates! Sheriff Vernus Olson Undersheriff Scott Pedley ENGSTAD CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Service Is Our Specialty. ARGYLE DENTAL OFFICES Andrew Dental Offices Andrew Shuler, D. D. S. Blanchardville, WI Phone: 523-4281 Charles Shuler, D. M D. Frank Shuler, D. D. S. 104 Broad Street Argyle, Wl. 53504Southwest Tech has helped many students open doors of opportunity. Put this modern vocational school to work for you. Request the services of Southwest Tech’s evaluator to determine your areas of ability and interest. Check the many programs. You’ll find no tricks - but a lot of educational possibilities! Southwest Wisconsin Vocational-Technical Institute Route 1, Box 500 Fennimore, Wisconsin 53809 Phones: IT’S NC TRICK, CUT til 4 AIM N ISHACIC! 1-800-362-3322 TolJ-Fri STATE BANK OF ARGYLE ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 608 543-3321 FULL-SERVICE BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C. 87AKfflce msa r PKoeesswQ CO-OP ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 608 543-3536 Complete Meat Service MEYER'S BAR Argyle, IV . John, Leah, Stacy, Jay KERMIT WATKINS Building and Remodeling Argyle, Wisconsin Slaughtering on Thursday by Appointment Zimmerman’s Cheese Wiota, Wisconsin Maker of Baby Swiss, Cheddar and Munster ARGYLE VETERINARY SERVICE sc IRVIN GANZHUBNER. D.V.M. KEVIN HOLMAN. D.V.M. Phone: 543-3082 201 S. North Street Argyle, Wisconsin Small Animals By Appointment 24 Hour Farm Animal Service 88MASTER MIX WIOTA MILL Feed, Seed, Grinding, Mixing, And Hauling Phone: 968-3350 Wiota, WI FEED SEED, INC. R. R. 1 SOUTH WAYNE, Wl. 53587 PHONE: 4395332 WOODFORD STATE BANK 1) Free checking to students 2) Now accounts 3) Maximum rates on certificates of deposit 4) Safe deposit boxes 5) Night depository 6) Drive-up banking 7) Free bank-by-mail Woodford, Wisconsin 53599 (608) 465-3367 Open Monday-Friday, 8:30-3:00 Saturday: 8:30-12 Noon Branch of Monroe 325-7766 Open Monday - Friday Saturday: 8:30 ■ Noon Lovelace Hardware Co. PLUMBING — HEATING — WIRING Woodford, Wis. 53599 Telephone 465-3314 THE CAMERA SHOP 1605- 10th Street on the Square Monroe, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNCTION HOUSE Monroe, Wisconsin Better Photos for you is our business featuring 24 hour colorprint processing IRMA'S KITCHEN On the Corner across from the School and the Post Office: Phone: 543-3703 K', BKSWAflS Cheese Fruit Liquor We buy direct You buy for less Monroe, Wisconsin 325-4433CONGRA TULA TIONS to the CLASS of 1985 VFW POST 9692 LIVESTOCK HAULING For market or slaughter Also to all area sale barns Seven day service. VIC BREDESON Telephone: 543-3001 Congra tula tions to the Class of 1985 The Joe Winsberg Family UNION Argyle 76 Bob Jan Mau 543-3733 Products at Competitive Prices 7:00 A M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily The Argyle Education Association Wishes the Very Best to the Graduates in the Class of 1985 Congratulations to the Members of the CLASS OF 1985 Argyle Parent-Teacher Organization PTO It pays to advertise in the high school annual. We appreciate your patronage. Wendy Canon, Diane Hendrickson, Co-Editors, 1985 90NOTES FROM A FRIEND ... NOTES FROM A FRIEND . . . NOTES FROM A FRIEND . . •NOTES FROM A FRIEND ... NOTES FROM A FRIEND . . . NOTES FROM A FRIEND .mWALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCKLINE M18801 Rl UR A•  Junior Prom Court: Left to right: Jon Schulte and Mary Krahenbuhl. Joel Sebranek and Jodi Kallembach. Todd Tollakson and Robin Treu-thardt. Queen Stacy Wirth and King Andy Bartels. Miniature King Matthew Martin and Miniature Queen Nadean Bruehlman. Sara Everson and Eric Makos, Darci Dammen and John Stephens. Michelle Zurfluh and Bernard Moen.★ STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ★The 1987 version of the Fightin’ Oriole Diamond •‘9” Baseball Team was a season that saw the Orioles “peak” at the .500 mark with a 3-3 record. After that the Orioles lost 10 straight and were plagued by injuries at the conclusion of the season to a point where they were forced to forfeit their sub regional game as they were unable to field a 9-man team. The Orioles had an offensive batting average of .211. Tim Mathys was selected to the State Line League All-Conference 2nd Team as a pitcher. Todd Tollakson received Honorable Mention as a catcher. Coach McIntyreBELOW: Baseball: Back Row: Left to right: Coach McIntyre. Todd Tol-lakson, Ron Olson, Lance Penniston, Tim Mathys, Scott Mathys. and Bob Saalsaa. Front Row: Larry Van Du-sen, Mike Bahler, Denny Beutel. Tom Nysted, April Gierhart, and Robin Treuthardt, statistician. Missing when the picture was taken were Curt Saalsaa and Tammy Rueg-segger. statistician. Baseball Argyle vs. Belleville 26 Argyle vs. Black Hawk 4-3 Argyle vs. Montcello 6-1 Argyle vs. Pecatonica 013 Argyle vs. Albany 6-0 Argyle vs. Holy Name M2 Argyle vs. Barneveld 0-9 Argyle vs. Belleville Ml Argyle vs. Black Hawk 4-10 Argyle vs. Holy Name 2-8 Argyle vs. New Glarus 4-8 Argyle vs. New Glarus 7-10 Argyle vs Monticello 8-13 Argyle vs. Juda 6-10 Argyle vs. Juda 2-13t Even though the numbers were limited, 14 individuals did their very best to represent A.H.S. These individuals should be proud of their accomplishments over the past season. Jamie Root broke the school record in the 300 intermediate hurdles with a time of 45.6. Julie Dunlavy broke the girls’ shot put record, at sectional competition, with a toss of 33’1 2. Coach HombLEFT: Boys’ and Girls’ Track: Back Row: Left to right: Jon Schulte. Mike Moen, Brian Hediger, Bernard Moen, and Jon Lewis. Middle Row: Jamie Root, Joel Sebranek, Julie Dunlavy, Connie Wyttenbach, and Chad Vinger. Front Row: Amy Espenscheid, Jenny Dunlavy, Colleen Weaver, and Vicki Moen.Valedictorian — Suzanne Daly Salutatorian — Lori Lien Class Motto Don’t walk in front of me, 1 may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my friend. Class Colors Royal Blue and Silver Class Flower White Rose Tipped in Blue Class Officers President — Tim Mathys Vice President — Jamie Root Secretary — Connie Wyttenbach Treasurer — June Sebranek Class Advisors Mr. Gene Findlay Mr. Gene Haffele

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