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TREASURED ECHOES NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR VOLUME THIRTY-SIX ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 "ELEPHONE: 543-3314TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS .......................3 CLASSES ...................... 19 ADMINISTRATION ...............27 FACULTY ...................... 29 ORGANIZATIONS ................ 33 ACTIVITIES ...................43 ATHLETICS ....................49 SCHOOL LIFE .................. 61 ELEMENTARY ................... 67 ADVERTISEMENTS ...............73 THIS BOOK IS THE PROPERY OF:D E D I C A T I O N Mr. Willard Soper was born on May 4, 1919, and has spent his entire life in the Argyle area. He was educated in the Argyle schools, where he was active in basketball and chorus. He earned his diploma in 1937. Mr. Soper married Mildred Richter in 1939. They are the parents of Sharon Wytten-bach, Mary Miao, John Soper, and Gary, deceased. •- Mr. Soper worked for Clayton Ostby for a while, selling and repairing automobiles, after which he operated the hatchery, which was located in what is now the Star Theater building. Later, he sold insurance. He was instrumental in the formation of the industrial development movement in Argyle and the Argyle Industries. Over the years Mr. Soper has served the community as Sunday school superintendent, as a charter member of the Lions Club, as a member of the school board, as mayor, and as village board member and clerk. Recently, he was appointed by the governor to the Private Industrial Council, a state committee. The 1984 annual staff members feel it is appropriate to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Soper, not only because of his efforts in the community at large, but also because of his strong support of the National Honor Society, which is sponsored by the Argyle Industries, and for his ongoing support of our many activities and of us as individuals. Mr. Soper, we appreciate you; we thank you, and we wish you life’s very best. Sincerely, Treasured Echoes Staff Members 4DARIN LEE BURRESON Football 1.2,3,4 (Letter 2,3,4); Basketball (Letter 2,3,4); Prom Court 3; Homecoming King 4 Birthday August 18. 1966 Ambition: Broker PATRICIA JEAN COLLINS National Honor Society Member 4 (Treasurer- Historian 4); Trig Club 4; Science Contest 3.4; Track 1,2 (Letter 2); Valentine's Court 1.2; Pep Club Member 2 (Representative 2) Birthday: March 28. 1966 Nickname: “Ollie" Ambition: Accountant PENNY LEA CANON Class President 3; Class Secretary 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 2; Service Club 3; Volleyball 1.2,3.4 (Letter 3.4) Birthday: December 24, 1965 Nickname: P.P. Ambition: Business Manager Novelist KRISTINE J. CONNORS F.H.A 1,2; Prom Court 3 Track 1,2; Chorus 1.2; Basketball 1,3 Birthday: June 19, 1966 Nickname: “Kris" Ambition: To get a nice car 5MARIA LURDAS XOCHITL CUEVAS Class President 1; Class Vice- President 3; Class Secretary 4; National Honor Society 4 (Service Chairperson 4); F.H.A. 1,2,3; Musical 1.2; One-Act Play 3; Student Council 1,3,4 (Treasurer- Historian 4); Service Club 3.4; Chorus 1,2.4 (President 4); Volleyball 1.2 Birthday: June 2. 1966 Nickname: "Smooch” Ambition: History teacher or interpreter DOREEN MICHELE DENURE Homecoming Court 3; Chorus 1,3.4; Band 1.2,3.4; Volleyball 2,3 (Letter 3); Cheerleader 1 Birthday: January 16. 1966 Nickname: "Dee Dee" Ambition: Farmer’s wife TOM DALY Class Secretary 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3.4 (Vice-President 4); Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; Forensics 1,2,3; Football 3.4 Birthday: September 7. 1966 Nickname: "Razzle" Ambition: Farmer JOANNE FREY Volleyball 1; FHA 1.2; Class Treasurer 3; Prom Queen 3; Service Club 4 Birthday: December 9. 1965 Nickname: "Joey” Ambition: School 6ALBERTA ANN GILBERTSON Annual Staff 1.2; F.H.A. 2; Student Council Member 2; Forensics 1; Volleyball 1.2; Basketball 1.2; Cheerleader 3.4 (Letter 3.4) Birthday: January 21. 1966 Nickname: “Abby" Ambition: Graduation LAURIE JACKSON F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 3. Student Advisor 4); Service Club 4; Cheerleader 1.3.4 (Letter 3.4); Letterwinners Club 3.4 Birthday: July 20, 1966 Nickname: "Laur" Ambition: To be happy I DEBORAH LYNN JOHNSON National Honor Society Member 4; Chorus; Band (President 4); Basketball 1.2.4 Birthday: June 8. 1966 Nickname: "Deb” Ambition: To work with computers JENNIFER JO KALLEMBACH Annual Staff 4; F.H.A. 1.2.4; Musical 1; Student Council Member 4; Service Club 4; Forensics 1.2,3,4; Bridge Contest 4; Chorus 1,2; Band (Letter 3); Cheerleader 1.2,3 (Letter 3) Birthday: February 7, 1966 Ambition: Fashion Merchandising 7JOLENE ANN LEWIS Class treasurer 2.4; F.H.A. 1; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Service Club 3.4; Chorus 3; Cheerleader Birthday: September 12. 1966 Nickname: "Jo” JOEL NALL Class Vice President 2; F.F.A. 1,2,4; Prom Court 3; Bridge Contest 1,2.3.4 Birthday: November 4. 1965 Nickname: "Norman" Ambition: To farm MARY ELLEN OMAN Annual Staff 2.3.4 (Editor 4); National Honor Society Member 2.3.4 (President 4); Musical 2.3; Math Contest 1.2; Trig Club 4; Forensics 1,2.3.4; Science Contest 2,3.4; Chorus 1.2,3,4. Band (Vice President 3) Birthday: September 19. 1966 Ambition: Computer Programmer BRIAN LEE PICKET Football (Letter 3) Birthday: February 27. 1966 Nickname: "Snake" Ambition: To play cards 8KEITH RITSCHARD Class President 4; F.F.A. 1; Prom King 3; Homecoming Court 1; Bridge Contest 1.2; Football 1.2.3,4 (All Conference 3; M.V.P. 3; Most Dedicated 3) Birthday: October 29. 1965 Nickname: ‘‘Igor" Ambition: Success JOHN TOLLAKSON F.F.A. 3.4; Prom Court 3; Bridge Contest 1.2; Football 1.3; Football Letter 3 Birthday: September 23. 1966 Nickname: "Tolly” Ambition: To be successful DANIEL LEE TREUTHARDT Class President 2; F.F.A. 3.4; Baseball 3.4; Football 1.2,3,4 (Letter 2.3.4); Basketball 1.2.4 (Letter 4; Student Council Member 3) Birthday: January 1. 1966 Nickname: "Merdoc" Ambition: To better myself GERALD LEE WAHL Class Treasurer 2; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 2; Bridge Contest 1,2,3; Football 2.3,4 (Letter 2.3.4) Birthday: December 10. 1965 Nickname: "Banger” Ambition: To farm 9MARY JO WILHELMSON Class Vice President 2.4; National Honor Society Member 4 (Vice President 4); F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 (Treasurer 2. President 4); Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 2; Student Council Member (Secretary 3. President 4); Chorus 1; Volleyball 2.3,4 (Letter 3.4); Basketball 1.2,3,4 (Letter 2,3,4); Cheerleader 1; Junior Citizenship Award Birthday: June 5. 1966 Nickname: "Mary Ho" Ambition: To be happy and successful JENNY WYTTENBACH Annual Staff 1.2; National Honor Society Member 4; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; Trig Club 4; Science Contest 3; Chorus 3.4 (Letter 4); Band 1,2,3.4 (Letter 1,3); Cheerleader 4 (Letter 4) Birthday: February 28, 1966 Nickname: "Oscar" CLASS OFFICERS Koith Riteoharri President Xoohitl Cuevas Secretary Marv Jo Wil- C A 0 X: 10PRESENTING . . . . THE ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1984AS WE WERE Below: Kris Connors John Tollakson Penny Canon Below: Joanne Frey Gerald Wahl Patty Collins Below: Dan Treuthart Jolene Lewis Tom Daly 12HOW WE’VE CHANGED!!! Below: Mary Oman Mary Jo Wilhelmson Below: Laurie Jackson Jennifer Wyttenbach Xochitl Cuevas Below: Jennifer Kallembach Darin Culky Deb Johnson (center) 13Left: Jennifer Wyttenbach. Jolene Lewis. Laurie Jack-son. Abby Gilbertson. Joanne Frey. Keith Rits-chard. Above: Jolene Lewis. Right: Mary Jo Wilhelm-son. Jennifer Kallembach. 14Left: Tom Daly. Keith Rits-chard. Brian Pickett. Darin Bur-reson. Gerald Wahl. Mary Oman. Deb Johnson. Above: Joel Nall. Laurie Jackson. Right: Patty Collins. Gerald Wahl. Xochitl Cuevas and Penny Canon.PROPHESY Kris Connors will still be driving through car washes. Doreen DeNure will be farming on the Gabioud ranch. Tom Daly will be farming. Joanne Frey will still be persuaded to do “dumb” things by Kris Connors. Laurie Jackson will still be dreaming of being 5’1”. Jennifer Kallembach will be cleaning three other schools. Jolene Lewis will be modeling Calvin Klein jeans on the Hollywood strip. Mary Oman will be accompanying the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the piano. Abby Gilbertson will be married to Scott and will be running the world’s biggest farm enterprise. Deb Johnson will be a lead and star on The Young and the Restless. Jennifer Wyttenbach will be executive secretary to the president of the United states. Darin Burreson will be manager at the Hound Dog Inn. Patty Collins will own a chain of Irma’s Kitchens. Xochitl Cuevas will be the owner of the Norseman. Brian Pickett will be meeting and greeting people kindly. Keith Ritschard will be coaching the Oriole football team in 1988. John Tollakson will be a famous millionaire. Joel Nall will still be partying. Dan Treuthart will be the owner of the Hound Dog Inn. Gerald Wahl will be an offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins. Mary Jo Wilhelmson will be managing her own multi-million dollar business, “Wilhelmson, Inc.” with sister, Margaret as her own personal secretary. Penny Canon will be living in the Rocky Mountains writing famous Western novels.FAREWELL, SENIORS! Faces of old and faces of new. People we know and people we knew. Growing together then drifting apart. Always an ending and now a new start. At graduation we all grow nearer As we say our final good-bye, One last embrace and one more cry. A “Keep in Touch” and a "Promise I Will,” A “Remember when ...” but better still A place in my heart where You’ll always stay. This is what’s said As you go your own way. 17Kris Connors — I Will my sewing ability to the cheerleaders. Doreen DeNure — I will my ability to get along with Miss Smith to Jeff Amorose. Tom Daly — I will my ability to sleep in all classes to Daryl Dammen. Joanne Frey — I will my part of the hall to Diane and Mark. Laurie Jackson — I will my height to Dave Soper. Jennifer Kallembach — I will my ability to play the clarinet to Toni Hassemfelt. Jolene Lewis — I will my tight-fitting Gloria Vanderbilts to Donna Flannery. Mary Oman — I will my good manners to the eighth grade. Abby Gilbertson — I will my cheerleading spirit to the upcoming varsity. Deb Johnson - I will my computer ability to Todd Flannery. Darin Burreson — I will my smooth basketball moves to anyone worthy of them. Patty Collins — I will my “rowdiness" to all freshmen. Xochitl Cuevas — I will my ability to put on makeup to Amy Hagen. Brian Pickett — I will my good nature to all grouches. Keith Ritschard — I will my "lion tammer" to John Henner. John Tollakson — I will my brains to Suzie Daly. Joel Nall — I will my “Don Hoe" shirts to anyone who has the courage to wear them. Dan Treuthart — I will my bad luck to Curt Saalsaa. Gerald Wahl — I will my athletic ability to Dale Wilhelmson. Mary Jo Wilhelmson — I will my collection of Bibles to Lynette Erickson. Penny Canon — I will my ability to get along with upperclassmen to the freshman girls. ADVICE TO UNDERCLASSMEN Kris Connors — Stick with one guy. Doreen DeNure — Act your age or you’ll fall in the long run. Tom Daly — Don't sleep in Mr. Findlay’s class. Joanne Frey — Save it until a later date. Laurie Jackson — Never sleep in Minority Literature, or, “What the Heck.” Jennifer Kallembach — Learn to manipulate in Algebra II. Jolene Lewis — Keep off the icy back roads. Mary Oman - Try not to get trampled between classes. Abby Gilbertson - Hands off in the hall!!!!!!! Deb Johnson — Walk softly and carry a swift broom. Jennifer Wyttenbach — Try something once and sometimes twice.TREASURED ECHOES 1 1 8 4Allison Berg Caramel Berg Amy Bredeson Mike Butson Wendy Canon Pat Cline Michelle Connors Barrie Cuevas Tim Daly Daryl Dammen Beth Dunlavy Lynette Erickson Thad Espenscheid Kurt Flannery Mark Flannery Todd Flannery Kate Frey Linda Gavigan Erik Hanson Greg Hauser Chuck Hendrickson Diane Hendrickson Dawn Hiller Chris Hopland Kristine Johnson Gina Meritt Lisa Peterson Julie Pittz 20 CLASS OF 1985 Laurie Van Dusen Greg Wilson Carrie Wyttenbach CLASS OFFICERS Front: Dave Soper, Treasurer. Back: Todd Flannery, Vice-President; Lynette Erickson. Secretary; Michelle Connors. President. Leland Schild Dave Soper Gene TreuthartDawn Bates Brenda Blum Ken Brown Deb Comiskey Robbie DeNure John Dunlavey Annette Hauser John Henner Johnny Hinojosa Keith Jackson Jeff Johnson Lisa Kallembach Jeff Lancaster Monica Loeffelholz Jeff Nelson Todd Ruegsegger Lonnie Severson Kurt Waage Dale Wilhelmson Jim Zurfluh CLASS OFTracy Amorose Julie Barry Annette Bartels Tina Bonjour Kerri Burton Suzie Daly Amy Espenscheid Donna Flannery Diane Garrison Doug Gierhart Amy Jo Gilbertson Amy Hagen Thurston Hanson Rodney Hendrickson Ginger Hopland Denise Johnson David Krebs Lynn Krebs Lori Lien Frank Loeffelholz Tim Mathys Cathy Mize Mike Moen Lance Nall Angie Olson Cal Ritschard Jamie Root Bobby Saalsaa Curt Saalsaa June Sebranek m u Liz Winsberg Sherri Wirth Connie Wyttenbach 24The members of the freshman class are pictured to the left at the homecoming festivities, gingerly passing eggs. There nothing “chicken” about this group. Front: Amy Espenscheid. Kerri Burton. Ginger Hopland, Amy Hagen. Dave Krebs. Middle: Lynn Krebs. Thurston Hanson. Cathy Mize. Lance Nall. Bobby Saalsaa. Frank Leoffelholz Back: Tracy Amorose. Donna Flannery. Tim Mathys. June Sebranek. Sue Daly Front: Liz Winsberg. Connie Wyttenbach. Angie Olson. Amy Jo Gilbertson. Sherri Wirth Middle: Tina Bonjour. Julie Barry. Annette Bartels. Lori Lien Back: Curt Saalsaa. Doug Gierhart. Jamie Root. Rodney Hendrickson. Mike Moen. Calvin Ritschard 25Above: Joel Sebranek and Dennis Flannery help out with scoring and timing. Below: Class officers are Scott Mathys, Treasurer; Michelle Zurfluh, President; Bernard Moen, Vice President. Not present was Stacy Wirth. Secretary. EIGHTH GRADE Pictured at the left are members of the Argyle eighth grade class: Row 1 Robin Treuthart. Tom Hiller. Michelle Zurfluh. Jeff Amorose. Dennis Flannery. Row 2 Sue Sarbacher. Julie Dunlavy. Deanna Flannery. Tammy Ruegsegger. Row 3 Jeff Peterson, Ron Brandt. Mary Krahenbuhl. Todd Tollakson. Jon Schulte. Row 4 Joel Sebranek. John Stephens. Eric Ma-kos. Bernard Moen, Steve Tree. Row 5 Scott Mathys. Rick Hopland. Toni Hassenfeldt. Michelle Webster. Row 6 Jodi Kallembach. Stacy Wirth. Darci Dammen. Carrie Espenscheid. Holly Jaggi, Sara Everson. Below: Eighth Grade basketball team members are (front) Jeff Amorose. Dennis Flannery. Joel Sebranek. Tom Hiller. Rick Hopland. Back: Jeff Peterson. Bernard Moen. Scott Mathys. Todd Tollakson. John Stephens. Eric Makos.TREASURED ECHOESADMINISTRATION: Below and Clockwise: Argyle School District Members of the School Board are: Victor Tollakson. Jr., Vice-President; Vic Bredeson; Virgil Hendrickson. President; Virginia Mundt. Treasurer; Judith Sebranek. Clerk. Mr. Gerald Holte. High School Principal. Pat Johnson. High School Secretary; Chris Blum. Elementary Office Assistant; Margaret Gierhart. District Bookkeeper and Elementary Secretary; Mr. Marvin Hopland. District Administrator. 28TREASURED ECHOES 118 4Clockwise: Pam Smith, Band. Chorus. Swing Choir. K-12 Music; Terry Poirer. Health. Phy.Ed., Boys’ Basketball and Football Coach; Bob Larkin. K-12 Art. Ass't. Football; Deb Ferguson. Home Economics. FHA Advisor. Cheerleader Advisor; Jeff Herbers. Vocational Agriculture. FFA Advisor. Sanford Disrud. High School Custodian. 30FACULTY Top: William Bell. Computer Science. Algebra. Geometry. Math. Student Council Advisor; Paul Connor. Psychologyist. Middle: Steve Doelder. Science. Chemistry. Biology. Dramatics Coach; Pat Discher. Phy.Ed.. Health; Gail Rothenbuhler. Speech Therapist; Tim Brown. Industrial Arts. Bottom: Herb Hassel. English. Forensics Coach; Gloria Belken. Guidance Counselor; Gene Findlay. Business Education.Above. Kay Wiegel. District Librarian. Below: Loren Homb. Social Studies. Girls' Volleyball coach. Girls' Basketball coach (Varsity). Boy's and Girls’ Track Coach. Above: Judy Schulte. Language Arts; National Honor Society Advisor. Anual Staff Advisor. Below: John Gierhart. High School Custodi- an.Row 1 Mary Oman. Editor; Diane Hendrickson. Editor; Wendy Canon. Editor; Cindy Coulthard. Row 2 Amy Hagen. Deb Comiskey. Annette Bartels. Row 3 Lori Lien, Caramel Berg, Tim Daly, Jennifer Kallembach Row 4 Michelle Connors. Lynette Erickson, Allison Berg, Kate Frey. Dawn Hiller. ANNUAL STAFF During the summer of 1983, editors Mary Oman and Diane Hendrickson attended a Seminar in yearbook production at La Crosse State College, sponsored by Josten's American Yearbook Company. LA CROSSE STATE COLLEGE Staff members work busily from July through May, selling advertisements to help finance the yearbook, planning pages and a theme, photographing subjects, pasting photos, typing copy, checking for errors, and TRYING TO MEET DEADLINES . . ..! As the school year progresses, one can witness the smiles and looks of satisfaction on our faces as we realize that the job is being done; the pieces are fitting together; and the yearbook will once again reach our classmates before the year ends. We complete our year with a summer supplement, which includes springtime activities which take place after our January deadline. Whew!OFFICERS: Mary Oman. President; Patty Collins. Treasurer Historian; Xochitl Cuevas. Service Chairperson; Lynette Erickson. Secretary; Mary Jo Wilhelmson. Vice-President. 1983-84 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Row 1: Annette Hauser. Dawn Hiller. Penny Canon. Xochitl Cuevas. Patty Collins. Deb Johnson. Row 2: Monica Loeffelholz, Lynette Erickson. Michelle Connors. Mary Jo Wilhelmson. Jennifer Wyttenbach. Mary Oman. Row 3: Dave Soper. Allison Berg. Mark Flannery. Diane Hendrickson. Ken Brown. Jeff Nelson. Entertainment at the annual induction ceremony in the high school library was provided by Annette Hauser. Lynette Erickson, Mary Oman, and Diane Hendrickson, assisted by music teacher Miss Pam Smith at the piano and Miss Deb Ferguson. Pictured below are members after the candle-lighting ceremony, which was followed by a tea and social hour. 35STUDENT COUNCIL Pictured at upper left are student council members (front) Michelle Connors. Secretary; Lynette Erickson. Vice-President; Carrie Wyttenbach. Treasurer; Xochitl Cuevas. Historian; Mary Jo Wilhelmson. President. Back: Jennifer Kallembach. David Soper. Todd Flannery, Jolene Lewis, and Mr. Bill Bell. Advisor. Pictured above are members (front) Todd Tollakson, Bernard Moen, Joel Sebranek. John Stephens. (Middle) Robin Treuthart. Thurston Hanson. Jamie Root. Tim Mathys. Sue Daly. (Back) Ken Brown. Annette Hauser. Jeff Nelson. Lisa Kallembach. Robbie DeNure. Be it the circle sit. tug-of-war. dress-up days during the week of homecoming, or any of the many other activities that are organized and monitored by the student council, we at Argyle High School owe the membership and its advisor a debt of gratitude for their extraordinary efforts and hard work, both of which have contributed toward increasing our quality of life at school. We are especially thankful for the "bubbler” water fountain which was obtained through the idea. work, efforts, and monies of the student council. THANK YOU!!!! 36MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! SWING CHOIR Miss Pam Smith directs the Argyle Swing Choir, comprised of Dave Soper, Diane Hendrickson, Lonnie Severson, Lynette Erickson, Jeff Lancaster, Lisa Kallembach, Johnny Hinojosa, Annette Hauser WE LOVE OUR NEW JACKETS!! Sporting new jackets are members of the Argyle Pep Band, who enhance sport events with their fine music. Row 1: Diane Hendrickson. Lori Lien. Amy Hagen. Angie Olson. Sue Daly. Carrie Espenscheid. Row 2: Mary Oman. Julie Dunlavy. Tammy Ruegsegger. June Sebranek. Connie Wyttenbach. Jennifer Kallembach. Doreen DeNure. Row 3: Jenny Wyttenbach. Rick Ho-pland. Eric Makos. Darci Dammen. Joel Sebranek. Jeff Amorose. Tom Hassenfelt. Holly Jaggi Row 4: Miss Pam Smith. Director; John Dunlavy. Deb Johnson. Allison Berg. Sara Everson. Deanna Flannery. Michelle Webster Row 5: Beth Dunlavy. Gina Meritt. Bernard Moen. Diane Garrison. Lisa Peterson. Tracy Amorose. Donna Flannery Right: Banner-bearers Angie Olson and Michelle Webster preceed Drum Majorette Diane Hendrickson and the Argyle band at the homecoming parade.Above: Row 1 Holly Jaggi, Darci Dammen, Michelle Webster. Cindy Coulthard. Donna Flannery. Row 2 Sherri Wirth. Kerri Burton. Xochitl Cuevas. Annette Hauser. Annette Bartels. Deb Comiskey. Lynn Krebs. Row 3 Lisa Kallembach, Diane Garrison. Deb Johnson. Barrie Cuevas. Caramel Berg. Kate Frey. Row 4 Jeff Lancasser. Tracy Amorose. Kristine Johnson. Chris Hopland. Monica Loeffelholz. Diane Hendrickson. Across. Row 1 Tina Bonjour. Sara Everson. Michelle Zurfluh. Brenda Blum. Jodi Kallembach. Row 2 Mary Oman. Jennifer Wyttenbach. Doreen DeNure. Amy Hagen. Lisa Peterson. Amy Gilbertson. Row 3 Tammy Ruegsegger. June Sebranek, Laurie Van Dusen. Wendy Canon. Angie Olson. Carrie Wyttenbach. Row 4 Lynette Erickson. Julie Barry. Cathy Mize. Connie Wyttenbach. Liz Winsberg, Lori Lien. 0 F F 1 C E R S Xochitl Cuevas. President; Amy Gilbertson. Freshman Representative; Monica Loeffelholz. Sophomore Representative; Michelle Zurfluh, Eighth Grade Representative; Lynette Erickson. C Vice-President | | o R U S 38Front: Diane Hendrickson. Lori Lien, Amy Hagen. June Sebranek. Jennifer Kallembach. Doreen Denure. Row 2: Sue Daly. Angie Olson. Carrie Espenscheid. Donna Flannery. Mary Oman. Julie Dunlavy. Tammy Ruegsegger. Connie Wyttenbach. Row 3: Jeff Amorose. Joel Sebranek. Darci Dammen. Eric Makos. Deb Johnson. Sara Everson, John Dunlavy. Michelle Webster. Toni Hassenfelt. Deanna Flannery. Back: Rick Hopland. Tracy Amorose. Lisa Peterson. Bernard Moen. Holly Jaggi. B A N D B A N D B A N D Above: Pictured center is Diane Hendrickson. Drum Majorette with band librarians. June Sebranek and Lori Lien. Right: Band Officers Top: Deb Johnson. President: Diane Hendrickson. Vice President: Front: John Dunlavy. Sophomore Representative Angie Olson. Freshman Representative: Darci Dammen. Eighth Grade Representative. 39FHA OFFICERS FHA FFA MEMBERS: Row 1 Allison Berg. Michelle Connors. Kate Frey. Diane Hendrickson. Wendy Canon. Julie Pittz, Amy Bredeson. Miss Ferguson. Advisor. Row 2 Holly Jaggi. Robin Treuthardt. Annette Bartels. Kerri Burton. Johnny Hinojosa. Diane Garrison. Amy Hagen. Lisa Kallembach, Tina Bonjour. Ginger Hopland. Row 3 Deanna Flannery. Sara Everson. Deb Comiskey. Jeff Lancaster. Jennifer Kallembach. Penny Canon. Xochitl Cuevas. Caramel Berg. Cathy Mize. Julie Barry. Lynn Krebs. Clockwise from Upper Right: Julie Pittz. Vice-President; Diane Hendrickson. Treasurer; Michelle Connors. Reporter; Allison Berg. Program of Work; Kate Frey. Historian; Wendy Canon. Secretary; Amy Bredeson. President. The theme “Nutrition" is the highlight of the 1983-84 school year for Argyle’s FHA chapter. New concepts to this program include exercise, a guest speaker, a unit on nutrition presented at the elementary school, an arts and crafts fair, the Christmas tea for senior citizens, celebration of FHA Week in February, and the annual banquet in April. 40FFA MEMBERS (above) Row 1 Greg Wilson, Lynette Erickson. Laurie Jackson. Tom Daly. Mary Jo Wilhelmson. Thad Espenscheid. Row 2 Chuck Hendrickson. Joel Nall. John Tollakson, Daryl Dammen, Greg Hauser. Mark Flannery. Tim Daly. Leland Schild. Mr. Jeff Herbers. Advisor. Across Row 1 Lance Nall. Bobby Saalsaa. Brenda Blum. Curt Saalsaa. Row 2 Suzanne Daly. Lori Lien. Doug Gierhart, Calvin Rits-chard. Dale Wilhelmson. John Dunlavy. Rodney Hendrickson. Amy Espenscheid. OFFICERS Front Mary Jo Wilhelmson. President; Laurie Jackson, Student Advisor; Lynette Erickson. Secretary. Back Tom Daly. Vice-President; Greg Wilson. Reporter; Chuck Hendrickson, Sentry; Thad Espenscheid. Treasurer. 41-CLUBS- Pictured to the left are junior and senior letter-winners: Row 1: Beth Dunlavy. Gina Meritt. Diane Hendrickson. Lisa Peterson. Michelle Connors. Tom Daly. Brian Pickett Row 2: Wendy Canon. Dawn Hiller. Linda Gavigan. Laurie Van Dusen. Julie Pittz, Kate Frey. Dave Soper. Le-land Schild. Tim Daly. Row 3: Darin Burreson. Gene Treuthart. Todd Flannery. Mark Flannery. Greg Wilson. Thad Espenscheid. Row 4: Barrie Cuevas. Keith Ritschard. Daryl Dammen. Kurt Flannery. Mike Butson. Row 5: Kris Connors. Abby Gilbertson. Jolene Lewis. Mary Jo Wil-helmson. Dan Treuthart. Chuck Hendrickson. Gerald Wahl Below: Forensics participants include: Thurston Hanson. Lisa Kallembach. Amy Hagen. Laurie Van Dusen. Mary Oman. Gina Meritt. Beth Dunlavy. Jennifer Kallembach. Sue Daly. Chris Ho-pland. Dawn Hiller. Lynette Erickson Below: Sophomore letter-winners include: Front: Monica Loeffelholz. Ken Brown. Johnny Hinojosa. Jeff Lancaster. Back. Robbie DeNure. Jeff Nelson. John Henner. Todd Ruegsegger. Kurt Waage, Dale Wilhelmson. Bridge-Builders include: front: Gerald Wahl. Dale Wilhelmson. Back: Michelle Connors. Allison Berg. Gina Meritt. Tim Daly. Beth Dunlavy. John Dunlavy. Linda Gavigan Right Trig Club members, with their advisor. Mr Bill Bell are Jenny Wyttenbach. Patty Collins, and Mary Oman.TREASURED ECHOES 1 «l 8 4HOMECOMING ROYALTY Homecoming Royalty, pictured above, left to right were freshman attendants Amy Gilbertson and Jamie Root; junior attendants Amy Bredeson and Erik Hanson; Queen Jolene Lewis and King Darin Burreson; senior attendants Jennifer Wyttenbach and Tom Daly; sophomore attendants Lisa Kallembach and Johnny Hinojosa. The weather cooperated throughout the parade, but even the rain in the afternoon did not dampen spirits as Argyle romped over New Glarus 10-0. The theme of the dance Saturday evening was “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” with Badge supplying the music. King Darin and Queen Jolene reigned over the evening’s festivities. The dance ended a week of very well-planned, lively activities that required a lot of hard work and school spirit on the part of everyone. It will long be remembered as a very successful homecoming.Homecoming Royalty Clockwise Queen Jolene Lewis with King Darin Burreson Prince Tom Daly with Princess Jennifer Wyttenbach Lord Jamie Root with Lady Amy Gilbertson Count Johnny Hinojosa with Countess Lisa Kallembach Duke Erik Hanson with Duchess Amy Bredeson 45Clockwise: Seniors carefully pass their eggs with coach. Brian Pickett, controlling the action. Carrie Wyttenbach. Thad Espenscheid. Caramel Berg, and Daryl Dammen "run?” for it. In the ski race, it’s the "legs” that count. Eighth grade boys’ tug-o-war team shows that it does, indeed, have a lot of "PULL” under the expert coaching of Bernard Moen. Freshmen work together as one BODY.thl to A The Homecoming parade was colorful, well-organized, and well-received by the many people who lined the parade route. Pictured upper left and clockwise: FIRST PLACE: "We'll Push 'em Into the Twilight Zone." Junior Class; Eric Hanson and Amy Bredeson; MUSIC BOOSTERS Float; King Darin and Queen Jolene; Fourth Place. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Freshmen; "We'll Put 'Em on the Ritz," Sophomores; • We'll Roll Out A Victory." Seniors. Floats were taken to the park for the display, where heavy rain wilted them before gametime.VOLLEYBALL JUNIOR VARSITY PLAYERS: Front Diane Garrison. Angie Olson. Brenda Blum. Lisa Kallembach. Middle: Annette Hauser. Sue Daly. Kris Johnson. Laurie Van Dusen. Top: Coach. Mr. Loren Homb. June Sebranek. Cathy Mize. Chris Hopland, Lynette Erickson. Donna Flannery. VARSITY PLAYERS: Front Michelle Connors. Julie Pittz. Wendy Canon. Lisa Peterson. Middle: Diane Hendrickson. Barrie Cuevas. Linda Gavigan. Top: Kate Frey. Penny Canon. Mary Jo Wilhelmson. The girls’ volleyball team had its best season ever. The girls finished with a 9-11 record, the best in the history of the school, and fourth in the conference with a 6-10 mark. The team also won its first WIAA tournament game over Darlington and its second over Barneveld. They advanced to the finals before losing to Wisconsin Heights. The girls showed a lot of desire. determination, and dedication. Success was achieved because of hard work and team work. Congratulations. girls, on your success in 1983. Pictured above are graduating senior members of the varsity team. Penny Canon and Mary Jo Wilhelmson. 505 i •Vjilii ARGYLE ORIOLES No. NAME YEAR 12 Michelle Connors 11 14 Julie Pittz 11 20 Barrie Cuevas 11 22 Lisa Peterson 11 30 Kate Frey 11 32 Wendy Canon 11 34 Diane Hendrickson 11 42 Linda Gavigan 11 44 Mary Jo Wilhelmson 12 50 Penny Canon 12 Coach: Loren Homb Adm: Marvin Hopland Colors: Orange Black Song: “Illinois Loyalty” Nickname: Orioles Stats: Robin Treuthart Toni Hassenfelt 511983-84 members of the Oriole football team consisted of: Row 1: Darin Burreson, Tom Daly. Brian Pickett. Gerald Wahl. Keith Ritschard. Row 2: Kurt Flannery. Todd Flannery. Greg Wilson. Erik Hanson. Row 3: Mike Butson. Daryl Dam-men. Mark Flannery. Dave Soper. Tim Daly. Gene Treuthart. Leland Schild.Chuck Hendrickson. Row 4: Rodney Hendrickson. Lonnie Severson. Jeff Nelson. Kurt Waage. Ken Brown. Todd Ruegsegger. John Henner. Dale Wilhelmson. John Dunlavy. Johnny Hinojosa. Row 5: Jamie Root. Calvin Ritschard. Tim Mathys. Kurt Saal-saa. Bobby Saalsaa. In the front row are managers Jeff Sebranek. Jeff Amorose. Shawn McNett 52 Featured at left are co-captains. Keith Ritschard and Gerald Wahl Above are our graduating seniors. Tom Daly. Keith Ritschard. Brian Pickett. Darin Burreson. and Gerald Wahl COACHES' COMMENTS: The 1983-84 Fighting Ortoles' football season typified the attitude of the young men who dedicated themselves to the program Their by-word was pride, and each game evidenced this as they poured out forty minutes of everything that they had. I will never forget the game against Pecatomca Every player m black and orange who went onto the field that Saturday afternoon gave it all that he had. then dug deeper and gave even more No coach has the right to ask for more from his players No coach was ever more proud of h«s team than I was that day The Orioles defeated Potosi. New Glarus. and Belleville Just five touchdowns separated Argyle from the championship It was not a lack of desire, nor of courage, that made the difference. These young men were not quitters As Vmce Lombardi might have said. " we didn't lose; we iust ran out of time " I was sorry to see time run out on the season I enjoyed it. Finally. I'd like to pay a special tribute to the five seniors who led the way Keith Ritschard and Gerald Wahl, the co-captains who gave inspiration through action; Brian F ckett. the big guy who played with an equally big heart. The speedy one. Darin Burreson. and the steady one. Tom Daly. Hold your heads high, with P-R-l-D-E.FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Above: Front Laurie Jackson. Back: Jennifer Wyttenbach, Dawn Hiller. Jolene Lewis. Abby Gilbertson. Below: Working hard at a pep assembly. 54 Farewell to our graduating senior cheerleaders, who did a magnificent job all year. Thank you for planning and executing the many fun-filled pep assemblies and for representing Argyle well.BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Each basketball season is long and arduous. The young ladies who work very hard at both pep assemblies and games deserve much credit for their endless efforts, innovative ideas, and vivacious spirit. Their advisor is Miss Deb Ferguson, and we thank all of them for their hard work at enhancing our basketball program. Varsity Cheerleaders (above left) are Kris Johnson, Wendy Canon, Jolene Lewis, Diane Hendrickson, and Dawn Hiller Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (above right) are (front) Tina Bonjour (center) Julie Barry, Angie Olson, Amy Hagen, Annette Bartels (top) Lisa Kallembach Thank you for a good season, ladies. 55B A S K E T B A L L Argyle High School 1983-84 Varsity Basketball team members are: Jeff Nelson, Daryl Dammen. Dan Treuthart. Kurt Waage. Dave Soper. Gene Treuthart, Mark Flannery. Darin Burreson. Keith Jackson. Keith Ritschard Junior Varsity Basketball team members are. left to right, row 1: Jeff Lancaster. Johnny Hinojosa. Todd Flannery. Keith Jackson. Dave Krebs. Row 2: Robbie DeNure. Todd Ruegsegger. Tim Mathys, Lonnie Severson. John Dunlavy Coach Terry Poirer engineers the varsity team, and Roger Godfrey coaches the Jr. Varsity. 56Argyle’s male cagers lost a team asset when Dave Soper (upper right) moved on to another school. While lacking great depth, the team members worked well together and gave the Oriole fans many very thrilling moments. Here we view scenes from various games and Gene Treuth-art (far left) practicing freeth-rows. Congratulations to all members of both the varsity and Jr. varsity squads for a good year.GIRLS’ BASKETBALL ’84 Pictured above are members of the Argyle High School girls' basketball team, with Coach Loren Homb and Manager Pat Cline. Front: Michelle Connors. Mary Jo Wilhelmson. Deb Johnson. Linda Gavigan Back: Caramel Berg. Amy Bredeson. Lisa Peterson. Julie Pittz. and Monica Loeffelholz Below are pictured Coach Pat Larson with: Front Diane Garrison. Laurie Van Dusen. Brenda Blum. Back: Connie Wyttenbach, Lori Lien. June Sebranek. and Amy Espenscheid. 58Long and frequent practices for Argyle's female cagers helped to produce a very respectable season in 1983-84. Coach Loren Homb watched the team members grow from individual players into a “team." Here, we witness some scenes from practices and a pre-game warm-up. We especially wish to bid farewell and say “Thank You” to our two graduating seniors in the upper left corner, Deb Johnson and Mary Jo Wilhelmson. All of you did a commendable job. £ 59C-ockwise: This could be serious! Diane Going for it. You and that camera ... ! Jolene announcing spirit winners. "Never let us be accused of being camera-shy; Hi. everyone. "Come on. Ron; what's another fractured elbow?" Gerald without matching socks. Spectators and sideline coaches.TREASURED ECHOES p. 62. Clockwise: "Graduates of Argyle High School;.........Grunt! OOH!! AHH!!" Darin’s recess. "I can leap this building in a single bound." Jeff "polishing the ’Apple."’ Happy moments. John "working” with friends, p 63: What form! "I won’t tell if you won’t." Kankakee glee!! Our faithful crossing guard. James Hyland "Dive for ’em. fellas.” "I can’t believe they put that picture of Miss Sutter in this book."Clockwise: Oriole fans. Bringing up the rear. Greg and Thad are FHA supporters. Munchkins munching. "You mean they let people like you in this place?” Another strenuous volleyball practice. s c H L 0 1 0 F L EClockwise: The Class of 1988 has the velvet touch. Royalty in Argyle. Tools in schools. Below: The annual staff actually got the eighth graders to sit still for 30 seconds. Rowdiest group in the school??SCHOOL LIFE Clockwise: ' ... but it itches!" "Ears to you." Propaganda! "Oh. Zut!" "Yes. we re both females, but it’s worth a referral." Lonnie: "Do I dare take more?" Sue: "Oh. sure; eat heartily." Above: Students and faculty alike have been enjoying the newly-instituted hot lunch program at the high school, located between the backstage area and Agriculture classroom. Hot lunches are transported to the area by John Gierhart and served by Sue Johnson. Students eat their lunches on the stage. This new program has proven to be a huge success this year. TREASURED ECHOESELEMENTARY L E M E N T A R Y E L E M E N T A R Y E L E M E N T A R Y SIXTH GRADE Front. Chad Vinger. Tom Nysted. Mike Gilbertson. Middle: Mr. Waage. Kevin Makos. Teri Ruegsegger. Jennifer Brown. Lisa Paulson. Colleen Weaver. Amy Voegeli. Mrs. Schulte. Chandra Hanson. Back: Jamie Dammen. Steve Walters. Alan Severson. Darryl Bates. Steve Flannery. Tabatha Berget. Heather Pickett. Marleen Comiskey. Wendy Tomlinson. Gretchen Mosley. Amy Dammen. Deb Hexom. SEVENTH GRADE Front: Jean Hughes. Dan Nelson. Dennis Beutel. Jeff Burton. Middle: Tammy Willis. Maureen Wilhelmson. Scott Olson. Larry Lien. Dean Flannery. Bobby Winsberg. Brad Connors. Daryl Flannery. Shawn Anderson. Gary McGrath. Amy Reusch. Back: April Gier-hart. Betty Jo Granberg. Kim Butson. Jennifer Dun-lavy, Jason Hendrickson, Al Coulthard. Heather Jaggi. Jeremy Hagen. Jon Jay Lewis. Lance Penniston, Vicki Moen, Ron Olson. Pictured to the left is the seventh grade boys’ basketball team. Front: Jason Hendrickson. Jon Jay Lewis. Jeff Burton. Dan Nelson. Dennis Beutel. Jeremy Hagen. Back: Dean Flannery. Ron Olson. Bobby Winsberg. Lance Penniston. Larry LienELEMENTARY L £ GRADE THREE Front: Jason Gil- - - bertson. Heidi Haesler. Becky M Maske. Betsy Bond Middle: Har- p Ian Saalsaa. Danny McLaughlin, Melissa Arnot, Timmy Isely, Lisa | J Flannery. Adam Hanson. Back: Ian Friedrich. Shane Johnson. Rick Naujack. Jenny Blum. Jim Flan-a nery. Matt Hauser. Mrs. Anderson. (Absent: Jeff Gilbertson. Tim Fi- P scher) Y E L E M E N T A R Y E L E M E N T A R Y E L E M E N T A R Y GRADE FOUR Front: Todd Rear. Jenny Nelson. Melanie Tiemann. Marsha DeMario. Mike Webster. Eric Mau. Center: Cheri Mize. Claude Tomlinson. Mark Flanagan. Kevin Nelson. Kreg Waage. T.J. Ruegsegger. Alan Miller. Kim Voe-geli. Michelle Hodgson. Back: Tammy Flannery. Lynette Weber. Mike Godfrey. John Granberg. Brenda Rousch. Melissa Buholzer. Nicole Thompson. Troy Connors. Camie Peterson. Damen Widmer. Mrs. Rossing. GRADE FIVE Front: Betsy Coulthard. Pam Hopland. Sheryl DeMario. Chad Mathys. Tim Phillipson. Row 2: Kent Kallembach. Shawn McNett. Gerald Gerber. Brent Kallembach. Perry Granberg. Dan Daly. Mike Flanagan. John Bartels. John Gierhart. Row 3: Monica Cuevas. Sue Zurfluh. Laura Hanson. Patty Bonjour. Heidi Benson. Sharon White. Back: Brenda Gierhart. Jeff Se-branek. Ethan Weiler. Dusty Tomlinson. Tammy Hassenfelt. Jackie Schild. Ellen Peterson. Mrs. Frey. 69ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY PRE-SCHOOL: Front Melissa Ubersox. Chris Dearth. Michelle Mau. Back Dana Severson. Keith Peterson. Crystal Steitz. Lisa Nipple (Absent: Tamara Narveson. Seth Rear). Upper Right Lucas Granberg. Brian Schoenhard. Karen Frei. Michelle Wilson. Adam Johnson. Mrs. Espenscheid. Leif Hanson. Timmy McNett. Josh Kammerude. Jason Blum. Middle Below: KINDERGARTEN Front: Denise Johnson. Mandy Benson. Cindy Weber. Crissy Weiler. Heather Payne. Candy Webster. Dusty Widmer (Absent: Mike Hendrickson). Row 2: Jessica Voegeli. Kim Schneider. Gary Wirth. Tara Wilhelmson. Matthew Haesler. Emily Tie-man. Angela Gutzmer. Corky Isely. Back: Lenny Lien. Casey Rufener. Karl Schoenhard. Ben Gobeli. Miranda Hanson. Stephanie Ritschards. Jay Johnson. Mrs Espenscheid. Above: FIRST GRADE: Row 1: Debbie Basand. Lois Hanson. Erica Flannery. Row 2: Sarah Hen-ner. Jason Flannery. Shannon Rear. Troy Rueg-segger. Mike Wirth. Brandi Nelson. Kelly Voegeli. Row 3: Beau Gyllenswan. Matthew Gierhart. Elizabeth Zuidema. Nicole Ritschards. Chad Nelson. Tricia Phillipson. Carrie Reusch. Justin Wirtz. Doug Hodgson. Row 4: Valarie Emery. Matthew Timm. Cliffton Tomlinson. Eric Beutel. Danny Godfrey. Eric Thompson (Absent: Brandy Payne). 70Elementary Chorus members pictured to the right are. front. Scott Olson. Tammy Willis. Jennifer Brown. GretchenMosely. Deb Hexom. Teri Ruegseggsr. Chandra Hanson. Jon Jay Lewis. Middle: Mike Gilbertson. Heather Pickett. Amy Voegeli. Jean Hughes.Amy Dammen. Lisa Paulson. April Gierhart. Vicki Moen. Back: Tabatha Berget. Amy Reusch. Marleen Comiskey. Jennifer Dunlavy. Wendy Tomlinson. Heather Jaggi, Kim Burson, Bobby Winsberg. Al Coulthard. Miss Pam Smith. Director Pictured below is a busy Coach. Ron Waage. preparing for a seventh and eighth grade basketball game. Pictured at middle right is the elementry band. Front: Jennifer Brown. Tabatha Berget. Amy Dammen. Colleen Weaver. Gretchen Mosley. Row 2 Jeff Burton. Kim Butson. Betty Jo Gran-berg. Amy Reusch. Teri Ruegsegger. Lisa Paulson. Row 3 Amy Voegeli. Vicki Moen. Shawn Anderson. Heather Jaggi. Marleen Comiskey, Debbie Hexom. Back: Tammy Willis. Darryl Bates. Miss Pam Smith. Director. Kevin Makos. Jennifer Dunlavy. Mike Gilbertson. Scott Olson, Chad Vinger. Jamie Dammen ELEMENTARY CHORUS ELEMENTARY BAND Pictured to the right are (front) Darryl Bates. Kevin Makos. Jennifer Brown. Heather Pickett (back) Maureen Wilhelmson. Brad Connors. Lance Nall. Larry Lien, and Ron Olson, who represented the Argyle sixth and seventh grades at the Lafayette County Soil and Water Conservation District speaking contest in Darlington in October. The students brought home four placings for Argyle.ELEMENTARY FACULTY AND PERSONNEL Top: Theresa Sutter. Learning Disabilities; Diane Chovanec. Speech Clinician. Middle: Bus Drivers Scott Fischer. Dave Jacobson. Nancy Dammen. John Bruehlman. Bill Jacobson. Steve Rossing. Edna Wenger. Title One Teacher; Rodger Godfrey. Elementary Custodian. Below: Cooks Sue Johnson and Pearl Soper; Marge Stangeland. Title One Reading Specialist; Mary Gilbertson. Kitchen Assistant.TREASURED ECHOESENGSTAD CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Service Is Our Specialty. Blanchardville, WI Phone: 523-4281 blanchardville Co-op Oil Association Phone: 523-4294 Also serving Argyle, Holian-dale, and New Glarus Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 ---- ?: Argyle 543-3030 • Blanchardville 523-4537 HITCHING POST Blanchardville, Wi. ."arv len SALONS jjPlanchardrill , Wi c b J - i Nuju StyCc Ear Piercing TAYLOR’S FLORIST bJCAMMAKWJCCS vexsKWAKv ccme, we. 523-4051 Dr. David E. Reeson Dr. J. Dennis Speer ♦ Flowers For All Occasions Darlington, WI 776-3301 Mineral Point, WI 987-3738 STEINER INSURANCE AGENCY ♦ Your Insurance Store With A Supermarket of Values I McVonatds JLCfou Auto, Business, Farm, Home and Health Argyle, Wisconsin 74 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 1984 VFW POST 9692 JOHN RUF Rut's Farm Service R.R. 2 Darlington, WI Phone: 543-3711 NORSEMAN SUPPER CLUB Argyle, Wisconsin Gcsimejvwws jcjmsszoms and KSAW MJX. CO. -ready-mix concrete -agricultural limestone 3 locations Center Hill, Darlington 776-4014 Gratiot and Shullsburg ¥ AKQVCS CO OP SZAZJOfl Highway 81 West Argyle, WI CUT N CURL CORNER ¥ COMPLIMENTS OF DR. PAUL L. THOMPSON ARGYLE, WISCONSIN Beautiful hair you can depend on no matter where you are... or what you're doing. 1$$ THE MOISTURE QUOTIENT SYSTEM 401 Milwaukee St. Argyle. Wi. 53504 543-3008 "Hair Care for the Entire Family" Open Tuesday through Saturday and Friday evenings. ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 75MONROE BAKERY The Home of Swiss Bread and Pastries Decorated Cakes 1007- 16th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin ♦ KKsmys Cheese Fruit Liquor We buy direct You buy for less Monroe, Wisconsin 325-4433 TURNER HALL CLUB ¥ FRUDDEN LUMBER CO. Bar and restaurant open to public Welcomes wedding and anniversary dances No Charge For The Floor ¥ ¥ Free Weekend Entertainment Including Sun. 3:00-8:00 Monroe, WI ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Argyle, Wi Complete Building Materials Starline Feeding G Bam Eqp. Madison Silos Installation MINNESOTA PAINTS - Reaching For Heights Is very Important For..............Rll Of Us! The way to success is upward. Equip yourself to climb by enrolling at Southwest Tech now! There are more than 50 programs to choose from, modern facilities and dedicated personnel to help you move upward. Our success depends on your progress! Southwest Wisconsin Vocational-Technical Institute Route 1, Box 500 Fennimore, Wisconsin 53809 Phone: 608-822-3262 . 4Argyle, Wisconsin 608-543-3321 FRANKLIN COMPUTER CORPORATION HOBBY CHALET J CHALET J COMPUTER CENTER West Mall + Monroe, Wisconsin ■¥ 325-4912 COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNCTION HOUSE Monroe, Wisconsin ¥¥¥ ¥ ¥¥¥¥¥ ¥ ¥¥ ¥ Congratulations Class of 1984 Compliments of Mr. D’s Roadhouse Monroe, Wisconsin Live Entertainment — Dancing + ♦ ★ 4MMMMMHMF -1 Smith FURNITURE FURNITURE CARPETING BEDDING ACCESSORIES Located Hwy. 69 South By-Pass, Monroe, Wis. HOURS: Daily 9 a m to 5 p.m. Friday Nights until 9 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ANY NIGHT BY APPOINTMENT 77 Phone 608-523-4215 KliiUrOfl.iRDVIUiE« Wl H. 53516 + + + THE SWISS COLONY Monroe, Wi. Supplying the nation with seasonal and daily epicurean delights. See our catalog. GILBERTSON SEPTIC SERVICE We pump septic tanks, dry wells, and clean calf nurseries. Free Estimates 543-3262 Grant Darlene Gilbertson ♦ SCOTT B PATTERSON, D.D.S.. M S. Orthodontist (408)328 8160 ERICKSON’S FUNERAL HOME Argyle, Wi. 543-3616 Erickson-Sharer Funeral Home Darlington, Wi. 776-3542 ♦ ♦ ★ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 1006'4 1614 AVENUE MONPOt WISCONSIN 63666 4MHM| BERGET'S JEWELRY Art Carved Diamonds Bulova — Caravelle — Accutron Watches Guaranteed Watch Repairing Argyle, Wis. Telephone: 543-3525 7IRK7IRVED R M BAR ARGYLE. WIS. COLD HER REST EOOO M TOWN PHONE 543-3606 78 ♦ ♦ ♦ ★ t L - N I () STROMMEN- VINGER INSURANCE AGENCY Member: Professional Insurance Agents 101 North North Argyle, Wi. 543-3060ARGYLE VETERINARY SERVICE Phone: 543-3082 Dr. Irvin Ganzhubner 201 S. North Street Argyle, Wisconsin Small Animals By Appointment 24 Hour Farm Animal Service KOSSING'S FINE FOODS 79 Argyle, W is.COMPLIMENTS OF ARGYLE CHICAGO ENTERPRISES ARGYLE, WISCONSIN THE PIG PEN ARGYLE, Wl. A AKQyce msa r pkocsssjmq CO-OP ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 608 543-3536 Complete Meat Service Slaughtering on Thursday Saxer’s Sporting Goods D.W.B. Electric Farm Commercial Residential Electrical Heating 10 West Mall Monroe, Wisconsin Complete Electrical Service 325-4909 24-Hour Emergency Service Team and School 543-3574 Specialists 201 North Lafayette St. Argyle, Wi. 53504 80AKQVC8 DSMZAC OddJCSS Charles F. Shuler, DMD Frank F. Shuler, DDS 104 S. Broad St. Argyle, Wi. 53504 Zimmerman’s Cheese Wiota, Wisconsin Maker of Baby Swiss, Cheddar and Munster Lovelace Hardware Co. PLUMBING — HEATING — WIRING Woodford, Wis. 53599 Telephone 465-3314 BIGGS CHEESE FACTORY The Fred Wirtz Family Argyle, Wisconsin Congratulations to the Class of 1984 WOODFORD STATE BANK 1) Free checking to students 2) Now accounts 3) Maximum rates on certificates of deposit 4) Safe deposit boxes 5) Night depository 6) Drive up banking 7) Free bank-by-mail Woodford. Wisconsin 53599 (608) 465-3367 Open Monday-Friday, 8:30-3:00 Saturday: 8:30-12 Noon MASTER MIX LWESTOCK HAULING For market or slaughter. Also to all area Sale Barns. 7 Day Service. VIC BREDESON Phone 543-3001 IRiMA'S KITCHEN WIOTA MILL Feed, Seed, Grinding, Mixing, And Hauling Phone: 968-3350 Wiota, WI On the Corner across from the School and the Post Office:Mr Thomas Lee. the new principal at Argyle High School, began his duties with us m December, after having been a band director for five years He is a native of Elmhurst. Illinois, and s presently working on a Ph D in Educational Leadership at Southern Illinois University m Carbondaie His projected completion date is May. 1985 H« philosophy is that a school system must prepare students for life, be m farming or Harvard University, and should encourage students to further their education for either Mr Lee says. Tm always trying to do what is best for students I like to see them participate m sports. mus»c. forensics, etc I feel I’m straight-forward m speech " Our new principal stated that he is impressed with the excellent student body and teaching staff, and that he feels privileged to be here Mr Lee lives in Argyle with h«s wife, three and one-half year old son. and six month old daughter m Eldon F. Scliraepfer Auctioneer • Realtor E. F. Schraepfer Auction and Realty LTD Rt. 1 - Hollandale. Wisconsin 53544 Located 1 Vi Mile North of Blanchardville. Wis. Off Highway 78 Area Code 608 523-4778 anytime “Best Wishes to the Class of 1984“ THE THREE DEUCES Cold Drinks Sandwiches Wiota, WI Phone: 968-3329 AtA The Members of the Argyle Education Association Wish the Graduates of the Class of 1984 Success and Happiness in Their Future Endeavors. Best Wishes to the Graduates of the Class of 1984 From the Argyle High School chapter of the National Honor Society. The Argyle Parent Teacher Organization Congratulates the Graduates of the Class of 1984.TREASURED ECHOES PATRONS 1984 ARGYLE Argyle Gambles Store Dr. Richard Hunter Ostby Garage Tollakson Memorials Bernard Hanson Isely Repair and Excavating Norman Johnson Saw Sharpening Service Riverside Tap MONROE Camera Shop Fabricland Cupid's Creations Leisure Lanes Mr. Ink Printing Hauri’s Cycle Shop Medicine Mart Pizza Hut Yodel Bake Shop Monroe TV and Appliance DARLINGTON Avon Locker Plant Flowers by Martha GRATIOT Bank of Gratiot KRD Liquidators SOUTH WAYNE The Three Deuces BLANCHARDVILLE Hitching Post Saether Furniture Gingham Kitchen Quad-County Coop Trumpy's Cheese Bredeson Feed Cap’s Tap D. Randel, Dentist Watrud Standard Zim’s Cheese 83NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND 85NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND 86NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND 87NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND NOTES FROM A FRIEND 86AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS

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