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zksasuksv eeMoes mezssN-sjQMzy- zwo VOJCUMS ZMJKZV-ZOUK AKQVJCS MJQM ARQVCS, W jajul£ A jfo Jir MV jJzAJMg is stA J? frnd A lA Lw£ cnn £r £vnA ojs jAwv av yuAj ( uui L OM A dlt 06 6llAj ddrtUnUtAjoi cb UA67UL t-AaAte a txi dL yMA jbstseti and, Atma jhcJfaedL Qjf7?2rt9Ulrtu£ Z) Cljhu6)- Ofo jJiawb glUJL.A6ministRAtion Upper Left and Clockwise: SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Victor Bredeson, Judy Sebranek, Virgil Hendrickson, Virginia Mundt, Victor Tollakson, Jr. DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR Bill Loasching DISTRICT BOOKKEEPER Margaret Gierhart ELEMENTARY SECRETARY Chris Blum HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Pat Johnson HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL and ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Jerry Holte 4Clockwise: NORMA ARNOT, 8th Grade; JEFF BAUGHMAN, Physical Education Algebra, Football and Girls’ Basketball Coach; DENNIS BOETTCHER, Vocal and Instrumental Music; PAT DISCHER, Physical Education and Girls’ Track Coach; JOHN CANFIELD, Industrial Arts and Boys’ Basketball Coach; BILL BELL, Math Physics and Student Council Advisor.7 A e u £ Z V Clockwise from upper left: STEVE DOELDER, Chemistry, Biology, Science, One-Act Play Director, Musical Drama Director; DEB FERGUSON, Home Economics, Cheerleader Advisor, FHA Advisor; TOM FERN. Guidance; SHIRLEY GROSHEE, Long-Term Substitute 8th Grade; GENE FINDLAY, Business Education; TIM EBERLE, Vocational Agriculture, FFA Advisor Clockwise from upper left: HERB HASSEL, English and Forensics Coach; LOREN HOMB, Elementary, Drivers’ Education, Volleyball Coach, Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach, Boys’ Track Coach; JUDY SCHULTE, Language Arts, National Honor Society Advisor, Annual Staff Advisor; KAY W1EGEL, K-12 Librarian; MARK KLARNER, Social Studies, Algebra; JUDY KASHMAN, K-12 Art, Art Club Advisor.Upper I eft and Clock-wise; DISTRICT SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS: Front John Bruehlman, Dave Jacobson, Joann Bruehlman Back: Bill Jacobson, Scott Fischer, Steve Fischer, Nancy Dammen ELEMENTARY CUSTODIAN: John Gierhart SCHOOL NURSE: Jean Cockrell HIGH SCHOOL CUSTODIAN Jake Wyss COOKS Mary Gilbertson, Sue Johnson, Lillian Johnson, Pearl Soper MR. ROBERT J. ARNOT RETIRES After thirty-three years of service to the students and the school district of Argyle, Mr. Robert Arnot retired from education in 1981. Pictured to the left are Mr. and Mrs. Arnot at his retirement party in October. The Argyle Board of Education presented Mr. Arnot with an engraved clock in appreciation of his many years of dedicated service. Mr. Steve Doelder, representing the Argyle Education Association, presented Mr. Arnot with an engraved pewter goblet, accompanied by reminiscences of highlights from Mr. Arnot’s association with the school system. Mr. Virgil Hendrickson, President of the Argyle Board of Education, gave a short biographical sketch of Mr. Arnot’s years in the school system, which included the teaching of chemistry, science, physics, biology, conservation, and Wisconsin Government, bus driving, class advi-sorship, and Science Club advisorship. Over the years Mr. Arnot has also been involved in work with the village council, as Boy Scout leader, church choir, fire department, American legion, and in politics at the national and local level. Best Wishes, Mr. Arnot.RHONDA BREDESON Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 1,2,3,4; School Play 2,3,4; Annual Staff 1; FHA 1,2,3,4 (Vice-President 4); Cheerleader 1,2; Prom Court 3; Class Officer 3,4 (Secretary); National Honor Society 2,3,4 (Secretary 3; President 4); Volleyball 1,3,4 (letter 3,4); Volleyball All-Conference Honorable Mention 4 Birthday: November 13, 1963 Nickname: “Rhondie” CHRIS BRUEHLMAN Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 3; Combo 3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Trig Club 4; Student Council 3,4 (President 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Rand letter 1,2,3; Chorus letter 3; Girls’ Basketball 1,2 Birthday: October 2, 1963 Nickname: “Chris B. Critter” NANNETTE DAMMEN Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1; School Play 2,4; FHA 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 (Letter 3,4); ('lass Vice-President 2: Student Council 4; Girls’ Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Letter 1,2,3,4; All-Conference 3); Girls’ Track 1,3 (letter 3) Birthday: January 12, 1964 Nickname: “Nette” or “ Bee” DELBERT DENURE Prom Court 3; FFA 1,2,3; Industrial Arts Club 2,4; Football 1,2,3,4 (Letter 2,3,4) Birthday: February 14, 1964 Nickname: “Delby” TROY DUNLAVY Swing Choir 3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; School Play 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Class Vice-President 4; Student Council 4; One-Act Play 3,4 Birthday: May 31, 1964 Nickname: “Taz” or “ Scuzzo” ANITA ELSBURY Chorus 1,2,4; School Play 3,4; Cheerleader 2; Band Twirler; Girls’ Basketball 3; Volleyball 4 Birthday: May 25, 1964BEN ESPENSCHEID PFA 1,2,3,4; President 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1,3 (Letter 3) Birthday: January 24, 1964 MIKE FLANNERY Homecoming Court 1; Football 1,2,3,4 (letter 1,2,3,4); Boys’ Basketball 1,2,3,4 (letter 2,3,4) Birthday: October 12, 1963 DUANE GARRISON Prom Court 3; Chess Club 1,2; Football 1,2 (letter 1,2); Boys’ Basketball 3,4 (Letter 3,4); Baseball 4 (Letter 4) Birthday: November 3, 1963 Nickname: “Dewey” JOAN GILBERTSON Chorus 2; School Play 2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4 (Editor 4); FHA 2,3,4; Band Twirler 3; Girls’ Track 1,2,3,4 (Letter 4); Volleyball 2,3 Birthday: November 3, 1963 Nickname: “Smiley” MAGGIE GILBERTSON Band 1,2 (Letter 1); Chorus 1,2,3,4; School Play 2; Newspaper Staff 1; FHA 1,2; Volleyball 1,2 Birthday: September 15, 1964 Nickname: “Magnolia” DON GOLACKSON Homecoming King; FFA 2,3,4 (Secretary 3; Treasurer 4); Football 2,3,4 (Letter 3,4) Birthday: December 22, 1963DIANA GUTZMER Band 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2; Prom Queen 3; Band Pom-Pom Girl 3,4; Girls’ Basketball 2; Girls’ Track 3 (Letter 3); Girls’ Softball 2 Birthday: March 8, 1964 LAURIE HANSON Chorus 4; Newspaper Staff 2; FHA 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3 Birthday: December 12, 1963 Nickname: “Bogart” SHIRLENE HARTWIG Chorus 1,2; Annual Staff 2,3,4 (Editor 4); FHA 2,3,4; Choral Letter 3; Girls’ Basketball 2,3,4 (Letter 3,4); Volleyball 2,3,4 (Utter 3,4) Birthday: August 2, 1964 Nickname: “Shirl” JOE HAUSER Homecoming Court 2; Chess Club 1; FFA 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4 (Utter 2,3,4); Basketball 3 (Letter 3); Track 2 (Utter 2) Birthday: July 21, 1964 JENNIFER HEISER Drama Club 1,2; School Play 2; Annual Staff 1,2; Newspaper Staff 2; FHA 1,2; Track 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3 Birthday: August 4, 1964 SHEILA HENDRICKSON Band 1 (Utter 1); Chorus 1; FHA (Treasurer 3; President 4); Cheerleader 1,2; Homecoming Queen 4; Band Majorette 1; National Honor Society; Vice President 4; Volleyball (Utter 3,4) Birthday: November 30, 1963 Nickname: “Sheily” 12KIM ANN HENNER Drama Club 2; School Play 2,3,4; Annual Staff 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Class Officer 2; Trig Club 4; Student Council 3; Girls’ Track 1,2; Volleyball 1 Birthday: February 27, 1964 Nickname: “Snake” or “Mik” PAUL HOLTE Football 4 (Letter 4); Baseball 4 (Letter 4); Track 3; Wrestling 1,2 (Letter 2) Birthday: March 5, 1964 DEANNA JOHNSON Band 1,2,3,4 (Letter 4); Chorus 3,4 (Letter 4); Madrigal 3,4; School Play 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Band Majorette 3,4; Volleyball 3,4 Birthday: August 4, 1964 Nickname: “De” KEVIN JOHNSON Prom King 3; FFA 1,2,3; Industrial Arts Club 2; Football 1,2,3 (Letter 2,3); Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Letter 2,3,4); Track 1,2 Birthday: July 15, 1964 Nickname: “Tramp” DEB KIPFER Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Madrigal 2; Forensics 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 2); Class Officer 2; Prom Court 2; Argyle Dairy Queen 1980-81; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 (Letter 1,2,3,4); Pom-Pom Girl 3; Majorette 2; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Track 2,3,4 (Letter 2,3,4) Birthday: October 5, 1963 Nickname: “Kipper” AMY KRAHENBUHL Band 1,2 (Letter 1,2); Chorus 1,2 (Letter 1,2); Forensics 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; School Play 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Class Secretary 1; Class President 2,3; Band Twirler 3; Basketball 1; Track 1 (letter 1); Volleyball 1,2,3,4 (Letter 2,3,4) Birthday: August 25, 1964 Nickname: “Sway” 13JEFF MAKOS Band 1; Chorus 1; School Play 3,4; Chess Club 1; FFA 1,2,3,4 (Vice-President 4); Trig Club 4; Industrial Arts Club 1,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Letter 3,4) Birthday: January 2, 1964 connie McGrath Annual Staff 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,4; Homecoming Court 2; Trig Club 4 Birthday: October 14, 1963 Nickname: “MO DAN NELSON School Play 2; Prom Court 3; I.A. Club 2; Football 1,2,3,4 (letter 1,2,3,4); Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Letter 3,4); Baseball 4; Track 4 Birthday: April 16, 1964 CAROLINE ROSSING Band 1; Chorus 1,2; Madrigal 4; Forensics 1,3; School Play 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Band Pom-Pom Girl 3; Trig Club 4; Student Council 2; Basketball (Letter 3); Track 1; Volleyball 2,4 (Letter 4) Birthday: January 11, 1964 Nickname: “Frog” SUE STAUFFACHER Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 3; Forensics 1; School Play 1,2,3,4; FHA 4; Class Officer 1,3; Trig Club 4; Band Letter 2; Chorus Letter 3 Birthday: November 19, 1963 Nickname: “Sue GWEN SCHLAFLI Band 1,2,3,4 (Letter 2); Chorus 1,2,3,4 (letter 3); Madrigal 3,4; Forensics 3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; School Play 2; Homecoming Court 3; Student Council 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Letter 3,4); Track 1,2,3,4 (Utter 1,2,3,4) Birthday: July 26, 1964 Nickname: “Mouse JULIE SAALSAA Hand 1 (Letter 1); Chorus 1; Cheerleader 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; Track 3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 4 Birthday: April 22, 1964 Nickname: “Jules” ART THOMPSON Hand 1; Industrial Arts Club 1,4 Birthday: March 20, 1964 STEVE TOLLAKSON Hand 1; Chorus 1; FFA 2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4 (Letter 1,2,3,4); Basketball 1,2; Baseball 4 (Letter 4); Track 1,2,3 (Letter 1,2,3) Birthday: May 19, 1964 RICK VINGER Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Forensics 3; Drama Club 2; School Play 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 3; Chess Club 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4 (Letter 3,4); Track 2 (Letter 2) Birthday: July 31, 1964 Nickname: “Roller” JIM WHITMAR Band 1,2,3,4 (Letter 1,2,3,4); Chorus 1,2,3,4 (Utter 1,2,3,4); Madrigal 1,2,3,4; Forensics 3; Drama Club 3,4; School Play 2,3,4; Chess Club 1; Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4 Birthday: October 10, 1963 Nickname: “Pres” MIKE WILSON Drama Club 2,4; FHA 1; Chess Club 2; FFA 3,4; FFA Secretary 4; Industrial Arts Club 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4 (Utter 1,2,3,4); Track 1,2,3,4 (Letter 1,2,3,4) Birthday: April 11, 1964 Nickname: “Basil”BILL WIRE ----------- Homecoming Attendant 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Sentinal 4; Student Council 4; I.A.Club 1,2,3; Secretary 2; Treasurer 3; Football l,2,3,4;(Letter 1,2,3,4;) Basketball 1,2,3,4; (Letter 3,4); Track 3 BIRTHDAY: October 7, 1963 NICKNAME: “Wes” SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Left to Right: Jim Whitmar, President; Troy Dunlavy, Vice-President Rhonda Bredeson, Secretary; Chris Bruehlman, Treasurer. CLASS PROPHECY Ronda Bredeson will be a make-up artist for Exorcist III. Chris Bruehlman will play trumpet for the French Foreign Legion. Nannette Dammen will be on the U.S. All-Star Basketball Team. Delbert DeNure is sure to be a success at whatever he tries. Troy Dunlavy will be a speech therapist. Anita Elsbury will still be working with Jake. Ben Espenscheid will be president of the Polled Hereford Association. Mike Flannery will have a farm and be rolling in dough. Duane Garrison and Paul Holte will be playing ping-pong to see who is better. Joan Gilbertson will be starring in Ultra-Brite commercials because of her smile. Maggie Gilbertson will win the “Worst Scowl” award. Don Golackson’s future is a mystery to all of us. Diana Gutzmer and Kevin Johnson will be married and running the family business at Riverside. Laurie Hanson and Jennnifer Heiser will soon be head nurses at Pleasant View. Shirlene Hartwig will be deciding which college to attend. Joe Hauser will be Mr. Doelder’s pride and joy as a world-renowned chemist. Sheila Hendrickson will be married to Don, and they will have their own small country home. Kim Henner will be a dancer on Broadway. Deanna Johnson will be a singer with billboard headings in Las Vegas. Deb Kipfer will be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Amy Krahenbuhl will be rushing to get to places on time. Jeff Makos will be raising prize-winning cattle on his farm. Dan Nelson will be coaching the Argyle football team to a State Line championship. Caroline Rossing will be president of Rossings Fine Foods. Julie Saalsaa will still be showing cattle at Sate Fair. Gwen Schlafli will be Miss Universe of body-building. Sue Stauffacher will still be trying to accomplish perfect attendance. Art Thompson will be a Biology major in college. Steve Tollakson will not know that graduation occurred — he’ll still be sleeping in class. Rick Vinger will be a computer genius. Jim Whitmar will be starring as an FBI agent in Jaws III. Mike Wilson will have won an Olympic gold medal in the high hurdles. Bill Wire will be a tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 16 ji -.33 . |r{ Jo 0 f C . j? ZXouoJ a-G fsn'dusit “ -% y Class 17SENIORS IN ACTION 1) Don Golackson Jeff Makos 2) Mike Flannery 3) Nannette Dammen 4) Sheila Hendrickson 5) Mike Wilson 6) Kim Henner 7) Diana Gutzmer 8) Laurie Hanson 9) Deb Kipfer 10) Gwen Schlafli 11) Anita Elsbury Maggie GilbertsonSENIORS IN ACTION 1) Troy Dunlavy 2) Jim Whitmar 3) Deanna Johnson 4) Rhonda Bredeson 5) Rick Vinger 6) Dan Nelson 7) Julie Saalsaa 8) Chris Bruehlman 9) Caroline Rossing 10) Amy Krahenbuhl 11) Joan Gilbertson 19SENIORS IN ACTION 1) Art Thompson 2) Mike Flannery, Dan Nelson Steve Tollakson Don Golackson Delbert DeNure Duane Garrison Joe Hauser 3) Sue Stauffacher 4) Kevin Johnson 5) Ben Espenscheid 6) Jennifer Heiser 7) Connie McGrath 8) Delbert DeNure and Paul Holte 9) Amy Krahenbuhl and Shirlene Hartwig 10) 70, Bill Wire 201. Mike Flannery 2. Ben Espenscheid 3. Joan Gilbertson 4. Deb Kipfer 5. Shirlene Hartwig 6. Diana Gutzmer 7. Deanna Johnson 8. Caroline Rossing 9. Julie Saalsaa 10. Laurie Hanson 11. Art Thompson 12. Steve Tollakson 13. Connie McGrath 14. Duane Garrison 21: ♦ ♦ i ♦ Maggie Gilbertson Amy Krahenbuhl Kim Henner Kevin Johnson Bill Wire Jennifer Heiser Paul Holte Jim Whitmar Sheila Hendrickson Rhonda Bredeson Jeff Makos Troy Dunlavy Nannette Dammen Gwen Schlafli 22eCASS WJjCjC I, Rhonda Bredeson, will my ability to wait my turn in the lunch line to Scott Stamm and Dale Wilhelmson. I, Chris Bruehlman, will my cat-haters’ handbook to John Amorose. I, Nannette Dammen, will my music talent to Mr. Boettcher. I, Delbert DeNure, will my ability to keep my license to Bob Flannery. I, Troy Dunlavy, will my good sportsmanship in hockey to Scott Canon. I, Anita Elsbury, will my hair to Hans Hanson. I, Ben Espenscheid, will my driving ability to Mr. Eberle so that people going to Kansas City next year can sleep on the way there. I, Mike Flannery, will my weak ankles and crutches to Daryl Dammen. I, Duane Garrison, will my basketball ability to any junior guy who is good enough to have it. I, Joan Gilbertson, will my ability to get along with Gwen to Mr. Fern. I, Maggie Gilbertson, will my sore feet and good eye-sight to next year’s line judges. I, Don Golackson, will my driving ability to John Amorose. I, Diana Gutzmer, will my ability to keep my man to anyone who needs it. I, Laura Hanson, will my ability to turn a patient to Kris Krebs. I, Shirlene Hartwig, will my good luck for getting doubles in Backgammon to Coach Baughman. I, Joe Hauser, will my chemistry knowledge to Mr. Doelder. I, Jennifer Heiser, will my ability to get along with teachers to Mary Oman. I, Sheila Hendrickson, will my ability to get through this year to Crystal Penniston. I, Kim Henner, will my dancing ability to Renee Saalsaa. I, Paul Holte, will my ability to brake at stop signs to all sophomores. I, Deanna Johnson, will my ability to sing to Barrie Cuevas. I, Kevin Johnson, will my ability to get picked up for drinking twice in one month to all sophomores. It Deb Kipfer, will my traffic tickets and court costs to Mr. Homb. I, Amy Krahenbuhl, will my wardrobe of tight shorts to Mr. Homb (no strings attached). I, Jeff Makos, will my basketball ability to Leland Schild. I, Connie McGrath, will my ability to do trig charts to Lucia Brown. I, Dan Nelson, will my Mustang to any sophomore with a tow truck. I, Caroline Rossing, will my ability to bench to Renee Saalsaa. I, Julie Saalsaa, will my ability to get along with Darlington guys to Caramel Berg. I, Gwen Schlafli, will my sense of humor to Jake Wyss. I, Sue Stauffacher, will my Pizza Hut job to any underclassmen who need it. I, Art Thompson, will my driving ability to Ed Hauser. I, Steve Tollakson, will my ability to stay awake in English class to Dan Treuthardt. I, Rick Vinger, will my computer wizardry to Dave Dammen. I, Jim Whitmar, will my drumming ability to Dale Wilhelmson. I, Mike Wilson, will my driver’s license to Todd Ruegsegger so he does not have to walk the back streets of Argyle. I, Bill Wire, will my football ability to John Henner.“TO SAY GOOD-BYE” You’ve been great to have around. You filled my days with sunshine. I knew the day I met you, I’d have to say good-bye sometime. Yet now the day has come For you to be on your way. And good-bye is the last thing I want to hear you say. To say good-bye seems so final. Instead of good-bye say, “I’ll miss you.” My heart will break the day you go. But I’ll make myself get over you. CLASS HISTORY (1969-1970) to 1982 KINDERGARTEN — The boys had crew cuts, and the girls wore dresses all the time. FIRST GRADE — We learned to read, wore jeans, had our first full day of classes, and Shirlene brought a lamb to school. GRADE TWO — We learned to tell time and still wore jeans. GRADE THREE — A part of our class left us to join the fourth grade. GRADE FOUR — We went on a class trip to the capitol and to the State Historical Society; some of us started band. GRADE FIVE — School became more difficult. GRADE SIX — We had our first dance. GRADE SEVEN — THIS WAS OUR FIRST YEAR AT THE HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! Some of us became cheerleaders and basketball players. GRADE EIGHT — We went to the Cave of the Mounds with Mr. Doelder, witnessed our first and only school “Strike,” had a Halloween hayride and party at Jordan Center, and enjoyed our Eighth Grade Graduation and dance. GRADE NINE — We built our first float, entitled “We’ll Beat Em Bald,” which won fourth place; Nan Dammen and Mike Flannery were our Homecoming attendants. GRADE TEN — This was the year of the driver’s license; we got class rings; our second-place float was “Tank You for a Victory.” Homecoming included a bonfire and a dance; Connie and Joe were attendants. GRADE ELEVEN — The Prom theme was “Keep on Loving You;” Kevin and Diana were King and Queen. Dan and Rhonda, Delbert and Amy, Troy and Deb, Duane and Kim were members of the court of honor. Our float, “Heartache Tonight for the Eagles,” won First Prize. Rick and Gwen were attendants. We planted trees. Our class was disqualified in the aluminum can competition. SENIORS!!!!!! — Our float, “Victory Will Be A Piece of Cake,” won second place. King Don Golackson chose Sheila Hendrickson as his queen. Bill and Julie were attendants. We really enjoyed our new gymnasium floor. Our last winter was a very snowy-blowy one. Graduation loomed on the horizon. We began a class scrapbook, and somebody mentioned our five-year class reunion. u V e 6WU yJ LLto t)uL jUJu Mih d SU 4 -fa LfTTULs MArfy dhtSL Lpiui ijhj ULW, ohi K l uiAiLcL iwru jfai e tb it lMJ fat b m AjJur t aond ted jC A S s M S A JlA+l. (fa M AAft 2M4 -JyyA) jM Ahudd Ifa fa idd; t lAM, y rtrtl JUlcA' asyud a acaaaj avz dJuL iJfa AAJU. d ui SamaMAA 26 UPPER: Row 1 Ginny Hanson, Julie Benson, Mary Wyttenbach, Bobbi Olson Row 2 Ann Johnson, David Dammen, Bob Makos, Pam Steiner MIDDLE: Randy DeNure. Brian McDonald, Randy Swingen, Scott Bredeson, Krystal Johnson, Peg Winsberg, Lori Peterson LOWER: Row 1 Mary McNett, Jana Stephens, Row 2 Randy Berg, Tom Hartwig, Roger Olson, Jon Espenscheid, Jim HolteUPPER: Hans Hanson. .John Amorose. Renee Saalsaa. Margaret Wilhelmson, Jim Holmes. Kris Krebs. Vicki Moen. Scott Canon. Jamie Hensley MIDDLE CLASS OFFICERS Krystal Johnson. Secretary: Jana Stephens, Treasurer; Crystal Penniston. Vice-President: Bob Flannery. President LOWER: Ed Hauser. Bob Flannery. Crystal Penniston. Jay Meyer. Dennis Lancaster. Lucia Brown Lower Left: A newcomer to the class shortly betore we went to press was Lonnie YanDusen. 17CjCJSS 07 CLASS OFFICERS: Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Vice-President; Penny Canon, Secretary; Jolene Lewis, Treasurer; Dan Treuthardt, President Scott Stamm, Gerald Wahl, Barry Heiser, Joel Nall, Bob Hull, Doreen DeNure, Paul Johnson. Ruth Boynton John Tollakson, Laurie Jack-son, Xochitl Cuevas, Jennifer Wyttenbach, Joanne Frey, Brian Pickett, Keith Rits-chard ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® 28 ®1984 Row 1: Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Tom Daly. Deb Johnson Row 2: Connie Severson, Penny Canon, Mary Oman. Kris Connors ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® In line with the “Foods’ theme of the homecoming parade. the sophomore float depicted a gigantic bottle of ketchup.Upper: FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Dawn Hiller, Secretary: Carrie Wyttenbach, Vice-President; Michelle Connors, President; Chris Johnson, Treasurer Above I eft Row 1: Greg Hauser, Leland Schild, Chuck Hendrickson, Daryl Dammen, Gene Treuthardt Row 2: Linda Gavigan, Ellen Neal, Beth Dunlavy, Barrie Cuevas Above Right: Caramel Berg, Todd Flannery, Wendy Canon, Kris Johnson, Mike Butson, Allison Berg, Mark Flannery 30In the spring of 1981, students in the eighth grade journed to Madison’s Civic Center and enjoyed a live performance of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. They lunched at McDonald’s restaurant, and then they spent part of the afternoon at the Vilas Park Zoo. Parent chaperones were Mrs. John Johnson and Mrs. Barbara Soper. Everyone felt that the day had been enriching and rewarding. Center Right: Dawn Hiller, Thad Espenscheid, Julie Pittz Above left: Eric Hanson, Lynette Erickson, Diane Hendrickson, Carrie Wytten- bach, Lisa Peterson, David Soper, Tim Daly Above Right: Michelle Connors, Gina Meritt, Kate Frey, Amy Bredeson, Greg Wilson, Chris Johnson, Kurt Flannery 31 cLass of 1986 ov OUK mu UPPER: CLASS OFFICERS Lisa Kallembach, Secretary; Todd Ruegsegger, President; Monica Loeffelholz, Vice-President; Robbie DeNure, Treasurer UPPER LEFT: Brenda Blum, CindyCoulthard, John Henner, Jeff Nelson, Kurt Waage, Jeff Johnson ACROSS: Dale Wilhelmson, Tammi Blum, Lisa Kallembach, Laverne Richards. Robbie DeNure LOWER: Johnny Dunlavy, John Holt, Todd Ruegsegger, Kenny Brown, Jeff Lancaster BELOW: Lonnie Severson, Keith Jackson, Deborah Comiskey, Dawn Bates, Monica Loeffelholz, Annette Hauser 32MZJOMC MOflOK soejszy Upper Left: 1981-1982 members Front: Rhonda Brede-son, Sheila Hendrickson, Lucia Brown, Bob Flannery Center: Mary Oman, Margaret Wilhelmson, Chris Bruehlman, Pam Steiner Back: Ben Espenscheid, Tom Daly, Mrs. Schulte, Advisor; Mary Wyttenbach, Center Left: Bob Flannery, Laurie Holmes (past President), and Ben Espenscheid lunching in Cudahy after the state convention in February, 1981, while Lucia Brown was at the lunch counter getting second helpings. Lower Left: Candle-lighting ceremony at the induction in October, 1981. Featured above, right are officers: Rhonda Bredeson, President; Sheila Hendrickson, Vice-President; Bob Flannery, Treasurer; Lucia Brown, Secretary. Pastor Chris Lee-Thompson was the featured speaker at the induction ceremony.szumflz eoumc X STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Row 1 Jeff Lancaster, Ken Brown, Monica Loeffelholz, John Henner, Annette Hauser Row 2: Diane Hendrickson, Lynette Erickson, Carrie Wyttenbach, Lisa Peterson, Michelle Connors Row 3: Tom Daly, Penny Cannon, Abby Gilbertson, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Ruth Boynton Row 4: Lucia Brown, Pam Steiner, Mary Wyttenbach, Vicki Moen, Crystal Penniston Row 5: Bill Wire, Nennette Dammen, Troy Dunlavy, Gwen Schlaf-fli, Chris Bruehlman Below: Officers Lucia Brown, Vice-President; Chris Bruehlman, President; Ruth Boynton, Treasurer; Mary Wyttenbach, Secretary; Mr. Bill Bell, Advisor. The Student Council of Argyle High School, under the capable and industrious guidance of Mr. Bill Bell, has become the “guiding light” for many activities and events. It is this governing body that we have to thank for many innovations, including a whole new concept of Homecoming activities, examples of which appear below. Thank you, Student Council! Keep up the good work.Clockwise from upper left: Row 1 Margaret Wilhelmson, Pam Steiner, John Gilbertson (Co-Editor). Shlrlene Hartwig (Co-Editor); Row 2 Paul Johnson (Rookie, 1981), Ruth Boynton (Rookie, 1981), Jennifer Wyttenbach, Mary Oman Row 3: John Tollakson, Barrie Cuevas, Abby Gilbertson (Photographer), Penny Canon (Photographer). Abby Gilbertson and Shirlene Hartwig concentrate during the staffs first photography session in September, 1981. Senior Editors Shirlene Hartwig and Joan Gilbertson peek around the corner. A romp in the park was enjoyed enroute to photography session at the elementary-school. Junior Editors Pam Steiner and Margaret Wilhelmson. The annual staff members wish to extend a special “THANKS” to Scott Canon for his magnificent art work and to Troy Dunlavy for his willing help with photography assignments.TRIG CLUB MEMBERS with advisor. Mr. Bill Bell Row 1 Connie McGrath, Caroline Rossing, Kim Henner Row 2 Mr. Bell, Jeff Makos, Rick Vinger, Sue Stauffacher, Chris Bruehlman INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB (below) Jim Holte, Dan Treuth-ardt, advisor Mr. John Canfield, Barrie Cuevas, Secretary- Treasurer; Scott Canon, President, Dennis Lancaster, Art Thompson, Delbert DeNure, Jeff Makos, Vice-President; John Tollakson, Dave Dammen, Chris Johnson, Randy Swingen, Randy Berg BUSINESS SKILLS CONTEST (above) Each year the Fennimore Technical Institute sponsors a Business Skills Contest. In 1981, three hundred and eighty-five students from twenty-eight high schools participated in events such as Shorthand I Theory, Shorthand I Transcription, Typing I II, Business Spelling, Business Math, Business Machines, Business Decision-Making, Business English Skills, Job Interview, and Bookkeeping I and II. (from left to right) Mary Jo Wilhelmson placed sixth in business math; Joan Gilbertson, first in Bookkeeping I; and Mary Oman, eighth in Business English Skills and tenth in Business Spelling. Their advisor, Mr. Gene Findlay, accompanied them to the contest where they represented Argyle High School well. MATH CONTEST (left) Row 1 Caroline Rossing, Mary Wyttenbach, Dawn Hiller, Abby Gilbert-son(with award plaque), Jennifer Wyttenbach Row 2 Advisor Mr. Bill Bell, Dave Soper, Jeff Makos, Lucia Brown, Mary Oman, Chris Bruehlman, Penny Canon FORENSIC COMPETITION (above) Spring, 1982, participants in forensic competiton included, from left to right, Beth Dunlavy, Mary Oman, Deb Kipfer, Lonnie Van Dusen, Gina Meritt, Gwen Schlafli, Greg Wrilson, Tom Daly, Ann Johnson, Advisor Mr. Herb Hassel 37Upper Left, Top to Bottom Sophomores Joel Nall, Tom Daly, Gerald Wahl. Laurie Jackson, Mary Jo Wilhelmson. Upper Right, Row 1, Freshmen Lynette Erickson, Leland Schild, Greg Wilson, Thad Espenscheid, Greg Hauser. Row 2: Kurt Flannery, Mark Flannery, Daryl Dammen, Tim Daly, Chuck Hendrickson, Todd Flannery, Mike Butson. Middle Left, Juniors, Jon Espenscheid, Randy Berg. Randy Swingen, Dennis Lancaster, Jamie Hensley. CHAPTER OFFICERS WITH ADVISOR. Mr. Tim Eberle, Front Jeff Makos, Vice-President, Ben Espenscheid, Pres. Back: Bill Wire, Sentinel; Mike Wilson, Secretary; Don Golackson, Treasurer, Jon Espenscheid, Reporter. Above: Far Left, Ron Martin, Regional Vice-President; Fifth from left. Bob Quick, national Secretary. Lower Left, Seniors Don Golackson, Mike Wilson, Bill Wire, Jeff Makos, Ben Espenscheid. Right: Featured Speaker at the spring banquet was Miss Vicki Scharleau, Alice in Dairyland.3 M A 3UZUKS MOMSMAKSKS 03 AMSKJCA Upper Left: Miss Ferguson, Advisor; Sheila Hendrickson, President; Rhonda Bredeson, Vice-President; Renee Saal-saa, Secretary; Wendy Canon, Historian; Julie Pittz, Treasurer. Center Left: FRESHMAN MEMBERS: Front Caramel Berg, Michelle Connors, Julie Pittz, Lisa Peterson Back: Allison Berg, Wendy Canon, Kate Frey, Amy Bredeson, Diane Hendrickson, Beth Dunlavy. Across: SENIOR MEMBERS: Front Sheila Hendrickson, Amy Krahenbuhl, Shirlene Hartwig, Joan Gilbertson Back: Julie Saalsaa, Kim Henner, Deb Kipfer, Connie McGrath, Caroline Rossing. Rhonda Bredeson. Lower Left: SOPHOMORE MEMBERS: Jennifer Kallembach, Joanne Frey, Abby Gilbertson, Kris Connors. Below: JUNIOR MEMBERS Ann Johnson, Margaret Wilhelmson, Renee Saalsaa, Lori Peterson Above: EIGHTH GRADE MEMBERS Monica Loeffelholz and Annette Hauser C iA state The 1981 musical. Carnival, told the story of carnival life and a young girl who tried to find a job in a carnival, but who discovered love instead. The drama director was Mr. Steve Doelder. Mr. Dennis Boettcher was director of music. Featured below are main characters Rhonda Bredeson, Jeff Makos, Pam Steiner, Kim Hen- ner, Troy Dunlavy, Anita Klsbury, Amy Krahenbuhl, Jim Whit-mar. The 1981 one-act play. The Bald Soprano, satirized unusual actions and conversations. It was presented at state competition in November at Stevens Point. Cast members were Troy Dunlavy, Mike Wilson, Gwen Schlafli, Amy Krahenbuhl, Barrie Cuevas, and Jim Whitmar. Mr. Steve Doelder directed. Properties were handled by Caroline Rossing, and Rhonda Bredeson was make-up artist. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ON AN A-l JOB.Left to right: Front row Bobbi Olson, Margaret Wilhelmson, Nan-nette Dammen, Back row - Doreen DeNure. Jenny Kallembach. Mary Oman. S C U z e s Left to right: Front row - Rhonda Brede-son, Deanna Johnson, Carrie Wyttenbach, Diane Hendrickson, Back row - Tami Blum, Brenda Blum, Lisa Kallembach. wood wjms Left to right: Jim Whitmar, Gwenn Schlafli, Lisa Peterson, Beth Dun-lavy. Dale Wilhelmson, Gina Meritt. PSKCUSSJON BRASS I eft to right: Deb Johnson, Lori Peterson, Sue Staffacher, Rick Vinger, Jenny W'yttenbach, Chris Bruehlman. n A new “Argyle Band” banner for leading the band this year was donated by the Music Boosters. Seamstresses were Mrs. Iona Oman and Mrs. Lela Boettcher. The annual Christmas concert was a great success for all involved. The F.H.A. held a bazaar in conjunction with the concert and during the intermissions sold some beautiful crafts. Below: Deb and Ix ri modeling the old band uniforms. Right below: “The Combo" — Jazz at its best!!Right: SWING CHOIR Row 1: Hans Hanson, Lori Peterson, Sue Stauf-facher, Deanna Johnson, Jerry Bredeson, Nannette Dammen, Margaret Wilhelmson, Xochitl Cuevas, Rick Vinger Row 2: Pam Steiner, Chris Bruehlman, Rhonda Bredeson, Jim Whitmar, Diana Gutzmer, Troy Dun-lavy, Gwen Schlafli, Tammy Johnson, Ann Johnson ChORUS Row 1: Annette Hauser, Jolene Lewis, Monica Loef-felholz, Barrie Cuevas, Xochitl Cuevas, Laura Hanson Row 2: Lori Peterson, Rhonda Bredeson, Beth Dunlavy, Ann Johnson, Diane Hendrickson, Chris Bruehlman, Gwen Schlafli, Lisa Peterson. Row 3: Kris Krebs, Diana Gutzmer, Debbie Johnson, Mary Oman, Anita Elsbury, Linda Gavigan, Tammy Ihus, Maggie Gilbertson, Carrie Wyttenbach Row 4: Caramel Berg, Bobbi Olson, Pam Steiner, Valerie Henner, Nannette Dammen, Lucia Brown, Deanna Johnson, Margaret Wilhelmson Row 5: Jeff Johnson, Kurt Waage, Rick Vinger, Jim Whitmar, Hans Hanson, Todd Ruegsegger, Robbie DeNure Row 6: Dale VVil-helmson, John Dunlavy, Laverne Richards, Jeff Nel son, Ken Brown, John Henner, Keith Jackson, Jeff Lancaster Below: Chris Bruehlman and Mary Oman THAT JmJJmjvuJ tJu £ LAJ) CU ldf AAL UMJ. QjC XPTl JidAmwifo jtJuLf JUy ' g UudL UQjnd' 'J AMV4AAL MulmJza) i r i ub oLtdjUa i p Mjl cjkuJimj. UL A z M c s z J e s3 OOZE MX 1981 Number Name Position Year 16 Brian McDonald QB 11 60 Steve Tollakson FB 12 17 Dan Treuthardt QB 10 61 Scott Stamm G 10 20 Randy DeNure HB 11 62 Dennis Lancaster G 11 21 Mike Wilson HB 12 63 David Dammen G 11 22 Paul Holte DB 12 64 Delbert DeNure G 12 32 Keith Ritschard HB 10 70 Bill Wire T 12 40 Don Golackson HB 12 74 Scott Canon T 11 41 Joe Hauser DB 12 80 John Ambrose E 11 43 Jim Holte HB 11 81 Mike Flannery E-T 12 50 Rick Vinger C 12 82 Dan Nelson E 12 51 Gerald Wahl G 10 Upper Left, VARSITY, Row 1 Randy Denure, Brian McDonald, Keith Ritschard, Scott Stamm, Paul Holte, Don Golackson Row 2 Head Coach Jeff Baughman, Joe Hauser, Dan Treuthardt, Jim Holte, Mike Wilson, Steve Tollakson, Dave Dammen, Gerald Wahl, Assistant Coach Steve Rossing Row 3 John Amorose, Dennis Lancaster, Scott Canon, Mike Flannery, Dan Nelson, Delbert DeNure, Rick Vinger, Bill Wire Upper Right Coaches Jeff Baughman and Steve Rossing Left: JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1 Dave Dammen, Keith Ritschard, Mike Butson, Kurt Flannery, Greg Wilson, Gene Treuthardt, Chris Johnson, Scott Stamm Row 2 Dennis Lancaster, Brian Pickett, Mark Flannery, David Soper, Daryl Dammen, Gerald Wahl, Chuck Hendrickson, Dan Treuthardt Lower Left: Senior Members The varsity football team finished the season with a 0-8 record. The coaching staff feels that the lack of scoring success was over shadowed by the improvements in team respect and effort. These young men never gave up on themselves or on the team, and they played hard until that final gun sounded. If they continue with this type of attitude and effort, the years to come will prove to be more successful. The junior varsity program was successful this year. Their record was a well-fought 3-4 season, with two ball games lost by a total of three points. The team was short on numbers but definitely not short in heart. These individuals have learned a lot about the game and have a great attitude toward team effort and team play. With concentration on these qualities, those athletes could be quite successful on the varsity level.Featured to the left is Jeff Nelson, our energetic and ambitious manager. Many thanks, Jeff, for a job well-done. O ARGYLE VARSITY ROSTER No. Name Year No. 14 Sheila Hendrickson 12 32 Caroline Rossing 12 20 Jana Stephens 11 34 Amy Krahenbuhl 12 22 Rhonda Bredeson 12 40 Lucia Brown 11 24 Ann Johnson 12 44 Crystal Penniston 11 30 Renee Saalsaa 11 50 Shirlene Hartwig 12 JUNIOR VARSITY: Row 1 Lisa Peterson, Lori Peterson, Wendy Canon, Xochitl Cuevas, Doreen DeNure, Row 2: Linda Oavigan, Michelle Connors, Julie Pittz, Kate Frey, Kris Krebs, Deanna Johnson, Row 3: Coach Loren Homb, Penny Canon, Abby Gilbertson, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Diane Hendrickson, Anita Els-bury, Joan Gilbertson This year’s volleyball teams showed what a group of individuals can do by working together as a team. The ability to get along, to work hard on self-improvement, and to learn the value of teamwork contributed to the success the teams enjoyed. The Junior Varsity had a record of 8-6 overall, 7-5 in conference. The varsity had a 5-9 overall and 4-8 in conference play. Left: There’s something about a pile-up!!!!!! p. 49, Upper left: Line judges Maggie Gilbertson, Tami Blum, Gwen Schla-fli. The stars at lower right reflect on Rhonda Bredeson and Lucia Brown, All-Conference choices for 1981. Congratulations!!! Pictured to the left are senior members of the team romping on the floor.NUMBER NAME POS YEAR 42 Jeff Makos F 12 12 Brian McDonald G 11 40 Mike Flannery C 12 20 Kevin Johnson F 12 10 Lonnie Van Dusen F 11 34 Bill Wire F,G 12 24 Jim Holte F 11 14 Randy DeNure G 11 Pictured to the left are Mr. John Canfield, Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach. With him is Mr. John Soper, Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball Coach. Junior Varsity squad members below include Mark Flannery, Erik Hanson, Todd Flannery, Darin Burreson, Manager John Henner, Dan Treuthardt, Coach Soper, Keith Ritschard. Paul Johnson, Dave SoperQ J K jC S n A s K e z n A jC jC 1 9 8 1 8 2 Featured in the center of the page are graduating seniors Nan Dammen, Gwen Schlafli, and Shirlene Hartwig. JUNIOR VARSITY (below) Row 1 Julie Pittz, Deb Johnson, Lisa Peterson, Carrie Wyttenbach, Amy Bredeson Row 2 Michelle Connors, Abby Gilbertson, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Diane Hendrickson, Val Henner, Linda Gavigan. 52 NUMBER NAME YEAR 10-11 Krystal Johnson 11 14-15 Deb Johnson 10 20-21 Gwen Schlafli 12 22-23 Abby Gilbertson 10 24-25 Mary Jo Wilhelmson 10 32-33 Renee Saalsaa 11 34-35 Nannette Dammen 12 40-41 Lucia Brown 11 44-45 Valerie Henner 10 50-51 Shirlene Hartwig 12 From a coach’s standpoint, having only seven varsity players on a basketball squad can be a very trying experience. This being my third year with these athletes, such was not the case. It was more a year of fulfillment. These girls have progressed to the point where they can see the possibilities of a conference title. Their success has been due to their desire, dedication, hard work, and love for the game itself. They have surely made the hours that I have spent with them a joy. Thank you. Cc c ZAu frr tjJ'54 Even though the boys’ track squad lacked large numbers, that fact did not hinder the performance of the individuals who did participate. These young men showed alot of character as they fought as hard as they could in every event. Two individuals went to sectional competition. There is a future for the boys’ track team. It takes a very disciplined and dedicated person to come out and support the program and to make it successful. Left and above: Paul Holte, Paul Johnson, Jerry Bredeson, A1 Olson, Mike Wilson, Coach Loren Homb, Statistician Chris Johnson. QJKjCS’ TRACK — 1981 Desire, determination, and dedication are the keys to the success of our track program. The girls’ track program is well on its way to becoming a very competitive team, one which has earned the respect of other schools in the conference. The 1981 track team finished third in the conference. There were six individuals who went on to Sectionals competition and one who went on to State competition. The willingness of every individual to make the sacrifice necessary was a big factor in the success of the team. Above: How 1 Deb Johnson, Jolene Lewis, Abby Gilbertson, Val Henner. Kris Connors How 2: Joan Gilbertson, Laurie Holmes, Deb Kipfer, Gwen Schlafli Row 3: Julie Saalsaa, Fenny Canon. Mary Jo Wilhelmson How 4: Coach Loren Homb, Krystal Johnson, Nannette Dammen, Diana Gutzmer, Stacy Meyer, Coach Pat Discher 55MORS OPEN ONLY MJRING TIME OUT SPORTS ACTION: (clockwise) “In the Huddle;” “Reach for It;” “Gridding Ready;” “Don’t Snap It Yet;” Volleyball Parents’ Night; Football Pep Assembly; The Practice Field; “Doors Open Only During Time Out1982 VAKSJZM BASKSZBAU eMSSKCSAVSKS Varsity cheerleaders include Amy Krahenbuhl, Deanna Johnson. Kim Henner. Deb Kipfer. (Inset: Jana Stephens, absent from picture above). Jr. Varsity cheerleaders include Kris Johnson, Caramel Berg, Dawn Hiller, Wendy Canon, Jennifer Kal-lembach. Both squads have alot of pep and steam. We appreciate the job that they do. Thanks, girls.FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Top left: Varsity Football Jolene Lewis, Top to Bottom Krystal Johnson, Nan Dammen, Kim Henner, Right Deb Kipfer. Top Right: Junior Varsity: Caramel Berg, Top to Bottom Dawn Hiller, Kris Johnson, Val Henner, Right Jennifer Kallembach. Graduating Squad Members: Kim Henner, Nan Dammen, Deb Kipfer. 58 Dm Jb Mfy: Jrfay n%0 JuXW CL AU MMA Jmj ZHUJ K cJ UA. MHLdJ 0 cJiMVyv (W wet ch huc V J jt meu buZjyww qa yj-Wrb. A jC z V o£f irTU Jjd A JvAJrro one . 2JujJL (ey j ucA AJLL riJ MJ4AJ ctJyu p K O M " ★ ★ MMMHMMMMMMMHMMMMMF + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + J The music for Prom-1981, “Keep on Loving You,” was provided by the popular music group, Shiloh. Above: King Kevin Johnson crowns Queen Diana Gutzmer, while the members of the court look on. Left to Right: Melissa Henner, Deb Kipfer, Kim Henner, Amy Krahen-buhl, Rhonda Bredeson, Queen Diana, King Kevin, Dan Nelson, Delbert DeNure, Duane Garrison, Troy Dunlavy, Shane Johnson Senior Attendants: Bill Wire Julie Saalsaa Sophomore Attendants: Gerald Wahl Mary Jo Wilhelmson HOMSeOMWG KOXJMZy 03 19S1 King Don Golackson Queen Sheila Hendrickson Junior Attendants: Scott Canon Lucia Brown Freshman Attendants: David Soper Wendy CanonUpper I eft and Clockwise: Senior Float: “Victory Will Be A Piece Of Cake” (2nd place) Faculty Float: “Stick W’ith Education” Junior Float: "Highlanders Can KISS Victory Good-Bye” (1st place) Sophomore Float:“They U Never Ketchup” (4th place) Freshman Float: “It’ll Be A TOTAL Victory” (3rd place) floats 1981 The Homecoming 1981 parade began at noon and proceeded through the downtown area to the football field, where floats were on display throughout the afternoon. argyle HIGH SCHOOL It is with pride and satisfaction that Argyle High School’s trophy corner will henceforth display the plaque which was awarded at state competition to our one-act players and their director, Mr. Steven Doelder, for their efforts in “The Bald Soprano.” LIFE AT ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL (clockwise) Ruth Boynton: “ . get to work!!” Mime comes to Argyle; Corner of Memories; Spring ConcertClockwise: “This hall is the property of the Class of 1984.” Pep Assembly; Life is never drab in the lab — we love you, Chemistry! Class is now in session. Shiloh at Prom, 1981; Winter Concert, 1981.urj On a typical school day at Argyle High School, one can see a very shiny hall, the media that have come to A.H.S., band members at a pep assembly, potential actors Bob Makos, Jay Meyer, Bob Flannery, and Mike Wilson as characters in a “mock” TV show, as produced by Miss Kashman, Ben Espenscheid saying, “Sometimes I question her sense of humor,” and the beauty of seeing students hard at work.Going to Phy. Ed.; 8th Grade and Freshman Hall; Senior Phy. Ed. members enroute to the park; members of French I class visiting Ross-ings to practice vocabulary and the French monetary system “en francais; “Jazz Combo in Session;” “The Many Faces of Faculty;” “Say, fellas, do not stop.” p.69 (clockwise) “We hold these truths ...;” AUTHOR7SUBJECT? TITLE? The back of Kate Frey; Troy Dunlavy, with feather, pokes fun at Mike Wilson in a romp through the Middle Ages; Imagine! A lesson in the Norwei-gan language via Hans Hanson in the French room?? Chris Bruehlman, third year French student, and Mary Wyttenbach, second year French student, visit Mr. Homb’s Social Studies classes to bring a touch of cultural reality to a French unit.n A D D 8 Q jC 8 8 K Q S A z Z A 8 Z S 8 Chosen as 1981 Badger Boys’ State and Badger Girls’ State were: (Top) Jeff Makos, Delegate; Rick Vinger, Alternate (Bottom) Rhonda Bredeson, Delegate; Chris Bruehlman, Alternate LETTER-PERSONS ABOUND AT ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL (Below) Row 1 Pam Steiner, Lucia Brown, Mary Jo Wilhelmson Row 2 Keith Ritschard, Ann Johnson, Krystal Johnson, Crystal Penniston, Jana Stephens, Jolene Lewis Row 3: Scott Canon, Gerald Wahl, Randy DeNure, Dan Treuthardt, Brian McDonald, Daryl Dammen, Jim Holte SENIOR LETTER WINNERS (Right) Row 1 Shirlene Hartwig, Caroline Rossing Row 2 Joe Hauser, Jeff Makos, Steve Tollakson Row 3 Dan Nelson, Rick Vinger, Don Golackson Row 4 Deb Kipfer, Mike Flannery, Bill Wire, Kevin Johnson Row 5 Amy Krahenbuhl, Rhonda Bredeson, Kim Henner, Nannette Dammen, Gwen Schlafli, Sheila Hendrickson, Diana Gutzmer ituucbsriti}AW M jJuMUlhr ity. i u AoaJm ai M.'EVER J 'S Zt LdJ V S. $u dt JLu Ji MTV dMMASytkonp. (A'. JJuty air matr a e seven SEVENTH GRADE (Above) Row 1 Donna Flannery, Suzanne Daly, Annette Bartels, Angie Olson, June Sebranek, Denise Johnson, Liz Winsberg, Connie Wyttenbach Row 2: Lance Nall, Sheri Wirth, Lori Lien, Amy Hagen, Tim Mathys, Tony Hull, David Krebs, Curtis Saal-saa, Jamie Rood, Mr. Loren Homb (Across) Row 1 Thurston Hanson, Bobby Saalsaa Row 2: Billy Schmid, Doug Gierhart, Tina Bonjour, Kerri Burton, Frank Loeffelholz, Diane Garrison, Amy Jo Gilbertson Row 3 Rodney Hendrickson, Julie Barry, Lynn Krebs, Tracy Amorose, Amy Espenscheid, Cathy Mize, Mike Moen, Sandy Colin, Mrs. Iola Thompson r a e SIXTH GRADE Row 1 Michelle Zurfluh, Sara Everson Row 2 Holly Jaggi, Darci Dammen, Joel Sebranek, Todd Tollakson, Dennis Flannery Row 3 Carrie Espenscheid, Mary Krahenbuhl, Jodi Kallem-bach, Stacy Wirth, Jeff Amorose, Steven Tree, Toni Hassenfelt Row 4 Tammy Ruegsegger, Deanna Flannery, Eric Makos, Bernard Moen, Jeff Peterson, Tony Colin, Julie Dunlavy, Scott Mathys, John Stephens, Mrs. Catherine Frey 72FIFTH GRADE Row 1 Jeff Burton, Vicki Moen, Jason Hendrickson, Tammy Willis, Jeremy Hagen, Danny Nelson, Deanna Blum, Maureen Wil-helmson, Heather Jaggi Row 2 Cathy Nall, Kim Butson, Daryl Flannery, Lance Penniston, Scott Olson, Jon Jay Lewis, Brad Connors, Gary McGrath, Jenny Dunlavy, Sharon Anderson Row 3 Betty Jo Granberg, Amy Reusch, Larry Lien, Dean Flannery, Allen Coulthard, Bobby Wins-berg, Ronnie Olson, Mrs. Ardyth Rossing. avade 5 FOURTH GRADE Row 1 Heather Pickett, Chad Vinger, Debbie Hexom, Amy Dammen, Darryl Bates, Steve Flannery, Amy Voegeli Row 2 Bob Neal, Colleen Weaver, Jennifer Brown, Mike Gilbertson, Jamie Dammen, Kevin Makos, Bill Neal Row 3 Mrs. Ruth Espenscheid, Geri Ruegsegger, Gretchen Mosley, Steve W’alters, Marlene Comiskey, Alan Severson, Tom Nysted, Chandra Hanson arade % THIRD GRADE Row 1 Laura Hanson, Gerald Gerber, Monica Cuevas, Brent Kal-lembach, Kent Kallembach, John Gier-hart, Mike Flanagan Row 2 Perry Gran-berg, Tim Phillipson, Danny Svendsen, Julia Henner, Roy Hull, Jeff Sebranek, Russell Colin, Chad Mathys Row 3 Patty Bon-jour, Sheryl DeMario, Tammy Hassenfelt, John Bartels, Brenda Gierhart, Jackie Schild, Heidi Benson, Ellen Peterson, Danny Daly, Betsy Coulthard, Darin Fortney, Mrs. Anderson. 73SECOND GRADE Row 1 Eric Mau, Jennie Nelson, Melanie Tieman, Camie Sue Peterson, Todd Rear, T.J. Ruegsegger Row 2 Marcia DeMario, Kim Voegeli, Melissa Buholzer, Michelle Hodgson, Claude Tomlinson, Kevin Nelson, Cheri Mize, Mark Flanagan, Kreg Waage, Mrs. Clarice Schraepfer Row 3 Brenda Ruesch, Lynette Weber, Tammy Flannery, Amber Rundhaug, Mike Godfrey, John Granberg, Troy Connors, Damon Widmer, Lisa Hull FIRST GRADE Row 1 Heidi Haesler, Jason Nall, Jason Gilbertson, Harlan Saalsaa, Jeff Gilbertson, Matt Hauser, Lisa Flannery, Tim Isely Row 2; Ken Wilson, Ian Friedrich, Angie Arians, Melissa Henner, Missy Arnot, Shane Johnson, Tim Fischer, Mrs. Korene Olson Row 3 Cathy Colin, Becky Maaske. Jenny Blum, Jimmy Flannery, Chris Guthrie, Rick Naujeck, Adam Hanson, Eric PRESCHOOL (left below) Row 1 Mike Worth, Brandi Nelson, Kelly Voegeli, Troy Ruegsegger Row 2 Danny Godfrey, Doug Hodgson, Elizabeth Zuidema, Tricia Phillipson (Right Below) Row 1 Valarie Emery, Eric Thompson, Lois Hanson, Helen Neal (absent: Sarah Henner) Row 2 Shannon Rear, Brandy Payne, Carrie Ruesch, Matt Gierhart, Mrs. Venden Johnsen. KINDERGARTEN Row 1 Jeremy Payne, Heather Kallembaoh, Eric Falsey, Dawn Widmer, Ena Klobes, Michelle Flanagan, Wendy Haesler, Row 2 Mrs. Mary Venden, Kendra Frei, Dorene Tieman, Adam Buholzer, Melissa Hanson, Jeremy Nall, Deanne Hexom, Tom Saalsaa Row 3 Shelby Johnsen, Cari Mize, Kristin Brandt, Corina Voegeli, Joe Mosley, Jason Mathys, Ben Benson, Dan Olson, Jason FlanneryEighth Grade Basketball: Row 1: Jeff Amorose. Mgr. Row 2: Kurt Waage, Todd Ruegsegger, John Henner, Ken Brown Row 3: Dale Wil-helmson, Robbie DeNure, Jeff Nelson, Jeff Lancaster. Seventh Grade Basketball: Row 1: Craig Waage, Mgr. Row 2: Thurston Hanson, Bobby Saalsaa, Jamie Root Row 3: Tim Mathys, Douglas Gierhart, Rodney Hendrickson, Curt Saalsaa, David Krebs. Both teams were coached by Ron Waage. Featured below are the elementary vocal and instrumental musicians.Upper Right: Paul Connor, Ph.D., School Psychologist, Edna Wenger, Title One; Left: Marge Stangeland, Ron Waage, Bottom: Randa Dennis, Kay Salzman, Jackie Whitmar. A D V ZMS SSJWOK CjCASS, £ 1982, WJSMSS K ZMAM ZMS MSKCMA ZS, mJVJDUA Z AMT PROdSSSJOMJCS 3OK ZMSJK J SUPPOKZ AS KSPKSSSflZSD s MSKSm 7 JV QWOODFORD STATE BANK 1) Free checking 10 students 2) Maximum rates on certificates of deposit 3) Safe deposit boxes 4) Night depository 5) Drive-up banking 6) Free bank-by-mail Woodford, Wisconsin 53599 (608) 465-3367 Open Monday through Friday Saturday: 8:30 to 12 Noon WATRUD STANDARD SERVICE Robert and Harland Amoco Products Phone: 523-4250 Blanchardville, Wisconsin Zimmerman Cheese R. R. 1 South Wayne, Wis. 53587 Werner and Brian Zimmerman MSMOKJAjC MOSPJZAJC of CAuyszzs eouwzy 800 Clay Darlington, Wisconsin FABRICS. VINYLS 8. SUPPLIES FREE ESTIMATES 608 776-4466 TWENTY-FOUR HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Visiting Hours to 8:30p.m. 7 • v ran s FRANCES BERGET RT 2 ARGYLE WIS 53504 PHONE (608) 543-3090 80TAYLOR’S FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Darlington, WI 776-3301 mA Mineral Point, WI 987-3738 THE THREE DEUCES WIOTA MILL Cold Drinks Sandwiches Feed, Seed, Grinding, Mixing, And Hauling Wiota, WI Phone: 968-3329 Phone: 968-3350 Wiota, WI CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS of 1982 Blanchardville Veterinary Clinic, Inc. BIGGS CHEESE FACTORY The Fred Wirtz Family Argyle, Wisconsin Dr. David E. Reeson Dr. Craig F. Shannon ENGSTAD CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Service Is Our Specialty. Wisconsin Power and Light Company Blanchardville, WI Blanchardville, Wisconsin Phone: 523-4291 61JOHN RUF Ruf's Farm Service R.R. 2 Darlington, WI Badger Materials Handling Equipment Phone: 776-4048 Midwest Silo Co. Badger Farm Lgt. COUNTRY KITCHEN. FAMILY DINING Open 24 Hours Breakfast Anytime Intersection 11-81 Monroe, Wis. 53566 o South west iscons in Vocational-Technical Institute Bronson Boulevard tennimore, Wisconsin 53H09 Phone: 60H-H22-3262 Career decisions are important, but you don't have to make them alone. Call SOUTHWEST TECH and they'll gladly answer all your questions. CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF ’S2L.A. ROSSING CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Argyle Clothing for the entire family Every mile is worth your mile Since 1870 Phone: 543-3018 LAFAYETTE CO. CO-OP CREAMERY ASS’N Darlington, Wl 53530 Phone: 608 776-2438 Xhe Medicine Mart 718 8th Street Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 608 328-8263 Keith Wainwright, R. Ph. OSTBY GARAGE, INC. Argyle, Wl 53504 Phone 608 543-3141 AtA Best Wishes To The Class Of 1982 Machinery Sales and Service Auto Repair Welding and General Repair ARGYLE EDUCATION ASSOC. PHILLIPSON FORD BERGET'S JEWELRY FORD 9 Ford since 1915 Argyle, Wisconsin 543-3033 Art Carved Diamonds Bulova Caravelle Accutron Watches Guaranteed Watch Repairing Argyle, Wis. Telephone: 543-3525KOSSING'S FINE FOODS FOOD STORES Argyle, Wis. OFFICE PHONE 776-3366 RES. PHONE 776-3766 '$ TRUCKING COMPANY DARLINGTON, WISCONSIN Ag. Lime, Crushed Rock, School Bus Service Excavating and Trenching of All Kinds Asphalt Paving, Crane Service HAROLD RUEF ALBERT RUEF Secretary - Treasurer PresidentARGYLE VETERINARY SERVICE Dr. Irvin Ganzhubner Phone: 543-3082 201 S. North Street Argyle, Wisconsin Small Animals By Appointment 24 Hour Farm Animal Service On the Corner across from the School and the Post Office: Phone: 543-3703 Argyle Agenda The Cut N Curl Corner 401 Milwaukee Street Argyle, Wis. 53504 Telephone 543-3008 "Hair Care For the Entire Family" Open Monday through Saturday Thursday Evenings Best Wishes for Your Continued Success from Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 THE RADKE'S of MONROE 608 543-3773 Radke Studio 1622 11th Street Monroe,Wis. 53566 85k 4 A £ f • V ik h 0 4 SAWS MOWERS SCISSORS TOOLS KNIVES CUTTERS CHISELS AXES NORM'S SHARP ALL SHOP 313 BRE t t TI RRACL ARGYLL. WISCONSIN S3S04 TELI PHONL 043 3628 Featuring Chain Saw Chains COMPLETE SHARPENING SERVICE AKQJCS CO-OP akqvcs msa r PKoeesswG CO-OP ARGYLE, WISCONSIN 53504 608 543-3536 SZAZJOM Complete Meat Service AW'D SZOKS COMPLIMENTS OF DR. PAUL L. THOMPSON ARGYLE, WISCONSIN FRUDDEN LUMBER CO. Argyle, Wi Saether Furniture » Interior Design Studio Complete Building Materials Starline Feeding C Bam Eqp. Madison Silos 86 MINNESOTA PAINTS P.O. Box 93 id 204 S. Main St. Member, Interior Blanchardville, WI 53516 Design SocietyPAZKOWS 07 VMS AUQVJCS MJQM SCMOOjC AN MAC ARGYLE BLANCHARDVILLE Ostby Motors Garage Bernard Hanson Gambles R. E. Hunter, M.D. Mike’s Farm Equipment Old South Drive-In Dobson’s Bar Ski Printers Blade-Atlas Blanchardville Clinic SOUTH WAYNE Pickett’s Surge DARLINGTON MONROE Wendt Studio Lafayette Electric Co-op Dick’s Supermarket Avon Locker Flowers by Martha Ostby Motors Lanz Hardware Thorpe Paint Fabricland Rufs Confectionery Gift Castle Leisure Lanes 87STEINER INSURANCE AGENCY Your Insurance Store With A Supermarket of Values Auto, Business, Farm, Home and Health Argyle, Wisconsin MARY ELLEN’S BEAUTY SALONS Argyle - Blanchardville, WI Phones: Argyle 543-3030 Blanchardville 523-4537 Complete Hair Care For The Entire Family eOUflZKV CSKAMJCS AUQVCS DSflZAJC 033JCSS 306 Milwaukee St. Charles F. Shuler, DMD Argyle, Wi. 53504 Frank F. Shuler, DDS 543-3039 104 S. Broad St. Closed Sun. and Mon. Argyle, Wi. 53504 Wholesale Gifts Greenware Retail Special Bisque Orders Supplies 88 Firing AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Argyle High School - Treasured Echoes Yearbook (Argyle, WI) collection:

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