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TREASURED ECHOES NINETEEN-EIGHTY-ONE VOLUME THIRTY-THREE ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL ARGYLE, WISCONSINTABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY 3 SENIORS ....................9 UNDERCLASSMEN .............25 ACTIVITIES 33 ATHLETICS .................49 SCHOOL LIFE 61 ELEMENTARY ................65 ADVERTISING 73Paul Vanevenhoven, District Administrator Margaret Gierhart, District Bookkeeper Chris Blum, Elementary Staff Top Left to Right: Bill Bell and his sidekick computer haunting the Math Department; Mona Scott, History and Social Problems; Gene Findlay, business classes, typing, shorthand; Middle, Left to Right: Tim Eberle, Agriculture, FFA Advisor; Jeff Baughman, Physical Education, Football Coach, Girls' Basketball Coach; Loren Homb, Jr. High and Driver Education, Track Coach, Volleyball Coach; Robert Arnot, Physics and Sciences. Left: Homecoming Clowns Eberle and Homb (and upper right), Discher. 5FACULTY 1. John Canfield, Industrial Arts, Boys' basketball Coach, I.A. Club Advisor. 2. Ron Waage, Elementary Physical Education, Middle School Basketball. 3. Steve Doelder, Biology, Science, One-Act Play Director. 4. Florence Tollakson, Library Aid and Kay Wiegel, Librarian. 5. Pat Discher, Physical Education, Track Coach, Health. 6. Jim Harvey, Special Education. 7. Mark Klarner, Social Studies. 8. Judy Schulte, English, French, Annual Staff Advisor, National Honor Society Advisor. 9. Norma Arnot, Junior High Art, Mathematics, Social Studies, English.MEETING DAILY NEEDS Top Row: Left to Right jean-nie McCaulley, K-12 Art, Dennis Boettcher, K-12 Music; Jackie Whitmar, Library and Title I Aid Middle Row: Herb Hassel, English, Forensics; Kay Salz-man, Speech Therapist; J. Cockrell, School Nurse; Scott Baughman, Maintenance; Row 3: Tom Fern, Guidance; Kirk Wenger, Maintenance; Randa Dennis, Learning Disabilities.THEY BEGIN AND END OUR DAY SAFELY. BUS DRIVERSDEANNA BENSON KRISTINE AMOROSE Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; School Play 3; Annual Staff 3; FHA 1; Volleyball 1,2,4. Birthday: October 20, 1963 Nickname: "Teeny" ALAN BERG Prom Court 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; I.A. Club 4; Football 4 Birthday: December 15, 1962 Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Madrigal 3; Newspaper Staff 2,3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Senior Class Secretary Treasurer; Track 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Letter 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Birthday: September 29, 1963 Nickname: "Essie" ROY AL BERG Homecoming King; FFA 1,2,3,4; I.A. Club 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4 Birthday: July 13, 1962 Nickname: "SPAS" 10JERRY BREDESON WENDY BLUM Homecoming Court 4; Volleyball Line Judge 3,4 Birthday: May 4, 1963 TERESA CORNELL Chorus 1,2,4; Newspaper Staff 3; Student Council 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Letter 3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4; Track 1; Letter 1 Birthday: December 2, 1961 Nickname: "Dribbler" Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Madrigal 1; Forensics 4; Drama Club 4; School Play 1,4; Junior Class Vice President; Chess Club 1,2,3; Trig Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Basketball 1; Track 4 Birthday: June 6, 1963 Nickname: "Greek" DAWN DUNLAVY Prom Queen; Junior Class Secretary; Na tional Honor Society 4 Birthday: May 19, 1963 11JUDY FISHER JEAN DUNLAVY Chorus 1,2,4; Newspaper Staff 1; FHA 1,2,3,4 Birthday; May 27, 1963 Nickname: "Bean” BONNY FLANNERY Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Annual Staff 2; FHA 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 2; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1 Birthday: December 1, 1962 Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Annual Staff 1,2; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Prom Court 3; Class President 1; Class Vice President 4; Volleyball 3,4; Letter 3,4 Birthday: January 28, 1963 STEVE FLANNERY Prom King; FFA 1,2,3,4; I.A. Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2 Birthday: July 2, 1963 Nickname: "Hymie" 12SCOTT HAUSER FFA 1,2,3,4; I.A. Club 1; Chess Club 1; Football 1,2,4 Birthday: june 27, 1963 Nickname: Rickets LAURIE HOLMES Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; School Play 1; Newspaper Staff 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Secretary 2; President 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Class Officer 1,2; Homecoming Court 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Secretary 3; President 4; Track 3,4; Letter 3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Letter 3,4 Birthday: April 9, 1963 Nickname: "Sarge" PATRICIA HOLTE Band 1; Chorus 2,4; Annual Staff 4 Birthday: February 20, 1960 1 PAM JOHNSON Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Drama Club 3; School Play 1; FHA 1,2,3; Prom Court 3; Class Officer 1; Basketball 1,2; Track 1; Volleyball 2,3; Letter 3 Birthday: December 22, 1962 Nickname: "Rat" 13DWIGHT KALLEMBACH TAMMY JOHNSON Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; School Play 2; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Editor 4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Letter 3 Birthday: June 12, 1963 JEFF LEWIS Chorus 1; Prom Court 3; Class Vice President 1; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Basketball 1 Birthday: December 17, 1962 Nickname: "Lewis" Forensics 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; FFA Reporter 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Track 2,3; Letter 2 Birthday: May 17, 1963 STACY MEYER Chorus 1,2; Band 1,2; Newspaper Staff 2,3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Vice President 4; Student Council 3; Secretary 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Letter 3,4; Volleyball 1,2; Prom Court 3 Birthday: September 14. 1963 14 JEFF MUNDT NANCY MOEN Chorus 1; Newspaper Staff 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Class President 3; Chess Club 3; Trig Club 4; Student Council Secretary 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Vice-President 4; Basketball 3,4; Letter 3 4 Birthday: November 7, 1962 ALLAN OLSON Prom Court 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 4; Letter 4; Basketball 3,4; Letter 3; Track 3; Letter 3 Birthday: September 13, 1963 Nickname: "Ole" Homecoming Court 1; I.A. Club 1,2,3; FFA 1,2,3,4; President 4; Student Council 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4 Birthday: February 9, 1963 Nickname: "Mundt" RAYNOLD SAALSAA Band 7,8,9,10; Chorus 7,8,9,10; Madrigal 9,10; School Play 8,9; FFA 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 2; Student Council 4; I.A. Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2 Birthday: April 18, 1963 Nickname: "Hawkeye" 15VICKI TOLLAKSON KURT TOLLAKSON Newspaper Staff 3; Homecoming Court 3; Chess Club 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Letter 1; Track 3; Letter 3 Birthday: December 24, 1962 Nickname: "Kurtie" BRIAN TREUTHARDT FFA 1,2,3,4; I.A. Club 4; Football 1; Baseball 1; Letter 1 Birthday: March 1, 1962 Nickname: "Tub" Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Madrigal 1,2; Newspaper Staff 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Queen; Student Council 1,2; Track 3; Letter 3; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Letter 3,4 Birthday: January 12, 1963 16The Argyle School Board is comprised of five members who meet in regular session monthly on each first Monday, as well as at other times when the need arises. Members include: 1)Gary Soper, President; 2)Virgil Hendrickson, 3)Victor (junior) Tollakson, Clerk; Virginia Mundt; 5)Far Left Of Picture: Mr. Mrs. Virgil Hendrickson and Mrs. Mundt (Far Right of Picture) assist in chaperoning a visit by students to the Technical Institute at Fennimore in October, 1980; 6)Judy Se-branek; 7)Judy visiting with staff members at an after- jj D Jfi I J{ I Z ft ft fl ft I 0 Ji school tea.a touch -s' .1 1. Alan Berg, 2. Brian Treuthardt, 3. Teresa Cornell, 4. Stacy Meyer, 5. Laurie Holmes, 6. Scott Hauser, 7. Raynold Saalsaa, 8. Kurt Tollakson, 9. Nancy Moen, 10. Allan Olson, 11. Kris Amorose, 12. Patti Holte, 13. Pam Johnson, 14. Bonny Flannery.of class! 1-Wendy Blum, 2-Judy Fisher, 3-Jean Dunlavy, 4-Dawn Dunlavy, 5-Tom Ziller, 6-Vicki Tollak-son, 7-Hideaki Arimura, 8-Royal Berg, 9-Tammy Johnson, 10-Deanna Benson, 11-Dwight Kal-lembach, 12-Jeff LewisIn the summer of 1980, Nancy Moen spent approximately three weeks touring Europe. She represented the Argyle chapter of the National Honor Society on an International Student Leadership Program. Nancy spent five days in London touring the city and the fine English countryside. After that Nancy and her 41 fellow ISLP students boarded the English ship, the S.S. UGANDA. Their first port was Travemunde, West Germany. From there they got on a train for the four ride to Berlin, East Germany. The next ports were Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Visby, Gotland (an island off the coast of Sweden); and Copenhagen, Denmark. They toured all of these cities and some of the surrounding countryside. They met and talked to many Europeans about differences in their lifestyles. Nancy returned with many mementos and memories of this very rewarding and educational experience.SENIOR WILL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Vicki Tollakson Vice-President: Judy Fisher Secretary-Treasurer: Deanna Benson Kris Amorose wills her volleyball ability to Lucia Brown. Deanna Benson wills her ability and dedication to stay on the cheerleading squad a full year to Deb Kipfer and Kim Henner. Al Berg wills his height to Jim Holmes. Royal Berg wills his height to Jim Holmes. Royal Berg wills his job of taking food over for the Senior Citizens to anybody who will take it. Wendy Blum wills her line judge ability to Linda Gavigan. Jerry Bredeson wills his brains to David Dammen. Teresa Cornell wills her wool shirt to Mr. Bell. Dawn Dunlavy wills her freckles to Scott Stamm. Jean Dunlavy wills her abiltty to ride a bike to Deb Johnson. Judy Fisher wills her spiking ability to Julie Saalsaa. Steve Flannery wills his ability to play football to Hans Hanson. Scott Hauser wills his body to the female population of Argyle. Laurie Holmes wills her tank to anyone who wants it. Patty Holte wills her ability to get along with her father to Don Guthrie. Pam Johnson wills her ability to stick to one guy to Diana Gutzmer. Tammy Johnson wills her basketball ability to Lucia, Nannette, and Shirlene. Dwight Kallembach wills his football socks to Delbert DeNure. Jeff Lewis wills his hair to Leland Schild. Stacy Meyer wills her "41" shirts to Deb Kipfer. Nancy Moen wills her brains and common sense to Ed Hauser. Jeff Mundt wills his ability to get to school on time to Jon Espenscheid. Al Olson wills his speed to Brian Pickett. Raynold Saalsaa wills his ability to get along with his classmates to his sister, Julie. Kurt Tollakson wills his "speaking" ability to Dennis Lancaster. Vicki Tollakson wills her rust bomb to her brother, John. Brian Treuthardt wills his thinking ability to Randy Berg. Tom Ziller wills his neat penmanship to Mr. Bell.CLASS OF 1981 CLASS FLOWER: WhiteCarnation Tipped in Blue CLASS COLOR: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and White CLASS MOTTO: "SOME MAY COME, AND SOME MAY GO BUT WE GO ON FOREVER." CLASS PROPHESY Kris Amorose will still be trying to go to "State" in playing her flute. Deanna Benson will still be digging in garbage cans. Al Berg will still be going down to Black Hawk. Royal Berg will still be driving his white old buzzer. Wendy Blum will still be pushing a broom at Argyle High School. Jerry Bredeson will still be a box boy at Rossings. Teresa Cornell will still have bad knees fifty years from now. Dawn Dunlavy will still be trying to decide what to do with her life. Jean Dunlavy will still be trying to learn how to ride a bike. Judy Fisher will still be trying to figure out how to make a typewriter go eighty M.P.H. Steve Flannery will still be thinking of the night of July 6. Scott Hauser will still be trying to become eligible for football. Laurie Holmes will still be driving her army tank. Patty Holte will be a famous artist. Pam Johnson will be having little "Rats." Tammy Johnson will still be working at Irma's. Dwight Kallembach will still be trying to figure out the computer. Jeff Lewis will still be chauffered around by others. Stacy Meyer will still be wearing a "41" shirt. Nancy Moen will be a famous basketball player. Jeff Mundt will be a well-known race car driver. Al Olson will be a participant in the Boston Marathon. Raynold Saalsaa will be trying to think in Shop Class. Kurt Tollakson will still be working with Roger Isley. Vicki Tollakson will still be waiting for a green car to pull in the driveway. Brian Treuthardt will be driving a truck. Tom Ziller will still be trying to get a date with "you know who." 24above, CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary, Rhonda Bredeson, Vice President, Sue Stauffacher, President, Amy Kraehen-buhl. Treasurer, Jim Whitmar. right, row 1, Rhonda Bredeson, Jennifer Heiser, Debby Kipfer, Diana Gutzmer, Gwen Schlafli, row 2, Delbert DeNure, Duane Garrison, Rick Vinger, Dan Nelson, Bret Vollmer. below, Paul Holte, Kevin Johnson,Ben Espenscheid, Bill Wire, Connie McGrath, Nannett Dam-men, Tamara Ihus.Above Row 1: Laurie Hanson, Amy Krahenbuhl, Row 2: Rita Olson, Joan Gilbertson, Deanna Johnson, Christine Bruehlman, Sheila Hendrickson, Sue Stauffacher Row 3: Jim Whitmar, Troy Dunlavy, Far Right: Julie Saalsaa, Steve Tollakson Right: Margaret Gilbertson, Shir-lene Hartwig, Anita Comiskey, Kim Henner, Caroline Rossing, Joe Hauser, Mike Flannery, Art Thompson, Jeff Johnson, Mike Wilson, Jeff Makos. Below: Bret Vollmer "coaching" the Junior Class "Circle Sit."tlASS 03 Row 1: Krystal Johnson, Renee Saalsaa, Mary Wytten-bach, Scott Canon, Bob Flannery. Row 2: Bobbie Olson, Julie Benson, Deb Tree, Brian McDonald, Eddie Hauser. Row 1: Lori Peterson, Lucia Brown, John Amorose, Ann Johnson, Vicki Moen, Bob Makos, Tom Hartwig, Jon Espenscheid, Randy Swingen 28to success Top Row 1: Scott Bredeson, Jay Meyer, Jim Holte, Dennis Lancaster. Row 2: Randy DeNure, Ginny Hanson, Crystal Penniston, Peg Winsberg, Jana Stephens. Class Officers: Top to Bottom; President-Bob Flannery, Vice-President-Crystal Penniston, Sec. Treas.-Krystal Johnson. Bottom Row 1: Mary McNett, Margaret Wilhelmson, Pam Steiner, Kris Krebs. Row 2: Hans Hanson, David Dammen, Jim Holmes, Roger Olson, Randy Berg.Top Row 1: Gerald Wahl, Paul Johnson, Connie Severson, Penny Canon, Val Henner, Mary Oman, JoAnne Frey. Bottom Row 2: Ruth Boynton, Jen Wytten-bach, Laurie Jackson, Jo-lene Lewis, Tom Daly, Don Guthrie, John Tollak-son, Keith Ritschards. you aRe 0? tlASSCLASS OFFICERS: Treas.-Ger-ald Wahl, Secretary-Penny Canon, Vice President-Joel Nall, President-Xochitl Cuevas. Left to Right: Brian Pickett, Dave Bates, Scott Stamm, Bob Hull, Jeft Kallembach, Mary Wilhelmson, Abby Gilbertson, Xochitl Cuevas. Left to Right: Dan Treuthardt, Tom Roland, Joel Nall, Barry Heiser, Debbie Johnson, Doreen DeNure, Kris Connors. 31HASS 07 In October, 1980, during Homecoming Week, the Class of 1985 put the pressure on all of the other classes by demonstrating outstanding spirit, loyalty and involvement. At the games which were held at the football field on Homecoming Friday, Coach Todd Flannery had his team primed, disciplined and functioning in a superlative fashion. The results were that the 8th grade won an overall SECOND PLACE, losing only to the seniors. GOOD JOB!!! Top: Gene Treuthardt, Mark Flannery, Chris Johnson, Erik Hanson, Michelle Connors, Lisa Peterson, Beth Dunlavy, Caramel Berg. Greg Wilson, Todd Flannery, Chuck Hendrickson, Amy Bredeson, Barrie Cuevas, Julie Pittz, Lynette Erickson, Kristine Johnson, Sandy High, Margo Kleier, Linda Gavigan, Gina Merrit, Wendy Canon, Kurt Flannery, Daryl Dammen, David Soper. Right: David Soper, Treasurer; Lynette Erickson, Secretary; Wendy Canon, Vice-President; Todd Flannery, President. Below: Carrie Wyttenbach, Kate Frey, Diane Hendrickson, Thad Espenscheid, Tim Daly, Mike Butson, Leland Schild, Derek Kleier.lACZ3v3T3t ... mejr? mo PROM 1980, the title of which was "Longer," took place in the Argyle High School gymnasium on the evening of May 3, 1980. The reigning King and Queen were Steve Flannery and Dawn Dunlavy. Their court of honor consisted of: (below) Deanna Benson and Tom Ziller, Pam Johnson and Jeff Lewis, Judy Fisher and Allan Olson, Stacy Meyer and Alan Berg. The miniature king and queen were Missy Arnot and Scott Mathys. Music was provided by Flak. Decorations included a burgundy and white crepe paper ceiling, and especially memorable was the initial use of a new bridge, created by Mr. Leo Johnson with the help of members of the class of 1981.M6JiT 2 60MHiG 1920 Homecoming Court 1980 Left to Right: Lord Keith Ritschards, Count John Amorose, Duke Rick Vinger, Prince Dwight Kallembach, King Royal Berg, Queen Vicki Tollakson, Princess Wendy Blum, Duchess Gwen Schlafli, Countess Krystal Johnson, Lady Val Henner. Below: Queen Vicki, King Royal Princess Wendy, Prince DwightHomecoming 1980 took place on Saturday, October 18. Festivities began on the afternoon of October 17 with competitive games at the football field which were planned by the student council. The class of 1981 was the overall winner and received a plaque. The parade began at 12:30 p.m. and proceeded down Milwaukee Street to Highway 78. The winning float, ''Heartache Tonight for the Eagles ' was built by the class of 1982. The dance began at 8:00 p.m. in the elementary school gymnasium, where large murals of fall scenery, hand painted by the seniors and Ms. McCaulley, graces the autumnal walls. Shiloh provided excellent music making HOMECOMING 1980 a big SUCCESS. Upper left: Gwen Schlafli, Rick Vinger Upper right: Krystal johnson, John Amor-ose Left: Val Henner, Keith Ritschardshomecoming top left. First Place JUNIORS "Heartache for the Eagles Tonight" Middle left, second place FRESHMEN "Come Sail Away-Sailing to a Victory"; bottom left, second place (tie) SOPHOMORES "We Are the Champions"; bottom right, third place SENIORS "Orioles, You Light Up My Life"; center right, Happy Homecoming Court. U Sr3 3 ’HS vTop: Allison Berg, Chris Bruehlman, Lori Peterson, Randy Swingen, Debbie Johnson, Jennifer Wyttenbach. Middle Left: Jeff Johnson, Lisa Peterson, Tom Daly, Gwen Schlafli, Hi-deaki Arimura, Gina Meritt, Beth Dunlavy, Jim Whitmar. Middle Right: Row 1: Rita Olson, Nannette Dammen, Margaret Wilhelmson, Bobbi Olson, Row 2: Sue Stauffacher, Doreen DeNure, Mary Oman, Jennifer Kallembach. Top: Rick Vinger Left: Rhonda Bredeson, Kris Amorose, Diane Hendrickson, Carrie Wyttenbach, Top: Deanna Johnson WOODWINDSBand Members: Left to Right: Row 1-Rhonda Bredeson, Kris Amorose, Deanna Johnson, Diane Hendrickson, Carrie Wyt-tenbach, Gwen Schlafli. Row 2: Deb Johnson, Hideaki Arimaru, Regina Merrit, Lisa Peterson, Lori Peterson, Nannette Dam-men, Marg Wilhelmson, Bobbi Olson, Doreen DeNure, Mary Oman, Jen Kallembach, Beth Dunlavy, Jeff Johnson. Row 3: Chris Bruehlman, Randy Swingen, Jenny Wyttenbach, Allison Berg, Rick Vinger, Jim Whit-mar, Sue Staffacher, Tom Daly, Rita Olson. Baton Twirlers: Anita Elsbury, Joan Gilbertson. Right Corner: Majorette-Deanna Johnson, Pom-Pom Girls: Kris Johnson, Deb Kipfer, Diana Gutzmer, Caroline Rossing, Amy Krahen-buhl, Color Guards: Ruth Boynton, Ann Johnson, Caramel Berg, Kris Connors, Michelle Connors. m chort, x ,.,y busy, exciting ytr« for muuc el A,gyle, with e promt of b.gger end better things to come Row 1: Connie Severson, Kris Amorose, Xochitl Cuevas, lean Dunlavy, Wendy Canon, Michelle Connors, Jennifer Kallembach, Tammy Ihus, Lisa Peterson Row 2: Dawn Hiller. Tammy Johnson, Ann Johnson. Carrie Wyt-tenbach, Diane Hendrickson, Chris Bruehlman, Gwen Schlafli, Patricia Holte, Sue Stauffacher Row 3: Caramel Berg, Debbie Johnson, Rita Olson, Doreen DeNure, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Kris Connors, Mary Oman, Lynette Erickson, Linda Gavigan, Beth Dunlavy Row 4: Deanna Johnson, Pam Steiner, Diana Gutzmer, Rhonda Bredeson, Margaret Wilhelmson, Lori Peterson, Margaret Gilbertson, Lucia Brown, Nannette Dammen, Teresa Cornell. Chris Krebs Below: Across Rows Left to Right: Tammy Johnson, Xochitl Cuevas, Diana Gutzmer, Margaret Wilhelmson. Ann Johnson, Rhonda Bredeson, Deanna Johnson, Sue Stauffacher, Nannette Dammen, Chris Bruehlman. Gwen Schlafli, Hans Hanson, Rick Vinger, Jim Whitmar] Jerry Bredeson, Bret Vollmer. Jeff Johnson n o This year has been an exciting year, a year of promise, for Argyle's Music Department We finished off the 77-80 school year with a terrific musical production, "Anything Goes ', and a superior rating at State for Neal, Jon. and Dorsey Congratulations! State line league's Chorus Festival (Feb. 14). Solo Ensemble Festival (Aoril ‘TI. ‘im Argyle's department as we hosted the brought hundreds of visitors to Argyle ' " P 1U and Ba°d (May 9) Mo4‘ of ,he conference schools competed in all 3 festivals, which November 4 was "Music from Madison" Day. with Pecatonica and Argyle s music departments hearing several splendid concerts from the W.ngra Woodwind Quintet and Wisconsin Brass Quintet The Combo", a group of band members, was new to the music scene at Argyle other community Seventy' ZlAock d”‘i' COmb°- P"lofm'd « »■ yitetbell g,m« end r 0 Upper right clockwise: Senior Editor Tammy Johnson; "Ad Salesladies" Abby Gilbertson, Ruth Boynton, Jennifer Wyttenbach; "Ad Salespersons"; Junior Editors, Joan Gilbertson and Shir-lene Hartwig; THE STAFF: Patti Holte, Ruth Boynton, Jennifer Wyttenbach, John Tollakson, Tammy Johnson, Margret Wilhelmson, Shirlene Hartwig, Joan Gilbertson, Abby Gilbertson, Paul Johnson 43Clockwise: Row 1; Karl Helmich, State FFA Officer: with 1980-81 officers: Royal Berg, Al Olson, Jeff Mundt, Row 2; Don Golackson, Dwight Kallembach, Kurt Tollakson. Jeff Mundt and Al Olson with the National F.F.A. Chapter Award Plaque. Argyle received a "Superior Rating" for the 1980 program. The award is based on the overall program of activities of the Chapter. SENIOR FFA MEMBERS: Tom Ziller, Al Olson, Jeff Mundt, Kurt Tollakson, Dwight Kallembach, Scott Hauser, Row 2; Steve Flannery, Royal Berg, Raynold Saalsaa, Al Berg, Brian Treuthardt. JUNIOR FFA MEMBERS: Ben Espenscheid, Mike Wilson, Jeff Makos, Delbert DeNure. SOPHOMORE FFA MEMBERS: Row 1; Scott Bredeson, Dennis Lancaster, Tom Hartwig, Jim Holmes, Row 2; Randy Berg, Randy Swingen, Ed Hauser, Bob Makos. FRESHMAN FFA MEMBERS: Tom Daly, Laurie Jackson, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Gerald Wahl, Row 2; Joel Nall, Keith Ritschard, Don Bates.F.H.A. MEMBERS: Clockwise; SENIORS: Row 1 -Vicki Tollakson, Stacy Meyer, Deanna Benson, Row 2-Jean Dunlavy, Laurie Holmes, Nancy Moen. SOPHOMORES: Renee Saalsaa, Margaret Wilhelmson, Lori Peterson. FRESHMAN: Row 1-Kris Connors, Penny Canon, Xochitl Cuevas, Row 2 - Jennifer Kallembach, Ruth Boynton, Joanne Frey. EIGHTH GRADE: Row 1-Amy Bredeson, Julie Pittz, Wendy Canon, Lisa Peterson, Row 2-Barrie Cuevas, Beth Dunlavy, Diane Hendrickson, Caramel Berg. JUNIORS: Row 1- Joan Gilbertson, Julie Saalsaa, Kim Henner, Shirlene Hartwig, Row2-Amy Krahenbuhl, Rhonda Bredeson, Sheila Hendrickson, Caroline Rossing. OFFICERS ADVISOR: Row 1-Vicki Tollakson; Secretary, Sheila Hendrickson; Historian, Deanna Benson; Treasurer Row 2-Laurie Holmes; 45 President, Sue Howe, Advisor, Stacy Meyer; Vice-President.JIational 3ronoT Zjociety Members: Right Row 1: Margaret Wilhelmson, Bobby Flannery, Mary Wyttenbach, Lucia Brown Row 2: Mrs. Schulte, Advisor; Sheila Hendrickson, Rhonda Bredeson, Chris Bruehlman Row 3: Dawn Dunlavy, Nancy Moen, Teresa Cornell, Laurie Holmes, Jerry Bredeson. BELOW: OFFICERS Bobby Flannery, Treasurer; Nancy Moen, Vice-President; Laurie Holmes, President; Rhonda Bredeson, Secretary Below Left: The National Honor Society induction of new members took place in the high school library on November 2. Parents, friends and faculty were guests. Nancy Moen presented a slide program on her European trip, make possible through membership in the National Honor Society. A lunch was served. Below Right: Busy working at the car wash in October. tdiiflt CodftcU row 1, Bobby Flannery, Nancy Moen, Teresa Cornell, Kurt Tollakson, row 2, Julie Pittz, Lisa Peterson, Sochitl Cuevas, Ruth Boynton, row 3, Mary Wyttenbach, Lori Hanson, Doreen DeNure, row 4, Christine Bruehlman, Kim Henner, Mike Wilson, Steve Tollakson. below, officers, Kurt Tollakson, Nancy Moen, Bobby Flannery, Teresa Cornell. The Student Council this year has been active and hopes to be even more active in the future years. One of the Council's big projects is getting an IFS student from another country. This year we got Hideaki Arimura from Japan. Homecoming this year was different from Homecomings past. Floats were required to have a song title as a theme. Spirit week included a competition between classes in how many aluminum cans they could collect, and a scavenger hunt where rubber chickens and other odd things were sought. The Friday of Homecoming week all the afternoon classes were dismissed and everyone went to the football field. There, each class competed against the others in many races. The races included the circle sit, paper and straw race, water relay, 3-legged race, plank race, and slowest moving bicycle race. The last event was the tug of war where classes were challenged for the place they held. After the event was over, the classes were still having tugs of war. Before Christmas, the Student Council sold Christmas trees. They hope to use the money to help improve the school in several ways. 1 .................................................................................................................................................................................................... ONE-ACT PLAY: Front Debbie Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Gwen Schiafli, Jerry Bredeson Back Mr. Doelder, Director; Jim Whitmar. UPPER RIGHT: FORENSICS Mr. Hassel, Coach; Ann Johnson, Amy Krahenbuhl, Deb Kipfer, Dwight Kallembach Above: BRIDGE CONTEST Row 1: Mr. Bell, Jeff Johnson, Jerry Bredeson Row 2: Rick Vinger, Bill Wire, Nancy Moen Row 3: Randy Berg, John Amorose, Tom Hartwig, Ann Johnson Row 4: Jim Whitmar, Jeff Makos, Dwight Kallembach, Randy Swingen, Dennis Lancaster, Scott Canon. Left MATH CONTEST Row 1: Jeff Johnson, Ruth Boynton, Lucia Brown Row 2: Mary Oman, Jerry Bredeson, Abby Gilbertson, Mary Wyttenbach, Penny Canon, Hideaki Arimura Row 3: Mr. Bell, Chris Bruehlman, Bobby Flannery, Al Olson, Nancy Moenk e t B a L L JUNIOR VARSITY: kneeling, Coach Pittz, sitting, Keith Ritschard, Danny Treuthardt, standing, Paul Johnson, John Amorose, David Dammen, Brian McDonald, Jim Holte. 50 VARSITYL row 1, Joe Hauser, Duane Garrison, Randy DeNure, Brian McDonald, row 2, Ben Espenscheid, Bill Wire, Jeff Makos, Dan Nelson, Kevin Johnson, Mike Flannery, Coach John Canfield; below Head Coach John Canfield (right) and Assistant Coach Jerry Pittz.VARSITY, front row: Caroline Rossing, Teresa Cornell, Stacy Meyer, Gwen Schlafli, Back row: Shirlene Hartwig, Nannette Dammen, Lucia Brown, Pam Steiner, Anita Elsbury, Nancy Moen, Coach Baughman. G3HIS’ 'BASKZ'l'BAli 1ZAU mo-s I JUNIOR VARSITY, front row: Krystal Johnson, Bobbi Olson, Deb Johnson, Xochitl Cuevas Back row: Kris Connors, Abby Gilbertson, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Pam Steiner, Crystal Penniston. RIGHT: Coach Sue Hoffman. 52Top: Vicki Tollakson, Donna Gilbertson, Laurie Holmes Upper Right, Kneeling second from left, Renee Saalsaa, standing far right, Laurie Holmes. Center "THE TEAM" Row 1: Krystal johnson, Vicki Tollakson, Gwen Schlafli Row 2: Coach Pat Discher, Renee Saalsaa, Stacy Meyer, joan Gilbertson, Coach Loren Homb Row 3: Laurie Holmes, Ann Johnson, State Competitor Lucia Brown Right: (15) Gwen Schlafli approaching for a high jump; Lucia all wound up; (20) Sarah Espenscheid preparing for disc throw; Ann Johnson Lower Left: Krystal Johnson approaching for a long jump.Upper Left Across Row 1: Rick Vinger, Jim Montgomery, Al Olson, Steve Tollakson Row 2: Kurt Tollakson, Mike Wilson, Joe Hauser, Top: Coach Loren Homb. Statistician Paul Johnson. Dwight in Flight. Center Across: Rick Vinger, Mike Wilson, Jim Montgomery Below: Row 1: Coach Homb, Kurt Tollakson, Rick Vinger, Paul Johnson Row 2: Al Olson, Steve Tollakson, Mike Wilson, Joe Hauser, Memoc Cuevas with the shot Al Olson tattoo xFOOTBALL TEAMS 1980 Left. VARSITY, Row 1, Tom Ziller, Brian McDonald, Joe Hauser, Keith Ritschards, Randy DeNure, Kurt Tol-lakson, Don Golackson, Greg Wilson, Mgr. Row 2: Coach Jeff Baughman, Bill Wire, Mike Wilson, Steve Tollakson, Dwight Kallem-bach, Rick Vinger, Delbert DeNure, Jeff Mundt, Chris Johnson, Mgr. Row 3: Rayn-old Saalsaa, Steve Flannery, Mike Flannery, Royal Berg, Al Olson, Scott Canon, Dan Nelson, Scott Hauser Right: Coach Jeff Baughman Far Left: SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Row 1: Dwight Kallem-bach, Kurt Tollakson, Tom Ziller, Jeff Mundt, Scott Hauser Row 2: Raynold Saalsaa, Royal Berg, Steve Flannery, Al Olson. Left: Assistant Coach Steve Rossing Lower Left: JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: Chris Johnson, Keith Ritschards, Jim Holte, Randy DeNure, Jim Holmes, Scott Stamm, John Tollakson Row 2: Greg Wilson, Paul Johnson, Randy Berg, Scott Canon, John Amorose, Hans Hanson Row 3: Brian McDonald, Dennis Lancaster, Brian Pickett, David Dam-men, Dan Treuthardt Below: Managers Greg Wilson, Chris JohnsonOUR TEAM Left: Confidence, Encouragement, Humor, About to Begin Practice Getting Ready See, These Are My Guys! Right: Tough Stuff! Pep Assembly — "We're Loyal to You, Argyle High, ..." Run Rest — Rest Runq.U. OolU(fkU Volleyball proved to be a very trying year for both coach and players. Trying to turn a program around can hardly be done in one year. Improvement is the key to a turnaround. The willingness to change and listen will result in both individual and team improvement. Both players and coach learned a great deal, not only from playing but from watching others and how their proper techniques led to success. Both teams worked hard all season trying to reach their goals. The Junior Varsity ended the season with a 5-8 record. This team gained a lot of confidence in playing which will carry over when they are on the varsity squad. The Varsity squad ended the season with a 2-12 record. The improvement throughout the year was tremendous. Still, the improvement must continue, so that we might be more competitive in conference and tournament play. Above, clockwise left to right, Julie Saalsaa, Laurie Hanson, Joan Gilbertson, Jennifer Heiser, Coach Homb, Kris Amorose, Deanna Johnson, JoAnne Frey, Renee Saalsaa, Penny Cannon, Xochitl Cuevas, sitting, Abby Gilbertson, Ann Johnson, Vicki Moen, Lori Peterson; left, Managers: Barry Cuevas, Margret Gilbertson, Linda Gavi-gan; Line Judges: Lisa Peterson, Wendy Blum.Vmtin (Jolktikll 7990 Above, Coach Loren Homb; Inset left. The VARSITY TEAM, row 1: Lori Holmes, Vicki Tollak-son, Deanna Benson row 2: Crystal Penniston, Rhonda Bredeson, Sheila Hendrickson, row 3 : Coach Homb, Teresa Cornell, Judy Fisher, Lucia Brown, Shirlene Hartwig PLAYERS IN ACTION: Rhonda Bredeson, Stacy Meyer, Sheila Hendrickson; left, ALL CONFERENCE honorable mention, Judy Fisher; right, ALL CONFERENCE, Lucia Brown. Congratulations, ladies, on your excellent effort. WISCONSIN Top Right: JV Football Cheerleaders: Jo-lene Lewis, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Laurie Jackson, Doreen DeNure, Valerie Henner. Center Left: Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: Left to right: Jana Stephens, Kim Henner, Amy Krahenbuhl, Deanna Benson, Deb Kipfer. Center Right: Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Left to Right: Kim Henner, Nan-nette Dammen, Krystal Johnson, Pam Steiner, Deb Kipfer. Senior: Varsity Basketball Cheerleader: Deanna Benson. JV Basketball Cheerleaders: Back to Front: Valerie Henner, Jen Kallembach, Ann Johnson, Jolene Lewis, Julie Saalsaa. CMOOg J2jTi 4 ...Ht4-0 MW Vertically: THE BEST Look at Jeff Study! Fight for it, Al. Don't be so shy, C.P. Books, books, books and MORE books! A coat built for two. Smile prettily, Deb. THE BESTHIDEAKI Seventeen year old Hideaki Arimura came to Argyle High School in September, 1980, as International Fellowship Student from Sapporo, Japan. His mother is a housekeeper, and his father is a manager of a restaurant. Hideaki is an only child and was born on January 19, 1963. He has a pet cat, "Chitto." Hideaki enjoys the band, track, and is in the Trig Club. He hopes to become an attorney. He spent the year with the Harvey Hartwig family. Good Luck, Hideaki. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Argyle. 64SEVENTH GRADE, On Slide Top to Bottom: Lonnie Severson, Tom Holt, Keith Jackson, Jeff Nelson, John Dun-lavy, Robby DeNure, Kenny Brown, Kurt Waage, Johnny, Hinojosa, Todd Ruegsegger, Dale Wilhelmson, La-Verne Richards, John Henner, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Lancaster, Mrs. Thompson. Standing: Dawn Bates, Tammi Blum, Monica Loefelholz Kneeling: Deborah Comiskey, Rossica Hobson, Annette Hauser, Front: Cindy Coulth-ard, Brenda Blu, Lisa Kallembach FIFTH GRADE, Front Row: Bernard Moen, John Stephens, Scott Mathys, Jeff Amorose, Eric Makos, Joel Sebranek, Dennis Flannery, Jeff Peterson, Pat Waters, Steven Tree, Todd Tollakson, Mrs. Moen On Bars: Stacy Wirth, Jody Kallembach, Carrie Espenscheid, Darci Dammen, Deanna Flannery, Tammy Ruegsegger, Julie Dunlavy, Toni Hassenfelt, Robin Treuthardt, Sara Everson, Holly Jaggi, Wendy Kleier, Mary Krahenbuhl (abent Stephen Flanagan, John Hiller) SIXTH GRADE: Top Row 1: Annette Bartels, Julie Barry, Amy Espenscheid, Frank Loffelholz, Jim Flanagan, Mr. Homb, Mr. Doelder Row 2: Tim Mathys, Lance Nall, Dave Krebs, Jamie Root, Donna Flannery, Amy Hagen, Liz Winsberg, Thurston Hanson, Curt Saalsaa, Cathy Mize, Paul Johnson SIXTH GRADE: Below Row 1: Tony Hull, Bobby Saalsaa, Doug Gierhart, Rodney Hendrickson, Tina Bonjour Row 2: Amy Gilbertson, Sherri Wirth, Connie Wyttenbach, Diane Garrison Row 3: Mrs. Ross-ing, Lynn Krebs, Denise Johnson, SUe Daly, Tracy Amorose, Lori Lien, June Sebranek, Angie Olson, Mike MoenQRt C)e 2 SECOND GRADE: Row 1: Tammy Hassen-felt, Mike Flannery, Heidi Vanevenhoven, Brent Kallembach, Monica Cuevas, Patty Bonjour, Jennifer Hanson Row 2: Betsy Coulthard, Brenda Gierhart, Sheryl De-Mario, Gerald Gerber, Kent Kallembach, Ellen Peterson, Ethan Weiler, Darin Fortney Row 3: Danny Daly, Jackie Schild, Chad Matthys, Julia Henner, Jeff Sebranek, Jeff Robberts Row 4: Tim Phillipson, Danny Svendsen, Mrs. Schraepfer. QRa6e 4 FOURTH GRADE: Row 1: Jon Lewis, Allen Coulthard, Jason Hendrickson, Shawn Anderson, Vicki Moen, April Gierhart, Amy Reusch, Gary McGrath, Brad Connors. Row 2: Bobby Winsberg, DeeAnna Blum, Maureen Wilhelmson, Kim Butson, Dartk Flannery, Jenny Dunlavy, Tammy Willis, Heather Jaggi, Jeremy Hagen, Danny Nelson, Betty Jo Granberg. Row 3: Ronnie Olson, Mrs. Espenscheid, Lance Penniston, Larry Lien, Scott Olson, Dean Flannery. QQ de 3 THIRD GRADE: Row 1: Kevin Makos, Colleen Weaver, Dennis Flannery, Mike Gilbertson, Jennifer Brown. Row 2: Tom Nyst-ed, Marlene Comiskey, Heather Pickett, Chanda Hanson, Amy Dammen, Amy Voegli, Chad Vinger, Jamie Dammen, Allen Severson. Row 3: Darryl Bates, Mrs. Anderson, Debbie Hexom, Gretchen Mosley, Terry Rueggsegger, Steve Walters, Amy FlanaganFront: Todd Rear, Lisa Hull, Lynette Weber, Amber Rundhaug, Tammy Flannery, Melanie Tieman, Jennifer Neuenschwander, Camie Peterson, Cheri Mize Back: Damon Widmer, Kevin Nelson, Troy Connors, T. J. Reugsegger, Jerome Hobson, John Granberg, Eric Mau, Mark Flanagan, Michelle Hodgson, Stephen Detra, Wendy Flanagan Teacher: Mrs. Frey Front: Megan Waters, Jennie Nelson, Marcia DeMario, Kim Voegeli, Melissa Bu-holzer, Kreg Waage, Perry Granberg. Middle: Nicole Thompson, Brenda Reusch, Mike Godfrey, Johnny Bartels, Roger Hobson, Roy Hull, Danny Boynton. Back: John Gierhart, Laura Hanson, Chris Detra, Teacher: Mrs. Olson Front: Jason Hanson, Eric Johnsen, Jennifer Hobson, Jesse Kramer, Kurt Vaneven-hoven. Bob Benson, Jeffrey Gilbertson, Jason Nall, Heidi Haesler, Harlan Saalsaa, Shane Johnson, Jason Gilbertson, Lisa Flannery Back: Jimmy Flannery, Tim Fischer, Rebecca Maske, Melissa Arnot, Christopher Guthrie, Adam Hanson, Rick Naujeck, Angie Arians, Ian Friedrich, Jennifer Blum, Melissa Henner. 68r V C 5 c If m, + + + + O i i "’ ! CULINARY ARTISTS: Left to Right Pearl Soper, Mary Gilbertson, Lillian Johnson, Sue Johnson Below: "THE NOVEMBER WONDER" The voting machine used to enhance the study of Social Studies caught many eyes. AFTERNOON PRESCHOOL: Front: Karla Hanson, Cari Mize, Wendy Haesler, Michelle Flanagan Back: Joe Mosley, Adam Buholzer, Heidi Detra, Eric Falsey, Dawn Widmer, Scott Svendsen, Melissa Hanson Teacher: Mary Venden MORNING PRESCHOOL: Deanna Hexom, Ena Klobes, Tom Saalsaa, Dorene Tieman, Dan Olson, Jason Flannery, Jeremy Nall ARQyie EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL: Row 1-Kurt Flannery, Todd Flannery, Gene Treuthardt, Thad Espenscheid, Erik Hanson. Row 2-Leland Schild, Chuck Hendrickson, David Soper, Daryl Dammen, Mark Flannery. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL: Row 1-Keith Jackson, Jeff Lancaster, Johnny Hinjosa, Jeff Nelson, Dale Wilhelmson, David Krebs. Row 2-John Henner, Kenny Brown, Jeff Johnson, Todd Tuegsegger, Kurt Waage, Robbie DeN-ure. Lower left; GIRLS BASKETBALL: Row 1-An-nette Hauser, Lisa Peterson, Brenda Blum, Barrie Cuevas. Row 2-Monica Loeffelholz, Michelle Connors, Tami Blum, Dawn Bates, Margo Kleier, Lisa Kallembach. Below: SPECIAL EDUCATION: Billy Jo Schmid, Lucy Harris, Paula Hobson, Shelly Schmid, Roy Hobson, Betty Walters.element ary Above: CULINARY CREW: Pearl Soper, Mary Gilbertson, Lillian Johnson, Sue Johnson, Chris Blum. Left: Mrs. Bruehlman, Bus Driver. Right: John Gierhart, Elementary Custodian 71GR m sQjfeex ADVERTISING ARGYLE Gambles Dr. R.E. Hunter Bernard Hanson SOUTH WAYNE Pickett's Surge DARLINGTON Avon Locker Wendt Studio Ostby Motors Roelli Reliable Realty Dick's Supermarket Whitford Pharmacy BLANCHARDVILLE Old South Drive In King's Klothes Mike's Farm Equipment Ski Printers Blade Atlas MONROE First Federal Savings Loan Gordee Zuercher Insurance Agency Kwikee Print Thorpe Paint Wolfe Office Supply and Art Center Monroe TV Sales and Service Lanz True Value Hardware Monroe One-Hour Cleaners Ruf's Confectionary Burnett Bahe Agency Florine's Studer Super Service Dr. Moen Pandow Jewelers Piper's Dream FabriclandBlanchardville Veterinary Clinic, Inc. Dr. David E. Redson Dr. Craig F. Shannon ENGSTAD CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Service Is Our Specialty. Blanchardville, WI WATRUD STANDARD SERVICE Phone: 523-4291 SKAIFE BROS. MARKET AND PROCESSING PLANT Robert and Harland Amoco Products Quality Meats And Groceries Fresh And Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Phone: 523-4250 Blanchardville, Wisconsin Quality Comes First! Telephone 608-523-4254 Blanchardville, Wi. Saether Furniture Interior Design Studio id P.O. Box 93 204 S. Main St. Blanchardville, WI 53516 Member, Interior Design Society Wisconsin Power and Light Company Blanchardville, Wisconsin AMERICAN FAMILY® INSURANCE Ronald Birkett 203 Water St. Blanchardville, Wir. 523-4907 FABRICS. VINYLS SUPPLIES FREE ESTIMATES . Jr an s illilwlslerij FRANCES BERGET RT 2 ARGYLE WIS 53504 PHONE (608) 543-3090 74JOHN RUF Ruf's Farm Service R.R. 2 Darlington, WI Badger Materials Handling Equipment Phone: 776-4048 Midwest SHo Co. Badger Farm Lgt. WIOTA MILL JOHN'S ( Feed, Seed, S Grinding, Mixing, « ( And Hauling | Phone: 968-3350 1 Wiota, WI 1 GROCERY VARIETY 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. DAILY “WHEN YOU NEED US, WE'RE HERE." ARGYLE, WISCONSIN THE THREE DEUCES Cold Drinks Sandwiches Wiota, WI Phone: 968-3329 BERGET'S JEWELRY ' 1 ' y Art Carved Diamonds Bulova Caravelle — Accutron Watches Guaranteed Watch Repairing Argyle, Wis. Telephone: 543-3525 m T V Q i SAWS MOWERS SCISSORS 1001S KNIVES CUTTERS CHISELS AXES NORM S SHARP ALL SHOP 313BREfc7E TERRACE ARGYLE. WISCONSIN 53604 TELEPHONE 543 3678 75 COMPLETE SHARPENING SERVICETURNER HALL CLUB Bar and restaurant open to public Welcomes wedding and anniversary dances Raymond F. Kneller No Charge For The Floor Free Weekend Entertainment Including Sun. 3:00-8:00 Monroe, WI 1408-11th Street Monroe, WI 53566 Dial 608 325-4185 A Gift for Any Occasion GIFT CASTLE Monroe, Wisconsin East Side of the Square ANCHOR Savings G Loan Association Phone 325-7161 1712 12th Street Monroe. WI 53566 MONROE BAKERY B M Bob And Marilyn The Home of Swiss Bread and Pastries — Decorated Cakes 1007-16th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin Best In Food And Carry Outs Argyle, WI Phone: 543-3606 Rollie Karlen Field Underwriter Swiss Village Mall Monroe, Wisconsin 608 325-5888 76D.D.S., SC MONROE, WISCONSIN Your headquarters for complete truck equipment and Accessories. Also: Steel Fabrication, painting, portable welding and crane service MILWAUKEE GREEN BAY MARSHFIELD The People Who Know Truck Equipment and Stock It! TAYLOR’S FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Darlington, WI 776-3301 Mineral Point, WI 987-3738 V A L L 1 r Pat Bishop, Owner SPafaicia BEAUTY SALON Let Us Design Something Especially For You 907 16th Avenue Monroe, WI 53566 Phone (608) 325-2203 77ROSSING'S FINE FOODS Argyle, Wis. GLENDENNING REDI-MIX, INC. Concrete Products Concrete Construction Box 147 Darlington, WI 53530 Phone 776-4014 Offices in Darlington, Shullsburg, Gratiot Nobody can do it like McDonald's can m | McDonald's Monroe, WI LAFAYETTE CO. CO-OP CREAMERY ASS’N Darlington, WI 53530 Phone: 608 776-2438 Lelle's Bar AEA Woodford, Wisconsin Best Wishes Serving Food Daily To The Class Of 1981 Live Music Phone: 465-3300 ARGYLE EDUCATION ASSOC. 78MODERN FINANCIAL SERVICE FOR MODERN PEOPLE 'IIJL Your Hometown Bank Member of the F.D.I.C. STATE BANKOFARGYLE L.A. ROSSING CO. DEPARTMENT STORE £ liee Argyle Clothing for the entire family ’y Every mile is worth your mile q Since 1870 CareerClub Phone: 543-3013 VESCOVI 229F 4 MR KL HERDMAKER JG 19 1 MARVIN ESPENSCHEID FAMILY R.R. 2, Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 (608) 543-3778 ----------------------------------- FRUDDEN LUMBER CO. Argyle, Wi Complete Building Materials Starline Feeding G Bam Eqp. Madison Silos 79OFFICE PHONE 776-3366 RES. PHONE 776-3766 oh ■s TRUCKING COMPANY DARLINGTON, WISCONSIN Ag. Lime, Crushed Rock, School Bus Service Excavating and Trenching of All Kinds Asphalt Paving, Crane Service HAROLD RUEF ALBERT RUEF Secretary - Truiurar Pxildynt 550 8th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 325-3001 WOODFORD STATE BANK 1) Free checking to students 2) Maximum rates on certificates of deposit 3) Safe deposit boxes 4) Night depository 5) Drive-up banking 6) Free bank-by-mail Woodford, Wisconsin 53599 (608) 465-3367 Open Monday through Friday Saturday: 8:30 to 12 Noon Medicine Mart Monroe, Wisconsin Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription BLACK OAK INN Bar And Dining -Open Seven Days A Week Blanchardville, WI 53516 RON FURNITURE INTERIORS FURNITURE CARPETING BEDDING ACCESSORIES Located Hwy. 69 South By-Pass, Monroe, Wis. HOURS: Daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday Nights until 9 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ANY NIGHT BY APPOINTMENT NAME BRAND FURNITURE AT DISCOUNT PRICES 80MARY ELLEN’S BEAUTY SALONS Argyle - Blanchardville, WI Phones: Argyle 543-3030 Blanchardville 523-4537 Complete Hair Care For The Entire Family PHILLIPSON FORD FORD Ford since 1915 Argyle, Wisconsin 543-3033 COUNTRY KITCHEN FAMILY DINING Open 24 Hours Breakfast Anytime Intersection 11-81 Monroe, Wis. 53566 ARGYLE VETERINARY SERVICE Dr. Irvin Ganzhubner Phone: 543-3082 201 S. North Street Argyle, Wisconsin Small Animals By Appointment 24 Hour Farm Animal Service 3»C Best Wishes for Your Continued Success from THE RADTKE'S of MONROE Radke Studio 1622 11th Street Monroe,Wis. 53566 8182 ARGYLE MIDLAND BOB JAN MAU ARGYLE, WISCONSIN Phone: 543-3711 NORSEMAN SUPPER Argyle, Wisconsin CLUB + COMPLIMENTS ♦ ♦ OF ♦ ♦ DR. PAUL L. THOMPSON ♦ ARGYLE, WISCONSIN ♦ i-----------------------------i WELCOME TO RIVERSIDE TAP ARGYLE Dean and Clara Johnson The Cut N Curl Corner 401 Milwaukee Street Argyle, Wis. 53504 Telephone 543-3008 "Hair Care For the Entire Family" Open Monday through Saturday Thursday EveningsMEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF LAFAYETTE COUNTY 800 Clay Street Darlington, Wisconsin 776-4466 General Visiting Hours: 1:30 P.M. - 3:30 P.M 7:00 P.M. - 8:30 p!m. 24-Hour Emergency Service Blachardville Clinic 309 Main Street Blanchardville 523-4261 Open Daily Mon.-Fri. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. Sat. - 9 A.M. - 12 Noon Erika M. Voss, M.D. Blanchardville Clinic Pharmacy Phillip M. Young, RPh, Pharm. D. 800 Clay Street Darlington, Wisconsin Medical Associates 510 Park Place Darlington 776-4497 Open Daily Mon.-Fri. 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. Sat. - 9 A.M. - 12 Noon Cesar T. Chavez, M.D., MPH Iver Juster, M.D. N.A. McGreane, M.D. Lyle L. Olson, M.D. Shullsburg Clinic 146 East Water Street Shullsburg 965-4431 Medical Appointments Mornings Mon Fri 9 A.M. - 12 Noon And Mon, Wed, Fri 2 P.M. - 5 P.M. Eye Appointments Thurs. 1:30 - 5 P.M. Cesar T. Chavez, M.D. Zachary C. Berk, O.D. YOUR KEY TO A MORE SECURE FUTURE CONGRATULATIONS TO. THE CLASS OF '81 South west Wisconsin Vocational-Technical Institute 84 Bronson Boulevard lennimore, W isconsin 53N09 Phone: 60S -S22- 3262 Career decisions are important, but you don't have to make them alone. Call SOUTHWEST TECH and they'll gladly answer all your questions.

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