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DEDICATION MRS. PAT JOHNSON We would like to dedicate our 1977 annual to one of the greatest people in the school. She gives everyone all the help and understanding she can and gives her own time for school functions even if she has to put aside her own tasks. She does all this without complaining and is always ready to do more if someone needs her. She puts others before herself. She treats everyone like a family and we think of her as a very good friend. She is a great asset to the school. This person is, of course, our high school secretary, Mrs. Johnson. On behalf of the student body we thank her with all our heart for giving more of herself than anyone is expected to give. Once again, Thank You Mrs. Johnson.TREASURED ECHOES ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL ARGYLE, WISCONSIN NINETEEN SEVENTY-SEVEN VOLUME TWENTY-NINE TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS UNDERCLASSMEN SCHOOL LIFE ACTIVITIES ELEMENTARYScott Fischer -- Chorus 1,4; Madrigal 1,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Badger Boy's State 3; Class President 4; Trig Club 4; Football 1; Basketball 3. Jeff Wilhelmson -- FFA 1,2,3,4. Wayne Nysted -- FFA 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Letterman 3,4; Basketball 2,3; Letterman 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Letterman 1,2,3,4; Track 2. 4Bill Whitmar II -- Annual Staff 4; Football 1,2; Basket- Jeff Steiner ball 4; Letterman 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Letter-man 3,4. Greg Isely -- Annual Staff 4; FFA 3,4; Trig Club 4; Stu- Sam Patdnson dent Council 2; Football 1,4; Letterman 4. SDarrel Kallembach Betty Wire -- A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3; Letter Winner 3,4. Harlan Flannery - - FFA 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 3; Foot- Phil Baumgartner -- FFA 1,2,3,4. ball 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4. 6Lisa Thorson - - FHA 1,2,3; AFS 1,2,3. Kristy Zuidema -- A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 3,4; Musical 3; Annual Staff 4; Editor 4; Prom Queen 3; Class Officer 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; UN 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pom-Pom 1,2,3,4; Trig Club 4; Badger Girls State 3; Letter Winner 3,4; Volleyball 2,4; Letter Winner 4. Jada Steiner -- Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 2. Paul Wenger -- FFA 1,2,3; Class Officer 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4. 7Ron Bredeson -- FFA 1,2,3; Homecoming King 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Letter Vic Schmidt -- Annual Staff 4; Trig Winner 1,2,3,4. Club 4; Football 1; Track 3. Janet Pittz -- A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 1; Prom Attendant 3; UN 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 4; Girl's Basketball 3. Todd Wirtz -- A Cappella Choir 1,2,3; Prom Attendant 3; Football 1,2. 8Ron Gordee -- FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA National convention 4. 9 Mike Flannery -- FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4.Andrew Anderson Deb Penniston — Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1,2, 3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 4; Musical 2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Cheerleader 3; Class Officer 3; UN 2,3; FHA 1,2,3; Letter Winner 1,2, 3,4; Track 4. ’ ’ 10Deb Vinger — Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3,4; Madrigal 1,2, 3,4; Musical 1,2, 3; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Class Officer 2,4; Homecoming Queen 4; UN 2; FHA 1,2,3,4; Officer 2,3; Trig Club 4; Letter Winner 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Track 2; Volleyball 2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4. Denise Vinger — Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 1,2, 3,4; Musical 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 2,3, 4; Class Officer 2,4; Homecoming Attendant 1; UN 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Officer 3; Letter Winner 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 3, 4; Track 2, Volleyball 2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. Dennis Schliem -- A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Prom Attendant 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Letter Winner 2, 3,4. Kevin Phillips — A Cappella Choir 3,4; Annual Staff 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; Color Guard 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 4; Letter Winner 4. 11Rich Dammen - - FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Officer 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. Steve Larson -- Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; U.N. Organization 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Letterman 3,4; Boy's Basketball 1,2,3,4; Letterman 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4 Letterman 1,2,3,4, Boy's Track 2; Letterman 2. Rona Erickson -- Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Prom Attendant 3; Class Officer 1; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Officer 2,3; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Volleyball 2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. 12Connie Hendrickson - - Senior Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; FHA 1,2,3; Letter Winner 1,2. Paula McNett - - A Cappella Choir 3,4; Prom Cou Darlene Hanson -- Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Court 3; FHA 1,2,3; Basketball 3. Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; Officer 2; Class Officer 2; FHA 1,2,3; Volleyball 3; Letter ,3,4. Winner 1,2,3,4. 13Rick Pennistcn -- FFA 1,2,3; Prom Court 3; Class Officer 2; U.N. Organization 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Letter-man 3,4; Boy's Basketball 1,2,3,4; Letterman 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Letterman 1,2,3,4. Loma Kay Ritschard -- Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3; Girl's Basketball 3,4; Letterman 3,4; Volleyball 3,4, Letterman 3,4. 1415 Kirk Baumann -Band 1,2,3,; Chorus 1,3; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Letterman 3,4; Boy's Track 2,3,4; Letterman 2,3,4.SENIOR LETTERW1NNERS: BOTTOM: Jo Dunlavy, Rick Penniston, Jeff Steiner, Wayne Nysted, Kristy Zuidema, Harlan Flannery, Kirk Baumann. MIDDLE: Steve Larson, Darlene Hanson, Bill Whitmar, Janet Pittz, Dennis Schliem, Jada Steiner, Greg Isley, Ron Bredeson. TOP: Denise Vinger, Kevin Phillips, Betty Wire, Paul Wenger, Deb Penniston, Rich Dammen, Deb Vinger, Steve Flannery, Loma Ritschard. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: BOTTOM: Denise Vinger, Treasurer; Kristy Zuidema, Secretary. BACK: Deb Vinger, Vice President; Scott Fischer, President. 16FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIONFACULTY TOP: Mr. Bullock, Boys Phy. Ed., Mrs. Maurer, Girls Health, Mr. Hossman, Counsellor, Ms. Hirsbrunner, Girls Phy. Ed, Mr. Bell, Mathematics. MIDDLE: SITTING: Mrs. Amot, Jr. High Math G Jr. High Art, STANDING: Miss Mueller, Jr. High English, Mr. Daly, Driver's Ed. G Jr. High History, Mr. Doedler, Ecology and Jr. High Science. BOTTOM: Mr. Amot, Science, Mr. Bemander, Art, Mrs. Tol-lakson, Assistant Librarian.TOP: Erwin Ziegler, Agriculture, FFA; Sara Paul, Librarian; Rudolph Haskee, Special Education; Marilyn Dralle, Home Economics, FHA; Gene Findlay, Business Education. BOTTOM: Donald Dralle, Industrial Arts; Judy Schulte, English; Herbert Hassel, English; Mark Klamer, Social Studies; Don Schoen-ick, Music. 20 • • w a ,-4 V F • • . -Ti.i ». ml ORGANIZATIONSIN TUNE WITH . PEP BAND FRONT OF THE BAND: Kathy Zuidema, Lori Flannery, Candy Edler, Diane Kortman, Kevin Phillips, Kristi Thompson, Dan Tree, Joan Smith, Brent Pennis-ton, Rhonda Krebs, Kristy Zuidema, Gwen Schlafli. 22THE SENIOR BAND FRONT: Denise Vinger, E-flat and B-flat clarinet; Deb Vinger, Deb Penniston, Kelley Kline, Tammy Ziller, B-flat clarinets; Mary Austad, Bonnie Barry, oboes; Pam Johnson, Ramona Gor-dee, Julie Hauser, Tami Fischer, flutes; Sue Larson, flute and piccolo. SECOND ROW: Jackie Olson, Holly Wirt2, Wendy Heiser, Deanna Benson, B-flat clarinets; Kristi Thompson, bassoon; Rona Erickson, Ann Ritschard, Bass Clarinets; Jennifer Heiser, Caroline Rossing, Debbie Kipfer, Sheila Hendrickson, Rhonda Bredeson, Dristy Amorose, Laurie Holmes, Vicki Tollakson, flutes. THIRD ROW: Mark Jackson, Nannette Dammen, Laura Hanson, Margaret Spears, Amy Krahen-buhl, Susan Stauffacher, B-flat clarinets; Brenda Bredeson, Denise Flannery, Marie Gabioud, Lori Schmidt, Ricky Vinger, Rita Olson, alto Sax; Judy Fisher, Katie Amorose, Brenda Penniston, Jill Wirtz, Marta Anderson, Julie Bredeson, Annette Wenger, french horns. FOURTH ROW: Joe Coffey, Darlene Hanson, Tom Rossing, Lee Montgomery, Bill Watkins, Gary Krahenbuhl, Jon Whitmar, Dorsey Penniston, Alan Berg, Christine Bruehlman, Jeff Makos, Julie Saalsaa, trumpets; Steve Tollakson, Jim Montgomery, tubas; Bonnie Flannery, Raynold Saalsaa, Niel Olson, Jada Steiner, trombones. FIFTH ROW: Jeff Johnson, Richie Hanson, Ray Johnson, Stacy Meyer, Neil Hendrickson, Dan Penniston, Tom Tree, Jim Whitmar, Memoc Cuevas, percussion. 23SINGING WITH THE FIRST ROW: Mark Jackson, Dorsey Penniston, Holly Wirtz, Ann Ritschard, Diane Kortman, Brenda Bedeson, Brent Penniston, Kristi Thompson, Betty Wire, Dan Tree, Deb Penniston, Joan Smith, Ray Johnson. SECOND ROW: Katie Amorose, Cathy Hauser, Connie Hendrickson, Julie Bredeson, Kathy Zuidema, Marta Anderson, Deb Vinger, Paula McNett, Denise Vinger, Wendy Heiser, Jim Lewis. THIRD ROW: Julie Houser, Brenda Penniston, Kelley Kline, Connie Garrison, Ramona Gordee, Janet Pittz, Marie Gabioud, Tammy Fischer, Jill Wirtz, Billy Watkins, Annette Wener, Jackie Olson. FOURTH ROW: Kevin Phillips, Rona Erickson, Tom Rossing, Joe Coffey, Lee Montgomery, Scott Fischer, Steve Larson, Jon Whitmar, Neal Hendrickson, Alan Soper, Neil Olson. FIFTH ROW: Bonnie Barry, Susie Disrud, Kristy Zuidema, Jada Steiner, Tom Tree, Jim Montgomery, Brian Mundt, Sue Larson, Mary Auestead, Jo Ann Dunlavey, Darlene Hanson, Denise Flannery. 21A CAPPELLA CHOIR 25 Gr?R{ fRON CM: A nn ette Wenger, Deb Vinger, Brian Mundt, Neal Hendrickson, Bill Watkins, Denise Vinger. SECOND ROW: Wendy Heiser, Kelley Kline, Tom Rossing, Jon Whit-mar, Joe Coffey, Kathy Zuidema, Deb Penniston. THIRD ROW: Kristi Zuidema, Neil Olson, Lee Montgomery, Steve Larson, Alan Soper, Bonnie Barry. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Bredeson, Denise Flannery lorn Tree, Scott Fischer, Jim Montgomery, Rona Erickson, Anne Ritschard. MADRIGAL SWING CHOIR 26EDITORS: Kristy Zuidema, Brenda Bre-deson, Jo Dunlavy, Kristi Thompson. FRONT: Brenda Bredeson, Tammy Nysted, Tami Fischer, Denise Vinger, Kristy Zuidema, Claire Schmidt, Deb Vinger. MIDDLE: Vic Schmidt, Bill Whitmar, Ann Johnson, Brenda Penniston, Sue Larson, Deb Penniston, Greg Isely. BACK: Kristi Thompson, Kathy Zuidema, Tom Tree, Marta Anderson, Dennis Schliem, Jo Dunlavy. TREASURED ECHOES STAFF "WE IMPRESSED 'EM" 27w p H P U. u 2 w £ u- O tn es5 w S w 2 O PC FHA OFFICERS, FRONT: Vice-President Jill Wirtz, Secretary Ann Ritschard, President Bonnie Barry, Advisor Mrs. Dralle. BACK: Reporter JoDunlavy, Treasurer Kristi Thompson, P. O. W. Claire Schmidt, Historian Julie Bredeson. FRONT ROW: Lori Flannery, Brenda Penniston, Betty Engeli, Sue Disrud, Julie Ball, Ramona Gordee, Tammy Nysted, Lisa Hendrickson, Janet Pittz, Mrs. Dralle. SECOND ROW: Betty Wire, Jo Dunlavy, Julie Hauser, Denise Vinger, Ann Johnson, Mary Auestad, Jill Penniston, Diane Kortman. THIRD ROW: Jada Steiner, Kristy Zuidema, Claire Schmidt, Janet Ihus, Tammy Fischer, Kathy Zuidema, Julie Bredeson, Kelley Kline, Bonnie Barry. FOURTH ROW: Jill Wirtz, Tammy Ziller, Anne Ritschard, Cathy Hauser, Holly Wirtz, Deb Vinger, Denise Flannery, Kristi Thompson, Marie Gabioud, Rona Erickson. 28FFA OFFICERS, FRONT: Vice-President Allan Lancaster, Advisor Mr. Ziegler, Reporter Paul Mud gett. BACK: Secretary Rich Damme n, T re a su re r Scott Fischer, President Mike Flannery. Absent: Sentinel Bob Bartels. FRONT ROW: Harlan Flannery, Mike Benson, Allan Lancaster, Dave Martin, Dan Lancaster, Ron Martin, Gary Schmid, Steve Johnson, Bill McNett, Bill Zuidema, Mr. Ziegler. SECOND ROW: John Wire, Fred Engeli, Jon Hartwig, Frank Badula, Tom Nelson, Bryon Krahenbubl, Tim Holmes, John Gabioud, Scott Fischer, Mark Jackson, Paul Mudgett. THIRD ROW: Rick Nipple, Steve Emberson, Dennis Coffey, Gary Krahenbuhl, Rich Dammen, Don DeNure, Jeff Dammen, Brian Mundt, Neal Hendrickson, Jim Montgomery, Mike Flannery. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Wilhelmson, Tom Holmes, Marco Flannery, Lee Montgomery, Lenny Tollakson, Gary Dammen, Kevin Phillips, Phil Baumgartner, Ron Gordee, Nate Skattum. FIFTH ROW: Perry Graber, Greg Isely, Dennis Schliem. 29UNDERCLASSMEN LETTERWINNERS. BOTTOM: Wendy Heiser, Holly Wirtz, Katie Amorose, Ramona Gordee, Tami Fischer, Julie Bredeson, Bonnie Barry, Neal Hendrickson, Jon Whitmar, Memoc Cuevas, Dorsey Penniston, Ray Johnson, Neil Olson. SECOND ROW: Ann Ritschard, Kristi Thompson, Marie Gabioud, Mary Auestad, Diane Kortman, Julie Hauser, Brenda Penniston, Lenny Tollakson, Gary Krahen-buhl, Billy Watkins, Tom Golackson, Jeff Pickett. THIRD ROW: Mary Johnson, Brenda Bredeson, Sue Larson, Denise Flannery, Ann Johnson, Nate Skattum, Dan Penniston, Joe Coffey, Tom Rossing, Marco Flannery, Perry Graber. BACK: Annette Wenger, Jackie Olson, Connie Garrison, Marta Anderson, Kathy Zuidema, Tammy Nysted, Jill Wirtz. TRIG CLUB. SITTING: Jo Dunlavy. STANDING: Advisor Mr. Bell, Deb Vinger, Greg Isely, Kristy Zuidema, Denise Vinger, Vic Schmidt. Missing: Scott Fischer. FORENSICS. BOTTOM: Wendy Heiser, Julie Ball, Bonnie Barry, Ramona Gordee, Steve Johnson. TOP: Alan Lancaster, Tom Tree, Marta Anderson, Sue Disrud, Neal Hendrickson, Advisor Mr. Hassel. 30ATHLETICS32 KNEELING: Lenny Tollakson, Ray Baumgartner, Jim Bruehlman, Kirk Wenger. STANDING: Coach Harvey, Tom Tree, Kirk Baumann, Brian Nelson, Victor Schmidt.1976 TRACK TEAM: FRONT: Connie Garrison, Ann Johnson, Tami Fischer, Lori Flannery, Mary Johnson, BACK: Claire Schmidt, Sue Larson, Tammy Nysted, Marta Anderson. THE MAKING OF A CHAMPIONFOOTBALL VARSITY FOOTBALL. FRONT: Coach Bullock, Steve Flannery, Brian Bredeson, Gary Krahenbuhl, Mark Johnson, Denny Coffey, Tom Golackson, Gary Dammen, Coach Bemander. SECOND ROW: Perry Graber, Tom Nelson, Daryl Schliem, Steve Johnson, Donald DeNure, Tom Tree, Doug Busch, Bryon Krahenbuhl. THIRD ROW: Wayne Nysted, Paul Wenger, Jeff Pickett, Steve Larson, Joe Coffey, Lenny Tollakson, Rich Dammen, Nate Skattum. BACK: Marco Flannery, Rick Penniston, Harlan Flannery, Greg Isely, Dennis Schliem, Ron Bredeson, Jeff Steiner, Tom Rossing, Lee Montgomery. Coming off a championship year the Argyle Orioles faced what many people felt would be a rebuilding year. They finished the 1976 season with a very respectable 5-3 conference recond and were 6-3 over all. The team began the season with one of their best games, a non-conference victory over Riverdale, 22-7. The second game and first conference game brought a highly touted Pecatonica team to the Argyle field. Pecatonica was one of the pre-season championship picks, but in a hard-fought game the Orioles limited Pec to 97 total yards and scored the game's only six points. The next opponent, Belleville, was also a pre-season favorite, but the Wildcats' size and speed proved too much for the Orioles as they walked away with a 36-12 win. The Bameveld game put us back on the winning track although it was doubtful at half-time. In the first half Bameveld played a fine game while the Orioles committed many turnovers and played poorly. The team overcame the 14-0 halftime deficit with three third quarter touchdowns to beat them 18-14. Next came eventual conference champion Brodhead whose balanced running and passing attack led them to a 41-20 victory. Black Hawk provided the most excitement although they won 7-0 in overtime. It was the second straight year we went into overtime with Black Hawk. The Orioles took out their overtime loss frustration on their final three opponents. The first was Juda who lost 24-lb as Argyle gained 160 yards rushing to Juda's two. The second was Holy Name who lost 27-6 as the Orioles crunched out 267 yards. The final game saw the Orioles completely dominate New Glarus in all aspects of the game, especially the ground game, as they rushed for 340 yards, ter rolling to a 24-0 halftime lead it became the duty of Oriole subs to keep the Glamers at bay. New Glarus managed only two yards rushing the entire game on 27 attempts. I 34JUNIOR VARSITY. FRONT: Coach Moorehead, Neal Hendrickson, Dorsey Penniston, Ray Johnson, Mark Jackson, Steve Johnson. SECOND ROW: Billy McNett, Billy Zuidema, Jeff Dammen, Tim Holmes, Brent Penniston, Memoc Cuevas. THIRD ROW: Jim Lewis, Gary Krahenbuhl, Brian Mundt, Gerald Bruehlman, Doug Busch, Jim Montgomery, Gary Dammen. BACK: Tom Nelson, Brian Bredeson, Joe Coffey, Daryl Schliem, Bryon Krahenbuhl, Donald DeNure, Steve Johnson, Lenny Tollak-son, Mark Johnson. 3536 VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS; TOP LEFT: Kim Kallembach, Sue Larson, Deb Vinger, Marta Anderson, Rona Erickson, and Denise Vinger. J.V. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Holly Writz, Diane Kortmann, Brenda Bre -deson, Kathy Zuidema, Wendy Heiser, and Katy Amorose. VARSITY BASKETBALL: Kim Kallembach, Brenda Brede-son, Denise Vinger, Deb Vinger, Sue Larson, and Marta Anderson. J.V. BASKETBALL: Holly Wirtz, Kathy Zuidema, Tammy Nysted, Wendy Heiser, Diane Kortmann, and Katy Amorose. 3738 TOP, VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: Sue Larson, Kristy Zuidema, Brenda Bredeson, Denise Flannery, Connie Garrison, Coach Hirsbrun-ner, Mary Johnson, Rona Erickson, Denise Vinger, Deb Vinger, Kelley Kline, Marta Anderson. MIDDLE RIGHT, J. V. VOLLEY-bALL: FRONT: Coach Hirsbrunner. MIDDLE: Wendy Heiser, Katy Amorose, Ann Ritschard, Kristi Thompson, Kathy Zuidema, Jill Wirtz, Lori Flannery. BACK: Julie Bredeson, Ann Johnson, Tammy Nysted, Lisa Hendrickson, Claire Schmidt, Mable Hanson , Holly Wirtz.39VARSITY: KNEELING: Rick Pen-niston, Kevin Phillips, Dennis Schliem, Tom Rossing. STANDING: Ron Bredeson, Marco Flannery, Steve Larson, Perry Graber, Phil Gavigan, Coach Klamer. JV: KNEELING: Mark Johnson, Coach Ziegler. STANDING: MarkFackson, Kevin Gruenberg, Bill McNett, Daryl Schliem, Joe Coffey, Tom Nelson, Lenny Tollak-son, Brent Penniston, Brian Bredeson. 40GIRL'S BASKETBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL: KNEELING: Holly Wirtz, Coach Dralle, Katie Amorose, STANDING: Julie Ball, Cathy Hauser, Bonnie Barry, Jill Wirtz, Jada Steiner, Sue Larson, Claire Schmidt, Tammy Nysted, Connie Garrison, Deb Vinger, Denise Vinger, Lynn Wire. 41LETTERMEN'S CLUB LETTERMEN'S CLUB: BOTTOM-Rick Penniston, Dennis Schliem, Ron Bredeson, Tom Go-lackson, Joe Coffey, Kirk Baumann. MIDDLE-Perry Graber, Rich Dammen, Jeff Steiner, Wayne Nysted, Greg Isely, Nate Skattum, Jeff Pickett, Advisor: Mr. Bullock. TOP-Tom Rossing, Paul Wenger, Bill Whitmar, Harlan Flannery, Steve Flannery, Steve Larson, Marco Flannery. BASEBALL: BOTTOM-Dorsey Penniston, Dan Tree, Kevin Gruenberg, Memoc Cuevas, Ray Johnson, Brent Penniston. MIDDLE-Coach Bullock, Lenny Tollakson, Daryle Schliem, Kevin Phillips, Joe Coffey, Bill McNett. TOP-Tom Rossing, Wayne Nysted, Bill Whitmar, Dennis Coffey, Ron Bredeson, Dennis Schliem, Allan Lancaster.UNDERCLASSMENJUNIORS CLASS OF t'rynn TOP: Betty Collins, Tom Golackson, Claire Schmidt, Nate Skattum, Bill Watkins, A1 Lancaster, Bonnie "Bernard" Barry, Terry Tyler. MIDDLE: Marco "Chester" Flannery, Tammy "Wheezer" Ziller, M a rt a Anderson, Perry Graber, Sue Larson, Mary Johnson, Lee Montgomery. BOTTOM: Denise "D" F 1 a n n e ry, Ann Ritschard, Marie "Nerd" Gabioud, Brenda "Taters" Bredeson, Tom Rossing, Connie Garrison, Jeff "Pick" Pickett. 44TOP: Ed Falsey, Kristi "T" Thompson, Jill "Cheesy" Wirtz, Kelley "Selma" Kline, Mark "Spark" Wytten-bach, Jackie Olson, Annette Wenger, Joan Smith, Dan "Snow" Penniston. MIDDLE LEFT: Tracey Cornell, D a v id "Carp" C a rpe n te r, Steve "Sunshine" Fischer, Dennis Coffey, FrankBadula. MIDDLE RIGHT: Rick Nipple, Steve "Stovepipe" Emberson, Jeff Blum, David "Poptart" Martin, Jeff Smith, Tom Tree, Jim Bruehlman. BOTTOM: Jon Hartwig, Fren Engeli, John Wire, Mike Benson. 45CLASS OF "79" SOPHOMORES TOP: Daryl Schliem, Jill Penniston, Nicki Meier, Arm Johnson, Julie Bredeson. LEFT MIDDLE: Diane Kortman, Mary Auestad, Tom'Nelson, Tami Fischer, Lenny Tollakson, Joe Coffey. RIGHT MIDDLE: Steve Johnson, John Gabioud, Gary Schmid, Gary "Whitey" Krahenbuhl, Tom Pink. 46TOP: Bob Falsey, John Collins, Brian Bredeson, Mark Johnson, Cheryl Beaston, Chris Blum. MIDDLE LEFT: Gary Dammen, Julie Hauser, Donald DeNure, Lori Flannery, Bryon Krahenbuhl. MIDDLE RIGHT: Brenda Penniston, Lisa Hendrickson, Kathy Zuidema, Tammy Nysted. 47CLASS OF "80" FRESHMEN TOP: Tim Holmes, Betty Engieli, Bill Zuidema, Brian Mundt, Janet Ihus. MIDDLE: Bill McNett, Keith Kammerud, Memoc Cuevas, Gerald Bruehlman. BOTTOM: Holly Wirtz, Cathy Hauser, Wendy Heiser, Dorsey Penniston, Jon Whitmar, Jim Montgomery, Katy Amorose. 48TOP: CLOCKWISE: Ramona Gordee, Neil Olson, Ray Johnson, Brent Penniston, Ron Martin, Sue Disrud, CENTER: Julie Ball. LEFT BOTTOM: Donna Gilbertson, Roberta Blum, Shirley Moen, Lynn Wire, Neal Hendrickson, Dan Lancaster. 49mO »in TOP LEFT: Brian Treuthardt, Kent Wilhelmson, Laurie Holmes, Tammy Johnson, Pam Johnson, Dennis Meier. TOP RIGHT: Royal Berg, Tom Ziller, Kristy Amorose, Lorri Schmidt, Bonny Flannery. BOTTOM LEFT; FRONT: Benito Cuevas, Dwight Kallembach, Alan Berg. BACK: Teresa Chambers, Nancy Moen, Laura Engeli. U PPER MIDDLE RIGHT: Pamela Garwell Sandy Smith, Gary Pattinson, Jeff Lewis, Ric' ian-son, Wendy Blum. LOWER MIDDLE K HT; FRONT: Stacy Meyer, Vicki Tollakson, Deanna Benson. BACK: Raynold Saalsaa, Randy Sch-liem, Steve Flannery. BOTTOM RIGHT: Scott Heiser, Judy Fisher, Janet Collins, Kurt Tollakson, Jeff Mundt, Jean Dunlavy. 50TOP LEFT: Margaret Spears, Laurie Hanson, Tom Sue home 1, Tom Davis, Denita Benson, Jim Tree, Carol Engeli, Gwen Schlafli. TOP RIGHT: Duane Garrison, Connie McGrath, Amy Krahenbuhl, )eff Makos, Joan Gilbertson, Shirlene Hartwig, Kevin Johnson. MIDDLE LEFT: Shelia Hendrickson, Danny Nelson, Debbie Kipfer, Randy Upward, Rhonda Brede-son, Mike Wilson, Nannette Dammen, Jennifer Heiser. MIDDLE RIGHT, FRONT: Mike Flannery, Delbert DeNu e, Donald Golackson. BACK: Rita Olson, Julie Saalsaa, Christine Bruehlman, Susie Stauffacher. BOTTOM LEFT: Duane Mason, Candy Edler, Jim Whitmar, Dale McNett, Steve Tollakson, Rhonda Krebs, Jeff Johnson, Joe Hauser. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tammy Ihus, Patty Beaston, Rick Vinger, Joyce Collins, William Wire, Caroline Rossing, Art Thompson, Tammy Pattinson. 5152 JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES TOP RIGHT, SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL, BOTTOM: Dale McNett, Joe Hauser, Mike Wilson, Steve Tollakson, Jeff Johnson. TOP: Mike Flannery, Randy Upward, Danny Nelson, Coach Harvey, Kevin Johnson, Jeff Makos, Duane Garrison. UPPER MIDDLE RIGHT, EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: Pam Johnson, Deanna Benson, Tammy Johnson, Vicki Tolakson, Laurie Holmes. LOWER MIDDLE RIGHT, EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL, BOTTOM: Kurt Tollakson, Dwight Kal-lembach, Jeff Mundt, Scott Hauser. TOP: Brian Treuthardt, Royal Berg, Raynold Saalsaa, Coach Hossman, Randy Schliem, Jeff Lewis, Steve Flannery. BOTTOM LEFT, SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS, FRONT: Jennifer Heiser. MIDDLE: Sheila Hendrickson, Debbie Kipfer, Nannette Dammen. BACK: Amy Krahenbuhl, Rhonda Bredeson.SCHOOL LIFESCHOOL LIFE IS ... just "T" ... Leggo my EGGO!! ... a last look at a clean hall before Cleo walks through. 55SCHOOL LIFE AT THE CHRISTMAS PEP RALLY IS ... Argyle's newest cheerleaders ... rein "dear" pulling Santa's wagon ... telling Santa what he should bring the team for Christmas ... our new cheerleaders spelling out a victory with Santa helping them. t 56SCHOOL LIFE IS ... a friendly smile from Mrs. Johnson ... Kathy Zuidema and Tammy Nysted who have caught "Boogie Fever" ... some student scientists ... sexy legs among other things ... the Cafe crowd ... last year's picture.SONG'S AND THEIR ASSOCIATIONS THE WAY WE WERE: Kim and Steve FEEL LIKE A MAN: Marco BILLY DON'T BE A HERO: Billy W. COUNTRY ROADS: Parking CUDDLE UP: Mary and Lee I DON'T LIKE TO SLEEP ALONE: Come on over SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Mr. Hassel LIVE AND LET DIE: Phil G. MIDNIGHT BLUES: Weekends home alone MY LITTLE TOWN: Fayette SWEET AND INNOCENT: Holly THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE: Kim, Marta and Rona vs. Deb G Denise WILD WORLD: School MAKE ME SMILE: Katie Amorose MONSTER MASH: Phillip MICKEY MOUSE: Jill Wirtz and Kristi Thompson YOU'RE SO VAIN: Senior guys by the window DIAMOND GIRL: Hershey IT DON'T COME EASY: Tom G, LITTLE WOMEN: 8th grade girls NO, NO SONG: The slobs YOU SEXY THING: Marta HOT LINE: Lisa G Kathy NEW KID IN TOWN: Harvey WEDDING SONG: Scott G Deb BOOGIE FEVER: Cheerleaders TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS: Kathy Z. FEELINGS: Homecoming YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Graduation march LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY: Tammy G Rich YOU ARE THE WOMAN: Wheezer DANNY'S SONG: Snow HARD HEADED WOMAN: Deb Vinger LITTLE WILLIE: Jeff W. FOXES ON THE RUN: Rona, Mable, Connie G Cleo THE PARTY' S OVER: Hangover City! VINCENT: Mr. Bullock YOUNG LOVE: Gary D. G Stacy M. STAND TALL: Julie Saalsaa LOVE HURTS: Ann G Steve NADIA'S THEME: Kim STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: Certainly not the stairs to the office ! WALK THIS WAY: Kim DEVIL WOMAN: Devil Mable DREMON: Prom SATURDAY NIGHT: What a ball! HUSTLE: Todd Wirtz YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCING: Brenda B. EIGHTEEN: Victor Schmidt SCHOOL'S OUT: Seniors MOTHER FREEDOM: Brenda P. SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDER: Steve F. LADY: Jada Steiner LOVERS NEVER SAY GOODBYE: That's what you think! PEACEFUL: Before the party. PHOTOGRAPHS AND MEMORIES: Annual OH VERY YOUNG: Freshmen I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE: At Parties ONE IS THE LONLIEST NUMBER: That's for sure HAPPY DAYS: Vacation SLOW RIDE: Down to lunch FLAMING YOUTH: Juniors SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Cheerleaders at the Girl's basketball games. TROUBLE, TROUBLE: Getting caught drinking FIFTY WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER: Todd COLOUR MY WORLD: Art Class WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN: Seniors I'LL PLAY FOR YOU: Band SUMMER BREEZE: We can't wait! IF: 1 make it through school. LYIN' EYES: Telling your parents where you were PRECIOUS AND FEW: Parties SEASONS IN THE SUN: SUMMER! ! ! THESE EYES: are pretty bloodshot 58AT BABY DAY WE OBSERVED... Some "BARE" lovers; Scott Fischer has the cutest little baby face; One is enough, Two is Double Trouble; Leaving to go home to Mommy. 60SCHOOL LIFE IS... Denise, Kelley, and Marie all caught white-handed and footed. Some very enthusiastic servers at the Christmas Teachers Tea. Jim and Jo. . .Ready, Set, Go!SCHOOL LIFE IS . . . "Hear no Evil" Denise, "See no Evil" Kelley, "Speak no Evil" Marie. You can expect a "Hassel" in English. As usual, Rona doesn't know whether she's coming or going. Denise Vinger "COC" (Cheerleader out of Commission). Tom and Lauren agree with Mr. B. -- "You Gotta Have Art.'' 62ACTIVITIESThe Prom theme for 1976 was Sweet Thing. This year's court consisted of King Jeff Steiner, Queen Kristy Zuidema and attendants Todd Wirtz and Paula McNett, Rick Penniston and Rona Erickson, and Kirk Bauman and Janet Pittz, and Dennis Schliem and Jada Steiner. Miniature king and queen were John Stephens and Lori Lien . The gym was beautifully decorated in shades of blue. The girls were dressed in long flowing gowns of different pastels and daintily carrying umbrellas upon their shoulders. The King and his attendants were all dressed in the same cut of tuxedo with corsages upon their lapels. PROM COURT: Todd Wirtz, Rick Penniston, Kirk Baumann, Dennis Schliem, Miniature King John Stephens. King Jeff Steiner, Queen Kristy Zuidema, Miniature Queen Lori Lien, Jada Steiner, Janet Pittz, Rona Erickson, Paula McNett. 64This year's Homecoming theme was Feelings. The gym was decorated in the bright moving colors of autumn. The band Sonrise provided this year's entertainment with a arrangement of modem songs while the audience boogied. The courts attire corresponded with the colors decorating the gymnasium. 66HOMECOMING COURT: Freshman Sue Disrud, Sophomore Lori Flannery, Junior Denise Flannery, Senior Jada Steiner, Queen Deb Vinger, King Ron Bredeson, Senior Dennis Schliem, Junior Perry Graber, Sophomore Donald DeNure, Freshman Neal Hendrickson. 67 HOMECOMING '76 Mr. Bullock leading the Snake Dance down to the oonfire. Sophomore float "A Victory Is In Sight" received 2nd place. Freshman float "They'll Need Nerve To Play Us" received 1st place. Senior Float "We'll Dew 'Em In" received 3rd place. A picture of the Junior float "We'll Leaf 'Em Behind' ' was not available. They received 4th place. Jo Ann Dunlavy, who is the 1976-1977 Argyle Dairy Queen, also participated in the Homecoming Parade. 68ELEMENTARYPJ D C5 U X H X 55 Adjecfiv Words that Describe Nouns Ad, ond Where Persons Places TOP. FRONT: Junie Wetzstein, Ginny Hanson, Debbie Tree, David Dammen, Julie Benson, Jim Holmes, Brian McDonald. BACK: Mary Wyttenbach, Bobbi Olson, Jana Stephens, Mike Garwell, Mr. Hagen, Randy Berg, Eddie Hauser, John Amorose, Dennis Lancaster, Christine Krebs. BOTTOM. FRONT: Robert Makos, Jay Meyer, Mary McNett, Krystal Johnson, Renee Saalsaa, Julie Wetzstein, Tom Hartwig, Crystal Penniston, Lori Peterson. BACK: Mrs. Thompson, Ann Johnson, Pam Steiner, Margaret Wilhelmson, Scott Canon, Scott Bred-eson, Randy Swingen. 70TOP. FRONT: Tom Daly, Joel Nall, Darin Burreson, Jenny Wyttenbach, Julie Beutel, Patty Collins, Laurie Jackson, Jolene Lewis, Keith Ritschard. BACK: Mrs. Rossing, Barry Heiser, Ruth Boynton, Valerie Henner, Abby Spears, Doreen DeNure, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Mary Ellen Oman. BOTTOM. FRONT: Heidi Broge, Rose Engeli, Xochitl Cuevas, John Tollakson, Scott Stamm, Scott Mason. BACK: Penny Canon, Jenny Kallembach, Gerald Wahl, Donald Guthrie, Paul Johnson, Danny Treuthardt, Brian Pickett, Mrs. Rossing. 714TH GRADE: FRONT: Gerald Gollmer, Beth Dunlavy, Barrie Cuevas, Leland Schild, Carrie Wyttenbach, Wendy Canon, Gene Treuthardt. BACK: Mrs. Wenger, Shelly Mason, Julie Pittz, David Soper, Caramel Berg, Lynette Erickson, Mark Flannery. BOTTOM: FRONT: Kimberly Andrew's, Chuck Hendrickson, Mike Suchomel, Greg Wilson, Lisa Peterson, Kurt Flannery, AmyBredeson. BACK: Kristine Johnson, Diane Hendrickson, Allison Berg, Linda Gavigan, Mrs. Moen, Daryle Dammen, Chris Johnson, Tim Daly, Steve McNett. 72 4TH GRADEBOTTOM: 1ST GRADE: FRONT: Thad Andrews, Todd Tollakson, Joel Beutel, Dennis Flannery, John Stevens, Holly Jaggi, Dean Flannery, Toni Hassenfelt, Jodi Kallembach, Jeff Amorose, Mary Kra-hanbuhl. MIDDLE: Robin Treuthardt, Sara Everson, Eric Makos, Joel Sebranek, Alan Coulthard, Debbie Harms, Scott Mathys, Julie Dun-lavy, Deanna Flannery, Darci Dammen, BACK: Mrs. Dannenberg. TOP: 3RD GRADE: FRONT: John Dun-lavy III, Tracy Anderson, Lisa Kallembach, Tommy Pattinson, Andy Coulthard, Billy Jo Blode, Jeff Lancaster, Brenda Blum, Jeff Nelson, Johnny Cuevas, Keith Jackson, Mrs. Anderson, BACK: Kurt Waage, Lonnie Severson, Dawn Bates, Diane Suchomel, Annette Hauser, Teresa Nelson, Tammy Blum, Dale Wilhelmson, Jeff Beutel, Jeff Johnson, Tim Schliem, Monica Loef-felholz. MIDDLE: 2ND GRADE: FRONT: David Krebs, Todd Lelle, Lori Lien, Tim Mathys, Amy Hagen, Donna Flannery, Julie Barry, Frank Loeffel-holz, Connie Wyttenbach, Diane Garrison, Rodney Hendrickson, Jimmy Flan-nagan. BACK: Jamie Anderson, Tracy Amorose, Paul Johnson, Ronnie Nelson, Tina Bonjour, Angela Olson, Bobby Salsaa, Steven Tree, Lance Nall. 73KINDERGARTEN PRE-SCHOOL LEARNING CENTER TOP, AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN, FRONT: Maureen Wilhelmson, April Gierhart, Jennifer Dunlavy, Jolene Ed-ler, Tammy Willis. BACK: Daryl Flannery, Dee Anna Blum, Miss Mary Ven-den, Scott Olson, Jeffrey Harms. MID DLE, MORNING KINDERGARTEN, FRONT: Jason Hendrickson, Heather Jag-gi, Jeremy Hagen, Tim Lelle, Danny Nelson. BACK: Larry Lien, Jon Lewis, Lance Penniston, Miss Venden, Shawn Anderson, David Bullock, Betty Jo Gran-berg. BOTTOM LEFT, PRE-SCHOOL: Steve Flannery, Amy Dammen, Jami Dammen, Dee Bullock, Chris Bullock, Debbie Hexom, Korene Olson, Perry Granberg, Alan Severson, Lucy Harris, Gretchen Mosley. BOTTOM RIGHT, LEARNING CENTER: Billie Schmid, Kathy Wyttenbach, Randy Bernet, Mr. Harvey, Lynn Krebs. 74TOP: Cooks Mable Dovre, Pearl Soper, Mary Gilbertson, Sue Johnson. MIDDLE LEFT: Ron Waage. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mark Tollakson. BOTTOM LEFT: Jake Wyss. BOTTOM RIGHT: Walter Eichstad. 75 MAINTENANCE76Phone: 543-3711 John Stauffer PIANO TUNING AND REPAIRING NEW AND USED PIANO AND ORGAN SALES NORSEMAN SUPPI R CLUB Argyle, V i scon sin RFD l Monticello, Wi . 53570 Telephone 608 938-4526 Cl A ires -ROBIN'S DEEP ROCK STATION Surge Supplies. ARGYLE LUMBER CO. Complete Building Materials Starline Feeding Barn Eqp. Madison Silos Argyle, Wis. FAMILY RESTAURANT TAYLOR S FLORIST 919 Madison St. Darlington, WI SAETHERS INC The store o the gracious home GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Since 1879 BLANCHARDVILLE, WIS. 53516 FREE DELIVERY 776-3301 ★ FURNITURE ★ WALL ACCESSORIES CARPETING ★ DECORATIVE GIFTS ★ CUSTOM DRAPERIES ★ WAU COVERINGS BEDSPREADS ★ LAMPS ★ DECORATING SERVICE ★ BEDDING 78CHUCK PHILLIPSON Photographer P.O. BOX 82, NEW GLARUS 527-2002 BLANCHARDVILLE CO-OP OIL ASSN. PERTOLEUM PRODUCTS BLANCHARDVILLE-ARGYLE HOLLANDALE-NEW GLARUS BLANCHARDVILLE 523-4294 ARGYLE-543-3071 SPONSORS TURNER HALL -- Monroe EAST SIDE EQUIPMENT -- Monroe .... °SJBY Argyle BERNARD HANSON -- Argyle °arlmgton STAR ENGRAVING CO. - - Fountain City " " °a:rlmgton PIPER’S DREAM - Monroe 1L Ar£yle PANDOW JEWELERS -- Monroe THORPE PAINT AND WALL PAPER -- Monroe BIENEMA OLDS-CADILLAC -- Monroe ONE HOURS MARTINIZING -- MonroeISELY ELECTRIC COMPLIMENTS OF Argyle, Wisconsin Phone 543-3249 DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER MONROE, WI. Good Luck - Class of '77 Daryle Isely Congratulations Class of '77 BIGGS CHEESE FACTORY The Fred Wirt Family Argyle. WisconsinThe 1158th TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Wisconsin National Guard Monroe, Wisconsin Phone 325-4322 Southwest Wisconsin Vocational-Technical Institute SKAIFE BROS. MARKET AND PROCESSING PLANT Quality meats and groceries Quality comes first! 523-4254 Blanchardville Bronson Boulevard Fennimore, Wisconsin 53809 Phone■■ 608-822-3262 Ronald H. Anderson District Director Offering lull — and part-time courses in: Agriculture, Business and Marketing, Trades and Industry, Home Economics, Health Occuaptions. 1170 Lincoln Avenue Fennimore, Wisconsin r5 d ad A N INSURANCE Insurance Specialists Auto Farm Health Life Home Pensions I.R.A.’s -oro-i Tom Arnot, Steven Nelson — Argyle MONTGOMERY itutpoint appliances BROWNTOWNMAX OLESON Branch Manager Lafayette County JIM SWEENEY Loan Officer Belmont Cuba City Benton Hazel Green We'll come to you to discuss your farm credit needs. LARRY FRITZ JOHN MAURER Loan Officer South Wayne Gratiot Darlington Wiota Loan Officer Argyle Blanchardul Fayette Shullsburg Darlington Other services: Agrifax Hail Insurance Credit fire Insurance Credit disability Ins. PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION OF DODGEVILLE DARLINGTON BRANCH OFFICE Farming is everyones bread and butter FLORINES LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR ACCESSORIES and GIFTS Sylvia Norman Peterson 1618 - 11th Street Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 Downtown Monroe 1128 17th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin Phone 325-5421Isely Repair and Excavating THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER With The Most For You "TO MI i I wh Roger F. Isely Argyle, Wisconsin Phone 543-3104 MODERN FINANCIAL SERVICE FOR MODERN PEOPLE Your Hometown Bank Member of the F.D.I.C. STATE BANK OF ARGYLEVINGER IMPLEMENT Your headquarters for Berg Barn Cleaners and Berg Stanchion Parts Colony Paints Argyle, Wis. Telephone: 543-3533 Alfred Tollakson and Sons Argyle. Wisconsin EQUITY LIVESTOCK AUCTION MARKET - Monroe, Wisconsin l F Y WASHINGTON IMPLEMENT CO. INC. Regular Auctions Every 1 MONDAY WEDNESDAY Deals In Sale Time 12 Noon Case, Papec Daily Hog Market at Private Treaty GRADED FEEDER PIG AUCTIONS Lely and Hesston TUESDAYS For information call Bill Endrulat, mgr., 608 328-8344 Phone: 938-4316 Monticello, Wi. L.A. ROSSING CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Clothing for the entire family Every mile is worth your mile Since 1870 Phone: 543-3013KERMIT WATKINS Building and Remodeling Argyle, Wisconsin IRMA'S KITCHEN On the corner across from the school and the Post office. Argyle, Wis. 543-3 1524 ELEVENTH ST. MONROE. WIS. 53566 BERGEY JEWELRY DAVE BERGEY 608 328-4240 J vgfe Gifts for All Occasions A Complete Hallmark Line On the Square-Monroe (Sift (Eaatl? 8586AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS 88 

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