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 - Class of 1975

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TREASURED ECHOES Nineteen Seventy-Five Volume Twenty-Seven Argyle High School Argyle, WisconsinForeword Welcome to the 1974-1975 edition of TREASURED ECHOES. It’s been a good year and we hope this is reflected in our pictures. The Senior section is in the third anniversary of its popular format. So popular, in fact, that it has been found copied in yearbooks of neighboring schools. Read on quickly, then come back for a more leisurely appraisal. Table Of Contents Seniors........................................... 3 Faculty And Administration......................... 17 Underclassmen ................................... 23 Organizations ................................... 33 Sports .......................................... 53 Activities....................................... 67 School Life ....................................... 73 Elementary 794TOP LEFT: Daryl DeNure. T OP RIG HT: Linda Smith. BOTTOM LEFT: Suzanne Olson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mary Jane Schild. STOP LEFT: Jana Erickson.TOP RIGHT:Phil Graber. BOTTO M LEFT: LeAnn Craft. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jane Fransen. 6TOP LEFT: Shelley Meyer. TOP RIGHT: DeA nn Nysted. BOTTOM LEFT: Pamela Schliem. BOTTOM RIGHT: Christine Nelson. 7TOP LEFT: Sherry Krahenbuhl. TOP RIGHT: Steve Dammen. BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Pittz. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dan Bredeson. ■THIS PAGE. TOP LEFT: David Sauder. TOP RIGHT: Cherrie Lofgren. BOTTOM LEFT: Richard Brandt. BOTTOM RIGHT: Greg Stamm. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: John Engeli. TOP RIGHT: Kim Gruenberg. BOTTOM LEFT: Kathy Nelson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bruce Hanson. 1012OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: Bill Bartels. TOP RIGHT: Mark Upward. BOTTOM LEFT: Renee Gordee. BOTTOM RIGHT: Randy Campbell. THIS PAGE.TOP LEFT: Steve Rossing. TOP RIGHT: Marth McNett. BOTTOM LEFT: Tan-na Severson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Larry Moen. 13TOP LEFT: Mike A ebl y. TOP RIGHT: Jean Sauder. BOTTOM LEFT: Mark Schmid. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bob Golackson. 14Senior Directory MIKE AEBLY--Football Statistician 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Offi-cer 3 BILL BARTELS—FFA 1,2,3,4; Green Hand 2; Chapter Farmer 3. MELODY BERG—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 4; Annual Staff 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Typing Award 2; Pom Pom Girl 1; Twirler 3,4. RICHARD BRANDT—FFA 1,2,3,4; Green Hand 2; Chapter Farmer 3. DAN BREDESON—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 1, 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Student Council 1,3; FFA 1,2,3; Prom Attendant 3; Class President 2; Honor Roll 1,4; State Line League Honors Band 4; All Conference Football 4; All American Honors Band 4; LaVerne Lofgren Sportsmanship Award 3; Football Captain 4. LAUREL B R UEH L MAN-A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band Student Conductor 4; Track 4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Annual Editor 4; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Literary Editor 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Library Club 1; Dramatics 2,3; Forensics 2,3,4; Volleyball 4; Class Officer 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; State Line League Honors Band 4. RANDY CAMPBELL—Football 3; Track 3. LeANN CRAFT— A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Twirler 1,2,3,4; FFA 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Reporter 2; FHA Treasurer 4; Library Club 1,2; Treasurer 2; Forensics 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Alfred Ommodt Memorial Award 2; Letter Winner 4; Forensics Award 2,3,4. STEPHEN DAMMEN—A Cappel la Choir 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Vice President 3; FFA President 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; All Conference Football 4; Football Captain 4. DARYL DeNURE— Football 2; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Officer 4. JOHN ENGELI—Football 1,2,4; Letter Winner 2; FFA 1,2,3, 4; FFA Treasurer 3; FFA President 4. JANA ERICKSON--A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; FHA 3; Pep Club 1,2,4; Volleyball 4; Prom Attendant 3; State Line League Honors Band 4. BARBARA FISHER—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Dramatics 2,3; Forensics 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Math Award 3; Chemistry Award 3; Typing Award 2; Society of Outstanding High School Students 3,4; Newspaper Editor 4; Volleyball Statistician 4; State Line League Honors Band 4. JANE FRANSEN—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Track 4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Letter-men's Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,4; Volleyball 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; State Line League Honors Band 4. BOB GOLACKSON—Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 3,4; Track 3,4; Letter Winner 3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Student Council 1,2; FFA 1; Prom Attendant 3; Class President 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. RENEE GORDEE—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3; Forensics 2,3,4; Forensics Award 2,3,4. PHIL GRABER—Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4; Student Council 1; Prom King 3; Class President 4. KIM GRUENBERG—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4; Prom Attendant 3; Lettermen's Club Treasurer 4; Honor Roll 4. BRUCE HANSON—Football 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4; Lettermen's Club 4. SHERRY KRAHENBUHL—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 1, 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; FHA 3,4; FHA R e porter 4; Dramatics 1; Dramatics Award 1; Forensics 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Honor Roll 1,4. CHERI LOFGREN—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Prom Attendant 3; Homecoming Attendant 1; Class Officer 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; State Line League Honors Band 4. ERIN McDONALD—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 4; Senior Band 1, 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Track 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,4; FHA 1,4; Pep Club 2,4. MARTHA McNETT—FHA 4. SHELLEY MEYER—Senior Band 1,2,3,4;Pep Band 1,2,3,4; State Line League Honors Band 4; All-American Honors Band 4; John Philip Sousa Band Award 4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; FHA 1,2,3,4. LARRY MOEN—FFA 1,2,3,4. CHRIS NELSON—A Cappella Choir; Madrigal Swing Choir 4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 1,4; Prom Queen 3; Class Officer 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. KATHY NELSON—Pep Club 2; Library Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2. DeANN NYSTED—Cheerleader 2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; FHA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,4; Library Club 4; Pom Pom 1,2; Homecoming Attendant 3; Class President 1; Honor Roll 3,4. SUZANNE OLSON. CLETUS PINK—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 3,4; Color Guard 2,3,4; Letter Winner 3,4. JIM PITTZ—Footbal I 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Letter Winner 3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4. STEVE ROSSING—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3; Homecoming Attendant 3; Track MVP 3; Football All Conference 4. DAVE SAUDER—FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Officer 3,4. JEAN SAUDER—FFA 1,2; Green-hand Award 2. MARY JANE SCHILD—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Swing Choir 2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; FHA 3,4; Pep Club 4; Prom Attendant 3; Honor Roll 4. NATE SCHLAF-LI—Senior Band l,2,3,4;Pep Band 1,2; Football 3,4; BasketbalI 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Track 2; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; Letter-men's Club 4; FFA 1,2,3; Homecoming King 4; Class Officer 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 4. PAM SCHLIEM—A Cappella 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Annual Staff 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 1,2, 3,4; FHA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,4; Library Club 4; D r a m a t i c s 2,3; Homecoming Attendant 4. MARK SCHMID—FFA 1,2,3. TANNA SE VERSO N—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Letter Winner 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Secretary 4; Pep Club 2,4. LINDA SMITH—A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Pom Pom Girl 1,2; Twirler 3,4; Volleyball 4; Track 4; Newspaper Staff 4. GREG STAMM—A Cappella Choir 1; Footbal I 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1; Lettermen's Club 2,3,4; Football All Conference 4. CHRIS STEIN—Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Forensics 2,3,4; Library Club 1,2; Treasurer 1; Vice President 2; Pep Club 1,2,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA President 4; FHA Treasurer 3; Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2; Forensics, Library, Math Science Awards. MARK UPWARD—Football 2,3;FFA 1,2,3,4. LuANN WIL-HELMSON—A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3; Annual Staff 3,4; FHA 1,2; Pep Club 1.2.4: Homecomina Attendant 3: Class Officer 1,4; Honor Roll 4. 15Senior Class Officers And Letter Winners TOP. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: LuAnn Wilhelmson, treasurer; Nate Schlafli vice president; Cheri Lofgren s e c r e t a r y; Phi I Graber, president. BOTTOM. SENIOR LETTER WINNERS, FRONT: Greg Stamm, LuAnn Wilhelmson, Phil Graber, Jane Fransen, Jim Pittz, Bruce Hanson. SECOND ROW: Steve Dammen, Cletus Pink, Melody Berg, Kim Gruenberg, Shelley Meyer, Cheri Lof-gren. THIRD ROW: Erin McDonald, Steve Rossing, DeAnn Nysted, Chris Nelson, Mary Jane Sc h i I d. Bob Golackson. BACK: Jana Erickson, Dan Bredeson, Pam Schliem, John Engeli, Mike Aebly, Laurel Bruehlman, Nate Schlafli.£ o • SO Q 40 cc • 1-0 -5 S e TOP RIGHT: Superintendent GERALD OLSON. TOP LEFT: District Secretary MARGARET HART. BOTTOM: School Board Members KAS-PAR BERGET and NEFI TAN NFI SON. SR. 18TOP: School Board Members RICHARD GORDEE, SR., DALESCHLIEM, VIRGIL HENDRICKSON. BOTTOM LEFT: High School Principal WAYNE COOPER. RIGHT: High School Secretary PAT JOHNSON. 19TOP: HERBERT HASSEL, English, Speech, Forensics; JANE MAURER, Phy. Ed., Health, Volleyball, Track; ROBERTA BELL,Social Studies, 1st semester. SECOND ROW: RU DO LPH H ASKE, Special Education; GLORIA CHRISTENSEN, J u n i or High Scienceand Ecology; NORMA A R N 0 T, Junior High Math, Art; DAVE BULLOCK, Phy. Ed., Health, Football, Baseball, Dri vers Ed. BOTTOM: DON DRALLE, Industrial Arts; KATHY KAINZ, Guidance; BERTHA MUELLER,Junior High and Freshman Engl ish; GENE FINDLAY, Business Education, Newspaper. 20TOP: WILLIAM BELL, Math; MARILYN DRALLE, Home Ec., FHA; DON DALY, Jr. High Social Studies, JV and 8th Grade Basketball, JV Football. MIDDLE: KAREN HOGAN, Spanish; DAVE BERNANDER, Art, Assistant Football; DON SCHOENICK, Band, A Cappella Choir, Swing Choir, Elementary Music, Annual; SARA PAUL, Library. BOTTO M:ROBERT FOLEY, Ag„ FF A; TOM DOMBROWSKI, Social Studies, Second Semester; ROBERT ARNOT, Science. 21Janitors And Cooks TOP: Jim Penniston, Martin Bredeson, Mark Tollakson. BOTTOM: Mabel Dovre, Sue Johnson, Hazel Gilbertson Lillian Johnson. Not available for picture: head cook Helen Skattum.UNDERCLASSMENOPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Jim Johnson. TOP RIGHT: Jami Meyer, Kathy Campbell, Kathy Garrison, Pam Blum, Gwen Kleiser. MIDDLE: Larry Erickson, Kevan Hartwig, Harlan Erickson, Ron Nipple, Bob Berget, Pete Wei be I. BOTTOM LEFT: Kirk Wenger, Denise Nelson, Lyle Hendrickson, Heidi Rossing. BOTTOM RIGHJ: Paul P,n|c Lor®n Bruehlman, Scott Ritschard, Randy Flannery, Dean Gerber, Steve Hanson. THIS PAGE, TOP: Linda Me Nett, Julie Wirtz Jerry Pittz, Laurel Vlasak, Ricky Steiner, Joy Zuidema. BOTTOM LEFT, SITTING: Walter Hartwig, Kim Godfrey Cary Craft, Brian Wyttenbach. STANDING: Julie Wyttenbach Roy Schmid, Helen Erickson, Bob Bartels. RIGHT Frank Oliver, Larry Wahl, Carol Bertelrud, Debbie Meier, Julie Swingen, Brian Nelson.THIST0P: Todd Wirtz, Roger Tourdot, Mike Flannery, Wayne Nysted, Harlan Flannery, Debbie Penniston, Steve Lar-Vr»9viyiJ"EFT: Kathy Zilliox, Ronald Gordee, JoAnn Dunlavy, Patty Laughridge, Victor Schmid, Jeff Steiner. BOTTOM on Bredeson, Marc Busch. BACK: Jada Steiner, Rona Erickson, Connie Hendrickson. 0P-roSTTE PACGE X°P LEFT: Den,se Vm9er, Ricky Penniston, Darlene Hanson, Debra Vinger. TOP RIGHT: Dave Meyer Bil Whitmar, Sam Pattinson, Shawn Burreson, Andrew Anderson. MIDDLE: Paul Mudgett,Greg Isely, Paula McNett, Tom Holmes Sn?TnM°KruBrett.y Wlre’ TGMC LErF: Steve Flannery, Paul Wenger, Dennis Schliem,Kirk Baumann, Richard Dammen! BOTTOM RIGHT: Lorna Ritschard, Scott Fischer, Kristy Zuidema, Janet Pittz, David Olson.28 TOP: Steve Blum Nate Skattum, Richard Moen, Jim Bruehlman, Mike Benson, Jeff Blum. MIDDLE LEFT: Ann Ritschard, Denise Flannery, Steve Fischer, Brenda Brede-son, Tom Tree, Joan Smith, Kelley Kline. MIDDLE RIGHT, SITTING: Kristi Thompson, Bonnie Barry. STANDING: BOTTOM: Mary Johnson, Marta Anderson, Bob Cooper, Jonathan Hartwig, Connie Garrison.TOP: CLOCKWISE, STARTING AT TOP: Lee Montgomery, Tom Golackson, Frank Badula, Tom Rossing, Steve Emberson, Larry Kammerud. MIDDLE LEFT: Claire Schmidt, David Carpenter, Loren Guthrie, Ricky Nipple, Eddie Sarber, Jr., Betty Colli ns, Jill Wirtz. MIDDLE RIGHT, FRONT: David Martin. BACK: Fred Engeli, Mark Wyttenbach, John Wire, Billy Watkins, Tracy Chambers. BOTTOM, FRONT: Danny Pen-niston, Dennis Coffey, Allan Lancaster. BACK: Terry Tyler, Jackie Olson, Annette Wenger. 29o TOP, LEFT: Brian Bredeson, Tom Pink, John Gabioud, Gary Krahenbuhl, Nicki Meier, Steve Johnson, TOP, RIGHT: Kathy Zuidema, Ann Johnson, Gary Dammen, Donald DeNure, Lisa Hendrickson, Tammy Nysted, Tom Nelson. C3 CD 40 -si •2f MIDDLE LEFT: Mary Auestad, Brenda Pen-niston, Julie Hauser, Bryon Krahenbuhl, Lori Flannery, Mark Johnson, George Guthrie. MIDDLE RIGHT: John Collins, Joe Coffey, Jill Penniston, Ronnie Piercy, Julie Bredeson. BOTTOM LEFT: Daryl Schliem, Tammy Fischer, Lenny To I I a kso n, Diane Kortman, Cindy Blum, Doug Busch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kreigh Baumann, Jane Cooper, Gary Schmid, Chris Blum, David Lawton. 30Seventh Grade TOP LEFT: Dorsey Pennlston, Dan Tree, Billy Zuidema, Jim Montgomery, Scott Heiser, Alan Soper. TOP RIGHT: Mark Jackson, Ronnie Mart in, Neil Olson. UPPER MIDDLE LEFT: Evelyn Walters, Donald Wehinger, Jeff Dammen, Danny Lancaster, Memoc Cuevas. UPPER MIDDLE CENTER: David Willis, Holly Wirtz, Billy McNett, Karen Olson, Jim Lewis, Cathy Hauser. UPPER MIDDLE RIGHT: Robert Fuchs. LOWER MIDDLE LEFT: Jon Whitmar, Brian Mundt, Timmy Holmes, Gerald Bruehlman, Kevin Gruenberg, Brent Penniston. LOWER MIDDLE RIGHT: Betty Engeli, Cindy Craft, Wendy Heiser, Shirley Moen, Katy Amorose. BOTTOM LEFT: Ramona Gordee, Ronnie Tourdot, Wendy Pas-ke, Kim Hanson, Susie Disrud. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lynn Wire, Neal Hendrickson, Janet Ihus, Keith Kammerud, Marty Peterson, Roberta Blum.Junior High Organizations TOP LEFT, CHEERLEADERS, BASE: Tammy Nysted, Wendy Heiser, Karen Olson. TOPS: Kathy Zu i d e m a. Holly Wirtz, Diane Kortman. TOP RIGHT, JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS, FRONT: Tammy Nysted, Ramona Gordee, Bryon Krahen-buhl, Ann Johnson, Mary Auestad, Brenda Penniston, Janet Ihus. SECOND ROW: Jon Whitmar, Neil Olson, Neal Hendrickson, Susie Disrud, Julie Bredeson, Joe Coffey, Daryl Schliem. THIRD ROW: Lori Flannery, Alan Soper, Lennie Tollakson, Jim Montgomery, Jill Penniston, Tammy Fischer, Wendy Paske. FOURTH ROW: Billy Zuidema, Karen Olson, Chris Blum, Diane Kortman, Lisa Hendrickson, Jane Cooper, Kathy Zuidema. BACK: Mark Jackson, Dorsey Penniston, Shirley Moen, Holly Wirtz, Ronnie Piercy, Kathy Hauser, Katy A morose, Wendy Heiser. CENTER, EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL, FRONT: Gary Krahenbuhl, Ron Piercy, Kreigh Baumann, Brian Bredeson. MIDDLE: John Collins, David Lawton, Lennie Tollakson, Gary Dammen, Joe Coffey, Tom Nelson. BACK: Daryl Schliem, Steve Johnson, Coach Daly, George Guthrie. BOTTOM, SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL, FRONT: Brent Penniston, Danny Tree, Dorsey Penniston, Jim Lewis. MIDDLE: Kevin Gruenberg, Jeff Dammen, Billy McNett, Timmy Holmes, Danny Lancaster, Billy Zuidema. BACK: Alan Soper, Jon Whitmar, Ronnie Tourdot, Coach Harvey, Kim Hanson, Neal Hendrickson, Jim Montgomery.FRONT: Laurel Bruehlman, E-flat and B-flat clarinet; Denise Vinger, Debra Vinger, Julie Swingen, Heidi Rossing, B-flat clarinets. SECOND ROW: Laurel Vlasak, Debbie Penniston, Rona Erickson, B-flat clarinets; Kristi Thompson, B-flat clarinet and majorette; Kelley Kline, Cathy Cooper, B-flat clarinets; Jana Erickson, Lenny Tollakson, E-flat alto clarinets. THIRD ROW: Jackie Olson, Claire Schmidt, Holly Wirtz, Mark Jackson, Lynn Wire, Wendy Heiser, Janet Ihus, B-flat clarinets; Jane Fransen, Brenda Bredeson, Denise Flannery, Marie Gabioud, E-flat alto saxophones. FOURTH ROW: Mary Jane Schild, Roger Tourdot, Joe Coffey, Steve Larson, Darlene Hanson, Tom Rossing, Larry Wahl, Billy WatKins, Julie Bredeson, Gary Krahenbuhl, Jon Whitmar, Keith Kammerud, Karen Olson, Dorsey Penniston, trumpets. BACK: Memoc Cuevas, Ronnie Piercy, Neal Hendrickson, Bryon Krahenbuhl, Danny Penniston, Julie Wirtz, Shelley Meyer, snare drums; Kirk Wenger, cymbals; Dan Bredeson, bass drum; LuAnn Wilhelmson, glockenspiel; Nate Schlafli, tympani. 34FRONT: Mary Auestad, Bonnie Barry, oboes; Susan Larson, Denise Nelson, Sherry Krahenbuhl, Erin McDonald, flutes. SECOND ROW: Pam SchMem, bassoon; Barbara Fisher, Ann Ritschard, bass clarinets; Ramona Gordee, Julie Hauser, Tammy Fischer, Lisa Hendrickson. THIRD ROW: Jane Cooper, E-flat alto saxophone; Lorna Ritschard, B-flat tenor saxophone; Brenda Penniston, Jill Wirtz, Marta Anderson, Connie Hendrickson, French horns; Renee Gordee, Marty Peterson, Annette Wenger, Cherrie Lofgren, baritones. FOURTH ROW: Jim Montgomery, Peter Weibel, sousaphones; Kirk Baumann, E-flat baritone saxophone; Billy McNett, Katy Amorose, French horns; Neil Olson, Bob Cooper, Jada Steiner, Lyle Hendrickson,-Brian Nelson, Steve Rossing, Chris Nelson, trombones. BACK: Connie Garrison, Joy Zuidema, Ann Johnson, Kristy Zui-3 dema, Mary Johnson, pom-pom girls; Melody Berg, LeAnn Craft, Linda Smith, twirlers. Senior Band 35CLARINETS. FRONT: Laurel Bruehlman, Denise Vinger Debra Vinger, Julie Swingen, Heidi Rossing. MIDDLE: Laurel Vlasak, Debbie Pennis-ton, Rona Erickson, Kristi Thompson, Kelley Kline, Cathy Cooper. BACK: Jackie Olson, Claire Schmidt, Holly Wirtz, Mark Jackson, Lynn Wire, Wendy Heiser, Janet Ihus. SAXOPHONES. FRONT: Jane Fransen, Kirk Baumann, Lorna Ritschard. BACK: Brenda Bredeson, Denise Flannery, Marie Gabioud, Jane Cooper. PERCUSSION. FRONT: Shelley Meyer, LuAnn Wilhelmson, Kirk Wenger, Dan Bredeson, Nate Schlafli. BACK: Memoc Cuevas, Ronnie Piercy, Neal Hendrickson, Bryon Krahenbuhl, Dan Penniston, Julie Wirtz. FRENCH HORNS: C onn i e Hendrickson, Marta Anderson, Jill Wirtz, Brenda Penniston, Katy A morose, B i.U y Me Nett. 36FLUTES. FRONT: Sue Larson, Denise Nelson, Sherry Krahenbuhl, Erin McDonald. BACK: Ramona Gordee, Julie Hauser, Tammy Fischer, Lisa Hendrickson. MISC. WOODWINDS. FRONT: Jana Erickson, Barb Fisher, Pam Schliem. BACK : Ann Ritschard, Bonnie Bar ry, Mary Auestad, Lennie Tollak-son. BARITONES TUBAS. FRONT: Cherrie Lofgren, Renee Gordee, Annette Wenger, Marty Peterson. BACK: Peter Weibel, Jim Montgomery. TROMBONES. FRONT: Chris Nelson, Steve Rossing, Brain Nelson, Lyle Hendrickson, BACK:Jada Steiner, Bob Cooper, Neil Olson. FRONTING THE BAND: Majorette Kristi Thompson, Twirlers Linda Smith, Melody Berg, LeAnn Craft, Pom Pom Girls Joy Zuidema, Ann Johnson, Mary Jonson, Kristy Zuidema, Connie Garrison. TRUMPETS. FRONT: Mary Jane Schlld, Roger Tourdot, Joe Coffey, Steve Larson, Darlene Hanson. MIDDLE: Tom Rossing, Larry Wahl, Lee Montgomery, Billy Watkins, Julie Bredeson, Gary Krahenbuhl. BACK: Jon Whitmar, Keith Kammerud, Karen Olson, Dorsey Penniston.The three top pictures are of the A r g y I e high school pep band which was directed by Laurel Bruehl man. The pep band is noted as one of the best in the league and keeps the spirit of the crowd high at all home basketball games. The bottom picture shows the audience and high school chorus at the February Pop Concert. 38Swing Choir Madrigal TOP: This is the Swing Choir Madrigal as it appears in concert. GIRLS: Ann Ritschard, Bonnie Barry, Chris Nelson, Laurel Bruehlman, Debra Vinger, Heidi Rossing, Erin McDonald, Jane Fransen, Rona Erickson, Brenda B r e d eso n, Denise Vinger, Mary Jane Schild. BOYS: Tom Tree, Dan Bredeson, Cle-tus Pink, Roger Tourdot, Steve Larson, Brian Nelson, Larry Erickson, Steve Rossing, Tom Rossing, Lee Montgomery, Lyle Hendrickson. BOTTOM: These students were chosen to represent Argyle in the State Line League Honors Band. FRONT: Barbara Fisher, bass c I a r i n et; Shelley Meyer, snare drum; Jane Fransen, alto saxophone; Dan Bredeson, bass drum. BACK: Laurel Bruehlman, E-flat clarinet; Bonnie Barry, oboe; Jana Erickson, alto clarinet; Cheryl Lofgren, baritone. Honors Band 39A Cappella FRONT - Billy Watkins, Cathy Cooper, Annette Wenger, Connie Hendrickson, Brenda Bredeson, Debra Vinger, Kelley Kline. SECOND ROW: Todd Wirtz, Connie Garrison, Frank Badula, Shelley Meyer, Jane Fransen, Darlene Hanson, Marie Gabioud, Jada Steiner. THIRD ROW: Jill Wirtz, Heidi Rossing, Kristy Zuidema, Bonnie Barry, Cary Craft, Laurel Vlasak, Susan Larson. FOURTH ROW: Melody Berg, Steve Rossing, Laurel Bruehl-man, Kim Gruenberg, Lyle Hendrickson, Jeff Steiner, Ricky Steiner, Brian Nelson. BACK: Rona Erickson, Scott Ritschard, Dennis Schliem, Carol Bertelrud, Renee Gordee, Cletus Pink, Debbie Meier. 40Choir FRONT: Kristi Thompson, Denise Vinger, Debbie Penniston, Jackie Olson, Betty Wire, Denise Nelson, Ann Ritschard SECOND ROW: Linda Smith, Joy Zuidema, Sherry Krahenbuhl, Tanna Severson, LuAnn Wilhelm- on Helen Erickson, Marta Anderson. THIRD ROW: Julie Wirtz, Cherrie Lofgren, Tom Tree, Janet Pittz, Linda McNett, Mary Jane Schild, Denise Flannery, Tom Rossing. FOURTH ROW: Steve Larson, Larry Wahl, Barb Fisher, Claire Schmidt, Kirk Baumann, Larry Erickson, Lee Montgomery. BACK: Dan Bredeson, Chris, Melson, Jana Erickson, Julie Swingen, Erin McDonald, Pam Schliem, JoAnn Dunlavy. 41F.H.A. TOP, FRONT: Debra Vinger, historian. MIDDLE: Mrs. Dralle, advisor; Tanna Severson, secretary; LeAnn Craft, treasurer; Sherry Krahenbuhl, reporter. TOP: Rona Erickson, vice president; Chris Stein, president. BOTTOM, FRONT: Debra Vinger, Sherry Krahenbuhl, LeAnn Craft, Tanna Severson, Rona Erickson, Chris Stein, Mrs. Dralle. SECOND ROW: Julie Wyttenbach, Debbie Penniston, Denise Vinger, Denise Nelson, Ann Ritschard, Renee Gordee, Betty Wire. THIRD ROW: Jane Fransen, Shelley Meyer, Kathy Garrison, Jami Meyer, Heidi Rossing, Joy Zuidema, Kristi Thompson, Erin McDonald, Connie Garrison. FOURTH ROW: Helen Erickson, Carol Bertelrud, Julie Swingen, JoAnn Dun-lavy, Kristy Zuidema, Linda Smith, Annette Wenger, Kelley Kline. FIFTH ROW: Darlene Hanson, Connie Hendrickson, Janet Pittz, Laurel Vlasak, Julie Wirtz, Bonnie Barry, Jill Wirtz. BACK: Denise Fallery, Paula McNett, Loma Ritschard, Jada Steiner, Claire Schmidt, Melody Berg, Susan Larson, Mary Johnson. 42TOP, FRONT: Cary Craft, David Sauder, Greg Stamm, Daryl DeNure, John Engeli, Steve Dammen, Mr. Foley. SECOND ROW: Allan Lancaster, Tom Rossing, Jim Bruehlman, David Martin, Kevin Phillips, Tracy Chambers, Roy Schmid, Paul Mudgett, Dan Penniston. THIRD ROW: Frank Badula, Tom Tree, Richard Dammen, Walter Hartwig, LeAnn Craft, Bill Bartels, Dean Gerber, Tom Holmes, Dennis Schliem, Tom Golackson, Bob Bartles. FOURTH ROW: Lee Montgomery, Steve Flannery, Richard Brandt, Roger Tourdot, Harlan Flannery, Larry Erickson, Mark Upward, Ed Sarber, Steve Fischer, Paul Wenger. FIFTH ROW: Kevan Hartwig, Bruce Hanson, Jerry Pittz, Randy Flannery, Ronald Gordee, Scott Fischer, Mike Flannery, Wayne Nysted, Ricky Penniston, Kim Godfrey. TOP: Ron Bredeson, Ricky Steiner, Larry Wahl, Bob Berget, Harlan Erickson, Ron Nipple, Marco Flannery, Frank Oliver, Jim Pittz, David Meyer. BOTTOM, OFFICERS: Sentinel Greg Stamm, President Steve Dammen, Treasurer Daryl DeNure, Reporter Cary Craft, Vice President John Engeli, Secretary David Sauder, Advisor Mr. Foley. 43Treasured Echoes TOP: Laurel Bruehlman, editor; Mr. Schoenick, advisor; Jim Johnson, business manager. BOTTOM: Annual Staff: FRONT: LuAnn Wilhelmson, Susan Larson, Jim Johnson, Mary Jane Schild, Chris Nelson. SECOND ROW: Debbie Penniston, Laurel Bruehlman, Denise Vinger, Jana Erickson. THIRD ROW: Mary Johnson, Debra Vinger, Jada Steiner, C h e r r i e Lofgren. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Bredeson, Marta Anderson, Kristi Thompson, Shelley Meyer, Erin McDonald, Carol Bertelrud, Jane Fransen, Melody Berg. BACK: Debbie Meier, Laurel Vlasak, Heidi Rossing, Julie Wirtz, Joy Zuidema, Julie Swingen, Denise Nelson.TOP: Newspaper Staff: FRONT: Chris Nelson, Erin McDonald, Pam Schliem, Laurel Bruehlman, Barb Fisher, Mr. Findlay, advisor. SECOND ROW: Jane Fransen, DeAnn Nysted, Denise Nelson, Sherry Krah-enbuhl, Gwen Kleiser, Renee Gordee. THIRD ROW: Shelley Meyer, Linda Smith, Heidi Rossing, Joy Zuidema, Jackie Olson, Chris Stein. FOURTH ROW: Carol B erte I rud, Julie Swingen, JoAnn Dunlavy, Pam Blum, Peter Weibel, Jim Johnson. BACK: Kathy Garrison, Jami Meyer, Jill Wirtz, Claire Schmidt, Kristi Thompson, Laurel Vlasak, Julie Wirtz, Lyle Hendrickson. BOTTOM: Barb Fisher, production editor; Laurel Bruehlman, literary editor; Erin McDonald; Mr. Findlay, advisor. Newspaper Staff 45Forensics FRONT: Renee Gordee, LeAnn Craft, Denise Nelson, Sherry K rah en buhl, Mr. Hassel, advisor. BACK: Laurel Bruehlman, Chris Stein, Barb Fisher, Carol Bertelrud. FRONT: Diane Kortman, Jul ie Wyttenbach, Kathy Zuidema, Tammy Fischer. BACK: Mrs. Tollakson, library aide; Tammy Nysted; Miss Paul, librarian; Pam Schliem, DeAnn Nysted. Library 46Underclassmen Letter Winners FRONT: Brenda Bredeson, Cathy Cooper, Debbie Penniston, Denise Nelson, Ann Ritschard, Connie Hendrickson. SECOND ROW: Jill Wirtz, Denise Vinger, Marta Anderson, Rona Erickson, Debra Vinger, Lorna Ritschard, Kristi Thompson. THIRD ROW: Sue Larson, Lee Montgomery, Scott Ritschard, Ricky Penniston, Steve Flannery, Laurel Vlasak, Bonnie Barry. FOURTH ROW: Kirk Wenger, Jada Steiner, Heidi Rossing, Darlene Hanson, Claire Schmidt, Julie Swinger, Denise F I a n n er y, Julie Wirtz. FIFTH ROW: Ron Bredeson, Randy Flannery, Kevan Hartwig, Jerry Pittz, Larry Erickson, Lyle Hendrickson, Wayne Nysted. BACK: Ricky Steiner, Marco Flannery, Brian Nelson, Harlan Erickson, Larry Wahl, Ron Nipple, Steve Larson.If 1 yo u r Independent Insurance f agent SERVES YOU FIRST AUTO FARM HOME AND HEALTH FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS SEE: STEINER INSURANCE AGENCY (surge HOMER PICKETT South Wayne, Wisconsin Phone: 439-5336 JOHN’S GROCERY Meat Produce and Variety Store Argyle, Wisconsin VINGER IMPLEMENT Your headquarters for Berg Barn Cleaners and Berg Stanchion Parts Colony Paints BRENNAN’S CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET Argyle, Wis. Telephone: 543-3533 We Buy Direct — You Buy for Less 608-325-4433 Monroe SCHLIEM’S UNION “76” DALESCHLIEM, PROP. Phone 608-439-5259 South Wayne.Wisc. 53587 48NORSEMAN SUPPER CLUB Argyle, Wisconsin BLASER ELECTRIC 1219 Madison Street Darlington, Wisconsin Telephone: 776-2147 JCovlte.xi. C'tj V[axt(ia 401 Main Street DARLINGTON, WISCONSIN 53530 PHONE 776-2761 NELSON MERCANTILE ire ENGSTAD Chevrolet Sales OFFICE PHONE 776-3366 RES. 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SAETHERS The store of the gracious home Since 1879 BLANCHARDVILLE, WIS. 53516 ★ FURNITURE ★ WALl ACCESSORIES ★ CARPETING ★ DECORATIVE GIFTS ★ CUSTOM DRAPERIES ★ WALL COVERINGS •h BEDSPREADS ★ LAMPS ★ DECORATING SERVICE ★ BEDDING TAYLOR’S FLORIST 919 Madison St. Darlington, WI GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS FREE DELIVERY 776-3301 THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER With The Most For You Tltt ill Si 111 Aqmda. ZINKY REALTY CO.. INC. Real Estate and Developers George J. Zinky, President 3803 West Fond Du Lac Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216 Telephone 445-0460 52FRONT: Bob Berget, Harlan Erickson, Phil Graber, Brian Nelson, Ricky Steiner, Steve Larson, Jim Johnson. SECOND ROW: Jim Pittz, Larry Wahl, Jeff Steiner, Marco Flannery, Jerry Pittz, Mike Flannery, Ron Bredeson. THIRD ROW: Kirk Wenger, Steve Rossing, Harlan Flannery, Kevan Hartwig, Kim Gruenberg, Greg Stamm, Randy Flannery. FOURTH ROW: Coach Bullock, Roger Tourdot, Bob Golackson, Kim Godfrey, Bruce Hanson, Dan Bredeson, Larry Erickson, Wayne Nysted, Kirk Baumann, Coach Daly. BACK: Richard Dammen, Paul Wenger, Steve Dammen, Steve Flannery, Nate Schlafli, Scott Ritschard, Loren Bruehlman. The Orioles, coming off a disappointing 1973 football campaign, (2-7), completed an exciting turnaround in 1974, narrowly missing a championship. The big difference in the two teams was the added year of experience. The Orioles started off on the wrong foot with a very disappointing 34-29 loss at the hands of Holy Name. They were not going to give up after this loss and came right back taking out their frustrations on New Glarus and allowed them a total of 25 yards in a 20-0 victory. This was the first of 6 straight victories. Our first home game was a 32-3 win over Juda. From there we traveled to Barneveld for their Homecoming and won one of the most lopsided games in Argyle history, 51-0. The second home game of the season saw the Oriolesroll over Belleville 28-8. The next week we traveled to Black Hawk and won a hard fought battle, 21-6. Our non-conference game saw a highly touted 15th ranked Williams Bay team massacred by the Orioles, 44-22. This set the stage for a championship match with Peca-tonica. The Orioles dominated the statistics battle but lost the heartbreaker in the last six minutes 22-15. After that defeat though, the Orioles were not to be denied 2nd place with a 40-20 rout of a highly rated Brodhead team. The Oriolesshowed very impressive teamwork and individual statistics.In team statistics we lead the league in both offense, gaining 3265 total yards and averaging 31.1 points per game, and defensive, holding the opponents to 1,076 total yards and 13 points per game. Steve Rossing led the rushing attack with 1,158 yards and scored 98 points. Tight end Brian Nelson led the team in receptions with 22 for 455 yards.The defense was led by Dan Bredeson who had 29 tackles and 88 assists. The Orioles were honored to have five all conference selections. On offense were co-captains Steve Dammen at guard, Steve Rossing at halfback and junior tight end Brian Nelson. On defense were co-captain Dan Bredeson at middle linebacker and Greg Stamm at tackle. Second Place For Football Orioles STATE LINE (Final) Pecatonica W 8 L 0 Argyle 6 2 Brodhead 6 2 Holy Name 5 3 Black Hawk 5 3 New Glarus 3 5 Belleville 2 6 Juda 1 7 Barneveld 0 8 TP OP Season W L 249 77 8 1 236 93 7 2 204 133 6 3 204 197 5 4 144 86 5 4 138 154 4 5 138 168 2 6 74 221 1 8 52 310 0 9The two middle pictures show the Argyle Oriole offensiveand defensive teams. On the top of the next page are the five boys who were honored by being picked to the State Line League All-Conference football team: senior Steve Dammen, senior Steve Rossing, senior Dan Bredeson, junior Brian Nelson and senior Greg Stamm. 56■J.V. Football Team .. . Champs Argyle's J. V. football team had the best record of all State Line League J. V. teams and is unofficially the league champs. FRONT: Perry Graber, Jeff Steiner, Steve Larson, Marco Flannery, Ron Bredeson. SECOND ROW: Wayne Nysted, Ricky Pen-niston,Bill Whitmar, Harlan Flannery, Mike Flannery. THIRD ROW:Allen Lancaster, Loren Bruehlman, Eddie Sarber, Kirk Wenger, Roger Tourdot, Kim Godfrey, Dennis Coffey. FOURTH ROW: Coach Daly, Tom Tree, Richard Dammen, Lee Montgomery, Dennis Schliem, Tom Golackson. BACK: Tom Holmes, Todd Wirtz, Paul Wenger, Tom Rossing, Bob Cooper, Dan Penniston. In the picture to the left "Snow," Allan and Denny display typical J. V. size as they wear "Raybert's" varsity "girdle." r 57TOP LEFT: Managers J oy Zuidema Dari ene Hanson. MIDDLE: Varsity. FRONT: Erin McDonald, Jana Erickson, Chris Nelson, Laurel Bruehlman, Melody Berg, Debbie Meier. BACK: Denise Nelson, Heidi Rossing, Julie Wirtz, Coach Maurer, Jane Fransen, Linda Smith, LuAnn Wilhelmson. BOTTOM: Junior Varsity: Betty Wire, Kelley Kline, Connie Garrison, Debra V i n g e r, Denise Flannery, Claire Schmidt, Coach Maurer, Rona Erickson, Mary Johnson, Kristy Zuidema, Jill Wirtz, Marta Anderson, Denise Vinger. S8o a- Q a- CO TOP: Varsity Cheerleaders. TOP: LuAnn Wilhelmson, Denise Vinger. MIDDLE: Chris Nelson, Pam Schliem, DeAnn Nysted. BOTTOM: Debra Vinger. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Marta Anderson, Julie Swingen, Brenda Bredeson, De nise Nelson, Kristi Thompson, Sue Larson. 59Varsity Basketball FRONT: Scott Ritschard, Dan Bredeson, Ricky Penniston, Nathan Schlafli. MIDDLE: Steve Rossing, Kim Gruenberg, Jerry Pittz, Larry Erickson. BACK: Jeff Steiner, Brian Nelson, Coach Wayne Cooper, Phil Graber, Steve Larson. It was a good season. A third place finish in the State Line League was earned by coach Cooper's three talented junior mainstays, Jerry Pittz, Brian Nelson and Scott Ritschard with help from seniors Phil Graber, Dan Bredeson, Steve Rossing, Nate Schlafli and Kim Gruenberg. The most savored victories were the two wins over Black Hawk, a hard-fought, come-from-behind win over New Glarus and the home game squeaker over Pecatonica on Brian Nelson's field goal with four seconds left. Pittz had seven games with 20 or more points scoring a high of 29 at Juda. R itsc hard's high was 24 at Pecatonica and Nelson scored 22 at Albany. Season scoring leaders in 19 games were Pittz (338), Nelson (247) and Ritschard (184). Top rebounders were Nelson (230), Phil Graber (143) and Pittz (139). Phil Graber committed the most fouls in the season (82) tying a 20-year old record and fouled out of 12 games, breaking the old record of eight decidedly.Pittz was the leader in recoveries with a new record of 101 and also led in assists with 85.The Orioles were eliminated from tournament action in one game at Monticello, 53 to 64. The State Line League All-Conference Team picked by the eleven head coaches included two Argyle players, Jerry Pittz and Brian Nelson. 60T STATE LINE LEAGUE TEAM STANDINGS •••••ALL GAMES TEAM W L Pet. TP OP W L Pet. TP C Brodhead 15 1 .938 1140 847 16 3 .842 1322 Monticello 13 3 .813 925 752 18 6 .750 1376 : ARGYLE 11 5 .688 1053 1002 11 8 .579 1219 120 Black Hawk 11 5 .688 1027 882 11 8 .579 1187 107 Juda 9 7 .563 1070 1085 10 9 .526 1228 Pecatonica 9 7 .563 1084 1030 14 8 .636 1455 138 Bell evill e 6 10 .375 823 905 7 12 .368 969 105 Holy Name 6 10 .375 958 949 7 13 .350 1144 ■ New Glarus 6 10 .375 899 935 6 13 .316 1068 Albany 1 15 .063 824 1076 2 17 .105 1003 127 Barneveld 1 15 .063 824 1164 1 18 .053 962 SCORES OF GAMES Argyle Opponent 56 Potosi 61 81 Barneveld 59 82 Albany 66 69 Pecatonica 77 60 Brodhead 89 71 Juda 62 57 Parkview 80 69 Holy Name 54 68 Belleville 46 53 Black Hawk 48 44 Monticello 64 61 New Glarus 54 81 Barneveld 60 55 Albany 44 66 Pecatonica 65 61 Brodhead 76 67 Juda 86 65 Black Hawk 52 53 Monticello 64 61FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM, FRONT: Dan Penniston, Steve Emberson, Tom Rossing, Steve Fischer, Dennis Coffey, Billy Watkins. BACK: Jeff Pickett, Lee Montgomery, Coach Daly, Perry Graber, Tom Tree. Missing: Frank Badula. 62Junior Varsity Basketball ABOVE: Dennis Schliem, Lee Montgomery, Larry Erickson, Marco Flannery, Ron Bredeson, Jeff Steiner, Coach Daly, Peter Weibel, Rick Penniston, Wayne Nysted, Kirk Wenger, Jeff Pickett, Tom Rossing. Not pictured: Kevin Phillips. The 1974-1975 juni or varsity basketball team compiled a record of 11 wins and 7 losses. In conference play they were 11-5 and finished fourth in the conference. With the shufflings up and down from the varsity squad the J. V. Orioles played many different combinations of players.They beat Barneveld, Albany and Juda twice and Holy Name, Monticello and Belleville once. Splits were recorded with Pecatonica and Black Hawks. They lost single contests to Potosi, Orfordville and New Glarus and two games were lost to Brodhead. Jeff Steiner led the team in scoring with 196 points and set a new J. V. record with afield goal percentage of .493. Marco Flannery scored 175 points and was the team's leading rebounder with 73 offensive, a record 98 defensive, a record total of 171 rebounds and also set a record with 61 fouls. Pete Weibel led with a free throw percentage of .633 while Wayne Nysted had the most assists, 35. FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L Pet. Brodhead 15 1 .938 Black Hawk 13 3 .813 New Glarus 12 4 .750 ARGYLE 11 5 .688 Monticello 11 5 .688 Pecatonica 8 8 .500 Juda 5 11 .313 Albany 4 12 .250 Barneveld 4 12 .250 Holy Name 4 12 .250 Belleville 1 15 .063 SCORES OF GAMES Potosi 59, Argyle 51; Argyle 45, Barneveld 35; Ar-gyle 69, Albany 59; Pecatonica 56, Argyle 49; Brodhead 66, Argyle 34; Argyle 55, Juda 50; Orfordville 54, Argyle 38; Argyle 48, Holy Name 26; Argyle 54, Belleville 38; Black Hawk 63, Argyle 39; Argyle 49, Monticello 46; New Glarus 51, Argyle 36; Argyle 49, Barneveld 43; Argyle 61, Albany 49; Argyle 38, Pecatonica 35; Brodhead 62, Argyle 42; Argyle 65, Juda 43; Argyle 65, Black Hawk 51. 631975 BOYS TRACK TEAM, FRONT: Frank Badula, Tom Tree, Kirk Wenger, Dan Bredeson, Wayne Nysted. MIDDLE: Larry Erickson, Marco Flannery, Brian Nelson, Jerry Pittz, Steve Rossing, Bob Go-lackson. BACK: Kirk Baumann, Ricky Penniston, Jim Johnson, Ron Nipple, Kevan Hart wig, Steve Hanson. 64197 5 GIRLS TRACK TEAM, FRONT: Coach Maurer, Julie Wyt-tenbach, Cathy Cooper, Joy Zui-dema, Heidi Rossing, Sherry Kra-henbuhl. SECOND ROW: Erin McDonald, Melody Berg, Chris Nelson, Jana Erickson, Mary Johnson, Julie Swingen. THIRD ROW: Pam Schliem, Debra Meier, Sue Larson, Laurel Bruehlman, Renee Gordee, Linda Sm ith. BACK: Jill Wirtz, Shelley Meyer, Jane Fransen, Tan-na Severson, Connie Garrison, Marta Anderson, Kristi Thompson. 1975 BASEBALL, FRONT: Coach Bullock, Tom Tree, Dan Penniston, Tom Rossing, Frank Badula. SECOND ROW: Mike A e b I y, Marco Flannery, Ron Bredeson, Wayne Nysted, Ricky Penniston, Kirk Baumann. THIRD ROW: Steve Larson, Kim Gruenberg, Brian Nelson, Jerry Pittz, Bob Golackson.BACK: Steve Rossing, Dan Bredeson, Kirk Wenger, Larry Erickson. Baseball 65Lettermen’s Club ABOVE: Lettermen's Club. FRONT: Mr. Bernander, advisor, Steve Rossing, Kim Gruenberg, Dan Bredeson, Bob Golackson,. Mr. Bullock, advisor. SECOND ROW: Kirk Wenger, Nathan Schlafli, Scott Ritschard, Steve Flannery, Steve Dammen, Bruce Hanson. THIRD ROW: Wayne Nysted, Mike Aebly, Ron Bredeson, Greg Stamm, John Engeli, Randy Flannery. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Pittz, Marco Flannery, Steve Larson, Larry Erickson, Kev-an Hartwig, Ricky P e n n i s t on, Harlan Erickson. BACK: Brian Nelson, Robert Berget, Phil Graber, Ron Nipple, Ricky Steiner, Jim Pittz, Larry Wahl."Photographs and Memories" was an artistic success in lavender, purple and white but was a financial flop. The girls wore beautiful gowns and the boys looked like they stepped out of a musical comedy dance line complete with canes but missing the straw hats. BOTTOM, PROM ROYALTY: Dan B r e d es on, Jana Erickson, Dan McGinnity, Cherrie Lofgren, Queen Chris Nelson, King Phil Graber, Mary J a n e Schild, Kim Gruenberg, Lu-Ann Wilhelmson, Bob Golackson, miniature King Tim Schliem, miniature Queen Theresa Nelson. O' v£ Homecoming '74 was a fitting climax to a fine football season The fine attendance at all events was really appreciated by those who put in extra effort. The bonfire and pep rally had a great turnout, the parade was not a short, dinky affair but thanks to many local and alumni entires it was worthwhile to watch, the game was ex-citing and close and the dance was a perfect dessert. Sherry Krahenbuhl and Nate Schlafli were queen and king and the attendants were seniors Pam Schliem and Steve Dammen, juniors Denise Nelson and Ron Nipple, sophomores Jada Steiner and Kirk Baumann,and freshmen Brenda Bredeson and Tom Golackson. 70Homecoming ’74 717475School life is . . . scientist (mad or otherwise) Bill Whitmar, Marc Busch, Andrew Anderson; term paper typists Bob Golack-son, Jim Pittz, Mike Aebly; and shopworkerFrank 01 iverconsulting with his boss, Mr. Foley. 76School life is . . . Mary Johnsonand her wierd, backward friend Connie Garrison; an over-the-shoulder look at Brian Nelson's trombone music; P. A. system engineers at a football game, Howard Johnson and Mr. Arnot chatting with Mr. Harvey; and Tom Nelson carrying a large specimen.School life is . . . G R E A S E R DAY! We decided to return to this event commemorating the 50's since last year's Greaser Day was so successful. In case you can't identify our participants with shades and altered hairdos the TOP p i c t u r e shows: Cherrie Lofgren, LuAnn Wilhelmson, Jana Erickson, Kathy Nelson. MIDDLE: a "normal" Victor Schmidt, Denise Nelson, an "altered" VictorSchmidt. BOTTOM: Mr. Bullock, Mr. Bernander. 78Sixth Grade TOP LEFT: Dan Cooper. TOP CENTER: Dennis Meier, Laurie Holmes, Bonny Flannery, Randy Schliem, Danny Lawton, Scott Hauser. TOP RIGHT, FROM TOP DOWN: Pam Johnson, Kurt Tollakson, Jerry Bredeson, Royal Berg, Janet Collins, Peggi Piercy. MIDDLE LEFT, FRONT: Benito Cuevas, Richie Hanson, Jeff Lewis. BACK: Judy Fischer, Lorri Schmidt. MIDDLE CENTER: Laura Engel i. MIDDLE RIGHT, FRONT: Jeff Mundt, Sandy Blum, Gary Pattinson BACK: Deanna Benson, Larry Dammen. BOTTOM LEFT, FRONT: Steve Flannery, Brian Treuthardt, Julie Blum. BACK: Tammy Johnson, Stacy Meyer, Vicki Tollakson. BOTTOM RIGHT, FRONT: Alan Berg, Raynold Saalsaa, Terry Moen, Kristy Amorose. BACK: Teresa Chambers, Jean Dunlavy.UPPER TOP LEFT: Renee Tourdot, Susie Stauffacher, Rhonda Bredeson, Jeff Makos, Danny Nelson, Art Thompson. LOWER TOP LEFT: Jim Whitmar, Dale McNett, Christine Bruehl-man, William Wire, Candy Edler. TOP RIGHT, FRONT: Carol Engeli, Jim Tree. BACK: Sheila Hendrickson, Amy Krahen-buhl, Julie Saalsaa UPPER MIDDLE: Tammy Pattinson, Denita Benson, Jack Fuchs, Gwen Schlafli, Laurie Hanson, Rhonda Dickson, Joyce Collins, Ricky Vinger, Rita Olson, Tamara Ihus. LOWER MIDDLE: Randy Upward, Jennifer Heiser, Shirlene Hartwig, Connie McGrath, Margaret Spears, Candy Root, Joe Hauser, Donnie Golackson. UPPER BOTTOM LEFT, FRONT: Mary Cooper, Debbie Kipfer. BACK: Steve Tollakson, Duane Garrison, Delbert DeNure, Mike Flannery. BOTTOM LEFT: Caroline Rossing, Mike Cooper, Nannette Dammen, Kevin Johnson, Tom Davis. 81urth Grade TOP LEFT: Ginnie Hanson, Jay Meyer, Crystal Pennis-ton Jim Holmes, Trade Babbitt, Krystal Johnson. TOP RIGHT: Scott Canon, Eddie Hauser, Darci Piercy, Bobby Flannery, Randy Berg, Lori Peterson. MIDDLE LEFT: Larry Blum, David Dammen, Christine Krebs, Mary Mc-Nett, Debbie T ree, Dennis Lancaster. MIDDLE RIGHT: Renee Saalsaa, John Amorose, Robert Makos, Pam Steiner, Vicki Moen, Bobbi Olson. BOTTOM LEFT: David L. Dammen, Brian McDonald, Julia Benson, Jana Stephens, Tom Hartwig. BOTTOM RIGHT: Scott Bredeson, Randy Swingen, Donald Brandt, Margaret Wilhelm son, Ann Johnson, Mary Wyttenbach. 82TOP LEFT, FRONT: Sandra Paske, Rose Engeli, John Tollakson. BACK: Danny Treuthardt, Donald Guthrie, Brian Pi ckett. TOP RIGHT, SITTING: Barry Heiser, Mary Jo Wilhelmson, Mary Ellen Oman, Tom Daly. STANDING: Jenny Wyttenbach, Julie Beutel. MIDDLE LEFT: Darin Burreson, Doreen DeNure, Keith Ritschard, Ruth Boyton, Jolene Lewis BOTTOM LEFT: Gerald Wahl, Scott Stamm, Xochitl Cuevas, Christine Johnson, Paul Johnson, Debra Brandt. BOTTOM RIGHT: Penny Cannon, Patty Collins, Lori Jackson, Joel Nall, Abby Spears. 83TOP LEFT: Diane Hendrickson, Julie Pittz, Allison Berg, Lisa Peterson, Amy Bredeson. TOP RIGHT: Chris Johnson, Richie Dallman, Mark Flannery, Beth Dunlavy, Kim Andrews. MIDDLE LEFT: Wendy Canon, David Soper, Barrie Cuevas, Gene Treuthardt, Lynette Erickson. MIDDLE RIGHT, FRONT: Jeff Johnson, Timmy Daly. BACK: Caramel Berg, Daryl Dammen, Todd Flannery. BOTTOM LEFT: Carrie Wyttenbach, Linda Gavigan, Steven Argali, Leland Schild. BOTTOM RIGHT: Chuck Hendrickson, Kurt Flannery, Steve McNett, Terry Blum.TOP LEFT, FRONT: Jim Dam-men, Tracy Anderson. BACK: Lynn Krebs, Dale Wilhelmson, Jeffrey Beutel. TOP RIGHT: Annette Hauser, Johnny Hinojosa, John D u n I a v y, Brenda Blum. MIDDLE: Peggy Paske, Monica Loeffelholz, Lonnie Severson, Keith Jackson, Jeff Lancaster, Jeff Nelson, Jerry Blum, Kelly Parr, Tommy Patti nson, Tim S ch I ie m, Andy Anderson. BOTTOM LEFT, FRONT: Jennie Wyssbrod, Cyndy Svendsen. BACK: Randy Everson, Randy Bernet, Myron Dickau, Randy Andrews. BOT-TOM RIGHT, FRONT: Donald Svendsen, Linda Steele, Larry Kainz. BACK: Clarence Walters, Gary Steele, Alan Ihus. 85Kindergarten TOP LEFT: Jamie Anderson, Connie Wyttenbach, Rodney Hendrickson, Suzie Daly. TOP RIGHT: Douglas Gierhart, Steven Tree, Curtis Saalsaa, Frank Loeffel-holz, Bobby Saalsaa. MIDDLE LEFT: Lance Nall, Jimmy Flanagan, Mike Moen, Todd Lelle. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tracy A morose, David Krebbs, Amy Hagen, June Sebranek, BOTTOM LEFT: Billy Schmid, Dawn Seffrood, Amy Gilbertson, Kathy Wyttenbach, Angela Olson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Diane Garrison, Kristi Dall-man, Lori Lien, Julie Barry. 86FIRST COLUMN: NORMA CRESSON, kindergarten; MARGARET STANGELAND, remedial reading; TERRY HYLAND,fifth grade; RUTH MOEN,fourth grade; JAMES HARVEY, Learning Center. SECOND COLUMN: FLORENCE PENNISTON, first grade; ARDYTH ROSSING, second grade; RON WAAGE, physical education; MARJORIE ANDERSON, fourth grade. THIRD COLUMN: C LA R IC E SCHRAEPFER, second grade; ELEANOR PEDERSON, fifth grade; BRYANT HAGEN, sixth grade. FOURTH COLUMN: IOLA THOMPSON, sixth grade; EDNA WENGER, third grade. 87We have two more first graders who weren't here for the other pi c tu res: Shelly Garvoille and Cindy Coulthard. TOP—Here are the members of the fifth and sixth grade band directed by Mr. Schoenick. Practices are held every Wednesday morning. The band played for the elementary Christmas program and the Spring concert. MIDDLE—Th is is the sixth grade basketball team coached by Martin Bredeson. We started out the season slowly but improved. BOTTOM—The fifth grade basketball team is pretty good, excellent in fact. One opposing team got only two points against the team in the whole game. 88ARGYLEBEAUTY SALON l(A( Owner— Mary Flanagan Telephone 543-3030 Argyle, Wisconsin Congratulatio BIGGS CHEE BREDESON LIVESTOCK ANDTRUCKING ROSSING’S Blanchardville 523-4777 “You’ll Call and I’ll Haul” Department and Food Stores Victor Bredeson VICK’S MART We sell only quality foods Serving the community for over 100 years Blachardville, Wisconsin Argyle, Wisconsin 89Compliments of DORALO. ERICKSON ERICKSON FUNERAL HOME Argyle, Wisconsin Ode to Upper-classmen You can tell a freshman By his silly, eager look. You can tell a sophomore 'Cause he carries one less book. You can tell a junior By his dashing air and such. You can tell a senior But, boy, you can't tell him much!! GOOD LUCK FROM THE CLASS OF “76" MODERN FINANCIAL SERVICE FOR MODERN PEOPLE Your Hometown Bank Member of the F.D.I.C. STATE BANK OF ARGYLEJACKS ARCO SLR VICE Argyle, Wisconsin Best Deal for Your Wheels Jack Runke, proprietor SKELLY’S PUB BEE VILLE ICECREAM Howard Schellenger Service to your Door Argyle. Wisconsin Blanehardville. Wis. SPONSORS CORPORAL J. L. SKATTUM. USMC Adak. Alaska MARY ELLEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Blanehardville BREDESON FEED SUPPLY Blanehardville REICHLING BROS. GARAGE Darlington KING'S KLOTHES — Blanehardville BADGER STATE MINERAL WATER CO. STANDARD SERVICE — Darlington OSTBY MOTORS Darlington WENDT STUDIO Darlington BERNARDJ. HANSON Argyle ARGYLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MONROE’S ONE HOUR CLEANERS S OT.V. SERVICE Monroe TOP OF THE STAIRS Monroe LAFAYETTE CO-OP CREAMERY PANDOW JEWELERS Monroe DAVIS IMPLEM ENT - Juda PIPER’S DREAM - Monroe OSTBY GARAGE Argyle CAMERA SHOP — Monroe TURNER HALL Monroe 91THIS SPOT is Reserved for THANK YOU On Behalf of The Men of The 1158th TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Wisconsin National Guard Monroe, Wisconsin Phone 325-4322 92 Autographs AutographsAutographs Autographs 

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