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TREASURED ECHOtS NINETEEN SIXTY-NINE VOLUME TWENTY-ONE ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL ARGYLE, WISCONSINHey, flip through these pages and relive the story of Argyle's fine schools in the 1968-1969 school year. The story is a good one. And while you're flippin' you must have noticed it's a brand new kind of book (it's called "Panoramic"). The staff really was inspired with great new ideas that you've got to notice them. Read on! TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life..............................3 Organizations...........................11 Activities..............................21 Sports..................................27 Administration and Faculty..............37 Seniors.................................43 Underclassmen...........................51 Elementary School.......................61 Advertising.............................68School days are doing math assignments on the green blackboard (Ardis Jacobson), playing Spanish Scrabble (counter-clockwise: Karen Wenger, Ceri McGinnity, Ruth Daly, Louise Nelson, Debra Hartwig), or even dozing off in the library (Bob Flanagan). 4School days arc getting unexpected reactions in chemistry (Andy Anderson, David Mocn, John Williams, Bob Flanagan), hoping that wiggly thing under the microscope doesn't grow (Jimmy Reed), still having pep to ride home on the bus, hurrying down the hall after a refreshing shower, and hoping the water from the fountain isn't blcah warm. 5School life in Argyle is juniors waiting for a movie, working in ag. shop (Steve Chen-ous, Jimmy Reed, Mike Sauder, [.eland Schmid), driving a new drivers' ed. car, popping popcorn for a game (Sever Severson). 67School life in Argylc is singing without sclf-conccm, looking at your feet, enjoying physical fitness. 8School life is concentrating in Art class with a purse on your lap, looking at table, chair and human legs. 910 And finally school life is being part of a shrinking world, sewing a straight seam and studying, studying, studying.ARGYLE SENTINEL—NEWSPAPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Gail McDonald, Joyce Pink,Debbie Montgomery,Diane DeNurc, Nancy Widmcr,Patty Holmes, Jan Barry. SECOND ROW: Lou Ann Widmcr, Ann Pink, Nancy Hacslcr, Louise Nelson, Linda Thoreson, Carla Nysted, Marsha Mason. THIRD ROW: Debra Schild, Debra Hart wig, Ardis Jacobson, Bernie Pink, Marsha Paulson, Beverly Erickson, Rita Daly, Jane Meier. FOURTH ROW: Joan Brandt,Georgia Hunter, Janet McDonald, Chris Nipple, Marty Anderson, Vicki Thompson, Diane Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Susan Bahe, Kem Anderson, Tom Ritschard, Patti McDonald, Rhonda Vlasak, Glenda Erickson,Zona Matley, Angela Campbell. SIXTH ROW: Carol Daly, Sandra Widmer, Geri McGinnity. Ruth Daly, Anita Stein, Susan Chen-ous, Maureen McGinnity. BACK ROW: Mike Schellenger, David Moen, Tom Amot, Marianne Davis, Peggy Erickson, Betty Gavigan, Gretchen Nelson,BarbaraGreenhill. RIGHT,FRONT ROW: Nancy Hacslcr, circulation manager; Sandra Widmcr, literary editor; BACK ROW: Mr. Findlay, advisor; Patti McDonald, production editor. 12ABOVE LEFT, FRONT ROW: Diane Peterson, Debra Schild, Nancy Haesler. SECOND ROW: Sandra Widmer, Patti McDonald, Marty Anderson, Marsha Mason. THIRD ROW: Tom Amot, Barbara Grecnhill, Andy Anderson, Bob Flanagan. BACK ROW: Mike Schellenger, David Moen, Mark Tollakson, John Williams. ABOVE CENTER: Tom Amot, assistant editor. ABOVE RIGHT: John Williams, layout and photo editor. MIDDLE: Mr. Schoenick, advisor; Andy Anderson, editor. BELOW LEFT: Bob Flanagan, business manager. BELOW RIGHT: Debra Schild, copy editor. 13 TREASURED ECHOES— ANNUAL14 ACAPPELLA CHOIR OPPOSITE PACE. FRONT ROW: Christy Coffey, Louise Nelson, Ann Pink, Tom Rear, Dennis Paulson, Nancy Hacsler, Marsha Mason,Gladys Reed, Janice Barry, Sever Severson, Patty Holmes, Nancy Widmer,Diane Wyttenbach,Diane Watkins. SECOND ROW: Christine Nipple, Diane Peterson, Vicki Thompson, Debra Schild, Ardis Jacobson, Marsha Paulson, Rita Daly,Gloria Erickson, Richard Boyer, James Wenger, Suzanne McMannes, Lou Ann Widmer, James Skattum, Debra Schneider. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Flanagan, Gcri McGinnity, Ruth Daly, Anita Stein, Susan Chenous, Kem Anderson, Patti McDonald, Rhonda Vlasak, Zonagale Mat-ley, Karen Wenger, Angela Campbell, Georgia Hunter, Janet McDonald, Debra Hartwig. FOURTH ROW: Don Siegenthaler, Steve Nelson, David Vinger, Phillip Nelson, Greg Rossing, Mike Schel-lenger,David Moen, John Williams, Geri Flanagan, Jeff Williams, Tom Amot, David Thompson, Peggy Erickson, Marianne Davis. BACK ROW: Betty Gavigan, John Soper, Kim Bahe, Wayne Rossing, Grctchen Nelson, Barbara Grccnhill, Carol Daly, Sandra Widmer, Geri Hassenfclt, Joe Rossing, Harlan Emberson, Andy Anderson, Jimmie Thompson, Ricky Phillipson. TOP, MADRIGAL, FRONT ROW: Nancy Hacsler, Debra Schild, Vicki Thompson, Georgia Hunter, Janice Barry. MIDDLE ROW: Jeff Williams, David Moen, David Vinger, Mike Schellenger, Tom Arnot, John Williams. TOP ROW: Patti McDonald, Dorothy Flanagan, Geri Flanagan, Janet McDonald, Ardis Jacobson. BOTTOM LEFT: Accompanists Karen Wenger, Tom Arnot. BOTTOM RIGHT: Director Don Schoenick.15ORCHESIS Orchesis is new to A.H.S. and is directed by Mrs. Kiel. UPPER RIGHT. FRONT ROW: Louise Nelson, Janice Barry, Patty Holmes. SECOND ROW: Christine Nipple, Vicki Thompson, Suzanne Mc-Mannes, Mary Dunlavy. THIRD ROW: Karen Wenger, Angela Campbell, Joan Brandt, Georgia Hunter. FOURTH ROW: Geri Mc-Ginnity, Vicki Jackson, Rhonda Vlasak, Zonagale Matley. BACK ROW: Kathy Dunlavy, Gretchen Nelson, Betty Gavigan, Marianne Davis. LOWER RIGHT: Lou Ann Widmer, Ardis Jacobson, Bemie Pink, Nancy Widmer. 16FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA LEFT. FRONT ROW: E. Nall, N. Widmer, P. Holmes, D. Engeli, M. Engeli, C. Ny-sted. SECOND ROW: N. Haesler, C. Benson, S. Olson, R. Pattinson, M. Dunlavy, M. Mason. THIRD ROW: D. Peterson, G. Erickson, J. Olson, C. Tyler, S. McMannes, L. Widmer. FOURTH ROW: J. McDonald, C. Nipple, O. Hiller, M. Anderson, V. Thompson, D. Schild. FIFTH ROW: S. Chenous, S. Widmer, Z. Matley, A. Campbell, J. Brandt, G. Erickson. BACK ROW: P. Erickson, K. Dunlavy, B. Greenhill, C. Daly, A. Stein, J. Greenhill. BELOW: FRONT: Mrs. Wangen, FHA Advisor; Sandra Widmer, president. MIDDLE: Peggy Erickson, secretary; Marsha Mason, treasurer. BACK: Nancy Haesler, vice presi- dent; Diane Peterson, historian. 17SENIOR BAND OPPOSITE PACE. FRONT ROW: Karen Wenger, Sandra Widmer, Crctchen Nelson, Debra Schild, Mark Tollakson, Margit Moen, Marsha Paulson, Christy Coffey. SECOND ROW: Louise Nelson, Ceri McGinnity.Kcm Anderson,Diane Wyttcnbach, Paula Wenger, Dennis Paulson, Gail Fisher, Christine Nipple , Richard Gordee, Tom Arnot, Laura Rossing, Rox -Anne Paulson, Maureen McGinnity, Michelle Holmes. THIRD ROW: Diane DcNure, Susan Anderson, Connie Flint, Janet Smith, Jimmie Thompson, Linda Fransen,Debbie Montgomery,Carl Weibel, Jeff Williams, Steve Nelson, Sever Severson, Jeannie Wirtz, Margo Hendrickson, Andy Anderson, Georgia Hunter, Janet McDonald, Janice Barry, Linda Wyttenbach, Gail McDonald, Patti McDonald. FOURTH ROW: Ricky Phillipson, Mike Schellengcr, David Moen, Manila Mason, Jimmy Skattum, Rhonda Vlasak, DebraHartwig, Diane Watkins, Greg Upward, Teena Wilhelmson, Janet Sevenon, Karen Hildenbrand, Valerie Hunter, Jeanne Bredeson, John Crotty, Steve Stauffachcr, Phillip Nelson, Sharon Emberson, Joe Rossing,Harlan Emberson, John Soper, Laurie Peterson, James Wenger, Susan Chenous, David Vinger, John Williams. BACK ROW: Shelly Erickson, Dorothy Flanagan, Vicki Thompson, Allen Wenger, Paul Ruf-ener, Stacy Campbell. BOTTOM LEFT, FRONT: Lou Ann Widmer, Nancy Widmer, Ann Pink. MIDDLE: Ceri Hasscnfelt, Majorette Ardis Jacobson, Nancy Haeslcr. BACK: Bemie Pink, Suzanne McMannes. BOTTOM RIGHT: Color guards Tom Rear, Garry Rossing, Greg Rossing, David Thompson. 1819 FORENSICS. TOP LEFT. CLOCKWISE: Mr. Hasscl, R. Daly, M. Davis, A. Nybroten, R. Daly, S. Chenous, C. Daly. LIBRARY. RIGHT. FRONT ROW: S. Anderson, M. Engeli, D. Wyt-tenbach, G. McDonald. SECOND ROW: K. Makos, M. Pickett, C. Nysted, D. Watkins, L. Widmer. THIRD ROW: B. Erickson, C. Daly, R. Daly, R. Pattinson. BACK ROW: E. Meier, G. Erickson, S. Me Man -nes, V. Jackson. DRAMATICS. BELOW. FRONT ROW: J. Brandt, A. Pink, D. Schild. SECOND ROW: J. Meier, A. Nybroten, A. Campbell, J. McDonald. THIRD ROW: M. Davis, Z. Mat-ley, S. Bahe. BACK ROW: C. Nelson, C. Daly, T. Amot, Mr. Hassel. 200H30A»I"Love Is Blue" was chosen for the 1968 Junior prom theme. Upon entering the uniquely decorated gym one crossed a bridge surrounded by a garden of flowers, glittering lights and Greek pillars. The atmosphere was further enhanced by the huge chandelier, the colorful mural and the flowing, two-toned blue ceiling. After the grand march and crowning, everyone enjoyed dancing to the sound of Irv Behr and his group. Since the proper mood had been set, the prom was a complete and enjoyable success. BELOW (left to right across both pages): David Vinger, Beth Nipple, John Williams, Diane Peterson, Queen Debra Schild, King Andy Anderson, Sandra Widmer, Bob Flanagan, Martha Anderson, Doral Nall, Miniature Queen Rhonda Bredeson and Miniature King Jerry Bredeson. 2223 LOVE IS BLUEBOTTOM LEFT: Senior Oriana Hiller, Queen Marti Anderson, Sophomore Vicki Thompson, Freshman Joanne Greenhill, Junior Geri Has-senfelt and chauffeur Andy Anderson. RIGHT: King Wayne Smith and Queen Marti Anderson. 24 HOMECOMING ’68A better than average parade, a football victory and a wonderful dance made "Homecoming '68" an affair to remember. The Marquis, who played for the dance, included two former students of A.H.S. and gave us "our" sound. LOWER CENTER: Freshmen David LaBorde and Joanne Greenhill, Juniors Steve Nelson and Geri Hassen-felt, King Wayne and Queen Marti, Seniors Orianna Hiller and Wayne Ros-sing, and Sophomores Vicki Thompson and Steve Chenous. 25In the homecoming parade the junior class won first prize for their float, "Pressing for Victory;" it had "live steam" forat least part of the parade. Second prize went to the seniors' entry, "Cage the Cards." The sophomores' "Let's Kick the Shell CXit of 'Em" got honorable mention and third prize went to the freshmen in a "Landslide for Ar-gyle." 26VARSITY FOOTBALL A winning season is what we wanted and we got it, at least in conference play. Our teams in the past three years haven't been winning. The feeling of playing over .500 ball is one we like and hope to continue. We had a fine balanced attack with the passing of Mark Anderson to Greg Penniston and Mike Schellenger, the running of Schellenger and Mike Curtis. Offensive standouts were Mike LaBordc, Don Sie-gcnthaler and David Vinger. Five boys made the all-conference team: Greg Penniston and Don Siegenthalcr were chosen by the State Line coaches to the offensive team and Mike LaBorde to the defensive team. Honorable mention went to Mark Anderson and Mike Schellenger on offense and Don Siegenthaler on defense. SCORES OF GAMES Palmyra 25, Argyle 6j Orfordville 13, ArgyleO; Argyle 19,New Glarus 0; Argyle 13, Brodhead 0; Blan-chardville 13, Argyle 12; Belleville 21, Argyle 6; Argyle 55, Juda 20; Argyle 21, Black Hawk 6. 28FINAL STATE LINE LEAGUE FOOTBALL STANDINGS W L T Pet. TP OP Orfordville 6 1 0 .857 120 8 Belleville S 2 0 .714 80 48 Black Hawk 5 2 0 .714 76 79 Blanch ardville 4 2 1 .667 127 89 ARCYLE 4 3 0 .571 126 73 Brodhead 2 4 1 .333 72 78 New Glarus 1 6 0 .143 36 95 Juda 0 7 0 .000 38 205 RIGHT: The kick-off team led by Mike LaBorde (22). BELOW: Greg Penniston (80), Mark Anderson (10), Mike Schellenger (21 ). 29FRONT: David Thompson, Wayne Smith, Richard Boyer, MikcLaBorde, Mike Schellen-gerjohn Soper, Jeff Williams, Kim Bahc, Steve Chenous. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach Hctzel, Daryl Berget, Manager Craig Cruenberg, David Vin-ger, Myron Olson. THIRD ROW: Phillip Nelson, Paul Rufener, Coach Jueds, Mark Anderson, Wayne Rossing, Greg Rossing, Assistant Coach Severson, Don Siegcnthalcr, Mike Curtis, Rudy Gebhardt, Greg Penniston, David Ostby. BACK: Steve Nelson, Mark Bredeson, Garry Rossing. FOOTBALLCHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, LEFT: Ccri Flanagan, Crctchcn Nelson, Patti McDonald, Nancy Haesler, Janice Barry. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, UPPER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Marsha Paulson, Karen Wenger. BACK ROW: Debra Hartwig, Diane Watkins, Georgia Hunter. 31VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING: Managers Tom Amot, David Moen. STANDING: Andy Anderson, Garry Rossing, Jeff Williams, Mike Curtis, Don Sicgenthaler, Greg Pennis-ton, Coach Hetzel, Steve Nelson, Mark Anderson, Mike Schellenger, Greg Rossing, John Soper. 32For the second consecutive year Argyle finished with an 8--10 conference record which landed them in the first division in fifth place. Not only were the eight victories pleasing to Oriole fans but there were other close games which brought frenzy to the faithful Argyle followers. On December 20th A.H.S. earned itself a welcome Christmas present by beating Brod-head at Brodhead, a feat which hadn't been accomplished in at least eighteen years. The hero of the game was Jeff Williams whose 25 foot shot with five seconds left have Argyle a 66-64 victory. Brodhead gained revenge by smashing the Orioles 99--83 in a run and shoot game in which the two teams scored 60 points in the final quarter. The most exciting game was at Juda which at the end of regulation time found the score tied 85--85. It was 87--87 at the end of the first overtime period, 93--93 at the end of the third and when the fourth overtime had ended Juda beat us with a whopping big 107--102 score. Mark Anderson hit 35 points for his personal high. The most frustrating loss was the one to Black Hawk in which Argyle led 21--14 in the first quarter, 42--36 at halftime, 64--58 at the third quarter, but Black Hawk came back to edge us out 76--7S. The five usual starters and their points scored in conference games were Mark Anderson (382), Greg Penniston (274), Mike Curtis(216), Mike Schellenger (134) and Jeff Williams (114). SCORES OF GAMES Argyle Opponent 66 Orfordville (ot) 61 72 Albany 47 53 Black Hawk 68 64 Belleville 59 52 Blanchardville 56 66 Brodhead 64 53 Juda 66 59 Monticello 78 57 New Glarus 55 66 Albany 52 75 Black Hawk 76 89 Belleville 76 54 Orfordville 60 70 Blanchardville 77 83 Brodhead 99 102 Juda (4 ot) 107 45 Monticello 66 75 New Glarus 67 STATE LINE LEAGUE TEAM STANDINGS TEAM W L Pet. TP OP Monticello 18 0 1.000 1230 885 Black Hawk 16 2 .889 1412 1105 Blanchardville 12 6 .667 1331 1176 Orfordville 10 8 .556 1158 1149 ARGYLE 8 10 .444 1201 1234 Juda 8 10 .444 1270 1227 Brodhead 7 11 .389 1267 1302 New Glarus 7 11 .389 1101 1127 Belleville 4 14 .222 1118 1352 Albany 0 18 .000 863 1394 Mark Anderson (30), Mike Curtis (24). 33JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Jim Skattum, Ricky Phillipson, Kim Bahe, David Thompson. David LaBorde, Coach Severson, Roger Besand, Tom Aebly, John Nelson, Roger Godfrey, Richard Boyer, Ron Kipfer. 34TRACK FRONT: August Schla-fli, Rudy Gebhardt, Wayne Smith, Wayne Rossing. MIDDLE: David Vin-ger, Mike Schellenger, Mike Curtis, Jeff Williams. BACK: Mark Anderson, Don Siegen-thaler, Greg Penniston, Coach Jueds. 35 WRESTLING CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: Mike LaBorde Myron Olson Daryl Bergei Coach Jueds Wayne Smith Phillip Nelson Wayne Rossing BASE- BALL John Soper Jeff Williams Greg Rossing Garry Rossing Mark Anderson Mike Schellenger Mike Curtis Steve Nelson Greg Penniston Coach Hetzel.LETTERMEN’S CLUB ABOVE, FRONT ROW: D. Watkins, D. Hartwig, M. Paulson, K. Wenger, J. Barry. SECOND ROW: T. Arnot, D. Schild, V. Thompson, C. Hunter, J. Soper, A. Anderson. BACK ROW: P. Nelson, M. Schel-lenger, S. Nelson, G. Rossing, J. Williams, G. Flanagan. UPPER MIDDLE: G. Nelson, D. Vinger, P. McDonald. UPPER RIGHT: W. Rossing, D. Siegenthaler, N. Haesler. BOTTOM CENTER: Advisors, Mr. Hetzel, Mrs. Amot, Mr. Jueds. BOTTOM RIGHT, FRONT ROW: M. Bredeson, D. Ostby.G. Rossing. SECOND ROW: M. Anderson, D. Nall, B. Flanagan, W. Smith. BACK ROW: M. Olson, M. Curtis, G. Pen-niston. R. Gebhardt, M. Tollakson. 36FACULTYSUPERINTENDENT BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT, TOP TO BOTTOM, Board of Education: C. F. Holmes, Hermit Watkins, Neelian Nelson, Laveme Daly, Kaspar Berget. BELOW: District office secretary Mrs. Jay Cierhart. RIGHT: Superintendent of Schools, Herman W. Laatsch. 38 PRINCIPAL LEFT: BradleyR.Coffin, Principal Argyle senior and Junior high schools. BELOW: Mrs. Marie Me -Ginnity, high school secretary. 39TOP ROW: Elise Ross, librarian; James Severson, junior high, ass't football, J.V. basketball; M. Jordan Houge, mathematics; Gene Findlay .business education, newspaper; Parmley Harris, agriculture. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Hetzel, physical education, driver education, basketball, baseball, ass't football; Karen Hogan, Spanish; Robert Ar-not, science; Barbara Wangen, home economics, FHA. I41 TOP ROW: Janet Kiel,physical education , orchesis; Alan Kiel, junior high; Rudolph Haskec, special education; Don Schoenick, music, annual; William Hogan, guidance. BOTTOM ROW: Ardyth Rossing, junior high; Jim Jueds, social studies, football, wrestling, track; Norma Amot, art, cheerleading; Herbert Hassel, English, forensics, dramatics.LIBRARY AIDES COOKS CUSTODIANS BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. James Hyland, Mrs. Helen Skattum, Mrs. Mabel Dovre, Mrs. Lillian Johnson, Mrs. Leo Peterson. UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Alfred Tollakson, Mrs. Kas-parBerget. BOTTOM RIGHT: MartinBrede-son, Jim Penniston. 42TOP: Wayne Rossing, Nancy Haesler, Terry Oleson, Oriana Hiller, Ed Meier, Debbie Schild. LEFT: Marti Anderson. RIGHT, CLASS OFFICERS: Vice-president Debbie Schild. President Ed Meier, Secretary Marsha Mason, Treasurer John Williams. BOTTOM, OPPOSITE PAGE: Bob Flanagan. Peggy Erickson, Allen Wenger.TOP: Barbara Creenhill, Jeff Williams, Diane Peterson, John Williams. Marsha Mason, Do-ral Nall. LEFT: Paul Rufener. RIGHT. LETTER WINNERS, FRONT: D. Paulson. D. Ostby, P. Rufener, A. Wenger. SECOND ROW: D. Nall,B. Flanagan, W. Smith, W. Rossing, A. Anderson. THIRD ROW: John Williams, D. Vinger, R. Gebhardt. M. Tollakson, Jeff Williams. BACK: P. McDonald, N. Haesler, S. Widmer, M. Mason, D. Schild. BOTTOM, OPPOSITE PAGE: Vicki Jackson, Wayne Smith, Patti McDonald. 46SENIORS TOP: Gladys Reed, Jim Thompson, Sandra Wid-mer, Mark Tollakson, Rudy Gcbhardt, Dennis Paulson. BOTTOM: Andy Anderson, David Vin-ger, Steve Nall, Mike Dunlavy, David Ostby.SENIOR DIRECTORY ANDY ANDERSON--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Annual Editor 4; Class President 2; Prom King 3; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Letter Winner 2,3,4. MARTHA ANDERSON--Class Play 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Prom Attendant 3; Future Homemakers of America 1,2,3,4. MIKE DUNLAVY—Future Farmers of America 2,3,4. PEGGY ERICKSON--A Cappella Choir 2,3; Newspaper Staff 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Secretary 4. BOB FLANAGAN--Annual Staff 4; Class Treasurer 2; Prom Attendant 3; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Letter Winner 3. RUDY GEBHARDT- -A Cappella Choir 3; FFA 2,4; Football 4; Track 3; Letter Winner 3,4. BARBARA GREENHILL--A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Class Play 2,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Secretary 3; FHA 1,2,4; FHA Officer 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. NANCY HAESliR—Twirler 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Class Play 2; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Circulation Manager 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant 1; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Vice President 4; Lettermen's Club 2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Midwinter Ball Attendant 2; Honor Roll 3. ORIANA HILLER--Chorus 1; FHA 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Pep Club 1; AGFA 1,2; Ski Club 1. VICKI JACKSON--Chorus 1,2,3; Forensics 2; Class Play 4; FHA 1,2,3. MARSHA MASON--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; School Play 1; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Secretary 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Treasurer 4; Pep Band 3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. PATTI MCDONALD--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; School Play 1; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Co-Editor 4; Annual Staff 4; Class President 3; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 2,3,4; Debate 1,2; Music Clinic Scholarship 2; DAR Award 4; FHA 3. EDWARD ME1ER--Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4; Library 4; Basketball 3. DORAL NALL--A Cappella Choir 1; Class Vice President 2; Homecoming Attendant 3; Prom Attendant 3; FFA 2,3,4; Football 2,3; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; Utter Winner 3. STEVE NALL--FFA 4. TERRY OLESON--FFA 2,4. DAVID OSTBY--Homecoming Attendant 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Utter Winner 2,3,4. DENNIS PAULSON—Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,3,4; Basketball 1. DIANE PETERSON--A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; School Play 1; Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Prom Attendant 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; FHA Treasurer 3. GLADYS REED--A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4. WAYNE ROSSING--A Cappella Choir 3,4; Football 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Letter Winner 1,2,3,4. PAUL RUFENER--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,4; Baseball 2,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. DEBRA SCHILD--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; School Play 3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Class Vice President 4; Cheerleader 2,3; Prom Queen 3; FHA 3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 2,3; Mid-Winter Ball 1; Pep Band 4; Betty Crocker Award 4. WAYNE SMITH—Class Vice President 1; Homecoming King 4; FFA 1,2,4; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. JIM THOMPSON--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1.2.3,4; Class Treasurer 1; Letter Winner 2,3,4. MARK TOLLAKSON--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1; Annual Staff 3,4; Class Vice President 3; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. DAVID VINGER—Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 3,4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Prom Attendant 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. ALLEN WENGER--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2; Football 1; Basketball 1; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. SANDRA WIDMER--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; School Play 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Literary Editor 4; Annual Staff 4; Prom Attendant 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Vice President 3; FHA President 4; Pep Band 3.4; Utter Winner 2,3,4. JEFF WILLIAMS--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Class President 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3,4; Utter Winner 1,2,3,4. JOHN WILLIAMS--Senior Band 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band Director 3,4; Madrigal 3,4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Prom Attendant 3; Mid-Winter Ball Attendant 2; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. 5052 if) Z o TOP: John Soper, Bemie Pink, Geri Hassenfelt, Greg Rossing, Geri Flanagan, Mark Bredeson, Steve Nelson. LEFT, CLASS OFFICERS: Carol Daly, president; Myron Olson, vice president; Ron Kipfer, treasurer; Ard is Jacobson, secretary. MIDDLE LEFT: Mike Curtis. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tom Amot, David Moen, Mike Schellenger. BELOW: Greg Penniston, Daryl Berget. iTOP LEFT, FRONT ROW: Carry Ross-ing, Mike I.aBordc, Roger Besand; BACK ROW: Phillip Nelson, Don Siegenthaler, Mark Anderson. TOP RIGHT: Janet McDonald, Glenda Erickson, Jane Meier, Betty Gavigan, Susan Bahe. CENTER: Mike Dunlavy. BOTTOM LEFT: Jackie Raisbcck, Wilbur Voegeli,Duane Winslow. BOTTOM RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Martha Engel i, Joan Brandt; BACK ROW: Angie Campbell, Zonagale Matley. 53SOPHOMORES TOP LEFT: Janice Barry, president, Rhonda Vlasak, secretary, Vicki Thompson, vice president, Suzanne McManncs, treasurer. TOP MIDDLE: David Schild, Mike Saudcr, Jimmy Reed. CENTER: Sandra Olson, Arvid Nybroten, Cheryl Tyler. RIGHT: Karen Fischer. BOTTOM: Nancy Widmer, Tom Rear, Christine Nipple, Richard Boyer, Georgia Hunter, Ricky Phillipson, Gretchen Nelson. 54TOP LEFT: Cheryl Benson, Debbie Zoller, Winnifred Meier, Bruce Tollakson, August Schlafli. TOP RIGHT, FRONT: James Wenger, John Nelson, Harlan Emberson. BACK: Joe Rossing, Kim Bahe, David Thompson. CENTER LEFT: Ann Pink, Lou Ann Widmer, Patty Holmes, Ronita Pattinson. BOTTOM LEFT: Louise Martin, Mary Martin. BELOW: Leland Schmid, Kathy Dunlavy, Sherry Stauffacher. BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER: Francis Weibel, Steve Chenous, Marianne Davis. BOTTOM RIGHT: Terry Rasmussen, Mike Baker. 55UPPER LEFT: President Karen Wenger, Secretary Elizabeth Nall, Vice-President Tom Aebly, Treasurer Debra Hartwig. UPPER MIDDLE: Diane Wyttenbach, Marsha Paulson, Joanne Creenhill. UPPER RIGHT: LaurieGruenberg, Shirley King. CENTER: David LaBorde. CENTER RIGHT: Stanley Schmid, Sever Severson, Karl Jackson. BOTTOM: Keith Kleicr, Steve Weibel, Gary Stamm, Leon Harry, Harman North, Ronnie Andrews. 5657 FRESHMEN LEFT, FRONT ROW: Louise Nelson, Carla Nysted, Debbie Schneider, Mary Dunlavy, Diane Watkins. BACK ROW: Jim Skattum, Susan Che nous, Roger Godfrey, Rita Daly, Jeff Iscly. BOTTOM LEFT: Stanley Campbell, Gloria Erickson, Sarah Kleiser, Kem Anderson, David Gabioud. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Joanne Olson, Christy Coffey, Ruth Daly. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dorothy Flanagan, Gcri McGinnity, Doris Engeli, Anita Stein.JUNIOR HIGH ABOVE: Tom Ritschard, Stacy Campbell, Steve Hyland. UPPER MIDDLE, FRONT ROW: Paula Wenger, Sharon Fischer, Shelly Erickson, Richie Flanery. SECOND ROW: Leon Burreson, Gayle Nysted, Diane De-Nure, Ed Anderson. THIRD ROW: Monica Olson, Teena Wilhelmson, Alan Tollakson, Craig Gruenberg. BACK ROW: Beverly Erickson, Jon Erickson, Gail Fisher, Margit Moen. UPPER RIGHT: RichardGordee,Paul Meier. MIDDLE RIGHT: Bob West, Bill West, Michelle Holmes. BOTTOM LEFT: Eric Anderson, Greg Upward, Ron Fuchs. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Gail McDonald, Mary Widmer, Linda Fransen. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jim Wenger, Joe Pink. 6659 UPPER LEFT: Laura Rossing, Maureen Me -Ginnity, Valerie Hunter, RoxAnne Paulson. UPPER MIDDLE: Colleen McGrath, Karen Schmid, Steve Brandt, Allen Nybrotcn, John Pittz, Cindy Nybroten, Eileen McGrath. UPPER RIGHT: Rene Hendrickson, Gary Vlasak, Ray Schneider. ABOVE: Connie Flint, Debbie Montgomery, Joyce Pink, Janet Severson, Margo Hendrickson, Karen Makos. CENTER LEFT: David Hyland, Ron Pattinson, Carl Weibel, Fritz Zoller, Robin Berg. CENTER RIGHT: Susan Anderson, Kim Penniston, Linda Wyttenbach, Karen Hilden-brand, Laurie Peterson, Jeanne Bredeson. BOTTOM LEFT: Christian Schmid, Greg Flannery, Tim Hendrickson. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Jeannie Wirtz, Linda Thoreson, Marsha Pickett, MarilynGodfrey, Sharon Emberson, Janet Smith. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steve Stauf-facher, Jeff Penniston, John Crotty.JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES Members of the successful basketball teams are UPPER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: John Pittz, Carl Weibel, David Hyland, Steve Hyland, Ron Pattinson. SEC-ONE ROW: Ed Anderson, Jim Wenger, John Crotty, Leon Burrcson, Tim Hendrickson. THIRD ROW: Jeff Penniston, Robin Berg, Steve Brandt, Greg Flannery, Alan Tollakson. BACK ROW: Ron Fuchs, Eric Anderson, Tom Rits-chard, Jon Erickson, Gary Vlasak, Craig Gruenbcrg, Coach Hyland. Cheerleaders, LOWER RIGHT: Shelly Erickson, Teena Wilhelmson, Mar-git Moen, Gayle Nysted, Gail McDonald. 60NOVEMBER6 TOP, SIXTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Mary Jane Schild, Jon Thompson, Brent Erickson, Suzanne Olson, Pamela Schlicm, Tanna Severson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mocn, Mike Acbly, Larry Moen, Danny Bredeson, Bruce Hanson, Christine Nelson. THIRD ROW: LuAnn Wilhelmson, Vicki Schneider,Gary Kcough, Cheryl Lofgren, Greg Stamm, David Sauder. BACK ROW: Dan McGinnity, Daryl DeNure, James Pittz, Renee Gordee, Laurel Bruehlman, Barbara Fisher. LOWER LEFT, SIXTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Mark Schmid, Kathy Kam-merud,Cletus Pink, Erin McDonald, Nathan Schlafli, Jane Fransen. SECOND ROW: Miss Mueller, Linda Smith, Rhonda Severson, Steven Rossing, Kim Gruenberg, Shelley Meyer, Sherry Krahenbuhl. THIRD ROW: Ruth Moen, Steven Dammen, John Engeli, Richard Brandt, Jean Sauder, Mark Upward. BACK ROW: Jan LaBordc, Christine Stein, Randy Campbell, DcAnn Nysted, Melody Berg, Jana Erickson. LOWER RIGHT, GRADE BAND, FRONT ROW: Barbara Fisher, Laurel Bruehlman, Pamela Schliem, Jana Erickson, Sherry Krahenbuhl,Erin McDonald. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Lofgren, Dan McGinnity, Mary Jane Schild, Laurie Vlasak, Julie Swingen, Heidi Rossing, Lynn Wid-mer, Kathy Garrison, Kathy Crotty, Jane Fransen, Brian Nelson, Steve Rossing. BACK ROW: Brian Wyttenbach, Larry Wahl, Richard Brandt, Peter Wei-bel,Tanna Severson, LuAnn Wilhelmson, Shelly Meyer, Renee Gordee, Julie Wirtz, Larry Moen, Danny Bredeson, Mark Upward, Kevan Hartwig, Kirk Wenger, Loren Bruehlman, Lyle Hendrickson, Brent Erickson, Christine Nelson. 2TOP, FIFTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Kathy Crotty, Brian Wyttenbach, Roy Schmid, Tim Wilhclmson. SECOND ROW: Heidi Rossing, Helen Erickson, Kirk Wenger, Wally Hartwig, Kim Godfrey. THIRD ROW: Mr. Hyland, Randy Flannery, Kathy Campbell, Carol Bertclrud, Colleen Kcough, Julie Swingen. BACK ROW: Larry Wahl, Jerry Pitta, Brian Nelson, Ronnie Nipple, Debra Meier. LOWER LEFT, FIFTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Cary Craft, Paul Pink, Jami Meyer, Jimmie Schlafli,Denise Nelson. SECOND ROW: Scott Ritschard, Julie Wyttenbach, Lynn Widmer, Kathy Garrison, Gwendolyn Kleiser. THIRD ROW: Lyle Hendrickson, Laurel Vlasak, Julie Wirta, Kevan Hartwig, Loren Bruehlman. BACK ROW: Harlan Erickson, Robert Berget, Ricky Steiner, Larry Hendrickson, Peter Wcibel. LOWER RIGHT, FOURTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Penny Nybroten, Tommy Holmes, Betty Lou Wire, Jodi Widmer, Marcia Garrison. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Rcinman, Connie Hendrickson, Marc Busch, Paul Wenger, Kenny Kcough, David Olson, Donna Zoller. THIRD ROW: Jada Steiner, Janet Pitta, Ricky Penniston, Dennis Schliem, Steve Flannery. BACK ROW: Mike Flannery, Ronnie Gordec, Ronnie Bredeson, Kathy McCinnity, JoAnn Dunlavy, Debbie Vinger.TOP, THIRD GRADE, FRONT ROW: Allan Lancaster, Larry Kammerud, Michael Benson, Mark Wyttenbach, John Wire, Fred Engeli. SECOND ROW: Marie Gabioud, Sandra Crotty, Jacqueline Olson, Kristi Thompson, Brenda Bredeson, Billy Watkins. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Wenger, David Martin, Jonathan Hartwig, Denise Flannery, Tom Rossing, Janet Garrison, Deborah Smith. BACK ROW: Claire Schmidt, Lee Montgomery, Jeffrey Pickett, Sheri Bahe, Randy Severson, James Bruehlman. LOWER LEFT, FOURTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Todd Wirtz, Sammy Pattinson, Debbie Penniston, Loma Ritschard, Paul Mudgett. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bleiler, Virginia Fuchs, Denise Vinger, GregIsely, ShawnBurreson, Jeff Wilhelmson, Richard Dammen. THIRD ROW: Harlan Flannery, Darlene Hanson, Billy Whitmar, Andrew Anderson, Wayne Nystcd. BACK ROW: Philip Gavigan, Victor Schmidt, Jeff Steiner, Steve Larson, Rona Erickson, Kim Hendrickson. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Amot and Halloween artists from second grade. 64 Hanowet TOP, THIRD GRADE, FRONT ROW: Gary Schmid, Danny Penniston, Dennis Coffey, Joan Smith, Ann Ritschard, Annette Wenger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Thompson, Kelly Hanson, Kevin Erickson, Steven Blum, Steven Emberson, Jeff Severson, Alvin Klentz. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Barry, Jill Wirtz, Connie Garrison, Teresa Brown, Terry Tyler, Marta Anderson. BACK ROW: Marco Flannery, Ricky Nipple, Tom Hyland, Nathan Skattum, Richard Moen, Susan Larson. LOWER LEFT: One can't give full attention to second grade arithmetic when there's a photographer around. LOWER RIGHT, SECOND GRADE, FRONT ROW: Lori Lynn Wil-helmson, Lenny Tollakson, Tom Pink, Mitch Brown, Brian Bredeson. SECOND ROW: Debra Severson, Marilyn Garrison, Gary Krahenbuhl, Lisa Hendrickson, Lori Flannery. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Anderson, Steven Smith, Jerry Nybroten, Mike Keough, Mary Auestad. BACK ROW: Nicki Meier, Donald DeNure, Joe Coffey, Brenda Penniston, Ernie Hess. 56 TOP LEFT, SECOND GRADE, FRONT ROW: Cindy Blum, Bobby Stephens, Jill Penniston, Chris Andrews. SECOND ROW: Diana Severson, Danny Wid-mer, Vicki Hendrickson, Gary Dammen, Tom Nelson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Schracpfcr, Carl Eichstadt, John Gabioud, Steve Johnson, Douglas Busch. BACK ROW: Daryl Schlicm, Laura Gouge, Tammy Nystcd, Julie Brcdeson, Bryan Krahenbuhl. TOP RIGHT, FIRST CRADE, FRONT ROW: Terry Moon, Gerald Bruehlman, Mark Jackson , Tom Smith. SECOND ROW: Bobby Hyland, BrianTreuthardt,Cindy Craft,Dorsey Penniston, Shirley Moen. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Minderman, Danny Lancaster, Keith Kammcrud, Marty Brown, Robert Fuchs, Mike Severson. BACK ROW': Janet Ihus, Neale Hendrickson, Ramona Cordee, Susie Disrud, Kent Wilhelmson. LOWER, FIRST GRADE, FRONT ROW: Betty Engel i, Sarah Espenscheid, Kathy Gouge, Brent Penniston, Roger Schneider. SECOND ROW: Jim Lewis, Marty Peterson, Lynn Wire, Alvina Klcntz,Holly Wirtz. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Penniston,Timmy Holmes, Jeff Dam-men, Neil Olson, Ronald Martin, Kevin Grucnberg. BACK ROW: Jim Montgomery, Jon Whitmar, Mike Marty, Royal Berg, Alan Soper. 6UPPER LEFT: "My favorite class is recess." UPPER RIGHT, KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW: Gary Pattinson, Jerry Brcdeson, Steven Flannery. Mary Jean Keough, Laurie Holmes, Vicki Tollakson, Stacy Meyer. MIDDLE ROW:Monica Andrews, Stephen Metz, Raynold Saalsaa, Lance Erickson, Allan Olson Jean Duniavy. BACK ROW: Randy Schliem, Larry Dammen, Alan Ihus, Lord °nny F,annery» Timmy LaBordc, Miss Cresson. LOWER, KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW: Norma Klcntz, LuAnn Nybroten, Denita Benson, Den ms Meier, Laura Engeli, Pam Johnson. MIDDLE ROW: Kurt Tollakson Christy Zoller, Sue Ann Nybroten, Joe Crotty, Julie Blum. BACK ROW: Alan Berg, Judy Fisher, Nancy Moen, Richie Hanson, Miss Crcsson. 67MONROE TV SALES AND SERVICE Next to Turner Hall Zenith Color TV Phone 325-5598 1209—17th Ave. Monroe, Wisconsin KOHLI OFFICE SUPPLY Dealers for Royal—Smith Corona—Remington Hermes Typewriters Complete Service Available Monroe, Wisconsin PHILLIPSON GARAGE MONROE FLORAL SHOP Argyle, Wisconsin Paul and Larry Telephone 543-5271 SCHULTZ PHARMACY Monroe's Family Pharmacy Walgreen Agency Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe’s Newest Floral Center Downtown Monroe Robert Eicholtz, Proprietor 'Where the Style-Wise Economize" Telephone 543-6123 Argyle, WisconsinBLASER ELECTRIC STEINER INSURANCE Electrical Contracting Residential and Farm Wiring AGENCY Adolph W. Blaser. Owner Telephone 776-2147 Darlington, Wisconsin I YOU W Jepe Jt»r | V AGENT J STUDER SUPER SERVICE Farm Machinery New and Used—Sales and Service Massey-Ferguson, New Holland, Owatonna, Bear Cat, Bril lion, Hanson, Kasten, Krause Monroe, Wisconsin Auto—Farm—Health—Home P. L. Steiner, Agent Phone Office 543-4741 Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 Home 543-6351 ARGYLE LUMBER CO. ERICKSON'S PLUMBING AND HEATING Lumber—Coal—Cement—Roofing Sheet Metal Work and Plumbing Myron Erickson Telephone 325-3252 Argyle, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin ERICKSON'S SINCLAIR SERVICE SinClair) Cordovan Tires Batteries , Surge Products ■ - Frederick (Swede) Erickson Argyle, Wisconsin Telephone 543-5525 DICK'S SUPER MARKET Darlington Featuring Home Baked GoodsCLARK'S SHOES Quality Footwear for the Whole Family South Side of the Square Monroe, Wisconsin Your Blueprint To Better Sound AKTRON ARGYLE BEAUTY SALON Owner—Mary Flanagan Telephone 543-6471 Argyle, Wisconsin JUNCTION HOUSE OAKTRON INDUSTRIES, INC., Highway 69 South Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 Manufactureres of Loudspeakers and Accessories Rock of Ages and Other Granites Alfred T. 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Co. 901 Eighteenth Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin See SCHULTZ at Monroe for Best Wishes for a Wonderfu I Future. It Can Be Yours with the WISCONSIN TELEPHONE COMPANY An Equal Opportunity Employer Male and FemaleBIGGS CO-OP A Variety of Cheeses Butter and Cream La BORDE'S WEST SIDE STANDARD Standard Oil Bulk Service Telephone 543-6875 Robert LaBorde Argyle, Wisconsin THE BLADE-ATLAS KIEL'S INC. Blanchardville, Wisconsin Freddie Wirtz Argyle, Wisconsin Your Local Newspaper Printing and Office Supplies Telephone 523-4284 Television Appliances Sales Service Electrical Wiring Refrigeration Service For Authentic Swiss Atmosphere and Food For Enjoyment and Fun Visit the Hofmann's WILHELM TELL at New Glarus Gifts for All Occasions A Complete Line THE GIFT CASTLE On the Square—Monroe KLONDIKE CHEESE FACTORYHAWLEY LIVESTOCK Argyle, Wisconsin | Congratulations to Home-Owned Home-Operated Licensed Bonded V J the Class of 1969 Stations at Argyle and Wiota Compliments of R. FINLEY BARRY Attorney at Law IROQUOIS FOUNDRY CO. Gray Iron Alloy Iron Costings Argyle, Wisconsin Browntown Division Browntown, Wisconsin 53522 SPONSORS ROBERT B. WENGER—Argyle Gamble Store SOLOMON AUTO PARTS—Monroe, Wisconsin WENDT STUDIO—Darlington, Wisconsin MAC'S LAUNDRY—Darlington, Wisconsin HOWARD SCHELLENGER—Argyle, Wisconsin CLAYTON WATKINS—Argyle, Wisconsin BERNARD J. HANSON—Argyle, Wisconsin OSTBY GARAGE—Allis-Chalmers Gehl CLASS OF ’70 THE CLASS WITH CLASS LUDLOW BAR—Monroe, Wisconsin TURNER HALL BOWLING LANES—Monroe, Wis. ARGYLE RESALE SHOP—Argyle, Wisconsin MONROE MUSIC CO.—Monroe, Wisconsin WILLARD SOPER INSURANCE—Argyle, Wis. ARGYLE DAIRY PRODUCTS CO.—Argyle, Wis. CORNER CAFE—Argyle, Wisconsin DISCH HARDWARE FURNITURE, INC.—New Glarus KING'S KLOTHES—Blanchardville, Wis. Congratulations to the Class of 1969 ARGYLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCEip r r . WJo r MUSIC CENTER ' 310 State Street Beloit, Wisconsin 53511 Phone 365-2276 Brand Name Instruments Wini Keuler, Representative RAMBLER AC MAMDHC Congratulations Seniors OSTBY MOTORS Darlington, Wisconsin Ur MUINKUt For Berg Quality Compliments of ARGYLE INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED Barn Equipment WEINSCHENK'S Box 280 Phone (608) 543-6881 See PLUMBING AND HEATING Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 VERNUS LOFGREN General Contractor Maytag Appliances Telephone Kl 3-4621 Argyle, Wisconsin Argyle, Wisconsin SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSINDEX The numbers or letters after the names in this index indicate the following: (number) grade in which a student is enrolled, (K) kindergarten, (F) faculty, (BE) board of education, (S) secretary, (C) cook, (J) janitor, (L) library aide. Aebly, Mike (6) 62 Aebly, Tom (9) 34,56 Anderson, Andrew (4) 64 Anderson, Andy (12) 5,13,15,19, 22,23,24, Anderson, Ed (8) 58,60 Anderson, Eric (8) 58,60 Anderson, Mrs. Henry (F) 65 Anderson, Kem (9) 12,15,19,57 Anderson, Mark (11) 29,30,32,33, 35,36,53 Anderson, Marta (3) 65 Anderson, Martha (12) 12,13,17, 23 24 25 44 Anderson, Susan (7) 19,20,59 Andrews, Chris (2) 66 Andrews. Ronnie (9) 56 Andrew, Monica (K) 67 Amot, Mrs. Robert (F) 36,41,64 Arnot, Robert (F) 40 Amot, Tom (11) 12,13,14,15,19, 20,32,36,52 Auestad, Mary (2) 65 Bahe, Kim (10) 15,30,34,55 Bahe, Sheri (3) 64 Bahe, Susan (11) 12,20,53 Baker, Mike (10) 55 Barry, Bonnie (3) 65 Barry, Janice (10) 12,14,15,16, 19,31,36.54 Benson, Cheryl (10) 17,55 Benson, Denita (K) 67 Benson, Michael (3) 64 Berg, Alan (K) 67 Berg, Melody (6) 62 Berg, Robin (7) 59,60 Berg, Royal (1) 66 Berget, Daryl (11) 30,35.52 Bergct, Mrs. Kaspar (L) 42 Berget, Kaspar (BE) 38 Berget, Robert (5) 63 Bertelrud, Carol (5) 63 Besand, Roger (11) 34,53 Bleiler, Mrs. Blanch (F) 64 Blum, Cindy (2) 66 Blum, Julie (K) 67 Blum, Steven (3) 65 Boyer, Richard (10) 15,30,34.54 Brandt, Joan (11) 12.16,17,20,53 Brandt, Richard (6) 62 Brandt. Steve (7) 59,60 Bredeson, Brenda (3) 64 Bredeson, Brian (2) 65 Bredeson, Danny (6) 62 Bredeson, Jeanne (7) 19,59 Bredeson. Jerry (K) 23,67 Bredeson, Julie (2) 66 Bredeson, Mark (11) 30,36,52 Bredeson, Martin (J) 42 Bredeson, Rhonda 23 Bredeson. Ronnie (4) 63 Brown, Marty (1) 66 Brown, Mitch (2) 65 Brown, Teresa (3) 65 Bruehlman. Gerald (1) 66 Bruehlman, Laurel (6) 62 Bruehlman, Loren (5) 62,63 Bruehlman, James (3) 64 Burreson, Leon (8) 58,60 Burreson, Shawn (4) 64 Busch, Douglas (2) 66 Busch, Marc (4) 63 Campbell, Angela (11) 12,15,16, 17,20,53 Campbell, Kathy (5) 63 Campbell, Randy (6) 62 Campbell, Stacy (8) 19,58 Campbell, Stanley (9) 57 Chenous, Steve (10) 6,25,30,55 Chenous, Susan (9) 12,15,17,19, 20,57 Coffey, Christy (9) 15,19,57 Coffey, Dennis (3) 65 Coffey. Joe (2) 65 Craft, Gary (5) 63 Craft, Cindy (1) 66 Cresson, Miss Norma (F) 67 Crotty, Joe (K) 67 Crotty, John (7) 19,59,60 Crotty, Kathleen (5) 62,63 Crotty, Sandra (3) 64 Curtis, Mike (11) 30,32,33,35,36, 52 Daly, Carol (11) 12,15,17,20,52 Daly, Laverne (BE) 38 Daly, Rita (9) 12,15,20,57 Daly, Ruth (9) 4,12,15,20,57 Dammcn, Gary (2) 66 Dammen, Jeff (1) 66 Dammen, Larry (K) 67 Dammen, Richard (4) 64 Dammen, Steve (6) 62 Davis, Marianne (10) 12,15,16, 20,55 DeNure, Daryl (6) 62 DeNure, Diane (8) 12,19,58 DeNure, Donald (2) 65 Disrud, Susan (1) 66 Dovre, Mrs. Mabel (C) 42 Dunlavy, Jean (K) 67 Dunlavy, JoAnn (4) 63 Dunlavy, Kathy (10) 16,17,55 Dunlavy, Mary (9) 16,17,57 Dunlavy, Mike (12) 49,53 Dunlavy, Pat (11) 52 Eichstadt, Carl (2) 66 Emberson, Harlan (10) 15,19.55 Emberson, Sharon (7) 19,59 Emberson. Steven (3) 65 Engeli, Betty (1) 66 Engeli, Doris (9) 17,57 Engeli, Fred (3) 64 Engeli, John (6) 62 Engeli, Laura (K) 67 Engeli, Martha (11) 17,20,53 Erickson, Beverly (8) 12,20,58 Erickson, Brent (6) 62 Erickson, Glenda (11) 12.20,53 Erickson, Gloria (9) 15,17,57 Erickson, Harlan (5) 63 Erickson, Helen (5) 63 Erickson, Jana (6) 62 Erickson, Jon (8) 58,60 Erickson. Kevin (3) 65 Erickson, Lance (K) 67 Erickson, Larry (5) 63 Erickson. Peggy (12) 12,15,17,45 Erickson, Rona (4) 64 Erickson, Shelly (8) 19,58,60 Espenscheid. Sara (1) 66 Findlay, Gene (F) 12,40 Fischer, Karen (10) 54 Fischer, Sharon (8) 58 Fisher, Barbara (6) 62 Fisher. Gail (8) 19,58 Fisher, Judy (K) 67 Flanagan, Bob (12) 4,5,13,23,36. 45.46 Flanagan. Dorothy (9) 14,15,19, 57 Flanagan. Geri (11) 14,15.31,36, 52 Flanery, Richard (8) 58 Flannery, Bonny (K) 67 Flannery, Denise (3) 64 Flannery. Greg (7) 59,60 Flannery. Harlan (4) 64 Flannery, Lori (2) 65 Flannery, Marco (3) 65 81Flannery, Mike (4) 63 Flannery, Randy (5) 63 Flannery, Steve (4) 63 Flannery, Steven (K) 67 Flint, Connie (7) 19,59 Fransen, Jane (6) 62 Fransen, Linda (8) 19,58 Fuchs, Robert (1) 66 Fuchs, Ron (8) 58,60 Fuchs, Virginia (4) 64 Gabious, David (9) 57 Gabioud, John (2) 66 Gabioud, Marie (3) 64 Garrison, Connie (3) 65 Garrison, Janet (3) 64 Garrison, Kathy (5) 62,63 Garrison, Marcia (4) 63 Garrison, Marilyn (2) 65 Gavigan, Betty (11) 12,15,16,53 Gavigan, Philip (4) 64 Gebhardt, Rudy (12 ) 30,35,36,46, 49 Gierhart, Mrs. Jay (S) 38 Godfrey, Kim (5) 63 Godfrey, Marilyn (7) 59 Godfrey, Roger (9) 34,57 Coffin, Bradley (F) 39 Gordee, Ramona (1) 66 Gordec, Renee (6) 62 Gordee, Richard (8) 19,58 Gordee, Ronnie (4) 63 Gouge, Kathy (1) 66 Gouge. Laura (2) 66 Greenhill, Barbara (12) 12,13,15, Greenhill, Joanne (9) 17,56 Gruenberg, Craig (8) 30,58,60 Gruenberg, Kevin (1) 66 Gruenberg, Kim (6) 62 Gruenberg, Laurie (9) 56 Haesler, Nancy (12) 12,13,14,15, Hanson, Bruce (6) 62 Hanson, Darlene (4) 64 Hanson, Kelly (3) 65 Hanson, Richie (K) 67 Harris, Parmley (F) 40 Harry, Leon (9) 55 Hartwig, Debra (9) 4,12,15,19,31, 36 Hartwig, Jonathan (3) 64 Hartwig, Kevan (5) 62,63 Hartwig, Walter (5) 63 Haske, Rudolph (F) 41 Hassel. Herbert (F) 20,41 Hassenfelt, Geri (11) 15,18,24,25, 52 Hendrickson, Connie (4) 63 Hendrickson, Kim (4) 64 Hendrickson, Lisa (2) 65 Hendrickson, Lyle (5) 62,63 Hendrickson, Margo (7) 19,59 Hendrickson, Neale (1) 66 Hendrickson, Rene (7) 59 Hendrickson, Tim (7) 59,60 Hendrickson, Vicki (2) 66 Hess, Ernie (2) 65 Hctzel, Mike (F) 30,32,35,36.40 Hildenbrand, Karen (7) 19,59 Hiller, Oriana (12) 17,24,25,45 Hogan, Mrs. William (F) 40 Hogan, William (F) 41 Holmes, C. F. (BE) 38 Holmes, Laurie (K) 67 Holmes, Michelle (8) 19,58 Holmes, Patty (10) 12,15,16,17, 55 Holmes, Timmy (1) 66 Holmes, Tommy (4) 63 Houge, M. Jordan (F) 40 Hunter, Georgia (10) 12,14,15,16, 19 31 36 54 Hunter, Valerie (7) 19,59 Hyland, Bobby (1) 66 Hyland, David (7) 59,60 Hyland, Mrs. James (C) 42 Hyland, Steve (8) 58,60 Hyland. Terry (F) 60,63 Hyland, Tom (3) 65 Ihus, Alan (K) 67 Ihus, Janet (1) 66 Isely, Greg (4) 64 Isely, Jeff (9) 57 Jackson, Karl (9) 56 Jackson, Mark (1) 66 Jackson, Vicki (12) 16,20,47 Jacobson, Ardis (11) 4,12,14,15, 16,18,52 Johnson, Mrs. Lillian (C) 42 Johnson, Pam (K) 67 Johnson, Steve (2) 66 Jueds, James (F) 30,35,36,41 Kammerud, Kathy (6) 62 Kammerud, Keith (1) 66 Kammerud, Larry (3) 64 Keough, Colleen (5) 63 Keough, Cary (6) 62 Keough, Kenny (4) 63 Keough, Mary Jean (K) 67 Keough, Mike (2) 65 Kiel, Mrs. Alan (F) 41 Kiel, Alan (F) 41 King, Shirley (9) 56 Kipfer, Ron (11) 34,52 Kleier, Keith (9) 56 Kleiser, Gwendolyn (5) 63 Kleiser, Sarah (9) 57 Klentz, Alvin (3) 65 Klentz, Alvina (1) 66 Klentz, Norma (K) 67 Krahenbuhl, Bryan (2) 66 Krahenbuhl, Cary (2) 65 Krahenbuhl, Sherry (6) 62 Laatsch, Herman W. (F) 38 LaBorde, David (9 ) 25,34,56 LaBorde, Jan (6) 62 LaBorde, Mike (11) 29,30,35,53 LaBorde, Timmy (K) 67 Lancaster, Allan (3) 64 Lancaster, Danny (1) 66 Larson, Steve (4) 64 Larson, Susan (3) 65 Lewis, Jeff (K) 67 Lewis, Jim (1) 66 Lofgren, Cheryl (6) 62 Makos, Karen (7) 20,59 Martin, David (3) 64 Martin, Louise (10) 55 Martin, Mary Beth (10) 55 Martin, Ronald (1) 66 Marty, Mike (1) 66 Mason, Marsha (12) 12,13,15,17, 19,44,46,47 Matley, Zonagale (11) 12,15,16, 17.20.53 McDonald, Erin (6) 62 McDonald. Gail (8) 12,19,20,58, 60 McDonald, Janet (11) 12,14,15, McDonald, Patti (12) 12,13,14,15, 19,31,36,46,49 McGinnity, Dan (6) 62 McCinnity. Geri (9) 4,12,15,16, 19,57 McGinnity, Kathy (4) 63 McGinnity, Mrs. Marie (S) 39 McGinnity, Maureen (7) 12,19,59 McGrath, Colleen (7) 59 McGrath, Eileen (7) 59 McMannes, Suzanne (10) 15,16, Meier, Debbie (5) 63 Meier, Dennis (K) 67 Meier. Edward (12) 20,44.45 Meier, Jane (11) 12,20,53,63 Meier, Nicki (2) 65 Meier, Paul (8) 58 Meier, Winnifred (10) 55 Metz, Stephen (K) 67 Meyer, Shelly (6) 62 Meyer, Stacy (K) 67 Minderman, Mrs. Kay (F) 66 Moen, David (11) 5,12,13,14.15, 19,32,52 Moen, Mrs. Eugene (F) 62 Moen, Larry (6) 62 Moen, Margit (8) 19,58,60 Moen, Nancy (K) 67 Moen, Richard (3) 65 Moen, Ruth (6) 62 Moen, Shirley (1) 66 Moen, Terry (1) 66 Montgomery, Debbie (7) 12,19, 59 Montgomery, Jim (1) 66 Montgomery, Lee (3) 64 Mudgett, Paul (4) 64 Mueller, Miss Bertha (F) 62Nall. Doral (12 ) 23,36.46,47 Nall, Elizabeth (9) 17,56 Nall, Steve (12) 49 Nelson, Brian (5) 62,63 Nelson, Christine (6) 62 Nelson, Denise (5) 63 Nelson, Cretchen (10) 12,15,16, 19,20,31,36,54 Nelson, John (10) 34,55 Nelson, Louise (9) 4,12,15,16,19, S7 Nelson, Neelian (BE) 38 Nelson, Phillip (11) 15,19,30,35, 36,53 Nelson, Steve (11) 15,19,25,30, 32,35,36,52 Nelson, Tom (2) 66 Nipple. Beth 22.23 Nipple, Christine (10) 12,15,16, 17,19,54,62 Nipple. Ricky (3) 65 Nipple, Ron (5) 63 North, Herman (9) 56 Nybroten, Allen (7) 59 Nybroten, Arvid (10) 20,54 Nybroten, Cindy (7) 59 Nybroten, Jerry (2) 65 Nybroten, LuAnn (K) 67 Nybroten, Penny (4) 63 Nybroten, Sue Ann (K) 67 Nysted, Carla (9) 12,17,20,57 Nysted, DeAnn (6) 62 Nysted, Gayle (8) 58,60 Nysted, Tammy (2) 66 Nysted, Wayne (4) 64 Oleson, Terry (12) 44 Olson, Allan (K) 67 Olson, David (4) 63 Olson, Jaqueline (3) 64 Olson, Joanne (9) 17,57 Olson, Monica (8) 58 Olson, Myron (11) 30,35,36,52 Olson, Neil (1) 66 Olson, Sandra (10) 17,54 Olson, Suzanne (6) 62 Ostby, David (12 ) 30,36,46,49 Pattinson, Gary (K) 67 Pattinson, Ron (7) 59,60 Pattinson, Ronita (10) 17,20,55 Pattinson, Sammy (4) 64 Paulson, Dennis (12) 15,19,46,49 Paulson, Marsha (9) 12,15,19,31, 56 Paulson, RoxAnne (7) 19,59 Pederson, Mrs. Eleanor (F) 63 Penniston, Brenda (2) 65 Penniston, Brent (1) 66 Penniston, Danny (3) 65 Penniston, Debbie (4) 64 Penniston, Dorsey (1) 66 Penniston, Greg (11) 29,30,32,35, 36,52 Penniston, Mrs. James (F) 66 Penniston, James (J) 42 Penniston, Jeff (7) 59,60 Penniston, Jill (2) 66 Penniston, Kim (7) 59 Penniston, Ricky (4) 63 Peterson, Diane (12) 12,13,15.17, 22.23,46 Peterson, Laurie (7) 19,59 Peterson, Mrs. Leo (C) 42 Peterson. Marty (1) 66 Phillipson, Ricky (10) 15,19,34, 54 Pickett, Jeffrey (3) 64 Pickett. Marsha (7) 20,36,59 Pink, Ann (10) 12,15,18,20,55 Pink, Bemie (11) 12,16,18,52 Pink, Cletus (6) 62 Pink, Joe (8) 58 Pink, Joyce (7) 12,59 Pink. Paul (5) 63 Pink, Tom (2) 65 Pittz, James (6) 62 Pittz, Janet (4) 63 Pittz, Jerry (5) 63 Pittz, John (7) S9,60 Raisbeck, Jackie (11) S3 Rasmussen. Terry (10) 5S Rear, Tom (10) 15.18,54 Reed, Gladys (12) 15,48 Reed. Jimmy (10) 5,6,54 Reinman, Mrs. Clarice (F) 63 Ritschard, Ann (3) 65 83 Ritschard, Lorna (4) 64 Ritschard, Scott (5) 63 Ritschard, Tom (8) 12,58,60 Ross, Mrs. Fred (F) 40 Rossing, Garry (11) 18,30.32,35, 36,53 Rossing, Creg (11) 15,18,30,32, 35.36.52 Rossing, Heidi (5) 62,63 Rossing, Joe (10) 15,19,55 Rossing, Laura (7) 19,59 Rossing, Steve (6) 62 Rossing, Tom (3) 64 Rossing, Wayne (12) 15,25,30,35, 36.44.46 Rossing, Mrs. William (F) 41 Rufener, Paul (12) 19,30,46 Saalsaa, Raynold (K) 67 Sauder, David (6) 62 Sauder, Jean (6) 62 Sauder, Mike (10) 6,54 Schellenger, Mike (11) 12,13,14. Schild, David (10) 54 Schild, Debra (12) 12,13,14,15, Schild, Mary Jane (6) 62 Schlafli, August (10) 35,55 Schlafli, Jimmy (5) 63 Schlafli, Nathan (6) 62 Schliem, Daryl (2) 66 Schliem, Dennis (4) 63 Schliem, Pamela (6) 62 Schliem, Randy (K) 67 Schmid. Christian (7) 59 Schmid, Gary (3) 65 Schmid, Karen (7) 59 Schmid, Leland (10) 6,SS Schmid, Mark (6) 62 Schmid, Roy (5) 63 Schmid, Stanley (9) 56 Schmidt, Clarie (3) 64 Schmidt, Lorri (K) 67 Schmidt. Victor (4) 64 Schneider, Debra (9) 15,57 Schneider, Raymond (7) 59 Schneider, Roger (1) 66 Schneider, Vicki (6) 62 Schoenick, Don (F) 13,14,41 Schraepfer. Mrs. Eldon (F) 66 Severson, Debra (2) 65 Severson, Diana (2) 66 Severson, James (F) 30,34,40 Severson, Janet (7) 19,59 Severson, Jeff (3)65 Severson, Mike (1) 66 Severson, Randy (3) 64 Severson, Rhonda (6) 62 Severson, Sever (9) 6,15,19,56 Severson, Tanna (6) 62 Siegenthaler, Don (11) 15,30,32, 35,36.53 Skattum, Mrs. Helen (C) 42 Skattum, Jim (9) 15,19,34,57 Skattum, Nathan (3) 65 Smith, Deborah (3) 64 Smith, Janet (7) 19,59 Smith. Joan (3) 65 Smith, Linda (6) 62 Smith, Steven (2) 65 Smith, Tom (1) 66 Smith, Wayne (12) 24,25,30,35, 36,46.47 Soper, Alan (1) 66 Soper, John (11) 15,19,30,32,35, 36,52 Stamm, Gary (9) 56 Stamm, Greg (6) 62 Stauffacher, Sherry (10) 55 Stauffacher, Steve (7) 19,59 Stein, Anita (9) 12,15,17,57 Stein, Christine (6) 62 Steiner, Jada (4) 63 Steiner, Jeff (4) 64 Steiner, Ricky (5) 63 Stephens, Bobby (2) 66 Swingen, Julie (5) 62,63 Thompson, David (10) 15,18,30, 34,55 Thompson, Mrs. Donald (F) 65 Thompson, Jim (12) 15,19,48 Thompson, Jon (6) 62 Thompson, Kristi (4) 64 Thompson, Vicki (10) 12,14.15, 16,17.19.24,25.36,54 Thoreson, Linda (7) 12.59Tollakson, Alan (8) 58,60 Tollakson, Mrs. Alfred (L) 42 Tollakson, Bruce (10) 55 Tollakson, Curt (K) 67 Tollakson, Lenny (2) 65 Tollakson, Mark (12) 13,19,36, 46,49 Tollakson, Vicki (K) 67 Treuthardt, Brian (1) 66 Tyler, Cheryl (10) 17,54 Tyler, Terry (3) 65 Upward, Greg (8) 19,58 Upward, Mark (6) 62 Vinger, David (12) 14,15.19,22, 23,30,35,36,46,48 Vinger, Debra (4) 63 Vinger, Denise (4) 64 Vlasak, Cary (7) 59,60 Vlasak, Laurel (5) 62,63 Vlasak, Rhonda (10) 12,15,16, 19.54 Voegeli, Wilbur (11) 53 Wahl. Larry (5) 62,63 Wangen, Mrs. Roger (F) 17,40 Watkins. Billy (3) 64 Watkins, Diane (9) 15,19,20.31, 36,57 Watkins. Hermit (BE) 38 Weibel, Carl (7) 19.59,60 Weibel, Francis (10) 55 Weibel, Peter (5) 62,63 Weibel, Steve (9) 56 Wenger, Allen (12) 19,45,46 Wenger, Annette (3) 65 Wenger, Mrs. Carl (F) 64 Wenger, James (10) 15,19,55 Wenger, Jim (8) 58,60 Wenger, Karen (9) 4,14,15,16,19, 31,36,56 Wenger, Kirk (5) 62,63 Wenger, Paul (4) 63 Wenger, Paula (8) 19,58 West, Bill (8) 58 West, Bob (8) 58 Whitxnar, Billy (4) 64 Whitmar, Jon (1) 66 Widmer, Danny (2) 66 Widmer. Jody (4) 63 Widmer, Lou Ann (10) 12,15,16, 17,18,20,55 Widmer, Lynn (5) 62,63 Widmer, Mary (8) 58 Widmer, Nancy (10) 12,15,16,17, 18,54 Widmer, Sandra (12) 12,13,15,17, 19,23,46,48 Wilhelmson, Jeff (4) 64 Wilhelmson, Kent (1) 66 Wilhelmson. Lori Lynn (2) 65 Wilhelmson, LuAnn (6) 62 Wilhelmson, Teena (8) 19,58,60 Wilhelmson, Timmy (5) 63 Williams, Jeff (12) 14.15,19,30,32, 35.36,46 Williams, John (12) 5.13,14,15.19. 22,23.44.46,47 Winslow, Duane (11) 53 Wire, Betty Lou (4) 63 Wire, John (3) 64 Wire, Lynn (1) 66 Wirtz, Holly (1) 66 Wirtz, Jeannie (7) 19,59 Wirtz. Jill (3) 65 Wirtz, Julie (5) 62.63 Wirtz, Todd (4) 64 Wyttenbach, Brian (5) 62,63 Wyttenbach, Diane (9) 15,19,20, 56 Wyttenbach, Julie (5) 63 Wyttenbach, Linda (7) 19,59 Wyttenbach, Mark (3) 64 Zoller, Christy (K) 67 Zoller, Debbie (10) 55 Zoller, Donna (4) 63 Zoller, Fritz (7) 59

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