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7. Photograph Reaches New Heights—This photograph was taken from an altitude of 475 miles during the Gemini 10 space flight of astronauts John W. Young and Michael Collins in July of 1966. Gibraltar appears in the upper right. 8. Surprised Miss America—Pretty 19-year-old Jan Jayroe, Miss Oklahoma, expresses surprise and happiness in the same gesture upon learning that she was Miss America 1967. 9. Pat and Luci— Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Nugent walk down steps of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington on August 6th following the wedding of Nugent and the daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson. 10. Strikeout King Retires— Lefthander Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers announced on November 18th that he was retiring from baseball due to an arthritic elbow. Winner of the Cy Young Award three times. Koufax set an all-time record of 382 strikeouts during the 1965 season. 11. Speaks Up For GOP—Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirk-sen answered President Johnson's accusations that the GOP is a party of fear by declaring that "the President's statements actually spell out the most damning self-indictment in modern political history". 12. White House Pickets—In August, these sign-carrying pickets marched up and down in front of the White House in protest to the probe of their anti-Viet Nam war activities by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.TREASURED ECHOES VOLUME I9-—1967 PUBLISHED BY THE ANNUAL STAFF OF ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL, ARGYLE, WISCONSINFOREWORD TABLE OF CONTENTS That part of our lives which is spent in A. H.S. Administration and Faculty .... 3 is indeed short, but once departed we will find ourselves returning again and again to these Seniors..........................9 precious years in memory. Underclassmen....................17 The 1967 TREASURED ECHOES will be your record of a year spent in study, friendship and Classes........................27 fun in years to come. We of the staff hope that this book will help you relive the activities, Organizations...................33 games and classroom hours through which your education has grown. The teachers, the Athletics.......................41 students and the administration have all worked together to reach the high quality of knowl- Activities......................51 edge and talent which you have received. We hope that your pride in them will increase Grades..........................59 with each reading of this annual. Advertising......................65 Index........................ . 76 I Tt LaVerne Allen Lofgren born August 22, 1951 died November 2, 1966 During the past school year everyone in our school was shocked and saddened at the accidental death of a member of the sophomore class, LaVerne Lofgren. No longer will we see the tall, blonde-haired boy with glasses in the halls and classrooms, but we will remember him always. 2ADMINISTRATION FACULTYKASPAR JOHN C. F. EUGENE KERMIT BERGET FOESCH HOLMES MOEN WATKINS SUPERINTENDENT AND BOARD OF EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS HERMAN W. LAATSCH To more efficiently run a school in light of today's increased administrative work load the Argyle Board of Education has at long last realized the need of having sufficient well-qualified personnel to do the task. We welcome Mr. Laatsch as Argyle's first full-time superintendent and hope he will enjoy a long stay with us. 4BRADLEY R. COFFIN Principal, Senior and Junior High Schools FACULTY JOANNE SIMPSON Home Economics GENE FINDLAY Business Education DON SCHOENICK Music ROBERT J. ARNOT Science NORMA ARNOT Art 5JAMES JUEDS HERBERT HASSEL Social Studies English WARREN HORSLEY Agriculture MIKE HETZEL Physical Education 6 JANET KIEL Physical Education WILLIAM HOGAN GuidanceALAN KIEL Junior High DIANA WATSON Junior High M. JORDAN HOUCE KAREN HOGAN Mathematics Spanish RUDOLPH HASKEE Special Education EUSE B. ROSS Library 7High school custodian Jimmie Penniston. Cooks for the school hot lunch program. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Peter Kohler, Mrs. Leo Peterson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Helen Skattum, Mrs. James Hyland, Mrs. Lillian Johnson. High School Secretary Mrs. Marie McGinnity COOKS- CUSTODIANS- OFFICE District Office Secretary Mrs. Jay G ierhart Elementary school custodian Martin Bredeson. 8SENIORSSHEREE KAMMERUD DAVID LEHMANN JACKIE WYSS FIRST ROW: Donald Daly, president; Linda Siegenthaler, vice-president; Diane Burreson, secretary; Leroy Thompson, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Advisors Mr. Amot, Mr. Coffin, Mr. Schoenick. NEALE TOLLAKSON 10KATHY BARRY KAREN Me GINN ITY DON DALY JAY WENGER SENIORS MARY JEANNE SOPER BETH SKATTUM SARA JO THOMPSON 11GARY BUDSBERG JANE SCHELLENGER VICKI KIPFER MARILYN JACOBSON JIM CLINE LAUREL SCHLAFLI LINDA BRANDTCONNIE RUFENER DAVID WIDMER LAURABETH NELSON SENIORS LEROY THOMPSON LETTER WINNERS. FIRST ROW: Laurel Sclilafli, JoAnn Wyttenbach, DIANE BURRESON Laurabeth Nelson, David Lehmann, Mary Soper, Sheree Kammerud, Kathy Barry. SECOND ROW: Kathy Moen, Barbara Davis, Sara Jo Thompson, Beth Skattum, Vicki Kipfer, Maureen Coffey, Art Gilbertson. THIRD ROW: Jay Wenger, Leroy Thompson, Karen McGinnity, Linda Penniston, Linda Siegenthaler, Diane Burreson, Judy Wyttenbach. FOURTH ROW: Neale Tollakson, Dick Skattum, Don Daly, Art Schmidt, Dennis Nall, Bill Kolb, Gary Budsberg.MARIAN PETERSON LARRY FLANNERY DENISE THORNTON LINDA PENNISTON MARY RUTH FLANNERY JIM PINK JO ANN WYTTENBACH 14 ART GILBERTSON JUDY WYTTENBACHDICK SKATTUM MARCIA NIPPLE DENNIS NALL JOHN SCHMID LINDA SIEGENTHALER SYLVAN OLSONSENIOR DIRECTORY KATHY BARRY--Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3; Annual Staff 3; Honor Roll 1.2, 3,4; Dramatics 1; Letter Winner 2, 3,4. LINDA BRANDT--Annual Staff 3; Future Homemakers of America 1.2, 3, 4; FHA Treasurer 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Library 1,2, 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; GARY BUDS BERG--Future Farmers of America 1,2, 3,4; Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,2; Track 3; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Lettermen's Club 2, 3,4; Vice-President Lettcrmen's Club 3; President Lettermen's Club 4; Vice-President Sophomore Class 2. DIANE BURRESON--A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Prom Queen 3; FHA 1,2, 3; Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 4; Letter Winner 4; Lettermen's Club 1,2, 3, 4; Lettermen's Club Officer 3, 4; Secretary Senior Class 4. JIM CLINE --FFA 2,4; Dramatics 3,4; Football 2,3; Color Guard 3,4. MAUREEN COFFEY--Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1.2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal 3, 4; Letter Winner 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 1. DON DALY--Prom King 3; Annual Staff 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball Most Valuable 3; Letter Winner 3,4; Lettermen's Club 3,4; Class Officer 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4. BARBARA DAVIS--Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3,4; Newspaper Staff 2, 3,4; Letter Winner 2, 3,4. LARRY FLANNERY--FFA 1,2, 3,4; FFA Secretary 4. MARY RUTH FLANNERY--Twirler 1,2, 3,4; A Cappella Choir 1. ART GILBERTSON--Football 2,4; Baseball 1 2 3 4i Track 3, 4i Letter Winner 2, 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. MARILYN JACOBSON—Prom Attendant 3; FHA 4; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4. SHEREE KAMMERUD--Senior Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; National Council of Teachers of English Nomination 3; Dramatics 1, 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Class Officer 3; Forensics 3,4; Debate 3,4; Library 3; Letter Winner 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4. VICKI KIPFER — Senior Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2; Library 3; Letter Winner 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4. BILL KOLB—Prom Attendant 3; FFA 1.2, 3, 4; FFA Officer 3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Football Most Valuable 4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Letter Winner 2,3,4. DAVID LEHMANN—Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3, 4; Madrigal 3,4; Prom At-tendant 3; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Track 3,4; Class Officer 2; Letter Winner 3,4; Lettermen's Club w01 Rol! 1,2» 3,4 KAREN McGINNITY—Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1 2, 2f 3f 4; Forensics 2 3 4; Library 3; Newspaper Staff 4; Letter Winner 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,4. KATHLEEN MOEN—Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1,2, 3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3,4; Forensics 1,4; Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4; Letter Winner 2, 3, 4; Alfred Ommodt Memorial Award 2; National School Choral Award 4-Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4. DENNIS NALL-Color Guard 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1,3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Mid-Winter Ball Attendant 4; FFA 3,4; FFA Officer 4; Football 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Letter Winner 3,4; Letter-men s Club 3,4. LAURABETH NELSON—Senior Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 1; FHA 4; Dramatics 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Letter Winner 2, 3, 4. MARCIA NIPPLE FHA 3,4j Dra™atics 2J Eorensics 2, 3; Library 1,2; Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4. SYLVAN OLSON--FFA 1,2, 3,4; FFA Vice-President 3; FFA President 4; Student Council 2,3; Honor Dr T TTC'T,i T A ..1 a t-t i a « a 1,2, 3,4. ART SCHMIDT--Basketba 11 1,2, 3, 4; Letter Winner 1,3,4; Lettermen's Club’l, 3, 4. GENE SCHULTZ --Dramatics 3; Class Officer 3. LINDA SIEGENTHALER—A Cappella Choir 2, 3; Annual Staff 3; Dramatics 1,3; Pcbate„3i Letter Winner 3; Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4; Newspaper Editor 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4. BETH SKATTUM—Senior Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1,2, 3,4; A Cappella Choir 1,2, 3,4; Madrigal 4; FHA 4-Newspaper Staff 4; letter Winner 3, 4. DICK SKATTUM-FFA 1,2, 3,4; FFA Officer 4; Homecoming Attendant °‘.fiCe,r 4; IAm i w TH°MPSON-Senior Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Attendant -s • MtH-Winfnr D-ill A Ja. r i i 1 ' . HAVTn w nxxdrTinrrA B,alo °2 a11 lj Footba11 Manager 2; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2; Track 2,3. WYSS° -;rF 1’ 2f 3’ FF . °fficer 4i Football 2, 3, 4; Letter Winner 4; Lettermen's Club 4. JAC matics 3,4; 4. JUDY 1 Prom Atte Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4; Newspaper Editor 4; Letter Winner 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 16UNDERCLASSMENDick Ruth Andy Weiler Skattum Pink Bob Be sand Connie Dean Meyer Ritschard i Dennis Johnson Bemie McDonald Tom Nall Stuart Campbell Ron Hansen Sherman Peterson Barbara Nybroten Gary Mosley Fred Sauder Joyce Biermann Steve Mason Sherry Berget David McKibben Terry Flannery Christine Johnson Vergil Peterson 18JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS. FIRST ROW: President Mark Anderson, Vice-President Sherman Peterson, Secretary Ruth Skattum, Treasurer Ruth Everson. SECOND ROW: Advisors Mr. Findlay, Mrs. Simpson, Mr. Hassel. Ed Gavigan Rodney Paulson Linda Hartwig Tom McGinnity Bill Johnson Richie Larson Ruth Everson Jerry DeNure Tom Coffey Martha Cline Mary Jo Schellenger David Phillipson Jerry Hendrickson Connie Paulson Mark AndersonBob Flanagan Joanne Gabioud Ralph Schmid Barbara Greenhill Wayne Rossing Diane Peterson David Ostby Sybil Meade Terry Oleson Sandra Widmer Mike Dunlavy Gladys Reed John Williams Marsha Mason Rudy Gebhardt Irene Elmer Steve Nall Peggy Erickson Edward Meier Janice Venable Richard Osterday Patti McDonald Wayne Smith Nancy Haesler Doral Nall SOPHOMORES 20Andy Anderson David Vinger Mark Tollakson Jeff Williams Paul Rufener Debra Schild Mark Lehmann Jimmie Thompson SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. FIRST ROW: Andy Anderson, president; Doral Nall, vice president; Janice Venable, secretary; Bob Flanagan, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jueds, advisor; Mr. Hetzel, advisor. 21Tom Amot Geri Flanagan Mike Sche llenger Ardis Jacobson I John Soper Janet McDonald Gary Rossing Jane Meier Stanley Granberg Nancy Cline Angela Campbell Jackie Raisbeck Geri Hassenfelt Pat Dunlavy Mark Bredeson Carol Daly Ronnie Kipfer Bernie Pink Joann Brandt Mike Curtis Betty Gavigan Greg Penniston 22 David MoenWilbur Voegeli Glenda Erickson Greg Rossing Martha Engeli Doral Nelson Mark Anderson Duane Winslow Steve Nelson Myron Olson Maureen Martinelli James Mau Susan Bahe William Thornton Roger Besand Terry Noble Daryl Berget John Mau Phillip Nelson Donnie Siegenthaler Zonagale Matley FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS. FIRST ROW: President Mike Schellenger, Vice-President Tom Amot, Secretary David Moen, Treasurer Donnie Siegenthaler. SECOND ROW: Advisors Mr. Houge and Mrs. Amot.0 . Mi EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Joe Rossing, Nancy Widmer, Janice Barry, David Schild, Marianne Davis, Sandra Olson, LuAnn Widmer. SECOND ROW: David Thompson, Kathy Dunlavy, August Schlafli, Ronita Pattinson, Bruce Tollakson, Vicky Thompson, Bruce Thornton. THIRD ROW: Sherry Stauffacher, Jimmy Reed, Christine Nipple, James Wenger, Karen Fischer, Richard Boyer, Ann Pink. FOURTH ROW: Rickey Phillipson, Rhonda Vlasak, Tommy Rear, Debbie Zoller, Kim Bahe, Cheryl Benson, Steve Chenous. FIFTH ROW: Winnifred Meier, Arvid Nybroten, Gretchen Nelson, John Nelson, Georgia Hunter, Mike Sauder, Suzanne McMannes. SIXTH ROW: Harlan Emberson, Francis Weibel, Patty Holmes, Lei and Schmid. 24FIRST ROW: Diane Watkins, Steve Gabioud, Elizabeth Nall, John Elmer, Carla Nysted, Stanley Schmid, Susan Che nous. SECOND ROW: Pat Lehmann, Joanne Olson, Ruth Daly, Roger Godfrey, Doris Engeli, Debra Hartwig, Danny Schultz. THIRD ROW: Louise Nelson, Marsha Paulson, Stanley Campbell, Geri McGinnity, Karen Wenger, Jeff Isely, Diane Wyttenbach. FOURTH ROW: Tom Aebly, Rita Daly, Laurie Gruenberg, Jimmy Skattum, Mary Dunlavy, Kem Anderson, Steve Weibel. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Flanagan, Sever Severson, Gloria Erickson, JoAnn Greenhill, Gary Stamm, Anita Stein, Christy Coffey. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SEVENTH GRADE 25EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR. FIRST ROW: Gretchen Nelson. SECOND ROW: Janice Barry, Suzanne McMannes. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kiel, advisor. The junior high school chorus is again trying to get a first division rating at the district music festival. If this goal is reached it will be the eleventh consecutive first for a junior high chorus. But we must improve John Louis Nelson's posture. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR. FIRST ROW: Tom Aebly, Sever Severson. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Flanagan, Diane Wyttenbach. THIRD ROW: Miss Watson, advisor. 26CLASSESSCIENCE TYPING In Mr. Amot's junior chemistry class the boys are finding out how to scientifically boil water. Mr. Findlay oversees the first year typing class which by the end of the year should be expert in typing. PHYSIC A L ED UCA TION This physical education class shows the peculiarities of several senior boys. Billy Kolb uses his well-developed muscles to chin himself, Art Schmidt uses his height to avoid chinning himself and Dick Skattum is a clown. ART 28ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES The ever-alert seniors are listening to an explanation of English grammar by Mr. Hassel. Social Problems is taught by Mr. Jueds and is required of all seniors. Injun Joe say, "Art class heap big fun." Mrs. Amot's busy high school art students learn much during the year and also put their talents to use in providing art work for the many varied school year activities. 29CLASSES THI In the home economics class Mrs. Simpson and the senior girls arc "ifcih-.'- discussing various aspects of tailoring. Several sophomores who are bewildered while looking at the motor of Mr. Schoenick's car hope to find out more about it in their driver education course. 30AGRICULTURE A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mr. Horsley brings to the attention of the senior ag. boys several of the careers related to agriculture other than farming. To achieve the maximum precision necessary while singing in Argyle High School's a cappella choir one must always keep one's eyes on the director! 31SENIOR BAND One of the best ways to improve the band is for each section to work out its own problems in a sectional rehearsal. Here Mr. Schoenick works with the tuba players, Joe Rossing, Harlan Emberson, John Soper and sectional leader Tom McGinnity. SPEC I A L ED UCA TION The members of Mr. Haske's special education class are: Duane Winslow, Richard Osterday, David McKibben, Jackie Raisbeck, John Mau, Wilbur Voegli, James Mau, Lonne Nevels, George Burris and Gary Mosley who is hidden at the right of the picture. MATHEMATICS Mathematics courses at A.H.S. include first and second year algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Here we see Mr. Houge and the junior geometry class. 32PUBLIC A TIONS ANNUAL STAFF. FIRST ROW: Jackie Wyss, Andy Anderson, Connie Paulson, Linda Hartwig, Marian Peterson. SECOND ROW: Jim Pink, Jerry DeNure, Judy Wyttenbach, John Williams, Mary Jo Schellenger. THIRD ROW: David Phillipson, EdGavigan, Tom McCinnity, Don Daly, Linda Penniston. FROM BOTTOM TO TOP: Editor Jackie ‘ TD I? A C T T D J7 T? Z7 C Wyss, Business Manager David Phillipson, 1 LvIIjI.lO tJ i v J Mj C Ail Advisor Mr. Schoenick. Looking through magazines for layout possibilities are Connie Paulson, Linda Hartwig and Mary Jo Schellenger. 34FROM BOTTOM TO TOP: Literary Editor Linda Siegenthaler, Production Editor Judy Wyttenbach, Advisor Mr. Findlay. ARGTLE SENTINEL NEWSPAPER STAFF. FIRST ROW: Diane Peterson, Vicki Kipfer, Sandra Widmer, Laurabeth Nelson, Laurel Schlafli, Georgia Hunter, Janice Barry, Vicki Thompson, Christy Coffey. SECOND ROW: Connie Paulson, Mary Jo Schellenger, Linda Hartwig, Gretchen Nelson, Marcia Nipple, JoAnn Wyttenbach, Rita Daly, Marilyn Jacobson, Nancy Haesler. THIRD ROW: Ruth Skattum, Linda Brandt, Kathleen Moen, Bernie McDonald, Mary Jeanne Soper, Barbara Davis, Angela Campbell, Bernie Pink, Sheree Kammerud. FOURTH ROW: Marian Peterson, Sybil Meade, Ruth Everson, Mark Anderson, Christine Johnson, Betty Gavigan, Judy Wyttenbach, Sara Jo Thompson, Connie Rufener. FIFTH ROW: David Phillipson, Beth Skattum, Ed Gavigan, Tom Me-Ginnity, Jerry Hendrickson, Linda Penniston, Denise Thornton, Linda Siegenthaler, Beth Nipple.MADRIGAL. FIRST ROW: JoAnn Wyttenbach, Linda Hartwig, Maureen Coffey, Patti McDonald, Ruth Everson, Irene Elmer. SECOND ROW: Bemie McDonald, Beth Skattum, Karen McGinnity, Judy Wyttenbach, Debra Schild. THIRD ROW: David Lehmann, Jay Wenger, Tom McGinnity, David Vinger, Leroy Thompson, Rodney Paulson. Mr. Schoenick says, "Get your elbows off your knees, boys. " A CAPPELLA FIRST ROW: Ronnie Kipfer, Gladys Reed, Laurel Schlafli, Sheree Kammerud, Marsha Mason, Laurabeth Nelson, Jane Schellenger, Andy Pink. SECOND ROW: Doral Nall, Rodney Paulson, Angela Campbell, Debra Schild, Maureen Coffey, Sandra Widmer, Joanne Gabioud, Sybil Meade. THIRD ROW: Sara Jo Thompson, Mary Jo Schellenger, Beth Skattum, Jackie Wyss, Sherman Peterson, Judy Wyttenbach, Barbara Greenhill, Connie Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Leroy Thompson, Diane Burreson, David Phillipson, Billy Johnson, Donnie Siegenthaler, David Vinger, Jerry Hendrickson, Tom McGinnity. FIFTH ROW: Mark Lehmann, Paul Rufener, David Moen, Bemie McDonald, Carol Daly, Phillip Nelson, Dick Weiler, Steven Nelson. 36Kathleen Moen is the winner of this year's National School Choral Award. ACCOMPANISTS. FIRST ROW:Linda Hartwig, Kathleen Moen. SECOND ROW: Judy Wyttenbach, Beth Skattum. CHOIR FIRST ROW: Irene Elmer, Janice Venable, Diane Peterson, Nancy Haesler, Connie Rufener, Allen Wenger, Maureen Martinelli, Janet McDonald, Dennis Paulson. SECOND ROW: Patti McDonald, David Moen, Kathleen Moen, Mary Jeanne Soper, Zonagale Matley, Ruth Skattum, JoAnn Wyttenbach, Andy Anderson. THIRD ROW: Joyce Bierman, Christine Johnson, Peggy Erickson, John Williams, Jay Wenger, Betty Gavigan, Mike Curtis, Jim Pink, Vicki Kipfer. FOURTH ROW: Denise Thornton, Dennis Nall, Myron Olson, Mark Anderson, Mike Schellenger, John Soper, Karen McGinnity, Jerry DeNure. FIFTH ROW: Jeff Williams, Linda Hartwig, Beth Nipple, Connie Paulson, Geri Hassenfelt, Barbara Davis, Tom Arnot, Jimmie Thompson, Ruth Everson. 37FIRST ROW: Sara Jo Thompson, Sheree Kammerud, Kathy Barry, Mary Jo Schellenger. SECOND ROW: Vicki Kipfer, Beth Nipple, Irene Elmer, Debra Schild, Sandra Widmer, Connie Meyer, Dennis Paulson. THIRD ROW: Sybil Meade, Gretchen Nelson, Louise Nelson, Geri McGinnity, Karen Wenger, Kem Anderson, Diane Wyttenbach, Linda Hartwig, Laurel Schlafli, JoAnn Wyttenbach, Jimmie Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Jay Wenger, Ricky Phillipson, Leroy Thompson, Denise Thornton, Rodney Paulson, Mike Schellenger, David Moen, Mark Lehmann, Marsha Mason, Rhonda Vlasak, James Wenger, Jimmy Skattum, Debra Hartwig, Diane Watkins. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Flanagan, Susan Bahe, Elizabeth Nall, Vicki Thompson, Allen Wenger, Richie Larson, Paul Rufener, Neale Tollakson, Christine Johnson. This is it - the Pep Band - they're great! The winner of the John Philip Sousa Award for the 1966-1967 school year is Neale Tollakson. 38FIRST ROW: Kathleen Moen, Judy Wyttcnbach, Mark Tollakson, Beth Skattum, Maureen Coffey. SECOND ROW: Ruth Everson, Connie Paulson, David Lehmann, Tom Arnot, Christy Coffey, Mark Anderson. THIRP ROW: Joanne Gabioud, Jeff Williams, Connie Rufener, Steve Nelson, Phillip Nelson, Patty Holmes, Andy Anderson, Georgia Hunter, Janet McDonald, Janice Barry, Barbara Davis. FOURTH ROW: Joe Rossing, Harlan Emberson, John Soper, Tom McGinnity, David Phillipson, Patti McDonald, Mary Jeanne Soper, Susan Chenous, Pat Lehmann, Ruth Skattum, Laurabcth Nelson, David Vinger, John Williams. BAND Drum Majorette Ardis Jacobson TWIRLERS: Bernie Pink, Nancy Haesler, Geri Has-senfelt, Mary Ruth Flannery, Janice Venable. COLOR GUARD: Jerry DeNure, Dennis Nall, Jim Cline, Dick Weiler. 39FIRST ROW: Connie Rufener, Laurel Schlafli, Joanne Gabioud, Linda Bamdt, Diane Peterson, Nancy Haesler, Bernie Pink, Maureen Martinelli. SECOND ROW: Joann Brandt, Laurabeth Nelson, Angela Campbell, Glenda Erickson, Marcia Nipple, JoAnn Wyttenbach, Zonagale Matley, Marsha Mason. THIRD ROW: Sandra Widmer, Connie Paulson, Linda Haitwig, Mary Jo Schellenger, Nancy Cline, Vicki Kipfer, Geri Hassenfelt, Jackie Wyss. FOURTH ROW: Marian Peterson, Peggy Erickson, Barbara Greenhill, Judy Wyttenbach, Linda Penniston, Beth Skattum, Beth Nipple, Betty Gavigan. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FHA OFFICERS FFA OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Connie Rufener, president; Marcia Nipple, vice-president; Linda Brandt, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Barbara Greenhill, secretary; Mrs. Simpson, advisor. FIRST ROW: Sylvan Olson, president; David Widmer, vice-president; Larry Flannery, secretary; Billy Kolb, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Dennis Nall, sentinel; Mr. Horsley, advisor; Dick Skattum, reporter. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Ronnie Kipfer, John Schmid, Robert Schmid, Dick Weiler, Tom Coffey, Dennis Johnson, David Mc-Kibben, Ralph Schmid. SECOND ROW: Mike Curtis, Gary Mosley, Doral Nall, Wayne Smith, Phillip Nelson, Vergil Peterson, Dean Ritschard, Steve Nall, Terry Oleson, Fred Sauder. THIRD ROW: Bob Besand, Rudy Gebhardt, Jerry DeNure, Steve Mason, Mike Dunlavy, Sylvan Olson, David Widmer, Terry Flannery, Stuart Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Myron Olson, Greg Penniston, Larry Flannery, Dennis Nall, Dick Skattum, Daryl Berget, Jim Cline, Billy Kolb, Lonne Nevels, Roger Besand.A THLETICSFIRST ROW: David Widmer, David Lehmann, Art Gilbertson, Leroy Thompson, Dennis Nall, Gary Budsberg, DickSkattum, Bill Kolb, EdGavigan. SECOND ROW: John Williams, Bob Flanagan, Jeff Williams, David Ostby, David Phillipson, Dick Weiler, Bob Besand, Gary Mosley, Lonne Nevels, Tom McGinnity. THIRD ROW: Mike Schellenger, Andy Anderson, Wayne Smith, Wayne Rossing, Paul Rufener, David Vinger, Greg Penniston, Mark Anderson, Donnie Siegenthaler, Doral Nall, Tom Arnot. FOURTH ROW: Coach Jueds, Garry Rossing, Daryl Berget, Steve Nelson, Roger Besand, Mike Curtis, John Soper, Mark Bredeson, Phillip Nelson, Greg Rossing, Doral Nelson, Laverne Lofgren, Coach Hetzel. FOOTBALL COACHES. Assistant Coach Mike Hetzel, Head Coach Jim Jueds. FOOTBALL MANAGERS. John Nelson, David Schild, Jimmie Thompson. 42VARSITY FOOTBALL Argyle's football team had its most discouraging season of the past few years as it went down to seven consecutive shutout defeats and then finally scored its only touchdown of the year on a 79 yard runback of a kickoff by Gary Budsberg in the final game of the year at Orfordville. The string of shutouts began in a non-conference game with Barneveld in which the Orioles were beaten 26-0 by their powerful running attack. In our first conference game we were defeated by New Glarus who tied with Juda for the championship. Next, the Cardinals of Brodhead shackled the Argyle offense and their running attack earned them a 25-0 victory. The Orioles then traveled to Blanchardville where they played what was perhaps their finest game. We dominated the first half, but could not score, and in the second half the Eagles took advantage of several breaks. The final score was Blanchardville 13, Argyle 0. The next three games were almost carbon copies of one another as Belleville, Juda and South Wayne ran up impressive victories by large margins. In the last game we traveled to Orfordville where we finally managed to score in the 32nd quarter of the year but still went down to defeat by the Vikings, 37-6. In a season not noted for bright moments we must commend Bill Kolb for receiving honorable mention on the State Line League all-conference team and for being chosen most valuable player by his teammates. Dick Skattum was selected honorary captain. SCORES OF GAMES FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Argyle Opponents Team W L T Pet. 0 Barneveld 26 Juda 6 1 0 .857 0 New Glarus 26 New Glarus 6 1 0 .857 0 Brodhead 25 Belleville 5 1 1 .8133 0 Blanchardville 13 Brodhead 4 3 0 . 571 0 Belleville 47 Blanchardville 2 4 1 .333 0 Juda 52 South Wayne 2 4 1 .333 0 South Wayne 34 Orfordville 1 5 1 . 167 6 Orfordville 37 ARGYLE 0 7 0 .000 VARSITY STARTERS. HRST ROW: Gary Budsberg, EdGavigan, Bill Kolb, David Phillipson, David Widmer, David Vinger, Dennis Nall. SECOND ROW: John Soper, Art Gilbertson, Leroy Thompson, Tom McGinnity, Dick Skjttum, David Lehmann, Bob Be sand, Gary Mosley, Mike Schell enger. 43Bill Kolb received honorable mention on the all-conference team and was chosen most valuable player by his teammates. Dick Skattum was named honorary captain for the 1966 season. Gary Budsberg scored the team's only points. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Greg Penniston, Mark Bredeson, Roger Besand, Phillip Nelson, Donnie Siegenthaler, Wayne Rossing, Tom Arnot, Dick Weiler, David Ostby. SECOND ROW: John Williams, Lonne Nevels, Paul Rufener, Steve Nelson, Daryl Berget, Greg Rossing, Wayne Smith, Doral Nelson. THIRD ROW: Andy Anderson, Bob Flanagan, Mark Anderson, Mike Schellenger, John Soper, Mike Curtis, Doral Nall, Jeff Williams, Garry Rossing. 44CHEER- LEADERS The members of the varsity cheerleading squad who do a fine job of instilling the student body with school spirit are from the LEFT, CLOCKWISE: Connie Paulson, Janice Venable, head cheerleader Diane Burreson, Mary Jo Schellcnger, Linda Hartwig. Junior varsity cheerleaders are from LEFT FRONT, CLOCKWISE: Nancy Haesler, Patti McDonald, Geri Flanagan, Debra Schild, Irene Elmer. 45FIRST ROW: David Lehmann, Richie Larson, Don Daly, Art Schmidt, Tom Coffey. SECOND ROW: Dean Ritschard, Neale Tollakson, Bob Besand, Cary Budsberg, Bob Flanagan. THIRD ROW: Manager Rodney Paulson Coach Hetzel, Dennis Nall, Ed Cavigan, Manager David Phillipson, Manager Tom Amot. VARSITY BASKETBALL STATE LINE LEAGUE TEAM STANDINGS Team South Wayne Albany Juda Brodhead Monticello w L Pet. TP OP Team W L Pet. TP OP 17 1 .944 1442 1154 Belleville 8 10 .444 1314 1363 13 5 .722 1349 1208 New Glarus 7 11 . 389 1185 1222 13 5 .722 1441 1366 Orfordville 7 11 . 389 1111 1171 10 8 .556 1174 1146 Blanchardville 6 12 .333 1172 1267 9 9 .500 1223 1183 QargylE 0 18 .000 1076 1407 The 1966-67 Oriole varsity basketball team suffered the same fate as the football team, a winless season. Eighteen conference losses plus two more in tournament play made it a perfect 0 and 20 season. Three games were close; we lost to Monticello by two, Brodhead by three and Orfordville by six, but the other seventeen games were lost by an average of twenty-one points. Lack of size and lack of experience were the two major factors contributing to our unvictorious outcome. Don Daly was by far the outstanding player of the year. He shot 41% from the floor and 66% from the free throw line for a total of 32.3 points in twenty games. Don was also the team's leading rebounder with 73 offensive and 110 defensive rebounds for a total of 183. Another leader in field goals was Neale Tollakson with 44% but he was a late starter and played in only half of the team's games. Tom Coffey’s 70% of free throws made led all regulars and his 244 point total was second only to Don's. Several opponents set new records against Argyle's weak defense, such as Juda's 96 total points and Albany's 42 field goals in one game. Argyle had an excellent evening of free throw shooting at Albany by hitting on 19 of 21 attempts for a 90% mark. Even though the boys were winless they must be applauded for always trying and for being good sportsmen.Lehmann Schmidt Budsberg These seniors have played their final games for Argyle High. 47 DON DALY 6 2 Senior Center Leader In: Field Coals — 129 F. G. Pet. - 40. 6 Free Throws- 65 Total Points- 323 Rebounds - 183 Recoveries - 75FIRST ROW: Mike Curtis, John Soper, Mike Schellenger, Greg Penniston, Roger Besand, Jeff Williams. SECOND ROW: Doral Nelson, Carry Rossing, Steve Nelson, Wayne Rossing, Andy Anderson, Ronnie Kipfer, Coach Jueds. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Sophomore Jeff William’s all-around ability earned him promotion to the varsity team. STATE LINE LEAGUE TEAM STANDINGS TEAM W L Pet. TP OP New Glarus 14 4 . 778 841 611 ARGYLE 13 5 .722 761 708 Orfordville 12 6 . 667 792 600 Blanchardville 11 7 . 611 758 769 Brodhead 11 7 . 611 662 664 Monticello 9 9 .500 775 787 Juda 8 10 .444 692 714 South Wayne 6 12 . 333 628 705 Belleville 5 13 .278 751 789 Albany 1 17 .056 560 873 It was an exciting season for the junior varsity basketball team. After losing three of the first four games, the boys won twelve of the remaining fourteen for a 13-5 record and second place in the league. Argyle split with New Clarus, Orfordville, Brodhead, Monticello and Juda and twice defeated Blanchardville, South Wayne, Belleville and Albany. The usual starters were freshmen Mark Anderson, Greg Penniston, Mike Schellenger and sophomores Andy Anderson and Jeff Williams who was moved to the varsity team after six games and was replaced ably by Bob Flanagan. Hitting on over 40% of field goal tries were Mark and Mike while Andy made 75% of his free throw attempts to lead the team. Mark, Mike and Greg were almost equal in rebounding. The season’s success can be attributed to a fine team effort by a group of young ball players who should make excellent future varsity players. 48BASEBALL. FIRST ROW: Coach Hetzel, Garry Rossing, Art Gilbertson, Dennis Johnson, Tom Coffey, Doral Nelson, Greg Rpssing. SECOND ROW: Jay Wenger, Paul Rufener, Mike Curtis, Dean Ritschard, Steve Nelson, Doral Nelson. THIRD ROW: Jeff Williams, Mike Schellenger, Roger Be sand, Mark Anderson, John Soper. FOURTH ROW: Bob Besand, Ed Gavigan, Tom McGinnity, Dick Skattum, Richie Larson, Greg Pen-niston. BASEBALL AND TRACK TRACK. FIRST ROW: Coach Jueds, Wayne Rossing, Jimmie Thompson, Art Gilbertson, David Lehmann. SECOND ROW: Mark Tollakson, Mike Schellenger, Jay Wenger, William Thornton, Neale Tollakson. THIRD ROW: Bob Besand, Bill Kolb, Dennis Nall, Dick Skattum. FOURTH ROW: Richie Larson, Greg Pen-niston, Don Siegenthaler, Tom McGinnity, Art Schmidt. 49FIRST ROW: Mr. Hetzel, Patti McDonald, Nancy Haesler, Tom Coffey, Debra Schild, Wayne Rossing, David Lehmann, Janice Venable, Dennis Johnson, Irene Elmer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Arnot, Linda Hartwig, Diane Burreson, Jeff Williams, Bob Besand, Dick Skattum, Leroy Thompson, David Phillipson, Art Gilbertson, Mary Jo Schellenger, Connie Paulson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Jueds, Gary Budsberg, Billy Kolb, Richie Larson, Don Daly, Art Schmidt, Tom McGinnity, Dennis Nall, Ed Gavigan, Neale Tollakson. GRADE BASKETBALL GRADE CHEERLEADERS LETTERMEN’S CLUB h KNEELING: Georgia Hunter, Janice Barry, Vicki Thompson. STANDING: Rhonda Vlasak, Gretchen Nelson. FIRST ROW: Tommy Rear, Gary Stamm, Pat Lehmann, Ricky Phillipson. SECOND ROW: Steve Weibel, David Schild, John Nelson, Francis Weibel. THIRD ROW: Harlan Emberson, David Thompson, August Schlafli, Joe Rossing. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Thornton, John Elmer, Kim Bahe, Coach Hyland.ACTIVITIES LIBRARY Since the head librarian, Mrs. Ross, shares her time with three area schools the duty of running the Argyle high school library is in the hands of student librarians above, Carol Daly, Bemie McDonald, Christine Johnson, Linda Brandt, and assistant librarians left, Mrs. Tollakson and Mrs. Berget. DEB A TE Our debate team, though small in number, consists of five girls who have been known to be unparalleled in talking. FIRST ROW: Sandra Widmer, Janet McDonald, Sheree Kammerud. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hassel, coach, Denise Thornton, Patti McDonald. ; 52DRAMA TICS FIRST ROW: Sybil Meade, Janice Venable, Irene Elmer, Bernie Pink, Sheree Kammerud, Patti McDonald. SECOND ROW: Andy Anderson, Sandra Widmer, Diane Peterson, Marsha Mason, Janet McDonald, Marian Peterson. THIRD ROW: Mary Jeanne Soper, Jackie Wyss, Barbara Greenhill, Susan Bahe, Laurabeth Nelson, Linda Penniston. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Hassel, director, Linda Siegenthaler, Gene Schultz, Tom McGinnity, Jim Cline, Jim Pink. FORENSICS Linda Siegenthaler brings to this years forensics team the experience of being a winner in the state forensics contest. ii ifiiiVj iiai£jiiii| iiSliP FIRST ROW: Mary Jeanne Soper, Sara Jo Thompson, Sheree Kammerud. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hassel, coach, Kathleen Moen, Karen McGinnity, William Thornton. THIRD ROW: Linda Siegenthaler, Linda Penniston, Denise Thornton.Marilyn Jacobson Neale Tollakson David Lehmann Sara Jo Thompson Judy Wyttenbach Leroy Thompson Billy Kolb Mary Jeanne Soper King Don Daly Queen Diane BurresonCROWNING CEREMONY. FIRST ROW: Miniature Queen Denise Flannery and Miniature King Tom Nelson. SECOND ROW: Judy Wyttenbach, Leroy Thompson, King Don Daly, Queen Diane Burreson, Marilyn Jacobson, Neale Tollakson, Mary Jeanne Soper, Billy Kolb, Sara Jo Thompson, David Lehmann. JUNIOR PROM Last year when the present seniors were juniors they chose as the theme for their prom the song title, "A Summer Place. ” Those who entered the gym on the evening of May 6, 1966 found the decorations to be of unusual high quality and inspiration. Blue streamers lowered the ceiling and suggested a beautiful summer sky. A huge southern mansion was seen covering one wall. Revolving colored lights played on the central grassy area with its flower-entwined swing. The orchestra was led by Vern Meisner. Leading the grand march are the royalty and miniature royalty while the orchestra plays the music of "Argyle Loyalty." 55Pictured below are the three floats which won prizes in the Homecoming parade. First prize went to the juniors for "Massacre 'Em" which showed an Argyle Indian shooting from his tepee into Belleville's fort. The seniors carried out the Indian summer theme and captured second prize with a float titled, "Big Wildcat Soon Be Little Pussycat." The sophomores were awarded third prize with Argyle's "Great Spirit" conquering the "Wildcat" of Belleville. E’ENf The king and queen of Argyle High School's 1966 Homecoming were Seniors Jackie Wyss and Dick Skattum. HOMECOMING Homecoming festivities began on the eve of the game with the traditional snake dance, bonfire and pep rally. The Friday afternoon parade featured Queen Jackie and her court, bands from South Wayne and Argyle, floats from the high school and numerous entries from the alumni which helped boost the homecoming spirit. The Argyle Orioles showed great determination in battling the Belleville Wildcats. Despite the loss school spirit reigned all the night through. The crowning of the queen at the Homecoming dance climaxed the week of festivities. Russ Wilson provided the music. 56 During the parade Queen Jackie waves to the appreciative crowd. Also ready for the parade are the queen's attendants Geri Flanagan, Beth Nipple, Ruth Skattum and Connie Rufener. HOMECOMING ROYALTY. David Vinger and Beth Nipple, sophomore attendants; Leroy Thompson and Connie Rufener, senior attendants; Queen Jackie Wyss and King Dick Skattum; Ruth Skattum and Dick Weiler, junior attendants; Geri Flanagan and John Soper, freshman attendants.BALL MID WINTER Early in February the music department sponsored its third annual Mid-Winter Ball. According to the usual procedure each of the high school classes in band chose candidates for king and queen. Votes were cast upon entering the dance and seniors Dennis Nall and Sara Jo Thompson received the most votes. The other three couples were attendants. Music was provided by Ken Wolf and his group and featured the "Sounds of the Tijuana Brass. " The "Swinging Generation" really swung the last hour. King Dennis Nall and Queen Sara Jo Thompson CANDIDATES FOR KING AND QUEEN OF THE MID-WINTER BALL. LEFT TO RIGHT: Freshmen Bemie Pink and Mike Schellenger, Juniors Mary Jo Schellenger and Rodney Paulson, Seniors Sara Jo Thompson and Dennis Nall, Nancy Haesler and John Williams. 58GRA DESSIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Larry Martinelli, Diane DeNure, Tom Ritschard, Monica Olson, Beverly Erickson, Richie Flanery. SECOND ROW: Steve Hyland, Jim Wenger, Joe Pink, Paula Wenger, Michelle Holmes, Gayle Nysted, Mary Widmer, Gail McDonald. THIRD ROW: Miss Mueller, Teena Wilhelm-son, Paul Meier, Sharon Fischer, Ruth Cline, Linda Fransen. FOURTH ROW: Eric Anderson, Jon Erickson, Craig Gruenberg, Margit Moen, Alan Tollakson, Leon Burreson. FIFTH ROW: Stacy Campbell, Dara Thornton, Greg Upward, Ronnie Fuchs, Gail Fisher. FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Linda Wyttenbach, RoxAnne Paulson, Jeannie Wirtz, Tom Lehmann, Kim Penniston, Pete Goepfert. SECOND ROW: Laurie Peterson, Carl Weibel, Janet Severson, Jeanne Bredeson, Margo Hendrickson, Susan Anderson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Peterson, Sharon Emberson, Karen Hildenbrand, Valerie Hunter, Debbie Montgomery, Karen Makos, Robin Berg. FOURTH ROW: Greg Flannery, Marilyn Godfrey, Steve Brandt, Jeff Penniston, Maureen McGinnity. FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Ronnie Pattinson, Christian Schmid, Cindy Nybroten, Allen Nybroten, Karen Schmid. SECOND ROW: Janet Smith, John Crotty, Colleen McGrath, Eileen McGrath, John Pittz. THIRD ROW: Mr. Hyland, Steve Stauffacher, Fritz Zoller, David Hyland, Timmie Hendrickson. FOURTH ROW: Connie Flint, Gary Vlasak, Rene Hendrickson, Joyce Pink. 60FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Stephen Dammcn, Michael Aebly, Kim Gruenberg, Larry Moen, Mark Schmid. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Reinmann, Suzanne Olson, Mary Jane Schild, Linda Smith, Jean Sauder. THIRD ROW: Bruce Hanson, John Engeli, Ruth Moen, Richard Brandt, Randy Campbell. FOURTH ROW: David Sauder, Bruce Cline, James Pittz, Phillip Cline, Jana Erickson. FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Kathy Kammerud, Tanna Severson, Erin McDonald, Pamela Schliem, Shelley Meyer, DeAnn Nysted, Cletus Pink. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bleiler, Nathan Schlafli, Jane Fransen, LeAnn Craft, Jon Thompson, Steve Rossing, Greg Stamm. THIRD ROW: Mark Upward, LuAnn Wilhelm-son, Daryl DeNure, Danny Bredeson, Melody Berg, Todd Martinelli. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Fisher, Christine Stein, Laurel Bruehlman, Cheryl Lofgren, Danny McGinnity, Scott Hawley, Christine Nelson. GRADE ART Art, Mrs. Amot, Halloween and second graders mix very well in the elementary school.GRADE CHORUS How can these members of the grade chorus sound so angelic when they sing while at other times.well! THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Jami Meyer, Kathy Garrison, Lynn Widmer, Heidi Rossing, Kathy Crotty, Denise Nelson. SECOND ROW: Scott Ritschard, Kathy Campbell, Lyle Hendrickson, Kevan Hartwig, Loren Bruehlman, Wally Hartwig. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Wenger, Larry Wahl, Julie Wirtz, Laurie Vlasak, Michelle Polivka, Larry Erickson. FOURTH ROW: Mark Hawley, Ronnie Nipple, Carol Bertelrud, Debra Meier, Peter Weibel, Brian Nelson. THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Roy Schmid, Brian Wyttenbach, Jimmy Schlafli. SECOND ROW: Julie Wyttenbach, Paul Pink, Cary Craft, Timmy Wilhelmson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Thompson, Brian Cline, Kirk Wenger, Kim Godfrey, Helen Erickson. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Pittz, Randy Flannery, Robert Berget, Harlan Erickson. 62SECOND GRAD FIRST ROW: Debbie Penniston, Connie Hendrickson, Todd Wirtz, Penny Nybroten, Marc Busch, Pau Wenger. SECOND ROW: Denise V Debra Vinger, Steve Flannery, D Schliem, Ricky Penniston, Jeff Wilhelmson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Schraepfer, Darlene Hanson, JoAn Dunlavy, Kathy McGinnity, Rona Erickson, Bill Whitmar. FOURTH ROW: Stephen Larson, Ronnie Bredcson, Philip Gavigan, Jeff Steiner, Victor Schmidt. n O SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW: Jody Widmer, Betty Wire, Sammy Pattinson, David Olson, Tommy Holmes. SECOND ROW: Donna Zoller, Shawn Burreson, Loma Ritschard, Wayne Nysted. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Anderson, Janet Pittz, Danny Cline, Gregory Isely, Kim Hendrickson. FOURTH ROW: Mike Daly, Pat Daly, Harlan Flannery, Mike Flannery, Richard Dammen. FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Jim Bruehlman, Larry Kammerud, Billy Watkins, Danny Penniston, Ann Ritschard, Dennis Coffey. SECOND ROW: Kristi Thompson, Kelly Hanson, Tommy Rossing, Debbie Smith, Marta Anderson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Penniston, Janet Garrison, Bonnie Barry, Jill Wirtz, Marie Gabioud, Connie Garrison. FOURTH ROW: Claire Schmidt, Lee Montgomery, Cheryl Hawley, Marco Flannery, Susan Larson. 63JL am FIRST GRADE ROW: Michael Benson, Annette , Mark Wyttenbach, Fred li, Steve Emberson. SECOND : John Cline, Randy Severson, Crotty, David Daly. THIRD : Mrs. Mindermann, Richard , Nate Skattum, Ricky Nipple, Hvland. KINDERGARTEN FIRST ROW: Steven Johnson, Brian Bredeson, Douglas Busch, Gary Dam-men. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Garrison, Donna Gilbertson, Vicki Hendrickson, Nickie Marty. THIRD ROW: Julie Bredeson, Tom Nelson, John Gabioud, Daryl Schliem, Steven Smith. KINDERGARTEN FIRST ROW: Lori Lynn Wilhelmson, Lenny Toll a kson, Teresa Hall, Tammy Nysted, Bobby Stephens, Lisa Hendrickson. SECOND ROW: Lori Jean Flannery, Danny Widmer, Jill Penniston, Tom Pink, Laura Gouge. THIRD ROW: Jerry Nybroten, Nicki Meier, Joe Coffey, Mary Auestad, Ernie Hess, Brenda Penniston. 64i ADVERTISING PENNISTON BARBER SHOP KERMIT WATKINS Argyle, Wisconsin Roger Penniston Building and Remodeling Argyle, Wisconsin Compliments FIRST NATIONAL BANK Monroe, Wisconsin l t DR. PAUL L. THOMPSON SPONSORS ARGYLE RESALE SHOP Argyle, Wisconsin OSTBY GARAGE Allis-Chalmers Gehl BRUNI-MILLER COMPANY Monroe, Wisconsin BERNARD J. HANSON Argyle, Wisconsin SOLOMON AUTO PARTS Monroe, Wisconsin JOS. HUBER BREWING CO. Monroe, Wisconsin II Argyle, Wisconsin 53504 SPONSORS WARD-BRODT MUSIC COMPANY Madison, Wisconsin Branch Store: Dodgeville Instruments Music Repair Service HARLAN L. KAMMERUD Argyle Automotive Service ROBERT B. WENGER Argyle Gamble Store WENDT STUDIO Darlington, Wisconsin HOWERY MACHINE CO. Darlington, Wisconsin OSTBY MOTORS Darlington, Wisconsin STUDER SUPER SERVICE INC. Farm Machinery New and Used--Sales and Service SCHULTZ PHARMACY Monroe's Family Pharmacy Massey-Ferguson, New Holland, Owantonna, Bear Cat, Brillion, Brady, Walgreen Agency Badger, Hanson, Forage Master, Lundell, Decker Krause. Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin SPONSORS 1 ARGYLE DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY Argyle, Wisconsin MONROE MUSIC COMPANY ■ Monroe, Wisconsin H CLAYTON WATKINS ■ Argyle, Wisconsin DR. J. W. ROBILETTE, Optometrist® Monroe, Wisconsin HOWARD SCHELLENGER ■ Argyle, Wisconsin  TEXACO BULK SERVICE Crandall Oil Co. , Inc. Bruce "Izzy" Penniston Telephone--KI 3-6463 HOOT'S TEXACO SERVICE FURNITURE APPLIANCE CITY, INC. Ralph Phillips--Ken Smith Highway 69 South Monroe, Wis. MONROE TV SALES SERVICE Next to Turner Hall Zenith Color TV Phone 325-5598 1209-- 17th Ave. Monroe, Wis. GREEN COUNTY AUTO CO. Cadillac Oldsmobile 412 Hwy. 11 West Telephone 325-3764 Monroe, Wisconsii BADGER STATE MINERAL WATER CO. Darlington, Wisconsin Badger Sparkling Beverages With a Refreshing Zip VINGER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Your International Harvester Dealer Farm Machinery Motor Trucks Goodyear Tires ERICKSON'S PLUMBING HEATING Sheet Metal Work Telephone: Monroe 325-3252 Monroe, Wisconsin BILL’S GROCERY Jordan Center Open All Day Sunday y TOLLAKSON MEMORIALS Argyle, WisconsinKOHLI OFFICE SUPPLY ROSA FLORIST Dealers for STARFLOWER SHOP Royal - Smith Corona - Remington Since 1925 Hermes Typewriters Telephone 325-4105 Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Every Mile is Worth Your While f L. A. ROSSING COMPANY V Argyle Wisconsin OAKTRON INDUSTRIES INC. "Your Blueprint to Better Sound" Manufacturers of Loudspeakers and Accessories Highway 69 South Monroe, Wisconsin LEN GREIBER Herff-Jones Representative Where The Style-Wise Economizt Telephone 543-6123 Argyle, Wisconsin 1 McDonald insurance agency ||f|f WEINSCHENK'S % Plumbing and Life Casualty Heating Telephone 543-6402 Argyle, Wisconson jffffjjl Argyle, Wisconsin ERICKSON'S SHELL SERVICE F.S. GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE C o rdovan vrijp| iQ Tires Batteries y HtLUJ Surge "The Mark of a Leader" Products F.S. Products Frederick W. Erickson Argyle, Wisconsin Feed: Dairy--Cattle--Hog Seed: Corn--Grain Salt: Bags llocl j CORNER CAFE SAALSAA HARDWARE " Friendly service Quality Foods Convenient location Your Friendly WISCO Store Convenient location Argyle, Wisconsin Argyle, WisconsinSTATE BANK OF ARGYLE A Brighter Future with planned bank savings H mnk Education Automobile Home Business Compliments of ELMER'S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Lunches and Complete Dinners Telephone: 543-6795 Argyle, Wisconsin JIM'S LOCKER SERVICE Jim Burreson, Proprietor Meat Processing and Curing Argyle, Wisconsin Phone KI 3-5651 Art Carved Diamonds Bulova, Hamilton and Wyler Watches Guaranteed Watch Repairing BERGET’S JEWELRY Argyle, WisconsinMonroe's Blanchardville, Wisconsin Downtown Monroe Television Appliances Sales Service Robert Eicholtz, Proprietor Electrical Wiring Refrigeration Service ROSSING'S COFFEE SHOP JOHN'S Grocery, Meat, Produce "Velkommen" and Argyle, Wisconsin Variety Store Argyle, WisconsinTelephone: Darlington 776-3842 Darlington Shullsburg Darlington Featuring Home Baked Goods America will be the Land of the Free . . . Chicken Only so long as it's the Home of the Brave! Steaks Sea Food Chinese Food Your WISCONSIN MAPLE GROVE INN DINING R0 3M ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 'tWp "Wishes the Best" Jfcy Company B 31 29th Inf. , Kay S. Wong, Proprietor 901 18th Avenue ££ Monroe Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin ““ Highway 81HUGHES MOBILE HOMES Monroe, Wisconsin "A Home to Fit Everyone's Need" Phone 325-3194 HAWLEY LIVESTOCK Argyle, Wis. Home-Owned Home-Operated Stations at: Argyle--Hollandale--Wiota Licensed Bonded BLANCHARDVILLE CO-OP CO. SPONSORS MAC'S LAUNDRY Feed Seed Coal Darlington, Wisconsin RAMBLER OF MONROE Ken Vlasak, Mgr. Monroe, Wisconsin PAT’S TAP Blanchardville, Wis. Monroe, WisconsinINDEX The numbers or letters after the names in this index indicate the following: (number) grade in which a student is enrolled, (K) kindergarten, (F) faculty, (BE) board of education, (S) secretary, (C) cook, (J) janitor, (SE) special education, (L) library aide. Aebly, Mike (4) 61 Aebly, Tom (7) 25, 26 Anderson, Andy (10) 21,34,37,39,42,44,48,53 Anderson, C. Mark (11) 19,35,37,39 Anderson, Eric (6) 60 Anderson, Kem (7) 25,38 Anderson, Kim (2) 63 Anderson, Mrs. Marjorie (F) 63 Anderson, Marta (1) 63 Anderson, Mark (9) 23,42,44,49 Anderson, Susan (5) 60 Amot, Mrs. Norma (F) 5,23,29,50 Amot, Mr. Robert (F) 10,28 Amot, Tom (9) 22,23, 37, 39, 42,44,46 Auestad, Mary (K) 64 Bahe, Kim (8) 24,50 Bahe, Susan (9) 23, 38, 53 Barry, Bonnie (1) 63 Barry, Janice (8) 24,26,35,39,50 Barry, Kathy (12) 11,13,38 Benson, Cheryl (8) 24 Benson, Michael (1) 64 Berg, Melody (4) 61 Berg, Robin (5) 60 Berget, Daryl (9) 23,40,42,44 Berget, Mr. Kaspar (BE) 4 Berget, Mrs. Kaspar (L) 52 Berget, Robert (3) 62 Berget, Sherry (11) 18 Bertelrud, Carol (3) 62 Besand, Bob (11) 18,40,42,43,46,49,50 Besand, Roger (9) 23,40,42,44,48,49 Bierman, Joyce (11) 18,37 Bleiler, Mrs. Blanch (F) 61 Boyer, Richard (8) 24 Brandt, Joann (9) 22,40 Brandt, Linda (12) 12,35,40,52 Brandt, Richard (4) 61 Brandt, Steve (5) 60 Bredeson, Brian (K) 64 Bredesan, Danny (4) 61 Bredeson, Jeanne (5) 60 Bredeson, Julie (K) 64 Bredeson, Mark (9) 22,42,44 Bredeson, Martin (J) 8 Bredesan, Ronnie (2) 63 Bruehlman, Jim (1) 63 Bruehlman, Laurel (4) 61 Bruehlman, Loren (3) 62 Budsberg, Gary (12) 12,13,42,43,44,46,47,50 Burreson, Diane (12) 10,13,36,45,50,54,55 Burreson, Leon (6) 60 Burreson, Shawn (2) 63 Burris, George (SE) 32 Busch, Douglas (K) 64 Busch, Marc (2) 63 Campbell, Angela (9) 22,35,36,40 Campbell, Kathy (3) 62 Campbell, Randy (4) 61 Campbell, Stacy (6) 60 Campbell, Stanley (8) 25 Campbell, Stuart (11) 18,40 Chenous, Steve (8) 24 Chenous, Susan (7) 25,39 Cline, Brian (3) 62 Cline, Bruce (4) 61 Cline, Danny (2) 63 Cline, Jim (12) 12,39,40,53 Cline, John (1) 64 Cline, Martha (11) 19 I Cline, Nancy (9) 22,40 Cline, Peter (6) 60 Cline, Phillip (4) 61 Cline, Ruth (6) 60 Coffey, Christy (7) 25,35,39 Coffey, Dennis (1) 63 Coffey, Joe (K) 64 Coffey, Maureen (12) 13,15,36,39 Coffey, Tom (11) 19,40,46,49,50 Craft, Cary (3) 62 Craft, LeAnn (4) 61 Crotty, John (5) 60 Crotty, Kathy (3) 62 Crotty, Sandra (1) 64 Curtis, Mike (9) 22,37,40,42,44,48,49 Daly, Carol (9) 22,36,52 Daly, David (1) 64 Daly, Don (12) 10,11,13,34,46,47,50,54,55 Daly, Mike (2) 63 Daly, Pat (2) 63 Daly, Rita (7) 25,35 Daly, Ruth (7) 25 Dammen, Gary (K) 64 Dammen, Richard (2) 63 Dammen, Steve (4) 61 Davis, Barbara (12) 13,15,35,37,39 Davis, Marianne (8) 24 DeNure, Daryl (4) 61 DeNure, Diane (6) 60 DeNure, Jerry (11) 19,34,37,39,40 Dunlavy, Kathy (8) 24 Dunlavy, JoAnn (2) 63 Dunlavy, Mary (7) 25 76Dunlavy, Mike (10) 20,40 Dunlavy, Pat (9) 22 Elmer, Irene (10) 20,36,37,38,45,50,53 Elmer, John (7) 25,50 Emberson, Harlan (8) 24,32,39,50 Emberson, Sharon (5) 60 Emberson, Steve (1) 64 Engeli, Doris (7) 25 Engeli, John (4) 61 Engeli, Fred (1) 64 Engeli, Martha (9) 23 Erickson, Beverly (6) 60 Erickson, Brent Erickson, Glenda (9) 23,40 Erickson, Gloria (7) 25 Erickson, Harland (3) 62 Erickson, Helen (3) 62 Erickson, Jana (4) 61 Erickson, Jan (6) 60 Erickson, Larry (3) 62 Erickson, Peggy (10) 20,37,40 Erickson, Rona (2) 63 Erickson, Shelly (6) Everson, Ruth (11) 19,35,36,37,39 Findlay, Mr. Gene (F) 5,19,28,35 Fischer, Karen (8) 24 Fischer, Sharon (6) 60 Fisher, Barbara (4) 61 Fisher, Gail (6) 60 Flanagan, Bob (10) 20,21,42,44,46 Flanagan, Dorothy (7) 25,26,38 Flanagan, Geri (9) 22,45,57 Flanery, Richie (6) 60 Flannery, Denise 55 Flannery, Greg (5) 60 Flannery, Harlan (2) 63 Flannery, Larry (12) 14,40 Flannery, Lori Jean (K) 64 Flannery, Marco (1) 63 Flannery, Mary Ruth (12) 14,39 Flannery, Mike (2) 63 Flannery, Randy (3) 62 Flannery, Steve (2) 63 Flannery, Terry (11) 18,40 Flint, Connie (5) 60 Foesch, Mr. John (BE) 4 Fransen, Jane (4) 61 Fransen, Linda (6) 60 Fuchs, Ronnie (6) 60 Gabioud, David (7) 25 Gabioud, Joanne (10) 20,36,39,40 Gabioud, John (K) 64 Gabioud, Marie (1) 63 Garrison, Connie (1) 63 Garrison, Janet (1) 63 Garrison, Kathy (3) 62 Garrison, Marilyn (K) 64 Gavigan, Betty (9) 22,35,37,40 Gavigan, Ed (11) 19,34,35,42,43,46,49,50 Gavigan, Phillip (2) 63 Gebhardt, Rudy (10) 20,40 Gierhart, Mrs. Margaret (S) 8 Gilbertson, Art (12) 13,14,42,43,49,50 Gilbertson, Donna (K) 64 Godfrey, Kim (3) 62 Godfrey, Marilyn (5) 60 Godfrey, Roger (7) 25 Goepfert, Pete (5) 60 Coffin, Mr. Bradley (F) 5,10 Gouge, Laura (K) 64 Granberg, Stanley (9) 22 Greenhill, Barbara (10) 20,36,40,53 Greenhill, JoAnn (7) 25 Gruenberg, Craig (6) 60 Gruenberg, Kim (4) 61 Gruenberg, Laurie (7) 25 Haesler, Nancy (10) 20,35,37,39,40,45,50,58 Hall, Teresa (K) 64 Hanson, Bruce (4) 61 Hanson, Darlene (2) 63 Hanson, Kelly (1) 63 Hanson, Ron (11) 18 Hartwig, Debra (7) 25,38 Hartwig, Kevan (3) 62 Hartwig, Linda (11) 19,34,35,36,37,38,40,45,50 Hartwig, Wally (3) 62 Haske, Mr. Rudolph (F) 7,32 Hassel, Mr. Herbert (F) 6,19,29,52,53 Hassenfelt, Geraldine (9) 22,37,39,40 Hawley, Cheryl (1) 63 Hawley, Mark (3) 62 Hawley, Scott (4) 61 Hendrickson, Connie (2) 63 Hendrickson, Jerry (11) 19,35,36 Hendrickson, Lisa (K) 64 Hendrickson, Lyle (3) 62 Hendrickson, Margo (5) 60 Hendrickson, Rene (5) 60 Hendrickson, Timmy (5) 60 Hendrickson, Vicki (K) 64 Hess, Ernie (K) 64 Hetzel, Mr. Michael (F) 6,21,42,46,49,50 Hildenbrand, Karen (5) 60 Hogan, Mrs. Karen (F) 7,30 Hogan, Mr. William (F) 6 Holmes, Mr. C.F. (BE) 4 Holmes, Michelle (6) 60 Holmes, Patty (8) 24,39 Holmes, Tommy (2) 63 Horsley, Mr. Warren (F) 6,31,40 Houge, Mr. M. Jordan (F) 7,23,32 Hunter, Georgia (8) 24,35,39,50 Hunter, Valerie (5) 60 Hyland, David (5) 60 Hyland, Mrs. James (C) 8 77Hyland, Steve (6) 60 Hyland, Mr. Terry (F) 50,60 Hyland, Tom (1) 64 Isely, Greg (2) 63 Isely, Jeff (7) 25 Jacobson, Ardis (9) 22,39 Jacobson, Marilyn (12) 12,35,54,55 Johnson, Billy (11) 19,36 Johnson, Christine (11) 18,35,37,38,52 Johnson, Dennis (11) 18,40,49,50 Johnson, Mrs. Lillian (C) 8 Johnson, Steven (K) 64 Jueds, Mr. James (F) 6,21,29,42,48,49,50 Kammerud, Kathy (4) 61 Kammerud, Larry (1) 63 Kammerud, Sherre (12) 10,13,35,36,38,52,53 Kiel, Mr. Alan (F) 7,26 Kiel, Mrs. Janet (F) 7 Kipfer, Ronnie (9) 22,36,40,48 Kipfer, Vicki (12) 12,13,35,37,38,40 Koliler, Mrs. Peter (C) 8 Kolb, Bill (12) 13,15,28,40,42,43,44,49,50,54,55 Laatsch, Mr. Herman (F) 4 Larson, Richie (11) 19,38,46,49,50 Larson, Stephen (2) 63 Larson, Suzanne (1) 63 Lehmann, David (12) 10,13,36,42,43,46,49,50, 54, 55 Lehmann, Mark (10) 21,36,38,39 Lehmann, Pat (7) 25,39,50 Lehmann, Tom (5) 60 Lofgren, Cheryl (4) 61 Lofgren, Lave me (10) 42 Makos, Karen (5) 60 Martinelli, Larry (6) 60 Martinelli, Maureen (9) 23,37,40 Martinelli, Todd (4) 61 Marty, Nickie, (K) 64 Mason, Marsha (10) 20,36,38,40,53 Mason, Steve (11) 18,40 Matley, Zonagale (9) 23,37,40 Mau, James (SE-9) 23,32 Mau, John (SE-9) 23,32 McDonald, Bemie (11) 18,35,36,52 McDonald, Erin (4) 61 McDonald, Gsil (6) 60 McDonald, Janet (9) 22,37,39,52,53 McDonald, Patti (10) 20,36,37,39,45,50,52,53 McGinnity, Danny (4) 61 McGinnity, Geri (7) 25,38 McGinnity, Karen (12) 11,13,36,37,53 McGinnity, Kathy (2) 63 McGinnity, Mrs. Marie (S) 8 McGinnity, Maureen (5) 60 McGinnity, Tom (11) 19,32,34,35,36,39,42,43, 49,50,53 McGrath, Colleen (5) 60 McGrath, Eileen (5) 60 McKibben, David (SE-11) 18,32,40 McMannes, Suzanne (8) 24,26 Meade, Sybil (10) 20,35,36,38,53 Meier, Debra (3) 62 Meier, Ed (10) 20 Meier, Jane (9) 22 Meier, Nicki (K) 64 Meier, Paul (6) 60 Meier, Winnifred (8) 24 Meyer, Connie (11) 18,36,38 Meyer, Jami (3) 62 Meyer, Shelley (4) 61 Mindermann, Mrs. Catherine (F) 64 Moen, David (9) 22,23,36,37,38 Moen, Mr. Eugene (BE) 4 Moen, Kathleen (12) 10,13,35,37,39,53 Moen, Larry (4) 61 Moen, Margit (6) 60 Moen, Richard (1) 64 Moen, Ruth (4) 61 Montgomery, Debbie (5) 60 Montgomery, Lee (1) 63 Mosley, Gary (SE-11) 18,32,42,43 Mueller, Miss Bertha (F) 60 Nall, Dennis (12) 13,37,39,40,42,43,46,47,49,50, 58 Nall, Doral (10) 20,21,36,40,42,44,49 Nall, Elizabeth (7) 25,38 Nall, Steve (10) 20,40 Nall, Tom (11) 18 Nelson, Brian (3) 62 Nelson, Christine (4) 61 Nelson, Denise (3) 62 Nelson, Doral (9) 23,42,44,48,49 Nelson, Gretchen (8) 24,26,35,38,50 Nelson, John (8) 24,42,50 Nelson, Laurabeth (12) 13,35,36,39,40,53 Nelson, Louise (7) 25,38 Nelson, Phillip (9) 23,36,39,40,42,44 Nelson, Steven (9) 23,36,39,42,44,48,49 Nelson, Tom (K) 55,64 Nevels, Lonne (SE-12) 32,40,42,44 Nipple, Beth (10) 21,35, 37, 38,40, 57 Nipple, Christine (8) 24 Nipple, Marcia (12) 15,35,40 Nipple, Ricky (1) 64 Nipple, Ronnie (3) 62 Noble, Terry (SE-9) 23 Nybroten, Allen (5) 60 Nybroten, Arvid (8) 24 Nybroten, Barbara (11) 18 Nybroten, Cindy (5) 60 Nybroten, Jerry (K) 64 Nybroten, Penny (2) 63 78Nysted, Carla (7) 25 Nysted, DeAnn (4) 61 Nysted, Gayle (6) 60 Nysted, Tammy (K) 64 Nysted, Wayne (2) 63 Oleson, Terry (10) 20,40 Olson, David (2) 63 Olson, Joanne (7) 25 Olson, Monica (6) 60 Olson, Myron (9) 23,37,40 Olson, Sandra (8) 24 Olson, Suzanne (4) 61 Olson, Sylvan (12) 15,40 Ostby, David (10) 20,42,44 Osterday, Richard (SE-10) 20,32 Pattinson, Ronita (8) 24 Pattinson, Ronnie (5) 60 Pattinson, Sammy (2) 63 Paulson, Connie (11) 19,34,35,37,39,40,45,50 Paulson, Dennis (10) 21,37,38 Paulson, Marsha (7) 25 Paulson, Rodney (11) 19,36,38,46,58 Paulson, RoxAnne (5) 60 Pederson, Mrs. Eleanor (F) 60 Penniston, Brenda (K) 64 Penniston, Danny (1) 63 Penniston, Debbie (2) 63 Penniston, Mrs. Florence (F) 63 Penniston, Greg (9) 22,40,42,44,48,49 Penniston, Jeff (5) 60 Penniston, Jill (K) 64 Penniston, Jim (J) 8 Penniston, Kim (5) 60 Penniston, Linda (12) 13,14,34,35,40,53 Penniston, Ricky (2) 63 Peterson, Diane (10) 20,35,37,40,53 Peterson, Laurie (5) 60 Peterson, Mrs. Leo (C) 8 Peterson, Marian (12) 14,34,35,40,53 Peterson, Sherman (11) 18,19,36 Peterson, Vergil (11) 18, 40 Phillipson, David (11) 19,34,35,36,39,42,43,46, 50 Phillipson, Ricky (8) 24,26,38,50 Pink, Andy (11) 18, 36 Pink, Ann (8) 24 Pink, Bemie (9) 22,35,39,40,53,58 Pink, Cletus (4) 61 Pink, Jim (12) 14,34,37,53 Pink, Joe (6) 60 Pink, Joyce (5) 60 Pink, Paul (3) 62 Pink, Tom (K) 64 Pittz, James (4) 61 Pittz, Janet (2) 63 Pittz, Jerry (3) 62 Pittz, John (5) 60 Polivka, Michelle (3) 62 Raisbeck, Jackie (SE-9) 22,32 Rear, Tommy (8) 24,50 Reed, Gladys (10) 20,36 Reed, Jimmy (8) 24 Reinmann, Mrs. Clarice (F) 61 Ritschard, Ann (1) 63 Ritschard, Dean (11) 18,40,46,49 Ritschard, Loma (2) 63 Ritschard, Scott (3) 62 Ritschard, Tom (6) 60 Rossing, Garry (9) 22,42,44,48,49 Rossing, Greg (9) 23,42,44, 49 Rossing, Heidi (3) 62 Rossing, Joe (8) 24,32,39,50 Rossing, Laura (5) Rossing, Steven (4) 61 Rossing, Tommy (1) 63 Rossing, Wayne (10) 20,42,44,48,49,50 Rufener, Connie (12) 13,35,37,39,40,57 Rufener, Paul (10) 21,36,38,42,44,49 Sauder, David (4) 61 Sauder, Fred (11) 18,40 Sauder, Jean (4) 61 Sauder, Mike (8) 24 Schellenger, Mary Jo (11) 19,34,35,36,38,40,45, 50.58 Schellenger, Mike (9) 22,23,37,38,42,43,44,48, 49.58 Schellenger, Jane (12) 12,36 Schild, David (8) 24,42,50 Schild, Debra (10) 21,36,38,45,50 Schild, Mary Jane (4) 61 Schlafli, August (8) 24,50 Schlafli, Jimmy (3) 62 Schlafli, Laurel (12) 12,13,35,36,38,40 Schlafli, Nathan (4) 61 Schliem, Daryl (K) 64 Schliem, Dennis (2) 63 Schliem, Pamela (4) 61 Schmid, Chris (5) 60 Schmid, John (12) 15,40 Schmid, Karen (5) 60 Schmid, Lei and (8) 24 Schmid, Mark (4) 61 Schmid, Ralph (10) 20,40 Schmid, Robert (12) 40 Schmid, Roy (3) 62 Schmid, Stanley (7) 25 Schmidt, Art (12) 13,28,46,47,49,50 Schmidt, Claire (1) 63 Schmidt, Victor (2) 63 Schoenick, Mr. Don (F) 5,10,32,34, 36 Schraepfer, Mrs. Clarice (F) 63 Schultz, Dann (7) 25 Schultz, Gene (12) 53 Severson, Janet (5) 60 Severson, Randy (1) 64 Severson, Sever (7) 25,26 79Severson, Tanna (4) 61 Siegenthaler, Don (9) 23,36,42,44,49 Siegenthaler, Linda (12) 10,13,15,35,53 Simpson, Mrs. Joanne (F) 5,19,30,40 Skattum, Beth (12) 11, 13, 35, 36,37, 39,40 Skattum, Dick (12) 13,15,28,40,42,43,44,49,50, 56,57 Skattum, Mrs. Helen (C) 8 Skattum, Jimmy (7) 25,38 Skattum, Nate (1) 64 Skattum, Ruth (11) 18, 19, 35,37, 39, 57 Smith, Debbie (1) 63 Smith, Janet (5) 60 Smith, Linda (4) 61 Smith, Steven (K) 64 Smith, Wayne (10) 20,40,42,44 Soper, John (9) 22,32,37,42,43,44,48,49,57 Soper, Mary Jeanne (12) 11,13,35,37,39,53,54, 55 Stamm, Gary (7) 25,50 Stamm, Greg (4) 61 Stauffacher, Sheree (8) 24 Stauffacher, Steve (5) 60 Stein, Anita (7) 25 Stein, Christine (4) 61 Steiner, Jeff (2) 63 Stephens, Bobby (K) 64 Thompson, David (8) 24,26,50 Thompson, Mrs. Iola (F) 62 Thompson, Jimmie (10) 21,37,38,42,49 Thompson, Jon (4) 61 Thompson, Kristi (1) 63 Thompson, Leroy (12) 10,13,36,38,42,43,50,54, Thompson, Sara Jo (12) 11,13,35,36,38,53,54,55, 57,58 Thompson, Vicki (8) 24,35,38,50 Thornton, Bruce (8) 24 Thornton, Dara (6) 60 Thornton, Denise (12) 14,35,37,38,52,53 Thornton, William (9) 23,49,53 Tollakson, Alan (6) 60 Tollakson, Mrs. Alfred (L) 52 Tollakson, Bruce (8) 24 Tollakson, Lenny (K) 64 Tollakson, Mark (10) 21,39,49 T° akson’ Neale (12) 10,13,38,46,47,49,50,54, Upward, Greg (6) 60 Upward, Mark (4) 61 Venable, Janice (10) 20,21,37,39,45,50,53 Vinger, David (10) 21,36, 39,42,43,57 Vinger, Debra (2) 63 Vinger, Denise (2) 63 Vlasak, Gary (5) 60 Vlasak, Laurie (3) 62 Vlasak, Rhonda (8) 24,38,50 Voegeli, Wilbur (SE-9) 23,32 Wahl, Larry (3) 62 Watkins, Billy (1) 63 Watkins, Diane (7) 25,38 Watkins, Mr. Kermit (BE) 4 Watson, Miss Diana (F) 7,26 Weibel, Carl (5) 60 Weibel, Francis (8) 24, 50 Weibel, Peter (3) 62 Weibel, Steve (7) 25,50 Weiler, Dick (11) 18,36,39,40,42,44,57 Wenger, Allen (10) 21,37,38 Wenger, Annette (1) 64 Wenger, Mrs. Edna (F) 62 Wenger, James (8) 24,38 Wenger, Jay (12) 11, 13, 36, 37, 38, 49 Wenger, Jim (6) 60 Wenger, Karen (7) 25,38 Wenger, Kirk (3) 62 Wenger, Paul (2) 63 Wenger, Paula (6) 60 Whitmar, Bill (2) 63 Widmer, Danny (K) 64 Widmer, David (12) 13,40,42,43 Widmer, Jody (2) 63 Widmer, Lou Ann (8) 24 Widmer, Lynn (3) 62 Widmer, Mary (6) 60 Widmer, Nancy (8) 24 Widmer, Sandra (10) 20,35,36,38,40,52 Wilhelmson, Jeff (2) 63 Wilhelmson, Lori Lynn (K) 64 Wilhelmson, LuAnn (4) 61 Wilhelmson, Teena (6) 60 Wilhelmson, Timmy (3) 62 Williams, Jeff (10) 21,37,39,42,44,48,49,50 Williams, John (10) 20,34,37,39,42,44,58 Winslow, Duane (SE-9) 23,32 Wire, Bett (2) 63 Wirtz, Jeannie (5) 60 Wirtz, Jill (1) 63 Wirtz, Julie (3) 62 Wirtz, Todd (2) 63 Wyss, Jackie (12) 10,34,36,40,53,56,57 Wyttenbach, Brian (3) 62 Wyttenbach, Diane (7) 25,26,38 Wyttenbach, JoAnn (12) 13,14,35,36,40 Wyttenbach, Judy (12) 13,14,34,35,36,37,39,40, 54,55 Wyttenbach, Julie (3) 62 Wyttenbach, Linda (5) 60 Wyttenbach, Mark (1) 64 Zoller, Debbie (8) 24 Zoller, Donna (2) 63 Zoller, Fritz (5) 60 80World News—1966 1. Communists Take A Walk—Qx October 12th, Soviet Bloc UN delegates took their customary “walk" as Nationalist China Ambassador, Liu Chieh, addressed the General Assembly. 2. First Lady Listens—Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos, First Lady of the Philippines, listens to her husband. President Marcos, address the UN General Assembly during a state visit in September. 3. Secretary Seeks Facts—During a fact-finding mission to Viet Nam on October 10th, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara confers with U.S. Commander, Gen. Wm. Westmoreland. It was McNamara’s eighth visit to Viet Nam. 5. Goldberg Discusses Viet Nam—Following a long conference with President Johnson in September, Arthur Goldberg, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, discussed prospects for a Viet Nam settlement and said, “the door is open and we see no evidence it has been closed.” 6. Jet Comes Home—A Phantom FIB glides onto a carrier deck in the South China Sea after a mission over North Viet Nam. 7. Happy Filip in os—This flag-waving group of Filipinos greeted President Lyndon Johnson on October 23rd as he arrived there for a Seven Nation Summit Conference. 4. United Nations Chief Stays On—Secretary General U Thant tells a news conference in September that he wishes to step down, but will continue until a successor is found. Later, on December 2nd, he agreed to another five-year term. 8. Guest of Russians—During a December reception at the Soviet Embassy in Paris, French President Charles DeGaullc chats with Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin who was visiting France.9. Welsh Disaster— On October 21 st, the world was sorrowed to learn that a huge coal slag heap at Aberfan, Wales, had come crashing down on some homes and the Pantglas Junior School. Nearly 200—mostly children—died in the disaster. 10. Russians Say No—On November 4th, Nikolai T. Fedcrenko, Soviet Ambassador to the UN. casts the 104th Russian veto in the 21 year history of the Security Council. 11. Anniversary Ceremony—In October, this photo was monitored in Tokyo of young Chinese people celebrating the 17th anniversary of Communist rule of the Chinese mainland. 12. Erhard Loses—With bowed head, I.udwig Erhard contemplates the many problems faced by his West German government. In late November, Kurt Georg Kicsinger successfully formed a new coalition government and became Chancellor. i • % • , , v • .• % » • « ... .A »• , . .% . • — » , • ' • • A , 1 V ' . » • •» , • • • • • • •“ .V '• .V -, • .v - '' '•• V- "• v‘ “• j. .... •: v . .'. - • — •' « A k.A, I VV f A v 4.. • i ,| ■% V -• •- - • ••••«•« % • I .. .«« • ■ .«« •% • • I •« • • ••• » •• •• « •- • • ‘ • ■ • . . .. . • ■ ...» • • ‘ ' “ ' A .% , v,.% .« . , « « « . „ . . 4. A • »• . ’....... • V • ' • • ». • . • • ..«• ' , • • • % • • •• • A •• • •« » • % «• ■ • m • f M m •«’•%» • 0 +. • v% mm + % • • • A .1 . .. A . M • M - • % , . . % . • 4 W i . -• • ..... ■ • — . ... • • • f % • ■ • ....... .... ‘ - — .. .

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