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TREASURED ECHOES ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL ARGYLE WISCONSIN Published by Senior Class of DEDICATION We the students of the Senror Class wrsh to ded1cate the 1957 annual to our pnncrpal Mr Peterl Morgan We respect hrs worth whtle advlce apprcc1ate hrs s1ncer1ty and promrse to remember the best of hrs stones He has always trred to make us realrze the rmportance of be1nO respected cruzens of our commumty and country and for thrs we thank lum May hrs rmparual gurdance contrnue to rnsprre students for many years to come I ' if . "L Ov , , . . Y - . . . - . . ' . . D , . BOARD OF EDUCATION FIRST ROW Arnold Sterner, R K Berget Ralph Pedersen SECOND ROW Dr Paul Thompson Elwood Gtmderson The Board of Educatron 1S made up of frve members elected by the publrc for a term of three years The Board of Educatron determmes all POIICIELS for the school and attempts to make these polrcres so as to grve all of the students and the com mumty a good school All of the members are mterested ur grvrng the students the best opportunrtres for a good educatron They are rnterested rn havmg the students prepare themselves for lrfe whrch means that the students w111 need to develop educatronally so crally morally and vocatronally The Board of Educatron wrshes to congratulate the senrors on havrng attarned therr goal and also to W1Sh them a successful future To the underclassmen the Board of Educauon expresses a desrre that all students wrll make use of every 0Pp01'IlLl'l1ty the school offers them. - W 1 y nfs, Xa : ' . . , . : . , . 3 FACULTY ALICE D ANDERSON W -1-A4 :sang S5341 guna, .A f 2 are Li 1955, ui, -." fi Tc R" n Rh 33 99, iq gg I 'R f is, ls. . 12692, 1 wRe ' 3316.111 - ' 0 swf-' i C E L21 Sunni wi- ROBERT ARNOT MARK D. HASER ALICE D. ANDERSON - Home Economics and English, B.S. University of Wisconsin. ROBERT ARNOT - Science, B.S. Platteville State Col- lege. MARK D. HAS- ER - Agriculture, B.S. Platteville State Col- lege. JANES RAMSEI- ER - Mathematics and Coach, B.E. Whitewater State College. JAlvfES RAMSEIER 4 FACULTY .JEROME L REDAL ELISE B ROSS JOANN RAMSEIER Busmess Educauon, B E WIIIKCNVJILI State Col lege JEROME L RE DAL SOCIH1 Suence BA Luther Colle L and Luo ary, B S Um verslty oi NVISCOIISIH DONALD SCHOENICK MUSIC, B S Mllxvaukee Stan Collgbe Ei.IgE B. Ross - Enilish Q! CAROL ANDERSON KASPAR BERGET ANIT A BISFGGER DEWAYNE BREDESON CAROL ANDERSON - "Beautiful in manner, unaffected in mind, lover of fine music, friend of mankind." - Band l,2,3,45 A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Madrigal 3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Student Conductor 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Annual Editor 45 Dramatics l,2,3,45 Forensics 1,3,45 One-Act Play 15 Three-Act Play 25 Class Reporter 1,35 Badger Girls' State 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Class Officer 1,25 Paper Staff 1,3. KASPAR BERGET - "I like them all, but I don't love any of them." - Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 A Cappella Choir l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,2,35 Madrigal 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Dramatics l,2,3,45 Forensics 1,2,45 One-Act Play 15 Three-Act Play 25 Class Officer 15 Prom Attendant 3. ANITA BISFGGER - "The way to Wiota might be short, but it has many interesting side roads." - Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Class Officer 1,35 Annual Staff 45 Dramatics 2,3,45 Three-Act Play 25 B Team Cheerleader 15 Homecoming Attendant 15 Band Librarian 4. DEWAYNE BREDESON - "I don't want to set the world on fire, only the school." - Football 1,2,3, 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 "A" Club 3,45 Future Farmers of America l,2,3,45 A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,45BoyS'Glee Club 1,2,3. 6 MARTIN BREDESON CAROL BURKHARD IARRY ENGEBRETS ON BARBARA ETTER MARTIN BREDESON - "He sees through fog better than radar." - Football 1,25 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,45 Track 2,35 FFA 1,2,3,45 FFA Officer 45 Boys' Glee Club 2,35 A Cappella Choir 45 Class Officer 35 Paper Staff 4. CAROL BURKHARD - "My heart graduated three years ago." - Girls' Glee Club l,2,35 A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Madrigal 3,45 Drum Majomette 3,45 Class Officer 1,2,35 Paper Staff 25 Annual Staff 45 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Forensics 2,3,45 Twirler 1,25 One Act Play 15 Three-Act Play 25 Class Reporter 25 Office Secretary 45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Alfred Ommodt Memorial Award 2. IARRY ENGEBRETSON - "I'm from Wiota. Where are you from?" - Boys' Glee Club 1, 2,35 A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Three-Act Play 25 Prom King 35 Paper Staff Editor 4. BARBARA ETTER - "Ah, MEN! What would the world be without them?" - Band 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Class Officer 4, Pep Band 3, Annual Staff 45 Dramatics l,2,3,45 Library 15 Cheerleader 4. I I DONALD F IANNERY I TERESA I-'IANNERY RUTH ANN HERMANSON LOIS HOLIAND DONAID FIANNERY - "I may do something sensational yet." - Football 2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1,45 Track 2,35 "A" Club 45 I-'FA 1,2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3. TERESA I-'IANNERY - "I know a lot, but I just ca.n't think of it." - Girls' Glee Club 1, 2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Cheerleader l,2,3,45 Class Officer 35 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 Prom Attendant 35 library 1. RUTH ANN HERMANSON - 'Worry and I have never met." - Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 A Cappella Choir 3,45 Paper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Prom Queen 35 Dramatics 1,25 Library 1,2. LOIS HOLIAND - "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." - Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Paper Staff 45 Library 1. 8 ELDON ISELY ERLING ISELY A 1 . 'Q' 5 I Q t l ARDELL JACKSON MERLIN JOHNSON ELDON ISELY - "A little bod often harbors a bi soul." - Football 1 2 35 Basketball 1 Y s 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,43 FFA l,2,3,45 I-'FA omw 4, Boys' Glee Club 2,Il.lERLI.NG ISELYL "I fear the wiles of maidens' smiles." - Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 3, 45 Track 1,2,3,45 "A" Club 45 FFA lg Annual Staff 4. ARDELL JACKSON - "I'm on the alert when it comes to a skirt." - Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g "A" Club 3,45 FFA li Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3g A Cappella Choir 1,2,3,4g Class Office: 45 Annual Staff 45 Dramatics 1,2,3,45 One-Act Play 1. MERLIN JOHN- SON - "There is only one thing a person HAS to dog that is to die." - Football 1,25 Basketball 1,2,43 Baseball 1,2,45 Track 1,25 "A" Club 25 Boys' Glee Club 1. 9 Q -1 , ' 1 RONALD JOHNSON , 'Qi tv HARLOW KIPFER V ' 5 . As. S 5 yg it ff Q' -2 aa, if 'A "?'fiflf5?'l GLENDA LEWIS MARY LOU MOEN ALD JOHNSON "Lau h and the stud hall lau ls with ou " Football 1 2 3 - s v g Y - - ' aseball 1,2,3,45 Track 3,45 I-:FA 1,2,3,45 FFA Officer ai Boys' Glee Club 15 C1ass,Olfi- cer 25 Prom Attendant 3. HARLOW KIPFER - "I hurry not, I worry not." - Football 1,2 3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4. GIENDA LEWIS - "Speech is not always necessary to accomplish things." - Mixed Choms 45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Paper Staff 3,45 Prom 9 Attendant 35 Homecoming Attendant 35 Library 1. MARY LOU MOEN - "Her ersonali- P ty, giggle and smile are of her own distinctive style." - Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 A Cap pella Choir 1,2,3,45 Madrigal 3,45 Class Reporter 2,45 Library 45 Forensics 1,35 Annual Staff 4. 10 HELEN NYBRUYEN JOANN OMMODT ' i 5' Q, JEANNETTE PETERSON Rosa scHM1D '- S. . ' .ur-.1 - ' Ki g 1 1 ' 5 si l-IEIEN NYBROTEN - "Late hours aren't good for one, but they're all right for two." - Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 A Cappella Choir 3,45 Paper Staff 35 Paper Staff Editor 45 Dra- matics 2. JOANN OMMODT - "A pleasing personality brings its own rewards." - Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Junior Band l,2,35 Paper Staif 4. JFANNETTE PETER- SON - "A perpetually friendly, happy gir1." - Band l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Class Reporter 15 Paper Staff 4. ROSE SCHMID - "Now you may think this girl is quiet, but we know times when she 's a riot." - Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Class Officer 45 Paper Staif 45 Annual Staff 45 Prom Attendant 3. ll ANICE SEVERSON AVID STEPHENS GARY WAAGE DOUGIAS WATSON JANICE SEVERSON - "Because she doesn't talk is no sign she hasn't anything to say." - Girls' Clee Club 1,2,3g Paper Staff 4. DAVID STEPHENS - "lf you don't believe I'm great, just ask me." - Football 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,49 Baseball l,2,4g Track 3,45 "A" Club 3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4g FFA President 4. GARY WAAGE - "The girl who gets me is lucky! !" - Football l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 45 Track 1,2,35 "A" Club 3,45 Class Officer 2,4. DOUGIAS WATSON - "Like Paul Revere he burns the midnight oil, but not for the same purpose." - Football 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,45 "A" Club 2,3,4g Manager Football 25 Boys' Clee Club 2,35 Annual Staff 45 Annual Editor 45 Badger Boys' State 35 Homecoming King 4. 12 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Rose Schmxd Barbaxa Etter Gary Waage SECOND ROW Mr Ar ot advmsor Ardell Jackso Mr Schoemck advz or '31, A MOTTO We Flmsh to Begun COLORS Whlte and Green FLOWER Red Rose I3 Office Secretary Carol Burkhaxd N! T If On Dpunnbnr 1 Q14 IIFILIOI 1QL1dL11r clzumcd Illu 111 ol om ot our 111051 0111 tmdm c. 135 1 1 Alfrkd C 1111110111 Ihdt yy 1r thy Ommodr 11111111 L5t1bl1sl1Ld 1 p r111.1nc11L ward to bL IVLH L uh yu lf lo rhg boplxomorg studnut 1 110 11111115 111 11111 1111 1l and 1V11'l t1c1 111011 lll P01111 1g md Dr 1m:111c 11111 1111c rwt 111 Af F11 ulrurn or Scmnu or bolh 4 A fmk mmf 1 xxho hvcb by and LOI'lII'1bLlT.uQ ro the lll mst tmdard oflu Lomm11111ty JK I 4 V 1 I f O xi 17 xi 1141 ps, I ' 1 . " ' -1 ' ins NIOSLI 111-arlky fulfillud thc 1-O11OYv'illg require- ,G A : 1. Cl 'S '1 "-15 1"g,2.P.1r- "p. ' ' 'S':: 1 'S, 3. Has x "jg-'eg s,'s' Y A :- X . . ' i 5: . Q! o 7 V ? ANNUAL STAFF U ..,,'., Q , v .1 "5 rf ' . Z ' 5 631' 5. - .3 . v? X- f ,.,,'4r 'fr rf fav ti if I? . ,-Q ai - 6. A FIRST ROW: Barbara Etter, snapshot editor, Ardell Jackson, advance sales, Carol Burlchard, advertising, Doug Watson, co-editor, Carol Anderson, co-editor, Kasyar Berbet, advertising, Ruth Herrnanson, advance sales, Rose Schmid, prophecy, SECOND ROW: Anita Bise55er, Senior copy editor, Larry Englebretson, Senior co, y editor, Pat McCinnity, Junior Class representative, Dave Stephens, prophecy, Cary Soper, Junior Class reyresentative, Erling Isely, history, Bruce Pfister, Junior Class representative, Mary Lou Moen, history. ADVISOR AND EDITORS n fu -, -,- 4 .., V' Mr. Sehoeniela, Doug Watson, Carol Anderson. l5 CLASS HISTORY A squad of thrrty erfrht recrurts reported for frnal rnstructrons be fore the excrtrng and well played Game On the openrnsf ktck off we were smeared bx the Sophomore whrch made us full fledfved r embers of A H S After thls slow start we scored our frrst touchdown bx preecnttn a wrnmn float called Brooklyn Brrd e Is Fallrnn Down Anrta Btsegffer servtng rn the llomccomrnr' Court earrred the ball Cur seeond major play Shock of Hrs Lrte ave the spectators a chuckle or two In the second quarter our captarn called out the olfensrvc swnal Sophs Inmate Frosh Our frrst defensrve play of the quarter was earrred out by usmg Flylng over Orford as the theme for our float Servrng as Homecoming at tendant Carol Burkhard was frven a pat on the back for her frne l1ne play The plax Gone wrth the Gtrls corn pletely baffled the opposttron It was about half wax throunh tlus quarter when Alfred Ommodt was taken fromour rds by an ld r'1Qrta Blum glsn lt fr the team but was replaced bv Mary Lou Moen The thrrd quarter was tarted wrth 1 qurck touchdown bx Glenda Lewrs who ran the openrnc krck off rnto the end zone by scrvlnft as the Junror Class attendant to the Homecormng Queen The theme for our float bhock em to De feet helped the team make add1t1onal yardaffe a few mrnutes later Durmg tlus quarter several strateg1cp'ays provrded rmportant aetron The f1rst was a semr formal banquet at whrch we spent an Evenlng rn Parts As Krng and Queen Larry llns ebretson and Ruth Ann Hermanson led the prom Cherry Prnk and Apple Blossom Whrte Ruth lxemmer played on the team for several months but later she as well as Pat O Rourke and Jackte lxoble left I.n the fourth quarter only twenty etfrht Semors reported Shrrley Am karen Atter Barbara Peterson Ruth Ember son Daryl Olson and Duane Hanson left the squad Carol Anderson had the honor of berng the Hornecomrn Queen wtth Teresa Flannery as one of her attendants Doug Matson was the kms' Our last float had as rts slogan Haul em Back Larry Engebretson and Helen lwybroten headed the productlon Best Years Treasured Echoes wrth Carol Anderson and Doust Watson callrng the play w ts our frnal touchdown Vtctory at last' Thanks to Coach Morgan and hrs assrstants CLASS PROPHECY We shall enter the future through Trme s golden door And observe 57 plu ten years or more When you get old and most people do Look back to see rf our prophecy came true Antta s a flortst and sells lot. of flowers Kaspar s a bachelor and spends long weary hours Mary Lou ts frrst lady of our land Strll grvrng everyone a frrendly helprng hand Carol Burkhard 1S marrred due to a bet, Ag teacher Dave 15 the best you can get. Ruth Ann has a column on Women's Vrews , Helen has slx chtldren all wathng the blues l8 ' - V 1 I 'X 3 V V ' x 6 K I - ' - A O ' U ' D - r -, N s Q, 1, .5 V A. - ft D . He. . 0 . . 1 V ' A H ' 1 as ' r' ' ' C1 " f ' tv 1 A ." ' 1 C7 O 1 D O . . x , . X . X , I W .. , . ., ,, 'O . e Y O , , ' e . I ., . , . , rv - . D e a -. ' 1 ' s ' ' . " ' ' . " ' ' r O , . . D I i . 5 . .. . ., I X . . - 3 1. 3 I ' 1 I D V I ' Y H Y' 1 I H - Y ' Q 1 ' 1 ' ' Y ' ' - v v V ' 1 7 3 Y 1 . . A O h .. fn I V ZCC SHI. J .- . e , , ' xt ' . . ' K . . V I I Y, . i. V- . 5 K ' - D . 'J I x . 'B I J 'Q 'S fn 0 Q t' r D ' , - ,, i . . 3 Y . . . i . A , O . . . . x . . I ,- . V 1 ,. . . . ,, . . . e . 4 w , X .. - - U I D 1 ' 7: v s v ' 1 A T 1 1 I " Y Y US. 1 V - Nl- b ' X I J V '1 - O ' 1 1 9 1 . ' . ' U ' D ' ' A . r 1 s ' r " ' " - O. . t .- , 9 3 v ,A , - H i .. -. 3 1 .. - ' I ' f O , 1. . . . e . - I ' s ' 1 . 1 I I ' - . , , 4 . y n V , y , . 1 1 1 1 HM, I 1 Ov ug VM1 'W 1 1.4L 1 X D 'YQUIH A 1 L D111 U. ' ui. 1.1101 11. J1111.:,c11, 21,11 LE j'1v"1.1171 011 101.11113 1'.1i,.,111. '11 11.171 .-r,1111,3. f.T.1i11.. 11111 5 ,171 i'.17'.,1-1 13,481 13 11 1. 1.31. 51 1.11 A .11 3.1 lpzmg .w'L'.'lf1..I jx - Qg f:.,.i1..- L11 QA Q11 'g.,..i iQ1,111, 1.17.-.1 . EX1...'.,'g?-.l ,:1Q,.1i. ATJQZI .1.1..-'-.f:.1.1f111 111- .11.l111'v.'1111.1.--1.. 1" E1...t.g E z1..r1 1. N: Q If 11.1 11: ,-.. 1111.5 ,11111,i1Q. 3,4111 41111111 .1lf 311111111 171.2 .111 f11..:!I uw .111 Ir. 111-,1.111.,' E115 11' Il x1',,g.x' 12.1 1111- 111.3115 .11 pzfb, J 1' .111 i::1 .1 ffi1I.1.?.'1. 1-11,1111 51' 11111. 41.11-. .mf '.x,1g1f'1". -.Q1:1111pc.'1.1. 1..T1.. g1111:::' '1Q11.1d1' .1 .lLl-uVIV,1.LfL,1'-5 I-L"1I .-1111.11 1.1 3151: Q QT .Ma V H1151 1,.11ual,111' 111111115 w'1I11fL"f11'v'lI1CT 1' , 111121 1. gr. 5.1: Q '1111'11RQ111. floor., 1111. ,'1.g1q11,Q11Y 11:111I11114g' 1 KNEE! T11 1114 111.111, 1 11111. 151 51i1I!11l'1w'l.1JUI1i27 .1' ii1. 1'11v-11111r'- 1 111. .11'11 ...:.11j11f Zo, 1211111-11.511111 . 1, I ,115 1111,,1t,'111..,11f1.11'.'1-1ui 5.11.11'ff11:.1.. 11.17. 1531... 311101. 1Vl,IuQ 1113.11 .,.111:1f ' 1:.,.1f1 1.1.1. 1:L 1111 1 '11,..1.L11.1:t11111f::i.11.. 1112 JI--11.1 ,.1411.11.11:i.1.1f1311g, flllk ..,111l.1fj1 E'.::11,11151..,11..1v.r:1:. 1.1114 11141. Q ,1'1L:111., .Q 11.11935 v.. g,ji1' '1'.1g. .. l..1:1. .1 11..: .11 11: 111 1:1 p.11:L1.:1, 112111-1.11. 111' .1 11.31. I Ei.1'111111i ..,1. f1lQ111:T. 5.5.-1.11.' ...xr ,- gi1.11.f1,11: ::..1: r...11 1.1 41.111 . ,. 1112. , Q1f1..'1.'. ,.11.l .votli HSI Qfi ' u. :1Ct .121 writ. tr1g.- .v1rj.. 511 2,1101-.,. 3-14 - ISI.: 1:i.f1'.r'.1:i- g:r.l:. ,. i- .1 An.,ug:1 S:.z:'f .1..-31.-5 "" I Lui. 1.1 You . l1L1' 51 11 1.1 3 LJOOQ 11' 1 Q 1. x1 3111 PROM Y ' 4 ,.l r , i ' - W r ' I I , X f P 1' Queen Ruth Ann Hermanson and King Larry Engcbrctson. R f'.44'- P+' THEME: , "CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE Il looks hlxc lxasl AI rudlly CAN d.1r1n.c. PROM is Alf J Q ny, Q HCV Q FIRST RON: Miirlii Sciicrff, David Phillii son. SICCOND RON: Ross Schmid, Ri1ti1Ann licriimiiioii, Larry iingcbrclson, Glenda Lewis. THIRD ROW: Kdsi ar BL-rgct, Teresa Flzirmury, Diiryl Olson, Roniilii Johnson. I gr.. if it Fifi v,,f , n- 'Tv- 1 4 xqfi '-nwqqug-21:48 5 The Queen and her court m the parade The ta1l end of the Semor float HOMECOMING 1956 ARGYLE vs BROOKLYN Ellen and Sue on the Sophomore float. A rural entry- ! ' I 12 x it .- aw' , 5 1 Aff, X N... fs if x I UK n 4 PJ' -4" I a N'-Q. K I. X'- -ww' fy Aff . f r ff by ak ' X BE , W ,asf if 1 S215 W , , Af ,M ' 544'-.f'i? i.i if Q aff ki i i l- gpf JUNIOR CLASS 405 IL J 9. 1 3 T FIRST ROW: Mary Eversou, Patsy Elet, Robert Johnson, Margaret Daly, Marie Daly. SECOND ROW: Virginia Lien Dale Eicher, Bruce Pfister, Ralph Hanson, Judelle Berg, Mrs. Ramseier qadvisorj. THIRD ROW: Ronald Thurston, Dean Saalsaa, Pat McCin.nity, Ann Johnson, Pat Haxenfelt, Vic Tollakson. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Redal Qadvisorj, Bob Rude, Gary Penniston, Gary Soper, Don Marti, Carl Gebhardt. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1' 'S CP T FIRST ROW: Ann Johnson, Cary Soper, Margaret Daly. SEC- OND ROW. Mary Everson. SOPHOMORE CLASS ,K ., 4 9 " , ' ll'l Dx 19' FIRST ROW: Marilyn Haesler, Vonda Lee Bames, Pat Coffey, Barbara Smith, Nathalie Steiner, Janet Thompson, Sue Ann Blesch. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ramseier Qadvisorj, Roger Adler, Kenneth Emberson, Billy Coepfert, Jerry Davis, Mr. Haser Qadvisorj. THIRD ROW: Diane Pederson, Sandra Putnam, Nancy Johnson, Ellen Conway, Joanne Larson, Cynthia Berg, Betty Quinn. FOURTH ROW: Betty Flannery, Barbara Elmer, John Flanagan, Norman Wold, Donnie Dammen, Marlys Isely, Dick Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Pitts, Mike Morgan, Russell Hanson, Phil John- son, Rolyn Hermanson, Robert Mason, Roland Emberson. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS kgs i 'S' uf' il 'x FIRST ROW: Norman Wold, Russell Hanson, Barbara Elmer. SECOND ROW: Barbara Smith. Jfi FRESHMAN CLASS 5 Wal Z 'V I 1 M, , FIRST ROW: Nancy Gilbertson, Marion Johnson, Sharon Ommodt, Marguerite Kampfer, Jackie Dammen, Ronald Engebretson, Van Steiner, Robert Davis. SECOND ROW: Howard Johnson, Mike Simpson, Walter Fischer, Randy Wold, Ruth Halverson, Margaret Alm, Mrs. Ross fadvisorj. THIRD ROW: Ronny Kammerud, Loren Bisegger, Mar garet Barry, Linda Gunderson, Don Isely, Harold Thompson, Jerry Flannery, Mrs. Anderson Qadvisorj. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Anderson, Sharon Field, Rena Thurston, Beverly Yearous, Marcia Skinrood, Dorothy Hanson, Dick Hassenfeldt. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Hendrickson, Torn Daly, Bill Flanagan, Robert Meyer, Russell Quinn, Gary John- son, Jim McGinnity, Gerald Bredeson. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS 1,4 v. na., " , . f"' 1 C27 X X ff, 1 fi' u FIRST ROW: Jim McGinnity, Jerry Flannery, Tom Daly. SEC- OND ROW: Gerald Bredeson. 1,7 I FOOTBALL 1 FIRST ROW: Coach Ramseier, Gary Waage, Ardell Jackson, Phil Johnson, Dave Stephens, Erling Isely, Don Flannery, Don Marti, Gary Soper. SECOND ROW: Bruce Pfister, Dean Saalsaa, Gary Penniston. Bob Rude, Russell Hanson, Vic Tollakson, Mike Morgan, Jerry Pitts, DeWayne Bredeson. THIRD ROW: Manager Ralph Hanson, Doug Watson, Norman Wold, Jim McGinnity, Ronald Thurston, Donnie Dammen, Gary Johnson, Billy Goepfert, Ronnie Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Harlow Kipfer, Leo Patterson, Roger Adler, Mike Simpson, Harold Thompson, Loren Bisegger, Ronnie Kammerud, Don Isely, Manager Jackie Dammen. 956 SCOREBOARD Argyle Opponent 14 South Wayne O 7 New Glarus 16 13 Belleville 62 0 Brodhead 26 O Juda 25 18 Brooklyn 12 21 Orfordville 12 13 Blanchardville 14 This football season was a character building one. In Coach Raniseier's first year he inherited a group of boys that was short on weight and experience. The boys were in top condition for the non-conference opener with South Wayne, and this factor led to a well-deserved victory. South Wayne later went on to become the champions of their own conference. Then New Glarus Belleville, Brodhead and Juda consecutively hammered home the fact that a place had been reserved for us in the second division. The homecoming game brought us out of our slump, we had a fine parade and earned a well- fought victory over Brooklyn. Our second conference victory came on the following Friday when we traveled to and trampled over Orfordville, The final game of the season matched us against our most bitter rival, Blanchard- ville. The game was decided in their favor by the margin of one missed ex- tra point, but it was just as hard to take as a thirty point beating. Good luck to next year's team. mag, E x . ' I I , QM? af5 , 1 v A s-14 Mm: q Ere L 9' , 9 H if s , A xi? -1 if i. fx V . -..-Q KF .Faf I S" -' M' "km" 'hwy ' .' ' ,, 1 , . u " -. - N4 , , , , , . , . ?? ez- -fm FIRST ROW Coach Ramse1er, Martm Bredeson, Ardell Jackson, Don Maru, V1c Tollakson, Merhn Johnson SECOND ROW Doug Watson, Plul Johnson Gary Penmston, Dave Stephens, Gary Waage VARSITY BASKETBALL Argyle s Varsrty basketball team fmrshed the season at the bottom of the standmgs rn the 10 team State Lme League Lack of experlence and poor defense were some of the reasons for such an mglorrous rest mg place In the league s scor1ng stat1st1cs Argyle was ranked seventh m offense and a defrmte last rn defense One of the bnght spots was the fme shootmg of Jumor Don Martr who scored 377 pomts rn 18 con ference games for an average of 20 9 pornts per game good enough for thrrd place among all the scorers rn the league The last erght games of the season were played by vrrtually the same team as we w111 have agarn next season The very last game of the conference season was an overtrme vrctory rn which Argyle defeated Brooklyn 60 to 54 bnngxng cheers from the spectators and also brmgmg the season a happy close Argyle shall r1se agam' Argyle Opponents Brodhe ad Off-0IdVl112 J uda Montrcello Bellevllle Albany New Glarus 59 Blanchardville 91 40 Brodhead 74 30 Argyle Opponents Brooklyn Orfordv11le Be11ev1l.le J uda New Glarus Montrcello Blanchardvmlle 54 Albany 58 6 0 Brooklyn 54 17 5 FIRST ROW Don lsely, Harold Thompson, Ronme Anderson, Jackxe Dammen SECOND ROW Gerald Bredeson, Jerry Hendnckson, Mlke Mcxgan, Roland Emberson, Coach Ramsexer THIRD ROW: Gary Soper, Russell Qumn, Jlm Mdhnmty, Rolyn Hermans0n. B TEAM BASKETBALL The B team s season record was three W1I'1S and flfteen losses a shade better than the Vars1ty but stlll no pr1ze Our shortres w1ll have to add a few mches to then herght durrng the off season rn order to 1m prove next year Every pomt scored was well eamed except for one f1e1d goal scored for Argyle by an exc1ted Bellevllle player The leadmg B team scorer was Freshman 11m McGmnlty who scored 150 pomts 111 ten games before he was transferred to the Varsrty squad Tlus same team w111 be back agam next year and wlth the addmon of the mcormng freshmen the basketball pxcture in Argyle should be much better than ll was th1s past season. Argyle Opponents Argyle Opponenu Brodhead Brooklyn Orfordville Orfordville J uda Belleville Monticello J uda B8nCV'l118 New Glarug Albany Monticello New GISIHS Blanchardville Blanchardville Alban Brodhead Brooklyn 31 sf fm E.. ? . , W Jung' 1 .4 w I ...AX V. '- A M hw Y ' V 4, sf 5 5 V gg 2 " 5 . Q 43, X - X Fi A' ' 'dl Aug M51 6 Sf' Q Il-4 'E tx r 1 , 1 . QQ: .4 . 1 Rx ,J Q iss, .en if sf' 3 I , 1' S ri AJ M'ff,'i" ff' . ai: Q sg .1 'wi ,, ., ki ,ww -TQ is , 4, 5 ' A. x Ml. ,F-3 ' ' 'Yi Q ' -IL , 1' "' QMIW '63 wtf + + rg XSL 55,5 'tl if My 453 'Qpxu ' 5 ' w f s ' ,Qi B A V f x 11:11 s D 5 . Y ' 'A ag X if A l if if 1: A we ' W Ji W 1 if 5 5,-2' 'W I - r .EE ai E' , ,,,? XE Figs .Q W f -1, 741, .wif ,ff ,. ' Sqi. .gig if CHEERLEADERS A TEAM CHEI-ZRLFADERS FIRST ROW: Teresa Flannery, Judy Flannery, Bar- bara Ettet. SECOND ROW: Barbara Elmer. .Q' B TEAM CHEERLDXDERS Linda Gunderson, Margaret Alrn, Sue Blesch. PEP BAND S U v IH 3.1 fs' nv - . . . I' A in S " "-'isa a p "" J X X . 4 ' ..p 4. x 4- u I - 'iz L 1 . "T -L . gf' Q ,, ' ' E -v K B , , il I' W " U FIRST ROW: Van Steiner, Anita Bisegger, Marie Daly, Diane Pederson, Mike Simpson. SECOND ROW: Nathalie Steiner, Ruth Hermanson, Nancy Johnson, Marlys Isely, Rose Schmid, Pat McGinnity. THIRD ROW: Ann Johnson, Joanne Larson, Kaspar Berger, Carol Anderson, Virginia Lien. 1 -4 v-4 ,-4 r-4 -4 ,-4 1 Da 'Cl -4 "J J I UR FO Cl crg, par B ZIS K CI' Sop ZIIO S derso A ol Car OH an e Lars Jo ger a. 1c V1 Lorr CTSO 1 Ev Ivary E gcbrctso , Rox ald ox Iscly y 2 -4 LL TWIRLERS Majorcuc Carol Burkhaxd, Pat Hassan- fcldt, Pat Coffey, Marion Johnson. 1 4 af, - BAND OFFICERS Carol Anderson, Student Conductorg Ann Johnson, Librariang Pat Mcflinnity. Sec- retaryg Anita Biscggcr, Librarian. 9 WOODWINDS C7 Q 6 ,107 ga 'Q FIRST ROW: Anita Bisegger, Vonda Lee Barnes, Margaret Daly, Janet Thompson, Patsy Elet, Dennis Dillon. SEC- OND ROW: Gloria Anderson, Pat McGinnity, Rose Schmid, Jeannette Peterson, Margaret Barry. THIRD ROW: Bar bara Elmer, Martha Hawley, Marlys Isely, Barbara Etter, Linda Gunderson, Nancy Johnson. PERCUSSION C? Q1 Mant D115 D1 ant Pederson .hm MCG1IH11ly Pat Hassenielt Jean Flannery BRASSES C? FIRST ROW: Virginia Lien, Sandra Putnam, Ann Johnson, Mike Simpson, Van Steiner, Duane Bright. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Vinger, Margaret Almf Ruth Ann Hermanson, Barbara Smith, Nathalie Steiner, Mary Everson. THIRD ROW: Carol Anderson, Sharon Soper, Ronald Engebretson, Don Isely, Kaspar Berget, Joanne Larson. JUNIOR BAND JO algo S., 1 'C' IT FIRST ROW: Stevie Morgan, Carol Jean Severson, Peter Jaggi, R. J. Swenson, Mary Lou Severson, SEC OND ROW: Marcia Skinrood, John Gierhan, Tom Daly, John Foesei 4 2 asf? K A CAPPELLA CHOIR A r'-mf'nQ.,,, FIRST ROW: Patsy Elet, Linda Gunderson, Mary Everson, Margaret Alm, Barbara Smith, Janet Thompson, Helen Nybroten, Vonda Lee Barnes. SECOND ROW: Sue Blesch, Mary Lou Moen, Nancy Johnson, Betty Flannery, Ann Johnson, Pat McGinnity, Virginia Lien, Carol Burkhard. THIRD ROW: Van Steiner, Joanne Larson, Ruth Ann Her- manson, Barbara Elmer, Carol Anderson, Pat Hassenielt, Sandra Putnam, Ronald Engebretson. FOURTH ROW: Mike Simpson, Billy Coepfert, Kenneth Emberson, Bruce Pfister, Vic Tollakson, Martin Bredeson, DeWayne Bredeson, Dale Eicher, Harold Thompson. FIFTH ROW: Kaspar Berget, Roland Emberson, Ardell Jaclcon, Bob Rude, Jim McGinnity, Gary Soper, Norman Wold, Larry Engebrctson. rl "Sing it out, loud and clear!" l MIXED CHORUS 'UCB- FIRST ROW Nan y Gxlbertson, Marguerrte Kampfer, Mane Daly, Nathalre Stemer Pat Coffey, Amta Brsegger Marron Johnson SECOND ROW Dorothy Hanson Margaret Barry, Jeanne te Peterson Glenda LEWIS, JoAnn Om modt, Teresa Flannery Margaret Daly Manlyn Haessler THIRD ROW Ralph Pedersen, Ellen Conway, Drane derson, Cynthra Berg, Marc a Skmrood, Betty Quum, Rena Thurston, Ruth Halverson FOURTH ROW Robert Da vrs, Stev Meyer, Rose Schmrd, Marlys Isely, Beverly Yearous, Barbara Etter, Daryl Waage, Howard Johnson FIFTH ROW Gerald Bredeson, Rolyn Hermanson, Robert Meyer, Gary Pennrston, Russell Qulnn Tom Daly, Drck Hassenfelt MADRIGAL FIRST ROW Mary Lou Moen, Pat MCG1nn1ty, Sandra Putnam Vrr grnxa Lxen SECOND ROW Be Flannery Barbara Elmer, Carol Anderson, Joanne Larson THIRD ROW Mrke Morgan, Jam MCCID rnrty Gary Soper, Kaspar Berger e 19 17 41 - Vwfv 4 ' 'v N f' F 4 ' ' X' J X ' ' " V l 'T f , , . , v- .-Q - ' ,H ,, V A ' . , , 4 v V, ' ' ' , W Rx W I, . 1 ' ' " l v - 'nn ' V ' W . f N Q , y . . f , K , 7 1 "' F - ,ff . - X W , 5 ' 1 . . " " .. Q! 2: , f W , -""4f:g1:-:52z2:2zf:f:2' . - ' ' " 'glfiszirzgfgfri -1 ' .g.,-.-.Ay f T . O - -Zzrzifiizirz? - V . ' , - ', ftffgfzgig'-' . . - ' ,f:Z:'::-rw .5 V ' 235' at L, 1 , , r. - mf ..:,:,:,:, 5 I ' . I '- -.- . 7 1 v lv.. f S f l 7 1' 1 '. . . ,x , H. ., .' V ' -Z' ,Q . 9 X e -I-Q, : C .... . I I . . 7 . , 5 X . . . , 1. , - , . , . : Pe- ' i ' ' . : - ' e ' . . ' ' ' ' ' 7 - T x I L. .., V 1 -- 1 . X I . . . , . I A ' ' A A , , -.3 7 , - 4 , ' ' .s L l , 5 f,, S FIRST ROW: Marion Johnson, Marie Daly, Janice Severson, Sharon Ornmodt, Marguerite Kampfer, Anita Bisegger Mary Everson, Nancy Gilbertson. SECOND ROW: Judelle Berg, Marilyn Haessler, Margaret Daly, Ruth Halverson, Janet Thompson,Nathalie Steiner, Helen Nybroten, Carol Burlthard. THIRD ROW: Virginia Lien, Teresa Flannery Dorothy Hanson, Margaret Alm, Linda Gunderson, Barbara Smith, Sharon Field, Mrs. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Jeannette Peterson, Glenda Lewis, Cynthia Berg, Mary Lou Moen, Margaret Barry, Sandra Putnam, JoAnn Omrnodt, FIFTH ROW: Betty Quinn, Ruth Hermanson, Barbara Etter, Carol Anderson, Marlys Isely, Nancy Johnson, Joanne Larson, Pat Hassenfelt. Fall F ashion Show. HOME ECONOMICS 1 'BM -f xr 1 Sf? X -' FIRST ROW: Janice Severson, Marie Daly, Janet Thompson, Mary Everson, Patsy Elet, Helen Nybroten, Jerry Davis, Merlin Johnson. SECOND ROW: Pat Coffey, Judelle Berg, Glenda Lewis, Robert Johnson, Dale Eicher, Virginia Lien, Margaret Daly, Mrs. Ramseier. THIRD ROW: JoAnn Ommodt, Ellen Conway, Lois Holland, Marlys Isely, Pat Hassenfelt, Rose Schmid, Jeannette Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Ann Herrnanson, Ronald Thurston, Bruce Pfister, John Flanagan, Dick Johnson, Don Dammen, Ralph Hanson, Barbara Elmer. FIFTH ROW: Robert Mason, Mike Morgan, Jerry Pitts, Phil Johnson, Rolyn Hermanson, Doug Watson, Carl Gebhardt, Gary Waage. Busy bookke ep ers. BUSINESS EDUCATION f NEWSPAPER STAFF Si I R ' mf' be 'eq , ""'i' - ' fffnbq, 3 , Alngnaia if - , 1' ' ,.w,a:b L' "L FIRST ROW: Pat McGinnity, Martin Bredeson, Marie Daly, Larry Engebretson, Helen Nybroten, Glenda Lewis, Jan- ice Severson, Eldon Isely, Mrs. Rarnseier fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: Nancy Johnson, Mary Lou Moen, Ruth Ann Her- manson, Marion Johnson, Virginia Lien, JoAnn Ommodt, Lois Holland, Jeannette Peterson, Margaret Daly. THIRD ROW: Ann Johnson, Mike Morgan, Rose Schmid, Joanne Larson, Carol Anderson. l'Sha1l we surprise the school with a paper this month?" -H FORENSICS 92 .vl s. 4- Q0 Y FIRST ROW: Vonda Lee Bames, Patsy Elet, Pat McGinnity, Randy Wold, Margaret Barry, Barbara Srnith, Carol Burkhard. SECOND ROW: Ann Johnson, Betty Flannery, Joanne Larson, Kaspar Berget, Bruce Pfister, Cynthia Berg, Sandra Putnam, Mrs. Ross fadvisorj. THIRD ROW: Mike Morgan, Carol Anderson, Russell Hanson, Gary Soper, Jim McGinnity, Norman Wold, Vic Tollakson. LIBRARIANS ,,- 'Q f -- I .N it ' 1' ' . Q .' Y ' as R, X O y - " g an x. ,. I . . . "" 'v- . , ov -5' x g "' --- y V U V Am h I t Y' v J- U: ' l - l in .. T li FIRST ROW: Howard Johnson, Randy Wold, Mary Lou Moen, Pat Coffey, Marilyn Haessler, Mrs. Ross. SECOND ROW: Dick Hassenfelt, Betty Quinn, Marcia Skinrood, Nancy Johnson, Pat Hassenfelt, Ellen Conway, Cynthia Berg THIRD ROW: Jerry Henclriclson, Roland Emberson, Russell Hanson, Gary Soper, Bruce Pfister, Gerald Bredeson. I5 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA f::,,LjJ- . , on' 49' Q 'M Sl ' 0 A . ' 1 ' ngnuhi a FIRST ROW: Harold Thompson, Don Isely, Robert Johnson, DeWayne Bredeson, Ronnie Kammerud, Jerry Davis Loren Bisegger, Robert Davis, Walter Fischer. SECOND ROW: Dale Eicher, Vic Tollakson, Dick Johnson, John Flanagan, Don Daxnmen, Martin Bredeson, Kenneth Emberson, Ivlr. Haser. THIRD ROW: Dean Saalsaa, Jerry Pitts, Carl Gebhaxdt, Gary Johnson, Harlow Kipfer, Bob Rude, Tom Daly. FOURTH ROW: Robert Mason, Don Flannery, Ron Johnson, Dave Stephens, Mick Meyer, Phil Johnson, Rolyn Hemianson, Eldon Isely. 1 4 n 'Q' r I:-h N Aliitlllclfh Q ' V2 'av,' ' . f -.-e I , :- f . ,. ,696 '74, Q QFTIOQ 9 N Q-1' FJFAR ? .S V D 5 -- fl?--T 3 ',wEg?Eb 'Ya 4g?:b R uufg b ' L U U 'R F. F. A. OFFICERS .LI ' - ' OH ' ,oggf1"f...3 " .ll 455400505 on FIRST ROW: Dave Stephens, Martin Bredeson, Dean Saalsa, Jerry Pitts. SECOIND ROW: Harlow Kipfer, Eldon Isely, Mr. Haser. 1 ,em 14 " 43.1, 'S' October 25 1956 For the past twenty years there has been much talk about burldrng a gym for Argyle Hrgh School Durrng 1953 and 1954 more talk went on Ftnally the talk was over and rt came about tn thrs way At one of the Parent Teachers meetrngs rn early 1954 an rnvestrgatrng commrttee of Argyle busmessmen was ap potnted to get the facts The followrng men were members of the frrst commrttee Charrman Robert Hawley Alvrn Larson James McG1nn1ty Robert Rossrng Ambrose Saalsaa Howard Schellenger Law rence Stetner Chrts Vlnger and Lawrence Vrnger These men along wrth the Board of Educatron and Mr Morgan made many trrps throughout the state looktng at new burldmgs and drscusstng our dream wrth Off1C13lS from other schools Durrant and Bergqulst of Boscobel lx rsconsrn and Dubuque Iowa were the archrtects chosen to draw up ptelrmmary plans for a gym and addrtronal classrooms whrch tnclude a room for Home Economlcs and a room to handle the tncreasrng grade school populatron The tnvestt gattng commrttee then vtslted every property owner rn the school drstrtct to explatn exactly what ktnd of burldmg had been planned and to drscuss frnancmg the burldmg On October 4 1903 the fust offrcral acuon was taken A count of the referendum vote on that date showed overwhelmmg approval wtth 341 votes bemg rn favor of the addrtron and '73 opposed The many years of wrshmg and hoprng were over But a new fcelrng of rmpatrence was soon felt because much trme was requrred to complete the necessary behrnd the scenes work of obtatnrng bonds btds etc The only break rn the wartrng came when on January 9 19a6 the house rmmedratelv north of the school was removed The brds were opened on July 6 1936 mth James Cullen OfI31'16SV1u6 bernft named as the General con tractor On July 2oth the long awalted Ground breakrnv ceremony took place Everyone could now per sonally see what progress was belng made and the number of srde walk supertntendents mcreased datly We of the Sentor Class are very happy to be the frrst class to hold 1ts Con mencennent Exercrses rn the new addrtron and we hope all the clas es remarntng III school and those yet to come wrll always appre ctate the addrtronal facxlrtres gtven to them 'lf GRADES ONE AND TWO hh ? FIRST ROW: Connie Sweeney, Bernie McDonald, Stuart Campbell, Susan Haser, Billy Johnson, David Phillipson, Tommy Coffey. SECOND ROW: Mark Anderson, Eddie Gavigan, Mary Jo Schellenger, Bobby Plantikow, Billy Stauffacher, Michael Niffenegger. THIRD ROW: Kay Smith, Maureen Coffey, Connie Kay Meyer, Karen McGin nity, Paula Berget, Barbara Swenson, Tom MCC-innity, Mrs. Penniston. GRADES TWO AND THREE , i id 3 'T C? O4 O 6 AQ' FIRST ROW: Clyde Hayes, Jerry Smith, Craig Widmer, Jay Wenger, Sheree Kammerud, Diana Severson, Shirley Sweeney. SECOND ROW: Janey Schellenger, Neale Tollakson, Donnie Moen, Mary Jean Soper, Patsy Hayes Sara Jo Thompson. THIRD ROW: John Dunlavy, Kirk Tresemer, Albert Hawley, Linda Siegenthaler, Dean Hort Stevie Campbell, Jimmie Smith, Mrs. Hildenbrand GRADES THREE and FOUR 'H - - Q 1 1 S.: 1 Q0 V1 1"c I 4. rv 1 P' ,, v-r ,l FIRST ROW: Jean Plantikow, Terry Hanson, Nicki Thompson, Stevie Elmer, Susan Flannery, David Anderson. SECOND ROW: Sharon Swenson, Linda Coffey, Rosemary Berget, Karen Hayes, Barbara Widmer, Robert Moen, Karen Anderson. THIRD ROW: Bobby Amot, Julie Rodgers, Denny Simpson, Phillip Emberson, Janet Williams, Marlyn Pedersen, Sandra Swenson, Miss Splinter. FOURTH ROW: Donnie Hendrickson, Kitty Meyer, Leo Marti, Donna Rabine, Susan McCinnity, Greg Tresemer, Stevie Morgan. GRADES FIVE and SIX QI K-1 'Y FIRST ROW: Bradley Ostby, Judy Skattum, Mary Lou Severson, Duane Bright, Peter Jaggi, Chuckie O'Rourke, Jimmy Payne. SECOND ROW: Patty Schellenger, Charles Moen, Donnie Rossing, Ronnie Naage, R.J. Swenson, Donnie Stauffaeher, David Elet, Jerry McMurtrey. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Berget, Dorian Hermanson, Carol Jean Severson, Linda Kristofferson, Larry Hendrickson, John Foesch, Kenny Elmer. FOURTH ROW: Mary Steiner, Jerrie Tresemer, Zandra Hayes, John Gierhart, Mary Kay MCCinnity, Wesley Moen, Jimmy Meyer, Mrs. Pederson. GRADES 7 81 8 K4 4 V X ,gi FIRST ROW: Leo Johnson, Dennis Dillon, Tom Morgan, Larry Adler, Paul Jaggi, Janice Coffey, Donna Anderson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Simpson, Lynn Kammerud, Joyce Anderson, Jean Flannery, Kathy Steiner, Ann McMur'trey, Sammy Hanson. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Elmer, Mary Foesch, Lorraine Vinger, Gayle Schild, Diane Meyer, Gloria Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Pedersen, Martha Hawley, Sharon Soper, Steve Meyer, Rosalind Rossing, Daryl Waage, Andrea Rodgers. GRADE CHORUS 91 FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Severson, Jimmy Payne, Janice Coffey, Party Schellenger, Bradley Ostby, Donnie Ross- ing, David Elet, Judy Skamun. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Berget, Dennis Dillon, Duane Bright, Zandra Hayes, Jerry Treserner, Dorian Hermanson, R. J. Swenson, Paul Jaggi. THIRD ROW: Linda Kristofferson, Lynn Karnmerud, Larry Adler, Ann MCMDIUEY, John. Gierhart, Joyce Anderson, Kathy Steiner, Larry Hendrickson, Carol Jean Sev- erson. FOURTH ROW: Mary Steiner, Gayle Schild, Diane Meyer, Jimmy Meyer, Wesley Moen, Mary Kay Mc- Ginnity, Jean Flannery, Tom Morgan, John Foesch. FIFTH ROW: Martha Hawley, Kathleen Elmer, Gloria Ander- son, Rosalind Rossing, Sharon Soper, Andrea Rodgers, Mary Foesch, Lorraine Vinger. GRADE FOOTBALL --FW . . '? R .-, v., ,,,-4 If 5' 'F' L M- 1? i . 'l"13'-5? X.. FIRST ROW: Leo Johnson, Paul Jaggi, Larry Adler, Dennis Dillon. SECOND ROW: Sammy Hanson, Steve Meyer, Daryl Waage, Ralph Pedersen, Tom Morgan. GRADE BASKETBALL 1 ' 'N 'n ' ,Q r v , , 1.1, - . 5 1 N. - . ' he 'A . 1 " 'xt . I- 'v .1 Q gl x 1 e Q 'rs B- ss N ' fa' N- ,5, -, 5 " ' 1' 2 'nf L f e, W . A ala xt fl Tom Morgan, Ralph Pedersen, Daryl Waage, Steve Meyer, Larry Adler, Paul Jaggi, Leo Johnson. 31 . 4, as THE SCRAP BOOK We took some pictures through the year You've seen their bit, now see their best, Of Argyle students far and near, Some at work and some at play-- We "shot" the scholars every day-- Pix of dances, parties galore-- Class shots you've never seen before. It's Argyle students while at rest. You've read our book, so now relax-- Here's the scrapbook--make no cracks! So cheer up kids, don't shet a tear There's one more part to the "BOOK OF THE YEAR QQ- Four and two halves An ual Editors at work? Charlie off duty Carol lost the Band and she's happy about 1 One of Barbara s partie Don t I look innocent S 5 I ml a . a,,,, I i 'ts K 4 's I ' ' ' '55 , ' 4 in, if ' I ll ' , , J x N. A Q ,. 0 - .. 0 . . - .' 'y V 2.1, 5 4 ' ti , . ' ,Z , ll I ' 'QI' .-, L . . 5! You have the pucker, now where's the flute? They re Slnglflg the blues Do they look powerful alert and aggressxve to you? Van and Pat m a blt of ' horse P RY A casual casualty X es we agree teachers do hax e a rough hfe ""'f-ff 3 'Nr 7 ,gras-3, I At one t me Carol was shorter We THUSY 100k Pretty for T110 boys I Saw Mason Lhan her slus ...WM if?5k"' Slftlllg OD 3. S68 S3.W Seven trumpefs all on a duferent pltch Janet' ' ' C'mon the parade xx asn't Lhar long The ,old shoulder "I'm boss " 'l'l1ere's trouble They looked ani sang l1ke orewmg angels rl 4 f J l 1 , , g' V, 'V L - A "1 . . Vg, Al - Y, n . - I I Y. 'fx l , ' ' L A ' mf ,N . ' ', 5 1, ,. ' 1 I 1 , . x14 f , Q 5' N l - Q ' ' A - . The best scoreboard in the The k1tchen boys have then banquet too The Queen w1th her crown +R., 'Tr 'YM J- '1- , Y ,,1fE,, u u I M3 rg I 4 if-FQ: , LUNDA SERVICE STATION MOBILE PRODUCTS L A gyI j cn EVEO LET 1 OSTBY GARAGE A y w fll.llS CIIIILMERS ROSSING X xXxX his COMPANY X! B A gyI W FLANNERY S CAFE f A i I A - X ' , 1. y e ess when you P f Q M. X , can get more for the ? I ame price? RJ rg Ie, isconsin Phone 62 Pot undo, proprietor fllffol llvlllon ' lllwlulll I. U.I. l. r e Wisconsin igiga fiffiifi X N I L. A' , .r.r..,.,. ,,...r.,...,,,.. . E .s ' 523555 gigigzgs L55 wil Q fii .: ' X fl If you are xp If , hunting for 255225252 2322121 ' the est in 'i2i222i2. 1222222 food and service EQ1ggg:Q2 fQ3Q2Q stop Ijfgfif 322122. I iii f e, isconsin '32 9 Pl-nLuPsoN GARAGE Sales and Service FURU Argyle Wig Phone 55 A Brighter Future X Xxx """' P""""'2" ' M CLOVER FARM STORE bank savings J 0 0 125 W State Bank of Argyle Agyl T bo lc tfri y Member of the F D l C '-.. 21- .-v' 'C' Argyle Wisconsin STANDARD OIL AGENT Al Goepfert N STANDARD Agy w 7 I , 0 . ,x r A 'MQ 7 ' -Lx f I Al Q If Education o Automobile W ,..,i Home 0 Business phone , I Fresh Produce I Frozen Foods . Groceries l Choice Meats I r e, Your homo town banlr wisconsin he n o ondl service , c a u a ' P 'lr . lf.. . , il 5 Y . ' 1 a.-. A if E ,4"K?Q, A S Ish: -:..L: K. . .-. , 3 3 Q S E E 5 Phone 56 S is r le, isconsin ANDERSON ELECTRIC Electric Contracting an Electrical Appliances lie serzice what we sell Argyle Wisconsin I CORNER CAFE Friendly servace : Quality foods if Convenient location g Argyle, Wisconsin 5- cc 1 , as Z ! 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Suggestions in the Argyle High School - Treasured Echoes Yearbook (Argyle, WI) collection:

Argyle High School - Treasured Echoes Yearbook (Argyle, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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