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 - Class of 1951

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Argyle High School - Treasured Echoes Yearbook (Argyle, WI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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,awe JW sow Sckaal Sang Fight on for Argyle High, We must fight on, to do or die. We know our boys are strong And they will fight the whole night long. Oh yes, we know, We know they're strong and they Will fight! Bring on the orange and black, Because we know you nothing lack. Lead on and win the game And we will cheer you to your fame. Oh yes, we'1l cheer, We'll cheer you to your fame, Fight on! Published by the Senior Class of Argyle, Wisconsin 111 1fw4iA3H AW-V lecficaimn To a man who has done such s countless number of things for the students of A.H.S. An unselfish person who always has a friendly word or a cheerful smile for each of us. If we had a problem we knew we could always count on "EB" for sympa- thetic understanding or a word of gentle advice. In appre- ciation of his efforts we sincerely dedicate this annual to our friend, Mr. Robertson. i ... 2 ... U I Mr. Lavassor, treasurer: Mr. Hendrickson, president: Mr. Pederson, clerk. MR , MORGAN MR. SIMPSON PRINCIPAL. Latin, English, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL B. E. Geography. BJA- Columbia Col- Platteville State Teachers lege. . College. -.3-- MRS. ZIEHLSDORFF M S. MAHLUM English. B.S. St. Olaf College Typing. B.E. Whitewater State and University of Wisconsin. Teachers College. at U of Wis. and N.W. University. MR. ARNOT MR. HELGESEN Sciences. B.S. Plgtteville Social Sciences. B.S. Platte- Statg Teachers College' ville State Teachers College. MR. REH STEDT MR. VON KLEIN Mathematics. B.E. Platteville Music. B.M. Illinois Wesleyan State Teachers College. Grad, University gf Wisconsin, work at University of Wis. -4-.. Qlmw 74.0445 Semen QZMA Ufficam Back row , Darlene Matley, Clarice Emberson. Front row ,. Sherman Damnen, Fmogene johnson. Today we sail: where shall we anchor? FLOWERS COLORS White Carnations Blue and White -5- "Achievement comes to those who labor." DONNA Loulsla ' ANDERSON Annual Staff C0'liLlit0r .13 Band 1,2,3,-ig Brass Sex- :er 5,45 Class play 3,-1: Cheerleader 2,3,4: Class Officer li D.A.R- Winner 4g Dramauics l,2,3,-ig For- CnSiCS 1,-2,32 Girls' Cho- rus 1,2,3,-ig Girls' Quar- tet 45 Mixed Chorus l,2, 3,-ig Mixed Quartet 2,55 Paper smff-liilimr fllglll' dent council 5,43 Triple Trio 2,3 ,-l. ROSIE BAHLER Class Play 33 Dramarics 2,35 Girls' Chorus 2,3,49 Mixed Chorus 4. "A blush is often beautz ful, lbut, not always con- vement. ' ' Arin onthe merzs worth tio on thefpfonef' DOR IS BENNETT Class Play 35 Dramatics 2,43 Girls' Chorus 25,45 Mixed Chorus 4g Paper Staff 4. COLLEEN BOWMAN Band 2,3,4i Class Play 33 Drarnatics 2,39 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,3,4g Paper Staff 45 Prom Queen 39 Triple Trio 49 Clarinet Quarter 3,4. 1 7 -1. "She seems quiet, bu ,maybe we don't know ber. ' vi 15 l I F LOYD CAR PENTE R Annual Staff 45 "A" Club 3,45 Basketb21lll,2,3,-lg Class Play 35 Football 1,2,3,4g Paper Staff 3,49 Student Council 4: Vol- lcy Ball jfl. "I'm at the bottom of every riot.' ' "Variety's tbe spice Ol SHERMAN DAMMAN Annual Staff 4' "A" Club life, wby takejbe same 3,45 B d 1 2,3 4' B an ,,,, oys' girl out twice? "Lead me no! into temp- tation. I know where it is." Chorus 1,2,3,45 Boys' Quartet 45 Class Play 33 Class Officer 1,2,4g Dra- matics 2,3,45 F.F.A. 1, 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4g Paper Staff 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Volley Ball 2.3. ROGER DE VOE CLARICE EMBERSON Class Play 35 Class Of- figer 3,43 Dramatics 2g Gxrls' Chorus 2,43 Paper Staff 4. -3- "A friend to eueryone.' "I've never le! my stu- "The ood die young. why should I worry?' FREDRICK ERICKSON "A" Club 2,3,45 Base- ball 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Captain of Foot- ball 45 Captain of Bas- ketball 4s Football 1,2, 3,49 F.F.A. 3,43 Most Valuable Player KFoot- ballj 3,45 Volley Ball 2,3,4. FRANCES ETTER Annual Staff 49 Class Play 3,45 Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Class Officer 1,2,3g Dramatics 23 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Paper Staff 45 Triple Trio 4g Ag.Secretary 3,4. SANFORD GARRISON Basketball 23 Boys' Cho- rus 2,3,4g Class Play 3, 49 Class Officer 13 F.F. A. 1,2,3,4g Mina cho- rus 2,3,4: Track' 2,3.4g Officer of'-F.F.A7 4. dies interfere with my education. ' ' "Those Freshman girls fascinate me." "Why hurry? I'ue got lots of time." LA VAUGHN HATFIELD Band 1,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Class Play 39 Dramatics 1,25 Football 2g F.F.A. 1,2, 3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Projector Club 43 gfrack 2,3,49 Volley Ball 3 I "A gentleman makes 110 noise." ODE L L HENDRICKSON "A" Club 4g Boys' Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2, 3 ,49 Mixed Chorus 1 ,2 , 3,4g Student Managr 3,4g Track 2,3. MAXIN E JACOBSON Annual Staff 45 Class Play 3,49 Dramarics l,2,3,43 Forensics 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,4g Ma- iorerre 43 Paper Staff 3, 43 Twirler 1,2,35 Triple Trio 4. BETTY JOHNSON Drama: ics 25 Girls' Cho- rus 2,4. - "What would happen if I didn't o borne every week-enS?" "Hollywood bas Hope, we've got Emogenef' "Quiet - until you know ber out of class." EMOGENE JOHNSON Annual Staff 43 Band 1, 2,3,4g Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 49 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Paper Staff 4 Saxo hone uar- ter 3,45 P Q fwfr! "No man can blush like ibut and be very danger- ous." "The best way to make tbe gulls! out om day is to t a ew urs out of the nigh." SYLVESTER JOHNSON Annual Staff 45 Band 2, 3,41 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Class Play 45 Class Officer 35 Dramatics 45 F.F.A. 1,25 Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3,4g Student Council 2. ROBERT KOHLER Annual Staff - Editor 4: "A" Club 2,3,4g Band 3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 2,3,45 Boys' Quartet 4g Brass Sextet 3,43 Badger Boys' State Rep. 33 Class Play 3,43 Class Officer 1,35 Football 1,2,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Paper Staff 2,35 Projector Club 49 Student Council 35 Volley Ball 2,3,4. DAR LENE MATLEY Annual Staff 4, Band 1, 2,3,4g Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 2,43 Dra- matics 1,2,3,4: Foren- sics 2 3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Paper staff 3,45 Student Council 45 Saxo- phone Quartet 3,4g One Act Play 4. JERRY NYBROTEN Baseball 43 Boys' Cho- rus 1,2,4: F.F.A. 1,2,3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1,23 Track 25 Volley Ball 2,4. ...ull ... "Girls are bothersome. but I like to be bother- ed ll "Girls? - Wbat are they? I never beard of them." "Vue got a 'Toni ." "The kind of girl ii's nice to know." ALBERT OLSON, IR. Boys' Chorus l,2,45 F. F.A. 1,2,3,4g Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,4g Track 2,3 Volley Ball 2,3. DONNA O'ROURKE Band 1,2,3,4g Class Play 39 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,25 Paper Staff 45 Se' cre tary . VERNA OSTBY Class Play 39 Class Of- ficer 35 Dramarics 2 3 4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g ylsaz per Staff 4g Student Coun- cil 2,3. CHARLES PENNISTON "A" Club 1,2,3,45 Base- ball l,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Captain of Bas- ketball 4g Football 1,2, 3,4g Prom King 33 Vol- ley Ball 2,3,4. -.121- "Can you ever bave too much of a good time?" "If your fun interferes with your work - quit working." "Not as quiet as bis mother thinks." RUSSELL PENNISTON "A" Club 25,43 Base- ball 1,2,3: Basketball 1,2,3g Class Officer 35 Captain of Football 45 Football l,2,3,4: F.F.A. 3,43 Grade Coach 49 President of F.F.A. 43 Volley Ball 2,3. JERRY SAALSAA Annual Staff 43 Band 1, 2,3,43 Boys' Chorus 2, 3,45 Boys' Quartet 45 Class Play 3,43 Drama- tics 45 Football 13 Mix- ed Chorus 2,3,4g Paper Staff 2,45 Student Coun- cil 4g Saxophone Quar- tet 3,49 Time Keeper Basketball 4. "1t's a bird - liz? 4 plane - WS Jeff?- "Let us be merry: life is short." Q. KENNETH SEVERSON Basketball 1,25 Football 1,23 F.F.A. I,2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 4g Track 3,4. MARION SKATTUM Class Play 3,43 Class Officer 13 Dramatics 25 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,49 Mixed Chorus 1,2,4:Twir1- er 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Queen 4. . Yrs'-" "Spoken for, but not taken." "A bandsofne face. Our local 'Ace'." LARRY THURSTON Annual Staff 45 "A" Club 45 Baseball 45 Basket- ball 43 Football 4g Vol- leyball 4. RUTH TOLLAKSON Band 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 23 Paper Staff 45 Clarinet Quarze: 3,4. fm 14 '- "Sbe's bere, I beard ber laugh!" M04 55043 0 President Johnson Qnfor Jerry S. ER w Rs, R W Q m N .Kuff wxwl MM Darlene Robert Ruth fx x Frances x0 Dorxs rw Us On a certain, never to be forgotten September day in 1947, thirty-two members of our ship's crew sailed into A.H.S., wide-eyed and a little bewildered, with the look of "How did we get here?" on our faces. Hbwever, it wasn't long before this look disappeared, but the calm seas were soon roughened in a new storm which was none other than Freshman initia- tion. This brought new looks to the faces of our crew and what "1ooks" they were--for we had enough war paint on for the French as well as the Indians, in the French and Indian Wars, and our hair was done up in the latest style and set off with green ribbons. We docked long enough in our first voyage to replenish our ship's treasury by winning the first prize with our class float, "Freedom For All", at the Fall Festival. When we set sail again we found we had picked up two more crew members, namely: Betty Blaine, and Ray johnson, so our crew was then at its all-time high of thirty-four members. We started our Sophomore year only to find "man overboard"--in fact, four of them They were Audrey Roberts, Betty Blaine, Ray Johnson and Lawrence Purcell. First on the list this year we were scheduled to show the other classes how real salesmen operate, and did so by being the top class in total sales in the first magazine campaign held in A.H.S. The pro- ceeds went toward new band uniforms which was our big goal to meet that year. Next came the annual Fall Festival and with it our float, the theme being, "Flowers-Symbols of Peace". We also sponsored an Amateur Night in an effort to raise more money for the band uniforms. Around April 7th the main question asked among the girls of our crew was, "Should you serve from the left, or take from the left?" Ybu see we had just been asked to serve at the jum- ior-Senior Banquet. ' A number of school parties, bake sales, candy sales etc., were spread throughout the year in order that we might have a little ready cash when needed. After three months' shore leave we were ready to start our Junior voyage with one mem- ber, Roger Isely, not returning. Maxine Jacobson also left in the first semester, but re- turned in the second. Since then she has been rather "0ne of the Roving Kind", but she seems to know a good place when she sees one for she's pretty well settled in A.H.S. now. With a double cast we presented our junior class play, "A Letter From Mexico", on De- cember 15th and 16th. Around March 23rd we noticed our rations were getting low so we docked again to prepare a feast--the annual junior-Senior Banquet, with "Star1ight" our theme, food our central thought, and the Seniors and faculty our guests. Another big event of the year was the junior Prom with Charles Penniston and Colleen Bowman reigning as King and queen. The theme was "Dreamer's Hg1iday", the date, April 28th, and the music was fur- nished by Eddy Lawrence and his orchestra. About three weeks after our last year had started we were back to thirtynmmbers in our crew again. Larry Thurston, who transfered from Chicago, and advanced from sailing on such small bodies of li 0 as the Great Lakes, came up here to finish his training on the Pecato- nica. 2 In this our Senior year in A.H.S., we presented the "Inner Willy" as our class play on February 14th and 15th, took over the school paper, "Best Years", and a hundred and one other things. We managed to spend most of our spare time diligentlyQ?j working on class work--some struggling to get 'A' grades, and others just struggling to get grades. The few who have managed to make that 90 average or better are: jerry Saalsaa, Donna Lou Anderson, Frances Etter, Robert Kohler, Emogene Johnson, and Darlene Matley. The boys have done their share in the athletic department with eight of them being mem- bers of the Letterman's club. They are: Russell, Carlie, Fritz, Larry, Robert, Floyd, Sher- man, and Odell. Thirteen members of the class participated in band, a score of others in choruses, and other vocal groups, dramatics and forensics. Now as "big frogs" we are almost ready to give our pool to the little Junior "tad- poles". It has been fun--no one can deny that--and I think the real feeling of everyone is "I wish I were coming back next year!" 1- i QZQAJ WL!! Frances Etter - I will my many happy nights at Turner Hall to Stumpy Erickson. Ruth Tollackson - I will my numerous is a secret to it. love affairs to the Peterson girls. Yes, girls, there Darlene Matley - I will my "rainbow colored" glasses to Dick Hawley- Take them Off when you park Dick!!! Emogene johnson - I will my ready wit to Shirley Nybroten. Use it, I dog it gets you lots of friends. Donna Lou Anderson - I will my love of study to Patty Lunda. Give it a hard time, Pat. Maxine Jacobson - I will my baton to the next Drum Majoretteg the whistle too. Colleen Bowman - I will my queen's crown to the lucky queen of this year. Betty Rosie Doris Johnson - I will my long hair to the other Toni twin. Bahler - I will that "extra" guy of mine to the "Lonely Hearts Club" of A.H.S. Bennett - I will my quietness to the noisy Freshmen. Try to abide by it. Verna Ostby - I will my happy disposition to Ellen Kohler. It's good policy to use it. Donna O'Rourke - I will my ability to get into "hot water" to Helen Flannery. Marian Skattum - I will my pretty hair to Shirley Schwartz. There's really nothing to it. Clarice Emberson - I will my etiquette book to all the "Ill mannered' Roger DeVoe - I will my "two front Russell Penniston - I will my curls ' people in A.H.S. teeth" to Bugs Bunney. Pass the carrots. to all the guys with crew-cuts. Fritz Erickson - I will my athletic ability to all the Freshmen out for sports. Sylvester Johnson - I will my blush to Janice Matley. This needs no explanation!!! Jerry Saalsaa - I will my "Invisible" self to the timid guys who need a push once in awhile. Robert Kohler 4 I will my ability to get along with people to Russell Steiner Kenneth Severson -AI will my ability to get to school on time to all the prompt students. Carlie Penniston - I will my letters from Fuzzy to the next publisher who comes along. Larry Thurston - I will all my "slang" and cute sayings to Jimmy Dillon. LaVaughn Hatfield - I will my Ford to any one who wants to go out to Mary Zimmerman's. Maybe they will have better luck. Sherman Dammen - I will my name to Ripley's column as the most mispronounced name in A.H.S. Floyd Carpenter - I will my bundle of "Dynamite" to Melvin Flint. Jerry Nybroten - I will my blond hair to all the boys. Girls prefer blondes you know. The Senior Class as a whole wills everyone in Argyle High luck and success in the future. "W- Annual swf Back r0W - Mr. Simpson, advisor: jerry Saalsaa, Larry Thurston, Floyd Carpenter, Sylvester Johnson, Emogene Johnson. Front row .. Sherman Damnen, Donna Lou Anderson, co-editor, Robert Kohler, editor: Frances Etter, Darlene Matley, Maxine Jacobson. Warm SW Back row - Roger Devoe, jerry Saalsaa, Russell Penniston Clarice Emberson, Doris Bennett. Middle row ,. Floyd Carpenter, Mrs. Mahlum, Typing Instructor, Emogene John- son, Jimmy Dillon, Donna O'Ro'urke, Lucy Conway, Colleen Bowman, Mrs. Zielsdorf, advisorg Verna Ostby. Front row - Sherman Darrmen, Donna Lou Anderson, editor, Fran- ces Etter, Shirley Shwartz, Darlene Matley, Maxine Ja- cobson, Ruth Tollackson. i 18... CLASSMEN ew Top row .. Kenneth Kinane, Owen Farrell, Oscar Kipfer, Russell Berg, Peter Olson, Art Dun- lavy. Fourth row ,. Clarice Steiner, Wilma Andrews, Arleigh Nybroten, Pat Lunda, Lloyd Lewis, Virginia Flannery. Third row .. Yvonne Olson, Lucy Conway, Leo Splinter, Elton Olson, Donny Lane, Robert Englebretson. Second row , Junice Isely, Joanne Penniston, Barbara Carpenter, Dean Flannery, Keith Penniston, Mr. Arnot, class advisor. Bottom row - Ellen Kohler, Mar- lene D'l-Iobbins, Rosemary Flannery, Marsha Vinger, Roger Saalsaa. 119-Q. 5 Glam Top row - Melvin Flint, Ronald Larson, Dick Hawley, Virgil Hendrickson, David Everson, John Schuetz. Third row , Jimmy Dillon, Walter Disch, Sandra Watkins, Lavern Severson, Gene Frauchiger. Second row - Fred Wirtz, Helen Flannery, Ruth Garrison, Donald Meyer, Edmund Erickson, Mrs. Zielsdorf, class advisor. Bottom row - Carol Eichre, Donna Everson, June Kristofferson, Shirley Nybroten, Dale Peterson. Qmhmm Glam Tbp row , Rita Olson, Harold Disch, Roger Penniston, David Rossing, Roger johnson, Phillip Johnson. Fourth row - Elton Fransen, jimmy Daly, Jimmy Flannery,Beverly Atter, Judy Ber- get, Evonne Peterson, LaVonne Johnson. Third row - Robert Craig, Jimmy Bisegger, Jerome Phister, Jinmy Hbule, Leona Peterson, Shirley Schwartz, Donna Bowman, Russ Steiner. Second row , David Tollackson, Roger Nybroten, Barbara Kinane, Jessie Gierhart, Janice Matley, Lois Gavigan, Rita Hermanson. Bottom row - jimmy Lewis, Donald Eichre, Marjorie Carpenter, Barbara Thurston, Mary Zimmerman, Irene Johnson, Joanne Hyland. QNot present, Mr. Helgesonj .. 20 .. Qaeda 75h as fm Top row ,, Frances Ostby, Raymond Moen, Joanne McQinnity, Phillip Steiner, Joyce Sweeney, Patsy Houle, Charles Anderson, Mr. Lufi, Instructor. Third row - Roger Hanson, Nancy John- son, Betty Hendrickson, Ann Morgan, Joyce Hawley, Joan Ostby, Joanne Auested, Suzanne Saal- saa, Dick Johnson. Second row .. 'Douglas Hanson, Curtis Anderson, Richard Hermanson, Jill Hawley, David Hawley, Barbara Vinger, Carol Dovre, Bobby Sweeney, Richard O'Rourke, Wairren Weinschenk. Bottom row ,. Virginia Goepfert, Robert Erickson, Margaret Foesch, Cynthia Gier- hart, Sharon Bredeson, Roger Bright, Bruce Pederson, John Meyer, Leonard Penniston, Bruce Penniston. , 5555655 Top row - Patsy O'Rourke, Carol Anderson, Billy Quinn, Ruth Hermanson, Nancy Andrews. Third row - Mrs. Pederson, Instructorg Douglas Watson, Kasper Berget, Ronald Thurston, Gary Soper, Gary Penniston. Second row - Merlin Johnson, John Noble, Dean Saalsaa, Barbara Peterson, Donald Marti. Bottom row - Patsy McQinnity, Alice Hurd, Gary Stauffacher, Patricia Elet. 1311 fdjggmn H Tbp row - Rolyn Hermanson, Michael Morgan, Robert Houle, Russell Hanson, Mary Andrews, Diane Pederson. Third row - Betty Quinn, Harlow Ostby, Marjorie Armstrong, Jimmy McQinnity, Billy Goepfert, Art Stauffacher, Sue Ann Blesch. Second row - Mrs. Rossing, Instructor: Judy Flannery, Ruth Holverson, Donald Paul, Jerry Hen- drickson, Russell Quinn, Howard Johnson, Michael Simp- son. Bottom row - Marion Johnson, Gordon Hale, Ronald Anderson, Van Steiner, Jerry Flannery, Karyn Goecks. fNot present, Beverly Zentnerj of ZQMZ Tbp row - Mrs. Penniston, Instructor: Lorraine Vinger, Sonja Hanson, Bobbie Rossing, Ralph Pederson, Stevie Meyer, Russell Sweeney, Diane Meyer. Third row -Gloria Anderson, Sammy Hanson, Wesley Moen, John Gierhart, Joyce Anderson, Dick Zentner. Second row - Mary Foesch,x Janice Anderson, Jimmy Noble, Denny Dillon, Jean Flan- nery, Toby Goecks, Lee Downs. Bottom row - Tommy Mor- gan, David Elet, Charles Moen, Martha Hawley, Leo John- son, Sharon Soper, Lynn Kammerud. CNot present, Ronnie Krebs and Donnie Stauffacherj . .. 22 .- rqcidwizlm Www 33 Samba gmcf Top row - Lavaughn Hatfield, Sylvester Johnson, Robert Kohler, Donna 0'Rourke, Roger Pen- niston, Pat Lunda, Walter Disch, Phillip Johnson, Mr. von Klein, director: Carol Anderson, Shirley Nybroten, Marlene D'Hobbins. Middle row - Sandra Watkins, Joanne McQinnity, Judy Berget, Yvonne Olson, Jesse Gierhart, Joyce Hawley, Donna Lou Anderson, Suzanne Saalsaa, Ann Morgan, Marsha Vinger, Curtis Anderson. Bottom row - Joanne Penniston, Ruth Tollackson, Rosemary Flannery, Clarice Steiner, Colleen Bowman, Bruce Penniston, Sherman Dammen, Dale Pederson, Darlene Matley, Wilma Andrews, Emogene Johnson, Jimmy Dillon, Jerry Saalsaa. Pamcfe wgmz Back row - Carol Anderson, Joan Ostby, Lois Gavigan, Phillip Steiner, june Kristofferson, Mr. Von Klein, director. Front row - Patty McQinnity, Barbara Vinger, Joyce Sweeney, Jill Hawley, Donna Everson, Sharon Bredeson. Cynthia Gierhart, Joyce Hawley, Warren Weindmnk. Qegmnefm' gm! Back row - Nancy Johnson, Barbara Kinane, Donna Bowman, Charl- es Anderson, Betty Hendrickson, Douglas Hanson, Mr. Von Klein, director: Kasper Berget, Virginia Goepfert. Front row - Mary Zimmerman, Elton Fransen, Lavonne Johnson, Joanne Hyland, Rita Hermanson, EvonnePeterson, Janice Matley, Rita Olson, Bever- ley Atter, Russell Steiner. -25", gm' GMM 9 y - . - K . Top row ,. Darlene Matley, Wilma Andrews, Beverley Atter, Rita Olson, Donna Lou Anderson, Maxine Jacobson, Judy Berget, Clarice Steiner, Doris Bennett. Fourth row .. Shirley Nybro- ten, Betty Johnson, Emogene johnson, Yvonne Olson, Clarice Emberson, Virginia Flanneryg Evonne Peterson, Sandra Watkins, June Kristofferson, Helen Flannery. Third row - Lois Gavi- gan, Lavonne Johnson, Frances Etter, Joanne Penniston, Rita Hermanson, Ruth Garrison, Rosie Bahler, Donna Bowman, Leona Peterson, Lucy Conway. Second row ,, Rosemary Flannery, Junice Isely, Marsha Vinger, Shirley Schwartz, Joanne Hyland, Jesse Gierhart, Barbara Kinane, Ja- nice Matley, Marian Skattum, Barbara Carpenter. Bottom row .. Marjorie Carpenter, Irene Johnson, Mary Zimmerman, Ellen Kohler, Marlene D'I-lobbins, Carol Eichre, Barbara Thurston, Donna Everson, Colleen Bowman, Verna Ostby. BW' GMM Top row ,. Sylvester johnson, Jerry Saalsaa, David Everson, Robert Kohler, Dick Hawley, Sher- man Dammen, Virgil Hendrickson. Fourth row - Sanford Garrison, Jerry Nybroten, Owen Far- rell, Odell Hendrickson, Arleigh Nybroten, Albert Olson. Third Row - David Tollackson, El- ton Fransen, Peter Olson, Leo Splinter, Elton Olson, Robert Englebretson, Harold Disch. Se- cond row - Donald Eichre, jinmy Bisegger, Roger Johnson, Lavaughn Hatfield, Phillip johnson, Lloyd Lewis, Pat Lunda. Bottom row ,. Roger Saalsaa, Russell Steiner, Fred Wirtz, Roger Ny- broten, Jimmy Lewis, Jerome Phister. ' ...26..... Wand GMM Ybp row - Sanford Garrison, David-Everson, Virgil Hendrickson, Sherman Dammen, Robert Koh- ler, Jerry Saalsaa, Odell Hendrickson, Albert Olson, Donna Lou Anderson. Fourth row -Doris Bennett, Leo Splinter, Maxine Jacobson, Sylvester Johnson, Beverly Atter, Wilma Andrews Lavaughn Hatfield, Judy Berget, Donna Bowman, Elton Olson. Third row , Clarice Steiner, Jesse Gierhart, Harold Disch, Frances Etter, Sandra Watkins, Rita Hermanson, Joanne Pen- niston, Darlene Matley, Emogene Johnson, Yvonne Olson, Mr. von Klein, director. Second row - Jerome Phister, Carol Eichre, Mary Zimmerman, Robert Engebretson, David Tollackson, Lloyd Lewis, June Kristofferson, Rosie Bahler, Ruth Garrison. Bottom row - Rosemary Flan- nery, Shirley Nybroten, Marsha Vinger, Ellen Kohler, Marlene D'Hobbins, Donna Everson, Luis Gavigan, Colleen Bowman, Marian Skattum. wp!e7m Tbp row , Donna Lou Anderson, Maxine Jacobson. Middle row - June Kristofferson, Sandra Wat- kins, Joanne Penniston. Bottom row - Lois Gavigan, Colleen Bowman, Frances Etter, Marlene D'Hobbins. .. 27 .- E O Y Leo Splinter, Jerry Saalsaa, Sherman Dammen, Robert Koh- ler. T A Tbp row , Donna Lou Ander- son, Sandra Watkins. Front row - Marlene D'Hobbins, Joanne Penniston. X N T S V E L Marlene D'Hobbins, Sandra Watkins, Joanne Penniston. QUARTET ...281 V Madam Carol Eichre. Marian Skattum, Maxine Jacobson, majorette Barbara Carpenter, Lois Gavigan, ,29- M amide!! Top row ,. Coach Rhemstedt, Coach Simpson, Phillip Johnson, Fred Wirtz, John Schuetz,Bob Craig, Jim Bisegger, Jim Houle, Lavern Severson. Third row - Dale Peterson, Lloyd Lewis, Harold Disch, Jerome Phister, Arleigh Nybroten, Roger Penniston, Jim Flannery, Dave Everson, Don Meyer. Second row - Eddie Erickson, Russ Berg, Pat Lunda, Keith Penniston, Walter Disch, Melvin Flint, Virgil Hendrickson, Floyd Carpenter, Oscar Kipfer, Ronnie Larson. Front row .. Odell Hendrickson, Manager, Sherman Danmen, Donnie Lane, Russ Penniston, captain: Car- lie Penniston, Fritz Erickson, Larry Thurston, Bob Kohler, Gene Frauchiger,Dick Hawley Roger Saalsaa, assistant manager. FCDIBALL Wins Losses Belleville Blanchardville Juda New Glarus Brodhead Orfordville Brooklyn Kohler CAPTAIN '50 MOST VALUABLE PLAYER CAPTAIN 'Sl Russell Penniston Lowa C yey A Q, X if This .i A - ,. Fritz Erickson sf s M, H X s xw ix s M , N332 X W f ai, A X'-'sae QT' X Msg, 9, c,,c ,wc -se, ,. ,Y -.30-.. Donnie Lane Umm fn 74056614 131.- 8 Top row - Coach Rhemstedt, Pat Lunda, Floyd Carpenter, Ronnie Larson, Eddie Erickson, Odell Hendrickson, Manager. Bottom row - Keith Penniston, Carlie Penniston, captain: Oscar Kipfer, Dick Hawley, Fritz Erickson, captain: Larry Thurston, Roger Saalsaa, assistant manager. C0 CAPTAINS, 50, S1 Fritz Erickson Carlie Penniston iq Q? an was xfwx3i?g5Q, xQg r f ffkilvggiiiif, -- ,gf mv 'we-:-i ' .T ,fr-.., " ' .e isis. men g 4341 Qgeyi Qkemsfjiei X . -, wf L' . wx ' ei wf1W-4Q55Wfk?ff 5 Victories South Wayne Blanchardville Albany New Glarus Brodhead Belleville Hallandale Juda Orfordville ... 32 ... Basketball Defeats Monticello Shullburg Blanchardville New Glarus CAPTAIN, 51, S2 Eddie Erickson N w .Shawl 'fm N .fe Z glad Tbp row - Odell Hendrickson, Bob Kohler, Dick Hawley, Russ Berg. Oscar Kipfer. Third row - Larry Thurston, Carlie Pen- niston, Fritz Erickson, Sherman Dammen, Ronnie Larson. Second row - Harold Disch, Melvin Flint, Russ Penniston, Floyd Car- penter, Pat Lunda, Leo Splinter. Bottom row - Donnie Lane, Keith Penniston, Gene Frauchiger, Walter Disch, Eddie Erickson 'mf Jerome Phister. Tbp row - Sherman Dammen, Bob Kohler, Fritz Erickson. Middle row - Carlie Penniston, Larry Thurston. Bottom row -,Floyd Carpenter, Odell Hendrickson, Russ Penniston. U! RAH! RAH! Top row, Frances Etter, Jo- Anne Penniston, Jesse Gier- hart. Bottom row - Sandra Watkins, Dome Lou Anderson Zmmalzw Ibp row - Judy Berget, Darlene Matley, Maxine Jacobson, Ronnie Larson, Dick Hawley, Jerry Saalsaa, Sylvester Johnson, Donna Anderson, Fourth row , Joanne Hyland, Jimmie Dillon, Phillip Johnson, Jimmie Flannery, Roger Johnson, Doris Bennett, Beverley Atter. Third row - Shirley Schwartz, Elton Fransen, Jimmie Houle, Wilma Andrews, Rita Hermanson, Lavonne John- son, Donna Bowman, Jinmie Daly. Second row - Mary Zimmerman, Jerome Phister, Janice Matley, Barbara Kinane, Lois Gavigan, Rosemary Flannery, Lucy Conway, Mrs. Zielsdorf. Bottom row - Roger Saalsaa, Barbara Thurston, Verna Ostby, Jesse Gierhart, Irene Johnson, Marlene D'Hob- bins, Donald Eichre. one moz pf-Q17 Back row - Ronnie Larson, Uick nawley, Rosemary rlannery, rniiqip Jonnson, Mrs Zielsdorf, director: Sylvester Johnson. Front row - Jimmy Dillon, Maxine Jacobson, Judy Berget, Dar- lene Matley, Jerome Phister. .. 36 .- 199 Back row , Darlene Matley, Donna Lou Anderson, Dick Hawley. Second row - Jerome Phister, Judith Berget, Sandra Watkins, Maxine Jacobson. Third row - Joanne Hyland, Jimmy Dillon, Marlene D'I-Iobbins, Dale Peterson. Front row - Jessie Gierhart, Janice Matley. Simfenfl' Gcwmcil 9 Back row - Walter Disch, Judith Berget, Kenneth Severson, Derma Lou Anderson, Jerry Saalsaa, Harold Disch, Mr. Helgeson, Advisor. Front row - Marlene D'l-Iobbins, Jerome Phister, Floyd Carpenter, Darlene Matley, Sandra Watkins. JW Sophomore float Freshman float Senior float -. 38 .. junior float '50-51 Page BMA QUEEN MARION beiing crowned by Captain Russ Penniston- QUEEN MARION and her court. Left to right: Marsha Vinger, Russell Penniston, Marion Skattum, Sandra Watkins. -- -H -Q. , 4 iA 42. ea ,Q Top row - Owen Farrell, Larry Thurston, Junior Olson, Oscar Kipfer, Fritz Erickson, Russ Berg, Odell Hendrickson, Sherman Dammen, Jerry Nybroten. Fourth row - Roger Penniston, Kenny Kinane, Roger johnson, Elton Olson, Art Dunlavy, Sanford Garrison, KennySeverson, Russ Penniston, Robert Craig. Third row - Jimmy Bisegger, Robert Englebretson, jinmy Flan- nery, Arleigh Nybroten, Lavaughn Hatfield, Jinmy Daly, Lloyd Lewis, Elton Fransen, Mr. Sixp- son, instructor. Second row - Roger Nybroten, jimmy Lewis, Dean Flannery, Donnie Lane, David Tollackson, Russ Steiner, Roger Saalsaa, Donald Eichre. First row - Gene Frauchiger, Melvin Flint, Fred Wirtz, Dave Everson, Virgil Hendrickson, John Schuetz, Don Meyer, La- verne Severson, Dale Peterson. 1419 62900457 pam Ill 1 ...4" Jamie Same! Hmm JW Third and Fourth Grade Float Seventh and Eighth Grade Float First and Second Grade Float Fifth and Sixth Grade Float V.. ,,-.-xv .K-vu.- - -x43 - 1 of Golf F What do you think? Happy Birthday! Chicagoans! PePS0def1f Smile! Straight arrow! Family portrait! A good understanding! A couple of kids! 4 " 5 ' Wgei .. f f ' , e 5 ' 'X .4 45- W -we-ug... .ni Qi 1 :Sli 11 :pw X 3 -Q 13432 X 2945 -1-sf A ,K , . Xl' 'ATN 4 A -1,31 fiff-K'-Q x 1 w3?w, Q fpb , Raw: Yi gli xwmwfzgg 1 ,HQ 5- -wg 4 . , 0- N M-fa-..A.N........,... s,,, HS' . - C xx. 'iw if up . is is if-X xx M is 4 'B we ff' V S ,. i 1 S' ,:i'r,,,.-iv. wx we Xi! in H'N'. :sig 5,1 - .wel 47" wxv, A '53 ' Q9 4 .1 1, e - - . xox ,,, s ,gf 'H ,QM ' X N Nw, i I - 3.5, A A 451.5 X I S: , ark W +. Ff1-N1 W " we .. , :M .F-.-.yi-gn M lk wi 32 avi fy S4 gs x ENN mv QF Q-ff W Sw' Q3 K wx Q XXL 2 xh u 'Ks X 'sg K. pg ed X , i 1 a uf ,Q ann nn 'X yw FN gm 1 Sabi " 'Ek 4 .N KH sg.: BX ' an x 3- Q ,.W -4. . ,-nw an 3 .- R W -Sin 5 Surya" ? S 5 ONOSDCDQWQQOUHMQ-BNN Ulldl-'O-50320015031-ICIJDJI-'CD GNBUIUIOHNIOMOWOOOOCHA W 5 S580 Nawaqe ZW A.M. 12:01 Donna Lou just getting her studies "organized": 12:14 Kenny tries to demolish a brick wall with his fists. Result, one broken hand. 30 04 11 12 11 38 P.M. 12 02 12 07 12 20 12.27 12'30 0-nl-I NN !0!OlDmmNINUOUIUIUI-5-P-P-B-KONAHABCMCAHAOHAIPQIOLJIQI-In-H-H-I n-n-v-v-v-so HHOOQ-Ammo-uma.-.A-r-oowwv-com ro w 3 uuoorooouuumunun-can-suoouo3'.fggG:gSmgamgosghw uw: 15 40 4 52 5 59 Art Dunlavy rips across Breeze Terrace in the Model A. Carlie starts to think about going home. Training rules you know!! Rosie Bahler hits the sack. All's quiet. LaVaughn "feels" his way to the barn. Sherman falls out of bed. Ruth gets home: just in time for breakfast. Rosie misses the bus again. Donny Lane pleads for 'Five Minutes More"!!! Wiota pulls in. Oh happy day!!! Eleven people show up for Mixed Chorus. I Gir1's cloak room is buzzing with details of last n1ght's date. Kenny rolls in!!! First hour t in warms up with political arguments. Ho-Humm. Loggs like a long day. Bluffed through that one!! Arguments rage in Room 4. . Larry and Fritz get a dishonorable discharge from Bookkeeping Class!!! Blank stares from the Geometry Class are getting Mr. Rehmstedt down as he explains the hypotenuse of an angle. ' Several girls can be found eating their lunches. I guess they don't know that "Whea- ties at seven really help at eleven"!!! Sweet voices of the Glee Club can be heard. Hey! We just found the lost chord!!! Mr. Morgan raids the lower halls for "loiterers"!!! "Stumpy" takes over management of "Bub's"Shel1 Service. Emogene entertains. ' Carole and Sherman are gazing fondly at each other over a coke at Dovre's. Carole and Sherman are still at it. Love mmst be grand!!!!! Donna O'Rourke informs anyone who's interested that she's through with men!! Everyone stocks up on candy and gum to help ass the afternoon. Roger Saalsaa lays Romeo to a couple of Sophomore girls. The Senior girls are singing Happy Birthday to someone who isn't there!!! Mr. Arnot relates a hunting experience!!! The Latin Class envies the Conservation Class. They're having another movie. Three down, one to go!!! Russell Steiner slips the nearest girl a "Note of Love"!!! Roger DeVoe entertains the Guidance Class. Everbody wishes there would be a fire drill. Saved by the bell!!! Everyone is making excuses to get out of going to a home room. Donna relaxes with her feet on Mr. Morgan's desk. Athletic marvels begin to "Swish the mesh". Hoot leaves to feed the pheasants. Maxine struggles with the Junior twirlers. Two girls are headed for Dovre's. Their watches are fast!!! The Pep Band begins to organize for the 3:50 Pep Meeting!!! Frances begins a fifteen'page State Report for Mr. Simpson that has to All paths ead to Dovrefg. Barbara buys a coke and charges it to Kieth's account!!! Sanford and Freddie way-lay the eighth Buses are waiting for thestragglers- "Red"'Mat1ey's hair is the brightest Marian makes a trip to the post office No letter today!!! Soup's on!!! Somebody's teasing "Hickey" again!!! , Dovre's starts to fill up again. Everyone is looking for an excuse to "celebrate"!!! "Dark Town Poker Club" starts a heated game!!! Mr. Simpson surprises our smoking athletes at Dovre's!!! Fourteen people pile into Dutchies five passenger coupe. Destination unknown!!!!! Mr. Rehmstedt starts a game of "Solitaire". Bookworms are at it. Business booms in Wiota!!! "Mimi" gets another flash picture of Joanne and her "steady" in a "clinch"! There's another run on Turner Hall!!! Roger DeVoe gets his face slapped. We wonder why??!!! Some of our Colleagues are still "intermissioning"!!! Larry is trying to straighten out the Monroe road with little success. And this is where we'll end our "average day". be in by 4:00. grade girls--or is it the other way around??!! thing on Schwartz's bus. for an mail from that soldier. lo- S w State Bank of Argyle Argyle Wlsconsln Your Home Town Bank The Bank of Fnendly Servlce Member of the F D l C PURE ou. SERVICE ENJOY THE CHARM OF Compliments FUEL 'U -can Eddie Farrell Argyle Wis Argyle WTxs CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST VVISHES Class f OF 51 THE ARGYLE ATLAS Publishers Printers Office Sulmlies ARGYLE CLEANERS Sweeney Shoe and ARGYLE HBYDCSS SIWP CLOVER FARM STORE EUGENE ELMER PI'0p Congratulatxons ! Class of 51 and Gnocrmn-as SPLINTER FOODS Argyle W's For GAS OIL and POWER CLOVE-R FARM CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 Cardmal Bus Depot THE PLACE T0 EAT Sandwxches and Meals Margaret Collentme Ice Cream Pop Candy Postmaster ERNA and GEORGE Cle k DOROTHY ERICKS-ON Afgvle W S Complxments '-0 ANDERSON ELECTRIC nnmcnmc SERVICE We Service What We Cell Argyle WUs PHILLIPSON GARAGE FORD SALES AND SERVICE JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENT SALES 6: SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ., tm s . 0 , Y , '5l storm or QUALrrY MEATS , u . . ! .f- I ll L- !l r , . 2 A , i. , . -.51-. SAI-ILSAA HARDWARE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' Argyle WIS Phone I 4 Goon Foon BANJO PETE S all SWISS WHEEL Foods sneak k 0 Compliments Argyle Heatlng Service vlc WEINSCHENK Complxments Standard Oil Bulk Plant A1 Goepfe t Mg A gyl W SCHUETZE S PHILLIPS and SMITH --0 MONROE APPLIANCES STUDENT HEADQUARTERS FOR QUALITY CLOTHING M W C plment t h Complxments CLASS of 51 of the A H. S -o 0 Rourke s Dairy Bar DAN MARY J R ARNOT fre-A-gy Vmger Implement Co Comphments INTERNAIONAL TRACTORS HOME FREEZERS Loren L Thompson M D REFRIGERATORS 1-mn IICIAN al slmomon A gyl W A-I-gyl ARGYLE DRUG STORE COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT Robert Mmclermann Phm CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES' , . ! at f- D d Sea - s - Chic en o , is. Monr e, Wis. . om i s 0 t e ' , A 0 f -of- - Q 9 - " Insuran enc ARGYLE. wls. Argyle, VWS- Argyle. Wis. -of- -of- I , A r , r. 5 - 1' 6, iSC0I'1i1'1 r e, isconwsln ey WES- , . COMPLIMENTS .-.Qf-.. l Nelson Mercantile Co. Argyle Wisconsin ERICKSON'S FURNITURE and FUNERAL SERVICE Phones Home 24W S101 24R BERGET S JEWELRY GIFTS THAT LAST Phone IR A gyle Wxs ARGYLE RED FRONT IUMBER and FEED Jesse P Hanson A gyle Wxs Compliments svocrzss 'ro 'nu-: FUTURE -0 or frm: sl-:moms BLANCHARD THEATRE HANSON LGCKER PLANT Blanchardvxlle WISCODS n Phone 16 The Watsons Argyle WIS Congratulatlonsl Compliments Kenneth V I-Iendnckson -0 'mm smxvxcn INSURANCE ARGYI-E GAMBLE AGENCY STORE Argyle Pl one 40 Robert Wenger Prop BUB S SERVICE STATION Lmm COM' CEMENT ROOFING SHELL SERVICE U S TIRES ARGYLE WIS Argyle Wxs Iixrgyle Lumber Company SCI-IWARTZ SERVICE STATION C mplet L ne of MOBILE PRODUCTS Argyle W s THE COFFEE SHOP Johnson Motor Servlce Argyle W s CONGRATULATIONS SENTIOR S MASSEY HARRIS Sales Sz Service Mrs Chas Mey r Home Gav gan Argyle WISCOHS . f.. . . . i ' YT . 9 Q fi' ll ll 1 r , ' . I ' ' 7 1 ,, . 4 phone 101 Phone 923 MWRON ERICKSON r , ' . 2 ' ' l ' , i. -'f . ! - V0 9 I . . Q - 1' i - i , ' In Congratulations and Lots of Luck! Lamboley Coal :S Ice Co. Samuel F. Humbel Harris F. Germarm ARG-YLE MONROE Kubly Pamt and Wallpaper Store Mautz Paint Imperial Washable Wallpaper Phone 7 10 Monroe Badger Punt Store PAINT WALLPAPER HARDWARE Monroe W s WE HAVE SERVED GREEN COUNTY CUSTOMERS FOR ROTTLER S MonroeW1Zs OSTBY MOTORS Phone 2411 Darhngton W s DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE 'DRUCKS I-IOLLANDALE GRATIOT THE STYLE SHOP COYHPIIIHCHYS MONROE -0 Drs Bennett and Nelly Don Dresses Cunmngham Lampl Sports Wear Luxife Lingerie Phone 129 Monroe W s Compllments Comphments --0 Old Fashioned Ice Cream THE LINK STORE and Cheese Store M moe WS Monroe Wxs Congratulations l Compllments RUF S CONFECTIONERY KEMPFERT S Alxce a-nd Jnm y Fonbes Props PHARMACY MONROE WIS Monroe W5 COMPLIIVIENTS Comnhments ""0 H. Edward Johnson Garage WENDT STUBIO s'rANoA1m on. Pnonvrms General Repairing Welding Dm-hngton WIS' D '11 2121 w10ta W s f.. , i . . 1- .,-gf... o , i . , , i . ' ' iof... MANY YEARS , ' 1 ' ' m , . 9 y - . Y ' -1 i ' f.. f... ' , i . ' ' ig ' , i' . CSTBY GARAGE CHEVROLET ALLIS CHALMERS Argyle Wisconsin Phone 62 West Side Service Station Compliments WEINSCHENK S PUROL GAS a d o1Ls -0 1-'RDGIDAIRE APPLIANCES JESSE ANDERSON ZEINITH RADIOS 'rnxAco BULK sl-:Rvws Plumbing 8: Heating WELL SYSTEMS NORGE QUOTHERQM Texaco and H ohne Moto Gas Fuel O1 C B Vingel- Joe Idonj Argyle Wmcondn Phone 7 Argyle OUNGRATUI-ATIONS ROBERT H HAWLEY SENIORS DEALER IN L1vEs'rocK Compliments Your Lnestock -'O Commonwealth Telephone C0mPanY Yards Phone 72 Res Phone 70 ARGYLE WIS Argyle W's F COMPLIMENTS i'O L A ROSSING CO Argyle Wisconsin ANOTHER YEARBOOK CHURCH LITHOGRAPH INC Albeit Lea Mmnesota I . . . , , I1 f'- . n , .. A ar ' r Oil ' - i I ! Highest Cash Prices Paid for :- A , u . f.- l l ' I by . , A , , IIHHREH LIIHUBRRPN IIIE ALBERT LEA. MINNESOTA 5 .

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