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 rmsuvcb colors Published by j- cArjyle Hiajtj Argyle, Wisconsin ool To Mr. Morgan, our principal and friend, who with the most infinite patience, cheerful good humor, and sympathetic understanding, guided us through high school, and prepared us for our living and learning of tomorrow, we dedicate this annual.M ( V In memory of Mrs. Robert Wanderschied We knew her as a friend. We respected her as a teacher. We grieved when she was taken away. We honor her memory. The Senior Class Mr. Lavassor, treasurer; Mr. Hendrickson, president; Mr. Pederson, clerk. AGRICULTURE MR. SIMPSON Assistant Principal Platteville State Teachers College, B.E. Degree MUSIC MR. VON KLEIN Illinois Wesleyan and University of Wisconsin B.M. DegreeMR. REHMSTEDT Platteville State Teachers College, B.E. Degree TYPING MRS. HENDRICKSON Green County Normal University of St. Louis SCIENCES MR. ARNOT Platteville State Teachers Cbllege, B.S. Degree ENGLISH SOCIAL SCIENCES VETERAN TRAINER MR. HELGESEN Platteville State Teachers College, B.S. Degree MRS. ZIEHLSDORFF St. 01af College and University of Wisconsin B.S. Degree MR. FARRY University of Wisconsin B.S. Degree 5 —'evuov ( Class Officers Leonard Disch, President Janann Raster, Treasurer Donna Jean Johnson, Vice-president Russell Nelson, Secretary CLASS MOTTO n ourselves our future lies" CLASS COLORS Blue and Gold CLASS FLOWER Gold RoseADA MAE ANDERSON Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Student Council President 4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls’ Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Triple Trio 2,3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Forensics 1,2, 3,4; Quartet 3,4; Class President 1. Ada Mae is cute, the boys will agree. She wears a smile for no extra fee. LEONA EVERSON Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Forensics 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 3,4; Student Council 4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4: Paoer Staff 4. All great men are dying--I don t feel so well myself. LEONARD DISCH Football 1,2,3,4; Class President 4; Captain Football 4; Basketball 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Volleyball 3,4; Dramatics 3; Class Play 3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Paper Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Student Council 3,4; ‘A’’ Club 3,4; Badger Boy's State Representative 3. JOANNE EVERSON Girls’ Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,4; Color Guard 3,4: Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4. A maiden who carries with ease. The oualities which always please. This little gal is plenty sweet, An ideal girl for you to meet. r 1 A — 7 —AUDREY FLANNERY D.A.R. Award 4; Dramatics 1,2, 3,4; Girls’ Glee Club 3,4; One Act Play 4; Co-editor Paper 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3,4; Forensics 3,4; Paper Staff 3. Some may chat, and some may no t , But I chat forever t or until I m caught. True to her work, her words and her friends Many hours at study she spends. VIVIAN HAUSER Twirling 1,2; Girls’ Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2,4; Class Play 3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Color Guard 3, 4; Dramatics 1,2,3. DELORES HANSEN Girls’ Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2,3,4; Triple Trio 4; Majorette 4; Twirling 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; One Act Play 3,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Class President 3; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4. Business here, business there, Little business everywhere. What would be rarer under the sun , Than Delores without her lessons done? MARY HAWLEY Girls’ Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Triple Trio 2, 3,4; Slick Chicks 2,3,4; Prom Queen 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3,4; One Act Play 4; Paper Staff 3; Co-editor of Paper 4. — 8 —Cast away care, sing away sorrow, If I don't like today, there's always tomorrow. flil ling to work, willing to play, Ready for anything coming her way. DONNA JEAN JOHNSON Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Twirling 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Forensics 1; Class Play 4. EUGENE LANE Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Prom King 3; “A Club 3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Captain, Basketball 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Grade Coach 4; President A’ Club 4; Most Valuable Player, Basketball 3. JANANN RASTER Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 4. GLENN LEGLER Class President 1; Boys’ Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Quartet 1,2,3,4; Editor of Annual 4; Co-editor of Paper 4; Forensics 2,3,4; Dramatics 1,2; One Act Play 2; Paper Staff 3; Projector Club 4; Class Play 4. The harder I try, the " gooder" to be. The worser'' I am, as you all can see. Speaker, writer, genius too. Is there anything this boy can't do? — 9 —JOHN MINDERMANN i « $0 My words aren't few, my words aren't wise. But I have more fun than you other guys. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Paper Staff 4; Co-editor of Annual 4; 4 A ' Club 3.4; Track 3,4; Grade Coach 4; Base-ba 1 1 2; Projector Club 4; Volleyball 3,4; Most Valuable Player, Football 4. It's nice to be natural. When you’re naturally nice. JOYCE NYBROTEN Girls’ Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Triple Trio 4; Class Play 3; Dramatics 1,2; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4. RUSSELL NELSON Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3.4; “A" Club 3.4; Quartet 1,2,3,4; Boys’ Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Volleyball 3.4; Baseball 2; Student Counc i i 4. Loves sports and loves to sing, Someday he’ll be another Bing. Charming and sweet, And ever so neat. MARILYN NYBROTEN Girls’ Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Triple Trio 2,3,4; Slick Chicks 3,4; Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2,3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3,4; Class President 3; Student Council 4. IOBEVERLEY OLSON Happy go lucky and carefree. Always smiling she will be. Girls' Chorus 1,2; Class Play 3,4; One Act Play 3; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Dramatics 1,2,3. My motto never brought me sorrow, ''Never do today, what you can put off till tomorrow . CHARLES PUTNAM Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; 'A'' Club 3,4; Paper Staff 4; Student Council 4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 3; President of F.F.A. 4; Class Play 4. She's a gal with pretty eyes. She gets good marks because she trys. HELEN PETERSON Girls' Chorus 1,3,4; Twirling 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2,3,4; One Act Play 3,4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3,4. To get to school, I am the las t, Oh, why do mornings come so fast!!! HENRY SCHWARTZ Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2, 3,4; Class Play 3; Paper Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Volleyball 3,4; ‘‘A’ Club 4; Student Council 2.4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2,3; Track 3; Class President 1; Dramatics 2,3. CHARLENE SEVERSON Twirling 1; Junior Band 3; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2; Dramatics 1,2. When Char goes by, the boys all aigh, '0h why, oh why, is Char so shy? RALPH WILHELMSON Class Play 3; Boys’ Chorus 1,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Assistant Student Manager 3; Student Manager 4; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; ’A’ ’ Club 4. His li 1 old Ford is his pride and joy, If it s a chauffeur you want, Ralph is your boy. 12Janann Mary John Donna Jean Delores Joanne Junior Leona Joyce Marilyn 7 On September 3, 1946, twenty-nine 4‘mamas’ little darlings’ entered the Traveling Ford to start the longest trip of our lives. Just think, we were to be gone four whole years. I can still hear mothers’ last warnings of ‘‘Be careful and ‘‘Please be good little angels . I must admit the first miles were a bit rough for this was the part called the Freshman year. We had to prepare a float for the Fall Festival, which we named ‘‘Harvest , and go through the initiation process of green bows and grease paint. The year ended, however, and found us all surviving and our car well broken in to the ups and downs, bumps and bruises of high school life. The second lap was called Sophomore year. The passengers of our Ford stepped on the gas and really went to work. We made another float called ‘‘We Take The Cake’ , and report cards came out again. Old-timers, as we were now, we viewed all the A’s with pure happiness. A bit of variety was introduced when the fairer sex of the class were called upon to serve at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet, and then another year was over. Ah! We have reached the most interesting part of our journey. Let’s stop the little Ford at the Argyle Athletic Field, to see seven of our classmates fight furiously to help the football team through an undefeated season. After a glorious victory like this we just had to make a success of every attempt. We made a float for the Festival, gave it the motto of ‘‘Argyle Will Bee Queen’ and won first prize on it. On January 6th and 7th of 1949 we presented a three act comedy play, ‘‘The Red Headed Step-Child’ , which copped all dramatic awards. It was given before a ‘‘packed’’ auditorium on two nights and the total ticket receipts were the largest in the history of A. H. S. Gee! It imist be time to eat. We parked the ‘‘roadster long enough to plan a Junior banquet, with the Seniors, faculty, and school board members as our guests. The hall was decorated in maroon and white, and the theme ‘‘The Forty Niners was carried out. That was certainly a delicious meal, and after such a feast we needed exercise. In order to get this we started planning for our Junior Prom. The theme, ‘ ‘Underneath the Arches , formed a beautiful setting for the music of Eddy Lawrence and his orchestra, as Eugene Lane crowned Mary Hawley as his queen. Brother! After a busy year our car needed a few repairs and a complete rest for three months according to doctor’s orders. So we all got out, stretched, and decided to soak up some of the good summer sun before we started the last lap of journey. First of all, perhaps, we should check and see if we have lost anything in the three years of travel. Oh, yes! We have. .'Ford Travelogue" Two classmates, Carol Winn and Kenneth Johnson left us the first year. The second year we gained Richard Broge and Helen Peterson, but we lost Richard Hoffmann, Elizabeth Giese, Peter Skaalen, and Bertha Bruhlmann. The third year we gained Beverley Johnson, and Henry Schwartz, but lost Richard Broge and Marianne Olson. Lillian Larson and Rosalyn Anderegg and Beverley Johnson did not continue with us after the summer was over, either. Everyone take a deep breath, get ready, get set, and start moving along the far-from-smooth Senior year. We made a float, named it ‘‘Queen of the Universe’ , and settled down to our book work and studies. We edited a paper, put out an annual, gave a Christmas program for the first four grades, and a thousand other things. These were no small jobs, either, in our ‘‘battlin’ buggy’ . Take a look at our passengers now, who number twenty-two, and see how travel-wise they have become. The reason for this was excelled activity in dramatics, forensics, music, sports, and especially, in studies. We will all remember these, but little things like bus rides to and from basketball and football games, trips to other towns for dramatic and forensic contests, and music festivals, bake sales to earn money, little heart to heart talks with Mr. Morgan, and the thrill of cheering for OUR school will really be the things we’ll remember. With a feeling of satisfaction we stopped our Ford, at last, in front of the Argyle High School and released the remaining travelers to get their award for sticking out their journey. The gift was a nice, be-ribboned diploma. Now I’ll give you the parts of our Ford and then you’ll see why the journey was so happy and successful. Starter, that which made us go; our parents. Steering Wheel, that which guided our progress; Mr. Morgan. Brakes, that which limited our speed; faculty. Horn, that which made noise; study halls. Accelerator, that which gave us pep; Ada Mae. Headlights, those who looked ahead; Donna Jean and Beverley. Engine, that which was the chief trouble; Russe 11. Radiator, those who kept things moving; Ralph and Charles. Muffler, that which is quiet; Charlene. Back-seat Drivers, those who are generally busy; Mary and Hank. Shift, that which was necessary; Glenn. Tires, those who went places; Joanne and Vivian. Spare Tire, that which was handy; Johnny. Wheel Base, that which was strong; '‘Bozo’’. Paint, those who were attractive, Marilyn and Joyce. Gas, those who exploded easily; Janann and Delores. Trunk, those who carried our burdens; Leonard and Audrey. Tail Light, that which got red; Leona. License, that which was small but important; Helen. Now you can see why Fords are out front!!!!!CUs Will We, the Class of Fifty, of Argyle High School, City of Argyle, State of Wisconsin, and of the U.S.A. , being sound of body and doubtfully of mind, do hereby declare this to be our last Will and Testament. As a class, we will our good-time expenses, and miscellaneous debts, to be paid the moment after we receive our diplomas, to all the millionaire Juniors. To the Sophomores, we will our literary skills displayed in our paper and annual. The Freshmen can have our intelligent minds that got us into so many jams. I, Ada Mae Anderson, will my interest in squirrel skeletons and hearts to Freddie Wirtz. Just don't wear your heart on your sleeve. I, Leonard Disch, will my ability to argue for the Republicans to Fritz Erickson. Be courageous. Fritz, and you’ll come out on top--somet ime!! I, Joanne Everson, will my cheery disposition to the rest of the poor souls in Argyle High. I, Leona Everson, will my rolls of adhesive tape to any lucky girl that gets someone's class ring. I, Audrey Flannery, will my ability to get and keep friends to erring Freshmen. I, Vivian Houser, will my beautiful eighteenth century hairdos to June Kristof-ferson. Try a Toni. I, Mary Hawley, will my ability to have a finger in every pie to Jimmy Dillon. Looks like Jim has a good start. I, Janann Kaster, will my ability to handle money to Dick Hawley. I, Donna Jean Johnson, will my comfortable chair in the office to anyone who likes ease. ( iit strangling me, Mr. Morgan. I, Gene Lane, will that twinkle in my eyes to Emogene Johnson--not that she needs any more! ! ! I, Glenn Legler, will all my little books of reference to Donny Lane. Just sleep on them, Donny. I, John Mindermann, will my ability to be '‘Bugs Bunny’’ to anyone buggsey enough to take it. I, Russell Nelson, will my double-jointedness to the future Freshman cheerleader. Guarantees wonders. I, Marilyn Nyhroten, will my title as ‘‘Girl with the sweetest face’’ to Shirley Nybroten, who is my rightful successor. I, Joyce Nybroten, will my beautiful blush to Sandra Watkins--if she can use any more. I, Beverly Olson, will my ability to cut hair to anyone who likes bangs. Step right up, folks. I, Helen Peterson, will my ability to change the color of my eyes to Marlene D’ Hobbins. Change them to go with different outfits, Marlene. I, Charles Putnam, will my ability to tease the girls to Kenny Robertson. Girls love it, Kenny. I, Hank Schwartz, will my hand-drawn pinup girls to Sylvester Johnson. I, Charlene Severson, will my ability to spell down the rest of the imbeciles to needy underclassmen. I, Ralph Wilhelmson, will my cheerful ‘‘Good morning, goils’ to Roger Saalsaa. It pays off, Roger. I, Delores Hansen, will to anyone who has a cold, my wintergreen smelling handkerchief. — 15 —Standing: Mary Hawley chairman literary committee; Delores Hansen, chairman photography committee; Leonard Disch, chairman advertising committee; Henry Schwartz, chairman assembling committee; Charles Putnam, chairman sales committee; Mr. Simpson, adviser. Seated: John Mindermann, assistant editor; Glenn Legler, editor; Helen Peterson, secretary treasurer. (Pr ff Back Row: Russell Nelson, Leonard Disch, Eugene Lane, Robert Kohler, Ralph Wilhelmson. Second Row: Mrs. Wanderscheid, adviser; Beverly Olson, Joyce Nybroten, Charlene Severson, Vivian Hauser, Charles Putnam, Leona Everson, Janann Raster, Rosemary Flannery, Ada Mae Anderson, Delores Hansen; Mrs. Hendrickson, typing director. Front Row: Donna Johnson, Marilyn Nybroten, Joanne Everson; Audrey Flannery, co-editor; Glenn Legler, co-editor; Mary Hawley, co-editor; Helen Peterson, James Dillon, John Mindermann, Henry Schwartz. 16 —— i7 — Back Row: Odell Hendrickson, Donna Lou Anderson, Jerry Saalsaa. Robert Kohler, Sherman Dammen, Charles Penniston, Albert Olson. Third Row: Clarice Emberson, Darlene Mat ley, Floyd Carpenter, Sylvester Johnson, Fritz Erickson, Sanford Garrison, Roger Devoe. Second Row: Betty Johnson, LaVaughn Hatfield, Doris Benett, Russell Penniston, Kenneth Severson, Rosie Bahler, Jerry Nybroten. First Row: Class adviser, Mr. Arnot; Marian Skattum, Colleen Bowman, Frances Etter, Emogene Johnson, Verna Ostby, Donna O’Rourke. Back Row: Robert Kohler, Efarlene Matley, Floyd Carpenter, Clarice Emberson, Jerry Saal- saa, Donna Lou Anderson, Sanford Garrison, Verna Ostby. Front Row: Donna O’Rourke, Frances Etter, Marian Skattum, Ruth Tollackson, Emogene Johnson. — 18 —Top Row: Kenneth Kinane, Peter Olson, Owen Farrell, Russell Berg, Oscar Kipfer, Arthur Dunlavy, Pat Lunda. Third Row: Elton Olson, Arleigh Nybroten, Wilma Andrews, Clarice Steiner, Leo Splinter, Donnie Lane, Virginia Flannery. Second Row: Barbara Carpenter, Rosemary Flannery, Lucy Conway, Joanne Penniston, Marsha Vinger, Lloyd Lewis. Front Row: Roger Saalsaa, Keith Penniston, Marlene D’Hobbins, Robert Englebretson, Juni ce Isely, Ellen Kohler, Dean Flannery; class adviser, Mrs. Wanderscheid. Top Row: Class adviser, Mr. Helgesen; Edner Severson, Ronnie Larson, Dick Hawley, Virgil Hendrickson, David Everson, Sandra Watkins. Second Row: Margaret Wells, Ruth Garrison, June Kristofferson, Donald Meyer, Helen Flannery, John Schuetx, James Dillon, Walter Disch. Front Row: Dale Peterson, Fred Wirtz, Florence Goecks, Shirley Nybroten, Edmund Erickson. — 19 —lA c 20 -- 21Pack Row: Elton Olson, Ronnie Larson, Sherman Dammen, Virgil Hendrickson, Russell Berg, Oscar Kipfer, Pat Lunda, Lloyd Lewis, Fred Wirtz; assistant coach, Mr. Simpson. Second Row: Coach, Mr. Rehmstedt; Donald Meyers, Donnie Lane, Henry Schwartz, Floyd Carpenter, Dick Hawley, David Everson, Walter Disch, Edmund Erickson, Roger Saalsaa. First Row: Russell Penniston, Russell Nelson, Fritz Erickson; captain, Leonard Disch; Eugene Lane, John Mindermann, Charles Putnam, Charles Penniston. The Argyle High School football team, with Leonard Disch as captain opened their season by meeting South Wayne, the first visiting team to see action on the newly completed athletic field. The game was a thriller but when the final whistle blew, Argyle had gotten off to a great start with an impressive 26-19 win. The Homecoming game with Kohler was hard fought but they proved too powerful as they rang up a 25-13 victory over the Orioles Orfordville, the team which fell to Argyle by the top heavy score of the 1948 season marched off with an 18-13 victory, the hardest fought game of their season before winning the league championship. Probably the most memorable game of the season was played at Brodhead where raincoats and umbrellas were absolute necessities to the spectators as they watched Argyle ‘WADE’ to a 46-24 victory. Even though our boys didn’t win every game, we still feel that they did a wonderful job and always made the impression of a well coached team. John Mindermann with 78 points was high scorer for the season and was alio voted •‘The Most Valuable Player’ by his teammates. The ardent fans enjoyed every game and could always rise proudly to sing with our five peppy cheerleaders, ‘‘Fight On For Argyle High’’. Leonard Disch Captain John Mindermann Most Valuable Russell Penniston Captain 50 22■ ■■■■MU GAME ARGYLE OPPONENT Vlt 4 CVS Wo' - 4 0- 2, South Wayne Kohler .... Orfordvi 1 le New Glarus Brodhead .. Brooklyn .. 26 19 13 25 13 18 47 6 46 24 58 28 Top Row: Coach Rehmstedt; Russell Penniston, Charles Penniston, Russell Nelson, Leonard Disch; captain, Eugene Lane; Dick Hawley, Fritz Erickson, Floyd Carpenter, Charles Putnam. Front Row: Assistant manager, Odell Hendrickson; Henry Schwartz, Donnie Lane, John Mindermann; manager, Ralph Wilhelmson. The basketball team of Argyle High School with Eugene Lane as captain finished the season with a record of fourteen wins and six losses to gain a tie for third place in the State Line League. The highlights of the season were the thrilling game with Brodhead in which Brodhead managed to ' eek ’ out a 33-32 victory, the impressive 38-34 victory against Shullsburg, champions of the Blackhawk League, and the final game of the season at Juda in which the team played sixteen minutes of absolutely perfect basketball. Captain Lane was high scorer for the Argyle Cagers with a total of 184 points in the State Line League. Argyle entered the New Glarus District Tournament and defeated Blanchard-ville 52-30. The following night they met Monticello and really gave the champs a great battle. The halftime score stood 26-20 in favor of the Orioles, but three quick baskets at the opening of the second half tied the score, and it remained nip and. tuck until the final seconds when Monticello acquired a four point lead and won the game 43-39. 'With this hard fought contest the Orioles closed the season and the Seniors completed their high school basketball career. The final game, even though we didn’t come out on top justified the cheer, ‘We’ve Got a Team, and We’re Going to Shout It , led by Ada Mae Anderson completing four wonderful years as an A. H. S. cheerleader. The team always kept alive the fighting spirit and neither the coach or the team ever felt that any game was sure victory or sure defeat until the final whistle sounded. Their attitude, ‘The best playing team always wins’ along with the high record they maintained made us very proud of Mr. Rehmstedt and his ‘‘Fighting Orioles’ . — 24 — Eugene Lane Captain of 50 Fritz Erickson and Charles Penniston Co-captains of 50 and 51iV v - 14 - 6 GAMES ARGYLE OPPONENT South Wayne 26 New Glarus 36 Blanchardville .. , ... 36 16 Monticello 32 Albany 32 New Glarus 29 Brodhead 33 Hollandale ... 54 33 Shullsburg 34 Monticello 53 Brook 1 yn 24 Belleville 28 Juda 27 Hollandale ...48 37 Blanchardvilie .. ...57 35 Orfordville 28 Shullsburg ...38 34 Juda 32 TOURNAMENT Blanchardvilie .. ...52 30 Monticello 43 — 25 —Back Row: Robert Kohler, Leonard Disch, Eugene Lane, Russell Berg, Dick Hawley. Second Row: Oscar Kipfer, Floyd Carpenter, Russell Nelson, Ralph Wilhelmson, Fritz Erickson, Sherman Dammen. Front Row: Donnie Lane, Henry Schwartz, Russell Penniston, Charles Penniston, Charles Putnam, John Mindermann, Patty Lunda Back Row: Russell Nelson, Eugene Lane, Leonard Disch, Ralph Wilhelmson. Front Row: Henry Schwartz, Charles Putnam, John Mindermann. — 26 —Joanne Penniston, Sandra Watkins, Donna Lou Anderson, Frances Etter, Ada Mae Anderson. '‘Everyone up front for a pep meeting. — 2? —Back Row: Joanne Everson, Sylvester Johnson, Bruce Penniston, Dale Peterson, Robert Kohler, LaVaughn Hatfield, Patty Lunda, Leona Everson, Donna O’Rourke, Vivian Hauser; director, Mr. Von Klein. Second Row; Ada Anderson, Mary Hawley, Sandra Watkins, Joanne McGinnity, Judith Berget, Yvonne Olson, Jessie Gierhart, Donna Anderson, Suzanne Saalsaa, Ann Morgan, Philip Johnson, Shirley Nybroten, Marlene D’Hobbins, Marilyn Nybroten. First Row: Leonard Disch, Joanne Penniston, Clarice Steiner, Rosemary Flannery, Colleen Bowman, Sherman Bamrnen, Curtis Anderson, Darlene Matley, Wilma Andrews, Jerry Saalsaa, Emogene Johnson, James Dillon. Back Row: Director, Mr. Von Klein; Bruce Penniston, Philip Steiner, Sylvester Johnson, Robert Kohler, Roger Penniston, Dale Peterson, Lois Gavigan. Second Row: Leonard Penniston, Warren Weinschenk, Dick Johnson, Joyce Hawley Gierhart, Judith Berget, Joanne McGinnity, Ann Morgan, Suzanne Saalsaa, Peter Olson Johnson, Shirley Nybroten, Carol Anderson, Richard O’Rourke. Front Row: Patricia McGinnity, Gene Wheeler, Barbara Vinger, Joyce Sweeney Bowman Rosemary Flannery, Clarice Steiner, Wilma Andrews, Donna Everson, Joan Marsha Vinger, Curtis Anderson. Jessie Phi lip Coleen Ostby, — 28 —Top Row: Donna Johnson, Leona Everson, Clarice Steiner, June Kristofferson, Wilma And- rews, Donna Anderson, Doris Bennett, Audrey Flannery, Sandra Watkins, Delores Hansen, Rosie Bahler. Third Row: Mary Hawley, Helen Flannery, Yvonne Olson, Darlene Matley, Joanne Penniston, Frances Etter, Ada Anderson, Margaret Wells, Ruth Garrison, Emogene Johnson, Rosemary Flannery. Second Row: Ellen Kohler, Marlene D’Hobbins, Marsha Vinger, Barbara Carpenter, Marilyn Nybroten, Florence Goecks, Joanne Everson, Junice Isely, Donna Everson, Verna Ostby, Charlene Severson. Front Row: Carol Eicher, Marian Skattum, Donna O’Rourke, Janann Raster, Vivian Hauser, Colleen Bowman, Shirley Nybroten, Joyce Nybroten, Helen Peterson. Tr-'Uc Q'f Top Row: Donna Anderson, Delores Hansen. Second Row: Ada Anderson, Sandra Watkins, Joanne Penniston. Front Row: Joyce Nybroten, Marilyn Nybroten, Mary Hawley, Marlene D’Hobbins. — 29 —Top Row: Charles Putman, David Everson, Sylvester Johnson, Sherman Dammen, Russell Nelson, Robert Kohler, Sanford Garrison, Odell Hendrickson, Jerry Saalsaa, Glenn Legler. Third Row: Joanne Penniston, Ada Anderson, Delores Hansen, June Kristofferson, Donna Anderson, LaVaughn Hatfield, Wi lma Andrews, Clarice Steiner, Leo Splinter, James Dillon; director, Mr. Von Klein. Second Row: Colleen Bowman, Rosemary Flannery, Mary Hawley, Leona Everson, Frances Etter, Sandra Watkins, Darlene Matley, Yvonne Olson, Ruth Garrison, Margaret Wells, Lloyd Lewis. Front Row: Joanne Everson, Vivian Hauser, Ellen Kohler, Janann Raster, Marlene D’Hobbins, Emogene Johnson, Marsha Vinger, Marilyn Nybroten, Joyce Nybroten, Shirley Nybroten, Florence Goecks. 3y ' Top Row: Ralph Wilhelmson, Jerry Saalsaa, Russell Nelson, Robert Kohler, Odell Hendrickson. Second Row: LaVaughn Hatfield, Charles Putnam, Sanford Garrison, Sherman Dammen, Virgil Hendrickson, Sylvester Johnson. First Row: Kenny Robertson, James Dillon, Glenn Legler, David Everson, Leo Splinter, Roger Saalsaa, Lloyd Lewis. — 30 — Marlene D’Hobbins Sandra Watkins Joanne Penniston r. r. CCVi OV|C5 Russe11 Nelson Ada Mae Anderson Donna Lou Anderson G1enn Leg 1e r (Stiyl Mary Hawley Marlene D’Hobbins Marilyn Nybroten — 3i —Marion Skattum; drum majorette, Delores Hansen; Helen Peterson, Barbara Carpenter. — 32 —(Pl y The one act play, ''The Bond Between’', was prepared for the dramatic contest between schools. It was presented several times locally, then at Hollandale where Argyle competed with B1anchardvi11e, Or-fordville and Hollandale. After receiving an '‘A’ rating there, the cast went to Platteville and won there, also. The next contest was at Whitewater where they competed with much larger schools. The rating given there was a ''B'', of which everyone was justly proud. The cast included four senior girls in these parts. Audrey Tannery as Mrs. Hale-don; Delores Hansen as Mrs. Carson; Mary Hawley as Miss Brigg; Helen Peterson as Joan Haledon. Prompting and management was taken care of by Ada Mae Anderson, and the play was under the direction of the late Mrs. Robert Wanderschied. The experience gained was undoubtedly good but the odd little back-stage happenings and heart-warming incidents through the play’s run really made the ''Bond Between'' memorable to our future Sarah Bernhardts. John Mindermann and Glenn Legler. 33 —orevi$ic$ Back Row: Sandra Watkins, Glenn Legler, Ronnie Larson, Dick Hawley, Donna Lou Anderson, Audrey Flannery, Ada Mae Anderson. Second Row: Joanne Penniston, James Dillon, Delores Hansen, Darlene Matley, Mary Hawley, Florence Goecks. Front Row: Dale Pederson, Helen Pederson, Marlene D’Hobbins, Janann Raster, Marilyn Nybroten; director, Mr. Helgesen. Vi VlCll Back Row: Robert Kohler, Leonard Disch, Peter Olson. Second Row: Leona Everson, James Dillon, Charles Putnam, Marilyn Nybroten, Verna Ostby, Henry Schwartz, Walter Disch. Front Row: Principal, Mr Morgan; Rosemary Flannery; president, Ada Mae Anderson; Donna Lou Anderson, Russell Nelson; adviser, Mr. Helgesen. — 34 — £. £. 74. Top Row: Russell Penniston, Fritz Erickson, Russell Berg, Eugene Lane, Odell Hendrickson, Owen Farrell, Ralph Wilhelmson, Virgil Hendrickson. Third Row: Charles Putnam, Sanford Garrison, Oscar Kipfer, Albert Olson, Sherman Dainnen, David Everson, Fdner Severson, Kenneth Kinane. Second Row: Jerry Nybroten, Arleigh Nybroten, Henry Schwartz, Arthur Dunlavy, LaVaughn Hatfield, John Schuetz, Kenneth Severson, Donald Meyer. Front Row: Dale Peterson, Roger Saalsaa, Fred Wirtz, Donnie Lane, Elton Olson, Lloyd Lewis, Robert Englebretson, Dean Flannery; adviser, Mr. Simpson. — 35 —Back Row: Mr. Lufi, Mrs. Pederson. Front Row: Mrs. Zweifel, Mrs. Penniston. — 36 - Puddin Head Selfish GianttT(vs - lx ( Top Row: Teacher, Mrs. Penniston; Russell Qjinn, Ruth Holverson, Harlow Ostby, Jimny McGinnity, Ronnie Krebs, Jerry Hendrickson, Martin Robertson. Third Row: Ralph Petersen, Diane Myers, Donnie Paul, Mike Simpson, Russell Sweeney, Jerry Flannery, Gordon Hale. Second Row: Lorraine Vinger, Rosalind Rossing, Karen Robertson, Howard Johnson, Van Steiner, Ronnie Anderson, Karyn Goecks, Marian Johnson. First Row: Sandra Walters, Dennis Dillon, Lynn Kammerud, Sharon Soper, Joe Kessler, Dick Zentner. Top Row: Teacher, Mrs. Zweifel; David Penniston, Donald Marty, Gary Soper, Joe Andrews, Garold Penniston, Mike Wheeler, Rolyn Hermanson. Second Row: Arthur Stauffacher, Alice Hurd, Patricia McGinnity, Dean Saalsaa, Betty Quinn, Diane Pederson, Larry Anderson. First Row: Judith Flannery, Sue Ann Blesch, Mary Andrews, Mike Morgan, Billy Goepfert, Beverley Zentner, Patsy Coffey. - 37 —lx r ‘ 4 f) Pet'ersCTT CaroV Ande'rson! CUrtiS AndCrS°n’ °avid Hawle ’ Bil1 Joyce Hawley, Nor.a Third Row: Douglas Hanson, Gene Wheeler, Barbara Vinger, Charles Anderson, Nancy Johnson Sharon Bredeson, Ruth Hermanson. . Second Row: Virginia Goepfert, Cynthia Gierhart, Bruce Peterson, Patsy O’Rourke Eben Robertson, Junior Berget, Douglas Watson; teacher, Mrs. Pederson. Front Row: Barbara Peterson, Warren Weinschenk, Robert Erickson, Leonard Penniston Merlin Johnson. Top Row- Judith Berget Philip Steiner David Kossing, Joann McGinnity, Roger Penniston, Friilip Johnson, Raymond Moen. Third Row: Ann Morgan, Jesse Gierhart, Fannie Andrews, Rita Hermanson, Frances Ostby Joyce Sweeney, Suzanne Saalsaa, Helen Legler. Second Row: Marjorie Carpenter, Joan Ostby, Richard Hermanson, Betty Hendrickson John Meyer, Carol Dover, Beverly Staffaucher; teacher, Mr. Lufi. Front Row: Richard O’Rourke, Roger Bright, Irene Johnson, Lois Gavigan, Dick Johnson, Bobby Sweeney, Peggy Foesch, Bruce Penniston. - 38 - a tor € S i71 '57' 7=2 °xV s%$s a — 40 —— 41 —a ssss Ten years have passed since 1950 graduation. We have made good use of our education, and have earned enough money to charter the biggest and best plane available, to take a cross country jaunt to see what our former classmates are doing. Our first stop is at Madison, Wisconsin. After an hours search for the best restaurant in town we decide to venture into the ‘‘Brown Derby where we are greeted by a most charming hostess, Beverly Olson. Of course she gives us the best table available. Just then we hear the most beautiful singing, and immediately recog-ize it as the voice of Mary Hawley. After a very enjoyable visit we leave for Milwaukee. Here we find Joanne Everson as manager of Arthur Murray’s instruction school for ballet dancers, with Vivian Hauser as her most successful student. While in Milwaukee we read in the newspaper that two graduates of Argyle High School are gaining fame in Washington D. C. These could be none other than Donna Jean Johnson, as private secretary to the president, and Russell Nelson, who has just discovered the necessary clues to capture the worst criminal in the history of the F. B. I. Since they were good friends of ours, we stopped off and visited them also. Our next stop is at Holy Cross, in Worchester, Massachusetts, where the basketball coach, Eugene Lane is saying, ‘‘Sure we think we’re the best in the nation, and we’ll continue to think so until somebody beats us . We always knew that ‘‘Bozo’ would make a success in the athletic field. He informed us that the most popular magazine on the campus is ‘‘Time and A Half . After looking it over we discover that John Mindermann is the manager of the art department and that the circulation has doubled due to the artistic covers which he furnishes. We went to visit John, and while in New York we met Glenn Legler who was in the city enjoying a two week vacation after winning national fame for his article on ‘‘How to Study Chemistry . I think he could have written an article on ‘How to Know Chemistry Without Having to Study It . We find that the headlines in the New York Times center around the construction of the bridge to Europe where Leonard Disch, as chief engineer, is still arguing with President Truman as to the funds for the project. Oh yes! Leonard is still a loyal Democrat??????? I guess we have spent enough time on the East coast so we board our plane for our next destination which is Madelia, Minnesota. Here we find that the Mayo Brothers Clinic has found considerable competition since the establishment of the 'Argylian Clinic , with Dr. A. M. Anderson as chief bacteriologist, Helen Peterson as X-ray technician, and Janann Raster as general supervising nurse. We always knew that Ada Mae had a warm spot in her heart for her native state. The clinic is rushed with anxious customers from all over the nation, so we wish the girls the best of luck, and leave for the beautiful Pacific Coast States. In Seattle, Washington we find Audrey Flannery teaching American History in a small high school. We always knew that was her highest ambition. Since she has a one week vacation at this time we invite her to join us on our trip to Hollywood, California where we find Marilyn Nybroten as the most popular actress of the time. She finds it impossible to keep up with her fan mail and interviews, so she has Delores Hansen employed as her private secretary and spokesman. While visiting with the girls one evening we happened to hear a very interesting radio broadcast from Texas. Being completely thrilled at hearing the program we decided we would just have to see it so we left early the next morning. Landing in Del Rio we find Chuckie Putnam as the announcer for an all night program sponsored by ‘‘Vicks ’ cough drops. He says his most valuable experience dates back to high school days, and all the rides to and from the basketball games. As an audience we still love his technique as an announcer and realize that he will never have any trouble finding a job. He invites us to attend the program on the following day when Henry Schwartz and his agriculture students from a nearby town will be interviewed on the topic, ‘‘Dating Manners’ . After this very interesting program we bid farewell to the Lone Star State, and make reservations to spend the next few days in Georgia. After such a long journey we really need a shampoo so we made an appointment at ''Alure Beauty Shop , where Joyce Nybroten has really made a name for herself. While in the south we are interviewed by Charlene Severson who is working as a newspaper reporter for the New York Times. Her fascinating work takes her all over United States and Europe. Now that our vacation is almost over we turn our plane northward. After a seemingly short journey we land our ‘‘Air Roadster’ at the newly completed air field in Yellowstone, Wisconsin. We spend a time discussing the advantages of ‘‘Country School Teaching with Leona Everson who is now employed at the Everson School. She says she loves her work, but since it is time for the next class to proceed we deport with the impression, ‘‘Those are the happy days’ . The neighboring farm has the best appearance and crops that we have seen since we left the Badger State over a month ago. Of course, we know that the proprietor is Ralph Wilhelmson, who learned the technique of successful farming during his four years as an F. F. A. member at Argyle High School. After this cross country jaunt, we can truthfully report to the faculty at A. H. S. that their attempts to make our class successful have really paid off. As a token of our appreciation we present to them a ''Certificate of Recognition, to the most wonderful teachers in the world , with the carefully inscribed signature of ‘‘The Class of the Half Century . %' 12:01 - Delores just getting a good start on her studies. 2:45 - Glenn’s mother turns out his light. He was reading '‘Forever Susie''. 5:30 - Chuck Putnam turns in, hoping to catch two minutes and forty winks before the first breakfast call. 7:10 - ''Eb ' is stoking the furnace and opening the portals of learning for the eager early birds. 8:30 - The seniors have a class meeting and no one shows up. 9:45 - Lloyd Lewis copies his last Algebra problem; and wrong, too. 10:12 - 4'Now fold the newspaper this way, girls, and hit ’em in the cranium.'' Mr. Morgan tells his Guidance Girls. 10:42 - Mr. Arnot says that ''Physics is a study of matter and energy''. ‘‘I don't know what the ‘matter is, but it sure takes a lot of 'energy' to figure out these problems,' wails Henry. 11:45 - Mr. Von Klein pleads with his ‘‘coffee clatching ' chorus to 'keep it down to a roar''. 12:00 - Crash! Bang! and the bell rings. Casualties please report extent of injuries incurred. 12:45 - A.H.S. students stop at Dovre's for ammunition to pass away the afternoon. 1:02 - Mr. Helgesen and his ''physical ' year open class only to be interrupted with Leonard’s ''I disagree . 2:30 - Russell is up on a chair looking for his typing book and pleading, ‘‘Oh, teacher, please don't give us a test today,' as Mrs. Hendrickson holds her head. 2:55 - Dick Hawley unfolds his legs long enough to ask the closest or prettiest girl if he can take her home u£b»J’ tonight!! 3:16 - The fragrant aroma of popcorn floats up the stairs. The Ag. boys are at it again. 3:45 - Sixth hour typing class trying to type to the beat of Mr. Von Klein’s foot as he rehearses with the ' SIick Chicks’ on the next floor. 3:59 - Students lay small bets on who can get out of the building first. 4:15 - Mr. Rhemstedt is still accusing the girls of talking to the Ag. boys, just to get popcorn without paying for it. ‘‘Why, Mr. Rhemstedt, you know that we just love to talk, and that’s all!'' 4:45 - Mrs. Ziehlsdorff and one of her play casts are still rehearsing. 5:50 - Janann makes her last trip to the post office for fan mail. 7: 13 - ''I haven’t a thing to do, tonight,’’ Mary wails, and Mrs. Hawley faints from the surprise. 7:48 - Leonard and a ‘‘bunch of kids'' start for Monroe and the movie. ‘‘Esther Williams, here I come!! ' 8:45 - Ada Mae gets her eleventh call to go stepping, and finally accepts. 9:45 - ‘‘Bozo’ just leaves Dovers saying, ‘I have to be in bed by ten and I still have my schoolwork to do. 10:37 - Vivian and Joanne decide to have a bit to eat at the coffee shop after a wild butterfly at Phi 11ipson’s. 11:23 - John takes Marsha out Lamont way. My, how two people can sit so-o-o-o close!!! 11:59%- Each little innocent Senior is safely tucked in bed, each with an angelic smile, and each with devilish little thoughts going around for plans of tomorrow. — 44 —•‘Chief Big Fred! At ease!! ‘Puppy love’ ‘•Spindly!" "Saw it up, Wading in the Hard at work?? Getting to know boys!!' river!! the family!!! — 45 —Young and ‘‘Don't fall Concentrating! Nice pose!! Classmates?? carefree! over, Paddy! ’ ’ ‘‘Snowbabies!’’ ‘‘Give him the ‘‘Keith, how ‘‘Is it good??’’ right change, Glenn!’’ nasty!!!’’ — 46 —“Lipstick” It’s all in the The leaning towers “Sleepy, Chuck?” family!! of Pisa!!! — 47 - 48 — — 49 —— 5o —Compliments of Wendt Studio DARLINGTON, WISCONSIN Compliments of Dr. G. J. Zinky Compliments of Compliments of The Blanchard Theatre Blanchardville, Wisconsin The Watsons O’Rourke’s Dairy Bar Dan Mary ARGYLE DRUG STORE Complete Prescription Department Baby Health Department Refrigerated Biologicals Animal Health Medicines GRADUATES— Best Wishes for your future Success and Happiness. i —Compliments of Nelson Mercantile Co. ARGYLE WISCONSIN SUCCESS TO THE FUTURE of the SENIORS Hanson Locker Plant Phone 16 WEINSCHENK’S Plumbing and Heating Well Systems Phone 7 Argyle, Wis. Congratulations Class of ’50 Store of Quality Meats and Groceries SPLINTER FOODS ERICKSON’S Furniture and Funeral Service Home 24W Phones Store 24R Compliments of Blanchardville Co-op BERGET’S JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches - Silverware "Gifts that Last" Phone 112 Argyle, Wis. Schwartz Service Station Complete Line of Mobil Products Congratulations Class of 1950 Margaret Collentine Postmaster Clerk— Dorothy M. Erickson WEST SIDE SERVICE Carter Carbureter Service HARJLAM L. KAMMERI I) Congratulations and Lots of Luck Lamboley Coal Ice Co. ARGYLE MONROE HOLLANDALE GRATIOT — 52 OSTBY GARAGE CHEVROLET — ALLIS CHALMERS Argyle, Wisconsin Phone 62 ROBERT H. HAWLEY Dealer in Livestock Highest Cash Prices Paid for Your Livestock West Side Service Station Argyle Lumber Company Pure Oil Products-Frigidaire-Duo Lumber — Coal — Cement Roofing — Paint Yards Phone 72 Res. Therm-Zenith 70 Radios P. J. FLANAGAN, Mgr. OSTBY MOTORS Congratulations Phone 2411 Darlington, Wis. Dodge Plymouth Dodge Trucks SENIORS Commonwealth Telephone Company Compliments of DR. C. A. HELLAND Dentist Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments to the Class of ’50 of the A. H. S. J. R. ARNOT Insurance Agency Argyle, Wis. Compliments of JESSE ANDERSON Texaco Bulk Service Texaco and Havoline Motor Oil Gas Fuel Oil Ashley Gunderson, Agent Automobile Farm and City Fire — Windstorm HOME MUTUALS INSURANCE Argyle, Wisconsin — 53 —Compliments of L. A. ROSSING CO. ARGYLE WISCONSIN PURE OIL SERVICE Compliments ARGYLE RED FRONT For gas, oil, and powerfuel of Lumber and Feed Call Trausch Baking Co. JESSE HANSON EDDIE FARRELL Bakers of Sunbeam Bread Phone 101 Argyle Planing Mill Compliments Compliments General Contracting Building of of FRED PENNISTON Walter J. Schoeder Electrical Service RUSSELL PENNISTON Compliments of Sweeney Shoe Harness Shop Cardinal Bus Depot The Place to Eat Sandwiches and Meals Ice Cream, Pop, and Candy Edna and George Compliments of THE ARGYLE ATLAS Publishers - Printers Office Supplies PHILLIPSON GARAGE FORD SALES SERVICE JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENT SALES SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES — 54 —State Bank of Argyle Argyle, Wisconsin Your Home Town Bank —and— The Bank of Friendly Service Member of the F. D. I. C. Compliments of Johnson Motor Service Congratulations Argyle Heating Vic Weinschenk Compliments of The Service Insurance Agency All Lines Phillipson Hendrickson Enjoy The Charm of Clover Farm Argyle Clover Farm Store Foster Deininger, Mgr. Schuetze’s of Monroe Student Headquarters For Quality Clothing Congratulations Class of ’50 Argyle Cleaners Shell Products and U. S. Tires Bub’s Service Station Phone 92R Argyle, Wis. Vinger Implement International — Tractors Home Freezers — Refrigerators Argyle, Wis. Compliments of Loren L. Thompson, M. D. Physician and Surgeon SAALSAA HARDWARE PHILGAS STOVES - CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS ARGYLE, WIS. PHONE 14 — 55 —The Senior Class of 1950 would like to extend their most sincere thanks to Mr. Simpson, our annual adviser, to the businessmen of Argyle, who were so co-operative, and many others who made this annual possible. Congratulations Seniors CHURCH LITHOGRAPH Inc. Albert Lea Minnesota — 56 — cinti uimiiMi iic Aisiar lc m.sncsota 

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