Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL)

 - Class of 1964

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W5 fWfW'UZW'wf 5 W V49 If VIZ f f,i1 Q'C1fU2Q,M LJZM Qi Ljkfxljw !V'LQQJPf!yrg!ff,c'fv My tMV.jlyk,P9.,. ff , X J ff lj! Mfiymwfbx X Wf '-fb,-f W15wiifH'pf'2iWL M JV 4 ,. M , w4Mi f f my Q Ln ,V CJJ 6 'Aj rw 1fv7,,,ffk QAf'9lT5w Y W Va ff IJTJM w9?ff4igW A -:Land , 3,1 :f','yf' '1 ,g5,'X L ff- ' W nr- fi 'A' I ww ,N - Wifi af 41 A U, f ff Q 5 ,ff , ,,, f .fm A f 5 k b 12' .5 F' 2 . f" ' 3125- ' .- . ' , . N 5 , f - .5 . L' ,, 5 5 ' ' 'iv 1g.,, ., 1, -'mf 'R-2,1-?-'14 ".e-- ? 'v -Mfrs,.fflvflfm N 4.s:,z-1 ,V - -. - r 6 M " 'QQ 4, A' - ,I WR f' 'w'?'f?f9'iii"iF,1 0' ' f":sk14r7g,f .AQ . , ig S I f 15:5-38 W 1 "WE: 5-1,-arf f ' :bg v M225 ef. . Q - ,, A A V, . A? K .5gffyQ:f111 ag,,mF:--K , '- ., fi eww' - ' 1.1 ' W,-:':f:'.?i,j-'I , V ziggy' :ak .fggyrfgig-12 ' 1 ' 2 iffxfr ' lfgffii K I K' ., 512354545 '21,- , f ':f-fin. :yr ' bigfif 5 , Q FABIAN BACHRACH ms MEMQRIAM John FiizgercuIdi KennQdy B917-1963 A Gloomy Grim Old Glory Waves Goodbye from Half Her Heighi' SH ERYL SMIT ARGO W STUDENTS, THROUGH ,.. 2 Q BETWEEN UPPER CLASSES LIMITS AND HOMEWORK 017155 GR-R-R-EAT JUST A LITTLE BIT BELOW .f,,!,,- J,- , 1. 'gn ., , w ,Vx 5, vt, 3 K ,.. 'L 5 WINTER SPRING iff waive' if -voice ?i 5' V Af AG, 4' ' ,. -f Zales, ff! X fl J 1 ,g I 2 nj' 1' ' A ri. .A foe i Q, 5? I A fm nina' SCHOOL SPIRIT THEME OF HOMECOMING PARADE Classes and Clubs paraded TloaTs Trom SummiT Parlc To The A.C.l-l.S. park! ing loT. All The classes worlced hard build- ing Their TloaT. The Seniors consTrucTed a Telephone. Their message was "Hold ThaT Line." The Juniors whipped up a wild wiTch To "BewiTch ThornTon." ln The spiriT of elephanT jokes The sophomores asked, "l-low Do ElephanTs G-eT FlaT Freshman Float Senior Floal' Junior FloaT EY STATMPUNG QW FeeT-by STamping ouT ThornTon"g And The Freshmen raced To The finish line by showing "Revin' Up To BeaT ThornTon." Sophomore Floaf 294 ww ,R , ,Mn 13, 1 ' ' .,- , Q t wfiiiis 4, avg 3' 4 , "Q 1 'svszff . " ?"8fff' . Q. 1' 1 'Q 4 my , me 'gba any Y: sh W , .n if -13' :ii W ., -if A' 'li , . ' fl. .. f. jg f 'Q , f QS? fl f 5 fffff x I ' Q 9' 9 f f'3?:w T a, I L ft' " I nigga? :Wil 1 Y TLV N .A -14 , "A , 1 4,5 k 13 J , K-gf M fi g Y KkL g ,f .if . La- x w 4 Y .ah . 'I . Aefkflix. , ' '1 L 4 file 5, 1 , J. W. LEWIS Superiniendenl Dear Siudenfs: I+ has been a pleasure for me. serv- ing as 'lhe adminisfraior for fhe Board of Educalion, 'ro work wifh +he mem- bers of 'rhe board and 'rhe adulfs of our school communiiy in helping 'io produce a high qualify of educafional producf in our school. We fake pride in +he many inova- lions in our program which have aided +he sfudenfs in improving +heir individ- ual educalional background. Wi+h +he confinued assislance of fhe sfudem' body and 'rhe unceasing suppori' of 'rhe board and +he communify, we hope 'lo cons+an+ly make rhe forward s'rrides which will keep A.C.H.S. abreasf of fhe advancing 'ride of American Edu- cafion. In years +0 come as you look back on fhese Argolife pages, if is our hope 'ihaf you will agree 'lhai' our mufual efforts were fully successful. Sincerely. J. W. Lewis Superinfendenf Board of Educafion Members STANDING, lefi fo righi, Charles Miller, W. Douglas Allan, Richard Dombrowski, Edward P. Wallace. SEATED, lofi fo righf. Hugh Spadoni. Edward . Szarabaika, presidenf and Adam Novosad. secrefary. CHARLES KUSENDA Adminisfralive Assislanl As Adminisfrafive assisfani in charge of Sfudenf Personnel Services. if has been my pleasure fo wifness many changes in A.C.H.S., parlicularly in fhe areas of housing. curriculum develop- menf. discipline, and programming. Populalion growfh broughf forth a new building. which, sad fo relafe. is las? becoming inadequale io house more and more siudenls. Course offerings have been increased fo meel 'rhe needs, inleresis, and abilifies of our varied school popularion. The McBee Sorfing Sysfem has simplified lhe problem of S+uden+ seleclion of courses and proper assignmenl fo leachers. Finally. in 'lhe area of sfudenl' discipline. we have seen a iremenclous change in sludenl conduct which really exemplifies our school moffoz All Righfs Granf Ofhors. H is my sincere hope fhal' A.C.H.S. will confinue fo meel fulure challenges as lhey have mel lhe pas? and preseni ones. I6 fl, iii-QIQO JAMES BAKER-CHAI RMAN Norfhern Ili. Universify, Universify of Chicago. B.S. lnieresis: Classical Music, Reading Krisfin, Marie CAROL BECK IMRSJ Universiiy of Miami, Universiiy of Michigan, Easiern Michigan Univer' sify. B.A. lnferesisz Swimming, bridge, wri+ing poefry. RICHARD HAUSWALD Norfhwesfern Universify. Indiana Univer- sify, Washingfon Universify, Universiiy of Chicago. B.S., Norihwesfern Inferesisz Lawn Bowling, Politics, Foreign Affairs. ,ffl i TONI MORRIS Easlern Illinois Universily. B,S. lnlereslsz Life, Ilxealer, music, MARY MULLIGAN Sr. Xavier College. BA. Inferesls: Bowling. KATHERINE MARRON Mounl' Mary College, Loyola Universily BA.. MA. lnlereslsz Reading. specfafor sporls. ROCHELLE MAUSURE Mounl Mary College. BA. lnferesrs: sic, +l1ea+re. LEON LOCHBAUM Illinois Sfale Normal Universi+y. B.S. lnl'eresfs:Tl'1eaIer. Traveling, golf, mu- RAYMOND MclNTU RFF Norllwweslern lnsfilule of Fool Sur- gery and Chiropocly, Roosevell Uni- versify, Ollvef Nazarene College. Universily ofCl'1lcago. D.S.C., A.B. Infereslsz Raising guppies, church worlc, IEA-NEA aclivilies. J. R. NUGENT Loyola University. A.B. lntereslsz Plxilafelic sodely. hislory English. EVELYN MCKENZIE PHIL SVETICH Easlern Michigan Universlly. glilfe UVllVe'5llY- B,S. - - inferesfs: Musk' famqlyh lnlereslsz Foollaall, baseball, Llllle League ROBERT MURPHY l l l lllinols Sfa+e Universily, Norllwern Illlnois Unlverslfy. DePaul Universily. B.S. lnleresls: Reading, good acfing. eaflng. STAN SCHRAGER Norllxweslern Universlly, B.S. lnferesls: Wriling, sporls. 'Evil I JAMES N- FANCHER HOWARD JOHNSON LbU W. MALOY Indiana Sfafe COIISQSV Chicago Teachers College, North- Weslern Michigan Universily, Uniyer B-5. wesfern Universify, Loyola Universily. sily of Chicago. lnferesls: Golf, lurnifure making. 55, B-SH MA, Iniereslsz Teenagers, phofography. Iniereslsz Dining out fishing. WARREN MCFARLAND GERALD OGG, CHAIRMAN PHIL TORTORICI Pufdlle UUIVSVSIIY- Peru Siafe Teachers, Colorado Sraae Norfhern Illinois Universiiy, Indiana B-5-. MA- College. Universily, Inferesis: Gun colleciing, hunling B,S,, MA, B-SH MDA, m0IO'CYClln9- Inleresfsz Home. family, sporfs. Inleresis: Sporfs. THO ' Loyola Universil MAS GOWGIEL y, Universil o' f Ch' y r lcago. wa was B S lnlereslsz Hockey len ' . ms, chess, sci- LWMQN ence-ficlion books. ... W 2 'L Q 1 fi.. 12' .':.g Az .,:w',.:, . ' Q-zggmaau,,':g: .. . in 2 . ?'1v . 123,z3gl'?is3f2g,LEauzs:sizae3g11?g:'?Li1sg11255'i,z 22132352 11. swf ff ...M g-2 :ggi ..-me ,ff ,mf .Z .: .,gv1.-i-'..q,:,,f 1-1-gig: i.w-W. .1 'v!"F1 -Laswvw--W 12 efesmaffiar-:aff fu. 12: sf if :Fnaezf---F 12 ?'1u.s21. f Pmzez' 41 .a-fb-zf ., ,.i. ,.q.1fffr-f.g,.,m:ss ..,.,,'fmf , an 15:-fwrsss .-35'-H11,umm-1z1f1:s..i .f,..:+1eMeffvf:1k,.- :1?S'-m...5.11.xm:.z,,,.. me-,,.Bsf .sgfwu -fa-s"1'1-as ia-igwv-Ygfyasawafff,1.5-In-21231:rig.,-affggzzgyegge. ., 4' in we -3 reassess +4 .,,:Q,Q- -ubfgqgf gm. L., mf :wil-'L,:mf'..f,,g,,,.:wnffw11.g.::4't-v'1,..a:.f Lzwngg-gf.,-,5111Qvg. 41,.f 2- 1 as-se.- fa. 4- at ,- 1 ,l X umggs 1 21 2. .isgggs-ref f'-,eq h yy 1,55 , . 4- .1 ., we -. 1. .,..,g-f.. .-wx., wwf' in-A--We-lg, fm-ef' sew, Ag. ,,.:-1:1-'w1.,s,.1f-xmef .v,i,mPnvz.-mmM,-11:11. .wal :1w?'.-n11zf12Qzs W: me-sn Asss4z1.A-eliafsemasggo 'deaf- 21 Tiifesaffg. '55 Tess-'2g2'527"fls11H1f'Z is-ssss11e:1'1 21wea1:f?f''29-if3t'3'fef2ms11,L'fieswiz y Ai Ie: fgs ',,p - r-K . .1 2 .wr-as .Q -W 14 f A .www .H ffl is 1 'ffi 12z1e1fft.1.i. fax"-fx lags-1" gg. fir-11:5 3,g...1q xggfff .35,,,5g.f. .512 eg .4112 ,gy '21 3 W 5 -ar' 11. .5. Q3 si 1-L :w w pnqfig, X. 1' ap iz 2 i., li -- 'U' K' FRANK MANNOTT S+. Benedid C B.S. Inleresfs: Allwlelics ollege. . family. 1 M .,.. 21.-ew ,1f,,11g,, .-if DOROTHY PO Lyons Township RTNER 1MRs.1 Norlh . ern Illinois Rosary. ART SOTER Universily of ll BS., M.E. lnferesls: Hislo linois. ry guidance. BS MA Lib . ,, . ., rary Science. l f ' ' n eresfs. Children , bridge. .Q- ,, 2 ,1fW..- f. -- A. . 5:dxf'-54..Af::S:-.'?5i,'E5F!T52 '11 .5 iff Z? :4I6li2'lY"1f' 931 3515.1 if lf' iz Ei! i-3 3153 4259? WPI? is ., my rf 2... af . ... 1 e 1 V- I ::::5'f'32'2':'1af.-fem-V r my MJ 4 5 2, .Jr .sefifv all ,xfjafgrf -3 .faaiiefa 5 'Y f 4 v : ' S' 4 -v - s ... a 8 .il faeif --114.11-,fs " i,,ag,fNm:-4 Q.. 21 -, ' f- l -. R s if p. v .. . f as- Q f, zz- -.j,.,f.efs 1' QL... '-,.if,75..a,....,,f'-E', -..'4,.:'-, --Sei.-:Sz fl .P S 'fxffffi 'i-fifwfeeflaili' ggigggffg. .65 ,L -5: nf -5- la--'gf-1 :my un- -s ....:.u.m -,..,,a,:,v,,g.y,,. 1,715- uv ffz-mg-,ggi --4 45 w 5-if . ffm 12 Q f e- .1 ffvw. 3 .5312 1, -J --f- iw- Q -2SEzsf3,f.aIfi3lfE tgfgrgg11212i2E52,,:f3iggsszPis2f?sf2 K .Q 5 W5 .3 ,gmg ff, '- 5. 1- ,sm -i ' l 2, gi-. 2 Z' Q. Q gsgi-fig'-EPZ:-xiii.???sesf?i1ff eeszxea 9".Z A-fs '- ,a- W' 'f J '. -f - ww W. -5,-X 21i.r:.4,g.,5,,,.: ...Q ss'uf:11.-v.,:f.2.f-fffe-m. ,ff sg. .V Wil- vii . -2fJ"."'ff?f' 5-Z'-.1 :fl H- 52- ff. 1121 -f 5 i l V MATTHEW STEPIEN Herzl College, DePaul Univer- siiy, Universiiy of Illinois, Uni- versi+y of Chicago, Illinois ln- sfiiule oi Technology, Loyola. P.H.B., AM., MA. Inferesis: Church worlc, family and music. EDNA WILSON Universiiy of Illinois. niv y consin, Colorado Universily, Norfhwesfern Universify, DePaul Universiiy, Chicago Teachers College. AB., P.H.M. lnferesls: Reading. bridge, leclures. U ' ersif of Wisf gardening, bowling JOHN TROYER Goshen College, American Univer sily of Beiruf. BA. lniereslsz Tennis, golf, reading, lis fening fo good music, 'rraveling work, JAMES NELSON Norlhwesfern Universiiy. BA. lnleresls: Sporis, model airplanes, fishing. family. DONALD WAKELING KENNETH DRY DONALD URBAUER UHIVEVSIIY of Illinois, Easfern Illinois Soulhern Illinois Universify. Universify of Illinois. Unlvefsifv- B.s.. MA. Bs. B5.. MS. Iniereslsz Tennis, Iravel. Inleresisz Foolball, music. lnleresis: Hockey, iudo. GENE SMITHSON Illinois Sfafe Normal University, In- diana Slale College. Inieieslsz Sporfs. r . I WALTER STEINHOFF, CHAIRMAN ANTHONY PYRZ ROBERT ALLAN Norllwern Illinois Universify, Wiscon- Universify ol Illinois, Villanova COIA Purdue Univergify, Weglern Illinois sin Universify, Norllnweslern Univer lege. Cenf,-al Miggguril Loyola, Sify- BS- Bs., Ms. B-54 Inlefeslsi BOWIIVIQ- 9OIlv9aVde'1If1Q- Inleresfsz Sporls, huniing, Iislwinq. Inlereslsz Phofograplny, Iravel. 24 HERBERT GERECKE Universiiy of Illinois, Illinois Slale Normal Universify. B.S., M.S. lnferesfsz All sporls. VIRGINIA MILLER IMRSJ Mundelein College, DePaul Univer siiy. BA. Inleresfs: Housekeeping. ALTA evsaerr iMRs.p Olivel College, Olwio Slaie Universiiy. AB. lnleresisz Children, mallw, mu- SIC. HILDA FINDLEY IMRS.l CHAIRMAN Swarilimore, Illinois Insliiule o Technology. BA., M.S. lnferesfs: People, siudenis reading, cornplicaied Icniiling. JOANNE HANZEL Universify of Illinois. B.S. lnlereslsz Bowling. gardening, work- ing foward a MasIer's Degree. PAUL LINAS Universiiy of Illinois. B.S. MACK JERKATIS Illinois Siaie Normal Universify. B.S. Inferesfsz Mos? oufcloor sporls and acliviiies. FRANCIS SCHNEIDER Norllwern Illinois, DePaul Universiiy, Illinois Insfifuie olTecl1nology. Gen- erel Moiors Inslifufe. B.S. Inferesls: Classical music, bowling, SCIENCE. CAROL NEWMANN Universiiy of illinois.- B,S, Inieresfs: Traveling, reading, horse- back riding. 26 EveLYN Hlcxox fMRs.1 Wesiern Siale Universiiy, Universiiy of illinois. Norllwweslern Universily. B.E. lnieresis: Bridge. bowling eaiing. GEORGE HUNT Wisconsin Stale College Universily of Wisconsin Universify of lowa. MA.. B.Ed. lnieresis: Ouldoor sporis. JOHN CONNELLY Vlfesiern Siafe Universify, Norllvern Illinois Slafe University. ES., MA. ln+eresis:FisI'1ing, swimming. EVERETT LARSEN Universily of Illinois. B.S,, MA. lnleresisz Gardening, family, me- chanics, 1 .Q 2 1, ze -V -i. . in -F 0 X ' 1, :Er Q. X . . 1. if -1- 5 1 -' or 4212 EWS W 1 ,. 1- lf' ew 253- .1132 M2111 f --- - -V -- W W- .. x Q, Q. gr we Q. My. -sa K. .1 1 Yi rm. fm f.. 1, 1. 1- ., EF- i? 1 ,,, Q . .iv 3 1 -1 a- 'L za .1 I 3 3 .12 4. .i. 5- . Q X L 1 as -Q n f ,. 42:21 f Eiilll .. 1 1' Q- 'f' fl- .. if .. W my Ai., 1' V -- ig .. E , 3' J. 35355,-.,4..,5, SAM TORTORICI Illinois Normal Universily, ln. diaria Urviversily. B.S., M.S. lnferesls, Sporfs, reading spor-is laoolcs, family, ,. .,, , fe H A aw. J'- , r J. nu., .ia L' fx nf as if -flami- ii .. xi. 5 ffl? ,, ...Ly xi zu., 5 .if 7 7 ,a gg: 33.95.25- 5 ? 4 13 3 4. 3 3 'Y r f.. 3. '- Lal .sv E, . ar. . mo, N ,?.,, 1 , fa. ,, H- nf gf-Q Q J.. ., Q ai Q. g -3- .25 Y 'S -1- 4 i 2 5. REGINA HOFT was.: Clwicaqo Normal School of Physical Loyola Univers Pl'1.B., M.Ed. lnreresrsz Rea dening, golf, fr Educalion ilv. dinq, oar- avel, N. 5' LY if ANNE VECHIO ..4,.,,,,,z LA JOHNS 1 1' 4 'S -ff - f -. -21.11-2 ALVI -Q it I ' " 1 ' 'W .n1.,,: 4 N X , X , .. L--,,. . , . ,L . . ' 2 4 y t, jf Easlern Illinois Umversiiy. Purdue Universiry. i -W , ..,, . 5 5 1 5.5. B.A. L":2 fuf-1-.ofa ' . - .3 5 i , 3 1 ,, in J, 5, 53: 1 3'-ka, ,,::,A:g, lnreresis. Sporls, reading lravel. ln+eres+s: Spor+s. A , Q 1 '--ar ,ff si-1 Q Q- .. . ' ,Q-v+ ,gui 1 A Q. X 1' a f v 51. U.. 2.-if xg. .. 15. 111- L Q V+- 1 gy-fr. -- ,., 7 I ,sw Y , 5.1 X W - - ' sf . 1.4: F 3 - A W gy nfl' J ,ff ' '22."'r'I,'1"'- 2x,.g.w.5.,.w1:-, X "mf 5 4 af Z ' K, L. I.. , - f. .14 4.1. -f.,--.ff,,x,,1.,1 .i rf f , -f,...s.,, , , 21, :L Q s 1, Y X J ..5fi.,2-W, f .W f- va. Jrygazg-4 -gg 1, , X 4'-.uwfa 1 1 , Z. iii ,izi1f5Y' -sf.-sr. ,Y 5 " gi .22 in I M z 1 1 , K 1 L 1 , - 5 If: ,. . fl if .2 i .. 'B f-- f'-+ 21-res' QT .2 3"-14:15 -,. -P 21 3 .1 4 -aw A 1 --5 A 1 1 t Q . if , Q xv-zz. 1 , -av ,F -W Q1 2--af 5, r ,K if 21 fps' el fs 4. .9 5, 3' v .ia -Q QW 4 3. 1--,Q W5 -gi ,Y f . Af- .W - Q , 1 3 ,. ,Q , .,.f X A J af :....-1- -Q--.Q -ig., 5,-fx. ,L L ,.,,W,, L., ,L 1 , ., -X ., . 1 , 1 ,-1. L f -- "?f11s5?..I3,.gg-fszf.3191f-Qxg:-sei-issuzigfwssfwrcr152--,rf zmzzsip.-afzgggvfgmg.,-4?..5-,gg,555,.m.,gy,.,5.52g5-iz. gag H ...Ag Q .gsifz fg1,,.3'i-4 A 1 ,, 3, i , 5, t X 21.3, .- ,, ,ie ,gnu . .. ,fr f' -ef f' -f ..-.. 'sw 'L -1 -. - 1 wx" ffl eos. -11 ,.--mm .--- .,. -5: .5 Wi. --.1 -- , wi i.-ww -H 1: ve 1' ww -f W. fa 1 J' r- Y -1'-J 1--.iz :V -H 3 -Q 2'-2 r: 1' n ..fff- ,V 4- 3. .sv N.-,gel-nf gi -ew... 11 'f .fi f B'-.. . 1- .,-. , 1 -f 2- 1. Q .. -r 5 , .. el :1 Q Y' If -is 151 5-lie-.:2' .s--,xg 1--if 'f wwf: aegirel -225228 .ex ,sf ..Ff.s:t 1f,,ee-.121 JT WY :E .QE fl 1-Zi ii' f' ' X sf- 2:22 1 iw? J'-52 2? is W19' -21+-lf 'YH'-23" 2- --F " 2' ff 4 'in 21 -'f' :P'f1M?? www-w1.g3 -swf' -,icyauaii M1521 swiss -Q-any 12 fs .25 gi. ogg- .4 -,L tag--it 3 -fy 1 Q-safe ima? 54 'X' 1 - -' -- -Q-25:3 .5 -f 1 .21-s .15 ,.,,L. I .,,,, X ,, E .., 1' 1.15. I .,,,E 1 - -1 2 K FRANK GRABOWSKI Springfield College, Olwio Slare Uriiversily. B.S. Inieresfsz Music, iravel. Dawn. 'fin-I. ,, . Q .v ,ii 'Ft ,iz r 2 .pw '25 Eg?--sv .- . ..,,. ,, . .r ,. 4: w, -2 t in ,, if iv gifijjfe 4. .41 1 ail- ,, 4 f ,E '65-wiqilii KAY HAMRICK MacMurray Women's College, Easr. ern Illinois Universiry. BS. lnfereslsz Golf, lravelinq, skiing. ls'--e zwzzlf? fahrfsfi . -- sae W gf.-NE..-K W ,rimya-ee MARVIN CALVERT Ceriiral Missouri Shale Universify. lowa Universily. B.S., MA. lnreresfs: Sporfs, iamily. , 1 A .. fi? .. . 41. .,..?'-ES553? 5- -x 1 Fm: 16' 1-" . ., 1--.if fl f: Q. -1, t , .L .Q of 2 ELAINE BOND-Sophomore Counselor DePaul Universify B,S., M.A. lnlereslsz Golf, dancing, young peoples clubs DAN BOU RBU LAS-J unior Counselor, Chairman ol Social Sludies Universily ol Illinois B.A,, M.A. lnleresls: Boaling, lisliing, reading currenl Lnesl sellers JAMES HAAKE-Freshman Counselor Knox College, Universily olCl1icago. University of Minnesola, Loyola Universily A.B., MIX. lnferesls: Reading, swimming COUNSELING DEPARTMENT WILLIAM GINALICK-Sophomore Counselor. Band Conduclor Weslern Illinois Universily M.S, lnleresls: Music KENNTH WOODMAN-Senior Counselor Norlliern Illinois Universiiyi Universify ofCl1icago. Loyola Universify. B.S. lnleresls: Camping, reading, communily work LONGENE LA PADO-Nurse Loyola Universify R.N. Inferesfsz All sporfs BOTTOM ROW: M. Sieg. SECOND ROW: C. Smifh. M. Sieq. TI-URD ROW: B. Lilly. N. Kuzmich. L. LaPado. NURSE'S AIDS MORTON NEWMAN-Librarian LIBRARY AIDS 32:12:3153.33is..T::f.'5.:Efi':s.i... VTTOVICS BOTTOM ROW: D. Tobolski, Mrs, Targove. Mrs. Poriner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Newman. J. Sfonecipher, P. Gabberf, M. Burke. M. Cichow ski, J. Caruflw, B. Judd, N. Fridrich, M. Jeno. THIRD ROW: E. Ellerbroclc. B. Sanchez. L. Schopf, A. DiGangi. S. Rompala, B. Prsscofh K Ven Hyffe, S. Sandlin, L. Buchanan. FOURTH ROW: C. Prafher, N. Wodicka, R. Brown, L. Norkus, C. Copley. S. Fiedler, L. Beliel. S. Bruno B. Judd, B. Prickler. FIFTH ROW: T, Pefrauskas, R. PucIre+I, M. Krisiie, K. Sinclair, L. Allen. B, Dolce, S.YaIes, M. Vervel, K. Price. 29 ' , 'K W 2 ,,,s A . L. 3 4 ? Q .b 1 E, J 'if-if - Q Tom Walen Chief Cu s+od fan Mrs. Schulfer, Financial Clerk STANDING: M. Friecll, M, Gorman, B. Brady, E. Harnack, M. Barura, H, Borisulc. SEATED: A. Kuzmich, E. Tlweure er, J. Mallis H. Pavlalc. M. Barone. CAFETERIA STAFF rm. Leif: Mrs. Ursic SECRETARIAL STAFF Righf: Mrs. Price Bookkeeper, Mrs. Clinnin and Secrerary to Mrs. Afmndance Cl k Lewis, Mrs. Perrin. Mrs Sanforjr ' Arlwleric Office Lefr: Secrerary io Mr. Kusenda. Mrs. McNally Riglwr: Secreia ry ro Counselors. Mrs. Grabowslri 5 L A6171 2 . yi K f I 4 ' A Mrs. Marlrunas, If JA K , 1 Main Office ' WE. xfifi' 'X Mrs. Targuoe Library OFFICE AIDES BOTTOM ROW: K. Migas, L, McNul+y. D. Nuccio, P. DeJovine, B. Zuchowicz. SECOND ROW P Wood, S. Corsini. N. Ba+ura. D. Jalovec, C. Efffimoff. THIRD ROW: M. Van Ori. B. Malawi? P Gewerfh, B. Schmiff. M. D. Turner, B. Skomslci, J. Proffiff. FOURTH ROW: C. Anlcarberg. G A vln C. Copley, K. Ross, M. Sieq, S. Budde. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Lansen, M. Sfarr, L. Gesfauf, S. Ga+es. F. Bla- zar. SECOND ROW: L. Blasgen, J. Anfell. J. Schrader, A, Molda. THIRD ROW: D. Kruger. J. Kirk, M. Feigerle. M. Glaclcler. FOURTH ROW: R. Novak. G. Maronich, W. Pakula. FIFTH ROW: E. Ellerbrock, M. Monfi, J. Pfeiffer. SIXTH ROW: M. Harfz, S. Barker, R. Rackow. AUDIO-VISUAL MW, STAGE CREW BOTTOM ROW: R, Smifh, D. Walen. SECOND ROW: J. Burklwalier. THIRD ROW: A. Carfrighf, B. ARGOLITE STAFF Por+er, J. Gaies. STANDING: Mr. Johnson, M. I-larfz, J. Phiffer. . s J - ! 1 A .J . ' ., 33 " 4- if X I S! 'X Home mms' 'Y' 34 P f 1.1462 V L I 03 1-, A ts, If ll' 5 C " '-' 6 2 Lu -:E GfA"'vX" ' 2 M 3 A f " I .. yi , , A 2-5 - v 'U ' I ctw 4 If rr " AND CLASSES. BOTTOM ROW: K. Migas, K. Schedin, D. Demifriu, M. Smilh. ROW 2 S Froedge, Mr. J. Balmer, S. Malinausld. Eclilor, C. Wrenn ROW 3: J. Slonecipher, M. Mucha, K. l'-loronzy. TOP ROW K Pyrz, J. Hyde, T. Vlfallace. CRAM CLUB PREPARES MEMBERS i Q NEWS at .bl-EI -J -:..,:' SERVICE .1-1-r 1'-f ml MFE-I . -ew 5 - H 2' ARGO CQMMUN1TY I-IIGH SCHOOL C Career Night H College Coun Ele 0. .. Nov. 19, H FOR COLLEGE WITH BOTTOM ROW: L. Sansard. ROW 2: P. Dollmenn, C. Spicer. ROW 3: J. Johansen. R. Lynn, J. Sfonecipher. R. Washliis. ROW 4: S. Tremback, J. Thomas, Edilor. J. Hyde, C. Kehoe. M. Smifh. TOP ROW: K. Pyn, D. Maloy, H. Armbrusler, B. Aclamec, Mr. James Balmer. 3?-ii: 'Q' ALE ll. 'Zi-' BOTTOM: G. High. S. Budde, D. Kelffer, M. Sleg. M. Slarr, A. Buchanan, L. Sansard. L. Geslaul. ROW 2: S. Marlin, M, Seig, D, Meranda, C. Hobson, J. Polanslcy, L. Hunf, C. Coleman. ROW 3: R. Wood. C. Spicer. M. Cichowslci, J. Johansen. R. Lynn, J. Pelers, E. Davik, M. Sawka, K. Kalas. TOP ROW: B. Pines. R. Novak, J. Pinzino, B. Adamec. T. DiScenza, J. Kobyleclxy, J. Schrader. G. Ahlvin, S. Corsini QUILL AND SCROLL I N. E J' :fu BOTTOM ROW: D. Olson. K. Schedin. L. Sansard. ROW 2: D. BOTTOM ROW: C. Clwrenlca, M. Arlcema, M. Turner, D. Byrd. Demilrui, L. Jessee, T, Madoni, P. Gabberf. ROW 3: K. Woicik, P. Leeclc. ROW 2: K. Wodiclia. G. Palmer, T. Thomas. S. D. Miranda, C. Urick. J. Johansen. K. Migas. ROW 4: C. Caruih, Malinauski, Mr. J. Baker. Sponsor. ROW 3: E. Sfichfer, S. J. Slonecipher, R. Washkis, M. Smifh. TOP ROW: C. Kehoe. S. Trembaclc, R. Lynn. S. Froedge, C. Spicer. ROW 4: M. Mucha, Tornlon. L. Wolf, K. Pyrz. T. Wallace. Nol Piclurecl, S. Ahrens. C. Wrenn, L. Kuehole. K. Horonzy. ROW 5: J. Thomas, H. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BOTTOM ROW: S. Malinauslci, T. Roberson, L. Sansard, R. Lynn, J. Johansen, Mr. Sfepien, Sponsor. ROW 2: J. Carulh, J. Thomas R. Washkis. ROW 3: J. Pinzino. K. Pyrz. R. Pines, A. Nelson. 37 42 .E .9 M 0 .. rc 0 -I LD Z D 2 Q: I- U1 as A C CD 'D L 0 ci 4. W 3 O L .E O 2 i 2 E O F- ui :E 'U O. O. IU L .J ui M. O .E -32 UJ o .E .9 E N 3 bd Z If 52 C fC LD .I 'a C 0 SQ Q 2 c 1: 7' -J of S o 2 an .Q o nc P 6 .E 'U 1 9 cn .2 E of -I .I E' nz o -Q- -Q- -.- an .1 Q u.: 9- 4 u.: ua ai .K rc lu I E E -+- O Ln E if .9 F9 Q Li .Q ,Q c fu G. N o N Ln d -Ol ..- O U vw .E 5 E of O .Q as bd O O ua E ru -U fi ri Sl I- of 'If O 5 nl C A5 O U ui S se 3 'U C! Q Lf O 'U C O 54 O 6 J 3 M, U7 E 38 - Y SCIENCE CLUB 'INVENTS' FOR SPRING SCIENCE FAIR. DEBATE TEAM ON T.V. "REBUTTAL" BOTTOM ROW: B. Presco-If, J. RaduIsIci. A. Bu channan, G. High. ROW 2: D. Demefri, E. Doe. D. Miranda, P. Banks. ROW 3: S. Corsini, G Alhvin. P. Czelcala. P. Wood, L. Hunt ROW 4: K. Bennef, K. Kalas, R. Their. T. DiScenza. TOP ROW Coach Troyer. Head Coach Murphy. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Dry-Sponsor, M. Sawka, D. Kehffer, M. Sfarr, T. Bukowski, C Chrenka, C. Graf, S. Tofeno, D. Demifrifu. ROW 2: D. Gildersleave. S. MarIIn, C Coleman, P. Dollman, K. Schedien, S. Budde, K. Migas, E. Davilc-Sec. ROW 3: P LuI'her, C. Spicer. M. VarveI-Treas,, T. WaIIace, M. Miska. W. Ziolko, B. Podorski J. Schrader. D. Maloy. TOP ROW: S, Kosfrazalc. R. Novak-Pres.. P. Wood. J Burkhalfer-Vice-Pres., M. Digangi, S. Silber, S. Corsini. K. Pagni. DRAMA CLUB PLANS VIEWING THEATRE IN CHICAGO BOTTOM ROW: F. Janeco, W. Weidel, D. Walen, S. Raines. K. Dawson, D. Keiffer B. Zaman, L. SuIIivan, B. Sanchez. ROW 2: G. Johnson, J. Caruih, P. LeGros, K Gee, G. Puchala, M. Cichowslci, K. Puchala, M. Mucha, G. Lindberg, Miss Mausure- Sponsor. ROW 3: W. Samuels, C. Wrenn, J. Pefers, J. Thomas, D. Maloy, P. Gier, M. KeIeI, T. Wallace, J. Johansen. E. Taylor. TOP ROW: C. Kuzas, J. Makaienas. H. RefeIIc, T. Roberson. M, Harfz, J. McKenzie, P. CzeIcaIa, M. Fehgerle, C. Kehoe. BOWLING 'STRIKES' THE SPANISH CLUB BOTTOM ROW: Miss Czernik, W. Hanno, R. PIII, A. Rodriguez, C Clwernka, L. Sansard, L. Gesrauf, L. Brown, D. Turner, D. Walen, R Kozak, E, Echavarry, J. Garrerr ROW 2: E. Bafura, M. Balma, J SpiIIman, C. Efiimoff, K. Kusenda C. Lewandowski, P. Banks, P. Rob- errs, D. Szczepanialc, S. Budde, J Kosfiuk, D. Linder, D. Nuccio. ROW 3: S. Tremback, J. JoI'1an- sen, K. PucI'1aIIa. W. ZioIIro, S. Pershing, M. Cerda. D. Ciesler. M. Miska, S. Mariin, C. Popernik, D. PIuI'o, J. Thomas, M. Kuzmich. ROW 4: L. Baeizel, G. AI'1Ivin, P. Geier, M. Slwenbarger, B. BuI'z- ke, G. Klos, D. Kaiser. C. Linas, D. Zaring, D. Marron, T. CIinnin. 1 BOTTOM ROW: J. BeIIenIini, J. Mefslcas. N. Knox, B. May M. Siarr, K. Jung, L. Bozec, C. Hubbard. ROW 2: J. Moros L. LaPorIe, C. GiIman, G. Evererfe. ROW 3: N. Muros, C. Coleman, D. Walen, B. DiBiase, D. Choaie, C. Spicerm, V. Za'ac D. Miranda ROW 4: L BIacIcweII. J Sronecipher, T. I ,... Gilman, C. Herringer, M. DiGangi, R. Miserendino, C. Salamon ROW 5: K. Wodicke, M. Boiovic, P. Wood, L. Hunr. S. PIozeIc. L. Curry, H. Ponczek, E. Davik, R. Wodicka. ROW b: R. Pines, B. Radefslci, D. Dineif, A. McKenzie, J. Safes, J. Bubla, J CzeIcaIa, H. Reilek, T. Baiura. 40 ROMAN STYLE BANOUET A LATIN CLUB TRADITION BOTTOM ROW: P. FIaI1erIy, S. Safes, B. Prescoff, G Koioulas, Mr. Lyne, ROW 2: M. Seig, F. Janeclco. S. Szelag S. Frank, B. Skomslci. ROW 3: J. Peclcos, P. Lazer, R. Sell, C Hobson, D. Keiffer. ROW 4: P. LeGros, S. Kapecki, M. Seig G. Hamel, S. Janeclco, L. Pappas, R. Naqode. ROW 5: K Koseniak, M. Sawka, S. Corsini, J, Habinka, M. Thomas, B Wagner, J. Yedniak, K. Horonzy. ROW 6: H. Kolnnke, J Thomas, M. BubIa, J. McKenzie, B. Bonarek, L, SIocIcI'uoIm A. RUIII, R. I'IogarII1, D. Maloy, R. Hansmann. G.A.A. SELLS POM POMS TO BOOST HOMECOMING SPIRIT BOTTOM ROW: S. Keleciclw, J. Barnislm. D. Byrd B. Sanefriclc, C, Chrenlca, J. Sclwrieber, K. Jung N. Knox, S. Ralnes, D. Turner. ROW 2: Miss Hom- riclr, F. Janeclco, S. Henderson, M. Siarr, T. Le wanclowslri K. Mi as K. Sclwlusser C I-IeHin er. - Q - I - Q S. Janeclco. D. Szczepanialu. ROW 3: J. Murphy S. Vukosovich. M. Erickson, L. Wrobleslci. B. Grant C. Graf. P. LaGros, L. Allen, P. Roberfs, M Riddels. S. Marlin, TOP ROW: N. Lawrence, K Kosienialc. L. Clzek, P, Geier, N. Kuzmich, M Mislra, M. Slwenbager, S. Tozer. D. Bulger. R Williams. inf 'A' CLUB STARTS SEASON WITH STEAK FRY INITIATION sarz, L, Griflenn, L. Kirk, F. Davidson. Coach Bob Allan. ROW 2: C. Colberl, T. Wallace, R. Panice, R. Miserendino, B. Seward, B. Adarnek. ROW 3: D. Allman, A. Brown, D. Ziollco, H. Rellelc. L. Wolf, K. Pyrz. ROW 4: G. Leon- clwiclc, J. Rossellini, J. Konclry, A. Klimelc, B, Pines, A, Nelson, A. La4 Porle. T. Alfpefer. ROW.5: A. Dowd. L. Lanleir, L. Prifchard, R. Ondrovic. P. Allan, J. Harcar, D. Lehnerl. TOP ROW: A. Fierlce, T. Jacobs, E. Ray. BOTTOM ROW: C. Marusarz, R. Maru- D. Zeleznall, R, OITO. HITCHING POST FOR EQUESTRIANS IS HIGH HOPES RIDING STABLE BOTTOM ROW: B. Moore, J. Derlca, S. Raines. L. Sfedman, T. Plsforio, L. Brown, B. Taylor, J. Furscicln, A. Williams, K. Preslon. ROW 2: J. Haerr, P. Gabberf. M. Rldclels, L. Lewis. P. Radllre. S. Vulosoviclm, N. Craig. F. Williams: B. Podorslcy. ROW 3: B. Samuels, D. Cisler, R. Williams, K, Marron, T, Balcling, M. Glocltler. J. Alexander. S. Fiedler, R. Hansmann. TOP ROW: L. Wolfe, E. Doe, S. Barker. T. Morris, A. Dowd, L. Reed, Mr. Dry. 4I CRAFTS CLUB DEVELOPS SKILLS IN LEATHER, PLASTICS, AND ELECTRICITY INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB MEMBERS PREPARE FOR THEIR FUTURE. IN INDUSTRY BOTTOM ROW: L, Wolf, C. SexIon. ROW 2: A. Hadley, E. SI1ue, R. Heinze. R. Schreiber, Mr. Fancber, Sponsor. 42 BOTTOM ROW: R. Su+Ion, C. Sexfon, R, Persons, D. McKinny, N. Nevels, H Sexion. ROW 2: M. Liborsky, D. Thigpen, K. Hill, K. Houlf, J. Harvey. S Crawford. R. Sell. ROW 3: E. Shue, T. Rockwell, K. Klim, W, Ziolko, G. King S. Meyer, E. Doe. E. Jackson. ROW 4: M. Saylcr, D. Danhoff, B. Halif, N Pazin, R. Zoll, A. Adamek. D. Wosylus. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS HOSTS SPAGHETTI DINNER BOTTOM ROW: Mr. H. Johnson, Sponsor, P. DoIIrnann, J. Scherer, W. Munch. D. Miller, M. DiGangi. R. Borys. ROW 2: T. Carfen, D. Hoover. R. Haiek, R. Demifh, J. Niclcolou, M. Kofowski, R, Capuano. ROW 3: M. Kondorf. K. Jansen, L. Zifzlca, H. Gambill, R. FIII, A. Gasparas. M. Ray, S. Hansen. BOTTOM ROW: B. Prescoi, E. Ellerbrock, P. Morris. M. Morris, S. Davidson, M. Memnauglw, M. Ramsey, R. Sell. ROW 2: K. Dawsen, D. Hambriglif, S. Yales, C. Gibson, S. Sandlin, S, Ahrens, N. Lave, D. Kieller. ROW 3: R. Cole man, N. Nevills, M. Riddles, M. Kelel, M. Smillw, M. Varrel, B. Riclclels. L. Allen ROW 4: B. Roolrs. L. Curry, A. Naylor, S. Tozer. J. Slcnecinlier, P. Anzelmo. S. Buddie. ROW 5: F. Davidson. R. Miserenclino, G. Messamic, R. Hansman R. Grider, E. Ellerbrock. ROW 6: J. McKenzie, R, Haclwe. A. Love, J. Sclwruer. C. Brancer. ROW 7: T. Roberson, D. Coomer, M. I-larls, B. Radelslci, I-l. Johnson FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS SELL CORSAGES TO KICK OFF HOMECOMING WEEK-END BOTTOM ROW: B. Dolce. C. Luchesi. L. Luclwesi, C. Slec, J. Brud, K. Herzog, D. Joranoviclw C. Kozola. ROW 2: Miss Newmann, F. Sfowski, S. Reimer, P. Tourville, S. Sells, L. Vulcosoviclw P. Nagcde, P. Anzelmo, ROW 3: P. Murray. C. Saier, C. Pappalardo, L. Worlcas, M. Shenbager G. Pryme. ROW 4: A. Molda, L. Rackow. M. Jeno. C. Anlrerberg. C. Kuzas. TOBOGGANING A FAVORITE WITH THE Hi. C. TABELLION LITERARY SOCIETY BRAGS OF ITS CONSTITUTION BOTTOM ROW: M. Burke. S. Fierlcel. C Bills. M. DiGangi, Mr. Nugent ROW 2: M Cichowski, P. Gerwerllw, A. Yurelich, T Colin. ROW 3: C. Wrenn. D. Tobolslri. B Lily. ROW 4: M. Sawlca. K. Benneil. J Frezados. ROW 5: R. Waslnlxis. M. Anlcar berg, B. Makaroff. ROW 6: S. Tomlon, J Isaacson. R. Miserenclino. ROW 7: C. Woz nialc, J. l-lycle, P. Allen, A. Kondry. 43 CAMERA CLUB DEVELOPS PHOTOGRAPHERS AS WELL AS PHOTOGRAPHS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLEAN HOUSE ON "HOBO DAY" BOTTOM ROW: R. Novak. B. Taylor, J. Clark, B. Burlclwalfer, B. Bohianowslci. BOTTOM ROW: A. Carranza, P. Rosas. B. Moore, A. Gaylord. ROW 2: F. Cole. J. Harvey, B. Beene. Ad- visor, J. Heflellinqer. ROW 3: A. DiGangi, L. Al- borez. M, Mason. ROW 4: D. Clark. G. Lawson. M. Hendon. C. Alborez. ROW 5: L. Parker, A. Sam, P. Garli. M. Rodriguez. ROW 6: l, Beane. G. Gladdis, B. Wheel. TOP ROW: A. Parker, S. Sawilclwilr, C. Buller, M. Heard. 44 ROW 2: W. Ziollco, S. Sandlin, P. Gabberl, H. Arrnbrusler, L. Wolfe. ROW 3: A. Dowd, C, HeHinger,'D. Kaiser, B. Porfer, E. Wierzba, J. Schrader. TOP ROW: R. Haaclc. D. Walcling. C. Copley, L. Goslinowslci. FUTURE TEACHERS "APPLE POLlSH" FOR AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK BOTTOM ROW: C. Chrenka, Miss Marron, S. Rompala, M. Arlcema, L. Sansard, D Demilriu, P. Banlcs, S. Raines, D. Kieffer, K. Shedin, S. Budde. ROW 2: K. Migas, G Johnson, S. Malinauslci, P. Dollmann. M. Sawka, S. Man-fin. E. Davik, M, M'iska, J Raina-rle, S. Plosel. M. Thomas, M. Seiq. ROW 3: J. Johansen, C. Splcen. R. Lynn B. Bonarelr, J. Thomas. D. Maloy, C. McKeown, P. Geier, R. Miserendino,'C. Kehoe T. Wallace. TOP ROW: B. Samuels. K. Horonzy. P. Wood, G. Alwlvin, P. Czekala. K H , Judy Thomason, and Judy I-Iundley. A BIG SPLASH FROM THE DOLPHIN '63 WATER SHOW BOTTOM ROW: B. Sanefrick, G. Beslich, L, Brown. S. Raines, N. Knox, Mrs. Vechiola SECOND ROW: S. Beslich, J. Haake, A. DiGangi. M. SpiIIman, P. Coffer. THIRD ROW M. Seig, M. Sawka. S. Wallace, E. Davik. M. Miska. S. Mar+in. FOURTH ROW: B. Cain M. Friedl, P. Geir, H. Reilelc, D. Ziolko. 45 5 3 4, 3, ,, . b 2 2 T A.C.H.S. MUSIC A KNEELING: STANDING: Berqlund Radike Malcaroff . Gabberf Co-Capfain Sansard Capfain Spillman Lewandowslc ROW I: C. Eflimoll, N. Kuzmlclw, D. Malceulcz, B. Bella, S. Coleman. A. Buclwanan. ROW 2: L. Pappas, R. Gerches, L. l-lun'r, N, Lawerence, C. Haflinger, K. Kosienlak. L. Cizek, J. Mur- ros. ROW 3: J. Polanslcy, B. Boianowslcl, D. Smllln, V. Blazlna, K. l-loronzy, D. Plulo. S. Raines L. Raclcow, D. Sclwullz, H. Kolwnlce. ROW 4: J. Barone. J. l-lablnlca, R. Haaclc, M. Sawlca, T Balura, J. Horonzy, J. Roselllnl, R. Rller, W. Ziollco, C. Pellrone, D. Jones, R. DeJovine, D Yarber, , J. Meyers, L. Pappas, L. Burda, D. Zeleznlalc, l N. Knox, C. Davis. R. Osmus. W. Davls. ROW I: J. Bellelini. P. Morgucz. F. Janeclco, S. Kelecilc, S. Janeclco. J. Kobyleclcy. R. Mlserendino. ROW 2: D. Boersl, F. Sneecl, A. Naylor, S. Silber, K. Ramsden, B. Podcrslcy, D. Zarring. J. Thomason, R. Tlwler, J. Slonelc. ROW 3: L. Meslcin, J. Graham, D. Kelly, H. Rhy-Kuclwar. N. Nevels, L. Blaclcwell, A. McKen- zie, J. Depaola, J. Plnzlno, B, Acl- amec, K. Kalas. G. Kolulas. G. Pap- pas. ROW 4: M. Boiovlc, T. Wilcox, D. Clwoale, C. l-leflinger. REHEARSAL FOR BRIGADOON CAST Tommy: l'l. Reilek, T. Roberson: Jeff: R. Miserindino, G Leonclwilc: Jane: J. Pefers, L. Sclmieder: Fiona: B. Rlddels, M Smiflw: Jean: B. Lilly, M. Arkemag Mr. MacLaren: J. Slwue Archie: T. Linlonx Harry: R. Freese, P. l-loma: Mr. Lundie C. Kehoe, R. Wodiclcap Charlie: D. Coomer: Angus: J. Swi lalslcig Sandy: A. Love: Meg: M. Ramsey, K. Gee: Franlr: A Dowd: Maggie: J. Hunnicuii. ' ,.... x Q K. J . '50 2 A .. 77841 F I , DW O sgggfgifiu O sm. .I O .2 op l:?g7v?'r qv 'mv mtl O X! 0 1--l ' -I 7 - N W ' L T5 l-Q , 1 . , 5 I I THE CLASS OF '64 PRESENTS . . ALICE-SIT-BY-THE-FIRE CAST Alice Greg ...,, ,,,, ,,,,,., ,,,,, "' C o nnie Kuzas Ca role Wrenn Colonel Grey .,,,.,,,, ,,,,,... T om Roberson Amy Grey , ,, ,, Cosmo Grey ,, ,, 'Mary Di Gangi Joanne Proffill' Jon Makuienas Ginevra Dunbar ,,,,, ,,,, " Dorolhy Maloy Nurse ,,,,,,,.,, ,,,, Fanny , Richardson . Sieve Rollo , , Karen Dawson Gloria Johnson 'Marilyn Smiih Toni Colon 'Janel Carulh Jo-ann Johansen , , 'Danny Coomer Mike Feigerle 'Thursday nighl performance Direclor ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. , Miss Mausure Assisfanl' Direcfor , ,,,,,,,,,, ,, Mr. Mclnlurlf Sfudenl Direclor . . , Michaeline Mucha AS JUNIORS, THE CLASS PRESENTED . 'I KEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT CAST Hanlc BenneH' , , ,,,, Fred DiBiase Mrs. Bennefl 'Danny Coomer Queen Morgan LeFay , ,,,, Carol Wrenn 'Mary Lou Cichowski Merlin , ,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.., ..,,, B arry Cullison Queen Guenever ,,,,,, ,. , Judy Thomas 'Riia Lynn Elaine ,, ., ,,,,....,, Carol Spicer 'Lorella Sansard Sandy ,,., ,, ,,,,, , Sandi Tomlon 'Sandy Trembaclc Marion Benner? . ., ,, , ,,,, Kalhy Gee 'Siella Malinauslci ,, Chrisline Lewandowslci 'Gloria Johnson King Arlhur .,,,,, ,,,, , , Terry Wallace Sir Sagramor ,, . .......r Mike Feigerle Lancelol' , ,, ,..,,,, Greg Leonchik 'Jim Kirlc Clarence . , ,, ,,,,,,, , ,,.,,. Marion Kelel 'Cliff Kehoe 'Friday nighl performance Direcfor .,,,.e.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,re Mr. Mclnlurfl Cosfumes, Make-up , ,,.. . Mrs. Andrews Sfudenl' Direcfor .,,,.. Michaeline Mucha SENIOR CLASS BOARD Cliff Kehoe, Presidenf: Sand? Tomlon. Represenfafiveq Mary Lou Cichouski, Represenfafiveg Laura Blazeiak, Treasurem Chrisfine Kondorf RepresenfaHve3 Loreffa Sandsard, Represenfaiiveg S+elIa Maulinauski, HIs+orian7 Rich Ondrovic, Vice President ADAMEK, ALBERT Big Al Prinling Perfecl Allendance I: Camera Club I, 2: Fulure Crafis- men 2, 3, 4. ADAMEK, ROBERT PAUL Bun Norfhern Illinois Universily Quill and Scroll 4: "A" Club 3, 43 Swimming Team I: Maroon 4: Camera Club I: Bowling Team 21 I-Iomeroom Rep. 3. Alfernale 41 Tennis Team ancl Conierence I. 2. 3. 4g Tennis Doubles Champ 2. ADKINS, NAOMI JANE "Midgef" Secrelary "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3, 4: Perlecl Ailendance I, 2. 3. 4. AHRENS. SHARRON JOY Shar I.B.M. School "B" Honor Roll 2: Periecf Allendance 4: Quill and Scroll 45 Argolile 3, Business Mgr. 4: Camera Club I, 2, 3: G.A.A, I: Fulure I-Iomemalcers I: I-li "C" 3, 4. ALBOREZ. LUPE MAIRE Chicago Teachers College MI. Assisi Academy I, 2' G,A.A. 3: Fulure I-Iornemalcers 3, Presidenl 4. ALLAN, JOHN PAUL Doug Weslern Illinois Universily Perfeci Allendance 3, 4, "A" Club 2, 3, Presidenf 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3, 4, Baslcelball Team I: Track Team I, 2. 3, 4, Band I, 21 T.A.B. 2, 3, 4: PresicIenI"s Council 4. ANGELO, DENNIS Angie Illusfraior Swimming Team 2. AN KARBERG, MARCIA Marriage Perfecl' Affendance lg Hall Guard 2: Business Club 37 G.A.A. I: Swim Club li T.A.B. 2. 3. 4. l BARON. RAYMOND Raymo l Chicago Teachers College ' Foolball Team 2. 3, 4. l BATURA. NANCY Business College "B" Honor Roll 2: Perieci Arrendance 2, 3: Office Aide 4: Hall Guard 3: Junior Play Crew 4: G.A.A. 3: Fulure Homemalcers l, 2, 3, 4, Sec,-Treas. BAVUSO, ANITA Nila Beauiician Perfecr Ailendance I, 2, 43 Hall Guard 2: Camera Club l: Bowling Team 3: Nurses Club 2, 3. BENNETT, VIRGIL VAN Virg Elecrronics Engineer "B" Honor Roll 3. 4: Radio Club 3. Treasurer 4: Bowling Team lg Wresiling Team I. ARKEMA. MARGARET Ari: College "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 41 Quill and Scroll 4: Choir I, 2, 3. 4: Cheerleader Ig G.A.A. 47 Spanish Club I, 21 Fulure Teachers 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 35 News Service 4: "Soulh Pacilic" 3, Ticlcel' Mgr. ARMBRUSTER. HARRY Lyon's Township Jr. College Hall Guard 3: Argolile 3, 4: Maroon 4: Camera Club I, 2, 3, Vice Presidenr 4. ATHERTON, NAOMI Nome Beaulician Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus Ig Modern Music Maslers 2. 3: Sourh Pacific 3. BARNETT, THOMAS Beal: Service Perfecl Aliendance 27 Foolball Team I: Hall Guard 4, BILLS, CHARLENE Char Beaulician Choir 4: Hall Guard 3: Business Club I, 2: Homeroom Rep. 3, 4: T.A.B. 3, 4: P.E. Loclrer Guard I, 2. BLAZEJAK, LAURA LYNN Laurie Beaulician "B" Honor Roll 2: Perlecr Allendance 3: Class Officer 4, Treasurer: Class Board 4, Treasurer: Business Club 2. BOGI E, LAURENCE A92 4 . ff I BORYS, ROSEMARIE ANN Tuifi Cosrneloloqy Teaclwer "B" Honor Roll 2, 4: Class Officer 3, Secrelary: Office Aide 3, 4: Library Aide 2: I-Iomeroom Rep. 2: Business Club I, Z, 3: T.A.B. 2, 3. 4: D.O. 4. Secrelary. BOZEC, DENISE MARIAN Denny Secrelary or College Library Aide 2, 3: Senior Play Crew 4: Junior Play Crew 3: Fuiure Teacliers 3. BOZEC, DIANE PAULINE Di Marriage "B" Honor Roll I: I-lall Guard 4: Argolile 2, 4: Junior Play Crew 3: Homeroom Rep. 4: Quill and Scroll 4. BUDDLOCK. CAROLYN BUNDE. SHARYN Bunde Beaurician Freshmen Girls' Clworus I: Equeslrians I, 2: Band-Aide 2. 56 BURKE, MARY ANN Sloney Beaulician Perfeci Ariendance I, 2: Maioreire Sub. I: Library Aide 2, 3, 4: Junior Play Crew 3: T.A.B. 4: Locker Room Mon- iior 3: Ari' Club I, BURKE, PATRICIA Dimples Secrelary Perieci Aiiendance I. 2: Junior Play Crew I. BURKHALTER, JAMES Jim Universify of Illinois "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Perfecl Alrendance I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club Presidenl 3, Vice Presideni' 4: Member of "li's Academic" Team 4: Siamp Club I, 2, 3. 4: Senior Play Crew 2, 3, 4: Junior Play Crew 2, 3: Cram Club 2. 3, 4. BURKHALTER, ROBERT Buck College "B" Honor Rall I, 2, 3: Perfecl Afiendance I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club I, Treasurer 2, Vice Presideni 3. Presideni 4: Spanish Club I: Chess Club 4: "l+'s Academic" Team 4: Calculus Club 4. BYRD, DOROTHY Bird Marriage-Secreiary "B" Honor Roll I, 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Argolife 4: Junior Play Crew 3: Cheerleader I, 2, Co-Capiain 3. 4: Business Club 2, 3: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Home- room Rep. 2. CAIN, WILLIAM Sugar College "B" Honor Roll I, 2: "A" Club 4: Swimming Team 2, 3.4: Baseball Team 2: Swim Club 4: Transferred from Bloom. CARUTH, JANET Susie Noriliern Illinois Universiiy Naiional Honor Socieiy 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Perfecl Aiiendance 2: Library Aide 2, 3, 4: Argolire 4: Senior Play Cas? 4: Cram Club 2. 3: Debare Sociery 2: Drama Club 4. CELENZA, RICHARD Rich Music Transferred from Sf. Procopius: Baslcerball Team I, 2: Band 2, 3. 57 CHAFFIN, GARY Gar Eleclrical Conlraclor Track Team I: Radio Club l, 2, 3: Hi "C" Club 3, 4. CHALIK. ALICE CICENAS, CHARLES ANTHONY Tuna Marines Perlecl Allendance 4: Foolball Team 2, 3: Wreslling Team 2. CICHOWSKI, MARY LOW LuLu College "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Minor Drama Award 3, Maior 4: Class Board 4: Office Aide 3: Library Aide 2, 3, 4: S.A.B. Rep. 4: Hall Guard 3: Senior Play Crew 4: Junior Play Crew and Cas? 3: Cheerleader 2: Cram Club 3. 4: Business Club I, 2, Presidenl 3: G.A.A. I: Drama Club 4: T.A,B. 2, 3, 4: 1963 Speech Conlesl 3: Horneroorn Rep. 2: l.I.T. Compuler Course 4: Senior Scholarship Chairman 4. ' eff' 'ex -z-'FLW' X , ,xi XXI R , I' 2 " :rfff A , .IA . U 3 l CLARK JOYCE ALLYN Nurse Fuiure Hornemalcers I, 2, 4: P.E. Monlor 4: Hi "C" I, 2. COAN, JOSEPH A. Joe Air Condiiioninq COAN, PAUL Beal: Undecided Periecl' Aliendance 2, 3: Vocational Prini 3, 4. COLIN, TONI Bozo Arr School Alhlelic Lady in Walling 3: Freshman Girls' Choir I: Office Aide 2, 3: Senior Play Crew 4: Senior Play Casl 4: Junior Play Crew 3: Business Club I: T.A.B. 2, Secre- lary 3, 4: Homeroom Rep. 3.4. l l CRONON. VIVIAN Bibble Business School Fuiure Homemakers I: Locker Room Moniior 2, 4. CULBRETH. JOHN Trade School Perfecl Aifendance 3, 4. CU LLISON. BARRY Crador Dramaiics Drama Award 3: Foofball Team I. 2, 3, 4: Track Team I. 2: Junior Play Crew 3: Junior Play Casl 3: Drama Club 4. DAVIDSON, GLYNN FRANKLIN Souihern College "B" Honor Roll I: Perfecl Aiiendance I, 2: "A" Club 3. 4: Swimming Team I, 2, 3. 4: Track Team I. 2. 3. 4: Choir 4: Junior Play Crew 3: Spanish Club 4: Chess Club 2: Hi "C" Club 2, 3.4: Cross Counlry I. 2, 3. 4. COOK, JAMES Jim Trade School or Navy "B" Honor Rall 2, 4: Wreslling 2: Vocaiional Prinl 4. COOMER, DANNY L. Oliver Nazarene College "B" Honor Roll I. 4: Drama Award 3. 4: Swimming Team I, 2: Baseball Team I, 2: Band I, 2. 3: Choir I, 2, 4: All Conference Choir 4: Dislricl Choir 4: Hall Guard 4: Senior Play Crew 4: Senior Play Casl 4: Junior Play Crew 3: Junior Play Cas? 3: Radio Club I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club I, 4: Modern Music Masfers I, 2, 3. 4: Spanish Club 3: Fufure Crallsmen I, 2: Chess l, 2, 3, 42 Hi "C" Club I, Presidenl' 2, 3, 4: Choir Musical 4: Hi "C" Soulh Side. Pres. 4. CRAIG. NANCY MARIE Pack Ra+ Southern Illinois Universiiy Counselors' Aide 3: Nurse's Aide 2: Senior Play Crew 4: Equesfrians I, 2, 3, 4. CRAINE, SUSAN Sue Marriage Chair 4. DI GANGI. MARY Mar Regisfered Nurse "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Award 3, 4: Choir l: Office Aide I: Hall Guard 3: Senior Play Crew 4: Senior Play Casf 4: Junior Play Casi' 3: Cram Club I, 2, 3: Drama Club 4: Swim Club 2: Lafin Club I, 2, 3, 4: Scl- ence Club 4: S.A.B. Treasurer 4: D.O. 4. DOLLMANN. PAMELA Pam Beaufician "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Perfecl' Aflendance I: Senior Class Secrefary 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Counselors Aide 3: Hall Guard 2: Maroon 3, 4: Senior Play Crew 4: Junior Play Crew 3, 4: Cram Club 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Lafin Club I, 2, Secrefary 3, 4: Science Club Treasurer Fufure Teachers I, 2, Secrefary 3, Vice Presidenf 4: . .4. DOWD, ANDREW LEE JR. Counf Woo Woo College "A" Honor Roll I, 2: Perfecf Affendance I, 4: Foofball Team I, 2, 3, 4: All-Conference Foolball I, 2: All-Sfafe Foorball I, 2: Baslceiball Team I, 2: Traclc Team I, 2. 3, 4: Choir I. 2, 3, 4: Camera Club I, 2, 3, 4: Equeslrians I, 2, 3, 4: Operefla 3, 4. DULEY, GERALDINE Gerry Secrefarial Worlc Band I, 2: Business Club I. 60 DQJOVINE, PAULA ANN P.A. College "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Perfecf Affendance I, 2. 4: Choir I: Office Aide 3, 4: Hall Guard 3: Cheerleader I, 2, 3: Lafin Club I, 2, 3: Orchesfra 2: Homeroom Rep. 4. DeMITH, RICHARD ANTHONY Rich Undecided Baskefball Team I: Baseball Team 3. DePAOLA, JOSEPH Joe College "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3, 4: Baseball Team 2. 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling Team 4: Conference Band 4: Sfage Band 2, 3, 4: Wind Ensemble 3, 4: Marching Band I. 2, 3. DIBIASE, FREDERICK Dib Wesfern Illinois "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Perfecf Affendance 3: Drama Award 3: S.A.B. Represenfafive 4: Baskefball Team Mgr. 4: Swimming Team I: Maroon 3: Junior Play Crew 3: Junior Play Cas? 3: Radio Club I: Equesirians I: Voca- Honal Priniing 3, 4. DUNIGAN. JOSEPH Trade School Baseball Team 4. DUNKOVICH, KENNETH Dunk Weslern Universily Perfecl Alfendance 3, 4: Hall Guard 2: Baskelball Team 3. DUSTERHOFT, RICHARD Rich College "B" Honor Roll 4: Perfecl Aflendance 2: Bowling Team I. FEIGERLE. MICHAEL Milre Teach Music Drama Award 3, 4: Hall Guard 3. 4: Senior Play Casl: Junior Play Casf: Audio Visual 2, 3. 4: Drama Club 4: Bowling Team I: F.T.A. 2. has 1 'iw H-H mul FIEDLER. SUSAN MARIE Sue College "B" Honor Roll 2, 3. 4: Library Aide 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Spanish Club l: Equeslrians l. 2. 3. 4: Homeroom Rep. 2. 4. FISH BECK. JAMES FISHER. ROBERT Big Bob College Perfecr Alfendance 4: "A" Club 4: Baseball Team 2, 3, 4. FRAGALA. SAMUEL Frog Chicago Teachers College Foolball Team I, 2, 3: Swim Team I: Hall Guard I. 2. 3. 4: Audio Visual 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Equeslrians I, 2, 3: Homeroom Rep. 3. 6I FREZADOS, JOHN GREGORY Greek College Foorball Team I, 2, 3: Baskeiball Team 2, Manager: Track Team I, 2: F.B.L.A. 2: Spanish Club 3: T.A.B. 2, 3, 4. FRIDRICH, MARIE ANN Coolcie Secrefary "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Library Aide 2, 3, 4: F.B.l..A. I. FRIEDL. MARGARET Margie American Academy of Arr "B" Honor Rall 2. 4: Class Board 4: Choir I. 2, 3. 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Modern Music Masfers I, 2, 3. 4: Swim Club I, 2, 3, 4: Larin Club I: Soufh Pacific Casl' and Crew 3: S.A.B. 4. FRYSTAK, KAREN ANN Bruno Beaulician G.A.A. I: Drama Club I, 2: Locker Room Monilor 3: Hall Guard 2. FU RLONG, DENNIS Navy Fur Tongue Foofball Team I, 2, 3: Baskelball Team I, 2, 3: Hall Guard I: T.A.B. I, 2. 3. 4- GABBERT. PEGGY l.B.M. School Bunny "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Maioreife I. 2, 3, 4, Subslirule I. Co-Capfain 4: Equesirians I. 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 3, Presidem' 4: Library Aide 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2, 3, 4. GAMBILL, HERMAN Fender Repair Bowling Team 2: D.O. 3, 4: Club 3, 4-. GARFI, JUDY Airline Siewardess Band I: F.T.A. I. ..Herm.. Homeroom Rep. I. 2: D.O. Harpie l l GILMAN, TERRENCE on Lewis College "B" Honor Roll 3 4: Lafin Club 2 3 4- Hunlin and Fishing Club I. I I I I I g GOODWIN. MATTHEW MQH- Norlhwesrern "B" Honor Roll I. 2: Algebra Tuior 4: Lealher Crafl Club 2. GORSKI, PATRICK Minglgy Army "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3: Maroon 3, 4: Voc. Prinl. 3. 4. GREEN, DANNY E. whip Norlhern Illinois Universily Foolball Team I. 3: Swim Team I: Hall Guard 3: Camera Club I: Science Club 3: Tennis Team I, 2, 3. GASPARAS. ALLEN Gil Prinler "B" Honor Roll I: Band I. 2: D.O. 4. GEE, KATHLEEN Chalfy Kaihy Geee College "B" Honor Roll 4: Perfecf Alfendance 2, 3: Choir 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Junior Play Crew: Junior Play Casrz Camera Club I: Drama Club 4: Debale Sociely 4: Swim Club I, 2: Philosophy Club I. GEWERTH, PATRICIA Pal' I.B.M. School "B" Honor Roll I, 2: Office Aide 2. 3. 42 F.B.I..A. I. 2, 3: T.A.B. 2, 3.4. GIBSON, RAYMOND Ray Trade School Perlecl' Arrendance 2. 4: Baseball Team I. 2. 4. HARTZ. MICHAEL L. Milne Navy Drama Award 2: Swimming Team I, 2, 3: Senior Play Crew Ligliling Direclor 2, 3, 47 Junior Play Crew Lighf- ing Direclor 2, 3, 4: Audio Visual I. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Draa ma Club 4: Stage Crew Lighfing Direclor 2. 3, 4. HEINZE, RICH Woodworking Perlecf Arrendance 4: Hall Guard 2. 3.4: Crafls Club 4. HENDERSON. SHELIA Rough College "B" Honor Roll lp Library Aide 2, 37 Junior Play Crew: GAA. Board Member 2, 3. 4: F.T.A. I. HENIFF, JEAN Peanui Undecided Leaflwer Craffs Club Sec. 3. 64 GRIFFETH, LARRY Hip Marines "B" Honor Roll If Perfecl Aflendance I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Football Team I, 2. 3. 4: Traclc Team I, 2. 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 43 All-Conference Wresrling 2: Hall Guard 4: Sporrs Apprecialion Club I. 2. GRIFFIN. ALICE Nurse HAJEK, RONNIE HANSEN, SHARON Shar Manager of Prince Caslle D.O. 3, 4: D.O. Secrelary 3: D.O. Vice Chairman 4. HERBERT, JEROME Herby Soulhern Illinois U. "A" Honor Roll 2, 3: Perfecl Arfendance 2: Baseball Team I. 2: Cross Counlry Team 2, 3: Bowling Team I. HEWITT, RONALD Baby Huey College Hi C 3, 4: Camera Club I. 2: Radio Club 3, 4. HOLDMAN, LEONARD Lenny Trade School Baseball Team 2, 4. HOPKINS. TREGENA Tree I.B.M. School Maroon 3: Junior Play Crew: F.B.L.A. 3: G.A.A. 3: F.T.A. 3. HYDE, JAMES EDWARD Hyber Norlhern Illinois U. "B" Honor Rall 2, 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: "A" Club 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Baslceiball Team I, 2: Baseball Team I, 2, 3: Maroon 3, 4: T,A.B. I. 2, 3, 4, Presiden+ 3, 4. ISAACSON, JUDITH Judi Secrerary Perlecl Arlendance 2, 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Of- fice Aide 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Rep. 3: Hall Guard 2, 3: F.B.L,A. I. 2: GAA. I: Swim Club 2: T.A.B. 3, 4. JACOBS, TERRENCE Lazy Jake College Nalional Honor Sociely 4: "B" Honor Roll I. 2. 3, 4: Per- feci Allendance 4: "A" Club 3. 4: Fooiball Team 2, 3, 4: Baskelball Team I, 2, 3. 4: Track Team I, 2. 3, 4: Cross Counlry Team I: lf's Academic Applicani 4: Sci- ence Exposilion Isl Place 3: Car Club I: DePaul Science Seminars 4: Cram Club I, 2. JALOVEC, DIANE Dee Secrelary "B" Honor Rall I, 2. 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus II Office Aide 3. 4: Senior Play Crew: Junior Play Crew: Drama Club 4: F.I-LA. I: Transferred from Bremen High School. 65 JEGERSKI, LEN JOSEPH Jiggers Elecrronics Trade School Band I. 2, 3. 4: Hall Guard 3: Radio Club 3: Bowling Team 2: Fulure Craftsmen 3: Bowling Club 2: Homeroom Represenlafive 4: Wooclcrall Club 2. JESSEE, LINDA "Bee" Ari' School-Commercial Arfisf Drama Award 3: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Argolile 2, 3, As- sisianl' Ari Direclor 3. Arr Ediror 4: Junior Play Crew: Business Club I: F.T.A, 3: Equeslrians I. JOHANSEN. JO-ANN Jo College Nalional Honor Sociely 3. 4: "B" Honor Roll I. 2. 3. 4: Perfecr Allendance I, 2. 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Class Board I. 2, 3: Maroon 4: Senior Play Crew: Senior Play Casl: Junior Play Crew: Cram Club 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. Ii ,Drama Club 4: Lalin Club I, 2: Spanish Club 3. 4: Sci- ence Club 3: Fulure Teachers I. 2, 3. 4: Sludenl Senale 45- Sfudenr Tuior 3, 4: Senior Scholarshi Commillee 4: , P ',ExcelIenr" Raiing Disrricl Lalin Conlesr I. JOHNSON. GLORIA Glo Secrelary "B" Honor Roll 3: Drama Award 3: Library Aide 2: Li- brary Club I: P.E. Moniror 3: Hi-C 2. 3: Senior Play Crew: Senior Play Casi: Junior Play Crew: Junior Play Casl: Drama Club 4: Fulure Homemalcers 2. 3, Hislorian 2: Future Teachers 4. JUDD. BONNIE C. Hickey-Do Marriage "B" Honor Roll I: Perfecl Aliendance I7 Choir I: Li- brary Aide 2. 3, 4. JUNIOR, NATHANIEL WALTER Mr. Cool l.B.M. School Perleci Arfendance I: Cram Club I. 2: Equesrrians I. 2. 3. 4: Wreslling I. KEENE. GERALD Jerry Trade School Foolball Team I. 2. 3: Baseball Team I, 4: Hall Guard 2: T.A.B. 2, 3.4. KEHOE. CLIFFORD Cliffy Illinois Slale Normal "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Drama Award I, 2: 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Class Officer, Pres. 2, 3. 4: Class Board 2. 3, 4: Keen Teen Awarcl. "Mosl Popular UndercIassman" 2: Choir I. 2, 3, 4: Maroon 3. 4: Junior Play Crew: Junior Play Casf: Drama Club I, 2. 3. 4: Debale Sociely I, 2: Lalin Club I, 2: Fulure Teachers I. 2. 3. 4: News Service 4: Boys' Slale Represenralive 3: Presiden+'s Council 4. KNIPFER. CONNIE JEAN Con Beaulician Nurse's Aide 3: Business Club 2: Equesfrians I. KOERNER, DALE RAE Poochie Secrefarial Worlc Perlecr Arfendance 4: Choir I, 2, 3: Nurse's Aide 4: Hall Guard 3: Junior Play Crew: Business Club I: "SouI'h Pa- cific" 3. KONDORF, CHRIS Tina Norrhern Illinois Universily "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 3: Class Board 4: Choir 2: Hall Guard 3: Argolile I: Business Club. Pres. 3. KONDORF, MARIE ANGELA Shorfy l.B.M. Operafor Perfecl Arlendance I, 2, 3, 4: "B" Honor Roll 2: Business Club 2, 3: Library Club I. KETEL, MARION LOUISE Kelly Norrhern Illinois "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3. 4: Perfecf Afrendance 2, 3. 4: Drama Award'3, 4: Maiorefie 2: Library Aide 2, 3: Sen- ior Play Crew: Junior Play Crew: Junior Play Casr: G.A.A. 2, 3: Drama Club 4: Swim Club I: Girls' Chorus 4. KIRK, JAMES Jim or Bee Air Force or Navy "A" Club 4: Foolball Team 3, 4: Cafeleria Cashier 4: Hall Guard 3, 4: Junior Play Casr: Audio Visual 3, 4: Transferred from Sl: Rila High School in Junior Yearj KIRK, LARRY WAYNE Gremlin Mechanical Draflsman Perfecr Aflendance I, 2, 3. 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Swimming Team I, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard I: Swim Club I: Sporrs Appreciarion I, 2: Foorball Team I. v,. KLIMEK, THOMAS Klem College "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2,'3, 4: Perfecl Affendance I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 3. 4: Foofball Team I. 2, 3, 4: All-Conference Foorball 4: Bowling Team I: Wresrling I: All-Suburban Foorball 4. KRISTIE. MICHELLE Mickey American School of Beauly Cullure "B" Honor Roll 3, 4: Perfecl Aflendance 2, 3: Choir I: Library Aide 3, 4: 6.A.A. I: Business Club I: Bowling Team 3: Science Club I. KRUEGER. DONALD PAUL Don Lyons Twp. Junior College "B" Honor Roll 3: Class Board I: Hall Guard 2: Audio Visual 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 2. KUZAS, CONSTANCE Darling Doo l.B.M. Operafor or Drarnarics Drama Award 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Hall Guard 3: Senior Play Cash Leading Lady: Junior Play Crew: Business Club I, 2. 3, 4: Drama Club 4. LaLUMANDIERE, SHARON ANN Sharon Clerical Work Library Aide I. 2. 3, 4: Audio Visual I. 68 KONDRY. ALEX JOHN Slrip Weslern Illinois Perfecl Allendance I: Class Officer, Secrelary I, 2: "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3: Baseball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 2. 4: Lafin Club I: Chess I: T.A.B. I, 2, 3, 4, Presideni 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4: Baslcelball Team I, 2, 3.4. KONRATH, KAREN MARIE LiHle One Moser Secrelarial School "B" Honor Roll I. 2, 4: Perfeci' Alfendance I. 2, 4: Alhe Ie+ic Lady in Walling 4: Hall Guard 3: Fulure Home- malcers I. KOZAL, KATHY Cuddles l.B.M. Operalor and Marriage "B" Honor Roll I, 2: Perfecf Ailenclance I: Freshman Girls' Chorus 3: Library Aide 2: Furure Homemakers I. KOZOLA, CAROLYN Secretary Perfecr Allendance I, 2. 3: Business Club I, 2, 3, 4. LAMPHERE, PAMELA Crash "B" Honor Roll 2: Library Aide 2, 3: Junior Play Crew. LANFAIR, EDWARD LAWRENCE Buddy College-Air Force Perfecl Ailendance I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3: Track Team I, 2, 4: Hall Guard 3, 4: Sporrs Appreciafion I: Bowling Club 2: Homeroom Represenla- live 2: Baslcelball Team I, 2. 3. LAPORTE. ANTHONY EDWARD Tony Weslern Illinois Universily "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 4: Perfeci Aflendance 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Foolball Team 2: Baseball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling Team I :T.A.B. 4. LAPORTE. ROBERT MATHIAS Bob Lyons Twp. Junior College "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll I: Lalin Club I, 2: Furure Teachers I. LEGRAND, RICHARD Rich Priniing Wresllinq I, 2, 3: Audio Visual I, 3. LEONCHIK, GREG Leach College Perfecr Aifendance 2, 3: "A" Club 3, 4: Swimming Team I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3: Choir 4: Junior Play Casi: Radio Club I: Debare Socieiy I: Chess 2. LEWANDOWSKI, CHRISTINE Tina College "B" Honor Roll 2, 3: Perieci Allendance I, 2, 3. 4: Ma- ioreiie 2, 3, 4: Junior Play Casi: Camera Club I: GAA. 3, 4. Board Member 4: Spanish Club 4: Homeroom Rep- resenralive 2: Pep Club 4: lvlalh Aid 4. LICQUIA, JUDITH HELGA Judy Cenrral Bible Inslilule Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Girls' Glee Club 4. 69 LINAS, VIVIAN Viv Secrelarial Work "B" Honor Roll 4. LORENTE, LAWERENCE Larry Norihern Illinois Universiry Perfecr Aiiendance 2, 3: Baseball Team 2. 3, 4: Hall Guard 3: Junior Play Crew: Bowling Team 2: Alfended Sf. Mel I. LOVE, JAMES Baby Huey Machine Work Radio Club 2: Equesirians I: Advanced Chorus for Boys 4. LUCHESI, LINDA THERESA Moser Secreiarial School "B" Honor Roll 3: Perleci Aiiendance Z. 4: Argolife I: Audio Visual 2: Business Club I. 2, 3, 4: Homeroorn Repa reseniafive 3. LUCIANI, RICHARD Dago College Track Team I: Homeroom Represenrarive 4: Audio Visual 3 4. LYNN, RITA MAE Loyola Universiry Naiional Honor Socieiy 3, 4: "B" Honor Rall I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Award 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Class Board I, 2. 3: S.A.B., Secrelary 4: Debaie Award 2, 3: Hall Guard 2: Maroon 2, 3, 4: Co-Ediior of Ediforial Page 4: Jr. Play Crew: Jr, Play Casif Camera Club I: Cram Club 2 3. 4: Debale Socieiy 2, 3, Secreiary 2, Pres. 3: F.T,A. 2, 3, Hisrorian 4: S,A.B, Rep. I, 2, 3: Senior Scholarship Commiiiee 4: College and Career Commiilee 4: Pep Club 4' Equesrrians I. LYZNICKI, SHIRLEY SI1irI Secreiary Business Club I. MAKAROFF. ELIZABETH BeH'y Jo Secrerary "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3, 4: Perfecf Aiiendance 2, 3: Keen Teen Award, Most Popular Underclassman Girl 2: AII1- Iefic Homecoming Queen 4: AIhIe'ric Lady in Wairing I: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Office Aide I. 2, 3, 4: Homee room RepresenIaIive 3. 4: Cheerleader I. 2, 3: Business Club I, 2: G.A.A. I: T.A.B. 3. 4. MARTIN. CHARLES Ronald Air Force Perfecf Allendance I : Track Team 2: D.O. Club 4. MASON, JOE MATYKIEWICZ, EDWARD Trade School MCCURRIE, JESSE EARL Siumpy Bulcher Band l. 2. 3.4. MALINAUSKI, STELLA Sunny Knox College Nalional Honor Sociefy 3. 4, Sec.-Treas.: "A" Honor Roll I. 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Class Officer 4, Hislorian: Library Aide 3: Speech Conlesl Play I: Maroon 3. Page I Edilor: Cram Club 2. 3: Senior Play 3: Drama Club 2: Debale Sociely I: Bowl- ing Team I: Spanish Club I. 2: Science Club 3: Fulure Teachers I, 2. 3, 4, Presidenf: News Service Edilor 4: Trexler Award 3: Nalional Meril Winner 4: Presiden'r's Council 4, Presidenl: D.A.R. Award 4. MALOY. DOROTHY Dee Drama Award 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Office Aide 2: Argolile 3, 4: Maroon 4: Junior Play Crew: Senior Play Casl: Drama Club 4: Debafe Sociefy 2: La'rin Club I. 2. 3. 4: Science Club 3: Fulure Teachers 2, 3. 4: Equeslrians I: Bowling Team I. MARDIS, JOE Jo Jo Marine Corps "A" Club 4: Foolball Team I, 2. 3, 4: All-Conference Foolball Team 3: Baslceiball Team 2. 3: Track Team 4: Fulure Craflsmen 2. MARTENS. CAROLE Nursing Career Business Club I, 3. MUCHA, MICHAELINE MARY Milre Goodman School of Drama "B" Honor Roll I. 3, 4: Perfecf Allendance I, 2: Drama Award 3.4: Quill and Scroll 4: Hall Guard 3: Senior Play Casl, Siudeni Direclor: Junior Play Casl, Sludenl Direc- for: Cheerleader 2, of Wreslling Team: Audio-Visual ,3: Cram Club 2, 3: G.A.A. I: Drama Club 4, Vice Presidenf: Debafe Socieiy 2, Secrerary 3: Spanish Club I, 2: Fu- Iure Homemaker 2: F.T.A. I, 2, 3: Confesr Play 3: Con- Iesl Play Direcior 4: News Service 4: P.E. Aide 4: Frosh- Soph Debale Coach 4: V.F.W. Essay ISI' 2: V.F.W. STATE Essay Slh 2. MYERS, JAMES Curley Marines Band I, 4. NAGODE, PATRICIA JOYCE Pai' Sienographer "B" Honor Roll I, 2: Band I, 2: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. I: Homeroom Rep. 2. NELSON, ARTHUR Ari' Universily ol Illinois Nalional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: "B" Honor Roll 3, 4: Perlecr Allendance I, 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Band I: Cross Couniry 2, 3, 4: Wresiling I: Golf Team 4. 72 MESHKIN, LAWRENCE Larry Weslern Universiry "B" Honor Roll 2: Perfecl Ailendance 2, 4: Band I, 2, 4. MISERENDINO, RUSSELL Wap Norihern Universily "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2, Treasurer 3: Class Board 2, 3: "A" Club 3, 4: Foolball Team 2: Swim- ming Team I: Band I, 2, 4: Choir 4: S.A.B. Presidenr 4: Modern Music Masiers 3: Bowling Team 2, 3: Lalin Club I, 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. I, 3, 4, Hisiorian 2: Equeslrians I: Ten- nis Team I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Couniry I: T.A.B. 3, 4: Hi "C" 3: D.A.R, Award 4. MOLENAAR. MICHAEL Mike Soulhern Universily "B" Honor Roll 2: Bowling Team 3. MUCHA. CHARLENE Mocch Srenographer Perieci Allendance 2: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Hall Guard 3: Fuiure Teachers I. NICKOLOU. JAMES School for Meal Curling Swimming Team I, 2: Cram Club I, 2, 3. NIZIOLEK, JANET Niuy Bogan Junior College Hall Guard 3: Business Club I: Fulure Teaclners 3: Equess Irians I, 2. NUCCIO. DENISE Norfhern Illinois Universify "B" Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3: Majoreile I, 2, 37 Office Aide 4, Senior Play Crew, Drama Club I: Span- ish 3, 4, Fufure Teaclners 3: Ari Club I. ONDROVIC, RICHARD spyder Souflnern Illinois Universify "B" Honor Roll 3: "A" Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. Senior Class 4: Swimming Team I, 2, Maroon 3, 47 Radio Club I: Bowling Team I, 2: T.A.B. 4: Vocaiional Prinf 3, 4. OTTO, RICHARD Rich College or Trade School Perfecl' Affendance 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4: Foo+baII Team I, 2: Baskefball Team 2: Track Team 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: Cross Coun+ry 3, Horneroorn Represeniafive 2. PAHALEK, EDWARD sig Ed Traffic Engineer Traclc Team I. PAJEWSKI, STEVE Uncle Slevie Undecided PANICE, RONALD Herman Sourlnern Illinois Universiiy "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 47 "A" Club 3, 47 Perlecl Allend- ance 33 Swimming Team I. 2. 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, 3, 4: Camera Club Ip Bowling Team I, 2, 3: Fine Arls Club I: Equesfrians 2. 73 PAZIN. NICHOLAS Nici De Vry Technical lnsfifufe Band I, 2: Radio Club 4: Bowling Team I. PETTRONE, CHARLES Cliuclc De Vry Technical lnsfifufe Baslcefball Team I, 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Radio Club 2, 3, 4. PINAS. ROBERT Bob Universify of Illinois Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Perfecf Affendance I, 3, 4: "A" Club 3. 4: Golf Team 4: Hall Guard 4: Cram Club 3. Secrefary 4: Lafin Club I, 2, 3, 4: Clwess 2: Cross Couna fry Team 2, 3, 4: Wresfling Team I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Team I, 2. PINZINO, GERALD Jerry College Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll I: "B" Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Cram Club 2, 3. Vice-Presidenf 4: Tennis Team I, 2, 3: lf's Academic Team 4: Conference Music Festival 3. 4. PLESHA, KATHLEEN POLLICK, GEORGE "G. P." Easfern Illinois Universify Drama Award I: Class Officer, Treasurer I: Hall Guard 2: Argolife 3: Drama Club I. 2: Debafe. POMIANOWSKI, ROMANA Polock College Perfecf Affendance I, 2. 3, 4: Track Team I: Hall Guard 3: Bowling Team I: Wresfling I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: S.A.B. Represenfafive 4. PRITCHARD, LONNIE Sfudious Air Force Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: "B" Honor Roll 4: "A" Club 2: Baslrefball Team 2: Hall Guard I: Fufure Craffsmen I. RAMSEY, MARY LOU May Lou Clerk Clioir I, 2, 3. 4: Freshman Girls' Clnorus I: Camera Club I, 27 Deloale Socieiy 35 Soulli Pacific 3: Hi C I, 2, 3, 4. RANGER, FREDERICK RASMUSSEN, DOROTHY Dorih Sienograplwer "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3: F.B.L.A. 3, Secre- fary: G.A.A. I, Homeroom Rep. 4. REED, LESTER Fran C.T.C. Hall Guard 2: Senior Play Crew 4, Equeslrians 4. PUCKETT, ROBBIE Pixie Nursing Library Aide 4: G.A.A. I: F.H.A. 2. PUKULA, WAYNE "326" Air Force Perfecl Aliendance 2, 4: Auclio-Visual 4: Bowling Team 2. PYRZ, KENNETH EDWARD Kenny College Nalional Honor Socieiy 3, 41 "A" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Perfecl Allendance 4: Class Officer I, 2, 3: Keen Teen Award I, Mos? Popular Underclassmanx "A" Club 2, 3. 4: Fooiball Team I, 2, 3, 4, All Conference Foolball 4. Honorable Menlion: Baslcelball Team I, 2, 3, 41 Baseball Team I, 2, 3, 4, Maroon 4: Science Exhibilion 3, Third Place, Slale Lalin Conlesl I, Excellenl Ralingg Sfale Lafin Conlesl' 2. Superior Ralingg Slale Meril Semi-FinaI- isl 4: ll's Academic Applicanl' 3, 47 DePaul Science Sem- inar 4: News Service 3, 4. RADZIK, JOSEPH Cowboy College Perfecf Allendance 2, 4, Junior Play Crew: Slage Crew 2. 7 Q l ROBERSON. THOMAS RAE Ace Universiry of Illinois Nalional Honor Sociely 3, Presidenf 4: "A" Honor Roll I: "B" Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: Drama Award 3, 4: Foolball Team I: Baslcelball Team I: Track Team I: Choir I, 2, 3: 4: S.A.B. Represenlarive I: Senior Play Casf: Drama Club 4: Debafe Sociely 2: Modern Music Maslers 2, 3: Spanish Club I: Cross Counlry 2, 3: S.A.B. Vice-Presidenf 4: I-Ii-C 2, 3, 4: "SouII1 Pacific" 3. ROBINSON, SAM Swig Norrlwern Illinois Unlversily "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Perleci Allendance I: Foolball Team I. 2, 3: Baslcerball Team I, 2: Baseball Team I, 2. 3, 4. RUCKAUF, BOB Ruclr Lewis College - Perfecl Allendance 4: Swimming Team I. 2, 3, 4: Traclc Team 2: Hall Guard 2: Audio Visual I: Fulure Cralfsmen I. 2: Cl1ess I, 2. SALAMON, JACOB FRANCIS Big Jake Elmhursf College "B" Honor Roll 2, 3: "A" Club 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball Team I, 2, 3: Hall Guard 4: Bowling Team I: Wreslling 2, 3. 76 REIMER, SUSAN Susie Moser Secrelarial Scliool "B" Honor Roll 2, 3: Perfecf Allenclance 4: Business Club I, 2, 3, 4: C-5.A.A. I, 2: Fulure I-Iomemalcers 3. REJLEK, HENRY Herni Denlisl' "A" Club 4: Swimming Team I, 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Crew: Drama Club 4: Modern Music Maslers I, 2, 3: Swim Club I, 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3: Hi-C 2. RENEAU, RAYMOND Norllwern Illinois Universily Perlecl' Allendance I, 2, 4: Lalin Club I, 2: Science Club 4. RIDDELS, BARBARA ANN Barb College "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Clwolr I, 2, 3, 4: Freslnman Girls' Clworus I: Business Club I: Lafin Club 2: Hi-C 2, Treas- urer 3, 4: "SouIl1 Pacific" 3. SALELA, SUSAN Susie Beaufician Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Argolife 3, Typing Edifor 4: Camera Club I: Business Club 2: Drama Club I: Equeslrians 2. SANDLIN. SHARON l.B.M. Keypunch Operafor Library Aide I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 3, 4: Hi-C 4: Teacher's Aide I: Girls' Glee Club I, 2: Transferred from Mounf Assisi. SANSARD, LORETTA Confagious Norfhwesfern Universify Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Class Board I, 3, 4: Lady in Waifing Candidafe 2: Maioreffe I, 2, 3, 4: S.A,B. Represenfafive I, 3, 4: Chairman of Coronafion 3. 4: Greaf Books Club 3: Mafh Aide 2, 3: Maroon 4: Junior Play Crew: Junior Play Casl: Cram Club Treas- urer 2, Secrefary 3. Presidenf 4: Debafe Sociefy 3: Span- ish Club I, 3, 4, Treasurer 2: Science Club 3: F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Scholarship Commiffee 4: V.F.W. Essay Award 2, 3: l.A.S.C. Summer Leadership Workshop Del- egafe 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Perfect Affendance 2, 3, 4. SCANLON. JACK Trade School Wresfling 2: Hall Guard 3. SCHEDIN, KAREN Norfhern Illinois Universify "B" Honor Roll 4: Perfecf Affendance 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Choir I: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Office Aide 2, 3: Maroon 4: Junior Play Crew: G.A.A. I, 2: Bowling Team I, 2: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Science Club 3, 4: Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 4. SCHEUER, JOHN Big John Chicago Teachers College Foofball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Track Team l. 3, 4: Hall Guard 3: Audio Visual 3: Camera Club I: Wresfling Team 2. 3, 4: I-li-C 3, 4: Transferred from Carl Sandburg. SCHIKORA, RICHARD Chicago Teachers College Swimming Team I: Junior Play Crew: Bowling Team I: Fufure Craffsmen 3. SCHMIDT. PATRICIA Pal' Business College "B" Honor Roll I. 2: Perfecf Affendance 2, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Office Aide 3: Nurse's Aide 4: Senior Play Crew: Junior Play Crew: G.A.A. I, 2, 3: Fufure Homemalcers I, 2, 3, 4: Fufure Teachers I, 3: Homeroom Represenfalive 3. 77 SCHMITT, BETTY Be+ College - "B" Honor Roll I. 2. 3.4: Perfecf Allendance I, 2: Choir 2: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Office Aide 4: Spanish Club I. SCHNEIDER, LENORE Lorrie Business Career "B" Honor Rall I, 2: Choir I. 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: P.E. Alcl 4. SCHREIBER, RICHARD Alan Own Garage Hall Guard 2. 3: Wreslling 3: Hi-C 3. SEWARD, WILLIAM Willy College "A" Club 3, 4: Foofball Team I. 2, 3: Hall Guard 4: Wresiling I, 2. 4. SEXTON, CLARENCE Shorly Trade School Camera Club I: Fulure Craffsmen I, 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Induslrial Arls 4: Presidenl Council 4: Homeroom Rep- resenfafive 4. SEXTON, REX FRANKLIN Mucl: College Baslcefball Team I: Spanish Club I: Cross Counlry Team 2: Argolile 2. SHEAR. RONALD Ron Pharmacy College "A" Honor Roll 2, 3: "B" Honor Roll I, 4: Hall Guard 4: Camera Club I: Spanish Club I. 2: Hall Guard 4. SHELTON, DENISE Denny "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 4: G.A.A. 2: Spanish Club I. 2: Fufure Homernalcers 2: Chess 2, 3. SKYBROCK, GARY Universify of Illinois "A" Honor Roll I, 2: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Perfecl' Alfendance 4: Bowling Team I, 2: Spanish Club I, 2: Science Club 4. SMITH. CONSTANCE Connie Nurse's Training Nurse's Aide 3, 4: Senior Play Crew 4: Equeslrians 4: Fulure Nurses Club I, 2. Secrelary 3. SMITH, MARILYN KAY Sanlca Oliver Nazarene College "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3: Perfecl Allendance I, 2: Quill and Scroll 4: Choir I, 2, Accompanisl 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Maroon 4: Senior Play Casl: G.A.A. 2: Drama Club 4: I-Ii-C Secrelary I, 2, 3. 4: "SouI'h Pacific" Organisf 3: All Slale Choir 2: M.E.N.C. Choir 2: Diss 'lricl' Choir 4: News Service 4. SIEG, MARGARET Illinois Sfale Universily "A" Honor Rall I: "B" Honor Ro Office Aide 4: Nurse's Aide 4: J II I,2, 3,4 Band I 2 unior Play Crew Cram Club 3, 4: Swim Club 2: LaI'in Club 2. 3.4: Fufure Home makers I: Furure Craflsmen 4: Lalin Tulor 4 Teachers Aide 4: Isl Place Hislory Awa Conference Represenlalive 2, 3. SIEG. MARY Regislered Nu rse rd 2: Soufh Suburban "A" Honor Rall I: "B" Honor Roll 2, 3. 4 Perfecf AI Iendance I, 2, 4: Band I, 2: Nurse's Aide 4 den+'s Council 4: Junior Play Crew: Cram u 2 Secrelary 4: Swim Club I, 2, 3, Presidenl 4 I.aI'ln Club 2, 4, Presidenf 3: Lafin Tulor 4: resenlalive Io Red Cross Camp 4. SIROKY, ROBERT Plaslerer SINACOLA, RONALD Barber Fufure Nurses 3 Rep Baslcelloall Team I, 2: Baseball Team 2: Transferred rom Kelly -High School. GD .L I7 Ag'A i I , I STICHTER, EDELTRAUD Eilwel Order Expedifer Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Business Club I: Junior Play Crew: Argoliie Business Manager 2. 3, Edilor-in-Chief 4. SZCZEPANIAK, DONALD Don College Perfecr Alrendance 2, 4: Swimming Team Ig Traclc Team 2: Hall Guard 3: Bowling Team I, 2. TAORMINAL JAMES Jim School or Work Foofball Team I, 4: Baseball Team I: Bowling Team 3: Hall Guard 4. 80 SNEED, RAE BOBBIE Son Truck Driver "A" Club I: Foolball Team 3: Baslceiball Team 3: Track Team 3. SPICER, CAROL LEE Spice Noriliern Illinois Universily "B" I-lonor Roll I, 2, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Office Aide 3: Maroon 4: Junior Play Crew: Junior Play Casi: Camera Club I, 2: Cram Club 2, 3, 4: Debafe Sociely 2, Vice- Presidenl 3: Lafin Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club Hisrorian 3: Science Club 3. Secrelary 4: Fuiure Teachers 2, 3, 47 Chess 4: Debale Award 2, 3. STEC, CASIMIR ADAM Casey Norlliern Illinois Universiiy "B" Honor Roll I. 2, 3, 4: Baseball Team I. 2, 3, 4. STEWART, THOMAS Spin Army Periecl Alrendance 2: Swimming Team I, 2: Camera Club I: Equesrrians I: Srage Crew 3. THERES. BARBARA Barb Beauly School Jr. Play Crew: Business Club I: G.A.A. I: Bowling Team I. THIELE. ROSE ANN Rosie College or Business School Hall Guard 3: Jr. Play Crew: Sr. Play Crew: G.A.A. I: F.T.A. 3: Library Club I: Science Club 3. THILL, JOHN Weasel Trade School "B" Honor Roll I. 2: Wreslling I. THOMAS. JUDITH ANN Judy College Nalional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll 2: "B" Honor Rall I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Award 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Class V. Pres. I, Hislorian 2: Class Rep. I, 2. 3: Maroon 2, 3, Edifor-in-Chief 4: Sr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Cash Cram Club 2, 3: Debale Sociely 4: Bowling Team I: Larin Club 4: Spanish Club I, 4, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4: S.S.C.S.C. Advisory Board Member 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Proiecls Commillee Chairman 3, Pres. 4: Speech Con'res+ I-Acr Play 2, Speech Con- lesianl 3. THORSANDER, GLEN ERIC Thor College "B" Honor Roll 2: Sr. Play Crew 2, 3, 4: Jr. Play Crew 2, 3, 4: Slage Crew 2. 3, 4. TOBOLSKI, DIANE MARIE Di Secrelary "B" Honor Roll I, 2: Library Aide I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Play Crew: Business Club 2: Bowling Team 2: T.A.B. 2, 3, 4. TOMLON, SANDRA MARIE Sandi College "B" Honor Roll I. 2: Perlecl Allendance 4: S.A.B. Rep- resenlariye 3, 4: Alhlelic Lady in Wailing 2: Office Aide I, 2. 3: Maroon 4: Jr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Casl: Business Club I, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: F.T.A. I: T.A.B. I, 2, 3.4: Teacher's Aide 3: Sludenl Senafe 2, 3: Lady in Wailing Candidafe I, 4. TOMNITZ, ALLAN AI Soulhern Illinois-F.B.I. Baseball Team 4. TOURVILLE, PAULETTE "Tour-v" Beaulician Business Club I. 4: G.A.A. I. TREMBACK. SANDRA MARIE Sandy Northern Illinois Universily "B" Honor Roll 2, 3.4: Drama Award 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Maroon 4: Jr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Casl: Drama Club I, 2: Bowling Team I: Spanish Club 3, 4: Science Club 3. TURNER, MARY DELORES Lois Norlhern Illinois Universify "B" Honor Roll I, 2. 3. 4: Perlecf Aflendance I. 2, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Choir I: Fresh. Girls' Chorus I: Office Aide 4: Homeroom Rep. 3, 4: Argolile 4: Jr. Play Crew: Business Club 2, 3, 4: G.A,A. I, 2. Pres. 3: Modern Mu- sic Maslers I, 2. 3: Spanish Club I, 2. 3, 4: Fulure Home- malcers I:Eques1rIans I, 2, 3. 4: G.A.A. Camp Treasurer 2. VALOVIC. KATHLEEN Kaih Marriage Business Club I. 2. VIGILETTI. AL Dago Mechanic School Transfer Srudenr. VUKOSOVICH. LINDA MARIE I.B.M. Operaror Business Club I. 2. 3, 4: Library Aide 3: Hall Guard 27 Jr. Play Crew: Perfecr Alrendance I, 2. 3. WALLACE, TERRY Terry Norrhern Illinois Universify "B" Honor Roll I, 4: Perlecl Allendance I. 2, 3, 4: Drama Award 3: Quill and Scroll 4: "A" Club 3. 4: Fooiball Team I, 2. 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3. 4: Tennis I, 2: Hall Guard I, 2: Sr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Casr: Audio Visual 2, 3: Drama Club I. 2. 3, 4: Lalin Club I, 2: Science Club 4: F.T.A. 4: Equesfrians I: News Service 4: Homeroom Rep, 2, 3. WALTERS, CAROLYN Reb Work Perfeci Alfendance I, 2, 3: Hi-C 2. 3. WILLANS, SANDRA LOUISE Sandy Business College "B" Honor Roll 2: Perlecl Allendance 2: G.A.A. I, 2, 3: Spanish Club I: F.T.A. I: Equeslrians 2: Hall Guard 3. WILLIAMS, ELLEN "Mom" Waves Nurse's Aicle 3: G.A.A. I: Hall Guard 2: Spanish Club 3: Science Club 2: FHA. I: Equeslrians 2. WILLIAMS, JOE Yo-seph Technology School "B" Honor Roll 4: Perlecl Allendance I: "A" Club 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3: Baslcelball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc Team I, 2: Baseball Team 4: All Conference Baslcelball 4, WODICKA, KAREEN ELIZABETH Bowling Green Slale Universily "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Argolile 4: Jr. Play Crew, Prop Chairman: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 2, Hislorian 3. WARGOWSKY, RICHARD ERWIN Wormy College "B" Honor Roll 2: Wresfling I, 2, 3. WARZYNSKI, CHESTER Rich Soulhern Illinois Universily "B" Honor Rall I: Baseball Team 4: Bowling Team 2: Spanish Club I. WASHKIS, ROGER ALAN Waller Ski College Nalional Honor Soclely 3, 4: "A" Honor Roll I, 2: "B" Honor Roll I. 2, 3. 4: Perlecl Allendance I, 2, 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: "A" Club 4: Foolball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- lrelball Team I: Track Team I, 2, 3: Maroon 3, 4: Lalin Club I: T.A.B. 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3, 4. WHITE, MICHAEL D. Devil I.B.M. School "B" Honor Roll I, 2: Foolball Team I: Baskelball Team I, 2: Track Team I, 2: Hall Guard 4: Fulure Craflsmen 3. WRENN. CAROLE M. Shorfy Goodman School of Drama "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Drama Award 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Choir I: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Sr. Play Crew: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Play Crew: Jr. Play Casl: G,A.A. I: Drama Club 4: Lalin Club 2: F.T.A. I: Equesfrians I: T.A.B. 2, 3, 4: News Service 4. YARBROUGH. RONALD WAYNE "Bird" College "B" Honor Roll I: Foolball Team I: Hall Guard 3, 4: Bowling Team 3. YURETICH. AMELIA Amy Wesfern Illinois Universify "A" Honor Roll I: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3.4: Class Board I: Jr. Play Crew: G.A.A. I, 2: Spanish Club 3: T.A.B. 2. 3, 4, Sec. 3. ZAJDA, JAMES "Zai" Marine Corps Perfect Aflendance I. 2, 4: Swimming Team I, 2. 84 WOJCIK, KATHLEEN Woi Business College Quill and Scroll 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Office Aide 4: Hall Guard 2, 3: Argolile 4: Jr. Play Crew: Cheer- leader I: Business Club 3: G.A.A. I: Drama Club 4: Lafin Club I, 2. WOLF, LESTER ARTHUR Quill and Scroll 4: "A" Club 4: Swimming Team I: Track Team 2, 3: Baseball Team 4: Argoliie 4: Maroon 3: Audio Visual 2: Camera Club I, 2. 4. Treasurer 3: Bowling Team I, 2: Equeslrians I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Treasurer 3: Tennis I: Crafi Club 4. WOOD. WILLIAM LEE "Wee WiIIie" College Narional Honor Sociely 4: "B" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball Team 2, 3, 4: Track Team 2, 3, 4: Cram Club I. 2: Wreslling I, 2, 3. 4: Car Club I: De Paul Science Seminar 4: l.l.T. Compuler Course 3. WOZNIAK, CHESTER Siell Wesiern Illinois Universily "B" Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 4: Foo'rball Team 2: Baslcelball Team I. 3. 4: Band I. 2: Hall Guard 4: Cam- era Club I: Spanish Club I: T.A.B. 2, 3, 4. ZARZYCKI, JAN ZAWISLAK. ROBERT JACK Waldo Weasel College "B" Honor Roll I, 2: Perfecl Allenclance I, 3, 4: Hall Guard 4, Camera Club I, 2, Wresfling Team I, 2, Tennis Team I, 2: Cross Counrry I, 2: Sr. I.ady'in-Walling Es- corf 4. L Z f f ZIMMER, KAREN MARGARET Marriage "B" Honor Roll 2, 3, Perfecf Alfendance 4: Camera Club I: Hall Guard 2. ZINOVIK, SHARON LEE Beaufician Clwolr I. 1 74 td 2 ,ll s G 1 5 A -4 JJ 'Q' I n Q' X Q '5'-' I .5992 ' ' Fu 549 3. QZSWNVVQ sk C Q 86 X' "" .f""' 'L I.. 5,4 Y., 11,11 ,I- Q , ' 5. if .M wAm,k?.g.g, GWR' K' I mm f . 55,51 Fw Russ Miserendino Jay Rosellini Jay, Russ,CoacI1 SmIIIxson, and Don ARGO Morfon Wesf 0 R. B. 2 Morfon Easf 0 Homewood I ,np TI1orn+on Twp. 2 I I Homewood I jump Thornridge 0 " Rich Easf 2 LocIxpor+ 0 Kankakee 2 Eisenhower I Jolief I -I -I I- IL C U5 90 1 of 4- r: .a .D o D3 of 4 ru c N 2 an N cj S fo nc ui T1 w 3 .5 :X .Q O U IU -A i- ni A4 .. .9 mL fi us .D : M 'B C an 3 an .: u U7 1 .fr 01 : o -a d ai 'D 5- I 6 ci- x: 2 .. : u. of .Q on - PJ of U .2 2 1-i .6 ..- GJ ...- - ': LD .I .E U 'U o U .-C .9 - cu s uv nl 3 O rx D- 9 ax .9- ff .c Q ru O O .E .2 fo QD 'S - . GJ -.E O O O 16 'a E Q? cn nl 6 lr: E L O ru lf- -5 .E 3 xc cj Harcar J. :E 2 'C ini. R. Pyrz. Rose ood. J. aberq, W. W S71 . W. Gre ek arron, T. Kiim n, M. Kwiafkowski, D. M Ii Dineff, R. Dah rvcki. D. Ko .E. GS Thom L. Lafon, D. Burke, R. Bw 2 l 3 Lf ui 5 O X LU .I Q .9 2 .4 cw E -E 0 E O 5 u. Q2 E PN a. si bl .. 'o C c 5.4 4 .5 C .E O I-J Ammons. ee, C. c6 nneff, T. M Be .L. ells .T.W ullison. J. Salamon kis, B. C ash . D. Baron, F. Konke, J. Kirk, R. W ann ng Discenza. H. M F. Krok, D. Bryant F. Merdis. T. .i .I ri 3 o :K 2 o lr o G ui an -C u U o O - ..- o C c YC E ul :E L' 'C T 'U an .. 3 ..- .9 0. .4- o Z ,- s+s5Qv3ggf2f3E552g.5sf1v Q gg 5 ., 5' wg. V. I,-Q, I . ,g 3 if-.ff '- :s' 5 1 .1 - -we . W. 'L , 1 - I, 5,3 g Q 1 ' -1' ' We 1 ' 2 ,4g,,gL'.f'i5r.f 1: 12 5 . ., . .3 -' fi: W kg - 1 Ig' ., f?'Qff' e - ,, - . 'if' . fy Y: 2 f.4?t-l,.-1' J J" 537-5 f K f IQ' 2"f ,s Q 4 I Af' -I ' 1. xv ' gn: -ef I' ' ' I 9 - " 1 3 W. If , . 1 165 , , 'f 4-1 ' - 1 5 ,Q 4' be . 5 5 . , 255551 V111 ' fx M-, ei,'.,j,fj,ix,,., ,Z - gf' ' H ff 55 .:' 21+ ' yr. - k ., ,,L. L - ' Z k igyz"f,:,E5.,Mj " W A 3ff'gi?,3,'g5,,f' .1 f 422' aj' : I I I k ' I. ' Q ' x .W 2 -f -wg f -. gi .s 1"i,gLf ' ff '. f d' .. If-VY' f Q I If ,. . . I . dy , 2, . are I If I I W I I 2 1. S' Y I -'-ff W ik1!5f7t,57"r, ' f7'2-ka X ,ffv".'L 'f 4-' .f M999-".?.'-5,4-r ' .f 'll . ,g I 5 ' gf. I ', L I ., H - - V f 5,1 ,'f'fp"Ef'?'fii'1 -V '- :X . , ,..u"", , ,. . .. iq' 11- ef .M I:-, A .0.xwf-vw.. J , qw ,W m N., ,K - " 1' v,,qgfJJf,, f5 - ' .-r-eff? 1gf. w ,,, - J ., wa, , f 3 'IF ' " 't5Z..gH' A' ' , - " wg. is , .f iw "' I ,f .- 4' . - , sw' ,A , V- V ,g e . ' . 1 .. V1.5-gh ' 'if'-:L zz., . ., "' WT. 'Q .'-Q I 1 .- :fl ,I+ " .Jiif k - . , Qin -. ' -I ,, ' " . ",, rg Tom Alpefef .4 ' I I A Tom Klimek ARGO Pekin 25 Marque+Ie I3 Thornridge I9 Lockporf 4I S. Eisenhower 26 Thornfon I4 BIoom 2I Kankakee 7 Jolief 34 Paul AIIen urn I-'Iarcar 'DW Ken Pyrz HOMECOMING VICTORY LINE Argo's inexperienced Team placed sixlh in conference fhis year wifh a record of +wo wins and four losses. l-lighlighling The year was 'rhe homecom- ing game when The Argonauls defeafecl Thornlon I8-I4 for Argo's firsl' conference win of fhe season. Nexf year, wI+h fhe seasoned players from +he Sophomore Team, and wi+h valu- able 'slcill gained, fhe Varsify Team will be a 'rhrea+ for fhe conference. K ' Bob Pyrz and opposifion leap fly Arqonauis +o fha end. for ball, FOOTBALL IN ACTION A.C.H.S. VARSITY BASKETBALL 'Nyce X N' Leff fo righf: Frank Pyrz. Tyrone McDanieIs, Henry Manning, Bob Pyrz, Terry Jacobs, Tyrone Mitchell Clifford Johnson, Chesler Woznialr, Winsfon Fields, Dadid Loffon, OHS Washingfon, Joe Williams Ken Pyrz. Cenfer: John Chaosl. Mgr., Coach Gene Smlfhson, Andy Swisfon. Mgr. 94 fffk 1. pun' al-'F' .ur 1' 1 I Tyrone Mxfchell Dave Loffon Bob Pyrx Frank Wmsfon Fields Ken Pyrx Cliff Johnson Argo s'l'arl'ed 'the season wil-h an inexperienced group of alhleles- however, in +he lasl half of 'lhe season lhe Argonauls displayed consid- erable improvemenl. Argo broke a lrhree-year iinx in rhe conference as 1-hey "drowned" Thornridge for fheir lirsl' conference game in 37 slarfs. During The Regional Tournamenl Jrhe Argonauls again displayed im- provemenl' and alfhough 'lhey losf 'ro De La Salle. who wenl lo lake 'rhe 'lournamenl' championship in 'rhe second game of lhe fournamenl, lhe looys displayed 'lhal lhey "-never gave up 'l'he ship." This fype of aH'il'ude will be carried info nexl season wifh six relurning leHermen and you can be sure fha? lhese boys and l'he sophomores who join lhem will live up lo +he example displayed by our leam +l1is year. THE FORCES WHY THE LEADERS ARGO THE BRAINS 34 Oak Lawn S5 Lilfle Flower 35 Bloom 54 Eisenhower 34 Kankakee 59 Loclcporl' 4l Thornridge 56 Elgin 47 Rockford Harlem S3 Glen Brook North 44 Pekin 44 Washinglon 48 Eisenhower 48 Lockporf 52 Thornlon 4-l Jolie? 62 Bloom 40 Kankakee 58 Thornridge 48 Eisenhower 34 Lockporl' 48 Thornlon 39 Joliel' 72 Sf. lgnalius 48 De La Salle TOP ROW lL fo Rl: Coach Burlcel, H. Alperer, J. Mardis, R. Pinas, R. King, J. Scheuer, J. Harcar. D. Baron, W. Seward, Coach Manlcus MID DLE ROW IL +o Rl: A. Hadley, Mgr.: R. Sneed, T. Wallace, A. Wcislo, R. Williams, L. Grifieih, W. Colberr. BOTTOM ROW: R. Kozial R Marusarz, A. Radrlce, R. Dean, O. Colberl, J. Knighr, C, Marusarz. VARSITY WRESTLING Excepiional wresiling records were held by four oursfand- ing Jream members on rhe Varsiry Wresiling Jream. They were Carl Marusarz, Larry Griffeih, Dan Baron, and James Har- car. Carl Marusarz and Dan Baron were conference cham- pions fhis season while Larry Griffefh roolc lop honors in The Dislricr Srare Tournament Carl Marusarz ol Argo deTea+s a Thornron Wildcar For rhe Conference Championship al' 95 pounds. 98 ARGO Tinley Fark R. B. Tilden Tech. Joliel' Ca+holic Evergreen Parlc Kankakee Rich Easi' Thornridge Rich Cenrral Blue Island Morfon Easl' Loclcpori' Thornlon Jolie? Bloom Dave Baron defea+s Lockporf for Third place honors on lhe Sophomore level. ' , f Larry Grifiefh fool: lop honors in lhe Disfrici' Srafe Tour namenf. Arr Radfke wreslles a Joliel S+eelman. 99 Developing info an experienced unil Ihe young Argo Varsily Swimming Team was able Io place 7 oul ol I5 meels in The win column. The Aquanauls were led by sprinfer Henry Reilek and diver Ron Panice. The season ended wilh Ron qualifying for 'rhe SIa+e Swimming Championship. Coach Grabowskfs hopes are high for nexl year hav- ing a brighi' nucleus ol underclassman lelfer winners relurning. ,mul 1 4 SCORES ARGO 35 Reavis 60 56 Morlon Easl 39 35 Thorn+on Frac. So. 59 82 Oak Lawn I3 39 Lockporl 55 23 Thornridge 72 29 Reavis 6I 57 Lockporl 37 56 Morlon Easl' 39 33 La Grange 63 48 Thornlon Frac. No. 47 34 Thornlon Twp. 6I 33 Joliel' 62 . 52 Bloom 43 59 Kankakee 36 Tom Kirk as. Bill Kirk TEAM SPLASHES TO 4th PLACE ROW I IL-RI: R. Cain. L. Kirk. M. Woiciechowicz, R. Trp, F. Davidson, I-I. Reilek, B. Ruckaul. E. Gronski, D. Leh- nerl, B. Kirk, B. Perkins. ROW 2 IL-RI: B. Cain, K. Kalas, G. Leonchick. R. Czerwinski, E. Wierzba, L. Goslinow- loo ski. Mgr.: B. Adamec, T. Badhe, D. Ziolko, Coach F. Grabowski. BOTTOM ROW: W. Balla, F. Davidson, J. Kobleclcy, D. Pankow, P, Milovic, R. Marusarz, C. Brander Mgr TOP ROW: A, McKenzie, Mgr. R, Czerwinslci, R. Zaruba. R. Thief. C. Johnson, R. Pinas, A. Nelson, D. Zarbock Frank CROSS COUNTRY Lyne, Coach. g I SZ , . Eiga fa S' fu 1. ,Q ,V 1. , -Q ii ' .. if ,f '-. I: .pw I , n 'f aff? 5 -W ff Sf 15' 0--u..4D+-. 2 if iffff .1 I ar: xz J, .3 U' il . ,,. . SHOWS IMPROVEMENT This year's Varsily Cross CounI'ry Team has shown considerable improvemenf over Ihe Iasl year. Alfhough Ihe 'ream did no+ win a meet The addilion of nexf year's iuniors will add Ihe sfrengfh needed 'Io help Ihe Team lake a place in conference. ARGO I5 Oak Lawn 50 23 Reavis 34 I5 Thornridge 50 I5 Loclcporf 45 I5 Blue Island 50 I5 Thornlon Twp. 48 I5 Bloom 50 I5 Kankakee 50 I5 Joliel 50 ARGO I I 5 I I SCORES Reavis 6 Oak Lawn 2 Oak Park I3 Evergreen Park 6 Q El ,X . - . 1. Morfon Easl 3 Bloom 9 , xA x ,A Tlwornlon Twp. 7 Blue Island 4 I Loclcporl 2 I Thornridge 6 Blue Island 7 Kanlca lcee 7 Jolief I4 I TOP ROW: Coach Pyrz. R. Demllh. F. Johanson. L. Wsol, R. Ewen, J. Nesbilx J. Hyde. R. Bracy SECOND ROW: W. Smilh. A. Kondry, S. Robinson. S. Bodel. R. Black. K. Pyrz. T. LaPorle. THIRD ROW: S. Czarny, D. Allman. F. Depaola, P. Wallace, J. Salomon, B. Fisher, T. MeGee. ' .1 625 TOP ROW: Coach Galvin, Coach Torforici, J. Scheuer, S. Gruzca, A. Fierlce. T, Jacobs. Coach Svehcla Tooclne ROW TWO J. Pinus, C. Esferline, P. Allan, A. Dowd, R. Offo, E. Ray. ROW THREE: F. Davidson. A. Brown B Bella L Wolfe R Washlus L Griffifh. Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo 63 20 20'f2 I4 39 55 22 24 2I 32 Reavis Oak Lawn Evergreen Thornlon Thornridge Loclcporl Kankakee Jollef Bloom Blue Island 55 97V2 IO4 79 bl 96 94 97 85 VARSITY TRACK E SOPHOMORES HAVE PROMISING FUTURE BOTTOM ROW ll 'Io rl: F. Barzar, L. Burda. A. Ivlcovic. D. Reyes, S. Kusner. T. Pyrz. L. Warzynski. J.WaIIis. P. Homa SECOND ROW U fo rl: C. Tale I-rnanagerl, J. Thiele, J. Erklin, J, Jessie, H. Sraafs, D. Loffon, W. Sufron, H. Panka E Wheei' K BenneH' M Sawka H Lawson J Shue J Irvin Imana erl . . . . . , . g . TOP ROW II fo rl: HEAD COACH D. Urabauer. F. Ledbeffer Imanaqerl. L. Carnes. A. Laushot K. Kruns, P. Ponczek W Kirk R Rackow K. Werner. T. Bafura. F. Wolfe, D. Swilalslci, K. Kosowslri, W, Kirk, D. Barnes. T. Linion, D. Garron Irnanagerl, E Doe man ASSISIGHT Coach-S. Toriorici. The I963 Sophomore Foo'rI9aII Team has had a record of Iwo wins and seven Iosbes. The Ieam has gained valuable experience and a promising fuiure is in sight ARGO 7 I3 O O 6 O 7 SCORES Thornridge Loclcporr Blue Island Thornfon Bloom Kankakee Joliei' SCORES Thornridge Loclcporl' Blue Island Thornfon Bloom Loclcporl W. Joliel ARGO I9 O 7 O I3 I2 I9 O 6 I3 O 34- I3 6 The frosh foolball Ieam, which had a record of Iwo wins and five defeafs, can be proud of Ihe spiril if showed. Coach Nelson said Ihai Jrhe 'fuiure foofball endeavors of Argo will improve because of Ihe de+ermina+ion on Ihe par+ of Ihe Ieams. FRESHMEN SHOW SPIRIT BOTTOM ROW: R. Kozubik, N. Muros, R. Zeifz. D. ParroH. T. Purchas, D. Merchoff, E. DiSczenza. J. Horonzy J Caniu R Cashllo P Wrlghf SECOND ROW: M. I-loldman. G. Klos. T. McFadden, B. Talerico, G. Bukowski. B. DeLeon, D. Michaels, A Easier B Redding R Wlerzba T Lambert T. Osika. D. Baron. J. Olark-Mgr.. J. Crawford. TOP ROW: Coach Grabowski. Coach Pyrz, J. Armsfrong A Sullivan E Van Allen D. Chapman. L. Laushof, E. Jackson, G. Neal, S. Johnson, R. Poufska. M, Boicvic. J. LaRocco, P. Palmer B Rehr R Kasalc W Hickey W Leipari, Coach Nelson. ,awe 50 BOTTOM ROW: T. McGee, A. lvkovic, E. Rusch, E. Wheel. H. Lawson, T. Pyrz, C. Davis. TOP ROW Coach Don Urbauer, W. Suflon. D. Garron, R. Thomas, T. Bafura, F. Wolfe, D. Dinelf. D. Barnes, Mgr. J Shue Argo Oak Lawn LiHle Flower Bloom Evergreen Park Kankakee Lockporf Wesl Thornridge Blue lsland Lockporl' Thornlon Joliel' Bloom Kankakee Thornridge Blue lsland Lockporl' Thornlon Jolien' Repeafing 'rhe season of las? year's soph- omores, fhis year's +eam also finished in sec- ond place. Highlighfs of lhe season include beafing undefeafed Blue Island and Heing 'rhem for lIrs+ place. Anofher memorable vic+ory was fhe +eam's win over The unde- feafed Thornlon Wildcals. Among fhe ou'ls+and'ing players on 'lhe 'ream were: Tom Bafura. Dave Dineff. Tom Pyrz, and Tom McGee. SOPH BASKETBALL The youngesr group of loeslcelball players is Jrhe freshman learn. Their record for lhis ' year was nine wins and seven losses. Coach Lyne commenred ihai ihe +eam conlinually improved as The year pro- gressed. We are looking Forward +o '65 when 'l'h-is year's freshmen will help lead an A.C.H.S. varsi+y +eam +0 viciory. Argo 43 Oalc Lawn 58 48 ' Bloom 46 28 Loclcporf 45 50 Reavis 32 43 I Thornriclge 36 ' 45 lBlue lsland 38 64 Oak Lawn 6 43 52' Thornfon 50 6, 69 Evergreen Perl: - 40 - 52 Reavis A A 49 41 Bloom 6, .. V 46 46 Thornriclge 39 . 386, Jolief . 53 ' 35 4 Blue lsland' 25 6 42 Lockporl' . 50 40 Thornion ' 6l BOTTOM' ROW: J, Ba- gal, C. -Williams. D. Parroft T. Purchas, D. Merchoff, E. Klos. ROW 2:-R. Kelly. Mgr. R. Kasalc. A. Sullivan, Chapman. R. Lawler. T. Wilcox. J. Lynch, J. Williams, Mgr. ROW 3: T. Osilea, Mgr. J. Krrh- s+rong. R. Rehr. G. Neal. S. Johnson. D. Swifalski, D. Fizer, Li. Laushoi, J, Halaihlca. Mr., Lyne, Cccih, E. Sfurges, Mgr. I FROSH BASKETBALL TOP ROW IL 'Io Rl: J. Kenealy. J. Jessee, D. Miller, E. Van Allen, J. Barone, R. G-amen, J. Rizzo K. Hansen, K. Michaelowicz. D. Kohlin, Coach Schrager. MIDDLE ROW: J. Chapman, J. Ervin, B. Talerico, R. Dixon, M. Konorl, F. Ledbefler, J. Priichard, A. Easier, H. Henderson. BOTTOM ROW: R. Miller. J. Burlcovich. G. Koloulas, R. Fishbaclr, W. Misier, D. Ba.on. E, Heiny, M. Edwards. SOPH WRESTLING ARGO 25 I5 27 I9 48 26 I8 I7 I3 Il I4 II I9 I08 I f l, W ,Q T, .Q Tinley Parlc 3I R. B. 40 Tilden Tech 25 Jolie? Ca+holic 25 Kankakee Thornridge 26 Rich Cenlral 30 Blue Island 3I Loclcporl 32 Morlon Easl' 3I Thornlon 3I Joliel 37 Bloom 29 Argo's Frosh-Soph wreslling Team enioyed a produciive season. Though lheir record may noi have been Ihe besl Ihey gave a line accounl of lhemselves each 'rime 'rhey wresiled. Among Ihe oulslanding players. Joe Bullcovich and Dan Baron. who bolh won conference champion- ships, 95 and l54 pounds respec- lively. INEXPERIENCED TEAM PLACES 5th SCORES ARGO 30 Reavis 35 Morion Easf 37 Thornion Soufh 47 Oak Lawn 43 Lockpori I8 Thornridge I6 Reavis 42 Lockporl 30 Morfon Wesi 35 La Grange 3l Thornlon Norfh 3lV2 Thornion Twp. 22 Bloom 57 Kankakee ROW I: M. Slenczka, J. Thomason, A. Laushof, R. Grider, T. Linfon, C. Freez. J. Parissie, lCoachl J. Nelson. ROW 2: F Brown. L. Blasgen lMgr.l, L. Burda, D. Cunningham, W. Davis, R. Wierzba. B. Redding, F. Gier. J. Dressel. R. Savage. ROW E, Ruikowski, R. Kozublk, C. Rice. A. Schmlfi, L. Blackwell, K. Pagnl, D. Borsf. L. Udaykee, B. Erickson. 56 5 l 49 39 42 68 61 43 56 45 55 54V2 64 29 lnexperience and loss of lop swimmers +o Jrhe Varsiiy was The downfall of +he sophomore swimming squad as firsi year men dominaled 'ihe lineup. However, 'rhis did noi siop lhem from faking ihird al The Reavis lnvilafional and 5+h a+ Conference. The season was in ac+uali+y a pro- ductive one as seven records were broken. FIRST ROW: F. Brown, C, Marusarz, J. Ciardullo. C. Jerrells. P. Lazar, G. KoToulas. J. BelleTine. SECOND ROW: E. Echavarry, J. Farmer, M. MarTin, R. Jung, R. HoqarTh, D. Balla, F. Czekala. D. Hecker, P, Raddafz. CINDERMEN GAIN EXPERIENCE The Sophomore Track Team was paced by AI ARGO 24 V3 Fierke, who placed TirsT in The shoT puT aT The Track 46 conTerence meeT, and Ed Ray, who placed second 56 ZA in The high iump. The boys have gained valuable 26 experience, and may prove To be more successTul 28 V3 in The nexl' season. 32 5l 20 V2 44 V2 37 V2 Q 'lllllwfisllllulllllli ii Q . V ROW I: T..DiScenza. B. Erickson,,J-. Klos. R.Trp, H. Gi-ldersleeve, ROW 2: Mr. SmiThson. C. Mefz. J. KuTin. W. Rackow. D. Ziolkc. no T e Reavis Oak Lawn Evergreen Park ThornTon Harvey Thornridge LockporT JolieT Bloom Eisenhower Riverside Brookfield CROSS COUNTRY GROWS AT ARGO ARGO Reavis Considering lhe lale developmenl of lhis sporl Tinley Park al ACHS, Sophomore Cross Counlry has been Lockporjr doing very well. Praclice and long hours of hard Oak Lawn work each day were Jrhe essenlial faclors lo +he +eam's wins. These looys deserve much praise and Blue lsland Morlon Wesl' credil for fheir delerminalion and never-ending Tl'10rniOn spiril. Nexl' year ihe boys look forward 'ro faking Bloom lop honors, 22 Kankakee 50 Jolie? 2 V- ', I F' .' kk X ham y 3 , .. . ., .. ,4- ROW I: J. Thiele, J. Shue, E. Shue, C. Rice, D. Zarbauclc. B. Perkins, L. Blasfine, R. Williams, D. Miranda, R. Dixon. ROW 2: P. Grider, R. Williams, J. Jessee, D, Balla, R. Jung, K. Bennelf, L. Bennelf, J. Miranda, L, Laion, T. McDaniels, H. Manning, C. Linas. ROW 3: Coaches, P. Torlorici, J. Galvin: R. Thomas, B. Kirk, D. Lenheri, J. Swilalski, D. Kohlin, R. Bobbifl, F. Konke. Coach P. Svelich. SOPHS PROVE STRONG ON COURTS The Argo Sophomore Tennis Team finished i'rs ARGO Morlon Wesl Riverside Brookfield Morlon Easl season wiih a 7 win and 6 loss record. As lhe Bloom season progressed The leam showed considerable Homewood-Flossmoor improvemenl. The looys worked long, hard hours Thornion and should be commended for fheir performance Homewood-Flossmoor on +he courls. You can be sure lhal as soon as Thornridge fhe season slarls nex+ year Argo's Tennis Team Rich Easl will loe in lhere lfighling. Lockporl Kankakee Joliel Blue Island SOPHOMORE BASEBALL STOPPED SHORT BY LEAGUE CHAMPS TOP ROW: Coach Torforici, W. Suflon, G, Burke, J. Schonauer, D. Marron, J. Scenke. P, Czechowski J. Harcar, L. Goslinowski. MIDDLE ROW: S. Kusner, D. I-Iecker. E. Wheel, T. Wells. W. Greenaburg D. Lofion, D. Grezlak. P. DiGrazIa. BOTTOM ROW: G. Jalovec, C. Colbert M. Hofireiler, J. Wallis, M. Marlin, L. Burda, H. Alfpefer, C. Maursarz. The hard Ieam efforl' by Ihe Sophomore baseball feam was Ihe highlighlinq Iaclor in Hs seasonal winnings. Anolher major faclor was Ihe consislenf hilling of I-Ienry Alfpeler balling 387 for Ihe sea- son. The Iooys praclicecl many long hours and prove Io be a real 'rhreaf for Ihe conference champs nexl' year. ARGO SCORES Morlon Easl' 6 Thornfon Frac. So. 8 JoIie'r I Harvey 6 Blue Island lb Lockporl' 8 Thornridge I Reavis 9 Bloom 9 Kankakee 6 If mi: I . l' 1 xg 'i N 3 Q65 1715 U qb u ff 1 3 V M if f M, VTFUJ A xiii? QD W It Q3 NgulF56LumH a gli? YV S M q u Q ,f XD "- QHJW , nv Du wi I , h eg x KM ff - 1 V24 54' I pf'-3 II Ill ll SX I S 0 f ,,,l ,.., ,ii -,ji 5 Z.- Benda, Carol BenneH, Larry Beslich, Georgia Bolelr, Waller Boss, Beverly Braebaclr, Sharon Brown, Al Brown, Beclcie Brown, Orazella Buchana n, Anna Marie Budde, Susan Bulzowslri, Kaihy Adamclry, Don Adamec, Bruce Allman, Dan Alfpefer, Hank Alfpeier, Tom Alvin, Gail Anlcarlaerg, Cheryl Anile, Jerry Anxelmo, Phyllis Aiherlon, Carol Bahde, Tom Balla, Bill Banks. Pairicia Barker, Sunny Bullock, Dewey Buller. Sandra Callahan, Clifion Carien, Tom Ceiplis. Jeri Coleman, Cassondra Cerda, Maria Chaousi, John Chrenlra. Cheryl Ciesler, Diane Clark, Yvonne Clinnin, Ted Conner, Kaihy Cook, Virginia Copley, Caihy Donnelly, Jean Doogan, Susan Dudzilc, Brian Duncan, Joyce Edwards, George Ellerbroclr, Eric Fields, Winslon Fierlre, Al Fierlre. Susan Fill, Rich Fizer, J. B. Flaws, Toni Corsini, Shirley Colfer, Pai Crane, Carol Cruse. Sandy Curry, Linda Czarny, Jane? Czarny, Sian Czechowslci. Phil Czelnala, Pal' Czerwinslci, Ron Dahlin, Randy Davia, Sharon Davilc, Eve Dean, Rich Demifh, Ron Demirriu, Diane Di Bias-e, Dennis Di Gangi, Alice Di Grazia, Phil Discenza, Tim Dolce, BeHy Jean Fox, Bob Fox, George Fox, Ron Freund, Barbara Frigole'Hi, Joe Frisco, Richard Froedge, Sharon Gafes, John Geier, Pam Gerches. Russ Gerlich, Mary Graf, Jerry Green, John Greenaberg, Bill Gronslri. Emmeif Haach. Rich Habel, Leroy Haqlund. Janef Halif, Bill Hamel, Kaihy Hansmann, Ralf Harcar, Jim Harper, Jim Harris, Willie Heinz, Donna Hermosillo, Dave Hernandez, Mary Hendor, Norma Herring, Bonifa Herzog, Karen High, Greg Hobson, Craig Horonzy, Karen Hubbard, Linda Hunt Linda Jalovec. George Janeclxo, Fafh Jeno, Marfha Jensen, Helen Jones, Don Kalas, Ken Kelly. Paul Kozalc, Ron Krolr, John Kubinslri, Sharon Kuehnle, Lois Kwiarlcowslri, Marlin Lanclingham, Mike La Porie. Jane? Lardio, Ken Laivaifis, Pefer Laverly, Tom Leaclr, Penny Lehnerf, Dave Lesalr, Jerry Lewandowslci, John Linas, Chris Lindner. Joyce Liiwiclri, John Logan, Calhy Love. Nancy Lynch, John Lycniclr, Don Kesler, Walfer Kieffer, Donna King, Bobby Kirlcsey, Annie Klos, Joseph Knighi, Jerry Knox, Nancy Kobelecky, James Kohnke, Franlr Korenchulr, Mike Koslrzalc, Sian Kofowslci, Milce Mimnaugh, Maureen Mimnaugh, Phil Miranda, Dan Miranda, John Miska, Mary Ellen Mihzhell, Sandra Molda, Alice Morris, Barbara Murphy, Judy Naylor, Alice Neal, Miclrey Nipper, Nancy Madal, Karen Madoni, Toni Malruienas, Jon Mallory, Audrey Maloy, Jack Maloy, Rolaerf Manning, Henry Maronich, George Marron, Dan Marlin, Sharon Marusarz, Richard Mafurszewski, Sianislaw McCarfy, Emile McDaniel Tyrone McGill, Lou Ann McGovern, Judy McKenzie Alan Migas, Kaihy Milionis, Dina Miller, Dennis Milovic, Peier Novalc, Ray O'Connel, Diane Olson, Doris Osirowslci, Irene Palmer, Gloria Palmer, Roy Panczelr, Henryeiia Pappas, George ParroH, Yvonne Paulus, James Pedoia, Rich Ferers, Janice Pefers, Jean Perirone, Kaihy Pobiega, Kay Polanslty, Jim Porfer, Bill Prescofi, Bill Priclcler, Elizabeih Pryme, Jeri Pyrz, Franl: Quinn, James Raclow, Bill Raclrow, Linda Radelslri, Bill Raclike, Ar? Radulslri, Joanne Raines, Shirley Rampala, Sandy Rasmussen, Karen Ray, Milre Rogers, Ray Rosellini, Jay Rubel. Eugene Rubel. Jim Ryl-Kuclrar, Henry Sala, John Samuels, Billie Sanchez. Bonifa Sanelriclr, Bernadine Sawlca, Michalven Scherer, John Shwalal, Judy Simmons. Sandy Sinclair. Karen Sltala, Sharon Shomslxi, Barbara Slaclr, Kalhy Smifh, Barbara Smifh, Larry Snyder, Melody Soenlre, Jerry Spillman, Marie Sfanlon, Dorofhy Sfarr, Margaref Sfonecipher, Joan Siowslri, Frances S+ou+, Doria Shader, Maurice Sfrandberg, Susan Sullivan, LorreH'a Supefer, Carol Swis+on, Andy Schmidflce, Edward Schneider, Janei Schoedel. Rufh Schonaver, Jim Schrader, Jim Schrader, Paula Schreiber, Jane! Schwingel, Noelle Seals. Dorfhy Sell.. Roberl Sells. Sandy Shue, Ed Taylor, Evelyn Thier, Randy Thomas, Jim Thomas, Terry Thompson, Judy Tomaslrovic, Ken Trolaec, Ed Trp, Ray Uriclr, Caihy Ulrich, Tony Van Allen, Joe Van Allen, Mel Van Hyffe, Gary Varvel, Mary Alice Walen, Dennis Wallace, Sharon Wasco, Rolaeri Washingfon, Oiis Wosylus, Dale Wrighf, James Wrobleslri, Linda Wsol, Larry Wunsch, Janice Yaies, Sharon Zabellra, Edward Zaiac, John Zarbrocl, David Zareclxi, Nancy Zaring, Dan Zaruba, Rolaerf Zeleznalr, Don Zeman, Barbara Zioiiro. Dave Zihlra, Les Zoll, Ronald ZUCkOWiC1, Bonnie Wcislo, Andy Wells. Tommy Wheel, BeHy Jo Wierzba. Edwin Wilion, Donna Williams, Roberi Williams, Raymond Williams, Geneva Wodicira, Raymond Woifasalr, Karen Wolfe, Barbara Wood, Pat JUNIOR BOARD Sec. M. Miska, Pres. M. Sawka, C. Chrenka, Hisforian S. Budde. V. Pres. D. Miranda, B, Adamac. P. Wood, S. Corsini, Treas. P. Leach, R. Trp. SOPHOMORE BOARD Sec. L. Baefzel, N. Kuzmich, D. Szczepaniak. M. Wainscoff. K. Dawson, C, Effimoff, M. Riddles. Trees. E. Baiura. Vice Pres. S. Janecho Pres L Pappas. FRESHMAN BOARD L. Bozeq, R. Homleo, J. Yedinak, T. Wood, Hisforian, T. Pyrz, Pres., J. Raneri, Trees.. D. Harless, P. Jelovick. 124 Adkins, Claude Alrin, Carol Allaorez, Caroline Allen, Ari Allen, Lincla Anderson, Kaihy Alwocd, Sheryl Baelzel, Linda Balmer, Jerry Baker, Larry Bella, Don Barnes, Dwiglif Barnisli, Judy Baron, Daniel Barone, John Barzar, Floyd Safes, Linda Balura, Elena Bozec, Rudy Brown, Lorraine Brown: Marilyn Brown, Rebecca Bruce, Judy Bulala, Margaref Buchanan, Linda Bulger, Delores Burda, Larry Burlre, Dennis Bufler, Pal Buhlze, Barbara Cain, Richard Campbell, Carol Campos, Alice Carranza, Alicia Caslilla, Julie Cafubay, Donna Bafura, Tom Bauer, Dave Beene, Ida Beliel, Linda Bennelf, Ken Berglund, Lenore Berla, Regina Beslicli, Sandy Blais, Marie Blasgen, Larry Bolin, Riclaard Bonarex, Barbara Cunningham, Dave Czechowski, Rolaeri Davis, Charles Dawson, Karen Devic, Angie DiBiase, Berni Dineff, Dave Dixon, Ronald Doe, Ed Doogan, Hope Doyen, Janef Dudzik, Paul Caudle, Sherry Chapman, Jackson Choale, Rodney Cicha, Dave Cizek, Lee Clark, Diana Clark, Roberl Clark, Rozjer Cole, Jean Compron, Phil Confreras, Gale Cooper, Belly Cox, Aubrey Craffon, Janice Crawford. Sharon Crue, Judy Culbrefh, Sharon Culiison, Pam Eckberg, Glen Edwards, Mike Efrimoff, Chrisiine Ellerbrock, Esfar Engsfrom, Gloria Erickson, Bruce Erickson, Marcia Erklin, John Ervin, John Ferguson, Lucreiia Flelcher, Mike Frank, Susan Frankoviak, Sharon Freeman, Lafayeffe Frees, Chick Freese, Ella Frufh, Joseph Furcich, Judy Galla, Sue GarreH, Gerald Garron, Donald Gales, Sherrill Gaylord, KiH'y Gendeman, Janef Gerlich, Mary Lou Geslaul, Larry Giampapa, Mary Ann Gildersleeve, David Gloclcler, Mike Goslinowslri, Larry Graf, Cammie Graham, Jim Granf, Barbara Grider, Roy Gruns, Karl Hagadus, Mille Holler, Susan Home, Pafriclr Homlro, Roberr Hossfield, Eddie Hoye, Ron Hundley, Jim Hunniculf, Julie Hurly, John Hurl, Mary Ann lvlrovic, Andy Jelovec, Toni Janeclro, Sharon Janes, Ruel Jones, Donna Jessie, Joe Judd, Belly Jung, Kalhy Jung, Rich Haggard, Allen Hamel, Gail Hansen, Ken Hargis, Marge Heclcer, Doug Hemcsillo, Marilyn Henager, Belly Hendon, Marcella Henry, Chesier HeHenger, Claude Heilenger, Claudia Higdon, Peggy Kroner, Karen Kruizengo, Frank Kusenda, Kaihy Kusner, Sieve Kuiin, Jim Kuxmich, Nancy Lapp, Shirley Lafon, Leroy Laushcf, Arr Lawrence, Nancy Lawrence, Pai Lawson, Henry Kaiser, Dan Kapeclri, Sherry Kelecich, Sandy Kennedy, Don Kesfer, Margarel' Kirlc, Bill Kohnlce, Henry Kolin, David Kolinslri, Milre Kondorf, Elaine Kondorf, Milne Korzeniewslri, Al Kosienialc, Kaihy Kosowslci, Ken Kosliulr, Janice Koloulas, Gus Kozal, Margaref Krone, Shirley Lazich, Frieda Leafhers, Rebecca Lech, Bobby LedbeH'er, Fred LeGras, Pai Lewis, Linda Lilly, Harold Lindner, Diane Linfon, Terry Lofien, Dave Love, Archie Lovefi, Mary Luchesi, Carol Magnusson, Karin Maloy, Erin Maness, Marilyn Marlin, Milne Marlin, Ray Marusarz, Carl Mason, Mary May, Sandy McCreary, Linda McGarry, Carol McGee, Tom McGowan, Pamela McKenzie, Jane McNul+y, Lois McNulfy, Mike Michalowicz, Ken Miller, Dennis Milchell, Larry Morong, Mike Moser, Pal Mossenicas, Ray Muras, Jean Murphy, Daryl Pearson, Geneva Peclcos, Joe Person, Bob Pfeifer, Jim Peilrucha, Gene Plulo, Dolores Podrslcy, Bob Popernilc, Cynlhia Poslon, Linda Pralher, Connie Prilchard, Annie Lee Prilchard, Paulelle Privara, William Proffiil, Joanne Pryme, Glenda Puchalla, Karin Pudlowslri, Shirley Pyrz, Bolo Murray, Pam Nagode, Richard Norhus, Linda Orliclr, Darlene Orlh, Tom Osmus, Ray Owen, Jeri Panlza, Harry Pappas, Linda Parisie, John Parra, Nancy Paul. Linda Scalf, Gary Scarnulis, Jim Schlusser, Kafhy Schmiff, Tony Schopf, Luana Schraeder, Ed Schulfz, Dan Sexfon, Joseph Sexfon, Rober+ Shenbarger, Mar Shue, John Slcornslri, Tom fha Racevice, Barbara Raclrow, Rich Radflre, Pai Redding, Roger Reimus, CharloH'e Reyes, Dave Rice, Chip Ricldels, Mary Roberfs, Pal Rober+son, Phyllis Rodrigues, Maria Rodrigues, Marfha Rocks, Barbara Ru lael, Cynfhia Rusch, Ed Saier, Chris Samuelson, Chris Sawlca, Mile Slenczlra, Milne Smiih, Richard Sneed, Peggy Sosnowslri, Leonard Spicer, Tom Sporleder, Tom Spry, Michael Sfaals, Henry Sfacho, Linda Stalzer, Jeannefie Sfec, Carol Sirzelczylr, Jaclr Suddeih, Leonard Su++on, Wes Swanson, Pai Swiialski, Jim Szelag, Randy Tale, Cody Taylor, Bob Thiele, Jim Thomas, Ralph Thomason, Joel Tobolslri, Jim Tomnilz, Sandra Tozer, Susan Toleno, Suzanne Trenbaclt, Ron Turner, Barbara Udaylcee, Leslie VanBussum. Sally VanHoll, Rosemary VanHyfle, Karen VanOr'l, Mary Villarreal, John Vulcosovich, Susan Wagner, Bonnie Wodiclea, Nancy Woiciechowicz, Milne Wolfe, Frank Wood, Shelia Wrighl, Eugene Yearwood, Valerie Young, Everefl Zalaellca, Charles Zabran, Judy Ziollro, Wayne Wainscofl, Mary Wallis, Jim Warzynslri, Lenny Wafson, Jessica Weidel, Wendy Wenlc, Charlene Wheel, Elberl While, Connie Williams, Gloria Williams, Rosalind Willis, Bernace Wilson, David Baron, David Barxar, Kafhy Beene, Beverly Bell, Wayne Belleiiini, Adrienne Belleiiini, Joseph Berge, James Blaclr, Nancy Blackwell, Lenny Blais, Ray Blazina, Virginia Boedeclcer, Charo'H'e Boersf, Danny Bohn, David Boianowslri, Bill Boiovic, Milan Bolrholdf, Parry Jo Bolek, Danny Bond, Linda Bozec, Linda Brach, Eric Adams, Jacqueline Alborex, Ri+a Aguilar, Maria Arlxema, Marion Armsfrong, Joel Afwood, Marcia Bagel, John Bahde, Clair Baker, Carolyn Balmer, Kennefh Balmer, PaH'y Balding, Tom Balich, Pafrich Balma, Margueriie Brodin, Mary Brown, Fred Brown, Palricia Bruna, Linda Brud, Janina Brunner, Lorerla Bryani, Sandy Bu bla, Harrieife Buchanan, Barbara Buclc, Linda Buclrmeier, Carol Budde. Vollie Bukowski, Garriclr Bukowski, Thad Buikovich, Michele Builer, Chrisrine Builer, Terry Byrd, Warren Cairo, Rose Campos, Mary Canfu, Tom Carpenfer, Mary Carfen, Pafricia Casiillo, Rudolph Chaffin, Charles Chapman, Donald Choale, David Ciardullo, John Ciullo, Jeffrey Clanlon, Francis Clan+on, Josie Clarlc, Bruce Clarlr, Jerry Clarlr, John Clarlr, Pam Clark, Wayne Coleman, Celesle Coan, Becky Cloud. Dennis Copeland, John Craffon, Jerry Crawford, Joseph Demifriu, Nancy Demopoulas, Theone Devic, Peier Di Scenza, Edward Dolce, Pele Doogan, Nancy Dragel, Michael Dressel, Joe Durlca, Jerome Earls, Rodger Easier, Alfred Echavarry, Eric Edwards, Kafhy England, Beverly Erickson, Donna Esposifo, John Evererf, Gerry Farmer, Joe Fill, Raymond Fizer, Deandrew Fixer, Jessie .f 1, . R L .f, .53 ,e i fr . 1 ,- i if X X M -, at A -ii X ,M . X i . v Q if Q, F e- K 'wel- H . Crolcenower, Reber? Cruse, John Culley, Glen Cygan, Tom Czarny, Mary Ann Czechowslci, Barbara Czelrala, John Danhoff, Dennis Davia, Roberl Davidson. Shelia Davis, Albert Davis, Carol Davis, Pafricia Ann Davis, Toni Debelalr, Dennis De Jovine, Rose De Leon Jr., Benifo Dellr, David R Q 1ff"f,. 1. .. '-s i ., . W ie .1 6 .e W 'ef' W 'S if ig 5 2 5 ,if 'K si? 'R' 'WW' ,. J J. , E11 V ,Q Bt ul" ' 36" . 1 . L' . f' 1 1 , - 3, , 4 ' 2 "' 'iw 1 ' ' . W z - , 2 15 lv . ' ' .1 S. + i 2 :X Q 1, . " - 4 M-1 in A , ' wg: K Q N :QBEF ,ff , K V , V , V y gr: xx ' , rf f rr L A ' ' y ,- . 11 .' ,, 1.2 ,gf Q' mi, , W , W -f E .E .E Mg. Gournaris, Belly Graham, Edward Granf, Karen Griffifh, Gwendolyn Habinlca, James Haerr, Janice Haggard, Pafricl: Haggard, Michael Haglund, Roy Hambrighf, Ruby Hanno, Wayne Harless, Diane Harvey, James Harvey, Janice Haygaod, Barbara Hazelwood, James Heard, Margare? Heiny, Edward Fizer, Jonarhan Fixer, Joyce Fizer, Shirley Flaherfy, Pafricia Frady, Brenda Freund, Rcberra Fuson, Mark Fuson, Michael Gaddis, Brenda Gamen, Russell Garcia, Consuelo Garfi, PM Garza, Esfher Gay, Edward Geier, Fred Gerclla, Kaihleen Gernenz, Carolyn Gibson, Cecelia Giebudowslni, Rose Marie Gillen, Sheron Gilmam, Claudia Henson, Linda Hermosillo, Carmen Herron, Pal Herron, Philip Herzing, James Heslap, Eihleen HewiH, Geraldine Hiclrey, Don High, Linnea Hinson, Wanda Hogarfh, Roberi Holdman, Michael Holi, Ken Homlco, Edward Horanzy, John Hubbard, Carol Hubbard, Pafricia Issac, Melanie Isaacs, Barbara Jackson, Anna Jackson, Efoy Jagodzinlci, Joseph Jalruloielslri, Jeaneife Jalovec, Paulelie Janacelr, George Jenslci, Edward Jerrells, Charles Jocius, John Johnson, Jerald Johnson, Sfanley Jordon, BeHy Ann Jordon, Willa Mae Judyclri, Ted Kaczmarelr, Kenny Karpialc, Charlene Karris, Marilyn Kasali, Ray Kelley, Rober+ Kelley, Ronald Kelly, Alan Kelly, Arbuius Kenealy, Jerry Krisfie, Marlr Krzysrofialt, John Kulhanelr, Diane Lamberr, Terry Lamphere, Susan Langer, Charles La Porfe, Linda La Rocco, John Lauslol, Larry Lawler, Ray Lawson, Gwendolyn Lazar, Philip Leiparr, Waller Lesalr, Lois Lindberg, Georgeann Lopez, Rosie Luclrhard, Bob Lulrer, Benny Lupina, Tom Macliovifch. Phyllis Madey, Palricia Kenny, Eleanor Kieffer, Crysral King, Gary Kirchenberg, Joyce Kirlr, Donald Kirsch, Wayne KleH, Jane Klim, Kenny Klos, Eugene Klos, Gregory Knighf, Tommy Koerner, Thomas Konopasalt, Kenneih Kcvarili, Sandra Kozar, Louis Kozil, Barbara Kozubilx, Ronald Kozubilr, Thomas McKenzie, Edward McKeown, Cheryl McKinney, Dennis McNamee, Dianna Merchoff, Dan Mefsllas, Judy Meyer, Sleve Michaels, Daniel Miller, Donna Miller, Ronald Millelle, Rose Miserendino. Joe Misler, Barbara Misler, Willie Mifchell, Cornelius Mizwiclri, Shirley Moore, Jeanneffe Morres, Linda Madunia, Sam Malraroff, Calhleen Malericz, Danielle Malefich, Kalhleen Mallory, Almyra Manning, Arl Manslce, James Margucz, Paul Marron, Kalhleen Marlin, Kalhie Marlin, Milce Marforelli, Bobby Mason, Calherine Mafulewicz, Viclci Malureszwslci, Anlonia May, Brenda McCain, Ronald McCune, Joan McCurrie, Linda McDonald, Eihel McFadden, Tom Munch, Warren Munch, Wayne Muros, Niclc Neal, Glen Nevels, Niclc Nix, Sandy Novalr, June Oalrley, Gary Osilra, Thomas Ourman, George Pagni. Kennelh Palmer, Philip Pappas, Dane Parlcer, Linda Parroll, Dwighf Paul, Sherry Pawlali, Kennefh Payne, Janis Pearson, Margaref Pierce. Sandra Pisforio. AnlonieHe Ploszek, Susan Policky, Diane Pousika, Ray Prafher, Thomas Presfon, Kaihy Price, Deborah Price, Karen Priichard, John Provasi, Janis Puchalla, Gisele Pudlowski, Frank Purchas, Tony Puiman, John Pyrz, Tommy Raddah, Phil Radike, Leroy Radfke, Sherri Raineri, Joanne Rasmussen, Bob Raspanfi, Terry Ray, Cleodis Rufkowski, Ray Sailor, Marie Salamon, Clare Sam, Anna Sanchez, Michelle Savage, Ronald Sawilchik, Shirley Saylor, Moniy Schneider, Charlene Schoonveld, Carol Sell, Rufh Shaughnessy, Marlin Sheppard, Ronald Slonek, Joe Smiih, Douglas Smifh, Rene Sneed, Frank Sopher, Sandra ' Sowder, Ediih Spillman, Joan, Spry, Roger Lee Ray, Janice Raymer, Doreen Redding, Barry Rehr, Rolaerf Reimus, Ricky Reyes, Elizabefh Reyes, Gloria Rizzo, Joseph Rockwell, Theodore Rodriguez, Ramona Rodriguez, Sarah Rosas, Pai Roih, Arleen Rubel, Larry Rubel, Lenny Rulael, Timmy Rusin, Linda Rufkowski, Ed Trumble, Susanne Tupy, Sieve Turner, Judilla Turner, Ohlis Tzelras, Enver Udayliee, Louise Unfleel, Leona Vaira, John Van Allen, Errol Van Meier, Connie Verschoore, Glen Villarreal, Jannie Voilek, Pairicia Waller, Willreda Wallschlaeger, George Wargowsliy, Gary Washinglon, Calvin Webb, James Sfalzer, Gene Sfaneli, Milne S+an+on, Cathy Sleislral, Barbara Srorey, William Sfrader, Lennie Srurges, Erskine Sullivan, Arfhur Sullon, Roberf Swisher, Paul Swifalski, Don Szelag, Slarr Szopinski. Judy Tabordon, Bobby Talerico, Bobby Thiele, Richard Thielen, Roberr Thiqpen, Nellie Thomas, Mariha Thomas. Mary Ellen Thornlon, William Whennen, Cliff Wierzba, Roberl' Wierzva, Connie Wilcox, Terry Willcie, Linda Ellen Williams, Alha Williams, Charles Williams, Frances Williams. Jimmy Wise, Roberl Wood, Tom Wrighl, Paul Yons, Donna Yeclinali, John Zarzeclri, Craig Zinovilr, Pal' Ziarlio, Aurelie Zeilz, Richard Pamela Dollmann Ron Yarbrough Sharron Ah rens Pai' Schmld+ Larry Kirk Doroihy Maloy Fred DiBiase NIIORS! Al Adameck Karen Konraih Marie Kondorf Lupe Alborez 2 :safe W ,. . N J, " , a. 2 ,giff vw " 5' , : L H, -' ,e Af' ' Denise and Diane Boxes Sue Salela 1 FA 9 ,fn Q J, 1. Sue Reimer Pai Bu rke gk . 41' , If fijti. .- . Q A 55, A ga" 40 ,f h y v- ' , I ' , N : 'A - nm, fi, .af f, 1, ,W if I4I 1 4 'J X in .A 1 i VI' 13: zu K A :K ff- f li as Y' A W: - ' J. 3, K K ., .T-A., if . W La., x, Q ,A f' Y' -g g 2,1 , -. g I-it Clarence Sexion Judi+h Thomas ! ., . y , A ij. 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Suggestions in the Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) collection:

Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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