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T , fl . P , ' - 4 , , . . V' I L V . ' - tif, 4. 1 'i .'1:2'?1'f , ' ' .N ' . ,.,l,Y, k bgff if F, f-, . .V -.. .1 551421 'K T N f 1 4 V if 5 V ,I , Y 5 ,, T: . wr, 5 1xg,,' 1 fi- 7 I A ' , .?,Z'lf'3' f , .QL JL: I: ,ifv Z 3,45 A, U, ,,.,. ,Y .,g ' LWQ, 1, . 5 ' - .T ' 3. v , , -i"f .ph U' . 1 3' lk ' ' x 1,-,. 1 -- 1 2 32-,iq wJ' ' . . 1. :. K ' 1,31- ,J l' ' . M .a fly 1- --arf 6 -S FTS-+41--. ' , ' - "3" ' ' 1 I f i , .'v':T,"' ' M SW., 4 , :fl'4q0" 1 , 5 - ' ru '.L gl 'Z55 ' .R-Al' 'J . 3' W . png-ir, rfb'-"T ,u - - .f '54 .':1l,f 9 :- .f - N , "El ra-,f ' -.1 . , - ' 1 .,,. 1 P M .. -N Wei? f 1-Tn" V':v5..QQ1'I" Q ' ' , 15- X, I ,bi . :I . :av Ng .JV ri' ' i . I L Q -'A an -SWG 1 v ,,.x4 May we present "Argi" . . . the spirit of Argo High . . . the emhodiment of all students - past and present. W'on't you join "Argi" as he looles hack over his years at Argo High - good years, fruitful years, formative and informative. Reminisce with him over those "tough" teachers, rejoice with him over that hard wrought foothall victory, suffer with him through final exams, until that day of shining glory - Graduation. What will fate have in store for "Argi" as he steps out into the world of young adulthood P I, 'F' '5' 1959 ARGOLITE ARC-JO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL ARGO, ILLINOIS 1959 STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF , ,,,,,,,,..,, MARY AGNES TOMICH LITERARY EDITOR ,,,,,... PATRICIA FROEDGE , ,,,. EVELYN GLOWIAK SALES EDITOR , .. ,,,, ,, KAY NORRIE TYPING EDITOR .,,,,,, ,, MARILYN MIELZYNSKI SPORTS EDITOR ,,.... ,,,,,,,,,,,.,I,,,,,, P ETER KLOS ART WORK ., ,,,,,,,....,,,, JOSEPH PEDOTA ROGER TROBEC FACULTY ADVISOR ,,,, ,.... ,,,,,... ,I A CQUELINE ULLRICH E ART EDITOR eee. Exim energy is med by zeezu nz Teen-Imz rerreuriozz center. AFTER SCHOOL MEETING PLACES - TO WORK BELOIV: Before and after ubool marks are enjoyed by fanziflaed Argmmuzy uf Rubel,r'J Bakery and Slez'eJ'J Renaumnt, Swim-,r web jobx 111 Corn Pra- duvlfr affer' high ,ffbflfll ddjlf are ww. 3 2 , I Couplef enjoy relaxing walk: through Summzl Park RELAX, TO SNA CK Argonauts seeking an evening of en- tertainment, tempting food, a place to take a quiet walk, or employment, can be found frequenting these places located in the Argo-Summit area. 2sl.m4wmt.MtQ4twi11:fWnf,QtyJ i..' lW..,tM,, i,,,i mef,,,.i,,iMfw.4AwAmwmmwwXammm1m "Argi," typical of cz high Jchool Jenior, relczxef on the cczmpzif and corztempleztey the future. High School ciczyf and these preciom momerm fpent on the campus will all he gone with the coming of grczciiiczlion. "Argi" mm! for- get Zhefe carefree timef and con- .ficler the fzitiire. Z i ff-'-.f e 44 'J ST: 1 ' 7 f f J 1 , J i UH I im" N IH mm A --,., A Gag yqw X v ,af vg 5 W' lk Q A s X .1 wrf ws - ' , wf WM, woke NM! ' I All who attend Argo CKJIIWIIILIIIHY High School at sums time or H.I1OfhCI' enjoy i few moments of 1'cluxz1tim m on the spucimls CZIIHIWLIS. licfmc sulwol, LILIVUTLQ lunch. and uftel sduool the um Jus is dottcml with students LHSCLlS5iI13.I thc dufs zictivitica . 7' Nil' Wfzliiv . ,. Aw 2 I .. ww - . MVB' , 'X ' WF A ,. . 4-vim' fl- J'f3"w-51+'Q::.',E.,Q:?ZQ,, , " 2 nv ', ', , . 2.f"SiW7gEi'u Z' 'Q - ' .3 'bm 'Ssj . Hi,L,mm:2:fg:bkjf ' :gig -5, ,.,. 'CN' ,' '?EiQs-E'fQ',':u,:z1'k-' 'f'f,: .W ,,.. 1 75 ' -12:51-713.1'f'C"2':'7?1'?Y3" ' 'ir' 5. ,"f:'i: ":'f'N':"' :V M1-11 -, - - 'A -mn K -f--f I V: 1 1 1 .f fee: 1 -,W gi 21: ,E ., , : - , Yi ': ' f"Wf W15' A .. f li - - 49 - " ' :35" 5 , -. ' A A 5 F w. W 1 W - ' -k'-. 9 . y w-ef? ' 'Q Q Z , Q Vp.-f' .N ,,, 1, . VWMM . ulffwf 451 ' - 441, MfeTq'5'TL i3lS-.....l- 5255 35 FC Mm gg, 3:1 356065 l og '. U f. Tiffz ff - I BlZI,0Il"x MM. Ulfrifff and PJ! Fm- vdgy .ff?'Il4lj,Q!L' tvflfr lbw 111.11m jwmh- lwm' jlII'U!1'C'lJ fu jrmduvmlq ,f 14'w'!l111'lri,74' -Ytklffiflflii. Ez F U"'41mf.f M,1fwf, zalw fun fmmf ffm' mlm' .ulum 111 771.1715 flmu, liwlmr In ffw 111'1im1 mzzmzlq fmm ful llmlulf. XWXIIIHII ce 0 o en E N' I-3 .. Z:-Thu - 1i"""-1 ...w ' Q, , M1 RQ., Q - r M N A ,,., 5 K v , -M X ff . MJ, ,W X: Jr Jam x f V H.-gy H -Wx, f xk ,1?1-H,-, H UQ is Q, 4 , S fy 'Eg 9. f Qp xr! U 7 xg gggx f K X' as QQ ..,, 3 5.65 ,xi 4, -jiwizfll, f ' .iff A fa 525, W: ' J 1 ,f xgfgf? V,.,, Mfgwgigk 'Sf -- - A K . if ,f 3 w K 41' K1 ,V wif lf ,,.?..,,: f1Qj, 5:E'f?T-fl: 3745 rx: , ,,,. M. 1, ,, . 55324 -' 'M ' . Y 'iJ,'.1Mii?:,7' :QS 4, H 57- -:if 1, f ' sg, Q ,AM N , 3 , ., WW, M MW if wg, MW X 1 wf ,. X ' ,,,,,,k wwam M .W - w M WM ummm W if Av-an .aw JL' WA Av' ,315 v 4 Sw , 1 Chg in I A xy G Vfa E. , gm. .- v -4 , il XQNQ if f v 1. gf 2 1 V 1. N ,Q ,-In Hnwaiiazz lorelief are-TOP ROUV: janet Mll1'l'.l'1'.' Btzrbizm King: Floreure Hermiff. BOTTOM ROIV: Angie Balich: Aggie Tomichf Evelyn Glozvirzkq Mrzrilyzz MfF1ZA1lZf!7f. in-. -4 www , ffl- ui". ui . ,. ul,-F ,i Gaily dressed Polynesian girls, a witch doctor, and a guitar duet imported from the mainland, turned the old gym into an island paradise for the Argolite's presenta- tion of "Hawaiian Holiday." Interpreting the months of the year with bright Costumes and Water ballet, the girls of the Swim Club presented "Aqua Frolicf' another colorful event ofnlast year. ',fv,i'5 W 'i i -X , 51 4 2215 -erra e its ,X ABM' a mjfglffi Izzdnm ,rfmznzrw f707'f7'r1'1'e?d by ,S fl f N 7 aqua nmid, Knfby Kmvuzmf. wry, 1 r.,,.w.1,-- r aff r ,rl 1 A w ' qgqlrlfxi fwyyggr if RIGHT: ,,' if :li ,gi ll ' 'V ff-b-'-- Brfzvifrbffzg Virkf Tf17IZft'f7, l, rlyh 'LAX yxilfls aided byVRfrlvr11'd Sriw and "-:'4,jMQ,"l2ffgfvQJJg fgi,,j5Q 3 ,Mak-V D011 Smlf, mrfv ii rfwff mi " ' YAX, V. Ike audience. ,f i.: sa 3 X f lilf if v Er. .XL . K, A ,K K. ,L X 0 fc 1, -M-nr' I0 1 4' 4 2 e s 1 Coupley and f!71lI1t?1'Ul16',f wzjoy dmzrirzg tu live e'11rb.u11ir14g mufir of jim Ryzy :md bf.rB,1r1d. Aw was 2 it ifg YA fl? 'HQ YW' 2 maps Azlxiumly uuuilizlg 10 1'efeiz'e prom ju-agmflzy from juzziw' C011fz.rel01j. P12016 Ainlllflflll, mid hir wife' are Richard Cook, Dwnm Floyd, Bud Rube! and Kay Norrfe. K V Y' x 5 5 Y ' ...Q-. Wi? afvzg A ,f ,T . I . -Q ' s . 1 Y m I " Q? H M x K! . X Z 'X ,J I , "n 'Sf A , ,,.. we if i X A ' F L ifti 'P' Aw-wh M Raw jim Nerelr frigblj 11751 10 xpnrk up mme life in exbuuflm' prom gll6'J'f,Y. Nwmazz Remo, Beverly Slomki, Bob Luckaiik, Lynne Vamon, and Bu my Sfmke, I mm Q 3 E? K Time out for 11 ,rip of purzrb and 44 !Jl.VfllJ'J'f0II 011 where I0 go affer 1119 prom is over. Prom guem' p.1rm'ij1.zle in gmfld 7IlJ7'Ib through fine Louiy XIV Room of the Sl907'6'lI1I7d Holel. . , . -Q-A . I E5 1, LL th JOIN NAVY vs -nv L T12 I' 1' l Alfgxtsvtxlt' gmt Macao After looking over prospective careers "Argi" cornes to these con- clusions! A job woula' nrean slaeer slaveryg ancl college has no appeal because it's too much like work. Ala! But these Navy recruiting posters are most intriguing. join the Navy .... s ee tloe world . . . wear a hanclsonze uniform . . . re- ceive generous pay. This is tlae life for "Argi",' clean easy livingg not a care in the world. BRASSl,-p ....- 5 ..... ......... ...., 1 5E 1l6 i Faculty -e Aclmiriistrdtiory if OFF DUTY ..... g ............ 44-45 Clubs and Organizations .Q ....-...---,----------------- 3 Classes sfzs l ,,, I f. fav- ,.,' ., , , .,.. pg118f119 ll !ACtiViti6Sf A l A l ----- - n M---,158-139 "Yoa're in the Navy now!" The big Jzep haf been taken. Frorn the relatively Jrnall world of Argo High to the big world of Appren- zire Seaman "Argi." How will this new life differ from what oar hero haf been med lo, or if it really so differenl? Why not try to draw a cornpariyon between Navy life and life at "Argi'.f" Al- ina Nlater. yeSeni0rlA1bum g A 4s S-44, '."2-Q 'Tl IW ,vf 'W -.8 W ' ,' fa I l' xxx X I '1 X ' 'L' V "This is the Navy! I joined to see the wide, wide world. This ship, from how to stern and hack again, is all I've seen of this wide, wide w o rld." These are the thoughts that "Argi," pride of the Navy, thinks to hirnself as he scrahs away with the "Big Brass" standing -overhead. "Yeah, the Brass is always over yoa!" "Argi's" thoughts reflect hack to the faculty and administration at Argo High. There is sach a similarity. There they were, al- ways ahove yoa, gaiding yon on to the richer things in life. "Oh! to he hack again," wishes "Argi." "I'd heed every word my teachers say. They weren't so hard after all. They shoald have heen toagher so that I coald have had a taste of this crael world." "Three hells already, and I haven't finished scrahhing yet. The Brass will he on rny tail." ' 1 xx v 4 1 f f W sk., , 1.11 ,Q P A1 X A ' 'T' '- X 1 W 0 T f +.':1fi?:'ii3+ --. X ':.:.?gj" -I-inklv qy " 4 X W :,T??,:.i! n ' x 1 M -ig is gh -1- ,L -,X Y T -T? 1..,, . if 1: -M H fx -- " .X f- A Qi? " ' ' ' ' ' ?0s'Q'N'X iii- A A-s 'S' , ' ' .' ' X "tA"'j, +P XL. -- A . ...o. l'D K-' 3 ?K ' ' JS ,X ,X I 'S-1: ' utjct' 49 ' I A A . ' ' f2'kF'-'fl,,.- 5' X 'fig 'N " X- 1 - -A-4 k .br - : K 'Og-, ' Q 'Q' 'M'-k M Iliillk sif::ZEEEEExXNX '-Q-. 0 .x -.' T -'-. fv 7 I ' X .. .Q J., ffiton cg, - if ' . -,, A- A 1 . . 'n L 1 I 1 n I n qs A u xxss r 9 x, K I :'z -'pix : 4 .I ol: QI' I 0 x a, ', 'a :" : xlkx 'o 'o S Q, 5 N.. I X :xxx .- O fx' .4 'ssasxlf 1 'I I . -. -l- S I IE MR. JAMES LEWIS, Superintendent f NEW ADMINISTRATORS i 5 E 3 S 5 5 MR. CHARLES KUSENDA, Administrative Assistant AIM FOR HIGH ACHIEVEMENT BY FACULTY AND STUDENTS An important change in the administration of Argo Community High School was the appointment of Mr. james W. Lewis as Superintendent. Mr. Lewis, an easy-going man whose special interest is "people in gen- eral," hails from Pekin, Illinois, where he taught in the high school for 25 Years. He is married and has two daughters, one of whom is teaching at nearby Carl Sandburg High School. Mr. Lewis attended high school in Waukegan. Upon graduation he went to the University of Illinois fB.S.j, the Univer- studies at Butler and Bradley Universities. Prior to coming to Argo he served as Assist- ant State Superintendent of Schools for four years. This 6' 2", 225 pounder, whose hobby is fishing, candidly admits that he has no favor- ite food-he just likes to eat. He is irked at people who "do not conform their actions to the best interests of society." Being civic-minded, Mr. Lewis has joined, among other groups, the Lions Club and the DesPlaines Valley Improvement Association. sity of Iowa fM.S.j, and completed his A most popular addition to Argo High's ad- ministrative staff was Mr. Charles Kusenda, appointed to the post of Administrative As- sistant. Twenty-eight years ago Mr, Kusenda came to Argo, his Alma Mater, as a young teacher just out of Knox College. While he taught at Argo he continued his education and earned a Master's degree from the Uni- versity of Chicago. His hard work for the benefit of the school made him one of the most popular and res- pected faculty members. Even though Mr. Kusenda is constantly concerned with school affairs, he finds time to be an active member of the Willow Springs Lions Club, the Argo- Summit Chamber of Commerce and other civic and educational organizations. His hob- bies include fishing, working around the house and watching any kind of an athletic contest. The Kusendas and their family reside in Willow Springs. M 'em """'H l One of many daily diicurriom between Mr. Kurenda and Mr. Leufif. BOARD OF EDUCATION STANDING: Charles Kusenda, Administrative Assistant: Hugh Spadonig james Lewis, Superintendentg Charles Millerg Frank Gurrie. Auditor, SEATED: Stephen Kusenda: Ed- ward Szarabajka. President: George Fero, Secretaryg Christ Dineff. NOT PICTURED: john Ginalick, Typfml uvark rerrimz nl a Mofidfzry nigh! bomd meefizzg. CITIZENS DEDICATED TO BETTER EDUCATION The school law specifies that the Board of Edu- cation shall consist of seven board members. The Board functions directly in the establishment of general policies for the operation of the school, such as regulating the number of school days and holidays, engaging new faculty members and ap- proving requisitions for educational supplies. Along with the administrators they aid students by clarifying and enforcing the Student Code of Ethics. Members of the Board are elected by the people of the community to serve the. school district. They are not paid any fee or salary for their responsibilities as board members or for their time spent in directing the operation of the school. It is a truly civic service requiring integ- rity, honesty and good judgement. MR. GEORGE HUNT Senior Class Counselor Mr. Lemfmd Twxler, nllendizzlce d6'f7.f'1'lNICIlf bald. cm l776l2Ilf.17'fffcif in .1Ilw1d.z11re. ifwxr uifb ,rllzdfrzlf .md fh1V6lZl'f .zbffzzl f.n'dir1er,r .md MR. FRANCIS LYNE Junior Class Counselor THEY GUIDE AND ADVISE Proms, dances, socials and homecom- ing floats are all responsibilities of various class counselors. In addition to making arrangements for these social activities, counselors must register stu- dents, arrange schedules and help stu- dents and teachers whenever possible. Class boards must work in harmony for the good of the class. Failures must he made upg disciplinary action must be taken when cases are referred by faculty membersg all these duties are performed hy the counselors. MR. KENNETH WOODMAN Sophomore Class Counselor MR. CHARLES KUSENDA lfreshman Class Counselor I9 Mrs. Joanne McNally, secretary to Mr. Kusenda, prepares the rosters for the athletic department as well as the eligibility lists of all Argo Community High School athletes. She also assembles and types the regular weekly announcements, and arranges for substitute teachers. EFFICIENT HANDS PERFORM VARIED Countless duties, which are performed by the members of the office staff make this group very vital to the efficient functioning of the school They can be found in the main and attendance offices busily attending to the needs of the administrators, faculty and students. Attendance office secretary, Mrs. Wanda Malek, is busy with students all through the day. Her duties include issuing absence slips, making out absence and tardy reports, and preparing the daily absence list. She also has the responsibility of making out honor roll lists and issuing report cards. DUTIES FOR ARGO HIGH Miss Mary Dalman, Argo Highs registrar and bookkeeper, is in charge of the bookstore, handles club and class accounts, does teachers' duplicating, sends transcripts to high schools and colleges and prepares scholastic ratings. Mr. Lewisis right hand girl is Mrs. Lorraine Zog- rafs. Many duties as secretary to Mr. Lewis include the proper disposition of daily correspondence, making out payrolls, board bills, and monthly board agenda. Mrs. Bertha Metz could aptly be called the roving staff member. She cashiers during the lunch periods, does secretarial work for Miss Narloch and Mr. Cal- vert, and assists Mr. Newman in the library. TOP ROll"'.' M. Gorman: A. Kaliamanisg M. Batura: B, Brady. BOTTOM ROIVJ N. Mallisg Eg Theurerg H. Pavlikg J, Mums. lNI.lrmgcr. INVALUABLE SERVICES PERFORMED BY SCHOOL STAFFS The cafeteria staff, under the direction of Mr. john Muros, supplies nourishing lunches. These lunches are prepared in Argo's kitchen and are very economical. If students wish, hot dogs, hamburgers, malts and sundaes are readily available at the snack bar located in the cafeteria. Clean rooms, fresh laundry, maintenance of grounds and the operation of the heating plant are some of the many services performed by the custodians. The men on this staff work at all hours of the day and night to keep the school in top condition. ,pe .,. ,.-my-P ammg. MEET MYRTLE! The girls' matron is in charge of distributing essentials such as towels and tank suits. She also provides students and faculty members with clean wash rooms and locker rooms. LEFT: Muyrlfe Smilb, .trfwol mnzmn, EVENING SCHOOL FACULTY john Saraceno, Shop Drawingg Morris Marino, Shop Mathematics and Applied Mechaniqgg Kenneth Sodefgtfgmi Shop Mafhe. maticsg Clarence Frederickson, Trade Electricityg Leonard Trexler, Evening School Supervisor, INDUSTRY PROFITS FROM EVENING SCHOOL TRAINEES The Argo Community Evening Trade School was organized in 1937 and has continued in operation since that time. The courses which draw the major portion of en- rollments are the trade and industrial courses in related mathematics, shop drawing and applied me- chanics for apprentices in the mechanical trades. The adults usually enrolled in these courses are either employed by or desire employment in nearby industries. Other important courses offered are Typing, Short- hand, Industrial Chemistry, Law for the Layman, Sewing and Blue Print reading. Various subjects are added to the curriculum on demand or as the need arises in the community. Evening School Trade Eleclririzy and Typing firmer in urlion. From ibe doubtful look on Mfr. jarooiv fare, it ir hard to tell Mr. Neagmmz helps Clam-lei Tomborifm and Bfzrbanz Slaepard find fbe what kind of cz rlory Charlet Pawel it lelling. riglai reference. LIBRARY OFFERS READING MATERIALS FOR ALL TASTES Need a newspaper, information on a research paper, special books, current magazine articles? Then journey to the completely stocked A. C. H. S. library. This service helps to broaden the student through interesting adven- ture in reading. MORTON NEWMAN, B.A., M.A. Morton Junior College, University of Chicago, Rosary College . . . Librarian . . . heads library aides . . . counseled at a Day Camp . . . excited by current foreign affairs . . . fascinated by sports . . . en- tranced by classical music '. . . family consists of wife Evelyn and Robertfll, Barbara-5. IRENE NARLOCH, M.P.H. University of Minnesota . . . school nurse . . . sponsors Future Nurses Club . . . participated in the European Theater in World War II . . . fascinated by travel, theater . . . admires "a nurses' aid's efficiency during emergencies" . . . dislikes self righteousness . . . lives with niece in Oak Park. NINA KLIMIUK, Bs. Illinois State Normal University . . . Speech Correctionist . . . bowls in a league . . . collects records . . . watches all sports . . . loves to try out new dishes . . . listens to modern jazz . . . enjoys traveling as much as possible . . . dances the cha cha . . . is unmarried, lives with parents. SPECIAL SERVICES AVAILABLE TO ALL AT ARGO HIGH For students who sometimes have special needs, Argo High School maintains special services in three areas: Miss Narloch, in charge of a fully equipped Health office, cares for students' physical health needs, large or small. Tuesdays and Fridays Miss Klimiuk works with students who wish to improve their speech. Mondays and Thursdays Mrs. Jacobs, social worker, sees those students who wish to increase their self understanding and understanding of others. All three special services place emphasis on prevention of serious problems by early treatment. LUCILLE JACOBS, Ph.B., M.A. University of Chicago . . . Social Worker . . . active in Southwest Suburban Mental Health Association . . . fascinated by unusual food . . . frequents the theater, musicals . . . annoyed by people who do not strive to improve themselves . . . married to engineer . . . enjoys family fun with son and daughter. Slill life, painled in oily by adrfanred art rtudent, Lyndon Barroufr. ELECTIVES CHALLENGE THE INTERESTED AND TALENTED There is more to art than meets the eye! Art classes are introduced to design, ceramics, composition, per- spective and commercial art. Interest in Spanish and Latin are built by stressing background and habits of native people in addition to the teaching of the language itself. ARTHUR SEITH, B.S. Is your singing strictly for the shower? Voices are developed in the A. C. H. S. Choir as they sing for assemblies, local civic organizations, Graduation and the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas programs. Par- ticipation in Argo's Band and Orchestra brings forth an appreciation of good music and a sense of accomplishment. St. Olaf College, University of Minnesota . . . Choir, Girls' Glee Club . . . head of department . . . advisor to Modern Music Masters . . .'formerly on the staff of National Camp, Interlocken, Michigan . . . enjoys plays, opera and musicals . . . fascinated by store man- agement . . . plays piano and organ. VICTOR KASE, B.S. Y.M.C.A. College, University of Texas, Schurz Evening College . . . Band, Orchestra, Polka band, Swing group, Bottle band . . . played Illinois and San Antonio Symphony orchestras . . . directed Army Band . . . enjoys ballet, vacations in Florida . . . delights in show business, top state honors for the Argo Band. FRANCIS LYNE, B.A., M.A. Loyola University, DePaul University . . . Latin, world History . . . junior Class Counselor, advisor to the Latin Club, Sophomore Foot- ball and basketball coach . . . Works as insurance underwriter in summer . . . enjoys semi-classical music, dancing . . . proud of son, Timothy, and daughter, Mary. BARBARA MAYER, B.A. Knox College . . . Spanish, English . . . advisor to Spanish Club . . . interested in Delta Zeta Sorority, church, young Peoples Club . . . enjoys reading, good drama, horseback riding . . . loves violets . . . dislikes reckless drivers, shrill voiced people, prejudice . . . lives with mother, father and two brothers. JACQUELINE ULLRICH, Bs. Northern Illinois State University . . . Art . . . sponsors Argolite . . . belongs to a card club and bowling league . . . enjoys painting and doing mosaics . . . likes dependable people-especially the Argolite staff . . . annoyed by alibiers . . . lives in Berwyn with husband, Roy, and two sons. 23524 Eiga l l Q A delightful lurzrlaeorz dirhed up wills 11 Jmile, by Aggie Tomirh Z0 jane! Murray and Florence Hezziff. HOMEMAKERS LEARN MORE THAN HOUSEKEEPING A large percentage of the girls at Argo High plan to become homemakers in the future- y W gigyg gp These girls are taught the skills of cooking and sewing it V 2 as well as personality development and etiquette. Parties are ,fr . iit given by the girls themselves to help them learn the secrets of lrwziflg Ike easy truly fu dem0nJlra!ed by Hallie Parrot 20 Planning a Successful Party' Louife F6'!Jfh61'.fl'0II6. The clothes made in the sewing classes are featured in a style show, at which the incoming Freshman girls are honored. CHLOA WALTON, B.S. Eastern Illinois State University . . . Homemaking, Head of Department . . . co-sponsors Future Homemakers of America . . . interested in watching most sports . . . enjoys ballet . . . relaxes by out-of-doors activities . . . knits articles . . . travels all over the country. MARILYN DALTON, B.S. Utah State University . . . Home Economics . . . active in F.H.A .... interested in home and church life . . . relishes chocolate pie . . . fascinated by handwork . . . dislikes Chicago traffic . . . a new bride. MISS XWALTON MRS' DALTON 28 HILDA FINDLEY, A.B. Swarthmore College . . . Advanced Mathematics . . . sponsors "Cram" Club . . . was a research chemist . . . interested in Sunday School, League of Women Voters . . . likes camping, eating all kinds of food, teaching school . . . annoyed by traffic conditions . . . lives in LaGrange with husband, three children and an odd assortment of pets. l "Slide anlirf' demonrlrated by advanced algebra rtudenlf, Lerler fone: and jerry Clinnin. MATHEMATICIANS KEEP PACE WITH SPUTNIK More students are enrolled in math courses this year than ever before. The recent developments in the technological fields, which are of major impor- tance in our country's progress and future, have stressed the need for more high school and college trained mathematicians. The math courses offered to Argo students include Practical Math, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, and Trigonometry. KENNETH KLEFFMAN, B.S. Western Illinois, University of Chicago . . . Algebra, Geom- etry, Practical Math . . . coaches freshman football and basket- ball . . . captivated by philosophy, psychology . . . enjoys all kinds of sports . . . craves pizza . . . dislikes unconscious drivers . . . charmed by bride, Betty. PHILLIP TOPPEN, A.B. Hope College . . . Algebra, Practical Math . . . enjoys all sports . . . loves steak . . . listens to semi-classical music . . . rejoices at teaching Math students . . . honeymooned in Florida last summer. MR. KLEFFMAN MR. TOPPEN Hwzry B0edecie1', izcfzxzrlrca' Multi! Sfwfw ffudczzl, zwfrii .rl flu Lzffu. SHOP PROGRAM PREPARES BOYS FOR TRADE APPRENTICESHIPS Boys who are interested in entering the industrial fields can find a variety of training areas in the shops. They are designed to give the student a back- ground in metals and machines, woods, printing, mechanical drawing and electricity. Students are counselled so that they may wisely choose their specific vocations. Recent modernizations in this department, and progres- sive curriculum planning contribute greatly to properly preparing boys for the trades. GERALD OGG, BA., MA. Peru State Teachers College, liort Collins College . . . Mechanical Drawing, Algebra I . . . head ol' department . . . coaches Freshman 'S Football, Track , . . gloats over his home workshop . , 4 charmed by music, dancing . , . enjoys sports . . . relishes lobster, steak, cherry pie . . , proud ol' wife, daughters fColleen, Sharon, Ardist. KENNETH WOODMAN, B.S. Northern Illinois University, University of Chicago . . . Wood Shop . . . Sophomore Counsellor . . . advisor to Future Craftsmen of America . . . enjoys skin diving, water sports . . . was a lifeguard . . . likes to listen to semi-classical music, especially Mantovani . . . lives in Willow Springs with wife and family. LOU MALOY, B.S. Western Michigan University . . . Print Shop . . . taught at Summit Junior High School . . . active as printer for school . . . secretary of Elementary Board of Education, District 104 . . . enjoys fishing, boating, swimming . considers oysters on the half shell a rare treat . . . likes to dance, confesses that he met Mrs. Maloy at a dance . . . has three children, one grandchild. PHILLIP TORTORICI, B.S. Northern Illinois University . . . Machine Shop . . . taught at Morton High School . . . coaches Freshman Football . . . enjoys playing cards . . . enthusiastic about all sports . . . favors slow music . . . proud of baby daughter Denise and wife Doris. WARREN MCFARLAND, B.S., M.S. Purdue University . . . Electric Shop, Mathematics . . . active as ticket manager, Radio Club sponsor . . . serves as President of Teachers Association . . . worked as T.N.T. driller . . . collects guns . . . excels at Ping Pong . . . with Wife Florence raises five McFarland children. M417'.C'J1'v! Fowwlw' 1'e.1d.r zzzmzbwzr In 111,111 jwzrar ,ft fha .zddirzg m.1r'bi11ta Mrrrjlyu Kt'1'Ic'j' rum' 17.1111 'I'bf12111u'011 llllflfb zrflb iflftfrthif .Jr DL'If27'C,l' C'wh'11r1zz'e1' 1l'0I'f6.l' fl! tfat' c.1Ir11I,1!fn'. BUSINESS FACULTY TEACHES FOR ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY Typing, General Business, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, and Shorthand may be elected by students who are planning a career in the business world. Latest modern devices and conveniences, such as electric typewriters, ten key adding machines, rotary calculators, dictation machines, duplication and stencil machines, enable these students to obtain a substantial background necessary to enter the business and clerical fields. The department strives to provide business experience and to train for accuracy. GEORGE HUNT, B.S., M.A. Wfisconsin State College, Iowa State University . . . Typing, Short- hand . . . counsels Senior Class . . . heads Business Education De- partment . , . enjoys working on home . . . relaxes by fishing, hunt' ing . . . bored by routine work .... 1 ngered by irresponsibility . . . partial to wife and family. X 1 52 T 'v.i, ' ' I RAYMOND KIMM, BA., MA. Iowa State Teachers College . . . Bookkeeping, General Business . . . taught at Hudson Community High . . . enjoys watching baseball . . . finds fishing most relaxing . . . believes in "taking life as it comes" . . . takes frequent trips home to family in Iowa. EVERRETT LARSEN, B.S., M.A. University of Illinois . . . Consumers Education, World History, World Geography, Economic Geography . . . sponsors Audio-Visual . . . active as the Clerk of Bedford Park . . . tape records programs . . . occupies spare time with photography . . . likes responsible teen-agers . . . annoyed by tardiness . . . has wife, Elsie, son, and daughter. Jo FUNK, B.S. Ball State Teachers College . . . Shorthand, Typing . . . collects rec- ords . . . skates . . . watches basketball . . . enjoys being with people . . . listens and dances to all music . . . married to Dayton. TONEITA CONNELLY, B.S. Western Illinois University . , . Typing I, Office Practice . . . col- lects Green Stamps . . . enjoys water sports . . . plays in basketball tournament with students . . . dances the "jitterbug" . . . likes all American style food . . . married to jon . . . has one dog, Squige. Louir Dirzeff and Pall Froedge Jeem fascinated by llae parm of n grfufbopper. SCIENCE CURRICULUM EXPANDS TO FIT NEEDS OF THE COUNTRY Today, in our atomic age and due to current world affairs, trained scientists and en- gineers are urgently needed in our country. The science curriculum in our schools has been expanded because of the great importance science will play in our future. Argo Community High School has more students enrolled in advanced science courses this year than ever before. Physical Science has been added to the program which had previously consisted of General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. WALTER STEINHOFF, B.S. Platteville State Teachers College . . . General and Physical Science . . . head of department , . . advises Camera Club . . . building his own home . . . finds pleasure in photography . . . watches baseball . . . fancies thick, juicy, medium done steaks . . . idolizes wife, two grown sons. , I 5.37-lbjigim ,gp .JN rn?-sm, ANTHONY PYRZ, Bs. Villanova University, University of Illinois . . . General Science . . . coaches Varsity Baseball and Football . . . is timer and scorer at Basketball games . . . likes gardening, bowling, golfing and base- ball . . . favors porterhouse steaks . . . loves dancing to polkas and Viennese waltzes . . . appreciates neatly dressed students . . . en- thusiastic about four sons, daughter and wife Ursulal JAMES STRNAD, B.S. Illinois State Normal University . . . Biology . . . sponsors Science Club . . . spends spare time weight lifting, making movies, working around house . . . enjoys a "real" man's meal . . . dislikes excessive talking, poorly cooked foods . . . belongs to Illinois Association of Chemistry Teachers, Illinois Academy of Science, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. ' CARL WILLIAMS, B.S., M.S. Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois . . . Chemistry, Biology . . . enjoys all types of music, photography . . . admires happy, interested students . . . relishes fried chicken . . . dislikes gloomy students . . . family consists of wife and son Bruce, who is attending University of Illinois. LEONARD TREXLER, B.S. Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois . . . Physics, Gen- eral Science . . . active as Superintendent of Evening School, at- tendance counselor . . . served four years in Airforce in World War I . . . used to play football . . . enjoys cherry pie, Hi Fi music, Science . . . dislikes chewing gum on desks . . . devoted to wife Bethel and son Bill. Swzior Speech .fllld87ll, Demziy Alffvefer, if quile ronrizirirzg uilaaiezfer the painzl KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH - TOOL FOR EVERYTHING ELSE One of the chief aims of the English department is to encourage the student to think and to think clearly. A thinking student learns quickly to select a better word, to write a better sentence and to give a better talk. Literature classes become better acquainted with the best that has been written. By reading widely, a person gains a better understanding of his ovvn life. JAMES HAAKE, B.A., M.A. Knox College, University of Chicago, University of Minne- sota , . . English, Speech-Drama . . . head of department . . . directs Class Plays . . . sponsors Drama Club, Future Teachers of America . . . delights in reading and writing . . . plays a super game of tennis . . . active with family of four and Wife. JAMES BAKER, Bs. University of Chicago, Northern Illinois University . . , jour- nalism, English Literature . . . sponsors Maroon, Quill and Scroll . . . taught Girls, Physical Education . . . relaxes with classical music and books . . . enjoys most sports. MR. HAAKE MR. BAKER DOROTHY PORTNER, B.S., M.S. LaGrange junior College, Northern Illinois University, Rosary Col- lege . . . English . . . assists in library . . . worked in Chemistry Laboratory during the war . . . enjoys bowling, bridge, reading . . . favors fried chicken . . . very fond of husband Nick, and son Jamie. EVELYN MCKENZIE, B.S. Eastern Michigan University . . . English . . . member of faculty social committee . . . interested in P.T.A .... plays Badminton and Ping Pong . . . rates strawberries as tops . . . likes stage plays and musicals . . . lives in Bridgeview with husband, son and daughter. RUTH HARMON, B.S. University of Illinois . . . English . . . active on Essay Contests and Faculty Social Committee . . . interested in theater and travel . . . redoes apartment . . . enjoys walking . . . likes her English Classes . . . family consists of father-88 years old, son, three grandchildren. SANDRA TEBBS, B.S. Utah State University . . . English . . . finds entertainment in horse- back riding . . . misses Utah . . . favorite treat is pizza . . . excited by jitterbugging . . . infuriated by Harlem traffic . . . married to Kyle. WAYNE MORRIS, BA. Northwestern University, Chicago Teachers College . . . teaches English I and II . . . sold Bibles . . . interested in Legitimate theater . . . enjoys photography . . . relaxes by golfing and bowling . . . loves French food . . . dislikes bad manners and coarse talk . . . has wife and five children. K -Vg MQ I .Q 1 H11 if . 38 MATTHEW STEPIEN, Ph.B., A.M., M.S. Herzl Junior College, De Paul University, University of Illinois, Loyola University . . . Civics, English, Vocational shop . . . serves as ticket taker . . . enjoys opera . . . dislikes loud people, overheated rooms, ignorance, goldbrickers . . . collects antiques, stamps . . . participated in musical and theatrical productions. FRANK MANNOTT, B.S. St. Benedicts' College . . . World History . . . assists with Varsity football . . . relaxes by golfing . . . dances to Latin American music . . . annoyed by lazy athletes . . . is busy with wife Josephine, two daughters, and son. JACK MANWARING, B.S., M.S., O.D. Wabash College, Indiana State Teachers College, University of North Dakota, Monroe College of Optometry . . . Doctor of Op- tometry . . . U.S. History . . . sponsors Student Activity Council, Hallguards . . . practiced Optometry for eight years . . . likes church, Lions Club . . . enjoys gardening, tennis, popular and semi-classical music . . . dislikes people who do not respect the rights of others. JOHN NUGENT, B.A. Loyola University . . . World History, English I . . . taught at a juvenile home . . . active as advisor to the Debate Society . . . col- lects stamps and coins . . . relishes lobster . . . enjoys sports . . . annoyed by abused English . . . busy with wife, Rita, two sons and four daughters. EDNA WILSON, A.B., Ph.M. University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, University of Colo- rado, Northwestern University, Chicago Teachers College . . . Gov- ernment-Economics . . . interested in outdoor activities . , . loves Mrs. Mallis's pies . . . likes energetic students . . . annoyed by a "get-by" attitude. s..,Nkv -xffrr-wg! , 95" ts. faery. i",-'rf , . ,m . ,saga Richard Smit and Bill Czekula look mlzured ar Mary Ellen IVilliamr maker tire clmzzgirzg look eary. PROWESS AND BODY DEVELOPMENT URGED BY P.E. DEPARTMENT The Physical Education Department stresses good sportsmanship and skill improvement. Swimming, vol- leyball, baseball, basketball, speedball, and other activities are offered to the students. Health rules are taught concurrently with these sports. Driver training is offered to Juniors and Seniors in their P. period. Theory is taught for six weeks, then actual driving is given so that each student gets at least six hours behind the wheel. MARVIN CALVERT, BS., M.A. Central Missouri State College, Unix ersity of Iowa . . . Physical Education, Driver Training . . . heads Physical Education De- partment . . . coach of Varsity Basketball . . . enjoys reading . . . relishes tomatoes . . . married to Dell . . . has daughter and son. REGINA BONA, Ph.B., M.S. Loyola University . . . Physical Education . . . heads girls Physical Education Department . . . sponsors G.A.A. activities l . . . former dance instructor . . . likes gardening, taking care of her home . . . talks with delight about her recent trip to Europe . . . lives in Lyons . . . has two grandchildren. MR. CALVERT Miss BONA 40 JOHN GALVIN, B.S. Purdue University . . . Physical Education . . . coaches Varsity Foot- ball . . . listens and dances to fast music . . . enjoys watching boys participate in athletics , . . thrilled by winning football teams . . . annoyed by people with a chip on their shoulder . . . lives in Mer- rionette Park with wife and three daughters. SAMUEL TORTORICI, B.S. Illinois State Normal University . . . Driver's Training, Physical Education . . . Coaches Sophomore Football . . . delivers mail in the off-season . . . enjoys bowling . . . loves steaks . . . dances to waltzes, fox-trots, rumbas and an occasional rock'n roll . . . married to Dorothy Ann. JOHN NARCY, B.S. University of Michigan . . . Physical Education . . . coaches Swim- ming Teams . . . taught blind children to swim . . . enjoys all sports, especially hunting, archery . . . interested in Y.M.C.A .... bothered by noisy people, crowed traffic, losing swimming meets . . . overjoyed with wife and baby girl. ARDEN ARZT, B.S. Northern Illinois University, DePaul University . . . Physical Edu- cation, U.S. History . . . sponsors G.A.A. activities . . . likes Pizza . . . enthused about the Chicago Blackhawks . . . travelled all over Europe during the past summer. NANCY UPSALL, B.S. University of Illinois . . . Girls' Physical Education . . . supervises cheerleading and Swim Club . . . thrilled by camping trip . . . swims in water ballets . . . enjoys folk music . . . watches Shock Theater . . . loves to sleep late . . . dislikes cold showers. Mi,r.r Arzf. brafer berwlf for lhe ar- muf .rbot from Melody 0l,r0rz'J Jfeady band., I0 .rmrt off the family skit. E J 1 Mn. Funk, of Ike Bipfizzesf Defpmlmwzi relaxar zrillv Hi-Fi. Are you frying to forge! flvfife bJ1ZtQflIg fyjvfzz'ri1e1'.f, Min ju? OUT OF THE CLASSROOM FACULTY MEMBERS U76 zzeiw kfzeu' 111.11 we had .m zmuiy ful-npr in our futility. The JH! Zbey 11111 011 LfI11'ill.Q fbe vili:en.rbij1 auezzzbly bud uf bowling for dnyy. LEFT: Among her many nffwzzplifbnzefzzf, Min Nina Klimiuk, Sjfeerb CUi'1'El'ff0l1j.l'f. 11n'f1,r ,J um! benz. f 1 " s f I 5 U ,Z E 5 3 Mr. Haalee if Jeri! to Zire duizfek corner during the fizcully Jkil. Nou' lflzllvj iz neu' fu'i.rf! Grit your teeih and hang on! Il'5 Mr. Kleffmmz and bil ouvi Per-.ramzl barber, wife Betty, Ju fering logezher-all that for 7lI071Ey.l FROLIC, ENJOY HOBBIES, WORK AROUND THE HOUSE fn. '51 O Wnflzing diflaei if iz family affair at the MrKerizie,r. Kizzlny and Allen help umm. who if Mm. Evelyn MfKe1izie of lhe Eizglifb Dejiivlrizeiil. Off duty! What a relief! A few hours of relaxation. Cloufning around in the hunks, an alisorhin g gaine of chechers, a fast ganie of pool in the recreation area, and practice for the honor drill teanz fill the precious off duty hours of Navy nzan "Argi." In high school the extracurric- ular clubs and organizations oc- culliy the free hours of every student's school day-and then sonie. "Argi" recalls how Argo had a variety of cluhs and organ- izations to nieet the needs and interests of every individual, and to help each derive the rnost out of their extra tiine. Checkers, pool, or an honor drill teani are a far cry front the Student Activity Board, the or- chestra, or the Latin Cluh. Yet, these have the sanie nieaning, zvhether it he the Navy version of duty or the extracurricular activities at Argo. They promote a hetter understanding and a richer feeling of belonging. 44 Q :L 0 0 0 0 O , s 4 C- 0. . '. . .I . 0 . D I C Ifyf O 0 . X , o ' .V XX 4 . O 4 , : . . f h K K l I K K- , QQ E 15 he o,?i,l::'ix -' 4: , 2 4' . vw . 2 f J .j Wiz , ffy 'I I O O Qit . Q o Q 2 0 5 ' OP: Q Q 0 . ' o ' 0 9 , Neff . N , Qu -4 w an-p-5 'si 70 Q-f',.'Nm f f, Z Q ff. O fi V W. rv Y 51 A ' ' 17 1 , " 1 ' X Q 7 ITT L .4 93.0, Q-2 ..,: .o.:."' . , Q Q - , - . D : ' 4 ' Q. ' ' 0 I Q. - , - , 1 : : ,'s'. ' 9. 3? QT ' 7:7 xc' 'f'-' J '1 X" " I :mf 1-' snows - ' ' - 29" : I Q ,' st." V 5 if '- I ss. ,"',s' - 'Q' . 5" - .1 1 , , 4 fp, gs sf - , l'.xs ,IJ , I : : 1 I If .QSS '4o',' .s' Q : 1 ,-v. 1 : 0. ' 1f.f" 1 ' O QI' 0' , gp' PARADES, ASSEMBLIES, SCHOOL SPIRIT PROMOTED BY S.A.B. folm Samara, S.A.B. Pfeddenz, opem up Citizen- .rhip Arrembly. S.A.B. stands for the Student Activity Board. This group, consisting of students from each class, is elected each spring by the classes to represent their interests in student government. Its purpose is to promote interest in school activities and to set a good example for the entire student body. A few of the projects headed by the S.A.B. this year were The Homecoming Parade and Assembly, the Citizenship Assembly and the Talent Show. They also lead drives for contributions to "Care" and "Gifts for the Yanks." This very active group meets every Wednesday morning with its new sponsor, Mr. Manwaring. TOP ROII": P. Klosg J, Nevelsg K. Debelekg J. Santora, Presidentg J. Clinnin, Treasurerg P. Schmidtg R. Smitg D, Lewisg J. Baricovichq J. Pappas: R. Altpeterg Mr. Manwaring. sponsor. SECOND ROIV: K. DiBiaseg S. Shermang K. Hirshmang B. Faulkg M. Hobsong S. Rehm: S, Swanson: J. Kulhaneki G. Pavlik, Vice President. BOTTOM ROW? B, Sheparclg K. Callahang P. Frusg K. Constableg C. Carr, Secretary: F. Nagel: K. Pietraszek. "A" CLUB TOP ROW: W. Svvitalskig W. Rubelg W. Murrayg E. DeBoerg R. Ruckaufg L. Dineffg J. Sendziakg R. Zarng E. Perczynskig D. Harvey. MIDDLE ROW: S. Marsillog T. Richineg J. Burkeg L. Frusg T. Giuntolig L. Jonesg J. Hermang J. Keeneg K. Heffleyg J. Varvel. BOTTOM ROIV: P. Klosg L. Arpsg R. Smitg A. Pyrzg R. Burallig G. Clinning R. Williamsg J. Pappas. "A" REPRESENTS ARGO ATHLETES Athletes are made, not born. The coveted letter "A" is earned by the boys who have the initiative and will-power to achieve perfection in the sports they under- take. Membership in the Club is sought by every boy that goes out for -sports By winning a major letter in football, basketball, swimming, track, and baseball, an athlete is admitted after a mild initiation at the annual "A" Club steak fry held every spring. Besides the steak-fry the "A" Club holds other gath- erings like "Gym Nighti' in which the members have use of the gym for basketball, ping pong, and weight lifting. The boys also take a dip in the pool before calling it a night. Friday rzigbl, game time, and "A" Club urherr Lerter jonef, jerry Climzifz, Larry Frur and foe Her- man pain: out an empiy rea! to Bobby Uyilliamr. f ,, Q- ,, -K f??A' j gajfp-" it 1 3 5 W2 Q f C3 5? iq DV My -sw 2' 8 D f u f ' ' ' . ,. ,gigs Ejr afiii. A 51 ss-zizafz :gel , - 53: J an li S we - i James Baricovich . W , , 9, f .E Q A f 7 ls ., gg, J is 2' joseph Herman Constance Claudette Kusner LyzniCki S 5- Vyf' fev- . i If 1. V, 'fff ., . v,.. 'K K K 10110 Carol james Lorraine Leonard Patricia Larry Bllfklil Carr Caruth Dion Dunkovich Froedge Frus IWNHCUWALHKMWOR SOCIETY -- 'I ..,, Q . 1- W " H tw , , .g I. f kQ2cg,5H N t 1 f: -Q v Marilyn Kerley c .i, nnn 1 i 'XA-g - ,", , I - - fs: 1 Q'." i ' 5 Eldra Geraldine McCabe Moore my Vm,A, V, . i V,m:i 3 gi Melodic JH-ITIES Geraldine Joyce 01500 PHPPQS Pavlik Pershing ' A" ' 'i A , A 5 S f J ,. V: 'lf' 1, ..: baggy: K Q? l. . , 'SF - Q Q U EH we E ffl? Elwllls BCVFHY Arm Marie Carol acma Robison Selaomer Skgd r:"" f ,, lf - ff Qg fff " 5 3, c tg rnr - - 2 xfif ' -r:- ,f Judy Ivanka Aggie Che,-yy Solomon Stevanovich Tomich Zmlko One of the greatest honors a student can achieve while in high school is to be elected to the National Honor Society. In order to be considered for this honor, a sen- ior must have a semester UB" average from his fresh- man year through the first semester of his senior year. Faculty members and seniors vote on the basis of three qualities-leadership, character, and service. Those elect- ed are awarded a pin during a candlelighting ceremony in the presence of the student body. ' Mr. Lewir di.rr11.rre.r fulure 71141115 zvilb DAR. Armrd lVi2211e1', Aggie Towirb, and mf1didi1!t.r, Eldm Moore and judy Solomon. A HONOR ROLL SEATED: B. Dineffg J. Solomon: J. Pershingg P. Froedgeg P. Frusg F. Madoni, STANDING: M. Olson: P. Mundyg W. Jenog L. Frusg P. Garza, E. Castrogiovannig G. Urbang S. Forrester. ARGONAUTS DISPLAY SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE The Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship award is given annually to a senior girl who best excels in the following qualities: honor, service, courage, leadership, and patrio- tism to her school and her country. To be elected for this honor she must first be nominated by the members of her class. From the top three candidates nominated, the faculty makes the final selection of the girl they feel best ful- fills the above qualities. l 1 QUILL AND SCROLL TOP ROIVT' C. Ziolke: M. Mielzynskig D. Dudag C. Nick- oloug P. Trentg P. Klosg J. Stevenson, M, Kerleyg A. Tomich, MIDDLE ROUV: E. Castrogiovannig J. Pappas, G. Pavlikg E. Glowiakg M. Georgesg Mr. Baker, Advisorg J. jakubieleskig Mrs. Ullrich, Advisor. SEATED: P. Fro- edge: J. Glavas. Students and parents assembled on St. Valen- tines night to witness the presentation of Keen Teen Awards, view an original skit entitled "A Look Into Lovelandn and dance afterwards in the gaily decorated gym. In addition to this yearly event, Quill and Scroll, national journa- listic fraternity, sponsors an initiation ceremony and banquet. Members of this select group must have written one hundred inches of print- ed material or worked thirty hours on the Argolite, and have contributed in an outstand- ing manner to one of the publications. Mr. Baker, adrifor la the Mm-owz, and judy Solo- mon, ediior-in-chief, :beck from page copy. Special departments on the Maroon staff are headed by M. Georges, Managing Editor, E. Glowiak, Circulation Editor, J Baricovich fseatedj and J. Pershing, Copy Editors, and M. Hobson, Exchange Editor. MAROON PAGE EDITORS Carol Carr and Gerry Pavlik, page lg Jim Pappas and Eldra Moore, page -ig Joyce Pershing and Marilyn Kerley, page 23 Ellen Joy Baricovich, Feature Editorg Cheryl Ziolkc, page 3. NOT P1C'1'URED.'Melodie Olson, page 3. THEY KEEP US ABREAST OF THE NEWS The combined efforts of an experienced staff, a new advisor, improved facilities and a host of imaginative reporters, who contribute their ideas, all present themselves in the form of our school newspaper, Tbe Maroon. This publication, which comes out every other week, is designed to entertain and inform the student body. Durin the ast ear, the Maroon has artici- H P Y P pated in several assemblies, sponsored various art and writing contests, and in conjunction with the Quill and Scroll, taken charge of the Saint Val- entine's Keen Teen Hop. Most of the Maroon staff is enrolled in journal- ism where the mechanics and techniques of pro- ducing a school newspaper are taught by Mr. Baker. ARGOLITE EDITORS STANDING: Kay Norrie, Salesg Delores Shubert, Pictureg Evelyn Glowiak, Art, Pat Froedge, Literary jim Pappas, Assistant Sportsg Marilyn Mielzynski, Typing. SEATED: Aggie Tomich, Editor in-Chiefg Mrs. Ullrich, Advisorg Pete Klos, Sports. 59 ARGOLITE STAFF PRODUCES BIGGEST ANNUAL EVER' The hub of activity for the Argolite staffs is Room 33, during .the fourth period. Here the editors and sponsor plan the yearbook, work out production schedules, set up picture dates and work out assignments for each editor to relay to his staff. Picture, art, literary, sales and typing are the main divisions of the Argolite. These staffs work individually but are responsible to one another, and depend upon each other to function properly. In between meeting deadlines, the mem- bers of this organization found time to sponsor a Homecoming Dance, sell Homecoming pamphlets and enjoy a Christmas party and Spring picnic. 1 ART AND LAYOUT STAFF STANDING: J. Pedota. SEATED: D. Smit, R. Trobec, R. Seser LITERARY STAFF STANDING: M. Riceg E. Castro giovarmig D. Migasg C. Maslow skix R. DeRisog C. Kusnerg D. Harvey. SEATED: V. Tomich J. Solomong A. Balichg P. Bellino. SALES STAFF F. Niggg L. jackobsg T. Fieldsg S. Stantong S. Guzlasg G. Ur- ban. Honzecoming piulurzfy bale az 1.1.fl! Slfzff .md edizm-.r pirk the hex! for the Argolite. PICTURE STAFF- FIRST ROIV: D. Schubertg R. Santangclo. SECOND ROW? H. Bumbulisg L, Dion, THIRD ROW: P. Wilsong K. Karounasg B. Shepard. RADIO CLUB BACK: E. Stanek, Presi- dentl R. Kuehnlei A. Stanckg Mr. McFarland. Sponsorl C. Bomberry, Treasuren H. Ray. FRONT: A. Kratzenbergerg A. Frus, Vice-Presidentg -I. Huddleston, Secretary' D, Shenbarger. s SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FASCINATE ARGONAUTS AS THEY Argo has its Marconis! A regulation transmitter was built as a Radio Club project and several members were trained in Morse Code. The site of a very interesting field trip was the Lem.ont Nike Base. Air Force men conducted the group through the installations and lectured to them about the importance of trained technicians in the missile field. Al TDIO VISUAL STANDING: C. Pavel: D. Caruso, President: D. Bon- ickg C. Lailumandicreg D, Krencikl S. Kuball N Nykielg D. Schomig1 D. Pictruchag T. Thomason D. Digangi, Treasurer: 'l' Gregoryg Mr. La rson Sponsor, SEATED: J. K0 houtg C. Grayg M. Linzi B. Gregory. NOT PIC- TURED: C a r o l Zurek Scrretaryp Ruth Hoover Vice-President. The Audio Visual Club is composed of students who are trained to operate movie projectors, tape recorders and other related machines. The members meet once a week to discuss the weeks' movies, set up programs, and order movies and tapes. At the end of the year, they meet for the last time at the club picnic. Belmzgizzg to Ike Audio-Virupzl Club ir 7101 all wore. Paul Kareniak .f6'P77l.l' Io be ezzjoyzzzg 11 mom' in lbe ar! room. INVESTIGATE ELECTRICITY, PROJECTORS, AND CAMERAS The shutterbugs of the Camera Club maintain a constant flow of pictures to the Maroon, Argolite, and local publications. Beside this, the camera club members take great pride in their student display case, which shows photographs of Argonauts in action. Topics studied at Weekly meetings are fundamental processing, color photography, micro-photography, Christmas Card making, portraits, and copying prints. CAMERA CLUB STANDING: Mr. Steinhoff, sponsor J. Wliitel E. Stanek, Vice-Presidentg R Poggig R. Reynol B. Marshall, G Montnlbanog D. Haavindg R. Zielinki A. Katzenbergerg V, Tantenog L. Mc Cabeg H. Ketza. SEATED: P. Trent Treasurer, P. Postong B. Savaglio, Sec- retary: C. Nickolou, Presidentg H. Ray B. Robinsg V. Bellettini. 55 v SCIENCE CLUB STANDING: P. Garzag I. Stevanovich, Vice-Presidentg W. Stefanskig J. Caruth, Presidentl Mr. Strnad, spon- sorg D. Bestg J. Arbogast Treasurerg W. Jeno: H. Ray. SEATED: P. Trent, Secretary' P. Kobylecky. x HOPEFUL ACTORS AND SCIENTISTS GAIN Science Club members have buckled down to work with the help of their new sponsor, Mr. Strnad. Some members completed projects which were entered in the Illinois Junior Academy of Science competition. The annual Christmas party was a huge success. A lot of fun was had all year, but the ideals of the Club to stimulate an interest in the Sciences, were thought of irst. DRAMA CLUB DEMONSTRA TING: M Rice, Trcasurerg Mr. Haiake, sponsorg A, Balich. President TOP ROIl"'.' DI. lvlaloyg K DiBiz1sc1 S. Smith: L. Jackobs B. Shepartlg VI. Whiteg E Glowiak. THIRD ROIV: B Robertsg M. Gray: I.. Mazag B. Fillllli. BOTTOM ROll".' F. Nigg, Secretaryg AI, Solo- mon, Vicc-Prcsidentg G. Hoff- ITILIKI. SECOND ROIV: B. Dincffg Amateur actors and actresses were given their "big chance" by the Drama Club. The Club presented several skits and plays this year in which these aspiring newcomers took part. The Christmas Play "The Miracle of the Madonna," was the biggest production put on by the Drama Club this year. During the year members enjoyed professional ballet and opera perform- ances. Hale, disdain, love, far-pf-iff and furioxity are ex- prened by Drama Club mewberf, judy Solomon, Mr. Haabe, Angie Balirb, Flora Nlgg and Mary Arm Riee. EXPERIENCE, REPUTA TION AJ Scienre rlub member: IVemiell feno, Demzix Ben and Paul Tren: look on, fame: Caruzb, under the walrbful eye of Mr. Szrnad, demomtralei lbe preparation of Hydrogen. Drama club member, Flo r a N i g g farm! crowed! Jmrf in fbi! roncerzzing a floppy zeezzager, prepared by the rlub for lbe Cillzfil- fbip affembly. SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROIIV: H. Miranda, Secretary: E. LaPorte: G. Ur- ban: D. Migas. S E C O N D ROIIV: S. I-Iillock: R. Gore- ham: W. Rubel: D. Czerwin- ski: M. Carney, C. Poper- nick. THIRD ROIV: R. Saat- hoffg M. Georges: C. Ziolko. Treasurer: J. Shepard: D. Haavind: L. Hutton: E. Palmer: D. Kohnke: J. Peder- sen: J. Robertson, J. Kozal: J. Roberson: B. Mandel: J. Rob- erts: Miss Mayer, sponsor: C. julian, Vice-President. Knot picturedj E. Baricovich, Presi- dent. I CLUBS' CALENDARS FEATURE MEXICAN RESTAURANTS AND NATIONAL CONVENTION The gay customs and activities of the Spanish world are enjoyed by Spanish Club enthusiasts who bring Spain to Argo at their weekly meetings. A yearly excursion to the Mexico Lindo, a loop restaurant, is a treat for members who are fascinated by the quaint atmosphere, the spicy foods, such as, tortillas, and fryoles, and the exciting Spanish music. The purpose of the Modern Music Masters, an honor society of musically talented students, is to develop musicianship, to foster good music, and to develop the music standards of the school and community. Attending district, state, and national conventions, and participating in instrumental and vocal concerts are some of the club's projects. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS AT PIANO: J. Arnett: E. Castrogiovanni, Vice-Presi- dent. FIRST ROIV: P. Du- bas, Treasurer: C. Sutton: N. Boss: C. Zurck. Secretary: C. Kusncr: F. Niggg L. jackobsg D. Best: D. I-Iaavind. SEC- OND ROW".' R. Sever, Presi- dent: D. Smit: M. Sanders: Mr. Seith. sponsor. Time 10 fed-ff dl 1199 Ldfiff C1115 Chfiifvlflf Pdfly- Dreary relyemrrzl for iz Lrzlizl Club .fkil .rmrriizg foe jakobielerki, Karen Hirrbminz and Ken Frirm. LATIN CLUBBERS PROVE - THAT LATIN WASN'T JUST FOR THE ROMANS Besides the business portion, entertainment and refreshments are regular parts of the Latin Club meetings which are held in room 111 every Tuesday under the sponsorship of Mr. Lyne. A Christmas party and a Roman Banquet are two of the annual activities. All the food you can eat for a dollar is offered at the banquet provided you're a member and wearing a toga. LATIN CLUB FIRST ROIV: J. Toterog J. Jakobielskig E. Castrogio- vannig D. Dudag M. Rice. SECOND ROIW: R. Lechg R. Pisoneg M. Smit: L. Nelson, Treasurerg C. Conley. THIRD ROW: P. Rayg L. Pfeiferg L. Kleffinan, Secretaryg J. Ger- chesg J. Sieg. FOURTH ROIV: R. Kreinerg P. Klosg B. Robinsg P. Frus. FIFTH ROIW: E. DeBoerg J. Clinning S. Swansong P. Bartosiewicz. STANDING: L. Dineffg W. jenog K. Frisco: R. Gassg A. Farkonasg K. DiBii1seg J. Maloy: B. Dineffg K. Calla- han: J. jnkobielskig B. Sra- mekl T. Pyrzg K. Tomlong D. Lewis: Mr. Lyne, sponsorg K. Hirschmen, President. NOT PICTURED: C. Zurek, Vice- President. FUTURE NURSES STANDING: E. Rosen- bloomg D. Nagodeg M. Ol- son, Vice-Presidentg C Carr, Presidentg J. Dub- skyg G. Andersong T Thomason, Secretaryg B Smith. SEATED: P. Ray N. Nykielg C. Skodg V T h u r in a ng A. Nagode NOT PICTURED.'F Heniff, Treasurer. CLUB MEMBERS WORK AND DREAM FOR "A powerful, hard-working organization" were the words used to describe the Future Nurses Club by Doctor Gibson, a speaker at the assembly sponsored by this group. Besides sponsoring the assembly, the Future Nurses entered the Homecoming parade, held a fine Christmas party, visited one of the Chicago hospitals, and held a "pinning" ceremony. FUTURE TEACHERS STANDING: BI. Olson B. Mandel: J. Roberson S. Petkiewiczg P. Rayg C Skodg E. Castrogiovanni SEATED: A. Schomerg G Pavlik, Treasurerg P. Ra cina, Vice-Presidentg E LaPorte, Presidentg L. Nel- son, Secretaryg G. Woide- IURUU. 1 x v N. Freund: P. Froedge. Early in May the Future Teachers Club of Argo High conducted the classes of several grade school teachers in the Argo area. Other activities of the active group included a Christmas party featuring a white elephant grab bag and a visit from Santa, and a comedy skit written by several future teachers and enacted by teachers. FUTURE CRAFTSMEN CIRCLING TABLE: W. Caldvvellg Mr. Woodman, sponsorg M. Cosenzag R. Dusong B. jasperg E. Kut kowsl-ci, Vice-Presidentg D. Bonickg M. Molendag G. Stokesg F. I.aRocco, Sec- retaryg N. Nowacki, Presi- dent. POST GRADUATE LIFE AND CAREERS The Future Craftsmen are a small but active group which according to Mr. Woodman, the sponsor, "Explore the Crafts and Trades, and develop in- terest in advocational activities." Members meet on Wednesday after school to perfect their projects which include lamps, endtables, gun racks, and book- cases. The Future Homemakers of America have embarked on a three point plan of activity. It is one: to earn money by sponsoring a school-wide sale of candy in reusable cannistersg two: to learn so that members may be eligible for various degreesg three: to entertain by giving several parties plus the annual Parents Night Dinner and by introducing entertainment into weekly meetings. l FUTURE HOMEMAKERS STANDING: Mrs. Dal- ton, Advisorg D. Nagodeg C. Kileyg N. Blazejakg B. Milionisg J. Solomon, President. SEA TED: S. Kiley, Secretaryg L. Jack- obsg M. Marsillo, Vice- Presidentg A. Nagode, Treasurer. STANDING: J. Pavlikg S. Havlicekg J. Dubskyg S. Hamondg A. Balichg B. Havli- cek V. Mundy, M. Olsong E. Savagliog P. Radzik, SEATED: N. Karnik: Miss Nar- lock sponsor. OFFICE AIDES STANDING: P. Racinag V Tomich: S. Deverg B. Faulk D. Migas: B. Willianis: P Bartosiewiczg J, Pzlvlik: S. Ko zalg T, Tisevichg S. Bozen: S Weeksg C, lNI1islowski1 C Woodg G. Deverg G. Kissner A. Farkonas1 M. Lanthorn SEATED: M, Kerleyg D. Di Gangi: Sponsor Mrs. Malek: C Kusnerg J. Murray. AIDES DEVELOP SKILLS, LEARN RESPONSIBILITY Girls interested in office work of all kinds act as aides, to the office staff. They deliver tele- phone messages, collect absence slips, answer the phone, take special bulletins to the class- rooms and perform many other interesting duties. A "C" average is required of all office aides. Nurses Aides render vital services to their fel- low classmates. These girls, who volunteer their services, are responsible for a great num- ber of jobs. They keep records of the students who come into the health office, take care of the laundry, answer the phone and sterilize first aid equipment. NURSES AIDES LIBRARY AIDES HALL GUARDS TOP ROW? J. Hermang B. Czekalag E. De- Boer. SECOND ROIV: D. Harvey, D. Lewis R. Schmidtke. THIRD ROW: B. Williamsg Pi Klosg J. Burke. FOURTH ROW.' Mr. Man waring, sponsorg C. Pavel. HELP OTHERS Before school and during lunch periods, hall guards are posted in strategic areas throughout the building to keep the halls quiet and to see that only students with passes are in the halls. These boys, who are selected by the office, are also on duty during fire drills. Library aides are recruited every year to help the librarian process, repair and check out library materials. Each period of the day they can be found working at the shelves, in the career room, at the loan desk, and in the librarian's office. FIRST ROW.' M. Karnoscakg L. Brunzellg S. Knox. SECOND ROWY B. LeGranclg K. DeSalvog C. Switalskig K. Lundmarkg P. Kratkyg' P. Cerleg B. Hansen. THIRD ROW!! M, Williams, presidentg B. Shepardg V. Bellet- tinig S. Alleng P. Fragala, secre- taryg C. Lyznicki, vice-presidentg M. Skarnulis, treasurerg J. Paniceg S. Brunzellg C. juliang J. Glavas. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROIV: S. Saathoffg ISI. Riceg J, jakubielskig V. Boldaskag B. Shepard: B, Robbins. SEC- OND ROIV: D, Homkog D. Schomigg K. I-Iii-shman: D. Dudag N. Nykielg B. Goyerg T. Thoma- son: J. Pederson. THIRD ROWS' D. Schoonveld: E. Stare-kg B. Warzynskig S. jeftazek: V. Mundy: P. Rayg N, Freund. L. jackobs, demonstrator. G A.A. AND SWIM CLUB - "A SPORT FOR EVERY GIRL AND A DAY DOLPHINS FIRST ROIV: K. Norrieg G. Bes- lichg C, Carr: T. Tisevichg P. Bartosiewiczg B, Piquetteg G. Pav- lik. SECOND ROW? D. Schomigg A. VonOsinskig S. Bozeni S. Weeks: P. Wilsong G, Brencicg C. Choreg P. Kratkyx D. Fierke. THIRD ROW? L. Kuglarzz B, Carpenter: C, Miserendino: S. Deverg K. Karounosg S. Kubalg j. Johnsong P, Racinag S. Knox. The A.C.H.S. girls' swim club presented its second Aqua Show this year to a capacity crowd. The girls, who are advanced swimmers, passed rigorous try- outs to become members of the club, Poise, gracefulness, and stunts are taught by the sponsor, Miss Nancy Upsall, to make the water ballet show one of the major events of the year. i Lair Kleffmmz, Sandy Pelkieuiirz, and Ruby Mfzronirb Jtart indoor brzrebfzll jmzfiire early. FOR EVERY SPORT" The Girls' Athletic Association plans a year- round schedule which includes swimming, soft- ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and ping pong The girls earn points by par- ticipating in these sports after school hours. Points are totaled at the end of the school Ruby Marwzirb driver in fl :leur Jlaol in an afler Jrboal brzrkelbrzll ,fe,r.fi01z. Barkelfmll, af demazzrlrnled by Gai! Ledrimz and lenm mem bery, lr one of llae 711051 popular GAA Jporfr. year and at the spring picnic and initiation, letters are awarded to the girls who have earned sufficient points. The two girls with the highest total points are sent as representatives of the school to the G.A.A. camp in Wisconsin. Preyidenl of the G.A.A. Sa-ndy Pelkiewifz prerider orer an izzfammi board meefizzg mmifliug of: FIRST ROUVJ L. Kleffmmz, Trearurer: C, Cbore, Man agar. SECOND ROUV: G. Brencic, Mmmgerg j. Solomon, Sofia! Clyflirmmzf R Marofzirb, Vice-Pre.ria'ezzI. THIRD ROW: G. Ledirirm, Secremryg Min Bona rpmzror, ARGO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR l'RONT.' D. Cizek, Accordiong M. Dalinan. Piano: Mr. Seith, Director. FIRST ROIV: j. Kelecichg B. Clarkg J. Andersong C. Sut- tong N, Bossg J. Dyeing I.. Atherton: C. Zurekq P. Coomerg C. Miserenclinog B. XX'arzinskig I Arnett. SECOND ROHM: D. Cusack, S. Millerg A. Richardsong N. Moore: S. Arviewg J. Kinippg T. LCKJYICIIIIQ1 B. Robinsg J. Taylorp J. Stevensong F. Niggg S. Fellers3 B. Slonskig M, Cooperg M. Morgucz: S. Gutez B. Marshall. THIRD ROIVT XV. Czekala: j. Santorag F. Riggiog J. Arbogastg M. Sandersg E. Kirkseyp G. Wenk: I., Barrows: E. DeBoerg R, Severg R. Aldrighettiz D. Haavind: D. Bestg K. Barrows. CHOIR SCORES AT BUILDING DEDICATION Proclaimed as having sound- ed better than professionals at the Borg Wfarner Build' ing Dedication, the Argo High School Choir numbered its performance there as one of the most eventful of the year. During the yuletide season the choir carolled in the halls and sang over the La Grange radio station, be- sides presenting their annual Christmas Vesper at the High School. The Choir also per, formed for the Lyons Club and for various school as- semblies. The group, under the direction of Mr. Arthur Seith, is divided into sev- eral special divisions. Among these are the Boys' Glee Clllb. Cslflsi Glee Clllb and Clmir UlE12!bL'l'.I Riclurrf Stiff. Dwi Swil. Crow! 511111111 .md Ffmxl Nigg. dm! the Octet. ruber for Cfmir f7?I'fIH'lll,II1l'i' MUSIC OF THE MASTERS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS Curtains lower and violins cease playing as These talented people practice most.of the fall Argo's orchestra successfully completes another and early winter for the Thanksgiving and musical. The group includes in its repertoire Christmas programs. In spring the annual con- classical and semic-classical music, as well as, cert and commencement exercises complete a orchestral arrangements of popular music. busy year for the orchestra members. ORCHESTRA BACK ROIV: B. Mandelg N. Mooreg P. Frusg E. Mooreg D. Dudag R. Krernerg R. Smitg R. Weeksg F. Nagelg G. Mathewsg A. Frusg R. Smitg Mr. Kase, Directorg R. Hosmang H. Nelsong J. Mevelsg J. Vonesh. MIDDLE ROUV: A. Robertsg S. Kubalg J. Siegg S. Swansong T. Pyrzg E. Castrogiovannig P. Rayg C. Hletko. FRONT ROIW: C. Kusnerg D. Na- godeg G. Brencicg I. Pershingg K. Hirshmang F, Vermtile, Joloirt Phyllir Frur performed al Jereml roncertr during Ike Madonig P. Dubas. part year. VERSATILE BAND PERFORMS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR Clad in their snappy maroon and white march- ing uniforms, band members added color and spirit to football half-time programs by execut- ing formations and original routines to their peppy music. Suiting the music to the solemn and dignified occasions, Thanksgiving and Christ- mas, the band performed for the annual vesper programs and other community affairs. Music with the popular light beat was featured at the Bands' Pop Concert. Soloists are always of major importance in any band, and Argos soloists and ensembles won many places at the music con- tests at Crete Monee, Revis, York High School, Bradley University and Illinois State University. ARGO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL BAND STANDING: H. Nelsong Mr. Kase, Directorg C. Nickoloug D. Cizekg D. Kohnkeg R. Hosmung K. Constablei D. Gassg DI. Ncvelsg B. Clarkg J. Vonesli. THIRD R0UVgLEFT.' J. Hobsong N. Conleyg P. Adamelcg C. Ziolko: E. Stanek. RIGHTS E. Barberg P. Frusg A. Frusg R. Smit. SECOND ROIV: E, Custrogiovannig P. Rayg J. Pedersong L, Hencinski1 R. Weeksg F. Nagelg G. Mathewsg R. Wilscmng C. Hadleyg H. Rayg R, Klettg C, Otisg nl. Baileyg R. Kremerg P. Bellinog B. Smit. FIRST ROIV: T. Pyrzg C. Cliorg G. Rackowg J. Siegg C. Conley: S. Swanson. Band Direcfmg M1'. Virlw' K,1.i'c' mid f1,i1ri.i'fm1f dirfcloi' Rirbwd lVeefle.i', 10110 tank charge of 1196 bam! during Mr. KrI.f6'.Y illfztzrf. FIRST LINE MAJORETTES L. Nelsong I. Gambillg Li. Kuglarzg S. Kalal, captaing D. Fierkeg C. Galliganig B. Shake. COLORFUL TWIRLERS SPARK PEP RALLIES, HOME GAMES SECOND LINE MAIORETTES S. Pappasg J. Tuohyg B. Piquetteg J. Lorinskig G. Rekarg J. Volski. Smart, strutting twirlers in gold braid trimmed outfits are known to all as the Argo Community High School majorettes. These marching misses, under the direction of Mr. Victor Kase, participate in half-time ceremon- ies at football games, musical pro- grams, pep assemblies and compete in state contests. Long practices on new routines and aerial work make their performances very popular with all spirited Argo- nauts. BUSINESS CLUB FIRST ROIV: M. LaPorte, Vice-Presidentg S. B o d e l, Treasurerg S. Prinklerg S. Havlicekg M. Huddlestong P. Rayg M. Pena. SECOND ROIV. L. Bodelg R. Hooverg L. Harbour, C. Kusnerg D. Kelchnerg P. Banksg J. Oakes. THIRD ROUV: B. Faulkg D. Stropesg B. Williainsg S. Stan- ton: V. Tomichz J. Guerrag N. Kruizenga. F O U R T H ROU7: Mrs. Conelly, sponsor, Mrs. Funk, sponsor: G. Led- vinag S. Urickg B. Dragelg L. Roberts, Secretary, I. San- tora, Presidentg G. Herring, A. Balich. ARGONAUTS PREPARE FOR COLLEGE AND THE BUSINESS WORLD Argo's newest extracurricular activity, the Business Club, is chartered in the National organization, the Future Business Leaders of America. To be a chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America the group had to under- take a project-they chose to be of service to the teachers, administrators, and clubs of the school by doing stenographical and clerical work for them. The Cram Club was formed specifically to help students who plan to take college entrance examinations and other related tests. The usual discussions are centered around what are the requirements for college, what are the various aspects of college life, and how to study for entrance exams. CRAM CLUB FIRST ROIV: J. Arbogastg J. jakubielskig A. Farkonasg D. Gestautg P. Garzag L. Kleffman: J. Herman, J. Papasg D. Harvey. SECOND ROUV: D. Dudag K. Hirsh- mang P. Froedgeg I. Stevano- vichg E. Castrogiovannig L. Frusg R. Weeks: D. Pluto, J. Mathews. THIRD ROIW: R. Williaxnsz C. Ziolko: M. Olson: C. Skod: G. Montal- bano: J. Novels: R. Wilson, R. Smit. FOURTH ROIV: Mrs. Findley, advisorg L. Dineff. Argo debaterx, Barbara W'arzyn.rki, and Farrell An Mndorzi, present their .ride of the quertion ar Ml. ANU! debaferf patienlly wait their turn. DEBATERS DOWN MT. ASSISI, RICH AND LEMONT HIGH SCHOCLS "Lus et Veritos per Herba," which means "light and truth through words,', is the motto of the Argo Community High School Debate Society. The Society, which is two years old this year, has won a majority of its meets which includes debates with Mt. Assisi, Rich Township, and Lemont. They debated on the national high school topic, "Is Russian education more beneficial than American's." A Laureate Award Banquet ends the school year for the Debaters. DEBATE SOCIETY FIRST ROW: A. Madalg L. Nelsong F. Madoni, Treasurerg B. Warzynski, Secretaryg Mr. Nugent, sponsor. SECOND ROW: J. Arbogastg R. Weeks, Co-Captaing P. Trent, Captaing D. Pluto. THIRD ROW: T. Garrong P. Speechg T. Giffordg R. Burow. , TOP: L. Dineff. "Some wife character if alwayf pnlling hir rank on ine. jim he- canfe heir got a few hafh niarhf on hiy fleeife ana' haf ehalhea' np a few yeafif in the Navy, he lhinhf he fan tell nie what to aio," Jays a clifgrnntleil "A1'gi" af he per- forinf a few nienial clntief that go with the .fplenclor of being a sea- nzan in the Navy. Ar the yweal IIIOZHIY off hif hrow "Argi" nz e l l 0 w 5 anal thinhf, "Yeah, iff a lozigh life! Come to ihinh of il, it i5n't so different from lil y frefhnian, Jophoniore ana' jzinior yearf at Argo High." "Those year! were the hest, hilt they were tryin g years. How nzany Iilildki a'irl I wan! lo quit? The only Ihing that rnrfaileel that iirge wax the .vighl of thai a'ill1lon1a in nzy hana' at C0lH77I67ZC'c?7?I67ll',H "I wa,s'n'I a ij Il i 2' I e 1' in high ,fehool ana' I won'1f he one in the Navy. l'll heep on trying ana' I'll nzahe iI!" conflnelef "Argi,"' Q X ff. Q 9 F Q , M W 'an 2 6. ji M 111 Lt!! E " .A A- ' X' A.. Q ' HID MCS W3f2i?33a!' 'fx 'Wi' f' M M H' ad" FRESHMAN BOARD SFANDING: D. Curlee. Secretaryg W, Green, Historian: C. Millerg M. Tisevich. Presidentg C. Callahan, Treasurerg R. Lechg S, Shermang Kulhanekg K. Debelakg K, Constibleg R. Puskog F. Nagel. SEATED: Mr. Kusenda, sponsorg K. Pietiuiszekg N. Blarejakg P. Frusz I., Kuglarz. FRESHIES BREEZE THROUGH '58-'59 The Freshmen entering in September were represented by their grade school principals to act as SAB members and class officers for the first semester. A lawnmower with the slogan "Let's Mow 'Em Down" was their entry in the Homecoming Parade. It seemed as if school had just started when second se- mester arrived. After getting acquainted with each other, the Freshmen held their election for SAB members and class officers. Now after attending the underclassman dance among others and having three class members as nominees for Keen Teen Awards, they anxiously await their next year at Argo. Nrmcy Bltzzrfjrik rrofrer Lolzfz Kuglnris mime while Pbylllr F1145 gumidr Ike ballot box Adamcyk, Thomas Adams, William Aldrighetti, Janis Ammons, Dosie Baran, William Barber, Eddiw Lynn Barrows, Ward Belletini, Virginia BOOKS! REGISTRATION' FEES! LOCKERS' WHEWH Brown, Benda, Kenneth Bestwina, David Blazejak, Nancy Bradley, Frank Branaman, Alan Brewer, Sylvia Brezina, Wayne Wesley Brzinski, Walter Bubla, Sue Bumbulis, Siegfried Burns, Shirley Butler, Robert Clanton, Robert Colbert, Dwellie Colbert, Earl Collier, Chester Constable, Kenneth Coomer, Sherman Carpenter, Jeanne Caruso, William Castillo, Danny Chase, Sharon Chum, Cheryl Eckberg, Ronald Edwards, john Eident, Albert Eisengart. Fred FRESHMAN CLASS Erklin, Robert Farmer, David Fero. Thomas Fishbeck, Richard Fizer, Melva Freund, Rena Copley, Brenda Cosenza, Mario Cox, Daniel Cox, Walter Crue, janet Curlee. Donna Cybula, Susan Czerwinski, Denis Debelak, Kenneth Deblecourt, Harriet Deblecourt, Louis Delk, Ronald DeMaa, Robert DePaola, Victor DiGrazia, Guy Douglas, Roger Duda, Richard Dyer, Judith Speedy galr nl llae bend of the furlrh line, No 1111521161 lure 1 Ffus, Phyllis . Garoutte Howard Garrison, Barbara Garron, Mickey r,"A , V, A I Gass, Robert . :Vi 3 .a ff :S ll-K f-if f. ' ' K 'fri ' 72 ' C Q . . . 5. ' ' Gerches, joan Gergits, john Gernenz, Georgia Ghess. Edward Gibson, Garald Gibson, Gerald Giebudowski, Loretta Could be lhe day before fl final exam in tbii Sfiefzre flair. ' -Riff' 4 ,::A ,V i F21 V WW ft Q ft, , 1 LL ? , Eve' 3 J eff Q' Gilbert, James Glover, Douglas Glover, john Gohr. Dawn Goodwin, Flora Gorski, Paul Grant, Donald Gray, Carol Green, Winona Griffith, Mary neleerrn , GENERAL SCIENCE Hamblet, George Harvey, Carolyn Hejny, Phyllis Heniff, Dorothy Hencinski, LeRoy Herbert, Terry , Herring, Nancy Hickey, Herbert 1 51 , V fix 'Wg 'A if -A 'MK at mg 34? Q 53 f MMMMVW ' , f B W Hoover, William Horn, Williani Hotseller, Donna Hotseller, Dorothy Howell, Pauline Hubbard, Bernadette tx 9 .ft - ef , ., .. .,.. Homa, James ' 3 ' 3' fi X - 41 Q, , .r,,, .o, , M h. fwamg ww, 4 f-f- H1 f 5 X Q t 1 ,M -EQ EH x 5' S 1 we at 325 f ii if tix iff? 4 A if it Hodelka, Dennis ., Hollingsworth, Allan at , Hoover Herbert Weifv L' i -wmwwe FOR ALL "1 "" 2 r L .,,, Huschr Alla I ,"'k -- i i ' HYde, Nelhe r ' -' .fri :'-- Imfisek, Fred elnrsr V"' rsnr L Jacevich, Anthony J. ' QE ffffi- ' ,,,l -i-A ,, ,, , 1 ilz lf l'- Jacevich, Anthony H. 'V" , -' ' ".' 3 It ' V, ff "V L 'V-fl jakubielski, joseph I - -V A e ,A .L I A V- V Jandak' Fred g',,'. t jaske, Richard ,' 55,7 i ii'1i Q' Jessie, Carl as Johnson, Billy 1" jones, Nelson ' Journagin, Bobbie I f Kalal, Frank 'F The I7ICkE'Zf ue blew in Ilan! randy machine! FRESHMAN CLASS Kanner, Arthur Katzenberger, Anna Kedzierski, Sophie Keeton, Betty Kelecich, Geraldine Kerley, Joyce nf ff Ketza, Harry Khoen, Jack Kiley, Susan Klaub, Alan Knipp, janet f , A , :q ..,-,ik-',',1j,k5i K , 2 E '..:.i ' ::ffVw if. ' J'f171'7'2! i , JW Z1 -'i"Ti. Yi- " -11 ,,,f r gy .- my - f Koplau, Louis Kremer, Richard Kuglarz, Lolita Kulhanek, John Lalumandiere, Charles Lannon, JoAnn R Libovsky Laverty, Daniel LeGrand, LeGrand, LeGrand. Leonchik, john Michelle Russell Tamara Pauline " Mir as rsrs 4 'kai wi" f f G Litwicki, Louise Lofton, Dempsey Logan, Linda Long, Ronald Lorinski, jean Lox, Charles Knox, Susan Kobylecky, Peter Kohnke, David Madoni, Paul Manning, Charles Manning, Mildred Markusic, james Markusic, Peter Marsillo, Marlene McCabe, Leo McCord, Richard McDonald, Elizabeth McGovern, Gary McNulty, David Milionis, Betty Miller, Arthur Miller, Charles , Miller, Christine Miranda, Magdalene Miserendo, Connie Molenda, Robert Morris, Estella Moser, Paul Mossenicas, Alex Mozden, Lynn Quit .rzzeakizzg in, Roger! There Senior: are alwayf pulling rank. HOW WE FELL FOR THE ELEVATOR PASS FARCE! Mueller, George Mullen, Sandra Munch, Kathleen Nagel, Frank Nagode, Dorothy Narez, Joseph Nisbet, Bennet Ohland, Melody Orozco, Alice Overfelt, Sandra Owen, Josephine Palmer, Charles Palmer, William Palonis, Charlotte Pappas, Sally Parker, Elayne Pavlik, Patricia Pederson, Judy Peterson, Robert Peterson, Sandra Peterson, Karen Polchowski, Harriet Popernick, Clarence Poston, john Robins, Barbara Robinson, Patricia Robison, joan Roeback, Gloria Pucci, James Puckett, Eva Purchas, Penneliva Pusko, Ronald Rackow, Fredrick Ray, Fred Ray, Herman Reed, Ronald Rehr, Gerald Rendon, Irene Reyno, Rose Ann Richardson, Janice Ridder, Karen Marlene Marrilla and Nina Freund whip up ll wardrobe in Jewing flair. Roth Beverly FRESHMAN CLASS Rubel Wrlliani Rudow Donald Rosenbloom, Esther ezffm, '--- - - ' ff 5 li Schomer, Lee Schonauer, David Schultz, Carl Schneider, Lynne Schopf, Charlene Serafino, Robert Rygulas, Stanley Sathoff, Sylvia Sailor, john Sala, Edward Sanetrick, Robert Savaglio, Bonnie Schlagel, Henry Sevier, Michael Sexton, Sharon Shamasko, Robert Shelly, jerry Shenbarger, Donald Sherman, Steve Skinner, Pamela Sneed, Elizabeth Snyder, Dale Spanski, Richard Spigner, Lemmie Stalowy, Michele Telford, Hazel Thurman, Gloria Thurman, Mary Tisevich, Michael Tobolski, Raymond Toteno, Joseph Stanek, Anthony Staszak, William Stefanski, Wallace Strader, Roger Stromsky, Charles Sturgeon, Robert Stubitsch, Joan Sullivan, Jerome Switalski, Carol Talerico, Nancy Taylor, Juanita Taylor, Mollie Telford, George WE GOT AN AERIAL VIEW AT ASSEMBLIES! White, ,James Wilson, Nancy Winters, Robert Willis, Nelson Wright, Simeon Yacono, Donna Yuretich, Peter Zambrano, Lydia I Zarecki, Jerome Zimmerman, Michael E Urick, Theresa Vavis, Beverly Vercellotti, John Volski, Penny Vukovich, John Wagner, William Wallock, Emily Wallschleager, Judy Washington, George Welbourn, Thomas Wertz, Dennis Wheeler, Jimmy NOT PICTURED Lech, Ronald Newman, Elizabeth Schuetz, Edward SOPHOMORE BOARD STANDING: R. Altpeterg L. Frantz, Treasurerg A. Pyrz, Vice-Presidentg R. Sramek, Reporter, K. DiBiaseg De- Jovine, Historiang Mr. Woodman, spon- sor. SEATED: B. Shepard, B. Faull-ag D. Lewis, Presidentg J. Maloy, Secretaryg S. Rehm, THE CLASS OF 1961 IS GOING PLACES! Tanna leaves, witches brew, and a special guest, "Lucifer himself" were found at the climax of the Sophomore's projects, an underclassman dance. The dance which was held on Friday, March 15 was entitled "Devils Drag." During the fall season, the Sophomores didn't sit back. They built a rocket ship with theme "Argo's Going Places" for the Homecoming Parade and instead of capturing outer space, they won second place. Midwinter was the time for raising funds for class expenses. A bake sale was held at Dineffls Realty for this purpose. The Sophomores eagerly supported their outstanding basketball team which distinguished themselves by placing third in the South Suburban Conference. Sopbomorer believe in f1d1'erfi.ring :heir big dmzfe-The Devilr Drug. 4, Qfdo B, : SOPHOMORE CLASS After lunch if over, play or watrla ping-pong in the old gym. Iim A - me ':" A exe. .1 Adamek, Pauline ffl' . at 5 Allen, Mattie L3 Allen, Susan Alt peter, Ronald Anderson, Georgena K QQ Anderson, Lynn 7 'k',".', ' ' l,, ,film iff! 1 . takin , W -in t ii A Q, egg? NE , he , 1 ' Q Armstrong, Elson Atherton, Sharon Barbour, Louise Bercich, Dorothy faith :,:,,,:g,',w K ef! K c s f- r - ' A l C lei t 2 eg W, fi. f. g Q. , .. M. . ,, Y ., 1 ,W 1 'V -gs, ' if , 2,3 p-,rm-f Igqgigf fggygfyw, .itz 1 1,i'5.fl fi- ?14f: 3i fLi,z' .,,, is A . 'T , fi " 'f ' A L ' ,. Brown Brunze Buchac Burda, Burns, Burow, C V isggyi f X Bittles, Boales, Best, Dennis Berger, Mary Paul Sue Ann Boatright, Joyce Bokholdt, Donald Boldaska, Valerie Bomberry, Charles 'Wage :J N , f , via sf H, K HA ,i N M f f 4 if f me ,Q Boss, Nancy , Bozec, Robert it Vzqzu Bozen' Henry Bfadley, Clyde e e lllsl A Brencic, Geraldine ,,,,: s ft. Bfifkeff,Dom1d errlli ,,, ,i ,. C f'i C - -2,.,' ' 'ffl -:.:g :r':,,3sZ- ' 3 ?QA 'WQ??i .r ,Afdell 'ir' - o ll, Susan P :,2 1, Kathleen 'V li',,: eltsl JOSHPI1 iati A V lsti 1 R0fkY ' ,lil l lsrt A I ,'- . ,,, i 'l,,,i' f,, Bm-OW, Shiela ',a, :al tia, Bvfd, Robert " A Caldwell- Wasdfll A ls s .:,, ,' l A 'Q Carpenter, .Rfmld Q. - l.-, Cerle, Patricia Cernick, Michael Cholico, joseph Chor, Celeste Christie, Barbara Cihalski, Linda Clark, Richard Clark, William Clawson, Carl ll"m1dtz, :I.f,ff,ff6d by Vicki Tomirh. thecki 10 ree u'lao'r flipping. Colbert, Earline Cole, Bonnie Conley, Nancy Cook, Carol Coomer, Phyllis Cosenza, Judith Crokenower, Alice Culwell, Joyce Davidson, James Day, Donald DeJovine. James Della, Gayron DeMarco. Michael DeRiso, Maria DiBiase, Kathleen Dineff, Beverly Dombrose, Catherine Dubsky, Jeanette Dusterhoff, Carl Fields, Theresa Finazzo, Michael Forrester, Sandra Frantz, Lee Freund, Nina Frisco, Kenneth Fuller, Douglas Garron, Troy Gass, Donald Gewerth, John Giebudowski, Walter Glockler, Christian Goodwin, Willa Goreham, Ronald Gouclie, Mary Goyer, Barbara Green, John THOSE FRESHMEN LOOK SO YOUNG! Easter, Edward Ellingham, Janice Englehardt, Bruce Fandrey, Louis Faulk, Betty Kay Featherston, Louise lun pull up at floor, relax and luke an exam, like lhesre gulf. Gregory, jan Gregory, Yvonne Groeneveld, Evelyn Gross, james Gruca, john Guerra, Gerry Guerra, Jackie SOPHOMORE CLASS ' .. ..,., Guzlas, Robert Haavmd, Donald ooono Q' a Hadley, Charles n nnonn so -':o as no 3 Hadley, Doris jj 'E A,ee. , ' A 4:G,1- ,, .. ., ' 'r '," ' 43,516 Hamblet, Patricia Hammond, Colin Hansen, Barbara Hartman, Dorothy Herman, jack Homko, Diana Homko, Dorothy Hopkins, William Hosman, Robert Hutton, Louis Hyde, Michael Jarosik, JoAnn Jeno, Wendell Judd, Shirley julian, Coraleene Kabakovich, Loretta Kaczmarek, Edward Karnik, Norma Karnik, Norman Kelchner, William Kelly, joseph Kensik, Tony Hernandez, Tony Hill, Shirley Hillock, Sandra Hines, Edward Hojnacki. Clem Hollis, Mary Lou DEVIL S DRAG - FRIDAY THE 13TH LUCKY FOR US Handy pencil machine in the 0 Ice keep: Sharon Smith out of nickel: Kiley, jonhanna Kirk, john Kirksey, Lee Klein, Wayne Klim, Orville Kolinski, Barbara LaPorte, Richard Lave, Dorothy LeGrand, Phillip Lenzi, Maria Lewis, Dennis Lindner, Robert Lorenzi, Karen Lucas, Walter Luetticke, Brunhilde Madal, Amelia Maloy, Jeanne Mandel, Barbara Manske, joseph Kravarilc, Stephen Kroner, Mickey Kubal, Sandra Lambert, jerry Lange, David LaPorte, Elaine il Marshall Bonnie Korbel, Henry Kott, Edward Kozar, Daniel Kozar, George Koziol, Carol Kozola, Marilyn Kratky, Penny ' Markmueller, Jeanette 1 if B K .g y ' , ' ' Mardis Charles Maslowslci Celeste Matkovich Victoria McDaniel, Bessie McKee, Robert McLaughlin, Dennis McNarry, Harry Mead, Virginia Mical, Robert Migas, Diane SOPHOMORE CLASS Millard, Robert Miller, Marilyn Miranda, Hope Mitchell, Marie Mizwicki, Robert Modiest, Tyrone Alwayr plenty Sophs at the foatball gzmef Moore, William Moore, LaVerne Montecki, Thomas Moreci, Nancy Moriarity, Diane Morris, Virginia Moser, Lucille Mossenicas, Irene Mozden, Wayne Mull, Robert Mundy, Patricia Oakes, Judy Ochaba, Judy Palumbo, Richard Pape, Marilyn Parker, Williaiii Parsley, Patricia Nelson, Henry Nelson, Linda Nizolek, Gary Nowicki, Joyce Nykiel, Nancy Nall, Dorothy Paulas, Charles Payne, Margaret Pedota, Joseph Pena, John Pfeifer, Lawrence Petrucha, Donna Pisone, Richard Poggi, Rosemary Polcar, Bohumil Pomey, Joyce Porter, Gail Poston, Patrick Now I've gat ya, my: Rirb Staples. Purchas, Doris Pyrz, Anthony Radis, Connie Ray, LeRoy Rehm, JoAnne Rehm, Sylvia Rekar, Geraldine Rekar, Robert Rice, Maiy Ann Robertson, Glenda Roberson, Joyce Roberts, Auga Roberts, Shirley Robison, Ronald Rogers, Johanna Rola, Edmund Schneider, David Schomig, Diane Schoonveld, Delores Schuler, Barbara Sendziak, Louis Shake, Bunny Schaugnessy, Terry Shepard, Barbara Sheraden, Carol Shugarman, William Sieg, jane BASKETBALL - SWIM TEAMS PROUDLY WE CHEERED! Provost, Thomas Puckett, Vollie Rolla, John Rubel, Diane Rubel, Thomas Saathoff, Raymond Sanders, Edward SanAngelo, Raymonde Saylor, Patricia Scalf, David Schilling, Patricia Schmidtke, Robert Thir ir the way it'.r done, boyrf' myx Mr. Woodman. Smith, Sharon Snyder, Elmer Specht, George Sramek, Robert Stanton, Sharon Talerico, William Teeter, Mary Telford, Rebecca Thomason, Teena Thompson, Charles Tichacek, Kathleen Tomich, Vicki Tomlon, Kenneth Tomlonovich, Joleen Tourville, Carol Urban, Geraldine Valovic, Margaret Van Bussum, Gerald Vogel, Arthur Vonesh, James Wallock, Anna Siroky, Ronald Skala, Lois Smit, Gerald Smit, Nancy Smith, Leonard Staples, Frank Starek, Elizabeth Stefanski, James Stewart, joan Stokes, Gerald SOPHOM ORE CLASS Sinclair, William Sinks, James Stropes, Diane Stubitsch, Monica Sutherland, Morris Swanson, john Switalski, Ralph Szelag, Ronald TWO YEARS - DOWN THE DRAIN! The informal question Jeffionr in Elertri: Shop clear up many doublf. Warzynski, Barbara Wcislo, joan Wenk, George Williams, Betty Williams, Fred Williams, Michael Yurko, Sandra Zeitz, Gerald Zielke, Robert Zima, Joyce Mr. Woodffzan nik: Barb Williarnf bow .rhe like: ber new Jrlyedule. Williams, Robertine Williams, Willie Witunskis, Darlene Wingo, David Wojtasik, Joseph Wood, Ronald Woodard, Larry Wosylus, Edward Yarbrough, Loretta Yelnick, Patricia Yons, Diana SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Cammack, Eloise Gibbons, jerie Hobson, Judy Landingham, Harold Otto, Howard Rackow, Gail Sturenfeldt, Robert juniors Gail Defer and Pat Erklizz unified by Mfr. Taylor pick out their favorite clan ringr, JUNIOR BOARD BOTTOM ROIV: L. Dineffg -I. Clinnin, Presidentg P. Klos. SECOND ROW: R, Maronich, Treasurer E. Castrogiovanni, Secretary, S. Swanson. THIRD ROIV: R. Weeks, Vice-President, M. Hobson K. Hirshman, P, Bartosiewicz, Historiang Mr. Lyne, sponsor. JUNIORS PREPARE FOR THAT BIG YEAR - '60 The junior Class's homecoming float, carrying the theme, "Expecting Victory," was richly rewarded when it was announced as the winning float Homecoming night. Money making was next on the agenda for the lower upperclassmen. "Gobbler's Gadaboutu was the theme of an all school sock hop. As the New Year arrived, the juniors made their selections for graduation rings. Dineff's Realty was the site of a Bake Sale, proceeds went to the junior-Senior Prom fund. The rainy month of April was the setting for a display of acting ability in the junior Play, "You Can't Take It With You." Last minute details for the Prom were worked out. As the junior-Senior Prom, which was held on May 2, at the Shoreland Hotel, closed the year for the juniors, they anxiously waited for Septem- ber to come so they could finally enroll as "Tops of A.C.H.S."-the Senior Class of 1960. fi .,f,w- x 1 4 1 M .r J as f nigga! .MW ,f R' A J , , 1 , a , ZH fiva A 'fu f . S , .- ,W K . na. . , ,qa.E,,. , r A 1, V2 xx.- f .f l . K , .Mft , Q sr K' W' '., ,M .ff 1 2,1 gg K in 5 HV 'ig ir ffm, e- f Mm .4 - Q ,,, , I f , aff, .QM A. N . , ,ff .,.-Q 4 , f- 'f 5- -.Ai Y ,. ,.. 5 I P If . f . ,T x fi i Q "rf W M3 kai' 2 u , x F, " "ki, ",. 4, k .yy 5 . -mu M , f ., I k +R ,. V . 1' f Q' jk A g' 'jgf 9' M jf, A -31 f I V jf' l f X -vb? M M, 'jf " sw. Sf, f E, j , ,f ,f , , J f, f ,J f L fafffff ,af r M " ..., 14 f Yxfff eff f I ,M -V Ymia hi, fi x , ,r I ,l f F y Ax,hh - Y ,- .V 1, V7.1 Q W 'J ' K If fy' 4-1 Q Vv., jr C-Q,fJ" Kfgf, yhkr 53 s"ffi ,155 ,WL r V M IKM S , J f ss iziaf' is , M, . 1 3, , ff- I . ,, I ,J r.'.zf lv" f f.f'ff-'1',, " 3 L " ' ' ,I fx , ily, .f- M111 ll1f:Lf!f..f,1. fwf,-1-'f ff!! -' f 'Y f ffff X I, hx ff Y fl ,Vw . 'll ,ff If N ' I 4.1,.lA 114, '7f,'1f.ff,,' ff: 1' U,,'w'7'1f g,,',', fi jffw y,,, 'gr 1 ,K 9 3 JUNIOR CLASS Robert Arbogast, o Barbara Bellino, Patricia Bennett, Donald Bernasiewicz, Alice Beslich, Glenda Bestwina, Joseph Bills, Barbara Bodel, Linda Bodel, Sandra Bonarek, Leonard Bouchard, Kenneth Bredlau, Paul Brewer. Fred Aldrighetti, Atielrton After luzzrla junior girlr like la gala. August, Carol Banks, Phyllis Barber, Brian Barker, Willianu Barr, Thomas Bartosiewicz, Pat Conley, Carolyn Cook, Allen Coomer, Obie Copley, Frances Curlee, james Cusack, Dorothy Dahms, Carol DeBoer, Edward Dedich, Nenad Declich, Predrag Delk, Larry Denning, Mary Brown, Arlester Brown, Cordia Brown, Mary Brown, Willie Brunzell, Lurene Bryant, Paul Bumbulis, Helene Burke, Robert Burke, Ronald Castrogiovanni, Edith Clinnin, Gerald Colbert, Sylvia DePaola, Fred DeSalvo, Kathleen Dever, Gale Dineff, Louis Doogan, David Douglas. Rebecca Study flame brief fofmy, girlxf Dragel, Barbara Ducla, Dorothy Duson, Riley Eby, Leo Eckberg, George PROUD TO BE UPPERCLASS Goodwin, Turner Gray, Mary Arm et 55' +1 2' 2: at S gp- f Jtiflitz Ghess. Dorothy GhesS. Pearline Gifford, Thomas of i P ,yn ivrc.wi,f!1v.' Glavas, Joni Gleich, Robert Goers, Bonnie 33559155 a if P 'lrr ' 4 Grzelak, Vincent Guzlas, Sharon Garbour, Louise Erklin, Patrick Farkonas, Athena Fellers. Sandra Fierke, Donna Fragala, Patricia Frus, Alan Frystak, Janice ,,'- Galligani, Charlotte ' A Garza, Peter ,if A Gasparas, Wayne ' Gestaut, Daniel ,, 4 Nl whiff f if Wit W S 4 ' A 'ffl L . 2 ,,,. -V Q, gg jf H 3 ,fi A 1 4 A I HQ W 'V' 5 W M i X , .ah 5. , 1 The nfrenzbly on the "Code of Ell1irJ" war Ike fumziert of the year. Sleadier are in .rtyfe al Argo claim Comleerz, julian mzd Bob Pobiegfz. -9 eh is l, , 1 Kane. Robert Karge, Michael Karnoscak. Mary Karounas, Katherine Keene, James Keeton, Juanita if L 'iii' M ir -V me :f" ' any '7 5 , , . wi r Eli-3 5 ,yn - 526' -' " ,ag -. -...,, ,, ...W ,,,,, W, Harris, Carl Hauser, Carolyn Havlicek, Suzanne Henderson, Robert Herring, Gladys Hirshman, Karen Hletko, Carol Hobson, MaryLou Hoover, Ruth Horejs, james Howell, Alma JUNIOR CLASS Huddleston, jerry Hucldleston, Mariellen jakubielski, joleen Janes, Tommy jasper, Bill Jeftazek, Stacy johnson, Judith Jones, Lena julcnuis, Kenneth Kaczmarek, James Kalal, Shirley Kalina, Robert Kelchner. Dianna Kelecich, George Kirkolis, Paul Kissner, Gayle Kleffman, Lois Klimek, Walter Therefv aluvzyr ll lizze al Ike .mdfz har, bu! we dmfz mind wailing for flair. OUR STORK TOOK FIRST AT HOMECOMING Klos, Peter Kohout, Robert Kosieniak, Paul La Porte, Marilyn La Rocco, Frank Lech, Carolyn Ledvina, Gail Lawson, Robert Lhotak, joseph Lindner, John Lund, Shirley Lundmark, Karen Madoni, Farrell Ann Maronich, Ruby Martorelli, Thomas Naode, Arvella Neher, Robert Nuccio, Dennis O'Mearns, james Panice, Joyce Parker, Milton Parks, Raymond Pavlik, Joyce Pawlak, David Pena, Marie Pfeifer, Dennis Ma1'y Skarnulir, Pat Cerle and Pat Fmgalg look over :allege material in tlae mreer roam. Kozal, Sharon Krencic, Dennis Kristie, james Kruzenga, Nellie Kuglarz, Geraldine Kusenda, Stephen Massey, Ethlyen Matkovich, Margaret McCullough, Mary Ann McDonal, Gerdine McDonal, Robert Millard, Ronald l Millette, Richard Mizysak, james Montalbano, Gene Moore, Nancy Morgucz, Marion Mundy, Virginia JUNIOR CLASS Radtke, Emil Radzik, Marie Radzik, Patricia Rasmussen, Thomas Ray, Phyllis Reyes, Paul Simon, Millie Sinks, George Skarnulis, Mary Skinner, Paul Skuratowicz, Helen Smit, Marjorie Roberts, Beverly Roberts, Lula Robinson, Edward Rogers, Jessie Roper, Frank Rubel, jerry Smit, Richard Smith, Arthur Solecki, Judy Sowder, Barbara Staley, Carrie Stanhibel, Dennis Pfeiffer, Meldon Pike, james Pobiega, Robert Fulure TV repairrnen Bob Henderxon, Tom jane: and Bill Sl7d77ZdJ'k0 check a rirruil. Polansky, Carolyn Popernik, jude Powell, Lambert Prinkler, Susan Pudelek, Carol Rubel, Sylvia Santora, john Sawilchik, Richard Scalf, Donald Scalf, Stephen Schlagel, james Schrader, Darlene Schuh, Kenneth Schultz, Georgette Shamasko, William Shaugnessy, Patrick Strzelcyzk, Ted Sutton. Carol Swanson, Charles Swanson, Suzanne Switalski, Michael Switalski, Monica r -.z:Q"3 V .2 ' 3 .55 m fr tf:Q2i"':f.: A 'wwf wife-S.i1.z a-1 fgaiega 'lQ9l5,:aa Y, .Q .ie-V Jw. .. , W fa .ezgp ...Q 1, 11 1 P . Switalski, Walter Thorsander, Ellen Thurman, Velma Tichacek, Maude Tisevich, Tanya WE 'RE EN TERING Helene Bumbulis and Bill Barker pick out their fmforile clan ringf. Wyss, Marvin Yarbrough, Lewis Yerkovich, Michael Williams, Robert Wilson, Patricia Witkowski, Leonard Wright, Robert Wood, Carol Wyss, Joan Tomnitz, LeRoy Trent, Paul Trumbich, John Tuohy, Judy Urick, Sandra Volski, Jacqueline VonOsinski, Alice Wallers, Robert Werner, Roy White, Jimmie Wicks, Dewayne NOT PICTURED Arnett, J. Larrea, D. Bailey. J. Mathews, G. Bibly, V. Norrie, K. Cooper, M. Otis, C. Zermeno Craig, E. Perez, D. Mar ' Craig, J, Piquette, B. Zelinsili Czekala, W. Pluto, D. Ronalh Emmart, J. Reed, J. Zurek Hathaway, T. Savaglio, E. Carb! Klaproth, J. Sinclair, S. Klett, R. Speech, P. Kuehnle, R. Weeks, R. "Practice and more practice! Calisthenics and more calisthen- ics! Does this ever end P" asks weary "Argi" as he drags himself to the locker room after a stren- aoas day oat on the field. Practice hrings hack memories of participating in the sports that were offered at Argo. "We had several teams at Argo and they weren't always winning t e a m s either. Even thoagh we didn't al- ways win we managed to give the crowd a good show and maintain a clean record against the compe- tition that confronted as. This wasn't always an easy thing to do," "Argi" proadly remarks to himself. "Many a time I was disgusted when the coach hegan to nag or I wasn't doing things right,' hat I like sports and they offered a challenge. This challenge can really he climaxed with the saper feeling that everyone possesses when a game is won and yoa know that yoa played a part in helping to win that game," 57 nb U U U 2 0 Q D 0 f j F W APP Q4 ' rff fail A, ,T X 'rx A 'immv-5 E' , Ur- Q1 ? N ,wb .. ., if 'V I D g DWR! F XS! 61?Q9f7Igi,'ll-'vfglr ow o SW 'Q 1: I 3' .W MSWWS in kb 'cf o W 0 ,A O N is A f V M' Y. Mia' il ,.,, fy a I Xy K YR J., ,., I W X- 6 f, M715 7 iq " ff sg- gig A - D C 1 I I 1' ' - 4" ' I 2 -1'---'5 - .."""oo"'r1' -"f J - fa I, 0 Q r oo" :vi-iv" 1' ff- Q f -V Q .-f 1 lgs ,. 1 O - HERBERT C. SWANSON View of area in from of the Herbert C. Swrzzzrozz Gymrmrium. COMMUNITY HONORS HERBERT SWANSON - NEW GYM NAMED The Board of Education and the people of the community feel that Herbert C. Swanson should be honored for his long time devotion to the school and have proclaimed: "The new gym at Argo Community High School shall be known as the Herbert C. Swanson Gym." During Mr. Swanson's thirty years of service on the school board, many of these as president, he was a vital and inspirational participant in all educational endeavors at the high school level. Mr. Swanson saw ACHS expand from a single structure to a large, well-planned building, housing educational facilities second to none. Under Mr. Swanson's kindly and continued encouragement, the curriculum was many time enriched. Other evidences of his leadership are a super-lighted gridiron and the new gym, one of the finest in the state of Illinois. In the story of Argo High, Herbert C. Swanson has the respect and the admira- tion of all constituents. I02 5. F wer. , if an , Wm! ,W ' QW- ' 1 1 Jia' I - W :W me , Viva an A-X4 tag' .4 2-f as 'ix -u.. .N , Nw l .aw 4 . X-.1 """"'w i. n 8 U an . X ,.,. I ' W xx- 1 rf ff wt X , ,X ,, 142 k QQ: A lp' Q: , 'V 4 ,N xi , N x I ' - , 9, K .' 'H' -v '- wa ..,.'Q 'N ' Q S 4 - RQ ' . N, "1 'i"' XIV.. , - . A , , , N.. 1 ' 'Q ' -' f . my ' 1. ' vm I . fkvmk 3,1 . . f X, V . Q A 4 I ,tit , v Q' 4 lx .A - .X-.R f ' 'A i 4 ' l xii 1 zn'.'.,' W if wma 5 - Q ,xi k W . I f yn V 4 ' ' .1 ,, '---. A v w ' , 1 , ' " , Q. 1 Q gm. Lg ..y..,A, ,,ri1f,x,g,,,.,., , 1 M ,Ji . K h K W -f - , s . , M yrs-f Ne S ," ,' H fy.. ' ,,..,,, X ,, 5 " 'N ,1 1, .- X. 'B 'W , , ' A a v l 1 k 534.5 Jug U.. V - Ji, A ml ww. , t W' s , ng, i , A V .114 fn ' X' Jx ..V A AA V s ' 1 1 6 1 48-1 'L' .gw,, .,f'M'sK,,,,A,,1-,9,3 Q ,A M ldgkw V N 2 Q.: A N G. :U Q . ' ' . . e 4 . :.' was 432 . X - x , 5 H - I . , K- . f " -, A.. ,Q uf- ml. up, A Wx 5, -, R., f ffm "3 1" .ff-'51 ' I '. "'f't?A"u!' Nr 1f"N-' MMM. k. "3 , +A X -'-my .Q M www, Q xl .W ,. -1, BY , .H ' - - , M , . -qv. 1 1 , 1 md -1 ' ,mg ,RI 1 K .y 11 W, 'Win ,ix Y A, ws? ,ht M, , -Ki, ' ' ,w r ,- --' , .Ku 4, Y f .9 1 x 4 . ,X yi 5, NM f- . - - A 'i Q -., 14 H , , N, Kay X HX vmwra i - 1 F, . -uk -1 ' , ,,.,,,. -1- W1 if-.m,, 'KW V-A .. Qvft, XW ',- 2, I ,4 M ... I, 'lx .A-A L' f',f,'f h J -Az. fgf EAI' KM: " 'gh 4' U- ' f ' '- Vx . 'I . ' , q H -hm, '. 5 ' . ' A Q , .AW , R ,,-,I . L .Q .. M. x ,A N '61 , w. 'Q ',f' Q .4 V X Uh . A 'M' 1- I of V fL,' . - ,.-A' .a.4I' vfl K .9 Q qt, "' I ar - . ,K I ,Q -X . ,A,1 .5 M 1 R ug ' f . 111- ' "J ' 'W' W' Q3 ' f . , - X V1-X' . w , ., - A .. A 2 , . g it M 1 N, I, 1 X ,, .- 5 q' N M 1,1 A iw 1 , X -Q ,. v . .' -ru M 8 A K- . .. . . J 44? nf! 41,3 F. 6: tl .af ,.r C L . . . IO3 HULA HOOPS, STUNTS, NEW CHEERS DISPLAY VARSITY PEP Cheers to spark school spirit at football and basketball games are led by the six varsity cheerleaders. These active gals meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school to work on new cheers and revise old ones. T A passing scholastic average must be maintained to remain on the squad each six weeks. If a cheerleader is absent from a game or practice without a reasonable excuse, one of the substitutes takes over for four games. STANDING: Carol Woodg Sharon Bozen, captaing Gerry Pavlikg Gail Kissner. KNEELING: Phyllis Racinag Kathy Karounos substituteg Marge Lanthorn, substituteg Shirly Dever, substituteg Carol Carr, co-captain. SEMI-CIRCLE: Connie Miserendinog Nancy Conleyg Claudette Colbert, co-captaing Beverly Carpen- terg Lovey Kuglarzg Phyllis Frus. FRONT: Vicki Tomich, captain. FROSH-SOPHS KEEP SPIRITS HIGH "We gotta win, we gotta win, let's go!" This is one of the chants you'll often hear led by the Frosh-Soph cheerleaders. Victory or defeat, it is the responsibility of these girls to uphold Argo's spirit and sportsmanship. Tryouts which take place during the end of May are important to, all those inter- ested in cheerleading. The sponsor, Miss Nancy Upsall, and the senior cheer- leaders are the judges. During the final tryout each girl is judged on the cart- wheel, the splits, a combination cartwheel and split, one single cheer, and one group cheer. Those performing the best are chosen as the cheerleaders for the coming year. RIGHT: Starting lmfkfield of Frur. 1'k7,' Heffley, fb: W'ilIiumJ, lk: Burke. qb. Cenlw' ir Dun Timmorzr. BELOIV: Arg0'.r offenrire line. From lefl Srkmidt, Perrzynrki, Muway, Tim- nzwzf, Bumlli, Sezfdziuk and fonef. F BELOIV: fl7'g0IZtllll,.f defemiue unit. BOTTOM LEFT: Comb Maulzoz uwlrher linemen muk- ing bone-rrunrking tackle. BOTTOM RIGHT: All-Star kalfbrzck, zap ground garner, laigk Jforer, plate kicker, Bob Williuflzr. 19 58 SEASON RECORD Argon, ,,,, 25 Reavis ,,,,,,, Argo ,...,,, 6 Kenosha Argo ,,,,, . 7 Blue Island . Argo ,,,,,,, 0 Thornton ,,,,,,. Argo ,,,,,,, 13 Bloom ,,,,,,, Argo 26 Kankakee ,, ,, Argo, ,, , 0 Leyden Argo ,,,, 0 Thornton- Fractional ,, Argo ,,,, ,12 Lockport ,,,, VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROIVJ T. Goodwing T. Barrg R. Pobiegag F. Roperg D. Altpeter: R. Gleichg D. Harveyg L. Arpsg P. Klosg P. Dedichg K. Heffley. SECOND ROU7'.' R. Milletteg S. Kusenda: R. Burallig D. Bennett: J. Burkeg W. Whiteg -I. Keeneg B. Baricovichg C. Harrisg G. Wiserliang J. Curleei F. LaRocc0g K. Bouchard. THIRD R0ll".' J. Galvin, coachg L. Witkowski, Managerg R. Burkeg P. Kosieniakg L. Frusg J. Clinning J, Lindnerg R. Zarng J. Hermang W. Switalskig L. joncsg B. Williamsg T. Pyrz, Assistant Coachg F. Mannott, Assistant Coachg J. Varvel, Manager. FOURTH ROW: D. Timmonsg E. Perczynskig W. Murrayg E. DeBoerg XV. Clark: L. Dineff: J. Sendziak: P. Skinner: M. Parker: P. Schmidtg W. Rubelg R. Werner. WILLIAMS, MURRAY AND DINEFF NAMED LEAGUE ALL-STARS Conch Gulrizz dirrurrer play for Fffdflyif Kffmf' Will? Louie Dineff, Bill Murrfzy, and Bob W'illf1zmJ, who are All-Conference Jeleftier. A swift backfield paced by Bob Williams and Pete Klos, along with the passing combination of Don Harvey and Lester Jones, added spark to the 'Naut eleven throughout the season. An experienced line led by All-Conference choice Bill Murray, supplied the Argonauts with enough protection to execute their plays successfully. The 'Nauts opened the season with a bang by trouncing rival Reavis 25 to 0 and later turned to the role of "spoilers" when they invaded Kankakee and smashed the host team 26 to 7, to give the Kays a gloomy Homecoming. The Argo eleven stretched their victory string to 11 against 4 losses in the number of games played between the two schools. Argo almost staged the upset of the year when they played defending champion Bloom on even terms for three quarters before succumbing in the final minutes by a 20-13 score. Homecoming again found the team locked in a close battle with Leyden before losing by a respectable 7-0 score. Concluding the season with a victory over Lock- port on Williams' 85 and 70 yard T.D. runs, the Argonauts gained a tie for fifth place in the South Suburban League. Besides Murray, other 'Nauts who were elected to the All-Conference team were juniors Louis Dineff and Bob Williams. I07 Argo Argo Argo Argon... Argo Argo Argo Argo ,,77,,,,, Argo 1958 SEASON RECORD ....,..20 Proviso 6 Reavis .......13 Blue Island 7 Thornton 0 Bloom 0 Kankakee .. 6 Leyden 6 Fractional ...,...13 Lockport SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL FIRST ROIV: C. Glochlerg T. Rubelg R. Rekarg R. Guzlasg T. Garrong M. Hydeg D. Lewisg K. Tomlong R. Sramek. SE C O ND ROIV: F. Lyne, Coachg L, Smithg C. Frantzg J. Swansong A. Browng G. Telfordg J. Pedotag A. Pyrzg P. Bittlesg S. Tortorici, Coach. THIRD ROW: W. Mozdeng L. Kirkseyg W. Williamsg D. Wingog O. Klimg J. Manskeg D. Brickertg R. Altpeterg B. Polcar. FOURTH ROW: T. Modiestg J. Misterg R. Mizwickig T. Kensikg R. Byrdg P. LeGrand. GREEN FROSH-SOPHS POST 2-7 RECORD Inexperience slowed Argois bid for a championship team. When these boys were freshmen the frosh team had been discontinued, thus making 1958 the first year of competitive football for the sophomores. Argo played championship ball in routing Proviso and Lockport. The sophs rallied late in the Reavis and Thornton Fractional games only to be edged both times by the margin ot the extra point. Kankakee ended Argo's bid for the "spoiler" role at the Kay's homecoming by scoring the only touchdown of the game in the last two minutes of play. With their show of progress in their first season of competitive football, the sophs have the determination and ability to look forward to a successful year with the Varsity. Blocking praczire, an enenlial ingredient I0 football Jurrerr. I08 Coach Lyne gen worfnr-eye view of execution of play. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRONT ROIV: D. Colbertg D. Castillog H. Ketzag C. Cairog A. Klaubg H. Schlegalg D. Bestwinag K. Barrows I. Mozdeng W. Brown. SECOND ROIV: R. LeGranclg M. Tisevichg D. Coxg B. Nisbetg M. Cosenzag J. Vukovich R Sanetrickg S. Rygulag A. Hollingsworthg W. Staszakg F. Jandakg G. Hamblet. THIRD ROW: G. Ogg, Coach D Snyderg J. Jakubiolskig R. Petersong H. Rayg D. Johnstong R. Longg D. Ghessg M. Garrong A. Branamang R Serafino K. Kleffman, Coachg P. Tortorici, Coach. FOURTH ROW: D. Loftong C. Millerg S. Bumbulisg C. Stromsky A Kannerg P. Markusicg C. Lalumandiereg N. Jonesg G. Rehrg 1. Markusicg R. Toboloskig C. Manning. FRESHMAN GRIDDERS LEARN BASIC FOOTBALL Fundamentals and teamwork were stressed during the past season for the frosh foot- ball team. It was a green team but the boys showed steady improvement as the season progressed. The frosh tasted victory and defeat when they downed Blue Island 6-0 to avenge an earlier 14-0 loss to the Cardinals. The mighty Thornton Wildcats humbled our stalwarts 52-O, but two games later Argo drew a tie with the Eagles from Leyden. Quarterback Bumbulis paced the offensive maneuvering while Ghess, Rygula and Cas- illo sparkled on the defensive unit. Lofton, Peterson, jones and Hollingsworth displayed good overall performance. 1958 SEASON RECORD Argo ,....... ,...,... 0 Argo ........ .... . .. O Argo ........ ........ 0 Argo ........ ........ 7 Argo ........ ........ 6 Argo ....,.. ..,..... 7 Argo ..... .. .....,. 1 5 Lockport ............ , ...., 13 Blue Island ........ ......... 1 4 Thornton ...., ......... 3 2 Bloom ......,.,,... . ,... L13 Blue Island ,....... .... 0 Leyden ............. ..... 7 Fractional ........ ,,,,..... 2 0 W -can-wb-M A- min I s by 'Y Q 1 Xa' ' W QM Fw ww ll0 f g VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM TOP ROUV: T. Giuntoli, Managerg L. Dineffg R. Hen- dersong D. Bonickg W. Clark1 D. Browng R. Wer-. ner. MIDDLE ROU7: L. Frusg M, Parkerg M. Mo- lendag B. Williaiiisg D. Har- veyg W. Parker. BOTTOM ROW: J. Pappasg L. jonesg C. Harris: P. Klosg E. Rob- inson. BRIGHT FINISH - VARSITY UPSETS LAGRANGE IN REGIONAL Lack of height hindered the Varsity during the 1958- 59 season. The boys registered only one conference victory and a total of five wins for the season. Playing against the giants from Bloom and Thorn- ton was a terrific task for the 'Nauts since Argo's tallest man was 6'?f' as compared with opponents up to 6'8". Nevertheless the Argonauts fought hard before losing 64-55 and 69-54 respectively. Argo fans were heartbroken when Lockport managed to win 51-47 after relinquishing a big lead. Leyden edged the varsity 46-44, Fractional handed the 'Nauts two defeats by 4 and 9 point margins. The season had bright spots also when Harvey scored the winning baskets in the Oak Lawn and Nw LEFT: ll7iIIiarm Ielx one go, 115 Argo up- 1615 LaGmrzge 38-34 in Regional play. RIGHT: Parker driver , in for lay-up Jbol dur- ing Init home game uxflb Lorkport. Blue Island games. The 'Nauts gained revenge by downing Bremen 48-46 on Clarks winning basket. Evergreen Parkis Mustangs fell to ,Nauts by a 77- 52 score. Argo went into the Downers Grove Regional with a 4-17 record. The 'Nauts drew Lyons Township in the opening game, a school which Argo had failed to defeat in five years. Paced by Louis Dineff, Argo advanced to the semi-final games with a 38- 54 upset victory. Morton proved to be too much to handle when the Mustangs eliminated Argo from the tournament by a 62-44 score. Bob Wfilliams was fourth in conference scoring while Harvey and Parker were the other high scorers for Argo. FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM TOP ROIV: Mr. Lyne, Coachg M. Hydeg D. Loftong W. Hopkinsg T. Garrong T. Kensikg D. Best, Manager. MIDDLE ROIV: A. Pyrzg T. Rubelg D. Lewisg D. Armstrongg B. Shamikg J. Swanson. BOTTOM ROW: B. Byrdg E, Easterg W. Williamsg J. Dejovine. SEASON RECORD Argo Riverside-Brookfield . 51 Argo Bremen .,,,, ., H50 Argo Oak Lawn . ,. 21 Argo Bloom . . , ,,., ., 58 Argo Kankakee . ., . , ,, , 42 Argo Joliet ., ,,.,. ..,,. , 49 Argo Blue Island , . ., H47 Argo Efrgreen Park ,. , 32 Argo Carl Sandburg , .39 Argo Fractional .. . ,,.,,.... ,,,,,55 Argo. Bremen ........,,, ,,,,,, , , 43 Argo , , Lockport .,,,, . . 24 Argo, Thornton . ,, , . 45 Argo Leyden .,,. ,, 33 Argo Bloom ., , ,, 41 Argo Kankakee . .. ,..,,, ,,,,,,. , 41 Argo Blue Island ,,,, ,,,.,, . 32 Argo Fractional , 26 Argo Lockport 39 Argo Thornton ., ......,,,. 45 Argo Leyden ,,,,, ,,,, , 57 TOP LEFT: Soph fin! rlring gen lef- .rorf in ball handling from Coach Lyne. BOTTOM LEFT: Kenrik and Hopkim dIl?77IAl7l '10 mare rebound under Lark- paf! cage. BOTTOM RIGHT: Demzir Lewir .rendr the Imll 10 Mike Hyde as Bloom player trier to inlerrepl. II2 SOPHS FINISH THIRD HOPKINS LEADS SCORING The ,Nauts finished third behind Thornton and Bloom to close a successful season with a 9-5 con- ference record. Coach Lyne's Frosh-Soph were title contenders until the final week of conference play. Highlights of the season were the 47-45 victory over mighty Thornton Township which gave the 'Nauts a tie for first place at the end of the first round of play in the South Suburban League. William Hopkins went on a hot scoring spree when he racked up 26 points in the Thornton game, 28 in the Fractional game and 21 points against Kankakee. Bloom gained revenge after Argo stopped the Trojans 39-58, by edging the 'Nauts 41-40 at Bloom to drop Argo out of first place. Thornton was forced to go into overtime be- fore it managed to defeat the ,Nauts 45-43 at Thornton. The victory gave the Wildcats the championship since Argo was the only team remaining in contention for the title. Argo was the only team which defeated Thornton. The Wildcats posted a 15-1 rec- ord. Argo hit a losing streak in the second round to wind up with a 9-5 record. FROSH SHOW STRENGTH IN LATE SEASON DRIVE Time ran out for Argo's Erosh cage team as the Argonauts steadily improved to win five of their last nine games and post a 6-12 record for the season. Coach Kleffman's players showed a great desire to win throughout the season, but finished strong by late wins over Oak Lawn and Leyden after losing to these two schools earlier in the season. Thornton outscored the Argonauts 42 to 8 in the first meeting between the two schools but the Wildcats had to stage a rally to defeat the Argo five by a 45-56 score. As the season progressed, Ghess became a ball hawk and paced the team in scoring, Jones excelled on the pivot, and Wriglut directed the floor play as Tisevich, topped the team in outside shooting. Rehr and Stromsky improved greatly to round out this spirited ball club. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM TOP ROW? Mr. Kleffman, Coachg R, Clantong G. Rehrg L. DeBlecourtg G. Shelly: N. jonesg L. Mosdeii, Manager. MIDDLE ROTV: M. Gar- rong S. Rygulas: E. Wliiteg C. Man- ningg G. Telfordg R, Peterson. BOT- TOM ROW? D. Colbertg M. Tise- vichg G. Hambletg S. Wright, 1958-59 SEASON RECORD Argo Argo Bloom ,. .,...,., ,, . ,, Riverside-Brookfield Argo Evergreen Park ,, Argo ,,,, Oak Lawn , Argo Blue Island , , . Argo Fractional , ,, Argo Lockport ,,,,,,, ,.,,,. Argo Harvey , , ,,,, ,,,, , , Argo Leyden ,,,, , . .. .. .. Argo Carl Sandburg ,,,, Argo ,,.. Bloom ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Argo Oak Lawn ,,,,,,,, ,, Argo Blue Island ,,,,,,,.,,,, Argo Evergreen Park ,,,, Argo Lockport . , Argo Leyden , , Argo Harvey .,,., . ,.,,, . Frerlazmzzz .rmrlerr talk rlmfegy rvifb Comb Kleffmmz. Ezferylaody after the rebound durifzg fl healed pmrtire rerrlon -- iunnqufmn lg. - .11 1 mimi mmiQr:: am-malt-r f1 RECORD BREAKING VARSITY SWIMMERS FINISH IN THIRD PLACE For the first time, the Argonaut varsity placed third in the conference meet beaten only by Thornton and Bloom, the best showing of any Argo swimming team in history. There were many outstanding individual performances as the team did well in the dual competition as well as the conference meet. Frank Roper, varsity'diver, was undefeated throughout the season and set a new conference record in diving as he took first place at the conference meet. Paul Bryant also bettered the old record as he took second, to sweep the diving event for Argo. Contributing greatly to Argos successful season were the performances of Nenad Dedich and Dick Ruckauf who swam breast stroke for the 1.959 team. Nenad, a junior, and Dick placed second and fourth respectively in the conference meet. No record could be complete without mentioning Bob Smit and jim Porter. Bob, swimming both the 100 yard butterfly and the individual medley was point man for the varsity squad with 63 points. Consistently taking first in the dual meets, Jim Porter placed third in .the conference. After a tremendous record-breaking ,59 season, the varsity is looking forward to next year with even greater hopes under the leadership of Coach Narcy. 19 58-59 SEASON RECORD Argo Ifmctjoml , , 21 Argo . 20 Harvey Argo l,oClcpm't 52 A1110 . A15 FI'QlCti0FlLll A rgo B mm gn 3 7 A rgo 5 1 Bremen Argo Leyden H 3 5 Argo ZS Bloom Argo Lockport 53 Argo 45 I-CYklCI1 VARSITY SWIM TEAM DEQ: Ncazfirzl Drdiclv. CUIIft'7'L'UfE1 ftrnrcf I1rt'.1Lw in 100 yd, l'fNII'UIIff0I7i7l bran! rfroke. Uzldvfeutrd in dirizzg fu I0 dim! mecfr, FIXIIIA' Rffjvcr .ici rl IIICAI' remrfl in jmhrlr ZWIIUIIIIAQ flve rmzfcrezzre rIw11jvim1.fbip. TOP ROll".' F. DePaola, Managerg R. Wilsong N, Dedichg J, O'Mearnsg D. Perezg jim P01-fgf fbmwz .rfrnilirzg bil' wry la I1 A. Frusg J Porterg F. Roper: P. Dedichg J. Narcy, Coach. BOTTOM ROIV: P. Bryantg 3,5 f,j,,m m,1f,,vf,yfg flwflpffmrlwifv. R. Kohoutg J. Arbogastg R. Smitg D. Smit: R. Ruckaufg R. Weeksg R. Sinitg J. Mizysak. II4 FROSH-SOPH SXVIMMI NG TEAM TOP ROHM: Mr. Narcy, Coachg C. Schultgg R, Altpeterg E. Kottg B. Erkling P, Madonig B. Serafinog R. Puskog R. Pisone. MIDDLE ROIVY T. Adamekg Gewerthg K. Tomlong C, Bomberryg D. Czerwinskig G. Smitg J. Voneshg T. Fero. BOTTOM RON". T. M A S bargerg C, Hadleyg D. Snyderg R. Delk, Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Argo Onteckig L. l'rantzg D. Shtn- 1958-59 SEASON RECORD 61 51 .14 55 57 25 73 68 15 49 Fractional 2 5 Lockport 34 Bremen 22 Leyden . 5 1 Lockport 20 Harvey . . 61 Fractional 13 Bremen 17 Bloom 71 Leyden 37 GEWERTH STROKES FROSH-SOPHS TO THIRD PLACE Intense competition not only in the South Suburban League, but within the team itself, helped to pull the somewhat larger than usual Frosh-Soph Swim team into third place in the conference. Wforking hard to improve their individual times, many Argonaut finmen were standout performers during the season. John Gewerth, swimming the 50 and 100 yard free style took two first place ratings and qualified for varsity competition, quite a feat for John, who is swimming for the first time this year. Gewerth was the only sophomore representative from Argo in the state meet. jim Vonesh and Gerald Smit were consistent winners for the yNaut team. Swimming in two events apiece, the boys managed several times to capture two firsts individually per meet. Jim tallied 70 points in dual meet com- petition while placing fourth in the conference meet in the breast-stroke division. Gerry was the third best baclcstroker in the League and scored 54 points in dual meets. He was also a member of the Medley Relay team which placed fourth in the conference meet. Divers, Ron Pusko and Tom Montecki won second and third places in the Conference Meet. TOP LEFT: Tom Mwzterlai d i J p l 41 y J form tba! won kim 3rd place in confer- eflte meel. BOTTOM LEFT: High porn! mfw for llye Sopfa Jquad, john Gezzwllo. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cwzferwzre r e f 11 r d breaker in the 50 yd. bark Jlroke, Gerald Smil, aW aiff l f- -. - if-A - VARSITY TRACK TEAM FIRST ROIV: J. Pappasg D. Altpeterg D. Carusog J. Goodwin, R. I.eGrand: G. Barrg L. Arpsg j. Huddleston, Manager. SECOND R0ll".' Coach Oggg J. Petersong T. Richineg L, Frusg J. Senziak: W. Parkerg B. Basarag W. White. Ibe relay fwzm. Lafrv Fmt Arqar mp mfr' in Argo 29 1196 ,880 .rf1' llil indoor Iiwzrlf, Argo 43W Argo 519 Argo . .11 Argo .33 Argo 19 jim Prlpfmr, ready In run High jIHI1f161' Bob LeG1'1111d .v0.1r.r up and f1z'e1'. Ike 880, also fz member of 1958 SEASON RECORD Oak Lawn .80 Argo ll, Bloom 92. Lockport ZIVZ, Carl Sandburg 672 Thornton 25 RWWS 60 Argo 14212, Blue Island 56, Bloom 7821 Kankakee . 105 Fractional 49y2 F I' l 85 mclona O Argo 4492, Lockport -'l9V2, Oak Lawn Leydffn FRUS CAPTURES RIBBONS FOR UNDERMANNED TRACK SQUAD Although the Argonaut Varsity team's overall sea- son record wasn't spectacular, the true fighting spirit of the cindermen prevailed throughout the season when the 14 man squad had to compete with teams twice as large. The fighting spirit paid off for the 'Nauts at the Evergreen Park Quadrangular Meet when the team placed third, and at the South Suburban Conference Meet where the 'Nauts won ribbons in three events. Larry Frus won a third place ribbon by running the II6 880 yard race in a time of 2:02.9. Frus also won a third place medal at the I.H.S.A. District Meet held at Riverside-Brookfield. Jim Sendziak placed third in the Varsity Discus event by flinging the "saucer" 128'111f2". The mile Relay team of Pappas, Parker, LeGrand and Frus won fifth place ribbons by run- ning the 4-lap event in 51417. The Argonaut team also fared well during the season by winning first place six times. FROST-I-SOPH TRACK TOP ROIIV: Coach Ogg, F. LaRoccog R. Millardg B. Clark, E. DeBoerg M. Parkerg T. Garrons H. Landinghamg Coach Galvin. MIDDLE ROW? S Scalfg D. Scalfg P. Reyesg'C. Harris, W, Parker, W. Williamsg J. Horejsg B. Byrd. BOTTOM ROIIVJ I. Lhotakg T. Goodwin, J. Mister, J. Sch- lagel1 L. Kirksey. 1958 SEASON RECORD Argo... . 61 Oak Lawn 47 Argo 3092, Bloom QOVZ, Lockport .- Argo .. .59 Carl Sandburg 49 MV2, Thofmofl UV2 A120 f""'f- 57 Reavis f - e 53 Argo 55V:,, Bloom 45, Blue Island 57, Argo . .... 66 Kankakee . .52 Fractional Zlyi, Argo "" '764 Fractional 52 Argo 60, Lockport 51, Oak Lawn 47 Argo ......... 77 Leyden ........ . . 41 TOP RIGHT: Bah Ilyilliamr, Con- fereure lille wimzer in fhe 100 and 220 yard dfzrh. LEFT: Champion high juwltver in lhe South Suhurhufz League, Ed DeBoer. WILLIAMS AND DEBOER CAPTURE CONFERENCE TITLES Argo's pride in the Frosh-Soph track team of 1958 can be verified by the fine record the trackmen posted in all six of their dual meets, winning a triangular meet, finishing second and third in quadrangular meets, and concluding a successful season by placing third at the South Suburban League meet held at Blue Island. Robert Williams and Ed DeBoer were top contenders at the Con- ference meet capturing first place in three events. Williams proved to be a speedster as he blazed along the track in 10.4 seconds to win the 100 yard dash and captured the 220 yard dash with a time of 23.2 seconds. DeBoer defied gravity as he cleared 5'6" in the high jump event to win a first place ribbon. Another top contender was Troy Garron who leaped 19'6" for a second place fin- ish in the broad jump. The Argonauts managed to win 9 ribbons at the Conference Meet, indicat- ing that Argo can look forward to fine track teams in the years to come. VARSITY BASEBALL TOP ROIV: J. Varvel, Man- agerg J. Hermang C. Mar- quartg R. Zarng H. Ziebellg R. Jovanovichg B. Alleng E. Mizwickig T. Pyrz, Coach. BOTTOM ROIVJ J. Nevelsg R. Huschg F. Skarnulisg J. Burkeg T. Pyrzg D. Harveyg K. Heffley. FRONT: R. Lukasick. Bob Lukarirk ir ready lo take W'bnm! Il'r another homer for ful nl ball. Bud Ziebell ir lbe Rich fomzzozfich, leamly leading catcher. rlugger. M . lwrz 1958 SEASON RECORD Argo .......... ....... 0 Riverside-Brookfield Argo .......... ....... 3 Morton .. ..... .. Argo 3 Carl Sandburg ..... Argo 0 Oak Lawn . . Argo 8 Reavis . . Argo 8 Lockport . Argo 4 Oak Park . Argo 2 Evergreen Park ..... Argo 5 Fractional ...... . Argo 5 Blue Island Argo ........ .. .... 3 Bloom . .... Argo .... . . .... 11 Leyden .. Argo ...... ....... 4 Thornton Argo ...... ....... 5 Kankakee . SLUGGER JOVANOVICH PACES HOT AND COLD VARSITY Argo's diamond fortunes took a turn for the better as the season progressed. The victory pennant was on the good ship Argo's mast after its first game in the I.H.S.A. District Tournament. The 'Naut nine avenged an earlier- 6-0 loss to Riverside-Brook- field by turning the tide in the last inning on Don I-Iarvey's two-run homer for a 6-4 victory. A strong Morton squad eliminated Argo in the next round by coming from behind to erase Argo's four run lead Il8 and Win the game 7-4. Argo had some long-ball hitters in Harvey and Rich jovanovich. Rich led the team in batting and also clouted a grand slam homer against Lockport to pace the 'Nauts to an 8-3 victory. With some good prospects coming up from the Frosh-Sophs, especially in the pitching department, the outlook for 1959 is promising. 1958 SEASON RECORD Argo ,,,,,... .,,,. 0 Morton .....,.,,,,,,...,,,,,.... ,...... 1 4 Argo ,,,,.,.. ,........ 4 Riverside-Brookfield ....,,,....... 9 Argo ,,,,,... ,,,v,,.. 2 Reavis ,,......,,,,.....,,.,,.. ...,.,. 3 Argo ,......, ....A,A. 0 Leyden ...,,,, 8 Argo ,,,,..., ,......, 1 3 Bloom ,...r.,, .,,,,,. 0 Argo ....,,,, ,...,,,, 1 0 D Kankakee .,,,, ....... 0 Argo ....,,., ..,..,,. 2 Fractional ,,,,,.. ..,.r., 9 Argo ,171,,,. .,,7.,.. 3 Lockport ,..., ,,,Y,,, 6 Argo ,,...... ........ 3 Thornton ...,,,, ,,.,,.. 6 Argo ,,,,.... ,,,,..., 4 Blue Island ,,,,.., 1,,,... 1 TOP RIGHT: Pilrlaing staff warming up. RIGHT: Pele Klor taker buulmg Jmrzce. FAR RIGHT: "He'r safe!" Firrt lmremafz Lou Dineff awaifr bull ar runner crorrer Img. FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL TOP ROW: S. Tortorici, coachg S. Kusendag J. Keeneg J. Swansong R. Sturenfeldtg L. Dineffg J. Lindnerg B. Burl-:eg W. Switalskig D. Lewisg L. Witkowski, manager. MIDDLE ROW: J. Baricovichg F. Roperg K. Schuhg B. Polcarg J. Curleeg C. Swansong K. Tomlong E. Berberek. BOTTOM ROW: C. Glocklerg P. Klosg B. Pobiegag W. Mozden, man- agerg J. De Jovineg R. Mizwickig R. Altpeterg B. Schramek. SWITALSKI AND CURLEE'S PITCHING SPARKS SOPHS Several brilliant pitching performances highlighted an otherwise uneventful Frosh-Soph baseball sea- son. jim Curlee's masterful no-hitter spurred Argo on to a 10-0 battering of Kankakee. In the follow- ing game against the mighty Bloom Trojans Argo's bats again asserted themselves, pounding across 13 runs while Wally Switalski whitewashed Bloom on 3 scattered hits. In the final game of the season Switalski again came up with a superb hurling job, holding Blue Island hitters to only one single en route to a 4-1 victory. These three victories were offset by four losses in conference competition, which, added to early season defeats by non-league opponents, helped to com- pile an unimpressive season record. Individual stand-outs on the team, notably among the pitchers, should however prove a valuable addition to next year's varsity squad. I 9 "IWbat a nigbt! All tbe ligbts are oat and no one's on deck. Now is nzy cbance io clinzb bacle aboard sbip. I bope Zbe cbief ,belly officer didn't ,Dick Ibis linre to go for a stroll," "Argi" sigbs as be sneaks back aboard after one of bis lively sbore leaves. "Mission accornplisbedf' "Ar- gi" is safely back in bis bank be- low. As be conternlblates tbe bigb- ligbts of Ibe past e v e n i n g bis tboagbls wander back to ibe "ac- tivities" tba! be participated in wbile a stadent at Argo Higb. "Tbose were really affairs," be rerninisces. "Weeks of work and planning were slbenl lo insiire lbe saccess of events sacb as Horne- corning, Keen Teen Awards, tbe Coronation, tbe Talent Sbow, tbe Argolite dance and rbe niany otber special occasions. Yet, wben tbe day arrived, tbey were all over foo soon." Argorzaiiis l o o ,Q forward to Ibese affairs, liberally sprinkled tbroiigboal tbe year. Tbey form an outlet fronz lbe brirn-drnrn of everyday life, tbey add to every- one's enricbrnenz of lbeir scbool days and leave witb tbern rnern- ories never to be forgotten. "May tbese nigbls never cease!"' cf-' X f o XJV -Ill I ,f ,ni 'W H ,.-. Egg. ggifg. . 0 : Q E " 5 I' -Q .45 I '1 4 L' l '.i A., Q. C U ssl'-'Q 15' -' :fb 'J ' ' 's s Q' ll ' ,'. "' -" 'G 4': : l'.s.5 Q1 : ..,' Il,, dd -y: ' I' 1 5' ' 1 9 J -"I Q l 9 ' Q o l.' 6 sts, : 1. : 0.8 y' 0 ' a,,s' ,Q-11,5 :gy ,-? .5 -'j ,' ,-"3 ,' 'Q ' ' 9 1 ll.. rl...., ..o:' - ,I - H .0 fl ' sp .v 'ol' 4.3 , .' p v 0-0-' -' ' 1.0 7',0 S ..s' ",.z" 450' 2 Q04 1!t' HOMECOMING ROYALTY Ifiibmnz Lllfllll-1l'.Iffj11'QV, BL'7'IIi'IdtffA,' Chzrk fffr11'lwi by ILIIIIUA' B:1l'ft'UI'fL'b,' I'If1111f-w1111i11g Queen Aggie Tonlifb eymfted by f0h7Z 511110111 S1111!i111111nt Iflfl-ill-Il'.lffjl1lQ, 1111111141 Malay a,u'f11'fe1f by DL77II1j.l' Lezz'i,r.' j11111f1r l.i111'Ay-111-zz'.1i1i11g, Cami llwood c,rc01'ted by Bob 571111 SUBJECTS PAY HOMAGE TO QUEEN AGGIE An admiring, jubilant crowd cheered and applauded as the ladies-in-waiting, Berna- dette Clark, Jeanne Maloy, Carol Wfood and escorts proudly re-enacted the coro' nation assemhly. They paraded to the center of the field where they positioned themselves. The pageant was climaxed when the 1959 Homecoming Queen, Aggie Tom- ieh, and her escort marched to the plat- form where she knelt to he crowned and to he presented with the official symbols of her reign, the scepter and silver foot- hall. Kwfiiefb Klefj'111.111. Cb.111'111.111 of ilu' jndgizzg t'lJ11lIIIfffc'e', gina' Ilw all i11111111'!.1111 lZf6ff,l'jUlI la QHHF11 Aggie rum' -1111111 Sir11f111',1. Olfwtif 111 lbw 17fK'fIH't' Jw 10.111115 M,1lr1'y, De11111,f Lf'zz'i,i' .md jmge. D.II'jflJ lllizleliflf, . an iia.,ml1amw ml. 1 1 .W 1959 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT 1' Lady-in-wail ROL WOOD GS' S Grin on the Sezziorf' giraffe changed io tear: after prize! were awardedy il fame in fourth, iff?-MHS 2 I 351' 4" "' Future Crafifmezz "mowed douvz Leyderzn and all oppofilion to take fini prize among rlub floalf. Boop-boop-ee'doo, and flapper: loo! Twirlerf lead band through zown. I24 C' 1 4- parade. Mafliarzf, Diane Migar, Diane Morrfafily and Mary A1121 Rice with ,remnd prize wimzfrzg Sophomore float. The G.A.A. u'a,r well 1'epre5ez2led with llaeif giant Argo HA." junior girls happily arrepz firrz prize I1'0f7lJy from Queen Aggie and prerldeui 0 ilu S.A.B.. john Santora. 1959 HOMECOMING PARADE THRILLS CROWD Classes and clubs went all out to make the 1959 Homecoming a truly impressive event. The results of their efforts were reflected in the generous array of clever and beautiful floats. The juniors carried off the first prize trophy with their stork and slogan, "We're expect- ing a victoryf' Second place went to the Sophomores. Their float depicted a rocket ship surrounded by martian creatures. The Club prize went to the handy Future Crafts- men whose saw was ready to "Cut Leyden down." Homer, rouilaoyr mme made jailr, were all nz flue Look of anxiety illumizzalar cheerleader? facer at iz crucial momefzl during game. A perfect Homecoming day was marred only by the football varsity's loss to East Leyden by a score of 7-O. A sustained march downfield netted the visitors their seven points in the first quar- ter. Thereafter the hard but cleanly fought game see-sawed back and forth without either team crossing the goal line again. But spirits were only slightly dampened and soon after the game a huge throng of Homecoming celebrants jammed the old gym. Colorful autumn leaves, hay stalks and pumpkins gave the gym a festive, In- dian summer atmosphere that inspired the crowd to really enjoy themselves and dance to their hearts, content. A fitting climax to a fun-filled day. GAME AND MIXER CAP DAY'S FESTIVITIES Burfzllifr key block help! lull mrriw' IVillianz.r make yubrffuzfial Pgfg Klgr gzzempfr'.e'ep aided by IVilliam5' block :Jill ' g . ' mf.w ---t,Ms.g-,m.mvm mf -'Mmm -M--N - -en.-f f -mmm.-a-.L ,,,, Rv win-A1 9? Mr. I-lambs' iz1.rpffcf.r the hund- uwri of D. Slllfl, D. Cizek, and R. Se1'er. Stage Crew .rlnpr frrwz bury ,faked- ule fo fww for ir quirk fwirfzma l day flight L'z1.l'I View izriimz. Dilrid ,md Duzray zz'1'e.rflrf for .1 kay ivliile Mr. Grain- izzg, Slznkey. .md N.1fv look fill. , David U1'c'1'Lf70'll'U7'J' Deiwy in figh! .rf ollwz' Ulc'I1I!1U'.l' of 5411111 Elflllfffjllclllj' nl'1rl1u'f1vd Druid ir 6'IIL'UIlI'clKQ6'd by lair flullfbtflf ,md fnzdcxirfrnzdizzg girlfriwzd. Km: Direflw' Chewy! Ziolkr rurreyr Naffr leclj- uique of rzrkizzg frmie fu go fa lfae KIJIILCL' .lr zzlewzbsrs vf CAST OF CHARACTERS Dflffd Cl1r1f1c'.f ,, Don Smit, Larry Lewandowski M1'. f,'b.I1'1L',f ,, , Frank Riggio Mfr. Clv.n'1u,r Norma Eisengart, Ivrmkn Stevanovich limi Ellii' Ellen Baricovich, Priscilla Dubas Mr. Gmizliillq , H , , V, Jim Pappas Mm Bulls' Florence Heniff, Claudette Lyznicki Mfrs Tulle Constance Kusner, Delores Schubert , , Richard Sevcr Sfzrrkcy Bmgr' Dominick Cizek, jim Porter Nrp , Dick Rukouf, james Baricovich Dyuiiy . Charles Tamborrino. Ken Ballu ' , Joyce Guzlas, Barbara Kozar funn' Slmwy Deanna DiGangi, Melodic Olson lffflir' Leslee jackobs, Caroline Kiley Glirdyi' Beverly LeGrand, Joyce Pershing The .rctors whose names appear first will perform on Friday night, those who uru listed second will perform on Saturday night. I28 mr! alzrewe. Di11'ia",f nzotber N!5'6'I.l' llw .l'fl70llf guidtzzzre L'01l11,l'Ef01' while Mifr 'I'ei1le rind Min Belfr lfmb 1121, A.f,r1.rlaz1t Df1'tTf01'.f. C, Ziolko and G. Ptzrlik dirrurr Ibe progfeff of lbe pltiy uitb Mr. Hfmlae. The 712051 'll'6fC0771?d and ezzjoyfzble lime of the LfIl'.'Ifff!'6 .rarriozlr ir re led be' vi! Iwi I 'Zz' fl . I" I ' xjt 2129 , . - .. g e I6 zz 7 91 ra ul: en azzrmrm ar en ne 17 413 L ri ini ei Hdpplwu If refledgd HZ fb? Mmm? gym 0 for late aflfrzmmz nmcie. 1 Faye :lr the 100,55 1117 iff fzdzzzirizzg D.1z'id. PERFORMANCE OF "DAVID CHARLES" PLAYS TO CAPACITY CROWD . 5 . Sm-ge Mmmger, B. Hrzrfirek direrfr S. Slmder, M. Libolxrfy nr Ibex' ifzrerl tr brwbrrire info flue uull of Ike f71'f7lL'ff7:Ifl.f offire. The difficulties and problems that arise when a high school boy of average ability is forced to live up to his fatherls brilliant reputation, was the plot of the Senior Play "The Defiance of David Charlesfl Eight Weeks of parties and perseverance by amateur actors and actresses were brought to a climactic finale, Friday and Saturday, November 14, and 15, before what proved to be the largest crowd yet to view an Argo Community High School play. and P, Dzzlmr Nall? flewtrunder hir gi1'lfrie11zf. fwzfe, I0 ,QU fa flw Z7ll1lZCt'0Nlf1l'Q dimrc .11 olbw' cffzldezllr 1l'IfIl6'.f.f bfi unique jnmredure. I29 li,1ul'a!f1.1fl ffff1w,',1'iw1 !ll'jf14Ij.V mf! yIfLqfff1.111f Vfizxffj. Rffff IHVKH' jffjfll ffm ,zgffx ffff' .1 Fllllf uf f'1lilff7. Slliflflff 4Q7',!ff0llI!-T, QI1tLzfl IDa!f1m1r uzjffyf warg wozmzzf of bw rxfffzfz reign. liulffzfx' ,lfffw S,m!ffz'.1. l'fu!Lfuf1l of ilu' S,.'I,I?. 121.1.lU 1170 ffffixmf f'7'4'VLI1,'.lfffllI .fr Sllljlll' r.1mffr!,zfw foul? 011. Larry I.6zl'.1f1dmz'.xv5i, Aggie 'I'nwiilf, PJ! Cwfe milf ffm Swfdzlak ,rffm In Im mzfzrzpgzlizzg 11 14'011dw'fnl urfzzizzg. Corwmlirnz KQl1U,Yl.f ffl um' wr! .md ffflfli In flu difiglyfyffrl ,4'fI'.'lf11.V nf Ifcf Kmflfr mnxir. BASKETBALL CORONATION COL 'RT Freshman Lady-in-waiting. Lovcy Kuglarr cscortrd hy Lee Frantz: junior Lady-in-waiting Nancy Moore escorted by Brian Barber, Queen Delores Schubert escorted by Larry Frusg Sophomore Lady-in-waiting Linda Nelson es- corted by Jim Vonesh: Children, Debbie Moore and David Maletich. GUESTS HONOR QUEEN DELORES AND ROYAL COURT Cheers and tears were mingled as the '59 Basketball Queen Delores Shubert and her ladies-in-waiting Nancy Moore, Linda Nelson and Lovey Kuglarz were announced to an anxiously awaiting audience. The Queen and her court were as bright and sparkly as the silver, red and pink decorations for the Mys- tic Moment Ball. Later tired from the rigorous fes- tivals the court sat back to let all the magic of those last glorious moments sink in while couples drifted by to Ed. Kroll's heavenly music. A pmzommir view of the Bar- ketbrzll Cormmzimz Cazzdidater and lfaeir efmrtr. Lef! 10 righl: Tammy Leonchik and Nelson jonesg Joyce Roberson and Sparky Pyrzg Suzanne Swanson and Pete Klos: Lovey Kuglarz and Lee Franzg Nancy Moore and Brain Bar- berg Delores Schubert and Larry Frus: Debbie Moore and David Maletich: Linda Nelson and jim Voneshg Barbara Havlicek and Rich- a-rd Severg Barbara King and Bob Foetischg Beverly Rob- erts and Wally Switalskig Gerry Rekar and Ken Tomlong Beverly Carpenter and Louis Dineff. f . . Q W K mi ' , . ' ' , 'Mr .ik at i 1 s Q Y F5 . K ' ff mai' 2,2 5 , .NJ Q 2 e Q f -- A5 ,, hiv, .fi if ' wk fl' A 'f-K s wr: ,. 1 Ami 'QA If Sn '55 Q av V5.5 We D 3 as 3 A fflff G gg X3 SW if wx jzmiarxr nuwif lbeir big tfaafzre to fry 0111! JUNIORS ADD NEW TWIST TO OLD PROVERB! "You Can't Take It With You," a hilarious comedy by George Kaufman and Moss Hart, was the title of this years' junior Class play. The play, presented on April 24 and 25 by students under the direction of Mr. Haake, and assistant directors, Jimmie Wluite and john Santora, portrayed a few of the misad- ventures of the members of a family who believe in expressing themselves to the "Nth" degree. This zany bunch included among their escapades such activities as making firecrackers, painting in the abstract and studying grand opera. Due to the fact that the play was presented late in the year, the pictures on these pages were taken at the tryouts. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Penny Symmore ,,,,,,,,,,..,, .,,,,,, . jan Arnett, Joni Glavas Effie ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, Sandra Weeks, Pat Wilson Rfaelm ,,,, ,,,.,,. .,.,.. P h ylles Ray, Velma Thurman Alire ,, , H Sandra Bodel, Farrell Ann Madoni Paul Symnlme ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,Y,,,,,,,... Bob Aldrighetti Mr. DePiz11m , , , .,,,. lohn Trumbich Ma1'lfll Vanderfaoff ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, P aul Trent Hezzdermzz , ,,,, , , ,, , jim Schlagel Tony Kirby , ,, ,,,,. jon Arbogast Kalerzkbozf , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,.., ,,,,,,. , , R ichard Smit Gay uggllmglon ""' Bonnie Plquette' Carol Pudelek Many juzriorr read for jmrlr in "You Cuff! Take It llyitla Y0u.' MV' Kirby """ ""' ' Rffhfffd Weeks 1012 Arlzognrt and Frzrrrl A1112 Mrzdmzi tried a liffle rzrfizzg 100 M1'r. Kirby , . .,,,, Lois Kleffman, Gail Ledvina Direrlor ,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,,,,, , , , , , Mr. james Haake Arrimznz Direcforr ,,,.,,,r John Santora, Jimmie White Stage Manager - ,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , , Nancy Moore The actors whose names appear first will perform Friday nightg those who are listed second, will perform on Saturday night. RIGHT: The girl who deer the bert faint gen lbe part. Smzdm Wfeekr ir preriy rorzvinrizzg. 4 V ' A U ll. THE LINE UP! The nlzdiezzce gels a look at the Keen-Teen Auwrd u'ViII1IL'I',f Jflw' they 7'UL'CfjI'6 flwfr' fmjfbfaf, Bw! Ciffzul Aggie TU7Ilft'Z7 and Ivbzz Snu- mm' Ben' fzj1Llw,11'if1g D.1z'u Salah Amd Carol Uyood. Marr fwfwfm' U1zde1'fI.1,r.rz11e11 Vifii Tomiclv mid Sjnzrlfy P-31'z. .iw if KEENEST TEENS CHOSEN BY FELLOW STUDENTS The student body acknowledged the outstanding stu- dents in Argo Community High School by selecting them to be Keen Teens. The Argonauts nominated three people for each category and the highest five chosen in the various categories were placed on the final ballot. All was kept secret till the announcement of the winners on St. Valentine's Day at the Keen Teen Hop. Surprise, amazement, jubilance and hysterics were the emotions expressed by the deserving win- ners. Award winning Keen Teens received trophies that will always be cherished. Mort Popular Upperr.7f1J,r211erz Mort Likely to Surreed JIM BARICOVICH Ben Alblele AGGIE TOMICH JOHN SANTORA MOU Talented BOBBY XVILLIAMS SPARKY PYRZ NANCY MOORE Q .fm ' X Qlzwzz Iffdm 7'Ut'LjILl' King .Im Bfffzz' frffm lfuinzzzff 111 lffhx .q.ffJw1L1'1 ffl-,Qffm Unlfy u'm,n11'I Mf12lC'rl'1c' ILWIP lfw lfffkll lu Cla: Cin? 'lfw uztqlgeuf mzzpfu. lffufrpz Aimfw 1114 ml 1 ' L IP Cmmzfy .IL'!.K. fnflf gm fffix ffm' zum f1il.uiff1u In fzwvwfm' fur! ffm' Ilfzzmnflfr mlrfiu Lxzzwiud fm ffm fufm L Cjllzcll. Muffin ffm' 71!.l4fjll'f.Ili. .liafwf by My 1u.1AQ1f MHC .llzfzfflrffugf lfu fllfly Kaul 'IILLUL nv-qui-Q--,-1.1 -ll 5 sw 1- iv . v " . , k' 4 A is-4 WT, V 1- . 'lf l W ,, .Q 'I 'z' gf M v Q91 -'JE ici 'J' 4:3 Q-.5.+g.34g. . ,, , -.-.44 rv' C n A 4 W vi il or 1 Qzfuwz Ifl:1'1'.1 lf7lt'l'C'l!f.l' flip Bw! Cilizrlf Azmnfi In .flqfqiu 'liwfziflv .md jnlm S.111Iw'.1. " 1 Clzfvftf. Cflwzrlf 'l'.1221bf,11fmf, r1'1'.1zzi rl,1rffttf 4Q!.H1L'cf'Y from fl!-ILT Pzrrliizzgfi' .1114 Ellen Brn'ir'f1z'icfv',r .rmzxq failed I0 xlgyft' Tfffnfcfv .md Fizwlf Rieqfff. IAQ' flu' fwzwz off Queen Efdfwfr fare. AUDIENCE PEEKS INTO LOVELAND The Keen Teen program, "Look into Lovelandn was sponsored hy the Quill and Scroll, honorary journalistic fraternity. In the show Father Time transported the audience into fantasy land to show how the Queen of Hearts got her king. In the midst of the courts' matchmaking the Keen Teen presentations and the Talent Show were presented. In the skit, the Queen, after rejecting several suit- ors, fell in love with a king incognito and invited the guests to attend a dance, Cupids Capers, to cele- brate their engagement. Funk Rikqgfff, IIIm'li1f ffit 17liJQjL'j.Ul. gill' ,1 Milt, tggv ,wif wifi. nl ffli ffzwl fflffl M1111 iam' Banff Ilf11'efiu'k. 3 I E Z The day has finally arrived. "Argi" is standing in line to re- ceive t h a t treasttred diploma. Gone is the everyday drttdgery that is part of the life of an ap- prentice seaman. Gone also are the treasared moments that a sea- man has enjoyed daring off ditty hoars, the fan he had on shore leaves and the camaraderie he en- joyed as a memher of the foothall team. No longer does the "Big Brass" look qaite as awe inspiring as it did when "Argi" first joined ap. And what ahoat all those old "Sea hears" that p a s h e d him aroand as a raw recrnit, Now he's an old "sea do g" himself, and other rookies have come along to he hossed as he once was. "There really are a lot of sim- ilarities hetween high school and the Navyf' mitses "Argi." "The officers are a lot like the teachers and administrators. The classes can easily he compared with the rank and file Navy men. Clab meetings in high school were held daring off hoars mach like the friendly card games we had when we were off ditty. And what's so different between going to a high school dance and going dancing on shore leave? And, of coarse, s ports are sports, no matter where yott play." These are the thoitghts rnnnin g throiz gh "Argi's" head as he steps np to receive his diploma, a hand clasp and a "U7ell done, Argi!" Wa' 'A . Y QI 1' : I - 2 t 1 i I K .am VVNIVW fs .VV YY W Y 53 : l -Ma QC Q oo O OO 0 r f LU J c 'Qu no OD O 0 O Q 0 Q O C l H 0 0 MLW! I v' nn ' J W" I J PM NA' I AMN Ss KR X N! xx., . " WW" y' l f t I J-qv' if 1. 3 ' VV' M 1 H U 4 Q5 s s 1 .I "' x Y Nl W Q of 6 1, t s Xx I ' VME' Awqnm ' 1 I lum,utNX rfb, an s ' 5 'Us' NIV st I' sul- xwuguluvlllvfhv U, ' fl! ililaa 1 I , I , I 4 'Ui -02 I 'l6'. :. A I I 1 ilgsssgilot... 'n1" : ,f I4I Senzor Ed Perczynski begin: to ree ,fpolr before lm eyer ar be applies' final much to the Senzor Ian! entry. SENIOR BOARD STANDING: Mr. Hunt, sponsorg J. Baricovich, Presidentg J. Pappasg J. Nevelsg P. Schmidt L. Jones, Treasurer. SEATED: E. Mooreg D. Schubert, Historiang A. Balich, Secretary R. Smit. NOT PICTURED: F. Combis, Vice-President. SENIORS TAKE TIME TO LOOK BACK - THEN AHEAD The Senior Class of 1959 enthusiastically looked forward to performing those duties accorded to all graduates. These included checking and rechecking ap- pointments with the photographer to make certain that they would look just right for that all important Senior portrait. They also chose graduation an- nouncements with care, and carefully filled out personal information sheets for the Argolite. Later on in the year graduation caps and gowns were fitted and then finally graduation practices began. The financially and otherwise success- ful performance of "The Defiance of David Charles" enabled the class to con- tribute handsomely to the Argolite, and to present the school with a class gift. The Senior class sponsored a profitable after-a-game hop and enjoyed a mem- orable prom evening at the Shorland Hotel as guest of the junior class. Class members assembled together for a farewell banquet just before graduation to dine and dance and reminisce over high school days that were fast coming to an end. OW -+I' Qfzcwz f.111dm',1leJ, B.n'f1 flwlfffie, Delmar Sflzzzfncff .md B.n'b King KQ.z:w f0lJ.Qf1l4Qlj' nf Cmfm.zIf011 fwzzvz Stllffllf fluff fn gd Muir' 4QlI'.1f-fd rmrly fm- ffm llgw, mwlzzg l',1z1m'e', 143 BARROWS, LYNDON BASARA, WILLIAM BINKOWSKI, GUS BOATRIGHT, CAROLYN BOEDECKER, HENRY BOZEN, SHARON GOODBY TO ARGO! ADAMEK. ELIZABETH ALTPETER, DENNIS ARPS, LUTHER ARVIEW, SANDRA ATHERTON, LINDA BALICH, ANGELINE BARBER, PATRICIA BARICOVICH, ELLEN JOY BARICOVICH, JAMES N0 0116, ifzrllzdiug Mary Ellwz U7'iNi.1mJ, maid get 11.111 6.111 KQl1.Il'd Cblzrkic Pars! BURALLI, RICHARD BVRDA, JOAN BVRKE, JAMES CARR. CAROLYN CARITSO. DONALD CARUTH. JAMES 1 l CASARES, LOUIS CASARES, ROBERT CEIPLIS, PEGGY CERLE, ROBERT CHALIK, JAMES crzmc, DOMENICK COMBIS, FRANK CROKENOWER, DELORES DAWSON, RONALD f WE HAD TO PASS ALL OUR COURSES. DEVER, SHIRLEY DIGANGI, DEANNA DION, LORRAINE DUBAS, PRISCILLA DUNCAN, KEITH DUNKOVICI-I, LEONARD fzzdy Solomon lilernlly pulled Iver hair out zvbjle .fc'l'I'j!Ig nf Edifor-in-Chief of Ike Maroon EISENGART, NORMA ERKLIN, WILLIAM ESTES, HELEN FEATHERSTON, LOVISE FOETISCH. ROBERT FORRESTER. MARGARET , 2 .M af Q35 "1?+if:,,, q ,fb iilflfsgx f ' JW 'Jk'at'3i'FSvi3fQ-, ' , .fZ"7': A ,444 .Q ., Nw ,MQW Y A 'ie NX Q ,. M4119 We, ,,.v Q i ' Q ,gf ., Qiszikk' :P if f K S., ., , k?i,j1 ,. ,. MW- gg 4 '24 L5 ff .. , my My .gg X 'Til' ' YT 7 .V M5255 mm x : mg? fc' ' GSW' Eg ,iQ A ww , A Y ' . 7 . f b fm f y, wig, N-,,gQi.LQ5, :yin vii 55'?5Sr Xwagqg Nirlr Nouazfkf, t'ZpI,f,l' bmzdyvmrz, when he bil laif ibumb ifzylefzd of the nail 0 HAMMOND, SANDRA HARTMAN, MARLENE HARVEY, DONALD HAVLICEK, BARBARA HEFFLEY, KENNETH HERMAN. JOSEPH Y- f Awwwm-4-A W fm f 2 1 ,.... if:-.www HOFFMAN, GEORGIA JACKOBS, LESLEE JONES, JOAN JONES, LESTER KAROUBAS, GUS KERLEY, MARILYN KILEY, CAROLINE KING, BARBARA KLUSZEWSKI, RONALD Q1-7NAN .N,EWffu-Agw,,,..m,,..M,- U. ,,......, DRESS-UP DAY BROUGHT OUT OUR BEST KOTOULAS, MARY KOZAL, JANET KOZAR, BARBARA KUSNER, CONSTANCE KUTKOWSKI, EDWIN LEGRAND, BEVERLY You mn .vlmofl bear Eldm .rwvfzzfz for help while dE'f0I1fIlIQ Ol am 0 IM Wlzlfly S.A.B. dmzfff. SENIOR PICTURES IEXVANDOXWSKI, LAWERENCE LIBOVSKY, MARTHA LOX. JOAN LYZNICKI. CLAUDETTE MARSILLO. SAMUEL MATIJEVICH. MARGARET 9254 WW? sg WV Af? A3 Wai? K' 4,1 l an .,g.v.f1,.-fy H1515 'W wg' .3 X uw'-S my W Wi?-' ., X 3.4. df W K wx. xg vw as 'wsiffse-A F QM na w: 1 .Wk Q f,, 5' an J ' x ..,,m. .Q . ..,..,M2, ,V,,...,., ,Q X -if 5, -M W X sg f W cqfg' F93 . '24 1321" sm .vw . wx .wfwg X . .iffy 44 753' 2 . , I K lx X 1 .. F W V, f xv 3, Q M. .. z2?ff5ifi , .1 .W , f -, ff f M .Q .,,..,, '.,..m A , V "- 36431 ':5'i!7f5?5,?f:,E:!-E? . -- ' wa: 1-f Lsxezgpbfzzgw f Ifnr Knmr .md GlIl!.l4' lun. 11'f7llfU fnrbez' will nmfvb llvihr mm? OLSON. MELODIE PAPPAS, JAMES PARROTT. HA'I"I'II2 PAVFI., CHARLES PAVLIK, GERALDINE PFRCZYNSKI. IZDXVARD Q -H2 aff iiisf E3 . WA 18 N7 Q , gi Q 'fi m "'i. -1 . W M 5, W K , -K M ' an wb-,:1.3f,, 4 X x - ' tai! - f 1 Z2 ' L ' e is 595: LelQ???i ' T541 Q ,f ' 951, ix E5 ww 551W E . f 7 lr f affk 'iitwi viii, fliffi f 3 , , Mb Q W ,.,, , P k --YN 24576 i- " 'QM Q " T if SENDZIAK. JAMES SEVER. RICHARD SI-IALTGHNESSY. GORDON SHELBY. MARY SHEPARD, .IEANETTE SI-IIVOHE, DIANE SI-IIVOHE. DORIS SKARNULIS, FRANK SKOD, CAROL GRADUATION PRACTICE MEANS THE END IS NEAR SLACK. EDXWARD SLAVIK, XWILLIAM SLONSKI. BEVERLY SMIT. DONALD SMIT. ROBERT SOLOMON, -IL'DITH Rub Blzmlfi. balvifld lfw n111L,r jmflbkflf 11.111 di,1'j2lp15.v Ifva fllflijljdl' flknzre. STANTON. EDXWARD STAREK, PATRICIA STATEMAN. DIZLORES STEVANOVICI-I. IVANKA STEVENS. DIANE STEVENSON. -IANET wx , fm,- f5,S,g1:Q. -fi! fm?- ggffw ' "Q Jig", YE? Q M ,.f5??f'fgv11ff.: wk fy 1 Q , SQ. A Qjfvicva T- W iijfgi ,, Tlaerek Denny Alzpefer nz iz again. the flaw of 595 lorerboy. WOIDEMANN, GRACE ZARN, RONALD ZEITZ, LE ROY ZIOLKO, CI-IERYL ADAMEK, ELIZABETH "Liz' ' Office Work Office Aide 3, Maroon 3, Business Club 4, GAA 3, Spanish Club 1. ALTPETER, DENNIS "Salts" Navy "A" Club 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, 3, Bowl- ing Team 3, Latin Club 1, 2. ARPS, LUTHER "L. C." Marines "A" Club 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 1, 2, 3, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3. ARVIEW, SANDRA "Susie" Office Work Attended West Frankfort High School, Frankfort, Illinois 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3. ATHERTON, LINDA "Lin" Business School Choir 2, 3, 4, Argolite 3, Latin Club 1. BALICH, ANGELINE "Pidgie" Beautician Class Board 1, 2, 4, Secretary 2, 4, Stu- dent Activity Board 1, Nurses' Aide 4, Argolite 3, 4, Maroon 3: Junior Play Crew, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Business Club 4, GAA 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, President 4, Bowling Team 32 Fine Arts Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Future Homemakers 1, 2, Future Nurses 2, Choir 1. BARBER, PATRICIA "Pat" Secretary Perfect Attendance 1, Class Board 2, Treas- urer 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Junior Play Crew, Pep Club 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3. I60 BARICOVICH, ELLEN "A Lips" Lawyer Drama Award 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Class Board 1, 2, Treasurer 1, Student Activity Board 1, 2, Library Aide 4, Argo- lite 3, Maroon 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Jun- ior Play Cast, Audio-Visual 1, 2, Secretary 2, GAA 1, Pep Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. BARICOVICH, JAMES "J.B." College "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Award 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Class Board 4, President 4, Student Activity Board 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Argo- lite 4, Maroon 3, 4, Editor 3, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Drama Club 4, Fine Arts Club 3, National Honor Society 4, Senior Most Likely to Succeed. BARROWS, LYNDON Greer Automotive Institute Perfect Attendance 4, Drama Award 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Argolite 3, Modern Music Masters 3, Speech Contest 4. BASARA, WILLIAM "Jake" Electronics Institute "B" Honor Roll 1, Football Team 1, 2, Track Team 3, Camera Club 1, 2, Sec- retary 2, Radio Club 3, Cram Club 3, 4, BINKOWSKI, GUS Bradley University Hall Guard 2, 3. BOATRIGHT, CAROLYN "Carol" Secretary BOEDECKER, HENRY "Sonny" Undecided Football Team 2, 3, Basketball Team 1, 4, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 1, 2, Life Saving 3. BOZEN, SHARON "Dopey" Secretary "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Class Board 2, 3, Student Activity Board 2, 3, Football Homecoming Lady-in-Waiting 3, Office Aide 2, 3, 4, Maroon 3, Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Captain 4, Pep Club 3, Swim Club 3, 4, President 4, Future Homemakers 1. BURALLI, RICHARD "Reak" Marines Perfect Attendance 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4. BURDA, JOAN "Jeanie" Secretary "A" Honor Roll 3, "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Aide 3, Future Teachers 2, 3, National Honor Society 4. BURKE, JAMES "Wyatt" Marines Perfect Attendance 2, "A" 'Club 3, 4, Foot- ball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Latin Club 4, Future Craftsmen 4, Reporter. CARR, CAROLYN "Carol" Nurse "A" Honor Roll 2, 3, "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Award 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Class Board 2, Student Activ- ity Board 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Keen Teen Award for Best Appearing Girl 1, Homecoming Lady-in-Waiting 2, 3, Bas- ketball Lady-in-Waiting 1, Nurses' Aide 3, Maroon 3, 4, Reporter 3, Page 1 Edi- tor 4, Junior Play Cast, Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Co-Captain 1, GAA 2, 3, Swim Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Latin Club 2, Future Nurses 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4, National Honor Society 4. CARUSO, DONALD "Don" Truck Driver Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 1, Track Team 3, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Camera Club 1. CARUTH, JAMES "jim" Illinois Institute of Technology "B" Honor Roll 4, Radio Club 1, Science Club 2, Senior Play Crew, junior Play Crew, National Honor Society 4. CASARES, LOUIS "Lou" Electrical Trade School Attended Driscoll High School, Driscoll, Texas 1, 2. CASARES, ROBERT "Bob" Automobile Mechanic Attended Driscoll High School, Driscoll, Texas 1, 2. CEIPLIS, PEGGY Office Work Drama Club 2. CERLE, ROBERT "Squirl" Undecided CHALIK, JAMES "jim" Marines "B" Honor Roll 1, 2. CIZEK, DOMENICK "Seasick" Electronics School Drama Award 4, Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Camera Club 1, 2, 5, Radio Club 3. COMBIS, FRANK '7 Sonny" Navy Drama Award 3, 4, Class Board 4, Vice- President 4, Senior Play Crew, junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Future Craftsmen 2, 5, Vice-President si CROKENOWER, DELORES "Dee" Secretary "B" Honor Roll 3, Spanish Club 1, 2. DAWSON, RONALD "Ron" Bradley University "B" Honor Roll 5. .,, L DEVER, SHIRLEY "Shirll' Secretary "B" Honor Roll 3, Office Aide 1, 2, 3, 4, Argolite 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Swim Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2. DIGANGI, DEANNA "Dee" Nurse "B" Honor Roll 4, Drama Award 4, Of- fice Aide 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, Audio- Visual 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4, Future Homemakers 1. DION, LORRAINE "Lot" Lyons Township junior College Attended Mt. Assisi Academy, Lemont, Illinois 1, "B" Honor Roll 2, 4, Perfect Attendance 4, National Honor Society 4. DUBAS, PRISCILLA "Sawed-off" Secretary "B" Honor Roll 5, 4, Drama Award 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, Librarian 2, 3, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Modern Music Masters 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 2, 5, Secretary 4, Latin Club 1, 2. DUNCAN, KEITH "Dunk" Carpenter's Apprentice Football Team 1, Baseball Team 1. DUNKOVICH, LEONARD "Dunk" Parks College "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 4, Baseball Team 2, National Honor Society 4. EISENGART, NORMA Business College Attended West Springfield High School, West Springfield, Pennsylvania 1, Proviso High School, May Wood 2, McDowell High School, Erie, Pennsylvania 2, Drama Award 4, Senior Play Cast, GAA 5, Bowling Team 3. ERKLIN, WILLIAM "Lucky" Navy "B" Honor Roll 4, Baseball Team 1, Bowling Team 3, Band 1. "Elvis" ESTES, HELEN Office Work GAA 5, 4, Pep Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 4. FEATHERSON, LOUISE "Lou" Switchboard FOETISCH, ROBERT "Bob" Draftsman Radio Club 1. FORRESTER, MARGARET "Marge" Office Work "B" Honor Roll 2, Perfect Attendance 2, Office Aide 4, Argolite 4, Maroon 3, Pep Club 3, Future Homemakers 1. FOUTAIN, NANCY "Cookie" Secretarial Work Attended Austin High 1. FROEDGE, PATRICIA "Pat" University of Southern Illinois "A" Honor Roll 3, 4, "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, Perfect Attendance 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Class Board 1, Student Activity Board 1, Argolite 3, 4, Literary Editor 4, Junior Play Crew, Cram Club 3, 4, GAA 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2, 5, Vice-President 2, Future Teachers 4, Illinois State Scholar- ship Semi-Finalist Candidate, National Honor Society 4. FRUS, LAWRENCE Iowa State College tlarry.. "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Board 1, Vice-President 1, Student Activity Board 1, "A" Club 5, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 2, Cram Club 4, Illinois State Scholarship Semi- Finalist, National Honor Society 4. "Mirk" GASPARAS, MIRKO Marines Football Team 1, Bowling Team 5. Ibl GEORGES, MARY LOU "Lulu" University of Illinois "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, Drama Award 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Argolite 3, Maroon 3, 4, Circulation Edi- tor 3, Managing Editor 4, Senior Play Crew, Junior Play, Assistant Director, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Debate Society 31 Modern Music Masters 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts Club 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. GERGITS, THOMAS "Tom" Army GIBAS, LUCILLE "Tootsie" Office Work Drama Award 3, Junior Play Crew, Jun- ior Play Cast. GIBSON, RONALD "Hoot" Construction Work Baseball Team 2, 3, 4. GILLIAT, DAVID "Wobzie" Trade School GIUNTOLI, THOMAS "Gents" Air Force "A" Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team Man- ager 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team Manager 1, Maroon 1, Future Craftsmen 1. GLOWIAK, EVELYN "Eve" Office Work Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Argolite 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 3, 4, Maroon 3, 4, Circulation Editor 4, Senior Play Crew, Junior Play Crew, Drama Club 2, 4. GOODWIN, JEREDENE "Bro-Law" Marines Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 3, Baseball Team 3, Fire Patrol 2, 3. I62 GREGORY, THERESA "Terry" Office Work Drama Award 4, Library Aide 3, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 4. GUZLAS, JOYCE College Drama Award 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Audio-Visual 3, 4, Camera Club 3, GAA 3, Pep Club 3, Bowling Team 3. GUZZINO, NICK "Red" Marines Hall Guard 2. HAMMOND, SANDRA "Pee Wee" Commercial Advertising Library Aide 2, Nurses' Aide 4, Argolite 4, Maroon 3, Junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Pep Club 3, Drama Club 4, Future Homemakers 1, 2. HARTMAN N, MARLENE Secretary HARVEY, DONALD "Big O" College "B" Honor Roll 1, 3, 4, Glass Board 1, 2, 3, President 1, 2, 3, Student Activity Board 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, "A" Club 3, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 4. HAVLICEK, BARBARA "Fritz" College "B" Honor Roll 3, Drama Award 3, 4, Nurses' Aide 3, 4, Senior Play Stage Man'- ager, Junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Spanish Club 1, 2, Basketball Queen Candidate 4. HEFFLEY, KENNETH "Ken" Machinist "A" Club 3, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, 3, 4, Hall Guard 33 Fire Patrol 3. HERMAN, JOSEPH ' 'Hermsn Parks College "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Fire Patrol 1, Cram Club 4, National Honor Society 4. HOFFMAN, GEORGIANN "George" Office Work Perfect Attendance 2, Drama Award 4, Argolite 3, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew 3, GAA 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Fine Arts Club 3, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 4, Spanish Club 4. JACKOBS, LESLEE "Speedy" X-Ray Technician Drama Award 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Freshman Girls' Chorus 1, Argolite 4, Senior Play Cast, Senior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, GAA 1, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Drama Club 4, Modern Music Masters 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 33 Swim Club 3, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Recreation Chairman 4. JONES, JOAN "Jonie" Nurse JONES, LESTER "Ogden" Bradley College Perfect Attendance 4, Class Board 4, Treasurer 4, Student Activity 1, "A" Club 3, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4. .-sn, KAROUBAS, GUS "Croogie" No Plans Football Team 23 Baseball Team 1, 23 Hall Guard 2, 33 Future Craftsmen 2, 3. KERLEY, MARILYN "Mar" Olivet Nazarene College "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 43 Drama Award 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 23 Office Aide 4g Maroon 3, 4, Page 2 Edi- tor 4g Senior Play Crewg junior Play CICWQ Latin Club 2, 33 National Honor Society 4. KILEY, CAROLINE "Kiley" College "B" Honor Roll 1, 33 Drama Award 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Junior Play Crew 33 Junior Play Cast 33 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 4. KING, BARBARA "Barb" Office Work Class Board 1, Secretary 13 Freshman Girl Chorus 13 Basketball Queen Candidate 4. KLUSZEWSKI, RONALD "Klutch" Pharmacy School Class Board 13 Track Team 23 Audio-Visual 3, 4. KOTOULAS, MARY Office Work Perfect Attendance 43 Choir 23 Junior Play Crewg Fine Arts Club 2, 3. KOZAL, JANET Secretary ..Jan,. "B" Honor Roll 43 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 4g junior Play CICWQ Spanish Club 4. KOZAR, BARBARA "Barb" Office Work Drama Award 4g Band 1, 2, 33 Senior Play Crewg Senior Play Cast3 Audio-Visual 33 Camera Club 35 GAA 1, 2, 5, Vice- President 23 Pep Club 3, Vice-President 33 Bowling Team 3, Treasurer 3. KUSNER, CONSTANCE "Connie" Secretary "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Perfect At- tendance 33 Drama Award 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 1, 23 Office Aide 43 Argolite 3, 4g Senior Play Cast3 junior Play Crew3 Business Club 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Modern Music Masters 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 Fine Arts Club 33 Future Homemakers 13 National Honor Society 4. KUTKOWSKI, EDWIN "Bear" Cabinet Maker Football Team 33 Future Craftsmen 3, 4, Vice-President 4. LEGRAND, BEVERLY "Bev" Beautician's School Drama Award 43 Library Aide 3, 43 Sen- ior Play Crewg Senior Play Cast3 Junior Play Crewg junior Play Cast3 Pep Club 3. LEWANDOWSKI, LAWRENCE "Lulu" Horse Trainer Drama Award 3, 43 Senior Play Crew3 Senior Play Cast3 Junior Play Crewg jun- ior Play Cast3 Camera Club 1, 2, Treas- urerg Future Craftsmen 2, 3, Reporter. LIBOVSKY, MARTHA "Finiess" Secretary Drama Award 4g Library Aide 23 Nurses' Aide 13 Senior Play CICWQ Senior Play Cast3 Junior Play Cast3 Junior Play Crewg GAA 1, 2, 33 Drama Club 3. Lox, JOAN "Mickey" Undecided Attended Calumet High School, Chicago, Illinois 1, 2. LYZNICKI, CLAUDETTE 'Claudie" Fox Business College "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 "A" Honor Roll 23 Drama Award 3, 43 Library Aide 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Senior Play Cast3 Senior Play Crewg junior Play Cast3 jun- ior Play Crewg Pep Club 33 Drama Club 23 Bowling Team 33 Fine Arts Club 23 National Honor Society 4. MARKMUELLER, HERBERT "Hoibee" Northern Illinois State University Attended Lindbloom High School, Chicago, Illinois 1, 23 "B" Honor Roll 4. MARSILLO, SAMUEL "Butch" Army "A" Club 3, 4g Football Team 13 Baseball Team Manager 23 Library Aide 13 Hall Guard 1. MATIJEVICH, MARGARET "Margie" Teachers College "B" Honor Roll 2, 33 Office Aide 43 junior Play, Crewg Junior Play Cast3 Drama Club 33 Fine Arts Club 3. MAZA, LOREEN "Reen" Undecided Drama Award 43 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Fresh- man Girls' Choir 13 Argolite 33 Senior Play Crew3 junior Play Crewg GAA 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 33 Fine Arts Club 2, 33 Future Homemakers 1, 2. MCCABE, GERALDINE "Deanni6" Office Work "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Perfect Attend- ance 3, 43 Drama Award 33 Junior Play Crewg junior Play Cast3 Pep Club 33 Na- tional Honor Society 4. MEDLING, ROSE "Babe" Singer Attended Tuley High School, Chicago, Illinois 1, 2. MIELZYNSKI, IVLARILYN "Melsh" Secretary "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Quill and Scroll 43 Choir 1, 23 Freshman Girls' Chorus 13 Argolite 4, Typing Editor 43 GAA 1, 2, Secretary 23 Fine Arts Club 23 Spanish Club 2. I 63 MIZWICKI, EDWARD "Mizwick" Marines Football Team 1, 2, Baseball Team 1, 2, 5, 4, Hall Guard 1, 2, 5, Bowling Team 5. MOLENDA, MARTY "Coyote" Trade School Football Team 1, 2, 5, Basketball Team 1, 2, 5, 4, Baseball Team 1, 2, 4, Hall Guard 5, Future Craftsmen 5, 4. MOORE, ELDRA "Moose" I.B.M. Operator "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Drama Award 4, Quill and Scroll 5, 4, Class Board 5, 4, Student Activity Board 5, 4, Band 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, District Music Win- ner 1, Maroon 5, 4, Sports Editor 5, 4, Junior Play Crew, Camera Club 2, Fine Arts Club 5, Latin Club 1, 2, 5, Secretary 1, 2, President 5, DAR Candidate, Na- tional Honor Society 4. "Bon" MOSES, BONNIE Homemaker Attended Clark High School in Indiana 1, 2, Library Aide 4. MURRAY, JANET Airline Hostess "Irish" Basketball Lady-in-Waiting 5, Office Aide 2, 3, 4. MURRAY, WILLIAM College "A" Club 5, 4, President 4, Football Team 1, 2, 5, 4, All-Conference Football 4, All-State Football Nominee 4. "Mouse" NEVELS, JAMES "Nevs" Undecided Perfect Attendance 2, Class Board, 5, 4, Vice-President 5, Football Team 1, Base- ball Team 2, 5, 4, Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Or- chestra 1, 2, 5, 4. I64 NICKOLOU, CHRIS "Nick" College "B" Honor Roll 1, 4, Quill and Scroll 5, 4, Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Argolite 5, 4, Maroon 5, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, 5, 4, President 2, 4. NIGG, FLORA "Florie" I.B.M. School "B" Honor Roll 2, Choir 2, 5, 4, Freshman Girls' Chorus 1, Maroon 2, 5, 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Drama Club 1, 4, Secretary 4, Modern Music Masters 5, 4, All-State Choir 4. NOWACKI, NICK "Butch" Cabinet Maker "B" Honor Roll 2, Hall Guard 2, 5, Fire Patrol 2, 5, Radio Club 5, Future Crafts- men 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2, President 5, 4. OLSON, MELODIE "Mel" Southern Illinois University "A" Honor Roll 4, "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, Drama Award 5, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Nurses' Aide 4, Argolite 4, Maroon 5, 4, Page Editor 5, Senior Play Cast, Senior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Camera Club 1, 2, Cram Club 4, GAA 1, 2, Latin Club 1, Future Teachers 4, Future Nurses 2, 5, 4, Treas- urer 2, Secretary 5, Vice-President 4, Speech Contest 2, 5, 4, Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist, National Honor Society 4. PAPPAS, JAMES "Charlie" University of Missouri "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 4, Drama Award 4, Quill and Scroll 5, 4, Student Activity Board 4, Class Board 4, "A" Club 5, 4, Basketball Team 1, 5, 4, Track Team 1, 2, 5, 4, Band 2, 5, 4, Uniform Officer 5, 4, Orchestra 5, 4, Argolite 4, Assistant Sports Editor, Maroon 5, 4, Sports Editor 5, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Camera Club 2, Cram Club 4, Future Craftsmen 2, Perfect Attendance 1, 4, National Honor Society 4. PARROTT, HATTIE "Birdie" Business College Choir 1, Future Homemakers 1. PAVEL, CHARLES "Chuckie" Northern Illinois Gas Company Hall Guard 1, 2, 5, 4, Fire Patrol 1, 2, 55 Senior Play Crew, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 5, 4, Bowling Team 5, 4. PAVLIK, GERALDINE "Gerry" Illinois Normal College "A" Honor Roll 1, "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 4, Drama Award 4, Class Board 2, 5: Student Activity Board 2, 5, 4, Vice- President 4, Homecoming Queen 5, Of- fice Aide 1, 2, 5, 4, Maroon 5, 4, Page Editor 5, Navigator Co-Editor 5, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Cheerleader 1, 5, 4, Captain 5, GAA 2, 52 Pep Club 5, Bowling Team 5, Swim Club 5, 4, Fu- ture Homemakers 1, Future Teachers 4' National Honor Society 4. PERCZYNSKI, EDWARD "Porky" Navy Football Team 5, "A" Club 5, 4. PERSHING, JOYCE "Perch" College "A" Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 4, "B" Honor Roll 1, Drama Award 4, Quill and Scroll 5, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, Maroon 5, 4, Copy Editor 5, Page Editor 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Pep Club 5, Latin Club 1, 2, 5, Treasurer, Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist, National Honor Society 4. PETKIEWICZ, SANDRA "Sandy" Illinois Normal University Library Aide 2, GAA 1, 2, 5, 4, President 5, 4, Pep Club 5, Drama Club 1, 2, 5, Latin Club 1, 2, Future Teachers 2, 5, 4. PORTER, JAMES "Pat Boone" Navy Drama Award 4, Swimming Team 3, 4, Senior Play Cast. PRATHER, ROBERT "Cowboy" Air Force Basketball Team 1, 2, Hall Guard 3. RACINA, PHYLLIS "Flea" "B" Honor Roll 2, 4, Drama Award 3, 4, Class Board 3, Treasurer, Majorette 1, Office Aide 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club '3, Bowling Team 3, 4, Swim Club 3, 4, Fine Arts Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- President 2, President 3, Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 4. RADTKE, RONALD "Ron" Navy Fine Arts Club 2. RANGER, JO ANN "Jo" Office Work RICHINE, THEODORE "Ted" Undecided "A" Club 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, Band 1, 2, Hall Guard 4. RIGGIO, FRANK College "B" Honor Roll 4, Drama Award 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon 3, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Drama Club 4, Modern Music Masters 3. ROBI SON, BEVERLY "Bev" Office Work "B" Honor Roll 2, 33 National Honor Society 4. ROLA, MARTIN Accountant RUBEL, WALTER "Bud" College Attended St. Rita High School 1, 2, "A" Club 4, Football Team 3, 4, Baseball Team 3, 4. RUCHAUF, RICHARD "Frogs" College Attended Lane Tech High 1, 2, Drama Award 4, Swimming Team 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast. SANDERS, MELVIN "Mel" Barber Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Modern Music Masters 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 3, 4. SAWILCHIK, JOHN "Big John" LaGrange Junior College "B" Honor Roll 1, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, Baseball Team 1, Bowling Team 3, 4. SCHMIDT, PETER "Pete" College "B" Honor Roll 1, Drama Award 3, Class Board 4, Student Activity Board 4, "A" Club 4, Football Team 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, Baseball Team 2, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Drama Club 4. SCHNEIBEL, JUDITH "Judy" Secretary Library Aide 33 GAA 33 Latin Club 1. SCHOMER, ANN MARIE "Anna Mae" History Teacher "B" Honor Roll 1, 4, Maroon 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Future Homemakers 1, 2, Future Teachers 4, National Honor Society 4. SCHONAUER, THOMAS "Chink" Navy "B" Honor Roll 4. SCHUBERT, DELORES "Dee" Secretary "B" Honor Roll 3, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, Drama Award 4, Class Board 3, 4, Historian 4, Student Activity Board 3, Office Aide 4, Argolite 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, GAA 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman 2, Vice- President 3, Fine Arts Club 2, Future Homemakers 1, 2, Future Nurses 2, Bas- ketball Queen 4. SEDLBAUER, DANIEL "Dan" Navy SENDZIAK, JAMES "Big Jim" Marines "B" Honor Roll 1, "A" Club 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1. SEVER, RICHARD "Rich" Drama Teacher Drama Award 3, 4, Swimming Team 1, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Argolite 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Modern Music Masters 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 2, 3, All-State Choir, Speech Contest 4. SHAUGHNESSY, GORDEN "Midget" Corn Products Refinery SHELBY, MARY "Tiny" Beautician Freshman Girls' Chorus 1, Library Aide 2, 3. SHEPARD, JEAN ETTE "Jean" Undecided "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, Library Aide 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Crew. I6 SHIVOHE, DIANE Bookkeeper GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 3, Future Nurses 1, 2. SHIVOHE, DORIS Bookkeeper" uporky.. GAA 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 3. SKARNULIS, FRANK Undecided "Skar" Swimming Team 1, Baseball Team 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1. SKOD, CAROL "Schultz" Attend Illinois State Normal University "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Award 4, Band 1, Senior Play Crew, junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Cram Club 4, Pep Club 3, Fine Arts Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Future Teachers 3, 4, Future Nursers 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. SLACK, EDWARD "Bubbles" Professional Baseball Football Team 1, 2, Basketball Team 1, Baseball Team 1, 2, 4, Hall Guard 3. SLAVIK, WILLIAM "Wild Bill" Navy Attended Revis High School 1. SLONSKI, BEVERLY "Cleo" File Clerk Choir 2, 3, 4, Freshman Girls' Chorus 1, Bowling Team 3. SMIT, DONALD "Don" I.B.M. School Drama Award 4, Swim Team 4, All-State Choir, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Argolite 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, jun- ior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast, Modern Music Masters 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3. I66 SMIT, ROBERT "Dolphin" Navy Class Board 4, Student Activity Board 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Swim Team 1, 2, Orchestra 3, 4, Cram Club 4. SOLOMON, IUDITH "Judy" Fox Business College "A" Honor Roll 1, 3, 4, "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Drama Award 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Argolite 2, 3, 4, Maroon 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, Senior Play Crew, Jun- ior Play Assistant Director, GAA 3, 4, So- cial Chairman 4, Pep Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Bowling Team 3, 4, Fine Arts Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Historian 1, Public Relations Chairman 2, 3, DAR Award Candidate, National Honor Society 4. STANTON, EDWARD "Bisco" Marines Basketball Team 4, Bowling Team 4, Hall Guard 3. STAREK, PATRICIA "Patti" Advertising Argolite 3, Pep Club 2, Drama Club 2, Swim Club 3, Fine Arts Club 2, 3, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4. STATEMAN, DELORES "Cookie" Cashier Nurses' Aide 1, 2, Maroon 1, GAA 1, 2, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1. STEVANOVICH, IVANKA "Yvonne" Research Chemistry "B" Honor Roll 2, 3, Drama Award 4, Orchestra 1, Senior Play Cast, Cram Club 4, Drama Club 4, Fine Arts Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Science Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 4. STEVENS, DIANE "Stevie" Homemaker Nurses' Aide 1, Future Homemakers 1. STEVENSON, JANET "Jan" I.B.M. School "B" Honor Roll 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Freshman Girls' Chorus 2, Agrolite 2, 3, Business Manager 3. STRADER, SHARON "Shorty" Office Work Argolite 2, 3, Senior Play Crew. SZMAGALSKI, ANTOINETTE "Toni" Secretary Library Aide 2. TAMBORRINO, CHARLES 'Chuckles" College Senior Play Crew, Senior Play Cast, junior Play Crew, Junior Play Cast. THEURER, WILLIAM "Bill" Work Audio-Visual 4, THOMPSON, PAMELA "Pam" Secretarial Work "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Library Aide 2, Drama Club 2, Latin Club 1. TOMICH, MARY AGNES "Aggie" Waves "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Class Board 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Student Activity Board 1, 2, Football Homecoming Queen 4, Argolite 2, 3, 4, Picture Editor 2, Literary a.r1d Associate Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Maroon 1, Latin Club 1, Future Teachers 1, DAR Award Winner, National Honor Society 4, Most Popular Upperclass Girl, Best Citizen. TROBEC, ROGER "Rog" Undecided Argolite 4. TROBEC, RONALD "Big Ron" Navy "B" Honor Roll 1, 2, Band 2, Fire Pa- trol 2, 3, Swim Team 3. URICK, JOYCE "Tracy" Iowa State College "B" Honor Roll 1, 3, GAA 1, 2, Fine Arts Club 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Vice-President 2. VARVEL, JAMES "Bob" Navy "A" Club 4, Football Team 1, Manager 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team Manager 3, Hall Guard 1, Bowling Team 3, 4, WHITE, WILLIE "Fisser" Undecided Class Board 1, Historian 1, "A" Club 3, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, Track Team 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, Camera Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Future Craftsmen 1, 2. WILK, DIANE "Di" Office Work Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, Pep Club 2, Bowling Team 3, Future Homemakers 1. WILLIAMS, MARY ELLEN "Mary" Beautician "B" Honor Roll 4, Perfect Attendance 4, Football Lady-in-Waiting 1, Office Aide 2, Library Aide 3, 4, President 4, GAA 1, American Legion Essay Contest Win- ner 4. WILSON, RANDEL "Wils" DeVry Technical School "B" Honor Roll 1, Drama Award 33 Swimming Team 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon 1, junior Play Crew, junior Play Cast, Cram Club 4. WISEMAN, GERALD "Luke" Navy Class Board 2, Vice-President 2, Football Team 1, 2, 5, 4. WOIDEMAN N, GRACE "Mo" Teacher Attended McHenry High School, McHenry, Illinois 1, 2, Library 'Aide 4, Cram Club 4, Future Teachers 4. ZARN, RONALD "Ron" College "A" Club 4, Football Team 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball Team 1, Track Team 2, Baseball Team 3. ZEITZ, LEROY Pipe Fitter Football Team 3, Track Team 1, Hall Guard 1, Future Craftsmen 1. ZIOLKO, CHERYL "Charlie" College "B" Honor Roll 1, Z, 3, 4, Perfect At- tendance 4, Drama Award 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Argolite 3, 4, Maroon 1, 3, 4, Page Editor 4, Senior Play, Assistant Director, junior Play Cast, Junior Play Crew, Cram Club 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3: Bowling Team 1, 3, 4, Fine Arts Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treas- urer 4, American Legion Essay Contest Winner 2, Navigator Co-Editor 3, Na- tional Honor Society 4. I67 AUTOGRAPHS A U TOGRA PHS .-2 f f W 4 v 1 r . v w I . 4 FW 4 U v E Q 8 N - . J A . L . - Q Ml... W , , 1 -iv ' ..:-' -.31 , J'-1 V. 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Suggestions in the Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) collection:

Argo Community High School - Argolite Yearbook (Argo, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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