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 - Class of 1955

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-057' ' ,1,....,5? 'U' I r I 'f,fg,g7' 1' L 4 V . I ' vt 1- 'W--'cn ' 'r W: 4 , A I , 'wa' , 1, ,, QQ, H4 t' , if - ww N g.,', ., '. M aff. -W . -.. -. '-G 'f 'I 1"' Qi 948- :qi W. "v 'AQ' he , .f . ' - , . r' 4' .Mio 'jW4 X -QM .'Q1i:Mf' ' Q X 'Mfg pr? NR , 'lin' 5. A , 1-. ..f 4' ' M if 1 1' 'u Q 'fi Lam. .1 af M3 v-N490' "l"Q..,. W1 -Q ,. t - -if ,k-HQ ' I 3.571 2 A 4 I, ,mfg Q ' Q ,iii 111. Q0-RPT' UQ' LCQ2 -sn. -iw" 'f' ,- ,, 'HIQQ ,g , , -"""' ' 'Hg , , ' ' 'ilu Wi .1 N , 5 . Q - u tt- wuz- N ' 5'4'h-"7"3'- ' W fxffzw - ' , . L , ., ,A 1 v :N 4 v !:A!.,J- N 1 . Q 1' , - .. - 1 3 H 1 v-v""' gy lag' -I " D if P- ,, V -5 H-' .. Q- 'sr g - --1.g.rv x 4-'-55 55k v, P n x u .-E' W w. .IF 4.1 ,yf "4 Q 4 ' . . -'lun ,,, . A ,.., ' M -. 1"'.'., 1., . 1, - wgt .-,J .. f f x . ,L w g- Ulf S I believe in Argo Community High School as a place of opportunity by accumulating worthwhile educational experiences. I believe in its efforts to maintain a reputation for honest work, fair play, and serving the best interests of the youth of my community. I believe in the idea proclaimed in its motto, "All Rights Grant Others." I believe in its worthy traditions: clean sportsmanship, high scholarship, respect for others, obedience to law, and cordial co-operation with the faculty and administration. I, therefore, believe it is my duty to my school to support it loyally and to uphold its reputation. ARGO HIGH scHooI Amo, ILLINOIS l ARGO LITE 1955 30164 of Conlenla Page 1 . . . . . School Creed Page 4, 5 . . . . . Administration Page 20, 21 . . . . . . Students Page 50, 51 .... . . . Sports Page 66, 67 . . . . . . Activities I I ,W I, 1 Q I I - Z gf ggi I .1. ll, ,,-...1-- ii , , 1.1- n O 320532 I A ffffffn I MMI f I I Wm Z I-I -71 ,1li. I I I I I5i?:f"5'I5 6 f 'X l X 9 I 5 - I -'gg' --2 f elf Q E .11 11.1.-1 1 .1 1 . ' 7 IACIIDVIISICI amvmq i- --l . -g jf- X 1 SSX I W ,II . xxxkxxw-Q I IIIIII' ,I A N'x"'A ' X I 'C 1-11 aw X' .V '23,-7 ,.... v. ns' ur' "' f:, 1--' sf 4-0" vga. xf ,.J 41 Stantling: Mrlieorge lferog Mr. lfdwtxrd Sztxrtxhujkixg Mr. Christ Dineffg Mr. .Xnthony -l.ilovt-cg Mr. Stephen Kusentla. St-.itetlz Mr. john Ginalick, Secrettiryg Mr. llerhert Swanson, Presitlentg Mr. Cfhiirlvs lf. Wingo, Superintendent of Schools. we Z?oarc! of gjclucafion During the past year the students .ind the faculty htxve been .iware of the presence of the l5o.irtl of liducation tit many school activities here .it Nrgu. They .ittentletllmnquuts, dinners, .intl watched the Argonauts play in sports. Mr. Swanson, representing the lioartl of lftluiration, has heen vigilnnt daily, observing the progress of the new lficilities and construction in our school .xccortling lo contract. The main interest of the lionrd of liduoition is in the school .intl its function .intl to see that the students get the hest of everything. The student hotly .ind the faculty here express their thnnks .intl .xpprt-ei.xtion tothe memhers of the lioartl for their interest in the students .intl school. CT-v ' J if 3 X rincqoa MR. CHARLES E. WINGO For eighteen ye.irs, Mr. Wingo has been .i leader in the development of the school system in our community. In that time he lms witnessed .ind helped Argo's growth from one small huilding to its present extensive scale. llecuuse Mr. Wingo has Always looked to the future, seeking improvement, Argo now ranks among the hest equipped schools in the state. all il' 44 14. . .fdclminidfrafiue aaiafanf MR. ARNOLD O. DIERSEN Mr. Diersen leads .1 very lnusy life here at Argog maintaining the good behavior of the student bodyg preparing the schedule of classesg guiding the fdculty and the studentsg .md co-ordinating student activities. We owe ix vote of thanks to him for six years of progressive accomplishment. 5 .fi n f 64166 0111160 ora The counselors of Argo High are a group of teachers who perform very valuable services for us high school students. Their work starts when we enroll for our freshman year and does not end even when our senior year is over. In general our counselors have four main objectives: 1, To help students choose the courses and subjects best fitted to their interests, abilities, and needs, 2. To fill the students' need for adult friends in the school, who are personally interested in them, 3. To provide an accepting atmosphere, rather than one of moral censure, thus gaining respect and confidence of each student, 4. To exhaust all possible means to keep in school the less successful and the less well-adjusted students, ' who have a tendency to drop out of school. ' To carry out these goals the counselors perform a variety of eitacting duties: 1. Enrollments and schedule changes 2. Consultations with parents, students, doc administrators, and teachers 3. Counseling failures 4. Testing programs and making profile charts 5. Vocational and scholastic guidance tors, nurses, 1 6. College, scholarships, and job applications 7. Class board planning once a week and class meetings 8. Handling and raising class funds 9. Class elections, proms, and parties I Q- .- .- 10. Commencement exercises . .5 V xv. ll. Letters of recommendation 5 X' ' iufxwkg 6 2,25 Our counselors, because they always take time to give us 54 5' 'K ' kind consideration, have won a lasting place in our memories af. of Argo High. Y W9 Miss Ruth Broom, Senior Class Counselor M.r. Richard Hauswald, Junior Class Counselor Miss Hazel Phillips, Sophomore Class Counselor Mr. Charles Kusenda, Freshman Class Counselor N Qi. 1:5 :ry 45 J, Lflksf 1 Y r'l' A. . Mrs. Lucille jauohs 1 1 U Visiting Counselor laecia eacAerd 5 Mr . Leon ard Tre sler Attendance Atl min i stmtor Miss Martha Redmon Lihnxrian .Ng 'Yr Mrs. l.cli.i Wriglit Miss Irene Narlock n ' lligh School Nurse Speech fiOI'1'CCllU!1lSl Mrs. Grace Mack Secretary to Mr. Wingo 'Q 'Qtr . Q 4 Mrs. Wanda Malek Attendance Office Secretary fm Siu!! Miss Lorraine Glearis Registrar and Bookkeeper is Miss Mary Dalman Secretary to Mr. Diersen F? Mrs. Lillian Sklenar Secretary of School District 104 rl. sv, sr, U f fi M ,VME in I' ' 1 CMffi06LaI'l5 Left no righr: Nic William Knipp, Steve Clmlik, scph York. kolas Brower, 10- Left fight- Chad W, . Allen: Lou' A . es Lloyd, T 1 S Mdlzel, Om Cakferia ' -wmif Cafeteria Mr. john Mu.ros Left to right: Mrs. Louise Hosnmn, Mrs. Jennie Mallis, Mrs. llelen Pavlik, Mrs. Marie lillis, Miss Mary Gorman . lL'i ' f? 1, , , A A il' D 4 1 i X 5 5 W3 1 r, 2 ' T mania? X ,GQ 444 R tfkixx Vi' W xx f wg r 1 i Q I M1516 A Abi WMM f g 0 , ! f i W -.-rl x N-Lf Ur 1 . I . 3 I X X- Chorus Director inrdhllir Sixth ' eP.1rtn1g-, Mr. Victor Kruse Band and Orchestra Director If ffh.uirm.m idif Mrs. Jacqueline Ullrich Art Instructor f"'I ,J .iq-'T .4 'Q N- XD X XQX is 'W i I f1,,X ,I ' S- 'xi Q 'oQ x Q .L ' X K. xo oo K XX 9 udinedd giclucafibn Miss Anim Mille-ville: Business Science, Bookkeeping, Typing. Miss Althedix Grondykc: Typing, Sliorthnnd. A fi i . Mr. live-rett Larsen: Mr. ll.xrold Louderbixck: Consumers liducntion, lfconomic Dc-partinent Cfhirirnmn, Typin Geography, World History, Audio- Office Practice, SIIOYII1-lflki. Visual. Mr. 1-xmcs N.x.xkCx1 un F-1 x. wcech, Dmn V gllSl1. ,Wad M , 1 - r hchard llauswdld- V . -Jlgljsh' Mrs. Ruth Harmon: English. T 4 i Mrs. lflnrcncc Larsen: Q Q lf 'l'slx, IR-yxxrrlmmenr Chlxirnmn III., l Mr. Charles Kusenda: linglis ll. Miss Geraldine Hcrganz linglish . 'U' 5 L... - X! -N uw -s S.. - W J x - W Miss ll.1z:-l Phillips: Spanish. Miss Ruth Broom: Latin, Spanish. an M0986 ik V ' R N' ome conom Lcd A .. .,. Xx 5 'L ' Iffffi .'v,: 2-'N Z 1 K Miss lim-ny Williams: lloniexuaking. Miss Chloa Walton: llOIll6lTL1l'ill'lg. S 0,95 "E: W ,pf 41-hid! 1 Mr. Inu Mxlny: Prim Nhl p Mr. C11-mld Ugg: licpartrnc-nr Chair- man, N1c'qh.u1ic.xl Drawing. Mr ,Mm H lx W I QI l n Y Ck' 'Z KYKM . I1 Mr. Sam Tortnrici: Me .ll Show, 0 I ' WafAemafLcA Mr Ihvid U.unlwuLi: Practical Math, Mxzjohn Roberts: Departlmfrmr Chair- Slmp Plan, Fklgcbm. man, :Xlgc-br.1, Gcommry. XY W I P "uni P53 .vw Liv- Sw W 3 fqgff Wi Nlr. Carl wlllllllllkil Biology, Chcmis- Klr. xlrnlmrmy l'yrz: try, Department Cfh.xirm.xn. General Sqivmw-, Biology. o Nlr. l.c0n.1rd lrcxlcr: Mr. Walter Stelnlmoff: Liana-r.xl Science, l3llySlx.5 General Science, Driver 'lll'-lllllllg. x w.. Qu! I RN ml 9 x 'bi x 27 14 1 --+1 'Qu I 2i.'7"' l , .5 . H165 ir r LV Qlllllllf. fl lg Dufllfpiffun. Z ll W Miss Shirley lliehlz Physical liilucution. Miss Regina Bona: Physical Education, Department Ch..1irm.1n. X N Mr. john Gnlvin: Physical lidixcntion. 1' . Vw ' J Ai Q wiki Mr. Matt McBride: Physical Education, Department Chairman. S48 fi m xi , 'Ta f I an ,hx 'Self 'S lm SWK EU! K M Ax -lk fNfN 00 91 16? fl? 2 X XX A ,ff TB QQ' T Standing left to right: Wally Novosad, Tom Jalovec, Constantinos Agos, Larry Passafiume, Lenore Migonis, Janice Husch, Sally Twitty, Sophia Mallis. Seated left to right: Glen Walls, Vice-President, Miss Broom, Sponsor, Lester . Schedin, President, Helen Breider, Secretary. Not pictured: Bob Bojanowskig Jim Ogle, Treasurer. 30:55 OGFJ Our freshman year activities began with the Football Coronation with Helen Breider as our Lady-in-waiting. The next big event was the election of our class officers. Wally Novosad was elected our president, Bob Bojanowski our vice-president, Jim Ogle our treasurer, and Helen Breider our secretary. The Basketball Coronation was next, and this time Kathleen Burke was our Lady-in-waiting. Then our sophomore year came and this time Esther Chapin and Vivian Ulrich were our Football and Basketball Ladies-in-waiting, respectively. Class officers were chosen, and again Wally Novosad was our president, Bob Bojanow- ski our vice-president, and Helen Breider our secretary. A new treasurer was chosen, however, who was Glen Walls. This board worked hard and gave us sophomores a good year. September of 1955 brought us to our junior year hopeful of progress and achievement. With the spotlight on the social side we voted Janice Husch our Football Lady-in- waiting and Arlene Cagala our Basketball Lady-in-waiting. Showing who the leaders were in our class we voted Wally Novosad, Bob Bojanowski, and Helen Breider back into the offices they held as freshman and sophomores. The office of treasurer again changed hands and this time Jim Schranz was voted in. Our class took a big step this year and pro- duced two all-school parties along with the Junior Play. Now that our class was beginning to pick up life and really move, we went into our senior year confident of meeting it well. This time we picked queens for the corona- tions. For our Football Queen, Sally Twitty was chosen. Our Basketball Queen was Esther Chapin. We produced "Growing Pains" as our Senior Play and chose Lester Scheding our class president, Glen Walls, vice-president, Helen Breider, secretaryg Jim Ogle, treasurer. We've completed our four years now of high school. We're sorry to see it go, but our interest must be in the future for as Charles F. Kettering says, we shall spend the rest of our lives there. ,N Ili 7 AGOS, CONSTANTINOS National Honor Society 43 Keen Teen Award CMost Likely to Succeedj 43 Student Advisory Board 43 Honor Roll 2,3,43 Class Board 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Maroon 4. BALES, DEAN Senior Play Cast 43 Drama Award 43 Football Team 1,33 Talent Show 4. BERCICH, ROBERT "A" Club 2,3,43 All Conference Football 43 All State Foot- ball 43 Football Team l,2,3,43 Basketball Team l,2,3,4' Baseball Team l,2,3,4. BERGER, HARRY "A" Club 3,43 Baseball Team 2,3,43 Future Craftsmen of America 43 Transferred from Tilden Tech 1. BOJANOWSKI, ROBERT National Honor Society 43 Keen Teen Award CMost Active Boyb 3,43 Class Vice-President l,2,3Q Student Advisory Board 1,2,33 President 43 Honor Roll l,2,3Q Class Boards l,2,3,43 Drama Award 43 Quill and Scroll 3,43 Maroon 1,2,33 Senior Play Cast 43 junior Play Cast 33 Argolite Salesman 23 Football Team 43 Camera Club l. BONAREK, LOUIS Future Craftsmen of America l,2. BREIDER, HELEN National Honor Society 43 D.A.R. Award Winner 43 Football Lady-in-Waiting 13 Football Queen Candidate 43 Keen Teen Awards CMost Active Girl and Most Likely to Succeedb 43 Class Secretary 1,2,3,43 Student Advisory Board 2,3,4Q Honor Roll 1,2,3,4S' Class Boards l,2,3,43 Drama Award 43 Argolite co-editor 43 junior Play Cast and Crew 33 Cheer- leader l,2,3,4, Captain 23 Argolite Salesman 1,23 Chorus 13 Office Aide l,2,3Q Future Teachers 43 Life Saving 4. BROWN, JOHNNY "A" Club 3,43 Football Team 1,2,3,4S Basketball Team l,2, 3,43 Future Craftsmen of America 2. BUETTNER, BARBARA Office Aide l,2,33 Future Homemakers of America 43 Rooters Club l. CAGALA, ARLENE Basketball Lady-in-Waiting 33 Honor Roll 1,2,-43 Commercial Honor Society 33 Maroon 3,43 Senior Play Crew 43 junior Play Crew 33 Cheerleader l,Z,33 Co-captain 33 Library Aide 13 Office Aide 2,33 Spanish Club 2. x CALLAHAN, JUDA LEE Honor Roll 23 Quill and Scroll 3,43 Drama Award 43 Maroon 3,43 Senior Play Cast 43 Chorus 1,23 Talent Show 33 Library Aide 1,23 Audio-Visual 2,3,43 Treasurer 33 Future Home- makers of America l,2,33 Historian 2, President 33 Modern Music Masters 1,2, Historian 23 Rooters Club 13 Drama Club 3,4. Transferred from Harrison High School 1, CAMMACK, ANNA Senior Play Crew 43 Nu.rse's Aide 43 Camera Club 2,3. CHAPIN, ESTHER Basketball Queen 43 Football Lady-in-Waiting 23 District Music Winner 2,3343 Dictaphone Award 43 Maroon 3,43 Senior Play Cast 43 junior Play Crew 33 Majorettes 1,2,3,43 Talent Show 2,3,43 Library Aide l,2Q Office Aide 1,23 Camera Club 1. CIHALSKI, JAMES Baseball Team 33 Future Craftsmen of America 3,4. CROKENOWER, VIOLET Honor Roll 3,43 Commercial Honor Society 33 Senior Play Crew 43 Office Aide 33 G.A.A. 33 Square Dancing 3. CURKOVICH, ADRIENNE Honor Roll 33 Audio-Visual 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 Future Homemakers of America 1,2- CURSIO, MARIO Transferred from Austin High School 3. DAHMS, BARBARA DEPSKY, GEORGE National llonor Society 43 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4Q "A" Club 3,43 Football Team 43 Basketball Team l,3,43 Baseball Team 3,43 Hall Aide Captain 43 Future Craftsmen of America 3. DI GANGI, DEANNA Honor Roll 13 Commercial Honor Society 33 Maroon 1,2,33 Chorus 13 Library Aide 13 Office Aide 23 Latin Club 1,2. 'NJ ik 11' -639 sis. ra! .q,..e. A-Q "N 4? -445' 'V 5 lf. ,ix Ml v ,4-ffm sri, ' . if 'is vw C N-X 'IQ A "'-10 A N? nasal!" 419' DOMINIAK, JOSEPH DRESSEL, RICHARD Football Team 3,45 Baseball Team 3. Transferred from Marshall High School 2. EKSTROM, WILLIAM Band 1,2,3,45 Future Craftsmen of America 2,35 Magic Sqxare 2,3. ELLINGHAM, CAROL Operetta 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Future Homemakers of America 25 Square Dancing 1. FANDREY, JOYCE Football Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 25 junior Play Crew 35 Operetta 25 Chorus 253,45 Career Room Aide 25 Library Aide 1,25 Glee Club 2,3545 Modern Music Masters Club 2,35 Vice- President 3. FEATHERSTON, MARY LEE Transferred from Lewisville High School 4, FOETISCH, PHILLIP Future Craftsmen of America 1,2,3,4. FRIEDL, NANCY Senior Play Crew 45 junior Play Crew 35 Operetta 25 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Future Homemakers of America 1,25 Magic Square Club 2,35 Modern Music Masters Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3, Historian 45 Rooters Club 15 Science Club 25 Spanish Club 45 Life Saving 4. FRISCO, NANCY Commercial Honor Society 35 Maroon 1,2,35 junior Play Crew 35 Chorus 15 Library Aide 1,2,35 Camera Club 35 Latin Club 1,25 Magic Square Club 13 Rooters Club 15 Drama Club 3. GALLIGANI, JOSEPH Student Advisory Board 15 Honor Roll 1,45 "A" Club 45 Drama Award 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Football Team 1,2,3,4. GIBSON, RICHARD Future Craftsmen of America 1. GOHR, JOAN Operetta 25 Chorus 2,35 Career Room Aide 2,35 Library Aide 2,35 Office Aide 35 Nurse's Aide 4. GOODWIN, EMMA Honor Roll 1,2,35 Camera Club 15 G.A.A. 1,2: Hi-C Club 2. GRAY, DONALD Drama Award 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Operetta 25 Chorus l,2,35 Audio-Visual 15 Future Craftsmen of America 1. GRUENEICH, CAROL Drama Award 45 Senior Pllay Cast 45 junior Play Crew 35 Library Aide 2,35 Drama Club 4. Transferred from Lodi High School 2. HALE, JAMES Honor Roll 45 Commercial Honor Society 35 Maroon 3,4. Transferred from LaGrange High School 1. HANSON, PATRICIA Commercial Honor Society 35 Senior Play Crew 45 Camera Club 45 Future Homemakers of America 15 G.A.A. 35 Larin Club 15 Square Dancing 3, HEDLUND, EDWARD "A" Club 45 Drama Award 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Swimming Team 45 Track Team 1,2,45 Chorus 1,25 Camera Club 15 Future Craftsmen of America l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3,Presi- dent 45 Modern Music Masters 2. HEYWOOD, DOLORES Maroon 3,45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Librarian 3,45 Talent Show 1,2,3,45 Magic Square Club l,2,35 Rooters Club 1. HINZ, ROBERT Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Hall Aide Captain 45 Magic Square 45 Square Dancing l. -s-...Q NI ,Ar l KI? ' ri '4 2, sa? 'S - I 1 4 -8 Qwwf aw" ..,-A 5, HROCH, JOSEPH Honor Roll 1,2,45 Future Craftsmen of America 1. HUSCH, JANICE Football Lady-in-Waiting 35 Honor Roll 1,45 Class Board 45 Drama Award 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Maroon 2,3,45 Senior Play Cast 45 Talent Show 45 Office Aide 25 Future Home- makers of America 1,25 President 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Social Manager 3, Vice-President 45 Square Dancing 15 Rooters Club 1. IMBERY, LAVERNE National Honor Society 45 Football Lady-in-Waiting Candi- date 25 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Commercial Honor Society 35 Drama Award 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 junior Play Cast and Crew 35 Talent Show 25 Career Room Aide 25 Office Aide 25 Camera Club 15 Future Home- makers of America 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Rooters Club 15 Leaders Club 45 Drama Club 3,45 Vice-President 45 Life Saving 4. ISAACSON, ROBERT "A" Club 3,45 Football Team 1,2,3,45 Basketball Team 1,2,3,4. JALOVEC, THOMAS Honor Roll 35 Class Board 45 Drama Award 45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 junior Play Cast and Crew 35 Football Team 25 Swimming Team 1,25 Baseball Team 3,4. JANES, AUDREY Honor Roll 15 Argolite Salesman 15 Library Aide 1,25 Office Aide 15 Camera Club x15 Future Homemakers of America 15 G.A.A. 15 Square Dancing 25 Rooters Club 1. JOHNSON, IRENE Future Homemakers of America Secretary 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Rooters Club 1. KACZMAREK, DOLORES Library Aide 1,2,35 Office Aide 25 Camera Club 15 Glee Club 15 Rooters Club 15 Library Club 35 Drama Club 3. KAROUNOS, PATRICIA Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Camera Club 1,25 Future Homemakers of America 15 G.A.A. 1,35 Square Dancing 1. KAYSER, DANIEL KELLEY, DONNA National Honor Society 45 Football Lady-in-Waiting Candi- date 35 Honor Roll 2,S,45 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,4, Secretary 45 Maroon 3,45 Operetta 25 Chorus 1,2,3,4,President 45 Office Aide 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, President 45 Glee Club l,2,3,4. KELLY, PATRICIA Transferred from Chicago Vocational High School 2, KENITZ, EARL Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Drama Award 45 junior Play Cast 35 Hall Aide 45 Future Craftsmen of America 254. KNAPCZYK, GERALDINE National Honor Society 45 Honor Roll 1,253,115 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Maroon 3,45 Senior Play Crew 45 junior Play Crew 35 Operetta 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Talent Show 3,45 G.A.A. 1,253,415 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Magic Square Club l,2. KOPLAU, JOANNE Band 1,253,115 Talent Show 1,45 Library Aide 25 Future Homemakers of America 1,25 Modern Music Masters 2,3,4. KRUIZENGA, JACOB Maroon Printer 45 Future Craftsmen of America 2. KRUIZENGA, JOHN Future Craftsmen of America 2. KUZAS, ARLENE District Music Winner 15 Operetta 25 Chorus 2,35 Majorette 1,2,3,45 Talent Show 4. LA DUCT, ROSE Honor Roll 15 Senior Play Crew 45 Future Homemakers of America 1. LANTHORN, MARLENE H0n0r R011 1,2,45 Dictaphone Award 45 Maroon 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,35 Future Homemakers of America 1. Transferred from Davison High School 1, LAVERTY, JOAN Senior Play Crew 4. Transferred from Hirsch High School 3 LEWANDOWSKI, ROBERT Honor Roll 45 Football Team 1,25 Magic Square Club 2,3. LYZNICKI, RICHARD Honor Roll 25 junior Play Cast 35 Camera Club 15 Future Craftsmen of America 1,25 Great Books 4. MALLIS, SOPHIA Basketball Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 35 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Senior Play Crew 45 junior Play Crew 35 Cheerleader 3,45 Captain 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Secretary 35 Talent Show 45 Future Homemakers of America 15 Latin Club 25 Rooters Club 1. MALOY, KATHRYN Honor Roll 2,35 Commercial Honor Society 35 Drama Award 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Argolite 3,4, Business Manager 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, President 45 Camera Club 15 Future Home- makers of America 15 G.A.A. 253,45 Latin Club 15 Rooters Club 15 Herald American Teen-Age jury 25 Maroon 2,3,45 Senior Play Crew 45 junior Play Crew 35 Argolite Salesman 2,4. MAXA, LEONA Drama Award 45 Maroon 253,45 Senior Play Crew 45 Library Aide 25 Office Aide 25 Future Homemakers of America 25354, Treasurer 4. Transferred from Nazareth High School 2. MC KENNA, JOAN Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Dictaphone Award 45 Argo- lite Salesman 35 Library Aide 35 Future Homemakers of America 152. MIGONIS, LENORE National Honor Society 45 D.A.R. Award Candidate 45 Basket- ball Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 15 Football Queen Candidate 45 Student Advisory Board 35 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Class Boards 1,3543 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Vice-President 45 Maroon 153,45 Co-editor 35 Argolite Salesman 35 Career Room Aide 35 Library Aide 35 Office Aide 25 Rooters Club 15 Library Club President 3. MILLER, JOHN Honor Roll 25 Future Craftsmen of America 15 Magic Square Club l,2. MINAREK, WILMA Basketball Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 25 Commercial Honor Society 45 Junior Play Crew 35 Argolite Salesman 35 Career Room Aide 35 Office Aide 25 Future Homemakers of America 15 G.A.A. 15 Rooters Club l. MORAN, BARBARA Dictaphone Award 43 Future Homemaker-s of America 13 Sciuare Dancing 3. REAL, MARGARET Quill and Scroll 3,43 Maroon 2,3,43 Senior Play Cast 43 Junior Play Crew 33 Argolite Salesman 43 Office Aide 23 Future Homemakers of America 1,2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 23 His- torian 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Latin Club l,2,33 Square Dancing 1, 23 Rooters Club 1. NIL ES, KENNETH NOVOSAD, WALTER Keen Teen Awards CMost Popular Upperclassman and Most Popular Underclassmanj 1',2,43 Class President 1,2,33 Foot- ball Player of Week-Herald American 43 Student Advisory Board l,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 43 Honor Roll 23 Class Boards 1,2,3,43 "A" Club 1,2,3,4,'President 43 Football Team 1,2,3,43 Basketball Team 1,2,3,43 Baseball Team 13 All Conference Football 4. OBERBECK, YVONNE Senior Play Crew 43 Career Room Aide 1,33 Future Home- makers of America 13 G.A.A. l,2. OGLE, JIM Class Treasurer 1,43 Student Advisory Board 43 Class Boards 1,43 "A" Club 3,43 Senior Play Cast 43 Football Team 1,2,3,43 Basketball Team 1,2,3,43 Baseball Team 33 Fire Patrol 43 Hall Aide 43 Latin Club 1,23 Magic Square Club 2. 0'HAVER, WILLIAM Maroon 33 Great Books Club 4. Transferred from Downers Grove High School 2. O'ROURKE, CHARLES Honor Roll 23 Hall Aide 43' Camera Club 13 Spanish Club 4. PANKOW, DONALD Senior Play Crew 4. PARROTT, FRANK "A" Club 43 Football Team 43 All Conference Football 4, iyhg., I, '!v..,,pl Sqn? '2- ...Q ll' A-.px 'Y i. 1 . v- PASSAFIUME, LAWRENCE Class Reporter 25 Student Advisory Board 2,35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Class Boards 1,2,3,45 "A" Club 3,45 Argolite 35 Maroon 15 Football Team 45 Basketball Team 1,2,3,45 Fire Patrol 35 Future Craftsmen of America 1. PLESHA, PAULINE National Honor Society 45 Basketball Lady-in-Waiting Candi- date 15 Basketball Queen Candidate 45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Drama Award 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Argolite 354, Business Manager 35 Maroon 1,25 Senior Play Crew 45 Junior Play Cast and Crew 35 Argolite Salesman 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Talent Show 45 Office Aide 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,25 Rooters Club 15 Great Books Club 45 V.F.W. Contest Winner 2. RICE, DONALD Honor Roll 25 "A" Club 45 Football Team 2,3,4. RICHINE, MARIE Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Dictaphone Award 45 Office Aide 25 Camera Club 45 Future Homemakers of America 15 Square Dancing 35 Spanish Club 2. ROBERTS, ESTELLE National Honor Society 49 Class Historian 25 Honor Roll 1,2, 3,45 Quill and Scroll President 45 Maroon 1,2,3,4, Editor 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Librarian 3,45 Camera Club 1,25 President 25 G.A.A. 25 Latin Club 1,2,3, President 35 Magic Square Club 1,25 Square Dancing 1,25 Modern Music Masters 2,35 Rooters Club 1. ROBERTSON, JAMES Honor Roll 45 "A" Club 3,45 Swimming Team 1,2,3,4, Cap- tain 45 All Conference Swimming 3,45 Future Craftsmen of America 2,35 Treasurer 2. RUSSELL, DONALD "A" Club 3,45 Football Team 152,35 Baseball Team 2,3,45 Track Team 15 Future Craftsmen of America 1,25 Magic Scpare Club 1. SANTO, JOHN "A" Club 3,45 junior Play Crew 35 Baseball Team 3,4. Transferred from Kelly High School 2. SCHEDIN, LESTER Class President 45 Student Advisory Board 3,45 Class Boards 3,45 Commercial Honor Society 35 Drama Award 45 junior Play Cast 35 Fire Patrol 45 Audio-Visual 25 Camera Club 15 Latin Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 25 Magic Square Club 1,2. SCHMIDTKE, BERNARD "A" Club 45 Football Team 3,45 Track Team 1,25 Future Craftsmen of America 152. SCHRANZ, JAMES Class Treasurer 35 Student Advisory Board 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Class Boards 1,2,35 Drama Award 45 Senior Play Crew 25 junior Play Crew 2,35 Argolite Salesman 35 Football Team 25 Fire Patrol 35 Drama Club Secretary 3. SCHWARZ, WALTER "A" Club 3,45 junior Play Crew 35 Football Team 1,3,45 Basketball Team l,2,3,4Q Baseball Team 35 Hall Aide 45 Camera Club 15 Future Craftsmen of America 2. SEVIER, FREDERICK Senior Play Crew 45 Band 2,35 Hall Aide 35 Audio-Visual 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 2,35 Square Dancing 1,2,3. SHAEFFER, JAYNE SHIELDS, TOM Argolite 45 Maroon 2,3,45 Senior Play Crew 45 junior Play Crew 35 Latin Club 4. Transferred from Morton High School 2. SIENKO, ESTELLE Argolite Salesman 45 Career Room Aide l,2,35 Library Aide l,2,33 Library Club 4. SKOD, JANET Library Aide 3,45 Future Homemakers of America 15 Latin Club 1,25 Library Club 3,4, Vice-President 4. SOBOLEWSKI, RAYMOND Operetta 25 Football Team 1,25 Chorus 2,3,45 Audio-Visual l,2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Spanish Club 1,2. SPIVEY, MARY JANE Senior Play Crew5 Future Teachers of America 4. Trans- ferred from Haynesville High School 4, STALOWY, EDWARD Future Craftsmen of America 1,2,3. Q0 ff:- QI v'4 wud Is I ,-'P 5 XA v . . 4f"-7 'VX -QQ fx rv ' fu TTS T? ,Q ,cf i , '- 1 1 - ET' 55 A 1 o.av"31i5 ' , 1 ?' , 1 'il if so 1 . X 5 1 K . , ' if gy or ! .Ni s 5? 'N x 5 . fa: ,st lax- .xg 'QQ Q' I if ,QI 18 pcm 'HWS '. Aw,a, STALZER, BETTY Basketball Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Drama Award 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Maroon l,2,3,45 Senior Play Cast 45 junior Play Crew 35 Future Homemakers of America 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45Square Dancing 1,25 Rooters Club 15 Drama Club 3,45 Treasurer 3, President 4. STANTON, PATRICIA Career Room Aide 35 Library Aide 25 Office Aide 35 G.A.A. 15 Square Dancing l, Hooters Club l. STUTZMAN, DIANE Office Aide 1,45 Rooters Club 1. SUTTON, CHARLES "A" Club 3,4, Vice President 45 Football Team l,2,3,45 Future Craftsmen of America l,2. SUYKO, IRENE National Honor Society 45 Basketball Lady-in-Waiting Candi- date 25 Basketball Queen Candidate 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Drama Award 45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 Argolite Salesman 45 Career Room Aide 35 Office Aide 25 Square Dancing 25 Rooters Club l5 Spanish Club 25 Drama Club 3. SVOLBA, FRANK Drama Award 45 junior Play Cast 35 Football Team 15 Fire Patrol 35 Audio-Visual 15 Spanish Club 25 Drama Club 3. THERES, SHIRLEY Honor Roll 35 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Maroon 35 Senior Play Crew 45 Library Aide 35 Office Aide 2. THILL, HENRY Future Craftsmen of America 1, TICHACEK, GEORGE "A" Club 3,45 Senior Play Crew 45 Football Team 3,45 Swimming Team l,2,3. TWITTY, SALLY Football Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 15 Football Queen 45 Keen Teen Awards 4 CMost Popular Upperclassman and Best Appearingjg Student Advisory Board 45 Honor Roll 13, 45 Class Board 45 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Dictaphone Award 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Maroon l,2,3,45 junior Play Crew 35 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 45 Argolite Sales- man 2,3,45 Library Aide 1,2535 Office Aide 1,45 Future Home- makers of America 15 Science Club Librarian 2. ULRICH, VIVIAN Basketball Lady-in-Waiting 25 Student Advisory Board 2,3, Secretary 35 Honor Roll 3,45 Class Board 25 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Argolite 35 Maroon 3,45 Operetta 25 Chorus 2,3,4, Secretary 35 Talent Show 2,45 Office Aide 25 Modern Music Masters 25 Rooters Club 15 Spanish Club 253, President 3. URBAN, RONALD Honor Roll 2,3,45 Drama Award 45 Argolite 3,45 Maroon 35 junior Play Cast 35 Baseball Team 2,3,45 Talent Show 45 Fire Patrol 3,45 Audio-Visual 45 Magic Square Club 1. VAN , DIXIE Honor Roll 45 Library Aide 35 Office Aide 1,2,3,45 Future Homemakers of America l,4. VAN SICKLE, SHARON Football Lady-in-Waiting Candidate 35 Honor Roll 1,3,45 Drama Award 45 Senior Play Cast 45 junior Play Cast 35 Future Homemakers of America 15 Rooters Club 1. Trans- ferred from Denver 3. WALEN, ARLENE Honor Roll 1,2,45 Commercial Honor Society 35 Maroon 3,45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 junior Play Crew 35 Argolite Salesman 45 Office Aide 45 Future Homemakers of America 1,2,4, President 45 Latin Club 2,35 Vice-President 3. WALEN, ROBERT Drama Award 45 Senior Play Cast5 Football Team 1,25 Future Craftsmen of America 1. WALLS, CARL Drama Award 45 Argolite 45 Maroon 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 junior Play Cast and Crew 35 Operetta 25 Chorus l,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,3,4, President 45 Modern Music Masters 4. WALLS, GLEN Class Treasurer 25 Class Vice-President 45 Student Advisory Board 1,2,45 Honor Roll 15 Class Boards 1,2,45 Drama Award 45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 junior Play Cast and Crew 35 Operetta 2,39 Baseball Team 253,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Talent Show 3,45 Latin Club 1,2,35 Magic Square Club 1,2. WARD, JOHN Honor Roll 1,35 Baseball Team 2. WERNER, NANCY Honor Roll 3,45 Commercial Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Argolite 35 Maroon 2,3,43 Senior Play Cast 49 Operetta 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Office Aide 1,45 Camera Club 15 Future Homemakers of America 15 Life Saving 4. 166 --0 '-uni -dn 5 FN? ,ta-nga, AC' ,WX ' -...5 vu! fi 473 we--'r C7 ff Af -0 f"7 Daughters of the American Revolu- tion Award Winner and Candidates Lenore Migonisg Helen Breider, winnerg Vivian Ulrich. is '-- WIEDMYER, GEORGE District Music Winner 15 Swing Band 45 Junior Play Cast 33 Football Team 25 Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra l,2,3,43 Talent show l,2,3,4. WILSON, LAWRENCEM I Honor Roll 25,43 Commercial Honor Society 45 ll-mlof Play' Cast 3. WRENN, KATHLEEN Drama Award 45 Maroon 1,2,35 Senior Play Assistant Director 43 Junior Play Crew BQ Operetta 29 Chorus l,2g Library Aide 3g Office Aide 35 Camera Club lg Glee Club 1,29 Modern Music Masters lg Rooters Club lg Great Books Club 4. ZIMA, CLARENCE Honor Roll 25 Future Craftsmen of America 1. yi K5 4... Q! l -L Q-. m 141: -wx 7,-P, O qv. r-'. wx., -v. Standing: Bill jenningsg Mr. Hauswald, Sponsorg Chester Strzelczykg Ray Bozec. Seated: Sally jones, Treasurerg Sam Santoru, Vice-Presidentg Don Cole, Presi- dentg Larry Garrong Charles Davelis. 6555 0ClI' lf' J Not pictured: Pat Doolin, Secretary. fl 0l'l'l0l"g When we came to school in September, we sadly received the news that Don Pape, A member of the junior Class, would not be with us. This was a shock to us because we were used to seeing Don in class .ind at meetings of the Future Craftsmen of America. Both .in honor roll student and a sporrsman, Don typifies the student ACHS produce-s.We cherish the memory of knowing Don for two years. l Y I-9757555 3 ,af 3 -n ' 17 1 l Q 'A 7 'Z 'i G1 A f- fi F' I i 'x " r if ' 1' 3 ,LS r I b Q ,I in h A W I 4 x 1 V' Q i f I ' .. Xe 2 ' . . 6 K. n: vu Xiu E . 7 ,xv my ' M TN i ' . N ' Rf? ' it il i . 3, ' . 4 . 1 - G Q i - f n . f' N' r E':Q P' gl. r'.',,.gf, 'J 1 - ' XI4 five 'Lf V A .: 5: 'JV V, 1 V4 'if ,. up , M N ' it t -5 , 'Q A sl fig ' ' f -t 1. ,. 1 --r I . ,, " R R f -q 1 T ii ,W 'Q U A , I ,.. Q " e . ' ix 'fif C 1 i at X V fp Q 1' , Q s 'sf " ,- 1 X ily, , fitvwf - 1' f 1 M N - dw A-W 2' Q V ' x N N W , I r x r ' f 1 f ,. G. X, y V K5 x 6 'A 4. 7? , ,,, 2 f 1 Q -Q ei . ' i . . 'I 'W Ji, xt- . 3,4 i f N1 ffl' i Vg K T f r 1 q an "Ji R ' 11' -T n ,,- kms' i an v R21 'ef' , g a I I H is I it ,' 'j"3f'?' If N Ah! V' l iw hx My or W , - .5 +P ff. - - 9 - '42 .. 1 f. aim . QQ A A ' 1 . r. v K K A I 1, . I f 5 If - .L J 'f . ' , a"' vga' 'P ' Mi' . in Q t U, A . . I - ,v H 'F for i 'Zi ':.'. ,H-X ' '04 1-in G' ' zo EMT? l Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Ronald Atherton, Madonna Atwood, Fred Atwood, Michael Atwood, Ronald Bak, Eugene Billig, Donald Bozek, Raymond Bozen, Gary Brocken, Clifford Buchanan, Marie Buchanan, Vivian Buczkowski, LeRoy Bunde, jerry Buralli, Bernadine Busse, Ivan Chalik, Dorothy Chalik, Irene Christensen, Gloria Clark, Alice Clark, Elizabeth Coay, Noriene Cole, Donnie Colin, Muriel Collier, Ronald Cone, Terry Constable, William Cooley, Casimir Curkovich, Shirley Czekala, Rosemarie Daily, Geraldine Davelis, Chuck Debelak, Paula De Riso, Pat Doolin, Patricia Edwards, Frank Eichmann, Laura lispinoza, jo Ann Faulk, Janice Fero, George Fierke, Kathleen Fryziuk, Fredrick Fulkerson, Roberta Garron, Lawrence Ghess, Robert Gibson, Ronald Gist, Patricia Glover, Dorothy Glusko, jane Goodloe, Mattie Goodwin, Doris Gowgiel, William Green, Norweda Grigoliunas, john Gruszka, Raymond Hagaman, Shirley Hambley, Loreen Sue Hanson, Harvey lleeney, Patricia Herman, Richard Herzog, Bernice Hosman, Carol Un. l0l'5 Jackobs, Jacqueline Jackson, Marguarite James, Jennie Jennings, Bill Jessie, Marlene Johnson, Amos Jones, Sally Jovanovich, Dolores Kaczmarek, Elaine Kelly, Carol Kemp, Mildred Kirkolis, Bill Klasek, Robert Klein Shelby Klim, Dianne Klimek, Barbara Kotval, Jerry Kozar, Ruth Krouse, Janice Krozel, Loretta Kurtz, Joanne Kusenda, Gail Laverty, John LeGrand, Leonard LeGrand, Pauline Lichon, Charlotte Lorinski, Gloria Lucas, Dorothy Lund, Richard Lynch, Ethel Mackowiak, Dale Madden, Patrick Maizel, Marie Mardis, Mary Markusic, Barbara Martens, George Martin, Herbert Matkovich, Pete Matthew, Cheryl Maxa, Judith McElree, George Migas, Bernard Milich, John Miller, Dick Mostek, Jean Mueller, John Murray, Jack Musial, Ruth Myszkowski, Leonard Nash, Robert Novak, Patricia Novotny, Dale Oakes, Charles O'Mearns, Jerry Palmer, Gregory Paracsi, Patricia Parson, Carol Patrick, Betty Paulson, Bette Perczynski, Gene Pietraszek, Andy Porter, Danielle Pucci, Ralph Q- l s . . 'R ,, K ' 'A ki ' , ,::r? i i 23 ui , .. ... . l 1 9 .-x,. f tg . -' Q 15' A Q, .. '. t . ' ' -1f.u- ' ' ' icf '1r1L':a' gf Hi T653 'za Q V. , . - 4 . -0- f' tw in V? - . 1 , ar N 75 33 EJ .M rn.. 1 - " ,Tk W. . , v- '- Q, .L . ft QI 'IH 'f t "Q ' 'L in-. , -jg , 5 U f .. 2, , , 43, , we x . ' I ' V 'Q 1 J ', I T .e lvlftfx J 7 ,-so ..' o . A 'ir '25 fm, at . ,F W-Q? J . A! fr Y, I - ., 4 w r J , Xl! 'OS I . -3 -v- t M' ' "7V -. 1, , , -1 it 1, A N 7 J fe .-1' v, X, 1 fx Q- R W H J , .1 ef all .. R rf. .ff si ii, , , 'Q -x " 'ft ,ya . N , , C2 - N , . , , f 'e QI, .' 5-9 ' J 'C f .- ,grab 4 , , f ,r,, t, e '- Wx W we , - ,, J.. , t M, , , f ,X V A.yz,ym:,- -. 'alt YQ t I. A.. , -X-.., 'xf1:.'cf fr i! ,' : I . . , - lg. , ., j., ,,,, V . ,l . H 5 . .4 Eg, 1' . , rl, fm: -v C .7 .P ' R , Nh . sa A K at T17 "" - V2.7 o A af V, .fiwwgz Fl , . ,, .ve 'vs , . J i ? XM, I. 5 rj , Y ,jx ' 'ff lrX'.4f will xl P- ur - L. . ff , l , t -N in e-1 ' ' , q -7 H '1 ,x " N .-.A 1. , tg ' 'J is 1.3 ' I .PI 1 :yn .wr H, ' ' P-",K 4.1 M. - A ' A -N ' . - .t , ,, - .. 4 -t X V-up 4' A " N f X , w ' , 5 " ' .. , V x -- f V -- 'G ... , '-L ... ,-, k ..- !'--.- .. , .........-- Ju if L - "N rv .t i' X : it . S f ia 'X 1' H A aw C t kk 1 .P .X .MJ , ' ,V ' .3 - ,a Em 'W 3 " 1 ' ' :fi " MMM,--,5mj45, at-wr: ' ,M X 4- ' Li gf? 5 'T 2: A 4 .: 5 W' To "' 'N 'Q . , 'Q , ' - .E : e J. ....., ' ' ,,. 'N-9 L ,V F H vu h 1 ir 4 L AN -.f iff," V it .L ' -I .tif K A As' " 14 ' ' .zs Q 4 xv ni. M rpg J.. Q J' 6 .i , I J -J S g... if jf- li- A - ,, m X, 1, ,, , X K N x 5- X , . :gui f' f:r', e, NL ' N " ' K 1121 355 - 'i rg tr ' ' 'X "'L ' X i A a - V: " 'L ' C f- fs- ' . fr? A iii' A ig . - I f' Q - T. -S 0 P . B, " it ,Q T 1 f ' t " 'li I cy 1 s I S , , I t 212 NK S Q l 'f x Q ' 5 ' , A 'r X- , J A :FN-. N., 'I N ...X Xi I ., '., a'5. fl f fi - .QQ - My K ki Q. . , .""5i' A? 'l K A 'Z P - W - VY, , 3 7 f I be -Q. -' .e V ' f- ' 4 .K r'-3 '- W -4- - f ,. -ff S . . Y, , - ., 361 we , 'ery ,Lil 1 .,-,, if 'K ll R l -t . si? l X . ,ff 'lfx "" 'll 1 1 f 4" ,Q V V Q ' agar in ' , 'cr X A , h - ,Jn J N A, E r V' Q A 3 2. , 4? E 1.1 A n rw .3 - X, ' 7 5 ' 9 3 W t ii V' S A 53' , ,ff 2 , H ,, ,, ' . H Y ' , 7 4 . sz Q K ,t X. X I V X ' l X 3 A K an I. " f, - , ,if . viii A Wai picfurecl Harper, Alphonso Lindeman, Bill Reed, Bobby Regep, Robert Rejlek, Patronella Riggio, Roberta Robison, Arthur Rudow, Terry Sabik, Frank Sanders, Howard Santora, Sam Scalf, Bonnie Schlagel, Robert Schmidt, Ruth Schopf, William Schuetz, Eileen Schuetz, Ernest Seward, Shirley Sienko, Patricia Skala, Geraldine Skuble, Sharron Slawson, Shirley Smit, Jay Smit, john Smith, Juanita Specht, Richard Stanton, Harry Stennett, Juanita Strnad, Kenneth Stromsky, Charlene Strzelczyk, Che ster Suski, Walter Sutton, Ruth Suyko, George Suyko, Walter Their, Charles Threm, john Vavis, Helen Vlahos, Steve Watts, Gerald Wessel, Myrna Whittier, Elizabeth Wilk, Dennis Wiseman, john Wolz, Robert Zajda, Karl Zawislak, Barbara Zeitz, Charles Zermeno, Mike Zimmerman, Kay Zuelke, Dorothy lllll0I'5 if ir ' 'Q' . T7 wh' 'III pri ,L 4-if ""' ,if C? 'N tr 9 9, . 14 ' u,l "9 "' if Standing: Dawn Pflegerg Pauline Gorski, 9. ra. lip Lorraine Udayltee, lim Vin Ort,Secretaryg Michael Shereckg Vt-rnelle Aldridge, S, fl. IL, Pat Morris, S. X H Ph llis lireider 9 K B ' Dorothy ionopol' Ruth ihepxrd, S. .L ll. y , , . , 1 . ., t , . . Seated: Mary Klimuik, Treasurer, Miss Phillips, Sophomore Class Sponsor Olg Michael Van Ort, President, Lyle Cooke, Vice-President. CAM our The Sophomore Class of l9ifl-1955 is a class with initiative. They worl-ted hard to prepare a float for the Homecoming Parade and because they worked so hard and cooperated so well, they walked off with first prize. also, the Christmas Party was a great success. It was said to be one of the finest Christ- mas parties given. Sopdhomores planned the party, provided the entertainment, and had a wonderful time. lt seems that this year's Sophomore Class is just full of energy. Not only did they work so hard on their float and their Cfhristmas Party, but they have been working on a scrapbook which contains pictures and stories and other memorandums of this year's class. Another party to be held in the spring is also being planned. The Sophomores have cooperated beautifully and have used their good iudgment in ehoosing candidates for the various eoronations. In their lfreshman yc-ar they chose Dorothy Sonopol, Pat Norrie, and Pat Morris to be candidates for the football coronation. Dorothy Sonopol was chosen Lady-in-Vllxiting. lfor the basketball coronation they chose Carol tiagala, Pat Wiseman, and Phyllis llreider. Phyllis I'-reider won the honors of Lady-in-Waiting at this coronation. ln the Sophomore year Lorraine Udayltee, Judy Miller, and Pauline Gorski were the candidates for the foote ball coronation. llere Pauline was chosen l.ady-in- Waiting. For the basketball coronation Dawn Pfleger, judy Wilson, and Mary jane Carlton have been chosen as candidates. just keep up the good work. ,S it in .V I it ' , ' ii P as dt ' Qt., A.. H 4. A , 'J , 1 I i Q-if iff K or 2 sr , .. , ,J " , I Q A il' L: Jr A.. s ' " l WZ' l l K ' ii 'mm4V i .. ,. .n if 2 D A QV- A Qu., L -A ' 5 - Q f Q7 ' -Y 0 ' 'ix-Q ..'.. ' . . x Q i We C ff' Q w ' l is ' ,In K 880 "Mx: re- af-3 -f.: ,il ,:,,, l Hg f C , K-rf B , '-' ...i 2 .2 .. -:P ,Q va 4 in 'I .. I in 'L A 1427 X X il, we Aj. Q A In Ft . Q ll: ii A ' 'NV , , xi". 1 Q N--"' i 1 9 TAS ':fj'H- J H A t 4...,J 5 4' , l .C L43-,sfin , C an wb . 'I -.4 1 I I L - -. Adams, Myrtilla Aldridge, Vernelle Armgard, Karen Auz, Kenneth Baltunis, Donald Bart, james Beckwith, Sandra Bibly, Margaret Bills, Robert Bishop, Fred Bjorklund, Gerry Bleskin, Ken Bonick, Theodora Borders, Douglas Bradley, Byron Brady, Marjorie Bredlau, Albert Breider, Phyllis Brown, Rosie Bumbulis, Irmtraut Burns, Jacqueline Cagala, Carol Caldwell, Robert Carpenter, Phyllis Carr, Virginia Cholico, Margie Colbert, Charles Colbert, Charmaine Cole, Wilma Calvin, Robert Combis, Kathleen Compton, Robert Conetzkey, Diane Cooke, Lyle Cooley, Ronald Crider, Phyllis Crokenower, James Crow Richard Crue, john Czekala, Robert Davis, james Delk, Colette Denning, Richard Dolce, Patricia Dombrowski, Patricia Douglas, Donald Dressel, Barbara Duda, Daniel Dunbar, Polly Dyer, Veryl Eckberg, Joyce Edwards, William Ekstrom, Catherine Esposito, Mary jo Everman, Barbara Fandrey, Donald Fierke, Frederick Flemons, june Frantz, Nancy Frezados, Peter Frystak, Gerald Fryziuk, Dorothea Fuller, Barbara Oreo A0 OP Gambill, Mary Ann Garron, Chester Gendeman, Joyce Giebudowski, Joseph Giebudowski, Richard Gieseler, Sharon Gorski, Pauline Greene, Henry Greene, Joyce Greenwood, Barbara Hagan, Harold Harris, Geraldine Hartmann, Lorraine Haynes, Alice Heina, Joyce Hermosillo, Daniel Hermosillo, Joseph Hobson, Mary Homa, Rita Jacaway, Patricia Jandak, Geraldine Jandow, Barbara Jares, Antoinette Jeftazek, Max Jensen, Marilyn Jessie, Patricia Jonak, Ralph Jovanovich, Steve Kabaker, Sheldon Kelly, Luke Kirkland, Kathleen Klein, Beverley Klimiuk, Mary Koloff, Frank Koloff, Mary Jane Kotval, Edward Kowalko, Joan Koziol, Thomas Kozubik, Leona Kravarik, Fred Kravish, Donna Kroll, Edward Kruk, Thomas Laczynski, Carol Lakowski, Janeen Lakowslci, Joanne LaPorte, Arlene Latvaitis, Sharon Lawrence, Glen LeGrand, Ronald Lewis, Larry Lind, Michael Linkis, Susan Lloyd, Richard Lyzniclti, Robert Matthew, Reginald Mazanec, Daniel McNary, James Miller, Judy Moore, William Morris, Patricia Nagode, Norbert Neal, James ,... fl J yV-,, I .. ,:1 - , Jr 'Q Wir . . rr , H ,, " l 5 1 . ff si ,XJ . f J :'- . 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Seated left to right: john Wood, Viceepresidentg Regnal jones, Presidentg Mr. P26 Ifl'lCll'l ' - ' I - I lxusenda, Sponsor, Glenda Gapa, Secretary. dfki OCIPJ ll 2l'l'l0I" During the time Hill wns at ACHS, he made many friends in addition to those he made at justice School. Quiet and well-groomed, Bill was .xdmired by everyone who knew him. He belonged to .activities both in and out of school. He was on the Freshmen football team and was an active lixplorer Scout. Although Bill was with us only a short time, he has made a lasting impression on us, his classmates, who miss him very much. ,af N.. vfifff' Hof Allen, Dorothy Allen, A, William Armstrong, ,jean Arps, Earnest Babich, Melanie Baker, Milton Bakken, Don Ballew, Thomas Banks, Judy Barnish, jack Barr, Gerald Bechtold, Delores Belice, Billy Benak, Sharon Bibly, Geraldine Bily, Genevieve Bloczynski, Eugene Bock, Sandra Bodel, Sonia Bolster, Michael Bonahoom, Yvonne Bonarek, Delores Booth, Billy Braatz, Phyllis Branaman, Harry Brindis, Geraldine Brown, J. D. Brown, Tomrriy Brunzell, Kenneth Buckmeier, Fern Budz, Theresa Burbridge, jean Caldwell,Annie Caldwell, Lathel Carpenter, Betty Cernick, Barbara Clark, Tommy Colbert, Celestra Constable, Diana Creviston, Myllicent Dahms, Richard Davis, Carol DeBlecourt, Martin Delay, Carol Dorobiala, Mariann Duell, Lucy Dunn, Richard Easter, Helen Fehrenbach, Betty Ferro, Rosalie Fisher, Charles Fisher, Patricia W, I MW' . , ' 1 + if .f N l X, 1 " i M 4 Aw E if 1-O K N. J -'nn if wir 45 Q. "CII" I 1 , Q . ,, Q' 1 -. : i ui,-iii A 1- , x . ,- ff 4"?ijx 4, W VH l,h.k 5 f ,jx F ' ,x .rg F' A -si' 1"'? B ,N 'C 3 Q it fi .ll ,LJ I 4 as ' vw ' .A . "' f 4 we 4-Q r Q Q -. rw' v fi Q, If A 'A sl"" xr. Q u 'F -vu - 75' ,, "w -- - f -'- .Q E in I fl: lx I.. I' 4 "--1 iikilthl'- - -Hia! , , . ha . 7,5 'Q Q7 'Z 1--v M,- it ,4 1, , 1 I , N A v- K i U . ' rv v- gl, gp N 3 ll X! "' 1' f 'Z 1' " , 1' " 3 .fv Q35 x ff! I xi K A fx l I4 fa Francis, Donna rv in V Frezados, Athene t 3 Gale, Clarence i Gapa, Glenda Garrity, Margaret , Garron, Verlean flee' Gary, Frederick 4 b Giebudowski, Dorothy Glover, Claud Glusko, Deana Goodwin, Charlestine 5 X5 A, ,,. yu 9 9.3 is A 1. .1 -Q. X X Ni' Q C.- f - J I f I I. ? 1 , I I 4 ,- f f sl - .-4 K 1 y V Lv u N' It Q W .iff I Y' i .Nl H A "V QQ. L , X ,, -r , N , f-1 if i f' A ,, ' v M fl M g rime, Q , i .. ., V- f 1, Y v l , WT, ' XQ . A, I ,hr f k JP' i xv Ru W' . I i N5 ar" y " ? 4' X ' .jllgli rwiir Q . n-3554 ' - . i f el? , f 7 ,.- I P' ,. V 1- " 7' f 'ti W 1 " rv gg, W ,iq W 8 2 W I , A g f- ,J q gb' . - , ' " -L' at L 1 -M on e " ,R 1 f - it PM K V J A j r , L ' .4 - 1, .. ' . . . K x Q 3 , ,, . i' 'N' ' V' C' 'S' -fa Q19 "' W' ' Q, . 9, g L 7 5 N f K R9 , K- A PM ,. f me ., NY ,M r is Ii.,-5,4 N 4f..' ' i-I i ' Tv 1 73, A if jf Qi., "-SE:-gg, ,x:,ff.a,I L ft if fi . ,Q E '7' QQ rg- fl: L P r V. ! fi bv -in K. l ' l . , - - 5 E' Q "' , f it A ..... 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N A ' A ,zl ..., J V M K , M ji 'U r- le -vs ' rg, it 'A f 5 Q -at .4 -of 'H ,Q it , , " ,. -1 I K i A I - K ,,, lx V ,X 2 4 'X 1 2 -4-if ky- ,A ,Q , ' 1 N' ' 7599 , , , , t A ,,,, . 1 m y A , T 'Zz' 'TJ ' 'Q ' . 4 ' .. V I 'iz' " f ' g xx - -- b In ' Z , ' a N I Q A W g.. , T. , , ft " vm J . rs, 'x 6 k VV - . - X ,Ain I, C -Q' K t f , C fa , It in X in nag ire-,,Qg1 35' i K ,,.,. 4 t t P , if 'J' ' ' f , fu' I X S 1 I , 0 1 A 1" - at - 111- xr N A y . 1 1 P- ?' is at t 1 ' " rta P it , .rs J , ii V ex-A . H ., Y , .g N l X if . 0 ,.- , - V l pm gif, 3 1 Q - ,- 5 AM .grin-K fi F A3 fy ,, N I '2 T 3 ii'V,4V 'V 'Af lift ,QQ A 4. ,' i 'Q O, "' X X f' 'S 'f 'i C' X it of . 'f 5 if . n i Z " . 2- Q .nw 4-Tf :A A yi-y 4, .Y -P ts il A 't - 1 -J 7 f r " no fi f W .Vt n X . I 1" " t ' C f ,i tl fl y m y 'W gr, fi.: Q L 4 ,G A N 4 f T 7 ,, C -. 5 . . f . K V ii ii. A I ' 'k L .ish K. ds.-A Q! Q l,, , x 4 , , . . I kg I ii , ' 4 .1 5 1 i mr .W 4 A V , A , ' ,sf 'N ' fe- m ' rx 5. be .Q .y 'Z C 1 .I , 1 u n 14 ' . . 1 N., , U 4 5 X ,, g .xv 3 Wai picfure Bonkowski, Donna Burke, Erlene Ethington, Darrell Gillispie, Harrell Howard, Myrna Kelly, Charles Kirksy, Betty Klaub, David Lanthorn, Lorraine Martin, Margaret Matkovich, Mike Moore, Elizabeth Munson, Larry Sawka, Arlene Silvio, Donald Williams, Bernard Wilson, Tony Wood, john Woods, Heloise Yee, Leland Yelnickp Norman Yocis, Leslie Zawislak, Walter Zermeno, Rose Ziebell, Harold Ziegler, Lawrence f ,ct gil ,,.1-""5 C x gi 5.5. 'bf f""1 Y 5 !""""-N 1 f""""N 'IQ' I ' ' 00 1 Q gimw 6 X X D JW ,J Z Wfffffm. 1 W' . "-" ,., ,.,' , , W, jg . 'iii' ff is I f 'sissfaez V245 I M3522 '55 Ss! I ' 'A-'nn' -2'-5 -2' ' . . . 32 R .Q 3.1336-'5:.25.'fZ2:e2-!f?6'f..4fa9?-'.n- ' 'Z' 4- ,iv"F'f'-. 1' .- . -- 151s-a::!ss:i5'z3.?.E.'?'f4Ef-!??-ff5f1?'z"f32'f1"."SfIdu'52-5f'7.f3""1' 1 3'-2: ..f'f"L'.'1f' '?55.i5'+.'-'Ji J 'ku . ., 1' . -, whilst. ,-f, , ARGO OPPONENT 20 Maine 14 20 North Chicago 7 12 Harvey lfi 20 Leyden 6 27 Reavis 7 20 Bloom 15 26 Thorton Fractional 12 0 Blue Island 14 C565 R. Isaacson, 4435 J. Brown, C485 C. A., Sutton, C835 CV- Novosad, C365 Galligani, 5. rr . C325 G. Tichacel-1, C845 F. Parrott, C635 1. Ogle, C235 D. Rice, C885 B. Bercich. QI K,-v gf A Q I C565 R. Isaacson, C435 1. Brown, C485 C. Sutton, C835 W. Novosadg C325 G. Tichacekg C845 F. Parrott, C365 Galligani, C635 J Ogle, C235 D. Rice, C885 B. Bercich. .Q Another fO0tball season passed with the Argonauts racking up a 6-2 record, winning in all except the two big ones. Nevermore will the kleats of Novosad, Ogle, Bercich, Parrott, Rice, Isaacson, Brown, and Sutton make their imprint in Argo's gridiron, the famous, cherished sod that held memories of victory and defeat. Bercich was named to All-Conference, and All State. Novosad, Parrott, and Garron made All-Conference. C9 .A ,n 15 55 aff. o'f Back Row: Mr. McBride, Coachg F. Parrott. G. Warts G. Bozeng I. Ogleg B. Bercichg C. Davelisg J. Brown G. Depskyg R. Ghessg W. Consrableg W. Suskig R Dresselg R. Isaacsong L. Garrong J. Wisemang R Klnsekg Mr. Galvin, Coach. Middle Row: F. Fryziukg R. Bojanowskig B. Schmidtkeg W. Novosadg R. Schlagelg H. Marring K. Scrnadg F Atwoodg L. LeGrandg C. Theirg C. Srrzelczykg D Riceg C. Suttong S. Santorag W. Schwarz, Manager. Front Row: H. Sandersg J. Zwijackg J. Galliganig M Zermenog G. Tichacekg Bundeg j. Kotvalg C Cooley. .. 4- l.. C565 R. Isaacsong C835 W. Novosadg C485 C. Suttong C435 J. Browng C325 G. Tichacekg C845 F. Parrottg C635 1. Ogleg C235 D. Riceg C365 J. Cvalliganig C885 B. Bercich. C435 C- Sutton. C565 R. Isaacsong C635 j. Ogleg C435 J- Br0wng C235 D. Rice. vii 3 fl! ii' 1-- J 1 Q0 1' '40 3 'vs C5 A., .. os! 1' "'Q!' Q 'V' 4 Q' 4a CO' an as sus ,' ,,'.,- . .,. .- Q4 . . ' K , , f , . , . . . Y ,. i. .. -mf -.M ' .- - .. '.L ng X ' .gn-A'isv,,. ' - ,vvnl .- A . 4 . .1-:J ,., . f. . A , V I ' ' "'- - ' ' PM T 'Q W M1 9'1- 'ta 7 Q . .-wg.. Huck Row: llermosillo, Managerg CQ. Garrong li, Pappixsg R. Billsg R. Port lllui .I Frystakg M Van Urtg R. Czeknlng M. Shereckg F. Gnryg R. Ciolving R. Cnld- f 3 A wellg Mr. Pyrz, clinch. nfl Middle Row: F. lfierkeg Smith. R. Cooley. Stevenson. V. .Udridgvl I'- OI 0 Frezndosg l.. Lewis. L. Conkeg T. V.xnOrt1 j. Ne-.ilg CQ. Bjorklund. Fmnt Row: Cf. Kotvnlg IS. Smidlekg R. Xllxleng Strzelczykg V. St.xtem.xng ll. C- Greene-5 R. Crow. R. jones. .XRGU UPi'UNIfN'l' oofgaf FZ North Clhiengo fx 6 Maine 11 19 Blue Island 6 12 Bloom f, 19 Leyden 124 7:0 Thwrron i' rx 0 ll.xrvey ji South Sulwurbnn Conference Cfo-Cihnnipions l - Loss -1 - Wins Tied With Harvey Fur Cup R. Cnldwellg V. Statemang Smithg L. Cfookeg R. jones. A Xfw W' ? QA' . , ..-,,--5 .' f-::'-f- -I 3' -F552 W my ik 5-7,1.-f'leiTf- 1' -ile-1:::- r ' -E-l:'?Eiif'.1il:':::" nd I .If 'Z' Q? A W' -L 731 Q M ee .all .""'. N . f ,, :K 'gh lv.. 1 - ,jgNx.,a,, : . A -me -4 Q, qi- new :Kim I I u H k.L'g1LLh,3f'ai x 1 A A 1 ' Z 'jf .5 ..3'1-:gli '.57'i:f'N ' ' 514' "U -f . ' l 'fill'-lBv5f'1QfQ1Z9?7-' nf .,. 1 ln Q9- T 1 -2 + 90 ' ., n-vw f T ...iv . , 'F . e'.1:,fe-1-l:"f' wr. - . ,- E . wiv. ff-gg ----. -gm .-1 rg , f, R . .. ... I A 5 V .f- I V ' -. - . - w.'f-Q4 3 'Ti G. n " N wg' T wi' W T P1,,j... an uv ,M Back Row: H. Ziebellg R. Tichacekg D. Mullg H. Branamang F. Wernerg Woodg B. Williaxmsg K. Marguardtg J. Kirkolisg R. Dunng Mr. Tortorici, Coach. Middle Row: T. LeGrand, Managerg T. Heeneyg B. LeGrandg L. Shakeg A. Mleng G. Barrg P. Villanuevag G. Wesoloskig D. Silvio, Manapg-r. Front Row: T. Sienkog W. Zawislakg B. Lukasickg J. Tauerg R. Husch. ctfed I'I'LCll'l joofgaf ,Vw JXRGO OPPONENT 6 Harvey 7 6 Leyden Zi 7 Bloom 13 6 Thorton Fractional O " 7 Kankakee 14 Qi 7 Blue Island 20 QW Xfw. Q , we w. e.. T.. , .Q , If in W ii . ff .SY 1 ve e . 1'1" - . ,7 5,33-.f.jk.f . ug.: yy V Qgw- in ,. ,HM . gyfw rk .. li K tk . r + H, Y ,tw tag? i, , ., .iii .1 ' n 5. 5 -T M- 'W' e , 4 5, Sf f-"""..x-, - 4 V wi ,,- 'x j f 'FY' ,, x. .L, ' i ' "F ' ., .ik CM,'... ' ' - . f . N ,, ' ,A ,, f,,x.... I. N, T 3.14 'Y :Q-Jgqh' v .3--gk VN, ' . w- ..- T . .. Q5Q.giQ.....?ss:mg.eef 'e ' 1 9 wig-lf.-ixx, ,nfifseke .. .g,-.1-fi' ,-ff2s..g1.fff.f' f 1 A . V , K -.',.A..N fr., gg fr. ,. Q. P' Q -55? I- -31-,2,Q.,.j-q': 5g -A - QQ" .Q '..-in f-K- gg, dv., NZM". ., -,aff , ' .' - ' , '- . '45, IA., .KJ-. ..iw J . ,:"-fs-f"-"' f ' f , ' ' T Q mf'-+.. - L., 'V J- .f., ww. K ,- gs if Mm. , gf. , A S wig... .uiviirpa if-..4w' Qigwiy gyiciii. A ' . ' 5 . , ' - V f A A A 2, A 2- -! , V 41 , 5 'ey ..'.v"L ll. l3r.xn.xm.xng B. w,ll1l.iI1lSQ P. Vxllanuevag D. -' ...H .1 x i gxw. , , . .x-- .f '5' - '.:.t...-N-,Q Rf Mullg F. Heeneyg I'. Slenko. . ...Nm M-f,,,..f .fx-1: -1 V. e gig.-7 W V. A N. K . Q i j .,.::,g,- ' ''5.fL.fEi.I:aZ.' 'iai- . ..,J M,R ,.i ,1 ,jfs . Amie, " . wi, . O . -x.. . , garfefgaf X 6 . X 1 11 f N 1X Q, N . 5 X x xx X N - Q5 .Q 1 r x n 4 1 X G s r X 'N Nj, R b Gh 6 X G s D P ky J I lx James Z 1 k B W'l1'- , 1 ,R , A J. I I! np I ' T- fg V r, elle Aldrldge . , 1 'H . 1' ,3 ll Y 'h N y . f J 7 W l ' f If ,s V w,,l X dt if " N-A , K' A j ' m john Stev X j I V W' ny N d 1 M k V O 1' 7 . LY1 Cooke ' V! K I ' N- , X VV NN X I x j SX fx X f X X X ' 1 xx lfx X x X X N 1 X x IX 1'- N I N 4 X N S Y Ol f' Q 1 ' ,x , N ,,, C' If ' N I N X f N X f X 1 XX - f 1 x X 1 X f . W 4,9 Argo is M50 52 l De Kalb 68 I ' X Ld Grange S4 I mug Island 42 X I Q X X r 'I X X X I X -M50 40 X X 1 I , X v X N Leyden 43 I A Q , ' X. I ' f ' I I X Q f f X f x X f I t l x I X . Q I 5 Argo 46 1 X I Y 5 ! f S Bloom sg . X I , 1 Argo sz ' V xx f N I 3:52 , ' I - ' N I s I I X I W x I X ix 1 X N I I w K X ,f 1 :rim , K' xx N Argo lr- X sg , X 1 X I K N ' x X 'I X f lilffiey 69 f X N 1' x I x K' I X 1 s .' N X f N, , I V fl, 3 X ' X X I XX X ' K X 1 X wliegiofal X Q f Q I X fgo ,5 La Grange 94 ' X , X J XX K X ' ,, ' ' -..Q 1 - I' sq, X Left to right: Novosadg B. Williamsg G. Martcnsg I.. Chxrronz R. Ghessg G. Depskyg M. Van Ortg V. :Xldridgeg I.. Cookcg 1. Stevensong j. Zwijackg Mr. McBride, Coach. 'Ihe Argonauts finished the season in fourth place with tx eonmmentlable 5 9 conference record. A much finer record could have been matic hut 4 ofthe first 6 players were lost because of ineligihility. Despite this setback, the team made K1 gallant attemptg and thrilling games were seen on the court in every offense. 'XRGO OPPON 1- NT Highland Park Riverside La Grange Blue Island De Kalb Lockport Kankakee Rich Twp. Leyden West Aurora Bloom Harvey Thornton Fractional Blue Island Lockport Kankakee Leyden Bloom Harvey Thornton Fractional Rich Twp. 38 41 44 48 36 36 45 42 52 53 71 74 62 51 45 63 71 58 57 34 55 Standing left to right R Cooley R. jovanovichg C. Garrong F Gary R Theurer J Wood R Caldwell R Pappas R. Crow, Managerg Mr. Galvin Coach lront row P Villanueva Bartg H. Andrewsg C. Colbert T Heeney G 9- 0 o Ullnilnlng o affflly ARGO 11 Morton 16 Elgin 21 DeKalb 21 Thornton 35 Lockport 21 Thornton Fractional 33 DeKalb 12 Riverside Brookfield 20 Elgin 24 Morton 31 Lockport 13 Thornton Fractional NlR.Haake, Coachg B. Edwardsg L. Lewisg M. Targowskig D. Willt Czekalag G. Bozeng M. Shereckg W. Gowgielg T. Van Ortg li. Hedlund Front Row'j iewers' R Wal n R H . . t , . ' e 3 . ermang j. O'Mc-:arnsg tl. Crue LeGrand. OPPONENT ARGO OPPONPQNT 63 11 Morton S3 58 7 Thornton GH 54 20 Lockport '16 54 30 16 Thornton Fractional S9 54 30 Delitxlb 115 42 9 Morton 66 23 13 Lockport il 5 51 7 Thornton Fractional 68 44 62 . " M- .U Ni meg' J . I - F" 1 was-snvfvf 4 ...H r.""'. ..fJ,...1 K , -QNA MH5. - I . 1. .L -+3212 - . ,A L.. 5. deff?" .' mu" .gf .J-M: ' N . Q f . , dm, . it ii t uni!!! if-v WNIPS-v ASQ '91 "" nw wg . ..eag.. . . . .. J , 1. Q., 2 ..,P.f'14"Q4- ,, '42 - . Q-my , k 5 L wwf- 3 -X SFI' .. -., sf' S+' ' '?j19'ggS-Q: QVXI' 'ff' ...xgg Un? N-:asm -.T x U :Z K . . . . . .,.'. Hy-at . ,. ., h V AV, , 'ff cj. wr:-?f 4'-if' 1w5'5I. 5 -5 ' fr 1' l'aC Back Row: F. Bishopg L. LeGrand R. Schlagelg S. Borng W. Constable L. Garrong B. Williamsg M. Atwood P. Frezadosg Mr. Ogg, Coach. r 1 5 Middle Row: D. Coleg W. Swisron' V. Ald'd - ' ' ' rx ge, R. Specht, L. Lewlsg C. Colbertg C. Garron. Front Row: R. Crowg R. Tichacekg S. Santorag F. Fierlce. D. Cole came in Sth in the 880 yard run. L. Garron was lst in the 100 yard dash, a record of 10:4 seconds. He was tied for first place in the High jump of 5'6" also a record. L. LeGrand was 4th in the Pole Vault. L. Garron, R. Crow, L. LeGrand, and R. Specht were 4th in the 800 yard relay. In the district meet L. Garron came in 4th in the 100 yard dash and Sth in the Broad jump. Pete Frezados. Larry Garron S. Santorag D. Cole. F. Bishopg W. Swiston. ardify Z?aaLel6af Back Row: Mr. Pyrz, Coachg C. Powellg j. Santog J. Ogleg J. Pappasg G. Depskyg B. Bercichg R. Dresselg G. Walls. From Row: H. Bergerg R. jenog D. Russellg C. Nehmzowg T. Kolackig T. jalovecg R. Mink. Not Pictured: R. Urbang W. Shwarzg Cihalski. james Pappas. R. Sirvotkag 5,35 ' I LL. E. Sienkog 1. Bob Bercich. so Mio. Pg Jgvy? 50 -at-71" Lp --s - ARGO OPPONENT 16 Thornton 1 8 Cal. City 5 15 Bloom 2 0 Leyden 3 3 Kankakee 13 3 Blue Island 0 1 Thornton 4 8 cal. City 3 ,wwf 2 Lockport 3 O Bloom 5 2 Leyden 1 S, ' V' 2 Kankakee 1 I his V ' 3 Lockport 5 .,,, - 4 A 1 1' 1 Blue Island 6 , H . ' ,M Tom Kolacki. Kifr 'jii .liy Vgfgytzgzggiir .g.V :e.:,,Egl z,., gg' lgifwgfr-Q, E J K. i,L1.,g.,,Q Glen Walls. - V 9, gs' My me ' ,,,, :Ma - .l Vyz H L . 'twin V 5 I - L' 'A fi. . "'- QS C weffff 1 Back Row: B, Edwards, Managerg S. 1 'V 'IL 1.5 jovanovichg K. Strnadg D. Millerg G. V Y I Jvlwf' S 1 Martensg W. Suskig C. Davelisg C. ' ff - C - 'I Theirg R. Peppeg C. Strzelczykg Mr. . Tortorici, Coach. ' A - W 'M ' rf' .-.I Middle Row: D. Andersong V. State- in -P mang C. Cooleyg B. Pappasg L. - .ffm ' Iam, I Cookeg B. Migasg C. Zietzg R. ' -E, Cooleyg R. Rerep. ' I Front Row: P. Derisog J. Thremg R. Ilermang R. Bozekg F. Fryziuk. ARGO OPPONENT 6 La Grange 2 2 La Grange 0 13 Harvey 3 9 Thornton Fractional 0 4 Blue Island 5 2 Leyden 3 14 Reavis 13 6 Reavis 7 8 Bloom 12 6 Bloom 7 9 Lockport 2 4 Leyden 12 O Blue Island 3 T.I'0.'5A ' CiAQ8I'L6lJQl':5 Cfaptain l'.it Morris, Co-Captain Dorothy Sonupol, Phyllis lireider, judy Miller, Sandy llugk, .ind Yvonne liOI'l.lll00IH. arfiif Czeerkaclerzi The cheerleaders of, under the supervision of Miss Shirley Diehl, have done a tremendous job in improving the good sportsmanship of the team and the fans dur- ing the sports seasons here at Argo. The two squads have worked many long hours in preparing new school cheers and preparing for :Xrgo's pep assemblies. The cheerleaders also have had many hard times going to the away games to cheer the team on to victory and still cheer in defeat. Miss Diehl has contributed immensely to many of these things, and without her help, the cheerleaders of A.C.H.S. would have not succeeded as they have this past year. Varsity Captain Sophia Mtxllis llelen Breider Pat Doolin Co-Captain Sally Twitty Janice Faulk Ethel Lynch sing.-1 s lf f--- s Brick row: Mr. Galving Cf. Dnvelisg Snntog B. Berciehg Ci. Deps y l is fiumeg Browng Ogle-g F. lfdwardsg li. Isfmesong M. Atwoodg Mr Mtliritt Second row: Cialliganig D. Rieeg W. Novosadg I.. Leiirrindg li Nt imltt e Rtissell, Robertson. First row: ll. Bergerg C. Suttong W. Schwtxrzg F. Atwoodg G. Tichnce O Me irns " U CM Most kids think athletes are horn, not made, .ind .ithlc-tie .ihility is inherited. Good .athletes .ire nor horn hut developed hy guys who h.ive the initiative .ind will power to .achieve perfeution in the sports they undertalce. By stick- ing to .i tmining schedule, keeping in good pliysitzil shape, .ind constantly pmctieingg the .ithlete hetters himself and his .ihility and goes out on thc field to win. Nlemhership in the "JK" Club is sought hy every hoy that goes our for sports. By winning .1 nmior letter in foothill, haskethnll, h.iseh.ill, swimming, .ind track .in athlete is .idmitted after .1 mild initiation. The "fi" Ciluh sponsors the ifootlmll Corona- tion Ihinee .ind in the spring holds its annual steak fry in whieh its new members .ire .idmitted .ind elevtion of officers is held forthe next year. "il" Cil.Ul5 Ulf!-'ICIliRS: I..irry Giirron, Treasurerg ffh.irlt-s Sutton, Vice-Presidentg Wally Novosud, Presidentg john Brown, Sergeant-.'Xt-Arms. i l L.. ta. .,.Ll..A Top row: M. Wesselg G. llarrisg D. Gloverg I. johnsong Gluskog A. johnson: S 7 Browng S. Skubleg K. Maloyg C. Stromskyg llusqhg Fl. llumllig l7. Lucasg M. Ae Goodlocg M. jenseng G. j.1nd.xkg li. Klimekg D. Kelley. Second row: C. Martha-:wg P. Debeltxkg C. llosmnng J. M.1x.xg Flemonsg J. Smithg A. Monteckig C. Colbertg G. Knnpczyk. Bottom row: Miss Bonn, Sponsorg M. Maizelg L. Kozubikg L. Krozelg R. Kozarg . l' Lynchg S. Linkisg J. Repvong P. Knrounas. 9 O Standing: Dorothy Lucns, 'l're.xsurerg Marie Mnizel, Social M.m.xger. Seated: janice llusch, Vice-Presidentg Donna Kelley, Presidentg Sharron Skulwle, Secretary. l.. l ' l l I 'F 9" .L . I 5 -......'J......- N ,., . 21 Back row: B. Willinmsg B. Pnjewskig D. Oremusg J. Millerg D. Sonopolg S. Beckwithg A. Shepardg Kow.1lkogP. llreidcrg M. Babichg C. Ruckowg M. Mallisg G. Gdpag D. Bechtold. Second row: M. Klimuikg M. lispositog M. llobsong ll. Slouberg M. Marting M. Wesselg L. Kozubikg K. Maslowskig G. Macc-:j.1kg R. Fulkerson. Front row: P. Debelukg M. jenseng J. Flemonsg G. llurrisg M. Maizel. .Af O I 5 ,N P ,- I. 'f I' . x 5 t. .. 4 K n bi 5 o C s f o 9 ,Q 4 I Z WW X JW? Q I s Standing: D. Smit, Freshman Representative, P. Gorski, Sophomore Representa- tive, G. Barr, Freshman Representative, L. Schedin, Senior Class President, R. Bozek, junior Representative, D. Cole, junior Representative, B. Jennings, 574. junior Representative, C. Davelis, junior Representative, M. Van Ort, Sophomore Class President, L. Garron, junior Representative, C. Agos, Senior Representa- tive, J. Ogle, Senior Representative, C. Strzelczyk, junior Representative, V. Aldridge, Sophomore Representative, Helen Breider, Senior Representative, S. Twitty, Senior Representative, P. Morris, Sophomore Representativeg R. Shepard, Sophomore Representative, M. Creviston, Freshman Representative, P. Breider, Sophomore Representative. Seated: D, Slouber, Freshman Representative, P. Doolin, Secretary, S. Santora, Vice-President, B. Bojanowski, President, Mr. Williams, Sponsor, Mr. Diersen, Adviser, W. Novosad, Treasurer, G. Gapa, Freshman Representative. Although the S. A. B. has done many fine things throughout the year to benefit Argo High and its student body, its most outstanding achievement this year has been to foster the adoption of a school creed, which may be found on page one of the 1955 ARGOLITE, and to draft a school code of ethics which was unanimously adopted by the student body. The following is a reprint of the code: As a member of Argo Community High School, I desire to make the most of my opportunities at school. Realizing that education is necessary for the greater responsibilities of life and for the true appreciation and enjoyment of leisure, I will endeavor to make my stay at school worth- while. In order that I may realize all the advantages of a true education and of good citizenship, I will strive to be guided by the following ideals: l.I will be regular in attendance in all my classes and prompt in meeting my appointments, since punctuality is one of the necessary traits of a good citizen. 2, I will do my best to prepare the daily work assigned to me, because by doing so I shall gain knowledge and habits needed to carry out the responsibilities of life. 3.1 will realize the necessity for maintaining personal integrity, and I will be honest to my own self, to my fellow citizens, to my teachers, and to my school. 4. I will be courteous at all times, and I will never do unto others what I would not have them do unto me. 5. I will conduct myself in the classroom, in the halls, in the auditorium, in the gymnasium, in the library, in the cafeteria, and in all school activities according to the rules of my school. I will show due respect for school property such as desks, library books, walls, and other school material and eqiipment. I will try to make a good school record, because my record will be kept by the school for future reference by my employers or by the school I may attend after graduation. I will respect the authority and the rules and regulations of my school, and I will maintain cordial relations with the students, the faculty and the administration. I will take advantage of all the educational and recrea- tional activities so that my high school training may prepare me well for life. I will judge people by their merits rather than pre-judge them by their race, nationality, religion, or social classg and I will consider their interests equally with my own. I will live up to the sportsmanship code, and I will do all I can to keep the athletic standards high at Argo Community High School. I will help to improve the reputation of Argo Community High School, so that I and my community can be proud of it. Approved by the S.A.B., january 19, 1955 Approved: C.E.W. i, 4, ,.,.....c.1a' Q ww--1 N ' mwmuvmnnwvel " W ' . 14 . 2 3 M GWON Nursc's Aides Standing: A. c:dIlUI1.1CkQ M. :Xthertong U. Bcchtold. Scared: C. Parsong L. Kozubikg Y. Bona- Libfdfy Aides 1 Q N , hoom, M Mdizell J. P.xvI1kg lu. Cfreeng P. Lrxderg L. Uday- keeg N. Fmntzg R. Schmidtg W. Mooreg C. Colbertg P. Pnrdcr. xgiuclenf .fdicled Office .Xidcs Hack row: li. Richineg M. Klimuikg D. Pflcgcrg N. lfront row lirc-idvrg j many S. Twittyg Ii. Hcrzogg P. Novakg D. Xuclkc. , C. likstmmg D. Sonopolg P. Werncrg j. Kurrzq C. Lichon. Kowqlkog G. Sk.x1.xg D. Stutz- li .111 Aides Top row: C. O'Rourke Coleg L. Garron. y Second row: Ii. Kenitzg G. Depskyg F. Fryziukg Vill.xnuev.xg H. Br.1n.1m.1n. Front row: li. Hinzg W. torag Mr. Ogg. Schwarzg S. Sun l Inf D I7 ? T 6 9 f nw. .S A igm .ig , QQ v-"'w..,,,'.hxvN.t Standingg Constantinos Agosg Janice Huschg Donna Kelleyg Dolores lleywoodg Kathryn Maloyg Rosemarie Czekala. Seated: Nancy Wernerg Mrs. Larseng Vivian Ulrichg Estelle Robertsg Sally Twittyg Betty Stalzerg Margaret Neal. jk? 6ll'00I'L The MAROON staff works busily during and after school hours each day to gather social gossip and news for the school paper which is published bi-weekly. The page editors devote their time to assigning stories to the re- porters and copy reading, while the editor is busy proof read ing and organizing other staff members. When the MAROON is issued the days of hard work and preparation bring a momentary satisfaction for the workers and inspiration to start the next issue. Standing: Janice llusch, Associate liditor of News Pageg lis- ,, telle Roberts, liditor-In-Chiefg Donna Kelley, Associate liditor of News Pageg Betty Stalzer, .Xssociate liditor of liditorial page. Seated: Margaret Neal, Associate Editor of Social Pageg Sally Twitty, Associate lfditor of Social Page. r is 5. sl ll X? is Q Y bv ,fvg n , 17:5 Z Standing: Tom Shields, Artist, Ronald Urban, Sports Writer, Carl Walls, Art liditor, llelen lireider, liditor, Wally Schwarz, Fred Fryziuk, Art Editor. Seated: Jacque jackobs,Sallyjonesg Pauline Plesha, Editor, Sophia Mallis, Page Editor, Kathy Maloy, Business Manager: Miss Bergan, Adviser. Not pictured: Phyllis Tremper, writer and typist. UAQ ,4 Obie The ARGOLITIQ Staff has worked long and hard almost daily after school to complete the 1955 ARGOLITE. Planning and designing pages, identifying pictures of the students and organizations, and directing the photographer as he takes pictures are just tx small part of the routine the workers on the AliGOl-lTli do each year. .-Xt the end of the year, we are happy to find that planning, creating, and striving has produced another yearbook which will long be treasured by the students of A.C.ll.S. C0-editors Helen Breider and Pauline Plesha Art liditors Fred Fryziuk and Carl Walls N .r Left to ti ght, standing: Mrs. Larsen, Sponsor, Constantinos Agos, Margaret Neal, Roberta Fulkersong Rose Marie Czekala, Janice Huschg Sharron Skuble, Charlene Stromskyg Kathy Maloy, Carol Kelly, LaVerne lmberyg Sally Jones, Vivan Ulrich, Donna Kelley, Secretary, Carl Walls. Second row, kneeling: Pat Dooling Gail Kusenda, Pauline Plesha, Sally Twittyg Geraldine Knapczyk, Betty Stalzerg Helen Breider, Janice Faulk. Front row, seatedr Estelle Roberts, President, Arlene Walen, Sophia Mallisg Judy Callahan, Barbara Klimelc. Not pictured: Cheryl Matthewsg Nancy Werner, Treasurer, Lenore Migonis, Vice-President, Robert Bojanowskig Fred Fryziuk. 'f J .SJ f ML an Cl"0 The Quill and Scroll is an honorary journalistic society for Juniors and Seniors who have contributed outstanding service to either the ARGOLITE or the MAROON and have maintained at least a B average in their scholastic grades. The high point of interest in the Quill and Teroll activity calendar is the initiation of new members which takes place ever year in a private dining room of one of Chicago's ni Y cest YCSIBUIBUIS. P' K Helen Breider-Girl Most Likely to Succeed and Most Active Girlg Sally Twitty-Most Popular Upperclassman Larry Garron-Best AthletegSharron Skuble-Most Talented Girl and Best Appearing Girlg Phyllis Breider-Most Girly Constantinos Agos-Boy Most Likely to Succeed. Popular Underclassman Girl. 'C'lV 9- Q ij ill een " ' eend -A w""5',x- FT :Tx ., K' . n S 'Q v - Z"'fc5-N - .fn -, . l ,, X Q Jr 'Q IH5 A A 1 Regnal jones-Most Talented Boyg Bob Bojanowski-Most ' George Martens-Best Appearing Boyg Steve jovanovich- Active Boyg Wally Novosad-Most Popular Upperclassman Most Popular Underclassman Boy. Boy. CA if Back row: J. Smithg G. Ferog P. Waleng G. Wiedmyerg F. Fierkeg E. Krollg R. Puccig Swansong Mr. Kase, Directorg S. Skuble, Secretary. Third row: G. Daily, Vice-Presidentg G. Gapag S. Kabakerg P. Pappasg B. Williams Stromsky at the piano. Second row: K. Maloy, Presidentg S. Mallisg N. Andersong M. Cholicog A. Schlagel Fierkc, Librarian. Front row: P. Tremperg G. Karounos, Librariang K. Pedersen, Librariang C. Rackowg Weeks, Librarian., rcAedfra Our orchestra works hard to prepare for the spring concert which is the main thing the orchestra looks forward to each year, and also for the other various programs that it has a part in. In Although the orchestra does not participate in as many activities as does the band, it works equally as hard to do a fine job in all that it does take part in. , T4 . ly . ,:,: . ln, Wager' A- ' .ta Q. L, - ,., 1 n -A 7"'i 5! Standing: j. Smithg P. Waleng J. jackohsg G. Ferog C. llosmnng C. Schopfg W. Pdrkerg Mr. Kase, Director. Fourth row: K. Pederseng L. Lewisg F. Rishopg I.. Olsong C. Delayg lf. Kroll, Room Captain Aideg R. Puccig J. Smit, Uniform Serge-antg li. Roberts, Librarian Sergeantg CI. Schneferg Cf. Swanson. Third row: M. jeftuzekg W. Swistong R. jonnkg D. lludag 15. llc-ywoodg Libr.1ri.1n Co-Ser gedntg J. Koplaug G. Palmerg G. Wiedmyer, Band Captdin. Second row: ll. likstromg Tauerg R. Jonesg ll. Novotnyg D. Baltunisg F. Fierkeg M. Lnnthorn. First row: S. Kahakerg P. Pappasg M. llobsong G. Gapag B. Williams. Not pictured: D. Klaubg If. Kosikg S. Sewardg Smit, Uniform Sergeant. UA. Z?..,.J Argo's lmnd is kept busy throughout the ye.1r. It plays .it football grime-s, for many assemblies, in parades, plus for the spring concert. Our hand also participates in the music contest held each spring. 'I'he lmnd works hard to do well in everything, that it t.xkus part in and it .ilwnys does .1 fine job. 5 Arlene Kuzas, listher Chapin, Elaine K.lCZlIl.lYCli, Ruth :Knn Musial, Wilma Colo, M.irinn.1 Mnllis. L124 Standing, top row C l orln-,kr C orxnskl ron1sky IL 1 J Hou las, Sm L mn xgcr C rot cn lte Jrcsxdem R I If xx o mms Vu N R. Sobolewskr Il ln or 0 New nn JA o Sc-cond row V II rm 1 ntct 1 sw t III Ilan e I-.mthorn I nt IFN mn emus nt In Third row 11 5 x may elss tc Lux M. Rejlc-It oL1r 1wso1 ns I mt Sc-ated: N I cdl on s eva O irt robe' L ret 0 nnc s G. Iiiblv I' Sren o Not pictured C VI xlls Ire xsurer lhuk row: Ci. W.1lIsg"fi. Swansong R .'XtI.1111.1cg R. Wnlzg fi. Iirocken, Vice I'rc-sith-11tQ R. Sutton, Vresidentg R jnnesg Ii. Robcrtsg G. Ciaptxg S. Ktxlmker SECUFILI row: N. Ifriedl, Rcporterg C IInsn1.1r1g ff. Rtmkowg ul. Wecksg S Skulwlcg II. Klimc-k, Secret.xry-Trc-.xsurer R. Pucuig Ii. Kroll. Suited: Mr. St-ith, SPOIISUY. - kiln ,S . ...J to l9aniJA Top row: P. De Risog C. Swanson, Vice-Presidentg R. Wolzg P. Pappas D. Baltunisg A. Shepard. Second row: C. Hosmang C. Laczyn skig Stevensong J. Rodriguez Presidentg J. Armstrongg D. Kra vishg L. Kozubikg M. Esposito Secretary-Treasurer. Seated: Kowalkog- S. Santora S. Linkisg Miss Broom, Sponsor. c" ofafin Back row: T. Shieldsg C. Walls, Presidentg J. jackobs, Vice- Presidentg R. Czekala, Treasurerg S. Skuble, Secretaryg Miss Broom, Sponsorg R. Theurerg B. Williamsg 1. Pavlik. Second row: F. Fierkeg S. Kabakerg E. Krollg C. Rackowg C. Colbert. Front row: A. La Porteg G. Gapag N. Coayg G. Jandakg S. Jonesg G Karounos. X O U J ufure eac era 0 merica Standing: Miss Ruth Broom, Sponsor Rear row: J. Kowalkog R. Czekala Secretary-Treasurerg M. Spiveyg P. Norrieg M. Crevistong G. Kusendag T. Bonick. Center: M. Klimuik, Presidentg A. Shepardg L. Eichmanng H. Breiderg P. Tremper, Vice-President. Front row: D. Kravishg D. Sonopol. 4'- C7 f 5 7 f Hack row: H. Hanson, Trcasurcrg lf. Kroll Pr 'i , csuontg R. Lyznickig lb. Ikxlrunis j Rmiriguczg U. Kaxyg S. Kabakcrg IJ. lfislxcrg Mr. Srcinhoff, Sponsor. SL-gumi ww: M. Riuhineg '1'. lionickg Wilsong K. Pmicrsc-rug ul, Vlancsl R. lm Om li. Riuhinc, Secretaryg gf A Ifrunt row: M. Crfrcvistong D. Sloubcrg V. lhnsong P. Tramp:-r, Vim--l'rrsid4-:mtg I u, lhrnishg Qi. Volskig M. Mnllisg Vukovichg S. Nulsun. U. l0' Killa Smmling, V. Xlgiridgc-3 li. lioorhg R. Cfompwn, Vice-Presidcntg R. Urlumg R. Cfzok.1l.xg li. Kwrvjlg W. Rohn-rtsg ll. Mclilrccg Mr. Imrscn, Sponsorg P. Dolccg li. Riqhincg I'-. lhvssclg Al. Crue, Sc-crCt.xry. Qirringg lf. link: j. Km val, prcsidcntg :L ffurkwvich, 'Vrcasurcrg I.. Shake. .ff l 5 1-f 5 'Q '11 Z. r N I"6ll'l'l6l ug Standing: T. jnlovecg B. Stalzer, Presidentg C. Grueneichg N. lfricdlg Mr. H.1.ike, Sponsorg I.. Imbery, Vice-Presidentg I.. Suhc-din. Seatedg R. KZZCICJI-X, Historinng M. Creviston. Not pictured: K. Zimmc-rn1.1n, Secremry-Treasurer. Pea! Oggfafy N. L. Ydnykeeg N. Frantzg D. Wallersg P. Criderg M. jcssirr, Treusurerg J. Puviikg K. Kirklandg V R. Ilomn. Not pictured: R. Schmidt, Presidentg j. Skod, Vice-Presidentg Whitter, Secretary. . ...MM www... .J wma.. .., My f 5 E il tr-1? A 'W f' ,N il' Standing: W. Zawislakg L. Yeeg R. jones, Presidentg j. Staleyg M. Reyesg R. Kozar. Seatedg W. Mooreg G. Mishosg N. Yelnickg Mr. Stepien, Sponsor. Not pictured: P. Dunbar, Vice-Presidentg M. Bubich, Secretaryg G. Karounos, Treasurer. Aig 1 xi an- Y ihxw- ,,.,- Q , ,K f Q fi. - v C1 Back row: J. Vasquezg M. Lindg H. Bergerg P. Foerischg W. S.iwk.ig R Spechtg Cihalskig Kenitzg li. Hedlund, President. Standing: Mr. Beck, Sponsor. Front row: F. Snbik, Treasurerg M. Smirg N. Nagode, Secrcmryg I1 Cfakdnlell 0 lfl'lQl"lC6l Top row: Miss Willinins, Sponsorg l. johnson, Secretary. D. Van. C. Scmfinog M. Wesselg Pa. Cernibkg li. Sextong D. Bonairekg B. Stalzer, Vice-President. Second rnwg Ci. Sehopfg S. Ledergerherg M. Ciarrityg A. Walen, President. Seated: Y. Weiss, Social Chairmang P. Jessieg F. Buckmeierg M. Matting I.. M.ix.x, 'Freasurerg H. Buettnerg P. Braatz.. Nor pictured: Mnrjnrie Neal, Historian. ' 51' li. Czekdlag Mooreg L. Buczkowski. Not pictured: E. Bak, Vice-President. ufure omema era 0 merica sf' 'W . 9" P mg, ,M 1' b V W, w, , , + ff cn y W K . 1 Q., I x Wir f A + 'f N ----W1 s Q g .Q .. u 58 ts , ...lg lr' 4, b 5 , , W as N X km " 17, vi Bw ' C f . " 1 .V 1. 1. 52 -'Sy ' X e"w'ti'f: A Q51 f"+"4i4'Q' 1 , ,L ,Ji Www! 5.8 Sf wif! Tu! 5'2" ' ith 'Q M266 0 uosaeesl Aqqog QQ u!d9llD JNPSH CU Ualvm ffqqoa CU Sum H919 ish AUIML 411115017 syuoigw aJoua'1 Q65 :swam AJUQN Qgj 9I3O Awww QU elegrvj aualxy Qgj uvqln Auuog Q1 J Svuvw Hmdvs Cm amungessud A11v'1 COIJ Alaqwl auJaAe'1 QQIJ asm A-uuoq QQIJ appgg uvA uomqg WU Japgaxg ualalg QQU Aazpued aofiof UU P15-MOUVFOQ Aqqoi-I C00 zumqog Au1LugfQ61j uqsald auglned QQIQ ugpaqog Ja1sa'I U-U Cast of: . George Mclntyrc Mrs. Nlclntyrc' lorry Mttlntyrc llrlan Professor Nlulntyrc- Prudence Hurt-h lilsic l'attcrsun Traffic Officer Miriam blanc' Patty llctc Omar Mrs. Vattcrsvn Sophie Vivian lixtras: ,Xrlonv Walcn, Irvm- Sur-ku, Karl Walls, Intl llctlluml. Ulrcvtnr: 'Iamcs llaalu' .Xss't. Dirtfcturz Kathlct-n Wrvnn mdk up Standing: 4'arl Walls, l'aulinc- l'lt-slxa, lrt-ut' Suylm, .Intl Nlr. lla.xkc'. Seated: lk-an Hales, Ulf-n Walls, lhvlurc-s Heywood, Judy Callahan, Huh Booth, Iinlu lioianowski, .xml Mrs. llaalfcc. Kathy Nlaluy and Nancy Worm-r Kathy Xlaloy, Ciusturnc' C hairman .xml Suplmia Nlal lis, Property Chairman. roloriefied Standing: Cfarl Walls .mtl llcan lialt-s. Scatctl: ,lim Ogle, lioh llojarwwski, Paulina Plesha, and Sophia Mallis. Cflx.xr.xctcrs: hlcn lX.xlls blnniuc llusuh l..xVcrnv lmlxery llolw lhxyxnowslxi Tum jxlovcu Sharon V.xn Sickle l5c.xn l'l.xlc-s livtty Smlzcr liolw Wxlcrx Clxrol Grlxcrwlclx .Imly C'.xll.xlm.xn Mxrgc- Nc-.xl ,lim Ogle Hub lkmzlm N.xm'y Werner Uolorrs llfxyw nvcrx l lfstlxcr ixhapin Stage Maxnagcrz llxulinc Pleslm l'r0nxptcr: l.0on.x M.xx.x Rlilzl. l: hlcn Walls, jnrxlcc llusuh, l..xVcmc lmlxcry, llctty Snxlzcr, .xml N.xncy Werner. ll lilil, 2: l..xVvrm- Imlu-ry .xml llolw llui.xnowski. lilzlal. 'sz Marge Neal, Carl Walls, Iudv f,.lll.l' mn, slim Ogle, Cgxrol Grucnelclx, l..xVernc lmlwry, llnlx Wall-n, lrcnv Suyku, Hola Booth, 'Xrle-nr' Wnlcn, liolw llujgnowslfci, lin-tty Smlzcr, Dc-.xn lhxlcs, .xml Slmron V.xn Sickle. Illulzl. -1: lkxlorcs IIC 'w0ml, Tom .xlovc-Q, , s I , lnnxuc llusulx, .xml lasrhcrfil1.xp1n. '17 unior pfay Dora ......... ...... M yrna Wessel, Carol llosman Mrs. Edith Wilkins . . . . Juanita Stennett, Charlene Stromsky Miriam Wilkins . . . .... Kay Zimmerman, Shirley Seward judge Wilkins ...... ...... I ohn Smit, Robert Schlagel Ruth Wilkins ........ . . . Shelby Klein, Rose Marie Czekala Lt. William Seawright . . . .... Ken Strnad, William Constable Albert Kummer ...... ..... E ugene Bak, Fred Fryzuik Martha Seawright . . . . . Alice Clark, Elizabeth Whitter Sgt. Chuck Vincent . . . . . . jerry Bunde, Fred Atwood llarold Klobbermeyer . . ........... Mike Atwood tg? wx YW ' Wg. Rl . I lx ,Sl I Q A 5, l - 'N R A 1 W i n 1 -' 1 llsl ll 9 L A T i 'Q H Q 3 Q ' vi- ,jj I i g il: ,gli L in 4 5 xi i ' A li. lei. Standing: Carol Parsong Loretta Krozelg Charles QW QW Thier, Stage Managerg Bernadine Buralli, I m"' -- Assistant Directorg Mr. llaake, Director. K Kneeling: jay Smitg Mike Atwood. - if ix f X E N Ht l! X' 4, v A Q aff Rose Maile C Z k . . e ala, Bill Constabl C. l -ff ,' x - 1 N T V l 1 Fw y1.T?l 7,1 A ? L: 1, -f J li 1 fuk w le? Nia igJ:' ii X A CJ lv-r'1V'l -l N ' 13? ,al .fi- X MJ- , - 6 f'X ,O - 3- Shclhy Klcing john Smitg juanita Stennettg Kay Zimmerman lfreil lfryziulcg Charlene Stromskyg lflizixlweth Whitterg Wil- Cfonstalwleg Rose Marie Cfz.1k.xl.xg Robert Schlngel. Ch.xrlcnu Srromskyg lilizabeth Whirrerg Fred Arwoodg Robert Sehlngclg Fred Fryziuk. Myrna Wessclg liugene llakg jerry Huncleg Alice Clarkg Shelby Kleing Ken Strnadg Juanita Stennettg john Smit. liugene lhkg john Smitg Ken Strnndg Shelby Kleing Jerry liumlvg Alice Clnrlcg Juanita Stennett. lfugenc- lhkg Ken Strimdg john Smitg jerry Bundeg Alice iflnrkg Shelby Kleing junnim Stennetr. f,' ' C if 1 Pauline Corslei, Hon Russell g , fQl'0.,fAJ oronafion r , ,- 'L w 1 fx , s t fl xx Ks l3liFORli THIS CIC R ICMONY Sally jones, Hernice Herzog, Shirley Hagaman. til? M , - H' , K C lfreshman Candidate - Q avid' ,Af - ""'M. nn" N27 '15 e -. . . . f fl, . 1 DURING 'lilllf ClfRl'fMUNY: Robert lsaacsong Helen Hreider, Queen Candidate. ur- - ' Ihree Coins In The Fountain" was the theme of the IQS4 Football Coronation Dance. Candidates repre- senting each class threw a coin in the fountain and made their wishes. After each candidate made a wish, a Page appeared and placed a chain with a coin around the neck of the winning candidates. Barbara Cernick, Freshman, Pauline Gorski, Sophomore, and Bernice Herzog, junior, were rcvealeda:-1 the Sharon Lambert and Charles Davelis e V '35 . V 6 A 'r x nj "- J X Q, N fmt , , ' - ,. i' f , 55 A .v BQ - , 1 f 'CI ' tg V' l, rua Y' H' s 5 Sophomore Candidate - xl 1 Y- Judy Miller and V: -. I Richard Crow il v Q , ' X ri A ij - l Tlllf QUliliN .NND lll'1R COIJRT - ' ii - Kurt Marguardtg Barbara Cerniek ' t Freshman Lady-in-Waitingg Lyle Hernice Herzog, 1 DURING Tllli ClfRl43Mf'NY Cooke, Hernice Herzog, junior Lady Lyle Cooke Robert Isuacsong Helen lireider, Queen Candidate Queen Sally crowned by "A" Club President Walter Novosad. Ladies-in-Waiting. Sharon Lambert, Arlene Sawka, Judy Miller, Lorraine Udaykee, Shirley llagaman, and Sally Jones, the other candidates, were lovely in their formals of billowy net. Helen Breider, Lenore Migonis, and Sally Twitty breathlessly awaited the biggest moment. Petite Sally Twitty was crowned as the Football Queen of 1954 by "A" Club Presi- dent, Walter Novasad. -- Lx X., junior Candidate - Q , Shirley Hagaman and Freshman Candldate - Arlene Sawka and Edward lledlund Sally Twitty Gary Bozen if 'M t V3 Sophomore Candidate - Lorraine Udaykee and Robert Pappas Ni.. sw C P 3 ll i 7 ln. ' C ' in ti" 'tT"l'l1,1 59' ' junior Candidate - . . , , S' ll d ' n W.x1tinggSallyTw1tty, Queeng Gary A Y Jones an ' Bozeng Pauline Gorski, Sophomore ady-in-Waitingg and Donald Russell. jack Murray '- i t t- p r AT LAST g i M Wi, I ... , tk nv 'N 1-'ning Sally Twxtty "1 ' 5 il, 5 f. . if joe Galligxni y W 5 QEGQ I , T FU" , or ,, U cgi he 5Ol'llUMURlf Cf.'KNl3ll3.YI'lfS AND HS- KIORTS - jutiy Wilson, Dawn Pfleger, Mnry jane Carlton, Bruce Williams, George llrpsky and Diek Portillo. Queen flantlitlnte Irene Suyko, and Walter Suyko. a '1' KL tk. Mgr, ,i I so W f ' "ff 'I fl 1 z f t, A91 ll. I Q' :I ,f i gaaleigaf Queen lfstlier Crowned by, " X" Cflulw President, Walter Nov.1s.ul. UNIOR CxKNl3ID.'X'I'lfS ANI! lfSCiOll'l'S- Gloria Lorinski, Charlotte Liclion, Ruth 1 nn Koztxr, Karl fajda, john Smith .intl Don Pankow. 0I'0l'l6lil0l'L IN N Xl l:KIfSllM.XN Cf.XNl5ll5.'XTlfS .XNI5 HSA CORTS - Cihnrlortc Sarfinoy Tera-s.x liudz, Pat Ciorski, Riulmrd Clrow, Leonard LQ Gxxxnd, .xml Riqlmrd dlovnno- vich. J Queen lfaulinc llcslm .md jim Ogle. -A I C' C' f ' fm Y Q Snplwnlorv ,. '-lI1'wv.iiliI1g,, uk 1' Wilsnng Frcshm. n .. '-' 'v.4liL', H- cs. llx zg ,unior .. .-' -Xxitig, C Imrlottc Lluhnn. Queen listhcr and Frank Svolba Q- .v v-1 fu Standing left to right: Mr. Louderback, Sponsorg Miss Milleville, Sponsorg Shirley Slawsong Sue Hamblyg Marlene Jessieg Rose Marie Czekalag Irene Suykog Janice Huschg Tom Jalovecg Lawrence Wilsong Jane Gluskog Gloria Lorinskig Madonna Athertong Joann Kurtzg Jennie Jamesg Donna Kelleyg Miss Grondyke, Sponsor. Second row kneeling: Doris Goodwing Betty Stalzerg Roberta Faulkersong Myrna Wessellg Ruth Schmidtg Carol Grueneichg Loretta Krozelg Marie Rachineg Violet Crokenowerg Sally Twitty. Third row sitting: Pat Sienkog Kay Zimmermang Paula Debelakg Ethel Lynchg Marie Maizelg Pat Karounosg Shirley Seward. Not pictured: Laura Eichmang Jacque Jackobsg Dolores Jovanovichg Joan Lavertyg Cheryl Matthews: Judith Maxag Joan McKennag Lenore Migonisg Wilma Minarekg Danielle Porterg Janet Skodg Juanita Stennettg Shirley Theresg Nancy Wernerg Barbara Zawislak. ommercia onor ociefg xx ll 5' -'N n'N Q as Q ,ul v 1 :fi 7 4 "Y J K lang. - ,, I' ,-.un K L, Q' .Q ' PX f 22' - ' Q rf 'F Fx A A J .,..' nf' ' 3 Q X 6 ff , '.-'fini Lenore Migonis, Rose Marie Czekala, jane Glusko, Sheldon Kabaker, lidward Kroll, Loretta Krozel, lirhel Lynch, Mary jane Carlton, Glenda Gupa, jean Repvon, Regnal jones. Mmm I --uw NWA! q .Z Wafzona .il o 0l'l0I' Oclefy The N.-xtionxl Honor Society comprises rx group of outstanding Seniors who are named by both the benior Class and the high school faculty because they are representative of the highest ideals of high schools of America These students have distinguished themselves and brought honor to their school because they possess the qualities of good Cll.eKRAC'I'lili, high QCHOLXRSIIIP rlght I l -UN RSHIP and loyal QVR The emblem of the societ h C SI S c 1 VICE. y as engraved at its brxse the letters, which stand for the four cardinal principles of the society. Those who wear the key are thus temlnded th xt they have a responsif bility throughout life to hofd fast to these ide xls 4155 A ,I -.puff l QR Lonstuntinos Agos Lenore Migonis .av I lelen Breider Pauline Plesha ff'- , ff fd' 1,9 , I Q ...xv 4f'4'f'vi-x Hb' A "Mi Q. -'ff I Geraldine Knupczyk .. SIL, Estelle Roberts Robert Boianowski I.uVerne Imbe ry Irene Suyko N? r 33 . T? -K A George Depsky Donna Kelley 5' 6 1 , x snug 455 2. ,I wick' 3, 7 Q s.. f Ip 4, Ni an I KA ' i1 ll E I4 --""" 1 Q X Hn., S 'pf' li.xfctcri.1 I Ax GI 'N Visitors in CI.lfCtc'ri.x F. S Visitors Mr. Seith Parents in Class Room lfvtc-r1.1 High School Choir Visitors Getting :Xcq.1.xintc-d .X4llt0gI'al0 5 vfi- ...fn 'Tvs Ln' :N pwx U x F H A v- ru. -l A -vu sl' ..s Vs ' x 1 'Q F51 4, . I A . A., .f.?',Q! 4. yn: F- ' ST-ji 'T d .xi . :af lk, mf. . s qv .,. ,J 1 K KVM. , V-,F ,nl ffj M. -1.,, 75+ , I :..x 'e W 4- X, 'i-1 ii" ,.v., :Li 1. -4 .. ,AV --, v . '.x.',,' a.,"- - AI 'N ' ' nw, F ,-,fwfr-4 uv- . W T '- 4 -N 1 HA, 1 -. H w,. H 5 rwgf'-f,'f'fA '. -.Q w I K " m, 5-3 K lv. r"' 1 v. ,, ' - ' 1. 3. my 'lin s Wy -'Is 'Yan -sq B I 9 , 'VY 7'l'."'m -Q. . Q P. M- ,I JF- X ix ? ill' x ,'1Y'j:' "' xs.-2 - 'Sun 4 fs s 5410 I . ' 1 4. . -."'r1 ' -.,- - .. .. .. ' ""'--.--L -. -s,.."s-'v . ",. 'fr ' -,""'fQ -.. ,, ,xl Q., 6 5, Y zggww L. :HM -"A, ,. .4 1 ff , + 5 x ,.f ' .. ' I " . ", Q 1 . q"',: , Q U ,.'5UqP ' ' wg, ' 'P' 04" X x ual' 'X ,.l.' . .uf M,,,,,,.. 5 ,M Q.. 1 14. - wmrA , ' 4 vm. ,, .Q , ,A r- I H-is v ' .a , Fw "i 1' 1 H V r . ., . 'E x vw Q " " 'wsu I qw q. .1 lf'-' 'SQ "" E' 4 .qi 'in' I gb I. . nu' QA ': , .v "...oQ . WMV' '4-Q uw inf 111 'ilfnf iff' ?f?'? f A Pj!!! ' .v 1:1 1 iff' V' ga' or -Av ,y-f' .-Q I Jr, -pf ,, 3 2' wgyyg.-'Q'-H I .V no -0- '-'. fax, .bp 4 QPF' 3. ,pf - qwwy "1 .lb ' A pi , . .1 Xl ' - ' .. Y ' gr' . It qt. ' - . , ' ffi',W1f' , , ,Fifi . V ' -' , . . . Q .- . M. Q ww-Q wiv i - ,,, r , - - Y - F' K 4, f ,, A . ' bl X 4 V Y Y 1 N-. 4 1 4 an Aa' -' an ' DV . 55-- xv' . 'if . , Ki

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