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-1 - - -. ,.,,4.v,-. - 14 , 4 4 Q-, ,V ,-v. u I t 4 3-inflggll 5. '- .az .kg-,...a...:' . L ,Y ' - ' " .f . f- -1 14 fr X U x :iw I I I - +A, vb 'A E , ,XL ' X . Q" '. 'Uv 1 v ' I, F4 u' . , .. ,., ,4 K It M n , 3- YIL Linn, i 41. J I I V n fl ,K l . 1 . rx. , n at V A ' y 1,- II! 1 1-.1 A v -r r ' r 'Il' 1 l " u--:using .s 1.3. "" -u- 1 , ' ,,. 7' 'u-., r ,' .,A- ,, , . . , . , V, " .., . , . h . . , 'J I wil? ' I-gi H - X ,I Q H J. 5 '. -nl. V . -V 1 4..L ' 'xi u rl? "1 ru 'II 1 U ,. 'Wim I A 4 4 1, . fx' .fmzh ' - -' . - Iwi -W 1 ' " -1- an-f' .1 - ' . ,. Q, ., , .V ,., 74 V. -I, . -- --3, V.-' . ' , - ,- 1-. , I -,fi 4 M f . Ms, rw... N .. , ,,Y,L,. 1 ,, .14-.1 I, ' , - , , , .',,u'. " ' XF,-.Z K 7, A -- In , v I V W H 1 N 1 ' I- I In ,141 N H ' I I I . H, Ir u Qu 1 l . x X r 1 ' ', Il .ia ' w 1 E 1 4 I I I I I w I E 1 Nl! w v l 1 rl Il ii 1, I The l948 A R G O L I T E applauds DICK IVIORGAN, president, STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD . . . a leader in deeds and diversions ANNE SONOPOL and the NEW LOOK . . . A complete new cycle of fashion . . . girls look- ing PRETTIER THAN, EVER in the longer, fuller skirts . . . the shorter hair do's . . . excit- ing variety in the new blouse styles . . . and LORRAINE KRIZ . . . HIGHEST IN SCHOLARSHIP! ' if A n ,Ale 0 4 04 o o':'5""'z'20'o 'ego' ' ' 'Q I 1945 '16- 2' 4 13'-:i ' " 1 -M' l u"1 Q. fc 1 af. Q "'?L.nH v'- . r. L -4- . U N..-5 Q 5 , 1-If . f u A . ' -Aw f 1 ' ' f ' 'fr 5 fl' W ' 'K 1 ' Q' Q K I v 9' 4 S, 1 I 'hxlio 7 'V F 1 1 r Q, "Ui ' ...A x ll' f T 3-1 ' Z j - ' -Qin 3LQ1'f'l. . .f A N " ' t 'uf'-qv 11, I4 yup , '+ . tu. 4 , N be 4 CHARLES E. WINGO PRINCIPAL B.A., M.A. STUDENT BOARD SPONSORS TALENT IN ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS Ioan Bishop, former quiz kid, in a program of piano and song. Dr. Cox, General Manager, Chemical Division, Corn Products Re- fining Company, guest speaker. Norman Coates Webster, raconteur, in an inspiring program of poetry and prose. Roland Eisenbeis, naturalist, Forest Preserve District, in an informative talk. George Gilbert Groman, "How Other People Talk" in an enter- taining program. Dr. Otto Eisenchiml, author, "Why Was Lincoln Murdered?" in a clramatization. Assisted by: Byron Ellis, Lincolny Ann Sono- pol, Mrs. Lincoln, Ted Ronczkowski, Shirley Treadway, Fred Mackall, Georgianne Polly, Shirley Kreterfield, Arnold Belke. Art Olsen, Winner, Horace Heidi music contest. Denny Miles, soloist. Piero Pierotic, baritone of opera. University of North Dakota Choir. ' W. P. McClean, Superintendent, I. Sterling Morton High School, Alaska film and lecture. General Motors Demonstration, "Preview ot Progress". Cole Marionettes, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow". Naomi Watson, program of vocal selections. STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD Dick Morgan Hubgt McDonald Betty Block Ray Steinheigle Stella Ianettas Phyllis Treadway Donald Steinbeigle Edward Mack Iames Callahan Iames Profiit Lois Lind Rose Buckmeier Elaine Kremen Dorothy Zeibell Ann Sonopol Ioe Salgado THE PRINCIPAFS LETTER reefinga, Here at Argo Communityl-Iigh School, for approximately ten months ot the year, live 800 people: students, members of the faculty, and non-teaching employees. The school is a community Within communities. Here We have division of interest, aptitudes, Work, study, learning, teaching, and playing. The school is a community at Work, a place Where young men learn shop- craft and trades, Where young Women are trained to be homemakers, Where potential professional musicians, teachers, dentists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and Writers are in the making. Opportunities are afforded for fun, recognition, and professional performance. How to live together and how to work together are the core of the citizenship training at Argo High. 'There is an exceptionally fine reciprocity of community agencies, societies, clubs, and civic organizations with the educational endeavors that exist here. Seniors: As you leave the school to make your way in lite, cling to the abiding theme of the Weekly Maroon: "All Rights Grant Others". Remember the Athletic Code: A-Always Be Courteous. R-Razz Not Your Opponents. G-Give All Abilities To Win. O-Orderliness ls Next To Godliness. Sincerely yours, I I B O ARD OF EDUCATION Herbert C. Swanson President Christ L. Dineff Charles I. Bulow Iohn Ginalick Secretary Harry L. Stone "Somewhere in a schoolroom today under the care of an unknown teacher is a child who in his own time, grown to maturity, will lead the world away from War and toward peace. The affection planted in that child's life by wise guidance, the sense of right values with which he is constantly surrounded, the integrity and initiative that are fostered in his unfolding life will come to fruition in a mighty service to the human race . . . " 'k acuay 1948 Dorothy Bringrnan, B. S. Regina Bona, Ph. B., M. Ed. Carol Brock, A. B., M. A. Ruth Broom, A. B., M. A. Fred Cook, A. B., M. A. William Eagan, A. B. Ruth Harmon, B. S. Richard Hauswald, B. S. Harriet Hendershot, Ph. B., Ph. M. Bose Hopfner, B. A., B. of L. S. Ruth Kamin, A. B., M. A. Victor Kase, B. M. Ed. 'k Ioy Elmer Morgan, Editor N.E.A. Iournal December, 1947 Dorothy Kirk, B. S. Ed. Charles Kusenda, A. B., M. A. Everett Larsen, B. S., M. A. Harold Louderback, B. S., M. Lou Malay, B. S. Matt McBride, M. A. Anita Milleville, B. S., M. A. Ioseph Moss, B. S. Hazel Phillips, Ph. B., M. A. Constance Pishols, B. A. Anthony Pyrz, B. S. Iohn Roberts, B. Ed. Walter Schmidt, B. S. Arthur Seith, B. A. Walter Steinhoff, B. Ed. Leonard Trexler, B. S. Chloa Walton, B. E. Wayne G. Wilkinson, B. Ed. Carl E. Williams, B. Ed., M. Edna Wilson, A. B., Ph. M. Edna Uhrhamrner, Secretary Vivian Kriz, Clerk Hilda Hirtzer, Cafeteria Clerk S. S. jafuky 1948 "Any kind of good teaching has in it high dourage. To keep the classroom free and vital and on an even keel in these times of tension, of home-front economic strife, and of pupils whirled about in the rip tide of propaganda, requires a nerve and a sense of battle every bit as good as that of a mate standing night Watch in a packed con- voy. For dernocracy's work is never done. "Besides, teaching has in it a large adventure into the human soul. lt is not just the seating of a pupil at a desk, putting a book in his hand and hearing the lesson: but it is the giving of the teacher's total inner self: counseling the shy little mite, helping youth battered by circum- stances, dreaming with the talented, bolstering the self- esteem of the down and out, trying to reach the mentally slow, polishing the manners of the crude, bringing de- linquents into an understanding of their true worth-all these day and night . . . " 'ff 'A' George H. Henry, "What must Teachers Get Besides Money?" Ladies Home Iournal September, 1947 lx Ufpgymjgi 3 M7 -' 1- 7-V 4' hfffuflf, ':' ffrwir - ' ja- 'V - . " . ,gm QT H kwin' LH . J? cgi'- ' ,-. '.4- ' . ,L --+ , . ' A , 7' ' ,' 5 I r A. I, ,N fix ill , M I ,K A ,I XX VIFIIIIXLLQ M TE? I 1,1 if fl, ff -"T!,'nf1.f .F :il If milf ' ' - 7fFl'Z1fWQf' MQElilfl.H !fLf f 2 nv- '-' .W ,op- READING Success ID lxfe demands sklll 1:1 readmq The pubhc elementary and hxgh schools of this community some hve years ago mstxtuted a readxnq study guldance program The obJect1ve IS to msure sound readmg and Work hab1ts for the chxld durmg the etght years of grammar school so that the puprl w1ll be ready to do the regular hlgh school work requrred when he becomes a freshman The young person soon reahzes that sxnce all occupatrons demand readlng abxhty and that slnce any endeavor demands thxs skxll 1t IS necessary for hun to develop to the fullest h1s readmg hab1ts THE CLASSROOM AND GOOD CITIZENSHIP DRAMATICS Thxs course de velops an under standmg of playwnt mg methods a knowledge of backstage tech ruque and an apprecxahon of the art of act1ng The esca y from a world of reahty and creates behmd footltghts a malce beheve char acterlzauon perhaps Romeo maybe Iohns other wxfe CSee Jumor play paqel AUDI A L Th1s department uses about one hundred tw s a year se frlms are shown by m terested students who master the operatlon ot the school sound pro1ector and the publlc addres system Rob s ert Graham IS the expert Wllh the mov te equ1pment O VISU , 'A' H 0 H E . . . . I Q: ' ni ? H. ' - . K, '1 1' ,tr . student ' it , - pes temporaril A I S8 B . 1 . . 4 ,r Q 1 enty-five film . X 3 - 1 The ' ' - 1 E tt na E H H . . us B BASEBALL It was just a year ago this spring that our community had a championship baseball team. The l948 Argolite honors these Argonauts! They were South Suburban Conference champions, district champions, sectional champions, and they were in the quarter-finals in the state championship at Peoria! Three cheers for the team! Three cheers for Coach Cook! Looking especially good for the l948 season are: George Hebding, Charles Neerman, Charles Leimgruber, Fred Threm, Milton Bohannion, Art Leimgruber, Eugene Schmitz, Wesley Howell, Booker Haynes, Thomas Esposito, lames Copp, William Bray, Ioe Sparacino, William Scoby, Thomas Hebding. GIRLS' ATHLETICS The program of athletics for girls offers opportunities for developmental and corrective gymnastics as vvell as learning and sharing in cooperative and re- sponsible action. The final objective is good health and a sound philosophy of life. CSee G.A.A. pages! PHYSICAL EDUCATION Weight lifting and apparatus groups Coften unknown to the community? contribute a great deal to the developmental side of the high school boy. The progress, the achievements, and the physical development of some of our boys has been tremendous. . 2 E!! F12 ET- 1 - SVN: Kg? ' 0 I s . I H 4x W Y ' . ' ' " E , f 'r 'L XJ ' l X I 1 If Al ..,' H , I gy ' 'P' gi 1 ' if A ' 3 1 -F X J ,L 5 , n A ' SQ y if gen ' . 'Q ff?" 'X :iii -X ' M ,- a ? ,521 1 E r n Q - LI, 21 .M 4 ., 23? - x xx-,. H '37 , ai. QW ,IF fi ff ' w Q if Nb'-'52-.' TS' 'F -f I 44 GENERAL SCIENCE General science is re- quired of all freshmen because a general knowl- edge of the forces and materials nature provides is necessary it one is to be appreciative ot our scientifically-minded world. ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Economic geography is especially pertinent in this community since our larg- est industrial plant uses i raw material from the farms of the surrounding area. Thus, the subject matter taught is closely related to the activities of many workers in the corn- rnunity. This subject de- velops an understanding of the farmer and his prob- lems. " PRINTING Obtaining practical experience, students do jobs in restricted quantities for their own churches, clubs, and non-profit organizations. This incentive results in more attention to detail and produces some very fine printing results, a real service to the community. CSee Weekly Maroon pagesj THE, CLASSROOM AND THE COMMUNITY MATHEMATICS To see the service of mathematics to the community, it is only neces- sary to consider life without numbers. Without mathematics, we should have no cars, planes, trains, bridges, electricity, or large buildings, for math is essential to all engineering. We would not even have any house numbers. Stores would be impossible for we should have no money. ln short, our civilization would be gone, and We should live as savages. CEditor's note: Myll CHEMISTRY T' Chemistry has taken on a New Look since the development of atomic fission. Things beyond human imagination are possible. There is thus a necessity that all high school students study chemistry. BIOLOGY This science encourages the young person to appreciate the things of nature, to know better the plants and animals, to protect himself from disease, and to protect the forests and wild life. With a knowledge of biology, a citizen lives a more healthful, useful lite. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY i CAaI"6LCfeI" "In order to be even halt-way satisfied with the results of a task, we must know the effort that went into this task was our very best."-Anne Sonopol l Y eruice f .giiofarfikila "Scholarship is more than high grades. There is involved a yearning for the truth, a desire for greater understanding of the lessons we are taught: in short, a love of learning."-Dick Morgan "Service consists of many things: the deeds which form the ends and aims of school and life: the noblest purpose which in- spires our every act: the highest calling to which we listen cmd heed."-Dolores Mallory 'K' ollcwlerdkzya I "Leadership in school life: holding office, the gaining of con- fidence oi those he leads: in athletics, the maintaining oi high aims, unselfish purposes, in the classroom, the leading of dis- cussionsp and the molding ot classmates' ideas and opinions." -Shirley 'Treadway - i SENIORS Betty Block Trudy Brodnicki Mary layne Burner lean Esch Phyllis Henderson lean Hurd Lela Kluve Elaine Kremen Shirlie Kreterfield Lorraine Kriz Ieanne La Roshe Dolores Mallory Richard Morgan Agnes Pollard Theodore Ronczkowski Elaine Schranz Anne Sonopol Raymond Steinbeigle Shirley Treadway Olga Tsourmas Alice Wagner George Zachau Sl' Parents in this community are generous in their praise of Miss Harriet Hendershot, who deserves much credit for her devotion to the programs of the National Honor Society. Over a period of twelve years, Miss Hendershot, Dean ot Girls, has each year Worked out a remarkable program of dignity and beauty, a program ot finished perfection and excellence. That Miss I-lendershot's sterling Worth to the community is continuously recognized is evidenced by the almost daily visits and calls not only of parents but also of former pupils. When Miss Hendershot celebrated her 25th anniversary three years ago this spring, with memories of Argo High going back to the days before either section of this building was in exist- ence, she received hundreds of testimonials, all in the same tenor: "Miss Hendershot, you are a very important, much loved part of this community." 4 IUNIORS NATIONAL Kathryn Curkovich Charles Neermann William Hambley Grace Pishos H O N O R Walter Katenhusen William Scoby lune Kenrich Tannie Sonopol S O C I E T Y Charles Krueger ana! fke Communifg Instructors continuously enrich their teaching of the Three R's with extensive travel, graduate study, and educational committee work. Recent travel adventures: Miss Broom in Mexico and Florida: Mrs. Harmon in Guatemala: Mr. Larson in the Sunny South: Mrs. Kamin on her tours of the U. S.: Miss I-Iendershot in New Orleans: Miss Milleville in Boston: Mr. Pyrz in New York: Miss Phillips, South of the Border: and Mr. Louderback in Colorado. The latest word in educational procedure is brought to the school by teachers doing advanced study: 'Mr. Eagan, Loyola: Mr. Hauswald, University of Chicago: Miss Walton, Univ. of Ill.: Mr. Roberts, Univ. of Chicago: Mr. Wil- kinson, Ill. State Normal: Miss Brock, Northwestern, Mr. Steinhofi, Northwestern: Coach McBride, New York University. In the Illinois Education Association, two teachers are very active committee members: Miss Broom, chairman, Section VI, I.E.A,: delegate, N.E.A. Cincin- nati, l947: and delegate, I.E.A., Dec. 1947: Miss Phillips, delegate, Rep. Assem- bly, Lake Shore Division. Miss Broom and Miss Phillips are leaders in the I.E.A. Workshops. Miss Phillips, on the Board of Directors of the National Council for Social Studies, is given recognition in "Leaders in Education," a national publication. Miss Walton served on a committee at the state meeting of vocational home- making teachers. Miss Hopfner attended the library clinic at Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Mr. Schmidt worked during the summer months in an ornamental iron works and brought practical experiences back to his shop classes. Mr. Steinhoff does professional photography Cchild portraitsl. Mr. Kusenda and Mr, Pyrz some- times serve as playground directors, grade schools, during the summer months. Mr. Williams works in the C.P.R. lab during the summer. Several teachers take active part in community affairs through membership in the Iunior Organization, Argo Summit Woman's Club. These teachers, now officers, are Ruth Broom, Dorothy Bringman, Ruth Harmon, and Hazel Phillips. Three have belonged to this club for fifteen years. These teachers support club projects that contribute to the community chest, the library, and the Health Center. anclfke Communify ln this community Mr. Wingo has served as vice-president of the Desplaines Valley Community Chest, as treasurer of the Bedford Park Community Chest, and as member of the Board of Directors, Argo Summit Health Center and Welfare Association. Mr. Wingo is a past president of the Argo Summit Lions Club. ' Superintendent Wingo keeps in touch with schools of nearby communities by attending monthly meetings: ludd Club, University of Chicago: Superin- tendents' Bound Table, Northern Illinois: Southwest Suburban Superintenclentsp South Suburban League: Superintendents' Study Club, Chicago area, also the meetings of the Illinois Association ot School Boards, the Illinois Association of School Administrators and the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. In March Mr. Wingo attended the annual Convention of the American Asso- ciation of School Administrators, Atlantic City, New Iersey. Mr. Wingo has served this year as chairman of the West Suburban Super- intendents' meetings at suburban schools. ' f THE PARENT ...wx fr. 3400! Senior club women are frequently at Argo High, sometimes as visitors, some- times as especially invited guests, sometimes as educational committee members. Each year the Argo-Summit Woman's Club receives a special invitation to the Christmas program, followed by a reception. Mrs. Hay O'Lea1y is presi- dent, and Mrs. Iohn Hayes, chairman, of the education committee. Parents of seniors receive a special invitation each spring Cthis year, Spring Musical Festivall to attend a musical program in honor of the seniors. The graduating Class introduce their parents to individual faculty members at a reception following the main program. ' ' P.r.A. ' A No story of Argo High and the community is complete without recording the fine contribution of the Parent-Teacher Association and the valuable support of its officers: Mrs. Verne Seward, pres.: Mrs. Ralph Stricker, vice-pres.: Mrs. G. Oltrnan, sec'ty., Mrs. W. A. Henderson, treas. Newly elected: Mrs. W. A. Henderson, pres.: Mrs. L. M. Kavaler, vice-pres.: Richard L. Hauswald, treas.: Mrs. T. E. Mackall, sec't'y. . MONUMENT DEDICATION Students and teachers of historY, geography, and social studies took an active part on October lOth in the dedication of a monument marking the main portage Ctirne of French explorers? connecting -the Mississippi River with the Great Lakes. The dedication was sponsored by the Illinois State Historical Society, of which Miss Phillips, teacher of American History, is a member. Mr. Oscar Hayward KHayward-Williams Paint Company? is vice president of the Illinois Historical Society. Mr. Hayward is a frequent visitor at Argo High. SOCIAL SCIENCE Since social science is the study of group living, there are few topics which are not given some consideration in the course. Popular unit is "Marriage and the Home". Important units are "City Government", "Crime", and "Foreign Relations". ECONOMICS Economics and finance are practically synonymous: consequently, stock market prices, inflation, budgets, and current events dealing with money or trade are given much consideration. A knowledge of budgeting will be helpful when the student first obtains a position. SCHOOL CITIZENSI-IIP AND THE COMMUNITY -fir? THANKS. MISS LYLE! Medical and nursing services are under the supervision of the Argo-Summit Health Center and the Tuberculosis Institute of Chicago and Cook County. Local doctors examine students with special attention to those in competitive sports. When major defects are found, students are referred to their family doctor. . Tuberculosis testing is offered once a year: if the test shows a positive re- action, X-rays are taken. Other services: daily visits of the school nurse, individual inspections, vision testing, Weighing and special conferences. Home visits are made. Students are encouraged to bring their health problems to the Health Center. lSee picture belowj VIGILANCE Students practice good citizenship by meeting frequently to straighten out their own problems. One special program for girls was held with these student speakers: Dolores Mallory, Mary Ann Niedballa, and Martha Schoon veld. These girls are co-chairmen of girls' vigilance. A special program for boys: Tony Sabick, Weldon Anderson, Louis Ziebell Ed Mack, Steve Mazak-the speakers. Sample topics, Popularity, Getting along with Others, Care of the Wash rooms, School Citizenship. Ed Mack and Robert Maxa are co-chairmen of boys' vigilance. DROP EVERYTHING! Suddenly a firebell rings and it's everybody outside in a hurry for there is a fire drill on! The brief space of time taken completely to evacuate the build ing is due to the efficient planning and direction of the local Fire Department Frequently seen in the halls and office of the high school are Carl F Marotzke Fire Commissioner: B. F. Schmidtke, Chief: Walter Schwartz Custodian Don Spadoni, secretary: Iames Metzelaars, Anthony Frisco, lohn Vukovich lSee Snapshotsj Tony Sabick has done a splendid job as chairman of the fire drill committee. Policeman Ioseph Hirtzer deserves thanks for special duties and services at all hours here at Argo High. ,145-' MARIANNE PEDERSON, es- corted by Hubert McDonald, in a candy pink French or- gandy, drop shoulder effect. Sophomore MILLIE NANNIN- GA, escorted by Ioe Cusi- mano, in powder blue taifeta, off the shoulder. silver slip- pers! Freshman SHIRLEY VSWOPE, escorted by lucky Ronald Luckett, in light blue taffeta, hoop skirt. bustle! Special honors: Jerry Panzer, Narrator: Red Moore, Prime Minister: Tony Ialovec and Earl Iohnson, the Iesters. 'K G A peppermint Stick Ball! ELAINE KREMEN. Queen oi Basketball! Escorted by Pat Wrenn, QUEEN ELAINE was lovely in a white moire gown of absolute perfection, gold accessories, full skirt. Q 77 l"aCl,0lfL:5 UQQI167 0 Ollefg Escorted by popular Bob Riddle, LOVELY LILLIAN was radiant in blue net. oii the shoulder, silver slippers, pink tea roses! Escorted by that football star Ronald Morgan BEAUTIFUL PHYLLIS was enchanting in pale yellow, low angel neckline, lull skirt! Escorted by that handsome star of football Iames Bockerich, DAINTY LAVERNE was a picture in tur- quoise, gold slippers, yellow roses! A special "Oscar" to Louis Ziebell as A1 Iolson! Another to Iohn Wiers, the -butler. i' THE NEW LOOK To ANN NYKIEI. Queen of Football! . . still dancing to the dreamy serenade. "At twelve o'cIock . . . 'lt happened at a Midnight Masquerade." Escorted by that star athlete. George Hebding, QUEEN ANN was beautiful in white marquisette, sweetheart neck- line. three dozen roses! 4 F.H.1-L. orrrczns Rose Buckmier ......,,.,.,,,,,,, President Irene Corbin .,i,....,... Vice-President Beverly Ross ........, Vice-President MGFY Ella Barber ...,., M .,., Secretary Georgia Armstrong ........ Treasurer Marianne Pederson ......,., .Reporter Lois Gipp . V............o..f-..... .... R eporter Alice Wagner ...... Porliamentorian ClCI1'CI Smit ..... W ..... Parliamentarian CCI1'l'1illCI Wheeler ,,,A,, W -,-, Historian Antoinette Garcia -.,,,,---..A Historian Bernadine Homko ..... Song Leader Elflifle Freck ,,.,,M,,,,,Y ,,S0f1g Legdgr THE i FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Fashionwise young people of this community look forward to style shows held each spring at Argo Hi. This year the NEW LOOK was delineated by the Simplicity Pattern Company on March 16. The l:'.H.A. sponsored this showing of lovely fashions, and the lovely, lively models were the girls ot the homemal-:ing classes. These girls gave their own style show on May 16, when they delighted the feminine audience with their own creations: the New Look for morning, noon, and evening wear. Miss Walton and Miss Bringman are the clothing instructors. MARTHA SCHOONVELD, Homemaking Ill, deserves special mention for splendid creative work in this department. The New Look is brought to the dining table by the girls studying food. F.H.A. MEMBERS Charlotte Bond Dolores Balanoff Mary Garcia Marilyn Hurd Beverly Lederrnan Catherine Milby Mary Ann Nieclballa Barbara Niedballa Phyllis Pascual Ruth Petzold Lois Baquse lean Rybacek Violet Schneider Violet Suszko Lucille Stefanski Thelma Wright Helen Whitko Audrey Marotzke 2 ix 5, E is F V. 4: my fi nf' an r 5 A. V -.fx ew of Y" .. x .' I N itll-1E LWIEEIALY IVIIAIQPON -F' L . A P333 . A QQQIG' 'lights Grant Others Q1a?HS -"" ' December 19, 1947 L es Teen g Inn '- K -ssl' G ElvRv'5iQ5245g?l Set Fine fl' U13 ,islcetball Pace Vurslty games. Fr Dick Morgan of the J! Argo aol have The n bex T1 WHS E O WJ Annual The Depai ...lent Depart- ds ol Sunday ol' the years Lo be ig such mas-V 1'8- byi 1. e .fur beautiful brlcl' .nlsslons at the stage wus set. ,,. b th for me tableau. Mr, Wlngo. sup- S Studenz erlntendent of schools wecom- O c law" as Relntlorvrs Y which cel the guesr.slil1.heschool,wlsh- O- 6 gum? l I me cp.--' ' the ed all 'erry Christmas. and V M 351' H 'M ' .C Ya' - discussed " 1 1 Lo the Leu recep- B' Q A Re' Xie swings were "" w S tely after the pro- -4. md 4 mg' .1161 1. DPU" Vecka then played nl E land u.-rush-Soph 46-34.The ten Numnh Supp 0 CA ..0. Holy mgm-3 lsse lc- Area Fresh-Suph show signs of Lions. 2. Pmmm ,au Showmg and lx-eu tide? "' ggznxlgzghfeam V H in lnlcrschool ctw ggi- -sms by the :lud- JI5 glwos on' ' eatin? :hers good sludel we Why U12 Chimes R805-" knit' 'mm' i Q n L else 'qLlons, 4. Exerts 15555. Christmas Play. was drama- Pcnpor Qgmiql' H LV dirt' I, '-fnce on the EJ xml tlzed. Jack Oremus. FHM "' ' Engihl e ' X ykvfifiz col Urn ' 5. Develop: .. co-open son, Hu'2J BER ,, .,, N ,, . P, BW we qs Lockport 825- sch RIA' ln me solulloho Do YO If 5' X591 5 Anon. Cyp, " of a Stu- WHEN fm' will ..f Argo Fresh-Soph played dent Boa., S w promoLe 3 ,....wmas Lea and recep- fe ol like Eskimfi They looked liken student Strike. The puxx-'excl uou were held ln the achooltcat- 11 Games. .--dD- alneren' w. 'ro say they we' -ls szrlke was to mel-el i -mia immediately anal- me and F5151-UE! cold Q0 V-0 Dui. ltr' ' ,A 'd's power. since it pn Wm in the audltorulm.Dur- 'B "m".'1e5- A' ily lo-' . XX 'ry ume. The Stude 75 A-ceprlon, Mr. Wlngo: vsisagffsl. 160- ' V" s S'Q ,, ves there testltle-. M - it Mrs G' Reyn- make as 6:6-'Gangs - I Q!" ,mined them much publlcn, H H f me graves 'cb Vern 9 U- "- P' .rt felled ln Us real purpose, Su.. 1. R. Oumry l .S P S boys were V3 . si,-,ce n M.. .......,,.--.. .........., nreslden.. summit-Ai-gt. 2 .im to e une of 48- .. A . . yman's x. made short Q6 oogood game all the way throughi :mga ANSWER To THE WHOZIT eches ln which the splrli of Anas The youngsters got hack ln 8 Strike B1l1Adama1Lls ,rlggmgg was the central in Qnuary the groove to run over a weak I ned to :me. After enjoying the tasty iTh: .pple to team 52-28. 4 a A U - - Q v U sandwiches. co!!ee. tea. and: l l l Stella Ianettas Grace Pishos Lois Lind Rose Buckmeir Eleanor Olesky Hubert McDonald Elaine Schranz George Zachau Charles Krueger MEMBERS Hal Veldrnan Anthony Ialovec Olga Tsourrnos Ted Ronczkowski Alice Wagner Shirley Kreteriield Pat Cook Trudy Brodnicki Ieanne La Roshe Ioe Brencic QUILL AND SCROLL HONORARY IOURNALISM OFFICERS Dick Morgan, President Anne Sonopol, Vice-President Tannie Sonopol, Secretary Lorraine Kriz, Treasurer SPONSORS Mr. Kusenda Mrs. Harmon Mr. Maloy Ann Ieno Agnes Pollard Sidney Seward Milton Bohannion Marianne Pederson Iune Kenrich Ray Steinbeiqle Adam Novosad Lois Gualano CONTRIBUTORS Seniors Mary Ann Potacki Eleanor Oleksey Elaine Krernen Lois Lind Ray Sieinbeigle Rose Buckmeier Shirley Treadway Agnes Pollard Art Leirnqruber Iames Copp Hubert McDonald Iuniors Walter Kaienhusen Roann Taveqgia Alice Blazelc Marianne Pederson Connie Kaczrnarek Lois Cualano Iune Kenrich Pauline Kavacic Sophomores Doris Ann Braasch Dolores Curry Donarnae Hapke lean Laitirner Carol Scheibe Marion Tucker Arlene Wittenkeller Freshmen Arlene Blazevich Lorraine Gleatis Barbara Bolek Ioyce Schultz Iohn Davik Dorothea Kriz Mary Ann Atherton Vivian Cook La Verne Anderson Marilyn Hurd PRINTING Hal Veldman, Linotype Charles Kreuqer, Make-up Anthony Ialovec, Make-up Donald Ialovec, Press Don Buczkowski, Press THE WEEKLY MAROON Dick Morgan Lorraine Kriz Anne Sonopol Olga Tsourmas Tannie Sonopol Mr. Kusenda STAFF LEADERS Editors in Chiei Stella Ianettas Grace Pishos Associate Editors Phyllis Treadway Anne Novasad Kathleen Manos Faculty Advisors Mr. Maloy c. Vi' 5. WRUBSQQXOOQGRNJQU Pg- A 5A , ew 0 rTown"Commg 6,535 aww Pa xr Town," by Thorf' Q3 902655 Z . xas neon seen if J- IX! I b l CQ' 'ff K lo Z then Clzlss 1.! i1li1rl,+'A ' Y Q ff it l was it was QUILL AND..v1tUl.i.ASSEMBl.F ed the nuimzcr Prize ns if 111341 ln America each L nlo a. movie my Award in and ra. S' n Lk ilre f the MUD! 'l'. me ' Emily "kr-LL' :is will 1'-lay fm Vt:-hns 11, nlnle roles ve Pat, ikow will it si" vonums V55 ei b with .4. GX .x ful sea .mfr HONORARY CLUB t. e .es by B rt and his Hier but Mem' gm- consnlr ,J s, , me n. Bmw W Pfff and u por POW I5 per center ' I , r 11116211 set Class are V 'L llgomggfnlnr and of me pmmem mme' ' ' Mgffi' ' .fu Mrs, Sonmes f' iprt! 11. It 5-. .h had Pflyll' Yg' -5319, Richard mfmbir' 5 Q 'Lunity 3 Q Q mn. Lf-lr Wally Webb. a -7 'L' L KY- ' Prvsld D E-4 omg LQ ter Q ' 'msezk and Chosen- ', ' ' Q50 me to O 5 Amer- J Q , ie, play Rebecca Elm?-" fm' this SOON" llll KQ' 'n," 5, Taylor. 'R Q Motga ers helping 1,0 Sswiof at least I 1 limi U7 this pta: Y ' f ,dore 1 are: Robert. Af' , MY must' Us .,. , 3 V- , fd I- - -MHZ, A1111 mmscm' W, r . oi' their cis-3 . HA X13 -y ' V O ,ich L1r1.:'Q gggmiieggl, New.. t an 1 dune super 4 .rf I - tc E+ A he was Ti. .y. Olga fltspgi if , - - I - ef 4 se qi' jougzl ..v mg ,s - if E -dj by sup! Wagner. Qeonk?'g?11i:Ii: id Mm ,. 'Ieavorr-in ' 5' q , A. mm gms - Kattuyns' bgajgch 'Idzm '- , . -nded by 1 1. 0Z!T?t Sf 3ffSonopo1Hl1mW" Q -za ,111 L A W .ii the conmmittg ' A, .ns wire: me other twq,J" op - :We nd v, MA -IIE C112 PUbUU4lf10!1S-l1g-- lifnst Deopln who were lnfLincnlnfg.!'K ' 915' gona, AL ml- be DPPFO-Vtd by thai ,executive at the time he was st 9 ' nluvcc vt ,pay the pert se'cretaf'fYj ' X . M155 ,P fShlr1eyf awe . n 0 ZNWPU- ' 'C Us ' the require- 3' 1007 mbonejs - 'tio 15 1 tliird act three base 6,35 ,mis .1 '1 was el aat .imencz 'ers will make X' L- 5 1-'--M f" ' 6 sestsudi A in ,543 QQXO ... American me J. were Fred Mack SPECIAL MENTION Arnold Belke. Stage work . . , shows originality, diligence, reliability . . . always willing. Don Doyle. Creative work in American history . . . makes models of colonial stocks, roads, etc . . . curator, American history museum. Wilma Schmidt. Expert clerical work, American history. Charlene Hatch. Invaluable assistance, 1948 Argolite. Lydia Kayser. Library assistant . . . shows unusual amount of initiative. Elaine Schranz. Library assistant . . , can always be de- pended upon. Ronald Luckett. Business manager, junior play . . . de- pendability plus, Harry Trapp. Swim team manager , . . very dependable and reliable. Tony Sabick. Greatest manager athletic teams ever had. Kathleen Manos. Cheertully assumes responsibility . . . good organizer. Fred Mackall. Real responsibility in senior class activi- ties. Richard Iarrett. Broad understanding of historical prob- lems. Helen Chwierut. Remarkable poise and ability in pre- senting her ideas. , Wilda lean Cauhorn. Willingness to render any service . . . dependable. Ioyce Ashley. Friendliness, neatness, poise. Eleanor Cleksey. Charts, class work, organization work. Wilma Seveir. Splendid work with newspaper articles. SHOP Bob Iaroski is the bench room foreman, woodshop. He shows dependability. He is a cooperative, ex- cellent worker. Iohn Car- than is the woodworking machine foreman, wood- shop. He has wonderful ability in woodworking. This willing worker is al- ways dependable. EAGLE SCOUTS About fifty boys at Argo High are showing real community service in Boy Scout activities. E a g 1 e Scouts: Donald Haqlund, Iohn Drechen, and Len Ray Burris. COMMERCIAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Mary Iayne Burner President Alice Wagner Vice President Lorraine Vander Muil Secretary Eleanore Oleksey Treasurer Olga Tsourmas Publicity Chairman S P O N S O R S Miss Hendershot Mr. Louderbaclc Miss Milleville Ioyce Ashley Betty'Coomer Doris Hoffman lane Bartke Irene Corbin Marie Holt Mildred Beauchamp Katheryn Curkovich Bernadine Homko Lois Lind On March 10, the student body witnessed a demonstration of the typing abilities of Albert Tangora, seven times holder of the Worlds Typing Championship. A. I. Perelli, State Supervisor of Business Education: "From the short time spent at Argo, it appears that the pupils are given the opportunity for thorough training in the stenographic field. It would also appear that the pupils are reaching employable standards in this field." A survey of Clearing, Summit, and other industrial areas to find what sort of personnel training in business courses they could utilize in their plants has been authorized by the Board of Education. MEMBERS lean LaRoshe Beverly Lederman Grace Pishos Bern. Plozek Clara Smit Iennie Smit Tannie Sonopol Ruth Petzold Mary Bedore Marcella Debevec lean Hurd Dolores Mallory Georqann Polly Roanne Taveggia Alice Blazek Rena Duncan Shirley Iones Norma Martin Lorna Polly Katherine Tinman Betty Block lean Bsch Connie Kaczmarek Pat Maxa Mary Ann Potacki Shirley Treadway Barbara Bolster Ethel Freeman Helen Kaput Iris McNamer Pat Rich Richard Veldrnan Rose Buckmeier Dolores Fryzuik Iune Ke-nrich ,' Mary Ann Niedballa Robert Riddle Mary Ann Weiss Margaret Busse Lorraine Garrity Elaine Kremen Adam Novasad Martha Schoonveld Camilla Wheeler Irene Carver Arlene Giesler Shirley Kreterfield Ann Nykiel Elaine Schranz Dolores Wojiclc Wilda lean Cauhorn Pat Goodwin Ioan Kristofic Marianne Pederson Wilma Sevier Thelma Wright Adolph Chesny Lois Gualano Lorraine Kriz 'R Sheet metal, Layout ci Pattern making, Norman Gapa, Shop Foreman, Carpentry .................................................... lose-ph Moss, Shop Instructor, Pipefitiinq .....,.. .. ......., ....,...,.. C lifforcl Rachow, Assistant Foreman Trade electricity ,.-.,-... ......,.,, Shop Mathematics ,..,.,.....,....,. Duane H. Albery, Supervisor of training, Shorthand .,....,. - -.,..,.... ..,...c.. H , B. Louclerbach, Commercial Instructor, Typing rr...... r,..... , Anita Milleville, Commercial Instructor, Machinist .,,... ..., ,........, W a lter Schmidt, Shop Instructor, Comptometry ...... H ...,..., .,..r.. R ose Poltel, Cornptometry, Robert Westley, Chief electrical foreman, C.P.R.C. A,C.H.S. C.P.R.C. C.P.R.C. C.P.R.C. A.C.H.S. A.C.H.S. A.C.H.S. C.P.R.C. NIGHT SCHOOL Supervisor Leonard E. Trexler Dean of Boys A.C.H.S. CAFETERIA Tasty nutrmous luncheons are served darly Early ln the tall Mrs Iva Wrllrams cafetena manager attended a meetrng at 'Wells Hrgh School rn Chrcago and heard state men lnterested rn school cafeterra Work g1ve talks and reports on food Mrs Wrlhonrs and her staff Mrs Bonme Hegstrom Mrs Rose Herzog and Mrs Myrtle Snnth serve a school lunch contcunrng one th1rd to one half the food value requrrement of the day Thrs IS rn keepmg W1th the suggestron of nutr1t1on experts MORNING NOON and NIGHT The West Suburban Councrl of Boy Scouts enroy each Week the swrm and fac1l1t1es Basketball practrce 1S on the sports schedule of a group from the Corn Products Ptefmrng Company who regularly use the gym tac1l1t1es Also act1ve rn the athletrc program are Veterans of Forergn Wars Lmcoln Athlet1c Club Surnmrt 5800 Dom1noes A C Summrt Congregatronal Church Church of the Nazarene Amerrcan Legron tbaseballl Speclal programs are frequently sponsored by varrous church and communlty tronal Church Wheaton College Cholr tmusxcall St losephs Church 75th Anrnversary Croatron Fraternal Unlon tchoral groupl Antroch Baptrst Church Amerxcan Russran Fraternal Soczety tprograrn audrtorluml St Mathews A M E Church Crnuslcall Church of God and Chrlst program rn audrtonum Prlgrlm Holmess audltorrum program The Post Offrce holds the C1v1l Servlce examrnatrons here The grade schools are frequently at Argo Hlgh Graves School Crrcus fall 1947 Walsh P T Luncheon and Bazaar Perhaps the most fun at any school communrty protect held rn recent years was the Back to School proJect of the Argo Summrt Lyons Club W1th brrght tres tand remarks? several pronunent busmess men vlsrted classes and wrestled with the Three Rs Students faculty superlntendent and guests had many a laugh along W1th the senous thought behmd any Back to School movement that brmgs the school and commumty closer together THE SCHOOL AND THE COMMUNITY I . ' 'I . I I V groups: Argo Congregational Church, Fall Festival: 1947: Summit Congrega- THE SENIOR CLASS mmmn Maui, Rm COMMENCEMENTSIUNE 11. 1948 S P E A K E R S Richard Morgan Anne Sonopol O F F I C E R S Ray Steinloeigle ........,....,... - ...,.A............. President Hubert McDonald Vice President Elaine Krernen .,,........,.. -4 .......... .,..... - ---Secretary Rose Buckmeier ...................,...,,, ,........ T reasurer Eugene Schmitz ......... Shirley Treadway -----.---oI-listorian ,.-.-,--,---..,-,,Reporter Miss Broom .,.........,..,. ,........,,.., C lass Sponsor Mr. Schmidt -E .,.,.... -MH .......... Co-Sponsor SPECIAL HONORS Highest in Scholarship-Lorraine Kriz D.A.R. Award-Anne Sonopol '47 All-Conference Football-Eugene Schmitz Normal Scholarship-Agnes Pollard American Fed. Womans Clubs Occupational Therapy-Shirley Treadway Football Queen-Ann Nykiel Basketball Queen-Elaine Kremen HONOR ROLL-FIRST SEMESTER Iean Esch Richard Morgan George Zachau Mary Ella Barber Betty Block Trudy Brodnicl-:i Mary Iayne Burner Adolph Chesny Rena Duncan Daisy Hamilton Phyllis Henderson lean Hurd Lela Kluve Elaine Kremen Shirley Kretertield Lorraine Kriz Ieanne LaPtoche Fred Mackall Dolores Mallory Adam Novosad Eleanore Oleksey Ruth Petzold Agnes Pollard Georgeann Polly Theodore Ronczkowski Eugene Schmitz Elaine Schranz Wilma Sevier Anne Sonopol Shirley Treadway Olga Tsourmas Lorraine Vander Muil Editor in Chief ....,... . . Senior Editor ..,.,.......,,,. Business Manager Sports Editor ....,... Principal ..,,,....,... Book Planning ......,.. Senior Sponsor ......,. Class Will .,,.,,,.. Class Will .,.... Prophecy ,...,... Class History ........ Class History ....... Photography ...,,.,. Photography ,..,.... ARGOLITE STAFF Typists ---.-.-.George Zachau ...--.r,.,Elaine Schranz ---.---.-Ted Ronczkowski --.,-,-.Adarn Novosad Wingo . ,,....... Mrs. Harmon Broom i---,,,cShirley Kreterfield ---.r.--,.Adolph Chesny .--.,...Agnes Pollard .-,---------..-,Rena Duncan Mary Ann Potacki -..-..-,Shirley Lederrnan .-,--.-.,,'I'ony Sabick Shirley Kreterfield Iean La Roche Pat Cook Ann Ieno Alice Wagner Eleanor Oleksey Senior Editors Trudy Brodnicki Elaine Kremen Shirley Treadway lane La Duct Ioe Brencic Lorraine Kriz Edith Taylor Charlene Hatch Frieda Ruff lean Kasrnerchak Georgiann Parlin Class Contributors Cecil Mitchell William Streckert Ieanette Ryan Helen Hoffman Carol Scheibe Dick Wingo Edward Schaffroth Connie Kaczrnarelc Iune Kendrich Marge Handing Helen Kaput nof yOu are, LULO yOU, are, Auf lfULal yOu he g0'il'l.g fo Le. .sjlfafif ant! 3616? OF 1948 WILLIAM ADAMAITIS Bill . . . senior play . . . honor roll . . . swimming . . . wants to be an architect. GEORGIA ARMSTRONG Dress designer . . . P.H.A. officer . . . makes friends . . . sings. IOYCE ASHLEY Icy . . . plays the accordion . . . quiet nature . , . Commercial Honor Society. RICHARD BALSEVICH Dick . . . likes puzzles . . . football . . . basketball . . . track . . . A Club. MARY ELLA BARBER-Blondie . . . reading . . . P.H.A. . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Commercial Honor Society. IANE BARTKE Icme . . . bowling . . . swimming . . . G.A.A. . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . modeling. ARNOLD BELKE Arn . . . hunting . . . band . , . orchestra . . . stage manager. BETTY BLOCK Blondie . . . photography . . . G.A.A., pres. . . . Spanish Club, pres. senior play prompter . . . Advis- ory Board . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. BARBARA BOLSTER Barb . . . dancing and reading . . . G.A.A. Board . . . F.H.A .... Commercial Honor Society. IOSEPH BRENCIC Ioe . . . drawing . . . chorus . . . ope- retta . . . senior play . . . Argolite . . . coronations . . , Quill 5: Scroll. TRUDY BRODNICKI Toodie . . . assistant director, senior play , . . office assistant . . . Argolite . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society . . . Quill 5: Scroll. WILLIAM BROWN Henry . . . irosh-soph football . . . vice president '45 . . . Maroon. A jo .Argo .Mg we :Sing a :Song Of memories func! ann! clear ROSE BUCKMEIER Swimming , . . chorus . . . Football Queen Candidate '45 . . . F.H.A. pres .... Advisory Board . . . Senior Board . . . Quill 61 Scroll . . . senior class, treas .... Commercial Honor Society. DONALD BUCZKOWSKI Buzz . . . collects advertisements . . . skating . . . swimming team . . . print shop. MARY IAYNE BURNER Iayne . . . Spanish Club . . . G.A.A. . . . junior play . . . cheerleader prom committee . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. MARGARET BUSSE Marge , . . plays the piano . . . dancing . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . friendly. IANES CALLAHAN Kelly . . . A Club president . . . iunior play . . . football . . . track . . . band. IOHN CART!-IAN Iohnny . . . Woodworking . . . basketball . . . ambition, interior decorator. IRENE CARVER I . . . swimming . . . operetta . . . chorus . . . Commercial Honor Society. WILDA IEAN CAUHORN lean . . . bicycle riding . . . dic- taphone award . . . Commercial Honor Society. ADOLPI-I CHESNY Sweets . . . expert with bicycles . . . basketball . . . vigilance . . . Argolite . . . sound effects for senior play . . . Commercial Honor Society. ROBERT CHRSNY Bob . . . vigilance . . . swimming team . , . another expert with bicycles. DONALD COCHRANE Don . . . vigilance . . . hi noon . . . fire patrol . . . assembly play. PATRICIA COOK' Slim . . . photography . . . tennis . . F.H.A .... G.A.A. vigilance . . . Quill G Scroll . . Argolite. IAMES COPP Iim . . . A Club . . . vigilance . . . fire pa- trol . . . football . . . basketball . . . ambition, baseball coach. t IRENE CORBIN I. . . F.H.A .... G.A.A. . . . cheerleader . . . pleasant singing voice . . . Commercial Honor So- ciety. ISSRC DELGADO Ike . . . swimming . . . chorus . . operetta. PAUL DUNAICIK Paul . .. . baseball . . . basketball . . best in commercial work. RENA DUNCAN Shorty . . . photography . . . G.A.A. . . . F.H.A .... senior play prornpter . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Argolite. BYRON ELLIS By . . . hunting . . . band . . . orchestra . . president, band '45 . . . baseball. IEBN ESCH Orchestra . . . band president . . . outstand- ing flute player . . . National Honor Society . . . Com- mercial Honor Society. ORVILLE FLOYD Orvie . . . collects stamps . . . dramatics wants to see the world. ROGER GARRISON Hog . . . junior play . . . basketball . . . vigilance . . . wants to travel West. EARL GIPP Life of the party . . . swimming team . . draitsman . . . popular. ROSE GLUSKO Sketching . . . G.A.A .... orchestra . . ambition, commercial artist. ROBERT GRAHAM Dramatics . . . senior play . . . expert with movie equipment . . . ambition, stage technician. WMM .xdrgo .Mg our Aearfa' remain jAl"0MgA BHC U Juccee ing ygdr. MARY ELLA GREEN Butch . . . horseback riding . . . wants to be a model. ,DONALD HAGLUND Red . . . baseball . . . plays accor- dion . . . rnech. drawing . . . stage manager . . . lr. and Sr. plays. V DAISY HAMILTON Day . . . collects small lamps . . . studious . . . orchestra . . . wants to be airline stewardess. 1 9' GEORGE HEBDING Hunting . . . class historian '44 . .- fire patrol . . . A Club . . . football . . . basketball . . baseball. 1 PHYLLIS HENDERSON Phil . . . collects souvenirs . . . football queen candidate, '46 . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. BERNADINE HENLEY Rem . .' . dancing . . . F.H.A. . . . G.A.A .... cheerleader . . . Commercial Honor Society. MARY ALICE HERNANDEZ Alice . . . collects photographs . . . vigilance . . . ambition, typtst. IEAN HURD Iean . . . plays the accordion . . . G.A.A. hi noon . . . coronation senior play committee . . . Com- mercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. ROBERT IAROSIK Bob . . . woodwork . . . soda jerk . . friendly . . , ambition, carpenter. ANN IENO Annie . , . swimming . . , G.A.A. typist for an- nual . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Quill 6: Scroll. ROBERT IOHNSON Iolmny . . . junior and senior plays . . . . . . cheery personality . . . ambition, college. 4 IAMES KLANYAC lim . . . metal work . . . nice guy . . . honor roll . . . likes English . . . ambition, Naval Air Corps. ' LELA KLUVE Lee . . . fire patrol . . . honor roll . . . nice personality . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society . . . ambition, nurse. LILLIAN KORAN Lil . . . bowling . . . collects foreign post cards . . . G.A.l-I .... F.H.A .... Commercial Honor Society. ELAINE KREMEN Chorus . . . cheerleader . . . G.A.A. vice X 'l I pres. '46 . . . sec. '47 . . . Dictaphone award . . . F.H.A Coronation Committee . . . Commercial Honor Society . .. National Honor Society . . . Basketball Queen '48. SHIRLEY KRETERFIELD Shirl . . . band . . . orchestra . . . librarian . . . Dictaphone Award . . . class secretary '45 W . . . vigilance . . . Argolite . . . senior play . . . Commer- A A cial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society . . . Quill Gt Scroll. IOAN KBISTOI-'IK Ioanie . . . dancing . . . reading . . . G.A.A . . . cheerleader . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . ambition, stenographer and travel. LORRAINE KRIZ Lon' . . . librarian . . . coronations . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Ir. class treas .... Ir. Prom chairman . . . Ir. and Sr. plays . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . H National Honor Society . . . Quill G Scroll . . . Argolite I . . . Editor in Chief, Maroon. ' IANE LA DUCT Icmie . . . sweet and shy . . . fire patrol . . . ambition, surgical nurse. IEAN' LA ROSHE Iecmne . . . costume designing . . . Dicta If phone Award . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Na- fl. tional Honor Society . . . Quill 6: Scroll. ft? X, H Q aft H, E55 sam-Swag W. s E ma- . ls m ELAINE LEARNER Little Knute . . . tennis . . . vigilance W G A A collects records E SHIRLEY LEDERM1-IN Shirt , . . Maroon . . . publicity, Ir. play . . . White Sox fan . . . Commercial Honor Society. ARTHUR LEIMGRUBER Art . . . dancing . . . basketball . . . football . . . A Club vigilance . . . fire patrol . . . ambition coach. WILLIAM LEWANDOWSKI Bill . . . collecting pin-ups . . . baseball . . . quiet. 3601494 Lien ri may ocaffer ar ana! wizle, .I .Ay Qui' .JL1learf5 wi! ever Lofcl LOIS LIND Lindy . . . librarian . . . Basketball Queen '45 . . . reporter '45 . . . G.A.A .... vigilance . . . Advisory Board . . . prom . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Quill :S Scroll . . . Dictaphone Award . . . Honor Roll . . . Coronation. ANTHONY LISS Tony . . . pinochle or pool . . . basketball . . . track . . . cross country . . . A Club. IOHN LOS The Great Iolm I. . . . woodworking . . swimming . . . draitsman. NELLROY LYNCH Teddie . . . baseball . . . veteran . . . ambition, draitsman. EDWARD MACK Brother Bull . . . track . . . captain foot- ball team . . . vice president A Club . . . vigilance . . . hi noon . . . Student Advisory Board. GEORGE MACK Mickey . . . woodworking . . . jet racer . . . track . . . fishing . . . hunting. FRED IVIACKALL Bo . . . band . . . orchestra . . . Ir. and Sr. plays . . . honor roll , . , vice president, senior class . . . Sr. prom. chairman. DOLORES MALLORY De De . . . dancing and playing piano . . . G.A.A .... senior play prompter . . . senior board . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. IENNE MARKEZICH len . . . dancing . . . chorus . . . ops eretta . . . wants to be successful. IAMES MATAITIS lake . . . shy . . . dramatics . . . usually seen with Ierry Eckert. ROBERT MAXA Bob . . . ice skating . . . swimming . . . baseball . . . lr. and Sr. plays . . . vigilance . . . hi noon . . . basketball . . . tire patrol. STEVE MAZAK Smiley . . . pinochle . . . baseball . . track . . . vigilance . hi noon . . . tire patrol. HUBERT McDONALD Mac . . . sports . . . vice president, junior class . . . jr. play . . . Advisory Board . . . senior board . . . A Club . . . Quill G Scroll. ELSIE MERRELL Els . . . reading . . . new girl . . . am- bition, to get married. RAYMOND MOORE Red . . . hunting . . . fishing . . football . . . ambition, advertising. RICHARD MORGAN Dick . . . Editor in chief, Maroon . . . class co-editor, annual . . . Student Advisory Board . . . jr. and sr. plays . . . National Honor Society . . . Quill fi Scroll. BILL NASH Bill . . . shoots pool . . . frosh-soph baseball . . . vigilance . . . hi noon. LAWRENCE NATIVO Larry . . . flying . . . honor roll . . jr. and sr. plays . . . University of Illinois. MARY ANN NEIDBALLA Mitzie . . . collecting photo- graphs . . . F.H.A .... G.A.A .... vigilance . . . Com- mercial Honor Society. ADAM NOVOSAD Adam . . . basketball football . . . baseball . . . A Club . . . Argolite Staff . Quill G Scroll . . . ambition, banker. ANN NYKIEL Low . . . collecting handlcerchiels . . . nat- ural curly hair . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Foot- ball Queen '47, ROBERT OBERBECK Bob . . . photographs of baseball players . . . senior play dramatics . . . ambition, watch repalrer. ELEANORE OLEKSEY Band . . . G.A.A .... FHA. . . . prompter, junior play . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . honor roll . . . Quill G Scroll . . . secy. treas. Spanish Club . . . pretty blond hair. GERALD PANZER Gerry . . . woodwork . . . sophomore class president . . . Advisory Board . . . jr and sr plays. we Jong we dang fo Jdrgo eh youfk wad 5il"0l'lg CZDJLOKJ NADINE PARROTT Nay . . . dancing . . . sewing . . . wants to be a professional dancer or seamstress. LESLIE PEDERSONQ Les . . . cars . . . sports . . . drafting . . . join the navy. CHESTER PERCZYNSKI Chet . . . swimming . . . likes to fix cars . . . ambition, machinist. RUTH PETZOLD Pretzel . . . F.l-LA .... historian and secretary of F.l-LA .... librarian . . . Commercial Honor Society. -THOMAS PLANT Tom . . . fixes cars . . . baseball . . football . . . quiet boy. AGNES POLLARD Tedi . . . dancing . . . reading . . . G.A.A .... Argolite Staff . . . Maroon . . . junior and senior plays . . . National Honor Societyy . . . Spanish Club . . . Quill and Scroll. V. L GEORGEANN POLLY Polly . . . dancing . . . cheerleader . . . G.A.A. librarian . . . Tripple Trio . . . office assistant . . . Commercial Honor Society . , . junior play . . . one twin. fLORNA POLLY Pat . . . dancing . . . P.l-LA .... G.A.A. librarian . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . the other twin. MARY ANN POTACKI Myrna: . . . collecting pictures . . . G.A.A. treas .... F.H.A. treas .... tennis and badmin- ton . . . prompter, senior play . . . Maroon Staff . . . Commercial Honor Society. FRANK POTEMPA Fritz . . . sleeping . . . Hockey . . . well liked by all. IAMES PROPFITT Porky . . . driving . . . class president, junior year . . . vice president, sophomore year . . . Student Advisory Board. NORMAN RICK Rick . . . woodshop . . . hunting and fish- ing . . . ambition, travel. ROBERT RIDDLE Bob . . . swimming . . . football . . . basketball . . . hi noon . . . honor roll . . . Commercial Honor Society. THEODORE RONCZKOWSKI Angelo . . . baseball . . . basketball . . . football . . . cross country . . . A Club . . . vigilance . . . fire patrol . . . Argolite . . . National Honor Society . . . Quill 6 Scroll. BEVERLY ROSS Bev . . . F.H.A .... Basketball Queen Candidate 47 . . . jr. play prompter . . . vigilance . . . librarian . . . senior board . . . Commercial Honor So- ciety. DONALD ROSS Red . . . baseball . . . basketball . . wood shop . . . likes woodworking. TONY SABICK Sports . . . coaching . . . vigilance . . . fire patrol . . . A Club cafeteria . . . stage manager. CHESTER SAMBOR Slug . . . billiards . . . collects stamps . . . sports . . . honor roll . . . baseball aspirations IEAN SCHMIDT Ieanie . . . collects records . . . G.A.A. . . . Homernalcing Club . , . photography. EUGENE SCHMITZ Smitty . . . weight lifting . . . football . . . baseball . . . A Club . . . sr. class historian. MARTHA SCHOONVELD Writing letters . . . F.H.A. . . . G.A.A .... vigilance . . . popular girl . . . Commercial Honor Society. ELAINE SCHRANZ E Schranzie . . . reading . . . librarian . .L tire committee . . . Argolite staff . . . Quill 6: Scroll , . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. VIRGINIA SEASHOLTZ Virq . . . dancing . . . band . . vigilance . . . ambition, stenographer. WILMA SEVEIR Cookie . . . horses . . . F.H.A .... G.A.A. cafeteria . . . Commercial Honor Society. 366 Jong we dang. fo .!4l"g0 mi grighfen every ag. DONALD SEWARD Doc . . . football . . . track . . . cross country . . . ambition, college. SIDNEY SEWARD Stamp collecting . . . track . , . print shop . . . Quill 61 Scroll. ELVERA SEIGWORTH Al . . . drawing . . . dancing . . . majorette . . . G.A.A. Board . . . F.H.A. . . . ambition, business college. IENNIE SMIT Smit . . . G.A.A .... piano . . . F.H.A. Commercial Honor Society . . . ambition, stenographer. ANNE SONOPOI. Football Queen Candidate '44 . . freshman and junior class secretary . . . Maroon Advis- ory Board . . . Senior Board . . . G.A.A .... National Honor Society . . . Quill G Scroll. ' IOHN STANTON lohn L . . . swimming . . . swimming team . . . woodworker. LUCILLE STEFANSKI Knitting . . . G.A.A .... F.H.A. . . librarian . . . ambition, college, RAYMOND STEINBEIGLE Big Iohn . . . football . . . basket- ball . . . baseball . . . A Club . . . iire patrol . . . Advis- ory Board . . .pre-sident, senior class . . . Quill Gt Scroll . . . National Honor Society. STANLEY STELLMASZYK Stash . . . reading . . . always cordial . . . Merchant Marine. ROSE ANN SWEDO Pena . . . G.A.A .... F.H.A. good class spirit . . . wants to be a Wac. DOLOBES SZYMANSKI Dolly . . . roller skating . . . dancing . . . operetta . . . oiiice worker . . . writes let- ters to service men. KATHERINE TINMAN .Kay . . . P.H.A. . Q . G.A.A. . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . ambition, comptometer operator. I ' SHIRLEY TREADWAY Curley . . . G.A.A .... librarian . . . Maroon . . . sr. class reporter . . . jr. and sr. plays . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society. OLGA TSOURMAS Dancing . . . G.A.A .... Maroon Staff . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . National Honor Society . . . Quill 6- Scroll . . . ambition, college. LORRAINE VANDER MUIL Mule . . . prompter, junior play . . . prom committee . . . Spanish Club . . . Dictaphone Award . . . Commercial Honor Society. RICHARD VELDMAN Bud . . . wood shop . . . hi noon . . . saves dimes . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . ambition, carpenter. ALICE WAGNER Band . . . chorus . . . G.A.A .... F.H.A. Argolite . . Dictaphone Award . . . Commercial Honor Society, vice pres . . . National Honor Society . . . Quill 6 Scroll . . . Drum Major. VICTORI WANDS Vicky . . . sports . . . vigilance . . Commercial Honor Society . . . ambition, travel. MARY ANN WELSS Skippy . . . dancing . . . G.A.A. . , F.l-LA .... band . . . orchestra . . . honor roll . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Maroon. NATALIE WHITKO Natch . . . reading . . . office Worker . . . F.l-LA .... ambition, nurse. PATRICK WRENN Pat . . . football . . . basketball . . . A Club . . . vigilance . . . tire patrol . . . ambition, college. ROBERT YOUNG Bob . . . fixing cars . . . football . . . hi noon . . . quiet boy . . . nice personality. GEORGE ZACHAU Model planes . . . sports . . . honor roll . . . Quill G Scroll . . . National Honor Society . . . Editor in chief, Argolite. LORRAINE ZARANSKY Lor . . . collects records . . . G.A.A. . . . F.H.A .... Commercial Honor Society. DOROTHY ZIEBELL Zieballsl . . . dancing . . . Basketball Queen Candidate '45 . . . junior play . . . cheerleader . . . G-.A.A .... vigilance . . . Student Advisory Board. SAM DUNCAN Popular marine . . . stationed in Panama . . . basketball player . . . popular Argonaut . . . See picture tagainst treel. ALSO RECEIVING DIPLOMAS HOMER CLARK ROBERT LEMKE WILLIAM ETHERIDGE LOUIS WILLIAMS CLASS HISTORY We felt big entering high school as green freshies. We showed we weren't so small by running a close second in the football contest with lovely Ann Sonopol, our candidate. Personality plus, golden haired Dorothy Ziebell, was our basketball queen candidate: but, as usual, we had to bow to the seniors. In athletics, both boys and girls participated. Officers: Louis Hester, president: Bill Brown, vice president: Ann Sonopol, secretary: Sheila Davis, treasurer: Lois Lind, reporter: and George Hebding, historian. We thank Mrs. Harmon and Mr. Kusenda for a great start. As sophomores, we entered Argo High a little more experienced. Class officers: Iames Proffitt, president: Ann Sonopol, vice president: Shirley Kreter- field, secretary: Louis Hester, treasurer: Alice Wagner, reporter: and Colletta Mehler, historian. We had a mighty good football season with charming Rose Buckmier as our queen candidate. Defeated again by the seniors, we were determined to win the basketball contest! Vivacious Lois Lind and our slogan "Win with Lindl" gave us the spirit to win. At the last basketball game, all were tense and waiting for the news, "Lois Lind, the Queenlf' This was one time we did not bow to the mighty seniors! Class sponsors: Mr. Williams and Miss Buser. In our junior year, eight fellow classmates were elected to the National Honor Society: lean Esch, Shirley Kreterfield, Lorraine Kriz, Dolores Mallory, Richard Morgan, Theodore Ronczkowski, Ann Sonopol, and Shirley Treadway. We made a good showing in the Commercial Honor Society. Our queen candidates: Phyllis Henderson, football: Beverly Ross, basketball. With Mrs. Kamin as director, we presented "Best Foot Forward". Cast: Gerry Panzer, Hubert McDonald, Iames Callahan, Robert Iohnson, Roger Garrison, Georgeann Polly, Mary lane Burner, Agnes Pollard, Dorothy Ziebell, Richard Morgan, Fred Mackall, Lorraine Kriz, Bob Maxa, Sheila Davis, Lawrence Nativo, Shirley Treadway. Prompters: Eleanor Ole-ksey, Lorraine Vander Muil. Stage managers: Robert Graham and Arnold Belke. The junior basketball squad: Iohnson, Novasad, Leimgruber, Copp, Balse- vich, Seward, Hebding, Steinbeigle, McDonald, and Ronczskowski. Cheerlead- ers: Bernadine Henley, Dorothy Ziebell, Elaine Krernen, Georgeann Polly, Irene Corbin, and Mary Iayne Burner. We honored the seniors with the Junior-Senior Prom at the Stevens Hotel. Class officers, 1946-1947: Iames Proffit, president: Hubert McDonald, vice president: Ann Sonopol, secretary: Lorraine Kriz, treasurer: Sheila Davis, class reporter: Richard Morgan, historian. On the Argolite Staff were Ann Sonopol, Iames Copp, and Ann leno. Our deep appreciation to our sponsors, Miss Phillips and Mr. Hauswald. With Ray Steinbeigle as president, We were off in the fall of '47 on the last stepping stone to graduation, our senior year. This book is that story. Our record in these Argolite pages we shall always treasure. We are especially proud of our queens, Ann Nylciel, football queen, and Elaine Kremen, basketball queen. Our senior play went off splendidly. Thanks again, Mr. Hauswald. Many thanks, Miss Broom and Mr. Schmidt. CLASS WILL William Adamaitis-My sympathy to all the girls brokenhearted over Fred Mackall. Georgia Armstrong-My talent for singing to Dolores Curry. Ioyce Ashley-My timidity to lohn Drechen. Richard Balsevich-Myself to Marion Tucker. Mary Ella Barber-My blond hair to Lillian Smith. Iayne Bartke-My admiration for Mr. Schmidt to Helen Chwierut. Arnold Belke-My stage managing to Pete B. Betty Block-My presidency of G.A.A. to Ducky Parks. Barbara Bolster-My unpredictable ways to Iosephine Ioseph Brencic-My home work to Robert Swope. Trudy Brodnicki-My being secretary to Mr. Hauswald to Marjorie Bojanowski. William Brown-My handsomeness to Gene Harm. Rose Buckmeier-My pleasing shyness to Pat Ioy. Donald Buczkowski-My highest grades to David Raine. Mary Iayne Burner-My A's in senior literature to my brother, lack. Margaret Busse-My dark eyes to Arlene Balsevich. Iames Callahan-My beard to Ioe Sparacino. Iohn Carthan-My good disposition to cross teachers. Irene Carver-My beautiful hair to "Little" Leimgruber. Wilda Cauhorn-My handwriting to Nick Taloff. Patricia Cook-My nicknames, "Slim" cmd "Keyhole", to my cousin, Viv. Adolph Chesny-My knowledge of auditorium electrical equipment to Tom Billapando. Bob Chesny-My way of getting along with Mr. Hauswald to Bob Swanson. Donald Cochrane-My part in assembly programs to Don Adamaitis. Iames Copp-My pinochle playing to Red Regep. Irene Corbin-My cheerleading uniform to Mary Ann Pedersen. Paul Dunaicil:-My commercial abilities to Ethyl Klawitter. Rena Duncan-My height to Lenita Pollard. Alice Durka-My weakness for lack Owens to Geraldine. Ierome Eckert-My quiet classroom manners to Butch Perrin. lean Esch-A university student to Bernie Ploszek. Byron Ellis-My curly hair to Warren Allen. Orville Floyd-My personality to Robert Nelson. Roger Garrison-My attendance record to Pat Rich. Earl Gipp-The lunch in the bottom of my locker to Richard Ronczkowski Rose Glusko-My musical ability to Iames Ginalick. Robert Graham-My initiative to George Hawkins. Mary Ella Green--My shorthand ability to Iune Kenrich. Donald Haglund-All l have left to Warren Allen. Daisy Hamilton-My A in chemistry to Lydia Kayser. George Hebding-My luck in sports to Milton Bohannion. Phyllis Henderson-My shyness to Mary Ann Atherton. Bernadine Henley-My slim figure to my sister Barbara. CLASS WILL Mary Ahce Hernandez My ab1l1ty to speak Spamsh to Ieanette Ryan lean Hurd My talent w1th the accordlon to Bud Glnallck Robert Iaroslk Four years of woodshop to Robert Bell Ann Ieno My sense of humor to Dorothy Good Robert Iohnson My parts 1n the plays to Drck Wmqo Iafes Klanyac My abrhty to Juqqle vocabulary to Grace Plshos Lela Kluve-My qood qrades to my brother Carl L1ll1an Koran My ab1l1ty m sc1ence to my brother George Elalne Kremen My sports ab1l1ty to Betty Coomer Shlflle Kreterheld My qolng steady to Eunlce and Bob Ioan Knstohc My blue eyes to Alrce Blazek Lorrcune Knz The enjoyment I qot from bemq ln the plays to Wally Katenhusen lane La Duct My love for basketball to Brll Ieanne La Roshe-The oldest typewrrter to Elarne Frech Elame Learner My squeaky vorce to Bernadme Homko Shrrley Lederman My love for the Whrte Sox to my s1ster Beverly Arthur Leungruber My sports record to Tommy Esposrto Wxlham Lewandowsln My love tor Mr Larsen to Buddy Iohnson Iohn Los My Woodshop CLl31l1lY to Ted Lrsowskr Anthony Lxss My remarkable track record to lack Burner Lo1s Lxnd My popularlty to Donna Bray Edwcnd Mack My A club mernberslnp to Fred Hoetke George Mack My draftlnq experrence to Gabby Dolores Mallory My smqrnq ablhty to Mrldred Evans Ienme Markezrch My rndependence to Paullne Kovac1c Robert Maxa All my prnk sl1ps to Wally Parus Steve Mazak My good behavlor to sophomore Skorup Hubert Macdonald My good looks to Kenneth Olson Els1e Merkell My refreshlnq personallty to Lors Glpp Raymond Moore My red ha1r to Marge Handmq Rrchard Morgan My leadershrp to Rlchard WOJClk Bill Nash My plnochle playlnq to Don Healy Lawrence Nahvo My maklnq the plays to loyce Mlller Mary Ann Nredballa My d1IIlpl9S to my S1 ter Barbara Adam Novosad My ab1l1ty rn sports Wrrtlnq to Iohn Koslowskl Ann Nylnel My naturally curly ha1r to Wtlma Schmldt Robert Oberbeck My ab1l1ty to sleep 1n class to Phrhp Lloyd Eleanore Oleksey My qood nature to Carol Schrebe Gerald Panzer My curly ha1r to Gus Speros Nadme Parrott My talent for dancmq to Ioan Kyles Leshe Pedersen My Welqht to F at Boss Chester Perczynsl-rr Nothlnq to nobody Ruth Petzold My admlratton for the Cubs to Bob Adams Thomas Plant My ab1l1ty 1n machrne shop to Tony Novak Agnes Pollard My freckles and puq nose to Elarne Bouzek Fred Mackall-My ambition to make the A honor roll to Robert Swope. CLASS WILL Georgeann Polly-My self-confidence to La Verne Anderson Loma Polly-Tommy Bona to Roann Taveggia. Mary Ann Potacki-My. treasury of G.A.A. to Arlene Blazevich. Frank Potempa-My seat in Mrs. Karnin's room to Bob Sabick. Iames Proffitt-My nickname to Don Steinbeigle. Norman Rick-My Woodshop ability to Ray Smith. Robert Riddle-My bookkeeping ability to Ioe Allen. Vivian Rodriguez-My Spanish ability to Donald lanes. Theodore Ronczkowski-My witty sayings to my nephew "Rich." Beverly Ross-My job at Stones to Charlotte Bond. Donald Ross-My ability to talk and not get caught to limmy Walker. Tony Sabick--My football speed to Dick Orsey. Chester Sambor-My interest in sports to "Peachy". Iean Schmidt-My toboggan skill to Carol Schiebe. Eugene Schmitz-My Weightlifting to my brother Walter. Martha Schoonveld-My height to l-larnbone lalovec. Elaine Schranz-My position on the Argolite Staff to Bernie Homko. Wilma Sevier-My love tor horses to Bea Pulver. Donald Seward-The hurdles to Bill McCaw. Sidney Seward-My big feet to Veronica De Young. Elvera Seigworth-My baton to Donna Bray. Ieanne Smit-My quiet ways to Byron Hadley. Anne Sonopol-My good school record to Elaine Frech. Iohn Stanton-My good grades to Connie Madriaga. Lucille Steianski-My color schemes to Mary Sanchez. Raymond Steinbeigle-Myself to Iune Kenrich Stanley Stellmaszyek-My friends to Art Iarrett. Rose Swedo-My love of sports to Ioan Wangall. Dolores Szymanski-My love of chicken soup to Myles Novotny. Katherine Tinman-My ability in typing and shorthand to Beverly Lederman Shirley Treadway-My parts in the plays to Harriet Korman. Olga Tsourmas-My dramatic ability -to Martha Sullivan. Lorraine Van Der Muil-My friend, Mr. Louderback, to Betty Witherow. Richard Veldman-My excuses to get out of work in school to Iohn Hauser. Alice Wagner-My twirling ability to Rose Violetto. Mary Ann Wiess-My dark hair to Pat Iennings. Victory Wands-My unpredictable ways to Helen Kaput. Natalie Whitko-My great disposition to Ted Pankow. Patrick Wrenn-My neatly combed hair to Billy McDade. Robert Young--My long nose to Alice Blazek. George Zachau-My amiability to Ed. Sullivan. Lorraine Zaransky-My quiet manners to lack Lemmon. Dorothy Ziebell-My cheerleading ability to Frances l-larroll. -THE SENIORS CLASS PROPHECY Fifteen years have passed since graduation. The President of the U. S., A. Leimgruber, has just signed a bill making Iune ll Picnic Day for the Class of '48. His efficient secretary B. Block, is meeting with Secretary of State, G. Zachau: Vice-president, B. Ellis: and Speaker of the House, F. Mcrckcxll. In the "International Times", edited by I. LaRoche. we find E. Mack has just broken the international record for a football pass. G. Hebding hit the longest home run of the year. R. Steinbeigle scored 31 points in the world's championship basketball game. A. Pollard is head of Women's Phys. Ed. at Univ. of Ill. In the radio section we see G. Armstrong, singer, opens her new show sponsored by Perczynski-Neidballa. food capsules. R. Veldman and his nightly commentary prove very enlightening. O. Floyd and T. Liss are censors for the new radio program, "What Every Young Girl Should know". In the movie section, D. Cochrane is trying to win the academy award from R. Young. who has held it for the past two years. Movie of the week: "The Midget", starring M. I. Burner. Latest: S. Seward and wife-time out for honey- moon! Well, Wellll Look on page 5. A picture of nurses, N. Whitko, L. Koran, L. Kluve. and R. Swedo. Dr. Haglund is also in the picture. M. Schoonveld has won a state title in home making. Currently playing at the Metropolitan Opera is I. Markezich. accompanied by I. Esch and I. Hurd. Backstage we find A. Belke. stage manager, and B. Graham, electrician. B. Henley is head of the make-up committee. The famous dancer, N. Parrott, is accompanied by D. Mallory. A. Wagner is the stage beauty. D. Morgan. of the Home Owners Loon Association, and the former A. Sono- pol, famous doctor, are celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. CLASS PROPHECY E. Schmitz is stuck with the housework while the former I. Bartke. his wife, models evening wraps for R. Petzold's style show. Some of her other models are "Legs" Kremen and "The Body" L. Polly. The D. Seward and L. Nativo circus is in town. Heading the night's excite- ment are G. Polly and I. Kristofik. trapeze artists. W. Sevier is the bareback rider, V. Seasholtz sticks her head in the lion's mouth! L. Kriz's Lonely Hearts Club has competition from the Bachelors Union, head- ed by B. Adamaitis. V. Rodriquez and L. Zaransky are competing for the annual art awardg L. Li.nd and R. Duncan do the same for photography. S. Stellmazak and W. Lewcmdowski are private eyes in Philadelphia, with P. Cook and E. Seigworth as their secretaries. ln their latest victory, they turned over bank robber F. Potempa to Warden B. Brown cmd assistant, I. Carver. Inspector I. Brencic and secretary, A. Ieno. are giving suspect R. Balsevich a lie detector test. I. Callahan, multi-millionaire playboy, has recently been seen with dancer, D. Symanski. This bit of gossip has been written by R. Glusko and M. Barber. I. Smit operates a steam bath in a hotel owned by I. La Duct. A celebrity registered is A. Nykiel, Miss America of 1952! On page 25 is "Advise to the Lovelorn", written by W. Cauhorn. She just advised M. Busse to forget her career to save her marriage to B. Maxa. D. Hamilton 6. P. Henderson are costume designers tor the new play written by D. Zeibell and starring L. Vander Muil and R. Moore. S. Treadway 6 R. Buclhnier are in hiding from treasury agents, I. Schmidt and T. Brodnicki. G. Panzer and C. Sambor are doing their best to protect their sweetheart counterieiters. CLASS PROPHECY T. Sabick, mortician, will be the last to let you down, and R. Oberbeck grave- digger, will be the last to cover you up. K. Tinman gives you your daily menu, and M. E. Green will cook your meal at the Ritz Hotel, managed by M. A. Potacki. M. A. Weiss and E. Merkell have settled in Hollywood while B. Iarosik and I. Ashley are in San Diego. B. Bolster, local siren, is sueing A. Durka for alienation of affections. The man concerned is N. Rick. T. Plant can be seen rebuilding cars wrecked by T. Ronsckowski and P. Wrenn. millionaire playboys. S. Mazak and L. Pederson have settled on cattle ranches in Wyoming, while nearby R. Riddle :S D. Ross have oil fields. I. Corbin and S. Lederman are running for Mayor ot Argo, while Oleksey 6. Tsourmas make statues of them. A. Novasad controls the Federal Reserve System and I. Klanyac has invented a burglar alarm which stopped B. Nash and E. Gipp from becoming criminals. G. Mack and B. Chesny are hunting wild game in Africa, while R. Garrison and I. Proffitt do the same in South America. H. McDonald and I. Copp are tamed sports writers. B. Iohnson is a famous movie critic, and his greatest rival is M. A. Hernandez. B. Ross has taken over Stone's department store. A. Chesny controls the town of Chesnyville by sitting behind a desk and giving orders to D. Buczkow- ski. his secretary. I. Carthan and I. Los are automobile mechanics under the direction of P. Dunaicik. S. Kreteriield has just invented a pocket size typewriter. L. Stefanski and V. Wands have perfected a push-button kitchen. THE SENIOR PLAY THE TAVERN Dixector.M.r.Hauswa1d ,CAST Bob Iohnson ......... ........ t he tavern keeper's son Anne Sonopol .... - ..,.,..............,. . the hired girl Bob Maxa ...,.. ,.... ......,, t h e tavern keeper Don Haglund ...... ,...,..... t he hired man Gerry Panzer ....... -- ..., the vagabond Agnes Pollard .,........ ......,., t he woman Richard Morgan ..,,..,.. ,............... t he Governor Shirley Treadway ...........,..,. the Govemor's Wife Lorraine Kriz ..... ..,.,.. t he Govemor's daughter Fred Mackall ..,,.. L ,,.,...,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, the fiance Larry Nativo ...... ..,............, t he sheriff Robert Oberbeck .,.... ..,.,,....... . the sheriff's man Ioe Brencic ..,...,.. ......, th e sheriff's second man Bill Adamaitis ........ ......... t he sheriff's third man Bob Graham ...... ................., a sylum keeper The Quiet Secrets of the Tavern By Lorraine Kriz The play is over and the corsaqes are put away. For some, the evening is forgotten: for others, the door of a wonderful evening has been softly closed, but not locked. Let us re-open the closed door and join the cast as we recapture moments of fun. I remember the farewell of the Vagabond. I owe a lot to this romantic fellow of the world. And you, Ierry, l'm sure you remember for you did a marvelous job of portraying him. Remember the trouble we had getting our costumes? The day of the matinee, Tedi, You, and I had to go home to pick up Dick's outfit, and your coat! And you, Bill. Remember carrying Fred around? Those positions were really laugh provoking. Dick was to say, "Why, it's Tom Allenl"-And he could.n't even see him! What about the dust that was raised every time the gun went off! Could we forget that? And the times that Bob or Graham dropped Tedi? We really had some good laughs then! Those itchy black woolen stockings we wore! And in the dressing room. We needed traffic lights. But we had a great time! Remember piling into Mr. Hauswald's car after rehearsals, always at least 9 or 10 of us? When he got the new car, we had to take turns. Remember the time we pushed the old cor right down in to Argo? We really did a little bit of everything. Remember Trudy Brodnicki, Mr. Hauswald's right hand man? And those times the prompters had to tell us this or that! And you, Larry. Remember the red tape to get the guns and handcuffs? That was some- thing! But best of all-the fun we had! Remember? TEEN. INN O F F I C E R S Hubert McDonald ...... L ........ ---L .....,. President Ray Steinbeigle ......... ,...... V ice President Treasurer ......,....,. .......,.. D on Seward Secretary .,.... ,....... T annie Sonopol Historian ....... .......... R ose Buckmier Director .................... ..,.,... M rs. Irene Tucker Canteen Helper ........ ......., M rs. Carl Marotzke "Memories. Fond and Dear" School and community in close relationship at Teen Inn . . . Membership nearing 500 . . . Four nights a week . . . Dramatic Club, with Ioe Slowik direct- ing . . . Teen Inn has New Look, with dance floor, canteen, lounge, game room, two recreation rooms . . . Music always. Hallowe'en Party, with everyone in jeans or skirts teveryone except Frank Kuncic, Earl Gipp, and Ronczkowski, "just back from Civil War"l . . . Plenty ot confetti . . , Pat Cook had a big time playing with colored paper. Christmas Party, with the decorating of the huge Christmas tree, donated by Fred Mackall's dad . . . Ornaments and tinsel galore . . . Don Ialovec on top of chair hanging top ornaments . . . Tannie Sonopol, Elaine Krernen, Betty Block and Hugh McDonald decorating tree . . . Large crowd . . . Pop-corn . . . Merry Christmas! Fifth Birthday Party ot the Teen Inn, February 12 . . . Mr. Wilkinson's orches- tra . . . Vocalists: lim Shanahan and Georgeann Polly . . . Presents and special thanks to Mrs. Irene Tuckeer and Mrs. Marotzke . . . Ioey Slowik again . . . Tony Sabick as Cupid . . . Shirley Treadway balancing eggs on her nose . . . Past-presidents blowing out birthday candles . . . Happy Birthday! SENIOR PARTY Mr. Schmidt's jitterbugging at the senior party held last fall should not go unrecorded . . . Mr. Wilkinson deserves special thanks for his band . . . Georgia Armstrong and Dolores Mallory did a wonderful job of entertaining . . . Ann Ieno had the best costume . . . The style show put on by the boys was a screamingly funny interpretation ot The New Look . . . Thanks, Miss Broom. Walter Katenhusen Raymond Smith THE IUNIGR CLASS THE- IUNIOR PLAY OUR TOWN CSee picture, Dramatics, front sectionj Director, Mr. Wilkinson Assistant Director, Trudy Brodnicki Technical Manager, Charles Krueger About the Play Drama in three acts . . . unconventional production . . . minimum of proper- ties and scenery . . . audience concentration on character, dialogue, and costuming. Something to say about life and the hereafter . . . the blindness of the people pursuing the excitement of the moment. Period costumes . . . intricate lighting, colorful sound effects . . . an atmos- phere of great power . . . entire action of the play in Grovers Corners, About the Players Everybody concerned with the production of this unusual play is deserving of the highest praise. On both evenings the audience enjoyed an exceptionally fine and finished performance. Congratulations to Mr. Wilkinson and the entire Iunior Class! We shall never forget "Our Town". CAST IN PRODUCTION Stage Prompters Charles Krueger Donald Munday Grace Pishos Lois Crualano Emily Kavaler Anthony lalovec Louis Ziebell Earl Iohnson Ber. Ploszek Ronald Luckett Tannie Sonopol Marianne Pedersen Iohn Drechen Ted Panlcow Robert Adams Elaine Frech Patricia Rich Donald Figura loseph Sparacino William Scoby Tom Esposito Carl Kluve Don Doyle Evelyn Mendler Mary Matkovich Lydia Kayser Bern. Homko Edith Taylor Robert Adams ' Donald Figuera Donald Munday Make Up Agnes Pollard loe Brencic Dolores Wojcik Doris Hoffman gfgejgnmesoioski sound 5. Lights Carole Schmidt Katheryn Curkovich Dorothy Bostick Arnold Eelke Wayne punk Marcella Debevec lack Lemmon I Business Len Ray Burris Ronald Luckett Iune Kenrich Edith Taylor Betty Coomer Thelma Wright Costumes Clara Smit Carole Schmidt Dorothy Bostick Lydia, Kayser Publicity Evelyn Mendler lune Kenrich House Leonore Meiron I U N I O R C L A S S Stella Ianettas ....,,,.. OFFICERS ,,-.-.,,,.,,,,President Walter Katenhusen ,...,.... ..,,..,, V ice President Alice Blazek ..,.. 1 Tannie Sonopol Lillian Smith .,......, Ronald Luckett ..,., Mr. Hauswald ...... Miss Phillips .,..,, ,L ii..i Secretary ..,..-,.-.Treasurer Historian -,-11,..-1.-,1,,1Reporter -.-..-.,Class Sponsor ,.,111,--1Co-Sponsor H o N o R R o L L First Semester A Walter Katenhusen Iune Kenrich Grace Pishos Tannie Sonopol Edith Taylor B Alice Blazek Iohn Borowik Betty Coorner Kathryn Curkovich Lucille Gerches Arlene Giesler Lois Gualano Bill Hambley Marie Holt Connie Kaczmarek Mary Ann Matkovich Charles Neerman Ted Pankow Marianne Pedersen Robert Rich Dolores Woicik Walter Schmitz Roann Tavegqia Thelma Wright Louis Ziebell I UN IOR PROM IN MEMORIAM ' Weldon Anderson Shoreland Hotel 1931 - 1948 May 21, 1948 CLASS OF 1949 Bob Adams 0 Eugene Averman 0 Leslie Alexander 0 Robert Anklarn 0 Weldon Anderson 0 Chloe Apostolbpoulos Richard Ariail 0 Edward Baczynski 0 Mildred Beauchamp 0 Mary Bedore 0 Eleanor Benatti 0 Thomas 'Billapando Iean Bjorklund 0 Alice Blazek 0 Milton Bohannion 0 Thomas Bona 0 Dorothy Bostick 0 William Bray Gordon Bulow 0 Dolores Castellcmi I Hugh Cook o Betty Coomer 0 Letty Coomer 0 Katherine Curkovich Rosemary Czerniak 0 Marcella Dehevec 0 Donald Doyle 0 Iohn Drechen 0 Betty Dudley 0 Iohn Dunajcik Donna Eby 0 Tom Englehardt 0 Tom Esposito 0 Iohn Farkonis 0 Don Figura I Elaine Frech Dolores Fryziuk 0 Wayne Funk 0 Lorraine Garrity I Lucille Gerches 0 Arlene Giesler 0 Robert Good Patricia Goodwin I Lois Gualano 0 William Hambley 0 Marge Handing I Margaret Harcar 0 Gene Harm Carl Harvey I Donald Healy I Thomas Hebding 0 Iames Heinz 0 Doris Hoffman I Marie Holt Bernadine Homko O David Howe 0 Tony Ialovec 0 Don Ialovec I Stella Ianettas 0 Mary Iovanovich Ralph Iecha I Earl Iohnson 0 Shirley Iones 0 Connie Kaczmarek 0 Helen Kaput I Walter Katenhusen Emily Kavaler O Lydia Kayser 0 Iune Kenrich 0 Norbert Klawczyk I Richard Kopp 0 Helen Kotval Pauline Kovacic 0 Charles Krueger 0 Frank Kuncic O Ianet Kyles 0 Karl Kluve 0 Iim Lambert Beverly Lederman O Ted Lisowski 0 Ronald Luckett 0 Ioseph Lydolph 0 Ioseph Mrkacek 0 Audrey Marotzke Norma Martin 0 Mary Matkovich 0 Patricia Maxa O William McCaw I Iris McNamer O Leonore Meiron Evelyn Mendler 0 Russell Miller 0 Raymond Moore 0 Ronald Morgen 0 Donald Munday 0 Richard Myszkowski Ioanne Neal I Charles Neerman O Evelyn Olsen 0 Ted Pankow O Genevieve Parks I Marianne Pedersen Grace Pishos 0 Bernie Ploszek 0 Richard Pruim O Lois Raguse 0 Neoma Raine 0 Richard Regep Pat Rich I Robert Rich 0 Robert Richards 0 Andrew Ridderhoif 0 Richard Ronczkowski 0 Will Sahs Ioseph Salgado 0 John Sandraco 0 Carol Schmidt 0 Wilma Schmidt O Walter Schmitz 0 William Scoby Donald Shepherd 0 Corbert Seigworth 0 Clara Smit 0 Lillian Smith 0 Raymond Smith 0 Tannie Sonopol Nadine Spadoni 0 Ioseph Sparacino 0 Gus Speros 0 Robert Stiit 0 Betty Stoll 0 Ed Sullivan Roann Taveggia O Virginia Taylor 0 Leonard Templin 0 Fred Threm 0 Dwain Timmons 0 BHarry Trapp Evelyn Turner 0 Hal Veldrnan 0 Iames Walker O Iohn Weirs I Gene Wesolowski O Camilla Wheeler George White 0 Dolores Wojcik 0 Louis Ziebell I U N.I O R S CLASS OF 1 949 TWO THEMES ALL GOD'S CHILLUN GOT SHCES BUT ME! By Ieanne La Roshe, English IV Selecting a pair of shoes can be either gay or grueling, all depending upon the way you look at it. If you like to sit in a leather-covered futuristic chair and watch a pile of shoe boxes grow up behind a stout little man whose collar looks as if it were too tight for him, you probably get a big bang out of it. I would rather go bare- footedl At first, the shoe salesman is extremely po- lite, pointing out the good features Coh, never the bad onesli of each shoe in honeyed tones. After the first seven try-ons, however, his man- ner alters noticeablyp his conversation is con- fined to an occasional muttered "That's what you said you wanted", or "That's the same size as the other one," and finally "Do you have anything at all in mind?" He looks so flushed and pathetic that you really want to leave a tip, as with a hysterical "Thangzinnyway," you scoot for the door, feel- ing somewhat as the Pilgrim Christian must have felt when the burden rolled off his back. No matter how hard you try, what approach you use, or how superior the manner you as- sume, you can't win! When you do finally track down that elusive pair of shoes, my Friend, you're going to need them! I M A G I N A T I O N By Lucille Gerches, English III There was once a gay land in which a mag- nificent castle stood. The castle was made of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires: it was sur- rounded by a wall made of gold. In the castle courtyard, there were flowers the colors' of the rainbow and trees of stately form. The trees were filled with birds which sang like warblers sent from heaven. The land was ruled by a very beautiful prin- cess named Imagination. Even though they weren't rich, her subjects very happy, for they loved and worshipped Imagination. Imagina- tion was never lonely, for she used to roam through the country visiting her friends of na- ture. The princess loved to play with her sub- ject's children for they were just like her own. One day when the princess was walking through the woods, she didn't see or hear her friends of nature. Something strange had hap- pened! Imagination began to weep under an oak tree. A squirrel poked his head out of the tree and told the princess: "Tenseness is coming. Flee, Imagination! Lock yourself in your castle!" Imagination fled and just locked the castle door as Tenseness tried to get in. His main idea was to make Imagination his slave. There was one thing wrong. He couldn't get to her! As Imagination was looking from her window one day, she saw her friend Relaxation ap- proaching in the distance. She was very hap- py, for she knew he was the only one that could defeat Tenseness in battle and free her from her imprisonment. As Relaxation ap- proached the castle, everything came back to life. Tenseness, already defeated, fled. Imagi- nation was once more free! THE SOPHOMORE CLASS O F F I C E R S Phyllis Treadway ..,,,.. .. .. .....,,...,....,,. President Dorothy Perczynski ..... ,. ...,.. t,Vice President Ann Novosad .....,..... ,., A, . Secretary loseph Cusirnano ......,.. ,... .,,.,,.. ,. T reasurer Kenneth Anderson .....,, .....,,... C lass Historian Warren Allen ........,.v .r...o..r. N ews Reporter Mr, Williams ,oo,, ........,.,.,.w. S ponsor Warren Allen Roger Anderson Beulah Ashbrook Maxine Carroll Mildred Evans Evelyn Hambley Harold Hamilton Donamae Hapke HONOR ROLL First Semester A Dolores Curry John Wavel Meyer B Charlene Hatch Lillian Iasper Patricia Ioy Harriet Korman Countas Mallory William McDade Cecil Mitchell Robert Morgan Warren Mildred Nanninga Lorraine Nevara Don Newman Ann Novasad Phyllis Treadway Dan Szymanski Don Urick Arlene Young L Warren Allen 0 Ioseph Allen 0 Kenneth Anderson Roger Anderson 0 Beulah Ashbrook Tom Billapando O Ioe Balich I Iohn Bestwina James Boclcerich I Charlotte Bond 0 Barbara Borders Adele Botke 0 Elaine Bouzelr Doris Braasch I Donna Bray 0 Helen Bryla Frank Buckmeier 0 Arlene Bunde 0 lack Burner Len Ray Burris 0 Lester Cammack Henry Campbell 0 Maxine Carroll 0 Helen Chwierut Ioseph Ciraulo 0 Iohn Kotval 0 Charles Cole Ray Coln 0 Estel Cox Mary Curkovich 0 Dolores Curry 0 Ice Cusimano Richard Dayney 0 George De Longo 0 Ioan DeYoung Henry Dunn 0 Charlotte Duley Ann Durka 0 Geraldine Durka 0 Pat' Falconberry Ethel Freeman 0 Robert Friedl O Dolores Fuller Antoinette Garcia 0 Mary Garcia Iean Gilfoyle 0 Iarnes Ginalick 0 Dorothy Good Lois Gipp 0 Byron Hadley 0 Evelyn Hambley Harold Hamilton I Donamae Hapke Frances Harroll 0 Charlene Hatch O George Hawkins Booker Haynes 0 Helen Hoffman O Lawrence Howell Robert Hren 0 Eunice Hunnicutt Rolena Hill 0 Arlene Imberry 0 Leonard Ialovec Richard Iarrett 0 Lillian Iasper 0 Pat Iennings Frances Iohnstone 0 Pat Ioy Juanita Kappler 0 lean Kasmerchak O Donna Kissner Ethel Klawitter 0 Harriet Korman 0 Iohn Kozlowski Dolores Kranzusch 0 Richard Kravish Carol LaDuct 0 lean Lattimer 0 Charles Leirngruber Iack Lemmon I Howard LeRoy 0 Margaret Lirnming Ann Lind 0 Arthur Lind Ed Linkis 0 Ioseph Linnik 0 Iames Logan' Iames Lukshus o Robert Lydolph 0 Iulia Mackall Conrad Madriaga 0 Countas Mallory Kathleen Manos 0 Gene Marcheski 0 Thomas Maurer Fred Maxa 0 Mary Lou McAll1ster 0 Wrlham McDade Floyd McDan1el 0 Beverly McM11lan Elame McQueary 0 Wavel Meyer 0 Donald Mxllmgton Ioyce Mxller 0 Cecxl Mrtchell O Harry Mltchell Robert Morgan 0 Iohn Moss George Muros O Darlene Musson 0 Mlldred Nanmnga Ray Needy 0 Lorrame Nevara O Donald Newman Iohn Nzspuruk 0 Ann Novosad Rxchard Orsx 0 George Os er I Georgeann Parlm Herbert Parrott O Wally Parus 0 Phylhs Pascual Howard Peck O Dorothy Perczynskr Ixm Peters 0 Charles Petkrewrcz 0 Lemta Pollard Annette Puchalskx 0 Bea Pulver 0 Norma Ramsden Patnck Ross 0 Charles Rowe Fneda Ruff 0 Ieanette Ryan 0 Robert Sabxck Rudy Salgado 0 Carol Schexbe 0 Ronald Schmldt Mary Schnexder 0 Ida Scoby Dan Seasholtz 0 Ronald Segal I Dolores Serafxno Inn Shanahan 0 Dxck Sxgnst 0 Rrchard Slcorup Louls Smlth I Ruth Smxth Mcmlyn Solxs I Iames Stallxnga 0 Ray Stevens Wxllxarn Streckert 0 Martha Sulhvan O Wrlham Susxc Ann Suskx 0 Damel Szymanskr Nrck Taloff 0 Phyllrs Treadway 0 Marlon Tucker Donald Unck 0 Iames Usery 0 Antornette Vacchxcmo Iarnes Van Dyke 0 Donald Van Ort Rose Vxoletto O Iohn Warren 0 Iames Whaley Rxchard Wmgo 0 Betty Wxtherow 0 Arlene Wxttenkeller Robert Woodky I Arlene Young 0 Ronald Zalokar L A POEM AND TWO THEMES.Eng1ish I F A T H E R By Lorraine Sokolnick At supper time I must not shout, At relatives who are about. Father though jumps from his seat, And says, "Lord, when may we eat?" I think it better if he roared, At relatives and not the Lord! THINGS THAT SOUND SILLY ByIeanHanscom Did you ever stop to think of how silly some things sound? For instance, did you ever think of how silly square feet and cubic feet sound? I've always heard of flat feet, but when I hear of square feet and cubic feet, I am greatly amused. At assembly one day we had an excellent speaker who brought to our attention how amusing some titles are. Well, I have some silly ones too. Doesn't this sound silly? "The Stars Will Remember, So Will I." I never knew that the stars could remember anything. Did you ever hear someone say he was go- ing to the show? Think how silly that sounds! When I was in the seventh grade, our social studies teacher frequently told us to pass out quietly. lt seemed she wanted us to faint with- out disturbing anyone. When a person says he's going to the dime store, you'd most naturally think everything in that store would cost a dime, that the store was only worth a dime. Vtfhen you say you're going to a pharmacy for some medicine or some other drugs, it sounds as if you were about to visit a farm. Many of us have thought of how silly some words and things we say sound. If all of us got to thinking how silly some things sound, we would choose our words more carefully, especially the words of our songs. ASSEMBLY SURPRISE! By Mary Ann Bak It was the morning of November 14, and all was unusually quiet at Argo Hi. Corridors were still: class rooms were apparently abandoned. No sign of students anywhere! Silence reigned, but only for a moment. The next instance the building shook! Corridors echoed with laughter coming from the audi- torium. Here the student body had met for an assembly. No one knew much about it, except that there was to be a speaker on some educa- tional topic. It was expected to be very boringg on the contrary, it turned out to be a real suc- cess. He surprised everyone with his educa- tional talk, which kept the audience in rapt at- tention and almost constant laughter. The topic was one for which many people have a dislike-poetry. Nevertheless, he proved to many that there are all kinds of poems, some of which are -exceptionally good, many very humorous. I-Ie proved this by pointing out that singing is a form of poetry which many people enjoy. Taking one song in particular, "The Girl That I Marry," he showed how silly it sounds when read as a poem. I-le had the whole audience gay with laughter. Everyone came prepared to take a nap, but the assembly turned out to be a laughing suc- cess. !See page 4.7 THE FRESHMAN CLASS O F I-' I C E R S Don Steinbeiqle .,.,,,7,,A,...,...................,..,.. President La Verne Anderson ..e,.... .,.e....., V ice President lean Hanscom .-.,-, ,,.,........ Secretary Arlene Blazevich ...... ......... T recrsurer Mary Malantis ......, .....,. H isiorian Dorothy Chwierut .,.... .....,.. H eporier Mr. Kusenda .,,,,... ......,., S ponsor 'k LaVerne Anderson Mary Ann Bak lrene Bray Arlene Blazevich Dorothy Chwierut Mary Ann Derncio Donald Falk Dianne 'Gieriz lean Hanscom Eleanor Hemrninqer Ioyce Ketel H O N O R R O L L First Semester A lohn Davik Lorraine Gleaiis B lohn Klicha Herman Kranzusch Wilbur Mennecke Robert Nelson Myles Novotny Marie Ray Mary Sanchez Howard Savage Conrad Sherwin Dorothy Kriz Mary Malantis Leila Rich Dora Siallinqa Donald Sieinbeiqle larnes Susic Violet Suszko Shirley Swope Marlene Wessel Helen Whitko Veronica Younker LA iid SSOF 1951 Donald Adarnatis 0 Harry Ahlgrim 0 LaVerne Anderson Mary Ann Atherton 0 Thomas Bachman Mary Ann Bak 0 Dolores Balanoif 0 Arlene Balsavich Thomas Bannon 0 Juanita Baraiaz 0 Ramona Bergquist Jess Billapando 0 Dale Bjorklund Arlene Blasevich 0 Gloria Bobbitt 0 Marg. Boianowslri Barbara Bolek 0 Patrick Bolster 0 James Bona Peter Bond 0 Kenneth Bradley Irene Bray 0 Marjorie Bray 0 Fred Brozyna Julia Bryce 0 Douglas Campbell 0 Robert Carver Dolores Castelrnan 0 Mildred Chalitoux Sally Cholico 0 Pat Choptau 0 Dorothy Chwierut Joan Cizek O Ralph Cooley O Vivian Cook Daniel Cronin 0 John Davik Richard De Boer 0 Lauren DeGolyer 0 Donald De Jovine Mary Ann Demcio O Bernard Dolle I Donald Doogan Robert Duley 0 Lester Eby John Edwards 0 Nelda Estes I William Falk Dean Faulk 0 Virginia Faulk 0 Frank Fiedler Melvin Fisher 0 Herbert I-'laig Dianne Giertz 0 Gloria Gilbert 0 John Ginalick Lorraine Gleatis 0 William Gorman 0 Robert Good Harold Grant O Charles Green Lois Grirnmenga 0 William Grveles 0 lean Hanscon Jane Harris 0 John Hauser I Louise Hawkins Eleanor Hemminger O Thomas Henschen Edgar Hergenroeder 0 Russell Hernandez 0 Fred Hoeil-re Marilyn Hurd 0 Mary Irnrisek 0 Richard Ithal Donald Janes 0 Dorothy Janettas Donald Ians 0 Diane Lane I Francis Jeno Victoria Jovanovich O James Karge O Joyce Ketel John Klicka 0 Bernice Knapczyk Anna Kohler I Barbara Koloi 0 George Koran Herman Kranzusch O Dorothea Kriz 0 Caroline Kwlich Ioan Kyles 0 Dolores Lach Diana Lane 0 Nancy Lindberg 0 Roger Lindgren William Lindsey 0 Allen Link 0 Thomas Linnik Dale Lund I Alexander Maggi Mary Malantis I Milada Mandel 0 Donna Mroula Genolce Matney 0 Donald Maxa O lean McDamel Rxchard McKmney I Betty McLaughl1n Geraldrne McQueary I R Meadows 0 Slnrley Mexsner Ioyce Merrxtt 0 Catherme Mrlby O Frank Mmarek Mane Ray 0 Wrlbur Mennecke Charles Morehead 0 Frank Morlan 0 Mary Nash Gxlbert Nehrnzow 0 Robert Nelson I Barbara Nerdballa Mary Ann Nlemeyer 0 Iohn Nxkolancr Betty Nesbrt I Tony Novak 0 Myles Novotny Theodore Oleksey 0 Kenneth Olson 0 Howard Parrott Beverly Parks 0 Charles Panzer Norma Perkms 0 Bertha Perry O Iohn Peters Manlyn Phxllxps 0 Leona Polxch 0 Ross Powell Ernest Pulxdo 0 David Raine Brll Ranger 0 Connie Rawson 0 Concha Reyes Gxlbert Reynolds O Lexla Rxch O Ceceha Rodnguez Donald Rogers I Henry Ruff Sam Rusenovrch 0 Gene Rush 0 Joseph Rusk George Rusk I Iean Rybacek O Robert Ryan Nancy Sabatxno 0 Mary Sanchez Lola Schmxdt I Ioyce Schultz 0 Conrad Sherwxn Launce Shoufler I Frances Slaby Lorrame Sokolnxk 0 Shxrley Srok 0 Albert Stadelmcner Donald Stembexgle I Lenore Shit I Percy Stme Iacob Stoll I James Susxc Bernadme Suskx 0 Vxolet Suszko 0 Robert Swanson Stanley Swxston 0 Robert Swope 0 Shirley Swope Manlyn Taylor 0 Wxlburn Taylor Dorothy Tazelaar 0 Iohn Theres I Barbara Thxl Robert Thomas 0 Lourse Tumer 0 Ioan Trumpeter Phyllxs Veldman 0 Ioan Wangall Sam Washmgton 0 Howard Wenger I LaDonna Whaley Helen Whztko 0 Frank Wrhtelxch O Tom Wrtherow Rxchard Woycrk Vxrgmxa Yonkers 0 Ben Zaboloslrx 0 Lourse Zakovxch LA Howard Savage 0 Edward Schaftroth 0 Martin Schauer ' I MUSIC ABGO MAIORETTES CSee Page 37 Alice Wagner Martha Sullivan Elvera Seigworth Rose- Violetto Mary Iavonovich Malada Mandel Veronica DeYoung BAND AND ORCI-LESTRA The band and orchestra are laboratory courses in self government, Where the will of the individual is subordinated to the good of the Whole. Harmony of thought and action go hand in hand with the practice of harmony of sound. The music department adds to the cultural develop- ment ot the community. The high school hand at games is an inspiration to the home team and an entertaining unit for those in attendance. This group plays for school ywassernblies and participates in community affairs such as parades. CSee ifiext three pages? l,lffiC7 fAe ydngudge Cl l'l'l8l'L lfl,l'l,6!el"5f6Ll'L A as W if Eg ? ff' 5: Rf- if Q 0 Uiwgi - .!, J- ,. . Vg . , dx ,lim ' ' ' , , ,, J 51 Q ' ,' ' Af '43 ,554 Kiss?-aj -wx ' i jo, , I! .lg ff 4,9 -J' 5, E I 4 , , I X f I Q Q 3 , M Y 5 ix V I' A I H . X L rum' 'i - .4 ,, .Q Hg, Q-fl ll: X-A rl 3 .,,- 'gf T Al, W I mixrx .,, M! bf '- ' .' ' -X ,f YA !uqX 'P V! 'XA , x sf' ' .X : .. j. X , . .V xx . u,.-S K f ,Q 9 , af all 2 Lx xo Q .l, . h . x A ' 'VH H ' ' ' ' 'Q W. - X' , , ' ff 'L' '- u' A 1"?-VP ,4 - . - X Y. X ' ,X X ' U: 1 7 4: I w '1 1 Rm I 1 , 2 I z K l 1 f R' Q Q y ' X' ,Ii fi 7: iii I-1? I!! .1 ' ffm' 'F X i K , iw- -fi-it 1, 'X' '1 ,f 4 'H . , T Q31 Q 1, 19" 11 E 'x,jx i SN 55 'QQX fig! C if o ,Q ' If .. Q- L 1 v " v - " ' l jj! gm 'I 5 A ffl- I.- ggy!! -I 1 fi fi' Q X I 2 'Q ff R I X i K 1 -f " " f' , i K- 5 'QL ' ' V , 7 ai 1 - 'W - .V ' .P 5 , 5 9 5 U 3. ' W V , - I if K 5' I fi AV, L sf ,, 5' , .Fixx 3337 ,553 :Q ' 'I 5 . 1' -f",5af k uugxgz ,gf--.,3 7 ff 'fa I .54 f g, is ,ff .' rf I, 1. ' x. 'gg 7 x L ' ' 4: ' W ,N-fl, k a 95 ,Es .' ! 3 5 4 5 Victor E. Kase, who directs instrumental music, has had fine success in reorganizing and in demanding excellence ot the instrumentalists. l The vocal departments, under the direction of Arthur W. Seith, joined the instrumental department in presenting a spring Music Festival, an ambitious undertaking of invaluable importance to the hundreds of performers as Well as to the large audiences that heard it. The annual Christmas Candlelight services included a breath-taking tableau, a human Christmas tree. The music department sponsored many fine concerts by great artists: Denny Miles and lack Owens, top-notch radio entertainers: Arthur Alan Olsen, 14 year old pianist, Phillip Morris radio program: Piero Pieroticp and the Choir of the University of North Dakota, sacred and secular selections. . MUSIC Mary Ann Bak Dolores Balanoff Arlene Balsevich Mary Ella Barber Mary Bedore Alice Blazek Marguerite Boianowski Barbara Borders Donna Bray Marjorie Bray Arlene Bunde Dolores Castellani Dolores Castleman Mildred Chalifaux Ioan Cizek Vivian Cook Mary Ann Demcio Mildred Evans Elaine Prech Lucille Gerches lean Gilfoyle Dorothy Good Evelyn I-lambley Frances Harroll Louise Hawkins Eleanor Hemminger Barbara Henley Bernacllne Henley Bernadine I-lomko Elaine Hurd Marilyn Hurd Lillian Jasper Mary Iavonovich loyce Ketel Helen Kotval Elaine Kremen Carol La Duct Margaret Liming Milada Mandel len Markezich Mary Matkovich Pat Maxa Mary Lou M-:Allister Elaine McQueary Geraldine McQueory Shirley Meisner Audrey Morotzke Mildred Nanninqa Maryann Niemeyer Beverly Parks Norma Perkins Marilynn Phillips Grace Pishos Bernie Ploszelc Leona Polich Georgeann Polly Cecelia Rodriguez Vivian Rodriguez loyce Schultz Violet Suszko Shirley Srok Roann Taveqqia Barbara Thill Olga Tsourmas Phyllis Veldman Marlene Wessel we Song ,IM ang af .!4l"g,0 v MUSIC G. 1-l. A. , 1,155 ,4m..i...f1ia:lfm GIRLS' ATHLETICS Girls are encouraged to become members of the Girls' Athletic Association, a branch of the national organization. Members welcome new students to social events and invite them to en- gage in the sports program. One-third of the girls at Argo High are members. G.A.A. BOARD Officers Betty Block ....... ....-..-....President Betty Coomer ...... Vice President SW Elaine Kremen ...,.v... ........-.SecretaIy .v in x x P Mary Ann Potacki Miss Bona ,...,......... .......Treasurer -..,.-...Sponsor SPORTS AND EVENTS tOu'tstanding Stcrsl Aquatics, Pat loy Badminton, Rena Duncan Basketball, lean Bjorklund Bowling, Lillian Koran Soccer, Ducky Parks Softball, Maxine Carroll Tennis, Pat Cook ' Volleyball, Lenore Stift Tumbling, Dorothea Kriz Play Day, Morton High C20 girls from Argol Play Day, lean Hanscon Picnics, Parties, Meetings Square Dancing, Shirley Treadway Basketball, Coronation Dance TELEGRAPHIC BOWLING TOURNAMENT Lillian Koran Dorothy Chwierut Genevieve Parks Betty Block Diana Giertz CAMP AT CONFERENCE POINT LAKE GENEVA Tannie Sonopol Betty Coomer WORKSHOP AT OAK PARK Betty Block Betty Coomer Mary Ann Potacki MANAGERS Social, Tannie Sonopol Points, Lorraine Kriz Soccer, Grace Pishos . Soccer, Ducky Parks Candy, Olga Tsourrnas Swimming, Irene Corbin Tumbling, Dolores Curry Tennis, Iune Kenrich Badminton, Mildred Nanninga Basketball, Anne Novosadi Bowling, Lillian Koran Programs, Lillian Koran Baseball, Maxine Carroll Q I 853216 '21 VARSITY How III. C. Neerman, W. Howell, W. Anderson, E. Sullivan, D. Ariel, I. Walker, I. Sandraco, L. Alexander, I. Farkonas, W. Schmitz, Man- ager. Row II. Coach Cook, W. Scoby, I. Sparacino, I, Mrkacek. R. Morgan. L. Ziebell, R. Iecha. I. Lambert. C. Leimgruber. V. Schikora, E. Rzepka, T. Sabick, Manager. ' Row I. F. Maxa, Manager, T. Ronczkowski, A. Leimgruber, I. Copp, P. Wrenn, E. Schmitz, E. Mack. R. Balsevich, H. McDonald, D. Seward I. Callahan. R. Steinbeigle. FROSH-SOPH Row III. I. Lemmon. F. McDanie1s. P. Lindsey, H. Iarrett. R. McKinny. D. Phillips. H. Grani, H. Zolokar, D. Millington. D. Orsi, G. Marcheski G. Murros. Row II. R. Woodke, R. Sabick. G. Rusk. C. Green, K. Anderson, F. Buckmier, P. Bolster. D. Steinbeigle, R. Burris. I. Klicka, A. Magie. N. Taloii, I. Bockerich, Coach McBride. , Row I. C. Petkowich, I. Burner, T. Mcruer, B. Haines. R. Segal. H Savage. I. Ginalick. D. Maxa. H. Algrim. MANAGERS: M. Novotny. D. Raine, I. Balach, P. Hoeike. Q' Sf 1 1 Argo 0-La Grange 20 Argo opened its football season against a strong La Grange team. Callahan starred for the home team with his outstanding running. Argo played a good game offensively. Argo 12-Riverside 20 The Argonauts showed a decided improve- ment. The play of the day was made by Dick Balsevich when he recovered a Riverside fum- ble and dashed eighty yards for a touchdown. The other touchdown was made by Howell. Argo 7-Highland Park 14 Strongest team Argo met all season. Still suffering from injuries, but showing great spirit and determination, the Argo boys were con- fronted with many bad breaks which led to their defeat. Ed Mack sparked Argo's running attack when he broke away for a fifty yard run to the opponent's fifteen yard line. He scored the only touchdown. Argo 0-Bloom 34 First conference game of the season. Beaten by a strong Bloom team. Argo 12-Kankakee 19 Argo played one of their best offensive games of the season against Pat Wrenn pounded over the goal line for two Argo touchdowns. The entire Argo line played a great game both offensively and defensively. Argo 0-Maine 13 There were no outstanding players in this game, but the entire Argo team played a good game. The Argonants threatened to score twice, but were halted on the two yard line both times. Argo 0-West Aurora 6 The Aurora game was strictly a strong de- fensive contest. Pat Wrenn broke away for 65 yards and set up a touchdown, but Argo was unable to plunge it over the goal line. Argo 6-Blue Island 0 Argo was at full physical strength, which beat the Blue Island team. limmy Callahan scored the winning touchdown on a power smash. Argo ended the season with a victory. Argo 19-Calumet city zo " Argo played its best game. Argo scored the first touchdown when Leimgruber intercepted a pass on the 30 yard line and ran 70 yards for a touchdown. Ed Mack plunged over for Argo's second touchdown. Argo led in the first half, 12-7. Cal. City scored two touchdowns in the last half. Argo scored on a long pass which Ronczkowski caught in the end zone. Argo missed the kick. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL The frosh-soph team climaxed the season with two fine games against strong conference opponents. They battled Cal. City to a scoreless tie. They duplicated this fine effort when they played a strong Blue Island team to another scoreless tie. At the finish of the South Suburban Conference race, the frosh-soph team from Cal. City was awarded the championship. These Argonauts deserve much praise in holding Cal. City to a scoreless tie game. In addition to those pictured, these boys were on the frosh-soph squad: Ioe Balich, Byron Hadley, Don Wold, Will Garmen. I 0 L 2l'l'Lel'l'L elf The first clay ot the basketball season when more than 50 boys reported for practice? Charlie Leimgruber making two free throws in the closing seconds ot our first game, giving us a one point victory over La Grange? Harold Grant, our freshman center, with his high score oi 88 points for the tirst seven games? The Peotone game and our 69 to 31 victory? The time during practice that Herb Parrott skidded about ten feet along the gym floor? When Harold Grant made the last basket in the Fenger game to put us in the level to win 35 to 33? . When we had fun calling Wes Howell, the star, a quitter? When Peck almost got in the game at Blue Island? When Bob Morgan Won the girls but not the baskets? When we lost at Bloom but sang all the way home to keep spirits up? When Warren Allen made the wonderful re- bound shot against Fenger? The Wonderful floor at Blue Island and the tumbles taken by Howell, Muros, Osier, and Leimgruber? Season record: 14 winsg 4 losses? Coach Cook's fine coaching? BASKE ow III. W. Scoby, L. Alexander, R. Garrison, R. Balsevich, C. Neerman, S. Mazak, F. Threm, M. Novotny. Manager. ARSITY ow II. T. Sabick and F. Maxa, Managers, G. Harm. D. Seward, A. Novosad, T. Liss, E. Sullivan, T. Hebding, Coach McBride. ow I. M. Bohannion, I. Copp, A. Leimqruher, R. Steinbeigle. G. Hehding. H. Grant, T. Esposito. T. Ronczkowski. HOSH-SOPH ow III. T. Henshen, W. Parus, S. Husenovich, R. Iarrett, G. Marcheski, C. Cole. D. Maxa, R. Wojcik. ow II. Coach Cook. I. Balich, Manager. R. Wingo, R. Segal, C. Mallory, H. Peck, H. Parrott, I. Ginalick and D. Steinbeigle, Managers. ow I. G. Osier, W. Allen. C. Leimgruber, H. Grant, W. Howell, H. Morgan, G. Muros. Argo 39-La Grange 53 Argo loses first game . . . Strong La Grange team . . . Leimgruber high scorer, 17 points. Argo 31-Highland Park 34 I-lebding and Bohannion share scoring honors . . . Argo beaten. Argo 38-Lockport 31 First conference game, first victory . . . Art Leimgruber, ll points. Argo 48-Riverside 44 Argo victorious again . . . Fine rebounding by Ronczkowski. Argo 28-Kankakee 52 Argo loses second conference game . . . Heb- ding, 9 points. Argo 56-Peotone 39 Argo trounces Peotone . . . Bohannion leads in scoring. Argo 44-Bloom 24 Argo wins another conference game . . . Ray Steinbeigle played a brilliant game. Argo 28-Peotone 31 In a tournament game, Argo nosed out by Peotone five. Good defensive game. T BALL Argo 37-Wheaton 41 Wheaton five too strong for Argo in last tour- nament game. Ted Bonczkowski, 9 points. Argo 23-Arlington Heights 24 Argo loses another close qame. G. Hebding takes scoring honors, 9 points. Argo 40-Blue Island 35 Argo boys play a fine offensive game . . Steinbeigle top scorer, I3 points. Argo 43-Calumet City 72 Cal. City's brilliant scoring ability , . . Copp and Hebding, 10 points. Argo 40-M.P.M.A. 51 Argonauts play a good game, but are nosed out in the end. Argo 49-Lockport 57 Argo wins another conference game . Steinbeigle high scorer, 13 points. Argo 43-K.K.K. 53 Argo beaten by height . . . Ronczkowski, 14 points. Argo 41-Bloom 32 Argo heats Bloom . . . Steinbeigle high scorer. Argo 45-Fenger 30 Argo triumphs again . . . good defensive game . . . Hebding, I3 points. Argo 23-Blue Island 32 Strictly a defensive contest . . . I-Iebding again high scorer. Argo 57-Downers Grove 51 Best game of season . . . good offensive play- ing . . . Leimgruber, top scorer. . Argo 35-Calumet City 62 Too strong for Argo five. Argo 37-Peotone 40 Argo to Peotone to lose a close game . . Hebding, 16 points. Argo 45-M.P.M.A. 53 Regional Tournament . . . a close game . . . a good game . . . Ronczkowski and Steinbeigle: a brilliant defensive game . . . Bohannion and I-Iebding lead scorers, 15 points each. l-lere's the Way you yell it - CHEERLEADERS Seniors Georqeann Polly Dorothy Ziebell Bemadine Henley Elaine Kremen Irene Corbin CHEERS l-2-3-4 3-2-l-4 Who for? What for? Who We gonna yell for? A - R - G - O - That's the way' you spell it! "Yeal Argo! " Iuniors Marianne Pedersen Pass it to the Arqonauts Ann Novosacl Pass it to the Arqonauts Bernadine Plozek Pass it to the Arqonauts Well all right! Freshman Mascot Well all right! A MCIIi1Yn Phillips Well all right! Third Row: Ross, Mitchell, Coln. Fisher, Linkis. Sandxaco. Pankow, Sheperd, Rusk, Perrin. Bona. Second Row: Novak, Morgan, Nimsel, Bolster, Stanton, W, Adczmaitis, Maclricxga, Moss, Kreuger, Hoeike, Cort, Funk, Loss, Ahlgrim. First How: Trapp, Rusk, Cochran, Bellcxpondo. Englehart. D. Adamczitis, R. Adamaitis, Timmins, Drechen. Raine. Gipp. COACH SCHMIDT Yea, Mani Yea, Man! Yea, Mani SWIM TEAM OFFICERS Iames Callahan Presldent Coach McBnde Sponsor Edward Mack VICG Presrdent ":Eugene Schmrtz Secretary Treasurer George Helodlng Sergeant at Arms All Co ference Footb ll FIGHT FEARLESS ARGONAUTS MEMBERS F1ght fearless Argonautsl Ha1l heroes true' VOICES rmg out Pralses We shout' The Argo salls the blue' Rah! Rah' Rah' Flght fearless Argonautsl Hall Maroon and Whltel Colors fly lnghl V1ct ry IS nzghl Go Argo W1n thrs frghtl All Sports Banquet Phll Cavaretta speaker R1cha'rd Balsevlch M1llOD Bohann1on Iames Copp Tom Esposno Wesley Howell R1ChCII'd Iarrett :"Ralph Iecha Frank Kunclc Tony LISS Art Lelmgruber Charles Leungruber lack Lemmon Hubert McDonald Steve Mazak Adam Novosad Ted Ronczkowsla Tony Sabxck W1l11am Scoby Don Seward Ioe Sparacmo Raymond Stelnbelgle Pat Wrenn 4- - .. - , ,. ,N - - ml A l HN. l ' 4+ .. Y . . Q . "' n a , . I , . . I I p a ' , . I I I I I . I I ' , . OUR TEAM IS RED HOT! SEVEN RAI-I's for Schmidt! We're for you, Mr. Kusendcr! Mr. Houswold! Seven Rohs! Et Tu, Mr. Louderbock! Watch out, Mr. Roberts! Stop him, Mr. Larsen! .2414 f09,l"6Ll0 5 l A fm! Q- W 4 4' 'YQ o.L.S g If 3743? agguasq X Q Room ST loci . t Tffl- Q ,. ,- wily f,'rT,r+tT1-gT 1 Y ,rggcu if H 13445. 3 -. .t fff:1f:---ff: 1 K Gnnveye RD 1 "ToQ 'Pgapja SNHPSNOT5 we TD: E D -FRG tn FRQN1 TNS H-lGEBP11' I S PAGE BWP! MQ. C'5'P-FYVEDIGG ERS bj fghggzmm I QM' 'J HNNUFM' GRHVEUIGGER RAID vm. 'vlnusulfmbw CHIEF Eucecu T'Jov-lEiQJ ougkgfienpb may :icaffer ar ana! wicle, Um' Aearfd wif! ever' A0!J . . . C6 we Song LUQ 561119, af .!gl"g0 QH gouflz LUCIA :5fl"0I'l,g CU16! LOKJI77 CM? sig... W xii laid' -J A I DEMOCRACY IS THE HOPE OF THE WORLD YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF DEMOCRACY. EDUCATION IS THE HOPE OF YOUTH." yppy 5 Q! !! f fig 53' fgggx gf I 51 f 4: J 5 QMi Q iff W9 W" MD 'Q LJJL1443 J -fl wpjgjl' ffjffl ' 'J 'J' f Rf' Jw' ,,,, 'r 'Y V J -1 ,, I-if . ' F' I I. X ffl-'f ,F fe H.,Q', WW 1 YHA WMI? Mjffa X' ,ff ff ,L+ Q 'A ' 2' ' .. Rf' ,if fff'w QL , A f Jr , My . vp, KE A -f W1 A ,f X J My' My CVM U Ju .2 ' K x AJ 6 J V ,Q 55 M. 51-5-"JIM ' ' I K ,V 78 M51 dui.. 2

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