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ARGO CGMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL 66 77 j06!6lg 6106! j0l'l'l0lf'lf'0lfU ' .. . ', 4 ' ,, Z 'Q 1,1 ,, mg ' ,Q i A Af Q M af? A E ,,,. 5, ,iw . : E' f .,,, K ,". A 5 .4 FJ f nf - K .- 5 :ww f .M all . ',Q5gz,jjf,.,3. iffy, 5 A fi J, 1Q13EY55.q2g,H,14X .2 . . L, its dj if 5 iz! E. fm . ' 1 51 ' ' ' , 'lsfmm X. T f ' Ziff? ' ?if5L,5?sEK"'q5Z' TQ? Q ,, , , :I f w '33, ' x 'F . ' f'bzxS1f - . l,3mf , - 1 f Q Q K fixfnii-wif , :f,1Q g ,m rw 1, 55 ' . 1 5' ' fa ir 'W" Y 9 ' -a V 2 ' 2 ' s 1 , ,Q N"""X,,' m ,Nbr-"""'i.N' Q 'X'-'F-C-Q un--75? ' S I i fi ' , , Hi i W , .. iff: 5,2 g f f if fag W iffffi 'P' , X: ,V VE? as Q 7? L , wi em , ,ff 2 X X 'fi fx 1 fi , Y if E 1 an x H 2, sf ' f 4 1 gf L I ,,, 'S if 3 W 5 ik fx' rf E w3l',i. ,V "2 ' in Nw ,H-zf :wi ' ' L r ,X ' ":A 52514 ARGULITE 1947 STAFF Editor in Chief ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,Vivian Kriz Business Manager ,,,,, Ed Wittenlceller Senior Editor ., W ,,,,,,,,, Esther Metskas Class Prophecy Richard Doranski Senior Editor ,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,, Pauline Blazina Class History ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gladys Schauer Staff Artist ,,,., ,,,,,,,,I-lenry Salqado Chief Typist ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, P earl Wagner lunior Typist ,,,, Class President Sponsor ,,,,,,,,,, , , , ,, ,, Alice Wagner Norman Spear , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mr. Eaaan Book Plannina , ,,,, , Mrs. Harmon Faculty Advisor, ,Mr. Louderloack Senior Sponsor Principal , ,,,, , , , ,,,, Miss Broom Mr. Winqo 6770 rgo we ing cl dong, Our .X4 ma Wafer air . . Dorothy Brihqmcm, BS. Carol Brock, AB., M.A. Ruth Broom, AB., M.A. Elsie Buser, B.Ed., MA. Fred Cook, A.B., MA. William Ecrqon, AB. Robert P. Golonlccr, Ph. B. Ruth Harmon, B.S. Richard Hcruswcrld, BS. Harriet Hendershot, Ph.B., Ph.M. Rose Hopfner, B.A., B. of LS. Ruth Kcxmin, M.A. Charles Kusendcr, A.B., MA. Everett Larsen, B.S., MA. Harold Louderboclc, B.S., M.S Lou Mciloy, B.S. Mott McBride, M.A. Anita Mtlleville, B.S., MA. loseph Moss, B.S. Hazel Phillips, Ph.B., MA. Anthony Pyrz, B.S. lohn Roberts, B.Ed. FACULTY 3,1 I 3 2 , J V w e -, K, 1 , 'R s 4akl 'wfl ft' , .V 1-:V f 'Q g 'I' s Bn. V A 15 if 1,5 all, . Q gh Lg nu- f+ , sf I ,. Tv K! his-A M' ,, 1.441931 M 5 3 Q if fu , , E 'Z-sf. A f' Li: Vkry, , ...Q Am" 1 ,155 1 1 ,M , ' 1 Eg, K Si 5 if ei -- - 4' ' Y ' ' ,f 5 - 1 Elin ' -1, A ,f ,L Q, Af,q . fu. J 4 , , 'sg COMMERCIAL Today enthusiasm is great. Many type 40 words a minute at the end of the first semester. This year many seniors are working in offices. Demand is still great for commercial graduates. Tomorrow, greater enthusiasm for: office practice, transcription, advanced bookkeeping, new typewriters, calculators, comptometers, dictaphones, and electric typewriters for use in a machine practice course. VISUAL EDUCATION Visual education supple- ments regular classroom activities. Actual showing of the film is carried on by , students. This visual pro- gram makes use of films from industry and large film libraries. S P E E C Today in speech tive rnain types ot Perhaps, we shall livelihood from one ot these types. We might have Hope because of tainrnent talks, or a a result ot our convictions, or a Stein from the talks, or a Bill Stern information finally, hecause of to gain action, We have a General l SOCIAL STUDIES The great challenge to the social studies in tornorrow's world will be to produce thinking citizens who are Will- ing to take an active part in a dynamic democracy. Tornorrow's classes must teach more than tactsy they must stim- ulate students to interpret these facts, tor on correct interpretation will depend our existence in the Atomic Age of to' morrow. SPANISH One World' The G . ood Neighbor Policy! There is no better place to begin the development of these ideas than in the study of foreign languages. Most of our neighbors speak Spanish. Let's learn to speak it with them! R E A D I N G Our remedial reading program aims toward good work-study reading rela- tionships, reading for life. C A F E T E R I A W'e offer an attractive, nutritious lunch for twenty cents. Tomorrow, we enlarge the cafeteria and have more equipment in way of refrigeration and better storage facilities. This will mean a wider selection of foods. QQQULTY We look forward to a vocational class in cafeteria management. p ges 2, 3, 38 and 67 CHARLES E. WINGO PRINCIPAL B.A. M.A. A BOARD OF EDUCATION Herbert C. Swanson President Christ L. Dineff Charles I. Bulow Iohn Ginodick Secretary Hurry L. Stone THE PRINCIPAL'S LETTER 66 77 3 ag anc!.1morrow Great are these words in the lives of the students at Argo Com- munity High School. As you live today, you deeply touch the tomorrow. All of the habits, emotions, inhibitions, cmd sincerity of purposes you acquire today greatly determine the human engineering machinery that will be yours to use in the tomorrow of a good, stimulating, at times frustrating, world of great action. Naturally the board of education, administration, faculty, and constituency of this school are much concerned that you become equipped today with a balance of living controls that will serve you well in this competitive world of exciting change. Seniors, we especially congratulate you upon your preferment to the graduate group of this school. We hope that your life has been strengthened with your high school experiences so that you may not equivocate when important decisions of future benefit to yourself and mankind are concerned. In the Atomic Age, the real and true virtues of man will be safest refuge when living seems both easy and difficult. Yours for a beautiful Today and a wonderful Tomorrow. I V r STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD ROBINA LYLE, School Nurse WILLIAM F, GURRIE, School Auditor A LIBRARY We look forward to an even better library service. Tomorrow the present study hall will be an attractive addition to our pleasant library of today. Trends in reading: keen interest in sports stories, war experiences, adventure, biographies oi outstanding personalities, and fiction about young people. Reading of current magazines surpasses readinq of books. HOME MAKING Today, there is an important emphasis upon home economics training that will result in successful living tomorrow. Time management is qiven careful study. .i7!Loug!L Lien 5 may :icaffer ar and wicle, Our lzearffi wi ever Lofol . . ci 6 dong we Jang fo .AWD WAGE y0ll,fA wad 6h"0l'lg GHC! 60!6Li,, FACULTY SPORTS FOR ALL Every boy in a sport! It is the aim ot the athletic department to have every physically eligible male student partic- ipating in an athletic sport. There are great contributions of sports to the boy's emotional, physical, and mental growth. GEOGRAPHY Today We study influences of geographical environment on people. Tomorrow, we in- crease our study of world ge- ography with an emphasis on transportation and com- munication. CONSUMER EDUCATION Increasing numbers will study the technique of intel- ligent buying. The future of the consumer depends upon his ability to select carefully the commodity best suited to his needs. HARRIET E HENDERSHOT GUIDANCE DE,N ' O. Guidance should be an integral part of every phase of education. Students have particular needs that must be recognized and satisfied. To fulfill these needs, students must be given opportunities to grow and develop in meeting successfully situations in all of the important phases of life. All aspects of an individual's development are interrelated. His occupational success in life may influence his health, his emotional maturity may have a bearing on his social adjustment, and his educational opportunities may be influenced by his environment. lf it is true that good citizenship in a democracy requires a person who is not only self-directing, but fully aware of the problems and needs of other people, then the best kind of guidance would be the type that develops the individual in making his own decisions and choices. The school program at Argo Community High School is made up of ten periods a day, - class room instruction and study hallsy two lunch periods are scheduled. Class sponsors advise students regarding courses of study, procedure at class meetings, and class parties. ln the spring of each year the freshman sponsor takes charge of the testing program, tintelligence and achievementl, of all incoming freshmen. Freshman Day is arranged before the close of the school year, and the members of the Iunior High School visit the various departments of the school, attend a special assembly program which has been arranged, and have lunch in the cafeteria. This serves as the begin- ning of the orientation of freshmen to a high school program. The cumulative record is taken care of by the administrative staff of the school, and it is placed at the disposal of all faculty members at all times. A cumulative record system attempts to give a detailed evaluation of the student's total performance in school life: observation of a student's conduct provides valuable information for future reference. Parents attend the regular Parent Teacher Association meetings which are held each month during the school year. They are invited to attend an as- sembly program and later enjoy the service of the cafeteria, if they so desire. After the business meeting, a program pertaining to some phase of home-school- community relations, is arranged. The parents take an active part in the group discussion, tnereby stimulating a closer relationship between parents and teachers. Conferences with parents prove helpful in adjusting pupils to particu- lar interests and abilities. The home room period provides an atmosphere for group counseling. Those things are discussed that are pertinent to the level of the various home room classes. A committee usually has charge of the meeting, and the teacher listens to the discussion and gives an opinion when necessary or offers helpful information. Some of the principal subjects discussed are: school customs and traditions, habits of study, conduct, citizenship, character, leadership, history of the school, honor clubs, social behaviors, care of school library, course of study, and vocations. The extra-curricular program of the school affords opportunity for the student to develop courage and self-competence in all areas of human relationships. lt includes many types of activities, - clubs, assemblies, plays, operettas, school functions, coronation programs, tcrowning of queen of football and bas- ketball activitiesl, chorus work, and orchestra and band entertainments. ln the modern school of today visual aids have become an integrated part of the educational program. They provide concrete visual experience, develop desirable attitudes, and stimulate further activity on the part of the student. Executives from industrial districts of the various communities have given talks at assembly programs and to senior groups, concerning occupations and job placement. Students are given opportunities for interviews, and as a result many students are placed in responsible positions because of these experiences. The various organizations of the community take an active part in school and community relationships. The Superintendent and Board of Education are fully aware of the needs of boys and girls and are eager to support new trends and developments. Vv'e are advancing in guidance in our school but there are many goals to be attained. The effectiveness of a guidance program is not determined by the size of the school or the number of teachers on the staff. The guidance service, to be successful, must discover the abilities, interests, and needs of the student, and motivate him to the pursuit of a worthwhile program in the life of the com- munity in which he lives. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IUNIOHS lean Esch Shirley Kretertield Lorraine Kriz Dolores Mallory Richard Morgan Theodore Ronczkowski Anne Sonopol Shirley Treadway SENIORS Marydella Allen Pauline Blazina La Verne Binkowski Dorothy Boss Dorothy Debelak Patricia Kaktis Helen Knezevich Vivian Kriz Dorothy Kuyawa Mary Lattirner Ian Mandel Angeline Manos Iohn Mclnturff Esther Metskas Marguerite Morris Helen Polner Kay Pulver Robert Rieck Norman Spear Pearl Wagner Edward Wittenkeller CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE COMMENCEMENT IUNE 13. 1947 Opening Speech Closing Speech Norman Spear Pauline Blazina C L A S S O F F I C E R S AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE President Norman Spear Vice President Vivian Kriz TURQUOISE AND SH-'VER Secretary Ruth Buckrneier Treasurer Dorothy Debelak Historian Pauline Blorzina S E N I O R S Reporter Esther Metskas Sponsor Miss Broom Sponsor Mr. Maloy 1 9 4 7 QUEEN PAT KAKTIS SPECIAL HONORS HIGHEST IN SCHOLARSHIP Pauline Blazina Vivian Kriz OUR QUEENS FootballiPat Kaktis Basketball-Vivian Kriz D.A.R. Vivian Kriz Good Citizenship Pilgrim Award WHITEHALL SCHOLARSHIP Don Lambert '46 ALL CONFERENCE FOOTBALL Captain Don Lambert Ray Perrin Norm Spear Ralph Stricker am fke cafafain ofmy fafeg am fke madfer 0 HONOR ROLL PAULINE BLAZINA ESTI-IER METSKAS MARYDELLA ALLEN LUVERNE BINKOWSKI DOROTHY BOSS VERA CHALOUPKA DOROTHY DEBELAK HARVEY FHEGEAU ORELLA HAERR IOYCE HAMBLEY LOU HOPPER PAT KAKTIS HELEN KNEZEVICH VIVIAN KRIZ DOROTHY KUYAWA MARY LATTIMER IOHN MCINTURFP IAN MANDEL ANGELINE MANOS MARGUERITE MORRIS KAY PULVER PAUL RADDATZ GERALDINE ROSS GLADYS SCHAUER LOIS TIMMONS ALICE WOICIK 2: my 5011 . LUCY ALEXANDER Mable , . . queen candidate '46 . . . vice pres., Future Homemakers of America . . . pres. F.l-LA, fSection ZUJ . . . office assistant , . . style show . . . prompter, junior play. LORNEZ ANDERSON Andy . . . football . . . A Club . . baseball . . . shop. MARY DELLA ALLEN Associate editor, Weekly Maroon . . . cheer leader . . . Quill and Scroll . . . G.A.A. . . . office assistant . . . Student Advisory Board . . . D.A.R. candidate . . . class secretary '46 . . . Commer- cial and National Honor Societies . . . youth conference delegate. RICHARD ARMGARD Richie . . . tinkering with automo- biles . . . vigilance committee . . . always pleasant. BERNARD BADER Bernie . . . fire patrol . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . mechanic. BETTY BARBER Snooks . . . G.A.A .... chorus . dancing . . . roller skating. ROBERT BALES Bob , . . A Club , . . basketball . . . base- ball . . . football. ADELINE BEDNAR Ad . . . dancing . . . acrobatics . . music . . . orchestra , , , romance, LA VERNE BINKOWSKI Honor student . . . Commercial and National Honor Societies . . , prompter, junior and senior plays . . . G.A,A .... style show . . . Arqolite. ANNA BIRSA Red , . . cafeteria . . . Future Homemakers of America . . . chorus . . . style show . . . roller skating. PAULINE BLAZINA Paul . . . straight A student . . . Ir. and Sr. plays . . . National and Commercial Honor So- cieties . . . Ouill and Scroll . . . assistant editor, Weekly Maroon . . . class prophecy . . . historian . . . Advisory Board . . . librarian. ALBERT BONA Al . . . senior play . . . chorus . . . ope- retta . . . popular with faculty and students. DOROTHY BOSS Dot . . . chorus . . . Commercial and National Honor Societies . . . honor student . . . band . . . lovely, talented, popular pianist. GEORGE BRIDA Georgie . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . hobby, fishing, ping pong . . . machine shop . . . shy. MARGE BROKOP Margie . . . librarian . . . hobby, sing- ing . . . noted for her personality. IUANITA BRYANT Iuan . . . librarian . . . senior play . . . chorus . . . hobby, reading and roller skating. EDWARD BRYLA A Club . . . manager, football and basketball . . . hobby, iishing and riding buses . . . good natured. IESSE MAE BUCEK Chorus . . . band . . , very friendly . . . senior play. RUTH BUCKMEIER Ruthie . . . senior class secretary . . . senior board . . . hobby, horseback riding . . . drum majorette . . . style show , . . Argolite . . . operetta. VERA CHALOUPKA Ver . . . honor student . . . Owens ian club . . . Future Homemakers oi America . . . hobby, photography and letter writing . . . quiet . . . driving ability. IOSEPH CHOLICO Ioe . , . veteran . . . sports . . . good looking . . . dancing. IAMES CONWAY Iim . . . baseball manager . . . hobby, airplane models . . . noted for his accordion playing. RAYMOND COPP Ray . . . basketball . . . Arqolite . . senior board . . . hobby, driving . . . going steady. DOROTHY DEBELAK Debby . . . Commercial and Nas tional Honor Societies . . . Future Homemakers ot Amer- ica . . . student board . . . class treasurer . . . Argolite . . . treas., Commercial Honor Society . . . style show. MARY DI GANGI Iosie . . . chorus . . . G.A.A, . . . Com- mercial Honor Society . . . class secretary '45 . . . hobby, photography . . . pretty dark eyes. ROSALIE DOMBRAUSKAS Little Frog . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . hobby, clothes . . . style show , . . vigilance committee. RICHARD DORANSKI Dick . . . A Club . . . football . . . basketball . . . baseball . , . track . . . hi-noon . . . Argo- lite . . . sports. IAMES DU BOIS limmy . . . baseball . . . basketball . . . hobby, collecting baseball pictures. ELSIE ERDMANN Pussy . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . F.H.A. . . . prompter, junior and senior plays . . . noted for her good nature. IAMES FINNEGAN Swimming team . . . cross country track . . . president, ht-noon . . . Student Advisory Board ....AClub. HARVEY FREGEAU A Club . . . sports . , . football . . baseball . . . honor roll . . . hi-noon . . . Argolite. ROBA GATH Robs . . . style show . . . friendly . . . neat . . . only senior from Bedford Park. LOUISE GARMON Lou . . . style show . , . G.A.A. . . . Future Homemakers of America . . . writing letters and collecting figured soap . . . Arqolite. HOWARD GIBSON Irish . . . football , . . roller skating . . . ambition, professional qolfer, WILLIAM GINALICK Bill . . . chorus . . . band . . . ope- retta . . . keen interest in music, ORELLA HAERR Butch . . . honor roll . . , senior play . . . photography . . . orchestra . . . ambition, nurse. IOYCE HAMBLEY Shorty . . . honor roll . . . hobby, sew- ing. NADINE HAMILTON Butch . . . orchestra . . . interested in sewing and photography . , , senior play . . . honor roll. HERBERT HARM Sherbert , . . A Club . . . basketball , , . baseball . . . senior play. PATRICIA HARVEY Put . . . G.A.A. . . . chorus . . . Future I-lomemolcers of America . . . telephone operator, TOM HERNANDEZ Navy veteran . . . intelligent . . well-liked. WAYNE HOBSON Kenny . . . college . . . noted tor wash- inq teachers' cars . . . an all around qood class mate. LOU HOPPER Lucifer . . . librarian . . . Maroon staff . . . Arqolite . . . Commercial Honor Society. FRED IBLOVEC Fritz . . . interest in automobiles and model planes . . . shows good workmanship . . . hobby, record collector. PATRICIA KAKTIS Pat . . . pres., Com. Honor Society . . . pres., Quill and Scroll . . . National Honor Society . . . treas., jr, class . . . Spanish Club . . . pres., senior board . . . Student Advisory Board . . . Football Queen '46 . . . Weekly Maroon . . . Arqolite. MATTHEW KAPUT Matt . . . machine shop . . . good natured . . . likes Phys. Ed. HELEN KNEZEVICH Pres., G.A.A. '46 . . . Student Ad- visory Board . . . queen candidate '43 . . . National Honor Society . , . Quill and Scroll . . . editor, Weekly Maroon . . . Spanish Club . . . assistant director, senior play. VIRGINIA KREMER Virq . . . orchestra . . . band . . noted for her blond hair. VIVIAN KRIZ Viv . . . class pres. '46 . . , vice pres., '47 . . . National Honor Society , , . GAA .... senior board . . . Student Advisory Board Maroon . . . Arqolite editor . . . lr. and Sr, plays . , . band , , , treas., Quill and Scroll , . . D.A.R, Award . . . Basketball Queen '47. WALTER KRUPKA Wafly . . . likes to loaf . , . well-liked . . . usually with lohnny Moraucz and Adam Novosad. IEAN KUTINA Iecmne . . . vigilance committee . . . Com- mercial Honor Society . . . style show. DOROTHY KUYAWA Commercial Honor Society . . . li- brarian . . . honor roll , . . K and K productions . . . Nal tional Honor Society . . . style show. HARRY KUYAWA Mechanical drawing . . . quiet . , shy . . . hopes tor a college education in drafting. DONALD LAMBERT Moose . . . captain, ioothall . . baseball , . . track . . . C.Y.O. boxing champ '45 . . . Student Advisory Board. MARY LATTIMER Blondie . . . Commercial and National Societies , . . honor roll . . . style show . , . Future Home- makers of America . . . servicemen's plaque ROSELYN LEACK Rosie . . . operetta . . . Future Home- makers ot America . . . triple trio . . . octet . . . chorus . . . pleasant voice. MARY LEONCHIK Mcmya . . . pepsodent girl . . . news reporter . . . G.A.A ,,.. junior play . . . style show . . . vigilance committee . . . scrapbooks and diary . . . writing to Iohnny. SYBH. LOGAN Sibs . . . G.A.A .... style show . . . vigi- lance committee . . . Commercial Honor Society. MARION LONGHELT Mar . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . style show . . . Future Homemakers ot America . . . quiet. PAULINE LYTLE Paul . . . chorus . . . historian '44 . . . honor roll . . . quiet . . . noted for speaking ability . . . ofperettas. BERNARD LYZNICKI Bernie , . . jr. cmd sr. plays . . . chorus . . . band . . , jazz band . . . operettas . . . junior class sec'y . . . junior board . . . usually with Al Bona. LOUIS MALLOHY band . . . orchestra . . . frosh-soph basketball . . . jazz band . . , friendly. ALLAN MACK Cross country track . . . A Club . . . foot- ball . . . noted for smart sayings . . . usually with Dor- anski . . . basketball . . , baseball . . . hall guard . . . Drake University. IAN MANDEL A Club . . . baseball . . , football . . . basketball . . . coronation . . . sports . . . noted for his pitching arm . . . National Honor Society. ANGELINE MANOS Angie . . . cheer leader . . . Na' tional and Commercial Honor Societies . . . Quill and Scroll . . . senior play . . . G.A.A .... editor, Weekly Maroon '46 . . , servicemeris plaque . . . junior board . . . Argo- lite. ROBERT MATAITIS Bob . . . band . . . football . . . good time boy . . . driving ability , . . usually seen with lim- my Dubois. TONY MATIAS lunior play . . . irosh-soph basketball . . . otlice assistant . . . expert with movie equipment . . . senior board, ANN MATIIEVICH Shorthand and typing ability . . . three year course in homemaking . . . noted for being tall . . . G.A.A .... style show. IOHN MCINTURFF lack . . . junior play . . . senior play Quill and Scroll . . . orchestra . . . reporter, Weekly Maroon . . . swimming team . . . Science Club . . . band . . . National Honor Society, CHARLES MEISNER Chuck . . . frosh-soph basketball . . . swimming team . . . good time boy . . . usually with Fin- negan and Lambert . . . vigilance . . , hi-noon . . . track. ESTHER METSKAS Est . . . Commercial and National Honor Societies . . . lr. cmd Sr. plays . . . Quill and Scroll . . . G.A.A .... editor, Weekly Maroon '46 . . . Studenr Advisory Board . . . senior board . . . news reporter '44 . . . queen candidate '45 . . . Oregon . . . junior board. IOHN MIINARIK Mechanical drawing . . . huntinq and fishing . . . quiet . . . well-liked. IOHN MORGUCZ Baseball manager . . . football . . . sports . . . usually with Wally Krupka and Adam Novosad. MARGUERITE MORRIS lunior and senior plays . . . Com- mercial Honor Society . . . sec'y, G.A.A .... Quill and Scroll . . . servicemen's plaque . . . football queen can- didate '45 . . . college . . . National Honor Society. GLENN MUCKEY Muck . . . basketball . . . new student. IEANINE MYERS Chorus . . . news reporter . . . band . . . Future Homernakers of America . . . G.A.A. . . . cafeteria . . . Writina . . . Science Club. ALVIN NEITZEI. Bud . . . track . . . hi-noon . . . model airplanes. machine shop . , . HENRY NIEDBALLA Hunk . . . A Club . . . basketball . . . track . . . football . , . sports usually seen with Ray Copp. IAMES N1-IWMAN Iimmy . . . band chorus . . , usually seen with Adeline VIOLET NIEMEYEH Vi . . . G.A.A. . Future Homemakers of America . . roller skating. . . . hi-noon . . . . . . orchestra . . . Bednar. . . style show . . . . shy . . . hobby BARBARA NIGG Iiqqs . . . G.A,A .... junior and senior plays . . . Future Homernakers of America , . . style show . . . outstanding in athletics. ELAINE OLSON E . . . studious . . . shy . . . quiet . . liked by all. KENNETH OLTMAN Oais . . . junior play . . . vicefpres- ident, A 'Club . . . football . . . baseball . . . track . . . sports . . . senior board. ALFRED PANKOW Alfie . . . noted for smart cracks . . Navy . . . always ready for a qood time . , . hienoon . . track . . . A Club , . . bowling . . . class booster . . song: One Meat Ball. IESSE PARROT Bruce . . . chorus . . . noted for singing ability . , . easy aoina . . . sincere worker . . . mechani. cal drawing. LILLIAN PARROTT Boots . . . G.A.A ..,. style show . . . favoriie sport, speed ball . . , noted for crackina aura. ALFRED PELKO Whitey . . . band . . . interested in cars . . . usually seen with Lawrence Nativo. RAYMOND PERRIN Muqqs . . . A Club . . . alllconier- ence football . . . ex Navy man. ANITA PHARES Nita . . . Future Homemakers of Amer- ica . . . band , . . chorus . . . quiet. BEBE PLOSZEK Bebe . , . band service . . . flute quartet . . . welldressed . . . secretary, band . . . Pepsodent girl . . . Future Hcmemakers of America wsu- HELEN POLNER Model at Patricia Stevens . . . P.H.A. . . . secretary, Commercial Honor Society . . . attractive clothes . . . collects photographs . . . style show . . , Pepsodent girl . . . junior play . . . Argolite . . . G.A.A. . . . National Honor Society. KAY PULVER K . . , Pepsodent girl . . , library staff . . . Commercial and National Honor Societies . . . honor roll . . . Argolite. ALICE PRESTO Al . . . chorus . . . operetta . . . Com- mercial Honor Society . . , A copella choir . . . triple trio . , . music school . . . pianist . . . Spanish Club. NORMA RADDATZ Norm . . . nice clothes . . . Sopho- more basketball queen candidate . . . Future l-lomemakers ot America . . . G.A.A .... style show. PAUL RADDATZ lunior and senior plays . . . likes cars . . . science club . . . good talker . . . honor roll. ROBERT HIECK Bob . . . interesting floor talks . . . in- telligent fellow . . . quiet . . . outstanding in economics . . . Quill and Scroll . . . printing . . . honor roll . . . National Honor Society. VIVIAN RODRIGUEZ Viv . . . Spanish Club . . . chorus . . . bonita muchacha . . . vigilance committee . . . style show . . . operetta . . . hobby, swimming . . , noted for wise cracks. GERALDINE ROSS Gerry . , . chorus . . . operetta . . . G.A..A .... Pepsodent girl . . . style show . . . active in sports . , . publicity officer . . . glee club. HENRY SALGADO Hank . . . talented artist . . . Spanish Club . . . well-liked . . . hi-noon . . . operetta . . . Argo- lite ' LUPE SANCHEZ Lu , . . Spanish Club . . . style show . . . best friend, Vivian Rodriguez . . . qood natured. GLADYS SCHAUER Studious . . . Commercial Honor So- ciety . . . honor roll . . . style show . . . class history . . . Well liked. LOUIS SCHMIDT Louie . . . honor roll student . . .expert machinist . . . accordionist . . . mechanical drawing. DONALD SCHUETT Don . . . math club . . . likes baseball . . . all around good fellow . . . hi-noon . . . machine shop. BETTY SPARACINO Bet . . . a friend to everyone . . . al- ways pleasant . , . style show . . . cafeteria. NORMAN SPEAR Norm . . . National Honor Society . . . , . . football . . . baseball . . . basketball . . . junior play . . . pres. senior class . . . coronalions . . . pres. Student Advisory Board . . . sec'y, treas., A Club . . . capt, basket- ball , . . Weekly Maroon . . . senior board . . . band. LUCILLE STRZELCZYK Lucy . . . G.A.A .... style show . . . Pepsodent girl . . . collects records . , . office assistant. RALPH STRICKER Big Strick . , . varsity basketball . . . football . . . baseball . . . senior advisory board . . . A Club . . . All-Conference Football . . . Coronation . . . sports . . . news reporter. IOSEPH SUSKI Ice . . . quiet . . . swimming team . . . mechanically minded . . . likes model airplane building . . . drafting. CHESTER SZKOLKA Skooks . . . student patrol . . . likes machines . , , field director . . . photography. ROBERT SZYMBORSKI Bob . . . band . . . student advisory board . . . chorus . . . musically inclined. DOLORES TEMPLIN Do . . . works at Brunts . . . writes letters . . . attractive and shy . . . style show. LOIS TIMMONS Timmy . . . likes sports . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . Weekly Maroon staff . . . Quill and Scroll . . , math club. NORMAN TOMICH Norm , . . band . . . expert ice skater . . . popular. MARY ANN TURNER Proxie . . . well dressed . . . Spanish Club . . . Science Club . . . happy-qo-lucky student . . . student patrol . . . Future Homemakers of America. ALBINA URBAN LB .... Future Homemakers oi America . . . good economics student . . . Pearl Waqner's best friend . . , style show . . . well liked. ROBERT URICK Bob . . . usually with Meisner, Lambert, and the rest of the qanq . . . hi-noon . . . machine shop , . . all around qood fellow. ROBERT VAN ORT Cowboy . . , band . , . assembly pro- qrams . . . Van Ort and Mclnturff Productions . . . Science Club. PETER VULISTIS Pete . . . iootball , . . chorus . , . inter' ested in commercial art . . . Science Club , . . operetta. PEARL WAGNER Pemlie Pie . . , drum major . . . band . . . F.H.A. president . . . Student Advisory Board . . . Arqolite . . , telephone operator . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . sec'y, F.H.A. '45 . . . style show . . . National Honor Society . . . operetta. EDWARD WITTENKELLER Ed . . . class reporter '44 . . . A Club . . . Weekly Maroon . . , mqr,, sports . . . Arqolite . . , senior board . . , photography . . . draftinq . . . senior play . . . publicity manager . , . Commercial and National Honor Societies. PAUL WOHLBRUCK Brooks . . . president, band . . . or- chestra . . . jazz band . . . ability to play trumpet . . . usually with Bob Szymborski . . . operettas . . . chorus. ALICE WOICIK Al . . . vice pres., Commercial Honor So- ciety . . . telephone operator . . . honor roll . . . Argolite . . . well-liked . . . typing and shorthand ability . . . office assistant. GLORIA WOODKY Glor . . . majorette . . . fan clubs . . . writes letters . . . Pepsodent girl . . . G-.A.A .... F.H,A. . . . style show . . . cafeteria. TED ZEMBRUSKI Ted . . . mechanical drawing . . . driving ability . . . student patrol. BETTY ZYDORCAK Beezie . . . Commercial Honor Society . . . accordionist . . . librarian , . . popular with faculty and students. STUDENT BOARD Vivian Kriz and Esther Metskas, representing attended the Illinois Association of Student A CH.S., met with the Student Council at Mor- Councils Convention at the Sherman Hotel, ton on November 23. March 28-29. Panel discussion Successful Eleven members of the Argo Student Board Living in our World-Vocationally ALSO RECEIVING DIPLOMAS IAMES ALLEN PHILIP BEUSHAUSEN RAYMOND BRADY PAUL COOMER EDWARD ERDMANN IOSEPI-I FURCICH GEORGE LONGHELT EDWIN MORRIE MARVIN MYERS LOUIS HESTER SAMUEL IOHNSON WALTER KAPUT ALEX KRUPKA ROGER KUTINA IAMES LATTIMER STUART STEPHENS WALTER POTACKI CHARLES REGEP IOHN SCHOONVELD ROBERT SKORUP GEORGE SKEELUKE WILLIAM YELNICK ARTHUR YETTER NICK PAPPAS CLASS HISTORY The seniors of l947 record four memorable years. Entering high school, we were awkward and strange, but after the freshman- sophomore party, we were full-fledged students. Charming Rita Hankins was our freshman choice for football queen. Class spirit was high, but we lost to the hardworking seniors. In the basketball contest, we elected jovial Helen Knezevich. Again we bowed to the seniors. Freshman class officers: Vivian Kriz, pres.: Gayl Ness, vice-pres.: Bernard Lyznicki, sec'yy Helen Knezevich, treas.g Edward Wittenkeller, reporter: and Pauline Lytle, historian. Class sponsors: Mr. Kusenda and Mrs. Harmon. ln our sophomore year, first showings were in the queen contests. Our lovely candidates: Marguerite Morris and Norma Raddatz. Sophomore class officers: Vivian Kriz, pres.: Gayl Ness, vice-pres.: Mary Di Gangi, sec'y: Dallas Coomer, treas.g Esther Metskas, reporter: and Angeline Manos, historian. Mr. C. Williams and Miss Bane, class sponsors. Our junior year was exciting. Likeable Esther Metskas was chosen football queen candidate: petite and charming Lucy Alexander, basketball queen candidate. 'Tune Mad", the junior play. Mrs. Kamin, our director. The players: E. Mets- kas, G. Ness, P. Blazina, P. Raddatz, V. Kriz, M. Morris, N. Spear, T. Matias, B. Nigg, I. Mclnturff, K. Oltman, B. Lyznicki, and M. Leonchik. The junior-senior prom, Oak Park Arms, where we dressed in our best. A very enjoyable, memorable evening. Eight juniors were honored in the National Honor Society. Iunior class officers: G. Ness, V. Kriz, M. Allen, P. Kaktis, D. Boss and M. Leon- chik. Sponsors: Mr. Hauswald and Mrs. Kamin. ln our glorious senior year, we chose lively Pat Kaktis and Vivian Kriz our lovely queens. The senior play, "A Date With Iudy." The cast: E. Metskas, P. Blazina, P. Ptaddatz, B. Lyznicki, B. Nigg, A. Manos, V. Kriz, M. Morris, R. Leack, N. Ham- ilton, I. Mclnturff, H. Harm, A. Bona, and I. Bryant. Marguerite Morris, Angeline Manos, Mary Lattimer and Henry Salgado worked on the service men's plaque. Twenty-one seniors were elected to membership in the National Honor So- ciety. D.A.R. award to Vivian Kriz. Congratulations again, Viv! Outstanding in music: B. Ginalick, I. Neuman, G. Ross, B. Ploszek, D. Boss, P. Wohlbruck, R. Szymborski, L. Mallory, B. Lyznicki, P. Harvey, R. Leack, I. Mae Bucek, P. Lytle, A. Presto, and V. Rodriguez. In sports: Sabick, Mack, Coomer, Doranski, Spear, Perrin, Lambert, Stricker, Fregeau, Oltrnan, Niedballa, Bales, and Copp. All-Conference: Perrin, Lambert, and Stricker, and Spear. Our joy in graduating is tempered with sadness. Farewell to our teachers, classmates, schoolmates. Thanks, Miss Broom! Argo High holds happy memories. To Argo High we sing a song . . Wa .kb 1 W JI T 1941 lin fmlvmnriam 1946 -il THAT WE MIGHT LIVE IN PEACE AND SECURITY THESE MEN GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THEIR COUNTRY IN WORLD WAR II IOHN ALMANZA CECIL ANDERSON, IR. ANDREW BANNON MATTHEW BOLEK BERNARD BOUCHARD LOWELLDEAN CARLSON ARTHUR CHESTNUT JAMES CHESTNUT CARL CYGNAR PETER DEMITRIU JOHN EVANS, IR., 1947 BENJAMIN FANDREY JAMES GARRITY ROBERT HILL JAMES HYNES, JR. 'K VERNON KLUCK EDWARD KOTT IRA LAMBERT PATRICK LAMBERT ROY LINN JOHN LISOWSKI CLAYTON LUND THEODORE LUNIEWICZ EARL MORIARTY CHESTER PLUTA GEORGE POKORNY JOHN STEC PAUL TOMICH IOSEPH TRUMBICH JOHN VENTURI CLASS WILL Lomez Anderson-My attendance at school to Bill Brown. Lucy Alexandere-My black dresses to Iean Esch. Marydella Allen-My cheerleading ability to Bernadine Henley. Richard Armgard-My going steady to Eugene Schmitz. Bemard Bader-My knack for repairing "Fords" to Bob Graham. Robert Bales-My pleasant voice to Fred Mackall. Betty Barber-My experience as a telephone operator to my sister. La Verne Bi.nkowski4My height to Ham Ialovec. Anne Birsa-My red hair to Betty Coomer. Pauline Blazina-My scholastic record to Dick Morgan. Albert Bona-My wavy blond hair to lerry Panzer. Dorothy Boss-My ambition to be a concert pianist to Lorraine Kriz George BridaeMy shyness to Bernie Ploszek. Margie Brokop-My favorite subject shorthand to Eleanor Olesky. Iuanita Bryant-My Work in the library to Lois Gualano. Edward Bryla-My American history to Tom Esposito. Iessie Mae Bucek-My interest in the band to Richard Wingo. Ruth Buckmeier-My task as secretary to my sister Rose. Robert Caputo-My being stage hand manager to Arnie Belke. Vera Chaloupka-My love for driving to Grace Pishos. Ioe CholicoeMy love for the Navy to Don Healey. Iames Conway-My dream of being a flyer to my brother lohn. Raymond Copp-My pearlyswhite teeth to Ernie Mattingly. Dorothy Debelak-My job at Stone's to Beverly Ross. Mary Di G-ang'ieMy petite manner to Elaine Schranz. Rosalie Dombrauskas-My pleasant personality to Sheila Davis. Richard Doransld-The stripe on my A Club sweater to Tony Liss. lames Du Bois-The habit of clearing my throat to "lake" Mataitis. Elsie Erdman-My job as secretary to Miss Phillips to anyone who wants it Iames Finneqanvlvly blue eyes to Pat loy. Harvey Fregeau-All the girls in A.C.l-LS. to lames Callahan. Roba Gath-My beautiful clothes to Norma Martin. Louise Garmon-My high voice to Olga Tsourmas. Howard GibsoniMy wise cracks in economics to Betty Block. William Ginalick-My nickname "Brer Hair" to limmy Lambert. Orella Haerr-My floor talks to Walter Katenhusen. Ioyce Hambly-My books to Martha Schoonveld. Nadine Hamilton-My love for school to my sister Daisy. Herbert Ha:rmeMy baseball abilities to my brother lohn. Patricia HarveyAMy being a senior to Ed Birsa. Tom Hernandez-My military career to Michael Salgado. Wayne Hobson-My excellent salesmanship to Ed Mack. Lou Hopper-My mathematical brain to Robert Goldstine. Fred Ialovec-My innocence to Weldon Anderson. Pat KaktisAEditor-in-chief of the Maroon to Tannie Sonopol. Matthew KaputAMy fluttering eyes to Shirley Treadway. Helen Knezevich-My humorous nature to Lela Kluve. Virginia Kremer-My interest in aeronautics to Ronald Zalochar. Vivian Kriz-My sparkling personality to George Hebding. Walter KrupkaeMy knowledge of World Affairs to Gilbert Husch. Iean Kutina-My hobby, dancing, to Ralph lecha. Dorothy Kuyawa-My favorite pastime, reading, to Donnie Cochrane. Don Lambert-My athletic abilities to limmy Copp. Mary Lattimer-My taking care of the service plaque to Katie Tinrnan Roselyn Leack-My four years in chorus to Audrey Marotzke. Mary Leonchik--My ability in Russian to Anne Sonopol. Sybil Logan4My speeches to any timid freshie. Mcrrian Longhelt-My freckles to Evelyn Hambly. George Longhelt-My wavy red hair to Red Regep. Pauline Lytle-My melodious voice to Alice Blazek. Bemard Lyznicki-My Benny Goodman characteristics to Iune Kenrich. Louis Mallory-My trombone to the band. Allan Mack-My cross country victories to Richard Iarrett. Ian Mandel-Nothing to anyone. I need all l've got. Angeline Manos-My cheerleading to Dorothy Ziebell. Robert Mataitis-My good looks to Walter Schmitz. Tony Matias-My suave tactics to Robert Riddle. Ann Matiievich-My quiet nature to Frances lohnstone. Iohn Mclnturif-My corny iokes to Mr. Larson. Charles Meisner-My leadership oi the "Supper Club" to Louie Ziebell Esther Metskas-My friendly air toward everyone to Rose Buckmeier. Iohn Minarik-My ambition to be drattsman to Tom Hebding. Iohn Morguez-My outtielder's glove to Charles Leimgruber. Marguerite Morris-My cheerful disposition to Edmond Rzepka. Glenn Muckey-My housemaid's knees to Georgianne Polly. Ieanine Myers-My soft speaking voice to Roann Tavegqia. Alvin Neitzelwlviy model A truck to Tom Bona. Henry Niedballa-My deep interest in sports to Adam Novosad. Iames Newman-My scraps with Mr. Sucharda to Genevieve Parks. Violet Niemeyer-My glasses to Pat Maxa. Barbara Nigg-My role in the senior play to Marion Tucker. Elaine Olson-My demureness to Frances lohnstone. Kenneth OltmanhMy carefree nature to Byron Hadley. Iesse Parret-My suit to Milton Bohannion. Lillian Parrott-My trankness to Marie Holt. Alfred Pelko-My misdemeanor slips to Lawrence Nativo. Anita Phares-My seat in the senior home room to Evelyn Hambley. Bebe Ploszek+My name Remilda to Pat Kieiko. Helen Polner-My modeling course to Frances Pawelek. Kay Pu1veriMy talkativeness to lean Hurd. Alice Presto-My voice to Ioan Kristotik. Norma Raddatz-My charm to Charmaine Stetaninni. Paul Raddatz-My tall stories to Victor Balanoit. Robert Rieck-My interest in a freshman to William Levvandowski. Vivian Rodriguezelifly good sales talk to Clara Smit. Geraldine Ross-My captivating features to Phyllis Treadway. Henry Salgado-My artistic traits to Billy Nash. Lupe Sanchez-My enchiladas to Isaac Delgado. Lucille Strzelczyk-My quietness to Beverly Lederman. Robert Szyborskie-My ability as a miler to Sid Seward. Dolores Templin-My shyness to lane Havel. Lois Timmonselvly ability in commercial work to Shirley Lederman. Norman Tomich-My basketball technique to Donald Fiqura. Mary Ann Turner-My blond locks to Mary Belle Lett. Albina Urban-My pretty eiyes to Helen Kotval. Robert Urick-My long hair to Gene Marcheski. Robert Van Ort-My overalls to Ronald Lucket. Peter Vulistis-My artistic hand to Charles Neerrnan. Pearl Wagner-My ability as drum major to my sister Alice. Eddie WittenkellerAMy good grades to my sister Arlene. Paul Wohlbruck--My trumpet ability to Ralph Iecha. Alice Woicik-My literature class to my sister Dolores. Gloria Woodky-My twirling ability to Ann Novasad. Art Yetter-My good-naturedness to Gene Harm. Ted Zembruski-My drafting ability to George Mack. Betty Lee Zydorcak-My accordion playing to Victor Stalowy. THE SENIORS M, 2 if 3 ' A,1 ? 1-, ah, VM H, 'Z mmnn, if THE CLASS OF 1947- Omofmw June 13, 1967 Nonnan Spear. pres., of the U.S., is speaking to his secretary, Vivian Kriz. "Twenty years ago we received diplomas from A.C.H.S. Iust for old times' sake, l'd like to talk over old acquaintances". "M. Di Gangi and P. Kaktis." Viv said, "have a beautiful dress shop in New York City. R. Buckmeier and O. Haen' are on the Board of Designers." "ln my Cabinet l have E. Wittenkeller, Sec'y of State, and Iohn Mclnturii. Sec'y of Treas. Last week I saw that wonderful ball game with R. Stricker pitching for the Red Sox. His opponent was Ian Mandel. White Sox. ln the press box were F.B.l. chief, R. Copp. and I. Finnegan. his assistant." "At the press conference tomorrow you'll meet a few more old friends. H. Sal- gado and K. Oltman. the cartoonists, along with H. Knezevich and M. Morris. foreign correspondents, Herald-Tribune, will be there." "There are seven in Congress too: P. Vulistis. T. Zembruski. R. Rieck. M. Lat- timer. V. Chaloupka. G. Muckey. and I. Parrott." "Here is a letter in the mail from C. Szkolka. superintendent of Argo High. He and the Board of Education, including H. Niedballa. R. Bales, and W. Hob- son. invite you to speak at commencement. A. Birsa. M. Brokop. and R. Urick. teachers at Argo, want to see you again." "l read in the newspaper this morning that P. Wohlbruck and his band IR. Zymborski. B. Lyznicki, L. Mallory. and W. Ginalickl have broken all records with their concert at Madison Square Garden. l remember reading that L. An- derson and F. Ialovec saved many lives in terrible fires around Chicago!" "Breaking records1" added Viv. "The class of '47 has done so during the past years: E. Metskas won the Academy Award in '64p I. Du Bois. short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers, batted 500 last year: the '47 Club, housewives, met in '57 to discuss domestic problems. Present at the convention were the former L. Alexander. president of the club: the former L. Binkowski. I. Bucek. I. Ham- bley. V. Kremer. V. Rodreguez, K. Pulver. G. Woodky. I. Kutina. and M. Leon- chik. Domestic difficulties have decreased since their meeting. M. Allen took her 15th trip to South America this year as buyer for a loop department store. ln l962, I. Bryant flew around the world twice with only six stops. "We have made the headlines too. ln 1960, R. Mcrtaitis and H. Freqeau. nationally known bums, inherited two million dollars from a rich uncle. H. Harm and D. Schuett, sports writers, broadcast the All Star game in which R. Duran- ski, half, R. Perrin. tackle, and D. Lambert. end, played a brilliant game. The teachers' convention in Paris, 1963, honored P. Blazina for her outstanding work. N. Hamilton received the Nobel prize in 1962 for finding the definite cure for the common cold. D. Boss won world-wide recognition with her piano con- certo, Hollywood Bowl in '57." "I wonder about the rest of our class", said Norm. "Would you see to it that I get a complete report from the F.B.l.?" The report: R. Armqard, automobile magnate: B. Bader, owner of largest chain of gas stations: B. Barber, "Number, Please" girl of 1960: A. Bona, presi- dent, Argo State Bank: G. Brida and E. Bryla, oil-well millionaires: I. Chalico, R. Valentino of Hollywood: G. Lonqhelt and R. Caputo, producers of Broadway plays: Art Yetter the star: I. Conway, grandson of Iohn D. Rockefeller, incognito: D. Debelak, head sales-girl at Marshall Field's in Chicago: R. Dombrauskas, married to Van Iohnson, fifty years old: E. Erdmann, principal at Graves' School: R. Gath, author of the best seller "Come Herei": L. Garmon, explorer, Burma: H. Gibson, owner of exclusive truck-line from Maine to California: P. Harvey, desk clerk at Waldorf-Astoria: T. Hernandez, schooner builder in Massachusetts: L. Hopper, head tabulator at the Bureau of Vital Statistics: M. Kaput and W. Krupka, owners of The Daily News ftheir start as delivery boysl: D. Kuyawa, librarian at Univ. of Chicago: H. Kuyawa, deep-sea fisher, known for his fish tales: R. Leack, architect, new city of Chicago: S. Logan, na- tional tennis champion, in 1960: M. Longhelt, nurse at Hines Hospital: P. Lytle, Ill. representative at National Convention of Cracker--Eaters at Crackertown, lll.: A. Mack, track coach,: Univ. of lll. Cone time Olympic championl: A. Manos, successful career wife: T. Matias, 7 ft. tall, thin man, Barnum-Bailey Circus: A. Matiievich, Powers' model: C. Meisner, owner of "Charlie's Pool Hall" in Brooklyn: I. lVIinari.k. big game hunter in North: I. Marquez, inventor of nylon- gin, the new fabric: I. Myers, "loan of Argo", box-office favorite: A. Neitzel and B. Niqq, famous dance team, "Nigg and Neitzel": I. Newman, leader of the New- man octet: V. Niemeyer, authority on the Chinese: E. Olson, teacher of social science: L. Parrot, Dean of Girls, high school: A. Pelko, chief mine inspector of Ill. coal mines: W. Phares, beautician at Columbia Studios: R. Ploszek, flutist in London Symphonic Orchestra, directed by A. Bednor: H. Polner, editor of "2l" the book for college girls: A. Presto, gym instructor at Morton High: N. Rad- datz, sole heir to the Western Electric Company: G. Ross, singer with P. Wohl- bruck's band: L. Sanchez, living in South America on a coffee plantation: G. Schauer, absent-minded chemistry professor: L. Schmidt, foreman of machin- ists at CPR.: B. Sparacino and L. Strelczyk, bookkeepers at United States Mint, in Kentucky: I. Suski, engineer on the Twentieth Century Limited: D. Templin, "Doll Face" for ads of the same name: L. Ti.mmons, editor, Women's Page, Chicago newspaper: N. Tomich, G. Krupa's protege, now himself famous: M. Tumer, radio announcer: A. Urban, superintendent of nurses, County Hos- pital: R. Van Ort, top rodeo man: P. Wagner, private sec'y to E. Wittenkeller, Sec'y of State: A. Woicik, Broadway star: G. Woodky, owner of Wood-Kyssed Perfume Co.: B. Zdorcak, librarian, Chicago Public Library. Tomorrow? No need to worry about this class! 'V CLASS OFFICERS IUNIORS Miss Phillips, Mr. Hauswald, Sponsors Iames Proffitt, President Hubert McDonald, Vice Pres. Ann Sonopol, Secretary Miss Alice Blazek, Vice President Tannie Sonopol, Secretary Marianne Pederson, Treas. Anne Novosad, President Charles Leimqmber, Vice President Lorraine Kriz, Treasurer Sheila Davis, Historian Richard Morgan, Reporter SOPHOMORES Ann Sonopol, Arqolite larnes Copp, Arqolite Ann leno, Arqolite Buser, Mr. C. Williams, Sponsors Walter Katenhausen, Pres. Tannie Sonopol, Arqolite Bernacline Hornko, Historian Grace Pishos, Argolite Weldon Anderson, Reporter Will Sahs, Arqolite Alice Wagner, Arqolite F R E S H M E N Mr. Kusenda, Sponsor Doris Braasch, Secretary Rornona Considine, Treas. Kathleen Mcrnos, Historian Warren Allen, Reporter Carol Scheibe, Arqolite Pat Falconberry, Arqolite HONOR ROLL Betiy Block Gertrude Brodnicki Sheila Davis lean Esch Daisy Hamilton Phyllis Henderson Lela Kluve Elaine Kremer Shirley Kreterlield Lorraine Kriz Lois Lind Dolores Mallory Richard Morgan Gerald Panzer Agnes Pollard Ted Ronczkowski Chester Sambor Eugene Schmitz Elaine Schranz Wilma Sevier Anne Sonopol Lorraine Vandermuil George Zachau THE IUNIOR CLASS GEORGIA ARMSTRONG 0 IOYCE ASHLEY 0 MARY ELLA BARBER 0 IANE BARTKE 0 ARNOLD BELKE MARVIN BELL I BETTY BLOCK 0 BARBARA BOLSTER 0 IOSEPH BRENCIC I TRUDY BRODNICKI WILLIAM BROWN I ROSE BUCKMEIER 0 MARY IANE BURNER l MARGARET BUSSE 0 IAMES IOHN CARTHAN 0 IRENE CARVER 0 WILDA CAUHORN 0 ADOLPH CHESNEY 0 ROBERT DONALD COCHRANE 0 DOROTHY CONSIDINE 0 IAMES COPP 0 IRENE CORBIN 0 SHEILA ISAAC DELGADO O MARTIN DUNAICIK 0 RENA DUNCAN u IEROME ECKERT 0 BYRON IEAN ESCH 0 ROBERT FAULK O CORDELIA FERRY O ORVILLE FLOYD 0 ROGER GARRISON THERESA GILPOYLE 0 EARL GIPP 0 ROSE GLUSKO 0 ROBERT GRAHAM Q DONALD DAISY HAMILTON O PHYLLIS HENDERSON 0 BERNADINE HENLEY 0 ALICE HERNANDEZ ROBERT IAROSIK 0 ANN IENO 0 ROBERT IOHNSON 0 AUGUSTINE IONES 0 EMILY PAT KEIIKO 0 JAMES KLANYAC 0 LELA KLUVE 0 LILLIAN KORAN 0 ELAINE KREMEN SHIRLEY KRETERFIELD 0 IOAN KRISTOFIK 0 LORRAINE KRIZ I IANE LQDUCT I SHIRLEY ART LEIMGRUBER 0 WILLIAM LEWANDOWSKI 0 LOIS LIND 0 ANTHONY LISS 0 IOHN LOS EDWARD MACK 0 GEORGE MACK 0 FRED MACKALL 0 HUBERT MCDONALD I DELORES IEAN MARKEZICH O CATHERINE MARTELLO o TONIETTA MARTELLO 0 ROBERT MAXA RAYMOND MOORE 0 ROBERT MORGAN 0 BILL NASH 0 LAWRENCE NATIVO 0 DOLORES MARY ANN NIEDBALLA I ADAM NOVOSAD 0 ANN NYKIEL 0 ROBERT OBERBECK 0 ELEANORE NADINE PARROTT 0 GERALD PANZER 0 LESLIE PEDERSON 0 CHESTER PERCZYNSKI THOMAS PLANT O AGNES POLLARD 0 GEORGIANN POLLY 0 LORNA POLLY 0 FRANK POT IAMES PROYFITT 0 MARY ANN POTACKI 0 NORMAN RICK 0 ROBERT RIDDLE 0 RICHARD TED RONCZKOWSKI 0 BEVERLY ROSS O DONALD ROSS I CHESTER SAMBOR 0 VIRGINIA ARNOLD SCHEDIN O MARTHA SCHOONVELD 0 IEAN SCHMIDT 0 EUGENE SCHMITZ WILMA SEVIER C DONALD SEWARD I SIDNEY SEWARD 0 ELVERA SIEGWORTH O HENRIETTA ANNE SONOPOL 0 IENNIE SMIT O IOHN STANTON 0 LUCILLE STEFANSKI 0 CHARMAINE RAY STEINBEIGLE 0 STANLEY STELMASZYK O ROSE SWEDO 0 DOLORES SZYMANSKI SHIRLEY TREADWAY O OLGA TSOURMAS 0 IACK TUTTLE 0 LORRAINE VANDERMUIL ALICE WAGNER 0 VICTORIA WANDS 0 MARY ANN WEISS o NATALIE WHITKO 0 BETTY PAT WRENN O ROBERT YOUNG I GEORGE ZACHAU 0 DOROTHY ZIEBELL ll' IUNIORS NOT PICTURED CALLAHAN CHESNEY DAVIS ELLIS HAGLUND 0 IEAN HURD IORGENSEN LEDERMAN MALLORY 0 STEVE MAZAK NEVARA OLEKSEY 0 RUTH PETZOLD EMPA ROGALINSKI SEASHOLTZ 0 ELAINE SCHRANZ SOBOLEWSKI STEFANINI 0 KATHERINE TINMAN 0 RICHARD VELDMAN WISE VICTOR BALANOFF 0 RICHARD BALSEVICI-I 0 MARY ELLA GREEN 0 GEORGE HEBDING IEAN LQROCHE Q JAMES MATAITIS o IOHN MINIRIK I FRANCES PAWELEK 0 ELOISE MORGAN 0 FRANK POTEMPA 0 CONNIE SIEIA SOPHOMORES H O N O R R O L L Mary Ann Malkovich Tarmie Sonopol Mildred Beauchamp Mary Bedore lean Bjorklund Iohn Borisuk Louise Clark Kathryn Curkovich Iohn Farkonas Dolores Fryzuik Marqie Gay Pai Goodwin Lois Gualano William Hambley Helen Hill. Waller Katenhusen Iune Kenrich Karl Kluve Evelyn Mendlar Charles Neerman Grace Pishos Pat Rich Clara Smit Edith Taylor William Scoby SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED lohn Borowik Donald Beshausen Elaine Dalorowski Iohn Daniels Alice Durka Sharon Luner Dolores McMillan Irene McNamer loseph Mrkacek loseph Salaado Iohn Sandraco Patricia Sullivan Fred Thrern lack Tuttle Walter Schmitz 6170 .fdrgo M94 we Jing rr rang Ofrrrmrrrrr Arr! rm! rlrrrr, 'IMM Argo M94 Orr Aearfa remain i7rr,,r,r mf, ru ccee rn, War. . . 77 HONOR ROLL Warren Allan Roger Anderson Charlotie Bond Doris Braasch Dolores Curry Mildred Evans Evelyn Hambley Harold Hamilton Donamae Hcrpke Lillian Iasper Thelma Kemp Harriet Korman Iean Laitirner Counias Mallory Wavel Meyer Lorna Muckey Mildred Nanninqa Donald Newman Anne Novosad Waller Parus Arlene Young FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Anna Bcxkken Dinah Berquist Betty Broche Roy Coln Mildred Evcms Robert Preidel Elaine Hurd Iohn Kotvcxl Iulicx Mcrckczll Thomas Mcrurer Iohn Nispuruk Rose Violetto Helen Williams FRESHMEN HI-NOON 12 o'clock means Hi-Noon, with two twenty minute periods ot supervised fun: basketball, volleyball, badminton, checkers. Hi-Noon officers: Iames Fin- negan, president, Don Cochran, secretaryg Billy Nash and Rich- ard Doranski, co-chairmen. ,gm xA WHERE'S YOUR PASS? Every student wants to serve at one time or another on the Vigilance committee. These stu- dents Csome are selected, others volunteerl keep an eye on movements about the school and make timely suqqestions to fellow students when the occa- sion warrants it. CHEERLEADERS Varsity Angeline Manos Marydella Allen Dorothy Ziebell Bernadine Henley Frosh-Soph Elaine Kremen Irene Corbin Georgeann Polly Mary lane Burner SUBURBAN COUNCIL South Suburban Social Studies met at Argo High No- vember 2. The morning session, a panel discussion of "Evalua- tion of Field Trips." Hazel Phil- lips, state president of the coun- cil, delivered the welcome ad- dress. Argo members: Hazel Phillips, Edna Wilson, William Eagan, and Everett Larson. I 00l" gckarci 7 SCIENCE New physics equipment: a Bausch and Lomb spectroscope used to analyze light and to help the class analyze chemical compounds: also magnetic and astronomical compasses, sex- tants, and navigation charts used for training airplane pilots and navigators. BATON TWIRLERS Gloria Woodky Pearl Wagner Alice Wagner Ann Novosad Louise Clark F. H. A. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CSee pictures pages 2 and l2J OFFICERS President, Pearl Wagner Vice-President, Lillian Koran Secretary, Ruth Petzold Historian, Mary Ella Barber Lucy Alexander Elaine Bouzek Charlotte Bond Louise Clark Irene Corbin Catherine Crayton Elaine Dahrowski Gerry Durka Ann Marie Durka Dolores Fuller Lois Gipp Margaret Harcar Marge Hancling Bernadine Henley Barbara Henley Helen Hill Treasurer, Rose Buckmeier Reporter, Mary Ann Weiss Parliamentarian, Beverly Ross Song Leader, Georgia Armstrong S P O N S O R S Miss Walton Miss Eringman M E M B E R S Bernadine Homko Elaine Frech Arlene lmberry Antionette Garcia Shirley Iones Dorothy Kopf Helen Kaput Thelma lean Kemp Harriet Korman Iulia Mackall Pat Maxa Mary Lattimer Audrey Marotzke Mary Lou McAllister Lorna Muckey feanine Myers Mary Ann Neidballa Mary Belle Lett Marianne Pederson Lenita Pollard Rose Presto Annette Puchalski Lois Raquse Carol Schmidt lean Schmidt Martha Schaonveld Elvera Siegworth Clara Smit lennie Smit Katherine Tinman Rose Violetta Alice Wagner Camilla Wheeler Thelma Wright Arlene Young Helen Kotval Mary Garcia Catherine Curkovich Mary Curkovich Beverly Lederman Dorothy Good Ieanine Stanton Dolores Wojcilc Ruth Muckey Lucille Stefanslci Albina Urban Natalie Wtlhitko MarYdella Allen Bernard Bader lane Bartke LaVerne Binkowslci Pauline Blazina Betty Block Barbara Bolster Dorothy Boss George Erida Gertrude Brodnicki Edward Bryla Mary layne Burner Margaret Busse lrene Carver Wilda lean Cauhorn Dorothy Debelak Mary Di Ganqi Rosalie Dombrauskas Rena Duncan Elsie Erdmann lean Esch Orella Hoerr Phyllis Henderson Bernadine Henley Lou Hopper lean Hurd Ann leno Patricia Kalctis lean Kulina Lela Kluve Lillian Koran Elaine Kremen Shirley Kreterfield loan Kristolik Lorraine Kriz Vivian Kriz Dorothy Kuyawa Mary Lattimer Lois Lind Sybil Logan Marion Lonahelt Dolores Mallory Angeline Manos Esther Metskas Marguerite Morris Mary Ann Neidba Ann Nykiel Eleanor Oleksey Anita Phares Georqeann Polly Helen Polner Mary Ann Potacki Alice Presto Kay Pulver lla Beverly Ross Martha Schoonveld Wilma Sevier Gladys Scliauer lennie Smit Henrietta Soholewski Charmaine Stelanini Katherine Tinrnan Lois Timmons Shirley Treadway Olqa Tsourmas Lorraine Vandermuil Alice Wagner Pearl W'aqner Mary Ann Weiss Edward Wittenkeller Alice Woicik Lorraine Zaransky Betty Zydorcak O F F I C E R S President, Patricia Kaktis Treasurer, Dorothy Debelak C O M M E R C I A L Vice President, Alice Woicik Publicity Chairman, H O N O R Secretary, Helen Polner Marydella Allen SOCIETY SPONSORS Miss Hendershot, Miss Milleville, Mr. Lauderback QUILL AND SCROLL HONORARY IOURNALISM OFFICERS President, Patricia Kakiis Vice Pres., Helen Knezevich Secretary, Esther Meislcas Treasurer, Vivian Kriz MEMBERS Marydella Allen Marguerite Morris Dick Moraan Olga Tsourmas Robert Rieclc Sheila Davis Mr. Maloy Ray Sieinbeiqle Bill Brown Lorraine Kriz lack Mclniurff Lois Timmons Anne Sonopol Richard Doranski SPONSORS Mr. Kusencla I. I B R A R Y A S S I S T A N T S Elaine Schranz Sheila Davis S. Treadway Lorraine Kriz Kay Pulver Lou Hopper luanita Bryant Marqerie Brokop Roann Taveggia Lois Gualario Dorothy Kuyawa Betty Zydorcak Esther Meiskas Pauline Blazina Lydia Kayser Lucille Stefanski Ruih Petzoid Lorna Polly Georgiarm Polly WEEKLY MAROON FOR 1947 "All Rights Grant Others" S T A F F Editor in chief, Pat Kakiis Faculty Advisor, Mr. Kusenda Associate Editor, Helen Knezevich Associate Editor, Dick Morgan Faculty Advisor, Mr. Maloy PAGE EDITORS REPORTERS Anne Sonopol Agnes Pollard Bill Brown Alice Blazelc Sheila Davis Iohn Mclnturft Tannie Sonopol Lorraine Kriz Marguerite Morris loan' Kristofik Olga Tsourmas Ray Steinbiegle Stella Ianettas Bob Rieck Marydella Allen lune Kenrich Pauline Blazina Dorothy Boss Angeline Manos Ralph Stricker Esther Metskas Lou Hopper Lois Timmons Lois Lind Grace Pishos Georgianne Parlin Vivian Kriz Kathleen Manos P R I N T I N G Students in printing l and ll study balance, proportion, harmony, and the use of color, There are posters in two and three colors, program covers laid ont with proportional care, good planning in ticket composition, and general Job printing undergoing improvement. Linotype Operators: D. Buczkowski, C. Krueger, H. Veldrnan. SOME THOUGHTS FOR TOMORROW CONVENTION Superintendent Charles E, Winqo attended the American Association of School Administrators' National Convention at Atlantic City on February 28- March 6. Theme ot the convention: "Utilizing Human and Natural Resources." NORTH CENTRAL Mr. Winqo was a member of the Reviewing Committee, North Central Associ- ation oi Colleges and Secondary Schools, at the annual meeting held at the Palmer House, March 23-28. "EDUCATION FOR ALL ILLINOIS YOUTH" The Board of Education and Mr. Vtlinqo attended the Thirty-Second Ioint Annual Conference of the Illinois Association of School Boards and the Illinois Association of School Administrators held in the Abraham Lincoln Hotel, Springfield, Illinois, in October. On lanuary 31, K :Sf K Productions tLorraine Kriz and Dorothy Kuyawal pre- sented a quiz program. Participants: Betty Block, Lois Lind, Betty Zydorcak, Georgia Armstrong, Dick Morgan, Ierry Panzer, Donald Haglund, Tony Matias and Robert Graham. Contestants: Phyllis Treadway, Robert Morgan, Betty Coomer, Tommy Espo- sito, Mary Ann Potacki, Roger Garrison, Mary Della Allen, and Ian Mandel. Phyllis failed to answer her questiong Robert Morgan knew the solution. Betty Coomer, failing completely, finally persuaded Mr. C. Williams that she wanted an E. Tommy Esposito joined Phyllis Treadway in a clothes race. Some fun! Georgia Armstrong sang and received much applause. Mozry Ann Potacki knew her music when quizzed. Roger Garrison, a little unfortunate, joined Mary Della Allen, both blindfolded, in eating chocolate pie. Ian Mandel, Ted Ronczkowski and Norman Spear brought the house down with their antics. lan received the prize and kept one piece for himself. A GOQD PROGRAM G. A. A. BOARD President, Esther Metskas Vice President, Elaine Krernen Secretary, Vivian Kriz Treasurer, Marquerite Morris Sponsor, Miss Buser Social Mgr., Betty Block Asst. Social Mgr., Marydella Allen Prog. Mqr., Charmaine Stefanini Business Mgr., Olqa Tsourmas Candy Mgr., Barbara Bolster Asst. Candy Mgr., Tannie Sonopol Soccer Mqr., lrene Corbin Vol. Ball Mgr., Bernadine Henley Bowling Mgr., Lillian Koran Archery Mgr., Angeline Manos Swimming Mqr., Barbara Niqq Tumbling Mgr., Dolores Mallory M E M B E R S Chloe Apostolopoulos Iune Kenrich LaVeme Binkowski Leonore Meiron Betty Barber Mary Iayne Burner Betty Coomer Rena Duncan Shiela Davis Bose Glusko Barbara Henley lane Havel Orella Haerr Shirley Iones Helen Knezevich Helen Kotval Lorraine Kriz Pat Kiejko Audrey Marotzke Tonietta Martello Catherine Martello Mary Ann Neidballa loan Neal Elenore Oleksey Lorna Polly Aqnes Pollard Georqiann Polly Grace Pishos Patsy Rich Martha Schoonveld Carol Smit Anne Sonopol Tennis Mgr., Mary Ann Potacki Basketball Mgr., Elvera Sieqworth Baseball Mqr., lean Bjorklund Carol Schmidt lean Smit Rose Swedo Lillian Smith Shirley Treadway Alice Wagner Dorothy Ziebell Mildred Beauchamp Pat Goodwin lean Hurd Stella lanettas Ann leno Lydia Kayser Genevieve Parks Clare Smit Lucille Stetanski Boann Taveqgicr lean Schmidt GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION All girls are encouraged to participate in a sport. Today, 150 girls in the Girls' Athletic Association, a branch of the national organization. Tomorrow, every girl a member. Girls attend camp each year at Conference Point, Lake Geneva, where they meet with high school girls from northern Illinois. Elaine Kremen, Betty Block, Angeline Manos and Helen Knezevich have represented Argo at Conference Point. SPORTS SCHEDULE FRESHMAN G.A.A. MEMBERS Speedball Basketball Bowling Tennis Badminton Soccer Archery Swimming EVENTS Monthly Meetings Christmas Party Splash Party Initiation Play Day Rhapsody in Blue Pat Ioy Harriet Korman lane La Duct lean Lattimer Kathleen Manos lulia Mackall Mildred Nanninga Anne Novosad Dorothy Puchalski leannette Ryan Carol Scheiloe Ida Scoby Delores Serafino Martha Sullivan Ann Suski Phyllis Treadway Marion Tucker Doris Braasch Betty Broche Maxine Carroll Helen Chwierut Dolores Curry loan De Young Mildred Evans Dolores Fuller lean Gilfoyle Lois Gipp Evelyn Hambley Donnamae Hapke loan Hancks Frances Harroll Arlene Imberry Lillian Iasper Pat Iennings Arlene Wittenkeller ARGO 'Au FIGHT FEARLESS ARGONAUTS VARSITY o SPORTS . HONORARY coAcH MATT Mcnmns M E M B E R S if All-Conlerence Football 1946 Iames Allen Lornez Anderson Robert Bales Victor Balanoff Richard Balsevich Edward Bryla Harvey Freaeau Herbert Harm George Hebdinq Richard Iarrett Ralph Iecha Frank Kuncic Iames Callahan 1-Donald Lambert Richard Doranski Iames Finnegan Art Leimgruber lack Lemmon Fight, fearless Argonauts! Hail, heroes true! Voices ring out, praises we shout! The Argo sails the blue. Rah! Rah! Rah! Fight, fearless Argonauts, Hail, Maroon and White! Colors fly high, victory is nigh! Go, Argo, win this fight! Tony Liss Ted Ronczkowski Hubert McDonald Eugene Schmitz Allan Mack William Scoby Edward Mack Don Seward lan Mandel f Norman Spear Raymond Steinbeigle wk Ralph Stricker Edward Wittenkeller Ernest Mattingly Henry Niedballa Kenneth Oltman 1' Raymond Perrin CC O , gracioufi ueena :io Auefy! 77 .fdncl fcwhw fair fo dee. QUEEN PAT Little Princess Titania, Ioan Hancks, danced before each candidate. Lights went off! The audience was entranced! Lights flashed! Excitement was high! The little fairy princess was kneeling before Queen PAT KAKTIS, the seniors' choice! QUEEN VIVIAN Vivian Kriz, the ever popular one, was crowned Queen of Basketball as the Chorus sang, "Night and Day, You Are the One!" ludge Lyznicki and his Court of Appeals figured importantly on this hC1DDY Occasion, which ended as Norman Spear presented QUEEN VIV- IAN with the senior bouquet. FOOTBALL CANDIDATES Phyllis Henderson Stella lanettas Ann Novosad BASKETBALL CANDIDATES Beverly Ross Alice Blazelc Ioan Hancks A.C.H.S. B A N D Rudolph Suchcrrda, Director DRUMS BASS CLARINETS BASSES D' Musson W. Schmitz L. Burris K. Anderson M. A. Weiss B. Ellis . E. Schmitz N. Tom1ch TBUMPETS D. Healy BARITONE P. Wohlbruck I. Corcoran R. Smith I R. Iecka R S h It D. Sarafmo T' Esposito - C U11 D ROS W. Allen cummrrs I'S 1 Sd R. Morgar! B. Ploszek 53200 R. Szymborski 7- Kemich B. sion TROMBONE I. Kasmerchak H. Hqmihon B. Haines E. Oleksy I. Kozar D. Seqshohz A. Phares l- KOTVGH V. Stalawy G. peaks C. lones L. Mallory D- Ofsi FRENCH norms E' B. Coomer A. Belke D. Berquist L. Clark OBOE F. Ruff F. Mackall N. Ramsden FLUTES B. Ploszek I. Esch E. Taylor I. Hanks I. M. Bucek SAXOPHONES V. Seasholtz B. Hadley C. Madriaqa R. Salqado S. Kreterfield D. Boss R. Kopp MAIORETTES P. Wagner A. Wagner G. Woodky A. Novosad OFFICERS Band: Paul Wohlbruck, pres., Byron Ellis, vice-pres.: Anita Phares and Eugene Schmitz, treas.: Remilda Ploszek and lean Esch, sec'yg Betty Stoll, librarian. Orchestra: Nadine Hamilton, pres.: Virginia Kremer, sec'yg Daisy Hamilton, librarian. VIOLINS D. Hamilton N. Hamilton H. Koival M. Sullivan M. Garcia H. Carnbell R. Glusko I. Shanahan CELLO V. Kremer D. Curry P. Minnauqh F. Shalaika B. Broche B. McMillan TRUMPETS R. Iecka THE ORCHESTRA MEMBERS T. Esposiio I. Salqado CLARINETS B. Ploszek I. Kasmerchak BASS CLARINET W. Schmitz OBOE N. Ramscien FLUTES B. Ploszek I. Esch E. Taylor I. Hanks BASSES B. Ginalick B. Ellis R. Morqan SPECIAL MENTION PAUL WOHLBRUCK V Band President, 3 Years Master of Ceremonies, Band Banquet L. Burris TROMBONE L. Mallory D. Seasholtz R. Morgan FRENCH HORNS A. Belke F. Mackall DRUMS-TIMPANI D. Healy D. Sarafino D. Musson I. Corcoran SAXOPHONES S. Kreterfield D. Boss R. Salqado ARTHUR SEITH Director DOROTHY BOSS Accompanist THE GYPSY ROVER Rob's foster mother ,.,.,,,........ Belle of the gypsy camp... CAST Meg's husband .,,.......,.........Y,,,,A.........,,.vY--AY,,---- Gypsy lad in love with Zara ....Y,,,.,,........vYYYYYYYVV The Gypsy Rover, Later Sir Gilbert Howe., Daughter of Sir George ,..........YY.,,.....,.....,YYYY-Y, ,,-- An English top ..,,,.,,,,,,,,............,Y, An English Gentleman .,,,,,,, ........ . . Sir George's second daughter ...,.,,,, Captain in the English Navy .,,,,,, A social aspirant .....................Y, A song publisher ..,.... , ,,....,,..,....v,,.v,,....,..,. '...YY Y . The Butler ,,...,,,,,,....,, .........., . ..,.... G. Pishos Leack Wohlbruck Szymhorski Morgan Presto Wiers Cook Blazek Lyznicki Bona Richard Vulistts PRODUCTION STAFF Eugene Murray, Arnold Belke, Bob Graham, Bob Szymbarski, lrene Carver, Henry Sal' gado, Peter Vulistis, Paul Wohlbruck, Pauline Lytle, Catherine Martello, Anita Phares, Remilda Poszek. Geraldine Ross Grace Pishos Letty Coomer Alice Blazek Alice Presto Elaine Erech Pat Maxa Mary Bedore Barbara Borders Audrey Marotzke Dorothy Kopi Pauline Lytle Adeline Bednar lean Markezich CHORUS Roselyn Leack Vivian Rodriguez Mary Ella Barber Iessie Mae Bucek Evelyn Hambly Frances Harroll Mary Bell Lett Donna Bray Elaine Kremen Mildred Nanninga Bernadine Homko lohn Wiers Ronald Morgan Bernard Lyznicki Byron Hadley Iames Newman loe Linnik Ioe Brencic Hugh Cook Albert Bona Robt. Szymborski Bill Ginalick lesse Parrott Robert Richards Robert Freidel Paul Wohlbruclc lames Walker :je Song 'UM ang af 141090 ig . . 7, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Two hundred students participate continually in music. A progressive instrumental and vocal music program in the local elementary schools has had a decided effect on the desire of students to continue music study in high school. Already boasting practically every type of instrumental and vocal ensemble, A.C.H.S. is on the road to increasing ideals in music literature and performance. National Music Education Convention: Paul Wohlbruck, Bob Szyrnborski, Mr. Seith. Third Row: Sandraco. Mgr., Kuncic, Balsevich, McDonald, Steinbeigle, Mack, Ballanofi, Mattingly, Harms. Mgr. Second Row: Coach McBride, Copp. Leimgruber. Sparucino. Iecha. Scoby. Callahan, Schmidt. Coach Cook. First Row: Doranski, Oltman. Perrin, Lambert. Stricker, Spear, Bales, Fregeau. Not pictured: Henry Niedballa. FOOTBALL We will win and win again, Champions we will be . . . ARGO-LA GRANGE A strong La Grange team, First game. Anderson injured, out for season. Don Lambert, elected captain. Hard tought game. ARGO-HIGHLAND PARK Argo sadly beaten. Argo scored in last quarter. Passes from Spear to Perrin set up touchdown. Spear plunged over from the two yard line. Extra point missed. ARGO-M.P.M.A. Argo played a good defensive game. Neither team able to score. Leirngruber intercepted a pass. Scoreless tie. ARGO-BLOOM Conference game. Spears twenty-tive yard end run. Ken Oltman kicked extra point. Perrin, great defensive garne. ARGO-K.K.K. Stricker scored on smash through center. Oltman kicked extra point. Oltman scored second touchdown on end run in last quarter. Extra point missed. ARGO-WEST AURORA Good garne. Stricker scored oft tackle for thirty yards. Spear injured, Stricker took over. Oltman scored in fourth quarter on end run. ARGO-CAL. CITY Hardest game ot the year. Argo lost six play- ers, auto accident. Fought to win game for in- jured players. ARGO-BLUE ISLAND Best game ot conference. Spear and Perrin scored tor Argo. Oltman converted extra point. Best play ot the game by Lambert and Perrin. ARGO-RIVERSIDE Argo trounced Riverside. Stricker scored, smashing through center tor twenty yards and the score. Stricker scored extra point by plunging over on a line smash. Spear scored the two touchdowns with runs of 65 and BU yards. Leading scorers tor the season: Spear, 30: Stricker, l9, Oltman, l5y Perrin, 6. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Season record: l win, 6 losses, l tie. The lone victory was the trouncing of Morgan Park Mili- tary Acaderny42O-O. The tie came when Argo played the powerful West Aurora team. Lead- ing scorers: Iohn Curry, Butch Sahs, and Dick Aerial. Coach PYrz. Fourth Row: Funk, Muros. McDaniel, Howes, Woodky, Voss, Howell, Lambert, Zolokar, Leim- gruber. Third Row: Coach Pyxz, Allen, Sahick, Orsi, Alexander, Smith, Sullivan, Cusimano, Bockerich. Ariail, Burris. Second Row: Segal, Scrhs, Husch. Anderson. Schikora, Curry, Ziehell, Neerman, Morgan. First Row: Duvall, Murray. Mgr., Badovinac, Esposito, Schmitz, Lydolph. CROSS COUNTRY KTRACKI Ten boys with major letters in track . . . Bloom contest, Mack scored first . . . larrett, first in second race, Proviso . . . Mack, first in third race, Bloom . . . Argo placed fifth in fourth race . . . Iarrett first for Argo, scoring fourth . . . Argo beat Hinsdale, B A S E B A L L Mack first . . . Argo fifth in Proviso Invitational Meet . . . Mack COACH COOK second . . . Argo Won against Hinsdale . . . Mack and Finnegan tied for first . . . larrett third, Lemmon sixth, Ronczkowski eighth Spear' Mandel' Hebdlnqf Slfick' . . . Argo fifth in Meet at Proviso . . . larrett first for Argo, scoring er, Lambert, Kuncic, Harm, fourteenth. Bales, Anderson, Morguez, Fre- geau, Schuett, Doranski, DuBois, Steinbeigle, Ronczlcowski, Copp, A, Leimgruber, C. Leimgruber. Second Row: Iarrett, Freidel, Spezos, Richards, Howe, Hehding, Mack, Seward, Coach XVi1liams, First Row: Ronczkowski, Lemmon, Millington, Burner, Haynes, Peterson, Finnegan. J v 4 Pass it to the Yea Man! Pass it to the Yea Man! Pass it to the Yea Man! Well all right! Well all right! Well all right! Argonauts, Arqonauts, Argonauts, BASKETBALL 53-35 Argo opens '46 season by trouncing Highland Park. Mandel, high scorer, with sixteen points. 34-38 Loses close game with Riverside, Stricker 14 points, 32-55 La Grange beats Argo. 21-50 First league game, Cal. Cify trounces Argo. Mandel, eleven points. 39-26 Brilliant defensive play. Mandel and Heloding pace Argo to victory. 42-31 Argo travels to Downers Grove. Mandel fourfeen points help Argonauts to beat Downers Grove 42-40 Second Conference game. Argo on last minute rush to win over Lockport. Hebding, 13 points 34-43 Argo meets M,P.M.A. Beaten by foo much height and good rebounding. 48-50 wins after fast come back by Argo five, Mandel leads, with sixteen points. VARSITY Third How: Balsevich, Mandel. Seward, Stricker, Niedballa, Hebdinq, Steinbeigle, McDonald. Ronczkowski, Coach McBride. Second Row: Mazak, Bales, Copp, Spear, Leim- gruber, Novosad. Muckey. First Row: lohnson, Beushausen, Hadley. Harm. FROSH-SOPH. Third Row: Muros, Sullivan, Rich, Woodky, How- ell, Marcheschi, Osier, Allan. Threm. Second Row: Coach Williams, Bohannion, Mc- Daniels, Morgan, Neen-nan, Mallory, Harm. Par- rott, Parus, Zaiokar, Mgr. First Row: Balich, Wingo, Esposito. Leimgruber, Labuda, Mgr., Alexander, Speros, Scoby, Cole. Buckmeier. 22-35 Argo to Cal. City to compete in their annual Christ- mas tournament. Blue lsland wins. Mandel and Stricker top scorers. 31-41 Bloom beats Argo. Mandel and Striclcer lead Argo in scoring. 45-40 Best game of the season. Argo wins. Stricker, re- bounding, saves Argo from defeat, Peotone. 28-56 Argo Conference records so far: one win, four losses, trounced by Blue lsland. 50-41 Argo meets M.P.M.A, on home floor. Briiliani de- fensive play by Steinbeigle, Ronczkowski helps Argo to win. 48-45 Argo heats Cal. City in overtime. Fastest game of season. Mandel clinching game with basket and free throw. - 48-57 Argo beaten by Lockport. Stricker high point scorer. 41-62 Argo meets defeat by Downers Grove five. 38-57 Kankakee too strong for Argo five. 54-35 Argo beats Bloom. Boys wonderful in scoring. Ronczkowski and Steinbeigle, good defense. 40-41 Batavia defeats Argo. Spear, high scorer. 42-38 Beat Blue island in last home game. Steinbeigle high scorer. 42-65 Peotone beats Argo, too much height and rebound- ing. Stricker, high scorer. Argo played Morton in the regional tournament and the score ended the season for Argo. KILROY WAS HERE! ,-"' we Aff' ,Q AUTOGRAPHS A DATE WITH IUDY Director. Mr. Hauswald Assistant Director. Helen Knezevich Prompiers Stage Hands LaVerne Binkowski Orella Haerr Robert Caputo Henry Salqado Lucy Alexander Elsie Erdrncmn George Lonqhelt Ray Copp C A S T ludy FOS'ter ,,,,,,,,. ...,..., E sther Metskas Mitzi Hoffman ,,,,,,,, ..,,,,,,,, B arbara Niqq Melvin Foster ..7,,,,,, ..,,,,,, P aul Raddatz Mr. Martindale ,...,,,,,, ......,,,, H erbert Harm Dora Foster V....,,Y777,,777 ,.w.,,,777, P auline Blazina Mrs. Hotchkiss ,,77,,77,, ,YY,,,Y77.7i...... R ose Leack Randolph Foster ,,...,..., .,,,,,,,, B emard Lyznicki Eloise Hotchkiss ,,,,,s7,i.. .,,,,,,, N acline Hamilton Hannah .f,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,, I uanita Bryant Mrs, Shlutzhammer ,,,,,,,,,,,,...... Marquerite Morris Barbara Wirisocket .,,7,,,, ,,,,7,..., A nge-line Manos Rexford Meredith O'Connor ,,,,,,,..,.... Albert Bona Oaaie Prirrale ,,,7777,, .... ,,,,,,,,,,, I a ck Mclnturtt Susie ,,,,7......v,,.,,,,7,,,,,,,,,,7 ..,.. ..., ,,,,,,,, V i V ian Kriz Every member of the cast worked very hard to make this a most successful play. Especially to be commended because of the long parts they had and ' because of the willingness and readiness they displayed were Esther Metskas, Bernie Lyznicki, and Pauline Blazina. The Whole cast deserved "E" for effort. We sincerely hope that future senior play casts will show the same fine spirit this one did. Trials and Tribulations of the teen-age miss are great! Iudy Foster had her share! Q f CAST lerry Panzer, a tall, good looking chap, conceited but likeable. Hubert McDonald, with a shock of unruly hair and a wide grin. limmy Callahan, a slow moving chap, with a lugubrious voice. Robert lohnson, the runt, with a pugnacious look, seldom walks: he runs! Donald Haglund, the school principal, who seldom smiles. Roger Garrison, one ot those "hail-fellow-well-met" men. Georgia Ann Polly, one of those "good-time gals," always tull of pep. Mary lane Burner, seldom popular with the boys as a dancing partner. Agnes Pollard, a dollslike, pretty girl, who laughs in a high, silly manner. Dorothy Ziebell, the "good-pal" type ot girl, fun in a crowd. Richard Morgan, a slight, quiet-mannered chap, with a very boyish, serious face. Fred Mackall, a young instructor, who takes his work as a professor very seri- ously. Lorraine Kriz, a glamourous movie star, sweet and charming if necessary. Maxa, a x-uorldeweary individual, hard-boiled, and practical. Sheila Davis, a sweet, shy girl, terribly thrilled, away from home to attend a school dance. Lawrence Nativo, a small-town boy making good on the home town paper. Shirley Treadway, the chaperone, out to see that they don't have a good time. Prompters Beverly Ross Lorraine Vandermuil BEST Poor FORWARD E,e,m,,,e Omg, Director. Mrs. Kamin Managers Robert Graham Arnold Belke .7!Le ghanging cene Graduation . . . spring turns into summer . . . school is out and we are ready for Tomorrow. . . the great, new days ahead.

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