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 U 5 cm q dForeward Our alma mater Argentine, Our blessed blue and gold. Gives knowledge, courage, hope, and faith. To her sons and daughters bold. The wisdom won, the friendships too. The countless joys and thrills Will linger on throughout the years In these beloved hills. Oh Argentine, Oh Argentine, Thy praise we loudly sing. Oh Argentine, Oh Argentine Let thy name proudly ring. Oh let it ring. Contents Activities 3 21 34 44 48 53 61 85 Junior High 99 121 2ABOPS Variety Show Nov. 4th The annual ABOPS talent and variety show was just as successful as ever. Mr. J.C. Harmon, former Argentine principal served as the master of cere- monies. Performers included returning graduate Jay Rose, Choraliers, Bob-O-Lyns, and additional mem- bers of both student body and faculty.Carnival Is Great Success 5Miss Dee Lillich—1969 Homecoming Queen 6Miss Annie Fischer Senior Princess Miss Shelly Stockdale Senior Princess 7 Miss Kathleen Tirabasso Junior Princess Miss Kristin Hutchings Sophomore Princess8 „A|e}| ojiueiuoUti pue gmwooaiuoH6 MOL|S WA0"A Company of Wayward Saints" Presented by the Mustang Club Memorizing, blocking, singing, and sewing are a few of the spicy ingredients that went into the making of the Mustang Club Play presented Tuesday, October 21. A new wardrobe was made for the costume play, adding to the flavor of the ingredients for the audience's taste. The members of ths cast are as follows: Isabella.............................Marilyn Odell Columbine...........................Roberta Haney Rufiana ...........................Bonnie Eastman Tristano....................................Leslie Davenport Dottore ....................................Wesley Davenport Scapino .............................Frank Mullins Capitano....................................Alfred Murguia The Manager..................................David Bunce Pantalone.........................Darrell Johnson Mr. Seaton, Drama teacher, directed the play.The presentation of three one-act comedies by Noel Coward were performed in the Argentine auditorium on January 13 as the Junior class play. The first comedy "Fumed Oak" was about the trials and tribulations of a hen-pecked husband. Henry—Darrell Johnson; Dori-Lee Morris; Elsic-Pam Jones; Mrs. Rockett-Roberta Haney. "High life people involved in low life activities" is the description Noel Coward gives to the second one-act play "Ways and Means". Stella-Cecelia Raab; Toby—David Buncc; Olivc-Elaync Blanks; Elona-Dec Lillich. Murdoch-Dan Wing; Chaps—Frank Mullins; Nanny-Renita Gourley; Steve—Jeff Eger. The third one-act comedy, "Red Peppers," is about George and Lily Pepper who form a vaudeville troupe; but George and Lily Pepper simply cannot get along with other people. George Pepper—Mr. Phil Seaton; Lily Pepper-Marilyn Odell; Bert-Wes Davenport; Mr. Edwards-Lcslic Davenport; Mablc Grace-Mayetta Rees; Alf—lohn Montgomery. David Bunco, directed "Red Pepper". Student Directs: Teacher Acts The play the "Adding Machine" by Elmer Rice is about a man by the name of Mr. Zero who has troubles in his life and afterlife. Mr. Zero is a henpecked husband who is constantly nagged about his dull-paying job by his boisterous wife. The case was as follows: Mr. Zero, David Bunce; Mrs. Zero, Roberta Haney; Daisy D. Devore, Marilyn Odell; the Boss, Leslie Davenport; Party Guests, jury and tourists, Jeannie Cary, Wesley Davenport, Marilyn Dusek, Jeff Eger, Darrell Johnson, Alfred Murguia, Kim Prock, Gloria Stanton, Teresa Valverde, and Shirley Young. Policeman, Bob Dishman; Guide, Marsha DeLeon; The Fixer, Mayetta Rees; Executioner, Wesley Davenport; Judy O'Grady, Delana Henderson, Shrdlu, Alfred Murguia; A Head, Jeannie Carey; Lieutenant Charles, Darrell Johnson; Joe, Kim Prock.Miss Colleen Heinson 1969 Sno Ball QueenThis year's Snowball was, as usual, a good one for the student body of Argentine High School. The decora- tions set the atmosphere for a funfill- ed "Journey to the North Pole." As the night lingered on, the ex- citement tightened, as the moment when Santa crowns the queen grew to a climax. With Santa's entry, the couples gathered to see Colleen Hein- son crowned Snowball Queen for the 1969-70 snowball dance. Then the traditional dance with her escort Gary Hauser put the dance back in the swing and the gleaming night subsided to an end. Journey to the North Pole 13Greased Pig, Car Stuff New Twirp Week Events Twirp Week, an annual event at AHS, was held the week of April 20-24. It was fun but especially for the boys. Girls carried boys books, opened doors, and provided all the courtesies which supposedly belong to the boys. The activities held after school were the greased pig contest, the car stuff, the tug of war, the wheelbarrow race, and the egg toss. Twirp week was closed with the Twirp dance Saturday with music being provided by Nickel Plate Road. 14Holiday In The annual Jr.-Sr. Prom was held on the evening of May 9, in the cafeteria with ''Holiday in Acapulco" as the theme. Couples danced to the music of "Chuck Inzerillo Orchestra". A Acapulco photographer was present to snap couples pic- tures upon their asking. The decorations and music provided a memorable evening for all. 1516Paula Erwin, Sr. Terry Reyenolds, Soph. After Mr. Clohecy, head track coach, introduced the members of the track team, Bruce Armstrong, President of the A-Club was presented the envelope with the names of the Track Queen. Unfortunately, it was the wrong envelope. When the issue was finally straightened out he announced that Miss Kathy Tirabasso was the 1969-1970 Track Queen. 17 Tho candidates await for the exciting moment. Kathy presents Dale with a trophy.Argentine Class of 1970's Final Assembly, On Friday, May 21, the final awards assembly was held. Many senior high students were recognized for their achievement in scholastic ability, athletics, leadership and other areas. The shovel was passed, from Shelly to Bob, and the senior will was read. Shelly Stockdale, Senior class president, passes the shovel to Bob Marshall, Junior class president. 18 Annie Fischer, and Alfred Murguia received a speech award at the state tournament, and the American Legion Award.Track captains presenting state trophy to Mr. Channdl at the Bruce Armstrong, first of class of 1970 to receive his diploma, assembly. 19 Baccalaureate, and Graduation On Sunday, May 23, baccalaureate services were held in the auditorium. The class was led in a responsive reading by Pam Crowley, and Rev. Luther Vogel gave a sermon. On Tuesday morning. May 26, seniors gathered in the cafeteria for the breakfast. The breakfast was followed by the reading of the prophecy on the auditorium steps, and graduation practice in the gym. Senior Will committee reading the will. Seniors gathering in the cafeteria before baccalaureate.Final Gathering of Class of 1970 On May 26, at 8:00 in the gym, a large crowd of family and friends watched as 165 seniors received their diplomas. The choir sang several selections, and the theme from "Exodus” was played by the orchestra. Bob Ward, and Dee Olivarez spoke on "Responsi- bilities of a Decade-Sounds of the 70's." Diplomas were given out, and the great class of 1970 stood together for the last time to sing the alma mater. Dee Olivarez speaking at graduation. Senior Class of 1970, together for the last timo, aftor receiving diplomas, singing the alma mater. 20u o i uu m wMr. Ron Jost Mr. W.R. Channell Vice-Principal Principal A.H.S. Administrators Help Students Mr. W.R. Channell directed A.H.S. students forward in their quest for knowledge. Assisting him was Mr. Ron Jost. Through discipline and encouragement, they pro- duced a smooth-running estab- lishment. Their interest and determination in providing the students with well-rounded programs was displayed in the way they conducted the school's business. 22Students Look to Counselors for Advice To help us make the most of ourselves, these three counselors have been giving us personalized guidance for years. During this time they have tried to encourage us to develop real- istic self-concepts, clear self-under- standing, self-reliance, and self-direc- tion. Miss Phyllis Kraft 23 Mr. Robert Allison Mr. Ralph BrightwellMrs. Betty Steffens Secretary Mrs. Gloria Cowden Registrar Office Clerks; Nurse Aid Students Miss Evelyn Koester Nurse 24 Mrs. Elizabeth Crosthwait Faculty SecretaryThey Maintain Our School And Bodies. Cafeteria staff, top to bottom, left to right: Shirley Johnson, Dixy Fare, Nadine Dishman, Betty Green, Frances Thompson, Agnes Bean, Anna Hayward, Clota Marx, Mary Jones. This Year's Custodial workers are, from left to right: Ronald Allen, Gene Quillen, Louis Mendez, Lewis Roudebush, Bob Johnson, Evelyn Penn, Ray Cazzell. 25Mr. Lee Roy Casebeer B.A. Southeastern State Miss Judy Cordill B.A. Kansas University "Oh good grief!"—Miss Perkins English I and II. Communications the Goal Mr. Duane Costlow M.Ed. Oklahoma University Mr. Glen DeWerff M.A. Kansas University Mrs. Helen L. Frick B.A. Kansas University Mrs. Nancy L. Hall B.S. Southwest Missouri State Mr. Bob Hansen B.S.E. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mr. Robert Hanson M.A. Kansas University "There you have it friends".—Mr. Glen DeWerff English III and IV. 26Miss Judy Harrison B.S.E. K.S.T.C.. Emporia Mrs. Becky Hays B.S. Kansas University Mrs. Elaine Webb, Librarian Miss Delores Shiner, Assistant Librarian Of Language Arts Teachers Mrs. LaVerne Hoy B.S. Kansas University Mr. Manuel R. Morris M.A. K.S.T.C., Emporia Miss Lola Perkins M.S. Kansas University Mr. Phil Seaton B.S.E. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mrs. Sue Young M.A. U.M.K.C. 27 Mr. Bob Riley B.A. Kansas University Passing out props—Mr. Phil Seaton, Drama and Stagecraft.Mr. Charles M. Bond B.S. Panhandle State College Mr. Tom Carignan K.S.C., Pittsburg Mr. David Gailey B.S.Ed. K.S.C., Pittsburg Vo-Tech Courses Give Practical Knowledge Mr. Jerry McCloud Mr. A.L. Schmitz B.S.Ed. K.S.T.C., Emporia M.S. K.S.C.. Pittsburg Mr. George Walling K.S.C. Pittsburg Mr. Jack Kitchen B.S.Ed. K.S.C., Pittsburg Mr. Curtis Wilson M.S. K.S.C.. Pittsburg 28Mr. Claude Anderson 8.A. Texas, Tyler Mr. Homer Bcarrick M.S. Kansas State College mm Mr. K.E. Clohecy M.S. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mr. Ronald Fiel M.S. K.S.T.C., Emporia Math; Science Promote Logic Mr. Loren Green M.A. Kansas University Mr. Bob Hampton M.S. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mr. Jan Jorgensen B.S. Kansas State Drawing a graph for his Algebra II class—Mr. Bob Hampton, Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Algebra II. Mr. Cody Kukuk M.S. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mr. Dennis Marquis B.S. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mr. Alan H. Morris B.S. K.S.C., Pittsburg Mr. Victor Unruh M.A. Kansas State 29Mr. Larry Bale M.S. Kansas University Miss Gail Louise Brown B.A. U.M.K.C. Mr. John Darr B.S. Washburn University Social Sciences Study Man and His World Mr. Bruce Eighmey M.S.E. K.S.T.C., Emporia Mr. David Langdon B.S.Ed. Kansas University Mr. Harold Spillman B.S.Ed. K.S.C., Pittsburg 30Mrs. Stella Fenn B.S. Kansas State Mrs. Flo Haynes B.S. Kansas State Miss LaDonna Peck B.S. Oklahoma College Mrs. Marlene Tignor B.A. St. Mary of the Plains College Business; Home Economics Prepare Students for Society Brewing something up—Miss LaDonna Peck, Family Living and Foods. "Good secretaries don't do that."-Miss Barbara Rea, Secre- tarial and Clerical Training. Miss Connie Flatten B.S. University of Oklahoma Miss Tari Marietta B.S. Kansas State, Fort Hays Miss Barbara Rea B.A.E. Wayne State College Mr. Frank G. Uphoff B.S.E. K.S.T.C., Emporia 31Miss Mary Both Ekeren B.A. North Dakota State Mrs. M.L. Glenn M.S. Columbia University Miss Michael S. Opfer B.S. Kansas State Fine Arts; Physical Education Challenge Body and Soul Mr. Terry D. Rapp B.S.Ed. Kansas University Mrs. Glenn developing creative minds. Miss Ekeren giving pointers to the girls. Mr. Jim Sherbon M.S. K.S.T.C.. Emporia The leader of the band—Mr. Jim Sherbon. Mr. Darrell Sjoblom M.S.Ed. K.S.T.C., Emporia Miss Janice L. Wiberg B.M.Ed. U.M.K.C.fCarolyn Adams Janet Albin Jim Antos Artina Armstrong Bruce Armstrong James Babcock Janet Babcock Dianne Barker The Senior Class of 1970 Senior Class Officers, Shelly Stockdale, President; Russ Feree, Vice-President; Dianne Barker, Secretary; Colleen Hcinson, Treasurer. 34Everett Bates Laura Bcnnick Teresa Bousfield Brenda Bowlin Senior homeroom 306, winners of the Scholarship Trophy for the entire 69-70 school year. Diane Boyd William Boyd Mike Brewer David Bunce Esther Burgess Mary Carey Gerianne Carroll Tom Clayton Robert Clifton Les Clyma Cherri Coffey Vicki Cooper 35Row One: Pamela Crowley Linda Danner Leslie Davenport Christie Davidson Brenda Davis Row Two: Jeri Duncan Bonnie Eastman Julie Edemann Phil Elder Florence Elliot Row Three: Lewie Ernshaw Paula Erwin Regina Felix Russ Ferree Debby Fiedler Annie Fischer Ron Flynn 36 Miss Kraft's Psychology Class—Yawn!!Steve Frankoin Terry Friar Marianna Garcia Marietta Hall Gloria Harris Gary Hauser Linda Hayes Barbara Haynes Coleen Heinson Jimmy Hendricks Lucille Hendricks Roger Higgins Charles Hill Shirley Holmes Marsha Huffman 37Senior letter girls at the Blue and Gold game. Andy Huggins Leslie Jacobs David James Betty Johnson Rick Lane Debra Lattin Albert Law Sharon Laws Darrell Johnson Patricia Keithley Karen Kelley Jon Kenton Pamela Lewis Dec Lillich Ernie Lord Paul Lynch 38The Blue and Gold game, in which the Seniors defeated the Juniors. Brenda Miller Ariminta Moberly Rusty Mortine Steve Moore Mike Morris Frank Mullins Alfred Murguia George Nambo 39Rosa Newton Marilyn Odell Dee Olivarez Kathleen Norris Dana Ogle Row One: Ernie Olson Alfonso Oropeza John Osborn Debbie Overton Gaylord Pearson Christie Davidson and Gary Hauser, the girl and boy chosen Most Likely to Succeed. Row Two: Randall Peters Mike Phelps Gene Piersee Shirley Pittman Brett Porter 40Row One: Steve Pringle Farley Prock Gregory Quiroga Cecilia Raab Gloria Ramirez Row Two: Virginia Reagles Mayetta Rees Lewis Reynolds Sylvia Rocha Gary Seaborn 41 Mr. Saladin's sixth hour history class listens attentively. Hilda Tovar Francis Tovar Patrick Turner Bonda Walkcnshaw Mike Walker Bob Ward Ken Ward 42 Josephine Tanner William Tanner Mike Stone Diana Stuart Mark Stephan Charles Stepp Shelly Stockdale Dale Sycrs Karen SteeleBrenda Wells James Whisler John White Steven Wilson Iris Winters Jack Wright 43 Steven Wise Robert Woods Sharon Jo Young Shirley YoungClass Officers: Left to Right: Bobby Marshall, Pres., Teresa Valverde, Sec., Mike Morris, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Ed Bowman, Vice-Pres. Adams, Cheryl Alcorn, Jayne Allen, Shirley Aguirre, Becky Appcrson, Jerry Ashley, Carro Babcock, Susan Baker, Nadine Juniors Strive to Achieve Bardezbain, Danny Bassell, Paul Batrez, Linda Belt, Linda Bender, Paul Berry, Judy Berry, Robert Birdsong, Mike Blakcy, Pat Blakenship, David Bobbrukiewicz, Walt Bogue, Tom Bowles, Terry Bowlin, Dianne Bowman, Ed Boyd, Larry Boyd, Karen Braden, Mary Brewer, Rick Brown, Barbra Brown, Charlie Brox, James Camp, Larry Cansler, Karen Carey, Regina Carpenter, James Carroll, Janet Castro. Mike Channcll, Ruth Childs, Christine Childs, Steve Chapin, Paula Clark, John Cleeton, Pat Clyma, Garry Coe, Deborah Cole, Janice Combs, Joy Cone, Vera Craft, Vickie 44i r Czirr, Cindy Danner, Sandy Davis, Judy Davenport, Wesley Davis, Robert DeCaney, Sandy Denis, Becky Dishron, Donald Dishman, Robert Dobson, Linda Doran, Dorah Doran, Thomas Drapper, Dean Dunham, Shirley Earnshaw, Danny East, Franklin Eastman, Dawn Egar, Jeff Ellis, Patricia Enloe. Kathy Enloo, Melvin Espinoza, Bill Espinoza, Genoveva Evans, Lee Felix, Lutricia Franklin, Eddy Friesner, Teresa Gardctto, Janean Gaut, Dalene Gibbs, Debbie Gill, Kathy Gilmore, James Glasscock, Kenneth Glenn, Ricky Goebel, Carol Green, Brenda Griffith. Bill Haisiip, Gail Hale, Mike Halpain, Valerie Better School Functions Haney, Roberta Harpor, Carolyn Hays, Amy Hellwig, Marsha Hendee, Pat Henderson. Delana Herding, Carl Hernandez, Joe Hernandez, Ray Hickey, Jim Hilt, Sharon Hines, Jenny 45Holland, Diane Hopper, Ronnie Horn, Terry House, Debra Hylton, Evelyn James, Wanda Johnson, Ty Jones, Cliff Jones, Rick June, Harley Keagy, Teala Keole, Joyce To Be Good Leaders Keithlcy, Wanda Kent, Kelly Kersey, Dennis Kimler, Ken King, Jemmc King, Kathy Knight, Deborah Lane, Carol Lassen, Paul Lawson, Becky Lee, Dorothy Lillich, Andy Lillich, Chris Littlefield, Sarah Loya, Edward Loyd,John Lungrcn, George Marron, Javier Marron, Michael Marshall, Bob McBee, Betty McGhan, Robin McMahon, Larry Mc?4ullen, Debbie Mendoza, Gloria Mitchell, Bill Moore, Sue Moreno, Martin Morris, Mike Neal, Walter Newlin, Jackie Nichols, Bruce Noble, Judy Novich, David Orpeza, Donald Oshel, Pandora Pate, Sharon Perez, Alex Perkins, Lorraine Pierce, Richard 46Quick, Nick Rice, Geraldine Richison, Carl Ridley, Marta Rearson, Carolyn Reyes, Laura Reyes, Ruben Reynolds, Ronald Robinette, Debra Rock, Mike Rodriguez, Ronnie Rosson, Kristie Rowland, Mike Salazar, Gloria Salazar, Olivia Sandoval, John Shehan, Steve Smith, David Smith, Mari Smith, Patricia Smith, Sandra Smith, Sue Sonich, Richard Stanton, Rayetta Stephenson, Barbra Stevens, Edie Stuart, Cheryl Stull, Tom Sutton, Francis Swcntor, Sue Syers, Sharon Tatum. Kathy Taylor, Pamela Templeton, Michael Tenpcnny, Ellamac Thomas, Elaine Thompson, Pam Tirabasso, Kathleen Tyrus, Phillip Ulmer, Rodney And Make Great Seniors Valverde, Teresa Valvcrde, Tom Vanoy, Mitzi VanNatta, Nancy Vernon, Artie Walling, Beverly Walls, Patty White, Keith Williams, Wardcll Wisdom, Joann Woods, Carolyn Wyrick, Judy Wyrick, Kathy Yoder, Kenneth York, Thomas Young, Paul 47Sophomore officers for 1970 were Linda Hopper, Debbie Hcfwig, Terri Reynolds, and Larry Ward. Abney, Bill Adkins, Pam Allen, Clarance Alonge, George Alvarado, Susie Anderson, Linda Anderson, Randy Ashby, Debbie Ashley, Marilyn Ayala. Alex Babcock, Marsha Babcock, Pat Sophomores Learn About Initiative Bard, Rosetta Bates, Judy Bates, Paul Batrcz, Nancy Belt, Dave Bennick, Gertrude Birdsell, Phillip Blevins, Joyce Booren, Bill Bowlin, Judy Boyd, Bob Boykin. Mike Braden, Billie Brown, Rose Brown, Scott Burgess, Leonard Burnett, Patsy Carrillo, Danny Carter, Mark Carter, Steve Clark, Mike Colson, Bill Cooper, Bernard Cooper, Richard Cordillo, Linda Cornwell, Larry Cox, Billy Cox, Dan Craft. Joe Crowder, Clifford Crumby, Carol Cruse, Mike Custer, Kevin DeLeon, David DeLeon, Marsha 48DeLeon, Monica Diale, Freddy Dietzel, Glenn Dillman, Jim Dollison, Donna Dominquez, Jose Duran, Tina Dusek, Marilyn Earnhart, Richard Elliot, Dale Endsley, Ray Erwin, Bob Felix, Pat Ferguson, Henry Flynn, Larry Follin, Dcnisa Fritz, Debbie Garcia, Laura Gardner, Robert Garrison, Penny Glory, Mary Ann Goin, Sharon Gourlcy, Rcnita Green, Daisy Gutierrez, Toni Hackleman, Steve Hamilton, Peggy Haney, Sherry By Participating in Aluminum Can Drive Hanna, Rusty Hardy, Linda Harper, Brenda Harris, Donald Hart, Kay Hartford, Perry Harvey, Chester Heaven, Stan Hellwig, Debbie Henderson, Larry Hendricks, Donna Hcnncss, Steven Hernandez, John Herron, Dody Hickox, Ray Hickox, Valorie Hicks, Rick Hightower, Sue Hilt, Mcrrit Hilton, Paul Hines, Eddie Holiday, Opal Holliday, Charlotte Holwick, Carla Hoover, Bill 49Hoover, Janet Hopper, Linda Horine, Mary Huffman, John Hurt, Carol Hutchings, Kristin James, Danny Jobcrt, Patti Johnson, Frances Jones, Pam Kahler, Delores Keith, Debbie Kelley, Kevin Kemper, Mary Kennedy, Patty King, Ellen King, Verron Krantz, Kathy Krueger, Glenda Lambeth, Fonda Lane, Kathy Joining the Mustang Club Lassen, Derrek Lawrance, Kay Lawson, Cindy Lewis, Kay Lewis, Phyllis Locke, Wayne Logan, Diane Logan, Nancy Lord, Lynn Lucas, Jack Mabary, Larry Macke, Loraina Madrigal, Beatrice Madrigal, Pete Marks, Ronald Marron, John McClure, John McGivern, Susan McSparren, Bill Melching, Debbie Mendez, David Mendez, Lucy Mendez, Mike Miles, Jim Miller, Charles Miller, Denise Mills, Barbara Montgomery, John Moore, Cheryl Moreno, Lucinda 50Morris, Charles Morris, Lee Mortine, Bob Mufich, Frank Murguia. Rosemary Neal, Ronnie Nesser, Dwight Nickum, Patti Nickum, Paula Nolan, Bill O'Brien, Kevin O'Donnell, Craig Orndoff, Linda Orndoff, Marvin Osborn, Robert Osman, Ricky Decorating the Sno-Ball Ouderkirk, Darlene Ouderkirk, Glenda Overman, Debbie Overton, Gordon Owens, Pam Pennington, Connie Penson, Gary Perez, Ernest Perkins, Sheila Phelps, Randy Phipps, Wanda Pierce, Carol Pierce, John Plemmons, Gwen Porter, Ronald Prock, Pam Purscl, Glenda Quiroga, Steve Raab, Phillip Ramirez, Marcos Ramirez, Mary Ramirez, Victor Randall, John Reynolds, Becky Reynolds, Tere Rice, Marsha Roberts, Cyndi Robinson, Robin Rocha, Cristy Rogers, Linda Ruiz, Henry Salazar, Ernie Salazar, Nistor Santoyo, Ruby Saye. Jim 51Schleicher, Sharon Simons, Janice Skubal, Mike Sly, Carla Smallwood, Buddy Smith, George Spearman, Mary Spearman, Wanetta Stanton, Gloria Stevens, Debbie Stevens, Marty Street, Diane Sweeney, Wayne Swetman, John Thompson, Connie Todd, Travis Trigg, Larry Uzzel, Joe VanDonsel, Jeff Varriano, John Walls, Barbara Ward, Larry Wave, John Wheeler, Vickie Whisler, Dennis Williams, Cindy Wilson, Charles Wilson, Jim And Campaigning for Student Council Wilson, Rick Wing, Becky Wing, Beth Wing. Don Wisdom, Billy Wright, Cindy Wyrick, JoAnn Wyrick, Raymond Zaragoza, AlbertPrincipal's Honor Roll The Principal's Scholarship Letter Award was inaugurated ten years ago in order to give recognition to those students who have maintained a high academic record during the year. Selection and qualification for the award is based on the third nine weeks' grades. Students must have earned a 1.5 average or better while enrolled in at least four units of credit requiring considerable academic preparation. Such courses would involve much study outside the classroom. Grade 12 Grade 11 Grade 10 Armstrong, Bruce; Blanks, Elayne; Brewer, Mike; Bunce, David; Crow- ley, Pam; Davidson, Christie; Friar, Terry; James, David; Lattin, Deb- bie; Murguia, Alfred; Overton, Deb- bie; Pittman, Shirley; Ward, Bob; Wells, Brenda. Belt, Linda; Bender, Paul; Channcll, Ruth; Chapin, Paula; Dobson, Linda; Eger, Jeff; Felix Lutricia; Haislip, Gail; Halpain, Valerie; Haney, Roberta; Lawson, Becky; Lee, Dorothy; Smith, Sue; Stephen- son, Barb; Valverde, Tom; Walling, Beverly. Boykin, Christopher; Earnhart, Richard; Haney, Sherry; Harper, Brenda; Holwick, Carla; James, Danny; Kahler, Delores; Kemper, Mary; Mabary, Larry; Madrigal, Beatrice; Simons, Janice; Wing, Becky; Wing, Beth. Grade 9 Grade 8 Grade 7 Armstrong, Ann; Barker, Judy; Bender, Ann, Bush, Alison; Bush, Arlene; Coffman, Cathy; Cole, Charlcno; Fields, LaVerne; Hauser, Sheryl; Hemphill, Stephanie; Hus- ton, Randy; LeVar, Sam; Martin, Diane; Nachbar, Jennifer; Rowe, Billie; Simma, John; Ward, Larry. Armstrong, Debra; Channcll, Bill; Green, Jacqueline; Halpain, Caro- lyn; Kclsay, Pam; Kenney, Sandra; Kokrda, Kevin; Laird, Lonna; Loya, Elizabeth; Madrigal, Estella; Mar- mon, Evelyn; McCamish, Terry; Nesser, Diane; Rowland, Renee; Taylor, Mary; Taylor, Shellee; Todd, Linda; White, Rhonda; Wink- ler, Loretta. Barragcr, Dana; Brough, Marilyn; Catron, Brenda; James, Pat; Ken- ney, Cynthia; Lovich, Mike; Mad- rigal, Rosemary; Murguia, Carlos; Ncccc, Becky; Nigh, Jacolyn; Tala- vera, Mary. 54National Honor Society On April 16, 1970, National Honor Society initiation was held; 28 seniors were initiated. Invocation was given by Shelly Stockdale. The N.H.S. symbols: Character, Scholarship, Leader- ship, and Service were spoken on by Ernie Olson, Debbie Overton, Russ Ferree, and Marilyn Odell. Entertainment was provided by an instrumental group composed of Bruce Armstrong, Debbie Lattin, Dee Lillich, and Julie Edemann, and a skit, "The Apple Tree", was performed by Annie Fischer and Alfred Murgia. The book was signed by the new members, and Rev. James Uhlig, gave the address. The new members are: Bruce Armstrong, Diane Barker, Elaine Blanks, Mike Brewer, David Bunce, Mary Carey, Pam Crowley, Christie David- son, Julie Edemann, Paula Erwin, Russ Ferree, Annie Fischer, Terry Friar, Gary Hauser, Debbie Lattin, Dee Lillich, Alfred Murgia, Marilyn Odell, Ernest Olson, Debbie Overton, Mike Phelps, Shirley Pittman, Steve Pringle, Mayetta Rees, Karen Steele, Shelly Stockdale, Bobby Ward, Kenneth Ward. N.H.S. Officers: Bob Ward, president; Bruce Armstrong, vice-president; Mayetta Reese, secretary; Annie Fischer, treasurer. 55Quill and Scroll and the Mustang Award Recipients; These students backed our school and helped make it the great year it was. They backed our school to the hilt. 56Boy's and Girl's State were a selected group whom it was felt were qualified to help lead the student body as a whole. The Members of Boy’s Girl’s State; The Citizens of the Year, were voted for by the student body as the best liked Seniors at A.H.S.; they are Alfred Murguia and Colccn Heinson. And the Citizens of the Year. 5758Awards and Honors Maxima Cum Laude Robert Ward Debbie Lattin Magna Cum Laude Gary Hauser Cum Laude Karen Steele Betty Crocker Award Janet Albin Speech Awards Annie Fischer Alfred Murguia Dee Olivarez Benda Walkenshaw Frank Mullins Roberta Haney Ruth ChannellPep Club-Enthusiastic The 1969-1970 Mustang Pep Club was an unusually enthusiastic group. It sponsored pep assemblies, homecoming events, buses to games, and the Mustang Club play. Officers serving the club were Carolyn Adams, president; Paula Chapin, vice-president; and Janet Albin, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Homer Bearrick served as the club sponsor. 62Pep Club Spirit 631969-70 Varsity Cheerleaders W3 64Devote Spirit To AHS1969-70 J-V Cheerleaders were: Chris Hutchings. Judy Barry, Bov Walling, Debbie McMullin, Terri Reynolds, and Janice Simons. J-V Squad Shows Spirit 66 vmHonor Pep members were; First row: Sharon Young, Christie Davidson, Gcrianne Carroll, Karen Kelly, Diane Boyd, Paula Erwin, Pam Crowley. Second row: Debbie Fiedler, Janet Babcock, Mary Carey, Karen Steele, Dalene Gaut, Iris Winters, Mary Braden. Third row: Paula Chapin, Caroline Adams, and Janet Albin. Honor Pep Members Exemplify LeadershipFront row: Rick Jones, Danny Bardezbain, Steve Pringle, Larry McMahon, John Osbern Jim Hendricks, Joe Mendoza. Second row: Mike Morris, Ron Hopper, Bob Marshall, Mark Stephan, Andy Lillich, Pat Turner, John Loyd, Jim Antos. Back row: Ed Bowman, Dale Syers. Mike Hale, Ernie Olson, Mike Walker, Jim Hickey, Ken Glasscock. Not pictured: Bruce Armstrong, Danny Childs, Les Davenport, Russ Feree, Bill Griffith, Andy Huggins, Chick Johnson, Ty Johnson, Bob Matz, Tom McGivern, Alfred Murguia, Walter Neal, Mike Phelps, Phil Elder, Gary Seaborn, Kenny Ward. A-Club Has A Good Year The A-Club, sponsored by Mr. K.E. Clohecy, was very active this year. Taking a trip to the Y.M.C.A. in the first of the year was planned and responded to with great enthusiasm. Another project of the club was to put a new layer of black dirt, grass seed, and fertilizer on the football field for the upcoming seasons. Probably the most important project of the club was that of supporting the current sports by attending the games. The club members would go to games and matches, set in a group, and cheer the Mustangs on to victory. This year's leaders of the club were president, Bruce Armstrong, vice- president, Mark Stephan, and secretary-treasurer Tom McGivern. 68Sr. High Student Council The Student Council, made up of repre- sentatives and alternates from each home- room, is one organization in which the students can voice their opinions on how the school is being run. The club is spon- sored by Miss Lola Perkins and meets every other Wednesday on school time. The club sponsors such activities as Twirp Week, mixers, adoption of a foster child, the pop shop. Mustang sweaters, and many others. This year's officers, pictured below, are: Mike Phelps, president; Annie Fischer, vice-president; Dee Lillich, secre- tary; and Christie Davidson, treasurer.Foreign Languages The Foreign Language Club is a newly formed organization. It represents the merger of the Spanish and French Clubs known in previous years. The club has been quite active during the past year with trips to the art museum, parties, and guest speakers. The 1969-1970 officers were Marilyn Odell, president; Jeff Eger, vice-president; Teresa Valverde, secretary-treasurer; Pam Hayes, publicity; Tom Valverde, Sr. High Student Council; and Sherry Hauser, Jr. High Student Council. John Charles Espinosa, Foreign Exchange Student, speaks to the foreign language club about Argentina. 70Exchange Student John Charles Espinosa was welcomed at Argentine as a member of the Argentina exchange group. He was the school's guest for a 27 day period, and visited several different classrooms during his stay. John was the guest of Danny Wing for his entire stay here in Kansas City. John was also able to tour Kansas University, Washing- ton, D.C., and Miami, Florida as a part of the exchange program. Regretting having to leave Argentine, John Charles said, "I will miss too many things, mostly the kids." 71Safety Club members show concern for today's traffic problems. Health Careers-Safety Club The Health Career is one of the many organi- zations at Argentine organized merely for the benefit of the students. Sponsored by Miss Evelyn Koester, the girls have an opportunity to explore the various health fields and to grow as individuals by working together. Activities include trips to Osawatomie State Hospital, lectures by dental hygienists, and a nutritionist, and several health programs. Officers were: Barbara Haynes, presi- dent; Mayetta Rees, vice-president; Shirley Pitt- man, secretary-treasurer; Cecelia Whiters and Pam Taylor, student council representatives. The Safety Club is another very worthwhile program. Sponsored by Mr. Bruce Eighmey, its purpose is to promote safety throughout the school and the community. Activities include hanging posters in the halls, an assembly by the highway patrol, and driving awards. Officers were: Russ Ferree, president; Kenny Ward, vice-presi- dent; Diane Barker, secretary; and Paula Erwin, treasurer. Health Career members seek knowledge and experience.Thespian Troupe No. 2098 is the Argentine chapter of the National Thespian Society. Members of the troupe must have acquired 10 Thes- pian points by acting or doing various backstage jobs on the three school plays. The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for those who have special interests in produc- ing and appreciating good drama. Meetings were every other Tuesday. The officers of the troupe were: President-David Bunce; Vice-Presi- dent-Pam Crowley; Secretary-Treas- urer-Frank Mullins; Student Council Representative-Teresa Valverde. Thespian members are—Front Row: Pam Crowley, Teresa Valverde, Marilyn Odell, Celia Raab, Ruth Channell, Jeff Eger, Wesley Davenport. Second Row: Mr. Phil Seaton, Bob Dishman, Alfred Murguia, Jeannie Carey, John Clark, Bill Hoover, David Bunce, Roberta Hafiey, Rick Brewer, Brenda Wells, Frank Mullins. Forensic and Thespian Groups Alfred and Annie practicing duct. The Forensic season began during the second semester 1970, under the coaching of Mrs. Nancy Hall. Forensic activities involve speaking on an individual basis, such as reading poetry of prose, giving informative and oratorical readings and duet acting. Participants were Dee Olivarez, Annie Fischer, Alfred Murguia, Marilyn Odell, Frank Mullins, Robert Clifton, Benda Wakenshaw, Ruth Channell, Roberta Haney and Gwen Plemmons, and Darrell Johnson. Alfred and Annie were the only participants to go to the state tournament. They received a "2”. This year's Forensic team has done a great job, since they brought back "1's" and "2's" from all the tournaments they have gone to. Members of the Forensic Team are—Front Row: Roberta Haney, Dee Olivarez, Ruth Channell, Marilyn Odell, Joselyn Spearman, Mrs. Nancy Hall, and Brenda Wakenshaw. Second Row: Darrell Johnson, Robert Clifton, Frank Mullins and Alfred Murguia. Annie Fischer and Gwen Plemmons are not pictured.Before They were eager and enthusiastic. They had new ideas that made our paper better. "70” Journalism Staff Made Big Gains After Now they've done their thing, but they're a little sorry it's over. 74Mary Carey Jeriann Carol Less Clyma "70” Annual Staff, A Year for the Books Kathleen Norris Andy Huggins Dee Olivarez 75 Sponsor, Rod CarrSenior High Y-Teens The Senior High Y-teens is a club organized especially for girls. Its main purpose is to draw girls together who come from different backgrounds, and to help them to engage in projects of service. Their many activities include making gifts for the Broadview Home and the singing of Christmas carols for the sick and the aged in hospitals and nursing homes. Officers this year were: Pam Crowley, presi- dent; Regina Meeks, vice-presi- dent; Deborah Coe, secretary- treasurer; and Mari Smith, Student Council Representative. Mrs. Sue Young sponsored the group. Officers: Mari Smith, Pam Crowley. Deborah Coe, and Regina Meeks. 76Future Teachers Learn Responsibility The Future Teachers of America is a very worthwhile program. The students involved are those students who are interested in securing a career in the teaching field. Officers for the 1969-1970 school year were Frank Mullins, presi- •dent; Robin McGhan, vice-president; Beth Wing, secretary-treasurer; and Ruth Channel I, Student Council representative. Tironians; Seek Experience The Tironians is a group involving those girls interested in securing a job in secretarial work. It consists of girls pres- ently enrolled in the Secre- tarial Training Course, a two hour course offered only to seniors. Karen Steele served as Chairman of the Club. It was sponsored by Mrs. Flo Haynes.Orchestra exemplifies skill in music at one of many performances. Mr. James Sherbon, conductor. Argentine Orchestra Members 78Orchestra officers serve as an example for fellow orchestra members in and out of the classroom. Directed and sponsored by Mr. James Sherbon, the Senior Orchestra performed at many functions. It performed at the A.B.O.P.S. Variety Show, the school Christmas program, the annual "Music Time", and at commencement exercises. The orchestra also served as a host to the Invitational Orchestra Festival. Officers were: Bruce Armstrong, presi- dent; Marilyn O'Dell, vice-president; Jayne Alcorn, secretary; Leslie Davenport, twelfth-grade representative; Ruth Chan- nell, eleventh-grade representative; Larry Ward, tenth-grade representative; LaVern Fields, ninth-grade representative; Jackie Green, eighth-grade representative; Bruce Armstrong, student conductor; and Dar- rell Johnson, assistant student conductor. Exemplify Talent Argentine orchestra members represent AHS in many competitive functions. 79Girls' Ensemble: First row: Mary Ramirez, Penny Nigh, Anna Second row: Terry Hunt, Brenda Bowlin, Carolyn Hilt, Becky Alston, Ann Bender, Janet Hoover, Ruby Brown, Stella Warren. Murray, Debbie Lynn, Rosalin Willis, and Bronya Vine. Responsive Audiences Glee Club: First row: Diane Street, Carolyn Hilt, Mac Spearman, Shirley Young, Kathy Stanley, Edus Loggins, Anna Alston, Susan Reliford, Ruby Brown, Stella Warren, Miss Janice Wiberg, conduc- tor. Second row: Gloria Stanton, Barbara Haynes, Mary Ramirez, Twila Manspergcr, Carol Lucas, Maxine Johnson, Cecelia Whiters, Leslie Seifert, Janet Hoover, Ann Bender. Third row: Terry Hunt, Rita Lee, Alana Bardexbain, Becky Murray, Sandy McCarty, Denny Nigh, Debbie Lynn, Rosalin Willis, and Bronya Vine. 80Senior Choir Members: First Row: Debbie Fiedler, Debra House, Marilyn Dusek, Beverly Walling, Ty Johnson, Dana Ogle, Sue Smith, Wanda James, Debbie Keith, Nadine Baker. Second row: Paula Mullins, Debbie Lauky, Kathy Tirabasso, Becky Bowlin, Valerie Hickox, Richard Pierce, Robert Diale, Bill Adkins, Diane Holland, Rosa Newton, Miss Janice Wiberg, conductor. Third row: Loraina Macke, Vera Cones, Jenean Gardetto, David Childs, Kim Prock, Chris Lillich, Diane Martin, Janice Simons, Cheryl Englund. Fourth row: Virginia Chacon, Lee Morris, Charlotte Holliday, Susan McGivern, Mary Carey, Lawrence Johnson, Rodney Ulmer, Artie Vernon, Pam Prock, Sherry Coffey, and Sharon Laws. Vocal Music Entertains The 1970 Senior Choir was under the direction of a new teacher to AHS this year. Miss Janice Wiberg. The choir performed at several school functions % this year. These included "Fall Festival of Song," the annual Christmas program, "Music Time," Bacca- laureate, and graduation. The choir also par- ticipated in the music festival at Wyandotte High School. 81Dee Lillich, Drum Major, led the band in Drum majorettes were Pat Ellis, Sharon Hilt, and Debbie Robinette, marching performances. AHS Band MTietiPep Band played at home games and pep rallies to help insure victory. Marilyn O'Dell, Student Conductor. The AHS Band is quite an active group. They perform at all home football games during the halftime period as well as at other school affiliated functions. The band was one of several marching bands seen in the 1969 American Royal Parade. They also participated in K.U. Band day, the E.K.L. Festival at Turner, and the City Festival at Wyandotte. Schoolwise they participated in the annual band concert "'Rhapsody in Blue and Gold." Officers were: Alfred Murguia, president; Marsha Hellwig, vice-president; Barbara Stephen- son, secretary-treasurer; Terry Friar and Pat Ellis, senior-high representatives; Paula Mullins, ninth- grade representative; Cindy Clark, eighth-grade representative; Carolyn Adams, librarian; Evelyn Hylton, assistant librarian; Marilyn O'Dell, student conductor; and Darrell Johnson, assistant student conductor. Marches To SuccessThe 1970 Argentinettes were: A-Marsha Hellwig; R-Barbara Stephenson; G-Colleen Heinson; E-Marta Ridley; N-Julic Ede- mann; T-Mayctta Rees; l-Dcbbic Lattin; N-Lorraine Perkins; and Precision is the name of the game! E-Pam Taylor. Alternates were Amy Hays, Billie Braden, and Toni Gutierrez. The 1970 Argentinettes, under the direction of Mr. James Sherbon, performed for several differ- ent audiences within the past year. They per- formed at all the home football games as march- ing members of the band, they marched in the American Royal Parade, and were present at all basketball games both home and away. The girls are permitted to chose their attire throughout the different seasons and must make up all of their own routines. 84Front row: I to r: Martin Moreno, Ray Hickcock, Jerry Apperson, Wardell Williams, Joe Mendoza, Steve Pringle, Steve Moore, Jim Antos, John Loyd, Larry McMahon, George Nambo, Gene Piersee. Second row: Line Coach, Albert Saladin; Mike Morris Sr., Bruce Armstrong, Bill Griffith, Andy Huggins, Mark Stephan, Rick Jones, Ed Bowman, Bob Marshall, Andy Lillich, Mike Morris Jr., Tom Doran. Third row: Head Coach, Gene Clohecy; Henry Locke, Cliff Jones, Kenny Glascock, Wesley Gilmore, Ronnie Hopper, Steve Wilson, Ernie Olson, Mike Timpleton, Walter Neal, Ed Loya, Gary Seaborn, Mike Phelps, Back Coach, Jan Jorgenson. Separate Varsity Squad The 1969-70 football season was undoubtedly one of the worst, from the standpoint of its over-all record. But to analyze a football team it is necessary to look at its overall accomplish- ments. Under the direction of a new coach, the Mustangs were met with the task of forming, not only a team this year, but a nucleus for a program in the future. This task was met with great enthusiasm and has prepared a foundation for the 1970-71 football season. Rick Jones gains yardage, while Stove Pringle throws important block. Mike Phelps stacks up Micgc runner as Andy Huggins turns for the kill. 86Improved Sophomores Coach Clohecy discusses strategy with Steve Moore. This year a new program proved successful in Argentine football. Under the direction of Coach Terry Rapp, a separate sophomore team was established. This gave the new boys a chance to learn and show what they can do. Their impres- sive season speaks for itself and holds a future for A.H.S. football. Front row: I to r: Vic Raneriz, Marvin Orndoff, Ray Endsley, Bob Chester Harvey, Mike Skubat. Third row: Coach Lpillman, George Moretine, Mike Boykin, David Debron, John Randle, Larry Flynn. Smith, Pete Madrigal, Don Harris, Dwight Nesser, Kevin Kelly, Second row: Ron Porter, John Pierce, Bill Wisdom, Robert Osbern, Travis Todd. Henry Ferguson, Wayne Locke, Randy Phelps, Bob Marty Stevens, Ron Marks, Richard Earnheart, Walter Lewis, Erwin-Manager. Not pictured: Coach Terry Rapp.Andy Huggins sr. Steve Pringle sr. Bruce Armstrong sr. Mark Stophan sr. Mike Phelps sr. Henry Locke sr. Jim Antos sr. Ernie Olson sr. Andy Lillich jr. Twenty-eight Honored Mike Morris jr. SVjvRick Jones jr. Jim Hickey jr. Ty Johnson Mag. Ed Bowman jr. Varsity Lettermen for 69-70 Football Season 89 Ed Loya and Mike Morris protect the ball as others scramble for it. Steve Moore punts as Mark Stephan provides protection.Front row: Coach Larry Bale, Manager George Alonge, Kelly Boikin, Reggio Spearman, Gary McCray, Walter Neal, Steve Kent, John Pierce, Mike Hale, Ronald Porter, Rusty Hanna, Wilson, Ernie Olson, Ronald Hopper, Edward Loya, Ricky Jones, Manager Leslie Davenport, Coach John Darr. Second row: Mike Joe Mendoza. Mustangs Show Great Ability This year's "Mighty Mustangs" were not quite as mighty as was expected by most students. As in years past injuries to starting players hindered the team as a whole. Ernie Olson was one of those injuries with a sprained ankle. Once under way the team showed good individual ability. Ernie Olson (54) takes the tip as Reggie Spearman (32) and Walter Neal (50) look on. Going into the Leavenworth tournament, the team began working together taking second in the tournament and putting a spark in both the team and student body. After the tournament the team had a slump, but toward the end of the season the mustangs jumped back on their feet. This season may not be looked at as one of the best that Argentine has seen but it brought an exciting game to our student body every time they played. A quick pass by Walter Neal (51) is nearly deflected before reaching number (55).M. Walker, Sr. R. Spearman, Sr. G. McCray, Sr. E. Loya, Jr. R. Jones, Jr. J. Mendoza, Sr. E. Olson, Sr. Varsity Lettermen R. Hopper, Jr. 91 W. Neal, Jr. S. Wilson, Sr.Varsity Scoreboard AHS 43 Washington 50 AHS 31 Emporia 56 AHS 59 Bishop Miege 67 AHS 37 Sumner 92 AHS 58 Leavenworth 62 AHS 41 Olathe 45 AHS 52 Bonner Springs 47 AHS 56 Ward 54 Pioneer AHS 48 Rosedale 47 Invitational AHS 67 S.M. East 82 2nd Place AHS 58 St. Joseph Shawnee 62 AHS 43 Turner 56 AHS 60 Rosedale 46 AHS 48 Ottawa 55 AHS 77 Bonner Springs 53 AHS 42 Turner 49 AHS 59 Rosedale 52 AHS 61 Ottawa 78 AHS 53 Turner 59 Regional OvertimeReggie Spearman (31) and Ernie Olson (55) fight against a Turner player for the ball. Mike Walker (24) goes up for two as Rosedale defender tries aimlessly to block. J.V. Prepares for Varsity Action As in every year the J.V. is looked to for the nucleus of the upcoming varsity squad. In this year's team there is no problem finding those who will make that nucleus. Under the direction of Coach John Darr, the team showed outstanding ability both as a team and individually. With such leaders as Mike Boykin, Ron Hop- per, Rick Jones, Rusty Hanna, and John Pierce moving up to varsity level Argentine can look forward to a good team in the future. Ed Loya pulls down a rebound from an Olathe player as Reggie Spearman (32), Mike Walker (24), Ernie Olson (54) and Joe Mendoza (22) position for two.Front row: I to r: Genoveva Espinpza, M. Moreno, D. Bardezbain, Clohecy. Third row: Coach Hampton, R. Jones, D. Syers. M. Hale, L. Mabary, J. Dillman. Second row: Coach Saldin, Joe Craft, T. E, Olson, L. Johnson, E. Bowman, Coach Green. McGivcrn, E. Hines, J. Loyd, L. Flynn. B. Armstrong, Coach Although Little in Number The 69-70 Track team showed great skill in working with a small turn-out. The team showed great effort in each meet they were involved in no matter how large or small the meet was. Each member put forth all they had in any event they were ask to participate in. Coach Clohecy did a superb job of spacing his men in a way so to make up for their weak spots. With a small group going to state, the end result was great. Led by Ernie Olson, and Dale Syers, the Mustangs brought home a third trophy to prove to all that they were there. The team seemed to be the high point of the sports activity at AHS. Until track season, there was little enthusiasm in sports becuase of poor seasons. All in all the 69-70 track team will be remembered as one of the best. Chick Johnson shows form and ability in the broad jump. Kenny Ward lunges ahead as he hurdles for first at EKL Meet.kJrfR't Vjlw R. Jones, R. Hopper, K. Ward, E. Olson, L. Johnson, D. Syers, McGivern. Ron Hopper gives Tom McGivern the baton in relay. Big in Effort and ResultFrom left to right, the cross country lettermen are: Top to bottom: Coach Green, Kenny Ward, Pat Turner, Gary McCray Tom McGivcrn, Mike Walker, Mike Hale, Roger Higgins, John Osbern, Jimmy Hendricks, Jim Dillman, Danny Bardisbain, Tomas York, and Dale Syers. Cross Country and Weight Lifting Bruce Armstrong pulls "200" for the first time. While Glasscock strains his legs for the most. jfVOVfc 96Front row: I to r: Terry Rapp Coach, R. Houston, W. Williams, J. R. Hickock, E. Bates, M. Davis, manager. Third row: M. Huffman, Hendricks, M. Hylton, J. Osborn, P. Turner, S. Moore, Bob Riley J. McClure, J. Hcrnadoz, J. Loyd, A. Lillich. coach. Second row: A. Murgia, manager, R. Hernadez, M. Stephan, Grapplers Show Great Improvement The Argentine wrestling team, in its third year, showed great improvement over its previous years. Although their record was not one to boast about the effort and skill of individuals was outstanding. With six returning lettermen to lead the Mustangs, spirit was high as the team went into each match. Their best scores seemed to come from the lower weights, although their were some outstanding men in the higher weights. In many of the tornnaments there were medals brought home by some of the men. All the matches were good and showed great effort by each individual. Because wrestling is new to Argentine it will take a while for the program to get established at the home matches, but at the away matches it was always the same handful that showed. Argentine needs more support and in the future it will have more of it. Mark Stephan works for a pin. Steve Moore rides his man hard working for a break down. 97Gymnastic Team from left to right are: Standing—Renee Rowland, Pam Kelsey, Bronya Vine, Geraldine Rice, Barbara Haynes, Rosalin Willis, Marta Ridley, Netta Spearman, Nadine Baker. Kneeling-Mary Cooper, Stephanie Allison, Marianne Taylor, Jackie Brough, Ann Armstrong, Ruby Brown, Terri Birdson, Marion McMillan. Team in Fourth Year Mrs. Michael Opfer and Mrs. Mary Beth Ekeren were once again the sponsors and coaches for the gymnastics team. Many prolonged hours are spent by these girls to perfect various routines used in competition. Besides attending tournaments to show their skills, they performed for Argentine High School at the annual Gym Show.First row: D. Banion, R. Bray, T. Snodgrass, R. Gibson, J. Simma, L. Ward, W. Johnson, T. Scott, P. Morris, R. Ledsema, P. Porter, R. Marks. Second row: Coach Sjoblom, R. Nambo, F. Larson, J. Loyd, E. Reich, D. Bowman, D. Decaney, G. Pollmiller, F. Shirley, R. Huston, J. Brewer, Ronnie Huston, J. Rosenstengle, Coach Morris. Third row: B. Rowe, S. Logan, R. Chapman, W. Dorris, R. Schmitz, L. Bray, D. Novick, R. Ward, L. Fields, R. Valverde, S. LeVar, B. Harbor. Frosh Has Size And Ability This year's freshman football team was prob- ably one of the better composed teams that Argentine has seen. Its balance in size and versatility was distributed by their coach so as to benefit their over all performance. As in every year varsity coaches look at the freshman team for future players to fill the shoes of varsity graduates. The prospects look great. Speed, agil- ity, and desire are all characteristics of this year's team. Argentine needs something to look forward to. This year's varsity record shows the need for improvement. This improvement must be ex- pected from the youth. They're the ones that will be supporting the program in the future. With good coaching, desire, and want to be a winning team, Argentine can look forward to some good years in football. The potential is there, putting it to good use is up to the athletics of the future. 100First row: P. Porter, P. Loya, L. Ward, W. Dorris, J. Simma, J. Jones. T. Scott, R. Bray, R. Valverdc, R. Carroll, S. Levar, C. Loyd, Mgr. Second row: Coach Morris, E. Reich, J. Taylor, L. Soveirns, Mgr. Not pictured: P. Morris, B. Harbor. Frosh Show Future For Basketball An outstanding team this year, the freshman round bailers showed what they could do. Their all-around ball handling showed that they were devoted to a good team. Most of the boys have been together since the seventh grade and play well together. Their size was extremely well distributed. Their inside men Ray Valverde, Roger Bray, and Pat Morris all hit six foot. Outside with the agility and good size to bring the ball down was John Simma, and Tom Scott. Although the team was well balanced they did make mistakes. Some of these mistakes cost them a game. This may be the reason why their record is not quite as good as it should have been. Probably the most outstanding characteristic of this year's team was their sincerity and desire to win. The taste of win was in their mouth at all times backed with good sportsmanship which all players respected. With teams like this, Argentine has something to look forward to in the future. 101First row: Anderson, Roger; Jobert, Bob; Hahnor, Kirk; Pierce, Robert; Atkins, Gerald. Second row: Overman, Mike; Margia, Charlie; Johanson, Rodney; Cross, Mike; Gonzalenz, Chris; Baker, Ray; Buford, Marrial. Third row: Mr. Darrell Sjoblom; McMillin. Garold; Berry, David; Woolworth, Danny; Cook, George; Lovich, Mike. Seventh And Eighth Grade Basketball Seventh and eighth grade basketball is prob- ably the least known sport at Argentine. The attendance is low, but the spirit is there. People laugh at the little boys trying to put the basket- ball through the hoop, and pay little attention to the work and potential ability built in the boys out there. This year's team had some fine boys support- ing their program. Height was more prominent than before and the boys showed a desire to win. Giving support to these boys and encouraging them to stay out is what we need. Their spirit is what this school must lean on and look to in the future. J. Erwin, M. Ritter, T. Loya, D. Spearman, C. Taylor, J. Higgins, G. Atkins, D. Maron. Second row: G. Snider, D. Loya, J. Taylor, T. McCamish, M. Rowe, K. Kokada, T. Samuels, S. Stephenson, L. Hardey, J. Normile.Front row: S. Allen, W. Doris, R. Bray, D. Morris, J. Taylor, K Syers, B. Todd. Second row: L. Ward, J. Rosenstengle, B. Rowe, R. Larson, mgr., L. Glasscock. Third row: Coach Unruh, D. Banion, H. Olivarez, L. Fields, Coach Riley. Back row: D. DeCaney, D. Novich, R. Ward, D. Beach. Not pictured: J. Loyd, mgr. Junior High Track Team Front row: J. Hellwig, D. Noone, J. Norris, T. Morre, G. Anderson, G. Kirk, J. Erwin. Second row: R. Davidson, B. Himiller, G. Hobbs, B. Fields, G. Baker. Third row: G. Rennaker, M. Ward, Coach Unruh. Back row: J. Green, M. Ritter, S. Toberts, J. Taylor, S. Bardezbain, B. Channcll.Colt Club Shows Enthusiasm Junior High supports team. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders help induce team spirit. Enthusiastic students and cheerleaders sup- ported the 1969-1970 Colt Club. The organi- zation was headed by Sherry Hauser, presi- dent; Caren Banks, vice-president; Georgia Gaston, secretary; and Stephanie Hemphill, treasurer. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders were Michelle Terry, Vicki Johnson, Stephanie Allison, Betty Smith, and Barb Walling. Ninth Grade Cheerleaders were Paula Mullins, Yvonne Greene, Ann Armstrong, Jan Endi- cott, and Dianne Martin. The club was spon- sored by Mr. Schmitz. Ninth Grade Cheerleaders lead the Colt Club in cheers.J-High Student Council The J-High Student Council is one of many organizations established to promote better rela- tions between the faculty and the students. It helps the student to develop a better understand- ing of our democratic system, a sense of responsibility, and leadership. Activities include: Thanksgiving food drive. Tramp Day, and several dances. Officers serving the group are (as pic- tured): Terry Hunt, treasurer; Yvonne Green, secretary; Jackie Brough, vice-president; and Ann Armstrong, president. Mr. Langdon sponsored the group. 105J-Hi Y-Teens; J-Hi YAwards and Honors Outstanding Student Council Member Ann Armstrong Spelling Building Champion - Connie Logan 7th Grade - Dana Barrager 8th Grade - Linda Todd 9th Grade - Ann Bender Law Day Essay - Ann Bender (first) Slogan - Lana Laird (first runner-up) Attendance 9th Grade 8th Grade 7th Grade ! years 2 years 1 year Janet Carroll Eddie Loeb Paula Fare Stephanie Hemphill Steve Roberts Jeffery Mabary Larry Ward James Taylor Michael Overton 1 years 1 year Ann Armstrong Debra Armstrong Sheryl Hauser Gary Babcock Phil Porter Sam Bardezbain Stanley Tyrus Linda Craft Randy Ward Donald Dobson year Peggy Dobson Billy Bialek Vickie Felix Charlene Cole John Higgins Yvonne Green Sandra Kennedy Carolyn Hilt Diana Kramer Mike Johnson Dennis Pate Richard Ledesma Mary Ann Taylor Fred Larson John Thurman Peter Loya Darryl Tyrus Twila Manspcrgcr Mike Ward Henry Olivarez William Rowe Tom Snodgrass Jerry Lynn Taylor Donald Whislor 107Class Officers: Pres., Terry Hunt; V-Pres., John Simma; Sec. Paula Mullins; Treas. Ray Valvcrde. Adkins, William Albin, Charles Allen. Steve Alston, Anna Amayo, Linda Anderson, Carl Anderson, Ronnie Apperson, Betty Armstrong, Ann Armstrong, Sue Banion, Doug Banks, Caren Ninth Grade Rules J-High Bardezbain, Alanna Barker, Judy Beach, Douglas Bender, Ann Bialok, Bill Bishop, Mike Borders, Shirley Bowlin, Becky Bowman, David Bray, Larry Bray, Roger Brewer, Jeff Brewster, Cindy Brough, Jackie Brown, Larry Brown, Maurita Brown, Ruby Bush, Allison Bush, Arlene Cain, Linda Camp, Penny Canslers, Sharon Cappis, Louise Carey. Karen Carroll, Randy Chafen, Jeannie Chapman, Roger Chappell, Carl Chavez, Maria Clayton, Bobby Coffman, Cathy Cole, Bill Cole, Charlene Cresswell, Karen Cross, Debbie 108DeCaney, Dave DeLeon, Freddy Denny, Barbara Diale, Robert Dominquez, Sergio Doran, David Dorris, Wally Eckert. Bill Earnheart, Paulctta Endicott, Jan Englund, Cheryl Estes, Ken With Brains, and Experience Fields, LaVcm Florez, Jessica Florez, Yolanda Gardner, Sonya Garza, Eddie Gastor, Georgia Gibson, Robert Gill, Kenneth Glassock, Louis Green, Yvonne Greenlee, Dan Griffith, Kelly Grimmett, Linda Hamilton, Helen Hamilton, Sally Harper, Sharon Harber, Barry Hauser, Sherry Havens, Debbie Haynes, Jerome Hays, Pam Heinson, Frank Hemphill, Stephanie Hill, Mary Hill, Robbin Hilt, Carolyn Hilt, Delbert Hobbs, Randy Hunt, Terry Hontz, Joyce Huston, Randy Huston, Ronnie Johansen, Rhonda Johnson, Debra Johnson, Maxine 109Johnson, Michael Johnson, Walter Jones, Lester Kicgling, Elmer Kilgore, Gary King, James Lane, Jackie Larson, Freddie LeClaire, Robert LcDcsma, Richard Lee, Rita LeVar, Sam Freshman Prepare for A.H.S. Libeer, Vicki Logan, Steve Loggins, Edus Loya, Pete Loyd, Kimmy Lucas, Carol Lynn, Deborah Mansperger, Twila Marks, Robert Martin, Diane Matthews, David Mayfield, Frank McBee, Karen McCarn, Bonnie McKee, Albert Miller, Vella Moberly, Robert Mullins, Paula Murray, Joyce Murry, Becky Nachbar, Jennifer Nambo, Ronald Nicoli, RaeJean Nigh, Penny Novick, Dennis Olivarez, Ricky Pacheco, Adella Pacheco, Theresa Padgett, Richard Perrin, Pat Pieree, Ronald Pollmiller, Gary Porter, Phillip Pugh, Daniel Quinn, Mary 110Reich, Eddie Reyes, Sally Ann Reynolds, Don Rice, Teresa Rios, Rita Romo, Jesse Roscnstcngle, Jack Rowe, Bill Russell, Vickie Salas, Pam Schmitz, Roger Scott, Tom Seifert. Leslie Shirley, Fred Senior High Fun and Work Simma, John Sims, Mike Sipes, Eujania Sly, Rick Smith, Dennis Snodgrass, Tom Snyder, Rex Soverns, Clarence Spalding, Eddie Spearman, Mae Stanley, Howard Stinnett, Betty Stone, Sue Stuckman, Paula Syers, Kenny Tatum, Frankie Taylor, Jerry Taylor, Mark Todd, Ben Tyrus, Stanley Valverde, Ray Vaughn, Charlene Vega, Deborah Vine, Bronya VonMcKnclly, Darlena Ward, Larry Ward, Randy Warren, Stella Whiters, Paul Willis, Rosalin Yetman, Thomas Young, Carlton Young, Jcanie Young, John Young, Samuel 111Eighth grade class officers are Guy Baker, Steffie Allison, Michelle Terry, and Kevin Kokrda. Ararca, Ronald Allison, Steffie Amayo, Susy Anderson, Wayne Arbarca, George Armstrong, Bill Armstrong, Debra Atkins, Gregory Babcock, Gary Babcock, Michael Baker, Guy Bardezbain, Sammy Barnhart, Jim Batrez, Debra Billups, Stanley Birdsong, Terri Eighth Grade Students Blankenship, Andy Borders, Susan Brandt, Carol Brauninger, Mark Briscoe, Candy Burton, Lcland Carpenter, Robin Carrole, Melanie Castlemen, Wesley Chafcn, Dobra Channell, Bill Chavez, Francisco Clark, Cindy Colley, Karen Cooper, Mary Covey, Roylene Craft, Aparicio Crowder, David Davidson, Randy Dennis, Buddy Denny, Teresa Diale, Kim Diale, Richard Dishman, Sandy Dobson, Donald Dolison, Peggy Doran, Daniel Duncan, Debbie East, Alicia Ellis. Arthur Ellis, James Ellis, Susan Erwin, Jim Espinoza, Maria Felix, Vicki 112Fields, Bruce Flarez, Junior Flynn, Becky Ford, James Foreman, Becky Galbrarth, Gary Garcia, Jesse Garcia, Peter Garrison, Duane Goebel, Lorenz Golding, Vickie Green,Jackie Green, Jim Green, Judith Green, Karen Gunn, Robert Anticipate Entering Hall, Cindy Halpain, Sue Hamilton, Nancy Hanna, Cindy Hardy, Glenda Hardy, Leroy Hartley, Charles Harvey, Pamela Haus, Claude Hayes, Gary Heavin, Terry Hellwig, Jerry Hernandez, Victor Higgins, John Hill, Lena Hilton, Andy Hobbs, Gene Holstine, Ricky Howard, Mickel Howtz, Roger Hughes, Debbie Hunt, Sherry Hurley. Bobby Hymiller, Bob Johnson, Vickie Johnson, Theodus Keele, Ray Kclsay, Pam Kenney, Sandra Kilgore, Debbie King, Holly Kirk, Gary Kokrda, Kevin Kramer, Diana Ladd, Paula Laird, Lonna 113Lane, David Lawrence, Debbie Laya, Tom Libeer, Mike Locke, Harold Locke, Maurice Locf, Eddie Loggins, Dale Loya, David Loya, Elizabeth Lucas, Darrell Maddux, Carolyn Madrigal, Estella Mandun, Robinson Maples, Cheryl Ann Marmon, Becky Marron, George Marrow, David Martin, Debbie McBee, Dorothy McCallop, Michael McCamish, Ronald McCamish, Terry McMillin, Marian Miles, Dean Mitchell, Dale Moles, Kevin Moore, Steve Moore, Tim Myers, Charles Nesser, Diane Nitch, Mike Noble, Janice Noone, Dan Normiles, John Norris, Jeff Final Year Novich, Kenneth Oropeza, Joseph Oropeza, Armanda Overton, Vicki Owens, Neomia Parkison, Edward Pate, Dennis Pierce, David Pierce, Debbie Pierce, Joyce Porter, Kathy Proksch, Debbie Rargel, Alfred Rennaker, Gregg Reyes, Mary Reyes, Rose Ann 114Rider, Bruce Ritter, Mike Roberts, Steve Rollo, Rcva Rowe, Marc Rowland, Renee Rush, Wanda Samuel, Anthony Sandoval, Elizabeth Schaeffer, Judy Schleicher, Boyd Sebilla, Ramona Seiglc. Jody Shingieton, Patty Smith, Betty Smith, Randy Snow, Pamela Snyder, Galen Spearman, Dearl Spurlock, Danny Spurlock, Jimmy Stanley, Kathy Stephenson, Scott Stevens, Stephanie Stone, Kent Stuart, Terry Tackett, Ynema Taylor, Clarence Taylor, Jim Taylor, Mary Ann Taylor, Shellee Templeton, Denise Terry, Michelle Therman, John Thomas, Marvin Thompson, Gary Of Junior High Todd, Linda Tovar, Elvia Tyrus, Darryl Vanoy, William Vine, Charmin Walling, Barb Walls, Harold Ward, Mike West, Linda Whislcr, Don White, Rhonda Wickwire, James Winkler, Loretta Yancey, Charles Zaragoza, Michael Zaragoza, Rachel 115Abarca, Vincent Adams, Ricky Adkins, David Adkins, Wesley Allen, Steve Anderson, Roger Armstrong, Randy Atkins, Gerald Babcock, Julie Babrukiewicz, Steve Baker, Raymond Banks, Candice Barrager, Dana Bennett, Darlene Bennik, Eddie Billups, David Billups, Paula Birdsell, William Boyles, David Braden, Pam Brough, Marilyn Brouhard, Steve Brown, Thomas Buford, Marvin Butler, Juanita Cairon, Brenda Caldwell, Joyce Carillo, Mario Seventh Graders Castleman, Wesley Catron, Debra Chavez, Joe Clark, Mark Cleeton, Shannoh Coiner, Donna Compton, Maridee Cook, George Cooper, John Covey, Donna Craft, Linda Craig, Isabell Cross, Mike Crowder. Debra Crumby, Gary Curtis, Shirley Darnell, Andy DeWeese, Annette Diehl, Gary Duncan, Linda 116Duran, Nicolas Dusck, Dixie Endsley, Ruby Englund, Bert Englund, Steve Everson, Kim Fare, James Fare, Paula Gage, Bob Garcia, Vincent Gardner, Jeff Garrison, Gary Garza, Victor Gibbs, Dwayne Gillispie, Darryl Gonzales, Chris Gonzales, Juanita Gorley, Chris Graham, Deborah Gray, David Grimes, Kim Guilkey, Richard Guiterrez, Lolie Gulley, Brenda Gunn, Debra Gust, Jimmie Hahnes, Kirk Harper, Wayne Harrison, Mark Hawver, Alan Haynes, Steven Heavin, Debbie Henness, Tim Henshaw, Kathleen Hcnshaw, Joe Herdina, Juliann Hernandez, Edward Hill, Jerrie Hill, Margaret Hilton, John Holliday, Don House, Sherri House, Terri James, Barbara James, Patricia Jansen, Bill Jobert, Robert Johansen, Rodney 117Seventh Grade Officers: Victor Gargo, Treasurer; Mary Talavcra, Secretary; Cindy Kenney, President; and Patricia James, Vice-President. To Begin Johnson, Christine Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Robert Kampmeier, Marilyn Keele, Terry Kclsay, Anna Kenney, Cindy Kenney, Peggy Kilgore, Cheryl King, Pam Kirk, David Knight, Mike Ladd, Paul Land,Jerry Larsen, Mike Larson, Andy Loya, Gerald Ledesma. John Lee, Linda Lewis, David Lewis, Greg Lewis, Robin Logan, Connie Lovich, Mike Lyons, Nina Mabary, Jeff Madrigal. Rosemary Marron, Donald Matz, Mary Mayfield, Daniel Lee 118McBee. Mike McGee, Rhonda McMillin, Harold Meeks, Lewis Mobcrly, Kathy Murguia, Charlie Myers, Billy Myers, Sue Napier, Linda Neecc, Becky Nigh, Jackie Novich, Brian Second Year Overman, Mike Owens, Dora Peters, Tina Phillips, Charlotte Pierce, Robert Quck, Russ Quinn, Jim Quinto, Dolores Randle, Ronald Rebar, Cathy Reliford, Linda Rendon, Rosa Rice, Brenda Rice, Nancy Rice, Norman Riley. Alvin Riley, Bobbie Rios, Donna Robinette, Ladonna Robinson, Charlene Rohr, Jan Ruiz, Ruth Rundus, Kim 119Salazar, Rosemary Samuel, Cheryl Saragusa, Dave Schmitz, Elsie Smithers. Pat Snow, Glenda Sobs, Juanita Sovcrns, Debra Stuart, Peggy Stutcville, Will Sullivan, Connie Sutter, David At Argentine White, Christian Wise, Donna Wood, Richard Wool worth, Daniel Young, Chris Young, Darryl Young, Manuel Sweeney, Marlene Sylvester, Pauline Talavera, Elizabeth Taylor, Deborah Taylor, Margaret Thomas, Mary Todd, Paula Tovar, Carmen Tubbs, David Tubbs, Wayne VanDyke, Greg Vine, Robert Ward, Chris Washington, Joyce Watterson, Debora 120Saluting Tomorrow’s Leaders INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK 32nd and Strong Ave. Kansas City, Kansas 66106 (913) 831-2000 D.A. Christ, Chairman of the Board Frank J. Wood, President William L. Moffett, Executive Vice President A.L. Blasche, Senior Vice President Wilbur R. Hook, Vice President and Cashier Ruth M. Schlatter, Vice President Arthur J. Doyle, Secretaryt Donald Crane, Assistant Cashier Joseph F. Podrebarac, Assistant Cashier Assets over $15,000,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 121ARGENTINE AUTO SUPPLY 3412 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas 1000 Southwest Blvd. Kansas City, Kansas Johnson’s Hardware "Everything for the Do-It-Yourself Trade" 3005 Strong Kansas City, Kansas TE 1-2474 LASWELL PHARMACY Reliable Prescriptions Gift Shop 3017 Strong Avenue o Kansas Gly, Kansas TE 1-1142 95tli and Antioch Overland Park, Kansas NI 8-0400 Roy Prater’s 66 Service " Your Argentine Phillips 66 Dealer ” Complete Service for Your Car 4116 Metropolitan Avenue Kansas City, Kansas TE 1-9021 MAC’S LITTLE BANQUET Helen Corbin, Proprietor Open 11-8 3302 Strong Closed Mondays Air-Conditioned 122SHALINSKY REXAL DRUGS Argentine 35th and Strong TE 1-1500 Maple Hill 34th and Gibbs Road CO 2-6800 Overland Park 8025 Santa Fe Drive Nl 2-5353 Professional Prescription Service LINTON’S Furniture Appliances Expert Electrical Repair Home Loans—All-in-One Payment Plan- Savings for Success—Insured Savings TE 1-2004 3004 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas ARGENTINE SAVINGS g LOAN Stirling Auto Supply Auto parts and accessories Parts for all makes and models Kansas City, Kansas 3001 Strong TE 1-3900 Charlene’s Hair Fashions Experienced Hair Stylists 2422 South 34th Kansas Gty, Kansas CO 2-0589 123Schlatter, Inc. “See Us—Wc Know Insurance” W.H. Schlatter Ralph Schlatter 3200 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas TE 1-4400 Landis Sinclair Sinclair wy Quality Service and Repair 2101 Metropolitan TE 1-9019 MACK LUMBER COMPANY 26th and Metropolitan Kansas City, Kansas TE 1-2200 GOLD’S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments and best wishes to '69 Graduates Quality Clothing and Shoes 2915 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas 124SIMMONS FUNERAL HOME "Serving the people of this community since 1882" 1404 South 37th Street Kansas City, Kansas TE 1-1882 SPANISH GARDENS 1349 South 26th Kansas City, Kansas TE 1-9044 125HORNER’S FOODFEST Produce, Meals, and Groceries Hours: 8 A.M. lo 9 P.M. Seven Days a Week 42nd and Strong Avenue Kansas City Kansas BROOKS MARKET 1506 South 12th DR 1-9174 1847 South 14th DR 1-9314 Kansas City Kansas Quality Foods King Bros. Cabinet Co. Inc. Post Formed Formica and Other Plastics Sink Tops—Built-in Appliances Free Estimates 2329 Metropolitan TE 1-3211 CHIC BEAUTY SALON High Fashion Styling Open six days a week Also Thursday and Friday nights by appointment only 1007 Central Kansas City, Kansas DR 1-0727 126Jay’s Barber jj 2 Shop N 1409 S. 30th Kansas City. Kansas TE 1-2255 1 u MESSINGER'S SHOE REPAIR SERVICE n Shoes-Handbags V Leather goods Repairing Dyeing-Finishing "No finer service anywhere" 2418 S. 34th Kansas City, Kansas HE 2-4450 Roy And Wilma Nickum Professional Photographer and Oil Artist 847 Minnesota Avenue Kansas City Kansas DR 1-5847 ARNOLD PHARMACY Argentine Professional Building 1428 South 32 Street You can trust us for all your pharmaceutical needs. TE 1-3500 127SARA'S For best service And better flowers Come to us 113 S. 18th and 843 Central Kansas City, Kansas DR 1-2117 Tague’s Texaco Station Road Service Brake Work Good Used Cars-Tuneup 4200 Metropolitan Avenue Kansas City, Kansas “Made to Measure” SHIRTS Measurements Retained by SMELTZER 1514 So. 21 St. Kansas City, Kansas ACKNOWLEDGMENT These advertisers supported the Argentine High School and its activities. The con- tinued patronage of the students with these businesses is appreciated by the merchants. When shopping or in need of service, see these businesses first. 128

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