Argentine High School - Mustang Yearbook (Kansas City, KS)

 - Class of 1959

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Argentine High School - Mustang Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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, K R cowwb 4-ww, IA W X :Ui!.,l'L, . .gl X A Qjumld , , Q 5 .4'N 7 1N.,?,XA L' nl law X, . ,Q QQ' ,LJ -yvf! AJ w v ,J X' , -f -J ,sf X k f ' If X: -ix if , , l 'I "yi 'lj . Kgg fl V4-f J Lk 'J ,fy . fx f I ff-1 , I X ff f ,r V7 I, fig LL ff , fx " L! ,flu L Af 1 f'f!,f!,,f All pl .X ff Iifu 4 V H11' ,f , 'j,-f,1ff' 'X ,,'f' 1, , f' , ,DMM N LJ 0 L 'Wx WW' y I UH I 1 ,,.',,3ff6" ' U in 41 gf, N41 - f I .67 -w, ' x Le: 1 ,. P V. M jq-'A 'jysvuggl 455 W ' 17 1 f ff f , , 1 lg , , 1 4 Cmvkfi LF X .A ily KM Q- , my g . QA4? I ' ff' if f ' W J jaw 'W WM My I xvj Y h r ' l 'JNS3 !f,!'0Tf4!b.f7ZL"7 ' f ik ' V Q vb M yy wma by MW N wwf. Y A , Zf'L'9f.wU0U W W Gy fy Wwiw 3 . 'N N , -'Zlfdfvqxxabf I , xi xx N N in N ws x x ' f 1 Nw? gx ffl Ng, JN R J 'Wi ' W J N U6 f . fa' f.???o-ff'f- 1 v X3 xoa' o!cx,cfJ5 .1j QM Ai? ,K Mfg b X2 s, ky W03.y0r,a?Xda?J-1. Uqfiafiif N gl S h Q DQ Qgfdiru ogjzfxc 0? OJ' fx," Xe me , Q W J: ,gf if-J Coi'3,Dj,,!vG ' 351362 A35 TV! Nu 1-'!,,f..:'2' U ' Zn-my V2-?,5'0g1Sf i ?vVa+ 1 1510 - .1 ,.V , ,r -." L L I , 5' ' E '.,V X oe 6' 6'-ff fy 1 'uw 'S ff --- f . 1 - --- --Yf -g9gqTg--w-?m-,-'-f-v--'-w,-Vvf.-,1f-v--up '--f f--f--Y,--W .---V 4 -f fiigiffg Www A ywmfl 5 ' ,Mfg 'Q Mgiuwwiigif sw Q K via Q Q S i Ei QS? 322 93 X iii 2 12? fig EW www W k A4 A K I 0 I1 ,uf-Cf", 'W nffffliiflx 11 I nifjfilj , I- iii 'JS iff' "ii 1 - -If, , .ME-W, y' ! I I ,-' ' I ,. ,G-sax 2 ldxx ul LL lr. i 52511:-'ga --:Sf-ea if ,Ilia gi, I II I ,III +V Il I -if 'II I I ,Ir , S I fi If .4 I I W Wil Yijlllililiihl 'I fjv' QJ' s , I I f -fl' vs 5' f W if 5' ffwfif W- WB I bf' -ff' .,:"fL' I - I ff Dj ' dxzfdr-in-c ef ....., ... ,,w ... A...,.,,..... Shirley Kiser I "f 1 Y I As ishanvf ifor ,Lf ,....,A A.....,,,,...... H ulah Bankhead xl: Q xgo- u ' es mana e s ,.....wV if .,,..V.. ... Roland Mosher l Xl' I H P1 W Gene Spalding -Lf ,V bf ' Pho graphersv , L, .l7,, it ,,,,,7,,,.,,l,,l. Benny Bean JS l N . Bill Brookshire n-L, ' BA ef 'X Larry Seddon I YI J wird eclifor ,e,,..,V ...,,o..e,,,..., D onna Hayes 11-L ' ' NFL Copy edi'I'ors L, ,o...,,,,,,o Virgunij gorrea - ie urran NL- Y Sporfs edifor .,,Y ,L ,,,,o,. Eddie McKee JL I Assis'Ian'r sporfs .,..,,a ,,,,.,o,...s,,,o, D enny Weaver ll. Class ediior ,,s..,.s.o, Theresia McCaIIop Senior edifor ..,,s, ,..,,...,...... J udy Couller FacuII'y edi+or s,s, .o..,eee N orman Wailley Academic ediI'or . AcI'ivi+ies ediior Honors edi+or , , -J- Even'I's ediI'or ,..,s Kafhy Peer Phyllis Ross Judy SIewar'I ,..,,,.,...MarIha Terrill Assis+an+s ,, ..,,, ,,,,..,o,,, L arry Gibson - Julia Mullins Q Sponsor ,, ,,....,,, .Vaunila Rusco - i X RH Vol. XL 1 v TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. jg! I6 gal Dallas, Texas y . I ll, v J! q J rf Wlgyf EM Q -sg, F54 , who ly A ,W 22ND AND RUBY m y GVOLWQ ARGE VTINE HIGH SCHOOL refill KANSAS CITY, KANSAS I , . il 5-ffl-if 5 M X Mil Q I My if jail WE ENDEAvoR T0 BUILD .. This, Jrhe I959 Musfang, is presenled +o you, for i+s represenls lhe I958-l959 school year-work. play and progress. We have lried 'ro caplure belween These covers, lhrough piclrure and word, Jrhe many scenes. silualions and acliviries +ha+ have passed. Each new year builds Hs achievemenls on pas+ hislory. I+ is +he desire of Jrhe I959 Musfang slalf To pay lribule lo 'rhe colorful background of Argenline. l+ is common knowledge Jrhal I849 was The year of rhe gold rush, bu+ few people know Jrhal an- olher imporlanl sl'rike was made iusl IOO years ago in Nevada-+ha+ of silver. Silver may have been imporfanl To Nevada. buf To Argenline. some years laier, I+ became +he key +o exislence. The 1 smeller pro essed lhe silver: Jrhe silver. in l'urn, shaped lhe +own. 1537 Va 7.7 Q-Qriff' dJ, 24444, of. ,fa-'QL :J ' " V Aid., , ,2,LQ-.,f-4fl-9fzfL.+v,VfOMA1f,,Jffv4-l1'-f- i fi'-ffumi WMV . y, ii T ll JW Lg, . if Tl-I ROUG H CO-OPERA-TIO vwlvjjqywwi I NV Aqnwi' In TacT, silver was so signiTicanT ThaT ciTy TaThers chose The LaTin word "ArgenTine." which means 'silveir Town," as iTs name. Even The TirsT band was dubbed "The Silver CoroneTs" and one oT.The TirsT iTreeTs became Silver avenue. ' Though Time and progress have erased many oT ArgenTine's early landmarks. new achievemenTs nave come in Their sTead. Through The communiTy's co-operaTion, ArgenTine's new school Took iTs olace on The landscape in l956, while The smelTer skeTched on The TirsT page oT This book was de- sTroypd in The spring oT i958-To be replaced only monThs laTer by a symbol oT our rapidly moving civilizaTion-The l8Th sTreeT TraTTicway. zooming wiThin a sTone's Throw Trom The school. From This rich heriTage comes our Theme Tor The '59er. So-To you, The communiTy, we dedi- caTe This ArgenTine high schoolxyMus'l'ang, The '59er, black and silver. y ,,,'fy,, .Q MXL, A ., i c A rj JE? 7 IJVLJPQX 41, W! Nfl i T .713-lfiffuffffw' gl' woo via-alfa P04 ,-1 VV.-QLQV! ,867-61,4 H THE YEAR l 'Through MenTal InsTrucTion ............ ....... 5 0 AdminisTraTion and FaculTy 0 STudenTs 0 Classes lThrough Leadership Training ........ ........ 4 l 0 l-lonors 0 AcTiviTies y 0 EvenTs , 'Through Physical DeveloprJ1enT ....,.......,. 79 0 EooTball ix ' 0 BaskeTball . T 0 Track lwnh The Aid of The cammumy ..........,. 93 Mira? E E DEA OR TO BUILD... ln I892, one person had The disTincTion oT being The TirsT sTudenT To graduaTe Trom ArgenTine high school. The Tollowing year an enrollmenT increase saw seven sTudenTs graduaTing. The grad- uaTion exercises Took place in The old Opera House beTween 2IsT and 22nd sTreeTs on Silver. AT ThaT Time, The TaculTy sfill consisTed oT one Teacher, and only Three years oT high school were re- quired Tor a diploma. By l902. The enrollmenT ouTgrew The one-room sTage. and high school ThaT year was held in The old iail beTween 23rd and 24+h on Silver. The cornersTone Tor The old norTh building was laid in l908 aT The locaTion oT The presenT school. ln l92I The easT end oT The norTh building was added. Several years laTer a shop uniT and gym were consTrucTed iusT souTh oT The building. The shop courses aT ThaT Time were comprised oT woodworking and draTTing. , I Need Tor a bigger and beTTer vocaTional arTs building was saTisTied in l94O. The souTh build- ing, or old building as we lcnow iT Today, was compleTed during The war years. One oT The courses on iTs curriculum was airplane mechanics. The old norTh building was Torn down in I954. IT had sTood. sTurdy as The sTone iT was made oT, as ArgenTine's cenTer oT learning Tor 46 proud years. ln l956, ouT oT The dusT and rubble and TradiTion oT The sTone building, rose a new eclucaTional symbol-clean, Trim, modern and challenge eT humble and undersTanding. ing. High on a windy hill, ArgenTine high siTs beaming and proud. y 4 , ,II g ejfk 4,.,fQJJjfJfLfI, .THRQ GH MENTALS lNSTRuc:TloN MQW A Vw I 'T S 5 AMI WW! 3674 , S ISI ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY. .6 f A WU T X LM rf I Jr J' xx-X1 AAAf S T U D E N TS ................... 9 Mfifzawz 'ywqlxf I f"2lfwK5pn7p,rvf! I S, CLASSES ..... ,sg ' I fffwffffwf Wi!! I , A ,f I fV BOB ALLISON Hisfory, Governmenf STEVE ARCHER Drama, Speech LAWRENCE BALE Geography LARENE BARKDOLL English, Ma+hemaIics EDNA BARNES English GUY BRADFORD Vocalions, Civics K. E. CLOHECY Mafhemafics STELLA COLE Clofhing GLADYS CONGDON American Hisfory - JANICE DAILEY Typing RANDALL DUNN Geomelry RONALD FIEL General Science TOM FITZGERALD Gym, Heallh MARY GALLAHER Geography, English JAMES HAMMER Journalism FOSTER HOOVER Biology, Physics VERNA HORTON Gym LAVERNE HOY English EVELYN KOESTER School Nurse FRED KOHL Science, Malhemafics PHYLLIS KRAFT English, Vocalions C. F. KUKUK Algebra, Malhemafics ANNE LONG Homemaking, Cafeleria FIRMAN MALL Drafling CAROLYN MARSHLL Secrefarial Training T. I. MATTHEWS Welding VINCENT MAY Orchesfra, Band MYRTLE McCORMICK Lafin, English C. J. OLANDER Gym RUTH PATTERSON Foods RUSSELL PETERSON Me+alwork, Malhemalics HATTIE POPPINO Librarian 5 WWW? gi gggsrllil illrs-8K's?5aff2ggssigiK,lM rr .M " ' M M. .M .W,A..,, . ifarsiw Mi , uw ,M,M,.,M, :M Q um, '- is-If--V 9, K ,Saws KH I 0 ,Wim ,,, , rm-:gp , I Xi ri ,I ,fs1?Igl55'-2811525-4: E Mig Ex, 1, U X fr Sxifwi www If nssw L I FRANK SCOTT Aulo Mechanics BILL TODD World Cifizenship GARY PRICKETT C. L. RICHARDS DON ROBERTSON VAUNITA RUSCO PATTI SANKEE Bookkeeping, Business Woodworking I-lisiory, Malhemalics English, Annual English, Spanish NEIL SHELL JASPER SIMPSON CHERIE SOUTHWELL MARY STEINBUCHEL Chernisfry. Algebra Eleclriciiy Gym, Heaifh Arfs and Craffs SUE UNRUH LEONARD VANCAMP GEORGE WALLING BESS WILHITE i,fmi,IQ2i,,M,M,xM,M -if-iv" 1 re ffmw.,,f-.M-fm! fri,-' - S15'gfnssgfwiigsiggissflig sg-I .mv -'Q' V I , Ie-igfsngg f- -wrea- K-I , I M -3,15 I .V M X -'WL ,Ms..,..M A559 W -f --1 1 -V Mxikmyrr-la-is M ,,,,,,q ,5,,l,,SI1qI5gg WI' ' Mag! Ili 5 1. ,lggsllilq-gsggrsglslim I will I w e ms, is ,M , rwfifixifarafi lirffefii I-iaiialiizil I -rqylfmga ,, 15 sffs g M MMM ,M , , W !3H3"rssxzxi 2 I . :rr--sssfw i H ,, msgs bg 1 me is fi ii will felis! . ,VE-7ri5gisi,. egiiggsgggsiigifgqligis,Q 9 S ., - gsm '- MMM-. A ,MQ'yg Q1e M354-Efi ? " ' ' 5-'sf' ff P -I W K, S , ' 35 - 1ir'?ir,?5WiM3 ,- M , Ii ni . Y f Qiigllifsfegiii 1- :,,. . itggr Ihr 7,53 35531, I as-1 fy f ,-:X-fn,.,s HEFTQWT ,W r ' 'ir if si -A Tw" " mm V. ,f Q if M .MM ' A 2 fi 'files if 'sims wmwwf f H r M W H 2521551 ag, -f2'ss:,i+SM,,,. is , in MFL? I af: 5 gi, I -- -1 - - 2-ig,-ff:.i3jh. fr fl M 'eff I' 'I' i':5E:51-11-- Lfffssliliw ,, F M f F1534 i - ' l " ' H Y L Q, , ff? lr , 1: f JT' 4' ,ffijli 15 'iiigfgfli ,M5Qafi5iem2m2'.f aeirgfzgs r xii' ,smvlwx'it,,mls1?2sf92QQ!'f,Z'Il'-fillifiif W .su ,sssfeaifasrwa1fr:e3ff,f,,',i1'rf- , 'r ' 'f ,ici '67 2 , wks: ' M M W ' ka, f ' , ,:, 5' M J ,,,o,, M, 4, M , M ,M 0 " " ,M 1 Q 'QM 3 5' ,Q fl,fMM:MMp',,sif,fEES:5fffi,s:Q ',,:,ge2iEs MT I W I, 7' ' jj, M mic-:Mf Eff' :mi 1-,awe an sg as A as .mfg '- M. ,M-9,55 c Hu Ev 5 Eg? 9 A , M, W HAM, ,Q E M M , 4' 'W Mr s 3, MZ: M. u,,,fG,,f-QF MMM? M 'H -- ,Mo M gif' ff 1-2 Qi 1: aw g ara figiag L L ..f fxxr.azxn:z1'f, M5 W' "iff M '- if fi - ESM ri W: fs 1, . Q, 21211311 gm, 23. 7 I , Is: MURIEL DOHERTY AL K s 'W 1 U KIM. lem! W. R. CHANNELL Principal Argenline High School DER ABLE GUIDANCE HAROLD HOYT LEWIS BROTHERSON F. L. SCHLAGLE Guidance Direclor Business Manager Supf. of Schools Argeniine High School Board of Educafion Board of Educafion Secrelary ICE DUTHOO Clerk BETTY STEFFENS Treasurer JUDITH THOMAS Regisirar Cher-luke 5 wr' gchoo. wr are 'k iollov' F 5EvelY" l?OeSLell lo slip! Bar' I SS doesn' Schoo. ,fo he p. Skokesx 5,f,kne ned dunnfa were herekh Harkha pe erf: loo ' M23 le'nlQilf wel Nancy d Miss lboes afvlllllnq oc , '7f . 0 Rn Case X nurse, H7 'VN S S5 ffibfescourfes G spof J,,,, W 1 0 Ce y C '. Rd 6kee'RbefWeZ'071ffee-ndfll Dunn gpm Wide!! Zlunsh IN? ,Tel 'cells ff, O" and kann, S,fe"Ods 'fu' quini memg, 0 ' r Sr em' Knovjigg- Hocfgrieflil Z :gif ihif . , y. bguf an Library books are a valuable assei' +o any school and so are 'ihe people who make il' possible 'lo keep Jrhe library running. The library siaif, from lefi 'lo righi, are Dierk McWilliams, Sharon Summers. Billy Duggins, Dora Dominguez, Carolyn Davis, Pai' Wrighl and Sharon Weems. Urlmgo Ere fl, . . . E ERYTHI G FUNCTIO ED SMGOTHLY Sweep, clean, scrub, polish! These people helped io keep our school' beauiiful. Piciured from lefl To righi' are Ray Cazzell, Jerry Russell. Earl Green. Clyde Springer and Orville McLeod. In 'rhe insei' is Mrs. Evelyn Penn, new ianiiress. Noi' piciured is Bob Johnson. -. ,A 1512 s? P K i Q Familiar faces To 'lhose passing lhrough 'rhe cafeieria lines are These-workers. From lei? 'io righi' are Francis Knowles. Edna Purinion. Joe Anne Myers. Edna Siaggs, Laura Aiman, Belly Easley, Doris Tip'l'on and Lillie Carpenfer. rNew personalilies in Argenline are These sevenrh grade officers, lefl' To righl: Kirk Lewallen, vice-president Nancy l-lowser, secre- rary: Connie Sfephenson, lreasurer: Karherine O'Brien, honorary sergeanl'-ar-arms, and Cheryl Barker, president :Q or A 1 if-5 ....H..rmL Ai-Agff,3rg'pv..zgfqgWgf' flfxrrexw . --,--,Er,:..,'55..II -EE1fv::"'.:.1I5f":::' f , - i?1fpgw fj7?.f if - 5g....... M .rr S Qlnn A 8 ax H. , rgvlhg 'wwf K N, 1 gh ur. i ill r r JE rs QW ,Sgr lily? B ie X3 5 5 1, Karl... X r f .1 K ss K gig-f .lk U 2 UK Jig if is f ., 9 reg 1 .4 in I rf .. -'fig' , . i , 1 - L K an 4 xi ly. lx xr 2 A- L . fx f -+gfiirfi'.Q.fr1SL . 7 .:f.fff..-. 4 Wlggl Mfzfvfi L' 1-1w,ff3iwtzif,'9is f W Yliairliwliii S" lfffifkiiffir 7 -M1311 1'.f-frsflX 9 s:jr9.rfw1. - ' .f-1: :r ' gnu I - r K up . wr. K K 'K .fm . LH.. r ew. .Q A FK ig - , Hrs Ni 11551.1 2 . ggM.L,,. 'br Lil ',: r ig. rlgrqyg .fgkifii w. s f V ?fZi?'Ef? - - . - ,fffzgryw gg,-'K W.-K. --.,,, ... 1 - , -. wi f ,, . 1- rr P . . ff.-.wr.rgngf,gA.i . .. f - Wa g . . agen iiezzillailggi " W 5ggi33i?.?2a .Nh fili erillll - . SMS?-5 isfus 1 ' armaw ww . ,.. .. ,,., ,M,,,.,.Q Kihiifilii ' .. .T SW 9 'S filet' . f EE'ff9??4?L ,. ami.. sggisfll ...E-g, x ' .e. ,wg ggslifsi Wie K ' 'gh-Qi: ,iq .,g.. lg .5 r 1 Q55 ffm lil "I, 171 .1 2 'i' Lili? x if ff. f -urzssrgiz . B .f H 555. l f i 1 y ,E . . . . ?if???ii'.1 .155 .. Qmlw 1 .X gl ,K ,S , gg 1 fr.. Z X r. ir . gr S . SH, .am 2 nn.-1.1 rr Y.. ESQ z..:::' zrsiwgl -r w. 1 'r"q.fa i. 2 ffr1'ff..'f-'ZZ 1 M 1. - , Q1 X gf? lr .- X , r 5 Q, it 5 we .49 if :SQ 2 x ' ,.. D. Abernalhy J. C. Barker R. S. Boeck J. Brookshire J. C Q55 Q 'bmi X -Z 3' , , Qlfiii wafer 1 rr WN . fm.: J.-S . l M... .. . J. , . ..,. . H -11' ' s'f.fQ1ari?fff ws . ' ' : , Lg ', r1.1'fgf j..AK. .ggi ...X . ' f- .2 WTS? .V TSTVH' 2 .. wry Gif i":fi3,H .. if 5 Adkins Berry Bond . Brown J THE SEVENTH GRADERS' C. Bush J. Colclasure l R. Doyal B. Campbell C. Campbell M. Carr B. Carler B. Chappell B. Colin J. Connars L. Conrad R. Co'r'lon P. Czirr D. Drew M. Dupuy A. Durham A. Durham K. Dyer R. Ford C. Fosrer J. Fosrer L. Franlclen N. Franklin S. Freisner 2 fr fm , .., , + ,. , . ...E I Ki.: uw. H., la' 'S . 1' - ..f'lz,,yW '1 'x'x-'.-- Siva Us ' rffrfiif i gfiiifillli 153132: ijielfl. R W5 yi -my vw R 12' 2-H if 2 ' ' f fl . . fr ' if lnwhlilr.-. iilill is fi iris -Qi A . iff- ' ' - .--.2 3, wg - . wr. f. -r',.,-wr.-.rrigrf 1'rMin q g1gi yf - 1..'gr.wgf1.r.ilL .ww E552 . . . . . . .. ..-:::...': xiii 7. f 'l 5' 1 3 -11. 'hlfkj j!:ggs...:5::. 5..r.5.g.-A S. Y r s 1 ,S N., -: K S r ' fwfr 'J sf 2 . will ff lllll r V' '43 r f -r .S K fi Q! 1 'W 1 5 fl! 'Fifi fi K il rl l'i 'r .rf K ' ..., if .. .ff .af H L fe if ring? vi 'L I 5. f W an 51. 7 raw , 4 . ' ' 'M V , .'I?::'.:'?'r. 1552224 Wa :qi...1 if . .. f rflwziw -ifisfis - - - rw qrygeeffiz. J S K f U , W M. 8 U, f .. . . ,Ji 5225115 ig.-.,., 25' Wil . , fgfisgf A ' 2,1 if V , . K ref 9 rf is ' . 5192713 L'-:.:.: ff? 1' --ii 1 X K -f f21l..lfl.f'r -- V ... I . - .,.- I K A r wif.e'i1.i2.- r.:i,,f.e'1?.gfvz,.f 25525 azz'-W gif 'ffW1"f5f:4 ' w...H fi an Q ., ., xx. .2, . 5H...v.5P . elim! Srifivigff . Z . 2. 'l?fs9SQf .QV ig ..1f-We if-vi ' Y 1 .rp ff . 1- an 4- MQW.. fgiiiferf-,, ' - A 2222.1 ,. 1 - . . 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McGl1an D. Micheal S. Miller H. Norwood K. O'Brien V,,.,,kV,AV3,VVAsV . ., ... VA V AA . . V . x .V-wV,AA,,VV-VVVA'A -:V W wr: Af1f1fff"f'2V 2::'-:'1"f::-a::.-:V:V K " ' -A74 u f' :Vu 1- 'W '1 ' V-M :2.":2' 'TM M - ,. V 1-.'V11V-2191153155 ' :"'?is:.'V:" ,'-V2::.'p221f22.: Ai:ess:azAs'e W ' -V . I fsV1.sV-fi-VSV' -- -fh l3: VVV5lQiWEl53 KllsVVlQlii2??5r5ef? 5 ...,,. ... Zia --'P' ':N-:i.--ia.-VVQVV? -V':..:2-:: V,V V.s,,.x,.V,V.gV . ..1.V.,.. A .Hsu V. V- -VAVVVAVV., VQVVVW ...ew V. AV..-VV..Vl-VV V- Va.. . 5 KAsVV.l,.,KA-is V .q+.qL.A .V - V. V..-.VV..V..V.V ..., y....., VVV, V V...-A -as-V..---. Q V S Vw- . ...V-A. ,Wg V 'l:VwaV'zVV2i ' . lgfll lVzqVAV1 1' V-V,---.:gV.V: iwwoll -- Q55 VSFAALVASW ' . WAAVV 2' VA . M... V, i H VVVVSV ,.,,,, .. .V...VV. Vs, si ,5 V. mn VVVS, .. .. 5 .,A.V..x.., Q.. .,.. ., .,.., , , .,,..H. V . .s.i.VV,: V ji V ' - . W- -V 2' 11 - V-we -.3123 lE5'i?'5'S -A V, f-Y1::V 'W . 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Brewer Afler one year in Argenfine, 'lhese eighfh grade officers now know 'lhe "ropes" of school. From lefl To righi' are Bill Johnson, 'rreasurerq Bob French, president Jeanne Brewer. secrefary: and Larry Moore, vice-presicle-n'l'. THE EIGHTH GRADERS LOCK D' Brilendine E. Boblca W. Brown R. Collins M. Comoux D. Cooper V. Brown L, Burgess S. Canclelario J. Cox T. Curfley C. Davis C. Canfrell lvl. Carr B. Casfeel P. Davis R. Dangerfielcl S. Delfino A . DeLeon B. Franklin K. Hobbs J. Heimbach R B J E . Dobson J. Doyle H. Durham . French B. Gray C. Gower . Haberlein K. Haislip J. Hare . Henderson M. Herd R. Hernandez Easley . Gardner R. Harding S. P. C Hill' AHEAD TO VACATIO F. Hobbs E. Johnson J. J. . - 4 3. Larson McCall mf 'jiri- 'l 'ar 2 . .. 255 qs, V rn, W Pi... . Vai S S Hull W. Joln K. Lars nson on H. McC all - 54.-gfe '4 C. J. C. ewfk- . ...ew . gsm.. Hurley S. Hurhe Jones B. Jones Loya R. Loggins MCCUrdY S. McDaniel iaiig? 4215 551 V - V-V? .451 K 1, ...M V.xx:q1 . uf?-. 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A .5 Vee.. :V , we F 4. , .fx M' .. 525122311 M5521 .. V, V QV V---f' . ...fre ,a , 319,54 1- ' X -me -ISV F." Vle?isii21'f . 'V-V '14 VVVV,,?2:V.Vw1 -11. , a y. ri.. .1 1.5 k -...VV ,1rf.,V 1 V 1-V1. 7 V-V.f1- 'VVV 12 . . .+V'f.- - -' 'V el "..Ves:I K kg. aim- f 1 , .125-.3..f?.f....-4 2513 . .. ' 1? 113,192-V1.l.1:. 2:1511 Us V--V -,Q V. .V wg,-V1',-K 1 -V . y ,nf -- .ga-QV . 3 1' Ii-.-.. V . Q. - yu ...yes 1 J .Vr V.,-Vuf SV.. .mir -V. ws.-1:.3ie.5i.:z15., r.a.1i1f'wVV1. 111 .?.f'..fVza.w2.e'V1iV1i.,' 5 f. .. '11 1V'11.VVV 'VV V A --'V11-11-V1 -V -V V -V V A9112 Visfi.iSli,tjf ' V5g1,,Q3gfTf gym, iH1fi,1'lj'l1 fy AV E. ' ' 2V ' : :iVf:i 4 l'-lf-li' '56 5 Vgi?EVfi5 ,: . F' 5" i' 51 H V. q Viiexsfxisiiiiliiiii-il' .:55i::i"' f5?::?::'55 xiii-V 'V gm- . -11... -S tw f1,.+g.s,2S ' V szsalz Ve,-V+,-'QV -- ' VV .-Vw was - . .. f 55x55'i'i iii. Q ua. iii- s 1 fifigiii, 4.1 . 3 , ,.,fVrVVV-E ggggsagf L. ' V,f .1 lsfmf' Q .. 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Perkins K. Randel L. Scharnhorsi' C. Sinnefi J. Slelifens C. Tenpenny C. Wes? Marks D. Moore L. Moore P. Odle P. Oropeza . Pelers C. Peferson J. Pickle W. Plake O. Poie Rezabek S. Ridgway M. RobineH' C. Rogers W. Rouih Schenewerk L. Schiebel N. Schleicher E. Sharp 5. Sharp Simmons L. Sligar Smilh G, Smifhers Sparks R. Sl'ou'r C. Sfufeville Summers O. Swifl . Slewari' D. Thomas S. Tolby Turney A, UHer , VanSelous . Wes+ D. Wilcox . Wilding B. Wilson Wilson P. Pacheco C. Page V. Parisa L. Priddy T. Purinfon H. Quick B. Rowland R. Ruberson R. Sanchaez L. Shipley M. Silvers S. Silvey HIGH P. Spearman S. Spearman D. Spriggs C. Tenpenny J. Weafherford R. Wrighi C. Taylor S. Taylor L. Ward J. Warren K. Wing L. Woolery as B 'dl . . . k..,,f.,,f52si .,. ,,5. .,-.- 13355255 52211155-2 Qffgg gg f i , 5 'li f, 253125 'fmfiffi ...,,,,,EfE . .. :,, zgl EE: gzz , ,. A? -' r- V 5.1: -1 5 -' , - .'1- 5 . . . i f 1 2 -iQl323l3I1,q. Qi 2 2322 1 s . . :fr A. Abarca C. Abarca B- Allen B' Aldon D. Aeby L. Aiman THE FRESHMA , O E DAY A CHILD K. Amayo G. Aul+house The officers of 'ihe freshman class. in 'iheir las? year of leadership for +he junior high. are, lefi' 'ro right Royce Marshall, sergeani- a+-arms: Andra Neild. 'ireasurerz Beffy Venfura, secrefary: Terry Sfephens, vice-presidenfg and Mark Easley. presidenf. P. Aye B, Banks C. Brashears O. Brashears M. Belf C, Bonham A. Briones M. Brizendine R. Boushier R, Bradley D. Brown J. Bucher K 2 i 5 K Q Q i 9 l R. Bullocks J- BUI'qif1 W. Burgin L. Carroll J. Caslillo J. Casiro W. Chappell A. Clyma T. Collier H. Collins G- Connor R. Cooper L. Crain K. Crisp C. Crowder J. Crum D. Darrow G. Davis M. Davis R- Davis J. DeLeon J. Dunnegan D. Dufhoo M. Easley D. Ellio'H D. Ellis F. Eslrada P. Esfrada T- F9Ff1BI'1Gl6Z S. Fry J. Garre'H' C. Green M. Gunn D. Hale D. Hammer J- HBHSSU BUBBLI G ITH LAUGHTER, THE EXT H. HGFISSH L. Harlin A. Harris N. Harlford P. Hafhaway B. Healon D. Helmulh M. Henderson S. Herman V. l'liGl4SrSOn J. Hill W. Holliday C. Holmes G. Holmes R. Hood C. Hoover G. Hou+s D. Jasler E. Johnson H. Johnson L. Kilgore B. Lamb C. Lanclrelh J. Lawson F. Leclesma D. Leiker P. Lillich C. Lindsay R. Lindsay L. Long C. Lovelace J. Mabion D. Madden B. Manis F, Manloolh S. Marquess l i R. Marshall B. Mason J. McDaniel L. McGee C. McGinnis R. Mendez J. Messinger E. Michael V. Miller D, Moore E. Murray D. Myers A. Neal A. Nielcl L. Ogle C. Page C. Parks L. Parks N. Peed R. Porler A TEE -AGER, SOMBER A D. Rader , D. Randall G. Rayes J. Reynolds M. Rios D. Scheels R. Serviss M. Sharp N, Shiffer D. Smifh S. Siewarl J. Tague P. Thomas R. Thomas B. Tierney E. Warcl J. Wallcins R. Wallsins J. Weaver O. Whilmire Mclnnis B. McKinney J. McLain L. McMillan -Moore R. Morgan J. Morrow R, Murillo . Olseene B. Orcull A. Oropeza N, Page L. Powell W. Powell R. Proclc J, Purinfon D. Robbins C. Robohn C. .Rodrigdez R- Saucede C. Spencer D. Sfaggs J. Slarnes T- Sl'ePl19n5 Tipfon F. Toeneboehn V. Venfura l-- Vidduri K. M. Wiley C. Williams D. Wrighf J- Young Relaxing for the camera are 'ihese responsible sopho- more officers. lefi +o righ+: Lore'r'ra Hibbard. vice-presi- denh Dixie Marvin, secrefary: Jean Holmes. ireasurerg and Gary Brower, presidenf. P. Adcox J. Adlcins B. Aguilar D. Anderson J. Arnold l. Bailey P. Balandron T. Barlow M- Bdrlter D. Barron J. Baugh M. Boblca J. Bond J. Bowers l W K. Brewer C. Briggs G, Brower B. Brubaker T. Bunch H. Bucher L, Campbell S. Capps - l THE "SOPHS" MET TUDENTS R. Carrer W. Carfer F. Casrro R. Chandler N. Clevenger R. Cofien C. Couririghl C. Czirr C. Dale M. Daily P. Daily C. Davis P, Deagon K, Deseure G. Drenon B. Duggins C. Eden R. Emerl D. Ervin S. Fass J. Ferree C. Ford D. Franklin S. Frazier J. Gaizie J. Gallo D- Gafdnefi B. Haddock L. Hadley J. Hale J. Hall P. Hannahan K- Harding J. Hayes J. Henderson E- Herd l L. Hibbard R. Higgins M. Hiles M. Hill F. Holland N. Holloway J. Holmes M. Holwiclc S. Horine R. House G. Howser P. Hughes C. Hullum B. Hurley M. Hursl S. Jewell C. Kane D. Keele D. Keiglvlley H. Keller J, Kelly M, Kennedy W, Kei-leg K. Knowl'l'on D. Leevifzke G- Leisninq M. Lenlz N. Lewis 5, Lindsey M, Mad,-igal D, Magnenal- P. Mangels i FROM ARMOURDALE, CRAYFI H, J. Marslwall D. Marvin T. Malilwews J, MQCGII J. McCurdy L. MCC-Bill J. McKee S. McKee E- Mel! 5- MGH M- MCG-'99 J. Mendez J. Miller J. Miller P. Miller S. Miller l W- Mobley M- Morris J- Mullin L. Muro P. Murphy J. Neese J. Norris D. Odell l A- OFOPGZ5 C- OFC!-3925 R- OFHZ E. Parker J. Pielcarslci R. Poclt J. Poole A. Porras B. Hopkins E. Jones R. Krupco L. Manuel McWilliams Minnix Onions Powell F- PI'eCl1'l' L. Prince G. Riley J. Robbins M. Samuels J, Sanders D. Smifh T. Smi+h Pumphrey H. Purin+on J. Purinfon . Roberfs P. Roberfs M. Robinson Sanioyo N. Saragusa J. Schiebel Smifh O. Spearman C. Slrehlow Regan T. Regan N. Reynolds C. Rice Rollo M. Rowland M. Rummage C. Salas L. Shannon J. Slwubaugh E. Sides J. Sioblom D. S+riclcland S. Summers D. Sweelen W. Taylor THEQREMS A D JULIUS CAE AR T. Teal D. Tomecal M. Torrez A. Tyrus R. Vocl1a+zer M. Wade J. Wake S. Wagner B. Weaver G. Weaver D. Webb R. Webb D. Wl'1i+worH'1 K. Wilcox K. Williams L. Williams . Vanbuslcirk D. Vance C. VanDyke M. Venis L. Vidauri Wallers' L. Waliers B. Ward J. Wax C. Weaihers Weddersirand S. Weems D. Wesl' N. Whiles K. Whiie ' -F f K, ii si if B. D. Woolworfh J. Wrighi P. Wrigln' D. Wyreck G. Young i T, Andrade M. Andrews D. Aye B. Baker J. Bankhead B. Banks B- Baugh M- B6Xi'eY' B- Bean JU IDRS ANTICIPATED FOOTBALL Junior class officers, iefi' ro righf, Gary Hankins, vice-presidenf: Larry Burgess. presidenh Teresa Wacker, 'rreasurerz and Marion Cox. secreiary, are one of +he hardesi' working groups ai' Argenfine. Among 'Phe du'I'ies of fhe iunior ciass are 'ihe sponsoring of 'Phe iunior play and fhe junior-senior parfy. E. Beard D. Beemoni' R. Brown K- BryS0r1 S. Bonham B. Brookshire P- Buckman S- Surge L. Burgess T. Burris V. Carmody S. Casfeel J. Caudron E. Chance G. Clyma E. CoH'on L. Cox M. Cox J. Crain J. Cronn C. Davidson D. Dominguez C. Duncan J. Easier J. Ellis L. Eursery M. Fernandez W. Fosrer M. Friberg J. Gipson C. Glidewell N. Gray N. Griffirln E. Grimes J. Cvunrlier G. Hanlcins D. Haws L. Haynes D. Hernandez G. Hill T. Hill G. Hobbs J. Holland C. Holliday R. Holliday R. Honfz J. Horion K. Houls . Huiclninson J. Hulson F. lngels R. lrefon C- Jeffries B- Jenkins P. Kennedy C. Kilgore A. King . King R. King N. Kiser R, Kloyfer J. Larimore M. Lallin I. Lawson M. Linron P. Long M. Lopez T. Lowe A. Lunn J, Mabry B. Madison C. Malnany R. Manis G. Marble R. Marx Mason B. Maxim S. McDaniel M. McGee J. McGinnis l M. MOr1l'QOmery C. Morales E. Morilz B. Mullin E. Mullins , Newberry B, Nichols S. Nickerson L. Norris M. NOFTOH L. Oropeza F. Pace E. Parrish J. Priddy Pringle L. Pringle B- Ramirez S- Ramirez D. Reynolds W. Ricks M. Ridgway D. Rigg J. Rios Roach M. Ruis E' Russel' C- Rulledqe B. Salser J. Schleicher D. Seckinger I. Sharp J. Simpson . Sliqar F. Smifh W- SNOW A- Solo J. Sfandish S. S+eeIe J, Sffemer Slricklancl R. Slurm P. Siuieville J. Summers G. Taylor J. Tierney J. Thomas S. Thomas J, Thompson Todd L. Tomlinson R. Torrez C. Tyrus J. Valdez E. Vaughan E. Venis G. Velier V. Vocliaizer Wacker J. Wagner . Warner D. Waugh C. Weldon J. Wibberding C. Williams M. Wilson M. Wilson . Wilson M. Wingerr , Wolf S. Wrighi' R. Wyrick C. Yard These senior officers led +heir I4-4 class members 'I'l'1rougl1 a confidenm' year. From leff +o righr are Sally Brighfwell, secrelary: Lloyd Akers, vice-president Don Crane, lreasurer: and Harry Moberly, president THE SENIORS REMEMBER CAROL ADCOX WILLIAM ATCl'llSON GAA 2 3 Muslang Club 2 3 4 YTeens 2 3 Glee Club Musfang Club 4: Track 3. LLOYD AKERS GERALDINE AYE A Club 3 4 Foo+ball 2 3 4 Musfang Club 3 4 Muslang Aff Club 2 FTA 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 47 GAA 2, 3, 4: Musfanq PlaY 3 Sfudenf CO'-'nC'l 3 4 Track 3 4 Sal:el'Y Club 3 Club 2 3 4 Musfang Play 4: Science Club 3: S+uden+ Coun Senior Class VICE PreSIClef1'f cnl 2 YTeens 2, 3, 4, Presiden+ 4. Carol Adcox Lloyd Akers Kennefh Apgar Wllllam NfCl1lS0f' Geraldine AYG l ,L Tx James Bailey Dolores Baker Hulalw Bankhead Mary Barbour Sally Brighfwell THE HALF-DAY SESSIONS JAM ES BAILEY DOLORES BAKER Band 2, 3, 4: Mus+ang Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Pep Band 4. HULAH BANKHEAD Annual Slaff 4, Assislanl' Edilor 4: Argeniian Sfaff: Fufure Nurses Club 3, 4: FTA 2, 3, 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Muslang Play 3: Tironians 4. MARY BARBOUR Fulure Nurses Club 2, 3, Presidenf 4. SALLY BRIGHTWELL Sophomore Class Secrelary: Senior Class Secrelary: GAA 2, 3, 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Sfudenl' Council 3, 4. Secrefary 4: Tironians 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2. JAMES BROWN "A" Club 3, 4: Foofball 3, 4: Track 2, 3. James Brown "A" Club 4: Baske+ball 2, 3, 4: Track 3. JACK BURRISS Band 2, 3, 4: Baskefball 2: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Track 3: Pep Band 2. JESSE BUSTAMANTE Baske+ball 2: Choraliers 4. GARY CALVERT MARY JO CAMPOS Club 2, 3. 4. EDNA CARMODY Band 2, 3. ROBERT CARMODY Chorus 4. Fufure Nurses Club 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Musiang Jesse Busfamanfe Gary Calveri' Mary Jo Campos Edna Carmody Roberf Ccrmody OHS Brown Jack Burriss 26 l Virginia Correa Judy Couller RiCl'Iard Carl' Teresa Caslillo Norma Chandler Dolores Clark Sylvia Colclasure THE GLIFFA AND SERIOUSN SS RlCl'lARD CARR Choraliers 3, 4: Chorus 4: Glee Club 2, 3. , TERESA CASTILLO GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4. NORMA CHANDLER GAA 2, 3, 4: Musiang Club 2, 3, 4. DOLORES CLARK Band 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Maiorelies 2, 3, 4: Mus- iang Club 2, 3: Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Tironians 4: Y-Teens 2: Safely Club 3. SYLVIA COLCLASURE Choraliers 4: GAA 3. 4: Orches+ra 2, 3, 4, Presiden+ 3, 4: Srudenr Council 4: Chorus 4, VIRGINIA CORREA Srall 4: Argenlian Slaff 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Tironians 4. JUDY COULTER Siaff 4: Argenlian Slalif 4: Fulure Nurses Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Musfang Annual Annual Donald Crane Rebecca Crew Mike Curran Club 2, 3, 4: Pholo Lab 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Siuclenl Council 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4. DONALD CRANE "A" Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Treasurer: Foolball 3, 4: lvlusrang Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenl' 4: Orcheslra 4: Junior Play 3: Sludenl Council 2: Track 3: Pep Band 2, 3, 4. ' REBECCA CREW GAA 3: lvluslang Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4. MIKE CURRAN Annual S+aff 4: Argenrian Slaff, Edilor 4: Baskelball 2: Foolball 3, 4: Muslang Club 2: Science Club 2: Junior Play 3: Siudenl' Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl' 4: Boys' Slare 3: Track 3. ROBERT DAVIDSON "A" Club 3, 4: Choraliers 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 3, 4: Sludenl' Council 3: Track 2, 3: Chorus 2, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Glee Club 3. HENRY DAVIS Track 3, 4: Chorus 4. Roberl' Davidson Henry Davis lK R Anifa DeLeon Larry DeMoss Douglas Depew Jerry Dobson Jerrald Dow OF THE CLASSROOMS ANITA DELEON GAA 3. LARRY DEMOSS DOUGLAS DEPEW Band 2: Racliofronics 2, 3. JERRY DOBSON "A" Club 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3. 4, Co-Caplain 4: Mus+ang Club 2. 3, 4: Track 3, 4. JERRALD DOWNIE Junior Play 3, Musiang Play 4: Traclc 2: Safely Club 3. CLIFFORD DOYLE DENNIS DRAPER MARY EICKHOFF Ward High School 2, 3. BENJAMIN FAJARDO Chanuie High School 2. 3. JUDITH FAVROW Muslang Club 21 Sludeni' Council 2: Y-Teens 2. Mounl S+ Scholasiica 3 LILLIE FLORES LARRY FOREMAN Choraliers 4: Radiofronics 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Track 4. nie Clifford Doyle Dennis Draper Mary Eiclchoff Beniamin Faiardo Judifh Favrow Lillie FlOr6S l-a"fY Fmemafi 28 Judifh Fudge Marlene GarIing'I'on Lawrence Gibson Grover Goff David Green Rodney Green Joyce Grimes THE BU TLI G EXCITEME T JUDITH FUDGE MARLENE GARLINGTON EuI'ure Nurses Club 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4, Secreiary 4: Sfudenl' Council 4: Tironians 4, Treasurer 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2. LAWRENCE GIBSON Annual Sfaff 4: Argeniian Slaff 4: Mus'I'ang Club 2, 3, 4: Track 3. DAVID GREEN RODNEY GREEN Band 2, 3, 4: Musiang Club 2, 3, 4. JOYCE GRIMES GAA 2: Musrang Club 3: Glee Club 3, 4. JOHN HANNAHAN JOHN HAWES Band 2, 3. 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4. DONNA RAE HAYES Annual S+aff 4: Argeniian Sraff 4: Argenfineifes 4: Ari' Club 2, 3, 4, Secrafary 3, PresicIen'r 4: Band 2, 3, 4: FTA 3, 4, Secre'I'ary-Treasurer 4: MusI'ang Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Y-Teens 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 4. MARIE HOLLOWAY Musfang Club 2, 3, 4. JOHN HOPKINS Band 2, 3. 4: Baslcefball 2: Choraliers 4: Pep Band 3: Chorus 4. DUANE HURD Foolball 3, 4: Musfang Club 2.3. John Hannahan John Hawes Donna Rae Hayes Marie Holloway John Hopkins Duane Hurd Lincla Hulchison Nancy Johnson I-emOYf19 JOHSS Kennelh Keele Slllfl9Y Klser OF DANCES AND GAMES LINDA HUTCHISON Arl Club 2: Band 2. 3. 4: Fulure Nurses Club 3: FTA 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Harmonelles 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Salely Club 4. NANCY JOHNSON Choraliers 3, 4: Fulure Nurses Club 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2: Sluclenl Council 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Safely Club 3, 4. LEMOYNE JONES Track 4. KENNETH KEELE Band 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3.4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Junior Play 3, 4: Muslang Play 3, 4: Chorus 4: Pep Bancl 3, 4. SHIRLEY KISER Annual Slall 4, Edilor: Argenlian Slall 4: Argenlin- elles 3, 4: Junior Class Secrelary: FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Sludenl Council 4: Tironians 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3: Safely Club 3, 4, Secrelary 3: Girls' Slale 3: Senior Play 3. CAROLYN KROENKE Bancl 3, 4: Choraliers 4: FTA 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: Har- monelles 3: Maiorelles 3, 4: lvluslang Club 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Sluclenl Council 3: Tironians 4: Y- Teens 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Chorus 4. J. E. LATTIN "A" Club 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Band 2, -3, 4, Vice- Presidenl 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4, Co-Caplain 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3: Traclc 2, 3: Pep Band 2, 3, 4. ALBERT LAWLER "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. EDWARD LEWIS Bancl 3, 4. HERBERT LINTON lvluslang Club 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4. DAVID LOVELACE "A" Club 3, 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Class Vice-Presidenl: Foolball 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 4. PHILLIP LUCKEY RICHARD MADDEN Muslang Club 4. Carolyn Kroenke J. E. Lallin Alberl Lawler Edward Lewis Herberl Linlon David Lovelace Phillip Luclcey Richard Madden 29 30 Jesse Madrigal Leroy Main Nancy Mank Janel Manloofh David Marquess JESSE MADRIGAL Baskefball 2: Choraliers 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3.4. LEROY MAIN ' Foo'I'ball 3, 4: Track 3, 4. NANCY MANK GAA 2, 3, 4: Musfang Club 2, 3.4: Glee Club 4. JANET MANTOOTH Musfang Club 2, 3: Tironians 4, Vice-Presiclenf 4. DAVID MARQUESS Choraliers 4: Track 3, 4: Chorus 4. J. O. MARSHALL Musfang Club V2, 3, 4: Muslang Play 4: Science Club 2, 3: Track 2. JUDY MCCALL GAA 3, 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Tironians 4. TH ERESIA McCALLOP Annual Slaff 4: Argeniian Sfaff 4: Band 2: FTA 2, 3, 4, Secrelary-Treasurer 2, 3: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. J. O. Marshall Judy McCall Theresia McCallop THE MAG ITUDE OF EMPTY HALL JERRY MCCARTY Muslang Club 2, 3, 4. NOVETA McCRACKEN Ari Club 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Choraliers 3, 4: Fulure Nurses Club 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Queen 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Tironians 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Chorus 2. LARRY McGINNIS Sfudenf Council Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Radiolronics 2, 4: Chorus 4. EDDIE McKEE "A" Club 4: Annual Sfaff 4: Argenii omore Class Presidenf: Foolball 4: 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Musfang Play cli 2, 3, 4. Presidenf 4: Track 3. SHARON MCMILLAN Band 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Musla Glee Club 4. an Sfaff 4: Soph- Muslang Club 3: Sfudenf Coun- ng Club 2, 3, 4: Jerry McCar'ry Novera McCracken Larry McGinnis Eddie McKee Sharon McMillan SE6NE.fBf Timm 1 Janice Middaugh Palricia Miller Harry Moberly John Monleil Roland Mosher THEIR MI UTENESS WHE THEY'RE JANICE MIDDAUGH Glee Club 4: Deep Waler High School 2, 3. PATRICIA MILLER Fulure Nurses Club 3, 4: ETA 3: Muslang Club 4: Pholo Lab 3: Y-Teens 4. HARRY MOBERLY "A" Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Baskelball 2, 3, 4. Co-Caplain 4: Junior and Senior Class Presidenl: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2: Sludenl Council 4: Boys' Slale 3. JOHN MONTEIL Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Racliolronics 4. ROLAND MOSHER Annual Slall 4: Argenlian Slall 4. MARY NELSON GAA 2: 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Tironians 4: Y-Teens 4. JOHN NICKUM "A" Club 3, 4: Band 2: Foolball 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Salely Club 2, 3: Pep Band 2. CROWDED LAURA ORTIZ Choraliers 2, 3: GAA 3.4: Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus 4. BETTY OWENS FTA 4: Tironians 4. RONALD PARKER Band 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Orcheslra 2, 3.4. KATHY PEER Annual Slall 4: Argenlian Slall 4: Argenlinelles 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Fulure Nurses Club 4: FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Junior Play 3: Salely Club 2, 3. DARLENE POKALUK GAA 3. ROSETTA PORTER Fulure Nurses Club 3: Harmonelles 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Belly Owens Ronald Parlcer Kalhy Peer Darlene Pokalulc Rosella Porler Mary Nelson John Niclcum La u ra O rliz 32 Richard Rendon J-ohn Rincon Donald Rios Isabel Rios William Robbins James Robinson John Rodriquez Joseph Rosas RICHARD RENDON JOHN RINCON DONALD RIOS ISABEL RIOS GAA 2, 3, 4: Mus'I'ang Presidenl 4. WILLIAM ROBBINS Orches+ra 2, 3. JAMES ROBINSON Science Club 2, 3. ' JOHN RODRIOUEZ JOSEPH ROSAS THE FEELI G OF Club 2, 3, 4: Tironians PHYLLIS ROSS Annual S+afl 4: Argen'Iian S+aff 4: Fufure Nurses Club 3, 4: FTA 2, 3: GAA 2. 3, 4: Harmonelles 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3. 4: Senior Play 3: Mus+ang Play 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2. 3, Vice-Presidenl 4. LEONARD ROWLAND CAROLYN RU MAGE Band 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: Snowball Queen 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Sfudeni' Council 4: Y-Teens 2. 3.4: Pep Band 3, 4. BONNIE RUSH Muslang Club 2.3. HERMAN RUSSELL "A" Club 3, 4: Baske+baIl 3, 4: Foofball 2, 3: Track 4: Chorus 4. Phyllis Ross Leonard Rowland Carolyn Rumage Bonnie Rush Herman Russell fsa ,:s-Izwssff -wx-ws:-I-yi., me 5 Richard Sanloyo Rurh Schenewerk Kennelh Sears Larry Seddon Sharon Shirley HAVING T0 LEA E RICHARD SANTOYO Boys' Slale 3. RUTH SCHENEWERK GAA 3.4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4. KENNETH SEARS "A"Club 2, 3, 4. Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Baskelball 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap'l'ain 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Fooi- ball 3: Track 3. LARRY SEDDON "A" Club 4: Annual Slaff 4: Argenlian Sla-If 4: Foolball 4. SHARON SHIRLEY Junior Class Treasurer: FTA 2, 3, 4, Preesidenl 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Sl'uden'I Council 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Secrerary 4. MICHAEL SILVEY BARRY SMITH "A" Club 4: Baskelball 2, 3.4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Track 3: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4. HAROLD SNYDER Baskelball 2. 3: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Foofball 2: Sludenr Council 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. GENE SPALDING "A" Club 3, 4: Annual Slaff 4: Argenlian Slaff 4: Baslcerball 2: Foo+ball 2, 3, 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Muslang Play 3: Track 3, 4. LEWIS STACY DANIEL STANLEY Fooiball 2, 3: Glee Club 4. JUDY LYNN STEWART Annual Slaff 4: Argeniian Slalf 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Furure Nurses Club 3, 4: FTA 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presideni' 4: GAA 2, 3, 4. Secrelary 3, Presiclenf 4: Glee Club 4, Presidem' 4: Homecoming Aflendam' 4: Musfang Club 2, 3, 4: Orches'l'ra 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Safely Club 3, 4: Track Queen 3. WILLIAM STOCKMAN "A" Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 4: Baskei- ball 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Mus'l'ang Club 2, 3, 4: Or- chesrra 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3.4. Michael Silvey Ba rry Smilh Harold Snyder Gene Spalding Lewis Slacy Daniel Slanley 'I Judy Lynn Slewarl William Sfockman 33 34 Jack Slone Minne'H'e Sfrong Carl Sfroud Sam Summers Solomon Taylor Mariha Ann Terrill Wayne Thomas THE JOY OF GRADUATION NIGHT JACK STONE Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Radiofronics Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenr 3. 4. MINNETTE STRONG Band 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3. 4: Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4. CARL STROUD Foofball 4: Musrang Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2. SAM SUMMERS "A" Club 4: Foo'l'ball 2, 3. 4: Track 3: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4. - SOLOMON TAYLOR MARTHA ANN TERRILL Annual Sraff 4: Argenrian Sraff 4: Ari' Club 2, Sec- rerary 2: Band 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 3: Junior Class Vice- Presidenr: Fu'rure Nurses Club 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Allendani' 3, 4: Maiorefles 2, 3, 4, Drum Maiorelle 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4, Secre-'l'ary 3: Orches+ra 2, 3, 4: Srudenr Council 2, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sfafe 3. WAYNE THOMAS Feorball 2. DARLENE ULMER Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Choraliers 4: Furure Nurses Club 4: Musrang Club 2, 3, 4: Sruclenl' Council 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4. LEAH UPDEGRAFF Band 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Pep Bancl 4. JERRY VANMETER "A" Club 3, 4: Baskelball 2, 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Track 3. NORMAN WAITLEY "A" Club 4: Annual Slaff 4: Argenlian Slaff 4: Foolrball 2, 3, 4: Musrang Club 4: Sludeni' Council 2, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Safely Club 3. JUDY WALKER Band 2, 3, 4: Fulure Nurses Club 3, 4, Secre,'l'ary- Treasurer 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Orchesrra 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Muslang Club Play 3, 4: Sfudenr Council 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl' 4. Darlene Ulmer Leah Updegraff Jerry VanMe+er Norman Waifley Judy Walker Gloria Warcl James Warner lv1ar+l1a Weailwers DSNUY Weaver MGFYGHHS While A D JU T BEING SENICRS GLORIA WARD LARRY WILLIAMSON ETA 2, 3, 4: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 3. 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Baslceiball 2. 3: Fool- Glee Club 4. ball 2, 3, 4: Musfang Club 2. 3, 4: Orchesfra 2: Track 3. JAMES WARNER Radiofronics Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Choraliers 3: FTA 2. 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 2, 3: Har- MARTHA WEATHERS moneffes 3: Muslang Club 2, 3, 4: Musfang Play 4: Tgromans 4, Science Club 3: Sfudenl Council 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3. DENNY WEAVER Argeniian Slraff 4, Edifor 4: Annual S+aff 4: Orches- ' Ira 2, 3, 4: Traclc 3, 4. Edward Williams MARYANNE WHITE Band 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball 2, 3: Muslang Club 2. 3:4-: Clnoraliers 4: GAA 2: Musiang Club 2, 3, 4: Or- Orclleslla 3' 4' Track 3' 4' Pep Band 2' 3' 4' cheslra 2, 3, 4: Tironians 4, Secrefary 4: Y-Teens 3, 4. JOSEPH ZAGAR EDWARD WILLIAMS Mus+ang Club 2: Boys' S+a'I'e 3: Safely Club 3. JOSEPHINE WILLIAMS ' RA'-PH ZUN'GA I GAA 4: Musiang Club 2, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4. ' Josephine Williams A Larry Williamson Mariorie Wolf David Wulh Joseph Zagar fl Ralph Zuniga Q. l 'i A 4 , li, ,J 'uf T". 35 "Easy does if! Every li'Hle line is imporfanlf' Ben Fiiaro painslakinglyaworks on a picrure in Miss Mary Sl'einbuchel's arf class. THESE Leonard VanCamp smilingly shows his iunior high songsrers, Sharon Foreman, Lois Kilgore, Larry Barbour and Roberl Porler, a fune on rhe piano. "Tasl'y +idbi'rs" are being Jralcen 'From deep far by Judy Fudge in This sho? of a Foods ll class. Mrs. Rurh Pailerson is "head chef" in lhis deparimenr. 6 . X f 5, "Up you go!" Bob Jenkins exclaims Jro Jerry The Opefallnq Oi 5 mlmeogfaph is Summers in Tom Fi'l'zgerald's gym class. lusl one Of+l1e'fl1iHQS -lanel' Manl0Oll'1 and Palsy Miller learn in Mrs. Caro- lyn Marshall's class. ARE OUR CLASSES "Don'+ move, Jrhis has +o be exact" com- menls Sharon Shirley lo Janice Slerner in Miss Slella Cole's cloihing class. Many hours of pracfice makes a good musician. Mary Madrigal works diligenf- ly on rhe chimes in Vincenl' May's iunior band. Sparks were flying all year long in Jasper Simpson's elec'irici+y class. Edward Parrish is shown using elbow grease on his proiecls. "l wonder if 'rhis Thing will explode!" Richard Brown ponders while Joe Valdez works merrily on one of lhe many numerous welding proiecfs n class direcied by T. I. Mallhews. "I can'+ figure where 'These paris rhai' are lefr go," slafes John Roach fo James Ward. The au'ro mechanics class is raughi' by Frank Sco'H THE "HOW" OF LEARNING The deep concenrraiion on Tom l.owe's 'Face is only one of 'rhe quali- ficafions needed fo become a good archifecl. Boys receive Jrhis Train- ing 'From Firman Mall's mechanical drawing class. Around and around il' goes and where il' sfops Don Rios knows. This compli- caled looking device was iusi one of The machines whose operalion sludenfs learned in George Walling's machine shop. A I 1 ln hislory class. a musl 'For seniors, Harry M o lo e r I y reads Jrhe righl' an- swers from his 'lesi- while 'lhe resl of The class under lhe guidance of Miss Gladys Congdon check Their papers. I . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . cha-cha! Lorelra I-libbard manipulales fhe mariachis, while her classmales, lefl 'l'o righl, Joyce McKee, Jerry Alkins, Barry Smilh, Dixie Marvin, Laura Or'l'iz and Slevan Ramirez, scan over olher Spanish novellies in Palli SanIcee's second year Spanish class. Rulh Ann Schenewerk shares a very dra- malic reading wilh Sieve Archer's Drama I class. THE PATH AY TO SUCCESS "And in conclusion," asserls Barbara Mullin as she closes her rebullal speech while Bob Jenkins, Jean Thomas and Marilyn MCG-ee lislen closely. These slu- denls are 'Four of 'rhe besl debalers in Miss Vaunila Rusco's English iournalism class. Miss Bess Wilhire explains a lundarnenlal rule lo one of her freshman English classes. THE FUTURE OF AMERICA Richard Slagner lraces The course of 'lhe Amazon River for Larry Bale, geography leacher. "This amoeba won'+ slay s+ill!" Judy Pringle gazes down a mi- croscope while Judy Walker 'fakes noies in Eosler Hoover's biology class. "When This moves up, Thai' moves down. l+'s all as simple as +ha1'." Ronald Fiel explains 'io Larry Long and Mary Bell' in a general science course demonsfralion. Mary Eslher Lopez and Tom Burris perform a chemisiry ex- perimenl' under lhe ins'I'ruc+ion of Neil Shell. a work period. Randall Dunn's plane geomefry class discusses a muiual problem during 39 WE E DEA GR T0 BUILD . . . l The social liTe oT a high school is hinged around iTs organizaTions and acTiviTies. There are many inTangible gualiTies TaughT by These organizaTions ThaT can'T be acquired Trom boolcs. Included in aTTribuTes are co-operaTion, Triendship, congenialiTy wiTh one's classmaTes and The abiliTy To lead. IT is The purpose oT The clubs and organizaTions aT ArgenTine To promoTe These characTerisTics. Among The many clubs aT ArgenTine. The "A" club, organized in l9l9. is The oldesT. The Mus-L Tang club sTarTed in l923 as The BoosTer club, an all girl organizaTion. Several years laTer a Pep club. consisTing oT all boys. was Tormed. The Two were ioined TogeTher To Torm The lv1usTang club in I933. Included in The early clubs were Senior High l-lonor socieTy. Junior l-ligh l-lonor socieTy, an French club, Le Cerde Fleur De Lis: a LaTin club, SecieTas LaTina: several CampTire groups and an ArT club. The lvlusTang club had The disTincTion oT being The TirsT club To sponsor an all-school annua Tormal dance in l95O, which Took The place oT a yearly dinner Tollowed by a small dance. The STu- denT council originaTed The Snow Ball. annual ChrisTmas dance. in l955. Many oT The old clubs are obsoleTe. buT in Their places are oThers-such as The SaTeTy club. The Scribblers' club and The Tironians. All combine TogeTher Tor one ioinT purpose-To make ArgenTina a Triendly and cheerTul school. THRGLIGH LEADERSHIP TRAINING Y I HONORS. . , I Q I ACTIVITIES. 4 I EVENTS ........ , I 4 M em 'Qnmeumgb QQWQ3 CN 59: 159 YW W S , . ,X W w Q K ,Lx . L Q: " I J 9-, 4' Junior V N xrvfARfl:lA ATRTERQI? x ,EQ 'ID 'B N. , , " 'f fN3fj3,Q'-2 N Q XR M V if HOMECOMINC5 ATTENDANTS ' FAITH HOLLAND Sophomore D I K f l E ?"m!E,, , ni1.n1w97QS??T il, 1225 .1 , . f REIGN ING TRACK ROYALTY FAITH HOLLAND Sophomore WiI'h I'he adven'I' of anoiher spring and anolher 'rrack season, 'rhree charming Argen+ine girls were again nom- inared for queen of +he Argenline lnvilarional Track eel. This marks Ihe 'rhird year an Argeniine queen has eigned over Ihe annual even'I'. Pariicipaiing powerhouses in Jrhe meei held April I7 ere Bonner Springs, Immaculala, Leavenworlh, Olalhe, osedale, Sumner, Turner, Ward, Washinglon and Ar- en'I'ine. The Irack squad selecis one girl from each class. Spec- a'rors al' lhe relays are enlilled To one vole per Iickei' nd proceeds are used for rrack equipment The queen as noi named by The 'rime of Ihe yearbook deadline. MARLENE GARLI NGTON Senior BARBARA MULLIN Junior The 'Ihree Irack queen nominees, Faifh Holland, Barbara Mullin and Marlene Garlingion, discuss crowning procedures wi+h Bill Todd, head Irack coach. lierenr ways provided a colorful afmosphere ar KI G OF H EART Swirling 'Fell' skirfs decoraled in many dif- Argen+ine's annual Valenrine parly. Sponsored loy G.A.A..1'he dance was held Feb. 6 in The gym. Don Crane gives our wi1'h 'I'he "ha-ha" as Judy Lynn Siewarff G.A.A. presidenf, crowns him king. Judy Lynn and Don lead off. YEARBGCK PERSONALITIES Picfured above are Phyllis Ross and Norman Waifley. Miss and Mr. Yearbook Personalifies. being crowned by James Hammer, newspaper advisor, and Vaunira Rusco. yearbook advisor. DON CRANE King of Hearfs ATIONAL H0 OR SOCIETY 'if Holding fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy emblem are fhese six members: Sally Brighfwell. Geraldine Aye, J. O. Marshall, Lloyd Akers, Jimmy Robinson and Carolyn Kroenke. Mike Curran, Judy Lynn Sfewarf, Laura Orfiz and Eddie McKee. David Lovelace, Novefa McCracken, Mariorie Wolf and Harold Snyder. The highesf sfudenf recog- nifion affainable af Argenfine high school is fhaf of member- ship in fhe Nafional Honor So- ciefy. This year 22 seniors re- ceived fhe honor. They were chosen from fhe upper one-fhird of fhe class. Resulfs of an achievemenf fesf and fhe oufcome of sfudenf and faculfy elecfions deferrnined fhe final 22. Paffi Sankee headed fhe faculfy commiffee in charge of fhe vofing. The Nafional Honor Sociefy emblem signifies fhe four qualificafions-characfer, scholarship, leadership and service-for which a member sfancls. Elecfed officers are Denny Weaver, presidenfg Harold Snyder, vice-presidenfy and Marfha Terrill, secrefary-freasurer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Vs Lf Don Crane, Judy Walker, Sylvia Colclasure and Harry Moberly. Isabel Rios, Marfha Terrill, Shirley Kiser and Denny Weaver. LEGISLATGRS A D JOUR ALISTS Campaigning like mad-posiers ev- erywhere-laie, laie hours- and fun along wilh learning-ihese were iusl a 'Few of lhe characlerislics of Girls' and Boys' S'l'a+e. Sponsored by iwo American Legion posis and one auxiliary, 'rwo girls and 'Four boys 'iraveled To Girls' and Boys' Slaie io learn how cily, couniy and slaie govern- menl' funclions. Wichila was 'rhe sile for Boys' Siale from June I 'ro June 7, while Girls' Slaie was held a+ Lawrence from June 8 +o June l5. 9 U-S SERS! F 14 Talking over lheir respeciive iourneys 'io Girls' and Boys' Slaie are, lei? io righl, ii' I' Richard Sanioyo, Harry Moberly, Shirley Kiser, Joe Zagar, Marlha Terrill and Mike Curran. Quill and Scroll membership, an honor for high school iournalisls, was awarded 'rhis gg year lo I2 seniors and one -junior. s To qualify 'for membership in 'rhe inler- SC'Ro"" nalional honor socie'ry, s+uden+s musl have Quill and Scroll mem- bers, from lefi' lo righl. are Hulah Bankhead. Judy Siewari, Kaihy Peer, Theresia McCal- lop, Mike Curran, Shir- ley Kiser, Virginia Cor- rea, Norman Waiiley, Mariha Terrill. Bill Brookshire and Eddie McKee. Donna Rae Hayes is noi piciured. ISO inches of copy in 'rhe newspaper or annual, be in 'rhe upper one-'rhird of 'rheir class and have worked wiih or sold adver- Jrising. Members were ini'ria'red ai' The annual spring inilialion. so GJ PRECISIDN IN BLLIE A D WHITE Displaying Their poise are These ArgenTine rnaioreTTes. From leTT To righT are Kay DeSeure, Dolores Clark, Carolyn Kroenke, MarTha Terrill, drum maioreTTe: Janice Shubaugh, Jill Miller and FaiTh Holland. One, Two, Three, Tour, and The shrill sounds Trom lv1arTha Ann's silver whisTle always indi- caTe The presence oT ArgenTine I-ligh's seven maioreTTes, The girls lead The band aT all evenTs. One oT The prerequisiTes Tor The posiTion oT a maioreTTe, along wiTh skill is The playing OT an insTrumenT in band. STepping high, Turning, kicking or gaily ThrusTing blue and whiTe pom-poms in The air, These girls were "aT home" on The gridiron or on The glossy gym Tloor aT halT Time. They also perTormed in The ArgenTine AcTiviTies parade and The American Royal parade. This group is in iTs second year oT exisTence. n marching TormaTion Trom leTT To righT are The lively ArgenTineTTes: Marion Cox, Barbara Mullin, KaThy Peer, PaT Hannalhan. Donna 'layes, Shirley Kiser, Jeanne Holmes, Norma Saragusa, Judy Pringle. ' 49 NoveTa McCracken Musiang cheerleaders speed up The cheering Tempo as The Team racks up anoTher vicTory. PracTice, pracTice, pracTice and work, work, work could well be The moTTo of ArgenTine's pep queens. ATTer school and SaTurday meeTings. dominaTed by arched jumps and enThusiasTic yells, charac:Terized The pracTice sessions oT The varsiTy cheer- leaders. Clad in royal blue sweaTers and whiTe skirTs wiTh royal blue inserTs land blue,and whiTe shoes, Tooll, These five girls led ArgenTine's pep club aT all The TooTball and baslceTl3all games. GLIR CHEERLEADERS - FOR ARGENTINE ALL THE WAY The peppy group ThaT comprises The B-Team cheerleading squad share The limelighT wiTh The varsiTy cheerleading squad. The girls lead gridiron and bas- lceTball B-Team cheers aT all home games unTil Time Tor The varsiTy cheerleaders To Take charge. Any one oT Them may acT as subsTiTuTe Tor any missing varsiTy cheerleader. . Performing enThusiasTically Tor all The junior high Teams. The ColT club cheerleaders always pracTice dili- genTly wiTh The hope ThaT They will evenTually become a varsiTy cheerleader. Th girls represenT all Three grades in junior high and don blue uniTorms To correspond wiTh The iunior high pep club. WiTh Taces reflecTing Their enThusiasm, These B-Team cheerleaders smile Tor The camera. From leTT To righT are Phyllis Minnix. Connie Ford, Dixie Marvin, KaThe Brewer and Joyce McKee. ATTer school hours found These ColT club cheerleaders pracficing a new yell. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Lovelace, Terry STevens BeTTy VenTura, Diane SmiTh. BACK ROW: Jeanne Brewer, Deanna Nield, Joann Adkins, Janice McCall. . V This page sponsored loy 'l COMMUNITY BOWL 3508 STrong K. C., Kansas SI RepresenTing The "cream oT The crop" in insTrumenTal music is The Pep band. This classy. Tlashy uniT was selecTed Trom ArgenTine high's regular band. This group is a very busy organizaTion. IT plays Tor all pep rallies, home baslceTball games and oTher special acTiviTies ThaT may require The Pep band's service. In connecTion wiTh The "AgriculTural Hall oT Fame," The Pep Band greeTed The Kansas legislaTors aT The ArgenTine railroad sTaTion. New uniTorms made This year especially 'signiTicanT. All The mem- bers sporTed royal blue corduroy iaclceTs. WhiTe leTTering on The backs of The iaclceTs spells ouT "ArgenTine," while a gold MusTang emblem signifies Pep band membership. VincenT May is The direcTor oT The 21 member group. Pep band members waTch Their direcTor Tor insTrucTions. V , 1 . i i 7 f2fv115sEi2iil5HiS?i25?ffr4'fN555i9f1ii6s5ls4i'5w'iZgi?lS'l- ivmwswgwwe-wsstiigsaiii"f'1 ugy4'gwm gggggsigsgnf l592s,,,M,,WBQ3s Clad in rich aTTire, ArgenTine's orchesTra always excels in The music They play. The orchesTra, also under The direcTion oT VincenT May, is comprised OT 5l insTrurnenTal music sTudenTs. Rendering The musical background aT ArgenTine's dra-- maTic producTions, playing in The ChrisTmas program and Talcing parT in The Spring concerT were several OT The TuncTions in which The orchesTra Took parT. Officers oT The orchesTra were Syliva Colclasure, president Barbara Mullin, vice-presidenTg Judy Pringle, secreTaryg and Carolyn Rumage, Treasurer. From The band and orchesTra, diTTerenT groups, rep- resenTing ArgenTine high school, wenT To The disTricT con- TesT in Lawrence in hopes oT achieving a superior raTing To gain parTicipaTion in The sTaTe conTesT aT Emporia. EighTy-one Argenfine sTudenTs, various insTrumenTs before Them, waTch a pair oT hands suddenly slice The air -and The band is given iTs downbeaT by VincenT May, direcTor oT insTrumenTal music. ParTicipaTing in The Kansas Day acTiviTies aT The American Royal LivesToclc and Horse show, marching in The ArgenTine AcTiviTies parade, The American Royal parade, presenTing The "Rhapsody in Blue and Gold" and parTicipaTing in The Spring concerT were among The maior roles oT ArgenTine high's band. The blue and gold clad band, under The direcTion of VincenT May, consisTs oT 8l members. Officers were Ron- ald Parlcer, president Bill SToclcman, vice-president KaThy Peer, secreTary: and FaiTh Holland, Treasurer. The marching band broughi' honor To ArgenTine on many occasions. ITH A SO G Honor came 'lo Jrhe Choraliers when 'rhey represenled Argenline high school al The slale-wide Teachers meeling in Kansas Cily, Kansas, al' lhe Memorial hall. This 24 member vocal group also performed in all The maior school choral evenls of +he year and caroled al local hospilals around Chrislmas lime. The girls in 'lhe group wore lighl blue dresses which were especially made 'lor uniiormily. While dinner iaclcels and sharply-creased blaclc rrousers form The boys' allire. manle. THIRD ROW: C. Kroenke, N. McCracken, S. Colclasure, L. Oriiz. SECOND ROW: D. Ulmer, M. King, J. Arnold. FIRST ROW: P. Wright N. Kiser, N. Johnson, M. While, M. Norlon, M. Fri- loerg, A. King, W. Taylor. Wilhouf a song? . . . Nol' Argenline high. The Girls' Glee club, lilce The Choraliers, parlicipaled in all The major choral evenls of lhe school year. In addilion, how- ever, The senior members sang al The baccalaureale and commencemenl exercises. The 52 members praclice daily during Third hour, and proceeds from choral aclivilies go 'loward The purchase of royal blue robes wilh gold salin collar-sloles. Linda Hulchison and Michele Holwiclc are 'lhe accompanisls. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-BACK ROW, lefl +o righ+: J. Coull-er, L. Updegraff, C. Davidson, N. McCracken, J. Priddy, C. Rulledge, J. Grimes, L. Haynes, N. Chandler, S. McDaniel, J. Larimore, C. Briggs, N. Manlr. THIRD ROW: M. Lopez, P. Ross, J. Mullins, P. Long, E. Chance. J. Slewarl, G. Ward, J. Wax, K. While, D. Baker, E. Collon, B. Hopkins. SECOND ROW: J. Henderson, C. Eden, D. Slriclcland, M. Holwiclc, S. McMillan, N. Clevenger, M. Madrigal, M. Ridgway, J. Williams, K. Houls, M. Friberg, W. Hulchinson. FRONT ROW: J. Middaugh, D. Hernandez, R. Porler, D. Ulmer, C. Tyrus, C. Adcox, R. Schenewerlc, M. Eiclchoff, J. Wagner. L. Hulchison, B. Wedclerslrand, Leonard VanCamp, direclor. CHORALIERS-BACK ROW, lefl' 'ro righlz K. Apgar, R. Da- . vidson, R. Carr, J. Madrigal. FOURTH ROW: L. Foreman, J. Hopkins, E. Parrish, J. Busla- I OUR HEARTS Mixed Chorus. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: J. Ward, M. LenTz, K. Apgar, R. Carr, H. Davis, R. OrTiz, B. Carmody, D. Marquess, E. Parrish, J. BusTamanTe. THIRD ROW: C. Yard, D. Anderson, D. STanley, J. Madrigal, K. Keele. B. Davidson, L. Foreman, J. Hopkins, S. Colclasure, L. OrTiz. SECOND ROW: P. WrighT, C. Kroenke, I. Sharp, R. Crew, N. Johnson, J. Schleicher, M. King, A. King, W. Taylor. FRONT ROW: Leonard VanCamp, direcTor: S. WrighT, J. Arnold, M. I-lilT, S. Burge, N. Kiser, S. STeele. B. Nichols, M. WhiTe. The HarmoneTTes is a vocal group composed oT nine girls, selecTed Trom The Girls' Glee club. They parTicipaTed in The regular schedule oT evenTs, along wiTh perform- ances beTore various civic organizaTions. This exTracurricular acTiviTy requires rehearsal on The group's own Time. AccompanisT Tor The I-IarmoneTTes, under The direcTion oT Leonard VanCamp, was Linda I-luTchison DirecTed by Leonard VanCamp, Mixed chorus This year consisTed oT 49 boys and girls enrolled in The class- Time acTiviTy. They, lilce The I'larmoneTTes, appeared in The Fall FesTival of Song, ChrisTrnas program, all-school assembly, and band and choral evenTs. Laura OrTiz and Nancy Kiser were accompanisTs Tor The group. 1 HarmoneTTes. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: Linda HuTchison, Clyde Briggs, Leonard VanCamp. direcTorg Michele Holwick, Linda Haynes. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Hopkins, Earlee CoTTon. Phyllis Ross. Mary Ridgway, Joy Wagner, RoseTTa PorTer. NME ARE LIKE TREETCARS . . The enlire casl' afrer +heir final performance. BACK ROW: Dad. C. Weldon: Davy. K. Keele: Ted, J. O. Marshall: Margaret J. Walker. SECOND ROW: Jerry, J. Downie: Mrs. Allen, C. Ford: Sylvia, M. Wolf: Alix, D. Seckinger: Chi, D. Sligar: Mrs. Day, G. Aye. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Whi+e, J. Wax: Mofher. P. Ross: Julie. K. Peer: Joy. J. McKee: Lys- belh. F. Holland. FRONT ROW: Sfage manager. M. Monlgomery: Maudie. J. Wagner. "Everyone in fheir places for Ad l." So s+ar'red 'rhe second annual Muslang Club play on Nov. I8 and I9 direcled by Sieve Archer. The play ceniered around Maudie, a Teen-ager wilh a "line," one ol: which was based on +he idea +ha+ men are like slreeicars: if you miss one, ihere's sure ro be anoiher along soon. Maudie, J. Wagner, gels her man. porfrayed by K. Keele. u "Ligh+s, ac+ion, camera!" The cas'r runs 'rhrough Hs firs+ nighi' rehearsal. 56 l l' ll THREE FOR YGLI As The Two workmen walk by, Kenny Keele as Ben, and Dianne Seckinger as Tommy realize They are boTh dead when They can'T sTop The workmen in The closing scene of AfTerward. The workmen are Jerry Mullin, leTT, and Bill Brookshire. y ATTer The curTain Tell on The iunior play Feb. 26, audiences Tad seen, insTeacl oT The cusTomary Three-acT play, Three one-acT Dlays. Ranging in emoTion Trom sincere laughTer To a serious mood, The deaTh of Bossu. The hunchback dwarf. brings The producTion consisTed oT ATTerwards, AnTic Spring and lnTanTa, gllfenrla Iggk adj Clfqzril all under The direcTion oT STeve Archer, dramaTics insTrucTor. acTers, Ief+ To righ+, are Charles Weldon, Dianne The enTire casT oT The producTion consisTed oT Dianne Seck- nger, Kenny Keele, Charles Weldon, Joan Wax, Nancy Kiser, Joyce McKee, Jerry Mullin, FaiTh Holland and Bill Brookshire. Seckinger, Jerry Mullin and FaiTh Holland. Blossom squeals, "Oh, look aT ThaT baby cowl" as The casT iourneys along in Their imaginary car in one of The scenes from The gay and amusing play Anfic Spring. PicTured above, IeTT To righT, are back row: Bill Brookshire, FaiTh Holland, Jerry Mullin. FronT row: Joyce McKee, Charles Weldon, Nancy Kiser, "YEARS A60 . . . " Carolyn Kroenlce as Rulh and Judy Walker as her molher receive some helpful advice 'From Sieve Archer, direcfor, as he explains how Molher should pin up Rul'h's slcirl in a scene 'From 'lhe drama. Galhered al +he dining Table, Rulh, Carolyn Kroenke, and her moiher and 'Fa1'her, Judy Walker and Jerry Mullin, praclice slage podhons f lll rl "' mm Closing +he drama'l'ic producrions a+ Argenline This spring was Years Ago, an aulobiography by Rulh Gordon. Presenled by lhe senior class on March 25. lhe play casr numbered eighl' srudenls and was di- recled by Sieve Archer. The play deals wilh Miss 6ordon's life as a young lady who shows a greal desire +o become an aclress on Broadway and 'rhe happenings lhal' lead 'ro her running away from home +o 'Find a respeclable place on Broadway. Members of lhe casl look over 'lhelr lines and discuss mlerprelahon of 'lhelr meaning Lefi' 'ro righ+ are Dianne Seckinger Charles Weldon Geraldine Aye Kennelh Keele and P is Ross J O Marshall is also in he casf Giggles and humorous commenls prevail as lhese lealure wrilers look over an issue of The Argenlian. BACK ROW: Julia Mullins, Roland Mosher. SECOND ROW: Gene Spalding, Kalhy Peer. FRONT ROW: Hulah Bankhead, Donna Hayes. Crilicizing 'rhe sporls page are Larry Seddon, reporler: Norman Wailley and Eddie McKee, sporls edilors. "The Big Wheels." or beller known as lhe edilors-in-chief and managing edilors, are, lell lo, righf, Mike Curran and Marlha Terrill, slall lwog Judy Slewarl' and Denny Weaver, slall one. Pencils, erasers, paper and lypwrilers-all are lools used by Argen'line's iournalisls, localed in room 29 during lillh and sixlh hours. These I9 sludenls, all seniors, pul our I4 issues of lhe school paper, The Argenfian, including sev- eral special six-page eolilions. James Hammer is ad- visor lor 'rhe publicalion. THE NEWS DIGGERS Judy Couller, anl: Bill Brookshire and Benny Bean, pholographers: examine 'lhe new camera. darkroom assisf- James Hammer poinfs oul a laully lead lo a group of reporlers. From lefl lo righl are Virginia Correa, Phyllis Ross, Theresia Mc- Callop. Mr. Hammer, advisor: Larry Gibson and Shirley Kiser. Donna Hayes Eddie McKee Hulah Banlrhead ArT EdiTor SporTs EdiTor AssisTanT EdiTor l -lUdY Coullef T Theresia McCallop Phyllis Ross SeI'llOI' Edll'OI' Clegg ECliT0r THE AcTiviTies EdiTor Slfl"leY Klsef EdiTor-in-chief FIFTY-NINER DuplicaTe copies . . . page layouTs . . . running heads . . . hisTorical pasT . . . blown-up negaTives-These are iusT some oT AT The righT are Gene Spalding and Roland Mosher, co-business managers. PicTured aT The leT'T are Mike Curran and Virginia Correa, copy ediTors. Enlarging picTures are Benny Bean, leTT, and Bill Brookshire. phoTographers. The many expressions which became parT OT The annual sTaTT's everyday vocabulary as a direcT resulT of "behind The scene" work on The yearbook. The I9 boys and girls in This exTracurricular acTiviTy puT in "hundreds" oT hours' work in producing The V959 MusTang. From The smallesT iTem To The largesT, The sTaTT Tinally co-ondinaTed The Tour secTions inTo The IOO-page annual, packed wiTh new ideas and innovaTions. VauniTa Rusco is The yearbook advisor. Annual sTaiT members look aT yearbooks Trom oTher schools for layoui ideas. BACK ROW. leTT To righT: Larry Seddon, Denny Weaver, assisTanT sporTs: MarTha Terrill, evenTs: VauniTa Rusco, advisory Norman Waiiley, TaculTy. FRONT ROW: Julia Mullins, KaThy Peer, academics: Judy STewarT, royalTy: Larry Gibson, assisTanT business manager. LEADER HIPI ACTIO Sponsoring a war orphan Tor The second sTraighT year was one of The projecTs oT The l958-59 STudenT council. The annual ChrisTmas Tormal, The Snow Ball, was presenTed by The council, and oTher acTiviTies included The guesT appearances oT members on TV Teen Town, a local Television show. Also, The STudenT council conTinued The "Traveling Trophy," which is awarded every six-week's period To The senior high homeroom wiTh highesT scholasTic average. Sponsored by Firman Mall, The council's purpose is To TosTer beTTer relaTions beTween The sTudenT body, The TaculTy and The admin- isTraTion. I--D ASC N A look Toward The TuTure seems To be The expression of The-I958-59 STudenT council oTTicers. LeTT To righT are Eddie McKee, presidenT1 Mike Curran, vice- presidenT: Sally BrighTwell, secreTaryg and Jack Ellis, Treasurer. BACK ROW: H. Snyder, J. Ellis, J. Mullin, D. Wolf, F. lngels, Warner, N. WaiTley, G. Hankins, B. Madison, H. Moberly, B. Jenkins F. Mall. sponsor, SECOND ROW: N. Newberry, M. Cox, J. Pringle, J. Holmes, C. Ford, P. Long, J. Holland, J. Shubaugh, P. Hannahan S. Kiser, N. Johnson, M. Wolf. FRONT ROW: C. Rumage, J. Walker, D. Waugh, S. Colclasure. M. LaTTin, M. Terrill, N. McCracken. B PurinTon. J. Adkins, M. Curran. STANDING: E. McKee. BACK ROW, Iefi' Io righI': A. Neild, R, Bellman, J. Young, H. Quick, M. Brizendine, J. Turney. SECOND ROW: B. Wilding, J. Adkins K. Amayo, E. Holland, G. Wrighl. FRONT ROW: S. Fry, C. Fabian, L. Crain, V. House, C. Nickum, M. Davis, C. S'fewar'I'. JU IOR LEGISLATURE Leading The Junior High Sfudeni' council are Ihese four freshman beaufies. From Ieff 'Io righf are Andra Neild, vice-presidenig Kalhy Amayo, secrefaryz Linda Crain, Treasurer: Sharon Fry, presidenl. This page sponsored by Monday morning, room 2OI-Sharon Fry, presidenl of +he Junior High Sludeni' council, calls oui, "The meeiing will now come Io order." So s'rar'Is anoiher meeiing for 'rhe 24 iunior high members represeniing Jrheir re- speciive homerooms. Under 'rhe sponsorship of Randall Dunn, Ihe siudenr council has sponsored 'rhe scholar- ship Irophy for iunior high homerooms and hasheld various pariies. Among 'Ihe mosi' imporiani proiecis was Jrhe coniribuiion of SIOO 'Io CARE. Each one dollar provides for 22 pounds of food. The recipienr couniries were Colombia, Germany, Iran and Yugo- slavia. Leaders of 'Ihe iunior high governing body are Sharon Fry, president Linda Crain, Treas- urer: Ka'I'hy Amayo, secre'I'ary1 and Andra Neild, vice-president HARSHBARGER'S DRY GOODS FINKEMEIER BAKERY EARL'S MOBIL SERVICE E. W. BRUNK, INSURANCE 34-I7 Slrong 3IO5 Slrong 3503 Sfrong 3204 Sirong T T BACK ROW: M. 6arlingTon, Cherie SouThwell, insTrucTor: From leTT To righT are C. J. Olander, insTrucTorg J. MonTeil, R. Davidson N, McCracken, Verna l-lorTon, insTrucTor: S. Colclasure. J. Madrigal, P. BiTTner, L. Akers and Tom FiTzgerald, insTrucTor. Parallel FRONT ROW: T. CasTillo, M. Campos. These senior leaders To The girl senior leaders, These boys help keep records and Take charge assisTed The girls' gym insTrucTors in class work. of classes when necessary. ASSISTS, SELLS, OPERATE l-li-Y members, Trom leTT To righT, H. PurinTon, E. MeTz, K. KnowlTon, l. Hurd R. House, J. Adkins and Bill Todd, spon: sor, look over The year's records. The main projecT oT The l-li-Y is operaTing The used book ex- change aT The beginning oT each school Term. Bill Todd sponsors The group, wiTh KenT KnowlTon as presidenT and Eddie MeTz as secreTary- Treasurer. STudying various phases oT radio and elecTronics and learning The Morse code were some oT The imporTanT acTiviTies oT The RadioTronics club, which is under The sponsorship oT Jasper Simpson. The purpose oT The club is To promoTe amaTeur radio and To help members obTain a license in radio. OTTicers were Jack STone, presidenT: Emory Mullins, vice-presidenT: Eugene Beard, secreTary: and James Warner, Treas- urer. LeTT To righT are Jasper Simpson, sponsor: J. STone, M. Brizendine. J. O'Neal, E. Beard. D. O'Dell, J. Ward, E. Mullins and R. Warner. TEACHERS, NURSES, ARTISTS Wy M . it .4 BACK ROW: K. Houfs, L. Hufchison, J. Sfewarf, J. Wrighf, G Aye, K. Bryson, S. Shirley, C. Kroenke. SECOND ROW: T. Mc- Callop, l. Lawson, S. Kiser, D. Hayes, M. Friberg, M. Wolf, K. Peer. B. Mullin. FRONT ROW: T. McCallop, P. Hughes, G. Ward J. Wax, H. Bankhead, J. McKee, G. Bradford, sponsor. Touring Providence hospifal was of parficular in- feresf fo fhe members of fhe Fufure Nurses club. Dur- ing fheir four fhey were also shown fhe living quarfers for fhe sfudenf nurses. Heading fhe acfivifies are Mary Barbour, presi- denfg Judy Coulfer, vice-presidenf: Judy Walker, sec- refaryg Hulah Bankhead, corresponding secrefaryg and Joyce Holland, freasurer. Two girls, Mary Barbour and Mary Jo Campos, have applied for nursing scholarships offered by fwo local hospifals. Hosfing fhe annual meefing of all Kan- sas Cify, Kansas, F.T.A. clubs was one of fhe year's 'highlighfs for fhe Argenfine Fufure Teachers, sponsored by Gladys Congdon and Guy Bradford. One of fhe mosf imporfanf feafures of F.T.A. is fhe sfudenf feaching done by members af local elemenfary schools. Officers were Geraldine Aye, presidenfp Judy Sfewarf, vice-presidenf: and Donna Hayes, secrefary-freasurer. BACK ROW: J. Walker, N. Johnson, J. Sfewarf, N. McCracken, M. Campos, M. Terrill. SECOND ROW: N. Gray, M. Wilson, M. Lopez, D. Ulmer, D. Domin- quez, M. Barbour. FRONT ROW: J. Holland, P. Ross, P. Miller, H. Bankhead, J. Coulfer, K. Peer. BACK ROW: M. Samuels, M. Laffin, J. Sferner, C. Hoover, W. Ricks, R. Davis. SECOND ROW: J. McLain Silkscreening -H16 D Hernandez, B. Banks, M. Horfon, C. Holmes, J. Arnold, B. Alsfon. FRONT ROW: Mary Sfeinbuchel, spon felf arm banners for fhe pep club sweaf- A ers, making fhe Snow Ball decorafions, and leffering and painf- ing fhe vividly col- ored posfers for fhe various plays and pro- grams were some of fhe fasks performed by fhe Arf club mem- bers. Leaders of fhis year's acfivifies were Donna Hayes, presi- denfg Beffy Banks vice-presidenfg Elaine Grimes, secrefaryg and Janice Schlei- cher, freasurer. Mary Sfeinbuchel, sponsor, led fhe club fhrough ifs sixfh year. sor, J. Thomas, E. Grimes, D. Wesf, S. Frazier, J. McCall, J. Schleicher, D. Hayes. SafeTy club. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: L. HuTchison, M. LaTTin, E. Venis, T. MaTThews, B Jenkins, M. LenTz, J. STewarT, M. Holwick. THIRD ROW: D. Waugh, N. Johnson, K. Peer, S Kiser, S. MeTz, P. Miller, I. Lawson, J. Adkins. SECOND ROW: J. Bond, S. Frazier, J. Holland WiTh nearly 40 members, The SaTeTy club ended iTs TirsT Tull year oT acTiviTy This spring. The club, Tormecl in The inTeresT oT TraTTic saTeTy, was sponsored by T. I. MaT- Thews. ImporTanT among The club's acTiviTies was The inauguraTion oT a saTeTy posTer conTesT in which prizes Tor TirsT, second and Third places were awarded. This year's TirsT prize wenT To Donald Rios, senior. OTTicers were Bob Jenkins, presidenT, Karen I"IouTs, vice-presi- denTg Michele I-Iolwick, correspond- ing secreTaryg and Jerry Adkins, Treasurer. 1. J. Thomas, L. Cox, B. Mullin, E. Grimes, D. Marvin. FRONT ROW: J. McKee, J. McCall, ci Ford, K. I-IouTs, G. Howser, K. Brewer, M. Venis, T. I. MaTThews, sponsor. SAFETY A D ATHLETICS Selling TooTbaII, baske+baII and Track pencils wiTh The cor- responding schedules prinTed on Them was one oT The acTiviTies oT The "A" club. The 34 mem- bers also planned The annual "A" club dinner and dance. The "A" club, sponsored by Fred Kohl, Bob Allison and Bill Todd, is organized To en- courage beTTer reIaTions be- Tween The school adminisTraTion and aThIeTes. OTTicers were J. E. LaTTin, presidenT: Harry Moberly, vice- presidenT: Kenny Sears, secre- Tary-Treasurerg and Jerry Van- MeTe r, se rgea nT-aT-a rms. "A" club. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: H. Moberly, B. STockman, D. Lovelace, B. Jenkins, H. Rus- sell, J. Gipson, L. Williamson, R. Ashlock, J. VanMeTer. THIRD ROW: J. LaTTin, C. Kilgore G. I-Iankins, A. Lawler, G. Spalding, K. Sears, J. Brown, N. WaiTIey, B. SmiTh. SECOND ROW D. McWilliams, J. Mullin. J. GunTher, L. Seddon, G. GOTT, D. Crane, S. Summers, J. Bankheacl J. Nickum, J. Caudron. FRONT ROW: Fred Kohl, sponsor: E. McKee, J. Dobson, L. Burgess N. Lewis, L. Akers, T. Lowe, B. Davidson, J. Summers, Bob Allison and Bill Todd, sponsors. PROJECT PLANN ERS BACK ROW, lefi' io righi: P. Buckman, M. LaHin, N. McCracken, J. Thompson, S. Nickerson, M. Hol wick, M. Garlingion, G. Aye. THIRD ROW: J. Walker, P. Miller, L. Huichison. J. Schleicher, M. Nelson S. Me+z, J. Neece, N. Johnson. SECOND ROW: B. Maxim, M. Wolf, J. Sioblom, D. Sirickland I. Lawson, P. Long, K. Houis, J. Thomas. FRONT ROW: Pa'Hi Sankee, sponsor: J. Holmes, J. Crain, N. Newberry, N. Kiser, J. Bond, E. Sides, J. Coulier, P. Ross. Selling various kinds of candy and gum ai' The home baskeiball games is one of 'rhe maior proi- ecis of ihe 72 member Y-Teens. As a commu- niiy service proieci, 'rhe Y-Teens sponsored one oi +he buses 'ro iake Ar- geniine siudenis io Jrhe I-lealih cenier for 'rheir polio shois. The Y-Teens, which is a Chrisiian service or- ganizaiion and a branch of Jrhe Y.W.C.A., is sponsored by Paiii San- kee. Leaders for Jrhe year i958-i959 were Geral- dine Aye, president Ju- dy Walker, vice-presi- denig Sharon Shirley, secreiaryg and Sharon Nickerson, Treasurer. BACK ROW, leff 'ro righiz S. Kiser, J. Miller, K. Brewer, P. Hannahan, N. Saragusa, D. Marvin, C. Ford, K. Peer. THIRD ROW: S. Frazier, J. Shubaugh, D. Ulmer, C. Kroenke, S. Shirley, C. Rice, J. Rumage, M. Wilson. M. Lin'I'on, B. Weddersirand. McCall, M. Friberq. SECOND ROW: D. Vance. T. McCallop, L. Williams, E. Grimes, T. Wacker, J. Wax, A. Lunn, P. Hughes. FRONT ROW: M. Whiie, G. Ward, J.' McKee, N. Gray, M. Venis, C. This page gponggred by ARGENTINE SAVINGS AND LOAN 3004 Sirong K, C., Kansas K BACK ROW, lefT To righT: T. CasTillo, C. Kroenke, J. Crain, N. Saragusa, P. Hannahan, N. Newberry, K. HouTs. N. Kiser, J. CoulTer, D. Ulmer, J. Holmes, J. Pringle, P. Lillick, E. Sides. THIRD ROW: L. Updegraff, S. Mc- Millan, J. McLain, B. VenTura, D. STaggs, J. McCall, S. STewarT, S. Shirley, C. Lovelace, T. STephens, W. Powell, A. King, M. Cox. SECOND ROW: M. STrong, E. Grimes, P. Ross, C. Ford, J. Todd, I. Rios, D. Marvin. K. Brewer, C. Rice, L. Vidauri, M. Madrigal, D. Seclcinger. FRONT ROW: Cherie SouThwell, sponsor: A. Abarca, F. CasTro, S. Herman, C. Page, N. Gray, M, Wilson, J. Miller, G. HouTs, M. Venis, J. McKee, K. Amayo, H. Bucher, D. Moore, C. Abarca, J. CasTro, Verna Horfon, sponsor. SPORTS ENTHLISIASTS I ACK ROW, leTT To righT: D. Brown, M. LaTTin, N. McCracken, S. Wilson, S. Colclasure, J. STewarT, S. Nick- rson, J. Thompson, N. HarTTord, J. STerner, M. GarlingTon, G. Aye, P. Buckman. THIRD ROW: D. Clark, . Thomas, C. Spencer, J. Messinger, S. MeTz, M. Terrill, L. Hibbard, K. Bryson, J. Tague, J. WaTkins. M avis, D. SmiTh, A. Neild. SECOND ROW: R. Hood. J. Thomas, B. Maxim, M. Campos, J. Bond, L. Huichison . Nelson, N. Mank, Rf Schenewerlc, N. Chandler, N. Johnson, F. ManTooTh. FRONT ROW: D. Hayes, S. Kiser . Davidson. l. Lawson, S. Frazier, E. Chance, B. Mullin, D. Waugh, P. Long, L. Cox, K. Peer, J. Holland. This page sponsored by WARREN MCCAMISH l229 SouTh 42nd K. C., Kansas The Girls' ATh- leTic associaTion is conducTed To creaTe inTeresT in girls' aTh- leTics by giving Them The opporTuni- Ty To parTicipaTe in various sporTs and acTiviTies. . Volleyloall, bas- lceTball, swimming and baseball are some oT The TeaT- .ured sporTs. The girls also sponsor The annual ValenTine dance. OTTicers are Ju- dy Lynn iSTewarT, president Donna Hayes., vice-presi- denT: Irene Lawson, secreTary: and PaT Long,' Treasurer. Verna l"lorTon and Cherie SouTl'iwell, gym Teachers, are The sponsors. CNWARDJXRGE TI E - - . . , 4-f MusTang club. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: M. Holloway, N. Chandler, D. Clark, M. Nelson, J. Schleioher, S. MeTz, V. VochaTzer, S. Lindsey, J. McCurdy, M. King. THlRD ROW: T. SmiTh, L. Cox, I. Lawson, J. Walker, N. Mank, J. STanclish, R. Schenewerk, S. McDaniel, D. Waugh, S. CasTeel. SECOND ROW: J. McCall, R. Green, B. Maxim, J. Holland, S. Shirley, C. Kroenke, C. David- son, S. Frazier, R. VanBuskirk, J. Neece. FRONT ROW: G. l-lowser. J. Sioblom, J. Wax, C. Rice, N. Newberry, S. Burge, J. Arnold, J. Bond. J. Shubaugh, C. Rumage, Don RoberTson, sponsor. "The rumba, The Conga, The iiTTerbug, Too. Come on, Team, we're swinging wiTh you!" This is parT oT a cheer very Tamiliar To The 234 senior high pep club members. Led by Don Crane, presidenTg Arla King, vice-presiclenTg Marlene GarlingTon, secreTary: and Nancy Kiser, Treasurer, ArgenTine's MusTangs Tollow The school's Teams Through "Thick and Thin." Jasper Simpson is sponsor and Don RoberTson and STeve Archer are co-sponsors. "Men Are Like STreeTcars" was This year's MusTang play. 1 xx T7-ly, I '--L l-Y I-.-J .-L l ....s? ix MusTang club. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: J. STerner L. Burgess, M. l'lolwick, J. Priddy, S. Nickerson, J STewarT. J. Thompson, S. Wilson, J. Mullin, J. Bank- head. FOURTH ROW: E. Venis, C. Weldon, D. Mc- Williams, D. BeemonT, M. LaTTin, M. GarlingTon, G Aye, T. Lowe, R. Crew, B. PurinTon. THlRD ROW: E McKee, J. McCarTy, N. Johnson, J. Wake, J. Adkins E. Merz, B. Salser, L. l-luTchison, L. Akers, J. Dobson SECOND ROW: L. Hibbard, D. Baker, M. Robinson P. Buckman, M. Campos, K. Bryson, M. MonTgomery P. Miller, M. Rumage, M. Terrill, Jasper Simpson sponsor. FRONT ROW: P. Long. K. l-louTs, J. Thomas N. McCracken, D. Ulmer. 4 Musiang club. BACK ROW, lefr 'ro righiz D. Wyriclc, W. Carier, A. King, S. Summers, T. Barlow, J. Coulier, D. Vance, B. Brubaker. THIRD ROW: N. Kiser, S. Weems, K. Whire, W. Taylor, J. Miller, P. Miller, J. McCall, T. CasIiIIo, M. Wolf. SECOND ROW: J. Todd, S. McKee, S. Miller, J. Crain, J. Piclcarslci, M. Lopez, R. Corfon, E. Grimes. FRONT ROW: M. Cox, B. Mullin, K. Peer, P. Hanna- han, D. Hayes, S. Kiser, J. Holmes, N. Saragusa, J. Pringle, Sieve Archer, sponsor. E'LL TA D UP FOR YOU Musrang club. BACK ROW, lefr Io righiz J. Horion, H. Moberly, B. Sioclcman, D. Wuih, L. Williamson, R. Ashlock. D. Lovelace, J. VanMe'rer, A. Lawler, T. Marfhews. THIRD ROW: G. Spalding, 6. Hankins, R. Moriiz, L. Prince, J. Marshall, C. Siroud, H. Linron, C. Jeffries, B. Smifh, G. Goff. SECOND ROW: J. Caudron, J. Sione, B. Brook- shire, R. Madden, D. Magnenar, J. Hensley, B. Madison, M. Lenrz, J. Simpson, N. Waiiley. FRONT ROW: J. Bur- ris, B. Dean, G. Marbie, D. Crane, S. Summers, J. Nickum, J. LaHin, J. Mon+eil, M. Wade, K. KnowI+on. Musrang club. BACK ROW, lei? fo righiz M. Wingeri, M. Hiles, D. Dom- inquez, F. Holland, S. Fass, M. Venis, M. Wilson, D. Seckinger. THIRD ROW: G. Ward, L. Updegraff, S. McMillan, E. Sides, I. Rios, V. Correa, S. Sreele, D. Hernandez, R. Por+er. SECOND ROW: M. Whiie, N. Gray, H. Bankhead, P. Ross, T. McCallop, P. Hughes, A. Lunn, M. Linion. FRONT ROW: P. Minnix, C. Ford, D. Marvin, K. Brewer, J. McKee. fi.. fi, fig! 9 sw. M? Coll club. BACK ROW, lell lo riqlnl: D. Hale, N. Sniffer, R3 Wood, L. Anderlon, C. Landrellw, D. Leiker, L. Blylhe, J. Smillw, M. Per- kins. THIRD ROW: W. Powell, F. Toeneboehn, R. Serviss, N. Franklin, J. Sparks, S. Slewarl, E. Johnson, M. Brizendine, D. Hammer. SECOND ROW: A. Clyma, J. McLain, R. Todd, S. McDaniel, L. Crain, L. Ogle, K. Tiplon, P. Aye, 6. Houls. FIRST ROW: Bess Williile, sponsor: D. Cooper, D. Huff, L. Conerd, L. Carroll, C. Page, T. VanLandingl'1an, K. Amayo, L. Scharnhorst PEPSTERS CHEERED JU ICR Coll club. BACK ROW, lefl 'ro righlz S. Mallhew, J. Sieflens, A. Sie-war? C. Moore J. Walson, R. Nickum. K. Lewallen. FOURTH ROW: C. Sfeplwenson, P. Easley, B Purinfon, J. Williamson, M. Pearson. S. Evalf, S. Woods. THIRD ROW: B. Colin, R Haag, L. Woolery, C. Barker, L. Franklin, C. Gower, A. Herod. SECOND ROW: N Howser. A. Lumpkin, W. McCamisl1, S. Jasler, D. Spalding, J. Barn, LaVerne Hoy: sponsor. FRONT ROW: C. Lovelace, T. S+epl'1ens, J. Brewer, D. Neild, J. Adkins, J. McCall, B. Venlura, D. Smillw. Vx . isilsi As liH'le broI'l1er is 'l'o big brollwer, so is l'l1e Coll' club To 'llie Muslang club. The Coll club is +he junior l'1igl1's answer lo +I1e senior lwigl1's Muslanq club. One hun- dred ninely-eiglfr members slrong pul Kallwy Amayo, president Janice Morrow, vice-presiden'l': Nancy Slwiffer, secrelary: and Cynlrhia Spencer, 'rreasurerg al' 'rhe reins. Club sponsors are Bess Will'iil'e, La Verne Hoy and Ronald Fiel. y HIGH TEAMS TO VICTORY Coll club. BACK ROW, lell +o righlz C. Robohn, J. Doyle. B. Mason, D. Kehr, R. Marshall, J. Purinlon. R. Riley, D. Ellis, G. Aulfhouse THIRD ROW: M. Gunn, R. Wallcins, M. Easley, C. Williams, J. Larson. H. McCall, J. Lawson, N. Harlforcl, D. Brown. SECOND ROW C. Spencer, J. Waikins, B. Olseen, B, French, B. Franklin, B. Manis, O. Swift J. Morrow, E. Sharp. FRONT ROW: S. Fry, G. Smilhers J. Tague, A. Neild, M. Davis, J. Turney, D. Slewarl, J, Messinger. l Coll' club. BACK ROW, lefl +o righfc S. Scoif, B. I-louis, G. McMillan, J. McKee, C. Fabian, R. Roller, S. Smilh. THIRD ROW: C. Page, A. DeLeon, E. Venis, C. Slewarl, N. Raiffeisen, V. Taylor, M. Dupuy. SECOND ROW: 6. Schleicher, R. Wesl, P. Huff, K. Wade, G. Boyle, J. Powell, J. Skubal. FRONT ROW: A. Wilson, D. Abernalhy, S. Hammer, B. I-laupf, N. Noland, R. Vergof. clulo. BACK ROW, lefl' 'ro righfz M. Herd, M. Spencer, T. Norwood, R. Mendez, H. Quick, R. Morgan. D. Dulhoo, L. Moore. L. THIRD ROW: F. Manfoolh, D. Sfaggs, C. Wingerf. C. Younger, S. Jacobson. W. Johnson, J. Leaf, C. Bush, B. Jones. SECOND R. Hood, C. Jones, V. House, K. Marvin, A. Ufler, R. VanSelous, K. Larson, C. Nickum, S, Tolby, N. Simmons. FRONT ROW: Dyer, K. Marler, D. Brizendine, R. Bellrnan, J. Cox, L. Wilding, R. Collins, J. Slerner. P. McCall, Ronald Fiel, sponsor THE N W ARRI ALS Guesf speakers, films, and a clin- ner parfy af fhe end of fhe Tironians' firsf year were among fhe acfivifies of fhe club. Under fhe sponsorship of Caro- lyn Marshall, fhe club sold carfridge pens and ink carfridges as fheir fund- raising proiecf. The club consisfs of senior girls enrolled in secrefarial fraining. Officers are lsabel Rios, presi- denf: Janef Manfoofh, vice-presi- denf: Maryann Whife, secrefaryg and Marlene Garlingfon, freasurer. Cheerful affer an ambifious work session, fhese Scribblers' club members grin for The shufferbug. BACK ROW: Mary Ann Laffin, Bill Madison. SEC- OND ROW: Jean Thomas, Windell Snow, Irene Lawson. FRONT ROW: Mari- lyn McGee, Elaine Grimes, Margaref Linfon, Judy Crain. A regular meefing found fhese Phofo lab members choosing fhe besf human- inferesf picfures. BACK ROW: Beffy Banks, Rose G-uffridge, Janice Schlei- cher. Benny Bean. FRONT ROW: Charles Weldon, Bill Brookshire, Mary Ridgway, Mary Ann Norfon. Tironian club. BACK ROW, leff fo righf: N. McCracken, J. McCall, M. Nelson, M. Weafhers, D. Clark, C. Kroenke. SECOND ROW: S. Brighfwell, B. Owens, S. Kiser, V. Correa, H. Bankhead. Carolyn Marshall, sponsor. FRONT ROW: l. Rios, J. Manfoofh, M. Whife, M. Garlingfon. To sfimulafe creafive wrifing, including poems, shorf sfories, essays and plays, is fhe major purpose of fhe Scribblers' club, newly formed This year underl fhe direcfion of Vaunifa Rusco. The group awards cerfifiafes fo winners in Argenfine l'ligh in each wrifing division. Leading fhe 20 members are Windell Snow presidenf: lrene Lawson, vice-presidenfg Bill Madi son, secrefaryg and Marilyn McGee, freasurer. Under fhe sponsorship of Vaunifa Rusco, fh Phofo lab was formecl in fhe inferesf of beffe phofography. Members learn fo recognize and us differenf parfs of fhe camera, fo fake picfures an fo develop fhem. Serving a valuable funcfion in fhe school, fh club helps frain phofographers for fhe paper an yearbook. Officers are Bill Brookshire, presidenf Charles Weldon, vice-presidenf: and Mary An Norfon, secrefary. l- TV Teen Town. MusTang cheerleaders lead The group in a cheer as an opening To The show. O 1 06 0,8 00.6 XX f' . slxxwix GC 6911? do X o 49 0' o Of 5- x Hb 6 of, O0 xo J' 05 96 we '11 6 OJKQ KO .Q 65, Qooogoe 'o Us 'Z cafe ArgenTine high school was The TeaTured guesT on TV Teen Town, a local Television show, on February 2l. The STudenT council arranged Tor The appearance and a commiTTee chose 26 couples To be on The show. Everyone had a good Time dancing in spiTe oT The very hoT lighTs. Jeanne Holmes and Milce Wade were The winners of The dance conTesT and walked away wiTh quiTe an array oT prizes. EVENTS AT A.H.S. BROUGHT l Balloons of various sizes. haTs oT every color. and noises of every descripTion are Typical characTerisTics oT ArgenTine high school's annual all-school carnival held on SepTember 30. Teachers, sTudenTs and Triends oT Argen- Tine co-operaTed To malce The evenT a success. Every or- ganizaTion in The school sponsored a loooTh. Top honors Tor rnalcing The mosT money wenT To The ColT club, who ponsored The jail. . Q5 Q96 ET K 50 Q odouooeo' 05560 'L QL oo fo Of .rx 09 'O ' 0 'bf "sow 90 Sox xx Oo, .r Q0 Q X, 0 0 0' f zo do - .. . , QQSN5' 0 Q 0' Carnival. STep r1ghT up and geT your haTs. ladies and genTle- .xxxoo x men" is The chanT given by Barlcer Gene Spalding. 73 Homecoming. Following lhe ieslivilies on +he hill, lhe Homecoming dance was held in ihe gym. Shown above al lhe dance are fhe queen, lwo of The ai- fendanis and lheir daies. Argen+ine's annual Homecoming cere- monies were held a+ Jrhe Argeniine high school siaclium during lhe half lime of ihe Argeniine-Shawnee Mission Easi ioolball game on Sepi. 26. For 'rhe iirsl Time The Homecoming queen and aiiendamis were chosen by 'rhe foorball squad and Jrhe slu- denr body. Smiles reflecl +he happiness of +he occasion as Noveia is crowned by Co-caplain J. E. Lallin. Co-ca plain Jerry Dob- son honors 'ihe queen wiih roses. ONCE IN A LIFETI E HAPPENINGS Pep assembly. Pep assemblies were held before almosi all home games and occasionally before away games. Cheers led by fhe cheerleaders, lively songs played by lhe pep band. and 'rhe ringing of lhe viciory bell helped fo encourage pep and enfhusiasm among The sludenls. , Wii? 5.5l?ixiiisii?sr QEs4?ia?iTii.Q,Ssisi5iSi?Zf'S'-Lili?-ifiiikiiixi S ,5,,.fi.:sm-H ,,,wi,g-MM.:ggi.:si-zgifeogggnwwxwf'..:eQew.w 'ggsmfwi-ffrfi-sw.:f,: :w.:r:iz::w:m::w, -zgszg. My-fe-ff,..,um,.w.,,is.eM..:.. .. ..--.. .Q,,,,,.JMM..,.r. , es,.-.,w ""f""- "Whoops! Your peTTicoaT shows."'These gay Parisian can-can dancers are, Trom leTT To righT, Mike Curran, Eddie McKee, Gene Spalding and Norman WaiTley. Hoof Hop, Bubble gum, rope beads and hilarious anTics were The props of This CharlesTon group. From leTT To righT are Gloria Ward, KaThy Peer, MarTha Terrill, Shirley Kiser and Hulah Bankhead. The Hoof Hop, sponsored by The annual sTaTT, was a new addiTion To ArgenTine's social IiTe OcTober 25. lnTermission enTerTainmenT was presenTed by TalenTed members oT The journalism class. A ' , M MA Y TREASURED MCMENTS A dance on April 3 seT oTT ArgenTine's annual Twirp week, which was held The Tol- lowing week, April 6-IO. During This Time, The normal cusTom -OT boys asking girls Tor daTes and paying all is reversed and A.l'l.S.'s "guys and gals" Took Tull advan- Tage oT The opporTuniTy. Janice Shubaugh isn'T so sure she likes carrying David Lovelace's books To class Tor him. A Twirp Week. "Here's anoiher book." J. E. LaTTin says To Marlene GarlingTon as Jerry l-lorTon and Bonnie Maxim smile approvingly. . FUN AND FOOLISHNESS Chez Headliner. The dancing was foo much for Judy Sneed's 'Fee'r as she dances wiih Mr. Yearbook Personaliiy, Norman Waiiley. A new addifion io Argen+ine's social swing on March 2l was 'rhe Chez l-leadliner sponsored According io Eddie and 'rhe Playboys, "Rock and Roll is here lo s'l'ay." The faculiy had as much fun as The sfudenfs as is shown by fhe dain'l'y laughier of Mr. Roberison and Mr. Filzgerlad. by l'he annual siaff. Eddie and The Playboys sup- plied 'ihe music for Argen1'ine's sludenls who enjoyed dancing in l'he almosphere of a French resfaurani. Norman Waiiley and Phyllis Ross were crowned Mr. and Miss Yearbook Person- ali+y. Hobo Jerry Adkins raies siifing beside Two liifle girls, Linda Hulchison and Jo- Ann Hayes. LiH'le girls, li'H'le boys. hoboes and "you name ii" can be seen in The halls of Argeniine during lhe an- nual Kid and Hobo day which was held on April l. The lvlusiang club sponsors This special fun day. Kid and Hobo Day. On Kid and Hobo day Argen'rine's own chain gang was 'Formed by ihese five senior girls. They are, from lefl +o right Judy Lynn Sfewarf, Marfha Ann Terrill, Donna Rae Hayes, Kalhy Peer and Carolyn Rumage.. A never-lo-be-l:orgo'Hen eve- ning was enioyed by Carolyn and her dale, Jerry VanMe+er. Snow Ball. Eddie McKee, presidenf of lhe Sludenf council, crowns lhe queen. The camera calches some 'Talkers as well as dancers ai' 'the Snow Ball dance. Pink angels and angel hair decoralecl lhe Town Hall ballroom for Argen+ine's annual Snow Ball on Dec. 22. The arf classes and woodworking classes and +he Sludenir council, who sponsored 'rhe dance, combined 'rheir ralenis 'ro make 'lhe gala affair a success. THRILLSA D ERIOLISNESS Chrisimas assembly. Through 'the combined efioris of The inslrumenlal, vocal and dramalics deparlmenis, The siudenls of Argenline high school were presenled wilh an inspiralional Chrisimas assembly on Dec. 23. The Chrisimas slory was por- lrayed by sl'udeni's.from 'rhe dramalics classes while appropriafe music was eilher sung or played by members of 'Phe vocal deparlmenl and orcheslra. E E DEA GR TO BUILD SporTs aT ArgenTine reached iTs zeniTh in The l92O's. AT ThaT Time The aThleTic Teams under The coaching oT L. L. WaTT aTTained an amazing record. Over a six year period The TooTball Team compiled a record oT 52 wins againsT 8 losses: The baslceTball Team, I34 wins To 23 losses. The roundballers played a' schedule consisTing oT neighboring high schools and Teams Trom Kan- sas CiTy. Kansas, Junior College. The sTeel planT and The Rosedale American Legion PosT. Games were posTponed Tor such reasons as darkness, snow sTorms. rain and someTimes Tor Tuner- als. A TooTball game wiTh Bonner Springs was called oTT because oT a polio epidemic. Up unTil l93O all TooTball games were played in The dayTime. eiTher on SaTurday or Sunday aTTernoons. The TirsT nighT game was againsT WyandoTTe on Their Tield. The TooTball sTadium was Tinished in l938 aT The cosT oT S4-0.000. lTs seaTing capaciTy is 2.700. The sTadium was TirsT lighTed by Tour 65 TooT Towers. Each Tower supporTs 7-IOOO waTT bulbs. During The lasT year The sTadium's lighTing TaciliTies were increased. The dressing rooms also re- ceived a compleTe Tace liTTing. The early sporTs programs consisTed oT TooTball, Track, baslceTball and baseball. As Time wenT on, Tennis and golT were added To The curriculum. The program now consisTs oT TooTball, baslceT- ball and Traclc. I THRGLIGH PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT 7 FOOTBA K 7 BASKETB gf 5 TRACK ...... k MLISTANGS CHALK LIP Leading The MusTangs Tor The i958 season were These senior co-capTains, J. E. LaTTin, leTT, and Jerry Dobson. A win sTarTed The ArgenTine TooTball season rolling as The MusTangs deTeaTed arch rival Turner, I2-7. On suc- ceeding Fridays The MusTangs played Tive grid powers in The sTaTe. Shawnee Mission EasT. Shawnee Mission NorTh. LeavenworTh. WyandoTTe and Ward. The coaches and boys didn'T give up as They played The games one by one. An impressive showing in deTeaT againsT Sumner and a decisive win over WashingTon raised The somewhaT dampened spiriTs oT The Team. The season was rounded ouT wiTh a scoreless Tie on a rain soaked Tield againsT The EasT Kansas League cham- pions. Rosedale WildcaTs. The varsiTy TooTbalI players and coaches are shown below. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: G. Spalding. J. Bankheacl, J. LaTTin. C. STroud. C. Kilgore, D. Hurd, R. Ashloclc. B. STockman. R. Brown, J. HorTon, J. VanMeTer. G. Hankins. SECOND ROW: L. Akers. M. Curran, J. Caudron, J. Dobson, S. Summers. D. Crane, J. Niclcum. G. GOTTT, N. WaiTley. J. Mullin, L. Seddon, B. SmiTh, L. Burgess, N. Lewis, E. McKee. R. Davidson. FRONT ROW: T. FiTzgerald, backfield coach: Gr. Clohecy, B-Team coach: R. Allison. head coach: R. Dunn, line coach. 80 SCOREBOARD Mrgenfine I2 Turner ......... 7 S. M. Easl' ,A,. 6 S. lvl. Norllw ..... 6 Leavenworl'l1 ,,,... O Wyandolle ....Y.. O Ward ,........ 7 Sumner ,..,... B2 Washinglon ..... O Rosedale ......Y. 2-6- I SEASON RECORD 7 s,,.....2l ......s.4O .......,26 .....,,,46 ....,...3l I 3 ...,....2O O Randall Dunn, line coach, explains a new play 'ro fhe olher varsify coaches. Lell' +0 rigl1+ are Tom Filigerald, Randall Dunn. Bob Allison and Gene Clohecy. Argenline halflaaclc. Jack Gipson, is sfopped by a Leavenworfh player. LARRY SEDDON LARRY BURGESS NOTE LEWIS DON CRANE SHOW DETERMINATIO NORMAN WAITLEY DAVID LOVELACE A Oul' of 75 boys oul for loolloall, lhese 24 formed lhe nucleus of lhe Mus- lang leam and were awarded lellers al lhe loolball loanquel November 25. J. E. Lallin was named lo lhe Kansas Cily Jr lcl ll ll l L - . . . Two Muslang ac ers a emp o sop a eav Stars All-CIW Fwd Team. enworlh ball-carrier. 4 t L TW GENE SPALDING J E A LARRY wsLLlAMsoN l-lead coach Bob Allison explains new slralegy during halllime inlerrnisslon. JOHN NICKUM JERRY DOBSON GARY HANKINS JACK CAUDRON JEROME OUNTHER BOB DAVIDSON JERRY MULLIN BiLL STOCKMAIXI SAM SUMMERS BARRY SMITH GROVER GOEF AND TEAM SPIRIT Sophomore squad members. BACK ROW, IQII Io riqI1I: K. Harding. B. Haddock. G. Brower. R. Webb, J. HaII, D. Smifln, J. Wake, B, Todd, coach. SECOND ROIN: R. House. R. Ereruf, M. Morris. J, Rurinfori. T. Regan, R. Pock. FRONT ROW: J., Reqnu., C. HuIIurn, E. Herd J. McDanieI, W. Mobley. LLOYD AKERS Barry SmiII1, Argentine back, aI- Iernpfs To bring down Dave Pe-Iers, Shawnee Mission Easr Cerner, who has iusf infercepfed a pass. W EDDIE MQKEE TOM LOWE JERRY VANMETER MUSTANGS POST SLIRPRISING VARSITY TEAM-BACK ROW, leff +o righfz F. Kohl, head coach: L. Bale, assis+an+ coach. FIFTH ROW: J. Summers, man- ager: A. Lawler, G. Clyma, R. Honh, manager. FOURTH ROW: B. Smifh. D. Lovelace, 6. Brower, O. Brown. THIRD ROW: G. Hankins, B. Haddock, J. Gipson. H. Moberly. SECOND ROW: B. Jenkins, H. Russell. FRONT ROW: K. Sears. I958-I959 REGULAR SEASON SCOREBOARD Argenfine 3l Shawnee Norlh ..,..,. ...,, 4 5 40 Rosedale ,.,....,,,. .,,. 3 2 60 Sumner ,,,,.,, ,..,, 4 4 67 Lawrence .,.,,,. ,.,,, 4 7 57 Rosedale ...,.,s, ,..,. 4 0 65 Olalhe .,.,........ ,,,,,, 4 2 54 Wyando'He .,..,,.. .,... 5 7 60 Turner ............ .,,,, 3 9 63 Ward ,........,,..,,, ,,,,, 7 O 85 Shawnee Easl .,,,,,, .,,,, 5 5 77 Leavenworlh ...... ,,,,, 6 6 46 Sumner .....v. ,,,,, 4 5 6l Rosedale ..,..... ..,,, 5 2 70 Ward ..,...,.., ,,,,. 5 6 48 Pem-Day .....,., ,,,,, 3 7 48 Wyandolle ........ ,,,,, 6 2 74 Olalhe .....,., .,,,. 5 4 62 Turner ...... ,,,,, 5 4 I068 897 Bob Jenkins slnlcs Iwo poinls while Mike Pelerson l35l and Mike Orendac l30l of Ward l'ry l'o oul'-posi+ion Jack Gipson for +he rebound. I4-4 'SEASONS RECORD SOPHOMORE TEAM-BACK ROW, leTT To righT: R. Dunn coach: R. Pock, E. MeTz, T. Regan, K. KnowlTon, J. Regan, li - Herd, M. Lenh, manager. FRONT ROW: M. Wade, C. Hullum, D. RoberTs, R. Webb, J. McDaniels. Jack Gipson, MusTang Torward, and Merle Harms sTreTch on a rebound, while John McQuiTTy l2IJ of Rosedale screens off ArgenTina's Herman Russell and Rosedale's Dave WaTlcins. "B" squad members are shown below. BACK ROW, leTT To righT: R. OrTiz, J. Mendez, G. Young. G. Brower, T. MaTThews, F. Pace, P. RoberTs. FRONT ROW: N. Lewis, L. Bale, coach: C. JeTTries, G. Clyma. ATTer a slow sTarT againsT Shawnee Mission NorTh, The MusTangs, led by Head Coach Fred Kohl, racked up Tive sTraighT vicTories beTore losing To WyandoTTe by Three poinTs. LasT year's disappoinTing 6-I6 season was buried under The I4 impressive vicTories. The Ponies added OlaTheiTo Their schedule Tor The TirsT Time, deTeaTing Them Twice. The MusTangs also had anoTher "TirsT" To Their crediT. They deTeaTed Pem-Day Tor The TirsT Time in Their Tour year rivalry. Many ArgenTine rooTers TelT Thai' The besT game oT The regular season was The 70-56 win over Ward. 85 NINE A ARDED LETTERS OTIS BROWN Ken Sears scores 'rwo poin+s on a 'Fancy lay-up while 'Two Ola+he players look on. i 1 JACK GIPSON DAVID LOVELACE Tension mounfs during 'the championship game of 'The regionals wifh Sumner. SEARS AND MGBERLY CO-CAPTAINS These boys formed The varsi'ry squad Thai enioyed one of Jrhe besi seasons in fhe his'rory of Argenline. They worked ioqeiher as a fieam wiih no one player carrying +he load. Bob Jenkins, Ken Sears and Herman Russell all finished +he season wifh be+'rer Than I3 poin'r.aver- ages, while Jack Gipson and Gary Hanlcins also sporled heal'rhy averages. - GARY HANKINS ALBERT LQWLER JO L P KEN SEARS I , HERMAN RUSSELL 2 A ,vCM4?J ygakf 06 ywgwwf 5 cb JLC6167 Q05 V0 X , 1 00 !Ozw.u-J? LM, QlljMW"6fi H , Q 33", , or i Ml K'lNl',fH,g'f' l' YJ lffg x 'vw U06 f J ly '- X f E su . .f E ' , as YN Q L-,g , xfb' f PJ' QUKW' y ff, Ay H ryan E ,l E 'ff H' la, ll I sos JENKINS f .fr -E QQ' -E- E' N ' , HARRY MOBERLY 87 E Three iuniors, Gary Hankins lI2l, Bob Jenkins lI4l and Jack Gipson l2Il, and Ed McConwell, Shawnee Norlh, baffle for a rebound as Bill Frick llefrl and S+an Gifford 'lry ro ge'r in lhe game. SECOND I REGIO Herman Russell, Argeniine cenfer, goes high in fhe air for fwo poinis as James Hill 1549, Sumner, slands by bewildered. James Hill l54l of Sumner srrains lo haul in a rebound while Alverns Marlin l25l, Sumner, and Bob Jenkins look on. H e r m a n Russell l4I l. Bob Jenkins lI4l and Jack Gip- son l2ll cinch an- o'l'her rebound in +he firsi' game of +he regionals agains1'O'r- +awa. ALS Co-favored wifh Ward +0 win 'rhe regional 'rournamenf held a+ Shaw- nee Mission Norlh. March 4. 6, 7, Argenrine won H's firsl +wo games wiih OHawa and Shawnee Mission Norlh wi'rh liHle frouble, buf los'r an over- l'ime +hriller +o dark horse Sumner 72-69. Sumner had beaien Ward 'lhe nighl' before in an upsef. Afrer +railing 'rhe en'rire game, Sumner launched a las+ dilrch ef'For'r which broughl 'lhem 'l'o a 63 poinl' lie wilh 30 seconds remaining in fhe game. The overfime saw a de+ermined Sumner gain viclory. Argenrine disposed of O'r+awa wifh no Jrrouble, building a big half-lime lead and 'rhen coasling The resl ol The way 'For a 66-45 win 'rhe lirsr round. Shawnee Norrh posed more of a challenge, puffing up a raiher sliff baH'le 'for +hree quariers before succumbing 63-55. TRACK DEVELOPS SKILL TRACK TEAM-BACK ROW, lef'r +o right R. Webb, D. Weaver, B. S+ockman, C. Kilgore, R. Ashlock, L. Main, L. Williamson, P. Roberts. SECOND ROW: E. Mefz, E. Morilz, J. Regan, R. Emerf, D. Odell, N. Holloway, J. Adkins, N. Waifley, J. LaHin, F. Ingles, J. McHenry, D. Hurd. FRONT ROW: D. Fosier, J. Niclzum, C. VanDylce, E. Herd, T. Lowe, G. Aulfhouse, J. Puringfon, J. Gunfher. R. House. K. Harding. STANDING ARGENTINE TRACK RECORDS High l-lurclles-Mairs, I 5.0 ,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,...,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,, l00 Ycl. Dash-Richardson, 9.9 ,,,,,.,. ,,,,,,. Mile Run--Beilman, 4:3O.I .......... ,.,..,. 440 Yd. Dash-Ash, .50 ..............,.., .,..., . l80 Ycl. L. Hurdles--Aiman, 20.9 .,,,... ,,,,,,, 880 Yd. Run-Cook, 2:04.l ,.,.....,.,. ...,,.. Pole Vaul'r-HiaH, ll'6lf4" .......... ...... . High Jump-Buclcman, 6'5lf2" ..., ..... . . Broad Jump--Payne, 22'5" ....... ...., . . Shol Pul-Favrow, 53'8" ,,.. ..... . , Discus-Favrow, l58'l0" .... ..,.., . Javelin-Childs, I64'7" ................... ...... . 60 Yd. Dash-Mabry, 6.6 ................... ....... 880 Relay-Aiman, Robinson, Baker, Rearclon, l:32.8 ........,........................ ....... Medley Relay-Spalding, Robinson, Niclcum, Bailey, 3:5l .................. ....... Mile Relay-Rearclon, Carroll, Robinson. Johnson, 3:3l ............... ....... 2 Mile Relay-Robinson, Ashloclc, Bailey, Kilgore, 8:32 ................ ....... I948 l935 I938 l926 I957 I948 l935 I937 I926 I957 I957 I936 I956 I957 l958 I957 l958 Pre-season equipmenl checking 'Finds Bill Todd, head coach, and Bob Allison, assislanf coach, on 'rhe cinders. Fred Kohl also assisfs in coaching Track. J '54-,',, gl S we gg- V. ff f ii-I ': f,ff, . f-f- H Z ,,., ,ZW , .df ,Tig yi, ,wi If K -1 I ,orgy 41,5 I ,,,- ri mirizflf- We ' Q . , ' .. , M , 7. l ' f s is r 2 , S, ll I fi' ya gist vflfw r f I, -. f g'll,'r'Q.f,5.,:,.' S' bw X, R M L, ly gi g,,qxfH rYEQwyfz fe 1 er l' as 2-W 'i'sz,,2'J xg f H bl 'i QW as f, ,W ggi I 5 rs y gli J l W3 ' FL as iz Q f My 3 n if fl ,E , l 5 ' mf ,Z 'll all QT? ' ,bfi l T W , 1 s 4 ,Ear 2, s 1 , , 'l A rf ,, grit M ,li W Kflvkglzvxk W W H. Y E bw J? xi' Killa? lil ig fi l Q? K 'lg ggi? 3, , SEM ly lmw. ,lil 5' 1 . ie 92 J , T if 1 , if 3 1+ S l 5 J Mwj f ,V sis E 5 Q' 'Q Y 4, isa 121 as 'M wig 'ww-.2-f ,Mi in f-f- -'-'L 'W m in .NU-4pulflyraimgi-fflllhsil l l l y , Q ,4 y - . . - m y mf Q . '-Lf .f f , W Charles Kilgore and Ronme Ashlock cross +he Norman Waifley heaves +he discus finish line affer a 440 yard dash. wifh all his mlghl' In an early season . will lf W ,g'7lf,., .,'rl:-:rl .5 nga'-' Preparing +o +hrow +he iavelin, Lloyd Alcers pauses 'ro look for his mark. TAMI AA DCO-ORDI ATIO Gene Spalding and John Niclcum iensely awai+ +he s'rari'er's gun. -5 V J Tv J.AE. La'H'in shows his form as he sails over 'rhe high hurdles. X AHS'S FUTURE LIES IN .ILI IOR HI H Junior high baskeTIoaII Team. BACK ROW, IeTT To righT: R. Boushier, J. PuringTon, R. Marshall, F. Sco'rT, head coach: B. Mason, J. DeLeon. FRONT ROW: R. PorTer, M. Eas'ey, D. DuThoo, D. Hammer, F. Toeneboehn and D. Ellis. TwenTy-eighT boys showed up Tor The TirsT TooTIoaII pracTice. As The season ended, TwenTy-Three boys were IeTT on The squad. The CoITs ended Their Tough season wiTh a 3-4-I record. EighTeen Iooys IeTTered'in TooTI:zaII, and eighT wiII reTurn Tor nexT year's TooTbaII season. ' ArgenTine's iunior high sporTs program is one of The Tew in The ciTy ThaT has all Three sporTs: TooTbaII, IoaskeTbaII and Track. Mark Easley sinks Two poinTs over a WesT iunior player. Junior high 'FooTbaII squad. BACK ROW, IefT To righT: L. Bale, coach: D. Prouk, J. Lawson, D. EIIis. W. Johnson, K. Larson, D. Sanchez, B. French, B. FrankIin, L. Moore, D. Durham, J. Quick, B. Olseene, F. EsTrada, M. Herd, M. Easley, R. PorTer. FRONT ROW: A. NeaI, E. Moore, S. I-Iullum, J. PuringTon, J. Warren, W. Harvey, L. Long, B. Mason, D. Kehr, R. Marshall, B. Tierney, R. Broushier, K. Kukuk, head coach. h E E DEA OR TO BUILD The Town oT ArgenTine was plaTTed in l880 by James lvl. Colburn. ln Tha+ same year. The smelTer was builT aT 24+h and lvleTropoliTan. The early businesses oT ArgenTine consisTed oT The smelTer and The SanTa Fe Railroad yards. The numerous saloons across The sTreeT Trom The smelTer were The only oTher businesses +ha+ amounTed To anyThing. ConsTrucTion on The large smolcesTaclc ThaT was Torn down lasT year was compleTed in I90I Several monThs laTer, The smelTer closed down Temporarily buT iT never opened again. l-lalT oT The Town's 6,000 people were associaTed wiTh The smelTer in one way or anoTher. The shuT-down almosT Turned ArgenTine inTo a ghosT Town. WiTh The purchase oT The smelTer properTy by The Kansas CiTy STrucTural STeel company in I907, The business ouTloolc oT ArgenTine was on The increase. Also. by I9l0 The populaTion soared back To 6,666. ArgenTine became a parT oT Kansas CiTy in l909. By This annexaTion ArgenTine losT iTs ciTy sTa- Tus, buT iT gained all The advanTages oT a large ciTy. During The Tollowing years The business secTion spread ouT To The norTh and wesT To The loca- Tion iT occupies Today. Thus, a presenT day ArgenTine was esTablished. and is now known as a pros- pering cenTer oT progress. 92 WITH THE AID OF THE COMMUNITY 49 , Qlyfffjgfffyff WMI jp Wz3Iw k PROMOTERS I PARTICI PAN X L FRIENDS df ,6 "eg, HORN Ews Q A--- SUPERMA K T L v942nd and S+ , K. cz., px . xi? BMW ck Good Luck +o All '59 Gradua+es Paini' Wallpaper Lumber FAq-7l5l FAI-78II 26TH AND METROPOLITAN 3208 STRONG K- Cu KANS K. C., KANS. ' W' 'T 'P I I A group of s+uden+s enjoy ihe founiain a+ SI1BIiI1SkY:S in Argenfine. SHALlNSKY'S REXALL DRUGS 34I8 S+rong K. C. K , ANS. ATI-6066 341'h and Gibbs Road K. C., KANS. CO2-6800 gm Ill I 1 I X, If XII 1 ll GoLD's DEPARTMENT STOIKE 29 I 5 S'I'rong K. C., KANS. BTICI-IELMEYER MEATS Re+aiI Wholesale Homemade Sausages Lockers for Renl' FI2-5945 70I CHEYENNE K. C., KANS. WESTERN AUTO siern ' uioo ASSOCIATE STORE 0f"'e MAL4442 'Me anon STRONG K. c.. KANS. I+ems for The Entire Family Easy Terms " 1 ss JXGQ X J SCOTT'S PLUMBING AND HEATING 34I4 Sfrong K. C., KANS. DRexeI MAyfair I'-63 I 3 I -0263 MCGEORGE PHARMACY gage lil rmsmme MA I TAPPA YTAG P . f ' TSW R -": s ,L ' I 1 fin my W' ' Nvxizomzsre 'W '- RCA vscron Q' W5 .1 . A- fszgggz W 6 .. . ... - W. 1 ' f pp- ff ' ,em H ' L-f. 1 . , ll- 'A ,Vi .. , , V. f. ,131 V -' - PHONE MAI-0303 Home of sincere service. WOODS-BALKE APPLIANCES 3008 STRONG K. C., KANS. C 0461 CJ 'fy' 5 , F XJ, K - STI RLI NG 1 Id. ,161---:sv .. I. S Y i DEPENDABLE COMPANY I' DRUGGIST y:Al,5900 A 6-D soon STRONG K. C., KANS. Established I l884 SANTA FE PHONE WATCH lNSPECTOR Fl2-0l74 II D LENTZ JEWELRY Rexa rugs Walclx and Clock Repairing PHONE Worlc Guaranfeecl FAI-703l 22ncl and Melropolilan KANSAS CITY. KANS. :sos s. znsr K. c.. KANS. A uriique display of chrysanlhemums. DOLLY'S FLOWERS loss KANSAS K. C.. KANS- These lellers are always ready lo serve 1-heir cus+omers wifh courleous and reliable service. INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK . I .xx A x R EI x f . 'zllxx - I5 Yanni , V ETX 1, ' -NT ll ll Agfa. 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I i -. i P S 'I' 'I' i O 1 'n 7 Barbara Mullin and WincIeII Snow examine ArnoId's merchandise. f JDK ARNOLD DRUG CO. Zim FAI-3500 32l8 Sfrong A'H'er Hours Call FAI-8972 -K. C., KANS. or MAI-2589 T O A fam-Jw P I PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY in This Annual by I 'g f-if A ROY H. NICKUM I A' and ' .Z OLIN WILSON IN of me " '1"" ATKISSON STUDIO I Qualify Por+rai+s From One of Furnifure and Appliances K' C's Fmesl Slludlos DRI-6827 Experl' Appliance Repairs I208 N. 8TH K. C.. KANS. Fl2-7000 3l I7-I9 STRONG Fl2-700l K. C., KANS. EMIL ULMER GROCERY Fine Qualify Meals and Groceries U I Reasvnable Prices , 825 OSAGE K. C., KANS. ' WE DELIVER IF ws eooo Fooo I ' BOAT jf? You WANT... 1 , SMITTY S p AND My .vc l Wea? Moroiz co. .9 35, N DRI-7298 ng I A CX pe 4959 Doc AND FLOSSlE'S CAFE 916-20 S. ni. My Zlsi' ancl' Silver K- Cu KANS- K. C., KANS. , 99 JOHN'S A. G. STORE "Good Things 'Io Ear" I Mr. John Gallup exhibifs some of his qualify groceries 'Io Par Long and Jean Thomas. FA I -6080 34I6 STRONG K. C.. KANS. LASWELL PHARMACY Reliable Prescriplions I FA l-0242 30I0 STRONG K. C.. KANS. Franl: Morris a+ his desk. MORRIS ELECTRIC CO. - Nighi' 953-55 Osage Day ATI-3876 K. C., KANS. EAI-6587 BURCH PAINTS 1 HELMS, INC, l I I00 Kansas K. C.. KANS. IOOO P Osage ii. I K. c., ATI-6228 KANS. f G E R C A g 4 V I ZENITH L-fftf' APPLIANCES Irene Lawson inspec'Is painr. '00 fAYss2's..e1Qsssax,'.zn's,sszirw 2-ZQJL ' 7401 L2 ,Z Zinfc 2 wif A " f fff-ff he ,ZQW f?ff2LFf2gfC 2, .Mn cw'-c ,jljgcwf 3:2650 RJ . , H., A if' A f-- ui?-fx ff-1 G L afw-fr W1 A C Wggyy gif? 1,1 5' Af ' '1 ' fi-7 ' ""v2?? !f 5 gi if ,Q jiqfl., ,zfii QMM, A iifsm 21:5 ..,. W ., I 52,534 ., A ij N , QQ I lv ' 53612'-V1,-,, JK' em ,4,Z2Z,L JW Q at K f W Q - ,. Mi, , 'Zin ' 7 ' 4 fhwcfgfl 4,4 Lv-,Ve V ear 'BIQQML I KS. bbojofln 5:0 lb is blqckqegf 4 Cf, 7 ' ' own, M V X lf- :ff lf A tk 1 y nigger fv.4,4, W KLM? 5-X' iris? ifbu Wuisljah X I 'I " -OS Q- fl aqn, T' jaw fd 'aku me- V: sm-of you. 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