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ff f W 2 if? J? wg. ' , A HX X ' ' 5 xl 5 I x 4 iif up 1- M Umfrw fflulw W7 F . x O ' 5451 74 0 . , iw J, ' , f w my M Cf gif , gvwjikdixf ' V MQ 'b 'Z-if 39503 sw? Qdwfwri id - Q Mfvwaf7'7 NYM W4fWL F V Erffffvw' JU' GL , 'api' M F W h a V 0 4 Q Y ' I' .T 4 QNX W A ' 1 N- ,V " V I 'FJ 70 Y Eff 4.45 ..,,,, W gf 5 5 P N1 ' TEQ5' X 6' it Y , Q v""' mfffww 760'fKjj0A32jLm mf! , . , , Af gy? J.1,f,f-2--N if ' . Q, AW 3052! M Wzifw Wff X M JC wr, WWW AQQJQQ 72 ,mfflffwffx u J ?"Y iff if mm Z E film, ff N35 fwlmf Q W if Q fihwvlwf Q W M KWW Page 2 the Argentine High School 21 Ruby Avenue Kansas City, Kansas MUSTANG CHEERLEADERS Joyce Massengnll Mary Jane Wade, Kaye Overly, Judy Brillhart, and Shirley Dean. Editor-in-Chief Activities .....,. Seniors ........... Class Pictures Art Make-Up ..... ....... Photography ...,.,, ......................, Advertising ..,... ,.,.,,,......,,....,.,.,,,.i. Sports .,.......,. Sponsor ..... Mary Jane Wade Kaye Overly .. ....... Karen Brewer Beverly White Shirley Smith Judy Thompson ......Georgia Metz and Henry Aiman W. Hammer F. L. Schlagle Superintendent It C it Affiak Muriel Doherty Clerk W. R. Channell Principal Harold Hoyt Guidance Counselor Darlyne Gulley Clerk Lewis Brotherson Business Manager Mrs. Betty Steffens Treasurer ,. , :wax ' -t xt af N V5 Fr-fs. at-1 MK rg A ' 0 , f., ,f 12 I t 1 r i ' t ?Z'?w.'i'f . 5 ,-L, ii . I ml ' tl V A , ff 7 , l bfyfvff ff' Md 6 1 I A ROW ONE: Allison, Robert: History, American Government: Barnes, Edna: English: Bradford, Guy: Civics, Vocations: Campbell, joan: Gym, Health: Cole, Stella: Clothing, Family Living: Congdon, Gladys: American History: Dunn, Randall: Math. ROW TWO: Fitzgerald, Tom: Gym, Health: Hammer, james: English, Journalism: Hoover, F. S.: Biology: Houghton, George: General Business, Retail Selling: Bookkeeping, Business English, Business Law: Hoy, La Verne: Bookwork, Reading, English: Kellstrom, Martha: Gym, Health: Kenton, joe: Geography. ROW THREE: Kingsley, Gladys: English, Reading, Bookwork: Koester, Evelyn: School Nurse: Kohl, Fred: Science, Math: Kukuk, C. F.: Clothing, Family Living: Long, Anne: Homemaking, Cafeteria: Mall, Firman: Drafting: Marshall, Carolyn: Typing. ROW FOUR: Martin, Barbara: History, Math: Matthews, T. I.: Welding: McCormick, Myrtle: Latin, English: McCoy, Merle: General Science: Mould, Harold: Orchestra, Band: Olander, C. J.: Gym, Health: Patterson, Ruth: Foods. ROW FIVE: Peterson, Russell: Electricity, Metalwork, Math: Plummer, Betty: Secretarial Training, Shorthand, Clerical Training: Poppino, Hattie: Librarian: Richards, C. L.: Woodwork: Sankee, Patti: Spanish, English: Scott, Frank: Auto Mechanics: Shell, Neil: Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Algebra. ROW SIX: Simpson, jasper: Electricity, Math: Steinbuchel, Mary: Art, Craft: Tinker, Virginia: Geography, Reviews, Vocations: Todd, Bill: World Citizenship, History: Unruh, Sue: English: Walling, George: Machine Shop, Math: Walter, Mona: Chorus, Glee Club. ROW SEVEN: Watts, Bill: English, Drama, Speech: Willhite, Bess: English, I, X Page 5 the classroom ..... . . . . . the heartbeat of the school Faraway Places Hammers and Nails s.m,M .aww W"'7' X? Q , 1 f M Painting Pictures ax? - , Master Minds Q -i 2 l Hi 'J K . ----" .su o -,gnlllf ...N-wwf 1-av" Kitchen Cooks Men and Motors Wi, P . .N N-- ' X 5, F XR- N L gg: junior i h gh st. patrick's party activities in f'k'i"f'1'4'3f f.. . wlpfhr 4 51. KN ufffgmfh-I-un.-..- Alisff Q. K Page 12 junior high student council Judy Pringle Judy Pringle was president of this year's junior High Stu- dent Council. Vice-President-Gary Hunt, Secretary-Patty Long, Treasurer-Ronnie Ashlock. The junior High Student Council sponsored the Christmas party, a Sock Hop, and a St. Patrick's party. They also spon- sored the travelling scholarship trophy for the highest grade average in the junior high. Mr. Dunn was director of the Council. The club met in his room after school every other Thursday. ROW ONE: McKee, Brewer, DeSeure, Denrura, Ogle. ROW TWO: Robinson, Maxim, Dickerson, Kiser, Carrillo. ROW THREE: Pringle, Ellis, Hibbard, Long, Lillich. ROW FOUR: Young, Marshall, Ash- lock, Anderson, Hunt. senior high V student council 1 ROW ONE: Marvin, Slater, Waitley, Taylor, Watson, Favrow, Mr. Houghton, Sponsor ROW TWO: Rezabek, Hutchison, Ingels, Terrill, Ross, White. ROW THREE: Mc- Cracken, Sligar, Aye, Snyder, Smith, Wade. ROW FOUR: Mullens, Van Meter, Bussey, Crockett, Brightwell. Tague. The senior high Student Council presented new ideas and hard work this year under the direction of Mr. George Houghton, sponsor and Mary jane Wade, president. Student Council sponsored the Snow Ball C,Christmas dancej, kept records of the honor roll, and presented the new idea of a travelling trophy for both the senior high and junior high homerooms with the highest grade average. Officers that presided under Mary jane were Vice-President-Beverly White, Secretary-Shirley Smith, Treasurer- Roberta Ingles. Mary jane Wade Page 13 T7?lf,ly'4 f mustang I clu I The Mustang Club, sponsored by Mr. jasper Simpson closed the year with 268 members. They sponsored Kid I? Hobo Day, pep assemblies, Mustang float in the Argentine 5 'S . Activity Parade and the Mustang dance. The officers were LL, T . 'Wy y l b I, President-joe Perkins, Vice-President-Karen Brewer A 6 s1f"N W l f 7 I I f '- , X ,' muff' glfff g x Wi' l I 1 1 nf! K N, fl r lyxpllffyli H fix f.7'l'l! flsjlllf I 'iifyiy X rf f l,-'fll,sl5'l' 1' If . ,f Nil., ,J i , Ewifihlll T ' i :"'1!'-'I Al . 'N rflyfvfv f ,."'l Q . affair -f . 45i:'llfflV' f ' 1' 'iii' 'ft ' ,, lilly? L : 5.11 so ' Llnrflfll fy L. f-1' f i fff Edu, bl fra J C' 5 ,-' Q ' 4 2 fl ' -., P flu? - " ,, N ? fs Secretary-Dixie Lee, Treasurer-Judy Slater cv? J ROW ONE: Dishman, Zagar, Hiles, Chambers, Hale, McMillan, Peer, Updegraff, Gray, Lindsay, Jones, Wagner. ROW TWO: Akers, Brightwell, Dean, Leininger, Beecroft, Powell, Boyce, Favrow, Clifton, Coulter, Leavey, Manuel. ROW THREE: Stacy, Robertson, Kiser, Wolf, Shockley, Shirley, Rios, McCall, Gillespie, Ross, Simpson Ulmer. ROW FOUR: Rios, Salas, Hayes, Bell, Pratt, Watson, Kelley, Phelps, Boyd Marks, Tuttle, Custer. 3 7 Page 14 ROW ONE: Mr. Simpson, White, Obermeier, Adcox, McCallop, Quick, Ward, David- son, Keding, Grimes, White. ROW TWO: Shelton, Metz, Castillo, Northern, Metz, Garcia, Rios, Nickum, Hunt, Henderson. ROW THREE: Lewis, Williams, Markula, Bankhead, Correa, Brewer, Overly, Marvin, Stronach, Rumage, Sudduth. ROW FOUR: Basie, Buckman, Wade, Peer, Cline, Hale, Smith, Thompson, White, Taylor. ROW ONE: Lowe, Hutchinson, Turley, Green, Rasdall, Henshaw, Wigglesworth, Bee- m t C ' ' on, ampos, Kiser, Hayward, Duthoo. ROW TWO: Mank, Slater, Brillhart, Reza- bek, Russell, Schenewerk, Randall, Green, Neild, Jones Kissinger Stamper ROW THREE: Mantooth, Greer, McKee, Lee, Rudd, Holloway: Johnson, Hutchison, Dobson, Williams Walker Baker ROW FOUR P ll Z , , . : owe , waschka, Cantrell, lngels, Heaton, Christiansen, Nelson, Peden, D. Clark, V. Clark, Hale, johnson. ROW ONE: Crew, Monteil, Riley, Rush, Smith, Stubbs, Keele, Marx, Terrill, Bowlin, Chandler, Krupco. ROW TWO: jameson, Curran, Sligar, Hooker Burton, Massengill Hurley, Lamb, Baker, Wacker, Turnbaugh Long ROW THREE' Garlin ton. Van . a - - 8 Meter, Robbins, Lawson, Bradley, Linton, Morrison, Aye, Lowe, June,.Hibbard, Mc- Cracken. ROW FOUR: DeMoss. Allard, Summers, Nickum, Stroud, Bumgartner, Smith, Campbell, Boyce, Weaver, Hiles, Thompson. i 1 2 ' a Q - 5 1 ROW ONE: Crane, Perkins, Martenson, Tague, Mullens, Carpenter, Slater, Ridgway, Stewart, Studdard, Olseene, Boeck. ROW TWO: Smith, Tyrus, Lattin, Yearsley, Tague, Moberly, Parker, Marshall. Larson, Matthews, Lyle, Northern. ROW THREE: Spald- ing, Nickum, Gates, Brightwell, Fisher, Lovelace, Bradley, White, McGinnis, Holland, Stockman, Hall. ROW FOUR: Prince, Bussey, Crockett, Wuth,Williamson,Redmond, Petersen, Favrow, Marlow, Mabry, Haas, Hawes. Page 15 Page colt club ROW ONE: Venis, Holland, Simpson, Pringle, LeDesma, Maxim, Davidson, Kerfes Blanford. ROW TWO: Aulthouse. Jeffries, Caudron, Lattin, Holwick, Wilson, Garrett Bryson, Burgess, Vochatzer. ROW THREE Weldon, Lowe, Wolf, Hurley, Woodruff Bailey, Hutson, Brookshire, Glidewell. ROW FOUR: Madison, Simpson, Brown, Mag- nenat, Ashlock, Hankins, Moritz, Purinton, Worthington. . ,Q E, ,, f 1 . ROW ONE: Miss Wilhite, sponsor, Powell, McWilliams, Brubaker, Purinton, Holland, Pringle, Ingels, Mullin, Holmes, Staggs, Miller, Lackin. ROW TWO: Aye, Carrillo, Mason, Easley, Lillich, Dickerson, Gunn, Hartford, Fry, Rolohn, Keele, Salser, Smith. ROW THREE: Hours, Miller, Hathaway, Ventura, Neece, Saragusa, Hood, Arnold McCall, Knowlton, Stephens, Fass, Hiles. ROW FOUR: Marvin, Wagner, McCurdy Anderson, Lentz, Mullin, Bean, Horton, Woolworth, Metz, Robinson, Rumage, Davis 1 a 1 e - t 5 , + ti i . . , ,, li E 3 - 5 , 5 if ,gt - f - f , g. 1 tx' . -A ' a . 1 , X A fr - Q , K 1 2 : - t f 4 .iz g. ,. 1 E . 5 X wel tl tai ti as X A t ss f L+ ROW ONE: Aye, Barlow, Balandron, Amayo, Elliott, Aiman, Moore, Elliott. ROW TWO: Brizendine, Hutchinson, Smith, D. Wilson, M. Wilson, Hontz, Marvin, Haney, Wingert. ROW THREE: Morgan, Shiffer, Duthoo, Griffith, Church, Hurley, Smith, johnson, Gray. CHEERLEADERS: Ford, Long, Thomas, Lovelace, McKee, Halfich, King, Brewer. ROW TWO: Page, Toeneboehn, Wake, johnson, Oropeza, Smith, Minnix, Carlisle, Sligar, Olseene, Lamb. ROW THREE: Linton, Garrett, Seckinger, Robinson, Porras, Spencer, Tague, Williams, Stewart, Jewell, Wade, Burge, Cox. ROW FOUR: Crain, Mantooth, Kiser, Pock, Drenon, Sharp, Standish, Lindsev, Robinson, Duggins, Russell, Casteel, Messinger. ROW FIVE: Houts, Prince, Metz, Ellis, Mobley, Peugeot, Vochatzer, Regan, Brown, Watkins, Marble, Herd, Morrow. Page 17 future teachers OOO ROW ONE: Miss Tinker, sponsor, Bankhead, Pratt, Peer, Mr. Bradford, sponsor. ROW TWO: McCallop, Wolf, Simpson, Shirley, Kiser, Ross, Ward. ROW THREE: Hayes, Peer, Stewart, Aye, McCracken. The Future Teachers Club for the first time was brought to Argentine High School. Mr. Bradford and Miss Tinker sponsored the club. Officers that were chosen to lead the club through their first year were: President-Sharon Pratt, Vice-President-Man jorie Wolf, Secretary-Treasurer-Thersia McCallop, Historian-Shirley Kiser, Student Council Rep.-Gloria Ward. science club ROW ONE: Mr. Shell, sponsor: McCallop, Coulter, Leavey, Mr. Hoover, sponsor. ROW TWO: Slater, johnson, Sligar, Curran, Lee. ROW THREE: Hale, Larson, Bussey, Haag, Robinson. Mr. Neil Shell and Mr. Foster Hoover sponsored the Science Club in their first Pa e 18 year of existence at Argentine High School. The club's main objective is to further 8 science knowledge among the members. library club ' Maxam vw, ,.-- f ROW ONE: Hutchinson, Burge, Burnett, Albertson, Mrs. Hattie Poppino, sponsor. ROW TWO: Long, Van Meter, Morrison, Harshbarger, Pratt. For the first time at Argentine High School, a Library Club was started under the direction of Mrs. Hattie Poppino. Members of the Library Club gave up their study hall period to assist Mrs. Poppino in the Library. future nurses club ROW ONE: Sudduth, Chambers, Rush, jones, Leavey, Hale, Northern, Keding. ROW TWO: Dean, Slater, Green, White, Buckman, Brewer, Leininger, Gillespie. ROW THREE: Basie, Fike, Marks, Randall, Henshaw, Lee, Hale, Tuttle, Thompson. ROW FOUR: Rudd, Hines, Lewis, Tague, Weaver, Mullens, Bradley, Williams, Cantrell. This year the Nurses Club mer in Room 505 after school every other Tuesday. They have toured the Kansas City Medical Center and had films pertaining to nursing. The officers were: President-Beverly White, Vice-President-Karen Brewer, Secre- tary-Treasurer - Barbara Basie, Student Council Rep.-Joyce Mullens, Corres. Sec. - Corde Buckman. The sponsors were Mrs. M. A. Walker and Miss Evelyn Koester. Page 19 a club ROW ONE: Hooker, Baker, Hale, Sharp, Hooker, Mr. Olander, sponsor. ROW TWO: Aiman, Johnson, Smith, Robinson, Harrity, Ross. ROW THREE: Brillhart, Cline, Holland, Gates, Carroll, Griffin. ROW FOUR: Slater, Bussey, Haas, Crockett, Fisher, King. ROW FIVE: Brightwell, Favrow, Petersen, Redmond, Reardon, Hall. Under the direction of Mr. C. J. Olander the A Club ended the year in success. The officers that were elected to lead the club were: President-Bill Favrow, Vice- President-Ray Reardon, Secretary-Treasurer-Vic Brightwell, Sergeant-at-Arms-Jack Slater, Student Council Rep.-jim Hooker. They sponsored the A Club dance, mixers and sold pencils with the basketball, football, and track schedules on them. Page 20 ROW ONE: Grimes, Metz, White, Akers, Gillespie, Manuel, Nickum, Dean, Hayward, Leavey, Hale, Sudduth, Metz. ROW TWO: Brillhart, Boyd, Watson, Custer, Phelps, Marks, Buckrnan, Tuttle, Duthoo, Slater, Pratt, Kissinger, Leininger. ROW THREE: Overly, Kelley, Lee, Williams, Cantrell, Hale, june, lngels, Rudd, Basie, White, Taylor, Brewer. ROW FOUR: Graham, Lamb, Massengill, Long, Peer, Studdard, Weaver, Martenson, Tague, Lawson, Smith, Stubbs, Lowe. The G.A.A., under the direction of Mrs. Martha Kellstrom and Mrs. joan Camp- bell carried out a successful season. The club officers: President-Karen Brewer, Vice- President-Shirley Dean, Secretary-Nancy Nickum, Treasurer-Carol Cantrell, Chap- lain--judy Sudduth, Student Council Rep.-Shirley Smith. They sponsored a Valentine Dance, bowling, basketball, swimming, and volleyball. .al f' Q . NX t fgrfg t X 49 " 994 HE publications and annual stall Pictured above are the members of the Journalism class. These people make up the annual staff and the publications staff. They are from left to right: ROW 1- Kaye Overly, Henry Aiman, Corde Buckman, and Mary jane Wade. ROW TWO: Judy Thompson, jackee Taylor, Beverly White, Karen Brewer, and Georgia Metz. ROW THREE: Ronnie Hale, Roger Cline, Barbara Basie, Shirley Smith, Francie Wat- son, Mary Wacker, and Marie Peer. The Argentian and the Mustang Advisor is james Hammer. This year's journalism class was much smaller than in past years. There was only one journalism class composed of seniors. No sophomores or juniors were permitted to enroll in journalism. With the aid of the new dark-room, the journal- ism department was able to print and develop many more pictures of inter-school and extra-curricular activities. In this way, there were many more pictures of Argentine high school activities in the local papers. During the school year, the publications de- partment edited fourteen issues of the Argentian. It was printed at the Wyandotte County Record. The Mustang, edited by the Argentine annual staff, was printed at the Yearbook House in Kansas City, Missouri. It contains about twenty pages more than the past yearbooks have had. v., -1J:-:A.. .,. -L.,. ,.......,.l ,...A ,bm -M.,.-..- fl. journalism class published a brochure for the night the new Argentine high school was dedicated. It contained pictures of the builiding and construction of the new school building, plus a complete history of the new addition and all the new equipment. Throughout the year, the Argentian gave tre- mendous advertising to events such as home- coming, football, basketball, track, relay queen, Christmas Sno-Ball, junior and Senior Play, School parties, and many other school activities. At the end of the year, the journalism class held a picnic and everyone had a gay time. The girls stood the boys in a soft-ball game. You can be sure it was an interesting game as there are only four boys counting Mr. Hammer, and thirteen girls in the class. An "Annual Day" Party was planned and spon- sored by the journalism department to be held on lffnn 17 'IGQ7 In 4-Ln nfl-.AAI nun- . ,aa-V CW' TEEN vga ,a ,gm -5 - iw " ' 1 , , 'T , y . ,,, fl 'iii , E x ,Y iff, V, ,g V V t L. t s TM- ' liiftii H . wil, Vw -A - " .?'-wk ' -7'z ' ,,'7.S'-RX' 1' 5 ' --ia. . wigfgs Hz: . t, ' 'ffwj 1 f C ,, fs, ., ,1f1t.f:., t 'f' 3 f s fs ' gf ff, A up ,..,, 4kz' , W, .. wal.: ae I .f y-teens Page 22 ROW ONE: Obermeier, Marvin, Stronach, Rumage, Peer, Gulley, Gray, Zagat, Bright- well, Leavey, Hale, Chambers, Dishman, Favrow, McCallop, Adcox, Keding, Miss San- kee. ROW TWO: Coulter, Akers, Hayward, Brillhart, Overly, Ulmer, Kiser, Taylor, Simpson, Ross, Buckman, Brewer, Watson, Pratt, Dean. ROW THREE: Nickum, Green, Hayes, Burton, Beecroft, johnson, Hutchison, Wade, Terrill, WaHcer, Clark, Randal, Henshaw, White, Basie. ROW FOUR: Shirley, Riley, Garlington, Van Meter, Aye, Peer, Studdard, Tague, Carpenter, Weaver, Martenson, Stewart, Hurley, Hibbard, McCracken, Smith. ' The Y-Teens, sponsored by Miss Patti Sankee, met after school every first and third Thursday of the month. Officers of the group were: President-Beverly White, Vice-President-jo Ann Tague, Secretary-Karen Brewer, Treasurer-Ruth Keding, Chaplain-Sharon Pratt, Student Council Representative-Jackee Taylor. A money project for the club was to sell candy at the basketball games and a Sock Hop. glee club 2 W ROW ONE: Grimes, Cornwell, Dean, Stronach, Parker, Brightwell, White. ROW TWO: Northern, Lewis, Adcox, Wolf, Salas, Hunt, Rios, Balandron. ROW THREE: Boyd, Holmes, Shepard, Neild, Porter, Hutchinson, Ulmer, Nickum. 1 .l to all ws, S ROW ONE: Turley, Powell, Beecroft, Taylor, Dobson, Basie, Buckman, Kissinger. ROW TWO: Porter, june, Massengill, McCracken, Garlington, Clark, Davidson, Bowlin. ROW THREE: Robbins, Madrigal. Hale, Long, Carr, Hines, Morrison, Smith, Van Meter. ROW FOUR: Martenson, McCleary, Northern, Poole, Phelan, Slater, Gipson, Ridgway, Carr. Page 23 art club ROW ONE: Henderson, Rios, Brillhart, Clifton, Parker. ROW TWO: Houts, Ingels, Hayes, Thomas, Miss Steinbuchel, sponsor. ROW THREE: Terrill, Zwaschka, Smith, Hutchison, Rezabek, Lattin. The president, Joyce Zagat, is not in the picture. The Art Club, sponsored by Miss Steinbuchel, completed the year with success. The club made posters and programs for the senior and junior play, programs for the Christmas vespers and decorations for banquets. Officers were: President-Joyce Zagat, Vice-President-Shirley Smith, Secretary-Martha Terrill, Treasurer-Roberta Ingels, Student Council Rep.-Mary Rezabek. radiotronic club ROW ONE: Mr. jasper Simpson, sponsor, Nickerson. ROW TWO: Stone, Nickerson, Odell, Venis. ROW THREE: Tennal, Campbell, Wyman, McGinnis. The Radiotronic Club, under the direction of Mr. jasper Simpson, met and worked with phases of electronics and radio. Officers were: President-Theodore Nickerson, page 24 Vice-President-jim Yearsley, Recorder and Secretary-David Odell, Treasurer-john Tennal, Sergeant-at-arms-Don Harris. mustang cheerleaders ur-www - si AN-u."Nnqur Leading the Mustang Club in cheers at pep assemblies and at football and basket- ball games were our varsity cheerleaders. They are, from left to right: Shirley Dean, seniorg Kaye Overly, seniorg Joyce Massengill, juniorg Mary Jane Wade, seniorg and Judy Brillhart, junior. Our cheerleaders participated in many school activities such as G.A.A., Y-Teens, homecoming, senior gym leader, Glee Club, and Art Club. As an added honor, the cheerleaders were invited to ride in the Fire Prevention Parade last October. Page 2 5 CJ On the right, her majesty is crowned by Co-captain Buddy Baker. Below, Co- captain Buddy Baker con- gratulates the queen with a kiss. homecoming 1956 The girls were chosen by the football squad and their names were kept secret until half-time of the game. They are reading from upper left to lower right: Donna Lamb, junior Attendantg Kaye Overly, Senior Attendantg Vicki Marvin, Sophomore Attend- anrg Mary Jane Wade, Senior Attendantg Shirley Dean, Queen. ,T 6 y,,,f,L , ' Y 'w f':fffiw ' f'f7f"'1+ ,fwWg M , ' ffmlw A 1A-.faq A , lW?:ww , RW, . 'wif' 1 X , ' 5 , W A L f ! 'Wm 'mm 5, ,, .ii b . in " ' 1 f A X 1 ,nv 7A'5?'Qf3: :ly iwwi - si ,. '. DL 4' S '3.'n 7' Kxigf 1956 kid and hobo day 5 5 Winners of the senior high Kid and Hobo Day Contest are from left to right: Kid, Diana Studdardg Unique, Frank Busseyg Twins, Mary Kay Kissinger and Wiley Wyrickg Hobo, George Richards. Winners of the junior high Kid and Hobo Day Contest are from left to right: P880 23 Kid, Dixie Marvin, Triplets, Marjorie King, Pat Lillich and Virginia Carmody, Unique, YI ,, W ff, r, 1'T-I,- 1'-1,.- Yi--l,l,--J , f-jf X 0 f 4 f X X 1 X rf 1, snow-ball Snow Ball Queen, Mary Jane Wqde "time out for ginger" if e 5' . ,,t l bfi ts This year marks the first time for a junior class play since 1953. The cast and the production staff are pictured above. Reading from left to right, they are, first row: Nancy Weaver, Barbara Beecroft, Sharon Hurley, Arlene Zwaschka, and Marilyn Markulag second row: Roberta Ingels, Paul Thompson, Jeanette Church, Judy Slater, Dixie Lee, and Judy Sudduthg third row: Vauneta Green, Raymond Mabion, Larry Matthews, Frank Bussey, David Crockett, Charles Larson, Phil Bumgartner, and Darrell Sligar, Mr. Bill Watts. In the picture on the lower left, is the climax scene when the intellect Tommie Green, played by Darrell Sligar, knocks the football hero Eddie Davis, played by David Crockett, flat on his back. Pictured at the right is the female football player, Ginger, portrayed by Marilyn Markula. Seniors presented four one act plays under the direction of Mr. Bill Watts on April 11 and 12. Devil on Stilts a modern comedy. Cast members: Glenda-Corde Buckman Naomi-Jackee seniors present four one-act plays "If Men Played Cards As Women Do," a com- edy presented by these cast members: John--Roger Cline, Marc-Bob Tomlinson, George-Dave Gates, Bob-joe Perkins. In the picture at the right start- ing at the left: joe Perkins, Dave Gates, Roger Cline and Bob Tomlinson. YQ "A Tale of Chelm," a folk tale of a village in Eastern Europe. Cast members: Memdele - Ran- dolph Northern, Melamed-Gene Baker, Rifkele- Shirley Bowlin, Angel-Marie Peer, Rifkele's friend --Shirley Helt, Dodi-Bob Young, Goatsellet-joan Boyd, Rabbi David-David Gates. In the picture at the right cast members are waiting for play practice. -'51 Taylor, Bernice-Darlene Cathey. In the picture at the left Mr. Bill Watts and Darlene Cathey look over the script. "The Happy journey," a comedy presented in an imaginary car. Cast for the play: Ma-Beverly White, Caroline - Mary Wacker, Beulah - Janice Krupco, Arthur-Bob Young, Pa-Gale Morrison, Stage Manager-Roger Cline. Shown in the picture are from the front row: Beverly White, Gale Mor- rison, Janice Krupco standing. Row two: Mary Wacker and Bob Young. DIRECTED BY HAROLD MOULD band 'U nw UQ rn ua N f if wwf'-Q 55' W A. . MW ",'.:, - ig X. infra: ... ..l..., ,T .p it lv 'R WN ,Or ty, -1--img , , JIM, ' , W, xl V fwmwmvwmm, ,LH ' x.. Q ' 4 V' ' ""'A"7"",,M M W ' ' nv -is-s. wviu- " -... ss. , ,Wm Y. I ew ' N' mg,-if , QA '4- -4.,,,, L., , v M --' .1 W N?-M ,,.,,,,,,,1 7 -1 M ' , x . n-:ta 5 A.-.Ny , A., , n -0-fs-' A mini wma I' . 1' ' I' A . an 4 ., V x -1. . 'ia 1 ll ' ., . - , Y' . , an ' I -'W .-my v - . f 9 . 'UNM' 'CL' . .cu-A - -.0 - Q-4411! ...A . A 44, 5 I :. . . , L, iii" " f ' f ' -of -:fy gg-1 Ahwifv- 'U v-y'a ' 1 W., . ., y . oo ' 'x nnurvw' Lg. all""'-' uv-Q "- W'Y:" ' -V, W Y xx I 'l ,, JJ15 .'v' ,Y , ' 0.3 MN-A. LD OU M LD ARO H BY DIRECTED Stl' -I U h Page 33 'Q-.., A .- nr' W Q 1 i M' 'M' ' t , ,atlmf I !lQ"- 'auf' 0 if 'El if , . I 4. . Q 1 Q X SIl0l'tS . .L .gray 1 I 1 . E ' V m ' ' ' " '13 m In , V. r, kg - , mA Qfxxsx ' , m n f F . A ' f . Q-pw: f 'f ' ' - SN, , T--- ,V I A , M ' ' fgj m P-l,"J-L W " igqguigx P -X S 5 x i ,L 5 J ' S . W , va f X- ' X Tr- 1 , - ftA- - W Hy!! ""f .l , 40 ' " A N if Q1 V Ll 1 : W L i W' sv -,Gm-:M wha fn R f. I K xx . X? f ' 3 ,Q """m'Q ""'fff fw.4T, . U w , -sv 4 iw' FF N 1 likxigk fp i yi! 'AR L Vv4 v-.,.,i:2 If wshvx ,', :,-' ' . 5-fiffv. JA M ' "A M A 51 5 x 'W - -. 1, vi? ..' Y -he-"fQQ " " . ' U ' K A J. ff, 5 x ',.- V my 4 lg 3 .1 V x X XX x N fu S M! K K 1-A nn N. i K V K. A .jig xv . X Q, ,H 5, i, 1 M X .Y ' f , . J 4M V: A ' J .f v 5xX'!iQ59 , ff fi I, fl 1: M K XX '- A , . Y X 4 ro, K I ,. 1 mf" K v,,. ----... 9' '.'xP'h-, 'k.., k V N ,f A H ' K X 'x ,GX xt A V , x N ' A X x". '- in md' H. rg ,. ' ' , I Y I E' ' I .4 'A ' x 'f' ' Fw, ' 1 f ' ' J ,m'y ww j N R X A V sNx""'-B,..,jv7 I ..f.f:9'Y'9'3-R. X .. it AN - it , tb X Q A s Aff 1 F 1 ei' M Q A 4 A x' J - 1 39,1- , fu.. xx ,V li A fl? A sz: sw-f nc' - ,,-,.mf..-if J" V K 'QU fa, A' Af! 4 J . . Q .. S L ,QQ ff xh yea! team .... fight, fight, fight With Buddy Baker, one of the best scat-backs in the area, the 1956 Mustangs had a fair season against the power-houses of Northeast Wyandotte County. Their best games were against Ottawa and Sumner. McCoys Mustangs showed the glow of greatness at times Cthey almost took Shawneej, but had trouble grossing the twin stripe. Bill Favrow, along with Baker, were named on the all-area team. They fin- ished the season with 3 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. l Page 36 ROW ONE: Head Coach-M. McCoy, Assistant Coach-H. Hoyt, Manager-F. Rounds, R Green, L. Snow, P. Ross, B. Summers, H. Aiman, B. Smith, B. Hooker, J. Davidson, I. Hooker, J. Edmonson, L. Akers, Assistant Coaches-R. Dunn, B. Allison. ROW TWO: D. Sligar 1. Estes, W. Donnely, R. Sauceda, M. Harrity, R. Northern, P. Thompson, L. Sharp, E. Tyrus, R. Smith, G. Baker, B. Baker. ROW THREE: L. Santoya, J. E. Lattin, J. Brown, D. Gates, J. Slater, J. Reardon, B. Hall, M. Carrol, B. Stockman, R. Holland, J. Van Meter, G. King. ROW FOUR: F. Bussy, C. Haas, R. Reardon, P. Bumgartner, C. O'Mar, H. Russell, F. Peterson, B. Faurow, L. Williamson, D. Crockett, V. Brightwell, W. Fisher. Argentine 13 Turner 13 Argentine 3 1 Ottawa 7 Argentine 6 Shawnee 12 Argentine 7 Leavenworth 12 Argentine 12 Wyandotte 31 Argentine 0 Lawrence 33 Argentine 25 Washington 18 Argentine 31 Ward 39 Argentine 19 Sumner 0 iw' w- , V7 'JM f.lf'j, J , 'rv Q JJ 'Xi l. Tension mounts in dressing room before game. 2. One down, but defenders move in. 5. Single wing running attack almost halted. 4. Coaches McCoy and Hoyt cli- rect team from sideline. Wt., 3. football Ray Reardon Vic Brightwell Back Guard Bill Hooker Back :F 5, 535 - 5 "::li5f ' , I 'W 93 David Crockett Riglaicd Smith Frank Bussey A Tackle ac Tackle Gene Baker End Frank Petersen Herman Russell End End Rlcky Sauceda End GUY Kina This Page IJ Sponsored By Indurtrial Stale Bank Mike Haffifv Back 32nd and Strong Gllal-'Cl P389 53 A Strong Bank on Strong Avenue Iettermen R Bin Favfow 1 il l "' Bud Biker Tackle . ig ,:.,, BM . :-- ' I , A Jim Hooker Back Leroy Sharp Guard jim Reardon Henry Aiman Back Back Bob Hall End .. -... 2-r -Si r, . v Back .,5,,....i a . Phil Bumgartner Center jack Slater Tackle Phll Ross Back Mike Carroll Center Page 39 ROW ONE, left to right: Coach, Fred Kohl, Ross, P., Chacon, G., Robinson, S., Wilson, D., Quiroga, T., Assistant Coach, Bob Allison. ROW TWO: Assistant Coach, Randall Dunn, Davis, R., Van Meter, J., Sears, K., Hall, B., Slater, J., Team Manager, Squirrel Rounds. ROW THREE: Faurow, B., Larimore, M., Redmond, J., Omar, C., Petersen, F., Bumgartner, P., Lawler, A. W 5,t, 'E . Q k'7. f' fi . 25 AWS-17 ' iff. . if iii? :im SV 'lik' i siwff-S at 3 is .-' lf 51 Fred Kohl, head basket- Argentine's roundball squad battled numerous problems this year as well as an exceptionally tough schedule, yet managed to accumulate nine wins. Wins number two and three were taken at Lawrence where the valiant crew captured first place in the Lawrence Invitational Christmas Tournament by defeating Garden City and Law- rence, the home favorites. Nearing the end of the season, the Pony quintet pulled a second major tournament upset by downing Ottawa in the semi-finals of the Class AA Regionals. Argentine had earlier eliminated Fort Scott and after defeating Ottawa, the tourney favorite, fell to Rosedale who went ahead to place second only to Wyandotte in the state finals. Although it was a heartbreaking season to the fans, with nine wins and twelve losses, after Mr. Kohl made some personnel changes about midway in the season the Ponies won 605 of their games from then on. Three losses were by one point, one by three points in overtime, and several others turned from victory to defeat in the waning minutes of the game. Argentine Opponent Shawnee Mission Rosedale .................. Sumner ........... - .......... Garden City ..... Lawrence ....... Pem-Day ........... Washington .......... Shawnee Mission Ward .................... Leavenworth ..... Wyandotte ............ Turner ........ L ......... Ward ........,. Sumner ......... Washington ....... Leavenworth ..... Wyandotte ......... Turner ........... Fort Scott ....... Ottawa .......,... Rosedale ....... Although the losses overbalanced the wins, this was not an accurate indication of the team's playing ability. With the shooting of Bill Favrow and the floor play of Frank Bustamante and Sam Robinson, along with help in the rebounding department by Melvin Larimore, Frank Petersen, and Jim Redmond, the fans saw a lot of really good basketball. We of the annual staff congratulate the team, Mr. Fred Kohl, head coach, who has just completed his first year at Argentine, and assistant coach Bob Allison on a most successful season. 64 45 45 74 61 66 63 53 52 69 61 48 55 42 58 55. 57 45 40 39 62 , . Q -5 fix , QW 1 z S? x is 3 A- . if N? x R 59 --A . 1 S 9 than . 135: wif R 3, L, 4? .,, ., f 4 'Nl ,ak 4., K fir P S, iw 4' . H' U,- Wi r:?f3??f5 V - wiaggggf -: iix"E'F' V " S'5rvwa,Q,: f,wf?2fi4i' a?fa?f?Z??1q:'f-rxiieg' A gy 21' vgjiwg-'Q , -mwgffv1f:ff.4-fuiivwga, rfr,aPraa5gga,az4z4mazfa:e-fr fiwaa-2.,,::?Lf sas' Z, STI! :srl A a " fi 5 Q an Z2 1 ESE? T as a 1 x Zim ,lg an af ff 3 A JS Nik, ay 3 g ,a w X H ,Q H, M, aa H 4 r 15151 w. -. 1 af lv N a Eidirx W W 0, r R 2 . 1 X y 5 Frank Petersen Forward and Post 2. Bill Favrow Post 3. Frank Bustamante Guard 4. Kenny Sears Forward 5. Sam Robmson Guard Tim Page lx Sponmred By Sbalinuky Drug: 35th di: Strong and MapleHilZ Shopping Center -1-...J Melvin Larimore Forward and Post Jim Redmond Forward and Post Phil Ross Guard jack Slater Guard Albert Lawler Forward Q.- '---Wu-..,.,,,Mm..,M Mmm-mmw V W, N., M M ,vwww 3144 www xl Lbfsf .HJ fag LS E 4,4 'NW . fiiwi -iiisnw -' M y k ' 'W-if .mx A 4 Coach McCoy Reveals Strategy for Next Meet Well stocked with returning lettermen, Argentine's track squad found its power in a group of outstanding senior performers. Ray Reardon and Henry Aiman, two versatile seniors, were elected co-captains to lead the thinclads through- out their schedule. This schedule included nine major relays plus the Big 7 In- door, State Indoor, Shawnee Mission Regionals, and the final State Outdoor meets. Four school record holders were among the returnees. Early season per- formances indicated that they would take up where they left off last year. Bill Favrow, who along with Henry Aiman carried Argentine colors at the state meet last spring, went into the season with two records already under his belt. He held school records in the shot-put C50 feet, 8M inchesj and discus throw C139 feet, IOM inchesj. Aima'n, who led the scoring last year and set the school 180-yard low hurdle record of 21.2, was also a member of the mile relay quartet that set the school record of 353.6 at Emporia last year. Other returning members of that relay team were Reardon and Sam Robinson. Members of the varsity track squad were: Cseniorsj Henry Aiman, Bud Baker, Gene Baker, Vic Brightwell, Mike Caroll, Jim Estes, Bill Favrow, Wendell Fisher, Charles Haas, Ronnie Holland, jim johnson, Bob McKenzie, Ray Reardon, and Jack Slater. Cjuniorsjc Frank Bussey, Olin Bankhead, Bill Crain, David Crockett, Robert Davidson, Jerry Dobson, Kenny Duncan, Ray Mabion, Bruce Marx, john Nickum, Samuel Robinson, Darrell Sligar, and Earl Tyrus. CSophomoresb: Albert Lawler, Leroy Maine, Harold Snyder, Norman Waitly, and Charles Kilgore a freshman. In the past, early deadlines have prevented Argentine yearbooks from de- voting much space to track. This year the annual deadline has been extended and the annual staff has attempted to capture some of the early season action although the season record and lettermen cannot be given here. Head Track Coach Merle McCoy. g f? " L 524, adv .4-fi, ' sb Sprint Star Sam Robinson takes to the air and strains for new Argentine Relay Broad Jump 1'CCOI'Q61b0VC.5 Dashmen go ro their marks at Coaches Bill Todd Cleftb, and Merle McCoy look on. The run- ners from left to right are Ron Holland, Henry Aiman, Bud Baker, Sam Robinson and Ray Reardon. .. . xr- .. The camera caught jack Slater, weight man, poised for the discus throw above. 5 i 4, " M st at Y , A I in T 15 . A K iii, If . ,,, ,,,,,.. .. ,gym W, itLA Q f T M "t sl L 'ixitf Q T 1 T 9 K . ., ,c g fbx ' K a i W A . E , . A J , .' r g., V T Qi f f, , - , . g ' at .X E ' Y- ky . .... t ,,. , ' . gh wig, so a -, , - K' ,Q - I 5 figs? M V, R, , 1, Z x g ,L . ,, i M, 'f sewvia xi ', i 2-e, . MP , .V A x V., s Q Q :., A . X fi x - Q Q 3 'A' , A V, Q V 5 - Q K .l-tg vw . X , at 7 nf? 1's "W A . I R 'f'i W . W ' A .t ' at ., ' . "N' ff? "f:v" ii - ' ' . QW JIM 1- u fi l lf' .gr if, ' g S I - 5 5 , " ' 5 -. ' e ,S . ,mll K . , '- mi mm ' ' S ' fl - A -- ' T - T . -bb l ,fi . + it T A ROW ONE: Kukuk, coachg Ellis, Lynn, Baily, Burgess, Lowe, Ingels, Brown, Snow, Herd, Clyma, Fitzgerald, coach. ROW TWO: Marble, Hurley, Horton, Ledesma, Rangel, Caudron, Hunt, Young, Bankhead, Algar, Mullins. ROW THREE: Bonham, Haas, Magnanet, Franklin, Russell, Gibson, Ashlock, Roberts, Kilgore, Lunn, Maritz. The junior high team, under the supervision of Cody Kukuk and Torn Fitzgerald, finished the season with 3 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie junior -SEQ ' ,fl if sports Cody's crew finished a fairly suc- cessful season this year. They tied for second place in the city junior high league. They won 6 and lost 4 in league play. Their over-all record was 9 wins and 6 losses. Head Coach Cody Kukuk, dean of Kansas City coaches, was ably as- sisted by Tom Fitzgerald, and Joe Kenton. Row One, Left to Right: Snow, Bankhead, Jeffries, LeDesma, coach, Cody Kukuk. Row Two: Mullins, Hunt, Clyma, Caudron, Burgess. Row Three: Woodruff, Pace, Gip- son, Ashlock, Hankins, Bailv. I ,gy JUUUUUUUU ' Q56 l I ROW ONE, left to right: C. J. Olander, Georgia Metz, Madeline Hiles, Florine Pack, Francie Watson, Martha Kellstrom. ROW TWO: Rita Custer, Judy Thompson, Marie Peer, Mary jane Wade, Corde Buckman, Kaye Overly. ROW THREE: joe Edmonson, Ronnie Hale, Mike Carroll, Bud Baker, Jim Hooker. Not shown: Mike I-Iarrity, Marvin Crabaugh, Ray Reardon, Bill Hooker, Dan Griffin, Gene Baker, Robert LeDesma, Frank Bustamante, Nelson Olseene, Tom Fitzgerald, and Joan Campbell. For the first time this year both men and women physical education teachers were assisted in conducting classes by senior students, who were in- terested in this field, and who met the requirements for being a senior assistant. Requirements for Senior Leaders: l. High interest in gym activities. 2. Above average physical skills. 3. Good health. 4. Neat appearance. 5. Good grades in other subjects. 6. High qualities of sportsmanship. Duties of Senior Leaders: l. Responsible for checking out baskets to boys classes. 2. Supervision of basket, towel, and equipment rooms. Responsible for all equipment used. Should see that it is taken care of. 3. Responsible for seeing that every student has a towel for shower purposes. 4. Senior leaders are active as squad leaders and are expected to have a thorough knowledge of all basic sports and to be able to assist the instructors in any teaching experience. 5. The senior leader is expected to exert an important influence over the behavior of the class through his action and attitudes toward the instructor and the students involved. 6. All senior leaders are expected to retain their high standards whether in school or out. Here are some of the activities participated in by the senior leaders this year. All senior leaders were active in the gym show, which was held on April 16, for the first time in six years. Some worked in supervisory positions and others took part in the actual production of the show. Kaye Overly, Marie Peer, Mary jane Wade, and Francie Watson modeled new styles of gym attire for all the gym teachers in the Kansas City area. Each senior leader in the girls gym was re- sponsible for decorating the bulletin board repre- senting a season or a gym activity during the school year. The female assistants put on a demonstration for all the girls attending the G.A.A. Playclay held earlier in the year. Thi.: Page IJ Sponsored By page 48 Community Bowl 3508 Strong Avenue Gold? Department Store 2915 Strong Avenue 5 4 A, -v. f-, X fllifg' H N . Nr. 1 'ia X, ff A Q , U ss S 0 5 1 . N 5 ' If I N Q- 5' . 1 - f' , NN, ,333 ' - ' 3' -, N .fY .. , I -. ,.., , A 1 Xxx -1.533 Tx X k ! XX 'QLSN I' ' 3 f 3 X f rw If sw- x l 5 j' Q N'-X ,I Asif' , X if 'fr+3"iw f x ,f 2 f w s, V' fl T.. T-:M GX x 1 ,L ,N ' '35-'Cxk ' X: 1' .V X '-, Mnkvvs ' 'f-55' A , v: 'XX f' J' w 11 ' f b f 1535. if 3 if -5 X gk x H f - :F :g b -' Q. X J X Yi. If 3 P 171 7 ,f f Ag, f 1 A QQ, gt I ' , -I ' .Q 5 f JK. -.wfl qk x fin . 'X . ft k, ! Q -fp Q Q , Y X -w:.-ww-1 K I 3 xv .- E If! fix ,- ' R-6. 5,9 5 f 2 A, , f 2, f Qs . ' f - Q, , ,. 1. I -. -j if 5 X..N l I gf f 1 '-fs SA A y, 1, 5 ,E li., 1, K f' " 12 X 4 I 1 A M., , f -55.6 ff -- ly' f f x? V. . - W fx, z 1 W -if ' iw. - X fl Q A 1 " ,Y 4 .:'?"e:, QV -' .f ,-f' 1 . , X,,, f , xi f X 4 hw . v ' ,, : zu ' 'gf l . k k ,tm I 6 l if ELK 1 A 5 1 L 5 fl . t K I Nw .uf gl . ,fl In ff 1 I X fi x f X 4 K ,, .- s ,. sg XX ,r . - - f , .2 N1 1 ,' .9 ' 1, " .. M 'V X . X. X X 4 Q- Q,-,visas F ' ' 1 K 'R - f : LX - - Q , ' ' ' f .5If3',gfg" QNX . A "I ha L, V ,iffj -H, ' N 1 . ' ' Qlxx N .x . z , I x, A E5 wx . X 5 my 1 5156 , , K T ,f ' ' f' rw , . ' Wi fe '. f X i ' aff f 'X ' EPM 2 Q R . N . '51 Q J' ' J ' ' - sf V X-rf FX - :QR'5Q' A - z- ,fL'Fg1Q' my-V--J , Z ' X 1 -W wry f K X 1.0 1f..f3:f' ' M'-fs-,,,3...:.3 x 1 A 1 f hw- X. 'Q h 33 X i ,XXKQ -N -.... Q . Q ' 3 If ' 1, ' Fisk wg, ' ' 'L ' 'h I Q I I - , J I-x '1 "":'s'lE- . f X A .f. gff vf 3 .1 N il YJ , , - L Mx ir 5 'Hg x fx x h xkkx - ' 15 7 ,mx ' 1 , , - is X - W , Q 'X Q ' . , ' ' ' P 1 " if V X- f ,X ,ff I ' 1 ",w-W'f"Y gk fx L ff 7 M -r 1 'Y 3' 1 I' 1'C'Fs6 is K ' f 4 T 1 q "B X 6 SQ-,I wp -.QM fgxmf f im -fs. ,F V L-cliff' , , . 1 U Q, , gg" 'W A f 1 t ,fi ll, h 5 ,h . gl L F: L L, ,AX xl 31 YW 1 N --M L 1 F 4 , U A fv 4.3 -xx ' ' fm -- kd ,, y 2- ,vi xx ' ,mi l k .. , . 1 P X Qiffi x W . W- 12 2 'S M: gy K W 3 ' Q fx , ' Q - in 1 Q 5 I gl, U ' 1 i I X V h . . ,, .H ,V k ,, X f Q A K, if V , K ' W' . W nf 'ff-.. ,mg 3 . Q, Q - v',- Iii? - gy .K 5. , -M f M I X Y 1 , 5 z SR , v Q n 3 g iqlpk -:rf K1 , ' A :wr H A mi f lf , , 2 fav + xg - H! " -7 A it A' 3 I wg-'-X 1 X x - X -' U 'N A , . 1 Y '- f LFP a ' - .. Q "1 A I f ffs"'x .M , 1 ., .---.. , A K, i. - . u , 3 Fw W.,.,...,.m..W,-,,, X ' XX '-,..,:- I w M A ' b L - vf 5. XR if ER.L1'i,.L.. M K ' 1 'Qi NT +A 1 H Vx g , Q ' . I 4 ' ' J 1, ' x X 'I' Q A' u V sig' 5. 5 xi A ,E X x -5 ' I V . Q , I x X5 5 5 A ' :, ' A vf Q - - X- C -' "N , jy , 9 R , fp' 5 A -. x . f - ' ' 1 'f' by . K - .. -X ig 'M W' . ' ' 'WU I QI: iz 'N N 5 A J ii' 1 1 154 1 ' Q' -5' ff , Lf N, V , H f 1 En' " .. M Kg . ,V ' A'-it ' uf., W 357' W 2 7 1. y : X5 ,M E .... N, f if .L . I . ,,,,, ,S N 6 S X . 73' 5 WW KH' 9 lm X - ' '- X ,N , . .QN K 3 ,' I X XN , ff' xg' -' 'if K' ' 5-X, -. X X r , xx ' , qu, XXX. 'L s X ' V SAX - A :xx 'A N. ' :"f' ' As K 4 ,. X , K. Xi. ff k0?,yL,4,g,L,L,4. gf., ,.. Z' 1 8 K.: , -1 SQ: ' f nw c g, x 1 3,-f X x X .I X ifiwv national honor society X: l K , K ,if X f!f,,.f X rr ,X 'S.: ll f! ,. M, KX K if ,ooo l Y X U! J' X. l l Q 1 Y i ls . l il 1 r l r 3 is l X lv r ' l Henry'Aiman t l Kaye Overly Barbara Basie 5 i Pat Powell BOWllI1 W N Sharon Pratt Karen Brewer - jim Reich Vic Brightwell Jackie Slater Shirley Dean JO Ann Tague gill gaiffgwh Judy Thompson in C is er J Mary Jane Wade Charles Haas Ronnie Holland Georgia Metz This Page Is Sponsored By The First State Bunk P280 50 640 Kansas Avenue Yl,.M.--.- fin' V4Mr-r Beverly White Joyce Zagat senior class officers 1956-1957 Vic Brightwll Joygce Zagat President ecretary Gene Baker Mary Wafkef Vice-President The members of the graduating class of 1957 were the first seniors to attend school in the new Argentine High 81,600,000 school building. The enrollment of 145 included 85 boys and 60 girls. Besides making up a large part of the membership of the senior high organizations, many of the seniors held important offices in these clubs. In place of a study hall, some seniors helped in the office, did secretarial work in the clinic, or aided individual teachers. Also, senior gym leaders assisted in teaching the gym classes. Because of the building program, this year marked the first presentation of a senior play since 1953. Treasurer Aiman, Henry Akers, William Bailey, Billy Baker, Buddy W-1 Baker, Tom Barbour, Dennis Basie, Barbara Benton, Marion Bowlin, Shirley WN Boyd, joan Bradley, Beatrice Brewer, Karen Brillhart, Jim WND Brown, Onie jean 1, Buckrnan, Corde Burgin, Hollis Bustamante, Frank ...wi Campbell, Donald Carr, Barbara Carroll, Michael Carhey, Darlene Chambers, Judy Clark, Vicki Cline, Roger Cornwell, Gene Crabaugh, Marvin it' Cross, Sam Custer, Reta Davidson, Betty Dean, Shirley Duchoo, Alice Eclmonson, joe Epps, Carl Estes, jim Favrow, Bill Fisher, Wendell Franklin, Robert Freeman, Roy G21'Cia, Guadalupe Garcia, Rosalie Gates, David Gillespie, Beverly Glass, Charles Glidewell, Gary Gordey, Robie Graham, Luese Green, Charles Greer, Cecil if 3 X4 Griffin, Dan Grippando, Frank Guthrie, Keith Haas, Charles I an J Hale, Ronald Harris, Donald Harriry, Mike Helt, Shirley Hiles, Madeline Hines, Melba Holland, Ronnie Hooker, Bill Hooker, jim ackson, Chauncey janesko, Beverly johnson, Helen johnson, jim 'SW'-Q 'R ld W Y' Nrv Jones, Evelyn Jones, Joyce Kelley, Anna Marie Krupco, Janice Lake, Ray Ledesma, Robert Lewis, Shirley Long, Donna Lopez, Manuel Lowe, Jeannine Lowe, Judith Luckey, Howard Lyle, Larry Marks, Mary Martenson, Mary Ann Maya, john Metz, Georgia Morrison, Gale Neild, Judy Nickerson, Richard Nickerson, Theodore Northern, Randolph Norton, Arthur O'Brien, Patsy Olivarez, Jesse Olseene, Nelson iv , Y3b- Ortiz, Andrew Overly, Kaye Pack, Florine Parker, Sandra Peer, Marie Perkins, joe Phelan, jim Phelps, Ann Powell, Alvin Powell, Patricia Powers, Dixie Pratt, Sharon Prince, Don 49" Q Reardon, Ray Reich, jim Reynolds, Ben Richards, George Ridgway, Paula Rios, Josephine Rios, Rosa Robbins, Paula Ruis, john Salas, Josephine Santoyo, Lawrence Sauceda, Richard Sharp, Leroy Sims, Floyd Slater, jack Slaven, E. H. Smith, Shirley ,9"" QT Snow, Lawayne Studdard, Diana Tague, Jo Arm Taylor, Jackee Tennal, John Thompson, Judy Tomlinson, Robert Tuttle, Judy Uhlig, Richard QPU' Van Meter, Janice Wade, Mary Jane Wagner, Delbert Walters, Don Watson, Frances Webb, Laverta White, Beverly Williams, Reuben Wyman, Robert Wyrick, Wiley Yearsley, Jim Young, Robert 'iikahwtt senior high class officers Reading from iicers. . , esidefifi class 0 viCC Pr the g -X ROSS, the iunior Ciasiceiiie President' Phi Representing e. Dave Croc Smith, secrCi21fY' . h af h rd left tosxrggigntfefgurefy and Ric a judi' a ' JUNIOR With an enrollment of 186 students, this class had the privilege of sponsoring the first play presented in our new auditorium. The three- act comedy was entitled, "Time Out for Ginger." The juniors also planned the annual junior-senior pic- nic held at Swope Park. Neil F. Shell is the class sponsor. SOPHOMORE Members of the sophomore class this year were classified for the first time under the title of senior high. This class also had the honor of having the largest single class en- rollment of the school with 217 students. This class is sponsored by Edna Barnes. y The sophomore class officers are, from left to right, front row, Eddie McKee, presidentg and Sally Brightwell, secretary. Top row: David Love- lace, vice presidentg and Harold Snyder, treasurer. 1? Mag v r -.04 H., .fm ' af his 'T' -1' an :J v If uf .iwm 'C 91' juniors Parker, J. Patton, K. Peterson, F. Poole, D. Porter, R. Quiroy., T. Randall, R. Rasdall, J. Redmond, J. Rezabek, M. Rhea, F. Riley, R. Roach, F. Robertson, T. Robinson, S. Ross, P. Rounds, F. Rudd, S. Ruis, F. Rush, S. Russell, R. Saragusa, R. Scott, P. Shanon, C. Sims, L. Slater, J. Sligar, D. Smith, M. Smith, R. Spalding, G. Stacy, C. Stamper, M. Stubbs, I. Sudduth, J. Summers, T. Tague, B. Thompson, P. Tierney, J. Tucker, R. Turley, J. Turnbaugh, K. Tyrus, B. Wagner, P. Waugh, A. f,,': X x ,,.-.. -1 x-X M-Q, 1 B.- --A JG' A fx 1 XX '23 XVX Weatherford, E. weaver, N. white, N. Wigglesworth, s. Wiliam., J. 1 . V" N X LQ. In-'Nh , ,..,,..., . ... punk-, f' LSU F im ' X x Agni' ff' NY A W "P+ , .X h N hx rr ruin k I ,ll , -V ,.--....c .I - V---as. . : 1 l '- ' 1 -5-Ag nnuw, as urn- .... n 1v1-:-r.- e v1...--.l.I... A 5 Adams, G. Adcox, C. Adriano, L. Akers, J. a B - .... 4 ' Akers, L. Almsberger, J. Apgar, K. Artinger, E. Atchison, B. Aye, G. Bailey, J. Baker, D. Banlrhead, H. Bankhead, J. Barbour, M. Bettie, L. Beemont, D. Biggs, T. Bittner, P. Bliss, D. Boeclt, T. Bonham, S. Boyce, V. Boyer, D. Briggs, B. Brightwell, S. Brown, O. Brubaker, B Burriss, J. Bustamante, J. Calclasure, S. Calvert, G. Campos, M. Catmody, E. Carmody, R. Carr, R. Castell, S. Castillo, T. Gnacon, G. Chandler, N. Clark, D. Cornwell, P. Correa, V. Cotton, R. Coulter, J. Crane, D. Crew,.B. Crum, B. Culey, H. Curran, M. Davidson, R. Davis, H. 'Davie 'R Dnffnnhnsuuh T 'NATM-an A h-Mm! 'I' I'N:.l......... 'I hnk.-- 'I n---ll avr n--.--- 1 Downie, J. Doyle, C. Draper, D. Durham, C. Eden, J. Favrow, J. Fields, S. Foreman, L. Foster, W. Fudge, J. Gardner, L. Garlington, M. Gibson, J- Gibson, L. Gipson, D. Grandstaff, F.. Green, D. Green, R. Grimes, J. Gulley, J. Harding, M. Hu-shbergeg, K, Hawes, J. Haws, D. Hayes, D, Haynes, E. Haynes, L. Hays, D. Heaton, D. Henderson, C. Hensley, B. Hensley, J. Hernandez, J. Hibbard, P. Hicks, B. Hill, G. HOUOWS-Y. M- Hontz, R. Hopkins, J. Horton, J. Hurd, D. Hutchinson, L. Janeslro, D. Johnson. N- 'N1 7 s..-.- F A - A . 1.5, - y ' M ,,.Q f 12:11 aessyay A Jones, B. Jones, L. Keele, L. Kiser, S. Larein, J. E. Lawler, A. Lewis, E. Linton. H- Lnfrmn B. Lofron. D. Lonins. R. Long. D. Lovelace, D. Luckey, P. Lunn, A. MANY. J- wily W ' 'M' W 'BM-, Q . W X . .QE-,X X gg , , ,iw i':?'i'isL . Q x . X M f is Q gf ' '1'q- L., A 2 vw wwf' LQ ff tw was 523 W rss if Mi? Wx 95532335 29? I... 15 S , 5 iw is v 5 ' QQ? WW W: Sawyers, V. Schenewerk, R. 52915. K- S0dd0l1. I-- Settle, M. Shelton, B. Shepard, P. Shirley, S. Shockley, J. Silvey, M. Simpson, J. Sims, B. Smith, B. Smith, P. Snyder, H. Stacy, Lf Stanley, D. Stephenson, M. Stewart, J. Stoclrman, B Stokes, H. Stone, J. Stronach, K. Strong, M. Stroud, K. Stroud, C. Stubbs, A. Snum, R. Stuteville, P. Summers, G. Taylor, N. Taylor, S. Terrill, M. Thomas, W. Tierney, J. Todd, J. Todd, I.. Tomlinson, L. Ulmer, D. Updegraff, L. Van Meter, J. Waitley, N. Walker, B., Walker, J. llie J e Ward, G. Ward, J. Ward, N. Warner, J. Weathers, M. Weaver, D. Webb, W. Whiles, J. Whilel, L. White, H. White. M. Williams, B. Williams, E. Williams, E. Williams, J. Williamson. L Wolfe, M. Wuth, D. Zalar, J eighth Eden, C. Blum, M. Pass, S. Ferguson, D. .2 f..."--3,-,K an . . ..- ... . . - . s -u sw Q 1 'K' K - -mi aa' fr ss. im Ferree, J. Filre, P. Fisher, B. Ford, C. Foster, D. Franklin, D. Frazier, S. Punches, M. Gardner, D. Gordy, W. Haberlein, J. Hale, L. Halloway, N. Haney, J. Harlin, L. Harshburger, K. Haus, A. Hayes, J. Hayes, R. Heaton, B. Herd, E. Hibbard, L. Hiles, M. Hilt, M. L 1 Holland, F. Hollingshesd, H. Hollum, C. Hollwiclr, M. Holmes, J. Hopkins, B. House5R. Howser, G. Hughes, P. Hurley, B. Jewell, S. Johnson, C. Johnson, P. Jones, C. Jones E. Jones, J. Keele, D. Kleller, H. Kerfes, W. Klosrer, R. Knowlton, K. Lenrz, M. Lewis, N. Lindsay, R. ------av '- -----v - ' ---v------1 Y - --Y----Y-1 -- 3 -------f- , .f- - --W - --- -- U H ,MU . Y . - - F-as 'I'Y1'uS, A- Utter, J. Van Buskirk, R. Venrs, M ochatzer, R Wade M Wagner, S Wake J Walls R. Ward, B. Wax, J. Weathers C Weaver, G Werren, R. West, D. Whiles, N. Wxlcox, K Wrllrams L Woolworth, D Wrrght J Young G -A I 'FII rr 'ff eggs fd. ff' fifjef 3--- . ,,, w e Abarca, A. Aberca, C. seventh grade V , ., . - . . , . 1 A me - 5 , -- Arman, L. Aleston, B. Algae, R. Allen, B Amayo K Artxnger R Aye P Belcher, K. Belt, M Bonham. C- B011ShiCf- R- Bradley R Brantley R Brgghegfg C Br-gghegs 0 Btxzendrne, M --A, , .,... .- Brown, D. Brown, V. Bro n, W. Bullocks R Burgess, L. Burgm, J Burgm W Capp Pat clflulev K- CMPPCU, W- Church, B. Clyma, A Connors J COUIIIS, H Crain, L CHSP, K Mabion, J. Madden, P. Madison, F. Manis, B. Manrooth, F. Marguess, S. Marks, A. Marks, C. Marshall, J. Marshall, R. Marvin, K. McCall, H. McCallop, E. McDaniel, J. McGee, L. Mclnnis, J. McKinny, B. McLain, J. McMullan, L. McQueen, D Mendez, R. Messinger, 1. Meyers, F. Michael, E. Mitchell, W. Moore, D. Moore, E. Morgan, R. Morrow, J. Myers, D. Neal, A. Neild, A. Noernberg, B. Ogle, L. Olseene, B. Oropeza, A. Page, C. Peden, J. Peters, P. Porter, R. Powell, W. Priddy, L. Purington, J. Purinron, T. Ramirez, T. Randall, D. Reed, N. Richardson, B. Rios, M. Robbins, D. Robinson, B. Robinson, D Robohn, C. Sanchez, D. Sanchez, R. Scheets, D. Schenewerk, J. Schiebel, L. Sencenich, C. Serviss, R. x... 1 .kk W4 W, A - ,U , ' ,,., A f ,f ' ' . . -1, . N I :...k. ,' I "' 'i ft f1?.w,,f w .. "'-07" ' X Q- Q. . 6 A Shaffer, H. Sharp, M. Shiffer, N. Silvey, S. ..i Q 12. w e, n ,T . , A i A,,,,A.,V.. .n T, . , 'f ' gr "sf J ' .. ,qi - - - ..,.. 1 ',. , V ,MW N ' 53, M, M -' ,. . ' , , ,,,. 2., if EMT, I .. , ry? XR. my Lkk, Vximyijfg. . 1 2' , ' ' , f'.f',M-NNXW ,A Smith, B. Smith, D. Smith, D. Spearman, P. m., . YK Mft . ..,,::, . - 1 .. NV Y wg. qt . , , ": -:.s:, .gt ' -E 1 X 4 T ,N it 1' -Q .Z'3i:1ZI: 'Sri , hx xy W " Synthia, S. 5+ 9-'W rw Stewart, S. Stuteville, C. Tague, J. Thomas, P. Thomas, R. ' . ' , . .S,- ,ix .,..... t ems. X., K S A ' S --iii.: af t ' ru . Q X " ss' " . X D wi P Us . . .. -5:kL.- .. - - . ni.. 'fy . Y , af' ,, If 'E J 'f Qiifiwzfe C 7 .rx 2 .1 - 1 . Q are. 1 S s . . .. . . Q. sv 4: I A' YM , . as ' sf X, ,:..f,t5fk.-K.-.3-1.-f. -. .X. k 'f Tierney, B. Toeneboehn, F. '71 s. . is , Q W x ss ' x, 'ig w X-it . .. X, SA Starnes, J. Stephens, T. QQ' km . F :. . Utter, A. . N-., .- X Ventura, B. Walker, T Wallas, R. Warren, J. Wadgim, J, Weavgf, J, Whigmife, 0, Wiley, M, - Al v "T ' " ,,. s Wi11i.m,A. an v-- Williams, gl In ., K W, ,Q L- , ,,,, . 2, N Wilwn, D -'K vm A, ' Young, J. -we . Q , Page 79 junior hugh cla FRESHMAN Representing the 176 students in the freshman class for the past year are the class officers. They are: from left to right, front row, Mitchell Ledesma, treasurer, and Bill Madison, president. Back row: Larry Pringle, vice-president, and Bonnie Maxim, secretary. Bess Wil- hite is the freshman class sponsor. SEVENTH GRADE Officers for this year's seventh grade class are from left to right: Royce Marshall, president, Jean Tague, treasurer, Manuel Rios, sec- retary, and Doug Hammer, vice- president. Page 80 fflcers EIGHTH GRADE The eighth grade officers are from left to right: Dixie Marvin, vice-president, Susan Metz, treas- urerg jerry Adkins, president, and Faith Holland, secretary. sim For the first time in Argentine high school's track history, a "Relay Queen" was elected by the student body. There were three candidates chosen by the track squad. Of these, there was one chosen queen and the other two candidates served as her ladies-in-waiting. Pictured on the right are the three chosen can- didates. From left to right they are: Donna Lamb, juniorg Beverly Wlxite, seniorg and Karen Brewer, senior. Above is her majesty, Karen Brewer, "Queen of the Argentine Relays for 1957." The queen presented the winners of the mile run and the high jump with the jack Bellman and jack Buckman Trophies, respectively. Tlair page it ypnnrorcd by Argentine Sewing and Loud Arrocintion at 3004 Strong Avenue, Knnfau City, Kanms KAREN BREWER, Track Queen senior AIMAN HENRY: "A" Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 3,45 Football 45 Mustang Club 2,35 Press Club 3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Track 2,3,45 Boys State 35 School Correspondant 3,4. AKERS, BILL BAILEY, BILL BAKER, BUDDY: "A" Club 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Senior Gym Leader. BAKER, GENE: "A" Club 3,45 Basketball 2,35 Senior Class Vice-President5 Football 2,3,45 Student Council 2,35 Track 2,3,45 Senior Gym Leader. BAKER, TOM BARBOUR, DENNIS BASIE, BARBARA: Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 3,45 Bowl- ing Team, 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,4, Accompanist 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. BENTON, MARION BOWLIN, SHIRI.EY: Glee Club 3,45 Mustang Club 3,4. BOYD, JOAN: Bowling Team 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 45 Mustang Club 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3. BRADLEY, BEATRICE: Future Nurses Club 3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,4. BREWER, KAREN: Annual Staff 2,3,45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Bowling Team 2,3,4, Captain 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, President 45 Glee Club 2,35 Mus- tang Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Press Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 2,35 Y-Teens 2,3,4, Secretary 45 Office Work 4. BRIGHTWELL, VIC: "A" Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Argentian Staff 2,35 Junior Class President5 Senior Class President5 Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Track 2,3,4. BRILLHART, JIM: "A" Club 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 President of Sophomore Classg Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,35 Track 2,3,4. BROWN, ONIE JEAN BUCKMAN, CORDE: Annual Staff 3,45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Bowling Team 2,3,4, Captain 25 Future Nurses Club 3,4, Cor- responding Secretary 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Snow Ball Queen 35 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Senior Gym Leader. BURGIN, HOLLIS: Track 3. BUSTAMANTE, FRANK: "A" Club 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Foot- ball 25 Senior Gym Leader. CAMPBELL, DONALD: Mustang Club 2,45 Radiotronics 3,4. CARR, BARBARA: Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3. CARROLL, MIKE: "A" Club 2,3,45 Junior Class Cheerleader5 Mustang Club 2,45 Student Council 35 Track 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Senior Gym Leader. CATHEY, DARLENE: Bowling Team 2,35 G.A.A. 3,45 Mus- tang Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2. CLARK, VICKI: Bowling Team 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 3,4. CLINE, ROGER: "A" Club 2,3,45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. CORNWELL, GENE CRABANUGH, MARVIN CROSS, SAM CUSTER, RETA: Bowling Team 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Mustang Club 3,45 Senior Gym Leader. DEAN, SHIRLEY: Bowling Team 2,3,45 Cheerleader 45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Football Queen 45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Student Council 35 Y-Teens 2,3,4. DELGADO, SAM DUTHOO, ALICE: Bowling Team 2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Office Work 4. EDMONSON, JOE: Football 45 Track 45 Senior Gym Leader. EPPS, CARL ESTES, JIM: Football 45 Track 3,4. FAVROW, BILL: "A" Club 2,3,4, President 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Sophomore Class Vice-Presidentg Junior Class Secretary5 Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,45 Student Council 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Track 2,3,45 Boys State 3. FISHER, WENDELL: "A" Club 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Football 2,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,4. FRANKLIN, ROBERT FREEMAN, ROY GARCIA, LUPE GARCIA, ROSALIE: Future Nurses Club 2,35 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Office Work 4. GATES, DAVID: "A" Club 3,45 Argentian Staff 2,35 Band 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 45 Pep Band 2. GILLESPIE, BEVERLY: Argentian Staff 35 Bowling Team 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,4. GLASS, CHARLES: Track 4. GLIDEWELL, GARY GORDEY, ROBIE: Football 25 Track 2,4. GRAHAM, LUESE: Bowling Team 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 MuS- tang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 3. GREEN, CHARLES: Bowling Team 3. GREER, CECIL: Band 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,4. GRIFFIN, DANIEL: "A" Club 3,45 Football 2,35 Mustang Club 25 Senior Gym Leader. GRIPPANDO, FRANK GUTHRIE, KEITH HAAS, CHARLES: "A" Club 45 Basketball 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,45 Track 2,3,4. HALE, RONALD: "A" Club 3,45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Football 2,35 Glee Club 3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Track 2,35 Senior Gym Leader. HARRIS, DONALD: Mustang Club 2,3,45 Radiotronics 2,3,4, Seargeant'at-Arms. HARRITY, MIKE: "A" Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Senior Gym Leader. HELT, SHIRLEY: Orchestra 4. HILES, MADELIN: Glee Club 2,35 Mustang Club 45 Senior Gym Leader. HINES, MELBA: Future Nurses Club 45 Glee Club 4. HOLLAND, RONNIE: "A" Club 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 'Orchestra 45 Radiotronics 25 Track 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,45 Boys State 3. HOOKER, BILL: "A" Club 45 Football 3,45 Mustang Club 3,45 Track 45 Senior Gym Leader. HOOKER, JIM: "A" Club 3,45 Basketball 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Track 2,35 Senior Gym Leader. JACKSON, CI-IAUNCEY JOHNSON, HELEN: Mustang Club 4. JOHNSON, JIM: "A" Club 45 Football 3,45 Track 3,4. JONES, JOYCE: Future Nurses Club 45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 25 Cafeteria Work 4. KELLEY, ANNA MARIE: Bowling Team 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Mustang Club 3,45 Science Club 4. KEMPER, WAYNE Knot picturedb KRUPCO, JANICE: Mustang Club 4. LAKE, RAY LESDESMA, ROBERT LEWIS, SHIRLEY: Glee Club 45 Mustang Club 4. activities LONG, DONNA: Bowling Team 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 25 Senior Gym Leader. LOPEZ, MANUEL LOWE, JEANINE: Mustang Club 4. LOWE, JUDY: Bowling Team 2,35 G.A.A. 45 Mustang Club 2,3,4. LUCKEY, HOWARD LYLE, LARRY: Band 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,4. MARKS, MARY: Argentian Staff 35 Bowling Tea.rn 3,45 Future Nurses Club 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Office Work 4. MARTENSON, MARY ANN: Bowling Team 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club Z,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Office Work 4. MAYA JOHN METZ, GEORGIA: Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Band Z,3,45 Bowling Team 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,35 Pep Band 2,3,45 Majorette 2,3,45 Senior Gym Leader 4. MORRISON, GALE: Football 35 Glee Club 45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Student Council 25 Library Work 4. SIEILD, JUDITH: Bowling Team 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mus- :ang Club 2,3,4. NICKERSON, RICHARD: Band 2,3,45 Radiotronics 45 Pep Band 2,3,4. NICKERSON, THEODORE: Band 2,3,45 Radiotronics 2,3,4, President 4. NORTHERN, RANDOLPH: Football 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mus- :ang Club 3,45 Track 2,3,4. NORTON, ARTHUR DLIVAREZ, JESSE OLSEENE, NELSON: Band 2,3,45 Football 2,35 Mustang Club Z,3,45 Orchestra 45 Pep Band 45 Senior Gym Leader. DRTIZ, ANDY: Basketball 2,3. JVERLY, KAYE: Annual Staff 3,45 Argentian Staff 3,45 Bowl- ng Team 2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 35 G.A.A. Z,3,4: Homecoming Attendant 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Student Souncil 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4, Secretary 25 Senior Gym Leader. PACK, FLORINE: Glee Club 3,4. PARKER, SANDRA: Art Club 4. PEER, MARIE: Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Bowling l'eam 3,45 Cheerleader 25 Future Teachers Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,35 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Senior Gym Leader. PERKINS, Joe: Band 25 Junior Class Vice-President5 Football 35 Mustang Club 2,3,4, President 4. PHELAN, JIM: Glee Club 45 Track 2. PHELPS, ANN: Bowling Team 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Mustang Club Z,3,45 Y-Teens 3. POWELL, ALVIN: Mustang Club 3,4. POWELL, PATRICIA: Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3. POWERS, DIXIE: Office Work 4. PRATT, SHARON: Band 2,3,45 Bowling Team 2,45 Future Teachers Club 4, President 45' G.A.A. 2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms5 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4, Chaplain 4. PRINCE, DON: Band 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Office Work 4. KEARDON, RAY: "A" Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Basketball 2,35 Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Student Council 2,35 Track !,3,45 Senior Gym Leader. KEICH, JIM KEYNOLDS, BEN lICI-IARDS, GEORGE UDGWAY, PAULA: Glee Club 45 Mustang Club 3,45 Y-Teens 3. lIOS, JOSEPHINE: Glee Club 3,45 Mustang Club 3,4. RIOS, ROSA: Future Nurses Club 35 Mustang Club 3,4. ROBBINS, PAULA: Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,4. RUIS, JOHNNY SALAS, JOSEPHINE: Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 4. SANTOYO, LAWRENCE: Band 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Mustang Club 45 Orchestra 2,3,4. SAUCEDA, RICK: Football 4. SHARP, LEROY: "A" Club 3,45 Bowling Team 35 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3. SIMS, FLOYD: Student Council 3,4. SLATER, JACK: "A" Club 2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. SLAVEN, E. H.: Radiotronics 2. SMITH, SHIRLEY: Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 3,45 Bowling Team 2,3,45 Cheerleader 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mus- tang Club '2,3,45 Student Council 4, Secretary 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Art Club 4, Vice-President 4. SNOW, LAWAYNE: Football 3,45 Track 4. STUDDARD, DIANA: Band 2,3,45 Bowling Team 2,3545 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 25 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Office Work 4. TAGUE, JO ANN: Band 2,3,45 Head Drum Majorette 2,3,45 Bowling Team 2,3,4, Secretary of League 35 Future Nurses Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Or- chestra 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Pep Band 2 45 Girls State 3. TAYLOR, JACKEE: Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 45 'Bowling Team 2,35 G.A.A. 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,4, Accompanist 2,3,45 Mus- tang Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Office Work 4. TENNAL, JOHN: Radiotronics 4, Treasurer 4. THOMPSON, JUDY: Annual Staff 45 Argentian Staff 3,45 Bowling Team 4, Captain 45 Future Nurses Club 45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 25 Senior Gym Leader. TOMLINSON, ROBERT: Bowling Team 2. TUTTLE, JUDITH: Argentian Staff 35 Bowling Team 2,3,4, Cap- tain 35 Future Nurses Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mustang Club 3,45 Office Work 4. UHLIG, RICHARD: Football 25 Mustang Club 4. VAN METER, JANICE: Glee Club 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 4. WACKER, MARY: Argentian Staff 3,45 Senior Class Treasurer5 Mustang Club 2,3,4. WADE, MARY JANE: Annual Staff 3,45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Bowling Team 45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Press Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 Student Council 2,3,4, President 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Senior Gym Leader: Snow Ball Queen 45 G.A.A. 4. WAGNER, DELBERT: Bowling Team 2. WALTERS, DON WATSON, FRANCES: Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Band 2,3,4: Bowl- ing Team 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Student Coun- cil 2,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,45 Senior Gym Leader. WEBB, LaVERTA: Mustang Club 4. WHITE, BEVERLY: Annual Staff 3,45 Argentian Staff 2,3,45 Bowling Team 2,3,4, President of League 35 Future Nurses Club 3,4, President 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,35 Mustang Club 253,45 Press Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4, President 4. WILLIAMS, REUBEN WYMAN, ROBERT: Radiotronics 2,3,4. WYRICK, WILEY YEARSLEY, JIM: Mustang Club 2,3,4. YOUNG, ROBERT: Band 2,3,45 King of Hearts 4. ZAGAR, JOYCE: Senior Class Sectetary5 Mustang Club 2,3,45 Art Club 4, President 4. I 4 ' -A 422 4 f ' K - 5 'Hu 4 ,,f , I g 5 fl 1 , ' I 5 . 9' 9 ., -' ' . V If 72 A X". ,M -f Q! f Mg. Q ,. mx... Q 4 ,' ,,,....-1 fu" ....1.-...g. -..... .. A ,n ,-,- -:I-F 1:1L.v:"!f?P'T .. ' "'.. . ,.' ,H g 'I 3,-v. 'Vilk Armourdale Auto Parts 785 Kansas Avenue Argentine Body Shop 2409 Metropolitan C. F. Bender Company, Inc. 813 South Seventh Street Bert's Dari-Bee Cafe 3108 Strong Avenue Bleven's and Son 2117 Silver Avenue Brunk's Service Station 42nd Argentine Blvd. Burton Barber Shop 2109 Silver Avenue Cantrall Sign Mfg. Co. 644 Kansas Avenue T. G. 8: Y. Dimestore 3017 Strong Avenue Conmaco, Incorporated 820 Kansas Avenue Connor jewelry 32nd Strong Avenue Dexterls Hobby Shop 3500 Strong Avenue Dolly's Flower Shop 1035 Kansas Avenue Save-U-More 1518 South 12th Street Finkemeir Bakery 3105 Strong Avenue Flossie's Cafe 2100 Silver Avenue Floyd's Barber Shop 3402 Strong Avenue Green's Florist 3208 Strong Avenue Hamilton Mercantile 3111 Strong Avenue Harshbarger's Dry Goods 3417 Strong Avenue 3100 Strong Avenue Horne-r's Milk Station 1402 South 42nd ,Q New G X Tw' . ....... .2 'l r ix .La 'Qlng. """ 4 A - .- ..,,... ' nj'-gum ,ff 1-..-,.,.... 'WBQQ " - ' 11271 .g53Zflg.f2.7.TZAT.I.. - p-A A ,.f.,25::,,,,.-. :n::--':'- , aLl 1 '.'f??4iia:'3:,,t-A' 'N'-w 7 K ' 'z-sun..-r. Q ...- -. L, u 'S -ur- 2 -W--1 , 1- 1-s Q51 ,Ld di-T415S:f.1e:'e4:i-ll7'N ' Haworth Street Metal and Hardware Hoke and Smith Insurance 3504 Strong Avenue Helms Incorporated 1100 Kansas Avenue jeff's Service Station 2800 Strong Avenue Jiffy Cleaners 3502 Strong Avenue johns A. G, Store 3416 Strong Avenue johnson and Basie Grocery 900 South 55th Street Laswell Drugs Ruby and 21st Lentz jewelry 1506 South 21st Linton Furniture-Appliance 3117-19 Strong Avenue Lipkin Hardware . 3005 Strong Avenue Modern Carpet Service 830 Kansas Avenue Olsen Dairy 1510 South 42nd Reich's Cafe 3405 Strong Avenue Rock Front Cafe 1251 Kansas Avenue Video TV Service 2101 Silver Avenue Service Cleaners 3013 Strong Avenue Service Industrial Cleaners 410 Osage Avenue Silver Cleaners 2115 Silver Avenue Simmon's Funeral Home 1404 South 37th Stirling Motor Company 3001 Strong Avenue Style and Charm 3118 Strong Avenue Tague Service 3000 Strong Avenue Vanity Beauty Shoppe 3403 Strong Avenue in C 0 -df." - -J ' 'J f f x ' .,,sgf',L ' ' 49 el , mfqgi ?fff My 79 4 'HEHBBOOEHUUSK . .4 ff I fxgc Xluiqltuf--I Dc 'E J - F Q :man GTYQIIIOOIII J x,,..x f-X, i ographod in U. S. A. by Yearbook H un ' Q , ' , -jay 0-f Qfwd 'VW3 ,M MMM' M W ' fm. 2222 EW Ei

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