Argentine High School - Mustang Yearbook (Kansas City, KS)

 - Class of 1950

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— d COUsV UJ L- l- L 4?i £, uQ-A xiJ h dfertror Arg it f in toJ dTtofrn+tf onb- anfr fcaf Tfrurt ferine pToIliTU)$ivot th SfteftijyTayerjs fftgry Tfiabohn r’i£r-Qn t)$ (farman yftar-ron thjm Cei Wr-fght «-M. 'pnarlan -jlonal ae-ll im Voh ttj s ra ntc S’atj I Orbito ri I c$F1 afT In picture: Marion Clyma; Leta Wright; Jimmy Vohs; Donald Bell, Betty Hayes; Pat Hurt; Frances Carman; Norma Hollingsworth. Not in picture: Mary Robohn. S'lOOJJO vff IU 113} ututdng n utt£MR. ROY T. BAKER American History, Constitution, Basketball Coach MISS EDNA BARNES English, Dramatics MISS CHARLENE BOUSE Office Secretary MR. GUY BRADFORD Vocations, General Business MR. G. C. BRINK Shorthand, Typewriting MISS STELLA COLE Clothing, Homemaking MISS GLADYS CONGDON American History, Reviews, Mathematics MISS GRACE DALE Shorthand, Bookkeeping. Office Machines MISS NORMA GISH Office Treasurer MISS MAUD HEWITT Crafts, Art, English MR. F. S. HOOVER Biology, Physics, Golf Coach MRS. LA VERNE HOY Common Learning, English MR. LYLE IVERSON History Mathematics, Track Coach, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach MISS LILLIAN JESSUP Geography MISS EVELYN KOESTER School Nurse MR. C. F. KUKUK Algebra I, Assistant Football, Basketball and Track Coach MR. THOMAS I. MATTHEWS Welding, Metalwork, Junior High Basketball Coach MISS MYRTLE MjCORMICK Latin, English MR. EARL A. MOODY Mechanical Drawing, Beginning Electricity MR. W. J. MOORE Mathematics MR. HAROLD J. MOULD Instrumental Music MR. C. J. OLANDER Physical Training, Physiology, Health MRS. RUTH PATTERSON General Science, Foods, Homemaking MR. J. RAY PIPER General Mathematics, Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach MISS BERTHA PLUMB Foods, Cafeteria MRS. HATTIE POPPINO Librarian MR. C. L. RICHARDS Woodwork MISS PATTI SANKEE English, Spanish MR. FRANK SCOTT Auto Mechanics MR. N. F. SHELL Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics MR. J. R. SIMPSON Electricity MISS FRANCES TAYLOR Journalism, English MR. V. E. TIMMINS Civics, World History, International Relations MISS SUE UNRUH Physical Training, Physiology, Health MR. G. W. WALLING Machine Shop MISS MONA R. WALTER Vocal Music MISS BESS WILHITE PRESIDENT Ellis Jenkins Football 4; 'A' Club 3,4; Mustang Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Track 3. 4; Student Congress 3. Class Officer, President 3, 4. VICE PRESIDENT Marcia Winegardner Mustang Club 2. 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Student Congress 2, 4; Cheerleader 4; Class Officer, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Treasurer 3; Office Work 4. SECRETARY Lou Ann Smee Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Y- Teen 2, 3; Student Congress 2, 4; Class Officer, Secretary 4; Office Work 4. TREASURER Norma McDaniel Mustang Club 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3; Student Congress 2, 4; Cheerleader 3; Class Officer, President 2, Treasurer 4; Office Work 4. The senior class had an enrollment of 148, consisting of 82 boys and 66 girls. The annual play, "Shiny Nose," was given November 22, 1949. Members of the cast were: Mary Elizabeth Adams, Marian Clyma, Norma Hollingsworth, Dale Horn, Marjorie Hubbard, Don Mclnteer, Marthann McWilliams, Tom O'Dell, Dean Oehlert, and Mary Smith. 82 Seniors were in the Mustang Club at the beginning of the first semester. Four of the six cheerleaders were seniors. They were: Norma Hollingsworth, Marthann McWilliams, Dean Oehlert, and Marcia Winegardner. 13 journalism students were in the Press Club with Mary Robohn as president. There were 7 senior members in the Quill and Scroll. Co-editors of the Argentian, a bi-weekly school j newspaper, were Frances Carman, Marian Clyma and Leta Wright. Carl McCormick was president of the Student Congress; Bob Coulter of the Mustang Club; and Ralph Ninemire of the "A" Club. Marcia Winegardner was football queen and Norma McDaniel and Lou Ann Smee were attendants. cfiM FRESHMAN YEAR President Jack VanDerwell Vice-president Bob Coulter Secretary Norma Hollingsworth Treasurer John Regan Sponsor Mrs. LaVerne Hoy JUNIOR YEAR President Ellis Jenkins Vice-president Carl McCormick Secretary Joann Walker Treasurer Marcia Winegardner Cheerleader Louise Johnson Sponsor Mr. N. F. Shell Rational SOPHOMORE YEAR President Norma McDaniel Vice-president Carl McCormick Secretary Barbara Barnett Treasurer Tom O'Dell Sponsor Miss Edna Barnes SENIOR YEAR President Ellis Jenkins Vice-president Marcia Winegardner Secretary Lou Ann Smee Treasurer Norma McDaniel Cheerleader Louise Johnson Sponsors Miss Gladys Congdon and Miss Frances Taylor 1x0 not" j ooi fjy Twenty-three seniors were elected to the National Honor Society. They are: Barbara Blythe, Joy Braswell, Frances Carman, Marian Clyma, Evelyn Cotten, Bob Coulter, Norma Hollingsworth, Pat Hurt, Virginia Isaacson, Ellis Jenkins, Lawrence Long, Norma McDaniel, Ella Mae Murphy, Ralph Ninemire, Virginia Overly, Mary Robohn, Lou Ann Smee, Frank Solis, Joe Velasquez, James Vohs, Joann Walker, Kenneth White, and Marcia Winegardner. ADAMS, MARY ELIZABETH -Senior Play 4; Glee Club 4; Y-Teen 4; Ponce de Leon High School Miami, Florida-Glee Club 3; Sopho- more Play 2; Art Club 2, 3; G. A. A. 2. AMMERMAN, DEAN-Glee Club 2, 3, 4. ALAMILLA, ROBERT-Track 2. BRASWELL, JOY ANN-Mustang Club 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4-Secretary 2, 3. BURRIS, JOE BYRD, RUTH-Mustang Club 3,4; Argentian Staff 2, 3; Student Congress 4. BAILEY, PEGGY-Mustang Club 3, 4. CAMPBELL, BURKETT-Mustang Club 4. BELL, DONALD-Annual Staff 4; Press Club 3, 4; Argentian Staff 3, 4. BENNETT, DONALD CARMAN, FRANCES-Mustang Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Press Club 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4-Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Y-Teen 2,3,4. BLYTHE, BARBARA-Mustang Club 3, 4.CARMODY, DONALD-Mustang Club 4. CARR, ROBERT-Mustang Club 4; Junior Play 3. CARRIGER, DONNA-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4. CASTANEDA, ALFRED-Track 2, 3. CASTANEDA, BEATRICE CASTILLEJA, BENJAMIN-’A’ Club 4: Track 2,3.4. CEROVICH, JOANN-Glee Club 2; Y-Teen 2. 3, 4; Numeral Club 2, 3. CHESTER, SHIRLEY-Mustang Club 2, 3. 4; Y-Teen 2,3,4; Vice-President 4. CLARK, ROBERT CLYMA, MARION-Mustang Club 4; Press Club 3,4-Treasurer 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4: Argentian Staff 2, 3,4-Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Librarian 2; Orchestra 2; Annual Staff 4. COLEMAN, CAROLYN-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Press Club; Argentian Staff 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. COOPER, FRANKLIN% COTTEN, EVELYN COULTER, ROBERT-Football 2,3; Mustang Club 2, 3, 4-President 4; Student Congress 2. CROWDER, ROBERT DAVILA, RACHEL-Numeral Club 2, 3, 4. DEAN, BETTY-Mustang Club 3, 4; Y-Teen 2,3,4. DE SEURE, JOE DETMER, RUTH-Glee Club 2,3; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4; Librarian 2, 4. DYE, LEROY-Mustang Club 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Band 2, 3. EDEN, LAWRENCE-Football 2,3; Basket- ball 3; Track 4. FEIGHNER, HUBERT-Mustang Club 4. FINKEMEIER, HAROLD-Football 2,3; Mustang Club 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. FOSTER, EDGAR-Football 2; "A” Club 2, 3, 4; Mustang Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Track 2, 3, 4; Student Congress 2,4.FREDERICKS, MARTHA-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Press Club 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Librarian 4. GARRETT, BEVERLY-Glee Club 2; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4; Numeral Club 2, 3, 4. GRAHAM, JERRY-Mustang Club 4; Student Congress 4. GREENWOOD, DORIS-Mustang Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4. HAMPTON, ALBA-Student Congress 2. HANSON, ROBERT-Mustang Club 3, 4. HARDY, MILDRED-Glee Club 2, 3. HARFORD, BETTY-Mustang Club 4. HAYES, BETTY-Mustang Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Y-Teen 2, 3; Press Club 4. HELMS, JOANN-Numeral Club 3, 4. HENINGER, EDDIE-Mustang Club 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. HERNANDEZ, LUCY-Glee Club 2, 3, 4.ISAACSON, VIRGINIA-Mustang Club 4; Glee HOLLINGSWORTH, NORMA-Mustang Club 2 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Office Work 4. Club 4; Librarian 4; Topeka High School Topeka, Kansas-Junior Sunflower Annual Staff 3; Office Proctor 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Press Club 2, 3; World Business Staff. HORN, DALE-Mustang Club 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4. JACOBSON, BERNITA-Mustang Club 3, 4; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4-Treasurer 4. HOWELL, SHIRLEY-Y-Teen 2. JEWELL, VERNARD-Glee Club 2, 3, 4. HUBBARD, MARJORIE-Mustang Club 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Y-Teen JOHNSON, JIMMIE-Mustang Club 4; Junior 2, 3, 4; Librarian 4. Play 3. HUCK, HOWARD-Mustang Club 3, 4; Or- JOHNSON, LOUISE-Mustang Club 3, 4; Glee chestra 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. Club 2, 3, 4; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4; Class Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4. HUNTER LAURA-Band 2,3,4; Numeral Club 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Office W’ork 4. HURT, PAT-Mustang Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Press Club 4; Glee Club 2; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4.% JOYCE, THOMAS-Ward High School, Jun- ior Play 3; Glee Club 2; Student Congress 2. KEIGHTLEY, RAY KLABER, LOLA-Mustang Club 4; Y-Teen 2, 3,4. KYLE, JOANNE-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Office Work 4 Press Club 4. LANHAM, NORMA-Mustang Club 4; Argen- tian Staff 2, 3, 4. LARIMORE, PATTY-Mustang Club 4; Glee Club 2,3,4. LARSON, LARRY-Mustang Club 4. LARSON, LILLIEANN-Cafeteria Work 2,4. LATTELLE, MAYBELLE-Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Y-Teen 2, 3. LENIOR, DOLORES-Mustang Club 3, 4; Y- Teen 2, 3, 4-President 4. LONG, LAWRENCE-Football 2,3,4; "A" Club 3, 4; Mustang Club 4; Basketball 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2,3; Track 3. LOYA, PETE-Football 2, 3, 4; "A” Club 4; Basketball 2; Track 2, 3, 4.MANTOOTH, MYRON McCORMICK, CARL-Football 2; ’’A” Club 3, 4; Mustang Club 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Student Congress 4-President 4; Class Vice-President 2, 3. McGEE, JOAN McGHAN, BETTY-Mustang Club 3, 4; Y-Teen 2, 3; Office Work 4. w MOBERLY, HAZEL-Band 2, 3, 4; Numeral Club 3, 4. MOFFETT, RICHARD-Glee Club 4; Orche stra 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. MOLINA, ELISEO-Track 2, 3, 4. MORALES, ALFRED MORRISON, PARTICIA-Dropped McINTEER, DON-Football 2,3,4; Mustang MURPHY, ELLA MAE-Mustang Club 4; Y Club 4; Senior Play 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Teen 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. Track 3; "A" Club 4. McWILLIAMS, MARTHA ANN-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 4; Press Club 3, 4-Secre- tary 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4.NINEMIRE, RALPH-Football 2,3,4: ’’A’’ Club 2, 3, 4-President 4; Mustang Club 2. 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Student Congress 2. NOONE, DAVID-Football 2; Track 2. O’DELL, THOMAS-Football 2,3,4; "A” Club 2, 3, 4; Mustang Club 3, 4; Senior Play 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Class Officer, Treasurer 2. O’DELL, WILLIAM ODLE, ROBERT PICKETT, ROSE MARIE OEHLERT, DEAN-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Tennis 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Student Congress-Vice President 3; Cheerleader 4. OUSLEY, NANCY-Y-Tecn 4. OVERLY, VIRGINIA-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Student Congress 4; Office Work 4. PALMER, THOMAS PARKER, PATRICIA-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4. 777777777777777777 777777777, PEREZ, MARTHA-Glee Club 2, 3, 4.% POOLE, DON-Mustang Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. PRINGLE, ANITA-Mustang Club 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Y-Teen 2. RADER, LOLA-Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4. RATCLIFF, JOHN-Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Mus- tang Club 4. REARDON, DON-"A" Club 4; Golf 4. REED, BETTY REGAN, JOHN-Mustang Club 2, 3, 4. REYES, ALFONSO-Football 2. ROBOHN, MARY-Mustang Club 3, 4-Secre- tary 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play 3; Press Club 3, 4-President 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Student Congress 3; Office Work 4. ROCHA, RAYMOND ROSE, MILDRED-Mustang Club 4: Glee Club 2,3,4; Y-Teen 2,3,4. RUTTAN, RICHARD t SALAS, JESSE SANCHEZ, JUANITA-Junior Play 3; Glee Club 3. SHIRLEY, RAYMOND SHULL, JACK SMITH, MARY-Mustang Club 2, 3,4; Jun- ior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4; Student Congress 2, 3. SOLIS, FRANK-Football 2. 3, 4; "A" Club 3, 4; Mustang Club 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. SPARKS, HELEN SPICER, CHARLES STRAUB, ROBERT-Mustang Club 4; Band 2,3,4. SUAREZ, VIRGINIA-Glee Club 2, 3, 4. SNITKA, SOPHIA-Mustang Club 4-Trea- SUGGS, W. A. - Football 3, 4; ,,A” Club 4; surer 4; Student Congress 2. Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3.TIPPIN, LLOYD-Librarian 2. TOLER, GR E E NB UR Y-Football 2; Mustang Club 4. WALKER, JOANN-Mustang Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4-Secretary 4; Librarian 2; Class Secretary 3; Office Work 4. UTTER, RUTH-Librarian 4; Orchestra 2,3,4. WEEMS, BILL-Football 2, 3; "A" Club 2; Basketball 2. 3; Track 2, 3, 4. VAN DERWELL, JACK-Football 2; Mustang Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4. VAN NORMAN, ROY-Tennis 4. VELASQUEZ, JOE-Football 2,3,4; "A" Club 2, 3, 4; Mustang Club 3, 4; Basket- ball 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. VOHS, JIMMY-Mustang Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Press Club 3, 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3. 4; Business Manager 4; Stu- dent Congress 2; Orchestra 2, 3, 4. WHITE, KENNETH-Mustang Club 4; Orche- stra 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. WILKES, CLYDE-Mustang Club 4; Orche- stra 2, 3, 4. WILLIAMS, ROBERT-Football 2,3,4; -A” Club 4. »—WILLIAMSON, EVELYN-Y-Teen 2,3,4; Num- eral Club 3, 4. WILLIS, MURRY-Glee Club 2, 3, 4. WRIGHT, DAVY-Track 2, 4. WRIGHT, LETA-Mustang Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Press Club 4; Argentian Staff 2, 3, 4-Editor 4; Y-Teen 2, 3, 4. NO P YEARSLEY, BILL-Football 2; "A” Club 3, 4; Mustang Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Tennis 4; Track 2, 3. YOWELL, ROXY ANN-Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Mustang Club 4. ZAMORA, JAMES-Football 4: Basketball 2; Track 2, 3,4. BRISCOE, CHARLES STEWART, DONALDliiiiiiuiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiii mor merte n In picture: Marjorie Hubbard; Elizabeth Adams; Marion Clyma; Mary Smith "Shiny Nose"FOURTH ROW--Cantrell; Anson, E.; Boeck, O.; Culey; Creason; Caywood; Carmen; Bond; Galindo. THIRD ROW--Brunk; Bennett; Boeck, D.; Doherty; Calderon; Bittner; Berry; DeMoss; Cook. SECOND ROW--Burroughs; Briggs; Bradbury; Badger; Dressier; Diaz; Brown; Alt; Cowperthwait. FIRST ROW--Cline; Carpenter; Davidson; Dane; Anson, G.; Crane; Corkins; Dexter; Ashlock. FOURTH ROW--Erwin; Foster; Goff; Harwick; Hausler; Evatt; Hill, R.; Caudle. THIRD ROW--Flaherty; Gerber; Eden; Ellis Green; Hogan; Goff; Fitch. SECOND ROW--Hernandez; Gillespie; Lawson; Griffith; Gillespie, P.; Hale; Edson; Eisert. FIRST ROW--Gunz; Overton; Hampton; Hubbard; Hudson; Green; Lynch; Hobbs. FOURTH ROW--Meyers; McDonald; Morales, F.; McKillup; Jones, M.; Jones, G.; Hughes, R.; Miller. D.; McClain. THIRD ROW—Kelso; Jenkins, Mercier; Katzer; Metz; Long; Hurd; Kinney. SECOND ROW--Murray; Normile; Matney; O'Dell; Jester; Perkins; Johnson, N.; Maupin; Montiel. FIRST ROW--Miller. D.; Kunze; Larson; Isaac; Nelley; McDermott; Hufford; Priddy; Lynch; Hampton 1 5 1 FOURTH ROW--Smith, H.; Wright; Yulich; Zuk; Smith, R.; Wasko; Wilcox; Simons. THIRD ROW--Smith, B.; Williams; Wing; Townsend; Yearsley; Smalley; Smith, J.; Smith, J. SECOND ROW--White, L.; Teagarden; Wilson; Shultz; Webb; Springhorn; Thompson; Sellon. FIRST ROW--Trible; Ussery; Sukran; Smith, N.; Stigall; White, W.; Swanson. IT unior "Seventeenth Summer” In picture: Evelyn Jenkins, George Wasko and FOURTH ROW--Sanchez; Neighbors; Rafferty; Overbaugh; Pajer; Overton, R.; Peugeot; Poole; Olander; Overton, G.; Rangel. THIRD ROW--Seaman; Reagan; Porter; Purcell; Quirarte; Snitka; Soverns; Mercier; Utter; Clevenger. SECOND ROW'--Normile; Lawson; O'Dell; Ross, J.; Potts; Powell, S.; Quinn; Judy; Russell; Florez. FIRST ROW--Powell, B.; Martinez; Sellon; Rupe; Thompson; Payne; Ross, M.; Liera.I 52 FOURTH ROW--Mixon; Sebastian; Dean; Dawkins; French; Karcher; Kilgore; Fagan; Evans; Foster. THIRD ROW--Clement; Gower; Bailey; Davidson; Espinoza; Barr; Badger; Craig; Finkemeier. SECOND ROW--Griffin; Jordan; Folsom; Jacobson; Flamez; Alumbaugh; Dressier; Brashear; Corp. FIRST ROW--Garrett; Dyerson; Darrah; Jolly; DeLeon; Glidewell; Frame; Fullerton. FOURTH ROW--Cobb; Carroll; Crabaugh; Barber; Blashe; Ayala; Carriger; Carr; Bowers; Armstrong; Brown; Allard. THIRD ROW--Campbell; Alvarez; Cross; Byrd; Caudron; Bittner; Crosier; Bell; Belshe; Crane; Braden; Coulter. SECOND ROW--Bowdre; Carroll; Batriz; Clark; Barnhart; Burton; Brock; Comley; Coleman; Brown; Alvarado; Angell. FIRST ROW--Burgess; Bunce; Blevins; Creason; Acosta; Blankenship; Aguilar; Coleman; H.; Conder. FOURTH ROW--Mickson; Johnson; Hemphill, Wigle; Smith; Rollins; Updegraff; Taylor; Hoffman; Johnson; Orndoff. THIRD ROW--Pruitt; Tuttle; Stover; Smith; Sheaffer; Jones; Janes; Howard; Milina; Herdandez; Smith. SECOND ROW--Libeer; Lopez; Hanson; Miller; Walters; Marsh; Hendo; Whitesell; Shipman; Strehlow, M.; Strehlow, M.; White. FIRST ROW--Twistleton; Serviss; Stover; Treeland; Van Norman; Vogel; Vohs; Rose.FOURTH ROW--Hicks, L.; O'Dear; O'Dell; Hicks, G.; McTyree; Thomas; Ingram; Phelps; Hollingsworth; Marshall; Halcolm; Murphy; Harry; Hensley. THIRD ROW--Holder; Jones; Harding; Hendericks; McLees; Montgomery; Madl; Meanor; Landis; Linenger; Coulter; Watt; Stronach. SECOND ROW--Matney; Kuttler; Larson; Perez; Madrigal; Peer; Hill; Hood; Hazelwood; Nail; Powell. FIRST ROW--Petzold; Hale; Lumley; Jordan; Maddox; Metz; Pierce; Long; Madrigal; Sanderson; Moore. FOURTH ROW--Setzer; Watt; Ramios; Strong; Turnbaugh; Yancey; Reyes; Treeland; Ratcliff; Seldomridge; Stronach. THIRD ROW--Sudduth; VanMohl; Wagner; Stewart; Tipton; Uhlig; Vargas; Winegardner; Sanders; Reich; Wright. SECOND ROW--Ginn; Hill; Walker; Sweaney; Velasquez; Kandles; Sager; Stoll; Ulmer; Smee FIRST ROW--Sweaney; Wilder mood; Webb; Sprague; Verbrugge; Small; Suggs; Reynolds; Wells; Cornelius; Williams.1 Q53 FOURTH ROW--Campbell; Borders; Moore; Bozark; Crews; Atteberry; Bond; Boswell; Bustamante. THIRD ROW--Dean; Baker; Carroll; Dunlap; Bartmess; Estes; Brightwell; Blake; Beachboard. SECOND ROW--Burgess, J.; Alcala; Boyer; Beach; Clinkenbeard; Bauer; Call; Dowell. FIRST ROW--Blankenship; Eden; Burgess, Y.; Castro; Dressier; DeWitt; Clark; Boyd. FOURTH ROW--Green; Homan; Klingler; Lance; Johnson; Gonzales; Hart; Gully. THIRD ROW--Harrison; Isaacson; Gates; Kelso; Laswell; Guthrie; Hisel; Lamphere. SECOND ROW--Hughes; Hutchings; Galindo; Howell; Farris; Harshbarger; Hale; Kirsher. FIRST ROW--Hutson; Ibarra; Garlington; Larimore; Hellwig; Foster. FOURTH ROW--Ninemire; Long; Messick; McDaniel; McCann; McCamish; Diaz; Rebar. THIRD ROW--Payne; Myers; Prince; Reagan; Piersee; Martin; Maxon; Mason. SECOND ROW--Messenger; McCracken; Mason; Orndoff; Powell; Price; Mendez. FIRST ROW--Madrigal; Myers; Quiroga; Lynch; Pringle; Medina. THIRD ROW--Shroder; Russell; Stroud; Walker; Yulich; Vouldaze; Scott; Robohn; Zuniga. SECOND ROW--Secos; Wedderstrand; Smith; Whipple; Colgan; Westbrook; Redding; Strong; Wyman; Lopez. FIRST ROW--Saucedo; Rollo; Roberts; Tawney; Rioz; Russell; Settle; Shoemaker.It FOURTH ROW--Mauzey; Serviss; Blake; Simons; Valtiera; Rangel; Overly; Smith, B.; Tipton; Terrill; Porras; Simmons; Sullivan; Wright; Shelton. THIRD ROW—Sidwell; Porter; Steffens; Lowery; Todd; Utter, M.; Utter, D.; Pearson; White; Updegraff; Vaughn; Sylva; Taylor; Call. SECOND ROW--Powell; Sudduth; Vega; Tush; Smith, R.; Kennedy; South; Robinson; Roebuck; Vance. FIRST ROW--Salas; Shenk; Schleicher, B.; Pitts; Smith, P.; Stockman; Richards; Walling; Tinsley; Smith, M. L. FOURTH ROW--Hicks; Carillo; Arellano; Clyma; Camel; Croom; Ayala; Brunk, G.; Green; Call; Brunk, SI; Bauer. THIRD ROW--Askren; Castro; Howard; Gulley; Gibson; Gardner; Huffman; Ammerman; Berry; Aiman; Hernandez. SECOND ROW--Chapel, Cl; Calderon; Haflich; Hurd; Galindo; Bruce; Hundley; Gland; Bye; Barrackman. FIRST ROW--Hathaway; Amayo; Castaneda; Holmes; Hanson; Attebury; Cantrell; Fitch; Albertson; Chapel, C. FOURTH ROW--McMillan; Olsen; Kerr, J.; Madrigal; Ingraham; Medina; Leaton; O’Nead; Murillo; Lightfoot; Larson, J.; Griffin. THIRD ROW--Knowles; Olander; Lowery; Morales; Onions; Jones; McCamish; McQueen; Kloster; Nelson. SECOND ROW--Iberra; Liston; Moore; Larson; B.; Lattin; Lee; Kilgore; Ludwig; Mock; Kitchell; Kilgore. FIRST ROW--Lawson, D.; Kennedy; Ledesma; Lawson, L.; Miller; Irons; Larson, G.; Libeer; Neild. FOURTH ROW--Castro; Fleming; Bittner; Barnes; Amayo; Aipperspach; Blake; Capell; Bauer; Burroughs; Crosley. THIRD ROW--Crews; Dollard; Doyle; Berry; Arnold; Copenhaber, J.; Blankenship; Corp; Crew; Clinkenbeard; Clem. SECOND ROW--Ferguson; Ammerman; Gutierrez; Grimes; Blackmore; Cronn; Boyce; Gipson; Carroll. FIRST ROW--Cary; Dishman; Bohner; Gray; Graham; Copenhaber, D.; Anderson. FOURTH ROW--Leaton; Hopkins; Guttridge; Hurley; Maddox; Lamas; Ptomey; Miller, R.; Jenkins; Kerns; Milliner; Gunn. THIRD ROW--Green; Johnson, N.; Messick; Peugeot; Ousley; Phelps; Overly; Holland; Hill; Harris; Galindo. SECOND ROW--McBride; Mieth; McAfee; Holwick; Hale, J.; Onions; Prator; Ninemire; Kerr; Dexter; Gish; Malay. FIRST ROW--Johnson, B.; Ingraham, J.; Payne; Hyatt; McCullough; Mason; Liston; Messenger; McCracken; Hinkle; Grigsby; Neild; Hale, P. FOURTH ROW--Young, V.; Wilson; Stewart; Taylor; Reagan; Tinsley; Richardson; Sjoblom; Shockey; Santillan; Trunbaugh; Ruiz; Rogers. THIRD ROW --Woodward; Williams, F.; Wheeler; Sharp; Sullivan; Russell; Brisby; Turley; Scarlett; Thompson; Setzer; Garis. SECOND ROW--Wedderstrand; Whipple; Swain; Young, M.; Mendez; West; Tinker; Wylich; Williams; Vogel; Thompson; Shafer. FIRST ROW--Detmer; Walling; Rainwater; Rector, M.; Smith, G.; Davila; Utter; Smith, J.; Zamora; Rector,D.; Ledesma. d fDoter Hinfers " h m f» rr rT Moonshiners ? Wove ? K« i FOURTH ROW--Wright; Morales; Long; Fuller; Overbaugh; Ninemire; Mclnteer; Suggs; Evatt; Ingram, J.; THIRD ROW-- Scott, asst, coach; Perkins; Coleman; Comely; O'dell; Solis; Carroll; Reyes; Anson; Loya; Olander; Neighbor; Smalley; Velasquez; SECOND ROW--Foster; Turnbaugh; Setzer; Overton; Carman; Carriger; Phelps; Yulich; Treeland; Rafferty; Varas; Baker, asst, coach. FIRST ROW--Kukuk, asst, coach; Iverson, freshman coach; Foster; Rangel; Sanders; Mercier; Belshe; Watt; Winegardner; Clement; Strong; Piper, coach hmen football cjj-en marcia w ne aniner Ctytdin r s p ninemire FOURTH ROW--Brunk; Walker; Martinson; Ayala; Johnson; Klingler; McDaniel; Bond; Diaz; Stroud. THIRD ROW--Ingraham; Call; Murillo; Scott; Green; Smith; Hart; Robohn; Borders. SECOND ROW--Fitch; Beachboard; Terrill; Campbell; Overly; Brightwell; Estes; Castro. FIRST ROW--McCracken; Huffman; Brunk; Tush; Clark; Ingraham, J.; Iverson, coach.J. Meignbor il Mnemire, 3 Solis 4.Carroll S Mdnf-cer lo. Ova r Lauq 7 SuqqS J. flr'SOh 7 Y l Ihams 10. C ow ley J I. Sm lieu a. O'Dell J. I Ic.r' I H. Coleman IS- Morales SL Sa ucs 17 i onq ,o n . J I. Football Lettermen J. Rsu T i p c,rTHIRD ROW--Overly; Murillo; Leaton; G. Brunk; Ingraham. SECOND ROW--Lightfoot; Simmons; Croom; Call; Rangel. FIRST ROW--S. Brunk; Madrigal; Valtiera; Larson; Matthews, coach. THIRD ROW--Reyes; Ingram; McCormick; Ninemire; Yearsley; Jones; Jenkins; Suggs; Evatt; Long. SECOND ROW--Stronach; McKillip; Turnbaugh; Olander; Ayala; Fuller; Carroll; Lillich; Piper; assistant coach. FIRST ROW--Baker, coach; Velasquez; Smalley; O'Dell; Foster; Vargas; Solis; Rafferty; Comley; Watt; Iverson, assistant coach. THIRD ROW--Stroud; Ayala; Johnson; Klingler; Green. SECOND ROW--Long; Diaz; Ninemire; Dressier. FIRST ROW--Kukuk; coach; Campbell; Rebar; Scott; Madrigal; Castro.SECOND R0W--0'Dell, Ninemire, Jenkins, Yearsley, McCormick, all seniors. FIRST ROW--Fuller, Rafferty, both juniors. Foster, Velasquez, both seniors. Coaching the Mustangs to the finest record in the history of the school, coach Roy T. Baker completed his fifth season. By winning eighteen and losing only six, Argentine took first place in the Northeast Kansas League and second place in the City League. In the Hutchinson Tournament, Argentine was defeated by both Parsons and McPherson. In the Regional Tournament at Ottawa, Argentine beat Ward to take the first place trophy. In the Kansas State Tournament at Topeka, Argentine defeated St. Mary the first afternoon and lost the next afternoon to Independence by the narrow margin of two points. Ellis Jenkins placed on both the first team of the city and the Northeast Kansas All-Star League. Ralph Ninemire made the second team of the city and the Northeast Kansas League first team. Joe Velasquez placed on the second team for both the city and the Northeast Kansas League. Carl McCormick made the first team of the city. Tom O'Dell was given honorable mention on the City League and Bill Yearsley honorable mention on the Northeast Kansas League. Argentine 44- Argentine 40- Argentine 36- Argentine 25- Argentine 26- Argentine 49- Argentine 49- Argentine 37- Argentine 29- Argentine 37- Argentine 50- Argentine 25- --Ft. Scott 39 -Rosedale 24 --Wyandotte 27 --Parsons 31 -McPherson 40 -Topeka 37 -North Kansas City 37 -Atchison 40 -Shawnee Mission 27 -Lawrence 31 -Ottawa 47 -Ward 36 Argentine 46- Argentine 32- Argentine 42-- Argentine 37-- Argentine 78-- Argentine 47-- Argentine 38-- Argentine 62-- Argentine 36-- Argentine 32- Argentine 52-- Argentine 40-- -Leavenworth 27 -Atchison 25 -Ward 40 -Shawnee Mission 36 • Rosedale 54 -Ottawa 45 -Wyandotte 39 -Leavenworth 35 ■Lawrence 32 -Ward 31 •St. Mary 36 ■Independence 42 (QrtZrSiS (tlub ettni -,0 . THIRD ROW--Sheaffer; Garrett; Moberly; Jenkins; Purcell; Regan. SECOND ROW--Cerovich; Vogel; Williamson; Helms; Doherty; Quinn. FIRST ROW’--Davila; Powell; Martinez; McDermott; Hufford; Ashlock; Unruh, sponsor. (jv. m FOURTH ROW--Overbaugh; Suggs; Mclnteer; Yearsley; Jenkins; McCormick; Ninemire. THIRD ROW’--Morales; Long; Fuller; Evatt; Williams; Ingram; Reyes. SECOND ROW--Perkins; Loya; Anson; Wright; Ayala; Solis; Comley. FIRST ROW--Velasquez; Neighbor; O'Dell; Foster; Carroll; Smalley; Coleman; Olander, sponsor. THIRD ROW--W7illiamson; Helms; Chester; Jacobson; Garrett; Lenoir; Van Mohl; Ousley. SECOND ROW--Carman; Suggs; Peer; Detmer; Cerovich; Verbrugge; Braswell. FIRST ROW--Sankee, sponsor; Wright; Hubbard; Dyerson; Murphy; Hurt; Walker; Petzold.jit mi: tHIMT 1 fflflTfl'! 1' H'' ‘' I''' ' "-1 MH! ; l| i 'First Row: Smith, J.; Doyle; Schleicher; Smith, G.; Glenn; Hanson. Second Row: Holwick; Neild; Messenger; Crews. FOURTH ROW--Fitch; Yearsley; Smith, J.; Carroll; Graham; McCormick; Foster; Gonzales; Green; Comley; Brown. THIRD ROW--Russell; Powell, E.; Smee; Lowery; Jenkins; Gillespie; Winegardner; Groom; Walker; Brunk; Coulter. SECOND ROW--Murray; Normile; Olsen; Odle; Vogel, L.; Mendez; Clark; Roebuck; Byrd; Harshbarger; McDaniel; Bye. FIRST ROW--Zamora; Doyle; Powell, B.; Nail; Overly; Winegardner; Dyerson; Nelson; McCamish; Kerr; Vogel, D. First Row: Mrs. Carl Stroud, Second Vice President; Mrs. L. E. Yulich, First Vice President; Mrs. Clyde Armstrong, President; Mrs. H. J. Allard, Secretary; Not in picture, Mrs. John Coulter, Treasurer. ( lub FOURTH ROW--Coleman; Coulter; Crabaugh; Carr; Foster; Carmody; Evatt; Fuller; Brashear; Fanning; Comley; Carroll, G. THIRD ROW--Gerber; Flaherty; Brunk; Clyma; Dean; Chester; Bailey; Fitch; Coulter; Dressier; Feighner. SECOND ROW--Badger; Briggs; Campbell; Byrd; Greenwood; Carriger; Blythe; Fredericks; Carroll, L. FIRST ROW--Cline; Fullerton; Carman; Coleman; Braswell; Crane; Dexter; Gunz. CHEERLEADERS--Carpenter; Stoll; Kunze. FOURTH ROW--Fuller; VanDerweli; Poole; Setzer; Suggs, W. A.; Vohs; Puegeot; Morales; Yulich; Olander; Stronach. THIRD ROW--Parker; Smee, L.A.; Chester; Yowell; Robohn; Straub; Toler; Wilkes; White; Coulter; W'att; O'Dell. SECOND ROW7--Smalley; Velasquez; Rafferty; Winegardner; Ulmer; Russell; Smith, B. Thompson; Sellon; Payne; Smee, L. O.; Suggs, P. FIRST ROW7--Rose; Snitka; Petzold; Powell; Pierce; Smith, M.; Overly; Walker; Thompson; Pringle; W7right. CHEERLEADERS--McW;illiams; Oehlert; Clark. FOURTH ROW--Horn; Huck; McKillip; Ingram; Hanson; Mclnteer; Ninemire; Graham; Hausler; McCormick; Long; Hurd. THIRD ROW--Harford; Lenoir; Chester; Isaacson; Jenkins; Jacobson; Neighbor; MadI; Coulter; Lawson. SECOND ROW--Normile; Heninger; Johnson, J.; Isaac; Larson, D.; Lanham; McGhan; Kyle; Johnson, L.; McDaniel; Hufford. FIRST ROW-- Klaber; Hubbard; Hampton; Miller; Murphy; Hutson; Larson, M.; Nail; Lynch; Hurt. CHEERLEADERS--Winegardner; Hollingsworth; Kuttler.1ZZZ CToIt (Club FOURTH ROW--Huffman; Lightfoot; Madrigal; Ninemire; Klingler; Long; Ingraham, P.; Overly, J.; Kerr, J.; Larson, J. THIRD ROW--Knowles; Kelso; Olander; Myers; Lowery; McCracken, J.; Pittman; Lamphere Peugot. SECOND ROW--Ingraham, J.; Ibarra, M.; Keer, R.; Larson, B.; Lee; Lattin; Isaacson; Hughs; Kisher; Lynch. FIRST ROW--Miller; Irons; Nelson; Ibarra, J. A.; Larimore; Holland; Overly, P. Madrigal, L.; Lawson, R. CHEERLEADERS--Howell; Gibson. FOURTH ROW--Schroeder; Russell; Stroud; Walker; Scott; Robohn; Simmons; Westbrook. THIRD ROW--Price; Powell; Lowery; Prince; Reagan; Redding; Updegraff; Strong; W’oodward. SECOND ROW--Vogel; Williams; Young; Porter; Scarlett; Whipple, M. J.; Smith; Russell; Vance; Tawney. FIRST ROW--R0II0; Pringle; Whipple, J.; Roberts, D.; Richards; Walling, S.; Stockman; Settly; Smith, M. L.; W alling, G.; Moore, sponsor. CHEER LEADERS--Arnold; Laswell. FOURTH ROW'--Hisel; Bartmess; Cambell; Call; Gonzoles; Green; Borders; Brightwell; Brunk; Fitch. THIRD ROW'--Carroll; Dunlap; Bustamante; Blake, J.; Ammerman, G.; Gates; Gulley; Harshbarger; Baker; Barrackmon. SECOND ROW--Bye; Dowell; Harrison; Blake, B.; Dressier; Aiman; Clark; Ammerman, T.; Hyatt. FIRST ROW--Bohner; Carroll, A.; Hanson; Foster, G.; Capell; Hill; Cantrell; Gray, Anderson. CHEERLEADERS--Farris; Steffins. FIFTH ROW--White; Olander; Updegraff; Armstrong; Brashear; French; Hausler; Vohs; Rollins; Morales; Leaton; Huck; Yulich; Hill; Wilkes. FOURTH ROW--Flaherty; Hendon; Montgomery; Dean; Utter; Yowell; Moffett; Kelso; Smith; Shaeffer; Olander; Janes; Kelso; Russell. THIRD ROW--McCamish; Harshbarger; Barr; Terrill; Sanchez; Utter; Smith; Dunlap; Steffens; Sanders; Winegardner; Robohn; Craft; Berry; Payne, J.; SECOND ROW--Gray; Miller; Crane; Lynch; Holland; Kunze; Hutchings; Overly; Scarlett; Priddy; Settle; Nelson. FIRST ROW--Gibson; Utter; Tawney; Jones; Copenhaver; Whipple; McWilliams. iO tth FOURTH ROW--Schroeder; Simmons; Coleman; Gonzales; Armstrong; Vohs; Morales; Holcomb; Smith; Sanchez; White; Watt. THIRD ROW--Brunk; Hernandez; Hunter; Myers; Yowell; Olander; Boeck; Lattin; Carroll; Russell; Whipple; Smith. M. SECOND ROW-- Kunze; Stockman; Askren; Harrison; Call; Isaac; Flaherty; Harshbarger; Sprague; Strong; Pittman. FIRST ROW--Miller; Nelson; Crane; Settle; Walling; Capell; Murphy; Dane; Gunz; Irons. FOURTH ROW--Hill; Olander; Fanning; French; Yancey; Hausler; Smith; Brashear; Upde- graff; Huck; Straub. THIRD ROW--Crane; Scott; Moffett; Townsend; Saverns; Goff; Murphy, L.; Sanders; Johnson; Russell. SECOND ROW--Blake; Terrill; Winegardner; Hemphill; Barr; Landis; Call; Badger; Redding. FIRST ROW--Brashear; Huffman; Gibson; Whipple; Powell; Lynch; Smith, R.; Payne, J. FOURTH ROW--Van Mohl; Ulmer; Jacobson; Stewart; Smith; Harding; Hendericks; Shipman; Twiselton. THIRD ROW--Sudduth; Hill; Blankenship; Payne; Bowdre; Creason; Verbrugge; Batrez. SECOND ROW--Dowell; Dyerson; Bunce; Glidewell; Suggs; Aguilar; Kirsher; Blevins. FIRST ROW--Garrett; Burgess; Petzold; Frame; Williams; Coleman; Pierce; Acosta. (i tub FOURTH ROW--Sellon; Seaman; Parker; Maupin; Reagan; Isaacson; Hayes; Brunk. THIRD ROW--Fredericks; Coleman; Greenwood; Monteil; Eden; Payne; Johnson; Rupe; Adams. SECOND ROW--Flores; Stigall; Larson; Williams; Brown; Alt; Cowperthwait; Suarez. FIRST ROW--Rose; Dexter; Walker; Perez; Hernandez; Carpenter; Corkins; Overton. (Club FOURTH ROW--Jewell; Ingram; Yancey; Finkemier, H.; Overton; Ammerman; Poole. D.; Willis. THIRD ROW--Kinney; Carroll; Turnbaugh; Ratcliff; Boydston; Miller; Poole, B.; Moffett. SECOND ROW--Dale; Jones; Shull; Walker; Stronach; Madl; Corp. FIRST ROW-- Winegardner; Leninger; Velasquez; Oehlert; Foster; Hill; Finkemier; W.; Heninger; Miss Walter dentineMustangs ueieai — Udogs livSecond Home Game SUB » itures « f l,aITU aki„g the lead after two Jlay the Ardenttne c •er headed through- ■ „f the didog , nu of Congress Has - -UStang Ht'VlIt1 Twirp Season [;Ses ‘Showboat’ uary 3 to January 6,' ■ n Variety Show the Student Compress ’rogram Includes Dances •. which con- dock Wedding. Minrslrei d -SO. Norma nd Melodrama ■ Foster '50, U 1 r vw violating the ' I the rt ' rjfof , all-school the stf ». Twir .V... 1 t. lodrama nlor girls •Io daru-e. sing dance f dancer O1 • 0 Parade A en Argentine high ch»S v, uniform, was the seco. P e hand in the first div, hand in the first div«« American Royal Parade v ed down the main st'- town Kansas City, brate the openir Royal, now ir Other K- school nour m tim So L. contestant’s home city nv70 - ".to ° the float. The floats wer. vv Among the celebraties » parade were, mn . • yes. Victor Jory. ° ftc v' « " . Harry Darby. IV A c 0 of the American Royal. • w»A 'Ij'-A l»®1 .«V " ,“c» sheriffs of Wyandotte County 0 A v ovV'"v' ieeth ‘ u"K." . and Jackson County Misso Ao'»''v c fft®"®" » 9 v, °,tV nVOS'-sv -rO ‘- .ceth '« I 7 •1o. tag f which grotesque many differs Iing that of a j represent Cull "Gulliver’s were made to which were men’s heads. The bands, which Future Farmer of 160 piece seven high were so spa flow of march ed. The queen roil on a float twent, .„rcY V M designed in the crown, which was S.„(tve ° ly four thousand tendants and two from Inde|«-ndencc » ° Oo ' Kansas were seated There were twcrn V 1 smaller floats for quo ‘ eaic- Kach float carried tv V»vC' tA. c? were identified by the n cttfV '"c vertablo banked with fl Bow January: XV Of Kansa D Ralph Mnemire ’.V oO and two boy- fn‘ to Dallas, Texas, between Rice and versities in the n their trip to norning with varsity end "hey drove picke.l u ,th high j hd for S ' f" .. alla 1 th • •alia: Howl w| of the stadium is and the fie ■ around it as it wa. . ytball only. The stadius • o.taio persons. They had • on t »® W-yard line, ;,b i-n''’ b,“i corM'Bering that l-»0 to 200 rows it was clos. at he, was clou«iy and war — - -V-.IJ .1111 » Jttlo during the ga ot enough to matter. It had ' . !? ,w,W ,h"UKh and th «. -i slipfH-rv and iti u a » runt  fait Bob's Hy-Class Cleaners 2127 Metropolitan Avenue Tague’s Service Station 2818 Strong Avenue McGee Grocery 1523 So. 21st Street Holiday House 2721 Merrian Boulevard Fred Drawberger 2004 Ruby Avenue Metro Beauty Shop 3110 Strong Avenue Willis Service Station 2001 Metropolitan Avenue Broil Grocery 3101 Strong Avenue Ross Lentz Jewelry 1506 So. 21st Street Paul Marley 9th and Osage Avenue T. H. Ryan Agency 2125 Metropolitan Avenue Fleming and Laswell Pharmacy 21st and Ruby Avenue Goods Sheet Metal 2301 Metropolitan Avenue S. A. Bottomly 32nd and Strong Avenue Silver Cleaners and Hatters 2115 Silver Avenue Lillich Sporting Goods 2613 Strong Avenue J. D. Burton 2109 Silver Avenue Spanish Gardens 1351 So. 26th Street Brewer Grocery 2020 Ruby Avenue King Bros. Cabinet Co., Inc. 2329 Metropolitan Avenue Lush Julep Blenders 25th and Strong Avenueppt I ng £oU pi JHarflta 111 f II Virginia ©Uprttj arfon it ma ,5 efa teri frf {!? I 1 ,3 n fi i trjt a irn pat ra tuttf r" d$af barker GE ryp (foat tunfThe Best In Watches..Clocks ..Jewel ry ALSO RE P AlRlNC IG. WOODSIDE 2 I st. Qrn) S' Iver FA .6 7 29 Be.5f Wishes To The Q ra d u a 11 nj C loss GREEN’S FLORIST Fflirf« 7811 142 0 South 2GtK.Sfr«T KanSOS City jKonS S C o n tatu I qT on s and Best Wished To The Class Of ’50 FINEST FOODS STEFFENS’GROCERY Whe e friendj fl 1518 So. 21st Ffl.5 017 2ZPfl X TON’S 19 41 M «mano 8 )vc . Herb Baiits So Iff Kansas Art rtite Fountain Pt Both Locattons CfTlass of" 150 [Hite DEPARTMENT STORE "Known For Voloes” 2915-17 STr.nj flv«. FA. 9 0 70Hoy ci E. Hoke Loro I. Smftk RELIRBLE INSURANCE RUTO -LITE JOHN G FILLUP "GOOD THINGS TO CRT" 3 416 Strong F fi. 6 0 8 Q 35 0 4 S-bo„3 FR.GI00 RREENTINE COAL CO. 2 013 Metropolitan five. V STIRLING MOTOR CO. SI 3001 Strong ®d s 6f 1950 2Eonqrattjlatioj7$ in . e, ct izh s Phone: FRirfax 46 0 0 Phone: Fflirfax 59 0 0For the Fines tin Print inj LETTERHERDS FLEMING- LRSWELL STATEMENTS ENVEL OPES PHORMACT CLUB BOOKS RULED FORMS BU S NE SS CARD S WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT 21 STcncl Ruby FR.0242 Wyondotte County RECORD FLEMING PHfMCr 3113 St,0„j FA.EI08 H39 Osoje nr.6699 Real Service To Your Door finkemeier McGeorce’s Pharmrcy BAKERY fl Full Line Of School Supplies "None Better Few As Good. Rhone Fa. 7 0 31 Ffl. 77 2 0 2 2nd. and Metropolitan Kansas Kansa s 3105 Sfrohj Honsa s CiTjr, fctitQSLandis Service Station Insure Your Future By Keeping Your Savings fit C ongratuUtes The Class 0 f 195 0 DRexe 9048 ARGENTINE BUILDING AND LORN 2510 M e Tropolifmn 3004 STRONG REICH’S LINTONS CAFE Furniture find Appliances Expert Electric Appliance Repair Television Service 3405 STRONG 3117 Stronj A T33 48 JR. BAUMAN Ules tincj house f Admiral SUPER SERVICE STATION Sinclair Gas atuj Oil Phonograph Records Blvthe Appliance Te evision ond Radio Repa r Service Fairfax 612 9 3008 StronjRve. DR.6558 3000 Strong KansasCity, Kansas CLHSSor ’50 Smith's Super Service 8th Osage FA.6 7 02 Guorinteed Pufo RepairinQ (INTONE TRANSFER Genuine Parts Used • • • • • For Your Home For Your Car "Fuel Oi Gasoline0 For Comfort For Pleasure • • • 2 4 5 Metropolitan Konsos City KansasCo iyotulofions "To 1950 THEF00D CENTER Grad vdftS Smith Shir t Shop 3410 STRONG AT. 218 8 3410 STRONG O3G 0 HOr EI OF Quality Groceries AND MeaT ARROW SHIRTS BOTANY TIES COOPERS J OCKE Y DOBBS’ HR TS PIONEER BELTS Conjroi u lot i ons To T e Class Of 195 0 ARGENTINE RND BRPCES OURL 1 T Y MEATS L RD IE S’ MOJUD 2501 STRONG HOSIERY 0 R. 9 0 0 e PROP. Irvinj Jones 3010 STRONG K A NSRS CI T Y, K A N S R S PR. 7211Joe Swrlinsky'S ,|V.rig£ at ramstj “TOUR NEIGHBORHOOD REXRLL STORE” 3418 Strong Rve. Ffl.5814 CoNGR 0 TUL fl TIONS To ThE Class Of ’50DAV-SON CORK BACK = -- BULLETIN BOARDS SAFETY RECORD THIS WEEK MTWTFS LOST TIME ACCIDENT SERIOUS DOCTOR CASES ANNOUNCEMENTS OUR CONCENTRATED DRIVE THE LAST TWO MONTHS FOR 100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE AND PRODUCTION IS SHOWING GOOD RESULTS DIRECTORY FLOOR CAFETERIA 3rd WEST, EMPLOYMENT OFFICE H.L. KRUSE 1ST EAST DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of ]A inch cork mounted on Va inch 3-ply veneer. The changeable letter insert is of grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the finest of materials are used in their construction. Bulletin board with two set in glass doors. Both sides cork. STYLE: TWO SET IN GLASS 30" x 48' ...........S30.00 SO" 60"........... 32.50 36" 48"............. 31.25 36" 60"............ 36.25 For Use In Bulletin board with two set SCHOOLS in glass doors. One side cork CHURCHES th® other changeable letter FACTORIES insert- (Letters are not included) 30" i 30": 36"j 36") 48" ........... $44.85 60" ............. 51.40 48" ............. 49.40 60"............. 59.35 OFFICES STORES CLUBS PUBLIC BUILDINGS THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. ALL PRICES F. O. B. CHICAGO SPEC'AL ASSORTMENT OF 600 % AND 1 INCH LETTERS S12.00 DISTRIBUTORS: SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 4925 GLENDALE KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI Wf HAVE A CHANGEABLE IEIIER OR CORK BULLETIN fOR EVERT NEEO-CONSUl! USYOUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED by the INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY 7fcx iufaictciwi4 £xcicc4iveCcy to t6e Sc£ooC 4( terica Gcci 40cy vi GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS DIPLOMAS YEARBOOKS CAPS and GOWNS STATIONERY • JfjiSU -A 3 v Ati r-U- .-,i4f o - Y efZ CuJ' $A4X Jl J t '- iv - '. n -„. Ji S S- ad ', N( OlU a- AA: ... l0Liw j u -4J2JL vJUruu O- va-v Cv o X; O-v -A )Ajl. 4 tv C3C $L . vQ Jt VUJ X $ kA J 'r wA “ V’ X|u)wO ® JL 1

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